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V-* ~~^--m^r 






Presented to the 
LIBRARY of the 



Sybille Pantazzi 























WHEN General Hamilton spoke in the Federalist over a 
century ago of " an empire, in many respects the most inter- 
esting in the world," meaning the United States of America, 
he did not, he could not, foresee the vast growth of his country 
and its northern and southern neighbours which this book 
portrays. The volume is the third in a series of small atlases, 
meant to cover in turn the whole globe, and to do it in a way 
to knit up geographical and historical knowledge with the 
facts of commerce and the literary record of each land or 
region. One chief purpose of these maps is to trace clearly 
the development of the United States, beginning with " the 
most remarquable parts " of the New England of the Pilgrim 
Fathers, described by Captain John Smith in 1614, and not 
forgetting the territories of the old American-Indian nations. 
Some inkling too is given in facsimile of the early charts, views, 
and maps by the explorers and cartographers who made a 
survey of the first settlements. For example, we have an old 
map of Guiana invaluable as a Sir Walter Raleigh record, 
giving the mouths of the Oronoke, or Orinoco, where his men 
tugged against the stream, and stretching southward to the 
Amazon itself, and we get from the map of Peru at the 
period of the Conquest a clear idea of the country in the 
time of Pizarro. 

As with the great rivers, so with the great American cities. 
You can compare " old New York," as represented in one page, 
with the new New York and its environs which are a world's 
wonder to-day. Then again you can take the chart of the 
Early Highways that ran westward into the wilderness and 
estimate how the power of the engineer has, since the railway 
came, caught the States in an iron network and rearranged 
the Americas. Battlefields and sieges, by which the right 
of the new country to its national life and individuality was 


viii Introduction 

" wrenched," as Tennyson said in his address to the old 
country, 1 are not forgotten. 

Note among the less familiar documents that we are able to 
include, the rare map of the territory in Virginia and North 
Carolina traversed by John Lederer in his three marches. 
Lederer was sent out by Governor Berkeley in 1669-70, 
and journeyed west as far as the top of the Apalatoean moun- 
tains. It seems doubtful how far he went in South Carolina. 
He did not penetrate far enough, according to Professor 
W. J. Rivers, to meet " the new-comers who were about 
founding the Commonwealth of Locke." 

As for the local associations that have become familiar 
in American literature, you have a chart of the Concord 
neighbourhood showing Walden Pond, Forest Lake, Lexing- 
ton, and Punkatasset Hill, associated with the name and 
fame of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and 
H. D. Thoreau. Fenimore Cooper recalls the old Indian 
Territory as it was in the wild prime of the Red Men; and 
you travel from the land of " Hiawatha " in Longfellow's poem 
southwards to the Mexico and Peru of Prescott, and then 
pause over something more amazing than any record in 
imaginative verse or prose the plain statistics figured in the 
map of South America, and the emergence of Buenos Ay res 
with its million and a quarter inhabitants, Rio de Janeiro 
with its 860,000, San Paulo with 350,000, and Santiago with 
330,000. Here are the elements of an immense new Lathi 
civilisation which is going to count, and count enormously, 
just as China and its millions are bound to count enormously 
in the twentieth century. 

We might have spoken at large of Canada and its huge 
dominion; of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, New " Scotia," 
and the chain of the Great Lakes in the North. But an Atlas 
speaks for itself with the accent of a world-bearer if one treats 
its pages as they ought to be treated, with a sense of the 
great perspective of history and of men and nations advancing 
along it to their fulfilment in the world. The Old World and 
the New have lately been drawn closer by the mysterious 
nerves that underrun the Atlantic and the understanding of 
a true world polity; and it is hoped that this volume will do 
something to foster that amity between states and nations. 

1 " Be proud of those strong sons of thine 

Who wrenched the right thou wouldst not yield." 



We have again to acknowledge very gratefully the indis- 
pensable help given to our enterprise by Dr. Bartholomew 
with his unfailing knowledge and skill. Also to thank Miss 
Edwardes for her working gazetteer which makes reference 
easy, and Mr. G. C. Brooke of the Department of Coins and 
Medals at the British Museum for his notes on the coinage, 
and for his arrangements of the specimens which serve so 
vividly to illustrate the historical side of the atlas. 







AMERICA, 1492-1522 ........ 3 

AMERICA, 1522-1700 . . . 4, 5 



NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES, 1755-1763 . . . . 8, 9 
NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES, 1783 . . . . .10,11 

CANADA, 1791 12, 13 



UNITED STATES CIVIL WAR, 1861-65 16, 17 

CORTES IN MEXICO, 1519 ....... 18 





AMERICA 24, 25 






JECTION . . . . . . . . . 32, 33 

ARCTIC REGIONS ......... 34 





xii Contents 




DOMINION OF CANADA ........ 40, 41 




QUEBEC .......... 46, 47 

ONTARIO 48, 49 







CHICAGO .......... 62 

ST. Louis .......... 62 


PHILADELPHIA ......... 63 

ATLANTIC STATES . . . . . . . . . 64, 65 

CENTRAL STATES . . . . . . . . . 66, 67 

SOUTHERN STATES . . . . . . . . . 68, 69 




VANCOUVER .......... 73 

SAN FRANCISCO ......... 73 



MEXICO 76, 77 


CUBA, JAMAICA, ETC. ........ 80 

PANAMA CANAL ......... 81 








CHILE, ARGENTINA, ETC. . . . . . . . 92, 93 

Contents xiii 


Rio DE JANEIRO . . . ... . . 94 

MONTE VIDEO ......... 95 

BUENOS AYRES . . . . . ... . . 95 

PATAGONIA . . . . . . . . . . 96 





BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, i7th June, 1775 .... 117 

SIEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1776 . . . . . . .118 

BATTLE OF LONG ISLAND, 1776 ...... 118 

BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE, 1777 ... . . 119 

ATTLE OF FREEMANS FARM . . . . . . .119 

PLAN OF WEST POINT, showing Forts and Batteries, 1780 . . 120 
SIEGE OF YORKTOWN ........ 120 


BATTLE FOUGHT NEAR THAT CITY, September isth, 1759 . 122 

PORT ROYAL, 1613 ......... 123 

A MAP OF NEW ENGLAND IN 1631, as observed and described by 

Captain John Smith . . . . . . . .124 

in his Three Marches, 1672 . . . . . . .125 

A MAP OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN NATIONS adjoining to the Missis- 
sippi, West and East Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, 
Virginia, etc., 1775 ........ 126 

NEW AMSTERDAM ABOUT 1650 ....... 127 

NEW YORK ABOUT 1730 ........ 128 

PLAN OF NEW YORK IN 1746 ..... 1 . 129 

EARLY HIGHWAYS, showing expansion westwards . . . .130 

xiv Contents 


THE BOSTON DISTRICT . . . . . . . .130 

THE CONCORD NEIGHBOURHOOD Emerson, Hawthorne, Thoreau, etc. 131 






IMMIGRATION United States, Canada, Argentine, Brazil . .135 


OR HISTORIC INTEREST . . . . . . .137 

INDEX ........... 169 




AMERICA, 1492-1522 

]^] Regions discovered by the Portuguese \ 

M *"'* 

,, f/70//S/l 






I lrMsh Claxmt 

I "I 

I i 

HI Swedish . 

Soitndary between, NNet/ierL^ 
N. England, after 165O -.-... 

Longitude West 76 o 

12O 110 



Longitude, West 8O of Greenwich, ~ 3 


British Possessions 
~^\ French 

r v sp o j^Jijrovdl 

CIVIL WAR 1861-65 

Vman. States \ \ Sectarian Stata 

X B.ittlrtidds 






SO 10O 1ZO 14O 

180 160 14O 120 

MtumMS 1 -Manihifiir JU? 

e ;Santa CmfS 7 ^omoa? ^ ; H^ 

100 120 140 160 180 160 14O 12O 


100 80 60 40 20 

20 40 

OKitt ma v v ies t&A'-f*. fowii * 



100 80 60 40 20 JferuL of O Green* 3O 40 6O 



60 4O 



14O 12O 1OO 80 6O 4O 




160 140 120 100 



Winds for Month. 
The Jtrrows fho* Areotum. of winds 
The -thin, arrows-represent Tight winds . 
The thick arrows -represent strong winds 

Rcunfalt is given, in IncTies 


120 100 



Prevailing Winds for Mnntii 
Thcjimnrs show ckreotwn,of winds 
The tkavarrovrs -represent Hffht winds -^-f- 
The thick, arrows 



Rcanfafl is y 

yen, in, 



\ 1 


^n r 

























4 . 



-^* '\ 5 







50 juj^w^arsjCE^^is 




I .</ 

/ / 

.StRuiLR 1 * 






John BartkolamBW & Co., Kin? 





Jolm BsrtkolroOT- A Co. 




Engliih Miles 


Under 2 persons /t 

O O O O o 


592. OOO 534,000 306,000 356, OOO 340,000 331, OOO 2OO,OOO 


14O 12O 1DO 

Longitude. Weft 1OO of Greenwich- 


14O 135 ISO 125 12O 115 11O 1O5 1DO 

11^1 ln dustrial Districts 
| | Present Agricultural Land 

Present Grazing Lands 
^] Present Forest Land's 

1O5 lory. West 1DO of Greawich. 


85 80 75 7O 

55 5O 







English JfHef 



~^-^' ; jl L're e-i*.^^ | yj J^ f 

Longitude West 115 of Greenwich 


** **Sfc "* , ** *-***W*S^ ^ft*" ^gg-gl*m] AI 


XtigUsh JW 

95 Longitude. West 90 o/ 1 G 



O JO 100 200 3pO 400 SOO 

Grazing Land .>''. Iron Ore 

[ Agricultural Country \ d^a| Petroleum \ 
[., ; \Coalfields j |F/s/ien'es 


otiff. Wejt 95 of (rreawith 

Jblm. ii artiolomcw A Co . , 

VTB.GINIA78 longitude West of Greenwich 76 DEUBHB 


English Xilta 





A L A B A M A 85 longitude West of Greenwich 6. r AR8OM ], I .\ T A 


English Miles -jT^l. 

< ~so lob Jso 







" AliAa-. 


S a>, 


^ tfandyo J 



1DO R L 7 i 




T IJ85 C K Y 

I H &sI 

I A 

Longitude West 85 or" Gre-emridi, 

JJm.Bartiolaliu.-w A 



English, Xiles 





Ba.sM Channel ZTiglisTvMLe* 



l^^tCHIPfll^O "*gpfepl. 

12O Lenaitiule ast 





ETigUsh JfiZ&r 


Longitude, West 70 





English M 

100 90 80 70 

50 40 30 20 




English Miles 


Woodland, Grass & Cultivation 

Steppes & Prairies 


Mountain Flora & Frozen Soil 

100 9O 8O TO 6O BO 4O SO 20 

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 3O 20 


RIO DE JANEIRO 35O,OOO 330,000 30O.OOO 230,000 





English Miles 

land I?; \Under2personsper 

2 to 26 
26 to 64 
ttl 64 to 128 
128 to 256 
Over 256 

1OO 9O 80 70 

50 4O 3O 2O 


O O O O O 


160, OOO 150, OOO 150,OOO 150,000 141,000 120,OOO 100,000 

Jolm BorttoSomCTr i, Co. , 


s - - 


7O Longitude, West 65 of GreerurCch GO 











Department of Coins and Medals, British Museum. 

THE discovery of America by Columbus in 1492 was made 
under the flag of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain whose 
portraits appear on the remarkably fine gold coin (a Quadruple 
Escudo) figured on Plate I., No. i ; and it was therefore to 
the empire of Spain that the West Indian Islands on which 
he landed were annexed. The money circulated in these 
islands was Spanish, and after 1535 coins were struck specially 
for currency in these islands and other American colonies of 
Spain at the mint of Mexico which was established in that 
year (see Plate I., No. 6, and Plate VI., No. 2). This is the 
reason why countermarked Spanish " Pieces of Eight " or 
fractions of them were the regular currency in these islands 
during English and French occupation even so late as the 
eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. English settle- 
ment in the West Indies began with Drake, Hawkins and 
Raleigh and continued through the first half of the seventeenth 
century; in many cases (e.g., St. Lucia, Dominique and 
Guadeloupe) their possession was long disputed with France 
and was not finally settled before the Napoleonic wars. All 
this time these countermarked Spanish pieces formed almost 
the only currency; on Plate I. are shown such pieces made 
current for Tortola (Fig. 2), St. Lucia (Fig. 3), Dominique 
(Fig. 4), and Guadeloupe (Figs. 5 and 6). The two last pieces 
of Guadeloupe are especially interesting as showing how a 
fraction was cut out of a " Piece of Eight " (i.e., 8 reals), and 
the remainder of the original com also put into circulation; 
it was originally struck by Ferdinand VII. at the Mexican 
mint in the year 1811. In 1816 Guadeloupe became French 
and such pieces were put out of circulation in favour of 
regular issues of French colonial coins. The Bermuda 


ioo American Coinage 

Islands, discovered by Bermudez in 1515, were not inhabited 
till Sir G. Somers (from whom they were also called Somers 
islands) was wrecked there in 1609, and a colony was sent 
from Virginia a few years later; here were struck the first 
coins of any English colonies in America; shillings, sixpennies 
and threepennies were issued bearing on the obverse a hog 
and on the reverse a ship; a threepenny piece is figured on 
Plate I., Fig. 7; they are now commonly known, from the 
obverse type, as Hog-money ; these coins were probably struck 
between 1616 and 1618, certainly before 1624 in which year 
John Smith published his Historic of Virginia, etc., in which 
he mentions their use during the government of Daniel Tucker; 
the type of the hog, says John Smith, is in memory of the 
abundance of hogs found -at the first landing in the islands. 
At the end of the eighteenth century copper coins were issued 
for Barbadoes; a penny of 1788 is figured on Plate I., No. 8; 
the types are mercantile a negro's head and a pine-apple; 
the slave trade was abolished in 1806, and a later halfpenny 
token bears the motto " Freedom without Slavery." 

Five years after the first voyage of Columbus, John Cabot, 
sailing from Bristol, discovered Labrador and Newfoundland, 
and within forty years Verazzano and Cartier opened up the 
St. Lawrence River as far as Montreal for French settlement; 
before the end of the century Frobisher had explored Hudson 
Bay and Gilbert made the first attempt at colonising New- 
foundland and Virginia; in 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers sailed 
the Mayflower into Cape Cod Bay, where five years later the 
colony of Massachusetts was planted. The coast settlements 
from Maine to Connecticut assumed in 1642 the name of 
New England, where were used the interesting silver pieces 
struck at Boston with N E and the mark of value (XII., VI. 
or III.); a sixpence is shown on Plate II., Fig. 9; Fig. 10 on 
the same plate is a Massachusetts shilling of 1652 with the 
inscription, which runs from obverse to reverse, " Masa- 
thusets in New England: An. Dom. 1652. XII." ( = 12 pence), 
which type was substituted in 1 65 1 for the earlier New England 
pieces. The foundation of the Baltimore, or Maryland, 
plantation in 1632 is illustrated (Plate II., Fig. n) by a 
shilling made, together with sixpennies and groats (or four- 
pennies), in England in 1659 under direction of Lord Baltimore, 
the founder, whose bust and title " Cecil, Lord of Maryland," 
and coat of arms are seen on the coins. Plate II., Fig. 12, 



", >C- ti(* 

kl ' V 

I 4 

i I (I b 

;j k k , 
/c \ ./ l 

6./R T^* -/<R 

. / 

1 "i r, 

..^T. .v\\VV> 


IO2 American Coinage 

is a pewter piece struck by James II. (who is seen on horse- 
back) for circulation as small change in the American planta- 
tions; its chief interest lies in the fact that being rated as one 
twenty-fourth of the Spanish real it recognizes Spanish money 
as common currency. The next coin (Plate II., Fig. 13) is 
a penny token (dated 1694) of Carolina, the colony which 
Charles II. presented to his favourite nobles in 1668. In 
1717 and 1722 George I. issued copper coins (twopence, penny, 
and halfpenny) for the American colonies, called the Rosa 
Americana series; those of the latter year (of which a penny 
is figured on Plate II., No. 14) were made by William Wood 
whose Irish halfpence of the same year were pilloried by 
Swift in the Drapier Letters. By the Treaty of Utrecht in 
1713 the quarrel between French and English settlers was 
embittered by the ill-defined clause which gave to England 
" Acadia with its ancient boundaries;" Acadia never had 
any boundaries except the sea, but it was more or less 
identical with Nova Scotia. These quarrels culminated in 
the Seven Years' War, when after her victories at Louisburg, 
Quebec, Montreal, etc., England became possessed of Canada 
and the country between Mississippi and the Alleghanies by the 
Treaty of Paris in 1763. In the first half of the nineteenth 
century tokens played the part of copper money in British 
North America; on Plate II., Fig. 15, is a token of Prince 
Edward Island, which was originally part of Cape Breton and 
took its name in 1800 from the Duke of Kent; it became a 
province of Canada in 1873. Similar tokens, issued by banks, 
companies, or tradesmen, are illustrated on Plate III., Nos. 

1 6 to 20 ; Fig. 1 6 is a halfpenny token of Upper Canada, Fig. 

17 a sou of Lower Canada, Fig. 18 a halfpenny issued by 
Montreal Bank (a rare piece showing a corner view of the 
bank), Fig. 19 a halfpenny of Nova Scotia with a branch of 
mayflower on the reverse; earlier tokens had the thistle for 
reverse design to commemorate the Scottish settlements of 
1623 in the French country of Acadia; Fig. 20 is a trade 
token of Newfoundland. Fig. 21 shows a gold Two-dollar 
piece of Newfoundland of 1870, and Figs. 22 and 23 (Canadian 
25 Cent pieces of Victoria and Edward VII.) show the present 
currency issued for Canada by the English mint. 

The exclusion of the French from North America by the 
Treaty of Paris in 1763 and the self-confidence acquired by 
the Americans in the Seven Years' War paved the way for 








ia. p 


,. y 

104 American Coinage 

the Independence of the American States; the arrogant 
legislation of the English Parliament caused a smouldering 
irritation which was finally exploded by the Quebec Act of 
1774 which followed the series of Boston riots culminating 
in the "Tea-party" of 1773. The Declaration of Inde- 
pendence was made by the Thirteen States at Philadelphia 
in 1776; suggestions at this time for a federal coinage only 
resulted in the issue of proofs and tokens of which some bear 
the bust of Washington. In 1783 the Treaty of Versailles 
gave liberty to the United States. The coinage of the United 
States began in the year 1 792 ; a selection of pieces to illustrate 
the ordinary denominations is shown on Plates IV. and V. 
The gold pieces are the Eagle or Ten Dollars (Plate IV., Fig. 
24) and its parts, the Half Eagle (Fig. 25) and Quarter Eagle 
(Fig. 26); and the Gold Dollar (Fig. 27), which was first issued 
in 1849 and suppressed in 1890. The Silver Dollar of 1795 
(Plate IV., No. 28) has fifteen stars round the head of Liberty 
to denote the number of the states, which had been increased 
in 1791 to fifteen by the inclusion of Vermont and Kentucky; 
Fig. 29, the dollar of 1797, has sixteen stars, Tennessee having 
been admitted to the Union in the previous year; on later 
dollars thirteen stars only, the number of the original states, 
appear. From 1873 to 1887 the ordinary dollar was replaced 
by the Trade Dollar (Plate V., Fig. 30), which was designed 
for commerce with the Far East. Figs. 31 and 32 show the 
Half and Quarter Dollar, Fig. 33 the Dime, or Ten Cents, and 
34, 35 and 36 the Cent. These pieces have been chosen partly 
with a view to showing the various representations of Liberty 
at different periods. When the law which initiated the 
coinage came before the House of Representatives a clause 
ordering that every coin should bear the bust of the president 
in power at the tune of its issue raised such a storm of indigna- 
tion that the head of Liberty was substituted for that of the 
president ; the early coins represent the head with wild flowing 
locks (Plate V., No. 34), the dollars of 1795 and 1797 (Plate 
IV., Nos. 28, 29) have a bust with the hair tied at the back 
by a bow of ribbon, and the same head is seen on the Ten- 
Dollar piece wearing a high cap (Plate IV., Fig. 24). The 
Quarter Eagle of 1836 (Plate IV., Fig. 26) shows the hair 
dressed in thick curls and bound by a fillet inscribed " Liberty," 
and on the Half Dollar of the same year (Plate V., Fig. 31) 
she wears also a small cap. On the Half Eagle of 1845 (Plate 




* , ! , ; , 


'-' ; > 

^ ^ 
&t t,^ ^' : 


23. /R 




- : 


. A/ 








/ . % y / 



; /"(- 

\ '; j i / 

'"'. / i ( I 
^\ J 

'-' ...- 

34 /E 


^nav i / , i 

/: \j 



35. /E 

io8 American Coinage 

IV., Fig. 25) the hair is tied up in three curls at the back of 
the head and a stephane takes the place of the fillet; on the 
Cent of 1856 (Plate V., Fig. 35) the head is similarly treated, 
but a double coil takes the place of the curls; on the gold 
Dollar of 1862 (Plate IV., Fig. 27) the hair again hangs loose 
and she wears a crown of plumes. On the Quarter Dollar of 
the following year (Plate V., Fig. 32) the full figure is repre- 
sented seated supporting a shield and holding a staff and cap, 
and on the Trade Dollar (Plate V., Fig. 30) a similar figure 
is seen holding an olive spray and seated among goods of 
commerce. On the small Cent, of the same year, 1878 (Plate 
V., Fig. 36) the head again is shown wearing a fillet and 
Indian feathers; on the Dune of 1892 (Plate V., Fig. 33) the 
hair is tightly bound in a cap wreathed in laurel. The reverse 
of the gold and silver coins bears an eagle sometimes support- 
ing the shield, except the gold Dollar, which, like the copper 
coins, has simply the denomination within a wreath. The 
small nickel Cent was introduced in 1857 bearing an eagle 
on the obverse, which was changed in 1859 to the head of 
Liberty as seen on Plate V., Fig. 36; in 1864 the nickel Cent 
was supplanted by a copper coin of the same type. 

The Five Dollar gold piece figured in Plate V., No. 37, illus- 
trates the settlement of the Mormons under Brigham Young 
in Utah on the Salt Lake in 1847. This private issue includes 
pieces of 20, 10, 5, and 2.\ dollars. On the obverse is seen 
the Eye of Providence with the inscription " Holiness to the 
Lord," and on the reverse the clasped hands of friendship, 
above which are the letters G.S.L.C.P.G. (Great Salt Lake 
City Pure Gold). 

The coinage of Mexico and Central and South America 
takes us back to the sixteenth century, when American mints 
were opened and struck Spanish colonial corns, which, as we 
have seen above, formed the chief currency of the American 
continent for nearly three centuries. On Plate VI. are shown 
an Eight Real piece, or " Piece of Eight," struck in Peru by 
Philip IV. of Spain in 1677 (Fig. 38), and a Two Real piece 
struck by Charles IV. in 1795 (Fig. 39). The landing of 
Fernando Cortez in 1518 resulted in the complete reduction 
of Mexico within four years; Plate VI., Fig. 40, a Two Real 
piece of the Emperor Charles V. (Charles I. of Spain), is one 
of the earliest coins struck at the Mexican mint after it was 
opened in 1535. Until the end of the eighteenth century the 



M v KW 

W v .;% 

B^X 38 \ ^ 7> ^> ,V .^ , v '- . \ X 






1 1 o American Coinage 

Spanish colonies in America remained under the control of 
Spain, and the chief cause of their disaffection was the exposure 
of the weakness of Spain in the Napoleonic wars. Mexico 
was one of the earliest to revolt ; the rebels were led by the 
priest Hidalgo in 1810 and, on his execution in the following 
year, by another priest, Morelos, under whom were struck 
coins of the type figured on Plate VI., No. 41, bearing on the 
obverse the date and mark of value, and on the reverse a 
bow and arrow and the word " Sud " implying his command 
of the southern army. Independence was declared hi 1813, 
but Spanish control restored in 1820, and the country finally 
won its independence in the following year under Augustin 
Iturbide, who was later declared emperor. An Eight Real 
piece with a fine portrait of Augustin as Emperor of Mexico 
is shown on Plate VI., Fig. 42. In 1823 a federal republic was 
formed which received recognition from Spain ten years later. 

Brazil is interesting as the seat of Portuguese colonisation 
in America. Originally annexed to Spain by Pinzon, it was 
accidentally discovered a second time in 1500 by the Portu- 
guese admiral Cabral, who, in an attempt to follow Vasco 
da Gama's course by the Cape of Good Hope to India, so 
greatly exaggerated the circuit which was necessary to avoid 
contrary winds and currents that he struck the coast of 
Brazil; it was then found that it lay within Portuguese 
territory by the agreement of 1494, and a few years later 
Vespucci was sent by Portugal to colonise it. After the 
middle of the sixteenth century it passed into Spanish and 
Dutch possession and was recovered by Portugal in 1640. 
On the invasion of Portugal by Napoleon in 1807, John VI. 
fled to Brazil, and it became the seat of government till 1821, 
when, on his father's return to Portugal, Pedro was left 
regent, and became emperor by a revolution in the following 
year; its independence was recognised in 1825. Plate VII., 
Fig. 43, shows a silver coin of Brazil struck in 1 749 by John V. ; 
the sphere on the reverse was the emblem adopted by Manoel 
about the year 1 500 to typify the large additions to Portuguese 
dominions at that time. Fig. 44 is a gold piece of 4000 Reis 
with portrait of Pedro I. as emperor in 1824 and Fig. 45 a 
gold 10,000 Reis piece (the Reis having greatly depreciated 
by this time) struck in 1889, the first year of the Brazilian 

French colonisation is seen in the island of Haiti, in which, 


I 1 1 

^UH9^s /rc^ ""* 

$h ^" f ^\ 

; ." <^WT 

ISP ; '^.i j; 

,O >-> , m ,,,, :.. r)( * 

| || 

/'/ % > K/y .>/ 

1 1 2 American Coinage 

though discovered by Columbus, a French colony settled in 
1690, and by the treaty of Ryswick in 1697 the part of the 
island known as San Domingo was ceded to France. After 
long fighting between French and natives independence was 
declared under Dessalines, who .took the title of James I.; 
after his assassination in 1806, Christophe seized power and 
in 1811 became king of the largest part of the island; his 
portrait and assumed title of Henry I. are seen on the silver 
coin figured on Plate VII., No. 46. Petion, ruler of the other 
part, was succeeded by Boyer who united the whole island in 
1822. In 1844 it was again divided as at the present time. 

Plate VII., Fig. 47, shows an English Shilling countermarked 
by the Republic of Costa Rica, a practice which was much in 
vogue in Central America to supply the lack of small silver. 
Having become independent in 1821 Costa Rica joined in 
1824 the Confederation of Central America and separated 
again in 1840. A gold Escudo of 1849 is seen on Plate VII., 
Fig. 48, on which is continued the type in use during the 
Confederacy. Guatemala, the head republic of this Con- 
federacy, won its independence also in 1821; the Peso, or 
Eight Real piece, of the first year of the Confederacy, which 
is figured on Plate VII., No. 49, bears the mint-mark N.G. 
(New Guatemala). 

The independence of the Spanish possessions in Central 
and South America was due mainly to Bolivar, a Venezuelan, 
whose portrait is seen on Plate VIII., Fig. 50; he was made 
dictator in 1813, and in 1819 united Venezuela and New 
Granada as the Republic of Columbia, in which Ecuador was 
included in 1822. On the death of Bolivar in 1830 these three 
states separated themselves, and New Granada formed in 1861 
the United States of Columbia of which a fine gold 20 Peso 
piece (1863) is shown on Plate VIII., No. 51. In 1871 were 
formed the United States of Venezuela by which was struck 
the gold piece of 1886 on Plate VIII., Fig. 50, with the com- 
memorative portrait of Bolivar. Plate VIII., Fig. 52, is a 
silver coin of Ecuador struck in 1884 commemorating by the 
portrait and the coin denomination (Half Sucre) the great 
general who fought under Bolivar for the independence of 
these republics; after his victory at Ayacucho in 1824 he 
became in the following year the first president of the new 
republic of Bolivia. Fig. 53 is a gold Five Peso piece of Chili 
of 1862, and Fig. 54 a 20 Soles piece of Peru of 1863. The 





-.lii""'"" 5 "'., 





I ; 


114 American Coinage 

last three pieces are all struck under the decimal system, 
which was established hi most of the South American republics 
between 1860 and 1875; hi the several republics various 
denominations were used, many of which were taken from 
the type; the gold Condor, for example, in Chili and other 
countries is named after the condor or vulture which appears 
on its reverse, the silver Sucre at Ecuador from the com- 
memorative portrait to which we have referred above, anil 
in Peru the Sol from the Sun on the shield beside Liberty 
(see Plate VIII., No. 54) or above the shield of arms. 













To Boston 


Plans of Battles 






I I British 
mm American 

Plans of Battles 


^Westchester BATTLE OF 



XX British 
oo Americans 

Gen. Howes \ Headquarters 
after \tt>e Battle 


Hill Americans 
[ | British 

~e> * * ~" ^ f ~ 
jTlVO O'D Y^ L A NDj ft 

V^ * * **fi 

,'' n 3\^ * & .: 


Plans of Battles 

Constitution Island 


Nelsons^ PLAN OF 




British Redoubt 
occupied by Frenc 

Place where 

British laid down 

their Arms 



Hospit ou 


War of Independence Battles 121 





The Taking of Quebec 

Port Royal 


I2 4 

New England in 1631 

Sir John Lederer's Marches 125 

126 The Indian Nations, 1775 




New Amsterdam 



New York, 1730 


New York in 1746 


Early Highways, etc. 

Concord and Virginia 


Emerson, Hawtfiorne, Thoreau, Etc 
Land over 200ft shown shaded 



I 3 2 

Guyana, 1595 

Peru at the Conquest 133 

134 Trade and Population of U.S. 






1900 [ 

f7Z 6 7 

f/2S 7& 





IBS 33 





The figures represent Millions of Pounds Sterling 


Hi 3,929,000 


\7, 24 0,OOO 


j 9, 638,000 




The coloured population 
is shown in solid black 

?, 866,000 









American Immigration 




2 J * 

< 5 * 2 

* 2 
i ^ 

s i 

vf* t^1^ 

* ^ 00 ^ 


U) o" CO co" 2 ^ 

^ s 

, g ^ g [11 

1 pi 




5 - 

v |jj 


o Z 




5 z o 

' ^ O O 

| a: 2 

S 7 1 1 







tO O '^S'S:^ 







o 1 I 


00 ^Q 1 ^ 



L 1 




" ' 

i I 





^ z 




I s i 


; : 


S ; :CCJ':::S 

I . : : : x ; : : : : : : : ; : : : : . : : : : 




? 2 ill 










?Ii|o ?lso| 

Jog 2* ? S 2 2| | 


m m 1 I J ^ ^ I s - -.' r~ 

s WK 

Q - 

1 2) 

I ~ v 

j : : :: 05 N . 2^ ; g 










A. Author 
Ass. Associations with 
Bp. Birthplace 
Cap. Capital 
F. Founded 
Ind. Indies 
S. A. W. ] 

Res. Residence 
Sc. Scene (of, in) 
W. War(s) 
Cent. A. Central America 
Conn. Connecticut 
Mass. Massachusetts 
nd. South American War of In 

Mex.W. Mexican War 
N.A. North America 
N.Y. New York 
Perm. Pennsylvania 
S.A. South America 
U.S. United States 

Abancay, Peru. los. 70 w. Victory of 
Almagro, fellow-conqueror with Pizarro of 
Peru and Chili, over his Spanish rival Alva- 
rado, Captain-General of Peru, 1537. (See 
Prescott, ' Conquest of Peru.') 

Acadia, see Nova Scotia. 

A cap ul co, Mexico. i6N. ggw. Old com- 
mercial centre; Spanish galleon from, cap- 
tured by Anson, 1743; by Parker, 1762. 
(See Anson, ' Voyage Round the World.') 

Acul, Haiti. 191*. 74W. Port named 
Saint-Thomas by Columbus. 

Alabama, U.S. SIN. 8sw. De Soto, dis- 
coverer of Mississippi (q.v.), had fierce com- 
bats with natives; first colonised by French 
i8th century (see Mobile); part transferred 
by France to Great Britain, 1763 ; formerly 
part of Georgia; became independent state, 
1817; admitted to Union, 1819; seceded, 
1861; readmitted, 1868. 

Alamo Fort, San Antonio, Texas. g8w. 
28N. Heroically defended by Texans against 
Mexicans under Santa Ana, who massacred 
the six left of the garrison after capitulation, 
1836 (Texan struggle for independence). 

Alaska. 5514. I4OW. Formerly ' Russian 
America;' discovered by Bering, 1741; 
bought by the U.S. and organised as a 
territory, 1867. 

Albany, cap. of N.Y. State. 42 N. 72W. 
Dutch traders at, 1614; f. by Dutch (Fort 
Orange), 1622; present name given by Eng- 
lish, to whom ceded, 1664; peace confer- 
ence with the five nations at, 1689; colonial 
conventions, at which the six nations were 
represented, 1748, 1751, and 1754, when 
Benjamin Franklin assisted as delegate from 
Pennsylvania. Bp. Bret Harte (1839- 
1902); P. H. Sheridan, general (1831-88). 

Albernarle Sound, N. Carolina. 36N. 76w. 
Indecisive battle during Civil W. 

Alderman Jones's Sound. 76N. 82 w. So 

named by Baffin, 1616. 

53N. I73E. 

Aleutian Islands, N. Pacific. 
Discovered by Bering, 1741. 

Allatoona, Georgia. 341*. 84\v. Capitu- 
lated to Sherman, 1864 (Civil W.). (His 
signal ' Hold the fort ' has been made 
popular in a well-known hymn.) 

Allumette, island, Ottawa River, Quebec. 
45N. 77w. Champlain at, 1612. 

Amaquemecan, Mexico. 191*1. 98w. Cortes 
at, on his march to Mexico, 1519. 

Amazon (Maranou), river, o. sow. So 
called from the accounts given by Orellana 
of the warlike women he encountered on 
its banks. First seen at its mouth by 
Vincent Yanez Pinzon, 1500; Orellana, who 
accompanied Gonzalo Pizarro on his ex- 
pedition from Quito into the interior, sailed 
down to the mouth from the Rio Napo, 1540; 
among later explorers were Lope de Aguirre, 
Pedro de Texeiro, La Condamine, and in the 
igth century the naturalists Alfred Wallace, 
Walter Bates, Poeppig, Agassiz, Orton, and 
English, American, and French navigators. 

Ambato, Ecuador, is. 7gw. Defeat of 
Huascar by Atahuallpa, brother Incas of 
Peru and Quito. (See Prescott, ' Peru,' 
op. cit.) 

America. Visited by Northmen loth cen- 
tury (see Massachusetts); mainland of the 
North sighted by John Cabot, 1497; dis- 
covered by Columbus during his third 
voyage, 1498; Vespucci accompanied Ojeda 
in expedition to, 1499 (there is uncertainty as 
to V.'s earlier voyage); further explorations 
of the east coast in 1498-9 by the Cabots; 
1500-1 by the Cortereals; 1502 and 1504 by 
Columbus; 1524 by Verazzani; in 1500 
Yaiiez Pinzon and Cabral discovered Brazil 
shortly after one another; 1513, Balboa 
crossed the isthmus of Panama and sighted 
the Pacific; other explorers of 1 6th- 1 7th 
centuries: Cortes, Pizarro, Almagro, De 
Soto, Magalhaes, Cartier, Champlain, La 

1 A large number of the places are not marked in the maps, but the latitude 
and longitude will enable the reader to locate their position. 




Salle, Joliet, and Marquette; in the i8th the 
American travellers Lewis and Clarke, and 
Pike. The continent was first named after 
Amerigo Vespucci in a geographical work 
by Waldseemuller, 1507. 

Anaquito, Plains of, Ecuador, o. 78w. 
Battle between Gonzalo Pizarro and Blasco 
Nunez, Viceroy of Peru, and defeat and 
death of latter, 1546. (Prescott, ' Peru,' 
op. cit.) 

AnasUsia Island, Florida. 2gN. 8iw. 
Ribault and his Huguenot followers mas- 
sacred by Menendez, 1565. 

Andes, The. i8s. 6sw. Passage of, by 
Piaarro, 1532. The highest summit is 
Aconcagua, in the Chilian Andes, ascended 
by Zurbriggen, 1897; a partial ascent of 
Chimborazo was made by Humboldt and 
Bonplaud, 1802; Edward Whymper was 
the first to reach the summit, 1880; ascent 
of Cotopaxi by Thilmann, 1878; by 
Whymper, 1880; ascents of other heights 
were made by Conway, 1898. 

Angostura (Ciudad Bolivar), Venezuela. 
8N. &3W. F. by Jesuits, 1576, and formerly 
known as S. Toinas de Nueva Guayana; 
present name derived from the liberator 
Bolivar, who here held the congress which 
converted New Grenada and Venezuela into 
the single state of Colombia, 1819. 

Annapolis, Maryland. 39N. 76w. Settled 
by Puritans from Massachusetts under 
Durand, 1649; formerly known as Provi- 
dence; present name given in honour of 
Queen Anne; tea burned in harbour by 
American patriots, 1774; convention for 
establishing temporary government, 1775. 
Bp. J. H. Alexander, scientist (1812-67). 

Annapolis (former Port Royal), Nova 
Scotia. 44N. 6sw. F. by French, 1604; 
several times captured by English in follow- 
ing years; by Sir VV. Phipps, 1690; again in 
1710, and finally ceded to Great Britain, 
when the change of name took place. 
. Anticosti, island, Canada. 49N. DSW, 
Discovered by Cartier, 1534. 

Autietam Creek, near Sharpsburg. SQN. 
77w. Battle between McClellan and Lee, 
the former remaining victor, Sept. 16-17, 
1862 (Civil W.). 

Antigua, West Indies. I7N. 6iw, Dis- 
covered by Columbus, 14931 

Appomattox Court House, Virginia. 371*. 
78w. Surrender of the Confederate Gen. 
Lee to Gen. Grant, 1865. 

Apurimac, river, Peru. 138. 73W. Peri- 
lous passage of, effected by Gasca's army, 
1548. (Prescott, ' Peru,' op. cit.) 

Aquidaban, river, Paraguay. 208. 55W. 
Paraguayans defeated at, and the despot 
Lopez killed, 1870 (war with Brazil). 

Aragua, near Barcelona, Venezuela. ION. 
63\v. Bolivar and Marino severely defeated 
by the Royalist forces under Morales, 1814 
(S. A. W. Ind.). 

Araucania, Chili. 3&-39S. 73W. The 
natives waged devastating warfare with the 
Spaniards from the first endeavour of the 
latter to subdue them; in 1773 indepen- 

dence was granted them by Spain; in 1858 
M. de Touuens was made king by them ; he 
was taken prisoner by the Chilians; fierce 
war raged with Chili, 1868-70; now nomi- 
nally under Chili. An epic poem by Alonzo 
d'Ercilla commemorates the conflict of the 
1 6th century in which the author himself 
took part. 

Arctic Regions. Early explorers of i6th- 
i8th centuries: Cabot, Sir H. Willoughby, 
Frobisher, Davis, Hudson, Baffin, Barentz, 
Bering, Phipps, Cook and Clerke; igth 
century: Parry, Ross, Franklin, followed 
many others, among the latest being 
"), and Peary, who finally 
lorth Pole in the present 

22 N. 75 w. So named by 

(' Fram 

discovered the 

Arena Islands. 
Columbus, 1492. 

Arequipa, Peru. 

i6s. 7iw. F. by Pizarro, 
1536; Almagro and his Spaniards in, 1537; 
taken by Chilians 1883. 

Argentine Republic (La Plata), S.A. 353. 
65 w. Revolted from Spain, 1810; republic 
established, 1816; war with Brazil, 1827-28; 
Rosas dictator, 1835-52; war with France 
and England, 1838-50; constitution drawn 
U P> i8S3', civil war continued till 1862; 
war with Paraguay, 1865-70, 

Arica, Chili i8s. 7ow. Stormed by 
Chilians and taken from Peruvians, 1880. 

Arispe, Sonora, Mexico. SON. logvr. 
Count G. de Raousset Boulbon proclaimed a 
republic in 1853, but was taken and snot. 

Arizona, U.S. 341*. ii2W. Vasconcellos, 
follower of Cort6s, in, 1526; mission estab- 
lished by Jesuits, 1687, later destroyed 
by Indians; sold by Mexicans to U.S. 
Government (Gadsden Purchase), 1850; 
explored by Lieut. Mowry, 1855; separated 
from New Mexico and made a territory of 
the U.S., 1863. 

Arkansas, U.S. 35 N. 92W. Discovered 
by De Soto, 1541; Father Marquette in, 
1673; colonised by French, 1685; bought 
by U.S., 1803; admitted to Union, 1836; 
seceded, 1861; readmitted, 1868. 

Arkansas, river. 35 N. 92W. Explored by 
La Harpe, 1722. 

Astoria, Oregon. 46N. I23W. Settled by 
Astor Company, 1810; captured by British 
and renamed Fort George, 1813; restored 
to U.S., 1818; boundary dispute settled, 
1846. (See work by Washington Irving.) 

Asuncion, Paraguay. 253. 57w. First 
Spanish settlement in Paraguay f. by Men- 
doza, 1536 or 1537; Yrala and Cabeza de 
Vaca were in turn the first governors; over- 
throw of Belgrano, leader of Paraguayan 
revolutionaries, by Royalists, 1811 (S. A. W. 
Ind.). (See Paraguay.) 

Atacama, desert of, Chili. 248. 7ow. 
Crossed by Almagro, the Spanish conqueror 
of Chili, 1536. 

Atlanta, cap. of Georgia. 33N. 84W 
Capitulated to Sherman, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Augusta, Georgia. 33N. 8iw. F. by 
British under Oglethorpe; surrendered to 
Americans, 1781 (W. of Ind.). 



Ayacucho (formerly Huamanga), Peru. 
133. 74W. F. by Pizarro, 1539; Spaniards 
defeated by patriots and their power broken, 
1824 (also known as battle of Candor- 
eanqui) (S. A. W. Ind.). 

Ayohuma, Argentine. Belgrano, leader of 
the Buenos Ayreans, defeated, 1813 (S. A. W. 
Ind.) (See Crichfield, ' Rise and Progress of 
S.A. Republics.') 

Baffin's Bay. 72N. 67w. Named after 
the discoverer, 1616. 

Bahama Islands. 251*. 77w. One of these 
(now identified as Watling Island) was the 
first land sighted by Columbus, and called 
by him San Salvador, 1492. 

Bahia. 128. 38w. Former cap. of 
Brazil; f. 1549 by Thomas de Souza. (See 
Darwm, ' Voyage of the Beagle.') 

Bahia Blanca, Argentine. 385. 62W. (See 
Darwin, ' Voyage of the Beagle.') 

Ball's Buff (or Leesburg Heights), on the 
Potomac. 39N. 77\v. Defeat of Federals 
1861 (Civil W.). 

Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. SQN. 76w. 
First settler on site of, 1682; f. 1729, and 
named in honour of Lord Baltimore; at- 
tacked unsuccessfully by the English, 1814; 
Federal volunteers attacked by citizwns, 
1861 ; finally joined the Federal cause. (See 
Fort MacHenry and North Point.) 

Barbadoes, Windward Islands. 131*. 59W. 
Actual discoverers unknown, perhaps the 
Portuguese; sighted by English, 1605; in 
power of English since first colonised by 
them. 1625, in which year Jamestown was f. 

Bastimentos, Boca Toro. QN. Saw. 
Columbus at, 1502. 

Baylis's Creek, James River, near Malvern 
Hill. 57N. 77w. Attack on driven back 
by Confederates. 1864 (Civil W.). 

Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuepoj 545. 
67w. (See Darwin, ' Voyage of the Beaele.') 

Belle Isle Strait. SON. 55\v. J. Cartier 
in, 1534. 

Belmont, on the Mississippi. 36?*. 8gw. 
Fierce indecisive encounter during Civil W., 

Semis's Heights, near Albany, N.Y. 42*. 
72W. Battles Sept. and Oct., and final 
defeat of English, 1777 (W. of Ind.). 

Bennington, Vermont, U.S. 42N. 73W- 
Victory of Stark and his New England 
farmers over part of Burgoyne's army, 1777 
(W. of Ind.). 

Bentonville. N. Carolina. 351*. 77w. Con- 
federates defeated near, by Sherman, March 
18-21, 1865 (Civil W.). 

Berbicr, S. America. ON. 55W. Dis- 
covered by Pinzon, 1499; Dutch settlement, 
1580: in English possession, 1796-1802; 
retaken by English, 1803, and ceded to them 
by treaty, 1814; now part of British Guiana. 

Bering Island, N. Pacific. 551*. i66E. 
Bering died on, from exhaustion, having 
been wrecked off coast, 1741. 

Bering Strait 6sN. i7ow. Named after 
the Danish navigator who first explored it, 
1728; Cook during his third and last voyage 

(1776-9) endeavoured to make his passage 
through, but failed. 

Bermudas, The, islands. 3N. 64W. Dis- 
covered by Juan Bermudez, 1522; the first 
Englishman on was the shipwrecked navi- 
gator May, 1593; colonised by Sir George 
Somers (or Summers), who with Sir T. Gates 
was shipwrecked on, 1609 (the account of 
this storm by Strachey possibly furnished 
source for part of ' Tempest '). (See poem 
by Waller.) 

Big Bethel, Virginia. 37*. 76w. Victory 
of Confederates, 1861 (Civil W.). 

Big Black River, Mississippi. 32*?. gow. 
Defeat of Confederates, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Big Horn, battle of, at junction of Big and 
Little Big Horn River. 441*. io6w. General 
Custer's force destroyed by the Sioux 
Indians under Sitting Bull, 1876. 

Bio-bio, river, Chili. 385. 72W. Fierce 
contests at, between Araucanians to the 
south, and Spaniards to the north, during 
the r 6th century. 

Blackrock, near Buffalo. 42N. 78w. Fort 
surprised by British, 1813. 

Blackstock's Plantation, Charlotte, N. 
Carolina. 35*. Sow. Defeat of British by 
Snmter, 1780 (W. of Ind.). 

Blackwater, river, Missouri. Surrender of 
Confederates, near Milford, 1861 (Civil W.). 

Bladensburg, Maryland. 391*. 76w. 
Americans defeated by English, 1814. 

Blakely, near Mobile, Alabama. 30*. 88w. 
Fort taken by Federals, 1865 (Civil W.). 

Block Island, Connecticut. 4 IN. 7iw. 
Taken by Endicott after murder of English 
traders by the Indians, 1636. 

Bloody Bridge, near Detroit. 42N. 82W. 
Rout of English by Indians at Parent's 
Creek (Bloody Run) and death of Dalzell. 
(See Parkman, ' Coaspiracy of Pontiac.') 

Boca del Sierre. QN. 6iw. So named by 
Columbus, 1498. 

Bogota, cap. of Colombia. 4N. 74W. F. 
by the conqueror Quesada, and formerly 
known as Santa Fe, 1538; independence 
proclaimed at, i8n; taken by Spaniards, 
1816; delivered by Bolivar, 1819 (S. A. W. 
of Ind.). 

Bolivia, S.A. i8s. 68w. Formerly Upper 
Peru. Rise of natives under Tupac Amaru, 
descendant of the Incas, who was cruelly 
put to death by the Spaniards, 1780-2; sc. 
successive battles during S. American War 
of Independence, 1809-25; independence 
secured by victory of Ayacucho, 1824; re- 
public named after the liberator Bolivar; 
Santa Cruz president of B. and Lower Peru, 
1828-39; Peru-Bolivian war with Chili, 1879- 
83; sc. frequent civil war. 

Boonesboro, Kentucky. 39N. 84W. On site 
of fort built by Daniel Boone, the explorer 
of Kentucky (1735-1820), who was several 
times attacked in it by the Indians, and once 
made prisoner. 

Booneville, Missouri. 38N. 92W. Con- 
federates defeated by Gen. Lyon, 1861 
(Civil W.). 

Boothia Felix. 7oN, 94W. Northern ex- 



tremity of the continent, discovered by Sir 
John Ross, 1829-30; named after Sir F. 
Booth, the financier of the expedition, 
during which Ross's nephew (James Clark 
Ross) discovered the magnetic pole. 
Borgne, Lake, Louisiana. SON. Sgvf. 
British naval victory, 1812. 
Boston, Mass., U.S. 42N. 7iw. Called 
Shawmut by the Indians and Trimountain 
by the English. In 1630 a settlement was 
made here by Winthrop, governor of Mass. 
Bay, and this year the present name was 
given, after the English town from which 
many of the colonists came; first congress of 
confederated colonies (Mass., Plymouth, 
Connect.,) 1643; seizure and expulsion of 
Andros, governor-general, 1688; seizure of 
the British sloop ' Liberty,' 1768, first 
action taken in the W. of Ind. ; the Boston 
massacre, 1770; 'Boston tea party,' 1773; 
meeting in Faneuil Hall (' Cradle of Ameri- 
can Liberty ') denouncing the Boston Port 
Bill, 1774; warlike preparations begun by 
General Gage, 1774; besieged by Washing- 
ton, 1775-6, when English evacuated; first 
charter, 1822. The city has suffered from 
several destructive fires, the latest in 1872. 
The ' Boston News Letter,' 1704, was the first 
newspaper printed in the U.S. Dr. Chan- 
ning minister at Federal Street Church, 
1803-40. Bp. Cotton Mather (1663-1728); 
T. Hutchinson, historian of Massachusetts 
(1711-80); Paul Revere, patriot (1735-1818) 
(see Longfellow's poem) ; W. Austin, A. of 
' Peter Rugg, the Missing Man ' (1778-1841) ; 
Ticknor, A. of ' History of Spanish Litera- 
ture* (1791-1871); Parkman, historian 
(1823-93); R. Waldo Emerson (1803- 
82); Edgar Allan Poe (1809-49); Benjamin 
Franklin (1706-90); Francis J. Child, 
scholar (1825-96); Mrs. Craigie, novelist 

Boston Bay. Expedition to, under Miles 
Standish, 1621. 

Boyaca, Colombia. SN. 73 w. Decisive 
victory by Bolivar, 1819 (S. A. W. of Ind.). 
Boydton Plank Road, near Petersburg, Vir- 
ginia. s6N. 78w. Battle, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Braceti (Brazito), Texas. SON. xogw. 
Mexicans defeated, 1846 (Mex. W.). 
Braintree, near Quincy, Mass. 42N. 7iw. 
Bp. John Adams, second president of the 
U.S. (1735-1826), and John Quincy Adams, 
sixth president of the U.S. (1767-1848). 

Brandywine Creek, near Wilmington. 
39N. 75W. Defeat of Washington by Howe, 
Lafayette wounded, 1777 (W. of Ind.). 

Brazil, S.A. IDS. 52W. Discovered by 
the Spaniard Yanez Pinzon, 1500, and 
shortly after by the Portuguese Cabral; 
Vespucci reached the bay of Rio de Janeiro 
on New Year's Day, 1502 or 1504, and 
named i t accordingly ; Hawkins in , 1 5 2 8 and 
1530, bringing a Brazilian king home with 
him from this latter voyage; traversed by 
Cabeza de Vaca, 1540-2; French colony of 
short duration planted at Fort Coligny by 
Villegagnon, 1555; Portuguese and Dutch 
in possession in turns; latter driven from, 

1654; Portuguese court take refuge from 
Napoleon at Rio, 1807; independence de- 
clared and Pedro I. crowned emperor, 1822; 
war with Paraguay, 1865-70; emancipation of 
slaves, 1885 ; country revolts against Pedro's 
son and declares'" itself a republic, 1889; 
revolt of fleet and civil war, 1893-5; cam- 
paigns against Indians (Jaguncos), 1897; 
attempt to assassinate President Barrps, 
1897; disturbances continue. (See Darwin, 
' Voyage of Beagle.') 

Brier Creek, Georgia. 32N. 8iw. Ameri- 
cans defeated by English under Gen. Prevost 
1779 (W. of Ind.). 

tritish Columbia (formerly New Caledonia). 
49N. H4W. Cook off , 1778 ; coast explored 
by Vancouver during voyage of 1793-5 ; in 
1858 it received its present name, and in 
1871 was incorporated with the dominion 
of Canada. 

Brook Farm, West Roxbury, near Boston, 
Mass. 42N. 7iw. Association at organised 
by G. Ripley and Dr. Channing, 1841; 
among its members and the visitors to B. 
Farm were Hawthorne, Dana, Margaret 
Fuller, W. H. Channing, Emerson, Alcott, 
Brownson, Miss Peabody (the ' Miss Birds- 
eye* of H. James's ' Bostonians '), etc.; 
Fourierism was adopted by the community 
in 1843, and in 1847 the community broke 
up. (See Hawthorne's ' Blithedale 

Brooklyn Heights, Long Island, N.Y. 
40N. 73w. Occupied by British, 1776. 
(See Long Island, battle of.) 

Brown, Fort, Rio Grande, Texas. 25N. 
97w. Defended by Brown against attack on 
by Mexicans, 1846 (Mex. W.). 

Buena Vista, near Saltillo, Mexico. 25N. 
loiw. Defeat of Santa Ana, 1846 (Mex. 

Buenos Ayres, province, Argentine. 348. 
58w. Independence proclaimed, 1816; 
separated from other provinces, 1853; re- 
joined, 1860; La Plata made the capital, 

Buenos Ayres, cap. of Argentine Re- 
public since 1882, formerly cap. of province. 
343. 6ow. F. by Mendoza, 1535; Spaniards 
driven from by Indians, 1539; re-colonised, 
1580; attacked by English and Portuguese, 
1763; taken by English under Admiral 
Popham and Beresford, who were soon 
forced to surrender, 1806; two days' fight- 
ing in streets ending in defeat of English 
under Whitelocke, 1807; blockaded by 
French and English, 1835 (see Argentine). 
(See Darwin, ' Voyage of the Beagle.') 

Buffalo, Erie, N.Y. 42N. 78w. Taken 
and destroyed by British and Indian allies, 
1813; Pan-American Exhibition, 1901. 

Buffington Island (St. George's Creek), Ohio. 
Capture of Confederate raiders under Morgan, 
1863 (Civil W.). 

Bull Run, near Manassas Junction, Vir- 
ginia. s8N. 77W. Victories of Confeder- 
ates, 1861 and 1862 (battle of Groveton). 

Bunker Hill, Charlestown, Mass. 42N. 
7iw, First great battle of the W. of Ind., 


fought actually on Breed's Hill, in which 
the Americans gained a substantial victory, 

Burburata, Venezuela. Sir John Hawkins 
at, trading in slaves, 1565. 

Burlington, New Jersey. 4ON. 74W. F. 
by Quakers, 1677. Bp. of James Fenimore 
Cooper (1789-1851). 

Burnt Corn Creek, near Pensacola. SON. 
37w. Victory of McQueen and his Indians 
over Caller's force, 1813 (Creek W.). 

Bushy Run, about 25 miles from Fort 
Pitt (q.v.). Victory of Bouquet over the 
Indians, 1763. (See Parkman, ' Conspiracy 
of Pontiac.') 

Buzzard's Bay. Mass. 4 IN. 7ow. Early 
trading station of the Plymouth Fathers. 

Cabo de la Vela, Colombia. ISN. 74W. 
Furthest point reached by Ojeda, who 
was the first to sight this cape, 1499. 

Cahokia, St. Claire Co., Illinois. 38w. 
9ow. Pontiac, Indian chief, killed in wood 
near, 1769 (see Parkman, op. cit.); pre- 
historic mounds near. 

Caimanera, Cuba. igN. 7sw. Engage- 
ment between Americans and Spaniards, 
latter finally driven from their camp, 1898. 

Cajamarca" (Caxamarca), Peru. 6s. 7gw. 
The Inca Atahtiallpa treacherously made 
prisoner and his followers massacred by 
Pizarro, 1532; the Inca executed, 1533. 
(See Prescott ' Peru,' op. cit.). 

California, Gulf of. 28N. H2W. Expedi- 
tion of Narvaez to, 1527; explored by Cortes 
and his generals, 1528-35; reached by 
Cabeza de Vaca and survivors of expedition, 
the first explorers to cross the American con- 
tinent, during their nine years' wanderings, 
1527-36; Ulloa in, 1539; Alarcon, 1540; 
Viscavno, 1596. 

California, Lower, Mexico. 28N. H3\v. 
Discovered by Grijalva, 1534; taken pos- 
session of by Spaniards, 1602; colonised by 
Jesuits, 1642; part of Mexico since 1823. 

California, Upper, U.S. 37N. I2OW. 
Coast explored by Cabrillo, 1542; taken 
possession of by Drake for Elizabeth, and 
named by him ' New Albion,' 1578; expedi- 
tion to, under Viscayno, 1602-5 ', colony in 
settled by Spaniards, 1698; coast explored 
by Vancouver, 1793; revolted from Spain, 
1823; exploring expedition under Fremont, 
1844; ceded by Mexico to U.S., 1848; ad- 
mitted to Union, 1850; decides against 
joining Confederates, 1860. 

Callao, Peru. 125. 77w. Known to early 
Spanish founders as Ciudad de los Reyes: 
former town destroyed by tidal wave, 1746: 
last stronghold in Peru held by Spaniards, 
who capitulated, 1826; Spanish fleet de- 
feated off, 1866; bombarded by Chilians, 

Cambridge, Mass. 42N. 7iw. F. 1631, 
and originally named Newtown; Harvard 
University f. 16^6; first printing press in 
U.S. set up by Day, 1638; the ' Bay Psalm 
Book,' first book printed in English America, 
1640: first president of Harvard, Henry 

Dunster, 1640-54; theological constitution 
known as the ' Cambridge Platform ' 
framed at synod, 1646-8; congress for re- 
organising army, at which Franklin and 
Washington assisted, 1775; Washington 
here took command of the continental army, 
1775. Bp. R. H. Dana, poet and. essayist 
(1787-1879); Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809- 
94); James Russell Lowell (1819-91); res. 
Lowell, Longfellow (see Mount Auburn). 

Cambridgeport, Mass, (now part of Cam- 
bridge). 42N. 7iw. Bp. of S. Margaret 
Fuller (Marchioness d'Ossoli), drowned off 
Long Island (1810-50). 

Camden, S. Carolina. 34N. 8ow. English 
victory under Cornwallis, 1780; engagement 
near, between Gen. Greene and Lord Raw- 
don, 1781; evacuated by English, 1781 (W. 
of Ind.). 

Campbell's Station, near Knoxville, Ten- 
nessee. 36N. 8sw^ Federals forced to 
withdraw from, after repelling Confederates, 
1863 (Civil W.). 

Campeche, Yucatan, Mexico, igw. gaw. 
Discovered by Cordova, 1517; Spaniards 
settled at, 1539; taken by English, 1659; 
by the buccaneer Louis Scot, 1678; and 
again by buccaneers, 1685. 

Campeche Bay, Gulf of Mexico. SON. 93W. 
Cortes sails down, 1519. 

Canada (New France). 46N. 55W. The 
Cabots discover Labrador and Newfound- 
land, 1497, 1498; further discoveries by the 
Cortereals, 1500, 1501; Verazzani in Gulf 
of St. Lawrence, 1524; explored by Cartier, 
X 534 who was the first to sail up the St. 
Lawrence, 1535 ; small French colony planted 
by Roberval, 1541; voyages of exploration 
and discoveries by Champlain, founder of 
Quebec, 1602-35; taken by the English, 
1759-60; finally ceded to, by Treaty of 
Paris, 1763; divided into Upper and Lower, 
1791; in 1840 reunited and known as East 
and West; Confederate Dominion formed, 
1867; original provinces joined in 1870 by 
the N.W. Territories; in 1871 by British 
Columbia, and in 1873 by Prince Edward 

Canelas (Land of Cinnamon). 25N. losw. 
Gonzalo Pizarro in, during his expedition 
into Quito, 1540-2. 

Cape Breton Island. 46N. 6ow. Probably 
discovered by Cabot, 1497; settled by 
French, 1712; ceded to England by Peace 
of Paris, 1763; incorporated with Nova 
Scotia, 1819. 

Cape Desolation, Greenland. 6iN, 48w. 
So named by Davis, 1585. 

Cape Farewell, Greenland. 6oN. 44W. 
Davis off, 1585. 

Cape Horn, S.A. 553. 68w. Rounded 
by Magalhaes, 1520; sighted by Drake, 

Cape Mercy, Cumberland, Baffin Land. 
64 N. 64W. So named by Davis, 1585. 

Carabobo, Venezuela. 9N. 68w Victory 
of Bolivar over Spaniards, 1821 (S. A. W. 

Caracas,. Venezuela. ION. 6fiw. Sighte4 


by Columbus, 1498; f. by Spaniards, 
1567; sacked by buccaneer Amyas Preston, 
1595; and by French, 1679; revolted, 1810, 
and after being twice retaken by Spaniards, 
finally delivered, 1821; destroyed by earth- 
quake, 1812; now capital of Venezuela. 
Bp. Miranda, revolutionary leader (or at 
Santa Fe, N. Granada) (1756-1816); 
Bolivar, the ' Liberator ' (1785-1830). 

Catenas, Port, Cuba. Name given by 
Ocampo, who here careened his vessels. 1508. 

Caribees, N. and S. (or Windward and Lee- 
ward) islands, W. Indies. i6u. 62W.; UN. 
6ow. Name derived from the aboriginal 

Carnifex Ferry, near Summersville, W. 
Virginia. 381*. 8ow. Federal victory, 1861 
(Civil W.). 

Carolina, N. and S. (called Albemarle by 
refugees from Virginia, 1660). 341*. Sow. 
Discovered by Ponce de Leon, 1512; ex- 
plored by expedition sent by De Ayllon, 
1521; by Verazzani, 1524; Raleigh landed 
on Roanoke Island, 1584; 1663 conceded by 
Charles II. to Lord Clarendon and other 
nobles, hence its present name; constitu- 
tion drawn up by Locke, 1670; became 
crown colony, 1729; two of the 13 original 
United States; both N. and S. seceded, 
1861; readmitted to Union, 1868. (See 
Roanoke and Fort Carolina.) 

Cartagena, Colombia, S.A. ION. 7sw. F. 
by Pedro de Heredia, 1533; Hawkins at, 
1568; taken by Drake, 1586; resisted Eng- 
lish attack under Vernon, 1741; captured 
by Royalists, 1815; retaken by revolution- 
aries, 1821. (See Colombia.) 

Carthage, Jasper Co., Missouri Con- 
federates force Gen. Lyon to retreat, 1861 
(Civil W.). 

Gary Islands, off EHesmere Land. 76N. 
8sw. Name given by Baffin, 1616. 

Caseros, near Buenos Ayres. 348. s8w. 
Final defeat of Rosas, by forces of Brazil 
and Uruguay, 1852. 

Caxas, Peru. los. 79\v. De Soto at, when 
reconnoitring for Pizarro, 1532. Painful 
march of Blasco Nunez through valley of, 
pursued by Gonzalo Pizarro. 1544. (See 
Prescott, ' Peru,' op. cit.) 

Cayenne, cap. of French Guiana. 4N. 52W. 
In possession in turns of French, English, 
and Dutch, 1604-76; restored to French 
and taken by English, 1809; French posses- 
sion since Peace of, 1814; formerly French 
penal settlement. 

Cedar Creek, Virginia. 39N. 77w. Con- 
federates defeated 1864 (Civil W.). 

Cedar Mountain, Virginia. 3&N. 78w. 
Victory, and subsequent retreat, of ' Stone- 
wall Jackson, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Cempoalla, Mexico. IQN. g6w. Cortes 
and his troops received in state by the 
cacique, 1519; Cortes destroys part of his 
fleet, 1519; his victory over Narvaez, envoy 
of Velasquez, Governor of Cuba, 1520. (See 
Prescott, ' Conquest of Mexico.') 

Cerrito, near Montevideo. Spaniards de 
by Argentine revolutionaries, 1812. 

Cerro, S.A. Victory of Montevldeans by 
aid of Garibaldi over the forces of Rosas, 

Cerro-Cora, Paraguay. 22S. ssw. The 
dictator F. S. Lopez surprised and killed 
by Lacerda (Chico le Diable), 1870, thus 
putting an end to war between Brazil and 

Cerro Cordo, Mexico. 26N. xosw. Ameri- 
can victory over Mexicans and flight of 
Santa Ana, 1847 (Mex. W.). 

Ceutla, Plains of, Tabasco, Mexico. Defeat 
of Indians by Cortes, 15 19. (Prescott, ' Con- 
quest of Mexico.') 

Chacabuco, Chili. 333. 7ow. Spaniards 
defeated by the Argentinians under San 
Martin and the allied revolutionaries, 1817 
(S. A. W. Ind.). 

Chalco, on lake of name, Mexico. igN. 
g8w. Cortes marches along Lake of, on 
his way to Mexico, 1519; Mexicans defeated 
by Spaniards under Sand oval, 1521; noted 
for its ' floating gardens.' (See Prescott, 
' Mexico,' op. cit.) 

Chaleur Bay. 47N. 6sw. So named by 
Cartier, 1534. 

Champion Hills, Hind's Co., Miss. 32N. 
9ow. Confederates defeated by Gen. Grant, 
1863 (Civil W.). 

Champlain, Lake. 44N. 73W. Named 
after the explorer who reached the lake and 
there defeated the Iroquois, 1609; Ameri- 
can fleet under Arnold defeated by English, 
1776; English fleet by American, 1814. 

Chancellorsville, near Fredericksburg, Vir- 
ginia. 38N. 77w. Army of the Potomac 
defeated by the Confederates, and ' Stone- 
wall ' Jackson mortally wounded, 1863 (Civil 

Chantilly, near Washington, Virginia. 
38N. 76w. Confederates driven back, 1862 
(Civil W.). 

Chapultepec, near the cap., Mexico. ipN. 
99W. Ancient res. of kings of Mexico. 
Hill forts stormed by Gen. Scott, and 
Mexicans heavily defeated, 1847 (Mex. W.). 

Charcas, Mexico. 23N. loiw. Gonzalo 
Pizarro at, to explore the Potosi mines, 1543. 

Charleston, S. Carolina. 32N. 7QW. The 
people of old Charlestown on the Ashley 
removed here, 1680; French and Spanish 
defeated, 1706; British fleet under Parker 
repulsed, 1776; surrendered to Clinton, 
1780; evacuated by English, 1782; cap- 
ture of Fort Sumterby S. Carolinians, 1861 
(beginning of Civil W.); attacks on Forts 
Wagner and Sumter by Gen. Gillmore, 1863; 
town besieged till 1865, when evacuated by 
Confederates and national flag raised. 

Charlestown, W. Virginia. 39N. 77W. 
John Brown, abolitionst, hanged, 1859. 

Charlestown, Mass. 42N. 7iw. Part of 
Boston; Bunker's Hill in; burnt by Gage, 
1775; taken by British 1779 (W. of Ind.). 

Chattanooga, Tennessee. 35N. 8sw. Vic- 
tory of Confederates on Chickamanga Field, 
Sept. 20; defeat of Confederates by Grant 
(Look-out Mountain and Missionary Ridge), 
Nov. 33-25, 1863. 


Chesapeake Bay (known to early explorers 
as Bay of St. Mary). 3811. 76w. Dis- 
covered by explorers sent by Q. V. de 
Ayllon, 1521; Verazzani off, 1524; De 
Ayllon in, 1526; expedition to, under New- 
port, in which John Smith took part, 1607; 
English Admiral Graves forced to retire, 
1781 (W. of Ind.); sc. hostilities during 
war of 1814. 

Chiahuitzlan, Mexico. 391*. sow. Cortes 
at, with his troops, 1519. (Prescott, 
'Mexico,' op. cit.) 

Chicago, Illinois. 4iN. 87w. French fur- 
traders at, 1654; Marquette at, 1673, and 
during winter 1674-5; f r t built by French, 
1683; abandoned when Canada ceded to 
English; American fort (Dearborn) built, 
1804; raid and massacre by Indians, 1814; 
small beginning of present town laid out, 
1830; terrible fire, 1871; World's Fair, 

Chickahominy River, Virginia. 37N. 77w. 
Explored by John Smith, 1607; a series of 
battles fought on, ending in victory for Con- 
federates under Lee, 1862. (See Richmond.) 

Chi cka manga, see Chattanooga. 

Chickasaw Bayou, arm of the Yazoo river. 
32N. QOW. Sherman repulsed by Con- 
federates, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Chihuahua, Mexico. z8N. io6w. Hidalgo, 
Mexican patriot, shot, 1811. 

Chili (Chile), S.A. 323. 7ow. Almagro as 
conqueror in, 1536; Valdivia invades, 1540; 
Santiago f. by, 1541 ; revolt against Spanish 
rule, 1810; supremacy of Spain renewed, 
1814; defeat of Spaniards at Chacabuco, 
1817; national independence finally pnv 
claimed after battle of Maypo, 1818; recog- 
nised at Madrid. 1844; alliance with Peru 
and declaration of war with Spain, 1865-6; 
Valparaiso bombarded by Spanish fleet, 
1866; treaty with Spam, 1879; war with 
Peru and Bolivia, 1879-83; Balmaceda 
president, 1886; revolution in and revolt 
of navy, 1891; complications with U.S. 
concerning the ' Matta Note ' affair, peace- 
ably settled, 189*. 

Chiloe, island. 428. 73W. Spanish fleet 
defeated off by Peruvians and Chilians, 
1866; Darwin on (see ' Vovage of the 
Beagle '). 

Chimborazo, see Andes. 

Chincha Islands, Peru. 133. 76w. Seized 
by the Spaniards when at war with Peru, 
1864; restored on conclusion of peace, 1865. 

Chippawa (or Chippewa), Ontario. 43 N. 
7gw. Gen. Riall defeated by Americans, 

Cholula, Mexico. 19 N. g8w. Famous 
pyramid at, four times the size of the pyra- 
mid of Cheops; massacre of the Cholulans 
by Cortes, 1519. (Prescott, 'Mexico,' op. 

Chonos Islands, S.A. 445. 74\v. Darwin 
on (see ' Voyage of the Beagle '). 

Chrysler's Field, Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence. 
44 N. 75w. Fierce but indecisive action, 

Chupas, Peru. izs. 75 w. Defeat of the 

Spaniards under Almagro by Vaca de Castro, 
commissioner sent out by Spanish Govern- 
ment, 1542. (See Prescott, ' Peru,' op. cit.) 

Chuquisaca (now Sucre), cap. of Bolivia. 
195. 64W. F. by one of Pizarro's followers, 
1529; independence of Bolivia proclaimed 
at, 1825; said to be oldest university in S. 

Churubusco, near Mexico. 19*1. ggw. 
Santa Anna defeated by Americans, 1847 
(Mex. W.). 

Cincinnati, city, Ohio. 391*. 84W. Block- 
house erected by Ensign Luce, 1788, and 
first known as Losantiville. 

Ciudad Bolivar, see Angostura. 

Clarksburg, Harrison Co., W. Virginia. 
Bp. Thomas Jonathan Jackson ('Stonewall* 
Jackson), Confederate general (1824), 
killed at Chancellorsville, 1863. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 4IN. 8iw. Named in 
honour of its founder, 1796. 

Coaque, Peru. o. 77W. Taken by Pizarro, 


, Cape, Mass. 42**. 7ow. Discovered 
by Gosnold, who so named it, 1602; Cham- 
plain off during his second expedition to 
Canada, 1604-7, and called by him Cape 
Fortune; explored by John Smith, 1614; 
first land sighted by Pilgrim Fathers. 

Cold Harbour, near Richmond, Virginia. 
37N. 77w. Sanguinary and indecisive battle 
between Grant and Lee, 1864 (Civil W.). 
(See under Richmond for former battle, 

Colombia, S.A. 3N. 75 w. Coasts, etc., 
explored by Columbus (from whom the pre- 
sent name derived), and earlier and later 
navigators, isth-i6th centuries; named 
New Granada by Quesada, conqueror of 
Bogota, 1538; revolt against Spanish rule, 
1810; independence established after 
Bolivar's victory at Boyaca, 1819; Vene- 
zuela and Ecuador withdrew from confedera- 
tion, 1830; name changed to ' United States 
of Colombia,' 1861 ; constant revolutions. 

Colorado, U.S. 391*. iosw. Explored by 
Vasquez de Coronado, 1540; Pike's Peak 
discovered by mountaineer of that name, 
1806; Fremont in, during his expedition 
over the Rocky Mountains, 1842-4 ; organised 
as a territory, 1861 ; sided with Federals in 
Civil W.; admitted to Union, 1876. 

Colorado River, Colorado, N. America. 
34 N. H4W. Discovered by Hernando 
Alarcon on his expedition to California, 
1540 ; explored last century by Yves, White, 
and Powell. 

Columbia, Tennessee. SSN. 86w. Battle 
of Duck Run, and earlier encounter, 1862 
(Civil W.). 

Columbia, S. Carolina. 341*. Sow. Taken 
and burnt by Gen. Sherman, 1865 (Civil W.). 

