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.-" -^^ '^^ A 

Long Family 
Drumore Township 
Lancaster County, 

ViTarren S H" Ely 




Total Number of Pages Is Firty-woMc ^taat; 
written December, Nineteen Hundred Nine (1909) 



Tho section of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, lying between Conestoga 

Manor and the present line of Maryland, and contiguous txas part a of Lhe 

latter province, aa well as adjoining parts of Chester and New Castle 

counties, was largely settled by Ulster Scots, commonly known as "Scotch- 

Irish", though the latter name is somewhat of a misnomer, and resented bj 

many of the best informed of their descendants. Thoy were in no sense 

Irish, though coming to Pennsylvania from that ooxintry. The troublous 

times in Scotland, resulting from civil and religious strife, augmented 

by jealousy and local strife between rival clans, drove a great number 

of Scots to settle in the Province of Ulster, North Ireland, in the last 

quarter of the seventeenth century. From here between the years 1710, 

and 1750, vast numbers of them cane to Pennsylvania, and settled prinoips 

ly in colonies, made up to a great extent of families more or less relate 

to each other. Thin 4^ true of nearly all the Scotch-Irish settlements 


in different parts of Pennsylvania, 

The principal ports of landing of these Ulster Soots were Philadelphia 
and New Castlie. Most of those landing at the former place, settling up 
the vacant lands in upper and central Bucks, and northern Chester County, 
with isolated families in Philadelphia, now Montgomery County. The Bucks 
settlers pushing northward into what is now Lehigh and Northampton Countj 

Those landing at New Castle, however, foiind homes in Delaware, the a'aSt 
em shore of Maryland, and the southern part of Pennsylvania, now compriE 
ing the counties of Lancaster and York, and portions of New London and 
Nottingham townships in Chester Co^jnty. From these points they pushed 
and expanded westward and northward, and with the adventurous sprirt of 
their race, became the vanguard of of the army of settlers which rabidly- 


peopled the wilderness west of the Susquehannah, and aoon pressed over* 

the Allegenys into Fayette^^ Westmoreland ooTinties, and a generation later, 

on to the Ohio, and the "Dark and Bloody Groimd to its southward, as well 

as do\vn the eastern slope of the Alleghenys into Virginia, and the Carolinas, 

The earliest expansion was not along parallel lines, but more in the na- 
ture of waves ofi a sandy beach, in cescent foinu, and on lines of the least 
resistance, up against the mountains in nearly a half circle, with the 
neighborhood of New Castle or the head of the Chesapeake as the centre of 
its base. One camwk look at the map of Pennsylvania and note in the shape ^ 
of the southern-central counties, the successive advances made in this form 
by these waves of migration, westward and northwestward, l^at is trae 
of the genearal migration from this early settlement is also true of hhe 
family under consideration, hence this digression. 

Historians differ as to the date of the first setllement of the regiion 
bordering on the Susquehannah in the present county of Lancaster, in lihe 
valleys of it tributaries the Octarora, Pequea and Connestogoe, by the Ulst- 
er Scots, Sorao place it as early as 1700, and some even earlier, but the 
truth probably is that very few if any of them arrived before 1710, add no 
general Colony of them prior to 1720 or 1725; the latter being the dates 
at which the Scotch-Irish began to arrive in any great numbers in Pennsylvan! 
ia. That they did settle in this section before the bounds of the lands 
acquired from the Indians were definitely settled and before the land of- 
fice was established for their survey, is a well-lcnov/n fact. For this reas- 
on it is almost impossible to ascertain from civil records the exact date 
of their settlement, and in many cases the names of the first settlers. 

By a system then in vogue actual settlers acquired a title to their "im- 
provement", which was often the only title except that of possession which 


- S - 

they wver held. It being an inheritable right, the lands passed to their 
heirs, who later took out warrants of survey, paid the arrearages of quit- 
rent and received a patent. ,i^uch of lihe land held by the Long family in 
the townships of Drumore, Little Britain and Martick, Lancaster county, 
was patented at different periods from 1737 to 181!;?. Many large tracts 
contiguous to each other being surveyed and patented for the first time 
between the years 1795 arid IBIO; whereas it is a well-known fact that 
all the land in that section had been taken up and actually settled long 
before the Revolutionary War. The only explantation of this fact is, 
that it was in the possession of the family one, two, and three genera- 
tions before a fee title was aot^^ally confirmed in regular form. In many 
oases there was doubtless transfers of Warrants of Survey, representing 
definite locations, and in most cases surveys returned into the Surveyor- 
General's office, but no patent issued by the commissioners of property, 
either through careleaslness of the purchaser or failure or inability to 
pay the entire purchase price. 

