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Full text of "List of the specimens of homopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum .."


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' -I 






■i\' -.lA-Jt-' i.-'.- ■ V" . 





9. oitonBiii aT., ■iiRoriQiTi. 



The principal oltject of the present Catalogue has been 
gire a complete list of the specimens of Homoptennis Inse 
oontMiiiecl in the coUecdon of the British Museum, indicati 
tL the same time the peculiaiitiee of each, as reganU vaiiat 
M chaacter. locality, and the source from iiiience it has b< 
derived. With this new. the different individuals of « 
species contained in the collection are indicated by the letten 
b. t, ic., following the name of the epedee and its synonyn 
and the descriptiDn, if it ^ipeared to have been before i 

This port of the Catalogue of Homopterous Znaects I 
been prepared and the new species described by Mr. Fran 
Walkeh, 90 well known ioi his attention to this order 

The remaining peit is in hand, and wiH follow as soon ai 
an be completed. 


Britith MuMttm, 

Oct. aOrt. 1651. 





Rinatnr, Gtrm. Mag. Ent. it. 1. 
Citsdellc, St. Fary. tt Srrv. Enc. Mith. x. 603. 
Ciewldluim, Barm. Handb. EnL ii. 103, 5. 
Phnidoni, Amj/ot tt Strv. Hut. Nat. Him. iS3. 

Tribe I. LfVtPEDES. 
l.*Tip«dM, Amjfot tt StTz. Hiit. Nat. Him. 3A3. 

Sub-tribe 1. CEFHALELIDES. 
Cepbaldidet, AmgolttSert. Hut. Nat. Hint. CM, I. 


Cepbdelw, IVnbfMi, GiJr. 3fag. Zool, a. 9. Burm. Gm. Rkweh 

TrUtA, Fmm.b. 
Da^a, Barm. Haadh. Ent. ii. 1, lOe. 



tin or HOHorrBKOo* iKsscn. 


I. CicpRArjiLVs iKniNATU*. 

CtfblUlw Infumntii*, Pmhrf^n. Gfh. Maj. Zoot. il ft, pi. 48. 

Bvrm. OCH. /UynrA. Tritr t, /■'am. i. 
Dofrdiuia porailoxum, Bunn. Ilandh, Ent, ii. 1, 100, I. 
S. .(rtica. 

i. Ck?H4Li:los pKacuKiteKi, 
Cepbalelut Porclicroni, Guir. Uag. Z<tal.llim, 

9. CsFiiALBLOB MxnorxxTtii. 

CepbltellU tnir^natus, H'ainhantt, Tram. Eat. Sac. ij. IW. 
King timrgo'i Sound. 

CepbaldiH limnneiu, fValfrhouir, Trant. Knl. Sar. 11, 11)9. 

m. SvdiMj, King George's isnund. I'm^aUA bjr C. Darwin, Gm). 

Gain* 2. DORYOIUM. I 

Uoitdiuni, Bnrm. Gtu. Bhfitck. TrU* 4, Fam. i. .Amyot H Stn. 
UiU. Nat irtm. 

I. DonTvim LiHcutiTUM, 

DoTjrdinm UneMlUum, Burn. Gf». AAynrA. THhe 4, Fitm. i. 
l>(i7di«B. Amgol, Aim. Sm. £m. Pr. 2mr Siru, i. 301, 438, 

Sali-trilw 3. P.ORTMELIDES. 

EittyneTidd, Am^el tt Sm. lli,l Nai. Htm. Mi. 3. 
Cneopiilts, P-. Hi. Fay.ri Srrr. /iitr. ,Vfih. x. Wi, 
Vlopidc*. f.,lk. F*tg. M ^RTi-. far. .ViiA. x. fl03. 

Gnni 1. EmVMKI^. 

CiHTtM^l*, tf»Jp Si. F«tf. H Strr. Bite. UM. «03. li«Tm. 
BImtri. AmfQi tt S*r*. 

UMt or BMioiTikixn ntxct*. 

Zmfjm^ CrnntnU, St. Farf. n Serr A'nr. Miti. Ktl, 

Avm.AW. li. (. tOM, 1. Grm. HJiyncA. Tritf^.^^am. i,7,6t. 
1. BUf>fk. nut. Sm, Iat,nu ti/a. Htm.p\.li,(.t. ' 

H SfTK /litt S»t. 

s. Stm tfatbtid. pTtanitH br llie EatI of Derby. 
t, r. Ntw UoIUimI. I'RKiiWil'liit tbc I:luloaio1o|po«l Club. 
4. X«« lltUand, Froni Ml. Sbiiakard't coHeolion. 
f^ Nr« Ui>lhi>d. 

3. EraraKU tviBavrTrAU. 
EuTBtIa nilmritUU, Amy^ H &rr. iVof. //id. Hfut S&i, ! 

& S«»a Ibter. Pf«Mi>i*d by Sir J. RwbudMo. 
k Uofinait Bay. Fivu Capl. Parry'i coUt(4igil. 
ft N«« IfoltaM. Vnm CVpL Pany'* oollwtiaD. 
4-^, Nc« Ilolkad. Ron Mi. Argent's collection. 

3. ECKTMBL* RcncoLus. 
EsrTiHb ralr«tti*, ifwnt. Gn. Rkyittk. Triie 4. Ten. 9, 3. 


rwjHill •rjthfooenil*, Ihum. Cm. RAyacA. Tritr 4, Fitm, 6, 4. 
.ll 1^ I r H &rr. f/ur. ^ar. /»a. OAtt, :>, pi. tO. t. i. 

a. K«« lloHuid. Pmtiiteil hj the Kntnm illogical Club. 
k Sr* IliitbnJ. Ynm C»p(. Pairjr's coDcciioit. 
r. d. N(« llolk>a 

ft. EnltMXt.t UTTVIWU. 

Xifra,rnft mri», ^rmiir /uint Unlialo, /mmribm baii nifi^, mh- 
HMnti' fkvnWi MMiu /uliii, *lit antitU rttfu biftteiMit tl 
wt (wten ritutii, mtit poilteii nigro./iurii Aon rufit. 

Black I fpbtcma ni, wiili two laiye black ipola en caeh nd« fai 
faalj 1m»I mill caoloal fsmim, iidaraed on ocli aide with a dta- 
4ir. ahan, oUi<|a«, tawny uripe ; verm ni alonf ibu middle of th« 

> JtiM*im>«»uUjo>BtaItacunw. 


Liar or bouoptsiiou* ninoT*. 

fainil border : HA of ihc Torp-chat witli ■ ihoit, conical, red ilripe, 
which tciU cjti « TeA liaoil ^ liiud-cbrtt red: nbdonieL liiif^vd with 
kad-culdiii '. Ifbi Mack ~, thiiclia loutirflH tlx hn^o And hip^ ri>d , bind 
ncuurti luK iiy bviicHtli : rorc-«iiip W«ck, with Iwo irry broad md 
baads. wliicb arv voiincclcd alond ibc fora border ; tlic timl cud- 
Bn'icd wlib ib« bmcb; • ilripe alniiK the far« border: liiiid-iKiii|p> 
biwkuh bmivn, paler luwurdA ilie bue, whicb ia rtd. Ltu|;lb ul' the 
bodj & lines ; of ihe wiugs 13 liuM. 

H rir.:> 


jMlttt rvcv niria, rapitt anlicn itiyrv villain, aWnmiiiu tpirr 
H<j(n<. pfdittu nijni, /finontuj £nj| fulru, u(ii dixicu rya- 
itni baii fnlvii rjAiiMDfiw m«m/d/u, o/if fxuricu ^urjnrrm- 
fmieii haii limpiJu. 

Luieous 1 hrad with h thutt, blurk tuipt iu fr»nl : pruhinci) 
Uwnt. wilh ■ btuwn lip ; froiil nf ihc lurr-chr*! wilb n briiad, d>'k 
blue ^wnd, oliicb i> dilated un noh iidc ul' ibc hind hordor : »culel- 
luni daik blue -. tip uf the mbdufDeu bluvk ; hfi bUck ; ihiirhi 
lovrardi tlie base and hi|M luwout: foni-iiinKB blur, lawny fur mors 
I Ihan me-thtnl (loin ih« baM. wLicIi hat a blue ntKil <iu tich lidv: 
r bind-witiK* pnrplitb brnm, colourlvu loourttt the liuc [^Uh'th of 
the liudy i liii** i of ibe >inK« 13 lines. 

^^. New HolUnd. Krom Mr. Argent's cullcciion. 



7. Edbtnili irrrttM. 

Ptrrmku * , cajnfr ni^rni bimaeulaln, limracr niiini irintarnlaln, 
Mdimine rw/a npiee niym. piJihus mi/rii. /ruiaril-iu fulrit 
mpiet nigrit, libiu pmlicii hint frrnigiiifii. alii anlirit ii(yn- 
fimltkiu ftrniginta eiiielu el ad dufmn macutatU, alii jmili. 
rii fiurii. , 


Kemiiiinout : bmd «!l1i * pair uf black ■poli on each side b»J1 
Imtiu the eyes. }e11iiw. with n Icrru^ioun' nlripe in frontt moiiib 
tivlij, with a binck tip ; (eulclliim with three (n.in^ii)Br binek >pol!i 
■ion; tbe fore botOer: abdomen red. Willi a black lip, and wiib a 
biMhfpol at the baae of the otiduet: leita Muck : hips ^nd ihiKhx 
InwfiT 1 tips of the Utter black: hind thanki remiKinoiit luwurdi 
the baae: fon>.«iii|!H Macklth, with o ianny inntirio, wbivb it 
wulened on tlie fore bordtt Dm tlio base, and on the bind border is 

uiT or Haaamtoutt ixtxen- 

ii> mMhi an tn«)riibr femtnaow (fwt in tlitdtik ; under ab 
nf«d •ith bliM : biiid-wingt ilVrk brown. Lnnfilb of the bodf a 
(iaa i sf the mi»gt 13 liuok. 

*■ N«w South WalM, pRMalcd l? Juraet Wibon, Etq. 

8. Kvhtmku urscuLt'M. 
n/Ct. ikByW ofiMw prdiliu^ur nijrrii, fimoriiia baii 

Hm /ntiliru mfit afitr nigrii, nirtafariii pailiHt fata 
afia liftit, <t/u atiOtii iub^'UmaciiUlit. 

TU« (iwcU* ma; kiTS btta iotciihti » £. fntitrata, fn 
•fcitl it 4iBc«m in icvotn] chUMten. ^DroiM-bl.icfc : hcftd .vcllnn 
■Ue IB fnMI: laauih tcIIoh, widi n lilnck li|): bind- 
■■d iMonn biigbl led -, tip uf the l>ill«7 bLack ^ 1ej;s black ; 
Aifh* imruiU IIm baM aad Um rtd; hiu4lliig)ui twi, willi blai-k 
>■•: fcknd ntCaUnd tawii}', ailh bWk lip»: forc-Hlna^ with ("o^ 
NlU*|HiU; (be firit «n7 Ur^e, fntnicd of tno untied ipoU, nnd 
WMiinc bmiIt uTOtt thr wing: the icconil liir|(r, nlinmt toua 
Mai Uie tip of Ibr (im border. LmKtb of tbc body ti — 7 line* ; 
iWvimci E3— It linn. 

In K. fnmtnu ibt hibil-clteM. abibmtfi, and the fo(«-win|| 
akaf dia fore hurder, tr* lava;. 

•. Srm auflanrf. Pcwaoitd by tbt Hatlar HiMfilUl. 

I^(. Mr* UolUnd. Pntnud b; Lieut. Svitb. 

<(. New HaUuid. Pfctenleilby J. G. Children, E«|. 
/ TaB Dieneu't LaaiL PrcMouj bt ihe R«>'. Aufii-tui B«aufurt. 
f, Vas INamaB's l.aiid. Pm«nlod b* 11. Bullrr. Exi|, 
A. Taa Uieawn'* lAnd. From Dr. HoAor't ■•oll««iion. 
L Ua»«W> Bajr. Fran Cape V*njt callcciiuii. 
1 K«« Hailaad. Front Mr, Guulil'i lulk-tliun. 
\ iSrm UuUani. FtDMI Mr. Argent* eoUcction. 
I, Nr« UuUalld. 

9. EranmAtHMU'Ka*. 

ffifH faiM nm, wirMlioraerjricca, akJimtMr liltii Jiahu mi- 
t r tfw JU-m, ftmoribut jUwU ^te itiffrit, mtiattni* potlt<u 
•Om apwr MijrrM, oiu aulicu n^ro'^iu'It aiAii hyoirialu, afii 

H^rf hitcaw, yelbiw in duat, ailb a large liL-ck ipui (>n ciicfa 
iidtkflt«MBllMa]fl»: ilHMtpttU&ra^uuInicaiihebaw, ubiiijui'ly 

SI. 3 


uiT or ttoMOprxMos mncis. 


ImncMl* iiu ih« inner aide of ibe foie part. cuBncuiccl bjr a Uendtr. 
blttck banil, rmm wbanci an laUfraplH lilavk «liti>o priicrcdt to khe 
■Dr)i>lli: fatc-cbrit blnck, with « lutjts luU'txi* *tHil uii oicb lidc iu 
fruiu; liiuti burdcr ititic; white i tciiulicon lulcoui; iliik Mack: 
liinJ-clitM piuhvi abduinen bluok, with a bmu', «burl, yelluw 
itnpc itlciTig Mcb ikla; undn tiils jcUnw, wltli u bluvli tiji: )c|p- 
hiack ; l>ip» and Uilrlw ^llow ; dps iil* tUn UlU'r bbick ; hind mula- 
luni wbile, with hjack Upi: ((irc-uinij'' brHiiy-tilnck, «ilb twu 
whttn baniU : firtt band bfjond oii«-iliirt ot ibc l<v|tlh of Uio wiiip. 
ihirinii'il, iit'icr or iMt iiiUTrupti!!!. einilliii); a iijiiif ur \rm ditllnci 
Mripc lawanlK (lie bitee i wuuud band nvar tb« tip, kligbtly curved 
inwurd, bniadDit on the foic bnnUv: htnd.wingl bluiib or piiriilith 
blaok, l^DKifa uf ibe bud; 4 line*: of ib« wing* 9 line*. 

11. Momon B*r. From Capt. Pam't collection. 
t. N«<r Uollaud. 

10. EORyMKI.* TKRMINill.lK. 

ttTrufiiirii, ta/tiU Jtam tiautfuhln, tfulrtlii pirnr, ahdomiar n\f" 
tpitt niyro, vtdihut Hii/rii, fnmirihut Jutfit, alii anluit 
fuicii atki ti/atriiilii. 

Femtfpuaui: h*«d ji'lliiw mi caoh ■i'lu in rroiil, Bdoriicd be- 
!•««■ tho ejrn willi ■■> irTPRDlnr black bund, rroni wb^nue > black 
ftiipe nroMedi to lh« uoutli^ •ii^iilvbtwn diuvoub, rt'rni|j;liiuu* al iht 
lip and aluug iba biirdrr nn eii;)! *ii]e : atidumrii irA, «'ib h black 
tip : Icffs black ; btpa and tliigba lawnj ; ti|>( of Ibr laitcr black : 
f->K.iiiii]n bruwn, witb two wbile band* ; lirat Imnd at one-ihird i>f 
tliclsugtll of lb« «in)t, tItchUjr ohtiqur, imiUinjr ihiM UWUJ 
ilripn to the baie, ibo middlo one, in amne i;iim«, vtry broad ; 
•rooiid band Icrond two-thiidi- of Ibe l«nglli of ihe wiiie, br->adc«l 
on tlie fvre Imnicr : hind bordpn lawn* : faind-wintta liluiah bcowii. 
Leiigtii of ili« bodj 1 tine* : of tbe winji^ 10 Uucx. 

Tar, 8. No blatk band between Ibe eyes. 

a— J. Ad«bide. Pfi»enle<l by the Entouioluini'al flub. 


/Vjj^ yaJM Mria, ^Mtmmii a^>>rr mtrt^u* rtifii, ribiii jwiriVii 
t«ti frmorilnuitn mJU, mUlartii pottiru inh aibi; aiii «r- 
lifH/an'M afic* ttto fateialii. 

Head tHwiiy. wiib • large, Im^ular, black ipot un caeh aide 
b«|iTCCii ibc «]««; between ibc fore pan of Ihese ipoln a black 

LiR or aoMomtoiit iHMscn, 

U tW moath, kod has wme taiall bUok i|iol._ 
M Mck (Ms of h : (6f«-«bHt bbek. with » uwn; burdcr, and with 
An* •hart uwa;uripcs,af«kithili«tM* pair arutlisbiJ}ublii|ue i 
■ Mack, ailh a tawof buidFr : Bbdonni black, r«d tonanb 
*a4 bancath ; lep blick : ihijtlw Dale n4 ; lipa af aatcriar 
' — '■■ Mad-aliaiiks nal« icl at us haar: biixl metaUni 

Ilia baiai Cm-«iiiiet bnmn, taws; un Uie dlkk 
ilhahaM, okieh b black ; a Kbilc b«nd actt ibe tip nidm 
kika tan border: biad-wiag* bkcknli. LoigUi of the body 

4 fca : af tba triag* » Ibta. 

a FWi Swplies. New H«1kod. Ptfvutftl bf i]i« Bari of I>«bj. 

12, KcavNELt xcjttriaou. 


m^, mtUUrtit fnuicu liui «/(■«, aJii aittifit rwJ^H 
riartei a/fi* k/iH-Mru. ^H 

l)na*;-Uack : ranutli uwnj, »ith a black lip : brentt mostly 
nd. aMoMm black: ominei ntU lesiUuck; ihieLt UiwanI* ibe 
baM a»d hip* mi ; bind wrtaiiuid wblic (■mnidi ili* bat*: r»r«- 
vwa bordcitd witli ltd, hating l>o (lender, Imiierltv-t, wbiiith 
haaMti mw noar the haw, ibe utb«f neaf Uie ti|>-. hind-wioKI 
khctbl Ixsgtbof ibe b<)d; »! line*; oftba iriop7i iinaa. 

•■ Htm UoIUdiL Prrtrtiif d by the Eiiionologloal Clab. 
h VaM Ihtam'i l^ail. Fran Di. Hooktr't colhviioii. 

13. BciyNu-4 DKciai. 

af th* rmu; fmu tMwaj iliipo on ibc liu'c; 
Amt vithand atriv*; bofilrr wfaiiiib; •cuielluni teddbb aloofc 
Ibc Uad bardet: abdOBva bn^lil nil, black lowanli thv tip : 1e|^ 
'tt (Ugh* briigbl lad; tiin of 'anlerlur (higbi bbvfc; hiiid- 
b vad at the taaa; hiod ntHntani whiir lunar.it tlic baw 
bm-mit u n mttb an internapted wfaile band p«ur eacb up; hind- 
adifi blarkhb LeD(ib or the bod; 4 Unn ; or the "ingi 

k Uwtttam B*j. From Capt. Pan;'* collection 



LUT or noMomiiaD* iNsxcn. 

M. EmtHiL* V48M. 

Nign *lio mrio, leutrtlo rnfo tiniaevloto, abJomiHt albe npin 
ntfn, mMalattii panliru frmorihtu^u* albU, alit aaficit alh 
UjiueiitU el gultatu. 

nUpk : henci burdoied kUIi ntiitr, bavins nn tlio (root l*i> 
wliilc «rii>i'», wliicli «rf cuniicuU'd «ilh iwu lorn* nhili- ipoti on ibe 
«]iUlciiuii : > wliilc »ln|>o on ihu for^^'Leil, wliivh it nhile nlunf; Ihe 
hind borilor- ncutrhciin nliilc md fncli tide, with two reddii>)i 8puU 
ill llivditk: nbdomin wliile, with ■ hlock tip; 1r|[f Hnvk : liips tind 
llil^lii white; Iip9 (ir lb« 1n(l«r black; kncct wbilc: liind mctalnrei 
wbiii-. witli bUak ti|iti ; fon-wioi;* villi two wbitc bnndu ; tlic fini 
iiii]>iT>r«<t atona-lbinl IVom tlio linM : the secoud bejuuil livu-ibirdt 
Trum iba baw; two wbiio dot* oa tlic Uud border bulirMU lbs 
btnd* ; biud-wiue* blockiili. 

Vb>. a 1Ic><) without N white (tripe tm ibr front : ibe white 
«poti no ibe epittunK diininished to tito nhite &tii|ip« on cjich nd« : 
•oiacUitm blauk. dininr wlilt« nlung each kido tuwards ibe tip : ili»k 
ot tbe barl: of lite ■bdonx'ii bbick : wbil* ef the leg* diiigi : fure. 
■iogt wllb incinil<ir bandi, wbiib nrc iccompanied b; teveral wbita 
tlou. Lenglb uf ibe bml} 3—3) liu<-> ; of the wiagi T-— 8 line*. 

0. HubattTowD. Pmetiioil bj Lbo Korluf Ucibj. 
(, f. Ne« Hulluiirl. PrMvnicd by th« Eiiioinolo|[iu«l Club. 
4. Snn Rivot. From Ur. Tamu'l ooUeciion. 
I *-i. New Uallaitd. 


I whl 

15. BvBVltltl.* BICIHCTA. 

Eurjmet* bicioota 7 Briritan, Arehir. 1843, i, iSS. 

?iii)r'i-trnrti, tlbn taria, mftnlariii pntlicii fentoriiiuque aibi4, »lil 
aulieii allio ti/iuriatit tt uni^MUIii. 

Braw7*blacl; : bead butdtrtU witb white : ibdomea black, 
•htte tawardt the baite bvnmlh: Itf^ blaok i thighi luid hind 
mi-UiUni ohile. wilb bbick iip«*. fore-wiiist wilh iwa *\eiiiiet 
while baudi: ibv lint very datitinti; lb«»ccund crcil; * white dot 
uit the hind border he(««tii the buidt : bind-winKi jfttj. 

Vaj.B. EptflanM with a lurife white (put on mch ilde: fort- 
ehtti «1i4 MuldlniB bordered wiib nbile: atidiTiuvii diiit,*y-w><i(c, 
wilb a blavk li]i. Leogtb of iliu Iwdjr 3— ;> lioot ; uf liic wiagi 

u«7 or noMornuMi mucri. 

m. Vm IKosmS Lwd. PMmWd b; Uie Rer. T. Eoing. 
I^r Van DImmo'i Lud. Pmnud tnr ilw lUr. T. Aug 

i,*. Van DMmien'i Land. PrMcnitil lir tlio Eiiioin»lo(n(«l Cla^ 
/—A Van Uiencii'* Ijiat). From I>r. Iloukrr'i cillecuon. 
L Van Dkoira ■ LbmL From Ur. Atgtot'* ooUvction. 



IB, EcKrMKu 4TU. 

nnalh tcH : ahdoinra Mack, ntlicr biouclt l«iti 
Laogth uf iliu buaj 

■Miibf : Uil(lu (a«»ntii tbc hute sad liipa rrd ^ binil-ninitii irn^f. 
liirt"1r bnma aloag tlic hind bonlen. 

a)— ai Uatai of Om wbigt S— »i lion. 

«,(. Van Dkncfi'* bind. Pmn Dr. Hnnbtfr** «oIIeclion 

t./. Van I>itiMii*i Land. Ftora Mr. Shuckard'i oollcctiaa. 

17. EcaraKLA MAnaoaiTi. 


Eujmek aarraonu, ftraar, £«na. Gtn. fUynofc. Tnie 4, Fmi. 
1,3 ~ 

Van IKtiMii't Land. 

EdiTMitu ? (Pupa). 

. X(« Hallaad. Fran Ur. Argat't collection. 

CclVHItU ' 

r <Pap.). 

PrrtonUd hy tlia P.iilMiialoiflcal Club, 

GniatJ. UROPnOfU. 
UisftefB, O'. ft. Ony, Gri/T- i'lf. /I»i«i. A'tn^. Him. Ml. 


I. DuimoBJ> HiRnwidBii. 
inlwickit, C 

381. H' <*(*•'- 3. 

Oruf, Griff. Kd. Antm, k'iitfii, Htm,, 


tUT or aaMttPTBRooa ikmicts. 

Genius. £TE1 ALIOS'. 

Mtiuiion, LUr. Can,. Qtn. tm. St. Farg. tt Stn. (iuir. 

Blanck. Amyot tt Srrr. Crvchanl, 
Cicada, p^ Lian. Drg. Ttffiy. 
Te(ii|i«iu*, i>.. l-'abf, 
Lruni, {I., Fair. 
^ibalis, Grrmar, Bum. 


.£lhalloii nliciilfltutn. Lulr. Si. Fury, tl Srrt. Ene. MM. x. 79^ 
I. BUiul, llul. Nat. Imi. iii. U<9, I. Wui. pL IS, f. 4. 
Ouir. Iron, Hiij. .Aum. Ini. p|. A, V, f. It. .Imyl tt SifK, 
HuL Nal. Uim. HI, I. Ooehard, Bd. Rig. Afim. pt, 99, 

r. s. 

Ckada nllcuUla, Linit. S<nt. A'«i. 11. 707. 18. Stall. Cif. pt, 1 4, t. 

74. Dty. /lu. Ill, 027. H, pi. 33, f. IS, Iti. TTyn. //u(. A'.il. 

/lu. iv. Ml, 
Teuiffouiu reu<;uUl>, Fab. Si/tl. lUti/n. It, 42. 
Tattlfouia cniiiuU. Fah Ent. Siftt. iv. 36, 37. 
Lf«ti» (cliciiUta. Fab .Vyn. /Uyn. HO, It). 
iKtbalia reiicutalii. Germ. Mag. SiU. i*. OS, I. Burfii. I/andb. 

A'nl. ii. 1.100.1. 
£uliun reiiculatuin, Hnmbaldt. ttertttil, 378. pL 33, t. 13, 13. 

«. Bniicil, Pii-ieul«i1 li; Juliu Mien, £»ii, 
(. Culumbii. Fniin Mr. Turnrc's colleclioii. 
e—9. BnilL 

3. SthUJOK PU1KrT4Tini. 

Teilaefum aigto narium, aUomiit npra nigrii /inriit apttrotir 

firiJibui. pftlibat iti^n /attiatu, ati4 aitlicU tIbidU Uuifat- 

rli Bij/ni-jinnrtalU. 

tnXht^mn: litud noldiod on ibc loiildlcof ibe crown, concaic, 

and wllti twu bljick ImniHi in frotil : tip of ihr niuulti blnck : fbre- 

cheal iliitud oith Xniet Itluck puittlurcti Iwo sliurt I'IhuIi nlripM on 

each «iJe in fiuni ; suuiohfuD alih a bUck siripr, ivlilcli ix foiked 

tuivardi the lipi abdonim hLok aborr, grtea lowMrd* i]ie lip and 

on ih« bind. border) iil \he toiitncnu : lein Rdurntiil with irieffulat 

black buiili or tpoU, clothed with abort pale bain: furt-wingt 


•fatub, lawnj. wilk 1ibi-k jiyncIUR'* at ibe hate: rcmi (rrM-n ur 
!•*>}, BMi« or l««* tn»rl*il o-iih Maik, mu){inBl arccilcti niiinnoiiit, 
WRKillat in mbWt ukI fvnu: liiiiil-wingi wliiic; tcius 
LcarUi of lfc« bodf <4 liii«« : of (kc «inn I* lioM. 
«. ft. Culoaibia. ProiB Uf. TBiDcr** oollcciioin. 

3. Snuhwi PtTtciincM. 

StWiM pnldiram, niiir, ,VSS. 

Tmiatt^m miyrv mrimm, ptJibm rnja-ttltatit, ali* anlint • 

TcAuvMi*! ImbiI nirtKh«J is ilie mtdillc of ibe crovn, ronnive 
ud *4tL (WO bhct b*MU in &onl : tip at th« mouUi bUck : Tore- 
i4wi dMiad alib luf!« bUck puncluK* j i»o tihori bind *ui{<H on 
Mrk Mk In buBl^ HTulebean Muck Ml ibe btiM- and witli n black 
ttifm wUdi b fofbd Miw4i<lt Uie tip : abilomra with biHi'k punc- 
kw»i. Mackiah immtiU ikr bato : Ujr* timlcd and i)iuiic<r otlh 
Walk. cloih*4 wilkibon abilr hjiit, iuiT*wii>);i nbiiisli, U'ilac«uiit 
«iUi black pitlMUitM ■! tbc bMr, tli|tbtlj MrtnLrd with M.ick iimtf 
tW ■(■•# anJ aloag llie hind bOfdn, «>ilh ■ iira; iptri in tlie di»k; 
■rie* vLiii-, black tomrdt the tipt and alusi; ibr ttttt border : diiki 
•f tl>« utvtrU ted : faiad-iriajti wbilo ; lein* bUck. Li-nglh of 
Aa \mij A \tami ot the wing* 12 linei. 

a. CdnnU*. Pna H. Jargnu' MllMtlon. 

4. JR-nuuof lUALK. 

■Mr«4a<6u pcUirii rvfit, tlu »Hlitu Itaidit alUJo faiciatii 
ian f*/t( mjrrayw tttlalu. 

TiataM BMi bmd •llffctl* coDca'« on the crown aod in front, 
BV (ban an fMr Mack <lot« in twu llni-* : lip of ih« mouili 
Ifeck -. rhmtt im nlnahrlj poixlnrvd ; dtfk ni witli ilie rxceptiua 
■f » aiUla 'trip* ; iLitl ^ «ilh two iihoTi oblique black tirlpca In 
(nnt ; Miitcboa with a black tlrtpe alinie ihe fiirraw on cocb aide : 
bjft4-«W«t MatI:: abdoiBpn piincturMl i bind bonlrrt of Uic icg. 
■rata nt -. Iw not bait; ; ibiglu atmkcd witb bdiok ; tbanks utd 
Im wltb Uacf Wikdi : fore-wini^i lurid, whill^b luwatds tha baaa. 

r Aajan ltd wtlh a Mack (liipci vrini rtd for near half lbs 
Incth baa tk* bur. lawn; and bordered wilb brown ttota diraca 
t* ikt lift I kted-ariaga pala lurid ; laina darker, partly Mack. 


INT «v sovavTKBar* nnxcra. 

Var. 9. IlrKiI with tout bUck tnob along tlie crown, ind wiih 
• aboil bUck linDd which incloin Uie piicleu: imi biack apou on 
tbefooei MtutcbfOD bliok at the batv: abdvmcit jolioir. Lengib 
uf th« bodjr i—Si IIdm ; of lh« winip 12 lint*. 

a, b. Columbia Fmm Mr. Turner*! colleeiian. 


Ftavum nijro ti ^rrruginnt mrium, ahdomine lotto nign-ttrimK. 
ftiibm tmitu nifra mrfJi, alu anlicU /rrrugincit nii/n lemi- 
YrlloB : Iiniil wiib ihm black buida : the tmv uue xhon, hall- 
elliptical : a tiliick sput on tbe face aii'l a black haml on lh« cpU 
noma: tip of the sictith MKck^ chral bUck. miniilt-K and ibicUr 
puneturod, with n nhlic border, and nidi ■ sli|;ht •vhilc dorul keel 
which hat a broad rerTii|,-iDoiu (tripe un i-ncli tide ; sculchran wiib 
■ IttlMrui urtpe wbich ii forket! lownnlt the fore border: abdomen 
luteoiu, murked nilh hUck al ihe ba>« and st ihf tip. and with K 
black donal Mripe - Itjr* luWoua with blad hand*: atilenur reiDom 
wilb black titrlpn ; hind femora black, wilti lolcoui tipi : lare-winffi 
tenugtuoa*, black nionir tbe hiad borden and at the tip>, and wiib 
a black ttripe tn the diili nnr the base; vein* whitish : hiod-winn 
lpajr,blackiih-brown at the hawi lein* black. I.englh oribelio^ 
a lion : of the wiiip 1 1 linet. 

m. ■ t Fram Hr. Shuckanl'i colleclioa 

6. ^TfULioii fuatiK. 

TVtUninn, niTrn rarium, vhilirmiHr frmyinrti, pfJihm tuttUnign 
nunJitlii, alii anfii-ii luriilii ban Uilareu. 

Tdtaccou* : head wilb four blnck i^utt in a line on tho trown 
deeply notched on the fore bonkri front with two black *poti ad* 
joining the crowii, and with a black hand acmu the c^clcli : a black 
apol on the foov aiid two black iputi uu the cpittoina . lip uf (.be 
mouth blnrk: i-bc'l thick); and rrtc mimitd; punctumli ihieU 
with two ahurt l>luck liliipch on each xidc in frnnt, aud wilb a alitbl 
doiwl keel ; icutcbeun tnoatly black at the haae and tm c«di aide, 
Kddiah 4l the tip; Bbdamen (crtuginoua ; lep lulcoiu, adorned 
wtlh black tpiib and baudt ; fote-wiugs (ule Turid, tntaceout and 
punctured at the baM ; \r\n» icllow, much laritd with blaok : biiid- 
wioga RTBjr ; leiM blacli, pale lowaidi th« ba«c. Lvngtli of tbo 
bodj 4 lioo ; of tbc wiDjp 8 lt*a(. 

Var. £. Furr-wiiigi culoiultM. 

m, h. Columbia- From Mr, Tnrnar'a cuUeclJoD. 
r. Ci^ombU. From M. Jargeai'callectiao. 


un OP noMOTTSBovi imxois. 

T, STitiiLioK MTirijirDN. 



■(VMM nifrit rariiim, aAtAtn^n /Mnin, /trmora nipro infA 

TenMMiu: hmd villi two black l«n<Jt in frout: lipuf die 
^ ^ VkA: cbea lliickljr ud "err mnmdy pHnctuwtl ; shielit 
wflfc tn dMt Uack Uripn on n«h i-idr in fninl, nnd with two pu- 
nIM |m1» bntigiBoii* Klripa Id Ui« iIuIl ; two tboit liUck Utipet 
m Ab « eBte h»m : alnkiiMa luu«ut : tkiitba sifMlied wiib bbok ; 
I uhI brt with hl«d[ htndt : fore.«lftg« jihIo lurid, hliickS«Ii 

: (I — e lines. 

•fanif tiM b']t> : tcimwtiite- biixl-wiiift uliithtU kmv ; 
tarn. Lcnftk of tike bod; 31 — I liitn i of the wingi (I — 

Taf. 3. Abdomen teuaceont : lip* «f Uie roie-irinit* 

k y —i— «■-*« 

c Colianln. 

FniM Mt. DffOB') eoUcrtioB. 

I'toK Mr. Sicvena' rollKticni. 

Fmn Mr. Paniplin'i colUction. 

6. frnjiuoii LjkTiPEt. 

tloriMi rf£(nu, aUoown fmoraont MMivu, fiMtf 
Iwt* B W ipf w xi IM^ rmritt. ata ntb-UiHjndit baii ititacnr. 

FaJc rtiiU|iiton)i, dotkrd «ilb folded dnwu : hcnd jmprrucd 

Of. dMM bMM wttli Iiih«r<sl«; niddle ridge iliulit ; disk i>r ihe 
wdd noMlj UMmcoim ; *lid<ini«ii l(su<«niu -, tbighM^ui^cous ; 
tUm wiitmtd, eamfttrnti. niilcd wUb black: fore-wings Rimoii 
alsoileH, testMMM* Um*rit the boxri rciiis tealitccfini : bind- 
I ) *du U«ck. liViiKtIi uf tbe bod; 4 linci: uf the 

TUa ipvdM itcedM ver; umdi frum tbe t;]w in ftnicture, nud 
^■r W wtiHfTirf M fanning • new g«uiit. 

From Uc Jur|;cD«' collrriion. 


-7 (Pupe)- 

Fnm Mr.Tnnets coUcetMn. 



i.nr or uatutrrBnov* nwman. 


-t (Pup«J. 

Coiutnliia Fnnn Mr. Tunicr't oollMtion. 

!ial>^n>r3. ULOPIDES. 

llopiilts Amval rt Srrv. Hilt. Nat. Him. SS7, 3. 
UIopidM, p.. St. Far}, ft Sen. Bnf. Mttk. x. 80^ 

Gniii* I. ULOPA. 

VUfM, FtlUti. Gtrm. Bum. Si. Fuy. rt Strv. Amyat M . 
opi«, p., Germ. 

I. Ulopi OHTKorx. 

UlopK oklci-U. Fall. Man. Cic. ■Stuv. Cntn. Maf. Ent. it. ii. \ 
L Burm. Handh. Enl. n. t. IMt, I. ^nyn( <( ^rr. UUl. Kt 
P //^m. bM. Croehanl. Ed. lUg. A«. pi. W, f. 3. 

C*raopi* EriotF, Grrm. Faun. Int. lil. pi. 31. 

Dlopa triortofnin. Si. Far^. rl Sm: Em- AtM. x. 7IU, t. 

VVif, Aaiflol, Ann. Snr. KnI. Fr. -imr tilrit, f . IM, -laS. 

«. En)[Unil. Prcimlcil b; F. Walker, E*!]. 
4—^. Kofiland. 
^— V. Soutli at FniK«. 

3. t'LorA raivt*. 

lopa trivia, Ccrnu Afa^. £u(. if. bH, 4, Fairm. /m. i*. pLi 
Kptutnia ? .Iniyni, /Ina. Soe. Enl. Fr. tmt Strit, r. lOft, 430. 

a. Hoiilb uf Fnnoe. 

3. U1.0PA anwA. 

' Dlop KriMk, ifSS., B. M. Ttuarta, pMh^ fiJru. 

Tmunwust Ices Uvii;r. Len{tb of tbe bodjr 1 line; of tbe_ 
«in|;>< li linnt. 

a. KiiiMli or Fiwiue. 

LUT or noMOPTKBow ntuvia. 

4. L'loc* diicum«ti. 
ClgfK JtcMMte. Gfrm. Mag. Ehi. i?. a», 3. 

tnap> higca*. 6*rm. J/oy. £al. ir. Sfi, 3. 

Snb-tiilwl. CERCOPIDBS. 

rmmfiim, Amfai ft Strr. UUl. Kai. Utm. AM. A. 
CoB^tdo. p . A'l /'•ly. rt Sen. Eite. MiA. i. 003. 

Uniu* r. C'EvBCOHS. 

I. Csnooria imKOLos. 

Vivolur, .*>r. f ary. <t fierv. Erne. Utlk. X. (KM, 6, I . ifurm , 
". &'■(. II. I. I». I. 

2. CkiicoriKcomu*. 


' aijrr* too rl o^ roiUw frrntfiinftt afiet iundji. 

Fcfra^niw* : nouUi piuMiu* -. ■cuteUum Mack, furruivrd 
WnM black: abdpmn ilark tolMnni*. black bonculli, os- 
wfdl( the miiMle: lejn femiipDOU* ; thi|j[bs piocous: Um-inngi 
HiA. iRraginuiu U (h« bue «Dd alou); tlie fore Iwrder; tipt 
hM: UwMriop dwk brawn, lurid at ih« bu«. L«Dtrlli uf tW 
My WttMii oflb«wii^£lliiiM 

Vaf . ft tl(«d uiil olieU icaUcaooa. 

a.t. milppiav UUsd*. From Mr. CumlBg'* collection. 

3. CkaoOFiit PaiMKRpiM*. 

CdoipU PmacrpiM, WkiU, Am. Sal. Uui. xv. 36. 
1- Pkilippw* ULutila. from Mr. CuniDg's collMtioa. 




LDR OP itoiraFTKmoM muuVMi 

4. CclcoFts TuBOIU. 

Cerco^ Theon, Wliiu, Ann. X«L tiiil. \y. 35. 
' «, i. Philippine litondt. From M>. Curotn^i coUeciion. 
^^, C«rM. PrMciitFil t>7 Capt. Sir E. B«)chrr. 

^B &. Ckiicopih CuAiion. 

(^ctcopi* Chiron, tVkiir, Aiut. lYdj. iful. it. 35. 
h. Philippine liloniU. From Kfr. CumiiiK* oalteotion. 


«. CKRCOKtsMlSkl-M-tU.tKII. 

Cncopi* pcnpioilUrii, W'Aifr, Amu. iVj|. /Tirt. xi,3i 
(. Philippine I>1an<li. from Mr. Cuming'* collrclion. 

7. Ccncovii XAMtnoMKLXM. 

Coeopia xanthomclntni, Wkitr, Anm. N<U. Ilitt. zr. 30. 
I C. ipMlatrilii. \' at. ? 

^■p, fr. Philippine Itlandi. From Mr. Cuminj; * collecUon. 

^V 8. CtNoaMK U-KCTAniLI*. 

Ceromit ■pedabili*. Barm. Sot. Act. Pifi. Mtd. iVot, 


Cut. XTi. 

~«.*, PI 

w niMUin*, Wkiit, Amk. Xm. /Il*i. xr. 30. 
, t, PhQIppiao ItlnnJi Fraoi Mr, Cuntlng'* oiiUection. 

un or BOHonzMvs imxcis. 

10. Cthron* rLiNi. 

Black : hcai mad dml ml : nmuth red, willi \ black tipl 
Iw »ti>y red aloiig ibe Totc burdcr ^ btiid-winn dark grav. 
l4B(A of iW bodj ft— tine* i of the wioEi 13— H Una. 

Tat. A Potr-«iiig« renughioui for ouc-ihird Trwin ilie Iiaw. 

Vai. «. Fon.vlag* Ctrru^iwut for oiwJialf from llwbatF. 

Vm. i. F«n-«)ng« fetrnginaus for iwo-tfalids from tlio haw. 

*. Ja>«. Praavnicil b* ibc F.ntomplwical Club. 

*,». J«ra. Piatnteilbj J. G. ChUdrcn, ICsq. 

4,f Java. Ffim the Eail India Cnmpitnf'iKttllMtioii. 

/— i. Jara. FrMn Mi. Mcllj's ouUi'i'iiuu. 

i— i J*«a. Frani Mr. Af),'^nt'»culleL'li(>u. 

II. Caxcons MloBl^E:aNl8. 

I ttigffponiit, Air. .V- ^^y- 00, 8. 
•— £ Ckina. Prectnlcri b^ Ct. T. Ijij, Em). 
*. Jbt«. Frooi -Mr. ArrmticolWtion- 
% Bwlh India. From Mr. Warwiti't collectitfll. 
t. nhcL FrucD Mr. Sownbjr'* coll«cti«n. 


13. CBaoonart-KircMMiB. 
Btipwia . Sr. Ary. H Sen. E*e. MHli . s. Wi. 6. 

13. CsBMrnt UtiiLui. 

Cta««i* Cr«f1lel.&. Foy.rt Smt fnc .Wtk. x. Wi.X Ouir. 
A^ Rjf. Am. Itu. i>L Ut, r. 8. Tcctc, 3^8. -J 


H. CaacoriB Binrnri. 
tniiuta. Si, Pmrg. rt SWre. £i«c. ifUL i. OM, «. 




Lin or iKntopTKRov* iwecn. 

IS. CsticoMa acTTATj. 

C«(copi« ^lUta, St Far/- *t Srrv. Site. Milh. %. 4KU. 7- 

IB. CKkcoPIs rLiviriKL-u. 
Suft*, nit€tn ; tilt aniira virida, Jtapo-^liho bifaieiitla. 

Black, ibining: otMuct ptc«»u«: fore-iHntpi metallic gntt 
witli twn Tc1luwit)i while bnncti ; one bcfDre onp-thiril of tbi> knn 
of Uie wiiig, Hnrndi-r tlinu iIip tcconil, «bich U bel'urt Iwn-lbirdii ■ 
llic 1«U|^. LL-neth of iha boilr 7 Iiii»; uf ihi' wiii^i 19 liuc8. 

a. Java. Ftddi Mr. ArKvDt'i wMi'ftiuD. 

17. CltllCOl-tll tlEHO«. 

Coroopit betas. J'abr. Si/ii. itt«a. Mi.3. 

a.fr. China. Prutrntvil bjr G.T. Lar, G«ii. 

r, rf. Ilonn; Kuug. Pri-<«uu.<d li; J. Buwtlng, K«q. 


Cuoopii RMominalU, Jtf.S5., O. M. JVIjTTvr, (ii'brM; tnuril* 
mtiiitn'en rl fin rufa .* (lAiir anlrriom laniqnt nisr*, 

NmtI; allird to C kirot, but disiinguiiJii^d bt (b« trrtab 
breadth «nil bri|;1iur colour of llm bnn'l* of ibp fniv-wini^. Hod 1 
the darker colour of Oic h!nd.itini;rs ■»*! <bp trrrnlcr proportion i 
Tvd in then). Black, iblnlnK: incniili, iciilchcoii, abdomen, no 
lepi mlr feel, anterior ihanka and (ipt uf hiiiil-ihaiili!i blnck '. 
inii2> rril fi^r une-fourtb of the len|:tb froiu ibp hasv, willi a broad 
allEhtly uniliilatiog red baii<l at twn-lblrtU or iht' \nifih - liiad 
wing> itHLj, rod ol the Wc and alonjt part of ihc fuir bunlc 
L«>^h ortbe body At— S lines; ofthewiass t-l— lAlian, 

■— e. China. Prrwmtcd by 0. T. Lay, Eoq. 

Iff. CEncnpig viBiTiANa. 
Cercopii riiidaoo, Gu4r. Foj. Bttmgrr, lad. Oritnt. 

un or iiOMDPTiEiioiii iXHScn. 

30. Cbmopu uiiMti*. 

X>yi«. mitftu, lau : ft<Ut «WM>iaUf w apn mft, »la 
mriJti lull rfUalafir. 

Black, ikininit -. *lii«M rerjr bnwil ; nio«ilh, Iqri and tips tit 
Ibc aUotM rrd : K>re-win^ nitullic y^rta, cuo'cx alon^r Iho 
llN honlM, aliK-h 111 miiufa 4i!tiUd towariit ihv tuie: liiod-wiD^i 
*>im liUck. I«imth of ibettmt; 7 liiw* ; tt ibu wings 'J3 

t. Java- I'iMD Ur. Aig«nt'* collcctton. 

31. Ceacorii fioKiriuu. 

j t* f »t fuMO MltcrNnt ,- mullun aifra birillalam ^ ahili 

mm purfmrtmm, iot rt niftltuyianun ,- femora /uico nlbita ; 

mlm tmlUm fmtm, baa ^ra /hhv maculata, aptet rv/o oetl. 

ydliiw : lnaA nefaded «itli % bmd brown band ; a bnnrn 
^ M tbc cptilnau ; MuvUi Uwdjr, wttli ■ Miti-k ti|> : ^irlU Hitli 
(■0 TTTj braul b4»ok Unpm, «hkli hi« aiicnim on tb« uuWr ijdm, 
■ad mmtli}' tte« tba wbol' breadth on ilir hioil pan, bnl are coti- 
BMlad in trtrnX- abdnmcu parplc; tip and utidor itde fellow, the 
h —i paftlj tcng|[ibcTUi : lr;;>rtlI(nr,iKlTlt?lawii« ; tl)ighi ilrm W 
•ilk bavwn , lip* of ikc ohsiiki and of lK« [)ir>i ninwii : run-wingii 
!■•«, tdlu«, «Hli ihfta laiK* brawn tpou lownrdti iljv bun-, with 
te* md imiioitclt'* In ihe diik tnwardi ibr lip. which i« Imtilvn^rl 
•itt nd ; Vmo of the acinieircle* unitl^l ■ biiiil-wiiiK> pi>l<^ lii'i'wn ; 
Mtea Ihwb. Lntgtli of llw bod; 7 liiiMi ol' lliu ma^i 20 Hum. 

ft r rn>«i(«dbyJ.G CbDdtM, Etq. 

Ii THUbi Fnai Mi. Atgcnt'a ooIImUoo. 

23. CeKTUPI* 1HI0K9I>. 

IM mif»-/'Mt^, /tciii duabtu angntlit imiLilii ru/U ur. 

Blat4, thMvg: tbidd broad: «iu(b and Icf;* pitcbi-: abdo. 
iipl* : ron-winn blacLub brows, witb Iwu red, nurTiiw, 
utdidaliBg teMi, a«0 n«u Uic baM, iltc otbei ■! two-iliirda 



tnr «r uoKomaoiK wiinm. 

of tlie l«aeUi: bi^il-wingf d.irk brown; T«in* black. 
iLe Ixxl; 7) liii«; of the iringi Ifl KnM. 

a. Siihtt. From Mt. AiBcnl'i collection. 
t. Silliel. From Mr, Suwetbj't collcclion. 


Leugih or 

93. Ccacopu ocrroprKirrATA. 

Cenwpif MrtspuiioUU, Ami/nt ft Srri: ISUu Nat. lUm. U6, 2, ^ 
10, f. 6. 


M. CKBoorw BMKCVUiuii. 

Cercopii biip«cu1arii, H'Ai'fr, MSS, 

Rafa, film, lata, ni-jrn i;iuiifrliNitni/a(ii ; ^(iti HtjirUM .- ab 

R«d, tlilniui; : ibletd btottd, muaily occupied by iwn vriT lar 
a»nrW dtn], binck >puu. In roml uf wliicili are iwo Kmal), oca. 
rntiitil bUrk aiioU : bruut black : hiiid-cboit incxllj black : imde 
liilc of iibduiacii wilh iwo block bunds: f«n.>-witi)pi wilb a aba 
bUok slripu al iliv hiuse, oeiT wliiuh Uine uiiiicd black tpula form t 
cuned band aviuu the iring : eaotber Iiand ia foriOHd in the middl 
by ibiM Miiaratc black ipott ; [i|i» brown : lilud-ninn gray, browii- 
iah along ibc bind banlcn and at ihe ii)ii, red ni ihe DMe. Leag ' 
of lUe body A — ii liacs; of Ibe win|[* 13—1:1 line*. 

a, b. North India. From Mr. Wunick'a collection. 

•a. CcRropm niH*<'ui.A. 

Ruf*i ihorar nujfi mtifttnatui n himarvialia ; alit atiHt 
nifTir rufn bif1^cial^r luui ni/ir; afir potlifm iii^rinmw i 
nifx vpice fmca. 

Ilri^lii rc<l. diining: ibield adomrd in front wilb a bn 
dion Unck band, nliOK bind border a concnrr, and in the i 
wilb two luge black mou : fore-winn bbtck, ird at lLc biue, and 
with tiro (tTejtnlar, *1lgnlly onrved red bands: second bniiil adioin. 
ing the reticii'iilcd part: bind-winn pale t^nf, red nt (be bitM', 
brom at the iip> and alonK the hintf botdeit. Lcogth of lbs bodj 
b\ tinea; of tlie Kins* H lints. 

0. Ilerog Koof;. i'fctetiled bj J. Bowriog, E*)). 
4-*. P 

TtilMM W* : Lnd black, ti«M*tnely ttriaiH. 1*7 omnx ia 
tumi ■umlk tMtiMuv*: abdonm kivwii, imUcooiu at Uie bwe 
••d u tb« tip : liM oi ibc leot iMom : rom-winp UriJ, brnwD t»- 
•«kI* lb« lip: fclnd-winKt gnji rrin* brom. Length «f Um 

■. iBilia. Fnn Ht. S4eicw' colWliaii. 

37. CsBCoru MnkucvuTA. 
Rmfa ; tnOr/AM ptntm, airing rufutn : fmutr^ petbritm (on 

hie ml, (hikinxi ihUld 'rty mioutelr punctured; uiulilU 
a4(B *Mj tlight i K«ulie«k pitcliT, (Iriiitcd actufs. ml on cai'li 
M*. fMtriot (mota pkcom lonnrdii tlic baw: furo-wlDp wllh 
MKMdcb pak brawu (poU In ilic iliib, Isrtil lowaidt the tip*: 
fcbi ■duL* almiMt dolawilHa, rflditli at th« hue; vein* pal< *~ 
lH|lk iiC the turf J 8 lino: ufilieaiag* IK lino. 

a. Jaf*. Fnnd Mr. kirlly'i cvlbctlail. 

98. CKMwria uvicikot*. 

Jb/a , Mint tt pittliaMx ra/a { aUomm nbliu ituunlii mi- 
fnt i%riltnl^m j aim antK« itiyru 7-manlAiMi, a^iirc /aMK^ 

itiyru 7-maniAiMi, a^iirc /i 
■l^ni Hur/indfi*. 

b4,»bisiugi b«»il imI cIicM blacL: h«aJ pilcfa; or bniigl- 
■m famnili aoitcheon and hiiid-cbat fed : ahdinDon mill « roo 
tf UkA ayoU aloni each >iiic bcotalli : iDeiBliritioin pun at Ibc 
(gn»«{afa nd, *a7 nunulrl; piuiutuml, m't-npjrniit lou-thitdt of 
Ik iMtrti. MlairMd «tlli voe black *f>oU ; tulicnlnlcd |iait luirdmd 
•hkHM, liMwliiB nutucrwa areulcu >)iic>i arc liiuna wltb )«lc 
laf^t*: iri>a wd ; hind-wii>|C« pale limwa ; Tuint daiUr. Length 
af thf tiodj Ai linn; utilwiiing* ISlinot. 
«, i. Ja*«- Ffos ilw Euit India Compaaj^ culteoUaB. 


un OF noNOFTEiKim nmora. 

3S. CmicoptB inoLBu. 

Arnf^fMI m( Inform .- irurffluia ni^iiii ; atJ'iRK'n ;iunniivt»ii ^ 
fMM titpri 1 (iitrf !■( /rmon tinfi'ni /i-rruyiniM ; iifcf nufi'o 
ywr*, /ii/ru !■■{ ru/ii biViirndr il iiii/iUtiMir, afi/iv rl aif 
Mifan n^rnc; oiit fxudM ra/'i apitt tl maryiiu pailim 

Briglit iMUeeous, tluniDK: mouib pitdij'. iJ)i«ld willi two 
blaak (lunctuin on Mcb imprtsilan in (lODt; midillc ri<1g« ten 
»llgbl: iculvlicon lilauk; nb<luin«n purple: lout Uacit : iliaiik* aDil 
ruK-thirb* fenn^noui : forc-wlnip bniwn. IiIbrI; »IuD)[ ibc Tore har- 
den and toirardi (hit lip* ; two lawny itripo nlonjt ihe LoHt-r* froin 
the bue to oat-lhtid or tbe lciit;t)i, ihL-rc tbi^jr nre I'oniipctuI bv a 
tlway band ; hlnd-wiu^'?! bri^bl red. Iituwii aluu^' lb« liiml bottfort 
and tuwanlilhc tipt; vtiiiiMack I.englb gf tlic boJjr <>— 7 line*: 
of ill? irtDB» HI— 18 line*. 

Var. JS. Ktripci and bonds or ibc forc-irinp ted. 

Ofbii. From CapL Fan;'* coUectioit. 

3D. CtmcOM* DOMU.U. 

Pttm: libiir tartit/ae j tm gu ut ; (dec anlit^ ">/<*t "' 
nutmlatji, npicr nifra, 

PicMua, •hEniDg : ihield (cnr mioiitely punclUKd, iinpraitcd 
«n Mcb iild« ill TTOnl: Bli.uiks and fnt l('tru|;iii<>u«.- rmc-winiri red, 
blmck«ii the r«tloiiliitiid putt; niunhiannn* i>iin adomni wiib «iKbl 
large, partly cmifiiirni, lilni^k ipoti: hind-win^ browiK it'in* 
black. LcnBlliofttieliody -I lino; of ibe mug* 13liiie*. 

a. Nutlb India. Frum Mr. Warwick'* coilec lion, 

31. CniKioviit oi>wiT»r»mi.«. 

Jiufa rtl UaacM : liorax m^m ijuadrimtrulaliu ,- pectut tl 

i; a/« a 

itifTit! ibdnm*H mamtU miyrit tirillalum ; 
7-uiamUliT aifttr luriJjt. 

antitw Htjiro 

BrlKhi rrd, tJiinloir '■ bmd with n diurt innii-crie Bttmk alooe 
MCb liiiv ofilie bind bcitdert diield witU twu very lawo bladt 
■pou Ml eaob nile of the disk, and witb Iwo tnMltff not* to bmtt 
bicact and biuil-clirtl block : abdomen bluck loward* ibe baae : k 
row or black iiwu along neli tide : undet tide black, eio«pling Uie 

XXMX or WMtnmBaiis ixaKOii. 

t of iki Mfawtfs : fiKT-wiBin nd -, nettbAnmiB pa 
I «ilk K*fB ttbok ipou, lis of «hid] ore latKi^i 'n4 more i 
AaaM, aail fonM l«o cuneil taadt ; letioDtaiod part lutidj 
hU'^tac* IciM, ltd mt the baw : niu bran, r«d xoiratd* 
bM» Ua|tk of IW biKlj 0— at Ham; of llw widsk 17— I| 

Vu. A AUoaiiia) wgiBctili aith bbdc b«n4«. 

Vw. f. BbJ; aail Ton-irinio icnUivons, «iih the uieal niwic. 

«. N'ortb Bniffal. Fraiu MUi Campb*!!'! rollccttwn. 

aa. CtmrcTi* *sTTKitn*eT*T»- 



(f aUomna aiyra; •/« atai<tt miym t-mamJa, 

•ktnwc: bp uf ibc noatb lilack: ahield with lv» Maok 
I Im 1m impmilon nn caoh tiAt of llip frniil- br«ail and 
bUck : lip of tb« nWonon ntft : (ipt of tbc ttn blnck : 
hii aiaai *iib ni«ii latp Mack ntnti oo llio mrmbraaoiif pan : * 
fiiw Uu 4ala •4j<i>^B|r <^ ittknUlcd pHrt, aliich ii lurid : hind- 
waigi $fn, biwan Mwaid* the tipt and »Umg the biad burden. 
leiifikafwcbodjtfti — 7 line*; of the wiiigi H line*. 

Vwt. 8. SUM IMUOMDi: •bdomea red. 

n. CBiieoru nxniTA. 


Sifrmi liarar rwbxr/lnMmiyiuWanu,' aMinneii ryennim .- aim 

SbeLaUaing: alileld iritli a hfoad rod band, which ii widMied 
■acMcbeide: abMaaea b1«c ; membntBom pan of the fore-winfi 
Md a( (h* bMe, and oitli two intemipUd red handt in ibe dink; 
(b* WKd alif htlf called ; iceoud bana fonnoil of ibm larife spolt, 
die wMi* oae adraDRBg iaio tk« letioulaied jisn: hlnd-winp 
mim fnj, UowsUfc at tfce tip* oiid atoDjr the hiad border ; vein* 
fcliik. M at Ike baae. Lcutcib of tbu bodji 3 — 6 Uo«; of llie 
alofi 14^10 lino. 

V«r. B fini band of ibe fore-wing* uniniempied ; two ipoU 
rftW acewBd band cunHueoL 

Vae. y. tkad of the ihidd usuceooi 
»*ip — bi e rni p ted. 

Bnt baod or ihc fow- 



Vgr. i Baad of th« iihirlil ictuoaotu, very bnud ; aMmeD 
dork taUnxnui -. hondt of ibc winfp< cinlntprruplod. 

a, b. Sillict- I-'rora Mi. Sloinfartli't oollrcUun. 

34. Cbrcopib TXioou. 

Nigr* qHBW; inilrl/um mfi' Huiryiiuilum . abdomen rufum, pi- 

CM hifiutialum, lukliu ni'vruni .- priiri nifi ; al<t anfic 

nigTo-faicit, ban fojeiit^ue duabvt amnf^ii mfit. 

Blaiih bUck, itiioins: icutchcon ml on «bc1i tide nnil nl the 

lip t abclompn liriRht ml : tlinv ihucl pitcbj bnndi on the dUk ; 

upder side tilNri. wilh a reii lip: l«p ivd; lbie>irings brownnh 

blauk, tedut thv Wao, aiid H'itli (i«ii icd baiida; finl band connected 

»tlh thr ted Bl the biiie jp llic diak nod alontc <ho bind twrder, and 

tRcludtnti withancurt<r trianKuUi brown purl; scoond b»nd con- 

oecicd with i!i« first oear the bind bonier. Length o( the bodj 

ft— 4 bos -, of tbo "In^ 1 4 — I A linw. 

a. Nortb India. Frotn Ht. Warwick^ colleciiao. 
»-rf, .f 

30. Cercoph riRnuDikiiJi. 

t'erramtiiv : rapul aigrum i unilfllum fulntm ,- abiamai pUnimi 
ahr onliftr fnivo fatriala, bait /ii/iw. opirt pin* ; ata , 
fiiw ciamtt. 

Pair (cmiKinoiw, ihininn : head black : cbmt tei^ miouUly 
punctured : thiold sitb tvo black puDciDtn In ihi! imprcwIoB 
on eaeb tide of llie (iront : borderk piioliT : iciiicheon tnwnf : abdo- 
men pttdij. brruginon* at the baJe : fepi bluuk tuwnrdi ilie lipi : 
fore-witi|!t nnmiw, Uwny at the baw, pilcliy at the lips : a lawnj 
band ai^oiniiiK the teliculatnl port: hind-win^ ll'«T> vein* black, 
tami; a the biie and alonf- pait of the fore bonlor, length of tbe 
hod; 6i liuei -, of the «luk> U line*. 

«. 1 

30. CKRCOPia rCLTK'OLl.P'. 

TttUCMi leuium fiim naryiitalitm ; pHita «r $rvUlliini piremi 
abionen parpuitun; prJit pieei : libur mfa; aJv aMic» 
itifnt i ma poiliat rinrmr. 

Tettoceoiii, ihiuini;: cheU tery niuutclj paneluttd ; ihteld 
(rilh two bluck puncture* in the imprMiion od eeohndcof tliefnat; 


tar or ROMorrsiion iitaicn. 

■y ^ mi brMM bmI KHlehfaB fiuiji thdoratu ptiq>)F: |pf[B 

HMk - UM-wtn» dtatk gf*j ; mn> UncL Lcugth of Xbe bod 
«— 4ll»Mi »r u««>og« 13 — 13 lino. 
*. *. Jc>& Fran Mr. Af^vni*! iwllecUu*. 

!■■ ; fimarm pntiev rmfn ,- mlit atitxnm ftrrtu/tiua iityru mu- 
r*yt» ; ab po*tit* riurtf*. 

nictj, tkiabjc; Itcad b«sr«lli lad branil ferruginous : abdo* 
■m r4, «>lb a ivw of pil«l>T spou aIoo^ each ndc : bxud-lbigfat 
tmk Up* of fcite-thiRUi nd : diiiil-abuib anit bind-fwi kA Uiwanlt 
lb* taw : fa(C>«i*B« fenaitiiiaus, witb wrnat IndUliDCt black 
if»(»; fMkvlalcd |«n brown; blnil-aiugv (mf. Lmglh of iho 
Mj « Hmb : of 1^ triniti 10 linn. 

^It JftTS. Fna ibr llut ImIIb Companj't cullcction. 
r, i. Ja*>. Fram Mr. A'Rc"'* coltnikm. 

3T, Ckicokbctamrkbiitiu*. 


I fifmgmta ; tewtftlum metv/m ; aiilniHfn 
/mytan ,- af' nnttnr nifn-flUfm apicr luriiUl : 

Bbck, r«TTiig;lno«( bditalli : (bhlil brnnd, clolbpcl wltb abort 

CWin. bgnilj iinpreHfi] in front; KOtchcoii jijtchy: akdoinaii 
: l«|:« FrTTucicKiui : fote-winn Mackbb bronu, lurid toward* 
Aa llfa vkuv lb« t«in* arr, R<i i linid-wiiiKi s™J< brooiinb nt ihc 
laMk al lb« lipa, sud dIud^- ikc bind bord**; vi-in* black, lawnj ai 
AihMe. t^ugih ol tbv budy A IIbm; of tbe ningi 13 linot. 

4. Jan. From Mr. Argent'* rollodhiit. 

38. C^ixanm 4~Mtcvnti,. 


f mi^ i A»nw nigm imi/aartafai cl Ajnwni&inu ; /Nvtirt ni'jrniM ; 
(■if aF^nnira mlhu nij^fo inlntniile fiuHala ; aim 
aifn 7-maeuiHla ; •/« juMmr Inn rufrKmla. 

tblDlof : ibMd adorned od tbe inapratfiuns in frunt 
•tt a tfcart. brD»d, bUdt bud, wboM Uad border ii laj concave -. 


B UCT or iraMormMn awKcn. 

iwo vm brir» M»dt tpeu on Uia dhk bcbiod ti : brein black ; na< 

dn (idc or Ihc >bdom«) wiih an imrtnipwd blkok b(ui<l xn raeb 

Mgnient: fotp.wiiiK« adoraed wilti >crm blnck irpiiU; fix nf thna 

ue large all il niiMiIv mnflucniL, nuil Kirm Iwo >1i;;h(ly curved banill; 

1 ihcMVODlli I* cI"9F lu ihe reiiculutvd fiail: liioil-wiiigi nddiih U 

I ibe biK : TfiiK lirowii. uwiijr bI tbe bu«iv length of tbe budj ' 

I Ubm : of ibe wiDgi 17 ItncK 

I /iifra; taput ru/vm ; Aanx ni/o Iririllala ; aMimni luprm pvr- 

^^- pmtnm, apier nl nrrinf uif lu/on ; oVie anriive nim-Jiofi*, 

^^K r«/i> S.oiarulala, «^(V lurida ; al» pottiar nib/iHttt, bati 

^r ru/-. 

BUek, ilijthlU tbiiiingi linid ml, ahinlnt, almcitt MDoolk, 
black aloiiK llir bind burdor: (hidd rufultne, iJjgliilj impreiwd Ml 
hmIi iiil« in ftutit, witb (bicc broad ifd Mripei, wliiili urc kliurlefied 
behind: nbdomvn purflt above, rtd at ibc lip and aluiis vaob nde i 
tett^win^ blntlidi bKrnn, ndorned wlIIi dehl Ureo roil *i>uti. ibr«e 
on tbcfare bonier, ilircc no ihi' Ijinil Imnlcr, nneiin ibe diiV, and one 
near the tip, pnrtlj ta ibe nlHrulutcd pnn. which ii Iiirid. and oceu> 

!iW nbciui upc-fourlb uf lliv Iciii-ih of the wing: bind -■rings jials 
>rowii. briKbl led at ibu haw. Lnglh of th« body tl| Uuc* i ut the 
winp :;i lieet 

a, 6. Nonh Indiii. From Mr WaTarick* eolltotivn. 
40. Ckmopi* umtajLLis. 

Nifra i ft/ntt rw/um, nigrn nir>«m ,- lAurnx riifn trii-illaiMt ; 
antitu m/v 7-macui*l^, ajH<'f luriiitf i n4ic p-MtivM tnitfiu 
B1a<^, (hiiiiufr: head rn). hinek cm cai'h Mile in (mal 
alone llie hiinl hurdei i »bield with three ted ltnpcl^ the tide paii 
oblique, and rxicndinn aJong each tide hum tbe lure batilcT tu iki 
b4kiie of each farc-wiuo: fort^-wfo^ cunveK alung lh« fora bordcn, 
adorned with ier«a IM nwu, ilnee un the tun border, three «i tbe 
Itlad border, and oaa in the di>k near the tip ; the Gnt ao tho h\ai 
border fbrm a •hart (tripe, and the seironll ■ ihint band : ttna Itiftd : 
bind-ariip pale brown. LenKt]i of the bodjr fl Kirn : of tbe wing* 
18 line*. 
•- Silhet. Fmn Hr. Sini»l);nh'i collection. 

%m or BOMonxioct innm. 

41. Cnicnrtu iiKniiMArri.j, 



nUt* B ■wH J a M , h^'s /iiniJ* ,■ aJ< piun« fm»ca, hui 

Bbcfc.rfalli bvMUuUoii*, black b«ttMib: chMi lainulelj ru- 
. iliiiW vtlh ■ red nrai on each dil« or thr dbk, snil witli a 
I Miif* alone nub tide fn«n ibe (bee txmlct lo ihc bnM! of t)io 
h^-vtHg; MvlEhm injinMnlon ibedUk, *iUi a red apot un «acb 
h4> of Ukc bu* : abdonon purple and thiniug uliore : rorp-iiinp 
— »« stoMK Ike fete bcrder, nJofnod «ith riglit T«d ipou, 
I Ac bn Mrier, amt no ilie hind border at tbo liaie, 
lad (mt W (be £kfc. OM of ibem very nui the biml burdcr ; hoc- 
4c( of iW tip hind I li>tKl-ih'i|ri bnivrn. Ki! bi iL« boae: tcina 
LngUtof the bodjr 7 Ubm: of llie kib^ IHliooi. 

Ftxrm Mr. Wolker'f ooDtciion. 

49. C*cncoi>(»oo!i!(Eu 


•mftn fulto mur^inatum i irttlrlUiii fufnm ; fHrlm* ni- 



aUamrti el prjti tufa , »Iji «iL(i«r 

nfii, nign 

ImbA, tUaioc, thieU brood, oitb a lawn; iKinln, vtr* ini- 
tr pMctttMd, witb Btlt)[b( intprtuKw on mcIi Wdc m I'loul; 
aaoM aanll, ted. Mbcbt* Uwank llic baw i IitmrI binck : ab- 
MM a*^ 1*91 nd: mtmAntmaa fori of Ibe fuic-wincs red, 
■rf wHii hnn, ftdoraad •Mb Mven black ifoU, nhicti fntni two 
I ear*>d haodi-, n-Uculnlnl p*tt Iiriwd ; ivitit n^tl : bliid- 
«|b9 ny i >ciai luosn. LtugUi uf ili« bodj 4l— o lion ; of Uio 
■■•Sa IS— ISIuics. 

43. CincAM* irctTA. 

KlrJfnM ap*rr rt afnaf iv ru/Hin. adfonrn rv/an ; m^ 
(■iiiu Btyfit/iUcHiia,- ;v>^j rH^ ; Wil antics mfrt' 
■i>n> 7-iBiir)i/4ld-. aptrt lurula; aim potlum riwfW*, 

Ta*nT. •hiainf : Monib rcti : ch«»l*cr7 mtniitetjr piinrliirod ; 
tUaU bfu* taijnnMd la Irotit ; mtddtr fifit iiidt*tlu«1 : MUlcfaeon 
id a* aaca tide and ai tbn tip: atiil^-iiiru ted; ■ blank hand 



LIST «r noMorTSBacs ikkccts. 

on each winnc"' WuMth: Icf^rndt Btenbmioiin |>an of lb* fan- 
winp rrddiHli, iilorrvd villi Mv«n lilncl; ii|inih, nliitli furro two In* 
t»rrup1«d 4li)i:li|lT riincil bindi; n frw black inniki uii llic iliik* <if 
Mine of the arculcli uf ihe trliculaicd pari, sliioli » lurid -. vcini 
led: biad-iriDgi Krai, rt'd nl thu bme; v«int bmwti, Ttd lomnti 
llicfcaM. i<ni|;ih oi the body -i — H ]in«*; of tb« wipgi 11 — 13 

4t. CKBCoriB VKaxtM*. 

Picta: enput, ifvltllum, peeltii, obdumm tl prJtt frrnigiiita! 
alit antieit ferrwiianr. •jnir/o<f»» ; aliT ynuliiw riHnv*. 

Bodj pilcbj, tbiuiii^ - h«ad ferrujiinout ; front itr^ ranrex, 
irauivcnelf funtnnd, iiot hevlnd : cb4»t ihiiily nnd icty niinuulj 
puuclurtd ; tcolchpon and limul frrriijfiunui : abdomen pot* ferru- 
ginoii*: 1c|n fcmiiiinous : fun.--wiiiKs pulu ftrruKinou>< >ii7 mt- 
niilFly punctured; rriiciilaled pail liruwii: hiud-wiiii[» 7^71 tciM 
bruwij, tAvrny at (lir biiM. lirni^tb of tb(t body 4} liiiet; «f Um 
wiu^'X 1 1 Hurt, 
g. JavK- FtDDi die Eut India Couipaojr'i oolleotion. 

45. CaiicomicofiriLW. 

fiifrm ; Mfml '( UiMat luUo fatdala ; pteliu Aaro maculstun 
aidonm vurpurruM, tabtui flAmm maetuit lugrii triril 
nm.- ff«f fHlri : /rm'ira tl (iA(>r mitifm fiuea i 
mfrliu jUrti «la antinc _fwtti tufa hiJain^M rt 
M*, JUvt imirilltiliT, 

niaek : bnid ibiniiiK \ fruni adunipil BiUi a tcniioirctilar 1«~ 
Ufixn band, «l>icti U proluog^d ii> a oimluiil funn 10 [be face; ibt 
latkr it iiniwlb, vrry cdivrx, nith iliithl lntii!>irtM' fuimwt. nol 
heeled, vrllov il>>n); encb lidci moutli ycllon, witb n plrdiir lip: 
tbeit (lull, *cr7 tbickl; pumtiirej ; furoDbcii wiih • lulrinii. lund 
aliMg tlio (on border, and e xlcmtiug uu oucli siile (u llie hone i>f ibe 
fnra-winK ; bind border «ligbl1y («ncnve: tculchrim liind uii cacb 
udo; bm4I witb hiirf jrllou mnrk* along vavh Hide: abilonien 
piitplu. blank, nith Tcllon banda ai Ibu lip ; under m<Ic jcllnw, willi 
Ibrce rtiHi of lmiii.ierM! bliKk ipuu; ihe aide rawi on lb» rin. 
wbidi ti *cry broad : )«),•» taniiy; ibigbk uu<l furc-tlinnka browns 
ibigliK fcllo* beoeuUi : fute-ttinxi dark brown, willi iwu narrow pale 
reil baMiu, unu •! one-tbit<l, tbe other at twa.ibiril» of lb* lenitib ; 
a jelluw ttript ritoii<tini{ aluDg tbe fore border (roin ibe baao la ibe 

LOT ar noMomao*! ihmct*. 

fat ha^ wfccM It aenfuira • Uwi(]r bu*, aod csIgmU rounil die 
Miha **«Mil iMiidi ■ paWieJ»in|ic<«loDiliii|;*luaglIieliii)<l boi- 
m U> twM mmtilj U llie 6nl boii'l ■ hiDil-aiogs mJc bniwi 
catawUw in pitrl vt (hr tlitlc. lul«ou» m the noac ; 
l^agtll uf iKc liu4il A) linM ; of tbr wiligk 7 llUfS, 

]*i«Miilcd by lb« &Btenulot(ical Cluti, 

m. CBucone hilabis. 

flifrt ; Mpsf «( bUt ^T /sun fktriaU ; prrlai fianm, nigra ma- 
tlii mijrit (rrnffurHni ; prji-i /iJn ; l^rti /utci ,- 

•I* mmiiew ftutaJLira bi/urialir rf uiunCUJir- 

Blatk: h«a4 ■kiaini; 1 tmol Bilorneil irilb « irmidrculu lu- 
Wad, vblcfa 11 jtruloat^il ia a TCfj broad cuuiml fonn, aail 

ydlavi Moatli yrllow, wilJi a liliul tip^ dint iliill.tet; tfaieklf 
faWBwd : fute^brat willi a lulc»ui hand ultioi: tbc futp liutiler, ex- 
ImMns mi Muti liib ui Uw bawof ibe difc-wiiig i hind bonl«4 
llgta^ «oaca*o: broul j*Il»«i diak tiUok; twu or tlinra black 
wftt» M aub ■i<lf : abJuKieD fatpie -. uadrr tidu >ell>iw , wilti [hit* 
■Ml of tj'4M«cikc bUekiBoIi: the tide run on ih« rim vliicb i* 
•■T huad : Irn tawuj i Ikigit pain Iban llie ibiiultn -. frcl and lip* 
•i ika (hank* Mown i roit.wibir* da/k brown, ailb two tarri>w tdI- 
WWodt: tb« ftiatBl oa«-ilurd<ir lh«> kngth, iiilprrapi«4 in ib« 
M.*t»d MMtfcf4 iy MMie dou from lb««of to tbe biiitl liurdor; Uic 
Mnarf at twu-lbir^ ot lliu lenRik, iliKblly waved ; 4 ifcllim tpot iu 
A>4bk bctvrca It aail t)>r lipi u j«lbivi uripe cxiciiitiiiK aluiig 
i^fmf Uirdrt tivm ibg t>M« ta tlio lint baud : biiiil-ntii|C) ((tay- 
kfc. (iBfrd with brintu at Uie ti|it and abiuic lb« bind bnnlon. 
takMMBat tkc liaae: (chu blacL Lenstbof llie buiy 4^ tUiea; irf 
iW •Wfi 13 UsaB. 

FnMaUil by the CniouivluKieal Club. 

47. Caacuna? arSLuT*. 
O'Wr. /na. Mi^^. daim. /afl^ 360. 



LifT «r ■oMOfTCBon imigts. 

Gciiur3. TOMASPIS. 

Oanspis, Grmtat, A. Farg.tt Sm., Hurm.. Rlinch. 
Tonaipu, Ampol et SfTv. HUl. Nat. Jtim. ftOO, *Mi. 

t. ToKARPia rciokT*. 

CcTCflpii furcau, Grmt. Stay. Bml, It. 3!>, 2. Iturm. HanM. Rm. 
ii. 131,2. JUiMnl. tfut. iVaJ /lu. Hi. 187. 3. //^''>. pi 14, 


Ccroopit cnlhris 5(. Far;/, el Sitv. Snf. Midi. S. eOi, a. 
Toma^i* fiirpJito. (wtyni rt Sm. Hiu. .V*(. Hfm. 560, I. 

«. Bt»»il. IVstuicd by Join Mlow. E»q, 
t. Brazil, ('mm Mr. SUitat aoUcctioo, 
c— A. Bnzil. 

4. ToMiBna M10BICAN*. 
Tvniaspia oigricim*, Ams/al rt S«n>. Uitt, iVal. 0jnt. AOO, 3. 
a. Brsz)]. Pnsented b; J G. Clilldrnii, Etq. 

Ccrunpi* •^ralit, St. Parg. n Stn. But. UM. x. 006, i. 


CvNOpI* oooclnet, Pithr. ShI. Sftt, It. 4tl, 4. A>r. /Uyn. 03, 

Wat IndlM. 

S. Toiuanii aii«i>iuPii*cuTA. 
CciCOpii quaJriCucitU, Si. Fay. n Sm. Enc. Milk. i. 60&. H. 

un o* MOMorrBKoii* tnmuitt. 

6. Townaru Dn'iBi. 
ta/a i Atrteit dxtrmt, ptrtui, thJamm et prdft nij/ra ; altr an 

PUe nd : bead ooomv. but not Hiigukr iu Fruut ; a, «U)[ht' 
li4|> lllf nd ihte «f lb* ntiddk onr ; Irnnavrni^ Tiirrows renr 
<iHl*«: BWMth ksd ■Bttnnv bkct, the funnier red nl tht buir; 
Ail wt llw Aot black, eitepliaic ihc BliEht mitlitlt' ri<lir«. which k 
■it I itMl, abdiMm, ud i«|p Mack : fure-wiiijtt liluckUli kruwii, 
Ml* ad at iIm haw. and Toir m ib«n spMW (bnicc ftlung ilie Ture 
twdtf: hiDd-«liif« Cray, lini«n at ihe up( and atone the hlTiiit buc^ 
dtr i ttiM black, red at ibe baae. Lcit}itb of the bod; ft} line* ; 
ihc viap II liiin. 
t. BmiL I'rtMalcd b; Uie EnloiDulofpcal Clob. 

a«au3- RHINAULAX. 
IUkbIu, .la^afrl 5<rT. //ii<. A'«t. Iltm. MO, 457. 

1. RutXAn-tS ANALI*. 

I umKc, Fa^. Fitr. Sipt. ir. Iff, 7. ^K. Alvn. 9S, 33. 
■MCuli[viinU, jlmjuKt Sm. Hut. N»t. Him. 661, I. 

w~k. Sanili Afhra. Pnscnted b; Dt. A. Smith. 
ij~ S— <h AfiiM. Fnm Hr. Arscui'a oaUection. 

U r 

Tv. & FoKP-wiim db)tj jellow hi«l*ad of rtd. 

«. Sootk Africa. PnMntod bj Df. A.Snilh. 
a,- Cap* 


Trwi|hwi. J«t»< » ^^- "">' •'Va'- /"■"■ A«l. 4A6. 
CiMJa.£ua., Sr.iF., 6"««/fr., ft**. 
toMfia. Fak-., O'tniL, ^>rM^ Carl.. lUmt., Bharh., Guir., . 
Trntimi*. Tigm. 

Liir or noKoPTxaan iKncra. 

I. Tkibcphobi imamNOLEvri. 

CsiMpU MIHtainoloDl*. Barm. Uaatib. Eitl. W. I, Vi&, 7. Dhm. 
Chw. (Um. lot, iWt, III. ;IS. r. U. Cnicliatd, Ed. Rig. An. pi. 

90. r. I. 

Var. 1. nr^, Amyai, Ann. Svc. Ent. Fr. 3nu Strit, 1. 180. 
Ci-rcoptt ain, HtTrithS;lurJf. Xom. Em. i, (HI, 

Vai. (L llurtn. 
CicaJi uiiKuiaulcnUi, /jnn. .^yir. ATat. I. S, 7CM,23. 
Telttgauia Mnguiiialrnti. Oth. Eat. Mtih. pi. IM, f. I. 
Ccreavl* MDfuinolrulA, A6r. Ent. Syil. >t. tO.0. Sv'I iUv" P3. 
». Cn-m, .Vav. K»l. i< 4<. i:(. f. <. 3i>. /'««». /b». It. 
pi. 20. furl. Artf. A'nr.4»I, I. Ttyti. //uf. .V<iJ. /hi ir. lai, 

51.6, r. I. Dh/. RMi. tUm. 0it. I. Atnyot ft Sm. lluL 
!at. Hhn. Ml. luh. H»l. Monogr. 7. -I, 9, pi. I, f. 8— Itt 
Hrrnth.Srh&jf. Nam. Eal. i, fifi, 
Tri«cpl»iri>, .lMy..f, j4i«i. .Svc, fnt. Fr. 3m« 5«rv, t. I8&. 414, 

VuT. 6. /Jh'hu 
Ciiada mneninolenta, Sf<m. Fatu. Com. ti. 113, $30. 
Covopii mactalii. Grrm. .l/i^. Enl. ir. 44, 14, Cipna. Faun. /■ 
xlr. pi. II. HtrricK-Srluff. Xom. Ent. I. Al. Fiffr. ~ 
VMoyr. 7, 2, 
EpMOiaia, .Inyal, jlj*n. &w. fill. /■>. Sme tlM», <r. 166, 41&. 

Cii'ailii MiijpiruoUnli, Fiinr. Faaii. Germ. 33, M. Sitt»i^.8,\ 
a. r. I, 3. Furil. //fir*!. 34. 44(1 Tiyn. Int. IJJI, pi. tf, 1. 1 
Gn.^. /ni. i, * IK. pi, », f, «. .SmH, (Vc 31. pi, ft, f, 27. 

CcrcDpU riiini-riiUi. Itmi. lllij. Germ, May. Fnl. t*. 4ft, l| 
(.'■in. Aril. A'Hf 401, 3. Uririti-Scii^ff. Sam. Ent. t. (~ 
Firii. EiH. M-iwyr. 7. 1. Bloaeh. ni<t. .\at. Int. Itttt, 8. { 
14, f. 4, J^jriii r< Sm. flUt. .V4t. /itr, 003. 

a,i. Enf^ltnd. 

r.d • ? PmcDMilttTJ.O.Oiililren, Btq. 

r. Kmocf, HicKDled bj M. Ooun«u. 

/,f. St'uth 111 t'miot- 

k—a. FrttK*, 

f, a. Smi*. PicMiileil bj C*pL Panj. 

T—t. T»A«j. 

L»r or ROttOFTUOM nUBOT*. 

a. TfttBortioiM MmAXA. 

Aknu. Fault, /ai. i. pl.-JI. Girm. iVd«. £m, id 
U,ll. Barm. UtmJI.. Kft.iu I, i2i,5. ^ 

A^^oi, Anm. 5*r. £nl. Pi. Tmr Sirir. r. 187. 418. 

3. Tkis«raaiM 4IICUT*. 
alciMla, Firlrr, Enl. Uamofr. 7, 3. 

4. TMUrraok* (-mmvuti. 
"gni^l ' r^". //o/m., am. ifua. £11/. iv. 43, 12. flknaT 

n—WI. Amftt, AiOL. Sf. EhI. Ft. iau ShU, t. le?, 4 17. 
•— r. Tkik^f-iii-Ail». Fmn Mr. Lortut' oullcctioa. 

ft. Tniicriioiu )ii.-vttiik. 
n^4l. Cafr. /nm. £<>;. Aiim. Tttlt, 369. 

tt. Titnii'nioN* FuoUTk. 

CWufU pUfiaa. itigw. y/«iiJ*. e»L it. 1!U,4. 

7. Taim-rffOM* roccimi. 
ftrwf h cwtdlif . Fctr. £a«.Sytf. Iv. 4«,4. S^. Atyn. 93,SI. 

9. TaiKCfNOBA BtroLoa. 
CwMpta bieokir, F«fo £ai. Syrt. Si^p'- 323. K- &>>(. Jt/ign. 



0, TaiKCPWit* iMui. 

Cercopis aiutu, Fkbr. B»l. Syii. W. 4I>, 7. Sftl. SAfm. 00, 3S. 

10. TaiROPiiniu ntsiiioBU. 

Nigra; prrlui rttfa Atmaru/udun : ftmnrA afiiai lihiar^ut 
m/<t ; alit •tnf joff ni/o uni/iiiiTiiUit ri iimaculalit. 

Blaok, pubetceBl; becd inniT«twtj furrowed naA nnuenei i 
frani. niih thwe dhiinol ktt\», tvmiiag nn atmnsi right aDKlei 
••oh till* ar tli« indc iwlr; cbott tnimildj >iiil clotdf punciuwl: 
bfoMt will) R «nin1l ivd (pn| nnr the bane uf each hip : lht(rh» t»i 
tuwanli Uiu lip* ; thuuki rtd >[ (lie b«M: fote-wiDt,ni viih it iiobU 
»d fipot nt llie lirue; ■ \ai^r nil apot in lh« ditk, aud bejrdod two- 
lhird« i)( ihc leni^th s (f d tNiii;!. whivh i)t«< nnl i<iln lh« fiin bnrder i 
hind.wiiitt Knriib, piil'' lirnwii al llic tip* and uIodk the bind bot- 
dets. I^Pglb uf iLe bgily 3 line* : of tbe wing* 8 line*. 


Nigra .- §fuUili Utfra., atd"mrD (f jirjft rufa ; «/■* onlitc /km*, 
ntfo ^rti«(a(« ft iminlMlir /ufcH/uf •ininffnM. 

Blach, iJiimni;-. head and uhcsl ftnol; puncliirrd t npUtoma 
with dlitiiKl, pinllrl. tniisvmu rnmivti od each aidii of the keel: 
mouth ted, «ith a pilcbir lip: atilviiniB fef rueinouH : aviilclieun with 
B bright red iitii nn tuvh (idi^ tawiij' nl ibu lip; limmt pitchvi 
panlf rod : abUnmen and \efi* biigbl trd : forc-wjni^ liniwii, wiu 
tnu hriuhl red ImiiTli ; B (uwny ilriiic djiergis tmm the base of the 
(ufo bofdrr to ihf dink. Bud cxKndk in the Grsl band, and a ted 
Mripe otteii-l* Inini tiir haao alDev (bv hind lii'tdpt iitiul; to th> 
SM biliid, which ii iibliqur ; ivculiil band itp(it(lil. diiridili|( lite liol- 
wnik iiflhe wiiijc from ibc mriiibtnnuu!i piiru hind-niniri cDluiii^ttt, 
pate brown alutie Ibr bind bi<rdrr aiid nt tbc lips ; leiiii I ' 
I.ciii,-th of ibc bo'li 3 linft 1 of the wingn H Hum. 

a. ilonJunt*. Ftuaa Mt, Djtiw'f oolleolion. 

UMt ar a»HOPi«moM tMBvn. 

12. TaiKcniau raonMan. 

Jmm. after mianim ; yrjn ttifri; ■/« anAiw fiuor lutn 
Matrnl^, ntj* unimom/Adr it uimfJaia'. 

Oniaiib litack. ikitUDC: bod ■uil cItMt Gbcljr punctoml: 

ikkal': noatfc rad.nrilhabUck tip: AnlrtiDc bUcl. «niich«<Qi 
•kk « ImI ha M nHi nlJe, Uhuj hi iki- lip ^ bri-«it inl, witb > 
I pil^ •pa4cMt each ode: •bdiiinru rrd, ailli a Muck tip: left* 
fcw ■<«)?> dati t>n<«ii. BJlb Ikd uniiij[p Tmiiit, niik a rrd 
MMtMtf iWhawartbrfoRfemlM.aail wiili a n-cl ttiipcrximdW 
O^ U« baw almc ih* bi»il (KinUt li> iW linl bind, wbleh fi 
id liaad Dpriitbl, diiiijiag iLc ftrl-iturL of the wing 
tW ■imIiwiiim pan: bind-wuigi ■Incwt o-IuuiUm. pdc 
iMm W lfc« lifs tnd tJun^' tk« bind border ; roini liWk. Lta|[lL 
«f ifeW^r^l hB«; cJlbt ■ii>$f 7 liuca. 

& Taanaalk. Fmb Mr. 0;hm'i mHactiaB. 
19. TatecraOKA wit*. 

/ifpM : fft tUwmm, rnifT* »MHi(Blam ; lianr Jinn fiuetAtta ; 
ptvtoi raf-ffuteam ; tUamtn jtamn ru^-i ni'iririnaJnia M 
^itrimtwn, apier pimtm; fifdn rtijl, tibiii mtifU larruftit 
mifrii ,- alt muiem /atc», JUm umiutnetUu, nnifattitUt tl 

BUrl. abiitint : liaad and cbMI Gncif punnured : bead jel- 
.,ki^ miak * Uis* tnDmcTM «iilii|uadniu> Mack appt on iht (foiili 
vttlt M4t«l>»0i paialUI tnnaicnr furmwt nn each sidi? of 
tMnu4i tlte rnml; mevlb ycltow. black ii'wards llie 

I aMMM* )«lk«, hHtk Uwarda the bu« : a brM>l Tc)]<nr tmiid 
l(lfa(aMVfderorili««bnt: briMt ivddiah Uwnj- aMomM 
j^tm, nJ aloM)c n*li I'd* and aUmf ihc hind Iwtdcr* of the *ef- 
■■M^ p i wh y Ivawfa (bs ilp -. Inri rrd ; Utii, jKnteriaT llbiB l»- 
Hvfc lis ttf*! ■•d To** libra bUok : fofc-wiD)^ Aatk bnnru, 
ihAlf fmmoi'nd, iHib ■ hraad ibon yelho airipc nuendin; fton 
te h«B «kHS lb* UmI bonlrr. with • yellow ubngnlsT ipot, cs- 
M^hf !"■■■ tk* ><)*" boHcr to tbv dbh at oM-tMrd «r lh« Imcifc, 
mJ wMb ■ kwiaiyrHiiw iifnnht Hwil Triiirh rtrrirtftihf rminilaitfinii 
taa (fee WMBbnMioa p«i1 : hind.winc* pal* bnwn, aliiiofl vuloar- 
bK kaacatb ibc fora bunin tuwarrfi tbo buc ; idot Uick. Lcng th 
rf tbt b«>l< 3^ liBca; uf ll>c mnf:* 9 line*, 

•— r. BnJiL PnamiHl bj Jobo Ulm, £*•! 


un ov BtuiorniMVB ntntrrt. 

14, TRiirrnoat mll^ 

rr fwrtni lafra ; thorax /hIim liritlclMM; 
Unii^He jMulieii nlgrit ; alt anHne apit* 

Nifrn ; otiwl niAfiu 
^nfn iutri, tibiit 

Dm^ bisck : btad and ch(*l iihii«TeniciI : hMil hencuh ud 
brruiit orange ; ui onnRC niot od cdoIi li-ir uf tbr Tront ; epiMOVBK 
iriih inilbunot panllvl iIikIiII.t oliliiue liAjirt un Mch (Me of tlit 
k«el : moutti ortinKa <*>lli > I'luoV tip ; anwnns blaok, oranicf' (n- 
wanJs tbe baM ; UilH jtiliit cinllling a brisllr. itblob i' Iciiiki^t and 
mon tieniln iban tbo fourtb j«iinl : >n ornngF ttiipr nlmiK cnoh 
nde of ibe cbctt >i for ■> the buM orih« fonr-winK ; n turgF pitubj 
■pot on Mch Md* of ibe binder nnn of ibc brt-niil : ubiluint'n blad, 
cliimiit;, broader thmi tbe cbetl ; lower apprn<ta^'« n-rnrvrd. f'ltkcd - 
Icponiiiicc: mliMle-ri-rinnd ii|>iL Iff fort'-lccl iiUcbr: bind.ibnnk* 
■M hhiil'lint blad. bairy, ilic formcT omniir at \\ie bnw : fure- 
wfnjti blacl. Iodic mid narruw. aiib ft Urge pnk tcIIdw imnipiii^Dt 
spot, uc<.nip>ing ^Immt (lie whote breatltb neaieBch li]i : hind-winif^ 
alniosl <uli)urk'VL, Ittoadcr [bnii ihe roN--wingi, ji«le bicirn it tbo 
lipM and along tli« bint) botiUr ; ttian blaul. I.ciigib of ibc bud; 
. 4 linea; of tbc winjci 12 linen. 

I c Colnmbi*. From Mr. Turoet'i colleclion. 

1ft. TmiBtTpMOHA rsniiboiKB*. 

TtHooM .- aim aitlinc frrr^yincm. 
Atalr.—Tnla^eooi, iliioins : head and thoKX llnely punctur 
bead above juuiewbut df ureued, tritb a pitcbf npnt on fiiob side 1 
twcen lb* tjricl and tbe «jt-. ef>i»loina »nni-lniii<pur«nl, wHli 
a biuud llat conical front, on each »>dc of wbicb ure ili|{hlly cunwl 
parallel tni»TCt>e lidfpn l anlrnnc l-laek : cbe»l wiib a pale pilvhf 
spot on each side ii<-ar tlie futi' buriler ;. >enleheDn willi n broad rim 
on neb aide : liro luwei npjieiidages uf tbe abdomen lonft, slender, 
■diabtly curved upward, furiiiiibod each with a lone viifonn prooc«, 
which fvnni ncnrlj a riRbl »ng\t wlib the firM joint, bpiwpen ibeee 
are Iwo iliurt Jiglilly cuncd proccue* ; upper npp'ciidadii sbuft - 
llpi uf lliu feci pilch; : fore-winfti rerrusinous, wiih .m iiTeftnUi 
pale band nriit tlicboae; hlnd.win^^ pule Ktaj, with a alight brown 
tinfcc alonn tlie bind borden and at ibc lips ; reiiu black. Length 
of (be bodj 3 line*: of ihe winjrtHlinei. 

a, Philippine Itlnnda 
t. ntilippioe Iiland*. 

from Mr. Ciitninft'sealleclion. 
From Ur. Wood's coUeclioD. 

uir or nouommnn omcra. 

besil ui4 cben Diioh puncruftd : crown with « 
(be <li>k ; cpluomi witb ■ flat 

lMflun«l iBtaK on Moh nde uf 

feaa^ wUck b contul Io*i>d> tbfi mnuih, llic Ulior b** ■ 
Lil|^: Cm mii ti^ of tbuiii blick : forc-wiajci thickly pun^ 

■cron the 

ia«4. vUb ■ IvMil, dufc bwtm, iliKhilj oblique band 
■Mar,**! wtik Iwahmdaili brawn Hpou, bnolng an intcmip' 
bnal ktw ifce lif : lmHl-«in||« alaoK atlaarlsHi nint black. 
Uapk «f the bod; 3 B»« ; of ih« wibk* 6 Hoc*. 

«. Kwik Wnt C<MM »{ Neo Uollud. From Mr Dring'* col 

17. TnnEcmoKi *nu. 

BWk : head tmi <-be*t tbicklj pusclurcd : erairn with ivo 
tapwdimalfurrowt oMihcduki epittoim in front 6>I, Ionic ipinillc- 
AjMd, with « rim OS Mch tide; lidei wUb diitiiict, psnllcl. 9lii;lill]i 
•WfM ridgn: Moalb, ahdouMD, ind kf^ pilclij : fu^^-Hill|I4 
llkklj puBCiatrd : kind.wiBfri browiikh gra; ; roinii black. Lenglli 
rftfc* bad; 2| IIpm ; of ihr oiiip 7 line*. 
«. Cif» Planted b; M. Serrillc. 


18. TntKcrnoMji i9toox»r«ii*. 


.VjfM; tfl. ptrlvM, mhitmn tt fnin nfa ; tarn myrii 

Black: b««d avd cbesi ibiolj^ and coanclj puiiDiuwd: bead 
■id: KfOBB nubir d«pnu*di cpistoma witb a tlijilill; onieaT* 
ipildll ibnjiil front, «likb bat indlnioci, parallel, ilitclxl v slanting, 
laBMMM rtd|N oa eaeb rid« : mouth rtil. <riih • block Up : ebe*t 
itmt tb« fcn bonUv and tcuicbcon reddish : breuai, abdninen, and 
iMMfblfad: fMl and l(pt of than Lf black r furo- win ifi black, 
riwkll; paacturcd, wtih a ltd eiincd band ncnr each tip, and a red 
Mat 0* the haw nf the fan botdcT: hiiiit-Bingii erajiib ; <^n^ 
li»tk. I'Jiiiik of the bod; 3 line* : of th« y'tagt S line*. 

a. N>w UolUod. Pnaeolcd b; Sii J. BichonlMo. 

tAKT in. 



ufT ar HoaopTSBocs inkgik 



ZalM { eapul nifrm» : fnin /aim j Mrri ntjrri ; tlf antir* 

Malt. — l.uteoiifs ihlaiaf : bM4 «id cbMI tvt^ finrtf puae- 
(uKd: head blodE : hec Mn>n,fa«ali»f[. with the cpiiioma,* riifii 
anglp, which ia rit|;blly eoiicaTc in ihe SA : B mw of iiidisliact 
iMDiTme Mralkl ridgw on Nck side T lip of ilie mouth black: •■- 
uonc Uaofc, urn; toiKn h ika lUw : ioiiii:b«oii Piusr^n»te on caA 
■mI«: abiknnloalBnMBdMtMiMghttjr raiMUd: Icrs tawny : lip^ •>( 
•nlcrior Uiank* anit (em ibidt : fow^tiifp tcoaccaii.t i ibcir oiiki 
paler: biod-wingi lUfbdjr Umj; Teia* Uwoj. Length at ibe 
Iwdf 3 lines : of ih« «in|p 9 lintw. 

Veneiaelii. From Mr. Djw>a*» coUtclion. 


Tereop!*, p,, Pahr, Si. Fary el Sfn, 
tionccphon, Ami/at rt Stri: llitl. Sot. lUm. A02, 409. 

1. MoiNCcTBOU outavuT^. 

Cercopii cuiguUl«, St. Fary. tl &nr. Ene. MM. x. OOOt 10. 
Moncaphoni ciugulata, Amyet rt Srrr. Hitt. Kat. Uim. 568, I, 

S. Amorica- 

2. Mo!ai«nroM mutata. 
C«reopi« muuik, Pah. HmL Bml. vt. 48, h. 8ml. Mm. 93. ». 

Cofwi. ;a<iMr. i. aa. pL 8. n & 


3. UmnccpBoai ntmiBALn. 

CetMpit buiDcnlb. A. Fmy, ri &r*. £Wr. if/fA. s. 006, 11. 

4. HonsoMioiu lamio. 

Cttcopw luio, 5(. Ary. ri Sen. £Wr. JfM. x. 006, 13- 

C awifc ttm, G»*i. Inm. fUf. .lain. Tnir, 3Se. 

Mvhta, iUr. £■!. ^yri. ir. 48. S. Sfi. /Um. 
■.A. Scm Lenw. PMnttd b; the Rcr. D. f. Munpin. 


Btff», <at4a> wyra ; t^t4 Mtfra furiattum ; ftirirt rufn vicuu t 
Aw* «*frr, nf/b ftitiatim tt muryiii*iiu; /rmora mlgit, 
mfier r»f* i •baUie* ini /Upc ,- a^ putlk* euurof, fiuea 
■■np ' «iU#. 

Ba4, w*«cd with uwnj down, bUck beneath: h«iut xJomcd 
tenM tlM «jak >itli a broaa bbck banil, whrnb i« ooiiiex iii fMui ; 
ivt *0T <»BT<x and proMiapni, wldi < k«cl, whiuh It rrd aloog lulf 
lit Im(U, Bsd bu eiflit tl^bt rDiTomi oo each tide : mnulli willi a 
Ml Wad aod a ml tip . ckeit bUck, vtib a rrd bund, and on the 
tm pait >ilh B rtA budtt : Itin led . tbigbii bUvk, willi nd ti|Mi 
fcw wImi bt^t r*d, onip Uward* the bur, wlili the nxec^lion of 
fc h» » fa td«t: liiBd-«ia^gnf,bni«Bat lliehaMt,at llie tiM.aBd 
abac iW Und bocdet; tciu buck, nd lowatd* ihe buc. I.cn^ 
rfiWW>lj4l Itno; «fibc*iiig>l01iDM. 

A C«fC- FnMD H. Di««*'i ooDcetion. 

k, pMt Kalal. Fraoi M.OvciDxiiM' collccUoa. 

8. Jfooicmaa* anithmstica. 
Cwwyh arilkiKtics, Grrm. 

Rmf*, nUia ai^ro .- ra/>uf nignt faleUt^m ; faeiet nifo Hfluu ; 
(Aar>' ■ijir'', ra/n nftaliu >< maiviatyiiialiu ; ftdii nigrii 
IMm "'/•*! "'' anniw H^TO f KiafUrinum/aM ,- ate put. 
ifaM (■i'U'ti''. hui apinjtie /ti*r^. 

ni, cvrrrtil with lawnj down, hUck heTicilb ; biiail 
iLe ejcs irilh a bread Mack band, nliicb b oonicx 



un «r nootopTSMva wutcn. 

in front : Tam verj Fon*ex uid protnineai, with a keel, wbieb it nd 
■liiuj; huir ibp tfoxth, «nd hu ahaiit (irelte sliffbt fOnowi on Nch 
Btl* -. olinL blank, wiUi a bru*il (»it hnnd. whicTi is vldened at each 
enit, and oomplta tbc ridw of ilic fore pmi : wctnoiiti or tbc abdo. 
men mlb broad black bandi : tip talactoai: ]effi tiUok ; shatils 
nA: fim-frtngt with fi>i! black fpuU: twu ou tbedi»k naartli«haN| 
tbrM near the tip*, one ou (h« Ion IwMht. another oo the hind bo^ 
d«r, tlia third on the ilikk: btnd-wing* iliuhilr liirid. biawu uwaida 
llw bate and >i tba tip* ; ran* lawtif . Lcn^iih of the bodf d Uotni 
r>f the wiagt II lioei. 

1. h. Soiiili Africa. PraMMed bt Or. A. Smith. 
r. Natnl- FiDin Dr. Rniiits' cu]le<:ti<>n. 
<i, e. Cape. From M. Drcgc'n coUeciion. 


6. Honiopiroaa vttmicoma^, 

Cctcupii phrcnicoptFta, Gmn. 

Nigra ; eapiiii l/ilrra ni/a ; fanet mfo v'lliala .- thami ru/a 
tiatiu rt leini'iiHityinatiu i abdominii iJorivni ru/im ,- : 
nifi i /nnun piiUi^ nt^ro fatdttta i ala anttctt ni/*i 
pMlitu /iurc. 

Blade; iidwof ihcbmilrwl; facr*Frycnnv(<xaii<I|irr)nitii«iit. wltb 
a rodkcrl on cncb t\dt, <m vhich there ni« atioiii nin<- tlitrlit fiimiwa{ 
CfiMnma and mouth red: ihonx leit alone ihc fore Koidct nnil the 
mod bonier, adorned with nii irr«|;iilnT mlerninlcH liiiick baiiil ; ab> 
dontoii red aboTv; lenrvd; bind-thight <riib M.icL bflDiln : fore- 
wiuir* brtiibl red : hind>winp brawn, paler lownrd' ihr \i»u: ; Tvina 
brown, TtA lowant* the base. Leo^ at ihc bod; 3 linci ; of the 
winjit 8 linea. 

a. Soiilh Africa. Prctented bjr Dr, A. Smith. 
h, c. Capo. From )l. Urq^e't collection. 


10. Monscpiiona n.4]iiiiciai. 
Ceroopli rabm? Ai. Svit, Rltyn. 09, 33. Coaa^. III. Jew. i. ^ 
pi. 8,18. 
Rii/t ; afa poicinr nhlimpidm. 

Bri||bt red, rather narion \ head imnmacil aliote ; fmnl ihin- 
int;. *crT connes; keel and ttnniTene furrons iliithl: tip of lb* 
■iiuulh Maok: ebm lou^^hly punctured. Mimeiihat nittulone: tip* of 
ibc Irol Mack : bind-aiiict aIniMt eolourlcM ; reiiu block. Length 
ul (he bodj & tiuu; of the wtnga 12 ItDct. 

SmtfwimM ; tUru lij/n iri/utiatui : pMiu, abdotntn, ft 
■mW mifr» ; *l» anrtVir nijrro ran'v. 

Bftchl criMM* Mlnur: brad aboie wiih a bl>Dk levcned V- 
p4 nn««; Cm* and •pMioMi <wj eemax aad pmniiinii, 
•Imm ri^t uiKl*k I)!**!! o* *Mb diU, dotlnd witb 
hain : nonlli aad uiIcbii* black : cliett mujchly puBc- 
rnHk ikn* Uauk bauibi the fimbair-inUmipKd ; tJic ncoad 
UwlbM •nlin: bnMI avd ibduiiigD black i tliifbi 

UMki «ilk nd tipi: iMiiad tipaof dwnbbUck; Tow-wiiin witb 
•«kanMif«lar blacfcMnpe in tkcdub near Ibo baiir,an<l niui ncvt- 
ai Uacfc BMib near ihf lipa, wbi«b are black ; onia-Triiii irn fuw : 
iimt ^^■gl aliHuM coJuurlM, d>fk brnwu about ibe hiud bunlur ol 
At !■••: tlp< bniarn ; Ttlm Umj, nd al ihtr tiasn an<i along the 
tm bM^H*, bmra ai tLe Up*, l^taglb of ibt body 4 1 Um* ; of ttn 

•lap tOUMa. 

I •(rriot of Soalb Afrioa. 

PrauDiri br Dt. k. Smilh. 


TiMit t mtdlum, aManm M prdn rn/a ; /tmium nigra nilWfl 

Uttallie KiTvo, linked with Utw and porplo : head and < 
dhi(M«a*4 . Iw«d aliMmi flataboie: Ikce *Rjr oonicx. «iih a tllglit 
tii^ «a Mch *id« aif «bicb are pinllcl kligfallj ublique rid|[ei : 
maA red, witb a black lip : anwona blaek, nd al thcltue : ten- 
HUmrn nA, naarRlnstr m Mck (Me : abdnnBon rt4 ; apjimdngca 
|Im4, mmeil: Icfi rrd; ibijrhf lUipcd with liliti^k: rirc-wini^ 
4aA lM«a*. tliwkl; puwUired. oilli t«u ptilc icfl viiipn, iihicti pro- 
■ad bttm ibc Iwae la >nir-lLird uf ibr Ipngtli, wlieic ibv* ate i!urtc(I 
fi d; ■ aab ted «ivi^d band at tKivihird* ■>( ili«> I'lijctli; bind- 
wimr» i«W feiuwn i >ej|u black, brt)cfal red at tlic bine- Ixnulli of 
ikiMd; 4 liiKS; of llic wings 10 lines. ^ 

' ■ 

13. MonscvuoaA aADitr*. ^^ 

lli^ I A^m/rrmfimn ftttialut, rittit dii4h<u icutrttajur />/• 
■if ,- |«^ pirri. frmiribui luirtut liitufiM pMtint /illrit i 
■!« aaliiw rm/n y>tuif«r hfUlir. 

BlMht bead and cbeet nigiiloNt bead abiive romi)cliiout on 
Ihr M, tmr alMg ibe fine border; flw« t«t7 codtex, uwnj 



uai or aoNomtsoDs mBOra. 

H. Mo«K«pirou Rcnrcoxu. 

along tlie liecl, piceoiu, nnil with dutinel ponllet cfOM iUbw i 
saeb *i(U : inoiiiu riTmipuuuv oith ■ blaok ii]>: suUtiDS plUlij: 
fbiv^Mt (MTUgiiiout aluni; llie fun biirilcr, k&rini; on Mch side ■ 
Uwnjr nripe, wliich U ililjilril in fioiil; tip uid >eiilcii«>ii dull 
ttvm*; bmaxl ■■Kn;r «)>out (he hi|i]> : Icir* 1>ttebj ; thiKlm t>«iie>th 
and kifutaon;: liind-ihutilLi uwni. with pi1«hTti]M: fop»>wlB|!* 
thickly punctured, ■donied willi (i\e pair rrd (tripos, which accon** 
maj the lungitudlTinl veins aud tpmtd over ncjiitj ibe whole 
breadth Bt iho hiM: bind'Win)ri hiawn; Tcini Idoek. Length 0^ 
the body ti line*; of llic wiiiffs 1:1 tine*. 

„ «. Vcnexueli. Fium Mr. StereDs'oolleotioa. 

P AMD-IMlnriM ; eapvl fuifa quaJrimnfutalHtn ; tnUfllum, nl 

I nwa *l f«rfei rtifa ; atir antitm /ii"-<t, lnii ni/ir m/'f nr bi/ia 

I Bmwniib tciUceuut, ihiniiiK: b«ad iind fore-tbctt finely puno* 

' lured : hrad b1iu>c depreaaed, irilh a bro*!! tpat on eiu.'h side 
liDtwfvn llif eye*, anil two in Trant of the rjeletn; tnve rcrr cunvcK, 
clalhod with ahurt Muck liain: iu krel vrry ilighl; tli« pftnillct 
crau-fumwa on each cide iudiiiincl; nculchcoii and alidoniRit 
hrifthtred; the Uttti U«uy oneaobnde at thi-iip^ 1cici brigbtrcd : 
fon-winp brown, liriKhi r«d 11 ihe baw,*Qeiir nhidi the iliiik is 
fnin««hil luwnjr -, twu diiId ltd tlittbtljr i!i)C9!>i^ Imndx, uti* at on«- 
ihird, the Dllicr at l<ri>-lnird> of ihc jon^th <>r the wihk : hind-irin|ca 
ili|[htlit sn\\, pule brown at the tip* and alu>n|[ ibc hiiid-t 
Leogth of tlie liudj 3) — ( lines; ■>( tba wing* 10—11 lioea. 

a. (. Braall. PreMniad by Jubu Mien, En). 


^^ L«<M ; aMuntM haii, pfctxu ft ptJri /ulva ; fniiora imtitt A^ 
I riUala ; o/* aHlica fuatti fulm wuvifUilJt luliv bifiuriatir. 

^^L I.iiloouK. ihininn : head and cheil finely punclunrd : bead 
^Hkbote cuncni r un ncli »dc : rm-t) very c»d>i^x, ilixiiily cumprnted. 
^^wltharuwof indialiuet panllel i1it>htly obliqur eruu rid^«a un ench 
I lUe of Ibo kt«l :: lip of Ilia mintlh binrk : ahdoinen at the buc, 
' hreait, and lrj;i lairnr : rf>Tr.[hi|;hi itriped wiih hlnck ; linn or the 
Itni black - (orc.Kiiigi brown. niUi twu liiaud lutcoui liandi, ntioie 
edge* ate nliilish ; a ihorl Uniiy atnpe aluug tile furc border fn 

un OF noMorniMcs mmcti. 

tt» hM I Uitd.«i«n aInMl colomlui ; reiu tawnj. Length | 
(W bod; 3 IlMSi orUw »lag« S Hum. 

» TncMai^ Pnoi Mt. Ojtoa't calleotloiL 

10. HoKKcTpHomi BirjuciA. 

fUffm t KuMiImm apiet /alitm ; perhu, atilvmni tl /vif« ni^ 
at* uttic^ fmrm, h»>i fainiM^ae dmbtu mfii. 

Hhrfc : bMd ukI ebal ftaeljr psootiiral : head reddith abou 
It* b rttr —4 b«Malli: boo MnTtx: b*! pramiiieiti; nil(;c» mi 
«tbrid«diMiDel.ptnlIcl, obllauc: noalh rod<liiili,ii'iib« black ilp^ 
tip if tb muuLmm Uwdj: btoul, abdomco, in<l Icki icd; feel 
Wik t««sf4> the lips ■. tan-^ug^ brnwn, led at Uie tiiiM, adonied 
«(lb t»m iMttoor p<ur icJ bud), UD« >l oiie-tbinl, tlM<;illie'i at iwo. 
IIMiaf lb« knitih- Ui»d-irinf* puk- brami; tcId* bhck, red al 
Ik hnt. Langtli of the ho^ a— 3t tine*; of the winp &— 

•.I. r 


ftitt rujt i ffmara niff^ 
tarn titillalir tt uaifiuciala. 

talira mifrr-ririJti, fiin 

IfcMllkunai: licad and cbctt ler; ibickh punctured : Uati 
iW> ilipiMiHil im each nide : boe tctt oontrx, nith a sti|{hl ridge, 
M Mik aMe of whiuU are paraltcl ralLcr iudinliDul nligljil)^ ciMiquc 
dlpi : ■Biuh ird : aBtccmnt black : ahdiimaii at ili« tin and Irgt 
mCi tUgba bbck i fufr-wUp black iih.)rmii, with two iduiI ciitvoil 
mBm Mtlfta, whieli fiMiced Adoi the bnMT, and lemJnato before 
Uf ik* hwitUi, the inner one exieud» lo ibc fure burdi-r : s simdn 

ida aetua llie iiiDpat iwo-iLirdsof 
teiiia bUtk. Length of the liodjr 

, & Amariea. PtoMSUd bj E. DmUoUj, Eti|. 

i«a ■■• Kmipa, ue inner ddc exieu' 
4^0} ««*« jeDow baud (ilrada i 
A* l^pb . Uad-«ia|r« cnf Ub ; tej 
I Han; of tlw wlon 10 Tinea, 

19. MuDSOPItOIA Hilimacu. 

^Sfgi*; *r»vl/«MV aWiMiani n/a, i&im <u£(iu Rfjpnim , ftmon 
ftittir* mfift tM^^mi potlk^ hui rt^a i tlit atiiiat rujo li- 
mmr^ltl* tt Hgu/«*naM- 

Blacki haadattd cbcit ibaKtMned, dulh L«ad aboie d^reaanl 
ImAMc; bee ict; contci, ita Itwl preiuiseot, wiib «i«linci 


LHT or HOM0PTBiwf« incoTs. 

lU^tljr oMIque ridges OB Mob (Met niMiih and Kiitoheomcil: ib* 
domeD rad, muck beoealb, exeqit tho tl|i; tipo of liind-thifilu and 
litnd-iiiinnkii at iW Imu: rrd ' (m-iiimgi^ irilh an inlcrruplfd rud 
ilripc at uiiir-third, and two led RiaU ■( Iwo-lhirdt of ilii- Itu^''''- °"* 
on tbe f'lrt IruidcT, ilir oihri uti tlic liiu<t burJvr* hind-winvi alnioit 
culouriru, lituwu al i1)D tiptaiid aUnig tLir limd t>unl«r<^ Lcngtb uf 
ill* tinttj :l lilict; I'f Uln nlll^t H liDCH. 

a. Vtaeiuela. From Ur. Djiod'* ooilccUon. 

19. UoHKcniolu AXOprtA, BfSS. 

Nigra ; aUtimm tpttr nftm ; prtlti mfi, tiUh mlM*Jirm»iii 

!ui> nArfn rUlMit, lardi nigrii ; *lit anliem ftari 
■lira bifattiut*. 

Black, >]iinint[ : licad and ebnt (in«lf punctUKd : hntd 
deptMHtl on each siile i race my couvct : W1 i«ddiidi, letr iligfa 
tfafM on caeh tld* rallier indmiitii-i: nioutli ml, wlib a black tin: 
bfMM al«ul ibe lij;>t Rnd lip of tbc nhdonicn i»il: Iq^t red : tbiulM 
•Dd lare-nhnnki tiiijicd wiib Mutk: feet black: roic-winp black, 
RiUiah at tbc Iinte uf llic fun.- bunJi-r, adorninl with two «l«ad«f 
l«teMubaBdi,«nc>lnnt>t1iit(l. tliruilinai two-thitrUuf tlie l«iiMh: 
li(ad-«li»S« fiAJ : ^ciot iilaok. Ldii^tb of lli* bodj 3 linit*; oftb^ 
friap Ji line*. ~ 

«. G«ergiit. I'rearalod hj E. Doubkdajr, VLv\. 

30. MoMRrrHOlU SlKODtKIPBa. 

C«K»pia aangvSnlpeii. Germar. 

Nigr«; ahAontm pirram.haiiapkt^utTt'fum; ffdetrufi; _ 
piim rarid; ala antlca /mta. 

ttlnck^ liiMd*ndch««ti>liagn<on(yl,dulli Iim4 ahcie depr _ 
Ihcc cnnic^i iriy piominont; knl and iroM rid|[e> tli|[lit : nniitti 
rod, wilb a Mack lip : abdomen piU'hj, red a( tbc lime and at tbc tip : 
Ire "^''- lbi|tli>i puilK pitcbj: foitf.wing:! dark liniwn ; ctOM-vcint 
terj few, Accunjiiif ai\j lh« tiptofths winn: bind-wlnn pajlsfa 
lirii« II at tbc Iiaw. l>onglh of tbc body Sf Itocf : of liic wlogt ~ 

0, Cape. Fran M. Ihi'ge'i collection. 

un 99 HOMomiioc* maB«n. 


ntm t / n i a $imtti mtm; f*tfu itttmentm i tUamfnfirrujiMtumT 
film IMam ,- tern niyri ; aUr mntirm JUrm, antfuil*. fiuea 
fmadnfilUM, apUtfiuto manUal^. 

Pvehj, fttHj r«nng<noiM: heai) anil Aftl nlnioxt Sjt, tnjr 

^tfm dfcU^WT, nulicr imlittinct - monlli tnlaccniu. trilh k blauk 
dfi n(c»B» hlaeh 1 fourUi jolatuirujr: hreait IcsUcf oui : *bdi>- 
MMi fmtvivw = ^*t* IMUnniu ; f«M an4 lipi of iiiierior ihaiiki 
llMki Uail fMtiMUmoaiM ihelMM: ror«-iirlng<i;cllow,1on);iin4) 
Mtw*, whfc Cmt tfiankr, yviij voHed bromi airipn: a t«<i of 
■aalaf bNwn upMa mmk tub Up : biad-vittjii aJinott poIoutI 
idi brawn ■( tlia tiM ml abng ue bind buidtrra. Lrngili 
U734Ub*( of awiriiip»nikM. 

( SoBib Astriea. PmaftUd by £, DouUeday, E*q. 


fWW of 

/>■« I «apd f«t(B« rl ^(Ht luin, hoe niara nandalmm .- ^^ 

^blW If/iurMfM ,' aMsnni ni/um. ni 

Bnw« : b«B4 and tbciidigliilydiiDing;. itrf fliioly piinclurt^ : 
hMl httaWM brnCBtli : fac* Tc>y cuturx ; no keel, bin a irooolh, flnt 
ririf* b< m «ii ibe ridj^a. wbkb arc otiliquc and iniliitioct i moiiUi 
hiapM, wilb • piubj band and tip : uiiii-iinz black ; rimrlli juiiit 
ttraj, accimpaiiM bj a ihorttr briule i l«ro braad, bright ^llow 
Iw^ «■ tba ck««t, on* aloDg tkc ton border, t}i( <itb«r anr tbe 
%] hnau iBt^nw. <ritli a vciy buxc iramvcnc nibqnadtalB bkct 
MMi aMaveB Md,1ui«niu bcDcnlb . Irci liiiFuut; kneea, Gbk, and 
Ops af itiiiila black : biw^ioga udimivcl wiib tbi«« pal* jrallnw 
Mtt( «•• al l]i« Inur, tmrty Tound; icoond lon^, vilRixltntc in a 
MgUr «Uin« (Bnctiaa fiam the bre border tn bnrviiit tb« mid- 
dt| bM Minaat rmoA, on the fere bonier ac«r t&s lip: bind- 
«toc* M>ari)> coburlM* : flap* pale bran; t«lnt b*o«ii, Loigi' 
rfcbbvd/ 31 Hatm otthtn'iagt 10 lint*. 

■ Bnia 


LUT or uMtomKouB iMtson. 

39. MoxECPBoat uxiura*. 
Ktfr»i aidornm pimtm, baii iati*iiia ; al^ unties »lbo bifu- 

BUok, nhiains : huil and Titnr-clial raKulosn ; hud Hat ; foM 
iliflhllj^ cnntci, DOl kccW, but quite iraouib oIduk a bmad ipnce in 
fro'il. n<it^ uu (ncli tidv teiy i)lilic|uv mid iudislioct: inDuUl 
olichy. bUck lunrsrilt tlip lip*, abdumeii pitchj, tMUCwut ai tli« 
base: fotcwinti siloriieil wilh two tlondcr, i!»r|[, *Ugbl]; currnl 
nhilo liindi, wliiuh are intcmipled in iLr middle: hind-winiri ipmf, 
browp at the Uih and aloDg ibe liiud burden ; vcini block. LMigUt 
•T tba body 31 liora ; of lliv wId)^ Udmi. 

■. Coliunbi*. Fivm Mr. IVruui'a oallectiaa. 


Pirn: mrinlhonr M frrfiu fulra; «irfiiiiKii rif/'o /tieiaiim : 
pijri /ulri -. attr nnJtiv/iu^tf, a/io irinueiiiitic. 

l^lfhj, ililDinff: head and cbat ihliilf and finetj panctuTcd : 
HA at (lie brad al>oi« mutb doprBisnl-, he* ictv coiitcx, >«t; 
iaitf, hm kcelwl : oroM nigtn on Mcb tide iliKhtlj obliquo, ratba 
IlidiMinil : vidiiiIi asd nnhrniio) InwitT : diut lory conii-x, wilh a 
•lifflit orax furrow not ibc furc bafi]«i, and with • rciy indiiiliopt 
ked alon^ the buck : hitid.cbrsl oad liii-ut tawii; ; bind bordcn of 
tlw abdomiaHl trRiiK'uti red : Irjjtluwuy: ruro-wiiiK* brou n, darkett 
■long Ihe ton bvrdor, with tlirco round wbilc <pi)i->-. uiie at the 
base; ihfl (cooad and third in (hn di^k, ni •-iiic-ihtrd imd nl Iwv- 
thinb of the Inipb : bind-wintn colourlcrts. very Uiichtty clouded 
along the bind border* 1 veiui lnwliy. lAiigUi uf (be body 3} line*; 
er the niutpi D lioet. 

e. KkU India. 

•2i. MoKKcrnoa« koutii. 

Viridit i pfftiu, aUomtn of ptdn ruft ; ahdamimii latira 
fulra; alir unliett fiuar, Inlro uni/iuria^r, And' nifa, 

Httallic-fcicFn, liiKbih shiniDK : bend and vhni itery Ifai 
HDCtDrcd: bead above dcpKnted : fnoeiiiiriilr, >cty cuDTCX.kM 
iih distinct, (lightly ohhquo ettn* ridcct on each ildet ino«itll 
bright red, witli ■ black tip : latcnnc black, tavny lowurdi the tip*, 

LMt or nawamumt imEciB. 

lli« bkte : kisd-cieil, Iirrau, abduiDBn and kfc* bright 
. uwajr m «acli tide at the bnc: Can>-»lD)ri broim, 
fakt loamnb ibe buc, Bfaiob i« rcJ, itiih n tliKbUv 
. ilwiw, nangc b«ii<l »i t««-UihcU ol ibe IcogUi i blnJ. 
*to^ Mia btowB, oIbom cotMrlcH bencaib tin Cira butiler, vci: 
.Miht rc4 u tbo buc. t^ttph of tli« bod; 3 lian ; 


a, A. BbuO. Piamieil bt John Mien. Em|. 
c BmiO. pRMDUd by J. O. tVlilKo, Bk). 

M. MoNtrPHaii luAiti*. 

aUamm tt frdtt m/a .■ «£■ mttirm fiuiv. 

BwMil. bww, diiMBg: bckd aad dieo Tci; thickly piiii«tut«t^| 
bad liha** 4epnMed oo each nd« ; face itty coaxi, wiib a \ei^' 
fnalaaat km ; era** ridget on racli aide lei; dUiincl. iili)[bil* 
lUfaai ifiawva anrf Month rMl. the fonoer coropraued: chut 
itta«Ba ^MmMtoM un ea«li ride near ibe fb«« bordor: hnnuc, 
, aMMDm and tt)^ red : fore-wings broim, wiih iwo 
'ttwsf bawbi Ike lln>l ai Diit-Uurd of th« IcdkUi, ili^hllj 
1 1 Ifca anMd al two-ihird« of th« leaKih, tuncb inter- 
kbw-wlag* •b^btlv brown, alrao*! eolonneaa Uwanl* ike 
iMti Mjaa hntwB, rad al we t«te. Lcagth of the bod; 3il 
tf tia vtop M Uti» 


Fran Ur. Ooase'e Mllection. 

37. Monu-rnoaA aKuLCctA. 

AmM ,- aUiwMn fnranwui ; pnln /•/*«. 

,*ligkil; dunlaff: bead abort and ohott ihiokt; puoe 
«Wt d«pv«aed t bee tm; ooUTex, liaiiy ; Itarl fonigi. 
I iMfw •« aaeb aide dietiact, obt)i]iie : ejiraiona tlnrail- 
Biialb black, IMtaccuut towarriji ilie buw : Uad- 
tabdoomumaorou*: IcfK dark tawny ; liimoffeM blaok : 
.atact brown : hiod-wiiii^ almoit culaurlcu, ppln bru« ii at the 
Op §^ ale4»t lb> biod buidcis; leiin biowu, red ■[ Ui« baa^ 
Uagth af tlM bod; 1 lines; of thr oiii)^ 8 liuca. 
a TiiMha Frm Mi. Ooaac'i MlUciion. . 


uvr or ROMOmBor* iinrsm. 


P»]o liTOvn, thininic . bead ind client lliirklv |i(iiicturcil : bcui 
(Itt, Uiniy bIodk the fore border nn racli tiitc between (be cje* aiiid 
the ftee ; face ter^ cuurex, kcrleil ; cru»-ridgn on each liile dk- 
tilict, (Uriitl; obliqiii.-; cpLStonia >diI inoutli iturL tawiijr : hind- 
chnt ua brMul pile tc*[ftceuu«, (be luMct willi • Iftr^f tinniiterM 
•■bqUAdlmt* black ipot: le)(f dark tawnj ■ forc-winKt pule broini ; 
fnra norder uid hiud border pale jellonr kIdhk two-tbiidi of the 
lengtb rrum Ibe baac; A ptiv yellow spol on each bvnlei i)(ran>r the 
lip: bi'id-wi&|tt aJmiMt MlourlMSi TCiui browu. Leogili uf Om 
bodj 3 Utict -. uf tlin wing* 8 lln««, 

•. Vuk Fiom htt. SWrani' oollMtioii. 

as. MoMurtioiu PKMiM*. 

^wi/'i nf^rj ; frmoTtt poitie* tMitera t aliT aRtip«/Hftw,j 

iEnw>u»-b1ack. iliirbtl; ibininx: head nnd chnt tli'ickl^ pug 
turod: bnd above deprracd on each fide; fic« brun-n. cotiv< 
kcrt proiniiieiit ; (rron-ndKet on ettoh side dlktiDcl. bardlj^ obliqa 
moiiui tnwujr with ■ pitch; tip : cbot alinoKl An : Uind>cl>c>t. br 
uiid abiloiiini ttataecoui ; brciut with a large |neooiM tpol on ' 
■ide: Irgt blaek: hind tliigbi tettonaus; hisd-oluinki mid hind- 
ftet femiiniiout taorard* iha bast-, lure-wiu^ brown, wiib thrM 
UWB; tpoU at <in«-lbf nl of iho Icnglb, rotniinu ;iii ii)terriipled band, 
the two hinder vpntt imiill ; a lawny ipot on llic toic IxirdiT nl two- 
tbird« »r llie len|{th : bind-iiinpi almuit colourlcHi, pale bmwD at 
ibo lipi and oliiiiK the hiud huideoi xint hnitm, lawn, 
hue. Length of the body 3| line* ; of the iritigi 8 lines. 

4. Veneiaelft. From Ur. Djrinn'a oollNliira. 

Lin or ROMOFTEKora ttmcn. 



prehu rw/mn, »yr™ Jaiciatum ; aidimim rvf 

Mjinm ; jwdM rufi, libiit anttrivribui tanitgtu nigrru ; 
afa aittfo *'y> >^ rvttam bati mfa. 

FwnigtiMui, tliiiilBfc: had uid cheu paaonuwl : htad above 
di|MHMd «a cMcb iid« ; Gk« Mioath, codthi. vtty nrominnit ; no 
M ; l i ih w oa cmIi tide •boon obMlctc : fore i>an loniiiDir a con- 
tatc «B»C*I ocawtttent : mautb ted with a block lip : biMst red, 
nh a Uach hand : abdointn r>1, black benoaUi «xce|>tiM the tip ; 
I Nrf ; (Mt a»d aatariiir tfaaoki black ; tip of hind ihaoka Uaelt ; 
nd at the bau^ f»rc-wing« block, red »loag the btt 
'thebaic: bind-wiD|ti|tiBiriah; ndn* black. Lt aglL at 
Aabsrijli lino; of ih« •iugsdliiua^ 

■ CafT. Ftaoi H Drcgc* coll«ctieii. 


culoii, Meff. Ctnk. May. Snl. W. 439 

[ 31. MMiicnioiuf rnmii'iciT*. 

Cowfit iwtrificala, Gtrm. Uf. fM. i*. 45, 16. 

Sfi. HoxuraoKArTBftna. 
tMiM, Gtrm. Stag. Eiu. It. 48, 17. 

30. UoMKcrHoiu f untou. 

m lincoU, Ai* 'Syi'. AAjrn. M. 33. Arm. Jfsir. £■»(. W. 

FABT. Ul. 





Kphenorliina. j^invuf <l Snr. /Tur. A^uJ. //An. M3, 4lM. 

JmmLh, p., i-inn.. Oif,_ 

CaittwtN p., Air^ Otw.. £(. /'ary. •( &m, Aifm. AZmcA., 

SpbmiorblBa Kn««lmM, AmfoinSft*. ItiH. Sti. Him. S83, 1, pi, 

10, (. 7, 
R. Awerio* r 

3. SrnExoiLiiiNA H«BouttTA. 

CercopL* raargiaata, Fahr. Em. Si/u. i>. W, 3 .Sy)(. /Uyn. iW, 
». BruU. 

3. SpniNOBHiMA nrriTAiiu. 
A'vjni, rurii riffara rf nwryiiMM ; ahJomtnii ifaftum ni^m ; _ 

hi-iiluli*, mijro tfrni-iaarfiimltt. 

Black, xbininK : cronn of tliu head with a briitUt Kit itripc «>• 
UnilitiK to ibe Ci<^f, wliidi U hiighl red. ami liai on meh aide ■ 
pilobv disk, «(ih alHiut i««lte ohliqn* furroHt : rnlen pala tooaidt 
llie lifit : middle ftliipc niid Imidur iif llic ch«t briubt ni ; di*k nf 
ilic linck of ibe HbiloineD dark red ; tcgii red : ltii|;bi lowuid* ihe 
Imic and nl ibc ti|i*, liiiis, Tprt. aod lips of slianki Ulack ^ fac»- 
niiiRa tiruwD, DUTTiiw, binvk hIkiik the burden (mm ib« tiiiddk lu tbc 
tipt i lb« binek I* aMiDinpniiird by n tcA uript, wbicb. townrdii ibo 
tia«c,i>ccupia thefRta liofjet. iM drvrix" ihctninlo from Ihc bind 
bonier: biud-winp bruwn i tviiis Muk. LmgUi of Uie bud; S — 6 
lilies ; lit ibc wing* lO^lt) Kncs. 
m.h. BraiH. 

<- Snnn<oBnTXic<>Hnts»u. 

Cen'OVtl tt rn pt tm , fil. Farf.tl S*rr. Rnr. iTtth. X. 606, 9. SlatI, 

Cir.pJ.2i,f. 112. 
0. Brazil Prtaviitcd bj J. G. Cbildnn, Esq. 
b.e. Braail- 

UR or aoMumMMMi iMOon, 

6. Srar.iraRitiNi unruTt? 
CwMfia UinTBU ? Si. Parf. «l Sm. Snc. MM. x. 608, 9. 

XaM ; ravaf anfJnun, jirWiu, dk^aninifr^mlrjaiyra; ptrlut nifo 

Bnvy. Uiicktj punctured : bod Mack in Troal : krcl >nry [iro- 
matu, aii teminc in Craot ut almMt rtxkl aii|;i«, with transime 
li u i ii p» on <Bch tU« ; Doulh nd M Ui< biue : breut uud ikbiJomcn 
UtA, A« forawr icd about ibc btpc; oTidiict icd; k^ black; 
kMW aad traehcBtcn red : fcirc-wiiif[> hUuV, very Uiirlly nnd mi- 
■Nd« pmctinvd, ti>rrT«il witli gilded down, udunifd wiib three rrd 
Ki^ei ; fint neat tJia fiiHr border, JolniD^ tbo neciiud ucar iIjc lip or 
iW line i Mcoad and tUfd MConpinjiDK tlic longiiudniiil r*ius : 
iwiMil ahlt > ibort futt neat llic baM: tund-wiiiKi brotm ; reini 
Uwk. LeagUi of tbc bodif 5t linw -, of ibc <riiitp 15 llnet. 

a. BoouL 
II ~t 

0. Stwcnokhpia (txo«4. 

•^ aalio* tuffra-picnt Tv/v-efnsM'. 

PUch, alotMl doll : bnd (itiulne, ircird and vct^ sn^lar 
tm, with U«nv>mc (untm: forc-elicul rcn t3il<-ll; punrliircil : 
haA-^Mt asd tida nf tbe s<vicb<i>n pilchv : •hdr>men rpildisli nt 
lim tMaa, (onvwhat dilatnl od nt'b aiiU' * fitru-winip piccntit black. 
md ainut Ou xin* vbtch M« aIm r«d : hind-win^ dark brown ; 
l^nfth of the bod; Rlind; of lh« winRs la linoi. 

-f FnnUr.Aigcnt'tcuIlectiQai, 

7. SpBEKottnina BLLipnca' 
Sifi^ rafii Mrii ; «/« mtinr nffit ^igrm nmiyinalta tl (« 

Bkck, ihaliic 1 bMd bi froiil t>ri|tbl rod and rurmiDK an ■■ 
r a*d tn; ac«t« kwl -. bindn nda of tbe ferr-clmi, tidaa t 
' tcuubrrin and biodchal bii^ht red i otidiKl nnd Wtrl of 
1 md : furc-iiiiigB bUck ; ditk and ]ian of Uiu buM M)|t>il 




ted. tncladinic two luge oblongt black ipolii. unc oUiptiMl. thf atbtr 
h&ir-ellipticul : hiiid-alB|[* datk tituwD. with two ot tlircr ainjuti 
colourieM luraka in ihe iteulvtt ; veios blaolc liriiilit red at (he bMt. 
Length oTtlwbodf A) lln»: oflhcwingi 16licic». 
«, 6. Vmecula- From Mr. Dyion'tcoIlcclioD. 

9. Sphcnokbik* oiroiilata. 
Otnapi* circulnKix, Guir. Iron, ili'yn Hnin. rmrfv. 111. 3SB. 
a. ColutnbiB. Pmniioil b; A. Uniitr, Ewj. 


Nigral (Aurnz ru/i) yatnafiu ; trutttlum Jtamn; aidomni bvi 
rvfnmu; ala imlica JUno iri/iurialir. 

Bluck. shining: ftant of Ibc head lieclcH luiil alinmt rectau- 

i;iilar. will) irauavune furrows on «ach tide ; uiunth nxi aL llie ba»e ; 
ort-chcal Willi n bronj red banit along tbr fore l>or<lcr: iculcbeOD 
l«llow txccptinK the \'U,e: abdomen at tho luuc auii pan of the 
faMMtredduh: Ibrtswings witklwobripbi rvlbn buodiii fiistbHwd. 
■war iha boae; Mooiid at lu-O'iliinU ul iht< Inigili. much tiurruwoi 
lluin tlio Tint, iflperinc lowardi tb« hind border: hinO-vriiiiit dark 
browu, coloiirlcit at uclwae; Toini black, fellow lonardi (lie buic. 
LcukUi uf (be lied; 51 — ftl ]inc*; of the wiuga 1(1 — IT line*. 

«, b. Calunbia- From -Mr. Tiimer't collucli'iu. 



Cicada rabra, Linn. Syt. Yef. i\. 71 1 , ii. Org. Int. iii. 334, 30, 

pi. M, f, S, StMl Ck. jil. 2. f. 10. 
CeKOpti craeiitaU, I'ab. b'nl, Siftl. W. 4lt, tO. Syil. Rkyn. HI, 14. 
C«RopU rubra, Grrrn. Alay. Enl. i«. 41, 4, ^urm. llandh. KnJ, ii 

I, 140,3. Blanfh, lliil .Vuf. Int. iii. 187. 1. //rrn. til. 14, 

Cercopis Irienlotf Guir. Iron. Rij. An. Tatt, 308. 
Spbmorbina rubra, Atnyol et Serr. Hut. ,Vaf. Hfm, 363, 2. 

a. Lima. Preeentcd b_r tbe Entoroolugival Club. 

b, r. Braitil. PrMenl«<l l<« John Miom, E«q. 
4. BtaxiL Pietonicd b; J. G. Cbildroii. Ktq. 
f—j. Bnuil, 

11 SpueK<iuiii<4 acioiifllTTTiTi. 

,- a i^mm lupta m/uui ; prd/$ nli/ri ; tmi r^/it ate 


Pbcfcjr, ikiKiBgi ImmI wilfa tmnnene fdnron nnd ihrxr fctfl 
■M -. ekM Im^ ru^ku, fure-obcM »I>k1>iIt imptrucd on ocb 
iU> Is frmi, «i(b an ladblllKt nUdb ililf* ; mbJumva red tinj\e ; 

be* Um4 I fciwHSMl ftet hncht red ; hind-aUnka ivd wwuilt tht> 
Im> : l*i»wia|s adoneil «ilk two mind IUmiu *foii at tnMliirdii 
•f tW liaipk J MM on iW Km Mder, hrgvr iban the utlin, which 


b BMr iW hind harim: blad-wtam n^i brooM m tht tip* 
dgng tlw kind Wrdcf*. Lmii(11i of Uie bod* 11 — AlitiMi 
vf^i l«— 1» li>n. 

«— HmhIi 

Fran Mr. Djtom'i ooUectioii. 

13. SriiCTiiiRiiiNt ui)n>«i 

A«^ ; ftrtju pirmm ,- aUomm tuha* nij rtmn .- aitt mtira iii^ 
jmm, him MMcmXaM rf ntin'iute. '' 

Ifad, •htitl*!: bewl and cfacM Ibidily panelarcd, ilinhttr^ 
ttMaf-. %mi drpKMed en <»di ride of ihe mi'ldle L«el. fm-i- 
rfMm •oai|iiM««4, a^lh a nty promtnmt ki«l, ka>In|> un neb 
4C^Mtiatl,«l%fatljroimcdrtdrm: lip oftb* tnonthpiieliv-. chm 
■tik M — f lardrpftnriwi mt Mich tiile neat the (otr bnrricr': brrnai 
fl^fj! alMaiiiiHi aiortl; lilad b«nMth: fare-win|p pule hnwn. 
■tA • lug* oblong Mongi- >pu( m tli« fore border at the base ; bt!- 
•Mib iMc and a Iiiili' furibrr fr>iRi ibt bus thnt i* au ubli<]ue 
•rascv awfc, anil n<ari-r ihc lii> an iuleini|i[ed oninK<-' Rlripc, which 
dcM Mt mcli ihe hiad lioMtc bind-wiiip lurid; veim Ircnni, 
WlflM rrd •! the bax. Lcnf-Ui ur ilie bodr 4) linn ; uf (he ningi 

13. ■SntENoaBixa xotit*. 

/fmyMM I ftrtm rt aldom»» fw/a .■ frJt* a igti ; frmora mj 
ttU» ^tiiu faltm i ate amtUa lub/tuat, m/a (rinoiaM. 

FonglBiM*. iluniiig : iicad sad chca tBlhtif touf{hl; 
*i bnd deptnwd on iLe dUk, pitck; ua uch aidr lii 



uar or uovoftkbou* iHhScti. 

boo eomprautd, red, binrk lownrdt the ani«nn«, witli r tci; pni. 
minmit IhwI, wUeh biw ■lionRly markcrl ridgtsun each side: mouth, 
bisd-fihetl, bnMt,aDdal>Jumvii red. It-^-) black: lli>i;lis red i IiIdiI- 
dianb lawnv, wKh binck lip>> r forp'wiiign |i»1r liniwii. wilL a »b«rt 
Wd Uripe alon^ ihc hind bnrdi-r fmrn the bii«- ; bii ul>Iii|UC red 
awik esUniit (n>n) the fore liattlcr to llic disk ul one-third of ih* 
1en|[tli, itaii un upriKhl red hitud. wliicli in mirrownt in ihc middl* 
ln*L-nn the niiiK: at iwu-thirdk ul' the \vugih -, hi<id*wiiiu> colour. 
Ubi, pule brvwii at ihc tip* And alcin|[ the liiiid Ihnilcr* ; vdnt uwny, 
wd ai ill* biuc. Ixni^ of the liody 4 linis : of the •rinfci tS 

-* From Mr. Shuokard't eol1t«tiuu. 

14. SMiKKoiiaiNA DMrrAMia. 

Unfit ! fKtiu, atdomra cl pnJfi ni^ra; i^dei pattiri fenii</ia*i ; 
alir aniietr h lynr ■ni/iui'tafir 

Red, idiininR : head aud DliolraIh«rrou|EhtT punctured: bwd 
kboradepmaed uii each kid< of lli« ali|;bt Leeh face loueb com- 
pnaMd. altnoKl rcvtftOuuUr ; led 'ctv Uiiii. w]th dbliuut uhlitttie 
ctOM-iiilfCM on each aide : maiilh pitchj : brimi. ibdnmen and 1«|> 
black; kind U-gi remiRinouii. (urc-viiifft darker toward* (he lip* i 
a bla^ iHUid id ove-lhird ol' the lni)rtli tridniiinic liiwardi the hind 
border, and rxlciidiiiK along the ttiK border tuMsnlii the bn-« of the 
winf ! hind-wiuKi tltithtly irrar, pale hrowii nl llie tii'h anil alone 
tbe hind boident ; voim brown, red at die Imw. LcuKlh uf the 
Imdjr 3 liuea i of the wings 9 Itn«B. 

It. ■ — ? Krom Mr. Arcenl's colleeiion. 

Id, SriiKsoMiiiN* pitNcnaxHA? 

Ccroapit punctigeni .' Hajfrnaturi/y, Gtrm. Hag, EhI. ik, 42, 8. 

NiffTHi t^jiui fulro maeulaium ; Ihvmx Ulea faieialtu. 

Black, diining: front of llie bt«d dvprtmcd, wiib a lag 
rlnii*t«rKC«ib<|Uadmte lawny (pnti face iliEhlly comprcwed, liu 
a* toward* the inouth. uol atiitidaT i kcvl diitiuct, uocunipunied on 
rido by a vetT ilighl kt*'], bvtoud wbiuh Ibrrp an> di-ilinci 
rridcfa ; uniilli black, lawny at the I>a»e - ilio-t ruviKhly puno- 
'iVUli ft flight longitudinal kvolj a lul«ou» baud aloD){ th« 

un or nanortKHaoi ihsrci*. 

M ft Mnl^iiailniU.' nciicli cvn eacb ride: brwt pitch; , 
akoat tlia liir*-. »itdim»a nd: a bratd brigbt luu»u> 
hmd an mcIi of lh» (iM*-tluiclu ; niddteUh^lw unnj witb blavk 
Bf«, hlnrf-tbiclu pak laanji huid-diaBu pilohjr: fitrc-wiiii^ 
llvn, wilh • >lior1. noMtiiM* ialCTTUiited lirtcous ilripc olcinit i£c 
kM twnia tiam ibc baa* ; irpraiu lhi» (liew it a lutcuuB «|>at un 
dka Cm* hai<l*(i aad ooa en Um dbk bcjund ; ibo laora lutiwus *)iuts 
M !■■ ifcllita »r ibe levgtb. one on die fore border, the oOicr neat 
Aa hnd-tanlct: tiind-winc* aligbtl; jcra;, pole brown at ibr lipi 
Ml akoM ihe btN Iwrderi taina brown, luwoua m thtr 
LiMinli M tbv hod J 3 liMt; of tli« wIdk* P llm«. 

1. *. hr*. Ffom Hr. Swrvu' coOactioii. 

16. SrssKoaBiH* uhkata. 

f»fi»rtmi i prdn Ulri , larii nifri 
ttiB»J'n*», httn iifatoAtm ti Iririllata, ad tottam futnt. 

T^ueeatM, Uuuing: bead and chol fiueljr punctured: h«aJ 
ifeata liifwMWd on eub aide of ibe iliffbi lt«l ; face lutcuui, moch 
■«pMM«d, aliMat n<:Uai;ukr . kni dixinct; cium-ridgts on each 
dim wwj Miaa^jr BaikacT: ■ouih plicbjr, teitaceuu* at iba baaat 
^kmituB^tllj mp n m t l on eacb ulAc in front: abdomefi rtd^kb; 
Hfn4aKca lawn; : leRalnteoM*; feel and lipcof tbeabanktblaefc; 
HiiMaet u*iit at Uic baae: foie^wiogi piJo biuwn; bro border 
Mim twa luUiw* bandi al Ibe ba*«i liojoiiil (b«<<« two luteuua 
■tea nu»d aloaa ihc dbk lo th« tips: bind-wmga (cnrbb, 
«A^dr UBfed wiib Drown at Ibe tip* and alooK ibe hind borntn ; 
•^M Hwn, InUook al tbe bate. Lengtb of the bodi 3t Ii»n ; of 
Aa <riiwi « Unw. 

Fmoi Ur. DfMn'i e«llwllan. 

1?. Sraaxoniiiat nnti.LATa. 

Sigm t^tUOi Ulrrm rvfa; aUiimimu tynttnlarvm mmimB 
fKiUi mfittrmut ; ai# tnlier ni^tv-fuieir, rufa Amam/aMr, 

BliA, abiainf : bead aail dtcai thicklj nuncwred, alnxM Sat, 

*Cl»<r ^■■■*7 ^ '**^ **^ I ^**'' *'"**' *'*'' ' *''S'^ bcaKjr kocl ; 
Me MaUfblMk, batdly «o«pnaKd : ktel bmrn : mom ridge 
■As laAatlaci : ter\*n frnwiMiuai acutobaoa tw on ta<Ji rida: 
■kove pllcby ; Um bofdeti of tha acfmeott nddidi : 


tax or KoHomitott in«ect*> 

tbi|^ iMi kiail-CMt Hi ill* low, kncrs nnd tipi of htixl-rfianks ml : 

fim-winn hrownMh-tiliick, iIiicUt pimcUirFii, covtini nith itildcd 

duwn, MaTn«<l oith Bi« bright (I'd duii; ihiee Uinanli itM; baM; 

(WD neatrr lh> lii» : triail-<ri«B» di'k btuwn ; mo« liUck, bri^ 

rad at die Imuo. Lnigtli «f lb* hodjr 4t liiw4; of tli« wing) 11 


a. Pkri. PiMMited by Gordon Graham, tUq. 


I'triJii ; prrtHf <t aUuMm nifra ; pfila pien ; Urii aigri ; •!« 
aniiftr viridi-fitttiT. 

Ueldltc-fircm : hnd and chcii tliJcU; puui'tureJ. *Iislillj 
diiniDR, ahnuit llaC- bead aknn d«pi«*w<l mi «ach Hide ut IH 
*lii:tit krti]; hoe compirun), li>nnin^' nn uliibut riglii angl#: kcal 
prntslnviil : onwa ririget nn pnch nil« ilislil ■ nuaUi blarl, rpddt^ 
towaTdx th« tiaic: antcnnv l>)nFk : bnost and alidcinicn black, 
tbiniiif : }ega pilchv i (t*i I'lavk i tote-fios* dark I>^IW1^ nidi a 
■Itg^t ftttn titi2C: 'hind-win^ icnjisb, with a Mg\it hroitii (Ingf 
at tbo liiM niid iilniiii the hind linnlcn, broaii at the boK ; velnt 
black, reddiili at Ibc liaM. Lenijih of lie biid; 3 liaai at tfct 
winici 8 liun. 

d. ~.' From Mr. Bitck'tevllMtku. 

I: ,' 

19. SniEitoxiiiN* aatvis. 


alie anlinr aiatiilti afiirfjitt fiufit. 

Bed, ilkiDinic : bead and vhtM van' ibiiily ]>uuL'lurcd, alutoat 
«oUi : bead aboio kllgliUT connate ; uuc eoniptrtMtil, liunlly bii' 
guUr, with K bbok baad bctweoii the anlruDir : \t-*\ |iroiiiitii.-ui ; 
etoM ridfca no each aide nther indiitiiicl ; tip o( lie mnulb binck : 
l» of the MTUiahmo pttx^li^ : t«gi bUck ; anterior ahMilii red, with 
UaektiiMi liH«^|]caiodiriiliaici7Ui|ielin>w«diKmdal spot which 
ucundt to iho fore bonUt, anil coiainiuiicBlM »ilh the biutiru whidi 
oci-upivt the lips and Iboncc fornu a aUipe abn^ put cf iliir hind 
bortli^ : it ilao acoampaiiUB a Isngiladiaal tcId to ibe l>n*c of the 
wine: liiiid.ari»gttJlght]Tgi»^; vetMbtact,Tedal ibebaite. Length 
of tbu hod; 3 Uata : uf the mnfp fi llnm. 

a. Bnill. FRHuUd bj J. P. G. SmiUi, Esq. 

Lin or noMOftBaou* i«»c». 

M, SpflxxouiDf*? ftMonMs*. 

^Hmfh Maentim, Fat. SfU. Mfm. 89, -l. Gtm. Mag. Em. iv. 
^^ 41.?. 

Smtk Ammim. 

31. SrniiiroaiiiXA rK«Ti. 
CiMorb torta. Gmi. JVaj. A'bi. ir. «0, 3. 

CHnffa MRiria. Gm«. JVsf . £k(. i*. -II, 1. 


M. SrtiKRoauitit HX)i.iTiii«f 
"■11 |l IwMMtin, Ctnn. .Voj). JSnt. It. 3tf, I. 

96. SpaKMonntHAoraLLaTL. 

BrifhlrH: bf»d Bat aliMc: Troni proBiincnt, wiiL ihrcc itl»- 
, UUK^cticlj tuiTvir*4. nouth black: cbcii veiv mj- 
pMCUred; a rim un eacb aide of ibc aculoh«an: bmkt, 
_fa. aad leg* black: wi»m taibpr Igog and oarruw : himl- 
_ I Wmra, ivd at the baaci rriM Uacb. [.«n|{tb of (bo hudy ik 
I^b; af lb« «tB|r« la liiMS. 

Tar. tf. Hfait •><! cbnt (cbUccoiu. 
«. VmumcIs. Fnm Ur Slerctu' colkclion. 
4 1 




R»fili ahjomrn wupra nifnait ; prJn niyra fatriati ; tarti fMtiti 
ulhi ; ata mtitv ftlra, vucnla apttaK mfa nigra Mr- 
mm Jala. 

Red, Atnini!: bnd and rheu tuuvtiK puncluTcd^ li«ail*hoT* 
CODCIN; boo •xmmeljr nrin|iinA«d, runiiiuuii rislilauglvi ked 
THytbini onM*rid;^r« onoavli hide rilbcriii<lihliijct ; r|ii>4uiun com- 
ftttui: moulLblack, Trd tuwHtilii llio bniir : nntrdiiir bliick ; fciirtli 
tcrint MwDj; cbe>t mttcb deprtnni uu each side in froDlL nbciinuen 
Nukiifaovo, rc<l m the Iiu« iiud nl iliv ilpL liiis of Uie tliiglis, uf lie 
thank* mill nt [be ten Mori ; hiu>l-fri'l whit«, with hUrk tip-i *. fare* 
winp untiv. luiiKKcidnurTuw ; iirur encU liji d \ui^e round red ApM 
lunuuiidcd by n binvk viiclc: hiiid-niii^pt aliumi coluiiilfiiN, yalit 
hivwn at iLt lipi urid alaiiit ihe hind botdn ; Tirini blnck, ]'c11<i« hi 
the base, Loiijtlh ol Uie bi>d; 4 — Itliun; of the wiii^ 13 — 13 

a. Biui). Pivs^nUd hy ih< EnlomoloKloal Club. 
A. Suuih Atneiku. ProonWd by E. I>aubledBy, Km|. 

30. Sl-IIKMIlUlttill rULU-t-ELV 

llufa : pertta ni/fro fiuciatum; abdiimm nij/nim ; /rmora apiet, 
Hita lanigm ntgn: alu mtifa />uctf> ra/c triritlabt. 

Briiilil red, «liininj[i benJ mid the^I iwj liiidj puiiclurud i 
bead ubiifc drftmcd ; li>e« mouh L'Oiu|>rrt*ctl, forniiiiK a rlghl 
uiik'li'. Iiavlii^ a Il«t blnck 1amei>1«tc («in|>flntii«'nl brincci. Ibo mi. 
Iriirm.'; \.w\ iriy tbin ; ■ cfuu ridjte on each xide, ralbci iudiitinvl, 
epiil'iiud t-omiinvedi moulli and ADleuOB bUvki fi'iirlb jitiiil 
iiu-iiv : i-lini ileprcucd on Mch tide in fninl: brcoM wllb a blnck 
bud acT<»» the iniddl»-h<p) : nhdonipn bU«k, red at (he liue nnd «t 
llie tip : tbanLt, feci, nnd lipi o\ tbc ibijclti bbtk : (uie-"iiip;ii Uruwn, 
li>n([ and nnrfow, ndnintd mill ibrtc red liriiit*, wliich .ire iiiiilcd at 
iheiipt; ibe iniJille uni- eiteii<l> tii Ihe bntie, which <I ivbolly occu- 
pi«: liln<t-i>ii>i:>Hlinoit colourlcM, |):ile bniivii at the lip* ni>d itlong 
ihoblndborden; velnt Macli,bri(tbi rrd at the hue. Length of the 
bodr :l Un«a; of tbo w!ii|;( 10 liiict. 

a. SoulL Amcrlci. Prowutcd by E. Doublcibj, £•«{. 

tUT Of HiiieraBots intrrt. 

37. SrsraoctiiKAcamoirA. 

ra/an ; ;wdlM picri ; (t/ir antitm fiurr, r^fc 
ihtm ft tinifatciilir. 

UmIW: head nlb«r Ions, tinn*wh«l fo«i!iiB iitoiv; 
, avMCkl; rm hiifr, quilc imoatli ; (inl jnlm of ih* 

a»f RBtt tiNno* in ftnai, vhric tlirrp urr- two tnninvne 
■ (liiclit Itjiifiludhul funuHK IxtlBccn ibc furw-wiogi; 
bl rc<l. Willi a hUi'k tip: ktnfiuli]-. fuK-wJogs dark 
(liffhitf obliiiiiv ml h«ii(l oeni ibe biu« : (wi> rcit ipou 
tf thslra^, oni ntandin^ rnim tbefotc liurdrrto the 
t mj uimII, Mar ibe hin't burdcr; hinil-nini:^ almoM 
7 •Hchllj lia^*^ *^^ tiraws •! tlie tip* iin<t alnnt; (be 
; reiu hlacfc. red ■( llie bue. Ln>Kth of Ibe Iiodjr 4 
•fngi 9 liDM. 

from Ml. WitwIck'ieoUMllnn. 

ft). SruLtoanntA ixtskitBou. 
I mftini ; ahr anltc* ang>iUir,Jlan nmifaifitttr, 

tfaiingt bud ralkcr lenir, drpKHml ahore: bve pro- 
I. Mmprrun), alma*! ncvie al (hv ti]i, wiili lon(;TtD<li- 
C««b nd«. Iwfine a Ion;, naniiw. Hal. *iiiout)>. pitrhj 
talioni: moiitb plli:h<r ; rhf>.twlll>nii iniliUiiicl cruM 
lb ilnkliw" bri|[hl ird witb a l-ljvk lip : fi>re-Bin|pt 

■ ln>d, pale tfllow, ilixbll* ublt(|ue tiHiiil D»t the 
li tftH wai the )i>f« bonkr ni iwio-thiidi of the Imglli 
ami eolouilas, paU hio«ii ai iha ilpa and ilIoo|{ llii- 
triM lavnf , nil at ibt liaw, bfuwD Ui«u<I« Uic tlpi. 

■ bodf Z\ llnni ufllir oinsi 8 iino. 

Fma Ml. Vanrick^ ouHection. 


99. SrasniMimnt pRoxi«4. 
nipM rw/mm; •U •n/inr /uf*, «1M^ iifkt- 

liiiiDg : h«44 abd cbol fioil; puncLim'd : lirad nitliei 
aT««b«*«i hcv prudoccd, eonk-al, tieuutb. vcrj 

usT or iMMQpnaoua weui*. 

halt?: fimnli joint or ih« anuons uwojr: ofaMnlhtr long ud 
narrow in front, aritli on io<li«iinci tnm flunir: abdomoa red, 
black towant* the tip uud bcncdih: btnd-bipt reddith; Ibre-winip 
dark bfon-n, mther uiirruw. mlli two nbilUh, netjr tligfatly uMiinia 
hniiilh ; •inci lirvtid, •( oiie-lhird o( Ili« I«dr1L, the otbpr narrow, {i». 
Icrni|>tcil. mil niit juininK ihc l>ln<l Iiorclrr, nl two-lhirds of the 
ltTn(;(li : biiid-wiiijci alininl culourlru, pair brawn al ibi- tiM ai»d 
nloiig tbc liiud tionlcn; vcitiiblack.pulcTclluwatthe boM. Length 
ortbv bod; 3i liiiei; iif th« wici;^ Tlinct. 

«. Nonli India. Froin Alt. Warwick's collM-iinn. 

3D. SrK&Noaiitiii raoftcvra. 

Nigra i Ktilrlli lalfra, aUomm >f pedn rtfa; aim antiett 
apie* niyiw. 

Bliuk, tbiuinit : huad dpiiTtned on raoh nde Bbo*e ; dee i 
produofd, Mnical. imiKilh. Iiotrv niKxr, fi-nuf^iiiou* «l tlir lip, 
whenc* ■ broad rcmiEiiioiit Mri|ia rxirndu to Ihn cpiitomn. which 
bai no Blliplical cuticavi- compnitmrnl adjoininB (he moutb ; tbe 
IniU'r it red with a Mnck lip. fcwlrri pilchyi fuiirlh joint pale: 
dieK taaij punctiuvd. olnihed wiib ahon pale bain, depieued od 
<mch ddcRi AoBt: itdMand ilportbe aciit(-li*on,hiad-cfac«t, abdv 
men and Icki bnnbl red ; tipi of tbeihunkx and of the feetblaek : 
fore-wiiiin bri)(hi red with Mark lipi. unirou' luwnrdi Ibc lm»e ; bliid- 
wingn imIuuHcu ; «eiiia Umiy, bri^bl red ut ihe bu»i< aud along T 
fore horikr. I.<i»gili of ib» IhhIj 3) lint« i of the wing» H lineit. 


AmwiMM ; eapul nigrum ; iruielti Ultra ri abdomen iatac 
fimara titiinfat piera ; alK antira fiunt. 

Ferrucinoua, tbinine: bead and diat minuiol; punutun 
coTtrtd with lawny duwn : hnd bUck,d«pfMMd en each ndc Awtt, 
hardly concave alonK tbc hind border, atmicircubr In front : faoe 
rrjiivei, prorainmt, kedcd, cnindl»«bapcd, wiib about ti'ii oblique 
cnws rid|;ei on tnch tide : tian Af tbe iculvbeun unil abdi'incn tM- 
taccauar thight and fiwt maul; pllcby ; fiiri'-wiii)p brown: hind- 
win^ nale praj ; vein* hlacli, tawny at tbc bate- Lenittb of the 
l<vdy 21 lines : of tbo wingi 7 Hnea. 

a. Umiil. Prcwnicd by E. Donblcday, Ewi. 

Lur or ■ovopTBum iKHora. 

33. Ri'HKiioRniM ncBiocHDA- 

, Jtlg(»-/«fl« i ffttiu farm fatrialtm ,- aWaminii bMra nJ apietm, 
ltti» antmOTM Mrti^nr pitta ; ata atttinr m/a, Atui' f uaw. 

lawnj, tbinintc; hml impreucitaboTc.miichiiflrTOatr 
fas iW Amt, iiniglil iIode llie Liud Imrdn, fdrming ■ dighllf 
«kaM tmftt la thai, broMlfr than long: fac« convex, ptmniiieat, 
■■B« t k, hHidl* ciMpMMcd, diihil; liMleii, bmiog » ricbl ugli iu 
fe«M wkt* IM kc«l b dhidod; cpidonw tKwny, keolcd: moutli 
yitckj, l*fim p. atau imnnb ihe bate : feclcn phclijr, with pale tipi : 
Ht fawUy pBMtaml : a ftiohy ttripe amu ih« InoMt betwen 

dN IbM-Mfa and Uu miilillp-hip* : abdomcD pltrliy on each tide 
1p««rfa iW tip : feet akd anterior nluinlLi pilchj ^ rmc-winiri bright 
sn); Immmm* lowanlii ibe bate, almcnt cHipUcal, hanllr aat- 
• wnrd* the tip* r hiBil-ninifi palo gnr, Mghtij tinged with 

n4. put); Immmm* lowanlii the bate, almcnt cHipUcal, hanllr nnr- 
wnrd* the tip* r hiBil-ninifi palo gnr, iliKbllj- tinged with 
I at ilw haw. at ibi; tipt and alone <'"' bind botder; veins 

tlmk, red at the bMe. Ltngib of the bod; '2i Uoet ; of the wioei 

• Ban. 

a. P>rt Natal. Fnan M. Gudnxin*'* coltKtion. 


Un. Amfot *t Sm iliri. Nai. /»». USS. 

r'naiii. 1.400 Dw/., Burni^ Ilami^ Blanch., Amt/otei 

, II, LiMi.. titg., Gmffr. 
k p, Ftht., Pant, term., PtU. 
Taai0Mia,p. 7v«k, Wm. CVrt. 

I. Araaoraosa upoMAau. 

AabnpWa •putnarin. Grrm. Mag. Bit. \t. SO, I. Bura. Btndb. 
£nt- li. 7. 131. I. tt./ K«A. mm. 106, I. flam*, ftm.. 
Ami. n. nob. BUntk. Hut. Nat. Iu. iSff. 3, pi. H, f. 0. 

rfa •nimula, LtMt. Hytl. Nmt. 7M, 34. Aon. Sum. 881. 
<ML £4- SfL Xml. i. 4, 2100, H«. 


IHT or BOMOrrBBacia mum. 

Cioaila cpumana Salicb, An;, /m. ((I. 190,3. 

Ctrcuul* •punnria. Fair. Sp. In,, li. »3t», 7. Jful. /m. iL 374. 10. 

int. AuL it. 51. 18, Spt. HAya, M, 34. 
Ccrcupi UiJaidnU, Fidir. Sya. Mfu. m. 67. Paiu. Fawn. G/m. 

rii. 3i>. 
AftW|>b»ni •aliriiu. L. Omf. tM>. H4m. lUI, 3. Am^M H Sm 

TeUixMiiB ipunmrin, 7i^i. //>■(. AW. Jm. it. IM, ji. S^ f. 2. 

Ttuifcti'M ••licina. 'Jifn. Uul. Xil. Itu. ir. li~. 

C«roopia Alsl./'oyj. O.ii.3. J n. //ofan. 1806,340,3. ifMf., 

Upf.iH, I. 
At>hrapl)<m, ^niv>(, j4Ma.£*e.£nf. ^V.Sinr .S'Jru, v. IPO, 431. 
(Aalea, jlrayuf. litaa. .Stw. £u. ^r. -Am Sirir, i. IHO. 110. 

■ — V- EnxIniiA. 

A. Vranrr. 

i—l. f PMBfnM by .T. O. Cliildmi, K«q. 

3. Ai'iiiioriioiLi coaiicK*. 

Aphrophaia cortiCM, Gam. Maf. £nt. ir. SO, 3. Bum. 

£iM. ji. 1.133.3. 
Cftcopl* (««acrn, /■'«'/. Cir. H. 4. 
SplUphria, ^myoi, Amu. Soe. EitL Fr. 3nw Stnr, 1. 100, 430. 


3. ArnnoMioRi nicciroi.ix. 

Trifaiva ; icutrlluoi afi<r Jhtnm ; ata aiilicf fitf^, UOacto hi. 

TMamo*!*, *lifntD|r: Iwad and «ltr«t psbncntt, find; pn 
luml -. bend tiho*<! Hal, almont coniml, with Iwn pitclij Mwlctrcul 
aarVt in ilie diik, onr in rroiii, thv lAber heivMa the ejelett ; flwa 
crnivcx, "pft di»liiiei]_v keeled, Uaok tumr^ tfcp lip, *iih nboul 
twelve diaiiriiM vvr; Miebilj' oldiqof ri4g^ n>i ncli aido; ppiMcnB* 
hlsi'lh uiuii'piiut ti'WHdIh ibo lip; mouth fntuKinouw. t>|jrk lonaTdt 
lb* tip: cbml vm tlijthtli wnnUcd ; wutclienn darkcrncnT tbo lip^ 
Dbich i* jellow ! forc-wTDiti ImiMii.widi twobTond, itrrKutui, dil!W«d 
IMtaoeoiU hudt, nuTuw iMwnrda the liii-i : biud-wijiip pule biown, 
lUmDM colourlcu twotnlb tbf bxa liwiUu' fui llirec-luurilis or tlie 
letiKih rrom iho Immc ; tmiid Ijmiit, jcllev •( the Imui'. Leaglh uf 
llicWTy >l linn ; orilic wiugi Iti liacii. 

Var. A Forv-wng> lawnjr tmwdii Ibc tip*. 

«. WmI AWcft. rrewnltd hy Sir E. Bclcbct. 


uar wr nomwixmavt nrum. Aq 

4. AraHrraoft* oecwttmm. 

rariMMM; ffijMl jiIrM AHanim ; tiarar ;ium //uaJHimaftalut' 
mhMPbh (■(fra-nwnt/cfum, apierjtamm ; perlui fiem tintifv- 
It^mi f»Jm/mMi ^* antic* tfilatni/iuc>r, ml cialomoblii[Hi 


TaMMfMM^ i)ua)s9^ ImJ nuil r^nl roughly punciuml, 
wttk la«*y down- bml B*l, cnnirml. concaie aloni; tlie 
ritr, aiUi • 1in>*il pitiht ttripp. iu 1eii|CiIi n Utile more ihait 
haX ll> btndtk; hoe >«ty omici, almo*! uvnl, iliyliUy k«elc4, 
|ittfej tnrsnb lli« cplMomo, willi alioui loiinocu terj lil^tly 
•lIlfMf oo* ridges 1 cfutoMmpitohr, ttiehitTln'lH : moiiihnwuy 
■tdl * pUdtj Up, ■Inioai nachiDK itic roidtllu biiu : frvlen UwBjr : 
dwu t«<7 Hi^llj roOTci. witk foui Imge [uutijr puncliuwa nMr 
ll» Sac bordn: » UacW ipit «**t Ik* lip of ihe KUlrbeun wtildi b 
PI iMvut wiLU ■ Ui)[c f'ltliT not on culi tidr; lip ofUwab. 
I fitekj '- Up UWDy, tipi nl tbc Cm liUck : foiv-wiuKi toU- 
■k-fcni«ii, slickil< DiMiIfid, lUikcM alone ^^ f"'' bonlrn aiid il 
A* Ufs »li lau tfauit ubtiqiM tUipci new Uii' Ture btrrdut ; bind* 
wfaw* iWaal euloailcMk vub brown Ufa. iiidinlinctlv browD »\<mg 
tt«bM4hMfon', *«{■» bbcb, Uwny at the katu. Lonytb vf l]i« 
Mr *t ban; vt ike wirngt 13 linea. 

* Wot C«Mk of AnmiM. I'lMenlnl by Capl. Wood iail Lieul. 



(Mj ffin ftrrmftmrl : mlit antic* frrra^iitit. fmnfe r m u ./ultv 
alhf ; tntittmt-t. 

Tmiamous ilikifii(; bead sad cbett tklckty puncluted, 
witb uway ilii«n ; h«ai1 flai. (ligbilv c>.>iiciite ulunjt the 
i«r, aliMutt tviiio*! in rrvin, nub an iciitL»liiicl croM fiiriuw, 
«tA • filch* XHpe, wbicb u aiiBu»t illitdtd UcKlliwiiw ; Ll* 
_^ alMMl atiS ita brtudlb; face <vry oomex, almiul oial, 
4^ltj Iwltd, fitcky in (nni, iritb ibiitrai iballoii, xiy tliekll* 
i|fi|M CMaa rUgMi cpluvM piicbr. *)i|[kihr k««lMl: moiiiL 
W iy , Hatk tonard' Ont tin, rMoUni: tkt mtddhi kip* - dmt reiy 
d|^y rovt'-i. vitli a pticli; ipol and wiM Uifc. ibalW* itnptvft- 
litm acM ibc liMc bunk* : a piicby band near iko lip uT lb* 
■■Ilk nil npfWT akdwuml appinidaKCK black: tfgt CMniginouc; 
k|dlmyMM<Mh kat«i bp*«fihe (Mtpluliy: ToM'Wiiw fiv- 

9 Q 3 

700 un or ROKoriRHoOf iNaBCts. 

nii;inou<, cnDiVk along ihr fon liorttnr, niniofit «|iindle^liapc(j, wiih 
thrv» initislinct oblique Uwnr linuiU ; iliir finl iiciir tlic l>ake, hiuad 
■ud diffiuc; ibe icuuiiil «liutlciieJ lu iViint; the lliitd inicmipifil : 
hind-aiop Mlourien, ul« bruwu ai ihc xip^ ami oloag Uic hind 
lMrd*Ti vsiiu broini, jellaw at die huhi^. Lcugiti of tb« Ijudj 3^ 
llao*; orUi« wingi lOlinoc- 

o. Wmi Cciul of Arooiics. PrcKotcd by CanL Wood and LieuL 

(I. Aruuruoiu BvrirxNnu*. 

Fnru^'iMa,- pMtmi i^Mnu "tfirf ; abdomm n/mn,- ^Jm /uJn ,- 
ala aniiat fnr*e «( nuUin (njinucn/nM. 

rHcad wandns: ehmt psle forruginoiii, tbkkljr and minuU- 
tj iiunctuied. covered wttb launr dowu : disk uf the Unail hlnok ; 
[ abdoraoD red: \egt Uiniir: ^clrc^-will^ palo frrnif^iuuiu, ibicUj 
I tPTCTWl with tawiijr donii. with tliroc pitchj IDBTk* nn ihc fore 
bofdcr ; tlw atcond forniine ■ bund : hind-orinp almoit coloiirleaa, 
pale browD at tli« (ipa nod along tba bind borden ; veiat lawny, 
dukcT loaitrds ibfl tips. Leogtb af the bud;' 4 lioMi of tba irinft 
9 liuw. 


7. AritaopnoHj sinii.Lii^at, 

TatMaa. fUcra ivri4l,Jlara ntlala ; facia /rrru^inra, pirro ear 
JItro mttata tt bifaitiala; fteclm nii/ro fiuriatum; abdomti 
n^faJvIrum ; firaa ftmutnei, Jtavo mafvlati ; alit nnfui 
laridm, ad numnftuc*. Mo m*eviaxa. 

Tcalaceoiu, ftblninj^ : bmid and cibwt Col, wilb a «ligbt yet- 
liiw kiii-l, ranghlj' niiiiciurod, ibinly tvifrrd with lawny dnwu: bead 
ub"vi!' iiliovl, inocUy pitchy, nhKbily ouncoTC on ibe hind bonlar, 
rather more conreK in from: it> IcnjcUi Inu ihnii oue-rounU of ita 
bmdlb ; face ferragiuoui, purlly pitcby. sli);btly cuiitci, wttb K 
veiy nana* yell«« tiHpo, nhich U mnAt 'lixluoi lonanbi the epi- 
Huma. and is ihcrf lniirr»od Iit two «lij(bt!; cnrnid ^slloir tttad*, 
one larf^, the other >faorUT and imrrouTr ; on each nilo are about 
ten ubliqiie, ili);bl1y curved cn»a ridKti ; moiiOi fcrrui^noua wi(b ■ 
pilchy tip: chett partly pilchT mid iliubtlv iinpiiiifd un Mfh nde 
iR fruDi: breatl <Mlh a iburi. bruiid, bliicli bnnd bi*t<ici-n the ton- 
Ingt and the niiddlc-le|;« ; abJonii;'!) Iiitcniit. rnldiUi vti rtrb tide 

Lin or iuii*arTEa«n tnaora. 


\tft Unagiaom*, ■puitnl with jellowi hin'l-thifclit 
(of^wino lurtil, ihicklr pvacMnd, oBmnr ami (.-"oknl to- 
t A* tif* wliltli >K atmoit imnMd, btumiiili uloitg purl or Out 
bM W4«r oa each «ldc or • laqie lubuoailnite whtiiiti ipoi, wlildi 
b la iW Buidle : hioil-wiiigtaltnon oofonilnt: <riiii blnck, lawny 
U ika Imm- LeaKlh of tbe hod; >^ linn ; of (liu wlrigi 7 linn. 

•. }i«n^ laitU. Froa !bli. Wanrieli'i oolWetinn. 

H. AruanpHoiu cohi-al-ti. 


FtirMu; llanw anlifi Utnui mtiUum iUman, apier tiijirmm . 
«M>aM» mifnim. tail /ha-iim ; pni<i nijiW; «'« aalie^/rrru- 
jiaM'. MarWi't ifaMhu lintfiiJi*, 

Qrm. ihhiiiiC; heml latcoui; face Mack, nilh h >«}- in 
ked; cTuM rril^ va nob dde feiy dutincl hetweKU (hi- 
[Ij ilMafipatriBg froa tbmDC iu lh« ciiiktvni^i : laoulli 
. asiaaiM tiUcfc : faiuili Jotnt pita: ehcM Mi|tUt)y rupikitr. 
m ftwl : trub-hp'O Tcthiw, iriiiiHcnii'); tuiilrd, willi ■■ 
. Uf : »)Mlonen hUck, lutcuiu tuwHr<li ibc t>a>c . [iiicltici fcnu- 
Wp MarV, lUul ; ktwci umi* : fun-.witijt* rrrruj-iiiuui. 
•1th ■•« l>ai|>« altnu*! (ulnwIwH apau in ikr di«k, latlx-r brund ui 
A*l^: Um hordcr hiack alaaji more ihaii hniriliR irnxth (nm 
Aa Iwa: bud-iiliiiri e»)aarleni rdni Mack, pnlv ydlox' tuimnJ* 
tW Wm. LcnfUiirftkc tindjr S( Ijdm; oribcoiiipi^ tiiim. 

■. Vm Oirnua'a Laml. PteMntml by ib« lUr. T. Eaiiie. 
i. Vaa Ditwa* Und. FmcDi«4 I7 R. Buikr, £m|. 

V. AniaapuiMU cixixt*. 
Artefbota caiiKia, n'kiu,USS. 

ISIcfenusiiioiit.ililiiiciKt bcsi) and clinl ntiipMy piinclurcil. 
witfc ■ larj *KgUl krvl : ill«l m the bntil iliyrvuiril on n<li xide : 
baa *nT aM*«l i fuiraiii mi eacli lidc ol>Ui|uc oud pDiii;l<itvd ■ 
Wk *f ua ahilaweu pitchy, «uciiliD)C ibi- niiln atiil bind lii>rdi'i<> »F 
■ha (MMMU: leo IB«a;; forr-nnist i>wnj, ibitUf aud rultm 
mHtddyfmmtaatii blad-aiiiK* ^r>y ; rciu* blnol!, Uvany tuwaidi 
Aabwr. Laa^»r tbcb«dj 3 linci; ol the »it>|;« 6 llMa., 

■ t PrcMOicd by J. G. OiiblMn, Eaq. 



LUT M ■oMOPrBiioni ntRun. 

10. ArHaopHOB* BinioN*. 

Fuli'i'tiriiiii , faeitt leuUtli^vt talrra niyra i ptctoru rfi* 
jiicfut 1 ^bAnnm /rrntgmmm Hfirr nt^mm ,- ptia Juiii, nifpt 
fatnoli i »l» antitm frrruyiimt, aibv binolitif. 

Very Denil; iilli*d u A. cviii^dd. HciH tui ehen imnk- 
*tnt\j niiriiltMC -■ licnil Unn; : Ttok «i(h « ked ; fnco I'Uok a4lh 
eigbi tnnn; Klifftitk obll<|uc ndjtci an each ndc : i^wt gtMfi, Uwnj 
iu Truiit ; ituiciiFuii *ith a bluck Ixtrdcr no «a«k ride^ uiuuh ktieou- 
•ud Umiiiitk tbi- lip, lui'rc lliiiu liilf llir leogtb of ill* nbdomni : 
dUk of tbc birJisl pltclii : iilxloiiicii fi'ini;pii(>tii!. Mitck (<>i*Br<)> ibe 
tip: len uwny. with Muck ImniU; forr.vitip' fcrniKinoui with a 
diort iHiite band before ilio inMdlr, nnti wilti a tliglil while %UMk 
tiett tli« fun bordtr at Iwo-lliinls u( llir l^iigib : biiid-wingt colour- 
1m«: tuint uwny, Lcn)[Ui of tbo body 31 lints: of (be wing* Al 

a. New llollanJ. Picamted by the Eauiinological Club. 

II. .^niaoi'HuiiA? Gocoom. 
Ai>!im|>hora Goudotii, fin*. Awr. Zoof. Spt. LmJ. 1H33, 13. 

13. AriiBOMtou r ruticiin. 

Aphrophora !> lUvinps, Oner. Jam. lUf. Am. Ttxit, 388. 


ID. ActuiovMoiu ? onsiXi. 

ApbrDphoiii onMla, GiUr. tarn. Reg. An. 7«(r, 370, 

Oeout 3. FITELUS. 

Plyelufc Si. Farj. n Sen. Eae. Mlth. »,, Amgol tt Strr. llitt. 

Htm. 36«. 
CicadA, p-. £«■■., SuU, Dfg; Gnff. 
T«tticDnia, p., Fthr. 

CnOOpis p.. Fabr., Si-kr., Paul . Blaneh. 
Apbropliora. p., Grrm., 0urn. 

lurr «r MOiioiTxiior* tNucn. 

htncmi*, Fabr. Enl. Syit. iv. 34, 30. 
CmtiflM favMOm, Fair. S^t. IU>f» m. I. 

«. fttt!t*uL From M, f)ueiniii»'ooltMiiuii, 
i, t. Pmi NaUl. From It r. Tucker'i caHtcIlaa. 
4,*. W.Afck*r KnNnM>.CulM'(oaUw;li«4i. 

S. Pmtra ooxTLCix*. 

, »ifr» tarim i »tif tutitm tmiArlim n J,fni marvtatir. 
T0J Bcarli Blliod la P. jtaramu, but di«tin^uii<hc>l hy thi> 
Itech wilfa on iht kcMl kBd Dfl ibe ch«al, *nd bj ihr mora niiini- 
I Ukck — rti on the re(r-Kiiitn> Tntanxius, sliiuin){, miimtcl; 
bead Mm): almg ib« litti4 liati>«r, aa<l wlik a black, irt- 
•p tlie loM burdar : face uiih u black Mrralt in the 
I wHli ■ klaA apot on eiwli liilc. hcinccn ubicb and lii^- 
fjw ihcte ai« ihfM tlUek ipota ; dicil oilb a can rA band of Miwk 
«nou aoir iW fonr Iwiar-. tc«Icb«un wiih iLn-i' Muvk tfotti ihu-c 
Nm4 tprt* •■ «*ek lidri of ibr bre*M : a Murk ni^ot on (ticti oiilv of 
■!■ aMnio* thaakiBiid of tbe (orc-lbiKbi^ fari-ii iiiiri wilb iiumr- 
tmmitatnlu bh«fc nurktor tmrioiuaixei liiud-niuK* culourlcu . 
••iM Bale *tnw.«olaw. Lvngtli of lh« bod)' 7 — tl liaM; uf ilir 
BteC* l»— « liina. 

•— e. C«Bg«- Pmnlcd b; Sjr J. Bkhanbon. 


.1. Pmi-rsaiioiMX 
AJt. ta(. .«fjw(. i». 47, T. fi^d. ffljm-W.J. 
Pratcnttd hj Dr. A. Snllb. 

■. SMik Afrtn. 

k W. Afitta f Frtim Mr. CaiW* coUoetion. 

t, 4. Pan NalaL fruou H. Guciniiu^' cotlectioD. 


t. PtTILCS oi.l Tiff-oaf 

TaUlgaM aHTacear i'air. £»*. Sy.L it. 26)31. 
CatntM «U>aoM f /'air, J^i. AAyn. HO, 2. 

tirUitt Aar»g pietn rart'iu; fftMtra atitica rt lihitt anUria 
mi^rm fattial* i air aBtinr fkro maevUu. 

VHmtj fntu, diinioif: brail uikI ohot icty miiiiiipW puuu- 
Mndt bMd abcaa dapwawJ. wilb ■ black i|iuiini vbvU sidvbeiaMii 


kMT or RoMorruioca ikskcis. 

llio eye aDil llir creU* ; fiec cnnrcx, not krcUtl, but wilb n v«r)r 
nUiiliLly coQcnie hinow; thii i> •ce<imptnied hj u black >Uipe, 
wliiuli eilfndt tivm tlie cruwu. mitl trat'CTBe!) a bruad liUck biM 
bclwooii ill* aDlniO*; about ei|;1iUfii ('lili(|ue nilber {nJislibrt 
iid|ic*i and iwo black diiU bcjriinil llirTii oil ctich Mc : tip of ibc 
tDOUlb black : rcckn black : fim jnini pnle ic^" • foatlh JMirt 
luwirjr : cbcti ^IiKbll; inttrniiei] in ibe (••rr |inrt. wbtoli ii cliicflf 
occunini >)v a bn*d, uon, pti«hy biDil, wbirso bind border n 
ooleli«(( : aUk of th« »cuU)ho»ii jiiicliY : roir-thlgba and anic- 
rior tbuik* witb black bauib; liju o( llic tluiiki and nf tbo feet 
block : fi>Te'H'ui|t* clouded wiUi ifrcHiilnr pitHiT sjiuu : liiiid-wio 
almutt ootouilen ; ndM gnm. Lengtb u4 Uia bud; H Unes i of ' 
wiiip 'Jl liiiM. 

«. WmI Africa. Prom CapU Pluiy* cuIleclloB. 

4. PTTKLi* MlirMTB, 

TwUfywi; ovpul niyro ittrium ,' ti'trax atirro ^iuW'riw.' 

Tntjiccaui, iliJninRi heitd and cb«t ninnlrlf piincliirH, M- 
«treil Willi pale ihiwn i hca'l «b»iff lery Aon, hnprestH, nM 
n bUrl hnndm th« bind border between tiir nelets, bardlj Xaagtl 
tbnn tlic l>irndtb of \hi nrn ; fiic« cnnvcx, wilb a liinnKiiMr bladi 
«|><M rwxl ihe crown, a ipi'ndlc-ibnprd black ulrrak nii ilic flal iMIft- 
luiliunl uriiic. and l«o lilnck ipoti c-n tbn nriddle of encli itde, 
wLlvli luAalioiiI Hftcm MuaJlv distiucl crmariilf-M: fcctcri black, 
t«»inrcoiu at the liMhe and at the iipii; cIioM ailcnicd Dear the Ibie 
bnrilrr «ith abroad, ihnrt, black b*nd, whotoblndburderbnotcfaed: 
Bntrriur fcrt and tj|>f of llie idiBDka and of the hind-rcet Uaok ; a 
Miok hjoii on Mcd »)de or tbu autftior ibiglw and abanka i fbi^ 
win^ iudihtinctlv tprcUod witb pale bruwn, adonicd with black an* 
it'il'ii spoU round llic lip! and alonic pait oF llic hind Wtijtra : bind- 
winitt almoit colouricM; reiiu hromi, tawny luwards ibc b, 
Lciib'tb of Uie body 8 tiamorthe wiugn Ittline*- 

I s. Sierra Xicuue. Prcaenied by J. 0. Wealaoud, liaq. 

I 0. I^rtLLCK EilliaNKC*. 

^^ Flaiit^lhu ; lAoraf niyrn ijn»drii/unatitt ; aUtmm fwpra pi- 
^^L rriHw ,- fibh* arnica H^ro /iJrMfi* ; lariv a»tiriarm itifri : 

^^p alif iiiir<nr/H*iw,j(atv-wi<> ftiuM/Waro. 

r Viil)ii«i>b wbil«, ikiiiing: brad and cbrtt flat, •cry minutely 

pttuciutrd : (tx* ••■}' MnitXt I^Ion, nut kedad. b«U villi a narrow, 




tri itnpe. on «acb liilc of whieli »n stiuiii indte cqiiall; dittii 
•hyblf tfblids* ticl^ : BMlk Willi n hlaclt lip -. maxill* fBrrajp- 
MMi «bkA (lutnearMekcRlcl: >nl«nii« lihvk: flntjuint yol- 
ks ; iklM joint Uwnj ; (bat wiib finir ><luvk dun Hlonjc ilie rnre 
n aWnsM 

. piltuy above I sBirriur I't'vi auil lipi of ttie bio'l- 

fc*l utt of lb« *ka«k» hbck; forv-tbank* wilb lilui'k buuib: furi!- 
*nptal*ii,dJtlcit«t«n(tbefgrebnn)er; iwu vcrjr luTgtTdlonUb 

■ItM Mti VXIend hatfaerau (be niat; friia ihr tore liunlct ; biud- 
«1» ■■ ■ «. eotantleM atottg tbn«-fourtbt of tHc foie biirdcr rrom 
iW M*«, *»A witb a r«« coIvuMfu mkhL* tlwwh«K : •«i»H black, 
ti««j Uwv4* ibc baM. I.«u|[tb of tbo bodjr ft liiie* ; or tlie wingn 

Var. 8, Cbnt wilb foiu bUck ipnu ; ibe Iwo hiador uniusd, and 
t«rf viKb Urgn tlun tba (mb jair 

a. i IV(rt Naial Fran Mr. TuckM* MllMtion. 
€,d. Van Natal. From M. Ru«ii>xin*' oultMiion. 

7. PiTELnnifiD*. 

fiCM. Ab'. £>•/. %<(. Suntt. 533, 1, 3. 5wf. AAvn- 
Jfutf. a<-. pi. 17. f. DO. 


MbnlMa. Fair. £<•(. .S>i(. i<r. M, 14. -V J^*9>^ 
»4, 3. 





Iliww*, (kniln|t> bead and oliMt (InI, cmrmt oHih uwii; 
4—». ihkkty yuntlarad : baad aUno*! ocuiiiitl nlinic: Tncc ilifcbtlv 
MMtas. (Htli a broad, Aal. Innfnl"<llniil dripr, on nub tide of wbicb 
nm abavi ihiru«a eqatllt diitiuci nbtique tid^rt : Fpiiiuma ioag. 
«ilh a black iht ; mouiliYmuf-iiiou*, black luwnnlMbf ii|>: TtolfT* 
pMAyt tf f* of iht jolkla ytliow; abdomfa liind, iiilcbynl (be lip: 
ilip* of lb* ahanb aad at tbc frrl pitchy : faro-wiii)(K uloiidcd. und 
hn« aiid Ui**c rclitultlcd wilb (Urk biani.<«iT uarrow towaidk tbe 
tfpa ; kiail->HM|ts btnuni, daika al ibe lift, almost oolourlau bnianth 
dw fov* borUer for imi-thinb of iha lenctb fruin the bin* ; idna 

D, U«i>y lowmtib th« bam Lmgtb uf iLa body 4 lints t of ilia. 

. IS ItOM. 

• niOlf^iM bland*. Fran Hr. Cunis^t collection. 


un or iwMnptsson nmKcn. 

10. Pmtx* wBouuomrt. 

Niftr; at/ml Jrmiyinro trimaruUivm ,- lAonajr /rm^'nm 

fulra faifitrm,- i-^lrltmn iifrirr lulrwm i *im aitrim /uitt 
Utillalir el uHiinaenUlit. 

