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Full text of "The London prodigal, "by William Shakespeare". 1605"

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ftubor facsimile TTeyts 



Date of Earliest Known Edition 1605 

[B.M. Press-mark, C. 34, /. 3] 

Next issued in the third Shakespeare folio . . . 1664 

Reproduced in Facsimile 1910 

ffiuftnr jFarainttli 

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This is one of the "doubtful " Shakespearean plays, and was first 
issued in 1605 with "By William Shakespeare" on the title-page. It 
was not entered on the books of the Stationers' Company. 

The play was not included in the folio of 1623, and, apparently, was 
not reprinted until its appearance in the third folio, in 1664, with six 
other plays of uncertain Shakespearean authorship. 

The discussion of the problem thus raised does not fall within the 
scope of the present undertaking. 

Mr. J. A. Herbert, of the Manuscript Department of the British 
Museum, after comparing this facsimile with the original copy, says : 
; ' The paper is thin in the original, and the ink shows through more or 
less in various places. This has made a difficulty as usual, the 
facsimile inevitably exaggerating the effect of this sometimes. Apart 
from a few blemishes of this kind there is nothing but praise to be 
spoken of the facsimiles.''' 





As k was plaidc by the Kings Maic- 


> and 

arc to be (old nccrc S. vsuflms gate, 
at the fignc of the pyde Bull. 

f . 



IDrother from X*w,boing thus difguifdc, 
-D [ come to prone the humours of my Tonne: 
How hath he borne himfclfc fincc my departure, 
I leauing you his patronc and his guide f 

V*ck* Ifaith brother fo, as you will grieue to hcare, 
And 1 almoftafhamde to report it. 

Fitth. Why how ift brothei f *vhat doth ke fpend 
Beyond the allowance I left him t 

. V*ck* How ibeyond that ?andfarre moretwhy,your exibiti- 
n is nothing, hec hath fpent that, and fincc hath borrowed, 
protefted with oathes, alledged kindred to wring mony from 
me, by the loue 1 bore his father , by the fortunes might fall 
vpon himfelf,to furniOi his wanrs:that done, I haue had fince, 
his bond,his friend arid friends bond, altho I knowe that hee 
fpends is yours $ yet it grieues me to fee the vnbridled wildnes 
that raines ouer him. 

F*th Broth cr , what is the manner of his life ? howe is the 
name of nis oflfenccsfif they do not rcllifh altogether of dam- 
dation, his youth may priuilcdge his wantonneffe : I my felfe 
ranne an vnbrideird courfe till thirtie , nay almofl till tor tie, 
wcll,y ou (ee how 1 am:fbr vice once looked into with the cies 
of discretion, and well balanced with the waites of rcafon,thc 
courfe paft/cemcs fo abhominable 9 that the Landlord of him- 
felfcjvvhichis the heart of nis body, will rather intombe him- 

A 2 felfr 

Lonaon T j 

fclfiw ihe earth,or feek a new Ten Jt to remaine in him, which 
onet fetfkd , how much better are they that in their youth 
have Icmowtx afi thcfc vices ,and left it, then ehofe that kncwe 
Iittle,an<fr in their agerunnes intoiBelceuenjebroth<r^hey 
that dyelftft vertuo ushath in their youth.liued mol t vicious, 
and none knowes the danger of the ri re, more then he that 
fallqs intor: Butfay,how is the courfe of his kfeflcti heart his 

Y*tl$ Why He tclf you brother, hec is a continual fwcar cr, 
And a breaker of his oathes,which is bad* 

VfK\. /grant indeed to Cweare is bacf, but not in keeping 
thofe outhcs is bettertfor who wilt fet by a bad thing,* 
Nay by my faith,/ hold this rather a. vcrtueehcn a vice, 
Well,/ pray proceede. (me worftV 

Vck. He is a mighty brawler , and comes commonly by 
Ff6h By my faith this is none of the worft neither, for if he 
Brawle and be beaten for it, it wil in time make him fhunnc it: 
For what brings manor child,morc to vcrtueehcn corrcftiof 
What raignei ouer him etfc ? (fclfc. 

Vnck* He is a great dr inker, arrd one that will forget himi 
F*tb. O bell of all, vice (honld be torgoiten:let him drink 
So he drmkc not churches. (on,. 

Nay and this be the worft, / hold it rather a happines in liin, 
Then any iniquity. Hath he any more attendant s f 
Z^wr^ Brother,hc is one that will borrow of any man* 
F*th Why you fee fo dot b the fea,i t borro wes of all the final 
Currents in the world, to encreafc himfclfc. 

I,bu(fche fea paies it againc,and fo will neuer your Ton* 
^ No more would the fea neithcr^fit were as dry as my 

?*% Then brotherv/ fee you rather like theft vic*s in your 
T hen an v w ay conoVmne them^ ( fonne , 

F*tk Nay raiftake me not brother , for tho / flur them o. 
uer now, 

As things flight and nothing, his crimes being in the budde, 
it would gall my heart,they ftiould euer raigne in him. 
Ho! w hoes wHhin hc# 

<UI* 1u*A*i*ntlri*. 


That's your ibnne, hcc is come to borrowc rnortf 

Fttk.for Godfake giue it our I am dead, fee how helc take it, 
Jay / hauc brought you newcs from his father, 
I haue here draw nc a format! wili,as. it were from my fclfe? 

tf Goc too brothcr^io more:/ will. 
Vnckle,where are you Vncklc* within, 

fen in there. , 

+ / am a &yler come GcomVetuct) and my name i* 


Tim* By the Lord,in truth Vncklc. 

Vck* 7u truth would a feru'dcoufcnjWithout the lord* 

F/nr, By your leaue Vncklc.thc Lord,is the Lord of truth, 
A couple of rallies at the gate,fct vpon me for my purfc. 

Vmkj You ncuer come, butyoubringabrawlc in your 

fhw. By ny truth Draft needes lend me tcnnc 

iue my coufen Tome fmall been herev 
f /bp Nay lookeyou^ou turne it to a icft now,by 
/(houldrydc to CrojJMfyyttflomttttiyi Lancelot 
/(liould haue his daughter ff, and for fcumy 
Tcnne pound, a man- flial loofc nine hundred three- fcore and 
eddc pounds 9 and a daily friend befide^by this hande Vnc 

klc us true. 

\Vhy,iny thing ii true for ought I know* 
To fee no w : why you (hall haue my bond Vnckfe*. 
or TomWbitei, Umet'Brocki : or NickJi*Ut , as good nipyer 
and dagger men, as any be in E*gfa*4, lets be dambn'd if wee 
doe not pay you, the worftof vs all will not damne our (clues 
for ten ponndA poxe of ten pound. 
Vftci^ Coufen, thu is not the fir ft time I haue bclecu'd you, 
Jlov t Why truft meBOW,you know riot what may fall; 
J one thing were but trut ,/ woul d i ; o t greatly care.. 


j rt 

I mould not nccdc ten pound,but when a man cannot bf be- 
lecucd,trcr's if, 

fjM^. Why what is it cotifen? 

F/. Mary this Vncklc , cm you tell me if the Katern- 
hue be come home or no f 

Vnck. I mary ift, 

F/o% By God I thankeyou for that ncwcJ, 
What ill in the poole can yon ttllf 

V*ckf 1 1 is j what of that? 

FAir. Whatf why then I haue fixe peeces of relict Cmt me 
He giueyou a peece Vncklc j for thus faid (he letter, 
A peece of A(hcolour,a three ptide bUck, a colourdc deroy, 
A crimfon,a fad greene.and a purplciycs y faith. 

V*cl^ From whom Qiould you rccciue this} 

TUw. From who # why from jny fathcr?with commenda 
tions to you Vnckle, and thus he writes;! know fmh he,thou 
had much troubled thy kindc Vnckle, whom Coii-willing 
at my returne / will fee amply G tisfied: Amply , I remember 
was the very word} fo God helpe me 

ttafl^. Haue you the letter here f 

F/tor. Yes /haue the letter herc,here is the 
let me fee,what breechs wore I a Sarterday :let me fee, a { uef- 
Jav,my Caly manka*a Wedixfday, my peach colour Sattin.a 
Thurfdaymy Vellure , a Friday my Cadi manka a^ame,a 
Satterday,let me fee a Sattcrday, for in rhofc breeches I wore 
a Sattcrday is the letter.* O my r yd ing breeches Ancklc, th ofc 
that you thought had bene vcllct, 
In thofe very breeches is the letter, 

Mary Dutitimo ttrpot fqt**lrit t no nojhydiflmt ttr- 
fosOEtobris, \ (?^7o^;,foitis. 

V#kt f Dtct&tim0 ttrfu Oftobis : and here reeeiue / a let* 
ter that your father dyed in /wwrhow fay you Ktfltrt 
F*tk Ye> truly fy r,your fathmr is dead, thcfc hands of mine 
'f>e to winle him* 

. /fyrdcad. 

S bbod,hovf Hiould my rather cosrie deadf 

F*th. Yfiuth 

, _-^K Yfaith fyr according 
The child* was borne': a 
After fell ficke,and dyed, 

fncka Nay coufen doe not Jake kfc* neanifyv . 
Tie*. Nay /cannon wecpe you cxtcmpory,mary forne 
two or d^cityc* hence, JfcaU weep.widiout any. Uintanc*. 
b"t /hope he dyed MI good ajcraory. " 

IT 1 /.' \f~*.: .. _1I /* llf I 


And the Kamenie a<l Hue you talk ofv/cainc eucr in : 
And /faw all <hebills.of ladmg^ndrfie vcllet 
That you talkt of,therc is no foch abowd, 

By Cod / afore youthen thicreuknaiwry a&it^d 
teb fwarnec*thar.-thcrsknaweryabrdad 
ihere'wer* msuera pccceofvdlctin^i^r 
. -FAif, / hoodie dyedw good cftate. ' / w jii 

'^^ 4/ u L T Ac re P rtof the worldhe did, and made his 
Of which /am an vnworthy bearer. 

Flam. Hi*wiU,baucyouhi$wilfe 

F*tb. Yes fyr,and in tbe prcfcncc of your Vncklc 
/was willed to deliuer it, 

-ls ..^hjjP tou^now God hath bkflcd you with 
wealth,you will not be rnmindfull of me* 

. ByGodyoudenidemedirec>I>v 
r^. Jle be iudge by this good-ffUiyre. 
Path. Notdireftlyfy*; ^ 

Flm Whyhefaidhe.woiiWlen4enone f indthathad 

Well Vnckle, come weclcfall to the Lcgafies 
Ai the name of God,Amen 

/tern, /bequeath to toy brother Tl*wtr<Ul< mre pay fuch triuall dVbtt as /owe in 4k 

falfc dyoe^^^high men, and loe men* fullomes? 
eafer traies, androther bones offunaion. 
' r. Sbloodwliatdothhcmcancby'tes? 


, Proeeedc coufen. (path^ 

Thefe precepts /leauehim, let him borrow of nil 
For of his word no body will truft him. 
Let him by n<?raeanes marry an honed woman, 
For th c other will keep* her lelfe. 
Let him ftealeas much at he can,that a guilty conference 
May bring him te his deftinate repentance, 
/thinke he mcanes hanging And this were bis laft will and 
Tefhment , the Diuell Rood laughing at his beddcsfeete 
while he made it* Sblood,what doth hee thiakc to fop of his 
pofteritie with Paradoxes* 

f*tb. This he made fy r with lus ownc hamfc* 

ftow t /, wcl I, nay come good Vnck le > let me. haue this ten 
pound, Tm.igine you haue loft it.or robe) of it, ormifreckond 
your felfe fo much: any way to make it come cafilyo0j good 
Vnckle. V ' 

Vnekf Notapenny r 

Fttb. Y fa i th lend it him fy rtf my fe^t hau c an eflate in me 
Citie worth twenty pound, all that ile ingage for him, he faith 
it concernes him in a marriage. 

F/*ir ] marry doth it, thwi* a fellow of fomcfenfc, tius: 
Come good Vncklew nil 
Vtk. Will ydurgiue your word fo? it Ktftrt 

F**h. Iwillfyrwillingly. 

Vuckj Well couftn^come toc fome howcr hcncc,y oo A afl 

You (hail not.coir.e or fend. 
Nay ile come my felfe. 
F*tb. By my tro.-nh, would I wen your wor/bips maru 
F/nr* What wouldft thou fcruc ? 
F"6 Very willingly fyr. 

f&m Why ac.Peiltnte]ivhat thou (halt doe,thou faitb ihou 
haft twentie pound , eoe into 3t*cln* Li*** put thy felfe into 
cloarries.thou (halt ride with me to Cfij4*hyrct 
F*&. I thankc! yoa fyr,/ will attend you. 
JVS?i Well Vnckle. you will not faile oie an hower hence? 
;. 1 will Pot Coufen, 

ft*. Whalf 

1 fyr. :*v- T ," ttb'ii ; -:*::; . 

Wcll,proui de thyrfclfc t fVadcle fccevrdU fiitt* we, 


Yfaich brotht^liSceamadYnbridledcoit, 
awke v tb# n^M; 4tppp'dta^i s 
The one rauft be tan4f *Wfjh ftn r-ykoH'tyt, 

The other nnuft bmchca,w ftili OK j$ wiWc, , I 

Such is myfonncb awhile kt him be fbj 
For couukll ftillis folli^ deadly foe, 
Ilenra3 his youth* (or-youth Onift hain; his courf<: b r 
For iriakes himtenomcs 
v "His pridc,his ryot, all that way be loeaed 
Time may recall, and ail hfs madneflc tamed 4 

* A And as you proued y ou r fclfc a oaif in by ing., 

Driue home your fellow calfes that you haue bough i'. 
Arti. Ycsibrfooth,{hailotmyfeUo 

No fyr,no,I rmi fr haue ope. to wfcite on ioe 
v DrfJkS^farewcH good fellow D*jM 9 
You may fee iniftrcfle, / am fet vp by the lialucs, 
7n fteed of waiting on you,/ am tent to driue Home cattws. 