Columbia, river, Oregon. 46}*. I24W. 
Discovered by Capt. Grey, 1792; the 
same year Lieut. Broughton, under direc- 
tions from Vancouver, sailed up; later ex- 
plorations by Lewis and Clarke, 1805; 
navigation of granted to England by treaty, 



Columbia University, New York. Origin- 
ally King's College, chartered 1754; Colum- 
bia College, 1784; University, 1896. 

Concepcion, town, Chili. 363. 7$w. F. by 
Valdivia, 1550. (See account of earth- 
quake, Darwin, ' Voyage of the Beagle.') 

Concord, Mass. 42N. 7iw. First battle 
fought during W. of Ind. was at Lexington 
(six miles off) and Concord, 1775 (see 
Emerson's hymn to the ' embattled ' 
farmers). Sleepy Hollow and Walden Pond 
are both near. Res. and burial-place of 
Emerson, Hawthorne, Thoreau, who was 
also born here (1817-62); Hawthorne wrote 
his ' Mosses from an Old Manse ' in Emer- 
son's house; other literary names are ass. 
this place, which has been called the 
American Weimar. 

Conestoga, Pennsylvania. Indians at 
massacred by the ' Paxton boys,' 1763. 
(Parkman, ' Pontiac,' op. cit.) 

Connecticut, U.S. 4iN. 72W. One of the 
thirteen original North-American states; 
discovered by Dutch, 1613; Dutch in pos- 
session of valley till 1635-6, when English 
settled in; war with the Pequods, 1636; 
Windsor settled, 1637; charter granted to 
by Charles II. (1662) secreted in 'Charter 
Oak ' to preserve it from James II.'s envoy, 
1687-8; became independent, 1776. 

Contreras, Mexico. IQN. ggw. American 
victory over Mexicans under Santa Ana, 
1847 (Mex. W.). 

Copan, on river of name, Honduras. 14*1. 
8gw. Gigantic remains of ancient temple 
and pyramids. 

Cordoba, cap. province, Argentina. 318. 
63 w. F. by Jerome Cabrera, 1573. 

Corinth, Mississippi. 351*. ~88w. Con- 
federates forced to evacuate, 1862; later 
the same year they were defeated in the 
battle of Oct. 3-4. 

Coronation Gulf, Arctic Ocean. 68N. 110- 
u6w. Reached by Sir J. Franklin, 1821. 

Corrientes, Argentina. 383. 57w. Three 
days' naval fight between Garibaldi, on 
behalf of the Montevideans. and Admiral 
Brown, commander of Rosas' fleet, 1846. 

Costa Rica, Republic of, Cent. A. ION. 84W. 
East coast discovered by Columbus, 1502; 
west coast reached by Espinoza about 1514; 
early Spanish colonies, and final conquest 
of country by Coronado, 1561-5; Indians 
rise along the Atlantic coast and win their 
independence, 1709; independent state 
since 1821; part of Confederation of Cent. 
A., 1824-9; constitution promulgated, 1870. 

Cotopaxi, volcano, Ecuador, os. 78w. 
The earliest recorded eruption took place 
during Pizarro's invasion; the first com- 
plete ascent was made by Dr. Reiss, 1872. 

Cowpens, near Spartanburg, S. Carolina. 
34N. 8iw. English under Tarleton de- 
feated by Morgan. 1781 (W. of Ind.). 

Cozumel, island, Yucatan. 2ON. 87\v. 
Cortes and his forces land on, 1510. 

Crampton's Gap, near Barkittsville, Mary- 
land. 39N. 77w. Battle of South Mountain 
fought at, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Crosskeys, Virginia. s8N. ?8w. Inde 
cisive action between ' Stonewall ' Jackson 
and the Federals, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Crown Point, Lake Champlain. 43N. 73W. 
English caught in ambuscade near, and 
Indian King Hendrick killed; French under 
Dieskau, who was taken prisoner, finally 
forced to fall back on Crown Point, 1755; 
captured by English under Amherst, 

Cuba, island, W. Indies. 2 IN. 7gw. Dis- 
covered by Columbus, who named it Guana, 
1492; further explored by, 1494; Ocampo 
off coast, 1508; Ojeda stranded on, 1509-10; 
final conquest of by Velasquez, 1511; De 
Soto made captain-general, 1537; Hawkins 
off, 1564-5; taken by English, 1762, and 
restored to Spain by Treaty of Paris, 1763; 
Black Eagle rebellion, 1829; insurrection of 
blacks, 1844; further rebellion against 
Spain, 1868-78; further revolution, 1895; 
autonomy granted to, 1897; the 'Maine' 
blown up, 1898; armed intervention of 
U.S. and liberation of island from Spanish 
rule, 1898; control of island formally trans- 
ferred to Cuban Government, 1902; insur- 
rection, 1906, and provisional government 
of U.S. till 1909. 

Cuernavaca, Mexico. igN. ggw. Remains 
of palace and church built by Cortes. 

Cumana, Venezuela. ION. 64W. De- 
stroyed and inhabitants massacred by 
Royalist Gen. Boves, 1814 (S. A. W. Ind.). 

Cumberland Bay, N.A. 64N. 6sw. Davis 
in, 1585. 

Cummington, Mass. 42N. 72W. Bp. of 
William Cullen Bryant, poet (1794-1878). 

Curacao, island, Antilles. I2N. dgw. Dis- 
covered by Ojeda, 1499; Spanish settlement 
on, 1527; in Dutch possession since 1632; 
taken by English during continental wars 
and restored to Dutch by Treaty of London, 

Curiana (or Pearls), Gulf of, Nicaragua. 
Discovered by Ojeda, 1499. 

Cuttyhunk, island, Buzzard's Bay, Mass. 
English colony under Gosnold on, 1602. 

Cuzco, the ' Holy City,' Peru. 133. 72W. 
F by Mancp Capac, nth century; ancient 
res. and burial-place of the Incas, and site of 
famous Temple of the Sun, now occupied by 
a Dominican convent; its buildings de- 
spoiled by Pizarro's emissaries to complete 
the Inca's ransom, 1532; entered by Pizarro 
as conqueror, 1533; besieged and burnt by 
Peruvians, 1535; Almagro, Pizarro's rival, 
makes himself master, 1537; Hernano 
Pizarro enters as victor, and Almagro 
executed, 1538; Francesco Pizarro a^ain in, 
1538; the younger Almagro in power for a 
while and executed by Vaca de Castro, 1542 ; 
insurrection under Gonzalo Pizarro, 1544; 
won back foi the crown by Centeno, 1547; 
return of F. Pizarro after victory of Huarina, 
1547; Gonzalo Pizarro executed, 1548; 
remains of gigantic fortress and other Peru- 
vian relics. Bp. of Garcilasso de la Vega, 
historian of Peru (1539, d. after 1617), (Se 
Prescott, ' Peru,',op. cit.) 



Dakota, N. and S. 421*. 97w. Gold-fields 
in; Pembina f. by French, 1780; Sioux 
Falls by Americans, 1857; uprising of Sioux 
Indians, 1862; campaign against and de- 
struction of Custer's force, 1876; re-rising, 
death of Sitting Bull, and final suppression 
of, 1890; admitted to Union, 1889. 

Dallas, Georgia. 341*. 84\v. Federals de- 
feated, May 25, Confederates, May 28, 1864 
(Civil W.). 

Dal ton. Georgia. 34 N. 84W. Confederates 
forced to evacuate, 1864. 

Danbury, Connecticut. 4iw. 73 N. Burnt 
by Governor Tryon, 1777 (W. of Ind.). 

Darien Isthmus, S. America, gw. 8gw. 
Bastidas and Columbus off (see Panama) ; 
F. Pizarro reached, 1509; crossed by Nunez 
de Balboa, who was the first European to 
sight the Pacific, 1513; by Drake, 1572; 
Scottish settlement on (New Caledonia) 
forced to evacuate by Spaniards, 1698-9; 
treaty conferring right on U.S. of con- 
structing canal across, 1869. (See sonnet 
by Keats.) 

Darwin Sound, and Mount Darwin, King 
Charles's South Land, Tierra del Fuego. 
(See Darwin, ' Voyage of the Beagle.') 

Davis Strait, N.A. 65*. 57w. Named 
after the explorer who discovered it in 1585. 

Deerfield, Mass. 42 N. 72\v. Attacked by 
Indians and saved by the fugitive regicide, 
Colonel Goffe, 1674; sc. destruction and 
massacre by French and Indians, 1704. 

Delaware, U.S. 38*1. 75W. One of the 13 
original states; bay discovered by Hudson, 
1609 ; first entered by Lord de la Warr, 1610; 
Dutch colon}' settled in, 1631; Wilmington 
settled by Swedes, 1638; latter driven out 
by Dutch, who were succeeded by English, 
1655, 1664; Penn became proprietor, 1683; 
declared an independent state, 1776; first 
of the 13 states to ratify the Federal con- 

Delaware River; 40*. 74W. Passage of, 
by Washington, 1776. 

Demerara, British Guiana, S.A. 6N. 57\v. 
Colonised by Dutch, 1580; taken by the 
English, 1796 and 1803; finally surrendered 
to England, 1814. 

Detroit, Michigan. 42V. 83W. In posses- 
sion of French in i?th century; colony 
planted by Cadillac, 1701; taken by the 
English under Rogers, 1760; six months' 
siege by Pontiac, finally relieved by Col. 
Bradstreet, 1763-4; Americans in posses- 
sion, i7<)6; surrendered to British, 1812; 
finally ceded to America, 1813. (See 
Parkman, ' Conspiracy of Pontiac.') 

Dismal Swamp, Virginia and N. Carolina. 
36N. 76w. Former hiding-place of runaway 
slaves. (See poems, Longfellow and Moore.) 

Dominica, W. Indies. ISN. 6iw. Dis- 
covered by Columbus on a Sunday (hence 
its name) in 1493; Sir J. Hawkins at, 1565, 
1568; taken by English, 1761, and ceded to 
them by Treaty of Paris, 1763; taken by 
French and restored to England, 1770, 1783; 
attempts by French on, 1795 and 1805; 
negro insurrection, 1802. 

Dominican Republic, see Santo Domingo. 

Dorchester, near Boston, Mass. 421*. 7iw. 
Bp. of J. Lothrop Motley, historian (1814- 

Dranesville, Fairfax Co., Virginia. s8N. 
76w. Confederates defeated, 1861 (Civil 

Durango (Ciudad de Victoria, or Guadiana), 
Mexico. 24N. I04W. F. by Velasco, 1559. 

Dustin's Island, Merrimac River, near 
Concord, N.H. 42!*. 7iw. So called from 
Hannah Dustin, who escaped with her two 
companions from the Indians, after killing 
and scalping their captors, 1697. 

Duxbury, Mass. 42 N. 7ow. Ocean tele- 
graph from Brest terminates at this point; 
here died in 1687 John Alden, one of the 
Pilgrim Fathers, commemorated by Long- 
fellow in his ' Courtship of Miles Standish.' 

Easter Island (Davis's Land), Pacific. 27$. 
IO9W Discovered by Davis, 1686; Rogge- 
wein at, 1722; Cook at, 1774. 

Eastport, Moose Island, Passamaquoddy 
Bay. 45N. 67w. Surrendered to British 
squadron, 1814. 

East Windsor, Conn. 4 IN. 72 w. Bp. 
Jonathan Edwards, theologian (1703-58), 
and of Lorrin Andrews, missionary and 
Hawaiian scholar (1795-1868). 

Eatonton, Georgia. 33*1. 83\v. Bp. of 
Joel Chandler Harris, A. of ' Uncle Remus,' 
etc. (1848-1908). 

Econochaca (or Holy Ground), Alabama 
River, Lourdes Co., Miss. SIN. 88w. Indians 
surprised and scattered by Gen. Claiborne, 
1813 (W. with Creek Indians). 

Ecuador (Equator), S.A. 2S. 78w. Part 
of the Inca's territory conquered by Pizarro 
in the i6th century; it formed part of the 
presidency of Quito; first revolt against 
Spanish rule in 1809; finally liberated after 
defeat of Spaniards at Pichincha, 1822; 
became part of Colombia, and finally 
separated as an independent republic under 
its present name, 1830; continual civil war 
in after this; the dictator Moreno assassi- 
nated at Quito, 1875; frequent revolutions 

El Caney, near Santiago, Cuba. 2ON. 76w. 
Defended by Vera de Rey against Americans, 
victory of latter and death of Spanish com- 
mander (Spanish-American W.), 1898. 

El Molino del Rey, capture of, see 

Emucfau, Alabama. 321*. 8sw. Fierce 
encounter near, between Jackson and Creek 
Indians, 1814. 

Erie Canal, running 363 miles between 
Buffalo and Albany, connecting the upper 
lakes and Hudson river, completed 1825. 

Erie, Lake. 42N. 8iw. Heavy defeat of 
British by Commander Perry in Put-in Bay, 

Esopus, near Kingston, N.Y. 4 IN. 73W. 
Warfare between Dutch and Indians known 
as the ' Esopus War, 1 1655-64. 

Espanola, see Haiti. 

Essequibo, British Guiana, S.A. SN. s8w. 



Colonised by Dutch, 1580; taken by the 
English, 1796 and 1803; finally surrendered 
to England, 1814. 

Essequibo, river (mouth of), 7N. s8w. 
Discovered by Pinzon, 1499. 

Eutaw Springs, Charleston Co., S. Carolina. 
53N. Sow. The battle was indecisive; the 
Americans under Greene gained a complete 
victory over the English under Stuart during 
the first great conflict, but were forced to 
give way during a renewed fight of some 
hours, 1781 (W. of Ind.). 

Exeter, New Hampshire. 42N. 7iw. 
English colony settled at, 1638. 

Fair Oaks (or Seven Pines), on the Chicka- 
horniny. 37N. 77w. One of the series of 
battles known as the 'Seven days of Rich- 
mond.' The Confederates after gaining 
considerable advantage over enemy were 
finally driven back, May 31 June i, 1862 
(Civil W.). 

Falkland Islands, S. Atlantic. 528. 6ow. 
Discovered by Davis, 1592; Hawkins off, 
1594; the present name was given first to 
the sound by John Strong, captain, in 1690; 
in 1710 they were christened Malonines by 
French from St. Malp; finally, after various 
countries had established settlements in, it 
passed, 1833, into English possession, and 
is one of the crown colonies ; Darwin on (see 
' Voyage of the Beagle '). 

Farmville, Virginia. 37N. 78w. Con- 
federates under Lee defeated by Sheridan, 
1865 (Civil W.). 

Fayette, Missouri. 381*. 92W. Indecisive 
action between Federals and Confederates, 
1862 (Civil W.). 

Fayetteville, N. Carolina. 351*. 78w. 
Surrendered to Confederates, 1861; re- 
taken by Gen. Sherman, 1865 (Civil W.). 

Filbert Island (Isle aux Condres), St. Law- 
rence. 47N. 7ow. So named by Cartier, 

Fire Island Beach, Long Island, N.Y. 
40N. 73W. Margaret Fuller (Marchioness 
d'Ossoli) and her husband and child drowned 
off, 1850. 

Fisher's Hill, near Woodstock, Virginia. 
38N. 78w. Confederates defeated by Sheri- 
dan, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Five Forks, Virginia. 37N. 77w. Defeat 
of Confederates under Lee, March 31 
April i, 1865, 

Florida, U.S. 291*. Saw. The Cabots off, 
during voyage, 1498-9; discovered and 
named by Ponce de Leon, who landed on 
Palm Sunday (Pascua Florida), 1513; ex- 
pedition to, under Pineda, 1519; disastrous 
expedition to, under Narvaez, 1528 ; colonis- 
ing expedition to, under DeSoto, 1539; ex- 
peditions sent to by Coligny, 1562, 1564 
(see Fort Caroline); St. Augustine f. by 
Spaniards, 1565, and taken by Drake, 1586; 
invasion of, under Oglethorpe, 1740; ceded 
to Great Britain by Treaty of Paris, 1763; 
invaded by Spaniards, i779i and Pensacola 
seized by, 1781 ; restored to Spain by treaty, 
1783; purchased by U.S., 1819, and trans- 

ferred to, 1821 ; war with Seminole Indians, 
1835-42; admitted to the Union, 1845; 
seceded, 1861; readmitted, 1868. 

Florida, Missouri. 3811. Q2W. Bp. Samuel 
Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) (1835- 

Fort Bowyer, Mobile Bay. SON. &TVT. 
British fleet repulsed, 1814; besieged for 
two days and surrendered to English, 1815. 

Fort Carolina, St. John's R., Florida. 
SON. 8iw. Small Huguenot colony settled 
by Ribault, 1562; Laudonniere joins, 1564; 
attacked and massacred by Spaniards under 
Menendez, 1565 ; revenge taken on Spaniards 
by De Gourges, 1568. 

Fort Chambly, St. Lawrence. 45 N. 7sw 
Captured by Americans, 1775 {W. of Ind ). 

Forts Clinton and Montgomery, Hudson 
R. 4 IN. 73w. Taken by Sir Henry Clinton's 
forces, 1777 (W. of Ind.). 

Fort Detroit (see Detroit). Surrendered by 
Gen. Hull to the English, 1812. 

Fort Donelson, near Dover. Tennessee. 
36N. STW. Surrendered by Confederates to 
Gen. Grant, 1862 ; attack on by, and repulse 
of, Confederates, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Fort Du Quesne, Penn. 4ON. 79 w. Built 
by French on site of present city of 
Pittsburg, 1754; disastrous expedition 
against, under Braddock, 1755; taken by 
English and name changed to Fort Pitt 
(q.v.), 1758. 

Fort Erie, Ontario. 42N. 78w. Bom- 
barded by English, Aug. 7-15, when the 
bastion they had taken blew up; a sortie of 
the defenders, Sept. 17, finally left the 
victory to the Americans, 1814. 

Fort Fisher, Wilmington, N. Carolina. 
34N. 77w. Bombarded and captured by 
the Federals, 1865 (Civil W.). 

Fort Frontenac, Lake Ontario. 44N. 76w. 
Garrison surrendered to English, 1758. 

Fort George, see Lake George, 

Fort George, Long Island. 4ON. 73W. 
Garrison surrendered to Americans under 
Tallmadge, 1780 (W. of Ind.). 

Fort George, Niagara. 43N. 7gw. British 
garrison forced to retreat, 1813. 

Fort Harmon, Richmond. 37N. 77W. 
Taken by Federals, and renamed Fort Burn- 
ham, in honour of the commander who fell, 
1864; failure of Confederates under Lee to 
recapture later the same year (Civil W.). 

Fort Harrison, near Terre Haute, Indiana. 
39N. 87w. Attacked by Indians, under the 
instigation of " the Prophet," and with 
difficulty saved by the enfeebled garrison, 

Fort Henry, Tennessee R. 36N. STW. Sur- 
rendered by Confederates, 1862 (Civil W,). 

Fort Hindman, Arkansas. 34 v. giw, 
Confederates surrender, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Fort Lee, near Jersey City, N. Jersey. 4ON. 
74\v. Narrow escape of Gen. Greene from 
English forces under Cornwallis, 1776 (W. of 

Fort McHenry, Whetstone Point, Balti- 
more. 39N. 76w. Heavily bombarded by 
Admiral Cochrane, who was forced to with- 



draw, 1814. (During the bombardment, F. 
Scott Key, who was in custody on an English 
vessel, wrote ' The Star-spangled Banner.') 

Fort Meigs, Mauinee R., Indiana. 4iN. 
85\v. Besieged by British and Indians, who 
were forced to retire, 1813. 

Fort Mercer, near Philadelphia. 39 N. 74W. 
Fierce bombardment by British forces under 
Donop, who died of his wounds; the attack 
was a failure, 1777 (W. of Ind.)< 

Fort Miami, Maumee R., Indiana. 4IN. 
8sw. Surrendered to Indians, 1763 (Pontiac 

Fort Mifftin, opposite Fort Mercer (q v.). 
Besieged by British for six days, when the 
remainder of defenders escaped, 1777. 

Fort Mims, near junction of Alabama and 
Tombigbee Rivers. 3 IN. STW. Slaughter 
of men, women, and children by Indians, 
under the chief Weathersford, during the 
rising of Tecumseh and his brother the 
prophet, 1812. 

Fort Montgomery, see Fort Clinton, 

Fort Moultrie, Sullivan Island, S. Carolina. 
32N. 79W. Unsuccessfully assaulted by 
English fleet under Sir Peter Parker, 1776 
(W. of Ind.). 

Fort Necessity, Monongahela R. 3QN. 78w. 
Surrendered by Washington, 1754; a pre- 
vious encounter near was the first blood shed 
in French and Indian war 

Fort Niagara, Lake Ontario. 431*. 7yw. 
Begun by La Salle, 1673; strongly fortified 
by French, 1725; taken by English, 1759; 
concourse of Indians at, 1764; seized by 
English and part of garrison massacred, 1813. 

Fort Ouatanon, near Lafayette, Wabash R. 
4ON. 86w. Taken by Indians, 1763. (See 
Parkman, ' Pontiac. 1 ) 

Fort St Philip, Mississippi R. 29?!. 8gw. 
Fierce naval battle near, ending in victory to 
the Federals, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Fort Pillow, near Memphis, 
35N. 8gw. Taken, and garrison massacred, 
by Gen. Forrest, Confederate leader, 1864 
(Civil W.), 

Fort Pitt Name given to Fort Du Quesne 
(q.v.) after it fell into the hands of the 
English, 1758; saved from Pontiac's assault 
by Col. Bouquet, 1763. (See Parkman, op. 

Fort Pulaski, Savannah R. 32N. Sow. 
Taken by Federals, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Fort Schuyler (on site of village of Rome), 
Oneida Co., N.Y. 43N. 75\v. Taken by 
English and Indian allies, 1779 (W. of Ind.). 

Fort Spring Hill, Richmond. 37N. 77w. 
Carried by the Federals, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Fort Sumter, see Charleston. 

Fort Ticonderoga, see under T. 

Fort Wagner, Charleston, S. Carolina. 

?2N. 79W. Assault on by Federals, 1863 
Civil W.). 

Fort Washington, Manhattan Island, N.Y. 
4ON. 74W. Captured by the English, 1776 
(W. of Ind.). 

Fort Watson, San tee R., near Camden. 
34N. Sow. Capitulation of English, 1781 
W. of Ind.). 

Fort Wayne, Maumee R., Indfana. 41*. 
85W. Repulse of attack on by English and 
Indian allies, 1812. 

Fort William and Mary, Newcastle, Ports- 
mouth Harbour. 43 N. 7ow. Attack on 
and seizure of ammunition by patriots under 
Sullivan, 1774. 

Fort William Henry, Lake George. 43N. 
73W. Taken by Montcalm, and English 
garrison massacred by the Indian allies, 
1757. (See Louisburg.) 

Franklin, Tennessee. 35*1. 86w. Fierce 
battle ending in defeat of the Confederates, 
1864 (Civil W.). 

Franklin (formerly included in Salisbury), 
N. Hampshire. 43 N. 7iw, Bp, Daniel 
Webster, orator (1782-1852). 

Frazier's Farm, near Richmond. 37N. 
77W. One of the fierce battles fought near 
Richmond. Confederates finally driven 
back (also known as battle of Glendale), 1862. 

Frederica, Georgia 3IN. 8iw. Spanish 
attack on repulsed by Oglethorpe, 1742. 

Frederick, Frederick Co., Maryland. 391*. 
77w. Sc. Barbara Frietchie's patriotic 
courage in continuing to wave the Union 
flag, 1862. (See poem by Whittier.) 

Frederick Co., Maryland. Bp. Francis 
Scott Key, A. of 'The Star spangled 
Banner* (1779-1843). 

Fredericksburg, Virginia. 381*. 77w. Vic 
tory of Confederates under Lee, 1862 (Civil 

Fredericksburg, Penn. 401*. 76w. Bp. 
James Lick, to whom the observatory is due 

Fredericktown, Missouri. 38**. govf. De- 
feat of Confederates, 1861 (Civil W.). 

Fredericton, N. Brunswick. 45*1. 66w. 
Bp. W. Bliss Carman, poet (1861). 

Frenchtown (now Monroe), Michigan. 
4iN. 83W. Taken by Americans, 1813; re- 
captured by English two days later, when 
Indians massacred the sick and wounded. 

Frobisher Bay. 62N. 6sw. Named after 
the discoverer, 1576; Hudson off, 1610. 

Front Royal, Virginia. 391*. 78w. Victory 
of Confederates, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Fulton, Missouri. 3811 92W. Confede- 
rates defeated, 1861 (Civil W.). 

Fundy, Bay of. 45 N. 66w. Explored by 
Cham plain, 1604-7, during his second ex- 
pedition to Canada. 

Fury and Hecla Strait 6gN. 84W, Dis- 
covered by Parry, 1821. 

Gaines's Mill, Chickahominy R. One of the 
series of engagements near Richmond (q.v.), 
fought between Lee and McClellan, 1862. 

Galapagos Islands, S.A. os. giw. Marked 
on early map of 1570; Dampier on, 1684; 
explored by Capt. Colnett, 1794. 

Galveston, Texas. 291*. 95W. Surren- 
dered to Federals, 1862; attacked and re- 
taken by Confederates, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Gaspe, Quebec. 48w. 64W. Cross erected 
on the shore by Cartier, who landed here, 

George, Lake, N.Y. 43 N. 73 w, Sc. action 



during French and Indian war, 1755-9; i ts 
chief forts were William Henry (q.v.), George, 
and Ticonderoga (q.v.). French under 
Dieskau, who was mortally wounded, de- 
feated, 1755. (Parkman, ' Conspiracy of 

Georgia, U.S. 331*. 8^v/. One of the 13 
original states; named in honour of George 
II.; colony f. (for debtors and others) by 
Oglethorpe, 1733; Wesleys and Whitefield 
in, 1736, 1738; Spaniards repulsed from 
Frederica by Oglethorpe, 1742; Savannah 
in English occupation, 1778-82 (W. of Ind.) ; 
seceded, i86x; readmitted to Union, 1870. 

Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. 45 N. 8i\v. 
Reached by Jean Nicolet during expedition, 

Gennantown, suburb of Philadelphia, 
Penn. 39N. 75W. F. by Germans, i7th 
century; first Bible (German) printed in 
America, 1743; English victory over Ameri- 
cans, 1777. 

Gettysburg, Penn. SQN. 77w. Battles, 
July 1-2, and July 3, in which the Con- 
federates under Lee were finally defeated, 

Gibraltar, Gulf of Maracaybo, Venezuela. 
9N. 7ow. Spanish ships sunk and captured 
by the buccaneer Morgan, 1669. 

Glendale, see Frazier's Farm. 

Gloucester, Cape Ann, Mass. Bay. 421*. 
7ow. Settled by English colonists known as 
Dorchester Adventurers, 1623. 

Goldsboro, N. Carolina. 35 N. 77W. Taken 
by the Federals, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Gorgona, island, S.A. 2N. 78w. Pizarro 
on with his few followers for seven months 
awaiting help, 1527. 

Gracias-a-Dios, Honduras, S.A. ISN. 33W. 
F. by De Chaves, 1536. 

Gracias-a-Dios, cape, Nicaragua. 15 N. 
83W. Discovered and so named by Colum- 
bus, 1502. 

Granada, Nicaragua. 12 N. 85 w, F. 1523 
by Cordova; sacked by buccaneers, 1666, 
burnt by the filibuster Walker, 1856. 

Grand Gulf, Mississippi, U.S. 321*1. 9iw. 
Forts on taken by Federals, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Grand Pre (or Lower Horton), Nova Scotia. 
44N. 63W. Expatriation of Acadians, 1755. 
(See Longfellow's ' Evangeline.') 

Great Bethel, see Big Bethel. 

Great Bridge, Elisabeth R., Dismal Swamp. 
36N. 76w. British repulsed, 1775. 

Great Meadow, near Cumberland. 39%'. 
78w. Washington attacked at, by French, 

Great Salt Lake, Utah. 4 IN. H2W. First 
mention of by La Hontan, 1689; discovered 
by Bridger, 1825; explored by Bonneville, 
1833; by Fremont and others, 1843; settle- 
ment on by Mormons under Brigham Young, 

Green Bay (Bay of Puan), Lake Michigan. 
44N. 87\v. Reached by Jean Nicolet during 
expedition, 1634-9. 

Greenbriar, river, Virginia. 37N. 8ow. 
Encounter ou, between Federals and Con- 
federates, 1861 (Civil W.). 

Greenland. 7oN. 4ow. Norsemen settled 
in, loth-nth centuries (see saga of ' Eric the 
Red '); the Venetian Nicolo Zeno off, about 
1390; the Cortereals off, 1501 ; Frobisher off, 
I 576, 1577, and 1578; Davis off, 1585-7 (part 
of the coast he named Desolation); Wey- 
mouth off, 1602; Hudson, 1607; explored 
and colonised by the Norwegian Hans Egede 
('Apostle of the North'), 1721-35. (See 
Baffin's Bay.) 

Greenville, Ohio. 4ON. 84\v. Treaty be- 
tween Gen. Wayne and N.W. Indian tribes, 
after war 1793-4, i795 

Grenada (Granada), Antilles. I2N. 6iw. 
Discovered by Columbus, 1498; aborigines 
exterminated by French, 1650; English 
possession, 1762-79; retaken by French and 
restored to England by Treaty of Paris, 

Grenadines, islands, Antilles. I2N. 6iw. 
Ceded to England by Treaty of Paris, 1763. 

Greytown (San Juan del Norte), Nicaragua. 
UN. 83 w. Founded by Spaniards; old 
town bombarded and destroyed by U.S. 
vessel, 1854. 

Grijalva, river, Tabasco, N.A. i7N. 93W. 
Named after the explorer, who first skirted 
this part of the Gulf of Mexico, 1518; Cortes 
at mouth of, 1519. 

Griswoldville, near Macon, Georgia. 32N. 
83w. Confederates defeated, 1864. 

Groveton, see Bull Run. 

Guadeloupe, island, W. Indies. i6N. 6iw. 
Discovered by Columbus during his second 
voyage, 1493-6; taken by French, 1635; 
four times captured by English, 1759-1815; 
finally restored to France, 1816. 

Guadalupe-Hidalgo, Mexico. igN. 9QW. 
Treaty between U.S. and Mexico, whereby 
the former gained a large increase of terri- 
tory, 1848. 

Guadino, see Durango. 

Guamanga, former name of Ayacucho 
(q.v.). F. by Pizarro; name changed after 
victory of A. gained at a small place near. 

Guanahani, see San Salvador. 

Guanaja (Bpnacca), island, Honduras. 
i6N. 8sw. Discovered by Columbus, who 
called it Isle of Pines, 1502. 

Guanajuato, Cent. Mexico. 2IN. loow. 
Bp. Lucas Alaman, statesman, A. ot 
' Historia de Mejico ' (1792-1853). 

Guancabamba (Huancabarnba), Peru. 55. 
79 w. De So to at when reconnoitring for 
Pizarro, 1532. 

Guatemala, Cent. A. 13 - I?N. 88 - 92W. 
Conquered by Don Pedro de Alvarado, 
1524; threw oif Spanish yoke and became a 
republic, 1821. 

Guatemala, city. I4N. govf. The old city 
was destroyed by earthquake, 1773; present 
town lies to the N.E. of the old. 

Guayama, Porto Rico. i8N. 66w, Cap- 
tured by Americans, 1898. 

Guayaquil, Gulf of, Ecuador. 2-43. 80-8 iw. 
Pizarro sailed into, 1527. 

Guiana (British, Dutch (Surinam), and 
French). 3N. 53\v. Columbus off coast, 
1498; coast captured by Pinzon, 1500; ex- 


peditions to by Raleigh, 1595 and 1617. 
(See Orinoco.) 

Guilford, Long Island Sound, Conn. 4 IN. 
72W. Bp. Fitzgreene Halleck, poet (1790- 

Guilford Court House, near Greensboro, 
N. Carolina. 361*. 7gw. Victory of Ameri- 
cans, and end of British dominion in the 
Carolinas, 1781 (W. of Ind.). 

Hadley, Mass. 421*. 7zw. Saved from 
the Indians by Col. Goffe, the fugitive 
regicide, 1675. 

Hagerstown, Maryland. 391*. 77W. Gen. 
Lee and Confederates in occupation, 1862-4. 

Haiti (Hayti), island, W. Indies. IQN. 7iw. 
Discovered by Columbus, whose ship was 
wrecked off, 1492; Cortes lands on, 1504; 
Hawkins at, trading in negroes, 1562-3 ; at- 
tacked by Drake, 1585; western division 
guaranteed to France by Treaty of Ryswick, 
1697; negro revolts, 1722, 1791; surrender 
of Spanish possession to France, 1795; 
revolt oi negroes under Toussaint 1'Ouver- 
ture, 1801; his surrender to French, 1802; 
negroes again in power under a king or pre- 
sident, 1803-25; France recognises inde- 
pendence of island. 1825; Dominican re- 
public f., 1843; continued disturbances in 
for some time after. (See San Domingo.) 

Hakluyt's Isle, Baffin's Bay. 77N. 74W, 
Name given to by Bylot, 1616. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia. 441*. 6^w. F, on 
old village of Chebucto, or Chedabucto, by 
English, and made capital of Acadia, 1749. 

Hampton, Virginia. 3&N. 76w. British 
blockaders driven from, 1775, nrst encounter 
in Virginia of the W of Ind.; entered and 
pillaged by the English, 1813; fired by order 
of the Confederate general, 1861 (Civil W.) 

Hampton Roads, Virginia. s6N. 76w. 
Naval encounter between the Confederate 
vessel ' Merrimac ' and the ' Monitor,' the 
latter remaining victor, 1862; meeting of 

President Lincoln and the Confederates, 

Feb. 3, 1865 (Civil W.). 
Hanging Rock, Catawba R., S. Carolina. 

34N. 45W. Encounter during W, of Ind., 

Hanover, near Gettysburg, Penn. 3QN. 

77w, Confederates repulsed, 1863 (Civil W.). 
Hanover (or Hanover Court House), 

Virginia. 37N. 77w. Confederates defeated, 

1862 (Civil W.). 
Hardm Co., Kentucky. 37N. 8sw. Bp. 

Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth President U.S. 

(1809, ass. 1865). 

Harlem Plains, N.Y. 4ON. 74W. Despe- 
rate encounter during W. of Ind. in which 

Washington took part, 1776. 
Harmony, near Pittsburg, Penn. F. by the 

German religious sect formed by the brothers 

Rapp, 1803; afterwards sold to Robert 

Owen, 1824. 
Harper's Ferry, Virginia. 39**. 77W. U.S. 

arsenal captured by the heroic John Brown, 

abolitionist, who the next day was inade 

prisoner, 1859; arsenal, etc., blown up by 

the U,S, garrison early in the Civil W., and 

Confederates entered for a while into posses- 
sion; captured by 'Stonewall* Jackson, 
1862 (Civil W.). 

Harrisonburg, Virginia. 5811. 78w. Victory 
of Confederates under ' Stonewall ' Jackson, 

Hartford, Conn. 4. 72W. Settled by 
English emigrants from Massachusetts, 
1635 ; convention for reform of the national 
constitution, 1814. Bp. Noah Webster, 
lexicographer (1758-1843); John Fiske, 
mis. writer (1842-1901). 

Harvard University, Cambridge (q.v.). F. 
1636; first president, Henry Dunster, 1640- 

Hatchee, river, Mississippi. 35 N. 88w. 
Defeat of Confederates near Corinth, 1862 
(Civil W.). 

Hatcher's Run, near Petersburg, Virginia. 
37N. 77w. Severe struggle, in which the 
Federals were repulsed, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Havana, Cuba. 231*. 82W. Formerly 
Puerto de Carenas, so called by Ocampo, who 
here careened his vessels, 1508; f. by Velas- 
quez, 1515; taken by buccaneers, i6th 
century; by English, 1762; restored to 
Spain, 1763; blockaded by U.S. fleet, 1898. 
The remains of Columbus were removed to 
the cathedral from San Domingo, 1795; 
taken to Seville, 1898. 

Haverhill, Mass. 42N. 7iw. Massacre of 
inhabitants by Indians, led by Hertel de 
Rouville, 1708. Bp. John Greenleaf Whit 
tier, poet (1807-92). 

Havre de Grace, mouth of Susquehanna R., 
Maryland. 391*. 76w. Attack on by 
British squadron, 1813. 

Hawaii (or Owyhee). igN. I54W. Dis 
covered by Cook, 1778, who was killed at, 
the following year; queen deposed and 
republic organised, 1894 ; annexed to U.S., 
1898; organised as a territory, 1900. 

Helena, Phillips Co., Arkansas. 3414. 9ow. 
Defeat of Confederates, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Hispaniola, see Haiti. 

Hobkirk's Hill, near Camden, S. Carolina. 
36N. 76w. Americans forced to retreat, 
1781 (W. of Ind.). 

Hoboken, N. Jersey. 4ON, 7iw. Mas- 
sacre of Indians by the Dutch, 1643. 

Holly Springs, Mississippi. 35N. 8gw. 
Captured by Confederates, 1862 (Civil Wj. 

Honda, Bay of, Cuba. 22N. 83\v. Land- 
ing place of De Solo, Spanish navigator, on 
his expedition for the reduction of Florida, 

Honduras, Cent. A. 151*. 86w. Dis- 
covered by Columbus, 1502; further dis- 
covery by Avila, 1522; colony planted by 
Spaniards, 1524; Truxillo f., 1525; one of 
the states of the republic of S.A. after revolt 
from Spain, and finally an independent 
republic, 1839. 

Honduras, British. I7N. 88w. Or Belsize, 
name said to be derived from Scotch buc- 
caneer Wallis; settled by English, 1667; 
visited by Dampier, 1674; conflicts between 

English and Spanish, 1754, *779 latter 
repulsed, 1783. 



Horn (Hoorn), Cape, S.A. 553. 67w. 
Drake off, 1578; so named by Schouten in 
honour of his bp., 1616 

Huacachula, see Quauhquechollan. 

Huamanga, Peru. F. by Pizarro, 1539; 
name changed to Ayacucho (q.v.) since 
battle fought near. 

Huarina, Lake Titicaca. 153. 6gw. Fierce 
battle, and victory of Gonzalo Pizarro over 
Inca's forces lead by Centeno, 1547. 

Hudson's Bay. 6oN. 85 w. Discovered by 
the Dane Anskold; reached possibly by Cabot, 
1498; named after the discoverer Hudson 
who was here cast adrift and left to perish, 
1610; H.B. Company incorporated, 1670. 

Hudson River, U.S. 4IN. 73W. Verazzani 
on, 1524; named after the explorer Hudson, 
1609 ; trial of first steamship in America by 
Robert Fulton, 1807. 

Huntingdon, Long Island, N.Y, 4ON. 73W. 
Bp. Walt Whitman, poet (1819-92). 

Huron, Lake, N.A. 441*. 82\v Dis- 
covered by Champlain, 1615, 

Icy Cape, N.A, 7ON. i62W. Discovered 
by Cook, 1778. 

Idaho, state. 441*. H4W. Territory 
created from portion of Oregon territory, 
1863; the territories of Montana and Wyo- 
ming were cut off from, 1864, 1868 ; admitted 
to Union, 1890. 

Illinois, U.S. 4ON. Sgw. First explored 
by Joliet and Marquette, 1673; French 
settlement at Kaskaskia, 1720; passed under 
English jurisdiction, 1763; separated, 1775; 
admitted to Union, 1818. 

Illinois River, U.S. 4ON. Sow. Joliet and 
Marquette on, 1673; explored by La Salle, 

Indiana, U.S. 4ON. 86w. Early colonised 
by French ; missionary station at Vincennes, 
1730; under English jurisdiction, 1763 till 
W. of Ind.; organised as a territory, 1800; 
war with Indians, who were finally crushed 
by victory of Tippecanoe, 1811; admitted 
to Union, 1816. 

Iowa, U.S. 42 N. 93W. First European 
colony settled by Du Buque, 1788; Bur- 
lington settled by English, 1833; originally 
part of Louisiana, and after having in turns 
belonged to other territories it was organised 
as a separate one, 1838; admitted to Union, 

Irwinville, Georgia. 3 IN. 83 w. Jefferson 
Davis, president of Confederate States, taken 
prisoner, 1865. 

Isabella, Haiti. igN. 7iw. F. by Colum- 
bus, first European settlement in the New 
World, 1493. 

Island Number Ten, near New Madrid, 
Mississippi R. 351*. 8gw. Bombarded and 
surrendered by Confederates, 1862 (Civil 

Ithaca, N.Y. 42N. 76w. Cornell Univer- 
sity organised, 1865. 

Ituzaingo, S.A. Brazilians defeated by 
Argentinians, 1827. (See Crichfield, op. cit.) 

Itzolan, near Cholula, Mexico. Stormed 
and taken by Cortes, 1520. 

Iztapalapan, Mexico. 231*. 99W. Sack of 
by Cortesi 1521. 

Jackson, Mississippi. 3211. <>ow. Entered 
by Grant after defeat of Confederates near, 

Jamaica, W. Indies, i8N. 77w. Dis- 
covered by Columbus, 1494; Spaniards 
settle on, 1509; taken by the English sent 
by Cromwell, 1655; English confirmed in 
possession by Treaty of Madrid, 1655; 
negroes in power over part of island, 1730- 
37; Maroon revolts, 1795, 1831; emanci- 
pation of slaves, 1834; disturbances under 
Gen. Eyre, 1865. Jamaica was a head- 
quarters of buccaneers in i7th century. 

James River (Powhatan), Virginia. 371*. 
78w. Explored by John Smith, 1607. 

Jamestown, Virginia. 37N. 76w. Colony 
settled by expedition under Newport, John 
Smith, and others, 1607; the first permanent 
English settlement in N.A.; Pocahontas, 
the saviour of John Smith, married at to 
John Rolfe, 1613; entered and burnt by 
Bacon, who died here shortly after, 1676; 
cap. of Virginia till 1698. 

Jan Mayen, island, Arctic Ocean. 7iN. 8w. 
Discovered by Dutch explorer of this name, 

Jersey City, see Paulus Hook. 

Jimaguayu, Cuba. Battle (Cuban insurrec- 
tion), 1873. 

Jordan River, Florida. Huguenot colony 
settled on by Ribault, who gave the harbour 
the name of Port Royal, 1562. (See Port 

Juan Fernandez, island, Chili. 333. 79\v, 
Here Alexander Selkirk, the prototype of 
Robinson Crusoe, was marooned, 1704, and 
lived for over four years. 

Juncal, Brazil. Brazilian fleet defeated 
by Argentines under Admiral Brown, 1827. 

Juncal, Playon del, near Barcelona. ION. 
64W. Defeat of Royalists under Morales 
by Piar, 1816 (S. A. W. Ind.). 

Kamchatka. 55N. I58E. Coast explored 
by Bering, 1728. 

Kansas, U.S. 38N. 98w. Explored by 
Spaniards, 1541; became property of U.S 
as part of the Louisiana purchase from 
France, 1803; organised as a territory, 1854; 
admitted to the Union, 1861. 

Kaskaskia, Illinois. s8N. 8gw. Captured 
by Americans under Clarke, 1778 (W. of Ind.). 

Kelly's Ford, see Rappahannock. 

Kenesan Mountain, Georgia. 33N. &4W. 
Confederates, after repulsing the enemy 
under Sherman, were finally forced to 
retreat, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Kennett Square, Chester Co., Perm. 4ON. 
76w. Bp. Bayard Taylor, A. (translator of 
' Faust ') (1825-78). 

Kentucky, U.S. 36x. 82W. Christopher 
Gist in the Blue Grass region exploring for 
Ohio Company, 1750-2; explored by Col. 
Smith, 1766; by John Finley, 1767; by 
Daniel Boone, 1769; and James Knox, 
1770; earliest settlements in: Harrodsburg, 



1774; and Boonesboro, 1775; sc. sanguin- 
ary conflicts between native tribes, and 
between whites and natives; admitted to 
Union, 1792; sc. warfare during Civil W.; 
parties in divided. 

King's Ferry, Hudson River. 4 IN. 73\v. 
Surrendered to Clinton, 1779 (W. of Ind.). 

King's Mountain, between N. and S. Caro- 
lina. 35N. 8iw. British defeated, 1780 
(W. of Ind.). 

Kingston, Canada. 441*. 76w. Fort built 
by Frontenac, 1673. 

Kingston, N.Y. 4 IN. 74\v. Burnt by 
Clinton, 1777 (W. of Ind.). 

Kingston, Jamaica. i8N. 76w. F., 1693, 
after destruction of Port Royal by earth- 
quake; earthquake at, 1907. 

KirtJand, Ohio. 4iN. 8iw, Formerly occu- 
pied by the Mormons. 

Knoxville, Tennwsee. 35*. 83W. Federals 
besieged, and relieved by Sherman, Nov.- 
Dec., 1863 (Civil W.). 

Labrador, Canada. 55N. 6zw. Norsemen 
in, loth-nth centuries; the Cabots off coast 
during voyages, 1497, 1498-9; the Cor- 
tereals off, 1500 and 1501; south coast ex- 
plored by Cartier, 1534; voyage of Fro- 
bisher to, 1576. 

Laguna, Santa Caterina, Brazil. 28s. 5 iw. 
Garibaldi helps in capture of, 1839; native 
town of Anita Riberas, G.'s wife. 

La Navidad, Haiti. Fort built by Columbus, 
1493, first Spanish settlement in the New 

Lancaster, Ohio. SQN. 8aw. Bp. W. T. 
Sherman, general (1820-91). 

Lancaster, Mass. 42 N. 7iw. Hideous as- 
sault on by Indians, 1676 (account of by 
Mary Rowlandson, a survivor). 

Lancaster Sound. 7411. 8ow. So named 
by Baffin, 1616. 

Lapland. 68N. 25E. Sir Hugh Willoughby 
and bis crew starved to death, 1554. 

La Puerto, Venezuela. Bolivar's army 
almost completely destroyed by the Royalist 
forces under Boves, 1814 (S. A. W. Ind.). 

Las Guasimas, Cuba. Repulse of Americans, 
campaign of Santiago (Spanish-American 
W.), 1898. 

Las Piedras, Uruguay. Spaniards severely 
defeated by Gen. Artigas and the Uruguayan 
Guachos, 1811. 

Las Salinas, near Cuzco. 133. 72W. Al 
magro's forces defeated by Hernano Pizarro, 
1538. (See Prescott, ' Peru,' op. cit.) 

Leesburg Heights, see Ball's Buff. 

Leon, Nicaragua. i2N. 86w. F. by Cor- 
dova, 1523. 

Lexington, Mass. 42N. 7iw. Battle of, 
first encounter between British and Ameri- 
cans (W. of Ind.), 1775. Bp. Theodore 
Parker, scholar and transcendentalist 

Lima, cap. of Peru. I2S. 77W. F. by 
Pizarro as Ciudad de los Reyes, 1535; 

Pizarro assassinated by followers of Almagro, 

1541; Vaca de Castro in command of, 1542; 

Blasco Nunez, viceroy, deposed, 1544; Gon- 

zalo Pizarro proclaimed Governor of Peru, 
1544; enters town after battle of Anaquito, 
1546; is forced to abandon it, 1547 (see 
Prescott, op. cit.) ; evacuated by Spaniards, 
1821 (S. A. W. Ind.); taken by Chilians, who 
destroyed Public Library, 1881; sc. three 
days' hideous massacre during civil conflict, 
March 1895. (See ' Peru.') 

Litchfield, Conn. 4iN. 73W. Bp. Ethan 
Allan, a leader of the ' Green Mountain 
Boys' (1737-89); J. Pierpont, poet (1785- 
1866); H. Ward Beecher (1813-87); Mrs. 
Beecher Stowe (1812-96). 

Little Rock, Arkansas. 34N. g2W. Sur 
rendered by Confederates, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Long Island, N.Y. 4ON. 73 w. Defeat of 
Americans by British under Howe, 1776 (W. 
of Ind.). 

Longwoods, Thames R., Upper Canada. 
English defeated by Americans, 1814. 

Look-out Mountain, near Chattanooga, 
Tennessee. 35N. 8sw. Confederate position 
stormed, 1863. (See Chattanooga.) 

Louisburg, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 45N. 
6ow. Fortress built by French, 1713 ; taken 
by Sir W. Pepperell, 1745; restored to 
France by Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748; 
surrendered after seven weeks' siege to 
British under Amherst and Wolfe, 1758; 
ceded to England by Treaty of Paris, 1763. 

Louisiana, U.S. 3 IN. p.2W. Taken posses- 
sion of in name of Louis XIV. by La Salle, 
1682; later French colonists were Iberville 
(who built Fort Biloxi, 1699) and Crozat; 
concession to English financier Law for 
Mississippi Company, 1717; became a 
Crown colony, 1733; ceded to Spain, 1762; 
passed back to French by secret treaty, 
1800; bought by U.S., 1803; admitted to 
Union, 1812; seceded, 1861; readmitted, 

Lucayos, see Bahamas. 

Lundy's Lane, near Drummondville, On- 
tario. 45 N. 72W. British driven from the 
field and their battery seized; they returned 
next morning and took possession of lost 
battery; both sides claim victory, 1814 
(also known as battle of Bridgewater, and 
Niagara Falls). 

Macaco, Lake, Florida. Scminole Indians 
defeated by Col. Taylor, 1837. 

Magellan, Straits of, S.A. 528. 69 w. 
Named after Magalhaes, the Portuguese dis- 
coverer, 1520, who called it the Strait of the 
Eleven Thousand Virgins; Drake sailed 
through, 1578. 

Maguaga, near Detroit. 42N. 83W. 
British and Indian allies defeated by Ameri- 
cans, 1814. 

Macon, Georgia. 32N. Ssw. Bp. Sidney 
Lanier, poet (1842-81). 

McDowell, near Staunton, Virginia. s8N. 
79W. Victory of Confederates under 
' Stonewall ' Jackson, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Maine, U.S. 45 N. 6gw. Cabot possibly 
off, 1498; nort! ern limit of Verazzani's ex- 
ploiation of American coast, 1524; coast 
explored by Gosnold, 1602; by Martin 


Prynne, 1603; French colonists in, 1604-5; 
George Weymouth in, 1605; unsuccessful 
expedition to by Plymouth Company, 1607; 
coast explored by Capt. Smith, 1613; 
Bristol f., 1625; charter of territory iii 
granted by Charles I. to Sir F. Gorges, and 
province named Maine in honour of queen; 
purchased by Massachusetts, 1677; suffered 
greatly from incursions of Indians, and 
during war of 1812; admitted to Union, 
1820. Bp. Charles Farrar Brown (Artemus 
Ward) (1778-1820). 

Maipu (Maipo) or Maypo, river, Chili. 333. 
7iw. Victory on by San Martin over 
Spaniards securing Chilian independence, 
1818 (S. A. W. Ind.). 

Maldonado, Uruguay. 343. 54W. Cap- 
tured by British, 1806. (See Darwin, 

Voyage of the Beagle.') 

Manassas (or Manassas Junction), see Bull 

Manhattan Island, N.Y. 4ON. 72W. Ver- 
azzani on, 1524; explored by Hudson 
1609; early Dutch trading station on; pur- 
chased by Dutch from Indians, 1626. (See 
New Amsterdam.) 

Manitoba, Canada. 57N. g8w. Early 
French and English traders in; purchased 
from Hudson's Bay Company and colony f. 
by Earl of Selkirk, 1812; repurchased by 
Hudson's Bay Company, 1836; became 
property of Imperial government, 1869; 
organised as a territory, 1870, when the 
N.-W. Provinces became part of Canada. 

Maracaibo, town, Venezuela. ION. 7iw. 
Sacked by Morgan and his buccaneers, 1669; 
naval engagement, defeat of Spaniards and 
evacuation of town by Morales, 1823 
(S. A. W. Ind.). 

Maracaibo, Lake of, Venezuela. ION. 7iw. 
Discovered by Ojeda, 1499. 

Margarita, island, Caribbean Sea. UN. 64W. 
Sighted by Columbus, 1498; Ojeda and 
Vespucci on, 1499. 

Marietta, Ohio. 39N. 8iw. F. and named 
after Marie Antoinette by Putnam and 
emigrants from New England, 1788; oldest 
town jn Ohio. 

Mariposa, Ypsemite Valley. 37N. iigw. 
Famous for its mammoth trees (Sequoia 
gigantea); the age of one now no longer 
standing was reckoned at 3400 years. 

Martinique, Lesser Antilles, W. Indies. 
I4N. 6iw. These islands were discovered 
by Columbus, 1493, and he was at Martinique 
1502; French refugees in, 1625; settled by 
French, 1635; Admiral Ruyter at Fort-de- 
France (Fort Royal) about 1675; ravaged 
by English, 1693; surrendered to Rodney, 
1762 ; restored to France by Treaty of Paris 
1763; thrice retaken and restored finally in 
1816; revolt of slaves, 1831; slaves en- 
franchised, 1833; destructive eruptions of 
Mont Pelee, May and August 1902. Bp. 
Jos6phine Tascher de la Pagerie, first wife 
of Napoleon I. (1763-1814). 
Martin's Ferry, Ohio. 4ON. 8ow. Bp. W. 
Dean Howells, A. (1837). 
Maryland, U.S. 391*. 76w. One of the 

original 13 states of the Union; first 
colonised by Virginians, 1631 ; grant to Lord 
Baltimore 1632 and English colony settled, 
1634; alternate property of Baltimores and 
Crown till 1774; constituted a state, 1776. 

Massachusetts, U.S. 42N. 73\v. One of 
the 13 original states of the Union. The 
land along the coast of Massachusetts Bay is 
identified as the V'inland of the old Norse 
saga of ' Eric the Red,' loth-nth centuries; 
Cabot off coast, 1498; Verazzani, 1524; 
first recorded English expedition to under 
Gosnold, 1602; bay explored by Champlain, 
1604; by John Smith, 1614; first colony 
planted by Puritans from the ' Mayflower ' 
1620; the colony of Massachusetts Bay was 
settled with Endicott as governor, 1628; 
Winthrop elected governor, 1630; first code 
of laws drawn up by John Cotton; New 
Plymouth incorporated with, 1692; religious 
revival in under Cotton Mather and Jona.-- 
than Edwards, 1727. 

Matamoras, Mexico. 25N. 97W. Mexicans 
defeated by Americans, 1846 (Mex. W.). 

Matte Grosso, prov., Brazil. 133. s6w. 
Southern part captured by Lopez (Brazil- 
Paraguayan W.), 1865. 

Mechanicsville, Chickahominy, Virginia. 
37N. 77w. Sanguinary engagement between 
McCleilan and Lee, and defeat of Confede- 
rates, 1862 (Civil W.) (battle also known as 
that of Ellison's Mill). 

Mecklenburg Co., N. Carolina. 35N. 8ow. 
Declaration of independence, 1775. 

Medfield, Mass. 42 N. 7iw. Bp. Hannah 
Adams (' View of Religious Opinions,' etc.), 
first woman in America to make literature 
a profession (1755-1832). 

Melville Island, Polar Sea. 75 N. now. 
Here Parry wintered, 1819-20. 

Melville Sound. 73N. now. Reached by 
Parry, 1819. 

Mendoza, Argentine Republic. 323. 68w, 
Destroyed by terrible earthquake, 1861. 

Merida de Yucatan, Mexico. SON t>9\v, 
F. by Spaniards, 1542. 

Mexico, state, N.A. 24N. zoaw. Legend 
of Buddhist mission to in 5th century; 
coasted by Cordova, 1517; coast explored 
by Grijalva, 1518; landing of Cortes for 
conquest, 1519; further exploration of 
coast by De Avila, 1522; Antonio de Men- 
doza first viceroy of Mexico, 1535; revolt 
under Hidalgo, 1810; under Morelos, 1811- 
15; Royalist commander Iturbide joins 
forces with revolutionary chief Guerrero, 
and 'Plan of Iguala ' promulgated, 1821; 
Iturbide declared emperor, 1822; forced to 
abdicate, 1823, and shot, 1824; constitution 
under a president established, 1824; civil 
dissensions and Santa Ana made dictator, 
1835; continuation of civil war, and war 
with U.S., 1847; Upper California and New 
Mexico ceded to U.S., 1848; continued civil 
dissensions, and standard of revolt raised by 
Juarez, 1858; forces of England, Spain, and 
France occupy Vera Cruz, 1861 ; French take 
possession of Mexico city and crown ac- 
cepted by Archduke Maximilian, 1863; 



Maximilian captured and shot by Juarez, 
1867;, further revolutions, and Diaz made 
president, 1877. (See also Yucatan.) The 
country is rich in fine rums dating from an 
earlier and later (Aztec) period. 
Mexico, city. 25^. ggw. F. by the Aztecs 
(Teiioch-titian), 1325; entry of Cortes and 
his army, and magnificent reception by 
Montezuina, 1519; Montezuma made 
prisoner, 1519; murder of the Aztec nobles 
by Alvarado during absence of Cortes, 1520; 
rise of natives, death of Montezuma, retreat 
of Spaniards amid fearful slaughter, 1520; 
siege of and destruction of city by Cortes, 
1521; city rebuilt by Cortes; burial-place 
and monument of conqueror since 1629; 
entry of American troops, 1847:1 Maximilian 
crowned emperor, 1864. (See Mexico, state.) 
Mexico, Gulf of, N.A. 25 N. gow. Ex- 
plored by Pineda, 1519. 
Michigan, U.S. 44N. 8sw. French in, 
1610; mission established by Marquette, 
1668; Detroit f., 1701; passed into English 
possession, 1763; suffered during the 
Pontiac conspiracy; evacuated by English, 
1796; admitted to the Union, 1837. (See 

Michigan, Lake, U.S. 431*. 87W. Ex- 
plored by Jean Nicolet, who reached Green 
Bay, 1639; Joliet and Marquette on, 1673. 
Michillimackinac, Michigan. Slaughter of 
garrison by Indians, 1763. (See Parkman, 
' Pontiac.') 

Milan, Ohio. 4 IN. 82W. Bp, Thomas A. 
Edison, electrician (1847). 
Millsprings, Kentucky, 37N. 84W. Con- 
federates repulsed, 1862 (Civil W.). 
Minisink, N.Y. 4 IN. 74\v. Attack on and 
massacre by Mohawk Indians under Joseph 
Brant, and defeat of volunteer force in pur- 
suit of, 1779 (monument at Goshen). 
Minnesota, U.S. 4&N. 94W. French ex- 
plorers in, 1659; St. Paul f. by Americans, 
1846; organised as a territory, 1849; ad- 
mitted to Union, 1858; war with Sioux 
Indians under Little Crow, 1862-3. 
Miraflores, Peru. I2N. 77W. Peruvians 
defeated by Chilians, 1881. 
Missionary Ridge, see Chattanooga. 
Mississippi, U.S. 32N. 8gw. De Soto in 
1540; La Salle, 1682; the latter took forma, 
possession of the country in name of Louis 
XIV.; French settlements at Biloxi and 
Natchez, 1712, 1716; created a territory 
1798; admitted to Union, 1817; seceded 
1861; readmitted to Union, 1870. 
Mississippi River, 33N. giw. Estuary of 
discovered by Pineda, who named it Espiritu 
Santo, 1519; crossed by Cabeza de Vaca 
during his years of wandering, which ended 
1536; by De Soto, 1541, who died on its 
banks; partly explored by Joliet and Mar 
quette, 1673; by Hennepiu, 1680; La Salle 
who named the river Colbert, descended it to 
the Gulf of Mexico, 1682; further explored 
by Le Sueur, 1700. 

Missouri, U.S. 38N. g2W. Formerly par 
of Upper Louisiana; Fort Orleans f.,"i7i9 
St. Geaevievef., 1755; St. Louis, 1764; sole 

o U.S., 1803; ' Missouri Compromise ' con- 
cerning slave holders, 1820; admitted to 
Jnion, 1821 ;i divided in allegiance during 
Civil W.; World's Fair at St. Louis, 1904. 
Missouri River, U.S. 4ON. 95W. Explored 
>y Du Tisn6, 1719; by Lewis and Clarke, 
8o 4 -6. 

Mitla, Mexico. i6N. 96w. Ruins of 
ancient tombs and other remains. 
Mobile, cap. of county, Alabama, U.S. 

ON. 88w. F. by French, 1702; ceded to 
inglish by Treaty of Paris, 1763; taken by 
Spain, 1780; evacuated by Spaniards and 
entered by Wilkinson and U.S. troops, 1813; 
>esieged, and evacuated by Confederates, 
1865 (Civil W.). 

Mobile Bay, U.S. SON. 87\v. Explored by 

berville, 1700; Confederate fleet defeated, 
1864 (Civil W.). 

Monhegan (Manheigin) Island, Maine. 
43N. 6gw. Discovered by Capt. Weymouth, 

Monk's Corner, Charleston. American 
cavalry surprised, 1780. (See Charleston.) 

Monmouth (Court House), N. Jersey. 4ON. 
74W. Victory of Americans under Washing- 
ton, 1778 (W. of Ind.). 

Monocacy, river, Maryland. 39N. 77W, 
Confederates held in check for some hours by 
small force of Federals, which was finally 
defeated, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Monongahela, liver, branch of Ohio. 4ON, 
79W. Terrible defeat of Braddock by 
French and their Indian allies, 1755, in 
which encounter Washington took part as 
a boy. (See Parkman, ' Pontiac.') 

Monroe's Creek, Virginia. Bp. James 
Monroe, President of U.S. (1758-1831). 

Montana, U.S. 47N. now. Organised as 
separate territory, 1864; admitted to Union, 

Monte Caseros, Uruguay. Overthrow of 
Rosas, 1851. (See Uruguay). 

Monterey, Upper California. 36N. I2iw. 
First town f. by Spaniards, 1770; destroyed 
by French buccaneers; capital of California 
till 1847, when the country was annexed by 

Monterey, Mexico. 25N. loow. Taken by 
U.S. forces after three days' assault, 1846. 

Monte Video, Uruguay. 348. s6w. Hill 
so named by Magelhaes when off coast, 1520; 
town f., 1726; taken by English but shortly 
after evacuated, 1807; revolt under Artigas 
against Spanish viceroy, 1811; siege of by 
Artigas, 1811-14; Spanish fleet destroyed 
and surrender of fortress to anti-Royalists, 
1814; Portuguese take possession of, 1817; 
expelled, 1822 ; sanguinary war with Buenos 
Ayres (1843-52), when Garibaldi and bis 
Italian legion gave help to the Montevideaus, 
and during which the town was blockaded for 
several years; besieged by Flores with his 
Brazilian and allied forces, 1864; Flores 
enters and proclaims himself president, 1865; 
revolutionaries prepare to attack and forced 
to retire, 1870; in hands of revolutionaries, 
1875; mutiny of garrison, 1899. (See 

r 5 6 


Mpntmorenci, river, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 
Heights of assaulted by English under Wolfe, 

Montreal (on site of Indian village of Hoche- 
laga). 45N. 73\v. Discovered by Cartier, 
J 535; Pontgrave and Champlain at, 1603; 
f. by French settlers in 1642; massacre by 
Indians, 1689; taken in turns by English 
and Americans, and again by England, 1760, 
1775, 1776. 

Montserrat, island, W. Indies. i6N. 62W. 
Discovered by Columbus, 1493; colonised 
by English, 1632; twice taken by French, 
and twice restored to England, by Treaty of 
Breda, 1667, and by Treaty of Versailles, 

Moore's Creek Bridge, Virginia. 371*. 77W. 
Loyalist Scotch defeated, 1776 (W. of 

Moron, Argentine Republic. 343. s8w. 
Rosas defeated, 1851. 

Morristown, N. Jersey. 401*. 74\v. Wash- 
ington's headquarters, 1777-8 and 1779-80 
(W. of Ind.). 

Motupe, Peru. 53. 8ow. Pizarro at, 1532. 

Mountain Meadow, Utah. 4 ON. 35W. 
Massacre of immigrants by Mormons and 
Indians, 1857. 

Mount Auburn, near Boston, Mass. 42 N. 
7iw. Graves of J. L. R. Agassiz, the great 
naturalist (1807-73), of Longfellow, Lowell, 
Prescott, Motley, Holmes, and many other 
eminent men. 

Mount Hamilton, near San Francisco. 
Lick Observatory at. 

Mount Vernon, Fairfax Co., Virginia. 381*. 
77W. Home and grave of Washington. 

Mumfordsville, Kentucky. 381*. 85W. 
Taken by Confederates, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 351*. 86w. 
Fierce battle, Dec. 31 Jan. 2, 1862-3, in 
which success was at first to Confederates, 
who were finally forced to retreat (also 
known as battle of Stone River) (Civil W.). 

Napo, river, Peru. as. 74\v. Gonzalo 
Pizarro and his famished companions follow 
its course to where it joins the Amazon, 
during his expedition, 1540-2. 

Nashville, Tennessee., 36*. 86w. Surren- 
dered to Federals, 1862; Confederates de- 
feated, 1864. (See Battle of Franklin.) 

Nassau (formerly New Providence), Baha- 
mas. 25N. 77\v. Destroyed by French and 
Spaniards, 1703; resettled, 1718; used as a 
harbour for blockade runners, 1861-5 (Civil 

Natchez, Mississippi. 3 IN. giw. F. by 
Bienville, 1716; garrison murdered by 
Indians, 1729; taken by Capt. Willing of 
Philadelphia, 1778 (W. of Ind.). The town 
is named after the Indian tribe immortalised 
by Chateaubriand. 

Nauvoo, Illinois. 4ON. giw. F. by the 
Mormons, 1840, who some years later were 

Nebraska, U.S. 42N. loow. Reached by 
the expedition sent by the viceroy Mendoza 
from Mexico under Coronado, 1540; 

organised as a territory, 1854; admitted to 
Union, 1867. 

Nevada, U.S. 39^. ii7\v. Ceded to U.S. 
by Mexico, 1848; created a territory, 1861; 
admitted to Union, 1864. 

Nevis, island, Lesser Antilles. I7N. 62W. 
Discovered by Columbus, who christened it 
Nieves; colonised by English, 1628; taken 
by French and restored to English by Treaty 
of Versailles, 1783. Bp. Alex. Hamilton, 
statesman (1757-1804). 

New Amsterdam (see Manhattan). Name 
given to the Dutch settlement on Man- 
hattan Island by Governor Stuyvesant, 1647; 
surrendered to English, 1664. (See New 

Newark, N. Jersey. 401*. 74W. F. by 
Puritans, 1666. Bp. Aaron Burr, Vice- 
President of the U.S. (1756-1836). 

Newark, Ohio. 4ON. 82W. Fine remains 
of prehistoric mound builders. 

Newbern (New Berne), Neuse R., N. Caro- 
lina. 35 N. 77w. Confederates defeated, 
1862 (Civil W.). 

New Brunswick, Canada. 471*. 67w. Dis- 
covered by Cartier, 1534; colonised by 
French in i?th century; ceded to England 
by Treaty of Utrecht* 1713; became part 
of Canada, 1867. 

Newburypprt, Mass. 42 N. 7ow. Bp. W. 
Lloyd Garrison, poet, orator, and abolitionist 
(1805-79), and grave of George Whitefield. 

New England, U.S. 441*. 7iw. Norse 
settlement in, end loth century (see the 
V inland of old saga ' Eric the Red ') ; Sir H. 
Gilbert off coast, 1583; Gosnold, 1602; 
later exploring expeditions under Pring, 
1603. George Weymouth, 1605; grant of to 
Plymouth Company, 1606; expedition of 
John Smith, 1614, to whom the name is due; 
landing of Pilgrim Fathers, 1620 (see New 
Plymouth); George Fox in, 1665 ; Indian 
war, 1674-6; war with New France, 1690; 
spiritual revival under Whitefield, 1740. 
(See Maine, Massachusetts.) 

Newfoundland, N.A. 481*. s6w. Dis- 
covered by Norsemen end toth century (see 
the Helluland of old saga of ' Eric the Red ') ; 
coasted by Cabots, 1497, 1498-9; the Cor- 
tereals off, 1500, 1501; coast explored by 
Cartier, 1534; Sir H. Gilbert took possession 
of in name of Elizabeth, 1583; he and his 
vessel, the ' Squirrel,' were lost off the same 
year; colony settled by Lord Baltimore, 
1623; Lord Falkland, 1633; Sir D. Kirk, 
1754; finally ceded to England by Treaty 
of Utrecht, 1713. 

New Granada, S.A. 45. 6gw. Discovered 
by Ojeda, 1499; colony settled in by 
Spaniards, 1510; threw off Spanish yoke, 
1811 ; became part of the state of Colombia, 
1819; became an independent republic, 
1833 ; united with other states which became 
the United States of Colombia, 1861; known 
as the Republic of C. since 1886. 
New Hampshire, U.S. 421*. 7ow. One of 
the 13 original states of the Union; coast 
probably discovered by Martin Pring, 1604; 
explored by John Smith, 1614; known as 



Laconia to early settlers; settlement at 
Little Harbour, 1623; first permanent 
English colony planted, 1629; joined the 
Massachusetts colony, 1641-79, when it be- 
came again independent; organised as a 
state, 1776. 

New Haven, Conn. 4 IN. 72W. Colonised 
by English under Eaton, Davenport, and 
others, 1638; annexed to Connecticut, 
1662; Yale College f. at Saybrook, 1701, 
removed to New Haven, 1717; plundered 
by English, 1779 (W. of Ind.). 

New Jersey, U.S. 40*. 74W. One of the 
13 original states; so named in honour of 
its first governor, who had been governor of 
Isle of Jersey; Hudson off coast, i7th cen- 
tury; first colonised by Dutch, who settled 
at Bergen in early i7th century; later 
English colonists were driven away by 
Dutch; New Netherland, of which N.J. 
was considered a part, became English 
property, 1664; bought by Penn, 1674. 

New London, Conn. 4 IN. 72W. Attacked 
and burnt by Benedict Arnold and the 
British, 1781 (W. of Ind.); blockaded by 
Sir T. Hardy, 1813-15. 

New Madrid, Missouri. 36N. 8gw. Be- 
sieged, and evacuated by Confederates, 1862 
(Civil W.). 

New Mexico, U.S. 35N. iosw. Cabeza de 
Vaca in, with the scattered remains of 
Narvaez's expedition, about 1537 ; Coronado 
in, 1540, followed by other Spanish explorers; 
country taken from Spaniards by Indians, 
1680; recovered by former, 1698; Santa F6 
captured by U.S. forces, 1846; ceded to U.S., 
1848; organised as a territory, 1850. 

New Netherland (now New York). So 
named by Dutch explorers, 1614; Stuy- 
vesant appointed governor, 1645; New 
Amsterdam surrendered to English, 1664, 
and name changed to New York; Amster- 
dam (Fort James) retaken by Dutch, 1673, 
and Dutch name of colony restored. (See 
New York.) 

New Orleans, Louisiana. 3ON. 9ow. F. by 
French, 1718; English defeated by Ameri- 
cans, 1815; surrender of town to Federal 
fleet, 1862. (See Louisiana.) 

New Plymouth, Mass. 4 IN. 7ow. Land- 
ing of Pilgrim Fathers from the ' Mayflower,' 
Dec. 1620; first English colony planted in 
America; incorporated with Massachusetts, 

Newport, Rhode Island. 4 IN. 7iw. Ver- 
razano in harbour, 1524; f. 1638; taken by 
English, 1776 (W. of Ind.). Bp. William 
Ellery Channing (1780-1842). 

New Providence, Bahamas. 25 N. 77W. 
Discovered by Columbus, 1492, who named 
it Fernandino; colonised by English, 1629; 
present name given by Sayle, who was 
wrecked off coast, 1667; buccaneers became 
masters of in i7th century; taken by Ameri- 
cans, 1776; restored to England, 1783. 

New Spain, original name given to Mexico. 

New York, state. 42N. 77\v. One of the 
13 original states. Verazzani in bay, 1524; 
Champlain discovers lake which bears his 

name, 1609; Hudson on river named after 
him, 1609; region explored by Dutch navi- 
gator Block, 1614; early Dutch settlements 
in (see New Netherland, Manhattan); first 
governor Cornelius May, 1624; colony re- 
ceived present name, 1664, when taken 
possession of by English; Dutch in power 
again, 1673-4; province formally surrendered 
to English by treaty, and Andros made 
governor, 1674 ; independence proclaimed, 
1776; Erie Canal opened, 1825. 

New York, city. 4ON. 73W. Settled by 
Dutch as New Amsterdam, 1614; named 
by them New Orange in 1673 ; negro plots 
in, 1712 and 1741; Stamp Act riot, 1765; 
fighting at Golden Hill, 1770; taken by the 
English, 1776, and only evacuated by them 
at close of W. of Ind., 1783; Washington 
inaugurated as first President of U.S., 1789 
(see Manhattan, New Amsterdam). Colum- 
bia University f. 1754. Bp. Philip Freneau, 
poet (from whom Campbell stole a line) 
(1752-1832); John Howard Payne, A. of 
'Home, Sweet Home' (1792-1852); Wash- 
ington Irving (1783-1859); Rodman Drake, 
poet (1795-1820); C. Fenno Hoffmann, 
poet (1806-84); W. James, psychologist 
(1842-1910); Henry James, novelist (1843). 