BUck. ihiiiiofl, ham : Lod snd diMt voi; finely piincuuwl i 
htmi abovi' flat, icmiciiiiilai iu fniDt, wiUi iWee fci(uK>nuiu inula 
on the f<>r« burdn i Caiv sliKlillj cuntex. niughlj puiii'lurrd, DM 
kcelctl, Hiili ak'ut i>t>ti» »i'%)n croai riiUtii "u mcb M«: mouth 
Utmglnoia at tli« biiM^ vlmt cunrcx, tnjiUtljr wrinkled acrOM in 
front ; a frrnminoiu biiid neat iho Tore Imrdcr ; MUlebeoD Oat, rm 
finelT ilriaiFil ac.-ro» : an aOKuUr tawnj hand un the fore bonier, di- 
lUM nt eneh I'nd ; lip lulnra*; Cnv-Miiigi nth«T namiw, coiiical 
tiiwiinli iliu tip, lirnwD from the mid'tlr p*il of tbe hind bordvr U 
the dill, nilniiifid wiili two Terv oblique Uvn; (lirnkt^ one ttnigbt, 
ncai xtic Imic . the other lonKcr, iliffbtlf curreil iu the mtild]e| k 
little nlwe ao'l l>L'iDnd it there is an obloug inwny i|iiit, pointing 
t«vudii fuui nhiir iliiii vhicb ■» Umuii* tbe kind bonier OMr (he 
tip : biiid-ivintt* I'i'oLiOi btowii, pale bruwu it the tip and along 
the hind hordcn ; a few colourlcu t.tmiLi alnnjc puit o( the leiu^ 
whkh an hUcJt. Length of the buily 7 linn, of the 
a. Pafi. Fiom Hi. SiemV colltctioo. 



II. PtTtLlllt IMPLDIt. 

liigtr, amnttu ; ptrtoni laUra/ulra ; aiilavim pitrum, 
Jt«n-lttieittn; aim Ut*. 

Black, ihiBingr : hmii, cheat, and bw.wliip n>*cml with \_ 
Omn: hea^ *ati rlirtt llai. tklekly aii'l tniniUelj punctured : head 
'_' couciiir bcUind, almoat cuuiual iu fruiil: its length bur 
ihu o'ne-lbarth of iu bmdtb ; a *^rt rr<l baud aloiiji the fore bor- 
der I face •Jigbilj eonoex, with a ll'l Mripc, uo tavh Me of wbkli 
Imc iweWe strouslf maAei obUi|ae rliluet : m'niih cstcndiiifc to ihe 
nlddla hiiia ; b>«aat un each (M* and hiiid-clicil tawnv : aliiknoni 
pkcby. niih jellnw b«tida alonit ilia bind boidet* of the aegaicaiai 
idact terrtiicinati*: hind-altanki Ictiuitinuu* at ibe boMi ttn- 
^ Winga raibd broad, ittj coatei ■lunR il>e fore IionWr - bind-irttiga 

h]<me the hiiul borden ; 



ttlnaliUpk, uwnyallbobuc. Lougth of itictrady A) linea; of) 
Fvinp 1 1 liuea. 

*. Java, I'rofD (he Eut India CaHpony*! ojUeeiion. 

u«T ov BoHomuoM tm»m. 
13. Pttki.ii» oBMcnvt. 

BluL, thinfaif : bead ami vlicfc Aat, rinctjr puKiured, fl^ 
mmm,'*m mi iW bind b»rder ; face *er]r ilighi'.T inovrx, •• iih a nther 

, los^tndlMl Hripc, DB fadi *Me nT whicb nrc ■si'lre di>- 
dMt Agklj cuTted rid^ : Hio«lb frmg^noiLi al tlic hasc ; abdo- 
■ntontvMaal Ummw: fura-viopi Uacklsfahm-n, iinmiw.BiHt 
watol lM*ai4* ibe lifi; biad-wiaici dichtlr iinj, biou-ii at (be 
Ofa ud alotf Ibe bind bordMa ; T«iia black. lawuT al Uie tiOM. 
Lmc^ "f tfc*>«dr I* Him : »' i>>« wlngi 1 1 linn, 
a. CifK FiMB U. Ung«'( rolUctlon. 

Tar. Af— 'iVffw ; aUiMvM Hi'^raa, tan fulrum ; pr^i ;hiMiW 
,/hM; afe aM><w /wM. 

Flldj, tfaivlufi head and (bat bt, minmelj niiBcinrnl, 
4U0j fur m i <nib t>«a^ don: biail almost comtca' in froni. 
fc«fc aooet'c nn ibe hi&d boidcr: Tat* mr iliifliilT cootcx. 
tUkfy yucnrot, wjib abovt taehc niiullf di>([oct, hanik uurvcil 
M|B oa •adtiida : moath uny nithabUck tip; alidonivn blHrh, 
■my u the haaa : Ice* pilchj ; bitiit \es' ■awnj' i forc'Winm dark 
Imp««, bmmw Mid ocmical Um»ri* ibc tip*: faind-mntm tlijcbtlf 

B, bnm M lb* Upt and alom^ pan uf th« hiiid buixler i vcini 
i, ta««T at tba bat*^ Usfib at ibc body If Ibict ; of ibo wings 
I Wtawk 

1. a«Rk Aftka. PmcDWd b; Dr. A. Smith. 


InriMnw. <Vfnrf ■ijrrv mriuM; nitUllum fiitv* /airianm .- at- 
^^«« ■Jj^ram ; fM^ fam, f »6iu laniifm pMttdi JtUtit ; mlm 

TwtoFwaak abWag: bsad and «b«ai Sat, nlaatatv paae- 
li fc«J laaiiunalar abirre, alMMI ttiaicbt ala«i)C Iba U»d 
, aU iota Mack ilaiii mt i)w fat« bocdrr ; five bUck, partlT 
I caab aUr, aikb a bmW. Oal, loainiailiuil itnp*, i/ii (-ni-b 
■ af vWcfc are MS or rifbl ■Itgfal, •«; oUHjai) ndgcti Cfittowa 


Lwr or noMofTEBOin ivutcn. 

COUTH, Gnelr innirnwlj Mrulcd : niAut)) femininoiu mih n blaB 
tt|i ; oculcliiwii pilrliy tuwsnia lh« tiji. wlik'h is Iiiwtit : nliduiacn 
bliick with ■ tHwiiy tif: Irtis pilcliy; knee* niiil LiiiiiOc)^ lawDjr; 
hind -ill I gilt pildiy ; tipiuf liind-bliNtikt and of lii nil- Ion l>Uck : ton- 
ninjci pole bnvii, iiurraw nnd coniciil lomnis tlie lipi, pale ^Fllmr 
aloag part nf (li« furp bordrr i liiud-A'iii|^ iilmuit cJluurlvu : their 
tip* T«fT kllt-litl* t!ni;i>d wilb liromn i tuicm Idui^k Lihiit tuwanlt die 
Iwn* l.(inj[ili of thR body 4l Hue*: of ili« wiiijn I'JIinn, 

0. Hcalli India. From Mr. WarwIuk'tcoUtciinn. 

H. Fnnti.c* ocBu.roKB. 


FfmiMnna ; thorax pitfuti aim anliea Jlam-/Mtit, matuiit b 
at&tifU itiyra circumdatU omaW. 

FFTnicinoQi, «IiIdIiik: limd otiiof (Iri, I'tAcli^h. tblckl; 
paneiDRit, nTmiM cmiical in finni, hiirdly concaie alonK tlic htw 
Dorder ; taoc ven nnvcx, thurl. imoolh. wjtb iiiilirtinct rroa ridgK 
oo Mcb tide - iniiutb pilcby luwnrdi the tip ; chett pilchj. tra>^ 
vcruly niinuloM -, ti])» >if the thsukh and ur ibu fcf I bisok ; Tm*- 
winiri jotloirii'b- broil n, ndnrnrd wlili liir w1iiti>h ipots, which MQ 
motlly vnctitlcd with bliick. ihrrc at onc-lbird. Riid tbcN bI Iwo- 
ihinl* of the length, Iwu ou ibc fotc border, and lour av:ii the bind 
border L a hUokish oMoog tpot on the hinil iHinlfc cUut^ to ihc tif. 
hlnd-wiiip flighllj fn;, pal* brawn at ihc tiii' and nliinir ibe bind 
bunlcn: leiiiflilack. laMiit Uxcardi tbc bate. Length of the body 
ti lin«; of (lie yingi II linn. 

«- Cohmbia- Frnni Mr. Tumn'i collecliun. 

IS. pTVIT.r> DMCiniR. 

TaUirut ; ahdiimm frmgiarum ; altt anlirir ffrriufiitttr m^eutU 
duahui limpiilU iliMbuique /uicii ad enitam omtta. 

^^P TmIucmii*, thiiiiD^: hnid luid cbnt Hnt, (inrly punctiired: 

^^liMd eonical in fnini, muciivv iiloii),' iht hiuil lKinl(>r. smuolb be- 
ll nMlh 1 ra«c icTj iliKbtly conicx, (Ih[ no the dl«k ; ctum ridm on 
eaeb ride obtiiiuF, itidiilinct : cpUluma ilightly Lnrlrd : miniih fn- 
raginoia with n pitchy tip: cbnl minutrly niKii1">c: abdnnicn fer- 
ni^nou*; brv-wins^ fftrnpnous, witb (uur \at^t inlHiuxIrsic apott 
on th« fore bordct. loo whitith niid ino briiwu ; diski of ihe ai«olMi 
more or Um wbiiitb: bind-Bin^ii colouilew, tny iJif^tlj tin^ 


un or ooMoiTuioiiii imohit*. 

aJanc Ui« honiM: iciM bitck, Uwnj ■! tlio 
«boay *i linoi nf Um iriDjts 10 Haa. 

I'tim Mr. Tiuncr'i NtlMtion. 
Irwm M. JiuftiM' tolkMion. 

Ifl. PrruDTiamiKn. 

■igfTB fiiJafiir-^iMfum ; /inn nri/ra, /aim 

fiero mmnduun i aUomn nigrum, ftrni^ittea 

fitlMi ate mui<m jUro-/tuai, /unr oblvfuJ 

Apbnpbon mma, CrrMcr, if5S. 

FanuitiiMa*. *kiain|t : faMd and «be>( flat, iDghllf «bttitDjti 
ililiHj M>d nuMvlelT DUnctaMd, covered «ilk uwnjr down : liMit 
dvcavc klaai the binJ borier, man codtcx in front, with fi'c blafk 
dob Mu iBgwW (HI lbs Gmc bofder. funtr pair at dou laretr iliau 
iIm Mb«t tluw : becbbck, mth as ItttorrapUdUwny baiid. lint on 
Ifea 4Uk, tli(bll; ibdfJDfi tm each ride, vhich Iiim abmii IwcItc 
(MmHi nr; (liatluw cma ridna; cputonaa keeled: moutb iritb 
a thrt ti]>i bt«aii aiib pltehf ipoti- abdumen libok; bind 

I «l th« M^cvt* TpmigfiMiu: l«^ tawny: fure-wtng* ytl' 

hrovn, ailh two dartrr Iirown irrcgnlir ohlii^uc iircaki. 
iDdiMinci; lip« contol, almucl poinltrf: hinil-aincii 

aalB w I ta a. «itli brovn itt>ii : *iHnt t>lack, pale jcllow at ibv 
Ihb' Ltaftb af tlio body 3| liuM : of tlt« wings 8 How. 

I AAtaa. Pmniiod by Dr. A. SbbIiIi. 

Kmx. 6. f'lurHi ; ,^«n /rrrmgiMra, *d dUttitn nifn; «iiw 
pmtie» ftmmaqur pattir*/uliia ; tlm poifNtf ruhrinrTta. 

Brwn, »hiat*|t ; bead and (hot llat, punvturMl : head vod. 
aloM lb* biud bardcT, more convex Id frant ; ii» length morr 
•oa-Mith of it* brrviltb; boe black and flat on the di>k. fer* 
and «ilb nine curbed obliqoe ridjcei oo neb lidc. c]>i- 
ltfT«gt&(>u«: Hiatilb bUck, fMTUgiuou* tomid) itic bate: hinil* 
Uftaad Uad-k«Ma lawny: hliul-ningt titgbily gr^j : >nni Mack, 
UWdf lib* ba»& Leagib of thr body 3—3) llnM : u( (hr 
7— {lUna. 
*.». C«f*. Fmm M. Drege'* collrctioo. 

rxn iiL 

3 R 


uaT or itoi«a»TB£an niiscTa. 

1 r«. 

17. Pttklvs AOcam*. 
Ftmaintiu; tupiit nij/rv IrigulMmit ; fttim ad Jiicun pint; 
yii/co tubuloia. 

Fcm^DOiu, i>hinin|(: hi'Ail iitkI clicst HhI, thkkl^ nodnj- I 
notely pUBcUired.coTered nilli uwny liaBD, •>Ii|(hl)v KbinlD);: bead I 
oooMTB kloiiK tb« hitid boidi-r, muru coii>cx in rroni, viib thfw 
Ua^ dol* Dcnr tugeiliut uii ihc TLire liuiiln; (ace pjicbjr •ud flat 
OD the diik, tBwnjr mtil »1l^blly fitioliing iin curb tide, which bw 
«igbl 01 niiio iibKquc, trry iballutr crou ii<<|;ra ; r|>iiitiiina Iceded: 
iiMli piccby, ferruipDaui at Uic busct fcclcn bUcli, pnla j^- 
r toWHiils Uic l)|Mi rbest sUj;lilly impmard ou i.-ivb lido ta 
boDt: abdadBun pitcbvi totacruuh nl (h* tiusi- aiid at ibe Itp: 
Cxre-wbffi btown, thicVly uid indiitinuily iiii->lt1cil nilb uvny, 
iMmor and ctenioAl towarai tbc iip>: bind-winiri coluuitcu witb 
palg Iktjwd lim; vriDa Mick, pnte yelbw *l ibe bane. Lcotlb 
of Uir budylH — tHnMi »r ibe iviugt 8—10 liiiea. 

Vat. g. Broun on lb* tip* of Uie bind-wiiig* rety ind 
«. Conoo. PrewiiWd br Sit J. Ridiardsua. 

Vat. fi. Lvridiu ; fueia pUra i /leclui picro biinacHUluin ; ai 
nun haii picfum ; pnlei fulri j /eoiora basi pirto ntlala. 

Lurid, ahinini;: huad and obeil lUl, thickly and miaulcly 

functnted, covfMd with inwiiy down : bi-sd coui-ni'c along the 

hfaiil border, morv ooorcx in front : its longib full un^fuurth of 

bnwdlbi fa(« moHly pitchy, 6hI on tbc disk, fJIgbilj sbrlt'OK 

|an «aeb mle; epilloma vury sli);bt!y keeled: tip or tbo moutb 

aeb : bfoM Wllb a lafg« plleby nput uu neb oidc ; nbdomtn 

ildby Wafdt ibe baM - legs uwny ; ibij-lu with pittbv tlieaki 

di th* haw: foK-winn pnlu luild, covtrcd wiili tawoj 

, hind-winn aluort CoIOUiI«m; reii» binck. litnigth of lbs 

Aj A\ liiiM I M the wiap 8 liuos, 

a, b. Siem Leone. PrcMmtcd by ibo Ae*. D. f. Motgau. 
c. West Africa. From Mr. FniKt'f <'«li(H:iioii. 

un «r •mvoPTKMn txtsota. 

!•• Pmuvt coicmK. 

wi I /trie* jnVfH, riltU Jmthui _/liirii e^nnjuiiFtii I 
^rimt aifrrjifialnm ,- dWomn* firut irilacfum ; prdtt IMtie, 
^mt^i**fimyitr«, rMM apinUi limfiil* /uttv^it riltatm. 

B«4 and ebml ferragiaous, lint, rtrr ihicklv anil minukly 

__i JwilliUwnriWii: hiwilUi'orl, tndiiliDPlljitriptd 

■re akiiig Uo htftd border, morf cuofes iu fninl, 
tti kafik dMt mum lluw oiWi^'Dunb of iu bnidih; face ^(diT, 
•M«Ur MMtutvd, wiih wn alight oliBuue nAfsra on cddi tide of the 
ii£ Wftatll i* iu i Iv»;«lkiir sInpM okincllio aides uuile near (be 
ImM cad fi*m a Co«c aod are producer alnng ili* brfiul : «|ii. 
flonvai, fcmiginiMf, wiiii an ubllquc furrDw on cacli 
tnniK><>i>«*>rit)i*Dlloh]'l>p- breait witli M brnad Uack 
Um bvr-ieet aM ih« MKldlr-bfcs i abdomen rcmiin' 
oa at llta hm! Uf* io*ia(««u»; fofr-wiiiKt Icini^i. 
Iff««(4t die lipa Khich are almutl poitiUrd. iMaflj' 
ft* balf llie bradib htneaih Ihe fore-boriler tnm the 
to Ac lip»i tMM futktd dniwn Mndu in tbe diali, a few of 
tea WMiliailiii villi aa imcvlaT tnrrti brown »Iripf , whiuh 

- - • -lUtkar 

I ffea ibtrr-lutha or the IcnxUi of lb* fan border to the tiji, 
Mrf b 4aHtnt at each end : *ui]n colourici* : tciiu black, laaiiT at 
4«hM». Ltaigtiiaf Uteb(Klj31in««; of Ibe wiagiKljm 

« Smi IndkiL Ftam Aichieaeon CI«A'* ooIlMtion. 

IV. pTTBin QimpftitieNH. 


I, futt» SMnablttf ; faein pirto ntlQla ; atilnnitMU ity- 
aartt fit f ofatrUla ; ala m«i\nr fvtem, Jtdeo himaeulaM. 

1Wv9y - bead woi cbMt Sat, inioDtFlf piiiiclur«d. cutered with 
dwn. head alMott conical >a liuni, ciwictic Moni; ihr bind 
', vtib taut ««rf iliort ^iL'hf aliipta, ol which the l»» on ruch 
■Noailadlowatdalliehind border, wUch bos a pitcbvl>nn(l ori 
M«: to Irngtb ICM Aut half lU btoadlh ^ face uli^'blty ouu- 
*c>, wiih twa bUcfc d«ia DMTtha crown, and witli h braHil, Hat 
mmm «Wh it noadf vUcbr, and ha* on each *idc cicicu ilijihily 
iHi|aa tna t1'c**> *Ucb hmc piirlij booils bpiwMn tbcin : tip of 
ika uaaaL pitchy: chat with tbicu bcowu aii);iilai and Ui|;Bll]t 
Utul waiti. and with *e<Fnl biown doUi abdotucn with a plotooa 
had ail lailiininiin liptof tbc biud-lUghaabixe uodof tba Tcet 

3 R 3 



pilcby: roT«-wiD|t* brawD, covered willi 

nriir iho lilnd bo^or, and with Iwo Ltwny tpo'is near tixt tip of ' 

fore bonlori one Ltrfr, (be nlhcr imnll: liiud-winfra almoii cola 

lea : triim IiUck, Uwnr at tlic daw. LriiKlli of (be budt- 3| lino 

of the winfp 8 linca. 

«. North I nil ia. Fmn Mr, Wnnrick'* collection. 

^b. NoTtli Bmir&l. Frnm Win CMmfilicll't ruUeclion. 
Vat. fi. A Liwtiy, nbliqiw firipe >t onr-tbinl of (b« lengtb of 
nch foTT-wiiiK- 

30. PrvcLoa cniuiuTut. 

Pvtnu, JUan ritulut ; peetiu pipta tnacahlam : abdantrn pir< 
fiilm fateialnmi prJei pir*i,frmitrif>as labtui, lartiit/iir^ 

TiwQjr : bcAdftodcbcmbickl; mid roiigbl; puiiciurvd, witli 
internintcd fallow tiripe; piincturet pilcby, Jiii uk hI»o b«re and 
thma too ipacct betWMii Ibem : bead flat, alinoit conicnl in front ; 
it* lengdi more than one-fourtb of its brntlili -, bind bunlrr famiinf; 
•T«i7 obtiue uKle ; fioe *er]r conocx.Blnioil oriil.hBiingaD encb uie 
»botltllftsmiobil<|iw crow r)dirc)i, with piincltirrdtpaopthemeeulheiiii 
rpbmu •liffbll}' kcclod : moiilli pilchT, rrncbiiiK the bind hips, lu- 
Won" timnrdi ibc lino : feeler* pitcbj, with lawny tipi : cbwt very 
liiKbOy cuiirei, wtib all indittiDUt rroM nirrow: breiit <rilli some 
pitdiy «poL«; abdomen plicby, excepiing (he bind bordeni of tht 
twaitnU: lejr* pitchy; ibiKtu yellow heiiealb; feet ycllcw, with 
pHoby lip*: fiire-ning* c«n>e( nluu;; Ibe fare border, eonical to- 
mtnlt (lie tipi. T«ty tliiukly eortrcd with pitchy puuclurvn : spaen 
bet<irf<en the jiunetunx berc»nd ibcrc pitchy; velni pitcby, yellow 
in M(n* part* : buid-wiDip' xranih ; veins ferniginous. LetiKlb of 
dio body 4 Unct ; of the wintp 9) linn. 

0. Uni led State. Ptewnicd by E. Duubleday, Etq. 

21. PtvBi.iJ»cumi'iB- 


prda Jlari; ala aiUic« frrruginnr, alba litieut. nign-big»i- 

Luftd! bend and chest Bat. illcblly shining, cloMly and mi- 
nutely puBCtuied, thickly ooiered witb lawny down: b»d cDnmre 

Lta or ■onomBoca miBcn. 

•)mc a* U^ boritt, rn; eMvex in Cronl ; • ibon jdlon In 
«flh nrv black 4eU oa Ibe fore border -. bcc rdlov, icrr iliirhlljt 
M>*<S. witli * Akl, Middle tliipv. oil rseb ii>4ie or which arc nine ob' 
BfMCnnacly ibllowridgM: tbetpac** l«i«eeiitbt?in are uwnj-: 
mmdk ttaaf , wilb > black tip : breul tellww : abdomtB latomia : 
hgt j^l»^ ; tip* of ibe apioM ud of Uie feet ptidijr : fare-wins* 
fcaa(iM«i, tbKUj mx««d witb tawnji 4awD, aitli two vfaiiiab ak> 
tf«a lUffM «n >M lu(« bMder neat im lip vlieru iher« it ■ Udok 
Mi tnl«t((*k braad, Moond *«n (mall ; n hlotli dot iicfir (brtitt 
■f tb> ysd burdcr; a fov wkiinn dnuks nionf the i-«in*: hina- 
MM* fabwlna : *nn« bbck, uwny lonani* ifae bate. l>ttigl)i or 
tki WJj a Raea ; of the wiiiip 7 linei. 

a,lL N«rth BcBipaL Fnn Mtu CunpbdI'a collect Jon. 



, minw firmfinnu ; rmpni mMvH pirti tiJmlati onM- 
mm,- atdiWM tonyiiKiim ; ptdnfiiM ; aia aittianmfiulm, 

Tialimiin. •hiaiiig : feirajpiiom 1<nieatli. lieatl auiI cbcH 
IHcUf paBrlnrtd : h«n<) ilincni (Inl. *li|;lill,v viiQc^ivc iiii tlio liind 
hMWt. nikn mora coa* ex m Iroal, witli n htltri ;>>U'liy ii|H>t atnuod 
(h»«f«lMs; U* lenirtb le» than Acie'rourtk uf iti bipadili : nxvcoTi- 
•tl.N«lt:hMii->kBpcd. Dilk about l*elte curved, obliqiiu ilnpfi on 
wA lUe : noiUb with a black lip, exlniiliD),' fur bcyuiid the btnd- 
kip! aMoMra rnruslnaiu: kg* laws*: ruK-wiiijn i>niro« wldi 
hbibI lia*. Tciy ihicklj punelnred, indlkiinctly moiilccl wiili iliu)!; 
■fcl*: htBd-winip oolMttcv: leina black, lawnf nl the baie. 

L«ftk nf the bod; .1| lion : o1 the wiiiiri 6 )iiiBa^ 

■,*. St. J«kD'B BluJT, E. Florida. PrmeDU<db; E. DooWtday.Eiq. 

33. PrraiLca piiitLtrLir*. 

flaiMi ,' («^ /nAu n'(Mr«im f( Aiiiu«ii/utNn ; lAxraf ;fic<»^>rnrtf- 
lirw ; mrtlai «d Mrtnn rf ilA Jonm /trrufiatm i puk* ftm- 
fimim J»tei*li ; aloatitw/rrntfiiuv pHflrUbt. 

Tdb*; Wad and cbett ttrj touKblj punctured, shiuiut; . 

mw tnni^iiUf- bead flat, conical, wilb a noit suture iii 

«f iW (70, and ibeuce icr; »lij|;fally iiKlined iifmatdi 10 the 



urt or noMoirxHou* rxutcn. 

fore bordn, wiih a letj btoai piicbj %tzipe, which cmlimcw 
mieta and it iuxtnevuA hj a nnirow jelloir ttripo; It* lenBtb a 
mile lew than linlf ili bmdlh ; bind Imrdcr fonninc a tnj oniiiif 
angle ; a pitchj aput an eaoli tide hy (b« eje. wbicb liiu u fclluw 
band; face kit cuuvex, alOKitt otal, whl> a vlendn fill ilripf. on 
tadi alda of viblcb an bIiiiuI «)ghl«Gii pitchj', puiirtiircd, nlmllon. 
vhliquc, umu ninmn; «pinonu ilifrtiilr Vcclcil: mnuih nith u 
piudiv tip, raicbioK "erj lillte t>cVDDrl ttic bind hipi : fccl«n 
pitclij, la«iij- lotiTirdi tiie lipi: chert Imnilj- i-outps. iudJitiDClljr 
LmIoiI, nitb a tligbl i-ruM furrow; » slvudcr jrvllow *trip« on tM 
ton part and im thp toutchcnn, luirnoctlDg an irroBiilar piUhj 
mark : brrut narti; rctniginnua : Btiilomm and otiduct fcmifl* 
Doui : tpti> wiin renuipnou* bnnds; titu <>r ilic fcK pilcbjr: fiM^ 
winp *orv Uiicklf punctured, uonvex along iLc fuic border, CONietl 
lowardt in* lip» : puuctum frrruf^iDou* : two aliott, sKcbt, oblhqwi 
jrcllnw (triprA on thn di(k, formnl by the abaenoe of pimctiut*: 
■he apacci beiurccn the puncliitri nijjmniBg acme parti of ibe* 
airipesart fririiKiiiuuB: hiiid-wiii)p nlmoat oolouclne: nJBt tawtij 
gth ur ib« bodj 4 lincc oftha wEngs 9} linoa. 

i. Non Scotia. Ptutn Lieut. Redman'* collection. 


M. Ptyslo* axuDU*. 

biviitniun; jtetlri frmginn fatatH} ofcaiUfcffJ 
rt pitra panelntir. 

Valloa: bmd aod cbeal veir lougtbly punctured, abinin^ 
pDDHutw (riTURinuo' : head ftnt, witli a brind pitch; atripe, wbi^ 
embiaon ilio tj'riou and is liitrnwcted hy a iiatrow Tellow tUipa; 
ila lei>|t11i not more than nnc-rourth »f ita bri-Adlh : lore bordot >1- 
niost ■eiaicitcular; bind butdcr funniii); an obiuaoanjile; face *«; 
ennrex, wutcbeon-ahaped, with a alender stripe, on each side of 
which arc about fifteen liidisiinci, oMj(|uo craaa nit^ ; the tpaoes 
bfiwern Uti'io Iimtc rcrruRiniiut puncture* ; mouth witli n pitdi; lip, 
cxtcndiiiK beyond the hind-hipi: fKlcn nilcbj. tawny totranh 

.the tipa : then tery altKhllj i-onrcx, almoit llat in front, iodblincd; 

'keeled: aome pans uu each side rcmi^Daua between the puncluKt; 
ttidoiTirii plirbj', ydlow on each tide and Alon^ iba hind bordeia of 
the irf-Kiiii'iiu : Ictn with rcTTUKinmu banda ; mm of the feet pitriij : 
(are-wingi *ory thickly punclitred, convex alonu the Tore border, 
vonicsl lownrd* the tips ; puuciuret frmiginous, bere and iboc 
pitchy as are atw the ipacea betwttn ihem ; *ome parts ooinpan- 

u>T or noaortsMn laum. 

t»rf y tnr frMn pwwiurw: btnil-wiart •ImoM («4aurle«; 
liwpy. I<n»]rUi of ibc ttody 3 IHim : of lli« wingi 7} lian. 
A Jbw ITiMlk Fran Uml- Ilvdmtn'i cullcciloi). 

i^^f mUa timaewlaliim, anlier femigitiaim ; 
/■/H ; 9t^ atilieit Jlaro iHlfmifilt bxfairiahr. 

Rwfly kllM 10 P. fflliam. ChMtooi colour, thiniiifr. mi- 
nMf MBCtintJ' bead forruulaoiui In froni, tllebUv depim^d oil 
mJk ■!••, «ltl> two aklttib npnii Dear tbc biod honfrr bolwcrD lb« 
tjmami tWc^eti; bocuDcxiib, (■.■ini;;iuuut. >etj tvniei : rid};e< 
m mA tide oUiqM, *«>; ilight i niuulb and lc|^ lawny r cbnl 
tMMVWHlj ragnloM : Cbra-vittj:* aduraed wiib two Intrrruplcd an. 
■irfM yallMr iMBdi : hi*d-wint;ti[rayii,b; tcimliliicli.Uimjiawnr' 
a«lai«. Iiigih of ibc bodf iHio*^- ■>' tbe wings lulion. 
Vnm U . latgia^ eolUciion. 

9& PrvKLO* coHcoLoft. 

Jrpmtiu ; fuciti aJ Jitnim nigrt ; at^jarwii ii 
Bi^ifwat,- al^ pntita limpidtt. 

Tw»i<«ni». *•(; BbiDlelf piMictuftJ. miFipd wllb pal? di 
hal aad cW*t Hat : bead taactiv along Ibr bind boHrr, Rian> roii- ' 
■n Ib fraat ; dnh of ihr tice bInrL. wiib a broad ^lulluw futivw, 
N«d tfi* of wbidi an nine bwilljr oblique 'idm: moitlb and 
■dcaMe «€ aMociwa blackiab: hiiid*wingi cobiulesa; vcim 
IMif , pakr Uomida Iba bale Lmgtbof Ibe bod;4 lines; or ihe. 

27. pTTILU* «IU«lllaTD*. 

Jlaax. ■•fra irrwinaliu ; ptrtiu Jimt n^rmn ; aidnmrn ^ 

fmlrm fttrialmm tt naimllalum ; «lx anlittt fuiat. angWU, 
■tta Mnars^aM, •MWo fuaJriHolalir, ^h 

TaBMi. ditniBit- l>**'l **>'i ebnt Ibt, miuuiclir iiuTiutured^l 
~ «ttb til Mack tlti)w« : bcnil coiii-nic tilotte llie hltiil buriln. 
in fivDl i iu loiigib l*u Ui»o bnlf 'it* brcadtb ; bco 

71 » 

Lin or MoMOPTKBon iKiKcra. 

rety DODrn, wiUi indMliarl cto» ridsea on eaob *idc, Uack towtrii 
the cpitiofna, whiub it sIm blaek : disk of die bitut moaly bUck : 
aMatnfn piicb; ; n tbott durul ttiipc, liiiid boTikn or the se^cDls 
■nd oiiduci uwny : Irgi Tcllnir : dpi of (hff hind ilmiiki and of 
Uie htnd-fecl pitchy ; (urv.triiiRS bruwn. nnrroH', with l«i> trrji Urn 
wblU (pola ou (be fure burilct, nilli iwu iiiilitliiirl ahiliib maru 
ntai Uw 1i«««. and wlili iwomoKiilimg ttiohind border: biiid-wiiig* 
(olourloK : vcini) Iawdt, p«Ie yoUow towarils (be buc. Ijcn^ of 
llie bud; 21^ linn ; of (he wings 6 liaes. 

a. North India. From Mr. Warwick's cullccdon. 

9§. PrvKLOB gokDUMorLABii. 

/cmj|tMnn,^«v aotitlKi ; nijnil /ultB rarimu,fafit pirtu ; aB 
>nn> ptora MridM ,• itrdeifiient/laixtrariii al» aiUuit/uti 
picnt /lucialir. 

Lcpjrrauta qiuulntiKubirii, Sin/. 

Feniij^iiioiii : Iirnd and chti( I1ii(, (hickl? mid minutnljr 
tuttd, wilb a few «m>ll. irrFKiilnr. <rcI1t>ii mark*: bend poillf M 
on Mob >id«, almntl i<raigb( uioii): tlic bindbonlM, caoionl in fn 
iia leii([(h abi>u( balf lu lirv«ilih : Ihcc conicx, pllobf, wilfa k lir 
flk( Klrijif, on each liile of which Arc Uin *(iongl; tnnrked. totr 
ot>lit|Ue rrnu riditn, witli fFrrufiinouf «pncc« be[wveii ibeni : tnuu(h 
reacbiiiK ihr middle hiju : lip |iili'lij i ahdiiini-u parll* pitrbr ; leM 
pitobj; aultriur (bi^t wilL jcllnw t|i'>t>; liinu Icp TclliMa afui 
pildij bsodt: furc-wiDits Unnj, cunvex alnng the fore bnidcr. 
pftrt); pi(cbT al the btuc and at (he (ijiii, and vi(b («o pilcb]- Dhtii|ne 
Moil* wbicli form an ansk: hiud-niii^'i almoal culourlcosi >eiiM 
pi(<Jiy, Uiniii t4)wurdi (be Inue. Lcugib uf (he hoAj 3 Un«* : of (bt 
wiagt 7 line*. . 

«, b. Norlli Amprico. ProVDlcil b; I)ip RntamoloKical Club. 
r, d. NoTK Scotia. From Licvi. Itcdmiin'i o'lleeiion. 

39. PrrxLL-a uoTAH*. 

fiwHtf eaput mhimi ftilmm ; /KVfuj /nfio marijiiialtm ; 

mm ra/trd pur/iiirfo liiHtum, u-gntnl'imm martfinibni poili 
tuhliu flaiHt : peiln/ii/ti; ttlatn:i(v/utat,macului;itt 
timpidii nuunilafaiciit^uefmtwiM,fiucta^titrufa omatU. 

PiUhy : hfiid and cbe>.t ilikt, mlnntclf puDG(UT<'(l, cl^^ed iiilb 
black doi>a : boMl vcrj iligbtlj cuocarc along the hind b« 

at oi»-l!irrf of rtie TenRthT « 
' Hie fuK border nrat the liji ; vl- 
j ijKrl, and beneath )i a hiigLl red 
I gxuad*fronitlotbebiiidb(irili.'r I twu colourlcat >>pou, 
I Tny nMll. an nraiVT the tip, cIum) tu nbiob tbctc it a 
hin4-wiD|p pale bruwaith graj ; vv'itn blaci, laivnf a( 
luf i^mjSt line*: oFiImi iiin^6 )ine». 

L C«Mt «t ABMk*. Pttwntcd by Capl. WMd and Liriit. 

30. IHtxlc* «iitn.a](». 

_. , eapil piao fuadntiualaiu, milai JIamm ^ thorax 

fit— I ■> — l-wlfftM ■■ ftritu niyrn /utrHfum ; pcdti fulri . 

Minmiw luad and cbe*t flat, veiy minntdj pimciureil. 

whfc bwnr d««nt bead comstc atunit the lii»<i liuider, 

MWksI ■■ nuat, with tamt *ltnil4T, Indi'tlnrt, InlrmiiiUiii 

; Ita laaKtb Im< Umh hall' it> bmdib : Ucr Tcllinr, 

iKX, wUk a pildij did, and lovrardi tbe Trout with a 

r ; iM CMh mde uc leu ic*; atilii|u« dumb tidtna ; epi- 

nm 1 oMiBlfc piubj, lawnj lomnlt lh» baw : diMt wldi 

iJiillKrt ilvadtr pitcb; Riripti-. brrttl wiih a biaod black 

mnm the fate bipi aud the middle bipi, aiid willt ■ tbotl 

■nip* <iD cadi *idc: Iri^tUwDj; ktiMlTeUo*; tJps of ibe 

kibj . fore-orinn alm<4tfat<iur1eM slo^tkofoM border, with 

Kmm af 1W0 Inao brown narlca : <wo at iho ba*e ; tbe oilier 

31. Prvu-ra nsBU*. 

Ftamt I ihortx pirte blrillaliu ; ahitnmrn falnan ! atm 
ttthvlir, frrrui/inen rillnlt. uJ mnr^ii'ri piiiliect fult*. 

Tolloiv, tliiniug 1 bead nml clieM d*t : faoad O0DCt*e iil"n|r I 
bind botdrr. mnt« Banrtx in Irnni wlicie it b*> a Hlighi notch nn 
c*eh Kiilc ; it* Irniilb tcu ihun hulf iti hreadlb ; boe eonvci, aI- 
mMl O'nl. wiih > iiunrtured middle itript^, on Mcb (i<le of wliii'h 
tm nin« ihalluir obliquu vrwt rid)c«; cpiuoma flight); ltc«l*d: 
moiiih luuiif, mcblng to tli* midJla bipt; tnaxlU* rrrritfclBoaa; 
r-hiMt giuiiclurcd, diichilf impmiod acrou in fnmt, with « pto^ 
kiripc cxictidiag on c*ch Mik from tbc c}'c to ibc banc of tbe Cns? 
o'ini! i abdumt'ii tunny ; ti|i* of lliv fiii'l {lilubii : forf -wiun wbilbk, 
jinlc latrnr loirnnla lli'« bind boidrr, «ilb «ii iindiilnltiis (I'ltxie'iiiniu 
Rlripc, which ntcndi ihroiifih the disk from tbi- buc lo the tip; 
bind-ncitiKB calourti-H : •cini pale jcHow. Lengib of tbe Ifudj 3) 
Ulm~, of the wiugs I) linn. 

j «. Colnitu. Pi«uitt«d b; Dr. Hoolar. 

33, PrvBi-ua TBiNjicci.jiTi)a, 

Apluvphon IriiDMCulala, IFhite, Zoot. Vvy. JSrfbui ^ Trmr, pl.1 
fig;. 10. 
New Zaaland. Prracnird bt Dr, Sinclair. 
t, e. Nnr ZraUad. Fnsmlcd by Dr. Hoi'kcr. 
d. Mew Zealand. PrcsEntcd by Dr. tlouker. 
r,/. Coleaiio. Pi«ii-ii(<.'d bj' Dr. Hootet. 

33. rrvti.rt act<Tiiii:acENa. 

Anbrnpboni TinKrat, While, Xonl. Kav. £Vrtti< |- Tirror, pi. 

r. i\. 

a. New Zealand. Pnaented hj CapL Sit Jamea C. Rom. 

3-1. PmtLCfl pmrrcM. 

Fuliiu i f/ieia el fectvM uiyrieentia ,' al^ anlint niaryinU put 
prvpr apieem fiuco ii-fUlMM 

Pale lawny, corntd with pnlu down : b«ad and chfsl a!n«<» 
flat: h(Ml Tcrr cunvcx in f(i>nt. with two fniinuii *fhicb dicerftc 
bom ibe fore IwnUt and cotntuunicaie with twu inore ubiiquc :~ 

uiT or iHNtarTBBaiiii iksbois. 

, > iw» Oh UDd bofderi fiwe rnj' convex, with a UaokU! 

Ml, wfckii ho* atxnt ciRhi vliliuue rid^i oti eaeb «ide t Aiik of the 
k«H hUckUb. rvre'Bta);^ willi k Jnik lirown dM on Ike t 
(■^raeu ifac tin: lilui-aiiii;:i rol^iirlru; ivint paJe atiaw-ooJi 
laClk <tf lb* bMf At linei ; of the m'mg* i\ liim. 

1. Xodk Bcsg*L >'nMD Hiu C*a>)>l>cUt eoUcclioii. 

39. Pmt.t!* BitiTim. 

Fulmui rmjmt aNttaiM nthtui prrterit^ue taUn nlyriraatia i ai- 
Jamtm nynnp, twi ^«nf or /Wnua ; •/« anfint Adti ni 

Pair lanDJ, eorcrod willi pale down : bMtd and cbnt almust 
l>i brad *r; cranm in tn»l, iliKhllv imprMKd ou each nile bj 
iWfairc hHfIa, alwiuwldcbil utbfaickiBlibcaeiUi : CMStnyroiiTC 
filfc aboU Icn oUtqw HdgM <m racb tide : hmtl bUckUli beiica' 
A* haM of rarh fi>c* wttif : abdocBtn black, palo uwn; ai llie ba^ 
wi at Ibc tip - brc-itinp whh ■ blackish itiipc, Mtondiiig alnn| 
«■■ dwi i)««4Uid or ue Iragdi, p«nUel Id the font bonlci : hiu 
^■(1 iiiitaiiihaa. niiM pak Mnw-eolMU. Lcejttb of the bod; 
iaa: af Ik* winp ^4 liaM. 

a. niliiiii'i Baj. Pratnucd b; G. BaraUM. Em(. 

30. PiTiLca ■irAscMTC*. 

TaMbr tiW/f '"• JW.l. 413,2. Ay. Ah. Halm. 1741.231,] 
r. Jla>«M. AH, Par. 17m, 102. Ran, I«l 07. Swainrnt- 
(Ml) t«3, //>£/. tu. 2Id. Jfrnan, /lu. 77, p). Al. /'en 
Gut«A- pL 61, f. 9. ttUneli.tf.ff7. p). II. /'itkA. 
-a. «. pi. 13. /?-., /«. II. Cr^U. 139, pU 23, Stilt. Im. 

|L 10, r. M. s<v/r- £''"-• pi- -IJ. 

! uf ibnc ijntMijBit na; bcloDR to <1. i^marM. 
I naKMrisF Srap. iiliii. CWa. 331. Fuenl. Itu. tittt. 43 
CmI Sd. SfU. N»t. i. 4, 4103,24. 

Ent. if-»l,3. Aarm. //anifi. 

MRW niaiinu, />ra. fx. iii. inS, l.iiLll, f. 1—21. 
bUha^iB, tffrm. Afajr. 
S. I. 123, 3. 

VoMta auurm. F«f/. Aa. Holm. 180ft, 24«, 4. 

•14, a. CW«. fam. /tna. Wap. Int. EmilL Art. 2. 2. 

■Vb ir*B>na. Utr.-SrUf. S^m. fat 07. 


Lr*T or noMorrcnor* inMcn. 

Cl«diU&(ciaU,/«ni*.>Vjur.4V<U.xli. 77,70(1. II. ftun.Swr.H.) 
ea3,meo». Sloll.de. 77, f\.i9,t.\(a, Gm<l.E,I..Syi 

UifuoiaU. Dry. /«. hi. l»e, 6, {il. II, f. Si. 

Is (EDOtbns, Sfip. Em. Cam. 114,334. Gmtl. Ed. Syt. 

AW, i 4. 21 10, \nO. 

ipU (KnoQictw, S(ir. /iiun. Bate, il, 

Aphraplioni UioDtlii, 5r. Far;/, ft Srrr. 6V. AfilA. X.~608, 3. J 

Apbnphora (Enotlicrtv, Gtrm. Mag. Enl. ir. 53, 5. H 

Ceroopit Miuninna, VHr. a. maciiUlii, Zril. ht. La/ip. AH. H 

'~l7«liM, Var. I, UKfnxcphklui ; 'i, Ula^cMo*; 3, grlMtctifl 

Amyol, Ann. Sae. Unl. Ft. Zav Sinr. ». 192, M\. ^| 

CeroopU riialicn i t'abr. Sfi. Iiu. H, 330, 10, .Vanf. />u, il. 373, t^t 

£'<>(, .^jfd, li. 54,33. Syt. RAyn 97. 51. 6'mri, Ed. SiM 

SatA. 4.-2103, 10U. fl 

Var. f>., ,Sunn- ^H 

Vtu. r,, Ourm. ^H 

Cercotrii 4-iuaculaU, SrJkr, Faim. Bote. ii. ^H 

Var. n., Ilvrm. ^| 

CcrcuTiin biruscInU, /air. .Sjp. /iw. ii. 3211, «. JUant. Int. it. 374^| 

jSai ^<i. t>. 36, 43, Sy,t. NAy,. m. C'ofwt. Wmlr. I. fl 

pi. 8, ^ 10. ■ 

Vai. f., Bum, ^H 

CVrcopii cnpilHius, Fabr. EiU. Sytt. it. M, 41. JH 

Mdaoaptinii. Viii. I, oapiuiu*, 2, nibiiiger, Antifol, Ann, Sec. fflH 

Fr. Smf Sirv, «. 193, 436. ■ 

\u/.,Hmn,. m 

Cicada leiKticcpbuU. Lint. Faun. Sitf. 8M. Sytl. A'at. 701), flfl 

Gtoff. /lu. Par.i.4-i\. 13. .^cfcr^. /wi", pi. 237. T. 6. ^ 

Oncopi^eucoCFplialn. /'.lir, Sp. tiu. it. 393, 23, Mant, Iiu, fl 

^0,ai>. £'••'. .SjTft. iv. 33, 31. %t. Hhyn. D3,3t>. &iiM 

£*(/. .%>!, Nat. \. 4, SlCHi, 3d. Sthr. Faun. Bm>. AM 

Fnua. Gtrm. Til. 30. ^S 

impit flavicollix. Srkr. Fann. B-ie. n. I, lOlttL ^M 

ipii nMrgiaelU, Fabr. •^>>^ /Uyn. 03, 37. ^H 

•piaifumim,Vw. If, Fait. Act. Holm. 1805, 34lt. ^M 

ipU spamaria, V«r. /, Iriicitcrpbnlu. Z<K. /ni. iia/rp. 313. ^M 

Ceroopdi ipomnrin, Var. /. Fall. Ail. thlm. I»0.'>, 346. ^| 

Cerocipit Sfnunarin, Vnr, j&, tnurfcini'll', Xeti. liu. Lapp. 313. ^| 

Cn«opH lalmUis, Var. t, fani. Faun. Grrm. ri. JH. ^| 

Aphrapbora tnirgiuella, Grrm. May. But iv.3(,8. ^^ 

Vta.}.,Jiunn. ^1 

,CBi«opii> xaiilliooephRla, $cAr. /iih». fivir. U. ^H 

Var. A., Burm. ^H 

LUT OP nomortKaort ixutcn. 

F»pafi. /Ur. ^«^. /lu. n.3»l, r4. Maiu.Im,.. 
n. Emt. Sft.\t.ST.46. Syil. RAyt. 9S, tO. Gmel. Ell. 

SmL Xmi.i. 4. 3ioa,ae. 

C— fii niiiiiaiii Vat. *, A/J: Ari.fMm. |H(U. SIS. 
OMMib ijiMiiiri». Vu. r, iwllida. Ztit. /w. /j;^^. stS. 
r«.(, Jfwn. /!», /u. «8. 3. 6'ni/r. ^u. Pat, j. 416,3, 
0«4* kl*nti*. /.••» 5y>4. .Va(.H->i>')7M>,3l). Fama.fhte.r 

(hkrf. A'W. .<;y<r. .V«l. I. 4, '^106, 30. 
OMMb IjtrnlU, y*hr. Sfft. Ut. ii. 324, Itt. Vm. 7hi. ii. 

it. K^. Sf,l. ir. 35, 34. -SVlf. /(Ayl.. ««, 4«, Fwfl. 

a*t' 3*. 4(10. P«;. Fatm. Ini. Crrm. ti. 24. 
I tfanuw. Vat. 0, ^'WA Jrl. /Mm. lt«iU,34A. 
' I, Vu. a, Uti-nli». ZtU, it. Lapp. AIS. 

IflMbanlMcnlu, Gma. A/<jr. £V. ir. M, o. 
rMMMlM. Amf»t, A«M. S^. E»l. fr. 3«r SMe, t. 193, 4, 433. 
CkMfte ii—nri*. Tu. *.' F<iU. An. Holm. I8i». 34«. 
GMMii tHBMUio. Vat. ), tiUnln ? ifrU. /lu. £«sv. Aie. 
T«l||Mls*iCUa 7 .Ur. /a->. ii'iir. Fuc. *i. 1 20. 

am4^ HtteiB. luH. F«M. SWr. 880. Fiitttl. Int. Uttr. -M. 4<i4. 

Gm^. Bd. Sgtt. yu. t. i.i\fT7.X. 
Cmm\i vltUU. F*h-. Sp, I-u. a. an, l?. Sr<ml. /m. il. 370, 3» 

Art. Sfft- 1*. d3. U. .Vjul. nMvn 96, 4A. 
■maiM, ^Myal, .liM. .SW. /vRt. /v. 3m( Sfrif. r. 192, 42A, 
OaMfiaWgauau,Falr. S*u. AAv>>.ff7,M, 
^ OcrMte 4>p«a(«Ua. Srir. Pmtm. Bt-U. ii. 1070. 
Xm, riinifll iMcialA. &«r. Aim. Bait. ti. &7, 1068. 
Tk C«««r»P^>>"• ^«^- '$f«'- ^1^ *>' 331. II. ifanl. I<u. il. 

«ra. Id. Emt. Syl. ir. M. ». ^i. iUyii. 97, A3. Oatrt. 

Mi- Smt. .V>r. i 4. 31<n, 107. 
' •rvBuiU. Vtr. 8, F<UI. Ati. //o/u. ISOi», »«. 

Cwciph iptmah*. Vat. A. nibba, Z<'(l. /«. I*;)^. dl4. 
Vm C ctw V w •puinaiu. Var. (. F^l. Act. HoU. r>«D5, «4«. 
Ctawfii Hwnula, Var. r, otwcura, Zrli. Int. iMfp. SIA. 
V0. C«M*flt MVUila r Fa6r. Etl- Sytt. i*. U. 28. 
tew ■■■■iliiir Air. £yir. /U«. 100, y 

Fair. Smt Mfn. 100, i. 
CmMf^wrmm^,Vu.».F»ll.Aci. U«tm. ItMM. 

a »— c f . S. FmBOe. 

««•. G««cn. pKMBtfdbT M.nourcan. 

Ii». rPMMtcdbrJ a.Ch.ldicn. Em. 

- - - TTilVn-* pRKBtodbfU. N.GttTillc. &tq. 

rABT. III. 8 • 


utr w HOHomnoui iHucn. 


Ciccda lincKta. /.•■■n. .^yx. A«f. (Kd. xli.) 709, at. Fnuf.* 

8SIJ. Ciiu-(. AV. .Vv«. AW. i. <, 2103, 31. 
CfMOpU lincdtD. Fair. Spee. Iiu. ii. 330, 8. Stanl. Itu. n. S74, 13. 

£'■<. SytU ii. Rkifn. i)(i, 43. 
Ceicopit dblireiiau. Fo&r. Syii. Rhm. !)Q, 47. Panf. Foiin Gfrm. 

nil. I>. 
Cetcopit (pumaiia, \a.t. u ^ Fall. Art. Holm. I8Dd, 346. 
CcRopi* ipamuU. Vat. i, liueuia ? 2rK. Im. Lapp. At A, 
CMOOpUeampwtil*.' faff. Aft. Holm. \ma,^2. Zttt. ln». Imj^^ 

AIS, 3. 
Aflin^ofa lineaU, Genn^Mag, Ent iT.S3,<t. ihinn. Haiidh.i 

il 1. 123, 4. 
Apliropbon abbr«Tl*tt. <7ffm. 3/ii^. £iii. ('■ M, 10. 
CaingrmnmuE, Amyot, Ann, Sac. Etii. Fr. Snu Strit, r. IDS, ' 

a. T I'fcMDled bj J . (J. ChililTM, Eu. 

fc. c. ? 

38. Pttelit* MrtriniTHca, 
UUpacLl1iU», Amyot, Ann. Sb*. EiU. Fr. 3nw StrU. *. IH, 4ST^ 
France, lulf . 

39. Pnrtus Lwcararutuin. 

EPtjreliu tM&iakU. Var. ? 
Cieailft l«ii«ipbilia)m>, Xtan. Ami. Safr. 883. Gmrl. Ed. 
iVal. l.-1,31Dtf,'jn. 
CneopUleuGophlliiLliiia, jF«ir. .Vwr. fw.it, 32A, 31. 
970.28. fihf. " 

Mmnt. Im. I 

&»(. iv. Sj,i. KAjm. 96, 38. 
^CetOopUtpnm&na. Var. t? Fall. Ad. tfo/m. 18IU. 316. 
'^Cenopi» tpunurin, V«r. J, Ieucu|iIi[1iu1iiib, Zrtt. tni. Lapp. 519. 
Apfaiophora UuDophllwlnu. Gtnn. Mtj/. £■■/. iv. 03, 4. Faun, /u, 
U. pi. 17. 


10. Pmi.rs n'VDCBm. 

Totligoniii pubeaoens, OtrtU. 

■—A. Euf-Uncl. PKualed b; F. Wslket, Esq. 
, I. South or Fnnoe. 

uat or noMortKfUtn lasscn. 

41. Pttelui Ex<:uji*Tioxi>. 

t ruUvitionl*. Timi. An. Vu. It. SI, 40. Gntl. 

9mt.Stt. ). 4, aim. 143. 
rwilli im' - •' -' . ' liitm. ltN)i).3&3, 7. Gt.2i,». 

Zhl /■>. I^p. ai7, 4. 

miyrwrn; ftdnJUrii aim antirm md miam <«fle 


oDTcrcd with Mie dom ; head uid efatat flat : lieaJ 
1 w Meh Md* of the di^ MDCBTe along the hind 
Miifa»l to rtoat 1 liw« tam;, iLEniQi;, *oy oMta, 
la aach die abont twelro abliqae brpini bajiii whioli arc 
IWm* wftb &• exMpUon of fire between the ojet : bi«aai 
■mj vith » black dkk : abdumea black thorr, Uwdt beneath ; 
hy jJlia ' tHV-a^aga pale brun, darker along Uit (liud bordet 
wmt Am Ufa, wiUi two Urse, aluMt Iriati^lBr wbllc spuis on the 
ftet harfe*: ntn4-wiu> oelasrlew; reins lirowD. I.«iiglh of ibe 
tM4f tl ln«i ofUMdngiSlliaM. 
a -■' FMMBtrd bj J, Q. ChlUno, Bm|. 

42. Pnn-CiF *i-iiuui, 

IWh aitalU. 5l. Ary. n Sm. E^. M/ik. x. 60S. 
||hl|li|- apicalit, C*t«. J/ojf- £M. ir. 63, 7. 

43. Pnti.D« lUHUTKi*. 
albUtUn, Grrtiuir, MS.S. 
lin^, JtfnmMi ; aUmiMB fmtmm ; ai« ■"line «il enMm 

8iia« toleiir, co*end with pak down : heed and cbcsi flu 
above : heftd ee^care bekind, more cuovex in rroni ; tact sljgbtlf 
■Miex ; lUcce en eaeb eUe ivt; IndLitincI : Bbilumun tuwn; foret 
•riaqt* *UlM aleng ibe fore bonier ; rcio* rcmiginou* : hind-ningt 
«atedeta: veto* pale rttaw eoloor. Length of tbe badj 2 linei; 

a. C*ft. Fnn U. I>reg«^ coUeetioa. 



Li(T OP uoHOfTBmvi lancn. 

41. PtTILVh IStVIDDJtVei. 
PlTdiH triTirgaliic, Amytl €l Srrr. Hut. Nat. Hha. 507, ^, pL 


I P 

«. Prrai.P* renRrM-xaniiUK. 
Pljtlu* fcmtm^c^uinuin, S(. Fary. (I 5#rr. Am. JifAA. x. COS, 1. 

45. pTTBLca MmADiua. 

Ptfr-liM minbillB. Antyol, Hiil. iV«f. H/ia. 566, 1. 
Ccivopii mirahilM, Blanrk. Hut. Xal. Iiu. \i\. 187, 1. 

New Hnlknd ; MkdagMCv. 

47. Pttrlvr Hcar«Bci*Tii«. 


; Mfnt ni;rra fitfrum, luiliw m(i(V ;>>r»iin> ; ihiira^r^ 

nstf iihia ffotfinr apiiv riiyrf ; a/ir axitica alho hi 
hiui fnlvn maciilalir. 


Pale tHwny, ftliining;, >«n finely punctuml : 1i«ail alio*e tot 
lUgbil; roiieave kloag tiio ninil Imnloi. "nj cnnict in tiont; (ke* 
itrj OODTCX, piuhy towinlii ifae cpittrnna, nbjch !■ abo ptivbj; 
rid^ on eoon lidc «err ■difc'it : cbnt with lix lirown iiripc*; t 
btown apot on mdi M<Ie b,v llic biuu of the furv^win); ; disk of ibt 
bMut blacks abiJonioii plu-lij, pule uiwnt ut tbr baur: tipa of lb< 
hioil abaoki black : foic-wingi brawn, uiili a taiuij ifHit on raoh 
ridcalUie buse. sud willi Inu nliik biiiidi, thp first nol r<McbiD([ tbe 
blail boidn, the hccumi iiili;)TU[>lcd iii Ibi- miiMlr ■ Iiitiil'wiiigi co- 
tonrisH: ivinc lawny, Laigtb of tbo bud; >! line -, ^fibe winp 
4 Warn. 
a. Norlli lodii. Fiom Kir. Warwiek^ ooUaetioit. 

4tl. Pttklcs oimiaca. 

pil ohIUH, Say. 

I Sum. 

LWT or BOMonBKova imu«i«. 73a 

40. PrrrtM lOHtricTtii. 

OwMfte iCMtpacU, i/oTTM, Cai. tmt. J/dnn^. 

a«au3. LEPntONlA. 
l^ffMttH, ^MfM rt Srrr. Utit. StI. Htm. Sd?, itt. 

t- liSTTftoau oBaciTurjk. 

I i y/ I— to otNcnnlk, ^njFol « Srrr. Uitt. Sai. Him. i97, 1 , pL I j 
1 Ift. 


mAbaiiaU, Amytm Sat. Hiti, X*t. Bim. i«7,9. 

3. Lepthonii eoiMomAH. 

Ufjtml^ MieOpmU, ylM«nl (f Srrr. IJUt. .Vaf. /ftm. M7, 3. 
<WJ> Mfaaprata, Xi'hh. /**•)■. ^fiirc. 310, 880. 
Omm^ anbU. pMtf. Eni. Sytt. iv. &3, 37. 5y>t. AAyn. &7, 4S, 
nmr. Aau./iu. 6Vn. 103. 10. 

cnU<n>tnt>. Grrwi. Mno. Km. iv. M, 1 1. 

> KlifvUlA, Ihirm. llanJb. Ent. it. 133, i. 
I'HJIMtl. /<M9M,i«M>. Stfr. fiU. Fr. 3m< .V^<, *. IM,4M. 


4. LtrriONU ■o»rA*oi4T«? 
LiyjrimlB MUhatku. Anfat tl Sm. Iful. A'at. Him. 567. i. 
a. BbsO. Vnm lb. Sbuckud'i colkclioa. 



urt VT MOMomnoa nmon. 



fmtilrttt rl ynlarti jiaiv ; alit anliea picfo-maeulata, «fk> 

Pile femtginoui: hcnd soil chest Ant, tbiaklr and mtnuielj 
ptint-liirrd : hcud alnioal coDicnl in front, reiy lUehm cunckvo along 
tlioliitiil Iioriler; iuloci^ili abuiit bairita bmdlSi bc« rdlow, icijr 
eouvcx and prominent, with about (en tb«llaw baidlT abliquc nclx> 
uu «avli lidc, wild pilch; spEurn bptwetn ibe Yii n«it ih<; froat; 
•piBtiiiuu Slid luuulb jiilohy, the lallrr rvachit'i; ibe raiddlo-hlpt: 
btv**! mill Hbdonica motut plii-b; : ihigbt townrdii lli« btw, fan- 
(hankt and fair-tncl t<-11ow : forc-winj;* conicx, elliptical, wilb 1 
few pate pilcUy iputi, pilctii luwanis tlic base, near wliich llirw ia 
tn ubliqiir wliiiu bmid, irbicb dim uol reach tbe hind border : hlnd- 
'Winra cnlautlcH ; mns pale jclluw. Lcngdi of iho bodjr ii Man ; 
df tbe winp A tine*. 

Vai.fl. Fufc-mings pale ti^lluw (owarda the tipt, ailh the ei- 
ccpliou uf iLe borders of ihe temt. 

a. New lli^lknd. PreaenMd hj the Hular Bmpital. 

b. Now Uulland. Fiom Mr. LoDibcrt'ii cutlociioo, 

6. Lgpthokij) auiicikotaF 

TViInrra ; thorax peilif^ f>e*w, atbo jatriatm ; ptflia fiaman, 
pina ronuni ,- vtJei futvi: femora hui Jtmv ; ala onttM 
/lunr, albti fainatie, ^ 


Apbrophoraalbicincui? b'richton, Arthir. i. lM3,38a,377. 

ToftMoroni, tbiiiin|[: head, «hciL, and forc'Win^ ibickl; and 
■niniitcly pnnctured : heat! nud cheat llut^ head with an itidtitinct 
eiou fitnovr in the diak. almual alraijihl uloiig the bind border, 
•litlhtlT oouical in fruiit; fncc im coii>ei nnd prumiiitiit, ;(ell(iw, 
willi abom IweJro (ballon, Tery iliiihlljr oblique ctou lidjic* on Muh 
aide; the "pncei belwecii eijtbi of ilietc are pill-by ; FpiaWmn purtlj 
I pilobjr : iDonih Utntiy. mvbini^ ibr niuldlt biiit; lip piU'hj ; hind 

fMI of ibe i-hitt pitdir. (villi a hljgbtly iiridiilalinK wblte band : 
reui j#llim, purlly pileby : abdomen pitchv : hp (nwny ; lbij[hi 
yellow lovardu ibc In»c; feel piidi; (owardi Ibe lipi. fore-wiop 
convex, elliptical, dork browu for two-Uiiida of the leiigtb, while. 

un or ttoMDiTBiion iHin-Tf. 

I Ifct rxcniliaii «r ike Wdm of ike Teiiu. frcon Uicnc* to iH 

i m b n > f wklle banrf at au«-(hlnl of ihc knglb: ktud-wiogt 

*«iiu tAwnj, Lcugtb of ikc bod; 1^ liaa; of ifa« winp 

Vw. 0. Foav-wtut txoini uvanU ibe tipi with Uio cxoepti 
r, BM ■ few doU uD ihe dUfa «f ike arentclB. 

*, k. N«« Rolknd. 
ud N««H«lUad. 
c. New Halbsd. 

PrcseuiM bf the Eaiomologicat Club. 
FratBoUd bjr ike Unihr Hutpiial. 

7. Lsptrsoxu MBvu. 

jrimn : ^ei ^ai«, dnv fueiMi; aim Mtfnr 
,Jla*i trmifataaM, ad apitmlimfidm. 

, «ki«iiiEi (kort, broad : beadkodoktsltliffallTOOuitx: 
l«d ectj tbcMt, w hmd s> Ike ckot ; it* length Icm Ui>a on*- 
fc w ifc a( in kiwdili 1 face mj cravn and pramineni, oxieoditig 
liyd A«tt»»ii.wiUi mSmiI inelTa very ikillo*. h4nllj obltoue 
MM iligwi, ikt CpMO beiweea ibno iro durkrr : nxjulb nith ft 
(Mckj Uf^ rwcUvg Ike Middle hips : nh«>t finclv iiniiicd acioM, 
■•■■whu ptti'kf DD ih* ditl, lirighl rellfw t<>i>iirds ihc lip of tbc 
■ ■iibnw 1 ibdomrii niutily piub;, \rf,» jrlli^, HdnitK^d eicentinjc 
At iMc-tkigb* wUb bUok Utnds: liirc-win);* pilchr, ootiTcz, atmeet 
■ll|ti»»i. ma if cowpoaed uf lao ilishllj cunvex puu. witb « odon- 
twlf«t n^ Ike nifildte of tbe lora bonlrr, almosl colourUa la- 
Midi ike Irpa, aitk ike cxeeptioD of a pltcby «pni, and with ■ aLoft 
ho^ jeOo* hand uieftdiDJi ffom ihe bind boidct la ifae disk near 
da bai*: hiiid>iitii)n alaoil cDlourlna; veiut bluck. LengfUi 6t 
Ika hoij 1 1 liac 1 of ibe wb)!* 3 lines. 

Fmoi M(. Tamers coUectiaa. 

8. Lk*TM«u? ArsiULix. 

A^**, rnitmi; evput/atmt vtHumi pMuMjtato LieilUlum ,- ah- 
I l«fi Jidmm t fmua futtm i a£c •■ttint fulnt, nifre. 

ibiniac, ithotl and ibick ■ bend ibnit, patlly Uwiiy in 

i(klu<t. uncnUi on ilit? bind border, cuuici in iruni i fact 

nrx, Ui|[liUj keeted. batintr on «acb vi'le nbnut cifbi mlgn 

Mt* ftrj diatiMil and nol obt»]Ue i ebett coutci, tiaasverwly 


LIST or ■oMomsooa mucr*. 

ru|^ulo«c ; btvui inih a jcDow itrtpe on encb Mo : abdoiiwa partly 
Uwnv to<rar']« tlic bBM: kocei uwut; fote-wlan lavtnf, rouslily 
puiiclulvd, biack lowarilx ihe base and towvnU ue lips, and alunic 
the hind borilcra : hiiid-Bbg« colaurlas. Ltiigth of ihe body i 
linai of the n-ingii i liitev 
«. New llollBad. I'meoied by Uie Ila»lar llutpiul. 

9. LemtoKU? HKDnna*. 
Nign, nilmt, bmii, craito ; l^armx /uiciu, /laro bifiueia 
pntn JIan, /uita ftt^li ; aitt aannr lah/atnr. 

Blatk, convex, smucilll.tliitiing, nry tbkk, ihort, and bra 
cheat adorned wilh two brood bciglil jrcllov bandik, brtwi<ru wfa 
itisbmwli: «bd«ineii brcBo (?) : loip yelloir, with browa baod 
fon-tntipi f»\t htuwn ; teiua i«ry few. LeUd'Ui of Ihe body . 
tine ; or tbu witi)^ 2 linM. 

0. Porto Itioo. PreuDttd hj W. F. BroclihatM, B*q. 

Gtciii. I. OBTHORirAPHiA, 
Orthorhnphio, H'etiu'., d'n/;^! ^n. A'injif. ij. 2tK). 

I. OsTiioiititpnii CAMioioiDEti. 

OtUiorhepbIa euridUdo, >(«[». Gn;^; Hn. A'lMjif. ii. 3A3, pi. 
109, C I. Amyot et Sen. tiitt. liat. llim. am, I, pL 10, 


a. BikkU. FroB Mr. Shuckard'a eelloction. 


hlMlf ; caput niblvtfuhnm, ul n hi/ ur /ttico /ateiatum ; 
^ ahilumm tt iitdri Julva i alir atilittrjfiuctfiritta,ian«fi6 
OrecD, oooTes, ihlnin^, niimlely pnootOKd : head above flac, 
alinu't conickl, Uwdt beiicntb, with brown bandt on onob ilde, Tiiy 
dilVcrcni from lh«l oi the preooding ipeeiei in furm : breast, abdo- 
men oud 1^ tawujr : foro-wiiin brownith |rreeu un tlic diik, idusiIt 
taw.-ny near the bue and loiraidi the lipi. Xtiufib of Uie body ij 
Unci of tbr wingn 3 Inm, 

a. BaiU. ProHiilcd by CapL Pan;. 

tm M iioMapixKow mucn. 

Eatftdy WMmmu, like Cnd^tta \m unioliir*: besil.clie^ 
mI I— piMi ikiaaif , Biiintdj punoiuml. I.eagtb of tlic bodjr 
l|Swt «r IM oiog* 3 liBM. ^ 

a. BatO. rw w M d by C«pt Fmnj. 

Gnu* 9. HACn^ROTA. 
Bmrm. iUiM. Hnt. II. 1. I3tl. 

XvUtoU cnaifen, Burm lianJi. Enl. ii. I. \2», I 
■.i {"bjifipinc Uluidi. Frud Ut. WuwI'* coOoeliuD, 

r. JatL tiom the Ku( 1mI» Comranj't collection. 
/ Nortk Inrfia. From Ur. Wwwlek'i oolUctlon. 

Oan6. PKBINOlA.it. 
r:«yiH mt mHfmnnm .- <ii^( prujarfun, eonieum. 
B«4; ntWt DMnm : liMil flat. Inn; , coalctl. 


B*«>«, Uiittlnif. *f>itiil1c-«k>f<d, hcnd and cboil fUt, Uiiollv 
ncaoorf. •DrIiUji f«i{uli»c : b«id pr^JurcJ iu frtini, coDJcaJ, 
Wdf Wa*itf tkan loii|-, aboul lialf lli« 1rii|;tli of the fhciit, 
•te»c4 «ilh l!Mt j'rlliiw IvDiU. iriy (lifhilj ootiCATc nluii); th* 
kM haritr t bm iwowih, piiclir, tcIIdw un^ the cpwtamB, wiib 
•bMl tea t""-'"^ cuT*ed obli<|ue cn«t ridgw on eaeb ride t ep^ 
MSB tficlrily baled, uwn; wnidt tbe lip: nMWh Tallow wlu a 


ixrt or BOHapniiioM imason. 

pilcbj tip, tfMAIng the midille bipt : ehMt trilL dine jellow hand 
the Bnt on t&a Dm border : t1i« nconi nM> tha Dm. thr tiiird oo 
lh« •lighilr ooncRTe bind tmrdrr adjoInSnK tbc nculclicon , (ore> 
wing* iinrniw, wiib 'etj nmncroiu erot»-vcin» luwards ihe tips; a 
wUm btod iiMr ilii' bue, out cileaiting In thr fore burdvri Iitd 
ubiie (Mb Mbit b»lf ibc length, oiwoq the fun bi>rdri, ihc other 
W ibe irtnd botdcr ; twn while ivoti on Ilia fore liordur oaitvt the 
tip, wbcrp ttiF ittski of all Ifae lilUc nrcntrU ate obiuili ■ liiml-iriiigi 
graj; ncing Mack, Uwnj U the bOic. Length of llio bmly d hnM ; 
of tho wingt 1> llnM. 

a, ft. PUtippbe Itlnod*. From Mr. CuiBiog*s collection. 

9. pBturou T«Ki*. 

a,/tui/onnu ; mpul fiim bi/mtriantin ; (Aontz 
tiUaiiu 1 atili'ittn ebtitir4JI«mm ; ptJnftilri, iloiit ant 
«fitiH nipm lanilfiu tlifru ; ala antics fiam tri immfi 


^^^ BInrk, iliiiiinK, tpindlc-iibnpcil, dinicy yrllow beneath, bead uJ 
^^nlieM fl«t, thick); pnnctiiied, ilijiblljr ruRuloie : bend piodaced in 
' fVont, CMiinl, lutdly blunder Ibiin l(ni|;> about half the kaftth ol 
the checc, ooocare «l<in^ tbv bind hordor, adoni«d with tiro jtHow 
banib; fint band intcmintod, iu border* mach }ag|;ed ; letoaJ 
elBittiiiK fire thort slrcaki Iroiii its bind border ; face tlichtly piine- 
luifd, eoovex, with a llat stripe, on tatih side uf wbicii an abont 
ten Tcr; iibliqu* crotn fidget : moolb tawny, with a ptiehj- lip, not 
readiinitlheiiiiddlchip*: rrclcn lawnj : chcttTerjaliRbllfcooKX, 
with ■ broad vellow atripe; a fuiTuw on each side ntendiiig from 
tb* 4« W lh» Mse of tb« fi^nvniiig: abdomen dhiKv fallow: ori- 
dnelbladt: Iciiaiawnyi fcrl black ^ anterior (bniiki tjWk ahore; 
lbte-wiii|t* Kiili lix yellow murk* ; linl f»rniin|[ ■ iboit stripe from 
lb«haWBluni( the middle; second and third oliUiitie; one by the 
ftfe border, toe other by the bind burner; fourth Mioit, eslondiog 
from the fore border toward* ilie ilUk : tinh and sixth fonninit tiro 
(tripes, wbitb taper ncuily to the lip: bind-winfci neariy DOloiuleH; 
vtiiu black, uirny at the hue. Lcngihof tlie bady4| linM; cftbe 
wlop 9 lino. 

*. PhllippiDc Islands. From Ur. Cumiog's collection. 

UMT or voMOprKcom tmen. 


Gnu 7. CBAU:PU8, il 

BaMl plriaiili I lib UiMe «f foni« F^fyeriitt, allcnunl 
~ , aaocHisg, noic or leu ourtoiL 

I. Cbilepoi hmtatc*. 

MrilMM.- UWwybM AuBon/atiu ; imlrlltiin pn^ant.'ofntt 

F«n«(i»ow : head BBd fbai Unci; pnnciured : bend do: 
IkA lit*** imtMd* ibe lip, fenBioK a long pointed bori). wbich ii 


IvpWKnb. •Mlwbowlto^MBiore tbtn loics 11* bmdib 
r Imm- -. face digbtlj cosvez, nitb ■ jdlov (tiipc nn uch »lda ; 
, piirhv. witt • Uwnjr itripe ^ niouib (cnuKinuiu, rmobinE 
r nt4A* bipa -, tip p<l«bT - i)b«M wilb a muuJI jdluw >pul on mpli 
■M»i MMtillwn fitcbr witb * jrllcw tip: brf>nn witb ti tclliiw 
«iM «B aaob fid* : aMoiiiM uid left leonceoiu ; tip* of the Iret 
■iMvi CM^lriiip ]reU<nri«b btown, luiTDir, rrrr coutcx al«tiK ibu 
InMiriar, alaiaM »fiiDdle-«b«p«d ; bbd-nrin^ biuail, bIukhI 
«lnriah witb a tawn llan loMarda tba bdsc ; vdnii ))rc>nu, lawuj 
kMvdl iW baM. LNfU of tb* body 4} Itnct; oT ibo «tiDK» 

3. CsiLariM TKLmnvB. 


J it nywwMf <mf»l ptr^ IritiHWum , farin Jtava, piteo riltal» ; 
f UbMV ytw inWtWdU ; pnliu/iimm; aMomrK mfrtenii. 

MpMMlvnH aMrylatitujtBni .- pedn/uln-Jlari, lihiii ante. 
ftaritw n((b. (anil anteriDrifriu /q<nt ,- ala anlira angiula, 

Vmn^mom -. bead aad cbert miaulclr panctuml, coTcnd witb 
M»«7 daws : bead tapetins, Uixb bclinod upward, forming a long 
■JMalii poiMed bom; iu lannh more ibon twice its lirrndlb nl 
ttobMc; dunpHcfe* KiiM* above; Cu« fdbnr, iplndli-alupoil, 
«tt a p^cb; etilpe oMMK Uic dklt, on eadi aide of wbich arc icn 
fclBH twy obttt— twea ridgw ; aplaWW jallow.wilb a fcmig^ 


uwt or noMOpraoua ntuwm. 


nAuidiilt: mouth pitehT : obutwilh ihrc«inilintiict pitch; nripcs', 
yiieant, iiimtlf tawn; : abdomen reililiiih ; tiiod loril«n of the Kg- 
meoU vollow: leg« ;«llow, partl;r Wiaj; atilcrinr fthnnlt!! ifd: an- 
terior feet pilrhir '■ forc-wlnirt nnrrnw, atiniMil i|im[l1r-ihn|>i'd, ihlcl^l; 
Sunolund, entered wilb uimnj dnwa, adomed wilh Ino irrcj^iilar, 
iffiued. ilifrliili oMique pitcbv liuidi; hintI-wii)K> lUirliU; gruj, 
bvowniih at ttie 'li|iii aud aIud)! uio hind liord«n ; voiat bUrk. taw] 
at Uic Iiaic. Ixingtii ur th« btidy -i | lines : of iho wicig* 7 UnM. i 

0. New South Wale*. Fiom Mr, PinpUii'i eolloclion. 
i. New Holland. From CapL I^lrrf '« colleclion. 

Genut H. liiTHMlA, n. 

Cepui ml anfiutmn, ranicum, irtauiwrtJ ttriatum, cancarum. 
Head rsthet iismw, concaie abeie, codjcbI in frnni, stria 



Nifm-fiuea, ni'Cnu ; lentelluni aniiv.jierliu rl aidamm/rrrufm. 
pedfi anlrriarf* piifi ; prdn (eufiri /uW /nnnrifruf «p 
jiieeii i o/«oBlmr/i«iri», /iunn (n'liwyetTBjiiim aifto ~ 
gimlh nraoif. 

Blackith*bn)wn,»hiniDii: headinnaUalRici<.tlriiiniru]ar.«Ughll, 
■wnrex beneath : mouth iivn* : vyn promiiieut : tip of the wut- 
cheon, hmst and abdomen fi'rrueiiiuuii : l«|;;i pitchy i bind legi 
lawny L hiiid-lhTKhapllcby toward* Mie lip»i Tore-wing* brown, wilh 
ihiee bmud uinlnlalinK rrmif^noni biuidi, which are partly ber- 
Hered wtlli white : hind-winiri almoil colouilen ; Tcini tawur, 
I;cngth ofllicbodj U line: uflhewiugil Unit. 

a. Sierra Leone. PreMnud by the Itev. D. F. Morgan. 

Sub-tribe 6. SERRIPEDES. 
Serripedc, Amj/ot tl Stn. Hut. N*t. Hti». Ma. 


TUtigoaidcf, Amgot n Stn. Bin. A'ei. tiim. 569. 

Liar or MOMomium ivmvn. 

Lim., F-ir . Fall., ZHl. 
f.. Latr. 
ila, Omar, Bum., tterritiScifffrr, Blimp/k., Aa^ti 

AaMfMUo* CWiif, Amyft tt Strr. 

St. Fmr). H Sm., HrrrieA-Stkrffir, Amfvt tt St*r\ 

!■•, Bitrm. 

I. Terrioosu 13-pcmcuti. 

J t3-piuictal&, C;<nit. M»q. Enl. ir. 60, 14. Bum. Hawih. 
H. 1. 117, -J. BUnrh. Siii. yaL Jm. m. IBO. 1. 
i« Sirr. Hill. SaJ. lUm. 270, t. 

■■ tmtB. Prwnud bjr Jubn Mkn, Ek]. 

2. TrcTKONit rjiuxiiiu. 
Tftoaah Euiuib. .1ny«> rt .Sm. /7ul. .Vai. //Am. 470.2, pi. 10. 


3. TrrTKianik txiriitcuu. 
m Uiii*nitB, JMy«i|<if.S'flT.//ul..V(r./rA«. 070,3, ])1. 11, 

4 P«r*. Frum )It. Swtm^ rollectlaa. 

fcriMNa. ^a». S^l. Rkyn. 70, 41. 

A. Tcmootfu rKBxicAfli. 
TilliflMit tCmiMU, St. Ftrg. tt Sm. Enc. MiOt. X. SOI, 1. 

A. TtTTlaO!>I* i-ftOMTlUS. 
T«ti|Miw fHMlalk, Gtrm. .Vaj. Emt. b. M. II. 


LIST or iiounpTscoL-s diskots. 

7. l^mooMtt cBvmTA. 

Ockda cnmts, Fair. Bml. Smt. Snppl. $31, 68. Sifti. tSfUTi 


8. Trrrroam* wnxmtoi. 


" ~ :. Si/il. Snyfil. i2\,6H. 

S. Tettioomia PACTBRtra. 

Cicada ]iaupetsU, Fatr. Syil. /Uyn. 71, 47. 
S. America. 


10. TsrnaoKU mioiaia. 
liaU, BofftK., Germ. Mag. Rnt \t. 60, W. 


Tclligouia incarnaU, Otmt. Mag. Eta. It. fiS, 31. 

12. TkTTiaom pvapuRiT*. 

Tcttigonin pirpunla, Gtm. Meg. Unl. if. S3, IOl 
11—4. Braul. 


TcUieooit A.nu«ulata, Otrm, M^. EnL Iv. S7, 16. 

M. TmiaoNu xAHtHOCxpuLA. 

Trttiirnnia xBtttbooephaln, Gfrm. Mag. Bat. ir. 63, 9. 

LOT or DUMortmioi-v ninoT*. 

11. TrmfioxiAr boloioollu. 
ik Mkiwllia, Cma. itag. Bui. it. OH, B. 

^^b 10. TrrndONU Brr*aouu. 

^hUgtmitUbtfUtM, Burm. 1/Mm4i. Smtii. 1,117,1. 
Cii^kbibMiaia. fair. Syt. AAyx. 70, 13. 

\ Anerio- 

17. T^rriMNU nutcoKtcvLiTj. 
Taticanik ^iwaucsbU, Uiigm., Grm, Mag. Emt. jv. 6i, 13. 
•— e BnuL 

18. TRiTiaoMiA vicniiA. 
IMf ii iMitlaa, Ann. «^ Bm. Ir. fl8, la. 

18. TErnooNiA coU>UT*. 
TiUlpMii ariOAla, CtrSL Maf. But. iv. 66> 17. 

30. Titmooxi* BI0IRGT4. 
Tinl(iiBii bteiHOL. Otm. ifap. Bkt. ir, 66, 13. 

SI. TErnoAHU blkiumtvia. 
TkUcomIk dfgUtaU, Gmn .Vi^, £iu. ir. ST, l&. 

•— e BniQ. PiMraUd b; Jobii Hltn, Buj. 
4. — ■ t Fnni Mt. Arncnfi calleoiloa. 
« V—imlfc Fnoi Hr. DnmS edteetim. 
/. BiuiL 

A TnnaoMu Q»Datt-rmTA. 
TtC^anto tpuddiritUU, 8l. Ft$. tt Sm. Eiu- MM. x. 001. 3. 
•-A Bniil. 


93. TsTTiaoHtA pvix*iti.L.s. 
~TMd»nUl polehtnt, Guir. lean. Rig. An. pi. M, f. 10. TtxU. 

a. Vciicxucla. FroDl Mi. Pyioii's collcctioi], 

b. Mokivo. 

a*. TeniiioMii Afteu.tt. 

(.Vdtm, nifra maru/ula; ;i«fwni rfi'iru ti'jfri ahttmnm f«tt 
rrvm ; peilfi elln, Hifni cineli ; ala antint apiet 
u/iT pisiictt ui^ro-jiarpwmt. 
Bright urau i;« I blender, lincnr : beni ron^n on iht ton tior 

luue obtuiv. "ith ■ black diiol hI itt biur, nticl oiie uu tacUiide oti 

lip; ■ tmiHtrblick (pot bntwccn tfac c^clrU: ch<«l nllJi ouv hluok 
»pol m fiwot, one on cndi nde uf ibc hind hordnt uf ihe uliirld, kdJ 
line on lh« diik of Uie louicheon : bniitt witli ■ blatk diik, nnd a 
kUck >pol on »ck Hidp: alidumen purple ^ lc|^«l>ile: liptaftht 
■hiiihit, Hhaiik«, and r«ct liUok ; xiiigit* black at the Iwm : furu-winet 
"Hilh n bind wot on each nl tiir biuc: tip* tirawn : bind uinf^ pui- 
liihlilack. LoiRth ofihc budy 6 linca; ofthevinfci 12 lines. 
a—/. Chios. I'reKDled bv U. T. Lay, E»q. 


3£. TsrTioo!'Li coArniK. 

pHrpurnun ; smm aW. nifni rinNi t aitt attliat apice nig 
mil potlk* uigriffvrpiirt*. 

Bngbi ontnne. ilcndDT, lincat : head uonTti on ilic (on border i 
•btuM:. with a lilnvk *pot al iti buw, and nuc on rJi'li hide of in 
dp 1 a bladi fpot bplnccD llir errlcU: cbtsl wiih a Idiiek »pot fal 
fmnl, one od each aide oi Uic hiiid buMcr of the Uiidd, and oa« n 
the ditk uf tbc ■cuTrheon : bnmi villi a Idnck liii^k. and mth % 
black *pol on each tide : Mbdomcn purple : lc|[« whitr ; thighs ool 
tip* uf the ahonlis and feet black ■ Axv-winKi with n lilaok tpot on 
Mch at the liatei tip* black : biiid-wiiijn puirliih blaok. l.cBpti 
or tbebudjr h—A\ Una ; of llie wlujc* 10—1 1 liim. 

«— c. CanloB. PrcMUiinl by Q. T. Ujr, Ew). 
d. Chiu, Fiom Mr. Sl(T«tis' uollcctiun. 


iMX or noNOr-nwKU onsen. 


Ifiairti, miff* MMwJaM ,- ptflun$ iitnu nifftr ; aMomm nfyniP 
fmifiarrwm, nymtitorwm moryiniiiu fiatlieii <tpim/u4 ni/j>, 
fWM firrufari rrl fulri, niftn /aiciali ; nU aaliar ufncr 
l^H^ I aim pattU^ fmtw- jm r p mi e t . 

m \mi rolonr, Umder, lincur: h«n4 mnvcx on ihr fnie but- 
far 1 &M aktme, wllfa ■ black *]kii «l lt> hnnc ; • Urge liUi-k t\uA 
Mm^ IW *}TleU: ckcst wrili k tiliick spot n Tiuni, one ui< tiicfa 
Mt <( iW Um ImHer of llw diielii, niiil our vii ibe dUk of llw 
bnajt wMi ■ black disk, owl aitb • Mark ipul on rjrli 
f ur|>lla!i hbck ; lilod borden of llie iM-t(inri](% ami 
tif Md : iff:* itmpnmii ot uvti; : b'fs nf the lliiflbt. >baiikt, -iikI 
iMblMk ; «lkabki uarthnn yclluw fiM«-winirt niib » t-1nrk <^i 

Iitiiviii: lilnil-Hiiit:> I'urgnltih 
met-, of Ui« winjn 19— I'i 

■ «ck M ibf liaMi lip* lurid. lutitr 
l»^ LMSib tt lh« body 3— a V 

/an. Fi«4D Ur. Mcll/t oollertioa.' 

37, Tttnooxu dbuisi. 


fmr^rrmai, trfmmlinant mnryiHikui inntieu apirryue 'ufit 
wri fmirii ; prit* /utn, Hifi.1 riKrfi ; alir uiiIki apif* Itiriiltt : 
mt^ fmti<m /utm-fmryufr^ ayirf tttrida. 

tLwA lead enlaur, dradar. liMAr : lind con'i-x on tlic for* bor- 
dn; bcBob(M#: cbeai «ilh a black apot on ravIi >idi- of Uic liud 
r af ihr (UHd : biOMt iritb a blutk drik : ■l>diinii.-ii puiplUh 

li UBdb»nkr>n(lh«Kf^eiibaDilti|inJ: trtj-i untiv : llii(sU. 

%■ of ibe (kikkt, and (mi I'ljtV ; fi>rT-wli>it« willi u t'laell spol ou 
'i at tha Imm, luhd lo*ard« ibo llju : bind-vinitt par(>llth broira, 



Lt1i2<b or ibc Indf 3 Umi : uf ibe winjt* 10 iui<.'<. 

< it and ekert lawnr : bead with ■ black upoi bdirccD 
<>B Ibe baac ui tbe bw, and a iliitd at lu tipi 
'\ ipot In froBl, attd o^iu uii tlie dnk of llie 
• 'if tbc aMuminal WfiracBU and lip inwoy 

.... I -ilI lip. 

a, I J«ift. >'Km iW E«M India Con^ntiiMillectiM. 



UCT «r a«ii«mBDc» imskits. 

98l TnnoaNU omcviu. 

/"'ulva, ni^n-ma4'>iiaU ; (Ainu frrmginfn mriiti ; aidonun niffo- 
purpurrum, ayii-c fulruio ,- pnlri fuln, itiffnt cineli, tit an- 
lim ItiUit, apice lurid,t ; aiit ptutie* fuiat. 

Tawny, «l«nil«r, lincui: head conTcx on (he fore bonUr, (ket 
obtuw, mib IV hl.ick 9{)(ii at iii Ijilw, fionie bInckiUi iimkt cm each 
■Ue, uiil ■ Mack »pol oil llie lip -. a liluck e|>ol li«t«M-ii ibr gjclcU: 
cbeu {MrtW rcmiKtiiiiui, u'iih liie liliicl. ipult, ihm' oii vurh litteof 
ttio sliicld, nud ihtet uu (he t(-iiii'Ii<ion : tklidomrii |>utpliiili black; 
iif iavnr 1 h'^ lun-uy ; (ipi of ihc (bitrhi aiid uf Uie feet bhiek : 
forB-tbi)clia aiiij fi^rt-fM-t ulcMlIf bWk' rorc-'winp liilfuus 'uHd 
lowanio the lip, wblvb ate jiale bruwii : hiuil-win)^ btuwn, wiib 
lilukh lingi* M( Ok batr. Lcn^ uf ibe bodf A— 4 line* i of ' 
wing) 13—14 liuM. 

Var, B. Face willi Iwo black ipoln al its baae. and mtb 
hlnekitb itraukii^ ihield with a lil.ick «)iol riMr it* totv bontnT, akd 
nilh a blnok bund nii lt« bind lionlvr ; fiirp-IIUK'i* Uvnj with Maok 
tipa ; li|u oflbc (otchwingii and of tlir hind-winK^ liirid. 

0, (. EaM Indie*. FroiD Aiohdeacun Cicik's coDcoUuii. 

<-k; , 
iiii i 



39. TKi-nooHiA DVPi.es. 

Fulva. nijro mam/dJa .- pertorU ifunu niyni-iiHfjHirFvi ; 
ni^./iur/iurruni, iiii/ninitonuii nui^niiuf ^riVii 
»met fmioo ; peJt4 atbi nigra cinrii ; alit amltc^ *ti^o-/utiw ; 
aiit pirtlifw puryurrv/tuf^. 

Bri)[lii jiale (awny, alcnder, llnrar^ liead coaftx on Its fore 
bordrr : lute oIiIiim'. with ivo black tpola on lU bnae, and iiilix a 
hliiek hand ■! its liti . • black spot be(«een Uie e]-ele(» '. shield iri(b 
IL black ii>u( iimr iW foiv border, aiid nilb a black >pat uo Moh 
tide of (be hiDil biitder; a bUok apol ou lb« wutebi'on. whoM il)) it 
black : brraM wltli a parplUi black dink, ami «ilh a Muck ii]i04 an 
each kidc: abibmi-'n niirpliih black: bind l>ordrr> uf die MitinntU 
wbitif h ; (ip lawuy : lefc^ while : liips and liju of lb<gbi>, of abankai 
■ad of Ten black : fote-wiiig» Uirnj, wilb a ilifcbl a-nrous ting*: 
bind -«ri III!* puiplhb brown. I.riiKl1i of llic bony t> line* ; of lb* 
wing* 12 IIdol 

Vat-ff. Imnaiun? AbdomoD ferrogiooiM: liind'iriog* 
a—d. . r 

UMt or aoxomsSM atiajet*. 

30. Tkrkoxu Mxsoen. 

a^iv _^rn>f laniM,' pfdet frrruyiiii trJ falri, niyra eimrii ; 
ni/iwniln iW lurid*; «Lr ptuiicir jmrpatro- 

TavttT, lUBiHT, Uaau : 
•ItMT. aiili ■ black tpM Ml 

)l> Inw, and «ilb a Muck band at il> 
lif : • biicfc tpBl bclween (k« nclcu: diicM wiUt a bkvk iiiot nni 
tfa fpM bMdvt, Bii<l will) n black ipot Ut t»e\\ side of ilic kioil 

I ft bbck tiwt on il>e Kutcbmii, whofa tip b black : a1ida> 
■M tad dU of IM brea*i black, tinged witli glweoiH MmM : itb- 
trntm fc f fg M WM towuds the tip b^cntb ; leu* fnrnipDDiu ; tip* 
■dke thaak* and of tlia fee ( blue 1 1 tlii^bt laMoir willi black tips; 
Iw^w t a p nddUb, linffd willi a irlau'^iia* blwini tuwardi lbi> )iai« ; 
^ptMid: hln4-iroi|:i futpluk biuwo o^tb lurid tii>*. Lonxtli of 
lbW4y A Hms; of ifce aiugn 12 linm. 

Var 0. Abdomm fulc pillow tovnrda tlic tip baie&tti, ^llankN 
nd Ctc( b«Bf villi black iim: fun-kiag* lutid, wlib a ml biripc 
Amg tW Ion botdcr liiwanl* llie lip. 

a. UaM Kmk. PlmsnUd bi J. C. Bowrioe, Btn. 

31. TxmcoKu omuniioT*. 

1 jiymm^^ 

■i^u iiMcWaM ; ftrtui » ahdomtn ni^r^, hujui < 
» marfiatt/uiti ; pfAn nifrU'') i »{,* anlim *[rict aiyr^; 
«l# fmlic* tiijrieatittt, 

t>aii lotacena^ mlondcr. linear : bud convn In front, wltb ■ 
luft Mack apot, «lit;Ji >• diridcd Utnceu the ctouii and the obtnac 
(m*. abaaa lip b klork i a blurk ifo* bclncvD tl)c I'Tclcta : dtl«Id 
•ttk • Haiti »f*i DCoT ibF liore Lordc. and with it larK<( black *pai 
•a oak ride of tk hind Uitdcr : a block 8put on the dnk ur tlic 
WKtcbniBi hrrvl aod aMutncn bUck : Imrden of tbo w^onla 
tawnj^ : Irft bUrk (*) - fate<wip|ti black li^mnli tlidt tip* i hind- 
hbcUab- Lcntik of the body 7 tiuet; ot tlie wing* 13 


u»r or KOMonuiou* uttnm. 

^^^^g 33. TtTTMOHU Perurpui*. 

i Pvlvo, m'ynt ruria ; tibJotnm tn/tra ni'trum, lubliu »iffr« tr\fi 

I nfuiu; funi in'ivi ,- ala andnr ni'jrni mixrijiiuilm o/iiet ru/ii i 

I TawDj, sleDikr, linear : h**d ciintcx In fVani : croirii an^ face 

Maok 1 bee obtune, kiIIi n Uree »pin<lla-*hBpc<l litwii; >pr>l on itt 
■li*k : epitUmn «trc*kc<l villi liluck : icuteliciHi and bind piul of ikfl 
sliitjiil black : abdomen bluck al'u*o, wilb ihnc bliii*k bmiiU bniitalhi 
CMt, roic-»haiikk, uiid il|« uf tltr ))i>iilrriui tiliiiiik>< iiiioliji ^ furtr.wiiiga 
black nUiiic ibc burden, diirk ntl ui tlic lipa: uiail-niiiK* bran " 
LcDglli of the bod; <l Hue* : of lliu viiofp I li liae*. 

a. Pliilippjne Island*. From Mi. Curainjc'i collection. 

33. TErrrooRu lohdi. 
/Vvnyinat, nituu /aim ; abdirmiaiM Uten lalnt ; d/« anlioT 

FerTug:inou«, tlni'l^r. linear. piil« liiwur bnieatk ; head oudvbs 
In front; fuoc oblu«c willi ■ Uniif ilitk: aide* of ihc nlidomc-n 
Intcoiic furc-viD^i wiib a black inl«mipt«d »lripc neat ibv bind 
border, and anoibcr tociv iactiilirict iu ibe diiJt, biutl-niii)^ cvppcij'- 
(^)r, LciiKth of lliD body i Hum; uf iho tringii II Hum. 

a. Ililippiuc lilandt. From Mr. Wuud't colleotiou. 

ftl. Ttmooxia iMMACcuira. 

(^CM, nifrv nuru/aM ; leulrllmn aatiix Jncrmn ; ahdomtn •■• 
gnun, an'rf /rrrif laram ; ptJei nfiterultM / /rmoni patirriam 
niyni nllMa ; aim »nlittt tuhrilui* ,- atn petlita lurid*. 

^J}aagt, alendoi, linear, iIiiEf d wllh while ui bluiili nbile bloom : 
,(malI,aH:eni]lD); 111 ibc fore border; faccvontrii; under- 
Willi Ivu bluek ttriprs wbich meet on llic cpi'limiii -. cbwt 
panU ii'llvn, iritli k blacL api't an enib side near llic foic bonier of 
iho tbield, and with Ibree black >p<iu un ilic bind bonlci; ihc 
middle one UiKCT nixl iiiorr dt'llnci lliiiu llir ulhvr twu ; tculclieun 
panW pilch* alone the furc burder : abdomen black, femi|{ino«it !«• 
■aids Hie tip: Irv* rcildi«b I putcnor ibiKbi striped wilb bbok; 
fotft-iriugi ailb a bliott almou culouileu stripe ou lLc hind botdcr 

vtbc tipt kind.wtngi InrM: dbki of torn* of iha attoleu | 
iMgltnflhi 1m1]-"linn oflbcwiniri l^ lioei. 

& QaiUk PrccenUd hy W- fJewiuoo, Etq. 

a&. TsmiMmA re%BA. 

t tmfmt rmil— ■*f^'Via i 4Uiiiiim jtavum, mbriu a;nM 
■ J ffde* fmupinri ; frmarm fiima i alir a/ttiea apiet 

TMtac«««i, tlcndn, tincif; hniti hroiid, rntliot Urge, liluiik 
b«« oblMie and raguloM on llic dUk, cuntrx nnd willi 
dbtianc fnjuim* m *m1i «df, taiaccoiu (onnlii tlidiuic- 
4iltku* ru([ulow, raasbljr psnctuni), irltb • cnwo furrow tieat 
AnDoraCT: •lidooies ;clliin, bkvk licnfiilti lonanU (li« tip: 
moUfy pilchl : l«r> frliujiiioiii: Ui iy hi yellow t foic-wioiFi 
Wghljf pBaanwJ.wilh Tcmiipiiaiu iip«: liiiM-<riitg> lurid. LeD|[tb 
if Ac My 9 linn: of iho aiiigt Itl lin«a. 

FidB Mr. Tuncr't coIlMion. 


SC TvrTMMXu qciDMKACeu. 


(i^p«j n^Tu antitt ra/iiin ; itvuUum fulvutH i pti^ 
t^n4 Wurw riBrwiu ; •Uimra /n/nrin, niifm iiUafMoi; prrf« 
fuhm i al* amlKw nifro Irim^fMlmtit ; at* poiliem/uKa, 

^^^HBb«<r nUoor, »lm>d*i, tciyilinliily upennt; from ilie ofani U 
^^^^^^ of ibt •Uoain: liml nlhei iinall, conicnl hIjovc: Tiicc 
MBicx, ntUid toavnb lh« cpistoOM, nliitti in ilatk rati : inuuUi 
fiuhf : •cnidMoa uwnj; dikk oT tb« bnut kiu; : abUoinvn tunu}', 
■ilb • YimtA Moei danal tlrip«, wbicli fau * hoanr IIiiEe- logi 
Uwmt: bf»-wiiif( »itb ■ «licbl1ila(k Rlrcakncu lLclmK.iii<luilh 
nm Migr Uad npudi io Uie ilitl. tin- fini m*ffi\as and iuti-rrupled, 
Aa Mmdcooipact: hlBd-niii|p biuwn. Lougtk of Uie bud; 
fas; of Ilia wlag* H Umb. 

^ k. Col«ab«L Fmn Ui. Tuiner't coUcvUoo. 


LUi a> uoMomnon tutmen. 

37. Tettioo»i» Buri. 

Biiglit onnfte, Klaudcr, UptriDg; rrora Uio cIiMl to the tip of 
Uwabdnmcn-. Iicnd toml), tilion, M-mlclrcuInt abare: laoe with ■ 
flu disk, will) iiomc imi>rr«i<>ni nl tbc buc. itnd with oro» Tidgci 
■loDK Mch (iile : muulh remiutnuua: le)^ uwiiy ; fevl anil lips of 
■LuM pitchy: biud-winin milk Hliilr. Lougth or th« bodf 41 
lioM; ofUie wln)r< 13 liuet. 

Vm. S- Forc-lriri black above. 

H. A. Venesuok. Fnini Ur. Dj*au'i nllcction. 

38. TKt'llOONU tEtlMFOBMIS. 

LtitM, uiyra rari» 1 weialJkoraxitiiifrtjUmhimaeniaiui! abdomert 
ftrrMgitittun, fniiformr, nyuimdiniin inar^nihut pntlicii 
JIavil i Jrmi'n /tii'u ; aid' UHtioii luriJir, I'illu duahu limpi- 
4U ! ail poitieit iublkmpida,fiLi€o marginala- 

\ l.uicouf, deDder- farad ■mooib, ftbiiiinic, <*iih ■ black bend 

aloiiK the hind botdn, aud n iliurt binck band bi'twrni the rrc* . 
face oontcx. with n black liunler. and with a blai-k altijiv on each 

' tide, lAtet* tbn« an tliglUi ]ianill«1, niid dinctly tmisnorw *Uia ; 

{ t^Itoma Uack in fnniL, and with u black apnt oiilli«d!*ki IMiilh 
fotiUKtnaui: ehnt with two black baoda in front, the itrooad im- 
gular; bdiind it nti- tbn><' itry nb'Tt Birijics. llic uiiJilltf utie ptlc^, 

Ilheildo pair bUrk, olil^iic, Mnd coiniiiiiiilvitting with two foiiMr 
Uacfc Mifp«*, ahich diirrKc and arc pnmllcl (o a i|und(aiiguW 
donalcpoi; bcbiiiil ibcta nn two titbri black itripr* oontotgillf 
lowvda iht Kvuicbpon, wliitli hua a black bond aud a tc1Ui« Up! 
hiod (dim black, wiib a yellow tpot on Moh side: abuonai nue 
f«cregliiouii, (|ilnillo.»biiped ; bind bonlcn iif ibc «mn«Dt* jv\uf-. 
thl^> jcllow ; fntr-nlnx* Inrid, with Iwu tbcirt ooliiurltm tliijiM, 
oue an the forr botdcr at lh<? buae. \\ie uther Xxfott tbr middle of the 
Itixid border : hiud-wioK* alin<'!<l culuurlni, liogcd with pnlf hniwn 
along lb* boidon. Ltngih oi ih* body 7 Wwi; uf ibe wiu)p 14 

a. Pua. Frun Mr. Sleicnt' collection. 

u»T or noMonzMUs iNMcn. 

wtyMH J 

39. TnriooHu raciwMi. 

/ (ilvrur /ii/m mHiu ; ah/anJHii irgmfnl»rvm 
firrmfiaii ; pnUi pifri ; tlit itulinr pnrjtarftt, /ut- 
; m^fr Met ; tim pattift ryaun./utrw. J 

Allied to pTonmin . Puiplitfa liraocD : hcuil uborc semictrcula^ 
dlfbUj (waOBi* : Im« imlhrr froiRliicm. fliil und miixitrly rUfTuluw 
m A» iHll, cnoTrx, and wiilr dJup dittiiicl tlighitf Dl>lii|iio ridgM 
•■««kiU*: taoutfc fnmipnaus : cbenUatinenrly mtculau-, Minr. 
•kn uwaf Mkunt die bordns : brravt nmllT tawnj : abdomni m- 
Mriaf iMOi A* Wh Io i)i» lip; boiden oi ike Mgmcnu mnsd* 
fan(U«««; bpfjiebr; knot* fcm^noua : fnir'Wlng«|»>rp1cwtUi 
pk !•*■; dou, «ii<I bejond tlic middle viih pule uwnj ulrvrib 
(bk; tifa Mle ta>Bj: hiiKl-wiDi^ brown, tin gcd witlibluc- Lvnglli 

a,k rihiMtiii FroB Mr.TnniCT't collcclion. 

40. TamooNit a«Di»x*. 

hlmlw H KyMmlarwm mar^ltiiiiu fnutieu fiilriti fnlrr 
llfri, /nmorHiu pntlrriaribui /ulvit injrro ntlalii : alif an- 
Ifna tacanuli*, jfdw rri/uirinlir l «/.r pnttinr. fulra, apicr 

BaAJM4 colour, ileadcr: hod vbort i bee iligbUy a«itea«d 
■ hnt. p*ki n« «Bcii il^o. wiiboiU fumniH or ridjits : inouth Ter- 
ittiWi ! choil onuif c on nich »id«, not ibinlni; : bctut nod nbdn- 
■m ffj '• ^t* 'od bind bofdcn of ilie ntidominiil (cgmcnU 
lB«nj : Ipg* block ; pwUrior ihiglit U«iit, irilh I'lnck •trcaki ^ ten- 
■nCi ( llliwiii. «ilb Uuw broad brigbl veliuir biindx; hind-winc* 
Mvar whk dafk hnmw tifu. Lm^tb of ib* body Of llnM ; oT l£« 
«^ 13i linn. 
«. KfOi, on iW Anuov. From Mr. Ktorvn*' oollociion. 


usT «F ■aMopnnout imacts. 

II. TnTtaoKK iMconx. 

AtTt; tnmt JUra ■luniani^HM, ditl>ri> lulftakf titont finm 
^uaarimandatmt ; aUuDHS (an ittliiia Intfum ; ff4rt (alii • 
uni mifri ; tJm amiic* mmrHlit ^ luiif m nrmttu mU^tJIni 

Dm hhtk, ruber akiui, sliKlitlr abiKBg : Imd Aon. m itb ■ 
l«rge jdMW apot on ih* eioii* ; hM »1iiaiiif , ^«it« lUt on the iitk, 
with •boiU twT«ii ubltqiM IC17 ilifki roTTOWRoa Mob tida i epiMaaa 
and IBoulb liilMiH : ebott wJUi a Uanncrae pah rrMobb jcUow 
■pot Ml Mcfa aide or ikp slneld, and <riU a pak j^ow imniUflj 
trianpifu (pot on nch lide of tint koutcbeni: atHknmi InlaoB 
iiMam tlia baac tirn«>tl>; Irfpi lalmui Imi Uauli: «ia|[>Mack; 
rcvf-wtUKt <ril)i file pale grrmitb Um spoto on aach, aH villi a 
mnt|inteat icrj pale jtttow qnt n«tit the lip or the fere bolder. 
[«n)ctb uf llie bodyS} line*-, of ikc vit>ci II li»n. 

a. E|p^ on the AmaioB. Knin Ut. Steven' ooiteclkm. 

W- TrmflOBM »iti>iNiLisF 

^^^ lAurar fimtgimnu ; aMonvn apirr ni/iiiD .- pfjft ru/i, t^^ 

^^P fulru i uitt futt* ; ■/« aafutf m/o yWmf w ii<uM. 

I CiMda CardtaaJla? fii^.Sy,!. Rkgn. 71, 4U. 

P De«p Unck. nm diinioR, railier ihatt : hnd tkeit, InMu i 

' an Itrtfiwar ami anjcuUi black linglet iin tlie enmm, Isdndb 
' ■niNiuaitrutc block tualk mbi<h raooeedt fmn tlie lri»d bor^rr ; bar 
flat, wiib tniK Mack attipn, waldi unlw oa the niiabiau . liia 
awn*, wtib oiM db-lincl obUqae rldg** : mnulb pltcbv • cbm witb 
two ilnicMi rooRKtcil ltd fjM» on caeb ndo of ib« •liltl-l, and with 
a mMllci nd *p«l in nacb nil* of ilie wulcbava, >likb bu ■ itd 
Rtlpt: bind-clim (rmgiMua: tip of llic abdoow* rad: lcf[innl. 
Bmi tawn; winKa biovn ; fore-winp milh rrd, and la ta«e [wru 
laim}- nUipo* aleVfC ibe Innfituditial teins : hind-ainp irilb a n*^ 
uUic tiufte. |jni|tlli of tlic UhIj 34 Iimb ; of the <ring* 10 Itn 

a. Ntpaul!' Pmenird h; M^et Geacra) Uardirict. 

4S. T«ntooxi«iiRiKni». 

J f yw. Imtm mi i» i tUoaum tutiKi ftatm, niaro iiuerrupU vit- 
ta h tm. apitr ftmfimrum s pnUt Jutri .- aA> /bjck « ate on - 

lUiefc, •ladn, aliitliltT ibiniax : bnd nbon, nidi three liiunu 
t«i Ac «mni, ill* midiUi! on* iwDioat; faoe flat, atid fiiwl; ru- 
nda* an iW diak. «riih Mi oMi^uo rnimn on «Mh tide, wkecc 
MM fa • iMg* Uwoua »f(>t i •pwtoma digbtlj Itcdi'd, alnoM uigu- 
W, «Uk a ksry* IuIonw tftA on cBohM&: raoulli pitchy: cbctl 
W— mrwily rvguloM, ailb (I'lir luti.'uiiB (pob on Uie Ttitc border ; 
t and f«nl; mearctoil with th«B) an fire oMouti IuIcouk 
«0N rauh lido ol-liniii!, and coiiim'iH UiKtlhri in Iriinl; 
I witb a laT|[« nti«onkiil btcmiplcil lulc»iii tpnl, >liti'li <«- 
Mffaa ill* ditk : alnloracii yellow tviicntb. wilb an inlcmijitc'l 
lfci>MTi|»; liiifemiEiMMti lepuw&y: wUindark bnwm twt- 
•i^ wnb Idutmm Mi^ca, whidi aoMmpany all Iho roiM. Longib 
W(fa bvdy M lines: (rflbBaiufii II Umi. 

a. Baiil. IHcacDUd by Jufcn Jtien, E>q. 
A. bHsIL i>Mwnled^J. RG.Snitb.Kaii. 
« r PnMnMdl>yJ.O.Ctiildnii.e>q. 

tumiimitimt pottirit latrii ; prjei nifra timtli i al» aM\t« 
» "f W mutate, apitt niyrtt ; ali piulit* /mte». 

tMBOM, railirt tlrader: bead slion, with a rouud hluck tpot 
m tbf fytloU, aoi) sooikin' oii tbo fore binder -. face Mnvlt r-i- 
I iL* lif, alin«st Bat od Ibn dUk, nilb ob1l<|Uc xry ilttrbl Tiii- 
^ each tide: epiitnnu blauk ni llie bwic - inuutb piii:)>yi 
; wilk a latall romxl hLick Ipot iu Cronl, «iid willi a Ui^vt out 
Ml tmtk *U» U*»T tin- bMP of the foto-wlti^. and nilli one i>ii lli« 
diik »f ibc M«tobtaa,iibw(f Up it block abilonicti black : lidei and 
btad tninlrr* of the wyute lulcoiii : Upn of the lbli;b), slinirki. 
•a4 (aM Uaek: fpw-wingi red, aitk kiiid- inrKuIni block mntLt in 

Acdkik) llfaUaok: binil-vin]^ dm k brown. 
• UuMi uf ibrwlitgi 13 bun. 

Le»gili of tlio bixly 




LIST or noHorrtmoi'ii ihsiotk. 

40. TsmooNiA ixT«cr«. 

7<Hfa««, /luiformU; /aent Jlat^i tarii/mfii ab fntltnt alha. 
fiiicbt le«tti.'«oii!i. t|i 1 lid It^flin peel, not ihiitinK- head chorti 
Ikes yclW. flat on tlic di»k. ihimnR, and witli about uiu« lerj 
iliglbl, biiidiT uhliquc fumniB ini cacb iid« -. epbtofu aliitlitlj 
ktvlpii : inouili rctniRinnus : IWt bruwu ; liiod-wliip wbito; volai 
I'uIf ytWom. Lcnglb of tho bod; A lln«* ; or llic wing* 12 Ime*. ,' 

u, It. Columbia. From Mr. Tatnci'* oallection. 


40. TSTTl«Oai« BAMMACUL*. 

Imim, nigr^ mwWala : tntultum ni fro fiucum, lulfi nKi-'ulnlum . 
aMamfn froffuin; tibiir atttfrjor** lortianf fiarii ; nia an- 
(irrt Jtaro IriiMniiatra tt univillatit, a^MV jute* ; ala fft- 
ticii fuica 

Boilj rallicr ulcndct. uliRhllv ihiniiiE : licai) liitrouis >hart ; 
cwwii iriili l«o sbarl lilutk baud*, wbicb are united bjr a hUdi 
■lripp,aiid witlilwun)Uii<) Iut<.-uuitipuu,wb04e1ibick liurdcriaroiuUt- 
iu|i(«d ; faM wiilt two blauk ■triiir*, which join ih« l>Uok un tlw 
rroKii, and arc united on (he rpiilamai diik oltniHl Hal : each ride 
wiib aboiil iveUc liitnllr iiMii|ue riirrowi ; episioinn vith a black 
alnue, sli){btlj k<«led : noulU femiginouai Uiielil blitokish bnimi. 
■ itb iw» KTT \atg* tranavcTM! Iiiioou* ipol* on (be fcirp border, tx- 
laiding t" tbe breaKi, and bavini; three lutemii cpoU belBecn (hctn : 
ion b rice uantterao luicoui niui.'' on ibc bind btmlet; Mmicbeon 
luteoua, brown u1oo|; ibu fore iiuntct. wiib ibe ex<«ptJori ot a tmall 
luwou ipot oil each side : alidtiinoii uningt - fo«l and aot«tiat 
•tmnk* brown : fore-winjt* "iib ihior jellow upounl tliv bncc, 
with a j'cltow tiripc cxtrnilinK nlonjc the diili: lip* and bind-wil 
bruwu. Leagib or Ibc bodj i lines ; or ibe niugs 12 \uM. 

Vu.B- Hind-abants blown. 

0. T Prwonied by ibe Eoloniolagioal Club, 

t Braiil 

un at ttoMopTSHocB tmim. 

47. TtmnoNiA opvutxn. 

fjwtmjfJMm : rtful mfum, mhlit urnnfur fatvum ; irtitum fia 
■rfftMru/an ; «M->i>tni ni/iu* ,- prrfn ru(t, Mnu anfrnnnhta 
fmmi: •/* miiM furpart^nth, fiam inlnnijili trifu^^ 
n»lii,mpin ftttnt ; alir poiliea /uifit. ^^M 

FmugiaviUf tklaliig, rni3i«r slAut: Wil ml, ihort: r«cc fl^^ 
ul aiDOMir lanlaM oa iha diik, uwn^. tai with abuul eielnecn 
^ bvwil nnoi on ocb «de : nijittoinii anipilar : monlh niimii, 
liri am ndl inile >■ ihe baie ; ihicll irilli three pule rrlloH' haixli ; 
fau oa iW fof* bvH*t, than »nd nurniw ; bMOiid brcuJ, rpn ncai 
Ik fiM ; ihird namw on ibc bind border, unillns on mvIi wie with 
A* IfM. util c>U*dift)[ la the breut : a iili|[h( jr^ton tD>rli no each 
Ml •< iW *lnelil: abdiMDen avA lep briabt Ted; anterior r«ci 
!■■• : faw-» l w(ti poipliih red. vitb ihiM iligbt tnegulur and in- 
lNnfl(4 jrdlow bauil* ; lip* and biud-wing« browu. Leugtb or 
tUMf 41 liMi; oftbemoplliline*- 
1. VoMaalt. Ffoa lit. Djson's co1l«c(ion. 

49. TBTnaoHi* oiLtrtA. 

imJmn poitiri jturpurtv fateiatum i tihiit 
' luUtr, purmir 
tfrirr lariittt ; ata potties puff uttO'Juic 


Ocus*. deiider, diiDing: betd miacMun, almoii c>lt^ical^ 
I Mipi ■bil depfMMd, with two iinin),'F kiripen ivliicli con- 
, bSftic ibe «]rf iMc, Md form an nniic niiitic on ib« diilr : 
|«ltlj onwico; bccwitha flnl diiti. and wiih indUcincl nml 
r •UIKon «aeb tide: cptttoma parLljr crBiiRe^ iliicld irmo*- 
MflUal. iMCiOMiui imnb lb* ton border, with a purple 
'«■ iW biad bo(dor: <c«I(4imii trtuocont i^ir*rd« llie baM : 
I tMUnwua bmeath and lownrdt the b»e aliovc . bind )">r- 
dan aa4 Uad-cbanb broKD: fotc-ninics lutroui. witb an obliquv 
fiplhfc rtd Mfipe near lb« baar, and witli two tli^btl; obliiiue pur> 
•Hm nd bamli, Ui«a« oonnrge at tbpjr upptoaoh Uie bind bor- 
4m, aloDg nbleb ill* (pM* b«tWKn tbrm ii occupied bjr a purplUb 
ml tirin* -, lipt lurid : biod-mng* patplUlt tirnwn. Lcnglb uf ibc 
M] S lisca; of ibc viagi 13 Kn«». 
& Efft, oa (he AnauB. Fran Mr. Si«icat' culkclion. 

2 D 2 


fcMT or ■i«MOPTi[BOPa iMUcn. 

4fl. TsmuiMU UBXft. 

^^K ■HfyMlhu iMiticii /uiri't. FTiilrr /laiv ; /niitt ,/tari, /nuti- 

^^K Am oatifu /•utu titigatii, tilrui luni'if ur lUitinJ Imtfh, libiit 

^^r €pim ivmu limpi<Lr ; ala juttim liiafiiLr. 

I FcrnipDuu* bnwm ubiuing, nibor iiUiai: bead dioni «m« 

hiMk on caeb lide, jiellnw bImiit (be bind bonier, bimI tict«c<«i lb* 

I «>«« and ibe eyelcU «n ihc fore lotiirr ; Inve pntc yvltow, witb ■«• 

I dd«* mnlcd : c|il«i«in» likcV ^ ■ btark ririfio «n cadi tide «i[inid- 

di^ utd ■ni'lh«r uii tbc bind tnirtln : KUldwoa aitb a ;«llow baat 
uB tk« diak uid wiib a ycUoo' tuipa ou oacb tido, exundfng Ags 
ib9 but 1« tba bond 1 lip i«llo>r : braut Mk jMam, slib a kqi* 
Uaok not un each nJdc : >bd«>aiiin oranito ; uod border* of tba t«|[- 
nntU Vrown ; iindeniidF jrntlow : Ic^a vdlow: a Iimwii aireak on 
Mcb forr-tbigb -. hn'thitnVt and Ibre^wt InU'UUi ; ifpa of Uod 
*hanki biowu; r»rt--«vliij(> lurid, otib • pale ftctn ttioal on iba 
liiud bonier nmr tlir Iiiuc : ■ >arg« iriintcnUr dailt brown tnot tMM 
Dii th« ront border lieipiidd (he middle, and citendi xmai the wInK, 
iind includes an uli1ii)iif pu\c grci-ii »ir<*Hk ; bfyuiid ii [he ving M 
I'olourliM, Kith a lurtd tlngo ai iho tip: bliid-wingt auIuurlMa. 
l;Cn|rtlt of the bad; 4lline*; uf (lie winjp II lint*. 

a. Rga, on the Am-ixan. I' cum Mr, Sicrctu' culleelion. 

90. TErTMOfu LOKoiKi. 


aUomn Jlaini, laivm mihilm»; prJtt Jtari, lariu /ulrii ; 


T«>ia<«ou*, dmdcr, ibinlnfc: h(«d lulooui, conlnl: erotni 
Out, with n (OTniDlrciilnr dcntrtiiuti in ilie dink : fncc Siit on tlie dUI, 
wil^ tudiuintt !di):ht<y olili'tuf riilen i>a focb sidi- ; rnislonaa pftk 
icHi<«iMMic>, month fi'miiptioua : tbleld In tcoui along (before W> 
drr. and wdh n lufiiu* htmd near tbo bind border : dM of ilw 
Jiriitclii-iiD red: nbdiinicn racMtl* ;«IIu*, wtib (ome black uartf- 
|CK« yclloB : rctttnwny. lutr-niiig^ "liitiih ; tciiia lulcoa* ^ liiiid- 

wiDci mdk.«bite. Leufth of (b« bodf i Uott; of ibe witiKa 13 


a Quit«. 

u>T or nuiopntaov* inmcis. 

51. TemoiMiuovnATt. 

£bM; r»fml mfra BarinM, mtliu Jitmm ; tinntx fivm/iinfiu, 
latn rf Jiaiv imirHltliu ; mttationu aigrri ptrtta ftavHm^\ 
fiwwm Uman'ialHm ; ahAamm mfum, niyrs nUatto", iu&ft^|H 
*t f^^ JlarviH ; ata amlic* frmyiitra, lutn guttata, apit^^ 
Imndm i alM foftint Itaid^./utta margmaUr. ^H 

I Mlini*. raUi«r ftout : liMd tilm><«l truncate-cuuioal ; vroirn^^ 

.t concaie mmkIi ride h^ iberyrt, nidi a ijrn(l<^r hlAck 
rkicb ba* tlirec bbck ilripct bd \ai it. aud two iu ftuol ; 
jWk* : it* diik dat, Diinuietj rajpiluK leoctliwiM i »i<l«* 
Willi aInmi Bine Uighi, har^r oblique tl4em : tip and 
df«p black: DMUlb rellow: bind put of Uic (hicld Ti 
Irut nasi); PCOoptM by nix lolcomiqiati: tculelieon r<_ 
wUk four ivunil luleuiu ipots f-n llie cli<k, with n jelluw 
•pit OB <acb lidr at \\\v boAc, and wilb a Ihi^' niuod yiiDiiw 
tbt (!p, which It lultout • hiad-chcMl blHok • hrrnst v* 
mOo*. «iib a [iilcht upot aa tacb *idc - abiiniiipn AtiV rH, wiui 
Wi^ dotBaJ nripe, brisbt ml at tbn biitp, lip mid underside p: 
•lllaw: fovc-wing^ pale brigbl rctruBi'iou'i wi'!! iiumiT"U» liilcn 
Ml ufrnlDiia ■■!«, land IvwanlH lli« lipi, wIk'ic IIiiti- arc si'iric ci 
harfBM BUnks oil ilw bordere uf iba %nm: hlnd'Win^ pule liirii 
tawBS Bt lb(> i>p4 and aloiiK the bind botdcn. l.cngih ul ihc bud' 
f lta«Bi uftba >ii>it* 13 lioa. 
«. njliia Promted bjr B. DuuUtdar, Eiq. 

ind I 

S2. Trttibonu tmrtTA. 

ils/b, njMiM, ^n mri'a i fAimil aiboTHritu; mrtathvnx nifnt 
/ucialuj ^(^ Mifni «iv«i ; airoB/inr /ifrii'.r.i'/irtyWMfa, 

Bfixbt tcil, rathe* atoul: bcadiburt; crown S*»ii Scire ii la t, flnV 
•ilk ■ boan-ahaprd Mk jenow >{iot in lb* diak ; tmoc Hat on ihe 
bk, caa(«i, BOd wilb l«n obllqne pair jctlow bands ou esich >iiite ; 
4MI wilb MOM litrgvlar ««llo« aE>atk!i' lownnh lh« fore liirdrr, 
<AlA !■ «btt« } B eoBics) Wbile *fol mar Uiv r»T« bonlci connrt'tcd 
W ■ alndrt wUu atrip* wiib itw bind l<->Td<-r, whkh Imi a iMiiiiiul 
•iWW mt BB CBcb kirfa : tCBtubtan whitUh. with a lar);e jeil *pi>l on 
*acb^ie. lipUark; blDd-cb««linMtlj' retlow. willi a xbiirl binck 
kaadaa iba bt»d border: sbdoiam tinged with purple bctcaibt 



LIST or tiojKipiEBon tnuum. 

lli>ptl< noil tl]iir>k<' hbrk inwunli Out lip*; foCl p*nW btnuk : 
win^s luii<i. nilomcd wiili tiumttoiit while dolx, bri|{l>i rcil iicnr I 
tiiu aail (lieuer foi n tliuri spBci- iil<>ng tach bnHer ; fnie burdrr M 
UmI bordn Itrii-lil ivil, a )iur[<li- (iiii^v ■loiigiide di« foimer: biod- 
wlnp lirowii uitL u KOyfivty luntin, pain ittaitK ibc Ton burden 
l-cn^ih ol'ibcbod; A Iims; of the wini(i 12 liucs. 
fiitito. Ptnenlcd bj M. Uoureior. 


Jtit^«, ml«uM,* tnlrtU ilitftu Higrinni ; abdimr* mi'jro-jinrynm 
finalum,lalenbiualiii mofuajfi, n7ifrf^n«^<vn(/ii ; (am 
■pitv ni-yri ,- alit antics liirida, hut rf ad rtatam ru/il f 


I Brisht red, ntlin tinui : botd abort ; eni*rn RrmiciTciiliir: 

I dai on iSt dlkk, with lomc tliitbt, oblique ridsx* on encb side ; 

I tUKUt kctileil : dikk of ibe UutehTOn hlaokuh : dxloinea niLh' a 
1 piiqiliih b1a(<k iiripr ultiiiic (he buck, auil with a Hbi(i>h IriuUL'ulu 
J »fOl on (wch htttc (if cvrr7 ■?|[iiipiiI: undrisiik pule yi-llow with a 
' reil tip; leel willi black lipi: riifc-ni lifts lutiit, inoiilj- tr<t tovnui 
the b«»e ■loiiK ihc lore bwliT lill wur ibe lijn : bind-winit' " 
Length df ibc body A IIiim ; of ibv winpi in tine*. 

I «. Jan. Froni tlic Eaii Inilia Cumpauf '• toUtetion. 

M. TrmooHit a*tviv». 

^■nm-ni/uiii, Aofl (utwmm >t iiuu^ininuu .- pnirt pitm^ft- 
mariiMa ptuterwrihrnt Jl«wi*, libiu inlrnnr4iii /u/cu ; nl* 
onrifiT /rrrmginnr, rnrnn IrtfiueiMt^, a^or tivW« ; aZ* pvt- 
lim luridir. 

Suflfun-Mliinr, tteal. ihlalaE: fcoail diori, bioadnr Uian thf 
rlimt -. vinwn cpiivaie on the liiiid bonier, iiMf« ri>iiies, and ivilh « 
Mjivk bniiil ill linoi: unilcni'le ui«aeeoiu ; foocMHiEahnt daltencdL 
teiY liuvijr nit^loae, unuutli. *iih isduliaet atrir, a>d with pair 
brown, oKliiitiu banib oa each Hidr: nHwth bmiipiiuua i t-\uM 
InnavorMli itiialcd. with twu black I'MAiIm, wnt on cadi border; 
MnMbcoB likfi tuwnnia ttut hiisc : ab<l<>ineTi pucplii^ t^d on ibc 
dU^inlMnuR aud coHtjMtued lawwdt th« ba»r: ihaM^ of the 

ifrmml alum: ImplUhfi p«amioi ibighi ]relli>« ; mlit- 
4b Akaka ttwvy ( fom^iktclK md fore-dwnls wlih lawB; Mmlu : 
fa I iiBti fan^ilMiit, mill Uiree bra»d laSRHi bandti tips ud 
ki^viaf* hMid. LMfth uf Ibe bodj i| Um*; of ibe iriDgi 

«. Wtat CoMt of AmtiM. 
L f 

a. TxTTiWHiu act 10*. 
ToMMB, prumom f lAofMT /imd fnnitn/iritu ,- ofeltn pinum ,- 

, tbiBiniE, riiliT )iiiul, iijiMlly covctr<l wiib liluiiih 
braJ thuft : crufn Miinciitial acfireucdi bIuihu cuiiI- 
■Btlj Ua«t ■>■ ndi *iile; dUk of the faoc quite flat, m; 
ulf thagtMDtiii tidn mrilk ubnui twrli« leij Klight ub]i<|ue 
ii4fv> rfiuoaia ktcltd, iii4«U| pildir: amilb r«rriiplnous ^ thirM 

I fnAj : diib of ihe «)Hiaiiwii dUckUb ; Ii'ei dnrk teita- 

i: (tM litvoB tTF>aiii)r* wVili! aitb an iAtrnupWil bn>«K 

«| IVAtbinls of the leoflb i tipa bivKO, pntij turid ; biiul- 

b«aiiB. Length of the bedj Han; af tha iringi 

a. Jerk Pnn Ur. Af|^tt «dl(etl«U. 

M^ TKmwtri* ntBvisi. 

CTniuwa, rvAtuta i nijnil anttW nigra /nirialnvi, mtlui /tiniin,- 
ftrtmi fitrum , aUomn jhiwii, ta/ifa nijirunt iiyuiritr->ruM 
mmfM^mt yittu ii <iifiii . pnlfifiati; tl^anlititrv/it.apitt 
«# M fWMia Itrid^, HMryinf jMifiM Ni'^o trigullalit i aim 

TeMawaiu, ihiitiiii;, nib«r ituol: liiad short; crown Hal, con- 
(B>f Mriad, otore c»ii>»t on ihe (••tt WcdM, where there is ■ Maek 
huJ : fare aad cpiUiMra ivltow, ()Hlte fnl.- i-hc>t ulin'»>i tint: 
taMM jellew : ainlnnpn blad ahmr, vrltuw licacolh ; h'lid bDi^en 
rf fc minii(> lull mil l«|{i teil"W'. rutc-oinci brigtbt iril, turiil 
■iMff ihr btf honlnt and at the ti|<)., mih thttv thirk !i]ii)li uluiii: 
A* bind biMdnr : biiid<wia^ daik btvwii. l^ngtU uf Uir Uiidy 4 

CBlnuihh. FiHi Ml. TuiM^ tsuileetkiti. 


S7. Tbttiooni* Kim lax*. 

JRfra; rapul ad ih irttamim ,- prJtt Intarri, tarrit fiutiti «J« 
aitlint ru/*, apier nigra ; alir putliai fimt*. 

Black, iiinoalh. mhinintr. nihcc klciiilf r : liMil kIioiI ; crovn A^ 
yn»»KA, Tncc flnl, *tn miniileljr tliagicriivd ; tide* conrcv, trilk 
alternalc, hidimiiIi, and flnelj ihafftMned btndti cpUluma bitrudt 
llie tip and inoulh 1«Mji«mkw: TcfC* dark tettaa«oi»^ r«( bruan: 
lbr«-<*in|[i brighl re<), b1ai:k low>rd> lb* tip*: bind- wing* brown. 
Le^thof tbe bodjSl linm oribe King* 9 Uoa. 

«. BtuiL PrCMUtcd bj Jobn Mitn, E£«q. 

&H. Tkidooku ■KMiTirr*. 

I/Utea, •tijro.ntaeulala ; ifuleUuin nigrum, iliifi mfum ,- oMinnrn 
■tyni liltaluni ; pfitrt/tilri ; alrr an/irc rtftu ifuatui apicefj 
fiuHM! at* ptubrx etifirt» Jutra, hati limpid^, 

Liilcuut, *li);bil5 tbiiiinjc, mbn »lenili.T: )m<l iibiVTl : cmi 
sIi|;biJ]' i(i|in4(>«ii, with a tlt'iiitcr bUi-k *inp», wliicb oil the 
border jxliit ■ Irnnnrcne Mavk vnni, whence two hi nek itripn 
ccrd nlonK Df iir bilf ibe li-iiRth uf the r«cc : di*k of the fue 
tiilri aiib otiuiil ninv Bli);bl. hurillj o1>li<|ue ridcm thteld Irai 
kcraclf fttrialod. mtli .1 black «pul iin iicb nids uf tlie fan burdcr. 
•ud ifD the )iind l»)cdLT m tiUck hand wliicb furm« itii annlc in the 
middle : loutehron binck, wiib • red diik : abdomen with a hlackitb 
■trine : leg* tnwiiv : rurr-wings with a brown >tripe kIdiid ini'Ce than 
hHlf tb« Iriif^b "f till) riire lti>rdi-r, and wilb an ublique i<rowii ktiipe 
DOMing rrom the ba>o of ibe fort bi'rdei tu near iLe t)p of the lilnij 
nordet; tipi brown: bind-wfuiip, briiwn, luiincnbal cnprieiT, (rnluar- 
IcM at tke blue. Length uf ibe Iwlj 3^ liura; u( tbe niujp 10 

41. r 

ftp, TuTTiflO^A FTDiroaHis. 

Jti^a, nigra ra'ia; /ariftJl.itNi,iiiyrahintlaU ,- aiJamnt nigrvm : 
prdtt ^an ; libiit aaliea pUnt ; aiit tittifit nigr^, rvfo 
qm»ir%%-itlatiT, apict /atia. 

Briebt r«d,t1onder,diclitljkblDinf;^ hcad»hort: itrnwn lawnr, 
with a I'laok tpolon caob ildoortbebiud butdcr; face jrellow. 


""b- "^1 

b4Mek*Uif«»,«k)ekabooeciiii; {wtiordie fnnt, ami wa 
«v IW tffwaina i 4iak Sti ; ftrta on meb ride ler* indl»- 
MMk iH cadi till*, and un meh ttda of lh« dUk wiik 
MaUack tfBb, «Mrk are iMnol br a vt-'llaxith lonrt ii-iilrlieaB 
■iC*« : fin* hoHM whit a dhcIe Ioibi), which it widennl <>□ eaob 
riiri aMMpntUtck: laRt mI< jcltow ; bn tlunki pitchy, uwny 
aa Aa kttaa: fcrv-miiB WmA, aiib f>mr nuini or Xtm porfcct brifchl 
nd wipui lip*. hiMl iKHilen. n»il bind-wiDXi brown. Length of 
A* laaiy 4 liiin ; of ibc wiuss 9 linn. 


00. Timaojru mit*. 

Mm hiniw. mfiier fmirum ; tibia latiict (nKif; aim aniiea 
aAtf, Jmm fmMmacuktm, 

VU»fiU<rw,«l>*dtT. AMiii;: haadihon; rrownill^llr con- 
wUkkblackdivUad tpM li«m«atb««]rrli-t>; fiue With (hm 
aUtM* vhieh exIeaH alonji iWD>(liinli Mthe leni[tb. aiiil up«( 
tW cpiMiNiia, the tide pair aJio Mcup; pan of ibe f^il i 
iai; aiilea witli *ll|[h( ub1I<:tue tMgt* : tip of tlia moulh 
; lilnM wilh a tbatt irrtf^lur hlitk band on ue (bee border, 
■ (kc khi4 bvtdcr a broad bl4ok bund which fonni aa aeiiM 
in llio 4j*k '. abdoiDn IdUdid, fate fclhnr buiicnlh aod to- 
lb* lip, iibirh it broan - Tote thaskt luuvim: roie-Hinn 
t, «llk bur briMrv *pol*) o<n 'Car the hiiJ(i>, the aMond on llie 
hM bord** at iHir-tbfnl of lb« Icnfrth, tbc ihini triangular in llie 
■UiUc of tbe disk, lltF fuvitb near the liu : bin<l-wui)(i villi • 
ritfkl bdd ^ip. Lcagili of the body 4) bnea ; of the wiagi 10 

Fmh Mr. Dywa't ooUaoUos. 


■■ ( fiirin Ai 
n/ ; aX* a* 

61, Tcmoosu ALBioima. 

I faro tin'tlaM ,■ kVIhm ^ni fatviatvm ; 
rino^n/uluui .' nMomra prirTiurm-rif/'Hin ; 


brMd V 

Black. ntlMT ikaider, AlnlBf : liCHd than ; fac« wilh two 
filt^allaw uripe^ which abo oociipy part of ihc fronl, aiiil aro 
' tawm rdt ibe epiilacoa ; diik alinoat flat, tcijr naiuBUilj 


at the shielii 

ltd; »I<Im wilh ladluliict oMiquo tttte; mi 

it n«i> the tiaM, ill aidet, (it>, aiiU iba niinill 
with * brood iial« lellti 

wiih ft 

I lulOTU* ^ disk 

ptlr Ttflluw liiod, which b notcbed in 

bti^Mt wiih two \ttg* pale yellow 

glfoU on cMcli Me : abduinvn biijchl nd ; didt above putpIUb : \eg» 

t]»nd: witiRibrowni Torc-wiogt wiUi fiie Ibivo jvllowith white 

L«B^ uf the bod; 4 linn ; of the wing* 9 linet. 


02. TxTnOONtA PLVKU4. 

aUf tmtitit nifro.fiucm; 


Blade, nlber slemlcr, nut tbiaintti miMllj' coxted 
UMJih bloam : head >lioit -. Fruwii d«{)tf«iud un m-h till* ; illkk of 
the Cue concavg, minutt'ty bluiarvciifit ; lidc* ciinvrx, ■iiixolh, wilh 
IndisliDCt oblique iln»: cpiiUxiiA kccird: winx* intlicr brimd; 
fun-winiiB blackiih brown: nind-winip liniwu. Lt.-Dgtliiirihe bodj 
Kom; of the wlnp 7 — liiiM, 

Quito. Pmenled b;^ W. HcwiUon, Eiq. 

63. TstTKiaMii BHKTtraona. 

Nigra; rapnl lapn fiilm anigatlatan ; fatin /ultv ; ptitff 

afat puTiiw/ufir. 

Black, lUadCT, ihininir: head Aort; crown codtfs, 
any dot in franii fnce uwny and Anton tbedisb, coiitcx un each 
efrittnmnkwifrd.lawtif on neb vide: mouth and It-trs pilcby ( 
od-shAiiki liciK-iklh nii'l btpit Uhiit; fiirc-wiiiR* Mnckiiib brown : 
d-wingt bruwD. Length o( Uic bod; 3} lina ; of tbe wings 9 

F^om the B»t India Companj'i oolketJon 

un or noM»PTBsan mawra. 

M. Tkttkohu rmttnoM 

Tmttnm, *U^fndmam i rrrtint Ulertt fietit ; /netetjlam utS!P 
r»fa<« ; tfwtmm ^■'-m aaf ^t» iKnum ; afidamra nijrruni. 

atm fwriftf Und*. 

• tnniqiuptftm . 

nlUft tbmi, coTCfcd willi a wliiin Mootn- heai] 
4an , OMw pudi; OD neb *i<le ; fiioc vitb > vcllow iput on the 

^^AIt.wUcbbikbaliMt: rldnaon each «iileulili<[ue, tc^ diiiinat; 

VMiiM«H»lMM: AMdroo^t^jiBiiMiiredi panl; piicUv I't rrlloi* ; 

I mitmmm Moailj blvck ■hare, aiili an intcmipuil pHeilj niipr be- 

I tmtk: leM KM (bm-tfcaab pitcbj: liind-moB* lurid. Length uf 
Aa tirf; ^ Uan ; of iIm viiip » linct. 

. ■• iiMto. PrMcnlcd bjr J. P. G. Smith. Em], 
01. Tirrraoinx coxciKm*. 

Bri^l ned-lnd ooloof, aluBlDv, imtliaT alnidor: head nUtw 

ail !■! . ovm wJikabbdiaatdilirWBdalonciliebiiidbordct; 

«f lk< bee attDMl flat; tides IntMinx, wit£ indinlinct, rvty 

•Wmc himn ; «}iiat«ni keded, lateoiu. lu ore al>o ihr inuiiib and 

iWmmMi thMd with a bfood, slif-htlj tumri blui-k tiunil iiiung 

^ hw bn>dir : ItftlmlMUt: fi>f»-«(iig«<ianl'n)r .- hin<l'uiii^<> l>jile 

I ; » fcwd b*»d and tbe ttpa darker. Length of the ho^j 3i 


M TBTTtdOHt* Citu 

; rufml amiier lulrmm I tkorax fuifr juaJrimafulaiai ; 
fa rrarwitm iatijtamm ; firdti fnlri ; alir antiar albr 
fullU trihu /«teiii^iir ifnalvi itumnmtu. 

VcUowlah wtuU, niber iioui i htui ihorii front, face, eiii- 
■a, ami rnamh lalarai : ditk of Hie ik(« almati flat; Aimw* no 
obBipK, Mit rerr dlitiaot : ihidd irllli an obbnit bnmn 
t«a each tide of the fere border; iculcbeoD with n bmnn ipol 
~ I liie : bnut jtellow : abdoncD orutp, jell«ir at the bn«f : 


tin or n»MOPTKR«tia tnuK/n- 


l«g& Lawii]' : wiiit^i while ; llieir lip* omj the brr-wiagi lOKaidi ibe 
btiM with A *liglii lurid tliigp : lora-o'ins* wlib llino erinton dou. 
uid IvocrimuiD hands ; Bnl hand ■lender ; teouiiil hrovd, uhli^uc, 
nol itMrbiuK tbe Iiind border. Length uf ibe bvdj 3^ Mat* : or Um 
W)»gi 8 Hot*. 
a. Ja>a. From Mr. Argcnt't uollettioo. 

67. TsTTtooyu ii*i>u. 

*: or ilM I 

rTttlafra; caput futev mam/afmn . iruimm apict fu$cu>n : tmltl- 
luni /tucHm, apitt leitaeninii ft<t»u picm himafuiitMim , 
[ it64(i>nirit ftucum, MlarrO fatrialwA; Ithitt potliar fan* . 

tit itHlifit leitan-a i altr pMtiea /lunr. 
TcWiceuui'. M^er itkiui, almoiit flnl ; bfiid libort; (Town cull- 
(•M bdriod, (emicitcnUr in rront, wilb two bmwn dott on ibc bind 
botder bebind tb« «]wlet> ; (an Am, yiiiii short iiiftiiiiDcl rumw* on 
auh lid* ; ■ pitubjr ipot bj the cuitict i>f nuh tye : Me\i miniltelj 
Mriftlcd acrofSi darkrr toward* ib« blod b-irdcr which i» bran : 
■cntobcam btuwu witb a iMUoeoua lip: brcMt viih a iiitch; tput on 
caeli ride : abdomcii hrottn, diluted Iwnciilh lownrdt (tie but ; bind 
bonl«n of tbe MipoenU and liii bi'iinlb l«>tAi-i.i>us : liiiid sUuilm 
bntwn: Tow-winga iMlaceuo) : blnd-H-ing* bruxn. Lengili of the 
body at Unta; «f lb* wingn 7t liiw*. 

». North Amerlcn- PrcMaltd by the Entomological Club. 


00. Trrrtooxu iL«ur*acuTk 

OwrM; nfpHi /laKi nnwm; irHfuw Hifro.tvfmin, Jlaiv.atlio 
faitintum ; ptrliu iutmn ; prdf liiUi, jiiero iwn'i .- alie an- 
ri'or tnridit M» trx-mnfttUtm ; alit pi4lictr fiucir. 

OnDgii : hrail tbort, bisek, rather broador thsn tbe eba 
orowii dopmsnti wilti > niw al pale yrUow ipat* lorraini; n biind Id 
th« diik ; face long, llnl, linclj ibigreened, iritb > loiitt pole yelluw 
Wripe in (be illiddli^ ; 'idea conT«(, khiiiiOKi oil^ diiliitcl obUqae 
(nitwoa. tawBj luwuid<- ibe ejTM: mouth piubv: ibield oupreuiu- 
hJaob. wilb k broad yaUuwitb white batid ud tlia di«L: brMti and 
higt httoMi : lipt of the abonV* and of the tr<t, foieHihaiikt and 
forc-reat pildijt fare^-wingi Inrid, with six while epoUi the «xtb 
formiDg « baad olaiiM nctom ihv will); aud atsr the tip, which i* 
bmwn : hiari-winc* brown. I,«ngtb of llic body 3 lino; of tbo 
winga 7 Un«iL 
«. South Attteriea. rmcntcd bj K. UoubledaT, E«q. 

LIST or Hoiti>i-reH»ii!i iHucn. 


00. TRTneoHu jrciniOA. 

(Aom* f irvlWM »ifro niriuiq ,- aMamm a/iKr Htym iinuru/<i- 
taM ; ai« aiit»^« faieiii duahu rrono macutoriJ o^Kihug w 
fmtit/ »l* potXitm fute*. 

Bnithi nim»K« • hmd abon ; ttamii dcprtucil. witli ■ block 
t «a dtf kiail Iwrilt-r, aod aaotber oil (li« foic bonier, llic luUi-r 
Inenlar^ 4JUi ■>! tha Tim tat; binowi on ihu *i<U* huliMiDei^ 
AMI bUek un fadi tide ud doB|c lh« btiid bonJur, wfawt tli« Uaek 
b wlihiniil iaw •« >B|tl*^ wkicb nUniix bcvond the middle oT die 
iUk I ■UoiMa bUeli on eaclt tide loiranl* (be lip : fun-witiKi with 
)*« b i w 4hwmnb«iid*.«»dmf "hldiiuclaJ^Bmolilougurjngu jpiA; 
li^ aad bind-wlagi broira. Ltagili uf tLc tiudy Slinesi of tli* 
«wc>7 lino, 
a. BMwIutBk. t'lum Mr. Uf lon'i eoUcciioo. 

70. Tsmoowu iii»ii>ii. 

tttmt *m*ta i tapul jCmoN, migra tmrium ; cAunu- ytnm evn/rr- 
Itm fmtMlat ; prttut fiato nriwa,- prdr* fuliii, nigro wiliali ; 
•b «bMm OHftnt-JorirfiF. 

Ftebj, KiUed, tbiniog, almoit nuootb : hoid joUiHt, reiy 
ibon. ensciTc a« llw bjsd bonkr, cifiullf fodicx iu fmni, wbcre it 
il intvnUitf biwk ; bM euniiMl, 6at, laimv uii each tide : fLtler* 
about half IM Irngib uf ibabodj : ehMlcrvWdcd witb jvllov diitii 
MMj of ibcB oorauani : bnaMputljr jvlluw: kf-nUwiiT: ibi^h* 
•Dd rfwti aUiped wiib blaok : fare-winn lurid, vlomcd niib cdb- 
ym tiMiR bind-winiCf irraTiab ; reinabk^ Leii|[lU of ibe bouy 
1 UM -, of tbe aiaEk 7 lion, 
a Hasg K*«|C- PrvKuwd ttj J. C, Bowriiig, Csci. 

71. TcTTWailU OfKlKXH*. 


Siftitt tapml Imlnum, nigra mimaeulalnm rt bitiOatum ; (Aenu 
^fiuoMmt el mimaeulatfii ; peda Jlavi ; ata aultiw 
t, (Mira tri/ateiaU, 

.. . j aii'l cliCM Miglitl)) Coiif rK : head briKhl aiKtl|[e, 

I akof ibc bind border, tiiuru mu> vi ia riuni, nduniod witb 

Iwu (ilaraie iAae\ ttrtpes, aiul nilli ti bladt spot tietiiiwn tha lipa of 
the m\pef -. lit Uuph Icm thnn h»\l In brradih ; undcnitic pal* ;•!- 
ln« : |ac« oval, ttitli n flat, p"1' oranK' dUk : a blocli (tripe along 
twu-thtnlt of eaob *ide it united to a bU«k tlripe on tbe BpiitoBU. 
tbc Initrr !t keeled anil (lightly wnpiaued : luuuili pule yellow : 
ebmt with a brood ot«n)ri) band, wkicb I* half in[omipt«d iin tke 
blad border, and it irxril aloiiic the fan bordur, near racb ((dc «f 
wfaiefc it iiMlodn a little blnck croH Rttcak ; a Urite lubquHdmlB 
imii|t« ipot. o'liMc biml bunlcr a ouicbcd i>n «ch nide. neai tbe lip 
uf tbu kcutcbmii, wbiuk is tnwnjr : li-g^ pal« jrllmr; winK« biomi* 
hb j(nj-. bra-wliin Km;, wiib thi«« uraiicv unpo*: tm and 
mcond Doiud at IM bow: ttiitil hardly rxlondlii|[ b«70*d iba 
middlo; idnabroMli. Longth of ibe body 3} line*: oftbewinpS 

4 NoTlli India. From Mr. Wnrwick'i collcotiun. 

I Head CtiniT, flnL, oan«a*« along ibe bind border, eonioal in 

I froat, *\un it baa a bkok iMirder; ila leoKth a little taorc (h^n ball 
I iubmdth; faoo oon>oi, nlmuU i>*al, neatly flat on ibe db^ uo 
Midi ti\\» of vliicb an' ici> imliiiinct (>bli(|no crota riilgw ; bee pale 
foUoiT. koelcd. tlifibilT conipiTHed: inoutb tawnj: «bMI (away, 
with a tety btuad IiIimk ban<l. which inotudean fcrru)cniom band; a 
niirTi>w ura i a- g WB U band sluiiji lb« fore border: hreail pate jdlofr : 
obdomau <ery bri)[bl red, yellow Wn«atb: lip lawny. oonpiHMd, 
black aboie : lc(;i jcllnw ■ ToTc-winf;* Kmeniik brawn, arilb ibiM 
•tripe* : firil liriRht xnu-jima alone the fore liardtr ; tbe laoond 
and ibitd otaniiv ; leiiu |^cn : hiniT-MriDEi Rnviih brown; rei» 
brom-D. tawny ai ilio boM. Length of ilie body 3 (iuci t of tbe winj 
7 llnM. 

Var. (J. Tip of tAe abdomen rvd. 

n. TkTTI««XU PtCTl. 

/Wt« i «i;iHf ft thiirui itifni raria ; ihonr nriJi /tttia 

ptetiujiarum ; aMoiaai rmfitm, mthliujl^mm, apire ni^ , 

ptitt flan: aim antiem nndi-fiitnt, riuu una nridl dtuihut- 
for fafrif nmalr. 

uar o* noHorrBaoD* iittBcta. 

73. TcrruioiaiA amizrh. 


M^ *t^ Mi/aiTMOw f I IririlUlum .- imtmt 
Imm! 4U<iBMa <V'><* tntamM : pr Jf i Jlaii, tiiiii 
^tliMsfuinti *f« «>I>(V /vniii n'nrfi i^f"*'*''*- 

BlaA •blntnf: krad laitoai; cravn ■Ini'^t Hinl>«itml*i> 
ifi|>ti; » »«»« do Ihc biad bonier, nitli a broad b\mtk toad tmi- 
laf link tbnt ibon Uack nhpw to tba from, wbere iLr; utt naiiixl t 
Mt wlfcw lane aai ■weUinc, ihacKcncil, aiid nlnxnt Ati oii Uir 
fck. wn««. ikiaiag. and «lUt Indbllnot ol>li>iuc niriK en cbcL tide . 
vfMSMB h«»l«l : BiMlb pilobj : ton bord«Ti of llio ikieLd wilh a 
nil** Iim4, vhich U widened an oacb ride, ud caiandi bi ikc 
fci »h» p ai tif #f the abdoMea leUaoeoM : Icjt* yellow ; fnrc-ttiHDltt 
••d tw t -fa e l lawajr : fara-wiBgi liuid, oligbtly giUed, with iwo )>ile 
pmrn buida, ona Mai ili* baw, iba atbet at iwo.(bird* ol Uie Iciupli : 
M><wiay» eofp«t;>brawa. LaagUi of Uie hody 3 Ua«i vtht 

m. TM^nala. Pnin Mr. Djwo't eoUeotioii. 

74. Ttmaonu ctvuAtorsa. 


«f mat B^nraruiM; wwbf/iin /rm^iinna*, tpie* fiami 
■wrwMlBM s ftdut fiarvm, iiifi Mm i abdomn nhlai JU- 
•■M j ftdnjuri t aAe Birinr fiirrJtf, hui et a<I nw(nn ftura. 

rnim tirUi alura^ut fulca onulir,- a^;io<{ifd' Jim 
fUm ^(w fiurtr. 

IfltMM; lM*dallwlebraa<kvlliafl dwcbrnti crown Oai, ran- 
«•■ Ml Aia blid b«r4er, (Ufmaed on eaeli udc by the cyv, witli a 
UMtk T^bajifd mark \m ike diik ; face jrellow, nthci Inrsc aa4 
•MiltaV. Vila > lifoad blank Wi|>«, which ou tbv fnml is utiilcd to A 
black hand, ibe laiiar eoaiaint many yclliiw currod *lt«ak( ; disk ttl- 
Boa Aat, ninuldjr •bagNcaod ; eptitoiDe bUck ; diwld bordntd 
■ilk Mirt. and wiw tOBo bta;k iBpte oi ona near the fare border : 

HI frmisiiMtu, bbcUah, aM with a triaiixular yellnw *pot 
tba tif: btvaat jrtllow ; ditk lawnj: abdomen yol low tv- 

Itx* TcUow : Ibfe-winf^ lurid, brown at ibo bnw and nlntig 
^ bn hepwr, with a limjt fale dull gtma tpot, wbicfa ocenoica the 
liA. asd ioln* a tawny (M near the base : hiud-wtnn eoloinlew, 
wilb bmwB Ifpa. Lengu of tbe body 3 lina» ; of Uia winga 01 


Prewaled by Sir R. Scbomburxk. 

ttM 76. TsTTiunsita mvlticolok. 

Lvlfa ; eapul niiinim, flaw mniiin ; flnrav ntyn JtainHtue i 
atilamm rulilHi flovum, apict piftnm ; pedtt Jlavt; al* a»- 
tioi; luriJtr, Aon /u'nv. ad f*tlam rttfir, mttrntir itutibvt ftfkM 
Bniif iw Jlava tyrnala i ala fiatitm niUimfiJir, apirt /<ui->r. 

Lul«iiu<, In *lriiclHr« lilo T. rfphalotn : brad black ; <-n>wii 
witti sorcnl lawnj mnikc: Uanx uua tidn uf the dUk of llic fkce 
Willi fellow slreaki : sidn of tlic fnci- yvllciw : rnrr part uf iIir utiicld 
mottled witb <tcUiiw and lilncli ; a binck l>uuil un llie liind border: 
breMt fcltow, will) • lilai'k cliili ; nt'lloTiioi mnitlj vi-IIow benMlb, 
pitebjr tiiwaMis lb# tip: Irfpiirllow: rorr-winjii lurid, 1iili>oii( at tli* 
baw, ilmk ic<l ■li'ii^ ni-ar ihrrc-ruiiiibii of lb« Toni bi'rdor. with 
a Urire oMoiig boaty i\v3t iii tbe dikk, and witli a Tt'tlow \\m\ on the 
fore hiitilFl near the li]>: faltid-Hinu< olmoil ci'loiirlew, Kitb pale 
l)rowL lips. Leiiglli of ibe body 3 lino* : if the wlnip «( liiiw, 

n. Pari. pKienlod bi Rcgiiintd Ginliaia, E«n. 
*. -• 

7«. TriTifiosru cy*sk«cekb. 


(Vfnvn-a/iii/ii, nijrra nrin .- aMinnm iiui aptctqut nigrum ; priln 
ni^ri ; at<r anlirtr rutglaut^, fiuco vmia i a/it pottiat mtl- 
fim/ii J4T ofiiet cinrrm. 

Dlngynbito, with a copfwiT ilnnc; headthort: crewu cvncatc 
be&tnd. MtolrircuJiir in rront, dcprcucd gn the diik niid i>d Moh 
lidei ibree black niDii nn the rront, aide pair a lillli.- in udvoncc of 
llbe midille one : uce luui;, ilut. wilb arliih-ilinpcd Mnck *pol in 
tbe dbk, ondwilb jbout l«clirvblii|t>ir tn<tiiiliiii.-i ^iriauii i-nvh sidei 
MliietlM kocled, «ilb a MarL Mnpc: nii>nih block : hbirM wiik ■ 
blacli (put in front, with n Iilnck tiHnd on the disk, and anMhor on 
ibe hind border; suutcbcoii witb black aniflct: abdomen blnck al 
ifce bade and at tlie lip : l«|n black: biud-lncn lurid: lore-wijin 
vflli a ElAxcom tinge, dnrk brewn on Dnr-funrth lt»in ih« tips "itb 
datt hronn bonli-rn, and with nn ablirine ilark brin-n Klripr, v^ikll 
pri'CMdi rtom the base, nuci joioia dark bruwn binci in the middle: 
□r. dark brown, with Iwu Umg aod one nund whiliih spots ; hind- 
win^ nliniitc coloiirl4«(, wiib gnj lifni. Ltiigili of the t>o<l_T .I 
Uncai (if the wing* tH Itoo*. 

«. VctiMUcla. From Mr. Djion'i eollection. 

utT or nottomitoBs txmocn. 

77. TcmaoMtjt recokiTa. 

toa,' rapW^WMrriUN,' tnUttm aliUo bimaetiliitum 

Imtta tn mt i u t a tt tm ; peMu aUiiU marnljivm .- aUtonm tna- 
gmiit tmiHiM wfier^mt Utrii; prJtt rvxTi, jana nrii ; ala 
mmltrm alUJa triwiiiala ti unuMcniaM; ata pMli'na >«&- 

Decf hfack: bead tbnti crown •on iditvliT in front, mncnvf 
■ tb» Um tiM4«r, irUli a lououa ipvt in iL« miilctlt. and t«a {inlr 
frihw q*^ UN a*cb tiiti 4iA of ib* Itee alfiKttt flm. (fUuw. wiib 
t\imk f^ Id lbs Middk, and with tooic bLicli tirnJis «kiiic tha 
ill*, ipiiliwii jifliia.tiliii liiaiiili llii li|i n»aiiih|>ilchf : auidil 
Mk • lui* vhuiab «]»* on Mcb «ulc : umucIicdu with Out* Inieoiu 
if«lkiB Mil all nan wi aach iMf, anil a lir^vr cur iu rroiil: bnast 
Mb vltttUh upali : abdomen honmlh willi luioou* tjiuu atoiif Mvh 
rii»i lip twIfOM, — ch kccird in ihcfcaalci lepatan^: ■ntninr 
ibfW ariUi pHdif (UeakB i aalowr ibanb and fcrt piicbr; liind- 

bn na Um tm mmlcv, tSum ; M«D(id on ili« biod bolder, loi^n': 
lUfd mt ib« lUak, hxigra iban ibe accMid, and esiriidiiiK tu u traut- 
nB« «Uiiah »!>«( »iu the tip : blnd-wlDg« btowoiik. Lcugib wf 
Ar Iwdj 3 11 un : uf llie wrnx'' ' liMa. 
«. L Qniio. PrewBiffd br U'. UemUoa, Em|. 

78l TxrncnHij kxtkkua. 

( Mp«f hilnMa, K^n «aiauu-N^rHui ; irutwn nijrv 
ml»tmm ; trmttUwrn *l aUtmt nifru i fmlrt iutfi ; tUa 
Ittm n^TS'/JMeD biriUalm ; aiit p»tti€v fiunt. 

T*D<w head httront, tkan; crown Mnilritvular in I 
iBiAjr iM«at«r ini Au bind beidca, *ilb ■ xli^ht k(«l un tb« diak. 
aftacfc la aciah oniifqed bj a luKe Mact cpol ; face nttoolli, *bin< 

a villi a ifisfal kaol. and on anh udr ■ilb iudtttjccl ubliaui- 
- akifid Willi an uticonical hhck f|iut in iIk mtildlc, anil oiui u 

Mad ipot oa cn^h cldc: M>iiicbtbn and abdomen 
iBli am km tcilow : fotr'fiinK^ witb IKo intcnlu bl 
Mri|«a in ini! disk : hind-wings itatk bruwn. LcDglli 
Wdf 3 bNia i vt llir winp 9i linca. 

a. Hartfc LmG». Ftun Ui. Warwick'* culleoikin. 


79. TrmooMU obusa. 

Ijfw ; fapnl fin ni lulrajtir raritim ; levtum flat*' iimartitiiMm ; 
leulflluBi liilfri uniinamlalum ; prcliu Jlara macHlstinn; ah- 
rf-tmnt tablUd lulram, ni^ro faifialUHi ,* frmura erottt, *ntt- 
rion apin ni'jra ; nlit anttei* /lan<-*Itii ifuini/iittaaculatr ; 
ala poilictf fiufir, 

Dcrp l>lack, atoiil : hoaci ibort ; crown ««nicircuhT In flOlU, 
cmmre on the bind honlcr, with an oblonK liil«>i» *pol ir the 
middlr, anil > unall vcllow ipoc nn c*eh nile of (he hinil hordn hj 
tko rye, belwcen xlnch and ifac tye> ihcre i* a lnri>r n-llow spnt; 
diik of ilie r«i'e liileiTui, tlui, wiili ■ tbumliuulul blnrk H|>r>( In lim 
mi^ille: cDiaioinn willi > luteousitput aanch fide-, moiuli piicli^^ 
shield iritb an rlUpiical IimlifmM J«1Iot tpot «n «ncli nde. 
«oiilob«an nth ■ lutoniii ipol in tlic diik ■ hwatl adoinml wiili jvU 
low *|ioU; •bdonien lultoiis lieiiotih. wilb x bbii^k bund on neh 
irtnntDt: llilgbt omnf(ct ii|Ht(>r ontrrior liii|;bt bkck: ri>iv-wing( 
nith 6'e morn or lew oblnni; fdliiwUb wliiio nimii : liind-ninp 
btuwo. Lmglli of ilia bod; 3 lines ; of the wiiit;i 7 lino. 

K, (. Columbiu. Kmm Kir. Turner^i collMtion. 

80. Tsmoosi* nmrt***. 

iti'ninp I 

X{gn>-ff/ann, nihtuM _/lavit ; aiiltmen apift nthlia nigrum ; prdr* 
Jlnii i ala iiHlitw inuriJu i/unlnur /lalliilii .- diir pMinr 

X>m Mnish Muck, bri([ht yrtlow WifRib ; bend conicnl ; oroMi 
depcMMil, ivincnTe nn ibo hind border ; fare Xong, ivitli a flnt dltk, 
and on cncb aiilc with iiiilinlincl ulilii)tLc ilri« : !>;> of ihc munlb In- 
uoDs: ■MiMBrn niilicr ■itiviiiwteil ; iiiiilotaide black towaidt ibe 
tip: l«iC tiriibt yrllaiT; Tarc-niiigt brown towuib tb« lipn; two 
(poll on the hind burdn, noe p*lc yellnir nonr tbn biur, tnp otbir 
nliiU' i>i iwu.ihinU of Uie leaEla : bevond tb<'i« ua ibc fore border 
\.\i*rt it an obli<|u« obllo «|H>t, and ttill ncnm the lip a unuU Utrn} 
•pot: bind •■rlngn brown, lionglhorihabndy 3 linva; uflbc wiugi 
7 !lnp». 

a. Vencxuda, Fnim Mi. Djioii't collrclion. 

UMT or noMorrKMif* lasscr*. 

8t. Tumfioni* RDnuDiu. 

na*»-niAi. n'rjiti wu ; aUamrn ratam, (ol* itf/nu( 

rnjl, tigro imrii ; N/ir aitlinr wiriJi cttm/frtim miKn4tl», /lu- 

nicb* ipd : head *1i«n; crown *eiT si 
it Ip* bmdcr Bw) im tlu hiod U>nf». 

sliixt, iliichllf cnncflvf on 
adnmcl willi jrn-cnish 



bo* oeenpfiaic pott «r Ae upp«r ia<l«, luoir, flat on ibe dUk, 

mtMt UwnU 
■mi kMHBni brl| 
Mfi kWh i fmterior «fa*iik> aad f«el bU«k, the former icil luwnrdi 

\ae ^^rrcaiah or lawny atrriiki uu t^ncli nidc, 
wIMi Uwn U a tvH •trip* : iiMUt)) pitch; : chnt molllni witb 
*Ummm brif III I«d, Nack i««mi« ibc bate t Irp rnl ; fuTr 

fatv-Mnie* ci«*ile4 willi tmiud irreeiiiah iputs. niaur of 
riM uc mmSimii] i hind bodtr nmt the tip hrowii ; a rulourltiB 
Ind doM to llw lip, wbi<i it diii hrmiD ; hiiii)-wing» 
lMf(h (if ihe hod; 3 liM* ) at \hc ^agn 7 IJao. 

Vtt. U. Fora-thinlit and poitctior itunk* uid (ftt red. 

•-^. BmiL Pmated br John Uicn, Gm. 
d. BlulL Pi«>r«tedbrJ.i>.G. Smilh, E*<|. 

03. Tcrriooiiu bcbsuctTiITa. 

nva^Mca, n^A rilJat* ,- fptit /iiitt UmatitlttMm ; pKtut , 
tmm i aUaof nfiim, iij>ttu tvi tmteum ; pedn fulri ; '«f« 
mmtirmfmat, maeiUU duodMm intamaiit tnnta; ala pvt. 

r*B*«Mi h«D»n : \\**A conloi] : crown flat, iliKhll; coiksvi 
m iW Ua4 taorfcr, wilh ■ ml itrlpc, and an each side with a liiw 

in tk« ejelct and Ihc ere ; foce liitronii, Inr^r, tliglii __ 
, alaiaM flat on ihc diikl oilh jndiilini't ulili(|ii(t ^itiie on 
thkid with ihrcv rrti >tri)m ; wuichruo red luicanla the 
I nwnj: abdooim nd, lDl«eii> (irwariit ihc bntc leiiulh : 
itewnj: btr-wiftR* '"■'"n, *dorD«d wilh alioiit twcln' ctiiiisoii 
a «f ?«DOua ahanr : hind-win^t* jrcllowtth brown. I.cnj(lh uf 
Stitf St tiws i "t \he wliip 6 lioFv 

«,t Wm Ciwi of Amnica. 



un ow HoiwraBovi mncn. 

93. Tumaoxu lkvcoxblju. 

iVi^nk«iiM ; M]Mt jtan> //ueialum M riuattm ; Jrulym alMo 
ftueiatanti nmlellitin flam uaiinaevlalam ; abdinnim lutrum, 
tnui nignati pedttjlavi; libia ^ilicir ayicr iiiifr*.' larti 
yicri i torti pHCM /tdra/riiruti ; tiir artlinc ni^nt^wprf^, 
^iridi-alba ttmomfoJir, ad riutuin m/oJuriii*. opifr fmrm ; 
•/» potties futPit, 

Bnu^ty-blurk, shining: luad aboTl; cnnni tllghiJt cofi*». 
toueatt on Ihc bind border, along vfatdi tbore » ■ |«l« jtttiyw bud 
wkicb juiu> > pule jclliiw Kiripc, exiPiiftins along aaek aide of Uie 
ftn to ibe episiuina ; (Uik ut llic bee Ciieljr tlian«ened, •Uk^'^J 
eotiTMc : iDuulli br»>ni : tliield villi ■ wliilisli liaiij aloug tke hiM 
bard«t i A MiU fellow ipot on (bo svuti'licon : abduman IuUoim, 

etriK bltOK towardR ihc tip : Ugn fcllo* ; ii|is o( biiid-ahanln 
laoki feet pitcfayi a braid rcllow btiiid irn nob hiDd-fool: fo4»- 
wiugii uoppory-bUck, lurid, und partly red alouy; tlii- Tore border; 
lipa browu ; iwo nblone. oMi<|Uv. gruciinb wbiu, *oiii«liiuni iiitpr- 
nipWd, tpult on Lh« dUk ; hiiid-wlagt browu. LcngUi uf Um twd j 
3| lines ; of lh« wingi At line*. 

a, Bruil. I*mciiied bj Jobn Hiert, Eiq. 

M. Tbttuwsu TELirOSIIK. 

Rufa; fafinl lutnart, Bnlitr »>yn> naiyiiuilum , nibluiflamm; 
antrum i-iriilr, mfn /aieiatum ; aMamm luiriu laai Jt-irutn ; 
pnlei lutei ; ftnuirn fiana ; ata^Mliac ririda, ru/o iieitlaUl , 
alt fottiea fuia*. 

I Head hiteoui, ralbcr lonft, flat and conical ntMte, bonleted 

' wilb black in Traiit ol Uie eyot, pale yellow lienentli like the brciut : 
Ucv ulmou Ant on the ittk, eoain aud with lis slight ciMic|uo 
fUgOi on eavii »id«: diitld dovp Krenn, wllli a red band neitr the 

I Com bolder, whieb w yellow; neutchean t«d: abdomen brlgbl red. 

' yeUow beoeotb toward* the baw : kgiluicouD ; lIiij;Ltitllaw: for^- 
wingi deep (rei'ii with lwobr>Kbt Kil ilripni »ciii» jellim; hind- 
wings daik htuwB. lipiigth of ibe buili 3| line* ; oi (he wings (% 

«. Trrnlon Palb, New VorL I'mcnttnl b; (ho Entonaloglcal 

&, r. Trvuioa Fall*, Ne« Vurk. Pnwented by E. Doubleday, ; 

M ; **P*' "'jFT* Mnuiii.- itulam liriJ*. JlaM maiyinaruni ,- 
ttmyOam lutrmm, fmra tmtatnm i abilnmm tupm frocniin ; 
ttit mttirm fttrtfinra, ad c>u(din leitaeeir; ala ;nil>n* 

Head jclW*. m m alio the bitut and the undcnidc uf the 
, ocwIcnI tad alnioa pointed ahoie, with a ftliffhi blm-k lun- 
tUft,ou tmA >iilo of >hkti it ha»bUi'bla)>;nii[1i-]!kv 
mtoo, ahich ranTcrRe loiratdi tbc lip: a binck buiid ulotiK tlio 
«4(> n ftnnl o/ ike cjtr* bmi-alli i lip uf ilie mouOi i>iliiliT . iliicld 
wp gn«i,]wO»' on c*<fat{d« and along (before burtuti Kutobeun 
■••MaH, flgwtd wltfc brawn : abdomtn orang* abuvo: 1^ jvllow : 
ll wtoyt bmifinoua, IntBcroiu along llie rorr buritrr and ncni 
<%0 tif aliMIIC iIm liind hontcr; blnd-wiogi brown, atmc»t coburlHi 
b(B4<atb the fan botde* tuwarda the ba«e. hcaglii uf the body 3} 
ttttt. afthf nintpBlinM. 

a. VenrsMla. Fran Mr. Djwd'i cvllecliuo. 

00. Ttrrtooitu r^ttirsa. 


etfmt tataium, nifa fatriatum I tcutumplamlieam,nifa 
ftariMwm t KaltUumafMt lultum ; peflia JUeum ; abdomen 
/Mtiaa, fatrMjfanun i friitfimi ; ala anlim plambta, rufv 

TmCMMW: bsadflat aad atnotl i-ueicnl aboip, oonmre along 
tW Uad botdrr, with a hruwn «|iut on tach udc abont the cjrirl, 
^tlwUhaMk ird band alonK tlic fora border; race tnthcT lunir, 
iMSBlW di>i, with a bUvk dui, inJ on each hiI« otIIi sotnr iligbt 
^tk Mfcaki uljnioiii): ib« from : )hicld le*d-o»lour, udurocil (ilulig 
iW fa>* h«td«T with ■ iialt rad hand, nhlrh )« Ititcrrunled bjr a (ci- 
ttalctral i lip <n the BeolchKin lutroui ; dlik ol the ubdoinm 
laboia: brtkit, !(][•, and nndpnide uf ubduincii jrvltuw i fure- 

laai)-«alMU, adoned <iiili Ibrcc pab rod. klii^blt; obliqiw 

$^mm,fttj faie tirawn along ike fort- Iwrdft* mid al the tipi: hind- 
«^»t«f;i*lekniwn. Lngth of ib« bod; 3 Unu ; ofihewiuf* 

•>^. BraiU; PttaMied by John Mien, Biq. 


LiDT or iioHomiiara iimon. 

I 87. Tbttiooku Bitri«*PVT. 

I VMilii; mjiul /ittvaiH, fwm •nrium, nft faitiituin ; irulWllf 

L himacitlalnm i irulrlltua Ttriilt-fiilvnm ,- /wWu <( aUm 

^^L Inlanat fitiln /iiJrt ,- ade anttod aJ cMlam nt/i* ; mUt fO*- 

' HMd ratlier stiuii, u«-ii;, Il*i bu<I t]i|cliilr cunicnl ■bon, ■!- 

nulcly moll1«d •rilli lirown, nud with a »1i|.-)il Iimwd ctripo mdoned 

with « broad ai»lul*tiiig l>ri|clil rud linnd sIhuj: ihe fbic bwder ; fttoe 

lulani*, loiif . nlm'at flat oii iho diik. cohtcx on c*cb mde : cbicld 

deep KTCcii, moillT liilcou) alonjc the Tore banl«r, "illi a bright nd 

tfwl on ancfa tide : tciilrbMin Drcruiiih liiwiiY ; breiial aii<I aliduiiMU 

I iMlaMoiiik, ibo Inttrr iial« jelfnw bviimlli : iit)c> lawiiy : f»rc-wtngi> 

I da^gnrii, t>r>>:bl ml «I«ntc tbu fs»t bordft: bincl-«meiico|ipet}- 

' bnwn. Len^b of tbo Ixxly 21 linoi : of Ibc «ing> t liuea. 

a. Culumbia. Frotn Vh. Cumiiig'i tollDCtioo. 


7'mmcm. /urn ntrid ; pidti fidti ; ata iMlieie ra/t,fOf(i(wjl»> 
■MMtM,- mim pmitcm /ittrm, ^ 

TMIaeooo*: bMil ahoft, roui>d«d ia IVonl. not conical, «4lll j 
ali^ orao nigc abidi dindca tb« crmin rrom tbo front : tM 

■itb two lu:p fcf u ifiiiotia afHiUt aliicb are naTrowcr iDirardi 

Dm bMd«i ficnt witb two Mnnll. almml uolud laRUfpaaua ijmu : 
and 00 aaek ilde •ilb n Utyri brDWii ipoi ; bo* bti>«rn and Rut <>a 
tbo dlik. and on cacb ride wiib an ubliaiic bnnrn tUipr, nhicb U 
tmt«nri hj aboat uioc iliichi, ul>lii)u« ridps : epUtumu with a tri* 
UjnilatbiainiipMi cbwl fiifund with b««Wii: tn««M aiid Icfri [<al« 
pmmi fin*.irtq|p nd, jelloriili aloag wiit at tbc bind hi<nW: 
Iilii4*wtii|« haon. Lngtb of lb»budjrS|IiaM; of tbc iring> J^ ' 

c ttoag K«og. PnMawd tij J. C. B««riDg, £«t. 


ft*. Trmeoxu ioxot*. 

*U »»Hcm ■Hnttti Wrcrm raJU limptJiijiit MiHwaJJu «r 

Yvlluw : hoad M«tea], of modnale l«ii]rtb, coocate alunii lbs 
hind biwkr, flat abon, wilb Iti» bmd red Uiifot, which are 

UR or BMomkovt luxora. 

nail lowmrdt ike ton lionlet ; fiu« long, hIidoM flat on ihct ili«k - 
thWd IMfWB iM . *ith iliK* wd ttripc* 1 HTUtcliOoo red - ahdoinon 
ad alMTt [ 1lHPJlna^s^ d«rk brawn, iriih len bright red inou on 
atfc, uid at Um iIm wUk two m tbni* colourl««* »poU : liind-wingi 
LnCth or the bodj 3) Uik* : of iho wings S llata. 

DO. TtmaoKU iKTKmA. 


Tin tiiiim; wifra n'Uaia ,- taftl/larmm i tt^lUMjIanfaifiattan ,- 
a mti t imm JImwmm ,- atJanun ntiAi-flat^at ; ftin /rrrmyitm ,■ 
■teatftnrMrf (oaMrajdonr ; ^tt pmtiem fitM. 

IsMBMnKB-. bead yeOow. oanica]. MBMre aloni; ili« himl 
tM4w. lal uova, uid adwnicd wltb black fclripm, nfaid) (l!ver](v 
bcMtW tipi Miranoat pair utmdiwui the Fjr*: nczi pairxhort: 
tUai fcvlcd U half the leagtb; bmiII* odo forkcil, aod \tn fork* 
<iw abirtlf fttnste ; face tat <ra tbe disk, with indisiiiiui luuks on 
mA aMa: epinoiMi brawn (award* the lip: •hiHil niih * bmad, 
ft&o* baad abag tb« tan beodtf. adanod «ith rlcTt-n vlcmlar 
riifbtly nsdahligc black atitpca e<nliiiiied Jroni thoic on the hmd -. 
MM ydSA, *ilb a InnBrFTKr furrmr, ailom^d niih ux ttr»i|[bt 
I alripM, tlie innennoM p>ii forknl : disk of ih« t>Rast pilrSy : 
an KTMviah j(lle« 1 lap ttfruginouat foro-iriDp vvlnnd viih 
, fdtf* aleaK tb* bt* Mdm till nvai the lipa, which an- 
I ' btad-vinf* dark btowa. Lenfth of the body 3) linn ; of 

Twialna Fiun Mr. OoMe'i raUcctJoa. 



Flaa».«U>j •U^hii*. 

Vny Hie fellow I bcadibort,ei>niml, Satabare^tlaiaBtaMf^ 

_4idDc tbe BtM^bordM : lace iatoa thvdiak, n-ith iadJttiiKit.oUlquF 

HsBwaAiMc: danalabdaninal toiimnniiwllh a iitincnircua 

I aU* : boa jwllowith whtU : wing* white Ixngib of [he bod; 

\ Bbm ; of uie wing* 7 line*. 

fWi Nklal. FfQu M. tiuconxiiu' ouUcctioii. 



LIST or HOMomaova noipn. 

89. TxrnaoNiA p&iHtst. 

Viri^h; rapiit JIamm, nioro rillatum; imtmH Jlam fatriatUM ; 
leutrltmn. prrlux, /ibit'tiim tt pcda JIava ; ntit antics ad 
cailam alir^ur imiliftt limpiJtr. 

n*«p smiii: liMil lellovt, aligbUj' twiiilcd, flat hoi] altnoM 

to ianzuUr 4bov«, witli ■ tim !n front ; bind itik cuacuvc: Cm- (i^ 

■tlgbUj cmKex; an iroprcMJcia on each »l[le by llio ojrcirt ; ■ hbck 

pot B^oiiuag the (todI of nwb eje ; two brown dou oa the tip : 

:■>• UaoE itrMlia on the (Ust, ib« two on tnuh liile direipng ; bw 

1 on llio disk, oonrox, soil wltU nbnut iiio* tllglil, obliqiw ridtn* 

fia cncb riilei epUiomB iliKbily kcckd; mnuili wmni a brawl 
' jellow band klonji llie fore bonkr of iJie shield ; icutcIiDOO mMtlj 
nlluw: breast, atiiloin«0 and left bri(ctit jrWati -. fnie-wini:^ oi- 
Inorieiii along tbv fore bordan nna tuwai J> xhe lil1^ ; vtiuK jrllow i 
biod-wlDg* coIouiIm* I.ragtli of tbo budjr 3 line*; of the ' 

, Hudton'i Baj'. Pntentod b; G. Damttnn, Esq. 

03. TcmaoMt vihidih. 

thaff. Som. Ev. 

I u 

I bin 


^VTcUlnnla lirldii. Fatt. Cic. 28, 4. GtTu\. Mag. Hat. it. ' 
^^ Sarin. Ilimdi. Eni. ii. I, 110,4. Htrr.-Sth 

[ 110. 

^KCiMda liiidls. f-fnn. f««*. ^Hrv. I»(i. £y<t. JVi>(. ii. 711, 40. 
^B ifnv, /ni. tut, 3, frn'r ffdt.'fA 7:1, pi. 7K, f. (I. Ftteui. Im. 
^^ Uiii: -U, *ta. Groff. Int. i. 417. A. Fair. Sf. /w. 11.3:1,0, 

2)1. MatU.Jm. ti. 371.34. £n/. .S>>f. iv. 37,42. SmtlUtm. 
7A, OS. />aH7. fnan.Cfm. ixxll.a. Ai». .drf. i/olm. IW«i 
IS, G. Zrll. /ni. /.<i;7t 090, i. 
Ambljoepbuliu tiridi*. Curl. Urit. SnI. iTi, 1. 
Tciiiitonu. Amfol, Atim. Sat. £iu. f'r. Znw SMt. *. 107, 431, f. 

7a, 7«. 
CkMdeUa virldii. Cnehant, Ed. Riyn. Anim. pi. 99. t. 6. 

•—A. Bosluid. 

l,Mi. Scotluid. Prc»pnl(dbT K. Dniihltdijr, Efq. 

a. Vkralee. Pcrnmied \>j Dr. Oowlcr. 

«,J. Italj. 

I'rcKntcd bj J.G. ChildrtD, I^aq. 



M. TrmooKit Anusioixia. 

AmiJinb. Gmm May. Eil. Ir. 71, «. Burm. fftmi 
a. I, 11H,A. 

Amft, Aa». Ste. £•!. fV. ime Sirie, r. 198, 4^2. 

M. Tiiniooxi* u«uiDt. 

rmpml /mto fuairiwittalvm ; itvifllam tnrtie ; «hdaia*n 



baail raiW *k>n, alniutl irimt^ir, nilli ou 
«■ in Mcb tridr bMvrmi iW e-jv sud the ryilM, iny ccittwe 
dMf ibcUsd hotiler, illghUr paliitoil, wlih fuur i>bU>|Dc »li^liily 
•ariM kr^ni •Iripn u* Mcb tide in frrnit ; fui^c 6at on Ibe ditk. 
Mh ci|^l •dliqii* browu ilripts ou each ude. icuiolicuu ling«4 
■bk ■!«•■ ttnrarii lb« hind buriln: nbduinoii Mack abovo rxc^pl- 
Ih <£■ llf , blM-kiiJi brnMlli litwanl) tlii- biiw ', (oTr-wlnii» lingft 
vu^Mf*: kiod-iitifc* bnmn. Ixsgtb of tfao bo>l; •! Iin«; «( 
Ifev wiait* 4 tnica. 

■. Nwrtk AnvncB. l*m«i((>d bjr tfa« Eiiiutnohwical Cliibt 
L IIuJmi'* B«;. Pmcat«d bjr 0. Baniaion, baq. 
^— y. Nn> Scoiu. Fraa LI««l IMouu's owlleclioo. 

M!. TsTTtooxu •uii.ra. 

■iyn jrl>"i''<'"* ' ffliu tl urdn JIani i aMnmen nigrum; mt" 
tiUit* nfritr «f ail cMJam Umpiait ; ahr poititir(H*cr. 

lotottM gTfMi : bead yellow, nlbn Uiuit, «Iigblljr ounical. con- 
r almtK ib* bind bonUr, finred villi black linn, wliicli arc tbiM 
MtfomA ; ■ atripe en ibe middle, forked ia rniiJt, vbtfe il funiu the 
Wa dd* of ■ tmajtlc, «hu*e Mfaer lidc* art fomipd bv ■ |>(iil ol ■ 
tm*ti >»d (n«|^Ur baud ; t (higlM on mcli tidi- of ifiv 'Itlpr, and 
» Inr dol» nam oob n* ; funr oblique band* nuited in palm nt 
Itot IiMtr ai4i en CBcfa lide In fumt of ibe irianiile; face black, 
■U tdlo», oblime bMod* <m each mle, ibne tawarde (he epiMvoia 
«■ «M(MMd •mi temrapted, and are ImUt mete <loU ; rpitiouia 
Uaeb, vUli « Urg* jeDow >pol on «di aide ; mouib tawu} : fore 

P*BT III. 3 V 


un «r nanoprxum mucn. 

ran of lh« ihltlil j'cllowisli. with bliok Ana : krf o^tt ftnd lp|t> ]rel* 
WW: ■bdomm btnok, tcUow benatfa ua •uoh aide and lowurdt the 
lip: furc-irinai colonrltat aloiix the fore bonl«t and ai ihe lipi: 
biiiil-iiiiiKabminifalL LengtU of the (ludjrS Unea; of Uic wing* 
< lino. 
0. NartL America. 

tf7, TrTTioowiA TxtiRtLa. 

Nigra; npul ftavo ivriuiu, nhtiu ffrroyiimm nifiv rillitum; 
railxin nigrottnfvni, Jl^m Irifiuciatum ; leuuUum JUnM, 
nign maculalam ,- prelui tt aMomm picia, hoc fiawt (inlia- 
rum ; afiT dA(iiv*yEiitw ■iclo-n'cufrp . alba paitint /luc*. 

n BInck. ihining: head 'try !ih'<rl, rounded in &unt, with k jd* 

' law haiiil oiDiw the conrBiu hiuil tiutil^r, and in front MibthR which 
1» illiidp'I. and inolosca a irtaiiKular aiwre nil aach nide ; Iwv Mack 
itoUon tiir furc botd«r ; fnce anil cpUUiiDitfoTT«ginoiU,wilha black 
i^pc, vbich in widened In front ; two yellow tttuaka on each tide 
of the five: moiiih ictlow. wilh a i>it«h)i tip: hliicid bnusj bladt, 
with a yrtluw currcd buud, and willi loo dingr )rid1uw, «Unifhl 
faandii, nnr on the dihb, lli« ulliei oloni; tlio hin<i hordor : Knlohcoo 
jvllow, wilh a black, ttnnncne Fp»> on Hip dhV: btcAtl and abdo- 
men pilfhr, the formrT >rilh a short jcllow stripf on eodi «ide : fore- 
wiMX* "id' cigbl rvtlnw !ilri|)p<, liiuwii lowardH tbi' tipa : hlnd-wingi 
tirown Lnigih of ili» bodj 1) lino : of tlie wins* 31 linM. 
Notth America. Pmcnicd b; the Lntumuloicical Club. 


Bd. TinTMXrft* iwvortra. 

Ptaai ; uvriun /trmgiitta fatciatum, niyro •intnMrwMfiwt; 

inrn lafiTa fuimm ; alt unliiie nri<'", •piw (( aJ ratMM 
limyidir ; «M piwli^iv limpiJir. 

Yellow: Lead wanting : ihicld with a broad fflrTuf^noat tend 
tha diak, and with ■ blnok BPtit in ftgBi, whsiw it joina ihebmd; 
lomen brawo above : fure-wmga Krasa-greniiGaloiuieiaalong Ae 
re bordn and (owanli ihe Up* ; bind.wingt c«louiieH. LoOfth 
of Ihe I>i>dy i liuct; of the winip 1 line*, 
a. Brazil. PiTWDied by John Mien, E»q. 

un o# ■oworrmsoca istsn*. 

M. TkTTiooHu AKoin.intA. 

Ptmmi l*fml EnoVMim. lufra riualvm, §ahtiu fuMo tittatum : 
■rWaM firidi Jaititltan i aUanuw myini niymn ; uic anciVv 
■vviM, ^picv M ad cmMb att* ,■ *ia ponitit iimpAt. 

Tifiow : bi«<I iHaa^ubt, bfoader lli4ii lung, fiirtDinj; an acute 
m^ (a boal, ooBCBro iJMag ifae WnA bonlpr, villi • Muck ilripv. 
MWibftldc of wliicb lie IwoMackiOlitiiiucrtroli, tho innci piur 
OBnJ, tlM oum pair Umuiuliiig in two bluk >|»ti, bevond Ihen 
va tvo ifaMt, asfuai Mitpa* : Truiit «iili fout obliiiue brown *tripct 
wm Mtfe m4» I faM flat on ibc dut, <ritb (CD obllqua pnla biown 
M^a OB aadt Mde: ihidd with a ten b«aad graen band along tb* 
Um taxAtCi abdonn black abo*e : rorr-winiti urau-KToen, white 
■Imc tka fan botden and at tbi- iiii8 : Mnd-wlnfp oolourlen. 
Lnglk</l&at«d/»lliM*; of iW liiod-wingf it llnra. 

«. K KnfeutrflaML PtMmtod b; W. C. Si. John, En- 

lUO. TiemnoNiA imtica. 


«t trjfoawa, /itMa nltaftaR, MwAini tiriJi /«tfiattim ,- 

talamun, /«m« binUiUiuii ,- oMinnuii mpnt lupriivnt ; 

■aiVtMaMi; •£■«■!>(» nridn,«n'tf (tod ooiforn limpidtt; 

• fallov: kMd triaKgabr: hardly hroadn than Iohk. aliglKly 
iCB«* klvMC I*" '■■'■'' bonier, «ltb a very tlitlit Muck »tHp«, and 
mjk tiiic wiJi a Cc«oUiqu0. Indiiliuct, luxxrn ttKalf ; hcvbull'. 
r.Aaiaa tlwdi^, villi mncobliqac blown itripct on cacb (id*; 
«l<k a bfoad i;m.-u taud, ocmpjriug nun tfanu half (fac 
kaftk. vaijr caa*cx la boni. und ooeaaionallj tnucBie-cunica]: 
boC "idi a brown fu>p« od oack aide: abdomeo blaohiib 
lena bafl : fun^ninin itTatvKTvoii. colouring aloDn tbe fofa 
■t tbe lip«i tcin* yellows hiud-wioKs colonrlca*. 
I^^lk af tba body 3 liiK* ; of llu oinifi 6 l>n«)^ 

a. fc TmoMb Falb. Now York. 

Prewoie<t bj Edward Doubldiluj', 

fi r fi 


u»r op aoMon-Kiiaii* niaxcn. 

101. TsmaoHu hixor. 

Viridii i nput Irifonum, flavHin, m'^ro rillalam ; ifnlrllum JIa. 
rwm ; perttu et abdnrnen nijrrd .- peJfi fulvi ; /fmora pnttie* 
KMn; almtnlir* apin el ad mtlam limpidm; «lm p**tif» 

flrnn-gTMn - head jrollow, tr<Bn|[ulnT, • liltln bm«dM ihut 
lunK, ■CTjr todcaic sI'inK ihi? bind botilrr. wilh a blnck ttripe. on 
each sute uf whioh ue tonic uMii|iic bran-ti stmki ; lurv blauk, with 
u llMt <Udc : MM ^t]U)*iiAt alnne ihv fori' bi>nlcT ; h^iiIi liruii vel- 

Mack, nilli rawnj tipi : foir-winp eolonrlou ulnne t^io Toto borilen 
and at (lie lijii ■ biuJ-wins? pule brown. Leugu uf ibe body 3{ 
line*: of the wingi 4 liun. 
4. Uafud Sut«s. Prewiiced by E. Duublfdsy. Etq, 


102. TRrrtcoNi* rnoiiucTx. 

Piam ; raput trigtmum, fiafo ritlatum ; jnifuin riridi morula- 
turn i iwvriM tt atsdomm ad Hncit liiarri ; prdft fulvi ; femora 
fuito pillara ; aLt anticn. liridti^ ajnr* tt ad evHom limpid* , 
al» potticir /ate*. 

Velluw : h<nd triitni^tilsT, tll^htljr conOAf • alonf; ihe bind bar- 
dnr. lengthoiitd in frnnl, ■ litllc limber thftn hn>M. wilb s vorjr 
■liRht blitok tUipr, and on cucli liclr nith a lUotl, more dialj«el, ob- 
lique brown ilripc : face Uwn;r. wilh i->|{bl ubli<)iip broam atripca on 
envli Mile i disk ilsl, wilh h dork bruwii Klnjic, wliioh li «(d«neil ti>- 
wnrdt Ui« i-pitloroa : «blcld with a >crv Inrcr coriitiJ gnon *fOI 
rotlhiir on ihc bind border: diik uf llie bmul blnck; nMotncn 
Mack, Tdlow alone each lide and un the hiud borden of lb« ttg- 
IBenU and at the lip : Irgt tannjr ; ibii!li(> atrmled with briMro : 
fere-wiu^ gTaM-in««o, coliiurlc^t aloiiK ili« fi>rc hordcn and at tho 
(i|i« ; ie\n» pil« binish jcracn: hind-wingx brown, hcngih cS C 
KKly 2) lino: urthc«iDfCi4|lia(c, 

o. St. Jafan'* BluS, E. Florida. Pmenttd bj E. Uuubledaj, E* 

u>r or HONomuMca lusm. 