?*., Yfaith Frtmcke^l muA turne away this Daffub# t 
Hcesgrowne^yrryfoolulhfawcicfdlow. ' 

FrM. Indeed law fathcr,Uc was fo fince /had him: 
Before he was wife cnough,for a fooliHi feruing-man. 

We*. Bqt what fayiyou to me fyr Lancelot* 

L**ct. O,about my daughtcrs,wcl 7 will goe forward, 
Heers tv/o of the^ipod ^uc theflpibut thclhird, 
O rtiees a (Granger in her courfe of life, , 

Shjec hath refufed you Maifter Wtathct cocke. 

We*. 2 by the Rood fyr Lancelot that flic hath. 
But had (he tride me,flic fnould a found a man of me indeed- 

Line*. Nay be not angry fyr^t her dcaiall, 

B Sh 

( with we. 


----- . " , 

77;f London <ProJigalL 

Shee hath refuf'de feauen of the worfliipfulft and worthyeft 
hou f-keep tr s this day in Kent: 
Indeed the will not marry 1 fuppofe, 
The more foole foe, 
, What is it-folly to lone Chariticf 
No miftake me not (yr J.titctkt, 
But tis an old prouerbc,and you know it well r 
That women dyingivaide$,tead apes in hell 
l.ance, That* a fooli/h prouerbc, and a falfr, 
#V*. Bv the maflc / thinke it bc,and therefore let it goer 
But who mall marry wiibmiflreiTe r*nce& 
fr**. By ray troath trrey arc talking of marrying me GOtiv 
Luce. Peace, Wt them talker 
Fooles may hauc leaue to prattle as they walke.. 

You hauc a wrt.and it were your AlUblader. 

Yfaith and thy tongue taps trench-more.. 
No of my knijht-^ood.nof a fhuter yctr 

Alas God helpe her fillie girle.a i^ole, a verie fooler. 

But thersthe other black-browes a foroad girle, 

Shee hath wit at wiil,and fouters two or three! 

Syr9s4nb*rGrteM-fi*Uoi\e t a gallant knight, 

A valiant Sou ldier,buthis power but poorc. 

Then thers yong 0Aw,tl ic D*m**Jljr* lad 1 , 

A wary fcllow,marry full of wit , 

And rich by the rood, but thers a third all aire, 

Lic;ht as a readier ^changing as (he wind: young Tlowerd*/*; 

7arre him your houfc. 

'jmet^ Fye notfo, hees of good parentage; 

By my faieandfo hcis.anda proper man. 

r. I proper enough r had he good qualities >. 

, Imarri^ihenthcpointf-* 
For thers an old faying, 
Be he rich,or be he poore, 
?e he hve,or be he lower 
7e ne borne in barne or hall, 
Tis matters makes the man and all* 

E-* L .' ; ...-!... /_ 

T3>e London 

t You are in the right niai 


f, .youle,/thinke/amfurecrofl<d, . \ 

Or witcht with an owle,/haue banted them: Innc after /nne, 
booth,aftcr booifi, yet cannot finde them.ha yonder they arc, 
thats riic,/hdpe to God tis fhec, nay /know tis fhec now/or 
ihc treadcs her fliooe i little awry. 

Xx*tt. Where is this Tinne^vc art pafUtTJ^/tf. (before. 
Daffi&lt,, Tht gooo 1 figne is hccrc fyr^ but the back gate is 
CtMti, ^aue you fyr , J pray may I borrow a peccc of a 
word with yau.' 
D*. No pecces Tyr. 
Ow. Why An the whole. 
/pray fyr 9 what may yonder gentlewomen be? . 
Z>4jf, They may be Ladies fyr,if the deftinies and mortality 
CM. What* her name fyr. (worke. 

D*f. Af\facfaFr**cejSpxrcockc, fyr L**ct/tr St*rc*ekf* 
.Cut. /ihe*maidfyrf (daughter, 

Daf, Yoo may aske P/*/*,and oVinie froferplnt that: 
/ would be loth to be rid ell cd ryr, 
CiW. /$ (he married 7 meant ryr i. t 
5>f The Fates knowcs not yet what ihoe^makcr fliatt 
make her wedding inooes.( , 

' fit. /pray where Innc you fyif I would be very glad to bc- 
ftowe tbe wine of that ^endc womaiw 
TXrf AttheG**rgrfyr. .- . . ... 
Guv. God fane you fyr. 
D4jf I pray your name fyr* 
Ctu. My same is maifter Cimet fyr, 

A Tweet iume,God be with you good maifter duet* 


. A,nauewfpide you flout S. dirge* 
For all your dragon,you had beft fel!cs good ' < 
Thatnccds no y'uic^bfli,well,\7eclcnotfi ! by4tj 
A* you do on your horfc,this rooaae*0uill ier \ /q 
Drawer, let me haucfacke for vs-oWfln en: 
^or thcfc girlcs and knaucs ftnali winesirc befk 

i?2 A 


A pinte aFfacke; no more, 

DMB. A quart of (ack in the three Tunntt^ 
L*ncf. A pintc,draw but a pintc D^jfdtff t 
Call for wine to make your (clues drinke* 

E*9rj** Flowerdalc. . s 
Ftfw* Hownow,fve,lit ^rv the open- roomt,now good fyr 
JL*r*f)& ray kind friqrvd wor fbiprwH Maifter JPhufaw/^ 
W hat at your pimew* qiwn for&ame 

r. Come^iyesfomeMufickejWecleg 

Begone fyr !,<&/> what,and fay re dayioo f " ' . 

r. Nay i f you fey fo, f aarcft of aU f j; PCS, ' 
Hr hathfpoylcd me a peach colou/Jfatrcn flmw, 

T * rwi ^\ % /? - r A. _i r^tl/v'%1 ^4 j\." - f* f 

an other tricke, He giue him leauc yfakh tdpu1iei 
lender of fbokiandyoo f attcl yo%4 rf L***/W* and Maifter 
tTf*thercocl(,my gold-fmythxod ion Cothdr fidc.l'befpoke thcc 
Lw^a carkenctof gold, afcot^hougbl ihWftoXMrrrhAtl it 
for a tayfaing,: ano^ei^at ptK.rnmi!ai;c%'f(k (Jn-aht 
Pcai lc;but thou fhalc haoe it by funday night wench. 

' * '!. ' r A 27M^to^*i^^^M ^VvbfA^^^^M * 

1 > *?**. l T i /ClWf rTWf VTmwtJr. 

*Dr*w t Syr r hcrc is on baih -fertt yp* fcRlt of rennifli- 
wine, brewed with Roft-water : t*5 ^fH 
//-JT. Tome? : l ' '> -' --' ; ; .^ - ' 

2)r4ir. No fyr to tile knigh^akWe(il e W< tttofOcquain* 
L**ct. .To me? whatH> tfoafbrdiics fo krtd f v * * (ranee. 
..>4ff. /lxttwar0cfcofcnowWi*f*fyr5" A 
He hath a mbneths mind here to miftreffe Frances , his name 

c O I know him (y t,he M a fool 
But r eafonable rich, his lather was one of tHefic leafe- 
thc(ecorn-mpngcr-',fhfeM ,,--.,- 

" the wit to be a whore-monger, 
'% /<r </?rrCi<t. 

r. I 

f, The ciiatgeis fmalf charge fyr, 
/thankc Godrny father left me wherewithal!, ifotpleafc you 
fyr.I haw a great mind ,to this gentlewoman hcre,in the way x 


poorc houfe, you (hall be kindly welcome : / knewc your fa- 
ther,hc was a wary husbandrto paie here D rawer, 


But we /nail liue to mke amends ere 
Maifrer Ffowcn(*& t is that your man? 

/#. Yes fiithia^oodjold knaire. 

L4f' Nay then / thinkeyoirwiflturrre wife, 
Nowymi take fuch a feruaht: 
Come, youle ride with vs to L*fn**> lets a^vay,! 
Tis fcarce two howres to the endofday . (Exit Omittt* 

*ttr]jr Arthur Green-fliood,O ryutr,LW. y 

ia haue payVftitwefl;looke to ybbrtharge, " 
7,we arc now fcnt away, and cannot fo much as fpeakc 
r fiicnds. . 

, No man what ere you rfed a zutch afaiKion , thicke 
yotfcannottalceyourlcauc ofyour yreens* 

Fellow no more, Li cuftcrrant lead them off, 

Sfi Wciy f I haue not my pay andinv doathts^ 
lie venture a running away tho /hang forr, 
A*r. AwafurrhaharmtourtonMe. 

t v;: ' rr s 1. 

Oh. Birr and you a preflcrfyrf 
exfwr, 7 am a commander fyr vndcr the King, 
Gtj. Sfootmnn, andyoubee nerc zutch a commander 
Jhuaa Ipolcc with my vreens before I chidagonc,fo fhud*. 

, A*r Conrentyoitr felfe man V jfcy authorir^will ftreteh 
to prefle fo good a man as you. 

Prcflc me#Ideuye A pre(rc fCoundrclL c ,and thy meiTels: 
B j prcUr 

The London 

Preflfe nje,chee fcornes thcc yfaith:For fceft thee,hercja wor- 
ft iptull knight knowesjchara not to be picffcd by thcc* 

L**c*. Syr Art bur, welcome to L**f*mt t welcome by my 
Wbats the matter man, why are you vex tt (troath, 

Olj. Why man he would prciTc me. 
1 *cf. O Fie f) T ArrW,nr e iTe himihe is man of reckoning. 
We*. /thathcisf/rArrWjhchaththcnablcs, 
The golden ruddockes he* 

Ar. The fitter for the warres; and were he not infauour 
With your worfiiipj.hclhould fee, 
T hat I haue power to prefle fo good as he 
Ofy. Chill (land to the triaU,k> chill* 
Tkv. I marry (hall hc,prc(Ic-cloath and karfie, 
Whi re po t and dro w fen broach un t,tu t, hie cannot* 

r/7 Wcliryr,tho you fee vloutcn doath and karfir ,chcc a 
ceene zutch a karfie coatc wcarc out the townc fick a zilkcfi 
/acket^as thick a one you wcarc. 
F Well fed vlitan vlattan. 

Ofa A and well fedcockncll, and boc-bcll too? what doeft 
thinckc cham a vea^dt of thy zilken coate, no fcr vere thce. , 
Nay comctto more,be all loucrj and friends. 
I tis bcft (Of^bod maifter OJjtter. 
. 7s yourtuttc rruiftcr Otuter I pray you! 
0/7. What tit and be tit^ind grieue you. 
FJv* No but Ide gladly know if a man might not hauc a 
foolifh plot out ofmailtcr ^/iwrrrto workc vpon. 

Oiy. Worke thy plots vpon me , ftand a fide, worke thy 
fooliOi plots vpon me, chil fo vfe thec , thou weart neuer fo 
vfed fince thy dame bound thy hcad,worke vpon mcf 
* Le t h im come,let h i m come- 
. Zyrrha,zyrrha^fit were not vox fliame,chcc would a 

The London froJigtt. 

giuen thee zutch a whifter poope vnder the care, chee would 
a made thce a vanged an other *t my fcetc : ftand a fide let 
me Ioofe,ch.wii all of a vlamingfire- brand) Stand afide, 

JFAir. Well I forbcarc you For your friends fake. 

Olj . Avig for all my vrccns , doeft |hou tell e of my 


And maidcn,hcre in the fight of all your fhutcrs , ciiery man 
of worth , /le tell you whom / fained would prefcrre to-the 
hard bargine of your marriage bed : fliall / be plaine among 
you gentlemen* 

Tncnfyr,firfttoyou, /.doe confeife you a 
gallant knighr,a worthy fouldicr, and ah honed mantbutho- 
iteOie maintaines a french- hoodooes very itkfome in a chain 
of gold, kcepes a ffflall traine of leruants: hath fewe friendcs: 
and for this vvilde oates here , young flwcrcUlc , I will not 
iudgc, God can worke myracles, but hec were* better make 4 
hundred new, then thee a thrifty and an honed one. 

Wf. Beleeuc me he hath by t you there, he hath touched 
you to the quicke, that hath he* 

F/w. Woodcocke a my fide, why maider Wtttbtrctflg 
you know /am honeft,howfocuer triflks. 
JPV* Now by my troath, 1 knowe no othcrwifi, 
O your old mother was a dame indeed : 
Heauen hath her foule,andmywiues too /trull: 
A nd your good father,honed gentleman, 
He is gone a lourncy as 1 hcarc.far htltce. 

Ffn* I God be praifcd,he is far enough, 
He is gone a pylgrimagc to Paradice, . 
And left me to cut a caper againdcarc,. 
Luce looke on me that am as light as ay re. 

luct. Yfait/i I like not fhadowes, bubbles, broath, 
14iatea light a loue,as I hate death* 

Lauee t Gyrlt hold dice there: looke on this Dcucn-fiiyrr 

(lads' i rure,afidIouely,bothinpiirfandperfoB 


You know me w ttty^ine, tlu haue three-Ccor e ptckc a kv 
f;y,and bUdctm ha*yaad chiefe credit be fide, and y fortunes 
may, be To good as an others, zoe it may. 

,&*** Tisyu/loue,whatibeucr others fa> J 
>fr. Thanks fayrcft. 