Niagara, river. 43N. 7pw. Falls dis- 
covered by French missionary, Hennepin, 
1678. (See Fort Niagara.) 

Nicaragua, Cent. A. I2N. 85 w. Columbus 
off coast, 1502; Espinosa in, 1519; J. de 
Avila, 1522; towns of Granada and Leon f. 
by Cordova, 1523 ; part of the Confederation 
of Cent. America, 1824-38, when it was de- 
clared an independent republic; in 1856 the 
filibuster Walker had himself elected presi- 
dent, but had to surrender the following 
year: political disturbances since; war with 
Honduras, 1907. 

Nine Partners, Duchess Co., N.Y. 4 IN. 
73W._ Bp. J. K. Paulding, A. (1779-1860). 

Njpissing, Lake, Canada. 4&N. 7ow. 
Champlain at, 1615; Jean Nicolet at during 
expedition 1634-9. 

Nombre de Dios, Panama. gN. 78w, 
Pizarro embarks at, 1528; Blasco Nuuez 
arrives at, 1544; Drake off, 1572; seized by 
Drake, 1595. 

Nootka Sound, Vancouver's Island. 4QN. 
i26w. Discovered by Cook, 1778. 

Norfolk, Virginia. 3&N. 76w. Burnt by 
the English, 1776 (W, of Ind.). 

Northampton, Mass. 421*. 72W. Jonathan 
Edwards preacher at, 1727-50; bp. Timothy 
Dwight, writer of patriotic verse (1752-1817). 

Northampton, N. Jersey. 39N. 74W. Bp. 
John Woolman, Quaker preacher (1720-72). 
(See ' A Quakers' Meeting ' in ' Essays of 

North Point, Baltimore. 39N. 76w. Land- 
ing of British forces, 1814. (See Fort 

Norwich, Conn. 4 IN. 72W. Bp. Benedict 
Arnold (1741-1801); Mrs. Sigourney, poet 
and prose writer (1791-1865). 

Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64W. Discovered by 
Norsemen, end loth century (see the Mark- 


land of old saga of 'Eric the Red'); the 
Cabots off, 1497, 1498-9; Verazzani ofi, 
1524; coast explored by Champlain, 1604; 
Dame of Acadia changed to present one by 
Scotch, to whom grant was given by James 
I., 1622; colony restored to France by 
Treaty of Breda, 1667; English conquest 
of, 1708 ; finally ceded to England by Treaty 
of Utrecht, 1713 ; expatriation of French. 
(See Grand Pre.) 

Nova Zembla. 7iN. SSE. Discovered by 
Sir Hugh Willoughby, 1553; voyage to by 
Stephen Burroughs, 1556; by the Dutch 
under Barentz, 1594-6. 

Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico. i6N giw. 
Famous ruins at, relics of ancient tribes. 

Ocotepeque, Salvador, Cent. A. Troops of 
Carrera defeated by those of San Salvador, 

Ogdensburg, N.Y. 44 N. 75W. English 
repulsed by Brown, 1812; entered and 
plundered by English, 1813. 

Ohio, U.S. s8N. 8ow. Explored by La 
Salle about 1680; valley taken possession of 
for French by de Bienville, 1749 ; explored by 
Christopher Gist for Ohio Company, 1750-2; 
English settlements in destroyed by French, 
1752; cause of war between the two coun 
tries, 1755; ceded to England, 1763, and 
Marietta settled, 1788; lost to her by 
W. of Ind.; admitted to Union, 1802. 

Ohio, river. Discovered by La Salle, 1669; 
explored by Christopher Gist, 1750-1. 

Oklahoma (' beautiful land '). SSN. g6w. 
Entered the Union (with Indian territory) 
as a state, 1906. 

Onoto, Venezuela. 91*. 6sw. Paez de- 
feated by Royalists, 1818 (S. A. W. Ind.). 

Oregon, U.S. 42N. n6w. Ferretoin, 1543; 
Drake off, 1579; Cook landed at Nootka 
Sound, to which he gave its name, 1778; 
mouth of Columbia R. discovered by Span- 
iards, 1775; named by Gray, 1792; coast 
explored by Vancouver, 1793; explorations 
in under Lewis and Clarke, 1804-6; boundary 
dispute between Great Britain and America 
settled, 1846; organised as a territory, 
1848; admitted to Union, 1859. (See 

Orinoco, river, S.A. SN. 6ow. Columbus 
at mouth of, 1498; Raleigh rowed partly up 
in search of the gold mines of Manoa, 1595; 
Kemys sent up by Raleigh, 1617, during the 
latter' s last expedition; Kemys attacked 
San Tomas and Raleigh's son was killed. 

Oriskany, near Utica, N.Y. 431*. 75W. 
Victory of Patriots over Mohawks and 
Tories, 1777 (W. of Ind.). 

Orleans, Island of, Canada. 461*. 7o-7iw. 
Discovered by Cartier, who called it the 
Island of Bacchus on account of the number 
of its vines, 1535. 

Osawatomie, Kansas. 381*. 9_6w. Fight 
between John Brown, the abolitionist, and 
his opponents, 1856. 

Oswego, N.Y. 43N. 76\v. English estab- 
lish post at, 1725; forts captured by Mont- 
calm, 1756; surrendered and in English 

possession till 1795 ; taken by English, 1814. 

Ottawa, Canada. 45*1. 75 w. Made capital 
of Dominion, 1858; originally named By- 
town after Col. By, its founder; first parlia- 
ment opened, 1866. 

Ottawa, river, Ontario and Quebec. Ex- 
plored by Champlain, 1612 and 1615; by 
Jean Nicblet, 1634. 

Otumba, Mexico. igN. 99W. Victory of 
Cortes over Mexican Indians, 1520. 

Pachacamac, Peru. 128. 77W. Famous 
under the Inc?.s for its great temple and 
shrine whence oracles were delivered ; image 
destroyed by Hernando Pizarro, who 
arrived at, 1533. (See Prescott, ' Peru,' 
op. cit.) 

Pacific, The. First seen by a European 
when Nunez de Balboa sighted it from 
the Isthmus of Darien, 1513; name given 
by Magalhaes, who sailed into its waters, 
1520; first English boat launched on by 
John Oxenham (d. 1575); Drake sailed 
across after entering by Magellan, 1577; 
among the many explorers of the i8th 
century were Cook, 1778, and Vancouver, 
1791. (See Irving, ' Companions of Colum- 

Paita (Payta), Peru. 58. Sow. Reached 
by Pizarro, 1527; sacked and burnt by the 
filibuster Anson, 1741; burnt by Lord 
Cochrane, 1820. 

Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. I7N. giw. 
Famous prehistoric ruins at. 

Palmyra, N.Y. 431*. 77w. Mormon sect 
at f. by Joseph Smith, 1827. 

Palp Alto, Texas. 26N. 97\v. Defeat of 
Mexicans by Americans, 1846. 

Paltos, Desert of, north of Caxas. Crossed 
by Blasco Nunez pursued by Gonzalo 
Pizarro, 1545. (See Prescott, ' Peru,' op. cit.) 

Pamlico Sound, U.S. 35*1. 76w. Dis- 
covered by Amadas and Barlow sent by 
Raleigh, 1584. 

Panama, town. SN. ?gw. First town f. 
by A vila, 1518; destroyed by buccaneer 
Morgan, 1670, and rebuilt by H. de Cordova. 

Panama, Isthmus of. 7-91*. 77-8aw. Coast 
first sighted by the Spaniard Bastidas, 1501; 
coasted by Columbus, who called it Veragua, 
during his fourth and last voyage, 1502; 
town on f. by Ojeda, 1510, afterwards de- 
stroyed; Nombre de Dios and other towns 
settled shortly after; Pizarro here on his 
way to Peru. The idea of cutting a way 
through the isthmus was propagated as 
early as the i6th century. First Pacific 
steamboat passed through canal, 1909. 
(See under Darien). 

Panuco, river, mouth of at Tampico, 
Mexico. 2 IN. 97\v. Pineda attacked by 
natives near mouth of, 1519; colony 
settled on by Garay, Governor of Jamaica, 
1520; De Soto at mouth of, 1539. 

Paraguay, republic, S.A. 223. 54W. Dis- 
covered by De Soils, 1515; by Cabot, 
1526; explored and taken possession of by 
Mendoza, 1536; Asuncion (q.v.) f. 1536 
or 1537; formerly a dependency of Peru; 


J 59 

threw off Spanish authority, 1810; defeat 
of Belgrano, near Asuncion, made Para 
guay definitely independent of Buenos 
Ayres, 1811; Dr. Franria dictator, 1816-40, 
Antonio Lopez in power, 1841-62: reign oi 
terror under his son till 1870, when latter 
was captured and killed; constant change 
of presidents since. 

Paraguay, river, Brazil. 143. 57w. Cabot 
on, 1525 ; explored by Ayolas, who fought 
successfully with the natives on, 1535-7. 

Parana, river, estuary of, at Rio de la Plata 
First ascended by Cabot,, 152^5 ; Ayolas on, 

Paria, Gulf of, S.A. QN. 6ow. Columbus 
in, 1408; Ojeda in, 1499. 

Patagonia, S.A. 393. 6ow. Discovered 
by Magalhaes, 1519; R. de Isola the first to 
traverse the country, 1535; Drake off, 1578; 
Cook, 1774; many later explorers, among 
them Darwin (see ' Voyage of the Beagle ') 
and Capt. Mayne, 1866-8. 

Patapsco, river, Maryland. 39*1. 76w. 
Explored by John Smith, 1608. 

Paulus Hook (now Jersey City). 401*. 74W. 
Captured by Americans, 1779 (W. of 

Paxton, Penn. 4 ON. 76w. ' Boys ' of 
massacre Indians at Conestoga and Lan- 
caster, 1763. (See Parkman, ' Pontiac,' op. 

Paysandu, Uruguay. 328. 57W. Taken 
by assault by Brazilians, and subjected to a 
hideous pillage, and its defender Gomez 
murdered, 1865. 

Pennsylvania, U.S. 4ON. 7gw. One of 
the 13 original states of the Union; early 
colonies in of Swedes and Finns, I7th cen- 
tury; territory surrendered to English, 
1664; granted by letters patent to Penn, 

Penobscot, river, Maine. 441*. 68w. Navi- 
gated by George Weymouth, 1605. 

Pepperell, Mass. 42N. jivt. Early home 
of Prescott, the historian. 

Pemambuco, Brazil. 7-95. 35-44W. Colo- 
nised by Portuguese, i6th century; invaded 
by Dutch, 1630; insurrections in, i7th, i8th, 
and igth centuries. 

Peru, S.A. 3-228. 6g-8ow. Expedition 
to, under Andagoya, 1522; Pizarro first 
reaches, 1526; conquering expedition to 
landed at Tumbez, 1531. He found the 
empire divided between the two Incas, 
Huascar and Atahuallpa; the latter was 
strangled by Pizarro, 1532; Lima f. by con- 
queror, 1535; country settled by Gasca, 
1548-50; Mendoza viceroy, 1551; Indian 
nsurrection under Pumacagna, 1814; 
Spanish viceroy's forces heavily defeated at 
Maypo by San Martin, 1816; entry of San 
Martin, the Liberator, into Lima, and pro- 
clamation of independence, 1821; liberation 
of country assured by defeat of Spaniards 
at Ayacucho, 1824; finally evacuated by 
Spaniards, 1826; civil disturbances con- 
tinual, and war with Spain, 1864 and 1866; 
treaty with Bolivia, 1873 ; and war with Chili, 
1879-83; continued revolutions and hideous 

slaughter in the streets of Lima for three 
days, March 1895. 

Philadelphia, Penn. 391*. 75W. Early 
Swedish settlers in, who sold the land to VV. 
Penn, 1682, when city was f.; first con- 
tinental congress at, 1774; Declaration of 
Independence proclaimed at, 1776; taken 
by Lord Howe, 1777; evacuated by English, 
1778; proclamation of close of W. of Ind., 
1783; capital removed from to Washington, 
1800. Bp. C. Brockden Brown (1771-1810); 
F. Hopkinson, satirist, A. of ' The Battle of 
the Kegs' '1737-91); Louisa M. Alcott 
(1832-88); Ailibone, A. of the 'Diet, of 
Literature' (1816-89); Joseph Hopkins, 
A. of 'Hail Columbia' (1770-1842); Leland 
(Hans Breitmann) (1824-1903); H. H. 
Fumess, editor of the Variorum Shake- 
speare (1833); F. R. Stockton (1834-1902); 
res, Benjamin Franklin, 1723-90, the year 
of his death. 

Pichincha, near Quito, Ecuador, o. 78w. 
Victory of Sucre, Bolivar's lieutenant, 1822 
(S. A. W. Ind.). 

Pines, Isle of, W. Indies. 24*. 8iw. Dis- 
covered by Columbus, and named by him 
Evangelista, 1494. 

Pittsburg, Penn. 4ON. Sow. On site of 
Fort Duquesne (q.v.). Defeat of Braddock 
by the French and Indians, 1755; taken by 
English, 1758, who gave it its present name. 
Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee. 35N. 88w. 
Federals defeated, but Confederates finally 
forced to retire, April 6 and 7, 1862 (also 
known as battle of Shiloh). 
Piura, river, Peru. 58. Sow. Crossed by 
Pizarro on his way inland, 1532. 
Plata, La, Rio de, S.A. 348. 36w. Mouth 
discovered by Pinzon and Soils, 1508; Soils 
again at, 1515, and killed by natives; Cabot 
on, 1526, who named it as above, and f. S. 
Espiritu; Garcia arrived at mouth of the 
same year (see Brazil); Drake off, 1578. 
Plata, La. Silver mines in worked by 
Gonzalo Pizarro in isth century; by Car- 
bajal, i6th century; made a viceroyalty, 
1778. (See Argentine Republic.) 
Plattsburg, N.Y. 44?*. 73W. British fleet 
defeated in Cumberland Bay, and English 
land force repulsed, by Americans, 1814. 

Pleasant Grove, near Sabine Cross Roads, 
Louisiana. 3. 93W. Confederates re- 
pulsed, 1864 (Civil W.). 
Plymouth, Mass. 4 IN. 7ow. First town 
f. in New England by the Pilgrim Fathers, 
1620: bp. W. Bradford, second governor 
and historian of Plymouth, 1588-1657. 
Plymouth, N. Carolina. . 3&N. 76w. Taken 
by Confederates, 1864. 
Plymouth Harbour (Port St. Louis). 4. 
7ow. Champlain in during second expedi- 
tion to Canada, 1604-7; the 'Mayflower' 
enters, 1620. 

Point Pleasant, Clermont Co., Ohio. sgN. 
84\v. Bp. Ulysses Simpson Grant, general, 
and 1 8th President of U.S. (1822-85). 
Popayan, Colombia. 2N. 76w. F. by 
Benalcazar, 1537; reached by Blasco Nunez 
after his long and painful march pursued by 



Gonzalo Pizarro, 1545. (See Prescott, 
' Peru,' op. cit.) 

Pope's Creek, near Bridge Creek, Virginia 
Bp. George Washington, first President of 
U.S. (1732-90). 

Popocatepetl ('smoking mountain'), vol- 
cano, Mexico. i8\ T . g8w. Ascent of by 
Diego Ordaz and Spaniards in the train of 
Cortes, 1519. 

Port-au-Prince (now Port Republican), 
Haiti. i8N. 72W. F. by French, 1745; 
destroyed by earthquake, 1770; revolt of 
negroes, 1791, 

Portland, Maine. 43N. 7ow. Bp. Long- 
fellow (1807-82). 

Porto (Puerto) Bello, Panama. gN. 7gw. 
Discovered by Columbus, 1502, who so 
named it; town f. 1584; sacked by Drake, 
1595; the following year he died and was 
buried off; sacked by filibuster Morgan, 
1668; and by English, 1680 and 1702; and 
by Admiral Vernon (Old Grog), 1739. 

Porto Rico, island, W. Indies. I7N. 6sw. 
Discovered by Columbus, 1493; explored 
by Ponce de Leon, 1508; unsuccessful attack 
on by Drake and Hawkins, and death of 
the latter off, 1595; unsuccessful attack on 
by Abercrombie, 1797; revolt in, 1820; 
ceded to U.S. 1898. 

Port Pheasant, Gulf of Darien. 9N. 77W. 
So named by Drake. 

Port Royal, see Annapolis. 

Port Royal, Jamaica. i7N. 76w. Succes- 
sive destruction of the town by earthquake 
and hurricane caused the commercial capital 
to be moved to Kingston. 

Port Royal Island, S. Carolina. 32 N. Sow. 
Huguenot colony settled on by Ribault, and 
soon after deserted, 1562; settlement on by 
Lord Cardross, who a few years afterwards 
was dislodged by Spaniards, 1686. 

Port Royal Sound, S. Carolina. 32N. Sow. 
Confederate posts taken, 1861 (Civil W.). 

Portsmouth, N. Hampshire. 4IN. 7pw. 
Bp. T. B. Aldrich, poet and prose writer 

Potomac, river, Virginia and Maryland. 
38N. 76w. Explored by John Smith, 

Potosi, Bolivia, S.A. igs. 6sw. Silver 
mines discovered by an Indian, 1545; ex- 
ploited by Spaniards in i6th century. 

Prairie Grove, Arkansas. 35N. 93W. Con- 
federates forced to retreat, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Prince Edward's Island, Gulf of St. Law- 
rence (formerly Isle de St. Jean). 45*1. 
62W. Discovered by Cartier, 1534; con- 
firmed to England by Treaty of Paris, 1763 ; 
under government of Nova Scotia till made 
a separate colony, 1768; admitted into the 
Dominion, 1873. 

Princeton, N. Jersey. 4ON. 74W. Eng- 
lish defeated by Washington, 1777 (W. of 
Ind.) ; University f 1746, at Elisabethtown, 
and removed to Princeton, 1757. 

Princetown Harbour, Cape Cod Bay. 421*. 
7ow. Here the ' Mayflower ' anchored, and 
the Pilgrim Fathers first set foot on land, 

Providence, Rhode Island. 411*. ;iw. F. 
by Roger Williams, 1636. 

Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, is. 44W. Sur- 
prised and taken by revolutionaries under 
Paez, 1823 (S. A. W. Ind.). 

Puerto de Pinas. 6N. 76w. Reached by 
Balboa and Andagoya; doubled by Pizarro, 

Puerto Gordo, W. Indies. 22 N. 82W. 
Columbus at, 1502. 

Puna, Island of, Gulf of Guayaquil, 
Ecuador. 2S. 8ow. Encampment of 
Pizarro and battle of with natives, during 
his last expedition to Peru, 1531. 

Punta de Pasado. o. Sow. Southern limit 
of exploration by Ruiz, Pizarro's pilot, the 
first European to cross the equinoctial line 
sailing south on the Pacific. 

Punta Quemada. SN. 77w. So named by 

Quauhquechollan. 451*. 95W. Mexicans 
routed by Cortes and native allies, 1520 
(See Prescott, op. cit.) 

Quaker's Hill, Rhode Island. 4IN. 7iw. 
Fierce engagement between Americans and 
English, 1778 (W. of Ind.). 

Quebec (Stadacona), Canada. 461*1. 7iw. 
Discovered by Cartier, 1535 ; Champlain at, 
1603, and 1608-9, when he f. the town; in 
English possession, 1629-32; unsuccessful 
attack on by English under Phipps, 1690; 
fall of, and death of Wolfe and Montcalm, 
1759; ceded to English by Peace of Paris, 
1763; American attack under Benedict 
Arnold and Montgomery repulsed, 1775. 
(See Parkman, Montcalm and Wolfe.') 

Queen Charlotte's Islands, British Columbia. 
52N. 13 iw. Discovered by Perez, 1774; 
Cook off, 1778; so named by Capt. Dixon, 
1787, who took possession of them for 
England; explored further by Vancouver, 

Queenstown, Ontario. 431*1. 7gw. Cap- 
tured by Americans, but recovered by 
British, who lost their general, Brock, 

Queretaro, Mexico. 20N. xoow. King 
Maximilian shot by order of Juarez, 1867. 

Quincy, Mass. 4214. 7iw. Here Morton 
settled a plantation and set up his maypole, 
which Endicott cut down; M. was seized 
by Capt. Standish and sent to England, 
1628. (See Braintree.) 

Quipaypan, Plains of, near Cuzco. 133. 7ow. 
Defeat of Huascar by Atahuallpa, rival 
Incas of Peru and Quito, 1532. 

Quito, Ecuador, o. 78w. Ancient capital 
of the Incas; taken by the Spaniards under 
Pizarro, 1534; disastrous expedition into 
the interior from, by Gonzalo Pizarro, 
1540-2 ; death of Blasco Nunez, defeated by 
G. Pizarro, 1546; made capital of Ecuador, 

Quito, presidency. Detached from Peru and 
added to New Granada, 1718; part of the 
republic of Colombia, 1819; Flores declares 
presidency of Quito independent, and names 
country Ecuador (q.v.), 1830. 



Ranoheria, Colombia. UN. 72W. Burnt 
by Drake, 1595. 

Rappahannock, river, Virginia. s8N. 77W. 
Federals defeated at Kelly's Ford, 1863. 
(See also Cbancellorsville, Fredericksburg, 
and Wilderness.) 

Raymond, Maine. 431*. 7ow. Haw- 
thorne's home as a boy; the diary of his life 
while there was published in 1897. 

Redding, Conn. 4 IN. 73 w. Bp. Joel 
Barlow, poet (1754-1812). 

Rhode Island. 4iN. 7iw. One of the 13 
original states. This and the coast between 
Boston and New York is supposed to be the 
Vinland of the saga of ' Eric the Red,' who 
undertook an expedition to these parts at 
the close of the loth century. Verazzani in 
Narragansett Bay, 1524 ; explored by Dutch 
navigator Block, 1614; first settlement 
(Providence) under Roger Williams, 1636; 
colony settled by W. Coddington, 1638; 
other settlements, 1643; charter granted 
to by Charles II., 1663; burning and 
massacre on during war with Indian king, 
Philip, 1676; fighting on during W. of Ind. 
(See Cooper, ' Puritans of America.') 

Richelieu (Chambly, St. John), river, 
Quebec. 45N. 73\v. Navigated by Cham- 
plain, 1609. 

Richmond, Virginia. 37N. 77w. Battles 
on the banks of the Chickahominy known as 
the Seven Days of Richmond, June 1862; 
town besieged, and evacuated by Confede- 
rates, 1865 (Civil W.). 

Ridgefield, Conn. 4 IN. 73\v. Bp. S. G. 
Goodrich (Peter Parley) (1793-1860). 

Riobamba (or Bolivar), Ecuador, is. 77w. 
Indians defeated on plains of by Benalcazar, 
one of Pizarro's cavaliers, 1534. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 223. 43\v. Solis in 
bay of, 1515; Magalhaes, 1519; De Sousa, 
1531; Huguenot settlement on under Ville- 
gagnon, 1555, which was soon after sup- 
pressed by the Portuguese, who f. R. de J., 
1567; viceregal residence from 1763 ; became 
capital of the independent empire of Brazil, 
1822, and of the Republic of the U.S. of 
Brazil, 1889. 

Rio Hacha, Colombia. UN. 72W. Hawkin ; 
trading at in negroes, 1565, 1568; burnt by 
Drake, 1595. 

Rio Negro, Argentine Republic. 408. 6uv. 
(See Darwin, ' Voyage of Beagle.') 

Roanoke, island, N. Carolina. 35N. 75W. 
Discovered by expedition under Barlow and 
Amadas, sent by Raleigh, 1584; colony left 
on by Grenville under Ralph Lane, 1585; 
rescued by Drake, 1586; small colony left by 
Grenville, 1586, which perished; larger 
band of colonists under John White sent by 
Raleigh, 1587; captured by Federals, 1862 
(Civil W.). Bp. Virginia Dare, first English 
child born in the New World, 1587. 

Roanoke, river, N.A. 35 and 361*. 76 and 


78w. Explored by Christopher Gist, 

Rocky Mountains, N.A. Alexander Mac- 
kenzie the first European to cross, 1793. 
Roslyn, Long Island. 4ON. 7sw. ' Cedar- 

Mere,' the home and burial-place of Bryant, 
the poet (1794-1878). 

Roxbury, Mass. 42N. 7iw. John Eliot, 
apostle to the Indians, and translator of the 
Bible into the Indian language, minister at, 
1632-46, when he began his missionary 
labours; here he died, 1690. 

Sabine Cross Roads, Louisiana. SIN. 93 w. 
Confederate victory, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Sable Island, Nova Scotia. 43N. 6ow. 
Colony planted by Roberval, who sailed up 
the St. Lawrence, 1542-3. 

Saccarappa, Westbrook, Maine. 43 N. 7ow. 
Bp. B. P. Akers, sculptor (1825-61). (See 
Hawthorne's ' Transformation.') 

Saguenay, Quebec. 48N. 6gw. Cartier off 
coast of, 1535. 

S. Antonio, Cape, Cuba. 2 IN. 84 w. John 
Hawkins off, 1564. 

St. Augustine, Florida. 29N. Sow. F. by 
Spaniards on site of the Huguenot Fort 
Caroline (q.v.), 1565; the oldest town in the 
U.S.; Ribault and his followers massacred 
near by Menendez, 1565; often attacked 
and pillaged by English, Indians, etc.; 
destroyed by Drake, 1586; unsuccessful 
attack on by Oglethorpe, 1740. (See St. 
John's River.) 

St Christopher (St. Kitts), island, English 
Antilles. i7N. 62W. Discovered by Colum- 
bus, 1493; after long dispute with the 
French, became a British possession, 1713; 
Brimstone Hill relieved by English squadron 
under Howe, 1783 (W. of Ind.). 

St Croix, St. Lawrence. 46N. 7IW. So 
named by Cartier, 1535. 

St. Croix, W. Indies. Taken by Cochrane, 
1807; restored to Denmark, 1814. 

S. Diego, Bay of, California. 32N. n6w. 
Discovered by Viscayno, during expedition, 

S. Espiritu, see La Plata. 

SL Eustatius, W. Indies. Colonised by 
Dutch, i7th century; taken by Rodney, 
1781; and same year by the French; re- 
gained by English, and restored to the 
Dutch, 1814. 

S. Felix, Venezuela. gN. 74W. Defeat 
of Royalists, and massacre of Spanish 
prisoners by Piar, 1817. 

St John, Quebec. 45N. 73W. Surren- 
dered to American army after siege of over 
fifty days, 1775. 

St John's, Newfoundland. 47N. 52W. 
Claimed in the name of Elizabeth, 1583; 
French in possession for a few months, 1762. 

St John's Isles, Gulf of St. Lawrence. So 
named by Cartier, 1535. 

St John's River, Florida. 29N. 8iw. En- 
tered by Ribault and his Huguenot followers, 
May 1562, and so given the name of the 
May River; arrival of Landonniere's expedi- 
tion, 1564; Huguenot colonists relieved by 
Sir J. Hawkins, 1565; massacred by 
Menendez, 1565. 

St Joseph, Fort, Lake Michigan. Mission 
station, attacked and inhabitants massacred 
by Indians, 1763, 



S. Juan de Ulua (see Vera Cruz), Cortes 
and his fleet arrive at, 1519. 

St Lawrence, river, N.A. Rises 441*. 76w. 
Discovered and explored by Cartier, 1535; 
Roberval on, 1542-3; Pontgrave and Cham- 
plain sail up, 1603 ; country along the upper 
river to Montreal explored by Champlain, 

St Lawrence, Gulf of. Explored by Jacques 
Cartier, 1534 and 1535, and so named by 

St Lucia, W. Indies. I+N. 6ow. Reduced 
by Abercrombie, 1796. 

S. Maria de la Victoria. F. on the site of 
the battle of Ceutla (q.v.). 

St Nicholas, Port 4QN. 67E. So named 
by Cartier, 1535. 

St Pierre, Martinique. Destroyed by erup- 
tion of Mont Pelee, 1902. 

St Thomas, Danish Antilles. i8N. 6sw. 
Discovered by Columbus, 1493. 

St Vincent, Lesser Antilles, W. Indies. 
I3N. 6iw. Discovered by Columbus, 1498; 
ceded to England, 1763; captured by 
French, 1779; restored to England, 1783; 
insurrection of natives, 1795; partly de- 
stroyed by eruption of the Souffriere, 1902. 

Salem, Mass. 42N. 7ow. Former name 
Naumkeag; early colony at, 1626; name 
given by Governor Endicott, 1628; famous 
trial and executions for witchcraft, 1692; 
proclamation of independence, Massachu- 
setts Assembly, 1774. Bp. Israel Putnam 
(1718-90); Nat. Hawthorne (1804-64); 
W. H. Prescott, historian (1796-1859); 
J. H. Choate, diplomatist (1832). Roger 
Williams res. 1635-6. (See Intro, to Haw- 
thorne's ' Scarlet Letter.') 

Salem, N. Jersey. 391*. 75W. F. by 
Quakers, 1675. 

Salem, N. Carolina. 361*. Sow. Settled 
by Moravians. 1766; college for women at. 

Saltillo, Mexico. 25N. loow. Battle in 
which Santa Anna's power was overthrown, 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 4 ON. ii2W. Capital 
of the Mormon state, f. 1847; abandoned 
by Mormons, 1858. 

Salvador, state, Cent. A. 131*. 86w. Con- 
quered by Alvarado, Spanish officer, 1524; 
threw off Spanish yoke and became part of 
the Confederation of Central America, 1824; 
declared a republic, 1824; war with Guate- 
mala, 1863-4; frequent civil disturbances 


San Antonio, Texas. 29N. gSw. Fright- 
ful massacre of American garrison at Fort 
Alamo by Santa Ana, the Mexican leader, 

San Antonio, - >. 56w. Victory of Mon- 
tevideans by help of Garibaldi over the 
troops of Rosas, 1846. 

San Cristobal (formerly Xaltocan), on lake 
of that name. igN. gow. Taken by Cortes, 
1521. (Prescott, ' Mexico/ op. cit.) 

San Domingo (Dominican Republic). i6N. 
68w. Eastern extremity of Haiti. Ceded to 
French by Treaty of Bale, 1795; restored to 
Spain, 1814; established as a republic, 

1843; dependent on Spain, 1861-5, when it 
again became independent. (See Haiti.) 

San Domingo, Haiti. i8N. 69W. Town f. 
by Bartholomew Columbus, 1496, under the 
name of Nueva Isabella; first town built by 
Europeans in the West; taken by Drake, 

1585; seized by Toussaint POuverture in 
name of French, 1801; evacuated by 
French, 1809; Christopher Columbus buried 
here till 1536, when his remains were re- 
moved to Havana. 

Sandusky, Ohio. 4 IN. 83\v. Fort erected 
by French, 1751; captured by Indians, 

1763. (Parkman, ' Pontiac.') 

San Francisco, California. 37N. i22W. 
Settled by Spaniards under the name of 
Yerba Buena, 1776; took present name, 

1847; discovery of gold following year; in- 
corporated as a city, 1856. 

San Francisco del Quito (Riobamba, q.v.). 
So named by Benalcazar after his victory 
over the Indians. 

San Jacinto, Texas. 2gN. 95W. Mexicans 
defeated by Texans, and Santa Ana cap- 
tured, 1836. 

San Juan, Porto Rico, Antilles. i8N. 6sw. 
F. 1514; sacked by Drake, 1594; by Earl 
of Cumberland, 1597. 

San Mateo (Fort Caroline, q.v.). Name 
given by Menendez. 

San Miguel de Piura (or Piura), Peru. 53. 
Sow. First colony settled by Pizarro in 
Peru, 1532. 

San Salvador, Salvador, Cent. A. 1311. 
88w. F. by the brother of the conqueror 
Alvarado, 1528. 

San Salvador, island, Bahamas, W. Indies. 
Native name Guanahani; name given by 
Columbus, 1492, to the first land he sighted. 
(See Watling Island.) 

San Sebastian, Panama. 7-QN. 77-82W. 
F. by Ojeda, the first colony on Darien, 1510. 

Santa Cruz, island, Lesser Antilles. I7N. 
64W. Danish possession since 1814, when 
it was restored by England, after being taken 
in 1807. 

Santa Maria, Pensacola Bay. SON. 88w. 
Tristan de Luna's fleet destroyed off, 1559; 
first Spanish colony in Florida settled near 
by him. 

Santa Maria del Tule, Mexico. i6N. g6w. 
Built round the largest known tree, 
which is held sacred. 

Santa Marta, Colombia, S.A. UN. 74W. 
F. by Bastidas, 1525; old town destroyed 
by Drake, 1596; subject to continual 
attacks by buccaneers in i6th and i7th 
centuries; not far off is the spot where 
Bolivar died, 1830. 

Santa Rosa, San Salvador, Cent. A. I3N. 
86w. Troops of San Salvador defeated 
by Can-era, 1863. 

Santiago, Chili. 33N. 7ow. F. by P. Val- 
divia, one of the conquerors of Chili, 1541; 
terrible fire in church of La Compania, 1863. 

Sarandi, Uruguay. 335. ssw. Fierce 
battle between forces of Brazil and Buenos 
Ayres, in which former defeated, 1825. 

Saratoga, N.Y. 43N. 7sw. Destroyed by 



French and Indians, 1745; the English 
under Burgoyne surrendered to Americans 
near, 1777. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. 461*. 84W. 
Reached by Jean Nicolet during expedition, 
1634-9; Pere Marquette at, 1668; mission 
station of the Jesuits, 1669. 

Savannah, Georgia. 3 IN. 8iw. F. by 
Oglethorpe, 1733; J. Wesley pastor at, 
1736; English in military occupation, 1778; 
in a skirmish here, the last blood was 
shed in the W. of Ind., 1782; taken by 
Sherman, 1864 (Civil W.). 

Schenectady, N.Y. 42N. 73W. Dutch 
settlers massacred by French and Indians, 

Seven Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence. 451*. 
4ow. So named by Cartier, 1535. 

Seven Pines, near Richmond (q-v.). 
Defeat of Federals, 1862. 

Sevier, Lake. Utah. 38*4. H3W. Gunni- 
son, the explorer, massacred on, by Indians, 

Shackamaxon, Philadelphia. Famous treaty 
of Penn with the Indians, 1683. (See 
picture by Benjamin West.) 

Shadwell, Virginia. 381*. 78w. Bp. 
Thomas Jefferson, third President of U.S. 

Shiloh, see Pittsburg Landing. 

Sombrero, Venezuela. ION. 66w. Spaniards 
defeated by Bolivar, 1818. 

Sonora, Mexico. 27N. lopw. Discovered 
byCoronado, 1540; expedition into of Count 
G. de Raousset Bpulbon, and defeat by 
Mexicans, 1853; his capture and death, 

Spanishtown, Jamaica. i7N. 77w. F. by 
Diego Columbus, 1525, and originally 
named Santiago de la Vega. 

Spottsylvania, Virginia. Confederate vic- 
tories, 1864. (See Wilderness.) 

Springfield, Mass. 42N. 72W. (See Wilson's 

Springfield, Illinois. 39N. 8gw. Res. 
Abraham Lincoln, who is buried in Oak 
Ridge Cemetery. 

Staten Island, N.Y. 4ON. 73\v. Bought 
by the Dutch, 1630; occupied by English 
under Gen. Howe, 1776. 

Stockbridge, Mass. 42N. 73W. Ass. Jona- 
than Edwards, who here wrote his ' Free- 
dom of the Will,' and Hawthorne. 

Stony Creek, Ontario. 43N. 7gw. English 
victory, 1813. 

Stony Point, Hudson R. 43N. 74W. 
Seized by British, brilliantly recaptured by 
Gen. Wayne, and subsequently reoccupied 
by British, 1779. 

Stratford, Westmoreland Co., Virginia. 
Bp. Robert Edward Lee, Confederate 
general (1807-70). 

Sucre, see Chuquisaca. 

Sumter Fort, see Charleston. 

Sunbury, Georgia. SIN. 8iw. Taken by 
the English, 1779 (W. of Ind.). 

Surinam, Dutch Guiana, S.A., see Guia na. 

Susquehanna, river, Penn. Explor d by 

John Smith, 1608. 

Suwanee, river, Georgia and Florida. De 
Soto at, 1538. 

Tabasco, state, Gulf of Mexico. i6N. giw. 
Expedition of Cort6s into, 1524. 

Tacna, Chili. 135. 7ow. Chilian victory 
over Peruvians and Bolivians, 1880. 

Tadousac, Quebec. 48N. 69 w. Small 
French colony planted by Roberval, 1541; 
early fur- trading post. 

Tambo, Peru. i6s. 7iw. Spaniards 
driven from the assault of by the Inca 
Manco, 1535. 

Tampa Bay, Florida. 27N. 82W. Landing- 
place of De Soto, 1539. 

Tampico, Mexico. 22 N. g8w. Sc. many 
actions during civil wars; Spaniards de- 
feated by Santa Ana, 1820; taken by U.S. 
forces, 1846; by French, 1862, 1863. 

Tappan, N.Y. 4 IN. 73W. Execution of 
Major Andre, 1780. 

Tarqui, Quito, S.A. Peruvian defeated 
by Colombians, 1829. 

Tarrytown, N.Y. 4iN. 73W. Major AndrS 
captured, 1780; Sleepy Hollow near; later 
home and grave of Washington Irving (1783- 

Tehuantepec, Mexico. i6N. 92W. Famous 
prehistoric ruins, 

Tennessee, U.S. 35N. 8iw. Originally 
part of N. Carolina; De Soto in, 1538; Fort 
London settled by English, 1757; admitted 
to Union, 1796; seceded, 1861; readmitted, 

Teotihuacan, plateau, Mexico. 4ON. 97\v. 
Pyramids on dedicated to sun and moon. 

Tepeaca, Mexico. 17N. 97W. Cortes enters 
as conqueror, 1520. 

Texas, U.S. (formerly part of Mexico). 
25N. gsw. Colony settled in by La Salle, 
1685; possession of disputed by French and 
Spaniards, i7th ipth centuries; San An- 
tonio f. by Spaniards, 1692; declares its 
independence, 1836; Mexicans defeated by 
colonists at San Jacinto, 1836; admitted 
to the Union, 1845; seceded, 1861; re- 
admitted, 1870. 

Tezcuco, near Mexico. igN. ggw. Re- 
mains of Cortes removed to from Spain, 1562, 
and where they remained till removed to 
Mexico, 1629. 

Thames, river, Ontario. 42N. 82W. Vic- 
tory over British by Harrison and death of 
Indian chief Tecumseh, 1813. 

Thompson's Island Boston Bay. 42N. 7iw. 
Landing of Miles Standish and party on, 

Ticonderoga, N.Y. 43N. 73W. Unsuccess- 
ful assault by Abercrombie, and death of 
Lord Howe, 1758; taken by Amherst, 1759; 
by Americans (Green Mountain Boys), 1775, 
who evacuated it, 1777; Americans failed in 
effort to recover, 1777; English in occupa- 
tion again, 1780. 

Tierra del Fuego, S.A. 52-565. 6s\v. So 
called by Magalhaes the discoverer, 1520; 
explored by Drake and Cook. (See Darwin, 
' Voyage of the Beagle.') 

Tippecanoe, river, Indiana. 4ON. 86w. 



Defeat on of Indians under Tecumseh and 
the ' prophet ' (Ellskwatana) by Harrison, 

Titicaca, Lake, between Peru and Bolivia. 
155. 6g\v. Ruins of older date than the 
advent of the Incas on ; ts shores. 

Tlaxcala, Mexico. IQN. 9?w. Cortes has 
fierce battles with natives of, 1519; received 
by the lord of after battle of Otumba, 

Tobago, island (Windward Islands), W. 
Indies. UN. 6ow. Discovered by Colum- 
bus, 1498; in possession in turns of Dutch 
the first colonists Spaniards, English, and 
French; ceded to England by Congress of 
Vienna, 1814. 

Tohopeka, Tallapoosa R. 32 N. 8sw. 
Creek Indians defeated and their power 
broken by Gen. Jackson, 1814. 

Toronto, Canada. 43 N. 7gw. Its name 
changed from York, 1834; fort taken by 
Americans, 1813; the 'Sons of Liberty' 
defeated, 1837; seat of government, 1844- 

Torrington, Conn. 4 IN. 73\v. Bp. John 
Brown, abolitionist (1800, hanged 1859). 

Tortola, island, W. Indies. i8N. 64W. 
Discovered by Columbus, 1494; taken from 
buccaneers by the English, 1666. 

Tortugas, The, islands, Florida. 24N. 84W. 
So named from the number of turtles found 
on; J. Hawkins off, 1564. 

Trenton, N. Jersey. 4ON. 74W. English 
and Hessians defeated by Washington, 1776 
(W. of Ind.). 

Trinidad, island, W. Indies. ION. 6ow. 
Discovered and named by Columbus, 1498; 
Ojeda and Vespucci on, 1499; colonised 
by Spaniards, 1588; taken by English under 
Abercrombie, 1796; ceded to them by 
Treaty of Amiens, 1802. 

Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. 47N. 53\v. 
First transatlantic cable from Valeutia Bay, 
Ireland, to Trinity Bay, 1866. 

Trinity River, Texas. 32N. g6w. La Salle 
assassinated near, 1687. 

Truxillo, Peru. 8s. 79\v. F. by Pizarro, 
and so named in honour of his birthplace, 

Truxillo, Venezuela. SN. 7ow. F. 1570; 
taken by buccaneers, 1678; Walker the 
buccaneer executed, 1860. 

Tucuman, Argentina. 258. 65 w. F. 1685: 
Spaniards defeated by Belgrano, 1812 
(S. A. W. Ind.). 

Tula, Mexico. 22N. 99\v. F. in 7th cen- 
tury by the Toltecs. 

Tumbez, Peru. 43. 79W. Reached by 
Pizarro, 1527, who was also here in his last 
expedition to Peru, 1531-2. 

Turner's Falls, Connecticut R., Mass. 42N. 
72W. Named after Capt. Turner, who de- 
feated King Philip's Indians here, he him 
self being lolled, 1676. 

Umachiri, near Lake Titicaca. 153. 6g\v. 
Insurrectionary Indians under Pumacagna 
defeated, 1815. 

United States. Name given to the 13 

original states in the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, July 4, 1776; they now number 
46. (See under separate States.) 

Uruguay, S.A. 30-353. 53-s8w. Revolt 
against Spanish rule, under Artigas, 1811; 
declares itself a part of Brazil, 1821; de- 
clares its independence, 1825; indepen- 
dence ratified, 1828; revolution and civil 
war in for many years; nine years' war 
in with Rosas, 1843-52; Flores dictator, 
I 853H; returns from exile and seizes 
government, 1863 ; alliance with Brazil and 
Argentina against Paraguay, 1865; Flores 
assassinated, 1868; further revolutions in; 
Latorre dictator, 1876-80. 

Utah, U.S. 37N. logw. Settled by Mor- 
mons under Brigham Young, 1847; ceded 
by Mexico to U.S. by Treaty of Guadalupe- 
Hidalgo, 1848; Mormons form independent 
government under name of Deseret (land of 
the honey bee); created a territory, 1850; 
admitted to Union, 1896. (See Mountain 
Meadow and Salt Lake City.) 

Valdivia, cap. of province, Chili. 408. 75 w. 
F. by P. de Valdivia, 1551; taken by 
Cochrane, 1820. 

Valley Forge, Penn. 39N. 75W. Washing- 
ton's winter quarters, 1777-8. 

Valparaiso, Chili. 333. 7iw. Bombarded 
by Spaniards, 1866. 

Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 48- 
5ON. I22W. Named after the English ex- 
plorer, who was on his voyage of discovery, 
I 7Qi-5J secured to Great Britain by 
treaty with U.S., 1846. 

Venezuela, S.A. IN. 6ow. Sighted and 
named Gracia by Columbus, 1498; partly 
explored by Ojeda, 1499; revolt against 
Spanish rule, headed by Bolivar, 1813-23, 
when Spaniards lost their last post in, at 
Puerto Cabello; continual civil war in 
since; revolution in 1901 under Matos; 
blockaded by England, Germany, and Italy, 
1903; Castro in power from 1907; Vene- 
zuela question between England and U.S. 
settled, 1899. 

Venezuela, Gulf of. ION. 7ow. Dis- 
covered and named Gulf of Venice by 
Ojeda, 1499. 

Vera Cruz, state, Mexico. I7N. 95W. 
Coasted by Grijalva, 1518; Cortes landed 
in, 1519. 

Vera Cruz, Mexico. igN. 96w. Original 
town f. near by Cortes, as Villa Rica de la 
Vera Cruz; defeat of Drake and Hawkins 
off by Spaniards, 1568; fort of San Juan 
de Ulua taken from Spaniards by Mexicans, 
1825; by French, 1838; by Americans, 
1847; standard of revolt raised by Juarez 
at, and 'War of Reform' begun, 1858; 
occupied by Allies (England, France, Spain), 
1862 (revolutions in Mexico); retaken by 
Juarez, 1867. 

Vermont, U.S. 42-45N. First settlement 
in at Fort Dummer, 1724 ; ceded by French 
to English, 1763; declaration of in- 
dependence, 1777; admitted to Union, 


i6 5 

Vicksburg, Mississippi. 32N. gow. Cap- 
tured after nearly two months' siege by 
Federals, 1863 (Civil W.). 

Villa de la Plate, see Chuquisaca. 

Vinland. Name given by Scandinavian 
seamen to the land they discovered, end 9th 
to loth century Labrador and Newfound- 
land (q.v.), or some think the shores of 
New England. 

Virginia, U.S. 36-39^ 76w. One of the 
13 original states; expedition sent to by 
Raleigh, under Barlow and Amadas, 1584 
(see Roanoke); colony settled by John 
Smith and others at Jamestown, 1607; 
Lord Delaware appointed first governor, 
1609; massacre of settlers by Indians, 1622 
and 1640; ' Bacon's rebellion,' 1676; 
attempt by John Brown to free the slaves, 
1859; seceded, 1861; western portion, which 
had remained loyal, admitted to Union, 
1863; readmitted to Union, 1870. 

Virgin Islands, Atlantic. I7N. 64\v. So 
named by the discoverer Columbus, 1494; 
St. Thomas and St. John twice taken by 
English, but finally restored to Danes, 

Warwick, Penn. 4ON. 76w. First cannon 
made in America at W. furnace, cast by P. 
F. Antes and Mr. Potts, 1776. 

Warwick, Rhode Island. 4IN. 7iw. Bp. 
Gen. Nathaniel Greene (1742-86). 

Washington, U.S. 45N. n6w. Admitted 
to Union, 1889. 

Washington, U.S. 38N. 76w. First stone 
of capitol laid by Washington, 1793; seat 
of government transferred to from Phila- 
delphia, 1800; captured and burnt by 
English under Ross, 1814; President Lin- 
coln assassinated, 1865; treaty with Great 
Britain, 1871. 

Waterford, Maine. 44N. 7ow. Bp. Charles 
Farrar Browne (Artemus Ward) (1834-67). 

Watling Island, Bahamas. 24N. 74W. 
Generally thought to be the first land 
sighted by Columbus, Oct. 12, 1492. (See 
San Salvador.) 

Wauhatchie, Lookout Valley, Tennessee. 
35N. 8sw. Defeat of Confederates, 1863 
(Civil W.). 

West Hills, Long Island. 4ON. 73W. Bp. 
Walt Whitman, poet (1819-92). 

West Indies. So named by the discoverer 
Columbus, who first sighted them, 1492. 

West Point, N.Y. 4iN. 73\v. Arnold and 
Andre plot to betray to the British, 1780. 

White Oak Swamp. John Smith saved 
from the Indians by Pocahontas, daughter 
of the chief Powhattan, 1607; one of the 
battles fought on the Chickahominy (q.v.). 

White Plains, N.Y. 4iN. 73W. Americans 
defeated by Gen. Howe, 1776. 

Wilderness, Virginia. Cap. of the state till 
1779; battles, 1813 and 1864. 

Williamsburg, Virginia. 37N. 76w. First 
settled, 1632; defeat of Confederates after 
fierce fighting, 1862 (Civil W.). 

Wilmington, Conn. Bp. Jared Sparks, 
historian (1789-1866). 

Wilmington (see Fort Christina), Delaware. 
39N. 75w. First Swedish colony in America, 
1638; captured by Federals in their second 
attack on, 1865. 

Wilson's Creek, near Springfield. Fierce 
battle ending with defeat of Confederates, 
1861 (Civil W.). 

Winchester. 39 N. 78 w. Forced retreat of 
Federals, 1862; defeat of Confederates, 
1864 (Civil W.). 

Windsor, Nova Scotia. 441*. 63\v. Bp. J. 
Chandler Haliburton, historian, and A. of 
' Sam Slick,' etc. (1796-1865). 

Windward Islands, W. Indies. Name 
given to a group of federated islands, hitherto 
separate, by Act of Parliament, 1871. 

Winnipeg (formerly known as Fort Garry), 
cap. Manitoba. 49**. 97w. Old trading 
station of Hudson's Bay Company. 

Wisconsin, U.S. 4 IN. STW. First white 
known to reach its borders from Green Bay 
was Jean Nicolet, 1634; French in, 1660; 
ceded to England, 1760; organised as a 
territory, 1836; admitted to the Union, 

Wisconsin, river. 45 N. 8gw. Joliet and 
Marquette on, 1673. 

Withlacoochie River, Florida 291*. 82W. 
District round sc. fighting and massacre 
during war with the Seminole Indians, 1835- 

Wolcott, Conn. Bp. Amos B. Alcott, 
educator and A. (1799-1888). 

Worcester, Mass. 42 N. TIW. Bp. Ban- 
croft, historian of the U.S. (1800-91). 

Wyoming, town and territory, U.S. 4 IN. 
IO4W. Massacre by Indians, 1760; town 
destroyed by Americans, assisted by Indians, 
under Col. Butler, 1778 (see Campbell's 
poem); state admitted to Union, 1890. 

Xalapa (Jalapa), Mexico. igN. 97w. 
Church said to have been f. by Cortds; the 
plant known as jalap takes its name from 
this place. 

Xaquixaguana, Valley of. 148. 7 iw. Halt- 
ing place of Pizarro on his march to Cuzco, 
1533; rout of G. Pizarro's forces by Gasca, 
and execution of former and of Carbajal, 
1548. (See Prescott, ' Peru.') 

Xauxa. i2S. 75\v. Pizarro at on his march 
to Cuzco, 1533; Indians defeated at by 
Almagro, 1534; Pizarro entertained at by 
Indian prince, 1534 ; headquarters of Gasca, 
1547. (See Prescott, ' Peru.') 

Yale College, New Haven. 4 IN. 72W. F. 
1700; present name given when school per- 
manently established at New Haven. 

Yatay, Uruguay R. Defeat of Lopez and 
the Paraguayan forces by the Uruguayans 
under Floras, 1865. 

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. 
40N. i low. Region of hot springs; given to 
the people, 1872. 

Yerba Buena, former name of San Francisco. 

Yorktown, Virginia. 37N. 75W. Siege and 



surrender of Cornwallis to Washington, 1781 
(close of W. of Ind.). 

Yosemite Valley (' a full-grown grizzly 
bear'). 37N. n8w. Discovered, 1851; 
granted as a state park, 1864. 

Yucatan, Mexico. I7N. 86w. Soils and 
Pinzon off southern coast, 1506; discovered 
by Hernandez de Cordova, 1517; coast ex- 
plored by Juan de Grijalva, 1518; con- 
quered by Spaniards under Diaz, 1522; 
became independent, 1841; rose against 
Maximilian, 1867. 

Yucay, Peru. 143. 7ow. Favourite res. of 
the Incas; fierce encounter between Juan 
Pizarro and Peruvians, 1535. 

Yukon Fort, U.S. 66N. 145. F. by 
Hudson's Bay Company for collection of 
furs, 1847. 

Yungay, Bolivia. Santa Cruz, with army 
of Bolivians and Peruvians, defeated, 1839. 

Zaran. 53. 77W. Pizarro at during his 
last expedition to Peru. (See Prescott, op 




B. Bay 
B.C. British Columbia 
C. Cape 
Chan. Channel 
Conn. Connecticut 
Cr. Creek 
Dist. District 
E. East 
Ft. Fort 
G. Gulf 
Ho. House 

Is. Island or Islands 
L. Lake 
Mass. Massachusetts 
Mt. Mountain 
N. North 
N.Y. New York 
Pen. Peninsula 
Penn. Pennsylvania 
Pk. Peak 
Prov. Province 
Pt. Point 

R. River 
Ra. Range 
S. South 
Sask. Saskatchewan 
Sd. Sound 
St. State 
Str. Strait 
Terr. Territory 
Upr. Upper 
Vol. Volcano 
W. West 

Those places marked with an asterisk (*) appear also in the Gazetteer. 


Abaite, Minas Geraes, Brazil, igs. 46w. 89 J Adirondack Mts., New York. 44*. 74W. 59 

'Abancay, Peru. 148. 74\v. 
Abasola, Tamaulipas. 24N. g8\v. 
Abbeville, S. Carolina. 34*1. 83\v. 
Aberdeen, Mississippi. 341*. 88w. 
Aberdeen, S. Dakota. 45 N. 99 w. 
Abert Lake, Oregon. 43??. I2OW. 
Abingdon, Virginia. 37N. Saw. 
Abittibi Lake, Ontario. 491*. 8iw. 
Abittibi River, Ontario. SON. 8iw. 
Ableville, Alabama. 321*. 8sw. 
Abra River, Philippine Is. i8N. I2OE. 

Admiralty Inlet, Baffin Land. 731*. Ssw. 41 

77 J Adrian, Michigan. 42 N. 84W. 64 

69 I Agoapehy River, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 238. 

68 i sow. 89 

66 I Agoaquente, Goyaz, Brazil. 143. 48w. 89 

72 | Agua, Vol de, Guatemala. ISN. gow. 78 

64 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, W.I. i8N. 67w. 80 

*Acadia Mines, Nova Scotia. 45N. 64 w. 45 

Acajutla, Salvador. 3 IN. gow. 78 

Acaponeta, Tepic. 22N. iosw. 76 

*Acapulco, Guerrero. i7N. loow. 77 
Acare, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 153. 45W. 89 

Acatlan, Puebla. i8.v. 97w. 77 

Accomac, Virginia. 37N. 7sw. 65 

Achaguas, Venezuela. 8N. 68w. 90 

Ackley, Iowa. 43?). 93W. 67 

Aguanehy River, Brazil. 2 is. 52W. 93 

Aguapey River, Argentina. 283. 57W. 93 

Aguarico River, Colombia, is. 7&w. 90 
Aguas Calientes St, Mexico. 2 IN. 

I02W. 77 

Agwanus River, Quebec. SIN. 62W. 44 

Aiken, S. Carolina. 33N. 82W. 69 

Ailsa Craig, Ontario. 431*. 82W. 48 
Ainstie Lake, Cape Breton Is. 46N. 6iw. 45 

Ainsworth, Nebraska. 42N. loow. 
Ainsworth, Washington. 461*. ii8w. 
Airy Mt, N. Caroh'na. 37N. 8iw. 
Aishihik Lake, Yukon. 62N. I38w. 

Acklin Is., Bahama Islands. 23N. 74W. 80 i Aitkin, Minnesota. 47N. 93W. 
Aconcagua Mt, Argentina. 323. 7ow. 92 i Ajuchtitlan, Guerrero. I7N. gSw. 

Acton, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 
Actonvale, Quebec. 451*. 73W. 
Actopan, Hidalgo. 2ON. 97W. 
Ada, Minnesota. 47N. g6w. 
Adair Bay, Sonora. 32N. H3W. 
Adair Cape, Baffin Land. 72N. 72W. 
Adams, New York. 44N. 76w. 
Adams Mt, Washington. 46N. 12 iw. 
Addison, New York. 42 N. 77W. 
Adelphi, Manitoba. 49N. loow. 

Akamaski Is., Hudson Bay, Canada. 

54N. 82W. 
Akarai Mts., Brit. Guiana and Brazil. 

2N. 57W. 

Akpatok Is., Hudson Strait, Canada. 

6iN. 68w. 

Akron, Colorado. 4ON. I03W. 
Akron, Ohio. 4 IN. 82W. 
Alabama River, Alabama. 3 IN. SSw. 
*Alabama St, U.S.A. 331*. 86w. 

I6 9 




Alabat Philippine Islands. I4N. I22E. 75 
Alagoas, (province), Brazil. ios. 36w. 89 
Alameda, California. 381*. I22\v. 72 

Alamos, Sonora. 27N. logw. 76 

Alamosa, Colorado. 37N. io6w. 66 

Alaska. 64N. I45W. 74 

Alaska Peninsula, Alaska. 581*. I55W. 74 
Alaska Strait, Alaska. 57N. 155%'. 74 

Albany, Georgia. 32 N. 84W. 69 

Albany, Missouri. 4 IN. 94 w. 67 

Albany, Oregon. 44N. I23\v. 72 

Albany River, Canada. 521*. 84\v. 41 

Albany, New York. 431*. 74W. 59 

Albay, Philippine Islands. 131*. I24E. 75 
Albemarle, N. Carolina. 3&N. 76w. 64 
*Albemarle Sound, N. Carolina. 3&N. 76w. 65 
Albert, New Brunswick. 461*. 6sw. 45 
Albert Sea, Minnesota. 441*. 93\v. 67 

Alberta, Canada. 52N. iisw. 40 

Albia, Iowa. 42 N. 93W. 67 

Albion, Nebraska. 42*. g8w. 67 

Albion, New York. 431*. 78w. 58 

Albion, Pennsylvania. 42N. 8iw. 58 

Albuquerque, New Mexico. 35*. IOTW. 71 
Alcalde, California. 361*. i2ow. 72 

Alcantara, Maranhao, Brazil. 2S. 44W. 88 
Alcobaza, Para, Brazil. 43. 49W. 88 

Aldea, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 143. 53W. 89 
Alexander, Alaska. s8N. I57W. 74 

Alexandria, B. Columbia. 52N. I23W. 52 
Alexandria, Louisiana. 3 IN. 92W. 68 

Alexandria, Ontario. 45 N. 75W. 49 

Alexandria, S. Dakota. 44N. 97W. 67 

Alexandria, Virginia. 39N. 77\v. 65 

Alfonso XII., Cuba. 23N. 82W. 80 

Alfonso XII., Philippine Is. 6N. 12 IE. 75 
Algoinhas, Bahia, Brazil. I2S. 39W. 89 
Algoma, Ontario. 46N. 8sw. 48 

Algoma District, Ontario. 46N. 83\v. 48 
Algona, Iowa. 43N. 94W. 67 

Algonquin National Park, Ontario. /j.6N. 

79W. 49 

Alhia Peak, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 2os. 

55W. 89 

Alhue, Chile. 335. 7iw. 92 i 

Allandale, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 48 | 

Alleghany, Pennsylvania. 4ON. Sow. 58 j 
Alleghany River, Penn. 4 IN. 7gw, 58 
Allende, Coahuila. 28N. io2W. 77 i 

Allentown, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 76w. 58 | 
Alliance, Ohio. 42 N. 8iw. 64 

Alliston, Ontario. 44W. 8ow. 48 

Alma, Nebraska. 40N. ggw. 66 

Alma, New Brunswick. 46^. 6$\v. 45 
Alma, Saskatchewan. SON. IO3W. 50 

Alma, Wisconsin. 44 N. gzw. 67 

Almeirim, Para, Brazil, is. 52W. 88 

Almonte, Lanark, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 


Alpena, Michigan. 45 N. 83W. 64 

Altagracia, Venezuela. UN. 7iw. 90 

Altamaha, River, Georgia. 32 N. 82W. 69 
Altamura Island, Sinaloa. 25 N. io8w. 76 
Alta Vela Island, W. Indies. I7N. 72W. 80 

Alton, Illinois. 39N. go\v. 67 

Alton, Missouri. 36N. 92W. 67 

Altona, New York. 45 N. 74W. 59 

Altoona, Pennsylvania. 4iN. 78w. 58 

Alturas, California. 42N. 12 iw. 72 

Alvarado, Vera Cruz, igN. g6w. 77 

Alvarez, Cuba. 23N. 8iw. So 

Alvena, Saskatchewan. 53N. io6w. 50 

Alvinston, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Alzada, Montana. 45 N. 104 w. 66 

Amakjuak, Baffin Land. 651*. 7ow. 41 

Amargoza, Bahia, Brazil. 133. 4ow. 89 

Amaro, Bahia, Brazil. 128. 4ow. 89 

Amaroleite, Goyaz, Brazil. 143. sow. 89 
* Amazon or Maranon R., Brazil, o. sow. 88 

Amazon River, S. America, o. sow. 82 

Ama Zonas, Peru. 6s. 77W. 91 

*Ambato, Ecuador, is. 78w. 90 

Amblan, Philippine Islands. 9N. I23E. 75 

Americus, Georgia. 32 N. 84W. 69 
Amesbury, New Hampshire. 43N. 7iw. 59 

Amherst, Nova Scotia. 46N. 64W. 45 

Amherstburg, Ontario. 42N. 83W. 48 

Amherst Isle, Ontario. 44N. 77w. 49 

Amite City, Louisiana. 3 IN. giw. 68 

Amsterdam, New York. 43 N. 74W. 59 
Ana cape Island, California. 34N. ngw. 72 

Anaconda, Montana. 4&N. H3W. 70 

Anacortes, Washington. 49N. I23W. 70 

Anadia, Goyaz, Brazil. 128. siw. 89 

Anaheim, California. 34N. n8w. 72 

Anamosa, Iowa. 42N. gi\v. 67 

Anan, Brazil. IN. 6ow. 90 

Anauarapucu R., Para, Brazil, o. 52W. 88 
Anavelhana River, Amazonas, Brazil. 

o. 6ow. 88 

Ancachs, Peru. gs. 78w. 91 

Anclote, Florida. 27N. 83W. 69 

Ancud, Gulf de, Chile. 423. 74W. 96 

Ancud, Chile. 423. 74W. 96 

Andalusia, Alabama. 3 IN. 86w. 69 

Andersen, S. Carolina. 34N. 83W. 69 

Anderson, Indiana. 4ON. 86w. 64 

'Andes, The, S. America. 10-503. 6g-78w. 82 

Andover, New Brunswick. 47N. 68w. 45 

Andreas, Brazil. 23. 7ow. 90 

Androscoggin River, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Anegada, West Indies. IQN. 64W. 79 

Angol, Chile. 383. 73W. 92 
Angro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 233. 

45W. 89 

Anguila Is., Bahama Is. 23N. 78w. So 

Anguilla, Leeward Islands. iSN. 63W. 79 


Angus, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 
Anhanduy River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

2is. 54W. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan. 42N. 84W. 
Anna, Illinois. 37N. 8gw. 
Annapolis, Maryland. 39N. 76w. 
Annapolis, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 65 w. 
* Annapolis (Port Royal), Nova Scotia. 

45N. 6sw. 
Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia. 451?. 

6 5 w. 
Annapolis River, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 

6 5 w. 

Annapu River, Para, Brazil, is. sow. 
Ann Cape, Massachusetts. 43 N. 71 w. 
Anniston, Alabama. 34N. 86w. 
Anotta, Jamaica. 23N. 77w. 
Ansonia, Connecticut. 4iN. 73W. 
Anther, Saskatchewan. 491*. IO2W. 
*Anticosti Island, Canada. SON. 63W. 
Antigonish, Nova Scotia. 46N. 62W. 

4 8 




Antigonish Town, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 

6aw. 45 

Antigua, Leeward Islands. I7N. 62W. 79 

Antilles, Lesser, W. Indies. I4N. 6sw. 79 

Antilles, Greater, W. Indies. IQN. 7ow. 80 

Antillia Island. 251?. sow. i 

Antioquia, Colombia. 7N. 76w. 90 

Antisana Mt, Ecuador. s. 77W. 90 

Antofagasta Town, Chile. 273. 68w. 92 

Antofagasta, Chile. 275. 68w. 92 

Antonito, Colorado. 361*. io6w. 66 

Apa River, Brazil. 22S. s8w. 89 

Apalachee Bay, Florida. SON. 84W. 69 

Apalachicola, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 

Aparri, Philippine Islands. i8N. I22E. 75 

Apiahy, Brazil. 245. 49W. 93 

Apoporis, Colombia, o. 72W. 90 

Apore River, Brazil, igs. siw. 93 

Apo Vol, Philippine Islands. 7N. I25E. 75 

Appleton, Minnesota. .JSN. g6w. 67 

Appleton, Wisconsin. 44N. 8gw. 67 
Appody River, Rio Grande do Norte, 

Brazil. 43. 35W. 88 j 

Apure River, Venezuela. 7N. 7ow. 90 

*Apurimac River, Peru. I2S. 74W. 91 

Apurimac, Peru. 123. 74W. 91 

Aquafort, Newfoundland. 47N. 53W. 44 

Aquas Blancas, Chile. 243. 7ow. 92 

Aquialilla, Michoacan. i8N. 103 w. 77 

Aquidaban River, Paraguay. 233. 57W. 93 
Aquidahouana, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

2os. s6w. 89 

Aquiri River, Brazil. IDS. 67w. 91 

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil, us. 37W. 89 

Aracati, Ceara, Brazil. 43. s8w. 88 

Aracaty-asu, Ceara, Brazil. 43. s8w. 88 

Araguara, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 8s. sow. 89 


Araguay (or Grande) River, Brazil. IN. 

Siw. 89 

Araguaya River, Brazil. 8s. sow. 88 

Arajos, Maranhao, Brazil. 33. 42W. 88 

Araras Rapids, Brazil, ios. 66w. 91 

Arauca, Colombia. 6N. 7iw. 90 

Arauco, Chile. 373. 7sw. 92 

Araure, Venezuela, gx. 6gvf. go 

Arayates, Para., Brazil, is. $2W. 88 

Arcade, New York. 42N. 78w. 58 

Arcola, Saskatchewan. SON. iosw. 50 

Arcos, Bahia, Brazil. 163. 4OW. 89 

Arcos, Maranhao, Brazil, is. 45W. 88 

Arctic Red River, Yukon. 67N. I34W. 74 

Ardmore, Oklahoma. s6N. g6w. 68 

Arecibo, Puerto Rico, W.I. i8N. 67w. 80 

Arena Point, California. sgN. I24W. 72 

Arequipa, Peru. i6s. 7iw. 91 

Argenteuil, Quebec. 46N. 74W. 46 

Argentine Republic, S. Amer. 353. 6sw. 84 

Argentine Lake, Patagonia. 503. 7sw. 96 

Arguello Cape, California. SSN. i2iw. 72 

Arica, Chile. 183. 7ow. 92 

Arichat, Cape Breton Island. 461*. 6iw. 45 

Arinos River, Brazil, ios. 57w. 91 

Arispe, Sonora. SON. now. 76 

Aristazable Island, B.C. SSN. i2gw. 52 

Arizona St, U.S.A. 34N. H2W. 

Arinos River, Matto Grosso, Brazil, ios. 

57w. 89 

Arkadelpha, Arkansas. 34N. 93W. 68 

Arkansas City, Arkansas. 37N. ggw. 68 
Arkansas River, U.S.A. SSN. 93W. 54, 55 

Arkansas St, U.S.A. 34N. 93W. 68 

Armour, S. Dakota. 43 N. 99W. 66 

Arnaud, Manitoba. 49N. 97w. . 51 

Arnes, Manitoba. SIN. 97W. 51 

Arnprior, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 

Aroa, Venezuela. ION. 6gw. 90 

Arrow Lake, lower, B.C. SON. n7w. 53 

Arrow Lake, upper, B.C. SON. H7W. 53 

Artesia, Mississippi. 33 N. 8gw. 68 

Arthabasca, Quebec. 4&N. 72W. 46 

Arthur, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 

Artibonik River, Haiti, VV.I. igtt. jyff. 80 

Artigas, Uruguay. 303. $6w. 93 

Aruti, Brazil, o. 66w. 90 

Ascension Bay, Yucatan. 2ON. 87W. 78 

Ascotan, Chile. 2 is. 68w. 92 

Ashburnham, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Asheville, N. Carolina. 3&N. 82W. 64 

Ashford, Nebraska. 42N. IO4W. 66 

Ashland, Kentucky. s8N. 8sw. 64 

Ashland, Montana. 46N. io7w. 66 

Ashland, Oregon. 42N. I23W. 72 

Ashland, Wisconsin. 47N. gi\v. 67 

Ashley, Utah. 4ON. iogw. 70 

Ash tabula, Ohio. 42 N. 8iw. 64 




Ashuapmouchouan River, Quebec. 491*. 

73W. 46 

Ashville, Alabama. 34**. 86w. 69 

Ashwanipi Lake, Quebec. 52N. 67w. 41 

Askitiche Lake, Quebec. 49N. 74W. 46 

Aspen, Colorado. 39N. io7W. 66 

Aspy Bay, Cape Breton Is. 47N. 6ow. 45 

Assiniboine R., Manitoba. SON. loiw. 51 

Assomption River, Quebec. 4&N. 73W. 46 

Aston, Quebec. 461*. 72W. 46 

*Astoria, Oregon. 46??. I23W. 70 

Asuncion, Caribbean Sea. UN. 64W. 90 

*Asuncion, Paraguay. 253. 57w. 93 

Asuncion Bay, L. California. 27N. H4W 76 

Asuncion R. de la, Sanora. 3iN. ii3\v. 76 

*Atacama, Chile. 233. 6gw. 92 

Atacama Desert, Chile. 253. 7ow. 92 

Atalaia Pt, Para, Brazil, o. 46w. 88 

Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana. 3ON. 95W. 68 

Atchison, Kansas. 4ON. 95W. 67 

Athabasca Lake, Sask. s8N. now. 53 

Athabasca Landing, Alberta. 55N. iisw. 53 

Athabasca Pass, B.C. SSN. iigw. 52 

Athabasca River, Canada. s6N. iisw. 53 
Athapupuskow Lake, N.W. Territories. 

54N. IO2W. 5O 

Athens, Georgia. 34N. 83W. 69 

Athens, Pennsylvania. 42 N. 77W. 58 

Athens, Tennessee. 35N. 84W. 69 

Athens, Texas. 32N. g6w. 68 

Atherly, Ontario. 45N. 79W. 48 

Athol, Massachusetts. 43N. 72W. 59 

Atico, Peru. I&N. 74W. 91 
Atikameg Lake, N.W. Territories. 54N. 

zoiw. 50 

Atiquipa, Peru. i6s. 72\v. 91 

Atixco, Puebla. i8N. g8\v. 77 

* Atlanta, Georgia. 35^. 84 w. 69 

Atlantic City, New Jersey. 39N. 74W. 59 

Atlantic, Iowa. 42N. gsw. 67 

Atlin Lake, B. Columbia. 6oN. I34W. 52 

Atoka, Oklahoma. 34 N. g6w. 68 

Atrato River, Colombia. 5N. 77\v. 90 
Attawapiskat River, James Bay, Canada. 

53N. 83W. 41 

Attica, Indiana. 4ON. 8jw. 64 

Atuel River, Argentina. 353. 67w. 92 

Aubrey, Arizona. 34N. H4W. 71 

Auburn, California. 39N. 12 iw. 72 

Auburn, Indiana. 42N. 8sw. 64 

Auburn, Nebraska. 4ON. g6w. 67 

Auburn, New York. 43N. 77W. 58 

Auburn, Maine. 44 N. 7gw. 59 

Augusta, Arkansas. 35N. giw. 68 

*Augusta, Georgia. 33N. 82W. 69 

Augusta, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Augusta, Mississippi. SIN. 8gw. 68 

Aurora, Illinois. 42 N. 88w. 67 


Aurora, Indiana. 39N. 85E. 64 

Aurora, Nevada. s8N. ngw. 72 

Austin, Minnesota. 43N. 93W. 67 

Austin, Nevada. 39N. ii7\v. 72 

Austin, Texas. SON. 97w. 68 

Autlan, Jalisco. 2ON. losw. 76 

Aux Cayes, Haiti, W. Indies. i8N. 73\v. 80 
Aux Coudres Island, Quebec. 47N. 7ow. 46 
Ava, Missouri. s6N. 93W. 67 

Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland. 47N. 

53W. 44 

Aveiro, Para., Brazil. 33. ssw. 88 

Aves Is., Leeward Islands. I2N. 68w. 79 
Avon River, Nova Scotia. 45N. 64W. 45 
Axel Huburg Is., Canada. 8oN. gow. 40 
Ayacucho, Argentina. 373. sgw. 92 

*Ayacucho, Peru. i6s. 74W. 91 

Aylesbury, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 59 
Aylmer, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Ayr, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 

Aysen River, Chile. 453. 7sw. 96 

Azua, Santo Domingo, W.I. i8N. 7iw. 80 
Azul, Argentina. 373. 6ow. 92 

Babine Lake, B. Columbia. SSN. i26w. 52 
Babine River, B. Columbia. s6N. i27\v. 52 
Baburgan Claro, Philippine Is. 2ON. 

I22E. 75 

Baburgan Is., Philippine Is. igN. I22E. 75 
Bacolor, Philippine Islands. ISN. I2IE. 75 
Bacolot, Philippine Islands. IIN. I23E. 75 
Bacubirito, Sinaloa. 2&N. io8w. 76 

Bad Axe, Michigan. 44N. 8sw. 64 

Baddeck, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6iw. 45 
Baden, Manitoba. 53N. loiw. 50 

Badiraguato, Sinaloa. 26N. IOTW. 76 

Bad Lands, Montana. 45 N. io6w. 66 

Baependi, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 225. 