Tradition relates that the first American ancestor of the Long family 
under consideration, was ROBERT LONG, who came to the Pequea Valley in 
1638. That this Robert took up land there which descended to his sons 
H-ugh and John, the latter dying without issue, and the former being the 
father of John, James and Robert Long, and their sisters, Martha Brother- 
ton, Elizabeth Watson, and Isabel Long, the latter the wife of V/illiam 
Long. These being the first of the family in which we are interested of 
whom we have any definite, authentic and clear record. Tradition alsp 
relates that Robert Long, the first had a daughter Margaret, who married 

the father of Robert rulton, of steamboat fame, or at least some near 
relative of his. We have not been able to verify this however, though 


- 4 - 
it doec5 appear that Robert Pulton, the first was closely associated with 
the Long family in Dmmore, and one James Pulton, (said to have been a son 
of Samuel and Elizabeth (Ste^mrt) Fulton, of Donegal, Lancaster county,) 

who died about 1760, married Margaret, whose naiden name is said to have 
been Long, and had sons, Samuel, john, Hugh, and James. 

A diligent seacch of land warrants, surveys and patents at Harrisburg, 
and of deeds, wills, church and other records in Lancaster and Chester 
Ooxmty, fail to bive us any definite evidence of the existence of a 
Robert Long, of sufficient antiquity, to have been the grandfather of John 
Long, the "sickle-maker", of Drutnoro, bom 1726. 

The same is n early true of Hugh, as a possible father. However, some- 
body seems to have owned the land taken up by warrants of survey, by the 
said Long and other cotemporary members of the family before it was ao 
taken upj and in a deed made by the heirs of John Long, the "sickle-maker" 
for land in Martick township in ISOO, is recited the grant to him of 137 
Acres, by patent from "Thomas and Richard Penn, Proprietaries, &c, dated 
September 3,1739", in which both the adjoinirJ^ landowners named in that 
patent and those then holding said lands is given. And adjoining this 
tract on the west was the tract of John Long's brother Robert Long of 
Martic^ township who died in 1306. This tract is referred to in the 
heirs' deed as "Hugh Long, now Robert Long's", though a search of its 
title shows that it was surveyed to Robert on Tyarrant of Survey issued 
to Robert, dated Axigust 11,1767. This is the only tangible evidence of 
the existence of a Hugh Long as the father of the family with which the 
authentic record of this family begins, namely, John Long, the sickle 
maker and his brothers and sisters, six in number. 


There was however a Hugh Long in Drumore township, who on April 18, 
1759, assigned to his brother John Long, of the same place "all right 
and possession, claim and demand, of and in all that certain tract ofl. 
land and plantation whereon said Hugh Long dwells, situate in DrxJinore 
township, joining lands of William j4y©3on, Edward Brine, - - - Green, 
Weedow Ball, Charles Harrow, Jeremiah Smith and John Reed." The contents 
of this tract is not given in the assignment, which is entered of record 

in the office of the Recorder of Deeds &c. at Lancaster, No deed a^ears 
of record by John Long, in which the assignment is recited. 

By plotting out the different tracts surveyed to the several members 
of the Long family in Martick and Drumore township it is foimd that in 
most cases they represent the parts of larger tracts apparently divided 
by an amicable arrangment, not of record and surlieyed and patented to 
different individuals, members of the same family. 

The names of the brothers and sisters of John Long the sickle maker are 
ascertained from the will of Rev. James Long his brother probated in 1803 
which, the testator dying childless, devises legacies to his brother's 
and sisters and their children. Among these legates is a sister Isabel 


Long, wife of William Long of Martck township, who was doutless a cousin, 

and received through his wife, an allotment of the land in Martlck town- 
ship, evidently descending from a common ancestor, on which William and 
Isabel executed a mortgage to James the brother of Isabel in 1770. 