. WhHwouldftttiou hauc me quarrell with him? 
Doc but lay he ihall hcarc from you 
x ,-' Hiyre fliutcr, 

He. enforce no loue, my daughter /hall haue liberty to choofc 
whom (he likes befr,in your lone (hute proceed : 
of you, hut oncly one mull fpccd. . 
You haue fed well} indeed right well. 

lArty. Miftreffc hceres one would fpeakc with 
fcl lo w D-J^i' h ath him in tke feUor already^ knowcs him, 
he met him at Cryifathyrc, 

L*ce. O/ remember a littk man, 

*s4rt).> la very little man, 

Lace. And yet a proper man. 
~ Jrtjt A rejy ^ropr,vcry little man, 

. TheitBirfyr. 

. Come Gotlemen,i r other /huten ccw^ 
My fooli/h daughter will be fitted too: 
But Defa my (aint^io man dare moue, 

Exit *t*itk*j*nn Flower dale **d Olvucr, 

. Harke you f> r,a word. 
. What ha |dyou to fay to me now? 
F/ov, Ye fhall hire rromme^nd that very fliortlv. 
0/V. Is that alJ.vare thee wcU } chce vei e tliee nor ,a vsg., 

. What if ftiould come more*/ am fairelydcciK 
F4/A. 1 doc not meane that you fliallmecte with him, 
But prefently vveele goe and draw a will: 
Where wcclc fct do wnc land, that we ncuer fawc, 



7/;* Lmdon frodgalt. 

' And we will hauc it of fa Urge a fumme, 
Syr L**ceht (hall incrcat you take his daughter: 
Tliis being formec^giue it mai{\ctW(4thtrcockf s 
And make Cyf,L**fthti ; . daughter htircof all: 
And make him fwearejneuctto (how the will 
To any onc,vntil that you be dead/ 
This done,thc foolifh changing Wttfarctckf) 
Willftraightdifcourfe vntofyr Lutcc^t, 
The forme and tenor of your Teftaroent, 
Nor (land to paiife of if, be iu'de by mce; 
What will in/hue,tljat lhall you, quickly fee, 

M*. Come lets about it : it tKat a will fweet-JT/^ 
Can get the wench, I (hall reuownc thy wit* 

D*f, Miftreflc (till rroward*} 
Np kind lookcs vnto your V0W*//,now by the Gods . 

* f t-f, . *r 

f Away you foolifh knauc ,let my hand 

rjf, There is your hand.bui this (hall goc with me. 4 

My heart is thine,tnis is my true loues fee. 

Luce, /le hauc your coate ftript ore your eares for thit; 

You fawcie rafcall. 

Ltnct. Hownewmaid,whatisthenewesv\ithyoi'# 

Luce. Your man is fomcthing fawcie. Exit L*f* 

Ltncc. Goe too fyrrha./le talke anon. 

<D*jf, Syrlamamantobetalkcdwithall, 
/ am no horfc I nro: 
/Know my fbength,then no more then fo. 

Tf>4. A by the matkinsjgood fyr L**cffa, I faw him the 
other day hold yp the bucklers,likc an Hercules, 
Ifaith <?od amarcielad, I likethee wcl', 

L<MK* A',like him well,go fyrrha fetch me a cup of wine, 
That ere 1 part with maifter Wtrtbtrcktfa 
We may diinke downc our fare well in French wine. 

We* t I thanke you (y^/thanke you friendly knight, 
Tie come and vifityou,by the mcufe-foot'/ will: 
.10 the mcane timcjtake heed of cutting /YoaWrf/Sr, 


London Trodigalt. 

He is a defperatc dyck /warrant you* 

L*ncf. He is, he isifiil D*ffMiM t fA\ me Come wine,ha,what 
wearef he on hs arm;* 
My daughter L*- bracelet, /fis the fame: 
Ha to you mauler Wt4thfrtocl{f t 

Pfca* /chanke you fy i : Here Z>ij^//,an1ioneft fellow and 
a t}il thou ait: well jilc;take nay leaue good knight,and hope to 
iikue you and all you* daughters at my poore houfe , in good 


Lutef, Thankcs maiftcr Wuubereockf> I fliall be bold to 
trouble you be Cure. 

? ^<w*,And wclcome,hartiiy farewcUl (xit VTrtthtrcotlte. 

l.**et. Syrrha /faw my daughters wrong, and withal her 
bracelet on your arm,off wkh it : and with it my liuery too, 
Haue I care to fee my daughter matched with men t f wor- 
flrip,aod are yoo growne fo-bolcUGoeryrrhafromm) houfcj 
or lie whip you hepce. 

fi /k nqt be whipped- fyr,t!icrcs your liuciy. 

This is a fcruiegrrrw* f ew<r>f rt,v\ hatc^re /, 
/bane taesnes totruft tor^/fcotnr i mice 7. 
lalufly knai'<-,Kut Ipii 

ught, what the) Jhouldknow. 

Art \>str And Luc*, 

E" L*ce* Syr,as/am-atnai^ydoe arTcct you aboue-any (nuter 
that 1 haue>altho that fouldiersfcarceknowes how to louc. 

ex/r /am a fouldicr,an J a gentlemjn f 
IQnowcs What belonges to ^ ar,what to a ladyj 
What man offends me,tliatmy fvvord (hall right: 
What woman loues rr.e,/am her fjithtuii kntght* 

;Lttc9+ , /neither doubt youi vallour^ nor your loue f but 
tliere be fbmc that bares a fouldjers-fomie.that fw cares by him 
they ncuer ihinke vpon^gocsfw^ggeriDg vpand downe ficofii 
houfe to hou(e,cr) ing God payes:and# . 

e^fir. Ifaith j^ady ilc difcry you fuch a mar^ 
Of them there be many which you haue fpolcc ofli . 


The -London 

Thatbcarcthenamcand fliapeoffouldicrs, 
Yet God know es very fddomefaw the wars 
That haunt your'Taucrns,and your crdinai;cs 
, Your alc-houferfomcfime$,tor all aiike 
To vpholdthe brutilh liumoar of theit.mindes, 
Being marked downe/or the bondmen ofdifparci 
Their qiirth begins in wine,butendes in blood, 
Their drinkcis cleare,but their conceits arc mud, 

L*cf, Yerthcfe arc great gentlemen fouidicrs, -i 

" Ar. No they arc wretched flaues,' 
Whofc defperatc liwes d.oth bring them timckfTe graues. 
Lw. Both ior your fejte.and for youi foime of hftj 
/f /may choofe,ilc be a fouldten wife, 

Ettfrjyr \.**cekt *naO fitter. 
O&< And t>t tt uft to it fo then* 
I.*HCC* AHiure your fclfit, 
Ybufliall be married witb all /peed we aj f 
One day (hall ferae for frtwc*! and for LMC> 

OH. Whyche woodvairic know tiietime|forproQidJg 
wedding ray mentr* 

L<txcf. Why no^ more bttt this > firO getvour a/h w r? ncc made, 
touching my daughters ioy nter,that diipatched, we wil in (wo 
dales make-prouilioric " . 

O/i, Why man chil haue the writings made by to morrow. 
. L*. To morrow be it then, lets meet at the kings head 

O/ii. No fie man no , lets meet at the R ofc at 7'mpfeJ*r 9 
That ^ ill be nearer your counfellor and mine* 

L**?f. At the Rofc,be it then the hower nine, 
He that comes laft, forfeits a pin.te of wjne. 
. - OA A pinte is no paymct,let it be a whoie<5narf,or nothing. 

nttr ATM tuiip, 

t], ^/ is a man would fpcake with maifter O* 
t hc comes from young maifter Flowerdtfa 
O6. Why chill fpcake with him,chill (peake with him. 
L*w. Nay fonne O/;rr,ile (hurely (ec, 
Wh at young Fh-*>erd*le hath fent to you. 
/.pray- God it be no quarrel!, 


O^. Why roan if he quarrell with roc , chill giuc him his 

f *tb. god fauc you good fyr Ltnctiot. . ('hands full. 

L*nc( t Welcome honed friend, . (Enter tiflimerdtlt. 

Tatb* To you and yours my maifter wifhcth health, 
But vnto you fyr this , and this he fcndes: : 
There is the length fyr of his rapier,. 
And in that paper (hall you know his mind, 

Ofy.- Here chill meet him my vreend.cmll meet him. . 

**rr. Meet h<m,youfhall not meet the Ruffinfye. 

Olj, And /doe not meecehirn, chill giueyoulcaiie to call 
UWV cu'jwhcrcift fyrrhaf where iflf wheiciflf 

F*tb. , 1 he letter fhowcs both the time and place, 
And if yon be a man, then kecpe your word. 

L**ze. Syr he (hal not keepe his word,hc nor meet. 

F*tb, Why let lumchoofc,hccle be thcbcttct kncwne 
For a bafe rafcull.and reputed fo, . 

Otj. Zyrrha ,z vrrhaiand tweare not an old fellow^and fent 
after an il giuc thee foroething^jut chod be no mo- 
nyibtrt hold met, for/fee thou artfoincwhat tefiornf holde 
th^eythcresvortiefhillings^ringtKymtirteraveeld.thilgiuc '* 

thce vortie tnore 9 looke thou bring him,chil mall him tell him, 
hill mar his dauncing tre(Tels,chil vfc him,he was ncrefo vfed 
fi nee his dam bound his head, chill make him for capering a - 
ny more chy vor ihte, - 

F*tb. Ion fceme a man, (lout and rcfolute, . 
And / will fo report v what ere befall* 

L Met. AnH fall out ill, afhurethy maiftcr this, 
/I e make him fly e the I tnd.or vie him wor fe. 

F*b. My maifter fv r,deferut$ not this of you, 
And that youle Hiortly findc . 

Ltxtr. Thy maifteris an vnthrifr, you aknaue, 
And tie attache yon fir ft,next clap him rp: 
Or haue him bound vnto his good bchauiour. . 

Ofy. /woodyouwercafpriteif youdohimanyharmefof - 
this: And you doe^hih nere fee you. not any of y ojjr s , while 
chill haoe eyes open / what doe you thmke, rhil be abatfclled 
yp and do wne the towne for a mefTcll.and a ( chy . 
bar you:zyrrhachil come, zav no mere/chil come tell him* 

Fktk. ;,Wdl4 

The Lwdon 

. Well fir, my Maifter deferues not this of you, . 
Atidthatyoulcftiortlyfinde. #*r 

O^.'No matter, he's an vn:hrift,Idcfiehinv 
Lane. Nojgentlc fonne,let me know the place 

Oty. Now chy voreyou. 

Line. Let me fee the note. 
O^.'Nay, chill Watch you for zucth a rrickr. 
But if the meet him zoe,if not, zoc: chill make him knowe 
jne s or chill know why 1 flial! not, chjll vare the worfe, 

L*nc. What will you then neglcft my daughters lout? 
Ventarejyour ftate and hers,foraloofe brav lc? ' 

O$s Why man,chill not kill himjmarry chill vczeliim too, 
and dgaine^ ^ndzoc God be with you vathcr. 
Whit mar ,Ve fliall met to morrow. Exit, 

Line. Who would a thought he had bin lo defperate* 
XUcmc forth my honcft feruant jfrttchafy. *tti* Artie. 

Am. Now, what'* the matt erf Tome brawlc toward, 1 war- 
Tantyou. . 

Z^HC. Goe get me thy fword bright fcowred, thy buckler 
mendcd,O for that knaue,that Vyllaine D*jfMwou\d hauc 
done good ferutce. But to thee. 

Art. I, this is the trickes of all you gentlemen, when you 
ftand in neede of a good fellow. O for that D*$.diil> O where 
is heflnit if yon be angry,nnd it bee tut for the wagging of a 
ftrawe,thenoutadooreswiththeknau, turne thecoate o 
uer his. cares. This is the humour of you all. 

Lane. O for that knaue, that lftie Dtffidt/t. 

Art. Why there tis now: our yeares wages and ourvailes 
Avillfcarce pay for broken fwords and bucklers that wee vfc 
moor cjtrarrels. But He hot fight if Dtffulxtbcc a tothcr fide, 
that s flat.- 

Lane. Tis no fuch matter man, get weapons ready^jndbec 
at London ere the brcakc of day : watch nccre the lodging 
of the Deuon-fhire Youth,but be vnf een: and as he goes outj 
as he will gee out,andthat vcrycarcly without doubt. 

Art .What would you haue me draw vpon him, 
A*h goes in the ftrccte? : 

L4nc t Not for a world man : into the fields . 

C 3 


Tftx London 

For to the field he goes,eherc to meet the defperat Phwer&b, 
Take thou th part of Otjtter my fonne, for he ftial be my fon, 
And marry L<w*:Docft vnderfland nae knaue? 

Arty. I fyrldoevnderftandyoujbutroy youn^minreffe 
might be better prouided in matching yith my fellowc D*f 

Lamer. No more j DtffsJiflis a knaue: (|?"^. 

That Difffiddlis a molt notorious knaue. (Exit, 

Maiftcr ivettkivcockf ,\*\\ come in happy time,Tht defperat 
ftovurdalt hath writ a challenge : And who thinkc you muft 
anfwereitfbut the Deuenfhyrc man,my fonne Oliver, 

We*. t . Mary 5 am fory for it good fyr \#*teloti 
3ut if you will be ruled by me^ccle ftay the fuiic, 

' L**ff. As how J praj t 

Marry ile tell you,by promiHngyong FiovrereUlt the 

lie rather follow her vnto her grauc. 
" Wen. - I fyr Lanceiit I would hauc thought fo too, but yoa 
and I hauc ben? dcccuicd in him,come read this will, or deed, 
er what you call it, / kovv notcCome, come* your fpeftaclcs 

(I pray. 

t**tt. Naylthanke Ged, 7 fee very well 
We*, Marry God blcfle your eyes.minehathbencdiHial- 
moft this ihirtic yeares, 
: I*MCf. HaWharisthisfwhatisthis? 
. fff** Nay there is true loue indeede, he gaue if to me but - 
this very morne,indbid me keepe it vnfecne from any one, 
good youth,to fee,how mi may be deceiued.^ 

\*nce. Paffionofrne , what a wretch am I to hate thrs 
lourng youth , he hath made me, together with my Luff hcc 
loucs fc deare,execu?ors of all his wealth* 
We* t All, all good man,he hath giucn you all. 
\.*nce. Three ihips now in the (lraits,& homeward bound, 
TwoLord&ips of two hnndrtdpoundayeare: 
TKc one in !Krfr/,thc oiher in G//fcMhvre: 
Pcbts and accounts^ are thiiiic thouiand poun^ 


j I5.thoufand more, 
Two houfcn furnifneci we-Il in,(.oie man ttrcet: 
Betide whatfoeuer his Yncldc ''leaucs to him, 

of great demeanes aid weakh at P'ec^m^ . 
. Hpw like you this good knightfhow like you this ? 
ce^ /haue done him wrong , but now ile make amends, 
The Dcuen-fhyrc man fliall whittle for a wife, 
\\ e warrie ]><*, Lw fliall be FhvterdiM* . 