45W. 89 

Baffin Land, Canada. 7oN. 76w. 41 

Baganga, Philippine Islands. 7N. I27E. 75 

Bage, Brazil. 323. 54W. 93 

Bagnell, Missouri. 37N. 93W. 67 

Bagot, Quebec. 46^. 7sw. 46 

Bahama Chan, Old, W.Indies. 22N. 76w. 80 

*Bahama Is., W. Indies. 25N. 77W. 80 

Bahama Sea, W. Indies. 24N. 7gw. 80 

*Bahia (prov.), Brazil. 133. s8w. 89 

*Bahia Blanca, Argentina. 393. 6iw. 92 

Bahia Honda, Cuba. 23N. S^w. 80 

Bahia Laura, Patagonia. 483. 67W. 96 

Bahia de Todos or Santos (or San 

Salvador), Brazil. 133. 39W. 89 

Bailey, Wisconsin. 45 N. 88w. 67 

Baker City, Oregon. 45 N. n8w. 72 

Baker Lake, N.W. Territories, Canada. 

64N. 95W. 40 

Baker Mt, Washington. 49N. 12 iw. 70 




Bakersfield, California. 36$. taow. 72 

Balabac, Philippine Islands. SN. H7E. 75 

Balabac Is., Philippine Is. SN. H7E. 75 
Balabac Str. N., Philippine Is. SN. H7E. 75 
Balanga, Philippine Islands. 151*. I2OE. 75 

Balanguingui, Philippine Is. 6N. I22E. 75 
Balayan, Philippine Islands. I4N. 12 IE. 75 

Balcome, Argentina. 383. 58w. 92 

Bald Mt, New Brunswick. 46^. 64W. 45 

Baldwin, Colorado. 39.^. IO7W. 66 

Baldwin, Florida. 3ON'. 82W. 69 

Baldwinsville, New York. 431*. 76w. 58 

Baler, Philippine Islands. i6N. I22E. 75 

Balgonie, Saskatchewan. SON. iO4\v. 50 

Ballenas Bay, L. California. 27N. H3W. 76 

Ballingar, Texas. 3 IN. icow. 71 

Balsam Lake, Ontario. 49N. ygw. 49 

Balsamao, Brazil, gs. 64W. 91 

Balsas, Guerrero. i8N. io8w. 77 

Baltimore, Maryland. 39N. 76w. 65 

Baltimore, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Balut, Philippine Islands. SN. I25E. 75 
Bananal or Santa Anna Island, Goyaz, 

Brazil, izs. sow. 89 

Bancroft, Ontario. 45N. 78w. 49 
Banff, Hot Springs, Alberta. SIN. Ii6w. 53 

Bangor, S. Dakota. 46^. loow. 66 
Bank's Island, B. Columbia. 54N. isow. 52 

Banks Land, Canada. 4N. isow. 40 

Bannock, Montana. 45 N. H3W. 70 

Banton, Philippine Islands. ISN. I22E. 75 

Bantry, Alberta. SIN. ii2W. 53 
Baouri River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

20S. 52W. 89 

Baptists River, Alberta. 54N. H7w. 53 

Baraboo, Wisconsin. 43 N. gow. 67 

Baracoa, Cuba. 2ON. 74W. 80 

Barataria Bay, Louisiana. 2gN. gow. 68 

Barbacena, Brazil. 2is. 44\v. 93 
Barbacena, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 2 is. 

43W. 89 

Barbadoes, West Indies. I3N. 6ow. 79 

Barbuda, Leeward Islands. i8N. 6iE. 79 

Barcelona, Venezuela. ION. 6sw. 90 
Barclay Sd., Vancouver Is., B.C. 49N. 

I25W. 52 

Barinha, Bahia, Brazil. 153. 43W. 89 

Bark Lake, Ontario. 45N. 78w. 49 

Barlett, New Hampshire. 44N. 7iw. 59 

Barnard, S., Louisiana. 3ON. gow. 68 

Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. 4ON. 74\v. 59 

Bamstaple, Massachusetts. 42N. /ow. 59 

Barnwell, S. Carolina. 33N. 82W. 69 

Barongan, Philippine Is. I2N. I25K. 75 

Barquisimento, Venezuelo. ION. 6gw. 90 

Barra, Bahia, Brazil. I2S. 43W. 89 

Barra, Vera Cruz, i8N. 94W. 77 

Barra or Manaos, Brazil. I2S. 43W. 90 


Barra or Manaos, Amazonas, Brazil. 

I2S. 43W. 88 

Barranquilla, Colombia. IIN. 7$w. 90 

Barre, Vermont. 44N. 72W. 59 

Barretos, Brazil. 2 is. 4gw. 93 

Barrie, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 

Barrington, Nova Scotia. 44N. 66w. 45 

Barren, Wisconsin. 45 N. 92W. 67 

Barrow Cape, Alaska. 7 IN. is6w. 74 

Barrow Strait, Canada. 74N. gsw. 40 

Barstow, California. 35 N. H7\v. 72 

Bartow, Florida. 28N. 82W. 69 

Basilan, Philippine Islands. 6N. I22E. 75 

Basilan Island, Philippine Is. 6N. I22E. 75 

Basilan Strait, Philippme Is. 6N. I22E. 75 

Basin Lake, Saskatchewan. 53N. 105. 50 

Basse- terre, Guadeloupe. i6N. 62\v. 79 

Bassett, Nebraska. 43N. ggw. 66 

Bastrop, Louisiana. 32 N. gzvf. 68 

Batabano, Cuba. 23N. 8^vf. 80 

Batag, Philippine Islands. I3N. I25E. 75 
Batangas, Philippine Islands. I4N. I2IE. 75 

Batataes, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2 is. 48w. 89 

Bataria, Dutch Guiana. 6N. $6w. 88 

Batavia, New York. 43N. 78w. 58 

Batepito, Sonora. 3 IN. 109 w. 76 

Batepito River, Sonora. SON. logw. 76 

Batesville, Arkansas. 3&N. 92W. 68 

Bath, Maine. 441*. 7ow. 59 

Bath, New Brunswick. 47N. 68w. 45 

Bath, Ontario. 44N. 77w. 49 

Bathurst Cape, Canada. 7iN. i28w. 40 

Bathurst Inlet, Canada. 77N. loow. 40 

Bathurst Island, Canada. 77N. loow. 40 

Bathurst, New Brunswick. 48N. 66w. 45 

Batiscan River, Quebec. 47N. 72W. 46 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 3 IN. gi\v. 68 

Battle Harbour, Quebec. SIN. s6w. 41 

Battle, Michigan. 43 N. 86w. 64 

Battle Mt, Nevada. 4 IN. IITW. 72 

Battle River, Alberta. 53N. mw. 53 

Battleford, Saskatchewan. 53N. nSw. 53 
Battures de Sable, Lake des, Quebec. 

49N. 7 4 w. 46 

Baturite, Ceara, Brazil. 43. 3gw. 88 

Bauld Cape, Newfoundland. SIN. ssw. 44 

Baures River, Bolivia. 153. 62\v. 91 

Bautista, Tabasco. i8N. 03 w. 77 

Baxley, Georgia. 32N. 82W. 69 

Bayamo, Cuba, W. Indies. 20N. 77W. 80 

Bay City, Michigan. 44.v. 84\v. 64 

Bayfield, Wisconsin. 42 N. giw. 67 

Bayfield Mt, Quebec. 40*. 67w. 47 

Bayfield, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Bay Island, Honduras. i6x. 87W. 78 

Bay Lake, Philippine Is. I4X. 12 IE. 75 

Bayport, Florida. 28N. 83\v. 69 

Beardstown, Illinois. 40N. giw. 67 




Bearfield, Arkansas. s6N. 8gw. 68 

Bear Lake, Saskatchewan. 55 N. 104 w. 50 

Bear River, Yukon. 6sN. I25W. 74 

Bear River, Idaho. 42 N. mw. 70 

Beata Point, S. Domingo. I7N. 72W. 80 

Beatrice, Nebraska. 401*. 97\v. 67 

Beattyville, Kentucky. 3714. 83W. 64 

Beauce, La, Quebec. 471*. 7iw. 46 

Beaufort, N. Carolina. 35*1. 77W. 65 

Beaufort, S. Carolina. 33?*. 8iw. 69 

Beauharnois, Quebec. 45 N. 74W. 46 

Beaumont, Texas. SON. 94W. 68 

Beaver, Saskatchewan. SIN. losw. 50 

Beaver Bay, Minnesota. 47N. giw. 67 

Beaver City, Nebraska. 4ON. zoow. 66 

Beaver Creek, Montana. 47N. IO4W. 66 

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. 43 N. 8gw. 67 
Beaver-hill Lake, N.W. Territories. 

54 N. 9sw. 51 

Beaver Hills, Saskatchewan. SIN. io3W. 50 

Beaver Island, Michigan. 46N. 8sw. 64 

Beaver River, B. Columbia. 6oN. I25W. 52 

Beaver River, Sask. 54N. now. 53 

Beayan, Philippine Islands. 7N. I24E. 75 

Becancour, Quebec. <6N. 72 w. 46 

Becancour River, Quebec. 46N. 72W. 46 
Bedeque Height, Prince Edward Island. 

46N. 64W. 45 

Bedford, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 7g\v. 58 

Bedford, Indiana. 39}*. STW. 64 

Bedford, Quebec. 45 N. 73W. 46 

Beeton, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 

Beeville, Texas. 28N. g8w. 68 

Beitiqueri Point, Cuba. 2ON. 75W. So 

Bejarano, Tamaulipas. 23N. g8vf. 77 

Bejucal, Cuba. 23N. 82W. 80 
Belanger R, N.W. Territories. 53N. 97w. 51 

Belcher Cape, Alaska. I7&N. i6ow. 74 

Belen, Argentina. 283. 68w. 92 

Belen, Mississippi. 34N. giw. 68 

Belize, British Honduras. i7N. 88w. 78 

Belize River, Brit. Honduras. I7N. 88w. 78 

Bell Ewart, Ontario. 44N. jgvr. 48 

Bell Island, Newfoundland. SIN. $6w. 44 

Bell River, Quebec. 49N. 7gw. 41 

Bell River, Yukon. 68N. i36w. 74 

Bella Coola River, B. C. 53N. I27w. 52 

Bellaire, Ohio. 4ON. 8iw. 64 

Bellavista, Argentina. 283. 6gw. 92 

Bellavista, Paraguay. 233. s6w. 89 
Belle Isle, Strait of, Newfoundland. 

SIN. STW. 44 

Belle Isle, Alaska. 65 N. I42W. 74 

Belle River, Ontario. 42 N. 83\v. 48 

Bellechasse, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

Bellefontaine, Ohio. 4ON. 83W. 64 

Belief onte, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 78 w. 58 

BeUeport, N. Carolina. s6N. 76w. 65 


Belleville, Illinois. 38N. gow. 67 

Belleville, Kansas. 4 ON. gSw. 67 

Belleville, Ontario. 44N. 77w. 49 

Bellevue, Louisiana. 32N. 94\v. 68 

Bello Horizonte, Brazil. 2os. 44W. 93 

Bellot Strait, Canada. 72 N. 95W. 40 

Belly River, Alberta. SON. H2W. 53 

Belmont, Nevada. 295. 24E. 72 

Belmonte, Bahia, Brazil. i6s. 3gw. 89 

Beloit, Kansas. 39N. gSw. 67 

Beloit, Wisconsin. 43N. 8gw. 67 

Belton, Texas. SIN. 97W. 68 

Belvidere, Illinois. 42 N. 8gw. 67 

Bernini Is., Florida Channel. 26N. 7gw. 80 

Bemis, Maine. 45 N. 7iw. 59 
Benevente, Espirito Santo, Brazil. 2 is. 

4ow. 89 

Benito River, California. 37N. I22W. 72 

Benkleman, Nebraska. 4ON. IO2W. 66 

Bennett, British Columbia. 6oN. I35W. 52 

Bennington, Vermont. 43N. 73W. 59 

Benson, Minnesota. 45N. g6w. 67 

Benson, Arizona. 32N. now. 71 

Bento, Peru. 6s. 75 w. 91 

Benton, Arkansas. 34N. 93W. 68 

Benton, California. 38^. n8w. 72 

Benton, Newfoundland. 49N. 54W. 44 
Berbice River, British Guiana. 6N. 57W. 88 

Berens Island, Manitoba. SSN. 97w. 51 

Berens River, Manitoba. 52N. 97W. 51 

Bering Sea, Alaska. SSN. i8oE. 74 

Bering Strait, Alaska. 65 N. i68w. 74 

Berlin, New Hampshire. 44 N. 7iw. 59 

Berlin, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Bermejillo, Durango. 26^. IO4W. 76 

Bermejo River, Argentina. 308. ogw. 92 

Berry Island, Bahama Is. 26*. 78w. 80 

Bersimis River, Quebec. 49N. 6gw. 44 

Berthier, Quebec. 46^. 73W. 46 

Berville, Quebec. 45 N. 73W. 46 

Bethany, Missouri. 4ON. 94W. 67 

Bethany, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 49 

Bethel, Maine. 44N. 7iw. 59 

Bethune, Saskatchewan. SIN. iosw. 50 

Betrete, Cuba. 2 IN. 76w. 80 

Betsiamites Point, Quebec. 49N. 6gw. 47 

Betsiamites River, Quebec. 49N. 6gw. 47 

Bianca River, Bolivia. 158. 64W. 91 

Bic, Quebec. 48*. 6gw. 47 

Bic Island, Quebec. 48x. 6gw. 47 

Biche la Lake, Alberta. SSN. inw. 53 

Biddeford, Maine. 43N. 74W. 59 

Big Cheyenne R, S. Dakota. 44N. IO2W. 66 

Big Creek, B. Columbia. SIN. I23W. 52 

Bigelow, Maine. 45^. 7iw. 59 

Big Fork River, Minnesota. 48N. 94W. 67 

Big Horn Mts., Wyoming. 45 N. io8w. 66 

Big Horn River, Wyoming. 4&N. io7w. 66 



Big Knife River, N. Dakota. 

Big Rapids, Michigan. 431*. 86w. 64 

Big River, Labrador Penin. 541*. 7gw. 41 
Big Sandy, Tennessee. 3&N. 88w. 68 

Big Springs, Texas. 321*. ioaw. 71 

Big Stone Lake, Minnesota. 45 N. g6w. 67 
Big Timber, Montana. 461*. now. 66 
Billings, Montana. 461*. io8w. 66 

Biloxi, Mississippi. SON. Sgw. 68 

Bingham, Maine. 45N. 7iw. 59 

Binghamton, New York. 42 N. 76w. 58 
Binscarth, Manitoba. 5 IN. loiw. 50 

*Biobio, Chile. 375. 73W. 92 

Birch Creek, Alaska. 65N. I45\v. 74 

Birch Island, Manitoba. 52N. loow. 51 
Birch River, Manitoba. 52N. xoiw. 50 
Bird Lake, Manitoba. SIN. 95\v. 51 

Birmingham, Alabama. 33N. STW. 69 
Birtle, Manitoba. SON. loiw. 50 

Biscayne, Florida. 26N. Sow. 69 

Biscayne Bay, Florida. a6N. 8ow. 69 

Biscayne Hey, Florida. 26N. Sow. 69 

Bishop Creek, California. 37N. nSw. 72 
Bislig, Philippine Islands. 8N. I26E. 75 
Bismarck, N. Dakota. 47N. loiw. 66 
Bitter Root Mts., Idaho. 4&N. nsw. 70 
Bitter Root River, Montana. 46^. H4W. 70 
Black Bear, Saskatchewan. s6N. losw. 53 
Blackburn Mount, Alaska. 62N. I44W. 74 
Black Hills, S. Dakota. 44N. losw. 66 
Black River, Arkansas. 36N. giw. 68 

Black River, B. Columbia. 6oN. I2OW. 52 
Black River, Jamaica, W.I. 23N. 78w. 80 
Black River, Louisiana. 32N. 92W. 68 
Black River, New York. 44N. 76w. 58 
Black R., N.W. Territories. 53*. 97w. 51 
Black River, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

Black River, Wisconsin. 44N. 9iw. 67 
Black River Falls, Wisconsin. 44N. giw. 67 
Black Rock, Arkansas. 3&N. givr. 68 

Bladworth, Saskatchewan. SIN. io7w. 50 
Blair, Nebraska. 42N. g6w. 67 

Blairsville, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 7qw. 58 
Blake, Utah. 49N. now. 70 

Blanca Bay, Argentina. 393. 62W. 92 

Blanca Is., Caribbean Sea. IIN. 6sw. 90 
Blanca Lake, Chile. 403. 72W. - 96 

Blanca Peak, Colorado. 37N. io6w. 66 
Blanco Bay, L. California. 29N. II4W. 76 
Blanco Cape, Oregon. 43N. I25W. 72 

Blanco Cape, Peru. 43. 8iw. 91 

Blanco River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

2 is. s6w 89 

Blatchford, Montana. 46N. losw. 66 

Blenheim, Ontario. 42N. 82W. 48 

*Block Island, Rhode Is. 4iN. 72W. 59 
Blomidon Cape, Nova Scotia. 45N. 64W. 45 
Blood Vein River, Manitoba. 52 N. 97W. 51 

47N. IO2W. 66 j Bloomington, Ilh'nois. 4 IN. 8gw. 






Bloomington, Indiana. 39N. 87w. 
Blossburg, Pennsylvania. 42 N. 77W. 
Blountstown, Florida. 3 IN. 85 w. 
Blue Mts., Jamaica, W.I. iSN. 77w. 
Bluefields, Nicaragua. I2N. 84W. 
Blue Ridge Mts., Arizona. 35N. H4W. 
Blumenau, Brazil. 275. 49W. 
Blyth, Ontario. 44N. 82W. 
Bobcaygeon, Ontario. 45 N. 79W. 
Boca de Pascuales, Colima. igN. IO4W. 76- 
Bodie, California. 38N. iigw. 72 

Bogeador Cape, Philippine Is. iSN. 12 IE. 75 

*Bogota, Colombia. SN. 74W. 90 

Bohol, Philippine Islands. ION. I24E. 75 
Bois Blanc Island, Michigan. 46N. 84 w. 64 
Boise City, Idaho. 44N. n6w. 72 

Boise River, Idaho. 44N. n6w. 72 

Bojaca, Colombia. 6N. 74W. 90 

Bolivar or Angostura, Venezuela. SN. 

64W. 90 

Bolivar, Colombia. 9N. 7sw. 90 

'Bolivia, South America. 84 

Bom Jardin, Bahia, Brazil. 123. 44W. 89 
Bom Jesus da Gurgueia, Piauhy, Brazil. 

8s. 45 w. 89 

Bonacca Island, Honduras. I7N. 86w. 78 
Bonaventure, Quebec. 49 N, 64W. 47 

Bonaventure Island, Quebec. 49N. 64W. 47 
Bonaventure River, Quebec. 49 N. 64 w. 47 
Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. 49N. 53W.44 
Bonavista C., Newfoundland. 49N. 53W. 44 
Bonham, Texas. 33N. 96vv. 68 

Bonito, Pernambuco, Brazil. 8s. 35w. 89 
Bonne Bay, Newfoundland. SON. s8w. 44 
Bonnechere River, Ontario. 4&N. 78w. 49 
Bonnet Lake, Manitoba. SON. g6w. 51 
Bonnington, Saskatchewan. SSN. io6w. 50 
Boone, Iowa. 42N. 94W. 67 

*Boonville, Missouri. 3gN. 93W. 67 

Boothia, Canada. 7 IN. 95 w. 40 

Boothia, Gulf of, Canada. 7iN. gi\v. 41 
Borbo, Villade, Brazil. 53. 6ow. 91 

Bordeaux, Wyoming. 42 N. 105 w. 66 

*Borgne Lake, Louisiana. 3ON. gow. 68 

*Boston, Massachusetts. 42N. 7iw. 59 
Bothwell, Ontario. 43.%'. Saw. 48 

Bottineau, North Dakota. 49N. loiw. 66 
Botucatu, Brazil. 233. 48w. 93 

Boulardaric, Cape Breton Is. 46N. 6ow. 45 
Boulder, Colorado. 4ON. losw. 66 

Bow Island, Alberta. SIN. H4W. 53 

Bow River, Alberta. SIN. ii4W. 53 

Bowlinggreen, Kentucky. 37N. 86w. 64 
Bowmanville, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 49 

Box Elder, Utah. 42N. naw. 70 

Boya, S., Peru. 53. 76w. 91 

Boydton, Virginia. 37N. 78w. 65 




Bozeman, Montana. 46*?. mw. 70 

Bracebridge, Ontario. 45 N. 79W. 48 

Brady, Texas. SIN. 9QW. 71 

Braddock, Pennsylvania. 401*. Sow. 58 

Bradford, Ontario. 441*. Sow. 48 

Bradford, Pennsylvania. 421*. 7gw. 58 
Bradley Beach, New Jersey. 401*. 74W. 59 

Braganca, Para., Brazil, is. 47W. 88 
Braganca, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 233. 47w. 89 

Brampton, Ontario. 441?. 8ow. 48 
Branchville, South Carolina. SSN. 8iw. 69 

Branco Cape, Brazil. 73. ssw. 88 

Branco or ParimaR., Brazil. IN. 62W. 90 

Brandon, Manitoba. SON. loow. 51 

Brandon, Mississippi. 32W. gow. 68 

Bragado, Argentina. 353. 6ow. 92 

Brainerd, Minnesota. 46N. 94W. 67 

Brant District, Ontario. 43N. Sow. 48 

Brantford, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 
firas d'Or Lake, Cape Breton Island. 

46N. 6iw. 45 
3rattleboro, New Hampshire. 43N. 73W. 59 

Brazeau River, Alberta. 53N. n6w. 53 

*Brazil, South America. IDS. sow. 84 

Brazorio, Texas. zgxi. g6w. 68 

Brazos River, Texas. 3 IN. 97w. 68 

Brechia, Sinaloa. 25 N. iogw. 76 

Breckenridge, Minnesota. 4&N. g6w. 67 
Bredenburg, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO2W. 50 

Brejo, Maranhao, Brazil. 43. 42W. 88 

Brenham, Texas. SON. 97w. 68 

Bretonville, Arkansas. 37N. 94W. 68 

Brewster, Nebraska. 42N. loow. 66 

Brewton, Alabama. SIN. 88w. 69 

Bridgeport, California. s8N. ngw. 72 

Bridgeport, Connecticut. 4iN. 7sw. 59 

Bridges, Nevada. 4ON. nTw. 72 

Bridgeton, New Jersey. 39N. 7sw. 58 

Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 65 w. 45 

Bridgetown, Bardadoes. ISN. 6ow. 79 

Bridgton, Maine. 44N. 7iw. 59 

Brier Island, Nova Scotia. 44N. 66w. 45 

Brigham, Quebec. 45N. 73W. 46 

;Bright, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

'Brighton, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Brinkley, Arkansas. 35N. giw. 68 

Bristol, Tennessee. 37N. 8sw. 69 

Bristol Bay, Alaska. 64N. iSTw. 74 

Bristol, Rhode Island. 42N. 7i\v. 59 
British Honduras St., Central America. 

I7N. 88w. 78 

Britton, South Dakota. 46N. g8w. 67 

Broadview, Saskatchewan. SON. iosw. 50 

Brockport, New York. 43 N. 78w. 58 

Brockton, Massachusetts. 42 N. 7iw. 59 

Broken Bow, Nebraska. 4iN. loow. 66 

Brome, Quebec. 43N. 7sw. 46 

Brompton Falls, Quebec. 45 N. 72W. 46 


Bronson, Florida. 29N. 82W. 69 

Bronte, Ontario. 43 N. Sow. 48 

Brookhaven, Mississippi. SIN. giw. 68 
Brookings, South Dakota. 44N. 97w. 67 
Brooklyn, Long Island. 41 N. 74W. 59 
Brookville, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 49 

Brookville, Pennsylvania. 4iN. 7gw. 58 
Brooksville, Florida. 28N. 8sw. 69 

Brown's Valley, S. Dakota. 46N. 97w. 67 
Brownsville, Tennessee. s6N. 8g\v. 68 
Brownsville, Texas. 26N. gTw. 71 

Brox, B. de la, Cuba. 23N. 82W. 80 

Bruce, Ontario. 46N. 84W. 48 

Bruneau River, Idaho. 43 N. n6w. 72 
Brunswick, Georgia. SIN. 82W. 69 

Brunswick, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Brunswick Peninsula, Chile. 543. 72W. 96 
Brussels, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Bryan, Ohio. 42N. 8sw. 64 

Bucaramanga, Colombia. 7N. 74W. 90 
Bucas, Philippine Islands. ION. I26E. 75 
Buckland Mts., Yukon. 69N. is8w. 74 
Buctouche, New Brunswick. 46N. 6sw. 45 
Buctouche Har., New Brunswick. 46N. 

65W. 45 

Bucyrus, Ohio. 4 IN. 8sw. 64 

Buen Ayre, Caribbean Sea. UN. 6g\v. go 
Buenaventura, Colombia. 4N. 77w. 90 
Buena Vista, Colorado. sgN. io6w. 66 
Buena Vista, Georgia. 32N. 84W. 69 

Buena Vista, Venezuela. 2N. 66w. 90 
Buenavista Lake, California. 35^ i igvf. 72 
*Buenos Aires, Argentina. 353. s8w. 92 
Buenos Aires City, Argentina. 353. s8w. 92 
Buenos Aires Lake, Chile. 473. 7sw. 96 
Buffalo, Missouri. 37N. g^w. 67 

*Buffalo, New York. 43 N. 7gw. 58 

Buffalo, Wyoming. 44N. io7w. 66 

Buffalo Gap, S. Dakota. 43N. iosw 66 
Buffalo Lake, Alberta. SSN. nsw. 53 
Buffalo L., Saskatchewan. 561*1. logw. 53 
Bulacan, Philippine Islands. 75 

Bulkley R, B. Columbia. SSN. I27W. 52 
Buluan Lake, Mindanao, Philippine 

Islands. 6N. I25E. 75 

Bulucan, Philippine Islands. ISN. I2IE. 75 
Bunauan, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 

SN. I2&E. 75 

Buras, Louisiana. 2gN. gow. 68 

Burgaw, North Carolina. 34N. 78w. 65 
Burias, Philippine Islands. ISN. I23E. 75 
Burita, Minas Geraes, Brazil. i6s. 46w. 89 
Burke Chan., B. Columbia. 52N. I27W. 52 
Burkesville, Kentucky. 3/N. 86w. 64 

Burkesville, Virginia. 37N. 78w. 65 

Burlington, Iowa. 4ix. giw. 67 

Burlington, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 

Burlington, Vermont. 44N. 7sw. 59 




Burns, Oregon. 44N. iigw. 72 

Burrows, Saskatchewan. SON. IO2W. 50 

Burwell, Nebraska. 421*. ggvr. 66 

Busk, Texas. 32N. 95W. 68 

Busuanga, Philippine Is. I2N. I2OE. 75 

Bute Inlet, B. Columbia. SIN. I25W. 52 

Butler, Alabama. 32N. 88w. 69 

Butler, Pennsylvania. 4iN. Sow. 58 
Buttle Lake, Vancouver Island, British 

Columbia. SON. I26w. 52 

Butuan, Philippine Islands. 9N. I26E. 75 

Butulan Vol., Philippine Is. 6N. I26E. 75 
Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. 4IN. 7iw. 59 

Bylot Island, Canada. 72 N. 7gw. 41 

Byng Inlet, Ontario. 46N. 8iw. 48 

Byran, Texas. SIN. g6w. 68 

Cabixis, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 133. 6ow. 

Caborca, Sonora. 3 IN. iisw. 

Cabots Head, Ontario. 45N. 8iw. 

Cabrobo, Pemambuco, Brazil, gs. sgw. 

Cabuly Point, Philippine Is. I2N. ngE. 

Caceres, Colombia. 8x. 76w. 

Cachapayas, Peru. 6s. 78w. 

Cacouna, Quebec. 48N. 6gw. 

Cadillac, Michigan. 44N. Ssw. 

Cafayate, Argentina. 26s. 66w. 

Cagayan, Philippine Islands. 8N. I25E. 

Cagayan R, Philippine Is. i8N. I22E. 

Cagayanes Is., Philippine Is. 9N. I22E. 

Cagua Vol. Philippine Is. i8N. I22E. 

Caguan, Colombia. 2N. 7sw. 

Caibarien, Cuba. 23N. 7gw. 

Caicara, Venezuela. UN. 66w. 

Caicos Island, Bahama Is. 22N. 72W. 

Caicos Passage, Bahama Is. 22N. 72W. 
*Caimanera, Cuba. 2CN. 76w. 

Cairo, Illinois. 37N. 8gvf. 
*Cajamarca, Peru. 7s. 79W. 

Calabazar, Cuba. 23N. 7gw. 

Calabozo, Venezuela. gxs. 68w. 

Calaguas Is., Philippine Is. ISN. I23E. 

Calama, Chile. 22$. 6gv/. 

CalamahueMt,L.Califomia. 3IN. iisw. 

Calamar, Colombia. ION. 75W. 

Calamian, Philippine Is. I2N. I2OE. 

Calamianes, Philippine Is. I2N. I2OE. 

Calapan, Philippine Is. ISN. 12 IE. 

Calate, Chile. 2 is. 7ow. 

Calayan, Philippine Islands. I9N. I22E. 

Calbayog, Philippine Islands. I2N. I25E. 

Calca, Peru. 133. 72W. 

Calcasien Lake, Louisiana. SON. 93W. 

Caldas, Brazil. 223. 46w. 

Caldera, Chile. 275. 7iw. 

Caldwell, Ohio. 4ON. 82W. 

Caldwell, Texas. SIN. 92W. 

Caledon, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 


Caledonia, British Guiana. 7N. 59W. 88 
Caledonia, N. Dakota. 47N. 97w. 67 

Caledonia, Nova Scotia. 44X 6sw. 45 
Caledonia, Ontario. 43 N. Sow. 48 

Calgary, Alberta. SIN. iisw. 53 

Calhoun, Georgia. 34N. Ssw. 69 

Cali, Colombia. SN. 7/w. 90 

Callander, Ontario. 4&N. 7gw. 48 

*Callao, Peru. 128. 77w. 91 

Calmar, Iowa. 43N. 92W. 67 

Calvillo, Aguas Calientes. 22N. iosw. 77 
Camamu, Bahia, Brazil. 143. sgw. 89 
Camana, Peru. i6s. 7sw. 91 

Camaquam River, Brazil. 313. 52W. 93 
Camarare River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

I2S. 6ow. 89 

Camargo, Bolivia. 2 is. 6sw. 92 

Carharines, Philippine Is. ISN. I23E. 75 
Camarones Bay, Patagonia. 453. 6sw. 96 
Camarones River, Chile, igs. 7ow. 92 
Cambridge, Maryland. 39N. 76w. 65 

Camden, Alabama. 32N. 88w. 69 

Camden, Arkansas. 34N. 93W. 68 

Camden, New Jersey. 4 ON. 7sw. 59 

Camden, New York. 43N. 76w. 58 

*Camden, S. Carolina. 34N. 8ow. 69 

Camden Bay, Alaska. 7ON. I45W. 74 

Cameron, Louisiana. SON. 9sw. 68 

Cameta, Para, Brazil. 2S. 49W. 88 

Camiguin, Philippine Is. igN. I22W. 75 
Camilla, Georgia. SIN. 84. 69 

Camocin, Ceara, Brazil. 23. 4iw. 
Camopi R., French Guiana. 4N. 52W. 88 
Camotes Is., Philippine Is. UN. I24E. 75 
Campana, Argentina. 346. sgw. 92 

Campana Island, Chile. 483. 7sw. 96 

Campanha, Brazil. 228. 45W. 93 

Campanha, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 228. 

45W. 89 

Campbell Mount, Yukon. 65 N. I4OW. 74 
Campbellford, Ontario. 44N. 7/w. 49 

Campbellton, New Brunswick. 4SN. 67w. 45 

*Campeachy, Yucatan. 2ON. gow. 78 

*Campeachy, Bay of, Mexico. 2ON. 94W. 77 
Campinas, Brazil. 233. 4/w. 93 

Campobello Is., N. Brunswick. 45 N. 67w. 45 
Campo Largo, Bahia, Brazil. 133. 4$w. 89 
Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. IDS. 

53W. 89 

Campos de Vacarias, Brazil, ics. ssw. 93 
Canaan, New Hampshire. 44N. 72W. 59 
Canada Bay, Newfoundland. SIN. s6w. 44 
Canada Quemada, Argentina. 243. 6sw. 92 
Canadian Channel, Canada. SON. 62W. 44 
Canadian River, U.S.A. 35N. loow. 54, 55 
Canadon, Patagonia. 483. 67W. 96 

Cananea, Sonora. SIN. now. 76 

Caname. 27 N. low. I 

i 7 8 



Canaveral Cape, Florida. 28n. 8iw. 69 
Candaya Lake, Philippine Is. I5N. 12 IE. 75 
Candelaria, Argentina. 263. 64W. 92 

Candelaria, Nevada. s8N. n8w. 72 

Candle Lake, Saskatchewan. 54N. iO5\v. 50 
Candle, Little, Lake, Sask. 54N. iosw. 50 
Cando, N. Dakota. 48^. ggw. 6.6 

Canea, Peru. 133. 76w. 91 

Canelones, Uruguay. 353. 56w. 93 

Cangallo, Peru. 143. 74W. 91 

Caninde, Ceara, Brazil. 43. sgw. 88 

Canmore, British Columbia. 5iN. n6w. 53 
Cannavieras, Bahia, Brazil. i6s. 39W. 89 
Cannington, Ontario. 441*. 7gw. 49 

Cannon Ball R, N. Dakota. 46N. 103 w. 66 
Canoas Pt, L. California. 30^. iisw. 76 
Canoe Lake, B. Columbia. 521*. I2iw. 52 
Canoe Lake, Ontario. 461*. 79W. 49 

Canoe River, B. Columbia. 53N. I2OW. 52 
Canon City, Colorado. 38N. iosw. 66 

Canso Cape, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 6iw. 45 
Canso, Strait of, Nova Scotia. 46^. 6iw. 45 
Cantalao, Goyaz, Brazil. i8s. 48w. 89 
Canton, Pennsylvania. 421*. 77W. 58 

Canton, Ohio. 4iN. 8iw. 64 

Canton, Texas. 331*. g6w. 68 

Canuma, town and river, Amazonas, 

Brazil. 43. 59\v. 88 

Canyon City, Oregon. 44*?. ngw. 72 

Capacetes, Brazil. 53. 7ow. 91 

Cape Fear River, N. Carolina. 35?*. 79\v. 65 
Cape Girardeau, Missouri. 371*. gow. 67 
Cape May City, New Jersey. 391*. 75W. 59 
Cape Sable Is., Nova Scotia. 441*. 66w. 45 
Cap- Haiti, Haiti, W. Indies. 2ON. 73W. 80 
Caphu River, Brazil. 2N. s8w. 90 

Capim Grosso, Bahia, Brazil, gs, 4ow. 89 
Capim River, Para, Brazil. 33. 4?w. 88 
Capiz, Philippine Islands. UN. I22W. 75 
Caqueta River, Colombia. IN. 72W. 90 
Caqueta Territory, Colombia. IN. 72W. 90 
"Caracas, Venezuela. ION. 6?w. 90 

Cara-Coles, Chile. 233. 68w. 92 

Caraga, Philippine Islands. 7N. I27E. 75 
Carapari, Bolivia. 223. 63W. 92 

Carapegua, Paraguay. 263. s6w. 93 

Caraquette, New Brunswick. 48N. 6sw. 45 
Caratasca Lagoon, Honduras. ISN. 83W. 78 
Carauary, Brazil. 53. 67w. 91 

Caraveli, Peru. 153. 75\v. 91 

Caravellas, Bahia, Brazil. i8s. 39W. 89 
Carberry, Manitoba. SON. 99W. 51 

Carbon, Wyoming. 42N. io6w. 66 

Carbondale, Pennsylvania. 42N. 76w. 58 
Cardenas, Cuba. 23N. 8iw. 80 

Cardigan Bay, Prince Edward Island. 

46N. 62W. 45 

Cardinal, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 


Carhue, Argentina. 373. 63W. 92 

Cariaca, Venezuela. UN. 64 w. 90 

Cariboo Crossing, Yukon. 6oN. I35W. 74 
Cariboo Mts., B. Columbia. S&N. I22W. 52 

Cariboo River, Sask. 57N. IO7W. 53 

Caribou Is., Nova Scotia. 46N. &3W. 45 

Carleton, New Brunswick. 46N. 68w. 45 

Carleton, Quebec. 48N. 66w. 47 

Carleton District, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 49 

Carleton Place, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 49 

Carlin, Nevada. 4 IN. n6w. 72 

Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 77W. 58 
Carlo, Rio, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 228. 49W. 89 
Carlton Ft, Saskatchewan. 53N. io7w. 53 

Carman, Manitoba. 49N. 8gw. 51 

Carman, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 7gw. 58 

Carmel, Mount, Illinois. 38^. 88w. 67 

Carmen, Chihuahua. SON. io7w. 76 
Carmen de Patagones, Argentina. 413. 

63W. 92 

Carmen Is., L. California. 26N. mw. 76 

Carmi, Illinois. 43N. 88w. 67 

Camduff, Saskatchewan. 49N. IO2W. 50 

Carococha, Peru. 48. 73W. 91 

"Carolina St, S., U.S.A. 34N. 82W. 69 

Carolina, Maranhao, Brazil. 75. 48w. 88 

Caron, Saskatchewan. SON. io6w. 50 

Caroni River, Venezuela. 6N. 63W. 90 

Caronie, Dutch Guiana. 6N. s6w. 88 

Carora, Venezuela. ION. 7ow. 90 

Carrington, N. Dakota. 47N. 99\v. 66 

Carrizae, Chihuahua. 3 IN. io7w. 76 

Carrollton, Georgia. 33 N. 8s\v. 69 

Carrollton, Kentucky. 38N. 8sw. 64 

Carrot R., Saskatchewan. 53N. IO4W. 50 

Carruzalillo, Chile. 263. 7ow. 92 

Carson, Nevada. 39N. I2ow. 72 

Carson Lake, Nevada. 38*1. I2OW. 72 

Carson Sink, Nevada. 4ON. n8w. 72 

Cartabo, British Guiana. 6N. sgw. 90 

"Cartagena, Colombia. ION. 75W. 90 

Cartago, Colombia. SN. 76w. 90 

Cartago, Costa Rica. ION. 84W. 78 

Carthage, Mississippi. 33N. 89\v. 68 

"Carthage, Missouri. 37N. 94W. 67 

Carthage, New York. 44N. 76w. 58 

Cartier, Ontario. 47N. 82W. 48 

Carunhanha, Bahia, Brazil. 153. 45\v. 89 
Casa Branca, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 213. 

47W. 89 

Casca Fort, Goyaz, Brazil. 93. 48w. 89 

Cascapedin River, Quebec. 49N. 66w. 47 

Casco Bay, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 
Casco R., Matto Grosso, Brazil, us. 52W. 89 
Cascumpec (Alberton), Prince Edward 

Island. 47N. 64W. 45 

Casilda, Cuba. 22N. Sow. 80 

Casiqui&re, Venezuela. 3N. 66w. 90 



Casma, Peru. los. 78w. 
Casper, Wyoming. 43N. io6w. 
Casselton, N. Dakota. 4&N. gTw. 
Cassiar, British Columbia. SQN. I3OW. 52 
Cassiar Mts., B. Columbia. 6oN. isow. 52 
Cassipore Cape, Para, Brazil. 4N. 5iw. 88 
Cassopolis, Michigan. 42 K. 87W. 64 

Castanheiro, Brazil, o. 66w. 90 

Castleavery, Saskatchewan. 5 IN. IO2W. 50 


91 ; Cayo Largo, Cuba. 

Castle Gate, Utah. 4ON. mw. 

Castle Rock, Colorado. 39N. iosw. 

Castlewood, S. Dakota. 45N. 97w. 

Castries, St. Lucia. I4N. 6iw. 

Castro, Brazil. 253. sow. 

Castro Virema, Peru. 143. 76w. 

Cat Is., Bahama Is., W.I. 25N. 76w. 80 

Catamarca, Argentina. 28s. 67w. 92 

Catamarca City, Argentina. 288. 67W. 92 

Catanduanes, Philippine Is. I4N. I24E. 75 

Cataract Comprida, Araguaya River, 

Brazil. 6s. sow. 88 

Cataract Grande, Araguaya River, Brazil. 

6s. 49W. 88 

Cataract de Ste Maria, Matto Grosso, 

Brazil. 8s. sow. 89 

Cataract de Tres Pontes, Araguaya River, 

Brazil. 75. 4gw. 88 

Catawba River, S. Carolina. 35N. 82W. 69 
Catbalongan, Philippine Is. I2N. I2$w. 75 
Catel Viejo (S. Nicolas), Philippine Is. 



22N. 82W. 8O 

66 i Cayos de las Leguas, Cuba. 2 IN. 7QW. 80 

67 | Cay Sal, Florida Strait. 242*. Sow. 69 

Cay Sal Bank, Florida Strait. 241*. 8ow. 69 
Cayuga Lake, New York. 43N. 77\v. 58 
Cazones Bay, Cuba. 22 N. 82W. 80 

Ceara, prov. and town, Brazil. 45. 

38w. 88 

Ceara-merim, Rio Grande do Norte, 

Brazil. 43. 38w. 88 

Cedar Canon, S. Dakota. 45N. IO3W. 66 
Cedar Keys, Florida. 29N. 83W. 69 

Cedar Lake, Ontario. 4&N. 78w. 49 

Cedar Lake, N.W. Territories. 531*. IODW.SI 

SN. I27W. 

Catoche Cape, Yucatan. 22N. 87w. 
Catorce, San Luis. 24N. loiw. 
Catskill, New York. 42N. 74W. 
Catua, Argentina. 243. 66w. 
Cauca River, Colombia. SN. 75W. 
Cauquenes, Chile. 365. 72W. 
Caura River, Venezuela. 6N. 6$w. 
Causapseal, Quebec. 48N. 67W. 
Cautin, Chile. 393. 73W. 
Cauto River, Cuba. 2 IN. 7/w. 
Cavalcante, Goyaz, Brazil. 93. 48w. 
Cavallo Pass, Texas. 28N. 97w. 
Cavite, Philippine Islands. ISN. 12 IE. 
Caxamarquilla, Peru. 7s. 78w. 
Caxatambo, Peru. ios. 76w. 
Caxias, Maranhao, Brazil. 53. 43W. 88 
Cayambe Mt., Ecuador. ON. 78w. 90 

Cayambo River, Brazil. 53. 6sw. 91 

Cayan, Philippine Islands. I/N. I2IE. 75 
Cayapo, Plateau of, Matto Grosso, 

Brazil. 173. ssw. 89 

Cayapo River, Goyaz, Brazil. 173. 52W. 89 
Cayari, Brazil. 2N. 64W. 90 

*Cayenne (St. Louis), French Guiana. 

SN. 52W. 88 

Caylloma, Peru. 153. 72W. 91 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 42 N. 94W. 67 

Cedartown, Georgia. 341*. 8sw. 69 

Cedral, San Luis. 24N. loiw. 77 

Cedros Is., L. California. 25?*. IO2W. 76 

Celaya, Guanajuato. 2 IN. loow. 77 

Celina, Ohio. 4IN. Sfw. 64 

Center, Alabama. 34N. 86w. 69 

Center, Texas. 32 N. 94W. 68 

Central City, Colorado. 40^. iosw. 66 

Central City, Nebraska. 4 IN. g8vf. 67 

Centralia, Illinois. 39N. SQW. 67 
Centreville, B. Columbia. sgN. I3ow. 52 

Centreville, Iowa. 4 IN. 93W. 67 

Centreville, Texas. SIN. g6\v. 68 

Cerco, Colorado, Coahuila. 
Cerralvo Is., L. California. 

28N. I03W. 76 

24N. now. 76 

*Cerro Gordo, Durango. 26N. iosw. 76 

Cerro Largo, Uruguay. 323. 54W. 93 

Ceuta Bay, Sinaloa. 24:-'. io7w. 76 

Chaca, Chile. 193. 7ow. 92 

Chacagua Lag., Oaxaca. i6N. g8w. 77 

Chadron, Nebraska. 43^. IO4W. 66 

Chagres, Panama. 9N. 8ow. 90 

Chaguaramas, Venezuela. gN. 66w. 90 

Chaguiramal, Venezuela. 9N. 6sw. 90 






75 | Chambira River, Peru. 



*Chaleur Bay, N. Brunswick. 48N. 6$w. 45 
Chamberlain, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 50 
Chamberlain, S. Dakota. 44N. ggw. 66 
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 78w. 58 

43. 76w. 

Chambora, Quebec. 48.^. 72W. 
Champerico, Guatemala. ISN. 93W. 

Champlain, Quebec. 47N. 73 w. 
Chanaral, Chile. 263. 7iw. 
Chancay, Peru. us. 77W. 
Chandeleur Is., Gulf of Mexico. 3O 


Chao Islands, Peru. 93. 7gw. 
Chapada, Maranhao, Brazil. 6s. 4sw. 
Chapala, Jalisco. 2ON. ioaw. 
Chaplin, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 
Chariton, Iowa. 4 IN. 93W. 
Charles Cape, Virginia. 37N. 76w. 

Cayman Brae, West Indies. SON. 8ow. So ; Charles City, Iowa. 43N. 93W. 




Charles Island, Hudson Strait, Canada. 

62 N. 76\v. 41 

Charlesburg, Quebec. 47N. 7*w. 46 

Charleston, Illinois. 39N. 88w. 67 

Charleston, Missouri. 361*. 8gw. 67 

"Charleston, S. Carolina. 33N. Sow. 69 
Charleston, W. Virginia. 38N. 8zw. 64 
Charleston Lake, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 
Charleston Peak, Nevada. 36*. n6w. 72 
Charlevoix, Michigan. 45N. 8sw. 64 

Charlevoix, Quebec. 481*. 7ow. 46 

Charlotte, Michigan. 4311. 8sw. 64 

Charlotte, New Brunswick. 45 N. 67w. 45 
Charlotte, N. Carolina. 351*. 8iw. 64 

Charlotte Harbour, Florida. 271*. 82W. 69 
Charlottesville, Virginia. 3814. 78w. 65 
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 

46N. 63W. 45 

Chascomus, Argentina. 353. s8w. 92 

Chasuta, Peru. 6s. 76w. 91 

Chateau du Richer, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 
Chateauguay, Quebec. 45N. 74W. 46 

Chatham, Massachusetts. 42*. 73W. 59 
Chatham, New Brunswick. 47N. 66w. 45 
Chatham, Ontario. 42 N. 82W. 48 

Chattahochee R., Georgia. 341*. 84W. 69 
Chattahoochee River, Alabama, U.S.A. 
3iN. 84W. 55 

Chattanooga, Tennessee. 35 N. 85 w. 69 
Chatte Cape, Quebec. 49N. 67w. 47 

Chaudiere River, Quebec. 461*. 7iw. 46 
Cheboygan, Michigan. 461*. 85\v. 64 

Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia. 45N. 6iw. 45 
Chelsea, Massachusetts. 421*. 7iw. 
Chemong Lake, Ontario. 44 N. 79 w. 
Cherokee, California. 4ON. I22W. 
Cherokee, Iowa. 4314. 96w. 
Cherry Creek, Nevada. 401*?. iisw. 
Cherry Creek, S. Dakota. 45 N. iosw. 

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, U.S.A. 38N. 


Chester, Illinois. 3814. 8gw. 
Chester, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 75. 
Chester, S. Carolina. 3411. 8iw. 
Chesterfield Inlet, Canada. 63N. 93W. 
Chestey, Ontario. 441*. 8iw. 

Chetumal Bay, Yucatan. 
Cheyenne, Wyoming. 4iN. 

x. 88w. 



48 j 
78 1 


Cheyenne River, N. Dakota. 47-v. gS\v. 66 i 
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, sgx. io3W. 66 
Chiapa, Chile. 193. 7ow. 92 

Chiapas St., Mexico. x6x. 93W. 77 

Chicago, Illinois. 42N. 88w. 67 | 

Chickney, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO3W. 50 
Chico, California. 4ON. i22\v. 72 

Chico River, Patagonia. 493. 7ow. 96 
Chicoutimi, Quebec. 48N. 7iw. 46] 

Chietla, Puebla. i8N. 98w. 77 


Chignecto Bay, Nova Scotia. 46*. 6sw. 45 
Chignecto Cape, Nova Scotia. 461*. 6sw. 45 
Chignecto Isthmus, Nova Scotia. 461*. 
6 5 w. 45 

Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico. 

29N. io6w. 76 

Chihuahua State, Mexico. 2gN. io6w. 76 
Chilcoh Lake, B. Columbia. 521*. I24W. 52 
Chilcoh River, B. Columbia. 52N. I24\v. 52 
Chilcotin R., B. Columbia. 52N. I23W. 52 

Chile, S. America. 353. 7iw. 84 

Chilian, Chile. 363. 72 w. 92 

Chillicothe, Missouri. 4ON. 93W. 67 

Chillicothe, Ohio. 391*. 8gw. 64 

Chilpancingo, Guerrero. i7N. 99W. 77 

Chimborazo, Ecuador, is. 7gw. 90 

Chincha Island, Peru. 143. 76w. 91 

Chippewa, Ontario. 43?*. 7gw. 48 

Chippewa River, Wisconsin. 45N. 92W. 67 
Chippewyan Fort, Sask. 59N. mw. 53 
Chiputneticook Lakes, New Brunswick. 

46N. 67w. 45 

Chiriqui Gulf, Panama. gN. 82W. 78 

Chiriqui Island, Panama. gN. 82W. 78 
Chivilcoy, Argentina. 353. 6ow. 92 

Choco Bay, Colombia. 4N. 77w. 90 

Choctawhatchee B., Florida. 3ON. 8?w. 69 
Choele-Choele, Argentina. 393. 6sw. 92 
Choiz, Sinaloa. 27N. io8w. 76 

Chonos Archipelago, Chile. 463. 75W. 96 
Choronades, Gulf de, Chile. 428. 73W. 96 
Chos Malal, Argentina. 373. 7ow. 92 
Chota, Peru. 6s. 7gw. gi 

Christian Isle, Ontario. 45 N. 8ow. 48 

Chubut River, Patagonia. 443. 67W. 96 
Chubut, The, Territory of, Patagonia. 

443. 67W. 96 

Chudleigh Cape, Labrador Peninsula. 

DON. 65 w. 41 

Chugwater, Wyoming. 42N. iosw. 66 
Chuquibamba, Peru. i6s. 74\v. 91 

Chuquisaca, Bolivia. 193. 64W. 92 

Churchill River, Sask. 56*. io6w. 53 

Cienfuegos, Cuba. 22 N. 8iw. 80 

Cigano, Brazil. 6s. 6gw. 91 

Cimarron River, Oklahoma. 361*. 98w. 68 

Cincinnati, Olu'o. 39N. 84\v. 64 

Cippangu, Atlantic Ocean. SON. io5\v. i 
Circle City, Alaska. 65 N. I45W. 74 

Circleville, Ohio. 391*. 83\v. 64 

Claire Lake, Alberta. 58N. H2W. 53 

Claremont, New Hampshire. 4314. 7avv. 59 
Claremore, Oklahoma. 36^. 97W. 68 

Clarinda, Iowa. 4iN. 95W. 67 

Clarion, Pennsylvania. 4i.\. 7gw. 58 

Clark, S. Dakota. 45*. gSw. 67 

Clark Crossing, Sask. 52^. io7\v. 50 

Clarksville, Arkansas. 3614. 94\v. 68 




Clarksville, Tennessee. 371*. 87w. 69 

Clarksville, Texas. 331*. gsw. 68 

Clay Centre, Kansas. 3gN. 97W. 67 

Clayton, Delaware. 391*. 75\v. 65 

Clearfield, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 78w. 58 

Clear Lake, California. 391*. i24\v. 72 

Clearwater, Manitoba. 49N. ggw. 51 

Clearwater L., B. Columbia. SZN. izow. 52 

Clearwater River, Idaho. 461?. ii5\v. 70 

Cleburne, Texas. 321*. g8w. 68 
Cleopatra's Needle, Philippine Islands. 

ION. ngE. 75 

Cleveland, Ohio. 4IN. 88w. 64 

Cleveland, Tennessee. 35 N. 85W. 69 

Clifford, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Clifton, S. Dakota. 45N. loow. 66 

Cliloe Island, Chile. 433. 74W. 96 

Clinch River, Tennessee. 3&N. 84W. 69 

Clinton, Arkansas. 3&N. 93W. 68 

Clinton, B. Columbia. SIN. I22W. 52 

Clinton, Illinois. 4ON. 8gw. 67 

Clinton, Iowa. 42N. gow. 67 

Clinton, Louisiana. 3 IN. grw. 68 

Clinton, Massachusetts. 42N. 72W. 59 

Clinton, Missouri. 38N. 94W. 67 

Clinton, Ontario. 43 N. 8iw. 48 

Clinton, Tennessee. s6N. 84W. 69 

Clintwood, Virginia. 37N. 82W. 64 
Cloire, Lake a 1'eau, Quebec. 49N. 74W. 46 

Clouston, Saskatchewan. 53N. io6w. 50 

Cloverdale, Nevada. 39N. n8w. 72 

Clumber, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO2W. 50 

Clyde, Georgia. 32N. 82W. 69 

Clyde River, Baffin Land. 7ON. 7ow. 41 

Clyde River, Nova Scotia. 44N. 6sw. 45 

Coahuila State, Mexico. 28N. IO2W. 77 

Coary or Alvellos, Brazil. 45. 63W. 91 

Coary River, Brazil. 55. 6sw. 91 

Coaticook, Quebec. 45N. 72W. 46 

Coats Island, Canada. 62N. 82W. 41 

Coaylo, Peru. 133. 77w. 91 

Coban, Guatemala. ISN. giw. 78 
Cobequid Bay, Nova Scotia. 45N. 64W. 45 
Cobequid Mts., Nova Scotia. 4&N. 64 w. 45 

Cobija, Chile, zzs. 7ow. 92 

Coboconk, Ontario. 45N. 7gw. 49 

Cobra Corral, Argentina. 253. 6sw. 92 

Coburg, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Coca River, Colombia, is. 76w. 90 

Cochabamba, Bolivia. 173. 66w. 91 

Cochinos Bay, Cuba. 22N. 8zw. 80 

Cockburn Chan., Chile. 553. 72W. 96 

Cockburn Isle, Ontario. 4&N. 83W. 48 
Cockburn Land, Baffin Land. 7 IN. 8$w. 41 

Cocori, Sonora. 28N. iogw. 76 

Cocula, Jalisco. 2 IN. 104 w. 76 

*Cod Cape, Massachusetts. 42N. 7ow. 59 

Coehill, Ontario. 45N. 78w. 49 


Coffeeville, Mississippi. 33N. 8gw. 68 

Coffeyville, Kansas. 37N. g6w. 67 

Coiba Island, Panama. 7N. 82W. 78 

Coimbra, Brazil, zos. s8w. 92 

Coite, Bahia, Brazil, us. 4ow. 89 

Colborne, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Colby, Kansas, 391*. loiw. 66 

Colchagua, Chile. 348. 7iw. 92 

Colchester, Nova Scotia. 45N. 63\v. 45 
Colchester, Ontario. 42N. 8sw. 48 

Cold Lake, Saskatchewan. SSN. now. 53 
Col Dona Francisca, Brazil. 263. 49W. 93 
Cold Spring, Texas. 3 IN. 95\v. 68 

Coldwater, Michigan. 42N. 8sw. 64 

Colebrooke, New Hampshire. 45N. 7iw. 59 
Coif ax, Louisiana. 3 IN. 93\v. 68 

Colfax, Washington. 47N. n8w. 70 

Colhue Lake, Patagonia. 453. 68w. 96 
Colima City, Colima. igN. IO4W. 76 

Colima State, Mexico. igN. IO4W. 76 

Colima Vol., Jalisco. igN. IO4W. 76 

Collingwood, Ontario. 45N. Sow. 48 

Collins, Oregon. 44N. I24W. 72 

""Colombia, S. America. 4N. 75W. go 

Colon or Aspinwall, Panama. gN. Sow. go 
Colonia, Uruguay. 343. s8w. g2 

Colorado Desert, California. 35 N. n6w. 72 
Colorado Plateau, Arizona. 36N. H3W. 71 
Colorado River, Argentina. 4ON. 63W. 92 

*Colorado River, U.S.A. 32N. nsw. 54, 55 
Colorado Springs, Colorado. 38N. iosw. 66 

*Colorado State, U.S.A. 38N. iosw. 66 
Colorados Reefs, Cuba. 23N. 84W. 80 

Colton, California. 33N. H7W. 72 

Columbia, Alabama. 3 IN. 85 w. 69 

Columbia, Kentucky. 37N. 8sw. 64 

Columbia, Louisiana. 32N. g2W. 68 

Columbia, Missouri. 3gN. g2W. 67 

Columbia, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 76w. 58 

*Columbia, S. Carolina. 34N. 8iw. 69 

Columbia, S. Dakota. 46N. g8w. 66 

"Columbia, Tennessee. 36N. 87\v. 69 

Columbia Cape, Grant Land, Canada. 

82N. 7ow. 41 

Columbia R, B. Columbia. SIN. nSw. 53 
Columbiana, Alabama. 33N. 87W. 69 

Columbiana, Bahia, Brazil. 173. 3gw. 89 
Columbus, Georgia. 32N. 8sw. 69 

Columbus, Indiana. 3gN. 86w. 64 

Columbus, Mississippi. 33N. 8gw. 68 

Columbus, Nebraska. 42 N. gTw. 67 

Columbus, Ohio. 4ON. 83W. 64 

Columbus, Texas. SON. g6w. 68 

Colupo, Chile. 223. 7ow. 92 

Colusa, California. 39N. I22W. 72 

Colville Lake, Yukon. 67N. I25W. 74 
Colville River, Alaska. 7oN. 15 iw. 74 
Comayagua, Honduras. I4N. 88w. 78 




Combarbala, Chile. SIN. 7iw. 92 

Co mi tan, Chiapas. i6N. gzw. 77 

Commissioner Is., Manitoba. 52N. 97\v. 51 
Compton, Quebec. 45 N. 7zw. 46 

Conceicao, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 193. 

43W. 89 

Concepcion, Argentina. 333. s8w. 92 

*Concepcion, Chile. 373. 72W. 92 

Concepcion, Colombia, o. 75\v. 90 

Concepcion, Cuba. 22N. 78w. 80 

Concepcion, Paraguay. 248. 57w. 93 

Concepcion, Philippine Is. UN. I23E. 75 
Conception Bay, Newfoundland. 48N. 

53W. 44 

Concepcion City, Chile. 373. 72W. 92 

Conception Island, Bahama Islands, 

West Indies. 24N. 75W. 80 

Concepcion Lake, Bolivia. 173. 6iw. 91 
Conception Pt, California. 35N. i2iw. 72 
Conchos River, Chihuahua. 29N. io6w. 76 
Concord, New Hampshire. 43N. 72W. 59 
Concordia, Argentina. 313. s8w. 92 

Concordia, Kansas. 39N. 97w. 67 

Concordia, Sinaloa. 23N. io6w. 76 

Conde, Bahia, Brazil. I2S. s8w. 89 

Condie, Saskatchewan. SIN. 105 w. 50 
Conejo, Lower California. 24N. mw. 76 
Conejos, Colorado. 37N. io6w. 66 

Connecticut, U.S.A. 42N. 73W. 59 

Connecticut River, U.S.A. 44N. 72W. 55 
Connellsville, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 79 w. 58 
Connoire Bay, Newfoundland. 48N. s8w. 44 
Consecon, Ontario. 44N. 77W. 49 

Constitucion, Chile. 355. 72W. 92 

Contas, Rio de, Bahia, Brazil. 143. 42W. 89 
Contas River, Bahia, Brazil. 133. 43\v. 89 
Conway, Arkansas. 35 N. 92W. 68 

Conway, New Hampshire. 44N. 7iw. 59 
Conway, S. Carolina. 34N. 79W. 69 

Cook Cape, Vancouver Island, British 
Columbia. SON. i28w. 52 

Cook Channel, Philippine Is. ION. I2OE. 75 
Cook Sound, Alaska. 6oN. i53W. 74 

Cook Strait, Alaska. 6oN. i6s\v. 74 

Cookshire, Quebec. 45 N. 72W. 46 

Cooperstown, N. Dakota. 47N. g8w. 66 
Coos, New Hampshire. 45 N. 7iw. 59 

Coos Bay, Oregon. 43N. I24W. 72 

Coosa River, Alabama. 33N. 87W. 69 

Copalquin, Durango. 26N. io6w. 76 

Copiapo, Chile. 2?s. 7iw. 92 

Copper River, Alaska. 6iN. I45W. 74 

Coppermine River, Yukon. 6sN. nsw. 74 
Coqui Bay, Colombia. 6N. 77W. 90 

Coquimbo, Chile. 303. 7ow. 92 

Corcovado, Gulf de, Chile. 433. 73W. 96 
Cord del Norte, Philippine Is. i8N. I22W. 75 
Cordele, Georgia. 32N. 84W. 69 


Cordillera, Central, Colombia. SN. 75 w. 90 
Cordillera de los Andes, Argentina. 20- 

403. 7ow. 92 

Cordillera, Eastern, Colombia. SN. 74W. 90 
Cordillera Grande Mts., Goyaz, Brazil. 

los. 49\v. 89 

Cordillera Real, Argentina. 253. 66w. 92 
Cordillera, Western, Colombia. SN. 76w. 90 

*Cordoba, Argentina. 313. 64W. 92 

Cordoba City, Argentina. 313. 64W. 92 
Corentyn River, Dutch and British 
Guiana. 6N. STW. 88 

*Corinth, Mississippi. 35N. 8gw. 68 

Corinto, Nicaragua. I2N. 87w. 78 

Cormorant Lake, N.W. Territories. 54N. 

10 1 w. 50 

Corning, New York. 42N. 77w. 58 

Cornwall, California. s8N. I22W. 72 

Cornwall, Ontario. 45N. 7sw. 49 

Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64 w. 45 
Cornwallis Island, Canada. 72N. 93W. 40 
Coro, Venezuela. UN. 7ow. 90 

Coroa Vermelha Island, Bahia, Brazil. 

i8s. s8w. 89 

Coronado Beach, California. 33N. IITW. 72 
Coronado Pt, Philippine Is. 8N. I22W. 75 

*Coronation Gulf, Canada. 68N. nsw. 40 
Coronda, Argentina. 323. 6iw. 92 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 28N. g8w. 71 

Corque, Bolivia. i8s. 68w. 91 

Corrcia, Brazil. 33. 6ow. 90 

*Corrientes, Argentina. 293. s8w. 92 

Corrientes Cape, Argentina. 385. STW. 92 
Corrientes Cape, Colombia. SN. 78w. 90 
Corrientes Cape, Jalisco. 2ON. io6w. 76 
Corrientes City, Argentina. 273. s8w. 92 
Corrigan, Texas. SIN. 95 w. 68 

Corry, Pennsylvania. 42N. Sow. 58 

Corsicana, Texas. 32N. 97w. 68 

Cortes Bay, Cuba. 22N. 84W. 80 

Cortland, New York. 42N. 76w. 58 

Corumba, Bolivia. 193. 57w. 91 

Corumba, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 193. 

58w. 89 

Corumba River, Goyaz, Brazil. 173. 

48w. 89 

Corvallis, Oregon. 45N. I24W. 72 

Cosate, Sinaloa. 25 N. io7w. 76 

Coshocton, Ohio. 4ON. Saw. 64 

Cosihuiriachic, Chihuahua. 28N. io7W. 76 

*Costa Rica St, C. America. ION. 84\v. 78 
Cotagaita, Bolivia. 2 is. 66w. 92 

Coteau du Missouri, Plateau du, N. and 

S. Dakota. 47N. icow. 66 

Coteau Landing, Quebec. 45N. 74\v. 46 
Cotham, Saskatchewan. SIN. iosw. 50 
Cotinga River, Brazil. SN. 6ow. 90 

"Cotopaxi Mt, Ecuador, is. 7gw. 90 




Cotta Bato, Philippine Is. 7N. I24E. 75 

Cotton Wood Coulee, Sask. 4QN. iogw. 53 

Coudersport, Pennsylvania. 42N. 78w.. 58 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. 4ix. g6w. 67 

Council Grove, Kansas. 3814. 97\v. 67 
Country Harbour, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 62W.45 

Coure River, Brazil. 2S. 63W. 90 

Courtwright, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Coushatta, Louisiana. 32N. 93W. 68 

Coutas, Bahia, Brazil. 143. 39W. 89 

Cove Cape, Quebec. 481*. 64W. 47 

Cove Isle, Ontario. 45**. 82W. 48 

Covelo, California. 4ON. I24W. 72 

Covington, Kentucky. 3914. 84\v. 64 

Covington, Louisiana. 3 IN. go\v. 68 

Covington, Tennessee. 3&N. gow. 68 

Covington, Virginia. 381^. Sow. 64 
Cowichan, Vancouver Island, British 

Columbia. 4QN. I24W. 52 

Coxoira, Piauhy, Brazil. 75. 42W. 88 

Coyame, Chihuahua. 291*. IO5W. 76 

Coy Inlet, Patagonia. 513. 6gw. 96 

*Cozumel Island, Yucatan. 2ON. 87W. 78 

Craik, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 50 
Cranberry Lake, N.W. Territories. 55 N. 

loiw. 50 

Crane Lake, Saskatchewan. SON. iogw. 53 

Crater Lake, Oregon. 43N. I22W. 72 

Crato, Brazil. 7s. 63W. 91 

Craven, Saskatchewan. SIN. iosw. 50 

Crawford, Nebraska. 43 N. IO4W. 66 

Crawfordsville, Indiana. 4ON. 87W. 64 

Cree Lake, Saskatchewan. 57N. io7w. 53 

Cree River, Saskatchewan. 68.v. io6w. 53 

Creede, Colorado. 3&N. io7w. 66 

Crepore River, Para, Brazil. 75. s6w. 88 

Crescent City, California. 42N. I24W. 72 

Cresco, Iowa. 43N. 92W. 67 

Creston, Iowa. 4 IN. 94\v. 67 

Cripple Creek, Colorado. 4 IN. iosw. 66 

Crisfield, Maryland. 38N. 76w. 65 

Crocker Cape, Ontario. 45 N. 8iw. 48 

Crockett, Texas. SIN. g6w. 68 

Crooked Island, Bahama Is. 23 N. 74\v. 80 

Crooked Passage, Bahama Is. 23N. 74\v. 80 

Crooked River, Oregon. 44N. 12 iw. 72 

Crookston, Minnesota. 48^. 96w. 67 

Cross Lake, B. Columbia. SSN. I25W. 52 

Cross L., N.W. Territories. 53N. 99W. 51 

Crossville, Tennessee. 36N. 8$w. 69 

Crowfoot, Alberta. SIN. H3W. 53 

Crowley, Louisiana. 30^. 92W. 68 

Crown Point, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64W. 45 

Crowstand, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO2W. 50 

Cruz Cape, Cuba. 2ON. 78w. 80 

Cruz Alta, Brazil. 285. 54\v. 93 

*Cuba, West Indies. 22N. Sow. 80 

Cu Cienagas, Coahuila. 27N. IO3W. 77 


Cucua-manema River, Para, Brazil. 

IN. ssw. 88 

Cucuta, Colombia. SN. 7$w. go 

Cudahy, Yukon. 65 N. i4ow. 74 

Cuenca, Ecuador. 33. 7gw. go 

Cuencame, Durango. 25N. IO4W. 76 

*Cuernavaca City, Cuernavaca, Mexico. 

I9N. ggw. 77 

Cuernavaca State, Mexico. igN. 99W. 77 
Cuero, Texas. 2gN. g?\v. 68 

Cuicatlan, Oaxaca. i8N. 97w. 77 

Culbertson, Nebraska. 4ON. loiw. 66 
Culebra, Colombia. 2N. 7iw. 90 

Culebra Island, W. Indies. i8N. 65 w. 80 
Culiacan, Sinaloa. 25N. io8w. 76 

Cullman, Alabama. 34N. 87W. 69 

Culpepper, Virginia. 38N. 77w. 65 

*Cumana, Venezuela. ION. 64W. 90 

Cumanacoa, Venezuela. ION. 64W. 90 
Cumbal Vol., Colombia. IN. 77w. 90 

Cumberland, Maryland. 4ON. 7gw. 64 
Cumberland, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 6ow. 45 
Cumberland Basin, New Brunswick. 

45N. 6iw. 45 

Cumberland Island, Georgia. 34N. 8iw. 69 
Cumberland Lake, Sask. 54N. IO3W. 50 
Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Land. 

6sN. 6$w. 41 

Cumberland River, U.S.A. 37N. 88w. 55 
Cumberland Sd., Baffin Land. 65 N. 65 w. 41 
Cumoripa, Sonora. 27N. now. 76 

Cundmamarea, Colombia. SN. 73 w. 90 
Cupica Bay, Colombia. 7N. 77W. 90 

*Curacao, Caribbean Sea. ION. 6gw. 90 
Curaray River, Ecuador. 23. 79 w. 90 

Curico, Chile. 353. 7iw. 92 

Curico City, Chile. 353. 7iw. 92 

Curitiba, Brazil. 263. sow. 93 

Currie, Minnesota. 44N. g6w. 67 

Currituck, N. Carolina. 37N. 76w. 65 

Curu River, Ceara, Brazil. 3N. 39W. 88 
Curua, Brazil. 8s. 69 w. 91 

Curupano, Venezuela. TIN. 64W. 90 

Curvelo, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 183. 45W. 89 
Cury River, Para, Brazil. 7N. ssw. 88 
Custer, Idaho. 44N. nsw. 72 

Custer, S. Dakota. 44N. IO4W. 66 

Cust's Ho., B. Columbia. s6.v. I23W. 52 
Cuthbert, Georgia. 32N. 84W. 69 

Cutzamala, Guerrero. igN. loow. 77 

Cuxim River, Mat to Grosso, Brazil. 

i8s. ssw. 89 

Cuyari, Brazil. IN. 69 w. 90 

Cuyos Island, Philippine Is. UN. I2IE. 75 
Cuyuni River, British Guiana. 6.v. sgw. 90 
Cuyutlan, Colima. igN. I04W. 76 

"Cuzco, Peru. 143. 72W. 91 

Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan. SON. now. 53 




Dade City, Florida. 28N. 82W. 69 

Dadeville, Alabama. 33N. 86w. 69 

Dakota, Iowa. 43 N. 94W. 67 

Dakota Junction, S. Dakota. 43N. IO3W. 66 
Dakota State, N., U.S.A. 47N. loow. 66, 67 
Dakota State, S., U.S.A. 45N. loow. 66, 67 
Dalesboro', Saskatchewan. 4gN. IO2W. 50 
Dalhousie, New Brunswick. 48N. 66w. 45 
Dallas, Colorado. 38N. io8w. 66 

Dallas, Oregon. 45N. I23W. 72 

Dallas, Texas. 33N. gjvf. 68 

Dalton, Georgia. 35 N. 8sw. 69 

Dalupiri, Philippine Islands. igN. 12 IE. 75 
Dame Marie, Haiti, W. Indies. i8N. 74W. 80 
Dansville, New York. 42 N. 78w. 
Danville, Arkansas. 35 N. 93W. 
Danville, Illinois. 4ON. 88w. 
Danville, Kentucky. 37N. 8sw. 
Danville, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 77W 
Danville, Quebec. 4&N. 72W. 
Danville, Virginia. 37N. 7gw. 
Daphne, Alabama. SIN. 88w. 
Dapitan, Philippine Islands. 
Dardanelle, Arkansas. 35 N. 93W. 


SN. I23E. 75 ! 