103. TuTTiaonu acvt*. 

ririJi a«<WaflB) ,' iTMlrllmit ft prelia Jtava ; aii/wim ni. 
frmm, nitmijl^rmm ; fritt fatti, fetamlna flaru j af« on. 

Qnm tima t bM4 tcOow, tmnstiUr, • Utile loi^r^r it»>n 
ta»l, iBglitl; cenetn bIove ilia biM Uinler, «iili ii trry slen'lei 
VkA Uri]w. and on acli iditr iiiin* moro indiMincl hrowii streaks ; 
ktn ta«ii5, dal on Uu dUk, nilh eight oblique pule blown Ktrlpci u& 
mA ndci liikM jr^om, witb a nnj lunr* jfreeii cniiic^l npi)! r»tin ~ 
■•Ik* UMd bofdtT, iui<l orrapjrinc oMre thuu hulf \hc Icu^'ih 
MaxIkDMi aail bXMl Tr)|«i>: aMooioa M^cL, ^i^lluw huucii' 
IqptanrBf; tki||hf rellow: fatc-wlnn ciiliiurlru' nlime thr To 
kadna aarf u the itpi; t«im bhiM jtienn : hindwiogs \>xtr» 
Usfth of lb* UnIjt 3t— 3 lian : of the wiu;;! 4— ii line*. 

St. Jolm'i BluK E. Florida. iPntcniad b; E. Doubl*' 
f N'oiik jIumtm*. 

IOC TcmooMi* 7-wTrkXA. 

I mpKl Irifi —. fatco wiaalHm, nigra ijHlliilum ; iru. 
arffHi iitov JikpilMifMn ; aHa <inlit<r tutlimfidir, ad tMtam 

tum m- vAa i u •■ haad trianttahr. a tittlt- lonfrer than \itam 
0^^ tPOimra alanc the hind bonier, ■ ilh n lew v«rv bli^lil Iiravra 
npB, tnd with (In** black iota, aav oit (bv ilihk und tw<i on the 
kiiilbMdcT: Gu» hmg, Bal oa the dk>li, Hflrkir, nod uiih H*ei( 
Mn« blown MrifwavB rath tidr: (hidd viih Mime ihutt brairn 
^Us akmtr A* rare bordn, and with a Mack dot on t«di iMlei 
«MlMa* inth ■ black dot on tacU lide of thv fote ho(4n! bi»- 
«tH*a]NH>toot0aHew,jdloif aton^' ihi- to* border; <c>ni whititb: 
totpliHi wUk. Length nf the hoiy S llnct ; of the winK* 9 

, b. Johai Bill, E- Fl«riik PrtseiiUd b; E. Uoubtedaj, Ewi.j 





103. TcrrifiOMr* 4-puouT*. 

Nigra, jUm Mria ; pfrlui flitmm ,- aWum™ rufum ; ptJa flat* i 
«X>/tUrt>,- aittantinr nriJct uIAu bitnaailaUt. 

Black : heai] iliurt, «eTniein)uUr in front, ooncmTc bchltut, with 
4 brgf i.'uiiti;a1 pa)o jcllov ijiot oo l]ie bind lionlc': l«o yellow 
<tri]iF( 0(1 tlic fotn border, cxtondlng to the face. vUicb i> all rel- 
l<iw, >D(I ba< a flat iliik; cDuMma k«el«il ; a litrnv pM« jreoow 
r[iijl on (br tliifid, and a sniul one on (ach side of tbe tculchcoa : 
liKn't »iii| Ifjpi jfllow ntidmnen bright nd: wing» brown : fo»- 
vinjii with Iwo Urjic icrrRniih white (pOM, OQo on ibc fore bordn 
near the tip, the olhcroii the bind botdcT DUr iLebur. LeuRth of 
ilic twiy Q litrn ; of ibc fiingt 4 tine*. 

u. W. Cuusl ol Aiuerioa. rrtaentwl by Cftpi. Wood anil Lii 

106. Tettiooku ■»¥», 


Nlgm eapil ntpra trUaratm; jiecltir Mtarta margiiiiitum . ab- 
dominu tfymtuU marginibta pmiitii intacru ; jitda picrj, 
Jemvribvt niyrit ; alt «nlint flam bifateiala , ala poilica 
futnt, /urio ntblmpiila. 

BUck, broitd - crown of (be betid U-stacYomL, vrxy finrlv 
ltTillll^d. wilb "■> incliiiiiict IntigiludiiiAl rider. iiii]in-SH'd on eaea 
'^Md« n«ir (he hind border; face flal, cilromiily mtiiiitolv *ha|rrcciicd. 
wiih a few iinall thaltow puucluns; a icttacpom ipnt by each 
ftfclvi^ cpiittaana tliglitly keuK'd : muulh Intuceuiis : sbicld roiiichly 
puncturvd : >culcb«on minuicly puiiciuivil. tlii-lilly Blrinl«d ncrou, 
wtib • ImiiirtrKi tiitiire lowaidi the lip, which it yrllow: buidvrt of 
the ic|[ioeiits of the brrui and hiiid burdi-n of tlie nhdnmioBl teS' 
menu tratnceout: \em pitdiy i lliigbs bUrk ; bind-ihanki wiln 
hIarktipBi hind<l«f;( long: for^wiugt black, with iwo blight yelW 
batiiU: binfl-nintn bro*n, with a uianiciilar, nhiivsl culuullCH 
linnil. I.en)[lhof tbcbodjS lino; oftho winitt 6 linua. 

a, China. IVewnlcd by G. T. Ltj, Kaq. 

b—d. Iloug Kong. Pmeoird bj J. C. BowrinK, Eiq. 

u*T or HUMnuov* mucia. 

107. TxTTTOOKa BTBUTjt. 

nUi;L, «uiut : head uJ cfactt thiukly and rougbly puoctuied, 
«laio*i flat, tliinl* «««<Tcd iritb yellow dou : hcod roundod tn Tront i 
*l(aflb biimIi 1cm tliau luU 'iu bnvdUi ; bev flat and finely ni. 
plM* an Um dhk. iBOoCk, and ttilli ■bum tw«l>D iliitiiict obliqiH' 
6t^m oo Mck riM: ratcdican with ■ aiiUirc acrcm lli» niiddlf; 
wilb » fale fclkp'tiiipo on each »dc: aliil{im<.-n uiili tcmc 
r Mil I at Uie lip i ruti-wiDSi black, ltd ■loue ttiu fore tiurder, 
ui with no r*d «iripF« in Mcli amilei -, lift almutt culoiiilvM, 
ilA » bMva nniw on tbe diU or tacb atookt ; bind-wing« »lli[bil; 
pa7. T*lt brown imnrdi tbe hnie. Loofttb of ilic boity 3) linci , 
if A* wmft 71 Unaa. 

a, I. Ba4MB'i Bay. PtcMatol by 0. Bamatoa, Cuj. 
(.4 N. Atdctioa. PfMcai*d by the Earl of Uerb;. 



PftMOlad by J. G. Cblltlrvii. Eiq. 

IM. TcTTKKnu I.VC8M«, 

Sigru, sUm ji>r'<tlii j prrnu o/k tin'llalirm ; aff mntie* 
fUmi lilUU i aLiprttior n'anv«. iatt fticit. 

Ib KnMaie liLa 7". m/Mnia. of wbidi it iiiuy Iw a *irivtT. 
HkA : hi»i and ebcal tblnly cowml willi ohilc dot* : brout uiib 
■ vUh tiripr OB eaeb lidc : alidoiacn nhjliih at ibc iln ; futo-wii»g» 
4h0 siatai diaka of iW anok-ti, exc«|'tiiii; itioiv iilunx the fore 
bwlif. IncKuluty aiid interruptedly ptioliy : liind-wiuip irray. brow* 
M««f4a iW baa«. Lcogib of ibe liudy :i llna*; of ifae wluip d) 

a. X«<«ScoUa. 

100. TBTTI'IOSt* pviix(iorxi.v*. 

Jtatm i tntUUmmmpict fiarvm i aUatinn apirr m/iim t /emom 
nf*, a i fm Wflata ,- mo' anlmr rm/o trflUtff, afi{«r laifiin- 
fUl^ : ua pottinr fniira. 

In ■truclurr like 7". ilridlo. Black : beiul anil clinl lhin1,v oo- 
(ni4 with pale jclloir duu^ ■ pale yellow nuduliiing bund uu llir 

un or novopTauutt* inukct*. 

ten bord<^ of the brnd : Muubcon Willi a Teltow tip : « vhite itripc 
alOAfcMob sidcorUic hrenhl nu'lof the«li<lumeu, whioh hu a bricat 
Tsd tip: Uiitcbi Kd, ttripcd villi htnck: fotc-wiap lilacb, tod aloug 
the fo)« bonl«T, Mill with tiro red ttiipn ici noli •reolet ; li|w 
uliDotlcoloarlM*: hind-iriag!i btown. l^UKthof tbcbcMlj3} lino; 
of thu wiiip 7{ linos. 

St Jolui'i niuir. R. FloridA. PKMuttd b; E. Douhledit;, 

110. TBriiaoNu Miiiuirucu. 

AliUa; cnpDl margiiir anlim niyn Irimaeulalnm ; imfUM nifrtt 
lrinii<-ulal¥'n : imliltmH apitr nr^ruin ; abJmnmii ihniim 
niijrum. apitrfiaeum ,- alir antiea ad tvtUM MifrimnUt ,- tim 
paitirw cintmt, ktti _/iu<v. 

WhitUh, nther brand : facitd ihort, iimtIt m bn«4 u the cfcwl, 
rounded In frtint, «llg[h(Jy oonctr* tlnni; thu bind bordci, totofwbkl 
concn<r on ihr dUk of tbe cnum, with > bUclL dot uid two bitck 
fpatt in ftnnli fncfl 6liely piiiictuivit un<l sUghtlj concave «u the 
diik. irilli iniliilinct and tlijchltjF ubtiuuo sliin un each *id« : shield 
IraiiivunoW ru^'ulutc, with two black ffola iinr ibr forr burjer, 
whicb !« yellow along each Ridr ; MUloheon with a blnvk tip : nb<lo> 
mtn litiitht vcllow, pule IcMaoeou* at ihr lip. Mnck abutc on fait 
balf ibc leii|;'ili (fJia ibe base : fut«-wiiitrs blackish slang n»r tbreo. 
buftbtof (h« ton bordn fron tbabm: hiiid-*ing« tcmv, hrumi 
Ukwitrdii llie buv. Length o( the b<id; St tinea; «f iW wid^ 

e. Mexico. PiMcDled bjr K. P. Coffiv, Esq. 

III. TsmcoMia PALLini. 


oijiHl Bi4ryW HBdVo nigft rnmecWd/Unt ; (nf/iiin 
frinuiiti/'i'icn . •i.-uutlum /laruin, nigm Irimaruiiitiiui f tH^ 
minu tuUm JIara ; aia anliiit aJ roitam uigiic«HUi ,- at* 
potties oJAif. 

Wbiti»b, ralbcT bruad : hcud shod, nenrlj ni htoad a* ibr 
olltft, rounded iu fri'iiU ilighllj ciidcsvu rIouk the hind bonlef, 
Onelf (Uiiitcd lmi)clludin»lly, d"( caocivp nn ln« dlkk. wilb ifatee 
tmnll blatk apuW nn tlic f^if border ; fucc not coiicao*, (IdcIjt pune- 
tnri-d, Willi in<li«lincl iui(l«Ui;bil; oblique alria on cncliridc; ablrid 
traiicent'lT ni|{ulaw. with iwo blact tpot* ttotr (he (on border, 
which ia tlng«d with jellotr uo Moh lidc ; teuioheuu jroltow. with a 

UCT or aowonsRON imvuxs. 

1^ bmI ■ bluk tpot CD cadi ride ai ibe Imm: khdomAn je] 
WalONKMUih Mle: loce-wings bkckiib along ihirc-rouilht »l tlio 
fa* botwt Gmb Uie tmre ; hiBil-wtng* while. Leiislli o! tbc liudyj 
1 fan i «f tLa •ifaagi ») IfaM. 

1. M«gdoa PnH««d bj E. P. Coflin, E»q. 

1 13. Tettiooxu albis*. 

rafntl dmivuw <n(t<v ni^rv trigultalum ; irulum n^r'*' 
(■yMfgfam ,* ulm iivttica tuhiimpidir. 

Vbhnk, raibrr nanoo: bead Aon, nearly a« broail ut 
A<H, mnded ia bout, oonean alai^ the liind ImrdcT, ^ticly nu 
Mai lasffiadiDall;, *li|tiillj' eoMS*e on each iiiilc. witii ihtvr bluu 
tel aa ue fa«« border; Imo flat, awl Gnely uuuciureil uu (he iliu' 
Mb TWT tBJjaiiMci «ui» on aacb aide : ■bi«)n tnunnrrwlv ntcutos 
mA a Mack dot oDeadi •!<)• near lb« furo burdei: iiind-winB 
•faaM eohrailcta. Ltagib of Uie hod; 3 line*; uf the wiugs 

*. Vcuoa. Preacntal b; E. I*. CoISd, E«i]. 

It3> TsmnoKiA uoBUan. 

( alfml ni^ fnddrinllaium ft muUi/itteiatum 
■Jym fiurfriViiMfiin rr liBMra/aMa ; jNvru diico miyroj 
■i^«oin» npv rafHm, ni^fMl Mom/u pinii £frif(a(ii7n ; a* 
mmtirm fiitrtt, rfum ru/r ,- afar pottteit nlfuinr 

Ti inmcHM bead and cbm Miliar Mmil; head short, full 
hMMl aa (ka chetf, rouniM lit Troiii, tlighU* ci'iicavc abn^ the 
IM batJlr; aaeb iliU intli tva trrcjruLir aiid inlrrrii]>tcd lilnck 
wbleb arr untied Dear tbc e|>iiluiiiii, unrl arc morv or Ir-w 
bjr black baadi; Ctce alinmt flut uu ilip disk, with iho 
_j tacit aiite oblli|iw, sot rtrydlsiiDct: epHtDMiH wiiJi n piicfay 
bad I diicU with Tiiar black ulripoi on the ili<.k, unit with n bluck 
^ OB awdb dila : dbk of ibobtautiBoatlr block: abduiucM bright 
nri ibai*. ailb trad ran of aitcbT spoU b«u«ulb : \effi pnle tcMB- 
■•M ; fc<e-«i«g> hniwn, «tui red diikt : hbd-winga pale brown. 
l4|lfc aftba bodj 3 linos ; uf Uie wiogs a linei. 


114. TBTTMONI4 BBU.>. 

L 778 un or BOMomMoi nmon. 

I Nigra; raimf (uln) ntn'nm : icvlrllvm i/ulli4gviilwr lattii uni^ug 

^^^ aiiidi cmaluai i abiltimen purpvrrum , lubliu h/'kt /u/nint ; 

^^h pnUt Uitaeei, ftnuiritnti attietioHlmt ■■•yro Hafatit : aim mt- 

^^P liCM iiigre-eiip'ta, luuo ^vadrimtadat^, ajnr* iMfida; aim 

t poilictt fiuett ban einemt. 

' BUck, •hining, nthcr lUiut : head full m Inwd u th* <ih«Hi 

ronndpil in Tront, aligbilv conoave bohlnd ; oroora umeslut fan* 
prauetl on tbc -X'ni. witt t fcDow ttriptf. and <rlih s Tfllow btml 
along the hitid buctlvr. tind willi a cuiivil lutout band «n cacfc side 
uf (he dUk : ftout imd hoc odorDcd with numcniiu liiconu* »|ioti on 
eacli •!<!«, and willi lomc laiget maiki id tlic mid Jlc : tluvc pau of 
liige conlijtuuus lnl«ooi ipiiU on (b<i Imni licuFalb, one uf ibcH- on 
Iliu upittiiuiii -. tliiold irillt a curv«d lutenut band uii eack tide i 
>i;utuli(un with a Uaiiiv^fno lulurc la (be miildle, with two lulMMU 
dou (III Mk'Ii Milr, and with a wliiliiib dot near ihc lip: abd«aira 
dart purple, U»nT nl ihe Up brneatli : Ugt UMBceuut; anterior 
thiitbs mBtkcd inUi bisuk : fute-trio)^ bronao^blaek, adotncd m'lb 
ImiT len lugt oblontf aofvlaT InUvn* spot*: llpt lurid: liiud- 
wiiig:* brown, iridctccnt, pnlo iriBV towards the baw. I.«Dgth of llio 
badj 2) lints; o( Ibe witign ft linra. 

I a. Nonli India. From Mr. Warwiok^i oolleclion. 

IIS. Tkrnooxu imiocTritT*. 

Tbiaaw ; /h>a« iiiyni uniptUala4 ; ota pottica Uatfidm. 

TeataMoiu: bead and cbraimiiiutfly piincturvdr head »li)>btlj 
irtipreucd on tbo crown, rounded in fiont, nuicaic bcbiiid ; lit 
IrtiUlh ■ ItnlelcM llian half ila breadth : a black dot onlhc rmu bor- 
der, leg* and fotc-winir* pale lc*(ac«iiu: biud.<riogt colouile 
Length of the bodj- 9) Hum ; of ilie wId|;s 7 linea. 

1. Ueilco. Ptnrau4 bjr E. P. Coffln. Rfs. 

llfl. TsrnnoMU tiKtJNoitt.aa. 

MeUncbloa, Amyal, Ami. S«(. £■(. Fr. 3a 

■Sirit.r. 196,133. 


117. TiTTicaHU?iiic»ocRpn*u. 

TtaicoaU mkrocepluda, Herr.-tUILmfi'. Am. IM, 8. 
XnAoAmt AmyH, 4tim.S»T. £m.I^.9mttUTit,i 



EMouikw iMmvpnx, Bum. ff mJi. Ent. ii. I, 11 A, -i. £/«■« _ 

£R«(. A«L/iML 1113.3, pi. la. r. I. Hm«Mrt S'm' //dr. .Vaf.1 

tfM. aza. Hm-.-SfAiT/f. A'«i- ««, «7. 

iMcmipU, Zmw. jijnl. .Va(. 710, SA. Aua. ^mt. W». 

/'•b'. S^ /w. ii. 336, M. .1/<nr. /•». ii. 27U, 30. £r( 

$>tf. i<. Sfl. lUftt. 741, 97. Cnv/. El. 8yH. A'ol. i. 

<, 9107. 3a Prtir. Gaiv/A, pi. 61, f. 10. /W»/t. /«•. Httr. 

M, 44B. Ay. /w. HL I8». 7. pi. 13. f. «. t^/r^r. /•<. i. -1 19. 

9. I'm. /miK. Omu. 33, 8. fatt. ,(«. Holm. t»fW, Ii. 7. 

CV. 2H, 5. ^fff fiu Ivm.aSt. It. 7'ijrn. /•». im 
fMlMiU inUfTUIiU, Gtm. jjmy. KhI. It. 73, 3lf. 
Aafc^vMhalM iniMnpint, Cm An'r. t:«i. :,Ti, 3. 


Amji*t, Amm. Soc. HiH. Fr. Imt Sirie, *. 333, Q03, 
Tu. T UeUndenM, vtmyM, Am. S»c. Sat. Fr. ibnt SMt, v. 334, 

•-«. EnrtanJ. 
/-(. Pmtiae. 

>-». T Piwentrf by J. 0. Children, H«i, 

Seoilaiiil. Prawued b; E. DouWtixj, Etq. 

110. TrmaoKr* to<'Mi<i*ri. 


Cteda KUiiiiAia, FoAr. Em. S<nt. W. 40l Sj>i. 

Iwll iMIcnMCU. /'a//. .!<->. //•Jm. Crr.d. 

r«ht<nia MvainaU, (~;fm. i/^. Em. Ir. 97. /'tau. ftM. Jm. 

1 tcpniiMUM, Heir.Se^arff'. A*aM. £nf. 07, 
AiMwmWub Oanatfi. Omrt. OtU. E>u. ST3, 3. Amym h Srrr. 
Him. Aiu. Him. am. 

Prcwoied by F. Wklka. E«q, 



130. Tettiookia m<e((ta. 

Cicnda miOt/l. XrU. Int. l.a/ip. 7, i. 

EaitcminUu* iDustiui, lltrr.-HKh^, N«m, &!. V7. 


131. TmnooMur lucvuna. 
AaAlfM^lialuf msL-ulipM, Cun. Brit. Eat UTt, 1, 

132. TitmAosrAf xkxtim*. 

Amhtjcrplialu) norvotua, CVrf. Brit. But. A72, fr. 

I 133. Tt:mcDX» iBiinuT*. 

I' AmhirecphnliL* irrontns, C\rl. Bril. Enl. A7A, d, 


134. Tetticomu rARcuT*, 

Ptetat ttjHtl elhiiUi bifiuriatum; irutrHum aJbidit nuryiiianim, 
/nlm futcialUHi, apier Jhram ; prctiu niyrun ; abdomm 
InidMo Urillatan tl tubtiu fatrialtm ; ftdet Utiaeri .- a^ 
mtiViP ni^riiwifn, nJ cialam luriilm ; uta pyttieit IvriJir, 

Pitchi, ^hillill;c. aliiiMl imnnlli ; bud *Ry fhurl-oiuical in 
front. nenrV u hnnd n* the chc*I, cniicair nlimtc llir liind luinlori 
(to lonftk kboTc aboul bilf its lirmdlb, txccpirns iho rvci : ctwa 
wflh no ahiluh baDda, tbc front I«n<l forked on ficb side, anil 
•Htdinic forth two cunTcrging ^llo* »tt««k» to llic Trout ; lure con- 
^tex. oodIc*!. rprriij^nons with n hisck dUk, an^ with tlighl oliliqnr 

" [M on cncli •>dp ; rnUtoiiu Innerolnlc. pule frrnliptiniii : niuulli 
■CMiu: tliidd villi whiliUi borden; iculcbmn with a lawn; 
InMTtfae bwe.tellow loinirdaibe tipi bmiiM bUok : nhdriiKn 
omaa alons: neb ilde. nnd witb a toiaoeoa* band near ih« tip 
alli : Ug* xetxacFum : fotr-winvi blockitb, luiid along the fort- 
et: bind-win|{i lurid? Lengui or the bod; 2i tinea; of Uw 

winp *i Un«. 

a. United Statin. Pmeoltd bj' E. Doubleda;, Kaq. 

LifT OF MiMionwioca iKkBcra. 

\K. TKTri«0>tA OCUtlUTl. 

M^m i trmtdlam /uJrum, bdti nigr» Um^tulalam, apuii JtaimMi 
«l# •sa'eK tatfulra ,- •/« poiiitit Umpidir. ' 

Tellaw, mlcT beneath: bead »hott, punclurrd, aa hroail as \\\e 
AttL, MMSdMhi (nmt; atowv cqualh iaug aciDu the wbair hrrndth, 
aUcb, eulaAiag lb* ajn, b about tout liniM ilie l«ut;tli ; luce co- 
■jhJ: iMtld manwnel^ iiiuied, rarjr Mmvex hI.hi^ Uiv Tore but. 
*»j kmrd; MMM« bdund i (ciUcbeoa lawny, iiunciuind, ;rellow, 
Mfl ■laMtal; Mrialcd hejDoi Um tlmnsrene neclion, wilh a black 
^•t Ml Muli >t4« ai lb* baae: «b<laa>ea wuithit;: leg;* y«Uu«: 
ta«-«t*|t* afi^Mlj lawny; toIm Uvny; hlnil>winf:s colourleM: 
niMbfMik. l^aglhal thahodj Si fllK*; of ibc wing» (i liuca.^ 

«. Van Dtenan's Laml. 

I3A. TnTi«09iu PAtxiDi. 

fins ,' /afim fie» tititiata ,- jitrlta ri •ilidamm niynt, fiatu mar- 
gimmM i ^MB aMm mm ; al« a»tt At s/iu-ytoM', u^'c* /mo« 

Vrikn^i bead (iMrt, aliUleBaiTawer than the cliniil, aliDMi an- 
fBkr n bvai, oanMn alaPK (be bind border : Truni lint, thuricr on 
wA iUe tbaa Ib tb* Blddle, wh«-tr it* I«ni,'l)i i> nliuul halt iu 
hiitih cy«bu <mjr near ikr birburdcr; due truiictiu-ooukiLl, 
«IA IWB Bittby MnMB wbkli diTeive townrdi the i-piitnmii, hh'I 
«)A abort ViDwii ilifhlly oUique bands oo eaob lidc ; rpislama iiib- 
liJiaCa. black lAwaidt ibt niOMth : iilii«ld tnns>«rs«ly itrtiLleil. tpty 
MM«X >■ float, batiDyoaiwaTcalanx ihefaind burdur: brwst blacic ; 
apMSb witb jrellow borim : abdonwn black, bordered with yel- 
InF -, tip TcDow bea«ath : a black iDOt on each of ibr onlcriar 
ikf^ ; htnd^aakt nriped wiib hiaei, becM wilb black Bpinu and 
jrilM bMatlaa: fcrv-wlniga ■lighil; yeUow. tinged wiib nblte lo- 
«M^ ib« Upa, wbicb am pale bniWn: bind-wbgt whiii>U biown 
U^tb of ibe hadj 3i Km* ; of tbe wingi A lines. 

a Skit;- 

137, TnriMMiu? otni*. 


.Vifrm, ■>&«■.' ntjmr pienun,- pcAv ferrtiyiitri, tanit potliHt 

Black, ibinint; bead a little nairower tbaii tb« ch«»t, pilchy, 
^«t, alichilj nxigided b bwnti «j« iciy mw tbe (>>«• bander ^ 
PAET III. 2 7. 


LIST oY noMopranon vnzetm. 

thr crnrni, wliirh ii miich krwdcr llinn Inn^ ; face lint, nniroir, 
nlmoil smiiuih ; cpUlomn InnreoTnic, diviJcd by a ilmiRhl iiiiure 
f'oin the boe: obut iliKbllj puuutUKiI • Idri f<muf;iiiuu«; liinil- 
feel moMljr pitobf -. hiud-iriugv bmii. Length or the body 3 lint* ; 

a. Philiiipiac Idaods. From Ur. Cciimngi't eolloctioB. 

G(0tu3. GER.MAItIA. 
OmnnriB, t^t Lap. Ann, fioe. Em. Ft. 1. £22. Amynt tt Sm: 

Cicttda. p„ Falrr. 
Trtllgoni*, p., Btinn. 

1. OcaviRu HABMoutL 

Cioula marmonia, F»W. Sgti. Mym.(H,l. 

Gcrmaru cucullata, Ik Cip. Ahh. Soc. Emt. Ft, i. 323, pi. (f, 

TeUigonift nMnnorati, Sum. Ilandh. Eitt. n. 1, 1 19, 7. 

a. Bnuil. From Mt. Atgoit't coIIcolIod. 
t,c. BtwtiL 

3: Gbkmakia oumriTA. 

OBtttuU criiULi. Atnm tt Sm. Uul. Sm. ilim. 9?l, I. 
Ciotds orUUta. F*br. Sya. liliya. BJ, 4. 

S. America. 

Gbihii 3. PBOCONIA. 

PirOMBtft, S$. Ftry. H Strr. Fit. UiUt. x. aiO. Aurytt tt Str» 
Folfon, |k, f.inn.. fiitr., Cmr/. 
Clcniln, p., Fahr.. Dry. 
TettigouiH, p., Ofrmar.' 

1, fKocnHu osrraji. 

PraeonU nhtiun. Amyai tl Srrf. Hiil. jVbi, f{tm. i. 71, I. 
Cicada ntitRMi, Faht Km. Sifii. i>. M, 3.t. Sya. Rhyn. 03, 7. 
TcttigonU obtain, (irrm. Mag. lint. iv. 62, 7. 

S. America. 

N Ancriea. 

uar or BOMocimMM 

iii.fd*r.£tr.S^.tr.Sl,31. fiyii.MfH. 09,36. 

9. PSOOOMtA tSD«T4. 

CSifM*. 7H«tr. i. 33. (.1. B. t 3. »- » 


4. PsooOKi*? riHHL-aiNB*. 

CiMlafarnftaiMi.Fcb'. Su. .S>f. JT. »3.33. 5>i(.A&^. 80,30, 
TmlBiliM fonililnoft, Ctrm. Jfay. fat. it. «», 10. 

5. Phmonu? TKinroMtia. 
Ckaii fVipifMaib, Air. Sftt. Sky*. 68, 33. 


0. Pbocoku? ldsis*. 
TiUlffmk laiUa. G^rm. Mf. Rm. It. 7(V 33. Sfatil Oi«. r. I 

7- PiincOHU? 0»P1R. 
Atpf, a<rm. M»f. E»L It. 71, 39. 

fk. Pmocojii* xiantcun. 

fiitwfimt * , aifra mtm .- aMonnt ■ iyriiin,^ift n tubtiu paUiHmii ; 
ftdn pirn . /rmant frmtjimta trl yitra, niyro macw'au.- a/« 
mMitm pinj.ayi'r fut^t: al* fo4tka tahamena. 

FrtTM gia oM*: licaJ il>«il-<«nii:iil, iiupnued abort oa 4.-aoh ride 
tf lh««Tv, aDd villi (cmidiculw cudvchItic ridg«( in fruiil iif ihti 
; iHifrin Mack ; a irancalr-cunical black bnnil Iwlwccn ihc 
, aBil bi front m lonf;-«>nia1 black bund. wboK cidet are 
\j lin^lif : tbn band JaiM a titon Mock fttripe on the fitvc, 
, ti *'r; coQTFi, smI htu crot> riil^n on encli lida ; •pialonu 
noildi pitch* : ehnt itiKhll* niKnlou, f«>ugkly panclUKd, 
iwitd «i(h kUck; scuicbMi!) iuwu'iu Unntrda Ui« tipi ■bd«nMa 
H»^ luUMU bci>«alh omA luwinlsllitr lip: Ifgspltuhy ; tbi|;h«fin'- 



u>T or iioHOPTBium nctBtm. 

ruEJiintiMiilh Mock »poUT r»r«-«inB« piiehjr, willi UiniT tip*: 
liiiiit-ntnEi tliKliily any, liordcrccl with pale brawn. Leni^h of the 
liodj -If— A liDW ; at tbe wiDjp 11 — 10 liuw. 

Vu.fl. BUok >lripo on (b« (m« tepUreil by an onpilai mot ; 
ditkof ibe hont uf tba fti«e and iif ihc o[>inoro> blnck; tip of ibc 
(DllUhcon femiginoui: abdomen fcmigiuoui bciiciitb niiil at the 

Var. y. Head and cbeat fcnuKinout: •ouicbtun and bind pari 
of the sbicld pnrlly black: atidoinan ferruginous beuntb and at llio 
tip; ibl^hH pilclij, 

Var. B. Ilk* var. y. Head pilcliy on each «idp, tliKbil; ridsod in 

a— rf. St. Jobn'i Bluff, E Hori(ia. 

f. N'orih America. 
/-J ? 

Pteiented by E. Douhledaj, 

9. Pkocomu cubiob. 

A'ifn; nqxil fufmn, n^fM mWhsi,- thomr ni^rr, ririJi ,aii(l«> 
(lu ; abdmiu* ntWwi #f ^frfMliUMtni ; jirilrt tnlei .• olaanli 
ficta, apirt fidmt ! ab/NWtJm nbemmx, apict/meit. 

Tlrad lulaom, adorned nbore wltli htiii.-Ii Mripri nnd band 
wbich euuloMBX entin.' aii<l thnv imprrfect ijuailiilulernl compan- 
ncnla ; Irp of the epittoua blank : idxuU) ferniKinoiis vriih u black 
lip' chritll'ijicli, tbivkljcorerod with pale f^rwnltli dot*, t menu a and 
varied wiUi black in front; Kulcbeon Inlcoua. mark«d wiih hloek -. 
hbdonini Mnck, luieoui bmeiitb on eavb lidc anil at the tip : Icn 
lutrouA: ron-'irtiiigi pildi}^ witb tawuy lipt: hind-winifii slii^bUir 
crair, dnik li«i«ii along ibc liiii.i border* nnd for n«iir half tbe longih 
fTDoi the lip>. I.cngib uf tbc bodj If— A linwi of iLe viugtit— 10 

Vai. S- Kore-winK* wiib pale »pot8. 

Vai. y. Compariinwiti on ih« head mOHiU imperfect: hind- 
•iogl broon for two-thirds uf tht length from the tipt. 

Var. 2, All ihe cotapanioeuu on the bead imperfect: th(M> 
fourth* of ibo hind-win^ hntwn. 

u—c. Hi. Juhn* Bluff, E. Florida. PreacDied h; E. Donblcday, 

d. Nova Scotia r 

un o( iiOKorTKMva iiincia. 7M 


:, R*fR> maniiaMj' intUltiim lulnrm ; nkdonmnignim, 
tmttm* ^mm, api-rr frrnit/iitmm ; alte aud'nr /■■'tnt, apia 
f^amt ai* pinruw fBMtmprJ«,/iun> maryjimlir. 

Mi' /^H. SjM. iYm. ii 701. <!, y^uir. Sp. /lu. jL 
Sl«,7. iruf./MLii.313.7. £>(. fi^. i». 37. ^. Rkyn. 
1 bnHrvute f Z*cy. /»'. iii. 2«. fl. pi. 3a. f. 6. 
N(Mi hu«fu>ria ^ 6'mW, ^.{. 5y<<. Aui. i. 4, 30!M, 0. 
Tf(l^nii>1«Mniaria? Bun». lUndb. Bat.^. V20. 

Nt*ri; kllkd to ibc two prfceilini^ ipsol**. Femtgiootui 

wUb iw (u«ier|pD|C Mock ttripc*, which DDite on tM min< 

wntM of ifce iliidit riil|:« of (he fiicc : ihidil muilud with 

ti Mmubeon Oull lalpMtr: ahilunii^t) bhick, pitvhv bcnralli, 

fawgiaowi M ibt lip: \t<pi iliifc I'rmijEiiiout : fara-wiujpi J'llohx. 

■lib any llf*i kiod-wlDi;* alranti colourlcM, iritli brown botdtn. 

I^agtk M ikc body 4l lian ; of the wiDX* 9 liuei- 

Vu. fi. Head wbcdlj ferraginona. 

«. BmiL PicvnUdbr Jubn Mi<>n, Eiq. 
k. BcBiaL Fram Mr. Muniajr'i cullMiiaa. 


F rwraf i mf*, l^jr* iMUM .- trtUm» alku-ririilactnt t imtM\an 
Mnaa. Jiiro Bifnu*; ahfai w aijirtiin, tulrlitt el tfitt Im- 
trmm ; pnlm Imltit miftn MMtihri, Unit itiifru i ata oMtint 
m/nomlri. limpUo Mn'if, ban *l oil ruitam i>icrtt, apttv 

FirraghwMi bead witb twu «bun, otiliqiir, blnnk •iripca on 
lb* emu, ■«■! In rtont wiih t«u Longer, ohti<(iie aliipci which join 
Ibt hiirt tuipc uf the ld<e 1 rutpiluii! part of ibe ibivlil diugr 
itJMA gatco: uBlclicna luMinik; ila 'lisk pattly hUek : (bdumcn 
UmA;. )■**>■* bcBaath oa web Me hih) ■! llic liii: Icki hilcmii, 
•Mk tlack ncriu; feci Uack : r«f«^u|c* rettdith. ben aiid Oicie 
•laaM cvloutleH, pitchj at tlie baae and alun); pull ut the futv 
Wto, U«*jat tb«lips: bind-winip ilightljr gray ; btowii Tor nnc 



tisT or BoaoiTEBOM iHum^ 

black ; dp* lurid ; a wliilr, obtoii;, nlMil spot along \ht middle at 
the fore bordvr . hind-winin bfon, pale gtay lowatiU tlie biue. 
Leoglh or ihe hadj i Man ; of th* winga 10 lino. 

«. St Jobn'i BlulT, £. Florida. Preicntcd bj K. DooMtilaj, E<q. 

17, Phoi-UHU MJOIITJ. 

Z«lM, ni^ viltata tifiueiatm; abJonttiii Jittu aiftr; ilj* 

^Lalraua : kaad abovn nitli mo iliort blaok MiipMa vhtch an 
uaiUd in frnDt and bdiind, and fdcIom an onl oompartmoiil which 
emit! four black tan lowoid* the kind border : a oiirrtit black band 
on the fore border ju[n* the iktee Mack Uripn of the r.icc. which i* 
murked «'lthb]fickU>»ardi< IbcrpJHUima: muulhrrmtpQuiu: ahleld 
(ll^htlj mnikctl with black, pate on each (Idc : ilitk nt' ihc ■culetieon 
■domed wilh black ilrinri ittiil baniU, which furm ci^hl cei&iwrl- 
menta: dUk nf iho back of (h« abdomco blnck: fare^Wincs pitrlit. 
lurid at the lipti, adomnl on ih« mlfldlr of the furc border viih a 
lariie, obUmf, cnnrrx, iirhile (.pott hliid.winEii bronn, xlmott »»• 
lourlcM lowatdt the bnsc, Iicnj^tb of ibc bodj 4} liaea; of the 
wingi 9 linea. 

18, PnoCOSM ValULI.ELa, 


Nign, auftula i tmftitfivn himtvlatum ; aMfjnm rt/riirn, talt- 
tOilam piccit,apin aiUdit f altr pottifs iitbciiienyr,/itiev i»ar- 

I Black: bodr linear, rather Ionic: brad more prudiicod la ftmit 

' ibtn in nnr of the preceding ducribed ipcciot, Ucjirnnrd un eoeli 
side between tlic c)<«, dhIu jrllow en each ride aloDU the bind 
border. W'Utb nale }dlow: MUlrlieoii fenuf-inous on each aide: 
abdomen deep bUek, |>itlc jcUow along tacli aide and btMoallt ; le 
pale yellow : fure-wiuKi brown, pilchi olonit ibe fate borilee, wtlltii 
allbc lip*. biiid.nitiRB kli(bt1ii);niy,bunl(redHithbroini. 
ufilic body (t Iinc«i ol <b«niugt 13 tinea. 

a. Veneniela. From Mr. Djaon'a ooUeotioB. 

u»r ftr MOM«mai>u* inun. 

If. PbocQHU ATVl. 


nsM, nktaijlmm {■■*) a«t migr* (r«m.) .- caput fW^onum ,• 

l«a tntano /uriarmi ; <iiib«un faJrritiii /faro ■iiarii/afuni, 
«■!«— ni f fn fitra^ui ftifimliim ; ptdfiMri.'/rmorilnHjI^rii; 

Htti. Pilebv, b(l|[tii jello* benMtli: bwd HlmMt iriangular, 
■■M p»»Jf t < Ulu) lliMt of p. nanlltU ; t)i|cht1> HepTTiued un nwh 
MtkMwvMI iIm e;n. aad in the miililiv, wliidi Iink a tondiutlinal 

>U«U (nuKliI; JMDctvoil, irilb four \njf,t\ aixl deeper dcprcaion) 
M (rnal, ilifbilj IcaUwoa* acroM the duk ; «uutcbeuti almcHft 
— aoth, «ith aUanavorw (onnwaD Uw ili»k: abdomvii bUcli, witli 
• M« af briftkt jallaw *peU aloag caeb liiU: undcnldc niUi % 
kUck bond en (be Am bonfcT gf (aefa legntnt; ralita at ibc tip 
fafltiv t IntumUa Gnmgiaou* willi bbck lipa - lens tannj ; iii» uf 
iW *hai>k> and of ikc fwl pitL-by ; iliij-bs ;rvll(>w with )iiich]' lip*; 
baa-wiagi fitcb; , lurid t<iir«nlt llw liph ; bind-wlogn gray, with 

F^t. Broadtr anil lea linear than tbe male, bbck bntnib n> 
; a atrtpr almy ^* 'or* bonder or lbs bead and tbr hind 
I •( Uw abdontual MwinattU : winga more hrowo at tbe lij)». 

LiBgtk of tbe b«df 1\ iinca ; «r tbe wingt I A Xaxt*. 

a. tfovfai*^ FrOK Ut. Dnun'a mllccliua. 
ft f 

20. Paocovia coimaari. 

tll^i <'Vyl tilfmitm, futtat JItro /Mtiatnm; feriiu pi'mm, 
JIatm \itintbim / aiUonuw alraut, lMiribv4 xmrrTr/iw Aamm 
mft9 f—eimlmat ! prJn^tri; tlttuHtka pirta,atbujiCig{at«, 
afierlmri^ : ala fotlit^frntft-rinenir. 

Am. Black, in >lnicturp lite /*. afra : bead abute with a lon- 
■Ualtaftl famw, banMlb «tilb a bruxt bright jclluw baod, wbich 
fim • Ttllaw Mrtpa aloac mch tiila »r tbn bitut : iihicM lUguloM 
arfMaghhr prartnrtd, wilb(Mnel«ifeciea*atioiii in front: bnait 
plld|« : aMomra deeo blark, bngbi jfIIow oIuiik each tide, cxnpl- 
M ua fore botden ur tbe leumeiiti : iiiidfniile bn|[bt ;rell>iw, ailb 
aUack baJad «ii tb» r<ir«bard«rof racb Dtgninit: Ug> pit«b;; lbr«- 
I pilcb?! adorvad iu ibe middle of iho fore border with a large. 


LU'i or iiOMopTxmou* iNisctm. 

,'( W&Ttt, wliilo B|H)t; tipi \nt\d-. kio'l.wiiis^ dark gi*Jt 
tinnd witb bn*r», fUt\ btawu along Ibe burden. Lcu^tli of ibe 
bMJ 8 linn ; of tlic win)[i 1 1 liun. 

Uondurat. Fiom Ur. Dyiruu'i collcotioo. 

91. PxoroMiA «pecuurtii>. 

Ftrn^i a f, lain rilUla ; capul lubliu apirt nf/tiM ; pttlmJIaB* 
tirillalum ; a/>i/-invn mfnmt.nibtHiJt-iriim ,- frmrir^ fvtwm i 
aiji unliiw lulitr, ayicr tt aJ enilam fiuctr, nfU ru/ii /dIm 
gultaftt orrttUit i aiif poiiinr iuhtimjH<tir, Apifr fuinr. 

Tenug}nmi%, ilciidcr : head tUorl, a'lumcd ahorc Willi a Inta- 

oui ilrii'v, (lilcbT ill liunl; Tace rale tcMotr on encb «id«, Bat, hUd, 

Uid ruiicbiT tfiauircviicd on (tic Jiak, i«d, i,nioiith. »iul tkinini 

pluwardt loc ■■pitiouin, wliirh it atio red : chiii with an iiilcnvplM 

pslnuoiiii nri|jc wliicli roriDi tnn iputi on tlie iliicid, and three on tb« 

j fcutclicon i thield wiih a relluw dul ou (acli tide ; bwart with ■ 

[black hiuit on oaoli (i>dr >'t Ibc ili*k. slid wilfa a 1itmi4, ^IvjPeDim 

ifltitp« along Mch (Ilk: abdomen reddUli, trtUi an iniliuinet jrahow 

lllripo, fcrTUg;inoD* ■! ihe lip, ^rclluw Ijcncntb : liiirt aud ihleh* 

Ftrwn;'. for«-irinjii lutMut, bitoa-n and piulij lulTiistd wilb wUl« 

lalong Uiu Um liuriicrt Hnd limjidk ilit li|it, adorned in lite hrown 

[part near tlir fore Imrdor, nilli a tvA siripr, beneath wbicti ibeiv ar* 

Jfonie lureom doU; liin<l'«rinir< 'ilmi"! ooluiirlnn, brown at Ibe tijit 

tuid nlong pan o( tbt hind bordu. Lrugib of tbe bvd; 01 1'mtt i 

kof llie wiugs 19 lint*. 

G«itti4. AUUACIZeS. 

AuUeiio, Ainy.1 tt Xirr. llul. Sal. llim. 571, 409. 

I Cictiilu, p., Fal/T. 
Telli^nia, p. Otrviar. 

1. Ai;uaciixu *.tv*(yt.TA. 
AulactsM l-pvMUU, Amyt H Stn. HUt. N»l. HtM.l,7\,\,B\. 

Teitigaida 1-punci«la, Germ. Mtg. Bmt. ir. M, 4. 

tin or ■oaonsion imort. 

a. AaucnxK? »T«itucit, 

TMtf(aU Ifltcnecta, Gma. 3f*g. Km. It. 60, 4. 

r B«l* Mid wine* oorcrcd villi a blue bloum : bud UtucMOf, 

ihwl Wllfll, •litbUj fofrawnl. bl«vk almiK llii; hiii<l bonier; Imm 

' Itf •■ tlwdilt,irUhmaiinMi><)!T*>'<»i);ncb<>iilc, bluck tomrdi 
lb* ■nlrtnwi. «hkb, u4 (bo noiiili nrc nUo bUcL : thm pitcby ; 
(bWa nifOM. nMKhlT pmemrH, witb ■ broad icuaccom band In 

3. AeucDtu nrvKi. 

iAm^T pUtiU! ftetarU Jiifui n!yrr; ahJouun nif/rum, 
lUmAiH Jbnt MarWiJan. iii/jtiu Jlnriim aigm inn<-al»tum ; 
frdn f it ti, tariii wjfrii, /nunritiu iiU/rwUiit (iMfd<*M ; ate 
•alira fmfcffier*i •/« potties fatcm. 

faal ; wlrhiiii Mien tiriaied acnHs towards the tip : biewt teOM,- 
•«•■■, UMk M thff di*k and with a sliort black bund on eMb rids : 

.Ji^ black, with ■ POHf of vrlloir *poU aloci); encb (Ido ; usder 
Ma y«Uo«, «l4b a rvw eJ blank (rianguliir inau nMiiin nn ibo rne 
bofdm of (be ■e;;tiiraU, and eiUradims to tbc bind linrdcn and U 
irb ndc Ins piu-b; -. feel ItUck ; middle- 1 liigbi dull leiUMoiu: 
ftw ■liiai iiiirlliili iiltiliii TciiHiBlnuWly iii)dii«i-: bind-wiugt daik 
LoBgtb »r ibe tod; » lines ; of (be niugi lit Ijnoa. 

4. AduCHua unbaui. 


rti/iu< »( yfTlui rufa, liujui ijiirui nti/iT . m(«n 
m/i frinnm/ariua ,- fulfUuat upit* /ulirum ; aMimitH ntgro- 
WKimm, •n^BJ rvftita alkn pnWtmu ; prda rujl ; (arajf n^ 
frii ; ai^ oatiM ru/o-piav apUr fiutit ; al^ panics tvpfo- 

8odT mat wisfc* tlifibdf thigud with Mut - hoAj linear, moiUr 
ovd onath willi itbilc down : bud daik rcil, ibort. almoat 
MWhilmilal. bUd aking Ihe bind border, drejil; furntwed aboie ; 
bta CMicaiG on the diik, eiM-cx, and with oblfiiue xldgn ea neb 
lak: Boalb pilch* : tlieat pitcbj ; nhield ngei», witb two oliliquc 
nd matbt hj lb* uni border, where it if deeply iinprcued oa each 
•Uc; dy of tbc aRitcbcpu tawny: Urcjiit red: ili duk tnuitly blatki 
I brMM-Uack, red bcneaib. where the while duwa oucImm 




ite rowi nf iircipilat ipoU : le|[i red ; thnnki liarkcr lliui the ihlgtlM ; 
feelbUi'k: rure-uintpi rcJdiiOi pilvlit, nilli brown lipt : liind-wingt 
dark liruwu, h ith a cnjipcijr (iijge. Leiigtli of tlic bodj ? Iidm ; 
ofihc winp 14 linw. 

a. BiiiUb Guiana. PraaeoUd I17 Sir B. Sohomburgk. 

A. ADUoixBaATOHiBu. 

Sifra; fajml /fmujinnim, Jhte tmriumi (Innu- ,f7in> ranuf,- 
fvctai r( tibJiinm fiiir-i, Aor a;i(<r pitmm ; prdrt fulri ; al# 
atuie* jnctm, flato eonftrlim guttata ; »l* putticm ftt 

npud frrruiiiooui, shorUconiMl, blookUh, iknd intpraaed ou 
Mch li'k bT lllI^ bind bontei, deeply furroMFd in IVunt ; bind bar- 
dpr jclluw, vtiib a mm ot broirn apaui face voncai* on Uw diak, 
Mnvcx.jello*, and with oMli)ue ridgM on *acb ndc; cpittooulll- 
lenui : chcit black : ihield ni|pMC, adunied wttli two veMow banda, 
the first inierniptodi Mmtcbcon adorned with jellow marki- breaal 
motilf yellow : abdomen jrellnw, pticb^ Uwarda ihallp: lp|r»ta«nij; 
forc.w ines pitchj, ihickh cohered wilb yellow wmrex doti ; libd- 
wingi broim. Lnigtli of the body 7) line* : «r the wiugi 16 Una*. 

C hii. Ffoin Mi. Sletena' collection. 

6. AvLaciua ooNapxaak. 

Pl*!m, ttjpm futiala tt vtttala ; pecttu nigra juaiirimarvltttm .■ 
aUamiitii thnuM Hignm; ala anticif ferruginrtr. ^tm Ptm- 
ftrtivt rmcnIbCt, apir* /iilva i nSir pastica laiJimptJ^t/ntfQ 

Yellow -. bead truiieati!.«OTiioal, excaraled iu fronl, with a abon 

rUaelt band in tbe d!ak, and wilb two oblinue blnrk iiiipr*, wbidi an 

''•OODOecWd bv a black band along the bind hoidrr: face ilicbtl; coa- 

ca*c nnd alnoted longiUidiiiallf ou Ihe ditk, convex, and with Iraaa- 

vcnr ndgra uu each aide, adorned tuwartla ibo fore border nitb a 

Uaok band, wbinh 1« contiotiod on eavli aide tii«urd« the rye : ahirld 

adoncd with two block baada, tbe firtt (lender, forked cm caeh aide, 

connecled bj n black itripe with (he second, which ii br«ad«(, and 

ioc1u(l« Iwo Tellow apoia and oceupim ilie bind burdei ; aoulobeoo 

vitb a black band, bbck at tb* tip : hroM wiih two black apoia OH 

IWOli ald«: abdomen black above, oiceplin); ibr tip: fore-wjn^ ttt- 

fug^out, tdoroad with nunenua yellow apou, t/t rotiouf nzci • 

uwr or noHOPTCBou* imuct*. 


<my ha^ >f«l MW nek tip, sblcb I* tawny - hiod.wlnEt ulmott 
Mhariaa. bn«ni (owaidi the lijx rqiI nlung ihr liind Wilen. 
L«if(h «f iIm Wdj a— Ai litMs ; ot tbe vriogi 1 1 liiief. 

—41. BiuO. 

7. AcLuinn tucruu. 


Flmat, mifn wittal* H fatritta ; tmtfllum niyrma, ,/f«w yaiidri- 
m»nUl«m : pTtorii Jimu niiftr ,- «irfitm«)> iii-;nfni, far^- 
l«i Jfcta ■Mni/«lHm, niMtu ^uri ftifialHHt, a/rict Jlawam ; 

Ydtowi 1mi4 tnincit»«iDlca], rxnntod in finnl, *itL • thon 
imliMmiimklnuUt libck batid «ti tlic dUk, and with two obliqun 
Uufc tlilpF*. "biitb alt uniltil on ibe hiad border ; face iliKhtlv 
MSaw, and witL an ansulai black mark in the diik, coiiiti, and 
•Hk iniiatlMcl obliqiw tiifet on each tiit, blM-k luwards tlie cpr. 
Omb*. vUcfc W ■ bbck lip : mouih pitchT: ihJold lugOM. wfiL 
n« Uitfk banib, tbe Bat ugxag and irrcKular, utiitrd bjr ivo KhoR 
Uack tfcipw with the iMond. whKli u lirKtilcr and occiipici tbe 
ktad bomrt KBtdwon blaci, witb four jrollow *\>ou, Aneiicaa 
dte Cm Wlir u4 mc at the tip -. bicMl black on the dlak, ui3 
wllh Ml IncfHlu Uacfc riiukl on axh tide: Abdctnen black, with « 
Wclit jdk* lip i ■ row ot t«lluw tptrit alotiic «*cll aide ; undemde 
«iu ■ ftllaw naad akox wo hind bi»rd«r m racb Mfirarnt: fon- 
wiafi Aanfwou* rod, with lurid tipt: hind-winKii brown, almott 
mill art I ■ iMwnb the bue. Leogtb oT the bod j 6 lint* : of the 
BiuiL FniB Ur. Morsay'i colleoliuu. 

8. AcucizssTcmtiiXiiLM. 

PItmm, 'iffa /unaM rt ritiau ; mirilttm iti^rttn. JIam fnailri- 
— rwhf—l ( prrtnriiJiifiiJ aiyrr; afiJinnni nigrum, bWrJiw 
■pJMf ^ JfafWM ; a/if aatiea fimgitir^, /uJnt manriB", 
ayte brwliT ; B^ puHett /uiiw, Aoa tulUmpi J.t. 

TaAnr : IkmI lniMBt«-«onic«l, iliiihtlf cscnnleil in froel ; a 
AoRfclKkatimali ibe diik U Torknl in front, and rormi two black 
■noi •bug toe late -, two Mark obliqur hlri|ir« oicr ihv cj'iJcU »tt 
\hjm thoit buid CD the bind border ; faof iili)(litly concave, 



LIST or nouomLiiauB iN«ec^ii. 

lengltiKlinnlly lUuitcii, ami lrt*mril t>f on aiiKalar Uacli hand on 

lh« diik. roii'ci, and n-ith itKUsiirnc ritl|[m uu cudi »idn, vilb 

. B broad li!ai;k banii nlooiff Uk tote border; cpinlomn at the lip aiid 

['noatli pitcb; : atileld with two black bandt; ib« flni un'luliojng, 

ttotktd on each ddc, cooneclcd by tbrct alender ^chpci wlib tbc 

woond, wbicb ii broad, nnd occupin the bind borders Hutc>hcaa 

black, willi rour ^-tUuw ijxiU, lb ice aluti^ [he fi>re burdcr and one at 

^« lip : brtULtt black on the dltk, and wiili an In^utai black rioj;- 

t OB cacb *ldo : abdoDO) black, wiib • hricbt yollow lip ; a raw «f 

iltow tpou aloBg ««(h tide : nndcmde jcllaw, with a bUdi diik ; 

~' nrinn (einuinom, adurntd wilb lawnj' ^oU of roriniu »ise and 

)i hpi lurid: hlnd-wiiift btowit, aliauttcalourlaw toward* the 

Iicnglli of the bodj A) lint* ; o( the winji loi VatL 

' «. DaltlA. PtueBted b; M. Reiehe. 

9. Avucitsa vtusinru. 

Amubm ; caput Mlacrun ; lAorac Icilatvo macu/niu ,' ttutil- 
lum apict tl Ptflui laleriLut flara -. ahdomtH pictam, maeitUt 
yWru tl ririaibiu (rmfdilu'n. luktui /ulpiim niaro fairittmrn ; 
ai* titit^JUn fiutlata, ailiii fminata, ofict/to 

tjo* uddim^iAa, Jiuro niarjiuiithr. 


Fcniicf nou* : bend tntaccouit, cnntca), drprcucd aborr, wilti 

the neepliof) of the hind bnider, ^ighlljr cicarau'd on ibc diik M- 

. mirda the fun bolder i faoe fl«i, hardly conca<« od the dUk, wfdi 

llnuutcne *\<\e» <ni neb «)dr; nunitb fmuglnaiia : A\AA vaaa- 

terwlj- *tr1aKd, Eoi-md villi udaMoiu dcta, wholly teaiacMna Ib 

front,: lipoflbe •cuIcIicud pale yellow: brtiatt yelluw oa each iM( : 

abdotncn pilobj, wiUi a row of conacclod fTctn apoH un tbn hack, 

aad wtlh a mw of Ukot i^poiH alting rnch tide ; iindcr>ide taway, 

.with a trianipilar Mack Ti«nd nn the fore border of oavh (rcneBl': 

Ifoie-aiiifls pandered wilb «biie. bmwB toward* the tipi, pilcby befs 

l«Dd there, coiered wiifa je!b<w dotn, which !□ the mlifdle of ibe fon> 

b w de r niB aoMlj ponDucni, and fons a dittlncl trianiiuUr mt : 

Ited^wlnp (Jwoft ooloiiflcH, dnik brown loward«tbe llpaand alrait 

the bind borden. I<eD|[ih uf Ibe body 7 linn; of ibe wiap IS 


«. Pan. From Mr. !ilevena' collectioa. 

LKT or MaworTBcotts inmbot*. 

10. Atii.u:iuis('uu.tcui.4T»? 

ClM^ w—Koalila.' /Ur. S/a. AAjm. 03. 8. 

If fnt»wk Ultra p*Ui>k ; ahthmimt Janmnt vifturn^ 
U» fi rrwf la tii H tiniLtiu trinitmium ,- ala pnue^ lat- 

NmH* allied tn A, rtriJiTim, nihet Hoalpr. Psis femij[li^| 
■MKi fcwi Mpiwl, <»yWi»»J abarg, mitli llie CXcrnti«n of llie limil 

1^ aad tUihlr mcaratrd am ilie dnt, nDvtx. «iih mnvtaM 
it^mwttkiia: ndMof llicbreMtpdeT kbdeom pluh* abera, 
•life m IV* vf MaacMad pala pm tMia oa Uia bael^ aa« ortib a 
aa* «f fala femiittaoM ipob o« aadk aUa t liiDd-wian almoci mi- 
iMrtlM.kiw«rate«anlBlbalip*aad«lMgtfeahia4boraen. Lm 
if Oa bod; *1 linaa; of tbe triap 1 1 UtMs. 

II. AVLtCtUS lAHtLta. 

mi0rB ^»iri*lmm t tculrUwm ntjim iiwam/iifiiut : jirrterU Ju. 
rat ■•^'▼i aMomni niynim, ixAfiu /rrmgiitnt maiymaltm; 
ml^ amlifia wiriJfi, lifrv fititUlir, ajAct Jutcir ; alt pailitm 

ywn if tttWMi iMad ooaliMl, axMraied on Ow (Ink lowinlt ih* 
Caathonlci. ■•iti « *l(ghlbbrt hiMl tivtw^m ifart^M^ raf«co«vci. 
■tik •luclit iililiiiue ri4|lc* on racb )i(lt, Hith ■ llni-ljr iiriai«4 ytrj 
■mU HvraMiim on die dU. black tu«i>nl> tbe cniilaina, uliicli » 
tlwbiaei: noutb jroUew. wUb a piiolii tip-. •Iiield Uiiiiccniii iw 
Bwh ifca Iliad boMcr, wbtrt thtr* in a black baad : Muichcon wlili 
aUict •aotaa (aehaida oTihc bate: diii afdia btaaal blMck; ab- 
imtm buck abore : imdMaide aiUi a black di<k : fotti-win^ pair 
pt^, vitli a bUcl biad uwatdt (he li|«. ohich ■» brown : tiiod- 
■lap biwan. Lcn^ of ihc bod] 1) tiiifs -. ut ibu airigi ii linn. 

4 Tim I anil Fmn U/- Djmd'* colkction 

8 A S 



13: AcLACiEin »crivej<TBi*. 

Nij/n; foput fulm gulliilum, /aeie flanim ant nifmm; teulam 
fulm gvltttlHtn ; t^^ilrltum fulm rininiiirnfiiruin ,- ptrlaru 
lalrro Jtaia, uigni ifultaia ; uMiiiHrn tv/uw, luiliu nigrum 
Jtani vuiTfinatum i pedti /iilei, nijfro maculali ,- al^ anliM 
/frni^iaAi,^Ri;Hifa(r« ; aim potticm/uif<e. 

Black ; li«*d (horl-«oa)ca1, with k loapiudtiia] funow, wkick 

ii widened in &oiit, adorned wiUi tawny doU ; fuoe pate jellow, oon- 

tox, «ith difiht oblique tuiTii5 ridcM tm nch fida, d&t on llio dUk, 

wlitoh hsa a Uaok dot oii the midiUo of BMh aids, hUok, and wtlh k 

liitcuiix varrei inark on each ude towards llie cpistDina, vbidi ii 

atito bliuk. and hoi ' large yellow (pot On Mebdde: ra'iulli pilcli;: 

Uiield Willi Duuieroui uwti^ dot*; MUtchena wl(U a Uwiiy cpM: 

I Hides of th« bnaal yellow, willi binak dols : alidoioen brijcbt red, yol- 

I luw IxoMth, with a black dink : Ichi biwlij, innttcd with blnck : 

(<ire>wiDg* ferru^uoiH, willi iiumFroui yellow duK darkrr, with a 

'' iheTtrowofjdloir apou along the fore Imrdti, lirownalang liie Liud 

border tat a abort apace froin tlic tipi : liind-wiiifn b>o*[n, paler al 

the l'a«c. l>engit> of the body 4 line* ; of the winjp 9 Uuct. 

Vat. 8. Face with two blacV >pDb on each aide : acuicbeoD wilb 
u redspoL 

IVar. y. Fac« rc<l, with Iwo fmall black fpoU on each tide, 
a, I. St. JoWb Bloff, P., Horida Pmcvted by tlio Cnlomolo 
, r. d. St. John'* Bluff, H- Florida. PrescDlcd by E. Double 

13. AvuciCKs LaTirtMta. 

Brntt; rtpul JUvum; tailnm atlmm, piem U/^tciatiim; 
Uttuta firruginrHm ; o&iiuutrn ru/iim, tutlvt ptcnim ; 
Jlawi ; aia rufo-futt^ .- oJir undVir laia. albo ii/ainate. 

Body short : heail yellow, ItuncAte-coiiicnl. with an obII(i_ 

pitoliy stripe on each ><da bclwceo llw tetlvt and the hind boidtr ; i 

blaok dot un tlio fure bucdor i face tctj iiltj(btly depfCMtd on Ihe 
dink, conicx, Bitb tniniTcne tiigt* ou each udc i e^tiona piioby : 
raonlli fL-rruginoni : abicM wbite, with a ileDdet atighlty nttred 
pitchy band near Ibe fure border, and with a broad nitcby band 
along th« faindbordsr: loulcboon fcrrufinoui : breaai wiiha wbiliib 

u*T or aoMommov* atucr*. 

mrtnam mi mA dJe : ■Mmnen bright red : iui<li-rHil« pitch}", red 
U lb EttMi Irgi irlltTH : «iu;n mtdisli btUKu : foK-wiii^* broad, 
with two rttj broai aliilc btud*. Lnglh of tli« haij ii 
i oifthcsiaft lOliwa. 

ftam itr. Dftoa't Mllcctioa. 


Gmiu 5. PROPETES. 

iMM arrnmiHtihim. tupm fomUlUM : ahdomm h» 
titii* on Jinx dilaUUi. 

Ha>d kifc, canical, wiib a longliiidiaal (mwn, not puinuit j 

"•■ pompwitd imrudj the baae ; fore-shaukt aidruiug tq- 

■he tipk 

I. PlOHRB cftxnstu. 

ltigl%i /apM )C*iQ MmnmiffuM ; KartHii mfr^ylirni trimaeula 
(MB ,' jatfdfBM Jalnin, ^r<iM Irinllnfxai ; ptrtui faiewa ; 
aU^^ttttJUra ft aibHa fatfialitm ; pftUt lnl-trf<i-Jlan ; a ' 
Jmtm MiijiwiM { 4lm mttk^ t^/aJtm, lul «Mian albido m 
m»tvhl» I altf^MtM* limpid. 

BUd; head Utft, nmtct), Vmdcr tb«n tli< che«t. dtnu*, 
■I* ia tratA, with ■ jtHkiw »po( on Mch nd<- of the bliiil liurdi-r, 
I il to iMiyiwed ott a»ch ■■««, Btipiv BlrinlFil on the disk, with 
i tnl«<* «lut)f[ di« bnrdm nndoriMte browu uu CHvb nidc in- 
I thr rict lac( triaqfiUr, )cr; ili^hll; conc«T«, v«rj iniiiulciT 
', aliiiiinit. M if polidietl, coutcx. and nltb rtij iliabl riilKc* 
* atilr: iWU tiaiioeiwlv raircae, wiib iinee yellow tputa 
A« Ih« h«Hn; mtqicImwii pale hM«out, wiih tliTee piLchy 
I m Ami «( ibe HMtrcnr furro* : bftut bmni, vitb n *ban 
iJuw tiripe, libioh nsti tm a ikniln jclW« band : abciomcu 
Bad ajuned wHk two vellow ardied Wiuli t<iBani> ihe 
li bMb«rdm of •oseortWatWwfcmenu wbiiitibi imdoniidc 
«i(b • pll* jrdlu« •fat at tb« baa* : pMUrrior-thlKb* UMoccous be- 
■■A; fat«4fcaBl» wideninit frain ibc bote to liic tipi; middla- 
Aaabi ieuaoe«aa, wiUk bhck (ip>: bind4faiub lettaoeoua at the 
^ : hn utop namw, itaMfMeiH, «li^il* tuwn;, aioMl; bmwn 
t tb« botdet*, adoned with an oblong convex while tpot alonn 
"llvarUn fore bolder: biud-wii^ oatourieta, bordered wi>b 
L<n(Ui of the body It line* ; of the wing* 11 linci 

a. Fmb Ur. Slcicnt' coUcdion. 




uir or uoHomaoD* imKtm. 


'. uui. x<i- trtm. in. 4flo. 

nioftiwInaiDK, Amy«tttSi 
Cioula, \i.,F«br. 

I. Dnt*T<t«TKHM4 AUIPKTKia- 

DiMUMtrnnma albip»nui«, Amjini tt Sm. llUt. Sat. tUm. 373, 
Cicada iitbip«niii(, Fabr. Sgit. Rhfin. tH, 3. 

a. Pari- Pttiealcd \ij Onrdan Unliani, l^iq. 
h. Panl. Pmnilril br It«|cinitl<10rahiiin, Eaq. 
IT. Bracil. Prfsfiil^d iij thr Finloinolngical Club. 
d.t, Bnitll. From Mr Mornay'i collMiion. 
/-A. ? 


XmIH { n)nil ntyi^ (nj^Hifarnin, /am frimsriiJIiilHHi ; tranMB ■»])•<• 
mrnMCubfiMt pirwi /atrialHin ; tfulrllmm tl ahdo/nrtt niyrt, 
Aar lalfn&iM a^iff^iu /nlmm .* fifln ftlri, lariii /-iVrti ,- a/« 

ruuwr, /hcto iiinryinatir. 

rl.ulMut: hcail conical, rallicr hnui'), trilh a *n7 broid ud 
duinuw lon)[ituilinul furrow, adorned «ilb tliir« bla«k iiAt, Ma br 
Moh «Tclct, and une on tli* fort borilcr : Ucc lUithtU enticart!, wits 
a Vittek tfOl on ouli siilc tovBrdo lb« epiitama: muulb pitcbj- 
«lii«ld Hal. with a black tput near ihe fore boriltT.and a pilcliT band 
along tbe bind botUcrr; tcuirbcon black: abdum^ti Mick, luuoua 
along Mich »ldB and al ihc lipt Icbi tnwny : r«cl piidiy ; forr-iringi 
UnaCMiU, brominh nn ihe Iwirrltti ton->i<l) ihr liiu : blnd-whijp 
(liHhtl; RTay, pale brown at lb« boM auil abitig; tli« kind butdna 
and at ib« tipt. Lm)^ uf tbv hv^ly it linn ; «r ibc wlBg« H 

utr or aoxepTSRon iHatcrs. 

Oenu* 7. CICCUS. 

£«M-. A^r. ^uta. 4 ri. ii. 331. ^ImyAt r( 5#rr. //i<i7 
ir/w. An, 430. 

-'- |u, Gmn^ Burm., BlaiteA. 

1. Ciccm AMPBBKia. 

•ibptem, Fohr. Syn. fUn. R1. 3. 
T^lipiii nil*p«r». £>rrM. /^-.ft. AW. iL I. 110, 6. BUn 
fibL AW. /u. hi. liC |H. ///n. pi. 14. f. H. 

a BnxO. Piwnwd hi J. G. ChililrtD. Ei). 
t Vnsil. PKMDinlbT Jobs Ml«n, t>*>|. 
r. BntS. Pnm Mr. Aiutaaj'* coUeotioii. 

Cl«^ UMbieiua. C. A. Gnry. Onljy. Jaim. A'iji^. 1(. pL 109. 

«. BniiL Prtwnteil by John Mim, E)q. 
L B«Ul Preptnie*! bj M. Itnchv. 
c— /. BoKil. t'mt Ut. Muru}'* volkction. 

3. Cieon »«viMiTva. 
CkcM fCtritjilM, ilayol (f Strr. Hit. .SM. ffim. 673, 3, pi. 1 1 . 

4. Ctccu* vtnurMsci. 
TrtttfOBia *itTi|>eini)», ftrrm Mag. £■(. Ir. 01, A. 




UKT or uoMomiftotii 

S. Ctccc* oai.iqDriL 

abdomta tari 

tevlum fuln fatriatum : t>*chu pierumi 

»Ct wmtictr jricnr. fulTa fateiiUtt t< ba*i riiUM i «J« 

pMricw nipmi-/iuor. htii fuhir. 

Block : hea4 uoiili;ul, will) ii tliplil iMi^tiidinal furtow ; ■ «Ui- 
al«d ctripe on ili« (nev, wlikli hat icrung); nmrked cron rUgca on 
Moh tide: fcclcn maro than half lh« length of ihc body : ahietd 
lUckl; punctured, with a tawnTbamlalonit t]ic hind burdfT; bmM 
pitohj' : alxloiiMrn lawiiT nt the liattt : bi«-wiusi pitahv. wiih a tpn 
■bott tawny alripr at tli« haic, and «n ob1iiiii«' tiiwnv l<itnd bi-yoDd 
the middle: hind-winKi rappcn- brawn, tawnyot iha Ww. 
»t tke hodjMlitm; or the wiii(;i 13 linei. 
a. Bratil. 
t, Drnxll. 

Pietpiiipd br John Mirn, Esq. 
h'rom Mr, S^uukanl't culleotltm. 


TVildMui; nt;>ri( nljTV /urtevDi M tilMHM; trutfUum aim 
bigHllatam ; ptetViU !■<«■ aJjM IrtfiMtiaia ; aiifi'minii Jur- 
rt, lateri 

^^^L fiim /r//ruirl, laterihat nigra mncutiitum, apire picto /lUri^tum 

^^H tt rillalHn ; pfJn oMtiJi, lihiii apier nijfni, f*riu /u/tit ,- 

^^K •/(■ a»li(%» /u/(w, ylitro nw/prftm fuiltttn ; cl<e piutie^ lim- 

' TtSlaCMU*: hrad Innn-coniMl, with • bronif ai>d •bNllow loo. 

E" lal furrow ; iwo V-iii3ppd blnct m.iiU pxieiid ntoni; balflbr 
frain llie liinil bolder i ■ ihort black hand on Ibe fumw 
a abiirt middle »iti|>« tuwar^t l]i« hind bordw, and a {nragi* 
Boni stripe fiwn each end to Uie bind bnnUt, atiii^h hati two niinj 
data ; face aliKhlir ooacnTc on tbc di>k, with indiitincl, obliqu 
ridget 00 eacn nido, adorned with two irMKol"' black b«nd* ; epl- 
Mama wiili a furruuiQunii *\npe : itbirld puneiuml and riifoie, with 
two pitohT much ciined mnrkt wbirb arc cnnnei'ird hj a hand; K 
black dot (in cjicli side nl At ii-utrliton. which » fi'trufpiioui lo- 
waitlt the lip ; bnMBt nhitith, witli thtte oblique black basdi an 
Mffh tide: abdomen luifou* abntr, wiib ■ r<iw of black doUalon* 
ca^ tiin, and neat tbc lip ihlh n piicliy itHpe on each lidr. aM 
two nitcbv biiiidi: Irin «Litisbi ibiiibi with tawny li|K: »bank» 
with black lip) ; niiddk-tibnnk^ with inlffiy ttp» ; bind ihiuki pit4^y 
towards the haw ; rtct lawny with liiaok tim : rore-«ii>cs tttwny, 
tbickly ci'itrred, cxceptinit ttie tipc, with yellow doc«: bind-wiegi 
altBoct Dolodricw. Lragtli of the body tinct; of the wingi 

un or aoNonskouH inshct*. 


8. Cuwv* HAOvuTiTs. 

Npir tflaeto marmUimn, antiar Htyra maryimtlam i 

rt ftrt\u Inlnna ,- ursJW/uM teaafto Irimanalatum ; 

II m/Km, iKitiu lf.arv« a/Hrr niyrnni ,- fieiUt alhidi, 

tihtu tfirr nigril, fmumttu libiuijuf aufini Inriiiijuf fiitiiii i 

•b mMiiW fier», Hi> nriJoiMaJa^iirD gaSiata apift /uItkb; 

Faia(iMNw: Imd oonkal, ■lijtbtl; t^urreil upwnnl, iritfa ■ 
ihfht. Mnvo, loBgiturfLn*] fnriDw. aJutiMil willi IMtaceout apoU 
«^^ an «oaliHiil Imraf^ tlia liiud liordn; Cere bordtr Mack ; 
iwt cooowre oa the diik ; ridn pitch j, la*m j in Iiwnt of ilio rodoni, 
«Mk iiAMian oUi^ae ridHn : »bicltl dull tataowu* wiih dorka 
fHHftvwi wintfc»w> Willi ibiM Iaig«. irrvgnlsi, rala icauoMua 

C: bnttU |al« iMtkOMiu ; «Uiiibdii ml, nllew benmili, witli a 
dyi lap«liiU»h; ti|« nr ibc ikanks okoki foic-tkighn and 
ta»4kiaka (■voTt feel uwnj villi black tip* : Cire-wiiigi piulii'. 
giannb vilh ftllM ibA tomid* the bate, ttwn; at the tip* aaii 
•Incpanof IM blndboidcn: blnd.wlnpalroMloulourleM.uawii 
M t£t Up and abwK the kind bi>rdot>. I.engili of Uie bod; A 
•I ilw wtDft 10 line*. 

Vta.ff, Head tettaceanc, villi a fcmiitinouK itripe: lutut 
•Uaacn yellow beveatti at Uie Up i Cwe-niug) mih wUi 


Var y. Back of the nbdoacD w4(h a black tip. 
-r. BiaxiL 

V. Cicrrn niniKcriie. 

F<NiMi«r«f ; fitrirt, joUi^/iim rt ^vrtoru Juna pirta ,- atrfiininM 
•immM ptryuw (oit nfttrrtu ; frJn lihhi apitv Uniiove 
»ifnt i aht antUa ytna, han nridi-j'uiar, apit^ ImiJ*; 

F f M Bg hm w* ^ Wad emital, wiih a louffiludinal fum», wid«a- 
ta( ia<ni4* iW irp, aliich i> cuncd u]«t«rili Tiwc pitcby. reriugi- 
(MM ta«»da tbe from, ittiated and concaie on tlie ditk, willi 
*U«iMtUgM«a a«cb*td«; ibipld niuzbly punctund : tcuichoan 
pUtif with a fKmt|dno«> tip : diU of ll>e broiI pilf by : abdomeu 
■iltky afcon^ Tedduh at llie bate: Cecl and lipsol Lbi-Abunlu Uavk: 
Wm wlini pitebj, dull gieeiutli laitmy ivnotd* the boM. mlb liuid 


u*T or uoMomaoir* uucn. 

tip* : hind-wing;! hronn, pttte tunrd* Uie base. 
9 line* 1 or ibe wings ID Una. 

a. Bniil. 

Lcnglh of tlic bgd.T 

10. CioovB DMUtrnr*. 

tmhhu flatai ; ahdamen flam ininttatam : pntni flavi, 
tibai anticii larriiqiie tipicf nij/rw, libiii p-tUrioribuM /rmt- 
yinrit ,' aUt Attiiv /tuat; alit poilic^ iMimpiJit, after 

BUck, Iiriithi jvllow bctiMth : hc«d long-Makal.bardl; cnrred 
npwnrJ, wiili x deep loDRiludioal furraw ; EM* ■llttfallr oanc«i« o* 
the ili«t, will) di«ljnct, ubiidue, ili^tilly eurrcd >idg«» on ncli *ldi: 
lip of th« inonUi pltclkT ; «hlu1d punctnrad, iliKhll; niKotc : haok uf 
kfiie iiNaRK-n mill a jellow ttrtpr, nhioh upntfrum (ti« bue (□ the 
^l!p ; leip fdluw ; lutc-shnDkf irilh black tim : poalf riof ibtuki fef- 
raglnoiM &bu'o KiU) pilchjr tips: TcmwiUi bluvk l<p«- tirr-wlsft 
brawn, dukMt at Ui* Imw ■u<I at tb« tip*: bind-niiixi BliiKat f»> 
lourlea* with browa tfpf. tivngth of iho body *) liiiet i of Um «inK> 

a. Pus. From Mr. Sievcni collcvtion. 

II. Ctcctia BunrictH*. 

SiftTi e»pul niiriu m/iin; lenlun rmfa iMltalami rnrUlAo. 
rdJT »r pivfiH laliinM; a&ifdinrn niilut wiridi-alio u trntyina- 
trni, maeulii allidu birillaluin; jicjfi friaorihu iaii IMaeA, 
b'^iu potUriarUnt aihidn faiti-alii ; alir ua/irtf /tunr jtan 
(ffbnM*; ofa^lfui* ra£riniTn>,/iurn nwfjrinitdr. 

Bbck: bend rtr; lanit-«onic«], uol curved upnard, witbadcep, 
loflflitlidilMl fnnov, wbiob Hidcnn loviid* ibe fuiu iKitdcr : hue 
bngbt red, flat on ibe ditk, vtth i1i|{lit, obliguo ridn* uu Mdi tide, 
bUok towards ih« front, and itiib two >rcb«ii black band* ; t^ltiMna 
brifcUtod, hla«k lowwdi ibu mouth, wbicb iigrccnubwbitc: iliicU 
punciiircU, vfth a btuad red Hripc on cAcb liilc : bind-chert uid 
, DTrn»i iHliceou*. tbe latin iritoby on cacti Bi<ie -. •indcnido of the 
\ abdoniFa Ki'emiili white at ibe 1<ste, alonic <acb *ldo aod at tbe lip, 
nd with two rowtof whitlab ipot* tduiig tbodink^ ihight mtAoooo* 
^ tthobu*: n broad wbltlili bmd on cnob of ihc poiictior dmnka : 
^lbi«-wliic> brown, with two braad, jellow, obtiiiue bandi : ' ' 

llfhOj gnj. hmwa ul (h« tips ud atouu; the hind bonle 
ol ili« bo-ij' Jl liim: of ilie wliig^ 10 liiiM. 

Bfei^ Fran Mt. SlMickand'f ctiUortion. 

12. Cioon ixtxDHUtiiTii. 

Idfrr. mtitHM tlUia ran'iu .- JkcUt lyfa, nig 
turn ni/it tirirtdlicia ; pnlri albiJir rineli ^ 

igrn hivitMa ; 

BiMk: htwl Tet7 IniK-waiotl. iidI cnrrcJ upwinl. arith b derp 
leaciiBdlinl hn«« : fae« bright red, flnl and Aticly iiriiiicil »n the 
d^ villi dUflrt,obli«iittUg« on Mcb fide. hUckUvwiTdnUic front, 
Mdwllk two anIwd,NMk band*: moulb wfailuh : nhidd puaclurtd, 
■kh • htoM Rd auipe on Mcb aiite : bind-cliest testnccou* : \mmat 
whiAk, P"*^ pHHij : ■Ummo d«op black ; uiul«raiile wbitiob 
aloi^ MCQ Mc and at Ihr tip ■- ikighn anil klnd-fect wliiiish at tha 
kiuc ; « faroad «hilc hand o« Mcb of the potteriot «banln : fotc- 
mtaft pllcfajr : hiMUwinxt almMt colourten, kron at ibe ttpa and 
aloM ib« UmI boidm. Ltiigth of ibu Iwdj 5 linn ; of iha iriiin 
BmsO. Pnttatod b; John Ulrn, Etq. 

IS. Ciccua oiNCTirKB- 

Sifi^i ftl"* a'k MWiIoMn f ddfoMm iu6tiu manilit albU 
UritUtHm mUr Mum; ptia foKorihu baii itiiami, ti- 
hUt pnlmtnhm bJ(« riiartii .■ <te potlir<r ftaar. 

; ; bead tht lo^-Mnicol, not cnrrnl npwnid, nith ■ dcpp 
•Ifiamir: mc Bit and KiwljauiiKdoD tbediilciJieht]} 
«a>c itfwarda tbe {mtt, whb ali|thl, obHqaa ridina on each side : 
alk vUliali : trtirn while : ahidd pnncturcd, dlghllj iiiiprcaaed 
b ftoM ; bttMl wilh B nhite ttripc an each )idc : nndenddc of th« 
BM wilb a Bhitc tip. and a low of whlK apou aloog Mch 
tUflM laa t aeiwaa at llic bM»; a arblM haod m «aab Biddle 
, ml ■ oUltab basd on *tA biul ihank : fotv^bga black : 
length a/ the hoAj H liua ; of llw vlDga U 

Phmi Uc Uomy a collecllna. 


uar or noMOFmwv* macn. 

14. Ciocn loKntii. 

fHfirf faemtitfat tlfAmm apin piiHtMitm : prtUt fi<*i. •(- 
hUo rarji, frmnribui JUii Jrria«u ,- ofiT anfifo- rn/tr, «fN<r 

BUck : brad tm^ longf-eonloil, flit, not cun«d upwanl, iritb • 

[nUTOir lo>nKi(viiiti'>l fUmiw; t*t* 6ttr\j th»gnent'l. ttA, »ttd wilb 

dUlinct, ubll^uc ridftt c4i each nde, Kccltd, and witli > digbt (•<( 

Dufc lowud* ihe fruDl; epuWrna with a nddiah btirder: moaili 

Mtoocoa*: thipM Anrly irantTrraeljr umi«il: biud-ctiea pildij: 

■Momni rtvy biigbl f«d-Itad colour lowanlN ili« lip - leg* pitchj i 

dil^ bataMODt at ibr baiei anurior tbaolu, anicnor fed, and 

tlf* «r anUfior ihiitbi, wbltiib -. fvtr'nlng* fed, with dork Tirown 

Ilipa: biad-irilip datk biuwn. Lruglb u[ tho budi 5 liues; otiht 

' wtng* 9 tinn. 

a. Columbia. Ftom M. Juigcn«' coIletHoM. 

Geausfl. RHAPIIlRHINltS. 
Bhaphirbiniiii, Or Import*. Ann, Sac. Emt. *V. 1. Amyattt Strr. 

Falgiora, p.. Linn., f'abr., GnaL, Otiv., TV".. Donate 

7ioMa, p., Ifry. 

reUigODia. p., Iturtn., liloHri. 

I. Rdipnnumm rMoriToa. 

FuljttMn rurinu, Falir. UnaL /iM.ii.aSI, 13. £al. Syl. i*. 4, 13. 

.Vy«, ffi(/«. 4, 12. Sl»U,Cie. 3a, |rf, fl. f. ■». Cmt/. fij. 

,Sy.(. .\ai i. i.-H-Klt. H. 
BbDphuhiiiui obl^untn*, ihl^p. Aam. Sot. Bitt. Ft. i. AM, X 
TctUguaia (aMiata, /iirrm. l/aiirft. JShl. il. 130,0. 



dio- onlKw 

Mmmr'n, fklm (airialHiB, nmrt frrrujinr 

futivt, apipt tmriJir, Jtam guadririltaM ; air pMtirm nMim- 

piJit, it/itrr fmea. 

Straw col«ar, tlcndpr^ h(a4 MiDiail. bl^ll^ mncd npmtd, 
I s briM^ blaoh itrtpff, and a aainm lunfiiuduial furrow, lenni- 

u>T or BOMorTEkous isikcti. 

ataing la ■ iMg, timin, AHfona bom, whicb !> mnrb cuived uti- 
imH, aad Iw* a pHehv tiripe on carli iiil« : face flut nii thr dblt. 
«tt fiMiMt, oUifiw ndgM 00 Mct> >itle, iilonicd wiib two orcbed, 
hrfm towM b«iid) ; tfUUniM bmiginous tiiwiidt lli« muiilli : ihicld 
jMm», with black poDciiira, and wilb ■ pUch^ hliipv, ttnw colour 
aaJ vtlh thtM *ln(N» in btml : middle stripe broad, blnck : tid<- 
*hyw slcnln, piulij : (CuUdtcon piteb; ; iitui chnt tciuceou* : 
bnMl wilb ft fnrapnMM tuipc on <ocb tido : abdotneii hmuucouh 
•h**<k Billi a laiMut band m lb* bind bolder of «arb wgnoDl, f«r- 
~ wna at the tlv -. lip* of tbo Tcol ptlcb; ; rorc-wUigi brown, ntth 
ItE^adomM wilb font jriUra bandc ; Gnt aitbebate ; srconil 
>{ lUnl npti^t, wiileniDe fnxn (h« ton border lo llie bind 
bi, wIdHt towarib (be foiY border : bind- 
lie brvwv tip*- Lengib of (he bitdy 

' •!•«« ■ 

a. Fui. PNa Mr. StcnM* oolkctioo. 

bMdiri fiMith aaarlv ttpii)rb(, wid 
■tap slaoM mIomtm, witb pale 
• Mbm i •( iIm «ian 1 1 Ums. 

3. RiuraiiiHi'ttft puMraoitKiw. 

ralgvr* pboapboraa, Linn. Syil. AW. it. 7i)4. 4. Fair. -V- '•*' ii- 

3l«.a. jVant. /lu. ll3i:l..V £ii«. .9y<J. it. »4. Syl. JUym. 

9; A. GkwL£dL£w(.AV. i. -I.^wm, 4. 
n^on adaoMileiii. AV ifoM. /u. ii. aao, 1 ), Em. SytL i<t. i, 

II. Sf^.Rh<in 3,tl. <;w/.£J. Sytr. A'ar. 1.4.3000,19. 
Oeada lUnirtik, ^ Gay. sis. /iw. iii. 001,4, pi. 33,r3l. Si'tll, 

Cie. 42. pL 9, r. 43, 43. 
Tttdgonifl (dicmdms Grrm. .Vojr. far. it. 06, 1. 
TfCdfOUO pfagapbOTM, fiana. Handh. Snl. ti. 1, 190, 10. 
«. Bnlil. 

3. lilt 4 nil ail I KCf ouDKMi. 

I. Bmrm. IlenU. Ent. ii. 1. t«^ 10. 


4. ttBiPHiiiHisvsf r&n«ca> 
> f«ni, itaop. /m. A'rv ^otr. //#m. pi, 1, f. % 




LltT iii hWonnoCT lAxciri. 

6. Ruti-tiiniiixuB *)i<iDiiTT«. 

Alhviia, fraeilii ; ramtt nigra rtllalum ; iKftraeii later* ei fntorii 
dlinu piftn 1 aidonifa rafrra lulram.pitra himlliilum ; jx^ri 
tlbiit larti«/ar npir* ni^rii ; itlir antifit futrm ; aitt pMie* 
lubUmpiilit.Jiitt^i margiitala. 

I WlltUb, very ttondA: btad oonlc*!, v<tt «llglit]y cnntd i»p- 

mud, wilh A bitnd lilacic Ktripc, and a nnrroir 1ni»f[inidinal funow. 
tmnnimliii( Id ■ lone, dciiilcr, Kliluno botn. «hiuli i> much curved 
newojrd, and ku a hhck sthpr uii noli itidu; ttoe t»l anil Fmnlj 
nnagncHid on ih« dink, oitli Mrnni:!^ nurkpd, obliquB ridie* on 
Mch lido, Mlornod niOi tf>n nixlird. hUck band* ; opwtona black : 
mouth jdlow: ride* of the chutt iiuil diikof ifaebrca*! piichj: liack 
of Uw abdomen luteoiis, jiichv aluiif; each aide and at ihe lip : tiim 

fore-win^ Aiak brown ; hiiid-niiiici almMi <i<i1outle*». bmirii at tlic 
tipt nnil aluniz ihc liiod botdon. Lcngili of the bmly ti linca; of 
the niiigt 10 linn. 

u. T Pnucntcd \iy tli« Eulomolu^cal Club. 

fl. Rti*piiiani>ut ammvaTC*. 

AUr, gimtilU, aMemm jrtfm ritaium ; ptda pitri ; ala a»ti«* 
inafini-njjifvp. niyro'etiprm vUlaU ; B/k poilfiw lyawft-fiw- 
piile, apierfutea. 

^D(^cll black, ilendtr : bend piinnalie, imaoth, ihtniii)[, long- 
L-oniual, huriioulal, and with a uamiw lon|nl"dinal furruw a1on|[ 
half the knaih, cunoaro on muh or iha four aldcx. iiiuch curted 
tipnanl. and liucnrfrvnitbeuoctowudt tll« ti|i, wbkb it oouical ; 
dink uf tbv face cunvcx: tldisn un each lidc vrtjr iniliitincl: abilo- 
turn U|tcr>ii|{ i'mm the hone to llie lip : bind boiden of the t^g- 
menu pitchy : Itn piWhv : (uro-n'itigs bluiah bluek, wilh a ilijthlh 
, ohliqnr, bionie-blacit aiilpc: hlnd-wiuei lran«partrni, tiii);cd will 

Ijcngib iif the body 7 Hoc* ) of ih« wing;* 
a. West C'oaai of Anwrica. Pnttsted by Capt. Wood and Lie 

blue: ti]M brown, 


uwt or noifOfTKRon lynci*. 

7. Riufuiaiiituii BKKViB. 

^uffmrnki npKl /rmfiitnun ,- ait laU ,- apiet q/aato- 

V\iuitj, nllictfluut -. Ixul dark frnu^oou*, conical, obliquttlj^ 
Ibc4 npwuri, Udcu dcu lb« lip, vhick !■ tmncBtcd ; iluk of 
■ke face coafCS, inriy (Oaicd j nilga on cuch ntfe vcnr iailittiiict ; 
lahiiiM pUe^i lUeU ibMk^ paaclared ; tculchton wiili « mid- 
«• lnai*HM Htnaw : aldiMieu uppring fnim ill* hnid lu tlic lip : 
tif* nf f o w ih M llii var; dightly wIdFiitct : (om-winKii bniHi], punc- 
cned tX M«r ibdr tip*, wbidi ate covered with a bluiili bloom: 
htaJ ■^■gl *«*« bfOM, dait brown, tinscil wiih blue tonutUMlic 
Am af tin fon-MfdeB. Lenctbuf ibe body 6 bnea; ii( (keniuic* 

«— «. VaaamcU. Frnao Mr DjMa'i ooIImiIod. 
i. C«liitibia. Ptmo Dt. Cuaing^ mllccUun. 

0«iM». ACOPSIS. 
Acspit, AmyM rt &til Oitt. Nt. Utm. i74, 473. 

I. AcOPK* TUUAWjI!!*. 
> tMdfam, Amfot H SfTt. nUi. Sat. llim. 374, 1. 
Ur tif Fi>oo«^ 

Gouia la AGLICNA. 

, Amvol It Srrr Itui. Sal. tNm. S7ft. 
, f.. Fair., G*rm. 
, f , ilrrr^Srliaff. 
A^tm. A»rti, AnM. &e. B-i. Fr. tmt Sirit, r. 333, 480. 

AfbM oraat*. Jmyitt W Strr. Hitt. Sal. Utm. 075. I.pl. II, tV. 
I^M aCMUia, Friid. MSS. Ufrr.-Stli^tl Aon. IM, I. 
Oi^ mcnmkaMm. Fat-r. Em. Sfi. It. Sti, 40. S^u. iUjm. 76, 
08. Ottm. U<tt- Sitl. jr. 73. 37. 

Ssvtli CnoPff- 



Genus 11. DI LOBOPTF.RUS, 

DDoboplontt. Sifn-irrt, Rtmt Zoohj/i^iu, 2mt Strif. il. 384, 
Teltigotiia, p., AT/ujf, Harm. 


I. DiLOBon'Riitiii DKComiTua. 

Klobopicnu (leoamui, Signorti, Ret. Zaol. Smr Strw, ii. tSfiO, 
3SA, I, pi. 4, f. 3. 


3. DiLnBOFTBBrR niMArcun-F. 

Oilotio|it(tnii bimionltius, ISgitortt, Rn. Zool. ttn* Strir, ii. 1 
280, 2, pi. 4, r. 4. 

Rio Juieiro. 

3. Dii^ODOPTKRro BuKNBiaTKBi. 

Dibboprmu Riinnci«t4-rl, .Sifnont. Rrr. Zool, 3m* Sirit, II. ISdO, 
•M(?,3,pl.4, f. a. 

4. DctORorrRiitJit Kcddi. 
Diloboplrrua Klu|p. Sf^onrr, Rn. Zoul. imt Sirit, ii. 1650, 387, 4, 

pi. 4. re. 


i. DiLOnoriBHCi Stolu. 

Dilabapl«nii Stoll), Sifnertt, Rrr. Zool. 2int SMt, ii. IBAO, 287. A, 

pi- 4. f. 7. 

(I. DttOB0Pn:it[ni nBI^miBn. 

Dllotwptanw lirzapirnis, SifturN, Rf. Zoct. itnt SMt, ii. ISM, 

3m, 6. 
TeUteoDiK bexapUni, A'/uy. Biinn. Handh. Bnl.i\. \\9,i. 
Ckadk benpb-n. StoU, C»e. PI. 37, (. 163. 

•— c Para. Ftoiu Mr. Sie«iu»' cul1«ution. 

7. DiLonatTKHvs iBir4Mi4iva. 

Dilolioptcnti trira«dntu», StjtaotM, /If*. Zo^, 3mm SWr, [1. 1B30, 
288, J. pi. 4, f. 8, ». 




UST or aoxonsHoct iinKcr*. 

Kifr, _/la>*./un«tiU ; *eiiUllum Jtaro tiritlatuin ; abJointn lu- 
timmt. pi4n Jtun, lilriU pmiieii duj aflcnjiM! pittlt; ■/< 
MUtnc (nIh*, tui rl nula ferrBgiiuti, upit* turiilie, faieii4 
Mifmit vti^ti, Juahu^v »igrii fimat» ; a/a poiliea lub- 
UmfiJa, Mu niyrii iati JirrrufiTifii. 

Bbcb I bn4 villi a jtitow bud aloni; Ibo liind bonier i bice 
wiwf, wUh tm blkoL itnpo: noath ^kiw. Iniuoux u llif Up : 
fcw A««t lad ftbicid wiUi yellow band* oloiii; tticit bin>I burdrn ; 
wilfc ■ jclla* lUipe •long eiwli *idc, aud iiilb a jellaw 
ifca ll«, sluob b alM }xllu»: bi«ut tiitli two j^lluw 
Mcli *td«: BlHloawti )uUou«: t^n vollow : ti[w of itw 
ifcl^thiinM : liiikd-tliuika pitehf Nt die buc atid at ibe iif«.' 
ItM "ioiLi Immmm, femtniaoDi •■ ibc baie imd aluuji [irirt of tht 
bM boMcri fciDed n«ft luijil, tnouJv <lividi-il (tarn Uie bawl nttl 
bj a Uttd;. (JtUqilc, URiMl irianguliit Uml, nbieb cdcIok* m jrcuow 
jMori: Ua4^rl«K« «Im(Hl ooleuHcw, lurid nlong the hind bordei 
mmr the tuc i lobe* black, lemij(iiioui lovnrds the ba>c. Lcnttib 
•f the b«il; S IUmb : of the wing:* 1 1 linin. 
«. PuA. From Ur. Stersw' oolboilon. 

Gioap3. SCARIDES. 
?>f»Jw, Amf^ rt Strw. H'M. Sol. llfm. 070. 

Otam 1. LEURA. 

t^in, Aftr., P»Kt.,Ijmtf., Grrm., limrm^CurU, Tijm^Du/., < 
Bbmrk.. CmU. Amy«l tl .S'nv., Croehant. 

CkUi, /iMi^ SbM, Gtvff., Oliw. 
UcBbncU, iVtnyM. 

Onwp 1. Head uiguki ud each nde : ihonx note or kw crUoI. 

1. Lkoai Acuiii. 

Fdtr. .S'w>r. AAv*. 34, 4, 1. Gtrm. M*f. Kui. it. -M. 
lit. I. Aerm. lUn^A. B»t. ii. I, 110. I. Curt. Briu B»t. 
97t. Pmu. Faw. G<rm. 40, 18. Jljn. It. TJ, pi 0, r. A. 


lair. On. Hi. MS, i. D*/. IMk. Him-O^X. G-h. Iran. 
tUg. An.fi. :ii,t.7, BUi,ck.Hiff. JVm. fu. 194, pi. 13, f. 3. 
Am^l tl Srrv. I/iit. Sat. llin. 1,77. C<nM, Pi. Reg- S't. 
Int. Emil. Lrilm. Cnthard, Ini. pi. 9R, 1. 7. 
Cicada luriu, Linn. Sfil. jVdI. it, ?D6, 7. Pabr. Sp. I*: ii. 317, 
7, ,VfliK. /nj, ii 3«3, 13. Em. Sytt. ir. Gwtl. KJ. 
Syit. Xut. i. i, 30tU,7. Srhri. lai. H, t. 1, 3. SuJt. //ul. 
/<u. pi. 1>, r. 7. fta«ir. /om. pi. Ml, f. 3. A'luf/, C'ic. 30, pi. 
4.f.33. Cn/T'i*. 11.439, 17, pl.3,r, I. Min. ffae. JVM. 


Hemlitaob auriu. /^itm, /mt. 817, 1. 

Ledn. .4nvnf, 'tna. jbr. ^m^ fV. ter $^rir, r. 196, 434. 

■ — r. England. 
4,t, Fnuioe. 

*Ladn penlilA, Jmuof ef 5rrr. //iM. tVol. £Hm. 477, 3, pi. 

f. y 
a. Amelia. 

3. I,KI>II4 DDMiMil. 

FrrmytiiM. nJtfnf Mfana ,- irttlellvn wx^ruUtvn ; fcin. aM>i> 
mru Ptx iviuJm(nm ,- ^trrfn miorfi ; a(it onttrtt (iiirtYiiAiItf, 
•;nVr ivhImjiiJit ,- n/et paitiem luilimpiilir 

FFmi|iiiio>ui,lotiic«iii> hcocnih: bead a link bniHdn thnn the 
• cbmt. "try sliphll* aKb»l, aliuwl icfnidtviilur in frnDl, obUuehr 
'uguUr oil ouch tide, iligbtTjr voocuve on iliv liiiitl border ; iu length 
bkrtilj iinir lU brpaillli ^ (lirM Iirunil bw ruiiuiled liilgM oa ibe 
vwn, ibe side pnir obbigiir; fm-c wkib tlirrc bUck (tripe* eo^ 
sponding toibe nd)rn nhnvc: iliicid Tnughly punetimd. >liitIiUj 
«ni<«X ta fRPlH. *cry coiitaee uti Uie liiiid liorder. anni'it with *is 
eiMU, Oo(«r pair irrriculiir. Iiortximul itud ulillque; nv.>it pair tntl- 
eal. rrr\ liiib, mnrLi'd wlib blnck, cuiirirx nlHi*i-, pcrpimdictilnr, and 
fotmini; riRLl biikIh ticbiiid; iimcr pnlr nliKbl, iiitcmiptcd, wtlfa m« 
black d'>U un each lownrdB Uie biad bunlcr i tcuulii-un con<n : ah- 
domloa] apptiidafcn ihurt: legs lalaceaiu: fure-wiu^'^ rctnifiiuoaa. 
Iu1>(^n:iiUl« etpMUIIy luwariU tlir Ikim, aliuMt culoiiflcu lowftrdi 
ihc tipv : biiid-ninc* altniMt roluurlrw. Length of iho bod; 10 
Unci: ofllie winjni IK Knr*. 

a. Silbct. Fium Ibe llct. J. Suiulunli'i.collecliaD, 

LUr or HOMorrXMHM iniKcn. 

4. LnDnA oiBsi. 

/ iMput faw/nrvriwafim, p«tKr iMyro margtmilum, ntjP 
Kh mifrvm inlmcm iririllaiwm .- (mfuin aigrv tnrium, bitrit- 
latmmf tnUttlma apirt tulgMrum ; p«rltu miyrmn, Uurihia 
Imlmfrii I ■ftJiiwf ru/wm, lutlat iiifruai Uiiartv ftttiatunt i 
ftda nt/afuOaii «« lOMinr lublimuidir. han fn 
mA fOTtoM p'oa nunura/iiM f ata jxtttira UmpiiUi. 

TtilMtnw. bmd DoL bnadcr ihnn tli« dial, verr iltjfht 
, iwmliwl oblBwlT ttngulnr uu \iui torr huuhi niiil uii eHofi 
<Ub, Micfc, aliid ray »lig;ntly cuncnif' nn llie blnil bnnUr, willi fout 
iiiigiilii ililiw. IwuDBCBcb tidE itii'i-rKinic front llic liiiul burdfi; 
ik mftli fut ntlf ite breadiU ; undenvic black, wiib three pnl« te>- 
■mos tutpa: ihicltl ici^ sli);liiJj cuuvn ntuii;' llic fure txinler, 
■■dtad hn« and llirrc vita block, Nniivl willi («v vi^rj higii vuui- 
nl illglMly dJ>c«giaK and inclined luckmird emu, nhmc lieight iw 
■tfaniA K** than ineir imf^; •niichcua iliKhdy cibboiix uiwaril« 
A* rif : bceast HMiki aMea motUy te*b«muit : abduiuvn red abuve. 
Uaefc bBBMlh, with a tauacMU* band oa ih* hind bonlur of envL 
•q^ittt: l«g»|«l*M»tac«(iu>, doupd witk redi ihaaki oiib ■ fv 
liAf labnMn: lon-wlags AloatM toloinlcts punclnted flnil fat 
MUiMia owa lowajd* the haw, with a lotfe piltiby >p»t licjond 
■Mb uf Uw Kn« bovder i rein* (cmigiDuut, situngty mnr 
Wiiiaiac* eokmdca*. LttigUi of Uw bod; 4| linn i uf tliv wiui 

a miipptee bluufa. Fnm Hr. W«od't Mlloctloa. 

riilarwa, famfit^a lubirtmlala ,- e«^ (n'rariiHdDii ,' icutmn 
cmr— , naiifa'ininiMrKn, /lufiadim, (nuucen^ /onmta- 
ra-M ; jrwMJutn aiiiW yi'ii«iu ti*iriiJufani .- aidomrtt mfta 
ru/umi tibia tuUiU-Ulir, eiluiU; atn aniicir albid/r, imii 
t«U pirn (aicmJatu ; Wc pnliat limpiiLt. ^h 

TMtaCMMU, F*Wf b«MMli : Lead a»d chest bewt with fenugb^l 
HM wbodw : head broailM ihnn ihe cheat, very sli|{htl; aTcbed, 
ibsl ■inliiimlii mi the fore border, lomowhitl onaulor on encb 

ikt, tvn mlifthlljr ooBcavc oit lb« hi<id bocitiT, nilh tbrcp nU^'lit 
oi, the lule fair thon aiiit obliiiuc ; ils kii^lb hanll;/ b«1f iu 
~ hi *hM^ eoares uo the iliili, liiirowrd ai-ruw, iriy klitrbllx 
I atag Um foK border, with a jialc baud lU the ditk, wliicli 

W flte ^itHtt ridirca. ibe midille one Uiort : hind bonier maette tu 
the niddtr, eoBicx on neb ndn ; KulHiaoD Bibhout, and «i(b t«ra 
•U^ht at*U Uiwanis lh« tip: abcl<>in(ii rod ttboi-f : (tuciLt viih 
piubj luSrrdei, dlfbt]; Ttil«ncd and rriniccd : fucv-oiaxi whitiiJi, 
<KTj convex oloot; Ilie furc botdcn towaid* tbe lipi : rcnoi pale fer- 
ngfoom, widia few [lilcbj tuberrlc* tmnnU ihe bale; anoloti 
■ortor lew fubdiMiIvd tijr rmnirviiii; vifinlrin : liind-wingt («li>ttr- 
tOB. Lttigtb of tlic bi>dj[ a linet; of tlic wing* VI line*. 

A. Bm( Indl**. FraiD Mr. 8ow«rliy'i coUvotlon. 



7*MtorM, fiitrrrabM ; eapal latlui atbtt titialmn nifra/ajfialnm ; 
lenlma ym'nf unvirtiMluiii, /rmiyinm tl piero nirisni ,- iru- 
Irllam apirr yitfbum pi'nim i atjiimm i-v/o /lUridtiim ; lihiit 
mi<lil*liil* i tla oniicit albida ; aia pnttiat limpid^. 

TnUi'oodn : lioad and oliHt tubcrvulato: bead brooder than 
Aa chot, (liitliitf anrheit, frtmninoui bilitiid, very )lion-c<cniiiBl iu 
tmtt, rounded uu tneh side, itn ilij^litl' coiicnie uu tbo luiid bor^ 
te. wiUi akligbl miiiWe Mge] (U lengili alioiii half lis bteadtfa: 
uadcnlda irilh « vh(tt>b ridfe In fmni, and wiih a black bend be- 
fytt the cjca: mhicid ftrllf r<TiiiKinoiu and piU'hf , (err ilifrhtlf 
eenTCX in front, with G*e ler; tli)(l>' Hdgits, llic middle one rory 
ihort; hind border coiioaie in Uie middle, coniex on «ach tide; 
auniclieoii depreuedoii tliedUk.glbboiuand pi(<'h; tovardi (he 6fi 
•idr* i>r the nr«e>l K'"r*b ■■ abdomen «ilh a red bund on the hind 
border of Mcb seRiuevl^ ihiiiilu with pitch;' tuhcrcW. slidhllj 
widened) fote-iriiigs whiii-ib ; areoleu njlh green niinilii.'alii.>n», 
which ue oonlluenl Itftrard* the liaMi vuin^ tawDy, Bodim; pnrlltr 

(litch^ i Ibro border* n>uii<l<d tuwatiU the iip»: hind-wingi coloi^ 
n*. Leniflti of Ihe budjr i^ Uao* ; of l\w winp 18 tina. ^ 

a. Eut Indies. Fiom Archdeacon Clerk'* collection. 

7, Lkdu ruKa. 

Tntteta, tuhfrmhui ,- ra^irl nhtui elbiita ntUlum : irufuM auAi- 
fUfntriHddi'n .- iftilrlltim ayiff fiimim nibgibb«m : abiiimifn 
T%^f« fiu<M»um ; tihia iuMt/iibr,- alit nnfiVir al6i<lm, Aon ntt- 
iMtoenr ; ■'« jxudVir liuipiJir. 

Nearl^r allird to /•. tmultuiM ,- head rather iktfratret uul loaocr. 
Tcelai'eoai : brad aod obcil lubeniuUte: head lurdljr broidw Ihan 

lAt or uoMomiMua iNiseis. 

AmL, *ti*ln]f uditd, thtrt-^Onicd io rrani, laundrd on ntob 
44*. T«7 tU^il; eoDciie oa ib« hind bolder. Kilb • »lit:hi mi(i<!1c 
aig* ; itt kmittk & liuk more ituin bilf ils bnitdlli : undcnidc with 
• ■iUtedi Huddle nigt'. MtM icr; ilifflrtW Mfitvx in from, witli 
fM (07 iliflil ri<l(t», the middle one inafatinct and r<t7 »lior( ; 
tMMmetCMK>*e in tli«ai>d4Ue, aomesou nuhridc; KiiU-licnii 
4ifi^B«d on ikt di*k, pilchjr t»il tltghilf gibbous luwanli ibe tip '. 
«Ma^«ii witb ■ rr<l lni.il oa the hin4 lionltr of ctiL'h K-ijrmi'iit - 
Akab with pitcbT tnbercUs, iligkll}' widened : fure-oinji) whiii<>b, 
ifi^llj U*Uc«otU RxranU ihe bate ; rtioi pule letiUKiiioui, nodose, 
fully ptetk; i Cilia bonier* ivuiMlrd towanlii lli« tipH: hiud-wiuy* 
mttmMmm. IiCOKiIi of ibe bodj l^} liuet; of the wiLg* 17 lii)e». ~ 
c BaK ladin- t'mn Mr. SowciW'i collection. 

Group i. Head loag, sonewbal k««l«d. 

■i^ (nimWalH, luitm Itttaam mgro varia ; inilM 
\m,rjiytumm; lenlrHniaapin roBtrtuvi.fvlwviatl nigr 
UfitMtum 1 aUamm fcmtfutta /ueiatuM ; (eta-apirr miiii 
IHB : f«dnMtacn,B>]rro twrij,' al<e aalieir pitm-lurida: ; 

FetnipBom-. bMd antl cIkM Uuclily coTeTtd oith r^ry iinall 
UMk InbMcW; bud »hon-cunlc«l, a« biuad a« lh« vbeil, >fry 
A^kly Kiclwd, inrocmcaTP along ikc hind bordn.coDTCi on emii 
<im, «r«lb a ray di^bt nlddlo ridiie; iu leaitlb about half its 
; nailntide bfaek on rath wde of ibe lUili of the fore port ; 
■■^■muni ilTMkwl witli Uack luwafd* ibe epialoma, uliitb is 
: lUald flai in friut, cuniex, raecac anil pitcb; bebind, ehail 
ck aUo. <vry oonrcx ud the fore botdcr, concnve in llic middle 
ena*et •« eacfa aiile of tbe hiad border : H.'iiicbeon Hai, tnurny, 
fMfo, and «Ub a btaolt iliipe uu cacb )ide luwtiriis the tip : l>rt<Mt 
■MNOa* i ditk nKKi); btack : abduanen blacli ; hinLl biirdcr* (>f tbo 

Zl^U ftmifinnui; oprdctwdc wilb fcrrufritiniii doli on each 
; dw (enmfpxiamt kiM n pmlonriBant towardi iho lip : caudul 
^radafM tammtrnvit ** '""IC >* 'Im abdoinen: lv)|> iMiacvitua, 
«Md inlb UwV: loiv-wiaRs pi 

K fcwiaaa 


pilcbyi ai«al«W Bouly lurid, with 
iMhy (poU alMK ibo fixe bonln x»A at die lip : Eorc border con 
»«i mra ida the tip . binil-«ii^ brown. Length of the body I'' 
faa ; of ll>e wintri 17 lii>es. 

* !!tw Hulh»d. pRMenlei! by tbe Haalar BiMplul 


LUi at HOMoniiitoiia iswkctk. 

4>. LBOIU V4UD*. 

Pieto-fftruifinea, nihfuj Lalana ; ifuUltum Inteo macutatum ; ah- 
domnt tHjira nigrum ; fmi. fpif* mudelU't ; pfdn |>irr»-(uu- 
cri ,- all* untint Jcmigturv, td titUv nijfTO maeviaUr ; «/« 
fioilinr lub/iutm. 

FtTnixlnniit, partlj pitoh; : hmJ bnnll; ooniRftl. nn hro*il u 
tbo rhMt, VC17 ■li)tlitlf iin.'bcd, ajuc>v« h1dd([ ihc bind bordnr, cim- 
Tcs oil caoti side, Ahoow ohtUM'W aiiuular un tbe fore border, nitli 
KB in<l»linct mkMI* lino, but iiu riil)!#; its leD|{th fuU balT JU 
btL-nJlb : unilcnldK tolnccnni, ciucpiint; llic roro-puie, wbow Aitk 
biu a blitck (lii]>o »» citoh tide; di*k of ibe ep»tata^ black : lUfld 
tnuiiimd; rupjw, dul in rnml, tlisbtlT conru bditnd, sbcirl un 
eivh tide, rer}' oiriipx un tb« furs Mrdw, sllghtlv ouncavc in tbe 
uiiilillf, oiiit »li)(hll]r coaicz on eaah lid* of ibo blod bonier^ 
iiciit<;lic>rn llat. with a liitFuui >}Kit in llic diak : breaat Iwllf low i 
itbdoracii bUck bcncnlb, w)(b ■ InUoooui lip : « row of tetUvMUt 
ntoUalODKCuIicldv.Ulda tkoR MlKMuut Biripc in tbedist: oau- 
lUl kppeiriagcs eompMawd, is longH tbo ■bdonian; leg* l«ai*> 
oTflU). jwrilj |iitcbj : lbrc-<rin|pt marked <riib binok ulang the Ibro 
liord«r, wfaicb i« eoara towards tbe tip: bind-wingt pole bmni. 
LcBgili of ihebiMJj' II) linet; of tbe niug* lA tinea. 

a. f From Mr. Argeot'* colltctioii, 

10. LsDita nwTiCALiH. 

■Iitnt, nffro aufuiata. luhfui iritnfm ; caput nli/nt vilbmim j 
teutuin mftronnrxum ; abihrnen iiipnt nij/nim; frm, 0fitt 
H Hif atum ,' ptJei Iftlnfri, yicra nneli ; ala anlittt fnetv, 
afnee (impida ; iila pnttirir lubetMrtit. 

Ferrii|[i!ious, tniaomni bmeatlii head and cbiiM tbickly ea* 
TCted wilb *er; smiill black narkii : liaail tbort-cunical, u broad b> 
thachMU ttati«ximn'lyoonaav«aloii|> tbo bind bordar, forjr allitbdj 
i mp re aaad on cncb side, witb a *crr *lt|tbt black middle airipe, but 
■o tidcci lla kenpli not mie-l bird of jU bmidll): nndcnidc ivMa- 
OMVa.irregulailj bordered wilb I>lnA : a bloi^ mark od laeb aiile irf 
rtin cpislifina : ahl«1d flnol; ilriaUil ncTOM, Hal in from, itigblly 
Fonvi'i brbiiid, thort on cacb aide, exuenid; convox iin tbe fon 
burder, fligthOy concatvin ibe middle of ib« bind border-. acuicbeuB 
flat: tinck ft ibe abdomen block : otudal appeDdacot Dampratwd, 
■hoMcr ibao the obdomea i aridBct femigtnoua 1 up louacegiu i 


LbR ar noxorruiou* oitxcn. 

pvkj t^ Mkt ihr Ap of cad of Ui« MiU'rlM thigjtn ; tips of tile 
(hubuni of ibe ttind ibifftM pilch*: r»n^iiinK* iilicby-, nreuteu 
ncMljr eclMtla* alo«iK the fbre boracr und tatiwnlt ibe tip : t«n> 
Iai4* W>4]f eonrn : binil-wirtcs >li);btlr gnj. htttgA oT the 
Mffi trnmi ofibcwtit^UHnM 

k Xt« Holland. I'KMDUd b; tiie EDlocauIojpoal Club. 

11. LkOKA IKIBinCATt, 

ArrvfiNM, tni«rM, ntfa luitr^ala ; ra^nl ntifiu nMi'Jo rirfa' 
IHm , tmlamnrnmum, (rteariiufUM .- iralrllym apic* •lihbttm 
kirruutHmi mUatnen tmpm rmfinu ; tibut tubililiaaLr i aLt 
— ti«w atUdm, (aii ^inv ofemtJalir ,- ala paitiat limpid*. 

Paim fccnrEnpa*, mIc tntBOMiis bnoMth : bead >nd chert to- 
tantetvi bMia «w;r M^' hnMlcf tbrni ibc eh«si, «Ughdy arcbcd, 
■iklifc in traaU cooical on ihe fore bonln, rounded on etch ddc, 
•«7 ill(hllt eoiKKTC DO ilie html bofder, «ilb b «ligbl middle lirln ; 
jto'knsib niKli mon Urnti half iti tirradili; iinrtenide wilb a 
vkiSA middk ridg« : tlileld ronrci on ihr d!«k. icty ill|:liily cou- 
■a alMg tfco fncr bfiiiUr, ritb Uirtc ictt xliitbl ntl^'-p') : blud lioi- 
te ooaCMO In Uic roidillc, comes on each tiiir ^ wiilrhrnn gltihon*, 
a4 w4t^ twu cmb inwaidi llir tip: ubdoinen r«l abare ; tbaiilu 
vkh filcb; toberclc*, fcl%bl1} widened: fure-KiuKn vhiliih, witli 
|Mc^ tiibndnbHntditbcbw; air ulrU wilb uwu; raniififntiuBi, 
«Utt sn m«1d«8I UwanUtbc hose: *ein> [ui!r frrruginoiif ^ hind. 
«lnfi cnlonricM. Length of tbe boilv )<1 lino ; uf the irings It} 

Xofik India. Frara Mr. Warwick't eolleciion. 

13. Lkdu ctnt!tiT>. 


/ffnyuuv nii(rni/aU ; i<>;i»/ lubliu albidum ; ttmtmm 
■iMMCMM, ftUiMMrJaarum ; truUllum apier camvxnn U- 
fTWlafsa ,- aUonm iryra mfum j libiit lutdilitlatit ; aiaaar 
lirm alhiiU. Wo imbrretiiaM i 4tm JMtlie* limi/iitir. 

,nler IwMMth: head and chest bvwt wllb fcrruKl- 

I talMVlea : bind ihotter tfana ibal of L. famiiWa, iciy little 
tliau ib« cbcti, tliglitlj' nrchn). ifaon-canical un ihe fore 
. r, ivtindrd on caefa nde, tvij tlighilt Muc«>e on the bind W- 
in, wtik a.iticbt middle ridge; iti leuglh men than buir ll» 



bnadth-. BoldiUe nAgt bencalli and face whituh : dwM oonrfx on 
ihe ttitk, itn illgliilv con^fs ■loiif (b« fore ba«d«r, witli fuiir Uijihi 
ridicc: Mna lN>TScr cnnrarc in ihr iniddip, ooniti on taeh side: 
tciitrhcoii cuotM, and wilb t«ii tlisht cmU toward* tli« lip ; nbdo- 
mvti rc<l atioie : shanks lulieraulntr, s1ij;htljr widened : roR~«ii))[> 
a^tlth, tulierciiUle toward* ib« late -. uttolvu wiiL (aauj ramifiia- 
tleaii wliii'h otr conSucat (<i«>nril« the liatp ; if-liiit pale rcmi);iuiiu*; 
hind-BinK< colourlcH. LeDKlh of the body <) lines ; of llie wlnp 
14 linct. 

NorUi Boitgal. From Mie Campbell's cuUcction. 

13. Lbdu BUfloa*. 

Pieea, amgwla s npul nittw Iftlaemm; ifHliini cnnpnraim, IrMi- 
rinatum ! icvtflliiin amit* nthmurfx inn ; aiili/mm lupra rtiff» 
fiuciihim ; lih\m lutaiUlal*, <iliatir ; aia antinr afitr mh- 
limpid-*; aLr jHnlic* MHbciaetra. 

Allied to ihe Rrnnt IjiJraptU. Pitchy, oarrow, pain bcruKih : 
hwd lery little hroadn than the cbest, Oiucb arclinl, conical is 
IVoot, MiinJcd on each aide, very tlighlly ooncaic on ibu hiad bor- 
der : iti Itiigth much more ibait hulT iw brrAdth : middle ridge be- 
neath and fact pale lettocenni : ihioUl comes, altniut flat in froDt, 
widi tbreo vciy tlixht lootpindinBl ridireni tcutcbeoii sliKhilv oon- 
*0X U the lip: abdomen abute nith a red band on the bund liordei 
of Moh togmenU sh*nli ili^blly wideiieil uiid frlnned : Rjie-winfcv 
■hiM*! colouileu towardi the lipt, rery convex mnardi th« tip of the 
fonbotdm velD«pltcliy, tironglvmaTkDd.pDrtly ferrasinoiu: hind- 
whigt alit^lly tJ»j- i-cugth of the body 7 liaea ; of the winga 13 
a. Ceylon. From Mr. Gardetier'i collection. 

Group 3. Hcnd flat, short, broad 

H. Leok* rtAMiuoirnjii. 

NoTF, — In the teeOBd part of ihrCaUloi^e thi* Ledra i 
by milllike a* • doubtful ipeoin at Uuialucephala. 

a, h. Nev Holland. Preteoied by Major General Uardwicke. 
e. New Holland. 

ttMX Of BOMmtaov* ijiaer*. 

t&. LsMU riRncnrnitJt. 

»w4ftM >faw . MpHi ■tjro iJMfM. MtbiM B^rt* Jutim- 
tmmt Um* ifpnttmt. trtmtttrti ttriniui lentHm oiVn 
f BHifamf tolaai ; aMomm mt^rvm, n^irr /rrnijriNnm, m^iu 
fmm aijtrv nlMtn* ; ;inJr) ^4n ,- fimi<rilrHt tibiujue M. 
ItrwnAtu ap^rr <ii^ri> ,- aAr dad'or frrmyiitrtt, apm MMM> 
^U« ; air piab'oT luhliiupiilie, kati mb/ulnt. 

K«ai^ aIVaiI to L-pUninani, but tbe head i* loogor. Tat*- 
MM*. td)*v beMMh : Mad not braodcr tlun tim ohcsL, Dot aicLcd, 
*M7 *u>i>4r cmmvc wban, Snclj itrlaUd longrtudtnaUf , cooiol 
M A* Cra Mfiic*, altiMM ilnlabt ob m^ lid*, Tcrr concave ou ibe 
bW hardct. wiib a btack mi<fillc «Ui)K' ; if Icdkiu noi mom' iban 
M*-lfcM ti iU bnaillhi «n cacb ride of the foic botdrr n xpiniltc- 

S4 omcmrt tmpuuatmt, vliiMe diak la black; tact Kith ■ 
[ kad, UmI mUug tb« ftuni : tpisuma with a black itriec on 
aid*: obwi alnort flat. Gut); *uiaU:>l iranaioracly i »liiald al- 
■■( ewcal alonf Ihc Imc botdcr, with fire ilight black alripd; 
■MU M« in (mnt, tetr ihon : inner pair iigt*s '• o"t<f pa'c 
Ami, bngvUr ; kbd border concaTe in ih« middle, cinivcx on each 
4fc: nfcdoMin black aborc nHh • farragiMtu* lip. yellow, wlili n 
\mmt bkcfc tUlM boiMili : Icfn jrellmr ; pmtcriur ihight ami 
■JMMla wtth black lip* : fiiM-winKa ( wni g ii iaua. wiih almml coUiui- 
t^ lip* : bind-wiBp »1na*l eolaurleiA, Kith a uimy tiii[,T luward* 
iWfeMM. Lc«gili «f th« bod; 0} IImm; of lh« wing* 17 liuei. 

« tarn OlammaS Lu4. From Mr, SburiUrd'* oollMlkn. 

10. LcDft* OBrnKnA. 

ritwwf^m, wtaM feMtaCM ; n^t mifm ntlatum, lublui mfr* 
J^mlmm i UUrav dfpniw, Mitt m rU urictai ; icuiiim piMo 
faif MiitfrMai J •Mbmnt niifw njyir* wilMlam ; pttta lai- 
MaWj /hnariiut foitrriiiTihat lihiypit matlkii ajrirt iti^rui 
^tm «Min> frmjimra, afier tmhtiaifHait ; aim pottira ntb^ 

IBm t- fttMinttrit in Mnictafc, Pale femiginoiu, twtactou* 
tMf 1^ ; bnil nM broadet ikaii llie ttiMt. not atcli*^, bardlr oon- 
a*t abovr. flaell atriatcd loDgilndinall;, ibori-conttMl '>n the tart 
taHn. *m ilightlT <«iitn o» each Md«, vonr coneatc uii ibc hind 
baTd<r, Willi a black nutdic ilripe: iu kaffb not mtFto than onc- 





foortli of <U bmuftb t on each side or the fore border a spindle- 
RbaMd eoDoare compMUDeut, thMe clitk tt black -, Tnca vriib a 
riiftnt kotl, hlifk •loDj{ til* fiuiil *D(1 lowHt^ tli« cpislonuL, wbidi 
h« * bl*ek stripe on owb dde: di*»t ntniatt flat, Sndy uriated 
UBBnr«nel* ; sbioid almoit mninl alonit tba fan UtiAa, *ith 6*e 
■Usht fitfAf Aripea: middle ooe in fe>Dl, >««; ifaart; iaaet |wlr 
■ifng; aolor niit ihnrt ; bind bonier ouocAve la ibe middle, con> 
vex on eiieb side: abtloMen whb a black Rlripc bmeaib ; Icki pok 
tMIBoeuus; tips of tba fioateiuir'tbiKhi and uf ibc hind-ibaola 
Miii^k : fuce'Wii])^ llrriugiiiouB, wiib nlnioii culourlm Ii]<i ; biad- 
wini!* almott culoutins. Letigib cf tbe bodr 6) linei; of tbc 
winip I A line*. 

n. \'iui Ditmau'a Laud. Protenied b; B. ButJor, £»q. 



Pemi^nta, niyro icuellaU M riMta, ntnu tetlaeen ; Jaeiii 

inmntfiti faieiaimi aMiiMJiiif Mnimla friM'^ni /un'dM ft 
vrniifur nuii-ufiifa ; janln fmorihu tMutfri«rihui titiitfm 
poilicu apice Huirii; ala anitcir tiriili-lttlafwa, nifm MM- 
latir, apifr nUimpid*, aim poitieir linpidir. 

Fermftuiou*, tmcllaud «itb liUck, IMLKeuua brneatb: bead 
tvry ebon, not broader than the obMt, not archod, *eTT s^ligfatl}- con- 
GkTe abore, tint\y iirialed lonritndinallj', ahott-eoninil ou ibe fete 
bonier, •lifbllji convex on orh ridr, rtrf CMica*e on tlie bind bor- 
der, wilb a bUck midiUc sliipe; iu Icn^ b»Mj mora than ODC- 
rixlh of its breadth ; on «ch tide of the fore bnriler a ipindle- 
sbaiied concaie cum pa rim eat, whoie diik is bluok; face baidljr 
htoled, witb a tbort ^tender [nl^rrupiod blai'k baud tvwnrdii ib« 
fninl ; cpitloma with a bIncL dripc on each riiEc, and a hiaok tip: 
oh»t llat, fiaeiy sirinlcd tnnfTEncl}' ; shield conical alon^ Uw Ibra 
border, with lire slight bluek stripes ; mufille one in mini, raj 
tliDtti inner pair iificag; <nitur pair indhiinoi: bind bolder con- 
aara hi tbe mlddla, conrvx ou aadi ride: htfid border* at abdeml- 
■al nmiWBts, a row of spot* alnn; eadi ilda and tip Udaeaotu : 
leg* pale tettaccou* : a bluek niut near the tin of eaob of iha pott*- 
;rii>r thighs: tips of the hind>«hank( blaoh ; foi^^ings (ftMuith tea- 
Ucoouji, ttwdlaiad wItb black, almoit oolourleH lowaidi the tipi^ 
itichilj cuDvcx along tbe fore bonier ; ccio« pli«-b;, «ith nuineroiu 
pale bands: hind iringi ooloiirieti. Length of the bodj ?! Unct; 
of the wiugs 14 linea. 

Hong Kong. Preteoted bjr J. C. Boming, Etq. 

uai or miMamxKi* iMXcn. 

t9. LEmu uxiooLoi. 

fktiii •!• aXifiM a/ti^ ,- atti pmiirm UmfU^, 

Fww gtoo M; h«4u<l«heMiiiil»iiDc(lrMMJIatsd with pitch* 
MlMf, iHlMMtt bffl w A : b«d vny aboit. not bnwder than Um 
Ami, aat aKted, flu ahovt. Indr kiuu' km^wdlMB;. *lion-«o- 
atai tm iW Ik* bardet. ter; sligtitl;- fun«u <ai each nie, rc» rcn- 
nn «■ tl« hhtd bonier, wiibu black middte tUifv: iu fcnicth 
— ^ ■--- tlun wx ri«h of ill bfnitlli; un fticli nit of ibc ^te 

r ■ tpipJIt thmfti omicav« oonpiirtiiiDni ; titer lianllv keolcd. 
wkb B awt ab&qo* bbok band od mcIi ndc in fnmi ; cnittoinii 
■tth ■ bbdi •tripe on eadi ndei «1ie« flat, DadT Mrintcd imut- 
rnalj ; tUM eoslcal alME >h« fan border, wiib three iligbi bbck 
ntpH: taUdlt on* Aort m ftoni; »iil« jwii <ndl»iiocl, xi^Kaei 
Uai boHit «mean in th« inidik.«*iiTexan each ildc: Icp pale 
tMManai tip* or ihc bind-ahattk* piicln': fore-wiDit* vbitub; 
mtmlmm fB om: nmt of ibeararietaptnfj luMivided by fcmiKi* 
BCMa laailluwiliiiM : kiad-ali^ colouruM. Laiigtb of t1i« bodjr 7( 
Kmo: at tha vtaga M llaaa. 
a. Pbflipfin*' Itlasda. Ptewolcd bjt J. C. Buwtnift, Eiq. 

10. Lbdufuu. 

7ina««M. ffrrmfimta u—tiUla, mign nUata, mtfiu n>Vo ruria . 
ffjti tMi' pnttfit frmvribMtfut tfiicr itiyrU, liSiii yMlifii 
fittUt akaabVtf mHimfiJAb»a tilta^ut pictit; atmp^t. 

TatacMW: bwd and dmi IndUtinciljr taBfllninl witb ferrtf 
__ mm: Iwad *rrj Uion, not bnxtdci ibftn the cbm, n<it arGbcil, 
•«>7 rilgbtljr roDcax ibdrre, finclr aulat«d lungitadiosllj, olicirt-Mh 
aiaal oa tW (on bmUn, varr riichtlvcon'oi on eaoh fide, mj con. 
ean as (be bind bonkr, wlu a Hack middle Uripr and two pitchy 
dlgWr abll^aa tide nrim : it* leogtli '<*> ("tui vaa-fourth of Itk 
hnaM ; TO Mcb liiW or tbe li»« bordn a aptadlo^baped coneare 
•■■ftfmcM wboM 'dbk b blact ; uodonid* jtAea oc pale tetU> 
aaaaa. «tdi a broad black band alvnK tbe fore bor^: bee black 
ao4 iady Mriaiad uaacnmdjr toward* the rplaioma, which ii bbck. 
•itb a uway tfwt, and bas a black itrlne on aacb aide \ cheat almoU 
ki, fiaaly (triated inMrendyt ablttiTcoDlcal alonRtliu focc bolder, 

3 C 2 


UR or MovopTMoini nsKora. 

with fire black ttrlpn : middle one *han in front: tniMr pur tii;- 
xag ; outer puir irreiiiilar t hind border couaait.' in the middle, C«n- 
vax oti nch tide: touiobwn with a iriugfutiir |iitcliT ipaico ench 
tido; bmst vollowor mI«l«*Uc«out,«ritb B blnck ijiek ^ ditkorUir 
■bdamon bvMiUiblaot, cxc^iioK the hind bonlprt of ilici>c«inent*: 
lliisli* black tOWU^ the lxp!i : bind.thi|;)it piivlir -. liinJ-shanki 
viui black tip* : forv-niugt nEmott ouluurlcu. pitiilij towaida tbt 
haw. and ma a pitch* urip* ia lli« di*k ; voln> rrrrn^otn, hofC 
and tberv piidiT : bind-winp eotourlcoi. IjOiKtli of the hoij ftf 
line* ; of (be iringi 1 2 tines. 

Vnr. 3- Utod and vheit mMlI; fettugiDuiu: bead boDeailt i 
lidM of tbe breast jellow. 

a. Van Di«man's Land. Pmontcd by tlie R«t. T. P.iniig. 
(. Tan tKcnian'i l^^nd. I'rnciilcd bjr R. Bullcr.Ksii. 

30. I.euaA bhivis- 

TVttacM, ftmtfitto letuilata, nii/ro villata, futruf iii^ra ; mUo- 
njnit i/ymnUa titbtUM tUbido eitUita ; frmuTH nijtra ; ab 
anlieiT tahlhufidm, ^noro viuata rt fatfiata, ad ttMam aL 
hido yutlabu ; u/it poilint linrpidit. 

^TnUoooiU, black beneath : bead and chest tewdlalcd with 
fcrrUKinoiu: bead very ibort, not broailer than thecheti, not arched, 

^^konUtOU tiie furc bonier, ler? i'i>iiciiic on the hiii<l border, willi a 
^^PbWk middle Mripe, ili Irn^h leu iban one^sixtb of its brcadlb : 
f on each ride of the fore border a i|iindtc-*hap(d concave compart- 

I mciit ; face witli two ler; broad, pale tMtan>ou* ktrinea. irliieb aic 

^Keontinued aloug llie breast ; ubeM dat, llnely MXiatco tian»icr»dr : 
^Hjbicld conical doog ttie fore border, irith thiec black iiripci ; mid- 
^^ die one short, in trout ; side paii siguf, taoh aoaumpasied b; a 
yello* stripe ; bind border concave in the mlddla. convex on Moh 
aide ; iciitclievn with a black irlangnlar Knot on cadi side ; bind 
|]K>rdcn ot the nlxtomiaal soinnenu wbiliui lit-ncalh ; l^ii Iratn- 
Iceous; tbi||b> tniHllT black: forc.wiu],-! olmotl coluiubu. with a 
tohv sput uciir ibclmw, and a pllobj, oblique linud b«;ond ibr 
'iniilille; lomc wbitiiib ilols aluiic llie fore border; hind-wiuK* 
lourlcns. Length of tbc budii 4} lines ; of tbc "injcs 9 liuca- 

New (lulland. Fram Ur. Lambert'* colleciLon. 

Lin or XMiorrKMoua inmcib. 

31. Lbdiu covtalm. 

yro tiMta. iHMiu "tors ,• faeit* nigro fiucUta 
at «MHan« mitiu tihUo ttiiitbua ; /mura anlica 


•jridit ! ifir 

Ti ltH OIM. lilack bcMWlh : bead ami chcit incKulailv mnrtcd 
■tth Uaek: Lmi Tct7 short, not brosilcr tbau Uic chui, not 
mAmL kaiilj eaattn abore, fiody finau'd bncitudiuullt, iliort- 
•Mku •■ die htt Wilcr, (etr codckvc on t1i« liind butdw. nith 
fw tfack MiipM; iU tnigtb about ouc-sixib of in brcudih : mi 
mtk «Ut cf IM fart bordrr a tpindlf-tliapMl eoncixe conpnilni^ni 
«laM AA !• bbd : bee with a ittj biuad, HTcbctl, jelluw boDd, 
Jaiyac •• Mck fide of ibe b^mst a braid, whiliab Mripe, wblcb ha* 
ran flick* dot* : (tbMtabrDo»tOal.fintl;itiiitcd linniTccwIj ; objeld 
cmiasl alMg ik* fore bordn. ititL blatk, iirqculat itriiiiu ; bind 
hmim eoBon in iW niddle, coniaz on oaob tiiic ; wnilobMii with 
a Vtdt *(fwe, vhkh it forked Uwudt the bind bordtt. willi • pitchy, 
IhM auk oa eaeh aide of the disk, and wiUi a black, triangulnr 
ifM «B tmth aU*: aMoowa black ubow, with a btuad. nbititli 
I ■■ tub M»: t«n pala itiuccou*; jKMierior tbi{rhi> inuiUy 
I ; kUidt tfat OD MM) of ibu rm.ihlHhs -. liixof iha hinil-clianlu 
hre-wiaa ootaidaaa, wiUi a im ilcndcr inicmi^d black 
ilMg halFllw ItBgtk of the fore border, and alone the liind 
kM^ar m vvj bnad, (aWniptcd, black tuipe, whicli L-oijiaitu mmir 
yal* dMa: itlm viifa altamatc wtiillsli and |>i(Ghy baiidt: hiiid- 
mtarlcM. i.eii)ttk of Uic bod; H liac* ; <t( the wtngii 1 1 

39. LxBKa antKALr*. 


^artaaM,NJproieHaUato«l ritUU, milm Hifra tntaeea biriltaUi 
araMfaM »ifn^^^imMemUtltm , ahJ-nnm niitui Imlanv fatein- 
turn I fimt n migrat •''f aHlicw niifjaijriilir, kid la^flrrm- 

TMMfOUi blaok baaath: bt*i and cbcai icMcIlnlrd with 
~ Md Toy lliOTt, QC4 broader ihnn the cb»l, not urcbed, 
(VjalgMfeMCa** abate, finely iliialed Inntriiudiiiillir, >rrr »hort- 
1 «■ ike fore bolder, very cotiva>e ou ibo hiud Wdtr, wiih u 



un or HOMoraxaoDs nsBcrs. 

biulL middle miptf 1 iU Icogtli loat Qi>n oac-4iMh of !M breadth i 
on each side of Ihe Toie boHer ■ Kjiimllc- ilmpcd concave i-um- 
pMiimt', tart with two bToad, pale U*uceuiw »iripM, whidi era 
MMlnucd nl<'Ug ilic hnmt: ohett Alnott 0«t, flaelr sulaud tKt» 
rentiy : *hlc!d cuniciil ntoiiK llie for* border, wllh ihnvhUek ttripet ; 
iniildle one thoit in front; fide pair 7ij;X3i[ ; hind burUrrconcatc in 
llio middle, cuor«x on enoh tide ; iciitcbeon oitb a blnck truiiguUi 
tpol on itoh lade : hiud burden of the centnl abdominnl MgmeDti 
toiacoou*: lepluleon^; iliigbs blielt : fnra-wingialmmi culoutlea, 
pale femisinmiii townrdi the bur, w(lh ■ piltbr ipot hc,Tond llie 
middle uf ibu C>re border: veinii ferrupnaiu: liind-nins" ooloui- 
leM. LeogiUi uf the bod; & linn-, of the wingi lOline*. 

a. Kew B«llAud. From Mr. Argent'* collection. 

33. f.BDU 

■? Pupa, 

a — c. Van IKfmun'n Land, From Vr. Hooker's caUection. 
d. Vnii Difrman't [.and. Presented bj the Rci', T. Ewing. 
[ f. Van Dlomsn'* Land, Pmonted bf It. Duller, Esij. 

i4. I.RT>K» — - ? Pnpa. 
a. Now FiolUnd. Presented h; tlio Earl of Dcrbj. 

36. LsDk* 

■ T Pupa. 


a. Nev Holland. Preeenied by the Entomologioal Club. 
«■ LSDU ? Lam. 

37. Lsnaa 

-f Larva. 

n. Van Dlenan'i Land. From Mr. Sliucluid'* eolleetioB. 

39. Lediu ? Pupa. 

0. Interior «r SoutL Africa. Pitccatcd b;thc Earl of Derbj. 

tan 01 aoHomBOHs muna. 

Gnvf t. Bodj ftaenilj lUodcr, uoall, pait i ht»d cosical. 

39. Lki>u FinuroKiua. 

fmtitormi*, pmeUtU ; m(rf/n favttilolam, laUt'fai 
.; «/• tmlicm t»blttla<at, futuialtt i «te pmtiea 

TnasMoi, ■^•dl»4h«p«d -. liMd and cfaeit *erj Uikkly puna 

blly uched, rcrjr uigbUjr ouDcnre along the biniJ bunici, with i 
iMhwl inidille hdet ; iti leuMli atmoit I'qQsl li> iU breadlh : lu 
■id* Willi * miiUic ridge, MBicfc uiwri liuiu ibo rHi.i> la tlie fun 
: £*o« vitb ■ mli|[bi loQ^tudiiKil /urTow : cbnt klmott flat] 
AMI mik tknc iiulbtuiet la«KitiKliii>1 fmrowi, and with ino ii 
tfMiaei p«k lainnM iNtnd), Ike fint on tLe forp border: K'gs pub 
iiittct BH 1 fan-wlag* sliMlttlj leuiKWiw, "vry lLjcUj jiuuciuivdj 
bW-wiap ahBoM cdMilM*. Lei^ of the kid; (tf llnet ; 
Iht Vtogi 10 liBM. 

Tat. $. No band on tbe Cbto botdct of the ihicld. 
•.L Iloaf KoDf. PnacBlcd b; J. C. BowrinH, &*q. 

30. Lro** comc* 


Pale Ut t Mtam, tat, iboMt (pilid)c->hnr'(Ml : hf»d mid chcit 
UitUf «Md BriHnidt inMitiifcd: head tviiicni. almmi a8 Ixoud us 
lh» rhmi. nrl arrfcH. 'Itffhlljf ~mni— aluug tlas htiid hordrc, wiib 
■ vn; isdiMiiMt Hdd&t ridge; iU l«n|i;lL more thuu hatl' iU 
hniUt fcM batdrt frnnt^noiu : n •lif;ht midillc riit^v in txoat 
riaf lln vuitt nde ; bee >etj narrow : Mutebcun with a tli^^ht 
■lihil lii»n«m •alote^ abdoiBen nanowrc tliuii llie vhcil : forc- 
vloip ilAOrt enlouilVM, lliicU; pniulun-d I'idid lliv Uuu to Uic tipx, 
fak miiiumi (ewanU ibe hate aad aloag tbo r«r<^ bolder ; hiiid- 
■np wbola. L«ligtb of ike bodf 6 line* ; of the wing* 9i lioM. 

•. Cqko. PtewBUd bf Df. Iloakct. 

i.ur or iiOHomaocs insccn. 

31. Ljuba unrBox*. 


■ Tmaem, futui»Ut mnil 

■ htrra nigra ; tcaltUmn pieto UmattJalMm 
m IMIdAW, punftalit, fermt/intn marjtnalit ; vLr poilir^ lin 

f Ike 

I J 


m ; ttiir 

Tdtacoaui, paler Ixmcatb, Upcrioff rrom tb« chol lo Uie lip of 
the abdaiBeii : bead aotl chest UiivUr puuctuiol : bcarl Ait. kfann* 
conical, M broid u th* chcn, hAral^ nrcbcd, r«miie^iiotiii oa th» 
Ibn bciider, rcrr iligfctlT cnocaie atoDR ibe bind Wilcr. wiib ui 
mdiitinct middu ridjcc; itilriitflh • little lc«lh*n half iii bread lb ; 
■odefride with a tligbt middle ridge, aad witi) a diart ridfre <n 
MiA ride: obmvm tliKliil* conmi rfdn of iba ahicid hlaok; 
•eniebftm wiib an oMoof, piirhj ipot on etrli riit- trn pair tr«- 
taoeaas : fbrc-irinKii iilt)[)<ll; totaccout, thJeklr punpoircd. with fe^ 
raginon* bcirder* : hind-wins* eolourlcu. Length of the bodj 
Udm; of tbe irinBi 9} inet. 

33. Lrmi* p^nctat*. 


TeiueM, atUdv rrliruUla ,- ifHhin Jolan tattriha lubangiihrlt 
Jiifi wiridi; a£c imlUtr luMrida, apiet ftum ; alu poilirtt 

Allied to EpiflSmtu TeaUceciui. palci bonestb ; bead end 
ehett hrnail. n>u|[hlj punciiucd: bead *«? »liart<C0Dlc*l, lurrower 
tbnn ilic clicii. Dot Brrhed, hiirdi]' ridged, fitj cligbtly c»ncB>e 
along tbe hind buidcr, niih int'Kiilar whitiiJi rtlicHlolinni : it* 
kagUi ttm tluui half in braidlli ; foce with a furruw alonr etch 
' lai akieU given on iba di«^ with imgular «bit>^ iMiculatioM 
U and OB each lide, when It U tligbtlv widened ud aagulat : 
tale tcataoeona : foT».wrnn dnoa MUnriMa, pwieUned &mb 
tlw baae lo (be lipa, (inged >iui pale graaa, and nlMig the boiden 
«Slb pal* brown; tipi darker bruwn t veiu vary few : liin<|.«rTBg« 
■bllr- Lcnglli of thr bod; 3} liaca : of the wiofi 7} U&cs. 

«. Malabar, Prwcnitd by T. Ward, Esq, 


un or BOMomiocs incni. 

33. Lkdiu bbcvuson*. 

roCaaa, gratiUt; e»pml («A(iu nrjiw itmaru/drun ,- preuru 
rfunv mifr; ata <raltr« tmUimpidtt, ban tt maryinrjlava- 
ffMn; M-pattirtt Umpida. 

J/o/r. TcsU««oa«, nth«v Mrroir : bod flat, sbon-oonio*!. ai 
kiMd A* ifc> chsit, naj iKf^tlf )iiDh«d, tklclil; puiK-tiii«<l, v^t; 
itirtrlj niinnii n .iili iij. ibe bind border, with nn inilmlinrl miiMlo 
■i^: its kii|[lli aliuul bilr tti brctidth ; (wo Ini^e black ipnti br- 

wtited 1b fr>!tit. widpniii^ iheooe (awards c»cb eye : then ^H 
■l^llj onD>«x, flaol* firlated iranstenel* i shield >>llglitl]' convrx ^H 
ikaf lliK fan bordn : diik of llic hmi>t black : nbdomRii tnpcriDg ^H 

shield >>llglitl]' convrx 
ick : nbdiimRii InpcrtDg 
lb baia lu Ui« lip: (brv-Kinfti ulmiut cnbiurlcKi, tiuircd uitQ 
f t$m tewuJ* Ibe ban and m ib« botdci : kbd-wiugB voluurltM. 
Ua|lh nr th» bod; 3i linn: of Ike oiftgi 7 liiiM. 

(^ K*w HofboiL FrofD Mr. Aigeiti's oollectiuo. 

34. LSMU cin.DBfloiritjit,t;«. 

, mljvrifofmu ! eajM OMrinuB rirtrfr; imlttlam pottid 
mifn wfnUaU ; aLr fotlifir fiaipitla. 

Tmumoik, palcf bmralb, alniosl K|>indl«-ihaped ^ bead and 
ikal I^cUt punctuinl : h«>>t Hat, uoulca), m bruad u« thu chnt. 
•■T dfiWj arrb«il, >oi]r «H|}iiIt eoBcaio ainnjc ihi- bind )>i>nlvr, 
natB ia frmit, with a niMJlr ridfte ; iu knttlh ii Uitlc more ihan 
■air tM fcwuJth t tbn« ridgti beueatb. ib« middle unr InpcTinK |i> 
ikt !■■ lMr6cr, tke kiile |iaJr Ciured oulHAriJ ; cbest ulniUBt nil : 
iHM lllinil villi (TCvik (Ml cttcll aid* of tlic hiiid WrdfTT: Irj);* 
mtm ■^Bme*«-. lait-wiag* almMt cctourlcu, iritnceous lonnrdi 
wr Ibm, hv>m U iIm lip*, with n imafl bkck ipot in rnvh diak : 
hwd ■iMt MliMriew. Leaftb of tbc bud j -I J liue>i uf iliu wing* 

c K^ ladia. Fiuv Hit. Watwid'a coIIociIm. 


Lin OP sovoPTBHOrs maecn. 

35. Lkdba con color. 

Dnttim, tn^filtifirmit. pvnetata ; levliim fM&ti nriinnm: 
■MMMM trmmrtni tulramn; alt* mlie* mhtntaxta. punr- 

'TatiiLcroti'k, ilniiMt (pindlo-ihaped : bnil flui. cantcnl. ni broad 
as the cfaat. iCTj t]l|[hltf arched, Uilctlj >nd miniitdy punctnrtd. 
r«ry sliRlitiv cuiicrnic nl«ii|; tbc bind bonlor, wllb a iI'IriiI middle 
iidge-,Vu leagih murv ibuu hulf iu bcciidih : chnt tdmott dai; 
»hiold tnnHvoncIji ftriai«d. tiuf^ud •> itli %mm lunranl* ihe bind bor- 
der : (cutcbcon pale UaUctuun, Willi a tran'rcnio «iinu« : lag* pale 
UaUcvous . fnrc'vinf^ tlJEhUT tutikccDUt, thickly puucuired : bind- 
wlitp oulourlcaa. LeD)(tli o? the budj 4^ lineti of tbe wingt 8 
«. Vtn tMeiiMii'a Ldj)d. Pre««iiicd b; (be Entoiiiolofcleal Club. 

96, LruRA nLiraxMi*. 


_t_ 'I 

PtTTVffinta, fraeilii, vblaHtmlala. ivIilUM IrifOMa : ptdti teila: 
cla anticir lubftrmjiiua, {impido eon/erlim yvltaUz , nl* 
poiliea limpid^. 

Fem.—l'emtpaou*, ik-nder, ublanecolaie, UataccoiM benealb : 
hMd and chest almott 0al : bead codIobI. m hrnad ■« ihe cfatat, 
iba([roeii«d, rny concare idone Oic hind border, oith ■ ttlighl 
middle rtdjic; it> Icn^clh miKh Imi than half il» hrcldlh ; facu mi- 
nutcl; piinclntcd: uhcat (inrlj iiriaicd IranS'etaely ; iibi<ld very 
coDvex un ihe U'te hunter, with nn iiidistiiiL't ohiiqun fiirTu* on each 
aide; (CiUeheoii nilh a traniXTtc rurmw : abdnmen ImKthcned and 
UUDuaUtd Unrard* the tip -, It-gt icttnccous : wiaas namxi ; (ore- 
wtep pale femiginout, Uiickl* coicrcil o-iih nlnxut colourieBt sud 
iumiIt oonfluent doc*: hin<I-wiuK* cutuuilem. Length of the 
bod; S linu -. of tbc wiiigt 8 liiici. 

0. Van UicmaiiB Land. Pr«a«it«d b; tha Bar, T. Ewing. 

37, I^ttnnt wurcinj. 

Ftrru^inn, gmeitit, mbtui IrtUcta ; leuirllvit piftv ilmaeuiai 
ft u»ifatri«lii-nt ! urdn utiacfi ; atit anlUx nihfet 
alM poiluir limpid^. 

Few.— FcTCiigiiioui, ilmder, oManccolate. tMlaoeouii heawtlii 
head and cb«t flat : head conical, as broad at iho cb«t, Aadj lUl- 

uar OP HovorTBiou* istwcra. 

Dj, wtrj CMicaTa ■low Ifao Ittnd bonier, pitchv 
border, wiUi a furj iligEl midd)« ridKc ; iu litDtih 
AS hdf iB bfoodtb; face fiodj puncuind: otiest nnelj uriatod 
ttHPMHir t tUeU rwtj conrci on ihe fora buntcr, alone cub ride 
«f «Uah Clin to ■ tligbl funow: M.-utchouii nilh a mlcbtr vpM on 
Ml* riAa at iha biiaa, aad «ilb a piuli; band low-nrd* the ti(i : ub- 
I knilinnid aad alUnualed toward* th« tip : Icri Icilnrcoiui ; 
nanow: fcrc-win^ pale fimvKinoiu. Lind-wiui-i wluuileia. 
k«f the body 61 lino; of tbe wiugt !^t lintt. 

Vwm Sovtb Walca. From Ht. PampKo'i rollortion. 

38. LU)«A L^VIV. 

^Marttto; ot* poifiw niih'mjn'i^. 

Fam^iMma, flat, alBn*t ipindlc-sliflpcd : head rather loog- 
Ml.tlwMa* baoiid ai llir tb«t, \hicV\j and mimiU'h- punc. 
IHod, MOt a w bed, >cm riiftktk cuDcati' along ibe bind butdcr. n iib 
a *tij tn^btbcl midA* nigt : lu kiigUi lew tbun its hnadtb ; fore 
fcania 4aifc l«mi(uioa* i a rttj ■liRhi BiidiUe r(dg« oo tbo aodn- 
' M HMie ikinl; and looKblj puaciutod ilun the bead ; 
I with a lUglil araheil tianiiTtiM) kulure -. abdomen a little 
ibaa ihc ebeat: forv-wing* iMtaccoua, ihickl; nud mi' 
fuseUMd fnm ibe boM to the Up*; bind-«iiief almost 
Length of Uw bod; S liaoa; of the wing* lu) Warn. 

«. ItaipplD* Uukdf. F(um Mr. Wood't oaUeMioa. 

39. LaDBA CL'LOBtTa. 

Trtttrtm, mbfimfanini ; atifiMtai niffn 
miffr aaamuri i «fir poMifir UmpiJir. 

^tnnnllanim ; ftdt* 

TaMweaiia, ateoM tpindte^haped : bend conical, a% bnmd at 
A* abMI, ahwiMnod, t«n •linWUjr anili*d, irn >li);hll]' couca>« 
•ta( ika UiM bofdtr, vtiD a irrjr inditUiict innl'lle ridg*, mi i-Nch 
Ma of wUeh ihare to a mj difbl fanuw ; iU IcoKtli a liitic low 
An IM hnidA ; riika tKgfatlj aaipilar; (ore part of ibe andnride 
■ttd%fet4i*t>^»Kiii)ga, which are ai riKbt angle) to ilir (Itglit 
•U^jW *lilffH "■ vcb tide of tbo faM i n pllcli; «poi in fivui of 
mA tyt : cjakis near lli« bind bofdrr : chni icr; tlighllj conttx, 
kwAj acwed tfaBnenelr, ittdioinetl; iraprcM«d on «acb tide; 

LiM or noMopTEKovH iiiKn. 

MUttbtM irilk a sliBlit arcbed inuiircnc iuIdtv ncu the lip : at 
•n H browl M lae cIiaI. Witli seven ili);lil bUak Blri|<n*. l«a 
iStAcd irltb black: fure-wiun pale IMtacouiu, iivl [xindnred: 
'[•wiflKS coloiillrai, l>oliglE of Um bodf 4) lines ; or ihv wingi T 


£wt IndJM. From Arcbdraoon Clerk'* oolleedon. 

10. Ledsa rxvjtuiA. 

TVrfKm, aihfiu\fmmu, nijrro piatrutai pretut aiyro im'flaliai ,' 
abJmiuriU lalm tabttu Jtrmginta ; «lm pailirm liinpi4<r. 

Pale letUMOua, ulinott rpindle-th^iecl, Oai, thtuly corned 
wiib blSL-k poIuU: head cnuleaC •* broad at lb« oliftL. nut aicbcd 
not lidKcil, irry ill^tlt cODCav* rIods th« hind border, ant whkk 
it t( iilighll; impctned on eacb tide: iu lenirtli much more ikan 
half iU luendtb: ondenidc ouiitmc id tlie uiiddlu: ncleU let; 
near llto hind botil«r: tvutcbonn witli a dittinel anbea tmwitnc 
fUUm lini llic tip : breaii wtUi two bladi apnta fortnUijc a ihon 
tnlpc on eaefa nde ; abdomsn as broad ai tbe tliumx, pnic rciruKi> 
noot on et«h ride beneath: fore^iug* nut nuiiciured : liiiid-niiiif* 
colouitui. Lenpb of ibe bodj 4j liiicii ui tho tiinp 7^ llnea. 


41. LKna« pasva. 

ilocro, ni£/iuiy'tnnii. tuhleittllau ; ala luhlimpid^ 
line pirm ilrifahr. 

nnd B)i- 

THUeeuiis nlmoal i[rindle-«haiicd, flat, indiilinvit; 
nnlely motllcd iiiUi daikn colour: ncnd oonioal, ai btuad ai Uir 
chat, Doi arebed, •llgbtly ooneave along tb« bind border, UMt 
■bich i( i» (llRbll^ iiDpiwed on each tide; lis len^ leu ttiaa it> 
biMdlh; niddle ndite rcr; sliRbt aburo, miKO dUlinci, but diimtr 
beoMtb : fitoe wilb iighi obliiiiie rid|(ea : ebett wiih a very iitdic- 
tinct ifiiddlo rtde«> soutcbeQii with a alighl neaiicircuUt >uiure: 
wingt atmott Mluurleu; forc-winp with tligbt pitcbr penuilliiiKB 
alon^ the teiiii, and wiib miiiio nhorl ptichjt ftrcaki auiitg the diA. 
LoDgtb of the bodT 4} linen : or ibe winiii 7 line*. 

II, HoDn; Kung. I'reMated b; J. C. Bowring, Etq. 

till or uovpmiioira iMsiora. 

42. Ljedka KTOcoraLt*. 

MM i alii fottitm tithlimfid». 

. (pnAe-Uiupcd ; liMd mk dlWl minuieh punc- 
1 emin], w brood as the olicfl, m; ilighllj &i«lied, not 
d4(f4,iBcbtlj ooncAX tloog tlie hioil Iionlrr, icry ili|[ht)y lucrau- 
iBf !■ bmiA fnm tba fcaw to iLu ubttwi' aii|:le un oich' liito ; iu 
*t alnon oqail to lubrc^ibi ondcniik with a Ion nit ml inn I 
1 1 IbM (Mill : iliMliI Uuuvcncif nif(iiWe tovrards tbi- bind 
r t walcbeon with ■ distinct uehcd mintc «c^lu ilic middle : 
fMS-«ve» ihicUj pvMOtuttd rron Uie biuc \o Ib« tipt : himl-wlD^ 
•taoN wlaatlwi. L«ii^ of tha bod; 4} liocs: of Ibe (rinp « 

ColaBbia. Fmn hi. Jiir|[en** oollMtion. 


43. Lumu ovrrtT*. 

Twliiia. fmtifnrmit, nigro punelnla: airf- m nfii niyn> fvulfwcVf- 
larwN ; prdn /lur* Mn'i ,- «/ir onfinr ^'no iiriyabti a/a 

Dull ifltttoeciia, mi]idl&4baped : head and eh«l Onl, covered 
>tU) black powb ; Imm Aon-coolc*!. u broad aa ibe ebon, not 
, hudly ridnd, terj itigbllj concarr alonr the hind bordci, 
M»bhck3ot; iu length aboul hairila l>tca<lili ^ (uc« and 
I |Mlt mill I «i HI ; tue wilb diffhi obIii|iic piu-lij bntidi on 
I lUm i MiUoBui liBear, bhck aod rounded uu ilm Jbrc border : 
'*! fe emg ia o iM i «c«lebeon with a diitloct tliBbUjr ardiud mna- 
r; abdaaam "ilb Gie bintk ttripn, ih« middle une tud 
pair iUenvfiiUil : Icjn uoiiled with btoxn: foro-winn 
wi, not paadufcd ; botdert of ibe arcolcti with piufy 
p«iBBCt ; MUM Liner and darker matka aloog the disk and akng 
AehMVtder: kiiia-wlagi almoft oal«iiiri<M. LcngUi uf tbe bodjr 
J BMi I af tba w1*gi « Ibe*. 

«. C%iM. rnatBlcd hj G. T. I.njr, Eiq. 

fABT m. 


44. [jioiA oc»PU>4T*. 

AmniMrB, fiitiftmU ; rafwt tmimm ,- alie aitliM nblimpid»! 
aim poitUtr limpidit. 

Sunwoobur, tlmder, fpiii4le-*lia{ied : bMd and cbett sBgluIr 
coniFX : head oooieal, s* broad m the ohnt, Soel; suiaMd looKini- 
diiiAlly. xerj ooncn>p in (he hind border: fu IcDgib Ml huf in 
brvttdui ; nil tiich tidi- <if the fore border ■ nnrrow cnncaTB itfiiM 
in(h M tli^hl lim on cmch lidc; uiidcnbdc thaiirrciici), difthtlr oon* 
Tcx : biv Hal, with > row oT dion iuditiinct tiauKrene formn 
■Ionic B)Kb iid«i shield finely tiHuud iraimvcnoly. conical on die 
'bra bcvder, raroave on the nlml tionltr : iiciitcbcon pnirr tlinn the 
flliidd, *hagrc«ne<l, w(lh a ciurcd irnnticnc tutiito towards the tip : 
InvHiua aJoioit eelouileH : hind-wings culuurim. Length of ibe 
bodj-Sl Tintt I of the trings 7 lin« 

Ne* Hullond. 
h. (Pillar) Nc<r UuUoad. ProMiotcd li; tlio HaaUt IIo*pilaI 

4b. LaOIlA LIMK«T4. 

AmnHini, lUfrriM, /luiformU; attt «nli(« lUbidmi ^Mfottitm 

Siraw-vnlour, ipindlo-«liaped ; beadondcbett flat-. hradatiooM 

nooOi, ooniral.Btmait as broad a« the cbost, not arched uorridfcd, 

Ividi a tlighi riiD, hurdU coDoave along the bind liorder \ its leoirlli 

» itwA lu bnadlli -. face flai on the diak. wlih voy obltque and 

dwtinet Hfis on each lide : idiidd roinniol; (tmted aeroM ; 

nteheoti with a ilt|tbtlT arcbed trumerK nilure near the tip - Ton^ 

Xirbiti*b,tniiitraiupu(('[ii^ reiai bordered wiih durler colour: 
rincfl colouileM. I>n)gih of tlio bod; 3| Hum i of the 
inirt A line*, 
e. NoRb India. Kroia Mr. Warwick'* ooUoelion. 

(.ur nr loitonsiava noter*. 

Vkiltt AitL. Nm. Uuu xn-. m. 

I. Lkdbo ru« ctxoiioHj. 
I eucmaia, WUit, Amn. Sat. Hil. si>. Mft. 
Hoag Eoag. Pictraied by J- C. Bowriog, £»q. 

3. LusopiK xuo. 

Tvuewmt, •IsBdcT, ■pindlc->)ii|)«d ■ bead Md cbo*t 
HMj Bsd BiMMly panotureil : htM )<mg>oaD)o*l. M bcuvi a* Uic 
dMM, SRhtd, iadtHtiKdr rulfc«il. (lightljr ooneave ■long tbe biud 
baftei itt lM|tb ■ liuk MMtdiiiK li« liTMdth; uBdenidc wiili ■ 
bra«drtdge,wbaaklap«nffaiii ihornoelo th* forvbuRl«<t; TikKc |iul« 
IMMCCoa*, tny uartowi tp'Mcna* uaaXii ictitclieaii hdhII; tore. 
■lap Akilf pa»ctutt<l frotn tkp loii: l» llic lipi i bind-iriD}Fi m- 
lianew Lnph of iha bod; tf Iidm ; of the wiii^ 8t liucs. 

a. BMg Knag. Pnatsudb; J. C. BowiinK. Ea^. 

BlJlHllIL >tMcf H Strr. tiul. .Vat. llim. 377 

I. EncLiNcii puxiT«. 
I ptasWu .fU^ol M -VsT. UiH. .Vdf. //4<n. A78. 

c EmI ladia. FniB ArobdoKou Ouik'i colleclion. 
I— r. Tcuaacrin. PicMUled \>j — PMkiUiin, E«| 




Viridu, mblHi alhiilo-lfilteta ; fBpttii IhoneitfUf latna ti smltl' 
lum ferruginn ; petUt trMtti, fimaribu* apict pitvU ; aim 
antica maryinilnu poilicu /rmtffiiteu ; «lte pottictt mifim- 

Green, whitiib tcM«c«aii* twoMlh : bead and cben thicUv 
fiiuictiuvd : head rei; abon-caitio&t, flat, more iIi.-ld hal ( the bmuKb 
efllie oliMt, aot arcbcd, femapnane in trvnt, witli h hli^hi ridgo lo- 
mtil» tliD Con Imrdcr : ndcs panllcl for n ilmn t)iR(f ' in Tmiit of tbe 
net, llien ubtutdy BUgiilar; undrrsiJc witb a ricljcc ffliicb U{»en 
fon tbe bc< to ibe fori liurJur, and bai a concaie ipnce un <ocb 
sldt; boe with a ruritiw on each ride: ebcat tligbtljr codvox ; tide* 
oTioe ihUld iridmod, oni^lar. rcrni)riiiaui i iculclicon remiginoiu: 
Ictrt |inlR ictloccous; lips of the lhi|{bs pilrhf : forc-winRs pale 
UTTvii, Uitckly puiioiurvd (lutn tbebue ui Uae Up*. lerritginuu!! alnng 
tbe biDil burden: hiuil-wliig* aliiioet culouitesi. Leuglh uf tbe 
liwly J ? lines -, of llio wiufi* Sil Iidm. 
a. Siem Lcoiw. Preiciiied by tbe Rer. D. F. Morf^an. 

Genua 4. SCABIS. 

Scarla, -fl. Ary. H S*tv. Enc. .Vith. z. 810, flena^ Am^ 

Sm., BtateM. 
lanu*. p^ Fahf. 

1. ScAHis rKiinffliNU. 

Scario fprnigiiien, Si. Farj. « Sfrr. Ene. \f4lh. x. flIO, I. Bum. 

iJandh. Bni. \\. I, HA, 1. ///nncA. //u(. Sal, Int ili. I)lfi, I. 

Htw. pi. Ift, r. 3. AmyolttSerr. llitl. Aat, //An. iTS, pi. II, 

f. 3. 
luni* (bniglnout, Pahr tyytl. Rkgn. 80,3. 

0, i, Bniil. 
e,d. ? 

Ptott, eonmc, ttriala, tmbtiu tntacra ,- oJie poiliat limpid^. 

Pitchy. tMMM«u» beneath, narrower Uian S. /frrugimm : head 
and obett conrex, (niurendy mialcd: Kutchevn punctured to- 



fate IMUOMU : tfmm of ibe liniil-«biiiib l«fnifiiient, Mack U t^^| 
Logtk of iho bodj 4— »t 1Id» ; of the winK* 10—13 

Frooi Mt. Aff eat* Mltcction. 
I,r. BttiQ. 

3. Scaui LiriPCiniH 

^/n. /mun'iiu fem-jiitni ; a/« iLDlior /ntnr, maculii liirt 
ti alit pnttira lundt, 

nnVifaOW: bmt tninutcljr pUBcliirci), iiDpiMM^ sbo«*: 
iftHK Bat. UuMTciul; itriaiod, umewMt piuhjr od tbo disk ; ihtdd 
•4k « •fcott ;dla» ittipa Ulawii Ilia ritk anil (he Itifid banlcr, 
wUA ha» B jcDiiw ipot iia rai-b ddc : leg* plioliy; tbiKli* Teirup- 
••M: ra«*-«inp lUrli bn»>a, Kith trrvnl InrKe obloriKloiid spiiU: 
Uarf-«<ip lurtd. L<i^ of [he bodj i tine* i of ua «Hnc* 11 

Vnm Mr Tunpr't oallMtion. 

1 t«f<M fimmiamm ; KmlrllumJUmtmitilUttrntnUnmeii- 
Itlmmi mutalAonJt frrttuiiiinu ; pnln ni/t ; *tir. lu'lrw ■•- 
ff Jmtett, /mltn fmltat*. jvivi l>rt> ajf\ttn<tf n\ae%tt*tit . vU 

Viukj: \m»4 dark Emvgtaoui; boo ililniiig, flat, uid very 
■bcIx klMfitwaed oo ilie diik, fontex, Riid wiib ullgbl obHqne bItIii' 
Mfadi tU»-. nowB uucb impcencd-. ebtai tTumtnclir tliitud : 
mULtiiiu with a TtHvw Miipe in the 4iak, and a yr'ttov tpot cm 
Mob aide af tba bind bordar : ktod-chcu fain^tDoUi ■ trie 'l^'k 
■d; b»l piubf ln«nu4i tbe tiM ; r«T«-winp dirk broau, adi'inrd 
ntb amMraiH tawBf dob, Kith two Uaiij i|iou «i ibF ImM-, -iimI 
■Mh aavcfal cMiUaeDt uwot nuukt at tbe tipn hiiid-ittBUK biouii, 
mka tt ibe baae. Ungtb 9t tbe bodj & Una*; «r tbe irin^ 9 

•- CtlaabM Fnb Mi. Tumcr'i colleutioti. 


I 8M usi Of tuntomxuK* dhsotp. 

GeniM ». ZINNECA. 
Zlnoccn, Amytl «t Str*. HUt. Nl. Bint. 379. 


Zlmico Hiiiioif urn. AmgoutSen'. Niit. KmL #/iM. AT9J, pi. 11, 

N. Anerion. 


Oyponi, (rerm. Jtfojr. it. 73. Barm., Blanei., Amyot el Sen. 
CorMpii, p„ fabr. 

Group 1. Burin. Om. Cic. Cicadrl. Gi/poHa. 

1. GvtOHA uuDCa, 

Gnanii {[laucn. Germ. Mag. it. Tl, I, pi. I, f. G. liurm. Handb. 
E<H.i\. 1, 114. 1. Gm.. Ck. Cieadel. Gyjxma. I. BUnfh. 
ffUl. A'df. Int. iii. ISO, 1. .Jnyol tt S*rr. HUl. Nat. Him. 

anu, I. 

Ccccu|ri« gkucB, I'abr. Si/ti. Rh^. f>l, 16. 
■—ft ? 

Cercupi* ihuiacica, F«bf. Sji*l, JUyn. 91, lA. JSuriH. (?m. Cy/L 


3. GTKtK* BqruTRia. 

CoKopli «iuMlm, fUr. Syti. AAjm. ««, 17. Burnt. Cm. 
8. Amoriu. 

G;pon> pitllcDi, Otrtn. Bmrm. Gen. Gyy. 4 


J). GrroM iiinaio. 
> hUuiw, Birm. Cm. Gfp. i. 

6. OvvoN* inatuiKTA. 

Cyyw aanknu, JUsnt. Gm. G^. «. 
OMfli wnfaBU. Fahr. Sjftt BAfm. V3. 18. 

GjfMM chMloopUn, Bmrm. Cm. Gy^ . 7. 

e. OrroMA BMjiHtaiicLji. 
rtfil imum,JiufB UnlUltai; *lit anlien ianJir,ToitiT tiridtt. 

OnM-fTtm, piUf bnintli - tieail flat, shi>n-<«nin1, oairower 
ikaa iW ekat, iiriaud loagiiudinalW, black abiiK llin lb>« border, 
rttf dbM; omoarc atoan the bind border ; iu Icn^b lathor lex 
ikn ball Ht braajtb ; uuit^nidr iraoccuus tonnU tliv GTrc-bordor ; 

I Ml Mcfc lid* of the U« hanll J risibk : ohcK aligfallj eoniel, 
tj tiriatMl: abidd jril^ in fniin and on auh alile: 
mautj loleoita, irilb a Trrjr ilijtbt trvotienw kuuire near 
Aa lip: fcraaM tCsUcMua oa eacb tiOf m rn<nE: aMotncn above 
'lirtl ananlA gnra, *ilb Ibu mldUh bnnni luipw, obich aic 
mSsI U 111 tj^ b«»eat(i with an indidiaet laalaoNu* urip* alcni^ 
mA Mt : lag* *ct)r pale irnca : foot anil forp-ihnnki tawov : furc- 
■tap fvrUi namnv, mlber poailed, icn^u 'I'lnjt tuo-thirji of ibe 
fat bovdH tnm tbe bate, mb an obloiiu liLick ui<>i uu cnoh tip, 
amt wkicb tbr bind bofder U brovn : biiid-winffn alnwai colnarlcH, 
Ivwn at ib« tip and alont tb« bind bonlcra. Lcagib of ifac bud; 
Tlinaai at tbe trioE* H Inie*. 
& fbi. Fnn Mr. Stnen** MUection. 

Lin OT HoMonrcMH ixtscn. 

S. Gumma nmoincr*. 

Ftarii.nridu ; abdomm mfn binilalami jifda riridet. tank 
/ulrU ; aitt antit-^ eiriiirt, liiHpiA'* marutata, hasi yy^ticu ffr- 
mytiuw, a/iicr/uinr el laridtt ; ala poitint nililimjniia,/ii»e9 

GruM^rcm, tiuKeil wiLbj«UoiT,piilFrbtfnRLth: head Dal. *emi- 
dfCuUr, iiuTo«(T timii tlie ch<w, Mriatwl bugittnllDiU)', ton ig iiioM 
alone the hm lurilrT, iliirliil,* eoacan ilong ibohind boril«r: (u 
leniftli much l« iliati balf iubraadih; uodcnride tiugcd iriili nl* 
kw ; tODiG (lark <>lill<|Ur >lrDiiki on each side of die face : cfieel 
[lUgbll; cinvi'X, tn»iav«r»cl]' tliiuliil; scutclirrin nilh an atclwd 
niufe Dcni the lip, which iii lui«ou» : abdomen wiih cbx) bricbt ni 
ripm, wluoh Bie darker lonrdii the tj]i, wbnc ibev nrc united ; 
M pale grmw. ieet Uwnv : biiid-reel grccii at ih'e bosC: Tore, 
ilia gii'en In frutii mib a culuurlm inteml Dear th* lipi, nliick 
Rbroimi bind part rertuginoiiH hi th« bat«, cotourieu in ilie 
aiddle, lurid at the lip* : hind-irine* dtooct colourlcM, tiniwn al 
b« tip* and along the hied >>unl«n. I.engtli «r the buJjr S lineai 
•r tbc wing* 1 1 linM. 

u. Paia. From Mr. Si«tciu' oolloctiun. 

111. OTTOHt KinxirRBi. 

TtMadit i rapHl lutttu ririJacmt; aMomitut Jortum rufit fuei- 
atwn : atn aniirit Jiico tt apirr picto nolatit ; itUe /hutm 

Tettaecoiu, tbininjt, {laler beneatb; bead Bat, nmioittaUr, a 

I Hitle iiainiw«r than the chest, auiated laofntudiiially in the uiddl^ 

^nid obliquelv oq Moh dd«, femiKlnoui alonii ili* fon border; con* 

Mvo along the bind bordcii fu Icntcih lc*i than biK lu breadtli : 

undmlde lln|[nl with pale |C<«cn ; disk of the (ncc ilightlv coacara 

I In (Kmt: Icdcn pitch]', Gnt and teoond iuini* vrlloir: third and 

'~ urili lawiiv al the base: chwi ainicut ftit, traiisietiit'I* siriaied : 

atoh«on with a <li)>)itlT archrd lTnn»rr«« niliir* nt-ai the tip ; tit- 

Den alxite wiih a |»lc red band un ibc hind border of wulh H(> 

raent. oiiduct rrrruKiiiom, panl; pitch;: )vgt vtle teclaceoai: 

dawi bluck, jetlow at the baa* i foie>iiriu|ni with a It'w jiitcfaT inurki, 

which art* oulfOy on the ccPw r ^ M. In ue di^kn, *iid on ifie inter- 

diato pnrb of tbc lonpradinal rdni, und on miiiip of the latter 

die lipi : hind-irRiKa almoat colourlcu, biigbt ivd al ibG 

un at BOXOPTERODi iMBcr*. 

taH, dgfcdr Itnccd witli brown aboot the biad bgrdcn near thi 
kMt ; *tiB> hbct. umi* aX llw base. Len|^ uf tbe budy 5 line* ; 
rflW «iap 10 Una. 

a. TiMBBtli. Pno Ur. D;ioii'> collettkn. 

1 1. GrrONt QCADBUfucuLi.. 

t^tm, mAtUM letfMm ,- Ptput »ifn> xitlaiiim ,- tAorsz iiifra 
•fs Miltcit mpmpTnnw, mdcu/u tui& ftari r'un< 
" "« lanMU ; tin fmtiar mUimpida, apUi- ftucv . 

Twmwf, liWlic«o<w h w wlh: h«ad OaI, tcmiuircuUr, coucavu 
■■4. • Quia MWiovn ibm tbo cbcM, itriatcd Innf^tudimillT In 
Av Mwfri aail cbBqvely on mdi side, tibck aluug the burden, nnd 
*IA tMi fchdt Ufipes bMwns die ejvleUi iu leuj^th leiHihim buir 
mliliMitlli' ch«talnM*li>t, tmuToncIv sttiiitcd; shield banJered 
mh UmA on cadi (Ue ud Miind, m^ with tw» bldi^k spou tn 
bMLawi of ikn oa tlie fore bonln, the other toward) tho disk ; 
aUMon wiik mo Ukck xpou oa Uie (urv border : abdumiuul >.e^' 
■Htt nd bcMBlh kluMg tlie bad bordm, and nitli u red iiiiuijiu 

n Mdi lUtT lias of Ui* itti anj oT ihn liiiirUliai.lii^ Mnu. 
> plldVi *BgiilI]i copper}'. *rilh b large, pnlc yellow » 
(■a* iMMof tnemv border 1 b cokmrltu ipui ucur the tip nf il 
tetardM, sad aaoihcr va (fce middle of the hiud border : hia< 
■t^ bIumI flo l wi ri iM. villi b*mi tip*. Length of the body 
Imbi ■ribe«4KinHliiie^ 

Tai. P' Ciqwb btook «loDg each tiile, and with one bbick >tri 
koaan ibe cjeleb: tfaleld ollh deep bluok burder^. which nid 
■■I unj *pcrts on neb fide i oao black »)iol iu tbe disk, ixini'uii' 
Ab fci* batdcT i duk of the icaldcon bUck ; nhdonion wholly yoU 
b« fcfiialli : tip* of (be hind-obBuls tcabMeoui : furc-wingi tninll; 

Pni. pK*eou4 b7 BagiiMU GrabuD, Eiq. 

13. GnvN* BmccuT*. 

. aim raria ; aMmafnti A>rOun nifrutn ; /iprfd nu 
wni, Mh'ii BBrfrii KijPrii; d^ tntieirfiara, Jucu ;tiree i 
rttal* i «/« potties /ntcir. 

TcBlBBBoaav ■Bsbtlj ooaves : bead luy shuii-cunieal, coactic 
■« than Ike cWtt i unma KlriaWd oUi<]uely od caali 


usT or uotiorreiioirt iKUoTt. 

M», wMh a bliek ittipe, And oti each ride wilb ihnc bUefc •MM, 
tm on lb* hM-bOTW, »aii one b* moh <74-lcl -. iiudnstde bWk 
lownrdt tbp front : bc« witli tiidintloot obliiiiic itrJB on nicli xlde. 
M.-iik luwirds tlid tip: c|ni<t<IBii moctly black: <bic1d with nbuut 
fuurlccii lilutk iputi uf Tsriaus ij(c : scntvlieoa wiib a lurfci: Iriao- 
Siil.ki l>Iu(-k «pol uii (ocb lide uf llie furv border, with (wo ridaII 
bUck tpnu in llic ditk. Mid «'ith h tliort hUck sl/tpc on <«cb niiv 
ncarUiv lip: ■bdomra black aboic: antcrinr tbiitb* marknd vritb 
black; Ture-ibuuks black; middlc-ihnnki Mni-'k above, forc-winn 
yiUow, with wme amsll inhibj' ipob in the disk ; veins pilchy . bind- 
triags bromi. Longth of tbe bod; 6) line* ; of tbo ning* IS hae*. 

■- Balil*. Pn*eDt«d hj J. P. G. Smlib, Ei(). 



Kyra, tuhtui tttiaerai <aptil luhtut nigrum Inlaefi litilMt 
icnium InMrtKi mar^iitalum ; preliu nijra hiritUluat , 
ifanwn fimgimmm ; peita Intaea, tanu piceii ; al^ ■ 

Black, i^stoceuuB bcnnili: haod flat, wmiuirculkr, ooattm 
btbitul, Dorrowot diAii the cheii ; oowo iiinatcd obliuuelr «■ nA 
tldo; It* tength loM (ban half it* bitwltli; undenide buck, wiili 
two (tttaoocm* «tripe« ; &oe «tih oblii|ue ridife* on each lide : diidd 
«WMiaiMlr>tRalM.wiib uaUMouabonleni wuidieuo puDoiuml 
ft iriib ■ black Mri|i« iin eoohslde: abdomen r«nu^lnuu»^ )e« 
LOeolU; leetpilcb^i wlDnalmontcolaUTlcM; fair-Bine* tli^tlV 
•nd tDterrapiedlf tinral wiui btovn alDnfc Uw bonlcn and towtriu 
die tip*. LenglJi of Uie bodj 3 linmi ofllie wlngiT liuM. 

14. Gtpom* renvBHs- 

Palnt. niblut UHacM ; pt4f iHtowJ ; «Jir «ntie» luUve, iijiicv rai- 
/umr pitta fNoru^hr. 

Tawnt, ImIo IMtaooou* btticntb : b«ud lliit,alina»t aeralcirculat 
in front, *)iral]jcone*Te1>ehind,uuiniweribaBllieob0t: iu loo|[ib 
■boDton«-t£irdortbibmuJtbi £ao«(tut: kbl«ld UaufvtnolT altiaied. 
loneacbild* In Iront: logn palo tvttacoou*: »tc-irfnp 
r lutMiH, nrllh A piulif tpi>t near ibe tipi, nbich arr irBnipnrail, 
I digbtlf tloffod witb pole biunu. Leuf[Ui of tbc budy 3 1?)_1uma^ 
|<Df ibe wia|[t 7 Itnts. 

yennnela. Frotn Mr. Ufiuo'a tollwltoa. 

GiODp 3. SubfiTOup I. Bum. Gtu. Gyp. tl. 

IB. OtrOiC* STHUTl. 

rtf — ittlM. fliw. Cfn. t:^ I1.0L 

Sob-giMip 3. Aim. Gtm. Gyji. 

17. OmsA ouA' 

fljiiM otaa, Bmrm. Gtn. Ggy. 10. 

a. Sattfc Awnica. ftnteatcd br Uie EatooieliiHcal Club. 

h-~i St. JiAa'B Bluff. E. FloridiL Pnteoicd bt E. Duubledft* 

<— «. N'vraSoeda. 

18. Orrox* uxkatx. 
Burm. Gm. Gyp. ig. I. 


TMlaMa, /tiM nUitt, (iihw atiiJa ; aitf aaftn* alhidir, i 

. wUtiftb bevcUk i bead flat, ahsoit tmuutli, Mmi> 
a Hnfe namnr dwa ibe cbeu, d<X atclicd nur rtclg«d. 
'Mt, pah ImMou Mripo, ver^ fliffhtl^ ronc-Jtrc atoifc Ibe 
*: ia Imcth aadi lew ibm Wf iii hicaddi ; (bcc 
MBaaTii IB MM: MtU flTMn. kllgbtlj' convex. IJnelj' 
Hriaiad, with eiglit pue lateuui »tripif» ; Hiiti-lii^ii 
tatiMt liuaw Kfi^ea, giMlt M lite Up, with an Hrchfd. 


i.iKT or HOMorTERars nniBCT*. 

cntoK : legi palo leiiaccoui : ri»i«-irio{[t atiiti*!! ; 
i; trindiriiiKt «bile. Leiixib uf the boij 3] linta ; of ikc 
'brings 7 llnea. 

' r Pnapnied b; J. G. CLildnn, Ef^. 

G«aiu 7. XEHOPHUEA. 
rHopUos. ffffm. Zttiwkr. i. IWk 

Xeiopblica grilM, Otrm. XriUehr. i. 190, 1. 


Pmlhimii, Grrm. Mag. W. 46. Burm., Blattri., Amgoi el Sen. 
Iliit. Sat llim. MO. 

Cpttwpis. p., Faht., C'nfBfft., /^nr. 
Cicadi, p., Pans., Rani. 

1. PENTinMIt aTR«. 

Puolblmlii Rtra, ITrnn. .Vaf. Eft. iv. 48. I . Burm. ffamlh. Unl. I 
1, Hi,\. lUamrS. llitl. Sal. Im. 174. Amy:! fl Srrr. tlitt 
Nat. Him. Ml. Ct«eUrA. Ed. R/g. Anim. tni, pi. IW. f, 4, 

CetMpii mi|Cuinicolll», h'abr. .Vyif. AAy>i. 94. 39. 

CcKOpIt htniDdrThnH, f nAr. .S'yir KAy»- -'3. 3>* SeAnnk. 

Compi* Btrn, /'atr. .Vy.(. RAyn. IW. f»7. Co^u^A, WtuW. 34, pi, 8, f, 9. 

Cicada nitcn, Hohi. 

CiauU ibunoicn, Panr. Faun. Faif. Bl, pi. 18. 

Cicada homorriiOK, Pans. Fam. Fme. 61, pi. IB. 

CteadaMhiopK./'aR;. /'•»>». Fmo. 33, pi. 13,61.17? 

Penaimta, Amyit, Ann. Sac. Rat. Fr. iiof Sirie, t, IM, 433. 

a- EiiropA. Pmnitcd bj M. Pcidirron. 
b— /. Kurape. Prt*ent«d bj H. Uonnau. 
jT— *. Suulfa Fraiice. 

un or BoxopTSBovs iNtixn, 

2. PxsTnrNtA TuiAKu. 

Bte^ aUgrin;: bc»d moA ebrnt Mnrex. minuiely >^riiii(il 
wUk ft mUkli fcmqriDoiM Aoi on rach )^iilc nn<l uue ut 
IW tip ; |pf«-wbig« c«*«eil wilb frnugindits dnU : ihcir tii» nnd 
li« b^dnringifl^. I.«|igtb uf tlw body 3— 2i liiiii; urthtwiuD 

Tar.g. FcrtB^wm: hpblMlt; forr-wings pitch;, irlUi lui! 
BMfki; li]M lurid: hisd->ria|[> kltnoat oolodtlau. 

Vki. y like ru. : leg* uid fi»«-wiiig« femigiDOIW ; lU Utb 
■ iMJiJ witlt limwn. 

r, Sl Jolia'i BlnlT. E. FInida. 

PicMnted bjr E. DouNcdd 

3. pEMHIKUORIEinilUe. 
Jtoa ; aWrawa mW ptjnque aitttriot** tmntamjvam nf/i i<fu-i4 

IVm U»ek, oral: bead and dm) convex, thinlf punciur#d 
Um4 fcM«r oC the brcan n4: fvre-wingi thickly punciutrc) ^ their 
t>|a aad iha Ilisd-iriBgi b«nn. l.«ngth of the bud^ :ii liutM; of 
itit v{it|:« 7 Han. 

Vat. 0. AhdAncD itd od each tido loaatds the tip : nnttr 
I and feel mo*!); red. 

a. Saftli India. Fium Ur. Warwick'* collcctipn- 

1. PesttuiNLi rci.vitKxnuii. 

fioB, Mf Imya/ «tJ«aafli «»((■» fulrmt; lam' ;Kwliri /h/p 
•fa aafio* mpirtfmtm limpUo fucialit. 

TiiAj, nlkwr loop. alnMil elliptical -. bend and cheat convex 
tiMj aM BiiBuieljr paaetutcd, vith an iiidi»ii'itt luiiuiiu'iiiiil 
lidgrt dcM aBRbtl; impifutd <m each aide : hiuil tiordct of ih« 
taM tawnj: aUocncii Mnnilb lawn;, with a pitch; tip -. binJ-fo 




LwT or Homom»ovt mxcn. 

Uwnv, with block tips ; foTc-winp minutd; ragolow ; b curved i 
louilcH band ncnc each ti|>. nbicb is brown: btod-winirt 
I.ensih uf ihc \iu4j 51 linn : uf (lie "inp 10 lioe*. 

— ? 

3. Pestwijiu compact*. 

Ftrrtigiiua; etpal ntynm; ihorax dndW nigrr; at* ant 
jn'wtt, ndmaiyiiut poitirat femtfinea i al» patlira ttihlini- 

^VvJTumM)lu^, ihori, himul : bead black, itTy thort. imrij u 
hroail a* the cbMi, >l!)rtitly concaro bphlnd, raibvr mora mni«x in 
fruQi 1 foco convpx, wiih liiMiiict crtiu ridsci, wbtch w«nM obHinit; 
vbeal coniTJE, miniiul; punctured, hlurk t«mrds the forr buratri 
forc-wmgn pitcbj, remi(tinou« nliinf; tbc binit border: bind-iriiiip 
nJmoii colourlcH. Leiit;Ui i>( Ui« bottj' 1 1 line ; of (be winp 3 

M. Nurih India. Prom Mr. Wtnriek'iecQMlioii. 

ClatUipteta, Germ. ZfiUthrifi, i. IB7. 

I. ChMnommx achatim 
ClastuptiiA acbatina, Grrm. Ztittdtr. L 1S7, 1. 

3. Ci.**TonsRA DtaxotDcs. 

CiMloptcra darnoidts, 'rim. Z^Uekr, L L88| 9. 

3, Clastoptcu cmtcoicx*. 
QCUtlojiura oimkrida. Germ. ZtiarSr. i. 188, 3. 

tUT or itwfoprsMM mmcn. 

4. CLUTomtu ruTinom. 
flitlfioiu, Gmk ZHtarkr. i. tS», 4. 

&. CLuromu XAtmocuntihi. 

ClHtopten uBthoocphaU, Otrm.Ztiadti. i. im, i, 
^■■iflTaiua, CaraliiM. 

ft CturorrsK* max a. 
ClMMf«an nign, Am. ZtUtchr. i. 180, & 

ClnnptetB tnucnau, (rrnn. Z<iUchr. i, laS, 7, 

, Atmflrt Sat. Hut. NaL //4tu. Ml. 

Genu* 1. EIJPELIX. 
tkrm. iltf. Su. If. 1H. Ahnm, Bmm., Utrr. 
' p., F**r^ 6WJ., ^WJ. 


1. ErPKua ODnMBAiJi. 

EB|riis mnidalK, Cma. Mag. tr. 94, I. ^Amu. Aon. /lu. 
AmWl I*. pL 93. Aurm. Umdh. lint. n. I, 112, li>, I. (Uti. 
J^iHj. I. KmcA. //ul .Vat. /m. 106. jtnji>( rl Sm. 
But. NaL ffim. sea. Btrr.-Srhiff. .V«w. £>U. 72, 7A. Il«. 



LIST or uaMoi>TKnuca ucutcn. 

CioulB oiupidau. Fdbr. Syil. Rlivn. 79, 86. Sm. /m. IL 838, «. 
Ahai. Im. W. 373, M. £••(. Syil. iir. M, M. Owf. £4. Syrt. 
Nitt. I. 4, ailft, 177. Strw. filem. Ntl. Jlhl U. 98. 7Wi. 
%ir- A'at ii. tm. Fall. Act. Holm, ixiji. IHOA. », I. //<rni 

sire. Cif. aa, 1. 

Eupdk. iimyi-f, ,1m. Sot. Btl. Ft. 9m» Sirit, v. 301. 437. 
1. Eoglatiil. Pttmnlol bf F. Walker, £a<i. 