Wea, Why that is friendly faid, lcts.ridetoL^andpre- 
uent tlieir niatch,by promifing. your daughterio that louety 


ia*cr. Wedc ride to "London^ it /hall notneed, 
Weelc crofli to DeAfirt-ftwtJ, and t ike a boat: 
Where be thcfe knaues? what Articho*k*> what /ty ? 

\ *s4rty> Hecrebelhc very knaucs,butnot the merry knaues. 
\ La*cf. Herelakcmycloakc., ilc haue awalkc toD^/or^. 
Any, 5yr wee haue bin fcouring of pur fwoi ds and buck* 
lers tor your defence* 

"L*ncf. Defence me ho defence , let y orr fwordes rufl, ile 
haue no fighting: 1 9 \& bio we z*QM>bid*De&* fee all thinfi^ be 
in readinefle againft the wedding , weele haue two a&ce, 
and-that will faue charges roailki Wc*th*rc9ckf* - 
Artj. Well w e will doe it fy r. 

Exit Qwmet* 
Enter Ci#etiFr*Mckf t *ntlDc&4. 

Cut* By my truth this is good lucke t I thankc God for this) 
In good (ooth /haue cucn my harts defirc: filter />r*,now I 
may boldly call you fo, f>r your father hath franck anofrecly 
giucn me his daughter Frwckf. 

" Fran* /by my troth Tout; tl)ou haft my good will to0,fbr 
/thanke God /longed for a husband,and would /might nc- 
ucr ftir,foronc his name was 7i* 

De&t. Why fitter now ^ou haue your wifh. 

.w. You fay^ery true fitter Dtfa , and I prethee call me 
nothing but 70i;ancl ile call thec fweethcart,and/>vif^! will 
it -not doc vy ell filler Drttai 

7fo London ProcKgall, 

7c will doc very well with both of you. (cdf 

f . But 7**w,mufl I goe as I doc now when I am marri. 

Cv/ No Frvvkt, ilc haue chee goe like a Citizen 
/n a garded gownc, and a French- hood. 

Fr** t By my troth that wil 1 be exc'ellcnt indeed* 

DrAr rother,maintomc your wire to. your effate, 
Apparell you your fclfc like to your father: 
And let her goe like to your ancient mother, 
He fparine got his wcalrhjett it to you , 
brother take heed of pride/omc bids thrift adur, 

fa. So-as my rawer and my mother wcnt,tl' ats a ieft 
indeed,why (he went in a fringed gowne, a fingle ru^fe,and& 
white cap* 

And m y father in a mocado coat, a paire of red fatten flceucs, 
andacanuis backe. 

T^/w. And yet his wealth was all as much as yours. 
Cm. My eflare,rny eftate / thank God is fortie pound ay ert, 
in good leafes and tenements, befides twenty marke a y e are 
at cuckoldcs- ha ucn,an d that comes to YS all by inheritance. 

Debt, That may indeed, tis very fitly plyeo, 
I know not how it coir.esbutfo it falles our 
That thofe w hofe fathers haue died wonderou$rich, 
. And tooke no pleafure but to gather wealth, 
Thinking of little that they leaue behind: 
For them they hope, will bcof their like minde, 
But falles out contrary ,forty yeares fparing 
/s fcarce three feuen yeares fpendinz, neucr caring 
What will irUhue,when all their coyne is gone, 
And all too late, then thrift is thought vpon: 
Oft haue /heard, that pride and ryot kift, 
And then repentance crvesfor had /wift. 

Ci*. You fay well fifter Debt, youTay well t but I meane 
Co liue within my boundcs :forlooke you, I haue fctdowne 
my reft thus farre, but to;imintaine my wife in her french- 
hoocl,and her coacb, keepe a couple of geldings, and a brace 
ofiray hounds.and this is all ilc doc 
Difa* And youle do this with fortie pound t ycaYtff 
Cm. /, und & better p cnny filter* 

Fr*t>, S'Aet 

r ^ v ' 

flww. Sifter yon forget that arcouckolds-hauea. 
Cm. By my troath well rcmembrcd Fr*nckf t 
lie giuc thce that to btry thec pfoncs. 

Z>*A*. Kccpe you the reft for points,alas the day, 
fooles jhall haite wealth,tho all the world fay nay? 
. Come brother will you in,dmncr ftaies for vs, 
Cm, /good fitter with all my heart. 

fr**. JbyiytroaihTw;for/haucaoo 
Car. And j the like fweet Fnutkf^no fiftct 
J>oe not thinlce ilegoe beyond my boundes. 
ant you may nor. 


FAw. Jyrrha Kff, tarric thou thcrtj hauc fpicd Cyr L*tu*. 
/^l^nd old fffttbt rac^e commmg this way , they arc ha rd at 
hand J will by no raeanes be fpokcn withalC 
, Futb. /tewarrantyotij^oegety^uin. 

Jirrtsr i.*9c*/9t 4*<l'frf4tbtr**ffa 
l^o w my htoncft friend, thou doeft belong tomai. 
/doefyr. , 0kr AMwnliAV 

e. Is he within my good fcHcwvf 
. No fyr be is not within. 

J 4. /prcthceifhebcwithinjletmefpealcewithhmt, 
F4/^ S JT to tell you tnie,my mairtcr is within,But indeed 
would not be fpokc withalhtherc be (ome tearmes that (lands 
vpon his reputation , therefore he will not admit any confe 
rence till he hath flipofec them of 

. -LMtf. Iprethec te him his verle good fncndfyrLw- 
jot Spttr'cockf, intreatcs to fpeake with him, - 

Fifth. By my troath fy r,if you come to take vp the matter 
betwecncmy maifter and thebeuen-fliyne man, you doc, but 
beguile your hopes,* ndloofc your laboor, 

!>, Moncft-friend, f nac 'net any fuch thfh 
/<om*tdfpeak wfrh him about other n;iamr?. 
F*tb. Formymaiftcrfyr'hathfetdownhisrcfolutioh, 
Either to redeemc his honour, or leaue&Ts life behind him, 
-y friend / doc not know any quarrel!, touc 
D ' 

7Se ton Jon ^Prodigal!. 

maiftcf or any other jperfen.ray bufineflci Jof a different 
future to him.ahd /prcthce fo tdl him. 

/4f6. For howfocucr the Dcuenfliireman is, my maiftcrs 
Mind is bloody; thats a round O, 
And therefore fyr,inrreatic is but vaincl 

/liaurno fuch thing to him,ltdlchee once agame.' 
. /will then To Gi^nific to him* (xit Ftthtr. 

t . Afyrrha,/fec this m.itter is hotly carried, 
Butilclabourtodilfwadchimfrimit, (Eutvr FhnenUle, 
Good morrow rmifter f biter 4*ie. 

Fkvf, C7oodmoirovv good Cyr L<wf/A/ y joodmorrowc 
maiiier WtMbtrcockf* 

By ny troa th gentkmen, 1 hauc benc a reading ouer 
Nick^MttchtiuM, i find him 
Good to be kno w n.not Co be followed : 
A peflijent humane fellow,! hauc made 
Certaine anatatiom of him fiich as they bei : '. : 

And how ift fyr fftt/tf?hahow iflf r 
A mad world, men cannot Ihte quiet m tr, (iarre 

L*ff t Mnifter FlwtnUle, I ddc vnderfland there is feme 
B*.lweenc,the Dcucn.thyrc man and you. . 

i They fyifihcy.arc good friends as can b. 
. Who ma i ft cr Oliucr and /?as ^ood friends 5$ can br, 
. If is a kind of ife(ie in yo<i to denie ir,.md a generous 
Silcnc<,whicJtoofcw ar iodtitd withall: ^nt fyr,fticb 
A thing /hcarc,and /-could wi(h it other witr . 

/V<?. No fuch thing fyr Ltattlot, a my reputation > 
As7 am an honed man. . 

L<f^r, Now i.-doebeleicyo4i the,ifyou doe . 
Inga^c your rtputAtioii there is sione, , 

FUw. Nay /doe notingagcitiy reputation there is nol,~ 
y CHI ibal] not bind Jtic to any condition of hardndle: . 
But if there be any thing betweenc-vJythetfer< is,- . 
Ifihcre be not,tlien thwcis not:bcoi bc-not,alj is onr* . 

L4*rr. /doe perceiueby this,, tnatth<risfomethtflgb<t 
t.v^enc you.ancl /am vcr^'ioriefork. 

FJa*., You nuv be deceiued fyr^wfrtW, (lie 
Hath apicticfayin^^fr/?^/ hauc forgot Utco y> 
T. out. of my hcad,but inmy tranflatioa 

it* London 

, /ft hold thus, thou haft a friend, keeps him, ( If* ro,tP Wra, 

L*ct t Come, fdoc fee by this there is Comcwhat betweene 

And before God /could wi!h it other wife. you, 

Fkw. Well what is betweene v$,can hardly be altered; 
Syr L**c<bt t /Am to ride forth to morrow, 
That way which I muft man mufVacnic 
Me the Sunned/would not by any particular man, 
Be denied common and generall paffage./f any one 
Saith JY*iwr4Wr,thoii palled not this way: 
My anfwcre is,/ mutt cither on or returne, 
But retucne is not my wordy/ muft on: 
/f /cannot, then mike my way,natnre 
Hath cionc the hi I for me.and thers the fine* 

Lf' Maifter FJmer&tkfucry man hath one tongue, 
And twoeares,nature in her building, 
Is * mod airious wcrke-maiftcr. 

ftow. That is as much to lay, a man Ihould hcarc more 
Then he fhoold fpcake. 

L**C'' You fay true, and indeed I haue heard more, 
Then at this time /will fpcakc* 

flew. You fay well, 

\.**ce. Slanders are more common then troathci maiflcr 
But proof c is the r ulc for both. {fbjterd*!ci 

Ftcvr, You fay trueywhat doe you call him 
Hath it there in hit third canton/ v 

I *ncf* 1 haue heard you haue bin wi'd^auc belecued it. 

Wnr. Twasfif,twasncccilarie, 

1<*ct, But I haue feme fomewhat of late in you, 
That hath confirmed in me an opinion pf 
GoodneiTe toward you. 

Fhir. Yfaith fy r, lam Hiure /neuer did you hnrrr.c.* 
Some good I haue done, either to you or yours, 
1 am fhu r e you know not, neither if it my will you fliouid, 

L**(t. I your will ty r, 

JFVojiv/my will fyr;sfodtdoeyou know ought ofmy will? 
fiegod andyou doe-fyr, I am abufed, 

jL/inct. Goe maiQcr F /0vr<&/<r,what / k no vv ,1 know; 
And know you thus much out ofmy knowledge, 
* "nil/ lout youjror my slaughter, 
D 4 

S1W yours. And if you Jjkc a fnarriagc beuer , 
. .\ Thcna brawle, all quirks ofrepu ration fct ande,oewuhme 
prefcntly : And where you fhotild fight a Uoodiebatilc, you 
flull be married to a iouely L tdic 
flow. Nay but fyr L*ctbt?' 

Lanct. /fyou will not imb race my oflfcr.ycufhure your feif 
thi;s much, /will hiue order to binder your incountcr* 
, /"/ow. Nay bnthearcmcfyr Z><-r/*r. 

Z,4f /. Nay ftand not you vpon imputatiuc ho^our^ 
Tis mcercly vnfovnd.vfiprofitablc,an<f idle: , * 

Inferences your bufmcs i to weddt my daughter , therefore 
giuc me your prefent wordto doe it , ilc goe and prouidc the 
maid, therefore giuc mcc your prcfcnt rcjfoluuoii,cither now 

(or Jitu^cr^ 

//ir. Will you fo pu t me too it^ 

Lmft t 7aforc(7od,cHlicrtakemenow, ortakcroc neuer, 
fife what /thooght H.ould be ouimatch,ilial be our parting, 
Jo fare you well rbr euer. 

F/ov. Stay.-rall out, what may fall^my loue 
Is aboueall:! will come. 
Lince. /cxpe<^you,and fo fur e you we!'. 

(Exit fyr LtHgfbt.. 

F*tb. Now fy r, how fhall we doc far wedding apparcU* 
flovr. BythcmaIlechttme:nowhelpeJiryf, 
The marriage cnded,wccle make amcndes for all* 

fdflfr. Well no more ^ep'are you for )-our bride, 
We will not want for cloather, what fo ere betide. 

F/orv. And thoa Oi alt fee, when once I hauc my dower, 
In mirth weele fpend, 
Full many a merry bower:' \ 

Asforih$wendi,/not regard a p.m, 
h is her gcU mu(1 bring; my pleafines in 

F*tb. Ji\ poffiUe.he hath his fecond Ji uing, 
.Rut that /knew his mother firme and cliaft, 
My heart would fay,roy bed Ilie had di/grafh 
Elfr would /fvveare,he neuer was my fonnr, . 
9jt her fairc miod/o fowlc a deed did &un . 