Tradition further relates that the original settlement of Robert Long, 
the traditional grandfather, was in the ^KaaoaJC limits of Little Britain 
township, probably that part now included in Pulton township, Drumore, one 
of the original townships of Lancaster Coimty, organized August 5,17??9, 
orginally extended from the Maryland line on the south to the Pequea Creek 


- 6 - 
on the north and from tlae Susquehannah on the West* to the West Branch 
of the Octarora on the east. Little Britain was out off the southern 
side in 1730, comprising the present townships of Fulton and Little Brit- 
ain. Drumore, the name derived from "Drum Moir" signifying a great ridge, 
a strong fortified place in County Down, Ireland, was originally settled 
by the Scotch Ir^h, '•as early as 1700", says Evans in his History of Lan- 
caster. No prodftf has however been adduced of any settlement there at 

that period, and while there may havebeen isolated settlers there earlier 
|t3 actual settlement by the Scotch-Irish who gave it the name and fovmd- 

ed Mm there the Presbyterian Church of Drumore, now Chestnut Level, was 

much more likely about the year 1725 or a little later. 

The earliest tax lists quoted by Evans is 1755, and on that of Drumore 

for that year appears the names of Patrick Long, Hugh Long, John Long, 

Robert Long, William Long, "living with John Long", Jotm Ward, "living with 

Hugh Long", and Claude Long, "living with Patrick Long. A gat rick Long 

lies buried at Chestnut Level, hia tombstone bearing the inscription, 

SHere lieo the bod;y of Patrick Long who departed this life 
October 10,1741" or "1747". 

The year is somewhat illegible and it is impossible to determine whether, 
it was intended or 1741 or 1747, the upward stroke of the figure "1" in 
the old style may have been intended for a "7". This (^s the oldest ia- 
sription in the name of Long, though it is stated that the family were 
among the founders of the church in 1730. The tax list of 1759, gives 
"Hugh Long, living on John Long's land" 100 acres; "#©kH Long, Taylor". 
"Jol-m Long, Smith" and "John Long, Tavern Keeper", That of 1760 adds to 
these "Cloude Long" 30 acres; Hugh Long, without land; and William Long, 
without land; Robert Long being taxed for lOO acres; John Long, Smith for 
I'^O acres; and another John Lonn- r "^^■wii ^ vS" <^^-^--^-a. ■ 



- 7 - 
All of these are accoianted for in surveys, deeds, wllla or subsequent 
tax lists, except Patrick Long, the appearance of whose name on tax 
lists many years after his death we are unable to account for. Claudius 
Long, was taxed for 150 acres fn Dnmore in 1771 and 1773, and for a 
like quantity of land in Franks town, Huntingdon County in 1788. 

The Robert Long, mentioned on all three of the tax lists above quoted 
was not of the direct line of John Long the sickle maker. He received 
a warrant o£ survey for land in Druinore and Little Britain, XKacKzisxiX^ 
tXiS^ January !?7,174B, and purchased the right of William Mclntyre in 
a warrant dated March 18,1745, and on 1749, there was surveyed to 
hira in right of these two warrants, 183 acres on Peter's Creek, a draft 
of which is on file and recorded at Harrlsburg, a copy of which is here- 
to attached. It was resurveyod May 2,1770, and he by will dated March 
9,1795, devised it to his son Robert, who on April 17,1302, conveyed it 
to James Hambleton, of Solebury, Bucks County, who settled thereon. This 
will proved L'arch 25,1799, mentions his sons William and James as being 
already provided for; names sons Stephen and Joseph, daughters, Martha 
wife of James MacPherson; Mary, wife of William Long; Elinor and Margar- 
et Long. The will of Elenor Long, the daughter who died unmarried in 1811, 
gives us further details In reference to the family. William Long, the 
son-in-law married Mary Long, at St. Jsjnes P. E. Church, Lancaster, KsyxtS, 
Xa^^ August 12,1790, and another William Long, presumably the son martied 
at the same church >'.ay 19,17o9, Jane Grimes. Stephen Long was likewise 
married at the same church, June 11, 1788, Catharine Atkinson. The wide 
range of dates of marriage would indicate that there were two lota ofy 
children. Robert was Joined in the conveyance of 1802, by wife Catharine. 