EuiKlii pnxlucu, Gtrm. Bvrvt. Gtn. EupelUi, 3, 1. 1, &. 

3. EvpKtix ariTiiruTt. 
Kupttlis tpBthulBto, frenn. Btirm. Gra. Eiiprlix, 3, f. & 


McKDpblhAlina*, Curl. Snt. itag. \. 193. 
Ciciidn, p.. Fallen. 
I'aropia, Ilaniy. 

1. HM)0PItT1ULMDti«CAXI0Va. 

Cicada tcKBica, AU. Act. Holm. u<rii. ISD6, 113, St. Hem. Sii»f. 

Cif.tHi. I, 
McgophtliBliiiiu tiipuuetato*, Civt. £^/. J/ay. i. IM, I, 

n — y. Eni^lnnd. 
A. SweJeu. 

M^opblUaiu pallidipennia. C»rri'>. .VSS. 
Puom pilUfiptiiiiU, Itofiy. PfiK. TfM. X*t. FiM Club. 
430. I. 

«. Sootlaod. PraoDlcd b; E. UoubleiUj, Eaq. 

LIST or BoMonzaora Mtccrt. 

Gnu 3. PAROPIA. 

,G*rm. Burm-fUit4i.Iint.li.l.\l3.\l. 
HMtOm, p4 Gmm. M*f Snl. if. 70: 

I. PAa«ru •cvtam. 

CoWia tCDtaM, f;«nn. if^. StO. U. 79, ft. ^Arnw, 

Fatr. xi. 33. 
PwnpU. .<lDiyM, Anm. .W, £bi J'r. 2Mf Sine, r. 302, 438. 
Pwy h <cuMU. Buna. Itamlh. A'll ii. I, 113, I. 
am. Pa«-pU. 1. Uftr.StLtf. /'«■ 130. 

9. PjinorixicrTirKiu. 

Bnti*. miM, /mm ; c*fM amtiei alMi> tmitUMm i k«Um at- 
firm liaMiM .' aiit pMtie« •«6riiNr«tf . 

HVSboR. ibiek, T«n dark b«a>ii: bead and ohcsi mlijthilv ■bininii, 
^Oklalj anJ BinBlcl; (Hincturtil : bnil a liiile broadei' ibuii (be 
cImH. «bh ■ ilnidet jellow baad tJauf; ih* biiid Imrdur, mid with • 
hcMte whitlili Mhpc on etch lid* ia (Tcmi-, ii iJion whitiih tirtak 
•n iIm fluvi dbUnoc beiwecn lh« crdelii (ijub] to ooc-lliird of tlie 
hMillh oftbebciJ: a •bott whitba band un tucb tide uf ibi- binil 
h«riH«rifc»ilikMi Uad^ankt bMct with Its ipine*, a ohanclcr 
paMUarloiUt^tela: tnv-wlBg* browi, *iib a black fiin boritr; 
a ooIpmIm «^ MM tbe lip «f iba fim bentvr, aad a eolouit*** 
mimk nMMliitg «bEf ndf Inmd lbs btM to tbe bind border : four 
tftal aiMtotit bnirf>wiag« iB^il; |(i*7- l^nfth of the bndv 
1 IfaMi oTtba «i*gi 9i linca. 

«. P PffMnted by C. D. E. Furtaiiro, En). 

3. PiBOiru TauHorLUH. 


yWlf W, jinn UfHtlaTMni ,- irtiWwm /uirn (rjiiMOl/ilii''' . 

■!« Mticw wl>/*/w 1 at* potliim UmpiiUr. 

YrOam. ikieiof : btnd *od cbou tniuteiMl; Miliud: bead 
«Mh • bTMil bnma baad btlwtcn lb« Cjtt : Htuoet betwNii ibo 

3k3 ~ 


U«r or noMotTswxtii tKMon. 

ujrelet* muro llinii oi»-.tblrd of Oic limdlli nf the bend: MM 
bTOWD, witli ■ yeWiiw dot nn cacti lide of tlic fore botdur ; hn bonkr 
of tbe Kulchcon aiUi a br<>irii irianipilar ipot in tbo middle, and 
H^tb a briiwn dot uo ««eh aide : hind-Uiauki cImoIj bmet willi •itout 
Kpinn : fore-wing* ali|;btlj tawny; Tcint iudlMincI: Hrrolru Icw- 
biail-vinRii otiloudm. length of ilio bodjr I) Ho*; of the wiuipi 

•I. Rio Janeiro. From Mr. Shuckiird't collection. 


Acoccpbilai, f?mii. Bum. Htttdb. £iit. ii. I,lll,l». 

Sm- HrrT.-Scluiff. 
Crreopi*, p., Pahr. 
Cicad*, p.. Fall., Fam. 
lowiu, V- Orrm, 

AouoepnaluH. AphmdM., p, et Pliryn<nnorpbtu, Cmtii. 
Pbolcto'r*. Zmrrttrdl. 
Acuccphilui, Itariy. 

Amyai rl 


OflMMf-nrirfii. nbfmifnrtnU, nblia latarm : peJei lalaeri : 
^m ptyttietl mhlimpidtr . 

OllVfr^fCnBii, aliuoM ipiodle-ahapcd, tistacraii* IwdmiIi - hMtd 
thort. iliicuy pi)iictuml, almtni tFinicin^ular nlung ibo fore bordn, 
wbich fortiM a *U|ihl rim, concave l>«hiiid. a llitic narT>nrcr ihan lb* 
(iliust : iLi lenirth linrdly one-third of it> brcndih ; liicv lint, wjtli *«y 
tliort and OiKblly uliii>)uc riduM do cucIi «iil« -. sbidd linety nuiatod 
nirrou, niiiiulcty |iiiiji^liin<'l luvanls lJi« fore border; tculchton 
minulolr piincliircd, with a nlifhtly atched luturo, b«(«rc4'n wbich 
,'ind Uie lip it it traanvenelt itrinlcd; Ipc* tantacooo* : fnrc-wiri)r' 
piiui-iurcil [owards tbo hue and nlmi; mott»f the forebonlOT: lund- 
wimrh aluiOBt coluiirleas. Lpngth of ifac body A lines ; of ibe wiug«_ 


<i. Philippine Idandi. Fniiu Mr. Cuwing't cuUeoiIon. 

un or ii«>innBBoi» atttcn. 


3. A«>rU*IIU.«ll HTIUMrMIKiil. 

tnrai; napalaanW vi^niUfiUdUMni,- nia anti«t ntbtimpiJir . 
•1* fmlicm Hmfvtit. 

Mb IMUOMM : bead ilifibtly ru)ni1o««, a liiCe twrtuwar iban 
th wi. mntnc, ud abnoat MtntciivaLu in (roni, 1cm ooneafc bo- 
it» length about ono-riMirtb of iu broidUi ; crown Icoiter in 
' ulitilW ihsn on aoob ndc : lav hlack doU od tbo fc** buHer, 
bnni • ifight nm ; fiice Sat, brmd, punctured . tkidd 
■tMlf (UialM: •cutchcon rrfjr iliubUj punctnnd : fure>wingi 
1 SBtMirleM, ptiacwnd ueuly u tlie liui, pale Wtt w wit u- 
ttbabaw; blkd^nfcfolaiubaa. Ltoguiortbobodjrli linci: 
«f Ibt «lB|t» 10 Udm. 

■■ Ja*a- FfDoi Mr. Afj^nu'* eollcciion. 

c (If ■tilatei). 

3. ArocKPiiALcn — f 
RkUfanv hland. Pioentcd by ilie Entodiologi- 

4. AcocsnuLu* SoLiuoiNia. 


TcuigimM SoUtbfiait. Umrru. itSS. 

Sti^mtnna, frmt^itfn ron/rrtim luiUfu ,- p»iU* pieto fattiati ; 
■X* fottirm nUimfitit ayiit eiitm-t. 

Smv-oAont, lydlr (u<rrtd wiib rerrug^noiu siarlH: brad 
nrljr Mni-dlipticnl in froiil ; ilx Icnfftb faanllj maro in tlie 
llu iM nek ride, and nut n)i<tv ifaui oiir-fourlb of iU 
Irft witb trregiilBi pitchy b«u<lii - biud-oiiigi iJiiiuM co- 
■, vitb gray tip*. L«agili of ibDbodj3l linn; ofibcwing* 
• Mm. 

■ Catfed Stale*. Ptmcattd by the Gutoaologiral Clob. 

ft. AcocspMiti.tt pai.u*rBt. 
fafaltz piluaua. &«. Utttdi. Jint. ii. 1, 113. 

4. AeiKtPBUn »inACVLxTii». 
intofykthm btnMruUtui, AmyM H S<r<i. ItUt. .Vat. Htm. MS. 


Acooepluliu eonuUit. Rurm. lUndb. Enl. ti. 1, 113, I. 

laniu ooaUliit, Grrm. Mag. Enl. iv. »3. M. 

Ciokda ctwIaU. Pan:. Faun, tiena. Ixi. H. 

Aoocephalus, Amyot, Ann, Soe. Enl. I-'r. 2iar 5M«, *.30I,-(4I, 

8. AoocKPNii.rn Caudii 

ifaaln* Cardui, CuH. IMt. Bnt. 630, I. 
Vm. a. ohwunis, t'«r(. Brit. E»t (120, 3, 
Vm. a. inaniu, Curt. bril. Ent. 0ii}. 3. 
CkwlB, .Vc^ Sto//, Cic. SO, pL 20. f. 1 10. 

m—r. Englaod. 
/. Fnnce. 

0. AoocirHU.(ii KTattios. 

AfoW. /«. H. 37.V13, 

FaU. Aci. Iltilm. x^vii, 

ZfH. A'atiN- iMpp. 

la Rutin, fatf. Sp. Int. ii. MO, 10. 
GitifV. £.1. %!(. A'af. i. 4, 9103, ID6. 
lUOl!, »2. Iftm. Sme. Cir. 23. I. 
518, a. 
CicadA vkri^LitOi. >air. $j7. /iw. ti. 327, 3A. itimt fmt. ii, 37}. 48. 

C^niW. Ed. Sif'l. Nat. i. 4,3106, 131. 
Cicsdn itiiula^ /.inn. FaiM. Sun. 887. Ash /ni. OM, I. <:Mr. 
In,. Par. i. 431, 3Q. Gintt. Ed. SvH. Nat. \. 4, 3103.301 
tirik. Syn. I. 113. Star. El. .Vut. //uL U. 06 > T^n. iL 

pis tUiabi, ^air. £nf. Sf^jf. ir. », 23. ^5^1. AAy*. !M, 40. 
1^1* nri«|{>tii. /aAr, EhI. Syil. \*. SO. 37. 
croopii riullca. Fihr. Km. SyiiAr.M.SS. Smt. IHyn.07.H. 
u. f Ceicopu •ihtleUa, Fair. Emt. Ifyn. iv.»B,t3. Syt. Rky 
9S. 59. 
Cicid* Drimsir Seirant, Fain. Boic. 353. 
IlMM tUJgatiH, GffM. J/«^. £nl i«. 1*3, 3.1. 
AoMiqihnliu (IHhIiir. Anna. HnnAK Km. ii. I, 113,3. 
uvcjilialui ruKMiH. Curt. Brit, £nr. 020,4. 
loleUEn ruBiica, Xtii. Int. Ltpp. 288, 1. 
Diataniops, AmyM, Am. Sot. Ent. Ft. 3mt S4rie, *. 306, 443. 

a. England. 
, Franco. 
South of Fraac& 

LUT or noMon-KKDCH rMScr*^ 

10. AcoccruALiia livlmii. 

k UrOM, Z*t(. Int. htfp. 2(t8, 3. 
Tar. ? PlwlMarBi »ifi»fttNlaU. Zru. /». Xoff. 3W, 3. 

II. AcocKtHALin uKicoLOB. 

Acve^rhaha nrioobr, Cbrt Brit. Enl. 030. d. 

Tk.; AphnJn pulienlnu, dot. Brti. £a(. 033, 17. 

•»«. UnElud. 

13; AcacEPH Jill's PASci&rva. 
C«ir(. Aif. £nj. 020, 6. 

13. AcocerBxLVB ^aLUDC^. 
Curt. BriL KnL eOO. 7. 


11. AcorEi>iuuis BtciscTva. 

* [' >--..-..- ^,^ Jl^, £^ 0JO_ g 

19. AcocKnuLva ADUvrtrs. 

iwn;i«lui mImuim, Htrdf, Pne. 7yw. Sat. FidJ-Clai. LiHa. J 

a. twtkDJ. pRMMad br J. Hanlr, Eu. 
4. SMikiB4 Pmaatad bjr E. DouUetU?, Ck). 


Cfaidt alUTraa*. X*mi- /m*. A"«r. 681. 

Cte«i nhnuiica r Fatf. Art. Oolm. xxvii. IHOtt, 10. 3. 

Ltn or uoMOpnaou* ixsson. 

17. AcocKniiLn BtritcHYUi. 

Oicadft biGueiata, Lmn. Si/tL iVof.ii. TOS, la. Fmm. Suae. 8W. 

/W.^N.ifoAn. Mill. 1»0<!, 13.4. i/na. Sun. Or. 1830, 

as. a Om. Aril. /w. xi. 7b. jil. 3»7. 2rtl. Fam. lapp. i. 

619, ». 
Cicada thfiuteiaU, lit Girr, liu. Hi. im, e, pL 11, f 2i. 
CeiDOpb trifiuciaui. Fabr. Bnl. Sgil. in. M, 43. SytL fOiyn. W. 

68, Cvquth. llltul. M, pi ti, r to. 
lutiu trifoacialus. Omn. jViir/, Eni. Iv. H7, 21. 
Acuvonholun biritclnius, Curf ffril. Ehi. <UU, V. Htr.JSeliaff, 

Norn. Fml. 72. .faim. c«>. I, 153, A. 
Duulcsmia, Amyoi, Attn. Sor. Ent. Ft. ^me Sirit, i. 3M, 477. 
Plwlnam bifiuci«t>, ZM. tnt. L*py. 2t)».3. 
ClcidB UtilriaU? Gnffr. Int. Pv. iii. 43ft, 31. Gmd. Ed. . 

.V«t.L4. 211)1. 1H2. 
Ciokda Htiriau 7 Geojfr. liu. Pur. iii. 430, 33. Gmet. Ed. 

.Val. i. 4.31111, Il>3. 
Aeucu|>liiilub tncinctu^ Curl. Brit. £hl. 030, II. 
PenOiiHieiiiR, Amyol, Ann. Soe. Enl. Ef- 2nw SMe, v. 306, ' 

a. 6. Eoflniid. 

t. d. ScoduKl. Pii4CDUd 1).T E. Doubiolair, £«{. 

*. llalj. Fnim Ur, LlhuIi'ii uotlcoiiuu. 

18l AcocErii«LD8 iFFDni, 
Clmda uSait, FaU. ae(. ^To/ni. xsi I!. I«00» 13, «. 

19. AcootPiiAtx* arc 111 vs. 

Cloada UftMiata, Var. tpuria, FaJ^ /Irr. ffoba. zsvii. 1806, 13. 
Cioda spuria, Zrtt. Fmtm. Ltpf- <- <^1<'* % 
Pbolelcn (puria, Zdt. Int. L«j>p- 2**^< *■ 



AlgOMagUID, jJMjrol, jtnn. £««. Ein. Fr. 3bw SMr. «. 304, 440. 

uaT <i> aauonBKOUk imen. 

ai. Acock ruALcii Mtrum. 

PtajSMWiibM tAtiiim, Cart. Bnl. .Va^. l I(N. 
•-/ B&cUimL PmCBlod b; F- Wallicr, E*!]. 


gmtlal^: aU piHlifit alba. 

TdoWi (kbil; corerad wfth Tuy nraiule bnnni dutt: faca4l 
•Inert •• bnad uthechMi ncnni Bil.M-micitouliiiin fionlil 
dl^lb oaami* alonjc lb* kind bantiTi iu lcn)cih «boiti one foiii^J 
if iabrMdih: fiko* tat: bcMM, ntHbiocii aoil leg* pule fctlawij 
tm m\ut,\\ wblliali, doOod whli brawn ; hii)d-wit>|pi Nbifr. Ijcd^| 
■lite UnI/ ailinet: oT (lie wiapfl lints. 

K Bniuti Guianii. PimenUd by Sir R. SchomliUTgck. 

33. Aca4-Eriut(!K uBLiqun. 

; ftdajlari; ftdn potHd fanm-fiari ; nl4k\ 
\fitn rarur; ala fottif* lhnfid». 

TvUpw, noubd villi fcirvn : ItMd lat, ibort^vunical. tmj i>dii> 
! on UiB kind botdrr, ahnMl m brMd u tb« chesi, ilifbUjr im. 
•ed KB (k« dbk, iriili a dcndet, i»d)MiDCl long^liidinit] furiuw i 
a tavili Ml noie than onc-foturlli of iU breadth ; liicc itiit - ^liirld 
iK^Ol coMTcx : Malcfaeoit Sal.jelliyir, wiib n iliahtlj' orubed tram- 
•«K mtau« in the ntddls i log* jrclluw ; hind-legi yi^i brown : 
Imi liimt ^USkilr lawn*. *tit*ii whh bi«wn : hlsd-wlngt mIowIo 
lii|lli MiMM^ It Iwc; of the wiopn )iBc»- 
>■ Bl inoM Ue, GalnpngM. Prcwnud b^ C. Duwin, £tq. 

34. AoMsnuin - 
•- C«f*. F>nn H. IM^'i oaHection. 


uR or amonsBon mfscr*. 


hkliu. Gmner. Hamdh. Eta, iL I, 111. Airak 
5(rK i/Mf. Am. //^. ass. 


I abMl«4u*, ffmn- Rrw nach lialm. 2.1, I, 4I»1. Maq. t(%t. 
W. M, 3i. Burm. Hmdh. Bitt. u. I, 111, I. Amytl M Sm. 
Uul. Nal. Htm. 5ts3 
8tlennpv|)hslua. AmyDl, Ann. Soc. Enl. Ft. 7me SMe, y. 206. 446. 


2. SsuiKooKPiiAi.n MMtim*. 

Clciultt MtreMii, /«/;. y1r(. /Mm. sxril 1800, 23. 17. W™. , 

Ch. 18, /^2. fWn. /m. cxxir. 13. 

G«nus 0L CCELtDlA. 
Calidia, <r<rM. May. Eiti. i*. 7ft. 

1. Ca(Ln>u TraosA. 

!f« renom, fimn. Woy. Enl, W. 78. I. pi. I, f. i. /Jurm 
ITmJi. AW. ii. 1, ll-l, 1. 


ColidU pocilo, Crm. Sfajr. B»l. W. 77, 3. 

3. CaLiPiA r*iutc»Ta. 

CtBlidia vmriefcito, Gmt. Mmi), E»t. It. 77, 3. 

Utr or ■OMonsBoiig lancn. 

4. CaUDU nvxittm*. 
k fi^aim, Gfrm. Muf. E»t. It. 78, 4 

dtrm I ftfM fimntmi ftitt attlenam Jlati i ir'ir anlinr nigri 



Dwpbhck: hew! insll, jellow, much nnnawri thmi tbechMii 
m tat, nlMpuidnu^ nllow ■lonit ihe fore border i lu IrnKth 
•|Hal 10 iH bnairfili i fiwe looc, Unwt elliplioal ; iU&k flsl, 
Btaed I ridpa on «acb Me t«)7 sUgtit ; etilttDiii& coni- 
: ebHi rti; iminuttlf lutierralai* ; ttilcfd caovex hi 
Inmtt aImM Malght aMigi ilia hinA horiet : fcutchcon witti a ■hil- 
hm — — ~" iwfiwiin*; >m« of ihe pectoral wgaieau with let- 
b«fa«: val*«afdiaoTiduct lenni dated bjr twoUnMntt: 
1*0 valbv- Hom-wtDpr* Miii^h -black, injr broad to»aTda 
Ir ltaa,iAldl an t<ifi<i ■■ •cin'^ liWl. with nnmvrout unmjr hanih : 
hM-mp bnnm. I.(»gdi of iIm bod; 3i lioet ;; of ibe ninct 8 

A Colambia. From H. Jurgai' eoUeetion. 

0. CaUDi4 tcTiPsNaiK. 

ToMm*. Mtral mlhU* ; f»rif Ttifo-lri'iKata : abdomta mpice 
rmfum i ptJeMftlMt Irttaeei ; litiii litniiijur pud'rii m|fi: 
■1# r^m { ata «arJ(w o^r fuM, aif imrum ni'^ru mum&ta. 

wbitiili bneath: bend n tittle nnrmiifr thitti ih« 
i[ wvwa wkiihb, Imi)^ Uian UruiuJ. widcnlni; lowaidi ibe 
fcoM, bort aw d br a rim, Bud ilitided hy i lonKimdiuBl riilge; two 
iMn* iniMicric ridgM ronninn an insto imt Ixibind ibe ej^tu: 
^■■iMnf . Oil, with ailiKbl lonnuidiul nA^t, furmtng an angle on 
I lUe by tbe fe«l«r. adomad wiib tbrve pale r«l tUfpM, ibe nde 
frirAoni aalMoaia nth«r long, Indlftincu^ ridged: cheat punc- 
•mA I Akw lad I aoDicbeim with n tiraiyhl tnnirefM! suture 
maid* die tip ; abiloineD rtd loivard* the Up : )c^ pale UMUoc- 
•»i h)kd-«haiib aid hiod-fMt red : winn tii : toT*-wingt broad, 
aUiadag towanll tbi tip*, trilb some blactith marki along lb« fore- 

imuttnt, wtaevM* dmtim limpidii «nuM, /■, 

poMMtf/MM, MMoo nafyJMbr. 

hie fotngiMHH: bc«<l vliituh, ■ Utile nam 
, ia •liuctm like thai of C nut^nuui ; oivsn k 
I bokd ■eiMB iLt Middle ; uee bnngiiimu, « 
Mm; tjfiaUim* wUlU, (emifinoo* UmHd 
ii aba Icmicitiou*- <1m puaeiumi; icuu 
kt Inuurcne sulnie ; lircatt mui abdeoMn, bco 
ow; Uiirii* pake than Um ibaab: fM«.wni 
MM wiubdNDe black (fvlealaBs Ike feraborda 
iha did^ 10 tiM ii]i) toMtd* dw kind b«nl 
«a« la i la , one in Ike diik, ibi oikBt am* tka I: 
r; T«iM pale or bniwn, witli «liitbk bandi 
[ brown, pale Mtaoeoua alene liMr^lftlia of Uia lore ~ 
.mm ibaa half of tbe Um bordai. Lngib «( ' 
of Um wuift 7 tiaet. 

8. CdcLUMA »ann.m». 

uftn fawigutntm i p^m^mii fide 
MM •aticw wiriA finm,f'4i* yututm ; 

Black 1 bMd Muall, naeb wunmtt Uiaii 
ontcti lanm Ihm bmrf, alaoa epi: 
Mm a vdbir Mripa. ■b lA b foAwl ■ 

Loa or uoH omiKova issEcn. 

■Imi «1tk » gkBOoai tiiife benCBtfa : fbfr-iHiigs pUnby. tinR 
«ila tvWB. adflnM^ with nuiiMtinu ta«nj dolt. Mid with a [aw 
M^ OB Hdi bard*t lomrda lli» lip: hiod-iriiigt brami. Long 

«r tb« hadj a) IhlM ; of the Wtlt|l 8 ItMS. 

«. Hoadatu. Fnim Xt, DyMu't coOwtioa. 

Anbc, «tta oarM ; aMoMnt (mMmkh, miliu pirfum alba nald 

ItUijifw mfirw i*ffp(r fa(u, Au aUo BwrH^irit, iWi a/fi 

fi^ ftrmni: bead a IttUe nuiuwrf ihvi tbe chest: crv 
l*iti7-*Ulc, Willi daito Mnakt. and wlib « black buoi on mcli lide 
!■ ■■!*> lb* boM. its loiftli »tMiui twice iu hmidth : fruiit bluck 
ritfc ■ ftw white dut( : boe Mkclt, nanov, thinly puncliirrij, uiwiiy 
«■ Mek «klc, will) tmi trhite »pat» at ibo bue : uhrit pRrllv lawny, 
AilUr dOTsed with wluie tubwclet; KWcheun hiiIi a whi'le longi' 
' lidni peMdml MgOMIK* wllk wliiu bordvn; ulxlometi lei- 
, pitchv with wlilu nuiis benMih : ovjiluct liluck : \cgt 
itUgul; •Ucaked with white: fcclblnrki fcire-tht^ht hu'I 
• Uach, wiileneil, the kmaet willi Iwo nliite bandt, the 
witk a white >pvt eai Moh tide: futv-wiagt brown, atinMt 
MiMdMa U, the bwae, imu wych lb«* is m iwtraw im«nbr whit« 
Wirf; a wUta spM aw ibw fcre hotder U Iwo-tbinis of tb« Isngth : 
■ wytB rttMk omedu lo it in tb« disk, and aaaibM oxlcodiaii for 
sibst snaoe aloar the hind border froio the lip; Tdn* ihiaU* 
MiM wl With white oou : hlad-wlDg* gnj. L«ngth of the bwtj 3} 
tas; of the wings 7t liawt. 

•■ DiuU. Frtm Ui. Staions' ecllMtioa. 


Jifps; T^uiJUtmm.nffo MHllalmia, nigra hifaidalum! 

■www »r ywwM fU»» J m e ialm tt mitrnt maeiialtt ; friajtavit 
tim «wfu« i(Mn«aisfe(, strU* atritf, maetdit api^tw limpidii ; 

Btek : hMd pale fellow, a tittle urrawer ilun lb« cfaast ; 
laofBT tlua MOaii, widciiiii^ (inni the bind border lo the 
wiA % risste blackitfa inipc, *bi<ti has » browu saa tfc w 

3 f2 



lioHrr; Tcioi red, msTkcd hero nnd there with black: hind^i 
with btowniih bordcn. Lentth or ili« bodr 3 linta; oT the via 
7 linn. 

a. Pari. Fran Mr. SleitTii<i' collecti'>ii. 

7. CiXI.1lit;t COfTil.lC. 

Frnntgiiua, capSte ptrUm ntnirt pfdit^u^nr lufomi ; ata i _ 

tntarea, macuiiM dnatui limpiilu ornatir, faico riitata, mt 
rmlam ftmgincn nlyru macvUlir ; iinut albofmaata: alg 
jMuthajtittm, IntsTM marjiiiatir. 

Pul* fotnit^nou*: lickd wliilitb, a little Burowcr than (be 


ufaMt, in unioture IlLc tbut of C. ni|tp(M»M ,■ omwin with a pale (rt- 
I runinoiH hoiid acrou the middle; Ince femi|ciiious, whitish t0««rda 
the vpisluDia 1 mUluuia whiiiili, rerrupnoui towaidt the lauuili, 
wliich ii alw tenneiuoiui cliut iiuiielurad; iculchtun wilh s 
Mnlght trati4ii>nie iiitiKft; bi«BHi and BbdoiiiMi,bta^ih, and legi 

II«ilaceoiiii ; thishx puler than the il»ll1u: fore-wiofp Ictuccoiis, 
fenusiiioui wiUt some block ipuls ulimg Uie fore batdrr, bnywn fraro 
puit of the itink, lu the (ipi towardii ibo hind bordtrr. with t«i» 
ooloutlMa t^ou, onv In the iliKk, ibr ollior imst ilic tip of lli« hind 
J hordu ; v«iiii potc or brown, wiili wbitii}i brtixlk : htnd-mnca 
I brami.palc bsUoeoiu aXoag A>ut-li(Uas of the forv bortlcr, and along 
mora ihas half or (he bind botd«r. Leugtb at the l>odv 3 line* ; 
I of th« aings 7 lima. 

8. CatLiDU BvrtrRONS. 

SigTA! eapM Jtant-hivifUlutn, antire rn/iint; aMminn 
mitt /rnvyinttim i pedit Jtavi ; ptdt* pMliii fiuro 
alir aatiira viriJi pitta, fviro r/aJlabt ; al^ potties fiMrtr. 

Black : h<«d nnall, much narromr ihao the dml; cro«m ten 
nwoh tonKCT than broad, a1nto«i tpindle.diapi'd, bsTiug od c«en 
tfde t jtXhm stripp, wbich ia forkM and muck contMlcd on Ae 
kftoDt, uid ii ooniinufd tttuugcnch 'idceftlMlkcn; fiiMnd,i|l&dl^ 
abapint. wkhabliick »n\'v Id the dii'k, and wlih black obfiquehaBdi 
on each lidc . coniimnmcnti on tach «ide yellow with black nacki ; 
ei>istuma rvd, black nlouK each tide : month jellow : cbnl Jilning, 
aDghtljr punciumli peutoral wgments with jtOav bolder*: abd^ 
men Irnnglnons towards the lip benoath; hlndbonlcni ofibexc- 
mcnU pale jcUow: log* dingr trtllow: hicd-loKt panl; broam; 

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■jrikoMopoi jfM3D(ai> a Pediopnt, Amgot tt Sm. 

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apteU ultra MX. 

I. BrnnMcopcs uhm. 

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fta.Htlr.9*.*64. Fair. Sv^Ent. SSI. -a. Sp. Ini.ii. 
37. JfoM. 7>i. U. 371,M. ' £ix. .Sn/.lr.38, £0. Gmd.Ed. 
ShftU StL i- -I, 3107, 37. /^uis. /^«. Crrm. iv. 23, xixU. 

, F<V. Emi. Snt. ir. 43, 68. 
Imaio, Pah. Sjat. Skyn. H6, i. Fall. AH. Holm, xxrii. 
IMd, 116, I. /Ta. ,V>n-. Ck.60, I. 1?mii. ,Vdv. £■>'. » 
61,1. C>rti(nl.>Jit636. I. 

ibnnikau, Fat. £mhi|. ffAvo. 97, 10. Ann. Mov. Eml- it. 
' I Tiridlt, Zlkm. £r>(. 7iu. ii, 48. pi 51, f. 3. 

I luio. Smrm. llandb. £nl. ii. I , lOD. 1. Utrr.-Srixtjf 
Ntmt- J&U- 00. Blamck. Uiit. N»t. Int. IM, 4. JnjM «( 
&n. i/ut. A'm. /y«n. 96^. J . 
>)iA »»wH i u i itimiat, Hrrr-Srhaff'. Rum. oliii. 13. 
lliHi UBMlata. SL Fcry. fi -Sm. fn.-. ,V/lA. i. 013, 3. 
!■■>■ imtlg«r, ^1 Ary. W &'rrr. fur. J/^iA. x. Ut3, 3. 
Vh. ndibnttui, Amifal, Atm. &'ac. /inf. /■>. -Imr Sin*, r. 'JOB. 
a. Awm^, Ann. Sot. Aim. /■>. 2*k AWr, i. 9IJ7, 447. 

^ JtayM, iliu. .Sor £^l. Fr. 2mt Sfri*, r. W7, UH. 
' Awft, Ana. Sae. EiU. Fr. 3flw Sirit, i. 310, ii'i. 


--I. Eo«»a.d. 

L Seodaarf. PKaanted by E. DouUctb;, Eiq. 

i Ftaaee. 

^L Eljtn 'U puueuia, anolls apicallbiu 3 — fi. 
r. VoB d]rim «>ncohu«, para» cuntpicui. 


i tan 

uat M iiaMamiKii;* iraEion. 

3. BmKMCoraii pRiiinn^ 

laSBOa piaiiiaa>, 6'niii. itag, A'ni. it. BI, 3. 1 

Byiliofcaptu pnnuut. Hrrr.Schaff. Nam, Smt.Cii. 

3. BmiowoPDB PoNi.i. 

Ciimiti?o[.u\\,Li«H.Sifl.Nmt.n.Tm,'Aa. Fawt. Sure.HQO. Gmtt. 

Ed. Sfil. iVof. i. t, 2103, 32- 
Cioadk Confli. Linn, Sytl. Nul. ii. 713, il. Faan. Suet. 001. 

agut. Bi. SvA Sti. I. A,i\\i.&\. 
Ceraopw PupuU, F«tr. Sp. Int. 11. 9.11. 14. ITmi. /rw. It. 37fi. 31 

Bnl. Svil. It. A7, 4. SifU. Piya. m, itS. 
CiMflu hifliitlnU. Fair. Em. .Vyii. i». t^, 70. 
Cioiulft fuTitiilji, fiJtr. Sp. Int. !■. 327. 38. U«al. fm. It. S72, 41. 
fcn(. SvX. iv. M, 73, Oiufl. Ri Syi. Nat. i. 4, 4103, H3. 
5*w /f/. A'of, Hill II. IW. ruff. .S>(I. ,V«(. if. 5B7. 
us bi)C<>tt<ilu>< Fabr. S^ii. Hhi/n. 87, It. Gtrm. Mag. Ent. i«- 
03, I). 

Ibhus rul|[i(lus, Fair. SyK. Rhv". 87, 13. Cmn. Jfiu. ffnt. i*. 91, 
pjunu «li)Ctna, 6'mn. .Vuj, Knf. iv. 81, 19. 
^bisat mnruarita, -Vl. Faty. ri Srrr. Ear, MM. x, tll9, 1. 
T«MU* Pupuli, f'of/. Act. Hu!m. \x\i\. 1806, 118,3. Hem. Sl. 
Cit. 60.3. ZrH.F*u.n. Lajm. i. Jl|, I. /ni. Ijipp. 301, I., 
BjibotCOpus blgutUtUS ilarm. Ttamlh. £*■(. ii. 1, 101), 1, 
Bfllwifoopll* Ponoli, Ilrrr.-Schirjf. Sim. Knl. 6« fW«ii- exliii. H. 
Idlooen* mtoullpcnni*. Cnt:. tt'ri!. A»r. 733, 3. 
Idiooenw ml^ureiu, Cvri. Itrii. Em. 733. I, 
IdioMn* rSiilgmi. CVr. Urii Fki 793, 9. 
Uioccru UtlKawiatnt, CWr. Jtril. Eai. 733, 6. 
Idloctm Bucus, CWrl. J7n(. Em. 733, 7. 

|fl— /l EngliuiiL 

f. S«utlaiiil. 

u>r ov ooMcvnuMifii iniectb. 

4. BTrHo«corvM (Jvlixhiuu. 

I Gflknlwli, Ftli. Att. Hotm. xxrii. 1606. 

9. BrtHoitcoru :imi>ia*iMtni. 
Bflbearapoi Btlidiannuu, Uerr.-Srlutff. N»a>, Enl. Mt. 

LflOMirilut. Ja^. /lw>. S>c. J?nf. Fr. 2»r SMr, <r. aCK>, WO. 

r c Tan* obMiirions. 

A ¥•■■ coloR *lba btamiptB. 

«■ P jltww MMa itwulUa. 

7. BrrnoMOKB vn>x«Tvs. 

I cnaun, f^mit. Aim; Famn. Int. sdL |0. 
SjilwifM cnnuuu, Utn.-Stlutff. Nonx. KmL 08. 

S. BrmoacorvB scuiuu. 

tcitns. Htrr^Stkttff: li«m. Mm. 09. 
0m«. ilAmw, Abb. /«. siii. II. 


9. BvTBO«:t>PC» UTVUfW. 

By thw e mw titanttu, UrrrS^taff. Kem. Bm. 89. 
iMai Utantua, ^<i" .Irf. Halm, xxvii, l»<OS, 117, :{. Hm., 
a*. 90,2. ZtU-FoMt. Uff.vM\,2. Int- Lapp. Wi.% 

•~t. Eaghad. PnMtned bj T. WaOcr, Emj, 



10. BvTfloitcopus TlitiiL-t.^ 

CictiU Trcmut*, EiiIuh.1, Act. Halm. ITUII. 139, pi. &, f. 3. 
IlMia Trrmulv, Zttl. Faun. Laty. i. 043, 3. liu. L^. 909, 3.^ 


« <. Eljtiorum oaat vsriegau. 

11. BvTBoaoariw vakibb. 

Cicada rarU, Fahr. Ent. Svi. Iv. 4?. OS. 

Plata tkHb. f'l^. ■'ipl /lAy». d>t, 49. 

Tamil iiiiilll. (ttrm. 1/ay. £nl. i*. S2,6. AJkft»f, Fiaili, Jnt. Xl% 

Bnhwcojiui xiriii*, Hrrr.-Srhaff'. y^m. Enl. (W. 
lAooeiti* ttieinAliciiltt, l^ficu, Traiu. Snt. Sat. i. 98, b1. 7, f. S. 

Curl. iJrii. AW.raa, I. 

IdiMCnu maeolicvllu, Viri. Brit. Hut. 733, 3. 

IdiMtnu, Amyot,Am. Sot. fnl. /'r. 3inr Sfrjf, r. 30S. 4-IU. 

a—/. Englniiil. Pmeaud by F. Walker, £«(. 
f— i'. Eu)(lai)iL 
J. Swadcn. 

IS. Bniioacom rtanvot. 

B;lbuK«pu» pcDciluB, Herr-Sthaff. A'im. £iu. 00. 
a, b. U«Dev». Preaentcd bj U. Uourtou. 

13. BmoBConti iiotatc«. 

BfthOMopiu notatus, Rrrr.Sthfff'. fima. &t. 60. 
Cicada oxaluu? Fabr. Sya. Otyi. n, «. 

dd. Venn omoiati fu»e>. 

14. BvTiioioorct LtatxTW 
Bjrthoioapn* Urvatua, Utrr^&ckdtff. A'an. Caf. 00. 

i.l*r or aoNOPTBSona ixsscn. 

ti. Btthciiicotii* ntKOtm. 

Cia«& veaoM, Fall Aft l/alm- xxiu- 1800, H. I». Zett. In 
Ltff. 903,0. 

VCMMUS, GiTM. 1%. £w. IT. S0, IS. .Urou, /'aun. 
I pwdlMpcf GtTw. AArtm, Am. xvil. 13. 
BjikoaeufHi renoMU, Hert.Srltirff. JViim. £n(. 6t>. Favn. ciliv 

riMlUlWIit I. iliiijX. ^nm. &ir. BM.Pr.^me AVrv, r. *J I (1, 4 J 

BmmmmF jiayol, y<n>. .%>r. fnf. Fr.^mt Sine.v.2\\,A!>!^. 

«, i. Engluiil. PrtMnud bj F. Walker, Etq. 
r, rf. EBgfaad. 

■ L Tsui dawpw lljiaarit, aoeuliun olitiuum funiuuii, ouju 
btaehiB axtulncnatu*. 

k. Sariai ma H«oUniin diwoidiiUtin, qiufum (iD|[ulu e plurib 
quam qiuUMT MBfMlla. 

10. BrnnMCOPirR u:ncci.*TVB. 

Chada MlcuUu, .Viu. Zot. 1I6,33,:U. Cuw/. Ed. SfU. H^A 
4,11 II, 231. 

fMfanluii*. /-^Ar. Btu. Sgti. U. A?, 46. .Vjint. KAyn. 
•4. f^Btr- /Vuit. Ini. Orrm. cxitL 4. 
M minus Fahr. S^(. Rky*. 86. 7. Germ. SSa$. Enl. i*. 83. 7j 
jUmi, Faut. Xii. [ll, 17. i/knn. C/B. /•»»(, 3, r. 0, 8. 

pua relMnUtiu, IJtTT..Sdtm^. M>m. £a(. 6S. /an 
axirL4, cxsx. II. 

, Amftt, Amm. Sot. BiU. Ft. 3in> Sirit.v. 3M, 4»l 
•.liBMlMid. PnMoled bv F. W&lkct, Em. 
;L Eailud. ^ 

tl. AmoU* tta ■WfiwJA.iM qiutrnm una alUnva m dim* an 
(Its diriu. 

17. BrrniMmm vhekcxb. 

limcni*? .Vk>. LfJt. lie, 34. f>-Mf. EJI. Smt. Kal. L 
Silt. 235. Fahr. Em. Smt. W. 40, (H. d^u /^Ayn. 71), 
AJL Art. //o6i. xxiii. 1W», 32, 31. ttan. .^Bfr. Cm'. 


LtR or BoiiarTHDn iHaicn. 


Bnhiwwpua TiniMna, Htrr.-8ekm0. Som. Eut. m. Ifum. Gm. 

Bfti,. \«, 
Umu rinsoca*. Germ. May. Em.it. ts. CVf. Brit. Bni. 030,1 
Blicnpria TiteMeni, Ladt, Tniu. Em. Six. i. OO, pi. S, (. 3, 

Fedlopiia rliWMlU, .4niut>( «t Serr. HuL iVal. lUm. 5»6, I. 
Pedinp^ JmyaeMnn.'&r. f**!. Prrl^n* Strit, *. 210,467. 
Vv.fCiauiagnniini!*, Fabr. Hoi-Sytt. SuppL Wl,-!?. 
lauu* ([Tftmincna, Fabr. SM. RAm. 77, 71. (iemt. Mas. EiU.\ 
HI. 4. 

a. Stfedm. 

Id. BTTUoflropn NitotsiTr*. 

BjthiMrojiut marglnatut, BtrT.-Srhitff'. Sum. Eml. OB. F 

cxliii. 7. 
Meoduria ? ilmyot, Jnn. Hoe. UnL Fr. imr Strie, r. 313, tm. 


18. Bythoscopvi NiAUTOB. 

laaias dumuis, Cmn. Ahrtm, Fmm. Ini. xtII. 13. 

Bjtbowaput itasMtut, llrrt-Sthtrff. Son. Bnl. Oi Faun, cxt! 

PBOeobia, ^nyor, .4na. Sot. Eni. Fr. 2ine Sirit, r. 313, -156. 

a—d. EmjUuti. PrcwnuabjF. Wdlvr. E«q. 
*,/. Bagiaod. 

SO. BrrnoiDOPuii rurtcoLMK. 

^■CioBdn flaricoUU, Linm. Svt. Xat. 0. 70i>, Xi. Faim. Sure. m\. 
f Fatr..'tp.lai.li.3-i5,ii. J/«.t /ni- ii.371. 3S. Eal .Si/tl. 

I ir. 37, t2. Syti. AAyn. 7S, 61. Gmd. EA. S)tt. iVnt. il 1, 

Sloe, 33. ~ 

' cicada Alvl, SrltniHi, Fail. Boir. 

Cicada diadcmo. Fabr. Eni. Syi. U. 44, 74. 

Ciotda biptutulnU. Fahr. FhI. Sytl. tv. 4A, 7B. 

Cinadn Inimgukri*. /oftr. fiitl, Sv*t. i». -Ifl, 83. 

Cicailn llLiinccui, Fnbr. Ent. Syil Ir. 46, W. 5v>r- AAyn. 7», 

Ias>u» bijiatlulnWi, /abr. >V^L iUyn. 98, 18. G*rnn. Jfo^, 

iv. 83. 10. 
IiusiM triabguUrU, fob-. Syil. Atjm. (M. If- <f'nN. May. Eal. i 

LMT or uoMOprisaiis waon. 

I frndeok, FtO. An. /Mm. nviL 1606, UO, 4. Htm. . 
Cie. IU9, 03, A. Z*H. Am. Lapp. 1. M3, -I. In. Lapp. 302, 
4. (Vua. obmnc, p«nai(, titaogulBh*, (Uv)uullls, Rms, fui- 
cttho^ MpnciDM, triMit). 
Immm dMMiM. Fair. 5^. JUvn. 87. H. 

> fcrtooUis Gmn Jfajr. £•". W. 65, U. JArmi, /'ant. /■«. 
iU.23. CarL /)n(. Knt. lOti, 3. 
>Tilia;,iUr»iu, f'ou. /lu. xiT. 14. 
BgnhoMOpM 4iirfeuu, /Irrr-Sduitf: A'mh. fnl. eo. 

[ fawi gliw it i. Turf Arir. Hm. 630, 3. 

'dMMaS, Cart. flrVf. Ent. 090, 4. 
■Cnttu, CWt. Jirit. tint «}«,&. 
I tetintlalMs, CVf. Orii. Uni. 630, 6. 
I ptfieaUM, Cwrf . /fn'i . iutf . 036. 7. 
BjnfaoMapiM ObtIcuIIU, JJWrn. tf»<U. £«t. U. 1,11i),3. 

r— «. Seotkad. PrcMnud by E. DouUcdaj, Eti|. 


SI. BniKMDOPn niauTULn. 

Vbt a larieoDiiT 

I fralinh. FaU. Htm. Sntc. de S3, 6. Vu. y. 

I algriWlM^ Ztit Fmvi. Lyp. i. Hi, a. /m. £afif>. 303. 0. 

22. BrrnoMorcDirriMiLUk. 

Blliilirh, f a^. .Vanr. /m. tl 373, 67. Gmet.' Bd. Sfil. 
JlfAH.2ll*, 171). 

r etnm, Akmu. Famm. loil. 14. 
ByihwWfUi Bilidalns, Um.Hrhaff. N«m. Em. 09. 


H By it Miiipiii 

33. Bn8o*COM)a Nixuft. ' 

nn, 0CTT.-5o^|^ JVmn. £'itf . «P. /'um. }43, (T. 


Amya4. A»h. Soc. Em. Ft. Xm Sint, r. 'ild. 463, 


u»> or Banuvnion ii>»r.rTC. 


:m. BTTnoscopii»? HTPAOtDCU. 
MjfnlteK Amytt, Aiut, Str. £i>L /V. -.imr SMt, «. 310, 4M. 

45. BvTB(Mcora?Zts«KTU. 

Zinnovu, itMyal, Aitn. Soc. Em. Ft. 2mt Sirir, *. 312. 4M). 

PeUopblTtll*, /Int^f, ilnii. S>ic. E»t. Pr. ime SirU, *. 31J>. 4?^ 

3J. BrriioMoro»?Priiinoi»tTT*. 

PnilfaopItU, /iMynr, Jlaii. .Var. £nt. Fr.'imtStTU,* 319,474. 
Vat.f IVntbi>|>ilU dubja, Amwol, Amn. Sat. Bnt. Fr. 3in« SM*,^ 


3S. Brrnosccn'c*.' N»ri*. 

NmIr. ilmyof. vliM. ^W. E»l. fr. 3iM .SMr, t. 318,471. 

39. Bttho^ooi-c* oPTTAttt. 

/Vrmpinmi, /Into nnriiu ; fatin mjr* immb ; aMonm /n/rvM. 
rnftitu f^ltiuti, ajiic* nifntm ; prJm tmlacti : mttr nUcfr lim- 
fnda, frtmgmm hi/aitMtm, vniu aito gultalti ; aUt pMtirm 
fiaca ad diicoi riium*. 

PenuBlaoiu, tnoltlci) villi jvDiiir : licait ■< brwiil nx Uic cImM; 
crown narmw, rIiouI mir-ihird of iho bradtli of tlic head, Kiib 
_ lUght louKJCuUitinl ridiif : ils leoBtli •»<! Inndtli NinraM equal i 
'^ee riishtl; (.uiivn, luuiilcil wiiti liiurk : eres Un^ occupying tbt 
whole lengUi ur die he«i4 : choit flut ; •ouiobtoa w^ » tuiui* aeran 
the midilh: abdomen tulcoux; nndetsld* UwojihlMtkUiwinli the 
tip: Ic^ Mtaeeous^ wingi brotd^ fore-iriiip ooloiulen, adomed 

un- or nonartKiioDf (luBcn. 

«i(fc (WO feiiRfiuuu* huti* which ut black Utwnnb tbc furc hordi... 
tfe int bnond iW oiiUfe, Uw Mcnod at die lij< ; mln* with wliite 
iou: biMLwrnfi browa : tbeit dialu paj. Lctigtb of llie bod; 3 
ttaw; of ibt «tng> 7 Uh*. 

«. BnslL 

30. BTTitOKOPva nn-cuui. 


niTaffr»~t ; ptrliu ntrra mrt'tim,* utih-miNii iWium nigmm; 
ml* aMMi* *liiAt,Jam nonW ,- alit ^iri<-« lufrc-iiMm), api'rr 

Mc lrniicii<o<i*>>'>ioutolT iDotttcd iritli bUok: he»d rxtmnd* 
tknt, ■• hrasd ai ibe chcit, cum tx aiiil almon MiDieireuUr in fnint, 
my amotn aknn lh« bind honUi : iu leoiftk abate not nii>rc than 
MW-(««IAh of 111 biMtdtb: crown puneuirM, Iratuvcrwl; striatal, 
(Mbar loogat mt Nck nd« tban ia th« mtddU ; fiicc romcbU punc- 
liiwil. itwiiil Bii, ifinbllj iiiiitiil III! laiili liili ibicld bbick, irons* 
■«ady sBklMl; ■eaubMo with a blaelt ipot oo each nile or the 
Im botdwi bmit CMroeiiiatw, purOy lutob;: abdumcu bUck 
■hot, Mb l(«T«itiiimii Month : ken t«ru(ptiDiu ^ fore-wiogt 
4hfj mite. ibicUj iaimpcncd wiili brawn, wbieb iutt uid tlun 
fcnD* MMhIii including >bilitli doti : bin4-«infpi •lif'hlljr p>T< 
Ifom tiwwil* tba tifi*. L««kUi of Ibe bwlj 3 linn -. oi tbe 

«.*. VkS DItBtD'* La»d. Frcim Di. Ho.>kcr'* oollDOlion. 
t. Xnr BolUiiil. FniB Ur. Lsnbvrt r oollcctioa. 


AbM. Ml •n^Nta*. ■>$»> niniu. oMomm niyrum, /nlwl JIt*ri*> 
MM ,' aJU fattiftr cinerra. 

Tawvj, ntbcT nansir. tapering fnm lb« biad la the tip ot tbe 
•bJoaen : brail niniilclf pnuolund, rny short-conical, a liUle 
hmJai tban tbe cbi-<^i, )>lack alon^ tbe fore bardet, uxumclT eo»- 
VN b«M»d i crnwa exlTcaicly abort in the middle, where iU leofflb 
b soi as*->»clllh of itt bctudlh, mlLvr Itrmdfr on arnh iiidc ; iinuer- 
mtt UwMtcnetT atriaied towoiilii tbe (toiiK -, fact liroad. almiitl llitl: 
•UfU liiMl* tmaul acroM : irntcbson minotcif puocliiied, haTins 
mt mA tUb of tbe bra bvrdct a ttianfniar coiD]><inmenL, wfajcb it 
ftnl; WBiNib. partlj aliichilj tlriaied : breaM partlj black on each 
rAJtT III. 3 O 


LUT or BoiMmsftva nikicn. 

•Ide : ji)idomtn bUck ; hind banlen of (lie iratmcnu uway ; mnt 

iif ihc lcirc-i*iii((i few, blaek, excepting; thute tuuny the tiiiid barilct : 

hind-will)^ Ifiuj. LnigUi of lbs Ixidj 4| line*; uf the wiuga&l 


€. J«». Fnm ihe But India ComfKuft collection. 

33. Biruoscurut RKMorv*. 
/'(rruinoit, aifro variitt; abdomen pitnm, abdontmit u_ 


Pale femiginuiu, mirttltd with bUok : beml fintlf iirisiml Ion* 
HiludlnaDy, lu bniad u the ebrnt, eontex, and almutt Mmicirculu 
ui (ronl, equally conciTo bebind ; lu Iciigib pqaal bviwrcii tbe •jreii 
hM one^xth of iu brc«dtb ; face irlaniiulai, flal, indiMiiictl; atri- 
aied on each ride : abicid finely tirinlcd trantttTMl; : (micbtna 
nrj miDUl«lj''punotun'd: aMomra [•iichjr; hind l»>T<9en of tbe 
iimtl uemanti ferruginoui : leg* pitch* : foi^wiuf^ tKgbilj 
falona: nind-wiog* brawn. l.cng[h o( the liody 4 linn; of 
wnntct 9 Una. 

a,h. Pbilippine Idnod*. From Mr. Waod'ieollcolion. 

39. BrrBotooPDi roi.vvk 

TViUMo fninit ; ttpul ■ijim nirium ; prftiu aifrvwi, /u/m J 
culntun ; akJamm ttii/nt nolatHm, luitui nijrram; 
jrm Mrii ; ttl^ potties niblimpid't, apicr mbfuica, 

TMucemii uwnv : bend exirrmclj' (hort, lu hroail u tbe cheat, 
diffbOf convex in Iront. mute concATe bebiud : vravtti »li];btljr 
wiioetfBg oil nidi tiiiiv, ii» IciikUi in the middle Dot luoie ihaa ono- 
tmlftli 04 the brrailtii -. a blank bnnd on Ibe troltt, which » tnna- 
mady •Irialcil ; face Bm, rougblj mmetund, il* duk mrrotwded 
bj ft Unek othI, wbkb encloMa i«u bluck iiripM, tending forth p«- 
mlUI bnncfaM on caob tidf ; plitm un utch aide of the epUlom 
nuriKil with blaok : di<*t trannancljr «trialM) ; tbicid Ten ronrox 
aloltfC the (bte bolder, >11ghl)y cuucbvg brbiud -. Iicfaxt bUck, with • 
Uwnt (pot 00 Mch (iJc : abdoracii nith blackUb iniuks alone each 
lide, bUck beneAili : at iduct (emiKiunui -. fore-UiiKhs ttmked iiitb 
bUok bennth -, mlddlc-ihljcbs black at the b«M! ; hiiKl.ibigkt black 
along half the Icojith : lipi of hlnd-thuik* hla«k : bind-ninp al. 
moul colou'lta, biDwnith tuuaid* ihe U'pt. Length of the bodjr 4 
line^; wf ibe niii);ii 7 lines. 

s. Vim Di«nen'> Lnod. Prtaeiiieil bj the Rev. ABgiutiis BeauCbit 

un «r HiMinmuMDi imKori' 


Fmanm,JI»m iwiH/ih,- pttlarU nyniftitt pttyit, flam matyitutU; 
«WMVa »ienim,/mlt<i furi^ttm, iiillai apicf/nirum ; prdu 
migrii ftda pottifi Jiati, mign tUUli ; air aiuicm alio 
fiU$mtm I aim ftttkta eiitfrt*. 

Duk bfovn, ntifd jrilh {wle jtlloir nwrti: lind (.•xirtmeljr 
Aon, •• bmad ai ibe head, Uixbtlj rounded aloo|; the lore bordM, 
■llift BON canm Minil ; nown tiuuvoraelj' tiriau-d ; iu l«iiKlh 
UtWahldlaBiDdi IcM Ibu iImI on nek side i Tnce |iuiictured. al- 
■Mt l*t : cbc«t taj 6»c1y ftriMcd •cmm : pccloral ugmcnu 
fHcfaj, <rii]i jtlliiw bocden. aMooien blaek; hmd hordtm of the 
MOCOtt Uwo* : ui>Jenide 111*05 tooordi tLv Ifp 1 l«g« libvdc ; 
lfil-lc0 jt-lkir, ftripod nilli MiLck- fum-wiutp thickly oxered 
•U «Wklth 4ot^1lkicb runs a nhorl tlicbil; oblique Ririiw In ib« 
iBA DMT ibc hue ; hiad-wiiigi pitj. Ledglh oT tke bod; 3t~^ 
Bm> ; «r iIm itingt 7— « lineL 

■. Mew UaUaiid. PiMcsted b* the Hular Uiupital. 
L .' Piewvted bj iha Eototnolugloil Club. 

M. Bttuokovm KiaBOfaici. 

/tl0r»mmfmt,/»lw- Mrftu | parlH iiifniin .- aMamm ■■■•/ram, fiW/- 
rJhu tvM iB^rtuevr /rrrnfiiirum t prdtt nigrt, fnn'irihm 
ha*i ffmnku^Mf fulrii, htrtt* potlitit bnii _fiavit ; ata antic* 
«/U^ ymUMm tt Am /atrial* ; mi* pmtifit cintrea. 

Beim>e-tiU«k '■ basd fanned li^ tk«t ar fi. Janalit. Siwe 
,' mrfca «i «eb »i» ot lb* bee. awl of Uie cpiiiaiM : ihJeld 
' ■wiwiiiM umj OMriia. uaairenelj ilriaied 1 «i-ulohci>ii 
' r nfcHmt, milk tmj tew umij matka : a smooth iriaii){iiUi 
UMBt on CMt ride of tbe (an) border: brCMiMHuk: iit'dviiivii 
. _j ImukIbom od «aeb dda al ihe t*to -, undpnido fetiUKioou*. 
riitpiufaT lip: kxtVUck: thicfat towaidi the biu and kkOM 
lanj i Und-feM jrellow at the base; fure-wiugi willi diiigy-wbltr 
■tlii, wblrfc are ni»tt aumemoi ami pattlr tuDfloem Uiwaidi tbc 
iff, an obliuae diiipt-whlle hnod DMr tfaenate: bind-<nng» ditck 
Lngtfc of the body 3 linn» ; nf tbc «iniri ? Unci. 

'ft Vaa DItBiea'a Land. Fron Dr. II«>ket't collection. 


un or HOHoFTsaoDB utsscn. 

96. BvTHOMopcH ASom-irKBOH. 

I Ptrrvginnu; faeitt anHet nigro-iaita: tealeliitm nifn-irntvm, 

^^H tpiti ftrmgiTiiritm ; ahdirmiuii ifnrram ;>(onun ; lihiit pirro 

^^H taW«; o/a awlicn m£fim;ii>fir, niyro ndUM «( bt/ateviU i 

^^^ ab pittie* rinrrrtf. 

' FenuffiiiouK, ininutclj punctured -. hcnil cxttcmplj thort, ■> 

broul at ilii.' ob«t, (cry *Ughtly ruundcil in Tront ; hmU boran 
tortniiiKR very ubtuM Mfflei crowii btun<l«T on each lidtr Uiaii ia 
Um mlddlo i UPC i'«^ tlighl); cuiitcx, brau;-)>lack tuwirds dw 
rtvni, with ■ Terr iiKlKtiDct 1ong>tu<liniil ild^e: noulchrai bnaqr- 
blMk, with a innstcne auiurt. rcrrujitnoii* ni the tip: abdomn 
pitchy, ftrrugincmn Wuculli: lUuukj p«rtlj pitcliy; lure-«ii)|{« kU 
inoM colon (Ims iuimlIv puucluniil, with munx iniall bUcb nttifay 
and with iwo hnMd *bort im^uUr hlauk bund* hctom Uie diikil 
liinil-winga gny. Lmfph ot the body 2] liiiot; of the wings 8 

n. New Bollniiil. PrMent«d by the Hular HMpital. 

37. BVTIKMICOPCS *TlltMr!(Ktr». 

al* fuMica albidiB. 

Ptle ytltow, almost (niooth, nritb lomc >li|iht lawny tax\ 
bend AS broad us tlii- ubrst; CTown flat, raun<Icd in fnmt, with k 
alight «bort suiDDn-hiit arobed imiiatpni) furrow u«ai ibc Ton bmdov 
(■i)ually lon^ acmM iu wIkiIc brmdib, whicli, excluding the eyes, it 
nearly four times the Icnetb : cpiitoma lightly widenlBK Unna4t 
iheauuth : cbcit Hnl, liiicl* IransvcuL-U- striated : ton-wing* trttM* 
pirnil, with II slight I4wii; liiiL'c ; ditlis muitly while : bind batden 
j«^Io«, with tome uwuy nuirlis: hind.wlngt wbiiltfa, Leiijrih Ot 
ihehudy 2 line*; »r tbo wfnji* A line*. 

a. St John'* BInif. K. Floridn. PracDlcd by E Uoubledaj, 

UtT or noMOPTBHotw inaxora. 

3&. BrraOMorve uriniuMa. 

TtdAtwmt., KifTo imritui ftiet nigra t4lUUi ,- alir nntica fur 
ynxw, tntmrto et picre m«ftj«ia, ad eoitam Hm^Aa. 

ToMCBoni: hv*A UmI eh«l iraried wrth Mnrk : hrnii MtTrmdy 
t4>wl. ■■ brvo^ *i lliB chvsl. ttrai((l<( Hkiii;; tlie t'niv bordiT, iljf^hllv 
r]^air> Whind ; crowii romliiK an t^gv ; Iroiit and iatm blairk, wItt 
m iMW ^M doU; (iiMflat. illgbilf rccunoH: iruicIivoii aud hmtM 
■MdjIiUck: ■bdoraen pair leiuccoiii bceeolh ; tli'igliiDnd ihnur 
«ifed w^Ui hUck : rore-winfti femifcinaiu, *ritli nome larKo irr^i 
kf f«l* UMBcwin «■»] piccbj «pui!L, cu1o«i1«m alait^r ibe f»r« bun 
hmt th* mliMl* till nmr Um Up*. I^Df-tli nf the budf 3} linca i 

(. -Vnr UdUud. ProcnUd bv tbc IIiul«r HotfiUl. 

39. ByTHMcarofl tuxKvsuiui. 
flaiwi, nign Mnut ; ;intH tftatri, mfro varii ; ala eupna-iub- 


Bfiifht j^iam: Imd exUetndjt ■bott. m bruud as tb« uh 
thcfc heawlli, *erj UiKlctty oobi«K luoeit lliu fore burdi't, iiiucli mure 
•McaM MiiM ; lei^Ui oi llw crown in the roiddle iil»>iit linir iu 
■■Vk<mMob«U«,aBdii«t(ni*-t>iriftliarihcbrcndlb; front liaiit- 
•tMJf •triated; bee flat, n^hly piukoliin^, witU tiro ilripc* ot 
I j^DW Iwndn cb«sttnnsrmelr ittUlcit : birait Hud ^ibdonitfii 
hnd honUft of llie abiloniiiial wipurnu jrvllnw : ^fftt pal* 
M»i aiMdv-tWckt blaek ■! thr ha»e ; liin<1.ili<ehn Muck, ex. 
[ Ifcvtlfl; Mnl-tlUUilw lUipod witfa bbck : winp tmiupnrciit. 
tonj. with a cofipefj lince ; rore-vriiii:;* «iih u brown (pui 
I huniet iK«r Uic bjm nikh are brown ; tcibs Uwn;r. tooit or 
t-vnbu lib«k. Length of tlu bod; H—9 linm : of ibe wbg* 

Var. & Head njlvi* Iwiuaiti, with a blad band om the fmni, ■ 
I MMl near n«k n«, and two to»i of Aon black bandf ua tkc 

Vw. V. Ahdonca tultowf abotc, with ydtow and black band 
k^ftha Mod hofdcn oftbc wpn tati. 
1.4. K«w Honand. PinenUd br ilii- Hatlar Hotpital. 
>. K«w HoOuid. Fnin Ca^ Party's enllrcUoM. 



un or HoMomsMU iHiicm 

40. BTTBoaeom Luniom 

Rufit-frmsinfiit. Jltf yaltalui ; /arirt piem AtmacwfaJa .* *r»- 
ttUum pirruui ; prriiu JUnim, Jiiro tiij/rn ; ^tJamtn miftum, 
ulriiuiut /erruginrvm. luhiiu jAaimm,- pr^t* J^*it ftmi/rUtrnt 
fiarii; alit atuiat lurida. Mo fiUIMtt i aia pottic9 ti- 

Il«d(tii>li-fciru|[inou>, with tellow doU: bead «itienielj lAuMX, 
lu tifoail u (be chest, stiKhtlr rounded tX-mg Uie futo bordrr, nm 
fonrex WhioJ; Tioat imisi'L-ncljr itri&tcd. a liulc longor <m caoh 
ildi' UiNii in iho iniilille, whn« iu loonb ii Ihi than 0D»-twelfUi of 
ill lircnilili -. B Diichy matk on oieb «iao of ihe fiiM, wlikli !• pUBO- 
tUKil, «nd Anollier on each ndeortlic epiitixmn; ubitld inuRTenaljr 
itriaKit-, soulobeon finely pundnn-d, nimtly pilcbj : lin»« jrvllmr, 
wilk AblAcL disk: ulidiivieli bkek, fomiginoiiv on cncb Mile. vdliMr 
bniMUli: letFi Uwn; ; tlitgfhi nUtiiT; fore-iriiiKi lurid, aith nhiU 
mniVi, nbiib nre iinallnt iinil tnott namemiM lonnl* iht- lip* : 
biiid-witij^ giay. Length of (be liodjr 3} line*: ortbe King* 
I in CI. 

a. New Souili IValea. Fnnn Mr. l^smplin'i caUeollon. 


-11. Braiovcoru* cikmh*. 

7ft(a(nu,yiu«i ruifiu ,- itutfiluatapuY ti periiii afftufa ; aMomm 
ferrwfituum; jiedet albiili./ium maculati ; atitanlit^ liiri^, 

TnlBecoiu, *oriod nitb brown: bnd vei7)ihon,»bi«ailullw 
titmt, ((rniioirciilai. fviy rDintx iu front and nmaUjr OMKKVt tlml 
tht bind bnrdrn cn>wii lixiger on vaiib Mo Uian in l)w nMdb^ 
Hrberc iu Irosih u nbout i>nc-cix(h of id breo'lth ; fttml occapjiu 
'ftn uf ibe upper sorface; dec lninc«tc-«oiiiciil ; cpiitona tatll 
wideitiiitt (owMdt tb« mouih: Kliidd mjr uoorfx in rr<.iii(, altsM 
Uraijibt akmc th« hind border ; Kntchna umarAi ibi; tip tad bnMt 
wbititb : tbUMna forruginouii : Icks whitish, ipoKed with brown i 
fore-wings diffhtly larid, with »inc diuk bnmu ijiois along the Ton 
, border, and wtb tonie brmni itteaks on the ititka of the ar«aloU; 
!in« brown: falnd-ningt pale gnj. Length of the body 2} lincsi 
' tho ninirsSlinn. 

■South Africa. PrcMoted by Dr. A. Snitb. 

un <i> iivMorrcxoDB niiioTa. 


'ifir, JbtMfMtWMtj lluneii lalrra SarminlM ; Mtlu lulei./e- 
aurihw nifr* rtjftn nfMbV, lifiw nijrra piatt i ala antiem 

BiKki Im«J mj iLori, full M brvad at tlw cIiMt: moitly 
«M neb *ida bcnMiki etoan niMtl; }vl1<'wit1i-!iiieuii«, 
la fnat, with panlld botden, ct fqnnll.T lonjc ■emu the 
I Wwdib, vfakb, (xehnttnic die rjn, n huwy >ix tiuei ilic 
kacth : ■ Mnighl imuffM tnrrow iwar the fmr luniht; fatt UnI, 
atnoBt ci>tii«l: diMi coicrcd widi yoUowiib-luici-iin dou ; iliidd 
*«; eonifS aiong llic fine border, roiy 'lighiljr coimie bcbind; ■ 
HikBgvlai InUovt eooipaRiiient ou ndi tide vf ibe Kulcboun ; 
HMttlf ding? ;eUu« «n eadi tide: leg* Iuukius; \hiig]i» 
«ftb btsek inil jcUowi tliNakt yiubj aliore; rore-wiiitc* 
Usd-wiBg* paj. L«B|flliortLeiwd;3lii>c3ii oftlicwiuKt 

», HflDg Kaag . PtewnUil bj J. C. Bonriog, Ex). 

43. Brtnoacorvt ttxx. 

Black, »lifl^tlf •limine: luad tcty aboil, aahmad lu the chnt; 

iMpia rvunitiia &aul,«iiapanUelbonlcR,luD|{iiucliuiill}' siriuicd; 

' w b««adlh, acl«ilii»g tW ejett about aix ilmii m lvii|,'ih ; riu.!? >!. 
Mat dalt oitb a tnotimr fixrruw between ilir oj^ulct, nml uliglii 
tMM ifAm on eaoh tide: diield *er; finely xtriaicd acro», iny 
Ci«etx BMOf the Tixr border, ili);blly ccnotve beblnil : (cutchruu 
ttaWM tMaotb : liind-irinp brown. Leoglli uf lb« bodjr 3t IIdm : 
ar tk* vtlV 7 Uoo*- 
K ' *'*^ff*— Uanda. ftom lilt. Cuiniiig't calleotiou. 

44. BtTttoacam eermitca. 

Rmf<Uf ftiiw arafifw taltra ttta; ftcliu tt ohdomm nigra: 
ftittjlmiii aiic aatroa limpiilir, myrra trifiuciata- 

Pak f«d L Wad full ni broad aa tlie chM, venr »liart ; ctuwu 
ia ffOBt, «qiMUj lung avnat die wLola breadih, wliiub. 



exolndtnitthe eye*, \« ntmut iliricc ih« IohgiIi ; hind 1ii>r<l<r and he* 
wbitilb, the UtUt flat, iilliihlly linked in p«n wilh ttrv |>alo ted; 
•pbunna *er]r bii)*1I ; iliiFltl (err lincly iiriatcd ncniis. mures in 
ffnot, almost unlithl nlun}; the hind Imnln. nliitr mi eacbaidc: 
brcut and nbdoRiOii liUrV: Iru* pxlc yulloir : rorr-ninfuoolourlcM, 
with llitee ciippFTT rpmiji'"""* hand*, nne ui (he bnx?, (he tliird at 
ibelip; vFioi iVnuginoiii: hxnd-wiii)[i cUiiurlcM. Lcn^lb uf the 
bodj 3 linra : uf llii- wiap 5 liiipt. 

«, i. Htm Holland, Fnin Mf. Argvut* oallcction. 

a. EtmioscotTii ALntDva. 



Yellomth-nblU : bad Nlinrt, an broad ni llic cUtst, ilinlill; 
rounded in front; crotm atmoit Itat, cc|iinll; Ionic ncroai its wbolc 
breadth, wliicb, esffludinc the ryes, ii full tlirito iLe l«it|:tb ; face 
truncale-conirul, rrry aliglillTCuiivL'X; ejiistoiuaaubqiiadnle: dieu 
flat ; sfaidd flnvly iraiuverMl; ■irialed; acutdwoo anootJi, with ■!■ 
■ImoRt uttnifcht fuinr* aoiaw tLe roUdle: Inn pale ]r«1la«: winfi 
traniprircfit : forC'Wina* uliBbllv liiiRvd »iu yellow : bind-wiugi 
Kliiliih. LcDglli of ibc budy 2) linn ; iif tbe \vin|;» 5 Hut*. 

«, i. UoDduiaA. From Mr. Miller's cutlectioo. 


4S. Bmin«oopfa auvnuLtiL 

7!n(anoiM> /luon uadalut, (M&fiu Jfanu ; /tcM Jiaco cilA 
ff raa/lifiunaid ; icniellum fiimm, /•am trintlatnm, nif 
bimaeuhlian ; jirelut fiatjim ; ahiUmfn tvpnt frrrmpitmm, 
tIbiJa /atriittttm, ttilrtat JUvum ; *l* anttnT Uriiliii alt 
potUem nifintrmi. 

Toilaocaus, adonttd witli nndaluia^ brown mailct, yoUow b*- 
ncath : head ver; »hort. aa bcnad ai the cbctt, indistiDOtfy angnki 
IB front : crown LoriKor on encb aide than in the middle, wboe iu 
length ia not more than one-twellUi of iu brmdih : face pnnctured. 
iRHn, truncata-cuaical, iriili n tpiudle-diapod bn)«D uripot and Ml 
caon 8ide«illi a rowofabun brown banda; ep!(loinanariiiw,Iiooat. 
nhiclil traniiit'ncly ttriatcd. tcmiciicular alonji ibe fbre border, reiy 
t)\Khilr concave behind ; tcaicbeon yellow, with three brown atrenra, 
and with ■ black spot on endi Me a ihe t<m bonlec : brout jdh 


rtlh awM (vaU U*ck rpott: bftck of the abdonion ferruginous? 
Uad fcoriai of tlis MkomuU wbilitfa ; uuderiidR yellow wiih x 
fcitw bolder: Itgt tMtacMua, niili sume lUrker airipcs: liind- 
ai ^M J Mu J ■ h iii t iy«UoiTi fimMiinnliifidt fdubbck: hind- 
v4i^ giBjrUt. Ungtk of the body 3 IfaiM -, of ike wings Jllina 

a. N«« Dolbnd. ProeaUd tj the lluUr HtMpltal. 

47. BmiiMCOPC* OBsoLETUs. 
^tlM4J wiridu ; §emuUmm anJicr aiyro bimaeutatum ; ala atUio 

hteKTwni bMilihMl,M broad u ihe chtmt. slinhllv eonvi 
is bamu wMii'T Mncave ftkini; tb« bind border j crowu i-ijiially loi 
■BMiB A* nidla btmdlli. whid » sboul f<>UT limt* \ha Icngili'; f{ 
^idal, t^liUj ttmkea on wcfa wle; cfittama widening towa 
te MODlJi -. ikieM •Bgblljr coBnex slcmtc lh« Tore bordi-r, alin> 
«nigte bcUod I KSlcDma wiili a iriaoifuliir black xput uu pacb' 
Mcof tbelsMbefdn: OTidiKljrclloaiUi arvcii; (iTo-wlngMiIiiiost 
wlw a luM; nju fMlasma : klsd-wiogsithltiHh.iridnceDt. L«ugifa 
rflbthady 3IiB»i or tlie triap 6 linca. 

-A B«4i— '« Baj. ncMnted b; 0. Bamshm, £«q. 

4e. BmKtKcrvt inucAHV*. 
; MpM mifn rariiim ; miH Jiiemi nifrieant ; at- 

PiIb taHMnottt, witb a digbt bfimv lia)^ t bead short, Tull at 
■4 a* Ihe chert i ciwwn wiui a blivk bftiid and a traii»<eT*e fut- 
MB, mmtk tiNudai) ■■ hxit, t1if;h(l}' nnicRTc aloiiK ihc hind border ; 
fHlaitli in UianiiUl* about hair iu bicudtb, exdudins tliee)'i:«; 
Im» ial, vltii a black itripe, and on racb lidc wiili ■ row uf slii-Lily 
M^M Vmtik b«B«b; ride bordcnt I>Uci ; cuLttviua with twn lilituh 
^■li •4''"**B (^ ^"^^ ^"^ "'''' thrrv iilight VvfU, the tide pair 
wb MOOOifasM by a pitchy stripe : diUi of the iliicld iliifUly 
hWidi i acnlclMan wUli a tnnsvotsc xcmicm-'ular suture : hade of 
Afahdamtii with a UaA dnk : nndenide blackisli ou each side 
I dM haH ; two hlavk «)»u on the hiud bordiT of ibe ImI 
; ( talraa of the ortduot rerv Img : ninjix cciluurlcos ; leine 
l^agih of the body S liao* ; of tbc H-iu),'' 41 lines. 

c Sna l«mc. Pionued by ibe lUr. D. F. Morgau. 


uar »r uoMomiiocB tmKom 

49. Bttrokopi:* rnfAlvB. 

Whil*. marbleil willi Tirown : head mOior Uiurl, u broftd ms tb* 
licnd, fonningaii indulioDl ob(iu«aii^luiufruiil ; rruwii dal, lon^ 
in iliu middle (b«n oo etch title, iu brrwlih. eiuliidtnit Ui* m^ 
■bont foot timea ilx length : fnco ltimc«Ii>-coDie>], rrr; ilij^ht^ 
eoDvex; rpUuraa ltoe*r, lometinMs widFuing lovard* Uie mouth: 
chm nlinoiii flut : Hbifrld ttrj Mniex in &viii. hardly coeotTa kkiog 
llicliind liufdrr : lir«n«t whitt, tomctiiuirt niUi lirown *poti: Kbdo* 
ntcQ oMle ot pile rcllfw: hind-win^ whlliiih nitb \itMgnf tipt. 
Lraigih of ihe bodj 21 linut; of Uio wing* ij line*. 

a, fr. St. Jobn'i Bluff; E. tlorida. 

Presented by E. Doubled*;, 

SO. Brrniuoopoasoniiic*. 

TlittMW.ii'&rNia/iwifu*; tniullam frrrupiifutn,ajA<t tetUfram ; 
ftitw Jlari ; aliT pottica limpida. 


I TMtiecous, whitish beuoiib : hud ibort, rounded in rranl, 

' nearij ■■ bnwd «» the chc«l ; crown punctuml, with an impvuiOB 

«« Mth lUt ot Ibe diak, and with an tndininct ihun rid^ adjoin- 

iag lb* hind border ; Iu len^h in ib« aiiddlc racber cxc«»ling that 

oa aacb tide, and about one.rourth ot the breadth without th* tjtt; 

^ftce pnle irMjceoiM, flat ftn4 punctured on the diik, irilb a conrax 
smuath compartnwttt oo Mcb tide ; tipiitOTM eoniea], wbitisb to- 
wards the mntiib : dileld allghllf slriaiM tranittnclj. agnail; long 
, aoroH ill whole breadth ; tcuidKoa |nla remtKinoiit, with a nana- 
I fnaacmure near the tip, which is teMaMoiu; ovidnct fefnigiuotn : 
Icga jielluw; rure-wingi and Teina lestaceooa: hind-vringi eotooi- 
Im> Lcaglli of the body 2} lioes; of the wing^l) lioea. 

a, k Hudaea^Bay. Pnatntcd bj G- BMD*toii, E«i|. 

inrr ttt noHorTCBora ivgscTB. 

iiril. I 

Fetf m^lm nu, inht^JUtia ,- iruJiim JUm marfiiimluiil ; abdominit 
donutm fuMn, ifmntit atba fiu^aliti yrdu ,/liin; ala 
■Mto* mttfmttm, M Mrtom Jtan ritlalm, apjn* mblimpida ; 
aim fMA'tw a/Ac. 

NmiIt «]Ii«d to B. JIawimUu. Pale fmuiiiiioui, bright j,.,^ 
In* Iwn^u 1 crown forming iti e^ge wliivli is verv obtu*rIv NOfrii. 
Ia> -. fnml <rilh a lirnaij «bon ;rUow b«iul scrou irir diok. uti cuch 
iiriv of wiuch tfatfe it a black dul: face pole fcrnlf^inolis, riiughly 
fCM r ri . •tancM ioi(>o4b, hariajt un each aide n itnuntb rnni«K 
■oawi eoanpuudrat ; akiel<l liucly lnuiiren«lj BirinWd, witb 
fri]0« bofdM* ; •mchMn miiintel; punciurrd : h.ick of the abdo- 
mm hMooM ; kitii hoHtt* of Uie acgneaU whii^ : legs briehi ;f 1- 
W«: farr-«iD|ti >li|thtt<F U«aj, abnoM coluurlcu loirnrdt ihc lips, 
with a jrDow atripc Uwrinn aloog ibe fore banl«i froia tb« bnic 
wwrttrti <f tfc» koKlb: UM-iting« «hil«. Leagtk of die bmlT 

•— c^ UndMn's Bsj. Prearaud hj 0. Banuus, Eh(|. 

A3. BirTHmcom iPiMtLBUS. 

AUmi, awrw cahw .' itmrlluni fmrv fwtdri<r<illatum ; ubdomm 
fatrii* waealii^itt fatcit tttrillatum ,- pedrt futrn nolsftj 
al^ amtir* own W/«kmm ; o/ir ptaiiea alba. 

mile: hcMd asd cheat adoniad wilh gold markings, wliich [>c- 
•^ MOK ef ibf aurfaee : head iilion, as bToad lu thr chrtt, ultiii'st 
'' ' IT tn froM, eoacarcaloMic llic hin<l border ; rrnwn Onl, a litctr 
' m aaeb Mt ihui in ihc middle, whrrv iu teti^tb is flbout 
"iM lyiJ »f Ml lm>dlfci boa •IkoM oral; epi«tuu>u iiut)i|ii»(lnile: 
" "Itoy «■*•> along tha faro bordn. nlinnsi niniiglii lifbiudi 
Mon vilk adiglil InndCfM niturc ncnt tbr tip, nnd with iwo 
I ^Ma oa ^xb nift : abdomtn nhh a row of ibnct jinte Lron-n 
I on the dbk, an<l wilh a tow of pale brown siiotx hIoiik euf h 
las* liiiibdT mtrlM with pale Iwotm : roTe-wiii|j;> ailomcd 
Vlfc (nU BM-wmk and witli two ln«galar gold baottt : iIitcv bruwii 
4* M tka fan Wrdar iwar the lip, oa« on ibc bind border, and one 
« Aa 4kk nnf tW haw: hiud winp i<tiil«. I«n^ uf tbe bodj 
l| fiw I of Ibe «t&(r« 4 Ihws. -* 

t. 8l Jriin'a BlulE. E. Flurtda. PmtniMl bj E. Doubkdajr, 1 


i.i»T OF nojKiiTERon rKSECT*. 

63. BvTBOKopn Stkohl 

BytliOKOpuK Slfobi, FiteA, The Senau, No. 30, M. 
a. Neir Vorlc t'sma Vi. t'itofa'i ooUcciiun. 


54. BiTfloacorce curKu^iain. 

BvlliOHcopus elilcTlnriui, Saf.Jimm. Aetit, y»t. Sei. ri. 307.' 
a. New Yiirk. Fiuni R[. Fiicli'n coUcclioD. 

6S. BrmoBCorct varubilu. 

AOlTHiliiu TariMbilU. Filrh. Tie Smote, No. »0, 00. 

a. UDited SuiCL Pmentcd by llie fCnlotnijluiricjLl Club. 
6. New Yolk. Froto Di. Fiicli'i oulltwlioo. 

M. BTTaotirofn kixos. 
Alhntntu tniiKir, filrh. The Sen^e, No. 30, 00. 
«. Now Yutk. From Dr. Flwh's coUoction. 

57. BTTBOsoapn AcnaiuTC*. 
liliui-erui &ltcniMi», Fileli, TV ^Maff, Nd.30, W. 
a. New Vork. Ftom Ur. FiU'b'i collMU'cm. 

Oenni 8. lASSUS. 

liiuak p., Fabr^ Futl., (!ena. 
CicaiU. p.. TXimi. Fall. ZtIL 
loMii*. UfTr.-Schatf. JVom. FM. iO. 
Aphtodo, p. cl AKnUii, CuriU. 
Imtu, p. i!l Atbyiwiiiu, JSurm., G*». 
Cicftiliiln, )i.. Zfir 

flafiinotcUii, Zttlrruedt, Sfhnnan. 
D(ilU>CRp)iRlii>., /T.iAnnuii. 
Aphroda ct UikraDcum, thrdy. 

un or noHorrBBOM muci^ 

«. Vcrtn huMin (IbiM JoHcitudisili in»dU kuralibiia oon l«ii- 
glore), ttfrr-SrA^ff. Aom. £b(. Ad. 


iMm fiivtUlm, P*IL Hrrr.-Srkmff. A'am. Eat «li>. Fmm. nxii. 

CiMi* pattrlsia, nni. Jet. Vptal. ir. 31, »«. Paf/. .In, Ihtn. 

n*lt. IM>e,%,<1. ///M. .<{hr-. CCr.Sa. 2nt. Fawn. Zaro, 

Cimh fimrbU -' FAhf. Sp. hi. ii. 327, SB. .Vmi. U: ii. 373. .V3 
Bif. .VjtI. i» 14. 7(1. .Vvl. WAyn. 78, 7P. tWjf /lu /'or. i. 
117. «. &<w/. £tf. jyu. Sat. I A, SlOtf, 131. TmH. Hyl. 
Su. iL W7. 

3. Titfltii rnvoTictttiH. 
IMMtkoIlk, HfTT.-Sthaff. \<tm. B»t. 60. Aim. oxxri. 7. 

■ ( Vtrtn«M«liN int >cuUit> tiwnKiiUm (linoa longitutlintli 
tncriJ* Uunlibu* loiigiaie). 

I B m tI. AiiKiMJ jaLtcmpiwii. oipile •ntiae raiamlato lomldulv. 

r. MUdl, ei{i>e ni^ nuculnto 

3. Xjmv* 4-"OT<iTra, 

[^IM 4-«alabM| ilm..Srtutff. Som. Enl. 70. Aim. cnii. 4, C. 
Ckad* 4-DataU. Air. Uml. SmI. it, 71. ^^1. fthyn. 78. 77. 

IWf. .Irt. fWjw.MvH.I»06. 3.1,33. flwi. Am. Jiu-Crm. 

ciii7f /WLJn; !/«/«. 1800,33. ». Z<ll. f«iM. f.apf. i. 

Ck^nU 4-»ouu. ZrtL /«. £«». 3mi. i . 

ita>. .i-iyrt. -4*». 5o<-. )?»(. A. Smc S*ri(, t. 313, 

. BHbwl- Pmnwd bj F. Wtlker, Etq, 
rtrr in. S S 


ttn or HDMomMVB mxen. 


4. U»rs vjitlttTDS. 

lOMUt v«riatUN nrrr-Sehaf. Norn. Bnu 70. 
Cicxda TariMU, Pall. Act. Holm. ixiu. \SIM,M,iA. 


&. luMB itrnna. 

IiMUt •IpiDU*. HeTr.-Sfkaf. Num. Bn. TO. 
Cicada •Ipini. 2rM Faun. I^fPfb 1.033. 90,4. 
CfcaduU alpiiu. 2rtt. /mi. i^. 297, fl. 


iltIK- OVK- 

6. Iawuh 6-!«i>TAru>. 

latni* 6-iioUtiu. Grrm. F«»m. tin. sir. 13. Btrr-SelM^. Ml 

£ii4- 70. i'aun. cxxit. 4. i'. 
Cicadft Mxnouu. FM. Art. flolm. xxvil. IMM. 34, 33. //m. 5ii 

Ci«. 47, 3<t. ^ffd. fduii. /.^|7>. i. &33, 30. 
CiMdiilft ncxnoUiUi, ZMf. /m. Lipp,297, 1. 

K. Seollaod. Procaied tiv IL N. OreHllc, Baa, 
t.f. ? 

Vu. Clnda «lridpc«, Znt, Faun. Lapp. t. S32, 38. 

Ill Mriinpe*, i/(TT.-J<rA>«^. /'aun.essii. 4,«,^f— «. 
BiflitdBlB nngijics, ZiH. /». Lapp. 21)6,3. 

1. EngUnd. pNKDted bj F. VTtiket. Ea<). 
«— «. Stothad. Pntfiited R. N. Grevill*, B>4. 
K, L Sweden. 


Cieaduh maoulipn. Zrtl. lot. iMpp. 3S7, S. 

Utt ov neMORBMMB macci*. 

arioh, /Wr. Jfl if«/M. xx*iL 1800,31,3)9. 
Or. 44, 32. 

■■Ht Mritt*. GtTjm. Faum. In: xf. 16. HerT.-Schitg. Faun. 

exxS. 4,/. A'mh. Ent. 70. Aifn. Gn. (/«(nu) pi., f. X 
Tw.? ImsOS BOMtii*, Gtnm. Hay. £bI. JT. Hit, J0. 
ftlWi>, vlaqM, 'Im. Sot. But. Ft. 3ow ^nV, v. 22S. 483. 

•-rf. Eorbod. PtOMBicil b« F. Willwi. Kaq. 
•. 1 Pnwued b; i. O. CliiUrvu, Etq, 

f r. Oteiol. 

TiMitl pvlkwU, Fail. An. H«tm. xxvS. I8(M,31, 14. //on. 

CSr. M, 10. Zttt. Faiat. Uff. i. dM, 13. /iw. i>p/i. 291 , 
: pdkuto, lhrT..Scimff. /Wo. cnTiL 4. iV«M. £iir. 70. 

I twMlfl 

10. Iawoib niisnkATCi. 

I feimtrstiu, //nr.-.SrAi* 
MrrT*ft>. jfaqraf, Ann, 

■S<iutff'. -VoM. fini. 70. Am. c««U. «. 
■Sor, £n(. Fr. 2>mSM«, *.31S,47S. 

( 1. UcrfU, mguML CsptutatiMiMundaiotiimidulo. 
II. lawn ru!(cTtnoaia. 

IK«M. AL 70- Fam. ciin. I. 
Cfavia pnaMifhiBt, Fa//, //no. .$•>«-. Com. L Vi. 39. 
iMMi ftnlnlit. Fan; Fmitm. Int. fitrm. cxxii. It. 
T^BMillllll puncufrpn*, IhA. Vti. Akmd. Ofrwrt, 1847, 3M, » 

Jri. Btim. liH7, 33, «. 
TT| iMllfl-. 'layvl. i<M. 5<>r. £■!. Fr. 2mt SMt. v. 337, 4WI. 

•— ^ Eflchod. PnMDttd bj I'. Walker, £>q. 


3 II 3 



IS. LtWDvPniuutiiTtB. 

TUunuuletiiK PbrnKiDtti>, ti»k. t'rt. AJUi. Oftm, 181?, 905, 
Acf. Holm. ltH7, 31, 7. 

13. luaua r»otttxu%- 
loMUs frouUlu, Urrr.-Sehaff. Nam. Enl. 70. 

lauus uplrodiilulu*, Htrr.-Scltirff. Nrnn. Em. 70, Paati. cxxri. 
Cicada iplei>di<lii]>. Fahr. Sytl. Rhyn. 79. 83. Fall. Act. li» 

u*u. lt»06.3!t.3tf. llfm. S<ter. Cie. 30. 
CiciiU Dilidula, Turl. Sj/U. Nat. )i. !i:M. 

m. England. Prmnitrd bv F. WolltTr, l'.*n. 

6. Aix-la-CIuipdIc- Fnsentcd hj F. Walker, Et(\. 

19. llUUt LDXVUTn. 
TbamnoUUii lunulnu, Zrtt. Imi. Lapp. 390, 11 . 

ft A A. Puri, rijrtrls [toitioe uotupTCHit. aogutUCls, ol|i[te lU 

18. Itaaus AHStwtu*. 

ItMiU uiiiBilii, IfrTT.-SckirH'. .Von. Ji»t. 70. 
(^awb M*imlli*, F*U. AfLlMm. xxvll. liMW, 33, Itf N^fh. Smk. 
Cfe. 10. 

17. luauM p*«cuBr,LB». 

IiutM poiouvlliu, Hrrr..Sch^ff. A'nm. Sqi. 7D. 

Ciuiidn piiwurlU, /^n/J, /yiw, i^urr. C'ir. II. _ 

Cioadn puiiclipc*, Ztll. Faun. Lapp. H. In*- L*pp. 993, H. 


usr og BOMMTKMxn uttcm. 

IS. lAwm rLivtrBHHM. 

Gmdm flftTiponii, ZrH. Aml jU^. i. £36, Ifi. lm$. Lfp. 

10. luatf «TiutTV«. 

kaaBHriMua, Hrrr.Srh-rff'. Faau. cisi. \t). Som. Km. 71, 
QndaMriUa, Linn. .S'vil. .Vaf. Ji. 30. Fans. Stue. MH7. Aiu, 

/m-OB. I. &>>>#. >>u. /'ar. i. i-M,2l>. GmtL Bd. Sytl. Sal. 

11.3103,30. FaU.Aei. Uotm. M^ti. \ma,2\,\5. Um. 

SWr. Cic 1839, 35, 17. Zrtl. Atm. Lapp. i. 034, 13. /nt. 

f.^pff. 391. 13, f'air. £W. Su^, It. »!>, 61. ,Syit. JUya. 

77. 74. C^fwi. 7/Aurr. i. 33, y\. 8, t 6. 

•-W. EngluiiL PnKoled bf F. Waller. K«|. 

Invaimraatas.GcnkJl/'^r. fat. IT. 91,31. fftrr.-Sthmff 

SM.7i, Ibma.auX-9. 
hmm MHiUr GtTM. JIA^ £m. t*. 93, 33. 

t itriaiclliM, HtTr.-StijiJf. f'uua. oxiuc. S. iVnn. £,'iu. 71. i 
aibUUla. Fail. Atl. IMm. u*ii. 1006. 31. 39. Uen. Siuv: 
Ok. 33. Zrit Fann. Lapp. >, itS. 33. 
ThMIBIICIIlll tUtituU, ZeU lot. Upp. 3$M, ia 

w~i. Eaghwd. PrcMMod b; F. Wslker. Eaq. 

1 1 ( t. Huvi, nplia acuu, eljtrii ■Maminc ftrc brevwribus, |w«- 
lice iliUuti*, 

23. IasiUb muHcoLui. 

, Hrrt-Sthrf. .Vom. &!. 71. 
CSa^ noMBlm fWf. i/m. $•><-. Or. 14, 

3 II 3 

23. Usau* ocHu^Tin. 

Clcdda ooclUlo, ScKp, JEal. Can. lie, 3i3. Otoff. Int. Par. IH. 

CIcwIb ouclktJs, Fall. Act. Holm, sxvii. laoa, 30, 13. //« 

Sb«. CU. 33, 13. Z#M. fdiiii. Lapp. i. 433, 1). /iM. i^fjf. 

3»1,II. //rrr.-.VrJL>//'. /-d«<i. cKiix. II. Ntm.Eitl.7l, 
luui* 0C«l1iltU8, vlAlVnt, FuKn, /lu. £ur. xrii. pi. IH. Crrni. .V«f. 

IiHi.iv.m, in. Bunn. O. Uatnit). 
.^plitodo wbulicoLi. Curl. /int. Snt. 633, B. 
CMtoocpliatuii. Ami/nl, Ann. Soe. Enl. Fr. Sim Sirit, t. 230, OOU. ' 

«. EnglancL Pmeiikii Uy V. Walker, Emj. 
6. Eugtand. 

ibbib. Media mut^uitudiiiiB, lali, eljtru dUaUtia breviuaoull 
r. Vlrido*. 

34. ItMCS MLUtXI. 

[•MU* palleDii, Htrr.Sehitff. Faun. oxxt. A. iVirsi. Ent. 71 . 
Cicada palleui, Zrtl. Fam. Lapp. \. 333, 9. Int. iMjip. WO, ». 


CloadK UttddM^ Zhl In*. Lapp. 300, A. 

3A. luaiia abdownau*. 

loBUi abdomiDaUt. Germ. Jfi^. £,'n/. ir. 90, 3)>. Finm. xrli. : 

ffrrr.-SrAiff. Faun. vxxr. 4. Sinn. Ent. 71. 
Cicada Uoulof, Fabr. Sui. S«M. ir. 40. M. 
Ceccuplii alxloininali*. Fair. >Vy((. Hhyn. 98, 01. 
CicBda abduminalU. /U/. .4ct. /UIm. xxHi. ISOA, IS, 10. Htm. 

Sutt. dr. 31, 10. ZrlK Faun. Lapp. 1. ^31, tk /n«. I^/ip, 

timuiialliis Amyil, Amm. Sae. SitL Ft. 2im Sine, r. i\», 473. 

a. EditUikI. pKavDted b; F. Walk«r, Em. 

uar or BoHonKKous ikwcts. 

•X7. LtBc* vinrTULi*. 

r nnualw, Utrr^Sehttff. Nam. Biu. 7). — 

CImU reatnib, ^'aU. jfirt. //o^. utit. 1600, IS, II. Urm. S 

Of. 0, 
l«Hi pnmiUfna^ Ctrm. M-^. Sm. W. Stf. Ilrrr^thttff'. Fat 

«msii. 1. 


38. luara Bi>iiKii«<<)ii. 

OcmU Bobnuani, Z«u. /m. L^y. 390,7. 
balteata, Zttt. tat. £»fp. 300, 8. 

90. lawm UXEATVl. 

[Imm* tiscaliu, Fakr. Sfit. IVtfti. 87, 9. Gmn. Mag. Ent. if. : 
17. /Vnk r. IV. /fm-'^nW/T FoK/i. cmv. 13. A'ua 
CieU* lUMU, /a&r. £■!. .V^t. j*. M, 39. 

<. t- EaykAiL Pmcnted hj F. VV'alkn, Etq. 


lai^ u^fcnu*, Hrrr.Stkttff'. X'rm. EiU. 71. 
Ctoda BBBnnn, Fo/A J/rM. £■«-. C'ic. 30. 

33. Iawvh iiuthiokico. 

I Iteriaalnu, Gmi. Uf. KhI. it. tti,3A. Pan. Fam. 

G«rm.ex\n. 3. llrrr.SiKaff'. Famt. cxxiL^. Sam. Hat. 71. 
(tewpk Umiwaic*. ^'(r. Km. S^a. ir. 56, 44. Sjtl. lUkyn HH, 

Cmda hMtriBoin, fail. Art. ttolm. xnii. ItHO, 19, 13. JVfh. 

.Vvr. Cie.aO.tl. ZrU. Puitm. lAff. i. A23, 10. Imt. L^jf. 

»1. 10. 
fW«fil» .-iMyaf, .4uL AW. Z^/. Fr. imt StrU, v. 333.478. 


ua w noiKOpnutw tMwcra. 

33. I«Mctt Sbibatvla. 

Ciniln SFmKiln. Fsbr. Sp. I»t. iL337. 34. Miau. Iiu. ii. -.273, 47. 

Em. SvH. IV, 4). Ki. Oiiu-I. Ed. Si/il. Sat. i. 4, 31, I3((. 

Siru.: Jil. Xal. Hul. \l. W. Turi. SyiU iV«I. \L 6M. 
MaU Scmniln. Fabr. Sj/ii. Itii/n. M, 4<t. 
lusui Scrtatulu,', Gmn. Mag'. Hnt. tT. 8(), 20. Htrr.-Sehaff. 

Faun. cxxx. &. Kvm. EhI. 71. 
luiiu klbLgar. Orrm. ^of, £«(. i*. 8t>, 23. JAmu, Ah*. fiU' 

XTii. 17. 
Aphrudc* coiicinniL, Curt Brit. Ent. 633, 1. 
AplirDiltn Trsluilu, Curt. Enl. May. i, 196. Uril. Bnl. 633. 3, 
Albipt. Aii^oi, Ann. .Sm. Em. Pr Imt Sirit, v. 30S, 414. 

a. Eiigtuid. PresGolod bj F. Wklkor, Esq. 

b. EogUiid. 

34. Iahdi rLBBKiCK. 

Iu(u> plebcim, //err.-Sehaff'. Faun. cxxi. 7. Now. /I'nl. 71. 
Ciowlii etjIhfopbUiuluittr Sfhrank, Beytt. iut .Vnfurjr. 77, 31. 

Int. Auiit 3oH, 403. Gmtl. Ed. Syt. Sat. i. 4, 31 10 Hi. 
Ciwida. *(o„ .S(««, <.'i^. 32. 120. 
Cioadl plolwu, f'tt". .Irf. //o/n. ixiii. I8110,24, IH. //rm. $utr. 

Cif. 3«, l». XrK. Fiian. Lapp. L 530, !«. 
Iw«U(, vlmyol, .4nii. Sac. £ni. />. Umt Sfrif, r. 3ttf, 4G5. 

TbuuDotcitis plubeln, Znt. '<u. Zup/i. 'iM, VI. 
Apbnxlo* mumoriU, Ilardif, Pnc. Tym. Sat. FitU Club. i. 437. 

a, (. Scoitand. Pretented tn J. Hardr, Btq. 
c— -A. Eiigland. I'lUMiiiled tijr F. WalLcr, b>q. 

30. I Mam BOitmiio. 

lauui MtdiiUu, /Itrr.Sci^ff. Faun. exxx. \2. Sum. Ent, 71. 
Cicada plebeia, V«r. y. g.. Fall. Act. liolut. xsni.}S0A.2A,\9. 
Clciida plebuitt. V«r. y. g .. Fall. Hnn. Suer. Cit. 1830, 37. 
Cicnilu Mtdtit*. Zrti. Faun. Lapp. I. 031, M, 
Tluinuut«iiis »urdidB, Xtil. Ini. Lofp. 2M| H. 


Lin or uoHom&auii i.ouctb. 

36. Uiiaiia b«bvu. 

bivu, Utrr.-SdUtf. Fa^.cxnii. ti. .V»ni. J?«(. 71. 
SMMdkHk. Amfot, Am. Sor.Enl. Fr. Qmt SirU, r 318,470. 

I mm. MedU Mt nujorw djlib vloogatit. 

t f. C«pi« nialto Uiiod Bc lungiuti. 

^^^^H il. AjiImW Luiuiw, dpiM ubtUM). 

Muuui, Hm.-Stkaff. Nvm. Bui. 71. 

31^ Uuua pBocKaos. 
> ptennu. AnT.-.SdUjir. fam. vudl. 10. A'om. J?iil.?l. 

M. Iikvsra fuvotauiv*. 
Umu» Baionhus, Htrr.-Srltaff. Fomm. oxxix. 9. /Vom. JfsJ. 71. 

J i Anlicc uigitUi«i«s, oaplu pint aiuiu triiinjrulari. 
«. TmUmI. 

40. Ijuiici KJprtTMicLoii. 

Oaii MhhMvh, Fatl. Ati. i/oTw. urii. I8M, 30, 27. ifrfl 

Am. lafp. \. its. Vt. 
!■■• MUlUCuhit, ^rm. /'aim. xvL 19. UtrrSchaiff. Fmu 

cKn. 4. A'om. Jitl. Ti. 
Immh p»cia>»li», 6'mii. itaj. £W. U. »1, 3a Burm. UanJi. E» 

a. 1,111. 3. 
naarMtcUis MibfBKula, Zftt. Im. Lapp. 3M,8, 
l|tlllllli Ml^MfM, Cwl. JUJ. £a(. IKU, 10 

•^kSeotkitJ. PMMlodbjR.N,<imiU«,Btq. 
•^-f. Bwihwl Ptmxui b* E. Doubtcd'y, Bm. 
ft-f, Badawt Pmealed b; J. C. UnlL-, Ksc|. 
I,l:^^ad. pRMBinl b} F. Walker, £14. 


un ur aoxomtoiia iHiBCn. 


Imw ret'coktu*. Herr^Sekajf. Fuw. eux. II. Mm. J?ni. 

Cmn. Brii. Km. SM, 6. 
CSoida rotkutftU, TKiuth. An. VptaL 1*. 21, 37. Gmtt. Ei. SytC 

Xitt\.*,-HOH, 140. Fall Act. IMm. ssvii. 180(1,96. Hai. 

Sut<. Cic. 31. Zf((. Faun. I^pp. i. 39«, IB. 
Ciradn niixLt, Pabr. Si/u. AAv". •■ 
liMiu mixiui. Ofrm. ^/a^, J^ni. W. 83. 7. /Unw, Fmn. Int. xri. 

17. Annn. Umdb. Kot. ii. 1, 111,3. 
TluiIiuoutlU teticuku, Xrtt. Ini. l^PV- 2^ '- 
HTpowMpiu, Autyol, ^nn. £<•«. £«(, Fr. SiM £Mr. *. 309, 401. 


12. lUtn ATOM* BID*. 

1b«iu nlonuLiiiu, Gtna. Mag. EmI. i*. 83, 8. /lAmu, Pmiii. In*. 

xn. 1«. £wr»t. /f4ih^t. EmI. ii. 1, 110, 1. GtH. /«uh. I. 

tTtrr.'Seh^ff. Paui^ okh. iVam. fiH. 72. ilnyol W &rK 

Hm(. .Viit H™. 587. 
CorciipU aumahu, FoAr. £it(. Sytt. ir. 15. .Syit. AAy*. 07, *9. 

J^iH!. /ami, cxxs. fi, Sn, 
Cicada imTuMt, /'nM. //rm. S^ue. Ctc. S3. 
F.pi»U(,(ia, Xinyol, Aim. Soe. BmU Br. 2bu SMr, t. 916, Ml. 


«iL Viridea. 

n. Im»v> ruMxiM. 


I IitMiu (nwtnn*, Btfr.-8tlimff, Nm. At. 7S. 

Cionifii rtiuinn, Tii/'. <1r(, JTiWhi. xxttl. ISOS, 37, 23. /7<nM. S^e. 

de ti. Z*a. Fa<m. Ijtpf. i. 327. 17. 
TbamnoteiUx pnuba, Zttt. Itu. L»ff. 263, 3: 



toMU* limplex, Utrr.-SdMff. F»iai, vsxH. 7. ffiw. JBIai. 73. 

LUn or HOMomaoc* txisci*. 

49. Iamv* cncxHTA-m, 

tUM, Hfrr.-SfAaff. A'sm. A'lM, ?3. 
Ctoda iiraWHIi. Peas. /ohb. &fnn. xvj. | j, /U/. Act. Holm 
n*a. I0O6,3A,«. //rm. ^NM-. Cir. 37. ZtU. Fama. Lap 

IlnmoieUix cnuDtate, Zen. £m. L^f. 303, 3. 

40. Iisww uisTUVf. 

Imu kUctmtUL. ffrrr-SdUeg'. AW. fnl. 73. 

Ciada tlwMin, iW. del. ffJm. u*iL 16D6. 3S, 3d. Hrt 

T».CiMd>Unrn>tji.AtU.^rt.//o/m.xxTii.27,33. //i* Sms^ 

Cif.a. Ziit. I am. L»pjt. i77. \9. 
Vu. Ckwh (oTMcUa. Zrtt. Fmi. Lapp. M8, 31. 
TWiiiiiMrill ImumIIb, Zrll. Int. tjyp. 3M, 7. 
llMDMMfUiz bif utUlA, ZttL iw.. tiff. 3M, 4. 

■ SacdoL 

47. I*ui;« TDccnt*. 
TkiBMiMtiz tiKi^ Z(U. iw. Za)^. 2M, ft. 

re CapUakogkriMtatiori. pjniniilaio. 

4fl. 1«MV« tTKDlTnS. 

I undatB*, HtTr.'Stk*ff. A'om. £nt. 72. . 

CiMda lilUU, /jB*. ^ycl. AW. ii. 710, 3t^ ;'«in. .^ar^. -Jl^ tt99i 

OmtLEd. .Svrf. .Vi'. i. 4. 310T, 36. Fahr. Sj>. /n.. ii. 324, 17. 

JfaaL Imt. u. 370. as. :^r. Sytt. ir. 36, 33. ,SW. /Uyn. OTJ 

S3. AmpL /«. IhU. 24. 4(». ^ 

waadB tamiMafmi, Villm, LiaK. £ni. 
On^tnibu, Ay. /m. iii. Il», pi. 3. f. 34. Fa/'. /Irt. Ihtm. 

■zrn. laCM, 17, 9. Hem. Son. Vie. 89. 7. Gem. Hag. Ent. 

H. P3. 34. Ahrrat, Fnim. fiu. fur. Fok. lii. pi. 90. 
Imw titan*, Bvrm. Gm. 1. 4. a. 
fktjMtafiM, ilvyot, iljin. &r. £aL Ft. 2mr Sim, t. 303, 430. 


un or uodioRKura ituien. 

49. Umus iionnATn. 
lunu roMnUu, Hfrr.-Srhmff'. Faun. 132.2. .Vnm, Bnl. 73. 
•. f PrMciiicil by J. O. Cliiltben, Eui- 

Qroup — * 

SO. Ii»['ii cnxvopRtKUft. 
Afcilli* oonwbrino, Cttrt, Ent. Uof. 1. 193. 

M. Iambs bivcuhir. 

lum* rii uUris fl>nn. Mm. f^n'. tr. (I!>, W. 
Aphrtxlnriiulutiv, Curr. Ilrii. E'iLtf33,3. 

a, & EtiKlnixl. I'rtHmlMl bv ('. WalLtr, Kiq. 
t. Scotkntl. Pmeuuil b; &. Uoubleday, Eu). 

A2. IisBC* ri-EtL*. 

Apbrodn pvella. Curl. JVHr. £hi. 833, -4. 

, a. Eoglnud. Prtrnilod b; F. W■lk>^r, Ru). 
\ I. Bn^nd. 

33. l*§«v* I Kim 1.4 « IS. 

I Aphnxle* inmUri*, Curl. Bril. Bin. 633, a. 
I £ng1*D4. 

M. Ii«*n co«TATt«. 
brodra todaU, Curt. Bril. J9il.633, 6. 

SA. luMB rAi.LtnrrKKXin. 

|ApfarvdN iwllidiprnnit. Cmrl. Brii. £nt. It39, 7. 

IMT or mouwreaava iHucn. 


I aunUr«wi*, CVt. Brit. Ent. 633, 8. 

CWl. BriJ. ITnl. (ta3, II. 
EagtaBd. PMMsned bjr F. Walker, B<q. 

fi8. IiMn CuTicm.* 

AtitaidM Cnticnk. Cmrl. Brit £m. 633. Vl. 

EnxlMid. PicMBttd I? F. Wftlkn, Em|. 

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tftaJM »«CTi]titw, CWt.Brifc Jm.fi83.l3. 
>. Biiflud. PltMUid b; P. Wtlkor. Bi(|. 
' Eagtan^. 

fla Ijisavs Mmnvs. 

>nhl<U. Cvrt. firii. Ent. S33, 14. 
Elflnd Pmeniol bj F. Walker, Eb{. 

61. Iawtb imaiACtiLms. 
CWrf. /Mr. Bm. 033, IS. 
EhIb^ FMhd«r1 % F. WftiUT. E*q. 


tffaodn Uto, C^rt. Bni. £iif. lEU, 16. 
«. Engtand. PmnKod b; F. Wnlkn, E«q. 

PABT m. 3 1 


LIST or MiNQpnaoM ntum. 

I em 

f ApfcndM nduopib. Ji»rJg. Fnr. T^. Nt FitU-Ctmt. i 
I a. Scatlud. Pm«it«d b; J, Hnrdf, Ew|. 



tH. lAnr* icvKtKrm. 

Ipbrode* juraiM, lUrdy, Pr<rt. 7ync A'm. FirtJ-Clui. i. 41U, 1 
Soatlmnd. Pntontvd br J. IIbmIj-, tuiq. 


Aphrodo npilotooepbihu, llarJtf, Prve. Tjnc. Mit. fWM-Chit. i. 
434, 1. 

u. SooUauil. PitMmtod by J. llaiAy, Hm\. 

66. Umn 

nikmneura vatUu, //anVjr. />n>r. Tyiv. S'tl, Fieli-ClMi,}. 40,1 
a- Sootlaod. PiCBVUiut b) J. HnKti, Eff. 

07. Utwr* Mimucin. 

I IDMBllcepft. &AnMn, I'M. Akad Ofvtt. ItMT, H 
$. ' Aet. Hotm. 1847, 3S,t. 


tte. Itiiin NtTLTurauTCH. 
pIlOOepbuluK mullinoutiu, AfA. Vet. Akut. Ofim^ IM7, 3M. 3. 

An.a»>tm. iwr.jj. s. 


OB. Ua«C« OCU.<.*KU. 

LIST or itoxopTxnoini tsnon. 

7a IiaWB? naiciiTrrKint*. 

kikjmom bndnMMM. Sak. Vt*. Aiftd. Offtn. IM7. 7M, i. 
AH- HMrnt. m?, 30^ 4. 

71, luKnf «TTUTva. 
ktkjtuam (tjkitu, Bvk. Att. Balm. I«47. 31, 0. 

mmm fientlfitf CO tmritat; pnUt ftatB rani ; alga»titv 

Jmmo tt vio ma^iUl* I «l* pMita limpiAt. 

hto ycHow, ImmI and chcM fInL, tiizliUjr OimM witb bulT: 
kndocaiiGal: nova a litik langrt ikia broad, eoQMTe alvng llir 
^mi faoida, wilb it icrv tliniilFr kin^-iiudinal ridge, wHli a iialft red 
m^faon nehfi4c,aiiawii)i two Mack dou oa iLo foreboran; an- 
da Uaitk, wiik tkader, >U|^7 eumd, jrJUm band* ou «ich 
■nd •itli a jelloB dot in ibe dUk: >bi«U MDm in " ~ ' 
Uraigfal aiuag lb« bi»d bolder; nnttchMn loull. n 
•msn acTCM Ui« middle: bnaat maatj bat- abdo 

.pMnljpUrkT; bad[,lowaidi tfaetiBiijrtnowvlthbrowaBti , 

1^ tide: ralTO or tbe uridiict silA btkir data: \tm buff, wiib 
■ Boarb' ri>n-wiD|fi buff, pain al'XiK t^c tM« boiidn', aitb 
wkile Muia iia ilii botdan luitntb the tip* i rdu panljt 
■ilk tamm ; t«a brawn ffwla oo cadi aUc. and one at 
At lip: U»d-«im« nloarien. LeagUi ef Uia bod; I) Mm. oC 

(— d. UaitHi SuiM. Pr«»aiteil by B. Doubkday, Eiq. 

73. lAaatnt tk«t(idi!Iarii>ii. 

I— tliwliiwiiin, Gnw. Burm. Gat. /«mm, 4. 
rwwjiiaiiii Catolitu. 



tin «r BOMomiBm u»stn. 

74. I*MP> 4-nNOTlTM. 

CiciMlB 4-puncuU, Pall. Ad. Ihtm. xxrll. IMtf, 33, M. 
.1, &. Scotland. Pre*CDt«d by B. N. Grtrtlle, Ew]. 
i'. Sweden 

luut iKtlaiae. Gn-m. Avm. Gra. i«uiu, A. 


Iiuaui dkligmu, Grnn. MSS. 

77. liun tt-PCXcTATO*. 
lanus S-pUDCtatlH, iDunn. Gm. 1auiu,3,t I. 

7a lAMtia pcwcnnnit"- 
LuKua piuctifcruk Uerr.-Sdutff. Faim, oxf L & 

79. Iamvi Piotbpi. 

ISNtU* Prol«UB, nm.-Srkaff. pQMm. cxxv. 9. 

80. Umuh AKoatiTim 

Im*u* wientaiDs lirrT.-Stluaff. Fatm. a»*i. &. Anna. 

Cka4» UKMibdo. /U, £)tl. SytL ir. 38, 47. .'fyil. lUkyn. 77, 7S 

Cbfitf fr. ///wrr. i. n. p), ft, f. A. 
Iu*us iiiU-r<titulu, Grrm. Afo^r. But, it. 90, 37. .Umw, 

ttu. Eur. xni. 20, 
Adljwatu, Amyol, Ann. Soc. Bnt. Ft. tm* Siri*, y. 337, MH. 




laMOl g rilM O H W, Htrr.'Sckaff. Faim. cxiir. 14. 
Cicads giuefcmt, Zen. Famn. Lapp. i. 530, 3S. 
TluuiiniNeUix griMKcna, Zctt. In*. Lapp. 295,']3. 


luRU CTOceui, Herf.Sdutff. Ftm». czIjt. 7. 

63. Inniis DiPDanB. 

Immu impumi, floA. Vh. AUd. Ofitn, 1847, 36S, 7. ..In. ifo/m. 
1847, 37, 9. 



Prottic»p«, Amyot, An. Sor. Emt. Fr. 2im Sirit, t. 330, -178. 

85. Uietit? Pedbm&tia. 

FedeawtiB, Amyot, Aum. Soe. E*t. Ft. 3nic Strit, v. 236, 907. 

86. IassubF Chobtopuill'B. 

CkorlDidiiltu, Amyol, Ann. Soc. Ent. Ft. 2nu Shie, r. 237, SOtf. 

liuoDaUiii, lU.t 


OT. Iubub? PstmiTTHDUE. 
Punajthimu, <4Myol, Aim. Sor. Ent. Fr. 2mt Sine. v. 319, 47fi. 



88. Iamub? CmoiuKiKaiit 
'CUonciaii.Amiioi.AniLSoe.Eiti.Fr.1biitSini." 317. 4<W. 

en. lAHUtF Xaxtroldu. 
, Amfdl, Aam. Soc. £u. /^r. ime Sine, i. 317. 4«7. 

90. lAnitfl? SuoTooxL*. 
SUctoplo, Amfot, Jm. .Sot. £iU. /Ir, 2mt Sirie, r. 317, 4(IK. 

ttl. liwDsr Epibbrixh*. 
, Amfol. Anit. Soc. Smt. Fr. 2m* SirU. <r. 3H, <ti2. 

SS. Lunn? C*LB«u. 
nia, iljayvf. Am. S«e. Sni. Fr. am* SMi. r. 317. -II 

as. Iamcs 7 Pupa. 

8l Jatna' Ue, Galapai^Di. Pmeatcd by C. Darwin. E^. 

M. Umv* rctviDoaauH. 
\ fulvidonuiD. FUth, TV Senate, No. 30. 62. 
.'ITdw Ynri;. Krom Dr. Kitcb's oalleotion. 

9i. Iaisci ittNonirt'!!. 
1 irrontiH, Say, Jvun. Aead. Sal. Set. rt. 90H. 
Nci* VoA. From Dr. Fitch'i DoUoclion. 

86. lAMra AOUTva. 
ItiH, ■Vdy. Joum. AruJ. iV«l. &n. >i. 306. 
Toik. Fiiim Ur. Filcb'* ccUcction. 

un ow BOMorrnoDB Dincn. 895 

97. I«Mn Hklshbimsbu. 
Anbl^MplMliu HdaliniDeiii, FUeA, Tk* S*iiaU, No. 30, 61. 
c New Toil. Fram Dr. Fitcb'a ooQectioD. 

98. Umn Sati. 
AnHrcephilu 8aji, Fitch, Tke SimU, No. 30, 61 . 
a. Nw YuA. From Dr. Fiub'a coUectioD. 

99. Iamvb inimicdi. 

Amblycephftliu T inimiotu. Say, Jomnt. Aead. Nat. SH. ti. 30S. 
a. New To^ From Dr. Fitch's oollectioD. 


AptirodM cUoriiuu, Hardy, MSS. 
limasamraitit, Akrau, Ftaut. Iiu. irii. I&. 

«. ScMUod. PreMDted by J. Hudy, Esq. 


Tn>b]ocTbt, Germ., Gtiir.Mag. EiU.,Htrr.-Sehaff.,Barm.,Ami/ot 

tl Serv., ITardv. 
Cicada, p., Zmk., JPoir., Deg., Gteff., Fall., ZtU. 
EapteiTX, Curt. 

a. EljOa in aptee limbata, qTiadiiareolata, Burnt. Gtn. Tj/phl. pi- 

f . 6, g. 

1. Ttphloctb* Dlkl 

Cimi».Tnmi,LiiM.Syit.NaU2l,7li,-td. Faun. SiUc. 900. Fabr. 
Sa. Ini. ii. 328, 43. Jfoni. /«. ii. 273, 66. Eni. Sgit. i». 46. 
81. 5y»(.flAyii.78,8l. i)^. /«*. iii. 189, 8, pi. 13, f. 12— 19. 


Gmff. loi,P»Ki.437,Vr. OnuLBd.Sutt. Nat. L ■t.ltUfW 

Btrl. Sif». i. 1 13. Situ. EUm. Nal. tlul, li. m. Turt. SfU. 

Nal.u.im. f«;;.^«.i/(Jn.,xxrii. 1800,38.43- //em-AvM. 

Cie. 4». 39. 
TjrpUocTba Uhnl. B«roi. Ilandk. Em. U. 1, 107, 1. 
Le|iU>cMoril, Amyai, Ann. Sa,-, fnl, Fr. •ime Shi*, t. 23'i, MO. 
Euiilerrx oocllaU, Curt. Urit. Ent. tHO, 8. 
Tji-liloi^ba Robi, Hani;,, i'rvc. Tyf». SaL FUU-CM. i. 417,3. 

«— «. S««tlaiicl. PnttL-nUd b; R. N. GrcTillc E%q. 
d, t. ScotUad. Prwenicd bj C Doubled^}', E«q. 
f,S. Sootlaad. PrMeokri Iw J. Bnul)'. Cw. 
A— A. Englud. Presented bj >'. Waltur, E*q. 

2. Trpuixicni* ilkointdu 

CU-ada tlcipuilaln, Dalman, MSS. Zt». Pami. I^pp. i. 339,30. 
Ciciulutft flrj^aniuln, Ztli. Imi. I^pp. SilS, 1:2. 
Tjiiblocjiia eleguilula. Hnr.^flutff. Som. tint. 68. 


3. TrftOiOCtnt m»CKou.n. 

Ml dUcio 
Bum. < 


IVdlliKrt-bfl dUciooUu. Jferr.-Selttfff. Fomm. cxiit. S. JVmr. 8*1. 
08. £Hn». Cm. 3>». 

««. Eljtn in npicc nan llmbaU, 
ft. Elvira arcoUi apicslibua qualuor |iQrallplIi, prima in ipwi 

«. Ala RmbatiB. 
>!. Am»lU apUxUbiw diubiw. 

1. Ttpmlootiu 4V>kou- 
Oicoda aurMla, Fall. Aet ffitim. xxtii. 18O0, 25, 20. HeM. Sa 

LIST i>r aoKoranon iMsen. 

Tnhlotjhn Menohtat, Anr. Ami. /w. Otrm, cnlr. 9. 
!■■■■ •l■«ol■^ AMrttu, Aaa. tut. svli. pi. 'jo. 
Ty^bcjte ■itFMla, Uerr^ScJkmff. ,Vmm. fnt. its. 

&. TTmitKTiu cimniBLU. 

CxKda ntcinella, Zea. fmn. £m^^ i. Mit, 30. 
T^I M o m U oiaia»lU, Uen-.-Sckiff. fuw. oxsiT. 7. 

6. Ttpiilocvb* oiuciu*. 

■ncOk, Ztlt. Ins. Lam. 2!W. H. 

7. TTfaUMitSk UlClSItlLl. 

mieiBtala. ^«u /ai. Lapp. 3n». 13. 
nicnlula, itdnn. Oe». Typlil. 

44. Anola ■pieali um. iliinn. Gat. Typhi, pi. f. 9, b. , 

M. TrntLocTiui vnuKiu. 

TVpUonta ridduU, ihinx. G^. T,pkL 
Vm^ vffMnlft, fWU. Art. Holm. xxtu. tSOO, 37, 10. Una. Hu 
CU. M, 47. 




B. TynttocTU furucmra. 

Air. fur. SfU. Iv. 441, 80. .V- Blifti. 79, 

'»&(. xxrit. I 



Ltar or uoHopTKtMct mxcfn. 

«p. Ala Don limbftt*, ncoli* stiioalibu doabiu. Bmrm. 
7V^/. pLr.3. b. 

10. TvPilLOfimt nuHDula. 

l^phbM^ta Uudula. Utrr-SrUff. ^lm. Etu. (W. Barm. 0*». 

Cic»da bludula. Iburi, An*. £inue. ii. 217, 1203. /^o//. Ati. 

J/oAm. nvii. 1806, 49. 43. ^cm. Sua. fit. i7. A6. 
CSoadk Rnetlb, SrAfUmtfry. 

TTpUoqiM QucniH, Pans. Fmm. Int. Gtmi. nuiv. 7. 
EilpUiTX flMmniKua, C'«r(. firil. Emt. 040,2. 

«.A. Engluid. PincDtcd bj F. Walker, E*]. 


IVpUocvUTillir, Hrrr.-SrKaff. Kmrn. Enl.tl 
Cimh'nUr, ffni^. /w. 1. 4M,34. Fa//. 

.06. Barm, (ifi^ 
, Act. Halm, xxvii. 
4a, 47. tIem:S«t<. Cit. 47, M. 
Plilogoqilkl. ^M^M. Aan. Sot. Hal. Fr. 3m Sine, t. 3S9, 40S. 

19. Ttphloctii* Uvntaioi. 

Typhlocj-Iis Iljrperici, lUtnn. Gen. T\fpkt. 

la. TvruLocva* l(Vr<tMcm.t. 

TnUocvbn 10-puoctala, lUrt.-Srlurff. Fatm. oxxi*. i. Ktm. B»t. 
W.' Burm. Ob. Tmhl. 

Ifr-fnindBU, Fa//. An. Ihtm. ucil. 1006. 44,41. 
AtT. Cir 43. ;f<t(. F4iiii.Za^;>.{ .J3!I.4I. 
indnU 10-{iuticinln, Zftr. /w. /.dp;i, SiMi, 31. 
J <;.iiaUla ? (.'iirt. flrii. AV. WO. JO. 

Tjrplilocijrba •coUlUm, Bum. Gm. 7>7>Ar. 

ugt «F BawrrKKin iNaBcia. 


it. EljUSBnaUi ^ikaliboi qiiauuv, wcunda a raMgine enumo 
Imngakito pollolalBi uigntwi «ljtnu«m ioUnisa aoicalb 
motlo rntundatiH, noio pToUvctiu. Aurm. trr». TjnAT pi. f. 

ee (. Ale nan linbuc 
14. AMolb ■kmaapkalfbiu tritai*. Amu. Gn. 7>;pA^ pi f. e. 

TipUonila Rout. Hnr.Sdtmff. Faun, eucir. I. Am>. £iil. ». 

CiCi4B Bow. f&ai Spt. Nat. 713, M. /'«». S-tr. »03. /{»»■<. 

/■i^*. fl.30. r. 10— U. £lry./ii#.iill«:i.». aroff. In,. Par. 

L43tt,3lt. ffrMl. /w. fi. 13. pi. 30. fWu/i, /n^. Ifrh.H. 

*n. F«(r.^/M. 11327.40. JTunf. /iw. ii. 372, A3, r^jwi 

££. .Vvic\«l.). 4. 111A.M. &rJ. ..^v". L ll.T .Vlnr. AV. 

JV^iAt.ILMI. r«r(.;^'. iViiJ.ii. 60H. Zttl.FauH.Lapp.i. 

dadnh Rom. Zrtl- /u. Upp. »00. 18. 
XaatlMpab. 4m)iM, Amt. Soc. Sni. ». 3iii' HMe, t. 23.1, U | . 

•, k SMdnd. Pnwnud by B. N. Oi*riUe. Um. 
r-A. EncWnd. PiCHnl«d b^ P. Walbr. E>i(. 

10. Ttpmloctb* i>uiJ:nBLU. 

Tf*kUnba paMelU, llrrt.-Sthtff. Num. Ba. 07. Aaii. cuir. 

IO.V BmM a<n. Typkl. 
l*iolMI%ni»P« f '4-9M, /(liii. .Vor. £■(. ^V. ?m .^Mf, t. 236, 4W 
rWlil pulehtlU, ^M. Art. Halm. mit. 1806, .W, 3«. ifm 

Jbr. CVr. .U, Al. /wf. Faun. £a/7>. i. MO, 13. 
ntiMhliriilrli-'ln "* rf f- £■;>)». »0). 32. 

Cw flW jM ilf>Ur»»l»is CWrf. BriL Km. MO,*, 
TpfMi'lffci onalipcwut. Hum. Gcu. Typkl. 
iSnliaBH cwduu r .Umu, Firu*. /u. xit. pi. 12. 

■« f .fawuf, >tm. Sor. Ent. Ft. -imt Sfrit. v. 330, 486. 
lyrUMjtalulnr flWy, Pnt. Tfit€. S\t. FuM-Otih, 1,1114,4.. 

«, k. faMlud. PiMniMl kv R. K. GmUlr, Ku. 
<■. timOmmL PiMeMwi I>t t. Doulilcdnr. Etif. 

4,*. ffllirhll< PWMUd bf J. HiirdT. t:*q. 

/.^ EMfa*i<L PranMcdbr'J.C.Unl'i. IUi|. 
A— A. Ett|^*' FRMHcd bv r. Wn\Ui. Emi- 


u>T or KoxvFTKftot-s mion. 

17- TrpBLoctBA Oiiiuuki. 
Cludida Ganmri, ZeiL Int. Lapp. 301, 23. 

TjptilMjIw ittUultbir, Burm. On. TyflU. 

10. TTpnioTTt* iMPsau. 
Typhlocjba xispcraa, Svrm. Gtm. Tj/pU. 

20. TrpRbocvD* viTTAU. 

Clca<i« vittMUi. Fall. Aet. ffolm. xx''a.\Boa,mi,*S. /Tfm.fli^l 
AD, ii. Zm. An. Lnm. i. bW, 38. G'rrm. itag. Hmt. U '3 
ae. Fain. *i. i>1. 30, //Hrm. HaniH. Em. ii. I . t07, 3. 

Typfaloojbaniuu. //rrr.-£i-A<E^. .V.<m. ^nJ. W. Birm HtnM- 
BiU-ii. I. 107,3. 

CiudnU ritCHtii. Zrt(. /m. Lapp. 300, 17. 

Chloroplepnu, ilMwvr, Hon. .^ne. A'nt. fr. 3Mr Sfrie, t. 330, 1VS. 

~;iipte^ BOUU, tStri. Bril. Fui. 540, I. 

Typfclocf Iw qaadnnKMU, Hanlf, Prtic 7W. Hat, FfU-Club. 

Ei^and. PitMDtad t? P. Wftlln', E*q. 
BcotluiJ. Pltwntod In E. DoubltJay, Esq. 
4. Sfotiand. Pmoilod b; J. Mkrdy. Ecq. 
«,/. Swadeo. 

31. Trna.ocTBii acuta. 

TnUoqta aurtU, Brrt.-Hrlutff. N«m. /lt,i. m 

Cicadt Minu, Lum. £yu. Aai. ii. 711, 4K Faun. Stttr. 

Fall. All. Holm. »i*ii, IBOO, 39. 44. Hrm. Surr. ("ir. 4(1' 
FttbT.Sp.liu i<.n3>',4l. Ifmif. /lu. ii. 373. &S. f^I. .^ 
iv. 4^ W>. .'{ji>(. Aitm. 7K, 80. Funili. Ini. Htir.at.iW. 
Gntl. EJ. Siftt A'nt. I- 4, 21 14. 48. 7W. .Vwj. A'oj. II. im. 

Cietda, pitu. fdir. £i>(. Svtl. ir. 43. A7. 5vU. Htym. .^7, 75. 

TctiipiDia picu, Grrm. j/aj. Ent. ir. 29. Auu. /-inin. /«i. £r< 
cxti. 33. 

Clo»da nlgropiiaeUU ? ScAr. Int. Amttr. 2a», 490. 

un or ROMotnMw iaii«n. 

23. TmtLOcm QrEiicUB. 

kloojta Qiwtnn, //tfr.-SnU/f. >'««. £ai. (Kt. Am. outiv 

CSndkfluHingera./'awrr.iiu. 190. 24. Gtof.Jui.4K.t4. 
Cki4» Qbmcs*. Air. ^^ /lu. ii. 33>«. -14. AltM. /<u. ii. 273, i». 
Em. S^i. if. 47, m. Sf>i. RAfK. n, w». GmW. £d. .Swi. 
A'M.i.4. 3JI3, ITS. FaH. .iel. Holm. uiij. IHO0, 42, 4a 

, .^jiqwl. .4«i. S»t. E»(. Fr. *««« SWf, T, 3a0. 496. 
PmoMirf bj J. BkMt. Eu. 

33. TrrifLocivi MirtovLi. 

dad* nWdnla, Fair, f Ml. SjpM. i*. 4R. 87. Cro/T. /x. 43», 22. 

-V' JU)«-?«.88- /rm'..5nhrtf:AKa.ctiiT.I0. 
ItnxMilltt, Xb^pX, Amk. Sir. £n(. A. 2nr Stfw, i. 230, 494. 
Cxada niiidak f /Ur. 3/mr. /m. U. 273, 07. Cmr/. fJ. i 


«. Seoikad. Pmcntcd W R- S. Orerille. Giq. 
t-*. Ea^iL PraKDte^ t.7 F. WaUx. Eh). 

42, 4a 


34. Ttnu-ocviu TCNCutiu. 

39, TirBiocTu 4>ii>iieiaK«. 

TfpUoeyW (Bonctrin, Hum. Gtn. Tnkl. 

Ccnofia gnaMtrira. ^rAraal, /iiuii Bmf. ii. A7, 1076. 

Ctedft HsMirih, Fall A<t. H«lm. xxiH. 1800,3(1. 37. Um. Sarr. 

Twtaa^ fcoattriu. ^Ami, ^onh. /mi. sii. pi. 10, 
CkMW bicatells. Znt. Im. Lapp. 3O0. 1 9. 
TjpU^ta UncBtelU, Bm.-Sckirff. Norn, Ent. 6S. 




un M HOMarTBBon msscn. 

ette. AUtllnil'iitff, krciobtpic&lt unn; oljlia uvolii spkaUbB* I 
bun, piima externa ■ubtriniij(iiliui. tSurvi. Gtm, Typhi, pi- 

20. TmiLOCTU nuucDru. 

Cicniln snantitdula. Fall- Act. Uoltn. xsriL IBOO, 37, 30. 

Faan. Lapp. i. 535. 33. 
Cicaduls onangdula. Zril. Im. Lofp. SM, S. 

h,c, ikdlland. 
i,t.— F 

PrMMiu«l \>i 3. G. Childitn, Em. 
l*ieMnu3 bj E. Uoublcda?, Ew|. 

Group ' 


97 TvpHLocvaA aioHtrinxMn. 
IJnUo^tw slKualipeuiiis B<A. Act. Botm. I&I7, 30, S. 

38. Tvi'aLouviid euADNiitotm. 

ClMil* qoAdrinoUU, Fair. A'nl. JTwJ. ir. -13,71. 5)n<. /Uvr- 1 
77. Pmt. F«™. Cmn. eiii. 7. Fall. Htm. SiKt. Ctt. 46; 
as. Crrm. Knin. xiv. pt. 10. ZftL Fmim. Ltpf. i. 693. 37. 

Cienda puEJlln. Il/fui, Fnun. Ulnur. 

Cii:a<lul.-i qiiudrinotaU, XHi. Im. Lam. 3B6t I. 

TetiiuMCtiia, vlmyol, Ann. Sac. Enl. Ft. 2au Siru, v. Slat, • 

a. SooUmkL PnteoUTkl by J. Uudj, Em|. 


TVphlooTta pku, Hvm. ffwtdh. Em. ii. 107, a. 

C\i»Am ptPU, Fabr. Fm. .Vy>(. W. 43, 97. 5yH. JUyn. 77, 7ft. 

HerT.-Sffiirff. Faun, p»ii, 33. 
Cic*il> Carpiui :' FouK. /w. lot. VilL BtU. i. 400, 44. Calf. 

/m. 4a*T. 35. 
Cupiciyx picu, CtirtiM, Jovm. Roy. Agrie. Sac. Bift. 1841^ 

r. 33. 
Trplklocylm, Amj/ot, Ann. Sae. Eat Fr. 2mt StHt, v. 323, 481. 

«. Sootlaiid. PresmtNl bv E. Uoiiblcdar, Esq. 
*,e. 8<<uUanil. Pri-ionuJlir J. Hardy, Eaq. 
J. F.ngland. Prcaeoiod bv F. Waller, Em- 
r,/. Sacilen. 


30. TrrHLOoriu Oarici;. 

. VtMam, Fair. Si/it. Rhyn. 77. 7«. Fall, Act. flidm. xxtf 
I«I6,40;4J, ffni.Siw. CiV.90,41. Hm.-Sfhttff. Fuhk. 

CICiidlU* DltlM, Zrtt. Iiu. Lan: 399, Ifl. 

Bnfbayx bonauit, Cvn. Rai. ift^. \. 193- Brit. Emt. 610, 8. 

EuptMJlC UnalU, C'uit. i}rif. Eat. S40, 0. 

fvnplnrx M«lt»c. Curt. Brit. Snt. 610, 7. 

Tiptiki^ha ocUnuUU. Iftnlu, Pmc. 7yw, Nat. FleU-CM, i. 


TjphlocrU m m Mmhtt. lUrdg, Pnc. TVm. A'iU rittd'CtMb, i 

431, 7. 
Typblocybk jticitndt, tfanfy, iVor. TVim, A'oi. Fittd-Club, t. 

TjTlOocjba SUchfdcaniB. //lu^v. Pnc. Tynt. Nu. FUlit-a-h. 

i- 133, ». 

«, k SaMknd. Pntetited b; E. Doubledaj, Eh(. 

#-«. SoWhad. Pmnted h; J. Hafdj, Euj. 

>^-«. Enghid. PVMMttd by F. Walker, Eiq. 

31. TiPHLocvst 7.»o»n. 

€!»■*» 7-aoUU. FnfJ- .4ft. Holm. »xtii. l8CHt,3S, 3d. 

Cindiila 7-bouU, Zttt. Am. £tf;ip. 1. fi34, 31. /lu. £q>p. 207, 6, 

St. TrrnLOcvsa mmcuu. 

Ewptojl lueku, Otrt. /frit. Em. MO, 3- 
c EngUad. 

33. Tvi-ULocvBi tiiuuiras. 

EaptBTX niUipa. Ctirt. Bnt Bnt. av>, 9. 
a. ScoUud. PKMBiml bjr E. Doubledaj, Btq. 

31. TrraLOCTiiA MurupiiM*. 
Ecptetja ■ucaBpottib, CVr(. On't. £W. (140, II. 
a. KnglMil 


Liir or ttattoemova iNucn. 

8ft. Tttuwciiu SouMt. 
Enpteiyx SoUni, Ctiriii, Jimn. IL>y. Agrit. Set. Emgl. 1IH9J 

r.as— 31, HurifiJa, a<ud. Chron. \. 388. 


31. TrPHtXICVkil CLYPRjtTt. 

Rwptefyz djpeoU, CW/i. Brii. Em. 040, la. 

37. TmiLooTiu ruaun. 

TypUoojba pUsuu. //ontv, Aof. TVw. JVof. Pietd-CM. 
416. I. 

«,t. Seotluid. PreKi)l«<lbjR.N.Orc>itl«,Bii]. 

3A. Trpni-ooTiu kximii. 

TjpUocflM cximiii, H<nit<,. Pr.x. Tipu. N*t. FiVM-CThA. 1. 117. 1 
a. SeoUftnd. ProMntcd h; J. lUrdT, Eaij. 

W. TrvuvociKA UtiiuiONi. 

C'ioMluk Utlilbotni, Zta. In*. Lapf. 307, 7. 


CilMdft MIMlll, PtUI. Att ffilm. KSTii. 1800. 43, 60. 


CicadulB tpieid, 2eii. /m. {.ofip. 398,11. 

43. TvpatocYiiA titkkji 

Cicodn ritroK. Fabr. Sfii. Rltya. 70, 90. 
laiMiiii Tjuim, (rem. ^Tay. Enl. it, 85, 19. 

0. b. Bnttlud. I>men[cd hj F. Walker, Eaq. 

O. TrtMLoevaA iLBoaiBiiLi.*. 

jbtt allMMnBlk, IttTT.-Sekmff. Fatm. dkiv. 1 1 . 
PUagOUKilA. Ami/al, jtan. Sae. £>t Ft. 2«v Sirit, r.»l, 4fll{ 

Sooth Ytxwt. luljr- 

44 TirULOotB4 Vm>. 

TtUinnU tith. Harru, Emej/tt. Amrr. An. lotiM. I^r, tiii 4:1. 
Imi. 1V1W fiif r. 1(H. /taMwIm, JVnc .Inrr, GaiJimfr, WO 


4ft. TurnuocTU Pibji 
TMtlgoate Fab*. Otrrit, Im. Stv EmgL isa 
United 8tMM 

4& TrruLoorn* tBiomcTA. 
I Er;nbR>Dcun triciiict*, FiUA, Hr Stnalt, No. 30, <EI 
I a. N*« Vatfc. FntD Dr. Eltcb'i oolhsctioo. 

^^P 47. Trrai.ocn* oin.iai;*. 

TcUigMiis 0bti>)iu, iiai/, Jomm. Aead. A'm. Sti. it. 343. 
«- Hrm Voft. Fmn Dt. Fhcli'imlk«lioo, 

48. TrraLocTB« tiucolob. 
/uiayiKH, nttmi Jha ; rapMt Atmim. nigra fiurnlam .- (Aci. 

^no- f m r m , td nM*m limpiiit; alt ixutic* cinetnt. 

Bad; aAlla bMMtb : bead ■ UtUu nuro««ii Uiaa the clwU, 
— iiilKwIir aloDf tb* /on bonier, illghtW dodo&tc bahlnd ; enwn 
f tU w r , <riUi a biwil black ine|[iiki hud, «bicb u paid; widrnwl 
to ibc boidcti, aud it inlenuplcd bj a tlODder jreUow (tripe ; lace 
eOBloal : lUtld fmxipDoia, blaekitb along tlie foro border, vbiliih 
tew aiib iba bind boMor; Kulcbouu pale fcrrvglsaue, with fottr 
•Um ifots asd with a wUic tip : back of Uia abdoman nostl j 



u>T or MOMomMwi inscta. 

black; t«« wblU: br»-irliig> eopp«i;-bnwa. trilli ptltt tipou 
Mmfl of liw ctiKilctx ; Ibie bord«r oolourleHi, villi Inu dark brunu 

Ssli^ ono in ibe nuiMic, Uie otber k1 the tip i tlu«e btorni duu aloa^ 
Bhted bofdn 1 Uod-wing;* gnj. Lmglb or ihH hoij 21 liae 
• Port Naut 

10. TmiLOCTaji ttjiiiaiHirt 


(A'«tt« «/i# 

Hum, tufrlut o/ia ,- caput JIa mm, otto tiluium 

*> AllnilUUlU,' di'Ioni'ii lu/rra nij/rum ; at.T antictt 
lyfr I ymiML <rf I III film 'im^iiidi .- a'jF puKicir rubeineTftT 

T Bodf white benwih: brail a liule Duruwct tluu ibe <tuai, 

I eoBieal alamK th* tan totder, tll(;litl; ooDoan- bcliiud ; unma yet- 
, low, triMi{DMt.liviUv broader ilino hnff, wiilt a wb!i* firJiie. which 
taMO from the Und oordei to tlic front; chrat blown, with « broad 
wUU ttfipv, irbicfa i* inlaid with a lutemu ttttpo : klKlomen Mack 
■tioro: li^ white: foro-wtDgi &wR*c«kmT, with brown tipa: tac 
b«ffiler eolourlct*, with ■ Iirown niripi: nloog ona-foiuth of lh« Uaith 
fioa (he hail-, and wiili a bruwn obliqoe tUMh In the dMwi 
hind-wingi pale gnf. Length of the body r) line: of the wltimt 

d. South A6ica. Prcwoted b; Dr. A. Smith. 

SO, Ttphloctb* P Surra iqiLT UK. 
Siactopdiiu. Am^I, Ama. &^. EnL Fr 2w 8Mt, i. 3M, 490 


P^rotsaiu, .im^t, Ata> Svr. Smi. Pr. Qme Sirit. *. 324, 4(13. 


M. TypiitoctD*? Ikoinu. 

lodidia, Amyol, Ann. Sac. Bt,i. Fr. Qnu Sirir. . SaS. 4W>, 


A3. TrPELocrtBi ? Brvontctt. 
HjpMtiela, Aaq/ot, Aam. Soe. BiU. Fr. imt Sine, r. 228, 491. 

M. TtthloctuF CmocsrHAu. 

CiMMephak, AmyU, Amt. Soe. Ea. Fr. 2mt SiTu,T. 332, 498. 

a&. Ttphlootba F Epimkltu. 
EpindtiB, An^et, Aim. Soe. Bm. Ft. 3m SMe, i. 2S7, 487. 
■- FiMtee. 

56. TrPBtocraif Chloapila. 

fi7. TrPBLoovBA ? Pblto«pil*. 
PelUxpiU, Axfot, Aim. Soe. Ent. Fr. ime Sirit, v. 232, 499. 








■ ' ; -. 1 

LONDON, 18fl2. 

F K 1 N T E U II V E D n' A K I) NEWMAN, 


Thk principgJ oliiect of the |>rmont Caialoguo baa been lu 
ffn * nmpti'te lisi of the spccimetis of Unmopterou^ ImiMtt 
fuataitwd in the ooUection of lite Britifib Miueiiin. indioiliiiff 
■I tlw mnut time ibe paculutritttM of each, as n.ipirib' vnnHtuiii 
of chaneut. localilv. uul tlie •ouree from whencn it bun liwu 
dennd. With this rievt. tbo diffcraut iiiilividiuilM i>f <ttrli 
ifeeiei «aat*iiMd id th« collection uv iwdii.tWgil l>y thv loner* i. 
t. e. ten tdOamiag iJm dbuki of tb« spadet and il« spMDjmios, 
■oi the deacriplim, if il opputred b> havo been bdbra uit- 

tbrn put of Um) Gilalogae of Uomoptoous InsecU tus 
kn pnptrad md ibt new Bpecios d«Mribod bjr Ur. Framcis 
Wauub, 80 well known for his attention to thie oider of 


Brouk itwtnm, 
Dt. 30lA. IMl. 





X / 



Tas. I. 

. 1. DoBilulil* dtmiauu 
i. FiAeina airifen 
S. TMligade* ciMD)Mcla 
4. Z«MMan «iKini|tdiDa 
a. C4e>4» UlntifiDR 
«. Tlwph*, (New ap). 

Tai. U. 

rig. I . Vlu ar Cjrclpcblb honnU 
. a. TcU%iTrta lontnina 
. 4. Pti|« do. 
H 4. CnUMiM SaKadntil 
, &. Hogusia tgniCcn 
^ 1. tncwkaaroi* 

T«D. III. 

[. I. PModlotjrm nfaeoMm 
, t. E n ifcof t w WW 
a. FhlaidM ntnctM 

i. DivUopbore cUorachraini 
. A. A»ejn Of iwndicuUu 
, 7. Flivnjptianu piodiKU 

& BklMnha nilUtt 

, 10. AMls«ira ranallfeni 

Ksft-tKtTioH or tLxn*. 


1,3. Oxttonis •unduB 
4, A. rirfipn liotrilicB 

7. Mnulirum iniriinalis 

8. Datuw cvo'oluiu 

9. <£■!• inttta. Fab. 

10, II. HtterufiHua noimi 
13. CcrcM inCfiiutM 

13. Ilcinif<i)<lia brrri* 

14, Conbuphon (onwnUtiM 

T.B. V. 

VoMitg krTi. a, AoinM. i. Knil af 

fc, r. Mouth «r lutm. 






nin>i VImi. 

L«ni. ■. UmJ. 
Afli-^kripi nfa. Ur<«, $, «. Atileina w4i1miuI ihe im 

baMi (•iliiU. ft. TiUa. e. Tmniaal arifle« oT abd*. 

men «1lh the whoit of bain. 
Ptvpvpa, f. a. Anlvuiu. b. Fure trjt. 
Pupa, ?. «. Anlcnu b. Tibia, r. End of abdonni 
Pupa, 9.IbI(t*1 tkw. a. AnUBM. i, F.nd of •! 
AbaoaiMi of A. rmfm, $ , tetiini tic*, a. 

Xt*., lid* *(•«. 
jl. nr/i. Q. «. face. (. Fate leg. c Alxloiaeii, 

•cntricle in titu. 

Uflumiliiipi "ind, bm. «. Antetna. ft. Ejr. «, i. Tad. 
a. Aiiiriina or iiojgo. fr. Masltla. r. I«b1iB, J. Moui" 

<. t'liTC l*g. 

Sfrinlirifi. lAdUum d. BrtiMlfUuB. 



End ^M 


.' "1 

.■^^ . 


* f 


Tab. VI, 

ntg^thrif lHmi,\mago. a. Face. *. TimgwtT r.4. 
UaxiltiiiT pnlpav r. Eod of BMilb, wiih labial palpi. 
/, BiueafnutilU, villi IhcMlpuf. y. IffoitliiruD. 
H 13. HMolkripi. «. Muutb. ^ HaiJIbry imlpiw. 13. r. 

AnUnB*. 13, if, Aprxofdlllu. 
. a. nUolktifrariarr*. 
& liaUArif Sprrtrum 
_ 4. tAmnHkrim rrrM/iHm. I'ropapa, ? . •. Head. A, T*rni> 

r. Enl vTabdoiMii. 
K A. Pvft, 9- *■ Hlad hv- A. £ii<l o/attdonti) 
M A- PBpa. j . a. E«i| of >tiil«DMii. 

a 15. laago. a. Face. Jt. r. )laxiUai7jMl|>ii*. d. Abdorocn, j . 
*. Bud of aUmMfl. 9- /■ IKtbi, tiile tivw j. \ 
>piBc. A. Lablat palpiw. <,i. IKfltrviit liemt ul l». 
7. Tktim Pkptmu, t. itmtA liem. h. VctttraL 
«. Pnik. 10. Hale. 
II. End af abdemaii of larra- 
9, a. Thrift attrara, 
13. (Tiir«ltHpi. 

l<- TYrtpa (Wj^tiHtmo. a,t. Head, r, J. Ihin of noatlij 
'■ Hasdibka. /. Hasilte. f. MasillaTy palpua. 

Lau jobt of animal, wiik ilic nflr 

T*B. VII. 

I|(. I. TmnlHl •rgtnmu In LimMttripi rrmliiim, g (a, (), 

f. Hetiuai. t. Teato- /. Vcaiciili. rf. I'liicultu. 

r. Exitu. 
. 1, 3. Aaanlua aaali* oim firga iMvitH. 
a 4. j ■ a. Ctriculiia. h. CaiialLi ncfetiOBla. t. Vcainilc' 

d. Tmck. 
. %. Idna, a laUre cum Tibn* ••tpenaorai. /. Raeluni. 

. e. AWanati, ^ . 

r. AWasea, ^ , nr>f« 6'rf irv. K Apex. 

UPL4IUTKIB or i>uraK 


Ten4ira ralvub, eslnior. TAript «rraia. 

IntorkT. „ „ 

Trrcbra inieti*. „ _ 

'Diccn «i oiuii*. 
Van dubia cemina pnpe o$, eun apmboi orwii (onncnT 

Mlam la Wiii obTb ; in TmM^frit |Mrim ■4»unt 
Ontn mtlanun. 
lDl«(Uiiiun. nripim/t, V- *- fEMphaipu. A. lii|^- 

•in. <■ PnttBineiilus. J. DowlniHiD. r. I>tc*iiauiii 

Imar. /. BMUlin, f. Vua Iwi'nlBr* " imlpifcbialiB ' 
djcla. A. Dactui uIitc F i. Vkm pradtcU ilut' 

VoniD tju*dtm. TJirift rttftliaima. 

iDwrtiu (awia kiiMllmruin. 

Inlnlinum. .trrirxitiripi. 

Friwtuin e duclu u)i«nn (ojKkal di««pliaa F) 

InleMtDum. LiaMhrift trnaiium, UW«. 

Vua dubia. 

Tkript oitfurm. iBglurlM, \C. 

Thoeax, Vc^ ntitrrc. Tiript mmliKm. 

Ponio toafin nucia, ut «xhA«ftt spiraculaB protlwnc 

Tndtl* in Tir. ru/a. 

Citlttiikripi /-ueUia. llnd in front. 
D<K Iwhind. 33. LalMum. 34. Maxillii; palpus. 
I^hlal patpiM. 36, Mazilkt. 37. Labruw, 
HaHdjliwn, ilia bain omiUcd. S9. Tanut. 40. End of 

aalcDM. 41. AnloiBBor brra. 43, End «f abdonni 

ol luta. 
nrip* VliHi. AuUnna. 
D«. FoN) tibia and lanui. 


« 9 

Tab. VIII, 

Medultarjr *jil«tn of P</«iAW^ /^i»{. 

Tli« jHitiliiHi ufotplialic lubn in pupa of Thrift ftrrali 

witli the jHiuaice of osofhajriM. 
and 4. Tbc lobri <>r rtplmfir ipinclloa and nntrgmM ol 

(CMpbajruaiu Phlitalhripi. <-, ^aopbBCU*. ^. Recur- 

it&l laUtarj duel of one tide. «. fn|tniviM. 

Of lie ntrtt, 

Intotinai oinal of PklaoArip*. a. H*ad. h. (Em^ftt. 
<, Ii>t1a>iM. d. Piot«s[iicuIuf. /. Daodniutn. f 
Inlaaiiaum tenu«. k. Van befatjoa. ■'. Bcctnm. 








• '< 


1^ ''^ 


yL' II 


S.J 1 C-LalB^Ti™ B*a-fca ( 

szpuKATioit or vLtnn. 

Fig- 7. PoiitioD of tbe recium, iritli relation u> thu terminal 
Kgmenla. P. Staliett. 
„ 8. Inflated intenioD of matpighian vessels (d.) in a male of 
P. Sutiea. a. Duodenum, b. Small intestine, c. 
. It, 10, U . RefndiK^Tt Kjtteat in PAUtolhript, i. b". Teaie*. 
b'. Defeientia. c. Vesiculs pares. d,t. TeticulK im- 
paiea. a. Utriculus pne canali excretorio. 
„ 13. The orarias of P. Slatiea, $ . 

„ 13. Uorettilised oiary in ? newlj tnuuformed P. Pint, 
„ 11. End of one of the egg-tbealhs. 
„ 15. Full-grown egg. 
„ 16. Do. in aDothet itageF 
„ 17. Houth with a ntivarr leeeptucle? in litu. P. Pini. 

». labrnm. e. maxilla. 
„ If. Excretor; canal of lalifa glands F 
„ 1». Tfaesa1i>a fclandf 
„ 30. The niir, (see fig. 16 of plate 7). 
_ 21, 33. The two nliTBTj leceplicles of une aide? (Vei; 

„ 33. Tip of banstellum, m ril*. PkUnthnpt. 
„ 34. End of labrum. 
n 23. End of maxillaiT palpui. 
„ S6. The tahrum and maxilla in juxtaposition, y. Doable 

membranoiu lining of labnim. 
„ 27. I^brum. 
,. 38. labium. 
„ 39. Mandibles. 
„ 30. Haxilla of IdololKripi. 
r, 31. End of mouth, with emerging mandibles. 

32. Mandible ut tonjnie. 

33. HdDth of PhUtoAripi Pint, larra. 

34. Horuj apoU at baac of do. 





flslopkUic* c( CuodM, Buna. HtnJb. fiat. ij. 1, M. 
Affafic. Z*lf .. ifril , BImrA. 

-Fan. I. PbjUjAtUras. TrflMl. HjrmeiK^lytm.- 

flftm. KaiB.2. PhjutlMlra. Tribe I. UnS»ecte». 

—a. 'GaUiuKMe*.— y<njm( tt Sm. Hut. Nat. Htm, AM), 090, 


nan, r«M>. />rr. £«r. it. 434. 

r«m. I. PSTi'LLIDi. 

t^mm. UlT., Bbndl., trcdir., CWi. 

Mads, p , //-rti>. 

hjii lu. Jhm^ J9<nhf». Em. ii I, M. 

■m WlipedM. Group PijrtUdw, iliM^vt >l Soft. //bi. A'>|. 

Gcmu I. LtVIA. 

lit^Zcft'. //ur. JVof. Jw. Kit. 374. Ora. Cnul. 111. 1 70, 309, I-' 
£«cA. AroiDU.. Curl.. iMiltom, i^vm., vUmu, i!<[l., Harlif, 
Bltaek.,Amy»t <t Stn., Eritkmi, Fitertler. 

rlwii, p., Stirmmi. 



910 ttST OF uoHOPtiMics iHascTft. 


diermc^Jund, BtitrnA. FIbt. MS. Stkrmk, Faum. Bote. it. I. 

112, 13^3. 
liria Juocunin, Zafr, Hlil. flat. OnM. if. xil. 371. Gn. CVwt 

till. 170. t. 9U9, 1. |>). 13. r I. £MfA, EJin. Fnt. ix. I2>. 

$<uu«. r,mp. 2S2, pi. A, r 1 1. lUtnrth. Kml. Tnmi. L 2ii. 

lUig. May. i. 294. Cm». RHL Emt. -103. /hum. /fxkif& £M. 

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o— /. Engluid. I'wcnicd b; F. Walker, E«i. ^^^^ 

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, i. Sweden. 

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LirU ttnalu, Fiiek. Tlir SrooU. No. 30, 61. 
New Yoriu 

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New V«ik. 

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Ltrls IVnilun, Famltr, MSS. 
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•R|ltl* widalatinit i lovn Tork about the middle of the vinir. iu 
■pfcrTvrk full ilirice tke leanih of ihctowet: hind-wingt iLglitlj 
fo^. Limgtk of tli« bod; Slliiiaa; of the whi^ 7 lln«e. 
a Van DtcnMs'f Land. Fma Mr. Stitiok»iI'» co11«ctjou. 

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DtapUat Wtya, Ann Sor. £al. Fr. xi. 37S. Quir. Amyol el Serw. 
Bin. JVai. Him. S4M. 


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JUjr. Amim. \W2. 3ikl. ^ntyor ct Strr. IIUl. N»t. Iltm. i97. 
Onrhi*, AMfot, Amn. Soe. Ent, Ft. 2m* Strie, t. 402, Alft. 

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Linn. n»ci». Can. Brii. E-i <l3i, FfnUr, Ptwtleim, VtTlkan4l. 

S'lmriujl. VfTTiiu lUr Prrtur. Itheiu^atult, 1848, 3, 68. I 
ISfUa eoleopttata, Kluf. hit, 1837, 377. »V(^. Gttm. Ztil. Ent 

i. 36S. 
ftjih Grouts, Gtrm, 

t-r. EofUnd. PraMnU«<] Ij J. C. Dale. Etq. 
< France. 
r Pnuaia. PMcntod by F. Walker, Eiq. 

CW^ p> IVw*^ F»bf.. Qmii., Btrk., £mv. 

Aqnaha, fsmlrr, Ptyll.ilm, Vrrhanilliingtn dta NaliirkuUritthm 
Prmm <^ /^ciuiiiiAni IDitinlani*, IEH8, 67. 

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Af^uina Sptttii, FamUr. AyU. Vtrk. Nat. V*e. Prmm./ 

P»f Ub Hpartii, llarHg. Grrm. Xtil*th. BnL liL 376, 9. 
PijrUa UlicH. Cur*. Brit. £■>! . Md, 33, >. 

m—d. EoBluid. Pmraled b? F. Wilk«i. Em. 
«. Sonih ofPriMNL PnwMed hi T. WnlkM. Ew|. 
/, jr. Praok. Pmmwd bf F. Wallrr. Rw|. 
A, i. Pnuoa. Pntcnud b; B. DonblcdaT. £*q. 
j. ? PttatmiM ij b. DiMWeibj,'e«). 

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AitUIda radiiU. fWifw, Pnil. TfrA. Sat. Ver. Prrnm. 
IMS, 3,70. 

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PitIU. p^ Om/T /m. Par. 1. 144. Latr. . Burm . 

ClicnnM, p., tiinn., fabr.. Dry., ,S>Ar«nl, Gaul., Br/k., Su»^ 

TurL, Kirby S- Sfener. Uartif, Xeii. 
Piirllt (SmUud I ). llarti^. Gmi. Snl Ztil. nL 373, 
Pijilln, /Witor, P*^l. Vtrii. XM. Vir. Pnwa. BJuiid. ISW, 


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PSjrIls Ahii, Geoff, /m. Pnr. 1, 180, 3. Z«(r. Gen. Cnal. tiL II 
3iM, I. /.oarA, f;jfii. £Wc. ix. 12}. ^^mnw. Conp. M 
ff«nn. JUndb. A'nf. iL |, 98, 1. J-'otnier, Ptytl. Vtrii. S*t 
frr /Vnui. JMrinf. im8,3,70, I. 

ChenUM Alni, Linn. J-'am. Sum-. 1008. Sfl. Nat. L 2, 738, la 
F«hr.Sf.lv.i\.-J»l.K. Afml. tin. a\». \7. Efl.Sy4l.\i. 
222,18. Syi(. flAyn. 305. 12, Ay. /<u. iil. tW, 3, (il. I<1. 1' " 
/WkA. /nt. Tiil. 2H. pi. 1.1. .<t<(f;. /w pi. 19, r. 80. S<lurff 
Rim. pi. 39. /f«Nty, Grrm. ZtiL Hit. iii. 373. Gwti. Si 
Syi. yai. i. 1, 2313, 10, ^.-AranA, raun. Boir. ii, 1, 140, 
1946. OtA. Sn. t. 131, 5Mr. £/. ,V»f. Hiu. )]. lH. 
rur/. Syl. Nat. ij. 711. $Aay-, On. Z<n(. tl, IM, f I 
^ru. fuin. Zd^. i. U4I, 8. /w. lafyi. 30tf. 8. 

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•-4. Biflukd. PmeotMl bj F. WttUct, Et<i. 

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PrmtolH h; E. IX>ul>l«iUy, F^. 
Prmoaied bj F. WtUut, Eiq. 


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ims. 3,70,2. 

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304. 6. f;mW- Xrf. .<>>(. iVul. i. 1, 2212, 7. Riamit. Int. n\. 

pL 1», f. I— H. Si™. Bt A'af. tfirt. ii. 113. Shar, Gn. 

ZooT. rL Vg7, pi. 59, t in/ Wvttd, Id. Linn. Otn. t. IM, 
fkvlfa riridU, ^m O*off. Int. Par. t. AHti. 3. 
fSfla Busi, AhUo-. iWt. Vtrh. Nat. Vtr. Prtiut. HMnl. IH8,j 


«. KomImJ. PrMMiUd b* E. DiMibleilay, Ebi). 
Kr. En^Uad. Pnaaatedbj F. Wdlu-t, Etq, 

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lyrlU ^uri, C«rl. 0ril. £k(. 565, 5, a. FomUr, PiytS. Vtrh. NtL 
Ytt. pTtw. RMnl. IIHO.S, 71,4. 

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Pijib Clai. /omw, Piyll. Vtrk. Sat. Vtr. Pntui. Hhemt. \Mt. 

CkfSM Ulai, l.inm. Sya. Stl. i. 9, 737, ii. 737. 4. Foun. -Vw. 

1009. F«6r. .■f;^ /■•. ii. 390, 9. JVaiiI. 7h>. 317, 9. £»<. 

.SyU. Ir.991,9 .S>W. /iAyn. ;i<K). a. ffw/, Kd. Syil. Sal. i. 

4.9all,a. Sel,rt»k. Fain. Jioic. ii. I, HI, 1950. Sine. El. 

Sal. Jliil. ii. 1 1 1. Turf. St/it. Sal, it. 710. 

PfuMiN. Pmcaied hj F. Walker, E*q. 

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uiT or H«MOPnnan niiSOTa. 

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PtflU wWdcoU, FaiTtur, Pnll. FrrA. A'«l. For. Prtvm. RheinI 

P^U> riridu, Ihrlif, Gtrm. Eiu. Zeil. ni.974, 3. 

•, k. Enftuid. Pmcatcd bj^ F. Walkct, E«|. 

r. f 

d. — — f Pmonud br F. Wklkn, E»^. 
t.f. PniwU. PrcMnicd by E. Doubleday, Eaq. 

7. Perujk Hali. 

PljIlH Mill. FomliT, /^^ FcrA. Snt. V»t. Pnmu. HKti»L I84S. 

a, W, 8. 
ClwnnM Uall. SfkmiilUTyrr, KelUr, Tntlit tm hjariomt /i 

«-/. Enghud. PRscDiud hj t*. WdkR, Evi. 

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l>;llft Ckrpinl, fWNrr, Piyli. FmH. A'oi. IV. i'kwM. AUia{. 


PlflU duUo, FMntor, P«U. F«A. N*t. F«r. I^*«m /UmJ. U 

3, n, 10. 

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E^IU ftixinlnla, r<im(n-, Aytf. FrrA. A«(. Ptr. Awu. WuiJ' 
tS«<i,3,73, II. 


11. PfVLi.* Hii'iioriiAU. 

Vrr. Pmui. Ithrinl. 1(1111,3. 
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LWT or HowmuMta t*iu«ii. 

13. ptTLu r 

Pirih tbUda, Fiwitiv, IhfU. Vtrh. .Vaf. r«r. i>VmM. AM*/. IMS. 

4. Engbikd. Pmonud bjr F. Walkn, K*q. 

13. PfTLL* pnwunin*. 

hjik pncsrinft, F^mUr. P^fU. TmL Aai. K«r. Fn%u Rkriat. 
1M8,3. 71. M. 

a, I. Pmfa. PiMMUtd bj F. Walkor. Bw). 



14. PtTLU i>iaio:>ta. 

lading PatrUtr, Pmll. Vtrk. Nal. Vrr. Prma. HMfiat. 
IH«, 9, 74. 14. 

15. I^rLU AMiitcc*. 

hjli ambiipn, F*mitr, Ptyll. KfnL A'«i. Per. /Vnuii. iUnW. 




IVfOa Btkaaaeun, Furrner, iVjrf/. F«nl. A'ol. Ffr. fV«Mi. 


17. PHVLLJ WiBTlOMinj. 

RtU* fpartiwpliiU. Ferrtlrr, PiylL Vrtk, Nat. Ver. Prwm, /Una/. 
I»l»f. 3, 74, IB 

< L PniwU PrBsaiccd bjr F. Walktt, Etq. 

18. FtTLLi Cuv.ei)t. 

CUme* CntM4, Am^i, £i^. Can. 130, 413. Cnu/. /if. S<,rt. 

,VaI. i. 4, 3314, 2*- Sl<ii»iii. Fom Bote. It. I, 143. 13&S. 

Stnr. SI. Sat. Ilitl. ii. I V!. 
VwfOt CntBKi, Famlttf Pi^t. Vnk. X»L Vtr. Prtua. RAriml 

1848, 3.7MB. 

*~*. E^knd. PKKouJbjF.Walker.Eiq. 


tBT or iroKftprvROCs isttcn. 

19. PxLLA cosr*ro-rcscTi**. 
Pfflla oo»UU>-puMlaU. Fomur, PiM. Ttri. .V«fL K«r. Pr 

AAriW. l>t4H,3,70,lO. 
•. PrutBi. Presented b; F. Walker, E»q. 

•20. Ptxui* Rvrat.*. 

Pfrlh rnfub, Fomtrr, Pnit. Vtrh. K«l. Ffr. iVn>. tUttMi. 1 


J. l»^y 

Ptjlk romipciuiii, Fomifr, PtyU. V*rh. S»t. Vtr. PrrtH. RhanL 



S3. P(nx4 Pknrt. 
(HiaraiM Pnini. SnjuM, £»(. Ctra. UO. 414. Gm<-r. £<f. 5< 

Sat. i. 1, -2211, 33. SrArani, foMii. Boir. n. I, 143, ISM. 

5lr». «/. .Vaf. HuU ii. 1 13. 
PKjUa Ptoai, Femttr, PfiL Vrrk. Nat. Vtr. Pmm. WwaJ. I»1«, 

a. 77, 33. 


93. Prtll* Ptii. 

^fla P^, Supkmi. Curl, lirit. Sit. 665, 6. Bitrm. iia 
il. I,i'H,3. h'nighi, H-itl Trm*. .V#r. 2, il. 107. 
G«rie»n't Jl%. 03, IHH?, tOA, RttrieM, 0<r4. 
(1643), IM. fWrrlrr, P^». Vtrh. NtU Vtr. Prms*. Mrml. 

CticnnM pTfi, Z*nn. Sy){. Sal. i. 3, 737, 4. Fam. Sntr. 1004. 
/Ur. ^;>. Jiu. 11. 3I>0, 3, Jir<iil. /«. II. :il7. 3. f »t. Syt 
iT.aat.a. Sy.*. /Uyw. 303,3. /J.y. /w. ill, !lt.3.pl. 8v£l. 
10. ScAratk. Fam. Bok. ii. 1, 142, I2A»- GucJ. JSrf. SwiL 
JV«L 1.4,3311,4. BeT*.Syn.i.m. Sum. til. N»I.HkLil 
III. Tvrl. Syt. N»l. ii. 7\d. S/iaw. Gm. Z<xJ. ri.l87,fit 
Cff, f. nip. StAmidhfrsfT, KalUr, Trnatimat litiiin»mt ImtfO, 

Api»pCTlliL, Amyot, Ann. Sof. Fnl. Pt. 3iiv Strie, r, 4A9. 

a--iL Eii||)anJ- Ptts«oi*d lij ¥. W»li«T, li»q. 
•4. Scoilsuil. PrCfltiiilMl by E. Doubledaj, Eiq. 

Uwr or noitnmiioo tNsKins. 

M. PkYLLA nsicau. 



IVIk pf ilnla, Piimtrr, Piylt. Verk. Ntt. Vtr. Preva. ftUiW. 1848, 

SA. Pdtlu iMorniu. 
h^Da Bpioplini. Pimitt, Pifil. Vtr*. N*l. Vtr. Pffmu. lOeint. 

a. WmIhiI Prcwnud b; J. C. Unle, Eiq. 
I^r. AoMu. PTCMoted bj F. WaUct, Eaq. 

26. I^tTLLi PTiuauvt. 

iMAi 9, To* ■•7. 
L PnmiL Pnmud b; F. WilUr, Btq. 


}7. P«TLt* Saliaii. 

Satiefa. £*» Sv>(. >VaI. li. 7110, U. Pmm. Sutr. 1013 
Air. 5^ /«. <L afn; M. ilamt. In: >l. 31K. 14, Rni. Svt 
ir. 323. H. .><'«4/- /Uya. 30.\ U. (iwl. Ki. Sipt. Nat.,. 4. 
3913, 14. Sf^nmi. PaM. Boie. n. I. HO. I-JI>. Stcv. £^ 
Smi Hut. ii. 113. r-r(. .9v'r A'of. ii. 711. 

fS}IU SalUMi. Farrabr, />iyrf-' >'<'*. A'al. Vtr. Prtfm, WtnnL 

«, k Bnaksd- Prmnted bj P. Wallwr, Eiq. 

' PiiMii. Prweuied h-j ibc Eatomologiol Ctub. 

28. Paru-k fiKHcctttiu. 

hfla iRnftnei. FoenUr, Ptjit. VerA. An/. Vrr. Pmu. RJtnni. 

IMS, a, 70, 39. 
t- EticbiML Pnwntad ti« P. Walkn, Eiq. 
i PnuiAa. PmMtd br e. Doublocli*. Em. 
•. Piwia. I>IMcaie<l hf F. Walker, Eiq. 



39. P*«LLA NUICt.«H». 

PijrDa rioBokii*, FotrtUr, PinU. Vrrh. N«t. Ver. Prwmm. RMhI. 
IMd, 8, a(\ 30. 


30. i**VLLA P'baxihi. 


Pijlla Frxiini. Curt. Bril. Ent.&6i. Hmrtig, Fotnier. Ptgit. Virk. 

iVal. Ver. Prma. Wkrinl. IMS, 3,«>. 11. 
ClieroiM Fnuini, Aim. Svtt. A'ai. ii. ?%i. Id. /'aHM. .Vtwr. 1013 

/air. S/.. /«.. ii. 3<>i,'l3. UoMLlv.ii.SlS, \i. Bit. Swt. 

1>. }ua. IS. .^V*'. "Am. 900, 1». Omei. Ei. Spl. Su. i. 4. 

2313, I ». .SclnnJ. Am. fid'cii. 1,141, l»a Btrk. Smt. 

i. in. SUr.EL Stulliit. ii. 113. Ttn.^t.yat.iL7U. 

Kirby aaj Sjxna, Intr. £V. pi- 28, f. 18. 

•-W. England. I-r«rn(«) bj ¥. WaUcer, E>q. 
r. Sontiand. PrmenIrJ br B. UuuMt^da;, E>^. 
/. j. PninlA. PrMMiUt) by E. DoublHliT, Emi. 
A, ■'. Pnurio. ProMntcd by F. Walkor, E«q. 

31. PflTLL4 Hetdbhi. 

Ptjlln Hcj^eni. Pomlrr, I'lylt. Terk. Ntl. Ver, Prtutt. lUmtl' 
1848, ■1,81,32. 

4. PniHln. PrtMoiad bj F. Wdkcr, Et^. 

33. PaVLLA iLKHt. 

Ptjih alpina. FotnUr, Pifll. Verk. ,Vdf. Vtr. fV#Mt. fttrini. IM& 

Bmi«M AIp«. 

33. P*T1.U NCTt. 

P%j\U pictfl. ^urrtln-, Z'^//. TrrA. Hat. Ver. Amm. iUWi*{. I»ti^ 


LMT or noiKtPTiKorB ikmwts. ni 

34. PvTLLA girsauMVUTJt. 

Piflk tubfntnnbU, FotnUr, Piyli. Vtri. Sat. Vtr. Prtua. RAtinl. ' 
IMn, 3, »4. 

)l«oih eTFruMic^ 

35. PsVLLA «Wim»*Tt«M4. 

' hfOi UKTioMigiBi, Potnttr, Ptyll. r*r*. AV. IW. Antu ffM^ 
IM8, 3, 97, *. 


r^Ba AklMBi. ntliJaf, MSS. FoenUr. PtyU. V,rk- KaL Frr.l 
Pnmn. Rkeiml. r^tH, 3, A7, A. 

(. iKbnd PmcDua hj A. B. UiMMy. Ew). 


n^vnwtBOM, Pamttr, P^tt. Vtrk. .V<*fL IW. /Vmu. AArin^.J 

3«. Psn-I.A OOCVLTi. 
hf Ik nccmta, fWdrr, />yR. Vtrik. t/«t. Vtr. iVw*. iUnV. 1818, 


! « l^h»d. Prewttua b; F. VVkaet. Esq. 

3D. PsVLLA mciPKi. 

^fb &Mip«, Bartif, G*rm. SM. Zni. iU. 374. 

40. Fbtlu Bkivla 

BmoIk, tMm. Sytl. N»t, ii. 738, a ^km. .Varr IOOTT 
fmhr. Sf.t— .11. 3»\^U. Mmml. Itu^MS, II. Eiu. Sw. i\. 
393. Ii. Sytf. Aiva. »«a, 11. CmJ. Ed. Sf%t. A'ol. t. 4. 
3313. Sl*tr. BI.SaLaUlAi.}\2. 7Wt. 5y*l. A'al ii.7tl. 

pTMNiMd bf £. Doablodar, £m). 



41. PrrtXA Omakimim. 

Cbennn Aiis-S«xpo«!, Limn. Sfil. .V«t. u. 737, I. Awn. JiW. 

ClietfDC* gr*iBliih, Fcbr. Sy. I»t. li. .100, I. Maul. Itu. il. 317, I. 

£i>f. .VyK. iv. -J3I, I. Syil /Uyn. 303.1. Gmti. EJ, Sfm. 

Sml.i-i.t2H, 2. Jkrk.Sya.Hai. Stfte. JU. Xal. Uitt.a. 

111. THrtSyd. AW.il. 710. 

43. I'lYLL* mtstaxt. 
ChcrtDci ntifTiln, Xttl. Fav». Lapp. t. AM, 0. /at. tmpp 30V, 9. 

43. PiTLu niuiru. 
Chemcs pulckrs, Xitu Imi. Lmpp. 30», 10. 

44. PaTU.A tij:nitiTULA- 
Chrrtne* ricftnollliU Zett, /nr. £«pf>. 310. It. 

JVoK. — The followintr »pKie* nuj not belong t« lli« 
PtylU M it i* defined I>j Foenttr. 

45. PsTttl 8UBP»»C1»I«, 
I'lrlttk niliEuciata, £rtrJUon. ^ral. 1843. i, 386. 
Van Dieinen's LuiI. 

46. Pit IX* Lcntou. 
I^rlla Inicob, &i<JUm, JkA. )S43, L 988. 
Tan Dianeo't Land. 

47. Pmri.uf CRBarnt. 

CbetmM CenwUl, Liim. Syii. Sal. II. 737, 3. fVwi. S^k. H 
FaU. S^. Itu. \i. aOO, 4. Manl. Imt. n. 317, 4. JShf. ^. 


■til. 1. 3V. AAyn. 30». -I. Gatf<. £>/. Sjnf. KU- '%. 4, tttt. 
11. .SMr. £'. .Val. //ut.iL 111. Tmrt.Sfit. Sal. M 710. 


lut or wmorrsBMit iwnRi. 

40. PtTLLJi f Soasr. 

I SotU, Limm. Sjtl. Xal. i\. 738, A. F»tr. Sp. /iw. ii. 391^ 
7. Jtfmf- /w. fi. 3IH, 7. Ifwf. Sjpfl. ii. 222. 7. &.I. flAy»., 
SM, 7. C^irZ-fW.^yil. Ant.!. 4, 3311,6. JUtnt. ^. i. 131. 
Sbw. £/. Am. i/ui.ij. HI. TurL £yii. Nat. a. 710. 


49. Prlu> PuuicJi. 

Ow n PwiicK. Fntr. Sf. Imt. tl. 3PI . 8. Vol. /m. ii. Slfl, 
£1*1. Syt. W. 232, 8. .Vyt/. RAfH. 304, 8. Ow^ /<u. Par. i 
1011,4. iUtMB. /aLir.pl. I, r. 1,2. Cnr/. £&. ^. A'af. i 
4.3913,18. £fcv.£r. ,V«r.i/>M.ii. 111. 


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Cbmm C4]tk». £nm. Ayw. Kh. i>. 788, fl, /diix. Smte. IOCS 
AAr. &■./». li. 301,0. .Vm. /u. ii. 3t8,». J?>it. 5ui. ir. 
239,0. .S5<(. AAw. 304, 9. (TiwI.fU.^'l. .V«M.4.3iil2.<l. 
SMr. £L jV«L J/irf. n. 1 1 1. Tnrt. S^l. Sal. u. 710. 

61. Pirij.1 r Faoi. 

0. s9 

Ohm* F«gi. tinit. .9yit JVif. u. 798, 13. /'«»• £unf. lUlO. ,__ 
S<mul. lU. Toir. Sp. /m. (1. 391, 6. J/amI. /w. ii 317. 0. 
£■/. .V^i. W. 233, fl. Svl. Rl>yn. 30\, d. liiaum. /lu. iii. 
pi. 36, t I— S. Gmtl tiJ. Syii Xai. i. 4, 3213. 12. SUit, 
a, NmL am. n. 113. TWt. S^t. Sat. ti. 710. 


42. I^nxA f o«*r*KU. 


hjVt mMhim. r/MjT /w. Por. i. 4«l>, ». 

CiBmmtm»tM»et,GfmtlIid. Sfit.Nt-i. 4,2a\4,9l. Stov.JTf. 
ffiX. AW. ii. 112. 


riBT IT. 



LWT or HOMOpntBom nmsn. 

Psvlla rabra, Geoff, /lu. Par. i, 489, 9. 

Chnmes rubra, Gmd. Ed. Syt. NtU. i. 4, 3ai4, 33. Stm. SL 

Nat. Hal. ii. 112. 

64. Paru.*? nrnpcEiKim. 

Psjlta (Section 4) purpurasceiu, Hartig, Otrm. Bml. ZtiL HL 375, 



65. PeTLLA ? EcoMTMi. 

Chennei EuoDjmi, Sccfwli, Enl. Corn. 13B, 411.' Gne/, Bt. AfM. 
A'dt. i. 4, 3214, 26. Sfno. £1. .Vat. Uiti. ii. 113. 


06. PBTU.&r Skmsciohis. 

utT or liowopntRova attxcn. 

80. PiirLLj> t Cabtixi. 
PtjIU CAitnni. Btck, The Staalt, No. 30, 6t. 

BI. PsTLuT ahholata. 

PtfOt uwoteu. >i>cA, 7k AiMlir, No. 30, 04. 

43. P>TLu7 VBnujSoouN*. 
•. New Voirk. ('rom Dr. FUelt'* ooUeelioii. 


c Hew York. From Or. Filch't coUection. 

Mt PsrujiP Qntun. 

OoBM QMrnAi, Zmh. .Vjnt A'al. ii. 738. II. Riwi. 5Wf . tOM. 
Air. Spl. JUyn. 306, le. CmtJ. £J. .Sytl. iVm. i. l.^tlS. 
tl. Btrit, ^Liai. Smi. Et. Nal. UUiAi. Mi. 

Si. PltLLif Abiktin. 
ftfb (SectiM &) Abini*, //ort^, <;nin. £ni. .?n(. iit. 379, 1 1 . 

60. PaiLLJ r RaiKKi. 
tUaKti,3cktmk,Fiiun. Uoie.il t, I41,l»19. 

07. PnU^t IICKDU. 

Hnnrali, .^rAra>a, Atui. BoU. iL I. MI, 1251. 




tMT or HOMOvmora men. 

08. PtTU^f LATA. 

nMJA btrtiotwt, afirt fiunt / prtlttfnln; liHU/UM; «£« 
limpUa, ttmit JUto fuMofmt fiuciaM. 

VtnMginoiu, htoad, tkick: Iwltn nflow, MibBOotUGMn, 
mber *toui, lew thnn balf tbc Iciinth ol tbo choi, wi& kovi 
tip*, which baie two bmtlM; joint* WMrMiTcly daei^mifr li 
Instb : lep Iaoo; ; shanka jeUoir : win^ eoloiuleM i faifr4*iap 
hnad; kat bordn (OBtpx nor th« boM; niu* with altenuW 
;«lli)» and htomi band* ; uj.prT furk nl iwa-lhird> of lfa« Itactb o( 
the wing; loi««r foik in tbo nMdia o( th« iHvtb, tu pMioM a- 
traoMlj ibort. The bnadth of the bod^ and Uie ttmoiute of th» 
(Men ud of tin tan-mbigt, dMttgmtb lUt tjieciM ftom all ibt 
muift Into wUoh this tamOj hia 1>mk dirided; tt U moM aDiad lo 
AAiiMeoli. Loglh of thcMdy I( line; of llic viag* 3 Wan. 
a, i. Siern Ijcono. PteicntMl bj tbo Rot. U. F. Morgas, 

0<nitt «. TBIOZA. 

f;bc>H>B| Pi Lim.. /air,, Cmrf^ llerk^ .Vmp., r«r<^ ;;p(r. 
Rlylh, p., we»^» Htttig, Itunn^ Wtb. j- JtfsAr., i:,ano, J/iif^d 


Af. ZWr. I rt. 374. 
rtr, /Vnut. AMaf. t»4(?, 3,' 

P*Tlla (Srctlcin 3). Uar^, Otrv. 
TnotB. /WpMct, Aytt. PrrA. Sat. 

1. T^oti URUca. 

Trinca L'ltioM, fW)l«v, i^^ '''«^- •^'«<- ^"^ Awn*- AUW 
1846. n, 82,1. 

Cherain Vrtio, Z«nn ^r. iV'at. ii. ?38,a /am. ji'iov. 1000. 
Fair. Sp. Itu. il. 31)1. ID. .Voof. /<w. ii. 31B, 10. £•(. 5ju(. 
IV.2X2, 10. f^(. ffArn. :<rH, 10. (rmrf. ^J. S^i. Sat. t. 4, 
3213.H. JJtg. Itu. jii 134, I, pi. », r. 7--19. Ari. Si<a.i, 
1«1. Sift. El, \al. Hut. ii. I H. TVrt. Syit. Nat. a. TIl" 
2fU. Tiiuii. />i7>;i. I. S&3,1. liu. Lipp. 308, 4. 

Piylla rnica-. Borm. f/an.J&, /Cn(. ii. I. W. 3. 

CnidotHjlIn, Atmyal, Amn. Soe. EiiL A- '2me Strit, i. 973. 

»-d. England. PiexDlcd U V Wallin, Exf. 
«^ Prmaia. Praaenled It £. DoubWaT. K<<i. 
•r.A. Pruaaia. PwBeiiU<d b; F. Wallior. baq. 

Ltar or itoaoriKMCi itmvm. 


i, Tbiou jiptcun. 

Tnon afiinlb, PotrUfr, Piytl. Vn*. N*l. Vn. Pntm. Rhein 

IMS. 3. m. Q- 
QhCBM Crshii T Lina. 

PljIhiiBplex? Umrf9,Otrm.BM.Ztil.ai.371,6. 
hflb Ccrac(u,Xon'7 

PtOMMed b; P. Walkor, Ewj. 

3. Tatot^ xcpiXDii. 

WOM tsprnk, Awnkr, PtfU. FcrA. A«(. P«r. /V»m. ttkiM. 

hilla ni|Kidk, AfiMt;. Cmn. Enl. ZHi. iH. 371. H. 


4. Taioit PBonnu. 
Tiion imUMft, Amler, AyJ/. PtrA. Sm. Vir. Ptwvk Kluinl 

ft. TilOU BKMOU. 

Ann icnoU. Foenirr, Aylf. F<frA. A'a(. Pfr. /Vnu. AAn'uf. imtf, 
8, 88, 4. 

6. Tmiou cB>*inlxavig. 

tdduonMBOTU, /WtM, Piyll. Vtri. .Va(. P«r. /Vnvi RJxiML 

t. Piuu. Piwoud hj F. Wklk«T, En. 

7. Ttiau ccRViTiKitHTiii. 

Tlte» Qiimtiiwvria, Fcenirr. Piftt. PirA. A'd<. IVr. i>kvitu. Oieml. 


[Iip«, Forrtler, PniL F*r*. Stt. Vm 

to. Triola roiWATA. 


THoM Bgrdptl*. AtnUT. Pifll. Vrrk. N4t. n^ 


PfUMfa. S 


Tiiau modcfta, Potnkr, fhyll. FnA. AW. r«>. 
IUt8,3, M. II. 


Trimta nitfniiiow, Fctnltr, P$fll. Yiti. AW. Vtr 
IMH, 3, <M, 13. 


13. Tdou nxMiTOPK*. 

Trbn haiaaUMlM, AwnAv, Pii/tt. Vrrk. A'af. Ttr 
tMa,3,CU. 13. 

«v NOKormum tnieors. 


Sal. Vtr. Pr*ii$. Uttia 

Tnou ■iffiioon!*, Fotrtltr, Ptfll. Vrrk 
4. Pmna. PrtMnled hj F. Walker. G*(|. 

I4l Txtou rixKOU. 

Ttou pl«k«k, Fom(*r, Pntl. VrrK. H»l, Vrr. Prtva. Ontial. 

tWk nni > Gmff. Imt, Pt. \. im. tl. 
~ TWi Piai * £•«. .^wt KWr. 796, 3 

Gmrf. Bi. SfU. mi. i. 4, 231S, 19. Am. fiJ. Nat. Hia. i 

Chmnw Piai * £•«. .^wt KWr. 796, ^. Fam. S«m. Ed. L • 


PiliuftTlla, Amifot,Aan. Sot. Eat. Fr.-imr ^trU,y. 441, 613^ 

•-/. EngbnJ. Pmooled hj F. Widkcr, E>^ 

17. TuoxAf I^ucif. 

PkrlW UuMa. ifaryiMrt. Rm^iH/ TVsf. &>r. 5n. Z^ 1818. 

CnpUoilM Urieb, ilntpx ff .Srrr. llui Sat. Htm. MO. 

" ' " .AmfH,A»ii.Soc.E»I.Ft.-imtSirU,t.W0,i\2. 

18. Tm«X« nMOBALtS. 

bmnHt. Fimfr, PifU. Vwrk. Ni. Vtr. Pntu. JUmT. 
IMS, a, 86; 17. 

10. Tatotj, «orTirxit<fn. 


In* Up,. 

unilipaiiiU, Zttt. Zaun. Xapp. i. W*, &. 
906, ft. 

Tmm M«tlMiMiit, Fonvtor. /'lyH. KrrA. .Var. Ftr. Pmu. Rkiiid. 
1»I8.9,9T, 18. 

«■ PiMb. Pmtttied }>j F. Walker, Btq. 



un or noM oma om nwers. 

90. Tbiou Oujt. 


Triou Galti. famM-, Av'^. F^rA. Kml. VM. Frtmu. RXtinl. IMS, 
3, »7. Ifl. 

«,i.PruMk. PrcMDUil by F Wtlkcr, Em). 

21. Tbiom ntLCtiHA. 

Ttioui r«lutiiu, Pomlrr, Pofil. Vtrfi. Aat. Tn-. Pmt*. 
184^. .1,87.30. 

Englantl. Ptauniod by F. Wetter. Fjiq. 

33. Tiiioxi AniKTiooi.1. 

Tmu ■WwicoU, Fomttr, P»y«. PctA. A'a/. Pw Prmu. fi4fi«/ 
IMS. 3. 88, 31. 

M. Es^ud. Pra«irted b; F. Wolkn. Bk). 

23. Txiozi MVNiifc. 

Triou manda. Famtct, PmU. Vrri. NM. Krr. Prrun. RkrmL 


31. TMOEi WtUlBM. 

Triou Wnlkefi. Fomter, Ptyll. Verh. Ntl. Vtr. PrtMit. RJuitl- 



Triou nuni, Fetntir. Pryll. VrrA. Aki. Vtr. Pmui. 

South of Fnu>o«. 


36. Tsiox* n.iT[Punin. 

Triou flavipennis, Fotrittr, PtfU. Vtrk. Sat. Vrr. Pmat. 
1848, 3, 96, 8. 


uai or ROflonrnaoM lUBon. 

37. Taio^ viTuir£9(!itt. 

Tibtu TiunsaoM, Pamur, Pii/IL Veri. Sat. Ver. PIwum. 

t\^ OMrginaU, Hmtif. Gam. Bnt. Z^l. Ill 974, 7. 

3B. Tuoci rusCA. 

30. Taiou viCTA. 
picu, 2<<l. ^awk I^ip. i. US, 3. /m. J>pp. 908, 3. 

31. Tkiozjl trruia. 

33. TxtOZl V1MDVU. 

ritfdMk, iTwr. ^Mii. £d;7». 1. Mi. 7. h: Lapp. M«. 7.' 

IfUbfs, FumUr, PtfU. Ver*. Jtal. Ver. Pmm. Sirini.' 

r^T^ T, *>«- f U«hr. 

LUT or uoMOPTEBon x%mcn. 

1. Aphjilaiu rLjiviraKvu. 

AphiUn flatipcvni*, /Vntrr, PtyU. Vrrlt. Sal. Vtr. Pnmt. Skntl. 
IMA:*,**. 1. 

k, t. England. PmnitrtI hy F. Walker. Bu, 
',d. Pruuia. Prctcntcd I7 E. Duublodaf. E*q. 

3. AnuLiu EitLra. 

an uilh, F<iM«rr. AyU. CtrA. N»t, Vrr. Pmu*. JUoW. 
IMS,3, w, a. 
■■rlU eiilii, »>». 4- JtfaAr. 

Cnitliuid. PrtMotod b; P. Wdka, Btq. 

3. Anui.uu PoLTOONi. 

Aplulnm Poljsani, Potnkr, Pfll. VrrA. Nat. Fir. Pnua. 

lH48,3.eO. 3, 

Bnglvul. PnmntcKl li; F. Walk«t, Etq. 

1, AptUI.4IU 9IKKVOU. 

lApbUan n«(Tcim, Potnler, PtfU. VvA. Nmt. Vtr. Pttiut. 

1818, 3,90,1. 