, : . , r" .' 

oe you Sn^your fonncl 

- Euen growiiinaiOr in the fchoobbf vice, 
> One that doth Aothing,but imtem tfefceit: 

m t4.~l.~s J^.v.'l^^. (. .. _^_v..ij ii* 


HOW he rlw next day iWightdeceitiehis /?fend, 
He tWrtkes ofnothine but,thcprefcnt time: 
Bor *e groat readiedoiwn,hcelcpa)' a fliillmg.- 
But *Mhe1efKkrhM>ft teedes ffay for JT; 
Whcnlf Wis yont7j5kt4ii^theYt6p* of youffr, ( 
^oth wiW,and w^ntdri^ireldre anddefpcrntei 
^Tat fuch mad flraincs^as bet's poilcft withall, 
/thought it wonder for 6 tj&hle Vjpon. 

Brother, to. morrow hec's tofcr inaWe/f 
TO beatfriotjs Z#tv,fyr Ltxctwt Sptrrtckf daughter 
"-L Iftposfiblef 

. ciicim 

TFanv thing vvill tame him.-f 

fo^ he is ranck in mifchicfc,chaincd to a Kfe, 
That wihincrciifeliis flianie,alidkiil his wife. 

r*ckt What, arrcft him o his wedding day? 
That were vochriftiafi^andan Ytihtimaliep*tc{ 
How many couple euen for tftatvciy day, "f , ' 
Hath punthafl f. yearesforrow aftei^vard> 
.rtWueaT^enimthcn to oay^dpe if to morrow * 
And thistdirf mirtgfc hot his toy v jth forrow)' ' 

: &*tln 'Brother ftehaacfr dotit- this rcry rfay, 
s . Ahd-in the vievreof all,ashe comes fro|ti Church: 
Oot biit OFbfertri'thecdbf^ethat hewifl fate 
Vport my hfc he willforfwtar^the debt: 
Antlfor weelchtuetflefomme fhaH not be fliehf, 
Say that he owes yon rie--tthreethoufand pound- 
Good feroHe*letl>^dofle' immediately, ji ' s r --* 

ijj 3 

Brother ilc doot,and flfaite prouide the Sheritfe 
. F*tk. So brotherly this meanes fl tf U we percciur 
What tyr Lt*ccltt ia this pinch w ill dp: 
And how his wife dojfi (land affecled too hira, 
Her loue will then be tricd.o(h vtteirnoft: 
And all the reft of ihcn; s lkothcr what /wjll doc, 
Shall hatme him much,andmurh auaile him too. 

*ty. Cham afhured thick be the place, that the fcoundrcN 
Appointed to meet mc^tfa come zo:if a come not,zc* 
And che war rfiould maks pcoyftrcJI an v$, 
Ched vefc him,and chc van* him in hand.che would 
Hoy ft him^nd giue it him too and againc,zo chud: 
Who bin a there fyr Ank*r,Q\\\\ (Uie afide. 

v4r> I have dogcith^Dcuea-ilaype man into tbcficM, 
For fcarc of any hajinc that Hiowld befall h>!W 
Ihad nnincklingofthitycflcrnigiit, 
That TfyjHrtUU and he H^ould meet this morning: 
Tho of my foule, fixer fearcs him not, . 
Yet for idc fee faire play on either fi Je, 
Made me to come, to fee their raloiu tiride. 
Cod aibrrow to matdcr C^u^, 
i O/i. God an good morrow* 

Air. What maifter Ofour arcyou angr>l 

OR. Why an it tety t and grcccn you/ 

Ar< Not me at all lyi, byUiraagwe 
By your berno; here thwajmccJ, 
You ftay for fowc that youi^ou W 6ghtw4thalJ f 

OR. Why and he douche would not dczire you tQ take his 

Ar. No by iuy troathj ihinke you need it not,, (t>art. 
for heyoiilopke fpr/thMjcoicanflsnp^o so/ne, (place. 

OH. No-acchcwaraniurc a tlwt,cKe4avc/chiim a noiher 

D*f. O fyr ,*tW,maifter Q&nr *y< 
Your louc,and yours,and minc,fwcct mi 
raorjK is married tqyoung. Ffanri. 
Married to Fh*nri*Al tw io)po*fiWc 

To make an tolowten rocryment of ir, /* 
t O tis too true. Here comes his Vncfe* 

Vticb, GodrBorr&w fir exfr.ifow.good marrow M. 

Of). God and good mom* M. ^lowtrdtle*! pray you tdlen 
/$ you r fcoundrell kinfman married? (vs, 

Artb. M. O/ivr, cll him what you will s Uut hce is raavytd 
To fir L*t*c<i9tt daughter here. 

V*clf, Sir ax^fww^yrito heif ' 

Otj. /, ha th^olde^How zarued me mkktrkkc/ 
Why mardftcjwas a p^omife, chil c4wd a had her, 
/s ^s zilcrajrokc, chill looke to his water the vbr Him* 

VntA Ri^ muiickf pbyc^/thty are cotmran^ from the 

Shs-rjflPc doc ybirtf Offifce: fellowft ftand ftbtitlytob it. 

Enter *ttio the 1VeMt*9. 

0\j. (^W zaid Ptouerte is , aftd ' 
((bme zorr6w among, i oo miet WwtH/dki you hoc3 

L<w Nay be not an gry fir,thfe fatilt H in roe, - 
7hauc done ail the wrong, kept rum from <omming to die ' 
field to you, as f might fi^ for 7 am a /Mcc, and -fworne 

5j ywMtiuft&ot diftiirbe<Jrfc weddings 

ic, - 

Be haue an ordef taken for)"o^ f - 
Off. Wei!, Well, chill bcquiet. 

L**c*. M FK*eiMe\ vyeltbrne^with ^all my heart. - -Air'-' 
FSo. Vhdc,rhi5i$ Oicyfeuh.'MaiftW'Vnder-fliebne 

dftw^ ; : A 

B . V/lroT 

iv II: .. ^i ^ ^' _J. ^i. ' A x 

V*c. This is the matter founts' vn(hnft hctt*- 
^ ath cezenedy ou , and hath had of \e, 
/n^aierallfummcs rhreethoiifarid ound. 

j we LJUwurn-T 


A couioncvnlal> that know -you, 

ZttS. Why fyr,fuppofchcbctoyouiodcbt 
Ten iHoufand poundjhji ftatcto me appear c, 
Tobta'leaft tnrec ihoufaodby tbcycare- 

Vi*k* ;O fy r>/vvt|f!toolafje joined cithaJLpfet, ., 
How that he went about to coufcn your 
Andformdc a will t and fcut itto your good 
Friend there sxvuntrM*M/^ri'AK^r l iawliich woi 
Nothing tnie, .buttfa^sai^Jyes, 

Ltnce. Ha^wt^hcpoifucbLord/hip^bnd 

Noc wortb a groat,not worth a hidfcpc; 
, 1 pray tell v$ true,be plaint young f A 

Tbv. My viKklcjhcre mad, anddifpofcdco do3ic*VTrong, 
feuc hccr's my man,an honcIVfcUaw 
By tfccIord,aiKiofgoodcrcdif ? lcowelalli5true. j m 

F*/ A. Not / fyj/am too yJ d to lye, /ratjicr-knp w 
You for^dc a wi^wlirre eii/y line you wrif, 
You (luctcci whcrr Co co ate yovr l^ndcs might lye. 

J^ir4. And I prcthcc,whcr<r be thy hop eit friends? 

Path. Y faith no where fyr,for he hath none at all, 

/am co ufcnd v ind my hopcfulU child 
Ybu ire not coufcnd,npr is flte Yndoiv, 
They fliundcrmc,by this light, they Oaodertne:, 
Looke you,my vr.cklehcres an v^u^rr^nd would vndof me, 
Btttalr.ftii*d : in bw^doyou bu^aiJ^ nac,vo^ QwU ^o no roorct 
You brother C/?/,and maiftcr t^fMbtrctc^f, doc but 
Baile me.3Tid lerme Iiaut my marriage mony 
PaidTtejand weclctid^ do^-nc-jaiid 1 1 ,rrc your owpe 
Eyes Hull fee, how my pooretcnanfs there vsil welcome me* 
You /hall butbaile rde,you fhall doe no wore; .. - ,- 



No fy r you Qpall not take my bjulo,ooi hi, 
Nor my fonne CV*rf/,iIe not be cheated J* 
f fuccue take voux pdfoncrjilc not fickle wich hiou 'i'. 


Let's Vncle make falfe dice with his f alfe bones, 
/will nothaue to doe with him: mocked, guld, & wr ong<3. 
Come Girle, though it be late it falls out well, 
Thou (halt not Hue with him in beggers hell. 
Luc. He is my husband,& hie heauen doth know, 

With what vnvvillingncfTc I went to Church, 
\ But >;ou jnforced mc,you compelled *ne too jt : 

Thc'holy Churth-man pronounced thefe words but now, 
, I mud n#t leaue my husband in ch'ftre (1 c : 

Now I muft comfort him,not goc with you. 
Li#.*fhu day you caufed me on your curfe to take him: 
Doe not /pray my greiued fbule oppreflc, 
G<*i kno wcs my heart doth bleed at his di ft rcffc. (match, 
L**c.O M t rrt*tbfrcch /muft confefle I forced her to this 
Led with opinion hii falfc will was tree. 
Wca. A, he hath oucr. reached nsetoo, | { (late, 

~Lattc.S\\t might haueliucd like t D*ii*, in a happic Virgins 
*Z>e&i. Father be patient, forrow <W too late. 
"L*nc<< And on-her knees flicbgd did entreat^ 
If (he muft needes taftc a fad marriage life, 
She crautd to be fir exftahvr Grtt*^keittt wife, 
^r.You haue done her & me the greater wrong. 
HMte^O take her yet. Arthur. Not I. 

LwvOr,M. (?/S^r,cxccp t my child, and halfc my wcatth 
is yours* Oty, No fir,chil breakc no Lawes. 

\jue .Ncuer feare, (he will not trouble you. 
Df&*. Yet fitter in this paffion doenot runnc headlong to 
confufion. YOU may affecl hinyhough not follow him* 
Franl^ Doe fifter, nang him, let him goe. 
We* Doe faith MiftrcfTc Lw^leauehmi. 
Lc. You are three grofTc foolcs,lct me alone, 
/ fweare ile line with him in all mone. 

Ofi But an he haue his Icgges at libertie, ' 
Chamaverd hee will ncucr line with you* 


tXr/.7buthecisnowin huckftcr* handling for 
L**r.Huswifc,you hearchowyou and Ism 
And if you will redreflc it yet you may ; 
But if you ftand on tearmcs to follow him 
Ncuer come necremy fight nor lookc on me, 
Cal 1 me ncu father, iookc not for a groat, 
for all thy portion /wil this day iuc 
Vmothy'fyftcr Frances,. 

Frm. How fay you to that TVw/ fa*\\ h auc a good deal* 
^fidcs lie bea good wifcrand a good wife 
/sagood(hing,/ran tell. 

. Peace><I wopld beforry to fee thy fifte* 
Call away, as I am a Gentleman* 
Ltfftft. What, are you yet afolued? 
-*. Yei, /am refolued^ 
L^w.Comc then away,orn6w,orneucT come. 
jrc. This way /turnc, goeyou vnto yourfcafL 
^ wccpe.thatam with grief copprefr. 

LtMe ^l cuer flic V y fight : come gentlemen 
.cts in, lie hclpcyou to far better wiu then her. 
\Dtfi* vponmy bltffino talkc not too her, 
Bacc Baggage ,in fuch haft to beggery ? 
Vw. Shenffc take your prifoncr to your charge. 
//. Vncle,be.god you hauc vfd me very hardly! 
y my troth, vpon my wedding day. 


*t.O - 

Stay but a lictlc whJc good M. Sheriffe 
If not for him, for my faJce pittic him; 
Good fyr ftop not your eares at my complaint, 
My Yoyce grpwes weake,for womens words arefaiat, 


Tlx London 

y*?.Faire maid/or you, /lout you with my heart, 
And grcenc fwcet (bule thy fortune is fp bad, 
Thatthou fho'uldft match with fuch a. gracelefle 
Go to thy father, thinkeiioty penning (Youth, 
Whom hell hath marked tobethefonne of (hame. 

L^.Impute his wildneflcfyr, vnto his youth, 
And thinke that now is the time he doth repent* 
Alas, what goocl or gayne can you receiue, 
TO imprifon him that nothing hath to pay? 
" And where nought is,the king doth lofc his cflic, 

pittie him as God fliali pittie you, 

Vnc. adie, I know his humours all too well, 
And nothing in the world can doe him good, 
.'_- But miferieKfetfc to chainc hint with, * 

'-.. Ziw.Say that your debt s were paid, then is he free? 

V*c, I virgin, that being anfwered/hauc done, 
But to him that is all as impofsible, 
As. /to fcale the hyePiraraydics. 
hcriir*c take your prifoner, Maiden farelhec well. 

L*c,0 goe not yet, good ^\.f toverekte : 
fake my word for the debt,my word,my bond. 

Flovr.l by God f W<r, and ray bond too* 

Luc. Alas, / n ere ought nothing but / paid it, 
And ! can wor ke, alas he can doe nothing : , 
/hauefome friends perhaps will pittie me, 
His chiefdt friends doe fccke his miferie* 
All that I can, or beg t get, or recci ue, 
Shall be for you: O doc not turnc away. 
Me tfiinkes within a face foreuercnt, * 
So well experienced in this tottering world, 
^hoiild hauc fame feeling of a maidens griefe: 
For my fa(ce,"his jithcrs,and your brothers fake, 

1 for your foules fake that doth hope for ioy, 
Pittie my ftate: do not two foules deftroy, 

Vnc . Faire maid Ibnd vp,not in rcgaid of him^ 
*utiri pittie of tliy hapleflc cho^c,. 