John Long, mentioned as "Tavern Keeper" on the tax list of 1759, was 
a 3on of another John Long of Drumore, who died intestate in 1744, leav- 
ing a widow Kary, who d>n March 5,1746/7, applied to the Orphans* Court 
of Lancaster County, for a division of his estate and the appointment 
of guardians for his children. John DeHuff was appointed guardian of 
the three minor children, Ann, Margaret and Elizabeth, and the estate 
was distributed to the widow,(;0ois8i "the eldest son", evidently onlv son, 
and to da-aghters, Mary, Catharine, Ann, Margaret and Elizabeth. 

XHxiXXa A warrant of survey was granted to John Long, December 1,1742 
by virtue of which there was surveyed to him March 22,1743/4, 66 acres 
of land in Drumore township, but whether this was the father or son j 
is problematical, probably the son, since in 177B, John the son also died 
intestate and his son John Long aplied for partition of the 66 acres of 
which his father h-d died seized, to the Orphans 'Court held January 3,1779. 

This resulted in the appointment of James Long of Martiok township, as 
guardian of Baxter and James Long, minor children over fourteen years of 
ago; and of John Long,Sr. of Drumore, as guardian of Martha and Patrick 
Long, minor children over fourteen. The guardians being respectively. Rev. 
James Long, and his brother John Long, the sickle maker, of the family 
with which this narrative is specially interested. Thus strongly indica- 
ting a close relationship, and the appearance of the name of Patrick among 
children suggesting the possibility of not probability of the Patrick^ Long 
of 1741 or 1747, as a common ancestor. The widow John the intestate, Mar- 
jjaret married John Turbit, prior to January 12,1779, on which date, sfee, 
with her second husband executed the following quaint renunciation of dower 
rights in the property of her first husband, John Long. 



"To the T.'orshlpfull Justices -'of the Orphans' Court of the County of 

WHEREAS, John Long, late of Drumore toTmship died intestate, being poa- 
aessed of a snail estate. Real and Personal, which by the Laws of theCom- 
monwealth, the Widow of the deceast ^ Intitled to one third of the real | 
estate during her natural life:- 

NOW KNOW YE, that we, the subscribers, John Tobet & Ilargaret Turbet, 
alias Long, for the love and Affection and Good Vfill we bear to our Child- 
ren, by Nature and Law, to wit, the children of the said John Long, de- 
ceased, Do by these Presents Quit Clain for ever to them our pricelege 
by Law as above, and Do in like manner prayj^our Worships - That when 
you raakeportion of the above estate that instead of your Alloviing one- 
third to us you will Alow only one-eighth part which is only one Child's 
share. And We Do Pray that the Contents of this Instrunent may be en- 
tered on your records at our charge, as We Do Bind Ourselves and our 
Heirs in the Pennelty of Five wundred Pounds, to be recorded in any Court 
of Record heare or BiKHkKEH in any of the United States of America, FaithH 
fully to be abidt by the same. 

IN TESTII.IONY WHEREOF, We have Hereunto sett our Hands and Seals, the 
lf3th Day of January, 1779. 

Winesses present, (signed) John Torbet, 

Robert Wallis, her 

Moses Irwin, Margaret i Torbet " 

Proved by the affidavit of Moses Irwin, Esq. mark 

before John Hubley Esq. May 14,1779. 

As a result of this renunciation and the petition of the son before 

noted, the pna^ia 66 acres were adjudged to John Long, the eldest son 
and distribution of the proceeds made equally between the widow,Margaret 
Torbet, except that John was awarded two shares as eldest son txnder the 
then Intestate laws. In addition to the four minors above mentioned, 
one share went to "Robert Long and Isabel his wife" without any state- 
ment as to which was the child of the intestate. The inference however 
would be that Isabel was the heir, otherwise her name would not have 
been mentioned. If this be so we are unable to place her husband Robefct 
Long. Isabel being the second child, and of age in 1779, while the ne±t 
younger was a minor, was probably bom about 1750 to 1755, too young to 
have been the wife of Robert Long of Poter's Creek above mentioned who 
names no wife in his will in 1795, though he probably had two. Neither^ 
does Robert Long, the yoxjngest brother of John the Sickle-maker, name 
any wife in his will in 1B06. Neither perpetuated the name of Isabel, 

Robert may have been the son of William Long of Drumore hereafter men- 
tioned. The will of Isabella Long, of Chanceford township, York County, 
just across the SusquehaniiaJi from Di'umora, dated Jeinuary 50,1814, pro- 
bated Octdber 19, 1817, mentions children, John, Elizabeth, Hugh, Martha, 
and George, and a granddaughter Isabel Long, daughter of John, Hu,r:h Long 
is named as executor. 