Darien, Georgia. SIN. 82W. 69 I 

Darien, Gulf of, Colombia. gN. 77W. 90 

Darlington, S. Carolina. 34N. 8ow. 69 

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 63 w. 45 I 

Dartmouth River, Quebec. 4gN. 6sw. 47 
Data Mt, Philippine Islands. I7N. I22E. 75 

Dauphin, Manitoba. SIN. loow. 51 

Dauphin Lake, Manitoba. SIN. loow. 51 

Davao, Philippine Islands. 7N. I26E. 75 

Davao Bay, Philippine Is. 6N. I26E. 75 

Davenport, Iowa. 4 IN. giw. 67 

David, Panama. gN. 8sw. 78 

Davidson Mts., Yukon. 68N. ISTW. 74 

Davis Strait, Canada. 67N. $8w. 41 

Davys Sound, Greenland. 72N. 24W. 41 

Dawson, Yukon. 65 N. i4ow. 74 

Dayton, Nevada. sgN. i2ow. 72 

Dayton, Ohio. 4ON. 8sw. 64 

Daytona, Florida. 2gN. 8iw. 6g 

Dazol Bay, Philippine Is. i6N. I2OE. 75 

d'Espoir Cape, Quebec. 48N. 64 w. 47 

De Funiak Springs, Florida. SIN. 86w. 69 

De Kalb, Mississippi. 33 N. 8gw. 68 

De Smet, S. Dakota. 44N. gTw. 67 

De Soto, Missouri. s8N. giw. 67 

De Witt, Arkansas. 34N. giw. 68 

Dead Moose Lake, Sask. 52N. iosw. 50 

Dead River, Maine. 45 N. 7ow. 59 

Deadwood, S. Dakota. 44N. IO4W. 66 

Dean Funes, Argentina. 308. 64W. 92 

Dean River, B. Columbia. SSN. I27W. 52 

Deans Channel, B. Col. SSN. I28w. 52 

Dease Ho., B. Columbia. s8N. igow. 52 

Dease Lake, B. Columbia. s8N. isow. 52 


Dease Strait, Canada. 6gN. iogw. 40 

Death Valley, California. 37N. iiTW. 72 
Decatur, Alabama. 35N. STW. 69 

Decatur, Illinois. 4ON. 8gw. 67 

Decatur, Indiana. 4IN. 5W. 64 

Decatur, Texas. 33N. g8w. 68 

Deckertown, New Jersey. 4iN. 75W. 59 
Decorah, Iowa. 43N. 92W. 67 

Dedicas Vol., Philippine Is. igN. I22E. 75 
Deer Is., New Brunswick. 45 N. 67w. 45 
Deer Lake, N.W. Territories. SIN. 

94W. 51 

Deer Lodge City, Montana. 4&N. H3W. 70 
Delaware, Ohio. 4ON. 83W. 64 

Delaware, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Delaware River, U.S.A. 4ON. 75W. 65 
Delaware State, U.S.A. 3gN. 76w. 65 

Delhi, New York. 42N. 75\v. 59 

Del Norte, Colorado. s8N. io6w. 66 

Deloraine, Manitoba. 49N. loow. 51 

Delphina Mine, L. California. 3 IN. n6w. 76 
Delta, Colorado. sgN. io8w. 66 

Delta, Manitoba. SON. g8w. 51 

Demerara River, B. Guiana. 7N. s8w. 88 
Demarcation Point, Alaska. /ON. I4OW. 74 
Denbigh, Ontario. 45 N. 77w. 49 

Denison, Iowa. 42N. gsw. 67 

Denison, Texas. 34N. 97w. 68 

Denton, Texas. 33N. 07W. 68 

Denver, Colorado. 4ON. iosw. 66 

Depression, California. 33N. ii6w. 72 
Derniere Island, Louisiana. 2gN. giw. 68 
Desaguadero River, Bolivia. i8s. 68w. 91 
Des Arc, Arkansas. 35^1. giw. 68 

Deschutes River, Oregon. 45 N. 12 iw. 72 
Deseado River, Patagonia. 473. 66w. 96 
Deseronto, Ontario. 44N. 77W. 49 

Desirade, Leeward Islands. i6N. 6iw. 79 
Des Moines River, Iowa. 42 N*. 94\v. 67 
Desolate Bay, Chile. 553. 72W. 96 

Desolation Cape, Greenland. 6oN. 49\v. 41 
Desolation Island, Chile. 543. 73W. 96 
Desterro (Catherina), Brazil. 283. 48w. 93 
Detroit, Michigan. 42 N. 83 w. 64 

Detroit City, Minnesota. 47N. g6w. 67 
Devil's Lake, N. Dakota. 48N. ggw. 66 
Devil's Lake, Sask. s6N. iosw. 53 

Devil's Thumb, Greenland. 75N. ssw. 41 
Dexter, Maine. 4$N. 7ow. 59 

Diamante River, Argentina. 353. 67w. 92 
Diamantina (Tejuco), Minas Geraes, 

Brazil. i8s. 43W. 89 

Diamantino, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 143. 

56w. 89 

Diamond Creek, Nevada. 4ON. ii6w. 72 
Diamond Peak, Oregon. 43N. I22W. 72 
Dickinson, N. Dakota. 47N. IO3W. 66 
Dickinson's Landing, Ontario. 45N. 7sw. 49 


i8 5 


Diego Ramirez Island, S. Patagonia. 

565. 68w. 96 

Digby, Nova Scotia. 45N. 66w. 45 

Digby Gut, Nova Scotia. 451*. 66w. 45 
Digby Neck, Nova Scotia. 451*. 66w. 45 
Dighton, Kansas. 391*. loiw. 66 

Dilasac Bay, Philippine Is. i6N. I22E. 75 
Dillon, Montana. 45N. uaw. 70 

Dinagat, Philippine Islands. ION. ia6E. 75 
Disko Bay, Greenland. 7oN. 52W. 41 

Disko Island, Greenland. 7oN. saw. 41 
Dixon, Illinois. 42N. 8gw. 67 

Dixon Entrance, B. Col. 55N. I35W. 52 
Doaktown, New Brunswick. 47N. 66w. 45 
Doce R, Espirito Santo, Brazil. 2OS. 

4ow. 89 

Dodge City, Kansas. 38?*. loow. 66 

Dog Lake, Manitoba. SIN. gSw. 51 

Dolores, Central Argentina. 323. 6sw. 92 
Dolores, South Argentina. 365. 58w. 92 
Dolphin Strait, Canada. 7oN. iisw. 40 
Dome Peak, Colorado. 4ON. io7w. 66 j 
*Dominica, Leeward Islands. ISN. 6iw. 79 I 
Domremy, Saskatchewan. 53N. io6w. 50 
Donald, B. Columbia. SIN. iiTw. 53! 
Donaldsonville, Louisiana. 3ON. 3iw. 68 
Dondon, Haiti, W. Indies. igN. 73w. 80 ' 
Dorchester, New Brunswick. 4&N. 64W. 45 j 
Dorchester, Quebec. 47N. 7ow. 46 ; 

Dore Lake, Saskatchewan. SSN. io7w. 50 | 
Dores, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 208. 48w. 89 ] 
Dos Carajos River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

IDS. sow. 89 i 

Dos Pozos, Patagonia. 443. 6sw. 96 ! 

Do Sul, Brazil. 318. 53W. 93 j 

Double Springs, Alabama. 34N. STW. 69 
Douglas, British Columbia. SON. I22W. 52 i 
Douglas, Georgia. 32N. 83W. 69 

Douglas, Wyoming. 42N. iosw. 66 j 

Douglas Cape, Alaska. sgN. I54W. 74 
Douglas Channel, B. Col. 54N. I2gw. 52 ' 
Douglastown, N. Brunswick. 47N. 6sw. 45 ! 
Dover, Delaware. 39N. 76w. 65 I 

Dover, New Hampshire. 43 N. 7iw. 59 j 
Downieville, Cah'fornia. 39N. 12 iw. 72 j 
Dragon, Utah. 4ON. iogw. 70 ; 

Dragon's Mouth, Gulf of Paria, Venezuela. 

I IN. 62W. 9O | 

Drayton, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 . 

Dresden, Ontario. 43 N. 82W. 48 i 

Dresden, Tennessee. 3&N. 8gw. 68 

Drinkwater, Saskatchewan. SON. losw. 50 i 

Drummond, Quebec. 46N. 72W. 46 ! 
Drummond Island, Michigan. 4&N. 

84W. 64 

Drummondville, Quebec. 4621. 73W. 46 

Dry Lakes, California. 34N. iisw. 72 

Dublin, Georgia. 33N. 83W. 69 


Dublin, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Dublin, Texas. 32N. gSw. 68 

Dubois, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 7g\v. 58 

Du Chef River, Quebec. 49N. 74\v. 46 
Duck Lake, Saskatchewan. 53N. io7w. 50 

Duck Mtn., Manitoba. SIN. loiw. 50 

Duckwater, Nevada. 38^. n6w. 72 

Dudleyville, Arizona. 33N. mw. 71 
Dufferin Cape, Labrador Peninsula. 

59N. 79W. 41 

Dufferin District, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 48 

Duida Mount, Venezuela. 3N. 66w. 90 

Dulce, Golfo, Costa Rica. 8*. 83W. 78 

Duluth, Minnesota. 47N. 92W. 67 
Dumaran Is., Philippine Is. UN. I2OE. 75 

Dumville, Ontario. 43N. 7gw. 48 

Dunbar, Wisconsin. 4&N. 88w. 67 

Dundas, Ontario. 43N. Sow. 48 

Dundas District, Ontario. 45 N. 75 w. 49 

Dundee, Quebec. 45 N. 74W. 46 

Dundurn, Saskatchewan. 52N. io6w. 50 
Dungarvon River (mouth), New Bruns 

wick. 47N. 6sw. 45 

Dunkirk, New York. 42N. 7gw. 58 

Du Quoin, Ilh'nois. 38N. 89 w. 67 

Durango City, Mexico. 24N. ios\v. 76 

Durango State, Mexico. 24N. iosw. 76 

Durant, Mississippi. 33 N. gow. 68 

Durazno, Uruguay. 343. s6w. 93 

Durham, N. Carolina. 36N. 78w. 64 

Durham, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Durham District, Ontario. 44N. ?g\v. 49 

Dyersburg, Tennessee. 3&N. 8gw. 68 

Eagle Hill Cr., Sask. 52N. io8w. 53 

Eagle Lake, California. 4IN. 12 iw. 72 

Eagle Pass, B. Columbia. SIN. iigw. 52 

Eagle Pass, Texas. 29N. loiw. 71 

Eagle Peak, California. 4 IN. i2ow. 72 
Eales Mount, Newfoundland. 49N. s8w. 44 

East Cape, Anticosti Island. 49N. 62W. 441 

East Main River, Quebec. 52N. 76w. 41 

East Pt, Prince Edward Is. 46*. 62W. 45 

Eastland, Texas. 32N. gg\v. 71 

East River, Nova Scotia. 45N. 63W. 45 

*Eatonton, Georgia. 33N. 8sw. 69 

Eauclaire, Wisconsin. 45 N. 92 w. 67 

Eclipse Sound, Baffin Land. 72N. Sow. 41 

*Ecuador, S. America. 23. 78w. 90, 91 

Eddy, New Mexico. 33N. IO4W. 71 

Eden, Manitoba. SON. ggw. 51 

Edenton, N. Carolina. 3&N. 77w. 65 

Edgartown, Massachusetts. 4iN. 7iw. 59 

Edgefield, S. Carolina. 34N. 82W. 69 

Edgemont, S. Dakota. 43N. IO4W. 66 

Edina, Missouri. 4ON. 92W. 67 

Edingville, S. Carolina. 33N. Sow. 69 

Edmonton, Alberta. 54N. iisw. 53 




Edmundston, New Brunswick. 47N. 68w. 45 

Edna, Texas. 2QN. 97W. 68 

Edward Lake, Quebec. 481*. 72W. 46 

Edward Point, Ontario. 431*. 8aw. 48 

Eel River, California. 401*. I24W. 72 

Eel River, New Brunswick. 46N. 68w. 45 

Effingham, Illinois. 39N. 88w. 67 

Egan Ra., Nevada. SQN. iisw. 72 
Egmont Bay, Prince Edward Island. 

47N. 64W. 45 
Egmont Cape, Cape Breton Island. 

47N. 6ow. 45 

Ejutla, Oaxaca. I7N. 97W. 77 

El Altar, Sonora. 3 IN. uiw. 76 

El Beni, Bolivia. 141*. 6s\v. 91 

El Dorado, Arkansas. 331*. 93W. 68 

El Dorado, Kansas. 381*. 97w. 67 

El Dorado, Nevada. 36N. iisw. 72 

El Gran Chaco, Argentina. 253. 62W. 92 

El Moro, Colorado. 381*. iosw. 66 

El Oro, Durango. 26N. io5w. 76 

El Paso, Texas. 32N. io6w. 71 

El Potra, Argentina. 2 8s. 7ow. 92 

El Toco, Chile. 228. 7ow. 92 

Elba, Alabama. 321*. STW. 69 

Elberton, Georgia. 341*. 83W. 69 

Elbow, The, Saskatchewan. 52N. io7w. 53 

Elbow City, Minnesota. 46??. 96w. 67 

Eldorado, Ontario. 45 N. 77w. 49 

Elesherton, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 
Eleuthera Island, Bahama Islands, West 

Indies. 25N. 76w. 80 

Elgin, Illinois. 42N. 88w. 67 

Elgin District, Ontario. 431*. 8iw. 48 

Elizabeth Cape, Alaska. 591*. I52W. 74 

Elizabeth City, N. Carolina. 361?. 76w. 65 

Elizabethtown, Kentucky. 33N. 86w. 64 

Elizabethtown, New Mexico. 37N. iosw. 71 

Elizabethtown, Tennessee. 361*. 82W. 69 

Elk Lake, Minnesota. 471*. gsw. 67 

Elkader, Iowa. 43 N. 92W. 67 

Elkhart, Indiana. 42N. 86w. 64 

Elkhom, Manitoba. SON. loiw. 50 

Elkhorn, Wisconsin. 42N. Sgw. 67 

Elkhorn River, Nebraska. 42N. 97W. 66 

Elkins, West Virginia. 39N. Sow. 64 

Elko, Nevada. 4 IN. n6w. 72 

Ellendale, N. Dakota. 46N. g8\v. 66 

Ellenville, New York. 42N. 74W. 59 

Ellesmere Land, Canada. 79N. 8ow. 41 

Ellijay, Georgia. 35N. 84W. 69 

Ellisville, Mississippi. 32N. 8gw. 68 

Elm Creek, Manitoba. SON. gSw. 51 

Elmira, California. 3&N. I22W. 72 

Elora, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Elwood, California. 34N. I2OW. 72 

Elwood, Nebraska. 4iN. loow. 66 

Ely, Minnesota. 48N. 92W. 67 


Ely Range, Nevada. 3&N. nsw. 72 

Elyria, Ohio. 4IN. 8zw. 64 

Embro, Ontario. 43 N. 8iw. 48 

Emerson, Manitoba. 49N. 97W. 51 

Emmetsburg, Iowa. 431*. 95W. 67 

Empedrado, Argentina. 293. 59W. 92 
Empire City, Oregon. 43N. I24W. 72 

Emporia, Kansas. 38N. g6w. 67 

Emporia, Virginia. s6N. 77w. 65 

Emporium, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 78w. 58 
Engana Cape, S. Domingo. igN. 68w. 80 
English Bay, Quebec. 49N. 67w. 44 

Enid, Oklahoma. 37N. gSw. 68 

Enriquillo, Lake de, S. Domingo, W. 

Indies. i8N. 72W. 80 

Ens de Samborombon, Argentina. 363. 

56w. 93 

Ensenada, Lower California. 32N. n6w. 76 
Enterprize, Florida. 29N. 82W. 69 

Entre Rios, Argentina. 308. sgw. 92 

Epping, New Hampshire. 43N. 7iw. 59 
'Erie Lake, Canada. 4 IN. 8ow. 41 

Erin, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 

Erin, Tennessee. 3&N. 88w. 69 

Ernfold, Saskatchewan. 53N. IO2W. 50 
Erwood, Saskatchewan. SON. io7w. 50 
Escalon, Chihuahua. 26N. IO4W. 76 

Escocesa Bay, S. Domingo. igN. 7ow. 80 
Escuinapa, Sinaloa. 23N. io6w. 76 

Esmeraldas Town and River, Ecuador. 

IN. Sow. 90 

Esperanza Inlet, Vancouver Island. 

British Columbia. SON. I27W. 52 

Espirito Santo, prov., Brazil. 208. 4iw. 89 
Espiritu Santo Bay, Yucatan. igN. STW. 78 
Espirito Sto. de Gloria, Bahia, Brazil. 

133. 45W. 89 

Espita, Yucatan. 2 IN. 88w. 78 

Esquimaux Lake, Yukon. 691*. I33W. 74 
'Essequibo R, Brit. Guiana. 6N. s8w. 88 
Essex Centre, Ontario. 42N. 8^Vf. 48 

Essex District, Ontario. 42N. 8$\v. 48 
Essex Mount, Wyoming. 42N. now. 66 
Estancia, Bahia, Brazil, us. s8w. 89 
Estelline, S. Dakota. 44N. 97W. 67 

Estevan, Saskatchewan. 49N. IO3W. 50 
Estevan Island, B. Columbia. 53N. I3OW. 52 
Etawney Lake, N.W. Territories, Canada. 

59N. 97w. 40 

Etomami River N., Sask. 53N. IO3W. 50 
Etzatlan, Jalisco. 2 IN. iosw. 76 

Eufaula, Alabama. 32N. 8sw. 69 

Eufaula, Oklahoma. 3&N. g6w. 68 

Eugene, Oregon. 44N. I23W. 72 

Eureka, California. 4 IN. I24W. 72 

Eureka, Kansas. 38N. g6w. 67 

Eureka, Nevada. 39N. n6w. 72 

Eureka Spring, Arkansas. 3&N. 94W. 68 


1 87 


Eustatius, Leeward Islands. I7N. 63 w. 79 

Evans Pass, Wyoming. 4 IN. 105 w. 66 

Evansville, Indiana. sSN. 88w. 64 

Everett, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 78w. 58 

Everglades, Florida. 26N. Siw. 69 

Evergreen, Alabama. 3 IN. 87W. 69 

Exaltacion, Bolivia. 133. 66w. 91 

Exeter, Ontario. 43 N. Saw. 48 
Exploits River, Newfoundland. 49N. s6w.44 

Exuma Keys, Bahama Is. 24N. 76w. So 

Exuma Sound, Bahama Is. 24N. 76w. 80 

Facatativa, Colombia. SN. 75 w. 90 

Fairbury, Nebraska. 4ON. 97w. 67 

Fairchance, Pennsylvania. 4ON. Sow. 58 

Fairfield, California. 38N. I22W. 72 

Fairfield, Iowa. 4 IN. 92W. 67 

Fairford Ho., Manitoba. SIN. ggv/. 51 

Fairmont, W. Virginia. 4ON. 8ow. 64 
Fairweather Mount, Alaska. sgN. I38w. 74 

Fall River, Massachusetts. 42N. 7iw. 59 

Falls City, Nebraska. 4ON. g6w. 67 

Falmouth, Jamaica. igN. 78\v. 80 
False Detour Channel, Ontario. 46N. 

8 3 w. 48 

False Point, Peru. 6s. 8iw. 91 

Famatima, Argentina. 293. 68w. 92 

Family Lake, Manitoba. 52N. g6w. 51 

Farewell Cape, Greenland. 6oN. 44W. 41 

Fargo, N. Dakota. 47N. 97w. 67 

Faribault, Minnesota. 44N. 93W. 67 

Farmerville, Louisiana. 35N. SSw. 68 

Farmington, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Farmington, Missouri. 38x. gow. 67 

Farmington, New Mexico. 37N. iogw. 71 

Farmington, Washington. 48N. IITW. 70 
Farto River, Matto Grosso, us. 

Sow. 89 

Farwell, Michigan. 43N. Ssw. 64 

Father Point, Quebec. 4gN. 6gw. 47 

Fayette, Alabama. 37N. SSw. 69 

Fayette, Mississippi. 32N. giw. 68 

Fayetteville, Arkansas. 36^. 94W. 68 

Fayetteville, N. Carolina. 35N. ?gvf. 65 I 

Fayetteville, Tennessee. 35N. STW. 69 

Fayetteville, West Virginia. 38N. 82W. 64! 

Faz, Matto Grosso, Brazil. i8s. s6w. 89! 

Fear Cape, N. Carolina. 34N. 78w. 65 j 

Feather River, California. 39N. I22W. 72 ' 

Fenelon Falls, Ontario. 45N. 79W. 49 j 

Fergus, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 48! 

Fergus Falls, Minnesota. 47N. g6w. 67 j 

Fernandina, Florida. 3 IN. 82W. 69 

Figulas, Florida. 26N. Sow. 69 

File L., N.W. Territories. SSN. loow. 51 

Fillmore, Utah. 39N. H4W. 70 

Findlater, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 50 

Findlay, Ohio. 4IN. 84W. 64 


Finsbury, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 50 
Firth River, Yukon. 7oN. i4ow. 74 

Fish River, Canada. 6 IN. gow. 40 

Fisher, Manitoba. 52N. loiw. 50 

Fisher Lake, Manitoba. 52N. 97w. 51 
Fisher Strait, Canada. 63 N. 82 w. 41 

Fishing Lake, Manitoba. 52N. 95W. 51 
Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan. 52N. 103 w. 50 
Fitchburg, Massachusetts. 43N. 7aw. 59 
Fitzwilliam Isle, Ontario. 45 N. 82 w. 48 
Flambeau Lake, Wisconsin. 4&N. gow. 67 
Flandreau, S. Dakota. 44N. 97w. 67 

Flathead Lake, Montana. 49 N. H4W. 70 
Flattery Cape, Washington. 48N. I25W. 70 
Fleming, Saskatchewan. SON. iozw. 50 
Flint, Michigan. 43N. 84W. 64 

Flint River, Georgia. 3 IN. Ssw. 69 

Flora, Argentina. 358. 62W. 92 

Florence, Alabama. 35 N. 88w. 69 

Florence, Idaho. 4&N. n6w. 70 

Florence, Ontario. 43N. 8zw. 48 

Florence, Oregon. 44N. I24W. 72 

Florence, S. Carolina. 34N. 79W. 69 

Flores, Guatemala. i7N. giw. 78 

Flores, Pernambuco, Brazil. 8s. 38w. 88 
Flores Island, Vancouver Island, British 

Columbia. 49N. i26w. 52 

Florida, Uruguay, 343. s6w. 93 

Florida, Bay of, Florida. 25 N. 8iw. 69 
Florida Channel, Florida. 26N. 8ow. 80 
Florida Keys, Florida. 25N. sow. 69 

'Florida State, U.S.A. 28N. 82W. 69 

Florida Strait, Florida. 25 N. sow. 69 

Flowing Well, California. 33N. n6w. 72 
Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. 52N. IO4W. 50 
Fogo Island, Newfoundland. SON. 54W. 44 
Fogones River, Paraguay. 243. 57w. 92 
Fonseca Bay, C. America. I3N. 88w. 78 
Fontana Lake, Patagonia, Argentina. 

453. 72W. 96 

Forest, Mississippi. 32 N. 8g\v. 68 

Forest, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Forest City, Arkansas. 35 N. giw. 68 

Fork River, N., Alberta. sSw. nsw. 53 
Fork, The, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 50 
Formosa, Argentina. 265. sSw. 92 

Formosa, Terr, of, Argentina. 253. 6ow. 92 
Forsyth, Georgia. 33N. 84W. 69 

Forsyth, Missouri. 37N. 94W. 67 

Ft a la Corne, Saskatchewan. 53N. iosw. 50 
Ft Albuquerque, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

igs. 57W. 89 

Ft Alexander, Manitoba. SIN. g6w. 51 
Ft Amsterdam, Dutch Guiana. 6N. ssw. 88 
Ft Arbuckle, Oklahoma. 34N. 97w. 68 
Ft Assiniboine, Alberta. 54N. IITW. 53 
Ft Babine, B. Columbia. SSN. I26w. 52 
Ft Bascom, New Mexico. 3&N. losw. 71 




Ft Benton, Montana. 481*. mw. 70 

Ft Berthold, N. Dakota. 481*. loaw. 66 

Ft Bufford, Montana. 48x. IO4W. 66 

Ft Collins, Colorado. 4iN. losw. 66 

Ft Connelly, B. Columbia. 561*. i27w. 52 

Ft Custer, Montana. 46N. io8w. 66 
Ft Dauphin, Haiti, W. Indies. 2ON. 72W. 80 

Ft Dodge, Iowa. 431*1. 95W. 67 

Ft Enterprise, Yukon. 65 N. H2W. 74 

Ft Frances, Yukon. 62N. I2QW. 74 

Ft Franklin, Yukon. 66N. I24W. 74 

Ft Fraser, B. Columbia. SSN. I25W. 52 

Ft Gaines, Georgia. 32N. Ssw. 69 

Ft George, B. Columbia. 541*. I23\v. 52 

Ft Good Hope, Yukon. 67N. lagw. 74 

Ft Howard, Wisconsin. 4511. 88w. 67 

Ft Laramie, Wyoming. 43N. io5\v. 66 

Ft Lauderdale, Florida. 27N. 8iw. 69 

Ft Lavalle, Argentina. 238. 64W. 92 

Ft Liard, Yukon. 6iN. I24W. 74 

Ft Morgan, Colorado. 4 IN. IO4W. 66 

Ft Norman, Yukon. 65N. I25W. 74 

Ft Olympo, Paraguay. 223. s8w. 89 

Ft Payne, Alabama. 3511. 86w. 69 

Ft Pelly, Saskatchewan. 52N. IO2W. 50 

Ft Pitt, Alberta. 541*. now. 53 
Ft Principio de Beira, Brazil. 128. 6sw. 91 

Ft Providence, Yukon. 62 N. n8w. 74 

Ft Pulaski, Georgia. 33N. 8iw. 69 

Ft Rae, Yukon. &3N. nsw. 74 

Ft Randall, S. Dakota. 43 N. ggvr. 66 

Ft Reliance, Yukon. 641*. I4OW. 74 
Ft St James, B. Columbia. 541*. i25\v. 52 

Ft St John, B. Columbia. 56N. I2iw. 52 

Ft San Joaquim, Brazil. 3N. 6iw. 90 
Ft Saskatchewan, Alberta. 541*. ii4\v. 53 

Ft Scott, Kansas. 381-1. gsw. 67 

Ft Selkirk, Yukon. 631*. I36w. 74 

Ft Severn, Canada. 5611. 88w. 41 

Ft Sill, Oklahoma. 34N. ggw. 68 

Ft Simpson, Yukon. 551?. ISQW. 74 

Ft Smith, Arkansas. 351*. 94W. 68 

Ft Stockton, Texas. SON. io2W. 71 

Ft Sumner, New Mexico. 34N. IO4W. 71 

Ft Union, Montana. 48N. IO4W. 66 

Ft Valley, Georgia. 32N. 8sw. 69 

Ft Vermilion, Alberta. s8N. n6w. 53 

Ft Walsh, Saskatchewan. SON. now. 53 

Ft Wayne, Indiana. 4 IN. 85 w. 64 

Ft Westcott, Florida. 25 N. 8ow. 69 

Ft William, Ontario. 48N. gow. 41 

Ft Wingate, New Mexico. 36N.IO9W. 71 

Ft Worth, Texas. 33N. g8w. 68 

Ft Wrigley, Yukon. 63N. I23W. 74 

Ft Yates, N. Dakota. 46N. loiw. 66 

Ft Yuma, California. 33N. iisw. 72 

Fortaleza or Ceara, Brazil. 43. 38w. 88 
Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. 47N. 56w. 44 


Fortune Is., Bahama Is. 22N. 74W. 80 
Forty Mile, Yukon. 64N. i4ow. 74 

Foster Lakes, Saskatchewan. s6N. iosw. 53 
Fostoria, Ohio. 4 IN. 83 w. 64 

Fowler, Indiana. 4ON. 88w. 64 

Fox Channel, Canada. 66N. 8iw. 41 

Fox Land, Baffin Land. 65 N. 77w. 41 
Fox River, Wisconsin. 44N. 88w. 67 

Foxcroft, Maine. 45N. 6gw. 59 

Fragua River, Colombia. IN. 74 w. 90 
Francois Lake, B. Columbia. 54N. iz6w. 52 
Frankfort, Indiana. 4ON. 86w. 64 

Frankfort, Kentucky. s8N. Ssw. 64 

Frankfort, Michigan. 44N. 86w. 64 

Franklin, Louisiana. 29N. giw. 68 

Franklin, New Hampshire. 43N. 7iw. 59 
Franklin, N. Carolina. 35 N. 8yv. 64 

Franklin, Pennsylvania. 42N. Sow. 58 
Franklin, Texas. 3 IN. 97w. 68 

Franklin Bay, Canada. 7ON. I25W. 40 
Franklin Falls, New Hampshire. 43N. 

7iw. 59 

Franklin Lake, Nevada. 4ON. H5W. 72 
Franklin Mts., Alaska. 6gN. I45W. 74 
Franldin Strait, Canada. 7iN. 95W. 40 
Franz Jos. Fiord, Greenland. 73N. 22W. 41 
Fraser Reach, B. Columbia. 53N. i28w. 52 
Fraser River, B. Columbia. 53N. I23W. 52 
Fraserville, Quebec. 48.N T . 7ow. 47 

Fray Bentos, Uruguay. 333. s8w. 92 

Frederick, Maryland. 39N. 77W. 65 

Fredericksburg, Virginia. 3&N. 78w. 65 
*Fredericton, New Brunswick. 461*. 67w. 45 
Frederikhaab, Greenland. 6iN. 49W. 41 
Fredonia, Kansas. 37N. g6w. 67 

Fredonia, New York. 42 N. 79 w. 58 

Freels Cape, Newfoundland. 49N. 54W. 44 
Freeport, Illinois. 43N. 8ow. 67 

Frelighsburg, Quebec. 45N. 73W. 46 

Fremont, Nebraska. 4 IN. 97w. 67 

Fremont, Ohio. 4 IN. Ssw. 64 

Fremont Peak, Wyoming. 43N. now. 70 
French Bread River, N. Carolina and 

Tennessee. 3&N. 83 w. 69 

French River, Ontario. 46$. Sow. 48 
Fresnillo, Zacatecas. 23N. I03W. 77 

Fresno, California. 37N. i2iw. 72 

Frias, Argentina. 293. 6sw. 92 

Friendship, Wisconsin. 39N. gow. 67 

Frio Cape, Brazil. 233. 42W. 89 

Frisco, Utah. 39N. ii4W. 70 

Frobisher, Saskatchewan. 49N. io2W. 50 
Frobisher Bay, Baffin Land. 64N. 6gw. 41 
Frontenac District, Ontario. 44N. 76w. 49 
Frontera, Tabasco. i8N. 93W. 77 

Froward Cape, Chile. 543. 72W. 96 

Fruto, California. 39N. I22W. 72 

Fuerte, Sinaloa. 26N. logw. 76 



Fuga, Philippine Islands. i8N. I2IE. 75 

Fuldo, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 198. 46w. 89 

*Fundy Bay, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 66w. 45 

Funil, Goyaz, Brazil. los. 48w. 89 

Gadsden, Alabama. 34N. 86w. 69 

Gagetown, New Brunswick. 461*. 66w. 45 

Gaiman, Patagonia. 433. 66w. 96 

Gainesboro, Tennessee. 36*. 86w. 69 

Gainesville, Florida. SON. 8zw. 69 

Gainesville, Georgia. 341*. 84W. 69 

Gainesville, Missouri. 361*. gzw. 67 

Gainesville, Texas. 341*. 97W. 68 

Gainsborough, Sask. 4811. loiw. 50 

Gainza, Argentina. 353. 63W. 92 

Galantry Port, Miquelon Is. 47N. s6w. 44 

Galena, Idaho. 44*1. H4W. 72 

Galesburg, Illinois. 4 IN. gow. 67 

Galeton, Pennsylvania. 42N. 78w. 58 

Gallatin, Missouri. 4ON. 94W. 67 

Gallatin, Montana. 46N. H2W. 70 

Gallatin, Tennessee. 36N. 86w. 69 

Gallegos River, Patagonia. 523. 7ow. 96 
Gallejo, Chihuahua, Mexico. 303. io6w. 76 

Gallinas Point, Colombia. I2N. 72W. 90 

Gallipolis, Ohio. 39N. 82W. 64 

Gait, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 

*Galveston, Texas. 29^. 95W. 68 

Galveston Bay, Texas. 2gN. 95W. 68 

Gananoque, Ontario. 42*. 76w. 49 

Gander Bay, Newfoundland. SQN. 54W. 44 

Gandy, Nebraska. 42N. xoiw. 
Garafraxa, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 
Garanhuns, Pernainbuco, Brazil. 


Garden City, Kansas. s8N. loiw. 
Garden Isle, Ontario. 44N. 76w. 
Gardner Channel, B. Columbia. 


Garnett, Kansas. s8N. 95W. 
Garrison, Montana. 47N. U2W. 
Garry Lake, Canada. 66N. loow. 
Gary, S. Dakota. 45N. g6w. 

9 s. 





Gascondale River, Missouri. 38N. 92W. 67 j 
*Gaspe, Quebec. 49 N. 65 w. 47 

Gaspe Basin, Quebec. 49N. 6sw. 47 

Gaspe Bay, Quebec. 49N. 64\v. 47 

Gaspe Cape, Quebec. 49*. 6sw. 47 

Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. 49N. 6sw. 47 
Gaylord, Michigan. 45N. 84W. 64 j 

Geikie R, Saskatchewan. 57N. io5\v. 53 j 
General Acha, Argentina. 373. 66w. 92 
Geneva, Alabama. 3 IN. 86w. 69 I 

Geneva, Nebraska. 40%'. gSw. 67 | 

Geneva, New York. 43^. 77w. 58 j 

Genoa, Nevada. 39N. laow. 72 i 

Gentilly, Quebec. 46.^. 72 w. 46 

George, New Brunswick. 45^. 67\v. 45 i 


George Bay, Sonora, Mexico. SIN. H3W. 76 

George Lake, Florida. 2gN. 82W. 69 

*George Lake, New York. 44N. 74W. 59 

George R, Labrador Penin. s6N. 6s\v. 41 

Georgetown, B. Guiana. 7N. s8w. 90 

Georgetown, Colorado. 4ON. io6w. 66 

Georgetown, Delaware. s8N. 75W. 65 

Georgetown, Georgia. 32N. 8sw. 69 

Georgetown, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 
Georgetown, Prince Edward Island. 

46N. 63\v. 45 

Georgetown, S. Carolina. 33N. 7g\v. 69 

Georgetown, Texas. SIN. g8w. 68 

*Georgia State, U.S.A. 33N. 8s\v. 69 
Georgia Strait, B. Columbia. 49N. I23W. 52 

*Georgian Bay, Ontario. 45N. 8iw. 48 

Georgina, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 48 

*Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 77w. 58 

Gettysburg, S. Dakota. 45 N. loow. 66 

Gibson, New Brunswick. 46N. 67w. 45 

Giddings, Texas. SON. 97W. 68 

Gilanan, Paraguay. 2 is. sgw. 92 

Gilead, Maine. 45 N. 7iw. 59 

Gilmer, Texas. SSN. 95W. 68 

Gilroy, California. 37N. I22W. 72 

Gimli, Manitoba. SIN. 97W. 51 

Giparana Machado R, Brazil, gs. 6iw. 91 

Girard, Kansas. 37N. 95\v. 67 

Girau Falls, Brazil, gs. 6$\v. gi 

Girvin, Saskatchewan. SIN. io6w. 50 

Gladstone, Manitoba. SON. ggw. 51 

Glasgow, Kentucky. 37*. 86w. 64 

Gleichen, Alberta. SIN. iisw. 53 

Glen Adelaide, Sask. SON. IO2W. 50 

Glenboro, Manitoba. SON. 99\v. 51 

Glencairn, Manitoba. SIN. ggw. 51 

Glencoe, Minnesota. 45 N. 94\v. 67 

Glencoe, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Glendive, Montana. 47N. ios\v. 66 

Glengarry County, Ontario. 45N. 7sw. 49 

Glenyille, W. Virginia. SQN. 8iw. 64 

Glenwood, Iowa. 4 IN. g6\v. 67 
Glenwood Springs, Colorado. SQN. io7\v. 66 

Globe, Arizona. 34N. iiiw. 71 

*Gloucester, Massachusetts. 43N. 7iw. 59 
Gloucester County, New Brunswick. 

45 N. 6sw. 45 

Gloversville, New York. 43 N. 74W. 59 

Godbout River, Quebec. 47N. 68w. 47 

Goderich, Ontario. 44N. 82W. 48 

Godthaab, Greenland. 64N. 62W. 41 

Golconda, Illinois. 37N. 88w. 67 

Golconda, Nevada. 4 IN. ii7\v. 72 

Gold Beach, Oregon. 42N. I24W. 72 
Gold Mts., British Columbia. SIN. ngvf. 53 

Golden, Colorado. 4ON. iosw. 66 

Golden Lake, Ontario. 46N. 78w. 49 

*Goldsboro, N. Carolina. s6N. 78w. 65 



Goliad, Texas. ZQN. g/w. 68 

Gonaive Is., Haiti, W. Indies. iSx. 73W. 80 
Gonaives, Haiti, W. Indies, igN. 73W. 80 
Gonaives, B. des, Haiti, W.I. igN. 7sw. 80 
Gooderham, Ontario. 45 N. /8w. 49 

Goose Creek, Idaho. 421*. H4\v. 72 

Goose Island, Nova Scotia. 451*. 62W. 45 
Goose Lake, California. 42N. i2iw. 72 
Goose Lake, Manitoba. 52N. g6w. 51 

Goose L., N.W. Territories. 54N. 95W. 51 
Gorda Point, California. 4ON. i22\v. 72 
Gorda Point, Cuba. 22N. 82W. 80 

*Gorgona Isle, Colombia. 3N. 77w. 90 

Goryalaya Mount, Alaska. 6iN. I54W. 74 
Gould, Quebec. 43N. 7i\v. 46 

Gowanda, New York. 42 N. 79 w. 58 

Goya, Argentina, zgs. sgw. 92 

Goyanna, Pernambuco, Brazil. 8s. s6w. 88 
Goyaz, prov. and town, Brazil. i6s. siw. 89 
Grafton, N. Dakota. 481*. 97w. 67 

Grafton, W. Virginia. 391*1. 7gw. 64 

Graham Is., B. Columbia. 54N. I32W. 52 
Grahame Ft, B. Columbia. 571*. I25W. 52 
Granbury, Texas. 332*. g8w. 68 

Grand Canon, Arizona. 36N. iisw. 71 
Grand Canyon, Arizona. 36N. iisw. 71 
Grand Cayman, Jamaica. igN. 8iw. 80 
Grand Falls, New Brunswick. 47N. 68w. 45 
Grand Haven, Michigan. 43 N. 86w. 64 
Grand Island, Nebraska. 4 IN. gSw. 66 
Grand Island, Ontario. 43 N. 7gw. 49 

Grand Junction, Colorado. 3QN. io8w. 66 
Grand L., New Brunswick. 4<>N. 66w. 45 
Grand Lake, Nova Scotia. 451*. 64W. 45 
Grand Lake, Quebec. 4811. 72W. 46 

Grand Manan Is., N. Brunswick. 451-1. 

67W. 45 

Grand Manitoulin Isle, Ontario. 46*1. 

82W. 48 

*Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. 451*. 64W. 45 
Grand Rapids, Michigan. 43N. 86w. 64 
Grand Rapids, N. W. Territories. 53**. 

99W. 51 

Grand River, Michigan. 43?*. 86w. 64 
Grand River, Ontario. 441*. 8ow. 48 

Grand River, S. Dakota. 46w. loiw. 66 
Granda River, Bolivia. 153. 64W. 91 

Grande Is., Para, Brazil, is. 52W. 88 
Grande Lake, Argentina. 285. 6iw. 92 
Grande Lake, Goyaz, Brazil, us. 5iw. 89 
Grande River, Argentina. 373. 6gw. 92 
Grande River, Brazil. 208. 47W. 93 

Grande River, Nicaragua. I3N. 84W. 78 
Grande do Belmonte R, Bahia, Brazil. 

1 6s. 4iw. 89 

Grandview, Manitoba. SIN. loiw. 50! 
Granger, Wyoming. 42N. now. 70! 

Granite Falls, Minnesota. 45N. g6w. 67 j 


Granja, Ceara, Brazil. 33. 4iw. 88 

Grant, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 7gw. 58 

Grant Land, Canada. ?2N. Sow. 41 

Grantsburg, Wisconsin. 4&N. 92W. 67 
Grantsdale, Montana. 46N. ii4W. Jo 
Grants Pass, Oregon. 42N. I22W. 72 

Granville, Vermont. 43N. 73W. 59 

Grapevine Mts., Nevada. 3?N. IITW. 72 
Grates Pt, Newfoundland. 48N. 53W. 44 
Gravenhurst, Ontario. 45N. 8ow. 48 

Gravenhurst, W., Ontario. 45N. Sow. 48 
Grayling, Michigan. 45N. 84W. 64 

Grays Har., Washington. 47N. I24W. 70 
Grayson, Kentucky. 38N. 83W. 64 

Grayville, Illinois. s8N. 88w. 67 

Great Abaco, Bahama Is. 26x. 77w. 80 
Great Bahama Bank, W.I. 24N. 77W. 80 
Great Bahama Island, Bahama Islands. 

27N. 78w. 80 

Great Bay, New Jersey. 4ON. 74W. 59 
Gt Bras d'Or Chan., Cape Breton Island. 

47N. 6ow. 45 

Great Bear Lake, Yukon. 66N. i2ow. 74 
Great Cataracts, Corentyn R., British 

Guiana. 4N. s8w. 88 

Great Duck Isle, Ontario. 46N. 83W. 48 
Great Exuma Is., Bahama Islands, W. I. 

24N. 76w. 80 

Great Falls, Montana. 47N. niw. 70 
Great Fish River, Canada. 65N. losw. 40 
Great Mekattina Is., Quebec. SIN. sgw. 44 
Great Pedee River, N. and S Carolina. 

35 N. Sow. 69 

Great Plains, The, Saskatchewan. 52N. 

now. 53 

Great Ragged Island, Bahama Islands. 

22N. 76w. 80 

*Great Salt Lake, Utah. 4iN. H2W. 70 
Great Sand Hills, Nebraska. 42N. loow. 66 
Great Slave Lake, Yukon. 62 N. loaw. 74 
Great Wellington Is., Chile. 493. 7$w. 96 
Great Whale River, Labrador Peninsula. 

55N- 77W. 41 

Greely Fiord, Canada. SON. 8sw. 40 

*Green Bay, Wisconsin. 45N. 87W. 67 

Green Cave Springs, Florida. SON. 82W. 69 
Green Mts., Wyoming. 42N. io8w. 66 
Green Point, Long Is., N. Y. 4 IN. 72W. 59 
Green River, Kentucky. 37N. STW. 64 
Green River, Utah. 4ON. now. 70 

Green castle, Indiana. 4ON. STW. 64 

Greenesboro, Georgia. 34N. 83W. 69 

Greensboro, N. Carolina. 36N. 7gw. 64 
Greensburg, Kansas. 38x. ggw. 66 

Greensburg, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 7gw. 58 
Greenville, Alabama. 32N. STW. 69 

Greenville, Mississippi. 33N. giw. 68 

Greenville, N. Carolina. 3&N. 77W. 65 




Greenville, S. Carolina. 351*. Saw. 69 
Greenville, Texas. 331*. g6w. 68 

Greenwood, Arkansas. 351*. 94W. 68 

Greenwood, Mississippi. 33N. gow. 68 
Grenada, Mississippi. 34N. gow. 68 

*Grenada, Windward Is., I2N. 6aw. 79 

'Grenadines, Windward Is. ISN. 6iw. 79 
Grenfell, Saskatchewan. SON. IO3W. 50 
Grenville, Quebec. 46N. 75W. 46 

Grenville Chan., B. Columbia. 54*1. I3OW.52 
Grenville County, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 49 
Gretna, Manitoba. 49N. g8w. 51 

Grey Bull R, Wyoming. 44N. io8w. 66 
Grey County, Ontario. 441*. 8iw. 48 

Griffin, Georgia. 331*. 84W. 69 

Grimsby, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 

Grindstone, Michigan. 44N. 83W. 64 

Grinnell Land, Canada. . SON. Sow. 41 
Groesbeck, Texas. 32N. 97W. 68 

Groix Is., Newfoundland. SIN. s6w. 44 
Grosse Is., Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

Grove Hill, Alabama, 32N. STW. 69 

Guacipati, Venezuela. 7N. 62W. 90 

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 2IN. 

I03W. 77 

Guadaicazar, San Luis, Mexico. 22N. 

loow. 77 

Guadalupe, Durango, Mex. 24N. IO3W. 77 
Guadalupe River, Texas. SON. g8w. 71 

* Guadeloupe, Leeward Is. i6N. 62 w. 79 
Guainia River, Colombia. 2N. 7ow. 90 
Guaira Falls, Brazil. 243. 54W. 93 

Guajira Peninsula, Colombia. I2N. /aw. 90 
Gualatieri Volcano, Chile. i8s. 7ow. 91 
Gualfin, Argentina. 273. 67w. 92 

Guanabacoa, Cuba. 23^. 82W. So 

*Guanajuato City, Guanajuato, Mexico. 

2IN. IOIW. 77 

Guanajuato State, Mexico. 2IN. IO2W. 77 
Guanare, Venezuela. gN. 6gw. go 

Guandacol, Argentina. 2gs. 6gw. 92 

Guandu, Espirito Santo, Brazil, igs. 

4iw. 89 

Guapay or Grande R, Bolivia. 153. 6^\v. gi 
Guapore River, S. America. 133. 62W. 91 
Guaragua, Colombia. SN. 76w. go 

Guarapuava, Brazil. 253. 5iw. g3 

Guarda Is., L. California. 2gN. H3W. 76 
Guardo Velha, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

203. 55W. 8g 

Guarico River, Venezuela. 8N. 68w. go 
Guarmey, Peru. IDS. 78w. gi 

Guasavas, Sonora, Mexico. SON. iogw. 76 

'Guatemala City, Guatemala. I4N. gow. 78 
Guatemala State, C. America. I4N. gow. 78 
Guavama River, California. SSN. ngw. 72 
Guaviare River, Colombia. 3N. 7iw. 90 

*Guayama, Puerto Rico, W. I. i8N. 66w. 80 

Guayanavieja, Venezuela. SN. 62W. go 

'Guayaquil, Ecuador. 23. Sow. go 

Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. 28N. mw. 7& 
Guaytecas Island, Chile. 443. 74W. 96 
Guelph, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48" 

Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico. 28N. 

IOTW. 7& 

Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 27N. 

99W. 77 

Guerrero State, Mexico. iSN. loow. 77 
Guiaba, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 153. s6w. 89 

'Guiana, British, S. America. SN. 6ow. 88 
Guiana, Dutch, S. America. $N. ssw. 88 
Guiana, French, S. America. $N. ssw. 88 
Guichicovi, Oaxaca, Mexico. I7N. g6w. 77 
Guildford, Maine. 45 N. 7ow. 59 

Guimaraen, Maranhao, Brazil. 23. 45W. 88 
Guimares Is., Philippine Is. UN. I23E. 75 
Guines, Cuba. 23N. 82W. So 

Guiriri River, Para, Brazil. 43. 53W. 88 
Gull Lake, Saskatchewan. SON. iO4\v. 50 
Gunisao L., N.W. Territories. 53N. g6w. 5 1 
Gunisao R., N.W. Territories. 54N. gTw. 51 
Gunnison, Colorado. 39N. io7w. 66 

Guntersville, Alabama. 34N. 86w. 69 

Guribas, Piauhy, Brazil. 6s. 4iw. 88 

Gurupa, Para, Brazil, is. siw. 
Gurupatuba R, Para, Brazil, is. ssw. 88 
Gurupi Cape, Maranhao, Brazil, is. 46w. 88 
Gurupi R, Para, Brazil. 23. 46w. 83 

Gurutuba, Minas Geraes, Brazil. i6s. 

43W. SOA 

Guthrie, Oklahoma. 3&N. 97W. 68 

Guthrie Centre, Iowa. 42N. 94W. 6j> 

Guysborough, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 6iw. 45 
Guysborough T., Nova Scotia. 45N. 6iw. 45 

'Hagerstown, Maryland. 4ON. 78w. 65 

Hahn's Peak, Colorado. 4iN. io7w. 66 

Hailey, Idaho. 43N. H4W. 72 

'Haiti, West Indies. igN. 7iw. So 

Haiwee, California. 36N. n8w. 72 

Halbrite, Saskatchewan. 49N. IO3W. 50 
Halcon Mt, Mindoro, Philippine Islands. 

i6N. n8E. 75 

Haldimand Co., Ontario. 43N. So'V. 48 

Halfway R, B. Columbia. 57N. z^vf. 52 

Haliburton, Ontario. 45N. 7gw. 49 

Haliburton Co., Ontario. 75N. 7gw. 4g 

'Halifax, Nova Scotia. 45N. 64W. 45 

Halifax Co., Nova Scotia. 45 N. 63W. 45 
Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 6sw. 45 

Halkett Cape, Alaska. 7iN. I52W. 74 

Hall Bay, Newfoundland. 4gN. s6w. 44 

Hall Land, Greenland. 82N. 6ow. 41 
Hall Peninsula, Baffin Land. 63N. 66w. 41 

Halleck, Nevada. 4 IN. n6w. 72 

Hallock, Minnesota. 4gN. g6w. 67 

I 9 2 



Hallowell, Maine. 441*. 7ow. 59 

Hal ton Co., Ontario. 43 N. Sow. 48 

Hamburg, Arkansas. 331*. gaw. 68 

Hamilton, Nevada. SQN. n6w. 72 

Hamilton, Ontario. 43 N. Sow. 48 

Hamilton Inlet, Labrador. 54;*?. s8w. 41 
Hamilton R, Labrador Pen. 54N. 63W. 41 

Hammonton, New Jersey. 4ON. 75W. 59 

Hampton, Iowa. 431*. 93W. 67 

Hampton, New Brunswick. 46}*. 66w. 45 
Hampton, New Hampshire. 431*. 7iw. 59 

Hampton, Ontario. 441*. 7gw. 49 

Hanley, Saskatchewan. 52N. io6w. 50 

Hannibal, Missouri. 4ON. giw. 67 

Hanover, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

*Hanover, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 73W. 58 

"Hanover, Virginia. 3811. 77W. 65 

Hanover Island, Chile. 513. 75W. 96 

Hants Co., Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64 w. 45 

Hare Bay, Newfoundland. SIN. s6w. 44 
Hare Indian River, Yukon. 66N. I27W. 74 

Hare Island, Quebec. 481*. 7ow. 46 

Harford Port, California. 351*. iziw. 72 

Harlan, Kentucky. 371*. 83W. 64 

Harney, Oregon. 44N. n8w. 72 

Harney Lake, Oregon. 43**. ngw. 72 

Harper Mount, Yukon. 65 N. i4ow. 74 

Harrington, Quebec. SON. 6ow. 44 

Harrisburg, Arkansas. 35N. giw. 68 

Harrisburg, Illinois. 38N. 88w. 67 

Harrisburg, Oregon. 44N. I23W. 72 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 77w. 58 

Harrison, Arkansas. 3&N. 93W. 68 i 

Harrison, Nebraska. 42N. IO4W. 66 

Harrison Bay, Alaska. 7oN. 15 iw. 74 

Harrisonburg, Louisiana. 32N. 92W. 68 

*Harrisonburg, Virginia. 38N. 7gw. 65 

Harrisonville, Missouri. 3gN. 94W. 67 

Harriston, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Harrowby, Manitoba. SIN. IO2W. 50 

Hart, Michigan. 44N. 86w. 64 

*Hartford, Connecticut. 42N. 73W. 59 

Hartford City, Indiana. 4ON. Ssw. 64 

Hartington, Nebraska. 43N. 97W. 67 

Hartney, Manitoba. 49N. loow. 51 

Hartville, Missouri. 371*. 93W. 67 

Harwood, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Hastings, Minnesota. 45 N. 93 w. 67 

Hastings, Nebraska. 4 IN. g8w. 66 

Hastings, Ontario. 45 N. 78w. 49 

Hastings County, Ontario. 45N. 77w. 49 

Hat Creek, Wyoming. 43N. IO4W. 66 

Hatteras Cape, N. Carolina. 35N. 76w. 65 

*Havana, Cuba. 23N. 82W. 80 

Havana, Illinois. 4o.\. go\v. 67 

*Haverhill, Massachusetts. 43N. 7iw. 59 

Haverhill, New Hampshire. 44N. 72W. 59 

Haverstraw, New York. 43*. 74W. 59 


Havilah, California. 361*. nSw. 72 

*Havre de Grace, Maryland. 4ON. 76w. 65 

Hawkesbury, Ontario. 46N. 75W. 49 

Hawkinsville, Georgia. 32N. 8sw. 69 

Hawthorne, Florida. SON. 82W. 69 

Hawthorne, Nevada. 39N. ngw. 72 

Hay Lake, Alberta. 59N. IITW. 53 

Hayneville, Alabama. 32N. 87w. 69 

Hays City, Kansas. 39N. 99W. 66 

Hayward, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO4W. 50 

Hayward, Wisconsin. 4&N. giw. 67 

Hazard, Kentucky. 37N. 83W. 64 

Hazelton, B. Columbia. SSN. I27W. 52 
Hazen Lake, Grant Land, Canada. 83^ 

7ow. 41 

Hazlehurst, Mississippi. 32N. giw. 68 

Hazleton, Pennsylvania. 4iN. 76w. 58 

Head Mt, B. Columbia. SON. nsw. 53 

Healdsburgh, California. 39N. I23W. 72 

Heart River, N. Dakota. 47N. loiw. 66 

Heath Pt, Anticosti Is. 49N. 62W. 44 

Heber, Arkansas. 35 N. 73W. 68 

Hecate Is., B. Columbia. 52N. I28w. 52 
Hecate Strait, B. Columbia. 53N. I32W. 52 

*Helena, Arkansas. 34N. giw. 68 

Helena, Montana. 47N. ii2W. 70 

Helena, Texas. 29N. g8w. 68 

Helvecia, Argentina. 313. 6ow. 92 

Hempstead, Texas. SON. g6w. 68 

Henderson, Kentucky. 38N. STW. 64 

Henderson, N. Carolina. 36N. 78w. 65 

Henderson, Texas. 32N. gsw. 68 

Henlopen Cape, Delaware. 39N. 73W. 65 

Henrietta Maria C., Canada. SSN. 83W. 41 

Herald Is., Arctic Ocean. 7iN. i7w. 40 

Heringsa, S. Dakota. 44N. IO4W. 66 

Hermanas, Coahuila, Mex. 27N. loiw. 77 
Hermitage Bay, Newfoundland. 481*. 

56w. 44 

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mex. 29N. inw. 76 

Hernando, Mississippi. 35N. gow. 68 

Heron, Saskatchewan. SON. IO2W. 50 

Heron Lake, Minnesota. 44N. g6w. 67 
Heron Lake, Saskatchewan. 57N. IO2W. 50 

Herschell Island, Yukon. 6gN. isgw. 74 

Hersey, Micliigan. 44N. 86w. 64 

Hespeler, Ontario. 42N. Sow. 48 
Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 24N. g8w. 77 

Hidalgo State, Mexico. 2 IN. g8w. 77 

High River, Alberta. SIN. nsw. 53 

Higuey, S. Domingo, W.I. igN. 6gw. So 

Hilaban Is., Philippine Is. I2N. I26E. 75 

Hill City, Kansas. 39N. loow. 66 

Hill River, Canada. s6N. g4w. 40 

Hillsboro, N. Carolina. S&N. 7gw. 64 

Hillsboro, Texas. 32N. g7w. 68 
Hillsborough, New Brunswick. 4&N. 

6sw. 45 




Hillsborough Bay, Prince Edward Island. 




56N. 63 w. 

Hillsdale, Michigan. 42N. 8sw. 
Hilton Head, S. Carolina. 32N. 8iw. 
Hinton, W. Virginia. 38N. 8iw. 
Hirsch, Saskatchewan. 49N. IO2W. 
Hogg Pass, Oregon. 44N. I22W. 

Holbrook, Arizona. 35N. now. 71 j 

Holland, Manitoba. SON. ggw. 51 

Holland, Michigan. 43 N. 86w. 64 | 

Holland Landing, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 j 
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 78w.s8 j 

"Holly Springs, Mississippi. 35 N. 8gw. 68 i 

Holsteinborg, Greenland. 67N. 54W. 41 

Holston R, Tennessee. 36N. 83W. 69 

Holton, Kansas. 39N. g6w. 67 j 

Holyoke, Colorado. 4 IN. IO2W. 66 

Holyoke, Massachusetts. 42^. 73 w. 59 

Home Bay, Baffin Land. 69*. 68w. 41 j 

Homer, Louisiana. 33N. 93W. 68 

Homer, New York. 42N. 8g\v. 58 j 

Homerville, Georgia. 3 IN. 82W. 6-9 

Homestead, Pennsylvania. 40^. Sow. 58 

Honda, Colombia. SN. 75 w. 90 
Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippine Is. 

ION. IIE. 75 
Honduras, Bay of, Cen. Amer. i7N. 87W.78 

"Honduras State, Cen. Amer. ISN. STW. 78 

Honesdale, Pennsylvania. 42.v. 7sw. 58 

Honey Lake, California. 40N. I2OW. 72 

Hood Mt, Oregon. 45 N. i2iw. 70 I 

Hoosac Ra., U.S.A. 43N. 73W. 59 

Hope, Arkansas. 34*. 94W. 68 

Hope, B. Columbia. 4QN. 12 iw. 52 

Hope, N. Dakota. 47N. g8w. 67 

Hopedale, Labrador. SSN. 6ow. 41 

Hopewell, New Brunswick. 46N. 6sw. 45 
Hopewell Corner, New Brunswick. 4&N. 

65W. 45 j 

Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 37N. STW. 64 I 

"Horn Cape, S. America. 563. 68w. 96 j 

Horn Mts., N.W. Ter. 62*. I2OW. 74 I 

Hornellsville, N.Y. 42N. 78w. 58 ' 

Horse Creek, Wyoming. 4 IN. iosw. 66 

Hoste Island, Chile. 553. 6gw. 96 j 

Hot Creek Mts., Nevada. 3gN. n6w. 72 j 

Hot Springs, Arkansas. 34N. 93W. 68 j 

Hot Springs, S. Dakota. 43N. IO4W. 66 j 

Hotham Inlet, Alaska. &TN. i62W. 74 

Houma, Louisiana. 2QN. giw. 68 

Houston, Missouri. 37N. 92W. 67 

Houston, Texas. SON. g6w. 68 
Houston Stewart Chan., B. Columbia. 

52N. I32W. 52 

Howard, S. Dakota. 44.^. 97W. 67 j 

Howe Island, Ontario. 44*. 76w. 49 

Howley, Newfoundland. 49N. STW. 44 

Hoxie, Kansas. 39 N. loow. 66 


Huacho, Peru. us. 78w. 91 

Huafo Island, Chile. 443. 75W. 96 

Huajuapan, Oaxaca, Mex. i8N. gSw. 77 

Huamachuco, Peru. 8s. 78w. 91 

Huanacache, Argentina. 323. 68w. 92 

Huancavelica, Peru. 133. 75W. 91 

Huanchaca, Bolivia. 2os. 67w. 92 

Huanchaco, Peru. 8s. 79 w. 91 

Huanuco, Peru. IDS. 76w. 91 

Huarachiri, Peru. I2S. 76w. 91 

Huaraz, Peru. gs. 77W. 91 

Huari, Peru. gs. 77w. 91 

Huasco, Chile. 283. 7iw. 92 

Huaylas, Peru. gs. 78w. 91 

Hudson, New York. 42N. 74W. 59 

*Hudson Bay, Canada. 6oN. 88w. 41 

Hudson Land, Greenland. 74N. 8ow. 41 

*Hudson R, New York. 42N. 74W. 59 

*Hudson Strait, Canada. 6i.v. 6gw. 41 

Hugo, Colorado. 39N. IO3W. 66 

Huitrin, Argentina. 383. 6gw. 92 

Humahuaca, Argentina. 233. 6sw. 92 

Humboldt Bay, California. 4IN. I24W. 72 

Humboldt Ho., Nevada. 4 IN. n7w. 72 

Humboldt River, Nevada. 4IN. u8w. 72 

Hunter Is., B. Columbia. 52N. I28w. 52 

Huntersville, W. Virginia. 38N. Sow. 64 

Huntingdon, Indiana. 4 IN. 85W. 64 

Huntingdon, Oregon. 44N. H7w. 72 

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. 4iN. 78w. 58 

Huntingdon, Quebec. 45N. 74W. 46 

Huntingdon, Tennessee. 3&N. 88w. 68 

Huntingdon, W. Virginia. 39 N. 83W. 64 

Huntsville, Alabama. 35N. 87w. 69 

Huntsville, Arkansas. 36N. 94W. 68 

Huntsville, Texas. 3 IN. g6w. 68 

Hurd Cape, Ontario. 45N. 82W. 48 

Huron, S. Dakota. 44N. g8w. 66 

Huron County, Ontario. 43 N. 8iw. 48 

*Huron L., Canada and U.S.A. 45N. 83W. 41 

Hutchinson, Kansas. 3&N. 97W. 67 

Hutshi, Yukon. 6iN. I36w. 74 

Hyndman, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 7gw. 58 

Iba, Philippine Islands. i6N. I2OE. 75 

Ibarra, Ecuador. IN. 78w. 90 

Ibicuy River, Brazil. 293. 56w. 93 

lea, Peru. 143. 76w. 91 

Icarog Mt, Philippine Is. I4N. I23W. 75 

Icatu, Maranhao, Brazil. 33. 44W. 88 

Ico, Ceara, Brazil. 6s. 38w. 88 

Icutu Mt, Venezuela. 6N. 65 w. 90 

*Icy Cape, Alaska. 7ON. i62w. 74 

Ida Grove, Iowa. 42N. g6w. 67 

Idaho City, Idaho. 44N. H7W. 72 

Idaho Falls, Idaho. 44N. H2W. 70 

*Idaho State, U.S.A. 44N. H4W. 70 

Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. iSN. ggw. 77 

i 9 4 



Iguape, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 253. 47w. 93 
Ilha, Bahia, Brazil. 155. 4iw. 89 

Ilheos River, Bahia, Brazil. 153. 4ow. 89 
Iligan, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 

SN. I24E. 75 

Iligan Bay, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 

SN. I24E. 75 

Diana Bay, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 

SN. I23E. 75 

Illapel, Chile. 313. 7iw. 92 

Illimani, Bolivia. i6s. 68w. 91 

Illinizo Mt, Ecuador, is. 79W. 90 

Illinois River, U.S.A. 39N. giw. 55 

Illinois State, U.S.A. 401*. gow. 67 

Iloilo, Philippine Islands. UN. I23E. 75 
Ilyaminsk Mount, Alaska. 6oN. I55W. 74 
Ilyamna Lake, Alaska. 59N. issw. 74 
Imataca Mts., Venezuela. SN. 6iw. 90 
Imperatriz, Alagoas, Brazil, gs. 36w. 89 
Imperial, Nebraska. 4iN. loiw. 66 

Inagua, Great, Bahama Is. 2 IN. 73W. 80 
Inagua, Little, Bahama Is. 22N. 73W. 80 
Inambari River, Bolivia, us. 68w. 91 
Independence, California. 37N. n8w. 72 
Independence, Iowa. 42N. g2W. 67 

Independence, Kansas. 37N. g6w. 67 

Independence, Missouri. 39N. 94W. 67 
Independencia, Brazil. 73. 36w. 88 

Indian River Inlet, Florida. 28N. 8iw. 69 
Indiana, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 79 w. 58 
*Indiana State, U.S.A. 4ON. 87w. 64 

Indianapolis, Indiana. 4ON. 86w. 64 

Indianola, Iowa. 42N. 94W. 67 

Indianola, Nebraska. 4ON. loow. 66 

Indianola, Texas. 28*1. g6\v. 71 

Ingalls, Kansas. 38N. loow. 66 

Inganish Bay, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6ow. 45 
Inglefield Gulf, Greenland. 78N. 68w. 41 
Inirida River, Colombia. 3N. 7ow. 90 
Inklin River, B. Columbia. 59N. I33W. 52 
Inland Lake, Manitoba. 52N. gSw. 51 
Intercolonial Railway, New Brunswick. 

47N. 6sw. 45 

International Bridge, Ontario. 43N. 7gw. 49 
Inverness, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6iw. 45 
Inverness, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 46 

Inverness Co., Cape Breton Is. 47N. 6iw. 45 
Ionia, Michigan. 43 N. 85 w. 64 

lot Pt, Philippine Islands. I4N. I24E. 75 
Iowa City, Iowa. 42N. giw. 6? 

Iowa State, U.S.A. 42N. 93W. 67 

Ipswich, S. Dakota. 4&N. ggw. 66 

Iquasu River, Brazil. 263. 53W. 93 

Iquique, Chile. 2ds. 7ow. 92 

Irapiranga, Bahia, Brazil. ios. s8w. 89 
Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. 2 IN. 

loiw. 77 

Ironton, Missoun. 37N. giw. 67 

6 4 


Ironton, Ohio. 38N. 82W. 

Iroquois, Ontario. 45 N. 75W. 

Irua, Paraguay. 228. 6iw. 92 

Isabela, BasUan, Philippine Islands. 

7N. I22E. 75 

Isabella, Georgia. 3 IN. 84W. 69 

Isafoldo, Manitoba. SIN. 97W. 51 

Isbester, Ontario. 44N. 84W. 48 

Iscuanda, Colombia. 2N. 78w. 90 

Iskoot River, B. Columbia. 57N. 13 iw. 52 
Isla de Pinos, Cuba. 22N. 83W. 80 

Island Lake, Saskatchewan. s6N. io6w. 53 
Island L,, N.W. Territories. 54N. gsw. 51 
Island Pond, Vermont. 45 N. 72W. 59 

Islands, B. of, Newfoundland. 49N. s8w. 44 
Islay, Peru. 173. 72W. 91 

Isles, Lac des, Saskatchewan. SSN. logvr. 53 
Isleta, New Mexico. 35N. IOTW. 71 

Itabira, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 193. 44W. 89 
Itacolumi Mt, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 

2 is. 43W. 89 

Itambe Mt, Minas Geraes, Brazil. i8s. 

43W. 89 

Itapicuru, Bahia, Brazil, us. 38w. 89 
Itapicuru, town and river, Maranhao, 

Brazil. 33. 44W. 88 

Itapicuru R., Bahia, Brazil. I2S. 37W. 89 
Itapura, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 203. siw. 93 
Itasca Lake, Minnesota. 47N. 95W. 67 
Itatiava Mt, Brazil. 228. 46w. 93 

Itaunas, Bahia, Brazil. i8s. 3gw. 89 

Itenes R, Bolivia and Brazil. 133. 6iw. 91 
*Ithaca, New York. 42N. 77w. 58 

Ivahy, Rio, Parana, Brazil. 243. 53W. 93 
Ivenheyma or Monice River, Matto 

Grosso, Brazil. 2 is. 35\v. 89 

Izamal, Yucatan. 2iN. 8gw. 78 

Jaboticacal, Brazil. 2 is. 49W. 93 

Jachal, Argentina. 303. 6gvr. 92 

Jacksboro, Tennessee. 36N. 84W. 69 

Jackson, California. 39N. 12 iw. 72 

Jackson, Michigan. 42N. 84W. 64 

Jackson, Mississippi. 32N. gow. 68 

Jackson, Tennessee. 36^ 8gw. 68 

Jacksonville, Alabama. 34N. 86w. 69 

Jacksonville, Florida. s6N. 8sw. 69 

Jacksonville, Illinois. 4ON. gow. 67 

Jacksonville, N. Carolina. 35N. 76w. 65 

Jacksonville, Oregon. 42 N. i23\v. 72 

Jacmel, Haiti, W. Indies. i8N. 72W. So 

Jacobina, Bahia, Brazil, us. 4iw. 89 

Jacques Cartier R., Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

Jaen, Peru. 6s. 79W. 91 

Jaguapiri River, Brazil, is. 6ow. 90 

Jaguaribe R, Ceara, Brazil. 6s. 38w. 88 

Jaicos, Piauhy, Brazil. 73. 42W. 88 

Jalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico. 2ON. 97W. 77 


X 95 


Jalisco State, Mexico. 2 IN. losw. 76, 77 I 
Jalpan, Queretaro, Mexico. ZIN. ggw. 77 

*Jamaica, West Indies. i8N. 77W. 80 

Jamary River, Brazil. IDS. 62W. 91 | 

Jamentos Cays, Bahama Is. 23N. 75W. 80 
James Bay, Canada. 54N. Sow. 41 

James R, N. and S. Dakota. 4611. ggw. 66 

*James River, Virginia. 371*. 76w. 55 

Jamestown, New York. 421*. 79W. 58 
Jamestown, N. Dakota. 471*. g8w. 66 
Jamestown, Tennessee. 361*. Ssw. 69 
Janesville, Wisconsin. 43N. Sgw. 67 

Januaria, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 153. 45W.89 
Jardim, Ceara, Brazil. ?s. 4ow. 88 

Jarrats, N. Carolina. 351*. 83W. 64 

Jarvis, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 

Jary River, Colombia. IN. 74W. 90 

Jary River, Para, Brazil. IN. 53\v. 88 
Jasper, Alabama. 34N. STW. 69 

Jasper, Texas. 3 IN. 94 w. 68 

Jasper Ho., Alberta. 53N. iiTw. 53 

Jassy River, Brazil. los. 64 w. 91 

Jatahy, Goyaz, Brazil. 193. 5iw. 89 

Jatoba, Pernambuco, Brazil, gs. 38w. 89 
Jauja, town and river, Peru. 123. 75W. 91 
Jefferson, Georgia. 34N. 8$v?. 69 

Jefferson, Iowa. 42N. 95W. 67 

Jefferson, Missouri. 38N. gzw. .67 

Jefferson, Texas. 33N. 94W. 68 

Jefferson Mount, Oregon. 44N. I22W. 72 
Jefferson River, Montana. 4&N. mw. 70 
Jeimore, Kansas. 38.N. icow. 66 

Jenseg R, New Brunswick. 4&N. 66w. 45 
Jeremie, Haiti, W. Indies. igN. 74W. 80 
Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil. 33. 4ow. 88 

*Jersey City, New Jersey. 4iN. 74W. 59 
Jerumenha, Piauhy, Brazil. 75. 42W. 88 
Jervis Inlet, B. Columbia. SON. I24\v. 52 
Jesup, Georgia. 32N. Saw. 69 

Jesus Isle, Quebec. 45N. 74W. 46 

Jesus Mount, Yukon. 64N. 13 iw. 74 

Jibara, Cuba. 2 IN. 76w. 80 

Jiminez, Chihuahua, Mexico. 27*. IO5W. 76 
Jiminez, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 24N. gSvr. 77 
Joao Gabriel, Brazil. 6s. 64 w. 91 

Joazeiro, Bahia, Brazil. 93. 4iw. 89 

Joca Lagoon, Coahuila, Mexico. 2gN. 

I04W. 76 

John Cape, Nova Scotia. 46N. 63W. 45 
Johnston L., Saskatchewan. SON. io6w. 50 
Johnstone Str., B. Columbia. SIN. I27W. 52 
Johnstown, New York. 43N. 74W. 59 
Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 79W. 58 
Joliet, Illinois. 4 IN. 88w. 67 

Joliette, Quebec. 46N. 73W. 46 

Jones Sound, Canada. 76^. 83W. 41 

Jonesborough, Arkansas. 3&N. giw. 68 
Jonesville, Virginia. 37N. 83W. 64 


Joplin, Missouri. 37N. 94W. 67 

Jordan River, Utah. 4 IN. H2W. 70 

Jorulla, Michoacan, Mexico. i8N. IO2W. 77 
Joseph Lake, Ontario. 4&N. 72W. 48 

Joseph Point, Anticosti Is. 49N. 62W. 44 
Juan de Fuca Strait, B.C. and U.S. 481*. 

I24W. 52 

Jucaro, Cuba. 32N. 7gw. 80 

Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico. i6N. 95W. 77 

Juchitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. 2ON. IO4W. 76 

Judith River, Montana. 47N. now. 66 

Jujuy, Argentina. 243. 66w. 92 

Jujuy City, Argentina. 233. 66w. 92 

Julesburg, Colorado. 4 IN. IO2W. 66 

Julianshaab, Greenland. 6iN. 46w. 41 

Junction City, Kansas. 39N. 97w. 67 

Junction City, Texas. SON. loow. 71 

Junin, Argentina. 353. 6iw. 92 

Junin, Peru. us. 7sw. 91 

Jupiter, Florida. 27N. Sow. 69 

Juquira, Brazil. IN. 6gw. 90 

Jurardot, Colombia. 4N. 75W. 90 

Jurua River, Brazil. 75. 68w. 91 
Juruena River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

132. 59W. 89 

Juticalpa, Honduras. ISN. 86w. 78 

Kachika R, B. Columbia. s8N. I27W. 52 

Kadiak Island, Alaska. 57*. I53W, 74 

Kahoka, Missouri. 4ON. 9iw. 67 

Kaijick Manitou L,, Ontario. 45 N. ?8w. 49 

Kaiteur Falls, B. Guiana. 6N. sgw. 88 

Kakas Lake, Quebec. 4gN. 7ow. 46 

Kalama, Washington. 4&N. I22W. 70 

Kalkasha, Michigan. 45 N. 85 w. 64 

Kamloops, B. Columbia. SIN. i2ow. 52 

Kamouraska, Quebec. 47N. 7ow. 46 

Kamsack, Saskatchewan. 52N. IO2W. 50 

Kane, Pennsylvania. 42N. 79W. 58 

Kankakee, Illinois. 4 IN. 88w. 67 

Kansas City, Kansas. 39N. 9$w. 67 
*Kansas State, U.S.A. 37N. 98w. 66, 67 
Kaposvar R, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO2W. 50 

Kaslo, British Columbia. SON. IITW. 53 

Kater Cape, Baffin Land. 6gN. 67W. 41 

Kawich Range, Nevada. 38N. n6w. 72 

Kearney, Nebraska. 4 IN. 99W. 66 

Keeler, California. 3&N. IITW. 72 

Keene, New Hampshire. 43N. 72W. 59 

Keeseville, New York. 44N. 74W. 59 

Keira, Boh'via. 203. 6ow. 92 

Keith Bay, Yukon. 65 N. I2OW. 74 

Kellett Cape, Canada. 72N. I25W. 40 

Kempt Lake, Quebec. 4&N. 74W. 46 

Kemptville, Nova Scotia. 44N. 66w. 45 

Kemptville, Ontario. 4$N. 76w. 49 

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. 6oN. isow. 74 

Kenansville, N. Carolina. 35N. 78w. 65 




Kennebec, Quebec. 46*1. 7ow. 46 

Kennebec River, Maine. 451*. 7ow. 59 
Kennebecasis R., N. Bruns. 45N. 66w. 45 
Kennebunk, Maine. 431*. 7iw. 59 

Kennedy Lake or Nettilling, Baffin Land. 