E 2 /doc 

Tttt London ProJigafc 

Tdbe releaftrriim, M. SherifFc T thankeyou: 

And officers there is for you todrinke. 

Here maide take thismonie.thercis a ioo,Angel*y 

And forl will be Cure he fhall not haue it, 

Here Kcfttr take i t y ou , and vfc it fparingly, f 

But let not her hauc any want at all. 

Dry your eyes Ncece, doc not too much lament 

For him,whofe life hath bcene in royot fpen 

Jf well he vfeth cheese gets him friends, 

If illjh (hamefull end on hi depends. 

Exit r*clt, 

fir*. A plague goe with you for an old fornicator* 
Come Kjt the moaic,come honeft Kjt. 

F*th. Nay by my faith fir, you (hail pardon me, 
Tfa*; Andiwhy fir pardon you? giuc me the mony 
Ton old Rafcall,of / fhall make you. 

Ltx t Pray hold your hands, giuc it him honcft friend; 

F4th. /(you be Co content, with all my heart. 
FAjr.Cotitcnt fyr, sbfaod rtiee fhail be content 
Whether fke vy ill or no, A rattle baby cow e to follow me r 
Goe get you gone to the greaficchufreyoyr father, 
Bring rne your dowrie, or newer looke oh me 

F*tb.S\r (he hath forfookc her rather } aod all her friends for 

Pftt Hang thee,lici' rrifaJs and father altogether, 

F*tb, Yet parr with fotnething to prouioV hej lodging, 

FA* Yes, /mcane to part with her and yoti^utif Ipart with 
one Angel, hang me at a pofte. He rather throwe them at a. 
cafrat Dice, as /haue donea thoufand of their feilowcs. 

Ftth* Nay then / will beplaine degenerate bor, 
Thou hadU'a Father wvild Kaucbecnea fhamci 

Flow. My father was an A(Tt,an old Affe. . 

F*th t Tny fatherJproud l)-cendous villaine: 
What are you at your foyks,ile foylt-with jx>ti. 
, Good fir forbear* him 

;. Did not this whining woman hang on me, 
Idc teach thec what it was Jp^abufc thy father: 
Goc hangjbcg^aruffdicejgamejthat when all gone 
Thou maifl after difpaire and hang thy fclfe. 

L Htt, O doe not curfc him. 

F*tb. /docnot curfc him,and to pray for him were vaine r 
/t greeues UK thai he beares his father name, 

fta* Well you old rafcall.I /hall meet with you, 
Syrrha get you gone,! will not ftrip theliucry 
Oucr your care$,becaufc you paid for it: (not , 

But do not vfe my name/yrrha doe you heart* loolce YOU doe 
Yfe my name^you were bcft. 

Fatb, Pay me the twenrie pound then, that l-Jent you, 
Or giue me fecuritic,when *may haue rt. none, 

PAir.Hc pay theenot a penny,and for fccuritie.ile giuc tnee 
Minckins looke you doe not follow me,looke you doe not: 
If you ddc begger,! fliall flit your nofe. 

Luce. Alas what fiiallidocf 

fkw* Why turne whore, thats a good trade, 
And fo perhaps ilc fee thee now and then. 

Zxit F/nvrii**. 

L*cf* Alas the day that euer iwas borne. 

F*tb. S wcctc miftrefle doc not weepc,tie ftickc to you. 

Lttcet Alas my fricnd,/know not what to do, 
&9fy father and my friends, they haue dcfpifcd me: 
And I a wretched maid, thus caft away, 
Knowcs neither where to goe,nor what to fay. 

F*tb, it grieues me at the foalc, to fee her tearcs 
Thus ftainc the crimfon rofet of her chcckes: 
Lady take comfort,doe not mournc in vaine, 
JKauca little liuing in this towne, 
The which r thinkc comes to a hundred pound. 
All that and more /hajlbc at your difpoie, 
Ilc ftrake goehdpeyota to fome ftrange difgaife, 
And place you in aftrnicc in this towne : 

Tlx London ProdigoU. 

Where you dial know all,vetyour felfe vnknowne: 
Come greeue no rnorc,where no hclpe can be had, 
Weepe not for him,that is more worfc then bad. 
\jtce, / thanke you fyr. 

inter fyr Lancelot fntiftcrVYtrtberceckc tneitkem. 

0/i. Well,cha a bin zerued many a fluttiuS trickr, 
But fucb a Icrripoopc as thick ych was nere a farucd. 

L4f*tr Son CV*<rf, daughter /V4*crs,beare with me- 
You fed how /am prcffed downe with inward gricfe, 
About that luckiefie gy rlc,y our fifter Luce: 
But u ; fallen out with mc,as with many families bcfide, 
They are mod vnhappie,tbatare nou beloutd. 

Cut. Father tis fo,tis euen fallen out fa, 
But what reinedicyfct hand to your heart,and let it paffe: 
Here is your daughter t'rtncet and I,and wecle not fay, 
Wecle bring forth as wittie children, but as prcttic 
Children as euer flic wasuhofhchad thcpnckc 
Andpraife for aprcttie wench : 5utfathcr,donci$ 
The inonfe, youlc comrt 

Ltnce. I fonne Cttut, ile come, t 

Cm. AndyoumaifterOAw/rf 

Ob. I t for che a vext out this rea(t,chillfcc if agan 
Make a better veaft there 

Co*, And you fyr Arthur? 
Ar. /fy r,although my heart be fufl, 
Tie be a partner at your wedding fcaft, 

CM. And welcome all irideed,and wekoirif, come Franckf 

(arc you readied 

Frfc /ediue how haftiethcfe husbands are, /pray father^ 
Pray to God to blelTe (Mi. 

L*nce. Godblcilcthcc^nd /doc:God make thec wife, 
Send you both ioy,/ y*:fh it with wet eyes. 

. But 

But Father,fLall not my fitter Deli* gofc along With 1 
is excellent good at cookery and fuch things, (vs? 

L<**cc> Yesmary /Lall flic:Z>*/fcr,malce you ready. 

DfA. I am ready fyr,/ will firft goc to Gftene^yntch l 
From thence to my coufcn Chcjlcrfeeklr % mA fo to London. 

Cn It ftiall fuffice good fiffcr (hall fuffice, 
Z?ut faile vs not good fifter.giuc order to c0oke$,and others, 
For /would not hauc nay fwcct francke 
To (by le Her fingers. 

Fra. Nobymytroathnot ^a^cntievvomatjjundamarricii 
Gende woman too,to be companions to cookes 8 
And kitchin-boy cs,not /) fai th: / fcor ne tha u 

Cm, Why 1 doe not meane thou (Lai t fwectc heart, 
THou feefl I doc not goe about it: well farewell too: (toor 
Y ou,Gods pitty MiWctthtrctcketWt Hial haue your copany 

Wea. Withali my heart, for I lone good cheare r 

Cut Wcll,God be widi you all,come Fr*ncke t 

Fr4. God be w ith you father, (?od be with you fyr Arthur ^ 
MaHler Qh*er t and mauler Wmtkercockf, fiftcr, God be with 
you allrC/od be with you father, God be with you cucrv one. 

We** Why how now fyr Ank*r\ all a mort maifter Olate r t 


Cheerely fyr L^wr^and merily fay, , 
"Who can hold that will away. 

L**cf. //hce is gone indeed, poore girle vndonc, 
ut when they le be fclfewilicd^nildren mutt (mart* 

Ar. But fyr,that fLe is wronged,you are the chiticft caufe, 
Therefore tis reafon^ou re^reUe her wrong. 

Wen. Indeed you mutt f) r L**cekt, you muff. 

Lcf. Okuflfwho can compcll incaaifter yfrttbtrcecki 
I hope Imay doe what I lift. 

YVe** I grant you may ,you may efbe what you lift. 

O&. Nay,but and you be well cuifen^t were not good 
5ythkvrampolhciTe^widvrowardhc(Ie,tocaftaway ' 
As pretty ado w fob cll,as an cboild chance to fee 


-.'... - - ^- 

1 be London 

In a Sommers day ,chil tell you what chall doc, 

Chil goc fpy c vp and downe the townc,and fee if I 

Can hearc any tale or dy dings of her, 

And take her away from thick a me flcl I, vor cham 

Afliurcd,hecle but bring her to the fpoile, 

And fo var you well. we [hall mcctcat your fonnc 

Lw / thanke you fyr, / take it very kindly. 

Artj i To find her ouiilc fpcnd my dearcft blood. 

Exit fatb. 
So well I loued her,t aflfecl her good. 

L*ce. O maifter 1Te*tlttrc*ckf, what hap had 7, to force 

(my daughter 

From maifler 0Awrr,and this good knight.' 
To one that hath no goodneUe in his thought* 

Tin*, 711 lucke,but what remedic, 

L*xet. Yes /haue almoO deuifed a remedy, 
Young FhTverddij* (hurt a prifoncr, 

ATM. hnre,nothing more fliure. 

L**ft. And yet perhaps his Vnckle had) reJtaicd fiin% 

iVf*. It may be very like, no doubt he hath. 

Lmct, Well if he be in prifon.ilc hauc warrant* 
To tache my daughter till the lawebe tried, 
For I will (hue him vponcouzonage. 

JPV* Mary may y ou ,and ouerthrow him toot 

L*nce. Nay thats not fo, /may chance be feoff, 
And fen ten ce part with him* 

WM. Beleeae me fo he may^hcrefore fake hecde. 

Ltnte, Well howfoetier.yet /will hauc warrants, 
/n prifon,or at ljbcrtic,alls onct 
Too will Hdpe to (erue them rnairter JTentbtrtiikt''. 

Tit* A plague of the di ucll, the diu cli take the dy ce, 
Tke d)-ce,aad the fJocU,d IMS cbwrae goe together : 

. r, 

Of all ipy hundd gokJen angels, 
I hatie not left me one denier: 
A po*e of come a fine, what rtiall / docf , 
/ can borrow no inert of my credit: 
JTherc'anot any ofmy accjuaincanc^manjnor bey, 
. Itot/hatic borrowed more or kflc off: 
; /would I knc we where to take a good purfe, 
And goccleareaway, by*his light ilc venture for il> 
Gods lid my fitter ZW*<> 
lie rob hcr,A>y tEfs hand, 

Enter Defa/nd 4rtiffa*ty. 

*D*fi. /prcrhcc y^fr/rW^ goe not fo fair, 
The weather is hot,and /amfomethingwcaric. 
1 Arri. Nay /warrant you raiftreilc Dt/u ilc not tire you 
With leading, weclc goean cxtrcame moderate pace* 

Flu*. S tand,deii ycr your purfe* 

Artt* O lord, thccucs,thccues, 

r , Exit Art 

'Ffav. Come,come,your putfc ladic* your purfe. 

<ZX<&. That voice I haue heard ortcn before this time, 
"What brother F/w<<4/r } bccomc a thccf c? 

F/w /,a plague ont,/ thanke your father. 
ut iifteV,come,your mony,come : 
What the world mu ft find me, /am borne to Hue, 
Tis not a finne to ftcale,whcn none will giue. 

Deft. O Qodjis all grace bani/ht from thy heart, 
T lunke of the ih a me that doth attend this fa& 

F/ojr, J'hame me no (Lames, come gin c me your purfe, 
/le .bind you fiftcrjeaft /rairc the worfe. 

'Def^ No,bind menot,hold there is all I haue, 
And would that mony would redeene thy frame* 
JEnttr Ofatrfjr Artkitr^nd AmchM^t. 

^4rri. Thecues,thceucs,thecues. 

O/i. Theetes,wherc an?why how no V7 miflrcflc D/A*, 
Ha you a liked to bin a robbed* 

F ZW/. N 

Tfo London 

i. Kc nmftcr Ofaerps snaifter'/tfjw&fr, her did but 

Left with me. 

Osii. How,FJ*itr4|thatfco\iiuircllffirrha) youmetenvs 

Weil, van* thee that* . (chatge,. 

Flaw, W-cil lir> ilt not meddle with you , becaufe / haue a 

De/i. Here brother Ffovfrdtitfis, lend you this fame mony. 

flovf. /thankcyoufifter. (penny, 

CM. /wad you wereyfplit , and you ler the mezell haue a 

5-t you cannot keepe it,chii kc<epe it sny fclfe 

txf*-. Tis pittic to rclccuc him in this fort, 
- Who makes a triucnpljant )iie,liis daily fport 

Dfh*, 5rotlicr,'you fee how all men confureyou, 
/arewclliand I pray God amend you* life. 

Ot*, Come. ; hill brin^ you alon t <;,and you fate enough 
From twentic fuch fcoundrelU as thick a one is, 
Farewell and be hanged zyrrha,as 1 thinke fo thou 
Wilt be fliortlj'.comefyr Atto*r< 


Ttow. A plague goe with you for a karfic rafcall: 
This> re roan 1 tlvink is made all of porke, 
His hands made onely,ftr to hewc rp pack4 
His hart as fat and big ^ his face, 
As differing far from all braue gallant minds 
A I tofcructhehogges,anddrinke\vith hindes, . 
As I am very nctrcow:wel),what remedie, 
When mony,meancj,andfrieixis,doe growe fofmall, 
Then farewell l<fc,and il jer's annd of all. Exit 

wft mifrtft 

&* By mytroatl* god a mercir for thif good Cbri/kfber, 
7t!ianke theefor my maide,/iik her very well, 
How docft thou like her Fr**m> 

Fr**< In good fadneflc 7w,very well,exce11cat wrfl, . 
She Tpeakes fo prctdJy,! pray what* your name 

-L*c t MY na/nt.foi footh be calied T*9tk** 

. 2tymy troatha finenave/) Tank**) yea arccnte! . 
lent for drcfling one head a newe fafhion, 

LMCZ* Me fall doc euery ting about da head* 

. What counfri woman is {hcKtfltr? 