IplwUn subrafdaU. iWwr, iV'- *''^ ^"^ ^**'- ''"'^ 
AAri>^ l»l8,3,lKI,a. 


Ipbalnra inauxin. FotnUr, Pntt. VrrA. JVai. Vtr. Pmu. Rk 



UflT or DOMorrsMvi nuot*. 


7. Arnium* nosptntirriTA. 

ApUm MbpoMiUU. FimUT, Pall. Vrtk. Km, Vn. /Vrwt. 
AUa/. 1M8,3,91,7. 

^P 0. Apiuliu UtKU. 


9. Aruuu AKTiMriu. 
AfUm AnonltiB, fWnlfr.AyW. Vttk. St. Vtr. Prtuu. JUfinl. 

10. APtiAi-iBA Soscui. 
Afkkn Soachi, /'vmwr, /^f/. Vtrk. A'«(. Fcr. /Vnui. iUnn/. 




CWian Mb«la»a, iTftt. f««. £app. i. SAI, I. /m. i.a^. 307, I. 


12. Aniu,*>M AHoriM. 

fMa ^tri, pmubut tanitfiu/rmigimrii ; alf lubrinemr. 

PilelMr, wilb Uwnj muku : •nlcbeou inth tlirue tjiu'uy itripet i 
<kiisn bkicki fMtn bUck, filifonD, illglitly hair;, is Ion); m th« 
Am, «Wt m bfklin oo taeb tip ; fimt ani] sooond joint* tioot. 
fMy: kCi pitdijr; ksw* *nd (hi firrruj^niiiis ; wings iticbilf 

C; *<«>• bnd, ronwinoui at ib« buu : upper InA at tlire*- 
hi < the twglli of Uw mug ; loH«r Turk ncu the middle, 1u 


ipper bEaneb wich ramd. ami ihiicF tW (b^A of ib lower iok. 
Lozth of cae bodj 1 liae ; «t the ■iiti 9| liim. 

I $L Uinm I FaQs. AIbu« Ri*rf, HndMk's Baj. Picwaud bj 
G. BansBn, E*^ 

Rhinowla. F< 

CIliRIIKS, P-, £■ 

. PiyU. rni. .Vtf. r<r. 


I. BanocoLi AnuiL 

RhiDoeoI* Acms, Ftenta, PmfIL Vtrk. KaL. Hv. Piwrnm. JUAl. 

li»48. 3, 91. 
CheinKi Arena, JUm. Sf$i. .V«t. ii. 739, 16. Aw. Smc. >0M. 

/air. 5/1. /ru. iL 392. It). .V<M. Imi. ii. 318, 16. £■!. SfA 

iT.223.16. 5^. AAj«. 306, 17. Gnct £rf. 5]n<. JVat. i.4. 

3213, 16. Sttv. EL Sat. But. n. IIX. Tmrt. SyiL A'«t. ii. 



11^ |hi Fko*, fWfttr, Pky». IWA. A'al. Pn-. /Vmo. AMn 

IM0L S* Vt 

Oumm ricni, X-tan. 5vi(. .Va(. H. 731>. 17. /a£r. Sp. /m. H. : 
17. jr«M. /■u.iLilS.lT. /ii(. A>rf. IT. 223, 17. i>(. «Aj 
306, 18. iUauM. /«f. ill. p). Jl*. I'. 17—34. OjwI. Bi. £y« 
ft«l.i. 4, 22i;), 17. Stnr, Et. Sal. llUt. M. \\\. St. Fary. . 
&n. ii>f. .V^(A. X. 220, 3. /la/. ;?«-A- Him. 104, pi. 9, 
1)0—113. Amy9tetStn.Uiii.ifal.IUm.Mlil, I. 

p7>bfictt(,CfP/r./iM.i.4iM, I. pi. lO.r. 3. fiit.3liih.Uiit.Nal. 
/■•.p4. n.1. f. I— 7. r.>i-//M( A'«I./n». it.lOfi, pL4.r.3. 

hflk, .^a^ol, .^ini. iior. fat. fr. 3m« 5/rv.T. 408,61 1. 

■. Somb of Fiucc. 

Orant 10. EUPUYLLUHA. 
hfOlL, m Ftmtealomit. 
^intUs. /'•tnlrr, i^'- ^<rilk . A«(. Tn. /Vnw. AWa/. 1846, 3, 

I. EtrnTLLirmA Oi.kk. 

■uhlM"' 0I»< J^<x*<>». i*!*"- >'<'A. A'ol. Fir. fmui. AlmU. 

IMS, 3 S3> I- 
ni|bOI«a>, F«<urof<M>^, .^mi. &>r. £i>r. fV. ix. Ill, 7. 

t«A of FimnM. 

3. EvMiYi.i.ck.i I*tia.i.rBKx. 
fafMlBia f>1iill]ri», ^»mf»-, /V/- ^WA. Atf. !>. /Vtmi. 

im«l, 3. 93, 3. 


FrnnltT, PtfU. V'frA. Aat. Vrr. Pmu-MtM. IMS, 

I. Sfariohbcb* FomcoLOMBiL 

FonMxdonlni. Fomltr. PigU, VrrA, Jtat. I'cr. Prttui. 

Ibiidiof FniMx. 



LIST i>p NOMomnan i^mcn. 

F>Di. 11. APUIDINA. 

Apkidili*, Burm. Handt. fnt u. 1. «A. 
OradljwiM. Group I, Aphidesi 3, M)rMXirbiI«i, dnwl r( Sm. 
Ihn. Xl. Jlim. 697. (W9. 

Apliido;, Curl., Wttlw. 

ApUtdim «t HjrpoDonicutM, Hartig. 

Aphidlna, AoMaM. 


A^it, Pfl JUm., Air., Gmr/., Or f^ Hire. B»*nrl, Ri^um^ ilf- 
A^M^ RititwJim, Uitriaiiitiv.Haium., Seop., Gtiiff.,Sfkmmt 
W. f^rtit. IjUt., Ayhr. Alt.-.. AtniH, DrntrOfiut, Kilttl. 
I-'iitiimt{., Afarg,, Harm. 

Aphii n Liichuiu, /'/i^., Hartif, Kalt, Barm., tftJitUf, B«mfa»i, 
Amyvtit Srrr. 

Apliiii rt CinttTfl, CuWii, ^fotley. 

KfioEom*, p^ .Vatlm. 

Aphit ( Dotalii ct I'lubri*). /mH, iKiH>, y/i«l. AW. £«r. JfMJ. t 

Apbit e( Ptervcblonii, /knjani, 

Gniup I. Walk. Ann. Nat. Jlut. SfT.2,\,i40. 

I, ApBiaPi.irAjioiiiii^ 

Apbit PUtiinoiaii, .VrArmA, Aw. fitrfr. il. 1, 1 13. 1 106. Kail, iln 
PAiN I, 13. R«U. Fartl. Int. i!i, 310. I, p). II. T. 4. //aft^, 
^rm. .^rjf. iii. aiKi. P. ffo/A. .ilnii. .Val. //i«L .SW. 3. i. 2W. 
I. £nJDa. 173. a.V 

Aphis IVutluplataai, Sir Oiuvld Htuley, OarJtner'i CltnHiiclt, i 


Plnuii.ipbit. Amyot, Amn. Sor. Ent. Ft. 2m SMt, v. 47»,St8. 

PoM-lcKii not milcbtbtitlcrlliBn tbetrind-1(^; nbAsklKnUl 
vein of the foK-wing cuTving; >liKhil( inirnnli at lv».thtrd« m_ 
lenHlli, mil Kgtia onnntnli where the breud ocnnincooe* ; ug 
wbmco tbe fourth vria *prlnga iHgbt, diMinci, at about two-tbridi 
oriengdi orbreod; mdiniitlMi of tfaa rib-t«!R (rom ibcBce \» (mt 


*«7 •l%ki hidiutlon of bnsd at lu MmnenceniFnt be- 
mw lit* v«ja ud the border of ih* wiii|; ratlirr kdok ubrupi ibiin 
ikat tl ito itp of ibe brud ; ipaee batarccn tbc llTfl timl ti-uoiHl 
tmiifc niiii 11 ihcbMcoafr-lbird of tbat beiween ihom Hi tbc lifii; 
tkird vtm ncarif p«nJlcl lo ibo aecuiid rria, the dioUncv lulwren 
tkan at tbe tlf* being hafdly taon tli.ici that u tbc boM : first (oik 
«f iha tUfd *ciB M K UtUo odbn onc-Uiird of lu lengtli, and Iia 
aeoad foA at one half uf tbe leui^ of iu Bnl fork : tlir occnnd 
(grk nut itniBbt iMrarl* die lip of the wiog, and doet nut follow 
tLc curve of tbe r«unb reia ; the liiMoftlie two fork* arctslher mora 
dioaiii fruiB oacb olhet than the ti^ of tbe facond fork i» frum iho 
lip of tbe tbint tctu ; ibc faiirtb *eiii iit much cut*rd in tbe early 
Mtt ef it* ooune, bat uflLiwanls U oeorl; stnuKliti tiio xpacc 
tt H WB iin iV tip and that of tbe nh-iein ii rallier luogt-r iban ihuH 
iflMbaMaMltailpaiid thatlpofthDNvoitd fvtk, ^M 

Var. Fedei* viibcnl; tisjoiuix. Bod; p-ilc yellow, wiihwhiif 
Ibaha : the tips of tlie ioiou of Ute fcclcn arc brnwu : the fuiirth 
Jdial b much ahorter uiui the thini -. lltv liflU ti brown, nud \aa 
(han baif tbc Imrib of the fourth ; the tlxtfa ia ratlier hugtt thuu 

a—/. Seothad. 


Pfomied l)_T K. Doiiblwiijf, Hw. 

(Id CimadLi lioUnm], Froiu Mr Walkei't ool> 

t. Af«ra Aexanta. 

il^n AoCTtna, NWL Aitm. S*t. HiU. Ser. 3. L 304, 3, 


FInt and (ceond bnmcb-Teitu of ilie fon-wiUKt diTcixhig Grme 
*tA otber, tbc dutaarv bi-iwMo ilietn st the lips it about thrice that 
M thebaM : Gnt braueb.ieio abnul onn-tbiril inorr diiLinl frum the 
•onice id* the wins at the tip ihnn nl the bax« ; ita tip itiiicb &nbet 
liMB tbe !*>« n( the witi|t tEnn from tbe lip of the teound i^d, and 
riieai one-lblrd Urther fmn the tip of the leoaod vein iban the lat- 
tar y from the tip of the third ; aocond vein •llghti<r curved, nearer 
tt tfce tUrd in ibw middle than ai the bane or at the tip, rather fiinber 
hmt tbe third at tbe tip than at the base ; tip of the tlitnJ vein oidtp 
•Mil ftmn the tip of ibe Kcond icin ibnn iruui ibr lip of tbe (Itu 
Mk,aad more apart from the tip ol the lint f»rL than ifao latter it 
Iran ibe tip of the eecoail fotk ; tip of the tccond fork much nearer 
iPltel^MtlwIiMUtlivolBlhan lu thelip of the Aot (btk nnd^U 


un «r HoaomMn tsucn. 

^lipoflbafiMrth ttiu ii to the tipof ibcnb-nia; Itn^ of f 
Ibtnl vtiu W«f« tbu first fork K^nenHj mmch hnger, toanedma 
Uulo tbm1itrtk«n iu leitftk I>ei<ir(«n ibe Ibiki; duUaoa bMwMf' 
Ihe lip of the nb-ieiu *ail lli« tip af (be fourth nrarlr twin IhM b»- 
twMD itiG tip or the fbuftb awl iW lip of tlia ihiid nia. 

Var. Ad)[Ic of the rib-Tcin tioimlli ihc bmnd I— lililim, lliJ 
iu oatward ii<Ie sbonct in one vitig than in Ibe olli«r. 

a-^Eagkod. (In CsnadaBalnm). Ftom Ur. Walboi'iMUwan 

Group 3. JToU. Ana. Nat. Hut. Str. % i. 2U. 

3, Arnii BktB(.c> 

ApUi BMhIw. /.<im Syn. X*t. I!. 7^9. 31. Famt. Sm*. 
BmmT, ffui. iV«j. i. 3. AAiwn. /lU. iti. pi. 22. f. 3. Ajr. /■ 
m. <a, 3, C 97. 28. ftw/T /"w. /'"■. i. «»«. 7. f «*r. % /• 
ii. 38a, 30. iloml. Im. ii. 3t0, 35. Bnl. Sytl. tr. 316. -ii 
Syti. RJiya. 3»7, 9S. Ciiwt £(. «y*(. ATol. i. 1. 3900,91 
e>K. ifiU: f/Mt. .Vdl. /w. pi. ll<S,r.l>. Scinimt,Fai,».B*le. 
ii. 1,107. 1)M>. £rrA.j^i. 130. Smt. Jll. .\tl. /rm. iHlO. 
7W<. %ii. iVol. ii. 7M. K»ti. Mmt. PJUa. i. H4, 116. 
IFoi*. -iiw. .V«(. Hilt. SrT.%\. aw, 3, 

Apbb Digritanlx. llrylnt, Uu*. Srnitniwrs, It. Itffi. 3, 9S0. 
/fit/(. 3fan. PJUm. i. IU, IWI. Aaf:. Ftml. Im. iti. 2IS, 3& 

Apbin ptinclipi-nni( t ZetUntail, Fium. JU/ift. i. U0, 1. /««. Zofp- 
iL 3, 311.7. 

NigrilARiAx, Amytn. Aim. Sat. £>i. Fr. 9mt SMr, r. 4S0. 

Th* n'at^nnu irii^wd Anuff . Tbla, beforo Iho md of 1 
b hmtIt tlliiillaal, plimp, Irinly, tttf dark kimd, or tliDoat 1 
above, but pakr tioncau : *ii torn of tubercle* tioog ^ k 
moutb reaching a little bt; ond tiko bind \egt : foden Im ibaa half 
the lenotb «f the bodj : leg* raiber sliori and tlouL As it iacraMi 
in line It becuiQM datk frrtti, wiili tlir vxcrptioo of th« m bai c l ii. 
FoK-lfg* not mudi *hortpr ifaiuiibu liiiid-lffi: rib ilightli iacBpcJ 
towards lb* rno-botdcr at lwo-[birdi of ilie Icnglb, and ncodinf 
tma it beneath ibe brand, vbere it fonni a diaiinvt rerjr laDfO^ 
Due anrle ; ihii bevln* teir iborlly after tbe inidilJe of tba Com ba^ 
dor, U SDOul oine-lhrrd of the wh«lo Iragtli of th* (riag, iMulj Unoit, 
(soqil at tbe lip>, whtr* It form* a long aeato aa|il« ; fiiM, wcond, 
and tbiid braneli'rciTi* obMlcte belWe tbrir tourcet oapMialljr ibo 
ibird rein, whoM firrt fork begin* at a little beforo ooe-tbird of ] 


Lin or iigMopnuion iiiuctb. 


, inA Na tecond vcr* >ooa iillor Iwo-thirds, but ihi* MnictUM 
I lanaUe; n*oe bclwcca ihe Gnt and nccond 1>niiicIi-irdlU at tb* 
mu, Bt fcaf Ui »r lii>t bciwno Uiem at (be Uns . lip uf lli^ (li!nl 
ria S HUl* brtlMT from the tip of tbe levuiid ihau it ii Tnnn ibc ti]> 
f A* flnt Cxfc. and lliiui tkc latlor b ftuui llic ii|i of Uic si'can<l 
Ml tbinl Tcin iM-^ ibc lip di|[lll]r iiidinrd tonnli tlie Tourlh : 
kt kuu« much cuned iicot the bnic, sligblly to tiom Oic middl« to 
baUpi ipactfroin lUbua w l)ie lipof ihe Til>>Teiii atari]' equal to 
h*l bM««ai ibe ktUT mu! iu ilp. 

rib-icin longer in one 
!n the olber ; bunh vein modenCcly cun'od from 

Vw. Smos balTocQ tbc angle of the 
liaf than in thf ""■" " '" ^' 
uMfeto ibeUp. 

Tw. Fowth Ttia Ufalght fram Uia mliUla to ilie tip. 
.*. ScMlaML PmciUol bj E. Uoablcday, Ekij. 
-«. EogluMl (la Caaada Ilaltom). Fnta Mr. H'alkiv't rail 



4. Apsia roMKH. 
ffaU. ;li»n. .Val. Awr. 3iiJ Sirit, i 


Onwp 3. WaU. Ami. X»L Uia. Set. 2, L 300. 
6. Arum oBLOHiia. 

^•UOUB, Vm ffffdn. Smi. BrilT. Hut Stnktmi. ii. nrft.S. 
Strt. Sir Z*it. Mr. y.ia. A'aft. »»■■. P/7«. j. Ml. ttatt. 
F«n«. /w. ii), 3tt>.33. Sui- Emf. Zfit. IM1, !l,«i, 133,-tlO. 

iTai^ ^B. jV«(. i/><r AW. -i. i. -/aw. 3. 

DiMaaoe beivcen ike flnt and wcund veins at Uw base Ism thm 
m4omnh ot that boivecn tbtiu at the tipa -, thiid Dot (anber fren 
hcMMorfat iLa tip iban at the luiw. ninrr (ban twice fanbri from 
Iw MMkd at ifaebaitctbadtlic second it frcrni ibc Grsl. linl furkiccj 
(■It acarvr al the lip to ibc K<vn<l fork tbnti lu iko lip uf xhu ihiiil 
lift, nrj little f*n)i<T (ram tlie third vein ibiiu llie lliinl it fmui iIk' 
aca»4 : atcood loA a liiilo fanktr fmni ibe tbitd vein ilian from tlit 
1m farfc ; fnartb *eiii esrvetl near tb« base, nlinott siniighl towards 
ha dp, Knek fartbcf tnm the second fork ibau ftum the tip of die 

(Is Canada Balsam). Fram Hr. Walker's oollroUoa. 



u(T or HONonsKon iirsicm 

Group 4. IF«M. Aittt, Aaf. //ur. Sum Sirir, l 328. 

fl. ArBiv P«or. 

Aplii* Ftfi. /.JHa. Syii- S*l. ii. 73A.33. Fiimii. Smv. OM. 

//ui. 1V4I. i. 3. A^iiu. /ui. iii. pi. 30. r. I. Otoff. Iiu. L 

i-AOT, 13. Fair. .Vani. />u. ii. 316. 31. Km. Syt. l'.31l. 

». ^Ml. /IAyi>.3!l7.:!'l. <;mf/. £W. 5yit. .V«J. I. 4.3-An.-23. 

AnA. %>. i. I-JU. .Tini-- Il7. .Vii. Ubt. il. 1 10- 7W<. ^f. 

Nat. ii. TOa. raM>»/. .'1>a>..$or. JOii. x.I»l,U. WitU. Am 

JVdl. JYul. &'<T. 3, i. 338, e. 
KmMS Figi. Bnc. itiik. //ui. .V«I. /u. pL 1 1«, f. 1—0. 
LmIisiw Fafi, Burm. Ihmtb. ShI. ii. IK, 3. iia't. ATmi. I^Im. J 

H7. 1. /t.*;. >-n(, /«.. iii. 3IU, 21. 
ErloHina Fajp, Sir OoniU Moilr]/, G<trA. Oraa. 1. 038. 
Plicglrut, ^MyM, Ann. S«t. Bitt. Ft. 3>fk SMt, r. *m, OiSO. 

Rlb.^^a illghtlj atipriMoliiDg tlie fun border, ibcn 
rtaiu it and (arming a *«iy obluw anitl* bcnealb ihe brand, 1 
nlbar Itag ; fitsi biuich.iciii ili|rhtlT Dbli(|De, Tull four liuM inoiff' 
ranote from the lecond nt the iii> tlinn >■ it at ib« bu« ; MMod fftj 
vbli^uc^ ■ little curved uutward-, ibinl lutdlji mon obll^ua ibu 
tbe Moood, fanhor tnm iba teoond at lb« boM than ib« Mcond ti 
friMi ib« Gnt, bat a« mbt a^ia 10 it al tbe lip : firmi fork alibe ^ 
ft litUe ncacvr to the necoud than it is lu tbe tbirct teiu, which ii (tiD 
aon Ttinnle fmnt the ncond lein ; «pai<e bclnooii tbe forfci, be- 
tween tJie tecuod lorlt and the loattit tela, aad bclwcca the foortb 
vein aod (be lip xf the ri1)-i«Iii, almott equal ; roimb reis whet 
loug, tligbtly currrd along iu nholc length. 
«— ;. Seollanil. IVscntcd b}- K. Doubleda<r. Eaq. 
A — m. (In Canada Bnltam). From Mr. Wnlker^ coHeotlaB. 

Gmup a. WelJ). Ann. Nai. Hi»t Ser. 3, i. 930. 

7. ApfitB ASTtSIAT*. 

Lpbis aiiicnnnla, A'e/i. J/on. PJtan. 1 13, 1*4. Rai;. FarU. /«. | 
aif, 13, WaU, .Inn. A'ar. //(if. Ar. 2, i. 330, 7. 

Front of the wingeil iuMWI ilichtlj' eoimre «rltb a liula 
joction en each fiide; or ilie winfuJeM leioale allgfallj' <«ni«X; Ani 
and iecond j^'nl* of ibe feelcrt alout, not anjpilar : ff>t«.)eg> biU_ 
Utile itoum than the hind-le^t ; thnnla ver; ilightlj oui*ed ■ bn 


*nT toofi <w^T liMV, eqaal (o half tk Unstb of the rib-rno, 
kipM U wUeagndaul?W«Tv t)i« middle of tbe wiott. (il>-mi) 
MM( ■vpraacUnji iW lore liofdrr al ilie rommencoment of the 
hllJ, afttfumrft 3ircrifio|t tety ulighlljt it fortim nn angle ■[ tbe 
Mwui of lbs fourth Tcin, uid iu length licyontl lUe liaiw uf that 
nil b mxe than the spkce ItetWMn hn ii|> mid ibni uf ihe fuucih 
*#i, smd Uh luMT dittu» i* n«eriy d>>u)>le the iiiikuo bdtwn^n it4 
t^M4 tbuofihe bunk tdiMtdlkeiip of the thin) veil); ihv«|<HCi! 
hMaan the iraiveiii end th««*cn«i<lM the tips ii dmost thnccilint 
Mike baw, end muA more than hull' tlic^ Bpiii'u Ijirlwuni the lip uf 
^tnt *rtn *m1 ike bate of thi> wiuf.' ; tiif itmcf I'f thv third vein 
Ikvmb tlw toA* i» much thi>rU-r lliim tUnt Vrtwcrn the fin>C fork 
nt ih* hue, and m lonjc *« lh«t hrlnccn the lucund fnck ftixi the 
Uf of iIm wing; the tpiM between ihe tip of tlie lecuod fork anil 
IM lip of the third *ein in much less tbiiu tW !>e'1W(>rii (lie tip of 
tWeeeuoJ foih and Ike tip uf thv tint t'vrk ; Ihe ihlnt rein 19 uol 
abwlau ifll d«M to it* wurce; fonrth tein very ili|{h(lj riirved. 
tmia tB Ike tip of Ike rjb-tcin ihnn to the •ccviid forli. 

•-e^ EnghiML (Id CuaiUB^kluio;. Frum Mi. Welker'* . 

Group 0. WaU. Am. Ntt. JliH. Str. 3, 331. 

8. Aruie TiUJt- 

ifk» TIBa, Um. ^r. .V<l. ti. 7.-M, 1 1. Aun. Sa*e.im. /7«lKdi. 

Im^ Hi. •)• W, t «. Cw^. /«. Par. i. 4i».*. rt. ftj, /w. jii. 

7T, l2,|>LA,i:i— 0. t«nre»A.£rllr. iew,3»3.3»t. /'riiei. 

itH. si. I, 3, pi I?. Fair. Sp. Int. ii. 3**. 3«. Manl. 1-u. ii. 

316.38. J&K.5ytl.iT.318,31l. %(. Rk<pt.-i»»,^9. Gmti.Ed. 

Smt.Nmt.\.4,7Sf»,\\. tkknnk. Fa«K. Oou: \i. 1. 1I7,12:;3, 

Ark. Sy^ i. i l». J^Mr. £V. A'uJ. //u(. ii. 1 10. rnrt. .Vyii. 

NM.a.7aj. Sltaw,Gtu.Zooi.xi.\7\,»,Vi3A. lMr.Oni.m. 

173. &. Fatf. H Sm. Bat. Milh. x. U7. Burm. Uandb. 

£w.ti&9, ». FaiueoLAfm.S«c.Enl.Fr.%.i>*i,2&. Curt. 

BntEmLSTT. SirChwaUMitOy.GarJ.ChnH.lim. Kail. 

Mam. PJUa. lli»,9li. AUf . /«nJ. /u. iiL 211), 23. Il'a" 

Jmm. Aai. Hiu. Str. 2, i. :l3r. 8. 
AOritrtaB, ilMyof, .A-it. Ser. £»J. /'r. 3»m SM.-. r. 17», ^38. 

Rih-e^ tei; BtroBi; ; the »pare bola-fvn it and the fore t)or<«q 
k wliwirri aleog ibe wmJo kngltk, hut )■ pnnlf oolnnrlr*< tnwnr^ 
Ikr tip; it reatfUalU to the kordcr «>f the vin); for more thun two- 
~ eifitt iMph, tken it ilighllj appruacbea the border luid 1 '^ —~ 

ew un or aowopnuiooa ixiten. 

inudtrM«<ln, kndEonMaroijolitiiMUgle; tlw dbtanM betncn 
iLm allele and tb« lip of the bnnd, ii Im* ihan lliat between tht if 
«f Uubnnil aoil die lip ot (be fuurth lein i bmum hMweca ibv Gm 
and MCtiud l>faiii;li ■•icK tl the bai« almoti mK of tbal U-iitmb 
Ihemalllie tipi; Ant ■«« nvarl; sbmigbt, ili*ct(iBK raili«( eh«« 
from (be woond, ihaa ikc •cooud doei fiom tM Uittd^ iu I'pa 
■mob BMrer tu Uie tip of tbe Mcood Tdu tbau to die b<ue u( the 
irlii; ; *i'coiid rein mned lUffbily, ftnt >iuiniu<l, ibra iimanl in iu 
wane, wberciii it sKkIiU; iliTeritv* (iota ibe Uiird rclii, lo itfaMV 
baie it i% a liltJc ocaict tlian (o ibo bate uf ihc fiiM •ciu ; iu lip u 
nod nnrcT lo iIif (i|> oT Ae third tbon l» tbe lip of tbi^ firai •did ; 
i tbttbird (frill ii cuncd kli|>btl; niid irroi^lari; inward, mi u io 
' una* d<-|Tro to omfum iv ihir (oiirtli vein ; iu buo U mucb niaMf 
to llic luuc of ihc KC»nd Tviii iIihd io iIinI uf llic foatth tcio: ib 
tint folk 1>c|^Dt at bolf tlie Icnsib. und its tccoud btj'uod halT (b« 
Imgtli of the flnt: tlii^ tij> of iia »eooiMl fork la hudlr faitto 
ftiim tbe (ip tif Ibe fuuTili itiu tbau ttva (he tip of itaBni toA, 
and ilio (pace bolwKn iU loii* it awdi Ina than the (pace b*- 
iwDcn it* lip and thai of ite fint fotfci and tbe buter ipacc at nlbd 
Iem than tbe »pn betwMo its tip and tba( of tbe Mooitd nlii 
fourth *cId miivb cufvud Ibnxi^iout it» length ; tia lip a llnb 
nemtor 10 ibe lip of tbe brand (ban (u ibo lip of tbe xvond fi>it, 
•nit ilic diManoe from ita baae to iho dp uf tbe bnn'l i> ool; 
balf dial to tbe baae of (be tbiid (cin; tbe rib-i-um of tbr 
lowcf wjag It alcDdcr. and continue* lo iu tio ; ii bu two Mnbehl 
iciiw dl**r^nK tli^tlj ftoo each odier, and cutitciiiicudr tana 
more ilittant Hi dio tip* (boo at tbe boM; ibc ipiuc brtma 
(hem at tbe ba>e it leu tbau ibut betwocu tbe lint and ibc ba** 
ot ibi' oiiiK, ajid Mill let* than that Mwem tbe tooond and lb 
lip of ibu wiog. 

I Var. Tbird tciii in one viog widiout a tecond fork. 

1 VoT. A fotk pniccciling from the angle, which h fociMid by tk 

^■Ueoond totk of tbe tbiid (ctn. 

^^K Var. The pait uf the third veiu beiwMo ih« fotk> longei tbas 
^^HlbM ib(- iiteci'diuf 01 tho flu«ee«(l!n« part. 
^^F Vai. Tlic tccond fork with double iu onul le«i)(tk. 
^^^ Var. A thitd fork proocodiog frvm dcat the bate of tbe Ent 
toA of tbe (bt(d tna. 

TV iFrnjrrW m«f«. The fourth feeler-joint is mote tlkaa half 
tbe leiiBib of Ibe diird -. (be lidb ii ibortei than tbe fourth : thi 
■ixdi (lun tbe fiftb, and (h« terea[h tbau (bo sixth. 

a— y. Scodand. PnNOitod bjr E. Dmiblodaj, Baq. 

' Englnnd. (la Canada BqImid^ Fmi»iUdlijrF.n'aU:et,Eiq- 


usr or aowoPTBaovR ixiEon. 


Giwp 7. Walk. Ann. N<U. HlH. Sit. 3. i. 333. 

0, Arms BtrrtiLicoLi. 
kikh BMaGook, KalL Um. PJUm. i. 44. RaU. Fotu. Int. m. 

aie,s. Win. Am. xt. Iiul .v<r. i, i. aaa, o. 

T^ nfc-tein di^Uj apptoacbts Uic fore iMtdcr Iicfare it re- 
■!■» bon k uA iMOMi llw bniMl : iu »ugle ii u ihrac'fuurllis of 
lb leB(lb ot lb* bnail, tad thuiwli tttj olituao it more iWiiiad 
ifaw U MUH <idM( (pMIM i Ui« (ounii Ttda it ntucb curreil through. 
M to bttfU 1 it* tip oa1]r b luiially a(kp«rent, ami U a tiiitc ncom 
t> ika tip df iIm rib-vein ikan ui the lip ur iLv iLinl itin i the 
I^Dp Amb til* lib-ircw, * irry lililu bcCuru ibr htt«r 
B tfca fim boidar, lb* moe Ihiiiivcd the lint and ibc 

lilcfa ihwWt Au iIm third btk, aud nmch ibottcr thau 
Ai lUfd rem b«lbN the bat fcrk i it form* Ibo distiucl angle* 
lilMiittilie fatksiit* diicauoe alonK the rib-veiu Cruia tbo 
B, ■* iny Muly twica lliat f^ui tlio Mcoad : the tin 
«f Aa wwond Cwk ii • «cit little iwam to ibc tia of tho roiirtli 
Mta ikiH to Um IU of Iba ii*t luclt ; the tip of the linl furk is 
■HMT U tLa tip of tfca teoond iban 1» lb« tip of die ibiid rciii, 
m4 Ifce UiiM la a Htil« ntam to the tip of ibc lint foik, ibaa 
la Ac lip of the Mcai»d icin; Ui* touond •cin n ncuit; tirai^ibt, 
■id dtrvm* tliBbthr ttam Ibe ihiM, and iU ititUnce from tbc 
Immt U Ine tip i* nnbn bj ball tban at tbe bn^i:; iU ditUuce 
■A ifcc baae (nn tba third loin i* a lltUo low iLnn that (lom tlio 
Im icis ct lit baaa, bat nuob Ictu at the lip ; tbe Aral icin dU 
««•■ eaandctafalj liain tlic acounil, and u almoil pcrpuudiculat 
Mas lib-febi: in fitfanoe on th« rib-ieiu frum tbv micouJ vriti 
Ii lea* tban halT ila dUlauc« fraiii ibe bate of ibe uiag, 
; at Aa tip It in mu«ti mote llian llic nlmve proporlion : the 
' hafiiii tboM TCiD* at ibc ban: u much leu Qiiui half 

at Ibirit tipa: tbe It^ are lunjc aud tlender, the liind>tea 

mtha bwcr llian the mi, their ahanka ulti^tlir uurredi tfaanu 
m afpcMMgc M each ^d« of (he firat Jobt of ibo roclen. 

Vv. Tie Mcatul part vf the tliUil vuln It loogtr tkan the 
■mar tlie aeooud. 

Var. No iMoud fork In one iriiiff: in the other nlag no 
I : iu Mooitd *e>D ii f'jrkcd, but both tbe lirnDi^bn eciue 
ibc; atlain tbe bind bordrr . the third ><rii> has oo forkj^ 
Ml tlw MDca ahort of the uiuai longth. 

IUb.T«!ii appKwcbisf tli« Ton banler, dita noadUi; I 
Mid fonBJnit >D nbiiwe aot^Ic, wIiimo oulwanl »(ite fo W 
Uwn half tbe lonfflli of ibe iniratd one ; lint bntieli>*di 
iligbtlir oblique hktillf curved outward, twioe bitket i^ 
DOW from Urn wcoii<l at tbo tip ihaa it il at ibe Ikuo:| 
obtiqu*, alifhl]; undulalinir ; thlnl rcr; *liKl>>lj unduUtini 
abliqne than the >c«uii-l, imiccr to ihc Kiioiid at the b«M Q 
neoDd b u ihe fini, Hud thu space beiowi) tlic^ Uiter u iM 
alnoH twice that belw««n the tMxmd aud third; lint fei| 
lip ■> ooar U> Ui« Mcund fork M l« llie ibird vein, and nMI 
Ike ihini rriti t* to the weixiil rein : (pace b«|it«:n tbc Tiiill 
bnlhaa that betwwii the lecuud furk Hid the fouiili iria, U 
ihan tliai bawMn Ui« batih tviii and iho nb-ioin-, foul 
nihet «liort, muck cutrcd along iu Hbolo lougtli. 


11. Aptiio CoBVLi. 


Aphif Cor;K,/?D(fr, Hnl. Hfiirafe,tt.3\\. Gmtl. KJ.Si 
u 4, 32:0, 60. Kali. .Von. I'/^n. i. V*, 73. H'aU. jfi 
//ur. S*r.7, i. a3«. II. ■ 

Cor^UphiSi Amyat, Ann, Sor. Enl. Ft, 3iiir Strit, r. 170. ' 

FInt bnDoh-«ritt nearly pnventticulai' ; t«tond aliKbtl 
lulng, much mom oblique : tlie diclaiie* Iwiavoa tbcm »i\ 
■bom oao-third of thai beiwcon ifacm at die ti|w: third ra 
bijque ihan the lecond, then mutual dittanoe at tbe tif 

Lur or Bi)Mi>pmouB tHauT*. 

13. Aphis AKHti^TA. 

il^ MUUibtU? Bailif, Grrm. Zrit. m. 3A0, 10, 
A|Ui QiMTC&t, Kah. .!/«■. PfitM. \. »8, 71. Rati. Pont. Int. it 
317, 10. WM. Ann. Nut. /tut. &r.2, i. 937. 12. 

The rib-'riniiPuilMlelba fore buMfr till it Klighily incline 
itBiltf Htlhbwow tlfbtgtiinioit orihcbmoil.wligrnhii Hpao*3 
tatBMn Ui«n witleu i the niiKlc of Ibc brand ii diitiiicl, anil tli* 

r»b«lwc«* it luid tb« tipof theri)i-TL-iiiu near liulf the Icnfcth of 
b«B»d : tks fooflb rdo it cur*eil toward* tb« bau, bat il* latter 
^ b smHt ftmi|;bt i ili« »pii« b^iwrrn tin Up and Uiat of lb« rib- 
1^ Ii klillM nwRlliKn Uutt between tbr Utter nnd lln nntclc; lb* 
I rein before the finl fork » Kcaetillv a little Ititigct tban ih* 
' bct««ni lb* fbrks, bni Mniatinm ** Wg ■» ■:*«■> iboritr : ibc 
itBtMllw tlpfof iticMMWod fork and of the tiiLnib vt^iii it 
■MvOwBllutbotirM* tfa«iJ|nDf tlic two rorkn.and rery miii'b ntift« 
Ata Uitt brlaeeo the lip* tif ibe fuurlli nnd of tlic rih-rclii ; the 
■■cebMiTteD llielipaof the tliiid kIu and of Ibe fork it much more 
Uu tint bttwmi U« lipi of llie fork, and ■ llille tiion; (haii ilitt 
iMnn the tip« of the tecond nnd tliird vein*; the tliiid vein 
■itaip tnm the rib-Tctn » lilile Wforc the lailer dirciKr* from 
■• fan ttoedcT : the tecund teiu diTcritn froni the third vein, nnd 
tkiu nntiikl dbtanoe at the boM it aliout biiir that at theii lip*, 
•■4 much let* than ibe dblAoco hoivora tfae Micoud and tint 

i. Scodand. 
}. Engbsd. 



Pfc*ca(«d b« C Uoubledaj, Eiq, 
(la Canada Balsam). From hU. Walkcr't 

la. Arms QtmcEA. 

Ktll. Jlr«. /'Am. 1. ISe. 104. Adx. Font. 
H'att ^nn. AW. l/ui. Srr. a, i. .'MO. 19. 

TW (Jh-reit> appmacbM the fora border tfty slightly t>efoi« it 
dlmgw theiK* bmI cneloatt the brand ; the latter it rather brvad in 
■Wfililhill l9 ila loiKtk, and the distnuee from the angla whcnoc the 
bulk mim tprtiigt to the tin of the rib-vein h about one-thjrd of 
ik* l^^lk of Uw brand i tW fonrlb leiu in tnueh eiirved, in4i« 
MtlaslW of A.atnuUtai it i« neart? Mnttebl tuwtird<. Ibe lif, 
tke -tirHifft bMwccs vbicb and that of lb« rtVrcin b niher le 

SM uvr or uoMOPixMHit nsxcn. 

ibn thai of Uw who)* Ingih a( ihr bmnd, uiil aUo nibn Im I 
Ike apMM between its lip ftnd Ihat ef ibe iKaiid fort ot Ihc lUid 
*«io 1 ihc duid Ttin ii imisibtc at ib wnroc. but itt directioo ii lo- 
wmrdt tfco lib-rciii at tb» point xhtt* th« Uttet begritti to viilaa ; iM 
ISDglk baTon l^a ftiu IM ia limpa Iban tu aooond forii. and nfll 
■nom 10 iImd tba apace bet««u tin roiriti ; itt diMuMc ban Ibi 
aeMod Tcia at the bate i* kai tban half of tbeii maUM] dbunce *i 
Ihllt lipa, ud budW half tlia dinUaoe lictwMn th* t«aa af ibt 
a«co»d and lb«t ot a» &ru vain ; the <liMaiice b a t wa u A» dptf 
ibc TotU of tbo tbinl nfai b abngt aqnal lo (be if m t i wa aa lk 
lip of ifar teoond focfc a*d ibai of the liwith rria, aad leM ibaa tbn 
tMnnan ila ti;! and iliai of the 6n( fotk : the diitaiwe betwffn Ar 
woond and lb< third vein* at tb«ii tipi i* tcr^ nneb Ian iban Ual 
baiweailhetipaarike *M«iid and bnt telnt ; the dblanc* bvKna 
Ike fini and the eeeead tein* at tlie hatr ln> than half tbo dinaMt 
belwMO Ibna at their lips. 

m—f. England. (In Canada Balnm). Fran Ur. Walk«f'« ooDm- 

M. AmiBALM. 


Aphu Abt./'a*r.S'p./ii>.n.386,31. Atal./ai. ti. 316. 36. Bl 
Smi. {>. 319. 36. S-/». Aitvn. 309, 36. Gm^t. Ei. Syti. .Vo 
i. «30«, txA. Dn I" Hi. 47, *, nl, 3. f. »— 17. B^k. Sf^ 
I. 131. .^mr. El. y^l. Hut. h. 110. Imtr. Otn. UL 173. 
A'lViy i' Spmrt, inlr. Kti. iii. 76. Si. Fary. ti Setr. St. 
Milk. Hill. Nal. X. 34H. Kmll. JUm. P/lmn. 1. 137. 1(0- 
fou. Fvnt. /u. iii. Slfi, 34. tfeU, diuu S*l. Uut. 8tt.9.l 
341. 14. 

Eecnat Alui f A«. Miih. Hiti. -Val. /u. pi. 1 19, f. 3 — L 

Apbla naculata, Vam HeyAm. Mat. Smk. ii. 3I»7. 

ClcUiRpttia, Amyot, Ann. Sar. h'nl. Ff. 'Jmm Sirir, f. 480. 

The rib-voin U p»ni1l«l to tbn fem botd<T till it appnaafaaa ikr 
latter, and agnin diiciK*^ fram it; it enctcsn ou limnd, and iloo 
not foRU an an)[lc. but is slijcbilj cuned oumnl till it j<niu ikt 
Ion; boidct I the wideaed pan ia nthat than ; ihmc an im tncn 
aftbe fourth t^b BOMptat iu tip, which it Beaitr to Ibe tipof tba 
third trin than to that of the tib-vnn : ibe thiid T«to spring* (i«« 
the tib-vnin a Utile after the b«'|iiiiDinK of (he widened mui ; tli 
laujtb befoie the fim fuik i<as Ionic at tb« apace boivecii the furia, 
MM a liule loDffcr than the tecoud CoHt ; lb« diaU)«e between ihc 
lip* <if the foiEi b BUob aiofa than that betwMii the tip of dw 

r tnb sad Uut of ibe CmiUi vein, bat much IcM ihaii the spacG 
wibebponbctblfd vainaiidOiuof iuflnt Tork: itmiMmil 
■r<iii iS^ttfct tllKhtl; rruoi the lliitd >«ia, aud u a lliclr imtti to it 
■t Uk haae lliao at the tip, inil il« bono to alio b liltJc nearer Ui tlio 
Abd Tois llian it » lo Ihc Gnt ; ihc dicuncc brlnMn ihc tipi of 
dWJTMiMlBMl AirdrfiniiislillleloutbaiilheiipiK-r; bFlncrntlie tip 
•ftkeikMaodtbalofluftnt (nTl,kD<)a1iltle unn ilmii half the 
(•M* Wt w KTi til* iim nd tmrnil Tcitif -. ib« ip«(« ticiwrcn the 
MM and a«iMad vein* at Ibe baic b a Kttlc more Aui balf of 0ml 
UlarcB ibsia at tlie lipi. 

*~*. Baglaod. (!■ Canada Babttin). Fran Mr. WaBon'* eotlec. 

ICl Aran JtiouiitDiT'CM.a. 

UABaaJocludkola, Ji:«/f..V<Hi. r^an. L 1AI,4. 

AfU* Jii«hi»dk«U. If-d/l. Aon. Net. Iliit. Str. 3, 1.313, IS. 

The ilb-iviii it T«f]r alender, aud naarlj parjUoI lu Ibe iure 
Indai of llie winx. lovlikb iuappnncli aud dlrtiKoiice nlWnranla 
b tan rilctit; ifcera b no brand, hut ih« icin rormn a diniuot 
ikaaf^ alixhl angl*, and tlic >pacc which it here ciicluiex b fathn 
Aanaad btoad; tbcraia|[taetiillTiioGDiinh >^u -, iliclinglhoribe 
lIM tvtii Man the ftt«t bA '» ahortM ihau tli« Bjiaco hoineon the 
Mo, but l(rag;«r Ihaa lbs aeound fclk ; it la nibar UuoIl and aultcdlk- 
tel M iu hoMi ibfdiatanM btiwren the tip* of the (orlo in nlwul half 
AtthtCWKn lbcltn«f the third icia and ihniur its M-vnnd rurk: the 
Waad vaia ii unuxhl, it diitrfn Ecom tlie third, luiil tbu diitaiioe 
l>M>«fB tboa at their tipt k Msrl; twico thnt at the hue ; the dl*- 
(■■ng t«Iwrrn Ar tip u( the »MOiid vvio and that of the ihinl rein 
iiaboiacqW uiibal Irclvaen the Inllor and the lio ot ila &IM Ixiri; 
*img ibe rib-iein th* liEd icin i* faitlier bv bult from Uia wonad 
iWo iW anWMd i* ban the ihird, and iu dislanaa &«ni tha awond 
M tha tin b luilvr iban tbat at iha bane by tnucb more ibao half. 

Is ue boMla thata arc Kcu«ni]l( no ttncn at the fourth vaa 
iflkcwiaf, bat U mwc Imtaoca It ii 'giiile distiucl; it ipnnn 
iHi A* aaKk «f *bo rib-tein. and U ■lishilY oun ed ihniughiMil iU 
Mpki Ittljp ia n«arlT ai far from lliat of liicrih-vctDat It itilKiai 
Aailp of tbc third miu. Tb« dark coloiu uf the ovipnToua femala 
■Ma IM be tming l« tlia aga within it, tboe >iv ifarr« ur fuur tn 
■ ■■ b ». 1b tlM male th«w la a <wloarad tpaor b«^<v(-<ii the rib-voin 
Md tfca fbn bocder: ih« brand is darker i««'4rdK tliu timr, and tba 
iMMk rate it dbliiict i it i* more aotlte iban die males of ibe 

rxXT IT. So 


UfT aw ROHorniuDH imicn. 

■pwiM, llic chnt it much dfrrrlopci), aad the abdoniFn ii annll. 
IwowUaucn ihe ImuIc has a diitinot bnnd Vkt ihat of the i 

Var. JMVtlr.— The third Tctn U joined tf a nVM-retn In Cbe 
iMcnd a little Wom half ibe dtuanoe from the boM of ihe ' 

Var. UaU.—Th* Mcoad bimncb-vflla la obMl«U fn llw laS 
halfofiuleniiih, and the Imrt branob of lbs int fork of Uie I 
reiM i> abo futl«d »ouu after iti *aurce ; ibese Curb difeijc bu 
rram «acb uth«i, and pau tu the lower bonier or the wing. 

Var. Am.— The woood tcin b rorkfd ofiar iu b«M, ow I 
jflini tbp hb-Tfiu, and tbe oilier brk j«iua ih« bass or ik« tbifd ' 

Var. Afitfr. — A Ktt1« cnM.veiii cuminunicalM between ifaa m> 
cood and ibe ibird Teliii near tbelr biso. 

Var. Unit aiU Fnn.— Third leia b«ra«t the fint fofk lonpf 
than tJic sp«o« bcturocn (be (otka, and nucb loiiget ibftu tlie Kocsd 


i— M. Eiigbnd. 

{In Canada Bnlnin). Ftom Mi. Walket'iooU 

10. Apiiia Put AS I. 

I,achnnt PliUul. Kali. JV«h. Pflam. I. 1M, ». 

Aphii Plnlani, Walk. Atim. S»t. Hut Sir. 3, L 314, 16. 

Bil>.'ein approaching the fore border, near ibe brand 

it dirergM mucli, and fonna an ohtiMe anftei biand bmad, bp 
witb a eolourlcM *pot ; dUlanca between Oie lint and Ktimd i 
inuiG tltna twice fartbrr at the lip« than at the bate : MC«nd i 
^itil tdnt (liithilT undulalinK 1 third iiltnott twice farther fnnn the 
MCutid at ihe lip Iban at the baic, mucli ueaitr to th« u<oad at the 
base ibnn the tecoiid la to tbo ini: £nt fork a iiiiie nnrer to the 
MCund fork (bun in iho third iciii, grixnUlr n near lo tbe lltiid 
foin a* the third in to the Mcond ; no funrlh leio. 

This apeoie*, with A.JmjUnJi* and the dght pieoedingaHCies 
n« H gtnua or irraup, which i* ohiedy ciMniclariMd t 
'righlnui ot the llni rnu. 

■— /. Biu^ Prtnenlcd hj F. Walker, Et^. 

Litr or eoMomuMw mucn. 

On^f a. T*U. Amit. NU. tlUl. Sfr. S, 1, 443. 
17. Arw( JrouMDU. 

Iphk JnitUnili*, Prurk. hi. iL 12, 10, pi. 1«, T. I, A. <;mr/. £ 
S^l. K»L i. 2310, 70. Walk. Amn. Adj. /iw(. &r. a, i. -113, 

iMimmJa^ilt, Kkit, UTon. Pitan.i. IM, 3. 

liflaAbz, jlinyW, j4im. £or. Em. Pt, Snu S/ri*. t. 481. 

TW tik.v*tn It MiHit, »jA a1(ii«n impereepiiMr approncliM ihe 
%m bwdM tiH It dJTocgn tad cnclotct ilir bmndl wliicli i« loine- 
ikt ^dfccT ihsn tbe nit or llic ipacc hclwccn llic rib-vein and 
AiftRlM«4er; tke uigto iailistrnct. ind ihc M'act- (h«i)cc lo Ibc 
(^ l> ilmw ont-lbtrd or tk« knfClU of ihe bnnil ; the fourlli T«Hn 
IimhA CBITAd ikniUffbuut, mnd Uie dinUncc of i1» tip rr'iin Ibat of 
Ar r^Trin u ralbcr bw Ihiti llinl of llic Utlcr fium ihe wa^e ; thr 
llud teiD kw it* loutoc i>h«rv llio ri1>-vciii dii'erRi.-i fnnn tlic fore 
bwdcr i the »Mce bttween iti fork* f inwUi it* IuduiIi bi>rure the 
VokUt/k, kii4)i(till loiijtPi (ban llii? Mcuiid fork ; ita nisUinco at tb« 
hMt firoa ibe foartb it full Ivire ilmt of (hn liilicr fdim Ibf lip of 
k Rb^Tciii, wA it ii dmiIj cqiulljr dittnnt hrtwccn (be fourth and 
Aa Muad raifl* ; it ia tlighitjr curved iio^t ilic bate ; ihr disiuice 
iIm ftnt uui Mcond v«iii» &( ibi-ir li(is exoMiU by rather 
Aaa btlf iImI betncoa ihcni at thr bHK: tlir dituncc )«• 
the firal iikd Ncand Tcina at the bane it mlhci Im ihnii 
between Ihe *M«nil and thir^ TSint, but al their tipi it ii much 
1 1 Ih* firai *^* dlr«rg«« much frutn tk« KcoDtl, and it perpen- 
r to tbe tib-Tein. 

L Ewhnd. P(«>ou(«4 by J. C. Dale, E«q. 

M. Eii«laa4. (In Cauda Babam). From Mr. Walker's collce- 

Grmp «. Wttk. Amf^. Hat. ma. Stt. 9, ). 444. 

lA. Arma aiPBOM. 
iWOm, nut. ,4aa. A'<1. i/u(. &r. 2, i. 444, 18. 

8 o S 

tMt «F ■AHAmiOM ntBon. 

Gmip IQi WatLAmm.Kia.ttiu.Str.i,LltA. 
IS. Arms Popcu. 

ILM» Pofiull, LiaH. Sou. Nm. a. 730, 97. 
1 Smx-W'I. Ui't. liat. CM. AttJ. r. 63t. 

An. Sutt. W7. 

JUaum, /», iii. pL 
aB,r.?— ll.pl. 37,f, I— M. Ay. la: HI. fM. 15. pL7. (. 
1—7. Fai'. Sfi. Int. ii. 3tMl. 32. i/Ml. Int. ii. 316, 37. 
J9it.5ml. iv.-JUI,37. Sytt.Mn.'2m,77. SekrmmA, Fana. 
Bfif. tu I. Iia, l?11. C«w/. W- .Vv»f. Kl. i. 2307. r. 
i/aonHHii, /(%. J/oy. I 4)4, a &(v. £/. A'al. //mi. ii. I II 
7W(. 5*1^. S»L i\. im. Rmli, fauu Eirut. 'iOO, 1371. 

Swmvn*. Comp. I 4. ^■u'. .WiA. Iliu. .YiJ, Imt. pL tR 

f. I— A. MiMr. /Nf|. iyiiL Sat. ixviii. -iM. Ututinu, EaL 

iltg. ni. 337. Kali. Mon. I'fimit. i. IStl, IIK Au.-. /'mv. 7h. 

iii. 2\». 10. 'Ml. .Ikd. lYdf. //ill. 3^. 3,L44A, 19. 
Ap)>l& PupulMi. /\m4. F«u>. /«. Germ. l«i>UI. It*. 
A^^ia P«pul) •ibc? FiHucoJ. vlnn. .S'«. £«(. Ft. 1»7, 30. 

Rib-vnin kardly apptwubinif the fun botdu, ind ilica mij 
•ligblly iliverginB from il : iu aoiilc m irtr bbuit Wid kudlj M- 
aapliblo, ihc tpwc ihcncc to Uieiip ii full Uitee-fcaittlM of ilw «mIb 
laogtli of lixe pan wliicb tormt the auglc, and nlbn i*are IL«b bilf 
tb* Itngili fi»m i» 1>I> to ili0 tip of tbe fniuih vein : fmt rcaa >■] 
obUi|u« to iha rib-rtla ; llio Icnpb fruiu iu wudm.- \o iW baM « 
tiba «iii|[ >• Im tliu ikcM-biittht of tlw luftli of lb* bsM frna In 
(tp; Moond mo nMieubliqae than tb* Got reik, (hta wkieli ii«4»' 
tuiM at the l>«iia U sknoH oue-lhird of lluU a( tbcir (ipt; iu 
diitancc nl ili« Ium Ihmi tho flnl i^in i> ntbut XttA tli»D ow- 
tbml or ibaii onc-foiirth nf tbal Icn^h from ibc \k\H! uf tlw 
fint to tlic buc vf tlio wiliK ; the <ti»laiic« bctweeo tte 6pa (J 
ibe tot and Mccmd Toiii* i> nmdy hslr tkst WtoccD iba tip »t 
the llM and tbe buo of ilit wmei thrnt vela ToniihinK u iti 
wuror, aliiUMi parallel to (he >rcnml till n<ai the lip, thdt mutaal 
4bl>D0« on the hiod hordcr a little exceeding ibnt bciiiM-n thca m 
the rib- vein, «nd tlic luilet lUiIaucc iKmnch niort ibiin that brtweca 
lh« Gr«t anil *ecund >«ill^ but im the hind hitritt it it miMb \em\ 
tHca beiwwn t1i« twu forlm of the third i«in muuh l«nit«T ibaa 
til* banal part or than the aooond fork, which uv about c^ud ia 
lengdi i apace between the lipof Ihitd iciaaiid that of iu liru fork 
iDoi« than that heWMB iba dm of the Hcond and third tsim, tak 
Kiill tuora than that btlWMO III* lip* of the Ont and iccond fatki: 
•pace IxTKreen the lip* of the ftnt and Kcood foths a Uuk Ims 


un or nonorntuoi Draecrt^ 


ifaa iba afMe beiwMa th» tip of the tMond Totk bdiI that of 
A> Iwith Ttm; foonti *MII imUiot len|t, tlij-lxlj curved for lialf 
IM iM^pli, Ma^j ttnlglit rrom l1i«not to tba l>]i, which i« miicli 
MDtr U tlic tip of tlio iMaoi! (iiik lliaD to the tip of the rib-*ein. 

Vsr. Ffm. — Foanh joint of the fcclcn little more than h«lf 
dM lenRlb of (be third ; fiflh a little ihottcr than ibc fourth ] 
4ttk nocfe thgtui dun tb« filth ; •ervitih much lunger than the 
Mdk. BoMttiaw U>* m»ti4 EmIc ot t)io third vein varic* niou In 
ti ^ WfH pif CM towi. 

Vw. Jtfofr. — Tke finuth irin vaniahiDK f^iD tli^ middle to 

Tkr. Jtf«b.— Tfa* HoantI foil or tli« third vein longn lli«n the 

ra Wi— » n the Cotlci. and »llll more w tbau the port before 


(ta Caiuda Balaam). From Jlr. Walker** ccUec- 

30. AfniaaiBTrooiMi*. 

A^iattiMnm,WM.AMM.yQt.Hui.Sir 3,1 447,90. 

kik>*«iii hardly approaching the fore Imrder, and then leiy 
il^^lb ^t e wgiii g Awn It; ibir nnsl* b v«rv hluni, and Iinrdtir per- 
MfAh, aad lU Mitmrd ddc i> much >!iur1fr ihnii the tnace be- 
M«<o Uie lip of the rih-Tcia and tliil of the fuurlh vcio ; Dm ran 
ruj iAU<)Be to the rlb-ti-lni icL-und Teiii mori: obli<|ue lliou the 
iIm. fiWB wklch iu di»taiK« nl the b>U(> U aliniitt or hardly one- 
Flbjfd «t tW dUlance al iheir tip* ; third rein ikini»hin)c at it« 
■MM, alnoat paralld ta (he uxavd till near the lip, their mu- 
W 41«UBee on the himl bunlct a little exceudiut; Ilut between 
m aliMIK the l{b-*rio, the latter ilti(aii« much more than lliat he- 
rn tbe BM and lowiid *olri». hut un llir hind harder It u mui'h 
)m\ JiNsacc batwcen the ivo forki much longer than the tblH 
hte baibra tbe Sni lork or thnn the ae«ond fork ; • neuik e(|ual 
" uae* bvlven the tipa ot the third rein and of the tru fJik, b«- 
ia ike dpt of the wuiiDd and third T«ln«, and lioiocen the tipt 
■f &• bat an4 aeoond forla, ahieh laM dinianeo miicb exceeds that 
bN>«n ibv itttaiiA (btk and the tin uf the fuuith laa ; fourth >oin 
■tfer iMtjti dl^llj eurrcd for half Its 1eu|j;lb, neai^y Mnight 
faa ih«aM lo ute tip, which U much nearer to ih« tip of the 
tmt UA lluB U iIm lip of the rih-rein. 



UR or HDHomftora ihbbcib. 

Tir. Le»|[(li ItcIwmb iI)« rurla of ike Uiinl rtim ia 
valy Ulf of iliat ui the oUmt wing. 


Oimip 11. WtU. Am. Na:. Rut. Ser. 3, 1. 448. 

31. AmiB AoMiB. 

ApliU Aivrii, Lrai<. Sjft. Hat. ii. 730, 31. /*«b. 5b 
A^on. /iM. iii. 381— &'>a, |ri. 33. T. 6— 10. /"air. A>M. 
7:U,0. S/>, /w. U, 3(U. in. .VaM. /lu. 11, 3I\ II. 

5v)(. W.'il-J, II. Sytt. AAyii.2!U. II. Gtaff. l-u. Ptir.\,< 
a! .%t.;Kiin. £it/. C4nl. 137, 36/7. Haiti, Ftam. Eint^ I 
1372. Sthmk, /an. /««>. il. 1, Ml. \ZM. OmtL 
Svtl. iV'l. i. -iiOii, 31. £ix-. MH\. Int. pi. I Id. C 0. 
S'^ i. I3i. Si«p. El. Kii. UuL ii. m* TuH. Sftt. 
ii. 703. I'antcol. Atn. .V«-. fful. /V. s. 173. 13. JTa/r. ' 
PJU». i. iZi, m. RaU. Pont. Imt. llL 318, lA. ITmU ia 

jVi«, //iif, .VfT. 2, i, **«,ai. 

ActrrilVi, ^MoM, /Ina. &V. £nC. Pr.imt S4rit, *. 179. 
A|>liii> A«Ti«r (New York), f'Ut*, Tit Snalr, S*. 30. M. 
Aphis villMiur y/4rt>7, Gtrm. Zril. ill. 360, «, 

Rib-*eiB bud!}' »pcro>cUiit|[ tke £ai« kvdn, %tA then 
^IfhtlT diTcrnng (mm il ; ike allele b *«ry blunt Uk4 butff fB 
Mpiibfe. Mnil its ouiwarj tMe It ntW Iwi UwD Umw-fwaAi 
oftbc len^ifa or (he ipviH *ide, attd its long a* the >|Mce he- 
l«oni tbc tip of the rib-Tcin and Uut uf tM fourth rein i tnl 
«eiji veiy oUiquc Ui the rib-vein i Meooil (ein more uWuih tkw 
ibe diu rein. friMii wbicli iis •liuanoe at ibe liu* b aiaiurt « 
kanllr ouwikiid uf ibe 4i<unc« *t tbdr tJM % thitd e«i« isnlA* 
iiiffai il* taiirce.iliMKt minIIcI tnilie wcEnd tiQ acar ibe dp, ihrir 
nulaal diitaacc oo tbc bind border a little exMediai tbat bctseM 
Umoi along Ubc rilxTem, ibe latlv diaunca mwrb OMte IImb iW 
b«M(*n ibc Ini ui4 Mend *eiaa,b«tf>iihtUiidliatd(9it bwHh 
hat; tBiUiioebomMdioiirofaelwiiiiidilavfntbanllMlUntnrift 
befoTO tbo lint fork and tban tbe Mcond foifc j di*tanea halwcea ^ 
of ibitd •tin and that of tU Gnt (otk ntbte lett (baa tb«l liil— 
llMtacondand tbiid veinei 4tiUBoebei««ni iMned «eo»d M> 
U long « longw ibaa ibat beMoen tb* Momid Ibdt au4 A* lis ^ 
lb* fcrartb eciw ; founb rrin niber knf , iGgbltj «irt«d %ot Uf 

itn or BoxomMVi istnori. t(^M 

h IngA, Matlj ttnd^t ban thnoe La the tip, whieli 1« mnch 
Mnrtotfcalipef ibanend fetk tbsn loUieUp of the rib.Tcin. 
t-r, Scdtlud. PnmmtihjB. Doablcdny, Kt.). 
/-rw Bnglud. (In Cuwk B«lnu>). Frum Mi. Walkn** col- 

OS. Arnn Acckicola. 

IrbAMrieob, WmU. Anm. Nai.ni4L Sn.i,Hai,m. 

I Eoiknl. Prcwoiol bj F. Wilk«T, Btq. 

i iHMhekM, SaiUerUnd. Pntcntcil bj F. WiJkcr, Etq. 

33. Amifl QranmimsacvuTA. 
tfUi ^wdrhabMnbu. AWl. JVon. /^on. i. IH, 103. 

*-t. EagUnii. PrMTOUil bj F. Wklker. Eiq. 

Gmip 13. IF«n. il*ii. Nal. Hut. Sir. % i. 461. 
21. Aphi« Porcutk. 

■/I. Man. Pfian. I 1 10, 00. Walk. .'lim. iV«t. 
i-r^l, -1^1,23. 
I poDcUta*, 0WD1. B»nJi, ffiil. ii. 93, S. 

t. Eaglud. (In Canada Balsani). Froin Mt. WnlkAT'tooUee- 

Sa. Aran Salwik. 

Ukb. Xiaii. Ayaf. iVa(. ii. 730, 26. Famt. Smr. 006. 
AiMUL /lu. iiL ^1— 36t>, pi. 23, f. 3. /Vj;. /lu. iiu 60, II. 
Air. Sb. /w. iL see, -f l. 3/«»(. Iiu. ii. 317. 4a. £nl. Sj^i. 
IT. 319, 47. 5^^. AljM. 301, 47. Gmel. Ed. Sutt. Sm. i. 
tatn. 3310, 20. Rmi, Ftua. Einuc. 3»1, I31M. Schrtnk, 
A«.fi*w.a. 1,10-i.llrfi. tfrf*.*yii. i. 120. S[rv.f:i.yat. 
Hltu ii. ni. /"urf, 5yj|. -Vat. Ii. 707. Shaw, Gm. Znl. tL 
170. W.CMrtit. Linn. Trnnt. t\. 76, 94, i>l. 6, f. 1,3. Si. 
F^. rt S*rr. Kmr. ifiiJk. i, 947. F-mtnl. Ann. Sor. Bm. Fr. 
».l;e, lit. Kmlt. .U««, I'lUnA. lai, UM). Wofr. /"orK. /lu, iil. 
318, 18. Walk. AuH. Nat. UUl. Str. 3, i. 462, 24. 


urr «r HOM»ptmKova nrasora. 

tMlicifex, Am^t, Amn. Sor. Kml. Ft. iut* Hitit. *. \S. 
AphU iUUcU? Htl. £■(. Jf^. tL lOS. Autico, £it(. 

Rib>tein my *li|tiillj ■pprauliing the fore border, cad ihin 
riifbllf dlTcmi^ Trura il, and (otminic an nimnelr obiuw mf\t; 
bnutd nlhsrlMK; fint braaob-Tfiii ubliquc, iwo-tblrdi ncanr to 
Ibc Meead U Um Imm Umb ii b ai the ilp i Mcmnd and ikird tti; 
oUiqve, • liltb Ikitkor fram Mob eUier at th* ti|4 than ibcj are u 
the taHi rein betimn (lie (brfai and tMaod fork Benlje^nil,Biu]i 
Unb longtf ihin the ibird vein berore tibe 6n( fork : tpai-c belwtta 
ibo fotfa moK (hail ibat bflwoni ibctMMidfprk andUiviluidtai, 
■pd 1bi (bnn thut Ii<!lw««ii ibn Qnt Mt Utd Uw ifaifd rda, whkt 
u altiiast ei^unl to ibe ipaco between LbeMoond and third fiHi 
buf lb lain auofa ourttd ntu the baac, tuaighi from thaaoe U lb 
tip, Iwlco at Gu bom the tip of Uia rUi-vBln at bom tbo tip aJ ifct 
(Fcond fotk. 


GrauplS. tFatk. Anm- ^41. aUt. S*r.i,i. iiS. 
3S. Arma Salicitom. 

ApliisSiliciiom, iraU. ^nn. Stl. Hui. Scr.i, \. 433, 33. 
Cuiara CapKO, Sir OntvJd Mottrjf, G^fi. Chren. \. 748. 

Tlie ovipareu* wingleaa femala !■ lo>tam-«hBp«d, dark i 
dult, ■mooili, and niber flatt tb« bead U dnil velbiw ; th« htna 
or the abdomeB i« pale fellmr, and leagthtncd: tb« fickn mtt \ _ 
yellow, artaecou*, black towardt tb« tipi, and nbout balf tb* lengtb ' 
of ibe bwdyi tbe e;et tte black nTul r*(licr pruiuinciii : llie legian 
pale jellow : tbe kntva, and (he lipc of tbo feci ant black. 

V'bt. TIio hoAj i* rtliptli-iil, flat, Ibln, ibining.lbioly cloibed *{ih 
white hairt, dull wliite, nilb a broad, imirulnr black Ktrlpe aloac 
each udei tlie feclcn itre wbiie willi hrown tipt, nod ten uan bali 
tbe leogib of ibe bodj : ihu legi ate wliiie ; the tip* of tb« feet tn 

-r. Englaod. (In Canada Bakani). 

From Mr. WalkeT'i oolL 

UCT or nAirerndum iin»ots- 

Gwaf U. nVk, Ana. A'.U. But. Sir. 2, it. 43. 
77. AnuB Gi.Tcmx. 
J|U niKRl'. ir<rt. .If"". Pflm. i. 1 13. W. ITott. ^nft. 

Rib-*cia haiJIjr apprMchitiK Uie fore border, not receding 
mim bam it. iunaiuf an ciih'mcljr iliKbl uk1« t fim btaaoh-voin 
a^f afc to w, BHsa linn lu irc TiuUicr rmn tb« Mcond al tbc lip 
(Mil It Blut biM; wound ubtii^ue; iLErd \trj obKquo, ncan:i to 
lb hmmI al die buc sad U (be Up ihoo the accoml it lu tlic Cnt -. 
if oftlK ibtrd *ein mucli HMrer to tbe Bni fork tbau to ibc lecuDil 

Mi. Wd M <•( &Mn Ike filtf folk •!> tlia nian.- b«liM'Gii Uwb[lu,«t 

*MlMw««aih«*orcadfi>(kaBd(bef>»irilivuia: founbTcta tslbet. 
^ag, ilishllT wncd OMT the btu*. mucb ncarci ut the tip to 
d IWk uuD ta tke lip of tbe rib'ttin. 

'. Eagland. (Is Ciuda BalMm). Kroia Mr. Walker'i colta 

38. Arms uttoulu. 
Afhfa lUlonlii, r«ri. iliia. SaL Hut. Set. 3, iL 44, 37. 

29. Apiii* tiiiiTi:Li.L*B. 

yyatOm, Haliday, Aim. S*L llul. laSS, iS». 
i|lH kittcltm, H'att. Jnn. AoJ. Zful. $rr. 3, u. 46, 28. 

4 Bi^luil. Pr»nit«d bj K. W«U«r, Eaq. 

30. Araift CirsM. 
i|lb C^pof . fTaU. Aftn. A'aL l/M. ^fr. 3, il. 43, 39. 

Omtp 19. ITalk. Am. A'l/. i/irf. 5^. 3, ii. 44. 

91. Ann* EnorsoRi. 

lfU> Eftopbori. r^U. <li»t. ^«f . i/ul. &r. 3. iL 48. 90. 

•-d. tfdnd. (InCuudaBaliuD). Fnnn Mr. Wolkor*! coDootiua,' 



.LOT OP ttoMomcona iMtscn. 

Groap 10. «Vk. Aiut. K4t. JIUt. S*r. 3, {i.46, 
as. ArBtB Bnro. 

1 Aphi* bufo. Ilalid^, itSS. ITM. Am. KaL UUt. Str. 

^■Omt Britain. 

[ Atliim 
I Apbit : 

Group 17. W*a.Ami. Xm. IlisuSfr. 2, II 47. 
33. Aruu teBaci.ATCft. 

AOmoidet MmiliUi, HaliJay. Ann .Vat. Hits. 163R, 189. 
Apbi« MmiUliM, TaU. Aitn.'N>U. Hitl. Sit.^.M. 47. 3S. 

t—i. ICBUod. an Cauda BdMm). Pmruied b; F. Walte, 1 

Onmp 18. IValk. Anm. XaL Hut Str. X, ii. SO. 

31. Anua PiCBA. 
Aphi* Picos, Piu>. Fain. It. Gem. Ixrriu. 32- Fair. 

/U^. 303, 6(1. Zrlf. Faun. La;ip.i. U?, I. /lU. Lam. Li 
I. .^n. AW. !IUl. ltH8, l». ITaU. <li>«. Si. Ui 
S, (1.86, 33. 

LaefaniM ([ramiii. Kali. ShL Zettung, 1644, 173. 

Apbii ? Sckmff-fT, Ivan. liu. Rttitk. pi. 323, f. 4, t. 

Rili-veiii rti7 iligbtl* appmnchin); tbe bra bonier, tiardlf 
.in TKediug fruin it, rc'rmin)E • iili);l>tl; obwe angle cloi* lo it) 
tfp; bmi<l ntur half ih(< Imniti c>C (be winn; firu bninth i«h 
nliKhll; oMiqiic, terj tliKhltj undnlalJiii;, MX tima fartber ftoMll* 
•Fconil Bi thi.- li]' than ii ii ui [1if ia.it -. Mcond •«it obliqoc (tiebU} 
ti 11 (1 11 111' II j;. iiiiivb tii-niCT tu Ibe fint (lian tu lh« tbirii ai tbe mm, 
but mucli (nithrr iti ilif lip; i)>it<l Mniiailil. aiohliqiiraaibft Meoad, 
iBiuJi more (liiUnl ttvta il at the tip iViiid at the base; fofbfa 
lon^i Gni at llic lip a little nearer to tbe tbiid *ein, thu tb* iUm 
b t» ibe weiuid ; and murt tbmi iwioe faither froo tbe tbird Uwa It 
h turn tbe tecoiid (utk ; Kcond fork mucb naarvr to tbe fooilb < 
tban to tbe Ci«l; fotuib long, itr*l([bl. 

t. GrieoMl, Swiuerlaad. Pmenud by ibe Baloaokigleal I 


LMT or ■oHomKovi ixncn. 

30, Amu Pi Ml. 

. Sytt. Xal. ii. 738. 45. Aun. Suit. OSH. Fair. 

w. It u. ii?, -i-i. Sp. itu. ii. 380, aa. Snt. Sipt. w. 

,41. -V' WAlpi. 300. 41. Km*/. Ed. ««■(. Aal. i. 2207, 
. Rent, /'nun. tHrme. 301, 13i)n. .S(ru>. £'. .Vor. JYtif. ii. 
TVri. Sy<f. Nat. ii. 70?. fttni. faiin, tin. flrtm. lo*. 
Vr U tttu, Enl Fonttiitr. ImU. Gm.ln. \n. Kirtmand 
•rv, /atr. fi.'M. L 324. .Si. Faty. rl Srrr. Enc. iltth. X. 

: FmjmJ. Ann. Soc. But. x. 186, 36. Waik. Ann. Nat. 

i Spt. ». ii Ofl, 3*. 

Ii iMntlin* f Uan Dufomr, Aim. Sti, Nat. Ir. 343. 

ia Pini, Ay, /m. iii.27. pLfl,f.B. I — 18. 

Pin), Umrlig. Uerm. Zril. ill. 368. A'a^. 3tan. Pfian. i. 


LAMfot.Aim.Sfe. £nl. Fr. 3>w 5/rii-, <r. 48). 


knee bM*cca tbe fint mdiI icoonil icjns nl ibc Imst^ nd 
h «n»^^hUi uf ihkt nl the lipt : lliinl l<ric« farllicf frum 
id u Hit tip UiNU ul ibe bu^. nx'rr ihnn Iwicv ridliii fiuin 
M kl the Mtc lli>D tliR ircnnd it fiom ihc lint ; tinX fnili nt 
fncb MKicf i« ibe itvond fork iliin lo ilie iliini vvJD. leiy 
hRT 10 tbe ibird vein ilian llie lliinJ i> In iht- srcund : le- 
fc • Utile nrarer to tlie fourili vein iliitii ii is to ibo Dnt 
Wik Toin klniMl Hralihl, ihoiit fcur timet further Trom ilie 
■ ril>-*cln than froiD Uic trcond fork. 

nd. Ptetrikiti \j E. DouUciIbt, Emi. 
ghad. (Is Cana^ Balswo). f'rtna 3li. Walkei'i cullec- 

30. Ami* PiRicou. 

nalcala. K«U. Urn. Pfivi. I. IM,7. 

itrllHa. Aui. Font. In,. iH. 2II>, 20:, pi. II, t. 9. 

uorii. MWt. ilaii. Aa(. iViri. Str. 9, ii. y», 32. 

r ( 

hnrvliciwren tWdnt tinil rili-velniattbebuetea thnii'<De> 
rUiB(l>eiw(«ii th«ui lithe lip*; ihitdiniieh fatth^ froni llie 
II the lip ibui it U at iba Mte, about iittic« (mlhti frum 
Id ■! Ihe (laM than the tteouA i> rram ibc finl; Unt fvik 
■ vet; EDurb u*«ict I» lh« »Mond foilt thaii lo ibe ihifd 
H amrr lo ibo thiid Tdn ihan the third \» lu the lecondt 
n • little ucmier to the Euurlh TCin than to the llrti fotkj 


U(X Of soiwwwNom ixaKcn. 

fonrth icin lerj Uiffhilj rnntd, nrail; foui llntM r<nli«t fn 
rib.Tcin iKin rrow Uic tcann4 fotk. 

0— A. Encluid. (la Cmnaim BaiMB). From Ut. Wkllnli «■» 

37. Arms rnnn. 

r Avliin PinMi, Ah-. £)•- ^"^ !^ >tt> ^a .VuL /m. u. 317, 
£m. £ytl. ir. Sl«, «». Sytf. AlRm.3(l|, 44. Caot. £J. & 
A'n(. I, 2307. M. rWrl. ^Mf. A**, u. 707. Z«fr. €«l1 
IT». S( i^iry. rl Strt. E~e. itM. %. it». Znt. 
Upf. V »:»>. 3. /w. i<uw i 3(0, 9. Wtdk. Am. Am. 
A>T. 3, ii. 90. M. 

Aphis lomnuiu Hni, iJky. />u. iiL 30, a, pi. R, f ]■) — 33. 

Lavhiius PiiM-IJ, HttTliy, CaHrm. haie. Germ, jitil. H, 
Kail. J/m. P/Un. j. 163. 13. 

Pinetiru, Atni/al, Am. Sk. Em. Ft. tmt SMt, *, 481. 

DiMucc bvtwcca Uw in* and cM«id itiaa at ike Hfm UMj 
tM ttBM bnhtf ikm M tbo bu* ; lliint m«mly «lMofale. i 
hnbrftvm tbtMCoailutbeMp* ilun it i««t tlwbtfVi (mji 
fanhrr (km the Mmnd at l!ie biifc itun Uw MMonj U (mm i^ 
It fint] (intnli Tein «lniMI *mit;hl, tnicd fanbvr bam Uw lip g^j 
! lib-TBin than froos At n«Birsi *in)»)e part vt ibe llitnl <•' 

a— m. Ensland (In Cnada Balcun). Pran Mr. WaaMi^f 

on thi- 
ll L.l.. V 

as. Af-Hia Abutib. 

lUA. ilaii. X<U. nut. S*r. 2, ii. 100, 37. 

•omcwlul poWdnvd oitb niiiic, nilh ontt iwnofliula 
on tht- Mlturw hcHrcon ikc Mumcuta: Ccckn paU «dla», 

liltii «r r •— 

ElUpllcal, ■1>kI>iIt (W 

hulrv, haul); mom lluui one-liltli oT llie k«ftli of tbv liMd; ; 
himiii : noalh with a \AmA lip t ftof I con*«i ; biiU* oT tlw 
chat diglul; uMeh(4. 

TV thiporvm trimgfd ftmatf. Ftrlm alMiM OttMbM:! 
the Itngth of fli» *«1y upcIp n™r tin lip of tb* w4ng 
aiotv pNtoM tktii lh«t or A. Pi'nimJa, bdl tw an than llial of I 
?>iiH, or of ^. FiaMt ; ronrfh Wd iwwr); «tmif ht -, tliM i 
obKdcte nnt ttt aaorce, fiirictd bpfiMc env-lhtrd, anid aifaia 
for* twiHilrild* «f lu iMgOi ; KUfgtm ft w il fcy ihMr fmb 

»; dp of Ul* MMod foci *cry iinr Ae ihe lip of the reurtli 
nta i im h4 (MOad tclM slmoii Mnngbt, ueur «bc1i other nl the 
Imt, (cit far tfmn at tke tip*. 

Tie mitfHl wale. Darker, mucb •rakllcr, •nd more tilenda 
in ibe fawk, and liw « broader bead ; fcclrr* about boir i 


30. Amu co(T*Tt. 

Ifbu omUU, Zrtl. Famn. Ijipp. i. Ul>, X /oj. £a;);i, .111, < 

ITaJi. .<li»». AW. //■<!. ^rr. 2. n. IDO, 38. 
IfkM AbietUr Kirbg and Spnet, Jtr. Ent. i. -ISl, iii. 163, 4«&; 

it. in. 

UttoH hicteuu. Aim. Slnmib. Enl. ii. i'3, 4. Kali. Mm. PJIan. 

teUK Sntpbili, Turf. Bn't. Ent. 377. 

ItaMMBDUt, vimjmr, vlitn. Stc. Sal. Ft. Snv 5Mr, >. 481. 

Rib^dn appToicbinc ibe furc border, and n)(ain receding mncb 
lai b bvneaih the braod. ranaiD|r a rtiy utiiui« anitle: bisnd 
■■ri} M tcmtt as aii»-tbinl or the wing ; Dm Tiraiit-h >eiu Hralght, 
obUquil, about five timet Ettlht^ from ilio tecund at the llj> 
K !• at Ibe bue; aecond *rry olilliiue; third obnolvie in the 
a|ipamil but lodulinot in the mate, much nearer at iln tip 
the Am lvi\ ihaa to the teoond vein ; scvoiid fiirk lonft. not half 
. fit at tbc tin rruB the fourth vdn u from the »i-<^oiid fork i fuurib 
Hia hag. tUgatl; rarred, emlgbt in the male. 

•^, Baflani. (la Canada BalMm). t'rum Mr. Walker'* 


40. Araia Ltaicn. 
it Uricia, IVaU. Amn. Sal. Hut. Ser. 3,t[. loe, 30. 

DbtajMw beween ibe firvt and ieoai»d vein* at the boM if 
■|bt tinea that betavmi ibem M the tip* : third nlmoit twiee I 
<*■ Uom lk« tceoad at ifce tip than li la at the bow, twic* fonlier' 
biK ib< eatMiJ ai tba bate tbaj* the eeoood 1* from the fini ; firtt 
M mm ilian tirioc farther from the third >eiii itiuu fnini ibe ie> 
end fart. Bearer Ui the third reiu ihnu [he ihird in to thr tMond ; 
lurk aearet 10 the fourth iciii tbau to the fir»t furL ; fourth 


fM Lm or soaornmon mMnm:. 

rain klaoM Mni^hl, am dwn tkriw &nber froni die tip of ^ 
Rb-v«& iten fton ihe wotmd (btl. 

0— /. Ea^ud. (Id Cuodft BklMm). From Mr. Wolker'io^lec- 

41. Arms JuNtnat. 

ApbM JoBiperi, /"atr. Sp. Jm. ii. 368, 35. Jtfmt />u. ii. 310. < 
&I.J^l.U. 316.40. %i«. JHy>. 300. 40. Gmr/. JU. ^ 
Ar«l. i. 29AS, 4H. ZW. /lU. lii. M. 7. pi. 4. C 7—9. 6VAr«i>l, 
Fmn. 0<»V. 11. t. no. ISaO. Smr. £1. JV>L 77u(. ik 1 
rurf. Sya. Sa. ii. 707. (To/i. Am. Nat. UitL Sw. t,i 
lOS. 40. 

Luknti* Juuip«ri, Kail. Jfon. PJUm. I. 163, 0. 

Jatrip<Tirri. An^oi. Ana. Stie, 8»i. Fr. Snw S4rU, t. 401. 

DbUncc IxtwMD llic lint and Mtond t«liu at Uie tips abtM 
feUT liinct tlial brlwcrn ihcm al Uia baao i \IAH obwlda till dou 
Ike tips ; srconci I'utk a little ncurar to (be fina foik thin u tit 
flMink Trin ; foiinli Tc'to aloiiwt rtniobti iwioe ianker fras tk I 
0f lbs rib-iria ihnti ftou tbe »«0(mil b(k. 

■ England. (In CsmutBlBolMin). 

FranMi. WaUcr-x 

43. Apbib iDnufin.^ 
A^ta ■otaMoaU, W<dk. A»n. Nau Hit. 8ir.% U. IM. 41. 

DUtance bf iw^m tbo lint and wMnd Tcin* at llic tipt i 
oiKhi iiiiitrt lint beiwf^n ibem at tbo bate j tliird as n«at lo (ke I 
oond at Qic li)- lu it k ti the liiue, more tb*n thrice bitbcrl 
lh« aeeond at the butc than the tecond b fiam the Am; fait I 
Biuoh ncorci lo ihc tFCuod lurk than to tb« third veiti, fajthtt bta 
tlio third vris tliun the third U from ibe aeoonid ; aemad fort aaiMtf 
tothelinl forkM toiha TiMrtlivriBt r««rth Tdn aucb oomd lar 
thebaic, nlBiott Miaiffht totianU tbo tip,aliltlaniaeeibaBUrio*fc(> 
Uwr ftuia tbu tip of Ibe rib>vdB ibaa Bon the aeeond (btk. 

Bnglud, SwiiMrlaiid. 

in ar bamopismm* wuiots. 

43. Aran aoLKiKi. 

igaM,Sult^.l»t. nL n, t «. OtHtl. EJ. ^«. Nat. 
),a3. MWl Jim, V<tl. /All. .•f<r.3,iL 106,42. 
tcfaaf 2«l. /iM. Lapp. i. 31 1, tf, 
BtMdlt, Fumm/. iln. 5*«. SnI. Pr. s. 184,37. 

mil voi; iligbdir apMnatkin^ ike Tote horder. faanllr 
wdi^froB il, act f>muiV«a*nf1ai bnod nuar uue-tbinl 
■■tbortlcviiiK: DrMbnuiek-reinahlliiup, HliDMi«tnigb(, 
P artktr tnta tlie uHMjiid ot tbe lip Oinn it i* at the h»M i 
ttj «Wiqu«. out bulf u tiT at tbe base frum tbe (int u it it 
I ihM, but Torjr mwh htfher at Ui9 tiu : tfainl almotl 
agorr oblique iMn tb« Mmml, and tirice lanhei from ft at 
Ian at tW our ; toAt ten lang ; fint at Uir lip ai far &oa 
td (ock as fncn tbe tbii4 vein, unci nearer to ilicm lliao the 
ta >• la ilw Mcood ; «««oud fork not half to far from tbe 
fai aa tt b fioa tbe firM futk ; fouitb Tcia long, rttj ilightlf 

' ttiimwtmM icM^ni female. Brown, with a tligbl ataj 
aw tbe back, and a double row of black spolt onMchSda, 

Cm btra^lh frotn (be bend till near the tip of tbe abdo- 
■ aUgbtbrntM tint, CUV otpd bRnmih <titb gruir powder, 
kcfc, neaily on*-lUrd of tbe lenEth iif tbe bod; ; ihird 
isw: DMolb pait T«llow, bUck at lilt base aiid loirardi tha 
kdinc waewhal Itejonrf the hind hip<< : tubcrolei black ; 
lt> iMg, bbck; tbljib*. excepi iboir tijit, nnd thuuka at 
«*Iloir. When juun); it i" duller nnd jinlcri llie fe«li;r*,J 
nankt and tbe middle-afaank* are fellow wtlb black tift. 


44. Arnte Bobobii. 

bbofia, Itmt. SfU. Not. ti. 731, ti. /*•>»»- Sue. 903. 
^j>. /in. ii. 3i^H, 37. Mf.mt. Iiu.\lS\7,i2.}. £nl. Syit. 
i». 49. SnI. AAva- 300. 43. Sti,rank, Taun. Bote. H. I , 
I 1300. Gmtl. A'if. Syi. iVst. i. saoT, 33. 7nrt. Syil. 
, U. 7D7. /WmW. A»», Sof. Emi. Pr. x. IN3, 30. tftlk. 
i. .Vat. ftvl. Srr, 2. it. lOli, 1:1. 

lipet, Lim Duftmr, RM. UtmivL Mlm. it r/nitibit] 

-,pl.9,r. 118,117. 


uiT or ROKomcKMra aamet*. 

CiMi» Boboiii. CWm. BrU. EnL xiL S7«. Sit Oiwmtd Urn 

Gta4. drM. i. 717. 
iwliiiiw Hoboti*. Kali. Mon. Pfia^. i. H», 7. 
Ihyapliis, Aimfol, Aim. Sx. Ent. Fr. Hmt Shit, t. 4t)l . 

fUb-Tcin nlJchllj RppraacbniK lltr ("re bnnler. ud Rfun n- 
ocdiafffniin it braealh ibc bnn<1, Caiming nu mukW, bol lUfthll} 
cniTM lomnfa iu lip ; bnoil fuU Mi koiif u nor-fnunfa of ilia win 
im bnntli-veia xliRbtlv umliililinK. yeij itij[hUT(itili<|<i«, »ls lii 
br^t &am tbe kccidJ ai (be tip ihui il » ai the baie ; leci 
rciy ohliqne, >li}|litlj unilulatinx, Bute lliaa twin faRbcr fiun I 
ibitd lluK from lb» Am at ibe bue. but tsiicii *MKr al Oh i 
tbird alnwM Mnight, nty ebiiqae, niick bttbcf froM ibn i 
dw tip tlian it it U ibe bate ; nnt fact at ibo lip ai far ftnn 
Hoontl fork u (ron Uw tbtnl *•■■>, aii4 mucb oMfer to ihea I 
lb« tbird vein b U> (b« wound ; Mo>nd fort ••17 loMg, tliicbtl; 1 
ihiUtiag, n«am at ibc tip to Uic (annh *cia ikaa lo tbc Am T 
fininh tcin laOf[, nwch cinrcd BMt the base, tliaigbl than 1' 
Ui lb« lip. 

a — r. Bnitlaoil. PrMroIed lit T. U'jlkcr, Eh|. 
d—i. EnglaniL (Iu Canada IlaJtaiu). lium Mr. (Valk«i'« < 

4i. Anna milir. 

Lachnn adlii, A'alL .Vm- PJIa-. L 101. II. 

ApM* Kgilw, FfcJA. Anm. Nml. /tut. Str. 2, iL IM.44. 

[KuasM bctvan iba fim ml teeoui teiai M ibe I 
ihrin that bttwMo tb«aa at the baaa; tbtnt rcia laMil; 
foMitb nia atoMft (Uaiffat, abnnt tbrieo fanhct ftMn ik« ij|» «( | 
rib-tein than rnxa ibc tecoud Cotk. 

«. EaglaaiL (Id Canada Balaam), 

liam Ut. Walkn'a < 

Group 1 

4B. Ahim ' -— f 
ApM* llli*. Sue. MM. Hut. .Vat. Im. pL 117, t S, 1. 

ion OF ttoiwpriBovi intscwm. 


47. Ania * 

Baliorit, B«Ttig, Gmn, Ztit. Eni. iii. 369, G. 

48. Arau ractNotus. 
UAam fntfaMMi, Bmtf, Omt. £jx. ZtU. Iii. 388, «. 

49. Aphis- 

■ T 


PkdI. Arliy, Gem. Zeit. Bat HI 308, 4. 

AO. A rait C4ar.B. 

C*f]r*, //«rrM, C«l. /bj. 3tau. Int. Ktv £»){. 190. 

51. Apbib SAuon. 


Onup 10. 

U. Apira Q^TKBon. 

AfUi QiMiBto. ZAw. Sya. JVal. ii. 73». 34. Fahr. Sp. Tm.' 

3M,38. JUMl./«t.li.3i7,43. Ent. Sftl. tr.2M>.43. Sftl. 

JOfm. aoo, 43. Gmri. Bd. SfH. Nat. L 22»7,2I. AAiioi. 

/« iii. 3.H, pL 38, t ft— 14. fitoff. Im. i'ar. i. tm, U. 

&Aml, /on. Bnir. \L 1 13. 133««. /fMn'. /'•>«)■. ffruf. 

aoa. I3ft>. Kv. VM //<'f/ >'a(. /«. p4. DH, (. l-)i]. 

Huitr, Hut. y^. fourm. Mli. Anuifl, //uf. A'dl. i. 3. Ari.,, 

d^ L 130. SUw. £1, \ai. Hut. ii. 1 11. 

i* Inarinntri*, Fahr. Maul. /lu. ii. 314, I. Hat £'jf>l. it. 310,' 

L S^ XAyn. 3iH, t. Gnr/. £f>l. A'at. I. 3301, »4. 

QMrtXia. /tMrn. //oiuft. £iM. ii. t».3. Kali. .Waa. P/wa. 

L 1A4, !». «a». ftn(. /«. |ii.-Z(0,37. 
Tb}1lu«n langinnrii^ Fomuvl. Aaa. S^r. KiU. /^r. S. 197, t. 
AmgM, Aim. S9C. Smt. Fr. Smt Shit, *. 480. 



Group -iO. H'liM. .1»ri. .Vi». /lUl. S.r. 2. ii. 

a- 53. Apbis Ro3£. 

■ ^ Aphi* Rose, Xtnn. Sftl. Xat. n. 731, 9. Fam. Sun 
\i Sp. Int. ii. 387, 25. .Voiil. Int. ii. 316. 30. Enl. 

|il 30. .S^it. AAyn. 2IM, W. A^hiii. /iu. iii. pi, 

.% D^- If- iii- fU. 10. pl- 3. f- 1—4' Awn. An 

■ X VAm. Goiz. Eat. DeitT. ii. MS, ». &Ir. /m 
T XrdCTTD. Afi'n-. M, )>l.3ft. CmrJ. Ei. Smt. Kmt 
'i' Srhrani, Faun, i^iic. iii. 117, 1333. tUrru, 1 

In: m, pl. 17, f. 1—3. Dr. RiehanLim, P/,U. 7 
H.nintl,Hiil.Kal.\.*«. Orrk. Si/H. \. l\9. Si 
,, //«(. ii. no. Tun. Si/'t. Kal. ii. 7m. SAatr, 

.. \ 171, pl. 5S, f. n«d. Uinslty, Hitt. /•'*!. uj. IM 

,il L'nn. ^nt. /lu. t. 113, p). 3V. Latr. Grn. iti. 17 

't 7(A Kitit. ix. 205. Kirbg and Sanrr, Iwlr. Sal 

■ ■i Enc. Mith. i. pi. 17, f. 1. St. ttrg. tt Srrr. I 

I'j 240, 4. Laaiv-ftk, Anim. niu Vtrt. 2me Edit. ir. 

{ Mag. A'at. Ilia. n. 402. llalidap, Eml. Mag. 

Du'f. litek. Him. Mint. Inil. ir. 313. Kfhtr, Gt 
3. ~ liurm. lUndb. Enl. ii. M, 2. Sir Otamid 
CAriin. i. I^.!ri. Foiufol. A»ii. Sac. Eat. Fr. x. 
■-'' Mnn. /'ftan.i.3, 1. llamt,ini.A\wEmgL\^. 

I AW. I'w.-zm, II. tWr. /ran. Rig. .Imim. i. 

, JI .\m<,»inSfn.nut.Sat.nim.i^yO,\. Wtik.A 

txn or noMOPTmoD* ixntcTa. 

thlnl it U tb* ttmnd i trcoad Turk neniMlii the fourlli irfn iLuu lo 
iha flin brk_; feiutli >«lii curncil iwai th* h>»e, •Itnott tiruielit 
iWMrii ilw tip, mucb Urdicr from iho tip or tlie rib-rdo thaa 
ftaai the KcamA fuck. 

-i, Scockml. PmMicil br K. D(mbl«i)k)r, Esq. 
i-M. iSm^kmi. (In CuwU' B«lMm). Fiuin Hi. Wdier^ collec 

M. Arun Sosiciii. 
SMMbt, Lmm. Spt. A'd/. ij. 736. I». /'tir. 5d. /«. li. 390, 

<«. JTmL /iu. h. 317, M. Ent. SfH. tr. ilO. M. .fbH. 
My*, am, M. &»/. />M. Par. i. 407. yj. Rf^um. Int. ili. 
a33.pl.32.r.3— *. C-«/,fii..W. AW.i.4,23ft>.IA, SMnmi, 
/mm. Avir. ii. I, laO. I£)2. iEiuil, Fuin. Etruie. 2Ua, 140'f. 

PA'rar. />»!. iT //i<r. A'«l. »tiii. 2M. A'd/I. J/on. Kla«. i. -JH, m 
I?. Brrl..S^. i. ISO. StT"-. £f. .Y<l. f/wr. il 1 10. Turt Xgii. U 

.Val. ti. TOM. -Sir OhmU Jr>ifry. <7>in/. CArnn. i. Obt. WM. 

Aam. .Vrtl. //iit. Srr. 3. ii. HI7, i»(- ZotJ. li. 2J4tl. «48. 
iMtiifcs, Amy.^. ,(■». Soc, inf. /V. 2mc SMe, r. 47i, 41SI. ^m 

Ifbit SctT)itat>. />iiu. fniy'i Surr. R87. SrArmit, /Wiin. .Ao'f. tL H 

1.1X2. I33S. AWf. «un. ftfdii. 1. a<i, 15. " 

inMaUn. Amynl, Aim. Sot. hnl. Ft. iuit Sirit, T. 47S. 
' ibiMm, /.in*. /'■■«. ^M^.lWl. (?nirJ.£'rf..VHf..V«i. 1.4,9900. 

aOi £o>pa/i, fflt C«r». 148,403. .Sthnnk. Faun. BeU.ki. 

1.134, 1444. Brtk. S^n.l. W>. Stne. Et. Sm. }lut.\i.\\0,{ 

1\trt Sytl. .Vdf. ii. 7Utl. A'u/r. Man. Pflam. L 36. lA. 
itfu, .4Di^r, .4<u. .Vor. £V. Fr. iiw.Sirir. v. 47i. 
bit PiMidis Fii*r. SfiL Em. 737, 22. A>. /«. it. 387, 27. 

.t/«i. f<u, li »l(t. :f.>. £-1. .Sf.t. W. 317. X2. Sy<i. KAyn. 

8MI.33. W-uJ. /■jy..SW. .V.ii.>.4,aa(M,43- .VfAfoiJ, /"aini. 

SMr ii. I3t. VOi. ktlt. JV.'fl. Pfiaa. i. 27, lit. 
fMdiln, Amf*t. .4B>t. A'lK-. £iil. Fr.-ime Sine, v. 474. 
A|UtCit*ll. Um. faiM. Swf.WtT. //. ir(7u(A.307. Gmti.BJ. 

SftL Sat. i. 4. 2-JiU. Itf. Jt'ft7>. Enf. Cira. I9«, 403. A'Inr. 

£(. jVat. Hill. ii. 1 10. 
AfU(CDici.&Ania. fawi. AiiA ii. 123,1231*. 
ItUsSoUdigiiiii, /Ur. S;p. 7». ii. mt. 4. Jtf«i. f<u. ii. 319, X I 

a»I.S|M. Ir. 3)1. a. .VyM, /Uv«.21U,A. SmW. EJ. .VyiLJ 
//dwmaan, //A JVm. {. 443. ft. 


Jtf«. P/mh. i. 33, 30. 

klCn, Amfot, Amt. Soe. Em. Fr. 7tM Stritt *. 475. 

u«r or Homoramou* nuon. 


Apbil Cudni t Kybrr, Germ. Znt. ti. 3. Kiriy mad Synft, Intt. 

Em. iL 430. FoHitat. Am*. $m. Sm. Fr. x. ITU, 11. ~ 

OwvU JUMby, Ganl. Ohm. I. 838. 
Aphii Cam|MDulc. Xo/i; JVo*. I^ftm. L 34^ 14. 
Aphif Tanuci. Kail. it>m. P/lm. i. 30, IB. 
JtAmn Ja<«)B > Sir OncaU SM*f, Oari. drttt. I. 717. 

Dwuooe b«t«(«n 1^ &nt ud tecDod >*nu it the base not Iwlf 
''Om totwvtD ihoD at ths tip* i thiti fartber frgm ibo weond at tbt 
Ij^ lb*D it U al (Iw baaa, «■ far friMn lb* mcomI kI iha baaa u tU 
Koond b fioin die ftnt ; fint Tofk at Ibe tip mvA meant Id iha ••■ 
eoad fork than to the Uiird •ein, a little never to (1m thiri tku tW 
ihM la (• lb* i«cand : »M«nd forfc u near to ihe fminli eeia m 
to tlu Am link : fourth xeio Bueh cnned neat th* baM^ Hni^ 
ftm tbeOM lo ibe lip, twice fanbtr b«B ibe lip of tba nk* ' 
tbu train tlic (Mond Turk. 

Var. Foutib rcelet-jmnt roucb tborta (bfto ibe tbM i Mb i 
ibotW ihaa tbe founh i riitb nlh« tnOTB tbu oae-tbird 0I tin 
, Al\b i tetentb loDgtt than tbe llftb. 

Engliad. Prtacnted by F. Walker, Eaq. 
L EaiiUnd. 
K EngUiid. (tn CumiU Babnin). From Mr. Walkcr'i colk«- 

M. Amte HiLUMLn. 

HUlefelii, F*hr. Sp. liu. II. Met, 10. JV<M. /ai. iL 31«. 30. 
Bin. Sfl. \t. 314, 17. .Vy.r KAyn. SWt, IT. Wr^, Itu. iiL *.\ 
l>, )i|.«.f. I— &. 6'«(iI.£t(..Vui(..Vai.i.4.22()0,M. Stitmi, 
/'!ni>. ifMf. ii. 123, 1343^ OHUt, Mai. Oeiu. 317, 2S. Aiw. 
£/. A'ar. //ul. ii. 1 10. SUw, Gn. Zool. n. 170, pi. M, I. np. 
4etl. Uif. Cm. Cnal. ili. I73i. $1. F<tr«, tt Strt. Snt. 
Milh. X. -240. A'ah. JlfM. /'|(m. L 10.3. 'iHr OtwmU Mm- 
iiy. <;>nf.CllnM.i. 6a4. 

AcblllMbis Amfot, Aan. Sof. Eat. Fr. 3im SMi, t. 474. 9. SI7. 

kpbb Aebillcnrr F<tr. Sp. Iiu. IL 38&, 14. MmU. ta*. It. 3IS, lA 
£b(. 5^*1. if. 313. I.), .ty". AAyo. 2lMt, lA. Cnui. ifrf. S'nt 
A'af. i. 330A.4!). AVl. Ji/«i. Pflu. L 141,110. 

Apbia Althv* r i/dmt. A'jt/Mit. ^l lai. 68, pU 17, £ 7—0. 

DiMance boineen ibe fint and cecoad ntn* m ibe tips aa 
■ tbaibeimen Ibetn at ibeb«Be ; tbird vFiy liiil^ fanWr Itmp lj 
ond al tbe tip ilian it ibo base, bardlj farther [mo tbe wcond I 
the htM tliaii the ttowd ii rnm (he lim ; fint foA mneb fajibor at 

uwt «> tmuimutm i»KctA. 


I the Moood fork thNn il it Irvm ili« tklnl rein, aeanr lo 
W l^id 'tiD tbka lh« ibird i» to tli« ai'coiiil ; woacid (otV muoli 
Em.nt to (W lu«nb *etB tbui (u Uic lint Utik. ; fuiirLb icin tnncli 
uttd SMI lb* 1mm, veiy tligbllj oiured tram tbcncc tu ibe Up. 

Var. Foorth joint of tlie TMlen nucb thoctor than the thiid : 
iftb ■hoTUr Uiui tbc fmiith ; lixth Icm iban LalT the length of tbe 
nth : wmA loogw ikan tkr flfib. 

—4. EiMbad. Ptt^aUi br F. WnUer. £iu). 

•-t Ea^d. (lu Canada UaUui). PnMCDlcd bj F. WaJkfr, 

M. Aran Ahhiktiiii. 


IfUi AbilDlhli, /.Ca*. .9y>f. A'af. ii, 733. IS. Ahq. Sum-. 09t. 

/Ur. ,Vm/. /m. il. 31^ lO. Eat. Sytt. iv. 2U, 30. SwJ. 

JUy«.3S7.aO. CaH^. £V. .Vv<r. A'ul. L A, £206, li>. n.mml. 

tntl.St.l7. Sf«f.^l.an>.l37,40t. .Vull.Z<,ol.D<m. 

Pmd. 1370. Srhrmili, FaiH. BoU. ii. 133, 1340. fitn-A. ATyn. 

L 190. Si*m. El. A'ar. /fill. ii. 1 10. Turi. Svii. Nat. ii. 70A. 

BteM. //aWi. Enl. ti. Hi. 4. AW(. UoH. t'Jlan. t. 31. I». 

WM. v4m .Va/. //•"»). 6W. 3. ii.2i«,4K. 
i^ Taoactti, Xi«a. .Sv>r. iVai. ii. 73S. 18. Aun, .Van-. SM. 

Omii. E4. Sfi. Aa( i. 4. ^206. 18. fa»r. .S;>. /m. ii. 367. 

31. JVaat. /ot.ii. JXI. :)n. lint. Sytt.\-'.il7,3e. Svit. Rhyn. 

9M, 3d. Gnff.IuM. /'•r.i.ltHI.B. Anlrvni, .fanii. 0ai«. ii. 

1«S,134I. flfr*. 5y». i. 120. S(nr. K/. ,Va(. Wuf. ii. 1 10. 

Tart 6>U. iVol. ii. 700. Bum. lUniih. Ent. ii. 14, 3, Kail. 

iltm. FJUfi.\. 47. Xi. Sir OnvlJ J/..»(rv. Oar,l CArtn. !. «m. 
«haBill«, JAi//. ZiH-f. Am. iVeJ. iuil, I2i-t. Gaul. Kd. 

Ub AilMDitte. Fotuntt Ann. Str. Ent. Fr. x. 10}, 1. 
ty«rtlflH. At^iO, Am. Sor. Ent. Ft. 3<nr Sint. v. 47.^. 
r^onr'r. Am^ut,Aiu». .SV. £u(. /V.-Jmi.'^/rtr, t. 47tf,a-il. 

DiatosN krt«mi tb« Gnt and trcond veint more than 
lito h/ibcf Bi Uv tip ibdti at tbc b«K: murli neanr u> llie 
taM4 al tbc b«ie ihio at iLl- lip, a little Tuiibcr riuin ih« (Mwiid at 
lb bMe than tba *M«iid rnnn the flr»l ; Ont lurk ratther at th« Up 
balWwcoad fuck than il it rrani Ibc ihini «clii, ucanr (o III* 
Aw <*(■ Uwn tb* third ran i» to the tecmd : *ix<t>ii<l folk ft 
Ui MUrr lo the fbunh mn than lo the Biit fuik ; fourth vein 
Mih anr>«d near the te*e, ilighdj' cnrrcd Troiu thvuoe lo the Up, 



OW uvr ar uBomBow nmen. 

eery ranch BMm to (be WMiid fotk iImb io ike lip of < 


Var. FInt fork oMrar at tks tip to tbe Moond f«ii ibu ti 
the ihiid rein ; tMOod Ibrk u bmt 10 (be founh i«a h lo il »fat 

SeotluiL PrtMBted bv E. DonbMaf, E«q. 
-«. Engknd. (Id CuutU Babun). ¥ma Xli. Walker** . 


d7, Anna tluiASix. 

lUbMria, $«lrMt. FaM. Soir.!!. Ill, 1331. ffalft. . 
JVaL //uL Arr. 3. it. 431, W. Zf«t. nL App. liii. 
phif Ono^ohii, Fiaut»l. Anm. Soc. Knt. x. iSO, 9. 
ApUi iMhjri, Sir OMmU Jfwlry. G^rd. OtrM. L e»i. 
Aphli Pi>t. ATa/l. V«i. I^fUi. !. 23, 1 1 . 
Aphii Pitun, //«rru, StpoaL SvL /w. M, pi. 17, f. 10—19. 

Dutancc botwcen llie lint aad tcoood tdbt at tbo hatt Um 

than fanir thai brtwoen th«n> at Uia tipi ; tbinl ■ liiUo Caithtr Ami 

thaH«andaillietiplba»«ttli« ba«e.aUiite GuUicr rramlliaMcMd 

M the b«M thftn tb accand m frotn tko lint ; Int fork neant to (bt 

Mcaod fotk than to the ikird rein, a little naaivr (o \h* AM tcIb 

Mban the tbifd ii u the >«cand ; wconil fork at neat lo lh« ipvrtk 

min a« to the firtt fork ; runitk mo mtMh tun«d bmt tbo Im 

[pinlgbl toaxnlh ibr lip. ulnKut tvicc CtTllier fram the lip of ihc h^ 

■mo than from the crcand Totli. 

Tar. Third Ttin a lilile nearer lo the Mcoad U lb< baic iliia 
ibo icoond iitoUie (irL 

Vu. 7W t^npennu vin^^H fmaid, — OlBW-grtnt, ocitt) 
nindlo^bannd. laiMr long- jo<l niirni*. cenxM, onooib. ili|[bil] 
unlalnK : iWten pale t«iTo«, Iorko and much loii^caf iLaa ibt 
nodf i Up* of the third and rootdi. and the itbole nf iIm latlv 
y^nit bmm. or with the dpi of all the jotaia and the *tiolR of tbi 
ReteDth joint brown i mouili palo fclluw m pal« gmen, with a bbah 
nibiotra lip: nrotarica Ilk* ibe inouth In rolnur, a» long m cae- 
Fiburth er u oac-IIIUi of ibe bodj: len pale peen ot palo joltowlA 
paaii ku«et,fe«taikddpaaf>haiikibn>WDOcblaGL 

a. BeoUand. Pratnied bj B. DeubMaj, Boq, 
k~m. England. PnaMted b; F. Walker. Vm\. 
n—bb. F^igbnd. (la Cmada BaUam). Fron Ur. WaUat'a wO- 


uiT or aouorruMci ijiuoi*. 

M. Aran Bmi. 

ifbBabi, JUl. Mm. PJtam. I 2t, 12. AfMm. Int. in. 319. 
»Wi. 4<a>. A**l. fii<l. 3«< S^nr. ii. 133,50. ZooL vii. Ji ~ 

Var. Tbtid rda wuuiog aAm tk« Mniuian of iu first furk 
SMMd fccfc and tip of the inl wasting. 

lKrtaBoeb«t«c*atlic flni «tidsoooni] 'tin* much inoTethiiD lirie 
bih«r At tbc lip ib«ii •! Uia baM; tbinl much Tunhn Trmn 
■MWl >l tlw lip Uwn >1 die b«i«, a liltic fjrthcr from llir wcuDd i 
Aa baae Umii (Iw aMoa4 ia Jima tbe fiat : fini furk v^ry nnoh 
fatbn U lb* (ip 6ini Uia *Mud fort iban froin ihc ibird Tdn.mucb 
■Mar ■■ tkc UiRil rctn than tba tauer la to ^e w>cun<l tHu ^ fourth 
aris DaBTl; *tm)t^l tmranb the lip, nach cun'rd, muub furiliet from 
tW lip of Ibe cib-TeiD ibw &mb Ike aecsad fork. 

-/. Enfbnd. PmnMd Vj F. Walker, Eaq. 

E^[h^. (In Cantila Baliain). Frmo Mr. Walker'i collo 

M. Ant» Drticm. 

> Unio*, AV. £at. 5^. tr. 317. 35. Snf. AAyn. 309, 36. 
5fAr»t, f«M. AmV. IIM, dm. S<vp. Bnl. Can. 139. U 
KmH. JVm. i^ltaa. L 13, 4. HatL Aiut. Ast. Hut. Str. 2, 
427, ai. Zoat, HL i4;>p. liv. 

ItnintJi- Fah. Sp. Ja, a.9e7,9l>. Afrntt. /w. iL 316, : 
Gawf. £^ Sfit. N-U. I. 4, »D4.4fl. 
Vrtdta. aa^M, Jaa. 5«ir. f M. Fr. Sim «Mr, r. 479. 

Vai; TUfil nin waaiing after the fnisrion of )U flnl fork. 

niwanra biianrm ibc &m and lonnid t«<m ivioe futbcr ai ' 
tplkaa»l tliB baaai tliiid nruidi briber fnna tba MMOdal lhrli|i 
MB li b ai iha b«*e, a litiJ« mum ui tW tMnd at tbc buc 
ibaa lb« iMaiid b ta tha flrw; iru fork DinJici nt Ibe lip from 
tm «aiH4 fotb tfcaa fraw ibc tbird reia, terr mucb neaivr lo 
tta AM MM Ikaa lb thtnl ic to tb« Moond i fourth vrin rumd, 
ward* Ike liD, nucli luilui ftoa tba itp «f iko lib-Tein 
I'ftHB the wcwd luitk. 

Tar. TbM inn mwIt twi«« &ithrr rmn ibe tfoond at tba d| 
a K ia at tba but, a littia (ailliBr fran iba Miaiad at tbe baaa 


LWT ov ROMopmon IVUiirlK. 

ih«o the (ccood » fn>in Uht fini ; Gnt brk not «ii*-tklid m b 
from tlie HuH rein u ili« iliini ti from iht uoond. 

•_/. 5«ailMi(l. FnMotcd b« £. Doabkday. Esq. 
jr— t. Englud. (InCuMidaBahuB). FroB Mr. WdWi nllio- 

flOi AruikViircs. 

Apb<ii Vliicc, Walk-Amn. S*t tlUl. SeT.7, n.429.S3. 
It, b England. Prcteoied bjr F. WmlUr, Eiq. 

til. Aritii Mm.Tx. 


Aphii Mal*ir. 5rr OravU .Ifoolty. C^nL CinM. [. «»*. WM. Am 

Sal. Ilitl. Srr. •.>. li. 430, «. ZoiJ. tU. >1fp. xIrIL 
Apl>iiPc1nri!»nii, Kail. .Von. Pfltm. i. 31, 10. 
Apbli ItclItdi-.'^'iVO/HiiU J/«Ii*, OarJ. CArpn.!. OM. 
Apliis liib«miiculoniiD f /oiu<w/. vImi. A'dc. /utt. Fr. x, ISl, 33~ 

Dlttancc betwem Ilie Cnt uid Moond vetnt umiv tbu Imo 
&nbn at tb« tijit tbao ■( the but: tkiid lunlljr bitbrr Inn iW 
ucond at ibe tip ihu U the baae, a» bi fmcD tb« (Mond mt lb« but 
■* lb« lecond ii Tiotn the flnt : fint fork at tbe tip mtutt l« tb« »■ 
oood fork thnn to ibp ilitid vnn. a tittle tKiHur mm tbe lltird niia 
ihan (b«' ilitrd U from ihv ic^ioni! -, frcond fork ■ lltil* fanlier (W 
tlie fint ihnn frocn the (outtli fcjn; fourth vein cancNJ, mncb fartlitr 
fram ibc lip of ibc rib.irin tb«u froro tb« •ocood foii. 

Vu. FirM fork a little neater to Ibc tbiid ftaa tbaa the ibiid 
ii to tbe Hound. 

Vai. I? Titt mriperoiw trmylat /*md/r. — 0*tl, ccoitm, pale 
H^ceeniib jdlow, mootb, *fahiinKi fwtm pnle jrlluw, dfttker lo- 
wardi ib« ilpK, Biidi lonnv Ibau tbc body: iiMniib attd nc«UxM* 

KU ytlUm, with Uack tfpi, Uie Uitn as longHoiie-tbudaf tW 
dj : \k\p very pale jeDow ; feet blnck. Fn>B HjMtolU. 

Var.37 Orcm, tRUMth, »buiiogt fodci* bUck (owarfc tbc 
: neciviM a little more iban oue-lbvrtb of the leofclb of lie 
: tU|{b* pale gTHD ; Icdm* bi«<rn ; tip* of tbe thoala btaek. 
iTuw^lagO lurfara 

Var. 3? FmIci* bnnn>, pale ni the bue, a liitle lonnr iku ^ 
lb« bod; : tnimtb and nectaries yellow, «jth brown lipt, ib Iirm 

uwt <m mtmommova immm. 

att-feanh and «me-61Ui oT Uid 1rni!th of lli* 

ai pkl* TrUcw i ttrt sDJ tip* of »b>nk« blown. The ;«uiif i 
ni jwt burn arc lifbl. 

Tar. 4 r Pkl« Tt4lim, nibn brokd &tiit flat, with a rnw of h}»oTt 
iw alanf aarii ilj*. and a latvc llirl^ gfMi ipat a( llie liiiie of 
meh Mcurr : fnUn pal* ysltow, much \imjKt ihau iho bndjr ; 
Iria of iliF ji'iiiii blacks in(>iiih«n(lniwiaria pale fdlu*, wiih Mack 
Ur*- >hc UlicF at luDS ■> o[i(?.fouiOi of ihe bod; : leg* paJe jcltow ; 
lata, fact, and lip« of ibe ihaiiU Mock. 

Vu. A? l.ikc iLa laal, gna-girfn, tiugud with yellow: 
adiitt-cbraijcllow. From Di(iu]l». 

Vir.AF DaQ pale at cran-gnBu: hiad pari of (be ntiilDin 
4np (IMS m aadi *Ut: mirn Tpllowidi )[m-n, lonj^fi dian 
of Uie ' 

Mf t lipa vf Ilia Mcottd and i 

' third joint* and ibc n-hole at 

ti U<Mrtii( joinU b*wvn : moutb and sMUriei jcDowiih grttB 
■tt trawB tipa, tb« laiur Dead; ooo-GfUi of tha langtli of \ 
Mf: lip tcImWiUi pten 1 knan, feet, aud tip* of ihaiikabiva 
ha Tuniax 


lo^o Farfaia. 

Var. 7 T Hnd and fnr»-cli«M jrpllow : fcclcn polo yellow, taoi\ 1 
K iWa the t«Mli ; lip* of the juinu htnck : muulh pale yellow, I 
a bhiek tip -. lube at the tip of the abdomeu and nwiarm ;el*| 
fm, the latter nukcs toon thoit on*-fuufth ol the length of UmJ 
htj, fnm Rmmn nlapai and otber ipouica. 1 

Tar. It f I.Ike the IbH: feders eety tnuohlonttei iliJtn tbebodfil 
MMntra with black lim, a* lotijc a* onc-lhttd of the body : Icgi j 
pie frflow ; feet and ti|« of Uie ahauht black. 

Va(. 9 f Bmtj pak fieen : feelen dark brown, vellowuib _ 
M tJM b««e, fully aa long a« the body^ moulli anil ncetariee patoJ 
MB wtdi brown tipa, tbe latlor about on«-fiftb of the length of iha 
Wf I leg! pale jelliMf i feet and lipa of thigh* and of ahankt dark 

Vu.iOT Feelen and mouili Tcty lulegieeni tip of thelati«TJ 
Ml tipa 0^ iba Jotan* of the fbnnei blank : nccUKei pale Kf^n, j 
"Ik blaek lipa: Uft rery pale kimv ; feet aud tips of sliauki , 

Var. 1 1 r I^lc rdlow, wiih a row uf Itnpiessioiis on raoli eld<^ 
!■■ «ith a pale ereen lioKr on the hind pan : fudri* pal* J 
; a Uule hngn uiaa the body ) lipa of iLc Joinu btown : j 

WET IT. 3 Q 


iB> or ssiiaRKBDM lanon. 

nonifa bmI McteriM pah wltov wWi Ivawa ifpi, lb* klHr < 
•M^fiAli of lh> fenfth ti Ibe tioa* : lt«t f«k jrelkiiT i km 
ItBtnbovB; fortoud lipiof ibuiU brown. 

Vit. IS* lUc red. varied ailk idknr. wbih « pofM: b™' 

\U ycUvv: Ce«kn Mack, pale jeDow lowardB (be baw. loorr* 

Ibe badri HMnh pkla ;«Uair. «itli » blMik tip. Wiiic<d 

buff: haad aBd tb« Mm of ibt cb«M and of iba tnm* 

ahalonen it**en, aritb a mw of btavn ipoia o« caefc nit: 

belcri black, longer ibaa Ae b«dj : moutb nle jteUoa, ottJi t 

Uack tip: neclarin Mart, at bin^ at oae-roiirlk of lb« boiljr: Irp 

palt j«llo» i trr% Mid t~^p■ of (bifflM and o( thaalka black : ntf- 

ribt aad nb>Teiii* pal' icIId* ; bfaaih and veiat b«0«ii. 

Tar. ISr Gma: bead, did of cbcal, ud b«kn bwnt 
dbk of bitaat blact : abdoatcn ititb black baada. 

Tar. M t Pala r«tn - brad «i»d dbkt of Aim and of hnM 
pak brawn : rerlcn bkck : aeciama p«k (Raa, about oa»4IU d 
tbc trairUi or lb* bod; : keg* pale kimb ; fart and lip* «r tbarii 

Vtf.H? Bkaek: feclen a linle loaRci than the body: abda- 
■ten latbrr daik |-revn: iMMBrivn dall frrma, nrut; oDcUulh W 
lb» knitlb oT Iba bod; : Icfi jttt-yu : fr«i aad ti|i« oT xUgbt aad 
of ^ok« Mark: >in|r> >cr; muck hmfct iban ibr badv; viae- 
rib* and rib-vcini jclkiw ; biaad* nad biaecb-ieiiit pal* btows. 

Var.l0F HoDtb and Bflcnariea pair invtn.willi daiker tip*, Ar 

^latWM liHUt >a «n«Ji>urth at tha bad; : legi pale Kwen; tet aad 

Spa o( ibigha and of ahaaki browa; wlng^ba Ad rib-avu palt 

. tbe odier vela* broaa. On tbc eowtUp, la ibe begfaatag af 


Var 17* Hwd and dhk vf ebon doll rcddiab bnff; Mm 

ri), doll icn-ru at ihc buo : nwath julr grc<rn, iiilh a bmn if- 

■no jnDow, with braan trpa, frani unr-ikiid M onc-Rftb o( OV 

_„__lh •[ tbe bod; ; f««t and tips of ibtakt brawn : wioE-ril*< 

' liViein^ and branih jmIo jrlVnr; tb« otber vetni pal» nwvn 

Tba |a|« bat pnle jrllow or pal« jcUowiib pm rmim»atj 


CariajMi* in ih* tiii^^irim. — Second fork of tbird reia wtnliof. 

s— m. Bnfikiul. 

(la Canada Baltato). Fmaa Mt. Walker^ <tt 



,pkil ivIUda, irJI. H<u>. iV«<. tlitt. Str. 3, \i. 430, 04. 

Dittuce Iwlwreo ibe firrt and wconJ Tcin* at ihe tipi about 
hriM iliu bctocMi Omoi al (he buei thinl liardlj fanLfi ^om Uie 
■MaJ St the tip tbaa at Um ba«c, farther frvin ihe jocund at th« 
■■ ikaa ill* wroail i* fram Uip IIkI: rmi furk oi ucoi to ih« 
I laA M to tlia ikitd rdo, ucanr I» llie ilurd vein tban tbc 

lbt0 lb* 10(0011: MvoAil (ufk luuctt iiturt to the fourlb tciu 
bn W tb« C(M fatki (suitli rein ourvuil, almum nnlghl Uiwartln 
Ivllp, BMilj Imiet (anbor flora tbc li|> of the jib-rtjn ihan ttam 

haawoirf farfc. 

h^. Enflaikd. 

(Id Canada Balnm). Fiom Mi. Walkn*! 


flS. Antia t'stDAiliS. 
Fns«fW, tfUA. ^iu.A'a(.//ul. JTcr.a, ii. 131,aa. 

Vm.F 7b m^^p^^om tntuftdftmatt. Pupa fUiptle, nQowiih 
i—giiin. «l[li a Htdf flroon stripe Aa«n tho tnUdft «r tb« 
b^ : faiUia paJe ^Imr, biifcvr tlwu the builjr i tipi of the jwitit* 
Him : MMUh pal* jvllinr *lik ■ liUck iii> . iiCDiama ran pale 
n|««, p«la gtrro at tli« huti black at llir lipa, and nMrT* aat»> 
wA aitk» kwtbortba Lodj: )egt \oag, icrj pale j^mtn oialnioal 
iUm t kaaai. Ml, and tipa af alunb bla«k. ^S'bcn vriDircd it it 
tktk t ibe fore and Ibc hind bi^rdet or ibe fiwe^beit uud the fan- 
tnwt dull fTfranh yillow, a* b alto the abduman : frvlitrs lou|c«( 
)mb i)m! biHtT : nmutli dull iclluw, vith a black lip: iifcuriaa 
dadk B»d All! oar-buith of Ibe lenfrth of the bod;f : lap rallaw -, 
Up* or tlii|[hi and or ahaiiki black : wiiifri vmy iniieh 
llun ibe IknI; ; >iiig-nh« jtllvir: ■iiif^-braud and vciiu 

M. Aniia DiaHoiu. 

QBKoda. ir«/l. Am« .V.f. //I4i. &r. 3, ill. 43, SS. Ua 
XvrtA Sritiik AyricuJiuritt. ii. 707. 

IWiMiin brt»(c« Ibe ISnt and WcuiiJ Tcini al the baae much 
im Am half that between ibctn al th« lipt; ihird tety liltlr 

3 q 2 


tm nv itoMopruaro niUMm. 

ruTllier froiB tlie mmviI at llie lip tlikii at tbc baM, u Tar fnw 
BMMid al Uie baM aa tb« smond U fron ihr Am : Brti Fork a !• 
DMUct U> Ihc woond folk il llic lip tlian il U to Hi* ibiid •ein, and 
a lillJc ncatd lo ibe Uiird >ciii ihan ibe ik'uil U Ui the wcoad: 
tMond fuik OD ncnrlu die foiinh vein ai In tlic tint Tuti i fuititb ni* 
nMch CVived near ll)« baso. slniElit loaanlji lh« Lii>, fatlLcr ( 
(h« tip of iLu rib.rtiii Uiuu Tram (li« aemnd loii. 

Far. S«coud totk ottt*t xn ikc ttxtnh rtia than M Ui« 
fuA : burth vpIb onircr m tli« t)|i of the rib-i«iii ihas lo i 
Mooad fath. 

Vai- Secund Turit waatinf. 

a— r. GaglaML (In CatuiU SalMm), 

Fran Mr. Walbr'ai 

06. Aphis A*eM'. 

plti* Atanc, fUr. 8p. liu.n.3m, 17. Swd. £al. 736, l». 
/•u. u.3l0.'J3. £■>!. ^. t>. 3H. ». XjM.NAjM.SD7,] 
SrAnuiH, fatat. Boir. ii. I, l(H. GmiL Si. Sft. XmL \. 
t2Dti,ia. VUltrt, Int. ii\, M. Slnr. «. ,V.(. Hi.(, ii t| 
Tirl. Syit. A'at. iL 7M. Ji/«fywrf. Aim. fin. Xal. I* 
488. Kail. Wm». P/U». i. lO^t. It. IVuM. ^ai.. JVnl. / 
Str.%UL 45,97. tiardf, NmlA Hrilii/i AgrieHlturiu, 'd.i 
hb gnnaria, A't>^, /.nu. TVsni. i>. V38. CWfia. ■/* 
Aaric. Sk. »i. 
^phb Hordci, Kv^, Germ. itaf. Zrit JL 
ApUi eemlu. &«ff. J/»n. />(am. i. 10, «. 
BM1IM|tb't, Amytt, Ann. Sac. b'aL Fr. imr Sirit, r, 479. 

Dis(K»M Miieni t)ie lifil and vtnmd «tin at Ibe bwalaa I 
kalf i)iai IwtoTrn Uioia al A» t\f» ; iliiid bnbir ftma tha < 
tb« Up ihan II U at tlio \itu, at ooar lo tha MDond at iht bue i* I 
KCona i> tu tlinfint; liM furii ncantto iheiecond brt iha> I 
ttiiid tt'm. Bcanrlo Uieiliird >riii UiaaUie third *eiM btuibgi 
«(wiid l<uk a little ncarvr lo ibu Tonttk i«in ikao lo the Ktat I 
liiunli (tia nmA winrA near ibo bww, aliiual airalfkl tommiit \ , 
lip, •rerj to*th neaier to ilie acoond folk than lo tba tip of Iba lA 

Vti. S«*Bnili Joint of t]i« CKlen ■ liltl« thart^ ibaa tkt lUni 
EftgUDd. (In Canaila BalanR). Fran Ur. WaOna • 


kin or BoMorraffoui mncn. 

80. Amii* Huiicii. 

Aahta Rimen, StAm-k, F^mt- Bote. n. 191, 1333. Kali, Mim.\ 
f^lM. L 17, 7. Walk. A-f. Stt. Uiil. Sir. 3, lil. 47, M. 

DmUMc Mwmii llie fim anil icooail reia* at llic hnno muub ' 
tL«i> t«)0« tfaalbrtnpMi iWm (4 tlie tipa i third farllicr riow lb* 
I al Ihir U]i Umii it tt at l1i« ttut, inucb ranhcr ftrau ihc nccuud 
■t tW hM* UiBii llietrcmid l( from the lint; inx fork u far fruni 
tt«tMMi4Mfh)« the Ihitd rein, much ncaret to thelhiid 'oiu liiaii 
Aa lUrl U to ihr tecond i wcnod fuik u Tm TMln lh< tnl f<>rk ua 
lh« fcnnli iviii ; fuunb *cin nifvvd nii*r tlia Iwm, Mniiibt to- 
tb* Op. much brtlwf Aon the tip of th« nVrdn ihnii ttmn 
tm Mciwd (Mk. 

Vat. Onfiib r'<^o< l>L>cki>li on the bnrk. nlhet «nall, ittal, 
HVirv ikDBi«|t> aikd miipclliMHd : Tcclcn hUck, ■iiiicli loiiK«i than 
ikabvdy: nM^ palt jtllnH.wiih a libnk lip: neoUJrlM dull glccB, 
«IU Uack up*. >• lung aioiK-firth of ilio l>»df : iDft* pale j«llo« , 
IM ihub dun jvllow; fert and Up* «r ttiltb* and of thanb 

(Ib Caaaai Bakan). Fnm Mi. WalUr'* collco- 

i-jlL GBglaod. 

07. Aniit AaTKRU. 

Ifkk Asurl«, ITaU. Hnk. A'oj. Iliu. S*r. 2. HL -M, M. 

Kofksd. (la Canada .Dakaw^. PicMOtod I17 F. Wa1k«r. 



m. Ariiiii LicTvc.K. 

4|bB Urtanr, Z^a. .Syr/. jVdJ. ii. Mi, M. A^m. /m. iii. pi. 
ti, I -t— A. Ainnrf, //>i(. lYar. i. U. ^jAr. S/t. Im. W. 390. 
17. Ma»t.lnt.i\.:in.:yi. &r..s>r. U.«)i>.A3. S^tt.lUr' 
Ml, U. Omrf. £U. .W \it/. I SHU. M. /ImiJ, /'ihh. 
Arw. Ml, MO), .SVAnint. /■«<•. /Mr. (i. 1, 130, 13.33 
Sinr. m. Ntl. Hill, ii 1 10. 7'uil. S^i. Mai. ii. TOR. £ne. 
UliA Hill. .Vol. /w, iH. I in, r. 1 1—13. Fomtvt. Amu. Soe.\ 
&t >. 170. 10 KJi. Mm. F/tea. i. 37, SS. U'M. Ann.} 
X«l Hiu. .Sfr.-3. Hi ,^^^W. Z»al.iH. Apm.»f^lni. 

^tmaSigti, Sir Uit^U Motley, G*nt. C(r<M. 1. AM. 





I OMt) 

DUlaiiM b«(*«eii ilie Dm •ail secmd ttina at iW Imm uoeb 
Hun Ulf Dim Mwit^ tli<rta at Uic Un ; ihinl ■ Uule Eulkt 
the MMod ai llie (Iji than il it ■! the Mac, •■ fa( from iW l«- 
Mud %l Ike h«ie ■* ihc iceuad n (ram tbe Gnl ; flnt furk Tct; ■■«& 
OMtar 10 lh«' Mcuad at ihe lip ibu il U lo lh« third rtia, ud 
Bcanr to the (bird <nnit itiin ibo lltird I* U lh« »ecD»A : Mond Tuii 
M DMi l» llif rutinh Tcio » to iho fittl fark ; fanitb *rui tnMb 
evnH new the buc. Rlm-ni itninht from th««oe 10 tbr tip, 
Unbn IVom the tip of tb« tib-'Ha thu Gram tbe tenod fotL 

Vir. Smnll. trrr p»l« irt«ea, nthffr flat, iliDUtlr ificnaihw 
fcrowliL ituna iiu-h<:*A lothei'jiuirtWabdainm : liMalaiait itli 
• luicc tytea cjiot al ilta hate of each necUry ; foclen wkile, in 
tai>i;et thim (he Wjr; tip of r>ch )uiut hWk : oioulh alniiM Hi 
wit^ a bkak tip : atutaiiM a)mu« while, witb hb.-k ii[n, Matlj ui>t> 
(Dnrtli of Um l«Be11i of th« hodji knahnwi aliitt ; knocobniaB; 
feM akd lip* of duaka Uaoti. On LapmK ovmiDuiiit, bcfnra ' ' 
; middle or October. 

I The Timpgnrnt wimgiJ /nnolr. GlM» j,lteii : head and • 

] block above and hdo*: (ore ImtdcT and bind border of foi 
f>T<«n : a row of bhck ipob on e«ch tide of the abddmtn ; . 
bWk, II litile kiiii^erihanihebadjr: moulb pale Tclki*. arllb a blttk 
tip: Dccurim liWL, utiong ■* ono-fiwrth oi the bidjr: leppA 
jellinr, rather luufc ; l««t and tip* of thifbi nnd of ahuiii mm: 

I nJiia ea1< ytMow i brand p^C bulT; braiKfc-*ein* bra*n, llitit llp( 
^■HgUlf doudad. 

^^K Var? Oralijdlvwitli Kreen, orgtMiiHhfrilim, and often tiritd 
^^^ib pale rod, head MmetrnM* yrllow : frrlrri iialr jrtjiov, darkn 
r toMftnl* iktdf tip*, 0> black, Filh n pule ^ctlon hnnc, a little lao|«t 
f than ibe bodj i inoiilb pale Tcllua-, mill n liUck tip : ueclaim 

Iialr ytlluw, aa luog at uoe-lbiid or oiie-funitb uf tli* bodt. »IA 
•lack' llpa: kfi jelluw or pab jifluw; feat and tip* of diank* 
I Mack. *" 

The nnpannu ttimged fmaU. Snail and fnj -. bend, midd 
cbcu. arid niddlr^reait blavk i foKKiheM pale red', iu diik daifa . 
leeUn blodi, looker than ib« bodr : inoaih pale yellow, wiibj 
Uack lip: iieelaiio* pule yclW.wlin black ti|ii,nndiBotv thaui 
fmrtii M the body : leg« pale y^low ; feet and tipa of thi)[haas4l 
ahankt bUek: winit* <:uluurlc», rcry tnnoh loager than tbe T 
rib<Telni palv jellow -, brand pole brown : mraaeb-veini 

un or iiox»nKiious tnscia. 

T>bf T%e ctrifiannB xiiif'rM frmale. Sinal). ociit, smooth, 
fal Uaek K ted, ^rk irn«u Umrilt the himl pari ut tlie abdumeu : 

lip^rad raibcT 
«1 Ik e.« I 

■PSMdaiM pair jfUtf* : l'«eli!i> pntc jrlluw, ^heV tntia.nh ih&J 
iffi-r ikin the ba4f : moiilh pnlo yctlow ; iu tip'T 

.._ bUck; nrclnriM ilull pnir yellow, witll liUck tip*,,] 

M Inf •! onc-fovtUi vl Uic txxlf : le){s juU pulu ydluut ; kiicei, ' 

ht, «nd Up« (if aliaiiki bbck. Ou ijj)»uuai cominuais, befora 
Ac mUiUe of 0(4ebCT. 

r«niiinia M tW ■wjr-iWm. Au ftdditloaal foit at the 
end £<MDn or Ui* thinl t«ui. 

Rogtud (1" Caiu^k BalMta). From Mi. Walker^ colloc. 

99. Anita Rtaia. 

ifUt BiW*. Zms. 5^. A'ol. li. Ta, I. rami. 5>iM'. 977. Fahr. 
Sm. £ai. Til, y Sp. Ju. H.3M. Mur. ;». ti. 3id. 7. 
KU-.S'y>(.iT.2ll,;. Syl. mf».-ia!,.7. MhII. Fa. FriJ, 
». S7«. /'rii^A. /•••. ii. 9, pL II. IlisH/». Iu. tii. 2ett— 3^1^ 
fL 23. r. 7— to, //awin. /A. May. i. 137, 3. £««imiA. Arc.'^ 
Pv W. M>, Wa Wu«rA. /»i, IM. |>l. H, f. M. Cmrf, 
£4. .Vyif. ,Vaf. i. 'i->l)l, I. -SVirdiU, F<fin. fUae. \\. 1, l(M. 
Ilua. Bff*.fi>«. i. lly. .Vim'. A7. .V«/. //."i(_ii, lli>. r«rt. 
&»<. S»i. ii. 703. A«/l. Won. /'/?«.. i. 39. 36. .V.> OnmM 

jvw^. r;«nr. c^fm. j. ass. VsM. .inn. .Vol. .//iit. &w.a, 

lii.3»9, 61. 

, .liBjFdt, .4iM. Sat. Em. Ft. tmt Sirit, *. 47«, iflO. 

IKatsMcbeiiiNiiiliu finttndwooixl >«lii«al the tiHiwniiicliteu 
half iW tirtwtini theni al the lip« : ihr third fitrthcc from lli« 


tmd al tW ^a Uian at Lhc baw. n little farther from the lecpiid xl 
Ac haac ihaa tw aeocnid U trom the f nt ; lint Tork ut tlie tip m 
^ IB tka aemvl Ibifc aa lo tka lUtd reia, aiucb iimii<r lu the ihirJ 
•«• ihaK ifc* lUrd U to tlie sccoud ; aceond fiwk niinrrr lu the 
faaRk rate ihaa lu tha ftit furk ; foiirtli vein currod ncii thr ha.tc, 
■iii|lil taaahb the tip, rerjr niocb neater to the tceood foik than 

t-f Smkoa. Prcackicd b; E. Doubladai, Etq. 

i-o Laglaad. (InCaittdaBalMw). Fmu Mr. Walker* cuDetc] 

ust or HoKvnwwot iiruct*. 

70. Aran Guxopuimi. 

, Apki* 0>l«"|MiJU, Kali. Mm,. PJUn. i. 35, 33. 
Hi*i.Str.3,iu.3M,91. i:«>/. tt.ZUI. 

r.u. j>».Ai 

UiitiDM bet»«ce (be tnt And wcoikI reioi at ike tips 
dian lwi«o tlial l>nni-ni ilimi nl tbr liahf -. lliitd vrn niiaa Ante 
from llio Mcuiiil lit iliu tip vUii it li at tbc bui>. a link ncnrrr lodw 
(aovnrf at ibr liu« Uun tbc t«coud U ti> Um itu ; 6m (utk H iW 
tip DOtn'r tu llic ioMtid fork lliun to tl>« lliiH ■«■, iwam ladw 
tbinl *(<<■> lliuu lli« lliiril t( U> lliu wcoiid ; ucoiiil (urfc much IWlln 
Atim ito Ibanb (viti th»ii [rani the fini fotk; buitli tqIb tomJ 
iMwr ibe baw, itniiiibi uwnrdt the tip, ntj much neucr hi tbt i*' 
egad fork Uuu lu the lip u( tbe riti->iiin. 


Var Hnt (urfc 
icoond fork. 

• little BMiu lo tbe tkjid tds ibu ID At 


Var. F TV nn/wraiu n'MMt fntialr. ttewi, dUb of llie . 
oheo, of ilie iniddle-«bcM. aua uf Ac laiddlc-brmi bmtra : i 
Mghx black band* on tiie ili>l >if ihe abduineu : fMli^t black, ■ l'>lH 
loBgtT thui ibr bndj; mnutli vcUiiw, wllb a binck tip: tirelmo 
p(l< yallow, trilb )>Wk tips H( loni! a* ant-tixth or the bod;-. I<p 
pal* 5«|to* ; kncn, fc<Tl, snil lini of ttinnki black l wiajfi toIourlcB. 
and much koof^r iluii ib« lady ; wiDs-ribt pate jtitom ; nb.'fiw 
ui'l the *lDf(-l>«Dil« pBlr IiniwQ ; tbo ptber voliu browo. Fram f^ 
Ifgnam Pmicano. in October. 

(!■ CmiAA Babitni). Fran Mr. Walker icolb^ 


71. AratB Aaixtna. 

L Aphi* AbietiiiB. Walk. Am. Jfal. Hut. &r. 3, lU. 301. 03. 
^B T<ro ran* on tb« baiul. 

Dutann b«l«««a ill* fir<t and iifcoad Tt{iuab>»iittbriN I 
al the tipt- ibaa at tW bMr ; ibird (nrtbcr fron the woa^l m (be I 
tliaa at tM' buM. n<arh farther fiuni itiu wcund at tbe baw ibim 1 
wtond is ftiim lii« lim ; Um fuik mucli iieom id ike third rcn tk 

UBT or HOMOPniRora maKon. 

ifttlMmJ fcrk,Bnt hilf w Fur rtom lli« ihinl at tbc tliiril b &om 
b«MMSd t Mcoad futk niuch nmirr Ui the Touilh <ein tliao tu tbe 
ImIM: fcurtli Ttin luapi, haidlf mrrcd, neater U ihetccuod fodi 
km «■ iba lip of ik« iib.i«tD. 

<-£. En^luiL (la Caniub Baluiia}. Fma Mr. Wiilker'a ouUec- 

73. Aral* RoMScii. 

RoMfuai, Halt. U<m. Pfian. 1. 101, 70. tFaU. Amu. Smt. 
Iful. Str. H, tii. Xti, M. 

HUl. . 


CsgiuuL (In Caiuuln Balskm). Fran Sir. Wallccr't coU 

7% Aphii Atslljihji. 

AtcIUhx, SeKrmil, F»nm. BoU. i>. 1 12, 1307. KtU. Man. 
PfLtm, L 1-M, 110. IIWA. .4«i>. jVdI. //id. S<r. 2, iii. 901, 

CarjU, 5>r OhmU MtitUy, GarJ. Chnm. t. (IS4I), <I38. 

DteiSM bultricn die lirsl and iccoiid >«iiii at tiie tips ibriDC 
IhtktataD thnn M Ibc Imm' ; third further Trom 1)i<- *«>(7ond a( dw 
llf ihaa al iKr Iwh, ■ Utile rnitlier from llic nocond at tho haK 
wi Ac iKosil ii fram llt« 6nt ; SnI fork very much iKurrr lo the 
MB«d lurk iliao (u (k« tliiiil >cin, a> near to ibe tbinl a> llie third 
h I* iW HcuDd : Kvoad fork at noai to Iha fourth vein ■» i'> tlie 
Im lifk ; liiutlh rein a»*«d near the banc, sUaljihl towards the lip, 
IMn lo iho KCUDiI fork thnu to the lip of tho rib-vein. 

■-■ Ea^nJ. (In Caiudd BaJtem). From Mr. \Viilker* oolUc. 


74. Aphis tJRnctau. 

Kali. Sfim. PJUm. l 47, ». Wali, Aim. Ntt. 

'em, Fvntcvl. Anm. Soc. Em. Fr. s. IW, 31. 

DbttiMe between the End and •mmd i-rint at ili? ht,w roiioh 
W ihtt kalf thai betwtes them at tbe lipi; ihinl inui;li l*rUicr 

979 LtBT or B««oFTmo«i iiumn. 

hoB the wcoad u tha tip tkui it U at Um b«*e, • tltda to 
ft«n iba MMad at iba ha»e lb>n Qic (Movd ■> ftotn ika f 
flm folk naanr to iba aacand fork at Ibc tip than ii ii u> ilw I 
Tela, and much naanr tu the thiol leia lUan ihe ihinl u to iba 
cond ; iMund f«ik ai uMf to the Cautth <cia oi ui tiic flnt C 
founfa veiu slighilj cut*ed, fiinber fnm ilie tip iif ib« rib*rt>a I 
fiQcn tha teoond fork. 

Bagtand. flu Canada B«kan). Fiton Ut. Walka'a eat 


79. A»»T>TB«uiau. 

Afkit letnAada, WM. Ann. Sat. tlut. Str. t, it. 43, ST. 

DisUncc bctwMn the lint mil Mcond irios at tha 
than half that h«t<r«ett ihiem at the iip« : thirl Toin rtn nt 
futhet {torn the Moond at tha lip than at the baac aurh im 
to the (coond at iho haw ilian the leound is lo the finii ( 
furfc a litlla ncam to the thiid trin Una to tht iaeasl It 
maoh Dcam to the tlunl rein than the third la to th« aiM 
•ocond foii oaam l» tha fourth r«tn than to the iint folk ; (M 
Tdn Dau«fc onmd D«ai the hate, Kttnieht lowaidt the tip> aB 
bttber fiwn tbe tip of the nh-rcin llian Fruol the fiiM folk. 

a—/. Eattbnd. (la Canada Balaun). Fmn Mr. Walbi^t 

70. AfHit Csuai. 

AphLtCniMi, Ftbr. SyU. Ent. 731, 4. Sf. lit. ii. SHf.S. JH 
Iia.3ii.tU £d1. SyM. it. »1l,fl. Sjiif. /Um. aSiS, ll A 
Sd.Hfit.Nal.i.XUKi^XI. Stiftai. Faun. U-Jf. ill. it\ 
7.«»t. lian. Pnd. 1 10. lise. Aotfi. Fama. Btnae. MO. IS 
Suh: m. .Vat. Hul. ii. 1 10. Tan. Sft. iVaJ. ii. 703. /W 
An». Sac. Etl. Ft. 1. ITP. 13. Luafard, EUaauttaaiu, W 
Sir Omld Moby, (J*rd. Cknt. i. <IM. iTab. j/oa. /^ 
M,ai. AUr. n-rar. /». tit- 210,3. HVt. ..laa. .Val, " 
^. ft, jr. 4.1, 09. Fi/rJi.rilr Smato, No.30, OS. 

Caraaaphb, Hm^uil, Ann. Haf. Eat. Ft. Imt Strir, i. ATI. 

Dl«uiica between the &nt and Bccond roina al tbe htaa hai 
more than oiir^thirJ of that heiwMQ them at the lipi ; thltd hii 
ttom the iooaai, al the Up than it la al the haM, a tilltc lanbcr fit 



t.i>T or Bcvonitiiooi ramon. 


f-.JL I 

te •Msad ■! tb* but tk*B iha M«nBil It from iht flm ; Am fi>rk 
hiArMUerM tin MMOd fork •llhc lip ihan itit tu lluikird leiu, 
• Smw ■WHiTiilhiltiiirt irinilMii tbotliinl ittulbi- woood; *eoaa4 
kA atmnt lu Uir (Dorlb 'tin tliaii to Ibu finl fork; fourlb i-^ia 
d|bthnmr>l. iini(|>kt loitanK lbr(l|i, Tonliot rt«iii Uie tip of l3is 
<fc w& tluii (ina iW wcuBil Tvik. 

t. bMhMd. pMHawd by E. Doubled*;, t:»|. 
^-r. Kufkad. (Is Cuada Babam). i'mu Mr. U'alkct'i cutko^J 

TT. Apmu TBinnoiu. 

Ubbo^ ITan. jiait. »«f. Itiu. Str. 3, It. 1«. 00. 

DfnuM bcimra th* 6nt nml *rvtni itln* at ihc tlpt mcral 
twice Um twiwent ikcn ai the tuw i Ikird nenm i» ibc wcund ] 
•I tkt baM Uiaii at llw tip, ai otu tu the Mcond ai t)i« lioic as tlwj 
~ ia to Av faw [ ttnt fcrk i^nMsDjr mmk* la ib« acMiiil 
U lh« lliird Mill, an DMT to tk) (bird a* ilin third ii t« tlia a*^^ 
■sad , Mcmxl fo<k K«*rialt; a* atmt to the fint furk si to ibo fnatih 
*na 1 loiutli f cio (ailhn flora tbe rib-mti Uuui fnim tbc teraod 

f, Eaglaoi). 

(In Canada Bakam). From Mi. Wilkei'i ral-J 

78. Am IB Bkimic£. 

lfl> Brnmitm, Limt. Sft. N*l. il. 7.1-1. 19. An. Sun. 3905/ 
KJ. f^hr. \>. /u, ii, 3lW, 3». .Vuiu. />•<. ii 316, -10. EhI. 
Sft,ir.ilH,4}. Syil.IUifm.-MO,*l. Gmfl, SJ. Nvit. y»t. 
LSaOA. 12. Selrtnl; Fton. Ibie. ii. 119, 1238. JiiiU. Fh. 
PrU. 30, 383. J-'ritcl, /«. xi. 10, pi. 3, t 16. 81. i/arr. 
fifpMil K»v/. /iu.<M. pL 17, f. 4— «. ifrrJi. .S3i>t. t. 130, 
S^m. Kl. S*t. tliilAl HO. T<*Tt.Sya.Stl.ii.-Ji:>7. Smmm. 
/u. I. 6.-U. A'd/f. JfM. P^n. I- lOrt. HI. //arru, /u. AW 
fiif/. ItX). CVr(. ./aan. ,^h. Afrit. Sot. m. &4, »1. C. f. A, 
C (IWi. /1». ,V«r. &ii(. &r. «, ir. 16, 70. KMl, 7^ 
JUa*. No, 3U, (U. 

i|bl Baphah^ .•tarai.jl, FMa. A»r. il. 1, 1 1Q. ISSd. 

Mil laatidU. Fd>>u<vf. /(u. .Vor e«i. hY x. 1», ••. 

liUa rtetb B«p«, CW(. /oum- ttoy. Agrie. Soc. uL U, jL C. Bj 



u«r ar novanxnon nincTfc 

CiiMK RapUsl. Sir Oiwmld JfMiry. 0»A ClfM. i. OJJ 
Ciiiini BrxMlcP'. Sir OimiU ifo*lJy. G«ri. Ckrm. I. 8873 
Cnvtephi*, Amyn, Aim. Site. Emt. Ft. im< Strif, t.4S' 

DbteK* Wmfcn ikc lint *nd tcrond vulnt ai the hufa Bilk 
nnfl tkna liaif ihni I'rinccn ihcn >i ihe tip* ; third bitfarr fata 
itiewcond at llio lip Ihnu at ibe tow. n link nurFt to UmmovJ 
u( iW lioM than IBe iwcwkI It <" lliv lir'l : tini fork > Itlile nnitr 
to ilie *oranil Utk than to the thiH rplti. a liiilp npaRr to ihp itirf 
vein lliaii the tbini it lo the wcoad ; tooond foik vrir lllite nam 
to ihe tmmh virin llinn I'< ili« Knt Tork; foutth rcio tbriiil* tvM, 
Tcr^ Uttli! ntam tn (he a(«ofid folk than la tW tip of IM iiMda 

a— A. Ensland. (Id Cknada Baliam). PicMBied bj F. Wa 

79. ArHia CutzM. 

AplibCapnie. P4I1T. .Vy». J&.r.«l7.»3. Sp. liu.il Sl»,-L 

Int. ii. 315. 3. Knt. SgH. i«. 311. 3. Sipt. Jtifn. W. 
6'imr. &'</. SM. t/*t. ■ 3!Kn. 41. .SVAisini. /*«•«. J/oir 
l(M. 11711. Star, f /. .Val. //ul.ii.llO. 7Vn ,'^,V«l.ii 
7ai. KatI, Mom. Pfiln. i lOO, 84. /fa/t. Fonf. /■>. Hi 
318. 13. Walk. Ann. Nat. Hitt. Ser. 3, n. iW. 71. Zri 
•ii. i<;if. It. 

Apliii I'sitiiiiiciF. lAnm. Sytt. Nal. K. I, 734, -1. Faun. Sure. tfJ- 
Fatr. .VmI. Int. ii. 3I«. la. &'«(. Syn. it. 313, 13. S)*C 
Mtym. am, 13. Ontf. £1^ Spi. Nal. i. 1, 3302, 3. 7M 
^yir. ;Val. ii. 703. 

Apliit Aamiicai ? KJaom. Iiu ill, 323. 

Aphh ArulMllfrrliCB. Sr«p. Hnt. CWn. 137, 400. Gmtf. Ed. -V 
.V«r. i. 4. 3310. M. 

Apbii .f.|r«i«Mlli. .SW, fiil. Cbn. 309. Fair. S/i. Int. ti.3tl7.3^ 
Umt. InM. ii. 3111. 33. S.I. Syil. i». 217. 33. .S>»I. JB*» 
SIH), 33. GbuiT. £<{. Sf,i. NaU i. 3304, 44. Stev. Ek Sat- 

Hui.a. no. 

Aphb FtodnKiarl*, 5mw. £>tt. Cora. 30&- ScAnmA, Am. iWr- 

il. t. 1 10. 
Cia*ni Cniitcti? Sir Oneald A/Mim. G«rJ. CAmn. i. 74t> 
fgopodapliis, .la^f, <lini. S*c. Bitl. Fr. 3nc £Mf, t. 4ff 

DiUanM betwrn ibe llrat aad wcood miw at iha tlf**'^ 
dirici- ibnl b^MDcn ibciii ii ihr llp< : tbird ti Cat rrotn iKe ttvai* 
it b nl the batr, miich fntibcf fivm lh«w«andit*' 
he tcoond ii from tli« GtM ; Qni fotk at tbe tip 1 



id (tn\ HI ui lli« ihird rein, mnch ncBwr to llie ibirci vpin 

ihitil iit lA ilie K«mi(l 1 Mvnnd tntk ■ lillle ucBtt'v tu ihe 

■da Ubd to iW fim foifc -, feunh t«in curved ueir tlie biue, 

■uadskl t«wmi4* ibe Up, nitch fiuiW fn>m ih* ii|> of Uif 

I tkan ftoiD (he Momd Toik. 

Vmt. Stooui fork wantinf inward* ike lip. 

I SenlAikd. pRMDicd br E. DouhlnUy, Em. 
U. Eafhnd. (In Cuuda BiImhi). From Mr. \ViiIker>« cnl- 

^ 80, Artlla Peiuiox. 

ifik Prmat. Suit. Hill. Imi. I0», pL tl,f.4.9. Gwtl. Ed. Sy,t. 
Sti. iu 3200, 60. .Vonrn, Ann. Sei. .Vo(. lB3fi. F/micol. 
Amm. Sor. Btt. Fr. X. H. Sir Oanl4 .V.xfrv. GarJ. Cknn. 

PKIManW, Amyt ri S^t. lli>i. X<ti. /«™. 001. A'«/f, 
JfM. Pj***. i. Kl, i». H'li/i. ^i.n. .Va/, J/n(- .W. a, v. 73. 
b Pcnictn* f //■rfijf, Gffm. £ttl. Ztii. iii. 370, \% 
Piftancc b«1«con ilic Sni aiid wcond •rina ncsTty ihrice {*f- 
ftar U tbe tipi llian ■! tbo late ; ihird fuillicr fiuin uic icoond xl 
Atlip llMa M the b«w, Tuthcr fnin ibe itrrond ul the bau> than 
fa iMWid b frB«D Um fin* : Gnt Toik a tillle ruilLi-r Ihiiii ihe ii- 
lad Un\ lliMi ffOdi tbo third roin, ttry niiich ncairr lu iLe third 
■lia Htm* ibc lliird U to Uii: tcrooil ; ktctiiI fiirk n litilc fnrihri 
hn dw fim Tovk than riam the funrth rein i foiittb tcin curved, 
kid; knuw b> ibe seomid fork thtn tu ihe lip of llie rib-Tcin. 

v-i; CBglanA (la Canada Baham). Fnm Mr. Walkt/t csl- 

61. Arms Ruwcis. 

Aflbltraieia.£iaii. .S'jM. A'ol. ii.734.A. Am. Sun-. 079. Am- 
•*<. !/><(. .Val. i. ft. Fmh'.Sp,l»t.\i.3ea,\i. MatU. /mi. i\. 
■I», IS. Sfil. Km. T3S, 10. /;■/. .Vutl |i. SIS, Id. .VyU. 
fli*«. -JMI. I-J. AVAmL/'aM. Ahcii. 1, III,I9<H. CmW. 
£/ .Vvif. Aar. i. 330S,A. £tml. Sifn. i. 119. .S'lnr. JB'. A'af. 
ffltf.iL IIQ. 7>r( .Sv'l A'al ii. 703. JCa/r. i/oa. PfUm. \. 
Jil.38. ir«/*. J»»- Aw, Wut .SVr. 9, ». 17.73. ZW. ri. 
tM7,!t9l9; rii. j1;ip. xxxir. ulix. ILIii. 

tkMTt IT. 3 R 


usT or aoMOPTEBOUB iSBtcn. 

Apfaii pBpaTe^i^ Fabr. Gm. Iw. 303. Sp. Int. ii. 368, 33. Jfaaf 

/n(.ii.3ta,RX. Ent. Syl. iv. 318, 3S. An f. JUjm. 2W, W. 

Gnul. Ed. Sgit. Xat. i. 210-2, 36. Scknnt, Am. Bait. ii. 1. 

1 18, 1233. Ham, Finn: £tnue. 3H3, l.-(83. Twl. Sftl. Xt. 

ii,707. Zion-Zhi/. A^rA.n(rIa/r^ipl. IT. 243,pLg.f. 114. 

115. Fowml. Am. Sor. Ent. Fr. X. Ua,2. 
Aphis Fabc, $<vp. Em. Cam. 1.19, 408. GiiMf. Sd. Sjftl. A*«l. i. 

2210, «7. £(«'. £f. A'oi. //iif. ii. 111. r«rf. Sjul. A'-f. n. 

710. Kirbg mid Spnet, latr. Etil. i 17fi. Bimgltjf, HitL 

Nat. iii. 1S9. Curl. Joum. Rny. Agrie. Soe. rii. 418,pl. R. t. 

21,22; X. pi. I,pl. U. f. 1— 4. 
.\phis AlripltciH, Lintt. Faun. Star. 1000. Fabr. Enl. Sgtl. ir. 3]<, 

31. &>>(. iUjrn. 2»t!, 31. O'nx-t. i?if. 5y(l.A'«l. L 4. 2309. 33. 

Brrk. Svn. i. 131. S(nr. El. A'al. Hul. iL III. Turl. Sj/U. 

Kat. ii. '706. 
A])his ApHTJnct, Fabr. Si/it. Enl. 735, R. £p. /u. 3M, 9. Mm. 

/ni. ii. 315, 10. fill. 5y(f. iv. 213, 10. ■Sy«l. AAyn. 2(U, 1 0. 

fiiiiel. Ed. Svi- 'Vo'- i. 3206, dO. SrAmit, F«iw. Ant. u. 

lOd, 11H3. h'all. Man. Pflan. 1.40,32. 
Apliis annaU, Jlautm. lliiy. Mag. i. 439, 30. 
Aphi!> Cranes, Linn. Si/it. Snl. ». 73}. 13. Fami. Suee. 9S6, Dtf 

In4. iii. M. ft. \\\. i. f. N — Itf. Srop. EaL Cam, itn. 12- 

LiM uv aaxomtovit ixtKcn. 

AoUb Oaii Snbri t StJkr^nti. faun. Bok. \l I , lUA. 
Omn RMrivk, Sir Orm/J Jt/oi/r^r. Card. Cinn. i. 747. 
~ i IMili*, Sir OhmM .Vm%, <ran(. Ckron. i. 6!M. 

DmImm* between the 6nl and *Nond veioi at the befo m 
» A>s liAlf af ifcu betwwii them at iLe tipi ; third muoh further 
BthsMeeadal iheilp than il it it th« I>»m,mii fur fram the ac- 
cood at the baM a* the tcoood t> rrom ilic fint ; tlrac Turk h Dear lu 
the Meand t«A w lo the third Tcin. leiy much nc«rcr to the third 
mJa than the third i* to the ivcuitdi laoond Tork as fur (torn tbc 
iMrth rrls ■■ from the &nt f^rli : fourth vein ^lishtljcutreil, mui'h 
1 10 the fccoitd furfc ihm to the Up of tbo riti-Teio. 

Var. Secettd laA at third vein wanting. 


Tat. Deephlack, •htnia^: fcolen blaeV, a lilUo ehorter 
At bod; : BoDlfa (uile tellow, with a black tip : nc«uri<ti blnek, 
img a* ane-aixth of IM hod/- Iq^ paie jellow, (uuderalel; loagj_ 
fMtrior ihigh*. fof»4iieo*, leot nod ii|<« uf dunk* bla«k: wing*' 
~ ee. n«eh longer tiian the hodr; alula ead rlb-veini pttie 
braad vclkw ; vcin«bnnrti, rtvm Poa fluilam, b«^aniiM^f 

Tat. TUrd *tam brtbcr fmm the tecoai at llic liiuc ihitn the 
i* ton Ibe tw -, lint foik nearer lo the sMund fork itinn to 
lUfd (ein, a IHtle nearer to ibe ili<i<l i«in than tlic thinl » to 
*ee«ad ; fovtih tdn a little iicaiei to the teeond fork than lu the 
lir«l the rib-tri*. 

& SeMlaad. Pieecnted by E, Doubledn}-, Ea<i. 

*-^ EnclaDd. 

(-^ Kagiaad. On ibedovk. (In Cansila BulMin). From 

WatCri'* ooIlectlaB. 
r-K Ea|^a»d. On the bean. (la Canada Baban). From '. 

Walker'i coIlMtian. 

63. AfUlI STMPHITt. 

AjbSratphtti, Sehrtnk.Fam. Bait. i'l.t, 107. K»ll. Uan. PJIan. 
I. si, 43. WM. Ala. .V«t. I/Ul. Str. 3, t. 3S, 71. 

tKMaat«b<t«««Bthe Untand tecond telntatUiebaae leaetli 
Ut tt that bemeea tbcts at ihe tip* : third a little fiinbei from 
AfNetnd at ibe ti|i thau il ii nl the baic. a* tu fiam the 

3 k 3 



un or BoMorruon imxcn. 

at tbe base u the aecoQit U iroin the first ; firit blfc BOt h>V tke 
distance from tbe second fork tbai it u Irom the tbird *na, haiAlf 
ueareT to tbe tbird Tein iban tbe tbird it to tbe iecoad ; icnad toA 
a little fjirtber frotn tbe fourth vein iban from tbe fittt fofk ; fonith 
vein curved, itraight towardi tbe tip, abnnt balf as &r frcNB iki w- 
rnad furk aa froiD tbe tip of tbe tib-Teip. 

Var. Second furk of third vein wantiag. 

a—z. England. (In Canada Babtm). From Hr. Walko'e eell>»- 

<^1. Apbis KtueuxK. 

Aphis KymphKe, Linn. Syil. Nal. ii. 7M, 10. Fmim. Sate. 983. 
Fair. Mant. Iiu. il. 315, 17. EnL Smt. ir. 3M, 18. SmL 
Aiyn. 297, IH. SeKnutt, Faun. Bote. li. I, 117. Gmtl. Si. 
Si/il. Nat. i. 3304, 10. iftiUrT, Int. \M4. TWi. SwU. ^^L 
ii. 703. Fomeol. Ana. Sue. Bnl. Fr. ■. I6S, 5. Xail. Um. 
Pfian. i. 104, 79. Walk. Aim. Nal. Hiu. Str. 3, «. 36, 7A. 

Aphis Blilomi, Srhnmk, Faun. Ii..ic. ii. 114. 1313. 

Lin aw iioMOTTBium utuon. 

, H- ^ f- A— lA- F*>>r. Sp. /hi. ii. 3I». 3. Maul. ln>. (I. 
. ., A. £kt. Ami. iv. 211, 4. .Vv". iUyu. 394, -1. f.'inr/. 
JStf. SfH. Nal. 1. £20-2. 4. Bert. Sjnt. J. 1 10. Nuw. EL .Vat. 
JliM. D. 110. 7'lirf. Sytl. Sat. v. 703. Sekraiti. Fain. Bote. 
U. t. Ill, 1303. B»e. Mfth. Hut. Nat. Int. pi. 113. f. ». 
KtU. Mm. PJUn. i. 83, «0. IfV*. ,1nn. Nal. Uitt. .Srr.S. 

Omm SMBbvri, Sir OtuMU Mialry, G*rd. Ctirm. i. 837. 
•nhicileli. Jjptjwf, Ann. Sot. Ent. Ft. Sim Sin*, t. 477, SM. 

DbtaiKW WiwHTi ib« 6m and wcoiid joiult at the tips mate 
Itn rwioe that l<rt«CFii iLmn at llie boSL- ; ihinl iniich fittber from 
di Wrand at the tip thaa it i* at the btuir, tniirh farther fMrn the 
MMlrf «t the liuc than ihr tctond it from ibi- 6nl : lint foik rrry 
■Mh M*rcT to the <«ci)ad (otk llwn to th« ibini vnii, uut nearer U> 
Atlkinl •pro lliuD ibv tUnl ii to ike wroiid; wcuud fuik >» far 
Am th>- feiirth tnn u frem ibe lint furl; fourlli vein cutvud, vcrj 
mrh MWCT 10 tbe iwcvad folk than to ihc tip of the nb-nio. 

Var, S«oood furk wuitiDg uiwaH* tbo lip. 

*-L RBKlud. (Id CaawU BalMm). Pn^eDtcd b; F. Walktr, 


ma. .\miib MtLi. 

Ualt. FaU. .«vir £nl. 73?, \9. Sp. tai. ii. 387. 34. it/nut. 

/«. ii. :il«l. W. Em. Sfti. ir. r2l7, W. Syii Ithyn. 3W*, -Jl*. 

Gmml. Ed. Sytt. A'al. 1. 4, 230N, .M. 5rAnmil. /'oifii. flMe. li. 

I, lltL Gmm. Eni. Heit. ii. 317. .Vav. El. Nat. Uut. il. 

tit. Tttri SjrU. A'«J. ii. 70, 6. SKaw, Gnt. Zaol. >>.' pi. 

H. tUmiU,t.ihl>sn<Unnfytrd.Weti.i.lnt.\f*U. S'hmut- 

tr>yrr, 3im. $1. Fara. (t Snv. Ene. MM. i. 24(1. ^iH-on. 

TVvu. jGai. £ac. ill. 00. RtMitMi, Emt. Mag. i. 143, iii. Oil. 

CUl. if«. nfM. >. 73,M. Ami. FurM. /tu. iii. 217, 7. 

WUI. ^«*. .Vol. Hill. Sft. 2. •. 3a», 77. ZwJ. *i. 3951. 

AM. Tim .tm4li. No. 30. <». 
i|b Poni, A^iua. /u. tii. Ji^l— SAO, pi. 21, f. 5. Drg. Jni. 111. 

U, e.|iL3. r. 18— 2lt. Utr. (tm. (nut. iii. 173. 6'iV Oi- 

mU JtfMirr, Corrf. Cknm. i. 684. 
l|bFyri.ff^tini.f>i(. ill. Wl,350,pl.»4. r. 1—4. Faiurvl.Amm. 

Sae. Sni, Fr. s. IH9. 32. //orru, Cmn. £nr. ZAt. Uf. 3li9, 

Jfkto OzTaoaalb*, 5«AraMi. fnan. Jl»«r it. 1 16, 1210. 
(^pCMfaplib. vlnyof, Ann. &ic. Em. Fr. 2nu Stn*, r. 478,»S. 


LUT or KOMorrinfto niuoTa. 

^m Disun««' Mwrm ilx lint mn4 Mcood rvim at ilie but la 

^^^iitn half tlisl brlnerii thtta at tli« tip* ; IlitH moA farthR fin 

^■Ihe wowil at the tin llun at tb« base, ■ lill1« fartWr IVim tltr»- 

^VMnd U die tuts tlinn tbe Mcoad i* tnm ili* fln( ; Cm tmk nij 

vueh BencT ts tbe frtonil f»ik ai tbc lip (ban t« ibc tbitd trn, » 

Mar 10 tbc Ui(n) vrin at tb« tbirJ it tn Ui« iMsad ; »ecaii4 ItA *i 

■oar to ibe fcmnb rein a* to tbe Am fntk : fourtb T<iii cm^ed w>r 

ike fcaic, alDiMi iitnigltt wwkrda tlw lip, nij maA mww p> ib* 

Mconil f<i4t ihas in tb» lip of lb« rik-nin. 

Var. FiM loA » liuk VMnr ta iht tbinl •tin iban tbc ilatJ k 

10 tll« M«Mlll. 

Vat. DUtaoM b«twc«i lh« Gnt aod wonnd rriat at Uw UN 
lew tban «ae-tbtrd of ibui buiwriii ibt'in at tbc tip*; thii4 a tail 
Iknhcr IVom tb« Mvuoil at thr lip ihno at tbe bate, witch liMbi 
Iruio ilic tetooil at ilic late thou tbe tcouiid i« rroin lb* tm ; iiV 
fofk at tbe tip foui liiota rartlicf froai ibc ibird rein ibaa fnn ibt 
teoood fork ; atcMiil Coik noie tbiu twice failbet rmn Ike honk 
vctn ihau him ib« flm ToA. 

-a. Bugknd. (I* (^oo'iU Babam). Fpdb Ur. WalkerV col- 


80. Anna Pioi. 

Apliit Paili, Lim. Svit. A'ul. ii, 734.9. An. Sute. Mtl. 

/u, iti.pl. 3»,f. 0.10. Fahr.Sf. /•». li.38».4». Wml. 
H. .-tl7, An. BkI. .SfU. jr. -230, ao. A>l. /Uva. .101, 
Cw/. £V- SvtU A'li/. i- 23CK1, («. Sehmk, Fmhm. thit 
IIA, laill. .sVu'. ft/. iVai. Mif. ii, no. lun. Syu \ 
7W. A'</|. J/,<«. i'/«>i. i. 74, 63. Hull. F.ft. /» i^. 
M. !»■.(*, Ann. Sal. nut S«r.Q,r. 374.79. 

I'aiilox, /liayut, ^nut. Sic. Unl. />. 3m< AVrtr, t.477, U9. 




DlklatiM liel<r««n ilie lint aod aetanil >«iii« nl ib« dp* 
Ihlieo Ibal brtnocn iWin at ibu baw ; iblid icty laucb Cahhtt\ 
tbe accvnd nt the tip ibmi at tbe banc, ten biimA hnbct frMi iki 
■toond at tbe Usv ibnii ihi^ ikkwiiiI i* froiB tbc iM ; Sm Ibtfc aM* 
ntartr to lb* Mcuail f«tl tbuii ioib<r ibini •eiu.much neanrwikt 
Ibird reia Ihaa llic tbird it tti tbe MC»n4 ; *cociii4 Tark aa Mar lA ikr 
fourlb leiu at (u Ibc fint {t»k : foenb tcin to*K, CUTvfd neu ibl 
, bnw. «lrai](b[ luwanlt llie lip, full tokc Cinkei (mn like tif<l£Afj 
^Kiil>-vein tbnii frmn ilie *ec»nd fork. ^H^H 

Bo. Sfoilnnd. Pinnited bf E. l)nabhd«7, Rtq. I^H 

' b—grr. Enitlana. (In Canada Balaam). From Sir, Waited c* ' 


tm or BOMonssotrt mecn. 

W. Arms Soiii. 

>Sort>l. Koh. M-»- Pfttm. I. 70, 51. Ruir. Fcrtl. /m. (11. 
817. «. Wtlk. Amh. Sal. Uitt. &T. a, r. 37«. JS, 

DiutBce bMitm tb« Cnt anil Mconi) Triue at ilio luw kboiit 
bit ibat Iiriwtrii Uiob at llio lip: tblrd much hribiT Tfi'm lli« w- 
MSd Bl tbr lip Umii «I the base, a lilllc farlbei Tram x\xr second nt 
At bMC tkafi tlic Mcoail u fraon (be Gnt i Gnt futk timi«t lu ibc 
M«ovd torti tluu In ilie third rein, ncnm lo lli« Uiinl T«ln than 
Ai ikM b lo the M«and : tecouA fork Kcsontllv as uear lu Uie fourth 
Nb aa lo ihc fir«t fori ; Cuiirlli vein tIiKl>l1}' ouned, a lillle nearer 
Mlha acoaiul Curk ihon lo ihc tip of the rib-Tctn. 


^Bl EnitUiiiL 

' tip r 

(In CuMda Balusi). From Mr. Walkor't ool- 

BX. Apbis Ecoxtmi. 

Ifbi Bnon/mt, F«5r, Sya. Em. 736, l«. 5j>. I«t. if. 38■^ 17. 

JVaal. /a(. it. 3I». 21. Ent. Sm. i\.1\\.2\. SyU. RMyt. 

WT.ai. GiarI.EA. Syii. Kat. i. £200, Al. Srlinni. Faiai. 

flair, it. 108. Turl. Syil. JVal. ii. 7Da. £■> Onmld iluthif, 

*i*f4. Ckrm. i. (Ml. AVl. JVon. />|(ai. i. 19, A7. N'ai;l. ^na. 

.V»/ «i.(. .SV. a, I . S7H. W). 
bnjAiphit, -Iwynf, jIhn. S«t. Knl. Ft. 2mt Sint, v. 478. 

DtattMr b«IWMn th« fini a&d «Fi<ond vriui at ihe biMi a liitle 
Mr thia ODc-ikird ol ibat b«twMn llivm ii ilic Litis ; third tny 
«Mb larlbrr from Ui« t«cond at tbi^ lip llinn at llic Inu''. an fur froiM 
<b Mtnad at ine btue m Uie rccond i* ftoMi tlic lint ; Gnt fnik in; 
awt sMrn to tlie aemnil IM than hi the third iciii, n^nrer in the 
AM idn than tbf iLlrd b 1« Ibo tKond i tpuond futk aji far from 
<k Wtli ttln at fniin ilte Ant fork : founh rein oliebtly cuncd, 
' to tbe •ocoud fatk ihin lu tho tip of ihit rlb-vrin, 

■rith an addltionftl bnnoh be- 

Vtr. Third tvH of on« wing 
<M« ikt no brkk. 

M. EnijIaiHL (In C«n«dft Balaam). Vtaat Mr. Walket'i ooU 

UdT flt noMOmBOt:* ixitcn. 

80. Apun LTcaniDi*. 

Aphii LTChnidi*. Lian. Sy$l. ^«L ii. 791. 7. Faun. Snte. I 

IAMmM. //i<J. XU. 1. d. A/aOM. /lu. I(L W1. 310. 
[ .V-^'-TST't- Sp. Imi.UtiM, \. itanl. lHt,\i.3\i.3 
I jfiit.%(-i>.ail>.3. ^ytr. lUfn. 211*, 2. GihT. £rf. Syii 
\ N»l. i. 7303,7. ScMnitk. Fata. JUie. a. lU, \2U. H^i- 
L S«n. 1. 111*. $):«»■'. Bt. Nil. //ill. Ii. no. TWt. //w AN 
r iL TOa. A'dif. Jlf«M. /^n. i. m, 07. HUA. Am,. AWl S»i 
Aphit CuraboU, /.inn. t'aw. Sutr. 710. 

IXiUikCe be4«««ii ike fint and second Tcin* it the batt I 
tudr Qui hrlvm Hiam U Uk tip» ; iklti a little ttitber fraai : 
. Heoad «l the lip Umd at the b«t«, m hr fiMit tbe tcoood at A* 
{ bw* M ibe •Mond U boan ibe Sot : tai lotk ncaicr U) ibt » 
c«n4 Turk than to the ikird reia, a little Marcr to ifae 
than ibc (Lird U lu iLe tecoud; teoMid fork a Ulile 
^ int (ark ihsn to tbe fourth ma ; lourtli coIb curred, ■■ 
tip of tlic nb-Tein aa to ibe »t«aad fcrfc. 

*«— rf. Sootlaad. Prmcnud bj K. I>oubledMr, Em. 
r— r. England. (In Canada Balwm}. FruU Mr. WaUo^ < 

80. Apiita Puimn. ' 

LpliI* Pniiii. Ftkr. % '^a'' >i- 3tU. 13. .V<wt. /lu. ii. 3I&. 
£'■(. .V^f. it. 2l;l, H. AjwI. /tAv"- 3IMI, 14. Dif. /m. 
4I>, ^ |>1. 3, r. )-«. .^«Aniai.'/'au>. One. ii. Il». I3l 
a«,jr. lu.. Pv. I. 4t>7. IP. /Uaiut. /ai. iii. WS. pL M;1 
9.10. 06M. Km. Pnit.ii. M3. <7mW. E4. .Vyjr. .V<<. 1 
«03, 37. &w. A'af. Can*. 1.1*. 40(1. »o«m', /^aML £f««- 
«ID, I3T4. SUr. m. Ab(. //mi. ii. 1 10. rWr(. Z/ul. ^«l,» 
TW. /?•.<•. i/^lA. //u(. -Var /««. pi. I Ifl, C 7. 8. XaJr. fta. 
CVnt. iii. 173, Si. Ftrg.rlfkrr. Enr.JUill,.K.i4S. SdWiL 
A'ti/tiir, rmiiW on /Hiiinani /luivu, tnnu/. 3S4. Sir 0«t*U 
MotUy. G«rJ. Chnm. \. im. h'all. Mim. PfiAm. i. CO, V. 
Rail. Pmt. Im. m. 316,4. Wtlk. Ann. Nl.HutStt-t. 
T. 380, S3. 
ApUi Ara»diRl*, fair. 5;i. Int. 3KJ, 7, .Vaaf. /m. iL SIA. 
fiat. SwJ. ir. 312. 9. SyU. /Uya. 2ltt, 8. fTma/. £^ ' 
Ar«t. i 3903, 35. A'a/(. Mom. PJUn. i. M, 38. 


rruUut, Amfat, Ami. S»e. £•(. Fr. 3nu Sirie, v. 47a, 323. 
RlhMphii, Am^, /Ira. Ste. EtU. h'r. 2iiw Siru, v. 477. 

IMnuic* livtwoni llio fini and fcoond veins ai the tip* much^ 
Ml* iha* lwk# lliBt bcraccD Ihcin mt lh« huM; ; lliiril much fur- 
dB hon Uic Mconil *l llio tip llian at tlic base, further frum 
Ibt ircciad ■> llie bue llioti ikc Mitviiil is irom tli« Gnt ; 6nt 
Ink D>iu.li nvaier ti> tke MVocxl tiirk tLun lu ibe ikinl i*iu, lu 
■Bi to iIm lliiid i«iD a* tbc tlilnl i« tu i]io tccund ; trcond lurk 
t littl* W*nt \o iLo Xoonh Tcio than 1» the first fuik ; fdurth 

^b riiclilljr auned, Boeb pcarcr tu the Meund fgrk than to ih 

Vfftt tLe rit».t«in. 

Va».r 7TU riiipaTovt wimgltu famle. Pule or dnrk srwii, cU 
^jtiful. tMUicr loug aiid lurrow : Civleti a lillU ta-ire thnu huK thC 
laflfc of tb« body ^ tnutith pMln ^rMD or uhIc vcllaw : dkist 
lb* hhck t Ivg* pale CTtrn or pik yellow, modomttlf lung ; 
fMt, umI tip* of alianu darker 

71* (Mparvaf . rinytA /rm*U. Pal« grven wliilu u pupal 
kcad, Amk «l diHI and thai uf breatt dark i;'^;'- '■lien >he wii]^-» 
■tubUfi: bahn black, nawW u long Ha ihf budyi nfL-tanM 
I imiij fnjretioit abora Ibc «nMoa of the nbili>mrn ; wio^-rlba 
ythm; hfuid aad t«hw brmm. Fomu Aruudo I'linigmitii at the 
nd gf Scplcmbn, b«eu Ni-wcautle. 

I Tar.T 7%( anpomui nimgtttt famiiie. Nnrrow. railii'r flui, 

I 'fhil; tMRMh» in brvadlb tn» Ibc k«a<t lilt ntur tlic tip uf 
I AttUooMm, paU jeligwl^ gn*ii, \ehtV\iVti ; a vivid bluiib- 
I PMS Bripa dam lb« b«ck tad « marc iDdiitinci nirtpo on eacb 
[ *Mi : bakra bbck, r>le jreUow tominh tbc boMr, leu than half the 
I tnfih at the badj : noaib pale ffllo* with a bloi.'k liji , u«cu> 
I An fit TtOvw witb U«ek ti|Wi abiNt one.«iKhtb uf ihe kuuih of 
I At Wt'i kp faU jdlow. tatbv (bort t kD«e«, ftci. and tip* 
I 4 iiaala black. Rg(* gttcB, fptndto-abaped, rcrj laiK^. 

I 71* wmfta* mml*. Linear, Darrowvr than th« female : fecten 

I tmitf u \oBg at tbc bod« : hefli] tomeum** bulT, Hiid chest tomc- 

I tec* raBe*, Fron Arundo arrnana in the beginning uf Utito- 

I HMUnKWOod. ^ 

I *. Smbmi FKMSt^ hr G. DMUe4rr. Em. " 

I ^. bikni. [In Canada Dalian). Fniaa Mr. Walk<i'» collev 

Sn un or BaMonrnaom miKon. 

91. AmiB Lrmxt. 

[ Aphw Lnliri, StkrmJk, Fnun. BoU. H. 1 1S, 1313. K*lt. 

lyUn. i. 51. 30. IfgU. /lu .W. Hill. Xrr 3. >.%«,< 
1 l^lhnpbb, Amy». Aim. Sot. £nt. Ft. imi Strir, t. 477. 

DtattsM btiwopn di* Hm and Moomd vdn* ai llw t«M « 
Hide Urn Au half dial bolvce* them at die tipt; diini Utihe 
ftotn the Mcond al tW tin ihao ai Uie bu«, a little fulbctbia 
lbs Matnd U Ae biM iWt ib« tecoad ia frucn die £nt; flnl 
brit ocmr lo ibo Mooad brk at dM dp Dktn to die diir4 nk 
a Ititt* tinctr to dte tUrd nia iban \\k ihinj h lo die H«nJ) 
eMond fatk ■ litde nearer to ib<- fourtb tcin than to tbt bu 
fotki fautb >ei« maoh cuittd UFai die bue, aInMat suai^ i»- 
«u4i die df, Mucb ii«uw w tbe aeeoiid fori dtu tu dit i^ rf 

Vor. Swdrni toA « UdW newtr u die ftru (M tW w l 
(bunli tcId. 

_ •— <. EDgtamL (1*> Caswk Bkltan). Prom Mr. Walkt*^ «dl> 
K don. 

^ElpUi ToMlIaglnlt, ffWi. J.*. A'ai. ffirt. «rr. 3, t. 300^ H. 
^Fa. EogUad. Pt««««tcl t>; F. Walker, ttn. 

99. Ami* TcMiLMniia, 

W3. Anna DuMniL 

Aphu l>iaBdii, SrAnuil. Finn. BoU. ii. 1H, 1319. A'*J(. 
P/Tao. i. 43. 3!». W»ik. Amn. Nm. Hut. Set. 3, f. 361,1 
2<wf.ii.3318,3140-, ril, jlpp. id*l.. H.,lr..lrL, hil; tifi-J 

Aphii Taljtiui*. A'jrlrr, (rrrm. A/m. i. 

A|>b» Rik|iiF, Curl. Jimni. Hoy. Agrie. Sac. in, A3, pL C. f. 1-4.^ 

ApbU duliia, Cart. Jtvm. Riry. AjriT. Sue. ill. M, pt. C. £ 4. 

Apkll TuUfir. Smre, Th* /^)r«lW Plaml. ^., 81. 

Aphis Koluni? A'aff. M-m. Pfimn. i- IA. fl. 

UiaiiUiapbU, Amyol, Auit. Sik. Eat. Fr. 3air Sine., \, 477. 

ilR or noMOPntBor* ranRcn. 

IMMaae* bHwera Ibx &M Hnd mnihiI vnioi m Iho tip» a^alll 
Mtn lk*l b«lw «> n ibnn >l the Imuc ; thini rcry miicli tiiilicT from 
M wc«*d al tht lip than itl iho hue, inucti ruftliFr from Uicnecouit 
I tfce hne llun iLc Mvoiid it from llie finl ; fint fork at nrnr lu 
ke icrcoMil fiirit s( lo ibc ihlid voln, neftrar Ui iljo tliinl T#iri ihan 
brtUH b IS tlw wroiij; »ea>Dil r<irk ■> ntoi lo (he rmirlli vein 
m 10 ike Gm fori ; fouith tciii (rmcraUy a liiile nearer U> llir 
Moad tutk ibui l« ihc lip of Uie lili'icin. 

\'u. r BIntk. tcij nnall : obJolIM'n j'elloir : fcekn ■ little 
Wwet Uian tlie boiljr: noulb |>iil« yellow «ith s bUuk lip: neo- 
Mm •boA: len pak tello*, iimmIctbIcIj long: ttei anA lipt uf 
ii^ •nd of iMBkt bm'lL : «intt* colourloc, niiicb longfr ihnn 
iWhodTi ttiD|[-nb* nDd rib'inni pile jellow: bnncUaiid bnineli- 
•riu ptle btowo. Id ibe beuiuuic); of Ouolier no 'I'haJiolniin. 

•— ■. Encbixl. (tn Canada Bakan). 

FroiD Mr. Walkcr't col* 

M. AraiB ViBDUit. 


^^^ftumi. F<*r. 5v.l. Em. T37. 18. 5;i. Int. H 388. 2:1- 
ifol. Iiu. li. 310, 38. £u(. Sytl. i". 316, 38. &'v". Myn 
ESn^t* S<y.;i, ^nf. nfni.3W!, ffnuV. £J. .Syil. iVol. 1.2208, 
[17, .Ca/i. /m. pi. II. r I, 3. .Vfn>. El. iW //•<(. ii. III. 

F.&r MiiA. /»'. »). lU. r. I>, StAmtk, Fam. Hoic. ii. III. 

. I«n. Snirff. Hur. /lu. pl. II, r 1,3. Kail. .Van. PfUn. 
79, M. Sir Onnld Ifmlty, G«t4. Chm. i. 684. /fiuUVw, 
" It. M*f. I. 91fl. Wett. -4«. Aol. Hut. Str. 3, .1. 41. 86, 
hlfex, Amfot, Atm. Sac. t'ni. I'r. Qmt Stiit, i. 474. 

DitUDCC btlnfca the finl and »rcond tcina at Uio tipi toon 
tm larloe lUat belHcc-ii tliem at the bnu- : ibiid m liitic nearer Iq 
AiNMlid at the hue llun al the lip, fiithn from the *Wond at 
tttHC ihaB the wconil i* ffom th« tni fviL, ii#at«r to the «ecaod 
U iUb to the ihinl f ein, iMarel to the third vein llian the third U 
klht loooBd: MCond foik a liiiJe nearer to Uie foiirtli irin ibaii 
biW tMOltd fork; fotmh tein curred, faillieT (n>ni the lip of the 
** t«i ihan bum ibe leeoitd furk. 

•-«. Bsflaad. (Id Canada BaImui). Fmm Mr. WiUei « colkc- 


utT OP nowornmivt naxctv. 

tti. Aran Xtimtki. 

'^ApbtiXjlotlci, $nlr<iB(, Fmn. Boif. ill. tOT. BimMM,Hiit.!iM 
i. 7. ttiium. Ini ui. 2«6. W^. Imi. lit. OB. Ifl, i^l- :. ( *- 
13. CmW. Ed. Spl. Nat. i. «10. 74. Watt. Amm Su 
ItiH. Sir. 9, *i. 4a, 87. 

IApUt LMlcrtv, FmmW. ^u. &>r. Snt Fr. x. I(l7, ft. SAM, 
k AwMv'i iVoiiMH, lit. Hi. Kalt, Mom. PJUm. i. 4a, 31. Su 
r ohmm ifotify. c;*rd, anm. i. sas. 
ICjloMluiphb. ..lia^. Ana. Sat. Ent. fr. Zw Sirie. r. 479. 
[ 7%t nitjMnu iriii;/«i ftnalt. Head io Trout dtfihllf «•- 
m, Mt nMcbed: (cricn & litUe more (ban hulf ihe lm)tth«f ik 
1-odit : tint mid lecond Joint* nut angxlat; founlimiictitlionftllM 
llictlilr<h Unh muoli U»incr ttan the fourth; uxih »h«nMiku 
the liiVh ; irtenth iDUcb uore lluui twice ibo Irn^ of the Bid: 
lip of Ibe Kbdomm a tittle tonxer (lua tbc neciuka, vlikh ut u 
^mhtng at onc.«ighlh or one'tenib of the body. 

^ The riripmHu titifei fimale. Ftthn « Hiil« tinner Uu 
the bod^ : diilabM belwteii ih* fifkt a*d «i\oiid wlaff.vriD:' <■ t^ 
t>p« much uiottt ib«n taice itiBibelwBni tbedi at the oaac: ibrdi 
lillle fmtbrr from ibo tromd at iKe tip tkan al tbe ba«r. (tii^ 
frxn the cvcoiid at llic luic than tbo Mconil i* fiom the bnl: it« 
fotk a* iitai to the seconit fi>tl: at the tip a* K> the iliM nia, » 
■ear W llie thitii vein at the ibitd it to the Mcond ; woandl Ma 
Kuk Mater to the Tuarlh rein ihiB Io the Dm futk i founh ni* 
terj rilffbtlT euneil, a little nearer to tbc (oeuail toA thaa (u tb 
lip of die nb-vcio. 

Vat. nm focfc nnrer lu tlie ikiri vein than ilie tblid 
i* t0 the *MMid. 

r. England. (In Canada BalM»). Pram Mi, Walker^ < 


S6. Aruia CsttAtnit. 
I Cetwina, Walk. Am*. A'at. HiH. Str. 2, ri. 49, M. 

un or now M l ■ ■» !) ■ raiccn. 

97. Aram CiKpuint. 

irUtCM4uin«, irWI. ^MK. Nat. Hui.Str.Q. ii.44,89t 

•-f EDgkiul. (la C«iMda B«Iubi). From Ur. Wtlfco^i cot- 

9(1. Ariiii Jicosu. 

ifb JMobec. .^rAfina, Fa»». Sa«>. ii. 133, 134:!. Kalt. Mm. 
/VIm. I ee, 49. »Wi. Aun. y<U. ttUt. Str. 3, vi. 44. 00. 
2W. tlii. Aff. cir. 

Dinasoe UtwMo the lint aatl MvonU veina ■( lite lipt retf 
eb Mon ilna ihti h«(«Mii th«D iil ibe !>«»<« i iliinl fattboi fmin 
iWwmHiil ■! t^ lip llian it U ■! ill* boxe, hantlj fniibet fiom tbr 
•HMd al the bate tbin ibc tcrond is fri>m thi? liiil ; tint furk at the 
}m Uf ftvB the wcvod rotk «* frvni the third tein, neater tw tbo 
itia ilua ih« ibiril ii to tbr ucuiul i wwuml furk ■■ Ttir tnm 
IW rowrtk »ein «* fwin ibt 6n\ fork ; fiiurlh ttiii curved near the 
!••«. aliiiMt Mnigfat tavirda the li^ ■ little (aithcr Snna the tip I'f 
A* rib-teia ibaa tivm the MconiJ lark. 

09. ApilM HlLICBRVtl. 

iFM. Ann. . 

Gtxtl. S4. 

I Bdl^iyd. JCi^. ifvH. PJUn. i. 102,77. 

I BclMBit*^ ifmll. ZooK Da». Pr«d. 109. 1*^2. 
Sw^. .Vai, i, 4.MI0. ri, 
•Uifex T Amjot, Amn. Sae. £nt. Fr. Qme Siri*. r. 47A. 

DiMann txtwern the tint and wcond tHm at lb* baac about 
Wf af iW at the tip* ; thiid i lillle faftLor from lb* Mcond at the 
f| Ihaii at tke hate, a> (at liom Ibe leoaiid at toe baio ax tbe vccond 
b|«« iW Anti flnt fork at tbo lip a little neaitir to the temod 
U than ta lb« third *dn, a lililv uear«r to the lliird i<iii iban the 
W **tR b (o tbe (MDDd : (crand Turfc a IHUe ntarer to the fourth 
*iii(baB la the Gru Mk ; fonrtb (eto earrtd, naarcr I0 the aMond 
M ihn to tb« tip of tbe nl»tein. 