_ 10 _ 

The Willian Long, mentioned in the tax list of Drumore 1756, as living 
with John Long,waa probably the William Long who married Isaiel Long, 
sister of Rev. James, and John the sickle-maker. There was however a 
William Long who died in Drumore, leaving a will dated Sept 3, 1778, and 
proved March 23,1799, that we are unable to identfy with the William 
of Martick township, husband of Isabel, from the fact that when William 
of Martic sold his farm there in 1775, his residence was given as 
Guildford township, Cumberland County. It is of course possible that 
he may have returned to Drumore. The will mentions no wife. It devises 
his plantation to his son John for life, then his, John»B,son William. 
To another son Robert, he devises ten pounds. James Morrison, and 
Reverend Samson Smith, the pastor of Chestnut Level^ci^re mentioned as 


A John Long married Martha Culbertson, at St. James P.E. Church, 

Lancaster, June 10,1759. 


_ 11 - 

JOHN LONG, of Drutnore township, Lancaster County, the eldest of three 
brothers said to have been the sons of Htigh Long, and grandsons of 
Robert Long, was bom in the year 17S6, as shown by his tomstone on the 
old graveyard at Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church, in the township in 
which he lived and of which he was many years an elder. On June 14, 
1755, he purchased of Joseph Irwin a tract of 173 acres in Drumore town- 
ship, which Irwin had purchased of William Craig by deed dated Fay 4,1743, 
and which had been granted to Craig by John, Thomas and Richard Penn. 

John Long also received a patenTfrom the Penns for 137 acres and allow- 
ance, in llartick to^mship, dated September 8,1769, adjoinging lands of 
Hugh Long, and others, which he likewise owned until his death. On his 
Drumore homestead he erected a sickle-making factory which he conducted 
until his death and the business was continued by his sons and grandsons, 
there and in several other localities. The site of the old sickle factory 
is still visible on the homestead plantation now occupied by Ms great- 
great-grandson William Long, 

John Long evidently took an active part in public affairs in his native 

or at least resident totmship. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War 

he was one of the foremost patriots of his section, and was Selected as 

the representative of his township in the Lancaster County Committee of 

Safety, in 1775, He also saw active military service, being enrolled as 

a member of Captain Well's Company, Colonel Thomas Porter's Battalion, 

which, when the enrollment of the battallion was made August 13, 1776, was, 

"On t»ho Itiaroh for the Jerseys" to support General Washington in his at- 

tac'^ on Howe on Long Island, Evans in his History of ^fe©»^©*» Lancaster 

Cotinty, says he was a Captain in the Revolutionary War, but of this we 
have no record. He was however a member of Captain John Caldwell's Company 



Long, - - 18 - 

from Drumore, in 1780, "in the Boxmds of the East ran Company of Druznor© 
TowTiship, in the Sixth Lancaster Battallion" enrolled May 25,1780. See 
Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Volxjme VII, page 653. Being the only 
Long in the list, which purports to be "a full li«t of those fit for I 
Military duty in the said District between the agen of 15 and 53 years. 

Ei/ans in his History of Lancaster County also otates that John Long 
was a member of the state Legislature. 

John Long, Sr, of Drumore tovsnship was appointed guardian for Martha 
and Patrick Long, minor children of John Long, in 1778. 