F*tb. A- dutch woman dr. 

C*. Why then (he is outlandi/hjts (he sci 

F*k-/Syr flae (and cares* 

Jw*. Q then thoucanrttcli how ta helps xnce to chcekes 

*;*. Vs midrelTe verie veil. 

}?4/vCKetkcs and earc,why mifheHe Fr49n>/, want you 
Cheekesanctearetfme thinkes you haue.very faire ones, 

Frvc*. Thouartafoolcindc^d^aw, thoukno weft what! 
C**. I 9 IXr/f^r,tis futh as tlicy wcarcathdr neads(ncaoc 
Iprethee Kit haue her in, and fttewe her ray houfc, 
!*&. I will {ir,come7>w^w. 

Yrtiu p 7V, you haue not buffed me to day Tern. 

Cm. No /ttfltt^wemuft not id fie zfwe folkcs, 
God due me Fr*cfy f f 

E*t*r Dtfyvul Artickodt, 

Jee yonder my fitter Deli* is come,wclcome good fitter. 
Fr*n : Welcome good jfiftcr, how do you like the tier of my 

D*&|, Very well fitter. (head* 

Cf* /nm glad you're come filter Dt&i to glue order for 
^uppcrjthcv will be here foene. 

Any* 7, but if good luck had norferued^e had 
Hot bin here noWyfilching //****& had like 
To peppord vs,b u t <br maiftcr O&turjNt had bin robbed* " 

D*A. Peace f) f rrha, no more. 

F*ib. Robbedlby whom? 

Arty. Marry by none but by F/<nw^z5p,hfris turned ihcefrt 

Cm. TJy my faith,but that is not wcli,but (Fod be praifed 
For your cfcapCjWill you draw neere fiftert 

F*tb. Syrrha come hither, wouid &9#erd*le t hce that was 
my maiftcr, a robbed you/prethee tell me true i 

F * 

r. Yes yfaith,euen that Fbmr&fa' that Wa!f thy fnai- 


r. Hold chce, there i French crovvnt , and fpeake no 

(more ohlw. 

F,not a worcf,now do I fmcll knauerie: 
i cucry purfc Ft**><rtUJr rakes,he is halfc: . \ * J 

And giue> me rhis to keepc counfell, o not a word /, 
F*tk. Why Go&a. mercy* 

Trr^M. Sifter looke here, / haue a new Dutch maid, 
And fhe fpeake* fo wo' ild xlo your heart good. 

** H ow doe y^ultke her fill GI? 
,'DtA, I like your maicie wcll 

Cut, Well dcarc fitter, will you draw ncere, and giue direc 
tions tor fupper, gueiTe will be here p/efently, 
c Dtlu< Yes brothei* leade the way ile follow yon. 

Exit +Uh* Drfa *mi Lct. 

Harke you Dutch frowe a word, 
ji Liiff. Yatisyburvillwitme?* 

Dt Sifter 'L*ct,tn not your broken language, 
Nor this fame habifjcan difgttife your face 
From /that knowyourpray tell mewhat rmanej thu? 

L*ce. Sifter, 1 fee you know nie,yec be fecret: 
This borrowed lliapr/hat / haue tane vpon me, 
7i but to fceepe my lelte,a fpace vnkriowne, 
Both from my father,and my neerefl friendes: 
Vntill / fce,how time will bring to pafle, 
Tlie defperate courfe,ofnuinerF/!mwrji. 

Deli. O hec is worfe then bad, /prerhcc leaue him, 
And Icr not once thy heart to thinkc on him, 
L*. D& nor perfwade mc,oncc to fuch a thought, v 

Jmagmeyct,thar he is worfe then naught: 
Yet one loticritime,may all that jllvndo, 
That all his former hfc,ciid run iato. 


Therefore kind fitter 4dtfHc* difcfc>$rfiy eftate, 
/fere his' heart doth turne, tis rarne too late, (mind 

Z)*).Wcli, feeing no coudfeU can remeue your 
He not dtfclofc you, thit art wilf ull blinde. (ci 

Luc.Dcfa, \ thank you, I ft$ w mutt plcafc htr 
My fitter Fr*n**ti neither tai c nor wife. 

I?/*, On ^oes he that kwvws no end bf his iburifcy 
lhauc padcd the ten' vtmofr b^urtds of ftifting 
/haue no courfcnow Initfb hai%rtiy ftlft:' 
/ hauc lined fince yeftetcfav Two a docke, o 
Spice-cake I had art a btJtidtl ' 


Will bearc out a man, if he hauc no mony indeed. 
I meane out of chcir com pan yes,- for ifk* at'c^ men ' 
Of good carriage .. iVfixi coiiies hee>e> 
The two Co^vcatehtrt/hat 

\VhatM. Richtrd how' 

Ho w doeft thouto/^By God getitJemc the world 
Crowes bare with me, will you do as rrntth as Jend 
Mean An-elbetweeneyot, both, yo.j know you 
Won a hundred ofitie die other day* 

^ HDW; i-an'AtigefeGod ^^ vs Jfw - 
Peny, within nn ht> tire after thoii wcrt '-onr 

^^IprcthylcnHrnefonnKh as will pay for my fupper, 
He pay you againe, as lam a C^.tlf rban, 

^IhKh wch.u,eh aU f notafanhinginotaffytet' , 
/ wonrfer at it M. Fbten&fci 

You wnifocaretcfly vndo your fclfe, 
Wtiy you will looft mort roony in an houre, 

* * Thw 



~*Tke London TrodgaK. 

Their any hoaeft man fpend in a yeare, 
/ For ftiamc betake you to fomc honed Trade, 

And Hue not thus fo like a Vagabond. 

Exit both. 

JF/nr, A, Vagabond inded,fnorc villaines youi 
They gaue me counfell that fir (t cozcod me; 
Tliofe Diucls firft brought me to this I am, 
And being thus, the firft that doe me wrong. 
Well, yet t taue one ftriend left in ilore, 
Not far re from hence, there dwelt a Cokatryce* 
One that I fir It put in a fatten gowne, 
And not a tooth t hat dwell within her head, 
But ftands me at the leaft ift lo. pound : 
Her will /vifitc now my coyneis gone, 
And as /take it heere dwellei the 'Gentlewomen* 
What ho, is Miftcfl c A}ni*kt within > 

Emttr &*ff}*< 

R*f. Jfhat fa wfic Rafcall is that which knocks fo bold, 
O,is it you? old fpend- thrifr,3 re you here? 
One'mat is turned Cozoner about the townei 
My Miftreffcfawyou,and fends this word by me. 
Either be packing quickly from the doore, 
Or you (hall haue iuch a greeting fent you ftrait, 
As you will little like on,you had beft be gone* 

Fkv.frhy fcyhis is as it (hould be,bcing poore, 
Thus artthou fcrued by a rile painted whoore, 
IKell, fince thy damned crew doc fo abufc tbee, 
lie try of honeft mcn,bo w they will vfc race, 

Enter MM mud** Crtizt*. 
Sir 7bcfecch y ou to ta(ce compafsion of a man, 
One -.vhofe Fortunes haucbeene better -then at this ii 
they fecmc to befVbutif / might crane of you fo much little 
portion , as would bring mec to my friends, I ftiould tcft " 
.thankful!, vmtill I had requited (6 great a ciirtcie. 


, Fie, fie, yong man,this courfc is very bad* - 
Too many fach haue wee aboutthis Citii*, 
"Yet for /haue not feeneyou in -this (bit* 
; Nor noted you to be a common begger? 
Holdtheres an Angel, to bcareyourchargcs, 
Powne octo yourfttinds,donoton this depend, 
Such bad begMwirJgi'Ofthaaeworfcr end*. ExttCitt t 

f/<Wr-Worfcrcnde$i nay, if it fall out 
No worfcthen-iooW angels /care not, 
Nay now 7 haue had fuch a fortunate beginning, . 
/le not let a fixepennic-purfc cfcapc^Mr^ 
By the Mafle, here comet another* 


Enter * Citi**tifeiM 4 twb btftrt ktr* , 
God blclTe yon ftire Miflf(Te; 

Now would it pleafe you gtfltlewoman to lookc into {lie 
wants of a poere&entle-man, a yonger brother, /doubt not 
but God will treble reftore it badcc againc, one that neuet 
bcfort this time demanded pennie, half penie, nd; farthing. 

Cki* Wtf*> Stay Aiextnkr^ now by my troch a very pro 
ptr man, and til great pittic: hold jtiy fricnd f theses all the 
moaie /1uue about m'c, a couple of fliill:r.g$,and God blef^ 

f /w.Now God rhanke you fweete Lady /if you haue any 
friend, or Garden- houfc , where you may imploy a poore 
gentleman as your friend, 7 am yours to command in all fc 
crct feruice. 

Ci>*. /thanke you good friend,/prctfcy let me fee tliat a- 
gainc, I go wthcc, these is one of them abraffc fhilling, giue 
me them , and hercis halfe a crownc in gold* Hegnes ttijer. 
Nowe ow<vpon thee Ratall^fcccet fernice: whatdoeft 
thouinaiceofrnee? Jtvwrc a good deede to haue iheewhipts 
now I haut my money againe, ile fee thee hanged before 
J giucthec a pensic ; fccrct feruice -i on good sli*x*dcr. 




ffill notthtiue : here COBK* more. Cod forgiuc mcc, 

Sir //*r, and M.O/frrr, afore God, /le fpeake to them, 
</od fauc you 

Yes faith, /tell you true : M. 0wr, if you would 
doejneethefmall kind-wcfle/feuttolend me forties ihUlings : 
So <7odfi c!pc me / wi 1 * pay you Jo {bone s my ^biljtic ihajl 
tH3kn>cable,jis /am a gentleman. . 

O/i. JPcll thou zaift thy wife is zicke: hold,thers yortif 
Mlings,giucd it to thy wife t lbokcthon ^iuc iltjer;or/fhall 
20 vczc tliee, thou w crt not fo vtzcd thu zeu^a ycarc, lookc 

TO* It. '. : \ .. , . 

A n. Yfaith M . Oiuur> it is in vainc >: 

To i ue TO him thirocuct thinke c^her. 

O*, /Tell, would die cold yuind ir* ' (trun, 
FA, fteUyoO tru<r, (if A vtbarffr J.ama gehtlc7 
CM, rell fare you. welt ay rrah: <omc fir Artir*r* 

- . . , ' 
vat x-j^rj > fi 

O&. Byn you there zyrrh^conK wirt you y ukcn ybur fcl& 
To your toolcs, Coy ttrell? 

Ffa*. Nay, M O/iwr, He net fight with you, 
Alas fir you know k was not my dooing*, .. 
It was oncly a plot tp get .fir L**c*btt idapgluer : 
od, /neucr meant you harme. 

O^Andxvhore is the Gentlcwoman thy wife, Mczelf? 
"Whore is /Kct,Zyrrlia^hf -., u / 

F/ew. By my troth M. Otoer, fickie, very Ccke| 
And <3od is my ludge, Vkriow net w hat meanqs to nuke for 
hcr^oodCenilevfoman. -.1 : , , 

i Tctt* me tr i*> is flic ficfee ?teH me true itch ytfe tbce? 


/f [his trade hold , jlc ncucr feckc a new* 


Welcome fwcet goldtand bcggery d u e. 


CMtfP rtfCtnt 4>*ra r KtaCT^ 

?*c. See K*^f if you can find the houfc , 
Flow. Whofc here,my Vnckic,and my man 

2ty the raafletn they, t 

How doe you Vnckte;hoYV dofVthou Kefttr* 

%y my troath Vnckfe,you ffiuftncedes lend 

Mcfomcmony^hc poore gentlewoman 

My wife/o God helpe me, if verieficke, 

2 was robdc of the hundred angelt 

Yon gaue me,they are gone. 

/frr, /they are ^one indeed, come Kefttr away, 

Flow. Nay Vncklc^oyou hearejgood Vncklf, 

V*c. Outhypocrite,! will not hcaretheefpeake, v 

Come leaue him l&lltr. 

F*th. Syr, 1 haue nought to fay to you, 
Open the doore to my kin,rbou hadft beft 
Lockt faft,for theres a falfe knaue without. 

Flow, you are an old lying RafcalJ, 
So you are. 

Exit both. 
Enter L*ct t 

L*et. Vat is de matter, Vat be you yonker? 
Flow* By this light a Dutch Froe , they fay they are caldc 
lCind,by this light ilc try her. 
Luc*, Vat bin you yonker,why doe you not fpeake? 
Flow. By my troath fwcet heart , a poorc gentleman that 
would dcfire of you,if it ftand with yourliking/hcbounticbf 
your purfe. Enter ftther. 

Luff. O here God, fo young an armine. 

i - Flew. Armine fweet-hcarr, I know not what you meanc by 

, that,but /am almoft a bcggcr, 

Lftct. Arc you not a mai ricd man, vere binypur vifeJ 
Here is all I haue, take di$. 
Flow, What gold young Froe ? this is brauc. 
F*tb, A lie haue any grace>hecle now repent* 



Lnct, Why fpeakeyou, notrWerebcyjmjvifc* 
Fir*. Dead t dad,fhces dead,tii (he hath vndone me, * 
Spent me all / had,and kept recalls vdc mine nofc to brase 

' . .v 116 * 

L*ct* DrJyouvfeher vclj? - t t 

Flaw. VTeher , theresVicuer a gentlewoman m g/W 
could be better vfed^lKen / didiicr , 1 could but Coatch her, 
her diet Itood me in roni^pomwi a moneth, but bce is dca4 
and in her graue,my cares arc turicd, 

Litcf. IndeeddatvasncuCcckne. 