V«r Se«wlKi fbrk ai near Ui the Tvutth <ciii ni tu ilie llnl fork ; 
lank <«iii •> utti 10 ihs lip uf llie lib-ieiu at to the iceuud fork, 

riBT IT. 3 a 

IHT or ■oMOPmon ikhcii. 


Vm. 7^ n'njMmni ■•mo/mi fn—i*. Grf«a, cllipUal: TmI- 
I p*lc ntllow, niUicf IcB tban half the IniKth of iIm IhnIt: lip 
b«DWi : niMtk [wU ifltov, oith ■ brawn lip : Deotariw pdeVtl)<«, 
■a haig «» oao-iwclltfa of tlic bodj \ u|» bravui lep pds ji' 
tiMdetaulf lunK : fpetand tip of «fa*ii1u brown. 

TV tiWpamu teinftj frmatr. Snail aud hlack : ab 
TCtj- dutk RTMO, nucb l>nwil«f ihnn the cWt : iu dUk Uaek : 
OB bbok, lallier ihotur than ihe bade; moaih blad: nectid 
bbsk, aa loii|; a* tnia-tixlh ai tbe bad* : l«x* bhtok. tBodenMlf 
law; Ibra^tbifcU* <t<>ll ytWvn at ikr tnto: nine* eoloarlan, tct 
noek bafCT tban the hoAj ; vinic-riht pal* ;ttW ; bland )*U 
hmini I *etii« brown. Frum AuUUea UillcfoliaB, is ibe bq^ai^ 
of June. 

•— «. Englaad. (la Canada Bal«nD)i. Fmn Ur. Walker^ nllM- 


100. Arsn TAKatnrina. 

A^ii TanaoeUoa, Walk. Amm. Nat. //irt. Srr. 7, jr. 44^ I 

Diitancie tirtwccn thrflnl ■ndacoO'Kl ttiiu almotl twice (uiks 
M ibe tipi lliaa >l tbe ba>« ; ibifd bardli faitbrr from ibe teteat tl 
Ibt Up than Bl tbe twp, u fai rrani the arnvd ai ibe baar at ibe 
•wova in frtnn lb* Ant ; fint fork n(«rer Ui the Mvand fbrfc tlus 1° 
ibe (bint tcin. ai ncMr lo the thirl f tiu a* ibe tbtid In to ib« accaJ: 
Mcond fork a lii<l« nnicr lo ibr Gnt than in tbp fourUi rain : fNrt 
T«iD ^liicliilv oiinml, a little Canlm froai the lip of tbe rib-rciD tbN 
ttuea tlir iw<>ond biik. 


(Ib Canada BiUam). Frum Mr. Walka'seoIlM- 

101. Arnia CiiAT.KaaRU. 

phi( Cnlagaria, H'aM. Jan. .Vaf. Hitt. Str. 3, *i. 16. 93 

^V Diitaiice bclwccn the flnt and tecnnd Teioa al tbe baK ah 
' half that Ixrtocen ibnu at the lipi ; third iieaM* la tW accOBd ll I 

baie than ni ihc tip, a lititc uvarrr lo iheaKOiidat (bebaMlT 
I tlw MMmd b l« the Hnt : fint fork nearer in lb* tliini rein iba* ■ 
I Hm M««Dd fork, nuch nearer tu lli« lh!rd rain iban thr tblid ii I 

tbe MCfod : (nciHid foek fkftber from the fint furk than 6na < 

uar o* ■oHopTSKODt iRticn. 

I : Touith rein euncd iic«r ikt buc, tlraiiclil lowitd* lh» 
\p, • liitb tinrcr lo tht vrwud Turk Lbaa tu the tip of ibe liV 

— fc E»(Uiid. (ImCuMAtBalMiD). From Mr. WalUi't «a»ee. 

^ 109. Apiu* Cutxoi. 

■L Cntc|i. JTa/t. ifoB. />/«. i. 06, 17. Asd, Fortf. /lu. tii. 

317. i. WaU. Amh. Nai. llUl. Ser. 3, •!. '17. M. 
L|li* Pyr) ? foturvJ. Ann. Sue. Enl. Ft. x. 1S9, 33. 

IHitiBM b«nc«a ihe finl and leoond rein* more thin twice 
biker at ike ilpi thaa u tb« blue ; tbird a little &tib«r from the 
wand at Ihe lip than at ihc Nur, lu Ikr ftem th* aecood at tlia 
Mm aa tk« »eooad i* lioai the fim ; 6nt foA mticfa nearer to tht 
Mend farfc than to Um third •ciii, nrarer to ibc thin) lein thui 
Ihe tUli it to (be woond : iieco»il furk faatdly rarlher fruiu the fowrtb 
nk lL*B &mD the lint fork ; founb vein muoh cur»vd near the hmt, 
tea« iUaiKbt towud* the tip, a Utile DcaRi to the »Qe«ii4 i 
Am U Ike tip of the rib-rtis. n 


101. Ami* HiOBKi 

Ifhk llciler*, KmIl Mom. PJUit. L SS, «». Wklk. Ami. Sml 

UiM. Str. .i. 47. 
tphb Ilici*, Kali. Men. P/an. i. 88, M. 

Di»UiM« betarte* tb« fint asit nooond tciui nine tbau twice 
btbet at Ifat ti^ tliaa at tbe batu -. tliinl vriu a link fartlirr hon 
lencoad *t thr tip ilinn *i ilie baite, m fnr from the Mcood at tbc 
km M the lecqud i> froeo the dm ; fin.t fork iDUcb nearer to tbe w- 
Md fork tku l« tbe third leio, as ncai lo tbe third •«□ •« the 
ktid II lo ilie wcond; etcond fork a liiilo iieaiei to the fourth rein 

I to ibe Ant fork; Iciiuih inn tlij^litly curved, niucbiic*ter lo the 

~ 1 hA tban to the tip of the (ib-Toin. 

Tit ririp»nnu itinftea frmatt. Ovnl. dnll buCTor dork fed, 
■ HUd «tth ■ wbiic bluom : fccloB tclnucoiu. palo jcllow, nlfaet 
inc than Wfthelengtbof tbe lK>dt: lips brown: raoutb pale wl- 
m, villi k fatowB tip; neoLirie* daih brown, aa long aaaoe^mtt of 
hfWd*; bf* pale rello*. nKxlenitl; limn;; fact and dpa of tke 
kuAanowa. luwuiciiistanpn Ihc fccUri aic ncarij a* knif a* 
tekidj, and tbc tip* of the thighs are brawn. 



htn or sowerrxMoa imsna. 

Tie liriparvm Kinyrd frmaie. Elliptical anil AaA brMIB lAOt 
apupa : fe«l«n ai lung ai lli« bod} : aecurita ai loaf a* oae-4tA 
art^atM^: rudmitnurj iruiffapale fnta. Bbcfc, or rm^ul 
rrw«, ttbni tba ■iu^ are uoUiM: abdomea dark red: Mta 
(bona lh«B tke bud; : aoutb Lawtit, ■ilh a black lip : n ^ ari w 
librk, a« loDE as onc-lifU or one-iiVib of tliv bod*: I«ki tam: 
yoaMrior tUgba, notpllait tba bata, (an md tipi of ibaakt Matk; 
Mt* aameiiBe* black j ihatik* and fotvihigha, vxoepdng ilitit tut, 
of a fellow faiM: wiDK) cotourlea^ tnoch laDRa loan Ihc Mt; 
winK-ribt pale jelluw ; brand p>I< bniwn : veins brown. Jb 1M 
mlddk oi Jun* Ibc wliif b« tuteol and tfao pop' ^^"7 miicti la e»- 
louf; waatinKa tbp.v an dull pale joliovwh m«a, inw«i«« 
briRht icil. or iliik fedjitb ittst 1 loiDeiinwB Uie feelris ara rtiM; 
wilji a liijok lit< b> «cb jniiit, or black lo«Bid* Uic lip^ and MM 
Ibau balfUia IrugtL ol iLc W^r; laouib wtilu, wiUi a Uact iip: 
lag! white; feet aail lipt of ikiglw a»d of akaal* Uaot : ovUatI 
btauk and ihort. 

Enfland. (In Canada Buluun). Vnm Ur. Walkrr^ wlln- 


IM. A»Hta BasaHion, 

Apkia Berberidia, K*it. Ma*. ^|(m.LM,70. 
AwJ. &r.3, tL 118,06. 

DiuaoM brtwccn tho llni ami Mconil rriaa about twJM i 
at the tip« than it u at the b**c ; ihinl a lltUa lutber fron ' 
eoad at (b« tip than it it at the huic, as far from ihc toooad at 1^ 
bwo at the acoond Is treau the fini ; 6nl fork at the Up rw miwh 
vntTT to th* McoBd fork tbn lo ibo iliitd reia, a* aear to Ue tUd 
t^o at the ihird U to the ncond ; toooud fort laudi nearer lo the 
Cm brk than to the Tourth rein t foitnb (Ha ibikIi ourred, Mni|^l 
■ni tilt tip, gennaltj a lilUe nearer 10 ihc locond toA than wae 
Ifp nf ibe rib-rats. 

Ea^lud. (In Canada BakaOB). From Mr. Walk«r'a«alla». 

IDS. Arms N*aTT»nt. 

AphJt Naxturtii. Kiti. Man. PJUa. \. TA, M. trM. Am, JVat. Hk 
Srr. 2. ri. 1 10. 07. 

tKtuiKf hrtwnn Ibe Gm and Mcood relat at the tips mu 
more Ihaa twice iliai bciatcQ ilicin at ihc bate ; third mach f 

iMT ov Honorrtaon inrBon. 


vm tbe teroitd at iW dp tbto at ibe ti««f>, (krUin fram iho Mcond 
t ike hmK tliBD Uie Reooad a from tbc 6nt ; lint fatk neatn to the 
mmi ItA thao to ike thinl icin, nearer lo ihe IbitU vein ihaa itte 
kM la lo the Mooiitl j aecond fotk neaiCT to ibc Snt Turk tlian is 
ba fMKth tai*) fmitih vcia cuned, gciicnlly nutcr to tht Mcoad 
M Ihaa w Iba lip of Iko rlh-voin. 

I— a. ZagitaL (In Canada Baltain). Ftom Ur. Walker'* oollec. 



100. Amra Hcidli. 

BobbII. .ffAntnt. fduH. nw, ii 110, lll>9. Kail. Htm. 
Mam. t 3^ H. Ifo^A. Ann. Sal. Hut. Str. 2, ti. I'JO, M. 
UOm •/ itwflcw. 71. PtamUif, jVaf. //irt. Hep-fy, 

Mi■PnaiMab•kt■.^'<mM«^^•»|. .SV. £,'»(. Fr. x. I7S,I5. 
BHdUaa, Jm^, <<iia. iSm'. £al. Fr. 2nr tiMr, t. 477. 

fWalaiiiii bMWKO the flrai ami necund rein* at the llpi much 
■M»lbMit«ta«lbal txiKCca thcmat the bote; lliinl n Uillefanhpr 
ha the accoitd at the tip iban at tbe bnK. IHnbcr fintn the second 
al tbe haae ifcaa ttie tecoad b tram the firmt ; fint fork a little nearer 
Mlba aaMod fatfc ikan hi the thiid toIu. u 1Iii1*i uBarrr to ibe third 
<^ ihaa tbe llilrd ia l» ilia M«ond ; fecund fufk much neart^ 1« the 
Iwtk *^a Ibm to iba flnt fork ; Tourth icin much curved near the 
taK, almort flnuibt l«mud* tbe lip, retj mudi nearer lo the leooud 
fat tbaa i« the tip o( the rib-iein. 

Var. Pupt. Pale t<II««, ai red mottlnl with j^cllow. and 
d)blly llaced with Uick: (eden bLck, ictlatv inwanJ* the bate: 
~~ ~ I bbck : ittctaiic* pole yellaw, with black tips, a> loog 

of the bod* : legs terif pale jellaw ; lip* u( thanks 
1 Uaek tlid'iUe at Oeiohet. 
Tar. Third vein muting loiraTdt tho Up. 

Tai. ftoof ibc flm foti wanting; the tiamp funding an un- 
~ r aMla aagle with the atcond Igrk. 

Tar. Firti fact wanlinit towatd* the lip. 

Vu. Third *etD i*iuiiiiij{ tmardi the tip ; the Mump foming 
I M MMBallj aaata anfle, «ith the lint fork. 

' a-^. Englaad. (In Canada Balwin). Fnna Mr. Walker'i coOac- 



im or seiMrruaBa tnwm. 

lOr. At-Bn F*eim(a. 
ApU> Pimtni, ir«U. itoa. .V«t. //ik. 5n-. », «(. 190, W. ZmI. i 
Aphii r H'aa. ZiwI. tl. 32W). 

Ditunee 1»et«c««i tlie Brtt mot awnti rein* U Uic tin M 
(wife that betOMii (Win St tlir hiH; Oiinl a IHllo MtftrlO Ue «■ 
uuud ■! tbr bMC ilinn ai ihc up, a little mmxrr U} ikc (ceonJ at Ik 
bow ih*n lli« tooond it la ibc nrtt ; fint forit {tncrnllf « lillV BMW 
to (lie tcconil Totk Ibftn tu the tliird tcib, inoal un^n a liltl* MUS 
to ikfl tfatnl leiii lb>n tlie tbi(4 ii lu the mcmk) ; wcond roA « a« 
10 the fi>DTlh i«io M in the dm fork : Ibunb *cin tnoch «mtbA, ( 
Hide OMitT Id the Mi-onrl fork thnn to lh« tip or the rA-rtia 

a — ji, R«|laBd. (lu Caasda BoIhk). From Mr. Wall 

108. AfBia PKintAkU. 

Apbi> Pninaiia. Walt. An-. Nat. UiH. Sir. 3, *i. 1*1, 100. 

ti. 3360. 
Aplib ipiaanim f fiarlif, 0mm. Eal. Zril. til. 370, 13. 

Diatance bn*«en ibfi Gnl and aerond tcip* m the ttiM ati 
ilirice tliBt b«twt«iith«mal Ihe baae; third (CrjiBuefa fattliett 
the Moond at Ui« tip than at Iha baia, aa ucar to tlw aceasd at i 
baw aa tba loound in to th« tnx ; dm foik (cciMrallj atmttt to Ik 
Meand furk than tu llii: Ihird leiii. tniicli iicaicr to tbo ibifll •*>* 
(ban iha tliinl is w t)iv kcooiI ; tecunil (utk abuul a* bt fma A* 
fminh Mill u (torn ibe fint Tork; fonitb reia \oag, iligkdj c«nrt 
atmat •tralKbt iiiw^nU tbv lip, ntaoU ncarar to the anoond Exk T 
t« die tip or th« nb-*oiB. 

'. England. (In Canada BalMm). Fran Mr. Walksr^ < 

100. Araia Potsntiu.*. 

Avhi* PoieoUU*, WM. Amm. <V<u. HUU Str. 7, >>. 123, 101. 

Lm ftf noKonmiiars inurcTs. 

110. Aran Liocarn:. 

ipUi LijTUlri, Sir OmMld MnUy, Gard. Chrm. i. 638. /UcJ 

Tar. Lower bmncli of tbc linl foii ot ilie third fcin wuHing. 

Vu. Dutaavc bciwMB tlia flrM and iccoii4 lein* at tbii Biim' 
b« lb«o bilf tktt brtow n tlimi U lL« lip> ; wvond wcntlng in 
m» wiiic, tbird ■ UltJv uMrrr to die icoind •! tli« tip ibnn h( tliA 
tMt, u kcar lo tbc totond at llie tuM a> the ttcuud ii to tbc lint ; 
Im Iwk f*nlj niiilns in botli wings ; foutlb leiu outvied neur ibe 
hH*. Rnicfat IMiudi tfi« lip, w iiMi tu til* tip of tbu til)-rero u to 

(Ib CAnada Bnlum). Fn»D Mi. Waller't. 

•~t- Eii«Ua<L 


hn (««-dieit. 

111. Apbi> 0>ONn>i». 
OnonUb, Kati. SmL ZHl Stttt. ril. 173. 


b di*6>gui)facd hf iu *)ii>tt4:d wlnm, tnd by Ur 
wklch it tKlbet broadct tb«D tlic iiiiddlc-cbcfL 

..1. ^ 

n« fJrfpVMU ina^ii femaU. Small, jinlo jrll«w, kctiiu, 
llhfT ihnri aud bcoad. Iciijctb uf tbe Corc.«but nitbcr uioro tLsB 
Uf iu brcBdlli : wniF pule oU'e-Kretn IrrcKuUc Uiipe* alonit ibi 
lad aBd ckeat, tlinre ui linir ivw» uf dark (^nij r|ioIa ou ibe abdci 
Moi ffoa un tb« middle raw* Urjirr and mi'to IrtUKular tlia 
Aow OS iIm fide iobi : ftcUn pak fellow. Mack lumrda ibo! 
i/t, a Ultlc lonnt iImii iW budj : moulb pale jcllow, trltb ■ bla«& 
tip, budlj iCBAiiiK die iBiddle hip* : len citill ;vl1a« -. tipa of llw 
M dariet i wlan a little loaaer than lIic body, niih a bruwo ipot 
*tt* tiv of (act vein; biaad braim, inchidins a oolourtcis spot ; 
Ihmoc bctweea ibc int and acwnd reiiw at llie tipi nearlf iwlce 
Am W t wwB ibem at (be baae i third tei; much uenm lu the le- 
m4 at llie baie tKao at the lip, much nearor to ibo tecund nt the 
W ikan the tM«ud b to the fii»l ; flrfl fork nri>i*r to thv trcond 
kl Abb le the ibird tein, hardiv nearer to the third rein ilian (h« 
tifd la to llie icound i iccoud furk Dearer to ilic (jut fork ibao (0 
4*[g«nk tein : loitrlb rtiii much curved, uchtct ti> ibc Irp of Uw 
Aht^ ihBB lothoMCMidbrli: i)b->eiii of the lower uiog clouded 
^ifcba w B , with obIj oBe bnuieh-rcin, wbicb luis a browu tpotoll 

« EifUnd. PreWBUd bjr V. Walker, E«q. 


t.m Of BOMomfton initcn^ 

113. Apmt Taxacxtsiu ? 

AfhSt Tannveuiia f Kalt. Mm,. J^/Im. 1. 19, 9. 

The nnporaw tnivJm/n>Mf(. Duk te(l,o>«l: fiMitcODttt 
fc«lBP Dinch lou^t ibiB ill* bi>dj ; tccoud j»iul witli aa anelf ''f> 
thclatUv «ir lU tip; Toufdi iimch tbnrter ibnn ili« iltirit ; Iflh • 
little tbortcr than ua fumtb ; stith ahanl one foaitb of tbc leBttli 
of the Gfili, not more tbaii an«-iiid of the lengtli of (be MnUli: 
DecUriM abuut one-fcuTiti of tha l«Mb of ik* bodj : kp !>■(• 
nr; aloul. From TaoaocUim vwlfanls AvguA. 

113. ArHiv VioK. 
Aphit Vida, Kail. Man. PJttn. t. 30, 9. 

114. Apnm IliBtcoi.4. 
l|libIUbioala, Katl. »«,. P^n. i. 33, 22. 

DbUncc bctwrrn (Ivr ilnl and *(«onil *rilt* al ibo tip* tlatU 
nrtoe Uial between ihem at ikc bate; third vela teij GtUe bitbtf 
Horn the Mcond at the lip than at ibe base, mudi (artfaer tnm lb 
teooad at the b&su than ina Mcond it fruB the iru : Drat htk ai br 
fraiu the Mt«nil hrV n from the Ibird votn, orater to the tbiid < 
(ban tbp third a in the icoond ; sccoad fork nearer to (be I 
rein than to thi- fini fork ; fuvrth letn much mrrti IMU lb* iM^. 
itniclii lowxrilt th« ti]>, mr much fanher from tbe Up of til* <" 
vvia ihan frtiii) the u-roiid tinl. 

«, A. PniatiA. Piwonud bj F. Walket, E*^. 

1)6 ApiftH CoMvoLTVU. 
Afim CaoTotvuli, Katt. ATm. PJbm. L 40, 37. 

IIS. Amis CntLUMnn. 
Aplib Chelidonii, JTaft. Man. PJUn.\.4\,aa. 

DicUnce beiwivn tbe fii»l and M^coDd vdM mj imi& I 
M tLe lipl tluui at the buc i tbinl Tcin b« dmi Io UlC MCOOd U I 

tin or BOMomiiem imKow. 


■ U U (be hM«, mucli fartht^r frum llie u«ond at the btso tlian 

■ M Mwii b Uam xhv Gni ; flr<4 furk iwisu (knlin from ihe iklrd 
dwui friMi lb« Momil folk, M Tat from Uia thitd mn u the 

M H fr«a the (ceoftd ; toMod (urk a link n«afet to the lint foric 
H Mike HHUdi *eiu ; fouitli *ein vurrei) ntar ibc biM, nraigbt 
lk« tljs BMnf lu the ucopd fotk thaii to the tip uf tlic nl^ 


pRMaled Vjr F. Wallta, Em|. 

117. Aruii 0*n>u.X. 
fUlC*pMll«, jr«il. J/m. PJIan. i. M.4U- 

118. Afbm PijoiTAaiiiu, 

Sire. LL 

Ifhi) PUotajniiii, Sthranl, Faun. Bm<. ii. 100, 1186 
Hut. Si. 1. He (>'i<>W. £J. .Sy«<. ^cl. 1. 2300,63. 
Km. nut U. 1 1 1 . K»t>. .I/on. P/a*. L S4t, 4 1 . 
>DWwl,f<h-. ^yu. £«i,7^,'l). .S//ni,ki.387,39. .V<wl. 
iM. iL 310. M. £«'. ■$/". K. 217, M. S^tt Bkyn. 31)0. 31. 
Gmit. Ed. Sy,l. Nat. i. 2301, IS. J^VAniU. ^loo. ijotc. U. 
1. IIU, lauo. 5<np. Bl. Aal. ;/u(. II. 110. run. Sya. Sal. 

■Hl^BUitX, Amfot, Ana. Sot. Ent. Fr. 2Mr SMe, r. -ITS. 

^^^V" 119. ArRH S»siM£. 

I|lik SmUcw. .VMf . .&W. C«m. 1 3t), to, 40A. G>n«<. £•(. Syu. 

AW. 1. 2110. 06. Hchnti, Fi»m. Boie. il. 10«. lOti-J. lUto^. 

ML S*t Hut. Li. 1 1 1 . /'«»cW, Jan. jiw. £iu. Ft. x. 170. 
. I*. K<dl. i/u*. /^M. >. BO. 42. 
Iharfipkis AmfM, Aiui. S»t. fix. Fr. 2aie Strit, w. 470. 

130. Amtf SsDi. 

pbleC. K4tL Km. P/«a. i. 63. 44. 

DhUM* between tbe Oni luid iMond Tcini at tlie hue full 
riflbet beiwee* tluBalllie tipi; ihird vein a lilile ociun w Ui* 


LIST nr noMoi-nBoei intm. 

•Koad at the b«M tban nt the lip, m oen to tb* momiI U I 
a> iIm Mdond is lo the Gnt; fini fudi nmh OMicr lu 
bifc IImk U lh« tiiinl vriii, lianll} tieu« la tbt lUid 
die ihltd U U> tliv iMwndi wousd fotk m neu to 
u to the (ourtl) rcia ; fmiitli Tein caned *loa|c iIm 
uvor III ibe lecond foti than t» ihc tip of l]|« nb-reia.' 

■ — >. England. (In Canada Bulcun). From ill. Wi 

181. ArRiH RBAunt. 

ApUi Bhanoi, Paiuail. Ann. S-x. £Ut. Fr. %. 177, 17. 

123. Apnn PuxoiJLa. 

Ayliii Rfanmni. A'aJt. Mm. PfUit. I. M. 40. 
AptiU Fnuitrulff, ilfA/t. V'frA. li a. Firr. U. 1 1. 


>£). Aran ErtLosn. 
Apbb Epilobii, Kdll. Men. PJln. \. M. 40. 

DiUaoce between the Knt and M«»nd Tcini et the 
thtiee ibit bciween lb«iti U ib« base ; thint n liitle farther 
■ceond at the lip than at the bate. iilinu>t iwlcr farther 
COOd at the tiaie than the iccond i> from the Gnt; flnl f»fl 
lo ibe Mvond fork ibau lo tbp third tc)D, u far from ibe ll 
M tbe ihtid is from tbe wcmd: Mcoad foik Gutbet fraoi 
tafk tban from ih« fourth *t4n : fiiunb ttbi ntbcr bug, 
the bnip. •iioijil «tTmt)cht tuwards ib« tip, ncnfCT to the 
ibaii ta the tip of the rib-Tein. 


(In Camilla Haluni). From Mr. Wall 

13-1. Apiii* GaoascLauc 

Apbit GrOMulaiigr, A'a't. Man, PJUm. i. 07, 44. 


lut or sotiomiiavB rxtxcn. 

199. Aral* Rahckcoj. 

fUlMBculi, tUlt. M<m. PJUn. I 80, 60. 

Di«la«c« Iie(«>wa tbr Snt nnil iMond iciti* thric« ftrlliviM 
Ikt tip* than at the Imm ; iliinl vrin muob npoicT lu ibc uvond Kt 
At baw iku at lb« lip, finkM ftiini lh« mcuuiI at ibr bnic thmn 
At Mnw4 li fiuHi ibv llnl i Hnl TimIi rtrj murh ii^nrtr tu llie W- 
•••d fofk llun to t^ third icin, ai fat from llic lliini min aa llif 
dM ii ftoB iW Mcoad ; M«un(! fork «> Ear from llic Gnt ai Anm 
At ImkiIi *(tn : fiMftk >eiD currMl, a little uearet to iho Meand 
U ibttA to ike lip ef th« rib.teis. 

Var. Scc«nd Mt a liule smnt to lb* Snt than to tbe fourtfa 

Tu. Sr«on4 tclii Ibrlced BMr the tip. 
t-4. PniMi*. PnacolMl bf F. WaUtf, Eu}. 

I3& Amn Nxpitjl 

Ifkn SepcUf , K«/(. JtftHi. PJUn. i. 77, a». 

DUtance brtwem tbo firtt aixl Moood *eiiM at the tipi mon 
Am thtin hftket than ibat al lhabaw ; third >eiii a link Dsanr tu 
At MMad at ibv baM ikan at tbc tip, muuh Tarther fram tbe awoaj 
■ Ita !•*• ikan llie leounil it rrom the fint : lini fork Tcrjr nineli 
anm t» ibe aerond fotk than to llie third vein, hardlj nearrr to the 
Urd tria than the third i* lu the Homd ; wcoml Turk as nnr to ihe 
tmnk rrkn a* to the Am to'k -, r>iirtli vein ciirteii nciir the bate. 
•Mlfht lowmtdi the tip, twice faitbcr from the tip of the rib.Taia 
Am Inm iba aecMd lork. 

*-i. PrMk. PiMMled b; F. Walker, E^. 

137. iruit EcraoxHJL 

IfU Eoshariiic. iiTe'l. M«h. rjlan. i. 01,60. 
IfU* Bnpfaoebw? tValk. Zml. >U. .1pp. xliil. 

bfllaod. Praxia. 

IW. ArniR HvawA. 
illUiUjncm,K»Il. M—. ^an.i. 00,71. 

Tkf virifr^u* wmfM frmatr. Like tfce wtaglM 
neA haiij -. TteUn («ie Hlo** '■n><"n lowwdt lh« t^ 
iku tbe bodT ; Tosrih i"l>>l lilllr more llian liair tki 
tblnl I fiflli « lillle ihaibr tlinn i)>c r>iiilb; *ixtk ntuc 
Uie fifth ; Mtcnib esLTMnet* (hon : 1*^ p»)ejfikm ; 
at (he ihuib brawn : winei «ola«iilMa, (bort, uHljr > 
jimd ill* aMaMcn ; brand pjik jallair. brawB at ibe fc 
lip I niiw blMUdi. 

Dinancc tictwND tb« fltvt bH'I >rtvnil temt at C 
thrice (liBl t'clorcn Ihvinai (be bate ; third •ejii bIbim 
bom tli^Dconil It tliiF li|i tb«ii ml lh« baw, nrarer to 
llisbaM than the »rc»nd t( 111 iL( fint; fint nukilnof 
ftma llio tliird *cin thnn (ram tlie teognd fork. *M7 
frum the third Tcin thiD the third i* bou the *m 
r«rk nnrer to the Dm («rk ihao (« th« ruurth 'da 
ilighllv cuurI, a hllle atrum to tb« ti)> ol ibe rib-nl 

a— <■. Eoglui. PrMmlcd b; F. W^lktt, &u[. 

129. Anna VrtKLLnrs. 


Anbit Vitellhi», Sfirank, Faun. Boic.ii. 103, 1178 

PJIan.\.»7,7i. Rati- Font. /m. iii. 217, fl. 
THeUiniEex, Amyol. Ann. Sot. EnL St. 3»r Sirit, i,i 

tkR or ■oNamMKn nnon, 

J3I. ApnttSALiCBTi. I 

I StliMti, Kail. Mom. P/Utit. i. 1(»,78. Rati. Pont. liu. iii. 
17. II. 
I|U» S>l>ci>, Fautot. Ann. &h-. £■(. x. 176. IB. 
Iddlifex, Aaofol, Am. S<x. Eti. Fr 2inf Hint, t. 179. 

Dntanee bHwt«n ibe 6rat and Mcnml leini at tb« tips much 
mmt th«a twio* thai b«t«Ma Uiea al the bnur : ibini much dithct 
bm A* MMiid at ibt Up dian it is at ili« butv, iiiutti Tiiribfr frum 
iWMUBd U ibe baM ikin tl>n mviond i« Troin ibo finl ; TirM fork 
Bdl hrica fiutlicr TiMn ibc third vein thitn from the Tint rnrk, * liiile 
r to the third vein Ihnn tht? third is to the iccund ; wcnnd ioA 
r lo Uw ItU fiirk ihsn bi tlic luurib vriu ; fuurth ctirred 
r Iba taBCalOKiat nmiifhi loworilt the Ciji, a Utile iiiutrer lu thr 
I link tlun to the tip o( the Kb-vcin. 

<. Enfland. (In Canada Balum). Fraot Ur. Walker*! c«l- 

193. Arntt Pinpinkllx. 

bUa Ptaaplvelte, XWt. ifoa. PJUm. I. 103, 80. 

153. Anns AwKHiMji. 

r A»eriM, ffarl^, Gtrnt. Km. Zeia. iii. 369. 

134. Ariia A.irnutaci. 
TAMlvbei, KaiL U<m. PJLat. i. 1 13, m. 

I3S. Apbis C*iii>in. 

Uk Carded, Lhtm. Sf$t. Sat. 11. 73.\ 17. An. .^wr. «8A. 

lUr. ^f>. /«. iL 3n%. 1.1. Mmt. Iiu. it. 319, 13. Eml. S^l. 

n. 9H, IS. Sfl. Kiyn. 2)>«, 10. fStnrl. KJ. Siftt A'ai. t. 

93U. 17. Ami. fV»H. firwr. 361, 13T3. Bfrl. Sy«.i. 130. 

Sinr. £7. .Var i/ul. ii. 110 r-rl. Sax. >'"■ ii. 703. Fvitrtl, 

Jm, Sot. £«(. ^r. X. A'd/t. tfm. PJIan. 1 1&. W. 
OM-eardi, .Vab«a(, /"awi. Auje. it. I2I, 1230. J 

iHtrvurfaWr AmfM, Amu. AW. Uml. Fr. Sma fifnt, t. 47S. I 



un ei aoNomSiOoi tMtcti. 


138. Aruii Xrui. 

Apkta NrHt, Fmttol. Ai^ Sac. EnL Ft. i. 170, ». 
P|la.i. 118,111. 


137. Aphii Bntii.*au. 

Apbb BtiulMf*, &V(. .Van. />^iai. i. 110,03. Rtu. Fma. tm 

ill. 2IH, H. 
Aphii lulwrruLla, Ihiiim, iftt. Smimk. ii. aPO. 
0«oiHU|ihii. i4ni|M(. Amm, St. KtU. Fr. te* SirU, *. 470. 

ISM. ApHitSuLicn. 

JifliU Satiell. .■frAmnA. /don. B«ic. ii. 103, 1177. 
/'/«>>. I. 131 , «0. ib(T. Fattt. htt. UL, SIM, 17. 

jr«b. jr*. 


^1 138. Arau Cimcux. 

^Apbii Cam»I1>». Jtr«A. JVm. f^. i. 123, M. 

IK<uii<« hetwrcn tli* (irsi mA mcoiiiI *«iM at t^ \ipt i 
ikiiB <mIi*p fmilicr ll»n ni tS« lute; iliitJ vein mueti brtbnl 
tliv fcniiiil ai llic (i|i ihnn at ihc ht^e, u neat U the Moanil al I 
haie nt ib« icvanil ■> lo (ke (int : Bnt fork nniRiT U ihe UiM i 
lIuiD ibe lliiril i-^n it di lli« mc>ii<I ; ^o-iid fork etlrrmiil; iboftv 
«i>ntii>t( ; foiirlh mn dlsbllj eurvod, >lniMl wnighl Mmnb At 
ttp, ncarrr loibn lecnnd brk tbaii tu the tip of tlie ril^Ttte; hu' 
lun){, tirrv dark brown. 


•— c. Pnuda. PiiMnted bj F. Walker, ficq. 

140. \vmt pKeoicoL*. 

Aphit Pnnimln, K»ll, Man. Pfimn, I. )33. M. 
Aph'i Corui, ScArmA, /'im. ikir, ii. 114, 1218. 

iMT or Ba»omii«Q« nsun. 

HI. Arvii Triooknioni*. 


ItfUtTnfofOConi** K^*- M-m. PJIaik. i. IM, H. 

71« fw^amu irinfku famait. Black, diiainif, «uiito>, in* 
'■K ■■ bmdilt from ibe head lo near ibc tip of the »hi|uni«D : 
nit rcf^ itiKiDM : Gt^cmnuobihortrriiiuti ihe liuily : lint and 
Mndjotnt* *bon and uout, with ii» aouh on ibc inn^r «lil« ; fourtfa 
)lMi£ort«TibMil)clbi>d. longer thin Ibe Althi iiiiili mtlier bioail, 
»lh>M ibciftb; HiODlh <VTV ilendtr, as lonx it the ihird. 
J i* BMMly Uwnr : tMeaof ilit^ fure^lint wliiic )'Fiii-ntli: iiei.-' 
t abMU Mic-tvtwh of tfae t(n(;lli o( lliu luilj^ : ilinukt jrvlUxw ; 
Ai(bt jMow iom*r4t ibo l«iir. 

Tlr ritifMui mKi/eJ fmuU. Dull dark Kd while k pupK, 
■tt dull pale gn€a ru^immli of wiiiirt : fMUn nearly at lung lu 
Atbod^ «Wd (be alBBian uoMded, raibor iliicV, rxrcrliiiR llie 
WMbjOtKlT «iii|ti K4aurl«M) rib-ieiiu yellon Uiwarili ihc banc; 
laaligmjU; Tcinabtodc 

DitcabtY liclireen ibr Itnl and (eeond >«inm Iwtet fiKhvr al 
%lWii il tbc bate ; lliltd vein a liule neatrc lu ihc Ercunil ai the 
■H tbas at ibc tip, much nearar to ttie m«uiii1 at Uie baw> than ibe 
wwd la to iba Snt : lintl futk at far fVom tbr wcond fork tis rrcin 
Ailbird rtna, Unber from the third tdn than the thin) It fmra the 
MMdi aMoad fork a lUiIe DMrcr to tbr Timnh vrin tbon ta the 
Im M ; fovnb rein ourmi onr ibc boir, alnKisl ulraiKhl Unm-i* 
tt lip, a tiulv oeater to die lecond furk Oian lu tb<t lip uf the . 


) fbMb. Pmeut«d hj F. Walkei, E*^. 

MS. ApHia LioDrnDi. 

. UpMici, Fmhr. Sp. Iki. it. 38P, 44. Afant. I-u. il. 917 ., 
&I. 5yM. It. 3l»,4e. Si/,1. RHyn 301.46. Gmfl.E-<. Svn. 
.Vtl. 1.1.2303,40. Stfv. £f. ^«t./lM. il. 110. AVr 3/tn. 
f>I«N.I.HO, 107. 

tmt 09 mottortSBon maicmt. 

I4X ArHiiTtTia. 



ApbbVHIt, Smafi. E»t. Cam 3tM. Ftbr. Sp. /m. U. 3M.4 
L *•«. /lu. li. ai7.M. fu(. Ayjt ii. 23C. M. ~ 

M», M. RmW. £V. .Vw'- A'of- ■- -3307, M. 7W<. < 
a. 708. Kail. Hit. fjUu. Ml. tOB. 

luUi of Europe. 

Ht. ArBuCmci. 

Apkli Caid. .VrArMJi, Faun. Boie. (L 133, I23». Katt. iftm. Ml 

i. Ii3,ll3. 

Hd. AputB SaHGI^IM! 


SuisaiMrbc. &A»ni, /'a.n. IMe. u. 106, 1 187. AJ 


Ha. Anti* VsRS4*ci. 
Apbit Vertuwi, ScMrank, Famt. Boit.'n. 107, \]f)2. f «■«>>(. . 


117. Aphis NiniLi. 

Apl>UN*|M>lll.^<Ania, An .Afm. 11«, 1336. AUl. J/a*. /*/ 
i. \i3, 117. 



148. Anna TacA«4T4. 

AphU UUBMU, tfautmmnn, lUif. Uiu. I. 413. Kttt. J/«l , 
1.116, 110. 


U9. ArBiiLKccurraBiit. 

ilWni, Snmili. Ent. Con. 13g. -UH. Gmti. Bd. Sgtu 
tl.4.»IO.lU. Sttim.Bl.Nat.Hut.i\.\\l. 

Inghnd. (In C>Di<la Balnin). FnMoiwd I7 F. Walkw. 

ISO. A»M« Ciciioan. 
ii, Dmtr"^U ^Im. Set. Kal, xxx. 204, 1033. 

l&l. Aral* DitcoLoB. 
«1or, BafM. Baadl. £mt. U. »4. 1 . 

IM. Apb» Zxm. 

, Bmtfao*, Amu. Ste. Eal. Fr. it. \KiS. 668, pi 00. B. 

153. ArniB Mitrn. 

_jttn.Gmil.Bi.H^t. Nil i. Mil. 75. 
&&, M»S€t, Akb. jMm. tin. ti. IS33. 

IM. Apbir- 

, Bdirit, /■!. Ifow. IM. 

1M. Apb» r 

4, £al. Zfil. StetL !t. M. 

IM. Apbib SBRTomt. 
, Zcft. iiu. L»pp. i. 3, 31 1, 8. 



DitUBot heimrta (be fini and sMotid nins «t 
I tint )MiH«en th«m M t]m tiuc i thitd stuoli nMnr H 
..iBlilHtwic ilwn ai die tip, M >nT lo the •rcond utb 
he wi'eii4 i* lo tlic Gni ; Gnt fork ri ibe itp mucb n«ai«i I 
eoD4 foikiban Uitbethird 'nil. a liiilc noun to llie tkitd t 
the lUrd u in ibe micmiiI ; tmiiiil fork mi nm to the Ibintt 
to ill* fint folk ; roiirtb vein i-uitc4| neer iha bew, draijAl 
lb* ti|i, nraivT U> the leeoad fork tbaa lo ifce tip ed^ the liW 
■. EiiglMiid. PctMiiled b; f . Walker, £*q. 

100. Arntsaocu. 


kphis tocTH, HUt. Zwi/. vi. 3317. 

Dintance between the 6nt and Kcond r«ttM at tke Ci 

IJoe that Iwtween ibein at the bMO; third a liltl* fort 

be ■ecmtd at ibr li|> lliuo el the bale, a little farther fim 

oail at the btM ibaa the iccoiid ji rrain the fint ; Km Hi 

blK lay nacb neam to the iccuuil (urk ibaii lu tbe lbii4 

near lo Ae lh>rd vein as ibe tliitd ti to the Mtond ; aN 

Botnr toibe Rn-i fork iban to ibeiipof tbr roiiith itiu; ta 

Bnohcurred.a Utile neanv to (be Mcond fork ibsn to Ae 1 


Bnflatid. Piewnied b; F. Walto, Etq. 

Utr or iioKorrxBovi iKazoriL 

161. Aphi* PUTiGtn. 

,WM.Zool.tl. ^17. 
Bd. PtCMOled bf F. Walker, Eiq. 

102. Arm* lODUJK 

■gluil. PiewDted hj F. Walkcf, Ecq. 

^^^ 103. ApIII* GOMIOIIL 

^L iraa.;;^/. tI.»i8. 

S5oe briBccD iW Aixt anil <Mon<] rcinn ni ihe lipt more 
foe Uut bclirpcn ibcni nt llic bnic : (hir't vcrr much farlhcr 
^Hnd At ihe lip tbiii at thir buc, n little farlbcr fmrn ibc 
^^■bwe ibiD I III! wond is from lliu lint; lint Turk a lilllc 
^HaKonil folk tlinD to lh« iliirl wi) ; Iiatdly ntuirtir to llio 
^^bs tbp third u to th« (ccond : nccond folk oeanii Xo the 
P^wn to the Gni forit ; fourth ran niuch curved, nearer 
BMd fork than to the lip of the rfb-rein. 

I^mL Pmenled by F. Walker, Esq. 

184. Apiiik PCL*tU. 
•Itcim, W*lk. Zevl. vL S3|8. 
ttlii'il PTCHUled b; ¥. Walker, Evi- 

^^ 165, Aran (MiM. 

■nea. Wall. ZmL tj. 3218. 

h|kBd. PrtMat«d hj F. Walker, £«q. 

^^F IM. Apnit coLLM^ 

Mqtm, WM. Zp-I. n. 2318. 

kflud. PtocDtcd b; F. Walker, £*q. 


tar Of Bo«orTK>aci lymcn. 

107. Amta ciuiMou. 

ApUi cmiiiDoJa. WM. Zaol. n.23ia 

Diitkiice ben««B the fint and veeonJ Tcins full tliiiMi 
U the ti|« ibaa *t ibc biiie i iliinl a liiUe DMnr u th« i 
taM than u ik« lip, much nrarcr to th» Mcood «t the boat I 
MC<md it to th* Snt i Bm Tork • liule neater lo ibe MMod li 
U like ihinl rno, Marct to iko thinl rrin ihno ilie tUrd ii M j 
eonrf : teowid foffc a Utile &rUier fraia th« fourtli *ein ihu f 
BrM fafc i fMith iriD cuiifil, t(ni(;hl Uiwanb ibe lip, ] 
•Mondftrk tb«n lo the up oT ih« lib-icin. 

Var. Flni loA ■ Utile tbftber bent the uoond btk 
tb* third nliii terand T-xk a lull* u«u«r ta the foMnb *tia] 

a. EB^aod. Preubtol hj F. Walker, E^. 

I<SI. ApBia rRKqcEN*. 

Aphlf fminnif, FTatt. 2W. >ittl«. 

•— (. Eii(kikd. PoMBlcd b; F. Walker. Etq. 

108. Apiui LvroKiiHft. 
Aphb Lfwpddtt. Walk. Zoat. ti. 391«. 

EngUud. Prcceatod bj F. WaUer, bq. 

170. ApMia COKMmA. 

Apkb CMMieU. nrgU. 2u»/. Ti. »l». 

a, i. EogUiid. PtMMtrd bj F. Walker, B^. 

171. Apkir iiuvxa. 

ApbU adjuta, ITa/A. Z^ol. ri. 3U0. 

a. England. PtMnilod hj F. Walker, Beq. 

un Of nowomiiavii tMiccn. 


173. Aphi« coKiuxoTi. 

Affci* oonjiuicti, Waii. Zool. H. t2!0. 

Ki. tmgU»d. PtataUsd bj F. Wolker, bq 

^V 173. Aran niuLi*. 

1 EogUad. PrtSRiied b; F. Wi>lk«t, G»q. 

174. Armi risiiLitsia. 
t |l||Md. Pr«>eatei! bf f. Walker, Biq. 

17S. AMiia uuvTMt. 

IfbtdjnnUM, WM. Zoat. •!. n30. 

•-i. Enckad. PMMaicd bjr F. Waller, Eiii. 

I7G. Apiiib iMctTi. 

I adKiu, ir>a. ;?•«/. tL «no, 

I Dtnuiet liHacen tt)« Srtt and itorom) vriiit llirioo brllict al ihn 

. ol Uic hate ; ibinl a l»il« lartbcr froni ll>e ircnoil nl tlic 

I Uic MCii>d ii tt<.im ibe fir<t ; Uni fork imm Ui diir iccond 

I la the ibird >*iD, hardl* neater lo tlie tliinl triii ihnii Uic 

I la 10 Um k«do(1 ; >n-uud fuik a IllUo ucarvr tu thu Unit fi>rk 

I IP ik« (onrUi •rin -, fouith iciu inucb L-iinc<l, a little ocotcr to 

1 folk iksn Id Uie tip vf the rib-rciiL • 

Var, StanA fotfc « lllUe neam U iba Tourtli *«in Uun to the 

W. S««aail futi ivj ahon. 
«. EafUod. Pmimtcd by F. Walker, E«i. 


UBT or 


177. Amu scrruGAM. 
Apliii lattngtat, H'aUt. ZooL n. 2321. 


^^ft Distance betwam Uia Anl witi Mxwnd rdn full 
^^■i ifce lip* ihto Bl the bMO : tbiid vein faiOicr fnm the loeaot i 
^H^B tipuui at die b«K, a liiUe r«nhtTrra(u ilie Mcmd at ihe bM 
^Vlliu ibc tcroDil b rnan Uie Gnt; flnt fo(k nCBm l» tk Mctal 
ibtfc ibiti ti' (he ibird *«iii, Luilly nMr«r l» ifaf Uiird t^n ibu At 
Ihitd b to lh<r wcoDd ; lecwnd Cork motw at !•« oearw U ifc* iM 
Iblfclliaiilo ihe buctli leiu; Iburtk Trin nuchcwnfrf aeartbehH. 
Mialght towanla (lie lip. lUucU ncatct U> tbe •cooail toik ikau U 1^ 
Up 1^ xhe ilb-itiii, 

■, h. Engiud. Fmeawd b; F. WaU«r, Eiq. 

178. Apu» nsMit. 
Ha penola. (TaU. ?oa(. ri. 3U6. 
». ED(laDd. PicMUiled by t'. Walker, Etq. 

170. Aram ninMo-nuTi. 

^Apliii nigro-nib, fTaM. Zool. ri. -^ir. 

Eaglua. PreMDicd h; F. Wnlk«t, Etii. 

180, Arata auv^tCTi. 

Apbi* Mjuneca, H'aft. Z»ol. *U 9S47. 

a. EDgland. Pnmtcd by F. Waller, E«q. 


181. Aruia AirsKULA 
lUi Aipetute, FTd/i. ^oW. ri. »4fli. 

DitUDM belwecn xbe fini an<l «econ4 Tcdu about (wloe I 
at the tipt tbin at Uie bue; third Eattim ttoa (he •atnd'J 
lip ihnci Ht the baitr, lunkiir Irom ibo teooud al tbe bat* ibaoi 
aeoond it Itai 


(em, nearer 

10 tbe third Tein ihu the tliird ii U the xc^ 

urr «r mitnmintv miroTi. 

101 S 

Btof R>% u br fKnn i]ieGr>( r»Tk at from ibc fouiili ttiu; fourth 
la ■lifbilr curved. ■InMNt iiiniictii Wwiir4t tho lip, a Ihtlc fiutlier 
M iIm tip of (b« nb-*«lu <haa fium Ui« aeccmd folk. 

Tar Diftaacr tirinrcii the llrt( and woond *riiif muob mora 
MMtM Iknlier ai ilie I'p* iliun it llielMMi ihlid alnwtt twice 
■An frMS ibc Mowil ibau the ivuuDd is Inm the Bill. 

ik Cs(laail. PicsoDied h; K. W«lkcr, Esq. 

V ItQ. Aprik GcBfBOKjB. 

KoImUom, WtU. Z«tl. >L XM7. 

^^^P^ 1431 Amta Limokii. 

ifUi SmcU, tu. r nut. ZooL vi. 3318. 

KfiilbML PtMtfited b; F. VVtlker. Esq. 

IM. Arnia Vuiorica. 
t|bV«Ti>nk«, iraU. Zool. vi. £M8. 

Dt(ttM« bpivtMi At tnt •ltd teoond velni ai the Iip« neailj 
AAKfanktr lliKiial tbc Yivt: third a lilllc farllwt from iIickcodiI 

fc law tin* tb«iecond i< f'um iIif lir^i: lirM fork ai the lip M far 
h« d* tnvDil furk a* Tiotii ihr thlnl tein, orarer to tho third tein 
«• ihc thinl it tu tb« •«v'>nd : •«cnnd fork iicarvr la th« fourth 
*<h Ikan lb« dm ft-ik : fourlh *t<ii fliehUj- ourrcil ncnr ibc baiD, 
^ilki (ovarii* tbc tipi, idu«li Beam to the lecood Turk thui to ihe 
If tf iIm nli-rcui. 

*-/- Eagthmi. (la Canada BoImid). Ficwiit«d b; F. Walki!', 

B 185. Apob Polvgoni. 

*n Eo(laDd. Pramied by J. Hard;, Eaq. 


UR or niMiarTmoM uracn- 

ISO. Aphis •iMiut. 

AphU umili^ To/A. Ztitt. *L224ll. 

187. Amis DiPmtTA. 
AphU t VflU. Zoi>r. tL ttSO. 

DUUnM bdwcen tb* fliM and sMond leini vneh aai 
iwiM hnhn at tlie tipt tban »\ ihe hue ; thiiJ Unhrr tna | 
oond at the lip i)i«n Hi tlia bu*, ii D(«r U tlic teeoad U A 
M ilia •KODil a t'l llic lir>l -. lir-l foik much Mwer to thtl 
brii dum to Ihc ibinl "tin, nnrrr lo the thtid rain ihia tbe I 
to iha Mcoiid i Mcood fork tmnrr to th« lint G>rk thin lo tin 
vdR 1 lirarlli mn ninoh cuned, itmiffht iww tbo tip, aboot 
CroiD the lip of ibe rit^iein ■* rrom ilii' wcopd rmfc. 

«, A. EngUnd. PtMented by K. Wtlfcei, E*q. 

188. Aviin BtuKui. 
Apbitdivem, HUi. ZmL tL 3231. 

ISt>. ApiiiR onrAB. 
Apbiii ditpar, IVafJt. Zm/. ri. 3361. 

100. Arajn LATKMLM. 

Apbli blmlit, WtU. ZotJ. *l. 39»l. 

Aphii citranea, Watk. Zoat. lii. H/y. xxii. 

193. Arflia covniMDii. 
Apbu MDUnniDa, %Valk. Zaot. lii. Jfp. uxi. 

un or aouontaon iiuxcn. 


103. ApBII RKDvnolMfl. 

lAwhai, Wait. Z«t>t. (ii. Afp. zuii. 

1M. AniH nUTA. 
irtk, ffUL JTm/. tii. Afp. xxxiL 

I ISA, Apiii* ncHSMA. 

h 106. Anna oisita. 

tt,fw, tfkOL Zvti. rii. jjpp. xzziL 

^" 107, Anni ivcu. 

icu, Wttk. Zo«L Hi. Jpp. xxxiti. 

190. Anna APDru. 

1M. Amis ADDUCTA. 
ibota. Walk. Zooi. liL j1^. xxzir. 

^B 300. Amu Di«[n. 

wu, tPd/i. Zoo/, f U. 'l/p. xuhr. 




Lin OF H«ii«mRana mwm. 

Distance between the first and second Teioa about tbriee (uthcr 
at the lips tban at the bate ; third vein a Utile fartber from the wt~ 
cond Bt the tip than at the base, much brlher at the hue htna ike 
second than the second is from the Gtsi ; first fork neMCt to iha M> 
cond fork than to the third vpiii, bnrilly nearer to the third Tein tbaa 
the third is to tlie secund ; second fork much nearer to tbe bwth 
rein than to thf^ Srst furli ; roiirlh rein much curred near tbe bav, 
almost straiicht towards tbf tip, twice farther from the tip of the 
rib-vein than from the second fork. 

Var. Third vein with a fiirk near iU tip. 

Var. Third rein not farther fiotn the second kt the lip thaa at 
the base, twice farther at tbe baso from the second titan IM atCMJ 
is from (he firiL 

a, b. Englaod. Presented by F. Walker, Em;. 

201. Apbw tsibduI. 
AphiE Iribulis, Walk. Zool.rii. App. ixxir. 



306. Arms coxnr^ 
Walk. Zool. ri). App. sxxrl. 

307. Apbh VOOtTA. 

pin, WM. Zoiii. lii. Ai>p. i»t1. 

lUM heiiiMQ Ike lirtl mii<3 wcnnil reins [\iI1 twice fiuthei 
!■ tluui at ibc lioM ; thlril n< near to ihtr !^ei:iini] iit tfar tip 
[^•Wi bfUiri (lom ihc Kcoiid at ibc bnir thnii tbctccond 
pt Sim , lint fork DMrrr Id lh« sei:uiid luf k than tu the 
B, lintl* ncwM Ui ibe third vpiu tbaii the iliirJ in lo tbt^ 
IMMid mk ■• nnr t« tkc foiinh rdn mt w tbo ftnl fork -, 
An HiBcU currod dmt tb« Iiuic, otmatt ilmiehl lowwnl* the 
b Jiuthcr htm the tip of ilic ril>-tein tliau (rom the wcond 



PreMDtMl b7 F. WoUcn, Esq. 

MO. ArBM inxvLA. 

310. ArBia Tit*NSHCTitn. 

mUlk, ToM. Ztwf. (ii. <4f7i. xxiiii. 

IWM betwMn ih* fint and ■ciond tcIiw more iliMi Iwicr 
Lib* llpf iban al thvbuc; third triu Tiirtlifr rraiD the •«- 
b* tip ikin ■! ihr tiaM. ».■> nmi lu ihr letuud at ih« Imm m 
Id b 10 llic dm; Tint (ofk ^■riiprtilli' iirarpr to the iccuud 
1 1* die third idli, immr ui ibr Ihinl n-in ihaii tbu third 
pteoodi Moond fark ■ lilttc nrnrcr lo the foiinh i'<-in thjii 

r; in\ i fovrth rcrn cimed. rtniijcbt nnu the tip, n litile 
iWwicimid r«rk linn to th« ii|i of th« rili-(ein 

FtTMDtcd b; F. WaSkei, Bw]. 

3 US 


usr 09 MQKomaMi* auacn. 

311. Aran contbcu. 
Aphit oonrecu. K'aU. 2in^. Hi. /l/y. xxxrii. 

319. Apbih 

ApliM pttMcboift, Wtlk. ZmI. Tii. jifp. xxsrii. 

313. Amu iH'nKXA». 

Apb'u iolcTUU. tFo/l. Zm/. riL ilpp. sultU. 

314. Anm imtxirwrrL 
Aphi* Umiwparita, nwt. JiTda/. H. ^jif^ xnrii. 

315. Arais dbtiuct«. 
Apbis detraeU, faU. Zoof. vii. App. ixxHu. 

31ft Apno KOI 
Apbl* egrmi, IFott. ^Tm'. rii. A^. xxsrlB. 

317. ApBia Dtratm. 
ApU* derMta, FTa/il. Zoot. in. Apf, xxzriiL 

3ltl. Arait mmtBTA. 

Aphi* inwrU, Waik. Zitl. vii. j^n*. xxxix. 

trieUa, ITott. ZooL tu. il;ip. uxix. 

320. Athis maotata. 
ictela, Tr«tt. ZevJ. *u, Jffi. '^''» 

221, AfBifl nnn*. 
riu, IFaU. Zooi. *ii. App. zxzis. 

223. Aphis asbibua. 
ndiu, WM.ZMt. Tii. Jpf. xl. 

233. Aphis incDLTA. 
ealta, WaU. ZooL Til. Apf. sliu. 

334. Aran icooita. 
biuta, FTn/A. Zm/. f ii. App. xliiL 

336. Apbis At-TSKXA. 
MM, HUA. ZooJ. tii. App.jm. 

926. Aphis tmuxDA. 
gnd», Walk. Ztol. to. App.xiii. 



LMT or BOMomaan mson. 

227. AptllK TIUNKISHft. 

AphK traniieiu, HaU. Ztioi. rii. Afp. xUr. 

338. Aral* ILLUA. 
Apki> tn>U, nwi. ^oolL >ll. J^. ilUl. 

339. Arms mut*. 

Apfalf Khu. iraJJI. ^W. til. Apf. xli*. 

230. Araii ntTlA. 
hfiiM lertia. (TaTA. ZmL ril. App. d*. 

331. ApIIM IMDWtU. 

Ajih'u tnjpcba, (F«tt. 2m(. rit. Jn*' ^*- 

Aphii inMtu. IFaU. Zm/. tli. ,ffpL jclr. 

333. Aphis Ikdls. 

ApbU Inulv, r«ft. Z<m/. t)I, .1;ip.x1t. 

TV riiijHirow Mwiorrf fnnalr. Winn c«louitM> . vtia 
bnoiU <li»kj UiwanU ihf lipi; dituncc bctneon tlie Anl i 
ewi'l •liiu nl Ihc tlji* abixit twice Uuil nt the bue; tluidt 
nr^xM to ihe KCDDit at the b«M iImd al lb« tip. • little brdi 
dtir HHtnKl •! lite b»e ikan the MC(m<i i$ fntm ibcGnl; Gnll 
nttu \o the thiiil tein n* to ibe Moood bA, much OMttr" 

vm or novo PTB BODS ik«xct«. 


1 tfcan ibr lliird i> Uithciecond: wcoml forii as DMiUtlie 
lin u to ili« lint roiL -. Tounh *ein much curved, verj 1 
I ike lip «r the lib-teiu than to tb« teoood fotk. 

I FbM fmfc nucli ncaivr to tliu third rtin thu M 

ttemui bA OMm to the buith tein than to ibi bttl 

llki teomiid bA o 

Aphis ooxi?aui. 

33A. Aputi coNruu. 

saOL Aphis nnxurnccTi. 

337. Ariiia idjbcti> 
iJMtt, Waii. 2<w/. tii. ^jpp. x1*i. 
PntUDlcdbf F. Walker, Ec). 

KflltM. ITafjt. jr«>^ Til. A/^. xirii. 


S30. Apbir Bvrou. 

ir«W. Zoo/. Tii. jipp, rttii. 

PrcMtited b; F. V/aiUt, En}. 

utr or uoMomBOVS tnBcm 

310. Aran netk. 

ApUt picU, ftVt. Zofl. *ii. Aff. xlvii. 

EDglAQd. pRscniedb; J. Uuiy, G«q. 

911. Aruia iwaota. 
pphii napacU, Walk. Zotl. Tji. App. xliiii. 

DiiUiii'* belHMU iht fiM aod toomd vtEas at tlii h 
thui Ink* that bdnn-ii tlii'in «t the ti|«; lUfd fulli*r ] 
taooud at Uic lip ihan al ilic \tve, Cirtber (roia llie tceoM 
bue Uian Uie »eouiiil ■■ Injva Uic Tint : lint totk a little noa^ 
wmmd llian l« tbc ibinl iciii, bcaret lo the iliinl vein I 
third I* lo ibv Hcond ; trcnnd Tofk gnMnll; u dmi to il 
rnin at la ihr lint (>irk: (oyrlfa Tain much citT*cd neat ( 
alnioit siiaiglii lownnli the lip, nadi ueoterto the Mcood t 
to thi' lip ol ihc rih-itciu. 

4—t. Bngland. Pitaented bjr J. Hardy , Eaq. 

^H 313, Aniia bxol. 

^H^bU exnU (Tad. Zool. vii. Mf;). ilttit. 

^^ Dlftanco IwtKctn ihc drat and *eoaiul rvini at ibe dj 
^^BWW than twi<« Unbcr ihun xt tbe base ; tbifd umd 
ftooi the wconil at iho tip tliun ni the bue, »i iMir M 
I oond at the bate af ih« lODoiid ia to the flitt; lint ft* 
Dcam In ihe F«voud foit llian lo lh« third roia, vet; llote j 
tlw tbbd v«in lliM the ihird a to tbe Moond ; Mi-ood fork 
OMltr la tha fltti Imk ibnn to the Tuurtb *ein : fourth ttia 
iMi «urr«d, inu«li Beater ta the teuud btk than tu 

-/. England. PitMSted bj F. Wtlktr, Etq. 

343. Anna inriHa. 

phii adrctia, WM. Z««i. *il. Afp. shlii. 

UflT or BoMorTKBoa Kitseri. 

1M4. Arm* qujeuki. 


ict bftwom Uie Bnt md wcuml fcint it ih« tiM aboot 
ibt bHaND thftD ■( Llie bosi! ; third n tlul* f*rt1i«r from tha 
Lu tha tip Uua *l lli« hnsir, inucli rnnliof from llic tecond at 
it thai tic MCMid w Irom il>c fint ; Enl fork nearer (u tbo 
nbt Uuu to ibe >t«>iid Tori, inucb tieam to the third ••in 
It third li to ibc iMt>nd -, wcuDil Turk neam t« iha bulb 
fcan tPlbc iru brki (uurtli i«iii muth etirrtd OMrtiiefaaaa, 

■tnifkl tioniatdi Ike tip, a Utile ocanr to the leoond foiit 

Ihe tip of the rib-veio. 

jlasd. Pmenltd b; F. Walker, Eiq. 

S4A. Amu AsscKTA. 

346. Aniia Bajitsix. 
luttta. ffaU. ;f»/. Hi. App. alia, 
bcknd. PmcDIcd bjr F. Walker, £»q. 

M7. ApHia raKiTioa. 
WtU. Ztiil. tit. ^;fi. ilix. 

318. Aratt GsiPMAut. 

■p^Gi, TaU. ZMf. tti. ^/fi. 1. 
PrcMDted b; F. Walker. E«f . 

349. Arut* ATOMiBU. 

fTaU. Z«W. vii. App. I. 
PKMBUd bj F. Walict. U^. 



390. Arms obibucta. 

Aphu derelicta. Walk. Zool. lii. App. L 

Distance between tbe fint and Mcond Teini mote lbu> t>iM 
futlier at the tip* ihan at tbe base ; third rein a little neuct 10 ikl 
■econd a.t the base than at the tip, nearei to the accoDd at tbe ba* 
than the second if to the first ; first fiirk much nearer ta tbe Mmd 
fori than to the thinl vein, not nearer to the third rein thaa iki 
third is to the second ; second fnik somelimea nearer to the fowA 
Tein than to the first fork ; Toiirtb vein curved neai the Imm, alsMl 
■tiaigfal tuvards ihc tip, much nearer to the Mcond (bifc ibu to ik 
tip of the rib-vciii. 

England. Fresented bj F. AValker, £iq. 

251. Apbia Et^rHUiLS. 

Aphis Euphrasis, Zool. vii. A^. li. 

a. England. Presented b; F. Walker, Esq. 

On or ■onopTiBAiw iHum. 

2M. Aritii Epn.oniixjk. 
pUofciiiM, llaM. Z««/. tii. App. liii. 

Wtmcn ilio fint aoil trconj iciiw more Uinu tfiot 
tbe tip* iban at ibe bate i third a Utile lanJinr from lh« 
tke lip lh*D at llic bcM. farther ftuin tho wcond oi tfav 
A* ««cmd b tram Om tnt ; fini fork nmm ta ibe Mcond 
to lfc« lliird *«ln, nMror M Ihc third (ein than the thitil 
S*e«ni(: trcxind forfc a little nrarrr to th* DrM llun to lb* 
rfn ; fiHirtb irii) cumd, > Utile imrer to the iccoad fork 
iW lip of ihc rib-ida. 

1. 1 BUrt : •hdotaeo kthii. ■lith a row t>t black dota on each 

IWlf ■• lone a* Iha Imdj ; moulb |>alr vcllow. with 

Ip: BBctBriM OM fiiwn. about me^ixih of the Inijtih of 
: Im> Bale }timr,iLodenit<li long 1 rtct.kDCM, and Ihigbt 
■iMtt to tbe lips blatk : inngt oolontlon, mitcb toi^fer 
body ; wInK-rihi ud nb-tein* pato jallow ; wing-twudl 
the other telM btvm. 

lO. (In CuadK Btium). Fnmi Air Walker^ col- 

%S7. Aral* coirsDim*. 
■ptt, TaU. Z«ot. tu. Jp^ ItT. 

358. Apbu ptLosi. 
HUl. 2m<. rii. App. lir. 

259, Apiiia puTSAu. 
nb. Ifaa. ZooT. TiL ^pp. I*. 

an or namrrumst isucn. 

MO. Anil CaaruxTRKitL 

AfU* CkrjWMbMDi, Hatt. Z0al. *ii. Afp. In. 

DUuncp l>clw««a the Dnl rdiI M«aad TDini »bo«il I 
■t lbi> tip* th»n at (he te*c ; third fartbct froid tbc i 
lip tlMD tl ibe bur, not bnker fnm tkt Mcond at liie S 
llMMcandi* tnm the lint: ftni bifc ncam U> tha Mceol 
1h» Itpi Iku t« the ilunl vdn, hirilr nMtri t« iht ikiti i 
Cm tbiid ia to tbc (ccond ; toMud folk ■ litUe neuvt lo ij 
win than to lh« Gni ToA: lounb leiu cBned, alraaat ctj 
mrdi the tip, mudi Dmi«r to tW Mcoad rork tltu la llw l| 

•, A. Enslud. PUNMad t? F. Walbr, Em|. 

Ml. Amu ivTcottnou. 
lpU( tniTDJucU, IValk. Zott. ru. .il^ liii. 

3(13. Arm* Appmiia. 

R&^U •pptniia, tTM. Zni. *iit. dt/f. ctli. 

3(13. Aran uta. 
Ipbli Ula, HWL Zoof. tiU. Aff. dU. 


Ml. AruiB DiMuiuTi. 
AphU illminate, WM. ZoeL *iii. Apy. tiii. 

305. Aphis CsiMtcoLBH. 
Apbfci ovtuiMlnit, /'iioA, /He Sxmu, No. 30. (». 
New VmL 

3M. Amu Atotaruon. 

AplibA»elepiadit.Fi(e*, TV &!«», Nd. 30, 6S, 


307. APdia CoRntrouc. 
(MtiUilia, fVtfA, 7%* SmfA>, No. 30, A3. 

208. Aran Ciuixoitollc. 

IfUi mtagifbli*, PiuA, 7^ Smair, No. 30, M. 

309. Aral* Bcmutcouiir*. 
Ifhit bttalaealcDt, Fi«rA, nU StaaU, No. 30, W. 

770l Arms SiMDPcirouA. 

Ifbt ■nt.iicllolla, J'ftrA, T\4 SmmH, Ko. 30, 60. 

371. Aphi« Pinicoliui*. 

i|Uir«iik»itB«. FUfi, nu 5«iMto. No. 30. m. 


273. Apiti* Popouroux. 

> popaUblia, FtkA, 7iU Soutf, No. 30, 06. 

273. A run Rcoixaax. 

HwftwHjt. PUeh, TU SmU*, No. 30, 00. 



lOtO Ltn or BOKDcntoM tuMcn. 

374. Aran f 

Luhiini AUed*, FUci, 7%i SoMt, So. 30, «7. 
Nc« Votk. 

Ltchnus QaetdUtK, /Sink, 7%e StimU, Nol 30, 67. 

376. AruM SkLirxLLiB. 

Apliii ulicelli*. FUck, TV £nub, No. 30. 07. 
New Totk. 

977. Apbii At.'orat.ca. 

LmIuui Alnirolin, Pitdi, TV SomH, Ho. 30, 67. 
New YoA. 

378. Arsta PitiKo**. 

Aphb fkrinoM, Dry. tnt. iii. 76, II, pi. 3, f. 31. pL *,t. 
Gmtl. £4. .Vyil. K»t. (. 4, 3310, 73. 


37ti. Arnn narou. 

Aplu fuwuU, Zrlt. Imm. Lapp. 1. 3, 31 1, 10. 

3W. Apki> PTtOU. 
Apia piloM, Zen. /m. I^;i. L3II,3. 


381. Ariiu svripn. 
Hwlif, Otrm, Eml. Zrit. til 36», I. 

I 383. Aroia Crmoica. 

ffiMniM, Bmrtig, Orrm. &X. Z*it. 370. 14. 

I 383. Artn* CAU-irrKiu. 

KlHpUra*, irmif, Otrm. Ent. Z*il, III. 3W. 


2Si. Amu PALUFK*. 
ilpn, Bartig, Gtrm. Sal. ZtiL ui, 309, 8. 

365. Arntt 

IbeUba. Utrtig, Gnm. EiU. ZtiL. UL 369, 3. 


[ 380. Aran vuiiK.tLis, 

^inalu, i/ar(iy, C<m. Emi. ZtU. tit. 309, 3. 

287. ArHiB nt-toatuiu. 
nia, fitrtJjT, JaMrb. ui. »I9. 

3Ba. Aran Ttrirrji. 
, Awm/. .iM. Sor. Ent. Fr. x. 107, 7. 


ton UST or no«ormae« ntwn. 



380. Amu Tnsi 
Tulietos*. Pmtmi Ami*. Soe. BhL Ft. X. 100. 3L 

30O. ArsiH Al-xaictii. 

IpCu AnnwtB, Pmmtl. Aia. Sat. Em, />. x. m, IS. 



301. Amn? luidamu. 

lapulaTiiti. Fiittr. S^tt. Kkyn 300, 10. 
LMihaiii lapiduiui, JSarm. //aHiti. £itf. ij. |, 02, 1. 


3IK2. Am» «L*aDOi.o«A. 

J^iU* KUadulcaa, XWl. £^(. Z^^f. <rU. 170. 

Afhi« Cnuani. 
Aptii* Conuil, K«ii. £ni. /TfIi. .«w«. rit. 171. 

^h DkMDoe belMM Um flm uid imomI icins u Ui« te I 

^Mrioa Uut b«tiHita tbcm at ih« tww ; tkird rein h br rram Ibc i 

^^BMd at lb* tip u ■( the hut, ni near to ths icoond at the haw ■ 

^Bh* MMod it tu the Cnt ; flnl fuik a lillte n«ant tu Uie ihixt ral 

^^Ihu tu llie M00ii4 r«rk. ai neat i« Uis ihM wria m tte thirl >t h 

tibsMOesd; (Moodforka Httlcn«tf«Ttoib« rannhTeiiilliaaitAt 

Ant toA : bunli tcin ihon, itligbdy cntrtd, much uaarer I* Ac llf 

ol the rib-Tein ilian u> ibc ieeoud brk. 

Pnuaia. PrcKntnt b; F. Walkar, E«). 

LKT ev KoiropTxaout intKcra. 

994. Apbikgtoca. 

kftm Mm*. Halt. £m(. Z^I. SMI. tjL 179. 

Abdonm b<Mt Willi (plniH. Thl« dpciolct U pBrbap* ODforf 
ip wUcb ii tcpiQKnlcd bv A. Juylandu, /tc. 

PnuNk PitMRicd bj F. Walker, Ew), 

^H 3M. Arai«viLioi. 

JVtftC, raimM. ilirtii; an^nf /rmiyinnr, pilott, apicr nifr^; 

KHUtlMm frrTuginevm ; peilti /rmiyinri', piloii, tibiu >pM« 

^K (•Tfufiif aJjF'i'i s^ trnMnrrra, vma/tucu marffiliali*. 

^^BUtk, itnal, htirj: Ctclm ferruginau*, kttinr, rtllier ihiti, B 
thiie itwricr thnn (br hudi : fuuTtL jainl baTdlr naif ihn tuiigth or 
!k tLinl ; CAfa, tixih, •nd Mirnlh hUck ; nftb «» long a* Ihc 
haiA ; tixlh K lllllo raoiv Umu halt ihr 1ci)|{lli of iho fifth ; (cvcnlh 
■*laaKMI^i**tli,bulmueh more iknilcr: ■culohcoa rrmi(;ioDU»; 
NAiim •piadlc-«liBpcit. about one-tilth of the lenipli or ihc bodv ; 
ltg> uoul, ferraKtBuiM, liait? i feet and lipt of ibo ilinokH lilaelt : 
*&p iHgMly fiayi >oUh (tout, blnck, clouded wilb brown; rib- 
|tiB bivwo, fi>nnla([ a ttrjohtuwe angle bciiralb (he rib-voin, which 
* pk brown ; diilancc beiKcrn the 6nt and second veins at the 
■tBlakMil bair thai bclwoeti ihnu at the tips ; ihinl hunlly nareT 
attaHvead at the tip than at tbu liaM, (aillior frcini the Mcond at 
kabaie ikaD ili* tecoDd U fram ilic fim; third vein and iu forlu 
lll^llj Cttrrad lauatd' the fonith Tcio ; linl fbrk il th« tiu n little 
Mum t4 the aeoond fuik ihaa tu llie ihint rein, a litlli.' fiilher fniin 
^ lUid ran ihuu the (bird ia rroni the ieci>ii(l : ht'Ciiod (i>fk lery 
IkSl* nearer to the fourlb ttin tlian to tlir fini Tork : Tnurlh Tcln 
i«>(d near tbe buc, RtraJKhl towardu the tip, nearer in Ibe *cooad 
iMthan to ibr lipo4 th« nb-*Din- Length of the tbebudjr 3 liDMi 
■(Ibtwfaip 4 ItMS. 


396. Apbis RVBTCftusna. 

It vrf nr/a ; amlrmait apitt lionri* ditto fnrnrihat lUiltjiu 
apif^ lattJjf Hf aiaewrii ,- atii HmpidU. 

A. Banuacoli, Vnr.f 

t>all gnat «t paJe red, atmit, eoo>ex, toniewbat oral : front al- 
•KMBdgkt: fori 

foticia uoul, bardl<r half llie length of tli* body; 



iMHtuotllii Doaj: ieii>HiaiuwkJ| Imwt MmKMiuiNUl 
■Ji4 of tbe ifaankn bromiuli : i»in|^ vnlonTiMB: diaUanj 
ihe fini aa<l Mrunil itiiii Rivrr itwn tiirioa fnitlH-r ■( Ui* Hi 
ibu buM; ihini > litilp ncitri la lli« wcond at ll>« b*M 11 
ti|>, a lilllc nearer tii thcsccnnd attbo haMllun die mcom 
Ski: linl Fork a liltk UFnrir lii llic Mcond fork ihaa to' 
*«iD, n lillle omtor 1« ibc tbiid mu ihiui lli* tlurd ia la I 
Mcooil fi'tk M Doat u the diurlli *dii m u> ibr Drai 
envcil noar th« baae, aliiunt (liaixtit tosarda Uie tip. t(| 
nwrar lo Uic •Monil futk limn In ibi.- lip of (he rib>«oui- 
on tli« rau«i of live psmiip, ouL-atiuiiallj at ibv d«plli of Oi 
BMth iho lurte^ whetoie it cnuls wlien Ihv winn are 
4vr*lur«d. Length of lb« bwljr ] Una; of lb* nag* 

England. (In Canada Baltam). Frao) Mr. Walk«| 

397. Apma TVKilceu. 
Aplitt l«n1coh. RmuUhI, jViiori ^nxfl iMIr Se 

S88. A Pit I* mtra. 

ViriJi-mfii, ornto out ellifrtiM, ninvexa,' Jiifo m^rmt ^ 
ril*M,fmonbiu iMii^ur apice tartitjue t ' ' 

HIT OT noHOj^BaoDs isiEcn. 

TV finp*n>iii wiaftA f*m*it. AlmMl rllipllcal : rerlvra u 
tM M Ibc bixlT : ocoUrle* ■laotl on^aixlli of (be lontcih of Uie 
wni legi ntber lonf; le«t and tip* >iC tUifclit bdiI »( (bonk* 
ihAiih : Mlns* oolooilM t rib*veiiii uiil bramU palu : diit[aiic« be- 
l»«n) Uw ini and *eooii4 cein* iwy muuh liiribvr »( tli* lips thau 
•t iW b*tr i ikitd iftn » liltb nMrer lu tliu wcoiiii «t ihc b«*P than 
N iW tip, •* BMi to Ike iccuiid at llie Iium •» lh« McoDd U to tbo 
hi ; kn\ loik ceorral); ■* ii«« to ihi- ibifd mtii bb Iu Uie an^oiid 
M, tniiT*llj' u nmi lo ibr iblid rein ait ihc lliiiil it tii tb« •ecood i 
<MM (orfc ■ lllllc n«arer ui ib? fnurib vnlii ibitn lo llie (Int furlc ; 
IwA <«iB laon or kw cari«4, iirnorJiUy ncarrr in ihc ircnnil Turk 
fci I* ib« lif cf tbe rili-TFin, In Unj, an Cincnriiu Lcngib of 
ikM; I Unci wrihe winjiS linn. 

«~>. Englud. (U CoiufU Balnm). Prescutcd b; P. Walkn, 


90OL Aphm AnnvTAJii. 

Pil« ; dUk uf tb(< cbfH dark : ffelcr*, Qtvlarin, and Irg* or 
■atmtalnt^: aiot,** cvluurlcu : ilihUncc belacvn llic Urit and 
*n«d mft< at (be baK balfuf iliut beiwcra ibem ui (lie I4pi -. thiid 
•«b nnrer v> tb« tvntiil ai the biue than nl (be tip, lu neaf to 
At HMnd at (h« haw h (he Mcond U to tb« Bni ; lint lurk liardljr 
tanr u ibo iroMid tcrk dian lo tli« iblid vein, vory mut-b uoan-t Ui 
Htbitd r«jn tbiB the ibird in to ibo«ccnnd; iccandfurk h» cieailo 
4t bunb tein ai to (be fiist r«tk : foiirlh rein ciirrcil near the boM, 
*!•«( iiraiiibt toward* ibe tip, Cuihuc Ixuin tbc |j|i of the rib-vda 
ttu ftom tli« KEond fork. 

.100, Arms AniSTiKiA 

JVtyr*, oLnra, t«»9tx«. minMlit, alhn polUaam ,* qa(HH»i* rarpo. 
rw MmUia lu lonfiom ; rorawWd Arena ,- /miu mJ trraM, 

71* nnparwiu maftfM /rtimU. NMdf oral, *err eon*FX, dull 
•nUilack. wilb a tli^bt «bilc tinge, mlhrt laren tban if. <1 Wftni . 
I ratbrt mote tban ball ibc Icnitlh of th« httlf : Irn are ratber 
rie* Hboat o<ie-(wclflb ufibe IcDKlb uf tbe omij. 
nd. Pntcnled b; F. Walker, Eu). 


iTBd. ■ 


tm or BOMortsMov* iMfxoTi. 

AOI. ArHiaKoiNs. 

rt »fUf 9fl nian rlalalas hujiu tJutnrU tty 

. nan*(aAM, MnuVvfii hnvittimit ; «mlmn^ tv t fa rt ma km- 

r fiarr* ; prJet film. %UM aigri, fiwurHtu dWMi liUuftt 



Till nri^Mnnu wViulrM fnmaU. Diijiht IcmoD-^olaMr. tncJiDli( 
«hriu benoiUi. oial. contct, ictj isiaU, niber ibort: Mm 
ck, w too; M th« tNNly, ];elluw ai Um bate : tnovlk pab ftUa^ 
widi ■ Uach tip. nrarl; nncliiiic ill* hiiid kipa: BMUtin }d»< 
Wllb Ua«k tipt, hnrdl; onc^twclAfa ol ihf IcncU oT lie Iw^f = 'V 
pale jeKo>; kii««B, fc«l, bji4 tip uf ibuiki back 

Var. 0. Yellixiriih iitiil«. 

V«r. y. Saffron -oalotir. 

Tic nVi^riHu teiii^ frmaU. Bbck : fMlDnxborto tball 
bodi : muulh dull vdlow, wiifa n Mack tip : hn border anil ! 
bother uf run.L-hm unt Ton-btiwu dull gmnlah ^lo* : abi' 
dart itllorrith gmn, with k ro* »[ black tpotioa oath ililc: 
rict bUck, about onc-tnelfib of tho loiiotk of the body i f«m 
aoH ajinnks rxicpi ihrir liiu dull jrdlow: «inK-rilM pale 
rili-Tciai jdluw i brauila pnle biows; bnocb-icini browa. 

I w i » 

I Iwlc 

303. Aruii Hipponuia. 

PUw*, fiuifurmit ; (jkintru Jiieut in alalit fmnu ; mttmt* nf- 
fvti tmiorei; mntim/a nurfiorna ,- a fit Umpidat. 

Th* ritifannu b'ih; I«i fitnalt. Pole ireltmr, ipindle-aliiF*'! 
MnutiiDM linged with ml : a few gtecn dots on ike luick, Md i 
raw of InncmMgTcni apot* along each dda of tbelMdy: fM> 
hrlAly: (Mm thMtar iban ike body; Am Jofnt angnlat un (k in- 
ner *Ue of lu tip: bunb }oUil nnch •borler than the ikiid; Cftb 
tboriM ibun Ibd fourth i rixlh Miidi ihorter than the fifth ; wnaA 
a little luDfier thaa the lUth: necianeo from one-fifUi to onMnd 
vf Ilia Uagth of ibo bod;. 

TV viriptnui iritgtJ fimatr. Disk of the cheat hownlik : 

ip coloiidna ; diiUiioa liet«*0i the fiml and tccnod T«iiu abotl 

twice farthcT at ihe lip* iban al tbo base ; lliin) icij mucb buikt 

tnr •? novoraiioM nmMT«. 


Mn fl» tMond u tlw tip Uion u (he bsie. ven muoh nmmr (o ibe 
Moad Bi llw bM« tkta (be MNwnd b u> tlia lint ; Sni fork • lltUn 
Mfv to th* Moond Talk ili«n Ut ihfl tlilTil icin, nesN-r U> the tlurd 
nillfan tb* ikiid i* to ilic lecuncl ; iccimd (atV m liltlc acurer U> 
At lot Ihik dwn to the fourth *eiu ; foutlh *cin ourred nour tli« 
iMLMnigbt Uwudi the lip, uBirer to llie tip of ibe Hti-tuiii llian 





ni totk. LtDfui of tha body j liaa i of llio wiogi 

903. ArKiH Mbluux. 

AffUa, wiNu/A. ritifliea ; snlmtdt rorpon mu/(o ttn^'iMm; CM- 

71r nnpnottf wi'aybu frmalt. Elliptltnl, pale vcllow, ven 

Croni MttTDw. with a ti>iilciil praiabtrnncr onncn tiila: fMl- 

ttxj MUob loutor tliiQ ibc boiiy ; fuunh ji>iiii nlioiil hnlf the 

lii|11l «f Uie third ; 6(Ui a> Igajt w tho fourtb i tixih muc^h iboner 
Ikn ihs tAb ; Hinitb n Ioiie u the tiiii 
AM «f Um tcsKtltof tko bodj: legtluog 


^ «dw^ 

7TU ti ^fu vm i ri fhw/ffnafe. Yi 
Wiam,al»iMcmpli<aJ: rtoatditthtljr i 
ttaaikabndyi joiDbrrani the iliirdiol 

ai the tiiird : ncctaripi about ddc- 
I.eii(;tli of (he bod; 

iHM. ApunCian. 

I, atJiwM, tn-TM, Ialtt,/trt4tliptift ; anJnWM Mtfon 
<an«(^ Artvia. 

Yallinriih, conm, mall, idiart, 
convex: fcclcn raiicb lihortcr 
_ri joinbrrom the iLiTdlotbeiiubiuctrrstlielvdccftna- 
iaf ia kD|^; Kvaolh mute thxii twice llie leiiKlb of tliu aixlh: 
IMuIm ab«ut 0M-«igbiL of iho Irugiti uf dio hoAj : Ifgt wba 

TV t4tlftt*iu KtngeJ frmalt. Vtrlcn a little ibortcr tlun the 
W) : ma|« ooloaiicu ; disiniice lieiwvcu Uie Gnl and ircond tciiu 

M^tluB twice {ankct al tbc lip lliao at ibe base ; third loorc ibtB 
tXcr brUicr (rom the tecun J ni tbr up tbuti nl thv hase ; rrr; liult 
fal hr al tha b*w ftvin ibeMCOod tbaii the arcoDd in from tlie fint; 
ti> faA MMvr to Iba MCODd (ban to the third toln | ceiMxnd G»rk 
''ha wuila| i feurtb *oiii iligbil; euned, bttbei frnia (be (ip of 



UR or lONomMMit ivnniL 


the rib-mn (ban rrocn tb« SMcait Turk. 

of Uwiiiup It line. 



9M. Arnia Po«. 


SOS. Apiiit SrBiXAUA 

Aplila SitlUriv, H«nla. .WartJt firiiiiA Afrirulhiritt, u. 788. 
ApU* Hold, lUrig, Sorlh BrilM Ajrirulutritt, ii. MI. 



307. Arm* Btic*. 
Apbk Biioc. Hardf. USS. 

ViriJU, ntiBUU, ni'lnu, eomttra, nAfnmmloia ; rvrtes fti/m 
«alraiH> tvrfort loitfiont; abiomm mbttyUrum, 

"GitM-fnetx, imall. sbininK, fluk-«haptd( conrra tbo**!) 
tllgbt); irraaiilow: two tultiutv fovea on tkfl novn, •nd ■ mrj 
nMc BOtDb in rront : bs* muecoui : noudi «itb k M*ek ti|^: ' 
en ■pringiog (rain tliftnt tubercles *etaccoiu, duikf , lonrt i 
ifaBlMjt; fintuidiKiMidjoinbpeenuli: ibitdlanfi Uuib 
Au th« luurili 1 tUib renr thort i M^ontb long umI ilopdei : 
■nargintvl, *i>mc<r)iai iwij ■ a fijte ni tbc ti|> of the abd 
nectarira cllipiiul : kpi of modnatc lenirtb, >li;;btlr pob 
dnljr gremub : abanki. tXMflini; ■ b«nd n«nr e&cb tip uid lipj 
Iht lli^i, dukfr; elms bUAk. Ltouib of tbi bodr ibMlJ 


308. Aptiii ncMtus. 

Ftara, jntfilii, fiulformU ; from iritiAfmilaU ; anMUM ' 
rii dimidio wix Imtgimrt ; Mntrm/a hrerittima ; fida ' 

71* vft^pannN Ktiufaj frmalr. P«k jeltow, kmd doipf 
&dli>4b<p«<j, nibet B«t: ibicc tubecola oa Ibe fmili l<^ 

tnv or MOHomnoM rtiRvon. 

■bml bolf (he lcn);th of the Nodj ; fnurtli Joiot • 
ilMiftbaf Ui« (hitil ; CI'ili at luu^u tbe rauith : liilli 
' Umii tbe Ulh i actrudi iiiuri! tlian Inive Uic leiiKlfa of ihe 

ibout H 
Udia ■ 

ink: aMoiwni with * tbnn fivli' nt tli« lip: n«curici> It 
<M4«tlf|k of tba Icagth of l^« bodjr : bgt ntlm klion. 
illWbdj I line. 

« BitUn4. (In Canada BoUam). PtcmiiImI bj K. Walter, 



30D. Aniti BntxiNA. 



cwrporr frnrfoiwi ,- romieula palUitii, ntdfc- 
'idi, HHu apitt unij^ue nigrifvnlibiu ; ata 

Tlf titifumu ifiimgrd fmudt. Small, browniili : f«e)cn palt 

~ 1 ibe We, nth«T ihiiil, idartcr dun thi; bod;- ; rouitlt joint 

libntfr ihm the third; fiftli as loug n* iLe lourtli -. sixihk 

'- fafe ahoMcf (ban tb« ADh ; Mi«ulh abotil laice llic knglb nf tht 
tfsA : MeUrin pale, Bboiit onr^itli of tbe len|[lh of Uie bodj : 
llH pole ; fc«t nd lip* (if ibe (hank* blacUah : winj[i colourlew ; 
4litoBC« b«ti»t«n ibn Gnl and uoond triu more ibaii twice fjrlhci 
MIfce tlpctbaa at ibf btiie ; ibirdTnynuch neur*^ In tbouivoiidu 

I AibMe ihan >l ibr lip, aa ii«»r to (be tccond ni iho bM« u t)w ••■ 

iModb to lb« 6nl : Rnt fork n Ultlir n»rrr U> the third vein Ibu to 
Ai weoiMl fork, ^txj murb nmm to Ibv ibirJ lein ibau die third it 

,fe Ao MconJ i aeiMiid fork a little nearer to the fuudh tein than lo 
A>int Cork : fL-urtb vein ^Igbtlf eurred, mueb farther from the dp 
•f Ae hb-Tcia iban frun tbe woood fuiL Length of (be bodj ) 
Km; of tbe wins* 11 line. 


310. Ai>His*tmKAaiui. 


Ohnwf jlflw«»iu. cenf je, «al lata, mMliftitn ; atitiwmr enrporr 
ftm utmn* brrtiorrt ; ihanKia ditnt nt eialii nifn ; ptdn 
f»IHdi, /munituM libiiijw apjce Uniifiu futeit ,- altt lam- 

' TV wififmnitu icinylat fenaU. Ding; jrflow. eonrej, ratbci 
'lebDoet elliptical: front ilightlf convex: feelcra about hall 
T ibc bod; ; Csiutb JoIbi macb sheeter tbau tbe third ; 


I diMUr Uiis the fonith : lixth ■hdrttr ilua tlw foanli ; 
[ twice tbc leofftb of the (titib : iwcUfiM ■ llul* laen tban < 
^IwtBiicthof (belnigUiaflliebedj: Itp of racxlmtc Imt^ 

llu nnnniM Mt'iyt^ finutr. F«elen ■Iibm( a« lone at iW 
[body: tevenuijoiutabpuiUinctibit lonelliortboflKUi^ dittcfik 
(abflnhlKki IcgtpKlci foot •ndiiiuorihaihifluuidof ihetkMb 
bcDVki^i wiop c«loiiries; duUMc between ibc&nluil Mend 
Ttlni ahnoit tww* fanlMr at ibe tipi than at ihe baw : tbifd rA 
mini l»i llii iimmilai ihebur ikan attbcli)k,a* near u> tWtMaJ 
HthoMeand iilutbe Am: flm Toik ncarwlothc (binl Ttin iktt 
to tbe Moondfurk, mnch neater to ibe third *«ia thaa ibelbirdiilt 
lh« atoond ; MCond fork itmcinlly a lillJe neaiev to the fottilh nta 
thulaiho Gnt fbik^ ruunh vein much c«n«l, aUttk bitt«rl 
dia tip of the rib-«eiu than frum the taoond folk. 

Engbnd. (Id Canada Baliam). 

From Ml. Walker^ (db» 

311. ApitiaouciLK 

Kifriraiu.gniHIU, tuttiu polUiuua ; talnm* ttrfart w"x i i t^^n; 
aUamm nrufr, mrwimfu ktt*mimu i prdrt paiiHi, finfi 
hm tfUii^iit apitr MnwfHr nigritt ttm «/i«, 

Binckith. tlcndor, niTcred hcocalb itilh wbil«powd«r: foha 
ilendcT, aaatlj' ai V>ne bi tLe bmlT i Tounli joiot itrt muck iboit* 
llian the third; fiAh aWmiliaD th« roorth ; riiUi aiAclataK.Ditit 
abedcf Ihu 111* fifth : w(«Dth htaim tl«n the &nh ; ab4>a« 
gK«o; ncciariea lenr thoit: leg* palo, long, alcDdrr: fret audi 
of the thigb* atid of the ibanki black: winKS while; brand* fi 
mbar loDC i vdm Made tovnd* the tip* ; diwanoe betwMa lh« I 
tank Mooad laba at ilia tlpa aboui thrioc that batwean than H^ 
baaa: third much ranher ffan the Mooud at the tin iban iiital' 
baae, a liltlc farther from the laoood at the boao than ihe tewai i> 
fimm the finti lint fork at the tip nearer \a iho third ttrin iba H 
thaaeeodd fo*fc, mwh oMier ui the thitd teiu ibin ihe ihiriii 1° 
dw aeooiul t aoennd tvik neuror lo iha fourth tain than tu ibt W 
foifc t fburUi laan enrrad. atpedallr naar iha baaa, Manr ta tb* n- 
aand fork than to the lip of the rih-rcin. Fram the wilbv. ^ 
Oeiube*. LcB^i of the bod; H line ; of the wiogi 3t liaet. 

Var. Fint icaV irantiiig towardi ihe lip. 
a. Enghind. Pratenud h; F. Walker, Vjui. 

Aphis Tekatbi. 

Sifrm, «■§■(, nMiu«, v&*n>ra, rimemt paiUiicta i cntfuna atrporii 
4xmiJio lii brrti»m ; ccmi'm/a mrporit Hfrima intyitudin* i 
frJti aHi, frm«ribiu li&tuf n« tpvf Uriii^tir nigrit. 

Tit tiripttvai miftea/nnaU, BUck, oral, oonrex, tmaM, not 
AUtf, wHt • tllgbl cnT dIooid ■ ler)m nmrW half ibe |«neUi of 
1* Mr : uccurini ibout oiif-unlli iif ilic Im^ih ot llie bud; r 
)l|l«lifle : fenandlip oribiitlii nod artlinnkt bUrk, A. Ruml- 
d^lTw* From Vcntrum albuQi, Lcojttii of ibe Il(H^^ f linc- 

313. Aran niir»A«i. 

,/uriformii, tiridit, anl niffi-viridu, alta jietiinma ; «■■ 
lnn« hni /tatw, tvrfnri* dimiJio m ^rftiom ; tiiraieviit 
«fh^ vfi^ nifn, ttrforit dteiwA noH Umgiom ; pedttJU*i, M 
tMU «pKV ymiiiiu loniifM migru, I 

7%r tir if anmi trim^u /malr. Small, fipinillf-^nped, rerv 
•uhbU tn Mlaur. belsK cither black, dnik ulivc-gKon, or dull wd, 
■Imp ootctvH with wbllo bloom : frclrn binck, pile Ttllow (nwurilii 
ittaK,banllT btif ilw IcnKth of ttii- bod;; moauiiiale ycUow. 
■tta bUck tip : oerUfiM wliitf, liurdly unf-t«nlb of lli« Iriiiilb of 
fctbad;; tf^ black: \en pnlv jrHow, oiodrnMlj' luug; knrei, 
bM,aM tip* a( KbuiU black. On KpitobJum. 

^piUrJUrt.mhtala.dtpntm.tHofai Mrmui ffnrittiaur. m! 
B^ Mil ditmdio jmulla brttiort i ; eontimh frrrruiin<i , fmln 

314. Amu iMi«ni». 

Tk mtifurm u vm^mi frmaie. P<lc jellow, Dal, bmlly. In. 
Ung l« bnaidlk fmn tkc bend (ill ont ibr tij> ul iLf nlidoinrti - 
-dMari; TntcbiBR tbe middle hip: (crii-r* i#it tlmiUr, ratkc'r 
•■ Au half tlic kiiKib of tb« bnilT ; fuurih juiiit iDiivb shurlcf 
Anibtikird; tflb a liuh iberlaiUian tliofouitb ; ii\th a* Ioi>e 


WttT rv. 

3 r 

lOT or iioiiopmom nucm. 

u Ike fifth : Mtrailh a tlttk IWKn ih»* th* alxilt : froM eooftll 
ibe mid41c wilh a iJiitfat l>b«ick on rack iid<: cjres datk 
proDiiiical: \m •IcWilei, ntlM* (hoct; fiMr-lp)[« but LlUk iImIB 
lk«n iktr Iliad itp i lh*llb Mnight : sMtUtin ka tku OBMn 

tlMh of the loDglb of tk« bodf . Ob i1m Btroti. Length t liar 

3iy Aral* iNmatm. 

/Ian, ifr^mM, wkiMf-i; ■■(;«■« miwjt jmJi—1< iraiMB: 
^ rara in>/« niiUa ,- ptd^ Imm, tmliJi, 

Th* nnparoMt vu^bu /mulr. Bodf JflUuw, nlbct Btl,i^ 
onaring in bieaillli ttoai (be Md till M«r Uie tip of tb« abdoBa- 
kMd fim^BK ■ hal/ drcl«, niuiidni ta (n-iii: CTca piora«,wilb 

y' of ite liMd, Dill on the »idM at h u(u*l : frclcn not odc^wA 
l)i« bufih uf tiK bodv; llrM aad toomil jaiuia tb^m: k^ 
nuek ibottrr ihaa the ibird ; Uik Sind uith of nodetale bi^; 
teveutli •leij ibuft: nguUi aot icacUBR inuvb b«j'i»n<IUiebi»^' 
Ctiic-fbrtl Biodent«lj laigv; tide* aiatcx; CKciUrin iwt mi| 
■bote the iurCaor of ih« abdnn>m - l»g:* ahurt, nihn awiit : G**' 
l^p ■anted nuinr waf in adtancc of tW fun hlaricr Icp: aU 
r BMnded bdiiad. On the Bifch. l-cBfth uf ibe bod; i Una. 


310. Axam divbmu. 
Aptont. Patt», oMta, nmnva, oitinMi^Ba, w^n4i mfits a** 

InintfjVsrtf, o^iVr nifi*. rvtjfrr pimUA tmfitm ; omirJ' 
winAia, rvrjiaru fuaifranir n'j' AfrmDnw ; ^piiM tmjuf*"- 
rtitu apirr laniif IV •••yru. 
Alata. KiyrarrtmiyT»-fiu<;milrtu,Umtarit,ptJt$Jltriifimtria. 

7'A/ nri/wrmu iiiiiyUii fimalr. Smiill, o<al, cuntCX, 

1 *hii<iD),'. iul« tellow. and mottled oilh leiven : feetcra pak 

' with KUtl Iip«. a lit>I« kiupr i)wii the tnidjr : movth wW 

l]on wiib a Mact tip - nNtaiitt iJ'f k )!T<««. about oBr-fonru (^ 

llnittb of the body: leita \oag, p*l« tcIIow; ftd and Ufa >'*' 

~" " I Mack. 

u<T or BOMOPTSBova iniKon. 

TV wMfrnvmi w i mtid ftmaU. lincir, shining, blacl or vetj 
ttA bram : U^itn and DCcUrin bUck : letcn pale jrllow : ftn, 
tip* of tfaitbi ui<l ihanks Hmtk : noj^s ncnrly twice the len|[tb of 
id WdT ; Hiag-rilw hiiiI ril>->«iiu fale yellow i bnnd luid feiu 
•nj pdc brawiL Od Ef Uobiiua. 

317. Aphis Saltix. 

Sigrm. *at avntU ; tnbmit ralid», eorjort jMwUi htmarft, 
tvminJa etrworii fHiKta p»rU lir (miorn ; riii« ptlU ' 

n» titifmromi trim^ ftmalt. BUck, mhcr dmdRc : fMl 
ttdot, • liitle dMfter tkin ifae bodv; fourth ^oint niu«b 
r (ban tli« tbu<l i 6lkli *. Itul* diortet ibut the fourtli : tiiih a 
Us ifcvrMt Umh i1i« Khb ; E^tnth a little longer tlixu the sixth : 
■bant an«~£/tb of the length nf iJtc hodj : Irjn rnlhrt 
llunb p«k, miwwbat hairy : winjp rnloiirlnu ; ill^tnnn: bn- 
(kc fna and Koond vein* much inorc than twicr fnnbn at 
At (iB* than at the bate : tbini rcfu ulmosl twii't? further rnim the 
•MM*! <^* ^9 i^u *^ ii>* bate, much fnrthcr from thv «cvoiid at 
ifca bM0 tlnn tbc Mcunil U fnxn tlio finit; Gist furk vt^rj miich 
■■m ID tbc BCMud forii tbui to (be third rein, a little nearer to tbe 
AM eeiii thak tbe third ia to tbe iccond : ict^onil Tatk n little ueurer 
to Aa Ant furii tbaa lo iW fuutlh rmn -. founli wiuvurved. utraight 
■■r ika lip, mttcb aeatcr to the seoond fork than lu the tip of the 
nb-mo. KroiQ Saliia ptatciuic Lntgth of ibo bodjr 1 lin«; 
■A tike winf 1 3 Hues. 

a. Swittcria^ PKKDltd b; F. Walker, £^. 

318. Apnia P«i,*M. 
fMa, i>Mu npit* (an^Mf nifrU. 

n»mi»fbttfamak. oii> 

I. Inagi Ubmt, alneat ^lt«> 

i, » wiJ i w4 Willi mttht : fMMn bla«k, MUtmmt, about on** 
*if4 of At buftb of tb« bod; : Icgi dnll ;ft«R, abort -, hipt, fMl, 
Ml tif* af abABks bluk. 


1 1 GroDl ilralg1i[."bri>>ity : tttttn sleni!«f, much Id 
if; faanh Jomt inuib iilioitor ibao ihc Uiird; ftfl 
r llwn Uic fbunh i dsOi ■ litile more lliu li*lf lli« ; 
tbe £Abt wvcDili almoti as luujc as iha fiOh And nxlk^ 
son tlwa iwice tliu bmilili o? ib« cbm. witb a rijlc ^ 
BMlattM • iiltlf ^llQ«Ur llian the stjle, ami about uli«-l4 
Inflk of (L* bod; t legi Iudc tnd tlendor, Fr««n Uw S^ 
wMd. Leufih of Uic iodj that. I 


320. Arm* rmiKaiTKMii. 

Vifidii, cnua, nmraa ; aitlrnac oraWWmir, wiponr 
mrainiia tvrporit qaadnmlt Umfiladimtt 

7%f Flripornu vtHjifm femalr, Allinl to il . 
(ncn, ova), cmivpx ; ftiml nnrrair ; fe«l«n tny tiender i ' 
■latU, tcBlcd on n protuhf mnco ; foatlh mach (honer Uiui ] 
Hfth aliiUi^tliuTicr tlion thcTouitb . sUth not bairtliclra| 
llfibi wiciilli luii|;;er lliao Um ihird: abdoincn wrth ■) 
Kjlr*. Doi-uriM hicitdcf, M bag aa on^-fuuttb of the h 
loKg and Kknil«r. 

Tl&rnnpafwiM m'n^/ma/r. Wln^ OolvutlMa; <n 
diitoocc betwcv-n tbc lint aud lecoad <oiDt much mofo l] 
faitber at ilic lipi ibou at ibc Uue i third ■ tittle ncami 
HiBil At tlii> hau llun •■ tha lin. m lllll* niBWv In Htm i 

UBt or MOMotnmoo* wascn. 

T. Sfwmd *Jid third Tciat Dnited bj a cnM-fcin i fmnb 
■Utilif towuib lh« lip. 


331. Arms IStwram. 


PaOUtJImM, rvl/iui/nnptu ; mtlntt^ frtritrt, t«rporr paulli bn- 
flarm/ tvmitMU Mrpvru aelait* Uiit$iltidint i ptde* gmeilet 

Pal* jrellov, alPMM •fnedlc-Khaped : front narrow: feclns 
^mAh,* IiUIc loBferlkta Ibc bodr; Qnljoinisruinlun a tubrrclei 
(NOh ntBCh ibufiM (kail ibe ihu4 i Gfth a liulc ahonet Uiu the 
liwilii «lsili *tiuttrr ibiB the flAlii ictentli lanf,tl«id<T: abdo- 
■■ *ilh a tCTj ttioft *tjlc : nrcluriet aUiiit oiic-rt)[hl1l of the 
lnf[ib uf ibe bodr: iryp iJci»lrr. fallicr tonR. From littith> 
biwu. Ln^ of tbc bud; 1 liue. 


333, AfHia TKNTiKS. 

IUm, D*au, <<«wBf » a .' oalnmit rorpnrii dimidio lum loayiorti ,- 
earvimZa (rmninid ; pn^ Arrnri. 

Tawaj, oinl. contci: front nairuw, slightlv coiiici: fcelrrs 
•Ami kalf ibe Ica^k of lh« b«<lj' ; founb joint a liltls slicrrter than 
ll*lhi«d; ilth much «hvn«r tlian \hc fiiuiili: ilvtfa Hliortn tban 
iWtlUii fracntliM liW|r an llir lifili and ikxHi: ncctnrict about 
WattMiedi of tbc l«af^ of tbe bod; : Icgi abort Fk^id MentliK 
IhiB. Lc^lb of tbe bod; t Hm. 


333. Aphis Aacrr*. 

enuiK H 

ItHfiom i ivraira^ obitnn, carpvrit Jnima nan ^nyiom. ^_ 
Ihk. n»r«r«< rfjw^M aifficaitj; ala hyalimr. ^M 

IV ni^nat u-imi/Uu ftmalt. YvWomifb-frttn, oral, c«n- 
>* boat alightl; coniex: fe«lcr* a litUo luogcr iban tbe b«d;) 

3 y3 

ftrai lie H«t>iid nt tbe tfp than »t tLe bue. Bncb isif^ 
Moond at the hue thftu tke MFund it (torn the Knt ; f 
titM tu the tbird TCanatUtliCMcaBd fotk, muck ixararj 
rrin iliun the ikM 1* Ui die Moond ; tnoml foA ae*ni 
fork ibaa to tbt fnmtOt vein i fuiitth velo curi^. a1in«*tl 
«>i4i ibc li^ M far [lom ibo i«oMid fork u from tbe tii 
Tcin. Fmn tlw If^cu of the Melon aail the CueitmbS 
of the bod; i line; of Ui« wringt 1} lin*. 


SM. Arms BjifCNcruHi. 


Pmilidt ^flmpa. fen rtliptiea ; fronu anyiuH, ufriafMC I 
■MMMi) forpvn ptnJli lonfiorihai tttii in Bt. 

Pide Ttllow, •looM elliptiMi; front nunv: 
a Utile Unger iliaa ilie bod* t fim juiu Mattd oo ■ •% 
feuKli mure tlinn half tbe Imglh of tbe ihinl ; Hflb A 
the (uunb ; tixlb macb »1ion«r tliNn ibc tlfiJ) ; tvvcDtb 
(wic« Ibe lepfi'lli of ibe uxtb ; ncvurin about one-^ 
leDfClb of the bodjr : Icfii blender, ntbcr lung. ' ' 

1 Uue. 


England. (In Canada Babui). Fron Ur. 

unr 09 wmoprKKMii liiMon. 


336. Armti 

Kfim Sdioni, tltrrit, Ini. Sfait. ISO. 
Ctited SuiM. 


I. S<:tlIZ03(ErKl CUNNI. 

^HuBrara. 0«r(<y, CflrM. £W. Ztil. K\. 397, pi. 1, f 33, «, 
^ SWi. /i«i, 
iffa*. )■ , Liiui-. Dry^ ^air., .*>'rAraiU:, liattS, Gmel., If*u*mmi, 

FtMueot^ Uarru. 
Ummm, LtmrA, .Sam^itrllf. Ifnlw., M'lttry, Filth. 
M^MSjIm. AU, .Vm. .Sk-. limi. Cattaiet, i. IH. Latr. To*- 
pM, i4«ni»l rt Srrv. 

Ctam, p., (Vlu. 
jlbMpmdu*, AtMfaai Onmutimi fp*^ pairerAir ipeeir ii tMpvdi 
^L AMiridis fiumi Aiumli JfU* Srriiiat Natmali di Bvtoma, 

■ mi. 

BbbOMom C«mi, Uartig, Germ, HiU. Zeit. iji. 307. Katt. Uon. 
PfMn. im. 1. 

C«ni. fair. Sp. tit. li. 3W, 15. MaM. Jn*. K. 313, 18. ! 
Sjtt. Ent.-7ya,\^ F.ml.S<rtt.i'i.2U.M>. 5«M. AAyK. 3U7, 19. 
ChW. K4. .Ivir. Aa(. i. 3204, 47. .f<Ara4. f^sun. A-tr. IL 
ICM, 1168. "fiMti. Fam. Sinite. 361, 137(1. Fmtcot. Am. 
Sk. Jim. Ft. X. 1Ht<, :)0. 

Amffl, Ann. Sixr. EtU. Fr. 3mr SMf, t. 463. 

SbmIL bbck : the baae of the Abdomen paler : fecl«rs nibcr 
■m lUn Uf tbe lenKtb ortbeiodj: mouth yellow, with a Muck 
^•. Ian black, aiodvral*-); loiif ; fi>i«.lhi)th« ydliiw »i ilic hut*-. 
™j^mfMj tJDjifd vitb urn;, mich lonfcer ibnti (he lindr : wiiiff- 
■k pla ; rdot anil hnad black ; the latter liofn ■Imos.t elliptical ; 
tesee bct«ccii the ftml auit secuntl •ciiis al the Iioh .ihuut one- 
mi «f thai bt-laeeu tbmi *t lliu lipn ; aecond vi>i;i very aliclilly 
MJlditiog ; Ibird vein much iienrtr li> the Mooiid loiwrda ills MM 
'm U the lit), araier to tlie M-Mind at ibe tip than Uie *MOiid ia to 
■W bat ; toA at tbe tip (anber from the (htrd vein tbuD the third 

LIST «f nwtommom mmon. 


n ibc Mcond, ■■ br from tbo thiiil Trin u fran tlw fimrA: 

I cmmt iieat tlio but, Mniglit lowmni* tb« lip, brllMt bm 

ibe ril>->Fia lliMi ftam llw fod. ^ 

Vit. Seoood rein more OBdnUliDgikboat fix tines Ikrdterl 
Ifce ftnt at Uic lip than ■! the buc. 

a. Bnghiid. PraeDlcd hj F. Wilk«r, E>q. 

^Hftphii lani)rm. Hatummn, Illif. Hag. L 440, M. Sir . 
^F atah.HM.S<K: rr««.li.l<l3,pl. II. Fanytl.aOS. Jftiil- 
^H bHag. izili. :l-.^) [tnifar /tirwi. IHll). 6'arrf. Jib^ J«. 
^H fsas. A'irAv t N/xiKf, /iifr. £>M. i. «d. '-too : t>.il3»i iii.l|' 

^M ButI, Stv En^l. Frmir, Tii. lOB; ix. I7H. Utnit, , 
^M An) Kn^/. IlKI. )»43. 3(17, 34S4. Hhh. Sri. Aai. 1 
^B VAn-iUy, Buil, Am41. £U. ItM. ilwtmiw, Hm. 
^ &I. /^V. IT. «, App. Gamnmt, Aim. Site, Eml. Sw Sirif, U.J 
CotCU* H»K, fiin^W, ^ii>n. A'a}r, iiL 9%i. 
ErlowiM Mali, Zmo*. Jf^.S. SamoarlU, (-'amp. i. IS. &> I 

A/wtry, OanJ. Cftrmi. I. t»t». 
ilyzosj\u* Mali, /Mat, V«>- ^ la S«t. Lbm. dn C»ImJm, I. II 

im. .Vrm. 5or Agric. Jt Gin. 1)00, »8. Xdir. An M 
4207. ^iHyul'l&rr. it»i. Smt. Ifim. 613. ToH^wrf.ia 
Aw. /fwric /Wit. lit. a^ I , 
ScUxmicnfa ■■Bi|t«f«,/fiirn'<r, Otrm. But. Ztit. iiL 3t)7. JiTad. Jf> 

^«i. i. \ta.-i. 
AjAI* (ScfaiKOnMia) UnlKcn, Aue. F«n(. /oa. fit. 331,31. 
UjtnuyXm.Amfoi.A-n.S'ie. EmI. Fr.Tm* Strk,r.*H\.sat. 
lAClioapbU, ^myif, jinn. Sor. fnt. Fr. imr Sfrir, r. 4X3. 
I BrioMRUi UniRtra, HariroU, G»rd. Chro». i*. 118, fitA, 
L SnMW, So, 30, 67. 

B»— «. Eog^aiid. [In Cani4A BaluBi}. Fna Mr. Walkn^ «l- 

^m iMioD, 

3. KoniioxxDB* uxDanofti. 

Scltlwneiiim UnuttinaH, Uvtif, Ctrm. Miij. itL.397. Kalt. Mm- 

/^m. 170.3. 
ApU* (Sebitoneun) laBUftnoia, Aotz. Font. Itu. tii. 3S0l !■ pi I'- 

I* I- 

\fSilt, RicMM. Imi. iti. Itatim. III. Mmg. i. 4(0. 
Iphii LIbU Ftmn^. Am. Soe. £nl. Ft. %. 190, 33. 
Li^iiitopba. Amfot, Ana. Soc. Bni. Ft. 2m Skn*, i. 4S3. 


4. SoniMiKKVBA TntMCtJi. 

tdJumnm Ticmula;, K»U. .Von. ^an. 171.4. 

tpUi (SckuoMun) TfCiDulc, Hatt. Font. Iiu. iil. 333. -13. 

fiTmiul*', Dry. Iiu iii. «t2, IS, pi. 7, t. 1—7. Zinn. SM. 
.V«/. ii. 736, M. /■aMii. .V»«. 9»7. Cw/. iW. .S>i(. .V«l, I. 
I. aaOH. 3«. /.ir. Syrt. KAyr.. 302, 43. 5(*.c'. £f. «•!. 
Ti«n«Ur«x, .inyot, A»m. Sor. E»i, Ft. 3>M SMt, X. 463. 

^P y ScRiiOHiriu DLHr. 

tlUa Ulmi, Han. Suit \ai. ii. 73:>. 2. fuun. Sure. 078. /f. 
Stm^J. a03. /uSr. .-Cj.. /m. u. 3Mfi, 7. jVanl. /«. U. 310, 37. 
JSiM. Sjwl. i*.-J17,.3() S-fil.Rliv«.^i09,37. Gmfl.EJ.Sgtt. 
NtL i. 33IR. 3. A/«uiFr. /tti. lil. 2(fl— 330, nl. 33, f. 4— 7. 
Gn^ /w. />ar. i. 41M, I. pi. 10, f. 3. Org. Im. iii. Sr, 13, 

fcJ.f.?— 18, iftmiM./, //V.f. ,Vol.i.8,pl.I.f.3. Lelt.Ottt. 
173. Sr'(r«iijl, /ayn. Boir. ii. 1 , 109. Aun, faun. ftriMr. 

S8S, 13)11. Arl. Syn 1, 119. Sttv. El. Nut. Uiit. ii. 110. 

TWt. S>i*(. tV«j. ii. 7D>!. fthaw, Gfn. ZihU. vi. pi. ii, t M. 

Fmhm/. Amu. Sae. h'm. Fr. x. lt)0, 33. Si. Fary. el Sirv. s. 

M8. ATMir. DUt, UUl AdI. ixriii. 361. 
I|kk bKorvB-Dlmt. Ay. /a>. iii. 13. )>1. .t. f. 7—33. 
fltliuM* Ulni, Ar OnraU jifntfry. CatiL CAnm. i.im. 
UuaaMfa Ulmi, Kail. il«n PjUh. i. 173, i, 
Mii (Schisoixvrn) Uliai, fti/7. Font. In*, m. 331, 9». 
!lHnBe» IHloi 7 Bmm. Ilaitiil. Em. ii. 111,3. 
kUMMun, AmfH. Ann. S«<: Unl. Fr. 3inr SMt. f. 4^ 633. 
ihUB OiIUniiB-OliDi' Jlmrinla, GarJ. Ckn>n. ir. 37. 

Dvfl Mack ; (talenfUnit, blnck.niontlirunii.tliitlitly scucmiub, 
klUr Aan llic bniljr : •UiimoB rrrf nhnrl, ulijibjir torvred ailli 
nj DmMiU : Itip mHtcnlclr Ions : widk* colourico, rcr; riu«1i 
mpr than tba body ; wikg-rilu binck : braml >iid *eiua btuwa ; 
liowr, nther kmt, aouieljr aii^ukr at cash mil : dbtaocc 


un «r ■Mfamaoca mson. 

betUDcn tlkc 6nt and Ncood *9wt M Ifct lip* lUl dgfcl ttow 1 
bdiwem Ultra at tbc bate ; third f tin nWRr to thq tteoaj unn 
tb« We titu at the tip, nucli Manr to th« (eoand tt the lip l| 
the eKoiid i* In the lini -. I(>^ not Muet i« the third *nn tkrt 
third iR 10 lli« iiccoih), ncerrr to th« (Mrth *«ni then to lh« dj 
laank Tdn Iooje, tlrai|[bt, iliitblljr CDrrcd neat the bne, ni 
D«)ucr to ihc (otk iban to ibc tip or the tih-Ttin. 

■ — t, Engbuid. (In CaB»il;i BiUun). Fnn M(. Wnlkti'i i 


0. ScBiioiniiiu Runrinu. 

SoUMMtm RMumuri, Kali. M'm. PJIim. 175,6, tl.d. 

ApMi, &e., lUam. I<u. lii pi. Xt, t. \~3. 

ApbU (SchizoDCon) Kcaumuri, Rat:. FmL lai.m. 221,30. 


7. BescnMtitvu omtata. 

Sohi«>HieilT« cmUU. Ifartif, Cftm. Emt. ZrlL Hi, WI7 
laohnot coitaiui, Hmrtig, JtJkmierieAL 


8. ScmsoxBDu Uju. 
Aphii (SchiKOnewa) «nw, Aib. Fimt. /u. liL 323. 31, pL I3,r I 


9. ScuuovBVRi moMA. 
Ciufa »ti|nna, Curt. SminU. OanL C&tm. ir. 37, ISH. 

WiDfpi nbititli : bmnd black, broad, in*itBl«rlr dfiaiiili dl 
tAnte boloMD tbe fint and Recnad Ktim at ifaii liaM haidhtf 
•inh «r ilut txinfOD ibriB al tlw lipa i tlard iriD nearer li> tWi 
oond loHatdn tlm Ikic tbia at ilie tip, oncer to lh« wcgvd itt 
1^ ibin the trtciKil it Id ihc nnl : link moth naatet to theta 
reia ihu tu th« ibi'd, brihn (nits th« ihM ihu die ihini kbi 
iheMCoadi (ouitb tda len^, *lniebl,*li||hii7nitvMfBMrihilN 
man ihaa t<riee (hnhv toaa lh« tip of lh« rikttin thu f 

Livr ot aoKorniMn wuctb. 

10. ScuuoKBcu DBseiiu. 
Sigt* i ti* fiaifr*. itij/malr itif ro lain iiAamla. 

Bbcfc, B llul* brwidrr Uion .f. Comi : winjci irmv; 
' , ht«*d, •Inort <■*>] : dicUnce between ibc fini anil 

I ■( ibr bur baidli oae-lbuilliof ihalbplwwu (b«mat the tipt: 
AM •cin nearer lo i^ Mcond towuds ibr baw lima nt Lbe tip. 
Hsret Ui tk t^ond ibaii lb* MCODd \* to the fim; fork mook 
anm lo lbe iatiiik fcla tb«ii la the tbiid, a little fnilber froB tfae 
ibM ikM tkc tbird ii from the lei'iiiid : founb *ein mudcnidj 
Icnf, (Uaiitbt, CBTted «nir lh« bMe, muvb onro lo llie lip at th« 
Mibau lo tbi tib-reis. Lcoglh of lbs bodj {—I Unci of lb« 

'«. I^lwd. PrtMnud b)r J. C. Ddle, Eiq. 

II. Scuusoiiicvtu TckUio*. 
ai« rlitmw, tllgmaU fmca lal lata mbftai/ormi. 

BUok, latbcr ft1«nd«T : wintn rt*v -. bnnd bram, ntlierbroKii, 
imfiltrir iplBill^ifaaped, muItIj anguUr «i racb tnil . disUnce 
fc mmi the finl and aecoud icim nl llic bur' nol toon (li;iu uiitr- 
^llll of that bctirem ibetn at Uie tipi ; ibird rdn ncam U> tbc 
•MOd lowardi lbe baM Iban at lb* lips ddi balf to far at tbe tip* 
In the Bfiosad •* tbc xcond ii Tfin ibii Hni ; firtli hurdler nnfct 
kflt thM Tcin iban lo ibe fouitb, baiill; nurer to ibv ibltd iLaii 
tk ifcild is le tbe aMond i Tourlh *eiD lunj;. tlrai)[hl, uligbily curved 
tmnit tb* baM. mucb vfttr lo tbe fort ihaii to ibe tip of' tbe rlb- 
«dL Leagtb of ibo body t Km ; <if lb* m\agt 3 lines. 


12. ScnuoxKtiiA iLnirKVHi*. 

A'yra; dX« a/itf, irigrnaff niytofiufo nUiiuari, emit »!bit. 

I Bbci, iMcli, ralbef broad : fcolert iborter tkaa the bodj : 
at^[f wbltr : brand dark brawn, nibn broad, alnoit linear, fbna- 
1l| IB obiuH niiKle nt lbe hue of Ibc fuiinJi vein, niid an acaM 
Mfle al tbe lip . •«■» white, reij iudblioul. Lraglii uf lb* bvdj 
I faac 1 cf ike wlnp 3 linw. 



BitoHMit UMriht4, FitcA. Tic SrmaU. Na 30, 68L 
No Voti. 

10. SctitiaRaiiit* ? iwaRiCiTni. 
Briawwa iiabtiMtnr, Fi(/A, Tke Snutu,K».SO,i 


Thckxn. irwtr. tmtf. B»i. i. lis. 

Vmuiu. ('mi llfydni, Kmlt. J/un. l^n. 177. 

1. TiikIkUEb BarvLJE. 

Vbmh Betulr. irtv<lfm. Kill. JV^n. PJUh. 177, 1, t 

Apbk (ITaciitii) Uclulv, Sals. F«m. liu. iii. 3X1, 39. J 

TniMllIlliaX. .4myn(, jtna. .SW. A'»(. fV, -Imt Sirir, *. M 

Tar. Git*e, wilb daik biuvn ImiiiIi : brad bUck. | 

•— r. EitflaBil. (Ip Cuwd* Babaa). pKanited 

^_^3. TUIIL.UUU lATorKiLa, 

mited by 1 

UBT or HMionsBaw iH*Kna. 


V«r. lUdctUb bfoim. t>n>*4, (hort-onti, nUiclilly coovmi, rod to- 
isrft tlw bnid RBd kloait the nriddl« nf ihr lioilj, which faciiRnth \g 
AiD Mil red uii coiMed wMi a white blooni ' rceUn black, nnt 
MtlowWh »r tkt Iraelb of lb bod; : loouth pale red, *itb a Uuck. 
1^ iMcbing tW fafnd-lilp*. 

Vv. Pkle gTWD, wIili * nkiie Mrip« rmm di« head * xt«udinfr 
fliMC two-dtird* of lh» hHcl : fcflen ancl \t^ irbiif ^ tliu ri>nnw 
n* Mt kilf die kngtli of Ibo bodj : m»ulh white, with a blact ti^. 
WiMn *ci7 jianf it i* pale jellow, with two vWid imguUi gracB 
Mripea oa IM badi- 

Var. Feelefs wbitisb, not on« lialf the ien^ of the bod; : 
■onli wbitak, with a bruwu liD, cztciiiliiij{ a liiUe bfjood the hinil 
lu^ : 1*|rt wUtlah 1 fact and t)p« of iIihdu hnxm. As it gtovi it 
btcan*« brwder, anil acqiiim a icd hue, which fint njipcnn abow 
dw bwd aad ibe cbnl, bqiI iflcfwatdi uTun)irciid>i llie vliolc bodT. 
Wiea fal-gTomi, ibe bMd, fetters, leg*, apme ipuu on «aob ride it 
lWtkins,awllMpH«WrMn«r UwtMkof ibeahdomaaar* tti; 
fak fed, and It la oo*er«diriUi wUie Uoom ; mouth pale grMD, 
iMcfctng b^oad tbo mtddle-bipa ; it* tip ic bronn. During 
topowlb it eabibiU tnaa; tmrietia and ihndra of colour between 
man bimI pak i«d and ilaili ltd, acil in MmeiiiiiM muiUeil with all 


Datt brown; abdomen pak 
llelenftbof tfait bodt : nouth brown: 1eg« pair brawn : winp cu- 

TV (VltJMrvM willfri fiataU. _ _. 

; belen p*le brown, mik brown at the buo, mora ihau 

boriioDial whe* at real, nwcb longer than the bod; ; wIbk- 
tbead vetaa braws. 

*— *L EngUad. (Ib Caaada Balnni). From Mr Walker** cullec- 

OeiMitl. PEMPHIGUS. 1 

fmf^i,I/mrlig.Gfrm.Eia.Zrit.iti.MS,j,]. t,r.31.33. K»ll.. 

i)U*. [u, IjMn.. Pkhr^ Amo, SdirmnA, Suix., GmJ., A'rriy j- 

Sfmt*. FmutoL 
^iiaiwa, /limlfa, Mfttv, Jmyiu. 
IfUilde* M Baisonpi, AuarfoiB CWrTan«(, ^. NhotJ ^a 

Ml ^om:<r .Vatanti ii Botigitn, 1(147, N. 

TiBt IV. 



un ar floiiopmeiB ixi 

I. PiiuBti>nG!ur«*Ln. 

Pnnphipu OoapbaJii, Kali. >Vcn. Mm. IBO, 1. 
A|Ak nUginit f F<mtnt. .liu. Sac Eml. Ft. x. 108,31. 

TV WinCim fm*lf. On), pale jellowitk (rem or tbik I 
UilcUj oareni ailb while powJtt : fwlfrt hUtk ; iiwulb fftlEi 
knr, wllk * black lip, micbliiff th« nilildt«-litf»: tve< blad: 1 
doll Tdtvir, mndtfrnidj lonf; iwi uid tip* or»hanb Uid; tUgli 
MMiMiiiMB bluet. 

ScMImiL I>nsoou4 b; J. Uaitlr, £*q. 

a. PiMmoM 4rmn«. 

PrinphiKiw aftiiit, Xaff. JTm. PJian. 1. ItO. 3. f. lA. 
; AphU (Pmpkiuiu) aaklo, XmU. ForU. /a<, IH. 9t23, 36. 
Apbit r ildaui. Mm. in. pi. 27, f. A, & 


3. Pejtnuoc* Rimuuvi. 

bint banuiiw. Halt. JV«. /^«a. IB}. 3. f. 19, 14. 

I (Ptnpbiicu) bunanut, JUt*. Fft. tn: m. 322. 3&. 

I bimatk. £•*■. 8ff. Nat. ii. 7A(), SU. Fan . Smrt. M8. 
&»U. ail. Falf.Sr.tiuAK, i\Hi,i<. ,V<»i. /« Ii. 9IA>' 
£hr. S«l.iv. 212,9. .SVf. Mm. 3M.a Gaoff.tnt-^X 
407.11. Jiofm. AU. it«ri. ii. AU, U>u.t. pi S^tt- 
Imtg. l^«Tm. Itf>, IW. A«». ,'ninu. tii. S3». //on. ..InI. (L 
'«. STfTMa. ;>». £un>*, (. 15, pL 49. .S>MH«»T<f. /« 4S, t 

I-3fl. fltewN. /m. lii. pi. 3«, r. 7—1 1. Gmti. EJ. .sy 
A'af. i. 4, 330a. ?». K<-jln»ia, fiva. Boh. il. 113, 1311- 
Slif». El. NaL Hilt. U. 1 1 1 . r-rt Sy»L A'at. iL 703. £fa 
HI. .Voy. i. 134. I. Iturm. /Uiuli. 'EiH. ii. \m, 1. Ki 
Sfmrr, Inlr. £nl. i. 4!H . Fftuftt. Aa». Sat. &■(. Ft. 1. 1 

EriotMna Pofoli, .9ir Onni/if M''Jrif.Gard.CKnim.\.tait. 
Ptaphlgua, ^Myx. ^s*. Sac. E»l Fr. 3iiw .9#r>>. *. 4B4,SK. 
Afbtolde* bunaria, Amrfaa^ Ourmiim,. irr <H. 847. 
ErioMOB buiMTia, RitiitaU, GaH. CAnm. ir. IH4. 

•— c. Enxlaud. (IaCaiuuUB«JiUD). Fion Afr n'ilbf'icdt^ 


U>T cw Boiinniion tiiiEOTB. 

4. PsMPMiarB Bdmblm. 

^fWftitUM Bondkt, XW/. Jtfon. Pfia». IM, 4. 
lflui(PU»Uf«) namrli*. Riij. Font. Iiu. HI 333. 37. 
Wnl BoBNiB, JS'fAniKl. /aun. ilcir. It. 102. 
Clnom 84Un«li>, Hry^i. .V<u. Srat. i>. 3. SIM. 
BnHUa. ^aynl, /fan. Sor. Bnt. Fr. Imt SMt. t. 484. 

likPhwIa. PrHMted bjr F. Walksc, £■!. 

F ft. PcMvaMca Rakuxcvlt. 

TMpbucu RaBuncali. K»U M-m. Man. tSi, S. 

Ifb PolTutbbrM«./iu.]Oi),p). II,r.4,d. awJ:£if.5»j. 

ifUi anniiiH? /Uoiiii. ini. lii. 339. 
UUt mikwn/ /^mumf. .4iin. .W. Enl. Fr. x. IM, 37. 
RWBM Uciac«r AV r^nnU .V«Iry, (TarJ. CAran. i. 

AmUfw Ij»elncc? tralv. OirJ. CAron. 

iriunrilic C)im» AHet? Rtulinu,Bnt. Jtfvy. 1.316. Uarrk, tat. 
Mau. lao. 

7%f vi^IeM /Vmdb. LItM on nou ibrauitlioul llio ^Mt, and 
kMtilopad liiUio abitc eultonjniuier itbicbexuilei rroniiU dody. 
IBpthil. pale |[itcouh jruiluw or p«la jrellow, \rty plump ; ihc m- 
iBHof iU NgneaU milittiuci; fMlanOTUwu or ilull jrellow, ivllli 
k bwii tip lacacb Jmol: rooulli brown or yclluw, N«L-bing tbc 
wMlIll lilpi or Uie bind-bipa: lcj[s bnimi or jcllow, mkor abort, 
<ttlAm, weak ; bipi imnll, roi ajHift; Oinnki a.i Ung lu ibe ihight ; 
faa^n^ban : kuces, foFt, anil tips «( kbauki aometimn bb49k. 

' T%twiii4t^ ftatale. Appeal* in tbe inidille of September, miid 
MAaw lilf <he nriiMle of Oclnbcr. While h pvp.'t yellim: foce- 
AmI Ur^; nlddlv-cbMt, blnd^eihaat, aii4 MKinetita of the Ma- 
MM •fcort, uid of nwiitT equal sim ; ftelm Rt»]r, oi long m «■•- 
liwAaf tnebody : eyw bluk: moatb p*1e yellow. «riih n xniy tip: 
tUiMM Mle yell««i legi gn«, sbartL ructimeiitnrT viiiKs dark. 
Whb iirbite MooiB «hea tbe Hiugiaru devebfgmh (uni-cbeil dark 
R.iiibqiia4mU;(Ub(wdibiwicolUle(ipli* feeler* black, tnoalU. 
BHi«ib pah giMHi «rllh > bluk tip : Icgt black, inodenuel; 



laf ; tUgh* fti» (tMB ai Uc b«<e : wing* « llul* Uagtr thu At 
bodjr ; wliif •nba ^low m |Mk gravn ; bn>d brown, wUb a 4ut 
bmn ho«det ; Tmu browR. 

e. Ptuma. rcneaMl 1^ P. Walker, E*^. 

r. Ivuslaad. (In Cuuifa Bakas). Fton Ur. WiOct't a>l- 


0. PanmiQCR DacKsar. 

ipUfM DcgMtt, JSUi. jum. />/4a. tee, o. 

PnMia. pMMBted bgr F. U'alkn, E»n. 

7. PBHraroM Xnonsi. 

I Ptnpkiitus XvloaUi, Jfa/t. JVm- /^a*. IS', ?. 
Apki* Xjl»M^ OV' ^i" Ul >^ to. pi. 7. f. A TVrt. SWir. .V«(.i 

hnphifM Ltmkmw, Hvtif. Ctm. Znt. Bid. m. 957. 
Xrionbxtint. Amfot, Amk. Sk. Eil Ft. itm Sirit, v. 4M. 

«, h. VmaM. Pmriited h; F. Walkar, E»q. 

8. PaMraiomPKacNCDU. 

Pempbipi* Pedincali, Uviif, Gtrm. Emt. ZtiL uL 967. 


6. Puniiiic* Fiuxnti. 

I FhtM, Hutif, Gtrin. Kai. Xtii. iii. .'VI7. 

Lia ? Gtiff. Int. Par. i. -IIH, 3. Fttr. Sp. Int. \L W 
10. .lra»t. /n>. ii. 316. 'J3. £ni. .S'yit. it.3l&. 33. SfA tUf^ 
387. 33. CmW. £4^. SpL Xl. i. 2106, A3. Sine. B. A* 
Hi4tAt. ltd. Tvr. .Syit. iV«(. U. 703. ;>'«uMflfF, Cbay^* 
Ifa/r. JVoii. />Jbn. L l-IO, IW. 

10, Pixmuius Ahsiucaxu*. 

A Uulc MMller »iid more donilcc llun P. Uumili* ; bnui4 
*d« thu dMt tf f. Xftotiti: disiingtitihed ftum bulb ipKin 
V ih ^itn rciiu. Bbdc, ixwetfd wiih wbiu cotwo-lika matur : 
•np Jlehtlj pray : bnuid anil *«ltif dark brown. Lcagtb of the 
W; I Ibe ; ol iJie widki 4 lino. 

■-^ KoM H«aU^ From LicuL Redman's collcclion. 


^ II. PEMfnrtousni.oaomtB. 

fUtiJr nridii, y/pioM, faHi»a»« i 'Aoraz in oJoJo oWonu. 

hie KTMn, *Wn. broad, aluuM alobote, iLSokly «otenid vlih 
vUfit poMer: ImIm* ■hart: iib-ifin £i*q(iiig much from ihc fun 
Mtr beontb ike bnnd, oonrcrKiOK mgrc wruiitlj tu it bctooil 
tttUMof ikeloMrthtciB; fint ana MoimJ t«aniiuiit«lat ihc bate, 
^"ffMf aoab fttm Atnee to the lip* t ifaiid tein ilmpW, wuitlnx 
■i«»(iiird at lb* UngUi tttnm lh« hu«, nmrvt tii lb* •roond at ibe 
lirihn Ibe Moond » (o ilia Sni i (uutib nUebily cuocd ucai tbc 
^M*, Hnigbt Imn ibnee lo lbs ilp, hd iioit id vhc third tein u» Id 
Aii^of tbc rib-Tcin. From ibe root* of the Scaclet Ruuner, in 

«-r. EkgUnd. (Id Canada Bultam). From Mr. Walk«r'( tMn- 


13. PsMPHiovar PUTtCIA. 

4)Ui PlttJMi*, Linm. SyU. Sal. ii. 737. 3a. F-br. Sp. tnt. II . 3m. 
«L JtfatO. /m. it. UI7, 47. £i>r. Sjtit. iT.:i|{t,4H. 5yif. /Uwi. 
»1. M. CrwA j&f. .S^f. A's(. 1. 14, £»W, 33. ^■ut^ Vil. 
Om.*9. Camtr. £pit. &t. Ix-b. lanu 100. Dodm. Prmpi. 
IM. AmA. HUt. I, »-!'. nrurfr. 0m(. M30. AAwm. //>ri. 
S'tt. /«., ill 2»l,3M,pl,21.f.<l,pl.4S.f, 1-3. Bnut. F«it». 
firwf am. 131W. l/ofmanti, Edl. Mn /fa/niaiiiul^t/ (/>ir 
Carairt iti &'HJ'fH), IHIJ. A'irA; I- .Vpra<r. /4(r. Kml. I. 4^1. 
Amto/. .Inn. Sve. A'mr /V. i. I1K2. Si. Kail. Mim. Pfin. 
IW. \m. AraMM, iVoMt. fiujf. Sri. jil. BM. Soc. Phil. 
1612, l»13. 

3 Z 3 


1058 UR 01 aoMomuam imton. 

BaiEOitgia Kjtaeia, RimJmti, OxwrvazioHi, fe. Nmti AamnK 
ddU Seieiue Aatani/i dt BolegM, M, 1847. 

Sottlb of Europe. 

13. PsxPBiom? Smnii. 

The inMGt fonning the Chineae galli, PnwWwIqr, Motm. /(Mm. 
Tii. 310. 

" Chest and abdamen becoming gndiMUjF wider to the tip of the 
abdomen, which is rounded it the outer angle, and eneripMie in 
the middle of the hind marrin : feeler* fiTe-jointcd, eboR, rathir 
siout, aboni half as long as the bodj ; GrU and second jointa shsrt 
and Btout ; second longer than the first ; third mocb longer, equal U 
lioth Grat and gecood combined ; faanb rather longvr thu the «- 
cnai, broadest at the tip : fifib about equal in length to the tbiid 
and fcurth combined, rabfuaifarm, contneied a little befine the lip^ 
lubnim short, pointed: mouth short, dilated befoie ihe li|»: 1^ 
short ) feet appaientlj two-pointed, funiisbcd with two elawc* 

uat or ROMOPTBBocv tmBScn. 

1. TKTiuxccat TTlmi. 

Tctnnenn Ulai, U^rlif, Orrm. Ent. Zrit. lU. SiM, KaU. Uv 
I^fUm. \m,\,f. 10— la. 

Aplib (Temnnm) Ulmi, lUls. I'onl. Iiu. itL 222, nl. 13, f.S.' 

A^ nlbaihun ttlini. Gra/f: /». Pmr. i. 4M, I. pi 10. f. 3. 
iUMn. /iM. iii. «ft9, pi. SA, f. *—7. Bn. Int. iii. S9. H. pL 
4. t 15—17. Vim Glrtcim, Vm. CWrA. S/«H(, t7«. i. 21." 
awwf. Hui. tiat. i. B, pi. I, f. ». Gm*i. /;'.(. Sy.(. Sal i. 
3311), 73. 

TttltBMA. .4ai)Fo(, Am. S'k. Eit. Ft. 3in> Sirii, AM. KM. 

BjBW i Jf tt PiMi pOtoniMi, HaUday, Aan. Nat //iit. 1839, I8» 

2. Tbtbutbdiu PAiUD^b 
Bjnorrypia |alUd«, JlJUay, Ann. A'«t. i/itl. 1830, 18^. 

3. TKimixBCB* ALU. 
Ta—iiiw Alba, Abu. Am. rmt. Hi. 323, pi. 13, f. S. 

4. Tktiaheciu hiobicoinu. 

liMMacnfa nifriconii, IlatHf, Jahrttb. iij. 300. 


■nwa;^ luaUHlMk, AltA, 7&f Seaau, So. 30, W. 



^^^^* 1. Eanovn Pilooku-b. 



1. Rjmawr* Ptsi. 
UfMUwrW. B.~. /7«Wi K.L u. I. ft7.1L U^rtif.i 


3. Rmtourt (orsBKAirBVi. 
RUnUa MAttnunu, A'afc JVm. tytm. MM, 3, t U. 

. B»tif, GffM. £»t. Z<*. UL SaS. 


RUMUnu vioM, //artff , Grm. f «t. ZWt. UL 301. 
Paid* femlMria. Uty<lm, Kalt. JVm. Mm. 30», 1. 1 33. 
F«(4li. .liivrt, 4n. Soc. Snj, Fr, tee SMc, r. 4M, Ml. 

VeiT tnwll, don nUow (h«i tke bad la more ihu Wf I 
Imxdt. doll gwM k»d diffcllt deonMiiiK b bnadtfa 6oB tWastl 

iIm tip of IM thdmrnn. 

' c«n*cs, uid luf • rta ■ 

Mcktlde: CxMt bui7. niarvx: noalh pak jeUov. wilhkUMt 
tip, trfaieh ipfMn jiwl hTond ibe tip of tbc aUosMa : favkn •it 
t«Ct •fiRlkdr wnr : r«dti*ctaraU!, Buck mmc tkaa IwlflWIai* 
of die oodT, pale jenow, fcrown tcaaid* tke tir* ; GtM and tCMii 
joiBU ibart ; thinf tmy kafj (bnttb aad flfth «t aodenle leaBl: 
tiiih ibott, <Un-«liapM. naeh MRDwer u>d thofur ifaaa iW in. 
On Sowhistle nott. Lcagth of ibe body } line, or kn. 

p* l'>«Wiiliil lij || Williii. Ilin 

I 3. Rbitotxm»?Zk«. 

Sec Miidit, Uon £V"^ Amtt. SH. Nat. H V», pi. 10, 

GteutS. TllAMA. 

<BfyJ*n.»ru.. Stmi.il iSO. Kail. Uoh. PJImK.9i\. 

I. TiuHA laodt^Dma. 

Wpt\oijUf,ltryJr„,Mnt. SaU.ii. 303,7. 

IMUm, JUl. i/«n. P/m. i. 21 1. I. t ». 

Ibnur, Jm. Sor. Bnl. Fr. la, Stfit, r. \«7, M3. 

5e7/««. »-? A'-f- lli'i ii. IIM. 

|» llcluuliBiiu, WtttK. Proc. Ent. Sor. Am. fiat. IJUt. 

■le, thiniiiCi "ci? plump. nnr'T elliptical : leelen filiform, 
IhalTtlieleDgiliuC ibelxHlT; fliMiodsemnd jmaU ifaorl: 
B Itvic; fiiurili and t«u rullitning JoIbu moienuAj loug: 
^ brawn, «crj *iu>ilt. nii i> iuu«l jo kuMernnnn ipads*: 
Ab a bnniD liu. roichiiii; fii bryuiicl tlic baw of IM bM 
HMHhBMlhAAHB^P- m(* jiHHierUelj' loax; faro*. 

hncletliB. Amfol, AmH. Sat. JAtr. Fr. 2m fMt, r, 4 

Vti. t Pala i*d, tjkwuUr, rttj itunw In froni : t 
HzUt t€Q» Iratnfc or Ih* MT : necUriM black, I«t*I M 
hiet of lb* ■UoBco i kfi ibort Konvd bv Mr. Q 
HtwBiHk, uadcr ilonis, witli ikbUoDmn Corai uxt^ 


7k n'lyMf AbmTs. BilMd* di«ci|piix fanBi 
bMckili Uia MuA, ud OMn abrnpd; uum f g iagjl 
base of tbc fomtk r«m i flril uid wmm rdMioK 
buiil border : dittane* b«tirMn Aim al (be Upt I 
lb« haie; ibini *«ia wnliiig for Bore thaa oae diM oil 
ttma Uie rib-vrin : diuuicv at the tip brtwegn it aad the I 
a litUe le^ Hina tliu lirtwMn ii and lu fatk, aad mui 
Hut b«twnmthefltsiaDdMco*dT«iM; feurtb Tola our^ 
b»ic. itniKlit tuwanb ibe lip, mncb neaRr to tlic fodt \ 
veiu Uiati to Div tip of ibe rib-teia. 

a. EkirUad. (In Canada Balnia). Pti 
t. PniuU. Ptmmt* hj F. Waaer, E»q. 

Snjntbundw, ITmiv. GmW. Cinm. IS49 or Ihso * 

LIST or noMorrBKOoa ihuoti. 

Gnitu n. ADELOtlS. 

Afhw. p.. Org. 

Ctemoi. p., Lhm.. Fah-., Gmii. Friieh^ Sehnati. Hartiy, (i 

Smt. Zfil. »U0. |il. I, r. 17, !»>. 
Pt^Ib, 1^, tfaqf., ATa/f^ AaU. 
Eniwww, p., Mo»lef. 
SMcfaipbanle*, Arlu. 

1. Adiloes LuiciB. 

> LAricM, //«Mi9, JaArMtmrAtr, i. 4, S. Ana. 2'/iI. Ent.^ 
iiL 3«lt. AVj. Jfn. PJltH. HM. AiU. ForM. /lu. iii. 303, pi. 
13, f. 5. 

Ufiortlini, Atmyat, Amh. Soc. Enl. Ft. 2ae SMe, x. 460, M8, 
T, f. JW, »7. 

TW WUla Bar, Knrlim, Jmm. Amie. N*m Strift, No. 1 S, 600. 

Ibmi^ Lancu, &> MmiU JiM&r, ^rl Clrnn. i. S38. 

AMrm Larkit, IV/«t. 

•-r, Ei^lMi. PtwcniBd by F. Walkw, E«q. 

Ea(luuL (In CatMtU Baluni). From Ur. Walttr'* 

3. insLouooKTicALia. 

Omu* omimlb, JTWi. Jtfon. Pfbn. i. Kn, 3. 

Cln^ Sirob), nnrtif, Jtkmi. tUS. JUtx. Ftnt Ifu. Iii. 303. 

~ no** f AaU. /*»)(. /lu. iii. 9M. 

Eagbrid. (In Caiuda Bdunt). Fmrn Mi. Walku'a coUe 

3, Adklok* AniKTt*. 

ORWi AWtlK £*""- Sftt. .V«t. i. 3. 738, 13. Fam. .lure, lonj 
liiuA. Zum. i. S3«. Fl.lam.-2iB.M7. It Cinl. lito. Ai' 
V'«U:302,IX .VdM. /lu. ii. 3IB.13. Eal.Sftt.n.ii 
XX SuL Rkyn. 305, 13. FrurA. Int. 13. 10, pi. 3. f. 30 
Srirtnk, Faum, Bai<. ii. 1 , 143, ViM. Oui. Pammn. 30. 31. 
OmiL Si. S«J. NaL i. *, 23l;(, i:(. A'irty ^ Spnrt, Imtr. 
St. I. S3&, IT. 138. Aa'(. Jfon. Pflan. 30O, 3. ?/ar«^ 
CWwn. Z/x. 149. Gmn. Zrit. iii 360. lUu. £Wr. ;!(^ 

Sml it. aot. 

A— R. England. (In Canada BalMm). From Hr. Vi 
^ lection. 

,1 ' - 
;4 ' ■ -i 4. Adelge^ KTBOBtLoaira. 

Cbetmes atnibilobius. Kail. Jfo*. Pftm. 203, 4, (. 34. 

A. Adblqxi ooocmoB. 

Chennet coccineui, Ratx. Font. tnt. iii. 300, ji. 12, t. 
Enl. Zeil. 1843, 202. 


6. AdklouF Stbobi. 
CrioiORia Strobi, Fkck, The SauUt No. 90, 69. 

■'. ^ 

New York. 


CbennM Castanc, HaUeman, Amtr. Jowr». Set. mti A 

Serin, ix. No. 2S, 18.W, 108. 

" I'itst anil ill i id traii'vtrse veins noimal, second arisir 
'■'f- I iniddli' iif llii' tir'l. Irrmiiiiilinff in Ihc mirmiil iimition 

ttwT Of ■OMarraaon imum. 

0«BH 19. PflYLI^XEiU. 

i*fc;UoXfn, Bofrr dr FMumi. Ahm. Sot. SfU. Fr. uL, Harlig, 
triMv.. Aa/t.. AaCf . 

I. Pbyu-muuu QoEkCCti. 

P^floxm Qucn&l, Pmural. Ayn. Soc. EitL Fr. HI. 333. pi. I. f. 
4 — 6, X. 1M, I. ftarlig, Grm. RiL ZrU. m. *y pL I, t. 10. 

r«e«U <«c«tnn, //^Jm, .Vw. .'intJminy. 11. », SHB, 
PMUxtn eoccioiv>.'A'a/r. .!/"». /^nn. 20S. I, f. 30, 33; 
lfm<njtloun) iiocciuco. An(t. Font. Iiu. ni. 229.30. 
Plllknn. ila^yot. .ton. Sw. Enl. Fr. 3»w S^r<>. v. 4tU, 3Sa i 

»-tL Engbad. (la Caaadt B4l«in). Fron Mi.Walktv'sc 

^ Fan. III. COCCn>£. 

'^MiUc. h«^ ZauA, Sttfk., Cm. 

OriliBMOU. L'tr. 

C WIm M AlcTtodlm, JVntMM. 

C«ctU« (MoMuBcim) ol AlejFTodidB (Dinen), (FMrw. 

ChaoM, BMnw. 

l«jtiMt;tM (AlcurodiilM) «t Pbjtatbclgi, AmyotttStn. 


liyttoWM. Jbiui^, NalKry. Int. 9. Bunt., Cut., Wt»tm. 
mtm, Omti., Sinr^ Dmb«., Curt. 
K^ CWn, Am.. Aya. .Va;i. GalliiwUi, 19. 


1. AiNiHOTUa Nkui, 

Nctii, OfttrAJ. ,<^rAn<//. Carl. Int. A3, 1. .Vol. &>rA. tn: 
l.pLl.r. 1— 4. Bun. //oiiJfr. £M.ii. I,<l7,pl. I.f. Ill 
U, Gtti. Cknn. iil. MIS. 

tmt or HDMorraMMrs tmsm. 


9. Amvrom Ro«.c. 
iifMhlW Km*. BaaeM. SekaJl. Cart. /n. U, S. .V^l 

»—i. EttgUnd. Pn»ent(4 bf W. Longaiu, £19. 

3. AiPtotoTci EemitnuoTi. 
AipUietu EeUnmotl, AmmI^, ^JUW^ Carc tmt. 33, & 


' Aiyidtgtu Lauri. Bmk-A^. ScAaJ/. Corf. /m. £3, 4. JVn. Cod 
fiH.l. Itl.1,pl. I. (.7,8. Biim.Ua»dA.£ml.n.\,m.l. 

fi. AarivioniB Pumabok. 

Afpidlotut PalDurxtn, Bontlti, .VaL Cork. /m. L J7,^ »I. I. C ^ 
Bwrm.amdh. £k. ii, l.tfti,*^ 

AtnsioniB SAum. 

/, Eni.Ztit.Suii.v.^»!i,\. 
:l>E»s /'«fr. Tont. /hi. lii. I9», 3, oL ll.tT 
fV.»iJ. 31,900. 


7. AtnnioTc* Bmmkllx. 

iMknium Bramctt*. SmmIJ, Srhait. Gtrt. /■>. 4P, 3. \«1. Cx'' 
/«i. afl.a.pl. l.CM. A'mKT. Aiuwy. C. flraw. IT78. B*» 
//«.rf*, £Wl.fi. 1,70,3. 

ICoCMu BniQKltB. JlMrinJh, (7wrf. Cknn. IL 1813, 1411. 

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Corrf. Cknm. iii. IMS, 131. 

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S. A«ritii<nv« Paonvi. 
ilftAMW Ptottm, Ciat. RmireU, GmJ. Chnm. lit. ItMS, 076. 

0. AirioioTva coMCfftrouiiB. 

CaemooiKlillbnBU. Omti. Bd. Syt. Kal. i. 4, 2231, 37. Snw. 

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Jqidlataa conchirormit, Iturieol^, Oard. Chrvn. iii. 73A. 


10. AxriDiorc* OnHKAFoanu. 

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II. Atrroiorv* lwkabis. 



1 at b o nm lioMri*, MoJrrr, An. (roiAaii. L 29, 14. 
Im. Par. X. iOfl. 17. Rlaum. Ibi. ir. t)|. 5, f. 6, 7. A'irly 
■ut .9rnr(, /xfr. Ent. i. 301. Af<-A. /Ai Smatt. No. 30. «9l 
ikni), tiu. Ntm B»9l. 301 7 PmUy, !Uaa. A-frif. Sot. 1790, 

tNupw Uii«»riii, Okala, Foim. ibyik JVa;?. GalUmdttti, 31, 3. 

12. AHMDWTva CiiirrsoiDca. 
CaljrrUmilM, CmI*, Fmwi. Jtqpi. .Aup. GSa/fiawUl, 30. 1. 

13. AannioTvi oBt-iatt^ 
DItafit obUqatM, C'mU. ^'ovn. /^. A'ap. 6'«/fia>rMi, 21, 2. 

H. AKriDiom oMrnooAMtiB. 

CvWM OTptaruiiu, ZhJm. Aet. H«tm. IMS, U7, 1, pi. 9,t. 1—17 
tfarrif, Im. AW B»gt. 203. 


Li«T or uoMotrmon mm*. 


1ft. Ainoionis aomoEiaLVU. 
Coocm bordMlum, IMmoH, Art.Ilttm. 1826,366,3. fl- 4. M-^ 

ia AirmioTvs i 

OnsMoj. PmeiUMl by F. Walker, E*>). 



^VLeoitiimi, Itttftr, Blnm., ftalr. 

■Ci)Miu,p., Limt^ fair.. O'roif^ SrlMff., Ki4Mm^ Suh, FtitiL 
n Snimi, Gwul., Otir^ Modtir, "Bttk^ 5im, TWt, StM, 

Bawrrtl, llnrrit, If'exv, 

KstBiPi, p., <7/(r. 

Cbcnncs, p.. Groffr. 

ColjnniBU, Grajfr. 

L'al<r|«icus Group 1. HoBupidm; 2. PoljWfidt*, OnIl 


I. LtCANiDH IlKimuftCN. 


LrMnium [InpFridum, Btmt. II41M. B»t Jl. t, 0)*, 1, ^- I. C I 

lCocciu ilMpeniluin, /.inn. .Vnj. y»i. i, 3, 79y, |. F*m. Sm 

1010. J/wlcrr. ^ri. Golimi. L IB, 9. &rfUmi M £»Uf<t. 

Jfoi. Jn<<. />«ru, 1003. ftbr. Sp. itu. it. 303, I. Jf«>. 

/m. it. 318, 1. JShl. SyM.ii^. Xt4. I. Swr.itAm.3IM, 1(^1 

CMtf: /«. Par. i. IMU, a. ■'frAtl?. J?JVm. pl.^a. ilrt Arfy- 

, 14, pt. H. A^-n. /m. W. pi. t. Xfii//. n. FfH X. 

Sm/3. /ni. pi. 13.r. HI. /VimA. /m. xii. cj. 12. 6^ 

Ed, Sril- SM. I. 4. 33, tft, 1. i/arrii. 7m. Sttt £^ » 

Sihntni. Faum. thit. Ii. I, 143. 1337. £W. MiA. pL iK 

f. 1-4. &ri. .<n. ). 123. .Vw. A'J. AV. i/i«(. IL 10. 

Tort. Ayr. •Val. ti. 712. Shaw, (in. Zml. •n. 190. pL ft 

f. ra;>. HararOt. Eml. Frant. i. 307. foiuro/. Am. St- 

Eat- Ft. iii. 2W. 7. GDumw. <1hi«. 5or. EM- Fr.^miStni. 

II. ItmriaiU, GarJ. Vinm. lli.43l>,7M. 

[T&lffilicui hc^ridain, CWia, /'dhm iW njpn rfj A'aWi, Oitb- 

a_W, Piewnwd bj F. Walker, Eaq. 

un or iKMaornRocn nnKcrt. 

9. Lconanni Pbruca. 


Vahm, Bmt. iUndt. fnr.ii. 1,71.3. Bomeki.Ent. 
UU. T. 383, I. 

lea, MMfW, Act. GpUmb. i. 38, 33. Faftr. fnf Sy>l. 
049. 0. Syi. /Uya. 307, &. A'cAranJ. /^aun. a>tr. ii. 
1303 C«.ifr. /«.. Par. i, 300, 9. Riaim /«, i». j.1- 
». Gwf. £•(. .Vjnr. ^•f. ;. 1.3320, 31. Sua: E!. N»t. 
L 113. Bi»fl<f, Jmim. Biof. tii. 197. t>um. C-mt. 
L3», r. 4. F»mttvL Am. S»e. Eni. Ft. iii. 307. 0. 
. SeUdl. /«. «> — S. flo/.-. K.f.(. Int. iii. 191. 
a, ^BB. .S'w, IChi. Pr-^mt .VMV.K. 
ricK, Em. Hill., //mi. .Var. ;>u pi. I Iff, f. I . 
iMnia,Jbngi. «?n. i>). Il.r. ». Shaw, Gtn. Zoot. y\. 


3. Lic«Ricw Ilicib. 

, Bmrm. Btitdh. Eni. ii. 1, 71, 1. 
I, £iM«. ^r. Ntl. tl. 710. U. »f»d^. Arl. GolJknb. 
h OMrf. Aimu. 2M). pi. 33. OmA. if^i. .Vnf. K, 
5(raMi<*9<T. '/'ncf. Jr Cor. Ufii}: Manilli, Otirrr. 
mn. 1711. U4nm.Miemt.72.p\.3<l. Fahr. Sp. Int. 

, 6. Maitt. Int. ii. 318. 6. Em. Sy»r iv. 3ai, 8, S^it. 
MM.T. AAixm. /hi. i>. pi. 5, f. 1. Brvndl, r. Bull. 
Uli.3a3. ffiw/. £d. .Vn(. iVdf.t. 4.33KI.8. DU- 
Kr (ImmI djpMa, 19—31, fl. Canob, iNa. ATrmi. 
VbcilUrf, iJFffTWwif . ti. <. 37. T'mcArf. j/""*'' fnm/W- 
nm, 101. ArrtBHqit, //i<(. /ntvof.ii. ITl—SM. &n. 
Vrm. Co^Mira. i. 31(3. PkiriAurif. //<A. ^rj. A'iriy and 
, Inlr. Eat. A td. i. 3lt>. F«nt<ol. Atui. .Stc. Bal, Ft. 
10. KVfhr. htndtn, AthnrrKBit Brit. IfftO: 
.Oth.Eme. MA. HitL Nmt. /im. 

1. Lbcaniok QuxRcui. 

Dm. I«iM«. 5^'^. y«f. ii. 740, .%. /'nun. Sitie. tOISL 
i>. fn, Ii. 393. 1. M«iif. /«. II. 3\9, i. Etr. Syt. 
^ i. Sytl. IVtvn. 307, K. Gmrl. EJ. Swt, S«l. 1, 4. 
>. SUr. El. jVat. UiH. ii. 113. Tuf. .S>iJ. Sal. i>. 
' £!«. 3f^a. pi. 1 19, r. i— e. RAmn. /im. it. fl. 

4 a3 

e. LsCiJiira Trire. 


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I«. M.jmi, Imt. n. 319. 3£. Emt. Sw*i- i'. 2Z7.J 
JUyo. :II0. -M. .VtHlRr, rfri. Gotlnh. i. 20. 0. « 
At. iMW. <t. .iM. Aown. ii.an. pl.aiH. fMIl 
»cU- /At*«>. iL 3, 37S— 283. JUtoii. /h. it. pL \ 
SdlraU./iM. ylwb-.WS. /'«M.SMr.». I.IMI.IM. 
Am. St. I -ItSSlft, IS. Hmrardk, Bml. Tnmt. 
£W. JfM. /m pi. l2D,f. 13— IS. II»rrU,l 
SMf Jiu:. J^tmt. /■>. iiu Ifil. 
CdTptinu •rnmwui. OMia, /*nH. Ajm. AV- G*/A4 
CoraiM <f tke (in*. AuiVw, £■■<. .tfo^. ii. SID. 

•. Gcrauaj. Pnwnttd b; F. W«|kn, Eaq. 

7. LgcAXtVK Oluc. 




Coenii Ole», LatnUlr. <ilir. Emt. ililK Itu. 

Siynl. f«iu<W. /Ibii. >V. Em. Fr Hi. 206, 6,j 

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nuntvutU .Sctnff iYtfjBr«ii ^ .V'JMifi, lii, 

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a. Ij^omiuM Tiujs. 

C«cnit Tilio'. /.iKN. 
MhJI. /-n. Ff»J. 

.94ur. iNV. \L 741. n. PaM. 
31, 2ln>. .VaJnr. ^f(. Cel4fl^ 


A«»r. S«. yw. ii 3H. 10. JTMl-ZtM: n. 31IILIS.J 

0. ijictxtm CoKn.1. 

Dottn CM7II, LiML S>/tt. tVal. II. 741, 10. Fswi. Satr. 1__ 
Madder. AtL (loMnii. 1. 'IS, 33. Rimm. />u. iv. pi. 3, f. 4— !&' 
JtfiJ/. fW. FnJ. 31, iW. 0»ejff, /w. ftr. i. 507. 10. Fahr. 
Sf. 111. ii. 3iM. ?. i/onl. /lu. u. 319, 9. £n(- •S'jrrf. W. 329, 
II. Syi^. /Uv" 3W. 11. CnW. firf.Syit. iViiJ.i. 4,3317. 10. 
5*np, F/. ,Vo(. //irt. li. 113. TVrt. 5y»(. A'al.iL 7IS. <Hh. 
Ene, Milk, pL IJO. f. 2— S. 
Clljpticiu I>ti*, f^iula. Fatal- K^jn. A'a^i. G»Hiiutttiy il. S. 

10, LcrnsiiiH RoRiaNisnn*. 

Cdmu BraiKiunoi, FtHucal. Ann. Sm: Enl. Ft. iit. 217. I«,p1 
A. t. 10— 1». 


It. LscjineN BntL 
CgcEaBaxt, foiuco^ ^n. &v. Si»r.i^.lii.3l8. 19, pl.S,A. f.lSJ 

13. LiHiAsirH AuxiutiM- 

Cmcu Aontdnm, JUm. SyU. Sal. il 7:M). 3. Fahr. Sy. tm. W. 
3»3. a. Afmu. /«. ii. 3]f, 8. i"(. SVrf, i». 224,2. Syjl 
Kk/n. 307, 3. J/«rf>yr, Art GvIA*h6. i. »0. 3(i. Omri- fid 
J^. A'M.i.4.!mA,£ 

ta. LEctNUM BeTVL^. 

Cwnt Betutv, 2.tH>. jSy^f. S<il. ii. 710, 7. Amk. fiWr. 1017.^ 
Air. S^. /na. tl. 3«M. 8. JVaaf. /lu. ii. 319. 10. Bnl. SgU. 
It. 330. 13. 'Svi- Rli'r'- 30H. 19. Modnr, Art. Oocintft. I. 
n,I». (;hwJ.'£y..S'V<(. JVdi.L4.33t»,7. Atrl- .9911. i. 134,J 
&«. B. .V*l /;>((. ii. 1 13. 7«rt. h>i. .V«t. it. 713. 

14. Lrcinidm Ciarmt. 

'''(CM CmM. Lim. S^il- A'<u. ii- 740, »- /Wm. 5iu«. IOU 
ra&r. %/w. n. 3tH,V. IfuM. /lu. ii. 319, tO. Ent Si/n 


ir. 2«. la Swf. JUm. mo. 14. Ucdfr. AtL GtOm^ i- 
■Jt). ^1. (?Mf/. £4. 5y«(. .Voi. I. 4. 0I«. a Sk». EL M 

FCmru (UecoanD) Ctapiai, Au«. F«ni. /m. Ul. IM. pL 1 1. C 

lA. LiirA«ti)M BcKi. 

Cocoui Riuci, Um- &9H. Sat.v.7*l,\% FmUr.S^tm i 

II. Jkr««(. 7iu. li. 3111, la. £itl. Sgt. It. 330, lA. 5jA 
aim..-WV, 10. JVorfiw. .4««. GoOoit, i.3I.W. GmIXI. 
«ut. /Vat. I. 4.3917, 13. CM.pw^ fMni. 18,|J. (7. G mtwmi 
Ad', i. A>. H- 3. r. 27. nm, OWr. 1 16. B»et. Urn. pL l«. 
CO. A. A. 
' 8. E«ro|ie. 

['Cm»a» KaHcin, tJun. fa«n. .9wv. 1022. Uodetr, AH. thAi^ 
31. 13. OmrJ. &V. Sy$t. Nat. X. 4, 3318, li. Scinmi, T 
iWr. li. 1,143. 1310. Suv. El. Sai.nul.ii. 113. 
OoOMii 8*1ki*. U^cfm^n. /ImM, ^ih. .W. iTiu. fV. aw£Mr.i 
I M, pL 3. I II . Bh/I. tbu. 7i. TWrnimn *l .S'iynl. 

iCoMM Silioisr (New Yolk), /-"iuK, Tit &imw. No. 30, W 


1?. Lrcivivm Alki. 

, Coceiu Atni, Mmktr, An. GMnt. i. 3:1. 17. Gmel. Bd. Spl. i 
I. 4, 3331. 41. Sthrmt, faun. Boir. ». 1, 144, 14W. 


l». Lkumiitii •acuwmim. 


LcMtuum nocnKHum, R»U. FurtL/iu. UI. IVt. l.pl. Il.f, S 
Coccin tMenMu*, JUls. Ktl. Z*tl. Sittt. it. 304 


I». LMiXini Cambii. 

UomiuD CubUI, SaU. FonL Im. al IM, % 

Lin or HOMorTBSODs mucn. 
30. LsctNivN Cv«-Uaii. 

CocMi DT»-Uisi, /.urn. Sytt. S'at. ii. 74-i, M>. Pabr. Sp. Iff H. 

SM. U. MaM. Iiu. t\. aiy, 17. MotUfT, .IcL Golhcnh. i. 

*8. 37. GmW. fii. Sy.1. jV«. i. 4, 2219, 19. Slew. £1. A'a(. 

//it. ii. 1 1:1. Awm>/t, iVrm. Cofmin, i. 401. Kirlry and] 

Sfnn, iMr. Ent. i. »3I. 
C»M*« AAull ? Fabr- Rta. Sytt. i», 326, 19. Syft. Rhyi. 310, 20. 

31. l^ctHitrit Cjutxiii. 

Cmcw Cntcgi, £t>iH. 5ytr. A'oi. Li. 7-12. 31, 30. Fikr. Sp. Int. 
■.aUA, le. Mmt. tm. ii. 3lli, 10. £n(. SyU. W. 127. 31. 
fjX.fUva.aiO, 23. .VaJor, .4ct. GttAmt. i.20,10. JUaum. 
/w.W.[3.lt,r.ll, 13. 
I C«t«i UxTMuitli*, Giwf. Bi.Sytt.Nal.\.A,Zi\9,i\. Stev.Si. 
Jiat. ilia. ii. i 13. OliT. £»e. Mitk. Int. Paaml Ann. Soc 
fiU. Fr. iii. 3H, IS. 

33. LBciNnm Bbsbekidd. 

Cnru BcrUridia, &Annwl, /aw*. BoU. ii. I, 140, 1270. 

33. Lcc&mDM Pkkc 
IXmom Pi«Mi, 5(«iwi, Fun. A-fe. U. I, 140,1371. 

M. Lkcahivh Ambi. 
i:«CMAMri. Sthrmi, Faun. Uoir. ii. I, 145, 1263. 


33. Lkcaxiv* UtIKI. 

|0«ai Riibi, SrAnM, Knm. Ooie. U. 1, 1+4, ISoa 


90. Lrcuhvh EnoKnoKi. 
I EpUsn^ri, Smu-A/, £■«. ZriJ. Swu. r. 398, S. 


LMT vw aoMorTKBova nmen. 

37. LsritticM PasHMTBti. 
Pfcuwdik, ^difwU./'awi. BtU. a. 1. 147, 1371- 


2S. Lkcaicidm Acuui. 

LtMiifanB AmiIi, BMKli, iTx. Znr. .Wl. r. 393. 4. 

Coeeo* AMfk, Uaittr, AH. GotAmA. i. 31. 13. OMffr. /■ 
i. 000, 18. Falif. Enl. SjU. 'f. 23ft, 7. %•<. JUjm. 3 
Oataf. £^ SyiL A'at. i. 4. 2231 , 38. .^cAnwl, Ftm. I 
1, M7, 1374. Cart. Brit. Snt. 717. Il'«ftx. Inb. , 

39, LcMNrw Amoiuu. 

COOM* AandiU, SuKfnk. Faam. Bvie. ti. 1, 147, U7». 
Coooiw PtMCB, Selttmh, tiu. .4wt. M6. 


30. Lroixies Ptn. 

Uouiiun PUU Sthmi. Atuu £ok. ii. I, llfi, lao. 

31. LKCANnm XnoKm. 

Coeevt XjloMci, &AranA, Faun. Ikif. a ), lift, 6. 

33. Li«i!(iuM JvoiAMPn. 

LMuivn JnglMdis, ZfoucAi, £■!. Ziit. SUtt. r. 303, 3. 

33. LKCAHira Ulmi. 

Cecciu Ulmt, Unii. Sifit. A>(. ii. 740. 0. Pama- Su^. imA 
Sp. /w. 11. 3118, 6. il«mL /m. ii. 31P,«. £nl..' 

itn or nontomuoot nrtxct*. 


at. Rkyn. .luit, n. Rf«9m. /«, U. Bft.jJ. ft.f. 3—7. 
fuim, An. flaikenb. j. 27, 31. Gmtl. Ed. Sytl. Sal. x. 4, 
■»I7,B, G«(fir. /iB i. 807. 8. A^. /lu. ri. 439. I.pl.M. 
r. 7. .^VimaJl, Aun. AmV. u. I, 146, I3S4. £lnv. £/. .Vol. 
Hut. ii. 113. Tiirt, S-nt. Nat. ii. 713. Ottn. P.m. Mid,. 
/«. Z-w W<f. Erx^l. ii. mw, /ViMfvI. <<«». Sk- Rnt. 
Ft. iii. 319, Iti. /^ b Am, £iij. Form. 

94. Lkcaxigm Pm. 
iFyri, Srlnmi, /*««>. Sofr. (L 1, 144, lan. 

3A, LECuNrcM poapcttiToi. 
Nciia pw^ntua, OaJn. Aet. Iftlm. IWU.ndS, 3,pl.a.f. IS— 31. 

90. Lbcawcm HBUKKrviirii. 
benicfTpliiH. /Mn. .in. i/»bi. 1836, 360. fl, fl, I. f. IH— 

37. IjtC.lltlUM OIBBERL'U. 

i |iblwr, Daim. Act. Uoiwi. I6U. 366, 4, pJ. 1, f. 8— IS. 


38. Lecakidm CvrK.KOLi. 
I Vftm^ iMm. An. B«lm. 1836, 307, &, pi. 4, f. 13—17. 


I Conl. BamM, Eat. Ziit. Stett. <r. 393. 3. 

40. Lkcukiem Tk*tcdi>. 

Mnndo. Carr. RurinU, Gard. Cknm. IS49, iii. 443. 




CoccTU pfttellBronnis, Curt. Itmrie«U, Card. CAroM. IMS, iiL SI7. 

42. Lecanicm ? Mtbic£. 

Coccus MjricK, /.ixn. Sift. Ifmt. ii. 741, 13. PAr. MmL /m. ii. 
310,14. Em. Sytt.'vr.7a6,\%. Sua, Rky».3a»,\7. MtiKi. 
Act. Goth. 1.31,37. Gmtl. Ed. Syl. lf»t.\. 4,9},37. 



Coccus Capres, Linn. Sytt. ft'al. ii. 741, 14. F*hr. Sf. It.i- 
394,13. JtfoQf. /ni. li. 319, 15. Ent. Sytl.ir.XK, 17. SfL 
Rhyn. 300, 18, Mod^. Art. OoA. i. 33, 1&. Ay. ^ n. 

440, 2, pi. -ii*, (. 13. '7™-/, Ell. Svil. .\'-(. i. 4, 231", H 

un or HAMomtmi mocn. 

4d. LscAXiCM ? Skuutula. 

H«i Semtalc, Fair. Sp. tut. W. 3ai, 17. Mam. Int. W. 318, 30. 
Bm. Spi. ir.vt7.-n. Sjti. RAvH.3li>, 33. Cmef. ^rf. -SUM. 
Knl i. 1.3230,90. 5m». £f. .Vaf. llui. II. 113. 7W(. -Vvit 



47. LKC«)tiVM?Z«raia<. 

mtmZoUtrw, P»hT. Sf. tni ii.3IU, 10. .VWat. /lu. iL 310.22 
Bmt. SyU. U. 3-27.24. -Vytl. /U^- 310, 3». (Viw'. if<f. SfU 
ft'«l.i, 4, 3320,37. 

of lb« Bftltk. 


46. LtCAxntMF LaioDBiDxi. 

Lirioilrailri, llambmry. May. xii. 1,31. ffm^. £J 5v«^ 
Stt i 4, 2330. 3H. 

4S. Lwusioiif Cabic^. 

Bb CuicK, Fnbr. E»i. Sfl. i'. 336, S. 5)u(_ AAyn. 306, ». 

Ftmtml. Ann. Sec. Ent. Ft. iiL 305, 4. pi. 3, A. f. 4. 
Immi FicB*-Carior, £nr. Mith /lu. £enunJ, ifta. />«. ,4rwf. 

tfOTtnib, 1773. t», rl. 1. 1 14—31. 


M. l.KC4N)V1«?I>iai>H4Tia. 

DkMBMtii, iVmbrr. /let tfulAoii. i. 31, II. GnwV. /TJ. 
S)M. Wal. t4.«ni,40. 

61. LKCAaiitiiP tlvi. 

I7«m, Jr*Aw. ^. CriAai. I. 32, 30. GomI. Bd. SfU. 


utr w nomrnMua nmon. 

i2. Lbcinivm ? AliiBTU. 

CocoH Abirtii, jVa^mt, .in. GMirai. i. 27. 3& G«^. Int. Ar 
' f. 607,7. Gmd. Ed. Shft. Nat, L A, S23l,93. Se'M'. 
Ajrlr. rvr Aaiwy. 48A. 
Boeeut Aibonim.&'Aranjl./iu. .latO'. SW. 

i PlaatI, Stkrtnk, Ftun, BMe. U. 1, HO, 13M. 


S9. Lic4<nr« f irvuvN. 



Caljplioiu KUrrimiit, Cmu, Fmm. lityn, A^p. GWU>Mtli,iL t 


CalTpdcitt ndiatm, CUM, F*a». it^ J^^. Golliiunii, 1& 


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^KCaljplions tntafacoi, CSmm, F<im. Jbyn. .Vop. G«/h'MMli. U. *• 

^1 Onnipa. PoljupidM. 


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Calrpticu* fiKutiu, Cotta, Frtna. Ayn. Aitp. GtHiimtti, 14. V- 

Lwr or iiewttranovs WMcn. 


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FcRUCiiMis, bt, K*lc-like, alnioit roand, wUb tnsKcrK 
|K. La^A «f llie bodjr 1 fiocL 

-^ Cejloo. Prcftntcdb; Prof. Ooodsir. 

DmUv^s ilie Codbe Plantatioiu ia Cejlnu 

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Gmw 3. COCCUS. 


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A»m. Sm. Enl. Fr. *i. W?. .Jiirfmiia, Anm. .loe. 1 
m. tiiL. X. 140. CWfu, Oif. JIm. No. 6, Ami 
9749, f. 0, II. BoKfft, Am. cUwra, L 4W 
Sfntrr, tnlr. Km. i. 331. 

rf. mi. Jvhn'ii Bluff, E. tluhdB. Prnunud bjr 

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Coooiw Adoalduin. Umm. Sytt. tfU. 1.2,710,4. .-- 
IliW. UimK. Miirrof. i70i, fi. 9. Fait. S^ \_ 
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M7.4. 6W/r /<u. Ar.L.MI. 1. MaJtrr, AeLt 

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OgieytBumipwtti, Bkrntiery, Sym. Pkft. i. pi. 10. CKuMniiw, 
Batt. &>e. iM. X«l. Cam. Fttui. Ann. Sm. Sm. Fr. 2m Sifir. 
<i. 1U.3. i)Mra.fffliHfV JOii.ii. 1,74,3. 

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4. Coccus FaASijri. 

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Cmulaccft. JTMT.PAiJI. 7Viw.l781,374,r.a,». iVorhny, AW. 
Traw- 179I, 1793. 330. /tncMb ^ JbU. .VRf. ifoof. ii. XM). 
^SD. f. IS, It. Rarbwrylk, Chermei Lanm, Phil. Tntu. lusi. 
yytg, flttk. Imt. QammmUifm, J«mt», Pkmrm 1810. £nwr,n. 
lU. OufTo/^. Arm. CUl H. 30, W. AirAfr f- •'^^"^ /a'r. 
ri.334. J}>m. tf>a<<A. SnL a. \,7\ i. 

F*br. JlfaiH. liu. ii. 3I1», 7. £nl. Sfl. h. SQA. 7. 

0. CoccDK PicaiDU. 

leridu, pMtnl.Amn. the. Emt. /'V.iii.301, l,pl. 3. A.f. I. 

(*Mi hittiramt, Pmnt. Ami. Sot. EnL Ft. iii. 3l», 3, pi. 3, A. 


7. CoccD* MiMiixiaiiR. 
I Mu^nuia, SwoW, £«t, Z*ii. Siat. t. 383. 3. 

^P 9. Coerca Ulul-Sobcm. 

Seen intaeMraai. BomM. £*■<. ZWt. 5tatr. ■. 303, I. 


iMt «v RmiorTSBOM mnon. 

9, CoOCVR IVuPAHini 

Cmcw Tvllpanisi, B^ueU. EmL Z*il. Stm. «. 303,3. 

10. Cooem PonuL 
Coaoni Potoii, SmH. lliit. P^i. L 401. Xirly t SjMff, /«-, 

1 1. Coc«c» Attmnm.!-*. 
, CmcU AldiiraUlB r Bmyir, d* AUA. iqitea H CW. 1746. 


13. Cocon Panii. 

Coociu Piidii, CU«niiu». £(■". Soe. Sei. N*l. CamL Vm 

SiK. Eul. ft. -imt Sint. rl. I3». 1. 


t3. CocevcOjtana. 

Coenw CRMia, CA*«aMii«i, B*U. Ser. Sei. Nat. Ctm. Vtmi. J* 


14. Coccc* FjumosD*. 

CoMW fuiaou*. Dig. Int. *i. 443, 3. pi. 38, t. !«, 17. ^ 
AH. OmImA. i. £0. 38. Cmnl. Cd. £ai. Ml 1. 4. 




CnemB cipcnni, £>iii>, .Vytf. ^»i. ii. 740, 4. Aim^a. Ami. >L 
47. Fair. Afanf. Itu. ii. 31H. 3. JSaf. Sftt i*. SM.S. 
IIA,v>. 3()7, 3. ATwIa^. ^M. <;«lAni>. i. 3l,a«. 0w(. 

Sy#/. .Va(. i. 4,32IS,3. 


Lm or noHomtBoro rxtBors. 

16h Coocn vkMsntTtts. 

Caceu nriontin, Gmff: liu. Par. i. iOS, 19. lUmim. In*. i>. uJ. 
6,LS.a. Gmel. Ed. S^l. AV. i. 1, 3331, 34. Sine. El. 
AW. Hitl. ti. 1 13. PaniftJ. An. Soc. £m. Ft. iu. 210, B. 

17. Cocctn Mtfruj. 


4, 2231, 30. &». EL ^at. Hut. ii. 1 13. Oiir. Eitf. MUh. 



I Qnntu. Haittr, Aet. G^thfnb. I 21, IB. Gt^ff". /w. Ar. 
L 007, 1 1. JUaoK. /m. ir. jiL 5, f. 2. JEtum. /fanJA. fnt H. 
Cm(h fsvm, Om«/. Ed. SvK. A'ul. 1. 1, 3231, 33. St<m. Bl. 

Hm. Hht.U. ll». AitJ«aiit, Ahh. S^. EtU. Pr. X. iAi? 
Tit.*Co«cus lualBt, Ge^ff: Im. Pur. t. dW, H. frinr£. £i. ^X 

> Qn«rc«> r SiV OmmU .Voiiiy, Oard. CSran. L S2B. 
Ik EwUmL PnMnUJ I7 F. Walkci, E^, 

19. CorcDi LAKrass. 

kiugtt, OtBff. Iiu. Par. I. 313, S. ffJiMK. /tu. ir. pi. ! 
l,S,e.V. C>»W:£d..^y*i.iV>l.i. 4,3231,39. 

20. C«oom Fkacasix. 

V, ,9. G. Ginti. It i. 306.313. Phil. Tnau. 
»l, bLIO. Gwttl. Ed. S<itl. A'«(. i. 4, «lff, 24. Sirv. El. 
u-' fltLUut-illia, Tar1.'Sytl.^ral.■u. 7 ly 
Chihu PtrtcnliU*, tffv«r, ^ft. .Vor Prir. lb*, iv. 163. 184. 


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Coccus rnmitiuinr Oliv. Eme. MilX. pi. 130, f. 12. 
Coccus Badiconi frnm'miti Pmteol. Amu. Sot. Sm. i 


32. Coccn nN HUTDB. 
Coecui fimbrianu, AmnJ. Aim. Sat, BmL Fr. m. SM 


S. Fneet. 

33. Cocon taamem. 

Coecot FmUwc, PtmteU. Amm. Sm. JSkU. Ft. x. 810^ 1 

34. Cocon r GUM&mtM. 

Coccuf ckmmUdii. GnJ^ Jiu. Pmr. L AOe, 1. Gm^. Bi. 
i. 4, 3330, 30. 


29. CoccDi PKVKiffm. 

Ctwciis Prunsstri, Fonicol. Ann. Soc.£nLFr. i. 211, II. 

S. FrriHCE. 

UR or noMomBov* nncn. I08fi 

97. Cooon CKunn. 
OmousIvw, Foimm/. ^Im. Sm. Em. Fr. m-HfH, 9, pi. 3, A. 

28. Co<vn Smimn. 

V\lAj, dliy4ies), IkJekl; coonted alwve xilli while wuollv raal- 
!■: Ibclen MibdMDtliforiQ, itit'litlj leUovou* -. tlie ioiuii tuoue>- 
tnij iacttmiiig in Imgth : legs foiruglniiut. hairv. Length ut tb« 

1. 1. Cki>a. PrMtniad bj G. T. Ut, E»q. 


3&. CocCCt TOaKKCLtTVS. 

tubcrciikluf, BomU, AToC 0<K*. /m. L 18, pL I, £0—13. 

30. CoccDt Likioi*. 
UMk, Bomtki, NM. Gttth. hi. i, 39L 



3). CoC4;«S CADDATCS. 

l7rsri/J>Ji ifm.a/l* lanugiTnntii ; ttmtmmif /Hifitrmtt, i 
d»pio lamjiJm; «hd»mimi4 irbr lanyiuim^ ; prdtt letari; 

lbl(.—Bla«fc,*l«nilcf, villi > tliicli irlilWcowtHnsr- frelw* BU- 
W^hriHlj, mtx^ul twice Uie U«|rili nr Ibe hnlr • brindoi of ibc ab- 
iMmifamllittiitiiM lilt lengili or Ike body ': lembriMl;- vnagu 
Vi- Lngtli of tit bnd; 3 Hbm ; uf ilir ^ingt 4 lino. 

FioD Dr. Cimtiog'* colleciiun. 

Si. Coocvi Faoi, 

Tdbw, •■^liMl,eat«R4«{lh vhiupowila. L«0hrfl 


PoqAjrapliota, Brmdi, Mtdif. ZoeJ. iL 3.U. 

Cocc«(. iim^ ntr.. MmA. JVxIwr, f;M>/Fr^ Sttmmk, fr. 

I. PonpKiBonion* Polokiu. 

C«emM Poloainu. /.ixn. .V«i. A'ar ii. 74I.H. Am-^w. liA 

7W, S «1. Uias, ft*r. .S>. In,, a. MW. 40. .Vmi. /"tt. 

■119,33. ifni. S^l. ir. 337. '2S. 6'fM./Ujn>. 310,00. Jfil 

i^i.fVtf. 31,301. .Va<Wr,.4<y.(;atirat.t. 34,21. Ontfi« 

Par. i. MM, 1. Arryit. Aft. A<*J. N*t. CW. ii>. Aff- X V- 

kJcr. Myw. JIM.«,3,' ;|»a, nl. I. Cmwt. £r<( «<>■' ^*^ 

Wa.«l. JIliM. ,/fM. 80. kmii. Hit. }D6. BatJi. BilL<k 

iTH. fWirA. iv. T. «. pi. 2. J(t (>i. IT43, pi 1. iU«» 

/bi. ir. I. 14. Gmtl Ed. Sf^.Nu.i. 4. mS, 17. &b«l. 

foM. iU«. II. 1. 147. I37IL Stne. Et. Sal. HuL ii. t|^ 

Sli^¥i. Gtn. Zinl. n. l(H. 

;I>Ml7lopiiwPirtniinu, Ck^u, ftiVM. tUyn. Saf. 0*Uimmlti. IT,! 


9. PammofsoM* HiMtUL 

Pnrr-hTTapknra 1Iam«tii. Bnnili. .VtJie. ZocL U. SU. I. 

Acad. Si. iVwni. St. Phifi. iii- 3. a(\ pL 3. 
Pnplijntibors >niiniiac*, Bnrm. Hmdi. EmL iL I, TB, I. 
^^ Anunia. 


^^.C<fopU*u>, Gttf, SpieiitjU Zfoiiyua, 7. 

^^^^r 1. CKKorLi«TiiaCMn.Di«u. 

CciwpliitW chllrnMi, iTnif , SpieiUyU Zootoxin, 7, pi. S, C 7. 
a~f. CUIi. PnKDied hjr J. E. On;, e>i|. 

inr 09 HMiopniftOM nscen. 

3. CKBomnmB J AnrtwifiKn. 

' Cm fl m U m Jmnttnma*, Ontf, Spkilegiu Xoologiea,7, pi. 3, f, A 
»~i. Bio Juma. Pnwnied h] J. E. Gnj, E«q. 


3. C>Bon.*trKi JjuiucRimi. 

(CcioplutM) JKMaiMttiM, fFAifp, ^m. Ar«f. BiiL xii. 

Junaica. Priri Mr. GoMe'« oolleHkin. 

4. CuMrunsi cumrKaok. 

I enifcnu, f ah-. Am . .SVt. -^"M &«^. 37. 5Mf.iUja.31l, 

- rtanun. RmU. S'or. Sri. .V«f. Cmf. Fawl Ann. Sm. 

Ft. 2mr .Sin*, il. 144,1. Aniltnan, MvMogr. Oxri Clfi- 

iVWnu.lT^I. AwfWN. Tniu-PAiV. 17M,3tO. .4»n.dr 
■w, xxiiL 1 40. Lrmairr. RM. Jr Arw. 8c. AM. J» 

i, 0»an.*inu Cbupv. 

I pe>U, CUMMiM. Aitfy, iSor. S«. Sal. Cml. Vawl. Aim. 
Stt.SiU.Fr.iuirSfTir.ri. US.%. Staiitlai JmHn. Cnmplt. 
mulm Ar*t. Sri. Ihio. R-^*r Uim > Grt,arri CVtiH, <. 
am. &mtkty't TUUtt. a. im. sir 6. Slatatm, F.mh 
dmm, i. *m. Kitiy {- .Vfinuv. Imlr. Hal. i. 33?, 
mm—^fVitni.Ciii'a, Aiial. fUrh. lir. 183, dttanna. 
Sail. 5<>r. Sei. K»t. Caml. Vmt4. Amn. Soc. &I. Fr. 3mf 
SMr.fl. HA,4 


6. rKiiart.xmia AcnR^u'. 
AlW, jyiM, niiror«iUa. 

Wkita, flat, alnort mund. IxiiRtb 3 tinn. 
-•■ SfdM;. PtoMUd hj Cipt Sir E. nomc^ 

usr Of tio«omiKit« mce>& 

7. CsRorLxaTS*- 

«— /. Gii^viL Pmratcd bj C«pt. B«lob«t. 

MMpioto, liWtwn GmlJinf, Umn. TVwu. xTi Hi 

I. MtK«*KoDEa F<Mi«tCiKin«. 
UatnrodM Fotmicana), iMmtJ. GttU. IInb, 7raw. xrlt 
IS. Ulr.B9a.F«mtMe,iai- 


1. AcnuABCoi Etcu-Tm. 
A« p i»icm Eaa«ljp(i, A«Mfi>rL 
•— r. N'«w Rollnd, (300 nilM fro« Poti PliiUp). 

Dt. D. Madagwi. 


UoBOpbMiM, LftA. Latr. 
ChiroMwin, p.. Fatr. 

CbiroMBiu duhni*. Faltr. Sjftt. Amll. 46, 40. 
Hoaof bMiui Fabficii. IFcdw. Arc. S»L L 32, 1. 

HoflopihMiiu BVif^aaii, Klmf, Hmadb. ii. BO. ffiM». 
i. 23,2. 

0. EMt loidim. PMmbuJ b* C«pt. Pany. 

&. EmI IiidML Fmn AitfcdnciM Clxk** oaUeoUaB. 

«. B«l IkIms. From Ur.SoBMbr't oolltctlaa. 

iMUpUdiu Uacliii, Hanr. Art. Bu. i 33, 3. pi. 0. f. I. Zaol 
Jam: il 20. iHa. 

4. lloHoniLSkvii BuuutKTEui. 
BunDFiitfH, Wtum. Art. Em. i. 02. 4, pL S, t. V. 

Isfau Saundenii, IFmiw. .Ik. Snt. i. 33, 5. fiaUMifayid. 

d. Ho«oriiLXBVB ftiDDoin. 

■bu BmMmi, Wuim. Aic. £m. J. '2-J, A, pi. «, f. 3. £m- 
■ ■*. 146.6. 


IwfrhUtM Illiirm, Wttm. Are. EtU. i. 377, pi. 6. f. 4. £mo- 
M^iii, 146, 7. 

'a Diram'> Und. 

fla Hoowaixmoi rraoirumn. 

iwi|'hlilat*»drwi*. B-'*. //osJi. £-f.U. l.H>.pl.9,f.4. 
I ft aummh^, IW. e. 

Br%hl t«4 X fptlcra brovn, red bI tbe hnsc, saaiUTonn. dolhcil 
'tt thorif at twin, bufrr Uua tltc hoiy : wiii)c* blnck. liiitlj' 

MUT ir. 4 C 

UallipRppug, (ru^nn, ttn. Xool. IIMI. Amt/ot et Serv. B 

. . ,^,' Him. 6li),495. 

v\ I. Caixipjlppu* Wbstwoodii. 