John Long married about 1762, Mary Helm, who surrived him nearly a 
half century dying November 16,1832 at the age of ninety-seven years. 
She is supposed to have been a daughter of Henry and Rebecca Helm, for 
some years residents of Drumore township, but later of the town of Lan- 
caster. Henry Helm was surety on several marriage license bonds in 

Lancaster County, in 1758, and in 1763, On November 7,1762, he purchased 

a tract of land"on the &i?®^ Conestoga Creek, near Lancaster" 

whic^with his wife Rebecca he conveyo in/^1773, and 1776, their resid- 

ence in these deeds being given as the Borough of Lancaster, and his w£" 
cupation as SS "Inkeepor" in 1773, and "Cordwainer" in 1777, the deed 
of the latter date being for property of "Adam Skellin, former husband 
of Rebecca, now the wife of said Henry Helm." 

John Long died on his Drumore plantation about September 1,178-9^ leav- 
ing a will which he had dictated to Rev. James Latta, pastor of Chestnut 
Level Presbyterian Church, but which he failed to sign, becoming to weak 
with his fatal sickness by the time it was completed. The will is as 
follows, entered of record at Lancaster and Letters Cum testament© an- 






lis Till that his nephew John Long should be entitled to a legacy of five 
poiLnc's, that this deponent then took the said notes and draft home ^ith him 
to transcrihe a perfect copy of the will of the said John at his request, 
which he accordingly did and on the Monday evening before his death bro|;ght 
the fair draft aarlced No, 3. and now produced and filed in the Register's 
office to the dwelling house aforesaid of the said John to be duly executed 
as the law requires, but this deponent fomd his nind too such distracted 
by sicicness to read it to the said John, as in the opinion of this deponent 
the said John would not probably be able to ta'tcc in the whale of the said 
rill in connection and fully consider the same, for whioii reason this de- 
ponent thought it laost eligible and pinident not to offer the said ^ill 4o 
hi::^ for execution. That this deponent on the whole is fiilly satisfied that 
the paper aforsaid contains the last will and testament of the said John 
Long according to his true intent end meaning, in the full enjoyr.ent of 
his reason and understanding. And further this deponent saith not. .3vrom 
before ne the day and year first within meationed. 


John and Mary (Helm) Long, had J:^ children who survived them, another 
Henry Long, died at the age of 13 years, August lo,1776, a little over 
two weeks before the birth of their fifth son, whom they also named 
Henry Long. The feeH children in the order of their birth as near as 
can be ascertained were as follows ;- 

Hugh Long, born 1762, died 1832, married Ann Irwin, 

Henry Long, bom 1763, died A.ixgust 13,1776, buried at Cheatnut Level. 

John Long, who was living in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, April 2, 

1800, when he Joined in the deed for the conveyance of his father's 
plantation in Hartick, township. His occupation as given in that 
deed was "Cutler", from which we are to infer that he was follow- 
ing the family trade of a sickle maker. No wife joined hin in the 
deed, but family records say that he was twice married, first to 
a I'cCoy and second to a \?hitford. No recoi-'d of his children haste 
been obtained, 

Rebecca Long, bom '^^ *^£\\ J died 

married, JJjJiilj'' Porter, of Drumore. 

James Long, bom February 15,1768, died Hay 15,1827; married Margaret 
Buchanan. An account of his descendants is given later. 

Martha Long, born 1770, died October 3,1852; married John Buchanan,Esq. 
many years a justice of the Peace of Lancaster County and other- 
wise prominent in public affairs, bom 1766, died August 10,1851. 

Mary Long, bom March 21,1772, died December 27,is52, married Arthur 
Buchanan, bom 1774, died January 23,1806. 

Some account of the Buchanan family will be given later in this 

Robert Long, born August 16,1774, died March 18,1848; married Decebber 
29,1802, Jean Harrah. A further accotmt of them and their descend 
ants will be given later, 

HEnry Long, bom September 1,1778, died in Fermanagh township, now 
Juniata Co'onty, July 30,1843; married Jane Bigham. An account 
of hin and his descendants will be given later. 

George Long, K.D., born in Drumore October 28,1778, died on the home- 
stead there. May 13,1847, unmarried. He was many years a practicing 
physician in Dmmore, He purchased the homestead at the death of 
his mother, ejid being the only unmarried child, probably always? 
resided there with his mother. 

''"'^?lJL^^Sf#.^°™ 1781 "'• 1782, (a minor Arril 2,1800) »arrle. 