66N. 73 w. 41 

Kenosha, Wisconsin. 43 N. 88w. 67 

Kent Co., New Brunswick. 471*. 65 w. 45 
Kent County, Ontario. 42 N. 82W. 48 

Kentucky State, U.S.A. 3711. 8sw. 64 
Kentville, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64W. 45 
Keokak, Iowa. 4ON. giw. 67 

Kerby, Oregon. 42?*. i23\v. 72 

Kern River, California. 35N. H9W. 72 
Kewaunee, Wisconsin. 441*. 87W. 67 

Key Largo, Florida. 25 N. 8ow. 69 

Key Vaccas, Florida. 251*. Sow. 69 

Key West, Florida. 25 N. 8iw. 69 

Kicking Horse P., B.C. SIN. n6w. 53 
Killarney, Manitoba. 48N. 99W. 51 

Kimball, Nebraska. 4IN. IO4W. 66 

Kimball Mount, Alaska. 64N. I45\v. 74 
Kincardine, Ontario. 44N. 82W. 48 i 

King Frederick VIII. Land, Greenland. 

78N. 25W. 41 

King Frederick William's Cataract, | 
Corentyn R., Brit. Guiana. 3N. sSw. 88 j 
King William Ld., Canada. 6gN. 9/w. 40 | 
Kings Co., New Brunswick. 461*. 66w. 45 
Kings Co., Nova Scotia. 45 N. 65 w. 45 
Kings Co., Prince Edward Is. 461*. 6aw. 45 
Kings River, California. 3&N. ngw. 72 j 
Kingsport, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64 w. 45 j 

Kingston, Jamaica. i8N. 77W. 80 j 

Kingston, New Brunswick. 45 N. 66w. 45 i 

Kingston, New York. 42N. 74\v. 59 

Kingston, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 49 

Kingstown, St. Vincent. ISN. 6iw. 79 
Kingstree, S. Carolina. 34*;. Sow. 69 

Kingsville, Ontario. 421*'. 8sw. 48 j 

Kinmount, Ontario. 45 N. 7gw. 49 

Kinsley, Kansas. 3&N. xoow. 66 

Kinston, N. Carolina. 33N. 77W. 65 j 

Kioge Bay, Greenland. 651*. 4iw. 41 j 

Kiowa, Colorado. 391*. iosw. 66 i 

Kirkpatrick, Saskatchewan. 53N. io6w. 50 ; 
Kirksville, Missouri. 4ON. 93W. 67 : 

Kiskittogisa L., N.W. Terr. 54*-. g8\v. 51 
Kissimmee, Florida. zSx. 82W. 69 

Kissimmee River, Florida. 2/x. Siw. 69 
Kississing L., N.W. Territories. 55N. 

zoiw. 50 | 

Kittanning, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. Sow. 58 ' 
Kiyoukut Sound, Vancouver Island, j 
British Columbia. SON. i27\v. 52 j 

Klamath Lake, Oregon. 42N. I22W. 72 ! 
Klamath Lake, Little, California. 42N. 

I22W. 72 i 


Klamath River, California. 4iN. I23W. 72 
Klondike District, Yukon. 64?*. isgw. 74 
Kluahue Lake, Yukon. 6 IN. isSw. 74 
Knee Lake, Saskatchewan. s6N. io7w. 53 
Knight Inlet, B. Columbia. SIN. i26w. 52 
Knik River, Alaska. 6iN. I49W. 74 

Knoxville, Tennessee. 3&N. 84W. 69 

Kokomo, Indiana. 4ON. 86w. 64 

Komoka, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Kootenay L., B. Columbia. 49N. iiTw. 53 
Kootenay Pass, B. Columbia. 49N. H4W. 53 
Kootenay R, B. Columbia. SON. n6w. 53 
Kosciusko, Mississippi. 33N. 8gw. 68 

Kotzebue Sound, Alaska. 66N. i63W. 74 
Kountze, Texas. SON. 94W. 68 

Kowak River, Alaska. 67N. I59W. 74 
Koyukuk River, Alaska. 66.v. I53W. 74 
Kron Prins Gustav Sea, Canada. SON. 

loow. 40 

Kurtz, N. Dakota. 47N. loaw. 66 

Kusawah Lake, Yukon. 6iN. I35W. 74 
Kuskokvim River, Alaska. 62 N. i6ow. 74 
Kuskovim Bay, Alaska. sgN. i63W. 74 

La Beauce, Quebec. 44N. 7iw. 46 

La Eroquerie, Manitoba. 49 N. 97w. 51 

La Crosse, Wisconsin. 44N. giw. 67 
La Crosse L., Saskatchewan. s6N. logw. 53 

La Fayette, Indiana. 4ON. 87w. 64 

La Fayette, Louisiana. SON. 92W. 68 

La Foon, S. Dakota. 45N. 99\v. 66 

La Grace, S. Dakota. 4.6^. loow. 66 

La Grange, Georgia. 33 N. 85 w. 69 

La Guayra, Venezuela. ION. 67W. 90 

La Hacha, Colombia. UN. 7iw. 90 

La Have Cape, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64\v. 45 

La Have R, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64W. 45 

La Higuera, Chile. 293. 7iw. 92 

La Junta, Colorado. sSN. IO4W. 66 

La Ligua, Chile. 323. 7iw. 92 

La Martre Lake, Yukon. 63N. i2ow. 74 

La Mesa, Colombia. SN. 75W. 90 

La Mocha Is., Chile. 383. 74W. 92 
La Noche Buena, Coahuila, Mexico. 

28N. IO4W. 76 

La Paz, Argentina. 313. sgw. 92 

La Paz, Ari/,ona. 34N. ii4\v. 71 

La Paz, Bolivia. i6s. 68\v. 91 

La Paz, Lower California. 24N. mw. 76 

La Paz B., Lower California. 25N. mw. 76 

La Plata, Argentina. 353. sSw. 92 

La Porte, Texas. 2$N. 95w. 68 

La Puerta, Chiapas, Mex. i6N. 94 w. 77 

La Salle, Illinois. 42 N. 89 w. 67 

La Savana, Argentina. 283. 6ow. 92 

La Serena, Chile. 303. 7iw. 92 

La Tuque, Quebec. 48N. 73W. 46 

La Vega, S. Domingo, W. I. igN. 7iw. 80 




La Vieille L., Ontario. 461*. 78w. 
Labot Mt, Luzon, Philippine Is. 141*. 

I23E. 75 

*Labrador Penin., Canada. 551*. 7ow. 41 

Lac de Gras, N.W. Ter. 64N. inw. 74 

Lachine, Quebec. 45N. 74W. 46 

Lachute, Quebec. 46N. 74W. 46 

Laconia, New Hampshire. 44*?. 7iw. 59 

Lages, Brazil. 273. sow. 93 

Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico. 2 IN. losw. 77 

Lagrange, Texas. SON. 97W. 68 

Laguna del Madre, Texas. 28N. g8w. 71 

Lagunas, Chile. 2 is. 7ow. 92 

Lake Charles, Louisiana. SON. 93W. 68 

Lake City, Colorado. s8N. io7w. 66 

Lake City, Florida. SON. 82W. 69 

Lake Erie. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Lake View, Oregon. 42N. I2OW. 72 

Lake Village, Arkansas. SSN. giw. 68 

Lake of Bays, Ontario. 45N. 7gw. 48 

Lake of the 1000 Isles. 44N. 76w. 49 

Lakefield, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Lakeport, California. 39N. I23W. 72 

Laketon, B. Columbia. sgN. isow. 52 

Lamar, Colorado. s8N. IO2W. 66 

Lamar, Missouri. 37N. 94W. 67 

Lambayeque, Peru. 73. 8ow. 91 

Lambton County, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Lamego, Bolivia. I2S. 64W. 91 

Lampa, Peru. 153. 7ow. 91 
Lampazas, Nuevo Leon, Mex. 27N. loiw. 77 

Lamy, New Mexico. SSN. iosw. 71 
Lanao Lake, Mindanao, Philippine Is. 

SN. I24E. 75 

Lanark County, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 49 

Lancaster New York. 43N. 7gw. 58 
Ohio. 40N. 82W. 


Ontario. 45 N. 75 w. 
Pennsylvania. 4ON. 76w. 

S. Carolina. 

. Sow. 

*Lancaster Sound, Canada. 73N. 8$w. 
Lander, Wyoming. 43N. io8w. 
Landing Lake, N.W. Ter. SSN. g8w. 
Langdon, N. Dakota. 4gN. ggw. 
Langenbury, Sask. SIN. IO2W. 
Langevin, Alberta. SON. inw. 
Lansing, Michigan. 43N. S4W. 
Lansingburg, New York. 43N. 74W. 
Lapa, Matto Grosso, Brazil, gs. sow. 
Lapeer, Michigan. 43 N. 8sw. 
Laprida, Argentina. 363. 6iw. 
Laramie, Wyoming. 42N. io6w. 
Laramie Mts., Wyoming. 42N. io6w. 
Laramie Peak, Wyoming. 43N. iosw. 
Laramie R, Wyoming. 42N. io6w. 
Laredo, Texas. 27N. ggw. 
Larimore, N. Dakota. 48N. gTW. 
Lamed, Kansas. s8N. ggw. 



Larvas, Ceara, Brazil. 73. sgw. 
Las Animas, Colorado. s8N. iosw. 

Las Balsas, Guerrero, Mex. i8N. ggw. 77 

Las Cruces, New Mexico. 32N. io7w. 71 

Las Flores, Argentina. 363. sgw. 92 

Las Islas B., Philipphie Is. gN. i23E. 75 

Las Tinajas, Coahuila, Mex. 29 N. 102 w. 77 

Las Tres Marias, Mexico. 22N. io7w. 76 
Las Tres Virgenes, Lower California. 

28N. II2W. 76 

Las Tunas, Cuba. 2 IN. 77w. 80 

Las Vegas, New Mexico. SIN. iosw. 71 

Las Vueltas, Cuba. 22N. 8ow. 80 

Lassen Pk., California. 4iN. i2iw. 72 

Last Mountain L., Sask. SIN. 105 w. 50 

Lathom, Alberta. SIN. nsw. 53 

Lauag, Philippine Is. i8N. 12 IE. 75 

Laurens, S. Carolina. SSN. 82W. 69 

Laurentides Park, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 46 

Laurier, Manitoba. SIN. loow. 51 

Lavant, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 49 

Lawrence, Kansas. sgN. 95W. 67 

Lawrence, Massachusetts. 43N. 7iw. 59 

Le Maire Str., Patagonia. 553. 6sw. 96 

Le Mole St Nicholas, Haiti. 2ON. 7sw. 80 

Leadville, Colorado. sgN. IOTW. 66 

Leaf Lake, Manitoba. 52N. g6w. 51 

Leaf R, Labrador Penin. s8N. 7ow. 41 

Leakesville, Mississippi. SIN. 88w. 68 

Leamington, Ontario. 42N. 8sw. 48 

Leavenworth, Missouri. sgN. 95W. 67 

Lebanon, Missouri. s8N. gsw. 67 

Lebanon, Oregon. 44N. I23W. 72 

Lebanon, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 76w. 58 

Lebanon, Tennessee. s6N. 86w. 69 

Lebarge Lake, Yukon. 6iN. issw. 74 

Lebu, Chile. 383. 74W. 92 

Ledesma, Argentina. 233. 6sw. 92 

Leech Lake, Minnesota. 47N. 94W. 67 

Leech L., Saskatchewan. SIN. iosw. 50 

Leeds, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 46 

Leeds County, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 

Leeward Is., West Indies. 13 N. 67w. 79 

Lehigh, Oklahoma. 34N. 97w. 68 

Leitchfield, Kentucky. s7N. 86w. 64 

Leland, Michigan. 45N. 86w. 64 

Lemars, Iowa. 43 N. g6w. 67 

Lencoes, Brazil. 233. 4gw. 93 
Lennox Canal Pass., Cape Breton Is. 

46N. 6iw. 45 
Lennox and Addington Counties, Ontario. 

45N. 77W. 49 

Lenore L., Saskatchewan. 52N. losw. 50 

Leola, S. Dakota. 4 6N. ggw. 66 

Leon, Guanajuato, Mex. 2iN. loiw. 77 

Leon, Iowa. 4IN. 94W. 67 

'Leon, Nicaragua. I2N. 87w. 78 

Leopoldina, Goyaz, Brazil. 153. 52W. 89 




Leoti, Kansas. $gx. IO2W. 66 

Lepreau, New Brunswick. 45 N. 66w. 45 
Lepreaux Pt, New Brunswick. 45 N. 

66w. 45 

Lerdo, Duraugo, Mexico. 26N. iO4\v. 76 
Les Commissaires L., Quebec. 481*. 72W. 46 

Les Eboulements, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

Lethbridge, Alberta. SON. iisw. 53 

Levis, Quebec. 47;*. 7iw. 46 

Lewes River, Yukon. 62N. I35W. 74 

Lewis, Nevada. 4 IN. H7w. 72 

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 77w. 58 

Lewiston, Idaho. 46N. n7w. 70 

Lewiston, Maine. 44N. 7QW. 59 

Lewiston, Montana. 47N. now. 66 

Lewistown, Newfoundland. 4QN. 55W. 44 

Lewistown, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 78w. 58 

Lexington, Kentucky. s8N. 84W. 64 

Lexington, Michigan. 43N. 83W. 64 

Lexington, Missouri. 39N. 94W. 67 

Lexington, N. Carolina. s6N. Sow. 64 

Lexington, Tennessee. s6N. 88w. 68 

Leyte Is., Philippine Is. UN. I25E. 75 

Liangan, Philippine Islands. QN. I26E. 75 

Liard River, B. Columbia. 6oN. 12 iw. 52 

Liberal, Kansas. 37N. loiw. 66 ! 

Libertad, Peru. 8s. 78w. 91 

Libertad, Sonora, Mexico. SON. H3W. 76 

Liberty, Texas. SON. 95W. 68 

Liberty, Virginia. 37N. 7gw. 64 

Lichtenfels, Greenland. 63 N. 52W. 41 

Lilloet, British Columbia. SIN. I22W. 52 

Lima, Ohio. 4 IN. 84W. 64 

*Lima, Peru. 123. 77W. 91 

Limay River, Argentina. 393. 6gw. 92 

Limon, Colorado. 39N. IO4W. 66 

Linao Bay, Philippine Is. 7N. I24E. 75 

Linapacan, Philippine Is. UN. I2OE. 75 

Linares, Chile. 363. 72W. 92 

Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mex. 25N. gg\v. 77 

Linares City, Chile. 353. 72W. 92 

Lincoln, Illinois. 4ON. 8gvr. 67 

Lincoln, Kansas. 39 N. g8w. 66 

Lincoln, Nebraska. 4iN. 97W. 67 

Lincoln, New Mexico. 33N. iosw. 71 

Lincoln County, Ontario. 43N. 7gvf. 48 

Lincoln Mount, Colorado. 39N. io6w. 66 

Lincolnton, N. Carolina. SSN. 8iw. 64 

Linden, Alabama. 32 N. 88w. 69 

Linden, Tennessee. s6N. 88w. 69 

Lindsay, Ontario. 44N. /gw. 49 

Lingayen, Philippine Is. i6N. I2OE. 75 

Lingayen B., Philippine Is. i6N. I2OE. 75 
Linhares, Espirito Santo, Brazil, aos. 

4ow. 89 

Linkville, Oregon. 42N. 12 iw. 72 

Lisbon, New Hampshire. 44N. 72W. 59 

Lisburne Cape, Alaska. 6gN. i66w. 74 


Liscomb, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 62W. 45 

L'Islet, Quebec. 47N. 7ow. 46 

Listowel, Ontario. 44 N. 8iw. 48 

Litchfield, Illinois. 39N. 8gw. 67 

Litchfield, Minnesota, 45 N. 94W. 67 

Little Bras d'Or Channel, Cape Breton 

Island. 46N. 6ow. 45 

Little Cayman, Jamaica. 2ON. 8ow. 80 
Little Colorado R, Arizona. S&N. niw. 71 
Little Dalles, Washington. 49 N. ngw. 70 
Little Exuma Island, Bahama Islands, 

West Indies. 24^. 76w. 80 

Little Falls, Minnesota. 46^. 94W. 67 
Little L., N.W. Territories. 62N. ngw. 74 
Little Mekattina, Quebec. SIN. sgw. 44 
Little River, Newfoundland. 4&N. 57w. 44 
'Little Rock, Arkansas. 35N. 92W. 68 

Little Rocky Mts., Montana. 48N. io8w. 66 
Little Salt Lake, Utah. s8N. H3W. 71 
Little Valley, New York. 43 N. 77W. 58 
Littleton, New Hampshire. 44N. 72W. 59 
Live Oak, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 

Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 44N. &4W. 45 
Liverpool Coast, Greenland. 7iN. 22W. 41 
Liverpool R, Nova Scotia. 44N. 6sw. 45 
Livingston, Alabama. 32N. 88w. 69 

Livingston, Guatemala. I&N. 8g\v. 78 
Livingston, Montana. 4&N. now. 70 

Livingston, Texas. SIN. 95 w. 68 

Livingstone, Saskatchewan. 52N. io2\v. 50 
Llancaguelo L., Argentina. 353. 6gw. 92 
Llano, Texas. SIN. 99W. 71 

Llano de los Cristianos, Chihuahua, 

Mexico. 29N. iosw. 76 

Llano Estacado, New Mexico and Texas. 

33N. IO2W. 71 

Llanquihue, Chile. 413. ?3\v. 92 

Llanquihue Lake, Chile. 413. 73 w. 92 

Lloydminster, Alberta. SSN. now. 53 
Loa River, Chile. 223. 7ow. 92 

Lobos, Argentina. 353. sgw. 92 

Lobos Is., Sonora, Mexico. 27N. niw. 76 
Lobster Bay, Quebec. SON. 67W. 44 

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 78w. 58 
Lockport, New York. 43 N. 7g\v. 58 

Lockport, Nova Scotia. 44N. 6sw. 45 
Lodge, Pole Creek, Wyoming. 4 IN. 

I04W. 66 

Logan, Iowa. 42 N. g6w. 67 

Logan, Utah. 42N. ii2W. 70 

Logan, W. Virginia. 38^. 82W. 64 

Logan Mount, Quebec. 49N. 66w. 47 

Logan Mount, Yukon. 62N. I2gw. 74 
Logansport, Indiana. 4 IN. 86w. 64 

Loja, Ecuador. 43. 7gvf. gi 

London, Kentucky. 37N. 84W. 64 

London, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Londonderry Island, Chile. 553. 7iw. 96 




Long Bay, S. Carolina. 331*. 78w. 69 | 

Long Beach, California. 3411. n8w. 72 I 

Long Branch, New Jersey. 40*1. 74W. 59 

Long Island, Nova Scotia. 441*. 66w. 45 

*Long Island, New York. 4i.\. 73W. 59 

Long-legged L., N.W. Terr. SIN. 94W. 51 

Long Point Isle, Ontario. 43N. Sow. 48 

Long Range, Newfoundland. 48N. 59W. 44 i 

Longneuil, Quebec. 45 N. 73W. 46 

Longs Peak, Colorado. 401*. io6w. 66 

Longview, Texas. 33N. 94W. 68 j 

Lonoke, Arkansas. 35N. gzvf. 68 

Lookout, Wyoming. 42 N. io6w. 66 

Lookout Cape, N. Carolina. 34*. 77W. 65 

Loon Creek, Saskatchewan. 5 1 N. 104 w. 50 

Loon Creek R., Sask. SIN. iO4\v. 50 
Loreto, Lower California, Mexico. 27N. 

II2W. 76 

Loreto, Parana, Brazil. 225. 53\v. 89 

Loreto, Peru. 43. 7ow. 91 

Los Alamos, California. 35^. I2ow. 72 

Los Andes, Argentina. 253. 67W. 92 

Los Andes, Chile. 333. 7iw. 92 

Los Angeles, California. 34N. n8w. 72 

Los Angeles, Chile. 373. 72W. 92 

Los Colorados, Cuba. 22N. 84W. 80 

Los Olwos, California. 35N. I2OW. 72 

Los Palacios, Cuba. 23N. 84W. 80 

Los Roques, Caribbean Sea. UN. 67W. 90 

Lotbiniere, Quebec. 4&N. 72W. 46 

Lou don, Tennessee. 3&N. 84 w. 69 

Loughboro, Ontario. 44N. 77w. 49 

*Louisburg, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6ow. 45 
Louisburg Harbour, Cape Breton Is. 

46w. 6ow. 45 

Louise Is., B. Columbia. 53N. I32W. 52 

Louisiana, Missouri. 39N. gi\v. 67 

Louisiana State, U.S.A. 3 IN. 92W. 68 

Louisville, Georgia. 33 N. 82W. 69 

Louisville, Kentucky. 38N. 86w. 64 

Loup City, Nebraska. 4 IN. 99\v. 66 

Loup, Riviere du, Quebec. 47N. 6gw, 47 

Lowell, Massachusetts. 43N. 7iw. 59 

*Lower California St, Mex. 27N. H4W. 76 

Lower Lake, California. 42N. I2ow. 72 
Lower Seal Lake, Labrador Peninsula. 

56N. 74W. 41 

Lubang Is., Philippine Is. I4N. I2OE. 75 

Lucan, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Lucknow, Ontario. 52N. I3W. 48 

Lucretia Cape, Cuba. 2 IN. 76w. 80 

Lufkin, Texas. 3 IN. 94W. 68 

Luguna, Brazil. 273. 48w. 93 

Lumsden, Saskatchewan. SIN. losw. 50 

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64W. 45 
Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. 44N. 

64W. 45 

Lurgan, Ontario. 44N. 82W. 48 


Luzon, Philippine Is. i6N. 12 IE. 75 

Lyell Is., B. Columbia. 53N. I32W. 52 

Lyell Mt, California. 38N. iigw. 72 

Lyleton, Manitoba. 49N. loiw. 50 

Lynchburg, Virginia. 37N. 7gw. 64 

Lynn, Massachusetts. 42N. 7iw. 59 

Lyons, Kansas. 38N. gSw. 66 

Lytton, B. Columbia. SON. i2iw. 52 

Mabel Lake, B. Columbia. SIN. iigw. 52 
McAllister, Oklahoma. 35N. g6w. 68 
McCammon, Idaho. 43N. H3W. 70 

McClure Cape, Canada. 75N. i2ow. 40 
McClure Strait 75 N. I2ow. 40 

McDermitt Ft., Oregon. 42N. n8w. 72 
McDonald Hills, Sask. SIN. 104 w. 50 
McGillivray Islands, Yukon. 68N. I35W. 74 
McKeesport, Penn. 4ON. Sow. 58 

McKinley Mount, Alaska. 64N. 15 iw. 74 
McKinney, Texas. 33N. 97W. 68 

McLeod Ft, B. Columbia. SON. iisw. 52 
McLeod River, Alberta. 54N. n6w. 53 
McMinnville, Tennessee. 36**. 86w. 69 
McMurray Ft, Sask. 57N. mw. 53 

McPherson, Kansas. 38N. g8w. 67 

McVicar Bay, Yukon. 65 N. I2OW. 74 

Macajalar Bay, Philippine Is. 9N. I25E. 75 
Macapa, Para, Brazil, o. siw. 88 

Macau, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. 

53. 36w. 88 

Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil. IDS. 36w. 89 
Macha, Bolivia. iSs. 6sw. 91 

Mackay, Idaho. 44N. H3W. 70 

Mackay Lake, Yukon. 64N. now. 74 
Mackenzie Bay, Alaska, Canada. 7oN. 

I35W. 40 

Mackenzie River (mouth), Yukon. i67N. 

I35W. 74 

Mackinac, Michigan. 4&N. Ssw. 64 

Macomb, Illinois. 4IN. giw. 67 

"Macon, Georgia. 33N. 84W. 69 

Macon, Missouri. 4ON. 93W. 67 

Macoun, Saskatchewan. 49N. IO3W. 50 
Macquereau Cape, Quebec. 4.8N. 67W. 47 
Macton Is., Philippine Is. ION. I24E. 75 
Macy, South Dakota. 45N. IO4W. 66 

Madame Is., Cape Breton Is. 6iN. 6iw. 45 
Madawaska, New Brunswick. 47N. 68w. 45 
Madawaska River (source), Ontario. 4&N. 

79W. 49 

Madeira River, Brazil. IDS. 6sw. 91 

Madidi River, Bolivia. 123. 68w. 91 

Madison, Georgia. 34N. 84W. 69 

Madison, Indiana. 39N. 8sw. 64 

Madison, Nebraska. 42 N. g8w. 67 

Madison, South Dakota. 44N. g2W. 67 
Madison, West Virginia. sSN. 82W. 64 
Madison, Wisconsin. 43 N. 8gw. 67 




Madison River, Montana. 45 N. mw. Jo 
Madisonville, Kentucky. 37N. 87w. 64 
Madoc, Ontario. 43N. 78w. 49 

Madre Austral, Laguna del, Tamaulipas, 

Mexico. 25N. g6w. 77 

Madre de Dios, Bolivia. 128. 6gw. 91 

Madre de Dios Archipelago, Chile. 518. 

75W. 96 

Magdalen Cape, Quebec. 49 N. dyff. 47 
Magdalen Islands, Quebec. 471*. 6aw. 45 
Magdalen River, Quebec. 49**. 6sw. 47 
Magdalena, Colombia. UN. 75W. 90 

Magdalena, New Mexico. 34N. io7W. 71 
Magdalena Bay, Lower California. 25N. 

H3W. 76 

Magdalena Island, Chile. 455. 73 w. 96 
Magdalena Island, Mexico. 22N. io6w. 76 
Magdalena River, Colombia. ION. 75\v. 90 
Mage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 233. 44W. 89 
Magellan, Strait of, Patagonia. 533. 

6gw. 96 

Magnolia, Mississippi. 32N. giw. 68 

Mahaiconi, British Guiana. 9N. s8w. 88 
Mahanoy, Pennsylvania. 4IN. 76w. 58 
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64 w. 45 
Main Owl or Moreau River, S. Dakota. 

45N. I02W. 66 

Maipo Vol., Argentina. 343. 7ow. 92 

Maipu, Argentina. 373. s8w. 92 

Maipures, Colombia. 5N. 68w. 90 

Maitland R (mouth), Ontario. 44N. 82W. 48 
Mai Bay, Quebec. 48N. 64W. 47 

Mala Point, Panama. SN. 8ow. 90 

Malaba Cape, Florida. 28N. 8iw. 69 

Malad City, Idaho. 42N. H3W. 70 

Malade River, Idaho. 43N. nsw. 72 

Malagash Pt, Nova Scotia. 4&N. 63W. 45 
Malampaya Bay (Palawan Is.), Philip- 
pine Islands. UN. ngE. 75 
Malanzan, Argentina. 313. 67W. 92 
MalbaieR (mouth), Quebec. 4&N. 7ow. 46 
*Maldonado, Uruguay. 355. 55W. 93 
Malheur Lake, Oregon. 43N. ngw. 72 
Malhou Is., Philippine Is. UN. I24E. 75 
Malleco, Chile. 383. 72W. 92 
Maloca, Colombia. 23. 74W. 90 
Malone, New York. 45 N. 74\v. 59 
Malpelo Isle, Colombia. 5N. 8iw. go I 
Malta, Montana. 48N. io8w. 66 1 
Malvern, Arkansas. 34N. 93W. 68 1 
Mammath Cave, Kentucky. 37N. 86w. 64 
Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming. 45N. 

now. 7o 

Mamore River, Bolivia. 135. 6$\v. 91 

Managua, Nicaragua. I2N. 86w. 78 ! 

Managua Lake, Nicaragua. I2N. 86w. 78 j 
Manasquan, New Jersey. 4ON. 74W. 59 
Manatee, Florida. 27N. 83W. 69 


Manchester, New Hampshire. 43N. 7iw. 59 
Mancora, Peru. 45. Siw. 91 

Mandan, N. Dakota. 4&N. zoow. 66 

Mandeville, Louisiana. 3 IN. gow. 68 

Manganetawan, Ontario. 461*. Sow. 48 
Manganetawan R (mouth), Ontario. 4&N. 

8iw. 48 

Mangles Point, Colombia. 2N. 7gw. 90 
Manhattan, Kansas. 39N. 97w. 67 

Manicouagan Peninsula, Quebec. 49N. 

68w. 47 

Manicouagan River, Quebec. 49N. 68w. 47 
Manigotagan Lake, Manitoba. SIN. g6w. 51 
Manikuagan River, Quebec. 48N. 67w. 44 
Manila, Philippine Islands. ISN. I2IE. 75 
Manistee Town, Michigan. 44N. 86w. 64 
Manistee River, Michigan. 44N. 86w. 64 
*Manitoba, Canada. 52N. 97W. 40 

Manitoba Ho., Manitoba. SIN. 99W. 51 
Manitoba Lake, Manitoba. SIN. 99 w. 51 
Manitou, Manitoba. 49N. ggw. 51 

Manitou Little Lake, Sask. SIN. iosw. 50 
Manitowoe, Wisconsin. 44N. 88w. 67 
Mankato, Minnesota. 44N. 94W. 67 

Manning, S. Carolina. 34N. Sow. 69 

Manoel Aloes Grande River, Goyaz, 

Brazil. 128. 48w. 88 

Manotick, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 

Mansfield, Louisiana. 32N. 94W. 68 

Mansfield, Massachusetts. 42N. 73W. 59 
Mansfield, Ohio. SON. 82 w. 64 

Mansfield, Pennsylvania. 42N. 77W. 58 
Mansfield Island, Hudson Bay, Canada. 

64N. 8iw. 41 

Mansfield Mount, Vermont. 43 N. 73W. sg 
Manta, Ecuador, is. 8iw. 90 

Mantalingajan Mt, Philippine Islands. 

SN. n8E. 75 

Mantanzas, Cuba. 23N. 82W. 80 

Manti, Utah. 39N. H3W. 70 

Mantu, Cuba. 22N. 8sw. 80 

Manuan, river and lake, Quebec. 48N. 

74W. 46 

Manyhonet Creek, Sask. SON. IO4W. 50 
Manzanillo, Cuba. 2ON. 77w. 80 

Manzanillo, Colima. igN. IO4W. 76 

Mapiri, town and river, Bolivia. 153. 

69W. 91 

Maquincha, Patagonia. 428. 68w. g6 

Mar Chiquita, Argentina. 383. s8w. 93 

Mara, Peru. 153. 73W. 91 

Marabitanos, Brazil. IN. 67w. 90 

Maraca Is., Para, Brazil. 2ON. sow. 88 

*Maracaybo, Venezuela. UN. 72W. go 

*Maracaybo, L. de, Venezuela. ION. 72W. 90 

Marahu, Bahia, Brazil. 153. sgw. 8g 

Marajo or Joannes Island, Para, Brazil. 

is. sow. 88 




Marangan, Peru. 53. 7iw. 91 
Maranhao, prov. and town, Brazil. 53. 

45W. 88 

Maranon River, Peru. 8s. 77\v. 91 

Maraua, Brazil. 43. 6?w. 91 

Maravilla Lake, Chile. 528. 7yN. 96 

Marble Island, Canada. 64N. gow. 41 

Marcy Mt, New York. 44N. 74W. 59 

Marfa, Texas. SIN. iO4\v. 71 
Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia. 45 K. 64W. 45 

*Margarita, Caribbean Sea. I2N. 6sw. 90 

Maria Bay, L. California. 25N. H2W. 76 

Maria Va., Brazil. 153. 57\v. 91 

Marianna, Florida. SIN. 8sw. 69 
Marianna, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 208. 

43\v. 89 

Marias River, Montana. 47N. ii2W. 70 

Maria to Point, Panama. 7N. 8iw. 90 
Marica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.^ 243. 43W. 89 

Marie, Quebec. 48N. 66w. 47 

Marie Galante, Leeward Is. i6N. 6iw. 79 

Mariel, Cuba. 23N. 8sw. 80 

Marieton, Saskatchewan. SIN. 105 w. 50 

Marietta, Georgia. 34N. 84W. 69 

*Marietta, Ohio. sgN. 8iw. 64 
Mariguana, Bahama Islands. 23N. 73\v. 80 
Marinduque Is., Philippine Islands. ISN. 

I22E. 75 

Marinette, Wisconsin. 45 N. 88w. 67 

Marion, Alabama. 32N. 87w. 69 

Marion, Colorado. sgN. io8w. 66 

Marion, Kansas. S&N. 97w. 67 

Marion, N. Carolina. s6N. 82W. 64 

Marion, Ohio. 4 IN. 83 w. 64 

Marion, S. Carolina. 34N. 7gw. 69 

*Mariposa, California. 37N. i2ow. 72 

Mariua (Barcellos), Brazil, is. 6sw. 90 

Markham, Ontario. 44N. 79W. 48 

Markleeville, California. s8N. I2OW. 72 

Marksville, Louisiana. SIN. gaw. 68 

Marlboro, Massachusetts. 42N. 72W. 59 

Marmora, Ontario. 45N. 8ow. 49 

Maroa, Venezuela. SN. 68w. 90 
Maroni River, Dutch and French Guiana. 

6N. 54W. 88 

Marquesas Keys, Florida. 24N. 8sw. 69 

Marsh Island, Louisiana. 2gN. 92W. 68 

Marsh Lake, Yukon. 6oN. I34W. 74 

Marshall, Arkansas. SIN. 93 w. 68 

Marshall, Michigan. 42N. 8sw. 64 

Marshall, Minnesota. 44N. g6w. 67 

Marshall, N. Carolina. s6N. 8sw. 64 

Marshall, S. Dakota. 44N. 95W. 67 

Marshall, Texas. 33-v. 94W. 68 

Marshalltown, Iowa. 42 N. 93W. 67 

Marshfield, Missouri. s6N. gsw. 67 

Marshfield, Oregon. 43N. I23W. 72 

Martha's Vineyard, Mass. 4 IN. 7iw. 59 

Martinez, California. 37N. I22W. 72 

^Martinique, Windward Is. ISN. 6iw. 79 
Martinsville, Virginia. 37N. Sow. 64 

Martintown, Ontario. 4$N. 7sw. 49 

Martius Cataract, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

los. 54W. 89 

Maryfield, Saskatchewan. SON. io2W. 50 

'Maryland State, U.S.A. sgN. 77w. 65 
Marysville, California. sgN. 12 iw. 72 
Marysville, Kansas. 4ON. 97w. 67 

Maryville, Missouri. 4ON. gsw. 67 

Maryville, Tennessee. s6N. 84 w. 69 

Masabi, Boh'via. 2is. 6iw. 92 

Masaya, Nicaragua. I2N. 86w. 78 

Masbate Is., Philippine Is. I2N. I24E. 75 
Masco ta, Jalisco. 2 IN. iosw. 76 

Maskinonge, town and mouth of river, 

Quebec. 46N. 7sw. 46 

Mason, Iowa. 43 N. gsw. 67 

'Massachusetts Bay, Mass. 42N. 7iw. 59 

*Massachusetts State, U.S.A. 42N. 72W. 59 
Massary R, Amazonas, Brazil. 33. 53W. 88 
Massilon, Ohio. 4 IN. 82 w. 64 

Masting Cape, Greenland. 64N. 4OW. 41 
Mata de S. Joao, Bahia, Brazil. 123. 38w. 89 
Matagalpa, Nicaragua. ISN. 86w. 78 

Matagorda Bay, Texas. 2gN. g6w. 68 
Matagorda Island, Texas. 2gN. g6w. 68 

*Matamoros, Tamaulipas. 26N. gTW. 77 
Matane, town and state, Quebec. 4gN. 

68w. 47 

Matanzas, Florida. SON. 8iw. 69 

Matapedia, town and river, Quebec. 

48N. 67w. 47 

Matapedia Lake, Quebec. 4gN. 7ow. 47 
Matawa, town and river, Ontario. 461*. 

79W. 49 

Matchedash Bay, Ontario. 4$N. 8ow. 48 
Matehuala, San Luis. 24N. loiw. 77 

Mattawin River, Quebec. 47N. 7sw. 46 

*Matto Grosso, town and prov., Brazil. 

153. 6ow. 89 

Mattoon, Illinois. 39N. 88w. 67 

Matura, Brazil. 53. 6gw. gi 

Maturin, Venezuela. ION. 6sw. go 

Matutum Mt, Philippine Is. 6N. I25E. 75 
Maule, Chile. 353. 72W. 92 

Maumee River, Ohio. 4 IN. 85 w. 64 

Maura (Pedreto), Brazil, is. 6iw. 90 

Mauyaise River, N. Dakota. 4&N. ggw. 66 
Maxon Springs, Texas. SON. 102 w. 71 
May Cape, New Jersey. sgN. 75W. 59 

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. i8N. 67w. 80 
Mayait Lake, Philippine Is. ION. I25E. 75 
Mayari, Cuba. 2 IN. 76w. 80 

Mayfield, Kentucky. 37N. 8gw. 64 

Maynooth, Ontario. 45 N. 78w. 49 

Mayo Bay, Philippine Is. 7N. I26E. 75 




Mayo Lake, Yukon. 64*1. i35\v. 74 
Mayo River, Patagonia. 463. 7ow. 96 
Mayo R. (mouth), Sonora. 281*. now. 76 
Mayobamba, Peru. 6s. 77W. 91 
Mayon, Philippine Is. 13 N. I27W. 75 
Mayport, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 
Maysi Cape, Cuba. 2ON. 74W. 80 
Maysville, Kentucky. 391*. 84W. 64 
Mayville, New York. 42 N. 79W. 58 
Mazaruni River, B. Guiana. 6N. 6ow. 90 
Mazatlau, Sinaloa. 23N. io6w. 76 
Meade, Kansas. 36K. xoow. 66 
Meadow Valley, Nevada. 371*. H4W. 72 
Meadville, Pennsylvania. 42N. Sow. 58 
Meaford, Ontario. 45 N. 8iw. 48 
Medanas, Argentina. 393. &3W. 92 
Medellin, Colombia. 6N. 76w. 90 
Medford, Wisconsin. 45 N. gow. 67 
Medicine Bow Mts., Wyoming and Colo- 
rado. 42N. io7w. 66 
Medicine Hat, Alberta. SON. inw. 53 
Medicine Lodge, Kansas. 37N. g8w. 66 
Medina, Argentina. 233. 6sw. 92 
Medora, N. Dakota. 47N. IO4W. 66 
Meeker, Colorado. 4ON. io8w. 66 
Megantic, town and lake, Quebec. 45N. 

7iw. 46 

Megantic Dist, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 46 

Mejillones, ChUe. 233. 7iw. 92 

Mekattina River, Quebec. SIN. 6ow. 44 

Melbourne, Arkansas. 3&N. 92W. 68 

Melfort, Saskatchewan. SSN. iosw. 50 

Melita, Manitoba. 49N. loiw. 50 

Melo, Uruguay. 328. 55 w. 93 

Melville Bay, Greenland. 75 N. 6ow. 41 

*Melville Is., N.W. Terr. 76N. now. 40 
Melville Penin., N.W. Terr. 68N. 

84W. 41 

*Melville Sound, N.W. Terr. 74N. io8w. 40 

Memphis, Missouri. 4ON. 92W. 67 

Memphis, Tennessee. 35N. gow. 68 

Memphremagog L., Quebec. 45N. 72W. 46 

Mendez, Tamaulipas. 25N. g8w. 77 

Mendocino, California. sgN. I24W. 72 

Mendocino C., California. 4ON. I24W. 72 

Mendota, Oklahoma. 37N. 97w. 68 

*Mendoza, Argentina. 333. 6gw. 92 

Mercedes, Argentina. 293. sgw. 92 

Mercedes, Uruguay. 333. s8w. 92 

Mercer, Pennsylvania. 4IN. 8iw. 58 

Merida, Venezuela. SN. 7iw. 90 

*Merida, Yucatan. 2 IN. 8gw. 78 

Meriden, Connecticut. 42 N. 73W. 59 

Meridian, Mississippi. 32N. 88w. 68 

Meridian, Texas. 32N. 97W. 68 
Mermenton River (mouth), Louisiana. 

SON. 93w. 68 | 

Merrickville, Ontario. 4$N. 76w. 49 | 


Merrill, Wisconsin. 45 N. gow. 67 

Meta River, Colombia. 6N. 7ow. 90 

Metis, town and mouth of river, Quebec. 

49N. 68w. 47 

Mexcala River, Mexico. i8N. loow. 77 

Mexiana Is., Para, Brazil, o. sow. 88 

Mexico, Missouri. 38N. 92W. 67 

*Mexico City, Mexico. igN. ggw. 77 

*Mexico Republic. igN. 99 w. 77 

Mezquital, Durango. 24N. io3W. 76 

Miami, Florida. 26N. Sow. 69 

*Michigan St, U.S.A. 4 4 N. 8sw. 64 

Michikamow L., Labrador Peninsula. 

55N. 6sw. 41 

Michoacan St, Mexico. igN. IO2W. 77 
Middle Fk,, Idaho. 45N. nsw. 72 

Middle L., California. 42N. I2OW. 72 

Middle L., Saskatchewan. 53N. iosw. 50 
Middleboro, Kentucky. 37N. 84W. 64 
Middleburg, New York. 43N. 74W. 59 
Middlesex District, Ontario. 43N. 83W. 48 
Middletown, Connecticut. 42N. 73W. 59 
Middletown, New York. 4iN. 7sw. 59 
Midland, Ontario. 45 N. 8ow. 48 

Milan, New Hampshire. 4$N. 7iw. 59 
Milbank Sd., B. Columbia. SSN. i28w. 52 
Miles City, Montana. 47N. io6w. 66 

Milestone, Saskatchewan. SON. iosw. 50 
Milk River, Montana. 49N. io8w. 54 

Millbank, S. Dakota. 45 N. g7w. 67 

Mille Lacs, Minnesota. 46N. gsw. 67 

Mille Vaches, Quebec. 48N. 6gw. 44 

Milledgeville, Georgia. 33N. 84W. 69 

Millen, Georgia. 33N. 8zw. 69 

Miller, S. Dakota. 44N. ggw. 66 

Millertown, Newfoundland. 47N. 57W. 44 
Millsville, Nova Scotia. 4&N. 63W. 45 
Milltown, New Brunswick. 45N. 67w. 45 
Millville, New Jersey. 3gN. 75W. 59 

Milnor, N. Dakota. 46N. g8vv. 67 

Milton, Florida. 3 IN. 87w. 69 

Milton, Ontario. 43 N. 8ow. 48 

Milton, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 77w. 58 

Milverton, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 43N. 83W. 67 

Minago R., N.W. Territories. 54N. ggw. 51 
Minas, Uruguay. 343. ssw. 93 

Minas Basin, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64W. 45 
Minas Channel, Nova Scotia. 45N. 6sw. 45 
Minas Geraes, prov., Brazil. 193. 45W. 89 
Minas Novas, Minas Geraes, Brazil. i8s. 

42W. 89 

Minatitlan, Vera Cruz. i8N. 95 w. 77 

Minco, Oklahoma. 35N. g8w. 68 

Mindanao Is., Philippine Is. SN. I25E. 75 
Minden, Nebraska. 4iN. ggw. 66 

Minden, Ontario. 45 N. 7gw. 49 

Mindoro Is., Philippine Is. I3N. I2IE. 75 




Mindoro Str., Philippine Is. 131*. I2IE. 75 
Mineola, Texas. 33*. g6w. 68 

Mineral Bridges, Nevada. 401*. iiTW. 72 
Mineral Wells, Texas. 331*. gSw. 68 

Mingan, Quebec. SON. 64\v. 44 

Mingan Islands, Quebec. SON. 64\v. 44 
Miniota, Manitoba. SON. zoiw. 50 

Minneapolis, Kansas. 39N. g8w. 67 

Minneapolis, Minnesota. 45N. 93W. 67 
Minnedosa, Manitoba. SON. loow. 51 
Minnesela, S. Dakota. 4$N. io4W. 66 
Minnesota R., Minnesota. 4&N. 95 w. 67 

*Minnesota St, U.S.A. 46N. gsw. 67 

Minnewaukan, N. Dakota. 48N. ggw. 66 
Minot, N. Dakota. 48N. loiw. 66 

Mirador, Maranhao, Brazil. 73. 48w. 88 
Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick. 471*. 

6sw. 45 

Miramichi River, New Brunswick. 47N. 

66w. 45 

Miranda, Brazil, aos. s6w. 93 

Mire Bay, Cape Breton Is. 46N. 6ow. 45 
Mirim Lake, Uruguay. 333. 52W. 93 

Miscou Is., New Brunswick. 48N. 6sw. 45 
Miscou Pt, New Brunswick. 48N. 64 w. 45 
Misiones, Terr, of, Argentina. 273. 55\v. 93 
Misque, Bolivia. 173. 6sw. 91 

Mission, Yukon. 6oN. iigw. 74 

Mississippi, lake and river, Ontario. 451*. 
77W. 49 

'Mississippi R., U.S.A. 33N. gsw. 49, 54, 55 

*Mississippi State, U.S.A. 33N. gow. 68 
Missoula, Montana. 47N. H4W. 70 

*Missouri River, U.S.A. 39N. 93W. 54, 55 

*Missouri State, U.S.A. 38N. 94W. 67 

Mistassini River, Quebec. 47N. 73W. 46 
Mistawasis, Saskatchewan. 53N. io7w. 50 
Mita, Lag. de, Guerrero. i7N. loow. 77 
Mitchell, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Mitchell, S. Dakota. 44N. g8w. 66 

Mitchell Mt, N. Carolina. s6x. 83W. 64 

*Mitla, Oaxaca. i7N. g6w. 77 

Mizantla, Vera Cruz. 2ON. 97w. 77 

Moberly, Missouri. 39N. 92W. 67 

*Mobile, town and bay, Alabama. SIN. 

88w. 69 

Mocoa, Colombia. 2N. 75 w. 90 

Mocorito, Sinaloa. 26N. io8w. 76 

Modesto, California. 38N. I2iw. 72 

Mogollen Mts., Arizona. 35N. mw. 71 
Mogy Guassu, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2 is. 

Sow. 89 

Mohave, Arizona. SSN. H4\v. 71 

Moira River, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Moisee, Quebec. SON. 66w. 44 

Moisie R., mouth, Quebec. SON. 66w. 44 
Mojave, California. SSN. n8w. 72 

Mojave Desert, California. 35N. n8w. ?2 


Mojave River, California. 35N. ii7w. 72 
Moju River, Para, Brazil. 25. 49W. 88 
Moline, Illinois. 42N. giw. 67 

Molino, Florida. SIN. 88w. 69 

Mollendo Port, Peru. 173. 72W. 91 

Molson, Manitoba. SON. g6w. 51 

Molson L., N.W. Territories. 54N. 97w. 51 
Mompox, Colombia. gN. 75W. 90 

Mona, island and passage, Great Antilles. 

West Indies. i8N. 68w. 80 

Monahan, Texas. 32N. losw. 71 

Monclova, Coahuila. 27N. io2W. 77 

Moncton, New Brunswick. 4&N. 64W. 45 
Monmouth, Illinois. 4IN. giw. 67 

Mono Lake, California. s8N. iigw. 72 
Monongahela, Pennsylvania. 4ON. Sow. 58 

*Monongahela R., W. Virginia. sgN. Sow. 58 
Monroe, Louisiana. 23N. g2W. 68 

Monroe, Michigan. 42N. 8sw. 64 

Monroe, Wisconsin. 43N. gow. 67 

Montague Island, Alaska. 6oN. I48w. 74 

*Montana State, U.S.A. 47N. now. 66 
Montauk Pt, Long Island. 4IN. 72W. 59 
Monte Alegre, Para, Brazil. 23. 53W. 88 
Monte Caseros, Argentina. 308. s8w. 92 
Monte Christi, Haiti, W.I. 2ON. 72W. 80 
Montego, Jamaica. igN. 78w. 80 

Monte Nuevas, Argentina. 363. 64W. 92 

*Monterey, California. 37N. I22W. 72 

*Monterey, Nuevo Leon. 26N. loiw. 77 
Monterey Bay, California. 37N. I22W. 72 
M. Video, Patagonia. 483. 66w. 96 

*Montevideo, Uruguay. 353. s6w. 93 

Montgomery, Alabama. 32N. 86w. 69 
Montgomery, Saskatchewan. SON. IO2W. 50 
Montgomery, Texas. SIN. g6w. 68 

Monticello, Arkansas. 34N. g2W. 68 

Monticello, Florida. SIN. 84W. 69 

Monticello, Kentucky. s7N. 8sw. 64 

Monticello, New York. 42 N. 74W. 59 

Montmagny (St Thomas), Quebec. 47N. 

7iw. 46 

Montmorency Dist, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

*Montmorency River, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 
Montpelier, Vermont. 44N. 7sw. 59 

'Montreal, Quebec. 46N. 74W. 46 

Montreal L., Saskatchewan. 54N. io6w. 50 
Montrose, Colorado. s8N. io8w. 66 

Montrose, Pennsylvania. 42N. 76w. 58 
Monts, Pt des, Quebec. 49 N. 67w. 47 

*Montserrat Is., Leeward Is. I7N. 62W. 79 
Montt, Pto., Chile. 42N. 7sw. 96 

Moorcroft, Wyoming. 44N. iosw. 66 

Moore Town, Jamaica. i8N. 77W. So 

Moorefield, W. Virginia. sgN. 7gw. 64 
Moorhead, Minnesota. 47N. g7w. 67 

Moose L., N.W. Territories. 52N. gsw. 51 
Moose Mt Creek, Sask. SON. iosw. 50 




Moose River, Ontario. SON. 83 w. 41 

Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. SON. io6w. 50 
Moosomin, Saskatchewan. SON. IO2W. 50 
Moquegua, Peru. 175. 7iw. 91 

Morant Bay, Jamaica. i8N. 76w. 80 

Morehead City, N. Carolina. SSN. 77w. 65 
Morelia, Michoacan. ZON. toiw. 77 

Moresby Island, B. Columbia. 53N. I32W. 52 
Morgan City, Louisiana. SON. giw, 68 
Morganton, N. Carolina. 36N. 82W. 64 
Morley, Alberta. SIN. nsw. 53 

Moron, Cuba. 23 N. 78w. 80 

Morosquillo, G. of, Colombia. ION. 76w. 90 
Morris, Manitoba. 49N. 97w. 51 

Morris, Minnesota. 44N. 97w. 67 

Morrisburg, Ontario. 45 N. 75\v. 49 

Morrisville, New York. 43N. 76w. 58 

Morrow, Ohio. 39N. 84W. 64 

Morse, Saskatchewan. SIN. io7w. 53 
Mortlach, Saskatchewan. SON. io6w. 50 
Moscow, Idaho. 47N. H7\v. 70 

Mosquito Inlet, Florida. 29N. 8iw. 69 
Mostardos, Brazil. 313. sow. 93 

Motagua River, mouth, Central America. 

i6N. 88w. 78 

Mouchoir-carre Bk., West Indies. 2 IN. 

7iw. 80 

Moultrie, Georgia. 3 IN. 84W. 69 

Moulton, Alabama. 34N. 87w. 69 

Mount Ayr, Iowa. 4 IN. 94W. 67 

Mount Carroll, Iowa. 42N. gow. 67 

Mount Carroll, Illinois. 42N. gow. 67 

Mount Clintoch Ch., Canada. 7iN. now. 40 
Mount Forest, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Mount Ida, Arkansas. 34N. 94W. 68 

Mount Morris, New York. 43N. 78w. 58 
Mount Pleasant, Texas. 33N. 95W. 68 
Mount Vernon, Georgia. 32 N. 83W. 69 
Mount Vernon, Kentucky. 38N. 84 w. 64 
Mount Vernon, Missouri. 37N. 93W. 67 
Mount Vernon, Ohio. 4ON. 82W. 64 

Mountain Home, Arkansas. 3&N. 92W. 68 
Mouse Lake, Saskatchewan. $6N. io6w. 53 
Mowbray, Manitoba. 49N. 99W. 51 

Muchalat Lake, Vancouver Island, British 

Columbia. SON. i27w. 52 

Mud Island, Nova Scotia. 43N. 66w. 45 
Muertos Bay, L. California. 24N. now. 76 
Muitaca, Venezuela. 8N. 6sw. 90 

Mulock, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO2W. 50 
Muncie, Indiana. 4ON. 8$w. 64 

Mundahu, Ceara, Brazil. 33. 39W. 88 

Mundo Novo, Bahia, Brazil. 128. 4iw. 89 
Mundrucu Village, Para, Brazil. 6s. 57w. 88 
Munfordville, Kentucky. 38N. 86w. 64 
Murchison Cape, Baffin Land. 64N. 6sw. 41 
*Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 36N. 86w. 69 
Murphey, N. Carolina. 35^ 84W. 64 


Murray Bay, Quebec. 48N. 7ow. 46 

Murray R., Prince Edward Is. 4&N. 6sw. 45 
Muskegon, Michigan. 43N. 86w. 64 

Muskoka, dist., lake and river. 45 N. 7gw. 48 
Muskosibi River, Quebec. 49N. 72W. 46 
Muskrat Lake, Ontario. 4&N. 77w. 49 
Musquodoboit River, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 

63W. 45 

Musselshell, Montana. 47N. io8w. 66 
Musselshell River, Montana. 46N. io8w. 66 
Musters Lake, Patagonia. 45 N. 6gw. 96 
Myers, Florida. 27N. 82 w. 69 

Myrtle Point, Oregon. 43N. I24W. 72 

Nacogdoches, Texas. 32N. 9$w. 68 

Nacosari, Sonora. SON. now. 76 

Naga, Philippine Islands. I4N. I24E. 75 
Nahuel Iluapi L., Patagonia. 413. 7iw. 96 
Nain, Labrador. s6N. 62 w. 41 

Namew L., Saskatchewan. 54N. IO2W. 50 
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British 

Columbia. SON. I24W. 52 

Nanticok, Pennsylvania. 4iN. 76w. 58 
Nantucket, Massachusetts. 4 IN. 7ow. 59 
Nantucket Is., Massachusetts. 4iN. 7ow. 59 
Nantucket Sound, Mass. 4iN. 7ow. 59 
Napa, California. 38N. I24W. 72 

Napance, Ontario. 44N. 77W. 49 

Napi, Manitoba. 49N. IO2W. 50 

Napierville, Quebec. 45 N. 74 w. 46 

*Napo River, Ecuador. 33. 7sw. 90 

Napoleon, N. Dakota. 46N. loow. 66 

Napoleon, Ohio. 42N. 84W. 64 

Nashua, New Hampshire. 43N. 72W. 59 
Nashville, Arkansas. 34N. 94W. 68 

Nashville, Illinois. 35 N. 8gw. 67 

Nashville, N. Carolina. 36N. 78w. 65 

*Nashville, Tennessee. 36N. 87w. 69 

Nass River, B. Columbia. SSN. I3OW. 52 
Nassau, Dutch Guiana. SN. ssw. 88 

*Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahama 

Islands, West Indies. 25 N. 78w. 80 
Natal or Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. 

6s. ssw. 88 

Natashkwan, Quebec. SON. 62W. 44 

*Natchez, Mississippi. 32N. giw. 68 

Natchnoches, Louisiana. 32N. 94W. 68 
Nation River, B. Columbia. SSN. I24W. 52 
Nation River, Ontario. 4&N. 7sw. 49 

National City, California. 33N. n7w. 72 
Natividad, Goyaz, Brazil. 123. 45W. 89 
Natividad Bank, W. Indies. 2ON. 67W. 80 
Nauta, Peru. 43. 73W. 91 

Navarin Island, Chile. 553. 68w. 96 

Navasa Is., Greater Antilles, W. Indies. 

I9N. 7sw. 80 

Nazas, Durango. 2$N. iosw. 76 

Nazea, Peru. ION. 75 w. 91 




Nebo Mount, Utah. 4ON. U4W. 70 

Nebraska City, Nebraska. 4 IK. g6w. 67 
*Nebraska State, U.S.A. 4iN. xoow. 66, 67 
Neches River, Texas. SIN. 95W. 68 

Necochea, Argentina. 393. 59\v. 92 

Neepawa, Manitoba. SON. 99W. 51 

Negril Cape, Jamaica. 151*. 79W. 80 

Negro Rio, Brazil. 2S. 6aw. 90 

Negro River, Argentina. 403. 64W. 92 
Negro River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 22S. 

55W. 89 

Negros, Philippine Islands. ION. I23E. 75 
Neiva, Colombia. 3N. 76w. 90 

Nelson, British Columbia. SON. iiTw. 53 
Nelson Ft, B. Columbia. sgN. I24W. 52 
Nelson Pt, Canada. s8N. gow. 41 

Nelson River, B. Columbia. 59N. I25W. 52 
Nelson River, Canada. 57N. 95 w. 40 

Neosho, Missouri. 37N. 94W. 67 

Neosho River, Kansas. 39N. g6w. 67 

Nepisiguit Bay, New Brunswick. 48w. 

65W. 45 

Nepisiguit R., N. Brunswick. 47N. 66w. 45 
Ness City, Kansas. 39N. loow. 66 

Neuquen, Argentina. 398. 6gw. 92 

Neuquen, Territory of the, Argentina. 

353. 69W. 92 

Nevada, Missouri. 37N. 94W. 67 

Nevada City, California. 391*. I22W. 72 

*Nevada St., U.S.A. 39N. n7w. 72 

*Nevis, Leeward Is. i7N. 6sw. 79 

New Albany, Indiana. SN. 8sw. 64 

New Almaden, California. 37N. 12 iw. 72 

New Amsterdam, B. Guiana. 6N. sTw. 88 

New Bedford, Massachusetts. 42N. 7iw. 59 

New Brighton, Pennsylvania. 4IN. 8ow. 58 

New Britain, Connecticut. 42N. 73W. 59 

*New Brunswick, Canada. 47N. 66w. 41 

New Carlisle, Quebec. 48?*. 6sw. 47 

New Castle, Colorado. 39*. io8w. 66 

New Channel, Ontario. 42N. 8ow. 48 

New Edinburgh, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 

New England, N. Dakota. 47N. IO3W. 66 

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. 461*.'. 63W. 45 

New Hamburg, Ontario. 43^. 8ow. 48 

*New Hampshire St., U.S.A. 44N. 72W. 59 

New Iberia, Louisiana. 3ON. 92W. 68 

*New Jersey St, U.S.A. 4ON. 75W. 59 

New Liverpool, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

*New London, Conn. 4IN. 72W. 59 

*New Madrid, Missouri. S&N. gow. 67 

*New Mexico St, U.S.A. 34N. io6w. 71 

*New Orleans, Louisiana. SON. gow. 68 

New Philadelphia, Ohio. 4 IN. 82 w. 64 

*New Providence, Bahama Islands, West 

Indies. 26N. 78w. 80 

New Richmond, Quebec. 48N. 66w. 47 
New Rockford, N. Dakota. 49N. ggw. 66 


New Smyrna, Florida. 291*. 82W. 69 

New Troy, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 

New Ulm, Minnesota. 44>i. 95W. 67 

New Westminster, B.C. 49N. I23W. 52 

*New York City, New York. 4iN. 74W. 59 

*New York State, U.S.A. 4 3 N. 76w. 58, 59 

*Newark, New Jersey. 4 IN. 74 w. 59 

*Newark, Ohio. 4ON. 82W. 64 

Newcastle, Wyomhig. 43N. IO4W. 66 

*Newbern, N. Carolina. SSN. 77w. 65 

Newbern, Virginia. 37N. 8ow. 64 

Newberry, S. Carolina. 34N. 8iw. 69 
Newboro, Ontario. 44N. 76w. 49 

Newburg, New York. 4iN. 74W. 59 

Newburgh, Ontario. 44N. 76w. 49 

*Newburyport, Massachusetts. 43 N. 7iw. 59 
Newcastle, New Brunswick. 47N. 66w. 45 
Newcastle, Ontario. 43 N. 78w. 49 

Newcastle, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 8ow. 58 
Newfane, Vermont. 42N. 72W. 59 

Newfoundland, Canada. 49N. s6w. 41 
Newhaven, Connecticut. 4 IN. 73\v. 59 
Newmarket, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 48 

Newnan, Georgia. 32N. 84W. 69 

Newnham Cape, Alaska. 58N. i62W. 74 
Newport, Arkansas. 35N. giw. 68 

Newport, Kentucky. 39N. 84W. 64 

Newport, Oregon. 44N. I23W. 72 

Newport, Quebec. 48N. 6sw. 47 

*Newport, Rhode Island. 4iN. 7iw. 59 
Newport, Vermont. 45 N. 72W. 59 

Newton, Georgia. SIN. 84 w. 69 

Newton, Iowa. 4IN. 93W. 67 

Newton, Kansas. s8N. 97w. 67 

Newton, New Jersey. 4iN. 72W. 59 

Newton, Texas, six. 94W. 68 

Neyba, S. Domingo, W. I. i8.v 7ow. 80 
Neyba Bay, S. Domingo. i8N. 7ow. 80 
Niagara, Ontario. 43 N. 79 w. 48, 49 

Niagara Falls, Ontario. 43N. 79W. 49 

*Niagara River, Ontario. 43 N. 7g\v. 49 
Nicaragua Lake, Nicaragua. I2N. 85 w. 78 

*Nicaragua St, Cen. America. ISN. 8sw. 78 
Nicholas, W. Virginia. 38*. 8ow. 64 

Nickery (Nieuw Rotterdam), Dutch 

Guiana. 6x. 57W. 88 

Nicolas Chan., West Indies. 23N. 8ow. 80 
Nicolet, Quebec. 46N. 73W. 46 

Nicolet Lake, Quebec. 45N. 7iw. 46 

Nicolet River, Quebec. 46N. 72W. 46 

Nicoya Bay, Costa Rica. ION. 8s\v. 78 
Nictheroy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 233. 

43W. 89 

Nieves, Zacatecas. 24N. IO2W. 77 

Niles, California. 37N. I22W. 72 

Ninette, Manitoba. 49N. 99W. 51 

Nioac, Brazil. 213. ssw. 93 

Niobrara, Nebraska. 43N. g8w. 67 




Niobrara River, Nebraska. 42N. loiw. 66 
Nipe Bay, Cuba. 2 IN. ?6\v. 80 

Nipigon Lake, Ontario. SON. 88w. 41 

Nipissing District, Ontario. 4&N. 8ow. 48 

*Nipissing Lake, Ontario. 4&N. Sow. 48 
Niry, Para, Brazil. 45. saw. 88 

Noatak River, Alaska. 68N. i6ow. 74 

Nogueira, Brazil. 43. 6sw. 91 

Noire River, Quebec. 45 N. 72W. 46 

Nonoava, Chihuahua. 27N. io6w. 76 

Nonpariel, Nebraska. 42N. losw. 66 

*Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island, British 
Columbia. SON. I27w. 52 

*Norfolk, Virginia. 37N. 76w. 65 

Norfolk District, Ontario. 42N. Sow. 48 
Norman, Oklahoma. SSN. g7w. 68 

Norristown, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 7sw. 58 
Norte, Cape do, Para, Brazil. IN. sow. 88 
North Adams, Massachusetts. 43N. 7$w. 59 
North Bay, Lake Nipissing, Ontario. 

46N. 8ow. 48 

North Cape, Cape Breton Is. 47N. 6ow. 45 
North Carolina St, U.S.A. s6N. 8ow. 64, 65 
North Creek, New York. 43 N. 74 w. 59 
North Cruz, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. 

6s. s6w. 88 

North Devon, Canada. 75 N. 86w. 41 

North Fork, N. Dakota. 46N. IO3W. 66 
North Is., B. Columbia. 54N. I33W. 52 
North Lincoln, Canada. 77N. 82W. 41 
North Mountain, Nova Scotia. 44N. 6sw. 45 
North Nahanni R, Yukon. 62N. I25W. 74 
North Platte, Nebraska. 4 IN. loow. 66 
North Pt, Anticosti Island. SON. 64 w. 44 
North Pt, Prince Edward Is. 47N. 

64W. 45 

North Thompson R, B.C. SIN. I2ow. 52 

*Northampton, Massachusetts. 42N. 73W. 59 
Northport, Michigan. 45 N. 85 w. 64 

Northumberland, New Brunswick. 47N. 

66w. 45 

Northumberland Strait, New Brunswick. 

46N. 64W. 45 

Northumberland District, Ontario. 44N. 

78w. 49 

Northville, New York. 43N. 74W. 59 

Norton, Kansas. 39N. loow. 66 

Norton Bay, Alaska. 64??. i6iw. 74 

Norton Sound, Alaska. 64N. i62W. 74 
Norval, Ontario. 43 N. 7gw. 48 

Norwalk, Connecticut. 4 IN. 73W. 59 I 

Norwalk, Ohio. 4 IN. Saw. 64 

Norway Ho., N.W. Territories. 53N. 97w. 51 

*Norwich, Connecticut. 4iN. 72W. 59 ( 

Norwich, New York. 42N. 7sw. 58 : 

Norwich, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 I 

Norwood, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 ! 

Notre Dame, Quebec. 48N. 67w. 47 


Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. SON. 

55W. 44 

Notre Dame Mts., Quebec. 48N. 68w. 47 

Nottawasaga Bay, Ontario. 45 N. 8iw. 48 

Nounivak Island, Alaska. 6oN. i66w. 74 

Nova River, Brazil. 233. 43W. 93 
Nova Coimbra, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

2os. 57w. 89 

*Nova Scotia, Canada. 45 N. 64W. 41 

Nuble, Chile. 363. 7iw. 92 

Nueces River, Texas. 28N. g8w. 71 

Nueva Bay, Patagonia. 423. 6sw. 96 

Nuevitas, Cuba. 22N. 77w. 80 

Nuevo Leon St, Mexico. 26N. loow. 77 

Nunchia, Colombia. SN. 72W. 90 

Nut Lake, Saskatchewan. 52N. IO3W. 50 

Nyack, New York. 4 IN. 73W. 50 

Oak Lake, Manitoba. SON. loiw. 50 

Oak Point, Manitoba. SON. g8w. 51 

Oakdale, California. 38N. 12 iw. 72 

Oakland, California. 38N. I22W. 72 

Oakland, Oregon. 44N. I24W. 72 

Oakley, Idaho. 42N. n6w. 72 

Oakley, Kansas. 39N. IO2W. 66 

Oakley, Saskatchewan. 49N. IO2W. 50 

Oakville, Ontario. 43N. Sow. 48 

Oakville, Texas. 28N. g8w. 71 

Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. I7N. 97W. 77 

Oaxaca State, Mexico. ISN. 95W. 77 

Oberlin, Kansas. 4ON. loow. 66 

Obidos, Para, Brazil. 23. $6w. 88 

Ocala, Florida. 2gN. 8sw. 69 

Ocampo,Tamaulipas. 23N. loow. 77 

Ocana, Colombia. gN. 86w. 90 

Ocean City, New Jersey. 40N. 74W. 59 

Oceana, W. Virginia. s8N. 82W. 64 

Oceanside, California. 33N. n8w. 72 

Ocmulgee R, Georgia. 32N. 83 w. 69 

Ocoa, S. Domingo, W. I. i8N. 7ow. So 

*0cocingo, Chiapas. I7N. giw. 77 

Ocona, Peru. 33. 73W. 91 

Oconee R, Georgia. 33N. Ssw. 69 

Oconto, Wisconsin. 45N. 88w. 67 

Ocotal, Nicaragua. I4N. STW. 78 

Ocracoke Inlet, N. Carolina. 35N. 74W. 65 

Oeiras, Piauhy, Brazil. 73. 4iw. 88 

Oeiras, Para, Brazil. 75. 4iw. 88 

Ogallala, Nebraska. 4 IN. IO2W. 66 

Ogden, Utah. 4 IN. H2W. 70 

*Ogdensburg, New York. 45 N. 76w. 58 

Ogilvie, Yukon. 64N. i4ow. 74 

*0hio River, U.S.A. 39N. 86w. 55 

*Ohio State, U.S.A. 4IN. 82W. 64 

Oil City, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Oil City, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 8ow. 58 

Oil Springs, Ontario. 43N. Saw. 48 

Oiseau River, Manitoba. SIN. 95W. 51 


Caliente, Zacatecas. 23N. io3\v. 77 

VIUL, Quebec. 45 N. 74 w. 46 
Okanagan L., B. Columbia. 4QN. IIQW. 52 

Okeechobee Lake, Florida. 27N. 8iw. 69 

Okkak, Labrador. 571*. 6ow. 41 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 361*. g7w. 68 

Oklahoma State, U.S.A. 36*. 95W. 68 

Okmulgee, Oklahoma. S&N. g6w. 68 

Olathe, Kansas. 39N. gsw. 67 

Olavarria, Argentina. 363. 6ow. 92 

Old Crow River, Yukon. 62 N. I4OW. 74 
Old Fort Good Hope, Yukon. 66N. I29W. 74 

Old Wives Creek, Sask. SON. io8w. 53 

Clean, New York. 42 N. 78w. 58 

Olimpo Fort, Paraguay. 2 is. 62W. 92 

Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil. 8s. 35W. 88 
Oliveira, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 2 is. 45 w. 89 

Olivenca, Bahia, Brazil. 43. 6gw. 89 

Olivet, S. Dakota. 43**. 97W. 67 

Olney, Illinois. 39N. 88w. 67 

Olumba, Mexico. g8N. 2ow. 77 

Olympia, Washington. 471*. I23\v. 70 
Olympus Mt, Washington. 48*1. I23W. 70 

Omaha, Nebraska. 4 IN. g6w. 67 

Omemee, Ontario. 44N. 79W. 49 

Omenak Fiord, Greenland. 72N. sow. 41 

Ometepec, Guerrero. i6N. g8w. 77 

Ominaca R, B. Columbia. 52 

Omoa, Honduras. I&N. 88w. 78 

Onaping Lake, Ontario. 47N. 82W. 48 

Onawa, Iowa. 43N. g6w. 67 

Oneida, New York. 43 N. 76w. 58 

Oneida Lake, New York. 43N. 76w. 58 

O'Neil, Nebraska. 43N. ggw. 66 

Oneonta, New York. 42N. 7sw. 59 

Onslow Bay, N. Carolina. 34N. 76w. 65 

Ontario, Canada. 46N. 8ow. 41 
Ontario L., Canada and U.S.A. 44N. 78w. 41 
Ootsabunkut L., B. Columbia. 54N. 

I27W. 52 

Opelika, Alabama. 32N. 86w. 69 

Opelousas, Louisiana. 3 IN. 92W. 68 

Opodepe, Sonora. SON. mw. 76 

Oran, Argentina. 233. 64W. 92 

Orange, California. 33N. IITW. 72 

Orange, Iowa. 43 N. g6w. 67 

Orangeburg, S. Carolina. 34N. 8iw. 69 

Orangeville, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 

Oravia, Ecuador. 2S. 74W. 90 

Orbisonia, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 78w. 58 

Orchilla Is., Caribbean Sea. 2N. 66w. 90 

Ord, Nebraska. 42 N. g8w. 66 

Oregon City, Oregon. 45 N. I23W. 70 

Oregon Inlet, N. Carolina. 3&N. 7sw. 65 

*Oregon State, U.S.A. 44^. I2ow. 70 

Orford District, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Orford Port, Oregon. 43N. I25W. 72 

Orignal, Ontario. 4&N. 7sw. 49 




Orilla, Michoacan. i8N. IO4W. 77 

Orillia, Ontario. 45 N. 7gw. 48 

"Orinoco River, Venezuela. SN. 66w. 90 

Orizaba, Vera Cruz. I7N. 97w. 77 

Orizaba Mt, Puebla. i8N. 97W. 77 

Orland, California. 4ON. I22W. 72 

Orlando, Florida. 29N. 8iw. 69 

"Orleans, Island of, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

Oromocto, New Brunswick. 46.\. 67W. 45 

Oroville, California. 4ON. I22W. 72 

Oroya, Peru. us. 75 w. 91 

Oruba, Caribbean Sea. 2N. 7ow. 90 

Oruro, Bolivia, igs. 68w. 91 

Oruro Town, Bolivia. 183. 67W. 91 

Osage, Kansas. 39N. g6w. 67 
Osage R, Kansas and Missouri. 3&N. 93W.67 

Osborne, Kansas. 
Osceola, Missouri. 
Oscoda, Michigan. 
Oscola, Wisconsin. 
Oshawa, Ontario. 