')': Callipsppiu Weitwoodii, G*Mn, Rev. ZooL IMl. Amfot 

|;i ^ur. ;raf. if^. 620, 1 . 

^ a. West Aiutnlta. From Mr. Cliftoii'i eoUectioD. 


. 7 Donhetia, Bote, Jown. d* Pkyi. 1784, 171. Lair., Lt 

' Burnt. 

Aphis, Linn., Fabr., Frueh. 

^' Coccni, DoriAet, Fair., Ptmx. 

' CioDopc, Ltaek. 

\ I. DoBTKUU VwttOM. 

' ApbU Urtictt, Ii'nit. Sjpt. N*l. i. 3, 738, 30. Air. Sm 

'|i 387,39. £>!(. Syt(. iv. 317, 36. fVifcA. /w. TiU. M 

> Cmrl. £a. SyM. Jfat. \. 4, 321)8, 30. TWi. .SWl 

■ :•' 70,6. A)iri,Aii)t.£ln>tc. 3e9,13A». 

■)> Cocciu characia*, iJoMAn, Jon™, de Wy.. I78J, 207, 11, 

•i 14— It). Fair. S'yil. iUyn. 311,39. (Ml>. fM. T 

^ r«.x J?J.'- P.. i I'M fi^ n_f m_ .t a in 

LiiT or tioMftpTinon mucn. 

I>ntfaerii Vrtiem, Buna. Ilamdi. Em. ii. |, 70, 1. 
OitlmU, Jnyof. Am: Sx. Eni. /V. 2m Sir. r. 489, M4. 

a. SooiUad. PnsMDUd hj E. DoubletUj, Eti]. 

3. OoaTRKR* rioccoM. 
Coociu SoccMDs Dtf. In. «ii. AM, pi. 44, t. 36. 

IkmbMb fleccwft, JHrty f S>nKv, /iitr. Sni. ii!. 183. 
^ly. Au. «ii. AM, pi. 44, 1 

OsacM (slapfataMM, SJUir, A'af. ^iir. *. pi. IS3. Om. Zool. vi. 
IH. pi. 60. SMp. £1. Kal. HiM. 0. 1 H. TWf. ^. TVdi. ii. 

4. DoBmxtu CaiTOH. 
t CfciWn, ZtU. Am. £4^. i. 302, 3, 1 . 

S. DotTIIMtA Amemoaita. 
Pl0m,<tliptU*,tfiumm^hu ttrta i anUmiti pediiriujue /er r uj / i M tv- 

VcUmt, «IHpl{i»I, radwod In Aon while nctlea: fedon uid 
l||lMdJUi Cuth^odiu. Length of the bod; 14 line. ^1 

^^knh Amrka. Prcaentod by ihc £ul of Dcrbj. ^^^^ 

V OcBiM II. ALEVR0DE3. ^^| 

AltriodM, I«(r^ jCmcA, Kirbg, Harlij, Grrm. Ent. ZtU. tij. 371 , 
pi. I. r. SO, ni. .4njul e( Sen. 
I fWWua-TuicJL. p.. £ini>. 

A^rada, Bum. 


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I. AuTkoou noixtwu-A. 

■ pnlMdk. i«M. «yrt. AW. MB, *74. 

B.3ot,it«.c 1-7. Gm#; 7-1. u. in. im 

Alww»4a CWMwB. ttt-. C». iS. 174. 1. £<«4. £<». i 

laai TV^ Hit. yt. Tmt. mpi a. r s- ir^'V » 

/^. Bu. m. m\ Ml Avm 0«>rf*. &r hs. I. pL 
|LS.tT. //art Z. 37), >L £ BI^»ck.Uiti.Smt.a 
/■jjif If ''iTT //ill .Vu_ //r*. SIT. J 

Jai^. .In .Sm. £sL Ft. 3w 5Mr, r. IM, ftl 

oa tke Cdawfine tiU neu lk« (nd of N«*t«b<r. 
(t b jrilow, bcidrted wtift «k1ihh jtOam, tni nam 

•M ifwi fk i fc ipi<, rcQow, tmi lUBiiic. 
Ea^ui. Pfwlnl I7 F. WbOct, E*q. 

Ufijnim Bnmitw. F<HTtyr, USS. 

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\a IwHait i«Q tfot* nMw4 ot oiw oa nch >in;, uil iu jj 
■OM waai, MM ttf • bl^t ;tUo« odw, slwrau dM 
ft^pofa b paW ^rtm. Oh tbc Cabbaft^ 4«inK ttcat); A 


•-i. EnfflmJ. PnaoiUii bf F. Walbw. K^ 

ft. Aixraotws Fucahlb. 

Apfcan In wfMtt oa (ba Snvbcti;, in iba b^tfa 
Jul;, hmKIhih ei>T«riDf tbo «bal* undenKle of Mcb )m 
youc IWT* Hud uptijifat, or oa mm tad, bnMtb tha kaTH 

a— d. Ea^d. PrtMaiad b; F. Walk«r, £14. 

4. AtmoEnts LoxKaajK. 

Oa Lonifera PrnclTrn^nDtn. Vcllow: katdaadlfcM 
lie fiiK-wiop nthtic. aiib a Auk ipDi on each. Pap 
fait ;«now MU«Nlh, and on the dUk abote. 

a, (. Eofbad. Pm«iiud bj F. Walkor, £m). 

Liar or itOMonxaoci in«koti. 

Altrmdrt of lb* oo!k,th« cbHinnt, ibe vkluui, ibauhglbt 
llwtMul, tlwDunui, ihc l>nnibl«. L^thrutn SaUetrlMbe.,-^ 
tluBf to <nie or otbet of the ^rrivdiug ipoci**, >nd in Uie 
aaj be "■'■"*— foi LecAiuum. 

&. AuvRODsa PmLLnB& 

I na\jnm, U»Ud*f. EmI. Mag. ti. 119. 

I mt PbiUTres, mai on diUcrent nioelpt of Cratcguf, Hv*- 

Pjrrui. The pupa U ktvco, wilJi a broftd bnwD slTi|ic un 

lli« Aj U velluw, witb vbite wiojci. 1 1 is tbc fttjot 

ioniata,orsSo]rmuu*,au<luf at'Micojtbitguk Tbeiai|]e(T) 

ihM tbo UmtSit, and bu a Srij^bici jroUow cbtM. 

|1u<l. pTMmtcd by F. Walker, Eiq. 

6. ALBTBObesCoaXI. 

I Cor^ BaUimait, Amtr. Jotm. St*. <mi Art, 9m<l Sirim, 
' . a», I8M, 109. 


7. AiEraoDsa ABCtit^HKA. 
■ Aba(iton«>. lUliUwuin, After. Jimm. Sti. atut Arl, Qk4 

u,\x.ii9.ai,iiiM, ion. 


I 9. Aletboivs Cocou. 

f Cooiiia, CuwiU, JlmritoU, G«rd. Cknm. (IMS) vr. 384. 

I L- 3 

Lin <w noHOPTVBon anon. 

Order m. PHYSAPODA. 

(C«>iriLia raoH Mi. Bauoat'* US&.) 

ni<r«po<k, Dum. Zmt. AmI. 2(10. Ilaiidf. 
TbyniiDplcn. /laliJsy, fnt. May. ni. -138. 
Dci«»|>lerj— Oithupieri, p., UtLafartt. 
TkripiitM, Nntm*». 

Tknfalav, JtianrA. 

Miliuopim, ArWJJ. 

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toiiHe |«ibrcrG; vaM hepaticsl, Hunum fitaeru in rtnkUIOi ifif 
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lolk: „ „ Fun. I. rUBULIFERA. 


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Fan. I. TUBtlUFEBA. 

a, Ualiitjf, K>l. Stag. 111.441. BiinM.,AmfolM Stn. 

I HgmntU) ulllao IiiIiuIom Id omiv et firm, i tnebra 
i: cox* iliUiBtcs, •iib|r)t)b<w* , ivbcxettB 1 alB amla 
a vt ueabniwerK, iindique loiige ciliaU, cniciain-lncanbciiM ; 
■Dilihaltf Kcuiic, louiriu* ex«tend«); antoinc 8-aiUoulaia, 

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•Mue n&aaraiia. Jtfat : tMic«ti* twrnibt Uirit |w>biH, '~^' — 

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•ant a i^U«Ddrtp<t«u 4«Ma nwl, om^M it •Ituo i^m ' 



Idolochript. iU. jr£6\ 

Oodhu utoriet tvoMto* ab bad aalcnnartini ; 
ImuIb pnttrrni auinjtom: palpi UiialM |MpAlifanii«ai alvw 
tieai Tcna niuca ob«oletior« diraidiata, ant abbreriaU. [CifM 
loagittiiiium tnf : abdoacs cMaialoni]. 

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mpmilM: f»\fi labUlM paplllifnrtaw : ptat&urax iii»^Bdiii» 
bcnulatiw: mcuuni incnaM. Suiura ptOMra, mt i> haef ~ 
Utjamra n nlu*. 

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ludinii lalioae decreweMibw^ lueribM (en miitteui 

I. iDouiTBBm )i*a«uiau. 

Nigra : abdoiniiili nuriilii Utcniibut tkonefMne poMtil N* 
ilnck : uniniDii alliidi*, articulin apicc, burionbai tt txuc^ 
IB, mifiU : ftttkim pallide ferrapneU huco-aagijatl*. baonba 

aiMieU nifrit, *tl baai pitga auic«uiM. 

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libiH denlicMUtuiB, tulmltt had gibbulo ct mancato. 

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frlotilMCtiusiipra/wmMu, acoiplo, baud atoqna diUw. ~ 
lar uUoqoe oolofc perjiaroa. 

Ijhz w BoaofTsmoa nuon. 


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Ikxiliu i|uiini ■idj in lioc Rvnetc, ideoi)Uc iiilor Phtftapod* 
LOOK. 4 Eb. K ulin. 

S, iDOLormiPS lick urn*. 

Imtnb blaribu ni&lUiui dtnltculBtit, d^ntiouli* lni«nii»-| 
mm niuki^ Mgptuiiu peituUtiiMmpioo biwto, PmccdaoM ' 
It jaiavt. Long, i lin- 

Omu)3. PHLCEOTtfBlPS. 
Mm, //W. ElU. Sias- i>>- 44 1 . Buivl. 

Pig^ F»hr., OtojF.. D^vur. 

iift BitflMktift, ol Uiplodbrips limynt «l S<r*. 

Ill Ira* M«idHUai«a, in akli* mIwid ; liauxUllvB ioMl 
■*>«• MbdeSczum : tolpi labuiln u«ui : dir aolicsi rena r 
pidil IncfaiMU (t«1 abbfaiUin nut uull«). [Cspui ubluOBj 
fntmam : 4l>dciDon dvprtHuin]. 

■n* tltnnuU htUudiociD liaa^ iBuliuni »u|>erant«i: pilpl) 
[•uimTaii: pivtlians fmcflilm: abdoBiOD lal«tib(U muU- < 
|« bnocs ; himmt mum plcnini<tu« laldc iiwmwti el '. 
I dcBlkvlo iaitnicuis. 

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b>iAa alala toU* b*t quo^o obvic tint acMioi 
W jtrdiniiarM, Nu. 2. 

lur or noMopTTBODi imion. 

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defloHin, [tu«i iMici deoiati ct ftoon fslda Edommu, b 
nan row onMertiin] : alatc uncn obris MatBitaiciv fu- 


1. pRLotoniairs psoioci.tmi. 

FUooihtipt reaimttm. Btl. Emt. JTi^. Hi. 441, t. 
hfawthrin flanpci, /M. Emt. attg. tu. 443, 4. Sir*. ffatH 
Ho|ilo(hripi lUiipM, .^yot <( &tt. Hur. Nat. Sim. WK ft. 

FuMO-twUMK, npiie aMDmlnb apke innaiMwin 
lb p1«iM|u* bul Miljbus^up fMra^DcIt; oeaUk M •liiubMli^ 
oouU* exiguii^ M«i porbrcric, frmuTikiu antki* Uiioribiu eMte 
dentioido melaUfiJ cnuta ronico, /im. dteticulo lenuiofe. Tw 
«. bMO-fiiCM, aMomiBM apioe aDteuDBiuai uticulii intfnacdiii 
' ptAikuaqM nU bul fttngliteU, sHt coaiplttb W abbmiiLii 
r> Jbm. I lia^ iMr. j lin. 
Lan* niwiMBMniDUu 
Hat. Sub ooitjoe &rti Atietipari*. 

3. PirLaoniKm Ul«i. 

nrip* UIni, F»hr. Sp. Im. ii. 39(1, 3. tfant /h4. ii. 320, 3. . 
iSy>i. W. S», 3. Syit. JUyn. 313, 5. Gt»tl. Ed, ^. SM-l 
4. 2233, a. 
[Thrip. Hk., 0»ff. /m. Par. I. 3»1. 1, pi. 7, f. A. 
pTluIr* uoKidi, /%. /<u. iii.11,3. pl.),f.R— 13. 
nWDtbiipc t'lmi, //a/. Cut. JV^. tii. 441, 3, i*. Hi. 

f «imU. A'nr it. *m. 3. 
BopIoUuipa oottioi, Jaiyvi ri 5<tv. ^ul. Xat. Him. 040,2. 

8nl«M«ra, iitKTO-picM p«*^tare ililutiD* piMo, asUoaim 

I Wtioulo 3lio Inlo MilimlibiM haki palliile fldi-is, tibiia Wi MlflO 

|'uitlotatuti»UTHii)u«(ftmiKlii*fi.^,9. Tuia/nit. alaU.BlfatatUi 

»lu* latisfimo tttvicftnlibua. 

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lain ilipriw jUIm, eaplie Biiionnif proibonicii mncnU biloba 
It iblaainb kpk* attiit. 

Ati. Sub cvrliee ■tbonini cxricoalo, pi«tertuu VM, gngua. 
Ijong./irm. 1} Uq., mar. I liii. 

L EnclMtd. PmcniHl by F Wtlkec, Etci- 



4. pHLtKOTB un PlMI. 

i|« Plot, //a/. &'al. Jfdd. iv. Hi. 
[p* aptcfa, Di^f. Atm. Sti. AM. 18a», xi. 333. 

ftotNiplrrs. iilict»-ptc<» peoUiK dilutiut pietu, utoufia 
miMlo 3oia<o,M<iuratil>iu hui jiHlltite Haiis, tibiU bail iijuccquc 
' ' 1 Ufk laniaquc Icmisinciii J • 9 ■ "^"i" /am. alaU, alii ox- 
M inrnmalis, 
Lu«a tloMpBi inramaia, Bbdominii ■[iicc nl int«UDl« dtluttut 

Bti. 8«k Mftioe aiboruin cmuriunrum, et prc<ripu« Pimt *yl- 

i*. angaria. Leag./m". \\ liu. 

Pi»c«J«Bd timllliiiat modb longttff : altilalavioroopoicillgiioa. 

AAA. Alala in utnxiao wxu. 

Hetatanui anliciu initculatiu in man t\ fan. 
i. riiLaioTUK:t>ii Staticks. 
ipt tUlicc*. Ihl. Kat. May. iij. AiS, &. Bunt. lUnJi. 

E»i. -i. 401). a. 

ipi sUUro, .1my#t tl Stn. Hit. Not. Bim. SW, 4. 


ij^ra, BiiUiiairam artic«1o 3llo M Unn* aniioii ciim aptcc 
fMCivpWit, nil* fiitco tilUli*. .Vdi .' jwdibui anticU pie vatidii 
Mttalam denlicnki n)i)«)>icui>. Firm, dcnticiilo miiiulluimo, Loug. 
fmrnLtii. I tin.ntr Ij lln. 

tAna ueguiiMa, cnpiu nutmnit abdonine pMlire rt ptdibut 

/fai. IneapitBlii4niMT^niaririuicfreqii«n»,eliBm iii(«T]rmbl> 

«f MaraalAmt. Futtan itaqu« Thrift /ntMafAmJ M 

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Kim, Ulteunimiin AnneHa niti apk« uniifiw yiIM» 
'iMti.iiMituiticikiini bgoi ffrraalaDlt. mth CDbhjiliflK ) ./faK>' 
llai. Sub nnk*. mi antlb : fn priii Quvnru*. F. W. 

Prsoedonil *^iullf taUt dbtlnoU. Capnl utlMMgi 

hAtmiutiiiii, pMtic* tuiun «u1itniaiinc tttimenini add 

an, inter noulo* Irrusinrasi : anleaiur meiliolMail tnmMiarw: i 

dUniAIn iolerim Ictiu* Bjiionic ciliH vix fiiMis niti nm conp 

. vbaniur. Tiibiia analU pauVi hmiur > idciut. Luag. I— t J^ 

England. PiMonUd hj F. WaU«r. £••). 

7. PBt««rTHNIV« lUUPCMfll*. 

PhloMhript olbimalt, Burm. H*m^h. Eat. tL 410. 6. 
P1ll<r»<1>rl|>( nrnlrnta. Ihl Knt. jVaji. til. -HI, 3. 
Hapliitbrifo Bllii|<Fiiuit, Aitijpn H .S'crr. Iliu. iVat. Ilim^ SW, I 

Kipa. aoirnnnnon anknlliaihi M 4(u lotb 3iloM 5lal«ri I 
a^oo eatlci* tolii tjuiii4|ac pillidin, ccirporii ieii> fkiacii* ( 

!iubc^tulibn<i/in«. Lone. ./mi- Itlm. 
" /fai. la Qoribua Valrriamr itiaicm bfiirtta," Bmrm. I. c. 

AUlm ia qvibiM Iwreo ann^n Kftrandn fonml ail Itttmpa 

8. PntaroniBira roaurii. 

PUa«thri[H corixcno, Hal. Km. Maji.iim3.ti. Btirt^i 
' fiU-illlO.?. dmiiotilStrr.aut.tfai.Uim. Will 

Pieco-nljna. anCrnnanim riIkiiIk 3tio toto bm|>wI: 
naUidi*, Utiiu haii e|dcM(aa aoiicu lotit lanuuiuu i«rr«giB(i*r 
imnralitD ruftnloto, pona oculu* paruai ratuii>l>lu-<li1.<uiact 
oatu, hmnribiu aniioia innaMkli^ <l«atfaal9 ncuutti — 
/•na. Loag. 1| lin. 

tin or n«mitmmovt iiMEcn. 

1 101 


FUaotkriM anunlicoral*, Utl. Em. Mag. iii. 443, 7. Bmm, 
BmA. B*L ii. 410, 8. Amyot it Srrr. IlUt. Sal. Mfm. 
MO, 9. 

Plexvaiffn; antmnniB KnlculU InlrrincJiii Imti ilbiu 
nifeii turiaqM f«nngiu«b; cnpile truitTcnim acicuUlo, pooa 
oIm pwmi diUuu) : fraMKbio aniicU iuerauatit, deuiloulo mc- 
mmdmuubaiui,fium.? Long. 1 Un. 


Btb, Ital. fial. V«y. ilL. -IIS. Birm., Amyetrl Strr. 

Tcfcki* fixmiiiM eompidwi aicuu <)uadritalTiii, in rima tvntniK 
^ Maufiiip p«Bidti«i ct uliimi recoDdits: ale aalioa Gmiioiu. 
>CBi»( praUf anbitun, duaboi panllelis doontl*, et aalllari brrii 
iMIqwa, jnxupoail* (ulniA Kcii'i: tnondibnln liibmm lix tupr- 
Mlta>t atHlominc itfenuuo. 


AntcuB* pn)if]>«!)-«nicuUtcat iDulltformc*: palpi moxilliim 
littiicabt) ; unto* iiiItiiIk niwriorea naigiue *up«n>, iaininrr* 

hub: Mi« pMiicB ■['iirukiniat* ; antics aXMruCiiiibrjiliiKlm-fE. 
Mf>»tta>itlirDtai{ai>i in //rfioiAn/w). 


■hMptna, Bmrm. Hamdk. Em. if. Antvoi tt S*n. 
tkaJjm. Hoi B*l. Mtg. B. 443. 

AMMUia anJculi) 6 itiKrrlii el apiciili nlieaimU (p1cnim(|ur 
HaciltalaU) : bnacljira vix {'oiioccN, coujuuctiin >l>ilomiiie anoiK- 
ItakubacatawndiqMcflUta.iralilnMitrcniii iiullli; tncbrA^m. 

AnUBiic apicnla flnanaaqiwm irticulia iadiMntit, lariuk alieni 
, a«t aliitula ciMu articulotilooonnalii: palpi lcrclr» •nbivcti, 
I anbB^naUbst, MfmenU qnic Icfeltiun iccipiuui hujii* tm- 


4 D 

Tlirip*, Sou, 

tmr or ttomommaem mxcn. 


Aniciinv apioccifUlBocc; »» antic* iIWtaBU*inbgMaBf 

■dmUuid appoUBle : ciii|nti* pafinn nipiaa connitiic retkslitt. 
AntennK aptoula tkinfatn mucm 3-«nienbu : mU Jeetwt 

1. UcuoTaari-ii liitM<1SKa«IO*IJS. 

Idiotllrip* (■■■Rordinidnlii. Ihirm. IhnJt. Ent. ^ 41%. drnf' 
Srrr.HiiK .V«(. Wn.lMI. H*t. 
1 1iiL-mi>nk>><t*li<. lUwkf. SfltaHI. Omrtrm /m. 43. 
ItMotbrtp* AdoiiiiloDi, //a>. A>r Jf«f. III. 443. 

Fuel, abilrimiui* Hi-ice (tnn^iifot BnUMiiuiaIbiiliih«aAun< 
I ipiM oig;Tik; [icdibut albiiliK L«>fiK- 1 — ] Itii. 

IM. IiiTapon>niBnTi7|iK,f«WMlbJ/i*/ni«nrMiii,|v.;eiltiM 
, hMpiuiur. 

•— rf. EnglaoJ. Pr««isirf by F. Wt\Ut, E<^. 

G«iiDi4. SKRlCOTilBIPS. 
SnicoUirip*, V«l. Eat. Mag. fli. 444. Bmr»., Amyit ti Sm. 

Autcnnvavkulahrcn: hetncljrin Ton* acnKiiw f«t« la ■(•«** 
oxenncntc; (it) ixpiu* alaruiu niilimtnlH Unium)- ab4aSH ^ 
BeDtanuD, Mgmmtii txtremo in ulraqur wsa C0Dico.«iunMl» 

' Thocas ei caput opank i|n»j catlxiMcai : ale <pmUm) vmf 
rinin, lubo niiUnn clil«uu>. Mai lociiiia i>1-tu*a mlMpMriU**- 
■ta parol* inomiimla diMinff*' pa<nl : iBinliauni tCKOv W b 
Mrioulura pro TMspoidU tutii bqiaticM amplUtiun: 4|uaad<M* 
attn HOB maltam a tlracinn nripii. 

Lin or noHorrmKOCH ix*tci«. 

I. Si:ii(ci>iitmir« SripuvuKua. 


iRMMkip* tupbiltmui. IhL Bnl. M»o. ill. 414. Bum. Bmtih. 
Bm. 4t3. Amya tt jtrm. Hiii. Sat. Him. Ml. 

SnbuiMm. Mai M Ptrm. •bdiiminii dono nitiiilia)iin« wriMfan 

X)p«; cajiti* ihoraceciiie iipaois. tcuirllo alliainicnnte, ubilo- 
■bi wriceo: anleun* anloulo Sndo tt 3ii» pmUmuc |iB)liJ( fix- 
ncfad, leBoribui hmii fwi* ; aUram nidinieDta bII», todiM nt> 
pMUIe. LoDf. \ Ma. 

S*i. Id flaribDi VlirU, ■gillinic cunilan* et tnllitaot. 

Ftniinc pcrCrctc lUla-, liamdjtm nlKrioBnlibiii liasi nlbidtt, 
*^iiuiit nx ciliau, ixeumiiit nriui cuin >ubHpicni coniniixttt: : 
Vn pl«tib«i ipwitbui e frwerc PitaniAripe. 

ZngUoA. Pte*nltA hy F. Walkn. Ewi. 


Gniu 5. THHIPS, 

--,., Ha/, fat. j/ny, tii. 44-1, ir. JJyrm. 
nrips p.. ;,tna.. F»hr., Ay., A/iiti., G'ru/^r^ SrAraal, GmtL, SSati; 

Lur., A'lrjy. 
Thip*, PbjiMpua, cl OdonlatWlp*. ^Iwyoi «t 5«r>. 

Abdoiorii IniTlttuulDni, »uht;tabniiii aiil scriutini C^itolatum, 
■ iOUw»: utiduiBiiiM uTirnnituiii rsinnnani $ hnTiii* e( chiutiui 

CB 9 : hMnctvtia ulU jkitiiiii latioNa, **>ia iiln(|ue in apiocni 
ncBrrepW. *«1 atv •bbrerioi* ant null*. 

iMMtinam «arporc (m duplo lonjiiiM fullicali* cl atriclurli noa 
In casBcialit : protcntxicalui ab al>eo vtx ditcieinii: intniinum 
Mae tfiuwuo uultiplo lougior. ^nt lecimili* gfatnii lantum. 
tnvkribua, Wh'llf: oma l«rit«r curraimn (pliawullfnnnv) ^ lana 
Mginta 4-ait)culitiiiciUa aplculam blartiruUiain : prupupo anten- 
ib pmitlh diraiieatii : pvp^ ■nunnii «upm icnlc>c«i rcArai* pa- 

4 11 2 

ooMau ~ « I. Anraonim" 

inertu: Proifaom uiioe 

Taldc m^nMalat „._ ».».... S. CmsorauK 

patum uiBiwtktni: 

tlb*eolaiiiiii „ 2. LnorniN- 

•niulm foTcolaliini : 

Arntiua aplnb praratlaiw ulleii* 

bnri* „ _ 4. Tniin. 

doD(au «._ »».^.... d. BkLotiimiH' 

^AptiBMhtipa, a»l. At »<v. w.*a. 

AniCDu* aitimlo 6lo loturiare apic« altcnnato-nanadut: 
■ BiBii onpvi linMrf gUbtuai, olKlotniuU dono crmtute 
I Alum no mlnbDo qnliUn tMllglo. 

I. ArruoTHBiH kwx. 

I Tfaipt Apt raOi, ifd. ffat. Jf^. in. 44rt, i. 

Omel. Bit. Sytt. Kmi. i. *, 3234. 10. 

FcnugiiiM, oculU at i«aui apica (ham Am. .• palliie Bin- 
kbdonina f lati'luli* Kcmini* uvcai* partitoantibMi MgincMo fi^- 
[ ttmo anu apiocm mcdiuu bisflBMD mw: Lang./vM. | — 1 lia- 

//ai. In irTnininc cl corralibuii. 

BogUni!. Presented b; F. Walker, Eaq. 

"Mr brief dcacriplioa of jlftiiwlAri^itnf/hinduocd Bu 
(uMt It <iuwu a* a Una without doubt'. Iiuimblj, foriLei 
laieapn of tbcantmii* in nolndtoatlenof Uu*al*tcia*bei 
infer. It im > pnrci'i imrci niib comooiuid MM, mwih OOliMN* 
, iBtegnmenU, cumcctcd Bcgniciin o/ ptetMbonx ud poaiptii 

Ltimam) toglea asd « periMt OTipotritor. For Uie greater ccrUiuly 
iMk Miu to Inca Ha hiuorj, and hsie n«t«d ii from the lorn, 
lUeb I haf« flKured. aa well a* the propupa and pupa. For a long 
iai^iBilnd, I Mciidit (he ciUkt MS in Taia.and intii alnott InducM 
» iatej that like ("yttip; ih* inwcl miitht be uiiuexual. But re- 
wtiiiiiH (lul at HMDe Kflioiu rciunle* ablr ocoui uf limolhripi. 
dUMtprcuplbe tearcb.Mid ffuidedby ihat iiidioatiDii I at Ium, 
iilheaeawaef nay-harrnt, dieoorend the male, thoogb eieewixly 
ve. I may ny net a ilagic one to aevertl hundird* <>f the femiile. 
^jot hai piM ttrthcr. for while Im follow* Bunucutcr in tbU, he 
nui u a larra /tlMMAn'^ MiJinf/arH alio, lUe <lereloi)ine(it »1 
aVA fiumciitei had noogaiMtV—Ualido;/, MSS. 

3. ArTDrornniM iiribti.i. 
TUfe Apt alildaU, Hal. Bm. M»g. iii. 444). &. 

FoMo-fecragioM, abdooaiaia uiciaori* fiwcie- Long. \ )in. 
fiai. Id ptantis marilimU {Planlagiitr vtanlima f) 
•■ ^bad. Praenled 1>j F. Walicr, Eaq. 

Sah|[eoue3. LIMOTIIHIPS. 
liBMhrip*. r/<tJ. Bmt. Muf- Ui. 441. B*tm., AmyotH Serv 

Antenna epicuU diictetk hrari blartioulata : piolhoiax apice 
pmn aitenualna : abdooiea deno efuiiKilaiuBi, iejfTvcnio fain, ex- 
lane biglonii ; otdli 3 ^ fn>tii inicr ooiiliw Impmu : marn epleri 
VttMV«'>i abduaiai* btcnbiu appandicuUlk ante a^onn. 

I. LiMoTflNin c]:sBu.trH. 

TUf L. wmlliim, /M. Em. Mag. iii. 44A, 3. itMrm. rhiult. 

Cur. 11.414.4. 
niipi phfMpiit, A'lVty, Xiae. Treiw. jij. M'J. VawUi-Jiantl', 

Urn. AmJ. TmHh. x«t. iKii. 
LiBMteipt phyupiK, AtnyH tt Serw. Hut- Xal. Uim. AVS. 

Lmg.Jbai. { lie. t4 ulin, nur. {— ( lin. 

Pmrated by F. Wiilker, E*>i. 

4 DS 

LMT or HOMomaovi isascn- 

3. Li wo TV am ntsn-roomitia. 

ThrllW I. d«sticarau. tlal. KiH. Mag. ill. 44&. % 
(.imMbTipt dcnlionmu. /fiinw. IlanJb. £«t. u. 414, 3- 
Sm. Hit. N^. Uin. Oil, I - 

ABlraaarum ankmki 3tio Iricono icvaiinato ; nigH. UMM- 
nim medio, tibiU aniin*, tanpla Milf MabqiK finco palBtDi; k*- 
in«l}tri« fiaci* tui f«nMoaillIbasi kbdcoiait afiM A^Ibm; 
/■rm. Look- 1 — 1 lln. 

8ubg«Du3. CBIBOTnaiPS. 
Cbiroihrip*, Hal. SmL Mof. iii. 444. flank, uiayM tt Sm 

Antcnn* articulo 7udit acumlDaUi, aplcala hnni Uanirohu 
•cdK 3 : caput patraai : piDthoraxina^iu antioenMeaimnM* 
p«de*aDtici pmoraMU 

Ale atidomea MiperaolM. 

1. CuiatniiaiM tuxtcttx. 

TMf 0. nwniuU. //«/. J?«i. Ma^. iii. 441. 
''Chirathripa manimta, Anna. //anJh. Snt. ii. 413, I. Amf'* 

Sen.HUi.H*m.i\t2, I. 
ClilroUiript lonfripcniiu, Bmnn. tlanJb. Sv. il, 413, 2. JaflJ 

&rn. liiit. JVdf. Him. M3, 3. 

PisM, anuuiiaiuia medio urdtque fuoo fftUidia,! 
krii (•BMuianiit) articulo Sado dUat^ MimiMto). L«iig.1 

Suhftonni 4. TIIBIPS. 
, Thrlpt, Hal. But Mag. iii. 446. Burm. Ai^nH tt Sfn. 

AntaoDB apicuta dUorata bi«*i bianioubta, lanna aiiicak it 
JMUiapauuoqueiodMorato: ocelli 3: ptotbovax antraisiiai|M* 
Ulvsiiatni ; nlidomni wriatim foreohtuin noaauii^iiaB ct niW*_ 
laio.filiatuni, kegnieoU) txiiemu mutico. 

un or noMomuic* immkcts. 

1 107 

|hbtr-._.» » » I. GiiuiuiTx&jK. 

fIBi pap««cU MpmiM ; libic utic* 

■f^M latiH dmut» 7. Enumu. 

OMllcMi t\m fiwminit BiMm »•— 7. BKjtcuvnKai. 

^ abofti** _,„. 6. MicaurtKA. 

^K aralalB i luoi noriiiu 

H ■«Hb i. U BixurarMs. 

H •bonir* , _ 4. Nbogimi. 

^^^•mlata » 3. RoirariKKJi. 

^^K StclioD 1. crMNOPTEBf, 

Plwkonx ontnino cUber^ MitoDus apimla S^Tticulau: ht- 


m 1. TuKtra OBACVSA. 

1lilMobw«nt..VS//. ZmT. i>m. />kWr. 1081. ^/oX. Emi. Utg- 

lii 447, 8. 
AjMpiM ubMunit. Amyil ti Srrv. Hitt. SaL lUm. tH3. 1. 

htlUa AmiglnM Mibclni-moviia ; Bntcabanim apice, mcnuni 
•Mipltl^ oniU>qQ* Aim!*: all* fuMXHcHiatii. F«m. long. ) Ud. 

Vuiatar *1U abbrtvUtli. 

Ifat, Id Cctrtlibiu. Ma* ooii<tuin inTooliu. 

•-« Eagland. Pmanlcd bv F. Waller, Eaq. 

^^1 Smhimi 2. EDDACn'LI. 

TBairjii. Amyri rt Stn. IfUf. NaL lUm. M2, «. 

ilvcTolat*: libiv Botius aplce intcrDO dentieali* 3, (A™ 
^•■■pioula bi-orliculttUi). 


un or BOHomw>oi nmicn. 

i. Thkiph Ducii. 

'TkHp OIlcK //a/. J?M. Viv- >l>- 'M^i «- 
OdonUtkripi UlicU, Jmtik «t Sat. flUt. Nat Btm. MS, I. 

Nlin*. bondfUtt sigTieudbin ImI «1M4U, aaUsMnmi 
culo Stfo libiia aDticU taniw)u pallidU, tibis ilcukdii ' 
Loii|. 1—1 llD, 

//•i. In flofibu* Viicit, fre^tMiu. I^ira ibtden. 

i. EngUnd. Pn*«ni«<l b; F. Walker. Ecq. 

3. Taxm LoTi. 

Nigra, bnneljrtris nigriotnlibu* bun alHdti, mm 
[taabqw flttldia, lihite ulid* pallidU itilua foica BftTKinatil. 

ttmb. In AoKbiu JWi toniiniuii Itcta mriniiiia, u 


4. Tfl«M fBALUUTA. 

^Th(1H flttlMatt. /Ta/. Eni. U*f. tU. 4-17. 7. Bmrm. B—Jh. I 
ii, 414. 0. 
Odunlullirip* phalonta, Amgnt el Sm. HUv St. tUm, Gt3, i 

Nigrni.WnMlytrip nlgriewtlbii* faada MlUdi at butalUdi: 
UUftnutiB ajlloiuo Siio mnMi«BfallidS«i tmkaMkta paOiditfB- 

Hah. Ill Itonbiu Vici* tmtiat fraqnens. LatTft lbi4cn kCV- 
Oij. Spcciu alia bcnulTtiu liuciali* in flaribiu S«r«lttf'> 
ii obiw est. 


■KiMkrip*, jtmyol f I .S'ffT. HiM. tf*L Bim.6i4, II. 

JUb BVolubB ill Rure tt /mn. .'.tibis mulior. Ob mulua{{', 
I ftpe<ri*riiiii ulmiu <lI«pCTti«id«, at wutlouM bobiIbiu nit ' 

or noMOPTKuout isnxct*. 1100 

5. Toiips Pkimolk. 
iPriiaul*. Bol. £Wt. Mma, UL-MQ. 32. A>nn. //am^A. Ent. 
TniiNhrip* PtiibiiIb. ^inyvf a Stn. Hut. Ktl. Him. MA. 

hNk. isdnum M mcUtlionc* lulncinUhut, iwdibui fetru^i- 
nfa, anunnu mrdio Balltdin i lietnclylru hntriaiculifi, niraminins, 
ktb ipiceque ruicU, biu illiidi iyean lotrriorp vi^ nisi tioti dli- 

KBa^BDl. PmmmmI br F. W*lte, K«q. 

Oh. Specica aSm onitU pMliifca»iilib«u in Aoribiu Ortkiiit 


Bi dcoon, n»l. BitL M»a- Hi. 449, 23. Ainu. mndb. £m. il. 


iMMMpi dcun, 4MyX (t Stn. Hut. N«t. Ittm. Ml, 2. 

Ntun, h«iiirijiti* fwcit (ud« palBiIa, 1>B*i albi^h. luilonnlt 
tiUii >pice antieis fctr latis unuqne ttlbidia ; capitc kqui- 

JU. la S/araa Vlmaria M alibi nriua. 

7. THam taivaA. 

Xt|Cn, tmnd^lris ni|rriea&t<b>iu bad athidii, pcdthn* fiiini fo- 
■ amkonia « ilbiuuni bui ttlMi* anlid* ur<is>|uc ci iuii«ti- 
■mBo paOult* : Hbdonuais NsmNU aukpetmllinio baii 
■neranato, Mai. 


(I. Tiiaips atbaTju 

I ttnta, Hal. Hm. Mag iii, 417, 10. 

I aintiM. jlMym ei .Snx, //uJ. A'al, tf^. IH3, 3. 

II 10 

un ta MMomaon* tMson. 

Atn,beiii«t]rlrUiiiaricialib4u b«>> alUdU, uiietiiuniai wiinili 
|jyiuri>qiM faui*. Cong. 1 tin. 

9. TaxiN *ttu«TiMau. 

"Tb^pi nititttiuiiM, 0aL fix. Vv III. 147. 11. Bml' 

PbtMin »ifT, Ay. ^n. mU, 17(4, 3. pL 4. t. i. Amft a Stn. 

BiM. >'al. Ilim. «4», 4. 
ThiipaphrHpa*,/]|(y./M.ni.«,l,pL l.tl. M»m,ZmtLri.\». 


Nipiup*, bcntoltlni albidji. uiiennii pcditnuni toit. 
uUDnafun ankulo 3d<1o apice, 3ilo laio, fratonbu tibtiifMW 

nMM-IMttMtt, BMOBltDe citfa bMlB bMomM^ aMMObj 

botqw palUdli^ SBMuiteapkt lonurilm ubUiqMvsadlaf 

tfai. PMiln, ftfi^iUBi la PuMUfini. SUindiiU. kt^ 
f. EagUjid. PTCHnted bjr Y. WalUi, Etq. 

10. TuBin CiaoRBHODt. 

Tbripit CTtiorTbodi, //aJ. £■!. .V^g. iii 44tll. 13. 

PbjHpiu cjnofrhodi, Amfol h Smr, Uitt. Nat. /TiM. 6*9,5. 

Uak. Id fl«ribua A>ianuatrini«fi<iM; prooodcBtidnibii 

II. TnurtO»o»<)i.4Bis. 

Tbrips RRHialiulr, IM. Eta. Hag. iii. 448; 13. Amftili 
Hut. .\ti. lUiit. AH, I. 

llab. Id Aoribui /?((ij 'rrMiubri'it. 

;«—(/. EpgUad. PrcKBUiJ \rj V. Walker, Eaq. 

un or v«wanBMn>e iscsscn. I 111 

It. TB«ir> CuiiioLtOBnt. 

lUa oWloliaraai. Hal. P^l. Uf. lii. 14?. 9, 

Wy^lM ■JMitoapfuat. Amj«i tt S«m tlU. Sal. Him. M3, 2. 

FtmifisM, tiMo niran*, Mothomd* ditco ei abdomtM ob. 
t ikdbM . uiowli famt e « B iilw i bw pdliiUk. Fum. Lo9g. i 

But. Sub faliU l/M onapeitrM in Hotto BuUoico &J Gliw- 
lA pipe EUuuB. 

Ok. la fCi(i>etiiniiu Spp. 17 — 'J2, antcoiuinKD apimta cut- 
tgdua tidcutf. 

13. Tnur* Pm-mpu*. 

Tli^ plinapvt. Z*n. >S3Ft(. Xaf, U. 71-1, 3. /Vm. Siwr. 1027. 

Cwjft, /«- B<r- i 4HS.2. S«|p. *■»(. Tan.. 418. fair. S;» 
^iu. li.,l»0, I. Maul. till. ii. :120. |. fini SvU. i>. 338. I. 
^Bpt. At|«. 3|:l,3. .S>Ad^. /.'/••m. pi. Ij;. f^mW. £■/. &>d. 
^^W. [.1,2233. 2. //■/. £ni- J/m- tii 1-tS, M- Burm-tlntH. 

fiu. ii 4U, B. aMfiM (T Sm. but. fit. Him. 64*, 3. 

Xlga, Wn4TtTu rmcanU; uricaaia aXbUm basj apkcane 
Wui iibiu apke, amicii nwi mugine, taniM{uc fcfngiitaU ; 
"i^abn*. Lane. /m. I — I lio- 

-Ib ioicnJw CifA»panwn^. 

, HU. E<U. M»f. iiL 448, lA. itnyof r< &tv 
'JTmI. y«t. J74a. M4, a 

F«ea '■! fnaeMtMaoca, *l>daiDiM din baiia obacfuiarB, an- 
^Hm ban tibOi apk< unbqM falUdWribil*, braidiui* [uouiii 

fltab |[labfk,/M«. 

U£u minor, paJlttbur, ]diilom>Bis iaciiari* fuadv hcnelTtnn 

0«i. la KtaBto* paaCBtna Julia ihikc frcqaent, in Ru- 

LBT OP noMorTSKon iMixcn. 


^B flarcKcatibiuL, omUm tubm, Lcmcljrlrn albidi*,/arm. 

FUTo-femiKinM, ooaln aateMitnuii apicc et ■bAnnkitiic- 
Hfit AwcMCeDtiblla, not. 

//<&. Influnbua Owci/Vrananiu HottuBoUniooadGhiaflii 
pogt Ebhimn 

I&, Tnaira i>i*c«uii. 

tin dUwIor, //of. £iu. JAy. ID, 44ff, 90l ilntnl M &rt Bk. 


!&. TllKIM CokTMltnaABVIL 

Tbllp* MnTabirmunin, lial. £'■!. 3faj. in. IW, Ift Jaft" 
Strv. //ut ;Vaf. //Vn. (H4, 0. 

Femtpnca. ilHiainiuU incuuru *t onientiBniiii ifiiM ohwik 
oMtlk nAns Imncljui* albidk,/***. 

8il*0(», MM. 

//«A. la Qoribut CitrymH/rntnaH in bofto fWdlBta. 

17. Trmm mirctihih*. 

|Ttinp«niiiutiiain>il, Xian.^yif. ^at. ti. 713, .1. Ffvn. Sm«; IW 
' ^air. S)., /lu. ii, sue, 4. ibmt. Jai. it. 320. 4. &I. Spl.i'- 

939, 6. Sfl. Wiy. :IH, 8. Gmti. Ed. SfH. Sal. i. 4. WL 
3. fUl K*t. .\Us- iil- 'H», 19. AmyA tt Sirv.Hmtf^ 
mm. 1*44, 7. 

FvfTngfnou, abdommr obocaTioK, neuiitilfl b«il , 

rllidioritina, ooellb <le«)l«rUiiu, bcmdytrit albidk, Jin. 

//at, tn Crmi/j&M, In /loeAi aJonla nt klibi DM inR 

Oht. A rt1i<iiii» ptnuU* polUdiJia ttniim diitin n u ti iii 
' eoetlo* liKonipivuo*. 

un Mr BovapTHoin nmns. 


18. Tunin Unitcx. 

Tktpt rtticn:. Pair. Xp. Itu. ii. 3[>7, A. Mant. Tat. Jl. 390, i. 
S<u. AVi. >•. 238. *. S<i*L Mym. 313, tl. SrliranA, Brytr. 
amr fiic 31. pi. I, f. 33, W. Gmtl. EJ. Su>i- N»t. i. 4, 
330,7. a»l. R>l. Mas- ill. 148, 17. itunri. //anJft. tlml 
i. 41ft, ». ^Myvt €t. fitrt. ItUi. Sal. Him, 644, X 

PlavB, tlMtsor Ib((«, erali* M itpbone orati nisria, ADtennii 
•{«« fnacncentlbiu, o«oUi* rubra, lirnirlirtnn albidiN/irnt. 

PiIUdA fl*n, ibdiunint* glnadiilli gtmblia «oc»i« pcrleoniti- 

tfai. Punn, frcqacnn piKterlim iii noribut luU-U, e. gt., AW* 
Infp, 71U/iVfni, ffKijcAubf ia, Ckrgmnlhrmo, Jiaau»eul», |-r. 

•-/. Biclud. pRwoted b; F. Walker, E*q. 

^^Alai ■iitieK CToluuc, maribia rudineaU : anioniKc 4|>H>ula 

Section 4. KEOGAMI. 

ID. TnuMKisr^ft. 

ibm dlmi, //a/. £'•<>■ Mf. Hi. 449, 34. 

n9. /ivrn.. //a«J(. £■(. Ii. 4in. 13. 
Ikipi tinrtiranii*, //■/. £m. J/oy. iii. 449. 3». 

£u K. 4lrt. 

Cdrt. flrii. BWi. 
Anna. Il9n4i. 

TaMoiM diapw. .<lMy»l A £(r*. //>fJ. A'a/. //Jim. «44, 3. 
IWglhnp* bmevioorak, Jmjwt at &t*. //iii. A'nf. /^^m. M4, 4. 

lRpi(Illlld«,UitciiiiURiiM)iulibi» dciDpU baii Unui|nr sRiUk, 
Ui HOcIa apitBli obicuro, bemcltuu brrTiiucuiis fiuciiiiin 
IvQuti rt ban Mniii./irm. 

N'IfToJbwt, aBtmni* kitriilis h>ri 4p*mqiic (umu, jfjll 
■lUds, cuxl* nigricwitibus, lemonbuBMUdf bui kGi|ui( r«re toti* 
■Auditiaa aluvBD rvdiarailt albii. nuu. 

If«t. Ib RpicUfrainiDum locis huuentlbui. 

Ot^— A]« famtni*r>o1ut» cialdi-m Mil >bJuininb apicein uoq 
■Mpcr MtinguaL Lauf./iim. ) Ua. 



lut or bomorsmwi nuon. 


Jtfiuw Bptni, omIlU nullia: /rminm aUtc : utuon* ifMi 
hi>rtie«Wta. Vwa bqMika ruErwentit iiood In boc luailit (at 

90- Tamm Eticx. 

Erioc, Hml. Enl. i/ojf. iiL 148, 12. 
'Jf*U Him. an. 4, 

An^ tt Stn. thd 

<ien. IMi 

Nign. abdomiuc pic«o. braieljuii fiMmnii ci Tiucd 
tltiKi Ufil»qii» (nnigloaa!*. lUb m^no his pnoc'io apkili 
JW^— Mt WDCM wionaM bul dnnpu oaiUtqiM fiticu, ih 

te>dliIi• iii£i periiiBntiblu Mfnenlo psmililno Ugtoad, 
g. 1 lin. 

Vu.^inN. piMo-mfi (imiiMUm). 

Ott.— Btlira in taiietaU aauaa* iil^t^-rtut*. et lo4c totfc 

H^h. Ib floribni £nnt TVhwb ia iiWBlorifc 
I^rra itmil Imu pn^ulutM. 

Section fl. MICROPTEfi£. 
[TmeUithript, Amytl tl Sen. ffidU A'at. Btm. MS, 19. 

Alanitn uunlan ntJIinmU hhonice hrerlen. tb«.t 
• 1 nibtUlNlDa vnticiUaiuDa i oecUl anal 


31. Tnun •raimu. 

Thripi lutnptftn. Nat. £»L Mtg. \\\. 4JD, 30. Abtm. iToirft. Bt- 

[L 1l«, H. 
TrnMoAript tiubapieni, Amfol tt Snr. Hut !<»l. Htm. MA. I. 

Nign, aulmtiii dcnpia bui et apico tibili pro put* Ui^il* 
obwute (HTO|[iiiBiE, alarum rodimeMiiiubfutci*,,,^!*!. Loogr^ 

Ua,b. la'PUaUjint moriHitmf 

usT Of nomnnttKiv attcn. 

33. Tmupi ptLLKKi. 

Bum. Hmdk Bin. HJ 

"nuifi mUou. B«1. BnLMag- (U- 4M. 37. 

119, IS. 
TnttoOiriF* palUat, i1m5m( rl Str*. Hiit. A'af . Aim. MS, 3. 


Pallid* fomifinea, ibdomiM fu*co,anlMinis btai m ipice fntA 


3S. TiiKtr« TincioAT*. 

pKTBgiBM, abduminc niu apiior nigio,/inR. 

Far. S«piua pedibui poMki* noaaumquam et Ibonco po«Cie 
piniL Louk- 1 Uo. 

O&f. — Ahuai Mmel tldiua oplmxr ; antoona fere lots el oculi 


fl«A, In GaJia Stollufiiu doteole. Jfw nonduio obvtua. 
Oia.— Sutim koetiiit aliquutun ad Coifoptrmta. 


BMbrip^ 2r*l. fi>i. Ifv- i" '*^0- ''^""-> '^••yx *< ^^n*- 

A»tM»B aptcvli bwrianknlata aitkoto 4tlo tMi^i«r : aegaieB- 
ta ■Hin "M — tUioainit !■ Ccentiiiii e)on][aUuii acnnunaiinnt iibi» 
mtm ditatau famlcat*. 

I. Bu.otUKii'a icuMKix-rA. 

IMm B., acanlnau, Utt. Em. J/m. lii. 4A0, 3& 
BAMkrin ai-BiDiaaU. if«r» //mJIi. ibl. ii. 41(1, lit. ^l 
Sfn UuL -Vol. ///■ (Ha. 

Itign,, tibOt iBnuque fu9(».r«mif Inei* aotrani* fbad*. 

Hal. ts floribua Ram ■■ fa o'ifa' — "t »oo utiiqw- 



f TriWl. COLEOrrtUTA. 

C«iMp»wfc. Uml. Bt. M^. HI *BO. Avm.. Amyot rt Sm. 

litnrljrua abdoolait h»- 


AatMM dllviMi B«ikakl» : 

•Biau; *«■!( aoitaBBfa Bmw im i 

Anmn* anititUt 

9 oowitHH dl*cmt* „.„...._._.. 

ftcl«fMala*lU«uta ...„.„«._ 

._.». I. UKi^mim 


l. in. 450. 
. ffm. iLI17. 

^if^lM Srrr. 

Amiaett D-ankvkta : iMuMclItiH bivio: palpi mu- 
UkmankvUtwbwNiIibvit hfad^BaifiM«eitoHpBMMaH 
*mM iimoainM* 9. fnWa *atics apMe ienUW : tcf«bfsata)<p- 
run TKBrra], 

LatVR uccnnii gracUlbui 7-anieBUii*. 


M*Uiitkritii nfcm. A«/. EM, U»f. V6. UO, 1. UriuofUph 
0»ni. //uA. &U. ii. 417. AmmlHStr*. Hi*L KtL Bit 

Am, koikrijtn* DifrkaiitftM. Lu^ ) lia. 
//a*. In flonbitt RnrJm H JInnnfi. 

G<rnu 7. £0L0TBaiP8. 
ilo<krip«, /W. ffiat. Jfoj. lii. -lAI . Airai.. Amj/at M Strt 

iUilcn>» Mtiralit S inl«riaHbiM OMJoribnt ducrMb un i, 
uift nUqul* minatiwiiiii in apicalum ■tlmualam <iiai Su 
amtnmm eaaM<iia- hauautlKu tuBeti*)cu1inn ■««•: palpi mu 
Uk»a Mt longi noOMuUtl anicalo arioali bretiarioM. [Oab «■ 
iwga product)! tibi» latica incnna*. Fitmmu abdondiril^W 
Mbteiexa htctira nvntra], 

, ^1^ I eonplMB _._ 1. Couoiiiuff- 

\ aboRl<ra ,.....„ X ^olvtemit*- 

LIST or saiiorTEkODa nnci*. >ll 

C<<MU]M,ira/.£«f. J/*;. iii.Wl. Bum.. Amf<HH Strr. 

Cotpiu coarcxiBwuluiD : pUraUionz bliu aubqiutdr&tui i. 
*h w pl eM , beaMtytn m&rgiiw cocutl gkbci>, rtau truisvcntal 
^- JKu. «b4<nBi*w Utcribiu apjiendicaklu. -I 

Urra Anitnnb fere MoEomiba*. 


Tkip bwlau, JUa*. Sjnt. A'at. ii. 743, 5. JHrn. Sncc. Ukm] 
Ay. /ai. tit. I)?, 4. Otof. Int. P»r. i. 305, 3. v>tWr. /u. plJ 
7, f. 4», ». F«ir. Sp. Itu. ii. 397, A. MaM. Tat, ii. 330. 6.] 

I bl«MMC.iHei«ui,//</.iui(..Vu.ii>.»l,l. 

■ l»MaiB»bt^1»,»irm. lUmlb. Sat. a. il7,l. 

■ OokMlinp* (ucuu, AmfH tt Sm, Nut. A'of. Bin. 940, I. 

Warn, kauhmniHi b>Mi fiAcI* tt kpicealbi*: anuniiii 
RbiMOMMtMitM apicc M podibw pmcm, ' 
mIbU iNwlMbtufa, aiMcBim bMi alrridit, 
■M. lMf./M*. j — I lis. 

a. k Eo^wd. PiwcatBl h? !''■ Walk«r, Efq. 


Xi(tm, hmelftnraai bwi nucult ooeue media et amoe ftlbii, 
■a uticiiki 3tio elongnU albido./mi. Long, t tin. 

A. CoLiomupa vtrrtT*. 

fdiMtan c. vtiuta, f/>i. £<t. jtfa«. lii. iii.i. 
MtkaAiim Wmu. ifan™. //airit. i&j. ii. 4IS,2. 
niariMpI <tUaU, jlHyol rl Srrv. Jliil. Sat. iiim. 046, 3. 

mgn. tMndftlofiun httti «t untUBdini^ioatcriowaniii; u^ 
•Mill BMdlo aIbWi,/«>. Lonff. j lis. 


LWT *» 

Owpn ttami fMndMmz eoMtrictu : aUnuD nainiUi i 

I. X«utaBir> 4UKncTA. 

bc'B. IMM AmflH Strw. HUt. .V«t Ah*. M& 


Miet fanigtaM, uMwb ttmi* Immd rt 1 

%j F. Walbr, E^. 


Pty 31. 

Far Sot »u1iandai«i rtad la* mbuii4u». 

30. Pi.*rtn.««iiu unBWt*. 

'^'•raa lr«iMi«nnf lu/rrr mtui,Mifntu,ttnfitliBn mMV oiruaaa 
jkynu, 3u Wu ftmJnipla ri'iu tiiHf tl»JiiM tfiruiu ,' 'tta/m 

fa> j » ' a> J 3m> tu m^lw, nt^if ihu, ch^hir d<vf tun jdunu ; 
!■« amudn, ntieMtf BUii on^nttna aruJaim jingnu, 3l' H>Nft< 

nk iJNe^ BOM rfHmbla A *nu/iK*ita ; and ih* two, bl 
P. hatifatU, P. pumetigtrm, P. tirrU, ud P. rinyle*, bm' 

ttt^H u( ilic lorc-cbatl ■omeabjl ■liUU'd and aii|[n)ar, ind 

■■riBed la OofpUnra. which ^ntit b sIm ronnooiM wiik P(a, 
Jlhni by a«aia of O. riarti, asd Jol ~ 

lint Zuitatara Oiiungh O. fofy- 

itnmi BWiyinal •reolei iborta ibao Uie fint ; fint enm oitii 
It •!■%&(, >lB«tin|{, (umliif a rerj obtiiM angle, psrtcd fraai 
<b aca»d bjr inon> tlun Ibur (hnra tta Wofth ; Moond aluHl 
fhhl. tfij alamtiiic, hnolag an titniiBclr utxuM awU^ nrioa 
B* Mp'' "' *'" I*"' - ''"'^ harill; wnrpd, ■lanliitp, loranin^ am 
I ufla ; fuvnh cmned notward, slighllir oblii|uc, fotaiaj >b 
) aaipa;. aa loog ai the tklld 1 fitUi nncfa curved uutwiirtl. Dp- 
^|)n, bntilaf m ahimt tigtii anght. Bod; icixoi uwny lien 
•ad Am: Mud uoch natrowet tfaaa Uw farc^eu. adoiiKd ab^re 


Ilh an iircffuUi black baml, whicb incJailei tbmt tftM; oatiij 
t black, aad with black tnntfctM lunmw on eacb tUt. 

^ r«llo« with a black Up, nacUag kmad tbe Ub4-Um: 

•••rai hudlf proininnit: faro-obcM «rlth &*• Hack im^aa . ihr M 
■w OBV wiucocd Ixliiad, longer than the olber four; luDid awtehwa 
wUeaed but hunllf ancalar on eack Me; Kalcbeoo of inUdk 
(JhcM with Touf biMk msrki, ih« outer pair laof-ohcmieti, Am 
tioa alnaoU Joining a bUek band, wUeb wnda bilk a iM»-A»fti 
biack airiM between tbe inoci nutki, tk« latUv are ibort^abeM*- 
«al ; bind Mrder riigbll; cicbtxIM : abdoBSD black, a Utile iNgw 
ikaathcdiaM: lv|r*>liKlitlirmBrk«l with black: fare-winp adonM 
witb fUdtd down. l>t<n<n. ottli toiii« uwnjr ipota tar ■na iku htf 
tbie lenftb from ike Iw*e, wiib iwa (hart, obliqna^ Itngnki, e«- 
naoted »ro«n band*, and wiih a ioit of ooDnecm bmwn Mt 
ting Uw bind border i a oolonrie** spot on ike frnM mM- 
velw men, uwar tawsrda ike lipa: liiud-wiags U«&j, bat 
tDWKiW Iko ii|is which wiib lh« bind burdor an rnliiiil— ' 
of the boAj a lines ; of the winjri 31 linet. 

North India. I'rom the Ea*t India Corapftn;^ ooDectlea. 

Ptft t7. 

3. Drxivtinu oanccTA. 

y. Java. From the East India Coupaiij* eoUectiaa. 

4. Draoiiinu vaomaT*. 

' f, s- J»e- PiMO the £ait India Coai|iaay> wUoctioe. 

7. DcirpnBU TiBijiira. 
Sllhet. From tbe Iter. J. Sulnfonb'i oolleciioD. 
Tlik ma} be the mak oT 0. tUongMlrr. 

8. DeitnoBiA uxKiKie. 


Tar? FofewinK* not tinifcd wiik fTcen i fast eren-mn M 
'eUglrtly cvrted; MoMd nilwi »b«rt and uprigkti finink ik " 
^■n Mnl and not ■nK<il*'- 
e. SSthet. Fron the Her. J. SialnbrthH collection. 



fvMi SI HI Cnnipbell^ oollecliMi. 

Ptgi M. 

M. Fioioin* tuuom. 

HmJM !• vm Tiriabl« io the colour mkA markJnjc* of ihe 
Ik ibe dtMiding and mutual dituoce irf Qie Gnt and 

SI. FtnrciM* ntrcuMtTA. 
kdland. Pnwalt4 bj tlw Bulu HotpEUI. 

Past 101. 

34- FtOIClna BKOLOB. 

Irwutwnw Iw MiiwiJatiu, ;vn>&/ifuiu, an^/inn Wx 
H*u^ 2* ,f<^ yMi/rayb ^'lu loHgirudiiu dintu ^ 2tu n;c 
^dlaw, pmilijmu, mfulum ri« fiitjtru. Id nn/ii imivr ,- 
( /(K mAw. n> •UifBM, mijutum rrrtum/ingiiu ; 4iu 
Htio, vAtifuiu, anyuluiii tic ocudnn JIf UfAU. 

i4 maiginal areoM * tiitlu lon^^r tliaii tbe lint ; drat 

t altjtbtlj Mk**!!, rxt/tnivly olili^ur, hardly fi'imiufc aa 

pud ftwni ika Mcooil bv alinint fixir lini» ii» Icni-tli -. w- 

llly waicd, rilimiuW ciblu|ue. biirdli lunnin)[ aii anirtc. 

Iter lfaa« ihe lim: Uiird alni'MI slniKlit, h^nlW ubliifui-, 

I rixht angle ; foailh <tat«<t, uUlqof, Tonnins a barnljr 

ile,iongcT ihao iW iblid; illb euivtil ouKntd, ii|-rijcbt, 

hafdl; lacuic atiKle. Bwly piuibj black, Imuglnoiia 

bead > Gttlc bf««il*T Uibb the furp-chol ; bco ilvlil- 

DOt promiiient: tnoutb Ttatfliing a tilile btjond ifae 

: aidca of tlia fora-obctt tHglilljr eoncaie io tbe middle, 

oTcx Hi fraot, sllj^hdj oaiMara bobisd ; abdaaea with a 


I I3Z nrppLnxNT. 

bl&ekitiip«b«neatli : dninuiTrqpilariTUiaiignlu,BztandiBff ftBtdt 
bejtmd h&lf the •bdomen, ooucafe un tha iniMr ride im eoiinl 
tomida the tips, which tte iliglitl^ raonded: flew Ihighe timtd 
with two loDg, BhiuT) teeth -. winin thghtly gnj, duk bmn atttf 
the fora boraer and kbont the fint uid Mooad ncm-ntat; ><tai 
black, pitch]' towmida the Uum. Lenflh of the bodj 18 Km; rf 
the winga M line*. 

a. Jkt>. From the Eut India Companj'i ooIlMtiaa. 

Pagt 102—232. 

Geuui 12. CICADA. 

Nearly til the species wbicb are meutiooed in thii muI^' 
ma; be dirided into tie following groupii. 

Group 1. (Sp. 1—8,11—14). 

or lar^ size, with broad heads, prominent ejee, and widii* 
cheet slightly dibtcd and angular on each side. 



QroDii6. (Sp.SI). 


UcmI my liilla nammet Uian llie chest. ■Imoii uianrulit, 
H|^llf pniactA ia ftool, wIium *ides u« alauM suuglil : side* of 
ttftw wm raa*tx (a Uic middle. 

V Onnp 7. (S|K »7. R2, 87, 00, lO— M]. 

Bodt gt-Dtnllr (bun: bud tlinutl u bnad u thf cbcM : 9jt» 
man mtmt praDturDli Mn of th« hind muI^kiu ivuDiUd «i 
tfjiltf tagvkr by the bwe of neh Core-iiiDg. 



S. (8p. 83— M. 01, 03. B8. W-IOI, tM. 143. 143, 147, 
)M, 167—160. 103, 1S3, 167, ISA, 18»-1)M). 

'Bodr ntbor naiTOW: h«ad ■ llllTe lummrr tlian the cbnr 
tjn Mt prmniamt: forc-cbcM olmusi lioMt ciccpibg ihe bind- 
UMiiiiiiii. which b wiiteued and tuuud«d b; the liwe of ueh foi«- 


Gtmip S. (Sp. lOa, 103). 

niker aarmw : li«id »t broad u thr' «bc(t : rrcs praui- 
lofiLe brE-cbrMalineM lincai: hiod-cLctt tritlcDcd and 
by the1«H of caeb forc-oing. 

OnnplO. (Sp-ioe— III, 1&3, Ifll.ieA). 
[ Like Oninp 8, but mote klcndn md uf tmall dta : tjtt motv 

B<id ray inall. 

Group II. (8p. 1M,1S4). 

10. CtClDA F&iuwi. 

Ciada Fnzinl. 0*rm. Tlon. .4ri-«. ii. 3, 4, 4A. Hirr.-S^^f. 
Ftm. exllr. I. SMoU, £ai, Zril. 5ttU. *iU. 16,0. 

AMifHM, mtaabtm lir ncultm finftni ; lu ti 
/if MM, M^fwm f«r aroMB fr^nu, 9i imigilm 

8«caBd tnarfnii] •koIH ■boutene-lbiirtli tbortrfi 
(int cran-tein mueh cuniid oulvAnl along ibc lcnr«ri 
GnndDg a ■lighUj' obtuac aiiele, )wjit<l fram tht im 
Unph ; leeond nrr nlleliiK ruKcd, ilnntinK. totm 
■wIf, «barui than iht Gni; tbiid ilijclitlt nntd, uU 
a cariltT acute anfjlc; fourth iIiDott Mrnisbi. obltj 
hanllj Bculeaufte,aaliMg«»ili« ibiid: filU nuch ci 
aliniHt ii|irig)ii, tointag a luirdlj ■caU' aiielc- TNta 
•niih *lion pale bain: Mad a liitk birmwrr ihan i 
bcc latfart ])niiiiincDl, •bort-ooDtcal : cjca not pnoi 
Kacbinff l]i« liind-hipB : chew gtau-fnvea, willi aE 
ridca Of Um Itor-cfant almoai Ufaisbl ; b)iid-«ctq 
arUmwd ob aa^ *idv - hioiMKitiltr of ibe nl<Id[r-«lM 
caxo; aM«mcii almt&t olicoiiical, cooBftcni'd aed 
dp, much Itmiter tbon Ibe cbni : lpg> ffram: win 
fore botdct and tciiu green, doiicr lowartb tb« ti| 
bod; 13 linea : «f tb« uLnp 33 linaa. 

a. f 

Pagt IS3. 
01. Ciemn piMaaert.iii'. 


ftj* 191. 
^^ OP. Cicada ^bski. 

Hw nuDc of dbis upeoiM It pbtDged lo dluinguisli It from C. ' 

P*}r 139. 

97. CwADA Zkujihdioa. 

Vai. Se<.«ii(l miipnal utokt a liltiv loniret iban ibo Gnl ; finl 
•MB-fda ftlmort tuaigLt. tmt ftlinliu);. Lnralj! fMiuing au anirlc, 
|vWl llMi ilia ■w a nd br aocrul Wtct iu tongtb ; rocniid uluiu^l 
■Bai^l, f ctf «iMMflif>, liudiv fonninit on iinirlr. a liitlo ilioiUr lliiui 
iksBM: Uiird alnxMi ttmitilii. i1aiitin);,romiint;«vcrTRcmo angle; 
bvtt alniaM itniixht. ilisbllf ulili<|ur, runurng a hanll; acute 
■llr, a lUdo longer than ikp tbirJ -. lifih T*ry aligbily (urr*], (4f 
tfM, fbtiKlflg' an obUnw aa^le. IMy lulaou, TarisQ with gwon i 
md vitk a utan, broad, iitp^iilni binck band on Ibe crown ; fiM 
■tth a black itiiiw. vbich U fuikcd lowariii the cruwn ; epitumw 
kA two black flripni rorc-cbuii with nglil black iiriim: the 
■iddk palrmlMd behind, and ivniliu); furlh a short branch along 
Ab hmv m aneh t;l4r -. thr 4r«and i>&ii almoti U.4hap«d ; the 
AM max daalui^ and oaitfd to the onicrnnon, which extend along 
At MM tf the hind-if uicbcon : Uie Ullor i* couoaTc on mdi ride ; 
>iMI»cfceU with four oliconical black stripes, llie iuiicr iiair abort 
Ml Mapnot, the outer pair lone, i-iined, and touch inicrwcied; 
■M black iDaik( fiftat Uie hind liotilcr. which i* iligbtlv ooncmvf : 
■Ulmfn with Mack handi ; nndrnide moull; black at die base, at 
A* lift and along eocb side: tliifibs tlripcd willi Mack: middle- 
Antaaadhlnd'leet Kith black bunds-, fure-tliankt black, tawnj at 
the knM; aUeriut hei bbck: wiii^ oolouilwa; veins black, bflgbl 
■dtmnrdt (be bsute; fint and trcoind eroM-rdnn and the longuu- 
dital tan betwoen tbem clouded wiib dark brown. 

L ]t«v Zealand. Kram Ur. Stctcut't colleclioo. 

99. ClClDA ALBtllA. 

on Iliici. from Mr. Sieveui' collevticni. 




101. Ciunt Oml 

;iMda Orni, Atu. Foni. /iw. lU. pL 11, f. I. P. SiihtO^' 
Ztil, Sutt iiiL 13, 3. 

IISl CiutM oiKVHiuTa. 
Dttnn'nuji. l^-teA. 

The DBinc nf thi* ipccte* it alicrad to dUUogvisk it Am C 
trKiniu. Otiiirr. 

No* Uoliuid. 

182. CtCAii« HXtuToDn. 

CtedA hmsitodn, .VrA.rjf /««■. /lu. /iatM(. p], | jl, f |, X 
/«.. ii. Z«w(, pL aA. r. 3. Swi/. fie. pi. — . f 133. .?■ 
fM. Zn/. ^ItU. rlli. 8, I. Purser, Jht. Zfit. Stm. f* 

T«tri|tot>ui tiblalit, i^nr. Faun. Itu. Orrm. Hi. a. 

IMr L'icaila uag;itlM«, frrnn. 

185. CiC4D*AiRrrLAT«. 
•. Itl« or Puw. PrwnKd bj Pn»r. E. Futbo. 

Mr tA^ 

1DI*. CmiuuHiTAT*. 
NirnM (»«ii««r»t« lu nrfiK, fn^ trrtinf. min!vm Wr <[<w^ 

UtiiMiipimt, •nfuum wtfwBia jfnfrmf, la fmuMa b*)*'*'' 
Sui/eri rrrlw. nWtfUBj, lo^yafum nrhimyCnoinu; 4wm**- 
aUiftiiw, 4a]p>f«iii riw acvtitm Jlagnu, 3ti (rvfior; i*^ 
«rnu, tTtetia,amj/tilmmJtrJ rvriBia Jitgt^i. 
^miln limitatn, 6'(nMir. 

Neaily alUtd lo C ii^iftra, ■«<! ode oTtba giovpaUc^i* 
dlmiDjstiiBbed bj iIm tboctnct* uf llie Gm and second noigiaaJ tf^ 


Irti; ■■ w JmmiiwI M»oka«l»iit»*loitgaiihc fiwt: flrvlcmis- 
frilttmqbl, alBMl uprifkt, farming * banllT obtiiMi Rnglc, parted 
Ami iba Mooad br wofe Ihu thrioc iu IrCKtii : iccand mdiitincll^ 
I avtmfd, tliffctl; obliqne, fermiog an ubluiv diiRle, u liltle ' 
riku ihvflm; ducdalnoMsinlcfat. oblii|ue, rorming a riglit 
tj fcnnh itnifffct, oUiitii*, (bnninf ■ hnrdlj arutc Hngle. 
rtbratbe tliiid; fifth iMtd); currod outwuid*, olmMt upriglii, 

a. Cifa. Pron H. Dngi** ooUtciioo. 

^^^^ 904. CtCADA J^srtJAM*. 

Cmda ■uoaiu, Im««. ^EjitDfol. StiaU. Alg*r. AlUt, pi. 4, t. 6. 

ttmtdBBa,Ofrwi. Mag. £»t. ir. 08, 10. P*m. Im. Bur. 
~ , IT. SiiUtd, B"!. Zrit. SMI. lUt. », 2. 

MModaa t Fiulj, S<k». lit, 462. 
*, DalwUM, Podolia. 

900. Cio*b*Aloiu. 
I Alftn, iMtmt, EiJ>l<yrt. SvinH. Algir. AOu, fi. 4, t. 5. 


t ifcawum. Gmn. TTbii. ^ire4. ji. a, 4. 49. SifkU, Ait Z«ii. 
SuLtUi. 10,6. 




233. Cictu CAxnm. 

Cicada cuKau, Lmcw, Bxflarmt. SeimL Algtr. AiUm, Bt*. fL 4, 


Aye 233. 

336. Cicada SAXouniKt. 

Cicada, Ate, Rotl, Int. ii. Xwwt, pi. 25. f. 3. 

Tettieonia tangninea, Fabr. Syl. JUjn. m, 3t. 

Cicada hciaatodra, $«>;>. J&(. Cm*. 118,447. 

TeltiKonia hKiiiat(>des, Panx. Faim. Int. Gtrm, 4, 31. 

Cicada saDRuinea, Grrm. SUh. Jtn. Em. ii. 68, fi. SitUi, El 

Zeit.Siett. TiiL la,4. 
Cicada helrola, Grrm. Mag. Ent. iv. 99, 13. 71o», irdt. 4, 46. 
Cicada picbeia, Otrm. Tktm. Arek. 4, 47. 

a— d. SoQib of France. 
-/. TiMcapj. 

339. CtOAOA PoniTA. 
■, Sty, J«mn. ^(W. NtU. Sci. PhUmd. It. 330, 3. 

230. Cicada AVRirRa*. 
a. Say. Jomm. At»d. Sat. Set. PkiUd. ir. 333. 4. 

231. Ckiada rAKvn^ 
(puraU, Stg,J«Mm. Aetd. AW. Sri. PUUd, i«. 333, 3. 

Ri; llock; Uoubtiu. 

233. CicAiM ariioDto*. 
diet, Say.Jmtm. Aaid. Hat. Sri. PhiUJ. ir. SH.'er 

ns. CWAtu mssooLTraici. 
nia. New Jeiwjr. 

231. CiCAD* Jlt«0»A. 

Smy, Jomrn. Aead. A'oi. Sri. PUUi. ri. 23a, 3. 

33A, Cnao* TTTBinuini*. 
telpwialt, S*jr. /ran. ^n.<. iVdf . £(■-. i%tW. ti. 336, 1 




336. CicAPA NiQROvraiDii, Fern. 

JVnrtu trannertut Imftri rtchu, valdi oiliqmu, aa^na fmi- 
tusum finijmt, 2o iriplo tjtu lonyitmitne divitut ; 2m fifl 
reelui falde oblii/am, anyulum parobtitmmjimfti u , to aaih 
breviar ; 3iu rrchu, rrtthu, attgulum tuboiliuiim finnti 
4us rectia, obliquiu, anguluM vit ucmtam Jbtgriu, 3i imp- 

Second mftrgiaal arealet a little sborter iltan ih« 6nt; fini 
cross-vein alniust straij^ht, verj ublicjiie, rormiog >a estmnelj i^ 
luse angle, parted from the seuond bj thrice its length ; Mcoiid il- 
most straight, reiy oblique, forming an extremelj ubtue angk, 
much shorter than the fiisl ; third straight, erect, forming • iliglitl} 
ubtii«e angle ; fourth straight, obliijue, forming a haidl; acute U- 
^'le, as long an tlie third ; Glib slmight, slightly oblique, fonniDgU 
almost right angle. One of the sliorl- winged ipeciet : bodj Mick, 
dolhed with while hairs; bordcis of the segmenti mostlT givei^ 
bead a little narrower than the cheat ; a green tpol on ue ftml, 
which is ci'nvi'*. not promiiicnt r mmii^ ?rwn with a Wnck tiy, 



' HI eblWM angle, p*ned from the «tcood b; about Tout ttmea iti 
|dl{ tMMid (tnlgbl, altn-'M uprickt, forming >ii oblUM UiKle, 
A tkortnlhaalhcnrM: i!ilril«ini)g1it,obhi|ii(', fcniiiiigaa acute 
[hi fbarth illgbtlT ouncil inward, obliqur, forminjE iid ■culcan- 
, mncli luvfCCT iban tb« ihini : GfU) ilicbll; curved outward. 
rfttljr obliqiic. funnini; « hardlj ubtiuc angle. Allied lo C. Cufa. 
if p*1e gnm : head • lilllr nnirunvr lliiui vhe (brat : lUlnre be- 
wn the rrovii and tkc (tonl icry diirtiiiri ; fiDui nilbt'r cunrcx -. 
alfcwitha bta<k tip,r«Mihiitgthcliiiid-htp!i; cto DolproDDUiBilt: 
e-ebot T«iT tlifkllj MOttX on each tide ; Lind->c<ilcbeoii almoM 
ntef by iLe bun ofaacb fon-<ir\ng: ditk of Ib4 iidddl»«bMt 
PII7 boff: btad.batil«i aligbtlf oncato: abdoam pale rad, 
(a than tWe cbcat; hind-beTdett or the tcinDciiu rkcu: 1«p 
KlateMu, pan)/ grvcn; lbi«-tkiclii armed aiih fuut iMib. one 
7 ebliqaa, amt the baae, lonjcrr than ibe Mreend and ibitd, vbieli 
t am fl^jtbi aad new ibr tip : rnurih eilD oMief the tip, •er; 
■H; Kmet'eolouriaMi vciaa black, gnn lewanlt lh« Imm. 
■ffh iit iW bod; 7 linci : of the wing* 93 line*. 

^^^F FiMD Mr. Shucfcard*! eollection. 

^K 338. CiCAO* Lkocothoi. 

XifTiti Irattitimut tut rtftut,frr4 rrrrliu, angutum iithabt^uum 
finynu, 3n ffiii trifdo r/ut Inti-ntudinr ijiriifu ; }ui rwilM. 
fftt rmtHi.iinyiiliimehiimimJImytiti, lo lom/itr ; 3tu neitu, 
oUifuiu, «Biru/aii«antllaijtu«u.' 4aJ firi n^ltu, abliqmit. 

■rginalnnolei ibrrcfuuitba of ibe lengtk of ibc Qin-. 
■ mm iiiH itniffbl, altnutt iij>ni:b(, rormiug a lerji Uigbllj ob> 
taglc, dWided from the woond bj more Abb thricv It* jengib ; 
d Hnl{|lil. aln»att uprigtht, fiNining an obluae angles lowct 
the in>. . tbird Hnugbt, oblique, forming an ajeuto aogTt ; 
Mb dsumt iiraifibi, oUiuue, futmiiir a 'tfj i&gbtlj aeul* angle, 
NIR thai t^ ibird : Bftb vtrj iligntlr ciined outward, olrooai 
MH.I<«n{Df aa ali»ii«t rigbl ingle. Bod; ikiider, i>alt ml : bead 
Mb wo blMk bandi OB the crawn, and with two bliicb ulripni on 
kfccB: tijtt pnmineBt; fore-cbeai withanFcn nripc bciweon 
MU^ttri|W*; tklea alviiMt atraiiilit ; hioil-avutcbcan Darrow : 
pMdl echeM wltk Sre blaek iputt, two in troni, one in ibe middle. 
fk l*a OD ik blod-boider, abvcb in comet : abdumcii lonKer tbao 
H then: otidiiet cxUBding bejond ibc tip: fotc-thigbi enoed 


It. CnvtLOxn cvKOLra, 

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■ttngfcl. oUiAM, Uaina$ am 
4 BM« iku wi«e iti Ifuih : 

•IbnM (tniglbl, ilii^r obltqae, bciniag • 

cmwM, oUkptt, bntfac » kudi; mvu aaite, a liul 
Ibtinc, Ihw4 almM tlniiAi. obSftM:. 
tmnk ' 

iMBlmt • ^Kki o<)«. Body (Irailn. p«la lalanu 
onok*!, u MBjc ai it bbnad: viaciculcHulaa: *tiB> 
Lmflh of the bwlj S Has ; of the wiop 18 Intw. 

&J«n- I'liiw ihi Pmi liiilia riiwfiiij'i laThiiim 


0. CABtMrra Aactnsk 

tfimm lr«aii»nw« It ar r—ftii, f»t»Wtf—«, wy h t 
jfnMt, }s Anld /|lw bi^iriiJBr A'tinu : 3a 
•Mf Ml/. «i y hw i araAMi^aynu, la pu//^ b^ 
MrtMi, alf<f— «, MfWMN anriMi JMfmi .- Iw 
■ H tpw t . — y W b a anOMijSMfn*, 3* ■«« >rw4i 

SfOMid natKina] utdlcl teM Ikaa Iwic* Ibe Woftl 
iM a«a-*ai& «w«4 ouward, ■vi; alWrtlj oUiM 
hwillr *Mle M^ttn pwMd tnm tte won rt kjr Mic* il 
eond Tn7 •Ujcfailjr iraddaliay. vbHijiw, himmg m i 


ta ihc fint : ihiid ntRiiNl itniffhl, ohtiiiuc, forrahig 
; foarth tctt ilighlly currcd lnKacil,(iblii|ue, IbniilDg 
, aliBMt a* long u (be tbird i fiflh tnucli ouivcd out- 
Bpnete, r«nttiDff «i alBinii ri|t1il auKle. Taonj, 
wiauid Mtdcnlde iomiIt black : tutura* of Uw fan- 
ni of lb* (uiul obconieal marlw on (be miUI* ehM 
IB Tcmiitinau* ; Citcbonlcn of the wtC"^"!' ■■I'^'T: 
It the lip Iqp pale (oniKhioui. matkcd *illi black : 
a : tioa of Uic wins* and uf (he flapi brom : rtrin* 
) «f tba hoij 9 tinn ; of iho wintc 3U linot. 

Aaftias. Flam Ur. Sictom' Mlleotion. 

l4. Tcrneomu TtBaKiroaiiii. 
fm. Ftom Ur. Aif ent'i oolleoUon. 

b, UonnMiiA AtioDU. 
ba Eait India Conpuj'i ooUmIJod. 

Pag* aM. 


i. CraToaoMji virairioifia. 
pCBiriK, (Fralw. Jai*. iVaf. //m(. Str. 2, rii. 2IW. 

/^ 203. 
I. FcUUK* UTRa«*nia, 
lUi I T — a / , ftiff. ilcarf. flay. £«■'. ^Inuft. W. 1837, 



Apk«M «— f'**'*' TTaMT. Jim. .VaL //uL $«r. 2, (ilMl 
[ApkMWlUdlSIMMtoMll, ITiMv.yllH. Nl. tfitt. Str.t,i 

TfaU it • tfteitt of Lodn. See f. VIA. 

4. OxiI.OCttrHtU MOBO«A. 

OndixxptMh noma, Wtitit!. Aim. Sat. liut. Sir. 2, tii. 308. 

Apr aer. 

i. DlCUOTTXKA lunniDA. 

Pmffi 309. 
II. PinropiioMi Korrtnfi«. 
Fitlgon Qoctlilda, OTi*. £br. jIfftA. rL 370. 13. 

Pagt 324. 
Genna 4. SCOLOPS. 


nlripei, Saif, Joum. Acad. Nal. Set. PhiUd. iv. 33A. 

10. Cixins MBBVOBDB. 

eirasiu, IMt. Hilt. Nat. Int. xii. 311. ZtU. Fmoi. Im. 

». i. MB, 1. 

TOM, Pom. J*awi. 7nt. Gent, cciii. 6. 

rnotbalis, Zett. Fitmn. Iia. Lapp. L 547, 2. 

PiQM 34tf. 
Vkr. F Niger, Ite^ la p. 348, «Mf«r Cixina flkririgni. 


linqneliiiefttiu, Sia/, Jotmi. Aead. Nat. Sci. Pkilad. ri. 341 . 

36. Cmcs enovATDfl. 

iinoBtitf, Saif, Jaunt. Acad. Nal. Sei. Pkilad. ir. 330. 

36. CisiDS Pin I. 
mi, Fitck, Tlu Stitate, No. 30, 46. 


IpuDCUUM, ^(cA, 7%c Setwie, No. 3D, 46. 

Wtcwteat, SfimaU, Aim. Sm. Em. Pr. wm. i 


PlocUderM CoIIati*. SpiiutU. Amu. Soe. BnL Ft. 
Ptott ooUmH. F*hr. Svti. Rhirw. 03. 49. 

ClxbeolUiii. Bum. l/and&.'Bnt. il I. \W. 


«. AaxnliA. Pr waweJ bj C. Duwin, E«q. 

ftS. Deltrix imvxma. 
DelpkftX mvnsis, FiUk, 7Kr Smal*, So. 30, 40. 
Cnlted Slum- 

i3. Drlphis Dowjau. 
Dclpliu doiMlU, Fiuk. TV £'aia&'. No. 30, 48. 
United StaU*. 


40. IiHDt su.tpncvs. 

almtntita Mnont; *lm po$ii<mtuUiiiiplJa. 

aK«au«: hnd inull, laurli nnrroTCcr llian ilie cbcAt; ttawn 
nvA longvT thuB bnMil, larmine a eoDiaaJ carapartiBnil, 
W aloiif the bmier, exleniUB|r wloDg the diik of ibe fiewi 
iM ; f»** KVtehtott-*bMpei, wMenioR lowaids the mIModm. 
Ij nunotel; luiai^ acMM, «iili iliiMloaffiluillaai ridsn, 
patr iligbtlj cunt^ ; rpUtomn iLliort-conica), boidervd 1>; m 
Mil Tcrjfhort: forc-wiiiir* nith 'm >uaiiKtj nwtked lon- 
1 TttDt, towecD which aru many pole, ttrai^t, iligbt crgn- 
tlail-triniti alauut colauricM. Lcu^lh of iba bod;* 3) Unf* . 
iagt & liiic*. 

pphi* ItlaoiU. From Mr. Wood'* cotlcciion. 

p^ tm. 

39. EL'Kiuuouia t.-ici>et.i«. 
I CTudcIlt, IFatw. Aim. A'al. Uiil. Sfr. 2. rit. iOS. 

ttatrigilu, Waoe. Am, Nat. Ilitt. Srr. 3. HL S09, 

Pagt 39». 
A. Pnxxm iMOTi.LiT*. 
t) iwifliti. Watn. yiM. /Va(. i7i<i. ^. 9, tii -jut). 

& Pkkkkk? mcl«tat4. 

■hsnicc?) backfklk, Watx. Amu Nat. Hut. 5(t.3, «iLaw- 
cb*au, p^ WI. 

ax nr . * o 




Deibe (Fbenice) m(BsU, JFettv. An». lf»t. HUl. 8er. 3, fii. 3N 
Derbe nKMa, p. 307, 7. 



Derbe (PhenieendilatalK, WetM. Awt. N«L Bbt. Str.%,i^Vli 
Derbe diUtalA, p. 307. 
a. Siem Leooe. 

9. Pbbnioe? (umiou. 

Derbe (Pheniee^ caraoM, fPfttw. Jim. JVat. Kil. SWr. 3,*iL310' 
East Indies. 

Pane 400. 
4. Tbbacia Esbinotohii. 

FWm no ur pertiapi rincttc* of one tpeciM, and the htui 1« , 
f <f Ott F. Muu of niiiie. 

^H Poft 4m. 

^^^ 71. PaciLortK«A? BiriTTiTi. 

llrilUtm, &y, /pMit. <4niJ. Nat. Sri. PUhd. jr. 939, 1. 

JtSnu; Muwuji. 

73. PtKcttomi* tnoiMTA. 
jlgaHtt. £«y, yawN. il^a. Nat. Sci. PkUU. 33S, 3. 

73. PooiLomuf iuv«. 
in, 5^ Jtwm. Ami. NtL Set. PUUd. ri. 338. 3. 

71. PtSCILOPTSIA? orAoi. 

Say. /Mm. ami. ^^Taf. SH. PkiUd. ri. 2W, 4. 
I, Lftk« Erie. 

7ft. PnoiLomiu? rAtxiM. 
.9ay, /nira. iiMiL NiU. Sti. PkUad. *>. 340. ft. 
ItuiU, Flaiida. 


■DiU, &y, Jowit. .icW. Ah(. Sti. PkiUJ. Tl. 340. & 


Page 4ra. 

77. PaciLomur omxantuaBATft. 
FlaU qoluqiuliaetla. Sag, Jamn. Acad. iW. SH. Phiki. n-l 

N«W J«MJ. 

79. PaciLorrBBiF noKn.H. 
Rau bumills S«y, /min. JcaJ. \ii(. Sri. mUd. fi. «ll, 8.J 
Pen aijli aula. 

61. PizciLOpna* f cemcji. 

tills OODiM, Soy, Jowr*. At»J. A'aL Sri. PlUUd. rL 338. 7. 

Pacnoptmr nilprit, Fitrh. 7%t SnMr, No. 30, 47. 
nniicd SinlOT. 

Arb Xa»ph]rl3iiiD. X. a«rtlllti ii OiibopMMnif, of lL« | 
Hymcnoics, IFahi-. 

SH. PmtLua HiirAciitrHiift. 

UUpMbsihui. AmfM, ^M. Sot. Bin. Ft. tme $4rit, w. IM, 
Pnuce, lul/. 

Ayr UI- 
IB. CBKBAi avuLm. 
Cm«m babdm, Vu. «. ».. .FiicA, Jitt StmmU, No. 30. SO. 



> Uittm, Stf, /Mm. AMd. Nai. Sti. mUd. n. MU. 1 , 
Mtnloum, 5*5, /ovm. .4<«if. iVaC 5ci. Pkiiad. ti. 

M. CnnA f calva. 
iaeU «1tb, S«^. /oim. AmL Nml. 8H. PUIU. *l. 34:1. 3. 

37. CtBKuF noNiraou. 
g«nIpbon, ■Say, /o>nu AmJ. N*L Sti. Pkiiad. ri. 

36. CituiKAf ntmvi. 
t fatin, £«y, Jatrnt, AetA. NaL Sti. ntitad. <ri. M3, &. 

11. Smilu *c«tmL«TA. 
»U, /^Ml, T^U S*»MU. No. M, 49, 

4 e 3 





3. Exrtu* anvAU. 

utMiKoei, E. unt, FUtk, 71« &'<mM, No. 30, 47. 
New Voffc. 


A. Ehttu* 00NC1V4. 

No, 30.47. 

Ptft bS9. 
13. TuKLU Lmu. 
f t-abr. Em. Sgtt. ir. 16. 

le. Tbslu Vac. 

SmOik Van. 5*v. y«in». .4>«i£. Nat. Sri. miail. tl. 399. ^ 

a— J. ^7f.'l, 731^ -S'nMlr, No. 30, 4a 
Thdia ■cnUiucia.SOl, Ifl. 


Pagi 6iH. 


HumiiuliM, fUr. !IU«. 
lHinie«lu>, Fabr. Fcnn. 

W. TaxuA imohkau. 

Db lMnMtt.&y./M<n. j4Mi. Sat, S<i. PkUti. vi 
«. Filth, Tkc &iMtr, No. 30, 4«. 

■DVFLKimn. 1149 


abitda nibiiUta, S»f, Jtmm. Atmd. Nat Sei. Pk^*4. vi. 


44. TBKLtiF autDBiviTTAiA. 

nbncu qukdriTittote, Sag, Jomm. Acad. Nat. Sei. PkiUd. n. 


4S. Thxlu? bkllioku. 

(cnbiadi bdligerm, &y, Jovni. j^omI. JVot. M. Philmd. ri. 302, 

Wtflratuk, Florida. 

4e. Thkui r viTTAU. 

JM, Smilia ^ItaU, Fiteh, 71« SenaU, No. 30, 49. 
cunehB? p. dfts, 19. 

47. Tbblu QuKBotM. 
>«itw Qnarcfif, fftcA, 7%* Smo/i, No. 49. 


48. TsBLiA Cabtahbx. 

WiHa Cutuw, flteA, 7A« SmaU, No. 30, 49. 

49. Thxlu? uhitittata. 
^Uk BBirittalB, Barrii, Inj. Int. New Engl. 180. 


30. TasLU t Cur.mL 
Tbctla CnLvfi, Fifek, 71U SomU, No. SO. 69. 
VtKf Ygrk. 

ftl. Tnxixi? nxDATA. 

UemlincM timwu, fofc-. 

HcnbracU? ttnorglMtt, F*tT. Ear. Sytt Supfl. HX 4. Sft 
iUyn. g, 13. 

UDiud Sum. 


Oeoua CAE&NOTA. 

Cakimu, nr44, 7%« &Mi^ No. 90, 48. 
Hraibncb, p., 5«5. 

"floftd boad, triuBruIwi ihou in lorn of a half kkw,! 
miuHiminl above inio b tbarp or InUtMon* td^ : elf in «iib f 
imniDal aieolcU, lli* iipieal itikskuIu with iin cttd toniuM : boi 
brawl. iliKblljwriallcd: Ttiuiriioujt.cleralei. AUie<dtoQu|n 
tram whiob mdu. bnawrn, Hie »pec»M ue ezdniM br ibr fci* " 

luad aaa of tbo aplcd anolti." 


1. Cabamota msrjl. 

(it nerm, Smf. Jamnt. Atad. Nu. Set. PUUd. tL »t, M 




to, Pilek, Tit Saale, N'o. 30, M. 



lenl ukIn projcotlw, pofatUd and or-lllif 
wH, foUacMo*. th«i«el urept^ dcvticd bi one ot butb i 
niaf * Mncvhai cqiMTo «fc>t or fa1inl« ; iLorai Dcarir or 
•cUng the tip* of the elvirn. with d«viiteil lungiumntl 
nek d4e; kpiMl anolel InaDsul.ir, its rad rouod^d. Tlw 
^jUM dorni CteM funu» a nmrtod dl*l)nnllnQ twlwtvn ihi* 
wl Thcllft, lo whicb H it mon ncMly related.'' 

Ik QMTOiu, Fitti. 7V Srntie. No. 30, »1. 
,Atna. Serp. M6. 31. ■ 


9. Tklimoxji b.bcuv«t*. 

te (idivsU, Filrli, TKt Sm*tt, Xo. 30, 61. 

3. TiLiitinrA Coktli. 
. C«7li, FUci, Tkt Smct/, No. 30, ftl. 

4. TKl.tMOH* TaitTla. 
R UiMbh fitcA, TV S^malr, S<y 90, »1. 

A. TiLu(oK« &HKtor»iiiis. 

■pdopidis //arrtJ, l»j Im. A'nv £nj/. ISO. 
kupdoptidU, Fiicli, IXcStMU, Nu. 3'^&l. 



6. TBUHcnA Fasi. 
Tdunoni Fogi, Filek, Tli* SaMt, No. W, 61. 


Telimora ooomtk, Fitek, Tht Smmtt, No. 90^ M. 

8. Tblakoni fuouia. 

Telamona backta, FilcA, 7^ £aMl>, No. 30, 60. 
New Yoik. 

9. TSLAMORl onooLOB. 
Telomoaa unicolor, FUd, T&e SmaU, No. 30, 50. 


9. Ct«td«ia mmuT*. 

rooMtniU, FUrM, Tht Sm*U, No. 30, 19. 

domlii, fitrk. Tht Stnav, No. 30. ii. 

70. C'KHIHOIIPl Cuivjt. 
H Cuyv, FtuA, TV ^moif. No, 30, 63. 



77. CiimoTC* FAaouTe*. 

Mia; MUM jMuf Wtlnt hrrrr, ififrtim, Jlava-faicialMm i abdo- 
tm mifro fateialKM ( ata anlicit fvh-a, futfe uni/atfiatg. 

, — Tnnttj, vwird irilb black, bairr, (hlclilj puoctuMd ; 
[tln)i Intgulailj uiaDjrular : bind-bonlct tlighllj eB«ica>e 
ddic, with ■ Tctj obtuie *ng1i? on oacb ride; Mce riiort- 

tbie-chni rinnic nlniOBt perneudicularly fiuni ihn bead, 
tj isiUitiaci kwl. amwd *itb mo loogiMiito hums, oliioti 
]} rattrH lHtckwiinl<, jind rrrj disbtlj tnclinnl iipwanU i 
bofncb rmbrr cicpcttiii); ilut of ibc apace l)clwf<'n Uicmi ; 

lODf -obcotiical, vilb a fuimv, nut inciru (han >)Di>-r<rurtb of 
ll of th« abdomen, pitcbr, wilb • j'rllov <iln|ie lowsrds ibc 
nr tOWirdK ibe li^: abdumpn T«l1ow»b, wi;b a bioad blaok 
lie: Irf.-^ ■idi tiTCKular hUck bnndi: Ibtc-wiDgv Uwn;, 
I al tbc Imm and alxnic ibc Tciiii, wUb a broad bioirn band 
Idle: iciiu laWDj : bind-wiiij^ alnicsl culuuclcn- Latfflh 
I linca ; of the winga 7 lioos. 





AmmiUoui DaraUMtU, Dtlmp. Amu- Sw. S*l >V. i 998. 



Acuiihiciu StoUU, DtL*^ Aim. Sor. £iU. /r. i 338. Staff, fl ■& 

r. M. 


0«aii> I. ECRYUELA. 

, A. Foir»-«ini|[i with • ttralglil uiiarD : biad-tliaiii* wU M bm 
llian Iwa ipities. 

■. Lul ■bdoonlnal Mgntnit tmuraM. 5i 

lA. EvkTMBL* BiraLOK. 


Eun-nM^a Ueoiot, Barm. Om. Signortt, Am. S*c. luU. Pi l* 
Mnr, tiiL MH, I . |>l. 1 7. No. 1, t. 0. 

N«« Holknd. 

IvuiTiael* rabmrituu, 5iyao*«t, Aim. Sm. Alt. A-, tar ArfcA 
M>4. 2. 

b. LMiaMoratnaliegBiMloaiiiUUogoftmluiika. j^fw** 

I, EvaTMBL* rB»niK4T*. 

EornncU GraetlnU, SifnorM, Ann. Sot. £dL Fr. 3im SM*. H^ 


EiiTynrU (llKoiiUlu, .^i>iiiivr, Ann. St. Kal. Pr. 2*w SMi, «* 


3. EoiTtnLi ■VTKrau.K. 

mfiwni*, Sifit»TH, Jim. St. £M. Pr. tnr StrU, rHL 

II. EvBTMsu nwTiNCTn. 
> dutlMb. Sifrnftvl, Aiui. Soe. Em, Fr. Sme Sim, tiitf 

i ^ 

I vknaa. SiftutH, Am. See. Al. fr. 7, *ar. 
, tpcculuin, fFaU, 

4. EvnruKtA BJiTTimocN tills. 

la cijdmcaemU, Signfnt, Aan, Sac. Eal. Fr. imt Sir 

I 17. EimnuLa NAmnouAiA. 

ll« iBMUionlii, Sifmom, Ajtn. Sot. EmI. Fr. 3inr Sirit, riil. 

30. EeiimsLt mapk*. 
■ nuum. Sifntftt, Anm. S^. Ent. Fr. 2m .SM«, HU. 

HMIB, /Ur. £W. Srti. jv. lO.A?. 
IBS, Fs^r. Sfil. iUjn. 61,37. 

Rr-winp orrrlapping : tiind-ibuilu wllfa • double raw of 
■plnM. Sifitor*L 


I Mldua, .^ijnwnM, Jim. Sm. SuL Fr. Snw 5Mr, riii. 

n.pi- iT.ti.f, 10. 

I diMri/cn, Wmlk. 

IT. 4 B 




EaryneU hatmlmtSiyitfrH. Aam. Soc. StU. Fr.imt Situ,% 
|-i,p1. I7,r. II. 
tw Uulkod. 

S3. EcHTHKLi icincut. 
l^urymeU ftdtjitrn, Si^nant. Amm. Soe. £«1. >V. 3m» SMt,* 

eU ftdintrn, Signartt, 

0. 13. pi. 17.11, r. 9. 

New Boll4iid. 


I bictDCtt, Sifnnri, Am». Sor. Enl. Pr. bw £M«, < 
'14, pL 17.11, f.I«. 


Eiiiymria OMltkta. Stgn^m. Ann. S*r. BiU. Ft. te# $Mt. < 
All. 16. pi. 17. M.f. 13. 


''EuTTmeU pnnettU. SJ^iunf. Am. Snt. But. Fr. ^tm Sttii, 

Nnr Hollud. 

2S. EciriiKUTKinicuTA. 

finijnicU trifiudau, Sioiuirrl. Amn. Sae. KnL Ft. 9m< SMi. ' 
I Hi. 17. pi. 17,11,1 U. 



90. EravHXLt roBoioijioai. 

u fj i t h poniginon, SifHOfrr, Amu. Sot. £hi. ^. 3iw SMi- ' 
&I9, IS. 

Nfw Ilollud. 


!«loborriiH, Otrwmr. SiUtrm. Rev. BnL i*. 


loloboTrhit cortioin*, G*rm. SUb. Rn>. fiat. i*. 73. Awtjf»i M AfA 
UiM. Su. aim. M(t. 


49. Cskcopi* ST«»ii«n. 

^efowb Stieaifl, Watw. TKim. £bf. &r. /.md. II. M, pi. 7. 


^"^ 4ft. CKBOOM* TmANtVBBU. 

W^ra, ivAtat «t<nir^ Inlam ; tAoneii f<ucia antica ttuUtli ^*t* 
ptdUutjtit Utiacti' i abdaniat jmrpareum , ala aiUictr tntMM, 
•■her M «rf apko itigro-ftutai, AUfd a;q<irni Drrnu aft»-iiM- 

Btwk, duk WMUOOlU b»Mih: ■ hraad band od tba Tote- 
hm , ti|' uf tiiu Mtuub«mi aad legt MUMMWi kbdoBMn mrpli : 
hn-viDS* teiuaouf, datk bntwn alonz tJi* Ten boidir ud at lb» 
(h DMf wbich ikrtc t< > white tpot. Lensth or ilie bodjr 41 Hact ; 
tfthi wlogi 10 line*, 
■.t. Jan. 


intpit S.fliv'aUtii, Gtrm, Zmcu, BipUnl. StUmL Algtr. Aliai, 
pi 4, f 7. 




I Milh ^ m i wiriiB imIIi, pi. 007. 
CcKupite UdMU. Sof, Jtrtn. Actd. Vat Sti. Mibrf. ri.Kli 

. > tomw ptu *. p- 710. 
ADM to M. albo-ttrm. 

38. UoxRcraoBA kcTo-PKXA. 

1*, ^(mo Mrl«,' ;iR-nu, »Uamim M ftmmm mif*: 
t!K«lnMn»; uni /trrwfimei ; aU maHrm frrn/hM, ^ 

PCRnciMn* red, nBooth, thiaing, pittlr plldtf: hmA mA 
ltoW.Miwctt Mi TWe i lfc«n tlie cbwt, roBaifed m ftoM, comot J"^ 
iha kind bonliv, lonfw b tk« middh iku on eaoh lidt; m** 
■Mb hogtr dian bvMil, ■ritfc « riai m nach dd« ; Cm* fMkjt *7 
Inif . iu M iW dUk, rcfj nioMdj AafiMMd. tMsty fawMN ^ 
fp M io w akoMt WBiciimilar lonid* t£a Ibn, ■■liiMiidiHii. nl 
wiUaUightleasltadlwl li^ tMwdi (fci wMh t AkM dM 
tntwrcuUw, 'ntf aw>ak la froM, afaMM Mialf bt ilw Ai nM 
border; Kuiebeou wiili a ilifbtl; ui^»d taian asroM nt ■itf'' 
kfCMtbteek; ■egncauonihuctMcawborden: tbdraMn dou^*" 
tOacfc: lM|th*UMi,Uieiriip>kiMltWdiaabtMlum)W; feMfim- 
RtMw: fare-vine* fFmtxinaua (iv balf tb« tanftb Amb t btlw^i 
blMk li<» ibenoe to tbo tips witb a b>i;« uwtij tpot sa i 

to U iluM-liMutlis of ibe leng;(k i nina with « Tew reltow doutl 
IM^ig^ bnwB, Willi • unf ipM on e«oh fore border. LengAI 
•f lh« M; 4 Udw i of the «r>Dg* 9 lines, 
e rihabie fxvm M Jiuten*' oolledian. 

r t^ Pttklc* osTvave, ivwf S. Pttklu* hsuib. 

39. PrV»LC» PARALt.CLLD*. 

94. pTVKLttK Sjtiuuoniiiaia. 

I BtncoUMia, ^•'J>, TA* S'Malr, No. 30, S3. 

M. PrtCLD* acuMuKoi'LiBiK. 
Cbnfta nMdnagularis, Say, Jewm. Aeod. S*i. Sti. fW.1^ 

I Ub WbepcfC- Presniicd bv Sit John BiekndMB. 
/ Qtnt Bmi Ukc. rreseai«rtiT 8ii Joha RMiwlMa. 

Ae Colauei, >ead Np« Zealand ; w ibo eUobeee vbere the ' 

4 B3 



30. (VfKLiraBirABCUTVI. 

KoTi Scotia, f ram Lie«t. KeduMa't mllectwn. 

48. Pmi.e* r oamsi. 

Cmofib •btuM. Say.Jmm, Armd. A'«L Sti. PUtad. It. 3U, l] 
Diriieil SuiM. 


Al^roptiam bUliiMta, Say, Jcw%. Aetd, Nat Sri. 

&I. PmLi;«?<10A01IXOTAT1]B. 

Apbiupbon iiuadiiDouu. Say, Jnr%. Ae»d. Nu. Sri. Fiii 

Dnllod Sutea. 

M. Pttblvi DtattNCTBA. 

Ptjdu* dlttlueliu, Lutm, StplormL Sri. Alfrr. Altai, pL 4,C^ 

Ormp I. 

Goou> TETTiriOMA. 

MmI of ili« tpfcict wbioh trfi dncHb«d in tbia CkUlo 
be omiigcd in ilie fu]lu*i)ii|; itroup*. 

Head tligbllji ku«JmI sbufO «nd la Irani. 
Sf. 1.3— «, la, 17. ai, W, 40— 44,4«-49, S*— «1.< 
OS. «',71, 73-7S, 81, 83, W. li:>, tf7, t06. 




nocc lat abore asd a liub mora pndoc«d b fraol, bat 
_«r.S4— 33. 

Gntip 3. 

Bwd flat abort, ocvtcal at annulai in Bnmt 

Sp. 33, 35—37, a», 4S, 60—67, 73, 80, SS, 8ft-fl7, 88, 90-W, 
■•kaMW, 100- IM. 

UmJi like Oivup 2. Uiod pitt of the bead dcpnutd kCroM 

K Group &. 

, NoehlifceOnapS. Abdomen cootncwd at the hue. Sp. 38. 

^P Graap 6. 

HmJ *«t7 ihort, itlghtly uvocattd Is front. Sp. AS. 

^K Group 7. 

Both nuiDv^liepH. U<ad thort, atnMtl ooninal in fioai. 
UUtoOffMK. Sp.OT. 

IS , 

W. TEmeoHU QDAoarrtTTATA. 
qualriTilUia, Siy, Jmtm. AeaJ. A'ol. 5<t. Hat. 

J wadririiuu. Van- a— «., Kiel. TV SmaU. No. 3(^ U. 
r««i|wii lelifinnlf, p. 704, M. 



M. Tbttioovu cmtuDHM. 

Udodikm oo nH Du n ti, FMk, Tlu Smut, No. 30| M. 
TtUifiMia WtbHU, rwt. C^t. //«n. p. Tt», M. 


Oea... HEUK'UARA. 

<AaM, FtUk. TV &Miir, No. 30, M. 

HmJ ubUfr-tmnpikt, brxwdrt tkui loofc. ilij^Utlj 
tku ihe Uiutw, tkc Innsrrnclf itriaieil fionl Mccl^ OKI nlli 
aMnior *i<ln of the TCrtn ; intci aiili n iliglit '—17I— *'-*'** ' 
omU on tim mncx bnbn (VDm euli ottiar ikao 6mb U« (}■' 
Hm of tho fMb utaniia hnobbrd : olTin with flr* Unniu) id 

Pojjr 773. 
103. Titrriooiii* Naixiras. 

TonigoaU noltipr*. Say. ^vurn. H(W. A*dl. •¥««. PlkU, ri. ait i] 
TotiigoaiN acnU, p. 773. 109. 

19b. Tkttioohu TurAMurA. 



^ This and T. titbaebU. Amf«i H Sm. (p. 733} n^ b*)"!!!' 
diuinot g«n«ni, in »hick cue llie bu« naj rtuiD iti fM* 

ISO. TctTiooKU auiLiai*. 
nla basllaria. 6'ay, yaw*. And. NaL Sti. Pktti 



190. TrtTiQOXU ocrnuxKATM. 
wWlhwtt. Smf, Jovm. A«id. A'oi. Soi. PkiUi. 


191. TBTTtlWnU tlMSATA. 

I ItalUa. Saf, /Mm. A€ad. NM. 8ei. PUUd. ir. MO, 3, 

133. TRTtiaoHii. NnTA. 
I inixtB, S«y, Jounk ^<«d. .Val. St*. PkiUd. i>. 941, 3. 


I 133. TsniiMsiu obu^d*. 

lU oUi<)iu, Svy. ysurn. Ac»d. Nml. Sci. Pkikd. if. MS, 1. 

131. TcmooHU coH». 
ttft cnoiM, Sv ■''""■- '*'^- ^"- ^<^'- '^•'^- ■'• 313, y J 

196. TsTTMOHU ooo«ioaii. 

k MM«T<>, 5«y, yasm. .ImJ. S»I. Set. PUU. 


13(1. Tkttioohm vbm urt. 

313f r 



Tatdgooift tt^uhctau, Filrk, The Sault, No. 30, OS. 

140. TxrnaoNiA NovxaoRACEiists. 

AukriiM NimiboraceDBU, f ilcA, T)u SauUe, No. 30, S8. 

141. Tsmcoiiu unNiDju 

Jjablfesphalnir immiciu, Say, Journ. Acad. NaL Set. i 

Csitad Smim. I 

143. Tettidosia Uklshbinkkh. 
Ambljcephalus Melsheimerii, Filch, 77i< SmaU, No. 30, 
a. New York. From Dt. Filcb's collection. 

iDpruMtni-. 1169 

M4. Tbttioonu Cdbtuil 
iplulot Cuidtii, Rich, nt SauU, No. 30, 01. 

HS. Tettioohu orbitaus. 
hu mbitalU, Fiteh, TTu SmaU, No. SO, S7. 

Pagt 8S7. 
Lbdka oolob«ta, kmI 39. Ledb« oniTKin. 

Ttrm. sub. Rtw. But. W. 

1. Tluu ■BtmmpBNKH. 

numipenoiB, Gem. SUb. Arc. £W. it. 72. Amfal M Sen. 
•U Nat. Him. 648. 

19. Otkh* •oabutina. 

•ckdKliiM, fStcA, 77^ Snot*, No. 30, 67. 


fltnlineatt, .FifcA, 7%t Stnale, No. 30, 67. 
U B-UdcMb, Vkt. o. Say. 


S Pbnthiiiu Ambkic(K^ 
PenUiimia onwrintM, FitfA, TV Sr»»tf, No, 90, ST. 


TetiigonU oMdm * Stf, Jjum. Atm4. If»u Sti. W. 3tt. 

6. CutTOnVBA TV*T1CX4. 
Cltiuptcra laum, AJrA, 7V SmaU. No. SO.U. 
Now YoriL 

9. Cunorrau PiMi. 
CbilqilaR Piai, Klei, nt Sea^ir, So. 9(K 03. 

ID, Ct-uTomtKA Paonra. 

ClHlopten Protvus, f >mA, n« &««», No. 90. M. 
Sub-ip. I. Oivicollit, Vnn. a,h. FUek. 

. S. oinctirallif, Tai*. a — i. KuA. 

, 3. Bweulieullia, V«n. «—«. /IhA. 

M 4. nlKticoIU*. Van. «— tf. Kml. 


95. AoooufltLua vintixixv* 

(eooeplmtiM Titetlhiiu, Fiuh, TV JfnMtt, Ko. 30^ 97. 
New Voriu 

■OFVUMIHT. 1 161 



abbifuciatus, Say, J<mnt. Atad. Nat. Set. PhiUd. ci. 310, 


■litoriiu, S<ty, Jomr%. Acad. Set. Philad. vi. 310, 10. 

68. BymoKOPUB tbkoatcs. 
'«piu te^Uu, fSlcA, 7%« &iKtte, No. 30, M. 

«piu UDicobt, Fitc^, TAt Sejuttt, No. 30, SB. 


Mniuudiu, Sqr, Jmnt. jImJ. Wot. &t. Philad. n. 307, 1. 

61. Btthosoopub lachbvmalis. 
» ladiTTiDftlM, /ftcA, The Smau, No. 30, 9S. 



HI macQlipeniiM, Filch, Tkt Senalt, No. 30, SO. 


IBT IT. 4 I 




Kl. BrTMovcopn »m;ui.i». 
■tonUi. fil^, Tk, Sr^BU, No. 30, W. 

Idiocmu pdUdu*. Fiitit. Tkt Smau. No. SO, A». 
N«« Vork. 

86. Brmfticom TtaiuiK. 

Pnliiipri* riridU, f~Urk, Tkt -VoMlr, Noi. 3D, Alt. 
X«w Vort, 

Prdloptu IriMiuuUlii, fMkt JU ficMir, No. 30, flo. 
N«w YoiL 

97. BrrtKwKiPvs Akixria. 

At^Mwa iUttb, ^fr<A, Tb Sm*rf, No. So. ao. 
New Voik. 

il^ BTTBOMttpa rcKtriMTM. 
AitiTMiitii ranralnltm FittA, TKt StiMt, No. 30, 10. 
Sew Vork. 

60. Bvnioscariiii F«oi. 
AtkyMUM PagI, /^irA. Tl&r SnaU, No. 90, SI . 
Now Vork. 

70. BTmoM'ovm NrotlHJtn. 

Alhtniiii* nifjiiiiui, Fiuk, Tht Snmtr, No. 90i It. 
Now York. 

■Drn.Mii ST. 

71. ByTHOMom nmocvt. 

Tklmiamt .- tUtimimi darmm fmttim ; fatr* pottiei ailAHi : »l.t 
«M>o« «/ia ymUM ; air poflim mbfinntjt. 

TmMbwui, pdet beneaUi: hMd atrcmelf Aon. a* Iirond «t 

ttot: non (imid*K an edge which b vut? ubiuMk nn/uUr; 

■t Md flu* iali pwMlMnd ; mftial* micd im lli« liinil borilM vT 

face: c|)ut>inia «aiill, >1mtHl nqnaret chc*t slii^U; Mriaiwl 

m: tbicid mnici along tbe fore liunlcr. lunlly coixnTi'Whiml ; 

ttknam tnanitular, aJoMM vqailaietil, nul rxtoii(t>iiK lici-ond tlie 

ti«hMl, wilb aB aroM WUrnn tifjrand llin middle : h^V o< llie 

■laoMn hnili: lex* |mIii totUcroui; liind-lcfci wliiliih : ipiuM 

Ute binil^hanls ffn and tinall ■- (iin-irin^ intacronk, wiih 

iBiiuM wbiu dois : hi ml. Hi 11)^ icry iilightly p^j. l<Bii|rih i>l 

• Mj S llMi ; iif tbo winjfi .1 linr*. 

Kfw Ilolbnd. P wmbM bj ih« Enlamolagicnl Club 

■ Fast »5>&, 

101. luatti tttKUUPM. 
mm unmlipM, 1mm, Seploni. Seiau, Alftt. Atl«i. |il. 4. f. 10. 

^F 103. lAnttrtf INIMICV*. 

Mt tohiicM, Stf, J/ntm. At«d. A'dl. Sci. PkiUi. it. -lOS. I. 

103. I*Mi;*r aCimu. 
Sag, JovTM. il'w'. Sat. Sri. PhUaJ. n. 300. i. 

I(H. U«raf iNNiaTM. 




tOi. luctsF aAvnn. 

Ikmv* MMlin, Sf.Jtmm. wltW- Sai. Sri. PkiUL *i. .10;,& 


etM. Iauv*r nBitm. 
tun* rntici*. S*g, /owH. yInkJ. Xot. Srj. nUaJ. i4. 3(W, A 


107. tucmf iBOTEu-ci. 


108. Umc«F iSMMttTva. 
inomiua, Say, irani. ^orJ. .Vai. 5W. PAUatf. H. 90«,T. 
fuik, Indian!, Ultwuri, Florida. 

roo. laatos? CLmtUAinn. 


tlOL Ikmva txnxmt. 
Ftmgimtmi: M/mt ntntj n'm nan'ma, mW mvIm 

algrt , oiir paitiem liatfidtt. 

Pal« fcm^non* : bMil nnd r)i(*t \\AA\3 asd miBimljr p(K- 
Inred : hMid flat, almoat trianituJar. oamiwet (han dw iihwt. hlrit 
ooMave alonit Uie hind bonier ; iit leaj^ a liiUe km ibim haUia 
braadih; undenida wMiUi bM«««i tlia avea; la«« ud c«iMa> 
moMly plioh; : efcoM alauM Au 1 ibloM vJik ■ altebt liiniiiiiilr 
rids* L dnk ar ilia tiraait Uaek : abrfoaen bbcku ahova - Ai(l* 
klncb (i>watd*lk«biw: foxt-wingi thicUypunclMTcd Awai AelMt 
III ihc lip^ Mimhiltd towaids ik« tipa: btitd-wiBio cal«iri<» 
LraiRtli or Uip liodjr 1 4 liiw . of tbc wings 3 linta. 

a. Eaiofe. PreuDl«<d hj U . Gouiean. 


BtTthnmcun *u1«eral«, flieJt, TV Snatr. Xo. 90. <W, 

W. Tvrnucvti* ^rnit*. 
hjthnmmn afiaii, fi»A, TV Snutr, No. SO, 03. 
»» Vwk. 

^P do. TtPHMicvBi QaSNcc*. 

Kapo* Qunni*, FkeJk, Tht SrtMe, No. 30, 83. 
^■« Yotft. 


11. TTpHLoovnA cocciXEi. 
eoeeiBn, PUtA, 7k S«uir. N«. 30, «3. 

Briihnmun, fltrA, TV .Vndb'. N'u, :(i>. ftl. 

Bwd cfcnomtiriinii, aluiiil a« hruad u the iLurax ; terlL-x 
tasM itovn ta tile fruBl witliinit an aDipilnr cdf v ; ocnltl hctWMii 
'k tmnl anil iIif fruui, ulinoal as max each otbn ■! tu the cj(« : 
■Ijln witboul dMOil oNiibu ID lliv ilitt ; afinl ar«oteU roiir, 
>to loa)[ ; mydle kplcal arwilot uiiijilc. ExleriiM uid miiUlc- 
llu (omclimci obMlctc in odiaace of llic lnnstct««-*aUi. 

^ OffiM RMPOA. 

i:«rw. /1r<&. TV -ScMfr, No. 30. 03, 

SMn fion BrytJkrmmifH in hAriitc Uio apical *«in widelr 
■M, faisiig a triuitcuInT afical arcotcl, «blch ia «hori«t thai) 
fclnH sUmt lovinal anoleli. 

• two gwen mn; b« unilcd to Tgpltlocyba. 

■Il 3 

S. TrraLooTBA citkixell*. 
1'j^kMybft dlriaaUa, Tollim, Bml. Zril. Suit, til 71, pL I. 

10 TrrBLocrKi blisditu. 
TfrblMTbk bkndnU, Ti>lfim,E»t. Zrit. StM.ni. 71. fl Ut 

li, Ttcnuktu Hoam. 
TvpUoejU Bmk. ToIUi, Eu. 2M(. StrU. za.70.fl.lt l 

AV* MO. 
30. TvMi-iKirB* »iTt*T4. 
I Tlttite. TaUi». Emt. Ziil. Sutl. xlL TS. pi. I.T 


Trpblocjh* (OHmfdul*. Tallim, Btt^ZHl. Smo. xii. », pi. 

29. Ttmilmthi piciji. 
Typbtocjlia pieta, TU/ih. £<tf. ZmI. Sua. x\\. n, ^. I.Ci 

90. TvntLMnroA UmcA 
ilocjfai Urtic*. T*aU. Bm. ZHt. Suit. xiL W. pi, I.t 



W. TrMtiocTii* rondntm. 
TjfUocTtia oondiuu, TVUta, Biu, Z*it. Suit. siL TZ, pi. I, t ' 

M. TyvaLiXT** Cosvu. n. s. 
^|Ue«fW C017II. nain, Emt. ZHi. Sim. ■» to. 7a, pi- 1. 1 i 

^^^^ 60. TrniLOCTBl MatlPSNUIt,!). *. 

^iUai7}« meipfluib. TtHiit, But. Ztit. Suit. sM. n. 

TcOm fraips Uie TyfliUcyi^ thiu :— 

!■ Eljtn naricniaU ; amdii quatuor. 
T. dcgutuk, I'lni. 

^ Cljtn iBunuginua. 

a. Anelli qualaor. 

I AntJa (iTiTOniiii Urti* bad trancaU- Al« nkargiHia. 

•■ Urn Tnto *Me*l>hiH tribua. 
T. citriaeua, auMok, miuMab. 

I U» letii* •piralilxB ilnabai- 
T. viri^ula, AaifwenH. 

t- Um *tnt* apicaliVtu qiutmw. 
T. mlpliMnlti. 

t tNcla«I;in>rufnqBarUmlBul)Mirait< tpiw mnola. Alvin*-! 

t Ma teiB apwalilnB trihiM, ptiina bnsi dk-Jiutuna ct nin tenia i 

Hjimiri, lilaaduli. lO-psBoUU, ScatelUiM. 

* Urn irab Rpiealibia tribu*, prinH ei tertia bui diefaaunuM, h- 
fwda ad San approiiiiiala 

I Ilia 


Anola aljuonim t«nia tari acaaito*u p««lobu. AW hum- 

Ala vmU ■ploillbfi* qusinor. 
T. oondHw, niuu, pku, Citic*, fulra, jwinMU, umIIi, li- 

, tUllulaM. 

Ala <«■!■ apicsUbM tHboi. 
T. Row, fHoikU, Q«ara&(, nitiihiU, e^uocuu. uante 
(menu, ijnmujla. 

6- Afcolit djironiiD Iribiii. 
T. MiMimgditla. 

Ala nargbuta. vcnu dubm 

IpU* THaCCltCoU. Wailher^. O/irrt, IVr. AUJ. F6nrk. tHt< 
IUl Uimurit. Anh. SnfUt- Otilr. I. 177. 

W. AvsBumuiA. 
. i. EsRUnd. Prfwnuid b; F. Walkpr, Riq. 

3ii. Arms kuimi.lji 

liurrl. Diftalicp brrvrco Ux DrM anil tccond iftiM al tkr M 
nlb«r ItM than half Hint Ihtiwmti ibMn W Uip lip*: ihM ■*■* 
tiMNt to Uie w«<Miil at dit bate than *i die tilt, tWithat M ihttai 
fVoni thi* mcoikI ihnn the Mtnait ii Itvm ikc Bnl : 6m Ibflw^ 
ocMVT Ui ilia tominil fuA llutn bi Uic Uiird tcin. aa near (u it* lUr' 
*•)» M (b« tkiid ii 10 (he tccnod ; itcoo'l furk ■■ ocat to ihr IWI^ 
vain u lu Ibc fint fork i Tuirith iHn banllr caned, mam t< iW 
•Kood fotfc diaa Ui tha tip at A« rib.i«iu. 

30. Aphis Cvnai. 

Dislanm beivfcn the im and wcoad vatat at iha Ufa i^' 
llirior larilici than thai bMwMa than at tlw !■» : ibM (met IW- 
iW fna the wcuwl attke lip than at ihe btae, nneb mnmin*' 
WMBd BI the haw than tlia wcoud b W the fitU; Sia tuA'*^ 
■laob naartr W ihe atcaad fork than to ibo thlnl t«i]|,bnto ^* 

Ariknl 'tin than ih« tLird it from iLc wmdJ ; teoond folk * lilUc 

mitru ike fourth rein thao t<i ihr Uni fnrk ; founh vein ilitibllv 

amid OMf th« bate, ttmirbl from Ihrncn lo the lip ; mucli unkrei 

Ilk Noand fork Uun lo ue Up of ilic riti-vein. 

Lbdud. PrcMiited br A. U. Ilaliduj, Exj. 

33. AriiiK Birro. 
•. EogbAd. PrcMnted b; F. Waltci. Kti). 



Jfkb tlba, Rob. Fom. /«. iu. 333, pi. 13, f. 3. 

ncanh md Mtonna muriK. 

»-f /><V> III0«iiJ11l3. 

fcyg a lttHi aUmiMlutn rraif apiiOuUm sttrnnMB. 

fJb HhmGB rtmd tabrab. 


fiiiiMi Tn ni 




iMwisafci. M^ wf . loa. 


'■iirali. 1*1 





MUMS 3**. **•. 110) 

M]M>, Ion 


uSmttia, 1013 
■hiWi. W* 

•luw, i» an 

■dMu, Tll^ MB 



■IBbIx, J, M, M ML 




aiM. loM. u>^ iw 


■ II 

•IHKm. ihC«> 
- ■. u 

»IH»V^ TT 








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4lplvVB. IM 



•nHUUi, l)L W 





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•n«n, IM* 
AAuUr IM) 

Aratai, tM 

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■nMniaia, low 

>n*Bib, IIM 

■(■HdlO. «B 
A«l.p[,4i.. low 

*ifH* n ill(..«la 

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>— l» l ii ^tm.MI 

n*>T<iDiiiB. Iim 

■Mnlinu, ion 

■muMui. tid. m 
">v5»..iW. ran Ml. 

•muu.tM. lt(M 
•iripami. IMV 

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Aulwin, l» 
•~l>*>. Ill 
■unolu, MT 

Urtlkigla, M* 
•BrirMiiti. IM 

AihhIhIis. H 

AiMnli*. m, tmt 

wuinlr. lOTV 
■uinll^ it. JU. tip.) 

(HI. *M. 071. 

••tei^ m I la 


tallhM. »? 
Rtliunlw.Nt «■ 

'"■^fliifuni, lip 


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UMrta. Mtl MA. I<m 




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iia 1. Ml. «H. ««. 

M fc— liyi.au 

MfOIHlHi. Wn 


MmobU, M«, 9M. tn. 


MMiwIilm. (M, Mt 

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■tmUm. Mil, IW 


liiilliiMii M" 

kn>b. 10. 4M. MR. an. 




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B«»*bH, Ml. IIW 




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■InititSiL 4M, 

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K. m, Mfc str. 

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ciwma, m ni, aiL 

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ctrfftwi. urn 

lOft, 4M, Mt. «1, «*, 

nu. «*; (M, ow, on, 
■a, M*. >ti^ 11*, T», 
n^ MK )M »*. fw, 

tO^ aOI, IM. MO, Ml. 
•M, MS. Mt. Ml^ «M, 

•H^ m, «, iia 

CIwIUm. 1. »). «3T 
ClMdulk *:& (W 



ilBlavMH, wa, HD. Ut. 



(liwulML 114, IW, n#. 



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dHMUriu, Hie. UM 



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fSCdBBB, UH - 

CoMU^ Ih;. !««». M«b1 
MI«,II)miiM 4 


■it^iis . 

OrinariH, 111) 

«dknt,M>.i>M „ 

nUso. Ml. CM 
(Olsnu, m 

•VBH. RI7. lu: 

r^iniB*. M7 


1 1174 



t Di» j adM.aOT 
Maim«.«T7, MI,«M, 

nil Hill MljHIBil.tW 

•>IiMn,Mf,llM. lit* 
Boaftni*. m>. 13ft, M^ 
«M. Iltl. IWt 


■Hote, tn. m^ tm, 

aonOBli, ns, N6 


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hiMidkl B.Ht*Ma,«iD«M>UnRr«fc 









LONDON, 1858. 

r i; I N T ]■: n ii v l d w a n d n k w iir a n. 


Ths olgect of the praeat Supptementary Catalogue 

im been to give a complete list of the Bpecimcns of 

HomopURHia Insects contuned in the cullectiou of the 

Britiih Mnsoum, received since the prinliug of the fenner 

CMlogue^ indicating at the same dme the peculiarities 

d mch, as regards variation of character, lucality, and 

fti Kurce from whence it has been derived. With this 

vn, the different individuals of each spedea contained 

■ the collection are indicated by tlic letters a, b, r. 

k, Ulowing the name of the spvciea and its syuoiiymee, 

■d i description is given, if it appears to have been 

I Wv nndescribcd. 


JW*. 18&S. 




ikc ' till at Uiwiopi«n,' iho obiiim of llic aiMltti iinrf 
I of lilt r»rf Biiiic ■'( llie SiriJatantia wen accidcnlallT uiniiirii 
B iW dncnrtinn nf ibc HlatM, ind are therefore bere iniettrd, in 
Itda thai the follvailif ilcarripliuDt maj ajipear inor* clear. 

Pan 4, 

I. Primllhe etenkl. 

3. Frvftt atrBlet. 

a, FInt dbralilal ■rcslel. 

4. SreoMl rfncoidil ar««lel. 
A. 'Thiti diMvidtl anolei. 
4L Fonnfa iKacvhlal ai«al«(. 
7. Fiflli itlkcviilal areuleL 
It. SUUi ditCDMUl arolct. 
H. Fli»l aiarjitiMl areulM, 

10. S«c«4id uatfiiMl areoJcL 

11. Ttlfd Margliial arrolri. 

13. Fourth mBTcinal atrolel. 
l-t. Fifth marginal arrolet. 
II. Simb mnr)[iniil irroUt- 
13. Soratb mnrjiiniil atvolt't. 
Itl. F.i|;hih naritiiitl areulet. 

a. Ftnt IroTitvene >ein. 

6. 8««wtiil itain«cr»p *fltt, 

e, ThinI liintini* icln. 
J. Koiiilh iiamicnc •«■■, 

f, Fi(ik iraiuTcrae *na. 


Genu PLAHTLEt-RA. Cti. Jtmm.% 

Uav -V^ra. r^fiit /•/■« trifatrialtrm ; pml^aimK ttlmrit »tt. 

iiWDiiiinti uymmla fntarm ll*«rviir«U ; tprrml* Htlam. 
fiiln Ifilarri. nifr ■> itrifti ; aLr atlua i>f(iif« ilrifii fUn- 
uii niiaiui'i BtiFn^ Rnii rramirriii la el 3a itifntMcrvo'ii' . 
foitirm nifriranln./tfia inlrmifla IhImt*, /ima (MnTiTH 

iV«/r. BUck, nllli aliitlUi iMiKsiuin hmcaUi. HmJ 
rae tmguUr lawnj haiiil'i. ibr Siit null ikr iliirj liitftmri 
Mtlionx wilb Mtrraluwavuiitilt, Ki>ij oiili ■ uwtii hofilct 
U r4|i«rf aiili Klark on Mcb *M*. Mraulbonx w'i)i Tiur b' 
loopa, ikr mi'l'll' f«lf iborl ; bliiH rMgn Uiwajr. vilb ifanv 
~BBrL*. AMuBiiiial vfnrnU ailh b>'larvi>nt bind butilm. 0|«*' 
aiN tfntartmK. [^|[> icMiiicnin. wiUi lib«k >tmk>. F«f uttp 
V)>m<b, Bilh • nmuM bUck *lit*k OD *mth ■(nilM ; priiDititf in*- 
(I bUck : innt Uwnj, bUrk lowatd* ibc lip*: fini and mam^ 
'tr»Mt«nir X'ltn k^iltrwl wtib blmk. Tllail •iop* hUciiib; •(*■ 
vbI |ait inilk-nbitr, 4t»idr4 bjr • bUtkuli lm« fn'R « wbltith •!» 
iM««vn> banil, «bioh i* laanancT lad iniempicd bi«4aai4. 
taglh uf ttic bad; 1 1 lin«t : uf ibv «ia|r« 32 tinea. 

Sovlb Afrira. Finn Ur. BartlMl'* cuUmImo. 


Genu ZAMMAKA. Cat. Ham. 33. 


ZiNKiii* msrtuf. 

nrirfji (m**) »l rmtarra (Itriii,); rajntr miyn Ufti U nm. 
j^Tstk^nir rilla Urifitfmt fahiiir niftit. Utrritiu ^ai** 
JiluUUi nifTV mittyiitalii ; MfviAarax nrjti yaataarair^ 
riJ, ifrnTH Jvbwt fnllii^Me Mmahmiirt^tii : aUrmm Jafm 
iaMrmf/lit mifirit i fnin ri ftrir nifri ; alttitrr^: aalW 
HMrafit fitvriuHi fturit ; fr^liem mta la Irmmtntt mlarfilr- 
fat riirrion Jftv mthuUti; 

Grrm {malt) or irilarroiit {frvatt). HtaA «[ib l»n ' 
t-anils vblfh mil M'li-xl Klmikt. Ptotbdnix >llh ■ blttk ■ 
ilripe, Biiil «iib Ino liluik tlifalt nn radi lUa; tnlaivaabul 

«4« boKJMVd vUh bhch, 1t« dlkted Uian in tnoat siwdM «[ 
f«ttiH,ud fnnainx uobtiitc Btile. Mc«i>tlior<K niili fuiirtki 
wkMnJoal bUck itnpci, (h* Midlife pair Iuuk^ Ihtn tbc iiutcc pair, 
aail bt>inK bebind tb«iii Iwo woievbat lriani;uLir black lUeaki, 
wUeh uv auccMtl*!! bj Iko Mauk dau. AliiknMu wilk a bUck 
intamipwi) baad im Ui« tvt banlar of ««ok HiruMut. I>'g^ pdnl,r 
Wank. Wiii(pi (itrcout ; reiu p>il« jcrccn, blwck loimrdR the tip>. 
fnv wingi «ltb an obloag br«wa tpot on eaub traiisrcne toIb, na 
web BuilpBal *ein. auil on «a«k lraiii>«riu miir •iuLiI cvinkl i Snt 
and MO mil tiaiM>er>« rtrialto nbtli4U«, pailuil TruTii «acb olher I>j 
■ndt nu«t« tbn t^ knj{th uf ibe firtt, wbiuli i4 much l»«cer iban 
^ Mwad. Hini winci with (bo lint tt-imTcrM icib and^ilie ex- 
latior Wdet cUiii4wl wilb brawn. LMigth uf (be bud/ 11 — 
Inw* 1 at tb« viags 30—40 ti»M. 
■,k Meiiw. Ffim Mr. CuMing'tMlltClieo. 

^B Wwt IndieB. 

^^F ZaMMAIU V4<]||.l-i!tS. 

^KFikb- TmUtra-mriJu ; tapta ilrifa arnut* timrafut aarln 

^^t BfTU; prall«(wr/Maaauryiaaf( nffCfiK Hiyrif ; innaltMv* 

^^K •itiu foaiMr iaH< littirafu pntit^ rranmrM savofiM 

^^H mi§ntt aMoMn ni^nrrn(r-/u'tiun, viHa Iddt. itriy'i^ur Jua- 

^^K Iw aniWiiw mi/frit, in^u IriluAioa ; «/•■ nfrnr, wou 

^^^ vMWiow a^tw *iyhi ; ailiea tirifu niimtifiimMiii /Hteit, 

I warn ir^unnit /■um> mrtalotu; pottUm wnmHi inuurcrtU 

P Fnmlr. TtfUMomt-grrm, Hud vlib a corrH black MiMk 

r rfnr\, a-jd Bith a bUck hue in frooL l*roUi«niS vilb 

I ...: black mmiiinil line, and wilb a black *lnp«: nuturen 

Vai-ili M«<'IIiuTax wilh four bruad black aUipm: iht middle 

eAnrUsiFd faiuilward. »nil ti>ceotd«4 h; an aneular irjiixvur^ 
, nufk i ouin Mil ticaiatcd. Ahdontcn rcdJub Ubd;, •ith 
m tn*]tula' bfoait bUaluh Uripe, aud aitb two black apical 
tatU ; uoAa nd« iMUoeana, WinKi riinMui ; rt'iat tcnea, 
Uttk tiiwatiU ibe lip*. Fora winiP with Ibii miiri-iiMl ai«ulei> 
tf^bll)' atmakcil wilb brown ; a brawn ilrcak on oich waff liial 
mt; ltl,3b4, 3i4 and 4ib mnavene (etna doadol wilbbMrH: 
III naeb ibortcf aud le** wbliqae (ban iba aod, Irom wUcb 
llii fuuA hj ■(«« iliau Ibriop its levglh ; .trd »■><] Itb alisbtl; 
Utttd trlag* tlightly uui;«J wilb bmwii al<«g tka Uan^ 

a. k, St Doaiqp^ Tnm Ur. Twcedii't cotlMtioo. 

Sovtta Amflrtea. 

Im. n»ii. ivMm 


PMfid W1v4| AlJW mtttw I 

■MA ,■ wirti H«* W(tM MMMor Iwtanw T<fiW4« . 

A trnt i wlifm nriJihm$ 

il*U Ptoeoai, icMaMoia ot pMa beM«lk. [ic*<l vili i 
iMttenxM botdn, sad aiili fovr UMMMo* oMfb in (nM •> 
lk« p«*UL na(bgns wtffc W« pbH^M MUcMm MCfki la bm. 
U|4 «iik a tnnaraw fraa hindwrnnl nark, whUt ku a bUA 
fcotderpHB, vito abtack nark in the mi<l<llei tidoMDlf- 
Malad, teatec a riglK anglv, ia fmat of which thet ii 
a Uq|* khck i^M. MwBihaf « wnih foat laataaoow rmo uriftt. 
(ka MUdW pail •tedar asd iatenpwd : biad nrfit** Miitlrt fma. 
Ahiiiai diRlill; aoferad «i>h pala jcUov vlkv pub tam aca. wiii • 
laWa c u w K riia *pat <b tacb aUct kiad bofdan «f ib* t a g w an 
aMd optvnOa rn*«. Milac* riiiMua i WM aoatl^ bUci, F«( 
■iaCi irith a (arid tiafr aluif ika iMafkir hotdar (omrilt ib« bo* ; 
tnnnme ■«■»* a>d fiitkB of iwat «f lb* ImgiliMlaaal rrl«i big^l; 
batderad vilkbnMii aiargi^ rriat aiik htwaa Mnak* BUck *«• 
taad (o iba bonln. and ara aaaoh dilataJ at aaeh and. Hind >Ib|I 
flwudail ailli blaubub brow* an ihr iiuniiQal UaMTtna tei^bnK 
iLe tipa and alavf lk« adjaiiuMi: paritrf tbc bofdcf t tianann* 
tatua inanilr dIikkM «Uk UackuE biawa. Lcb|{Ui uf ika kn4j tl 
tinea 1 uT ika wjagi 43 llnok 

a. Sostk AMCfiea. Pima Mt. PKidle*a aalkKfao. 

ZiiVABA e4tociia«)u. 

lite aiypu : ptvAorac nfU •triytifB< MW atont ; iaiMI<«Mi| 
mifn gtiadririiMltu : tUomrm nifnm, iart riMMs arfa* 


abr n<nw, /una matmlittur nigrit. 1 

tin or noMorrRNon ma ton. 

UtU. V«i7 brijibt •mnlJ-fMOi. H(«4 bUcbln rrDi>t,«ad- 
•a UtvruliK hluk hM»d. wbidi conuiu aa obltqnv Rraon 
t an ■■■.'It ililc. atul l<n> inicrnimliaU %nva duit; wuc lilack 
l> duU. ffutltunit bluvk (luag lilt foie burder, ailb a black 
U Mn^, obivb i> iliUud biuilcnrJ, and wilb ibrte black 
ka «n «Heb DiJa; bunl«t uuly tliglitlj (liUk<l on Mvh hiIc, 
I i( IvniM a icrjr obtuMt ■iiiptli'i <tl>icti i» b)4«1[, luiil t)» ■ btack 
•W It. .tlewtboras witb r»uf Mack itripo. die iniiUlc pair 
WMlaU, lb« uul«r |nir ctidnlcJ. Alulomcn btaek, wilfa 
■■ baoil oil tb« aiuil ImriU'i ■■!' rutb w;{iiicni; baMl HKianiti 
f IviUeruuK , uadn il4ii ariih a row of vhil* dou on fad) 
WHip 'itreuak, idua bUvk, rcJ towariU lUc bate. Furc 
I whli « bUuk >|i>i( uu Uic (tuot areulct, and Bitb a black 
wlmcnbulaMl wbiehcvoontU tbelrannttMviflaii abUok 
I tfat aM a black dot al Ug lip ul tb« tacoiid nutginol >«JB| 
I buck *p>>t BU ik« klod booler; lii-l irini'<«'rM vein ^nrf A- 
, iwtMl lij Dwft tban l*icc it* Iriieth Ironi ibe MCund, wliicb 
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ya/iH Hiar^iniuu : .iprmiU JnrH/(o nMOiM, ^w'/iJr pifiitia 
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ha, D. a., Lilt H&moft. fi. 1,1*. 6. 

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>rtu|['>v'**< <*'^ black ttirnkt wit tacb imI«. I'luilioriiK witk 
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iImiiii >iib Atc blatk airipc* . iku middle vii« aitciiuaud m 
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It kiili ubiir lofiitiidiiu, inj lairr, cuiMiiif tbc ai'irt uf ibn 
t ir«l(*l wjiDiciiU unall. Wisp rilieuwt; itiii* yale 

titT ar aftHopnikiMi* imsbok. 

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■sflVli Ulef\tlitmi niyrii ; pr\tlft»r*r gallii dnittiii potHe 
miyriM : tanolkamx riltii duabui "Aftf nii nriiiilmi : abda 
« «Mi-ii/fi Irifmit fn/fi* f iHrfroif/jfuH ; Bpt'niU pan 
tilt nrrr', tiriyii Htutyiialilnu Inlatrit ; ttitifit anffntb 
■VII IrouF^rrii HiHriiMjiK /umi rfibmu iwWoii', irK 
fUtitfrn ntbmarfiaatita* UiturrU. 

Jl*U. Touaucoui, kleniUr, (witlf ffn^i ^o? f*'* btiieatk. 
Otkil bbvit brtH«v> iho oi«lll, •»() with a bliok ilut ou m<1i «iil« In 
BrML. PioiLom wiifa Iwu Mack *kil> br llio hotilvr, «hlub U uu* 
IB* brtiiCfil, bill iBUcti dilulFil <<ii ibe liinil p«lt uf cmc)i (Mel lliu 
lallei U iii>icl>cJ 10 ihr luiiMlo. MrtuUiKcaK wiib an obliniiB 
■P W (Ui^ DM oaoh till*. Abdomen wiih luur rtiwt i>r lii*B|[iilar 
■(van VpML Opetoola Hnall. Wiiiip riitvuim, villi truac>>viM 
Hraak* M(<*N« iltB tKonene iniitpaul innlcU nii'l ibi? Iiorilcr; 
•CiM gTRn nr l(>tace<iua. Fuiv "iiif^ iiairow, Willi (he uabitune 
tnlm iBd tliv tiirkiof tli* luiig>iu<liriul talni ebudeil «iili imu- 
MBOt i • iMCaeouiM (pal Ni the t:]> of Mch mat^nNl irin (oiainu- 
■kMI«B «llU a tjicbl leitkoemu ilrrak on mcb mnrKlnal jrr«lcl; a 
MMMMt dot an IM kisd liile i»f ike Uiinl iliicuidul areulei, wilb 
4bid— t ndlewlKiiM af t«e iranttm* t*iii», the oat ynuing tb« dftb 
■■■aint* (atM. ibv otbrr «ndlii]f un tli« fiuiil aTf«l«( nMr tha buc 
a( tbe MWwJ JbMKlal ateulct; a («« iDiniiie lrUacwi>« duU 
iM WOM ut the nuriciaal aad dbootdal veiiia; fini iian«ienc rd* 
■uaijthL ertj ubliqur, bul not in Ui« uiual diirrtu'ii. paneil 
bj muA nxra ibau it* Iriij^ fiixa iha Meoad, Nbicti •■ muck 
Mifvil aiMl ilwuil u)iiiKbl. ibiid iwd foattb obliqiit, sliitblly 
mmA i (bird a liule ^otin ihao tbc (ouilb. I«i>gtb of lb« boilj 
• bsaa , of Um <na(^ 311 liun. 

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FiSBi. TVtteCM ■' <u/«il Htyro bi/micitlUM ; prvlMunu tuhrr 
Jdfii, tfUii ifudtai iv>iiiHM'ii, ithfii qnalmtt, ftAit 

imrymihtHViK laimiihui niyrit ; iimutAufMi niyro f oiMd 

rifteliu i aWnmrH /rrrii.|>nru>a, iii&(i)nin«(*iun ; af>* ritrfa : 
oatiM ^nyiC, a»yui/<r, ntumtntUt, niiit la *l 'ja tr«iui*nu 

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l*niiho«Bi MtMnbBl tabcieaUw, wiib ton black uripM. obkb 
»l)|l1iilj aMnMob cmIi gtbtr in ilw midilk, und sra comsMuJ 
■t M«S vndt l«r« bUel *lralu m racb »ilg; li.irJtr aiik a Utik 
Mripe ; til tiilm puitly rJgvil ■ iih I'Utk, with ■ iliurl tyyni! «q licb 
!■ rraiil. MvmiLmkx Hilb GvE liWl »(ri|frki lli« nuiMfe v«r 
alUiiiuwd lu fniai i ihe iuner pair iiiierTuptoil i tb« ontw fair 
abbiciMicil at McU end. AWoancu fcrruciiMUa, illgbtlf oarnW 
wiib pale tilkj' umMBium. Wiun (iueowi •rim trtn mavo , 
Uaok luwaril* Uie li))*. Y-m wiiip loaf, •amw, ■cuniiiMuili tnl 
■IhI mwuu4 tranicnr it\m nr»t\j tirnii-lii, tlij^liiW oMiijar, paM^ 
&Dni ca«k othet bj more tbao twice llic IcdkiIi oI the 6r>t, obxt il 
n|tm tLaa ibt *ct<und ; third aMiauc, uadalilini;, lotiK«r iban lb« 
nd, whicb b tllchtlj ttitinl MM M»r!j uprigbt. LL-vglbxTiftt 
' IkmI; H Una: of ibr wioc* 4ii linn. 
a. CcjluB. PftMOted bj R. TcHptrliMi, El^. 


DDHnvau macuaia. 
lu. Tfatoraa ; tufut mign fatrutlmm ,- pnwlvnar n'Mft Jaitar 
itrifii^iir ax liftit ; mtiMitnt n'Cd. itrifit futnur faOtr- 
far Wnd&iif tiiiirit i a(il«iiMn litarii iraaaiviu aanirnfati^ 
far /«l>r«Jiiai nij>rii.- a&a vitirtt; mmUn^ mmtt la It II 
fraMvrriu oAfif aii arjira ikrWatw. 

V«f/. TMtacewu. Ilcail olth Vlnck innatfiw Uicda «• 
each sTitc of tbe tttr, iiml wiib a bUok luud on Ibe inUa. )^ 
Xhiint aiiL iwn Mark ilnpn >LUb >f '>"-<> r!i fftml aad MM, 
mill wilb Ml blaik l(klcralsl'<-iil<.; i>-l< -.b black. <)'iilK«- 

lalc iu llie nixlillc. Mr*»tli«n« w — .• ■-•i. Miipc, ak-tb H 
Vlden«J bindwiHi and acoDniiianlnl tj a black dot wn rwb li^tt 
lateral alrraka, ibv lun«r |iait tbort. Abilonxii wilk Itad 
ia**or<« mnrki near th« ba>r, an<l oilb a row of liUek iM> 
I eacb liile. Wlu|ra 'iUtani; tciu* ifs'aitwns black (uwanblk* 
lijn. l''u(e i*tn);» wilb ibc lint and icc'inil trBn»cr>e •e>na ib- 
li^ur. «liail«d wiib lilaek, pailcil frucn lacli >iib<-r I'j a bill* bm 
Uiaa ih<4^ ioliit Innstb ; ibiril and fonrib f ci^ ultliqnc, ul t^ 
Icngib- k«ti|;ib nf tlia liodf 1 1 line* ; ul tbe winp 'U (laCk 

Celebca, I'raai Madaise Ida Pfhfct'* euilrcuaa. 

DuxDDtii Macii.Mt. 

7mW«m ; Mpitt fiurin diM^iu, pottirt gutlala, mifrUl 
titlU Juaktu Mlrififur ^ualtiar nr^ni, Hurginr «t 
^•rtr liridi I mmtliurMM rill; ilntii irx wiafutitjiir iLithiu 
uifriM ! atdamrm mimfii Ulrntlilna /uteiiiqur niirii ! apfr- 
nit* aUdrnJiH Fir trrmini. y^iirr wiriili* ; *tti nlrnr, nmi* 
I MH rn* tfp^n' ■•^irrti,- «>li«» wnu la tl ia Iramirnit uWi> 
fM Bt^ru ubuJtuii. 

JtfUfe TntwcM*. UmiI with iwa bluck bauib. Uie hinitrr 
I •MUWait four IMtMMiw dui*. Pniili«n« with iwu blaek 
pw, whlib Arc ciiitH liiiMlward ; lin> hUuk I'lenil Utralu ; bat- 
partly pVfii, rd)^ witb bUck oa each aiile, irbicb » ilcalicn- 
L lIcMitbtKat aitb ■ tflMk airipiei wbicb ku ■ klauk iput ■« 
k tide binil*«i<l I ibran bUck Hmib m Mch kiie in ftviit, ibc 
•f ysit obdarau, lb« mtilJIe p4ir than, tlw uuur pair ■iwulow. 
loan *ilb iliinl bUek dunal banili, aitd wilb n niw ofbladi 
to >]<MK (wob »ule. Opetcub gnen liintlwinl, extcndinj; Co Stc- 

Ifal uf UM kux'b a( tW kbik-iUCB. WlIl(^ litrcom i leiiL* IciU- 
M, black lB«a^lt ibe upi. Fun (riun «iib Uio 6nt sud »fcvud 
pSMnt Itliw <A)lii|ur, doitdod wiib liUok, ^rttd fian cadi Mhsr 
Miifli HMrv di-ui Ui«it j»iDt Utijtib 1 firtt much k** ubtiauc tban 
I iMwad ; ibini and fcunb ubiiquc, lianUf eurrcd. Lengib of the 
If 12 lta« : of tb* wi»g» 30 tuifw. 

CWtba. Fian UxUne !<!> PMAr'* wlUciieo. 

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DiiMOCvu ati'itifiari. ^^ 

7*<H«ra/ r*i>Hl /uriri imltrtufiU nigra ; froAarti tittU 

ruplit HiMfiM inMym ni^rii ; AMuiHtn c^fnii^ Jiiubui afn* 
ruiitmi , aim witnm. mkit tttlaeti* ni«n H/iui ; uufirc ham 
la 'iifiv IroiMwrtu otlifuu /uio (•tOnfAiiiuiw. 

ITa'r- TnUNireii'i*. llnd witb a blaci ititvrrupied htivl on 
■Kfrlei. and atib hla<i utrnkt oo nrb *lda of ibe Uor. i*iu- 
i"uaiiJi i«i bhci iiripM, wbich ili*cT){e la fruHt, ai»4 urt curved 
W«anl : Ibtr* black iirMk* on path lidc: border ^rry dtfbtlv 
MMbu4 on eaeb ud». Mnolhiiraic niih Qie bluvk ilhiieti Iba 
** ^n taiUTTii|il«d, tbc »l«iiur jmk irTp|[uUr. Ab4uineii ttiib 


tmt av noMOrnkor* mnrrw. 

tvo ibcn apiMl konn. Wtnict (Itnou*: ttiat lortaeenii*, fwil; 
Mask, f on wlon w(tb thr Int ikl Mvnud tranitciK tdHiith 
('^Mi| iKslili} «)>iaii*d Willi l-iusi>. paitril by laui'h morv ik«n ib^ 
JalBt InRth : Bnt Ich iiMi<|ui! ihan Uw *«c>aiil ; iblrd and IvwU 
iIImIiUt nuTcrf; • Ikwk cpot M*r iba tip of Met nifftnat »c«. 
LnifU of ill* ha4; 13 Uiim ; of ibr wiaip 36 Hh*. 

«. C««MB. Frsoi MkdaiiM Ida Ptciffct'i oolUctiim. 


Pa^M iKluds. 

DliM>VaU puT«aa. 
1. I'mifit ; rtfml aniifr nifni ftiritliim : prrtlkona yNlMl 
fitafuor Ultnlik^ fmirit (ntorw nar/iaarit, nawWa InlaM 
graNuf Mr JiiaA»i aiyri* |Nailin< : nnnfAoraii ritM< f nitW 
•inmint lafioHfJrfu, rrtrWariAtH *>n>yi rMauii, pfaf* ^ 
lie* fm<* t aMaaini Irtlttn—, futfiit Jm^kai iMfvbnhi 
■jNiTf M «ljrft ,* »prrewl* tiriilim, taint laaryiiMra, aUnaM 
Aaii^'o BUB ifvnnra : •(# nrnw. Wftij nigrii b*n Inttmli 
amina ativlii mnryiniiJiftui ratfliHlrf* itnjMt". Mlti' It 
3itfw (nwnvnu oMifmit Put artmatid. 

Malt. Qrvm. Hrail bind: abwnt ikv vodll, and aiih a Ua>t 
land in fioot. Prvtliont <rUb laxi biowa teiunuiu-bi>rl< : 
on rach iiilc, nod with n tetUio^ii* hiadvaid tfaK, arhkh i 
pal)i«4 b; Imt lilack dots ; bunlcr iiarTDW, ngneli dtlaud i« on 
•idci DM dntB(«<d. Heaatharax wtth IsdlcHliint oT th« bw «ail 
oboiinloal ilrlpn; a bnt« bruwa r«tek bcbind iha inmtet paa, 
' whieb ar« oalr raiiiewaicd hj tkair •sicriar bonlet -. tiirnot pir 
noel) ili*idcd bj cnon riiaifiniiwaa. Abdnam tuuitvuj^ wi 
l«ro black maralar IupmU: Ui« Ivo loat aqcmfsts bUek abaia 
Ofienula Kn<ni, witli luteuin hufilm, rxl«i»din|; Ici balf ibalnvii 
iM tb« aMomnu, Mitirabal dilau4 wwanU iW Upt. «1iicl Nt 
mwadcd. VHagh ilintoiM : valat black, leaucMin tawinl* tbt biat 
Fare wiap aiih atmmi otoulHe itrak* oo ibe mutirMt arMhl*. 
Im and tKond Iraiuvcne ratiia atiliqaa, liBMDjr csnci [ Ani tVuMt 
iliiB lb* wvuiid, fniot wbivli li U i^ifeil bt- inoic ibau ibnt* >■> 
ItDgtb ; Ibiid aJiBOtt tiraiitbl, n»orc ubilif iic ib«u Ui« fuunk. 
la vuii»i. LdiKib ul tbe boJj 13 Haaai ol iku wings 34 linn. 

' «. UTalaa, Fe^«e IilaacU. From Voyace uf U.M.S. Ucnld. 

un or uoii«nsiui« tvucTi. 

aUumrti Unfit f itdtuor aantmufiiam obtfriu mfrii ; aMa. 
mrm jttllii iuaAu aiil ifualin>r ktialihtit /atria^m* pnttirt JD- 
frvmpM Juuiieala ntyni .- op/rruta aMirminii Irirmlr man 
Itrntrra ; ■/« nfrnt, ttntt Utla/rit a^tt nigrii ; aalica an- 
ffiute attmiaai*, 

AM*. TfU»e<«iii. Ilta'l Muck •hnnl lh« Mclli, nni) «{lh a 
ti tiUel hniiit ta (VonL ]'n>(h<>r'ii in(h llie ml'ltllr ilripc ■nil 
•Uiffne Uitnt ilmki »'>in(«)iiit durkr', Vul ucrnMoiiilly (•■i>.o- 
1 • MMk ^t Of) iW inUttlo I'f llic Iiiintcr. Mnntbvni wilfa 
r Mad *lrBil«T IJM*, «hi<jh UK (Kcntli'DBlIj uhsolMe, or atv 
DWpuDUd bT Inilicslioii* tJ llic utiial uhcoiiml Ktipr*. AIkIo- 
R oiUi too i>r (uur hbck 4uu nror ibc htuc. nui ">lli h duiihlc 
mulKril I'Wk liikd Wynxl ifcp miilille. l>oru>] afcmila coni- 
, wlik ■ CITCI1 tp-il (IK rscti ; iciilul M<cniriit* exlcading to two- 
id* of iW lr»iih of ihr aMrnii-n, not iilKoiuUd. m(n«limM 
llj srim, \V>nti iLiio-ui^ •tiim Inlnccvut. Iilack (im-ardt lh« 
I. Vuic kincs imrrvw, »cun><»>ir(l ; HiM akil tfoind tnin»rn« 
MoUkiiic, >rry tli^liilj mtx'd, purird (tom racli other bv ■lo'iil 
Ih At Imilh «r rarli : iliiTil and fourili Hlmoal »U«iKbL Lniijlb 
tk»V*if IDlim: oftku ■inpctffMlixn. 

Frrfrr laUtiil*. From Mr. Itlneni' culltrtloa. 

itUbilt. I'nm Ur. UoqriUiinT'* coll««llen> Votiko 
IS. Htr.ld. 
i. Uc U>dU». VoyiKT of BMS, HenJd. Pmeolcd br Sii 

JullB ljlIJ«11. 


Mev Hebrides. 

Ut»Dt>BiA raicii.o«KLou, 

ft firm, Paili4t nriJit, intam nbr^a ; nrlrr Afurff 
misi aijini: frtikriai rillit Juobai yiottirr mwfiwrrfi 
•>)in< { m^'MAiinij' liffij ^vtHjar fullii^ur ifwihij ;»it»ri> 
MyiM. n<(M frinti'iii-ut tmvmpitlti iiilrmiptu : abilamfn 
Intiutvm, /ainii iHfi>"'fJr4ii /unrtrrKliitii, (<ait nri^; fl/iT 
n>>«, tni* r<n.'i6iu a^iirr niyrli, nigyitalt alto, rrmii la 
Vafkf Iraaitvriti uA/ifuu Bij;*!' rutwANif. Mm-, — OyrmJa 
drfiali' wayiM, (MHCH f nntratia loitgitviaiea, ntJomiitu iit> 

1*1 LIST or noMOPTBBoi's iksects. 

Male and ff malt . Brij;!]! pale RKpn, here ind tbei« tticM'T 
lestaceuiis. Hiad nitb tht u>iial black streaks on each iidcin 
front: terlrxwiib lliiee Mai-k itmrka. Proihorax wiiL tmii Rick 
stripes, wLirb furoi a ciielo liiTidwHnl- Mnolhonx wiih tivt Mirt 
stripes : the outer piiir vrrv iiiconiplrte ind wMrtj intPiniptri^ i (■" 
black iJoKbindward. AbUuiiivn te^tHCrous. with incoinpleii; Hiitiii'^ 
bund), crrL'ti at ibe base. Wiii)!!i litreoiii : veins pale pern, Miik 
towaiils tbe tijis -, cnsla bri[>lit preen; stifcini wbrte : fii>l sil 
secoiiii iwii-viTse vdiis ubliqoc, clouded aiib black j fipt paniJ 
iVum [be bcodiiil br about Ibnce itt lcii||ih ; ibiril aiid fourili nmb 
slmiilht. Mali: — Uorsul og'erctila larue, conical; tentralopticuli 
i-lu»)r-<ic-('<iiiinil. full iwu-tbmU of (be length of llir abiluoKi. 
I'riiialr.- — Abdnnicii coiiiprt'>!'eil at ibe li^s. length uf tbebolf 
in— 1! liues; ul'tbe wiiij^s :}':'— 30 lines. 
". XcH' II (.'brill ('9. Kri'm )Ir. ijleveiix' collection. 
I, c. Amiieuiii, Np* Htbri-ict. i're>i')iicd by the Adminltj. 
•/, t. '{ Pictciitcd liv Sir Jubn I.iddell. 


uiT or iiOMomiwini ii<be«ts. 

In- 1 


Hm *t firm. ViriJi-iriMtra ; t«p¥i nljrre nt^uni, proik 

tiltit Jualnu tiiHTU^iu fualHar nijrit; mMafAonur villii 
fMBfw fMtrl«f<K if«ill-iu nijrii i aMancn nMi'i dutliiu ma. 
twhri^l mijfit I ■/« ritr^ir. rmii tntaerii apiet nitrrii, 
Hai. — i4Uaan< vwlIJi f<t(mfitu< niom; i^rrt(/< niiaf/m- 
■•la, a^•f»ml\lt hi IrirtU imm Armora. rvm. — AbAimi* 
mfufit litl4rvJika$ nijrU, maettiu donalibut jmUitit eoHjIi 

it*U—UfemaU, TctUcMiM, tingcil «{tb ffrecn. Hnd bl 
HI ibt K«lli, "iili t«i> bUek marki od mcd liilv. in fiotit *n<l 
bibd. •»() vllh t-Uth llTMln on Mch wiU or Uie Hict. PruilioniV 
«Uk two black Mripc*, vlikli an diUled in frnat, dilntcd niid 
•iinad kindwBfd 1 Caot bUck Ulcnl marks; botdcc wiUi u Mack 
dot OD n«b lidr, wbicfc it (Itfifclljr ooncnr* km) not dmticulaM. 
H«oUi«nx with An •lig^lit hlack ftrlpc*. iIm Inner puir tbiiri, and 
Meoordvd by t*ro Maek ilou^ ih« uuicr pnir inirrriipicd. Abdomen 
vilb wo tD«> of Uftok d«n*l *\km. Wia|(i liirrous i leinii letUi- 
onu. Mack lowanb (be tip*. Fore vine* villi ibc itu. anil seound 
tmaaran* vain* obttqac, pined frooi aaeb oibrt by, mure llian tli*lr 
Jnial bnph ; flrw (borUv and lata >ihli4u* tbaii the «ccotid ; third 
■•ch allMtft iW* iIm fwirtlk Afa/*^— Abdomcii niili a row of 
U«ck doti on «aeb aUe. OpcutnU •onwnkal alkniut^d, abLiiit lw«- 
tktnli of tb« Iniglb uf tba bI>Iui&«ii. Frm^lt. — Ali<toiiifii wltb n 
•w af bbik tpoU (IB *a«b aide ; d"ti«l tjiuu onallueni fainUwnr^ 
Laagtb •( lb* bod; V — lOlinec; oftlw linp 20 linci. " 

«,i. OoMBHL. Front TAt. UteviXtinj't collcctioit. Votin 
U.UA Henld. 

GtDua FIDICINA, Col H«m«pt. p. 78. 

F. 7*aar*t, paR* U. b ■ nnoiijtiD <>f F. acuM, page 81. 
paicc 00, niuj be « tprcl'ta of Ptalfplnr*. 


FlDtCtilil KCOI*. 

'lIlL JVjfra, m/Ma, tuhu /hJi* i eaynl/ulta ^maJfinnmliilt 

faeif fillto riirala ; pr-'lAnraX tt //irlw ligrvrmfui, rit'u in- 
UrTVf*ii fnllit^ut Jtmlita falrii ; utttntKaraJ inaru/ii •{•iiliuir 
nif laiif w fotlirii /a/rij ; at» rifmf.sJ&iidF.rM/ii'iHif, ralii 
anil ftrrujfiitrii apitt miyriti «nii>ir Rati la Safw Ir" 
WTMi |MTnWtf >w tic amaacif. 



un or noMumCMn inccn 

M*lr. Nmi)* M<4 u> F. liUrm. BUck. Mniit, MMtlt 
Uwnjr UoeKlk. irr*<l villi a Uwajr tpot M ntcb nde id lfaat,«M 
■imUwi klndmnl hciotcii iW rjt* : (■■>• wiib « Uvnj lUff*. 
Prulhont MTlIj tn; lUik n4, nilli > ililEbt taw*,* iDt«nipu4 
•iript'. nhtcli lui ■ tN«in; ilol on eack tide ktndwsrd ; border «rilk 
a Uiinj Wnd. »bicb » iiiuii«p<«I hi tb« tniihUe, ami wiilmcH M 
n<ii MO*. Itriolhotis witb t«u lawny tpota «ii Mcfa ki<le hj lb* 
Iliad nigy*, «kkli at* laurii^, «iik a btnci urifWL Wine* tiircow, 
wUlUb, tn|[ul"*^> Mmii 1 iriM r«Tni|cino*i«, klack loirafja the |r(«. 
Fotc wUitf% witb ikf fim ud MOawl iraMien« t«hia tvr^ oklifot. 
kcnilj curved, f*nri fruw rack ii(b«Y bT Bntlf tkricc tbci tenptk at 
tbc tnl, vliirli rt a liltlo Imicrr tbin ific wmsd ; tbird aftd Lurlk 
Urdlj uiidulnliag. I^iiftk of iL« bndjr \4 ltci«*; oT Ik* winp < 

a. Oiltaha, Mexico. FnMn M. StIU't mDmUod. 

SoBth AiBtriMu 


Tnnma, nrtJi ntrjii,- <mm( nyra faiWaMN ; iiiillim 
f uduir v^fif nil Hi^rif, inlmm^tiit aUnvioA tmlin • 
nrrit ; dMoiam /afrrl^«l ai-iVrm nrriiu fiunii^mt 
mifrit, at»mtf*a, t^ti winJn,miniifru iaii mriditm. 

Ftm*lr. Tnucrout, partlj dull rtmb. Vtrtn <ir ikc bwi 
with • black band, «kich criiu ttrnikt in liont.' PrvUiorax <nlb i 
broad bonier, vbkk if lintillj dilated on acli ttdo. Me*uUii<nJ 
whh (bur uMlqiir bln<kttiipMi ili« inverpair »koii, coimceMda 
friMH bv a 1>Lrt biiDd. AbJumni black M aack tide at lb* lip, «ad 
wUk *liBkl I'U<k tia>di : lido »li|[htl; cMked wiik (»)• gfliM b^ 
ncnliini. Wiiijp tiimxw, grccH ai (be baui leiiia blKi,C)«« 
Idward* llic l>nKi Gnt and f^oond iniUTrrM irin* reit ntdlfM. 
tllEkiljr uiirmi, fitnti from c«cli otbn brfull four li*n«« tb# iMfit 
■if llic llrii, wliich i( ■ lilllc ikiirter tban iLe *MoRd ; ikird lid 
fnnilli Dndiiliiitii;; tklrd ikortct ikan tbe fvurlli. I^iif tk of ibf 
bml; l-l linn -. ut ikc <tiogt Ai liuts. 

a. Vainiwla. i'nai Mr. Binchcll'a oollMtioB. 

FimciNii »tiam. 

F<nB< Pin*, nr^riu rrriiti'i *lb» ttntnltmi pr«riaM(^ iNar7« 
CMtWnu, falrritiu fn(<Hli; Dvmttarac diirurr /'■■mijr'""" ■' 
■Mvatnjj MjMiiiAi ftmtfiiuo f*tei*ta, mttMlit Uuntibiu 
■n* MMMtwu ; db n'Jmr, fcui nrjifj Irilanv-fln'irdlil ;»•- 
Ifay r;|iiiH*-tir>Vi ,- anficd <r/>ur mtr/nifjue riteriore nijIW- 

Ffvmtt. PWviMit ; voder ildo mIo Kttm. witb wlili* uneniim- 
holkons viih a t«*U<;eani bomcr, which it trtt^ on e«cb (ide. 
McMUumi lUik fcrrupsoiu. Abdominal icffiucnti nilh daik fet- 
twtftOM biflih, «ail with tpiiu or nhiie toiieiittiiii uii Mcb iMv. 
tnii«« 'Itnomi twM |tnwgN4n, niih iMtauvout itrnks iinl 
cbantfiDf btMlmld la Mlithl |>*le blaUb i.'rt*Q; ihr UiUr ooJour 
pfr«alU oMM OH lb* hind wiogi. I'ure wJOKt wiih ■ bTonn lioge il 
lbs tip! B»d >lMg the «iteriur border. Len|ib at (bo lK>d]r in 
HOM i of tbo Blag* 4<t lisn. 

Tbii ■■; be ibe TMiiale at P. /Uu/oHa. 

«, Ik T«fie;M. From iU. BaM' wIlKlioa. 


Ma*- /Vm. (utaM twWcM I etfHl »t iktrar itri»l« t pnlhonu 
aMrjriiw mvWoM ftrUi i mtnAoraw fulnu. jiKm •/miJiitif- 
tatitt i aiMnm ««<niH •rnw ririiit i pidi» tindt* ; aim 
witmr : Mlfnr twi virUa ; feitint bati rmf». 

JV«f«. Piceout, Mmtljr tntautwu b)-iic*ib. Ilrxd «n(l thonx 
■bat Uri>t«J. lV>tbnnii aillt ■ brosil louicvbal tasiiloM 
I botdci, afakb on «acb tide it iligbtl; tn)pr««*cd aad oUucd 
Iwmnl. MMolborai law*;, *iih four p)c«iHi» utipe*; dw middle 
Mbofi. Abdonev f|T»ed Idsatdt ib« lip. I^rgt ^rttn. Wing* 
Fm* «niK« with the priaaiiiito utulet, ibo front •rc«1*t, 
' ibe (bird aaSottkt ttuuOi ud the abole of the fifth nnd n( 
i(b diacaidbl Bfwku bttefai gnta. Hini yiiic lii^chi icd 
|r ]• (be bM*. Lnglb *t IM Mdj H Hm*; ft (h? »!»{) 12 

llilca. Froo llr. BatM* oollectioa. 

un M ■oiMKmoci kuct*. 

Stn. Tirttam 

: faett* /tfriiiiiHr* 


iiigrag ^1 r ^tw , 1 

tmirmii /uuv ni^B^ii , ^uitlm vnwu 

rut Hljfr. 

Mutt, TnWcfvut. 

, siiU Irw htackufa Ttt; tndlMiiiM lUiiit* uf ibe dmmI fofai : 
I bmilct ilendj ncutalMl. Al>tl«iu«u toMBJ. with • liUirt b«M 
lielaratH>t4erar<>«hMKiMiiL Wjap liiitmiii tdaa uvar, 
jfittm* loBardt Uif Up«< Fvra *iu|> milU iW irk»tT«tM i«ia* 
4ni4Ml wUli lUik brown ; Bni kod mcodiI xij oUi^M, parM 
fton emek ollt«> fc; l»an; tlimn tbric« lb* teuKlb of tli« fiw [ tUri 
and fuuiUi BlinMi ttra^diti n^ of tbc mBrpMl >ciM tligbdj 
duixlcil wiih brawn. Hind wiap vttb th* Inaiima tsiako 
■ligliily cIoihIciI wttli Imiwn. L«agUi of tbo bodj U liaa 
wiap 49 lin«t. 


FivtciKA ALatrLici. 

■■ Ohftirt fotjupiua, n^uta ; tapmi Mwa itifrnt i p^ 
AormM tujr* hriiuiut ,- awMlAw nUi'i rfiMttti iiNmirtfaa 
•kmtvii aifrii/u/Ri motyuialu, (Vinioriiw na ra»ipwB«: 
aUomni nfira mfrum ; ■{« Mtrnr, bad aJ/r« ■irfil amw ( 
anlir* nubi httbIb ; poificw flka »lh*, 

FrmtU. Dkik ferrusinoD*, Moat. Head nxMljr bUek abtne 
bu«ai ailli tkti bla« tlnpwt wkicfc ate cuin") biadaud. 
Iwoi^rax wUk iim blaak vboMiMl nifpii liotdcivJ witb lawn;; 
. jitT (irl|<r* bardljr IndlcaU^. Ab4o*MO hbwb aUira. VDap 
riiRiKM, iiUck, and nMrked vttb oaja gncn U Uia baM; fiki 
nwn;, iMUnoM SI [b« bsM, black lovmrd* the li^. Vat iHt^ 
with iba ooata wtnird; [•nmiti** atcolel blade i (oMpabfiM; 
ftni aad Maa»d imM*cr>o • «in« r«j uUi^u*, ttljf ImI* (VTad, taMi 
fro«i«ach Mber by mmn Uian ibric« Uie WaRlli of ibe SfM; Ulid* 
liitis iboncr and Ins mined ibaa llie founli. ElinU wIum ailtt 
wblte Mil. I.«)fih of tbehodj II liun; of ibe wlnp Miina. 

bnuraoi. f nin Mr. Bale*' coltenioiL 

uiT or noMorrtRVD* rxRXCT>. 
FinmxA ruHiPK!(»iQ. 


mtr g iittfwt Jalrii, tirivil duaCtti /rmginrii ; mMOfAorM 

itf'ltantlMtl tliatlHIif 

tiait quihior fuhii ; aMomtn ilriyii latii 
optrtvU amia. ntftlfala, ntai faita. nlnlamwi iJiui 
MM imvnni ; prJarrparit /ii'n; alit /mrr, fruii riWi/i, 
mfud mrdimm numunqnam rainrm* ; oafir* cMu la 'JnfMf 

UaU. Black. Head wiib • rrmieinoiii *tmli oa mc^ i\4o 
rtoal «Bd Iwhlud, cIdOknI here ddiI ihcrc *illi lawiiy pu(>rt<«Biw. 
KfcOAl vltb « Unj middle fliipo, and oilb • r*rre|il»OUii av 
MiM ftmik on ntcb tide i hind tinrdcr lavnj, idKod ailh 
ek : nind nde undulnling i ndci >tiKfailT niiiiuliir. Muolhvmt 
b four umiy >tTif«4 1 llie iniin pait sbuit, di« nulM pulf patl; 
PU^nmii. Abdomeu *jth n b^'>|l iiwoy •titnk on mcIi <idc at 
tip. Vrnlral npcrculn aculf, iligbll}' falutc, tibradiiiK ^ batf 
lengtb o( ibc aNomcn, brondl; lawn; aluiiR Ibc ciiFiior (ids. 
p panit UaVf. Winin nMrlj rttmius iu Ibt- initldlr. gnt* 
■Ha Um baw, bmra abuat the l!pi and along Uio cxutinr bai- 
I tMM (MM. black (awaid* (hu Up*. Fora winKt « iih tbr tmx 
I aemnd uaiwnrH reim clniuled witb dark brtnm, parted Ftmi 
b olhM bj Brarly thrice the leiii^ ot tbo Gi«t; third ciincd; 
nb BodBlatiiig. Lcngtb of the bod; 30 lion ; of the iriii^a M 

Pmcnird W J.C. Bowiinr. En]. 
f Frun the Zoo1o|poal Socici;'* nuUeciioD. 

Finicixi ^t-aivcni. 
mfml villa utneiitiinr : ptrtlkMax ailla lutom niV 
(fyinuld. /ii'ipi^iii n-ofiiifii tiatier iletiliatUlii : metttA"iits 
rillit IriiiH oarioi'ifur ^'ilic-jr tulacni ; dMaiXnt aiaoo/u 
rfiM^ui iminintti iwu n'^ii; nfiS a'^. raliJa. rujru/uic, niiM 
bvlarrJj fcoii mflr- HeryiiHrif ; inMinr nnii iwnniJI afirna 
(rriiu aiyru uHiyiMlii, (rniuwrri* nigrv lair MMTjliiMtw, 
Monafii (>£iaar]|iiMfihu niyrii. 

Fa*it-c*lc«f. Head wtib a darker tlrip«. Piellionx wilh a 
iiiipe, wbicb U butdertd witb blad on tacfa >iAr. ; tidei 


IS LIST or HOMomioiti iMKcn. 

{XcaTainl. draticuliletj in fnoL Metotbons aridi tbicc lotaecea 
'ttipe« : hind ridees stio tefiiinriui. AMomcn with a while 
pubncenl »put on rich tide. Winp vhite, itout nifvlaw-. thm 
ic<ticeuu(. tiordercd with bliek at the bue. For« wiogi moa 
slieKllj hnrdcred with hUck fraiD the bate to the inosTene reini, 
which, like the Ttini between tbem, are dcepi* boidcied >ilh 
'lack : a litge bUck (pot on the lip of each' nMixinal lein. 
Length or the bod; 10 — 11 lioet ; of the winp 24— 26 lioei. 

■1, b. Adelaide. From Mt. Stcrem' eollecioD. 

Conotrr onknowiL 

Fidiciva DioxirE4. 

Fam. Oltirarr /ulva, latiitinu, tublvi ti ptrU I 

nigra l/ifiutiil»m ; pralAoror rilta iHliwia. warjimt mriti I 
mriulh-irar ritlii qualvar mamluqiu Jiuiiu nigrii; slaban 
iiiyr''-/iinuNi,- ala rilrt*, tmu ttriJibtu ; ittifw OTwi—le, 
iitlmi tl tpirt fiu<ffnilH, i<ui tirijtr, rtmii l« <| 2a /■ 

un or iitfiiOPTKHon ixcKcra. 

FimoiNi etiaKiLiXA. 

fw. 7f«f<«4, nriJt i«ri4 ; taful /atria, nttit antka I 
fW niMiH Ki'yru ; nmlkonr fttcia p.alica nigra ; at 
ollij falmrr nattifiiqut iluaiiu nr^rii, nidi iatrriarihu • 
^B bfttialit,rikiriaTHiu aoKHiniiiiiam o^atrlh ; uli-himtn ni^ 
^B mfmmlit r«/o aMrjp'iMtu ; u/i* ritr*^, &mi aiynr ; «lt({4 
H anttl (mmmjt rl mcrjltiMfiiiM miufiwur (niammM ma _ 
I malihm fmeo netutniti pailirm HaryiiM riUriort pHttfi 

AUr. Tntaetoa*. partly gTM^ish. Uni with an Imfula^ 
biMk basil ; aoiii* bliick npuU on aacb tiitr hriimth ; Inn will 
• Maafc lUipa. Pmlliafax <aith a *\emin Uai^k band bcbind.1 
Maaothoras with four blodk *ttip« : a black >pol brhind (h« ioaer 1 
pair, aihieb art ihotli iha ontrr pair occatiuiiallj ubulalc Abd^' 
mtn blaok i biud bcHcn of iba t(«tnuDU ml. Vfiagt aimoua, 
Uaek at Iba baw i (dni tawnj, diiker loanTdi tha lip*. For* 
wlajci vilb ibe mnai-Fne tciD>, iraiisrcnc mniKiDal leiiileu anrf 
BHfiptial >nu> eluh)ilr<l riib bni*n . lint trnDKcrsc ran aaudi 
tlian iba mosihI ( tkini ah'irtar liiaa tba (uuftb. Hind 
itM* etoMiM irllb bresn aWnf tba alienor bordet aail oa tha 
Lengib of the bud/ 16— IV liaaa; oC tha wniga M— M. 

pKM«ted bf J. 0. CbltilrCD, Ew], 

FHHona Fiacaara. 


qi. J^ff«i Ni(H /iilaa ; rajntl Mani/ii ifiu^iu liaeajut a*- 
lioa fulHt I frellura* rufntrmi, mignt /innilw, W(fa dttpU' 
Hte atrntai^K* yWi^ ; nrarfAofax ainit j tiaQiar Mifwb, 
urifii Jimhmt, Ulmkiu e*rimitf»r ^i(i«t> /a/ati ( p*4m _ 
/u/n; a/« n'/nia ■* aatira an^wM, acMaJaattf, tad 
rnnit la (( 34 nnnm^ lubvritatU mign mtMaaU. 

frmglf. Black. mMll^ tawDj b««ealb. Hcail 
•pot on tacb aide w ftuat batwocD (be e]ie*i 
' mUiIIc liae, and with laanj riJfiei on eMb itda. Fntkn 
dlab, blaicb ia Tioat and bthind, with a dottbk U«s]' uripe i 

lum;, wllb a liUtk atrcik on puch Mdr. Mnollionx «rlth 
"Ma lawBj Hriyaa; iha m«ldt« pair raciined iawanli th« 
ir QMlaicd ai cacfa or tbeir tip* bjr a lateral U«ny tinak t 
L.d btod ridgca Uimj Lcgi uwuj. Wlngt rilfWM. 

I /a/ati ( jw^M 

«ra*i>. I 

d oltb a 1«fl 
>e*i face aitH 

to vart o* ■oMOPTtian nHcen. 

Fun «■»!■ narrow, muck Kuninaud. uMumv* at On hut, ni 
Willi a ImUccow Mraak alMg Ui»aUili dlMaJdal aroolett PtinUM 
•icolel block i rriu piccoui ; cntu Mucouu* tu lh« Up of iW 
boat attolei: ini and (rcnad ttanotnc iritK kUxIuIji canal, 
nlmiiled wilk lilack, paiud (ran eacb other bjr tiricc tha leaf iL of 
Uia llm ; third alauM npriflit, Ian m<ltiUtini; Uian ib« tonxA- 
Hind wing* ifitli tnuoraii* fdat. tjngOt of tba bod; 17 Iidm; 
of tlia wiiiK« 14 linn. 


^^ Otnm CICADA. Cif. UvmofL f. 108. 

^M Earop«. 

^H CtCAOi u"iMU. 

^'Ciwda llMall^ .Vm. &raf. i/aym, £u: 2di. £Mr. xrU. (IS 


Syria. Ptnla. 

Cl04Dt uiacKTaT*. 

C'toaila aicentau, Ofiv. £n<-. M4tk. *. 7AII, M. L«ir. ffirt. . 

arj. 30T,a Hfm^iUl.Zfit. .VWU. ini. lai, H. 
Ckada Hncaa», HfTT.-Stinff. Nomnt(. IDi. 

SoMtk FmiK*. Kkil]'. SpiuB. Portagal. 

C. arf^Btata, Orrmar {Co/, tiampji. 1 10), loiut reodt* > I 
WMa, or wiial be Mp«nit(d froa Uil* genua. 

Cirinjt ijiHtmt. 
Ckada i\m\tm, lUgm, Bit. Znt. Stta. xrO. 133, Ifr. 

Hoitb Amcrlot. 
Citiix aaoMMBMa. 
Cicada tminnevaa. Wild, Ami. S«t. KiH. Fr. ime Sir.x. 


United SiBlee. 

Ctcjuu ecKRU. 

Ch«4a MpatU, FiuA, Fturik Stp»M, iVoe )'«Hi. AaM Oif> ■ 
Hut. IIUI.II. 

Cnt\ laitUD Territory. 

urt or iioMOPtBitou inaxcn. 


Ctc ttn RoaKBTHim. 

mi» BebrnMBlL, Filtk, /".mrlA ArKvf. AVir fort. $MU Col. 
Si. Hut. 1W1.4I. 

Isdlu Tcrriuij. 



CtciDi KioaivcKTan. 

TmOiW'^Mi/Ci j nt^M ftteU nltn ; MfwrAms rinli 
fmtator Ufa nijrru, fi*llwA«rihu aAWriaJU, rf Cmmint •')•- 
Mvnqptw, /«frn^u< /fm^inm; ahilemm nrjrnim, Kynnua* 
naw ■■■fyii'tm ix» Irt^ue /rrrui/iitnt ; oprri-nJa dtrMlia tt 

vau aiyru Aut pm^tw : aMlitw mi^ In rt 2a (TnnmrvM 
oUif iru nttrnli: 

JVair. Allied lo C Pttttrr. Pale le«lacmw-f leni, paftl; 
dih b«»Mtk U«ail with a bbtk trnicnl IiidiI. SiilMof lbs 
[boMx M*MTo, uigiilar in TroDi. Mm>ih'>rax oilli (viii brood 
tfettripM; Uwikiwr pairtbon, ubcomioil; tio onWr |wi( inurr- 
Md; aUn nuadj fem|tiMu«. Abdomai bfaek above i bind 
Ian of the accaMDlB anil uoder tide ferroginoin. Donal up«r< 
I fcn ti g iii WMi lull — laffe a* ibc feolralojwrouln. nhicboecvpy 
•tUrf of tW Inglh of tba aliJumrn. \Vint.>» wliiir, raiMt 
^oe 1 reJM bUeb, p*n lownnli ilif baM. Forr «inir> wtlb ibe 
I KOi Mcoad Inutrmc tcini ol>li(|iir. almini »rai|cbt ; linl 
Hd by Morlj fuur liinn iu I«»ei1i frain the MCuDdi ihird 
light, **I7 nncU thorur lb«o ibe ftmitb, wbirh U alightl; iiadu> 
Kg. Loiii^b o( iha bodi line* i of Uie wiiif* 30 lioM. 

KcviD Mr. Cunlog^ oollMitloii. 

fwM. Ciriifi', midiyo Karia ; raput /atem pouie* nigra ; pre- 
tktaa *t((ti duttai n<iryi'ua/ti«t nifru ,- aUamra ralilw 
MJfro tririttatuM i ali» n(m>. erob niyiu (an MfOMU; 
aafiri* rmJi la rt 2o Iramnrrtit rrttii man oUi^itit. 

Frmalf. GrroD, panl* UiUcwua. Hnd iln>o*t a* bmtd ■■ 

B-iih a bbn band bihind ihe ooellJ. I*rotbof«x 

. uri^ on each tide ; border narrow. AlxlMncn oitb 


Lirt «f noMvprnuivi mEon. 


1^ klad bother i udc* totDFvhni rnumtcd. Wmn* 
ffiiut UMMtotu. Fort win^ with blown >pi<U on i£» 
H«i0i»e miM, uid an lli* nMrpioal trnoiitni; idiilf b. ■nri willi 
«t brvMi •!)«•&» »n ibr Miarffiiial M-ina ; llni inntTfnw vein 
ta4 fcf Marl; (ix limm IK IrnKlli frorn Uie trcuni), ahlcb dantt 
MmI. ttbcRu tlic tini it iibllijuc in ibc uppiuilc (limtiuD ; ibird 
I fciinll Uniithl acid nenrtj uprij^bt. LeiiEtli of (be bwlj 

ttl* St. Tfaoau. From Sir. Cuming'* coneclioa. 


South Amerioa. 

Cicada Dptuicilii. 

DunnMlii. Gmir. Inm. Ayn. iIumti. /im. pL69,r.l. 



^H CiRtOA re LVOV] Ki on, 

Mb- FIrfiVit ; fttlto mria ; ra^uf Nltb daa^at yutirU ana^w 
«itlir« nijrit ; yrMlitmi nUij JvsAti' iiifrrrujifu ntyriii 
■UHifAarur faicia oitJia arrvatA nllii '/ii-iAiu InlrrtMiti in< 
IrtnflU fiUtit^Mt fiMfiKT p>it(rti /nirii ; aMumtn lu^ra 
/■/(OB. wyaNVIiirim 'n«rylI>l^■u urMtiAw, Un./i' itiiaiw 
aptco/jdu /lurif ; •(•( «(nv .- aiuio mm^ii margiitatibat 
JmtrttfTmU /innJu.Rnii moifiamlitrnt /iHfH tlrii/ulUtWmarum 
/arrit iraMf w Iraiuvmu mifrit, Au miyrn n^tafiuia. 

Pmatt. NcnrI; allied lO C CAarirk anil lu C mnimtoM. 
R«, faried wilh taway, baler baiicntb. HniI will) l*u black 
IfM on ibv (crtrx, auJ wiio oaa on (l>4- Ux*. Vtt>\h<*t*\ wiifa iwo 
in t»l»rtu|>(nl urip«^; iiniltr iidc M.ick nn Mcb udr. Mutuibu- 
I viib a kruwii Kinicirciv in \i\e loidilic, anil Biib ■ bronni inter- 

rl Mfipr ou uch ikIp ; fuur bnma duu tovarda llic liiad bor- 
AWMncn Utriii ahviF ; hind borH«n of the 4rRiii«iili i^mii ; 
•own urrak on t«rh t^Av at th« t<p, Wiiifi tiirwot; lelna 
n. Wark loaard* ilie lipi. Vote winjci wilb a itcry tndiilinct 
■ brnw> line om each marrinB) arwlei t tran^vmc veins and 
b ol tW T«iM bUdt, (ke fortner cloudexl wilb Id'iok i « brown 
Wk oti Mch marfinal crin and on earh tnnitcnc oiHrginul tela- 
( Aim aBrf troond Irantvcne e^iliqur, like ihuie of C. MMMtoM, 
t Im fwtcd fmn ibc mcoimI bjr nivrc ibRU (iiut lintM iu Ini^ i 



I lAT or BewonEBon iksmts. 

■■ TnU Xon. Fran Mr. Bate*' MlUctko. 

CiCtfl* TSMnKATl. 

lCu> ttu/a./frrufillf*, nilM riiiilu ; M^f Irtlaerwm, fimfi- 
nm Mnra, /nm* trimatmltlmm ; pn>tiar«« MiU'W MwiM, 
futto Itirillaliui oioolkirraM n'thi fMcnwr tnteraP^cinrfih* ; 
■/« nfnw, mi'j oiifftf Un /«/ni ; dafMW «ptfr •i/tw, (Mr- 
^■M nrtrrwrr /an^, mkM /o/», tm« 34 IraiunTM (if 

AraJf. NrniU illinl la C. Ttrwnmm. BetMub I 
wUk p«t( fdlow n'lkf uweMuBi. wW RKni hnnlli. Und 

, MoiM, Tkotd viik l«riii(ii>u«^ «4tn (kna fcrowa (iou nn lit itiui, 
t Utile btoHdrt iliND ihc ibons. Pmtbons paitl; ir»tM<c«m.«A 

, twn brown MiJpn, nbleh are iliUicd ie rmQi: tides iinigkL M^ 
•otliurni villi O" tntni'vniii-KTCCP •iripts "n each nde. Wbip 
Tilrcimii ll':Il^ liUcL, tawa^ at ibc bv«^ Fu>» «iD)pi black at IH 
lift, lutld ilonir i)ic «iuii« horde* ; coata lawn; ; brat tntanat 

, «Wia itraiabi. aliiital iipiljcbl, pailt>) hj Draitr iviee iti lcti|lh Ikv 
tbef<«oii^, which l> aticbtli ubli^uc bii4 hat<U;r)mdcd; Uirdw4 
fonrtti oMiquc. LnfCtEortbc Iradj 7 Uiuai ««ibo «io^S311&» 

a. £{». From Air. Bam' coUMiMt. 

Ciouta BLaHML*. 

Fvn- Fntr* ; («WI aarirr Mf cannn-icai ; pratknr^* fwm 
Intai ; mrx'lAanU' n((ii quatwtr laTii viraaii^ aMra 
nta^n piutir* /mcit ; aim nitnw; mfw« ajiMw •miafa* 
3a (rimitrriii »ifn n^hmlorU. 