;>. He is turned raor^ dwell then he was before. 

r, Thou docft belong to nuiftcc Cunt here, docft thu 

Luce. Yes me doe. (not*. 

Flo*. Why t heres it,theres not a handful} of plate 
But belongs to mc,Gods my ludge: 
If /had but fnch a wench as thou art, 
Thcres ncucr a nianin ^Wwould.makemore 
Of her,thcn / vveuld Joc.lo (be had any ft ocke. 

L*tt. Jtay one doth calJ ,T ihaUcome by and by 

Ftiw. By thishand.this Dutch wench is in louc with mc r 
Were it not admiraJl to make her Ocalc 
AH duets Plate, and runoc a^vayi 

F*tb. Twere (>eaflly!O roaiftcr FlnnM*, 
Haue ) ou no fearcof God, nor cunfcience: 
What doc you meane, by this vildt courfeyou take f 

Plo> What doc / pttane,why to Uue,thar I mcanc.. 

F</4. To liuc in this forj, fie vpon the courfe, 
Your life doth /How,you are a veric co*eai4* 

F/<7ir. A coward, I pray io what ? 

Fat ^. Why you will borrow fixpcncc of a bc^y. 

Flo*. Snailes i there fuch cowardice in th^t^dart 
Borrow it of a man,/ and of the taliefl man 
/n England, if he will lend it tre, 

Letmejjorrowcithowlcan, and let them come by k ho 
they dare* 

TLf-uT JUJTnft 1. 19 ^ ^ 


AiM4t we)b kewn e, / might a rid o u t a h andred timci 
Jf /would: fo /might. 

Fath. h was noc want of wili,but cowardice, 
""^ There i* none that lends to you, but know they 
And what is that but oncly ftcalth in you, (gainc: 
Deli* might hang you no w,rl id not her heart 
Take pittic of you for her fi ftcrs fake. 
Goc get ydu hcnccjcaftlingcring hera youftujr, 
YOU fall into their hands you lookenotfor. 

f />. Tie tarie here, till the Dutch Froe 
Comes, if all the diuds in hell were here, 

t '.";'. 

Exit. Fttbtr. 

Enter fir L*nftbt>i**ih 

Where is the doorc,are we notpafli 

Arty, BithmafTeheresone.ileaskehimidoeyoBheare fir* 
What are you fo proud.'doc yoti hcarc, which is the way 
To maifter Ctttcts houfc? what will you not (peakcf 
O Hic,this is filching F/woenUfr. 

L**f*. O wondcrfull. is this Icaudevillaine here ? 
O you cheating Roague,you cut purfeconicatcher, 
What ditch you villaine } is my daughters graucrf 
A cozening rafcall, that HI uft make a will| 
Take on him that ftrift habit, very that; 
When he fhouJd turnc to angell.a dying grace, 
Tie father inlawcyou (yr,ile make a will, 
J?peakcvillaine,wheres my daughter? 
Poy foned /warrant you, or knocked a the head: will, 

Andtoabufcgood maiflcr VPcttberctck* , with hisfordged 
And maifter Wt^tkertttt^, to make my grounded rcfohukm, 
Then to abufetlfefc-Dctienlhyre gentlemen; 
Ge,away with him to priforu 

flow, V Vhcrcforc to prifontfy r 7 w ill not goe. 
fntcr twtifer CtHetkis wfa 

G a L*K. O 


Lkee. O heeres his Vneklc .welcome gentlemen, wtkox 
Such a cozoner gcntlemen,a murderer too {all, 

For any thing /know,my daughter is mining: 
Hath bin looked for,cannot be found, a vild vpon thee, 

Vnc. He is my kinfman, altho his life be vilde, 
Therefore in <7ods e with him what you will. 
L*nce. Marrie to prifon. 

F low. Wherefore to p i ifo n?fnick vp, I owe you n o t hi ng, . 
JL**ct. Bring forthmy daughter then, away with him* . 
Tint, (joefeckc your daughter, .what doe you layrorny' 
L*nce. Sufpition of murder, goe?away with him, . (charge, \, 
fh. Murder your dogs, I murder your daughter, . 
Come Vncklejknowjroalebaifcme. 

Vmc+ Not /,were there no more. 
Then I the /aylor,thouthe|mfoner.: 
r. <?oe away with him. . 

nter Luce (ik* * frtvt. 

r. -O my life herc,where will you ha demand f 
Vat ha dc younkerddrte/ ~ 
Kc*. Woman he hath kild his wife, . 
Luce. His vife,dat is not good.dat is not feene. . 
L**ci. Hang not -vpon him hufvtife, jfyoudoeilelayydH^ 

(byhio. . 

Luce, Haue meflo.and or way doeyon haue hi, 
He tell mcdat he lone m kartilyi 

Prm, Lead away my maideto prifon, why Tim will you 

No by yourleaue father, (fac is n Vagrant* 
J he i . my wines chamber maid,6c as true as the ikin between 
any mans jxowes here, 

Of my life this is a plot, 

Some, ftragling cou'iterifaitpnefcrdto yotit 

No doubt to rob you of your plart and le wcls^ 

lie haue you led away to prifon trull. 

L**. I norno trull, neither outlandift Frowe, 
Nor he.uer f ihall to the prifon toe: 
Kiww you me n ;>w?nay ncucr (land amatcd. 



- - 

Father I know 7hau offended you, 
' And the tha* dutie wiilsfiietxnd my kncct < . 
To you in dune and obedience * 
Yet this wayes doe 1 tu rnc, and Co him y ccld 
My loue, my du tic and ir.y hurablencflc. 

LA*C Baflard In nature, kneclc to fuch a gaud 
Luce. O M, F**ffc*, if too much griefe 

Then fpealce ro hei that is thy faithful! w*f, . 

Or doth contempt of mc,th us tyc thy longwiK 

Turne not away, I am no Athyopt 

No wanton Crefe4 t nor a Changing fWfc^J , /;> ' 

But rather one made wretched y Ay loi&. "V, 

What turnftthonftill from mrfO then - 

J^gefTe thcc wofalft among haplcfle wen. V T 

P^. I am indeed wife, wonder aongwiueil yi;: 

Thy chaftitic and vcrtuc hath inwfed ^H 

Another foulc in mec, red with defame, . ? r ': 

For in my hltt/hiag cheeJcei w (eene my /liamev 
JUr Out Hypocrite, I charge thcc tnift him mC. 
Z^^r,, Not truft him, by -hopes after blifle 
I l^now no forro wean be compared to hii. 

L4*.WeH fine* thou Weart ordaio'd to bcggt rv, 
Follow thy fortwir, I defietl*e 

O/r, Ywood che were fo well ) doufled u wal ever wtntt -" 
cloth in a locking willjand chea ha not made me weepe* 

FM k. If lie hath any grace deele BOW repchu 

Art. h moues ny hearti 

^>4By my troth I ttit^l weepe,/<afi fiotchufc, 
V*cb.Nout but bctft would fuch a natdefnifufe* 
f /pw. Co n tc n t thy felfc, I hope to win hij fauowr, 

And to rcdccme my reputation loft, 

And Gentlemen bclecue me, /befccchyoa, . 

1 hope y oil r eyes (hall behold fueh chaogtj 

As mall deceiue your expectation. 
Ofr.l would che were yfp!itnow,bBt che bcl*eue4&ri 
iir*.How,Veleeuehim. tr** 9 Jy the ma^kini,! doe, . 
L**c*. What doe you diinkc that ere he willbaue grace? 



r. By my faith it will goe hard. 
Ot). Well cne rorye he is changed : and M F&w<&, in 
hope you been fo, hold theres vortic pound toward your zee- 
ting vp : what bee nt a/haraed, vang it nan , vangit,bce a 
good husband, loutu your wife: and you ftiall not want for 
yortj'e more, /die vor thee. 

ex/r/6. My mettles are little, bit if yoult follow 
1 will inftruft you in oyableft power: (me, 

But to your wife /give this Diamond, . 
And prouetrue Dimon^faire in al) your life. 
Plov. Thankes good fir Jrtb**,~*4 OAmr, 
You being my ene&rie, and grown* fo kind, 
Bindes mec in all indcuoup to rrftore. 

Oij. Jf!ut,reftorc me, no reftotingj man, 
' haue rortie pound more for *ir<shcrc vang if: 
Zouth chil devic *> ek, whatdo not thinkewc 
A Mezel or a Scondrell to throw away my money, eh* haue 
a hundred pound motf to pae of .ny goo^ fpotation: / hope 
yourrnder and your vndekere wil voUowmy zaiepies, 
J'nc/t. You liaue gcft right of me, if he leave of thil courfc of 
life, he fhali be mioc hcire. 

L*** B ut he fhall oeuer get a groat of me , 
ACczoner^adeccnervoaethatkitd his pamenifl 
Father, honeft Gentleman that pafied the fearerull 
Danger of thefca, to get him lining and maintaine 
Wc*> Whathath he kild his rather? {him braue. 
r /fir, with conceit of his vild courfes. 
7. Sir s youaresnifinformed. (fdfe. 

t. Why ihqu e:iknaut,thoa toldAmefo thy 
' F**I wrotj^'iifeini thenrand toward my M.Oock, 
Thers 1 NLoUc* for to make amends* 
F/5r,No KefterJ haue troubled thee, and wrong thee 
"What thou in lou^giues, 1 m loue reftore. (BJOTC, 
Fr4lHa,ha > fifter i iho ! e youplsyd bopeepc with 
Tow, What (hall /giucher toward houOiold? 
Sifter D^/LaH I giuehermy Fanne? 
Dti. You were brft asktyour husband, F rar.Shal IT*** 
riiwf^ile by thee anew oc,withalooger handle. 


Fr4*. Here fiftcr, th^r# ..ipy ttuinetowwd fcufoold, to 

Lw./thankc you fifler. (kecpe}jou warmer 

IPV4. Why this is well and toward faire*? ftock,h^rcs 

fortic {hillings: andforti* good (hillings more, /lc gruc her 1 

marric. Come fir .4*^, /muft haue you friends, 

L4r*. Not /, all fhis is counterfeit 
He will confume it, were it a Million. 
F*th. Sir , what is your daughter* dower \yorth> - 
L4tt.Had flic been married to anhoneft man, ,^\ 
7t had becne better then a thowCw^ Round., , , 

F- 4/APay it him, and ilc giue you my boc$ 
To make her ioyntcr better worth then ^irce. 

L4irctf. Your bond fir,why wh*tareyott. ? ^ 

F4/A. One whofc word in L^" tho /fay it, / \ 

frill paflc there for as much asyoun, -jWRWM^uoInT 
L4W, V Veart nor thpM htc jh#?mhrirtt fcrumf 
F4f A.Lookc ort me bcttcr,now y fcirrcai oft. f , 
Nere mufenuin at thisiiKUraorphoiic. 

Pardon dcar^ father the. follycs tiut asftoa j , 

P4.Sonnc,foni>c Ido< %,cha^9t 
And apptaud thy fortune in this , vcjtuoi^SipiaijJ^ 
JThom heau'enliath fent to thcctq Cfwe thy fcuK 
L^This addethioy 


Twas fed fo fore, twas (e^l (p hjtrego^^faith^ ; ; 5 ; . , v vl * 
JE4^. /caufedthat ru mour to be fpred my. (elfe, , . j , \ . 
Becaulc ide fee the humours ofmy ibnnc, 
fThich to relate tjie cirun)UajK:cis ; needleflet 
And firra fee. you runne no more into that famfi^ftafe* 
For he thatwc^ cur.ed of that m^Jadiey < , ,. ... , , , . r , , , 

And falles ^ine into the like diftreflc, , ; : . 
That feuor ii|eadlv, icloth till deatfcindure: 
JSuch men die rhad as of a callcnfy|r<. * 

/VfWiHcaucnhclpmeme.ilehatct&cjcourfc as hell* 


ttocvSay it and do it Cozen, all n well, (ma*, 
*pr, Wei being in hope > oule preii c an honeft 
1 take you to my feuour brother Fl*wtrtUb % 
\ Welcome with all my heart) / fee your care 
Hath brought theft a As Jo thii conelufion, 
And f am glad of tr 9 come lets ta and feaft. 

Otj. Nay zoftjou awhile, you promHed toraake 
Sir isfrtbttr and me attends, here is yopr wifcft 
Daughter, fee which am fheele-haue* (her*, 

L*nc* A Gods name, you hauc my good willi jet 

0/7. //c w fay yon then Dunfeti, ty ten bate/ 

>/&. I fir, am your*. 

O^. Why, then fend for a Vicar, and chil hauc ic 
Dispatched in a trice fo ehiM, 

Dr/K. Pardon me fir, Imeanc /ajoyotirs, 
In loue, in dutk: and affeftion. * 
, But not toloue a j wire, (hall neere be f*id 
DtijA was buried marriedjjut a nuyck 

^rt^.Doc not condemne your felfe for euer 
Vertuous w ere borne tc louc, (it 

Ofyt Why you fay true fit XrrW /he wit yberc to 
/So well as her mother bot /pray ^u (ht' vs 
Some zampfci or reafbm why yott wiH not marry* 

-Dr/f. Not that / doe cowdemne a married life, 
For tit no doubt a fanclfmonious thing : 
But for the care and crolfet of a wife, 
Tnttrcnrble fn this world that children bring, 
My vow is in heauen in earth to Inre alone, 
//usbandt howibetier go*6, f will hauc none. 

0<>. Why tken chil will liue Batchellertoo. 
C he z ,- 1 not aVig by a wife, if a wife zet not a v!g 
By me : Come (hafts go to dinner? (*; 

F-i .To morrow I crane your companies in /*/*r>- 
To night wecle frolHce fn M.Citntti houfe, 
And lo.cach hcalth,drinke downc t ^nill carowfe.