39N. g8w. 
38N. 94W. 
45 N. 84W. 
45N. 93W. 
44 N. 79W. 

Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 44N. 88w. 
Oskaloosa, Iowa. 4iN. 93W. 
Osier, Saskatchewan. 52 N. io7w. 
Osorno, Chile. 413. 73W. 
Oswego, Kansas. 37N. 95W. 

*0swego, New York. 42 N. 76w. 
Oswego Falls, New York. 42N. 76w. 
Ottawa, Illinois. 4 IN. 8gw. 
Ottawa, Kansas. 39N. gsw. 

"Ottawa, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 

"Ottawa River, Ontario. 46N. 78w. 48, 49 
Otter Lake, Saskatchewan. 55N. I05W. 53 

Otterville, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Otto, Manitoba. SIN. g8w. 51 

Ouachita City, Louisiana. 33N. 92W. 68 
Ouricury, Pernambuco, Brazil. 8s. 

4ow. 88 
Ouro Preto, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 203. 

44W. 89 

Ousiernska River, Quebec. 49N. 7iw. 46 

Outarde Bay, Quebec. 49N. 68w. 44 

Outarde River, Quebec. 49 N. 69 w. 44 

Outardes, River aux, Quebec. SON. 6gw. 47 

Outeiro, Para, Brazil. 2S. 53W. 88 

Outer Island, Quebec. SIN. s8w. 44 

Ovalle, Chile. 313. 72W. 92 

Owasso, Michigan. 43 N. 84W. 64 

Owatonna, Minnesota. 44N. 93W. 67 

Owego, New York. 43N. 77W. 58 

Owensboro, Kentucky. 38N. 87w. 64 

Owens Lake, California. 36N. n8w. 72 

Owen Sound, Ontario. 45 N. 8iw. 48 

Owingsville, Kentucky. 38N. 87W. 64 

Owyhee River, U.S.A. 44N. n8w. 72 

Oxbow, Saskatchewan. 49N. IO2W. 50 

Oxford, Mississippi. 34N. govf, 68 

Oxford, New York. 43N. 76w. 58 




Oyapocy River, French Guiana and 

Brazil. 41*. saw. 88 

Oyster Bay, Florida. 27N. 8aw. 69 

Oysterville, Washington. 461*. I25\v. 70 
Ozark, Arkansas. s6N. 94W. 68 

Ozark, Missouri. 37N. 92W. 67 

Pacasmayu, Peru. 73. 8ow. 91 

Pachuca, Hidalgo. 2511. 99W. 77 

Pacific, Missouri. 38?*. gow. 67 

Pacific Grove, California. 361*1. I2iw. 72 
Pacone, Matto Grosso, Brazil. i6s. s6w. 89 
Pacoval, Brazil. 8s. 7ow. 91 

Pacuy, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 173. 45W. 89 
Padauiry River, Brazil. IN. 74 w. 90 

Padre Island, Texas. 27N. 97w. 71 

Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 371*. IOTW. 66 
Pahranagat Valley, Nevada. 37N. n6w. 72 
Painesville, Ohio. 42N. 8iw. 64 

Paintsville, Kentucky. 37N. 82W. 64 

Paisley, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Pakenham, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 

Palacios River, Bolivia. 173. 64 w. 91 
Palanan, Philippine Islands. I7N. I22E. 75 
Palatka, Florida. 291-1. 82W. 60 

Palawan (Paragua), Philippine Islands. 

ION. n8w. 75 

Palena River, Chile. 443. 73W. 96 

Palestine, Texas. 32N. 97w. 68 

Palisade, Nevada. 4 IN. n6w. 72 

Palm Beach, Florida. 26N. 8ow. 69 

Palm Key, Florida. 27N. 83W. 69 

Palmarito, L. California. 24N. now. 76 
Palmas, Brazil. 263. 54W. 93 

Palmer's Rapids, Ontario. 45N. 77W. 49 
Pa'merston, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Palmo Cape, L. California. 24N. iogv/. 76 
Palmyra, Virginia. 37N. 78w. 65 

Palos Is,, Gulf of, Mexico. 29N. 88w. 68 
Palouse, Washington. 47N. n6w. 70 

*Pamlico Sound, N. Carolina. 35 N. 76w. 65 
Pamoascachiou L., Quebec. 49N. 7iw. 46 
Pampa del Sacramento, Peru. 73. 75 w. 91 
Pampas, Argentina. 373. 6iw. 92 

Pampas, Peru. 123. 7sw. 91 

Pamplona, Colombia. 7N. 73W. 90 

*Panama, Panama. gN. 79 w. 90 

Panama, Bay of, Panama. SN. 7gw. 90 

*Panama, Isthmus of, C. America. gN. 

79W. 78 

Panay, Philippine Islands. UN. I22E. 75 
Pan de Azucar, Chile. 263. 7ow. 92 

Pancake Range, Nevada. 37N. n6w. 72 
Pangutarang Is., Philippine Is. 6N. I2OE. 75 
Pantla, Guerrero. i8N. loiw. 77 

Pantotoc, Mississippi. 34N. 88w. 68 

Pao, Venezuela. QN. 6sw. 90 

Papagos, Sonora. 32N. ii2W. 76 


Papaloapan River, Mexico. i8N. 97W. 77 
Papantla, Vera Cruz. 2ON. 97W. 77 

Papasquiaro, Durango. 25N. iosw. 76 
Papera S. Jose, Piauhy, Brazil. 73. 45W. 88 
Paposo, Chile. 253. 7iw. 92 

Para or Belem, Brazil, is. 48w. 88 

Para River, Brazil, is. 48w. 88 

Paracatu, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 173. 

47W. 89 

Paracatu River, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 

5S. 45w. 89 

Paradise Valley, Nevada. 42N. ii8w. 72 
Paragau River, Bolivia. 153. 6iw. 91 
Paragould, Arkansas. 37N. gow. 68 

Paragua River, Venezuela. 153. 57W. 90 
Paraguana Pen., Venezuela. I2N. 7ow. 90 
*Paraguay, S. America. 253. s6w. 92, 93 
*Paraguay River, Brazil, Bolivia, Para- 
guay. 153. 55W. 89, 91, 92 
Parahiba, prov. and town, Brazil. 73. 

37W. 88 

Parahyba, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 223. 

44W. 89 

Parahyba R, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 223. 4iw. 89 
Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana. 7N. 55W. 88 
Parana, Argentina. 323. 6iw. 92 

Parana, Brazil. 243. 52W. 93 

*Parana River, Argentina, Paraguay, 

Brazil. 343. 6ow. 92, 93 

Parana Panema River, Brazil. 223. 52W. 93 
Paranagua, Brazil. 263. 48w. 93 

Paranahiba, Piauhy, Brazil. 33. 42W. 88 
Paranahiba R, Maranhao, Brazil. 33. 

42W. 88 

Paranapanema R, Brazil. 233. 52W. 89 
Paranhas, River das, Rio Grande do 

Norte, Brazil. 43. 37w. 88 

Paratio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 243. 

45W. 89 

Pardo River, Brazil. 303. 53W. 93 

*Paria, Gulf of, Venezuela. ION. 62W. 90 
Parima River, Brazil. 4N. 64W. 90 

Paris, Illinois. 39N. 87w. 67 

Paris, Maine. 44N. 7iw. 59 

Paris, Texas. 34N. g6\v. 68 

Park City, Montana. 45 N. zoSw. 66 

Park Rapids, Minnesota. 47N. 95W. 67 
Parker, S. Dakota. 43N. g8w. 67 

Parkersburg, W. Virginia. 39N. Saw. 64 
Parkhill, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Parnagua, Piauhy, Brazil. 93. 44W. 89 
Parral, Chihuahua. 27N. io6w. 76 

Parras, Coahuila. 25N. IO3W. 77 

Parras Lag., Coahuila. 2&N. io3W. 77 
Parrida, San Luis. 24N. loiw. 77 

Parrsborough, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64W. 45 
Parry Isle, Ontario. 45N. 8ow. 48 

Parry Sound, Ontario. 45N. 8ow. 48 




Parry Sd. District, Ontario. 461*. Sow. 48 
Parsnip R, B. Columbia. 551*. I24W. 52 
Parsons, Kansas. 361*. 95W. 67 

Pasco, Argentina. 355. 6sw. 92 

Pasco, Peru. us. 76w. 91 

Pasco, Washington, 46N. ngw. 70 

Pasco, Knot of, Peru. us. 76w. 91 

Pasco del Norte, Chihuahua. SZN. IOTW. 76 
Paspebiac, Quebec. 481*. 6sw. 47 

Pasqua, Saskatchewan. SON. iosw. 50 
Pasquia Hills, Saskatchewan. 53N. IO3W. 50 
Pasquia R., N.W. Territories. 53*1. loiw. 50 
Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick. 

45 N. 67W. 45 

Passo Fundo, Brazil. 293. 53W. 93 

Passes, Brazil. 2 is. 46w. 93 

Pastaca River, Ecuador. 43. 76w. 91 

Paste, Colombia. IN. 77W. 90 

Pastora, CoahuUa. 25N. zoiw. 77 

Pastes Bons, Maranhao, Brazil. 6s. 45W. 88 

Patagonia, S. America. 453. 7ow. 96 

Patagonia, Plateau of, S. America. 433. 

7ow. 96 

Patchogue, Long Island. 4iN. 73W. 59 
Paterson, New Jersey. 4iN. 74W. 59 

Patia River, Colombia. 2N. 78w. 90 

Patillos, Chile. 2 is. 7ow. 92 

Pates, Coahuila. 25N. xoiw. 77 

Pates Lake, Brazil. 313. 5iw. 93 

Pates Lake, Chihuahua. SON. io6w. 76 
Patzcuaro, city and lake, Michoacan. 

I9N. xoiw. 77 

Paucartambo, town and river, Peru. 

153. 74W. 91 

Paulo Affonso, Bahia, Brazil. 8s. sgw. 89 
Paute River, Ecuador. 33. 78w. 91 

Pa von, Argentina. 383. 6iw. 92 

Pawhuska, Oklahoma. s8N. g6w. 68 

Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 421*. 7iw. 59 
Paxton, Illinois. 4ON. 88w. 67 

Payne L., Labrador Penin. 6oN. 7ow. 41 
Paynesville, Minnesota. 46N. 95W. 67 

*Paysandu, Uruguay. 323. sSw. 92 

Paysandu City, Uruguay. 328. sSw. 92 
Payta, Peru. 53. 8iw. 91 

Paz Lake, Patagonia. 443. 7iw. 96 

Peace R, Saskatchewan. 33N. 79W. 53 
Peace R., B. Columbia. s6N. I24W. 52 
Peach Springs, Arizona. 35 N. H4W. 71 
Pearl Is., Bay of Panama. gN. 79 w. 90 
Pecos, Texas. SIN. losw. 71 

Pecos River, Texas. 3 IN. losw. 71 

Pedernales, Ecuador, o. 8ow. 90 

Pedro Bank, Caribbean Sea. i7N. 78w. 80 
Peekskill, New York. 4 IN. 74W. 59 

Peel District, Ontario. 43N. Sow. 48 

Peel River, Yukon. 6$N. I35W. 74 

Peguas, Brazil. 2N. 7iw. 90 


Pekin, Illinois. 4 IN. gow. 67 
Pelangikum L., N.W. Terr. 521*. 

94W. 51 

Pelee Isle, Ontario. 42 N. 83W. 48 

Pelican Lake, Manitoba. 52N. 99W. 51 

Pelican L., Little, Sask. 54N. losw. 50 

Pelly R, Upper, Yukon. 6aN. ISQW. 74 

Pelly Mts., Yukon. 62 N. I3ow. 74 

Pelotas, Brazil. 328. 52W. 93 

Pemberton, B. Columbia. SON. I23W. 52 

Pembina, N. Dakota. 49N. 97W. 67 

Pembina River, Alberta. 53N. nsw. 53 

Pembina River, Manitoba. 49N. ggw. 51 

Pembroke, Ontario. 4&N. 77w. 49 

Pemuco, Chile. 373. 73W. 92 

Penance Lake, Ontario. 46N. 8iw. 48 

Penas, Gulf de, Chile. 473. 74W. 96 

Pend d'Oreille, Idaho. 49N. n6w. 70 

Penedo, Alagoas, Brazil. IDS. 37W. 89 

Penetangushene, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 48 

Pengarth, Saskatchewan. SIN. losw. 50 

Pennant Pt, Nova Scotia. 44N. 6sw. 45 

Pennsylvania State, U.S.A. 4IN. 78w. 58 

Penn Yan, New York. 42N. 77w. 58 

Pensacola, Florida. SON. STW. 69 

Pense, Saskatchewan. SON. iosw. 50 

Pentecote R, Quebec. SON. 68w. 44 

Penticton, B. Columbia. 49N. I2OW. 52 

Peoria, Illinois. 4 IN. gow. 67 

Perce, Quebec. 49 N. 64W. 47 
Perguicas River, Maranhao, Brazil. 55. 

4iw. 88 

Peribonka River, Quebec. 49N. 7aw. 46 

Perico, Argentina. 253. 6sw. 92 

Pernambuco, prov. and town, Brazil. 

8s. 36w. 89 

Perrot Island, Quebec. 45 N. 74W. 46 

Perry, Georgia. 32N. 84W. 69 

Perry, New York. 42 N. 78w. 58 

Perryville, Missouri. s6N. gow. 67 

Perth, New Brunswick. 461?. 6/w. 45 

Perth, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 

Perth District, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 48 

Peru, Indiana. 4iN. 86w. 64 

Peru, S. America. los. 75W. 91 

Peruate, Peru. 53. 72 w. gi 

Pescado Placo, Argentina. 253. 62W. 92 

Pesquerto R, Nuevo Leon. 26N. ggw. 77 

Pessem, Ceara, Brazil. 33. 3gw. 88 

Petaluma, California. s8N. I24W. 72 

Peten Lake, Guatemala. i7N. giw. 78 

Peterborough, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 
Petermann Fiord, Greenland. 8iN. 6ow. 41 

Petermann Pk., Greenland. 72N. sow. 41 

Petersburg, Illinois. 4ON. gow. 67 

Petersburg, Virginia. 37N. 77W. 65 

Petewawa, Ontario. 46N. 77W. 4g 

Petewawa River, Ontario. 46N. 77W. g4 




Petitcodiac R, New Brunswick. 461*. 

6sw. 45 
Petit Nord Pen., Newfoundland. 52N. 

56w. 44 

Petoskey, Michigan. 45 N. 85 w. 64 

Petre Point, Ontario. 441*. 77W. 49 

Petrolia, Ontario. 43 N. Saw. 48 
Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 248. 

43W. 89 

Pevas, Peru. 33. 7ow. 91 
Philadelphia, Minas Geraes, Brazil. i6s. 

42W. 89 

*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 7sw. 59 

Phillips, Maine. 451*. ?iw. 59 

Phillips, Wisconsin. 461*. gow. 67 

Phillipsburgh, Kansas. 4ON. loow. 66 

Phoenix, Arizona. 331*. ii2W. 71 

Phcenixville, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 76w. 58 

Piauhy, province, Brazil. 8s. 43W. 88 

Pica, Chile. 2os. 7ow. 92 

Pic Crevaux, French Guiana. 3N. 52W. 88 

Pichilemu, Chile. 355. 7ow. 92 

*Pichincha, Ecuador, o. 7gw. go 

Pichucalo, Chiapas. i7N. 93W. 77 

Pickering, Ontario. 43N. 7gw. 48 

Pickneyville, Illinois. 37K. gow. 67 

Picton, Nova Scotia. 46N. 6sw. 45 

Picton, Ontario. 441*. 77W. 49 

Picton Is., Nova Scotia. 46*1. 63W. 45 

Picton Town, Nova Scotia. 461*. 63W. 45 

Piedra Negras, Coahuila. 28N. xoiw. 77 

Pierce, Nebraska. 42 N. 97w. 67 

Pierre, S. Dakota. 451*. loow. 66 

Pierre au Calumet, Sask. 571*. now. 53 

Pikes Pk., Colorado. sgN. iosw. 66 
Pilao Arcado, Bahia, Brazil, us. 45W. 89 

Pilar, Chihuahua. 27N. iosw. 76 

Pilaya R, Bolivia. 2OS. 66w. 92 

Pilcomayo R, S. America. 228. 6iw. 92 

Pinaleno Mts., Arizona. 331*. now. 71 

Pinar del Rio, Cuba. 22N. 84W. 80 

Pinches, Ecuador, is. 77W. 90 

Pindo, Ecuador, is. 77w. 90 

Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 341*. 92W. 68 

Pine Bluff, Wyoming. 4 IN. 104 w. 66 

Pine City, Minnesota. 461*. 97W. 67 

Pine Is., Florida. 25N. 8aw. 69 

Pine Level, Florida. 27N. 82W. 69 

Pine R, B. Columbia. 571*. I22W. 52 

Pine River, Manitoba. 521*. loiw. 50 

Pineville, Louisiana. 3 IN. 92W. 68 

Pinhel, Para, Brazil. 2S. 55W. 88 

Pink R, Saskatchewan. 57N. IO3W. 53 

Pinmuakan Lake, Quebec. 49N. 7ow. 46 

Pinos Mt, California. 35 N. iigw. 72 

Pioche, Nevada. 381*. H4W. 72 

Pioneerville, Idaho. 44N. n6w. 72 

Piotona, Mississippi. 3 IN. igow. 68 


Pipestone, Minnesota. 43N. g6w. 67 

Pipestone L., N.W. Terr. 54N. 97w. 51 
Pipestone R, Saskatchewan. SON. io3W. 50 
Pipmaukin Lake, Quebec. 49N. 7ow. 44 
Piquiry River, Brazil. 248. 54W. 93 

Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 148. 49W. 89 
Piranga, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 208. 42W. 89 
Piranhas, Alagoas, Brazil, gs. 37w. 89 
Pirassununga, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 22S. 

49W. 89 

Pisagua, Chile. 208. 7ow. 92 

Pisco, Peru. 148. 76w. 91 

Pit River, California. 4iN. I23W. 72 

Pitanguy, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 2os. 

45W. 89 

Pitkin, Colorado. 42N. io8w. 66 

Pitrufquen, Chile. 393. 74W. 92 

Pitt Island, B. Columbia. 54N. i3ow. 52 

*Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 8iw. 58 
Pittsfield, Illinois. 39N. giw. 67 

Pittston, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 78w. 58 
Pittstown, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 76w. 58 
Piumhy, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 208. 45W. 89 

*Piura, Peru. 53. 8iw. 91 

Placentia, Newfoundland. 47N. 54W. 44 
Placentia B., Newfoundland. 47N. ssw. 44 
Placerville, California. 39N. 12 iw. 72 
Placerville, Idaho. 44N. n8w. 72 

Placilla, Chile. 253. 7ow. 92 

Plainfield, New Jersey. 4 IN. 74W. 59 
Plana Is., Bahama Islands. 23N. 74W. 80 
Plankinton, S. Dakota. 44N. 9gw. 66 

*Plata, Rio de la, S. America. 363. 55W. 82 
Plata Island, Ecuador, o. Sow. 90 

Plate River, Argentina. 353. s6w. 93 

Platteville, Wisconsin. 42N. gow. 67 

Plattsburg, Missouri. 40N. 94W. 67 

*Plattsburg, New York. 45 N. 73W. 59 

Plattsmouth, Nebraska. 4IN. g6w. 67 
Playgreen, N.W. Territories. 54N. gSw. 51 
Pleasant Forks, Sask. SIN. IO3W. 50 

Pleasant Valley, Idaho. 45 N. niw. 70 
Pleasantville, New Jersey. 39N. 74W. 59 
Plonge, Lac la, Sask. SSN. io7W. 50 

Plymouth, Indiana. 4 IN. 8?w. 64 

*Plymouth, Massachusetts. 42N. 7iw. 59 
Plymouth, New Hampshire. 43N. 72W. 59 

*Plymouth, N. Carolina. SSN. 77W. 65 
Plymouth, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 76w. 58 
Pocatello, Idaho. 44N. ii2W. 70 

Pochutla, Oaxaca. i6N. g?\v. 77 

Point aux Pins, Ontario. 42N. 82W. 48 
Point Pelee, Ontario. 42N. 82W. 48 

Point S. Antonio, L. California. SON. 

n6w. 76 

Polillo, Philippine Islands. ISN. I22E. 75 
Pollasky, California. 37N. i2ow. 72 

Polloc, Philippine Islands. 8N. I26E. 75 


21 I 


Pombal, Bahia, Brazil, us. 4ow. 89 

Pomeroy, Ohio. SQN. Saw. 64 

Pomery, Washington. 47N. IITW. 70 

Pomuch, Yucatan. SON. gow. 78 

Ponca, Oklahoma. 37N. g8w. 68 

Ponce, Puerto Rico, W. I. i8if. 67w. 80 
Pond Creek, Oklahoma. 37N. ggvf. 68 
Ponds Inlet, Canada. 7 IN. Sow. 41 

Pontchartrain L., Louisiana. 3ON. gow. 68 
Pontiac, Ilh'nois. 4 IN. STW. 67 

Pontiac, Michigan. 43N. Ssw. 64 

Poopo Lake, Bolivia, igs. 6/vv. 92 

*Popayan, Colombia. 2N. 77w. 90 

Poplar Bluff, Missouri. 3&N. giw. 67 

Poplar Branch, N. Carolina. s6N. 76w. 65 
Poplar River, Manitoba. 52N. g6w. 51 
'Popocatepetl Mt, Mexico. igN. ggvr. 77 
Porcupine Cape, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 6iw. 45 
Porcupine Mt, Manitoba. 52N. loiw. 50 
Porcupine River, Alaska. 65N. I45W. 74 
Port Alexander, Ontario. 4&N. 77W. 49 
Port Antonio, Jamaica. i8N. 76w. So 
Port au Persil, Quebec. 48N. 7ow. 46 

Port au Port B., Newfoundland. 48*1. 

59W. 44 

*Port-au-Prince, Haiti, W. I. igN. 72W. 80 
Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. 47N. 

59W. 44 

Port Burwell, Ontario. 43\. 8iw. 48 

Port Caledonia, Cape Breton Island. 

46N. 6ow. 45 

Port Chilea, Peru. I2S. 77w. 91 

Port Churchill, N.W. Terr. 57N. 95w. 40 
Port Clarence, Alaska. &SN. i6sw. 74 
Port Colborne, Ontario. 43N. 7gw. 48 
Port Dalhousie, Ontario. 43^. jg\v. 48 
Port Daniel, Quebec. 48N. 6sw. 47 

Port de Paix, Haiti, W. I. 2ON. 73W. 80 
Port Dover, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 

Port Elgin, Ontario. 44N. 82W. 48 

Port Eric, Ontario. 43 N. 7gw. 49 

Port Escuminac, New Brunswick. 47N. 

6 5 w. 45 

Port Essington, B. Columbia. 54N. i3ow. 52 
Port Gage, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6ow. 45 
Port Gibson, Mississippi. 4ON. 97w. 68 
Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton Island. . 

45N. 6iw. 45 

Port Hood, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 62W. 45 
Port Hope, Alaska. 65 x. i6sw. 74 

Port Hope, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Port Huron, Michigan. 43 N. 82W. 64 

Port Isabel, Sonora. 34N. iisw. 76 

Port Isabel, Tamaulipas. 2&N. g7w. 77 
Port Madryn, Patagonia. 433. 65w. 96 
Port Medway, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64W. 45 
Port Perry, Ontario. 44N. 79W. 49 

Port Pleasant, New Jersey. 4ON. 74W. 59 


Port Pleasant, W. Virginia. 3&N. 82W. 64 
Port Rowan, Ontario. 431*. 8iw. 48 

*Port Royal, Jamaica. i8N. 77w. 80 

Port Royal, S. Carolina. 32N. Siw. 69 
Port Ryerse, Ontario. 43 N. 8ow. 48 

PortS. Quentin, L. California. SON. n6w. 79 
Port Simpson, B. Columbia. 55N. ISQW. 52 
Port of Spain, Trinidad. ION. 6iw. 90 
Port Stanley, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Port Tobacco, Maryland. 3&N. 77W. 65 
Port Townsend, Washington. 48N. I23W. 70 
Port Washington, Wisconsin. 43N. 86w. 67 
Pta. Abreojos, L. California. 27N. H4W. 76 
Pta. de Farallones, Jalisco. igN. iosw. 76 
Pta. de la Laguna, Chihuahua. 2QN. 

io7w. 76 

Pta. de Los Reyes, California. s8N. I24W. 72 
Pta. Tequepa, Guerrero. I7N. loiw. 77 
Portage, Wisconsin. 44N. 8gw. 67 

Portage Is., New Brunswick. 47N. 6sw. 45 
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. SON. 
Portersville, California. 3&N. ngw. 72 

*Portland, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Portland, New Brunswick. 45 N. 66w. 45 
Portland, Oregon. 45N. I23W. 70 

Portland Point, Jamaica. I7N. 78w. So 
Portmouton, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64W. 45 
Portneuf, Quebec. 47N. 72W. 46 

Portneuf Lake, Quebec. 49N. 7ow. 46 
Portneuf River, Quebec. 49 N. 7ow. 47 
Porto Alegre, Bahia, Brazil. iSs. 4ow. 89 
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Norte, 

Brazil. 6s. 37W. 88 

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

3os. siw. 93 

Porto Angeles, Oaxaca. i6N. g6w. 77 

*Porto Bello, Panama. ION. Sow. 90 

Porto Cabanas, Cuba. 23N. 83W. So 

Porto Calvo, Alagoas, Brazil, gs. 32W. 89 
Porto de Chanaral, Chile. 293. 7iw. 92 
Porto de Corral, Chile. 408. 72W. 96 

Porto de Moz, Para, Brazil, is. 5iw. 88 
Porto do Meio, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

20S. 52W. 89 

Porto do Sta. Anna, Brazil. 2os. siw. 93 
Porto Felix, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 235. 47\v. 89 
Porto Guantanamo, Cuba. 2ON. 75W. 80 
Porto Isabelica, S. Domingo. 2ON. 7iw. 80 
Porto Plata, S. Domingo. 2ON. 7iw. 80 
Porto Principe, Cuba. 2 IN. 78w. 80 

Porto San Antonio, Argentina. 413. 6sw. 92 
*Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 43 N. 7iw. 59 
Portsmouth, Ohio. 39N. 83W. 64 

Portsmouth, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 49 

Portsmouth, Virginia. 37N. 76w. 65 

Posa, Sonora. 28x. mw. 76 

Posados, Argentina. 275. s6w. 93 

Post, H. B., Alberta. SSN. n6w. 53 




Potomac River, U.S.A. 3831. 77\v. 55 

*Potosi, Bolivia. 2os. 6sw. 92 

Potosi, Missouri. 371*. giw. 67 

Potosi, Co. de, Bolivia. 208. 6sw. 92 

Potosi State, Mexico. 23N. loow. 77 

Potsdam, New York. 75 N. 74 w. 59 

Pottsville, Pennsylvania. 4IN. 76w. 58 

Poughkeepsie, New York. 421*. 74W. 59 

Pound L., Saskatchewan. SON. 105 w. 50 
Pouzo Alegre, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 

22S. 45W. 89 

Powder River, Montana. 46N. iosw. 66 
Powder R Ra., Montana. 45N. iosw. 66 
Powderville, Montana. 46N. losw. 66 
Powell, Arizona. 35N. H4W. 71 

Prado, Bahia, Brazil. 173. sgw. 89 

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. 42N. giw. 67 
Pratt, Kansas. 372*. ggw. 66 

Prentice, Wisconsin. 461*. gow. 67 

Prescott, Arkansas. 38N. 93W. 68 

Prescott, Arizona. 35N. H2W. 71 

Prescott, Ontario. 45 N. 78w. 49 

Presidio del Norte, Chihuahua. SON. 

I04W. 76 1 

Presidio San Vicente, Coahuila. 291*. 

I04W. 77 ! 

Preston, Minnesota. 43 N. 92W. 67 j 

Preston, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 j 

Prestonbury, Kentucky. 3&N. 8sw. 64 j 
Prevost Is., B. Columbia. 52N. TSIW. 52 . 
Price Is., B. Columbia. 52N. I2gw. 52 ' 
Prietas, Sonora. 28N. now. 76 j 

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. 54N. IO5W. 50 ! 
Prince Albert Land, Canada. 72 N. nsw. 40 j 
Prince Alfred C., Canada. 7oN. I25W. 40 , 
Prince Edward Dist, Ontario. 44N. 77W. 49 j 
Prince Patrick Is., Canada. 75N. I2OW. 40 j 
Prince Regent Inlet, Canada. 74N. gow. 41 | 
Prince Rupert Is., B.C. 54N. I33W. 52 
Prince of Wales C., Alaska. 65 N. i68w. 74 
Prince of Wales LA, Canada. 74N. loow. 40 
Prince William Sd., Alaska. DON. I47W. 74 i 
Princess Royal Is., B.C. 52N. isow. 52 j 
Princeton, Arkansas. 28N. 92W. 68 j 

Princeton, B. Columbia. 49N. I2OW. 52 I 
Princeton, Illinois. 4 IN. gow. 67 ! 

Princeton, Indiana. 38^ 88w. 64 

Princeton, Kentucky. 37N. 87w. 64 

Princeton, Minnesota. 46*:. 93W. 67 j 

Princeton, Missouri. 4ON. 93 w. 67 I 

Princeton, Wisconsin. 43N. 88w. 67 j 

Princetown, Prince Edward Island. 47N. 

64W. 45 I 

Principe Imperial, Ceara, Brazil. 53. 

42W. 88 1 

Princos, Prince Edward Is., 4&N. 64 w. 45 I 
Prineville, Oregon. 49N. iziw. 72 ! 

Progreso, Yucatan. 2 IN. gow. 78 ; 


Providence, Rhode Is. 42 N. 7iw. 59 
Providence Channel, Bahama Is., W.I. 

26w. 78 w. 80 
Providenciales Is., Bahama Is. 22N. 72W. 80 

Provincetown, Mass. 42N. 7ow. 59 

Provo City, Utah. 4ON. ii2w. 70 

Prudhoe Land, Greenland. 76N. 8ow. 41 

Puebla State, Mexico. igN. g8w. 77 

Puebla Viejo, Vera Cruz. 23N. 97w. 77 

Pueblo, Colorado. 38N. iosw. 66 

Pueblo Nuevo, Panama. 7N. 8iw. 78 

Puerco River, Arizona. 35N. now. 71 

Puerto Belgrano, Argentina. 393. 62W. 92 

Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. ION. 68w. 90 

Puerto Cortes, Honduras. i6N. gow. 78 

Puerto Deseado, Patagonia. 475. 6s\v. 96 

Puerto Gallegos, Patagonia. 513. 6g\v. 96 

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. ION. 83W. 78 

Puerto Mexico, Vera Cruz. i8N. 93W. 77 

Puerto Palizada, Guerrero. I7N. 99W. 77 
Puerto Princesa, Philippine Is. 9N. 

I23E. 75 

Puerto Rico, West Indies. i8N. 67w. 80 

Puerto Viejo, Ecuador, is. Sow. 90 

Puget Sound, Washington. 48^. I23W. 70 

Pugwash, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 63 w. 45 

Pujaga B., Philippine Is. 6N. I26E. 75 

Pulaski, New York. 43N. 76w. 58 

Pulaski, Tennessee. 35 N. 88w. 69 

Puna Is., Ecuador. 35. 8o\v. 90 

Punta Arenas, Chile. 533. 7iw. 96 

Punta Arenas, Costa Rica. ION. 84W. 78 

Punta Gorda, Florida. 27N. 82W. 69 

Punta Rassa, Florida. 26N. 82W. 69 

Punxsutawney, Penn. 4 IN. ?gw. 58 

Purace Vol., Colombia. 2N. 76w. 90 

Purcell, Oklahoma. 35N. g8w. 68 

Purcell Ra., B. Columbia. SON. n6w. 53 

Purdo R, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 208. 4gw. 89 

Purdy, Tennessee. 35 N. 8gw. 68 

Purificacion, Jalisco. 2ON. iosw. 76 

Purification, Colombia. 5N. 75 w. 90 

Purisima, L. California. 26N. iisw. 76 

Purus, Brazil. 93. 7iw. 91 

Purus River, Brazil. IDS. 7iw. 91 

Putumayo or lea R, Brazil. 33. 72 w. 90 

Pyramid Lake, Nevada. 4ON. i2ow. 72 

Pyrenopolis, Goyaz, Brazil. 55. sow. 89 

Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. SON. IO4W. 50 
Quaco, New Brunswick. 45 N. 66w. 45 
Quanam, Para, Brazil. 4N. sow. 88 

Quartel, Minas Geraes, Brazil. i8s. 

4ow. 98 

Quatseenough Sound, Vancouver Island, 

British Columbia. SON. i28w. 52 

Quebec, prov., Canada. 48N. 74W. 41 

Quebec City, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 41 




Queen Adelaide Archipelago, Chile. 528. 

74W. 96 

*Queen Charlotte Is., B. C. 54N. I32W. 52 

Queen Charlotte Sd., B. C. SIN. i28w. 52 

Queens, New Brunswick. 46N. 66w. 45 

Queens, Nova Scotia. 441*. 6sw. 45 

Queens, Prince Edward Is. 461*. 6yw. 45 

Queen's Sd., B. Columbia. 52N. i28w. 52 

Queenstown, British Guiana. 8N. 6ow. 88 

*Queenstown, Ontario. 431*. 7gvr. 49 

Queimadas, Bahia, Brazil. IDS. 4ow. 89 

Queretaro City, Queretaro. 2 IN. loow. 77 

*Queretaro State, Mexico. 2 IN. loow. 77 

Quesnelle L., B. Columbia. 53N. I2iw. 52 

Quesnelle R, B. Columbia. 53N. 12 iw. 52 

Quesnellemouth, B. C. 53N. I23W. 52 

Quezaltenango, Guatemala. 15 N. 92W. 78 

Quibdo, Colombia. 6N. 78w. 90 

Quicia, Brazil. 8s. 67w. 91 

Quijano, Tamaulipas. 25N. gTtr. 77 

Quilan Cape, Chile. 443. 75\v. 96 

Quill Lake, Big, Sask. 52N. io4\v. 50 

Quill Lake, Little, Sask. 52N. IO4W. 50 

Quilma, Bolivia. 208. 6ow. 92 

Quincy, California. 4ON. 12 iw. 72 

Quincy, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 

Quincy, Illinois. 4ON. giw. 67 

Quincy, Massachusetts. 42N. 7iw. 59 

Quines, Argentina. 333. 66w. 92 

Quinn River, Nevada. 4iN. n8w. 72 

Quinsay, Cathay Mangi. 35N. I3ow. i 

Quintana, Texas. 29N. 95W. 68 

Quinte, Bay of, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Quitman, Mississippi. 32N. 8gvr. 68 

Quito, Ecuador, o. 78w. 90 

Quittota, ChUe. 333. 7iw. 92 

Quixeramobim, Ceara, Brazil. 53. 4OW. 88 

Quixijana, Peru. 6s. 7iw. 91 

Rabeca Lake, Brazil. 153. 6ow. 91 

Race Cape, Newfoundland. 47N. 53W. 44 

Racine, Wisconsin. 43 N. 88w. 67 

Rae Isthmus, Canada. 68N. 8gw. 41 

Rafaela, Argentina. 313. 62W. 92 

Ragay Bay, Philippine Is. ISN. I23E. 75 

Rainier Mt., Washington. 47N. I22\v. 70 

Raleigh, Mississippi. 32N. 8gw. 68 

Raleigh, N. Carolina. 3&N. 78w. 65 

Raleigh Bay, N. Carolina. 35 N. 76w. 65 

Ralston Desert, Nevada. 33N. ii7w. 72 

Ramah, Labrador. 59N. 63 w. 41 

Rancagua, Chile. 343. 7iw. 92 

Ranco, Lake de, Chile. 408. 72W. 92 

Randolph, Vermont. 44N. 73\v. 59 

Rangeley, Maine. 4514. 7iw. 59 

Rangeley Lakes, Maine. 45N. 7iw. 59 

Rapid City, Manitoba. SON. loow. 51 

Rapid City, S. Dakota. 44N. IO3W. 66 


*Rappahannock R, Virginia. 38N. 77W. 65 
Raquette River, New York. 45N. 7sw. 59 
Rawdon, Quebec. 4&N. 74W. 46 

Rawlins, Wyoming. 42N. io7w. 66 

Rawson, Patagonia. 433. 6sw. 96 

Ray Cape, Newfoundland. 48N. 6ow. 44 
Raymond, Mississippi. 32N. gow. 68 

Rayon, San Luis. 22N. loow. 77 

Rayville, Louisiana. 32N. 92W. 68 

Reading, Pennsylvania. 4ON. 76w. 58 
Reata, Coahuila. 2&N. loiw. 77 

Recife or Pernambuco, Brazil, gs. 37W. 89 
Reconquista, Argentina. 293. 6ow. 92 
Red Bank, New Jersey. 4ON. 74\v. 59 
Red Bluff, California. 4ON. I22W. 72 

Red Cedar River, Iowa. 43 N. gzvr. 67 
Red Deer L., N.VV. Terr. 53N. IO2W. 50 
Red Deer River, Alberta. 52N. nsw. 53 
Red Deer River, Sask. 53N. io3\v. 50 
Red Lake, Minnesota. 48N. 95W. 67 

Red Mts., Nevada. 42N. n6w. 72 

Red Oak, Iowa. 4iN. gsw. 67 

Red River, Louisiana. 321*. 93W. 68 

Red Wing, Minnesota. 45N. 93W. 67 

Redfield, S. Dakota. 45 N. g8w. 66 

Reducto, Yolo, Philippine Is. 6N. 12 IE. 75 
Redwood, California. 43N. I23W. 72 

Redwood Falls, Minnesota. 45N. 95W. 67 
Reed L., N.W. Territories. SSN. loow. 51 
Reeder L., N.W. Territories. 54N. loiw. 50 
Reese River, Nevada. 40N. n8w. 72 

Refugio, Texas. 28N. 92W. 68 

Regina, Saskatchewan. SIN. iosw. 50 
Region de los Bosques (La Montana), 

Brazil. 53. 72W. 91 

Reidsville, N. Carolina. 37N. Sow. 64 
Reindeer Island, Manitoba. 52N. g8w. 51 
Reindeer L., Saskatchewan. 57N. losw. 53 
Reindeer Mts., Sask. 59N. n6w. 53 

Remedio, Colombia. 8N. 7sw. 90 

Renfrew, Ontario. 4&N. 76w. 49 

Renfrew District, Ontario. 46N. 77w. 49 
Rennie, Manitoba. SON. g6w. 51 

Reno, Nevada. 4ON. i2ow. 72 

Renovo, Pennsylvania. 4 IN. 78w. 58 

Resistencia, Argentina. 273. sgw. 92 

Resolution Island, Canada. &ON. 65 w. 41 
Restigouche, New Brunswick. 48N. 6s\v. 45 
Restigouche River, New Brunswick. 

48N. 6sw. 45 

Reston, Manitoba. 49N. loiw. 50 

Reveille, Nevada. 38N. H7\v. 72 

Reyes, Michoacan. igN. IO3W. 77 

Rhett Lake, California. 42N. I22W. 72 
Rhinelander, Wisconsin. 4&N. 8gw. 67 
*Rhode Island, U.S.A. 42N. 72W. 59 

Riachuelo, Ceara, Brazil. 6s. 38w. 88 
Ribeira River, Brazil. 253. 47w. 93 




Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2 is. 

49W. 89 

Rice Lake, Ontario. 44*1. 78w. 49 

Rich Cape, Ontario. 45 N. Sow. 48 

Rich Pt, Newfoundland. SIN. 57W. 44 
Richard Island, Yukon. 6gN. I34\v. 74 
Richards Cape, Canada. 78N. now. 40 

*Richelieu, Quebec. 46N. 7sw. 46 

Richibucto, New Brunswick. 47N. 6sw. 45 
Richibucto Harbour and Head, New 

Brunswick. 47N. 6sw. 45 

Richmond, Cape Breton Is. 4611. 6iw. 45 
Richmond, Indiana. 4ON. 8sw. 64 

Richmond, Kentucky. 371*. 84W. 64 

Richmond, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Richmond, New Jersey. 4IN. 74W. 59 
Richmond, Ontario. 45 N. 76w. 49 

Richmond, Quebec. 461*. 72W. 46 

Richmond, Virginia. sSN. 77w. 65 

Richmond Bay, Prince Edward Island. 

46N. 64W. 45 

Richmond Cen., Wisconsin. 441*. giw. 67 
Richmond Cr., Labrador Pen. 57N. Sow. 41 
Richmond Hill, Ontario. 441*. 7gw. 48 
Rideau Canal and R., Ontario. 44N. 76w. 49 
Rideau Lake, Ontario. 4 IN. 76w. 49 

Ridgetown, Ontario. 42N. 82W. 48 

Ridgeville, Manitoba. 49N. gg\v. 51 

Ridgway, Pennsylvania. 42N. 7gw. 58 
Riding Mt, Manitoba. SIN. loow. 51 
Rigolet, Labrador. 54N. $8w. 41 

Rimouski, Quebec. 48N. 68w. 47 

Rimouski River, Quebec. 4&N. 68w. 47 
Rincon, New Mexico. 33N. io7w. 71 

Rio Chico, Venezuela. ION. 66w. 90 

Rio Claro, Brazil. 22S. 47W. 93 

Rio Cuarto, Argentina. 333. 64W. 92 

Rio de Chiapa, Chile. 323. 7iw. 92 

Rio Grande, Brazil. 283. 53W. 93 

Rio Grande, Tamaulipas. 26N. 97W. 77 
Rio Grande R., U.S.A. 28N. loow. 54, 55 
Rio Grande do Norte, prov. and town, 

Brazil. 53. 45W. 88 

Rio Grande do Sul (S. Pedro), Brazil. 328. 

52W. 93 

Rio Janeiro, Brazil. 233. 44W. 93 

*Rio Janeiro, city, Brazil. 233. 44W. 93 
Rio Negro, Uruguay. 333. s8w. 92 

Rio Negro Terr., Patagonia. 403. 67w. 96 
Rio Pardo, Brazil. 303. 52W. 93 

Rio Verde, Potosi. 22N. loow. 77 

Riohambog, Ecuador. 23. Sow. 90 

Rioja City, Argentina. 303. 67W. 92 

Ripley, Mississippi. 35N. 88w. 68 

Rivadavia, Argentina. 243. 63W. 92 

Rivadavia, Chile. 303. 7iw. 92 

Rivadavia, Patagonia. 463. 67w. 96 

Rivas, Nicaragua. I2N. 86w. 78 


Rivera, Uruguay. 313. $6w. 

Riverdale, Wyoming. 45N. io6w. 66 

Riverside, Montana. 47N. io8w. 66 

Rivers Inlet, B. Columbia. 52N. i27w. 52 

Rivers, Lake of the, Sask. SON. io6w. 50 

Roanoke, Alabama. 33 N. 8sw. 69 

Roanoke, Virginia. 37N. Sow. 64 

"Roanoke River, U.S.A. 37N. 77w. 65 

Roatan Island, Honduras. I7N. 86w. 78 

Roberval, Quebec. 49N. 72W. 46 

Robinson, Newfoundland. 48N. sgw. 44 

Robson, British Columbia. 49N. nSw. 53 

Rocada, Piauhy, Brazil. 8s. 42W. 89 

Rocha, Uruguay. 343. 53W. 93 

Rocha, town, Uruguay. 343. 54W. 93 

Roche Percee, Sask. 49N. IO3W. 50 

Rochester, Minnesota. 44N. 92W. 67 

Rochester, New Hampshire. 43N. 7iw. 59 

Rochester, New York. 43N. 78w. 58 

Rock Creek, Idaho. 44N. H4W. 72 

Rock Lake, Ontario. 4&N. 78w. 49 

Rock Springs, Wyoming. 42N. togw. 66 

Rockcliffe, Ontario. 46*. 78w. 49 

Rockford, Illinois. 42N. Sgw. 67 

Rockingham, N. Carolina. 35N. 8ow. 64 

Rockland, Ontario. 4&N. 76w. 49 

Rockland, Washington. 46N. 12 iw. 70 

Rockport, Texas. 28N. 97W. 68 

Rocky Bar, Idaho. 43N. nsw. 72 

Rocky Mount, Virginia. 37N. Sow. 64 

Rocky Mt Ho., x\lberta. 52N. nsw. 53 

Rocky Mts., B. Columbia. 57N. I25W. 52 
Rocky Mts., N. America. 35-65N. 

IO5-I3OW. 36 

Roddick, Saskatchewan. 53N. io6w. 50 

Rodehouse, Illinois. 39N. 8gw. 67 

Rodney, Ontario. 42N. 82W. 48 

Rodney Point, Alaska. 65 N. i67w. 74 

Rogers, Michigan. 4&N. 4W. 64 

Roguaguado Lake, Bolivia. 8s. 67w. 91 

Rogue River, Oregon. 43 N. I24W. 72 

Rojo Cape, Vera Cruz. 22N. 97w. 77 

Rokeby, Saskatchewan. SIN. 102 w. 50 

Rolla, Missouri. 38N. 92W. 67 

Remain Cape, S. Carolina. 33N. 7gw. 69 

Romaine, Quebec. SON. 6iw. 44 

Romano Cape, Florida. 26N. 82W. 69 

Romanzoff Cape, Alaska. 62N. i66w. 74 

Romanzoff Mts., Alaska. 68N. I45W. 74 

Romblon, Philippine Islands. I3N. I22E. 75 

Rome, Georgia. 34N. 8sw. 69 

Rome, New York. 43 N. 75 w. 58 

Romney, Ontario. 42N. 82W. 48 

Rondeau Harbour, Ontario. 42N. 82W. 48 
Roneador River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

ISS. 55W. 89 

Ronge la Lac, Sask. SSN. io6w. 50 

Roraima Mt, Venezuela. SN. 6ow. 90 




Rosalinda Bk., Caribbean Sea. i4N.8ow. 80 
Rosarinho, Amazonas, Brazil. 43. 6ow. 88 

Rosario, Argentina. 333. 6ow. 92 

Rosario, Lower California. SON. n6w. 76 
Rosario, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 153. 57w. 89 

Rosario, N. Argentina. 253. 6sw. 92 

Rosario, Paraguay. 25N. 57W. 93 

Rosario, Sinaloa. 23N. io6w. 76 

Roscommon, Michigan. 451*. 8sw. 64 

Roseau, Dominica. 151*. 62W. 79 

Rosebud, Montana. 461*. IOTW. 66 

Rosebud, S. Dakota. 431*. loiw. 66 

Rosebud River, Montana. 4&N. io7W. 66 

Roseburg, Oregon. 43*?. I23W. 72 

Rosedale, Mississippi. 34N. giw. 68 

Roseisle, Manitoba. SON. g8w. 51 

Rosenfeld, Manitoba. 49N. g8w. 51 

Ross Is., N.W. Territories. 541*. g8w. 51 

Rossburn, Manitoba. SIN. loiw. 50 

Rosseau Lake, Ontario. 45 N. Sow. 48 

Rossignol L., Nova Scotia. 44N. 6sw. 45 

Rossland, B. Columbia. 4QN. n8w. 53 

Rossville, N.W. Territories. 54N. g8w. 51 

Rosthern, Saskatchewan. 53N. io6w. 50 

Roswell, New Mexico. 33N. IO4W. 71 

Rouleau, Saskatchewan. SON. iosw. 50 

Round Lake, Ontario. 46N. 78w. 49 

Rouville, Quebec. 4&N. 73 w. 46 

Rowes Welcome, Canada. 65 N. 8s\v. 41 

Roxboro, N. Carolina. 37N. 78w. 64 

Royal Is., Bahama Islands. 25^. 76w. 80 

Ruby Mts., Nevada. 4IN. usw. 72 

Rufino, Argentina. 343. 63W. 92 

Rugby J., N. Dakota. 48x. loow. 66 
Rum Cay, Bahama Is., W.I. 24N. 75 w. 80 

Rum Lake, Yukon. 66N. iiaw. 74 

Rumford Falls, Maine. 44N. 7iw. 59 

Rupert Ho., Quebec. SIN. 8iw. 41 

Rupert River, Quebec. SIN. 8iw. 41 

Rupununi R., B. Guiana. SN. 60 w. 90 

Rushville, Nebraska. 43N. I03W. 66 

Russell, Manitoba. SIN. IO2W. 50 

Russell, Ontario. 45N. 7sw. 49 

Russell District, Ontario. 45 N. 7sw. 49 

Russelville, Alabama. 34N. 88w. 69 

Ruston, Louisiana. 32N. 92W. 68 

Rutland, Vermont. 44N. 73W. 59 

Rutledge, Alabama. 32N. 87\v. 69 

Saba, Leeward Is. i8N. 6sw. 79 

Sabara, Brazil. 203. 44W. 93 

Sabine Pass, Texas. SON. 94W. 68 

Sabine River, Texas. 32N. g$\v. 68 

Sable, River au, Michigan. 44N. 83W. 64 

Sable Cape, Florida. 25N. 8iw. 69 

Sable Cape, Nova Scotia. 43N. 66w. 45 

Sac City, Iowa. 42N. gsw. 67 

Saccol, Philippine Is. 7N. I22E. 75 


Sackville, New Brunswick. 46N. 64W. 45 
Saco, Maine. 43N. 7iw. 59 

Sacramento, California. 39N. 12 iw. 72 
Sacramento R, California. 4ON. I22W. 72 
Sadadillo R., Argentina. 283. 63 w. 92 
Saddleback Mt, Maine. 45 N. 7ow. 59 
Saginaw, Michigan. 44N. 84W. 64 

Saginaw Bay, Michigan. 44N. 84 w. 64 
Sagua la Grande, Cuba. 23 N. 8ow. 80 
Saguache, Colorado. s8N. io6w. 66 

*Saguenay, Quebec. 49N. 6gw. 47 

Saguenay River, Quebec. 49N. 7ow. 46 
Sahama, Bolivia. i8s. 69 w. 91 

Sahuaripa, Sonora. 29N. iogw. 76 

St Agathe, Manitoba. SON. 97w. 51 

St Albans, Vermont. 44N. 73W. 59 

St Albert, Alberta. 54N. H4\v. 53 

St Andrew, Quebec. 45 N. 74 w. 46 

St Andrews, Florida. SON. 86w. 69 

St Andrews, New Brunswick. 45N. 67w. 45 
St Andrews Bay, Florida. SON. 86w. 69 
St Anne, Quebec. 47N. 72W. 46 

St Anne River, Quebec. 49N. 66w. 47 
St Anne des Monts, Quebec. 49 N. 67w. 47 
St Anns, Jamaica. i8N. 77W. 80 

St Ann's Bay, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6iw. 45 
St Anselme, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

St Anthony, Newfoundland. SIN. ssw. 44 
St Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina. 243. 

67w. 92 

St Augustin C., Philippine Is. 6N. I26E. 75 

*St. Augustine, Florida. so.v. 8z\v, 69 

St Bartholomew, Leeward Is. i8N. 63W. 79 
St Bernardino Str., Philippine Is. 141*. 

I2IE. 75 

St Bias Cape, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 

St. Boniface, Manitoba. SON. 97W. 51 
St Cassimer, Quebec. 47N. 72W. 46 

St Catharines, Ontario. 43N. 79W. 48 
St Charles, Missouri. 39N. giw. 67 

St Christophers (St. Kitts), Leeward Is. 

i7N. 6sw. 79 

St Clair Lake, Ontario. 42N. 8sw. 64 
St Cloud, Minnesota. 4&N. 94\v. 67 

St Croix, Quebec. 47N. 72W. 46 

St Croix R, New Brunswick. 45N. 67w. 45 
St Elias Mt, Alaska. 6oN. i4iw. 74 

St Evariste, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 46 

St Ferdinand, Quebec. 4&N. 7iw. 46 

St Francis, Kansas. 4ON. IO2W. 66 

St Francis, Quebec. 4&N. 7iw. 46 

St Francis L., Beauce, Quebec. 4&N. 7iw. 46 
St Francis Lake, Quebec. 45N. 74W. 46 

*St Francis River, Quebec. 46^. 7iw. 46 
St Francois, Beauce, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 46 
St Francois, Yamaska, Quebec. 46*. 

73W. 46 

St Francois River, Quebec. 47N. 6gw. 47 




St George, Grenada. I2N. 62W. 79 

St George, Utah. 37N. H4W. 71 

St George Bay, Newfoundland. 491*1. sgw.44 
St George C., Newfoundland. 481*. 

59W. 44 

St George Cape, Nova Scotia. 46*. 6aw. 45 
St George Lake, Manitoba. 52N. 97\v. 51 
St George's B., Nova Scotia. 4&N. 62 w. 45 
St Hagues, Quebec. 46*1. 7sw. 46 

St Helena, California. 38:1. I23W. 72 
St Helena Pt, Ecuador, as. 8iw. 90 

St Helens Mt, Washington. 46N. I22W. 70 
St Hyacinthe, Quebec. 461*. 73\v. 46 

St Ignace Cape, Quebec. 471*. 7ow. 46 
St Irenee, Quebec. 481*. 7ow. 46 

St James Cape, Queen Charlotte Is. 521*. 

i3iw. 52 

St Jean, Quebec. 471*. 7ow. 46 

St Jerome, Quebec. 491*. 68w. 46 

St John, New Brunswick. 45 N. 66w. 45 
St John, West Indies. 181*. 6s\v. 79 

St John Cape, Newfoundland. SON. 55w. 44 
St John Har., New Brunswick. 45*1. 

66w. 45 

St John Lake, Quebec. 49N. 72W. 46 
St John R., New Brunswick. 4614. 66w. 45 
St Johns, Antigua, Leeward Is. I7N. 

62W. 79 

St Johns, Arizona. 341*. logw. 71 

St Johns, Newfoundland. 481*. ssw. 44 
St Johns, N. Dakota. 49*?. loow. 66 

*St Johns, Quebec. 451*. 73W. 46 

St Johns Bay, Newfoundland. SIN. s8w. 44 
St Johns Mt, California. 39N. I24W. 72 

*St Johns River, Florida. SON. 82\v. 69 
St Johnsbury, Vermont. 44N. 72W. 59 
St Joseph, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 

St Joseph, Louisiana. 32N. givf. 68 

St Joseph, Michigan. 42N. 86w. 64 

St Joseph, Missouri. 4ON. 95W. 67 

St Joseph, Quebec. 4&N. 7iw. 46 

St Joseph Island, Ontario. 4&N. 84\v. 48 
St Joseph Island, Texas. 28N. 97w. 68 
St Joseph Lake, Canada. SIN. gow. 41 
St Joseph's Bay, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 
St Jouchim, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

St Laurent, Manitoba. SIN. g8\v. 51 

*St Lawrence, G. of, Canada. 48N. 62W. 44 
St Lawrence C., Cape Breton Is. 471*. 

6iw. 45 

St Lawrence Island, Alaska. 64N. i7ow. 74 

*St Lawrence River, Canada. 48N. 7ow. 41 
St Leon, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

St Liboire, Quebec. 4&N. 73W. 46 

St Lin, Quebec. 4&N. 74W. 46 

St Louis, Haiti, W. Indies. i8N. 73 w. 80 
St Louis, Missouri. 39N. gow. 67 

*St Lucia, Windward Is. i4N. 6iw. 79 


St Lucie, Florida. 28N. 8ow. 69 

St Lucie Inlet, Florida. 28N. Sow. 69 
St Margaret Bay, Quebec. SON. 67W. 44 
St Marks, Florida. SON. 84\v. 69 

St Martin, Leeward Is. i8N. 6sw. 79 
St Martin Lake, Manitoba. 52N. g8w. 51 
St Mary Bay, Newfoundland. 47N. 54W. 44 
St Mary Cape, Newfoundland. 47N. 54W. 44 
St Mary Cape, Nova Scotia. 44N. 66w. 45 
St Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia. 44N. 66w. 45 
St Mary's River, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 62W. 45 
St Maurice River, Quebec. 47N. 7sw. 46 
St Maxime, Quebec. 47N. 66w. 47 

St Michel, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

St Pacombe, Quebec. 47N. 7ow. 46 

St Paul, Alberta. 54N. ii2W. 53 

St Paul, Minnesota. 45N. 9sw. 67 

St Paul, Nebraska. 4iN. g8w. 66 

St Paul, Quebec. 49 N. 67\v. 47 

St Paul Bay, Newfoundland. SON. s8w. 44 
St Pauls, Arkansas. SIN. 94W. 68 

St Pauls Bay, Quebec. 47N. 7iw. 46 

St Paul's Is., Cape Breton Is. 47N. 6ow. 45 
St Peter, Minnesota. 44N. 94W. 67 

St Peter Lake, Quebec. 46N. jyff. 46 
St Peter Port, Quebec. 47N. 64W. 47 

St Peter's B., Cape Breton Is. 451*. 

6iw. 45 

St Petersburg, Florida. 28N. Ssw. 69 

*St Pierre, Martinique. ISN. 6iw. 79 

St Remi, Quebec. 45 N. 74W. 46 

St Roche, Quebec. 47N. 7ow. 46 

St Simon, Quebec. 48N. 6gw. 47 

St Stephen, New Brunswick. 45 N. 67W. 45 
St Stephens, Alabama. SIN. 88w. 69 
St Sylvestre, Quebec. 46N. 7iw. 46 

St Thomas, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

*St Thomas, West Indies. i8N. 6sw. 79 
St Valentin Mt, Chile. 463. 74W. 96 

St Vincent, Quebec. 45N. 7s\v. 46 

*St Vincent, Windward Is. ISN. 6iw. 79 
St Vincent Island, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 
Sal Cay Is., Bahama Islands. 24N. Sow. 80 
Sal de Uyuni, Bolivia. 208. 68w. 92 

Salado, Chile. 263. 7ow. 92 

Salado, San Luis. 24N. loiw. 77 

Salado R., Argentina. 293. 6iw. 92 

Salado R., S. Argentina. 363. 57W. 92 

Salamanca, Guanajuato. 2 IN. loiw. 77 
Salamanca, New York. 42N. 7gw. 58 
Salavina, Argentina. 293. 6sw. 92 

Salem, Arkansas. s6N. 92W. 68 

*Salem, Massachusetts. 42N. 7iw. 59 

Salem, Missouri. s8N. 92W. 67 

*Salem, New Jersey. 4ON. 7sw. 58 

Salem, Oregon. 45N. I23W. 72 

Salem, S. Dakota. 44N. 97W. 67 

Salina, Kansas. 39N. g8w. 67 




Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. i6.v. 95 w. 77 

Salinas, California. 361*. 12 iw. 72 

Salinas, Piauhy, Brazil. 6s. 43W. 88 

Salinas, San Luis. 231*. iozw. 77 

Salinas Grandes, Argentina. 308. 6sw. 92 
Salinas R, California. 361*. I2iw. 72 
Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon. 26N. ioow.77 
Saline Cr., Saskatchewan. SIN. iosw. 50 
Saline River, Kansas. 39*?. 99W. 66 

Salisbury, Maryland. 38N. 75W. 65 

Salisbury, N. Carolina. 36x. Sow. 64 

Sallas, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 2os. 4gw. 89 
Salmon River, Alaska. 67N. I44W. 74 
Salmon River, Idaho. 451*. nsw. 70 

Salmon R, New Brunswick. 46^. 65 w. 45 
Salmon River, Quebec. 45 N. 7iw. 46 
Salt Fork, Oklahoma. 37N. g8vf. 68 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 4IN. H2W. 70 

Salta, Argentina. 255. 65 w. 92 

Salta City, Argentina. 253. 66w. 92 

Saltadero, Cuba. 2OK. 75W. 80 

Saltcoats, Saskatchewan. SIN. IO2W. 50 
Saltillo, Coahuila. 2$N. loiw. 77 

Salto, Uruguay. 313. 57W. 92 

Salto Augusto, Brazil, gs. s8w. 91 

Salto de S. Simao, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

8s. s8w. 89 

Salton, California. 33N. n6w. 72 

Salton Lake, California. 33N. n6w. 72 
Salubria, Idaho. 44M. ii7W. 72 

Saluda R, S. Carolina. 34N. 8iw. 69 

Salvador St, C. America. i4N. 8gw. 78 
Samana, S. Domingo. IQN. 6gw. 80 

Samana Is., Bahama Is. 23N. 74W. 80 
Samar, Philippine Is. I2N. I25E. 75 

Sambro Cape, Nova Scotia. 44N. 64W. 45 
Sampayo, Matto Grosso, Brazil. i6s. 

55w. 89 

San Andreas, California. 38N. 12 iw. 72 
San Antonio, Brazil. 43. 68w. 91 

San Antonio, Chile. 345. 7iw. 92 

San Antonio, Goyaz, Brazil. 153. 49\v. 89 
San Antonio, Matto Grosso, Brazil. i6s. 

55W. 89 

San Antonio, Minas Geraes, Brazil. i8s. 

4 6w. 89 

San Antonio, Yucatan. IQN. gow. 78 
San Antonio C., Argentina. 363. 57W. 93 
*San Antonio C., Cuba. 22N. 8sw. 80 

San Antonio de Bexar, Texas. SON. ggvf. 71 
San Antonio, Cataract de, Maranhao, 

Brazil. 43. 46w. 88 

San Antonio de Maripy, Brazil, is. 6sw. 90 
San Bento, Maranhao, Brazil. 33. 45W. 88 
San Bernardino, California. 34N. H7\v. 72 
San Bernardino Mt, California. 34N. 

ii7w. 72 

San Bernardo, Ceara, Brazil. 43. 38w. 88 


San Bias, Tepic. 22N. xosw. 76 

San Borja, Brazil. 293. s6w. 93 

San Borja, Peru. 43. 77w. 91 

San Buenaventura, California. 34N. H9W.72 
San Carlos, Venezuela. ION. 6gvr. go 

San Carlos de la Union, Salvador. I4N. 

88w. 78 

San Carlos Pk., California. 36N. 12 iw. 72 
San Clara, Espirito Santo, Brazil. i8s. 

4ow. 89 

San Clemente Is., California. 33N. iigw.72 
San Cristobal, Chiapas. i6N. 93W. 77 

San Cristobal, Venezuela. 7N. 72W. 90 
San Cristobal Bay, Lower California. 

27N. iisw. 76 

San Diego, California. 33N. H7w. 72 
San Diego Cape, Patagonia, Tierra del 

Fuego Is. 553. 65 w. 96 

San Domingo, Goyaz, Brazil. 133. 46w. 89 
*San Domingo, West Indies. i8N. 7ow. 80 
San Eduardo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

213. 4IW. 89 

San Eugenic, Uruguay. 303. s6w. 93 
San Felipe, Chile. SIN. 7iw. 92 

San Feliz, Maranhao, Brazil. 6s. 44W. 88 
San Fermin, Lr. California. SIN. iisw. 76 
San Fernando, California. 34N. iigw. 72 
San Fernando, Chile. 353. 7iw. 92 

San Fernando, Philippine Is. I7N. 12 IE. 75 
San Fernando, Tainaulipas. 25N. g8w. 77 
San Fernando, Trinidad. ION. 6iw. 90 
San Fernando, Venezuela. 4N. 68w. 90 
San Filipe, Guanajuato. 2 IN. loiw. 77 
San Francisco, Arizona. 35N. H2W. 71 
San Francisco, Bolivia. 2 is. 62W. 92 

*San Francisco, California. s8N. I22W. 72 
San Francisco Cape, Ecuador. IN. Sow. 90 
San Francisco Island, Brazil. 263. 49W. 93 
San Francisco River, Brazil. IDS. 4OW. 93 
San Fructuoso, Uruguay. 323. s6w. 93 
San Gabriel, Brazil, o. 67w. 90 

San Gabriel Ra., California. 34N. n8w. 72 
San German, Puerto Rico, W. Indies. 

i8N. 67W. 80 

San Gregorio, Lr. California. 26N. H2W. 76 
San Ignacio, Lr. California. 27N. H3W. 76 
San Ignacio, Peru. 53. 76w. 91 

San Ignacio, Sinaloa. 24N. io7w. 76 

San Ignacio, Sonora. 3 IN. mw. 76 

San Ildefonso Cape, Philippine Islands. 

i6N. I22E. 75 

San Isabel, Brazil, o. 6sw. 90 

San Isidro, Chihuahua. 26N. io6w. 76 
San Jacinto Mts., California. 33N. iiTW. 72 
San Joao, Bahia, Brazil. 123. 42W. 89 
San Joao, Brazil. 4N. 6iw. 90 

San Joao Is., Maranhao, Brazil, is. 

4w. 88 





San Joao de Macahe, Rio de Janeiro, 

Brazil. 228. 42W. 8g 

San Joao del Rei, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 

2 is. 44W. 89 

San Joaquim, Bolivia. 133. 65 w. 91 

San Joaquim de Guerana, Brazil. 2S. 

68w. 90 

San Joaquin R, California. 37N. 12 iw. 72 
San Jorge, G. de, Patagonia. 463. 65 w. 96 
San Jose, Bolivia. i8s. 6iw. 91 

San Jose, Brazil. 275. 48w. 93 

San Jose, California. 371*. I22W. 72 

San Jose, Costa Rica. ION. 84\v. 78 

San Jose, Lower California. 231*. now. 76 
San Jose, Piauhy, Brazil. 73. 44W. 88 
San Jose, Uruguay. 343. 57w. 93 

San Jose, Venezuela. 6N. 63\v. 90 

San Jose Is., Lr. California. 25 N. inw. 76 
San Jose R, New Mexico. 3511. IOTW. 71 
San Jose de Buena vista, Philippine Is. 

UN. I22E. 75 

San Jose de Gracia, Sinaloa. 26N. io8w. 76 
San Jose Tejuco, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 

193. 49W. 89 

San Juan, Argentina. 315. 6gw. 92 

San Juan City, Argentina. 328. 68w. 92 
San Juan, Bolivia. i8s. 5gw. 91 

San Juan, Peru. 153. 75W. 91 

San Juan, Puebla. igN. g8w. 77 

*San Juan, Puerto Rico, W.I. i8N. 66w. 80 
San Juan, Washington. 49N. I23W. 70 
San Juan Mts., Colorado. 37N. io7w. 66 
San Juan R, Cen. America. UN. 84\v. 78 

*San Juan River, Colombia. 4N. 77w. 90 
San Juan Bautista, Tabasco. i8N. 93W. 77 
San Juan de Nicaragua (Grey town), 

Nicaragua. UN. 83 w. 78 

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. IIN. 86w. 78 
San Juanico, Lr. California. 26N.H2W. 76 
San Julian, Patagonia. 493. 68w. 96 

San Leopoldo, Brazil. 308. siw. 93 

San Lorenzo, Goyaz, Brazil. 8s. sow. 89 
San Lorenzo, Piauhy, Brazil. 93. 43W. 89 
San Lorenzo Cape, Ecuador, is. 8iw. 90 
San Lorenzo Island, Lower California. 

28N. II3W. 76 

San Lorenzo River, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

1 6s. 55w. 89 

San Lucas Cape, Lr. California. 3N. 

now. 76 

San Luis, Argentina. 343. 66w. 92 

San Luis, Colorado. 37N. io6w. 66 

San Luis, Guerrero. i7N. g8w. 77 

San Luis, Texas. 2gN. 95W. 68 

San Luis B., Lr. California. SON. ii4W. 76 
San Luis City, Argentina. 348. 66w. 92 
San Luis Park, Colorado. s8N. io6w. 66 
San Luis State, Mexico. 23N. iciw. 77 


San Luis Obispo, California. 35 N. 12 iw. 72 
San Luis Potosi, San Luis. 22N. loiw. 77 
San Luiz de Maranhao, Brazil. 28. 44W. 88 
San Luzia, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 195. 

44W. 89 

San Manoel, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 238. 49W. 89 
San Marcos, Haiti, W. Indies. igN. 73W. 80 
San Marcos, Guerrero. I7N. ggw. 77 

San Maria, Brazil, is. 6iw. 90 

San Martin, Colombia. 3N. 72W. 90 

San Martin Lake, Chile. 483. 73W. 96 

San Martino, Colombia. SN. 72W. 90 

San Mateo, California. 37N. I23W. 72 
San Matias, G. of, Patagonia. 428. 64W. 96 
San Miguel, California. 3&N. I2IW. 72 
San Miguel, Colombia. 2S. 74W. 90 

San Miguel, Cuba. 2 IN. 77W. 80 

San Miguel, Philippine Is. I4N. I23E. 75 
San Miguel, Salvador. I4N. 88w. 78 

San Miguel Is., California. 34N. i2ow. 72 
San Miguel R, Bolivia. 175. 6sw. 91 

San Miguel R, Mexico. 32N. io8w. 76 
San Nicolas, Argentina. 333. 6ow. 92 

San Nicholas Is., California. 33N. ugw. 72 
San Paulo, Brazil. 248. 46w. 93 

San Pedro, Brazil, o. 67w. 90 

San Pedro, California. 34N. n8w. 72 

San Pedro, Coahuila. 261*1. losw. 77 

San Pedro, Honduras. i6x. 88w. 78 

San Pedro, Paraguay. 243. 57w. 93 

San Pedro B., Philippine Is. IIN. I25E. 75 
San Pedro R, Arizona. 32N. inw. 71 
San Pedro de Macoris, S. Domingo. 

i8N. 69W. 80 

San Quentin, Lr. California. SIN. n6w. 76 
San Rafael, Argentina. 353. 69 w. 92 

San Rafael, California. 38N. I23W. 72 
San Rafael, Lr. California. SIN. n6w. 76 
San Rafael, Sonora. SON. ii2w. 76 

San Romao, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 173. 

45W. 89 

San Ramon, Lr. California. SIN. n6w. 76 
San Roque, Argentina. 313. 64W. 92 

San Roque Cape, Brazil. 48. s6w. 88 

San Rosa, Ecuador, S.A. 33. Sow. 91 
*San Salvador, Salvador. I4N. 8gw. 78 
San Sebastian, B. of, Lower California. 

28N. II5W. 76 

San Sebastian B., Tierra del Fuego Is. 

538. 68w. 96 

San Sebastiao Is., Brazil. 243. 45W. 93 

San Simeon, California. s6N. i2iw. 72 

San Sinlao, Brazil. 228. 47W. 93 

San Teres, Colombia, is. 75 w. 90 
San Thome C., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

228. 4IW. 89 

San Tomas, Guatemala. i6N. 88w. 78 
San Tomas Mt, Philippine Is. i6N. I2IE. 75 




San Vicente, Salvador. 141*. 8gw. 78 

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. 22N. 79 w. 80 

Sandilands, Manitoba. 4QN. g6w. 51 

Sandwich, Ontario. 42N. 83W. 48 

Sandy Bar, Manitoba. 5 IN. 97W. 51 

Sandy Bay, Cuba. 2211 8sw. 80 

Sandy Bay, Manitoba. SON. ggvf. 51 

Sandy Hill, New York. 43N. 74W. 59 
Sandy Hook, New Jersey. 4ON. 74\v. 59 

Sandy L., N.W. Terr. 52N. 95\v. 51 

Sandy L., Sask. 54N. io6w. 50 

Sanford, Maine. 43N. 7iw. 59 

Sanger, N. Dakota. 47N. xoiw. 66 

Sangradouro, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 155. 

54W. 89 

Sankaty Hd., Nantucket Is., Mass. 4 IN. 

7ow. 59 

Santa, Peru. gs. 78w. 91 

Santa Ana, California. 34N. n8w. 72 

Santa Ana, Guerrero. i8N. loiw. 77 
Santa Ana, Lower California. 2gN. H4W. 76 

Santa Ana, Salvador. I4N. &gw. 78 

Santa Ana, Sonora. SIN. mw. 76 

Santa Anna, Brazil, o. 68w. 90 

Santa Anna, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 203. 

Sow. 89 
Santa Anna, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

315. s6w. 93 
Santa Anna Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

22S. 4IW. 89 

Santa Barbara, California. 34N. iigw. 72 
Santa Barbara, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 

2OS. 43W. 89 

Santa Barbara, S. Domingo, igx. 6gw. 80 
Santa Barbara Chan., California. 34N. 

I2OW. 72 

Santa Barbara Is., California. 33N. ngw. 72 
Santa Catalina Is., California. 33N. n8w. 72 
Santa Catalina Is., Lower California. 26N. 

mw. 76 

Santa Catharina, Brazil. 275. sow. 93 
Santa Catherina Is., Brazil. 273. 48w. 93 
Santa Clara, California. 37N. I23W. 72 
Santa Clara, Chihuahua. 2QN. IOTW. 76 | 
Santa Clara, Cuba. 23 N. 79 w. 80 I 

Santa Clara, Utah. 37N. ii4W. 71 | 

Santa Cruz, Bolivia. i?s. 63\v. 91 j 

Santa Cruz, California. 37N. I23W. 72 j 
Santa Cruz, Cuba. 2 IN. 78w. 80 | 

Santa Cruz, Espirito Santo, BrazU. 208. 