FrfMU. Tawn,T. Head aa hroad ai tba protkomx, 

convva ta fioDi, browntib ahMii ib« omIII. PniUMiax Nilh ot 

btuWD MriMa, which <lht-i|[« ID (root nud trhiiMl ; bonlai lajH^ 

^itW, allcku; diUt^ un cacb tide. Mrti'ihorax wilh TMrbrMt^ 

ceoloalliniwn tlripaa; ihr hinn pair tbviic, juluin; a brptiM* 

likdapot. Wiii)n rlireuut; leiu black, lawoy Uwanli lb* U« 

F«ia wingi black at ibe lifo : lirat and Mcond inaHcna nm 

iMaifbt, upnglit ; lint cluvdrd wiib bUck, lougtt ibou ik« <n^ 

ibom «Uek ii ia pam-d bj a Ititio UMra iliaa iwioe lit l«|laM 

un i>r uoHon-EiioM mntvn. 

ibarilyetoiidnlmtli liUck. diinl «nd faattli ilmigbt, obliqu 
Umgth »f tM boitjr 6 lion i or ibc viofi 30 liuM. 

a. Cg«. Froo Mr. Ratoi' collrction. 

t'iem. PMidr /fmrainfn, ntlat tirUUi ftpnl apud oerlh 
nifnm i /»rtr* tJderiHifen j prvi/kmttrilUtimrytui^ rir 
Ai«M ; mnolXomr n'ri^ii, liltit auatuor obeo»ieii /m 
mrii : aMtmimii trgmmta nriiri moniiBala i oiidiKtn 
ftyiit* abJvmrn mprt^Mtt* ; «/« rilrttt ; anliftf tmit it*n: 

Fra^t. I'ale fcmiginoiis, mottlj grcoti lcne*lb. ifenil foil 
■• Woail •* Ibe iburux, black abwut llic Mclli ; face tetj conicx. 
Ejn pMBinniL PfMhonlt wilh a pMn aUi)<r, nhich \t, wldntcd 
(■ fioDt uiA b«b>Dd; boni«r gtccD, nartow, tllghitj widmitil <m 
■mJi *Ue. }[oM4faofas |[>Drn, wilb fuar obcuiiical [cnufioaut 
WrtpM ; in»«T p«ii iboii. Abdomfn wilb n ctcm bntid on tbc hind 
kvdM uf neb M^meot. Sbralhi of the uiiillict cilmdiug Min< 
Atttncic Iwjontl the ■btlorucn, witb Mm-): tip*. Wlim ilirtMii; 
I BTFTD. bUck taviTik Uic lif«. Foi« >ri»f;i villi ilie fim and 
Bd Iniuvcnc tcin* ikon, UTBigbi, iiiiri|tht; fim k little iborlet 
I the >Moii<t, riom whieh it b paitea bj mucb more tkan twice 
Ik biiMh : thinl lud fuurtb (tiaight. obliqae. Ulod ^\up> 
tlHKUd with black a I lbs lip of ikc told. Lciigdi urtbc body 7_ 
lb«> i of ibe winp 10 liiK& 

• Santamn. Fram Mr. Saus' n>Ikciiaii. 


ClCADl fBOKTlLia. 

FttOi. f ii/m f eqial ftteiit rfHahu ttliafuf anlt'oa ^i 

itijFrit ,- ]>nifA<ira« itriyU Jiuibta pottifit niyrit, ntcnfiMe la- 
(■en) ; mrMilA'Srtti tfrtyu (Hdrnvr aAlitii BuirH'*yiv Irifur- 
t»tM pmilfa nijftii ,- a^ilunim arioiMatHai ; vei Jui-nu rayiiur 
•WpMni mftraatm. _ 

JfauJr, TawDj. 1Im4 at bnul at tbe protbotai. prainin O^M 
livvt. witi two black bandi; lbs hn one «liutt; Javv with ■ ^ 
•inpr, abkb b forked towanb ilic fronL Pri?ibura« with i«.. 
blMk bindward itnaki: b«rd« aMrrav, tritaMotit, dl|;bll^ dilnied 
as oadi bd«. AlnMbonz widi foot Ann blaek Mreiki ici front, 
•■d «rMli a ibite-liibed Uack spoc briilnd. ^bdoDKD [ilUDiiote4 


abeaths of the OTJduct exiendinir wme diitanee b^ond ibt lip- 
WiiifCE vitreous ; veins bliick, usuceout lowardi ihs h«>*. Few 
winpis with the first and ^^ctitid transvenie veini sirmigbt, upril^t ; 
first shorier ihan the seconii, from which it is parted by about ihrie* 
it; lenitth ; tliird and fuuilh veins oblique, ftlmoM ttnigfat. Bisd 
viings clouded with brown at the lip i>r the fold. Length of ibe 
bod; 6 — 7 lines; of the win^ 14 — 16 lines. 

n. Pari. From Mr. Bates' collecIioD. 
b. ? 

Cicada tkiifeka. 

Foim. Fulm, grarilit, sublui einVii; ra/nil nigra irinunltlma . 
faciri ralde conifa ; prothnrax villa riridi nigro mmrgimiU, 
itrigii laleralibw nigrii, marline riridi ; maotkonx pmtia 
nrufii ; abdaminii irgtnenia tiridi ituryinata ; nnVvcM 
vagina abdotntn luprranla ; ala rilrrtt ; mttie» mm/iaU, 

Female. Tawnv, slender, moatly pale gtrea heneath. Bai 
as briiad as the prolhofax, with three black apots oa the Tcitn: 

Aice very cooiciil. Eyes 'cry promincnL Protbnrax wilh i f^'cni 


\honx ttutv, <tt; iliglnly (Ulai«d on tonit «M«. MiM m l 
tiwdly L'tcaTstcit an lb* biii4 bonier. Drums larn; i 
itml upncoLi ; •taUml opeieula Uitb;, af iDoclcriiic (izc. \Vin^« 
tCueoEU : teini pinow. Foro wti>Ki Kcamtnaieil, vety alinbiljr 
UafOd wUli bru*ii Htotig the eiichix border, wiiU a, •lirli Irrowii 
Uad boMl uiMk; ftr*i and imximl tnnsreraa volnn iibliijiie, 
•Inigkf, &nt about ^ir dw length iif l\w tocuncl, fioin wbich U i* 
fannl l^ about tbriec iu IciiKlli : third and loiirlli draigbl, ublu(uc, 
•boW mu«l iu kuglb. Fold of (be bind niugi bruwu tuwardi tbe 
kue. Length « ( iIm bod; tl \iua ; at lh« «ii>s* 36 line), 
t. Wm Afrk*. From llr. Fraicr^ coIUttion. 

Kigra, iUtui pmhiMttu ; m^u/ /larruiw ; pratioraeu marga ' 
prrojiyiulKi, UurAtu rtUt dtUlutit : «UoiHf« rkhim ftrm- 
flitm» i optrvul* inlaoM ; priUi pitti ; ol* W{r*<s, w«u | 

Black, tbieUjr f ubtsecnt Htad xmU, nmiw«T ihaa 

baidiv cooiM in ftoaL I'tutborax with • icr; nar> 

oiH bonier, whiob b murk dilated on each ndc. Abdib 

jinoua b«Keatb. OmicoU leuaocvu*. Leg» piceoui. 

I tIumu* ; (tint wbilA. ro[« aisKa wiib ib« Ant »ai tMwnd 

< T«iv* titiflillT caned, ueaily upKgbt ; lirrl parlcd tioia 

ad bj sear); ibrioo tis kngtb | IbiM aad fouiih oblii|Qc, 

' eaiT«d. Leugtb of tbe buuy ^ Umb i oi lIis wingi 

; Pun NataL Fmoi M. Guaimiu*' coUectioa. 

ii|ac, H 
[il3 ■ 

PalliJk tiridii i ca^f aayiuJiiiH; adfiHim munm ,' hi/m 

ftnia, jfraf tffi , /nosra aa/icu ■■ii/niuM ,- oAr run«, ntrrm, 

tnu f»lhdc windibtB. 

MtU. I'ato icrau-fTWii. Hr«d narrower tkaa tb* pnKbonx, 

Jj ooBTCX h> ironL Ejci prorainoni. Ptadwnu Mmxrar 

H liHidat *(17 n«rro«, budly diUted on Mcb lida; Abdo- 

bma^R thaa tbe tba«*x. Lein tbort, «lciii«r i fbra 

ikick. ailb vu; minule i|>iaet. Vfit»(* imatl, iitt«ou*{ 

ivwj p«lc groen. i'oit wiuj^ wlih tbe fini M>d *oc«ud vouu 


W un or HoMormuoi mBcn. 

tiraitki, uprigh: Cm ab^ui tok* Uielninh »T tk« Mcmdibi 
wltich it i« MfiHl by i«w« lu Inptli : tbtM and fovnb unJstit. mk 
liqve : tlilM •faontr Uoo iW foaiib. LctiKih of ikc bod; A liaH t 
of ibe mag* 1 1 linM. 

•. Port XsUL FioDi Ur. Sioeiu' coUecliM. 


Mis el lam. PallUr riridit, ItHarM Mrit/ 

ttnit \* r1 On Iraminmu otiifaii niirirrtji. 
italt titd/tmalr. I'alo Ei^"* ^>1*' 'l^ ittcK klijtbtl; tau- 

MOin. l*toib*>m lawealut bnadci ib»D Ui« kewt, wKli a rid^M 
neh tide : burJer rujttitaw, dilaud on nch tide. llMoiliDrax villi 
tba UimI Coui «irl|w« iliKhtlj ladtMUd. Wlitn <it[wu«: ni* 
pale tfttcM. Forv niniti <ntb ibc fini %aA Rcona traoc*«rM >«>• 
oblique, BMil; uraiabt. paiud frem Moh otW bf about tlielt i 
hnctb ; Ant Imget ibao ibt iMand ; ihinl bm fonnb aUa 
iHpiily uiiduUling ; (ourtb looser thM> ibc tliii4. l«i|| 
boSjP— lOliMVi of the wbp 21*— 30 Ubml 

Da(4ad. Pmenud bjr \V. K. I^Aiu. lU^. 

Clndn bcralpUn, C«^r. Fuy. &/«ajwr. /bA (Mmt MO. 


CiAd* nonliMllIt, Gofr. Vcy. it U Cof*UU, ZotL 163. 

CiL'404 KcnmiicA- 

Pam. Frrrufiitrt, nblai MUrra.* MfMt AKrinfa 

«, fn<Aar«rr ^Wl« latrw ; (NWlWaf nil* I 

arnta rMtaora aiaiyiiuia ; aim rim* i a*"" 



arwte l« muyimalit iari a^MWpie aniai|M la «■■■■ 

Liar or iiodomtRon iMHrr*. 

FtmaU. Fntu^aoiw, iMlnivDut beneaib. Btvl a I 
bro«4vr ihta th« |in>tborax, bUckitli buiMatb, rttj »h«TL Eji 
pnmiHOL Protboni villi « inUMoua ttrlpo: ban)«T 'cr; dm 
KB, widpned on amek litU. Abdoni«ii <«ith a tntawoui band un 
lb* hiai ItoidFr oruch «eginetil. Wiiigi tilKOin: tnii»^T«»n or 
twUoMiu, bl.tck luHArdt Uie t>|<i. Fun yiag» tligUOf oliiuil*il 
«tlh bravn at tli« Wm and ai th« tin of tb* fini marginal arcutcc ; 
6fM u«UTt*>« teio ckiuilod «ltb bran, oUlquc, )iul not in tlie 
tllBal (linriioo. paitcd b; abnut iu length from llic icound, wliicli 
b 4trai;bl tail ujirij-fat ; iliinl slid Totinb siniifibt, ubli<[u«. 
l.*sgtb at A* twdj i{ liim; of lh« Wlo)^ IU liuM. 

«. Cajlon. Prateuud bj R. TamplslMi, Eti^ 

CiC4Di aOTTCLtmta. 
Fmn. 7^aA«, wiriJi vJtria ; ra;>i>^ Jt'rura y>*ilnfW«aU ilWjrii 
faf faaJikv/din-fl/i^ui mfrii ; yrotli/ir^t faiti« unfifd rfiriil__ 
fiH ifoiAui nijfru, ilrtj/ii trx •i^riraaliAiii ; MMuriaro* 
nlU itufiufiw lirrtiH otfrir; ptrtiu »ifrv f ■twfrimofu'afwu ; 
titdotnfm iwAfiu dfwVm ivriu' ntyrii**; tifirnrrrOi lUtKiI 
»tifmMlr »tbi4^ »piiiiiu, rnait uuryiiiMfibiu o^bY MaUf Be 
rnMttrnni /mm Mhttuu. 

f'tmaif. Nearij allied (o (.'. Iriilifm*. TcaUeeoui, laiioil 
«iUi ginn ^ uailet siilv muuJj pal* gMcQ. Head wiib a block 
tMi-fwricd milk kIpoui tiio ocelli, 3D4«ilb no black inDOOM 
URoli* 00 c*cli ud« ; bor "itb bUck Micak* on the fuiiona, and 
■ilb tbrn oo eauh lide. I'rolbonx wilh a black band id fmil, 
and villi tvB bliitfc ■tripta «bi«b appruxiiiialu iii ibc mtddie; ibnu 
Ibafcblt aiNaii on oicti fide, irb«r« that* ii aa acuio aoiclt 
ta ftnsl UaMthoru wiib a black middle «U)pc, anl witti tl*a 
Uask atraaka on taeh fide. PtvUu iiiili foDr bUck tpi>U. Abdo< 
■«■ patlly black bcaulh toward* tbc tip. Winp liircuus ; lein* 
iMaoMMU, btack U/mnKl» die lipi. >'«t« «iag> wtih a whilith 
•f^MKi Itiiiaad UaiiiicrM loiiit, aud Upit o( ilia mat^iul Trim 
tiuMad wiib bruMD ; Tltai rnuiitnw tl-Id utaijtlii, obliqiir, but uol 
a tbc niual dir<ctiun, jiaitc^t b)> fDll ihncc iit Iriixih ftnm Iht 
INi»d, «bwb b burdljr euriod and bnl *lij[hll]r ofalii|ac ; (bird mui 
bank abli^iM^ alnigbt ; rouittt and Gflli Dul cbtodcd. Lttigih 
i» b*d; a linM: al Uia «l*ga » line*. 

*■ Btfnali. Fraa Mr. Waiing'i oolloolloo. 


un or ■ONOPtnon mnoTt- 

l«u mhw MilA-nt V bMmv* iir&liu JFuIro f—eianmt ; , _ 
nt*f»lm, nt w iw, aMowtiiit ilimtJio i>«a (rrcioni ; pofa 
er ftrtt fulwi i at* nrrnc kui Mijrr*. oaliiw mbu U tfSt 

fdk. BUek. iligbdj ctoiliad wlib rale gtUtd pabcMOMcM 
Htbonlcr* «r ikr tcrOMDti. Hwd wltb » luieoot ^i oa ad 
'ti4e in feaot httwm tWetcs; (*m ■iili a luicoai lUipo; it* litt- 
nl bonttn tcMacMu*. AMoacn villi tvo or iluw ilislit iMf 
lawiU in ikniddlf bniMtk. Operoula u«mj,oheaaloal,mndb| 
la half tb leii)cUi of Uw abdooMti. Lcfi partlj lawnj. Wiop 
rlUonu. bbcL al Che baa« : icint (awn;, Uad at ibe lifo. F*t 
vingi «iih ihe flnt and i*eo*d mo»cn« *tia* abUqac, «krt. 
■loMt unigfat, i)ixhil7 cI«iiJed witk black i Gni Imgtr Umd ^ 
•coond : iViM *b«*Uv and kn uiii1iiI*iI>k tlno Uw tovtik. ' ^ 
uftba hodj )« tinea; of lb« wlof 48 lioes. 

Sum. pKMBMd bf J. C. BMrinK, Eaq. 

Ciciot (Ttvnuiia. 
I Cioada atR><rii«ni. Guit. Vof. ii it CoftiUi, ZooL IKL 

CiciBi nuTiPKBxta. 
Ttem. TWUfM, fuiea nmtftrm i Mf at jirtthtra** »m_ 

Frm*l*. Teataotout, ibteltljr and niiiutolf nMHlcd «M 
[brovu. Head tttmmtt dian ifca ptollianui. PrMfcofai aid iW 
border (Mnowhal dilated o« caoli «de. Wisp vitrcoa*i •(!> 
tawii}'. Kan wiag* long and Bairm, whli aa iudiatiBo; waiatMv 
Uo^; Ont andMoond UaBarene rein* oMiaiw, nutad (>m>*'^ 
other b; idoi* lh*ii tlitir joint IragOti iitt Mgcr ikaB a» 
teoond : ihiid Ter; oUfqw. mocti kiofet than the mitb, «Uit >' 
ufxifbt. Lenglli of tbe body 8 line* ; oT ibe vinga 99 bOM. 

4, b. Ctnm. Fraa Madane Ida PfctSali eoUeeila. 

CiCAD« Enocxu. 
Cicida EfilaiuU, OWr. Voy. At U Co^mlU, Zoal. 181. 
Port Jaokion. 

Cm AM noTiBitis. 

turn*, ban puititv utMttrrm nl^m, mmfime tiiidii mm»- 
(Am«c nUJi f MlMT oicMieu au^iJitf w iJnctiu aiyrj) ,- 

rifft^mlm, pmUier diltt»iu, mUoktum IrintU nvt tivnora ,' 
■M mtnm. Mf tipUM ; oatin* tntaram m-iffinalium apiri- 
h»i futtv fuimiiihtU, vmit la rt 3* eranurrMi iNjirv'/MM 
AUifd lo C. RMniu. ifale. Tawnj-, ptrti; cbtbed widi mIb 
thiniog pab«K«nc«. HmiI wiih t«D bluk buiUi fttc« with * 
UmI M/1p«, »Wcb «tniu M«ck ilrcikii un eaob fidr. Pitnboras 
whk ■•■ ln«Knlar biuk ttrtpet: a bliuk tnniitciw lino hin<lwatd ; 
bo*>i«r bniail. dall er»cn, itiithll; diliUd oti ta«b «idc. McMllio- 
nx «ith four tiUik ubpu'iioal >lripr« ; a large black tvot behind Uiv 
iaart pair, wliich nir ihort ; oiilrr oalr •scaralMl. Abd«tn«« black 
aibo*r, «ttb 1*11 U*nT *poto oo men ndc ; on« pair ai iht hiK, iho 
Mkn at a liule ia riODt of ibe miitiUc^ OpcRsta inJduti lunsir. 
4SkUi biodward. uOcBdiiiK U> «qe-lbjtd of Uis Inglb of the aUo- 
I OMD. Wui|ciiriina«i,«tui«bTlBfatgi:««ii tinge Utb»b«ac. For* 
■iagi vety titrbil; tiHited wiih brawo nbout tb« tin of ibu marginal 
. velMi relH hmigiiKm*, red towardi the t>Mo, black towatdi ibe 
Up* i Cut and enond tiaanene reuia elauded witb daik brown, 
ntj obtlque, Mttcd IVen mA other b^ a liule More ibaa th«it 
Joint lengtb. Hind wto^ wfih ■ lM«a« tinge ea the apical margi- 
nal TciaWU; veiiH redduh or pale gftoa, blaefc tonardt ibe tij*. 
^^■ftb of the bodj 19 linei : «f (be niagtS^ Gm*. 

^■MvRlmi Bay. PraMDUd b; — Gibbon, &q. 

32 LIST or BOMon-EHODB inuctb. 

Cicada OHBiUMAiiao. 

Fcera. Laffa ,- eapai viltii duabai latii connrxii vilUqie aalui 
lanrrolala nigrii ; ptnthnTax r>i((ii duahiu euimtzit, ;>U* 
pnstica slrigiigue gualuoT taUralibat ; mrinlkanLx vilti* Jmt- 
iimr abcimicU itrig'ir/u/ poilira nigrii ; abdomen fatciit, tilSi 
dttabui latii apiratibui gutthque duabvt ajnratibut Ht^rii; 
ala rilreir ; anfica angmlie, apire, mari/iiu rxttriort rcnwfBr 
Iranivmit fiuco nebulaiit, 

Frmalt. Luieous. Hrud Miib tiro broad irreirulBr bUcI 
slripcs, which are uonuccled between the iicelli ; face with a lancco- 
Inte black stripe, which emits hrnnchn aluDg ibe furniwi, contaisi 
u luieou* dot, and is itinu't cuniiecled on eaeh tide with the b^Dd, 
Prathorax with two black stripe), which are conueclnl io tb< 
middle, and are widened and ditei^inj; io front and behind. whei« 
there is a black dot; two black slreaka on each aide; border edged 
with blach, and armed «itb a tooth oil each side. Mesathorai «ilh 
four ubconical black stripes ; a lanceolate black streak hebind the 
inner pair, which are very short. AUdumen with h black hand un 
the fore border of each sejiTnent : la^t sei;meiit with two broad black 

List «r noHopTMOii* invkcts. 

two Ua«fc ttripM, wliioh an wideiitd tn front ud eii«1oiu ■ tetta. 
MOM it/ipci ihrM Inwulu Uttk nitaln on each tide: burijcr 
■WIM*, IcsUecDiu, biril^ widcnod an tac\t tide. Maolbonx iiilb 
bur black ohcoaical >tri{m ; l<to bloi^b ipots behind ihe inner piir. 
whtth an tbuiL AbtliNoea ledduh tuwnir, wiUi ■ bluuk buiid od 
iW Tovv Wd«t or Mcb MgntMli lut legmaat witli iko I'lacfc 
dUtt«d and iMun««(«d tuipw. Lajt* witb Muck iinfie>~ Wliim 
•iMOin ; •cia> laony. hUct UiwanU tbo lipi. F<>(« mnn with th« 
lotfttld tfconA iniwrmv coin* almiwl iiraiffliE] fimtkorter and 
kw «bl"]aa Uian ili« wooud, ftom which ii i> parud bv inatu ttun 
AilM iu Icaxtb : ifalid and ^uitb ohtiqii*, timau uraiglit. Lai 
ofOabodj? line*; oT ihe •riD|[i '20 lioaa. 
& Adelaide. Fmn Mr. Stercns' cullectioa. 

Mew Zealand. 

CiiuiM i)iBi*v)Aa. 

Fulm, WUa ; pntionu ilHgit nttmr UtiMUhm wti^ 

f Mf dimhtu inlrrmUiii Mtgrit, touritm mitfiiUiit ; nootAorax 

wittit fuaAMv atwicu maru^ ^Itii^t^ iJaibut nJfru, nltit 

»*ltTiirihu /alto ranwn ; '/-« n(ri%p. nrnu f^iiuivti ,- ooriVir 

(*■*<« la 2af<ir (Miu>mu uififuu tMbarfuMii /luco lulialotu. 

F»m*U. Tawnjr, *toiit. Head ferruginoiH abiiut the ocelli. 

PliOlbonut with t«i> Mack atripea, triueh ate nkited biailwnrd ; twe 

tttak atfiak* on eaobriikj border dilated a> iba bind pari, miti 

fcnniitf an etitiiae aa^la on tha middle at caoh tide. Uctuihorax 

■tih ruutbbok obwaiol itripca ; a bUcki|iutacu«apunieJ hy tvrr' 

black d«U bekiBd the iasct pair, whioh ut ahun; exienot puJ: 

«ilb Diunatoa* lawnjr lanificaliout. Abdomen with ■ femjgiiioiu 

hand on tke ibrc boi<i«T ur each «c|pi>«Dt. Winga *it(*uiM ; veiiia 

laataranai I'on fia^ with ibo lint aod Kcoitd iratuvene veins 

aUlq«e,aliglitl}rurtcd, cluud«d with btowni Ant khuilor ibas the 

tceoi>'l< fmn wfiicli ii ii porteil b^ uiotc than twice iu leDi{lhi thitil 

aad fuiirtb nmljt ttiaigkL Fulil of the hind (ring* alighllj cloudcil 

wUh fanwu at tM Up. l^agih of Ote boiij 1 1 law; of the wiasi 


<. Xcw Zealand. 


t(*T Of naiBornaaM iMucta. 

CtCUM MLinu. 

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fidmt mifn n^Utit ; aUmra n'Ua •/Ailia C*«wal«ai tn 
mifro ■Miynute; aJW M'lrMi vrnli tnlaaii. 
Ffmt i r. Pale gNmiah uuaaamia. H«>il nuJ tfaons Mat> 
what pabiit n L HmiI viib a f*w lU^bt Uark Baik« uo iht rtt- 
ME. Ptulbwax b«Mdcr tbu iIm liMd, «ilh • palvr unpr, «bttl w 
MnnvtidM* UinIcT«4 wilh bnnra ; four bmra Uien) (tmb, «Url 
ate oMBiioMU; obwicle: fcoidet roundtsl ia &vut n-d diUuU bind- 
1 OD aaeh nilc:. UmoUioiu villi fxut taan* ilri|w>. ahicb aw 
Pi« o( ku uMTlad «idi black. AUmms wiib a «triji« of (PI; 
' <rtiti*b laraaatim, wbidi if bordered wUb bUei ub («ch ridt 
lanaid* Uia baK. Wian ritreoiui niDi pals Uataceoua. Fm 
wtBfi vttb lbs Krtt aii4 tmami icini lUaiKht, tttK^U; oVb^ 

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unk ttni(b ; ibM ibufwr ibao tb« foutiL Le^tb uf ilw h«<(r 
7 — 91 lioei; of Uiiwinp 17— IV tiaea. 

a. Ntn Z«al«ML Fran Ur. Bad'a obIImImw. 

Cioiiu ooiiaiXA. 

Mat. L^U acdfMMa ; («f«l fueit htni f«Ai aifra / 

rtrifu rfaatM nlKU aiyru j aidoMM WiM Jf»U *■« 
WnwitiaM : na« nl^ amyalUM ,* «<« sltrM^ cotia rq/Ct. 
Jfab. Qi^bt onnge, paU* Iiriiraib. Iload nlUi a ibal 
I black l>a*<l. I*Mtbanx ■ HuW broadM Uiati ibe hod.ifiriiti 
wldraad bindvaid. UcMtbotax vitb m black (Ucalu ia JM. 
nijint (a bteadUi. AbduvMa wtdi a Uripr at nala giUnI haw 
lum : lower irAnt boni nd. I.«g> pab; • bud dot m neb 1*>* 
eosa i foi« frmant wtib ihtw Icclb ; l>i»d Ubic aiib Ibrw ipiaa 
Wliigi (tireoiu : iritii pale onngv, black uwinli iW tip<: oao 
ffiL Fon «iti|;t »itl) uie fint aod tecond traBoene >riM tltBkdj 
ftl^iw, aloMM Kmijtbt, parted ftwn neb Mbn bf iktre or (mt 
mm tiM Icofib «r tba Bm. wbicb U ibottet dun tlio wcund ; Aiei 
ud feunb tn; ublii^ae. Ldiflh of tbc bodj 7 liact i at ibt (niV 

a, t. New ZeaUnd. PnMHted bj CoL BoIhm. 

uwt or mMoniRMii 

Coonti; anknowtu 


Fvln : ratnil aptitl ofrlht nij/rtim ; prMlorMC nifni tiril- 
latni ,- mrvlk:-tfi ririJi rartui, villa mrrfM 4trififm rfiM^ 
UUtnlikmi nitarnutit ntyni. ynJtu rfmhli fottidl fttteii ; 
a/« nfrr* ,- •ariVtf imu la Sofur (raMNnif n^Kfu, /mm 

A«m/<. Nn'l; allied U C. Birmtio. Tawar- !)«*■< oiili 
lack nurfc about ibc ocaUl i Tan pranloent. oouiiu), mtb brum 
Kb pa ib« Ut«i»I fumwi. Froibmms wilb twii Uack Mripf*, 
tb cmint* liiu4«niil, uid an diklcd in fiodt; fA ltd* irilli 
•QUI* Mt^ is troDL, antt ■itli aa obtiiM ansle bindwmrd. M»- 
MIU (PMll; KtMd, wilfa a bIi|;IiiI7 cut*C«l black ureok on cacli 
iiUkdiaiib a Uack middJo ftiip*; two btnwii dou ItindoaTd. 
!(• TitNWiti friiu tanj, b1a«k Ui<*mrdii tb* llj'i. Foib wiogt 
b Aa bst and aocooil tramtcne it'U* clouded vitk broini, 
ion tftuybl i ftm ^tisbll; olilique, but nul in ihe Btul direction, 
wl Ami Ike arcMd vf nixli inora ilian iriM iu Ifii)-iIi ; ibird 
I IfWlh abUqMi Uie Ibird n«cb lonf^r Uiua (bo foutUt Lcugth 
ha budjr tt lin«i i of llie ariDpt 2^ UuM. 


Cicada invotasiuh. 

Ai'm, mifM) Iwfem j /^afAarav ttrigit iualna niifnetn' 
riiu, ndfytnij Zafrrtim M( JilaUlii ; mrtDtiurax nflii yiw- 
Ittor atnnr(i( myrti, nrbrivn'ttu fcranifu ,- «/« nlrro', vntit 
IMUnti «t(v »ynt ; tnlif» vmii )• rl 'Ja sWifni, la («i. 
rfria, 3a lamgiorr mttnata, 3a 4af w mtu. 

iltU, Tawnr. tnUotoiB l)»r«ili. Hod atniait at bniact aa 
ptmbvru. PiDlkonx Bitli n bInrUih nmk on cscb of 
I b»rr ttonwn ; iKur-trr miidvwIim dilated on each lidr. Me*o> 
■KB «ltb (onr Mack obcnnioil ulripn ; tbo Jonei pair f bnrt ; ibe 
Wr fab mucb exeaialcd. Wiuj* rititoa*; reiut u*lM«au«, 
ch l0w«rd> (be lipi^ Furs *iDf!t nana* ; fint and leeond Uana- 
Be velM nbliqae; lint xteaAy ttiaight, tbonee tbaii Uie tocond, 
■ whtob It U |at((d bj more tban font time* ju leo|[tb : wcood 
md; iM(4 a&il fouitb Mniirht; tbinl niMh diotier tban iht 
Mk LeDfibvTibeboilj « lian; orth«iitiig*30 lino. 

utr or noMDmion nmcriL 


%'iriJit : ■mMAafSr ntlii vinirtii 
4tmm fwltum, iryiitral^ einJ i mtaryUtatu ; »tm wUtt^ tmm 
ririiliiat ieilanra Mriif. 

Female. Utem. tlcad *nj tittle nimircr ikan tlie pnlfe» 
Inx. BonltT of tlir ptuUianx nafTow, *ny Kuk bimdttOBtMk 
'titd«^ UnailiiMMXvlth riMrob«aBl«<tl lMUMai»sirip«(;iW»ld4lr 

pair »bi>rt. Ahdonru uwny ; hlbd hordnx of lb* wgOMUtt pno- 

Wit>si (lireoiu : *«ia> ktmo. r*'''^ IMUceoii*. Fare fiiifi aiA 
^lb« fliM Olid Hcond iKiiiiicne mm t^on. Marly upriffbl: ftiR 

■lightly enrrpd, • llillv I'mirtr ik*ii the feconit, Irniii whkb ii » 
f pined bj abvui tiiiiot ii* Irnf ib ; i««)nd Mntehi ; ihlH aad Axuik 
Ml^u«l tlitrd ibafUf UiaD tbi> f-nitlb, wliwb b tllgMff ca»*4- 

Lrugth or ib« lioilf 7 IJM* : of (he «in|p 30 liii«*. 

<■ ^^-^ f FrgiD Mr. ShiKiard'i collerUou- 

ClC4ll* MklliUTl. 

Fam. Tnlaeto-TieiJii i npir irfniJ mWAk rt aMtiV* ru^ua ; fi^ 
lAnrax nHa nlnrif wurfiMAfiv nr/Ci ; nmv/Anrax ^Iv 
nt/iM ,* mUMninii «ryin<w(4 m/n ■•ariTinala ; ri'hV lara(« 
n^a ,- aim vitn*, tmii n/ri ajn'cy ■•jfrii. 

/'emule. THlMwofcicraaB. (wtt ICMUMiin boMUb. Htsd n< 

■bout tbe octlli and i* frant. Prabaacu red. Pratkores wtUi • itt 

^alripe, and wilb Ttd lutorta aad borders. Mcsotbons fed ln*d- 

r»anl. AbdomM wlib a r«d band on Ae lund border of («rb hc- 

[Dlcot. TIblv and larti noctlf rrd, Wlng> titmnu: rniu ml. 

[block tMiard* the tif*. For« wincf *iib an addlUond na-irail 

■TMlet ; tbe fint tianiTcne rein loraiinir an aevie an^, *M 

nit* a *Wd 1« lbs border; aeoend, third uiil (bnitfc tnMicM 

t'eii9t«tralsl»<ob1loue; third tamger than ih« txand, ihorur ikt 

~\eibuttl>. l.«Bgtliu( tb*bod;7liiu*i oflbc irliiKt IB l»M. J| 

Gr«iu CEPHALOXYS. Cat. Htm. p.ASI: 

Ctn^toxn ocotBixm. 

Ua& Viwi^ : emfit anif m { aldwaf nmnm. ikmer lum. 

Mma 4onali, apUr tmlrtfUf Itwtttrtt t fnlrt irmn. /m^ i 

/rm-rra anjiM croiM, latlw IridenUlt : olir riitn. i»»" 

usi Of noMoviBWMit Dmom, 


Ualt. Gnu-gTWii. Urail rorming »n •cute *t>([lr In riool. 
Abilomrn ifaifk, linMder Ihau lli« lliorni. witb a donnl ritljco; I'p 
•ad under liJe tnuocout. I.f^ atiutt, tienilrri U<n femoni (Uick. 
ITtd«DUI« l)cD»tb. Wiujt" viifwju*; lein* pnlc gtrtn. ion wiun' 
wtdi tfac Dnl tnnmmo itin iliitbtW Funttt, leijiciMiqiu. giHitr'l l^j 
■liBMt twice iu kn^-ib fioni ihr wconil, uliioh is ahuttrr. unii|[ht 
■■d Bpngfat; ikird and iuunh i.trai|ttiti oMiqiif. )>cn)(lh uf tli« 
bod/ 9<i tine*; of the *\tigt Itf Hdc*. 
«. MnlcA From M. SallL-'tcollrvtiuu. 


Cbpmilosvi ontrsi. 

Mu> yirHit : rapnU pirpuium acutHm : aMomen tutlni 

ir^Mrnf, tMwtmtomm inar^ioilmf poflirit lultii ; nUr ritfr*r, 
■rati nnaibat apiet niyni. In 3afii« Irtnnrrtii rrelu. 

Malt. Qttra. Urad \-tTj «Ii);lil)]i acutr and pcomineiil in 
front. AbriuiiKii benralli «tlli a mtarcuiib iliU ; hind I'licdco iif 
ikc W|niKiit^ lulcDiit. Wiiigi Tilicout ; ictni ([Tnii, Mack lowntili 
iW tiv. Core aiiip oith the Tint and wcuiiil tniii»vn« teiiia 
MnlgDl : Sm ab)i(|ue, patted l>} about tbricc its Iro^lli Trutn ibir 
(MmK), •blob io upiiiflil ; third and Aiuilb tlialgbl, ubti(|uff. 
loiStb or tkc bod; 7 Itnf*: urtbe wing* IB lion. 

«. JaiB. Prom tbc KmI India Cotnpanr'* colltclioo. 
(. Jaia- Prcualed bj J. C. BoHriug, K«q. 


CsriiaLOXVB rauaTi. 

Mm. TWfam ; raptil parrrrivtn, nrylun, aufntlitm ; nhiliimtn 
lionft Utitu i at* mHiirm IftMtH. Miiofaiw, aptui iwlam 
rafcvmrc* { futit^ nlrvA 

J/afr. TcsiMMut. Head aiili the rioni poiret'C triangular, 
aeulc. Prullia(*]i Kuob bmaitrt ibnn the Ijeid : bniJcr nariow 
baUiHl, brcvdtt on ndi aide. Abdomeu broader than th* iboiax. 
Fora wlBfa UitacMM, Kimmbal opaque, utitihllj conim in fii'Bl : 
ttu itakitene tein alisbtlj' undulaiinK, tcty ubliquc, but not in ibr 
■Mial diiECtion i MCMtd itiT oblique, iDuoh <iunr<li twice ih« lenctli 
•tf tbr firti, fram wbioh it it parted bj full it« omi lu<i^t)i; ibird 
^UqiM. runtdi burtb nearly slraiKbt, vrr; UichU)- >>blt<|iie. Uiud 
winp ntreoB*. Ixopb of tbc bodjS lineii ortbo wii>g> ~J0 lioox 

«. Celabfc, From Madame Ida Vhi!kt\ ooDectian. 


LMT OP BowopniBOtr* ntirets. 


^^M marginal^ el vitlalt ; mnoliortt riltii fuMmt* ai _ 

^^H niyriranlUmt ; sMsin/a viyra f Hc^riaMcaisfVM ; t f ttaJt 

^^P •(/if Ud, loufi-rtniirm ; b/i( ntmr. 

Matr, TrtUMsiiiR. Hritd noMRwhnl ncule ■nd prantDrii. 
Pn>lboiai librliih.nitli a intarvovi tltipp kdiI a Inuccou* Vonlti. 
Mnoihorax wiilj Tirar M»c1ii»li ahcMiital tiripaa: lb» inner pairing 
>hott. Scconii mil) tljiid dtxtiimiMal Mfmritl* alik tao Uack ■pott 
on each. Oprrtula ol>li<]Ur. ekiDfale-coniul. Wiiipi lUnraa: 
icio* pulv i:i'*'<'n. black at ih* lipa. ¥<<n wiiif^ wit)> the 6si inj 
weonil trniKvniie friua Miaifclil Hiidcii^tiiilil; Gni lunlljrtMirvi' 
lialf (lie IrnRlti (ifthciircLinrl, rri)in wltirk It u p«iinl lij i»ii«b I 
(hiin tliricr il^ Irnctli ; ihltil niid (miiUi aUaifkl, ubiique. I^ 
of ibr hoAs C liiK-ji ; uf ibt winti 30 tran. 

ENanb CbiD*. From Sir. FoitDiie'a ooUeeUiw. 

Genua CAHINICTA, C«i. //om. p.240 
Mac Kn/nrrn; futttrrni. la^lvi tiridU aul Intafm , n^ 

apid ofvlr-t mifrifmt i ftrif I rilf iinia tiigra ; ftalk^m 
iiltrii Jiiftliiri igHrgriixf <ir nijrn'i ,- mn/ilitwwr HI/u f^ttr^ 
4>inmirii mjrrit tit rMi;-rrniu ; ptdn iVi-Ii/k. /ruMn'twt ■un- 
til ixlui fnTHfitini, tiMt lariiigitc «i>(trtt Biyni ; alt 
tilrr^ i anrtfw arni/ti uargiittihii /uirrNr^ie ttihitrifttii. 
Unit. RpildUh, pabeicFnl, fa\t ktmb m iMtarriMia l*awrt 
Ilrdl Mndldi atoul lb* ocrlll ; fue* wiih a bticl titipr, mhirb a 
diiiil<^ in ri<«l hjr a leilacenLt line. Pn-lkiMax *\\h oiDif ^brl 
maib in ih« dikk ; bnidct natroa, mulU Mark. Mn< limrai •*! 
ibo milliMi t<r llip (iiUT iiwal alMviiical liUtk Mripn ilicbi nnil ir 
MmpJaU. I^s pale gmR ; fwi* frnaon femif ubiii* on ihr own 
aMa i fan libi* and wk latai blaefc. Winn* titiroan i felna n^ 
iliah, hiaek IcmiiU At lip. Fnre *hin «HJi an iidbittiet bfwta- 
Ui alrtak i>« rach vt ihr mart-'nal amilft* ^ Hut ami uran u wd mm- 
*er»a *(■!■» ahorl, almo*! ■ir>l(tji atd apiigbi : fim parinl fram iW 
*r«and b; ir>orc iban ibri» iln IcbeiIi : ibitd a<»l ti iinh triaifLi 
ihinl )un|!e( and man i>l>)iqiH> Iban ibe Ib«nli, Lmgib of T 
6 linii ; nf llie witi^ 18 tinn. 

a. Kga. Frun lit. BaWa' eollcotloB. 

uar or vavoriBaov* ikikcti. 

Ovmu MOGANNIA, C*t, Horn. f. 3U. 
Ua>. Arra^MM ; aUwmfau ttymrnlii rafi mtrm-atit , ais 

2t*t*. Pcrru^iiiiut. llitrilsr of (ha pfuthotu *eff lurtow ; 
k« Mm miKk 4liUu<l Iiinjw*r4. AbJomcn wiib a red Ixnil on ihe 
hind bodkr J eMb te^iiitfiil. \Viug« vitieoiu, rett bI (htf liaw i 
octni U<niJ> FuK wiojft uwiiy fui ai'ire ibmi uiic-lliirJ of ihe 
lanftli fivM tb« bi«o : a bmwii u»ri|[ht hxnU iliv-itlinic tin: ijwuy 
colour fr^>^l ifac viitcuui piitt i nnt mid leeoiid tMimcne Tcin* 
(triight ; firsl uprifbl, jinrted bj about tbriof iu kntflb from (be 
Mcuad, wbieb II i>!>ii([iis; tbirl liiiigor anJ inaro obliigiiii ibaii T 
lliurth. Ilioil «iiijF< >>«aiiii atnii^ lli« bntal pail df ihe bind ' 
LcDglb of Ibc \»/dj b\ liii«i ; at the wing* II lines. 

m. UiBiltMan. From the EtM Indift Compiajr'a cullevtiuD. 

MooAVKU eniovA. 

>e Tcin* 
ron> (be 
ban \he 
I bocdfl^J 


FcBin. ririitu, (UfrAti ru/ncriw ; Mpui /iuria poititu it^r* j 
t4ura< vitla ilyM liliitif/ue fnfiuvt' .- uf>r/jirtni ru/W^M 
MdnJu iliutM /iwoafHr ptillUa loiaraloiii. fateiii dit»bml 
mht^Utlibiu eiri'tiiit' ; f>n(fi nniti't /mitvMiw poitrriart 
fim; dJWritiYif,- aMir>* eaila rufi, fatcia olIiqiM f%tca. 

F*<KiiU. Gnm, nMatljr r^'Ui^ brritiiih. Eluid bUok aloiu 
tbe bin'l b'.'r<lTT. f'rulboMX with xime tciUccuUf (nurlu, nod with 
a blit'L viri;-i:, which it wideQcd hindwird; bottlet inii>;h widciicd 
»n *-«;ti >'>■.-- McMibonx with mtat Uitaotuui niarlu, ikiid with * 
black Mripr, which it wldcntd (a franl and btblnd. Abd«ui«u wd- 
dult. ■ii'k 4 (pot on each »ide ao«r (he bane, and ■ fboit bind hlod. 
ward of pak Mr)i'«<ius tumeulum ; Iwj |{re«o bands neat (be tip. 
l_am pireoui; poilehar tiltiB and |iuklenur umi jiale eT««ti. Wing* 
(itMoiM, led at ib< bu* ; Tcio* gr««i, binok towardt the tipt. Fore 
witig* with a rod cufta; n brown band etlcnding front lh« up of ibc 
bwt ateolet obliqiMlj to lh« brntl botdcr, where it ii oontinued ub- 
B^mIj (vwanb Ibe bai« u( tlie wIuk ; lint aud iccoud traiMterM 
TCiiu (tnisht ; BrkI obliijuc, parted I'jr raiiro lliitn four tine* iU 
Imgih from tb« Mo>nd, which i* upiijjbti third and fouiih unlfbt; 



utr or aoaorrsaoirs mtsetB. 


tUrd iburtcr llian the foonk. I.nKdi of Uie kod; 7 lia<s ; of ii« 
wtngi W liaei. 

*. HiutluiUa. Frun Mr. SUnM" (n)l«c^os. 
Ji*a. PrawBud b; J. C. BovHng, Ecq. 

Mm. Qiaan, ni^ni Airt« ; «f< ritrrt, timii littrU tpire mt f m .- 

oalJM WiiiH<<i'n i«MJt ^n, ndiWa anfiVa HW«aa niyr*. 

V«r.— VtriincrnU-rytitm ; atte amtirmttng* evuli /ttttafm 


Mtb. Blue, clothed witb ibrnt M>ok luirt. \V'inp TiirMiui 

"tim IwUMU, black lutranli ili« llt-i. Fun oinxi brigbl jello* to 

half lb* loiif^ &«m lb* baao, nucM witk bbdt at tba Imc, tad 

Willi a kaite black ipM M ibe baaa of tbc fiiu and M«oad dfaaal 

arwleta. I'ar.— OreniMl) blue. Fore ^agt irilh a bmra cmuI 

aliMk Wloia tbe iitiilill«, and *ith tite blavk ici-'l drrclupctt iau t 

bfuwD band. Iicnglb of tbe body llavf, of ific wingt 14 

a. North China. Fran Ur. F»niiiM:'« oallecliaiii. 

Onua Ht;RCBVS,c::al. /lMn.]>.3SI. 

HvHCHxa raAXaTUU.*. 

Mal> ftlgr* ; «/« mUiem mu vmiifii* traatvmii ra/b,fiKii 
inlana, anu la tnuufma n&arnBi/d ria oi/if «d. 

J/afr. ItUck. For* wtD^ with tbe Mala and lnai*<a( 
^eina toI, and wiib a totlMeout band, which cxlcndi from ibr ep 

_f r ibe ftviit artolet tu iha aalildla uf tli« elfjbtb mamnatanohi; 

Unt iraooono icin i«(j lUghtlj eurred, nearl; uprighl, paifc4 If 
more ibao four tinu iu lenffth from the Mcoad, wbUh la aWtM' 
third aiid (uiirib tifnijjbl, obliqaa. Lm^ of tbe bedj 1 1 tiaa; tf 
the wfnpaoilno. 

llindottaD, From Mr. StarsM' «o)l««(laK. 

tnr M' noMorrKaovi utiicn. 


Fun. 11. FULGOBINA. 

Tn'w I. riII.(iORITKS. 


Gnut UOTISUS. CWt. //«.h. p. mi. 

HoTisiia vtiLviaoflTHia. 

tflfrri Mmtt falftm liamrr pAitlla hrnai ; pratiantt lilarii 
■MfyMa/lMU ail/idit aut Uitaetit ; mMallitricii iJiiriu plia 


Iflaetia aa) albijtu ; aUiimm tnlaceiim aul aHi<l 
Jkiciii intvmyUtit itigririntitiiu ; aUr anlirit fatriu anituar 


Bbck. Ucad Uwnjr, abrujitl]' ouncd and uomiliii'.'. > liul* 
Aantr ihan tbo buily, blaukish uu Mcb miIc hi i1i« hiio. ProlliOMS 
with MMI* diagj wluUtb M UManoiM marfct on Mvh »ldo. Uc*!*- 
tlMns tMtvffrleu IcMmmiu ut wbltUb in llw dUk; hind border 
«»d mbdooics tttiiliili or toUvcoui, tlic lullcr with >ciinc irrepibt 
aod inci>inpU(c l>lm<:k'ih bjiids. I'ure viagi "illl uliout twCDiy 
wbilkb or uraw-vulvuruJ »|MU and don, tuiiic i>r(hciii conDeetoa, 
IbrnlBg funr ictjr irregular bftudt. lliuil niiiKu «bite, at dingj 
vUlMh lu««rda tlio bair. Leiiglfa uf the bodj 13 liuei; of IhSj 
•log* ^>* liun. I 

l/»iHnu tB»i bo diridd into twu Kt\iup», //. enndtlariut beinz 
ifce l}pc oi tkc li»l> and //. rfuni'tu ilio l\|ic uf the neconil. Tb« 
int group oill form lno lubgrouji* ; ibe linl uunuiiiinff JI. eaitJT' 
hrimt »mk o\htn ; U>c tecocid wMi //.maculaiut bucI the prraciil 
ifMtai, vbwb are dniingiiiibed hj di« mucb mmd and MCDDdinjt 
koTH e!r their bndi and by ib« bind wiogi, <rh«ra lb* pais eubm 
bicadt mon ot lea wliJi tbe liUck bunl«n, whcrtu in tli« flni tub. 
Roap lh» ONUge «Dd tbo black of Uie hind wiagi aic uUarijF 
^t. Cffloa. From Ut. Cuning'a euDecliuB. 


ua or HOMorrsaoM niuota. 

7«*to««w ; MMt nfiMMa^Mi, ttrf^tt p*»lU brwriat, gMli* A** 
hu t^talihu fUna/itai, Mtu tri^iu tttiytfmi ia/tri^' 
niftii : pnliort* tifrv ihrrm futuiat : mMwtAM** ni^ 

fairiii mrnfiiu inlrrrwpiit ni^ii; s^ aiififir mMdit 
tifimli, fultii piarimii •^iribaif ur nifrit ; pofir* p»cfii»« 
M^m RMryJMM. 

TeMloMnii. HmiI •Hgbllj >actaili»it, a Itttte Uioticr Umd ik 
tKiiljr, «ttb « bkek dot <m Mtb iMe at tb« bat*, witb a blacfc Im 
*ba^ and aw on ravb aide, anil wilb a lilacL Utv*\. brnratb bj tk 
pmbouia. PtvlliDnis w'\A (»ut bluck dnu III a irui«*n«e &•■ 
■b«iT«, and wiib Uin«, lau u( Umn cunnccCcd ua vach ride. Uw^ 
llHiras *itb tU black diiu, Abilomm crioMM, «iik while it^ 
•lodf neb aiilci uaJpi tide with luUrruptad black band*. F<n 
«iB(l fed, «ritb alioul Iwml; Uack-boidercd wellt, aod vilb •cj 
BVHKtDtu l>lu«k dou ) tip* wholl; bbck, (xcrpt ibc ittta. Hial 
«1tt|n cdmMD, oiib bniad l>b«k lip* aad nnriow tiUek hi*l ba'- 
ian. I.«Dpli of the bod; Vt liiiet: oftba mingt lit Una 

Tilt tpeciea will fonn ■ ibiid gtmp i* ibe nniu, dlsiia 
fmn the Sivi br tbe more cnnprMMd bora of U« head, aoJ 
aarrtiw fen ■<»{*. 

^^^4oii. Fmn Mr. CuiDiDii'' ocd)ac4lM. 


B " 

^^ OraM.|irren. tload Mintobtt aaMDilInj*, uol nmcd.a 
•h«ri«T tban tba bod;, bbck m the lip Piuiboraa oiib a UNa 
du( on *aeb tide beaMtb. M«oiburas iiitb a black dol oa bmI 
ride. Abdeanen uniaoMut bmaaib. Fon «f»n w!tb « bbckdM 
M ibe baae, and with abnvc ihirty lutcoua parll^tibck-bonleivJ ^ 
on laoh ; a (>Uck line a'orif tbc ntcnoi border. Bind ■>•<> 
tilrtoiH, with a sli^t nilkj tinge i reiM from, Leoftb.aHai 
badjr lOlioe*; of the wiuK* 33 ilaea. 

UoTUtiB aKMiiitiisMrB. 

n'ui, o^rr nf^rwa ; ffviLint nittu nitn tifiuUlat ; <* 
fAnroj- ■i^TO ii'jiiifldlari ,- tMomtm aaalaj MtorraH >~ *l* 
Boriftf ,e>"" ;i'un*mii farni rr ^«r(r Hqr** laaryiMM. 4^ 
Marytvia rflrruMM avrv UwaM; pMUW ImIm aiNi«|, 

uar or iittMorfiiwvB tKsiton, 

Tbi( »pecic« lod //. ftmumliu, {ia)cc 287. will tona a fvatib 
map, diuiufaiihcd TrMn tin third by (Ik niiira ooinprttfcd honi 
Uw Imd ta4 by ibe bmader wingi. 
a. Nwth IdiII*. From Mr. Slevetuwilleutloa. 

tfWctt SKI liriiU 1 ct^Mf lubciri'iiifuin. lufrdi&rrru/afuin. (wMrr 
poitirii iriiarrK', iitilm Iriltnuiii /nirto Ula ni^n ,- oLt oa* 
li'ir (ubrva/u n<r»nullif /ulrii, ttnit nigiit, vtnuUi frdiunr- 
' lu oA/ifuii r«n>>iu plurimii; patlica vitrt*, bail UrUm, 

Otam PFROPS. C.r. ffont. p. 28?. 

TawuT Of livid. 
itilged anJ lutieictiUli-. 

Ho<l nlmott lu lotig «i tbo boilT, UIghtlj 
AbJoiDcn bUok <ibo(«; hindborilM* of 
ibc tecmeuli ti-titcenus : un<I«t tide tuuceuu*, with a broad bbek 
ttripc. F'lrv *ini{* "ith leterjl iniiiultf tivfij' taberclM, pain lu- 
«si<li llic ■uw, nint iliero aic ni> t<ilii^rtlpi: vclm blacli ; inna- 
Tcne TMnleti uhlii|ue, Miaotr, and eilti'uielf niimcfoos. Uind 
wtac* tilntuiM, Willi a nilkj tioKr iDXirIt Ibe biu«; T«ini green, 
4nlMT towaid* Ike lipt. Leoelli of tlic Iwdir 11— H IIdoi; ofl' 
•tact 1»— 23 liBn. 

nh •mcIm vai itictudei), by misukc, with P.pwtelala, in' 
pmMttiMibe'lJitofilamopierj.' It laaybcdiiiinguidied rram 
Oh l ywJ M by tkp n-iaiD){ nu^l luberalei uf the fan wing!. 

« — t. Port Naial. Prom M. Gu«iu&iat' oullMtira. 

GeoiH Ul ARK USA. 

Alfao aSilli. C^pat curiiu breti recto awmdcnle, suboon 
pfiwc, BaiiM tublaiiurt, carioli diubui ounliguit, lubuu 


Allied lo l/'iiiniu, Uead 001 longer than the Uwnx; ham in 
Ami *lraigbt, ■tvviitliiig, iligblly eompmxKl, very >l>xfaU; iooicai- 
b( 1b bn-jdih Truia lite Iimc lu ibr tip, wilh twu contiguoua keell i 
■adMside with lbr«e tepamtc knk; the middle ono »lij(bl. 

Tbit gto'ot canucci* fhriclai and Hotinui, mcinbling the 
bamut in IM ttracluK of ibe Core wiug*, aud Ibe laUcc in ibe itr 
lute of tb« brad. 



Pbriclus annularis, p. 264. 

a. Gualimala. From M. Debj's collfction. 

b. Buguia. Frum Mt. Sterena' collecLion. 

c. Colambia. 


Caput Iricarinatum, cornu erectn vrtuaio comprewo »c«W; 
faciei uniuarinaui. Prolhunix siibcaTinaliiB, antice cooicua. All 
luilicte veiiis rciiulisque densissimis. 

Head with three keels on tlie lertei, annnl with a Tntica) 
oiirved cum pressed acute liorn, which U as loiig at the tbom. and 
lias three keels on each side ; fruiit witli three keels ; fkcc viik ooe 
kerl. Proihomx wiili a slight kctl, somewhat conical Jn fruil. 
Fore wiii^B with very numerous iein« and veinlets urer the whole 
extent. Hind win^ with manj Tcius ami reinlet). 

i.i»T or itaiiorTCHotiii liiitsora. 

Ab MnMU Itttwiit on ctcli *id« b«iieaili. Lt^t bUck. Vore 
wiDgt UHck, vbitiuli KreRn. with htHck ap^iu for ahniit one-lbinl 
bo« the ta*a i aullmc uf tic ki^c" ixtrl much cxcitvnicd, nilli wiue 
■ln«k*«r lb«nniBhuv UFriril; >eiui );''>^cu. Uind winip l"'>Kl>t 
l*d, iritli bWk »p0Ui Hpicil |>^i(l )il.<i'ki«b britwii, ditidcil from tha 
ml pdtt bf a bhjbl a^eatiti dine bjn<l, whiub ilocs not ciloiid la J 
Uw kinJ krder. Lmgtii ul' Uiu budy U Itnct ; uf tbc wiiigi Mi 

«, Sbugkai, Sanit Chliu. From ^f r. I'lirtuae'i culUcUoa. 
i. HtodMlao- From Ui. StuvcuV cullcctiun. 

UfriiJa i mput rtirn» brrvi acuta lubirecM, rrrfini lateribui <W(- 
^^L tttlii, /nnli/arit^ur filartii, /lac laicnriaala; ahiliiiiuit ini/n- 
^^P MteMwa; a/jt aaliat luriila. luUm rnja, macaiit [ilHrimit 
^^ mridUtu altv fwlUlii, mtryimr ritidi, p»tti$ nartfiiutHb»t 
I iNfrw, cotUlibu* atbii, pnHcu fmatihui liiUit ; poitUtt <««• 

riiutf, «pktt rtrtiu mnJn. 

GnM-grMD. HoJ wiib « *bon kcuU bIiiimi *arilctil bora j 
tidM ol tb« Tcrtci rid»d ; rri>at aiul face flit, exctptinfc • d^t 
kad wn iho Uuer. Aba«mra inUccutu jbovo. fixe wine* hmd, 
(•d bwiealh, e»Mpl imardi lb« lip*, adunied wiih man; grMn 
wliile-4otud*p*(tt; border )[rMii,aduni«<l with d'ltsurwbiio b)!!)!!*- 
UMB atanc ibc ctMU, ud «ilb bind duU clinwhcrc, except los.irda 
tW baM of iba tninior botder, <rlicre lb« duCi nrc luteoui. Iliad 
winf* criaauu for wufC Uian b<ir tb« Ituglli fruia ihe base. 
t^Ogtb of Um bcMl; lOlliK*; ot ib« wiogt 30 liuM. 

Tba (tfiini ApAitaa m»i be divided iaio tbo MloiriDg groapi; 
lU (tfpv A. lufciMni/dla. whiub tecilli to be djttiucl from A. auw*. 
(ta), vnori! tbe butn ul' Ibe head exieudi borisonUUy lu ilio prolbo* 
m: 2ud (Ijpa il. brf ihohm), nlierv ibe bum is lUiuoat reiUca): 
3(d |(jp« ■4. roMa), wheie tbu tiom i* nloiatt uliiolclu, end abkli ta 
•Iw dutia^Ubcil from ihc Iwo piccciliux grauiii br the mucb more 
aaiatiwi veint nu'l >etii1<ti on Uia exlciioi jiutt of tUe win),i : -tlb 
(lj|« A. imprtMli*), like lliu fuuclb group in tbu ilruclure uf 
' lit baad, but wiib ibe (utt wiuj^ niirrowtT, «i)d witU luuuli fmcr 
HU* and leioku. 
a. Jiunb ImUi. I'tucaiod bjr Un. Uawe*. 

■ base. 

iroibo* V 



A)>H£!<1 OPEHOSt. 

^ijfra ; prolhorax et mnolharaeii margo paitieut tat*eti; da 
aniica leitacea aul luridtt, maculU et IrinUr afir*ii tijiit, 
rmif xenulUqae demiiiimit Irilaeeii; pattiem nigrwfmei, 
diinidiu batiti rafo fullii nigrit, faicim media aliu- 

Clusuly iillieJ ti> .i. imperialit. BUck. PruUi»rax and kiiJ 
border of ibu mcNolhaMX te^jlaceuiis. Fote wiu^ taUccMH « 
lurid for nearly iwu-thirdi of Ihe lenf{th rram Lbo bmie, adoncd 
wiih hIaL-k spois. wliich are ce^^ulur alonic the cntti, irregniir isd of 
variuui i'ue it) llie di~k ; apkal part black, with fcr; numerviuud 
refiubir icstiiceous veins and veinleu, H ind wings blackiib Inn . 
Iia^iil balf red, nitli teverul large black spoil ; a wbjte middle bixL 
(.ijitTiiiK liindward, nod nul exieiidiiig tu ibe bind harder. Lca^ 
of ibt iiudy (i — 7 liuei ; of tbe wingi 17 — 21 linei. 

a — r. North Cbina. From Mr, Fortune'i collectioo. 

Apii£n* FLicieiLia. 
Rufa, A. operoKtt affinii ; mttalhorax ttiger i abdtime* limi 


u«r ov iioMomkon inMttn. 

Rrd. Ilra'l wlih ■ InDHwUle liorizonbil rMutrtd born. wlil<-li 
nimil* lo I Itiile hfjomt ili« ini((<)l*nf ib<r pmihiMi. Pnilburax 
fcUckiib in ihc <li<k, Mnoihiirix tilncl •Iniif ilio hln<( bontcr. 
Mviatfaoni blick. Abdonidi taUuu*. TdT^i hlncl. Winn 
hUck, FoiF oib^ nitli Uiv rnn« tUonglj injikril ; bontrr tea, 
■itb bUeli ilolJt. Hind mngp «llb lb* iplcjil |»rt nf tbn bordtr 
rerfdnh. IimRlb oTthebadjO Unci; of ibr «lri)[i :I3 1ln««. 

■. StiaiaUi. Ftob Sir SunToTd Baffle*' collMiinn, 

Genu* CTRENE, Ctl. ll-m. p, WA. 

CriBNi rmroaitte. 

a** tX tam. 7Vifa(v« : r^pilii ruraa lanntifatum, Irie^ritiainHi, 
rwrlMU, ntttrrtiiUm, ik'-rar* pAulla /"Hyiiii; a'>tf ouljiw palJa 
aeulit. aptU nulaia ptffiMirt^. marijiH* inlfwitr* rrcto ; /hm- 

jtf«/r oW fnnaU. TtnlaH^iit. Hud prnlonircd into • laii- 
Moble born, wbkb i« Uraii;bl. knr'll/ aHeodiiii;- * '''>'' Iobsm 
lbt« tba ifaonx. and ba« tnrro lUgbt Irrlf al)o>« *ii>l brnmib. 
ftn wlnp tri;r ovni*-! In Tront, ilniKbi along Ibc InicriiiT burdrr. 
if^MuU *1 III' lip*. wilb>e>«tml indinliiici niniBcci briwii tnaik*; 
•«1m Rnr. HItiil wiBi« t(tf««iit. (ini;rd wUb em* ; a tCttaMoua 
■liifeli>«*id« ibcba'r; rcliiK r«v, pnlr. I^njitli uf Uia bodj S— 4 
iMt of ibe winp 0— M linn. 
*. Htndowiui. Ftdto Mr. 8ie>en»'cull«oiion. 
I Sorih China. FroB Mi. Furl !»•*• collection. 

GmM RtllNORTHA. Car. ffoiiL p. 391. 

rnMfva ; n/Wl ifVF[-<vnJn>in, fiuria aarin iiidrj|jii«'i ■ijrrd ,- 
fTOlhotteu l*ltra nifro liitratM i aid-'mrn m/rra tii/iim i 
liUm tttiifne- Kifn ,- al^ anii><r itt^ro rnHi/vriir. yuAH 
faiafu* ratUlihmt »tjlttt, fvllii nonmullii imtilti'Hi iliirtU- 
Ini »lrrr«niM rv/>; ;^>Ii<w rvtta, liota tUtdii, mtirf i at 

ToUoraii*. llfnd ihort-c»iiii'»l, pule Iirnratb, about l«ic« 
Ibon loog, ailb > Darroir bUcL baud Iwlnn lb« rrrtr^i 



and Ik* ftMl ; iW latur q«hc t*l. ■ 1iiil« lontn than braad ; bt 
>ln»fiW IriiBunbr. iliitliUT ctmiVR in the AnV. Protbons «H>d. 
B*iv lha« fimu' liac* bM*Jrt iban loair. wiika bWl line en Mck 
tUt. AbilaB»«ti brhcbt Ttd mborr. Ka«« aBd urai VnA. Ttm 
«<Bf* tbickl; ipHnUrd «it)i Mad, except akmit ikc co»ta, «b(ri 
tbm ate i*(r black <<ot« : tbc sprinllcd part conlaini nunj dcM 
aiihoat bUcli poiatt. •lid ili«r* arpa frw tnieBU iadistioci ml Jou 
la lh» 4Uk near ikr rnd of ibe ra*la. Hind 'wiujc* bd|cbt »mt- 
mImit, •ilh a broaH pale bfovn bordeT. «l>icb U dttidcd btm 
Ibe f«d biteb; a whitmb lina. Lengtb dflbe bodj A )iM»i oflbt 
wtnp Id I lata. 

a. Wed Afrka. Fran Ml. Tarnct'a tMrciiem. 

Gentii ENMNGIA. 

Cap«l p«Pt«1iiin, Unen4>lini>, proUiMarF p|i>a dnpl« leaciah 
tBfra (iib>a)ca(ain. rroiboras mUaiinaini. Alir iiiiicv trmb- 
blr. (DiifcttlMime tewMt el annlal* i pcalictt tmii auufc^gi 

lleail poTTKl, boiitoaial. UnccuUir, noiv ikan taiot ibr 
lenitlh of ibe ptvtbofax ; border rlcfaird abarr aikd brnMtb : ■ 
trrjr tlipbl loDftUdliMl fumm aWfr. PnHboras «iib an alluM 
obaoleie Lett. lUjtliilv cMHrx la ibe middle and cuncave «a mtk 
aide of Ibe f"iD border ; iK bnvdlb more tban thriee in leaftk 
Fore «ini;i rclicalalrd vilb niinieieui lejn* and telnlela, aUtk 
Krediiallir iiirrrate in iiunibcr fioin ibe bate la Oic tip. BW 
wii>ji» Kiib thr rnkuUiloiii nI«o rxlradieg oitr tbe «lMe 
bai leta oaiDrtoaa bmI more irreipilar. 

Evmaia nnr«»cf4. 


», TnUrr* ; Mful ni^ra /rrngiiinim ; mtvlimr "Jf • 
fti^rtofbi fl ifai/ewtafai ,- a j<V«a>ra »at« atjrrHM. fan r«A 
■in'miliiiii. «p<v inrffmiH ,• o'le ttniaa ; mlira rr fwr" 
rtr/tifritln. fulfil narvAifwr af^f ,- foiltrm iSamidin tfutt' 
/mier, rerii tmfii. 

Halt. Teftnmmt. pilet brnralb. Bead TerrB^Mnu al<*r 
Proiborax itiib two bWl dM>. Mr«ulhnra> «ritk iwu black dM •« 
rarb •iile, nnd «ith a Mirt. band abich in rxcataied iqi lie bia' 
aide. AldiiDfti Mnck nl'Otc. ititb Ivro red ulreilr dd ei 
ibe bair, )«le tnuccgua luwatdt the lip, viib a lutioai 

LMT or HOMftrnBODa inaicrs. 


(•cb Me of ihc uppfr apppiidaK'- ^^"^ wJnfi luriil, her* ud 
(here reilduii, wiib man; bl^di ipou and ilott, tome of ilifin OOD' 
fltMBL Uind wingB lurid, bionu Tor uemlit balf the IchkiIi frum 
lh« tips; i«{m rad. Langlb of the hodj 7 linci; of llicwiaga 1.1 

m. Pan Natal. From Ur. Plaat'i culleoUoa. 

Gmiu POIOCEnA, Car. Horn. p. 290. 

PorOCHBl l-RISriCILLATA, p. 991. 

TbrM pal« larieliM of ibU iawci appeiu Ult <Ii«tifict apectM.' 
Tht Sni ba* the hMdaad tb« llioras black Ihb rrniiKHiout : ffiiituf 
ifce fore «in|n< remiipaout. tnuceoiit in the r(licu]alcdpNtt,and tbe 
aot rpticulatrd piit contniai nianjr inditlinct lurid ipoti. Tbe 
Hoooil orMij U tlill iiiuh? dl(r«t«'nt; l1i« bead and lh« thorax ue 

CU irsunoiu; tbc ditk or l)>e abdomro ii bintfc biudwatd j iha 
evinjfiare pate lurid, tinctd wiib gmn rilong tbe cu*ta, and 
*nh a icddbh li(ig« hi the rclicululrd purl, Hbich it pate brawn, 
■hfc Micml pale t]>oi* : ihe luild f<"l wiib tnttny minvtt brawn 
*It«*b ; tbc cMla with blavk mnrki. In ihc third v«riclT, which is 
MrxittM. the miiccoui tpoii uf tbc fore wingi are much more div 
itnct. and iha reiu are Liwnf ; tb« lalciAJ iput* uf the hind wings 
«• ob*olclc. 

Paio«BU iTONiau. 


t^rinata, mttyimt ncn rteralo ; faeiri lubcarinau i (Avi 
nii<vriii«{Bj ,- uMvmm litit r«/iini, tufrriii uivruni . <(f« 

lictf pirUi r^nftrliiiiriu i/mluia, fairiit duabtu frUriorii 
Mwnrrrj alhidit, apict jiaUidt fiuco albido gvtUto ; y«uit* 
nimr, ■'jpro (matw, 

Browa, Vertex terj Uion; fionl d*i, iDiomdjr tubot«Ul«. 
wllb ic'cn *Ii|;bt and incomplete Hd^ti ; border not derated , 
Mdea and fore border bardlj- coDUTe: face and ihorai vcr; tliKhlljt 
keilcd. Abdomen bright red above, black bmenlb. Fore 
wUb t*(T Bumeruut pale giteiid«l>; two nhltiili exieriurband 
(mnnud in the middle i apical part pale brown, with i 


i.iaT w noMommon mamrv. 

wMllih nlnutP dnu. Hind wtiic* firrrmi*. with bUrt 
liMftlh of ibr body 7 linn ; oflbotBRi lit li>o«. 

m. ilnico. FrnB M. S*Ui'« oollratioa. 

Fan. PtfTofuifaj fnrnt luhtttbrrmUu, aurgint 
Jaeitt eannii tritm antict eoMtrh : tkormm n> 
ahdvirm sfmin ; ;wi/#< mtjrn ; aim anhW >^pKKi nffm ] 
MiM oiniVi ^H'fafn, ■;rif« ftttttr alMJ^ fMUlUr; 
■ altiJa vilrtm, ttii itijT*, ititu niyru baii ft a^arf i 

/VnuV PlMMil-fcroirn. PriMDt icrj minnlrtj tabonlUl: 
batil«r iliihtlj rlevaUd ; tldn and foie bnrdar kanlly fw»*. 
Faf« with two miislil kccU. ahicli an unitrd ■■ (riML Tkim 
Willi a «m tlif^tii kcvl. Abdomen d«ep black. Lega bbek. Fm 
winf^ bUck, wltli iiuni«*ua red dot* and nitiBta tp«to fat ■■* 
tb«n bait ihc Icnglb from iW b«M; CMa villi fah >■««■ d*i 
apical pan brown, wjlb wblikh dol*. Hind «ii^ wliilMli >iti*MK 
black toward* ibc bate ; trint bhaok, bl»idi gttta lowaxU tkt ha* 
aad alonft Uie IiiKtior bordtv. Lenflli «l tka bvdj A^ Iwn; rfAi 
■rittm 10 liMii. 

«. Mexico. FtMD Mr. Glmale'icelleetiaa. 

PoiocBKx •trnirsa. 


^^M fi^mt ftJMn'iMM. mnryiar nf tteimU i farin f«r<aala. jn 

^^V rlorax f Artnalui, n^ra Anvfaltti ; wnetkoruM tmfmt* IniM 

^^V pMfii* /nmtrii; ;>rc(Bi it^iv noJataai ; a/« aalMW al> 

^^B ria/TM, k€ui rv/ninKn, ntyro «ala(# / pattiar titrrm wan 

^^^ Tntacnmf, partljr fireniib brnrath. Vntrx witb • Uad 
I IIM)* in ibo mtddU. Frml with l«a Itfh, wWh ar« ta waw wd 

with a Trw noic tlt^hl fidfei ; bn«dor binlli r 

with a Trw noic tlt^hl fidfei ; bn«dor binllj rtrraUd: tldaa i 
a lf<r(. wblcb Join* a aK^bt tiantiMM cuivrd ridpc on racli lid*, i 

Ian p>n in^ *ti)[litlT oonoic. 

PrMkmai nk 

Iilatk mark on Hcb tldeorik* i\A. 
wbich are futktd himlwaid. IVcin* wUb 
dofMB T«Tf pi* braMib 

Mfaolliom iiiih ihrrehrla 

. . en pate |rr«en. wKfc tariMC 

Uaek BiarbL For wtngi grajlsh, tad«*k tvwudt ibt ~ 

utr or noMorriiwoi tHasera, 

_' bngnlAT niiinle black miHtt, H i<i<l I'nte* Titrooiu, with « 
■UtlilRltXilk tinge: itiiit bUck. length of the bu-lj ij lin Mj id 
Ike niat* 10 lina. 

A UcxKol Fvno M. Sallt'i ooUniioti. 

PoiocBk* ciipiu.aTM. 

/fdM ; M^ut laMdniai : /rnfu pttita, nbmjaiota, our- 
f iiv aiM drMlo ; fatiupiceti, itticaniufn ,- fAorni mttuifr- 
mianu ; ^rnlAiTraa nieariittiiu ; abilununt «rr«m (ifiiru 
Jaaidt ^AMii^Ht nijfi, MftftM rufuF* fatriii nigrit ; ft4tt 
nifri, nirit »nttriirrHiu pntitmfUM pattiiii rnJU : ala hti 
mfMi ttrifttmi «M(*n* wi^r* eoiU viridi i fottit* mittm 
i^n m tr g i nttm. 

.Vaf*. PIcooD*. Hod huiUrcoa* ; front flat, dliilillj rogit- 
lotr, (xMURie ia fruat i burifcM not cletalcd ; fiica piocou*, Tsry 
•ItKbily k«el«d. Thoras difkll* tufaeiciiUl«. Prolbonx vcn 
■liCkO; kMlriL Abdoincu dwp Uaek, with a red laatl on ca«k 
•i4( at iba bMaj apioal (tcuient «iib iiru |[ruo*ei; undar alda 
bri(bt red, <rilk a black band no tba bind border uf nob tcfaeat. 
Lc|:m black ; aalcriur oa(B red : btod Im* nuallj' tif\. Wiaj^i «ilk 
gKcu >lr<Mki al lh« baie. Fore wings Black ; emu gma. Hind 
vnga *tlro«u«, bord«Te<l wiUi bUok : vcina bUek ; tba Mi Uacfcivb, 
luniiia wfaitiab lovratdi tba We. L«ugtb of ibe bod; ailines; of 
■he «ia(a M Uaaa. 
a. Tapayoa. Frooi Mr. Bata' oQlleclion. 


PoiooBKa LiiTBiTa. 

Uaa. TttMfM rindtM i from plant, t til uhir nUala, *u nri- 
■aU ,- /ariff (u^rariiuUd , iKnriLt Hon turuaJtu ,- aUaaMN 
■lyrum fa$ri'u ryonrM. luitiii ifiunuM ftHit nriJiiut; 
alit vitif* rirUti, apictt mttu* itifrtcanta lataraa ama*«, 
/iwa infrruvifiA ^ri^afa irtXaMis; Jtnlktt arrtf, alrijril (a«a- 
/ifrat MDuyiH u /■"'(r ryaaao-airitftitu. 

Jtfa/#. Dull tnl*cr«u*■|rr^^l. From flat, ittj aligbiljr tabcr- 
VtlaUkOOaeateoneaah aide, hard); concarc in front, wiib nn indtt- 
IIbM kcal, whieb b OOauivnalljr obiolele ; fuse vcrj tllKbllj kMM. 

Ttons aat kcaM. Abdomcu blaok i bind batdan of the accneaU 
%hHl radar tida laaiaccuns lu aagManU boidarad «tlh gtvao. 
FmvtPfa giiMB,inLh» tcmctoiw luhooyil Mat, whkh l» wittd 


ta uwT or BONiwTKMom mion. 

biadmrd ivd Irat^n* iL* gnta piit ; ankkl pwt bbcUih, «M M- 
UGMHM folM. Hind m'imgt deep Mad:) ImmI iHMfci aad (MM 
klonit the interioi botd«i, aud rrun l)i«»M alaoK t*n^tUnb of te 
exlMior bocder bluith gnva. LtngUi »r Uw Mdj &|— « ItMii W 
ill* wings lA— lit Hdm. 

a. Pari. I'tom ilt. Baba' oolIectiM. 

PotooBU MacvLOaa. 

Alfb-totima ; /riHit latran'iMta, /in<t/ i<iai>M l»— »i<i tJii» 
lit; /aeia xijrnt MirafaMi ^rMloraa »mwi fwadrimat^- 
tahu, (iikiarji*a(a^ aafior Ji^ufw ; mtiMlivrtM mtflm aa^ 
naiTiibtiu ; P*ft<^ m$To ^nadriiruuidmtam 4 MJ*mm/mKm 
apimiuf fnfii i «/<• nttirm tnlarr^ atf ra frr/ajnaiir, ^i 
nrnu rifrttf nhlmrida ,- pntiem vitrrm. 

Itnldiih tMtamoiu. Front witli a wtitj dlgltt L«tl, »Ud Joiai 
a cnntd iTaDii*en« tiilge near Lbc Ca.ce ; aaolbw ewW Uaaanw 
ridge on die upper pan panltel to tlw bonier «r ikv Tcnca : har/tm 
noteleraied; «Mai •ml fora natflti hanll; coacate. FaoeaHtkt 
bla«k (pot which exienda to iW tromu Pralbotax dilaM ia AoM, 
wfUi a (tight keel ; law Uaok apou uf larjriiiK alu ■■ cwh il^ 
HoMtborax «iih fou r black •puU «o wab *«■&. Ptetn wUft iw 
biMi apoU OB nch lAA*. AMoowi >lth ibv Wad bOTfan •( lb 
•ffnent* and ibe tip bright red. Fore wiajp liwin—i. art 
a MDcare uwiline Tdt nore ibaa half the kngtb, *1inmi nd 

riigbtl; Ivrid from ibeeoe lo tha dpa ; ib« uttaoeoM Mit 
Iwo inMopUta black band*, and it oocMtonaJlf rad M adwrii 
T«(na ietiacc«iia or ktwii, blavk iimardi Iba Dpi. BM ' 
tiinwus. Lenstb or the body a linaa ; of iba wfaifi 14 lb 

Fiun \U. Bale*' eoDMlioo, 
« vra. From Ur. Balea' coHectifla, 
r. Tapajot. From Mr. BaiM' mUccUou. 

a. En. F 
h. Villa Nu 

Potociai AntMMtxiLta. 

FcNU. Nigra; rr rt tw aaaJWtiUcrnibnu ; JVaaa 
tu nniMfa j yrew araj wtnyalwai, 
n/iv Irontcrria ; WMfltaraa rannariM : 
(•hu n/u laaryMBlMa ,- aXa «a(»r« apian 
ricmt filaru otaewMiiiai ; foMkm apj«* aifewa. 

tut «r inrtopnmam tntcn. fS 

f*mal*. DUck. Vertei nllwr tliort, witb two liibcrclc* on 
^wti (i-le, aiul wiib • lijiiiim* ridge In ftaou Fn<iit tliebtW 
rwalaM, widi an indislincl aod iiKomplctc middh keel, and wiu 

• B»plllan DB cacti imIb in (rauU l-'actf like iWt vt P. dumfMiii, 
nwMtai tllKfaUj (iii^uluM, wiih fuuf (iilicrcliM iii rrunl. ■ iil'icbt 
■nM*«na (uttow. and a «ligbt hindnrd trauTonc nd|[«. Ainu- 
Iboni Willi a mitldli! kwl, and in IrDDla tianivem! citrvBd ridjfri 
oUcb (ornit aci ank'to uu iMuli kidc. Alidoinni rad kInivo, and willi 

• md border benuth. VVinj[> like ibiiae if[ P. dueie/iaiu, Tilreoua 
towutb lliiir lipi. but ibe a|iiaal part in the fun: wiiij{i u }li|;litW 
■nyUb, attd cuulaiat utuie tlArkei mark*. X^ujflli uf tils body 9 
&DM| afthc niujp IS liua*. 

a^ Caiuuacia, Protinco of Ilia JaMiro. Pre*eD(cd hy tbe R«*> 
HuniM Claifc. 

PtHOcia* DiaoiiKPin. 

nmtwiemii ; /aeitt leile rugul/ttm, mrinii daabtii antirr ran- 
KaiM; ^niUarax lu^ruya/jMiu ; nHi<ilAr>rdc (rimniaaf lU ,' 
•IvaMJcw apitti tmw mn/ird'jii'iw iviiaiif (I nonnaiafMaM 
nttntra*: poitir^ niifTie*itUt, Mu. — Cafaf Ulumi aU*- 
mm ru^uijttvwn. 

BUck. V«iux irr; nliurL Front sllgbllf iwpilot»t frith 
tknt aloMit ohtulclc kectk Face more toinuulj nigvlnM^ Wflh 
Mm aUffht *BiOO«k k«el«, whicb oaiir«r){i! and are anltvil townfdi tb« 
ptoboacif. I^Mborax alicbtlT ni^iiliwe, tlijtlitlj furtuacd u»tn- 
Tandi. Uotilborax Willi (iirte Uigbi keel*. Fun wins) aitb 
tctj numeruna Ttriai and TOinlei* on the apml third part. Hiud 
winp black»fa. Ualt. — lltad mudi hfoadar than tbnt of the 
bMl*, PrMhorai nuie diatincily furrowed. Abdunieo jellow 
beaoaih Vmr. fi. — Abduwen wilb a broad black itnps bunralfa. 
F«ra wiact *itft«o>, ■(■•■ iligbtlf ^niyisb lowanlt tb* li|i«. Lenglb 
•fthabuJ; 4 liDta; of ib« wioic* II — 12 11dm. 

a, 1. CdniuiKia, PimiDOc of Riu Janciia. Pracntcd bjr ibe Bev. 
Hamlet Clark. 



un 09 RoiiaPTBiMicB inxm. 

Fonil. A'iyrn ; wrd-z rrimniMtiu. (itofeivWanu : /n 

omnu/if (roaiivnii luiaHjrMJniu ; /*«(■ n* raniuia i i 
iui(H(rrrv/d(u ; mtlmllima Uttrihttt fa pcrfr rmf^ : 
Kuaii Ltlrra rv/iamti^ mifttt m^eidat* I •!> aMtfi* ntn- 
fmhia, UtUcfa yattata rt puluUta i failk» tfmi tmtm 
MMiuftt. gmiii mpieatibvt (t pMlieit afht. 

Frmtle. BUck, nut ikiniiis- Vrnvi •iA ikn* tM^ Mt, 
•likh cn^loM two iiibcivlm. Frogt flal, cxnpl too m ihiM «>] 
iligbt ingulnr trmivcnR ridK«i ; burden not vietated. hai4lf 
oil', Vate bail)]; kcv]«tl. TL*nz tllKktlj tuli«fr«hla, 
kctlctl. Proihunx MiMaW coaias i* Irant. UcUI^mi" 
ted vn CBch lidc. Siilci oT Uie abdoiiMn, etoept Iwudi I 
ndduli, with black apula. Fure wing* lli|kU; niKiilaaa,i ' 
MUCMiw dM» or pa[Dt*. HindotonennHWBlaBC l^ 
■ntlj ItrO'lhin)* of tbo lenipb, witn aooao wbtte 4uta Io«h4i I 
lip* and aloii); Ui« Und banlft. L«BKtlk of the bod* 3 ti&M ; if ill 
wtngf 13 Hum. 

«. SiDUicin. Tran Mr. Batca' collccliOM. 

rP Patoccaa rfoTA. 

Mat- .Vi'^a ; npvl fulaun ; /raai jrf«B«, wi lyw rt*!* . 
(Aoror clU ryyu/nw ; ;m>(4oraf m»rar)a4/w ; farbu 
Umeraf^fiini : aMinnn /naoraf w jmi/im m/a ; alo jn<a|» 
i«tf ni/o Hrifltr, ftria vtttrirrt (ordidr caf/ta, waf la ^ 
airbah vUon^ rilrm-Miia. 
Malr. Black. Head Unn* ; ictm <retj aWlk (nM li^ 
miuuirtj puiiclurtd, wilb ibe bo«4en nol ooncate. skd l*^ 
•lamed i Uct ralket tbwrt, dm kMUd i bordn and nddle tM 
ndduk. Pniib»rax Bwlj rajpiloM, <tiib ■ aliflil beat Um^^ 
nx •ct; linel; nigulcae. PecUu with ■ large nd mna iia nak ni*- 
Abdomrii, hind cuia, btnd (nnura, and ifaa baM M llw klaJ likir. 
red. Uiiid wingi «ith hido red atmk* at Uie law. nni vbub 
tkere ii a litrvpui tlixbll* dtuW hand [ »m Mang whUiih *tOM^ 
•pet near tb« itp. Lengtk of llw Iwd; & Itntti of tlitwbpO 


Thb mvica hu aiMeb memlilaiM* in itnctin* uid oolou t* 

f. ftttptfilUla. 

SanlsrciD. From Mi. BaUe' coIIwiIm. 

Litr or HOMorrsMva imvcTS- 



Mu. A'iyra ; fp*l Iflanun ; /raiu tttft/iunrMU, nm'nu (ritiii 
M^iMiiMVu anfin runn^rif ,- faein twni /iM Aoinfi ; ptiitKo- 
rax MtAnriaadu, tnlarrv UmoUliti ; mfMlAarux /iiii.<ti yuiaYW 
BMrytiVf w (njiioni ; nMuuini a^i'iv ri/unruai. lutlui rufaiK i 
femora rii/lt ; ala ■nfitw nriiJi v^iiohr, Jimidjo apirati ritrm 
•mti ntyrit ,- j><Hfi(u n'Cmr, 6>iii rrnujui' iiiyiii. 
M»U. Blitck. ll(i«d UMAorou* j *cncx nitb tlic bufdrr mure 
•InMcJ ikin in mint ipecln ol tlic gf niu i TrDiit teiy miautclT 
yitBoiurMl. wlib tbrec indiuinoitf elarkUd tioe*. vhloh ■racoaovouA 
towsrdt the factt, aii'l witb ■ depnMlon on cmdi ride Jo Troni, tmj 
•lighOjr concmc on ut-h *Mr: foec with a brand sbollo* bant 
gfMfre. Prulburmi raihcr «)iir«i iu fri>iii, wilb a miawaus luark 
«B «mcti tide, ■oil with ■ tcr;r *llghi kw). Alt«oiborax with a tra- 
li»miM border, mi4 wliti A«e tetiMeuui lino, ifae ouur pair Ibiked. 
iMamea bright blu« at the lip ; iiade* tide, OOKC and TemotK 
brifhl K<d. Ytiit win^ with icrata ««Ib«; (be bUok (wrl divided 
b« m sliicbll; cauoate uuUiuc Tioin tbe *ilf«ou> iligbtly lurid Mit, 
vueh «ce«i^G* aeatly balf the lenKlh fruin the ti|». and lia*blulE 
rtioe. UtM wIok* vilrooue, blaek ttiwanli ibu bjHC, tnd with blaek 
reiiM. I.eiiglb of Ibc body i line* i of tbe wingi l;t line*. 

«. PuA. Fioin Mr. Bale*' eolleelian. 

PoiOCSfti LKriBIUfl. 

Pkm, ntAliu tnian» ; re^l an<iiu(i>m ; froiu Iriearinata ; 
faeirt lubcariitala ; rAorox mriniilu, inuatAururti rfiiro M«lle> 
<ve,- aMoaira iHfBni nijrrum, ririrfi bieillaliini, iryimiUorHM 
fnefytnt^vv crniurit tuhfiu BiriJibut ,- nftf antif* ppttict tub- 
tanda, fairiit futt<a, rxttu vi/nc niyni nnwi* fatta iiiaiina* 
cittaM; pNliiv taii HriM-cytMrtr, rnacuta aniie* fuict. 

Malt. PScrolu, tnlartoiii bencitb. Head mutb oatrowcr 
(kaa tfaelbonx : iciui lerjibottiii tbe middle: ft»nt "illi n inint- 
•erie ridj[e oc keel tKat the retu-i, nnd witb Ibtcc tungiiiidin«l 
Tidgn. Die pair reiv oblique, and Joinlnj; the middle one n«u tbe 
(ace i bolder* out eie»led, tliybll; cou>oi on eeeh tide, eooeare is 
hwal; face with b Uicbl kceL l*ruthoras niih a dtminrl keel; 
Middle Mrt ntbet broad, and oimrex in fn)Dt. Mctodiorai wiib > 
nof«ell|fbl ktvl; dtnk Inluci'iiis. Abdumen black abme, with k 
crcm alripe on each tide : hind bordcn of the w^ciit* blue, irrtca 
Seneelb. I'otc wiiiga «iib a luitd tinge along the bind border, end 

M utT or Boaorrciooa miwrn. 

friili an irreKuUr uwnjr butil aloHf ibc boplet af U>e OfMH pA 
tiittou* pan wi(b bUuk Tcin»,oMBp}iiif m«ra Umh wnMkM m'tt 
knglh (riim iha tip*, and iacludiag n btowu ipot on tlir Vad i» 
dor. Hind winet vitnont, biigfal p*le gnwiiid liinc lovirli iW 
bax, ■nil willi ■ Ui^ brows wpiA ou llw fun bucdw. 
tbfl tjuil; 4t linct; of Uic wing* 13 lian. 

«, TapajM. From Mr. Bates' cdllcciioa. 


PoiOCK&t HUriBMIlA. 

PM4* mHiil, ra/o naloia ; /nm /mci> /urula, aiUin 
ftiti diKO nigro ; m/ial&tfrar fullu Hrifitfut fiurit • 
nigrimttibui : prrlorii Ulen nifro aatala ; aMvawa til 
ptH<ii nifrUi Itr4ri (ofaiori, Ittiu aptet lanufvr lujru, 
n'tiYia, wau aigrit Jidrit^iu, 
Pale irrrcn. Hnnd and MvUwrax «tUl MOM ilijthl red wi;b 
Front itith a bniwn bund imi tb« upper pan, bUck lowaid* the hca, 
wbaae dmk i» moaili lilavk. Mcaoibonu wUb bfown M WmW 
4oii and sItmL.s. Abdxincii with DuneiiiMf atiiau brtgbt (■< 
■■tfa, and witii a Tew bUck maifca. Pcctiu BiarLnl with h4ack m 
••eh Nde. licgt leslnceuui; Unj Hid lipi of tba tibw Mwt. 
WioK* *itr*!uu»i vgiii) black, panlj uvrny. t'ure wiuo "''^ '^ 
baaafarrolcu iiiur« Uihd taict Iha leii^ili of tb* niiddla aiMlau, 
•pioal ueolals ver; lilltc ihorler th*k the niid<Ue airoUu, alA 
forked TeiM, *0w« of «bkh an furkod afaia at Iba up^ BM 
wian with f«w icina, and with oiilj mo inni«cn« tttulau. 
cTtMbodj;!! lineti oftbeviogs li>— II liMi. 

a. TaMjro). From Mr. Bates* culleciioa. 
6. VUU Nova. From Ui. Baiet' oolleciloa. 

LP«io«Bu TiaMniaua. 
F<MI- firiiJu, milai »Utida i trttrx tuUt imfnumi ; /na* 
intnM, nil>;>«arfiiid, carini trihm amiia tmtmnxu ,- ft*" 
inriutntU, fiilJtutWd, aun/M trihu aia#y«i>ffar aaOO 
nigrii ; ikom IrifariiuUta i a6rf*aHit n^ira r^fwm, WfOt 
ilindt, tuUia nfiimn HnM xifrtiiB / pr^ aMdo, aifn a» 
(cf{ ; /tmura fnulie* atfra, apiior amJia ; »lm mullamf* 
WL nttm /utn Kelal0, Mfte* ritnm fmoa moMm, n*U lafM 
^F tmita. Duryiiu inltrrarr nWifi ; fioiem •inanf , Ami rV<r. 
AmaZ). Green, wbiiithb««aalb. Und wUh the rerui «ath 
tiDpr«N«di fiiMt ihuiia(, rcr/ iBUuleljr foaoUmd, viih Itait 



^lU|(M,«hicb arc uniled lamnli the (aw, Iiord« tlightlf 
rated, 1IOI MDOBi« ; taae inihrr »li>i[t nod bri>it>l. black l««irat 
I pntbMrU, and wltb ilir«« liUck tpou li; ihn ftuui. Thorax wtlh 
IM 4MiDM ImcU. Abdumen briKliI rt!it abo'c. gma at Uie lip ; 
Jn rid* Ukck hwaitti iho i>p. Lpr' pule gn*a, wilh block 
ifik; bind r«aMk bkok, w>lb icrpfn tip*. Forcwiiic* riuv reJ, 
Lb bfuvn nuki fur dU'Ij livixliiidi uf tlio Iciigib Iroiu Ibo bnic, 
la br«*D along Ibc coiU, and eiffii u1oii|; ihe inierior buril«r -, 
ical pall «ili«aii*, aiitk a fnw btuwii iiMrks of whicb Ihe Uri[«*l 
d ddikot cxtnidt l>viu ttie icd pmi In ihi: inifiiur sn^lc. Iliml 
agt tiueoo*, biijibt red at the bate. Length of ibe bmljl 3| 
B*i oflks aiiigi ID lit>«s. 

Tar>TM< FiDDi Mr. Bsih' Mlleetian. 

■ Gnus BDDARA. 

Caput llioraeli UilludioB ; ••rt«K brevU, cocctra ; frone eoo- 
ca, iMrii; laciet bUulcata. Ptvdiorax lobimprcaiiu, mugia* 
liao MbiDpreHa Hcaotlionts plana, triangulam. Ala aaticn 
umm MibragulotM ; teim apl««t tcniu plutlms, in urdine cal- 
«w. JUm fSukm bad lattetlsM, rani* «pi>c« r«niMii, reiMiUt 

B<«d 11 broad ■* lbs iboral : >erlFZ ihort, concave, or villi 
val«4 border* : froot contci, qiilic tmooih. hve iil>n;;ulnr, vitb 
AarTo>* alnnjc ucb lidc- I'rolbnmx nhirhtlj conTcx in fniat, 
[btly inHMcsuif in Uie diiik; iu btendib hIhiuI Tour lime* its 
igib. Usiuthorax llal, tri^nsulaT. Abdoiii«a 4U bnud >« the 
trax; appeodagta of Oio maT« forming a rurroited Wp on *a«k 
«. Tibio! fuirawcd ; bind libic ipiajsc. I'otr wiogR tligbllj 
piloae t/oDtimel; ; *eiat of Um apical third pirl moro nunerolU 
d rCKolat llMn (bu*« ttiowkn*. Hind »iii^ fcry bniad b«iwNii 
t baaa »r the eual* and tbe inlMior angle; (cin> tomcobdl ramute 
puda ibe tipa 1 Teiolet* irrrRular. 

TUt it«niia MBtn* to repluuo at the Capa thp Suuth Anerimn 
pu n»i««pra, which U rcpMMmied bj the rollonrlng fcnus in 

un or n»«<m«K>«* tmnrrm. 


VkUu, ailnu UHmm uaUt» i mi m t kt rm* niffr, Imltm MM* 
Utm ; tUonum mifnam, dimidio mfifU M »i8f*«MiT >»- 
ginbat ryfii ; iieJrt rti/C, tVMti fuMrihmfm mijra ; ml* <•■ 

Greni, iliintiif, oitk tome tntMcoat nnffc*. MrwiWil 
bla^, »iih a intanoiM apM on wmdb ltd*, aad a daHMr am m lb 
lip of ibe (caicllum. jihitmm Uaek : hi»d half Abon ••d hM 
bonkn <■( Uw MfmcBla liriKht icd. Lap 4uk ra4 1 ea«» m4 
f«Mun bluk. Fora wing* ttUdi. wUk lunj Inum* brifttf |>«»- 

iwtcT Uack b«nUn : apinTfan Uxi, <riik an whIiIitW mih* 
band al lU bue. Hini «tiino«mBKe,«iiha hiMUafcbafiK,»b)4 
it b«oad««t ai iba ifpa and about ib« (DUrittf angle. Lcngtb uf ikr 
bod; A UiMS j of Um winp H Ilnaa. 

■, (. Purt Xaul. Tigai Ur. Plant'* coOacdoa. 



C«p«t ilia«*M aoguitiua : mux wneairiM, dltaa al««alo n^ 
laao) 6mu anbaaadnUa, ante mfalutM, cariait tribu fwalhfai 
(aein Mriaia JMitliKti*. Pntbonx n^loMia, catlwuw, mu^B 
aaiicv awiexo. U*«MboiaK |tlanBi. AbdMam ibomea faalb 
bofUu at latiofc Ala aatica a^oea nrm vEut ftaHlbi^iw flail- 
■i* in ordina oolloutii. 

Htttd narrawn iban iba ibnnu ; TafWt «iaei»f^ bm taw 
brcwlaa tbaa \oc%, with an abvaied bardm, iM dM nlw dmM' 
and niguloM : fiuai tnbqnadiata, lonnr tbaa hnad, Baalj ia|al*a. 
arilh time pinll*) ttrU ; bonier batdlj fatard ; fave *lti ibna i» 
diMtnM haaU. Piotlidnx mavloaa, eannK b Aval, wiib n diMlMi 
had. HawiliuMx flat. Abdonea a liule loafca and bwidw da* 
Uw ihorac hen ramiwod ; bind iibi« apiniMa. Fm« wiap aM- 
oat tiaaattna tains and valntM*, noapi oa ibt aptoal |«n, nhv* 
ihc laina and itinleu an nuaieroa* and refolat. 

u»t cw aouommoot iHiiEm. 

tfifra, nthif pstW« ; •M'a(A<?r«z tl oMomrn htii ru/ii ilriyata ; 
L •MoMni MfiA, h(i nifmm : yedn pieei ; tia wntittt nifri- 

^^L MMtri. «f4ee ftara figro fuUti^ ; poHiem ritnv. iuri ror- 

] Black, f«lr b«nMik; wm* ni<) iircaku on iho mfiiiiborns asil 
I aa lb« baw ur lh« abdomci). Abdani«n bti|ib( kicfii, libck nl the 
ih«M. Lrp moiilf pkcow. Fore win)ii bUokiib, brown wiib 
i« ttm black cluU tovatilt llitt lip*. tliiiJ ninn *JtN«u_», lowardt 
ifca baa*bri|;'i< niniu>e. *llb n liatk bniwD hmin which i* «idrn«<l 
lUndvard, |m1ft hrown aboiil ihe iiitFri«r bnnkt: «eini bl«i-k. 
[Lrafth oTibo bwlf 4 — A linni i>f tb« wiugi II — 13 linci. 

•. Aatlfatia. Fimn Mr. Slnngc'* collMtion. 

4— W. Mortloo Baf. Pna^iiiod bj — GibiiHi*, Btq. 

Stibiribe DYCTIOPUOROIDBS, C*t. U»m.f. 303. 

Gmm n.BGMATOPTERA T Cki. //•». p. 303. 

Hmi) inii«)i nirniwrr iban lh« ihorks; Ttrm coiiieal, A 
«Uh a (Uthlli cle*atril border, and with a ten ihott aad (light 
kcvl bFi«<«i l«oIuhe«lM; front DmriT twice loll gnlb an bro«4, 
wflh ihtT« oligbl knit; ihc bitrral kcvU Oitbiljr conicr^itiK tuwardf 
lb* be*, wbrrr th« (aco liicfcaic > liille in hreadth ; bi-c lancm- 
hl», vilb a iliitbt kcrl. Fiuiliorax cunicai, ■eiT cvncaie on the 
Itoil border. wUh one kMi. MtMiburaa will) tbrt« kfeU. Lea 
iMg, ahodn 1 hind libla (iiiii«»c. Wings TilTVOiia, ratfan b«oaa. 
Paaa mingt with few iria*. but with ckurmel; nuiuMsu* and irre- 

CUr teinUu, wbicb abound mi'st ajvng the ootta, and Torra arro- 
■ of rrry tariing uK<- uiid iliap* -, lowarda tba lipi the *#inleU 
**4 artolri* arr rtgular. tllnd wikga aiih comjiaralirelj fow^ 
•eialM* asit wcvlcU. 

TMt*rr»-mriJii ; nywl liium nofira lr«ii(ivrta ilijrnl ; a/i* nfrfw, 
Mwii nnrfttai ; •■jf<w a^urf fwMm f«uianf«, *ftyai«l* airiA 

(Iq^nlaplna pfaaiua ? Spimoia,Aiin,Sor.Enl.Fr. rtii. afS, pi. H, 

un or HottapTMoro mutm. 


Tntaceau3-(;TMD, probnblf |tn«*-|inra hi lb* Uitef < 
Front Willi R ilight UjiiMTcn* bUch line, whctc it jala> iW «i 
Winici vtlreoiH: iciii« ptra. i'orc aiNit* oonves in (nml) f^f^' 
srrm, iDcludinK Kicn uUiqae rciulrU. LMgllt of ikl tiq * 
Uu«*i or the oiiigi 16 liuM. 

a. Bi4(il. Front Mr. SuTtnt' collMtioB. 


Ciipiit ihornce iniiiiMiiu, M-niu Uimotila 
obliqup asrcntlcntr nmiiitutn ( vcftcK marciiie etevaia) fm* inn- 
riiiRtii ; rai'iri lauorulixa, unii-atiniiLa. Omii tm^L Pwth*»t 
cMitcii*, unktrinnliit. Mnoll>Anx lnc«riiialii4. Abdaml (Ac» 
nicuiK. thonicc non Intiui (u )i>a|pBt. Al* iltte* ; uika ^tMb 
liiitaa ((luituur Gn|;ciiiibut, puMirtr Tmnlb ponriwiwia. 

Bnc) narroKcr ilian lb* tliurax, foaming abot* ■« oUI^aatf 
ucenilinfc )iinc4it>1au btm, «bifh b quadrilaUnl an4 fltf^Hj n>- 
f macj ; < eitn Irofn iban broad, miih an clti«ie4 barrier ; bMi 
much lotipCT Iban broad, nitb thnc ktdt aDd «1tb an dmud t«- 
drr 1 face laDcmlaU, «itb oii» be«l, anil witb ao drrattil W^R. 
mDCh tbotlar than )bc fiofil. E<ca lar^r, |iraBiiii«BL Prulbam 
Gimical, itilb o«c kicl. Mr*i)tb»rax aiib ibror allybl bwU. A^ 
donni ub<mii<al, not btradir awl baidlj lovget than lb* tbau- 
htgt atoul, furrowed ; bind libi» ^fiinoM. WlBca *lMooa f** 
wilita wilb a band of Irawvcne itrnlna at balf iW l«i>Kll>. Wpal 
obich ilie *etu are iDcreat«d to twice Uie nnaibcr bmI ait *^M- 

BMii«d hj (iwr b«n4»of rtialfiai tbe laillawl tc(nlar«nJ«alin 
ind viaRa witb rprf Ctw iciulrU. 

Cloxia lcbuu. 
Lurida : mrau rf parir migmm, t^filit iatUnJoM fix fcnWi 
proihan^ raniM /jrariifm rfnaiiu i«wr«/itw Myrii^ aw 
iharax ■tarti/a anfiVa palliJa ittiifai Aiai aifmi taWariN^ 
mamlit Jitahat irriyupv (airn/i^u nipu ,- aUtam ■■* 
ifliatiii aiArrriir/ii mi^nnltbmt, apitt imbtmi oijiij ii* 
/nvln-nirftf, apin N^^rMf «/« 6lw« mtrwM «*riM 

Lurid. liotD panljblatt. DMilr aa ]ii«|f a* tbe b»«a4lbrfll* 
twad. I'rvlboru witb a btacfc keri, anrf wiUi a Uaab mi 

u«r ar BottonsMet tmcn. 

Mth Alt. ^leaoihoni wiik i pole Care (pot. ohlcli («nUlii« Iwo 
Hick wnali, nnil Iuj ■ lilncL tpnl on tBOb miI«, hcTond whtcb 
tW)« «rir tiMD* KUcki^h mirkt. AMaoni wflh two ih'ort blm-kiib 

■mm tJBg« Mi4 vith hruwii tip* ; veJu bUeh. For* winitt wllti ■ ' 
M >tt k h ivkcMtal nurk at Utrce-ravithi of tbc leii|;lhi Tcini 
tMvnl* Ihr b*M bmI tiifiM Iuri4. Length of the kidjr A line* i d 
tW visjn 17 Hm*. 

aL C«nni. Fcon Uadaiot Ida Pfriffir'* collttlioB. 


UICTYOPBOBi, Cal. H»m. p. 307. 

DlCTl-AmoaA RIOST*. 

P F<n). Ffrirfi*; tapuf InM'vuB*. nrfi™ etiriiui laUrilnttfiif 
I riti4iiiui rormtt Mwjruxt, trttUt Ivugimt. niA(» tn'ntri- 

^^^ aa f— ; /<■<» /annv^s. unirartoAt* ,- frvthvttx trirari. 
^^K a^Jwi, WUtfr rniurw, inar^iat f«(rniirr an^u^um anlHin 

^^K Jhifratu mtmlSifttf ttrinit niimt /lanUrtu; •/•« rima, 
^^K WMt mifiit tmi mriiihui vtlica Uij/mau ririJi, TnWi< 

^^ FmaicL Onan. Baad i«iuemiii : T«nes not Inngti ih. 
fc w d. wiA Ike bed nil ihe diirbtlT tIcTitod boriltn trmn. Pro- 
labaMiic* onodeali mudrilateral, lou^rrt than t\u tnui, oith an 
KMular ImI mi •■Mi fUa; under *l<le wiih three k««ls (bt Umal 
MU coBtianed alMiK the ftoat, which a Iobk ami linvar; fa 
IMMaUle, »llh on« ln(. Prolborax ahurc ihort. mtb ihrcr keel! 
•HdMl in f'unl, arutflv aD|>Dlar on ib« hind bordrr > a krrl ou va< 
•kie. MtMthataa mill ihrcrparnlkl kMlt. Witijpi (lirauiia: re): 
hiaek, cr«rn bmid* Uic baie. t'oK «i»|C* wi(ha|;rccii attpna^ 
«Mtlaivuif Ibrre ■rmlels: tiiintiene (ciDlcti furminff lbiF« otarlf 
MfUlar baiiil*; t«ni foittil al ibe lij>3. Hind winr* with ■ b« 

ntnleia. Lenfth of th« bo4f 4 llnM : of (h« vinga tv 11m*. 
«. UciiU*. Fmo it. Sdla'a ooIImUm. 



FtBin. Lutra ; ttrltx mfmlut, latrnim' tlrrQlis riridihu ; mm 
enpilh laliiudine dupio frrr longiui, riridi ti'i1iI>i> flifrofV 
linettluin, apud mtdvtm mbeiimprrmtm, apitr nUiUunm. 
ffi'im apicali tupra tnbfvigvr niprn ; prothonx krrtutiaiu. 
(rinirinafui, ratdr arftmliu, lalrribui nigra biiinrahu : WW- 
/borax Iriearinalui ; pedet rz parte riridri, (I'tiii laniifv 

Joico gcnubtttquf niffrii ; ala ritrnr, rmii nigrit kii nn- 
ibut; aniiat apirt ftuetiemlf*, itigmatt riridi, malii w 
online coUoeatit ; poilica renulii paitcit. 

I>malt. l.iitenus. Vertex Innf^r than bmad, wilh a fum>» 
in tltt: midilte; buidcrs eleiatrd and ^cen. PrutubcniiiM of [hr 
liead qiinilriliileial, nearly iwice lun^r than tbe breadih of ib( 
bfiift, (.lif-blU- GumprMi^it in ibe middle nod riilited at tbr li^: 
II pireii uiid a black BlHpe anit iwu black lines along c(ch vAi: 
ilt^k bhick Hhove and Wncalh at the tip. Pmlbunix alHivr nri 
slinrt iiiiii mucL curved, wiih ihree sli|;hl keels; its borden panllri. 
»iid ill k'liclh not inure ibHii line-eighth of its hreadlb : tao bliit 
lilies aloiip such sidis. Mesothnrax wilh ihree kceli. I-eg* P^^'T 

ttn «r BOMomuvB iMtwTB. 

nd bniMUb. aftd i* abofit twkw lomnr iIimd tUc brcidtk of 
bn4' Pmhoru tkin, with ■ middU tod. iiiinil^t *■»' iQUub 
im4 in front, mii tt^oMj «x«*a(ed on the liind border, i 
Wbl(* HtKuot; rttn* greni. Fore ttlnp corercd with ininnto 
l^nrlv; tpicil third pan "ith ftrj nwmeroat and moiH; itrc* 

ext ntftlvu. Hind wiafft ritli tctj tew frinlcU. Leiiilh of (ha | 
J m ban ; of the wlsip 7 l<ii»- 
Thit (fccid, u nganli the 'cio* of ibe fore wing*, diffvra 
■Muh fn«n Pioal of ib* oUki t[i(ci<M of DUlypSata, and apyioacbea . 

■. i. St DtaiiBigu. Ftna Mr. Twvadla'* Rdlectloo. 

Sontb America. 

DicTToriioa* muHoooHa. 

Mai- TiHlarra, nriJj nana ; rrrW* mn'narat.nim auiyliulltf; 
tiMiM fiHiviT, nijm /iiwaJni*, ap'or niMilaUtumt tvfilU 
iaMhtdi*' nun tfupta laifimt ; /rmu Ucari'aaM. ro/ii ff nntfa ; 
/win knrvofaJM, ■afnrfiMla; prvtAaroa irrr'iiiiinMi. iti^ 
oarinsiiu. ■Mrjfin'poMiMMiHiiTiif y>M(uarfalcTii/i^4 xi^rH; 
■aaalAnrBi rn^ifinafaf ,- a/c n'rrr.r, imti niyrii tail itiia- 
MJI f an/ir* H^i'^ ilijinubif «f Kna/ai f atajur imlaJeHtc 

3I»U. Tcttaoaoua, moailj pten bcnntfa and pan]/ a» above. 
VolBX aweh loanr ibao broad, with one fctvl : bardcn black anil 
alavaud. PraubmuM of iba bend <|uadriUloral, rathrr f.borlcr 
UuB twiM the bnadih xf ibe bM4, lioear, roy Bliehtly ililaied at 
tbe iJp i aaglo bUck. Frmt 1»ng, widening toward* im Tact, aiih 
iwa rod kaefa and with nA bordrn. Face Unccolalc. with od« (evl. 
Ptntbwaa nbute cuitiil, tzrj ihuti, wiib a >li|{bt keet. black nlnnx 
iIm> hisd bi>rd«f, auil '•■tli i«o bUck liQM alnof r«rh ride, .Mcio> 
liiiTtX *ltb tbraa knh. Wln^ flireoiit; •piat hlauk. miaocuut at 
the baafL Fata w'nifi lurtdbniwii lit the lipa : mi^a of tbe tame 
bar. Bmiataiag fi>e tciajait. Leii|[lh of the bodj i\ liatv; or ifaa 
viap 13 Kara. 

Tfcls >paa)e> much retemblaa D. etmtmttifiaiu, but tbe pto- 
labttanc* of Ui« b(»d U aboitet, tba pruthvrax ii \tm arcbed, and 
>ha itg* ara alauier. 

( Cf>, Fmid >li. Batct' coIlMtioD. 



LMT at ■• ■ or m ow nsaex*. 

I udMmH 
*fcr (ktt iP 

^^ Fn. IWan« **l /mhm; trrttt Innfw, 

^^1 MnHmM. ■ — «f« f niA*>Mi; /arir* ranMii, m^ 

^^^^K Ifcivw tn^, y t « i. BOK nruulw . aUmum /mmwi m 
^^^V vIrMr.lMi JMrMi. tlMwrr biiw; fate HrUn,lmfi.f*- 

^H[ F tm tl r. Tolaceou m Uwbjt. Vcnex t«it u^ 
^■WiiKi eUrufd tti pwn. PMUbaratM of tjw baad 
HtUghilT •Knillaf, cntmKlj ilwilrr. mihn t<Ni(cr 

hniUtk nf ib« haad, Mack na Mch lU*. Front UdmoIuc, «■» 
tinn R^itiA, Bltk tiw kwU. Fm« wtik an« knl, ud atik • 
Muk 4at iMW<l> tW p u twri*. PrMlmu alxn* than, aofc- 
MM; («BrM to (mrt and •fwU? ouactn UUmI. vitb ltu«* gitm 
to W i d w. Un-Mliinu •!»>(. U. am k««kd. AbdMura bnaAs 
linn iW ikmu. bM*B if (tMO. Ibwm* bi iW Um. L«n pm. 
I«ttl,itodni kMM,unJmadtipaa(Ui«illil«MiuMiM. Wbp 
«unMHi «iiw UtcL Konr *lap tiagad vidi brmra •! iW lipi 
MlfMM iMld, «tlb iwe •wiUk uuvma rdnkli &niaK iIim 
BMtl; mulu bMdi. Ulad wiBr* «iUi ■ few ttinleto. 
Wtbf M;* lian; aflh*«tttp lOtlna. 

a, L T*p>T«a. Fim Jir. Bairn' eoll(icti«(L 


L*u tindu, fntilk; Mrtw I m^ m , la/wi tm . 
mmWu Ju^w fuilujmt pmuim aifwu, Ulmtm i 
fanit fnMnllimiuu,ttldt mBfirmim, nUinr ajnaJriyi, mm 

amin mtfto-frntt*. ttrtfU damimt lattmlt^ ^aiiidt fttrk; 
Hvnrit Jixai frTntftmnu : frwiiar a r tnrit, MUnnwlH, 

; aUaBioM dttttu ftwrafitmu : alt »itr 
nifri§: aaHrm apml tvUm 

amiirr (waanu ; 

yaibw fanafmt o , nmulu tafit. 

Mak. Brighi Kreea, dmdrr. Vemx )o»g, 
I ■ bUcl ipM «■ each Mde, and a bUck dot ktad««id; 

UK or aowmBKoca imioii 


J thnui. Piutubenaoe obliqadt aMending, itn Heaitr, 
kfc conpnufid, Maak kbui*. wUiiiiJi Vueatb, full Hffo* loi^W 
w lltr bmtdtlt of til* b«aiL Front UocaoUl*, «lUi • i^lght UUf 
IM in[wiiMiiiii MWAfdi Uie hate, «ii4 wUli two blKok dou u iu 
I. Fkc iritlt one kcri dark browa at ib tip, and wiib a palo 
tw« airaak uu cacb liilt. Juinu uf ibo ptvboKm wiifa hUek lipa. 
■k «r lli« libiiKS forrucinvu). PruUiutiis iburt, conical in ttie 
lUte vf ibe fiMfl bonlcT, niodcraloljcancMc bcbiiiit, wiitb one kesl. 
ttwhoiaa trilb ikrcc krdi; lip uf llie acutcUuio grocu- I'cctu* 
tOj tMtacroiu, Willi a black »nat on vmh ndc Ubk of tba 
t u m mi tmupaaok. Leg* paillT taaUMOui. Wiugt tUkuui, 
rniw 1 *elH gicea. For* winn mrid aloDK ihc oofU umrda iu 
k lefTUgniiMt ahmg tbo hind butdcr; lelnleU incgnlac, not 
Maraua, beglnniug at iwi>>tkirdi of Ibc lengili. UidiI wiogt 
tfa riT<r fa* tmiloiB. Lauglh of Uia budj 4 Uiim ; of tba wiuga 

PcQin Mr. Bitcf* ooUac-lioit, 



All/a, tHlfw faUoM,- nrrtw tmiutniu; cnraa faiuin, 
era«Mai, ottaniai, friaaJ— , eifili* laliliiJiHr pauila lutiiu, 
mpra nriJi margiimnim, UUrilmt ai parir /uini , pn^otttc 
aa/4n mtcnnuiu, nriiM HMrfniihuf u< nriAliAiu ; mnolKimx 
Mnnii tnhuinnJiiai ; atf(i>iBM ttlutii Iftiafrti IrinlMfuui, 
/airriitu a/l« nvJaiu. ^Jm friiaori, Mijrrc /mttHlii ala 
nJnw, na^ mumu n^iv nigrii ; anile* a^'<w atyro aar^*, 
HMii a^ifalitlM/arMrii, imuJM vn^'i. 

if*U. IIH, Usuccwu bcutTBtk. Vertex eitremelj tbart. 
Witb«iaiK< at Uia hrad broad, tliiok, obtuir, iiuBdrilaietnl, Wilb a 
tt ahii>r iiD<l baneatb, a Ullla lonetr than tba braudtfa vf ibn 
■4f p«rUj brow u on each (idc ; boraeis abuto freea. Pruthama, 
arttoaBtoal In front, eioavated and aiiBi>l>r I'cbiud, iu k«) and 
« atoralc^ bwden groea. Mewtfcorai nil, wiOi ibrcc unca keeU. 
Mowias atth three rciat uf trMaaaoui tBatk*, which ais tvaelmie* 
Miete, and with white marLi aloOf ta«h »id«. l^f* tnwMvui, 
lib tiUck baudi. Wiu^ lilri'uiii; •«■»• icaLiceuu^ Mack luwardi. 
a lipa. Vvn oiagi n>oitl«t aiili black tnwafdi the tipa ; leinleu 
w and lircitilUr -. apical latiii fufkad. l^oj-tli of the budy 3 lioct ; 
IiIn BKif:* 7 line*. 

-<. Saulanni. t't.'U) iit. Satm oolltctieu. 



fT»tilhnnim, nyir* nVfnm. iwtnu tnramafmi, niftlii lali- 

Umtkm hmit, arraalnj; «m('« uign rauprr wi . nJW nm«, 
nmi* trM4m>.' irmtiew tfau tpiemOtmt nisrig/mm mUMU, 

TMUMuok. Vtntt at tW Uad twrron. <*iib ilxtc Ln4.lb 
ntiddlv all* tliiibL I*rolub«twice poctKt, liiicaf, ijiKiitiUinsl, im 
tUodet, iD«atlj liUck ilutc ; lU Icoctk taott (liau twK« Ux iicaillt 
of Ibc licad; uailo »idv ailli ibrrc iliMiuct leoU, nlin akla 
Ui«aitlt tilt (Vmt, nhicb like ikr lice ik Inlcd aad tallirr 
TbDfax litowa aboir. wjtfa tbrrc LmH. PrvitlMns aliutt, ink 
[ I.PS) ulDBtclT ijirclloJ vitb blart. Winj* riUcMiti i*.n 
rceuuL I'uiF wing* "lib (he triM hUck and niMtlf duu ' 
liruw D i»«>nlk ikc tip* ; inaiienf >dalcU imguUti duI nu^sci 
l«u^ih of Ih* boilr 3) tlMi; of Uia wisgi O Hum. 

«. Oanibla. Pirtenttd b; Dr. W. UaclniW Sk»m. 



BfriM mhmt Unt iiridi; /rut M fttitt rri—l^. jmITM' 

ftfir nrr^iAni; —w»lAwg nrirfi nwiyinaliM . aMm/B*fii< 
nn^i ^mfrt ruidrt; «/# nimr, tmu (irirfitw, intfu 
iMyu, iriyuutf Hinv. 

Jtfafc. I'kJe hUMM. Ucad qtaMliiUicnl. eloMg>l*-<«wnl 
•b«t«, mtber ImiKn <li<i*i ■'■ bt«B<llli. wiib Urn* Ifrlt; M^titti 
Imu, ltu«>r, allli tk nlddto kocl bcigbt pwo ; froal ul tt* 
kdidrd, Date gmiw pR>tli««sihiirt,ai>MiDd.»tib (bmkcal>,«IM 
like ii» botilcn arc brigbt freeik. UaMfcOMZ bordcrtvl «>ib pa* 
Ali<l4iD«i gtvcn at ibe lip. Leg* glMK. Wihga ittrr«». xw 
ttitrn ; tiumenv mnliHa not BUMtm, and tiM twraaec 
bdiiilt; iii^iM viiftsva, toMaiainf Tmi **ibl*to. ili»J 
iiib vo(f ten iciDlctt. Lcuftkof ibvbvdf 4 liaoi U IW < 
ID liacL 

a. Pott Nalkt. FroiB Mr. PUnc** (olIeoUM. 

uiT or HOHOPriwDt msEors. 


Dicrvoniofu Folookoioh. 
mraM efliaJrimm, pomrfmn, faWni/^IOM, nipa 
niynn, (Auruir fnnjiiw; iJtont /ainu . ^ru{A«rar rariitstiw, 
•Hirirr duynJiiliu ,' MmifArwoj; #( aUiiinrii n'nWi oaMimm, 
iiiy'iu foJrra «pj<v nlyra airid ; ■/« vilmc; antu^ tM ftrU 
ftttiemyiK lutiuriilir, vrmii i/iyinalnftM NuiiBa wiyru, hkmIw 

TwtiCMUt. Hotn of the lirnJ cjliiiclrial, hoiiionul, lubtf- 
M Uoek ibsi*. I«iigcr ttinn tlip llmnix. n little tbkkcr luwnnlt 
mm. Thorax laanjF- PnitborBS k(«l«l, |'i»iiiiii«iil mid ■ii)|;ii)Mr 
^pt tati «4tMll* exottaicid bcbind: iit bmiJlli ibiiul cinhl 
^■H Iragtb. A gtttn iiiiuo eitcadinit Trum ibe luciotburu in 
■^ tif til* ■bdoDK'n, whivb it vnrinl silb bla«fc oa (««h kid*. 
Igi *tinu««, wiUi * ili^hl lurid diii^o on iba tip» of ibt (oM 
|||i nd M ibo itfcaicr pan uf ilie bivil wiDjci; iMna Uaek. 
n wisp witb a Ifw inrgularljt illipo««il imi»rer*e *ei»l«t*( 

II blM'k. tctj Ur^r. Lenstk oT tbe hud; 6— « liMa; n( ike 
10—13 liim. 
Nottb Cbiu. Prom Mr, FunaikA ooUeeUo*. 
t- PaUiJr tutr* ; Brrlrr rmrSuu trUv Imle tirUihu ; Mna 
Jawn/dfara, ^svrm'im, i>tfHlh iattlvJinf rir Jvpto toni/iiu i 
tlurtx rartiut Int^u l^tt riridibai ; prolKtraj trrni, are^a- 
Mi : mnMhor*r tifUi UfWtMut ; frfttw viridi yirwJnnt- 
!■(■■■; ahtbrmtn viriJf : pnUt IcUrri, aljrm uriftti; al» 
titna, rruit tiriJititi nj^iiv /iucm ; amlien rnnutu rvhulu 
•i««rr/iu<>i, ttiynHlc fmlliJt fiuea. 

ittii. CmIb luitvUk V'ntcK i>r llie iiciiJ • lillic lonKCr Uian 
Mi, wllb ibree liiigbl gitcn Iwtlt, Ibo UtrnI pair eMitiDatd 

aUw Mda uf ibc pratubaraoM, wfakh I* tiiftr4«Uui, piirrttf. 
Ut«il, arxl kcariT iwtce kinser Umh the bTcadih of Ibo head : 
idc* H>l« Wllb a uilitille ketl, irhith ii tvuliaucd la ibc boat nod 
the fac«. Pru())<inx aixl BiM<ith«rax wilb ihfee brigbl grw 
toe*, the (Di»rr ibon aiul ati^ticd, ih« latlcr aitli a |TeDn Mtl 
(• didc. I'cuiu* mih lao ifrecu tinjm on racb fide. Abdc 
cca. Lm iratacroui, ailb iluiidcr black »tr«ali. Wil_ 
trmMi ttta* palo grcMi, broan loaardi ihe lipi. Fore wiw« 
.Htme tcluku dark btmro, iiuiU, id ibiac Irrogiiat 


CkM. rmmMt.\ 






t^ mid hm^n rf *> 
taA aMA A» Iwii Ml 


r. L ««. M. 



kfOTM apiolk, VaO. Jmmn. Imm, An, L Ut. M 
f B« Ml. WabM-ft 

Gmm EUOIPTEKA. CW. 0m. f. 
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Ftan M. Salte'i cotlaction. 

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a. UniCD. Finm it. Salle's «oll«ctiaa- 



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' Wwl fiart of th« ocMta. 

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(rwiMlw .- /nmt trtmiwmm, tmrimit dmhm Ulii aHwy i a ll r, 
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Ivbetclci •! tlte Imx, ailb a Uighi tniwn lincv «iua( tk« aaMl 
part of ibn iBlcriur Imnlrr nnd on Mmir uf tbe transien* (twl*. 
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vli'UHh. Ixnstb vf ilie IxtJj 3 line* i uf Iba >lap fl lino. 

a. Meaicu. I'rMn M. Saltc't ralteeikiu. 

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West Indies. 

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(fwamrntu, ^<tu, arwalm, pmllUni, njjpn (i^tbifiuj 

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fci«4*r. Frntboni pair, with (wo blick dlii-il iloti. ibuul four 
IIOM* bmid<T tban lung, cootcs in Irvat, Ins coi)cii>« IiehiMl. 
■mOiDni B«l, wlib fourUtok dMs. Fon wiogt witi loinc Mack 
Am, *hi<l> are ■xMljt alOMK 'l** o<>*»l f"*^. ■nd 'n »(^ rqiaUt 
doog iW eiKTtar iHHdcr; rata much diUled lowirdt tbc b«t«, 
(«r; ihebiw iliUl«l neai ibe lip; tiuriur twnlrr w>b<|ua4lr«Ie. 
Rm omp wbiiisb, wilb tnuctous >eta«. Leogili of tlwbod| 
ti— ^ liMs; of ih* «tngi It — to liim. 

Sl Doming. Fnhd Mr Tweodie'i coUecUoB. 



Bovth America. 
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rtt tarmtli : mriKlAM'ax lru«riaalHi ; a/a aiidn* ji atlUi 
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bnvnlu, «S4«pl ibcvr akni; tbe czt«riur Uitdn. Langib ul ibe 
U73 Batai of lh« winp 7 IIdm. 

b Cbaaaiwia, PiotlaM of Rl» Jaariro. PtcwttMd bj the 




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titvtla i fralhimx fnnirrrfiu, (fWl, amuIiM, Htyn y i*i' 
fallal H ,' mcMtAnfiar pUrnu, maruHt f«snur JdlrnJi^ 
■fyrir«HliA«i ; •{« «iil>i'<ir niV* yunelabr^ OMtna'a ii/vi ■■■'• 
jnnfw ■■fm«rvm /hkh, nnaitfu n>ft«Btf4iiAai in/tunfttit j ya^ 
liivr mitliid*. ivkm i»lli4i inUcnt. 

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villi fcur Uack MlnU. covtos alMig ibc (on barren ftuiii 1*1 
Umcor lluB Imom, with • ilifitlj denied border. ItMbiru *ld 
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•icb udc. Fora «{Dp wlib manf Ii'acL pulim errt llie aorfici. 
Knd witb • bMwn t|iii( oo llic talrrioT bonier a( u<H~(bM o' 
Ibe IrDRlli; iriiilda o( Ibe apioll weoktf dMdcd aiUi Itnnni. 
00*18 Daurb ilitau4, fonniaiE a nitbrT hra«J ibnuldci at tW bait 
Hind vine* >1F)[liily whiliih ; •till* fit teOactua* . I^egUi d lb 
bodf 3 linn ; of Uie trwjp !l lioM. 

a. Villa Nora. From Hr. BaM' coUmU'm. 

Ei.ri>imu Mutus. 
#^atilii«nn^; twrar f f ai»w>ti« n . i^ra wJ—fattu. y«u ^ 

fainBlUlu mfnit, ncryiw idmim nMm« : /nmt fiUmt, lilt- 
rU«tf aan ^«b1h ,- pn-fAerci iraiwnrmt, ntiarmatMa, JiAm 
dmahmftUUit/turu ; i*nMAtn«rtr*r«riMitai, wifraofUnu; 
u/ff ai«a'rtf ot^rn jiwIJaliT, /airtM ruitftMli tniM w»^»(illi 
*MryiM ttUtwrt fwJrtia i pnnitit tintfnr^ltida. 

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^black dou «■ Mdi »ilc by ibe ejc; /lont Aat. bm Imik*! itia 

kNMd> ila hordtn no* dctaud. ProUiurnK full UtHoe braailtf itM 

I ioBii. e«o>ex ■long lb* lurv boid«r, iligbtl; tosca** bcbi»i, aiib 

l«a bwtTM marlu In fiunl. Mraotbaru «ilk aoHa blaoli omiU aoJ 

■ilk ikna fc««la. t'oi* witin wiib tereml blank il«U icatund iac 

^okrlf •<«( ibe lurfdce. avd wUb a »p>l*' nx* i^ biMi dirt* alMC 

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bod; 3 liiie*i oribc winici M llaei. 

«. SMttn«. Front Mr. Biiei' collation. 

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rnMTM. AT ^(tr n'riifu : rrrtri iMamjm, ri* AMMMU. nurvlnr 
*u fVvHlD. ttiiiff nytJsnu ; fiimM traturma, luhruftluM, 
ftiitm miiii Ji/dlaM ; yrvlJkar^i MMic* Irtiitfalnt i >■»•• 
tXcrtrii Jiirm 4*fimm t •'« ^iHrm ptUiJr ririAn, aiJWa- 
ttrmUM, ntinfulaim. /atdt mrJia laU palliJt ftrrufinni . 
pattirtr tiitfnv'tlhU*, rmi'i /wrii tHhuimloiit. 

EMiiHcn EvmenoDiana, H'liW, Sf-SS. 

Tnuceoiw, |i«itl]r pale trn^fi' Vcrl*s moch loaj^T ifaan 
Inkd. baWlj pmcKc, aDil ailh n kinthr tieralcit hurdtr, Nngnlu 
!■ fttMl : rraml *cr)r Mudi ktokdtr Ihaa lotiK. »lil«tiiNl t<i«<irit the 
few. hM kr«M nof atlli an fkrtted Uitiri, th^Mj niiculMii 
oaatTrneU. Proihoiai iTunrntc iu fronl. not Lcclnl nor ttonled 
ilu»g Uic bonlct. Dill uf ib> inttaUiiira* dnpnued. Foic i>ii>|[v 
|iil« dull fma, illlihllT labprciilatt and niicutoM. with a httud irrv- 
j|dar pale hrincinoua middl* hand, wliirli i» btvadrit in fnim ; 
eaita iKach diUt<<d- llnid wint* B^ajub wbito : t«m hntirn, 
liifkO) cUindtd. Le»gth or ibc budj 4| liac* i or ibc 

«. C«?t*tL PriMiited bjr R. TBmplrtoB, Eiq. 

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■wrjiaf (iiMrMJO.- from attntjra, nu'indfa, narjtar Wr- 
•■to . priiiMtt t«nirm» ,- ittotKarvt lilura rtuei/afi -igm . 
gtmunlirm tnUm-tiridn.Hihtm^l***, iuUmbtTt%UlM,/iuai 
Mthifftete, ilrVyiJ Juaisi nivn'f . una pNltoa OMryinaJi, 
mttit* ; pMJirw df^, intii (nfarrtt. 

TMtoOvuiu. Vrrlci cubiul, wucb l«ni;rT iliaB bnM4,t))[, 
B>o*«d, •(■>■ a (lifLUj «Ifib1«1 I-nrilrT, snd with lw« hiatfc yiAM 
tt hOBi ; rr»nt 'ttj iniicb Ioiie*' Uiun bniad. *i(li a d-jtbd keel, 
tad «tik (Irrated bonUn. Proikons conical, doi kwM. Mcmv-, 

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stem. •Ilslitli ittd aloMdy niarUtl wilb btvwn, Mmeafcil rv^ 
lo*r unil tuNmuUlc ; a black aiiii uu Ac wibcrxul •ein DM! iW 
!>■>«, anil DDuthct on ihr iiitcri.it honter at Ina-thinls of lh« l<Mlk; 
ni«U mitrh iliUtrd. Ilinil o-ii)^ nthilei vetM UMOMOU*. Lnclk 
»f ihc tKKl) 4 ItiK*: vTibi viiigt H hiiM. 

Bomt* ProM Mr. W&IUc^« collrctioa. 

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fiilHiit firiJu ; wriex ixUfymuw, ■«■ tnuwrnw, •■Mtrna*- 
ml. linni ifiuitu auifi'u /iianifitf laut»lihu nifrit. fi^t 
pUiM, atlvu^, «fuJ trrtiirm nijrn), ^bri^ rlmlii , wt- 
IhoraM Ipwuirntu, tfnfirr Ineiratiu, nirii WtioAw bOrahltf 

dimhu lafvraliAu aAAfrn^ui iiiHtyiir mirfia ilvpiirtti ■'fnr; 
•f« anlirtr ilnjM lnua'i a^d naraiii'm inlmnmn /alrtiMr 
fWiti^ru. ruu 4i4t»lit»lrnutt lumni^ut ucurittihrn tiatu 
pmtiri >lt«, DTiHt mjiditwt. Vu.— VIU* mamimUa U- 

Pak K'crn. VftIfk il>f>hilj dcprnMil, ii«i Inign IbM 1>n«<. 
rmiiotl in fraoi, wiU> 1*0 black nWldlc Ubh. aad mm* Uaci miri* 
un nr)i ii'l* ; frnal flat, Riwrii buffrr itian b«<Nd. *>ik rivrilrd t«» 
4ct«, ti|i<i alvfiR ike «cnn. PnUuml inomrMie, tnineaK > 
&aM.oaB(«*<bplilB<l.«ritk ■ *kad«r hWdi wUitle ntirr, aaJ ■•* 
• bwitd Uacfc Uii|M I'll r-Mh tide. MHiilbvns flat, wilh a ri«aUt 
" Hdrifa in ibc tiiiJilk, aad wiili • ttuHiei blaci tiripa «• mk 
idc. F«ro siUK^ niib a black iltcak aloii)! tbc inlcriar bcfilttu 
thn baic^ with Mrcnl bbok luberclca »i» tbc iiiTTdce, iviib a hnw* 
•iHpf *xuiiiilBB (ram ibo butt ki lit* bmUW at iW jiik. asJ *llk 
toiDf rilntor broira luarki; cntla Jibud. Hind *iB)ti ■h*'< 
ieio«|[rriii. l^oflb of ihc b«d; 3| llnoi of tfca vingiBBBCt- 

Car. The ilatt matlu uf thr dwru aii^ «r tilt fan •!■{> 
■OMtljr ebwIeM. 

a, (, B«nie& Vnm Mr. Walbte'i cvltcctMO. 

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UrJidt utUM : w^ *l f rvlAorttr 
frwwnrtiu, MriiMfiu, aofin mi 

/tVHt Mutga.e»ri»u duattu tubobttUlii, iM»ryi»e a^lnut i 
frUkaraM noMniMfw. antin ithtratttttnt : nwMlAvrara 
Jhri ml$ir ; aim fimrt** iit6^rmi»ai^ ; tniicj liiitrU mtm- 
mmUit ^rT<M fmifii ani lu^rtt: pMicm einrnurmm, hum 

DiaCT IntJoeov*. Ilml •■d prMbons ilighll; muM wllb 
ct. Vntrz Biaoh bnwivr than loag:, ili|[bll; ■ogtilu ia Amit, 
b ■ tK|tht keel, aoil villi rlconlcil borilm ; frunl a litll* laager 

■ tmaid. with (wo atm-ai >>1iioliiit kerli nnd h iili alif^htlf tkrUild 
4(1*. Prulh«r«l wroew^t UntKnIe in fiont, nitii a leiy illjcht 
L Dbk of ilie iMsiilhorriK MOtlW blacL Wini^i mtli a kliibt 
jfth Muum. t'vrt aiiis* wilk *l>gnl iiuall irr^ulir aiid inriable 
■• vr Mack ■arh* : cotla loucU 4iUtc(J. Hind ■tag* pajith, 
h diAn *«itif. L«ii|tb ot \he body 3i linn ; of Unt wiaijt 10 

|L KsRh China. Fraa Mr, FomiMV cirilMlioii. 


■ Guna CLAtWDirTBBA, C'«l. Horn. p. 337. ■ 
H Cunoiipitu TiaiLif. 

prvtinrax iiminijfrfiaiK, MMryinf pMtiro mtien-MrMiM ,- aif- 
HlAaraxiifiiC'iiMrufiiyHrfuUisrniura^ion; prrfw alW** 
HitofVM, wdfWii UtfT-iliiut migrU: tUamta Uy tiriitt, 
titiA Biyra tut inf/rrB^ta pMtMW 4iUtaUi ftdtt rirlAtt, 
fututrikm flailirii mijT'v irrijMlu,- olir il'lrnr . aiUi>« jft'ji- 
■ulr Hifra, anof it •/■Ko/iinj nvr»-/iur>i, liniv umJU •nni. 
kroM Iraiuatnaraiii/Moa luiu^iu. 

Tt»U<ru«t Ca<ni-oal««r. HmiI wllb an cnietiild gnm band 
dw ••(I'll Ck'sI *"i 'nc* gnoa-gnni. Prallions arcbMl, 
tMU-ffmi, «icr|>t ilir hind b«Hsr. llMOthorai CBi«niU-KiMB 
tiaat4. «n<il "'tl> <*<■ cmcnliUfncu apols gn cacb nie. IV'liM 
■liih ViUCMiua, with bUch t|iuls «n nacb tide Abdomea btigbt 

bH 119 


un or ittHomMra ntactm. 

ltimih.(T««*i. *)ili * \>Ucl Mripe, tbwh b tnirmipud ncttlktar 
Mil diUlcrf klndBmnl i undn *U« hUcl hiDdwtr<l, I^c* pmn: 
hiad MIC* p«ler tli«n tli« bdicn. iLcir lemitn *l naked vitli bbd. 
WlBf* •nrrau*. Fon minp vith s black >t)|iuu ; ipie*) ■»«*« 
Martnh brMiB ; viddlc Um of inBtierM *«t»lM* tllgbtlj elooW 
•t(h btown. LAKih of Ui« bod; 3} titin : oT Iht vri^t IS ln«. 

«. Rip Jueliw. FrcM ill. SbBckuiT* c«ntctiaa. 

Cuoooimou WTLiEaMn. 

flwfnnmi i wrU-a /tMtM iwny i iiB , ^lu rf /uv« _|Uincnl( 
nn'iin; pnlSitMi i m a.nf4i»u*, nuir^Kt potlif rufttttmti, 
aumtkonr maruiii maaraHpiftiiif : midumtn l^tr ntfiim, Uli- 
rihu inurayifiiiu, isan/u /fltnv/iiiu nyru f h'iw fM^w* 
mMra])Jia« j a^ rttmt, wmit ttttmttii i amtitm i ri/ wK 
i/riyofaf poiJir* taltfiarr/mttu. 

R*4dltb. H<«>l niih in cn>n«i<l-gtc«n tatid on iliv una: 
ttomi «Dd Tm* ;rltu*i*b gr<<rn. PntbofU ti«rdlj[ arrbH. ratnU- 
pt«B, n(vi4 iIm bind botikt. HtM«Limx wiUi rmcnld-cm 
tMMi. AbdiMieii buigbl »d ( tUm tmenU-fttrm i donan mk 
bUck ipoti %ioof Mck (Ida. PotU-rior (>lii» etan«Hy 
\Vino<tiir(HM; >rii»ie(UaoaiiL Fan ■ri>i)[( vitb a bron M%M. 
nblen M |«ler ■! M«ti end ; a hio«n itmak cxteading fna iw If 
ilonjt r*rt <>r tbe interior border, duikttl tioog tti isteito tf*' 
Ixngtb of the bodj 3 Udm 1 of tb« wlngi Iff ILnet. 

«. Para. Fran Mr. Bain' colketiaa. 

Pallid' riridit ; utrtrr tiifrv Hfumnu ; fiimt mifn 

proikomx miyra hfuttUiu ; nnoUttnia mmt^it totraHh' ' 
mifrii ; ahJrmin mifrvm, tisiit trihu hlrrtimmt Inianv. 
ptiirt oitiri fmttc ftttiati ; ala fjlnv, mi* myrit itm tff 
lacrii ; a>(Kw aifoiatt tXtiymi ml^fie»ti wyg-jWcj 
jHttira tirigt irrri tmrginali mhtpift/t nifrm ■ 

Pule gntD. Vtnei n ilk a lilnck riot a« ndi i)d* ; ftmil i 
two bhwd hUck Miipd. Prulbvrxx witb Un> bhcb duu. Ml 
ikom ■rilh bWk afoti on eacb tide. AbdoiMD l>lact, wllb i 
leMnemiu %\nfn ; tide* alw U«la<«<»ut. Fore 1cin with 
bandk Wtn(c» vitrroot ; <e>n( bUci, teuatvoM lowatdl lb* !<•>■', 
Fure aiiift »itb a bhciiifa bromi Migma, and wlUi a 

Im««k in««uUf iltnk, vhiek oonipiM ibe lip, m4 »Im>i]i from 
UatK* u Uh dttk. UMT kuJ panll«l M Uio iuurior bnriUr. Hin ' 
«lain •ith ■ than btadi lUnli lwliinillb«iip. l,«ngUi of tba bod 
34 Ubm ; «r 1^ wliiK* 8 lln««. 
«. SaBturoi. Frvm Mr. BhIm' colleotiM. 

Rattiit ririJit; rrrUr rtonfaltu, /iMaru ,- /r««u f/«ajiiU, im< 
MrtaaM ; /*citt niar-i ,' jtrwAtfru ftrrnmiHiu ; nvaMtonLr 
ni/a AJhltaMi . aUimin tgmrmtit ru/o mttyinalii, lalrriim 

ZU ; fnUM fi*My«f ayiit nifru : ptJrt aatili m/i, n(- 
Wis »lm*l^, trmii palliJt niidlliut *ltt tntk^ faifiu 
ditaimt liriili mtryintiit iiifmnit^wt Higru, maryiHr afiirali 
wirUttt^ntr, imacul* a/nmli fuiiiifut HMiiniffif iMtapit\iUtut 
fmtii i fattinr ttrtg* mtrfiiuili imiapirmti migrifaitle. 

Pftle gntn. V«fiei Iin»r, abiiiii lirioa loagtr ibau brtwl 1 
ftvkl vi(b 4 iligbi krH, full iitie* l«a|ttT tbaii braa4, *Ilgbtlj 
taorM*lBX in brcadtb lonrd> ibe tttr, wUab it bfaob. Pntlliurax 
*wy tkatt. MetoUiij*** wilb l«« red itripw- Abdosm with ■ 
band «a the bind bon4n itf (Mb ugrmMil; Mta tuatlly hi 
iCa«e> uid lip* of lbs llbia black, fan l««* r«4. •Ilsblly dili 
WlBfa wlitM; taint palt itrtwfi. l'"!* «inci vith tvo btftck 
giw a lth bor4aM4 baMa alonjt lh« inuKcne rciiilcU, aiid wilb 
• (raciibb tinie along Ibe aprenl buntn; Bin bakd j«ain|r ibe 
Ul«k (liflmai iBaaad obaalvte ip rruBi; a Utga bion amnl 
«Mt *n4 Moi* brixfB tuhapical ilnU ; hitial *einkto biMk. Hind 
m^ oiib a bUeiiiili iBaijtioiil itibiitical itrcak. Loiigtb 
bad} 9t 'inn ; »! t^ "i"!!* ' tines, 
a. Villa Nvm. Frem Mr. Bales' oolkcticn. 

Goiu* CIXIUS, Ctl. ff<m. f, 33». 
Sonth AmericA. 

1; trtet nmrmria, vilnmgiu.anlif* UHftMitti fnmirtf*ein 
riimf»l», rariiuM, WHrfinitiH rimlit ; amli rmtmmla i ft*- 
tiormt irmnimiu I ■HMofA^ru'f •nnftU'MnnalW; ab nine, 
•fMH IrMartii ,- aiiJUW iltynalc /lucottnlr. 


TS LUT or BOHOPTEBOrS imsbct*. 

TawDj. Veriei coiica»c, a ItUJe nanower is fcwK. •»* 
lonfcet tban btond; rrautand face fanning a fusifum (ompansm. 
with ■ distinct kftl and Hiih clet^Hleil borden. E;n prommn'- 
FniUiotitK verj short. Me>othorux with Sie distinct Leeli. U np 
•itnon^; reins testaceous. Fure wings *ill] ■ pale lirucuk 
stigTua; •einletsBomewhal irregular. Length or Ike bodj 31 liw*i 
of llie wings 7 lines. 

■- Saourem. Frum Mr. Bates' coUection. 

CmcB cnaiNDs. 

PMidt nirtiiw ,- xtrlrx mtnimui ; front ruhrtrinata, narfi'til* 
HKtttit; omit eitunlri ; firoi/iorax brti'uiiBitu , autttkifv 
pimnui : ala onlirw lubtiiialiiit, ilnffii yuinfur ruUf>te 
Mi^itit KiffrU, faieia intrriorr marffinrK/tii rxlfnori fv", 
matulit exttriontui albii, gnllu ntaryinaJtbtt ni^i ; ^nn 

Pale lemoB-jetlow. Vertex ^etj (mall ; front with tkt 1 
verr biiiblT elcTattd between the eyes, nncl with a iligll i 
keel. Etes prominent. Piuiboiai terj short. MeMUMai I* 

un or BOHomiaaH nnscta. 

Bkcfc. Svfneait of ibe hfa<< tod of tka ihonx «iUi imi«cmu( 
M4et^ V«nes eoawTe, •€<; BNrrow ; Tropt omiIj B>t,*lMif|bt 
■ Atch «Ue, wMcninji riow ib# vetlcK la ikc fan', ni'li n tMUcruu* 
mL £}« l^lf- Pnthvrax tirclx^. *rtj iborl iu tb« mliUJv. 
f««Mlwns «itli Bvi kMlt. Hiiid banl«n of ibc ■IxtoiBiMl My- 
MC<o«». l-'einqfm bbpli, with ImUccoai lin««. Wiap 
rein* bUd^ Fore winip witli * black >li);(iiii, «bich h** 
(rhila lr*ai<«n« line Deal ito l«n. LmgOt uf ibft bodj 3} llnai ; 

lidena. Frotn M. DobemnS oollMlton. 

Ctxivi Dtriu'*, 

minimm ; /nut ri ftciri mrinalir, frm^uilir ; /rsju ixfc- 
prvJmrtt ; fnilhitnit hreritiimiu i mrinlAorwf plomat ; aWn- 
•UN frtMHHM ,- prrffi (n'^rn. (lAitt ft tMrmmm mrtintit 
*fift m^m,- ■/« osdVir /uitw, fitfiit iuahm migrii, wm 
prrMi^ut, mller* lutttemf rii vUiawl, filurd eoiuli ftlttu- 
■upp'fM/jhM alMit, lilUTu itutmt aiimt tit^i»fm 
mifrit, maryiat ttttriur* Jtur» ,* jMittnt riNT- 


nva. Sc|rn>enu uf ibe bn«d and uf tbn iborax with l«*tu- 
bordni l(f«il froninoiii bcjond the ejc*. Vertex retjr 
Mall ; fruiil kiuI faee kedeil, *ei; naiToir. Prolltamx im iborL 
U«alburax 0>i. Abdomni and lega IcUacaou: tip* of Ibo libi» 
■•d «f the )oiali of the tarn black. Fore aiiii^ bfvvn, aith liro 
VmA haiKl*: ibc dtU itij ubitque, rxtaidiii)( Iruin ibc tuu«ur the 
eoata to the iiiler1a« border; tbe arcoiid liiKhtl; curtcd. hardlj 
kUlifuc, ocarljr ountJipMus la ihe 6n( tm the iniMixr iMfderi 
* vtitiab mark od ihe cuMa juiiiinj; lb< exiciSnr aid* o( lli* atODiid 
kaad, anil t r>'*> of nbitiab iJula exlcadliif fi'im ihonc* luund the 
if of Uw nivg (0 the Inicnor border, obcre ibcy ato lenntiialed by 
t*« blai^ uiarU ; the ipace* between Ikeae dolt we favas. Uiod 
■iafi ftajub. l.«sKib of the hodj It hut; of tbc wiogt Ai 

■■ fVrt Stui. from Mr. Plant'* t«11eotiua. 


t,m o* iMvamMc* amen. 


ClXtL-l *L*>1LU*. 

fntJurajt trrtiuimiti ; nmntAjriLr iii^riiMriu ; 4iim aMv* 
(■triiMrMmiifM, i*liatmlm. iiwr«hi •imaBlh* awjiau <«•■ 
JljKmlUmfareii. linrir Judbu iranrnmii inlrrinnhii WrifiH 

T«MwM«i. Vrrtei Rad front mmtk oNupiened, «iih (UrvM 
■dm. PrMlwras rer; iborL Mraaibonic wiib iiro tligbt l(ck 
Fofc oinKf *ll|cbit;r Si'j'Oi. nlLct liru*<], wilb toetal £t(c oft- 
tu«nt btna >|NiUi Ian lU<k inimtft* iiim bcfiN* iW HidJIk 
anil viaie lulmKirjciiial hlivk ^i«aht klnvjt itiA *rin*. UikJ vinp 
vliiiwli. l«iigtboriki liiMlf V lioM; sflh* viftfS d liso. 

«. Cailoo. l^fMonUil \)f R. Ttnplrtou, E*^. 

CixiM pcamuTta. 

I ptUtnUtu*. HWl. jMirm. ZJm. £ar. i. R7. la 
,i, B«nic«. Frum Mt. Wallaea't ouDvciiM. 

Cmta raKn-noa, 
Tiim fnjitxvt, ITaM. Jimrm. Liurn. Sue. i. 147. XL 
a. B«niM>. Pron Ur. \ValUn>'*ool1«cUM. 

Ci»M timpto. fVM. Jpint. Ham. Sot. I. U7. 51 
«. Bot*ea Frnn Mr. Wailave'i <«ltc(ti«i). 

Cam KCiM. 
I Mtai, ICa/A. ^Min. ZJan. &c. i. IM, 9T. 

'Bamto. From Mr. Wdkoe'a coHmUsb. 

Mer Of MouoMKRoit!! inKcn. 

Cixiva n«itic«. 
Iiu initim WM. Jaunt, /.inn. Sic. i. 149, 43. 

^^^H Hew ZeftlaDd. 

Pmllid* (fraaitonH : trrim Jrfrti$ia, mMryiii* *l4val» , /ram o(- 
tHj^, ranndla. luarjriiiitiii ttrMfit .- prolhorar trrvUtimut : 
ManlAvnr plaow ; nAf rifrna, mii paliiilr flarii ; anfir* 

tankii afun/ihu dpin iiiyro Botah'i, tvfia/u IrBiunra'i nryrit. 
ftila *ln«-<olnur. VoriM <le|>m»rJ, *llb cUraUd bordoni 
oUaar> "ilk clc*aloi< hoidcn, wiUi a dinsnct keel, anil rann> 
I laall UiimituUr eompartiDMit, wbidi siljouw Ibe vcnci. 
■was nff than. Mfwibonx tomcwhat ilep)«iM4. Wiaga 
n: rtiat pah nllair. Ft>r(> oing* with bkek Uanttww 
U, and KiUi a fcUcfc miiL m lh« lip of eaeb af ioal rvbl ; 
uaiwitvne tHiileti fonnioK Iao incoiD[ilele liao. Length of iko 
kud; It hac; or lb iiiiE* 1 Uncv 

Stm Zealaod. Preictitod bj Colonel Bolton. 


CizniB FiHiriHCR. 

Itfrw «U lnf4mu, ■rrlrr tlangalut triemnatui, rariidM 

^i^tat aitiirp aiu/itltim itruium Jiiijmrtbiu ; fmtu /aei<t' 

fM rftew ^nw, A«r luKwIufa, (//u HHtrariiMU.' iManx mun- 

mtmanam aigrr : abJomtn mpm niyriatai, ptJti niifrv/iit- 

tinti I tilt «n/iiv cinerro piJmr, imii pallitU uttactu niftM 

Pale lutfUB* a« IMtaesoin, Vottrx lc>iip;nr than lirood, mib 
V»t*t bnls Uia Inteial pair ooorcrciiii; Uia-jrdK ihc Iroiii, abnt 

^ittj iir I'unuccUd uid fom an acute an^le; froiit l»nj;n tb«n 

Woad. iruoiith, tbiaitiKi *itb a tlisbl middte keel, wiJeiiitu; iowai4i 
>1fc* lace; <lnk fioeoua, at !■ abo that «f the Cwf, vhit'li ii Uii<«o- 

late. Tboiai aonietlnn black. PioibutiK iiuiihiriM-, cviiml hi 
AwiL AUonea btackuk atiorea Loni kiIIi blatk baaiU. F«i« 
iri»fi fnj\%h lilrroui ; teitt* pale letUiceuua, ailh black wiDjct. 
.UM «»«■ nmf. niUi blMik *e<iw. Lengih of ihc bod; 1 line*; 

vT ilie wing* 4 Iidm. 
t^ New Zealaod, PrMmted by Colonel Ballon. 

K3 un or HOMorTftKon irskcts. 

Siger: e*pilit t/vtrarit^ut irgmmtu trtlatm maiyinala ; mm 
tuhdrprrttut, lubablongiu. anticr nngtuliar ; />■»■■ f^tM^ 
mar^iiiibui amtalii, earimfurrmta b-itacra ; prathirtx vrm- 
atiii, hrfriuimui ; mtfthnrax i/uinqye ranaitW; trfmimi,- 
rvRi aMnmifla/iHin margiim litrrioiu leilaerit ; ri^K Ui- 
tigur Inlacra : nti* rilmr ; anli^v ili^alr nifro yM.'ifw 
albo ronjunrdi, rmii ttitarrit nigra guttatit ; pmtica xaif 

Blacl. Sefnneiits of the bead and if the Uionix «iib I»u> 
CC'US bordPt*. Veriet slighlly depresMit, &uiiK«b>l oiititarr ti 
fnmi. a tillle lani^rr than hnid; front flat, I'ODiea od cafh iidi. 
broadrr Ivwjid* tbe fai'e, with a Li-sticruut kc«l, wbicfa it Urit-l 
ii)«»ril( the Teitn. Pralboiax aTfbnJ, irrr rbun. MnoiLuTii 
«ith titr kecU. Iliud bi>tJ«is of tbe ubduuiiDal s^iiuioii mu- 
crout un racb tide. Tibis and tani t»taGt»ius. Wiii);t iitmM* 
Kate vittirs siih ■ bbck «ij)n»t| which ba» a akit^ dM at ki aae 
nid ; tnus teslaceoui. Hilb black dou. HindwioKi «itb 
'«iDt. Lenglli of the boilT 'H linrs; of the wings 6 I 
u. b. New ZcaUnd. Pmntled hj Colonel Boltoa. 

iMwt a* mtaorrcRovt t*aien. 

Cixnm MPitoa. 
IVIidr tMlurut t arrlrf Aiigiirlut, r<MW«i>iu ,- /roiu tt fatia rari- 
>•!«, maryiaikut luMnatii ; pmtAoni brrruiiuiiu, mH* 
armnrai , naMAarac Urariaalui ; u/r nfnv. rmiJ Itttarrit 
aftn mj/rit ; anting »tifmaU U4taeto bm*i aJbida. 

I*ak miMcvut. Vertex oxmtr, ttrj cootarc; frodt and faco 
k • il»tiiict \»*i, \bnt biirdei* »li;(Mlir iiI«*nihi1. Prvihonx 
f •b<*'i. lau^b nfcM. UwMhanx wlib a ■liRbt kuni oii each 
It Wty|[« lilivon* ; vein* pale lettaoeoua, black luiraids lb« 
(. fore mivg% with n pal* (cMaoMUB Mi]tna. obicli in wbUiak 
i»hmt; traowitM idnleu &imtn|> Ihw line*, ibc iDicnpr «u» 
m»fii*r. l,«n%i,tk et tita b»dy Ij liiia; «r ibr wing* 5 linai. 

Nr« Zralanil. rr«*c»t*>(l bjr Culvnol Bollan. 

Cuius aiiriraoNi. 
fmhmi : tmfut MiWn-iin i wtua anfiutiu, t-ntavni ; front tt 
Jtjtia taritMta, ma'finitmi luMnQiu. ^tt tl iUim Jura 
r«|b. prvUUrag irrritiimtii, nUr tmMtu i mnaUarax (ri- 
ranitariM i oUtmrn Jnlniviu .- «/« riliv-t, tfuiM liiljrwii api- 
(innTiM wifn pututalU, tlifmtu lataero fHtUJM mifruaiUnm 

TaVBj. IIcmI icdacMiiu: vntrx tonoir, ooocarc ; (Kiniand 
• mUk a AliiM* krtl. (ken bonl«n tUxllllj fkraMi i faoe and 
k«r tba floM iMl. PniUiomx *ar; tfaun, nuck aicbad. M«a»- 
nx wUh thiM kc«k. Abdwuca tanrnkat lataoiH. Wingi 
(MNU ; *«iMi UatiMOua. «ilh Uaok paiatt wwatda Uie lift ; 
{OM pak tnuc«Dui, oiib a libcfcitfa duL X.encili «r tbe bodj 2 
Mi DC (li« wiu|p0 lia«v 

Nn> Z«ttUn4. Pmcnted bj Colonel Bolua. 

^^_ OMua DELPUAX. C>i. Hm. ji. SM. 
^^^^ Dtiniia VL^vaacKM. 

t. france. PrfantMl b; Sf . S<fMr«L 

tnt w HMMnsMin r 

a*am% ASlfUCA, Cdl. Uom. f.MO. 
Pitta, mdlm MMcm ,' /mM anfvtta, Mrariaala i rm^MciM ly 

^^f ■ilatmu. 

PicMM. wMtlj tntacMtit bgntatlt. Fnnt tunow, silk Im 
liich heck. OvMiMl Uaek, exm4iaf[ vmt dicUMc br^wd iW 
•bdowrn Wliip illB^ tiUroiia t t«lnt black, fait «inp nl 
■MM tiUck Ufptkii alonr tli« inurior boritt to the lif* : »!>;«« i» 
UMOM, *«r7 «<n«l). l4-D)[tJb «l Ui« budj 3 Uims ; a( lb* viMi t 

N. Tqii^. Fran If i. Baui' cvllcctioa. 


tieniu GADORA. 

Coffv panaw, liaewa. C«p«t l«<«. Anteana liMsnn 
corpori* riiaiiilio tonfiarM. P*W radlM; lu^Mtel II* 
aoiiDC anfiMtv, loti^liMbn*, Mjittd avdnia eavtnwur, miu mML 
(wur, tnarftof iainiura ognvmo^ <caii paucii. 

Bodj nnall, tlnear. Vrnn aail ri«nl HKiaih. AbHih 
liiifai. raorc ibin hair Ike imph «t the bod;. Lefa ■Wado, »■ 
Kenelj Iopk. Fore vinci narMw, ahnaM Iwk* ilw lct>Klb uf lb 
body. MiilM«1*il 1b tha inl4d)a ; iha vilennt pan t(wir«b<l bU- 
l«m. (««*» oo tbc iauiior bdmlvr ; *tiii* lew. 


G4D0U cinoaB. 
JV^fn : Mfvt Ktlnii ; ptifn MUrri : tlm 9mtiim tiln^. ^tm 
Mrm miffrm mmetilit da^hai titttu. 

Bla<k. Head fhiulvg. htg* inUMxonK. Fort viiif* He 
u bt M ihc euDlraetlaa; vllcrior part black, ailh ihe *i(v|itiaa«f 
lao (iltroot rpoUoa tlirciMta. Lmgili uf the Uid; 1} Kdc, Ui' 
itiD)^ H liaca. 

an NaUl. Fma Mi. Pluu'i Mtlwtio*. 

Lin or iiaMorrcaoim tvixori. 

Groiu JERAI^. 

Corptti parriim. VnWx tlepmiiu, mdIcim ; fmot lari*, cod- 
k Anwuiiaeerpofe nan bfcT^um; Bttieult lot et^o* dilmati. 
illlmiiMl , %!• Itlongtor, apjcem tonun Kngiuii'iT; 3iu *c(ifuTiu». 
hwdwii'Mt loMnvt, lubarcuAliii. Mnoihotox ptaniu- Pt^ln 
olifllMPUll, wt gnoilM. Ala antio» iingutiUi. 

Hodj itaall. VmUK Bat, conioal, madfnUlf broad. TroDt 
laootb, cos«cx. AdUtddc n« lonft u ibe body; Gni aiid wcond 
oiitu diUted, aiiaBtolj loiow ; woond Icacet Uimi (Im flnt, niucb 
Ulatvd otonK Iwir tlte teoRtb, iligbil* dibui) from tbtnec to 
ibc tit i Oilrd Hfiform. Pruihurax modcniUljr lonf, tllcbd}' 
nkM. U«Mhormt int. l^p rnilicr hog tind aleiuler. Far* 
r oanmi ; raai muck like iboM uf IM/Aa*. 


Jkuiu hi Menu. 
7>lU«M j MHlniMptnw,- nmofAorax /UJM (f n'lratul ; «UaMni 
«z fir(< Kiyrtin ; •£* o«((rM ri(n«, apM oMif ■* «i^r«Bln. 
•ntw tnuerit aiyro p iMic<arij ; pM<i(vr ntcfanvir, wnii 

^^Tmuotou*. AoUMHi piccou*. MuaUionx wiib ■ bnwii 
^b «i Mcb Mil». AbdoBon pitUr liUuk. Legs p<il« tnuoeouk. 
|||b wilin vlUouiM, oUIoimI; bkd U iba lt|iH ; lettu UMaetuui, 
MU bUipk MMtam. iliud "iiigi slightlv gmfubi'itiu* bbck. 
l^ipb of llic bodj 'J lioca 1 ot the wing* 4 Itaei. 

fDominfo. t'nm Mr. Twcudi^* eoUKtion. 
Gnu BtDIS. 
SMb, TaU. Jovn. Lutn. Sor. i. 68. 


Btt»B PtOTOU. 
I picula. Volt. Jaunt, /.mo. :j:«c. L lAO, 47. 
Fran Ur. Wa)b«c'* coUtMlon. 

86 LUT ot HOHorimaoot umn*. 

BiDtB pDNCTirsox*. 

BidU punctirroni, Walt. Joum. Limit. Sec. i. IM, 48. 
a — c. Boneo. From Mr. WBlUce'tcolleciioD. 

Genus OSTAUA. 


OstHin* juDCIa, Walk. Joun. Litm. Soc.i. 191. AO. 
a, b. Borneo. Fruin Ur. Wsllace'* MUectioo. 

Geout RHOTAIJ^. 


Bbotala delinenla, Halt. Journ. Li»m. Soc. i, 132, H. 
a, i. fionieo. From Mr. WalUce'* coUectioo. 

un Of noiMrtnoo* ncucra. 

Hnoihorux witb ■ k«vl «n each nil«. Lcin *"7 
> ciili lh« o(ut> umowbu gihboiu nrat ihe btiw : atfolt 
kc Meullio iisg«; *Fin« ta«a;. Hind wing* gnyiibt 
'~th* bodj 3 ItiiM i oflboirlagt? Iin««. 
FniM M. S«ne*> collccilon. 

\ii •«! wiriJi./iiifta, ni-rrv noMtiu.' rtrltm IniiuHmw, 
W rtir — lieurinitnu ; atr antifit iHtnnlmUirm, (ufB tori 

or ptnuh btvaii, tnorlKl wilU bbck, eipfcUltjr be- 
Vertrx d«]iteu«<), Iwice Iironicr than lotiK ; Traint flal. oitb 
liiUoct k««U, a little lurtowci tnwnnlt ihn icrtnx, lUebllj 
M the miildlo by die fac*. Prutburax mote iKan Inu'c 
loiif, conrci in frMii, hiidljr cxteiKUiif; oTcr tb« 
iibunx witb a Itnl ou oacb nic. Fore wing* witb a 
illic tittfvt amMwhal fflbboa* aloa^ th« e«fU; teltif 
Hind inngs gnjiab. Laagib of llie M; 2^ llua i oTihe 

I mde* nar be di«tii>KOub<iI from tbe fnttAing bj iha 
lira li not aiuplug, and tioi ^duv«J du oaeh tide bj 

Froa M. Sallo'a MDntion. 

laaea cuntuvoaHia. 

' nrrtM (raiuwniu. drprtinu : front oUun^, IrifriiiaU ; 
vlharat anlirr mnreitu : mttolhotas IrittmmalHt ; titria 
ritfut JttiTo /lUCMfd, aJa snTica Uit*<m rari'ie, gmttit 
iMtiM <i«( Iribla fiaya^ut albHU; fvitiae aWltrr ci- 

Tsrui d«pic<9cd, birdlj ivioe brM<irt lliaa knijc ; 

St ibaa b(Md, with tbrcD indiitinct kceic, a lilitc 

tba (orIM, witb ^igbl Inniitiw Kil|t« lowanls 

oth»fas iii<n« ibao twiM broader tliaii loag, cMitn 

fort burd*r. «bl«h exiciida dlghilj o*cr Uie ■»iwx. 



: Nttb thrrc IndUlina keoU. 

ia: with a jtllow baud 

un or tKutonuocs luuti. 

itHT Iki tipi ttai vitk B jtHtm bud. Fcm wIbki ni 
M»gf ualMMM i n kig* wblitah mt en th« pratulMnM 
og*u w«r iliB iMMt BM Iwg DC ihtee Kliituli dou oa 
U iad ■Inp ilHk pRf. LnBtb of ike bori; 2} liM* ; of 

■. Untie*. From M. S«Ile'i ooUMHoa. 


Iian CTATtrnqna, 

/nnu fiiira, t^vit, miinu, t Ui mf», ttittna»l»,^larili 
W mh iwIi ■>yru.- pnti**** MkMM*. tiirtmimm 

N^prBW, ntiw mpirrm wmni tiridt j a^ mfttita • 
^■Mte, ion JiftiMf ■( fouit* /mhit i fottUm eimnt 
rraii nifrit. 

Taaii}. Vrrlcx li»im«t«e, «ith a toUewMV kad 
IMIMWW alcvBtad bonleni boM nouij Inomi, smiwib, 
■«rib loMw Ihu bmid,wlih ibne ilight kcvli, a litiJl 
lo*rafl( Iha (mo, vtikli hu bUek tnncnww laaifca im < 
PnUumx Wa utc w w. >ct* dion. SIcaolkMax imbII. t 
blB«l, wilb a CMUMoui botikr. AUIaant black, fon 
UOBnb Um tip. F«M wiap Uaok, namw, tBwsy lawaidi 
tod wlUi a lawDj maik mi iJii hiurioT bordrri borden 
iDiranla ibe tip. Uiod vikgi ftaTliL titrcmui id 
Lanftb of Ibe body If tioei of ibewiagi 4 li. 

a. Ucsico. Ftoa H. SalU'o oolkctiao. 


Soath America. 

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FtTTvaimntt ; rrrln Iraanrmu. w» i '«wm ; /raw J^ 
Juc* nijrrn, n(M l«MOH ; ffAortM tttttt* «mmr 

Ham firrugim^, pooir* tirUi ftnUMm ; aLr a 
tuhtTmUlir, fnria iWk awrWiinv tatrriarihaM 4 
■li^j. Vkr— Ai/fKw,' /raiw Am^MWf ate 
M^^ro f i^aalir. 

FttniaiBiMH. Vmn irBBnctM, «OMBV«i OmI 
1b(. >nli B UBcfc ditk and wilb b XaXMnttm (Uipc loi 

I.IVT M naNomcftn tntart. 


of the 

Unalhons null, Iriiamilir. dtpraiMd. 
Mnt Uick. llmil libic p«)e inc««i< bbcti uraardi Oib Inu nnd « 
As lipk futc mO)^ •lixbllf lubmulnu. miL ■ bln«k mliUlt 
haai, •hlok k ablimiiiud hinJwanl. and aiili trnne Uwfc olUflor 
diMiJ mrki. IW. BwMbb. DIA of ihc froiii pleocnu. Fom 
•la(i vilh the bUeh paria tlaKwl obwiktc I.cngth of the U4; 
S HMi ofike ainp 4 linw. 

i^ lb OoMunct*. ProriDM of Rio Jincira. PrcMnud hy th« R«r. 
Bsnici CUfIc 


(■mu; f¥Ttrr tratunmt, lattrihni tUtatU, fnmt Itm^iHnui, 
bmriii41a, pitr» rarU, Ulrrittu flmlii ; /arin nifra, IMI- 
Mrinala . */• aitlint ■i<rrvva((ri, lalmtiu il*lUtii, fil»f» 
tusJIj MifiM fmtriaa-m Uu aUtftM riWrinrr MMoru, *mJi 

TmMaetom*. Vatu» broadfl tbin long, vlih flevatptl bnrden ; 
tmiMl, bar UiDM loapt ibaa Imdb<!, Iiordiv bnh>(I<?t tuwutls 
tu*, f*nij pieMin, with Iwd ketb and with cIciatMl bonl«n ; 
•IiIm well de*elO)i«i] i face black. «ith one hcc). PMtborat 
<«nial In iba Middle. Ueaotbontx mull, flat Fnte 
blMii*li, Trnlcal un cacb uA; with a U'kc tioUMViu 
iIm baM, and wiih a braad ebllquo idiaceoiu iHuid i 
___ UMaMMU, MjimkIj marled, fliad wines sligliil; gajitk. 
Lwftb uf ilicb^jr 3tliD«ai ortbc winK»6 tinea. 

«. Port NaU). Frun Ur. Plut'i eotleoliou. 




Ion giasBoiDxe. 
iW, aiiMMiyani ririJi rarimt ; rafwl *( llorar tebMalWlIf * 
BCMM rraunvnM, lalmfau tit eimafi* ; /rami ^anfaM, prr. 
»U*fBa, triMrinaM, mitiu airmpii ntneta ; faciet Waaaata, 
f«*u, <«Aarja, oJ^i^ "ana ; tJior^x ttnrimatm .- iiv.aiAem« 
Mn'nii ifMiiU oti/ifdMJ ^ri uiyra fiiwari ^ a/v «n(ir« MiA- 
fmnfimnn, iwftraaw.nr, mil timlii, mulu pturimii, M«Al 
t«(i la&nmnu; piun'fir miyri<^nm, ntiruUl*. trxalii 
rwfnttMihiu. Mos. — AUamfn ajfiet lubnu tiluitnu- 


una* BowwiBMn onton. 

FhvB-MlMi^ iMMlh— r**^ linked «bli jptHB. Un4 
Ihoiu tuhaiVQtalt : ttim ttncrme, fail, itt bordm fakrd; ebnui: 
Ami tm obli^nc. aoi nriee hoccr ikaa bfod, riigbtl; eoMwva 
Itt fan be«d«r. wiUi Uow kMb. At lalKil pair dlattlr <B*«d; 
uttto tida •biupdr ittnctcd; IIm« 'donfiU, fBaDtli. cuwn, M 

hMM, MMlr 

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[ uiurubr. vid 
■a abHoiw kaa) o«~mcIi iMc. I«p *'>^ ^Uei Kan. Foic «i:)^ 
aaUutnoB, (lutkllr MOttx; wia* fkraud; leinltii im n*m^ 
mu; GoMt ilig&Uj exeanted MM lb lue. lliod winpUukitl. 
imImiUi^i >«iM nddiUi.. ihb.— AUoami wiUi • wbvtdi m 
Mcli *U« •! (W tip hnuBtb. , l«iwili u( ibo bodj 4— •! liBMi i' 
tb« irlnp a-tl UMk 

^^^ & Nwth Quu. Fien Mr. Fortune** eeUectfov. 


Imu» saooBoiiica. 
Cnriniu; ftfM freJi^lmii rtrttn U^ginimH*, viHtti 

/MM iBttmttt* . drWi Hia^ni. •«•(■ ; fvulAorwc nifwvMM: 

fotlitm vWan riM«««, 4fiiM« umiu tubntirmtuu, M* 

Fa«a-«olMr Hotd (iroJuced motb ta adiane* of Uie nv) 
v«itci «itJi (lemtfid bwidcit, sbiiul tlirim or foar (imci looipTUia 
btoiil, Ili>f«i *nd horliontal beiwcn the cvn. ublique, ( uiuri iW 

and tli)[bilir vKlmlnc b«lura Ota tjtt; mai BKKfa . 
kroad, mUi olctaicd bordtn, tvtnciod bascatk toward* IM bah 
wbicfe i* laBocolais. Kjm latgt, OTal. PnUiotax uuMTencviQ 
(boftHMBical alfiog iha fate tardcr, witli a *li«bl1y niddlt M. 
Utaotbuni triangular, rtrj difbilj ivdeulaied oa eacA nli^ 
Pacta* t««U<cMit. Fata wiop raiWr nartvw, *ubhd<Bm, ^11^4 
tuhaniulatii linta««a the T«ina. Iltnd wingi dark naf.aoBmM 
tviiuiitaiMl wtiuii the Uf*; tci** Uack. LenfUt of lit Mr 
n Ilsn i uf the *ingt 6 linca. 

a. SflBitn. From Su Stunfonl lUSca' coOectleii. 

Li«r or uonomMOv* ixaioi* 

IlMM trtvtAX*. 
a, iMf, nftoM, iHi/iu (nlawtu ,- tafituUttra/iilwai tnta 
lrwu«rr»it, jtMlit* tranaiui, Utrrih<u nbtlnMliii ftfMM 
tltafl». tn^mriaata, latrribut luMmfri ; ftcitt paHit* mt- 

ft*i)tanu lutua/vniiu ; aMuRtttii ifti<-iu tnkitu ftiirtu ; a/« 
■>tic« ranvtxit, rafroMbr, «rN(t n:( fbnilu, mli/u /Mtiell 
^Mlinc uliMiirv eimnr*, ntimUt*. 

Pkxwu*. iiDooili, •hinios. imUommu beneath. Reoid uwn; on' 
aftcli silica tcrlci Aill twice orMderthui lung; lilnd tlik «TrAvaiMl 
•agubr. hordcn iligbilj oliTMlod; frant raucii longvr than brutKl, 
totjaiufi ■ inMictt* ndjtc Dcu' the *crte>, with ■ »1tgbt keel uml 
with *li|tliil]"loti>ted bonlen: face with a disht Airrow tOKinli ibc 
froot, aiKl Willi a kevi towanli ibe nntriiM, bjc* IMtMConi, 1<TB«i 
i»nil. Pfutbonx iraairrnc, ronulai! a Tstjr ablUM «Dgl« in 
tj dUk tlitbtlj' ini|>r«>«tii. Mewthonx flat, UiauKukc. Alt- 
_ b**aalh wiib a picraua diik. Forv winsi courui, ncarif 

•nl ', trinit hmdl; tlwaieil ; •riiiluii uoi oumrroiu. Utnil winga 
dark ciiitreuui, r<t><:utal(id, l^viiglli of the bud; 3 liua; of ID4 

a. Java. PNatnUd bj J. C. Bowring, lUq. 


I: 1 

DVD^ ai 


miactna, Wall. Jann. Lina. Hot. i. 1^2, !/&. 
B ttmo. From Mr. WaUaoe'a c»ll«tion. 

I*«c» uKT*rn. 
I accUtua, IFaU. Jmtm. Jaiui. Sm, L 1S9, 00. 
a, i. BorAciA Fram Ui. ^VaUAce'* cotlectMn. 

IM evali*, ITdi). ^'oara. Zim. 5oc. L 14), tiX 
Bamao. Froa Ur. WaUan'tconacUon. 

>3 un or BoxapiSBODs nucn. 

I«as liSMtiu. Wtli. Jamnt. Li»H. Sat. i. 154, M. 
«. SA.-s«mk. Borneo. From Mr. WallAce'c oullection. 

7V>;a(nu, *■( fraeilii ; rmltx fraiunrrnu, niyni AinltalM. (.iCfn 
i»f tirrmtU ; /ruiu /f^iNi^afii. luirBrinnM, nign> bi/attitiM, 
Uuriiu* inbitnath : fariti nigrt ; pnilkurmi niyrti bimtet- 
Uiui ; wittMkan^ Hh/m qnudrioiMniUilui ; ptrha mijrv 
Hwi*r%lmi»m; ptJti paUidt riridei; aim cnlinr ririiti, 
i>fV.m, fiueo ixritf, lilHTa poMiiem jiaUiJt HriJi, >lnyi 
l^Mii i%lK9ilali ni^ra ; paitica palliit eitrnta, trtm aifrit. 

Tnuncui. ratbrr tlcndn. Vertex iraniTeffic, wiLk a \A*A 
!trip£ on each side, anil with fleTiipd boideri ; fiout longrr lluB 
broad, viib a iliebi loiddle keel and willi sIi);btU elcraled bucdtn. 
«iib a black band uLen it joins the renez, and wiih anotber mm 

tlkC Ibcv, i»«u^» ahicb tbe »idn tif tliglitlv (liljttni icirl Tunrd. 
face Mack- Pnwbucaa U»u*'erK, tligbitt comtal in tmnt, wwt i 

uir or KOHomtBoiis uucti. 

towAidt dip Tortrx, *rhti» tbcj are Gniintct«d; lii 
Uwud* ibc Cam. wliicli u Iriugular, hM an indiftiitel 
'i aide, auil ii doMljr omiMvUd vith tb« Trunt. Thoiax 
Fo(* «injV aunw; *»iu ttti vsialeu b«, nuUc 
I oJ rripiUr. Hind wbn tllfbUy oiaprMiM; nlni 
vwy tnr. Length ol Uie boclj 2 TitiM : ofihe wiiig« 4 line*. 

•. Pkdippiiie Iilet. Froio Mi.Wovd^ collmdoa. 

Qemu UYSTllROrri^UM, Cit. //>m. p. 373. 

Ilr*Tcai»miiDi* ziiiiicAnH. 

TlalMniM, Utum, /wo> parjsai; iirrlM Iraiutrniu, dtpntiiu, 
UlerHiti (uMrMtii , /rniw cbi^wfo, niivWif lU, trJcan'MM, 
antirr Utivr; farin Unttotalt, lublua nlmtU: a/a aitriftr 
bdr./iuM nuuivriir, u(iu ifiV^'urir, b«t> fNirrru/a(i>. (>(>iri( 
tttictii^uj itfjirManttitu, OHi/uto riteriort roluittUitOt i^teriolt 
trmlo; pmlicm fimtn^, venii niyrli. 

TaMwcoui, bnwd, raried villi brown. Vertex tmutenc, de- 

Ed, ila bordcn alicbtlj elcTaicd : front itighUjp ubltque, niMib 
[ tliu broad, nitb Uirtc k(«l«, ibe latunl pair «oai«rg<ag U 
endi «idn KlixhlU bIcthIciI, Binncwbni dilal«d and cuned 
Mwafl* ibe race, ubiA i> UaecuLle and rclracwd beaealli. 
Pndxrrax inn*itn«, tbun-osuical in frooL Fore «riap bivsil, 
«M*«)nf rxtcrioriy, intorat* ahag th« exterior boidar, ninBtcl* 
(pMUod vitb brown, iliRhtlj tub«Nu1ata towanb Ibc bu«, ivltb 
aoae bUekub nutki in ibe diik tovmrdt tb« exterior bonlct ; ex- 
Urior angle rounded : interior angle aouU ; itio* aod reinleU *am«- 
whai iirepilar. Hind <rinp gnj; reiiu black. Lengili ef tbe 
bodjSlbct: of iba win)[t7ltaM. 

«. Jara. PiMcutod b; J. C. Bowrisg, Etq. 

HTaTtnofnrmcM oimiPKmiR, 

TtalMaM : nrrlCT firrjnyafnu, laltribta lelatU aaUr rlrmtii ant 
t Af ft qiUlahA : frmi longiuima. ptTamjHU*, rminaU, /inr 
fill I ini aaMr rbwttii; mnolkarai nifni (n'nftedu ; 
MM fiUoium, tmblui tii^um, tfmtntU ni/n marjinalu ; 
milttm mWsridtf, inHinlrtir, cmlM miciuam, ntaryitit 
leritn nifm emmuu, vntii ficni ,- pMric* tuMnm*, amb 

VeticirnjrBum*'; lit rid«* *«r« muck ■ 
nd larMing twi kick nigt^ allich an bri«4 MiUi h ri i i lw. i 
ki*a Mch » hUck M in boat, vhav* 1I117 f<mn tan (ban Whi 
fnM vffdM). ka«M. linnt. rnj long n4 n*mo, Ut lidM miA 
«lenu4 1 iw* UmmIu*. PnOiMu irt comIL UnBtbntuwflh 
dm* U»A MriM AMmmb ffthoBi ahow anJ ai (he tiK 
boooulii Uai Uricn of iW wgmrati ml: naitet Ud« ouailj 
btacL Fan«lag**l[(ktlr lari^. testtiiifmiti omu (IIkW; <«•- 
«r«: ttiUtlai b«4et Mavn.hhck: *«lai ptMowi tutelfU Irw. 
nind wiifi piyiib i *dM paU> Ln<th M die M7 3 Uaat : af 
(be iHugi I) Gm*. 

«. Ta|W7<x. Fran Ur. BmmT tollcnkn. 


iftmt, lm>, muMN, tmihu batamia*; aanto 

ifMin fxtmttiu; /raw firt pltmt, wU *IiMf»l», fKtbt 

^•Uif«*,ai>(i>r mrU nUiUttla: /mrw*U»<nttua,fruMt, 

^mmadiormt (rirariniifiu ,- frJn trittfri ; ■/« aitrii^ ImH*. 

law, a^J oiiMm n'nWrtmUM, ^rtiu lu JiUlalt, 

tihirii Juahwi rfi'wWi&u a^rif. raifa Mar^Bfiftv (xaHm 

fix w it j ii, uaryiar tMnifrf niiranivm laan/u nk*- 

Blanklah. *hact iblcl. letueaou* bmaaik. Vmux iraMvcfK 
fainJ Wikn matk «scmT«trd In ibe «Udle ; rivni almon Sa 
buAf loncvr thtm braad, okltqM toannb tL< tenex, tmieal aaJ 
allBhiJf widewtd tmranl* Uie boe, wkkt fa looccolaie and keeled. 
Protbofu traMoaiw. Metodwias iriunlai. witk ikrae ladbtiBcl 
IemIi. Lcp latwMHM. Fon nine* turid, ikart, broad. rcnksL 
maoiih awtiii iW gmu, «iih twoMacl nutb in each difi, fvtj 
Hiffctl; wtdeninf ovtward ; ixnta ud cxlcrinc border baldly eoar 
IvMlor bordn tlbtbilT oodmi*: a«glM nvn^ed; niaa fr 
"•tiDoL [^ncili or Ihc builj 2 Un«a ; of lb« iringi 4 Unaa. 
SauUrm. Ftoaa Ut. Btua' eol nU nn. 

Genua HEMISPUtEBlL'S. Cu. Htm. p. 377. 

ttcphoriof Scbamai, SimL Kt>agL Vtt, AtU, UvkU. leU. 

ij*r or noKOPTSKova macon. 


luMMfliaTin* nign, H'aU. Jour*, Limn. Sot. i. IAS, 6A, 

b M*bc«. Froa Xli. WalUce'i cuUeclioo. 

t jata. I'roin ihc CaU Inilia Cumpmiv't eaUcelion. 

TbsM l«ii tpmlM are largci (h*u iIiom frotn BuniM, i 
M sf ibaiB lilt h(«l !■ wholl; pak InUceuiu. 

IlKHHpHixutni TOitriMm. 
idorpiilui. H'a/1. Jvurn. £irm.&r. 1. 1M,08. 
Fruui Mi. W«lla<«'* ouUK-tian. 

HiNisrHiXBivi ■irunvutts. 

Tattmu; trrtrr iraxnmuj, /um linoblnif Jntu /meittfvt 
Haiiml^.Jlam*, rm/« UrilUlmt aldomiH apU* tUgrvm; B&t 
•anra rmla ioii •if ro iMtabi r<ti>i /iiir« MnimofaJala. 

TmUOtimi. Vertex traiidcnc, ailb ■ broirn iMfk «a (Mh 
|4>i front anil (ace foraning > Hat fiuiiurm jrelluw 
rtih i*u ic4 MiiiHTV AliJuniiDal 
rinp lailli ■ •«} Mtntrx VMIa, 
B««r<l> Um tiair, kBd n l-iuwn tpot bcjuiid iwo-thirit of tha Itngth. 
liOfUi ol tkc IxkIj I J line; uf tlic wjnga -I lioa. 

I. Cf|1uB. FioB Ur. Cuniiitg't colteolioit. 

Hal fiuiiurm jrelluw oonpanaoDti 
I ap)ieuil«KM idmU; bU^ Fura 
a, whlcli li«a tnaa black marls 

I Ttauuw 

UiNianiaiitttt nvroTaaiva. 

rrtttx traHmrtui, nija nalofu ; fimi Jwm njo ; 
Jartti aufra; pnikoni rufa (riaoMitM ; mMolkorax Tufu 
btnii^im: abiumm tiihlfu nigft Jattiatum i aIa*Uit» ml 

T*Maeaoa(. Vertex trantretie, iriiti a if) mnrk in tke djik; 

|k«laaal face Aat i liuot aiili .1 nti iI»L,mu<)i ihutU-iand btoailat 

tkl of //. h^>a>rH/«fw ; (ace black, tonceoUW. PmlhotBa 

tbiao ontinU l«4 vaila. MoM^bomc with a rJ Miipr 011 

LiUe. Abdona* wilb a Waek Inild buaUfc. F«ic wiugi 



LUT or HOMOPTBMWB oiascn. 

ntbcT DiiTowei ind moTc (Maag titan in the olhg 
genui. length of the bodi- 1] lioe; of the wugi4 li 
a. Biraiah. FrDn Mr. Stnaia' coUectioB. 

HemisplMETius tjpicui, IFaU. JoaT%. lAmM. Sot. L 19ft, 07. 
«. Bonieo- Fnim Mr. Wallace't coUcctioD. 

Hirecim, Walk. Jotim. lUa. S«e. i. IH. 

Hiucu roniTA. 
Hincw ignxa, Wafk. Jomm. Linm. Soc. L IM, 65. 
«. Borneo. From Mr. Wallice'i coHectioo. 

Gefiai EURYBRACHYS. C*i. Uom. f. Ml. 

whitB poinU skinit ibe coma, witb ■ riueoaa cmUl (pot at ln»- 
ikMU of lll> IWRla. ■•H oilli a ritnout nbapkat htiai ; teinn dmk 
mt HIbJ <rla)|« detp black. L*n^h of Ibe body 3) linct; oftltfl^ 
wise* 7 tiiM*. 
*. Momfaw Baj. Fion Hr. nigs'**' coUtction. 

8«b4ribc DBRBOIDES. 
Gnu DEaSE, Cot. Htm. p. Sse. 


Dnte albiciM, .Vfoi. JTM^t. IVt. AUd. lUnil ISSA. 

DsniiK rrtu]*Ta-vtTT*T*. 
DnW btetto-tituu, £Mf. iCnijr'. I'"- At"^. Hmit. ISW. 

Qtnm* m'!fIDIA, Cai. fTia. p. ZVT. 

jlIMt, fiUM fmUidt iwfia; rajml prntnyialiaB, iiMrtiiafuntJ 
y r MA mm x «itc* Mniriu; •/« tIMm ftiito fallida tMri^,' 
mmiIh trwHMnw /iiMv oitewHvft mbwilmu, amHratwm ruifn 
ion MtkontpiTM. 

Wkhlib, THilcd with iwlc tatootn. Hc*d ttrj mtnr, formli 

panlld kccU. Prnlhorai eeoicnl ia frost. Winn nhiiM 

wiih pal* bitiwa ; lni>s«en« rdnteU uf tbo fun wlntt* 

I »iUid>ikn bfmDi Mala of tb« fare wiagislighllj t|>rrkltul 

tbn Imm- IitBgUi of Um bodj 3) ltiM4; of ihe wing* 

SaDlanni. Fran Mr. B«tM' Mllonicm. 

il/W«, M ^rw (riMna ,- a/i* aJhtU-ritrra, vmii ptIliJ* Mtatni, 
anlir* /unit ftMla#r p»lti4t Jmni, poilitvt fteiii diul 

tMT or novemaoDa nacffra. 

WMdik, pinir tnu<«oa*, tlfc» the fwcaJiny iptebi h i 

nn. WhipwUtUli Kinow; NiM pal« ledaecow. Fvtti 

with fovr Me tamni bnds, Ike lUnl nJ (iMinti coantrttrf fa (xM 
And b«Wail, kimI toclu^ing ■ \arft t|ioL Bind oinitt ai(b I>« |«li 
brawn btail*. I.**gtb of iIid htiij 3 lisM; of tlw map 7 liBBi 

a. SaMuan. Fram Mr. Bum' ocllKltoB. 

Mratpu ciTaiN4. 
carina, nAnt mtlitU ; cIm /atM-AyaNa* ; a«l(M MOi m^ 

fiutii I fouitm warfiiw rrirrian /iitto. 

LeoMm-Mlaui, paler bmcaili. In urnciBtr liW V. nAJtm 
Wbffi liMMHM-lijpalltio. Fort ainc* wUli ll>« ra>la a lUik ddlA 
■ulvn^ulnle loward* thv laxci cxIpiioi inil jutiriot bgtiln* tn«i. 
Hind ainci iHUi lli« «SlRlat bonlec brawa. Cnigtk •! 
a Kan ; u( Ui« wiDgi 7 UMi. 

SaauivB. Froa Mr. BaW eoUeoUoB. 

Mrsibu uuaiMos4. 
X«lr rv/a, tmktui pulMt mif* s a^itoarw nfra «i«cam 
a/« tmpm-/*Kit, fUat* ntnffiuir, ivaii ai^rW. 
Britbl red. pak icataoMu* W«eat)>, In uraclurc Ilka JV. i 
Abdonn datfc ted nhem. WInp c«prMu»hi»aB. ' 
^a iligbt bIumoiw blMm : ttlna black. ].«i)|(h ftf ibe budj 1 1 
of tbe wiag» 7 KMa. 

; a. 8antar«a. Fron Ur. BiM* aollMliaB. 

Gmui TIIRACU, Cat Am. p.3Mi. 

Tiuucu •ABjrmai*. 
Mat. fMwB ; winim triftmm mrafMaa ; fitmt rt J^eim ' 
tvmfntMi lA*nu MMm* OittfinmhiMt iwrrat f 
ImUvn t aMpHiM rmfnmu, miIim paOU* fmtnm ; 
ftilidi MMaMi : aU nunr. pntnfnt^, a/t« nfktt, li*^ 
ftarimit Juteit Banaatiuf w tngfieuMM, mrnit M ft"/^