40W. 89 1 

Santa Cruz, Goyaz, Brazil. 173. 4gw. 89 1 
Santa Cruz, Para, Brazil. 33. ssw. 88 > 
Santa Cruz, Patagonia. 503. 68w. 96 ; 

Santa Cruz, Sonora. 26N. now. 761 

Santa Cruz, Yucatan. 2ON. 83W. 78 j 

Santa Cruz Is., California. 34N. iaow. 72 j 
*Santa Cruz Is., West Indies. i8N. 6sw. 79 j 


Santa Cruz R, Patagonia. 503. 7ow. 96 
Santa Cruz del Seybo, S. Domingo. i8N. 

6gw. 80 

*Santa Fe, Argentina. 315. 6iw. 92 

Santa Fe, Kansas. 38.^. loiw. 66 

Santa Fe, New Mexico. 3&N. io6w. 71 

Santa Gurgueta R, Bahia, Brazil. IDS. 

45W. 89 

Santa Ines Bay, Lower California. 273. 

II2W. 76 

Santa Ines C., Tierra del Fuego Is. 543. 

67w. 96 

Santa Ines Is., Chile. 533. 73W. 96 

Santa Lucia, Brazil. IN. 6g\v. go 

Santa Luzia, Goyaz, Brazil. i6s. 48w. 89 
Santa Maestra, West Indies. 2ON. 76w. 80 
Santa Margarita Is., Lower California. 

24N. ii2W. 76 

Santa Maria, Brazil. 293. 54W. 93 

Santa Maria, California. 35N. 12 iw. 72 
Santa Maria, Lr. California. SON. iisw. 76 
Santa Maria, Philippine Is. SN. I22E. 75 
Santa Maria Pt, Peru. 153. 66w. 91 

*Santa Marta, Colombia. UN. 75W. 90 
Santa Monica, California. 34N. n8w, 72 
Santa Rita, Bahia, Brazil. 123. 45W. 89 
Santa Rosa, Argentina. 313. 6sw. 92 
Santa Rosa, California. 34N. I2ow. 72 
Santa Rosa, Ecuador, is. 77w. 90 

Santa Rosa, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 173. 

6sw. 89 

Santa Rosa, Bahia de, Brazil, o. sow. 88 
Santa Rosa Is., California. 34N. i2ow. 72 
Santa Rosa Mts., Nevada. 4 IN. n8w. 72 
Santa Rosa de Toay, Argentina. 363. 

64W. 92 

Santa Rosalia, Chihuahua. 28N. iosw. 76 
Santa Rosalia, Lower California. 27N. 

II2W. 76 

Santarem, Para, Brazil. 33. s6w. 88 

Santaren Chan., Florida Chan. 23N. 

79W. 69 

Sante Anne des Chenes, Manitoba. SON. 

97W. 51 

Sante Genevieve, Quebec. 47N. 72W. 46 
Sante Julienne, Quebec. 4&N. 74 w. 46 
Sante Marguerite R., Quebec. 78N. 7ow. 46 
Sante Marie, Quebec. 45 N. 73W. 46 

Sante Scholastique, Quebec. 461*. 74W. 46 
Santee R, S. Carolina. 33N. Sow. 69 

Santiago, Boh' via. i8s. sgw. 89 

*Santiago, Chile. 343. 7iw. 92 

Santiago, Lower California. 24N. now. 76 
Santiago, Peru. 43. 77w. 91 

Santiago, San Domingo, W. I. 2ON. 72W. 80 
Santiago, Tepic. 22N. iosw. 76 

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 2ON. 76w. 80 
Santiago de Veragua, Panama. SN. Siw.go 




Santiago del Estero, Argentina. 28s. 

64W. 92 

Santiago del Estero City, Argentina. 283. 

64W. 92 

Santo Anna do Paranahyba, Brazil. 2OS. 

5iw. 93 

Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 248. 46w. 93 
Sao Barbara, Brazil. 2N. 6iw. 90 

Sao Feliz, Goyaz, Brazil. 145. 48w. 89 
Sao Joao de Princips, Ceara, Brazil. 

53. 4iw. 88 

Sao Matheus, Espirito Santo, Brazil. 

193. 4ow. 89 

Sao Paulo, town and prov., Brazil. 233. 

47\v. 89 

Sao Thomar, Brazil, o. 63W. 90 

Saona Is., San Domingo, W. Indies. 

i8N. 68w. 80 

Sapucaiaroca, Brazil. 53. 6ow. 91 

Sapulpa, Oklahoma. 3&N. g6w. 68 

Saraca L., Amazonas, Brazil. 23. 57W. 88 
Saramacca R, Dutch Guiana. SN. s6w. 88 
Saranac L., N. Y. 44N. 74W. 59 

Sarangani, Philippine Is. SN. I25E. 75 
Sarangani B., Philippine Is. 6N. 1252. 75 
Sarasota Key, Florida. 27N. 83W. 69 

*Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 43N. 74W. 59 

Sardis, Mississippi. 34N, go\v. 68 

Saskaram L., N.W. Terr. 541*. IO2W. 50 
Saskatchewan, Canada. 541*. io5w. 40 
Saskatchewan R, Canada. 54N. IO4W. 53 
Saskatchewan N. R, Canada. 531*. now. 53 
Saskatchewan S. R, Canada. SIN. io8w. 53 
Saskatoon, Sask. 52N. io7w. 50 

Satevo, Chihuahua. 28N. io6w. 76 

Sauces, Bolivia. 203. 64W. 92 

Saude, Brazil. 203. 43W. 93 

Saugeen River, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. 461*. 84W. 48 
Sauz, Chihuahua. 291*. io6w. 76 

Savanna la Mar, Jamaica. i8N. 78w. 80 
*Savannah, Georgia. 32N. 8iw. 69 

Savannah, Tennessee. 35N. 88w. 69 

Savannah R., S. Carolina and Georgia. 

33N. 8iw. 69 

Sayre, Penn. 42 N. 77w. 58 

Sayula, Jalisco. SON. IO3W. 76 

Scammon Lagoon, Lower California. 

28N. ii4W. 76 

Scarboro, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Scarboro, Ontario. 44N. 79W. 48 

Scarborough, Tobago. UN. 6iw. 79 

Scatari Is., Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6ow. 45 
*Schenectady, N.Y. 43N. 74W. 59 

Schuyler, Nebraska. 42N. 97w. 67 

Scibio R, Ohio. 4ON. 8sw. 64 

Scoresby Land, Greenland. 7ON. sow. 41 
Scoresby Sd., Greenland. 7oN. 22W. 41 


Scotia, Ontario. 46^. 7gw. 48 

Scotland, S. Dakota. 43N. g8vr. 67 

Scott, Kansas. s8N. loiw. 66 
Scott Inlet, Baffin Land. 7iN. 7ow. 41 

Scott Is., B.C. SIN. i29\v. 52 

Scott Mt, Oregon. 43 N. I22W. 72 

'Scottsboro, Alabama. 35 N. 86w. 69 

Scottsburg, Oregon. 43N. I24W. 72 

Scottsville, Kentucky. 37N. 86w. 64 

Scranton, Mississippi. SON. 8gw. 68 

Scugog L., Ontario. 45N. 79\v. 49 

Scullyville, Oklahoma. 35N. 95W. 68 
Sculpin Pt, Newfoundland. 47N. 55W. 44 
Sea Isle City, New Jersey. 39N. 74\v. 59 

Seaforth, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Seal Is., Nova Scotia. 43N. 66w. 45 

Scale, Alabama. 32N. 8sw. 69 

Seamo, Manitoba. SIN. g8w. 51 

Searey, Arkansas. 35 N. 92W. 68 

Seattle, Washington. 48N. I22W. 70 

Sebago L., Maine. 44N. 7iw. 59 

Sechura, Peru. 53, 8iw. 91 

Secretan, Sask. SIN. io7w. 50 

Sedalia, Missouri. 39N. 93W. 67 

Sedan, Kansas. 37N. 97w. 67 

Seiba, Venezuela. 9N. 7iw. 90 

Selawik L., Alaska. 66N. i6ow. 74 

Selkirk, Manitoba. SON. 97w. 51 

Selkirk Ra., B.C. SIN. n8w. 53 

Selma, Alabama. 32N. 87W. 69 

Selvas, The, S. America. 53. 6ow. 82 
Semerara, Philippine Is. I2N. I22E. 75 

Seneca, Kansas. 4ON. g6\v. 67 

Seneca Falls, N.Y. 43N. 77w. 58 

Seneca L., N.Y. 43N. 77w. 58 
Sequarema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 233. 

43W. 89 
Sequbia National Park, California. 3&N. 

n8w. 72 

Serebos, Peru. 53. 77\v. 91 

Sergipe, prov., Brazil, us. 37w. 89 

Sergipe del Rey, Brazil, us. 37w. 89 
Serpent's Mouth (G. of Paria), Venezuela. 

ION. 6iw. 90 

Serra Geral, Brazil. 273. sow. 93 

Serra Parima, Brazil. 3N. 6sw. 90 

Setting L., N.W. Terr. SSN. ggw. 51 

Seul Lac, Canada. SON. giw. 41 
Seven Islands Bay, Quebec. SON. 67\v. 44 

Severn Bridge, Ontario. 45 N. ygvf. 48 
Severn R, N.W. Terr., Canada. SSN. 

giw. 41 

! Severn R, Ontario. 45 N. 79W. 48 

*Sevier L., Utah. 391*. H3\v. 70 

Sevier R, Utah. 39N. H2W. 70 

Seward, Nebraska. 4 IN. 97w. 67 

Seymour, B.C. 52N. ngw. 52 

Seymour Inlet, B.C. SIN. I27W. 52 




Shakespeare, Ontario. 43*. 8iw. 48 

Shakopee, Minnesota. 45 N. 93W. 67 

Shamokin, Penn. 411*. 77W. 58 

Shangois L., Quebec. 47N. 74 w. 46 

Sharon Springs, Kansas. 391*. loaw. 66 

Shasta Mt, California. 4iN. I22W. 72 

Shawan, Wisconsin. 45 N. 88w. 67 

Shawanaga B., Ontario. 451*. 8iw. 48 

Shawenegan Falls, Quebec. 47N. 73W. 46 

Shawneetown, Illinois. 381*. 8pw. 67 

Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 44**. 88w. 67 

Shediac, New Brunswick. 461*. 6sw. 45 
Shediac B., New Brunswick. 46N. 64W. 45 

Shefford, Quebec. 45 N. 73\v. 46 

Sheho, Sask. 52N. IO3W. 50 

Shelburne, Nova Scotia. 44N. 6sw. 45 
Shelburne Town, Nova Scotia. 44N. 

6sw. 45 

Shelburne, Ontario. 441?. 8ow. 48 

Shelby, N. Carolina. 35 N. 82W. 64 
Shelby Junction, Montana. 491*. mw. 70 

Shelbyville, Illinois. 39N. 88w. 67 

Shelbyville, Indiana. 39N. 86w. 64 

Shelbyville, Tennessee. 35N. 8?w. 69 

Sheldon, Iowa. 43 N. g6vf. 67 

Shell Cr. Ra., Nevada, sgx. iisw. 72 

Shell Lake, Wisconsin. 4&N. 92W. 67 

Shenandoah, Penn. 42N. 76w. 58 

Shepherd, B.C. 49N. n8w. 53 

Shepherdsville, Kentucky. 38N. 86w. 64 
Shepody B., New Brunswick. 461*. 65 w. 45 

Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 62 w. 45 

Sherbrooke, Quebec. 45 N. 72W. 46 

Sheridan, Wyoming. 45N. io7w. 66 

Sheridan L., Colorado. 381*. losw. 66 

Sherman, Texas. 3414. g6w. 68 

Sherman, Wyoming. 41 N. iosw. 66 

Sheslay R, B C. 581*. I32W. 52 

Ship Kar., Nova Scotia. 451*. 63\v. 45 

Ship Har. L., Nova Scotia. 45 N. 6sw. 45 
Shippegan, New Brunswick. 481*. 6sw. 45 
Shippegan Is., New Brunswick. 481*. 

6sw. 45 

Shippensburg, Penn. 4ON. 78w. 58 

Shipsha R, Quebec. SON. 7iw. 46 

Shoal L., Manitoba. SON. gSw. 51 j 

Shreveport, Louisiana. 32N. 94\v. 68 | 

Shrewsbury, Ontario. 42N. 8aw. 48 
Shuberracadie R, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 

63W. 45 

Shushwap L., B.C. SIN. ngw. 52 

Siargo, Philippine Is. ION. I26E. 75 

Siassi, Philippine Is. SN. I2IE. 75 

Siaton Pt, Philippine Is. 9N. I23E. 75 

Sibay, Philippine Is. I2N. I22E. 75 

Sibley, Iowa. 43^. g6w. 67 

Sibombe, Ecuador. 2S. 79W. 90 

Sibuguey B., Philippine Is. 7N. I22E. 75 


Sibuyan, Philippine Is. I2N. I22E. 75 

Sicanni R, B.C. 59N. I23W. 52 

Sicannie Chief R, B.C. 57N. I23W. 52 
Sidney, Nebraska. 411*. IO3W. 66 

Sidney, N.Y. 42N. 76w. 58 

Sidney, Ohio. 4ON. 84W. 64 

Sierra d'Apucarana, Brazil. 233. 52W. 93 
Sierra de la Gigantea, Lower California. 

25N. ii2W. 76 

Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina. 383. 

63W. 92 

Sierra de la Victoria, Lower California. 

24N. now. 76 

Sierra de las Mestenas, Chihuahua. 28N. 

losw. 76 

Sierra de Nayarit, Mexico. 23N. I24W. 76 
Sierra de S. Martha, Matto Grosso, 

Brazil. i8s. 52W. 89 

Sierra de Santa Marta, Colombia. UN. 

74W. 90 

Sierra del Cibao, Haiti, W.I. igx. 72W. 80 
Sierra del Cobre, Cuba. 2ON. 76w. 80 

Sierra del Ferro, Chihuahua. 3ON. io6w. 76 
Sierra dos Orgaos Mts., Rio de Janeiro. 

Brazil. 233. 42W. 89 

Sierra Durazno, Mexico. 26N. io7w. 76 
Sierra Govoados, Maranhao. Brazil. 55. 

46w. 88 

Sierra Madre, Mexico. 25 N. io6w. 76 

Sierra Madre, Philippine Is. I7N. I22E. 75 
Sierra Majada, Coahuila. 28N. IO3W. 76 
Sierra Morena, Cuba. 23N. 8ow. 80 

Sierra Nevada, Venezuela. 9N. 7iw. 90 
Sierra Pacaraima, Venezuela. 4N. 63W. 90 
Sierra S. Lucia, California. 36N. 12 iw. 72 
Sierra Soledad, New Mexico. 33N. io6w. 71 
Sierra Tarahumare, Mexico. 28N. io8w. 76 
Sifton, Manitoba. SIN. loow. 51 

Sigourney, Iowa. 4iN. 92W. 67 

Sihuatanejo, Guerrero. i8N. IO2W. 77 
Silao, Guanajuato. 2 IN. loiw. 77 

Siloam Spring, Arkansas. 36N. 94W. 68 
Silver Bank, West Indies. 2 IN. 69 w. 80 
Silver City, Idaho. 43N. ii7w. 72 

Silver City, New Mexico. 33N. loSw. 71 
Silver Cliff, Colorado. 3SN. io6w. 66 

Silvercreek R, N.Y. 43N. 7gw. 58 

Silver L., Oregon. 43N. i2iw. 72 

Silverton, Colorado. 3&N. io7w. 66 

Silverton, Oregon. 45 N. I23W. 72 

Simcoe District, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 
Simcoe L., Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 48 

Sinaloa City, Sinaloa. 26N. io8w. 76 

Sinaloa R, Sinaloa. 26N. io8w. 76 

Sinalao St, Mexico. 25N. IOTW. 76 

Sing Sing, N.Y. 4 IN. 74W. 59 

Sinnamary, French Guiana. SN. 53W. 88 
Sinocoan Mt, Philippine Is. ISN. I2IE. 75 




Sintaluta, Sask. SON. io3\v. 50 

Sion, Peru. 8s. 77W. 91 

Sioux City, Iowa. 43N. gTw. 67 

Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. 4411. g6w. 67 

Sioux Rapids, Iowa. 43 N. 95 w. 67 

Sipiwesk L., N.W. Terr. 551*. g8w. 51 

Siquijor, Philippine Is. 9N. I24E. 75 

Siskiyou Mts., California. 42N. I24W. 72 

Sistin R, Nicaragua. I4N. 84W. 78 

Skaguay, B.C. 59N. I35W. 52 

Skeena R, B.C. 54N. izgvr. 52 
Skidegate Inlet, Queen Charlotte Is., 

B.C. 53N. I33W. 52 

Skowhegan, Maine. 45 N. 7ow. 59 

Slate Run, Penn. 4IN. 77W. 58 

Slave L., Little, Alberta. 56*. iisw. 53 

Slide Mt, N.Y. 42N. 75W. 59 

Smethport, Penn. 42 N. 78w. 58 

Smith B., Alaska. 7 IN. I55W. 74 

Smith C., Labrador Pen. 6oN. 7gw. 41 

*Smith Sd., Canada. 78 N. 76w. 41 

Smiths Falls, Ontario. 45N. 76w. 49 

Smithville, S. Dakota. 44N. IO3W. 66 

Smoky Hill R, Kansas. 39N. loow. 66 

Smoky R, Alberta. 55N. n8w. 53 

Smoky R, Little, Alberta. 55N. H7w. 53 

Snake L., Sask. s6N. io6w. 53 

Snake Ra., Nevada. sg.N. U4W. 72 

Snow Shoe L., Manitoba. SIN. 95W. 51 

Snowy Mts., Montana. 46N. logw. 66 

Sobral, Ceara, Brazil. 35. 4iw. 88 

Soconusco, Chiapas. ISN. 93W. 77 

Soconusco Vol., Chiapas. i6N. 93W. 77 

Socorro, Colombia. 6N. 74W. 90 

Socorro, New Mexico. 34N. IOTW. 71 

Sogamoza, Colombia. 7N. 73W. 90 

Solano, Colombia. IN. 75W. 90 

Soledad, Argentina. 313. 6iw. 92 

Soledad, California. 3&N. I22W. 72 

Soledad, Lower California. 25N. H2W. 76 

Solida, Colorado. 38N. io6w. 66 

Solomon R, Kansas. 4ON. 99W. 66 

Solomonsville, Arizona. 33N. now. 71 

Sombrerete, Zacatecas. 23N. iO3W. 76 

So.nerset, Canada. 72 N. 92 w. 40 

Somerset, Penn. 4o.v. 79W. 58 
Somersworth, New Hampshire. 43 N. 

7iw. 59 

Somerville, Tennessee. SSN. 8g\v. 68 
Sommo Grande, R de, Goyaz, Brazil. 

i os. 46w. 89 

Sonoito, Sonora. 32*. iisw. 76 

Sonora, California. 38x. i2ow. 72 

Sonora R, Sonora. 29N. ii2w. 76 

*Sonora St, Mexico. SON. now. 76 

Sonsonate, Salvador. I4N. gow. 78 

Soquele, Sonora. 3 IN. H3W 76 

Sorata, Bolivia. i6s. 68 w. 91 


Sorel, Quebec. 46*. 7sw. 46 

Sorocaba, Brazil. 233. 47W. 93 

Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 233. 47W. 89 
Soumidouro R, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

143. s6w. 89 

Sounding L., Alberta. 52N. now. 53 

Souris, Manitoba. SON. loow. 51 

Souris, Prince Edward Is. 4&N. 62W. 45 

Souris R, Sask. 49N. IO4W. 50 

South Bend, Indiana. 42 N. 86w. 64 

South Bethlehem, Penn. 4iN. 75W. 58 

South Carlos, Bolivia. 133. 6sw. 91 

South Haven, Michigan. 42 N. 86w. 64 

South Indian L., Canada. sgN. loow. 40 

South Point, Anticosti Is. 49N. 62W. 44 

Southampton, Long Is. 4 IN. 72W. 59 

Southampton, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 
Southampton C., Hudson B. 62N. 84W. 41 

Southampton Is., Canada. 64N. 84W. 41 

Southport, N. Carolina. 34N. 78w. 65 
Southwest Pt, Anticosti Is. 49 N. 64 w. 44 

Souzel, Para, Brazil. 23. 52W. 88 

Spanish R, Ontario. 46N. 82W. 48 

^Spanish Town, Jamaica. i8N. 77w. 80 

Sparta, Louisiana. 32N. 93W. 68 

Sparta, Oregon. 4$N. ii7w. 72 

Sparta, Tennessee. 3&N. 8sw. 69 

Sparta, Wisconsin. 44N. giw. 67 

Spartanburg, S. Carolina. 35 N. 82W. 69 

Spencer, Iowa. 43N. 95W. 67 
Spencer C., New Brunswick. 45 N. 66w. 45 
Spiritu Santo Is., Lower California. 

2$N. now. 76 

Split C., Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64 w. 45 
Spokane Falls, Washington. 48N. ii7\v. 70 

Spring Mts., Nevada. 3&N. ii6w. 72 

Springfield, Colorado. 37N. IO3W. 66 

Springfield, Georgia. 32N. 8iw. 69 

*Springfield, Illinois. 4ON. gow. 67 

Springfield, Kansas. 37N. loiw. 66 

*Springfield, Mass. 42N. 73W. 59 

Springfield, Missouri. 37N. 93W. 67 

Springfield, Ohio. 4ON. 84 w. 64 

Springfield, Toronto. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Springville, N.Y. 42N. 78w. 58 

Spry C., Nova Scotia. 45 N. 62 w. 45 

Stanfold, Quebec. 4&N. 72W. 46 

Stanley, New Brunswick. 46N. 67W. 45 

Stanstead, Quebec. 45 N. 72W. 46 

Stanton, Michigan. 43 N. 85 w. 64 

Stanton, Nebraska. 42.v. 97W. 67 

Stanton, N. Dakota. 48N. IO2W. 66 

*Staten Is., N.Y. 4 IN. 74W. 59 

Staten Is., S. Patagonia. 553. 64W. q6 

Stayner, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 

Stayton, Oregon. 45N. I23W. 72 

Steele, N. Dakota. 47*. loow. 66 

Steelton, Pena. 4ON. 77w. 58 




Sterling, Colorado. 4IN. losw. 66 

Steubenville, Ohio. 4ON. 8iw. 64 

Steven Pt, Wisconsin. 451*. gow. 67 

Stevenson, Alabama. 351*. 86w. 69 

Stewart R, Yukon. 63N. I35W. 74 

Stikine R., B.C. 37N. I32W. 52 

Stinking R., Wyoming. 45 N. io8w. 66 

Stillwater, Nevada. SQN. ngw. 72 

Stillwater, Wisconsin. 45N. 93W. 67 

Stockton, California. 38N. 12 iw. 72 

Stockton, Kansas. 391*. 7gw. 66 

Stockton, Missouri. 38N. 94W. 67 

Stockville, Nebraska. 4 IN. loow. 66 

Stokes B., Ontario. 45 N. 82W. 48 

Stonewall, Manitoba. SON. 97W. 51 

Stony Lake, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

Stony L., Sask. 54N. io7w. 50 

*Stony Pt, Manitoba. 52N. 97w. 51 

Stormont, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 62W. 45 

Stormont Dist, Ontario. 45 N. 75 w. 49 

Stouffville, Ontario. 441*. 77w. 48 

Strassburg, Sask. SIN. IO5W. 50 

Stratford, Ontario. 43 N. 8iw. 48 

Strathcona, Alberta. 54N. ii4W. 53 

Strathroy, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Streator, Illinois. 4 IN. 89\v. 67 

Streetsville, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 48 

Stuart L., B.C. 54N. I25W. 52 

Sturgeon B., Manitoba. 52N. g8w. 51 

Sturgeon B., Wisconsin. 45N. 88w. 67 

Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. 4&N. Sow. 48 

Sturgeon L., Ontario. 45 N. 7gw. 49 

Sturgeon R, Ontario. 47N. Sow. 48 

Sual, Philippine Is. I&N. I2OE. 75 

Suapure R, Venezuela. 6N. 66w. 90 

Suata, Venezuela. SN. 65W. 90 

Sucre, Bolivia, igs. 64W. 92 

Sudbury, Ontario. 47N. 8iw. 48 

Suffolk, Virginia. 37N. 76w. 65 

Sugar Is., Ontario. 4&N. 84W. 48 

Sugar Loaf Key, Florida. 25N. 82W. 69 

Sugartown, Louisiana. SIN. 93W. 68 

Sullivan, Indiana. 39N. 88w. 64 

Sulphur Springs, Texas. 33N. g6w. 68 

Sultepec, New Mexico, igti. loow. 77 
Sulu Archipelao, Philippine Is. 6N. 

I22E. 75 

Sulu Sea, Philippine Is. SN. I2OE. 75 

Summer L., Oregon. 4.2*. i2iw. 72 
Summerside, Prince Edward Is. 46N. 

63W. 45 

Summit L., B.C. 54N. I22W. 52 

Sumner, Sask. SIN. 102 w. 50 

Sumpter, Oregon. 45N. nSw. 72 

Sunbury, New Brunswick. 46N. 66w. 45 

Sunbury, Penri. 4 IN. 77w. 58 

Suncook, New Hampshire. 43N. 7iw. 59 

Sun Dance, Wyoming. 44N. IO4W. 66 


Sundridge, Ontario. 46N. 7gw. 48 

Sungi Pt, Philippine Is. UN. I26E. 75 

Sunnidale, Ontario. 44N. Sow. 48 

Supe, Peru. us. 78w. 91 

Superior, Wisconsin. 47N. 92W. 67 
Superior L., Canada and U.S.A. 48*1. 

88w. 41 

Sur Pt, California. 36N. I23W. 72 

Surigao, Philippine Is. ION. I26E. 75 

Surigao Str., Philippine Is. ION. I2&E. 75 

Surinam R, Dutch Guiana. SN. ssw. 88 

Surprise Valley, Sask. 49N. losw. 50 

Susan ville, California. 4ON. I2iw. 72 

Sushitna R, Alaska. 62N. isow. 74 

*Susquehanna, Penn. 42 N. 76w. 58 

Susquehanna R, Penn. 4ON. 76w. 58 

Sussex, New Brunswick. 46N. 6$w. 45 

*Suwannee R, Florida. 29N. 83W. 69 

Svarte Huk, Greenland. 7iN. 52W. 41 

Swainsboro, Georgia. 32N. 82W. 69 
Swan Lake, town, Manitoba. 49N. 99W. 51 

Swan L., Manitoba. 52N. loiw. 50 

Swan L., S. Dakota. 43N. 97W. 67 
Swan R, Manitoba and Sask. 521*. 

loiw. 50 

Swan R, Little, Sask. 53N. IO2W. 50 

Swanton, Vermont. 45N. 73W. 59 

Sweetwater, Wyoming. 43 N. io8w. 66 

Swift Current, Sask. SON. iogw. 53 

Sydenham, Ontario. 44N. 77w. 48 

Sydney, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6ow. 45 
Sydney Harbour, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 

6ow. 45 

Sykeston, N. Dakota. 47N. ggw. 66 

Sylvania, Georgia. 33 N. 82 w. 69 

Syracuse, Kansas. 38N. IO2W. 66 

Syracuse, N.Y. 43N. 76w. 58 

Taal Vol., Philippine Is. I4N. I22E. 75 

Tabasco City, Tabasco. i8N. 92W. 77 

Tabasco St, Mexico. iSN. 93W. 77 

Tablas, Philippine Is. ISN. I22E. 75 

Tabocal, Amazonas, Brazil, 6s. 6ow. 88 

Tabocal, Brazil. 6s. 6ow. 91 

Taboleiro, Amazoaas, Brazil. 6s. sgw. 88 
Tabruxgouche B., Nova Scotia. 46N. 6sw. 45 

Tacla L., B.C. SSN. I25W. 52 

Tacloban, Philippine Is. UN. 1252. 75 

*Tacna, Chile, igs. 7ow. 92 

Tacoma, Washington. 47N. I22W. 70 

Taconic Ra., U.S.A. 42N. 74W.. 59 

Tacuaremo, Uruguay. 323. s6w. 93 

Tacuhy R, Brazil. 43. 7ow. 91 

Tacunga, Ecuador, is. 7gw. 90 

*Tadoussac, Quebec. 4&N. 7ow. 46 

Tagbilaran, Philippine Is. ION. I24E. 75 

Taguaralzinho, Brazil, gs. s8w. 91 

Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 3&N. 95 w. 68 




Tahoe L., California. 391*. izow. 

Tahte R, Yukon. 62N. is8w. 7 

Taku R, B.C. SQN. ISBW. 5 

Talapampa, Argentina. z6s. 6sw. 92 

Talca, Chile. 353. 7iw. 92 

Talca City, Chile. 355. 7iw. 92 

Talcahuano, Chile. 363. 72W. 9 

Talladeya, Alabama. 33N. 86w. 69 

Tallahassee, Florida. SON. 84W. 69 

Tallulah, Louisiana. 33N. giw. 61 

Taltal, Chile. 255. 7ow. 92 

Taltemba B., Tepic. 2 IN. iosw. 76 
Tamandua, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 203. 

45W. 89 

Tamarack Is., Manitoba. 52N. 97w. 51 

Tamaulipas St., Mexico. 25N. loow. 77 

Tamazula, Durango. 25N. io7w. 76 
Tamiahua, Lag. de, Vera Cruz. 22N. 

97W. 77 

Tampa, Florida. 28N. 82W. 69 

Tampa B., Florida. 28N. 8sw. 69 

*Tampico, Tamaulipas. 22N. 97w. 77 

Xanana Hills, Alaska. 65 N. I47W. 74 

Tanana R, Alaska. 6sN. I5ow. 74 

Tancasnequi, Tamaulipas. 22N. g8w. 77 
Tancitaro, Port of, Michoacan. 2 IN. 

I02W. 77 

Tandil, Argentina. 36$. 6ow. 92 

Tanon Str., Philippine Is. ION. I23E. 75 

Taos, New Mexico. 37N. io6w. 71 

Tapachula, Chiapas. ISN. 92W. 77 

Tapajos R, Para, Brazil. 53. 57\v. 88 

Tapalquen, Argentina. 343. 6ow. 92 

Tapaua R, Brazil. 43. 6sw. 91 

Tapeira, Amazonas, Brazil. 43. s8w. 88 

Tapeira, Brazil. 43. 59W. 91 
Tapera, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 163. 42W. 89 

Tapul Is., Philippine Is. 6N. I2IE. 75 

Taquary R, Brazil. 193. s6w. 93 
Taquary R, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 193. 

67w. 89 

Tara, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Tarapaca, Chile. 203. 7ow. 92 

Tarapaca Town, Chile. 203. 7iw. 92 

Tarauaca R 8s. 7iw. 91 

Tarboro, N. Carolina. S&N. 76w. 65 

Tarentum, Penn. 4IN. Sow. 58 

Tarifa Chivela, Oaxaca. I7N. 95W. 77 

Tarija, Boh'via. 223. 6yff. 92 

Tarija City, Bolivia. 223. 64W. 92 

Tarma, Peru. us. 78w. 91 

Tascosa, Texas. 36w. IO2W. 71 

Tata Jachura Vol., Bolivia. 2os. 78w. 92 

Tatla L., B.C. 52N. I25W. 52 

Tauary, Maranhao, Brazil. 2S. 46w. 88 

Taunton, Mass. 42N. 7iw. 59 

Tawas, Michigan. 44N. 84W. 64 
Tawi Tawi Is., Philippine Is. 5N. I2OE. 75 

Tayabas, Philippine Is. I4N. I22E. 75 

Tayloirille, Illinois. 39N. 8gw. 67 

Taylorsville, N. Carolina. 3&N. 82W. 64 

Taytao Pen., Chile. 443. 73W. 96 

Taytay, Philippine Is. UN. iigs. 75 

Tazewell, Tennessee. 37N. 84W. 69 

Tazewell, Virginia. 37N. 82W. 64 

Teapa, Tabasco. i8N. 93W. 77 

Tecoma, Nevada. 4 IN. iisw. 72 

Tecoripa, Sonora. 29N. now. 76 

Tecpan, Guertero. i7N. loow. 77 

Teeswater, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Teffe R, Teffe, Brazil. 43. 6sw. 91 

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I4N. 8?w. 78 

Tehachapi Pt, Cah'fornia. 35N. n8w. 72 

Tehuacan, Puebla. i8N. 97w. 77 

*Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. i6N. 9$w. 77 
Tehuantepec, Gulf of, Mexico. ISN. 

95W. 77 
Tehuantepec, Isthmus of, Mexico. i7N. 

95W. 77 

Tejupan Pt, Michoacan. i8N. IO4W. 77 

Tekamah, Nebraska. 42 N. g6w. 67 

Telegraph Cr., B.C. s8N. I3iw. 52 

Telescope Mts., California. s6N. iiTW. 72 

Telleride, Colorado. 38N. io8w. 66 

Temagami L., Ontario. 47N. 8ow. 48 

Temiscouata, Quebec. 48N. egw. 47 

Temiscouata L., Quebec. 48N. 6gw. 47 

Temple, Texas. SIN. 97w. 68 

Temuco, Chile. 393. 7sw. 92 

Ten Thousand Is., Florida. 26N. 8iw. 69 

Tenerife, Colombia. ION. 75W. 90 

Tennessee R, U.S.A. 35N. 88w. 55 

Tennessee St, U.S.A. s6N. 87w. 68, 69 

Tent Peak, Yukon. 6 IN. I28w. 74 

Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. 2 IN. losw. 77 

Tepehuanes, Durango. 26N. io6w. 76 

Tepic City, Tepic. 22N. IO4W. 76 

Tepic St, Mexico. 2iN. iosw. 76 

Tepiska, Peru. 53. 74W. 91 

Tepoca B., Sonora. SON. nsw. 76 

Teposcolula, Oaxaca. i7N. 97w. 77 

Teresa, Wyoming. 43N. io6w. 66 

Terrazas, Chihuahua. SON. io8w. 76 

Terre Conne B., Louisiana. 29N. 9iw. 68 

Terre Haute, Indiana. SQN. 87w. 64 

Terrebonne, Quebec. 4&N. 74W. 46 

Teslin L., Yukon. S&N. I32W. 74 

Teslin R, Yukon. 6oN. issw. 74 

Testigos, Caribbean Sea. UN. 6sw. 90 

Teulon, Manitoba. SON. 97w. 51 

Tescarkana, Arkansas. SSN. 94W. 68 

Texas St, U.S.A. SIN. ggw. 68 

Texhomo, Texas. s6N. loaw. 71 

Tezcoco, Mexico. 2ON. 99W. 77 

Thames R, Ontario. 42 N. 83 w. 48 

Thamesville, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 




Thedford, Nebraska. 421*. loiw. 66 

Thedford, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Therezina, Piauhy, Brazil. 53. 43W. 88 

Thibodeaux, Louisiana. SON. giw. 68 

Thielson Mt, Oregon. 43N. I22W. 72 

Thomasville, Georgia. SIN. 84W. 69 

Thomson, Minnesota. 47N. 93W. 67 

Thorold, Ontario. 43N. 79W. 48 

Thousand Isles, N.Y. 44N. 76w. 58 

Three Rivers, Quebec. 4&N. 72W. 46 

Thunder B., Michigan. 45N. 8sw. 64 

Thutage L., B.C. 57N. I27w. 52 
Tia Juana, Lower California. 33N.n7w.76 

Tibagy R, Brazil. 238. 52W. 93 
Tiburon, Haiti, West Indies. i8N. 74W. 80 

Ticao, Philippine Is. ISN. I23E. 75 

*Ticonderoga, N.Y. 44N. 74W. 59 

Ticul, Yucatan. 2 IN. 8gw. 78 
*Tierra del Fuego Is., S. Patagonia. 543. 

7ow. 96 

Tiete R, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2is. 5iw. 89 

Tiffin, Ohio. 4IN. 8sw. 64 

Tiger R, S. Carolina. 34N. 82W. 69 

Tignish, Prince Edward Is. 47N. 64W. 45 

Tigre R, Peru. 43. 75 w. 91 

Tigre R, Venezuela, gN. 6sw. go 

Tilbury, Ontario. 42N. 8sw. 48 

Tilsonburg, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Timballier B., Louisiana. 29N. gow. 68 

Tinaca Pt, Philippine Is. 6N. I25E. 75 

Tinogasta, Argentina. 285. 68w. 92 

Tintina, Argentina. 273. 6sw. 92 

Tipton, Iowa. 42N. giw. 67 

Tishomingo, Oklahoma. 34N. 97W. 68 

*Titicaca L., S. America. 163. 69 w. 91 

Titusville, Florida. 28N. 8iw. 69 

Titusville, Penn. 42N. Sow. 58 

Tiverton, Ontario. 44N. 82W. 48 

Tixtla, Guerrero. i8N. gg\v. 77 

Tizipan, Jalisco. 2ON. losw. 77 

Tlacotalpan, Vera Cruz. igN. g6w. 77 

Tlahualila Lag., Coahuila. 26N. IO3W. 76 

Tlaxcala, Mexico. igN. g8w. 77 

Toana, Nevada 4IN. H5W. 72 

Toba Inlet, B.C. SON. I25W. 52 

*Tobago, West Indies. UN. 6iw. 79 
Tobique R, New Brunswick. 47N. 67W. 45 

Tocantins R, Para, Brazil. 153. 4gw. 88 

Tocopilla, Chile. 22S. 7ow. 92 

Tocuyo, Venezuela. gN. 7ow. 90 

Tocuyu R, Venezuela. ION. 7ow. 90 
Todos Santos, Lr. California. 23 N. now. 76 
Todos Santos B., Lr. California. 32N. 

n6w. 76 

Toiyabe Mts., Nevada. sgN. n7w. 72 

Toledo, Arkansas. 34N. g2W. 68 

Toledo, Ohio. 42N. 84W. 64 

Tolima, Colombia. SN. 76w. 90 


Tolima Mt, Colombia. SN. 76w. 90 

Tolon, Philippine Is. gN. I23E. 75 

Tolten R, Chile. 383. 73 w. 92 

Toluca, Mexico. igN. ggw. 77 

Tomah, Wisconsin. 44N. giw. 67 

Tomatlan, Jalisco. 2ON. iosw. 76 

Tombigby R., Alabama. SSN. 88w. 6g 

Tombstone, Arizona. 32N. now. 71 

Tom's R, New Jersey. 4ON. 74W. 59 

Tonala, Chiapas. i6N. g4W. 77 

Tonala, Vera Cruz. igN. gsw. 77 

Tongoi, Chile. 308. 7iw. g2 
Tongue of the Ocean, Bahama Is. 24N. 

77w. 80 

Tongue R, Montana. 45 N. io6w. 66 

Topeka, Kansas. sgN. g6w. 67 

Topsam, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 

Tor B., Nova Scotia. 45N. 6iw. 45 

Torch R, Sask. 54N. IO4W. 50 
Tormentine C., New Brunswick. 46N. 

6 4 w. 45 

"Toronto, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 48 

Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. 26N. IO4W. 76 

*Torrington, Conn. 42N. 73W. 59 

*Tortola, West Indies. i8 N . 6sw. 79 

Tortoral, Chile. 283. 7iw. gz 

Tortuga, Caribbean Sea. UN. 65 w. go 

"Tortugas Cays, Florida. 25 N. 8sw. 80 

Totonicapan, Guatemala. ISN. giw. 78 

Touchwood Hills, Sask. SIN. iosw. 50 

Towanda, Penn. 42 N. 77w. 58 
Tracadie Mills, New Brunswick. 48N. 

65W. 45 

Tracy, Minnesota. 44N. g6w. 67 

Tracy City, Tennessee. SSN. 86w. 69 

Traders Hill, Georgia. SIN. 82W. 69 

Trahiras, Goyaz, Brazil. 153. 4gw. 8g 

Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil. 173. sgw. 89 

*Travares, Florida. 28N. 82W. 69 

Traverse, Michigan. 45 N. 86w. 64 
Traversia del Norte, Argentina. 403. 6sw. 92 
Travesia del Puntana, Argentina. 343. 

66w. 92 

Treesbank, Manitoba. SON. loow. 51 

Treinta-y-Tres, Uruguay. 333. 54W. 93 

Trench R, Quebec. 48N. 7sw. 46 

Trent R, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 

*Trenton, New Jersey. 4ON. 75W. 59 

Trenton, Missouri. 4ON. 94W. 67 

Trenton, Tennessee. s6N. 8gw. 68 

Trenton Falls, N.Y. 43N. 75W. 59 

Tres Arroyos, Argentina. 383. 6ow. 92 

Tres Puntas, C. de, Patagonia. 473. 66w. 96 

Trinidad, Bolivia. 143. 6sw. 91 

Trinidad, Colorado. 37N. iosw. 66 

Trinidad, Cuba, W. Indies. 22N. Sow. 80 

Trinidad, Sonora. 28N. iogw. 76 

Trinidad, Uruguay. 343. s6w. 93 




*Trinidad, West Indies. UK. 6iw. 90 
Trinidad Head, California. 4111. I24W. 72 

Trinity, Newfoundland. 4.8*1. 53W. 44 

Trinity, Texas. SIN. g6w. 68 

*Trinity B., Newfoundland. 48N. 53W. 44 

Trinity B., Quebec. 481*. 7iw. 46 

Trinity Is., Alaska. 561?. I54W. 74 

Trinity R, California. 411*. I24W. 72 

Trinity R, Texas. 3 IN. 95W. 68 

Triuquen, Chile. 383. 73W. 92 

Trois Pistoles, Quebec. 48N. 6gw. 4.7 

Trompetas R, Para, Brazil, o. 57w. 88 

Tropas R, Para, Brazil. ?s. 66w. 88 

Trout Cr., Ontario. 46N. 7gw. 48 

Trout L., Sask. SSN. iosw. 50 

Trout L., Wisconsin. 46N. gow. 67 

Trout L., Yukon. 6iN. I22W. 74 

Trout R, Yukon. 6iN. i2iw. 74 

Troy, Kansas. 4ON. 95W. 67 

Troy, N.Y. 43N. 74W. 59 

Truckee, California. 39N. i2ow. 72 

Truckee Ra,, Nevada. 4ON. iigw. 72 

Truro, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 6sw. 45 

*Truxilla, Venezuela. 9N. 7iw. 90 

Truxillo, Honduras. i6N. 86w. 78 

Truxillo, Peru. 8s. 7gw. 91 
Tuanico Str., Philippine Is. UN. I25E. 75 

Tubardo, Brazil. 283. 49\v. 93 

Tucacas, Venezuela. UN. 68w. 90 

Tuckerton, New Jersey. 4ON. 74W. 59 

*Tucuman, Argentina. 273. 6sw. 92 
Tuguegarao, Philippine Is. i8N. I22E. 75 

*Tula, Mexico. 2ON. ggw. 77 

Tula, Tamaulipas. 23 N. loow. 77 

Tulare L., California. 36N. I2OW. 72 

Tulasco, Nevada. 4 IN. n6w. 72 

Tulcan, Ecuador. IN. 78w. 90 

Tulsa, Oklahoma. 36N. g6w. 68 
Tumac Humac Mts., Guiana and Brazil. 

2N. 55W. 88 

Tumaco, Colombia. 2N. 7gw. 90 

Tumbez, Peru. 43. Sow. 91 

Tunja, Colombia. 6N. 74\v. 90 

Tunkhannock, Penn. 4IN. 76w. 58 

Tunuyan R, Argentina. 343. 67\v. 92 
Tupinambarana Is., Amazonas, Brazil. 

33. 56w. 88 

Tupiza, Boh' via. 2 is. 66w. 92 

Tupper, Manitoba. SIN. 99W. 51 

Turk Is., West Indies. 22N. 7iw. 80 

Turnagain R., B.C. s8N. I27W. 52 
Turneffe Is., Brit. Honduras. I7N. 83W. 78 

Turvo R, Brazil. 223. 47w. 93 

Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 33N. 88w. 69 

Tuscarora, Nevada. 4 IN. n6w. 72 

Tuscola, Illinois. 4ON. 88w. 67 

Tuscon, Arizona. 32N. mw. 71 

Tuscumbia, Alabama. 35N. 88w. 69 


Tuskahoma, Oklahoma. 34N. 95W. 68 

Tuskegee, Alabama. 32N. 86w. 69 

Tusket, Nova Scotia. 44N. 66w. 45 

Tuxpam, Vera Cruz. 2 IN. 97W. 77 

Tuxtla, Chiapas. I7N. 93W. 77 

Tuxtla, Vera Cruz. i8N. 95W. 77 

Tuxtla, V. de, Vera Cruz. i8N. 95W. 77 

Tweed, Ontario. 45 N. 77w. 49 

Twelve Mile L., Sask. 49N. io6w. 50 

Twin Peaks, Utah. 4iN. ii2W. 70 

Two Harbours, Minnesota. 47*1. gsw. 67 

Tyler, Texas. 32N. 95W. 68 

Tyndall, S. Dakota. 43N. g8w. 67 

Tyrone, Penn. 4iN. 78w. 58 

Uassari Mt, British Guiana. 2N. 59W. 90 

Uba, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 22S. 44W. 89 
Uberaba, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 203. 48w. 89 

Ucayali R, Peru. 6s. 75W. 91 

Uchiza, Peru. 8s. 77w. 91 

Uintah Mts., Utah. 4IN. now. 70 

Ukiah, California. 39N. I24W. 72 

Ulugan B., Phih'ppine Is. ION. ii8e. 75 

Ulysses, Kansas. 37N. iozw. 66 

Umpqua R, Oregon. 43N. I23W. 72 

Ungava B., Canada. 59^. 6gw. 41 

Unimak Is., Alaska. 55N. i6sw. 74 

Union, S. Carolina. 34N. 82W. 69 

Union, W. Virginia. 37N. 8iw. 64 

Union B., Argentina. 403. 62W. 92 

Union City, Indiana. 4 IN. 85 w. 64 

Union City, Penn. 42N. Sow. 58 

Union City, Tennessee. 37N. 8gvr. 68 

Union Spring, Alabama. 32N. 86w. 69 

Uniontown, Penn. 4ON. Sow. 58 

Union ville, Missouri. 4 IN. 94W. 67 

Unique, Cuba. 2IN. 77W. 80 

Upernavik, Greenland. 73N. 55W. 41 

Upper L., California. 42N. i2ow. 72 

Upper Seal L., Labrador Pen. s6N. 75W. 41 

Urbana, Illinois. 4ON. 86w. 67 

Urbana, Venezuela. 3N. 68w. 90 

Urdaneta Mt, Philippine Is. 9N. I24E. 75 

Ures, Sonora. 29N. now. 76 

Urre Lauquen L., Argentina. 383. 66w. 92 

Uruapan, Michoacan. 2ON. IO2W. 77 

Urubamba R, Peru. 143. 73W. 91 

Urubu, Bahia, Brazil. 143. 44W. 89 

'Uruguay, S. America. 333. 55W. 92, 93 

Uruguay R, S. America. 308. 57W. 93 

Uruguayana, Brazil. 303. 57W. 93 

Urupadi R, Amazonas, Brazil. 53. 57w. 88 
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Is., Patagonia. 

555. 68w. 96 

Utah L., Utah. 4ON. n8w. 70 

*Utah St, U.S.A. 40N. n8w. 70 

Uvada, Utah. 37N. H4W. 70 

Uxbridge, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 48 




Vaccaria, Brazil. 283. sow. 03 

Vach Is., West Indies. i7N. 7y. 80 

Valdes Pen., Patagonia. 423. 64W. 96 

Valdivia, Chile. 393. 72W. 92 

*Valdivia City, Chile. 393. 7yff. 92 

Vale, Oregon. 44N. ii7w. 72 

Valenca, Bahia, Brazil. 133. 39\v. 89 

Valenca, Piauhy, Brazil. 6s. 4iw. 88 
Valenca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 22S. 

44W. 89 

Valencia, Venezuela. ION. 68w. 90 

Valentine, Nebraska. 42N. loow. 66 

Valladolid, Ecuador. SN. 79\v. 91 

VaUadolid, Yucatan. aiN. 88w. 78 

Valle Grande, Bolivia. i8s. 6sw. 91 

Vallejo, California. 37N. I22W. 72 

Vallenar, Chile. 283. 7ow. 92 

Valley R, Manitoba. SIN. loow. 51 

Valleyfield, Quebec. 45 N. 74W. 46 

Valleyview, Sask. SON. loiw. 50 

Valparaiso, Chile. 333. 7iw. 92 

Valparaiso, Zacatecas. 23 N. IO4W. 76 

V. Azufre, Argentina. 253. 68w. 92 

Van Buren, Missouri. 37N. givr. 67 

V. Copiapo, Argentina. 273. 68w. 92 

V. del Pilar, Paraguay. 263. s8w. 92 

V. Licancaur, Bolivia. 223. 67w. 92 
V. Lullaillaco, Argentina. 243. 68w. 92 

Van Wert, Ohio. 4IN. 84\v. 64 

Vancouver, B.C. 49N. I23\v. 52 
Vancouver, Washington. 45 N. I22W. 70 

Vancouver Is., B.C. SON. i25W. 52 

Vandalig, Illinois. 38N. 8gw. 67 

Vankleek Hill, Ontario. 45 N. 74W. 49 

Varedao, Goyaz, Brazil. i8s. sow. 89 

Varinas, Venezuela. 7N. 7ow. 90 

Vassar, Manitoba. 49N. 95W. 51 

Vaudreuil, Quebec. 45 N. 74W. 46 
Vazaparris R, Sergipe, Brazil, us. 37W. 89 j 

Vegas Ra., Nevada. 36N. iisw. 72 j 

Veiros, Para, Brazil. 33. 52W. 88 

Velasco, Texas. 2gN. 95W. 68 

Ven Post, Venezuela. 7N. 6iw. 90 

Venezuela, S. America. ION. 6sw. 90 

Venezuela, G. of, Venezuela. UN. 7ow. 90 

Ventuari R., Venezuela. SN. 67w. 90 

Vera, G. de, Patagonia. 443. 6s\v. 96 I 

Vera Cruz City, Vera Cruz. igs. g6w. 77 

Vera Cruz St, Mexico. 2ON. g6w. 77 [ 

Vercheres, Quebec. 45N. 73W. 46 I 

Verde R., Bahia, Brazil. 153. 44W. 89 j 
Verde R, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 203. 

53W. 89 

Vergennes, Vennont. 44*. 73W. 59 i 

Vermejo R., Argentina. 303. 68w. 92 i 

Vermilion B., Louisiana. 2QN. Q2W. 68 . 

Vermillion, S. Dakota. 43 N. 97w. 67 

Vermillion L., Minnesota. 47 N. g2W. 67 

Vermillion R., Quebec. 47N. 73W. 46 

Vermont St, U.S.A. 44N. 73W. 59 

Vernon, Florida. SON. 8sw. 69 

Vernon, Indiana. 38N. 8sw. 64 

Vernon, Louisiana. 32N. 92W. 68 

Verte B., New Brunswick. 46N. 64W. 45 
Verte Is., Quebec. 48 N. 6gvr. 47 

Vianna, Maranhao, Brazil. 33. 45W. 88 
Vicennes, Indiana. 38*1. STW. 64 

Vichada R, Colombia. SN. 7ow. 90 

Vicksburg, Mississippi. 32N. gow. 68 

Victoria, Alberta. 54N. H2W. 53 

Victoria, Cape Breton Is. 4&N. 6ow. 45 
Victoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil. 208. 

4ow. 89 

Victoria, New Brunswick. 47N. 67W. 45 
Victoria, Tamaulipas. 23N. 99W. 77 

Victoria, Vancouver, B.C. 48N. I23W. 52 
Victoria Dist, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 49 
Victoria Land, Canada. 6gN. io6w. 40 
Victoria Pk,, Philippine Is. gN. n8E. 75 
Victoria Str., Canada. 7oN. loow. 40 

Vidalia, Louisiana. 32N. g2W. 68 

Viedma, Argentina. 413. 63W. 92 

Viedma L., Patagonia. 493. 72W. 96 

Viejo Frances C., S. Domingo. igN. 7ow. 80 
Vienna, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Vieque or Crab Is., W. I. i8N. 6sw. 80 
Vigan, Philippine Is. i8N. I2IE. 75 

Vigia, Para, Brazil, is. 48w. 88 

Villa Alta, Oaxaca, Mexico. i7N. g6w. 77 
Villa Bella, Brazil. 243. 45W. 93 

Villa Bella or Matto Grosso, Brazil. 153. 

6ow. 89 

Villa Boa or Goyaz, Brazil. 163. siw. 89 
Villa Cachoeira, Bahia, Brazil. 133. 

3?w. 89 

Villa da Palma, Goyaz, Brazil. 33. 47W. 89 
Villa de Mercedes, Argentina. 343. 66w. 92 
Villa de Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil. 

173. 39W. 89 

Villa de Salvador, Paraguay. 243. 28w. 89 
Villa do Porto Imperial, Goyaz, Brazil. 

us. 48w. 89 

Villa Gl. Roca, Argentina. 393. 67w. 92 
Villa Maria, Argentina. 333. 63W. 92 

Villa Maria, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 163. 

57w. 89 

Villa Nova, Ceara, Brazil. 43. 4iw. 88 
Villa Nueva, Argentina. 333. 63W. 92 
Villa Real de la Concepcion, Paraguay. 

243. STW. 89 

Villa Rica, Brazil. 293. 54W. 93 

Villa Rica, Minas Geraes, Brazil. 203. 

iSW. 89 

Villa Rica, Paraguay. 263. $6w. 93 

Villa Vicoza, Ceara, Brazil. 43. 4iw. 88 
Villagran, Tamaulipas. 24N. 99\v. JJ 




Villarica, Chile. 395. 72W. 92 

Villarino, Argentina. 393. 63W. 92 

Vinton, Iowa. 42N. giw. 67 

Virden, Manitoba. SON. loiw. 50 

Virgin Gorda, West Indies. igN. 64W. 79 

*Virgin Is., West Indies. i8N. 64W. 79 

Virginia, Nevada. 39N. i2ow. 72 

Virginia City, Montana. 4$N. H2W. 70 

*Virginia St, U.S.A. 38x. 78w. 64, 65 

Virgins C., Patagonia. 533. 68w. 96 

Viroqua, Wisconsin. 438. giw. 67 

Viruba, Colombia. 4N. 73W. 90 

Visalia, California. 36*1. ngw. 72 

Visayas, Philippine Is. I2N. I23E. 75 
Viscaino, Lower California. 2&N. nsw. 76 

Wabash R, U.S.A. 381*. 88w. 55 

Waccasassee B., Florida. 29N. 83W. 69 

Waco, Texas. 32N. 97w. 68 

Wadena, Minnesota. 47N. 95W. 67 

Wadsworth, Nevada. 4ON. ngw. 72 

Wager B., Canada. 65 N. gow. 41 

Wagoner, Oklahoma. 361*. g6w. 68 

Wahpeton, N. Dakota. 461*. 97\v. 67 

Wakeeney, Kansas. 39N. icow. 66 

Wakefield, Virginia. 37N. 77W. 65 
Wakpa Shicha (Bad R), S. Dakota. 44**. 

loiw. 66 

Waldeck, Sask. SON. io8w. 53 

Waldo, Florida. 42N. I24W. 69 

Waldron, Arkansas. 35 N. 94W. 68 

Walford, Ontario. 46N. 82W. 48 

Walhalla, S. Carolina. 35N. 8sw. 69 

Walker L., Nevada. 39N. ngw. 72 

Walkerton, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Wallacebury, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Walla- walla, Washington. 46N. ngw. 70 

Wallisville, Texas. 3ON. 95W. 68 

Wallulo, Washington. 46N. n8w. 70 

Walpole, New Hampshire. 43N. 72W. 59 

Walsenburg, Colorado. 37N. iosw. 66 
Walsingham C., Baffin Land. 6?N. 6ow. 41 

Walterboro, S. Carolina. 33N. 8iw. 69 

Walton, N.Y. 42N. 75W. 59 

Wanapitat L., Ontario. 47N. 8iw. 48 

Wanatah, Indiana. 42 N. STW. 64 
Wanks R (mouth), Nicaragua. ISN. 

83W. 78 

Wapella, Sask. SON. IO2W. 50 

Warm Springs, Virginia. 38N. Sow. 64 

Warner's L., Oregon. 42N. i2ow. 72 

Warren, Arkansas. 33N. 92W. 68 

Warren, Idaho. 45N. n6w. 72 

Warren, Illinois. 42N. gow. 67 

Warren, Minnesota. 48N. 97w. 67 

Warren, Ohio. 4 IN. 8iw. 64 

Warren, Ontario. 47N. 8ow. 48 

Warren, Penn. 42N. 7gw. 58 


Warrensburg, Missouri. 38N. 94W. 67 

Warrenton, Georgia. 33N. 82W. 69 

Warrenton, Missouri. 38N. giw. 67 

Warrenton, Virginia. 39N. 77w. 65 

Warsaw, N.Y. 43 N. 78w. 58 

Warwick, Quebec. 46N. 72W. 46 

Wasatch Mts., Utah. 38N. ii2W. 70 
Washademoak R, New Brunswick. 46N. 

66w. 45 

Washago, Ontario. 45N. 79W. 48 
Washakee Needle, Wyoming. 44N. io8w.66 

Washburn, N. Dakota. 47N. IO2W. 66 

Washburn, Texas. 35N. IO2W. 71 

Washington, Georgia. 34N. 83W. 69 

Washington, Indiana. 39N. 87w. 64 

Washington, Kansas. 4ON. 97w. 67 

Washington, Louisiana. SON. 92W. 68 

Washington, Maryland. 39N. 77W. 65 

Washington, Missouri. 38N. gow. 67 

Washington, Penn. 4ON. Sow. 58 
Washington Land, Greenland. SON. 6ow. 41 
Washington Mt, New Hampshire. 44N. 

73W. 59 

Washington St, U.S.A. 47N. I2OW. 70 

Washita, Oklahoma. 34N. 97w. 68 

Waska, Manitoba. 49N. loiw. 50 

Water Cay, Bahama Is. 23 N. 76w. 80 

Waterbury, Conn. 42N. 73W. 59 

Waterdown, Ontario. 43N. 8ow. 48 

Waterford, Conn. 4 IN. 72W. 59 

Waterford, Ontario. 43 N. Sow. 48 

Waterfound R, Sask. s8N. iosw. 53 
Waterhaven L., Manitoba. SSN. loow. 51 

Waterloo, Iowa. 42N. 92W. 67 

Waterloo, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Waterloo, Quebec. 45 N. 73 w. 46 

Waterloo Dist, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Watertown, N.Y. 44N. 76w. 58 

Watertown, S. Dakota. 45 N. 92W. 67 

Watertown, Wisconsin. 43 N. 8gw. 67 

Waterville, Maine. 45N. 7ow. 59 
"Watling Is., Bahama Is., W.I. 24N. 75 w. So 

Watseka, Illinois. 4 IN. 88w. 67 

Watson, Arkansas. 34N. gz\v. 68 

Wauchope, Sask. SON. IO2W. 50 

Waukegan, Illinois. 42 N. 88w. 67 
Waupes R, Colombia and Brazil. 2N. 

74W. 90 

Wausan, Wisconsin. 45N. gow. 67 

Waverly, Iowa. 43N. 93W. 67 

Waverly, N.Y. 42N. 77W. 58 

Waverly, Tennessee. s6N. 87w. 69 

Way Cross, Georgia. 3 IN. 82W. 69 

Wayne, Nebraska. 42 N. 97W. 67 

Waynesboro, Penn. 4ON. 78w. 58 

Waynesburg, Penn. 4ON. 78w. 58 
Waynesville, N. Carolina. 3&N. 83W. 64 

Weatherford, Texas. 33N. 97W. 68 




Weaverville, California. 4IN. I23W. 72 

Webbwood, Ontario. 46N. 82 w. 48 

Webster, Iowa. 42 N. 94W. 67 

Weiser, Idaho. 44N. IITW. 72 

Weiser R, Idaho. 45N. u6w. 72 

Wekusko L., N.W. Terr. 5511. xoow. 51 

Weldon, N. Carolina. 37N. 77W. 65 

Weldon, Sask. 53?*. 105 w. 50 

Welland, Ontario. 431*. 7g\v. 48 

Welland Dist, Ontario. 43??. 7g 
Wellington, Ontario. 44N. 78w. 

Wellington Dist, Ontario. 441*. 8iw. 48 | 

Wellsboro, Penn. 42N. 77 w. 58 

Weilsville, N.Y. 42N. 78w. 58 ' 

Wellwood, Manitoba. SON. 99W. 51 

Wendover, Wyoming. 43N. iosw. 66 

Wentworth Dist, Ontario. 43^. 8ow. 48 
Wessington Springs, S. Dakota. 44;*. 

ggw. 66 

West End, Texas. 291*. 95W. 68 

West Union, W. Virginia. 39*. 8iw. 64 


West Virginia St, U.S.A. 381*. 82W. 64 

Westbrook, Maine. 44*1. 70 w. 59 

Westfield, Mass. 42 N. 73W. 59 

Westfield, N.Y. 42N. 8ow. 58 

Westgate, Manitoba. 53N. loaw. 50 
Westmoreland, New Brunswick. 461*. 

6 5 w. 45 

Weston, Ontario. 44:*. 7gw. 48 

Westport, Virginia. 37N. 77w. 65 

Wetaskiwin, Alberta. 53N. H3W. 53 

Wewoka, Oklahoma. 35 N. 97w. 68 

Weyburn, Sask. SON. IO4W. 50 

Weymouth, Nova Scotia. 44N. 66w. 45 i 

Wharton, Texas. 29N. g6w. 68 

Wheeler, S. Dakota. 43 N. ggw. 66 

Whitby, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 49 

White B., Newfoundland. SON. 57W. 44 I 

W. Duck Isle. 46N. 83\v. 48 | 

White Earth, N. Dakota. 48N. losw. 66 j 

White Loon L., Sask. 54N. IO4W. 50 I 
White Mts., New Hampshire. 44N. 72W. 59 

White Pass, B.C. 6oN. I35W. 52 

White Plains, Nevada. 4ON. iigw. 72 I 

White R, Arkansas. 36N. 92W. 68 | 

White R, Colorado. 4ON. now. 66 

White R, Ontario. 47N. 83W. 48 

White R, S. Dakota. 44N. loiw. 66 

White R, Yukon. 62N. I4OW. 74 

White Swan L., Sask. 54N. IO4W. 50 

White Water B., Florida. 25N. 8iw. 69 

Whitefish, Ontario. 46N. 8iw. 48 

Whitehall, Michigan. 43 N. 87W. 64 I 

Whitehall, Ontario. 4&N. 7gw. 48 

Whitesand, Sask. SIN. IO3W. 50 

Whitesand R, Sask. 52N. IO3W. 50 I 


Whiteville, N. Carolina. 34N. 7gw. 65 

Whiting, New Jersey. 4ON. 74W. 59 

Whitman, Nebraska. 42 N. IO2W. 66 

Whitney Mt, California. 37N. n8w. 72 

Whittle C., Quebec. SON. 6ow. 44 

Wiarton, Ontario. 45N. 8iw. 48 

Wichita, Kansas. 38N. 97W. 67 

Wilber, Nebraska. 4iN. 97W. 67 

Wilkesbarre, Penn. 41 N. 76w. 58 

Wilkesboro, N. Carolina. 3611. 8iw. 64 

William L., N.W. Terr. 54N. ggw. 51 

William R, Sask. s8N. logw. 53 

Williamsport, N. Dakota. 4&N. loow. 66 

Williamsport, Penn. 4IN. 77w. 58 

Williston, N. Dakota. 48N. IO4W. 66 

Willow Cr., Ontario. 44 N. 8ow. 48 

Willow L., Yukon. 63N. I22W. 74 

Willow Springs, Missouri. 37N. gzw. 67 

Willowbunch, Sask. 49N. io6w. 50 

Willowbunch L., Sask. 49N. 105 w. 50 

Wilmington, N. Carolina. 34N. 78w. 65 

Wilmot, S. Dakota. 45N. 97W. 67 

Wilson Mt, Colorado. 38N. io8w. 66 

Wilsons, B.C. s8N. I3ow. 52 

Winamac, Indiana. 4 IN. 87w. 64 

*Winchester, Virginia. 39N. 78w. 65 

Wind R Mts., Wyoming. 43N. now. 70 

Windom, Minnesota. 44N. 95W. 67 

Windsor, Conn. 42N. 73W. 59 

*Windsor, Nova Scotia. 45N. 64W. 45 

Windsor, Ontario. 42N. 83W. 48 

Windsor, Vermont. 43 N. 72 w. 59 

*Windward Is., West Indies. I4N. 63W. 79 
Windward Passage, Cuba, West Indies. 

2ON. 74W. 80 

Winfield, Kansas. 47N. 97w. 67 

Wingham, Ontario. 44N. 82W. 48 

Winnebago, Minnesota. 44N. 94W. 67 

Winnebago L., Wisconsin. 44N. 88w. 67 

Winnemucca, Nevada. 4 IN. n8w. 72 

Winnemucca L., Nevada. 4ON. I2OW. 72 

Winnfield, Louisiana. 32N. 93W. 68 
Winnibigoshish L., Minnesota. 47N. 

94W. 67 

*Winnipeg, Manitoba. SON. 97w. 51 
Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. SON. gTw. 51 

Winnipeg L., Canada. 53N. g8w. 51 

Winnipeg R, Manitoba. SON. 97W. 51 

Winnipegosis, Manitoba. 52N. loow. 51 

Winnipegosis L., Canada. 52??. loow. 51 
Winnipiseogee L., New Hampshire. 44N. 

7iw. 59 

Winnsboro, Louisiana. 32N. gzw. 68 

Winnsboro, S. Carolina. 34N. 8iw. 69 

Winona, Michigan. 44N. 84W. 64 

Winona, Minnesota. 44N. g2W. 67 

Winona, Mississippi. 33N. gow. 68 

Winsted, Conn. 42N. 73W. 59 

2 3 



Winston, N. Carolina. 361*. Sow. 64 

Winterset, Iowa. 4 IN. 94\v. 67 

Wisconsin St, U.S.A. 4511. gow. 67 

Wishart, Sask. 52N. IO4W. 50 
Wister Junction, Oklahoma. 35N. 95W. 68 

Wolf Isle, Ontario. 44 N. 76w. 49 

Wolf R, Sask. 55N. IO4W. 50 

Wolfboro, New Hampshire. 4411. 7iw. 59 

Wolfe, Quebec. 461*. 72W. 46 

Wolfpoint, Montana. 481*. IO4W. 66 

Wolfstown, Quebec. 4611. 7ow. 46 

Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 45 N. 64W. 45 

Wollaston Is., S. America. 563. 67W. 96 

Wollaston L., Sask. 58*1. IOTW. 53 

Wollaston Land, Canada. 7ON. now. 40 

Wolseley, Sask. SON. lozw. 50 
Wolstenholme C., Labrador Pen. 63 N. 

78w. 41 

Wolverine Cr., Sask. 52N. xofw. 50 

Wood Mt, Sask. 49N. io6w. 50 

Wood R, Sask. SON. io6w. 50 

Woodbridge, California. s8N. I22W. 72 

Woodbridge, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Woodland, California. 39N. I22W. 72 
Woods, Lake of the, Ontario. SON. 95W. 41 
Woods, Lake of the, Yukon. 67N. I23W. 74 

Woods Hole, Mass. 4iN. 7iw. 59 

Woodstock, Illinois. 43 N. 8gw. 67 
Woodstock, New Brunswick. 4&N. 68w. 45 

Woodstock, Ontario. 43N. 8iw. 48 

Woodstock, Vermont. 44N. 73W. 59 

Woodville, Mississippi. 3 IN. giw. 68 

Woody L., Sask. SSN. losw. 50 

Woolson, Manitoba. SIN. loow. 51 

Woonsocket, Rhode Is. 42 N. 72W. 59 

Woonsocket, S. Dakota. 44N. gSw. 66 

Worcester, Mass. 42 N. 7aw. 59 

Worthington, Minnesota. 43 N. 95 w. 67 
Wrangell Is., Arctic Ocean. 7iN. 

i8oE. 40 

Wrangell Mt, Alaska. 62N. I45W. 74 

Wray, Colorado. 4ON. io2W. 66 

Wrightsville, N. Carolina. 34N. 77w. 65 

Wroxeter, Ontario. 44N. 8iw. 48 

Wynne, Arkansas. 3$N. giw. 68 

'Wyoming, Ontario. 43N. 82W. 48 

Wyoming St, U.S.A. 43N. io7w. 66 

Xarayes, Marsh of the, Matto Grosso, 

Brazil. 175. s8w. 89 

Xagua B., Cuba. 22N. 8iw. 80 

Xenia, Ohio. 4ON. 84W. 64 

Xingu R, Matto Grosso, Brazil. 143. 

55W. 89 

Yacarana R, Brazil. 43. 72W. 91 

Vague R, S. Domingo, W. I. 2ON. 72W. 80 
Yale, B.C. 49N. 12 iw. 52 


Yamachiche, Quebec. 46N. 73W. 46 
Yamaska, dist. and town, Quebec. 46N. 

73W. 46 

Yamaska R, Quebec. 46*. 73 w. 46 
Yampa R, Colorado. 4iN. iogw. 66 

Yamunda R, Brazil. 2S. s8w. 90 

Yankton, S. Dakota. 43N. 97w. 67 

Yapura R, Colombia, is. 7ow. 90 

Yaqui R, Sonora. 28N. inw. 76 

Yarmouth, Maine. 44N. 7ow. 59 
Yarmouth, dist. and town, Nova Scotia. 

44 N. 66w. 45 

Yath Kyed L., Canada. 63 N. g8w. 40 

Yavi, Argentina. 223. 66w. 92 

Yavisa, Panama. SN. 78w. 90 

Yazoo City, Mississippi. 33N. govf. 68 

Yellow Grass, Sask. SON. IO4W. 50 

Yellow Head Pass, B.C. 53N. i2ow. 53 

Yellow Knife R, Yukon. 62N. nsw. 74 
Yellowstone L., Wyoming. 44N. now. 70 
*Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. 

44N. now. 70 

Yellowstone R, Montana. 4&N. 109 w. 66 

Yelsho R, Chile. 473. 73W. 96 

Yelverton B., Canada. 83N. g8w. 40 

Ylo, Peru. 153. 7iw. 91 

Yoakum, Texas. 2gN. 97W. 68 

Yolo Is., Philippine Is. 6N. 12 IE. 75 

York, Maine. 43N. 7iw. 59 

York, N.W. Terr. 5 7N. 93 w. 41 

York, Penn. 4ON. 77w. 58 
York Dist, New Brunswick. 46N. 

67W. 45 

York Dist, Ontario. 44N. 7gw. 48 

York R, Ontario. 45N. 77W. 49 

York R, Quebec. 4gN. 65 w. 47 

Yorkton, Sask. SIN. IO3W. 50 

Yorkville, Ontario. 44N. 8ow. 48 

Yorkville, S. Carolina. 35^ 8iw. 69 
*Yosemite National Park, California. 38N. 

I2OW. 72 

Youngstown, Ohio. 4 IN. 8iw. 64 

Yreka, California. 42N. I24W. 72 

Yrigoyen, Argentina. 323. 6iw. 92 

Yuba City, California. 39N. I22W. 72 

Yucatan St, Mexico. 2ON. 8gw. 78 

Yukon Dist, N.W. Terr., Canada. 63N. 
I35W. 40 

Yukon, ft. and r., Alaska. 66N. i45W. 74 
Yukon Mts., Alaska. 66N. isow. 74 

Yukon or Kwichpak R, Alaska. 63N. 

i6ow. 74 

Yuma, Arizona. 33N. nsw. 71 

Yuma or Long Is., Bahama Is. 231*. 

75W. 80 

Yuruan, Venezuela. 6N. 6iw. 90 

Yuruna Village, Para, Brazil. 53. 54W. 88 
Yuruna Village, Para, Brazil. 6s. 54W. 88 




Yuruna Village, Para, Brazil. 73. 53W. 88 
Yuty, Paraguay. 275. s6w. 93 

Zacatecas, state and city, Mexico. 23N. 

IO2W. 77 

Zacutala, Mexico. i8N. losw. 77 

Zaiton, Cathay Mangi. 25N. ISQW. i 

Zamboanga, Philippine Is. 7N. I22E. 75 


Zamora, Michoacan. 2ON. io2w. 77 

Zanesville, Ohio. 4ON. 82 w. 64 

Zarualupan, Mexico. 2 IN. ggw. 77 

Zebu Is., Philippine Is. UN. I24E. 75 

Zempoaltepec Mt, i8N. Q6w. 77 

Zitacuaro, IQN. joow. 77 

Zuni Mts., New Mexico. 35N. io8w. 71 

Zuni R, Arizona. 35N. now. 71 







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