- 14 - 
It will be noticed that John Long in his will authorized his executors 
to sell his ; artick township farm, during the widowhood of his wife Mary, 
"if it should prove expedient to do so«, but no executors being named 
all the surviving children joined in the conveyance of this plantation 
on April 2,1600, to Peter Baughman, of Druinore. The grantors of this 
deed de^orded at Lancaster in Deed Book N, Vol. 3, p. 305, were, "Hugh Long 
of Drumore township. Cutler, and Ann his wife" - "John Porter of Cecil 
Coxrnty, Maryland, ajid Rebecca, his wife" - " james Long, of Frederick 
County, Maryland, Cutler" - " John Long, of rranklin Cotanty, Pennsylvanin 
Cutler" - "ketone Buchanan, of Druinore township, Esquire, and ]!artha, his 
wife" - Robert Long, of Drumore township. Cutler" - Arthur Buchanan, of 
Drumore township, and Mary, his vdfe" -'Henry Long, of Drumore tovmship," - 
and "George Long, of Drumore Township," The deed recites as follows, 

"Whereas, Thomas and Richard Perm, Proprietaries and Governors of Penn- 
sylvania, *^ MKdxt Patent dated September 8,1769, grcjited unto john Long, 
of Drumore tovmship, Lancaster County, aforesaid. All that certain tract of 
land in Martick township, Coxanty of Lancaster, in the then Province of 
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, BEGINNING at a marked 
maple tree, thence by lands of Andrew Pagan, now James Pagan, North-north- 
east 80 perches - thence North 49 degrees East, 84 lisgEBSZ perches to a 
hickory tree, thence by lands, then of Samuel Ankrim, now of James Ankrim, 
North 40 degree B VJest, 74 perches, - thence by Lands then of Samuel Mc 
Gullough, now John Braokbill, West-iouth-west 53 perches,- thence North- 
north-west 14 perches to a hickory tree, - thence South 85 degrees West 
47 perches,- thence by lands then of Hjigh Long, now Robert Long, South 
73 degrees West 75 perches, and South 36 degreen West 75 perches, and 
South 60 degrees \7est 18 perches, - thence by land then of james Duncan, 
now of John Huber and Christian Stemen, six several courses to the place 
of beginning, CONTAINING 137 acres, and allowance of Six percent for High- 
ways, eJc Said Patent recorded in Patent Book AA, Vol, II, page 118, 

AND WHEREAS, the said John Long, died seized of the said tract, leaving 
to survive him, a widow Fary Long, who has since released all right of 
dower therein, and ten children, the said Hugh Long, Rebecca Porter, jaraes 
Long, Martha Buchanan, John Long, Robert Long, Mary Buchanan, Henry Long 
and George Long, and Elizabeth Long, still a minor, to whom he devised 
the said lands. 

Elizabeth, the minor made a deed for her interest on coming of 
age in 1803 » still single. She married later James MacPhersen, 


Long, - 15 - 

The John Long homestead in Drumore township Lancaster County, the site 

of the sickle factory, does not seem to have been the property of the 

Long family vmtil purchased by John Long of Joseph Irwin and liary his 

wife by deed dated January 14,1755. Joseph Irwin had purchased it of 

William Craifl and wife. May 4,174-3, and it wao granted to Craig, byy^Thom- 

as and Richard Penn, Proprietarieo etc. at a date not giren in the recital 

but a warrant of surrey granted to William Creag; February 15,1739, for 

150 acres in Lancaster county, was probably the foundation of the surrey 

of the 173 acres and allowance, which he conveyed to Joseph Irwin in 1743. 

John Long by his will dated July 30,1783, directed that his wife Mary 

should have the use and profits of his plantation during Uss life or wid- 
owhood, and it would seem that ibhe made it her home until her death on 
November 15,1832, probably with her unmarried son. Dr. George Long, as 
after her death letters of administration de bonus non, cum testament© an- 
nexe, were granted to her grandson James B. Long, who sold the property 
at public sale on December 22,18?.2, and it was purchased by Dr. George ' 
Long, for ;f9.1G 1/2 per acre, and a deed was made to him by James B, iong, 
admr. d.b.n,, c.t. a. by deed dated March 30,1836, recorded at Lancaster, 
December 24,1836, in Deed Book F, Vol. 6, page 435. 

After the death of George Long M.D. in 1847, it was again sold and pur- 
chased by Samuel Long, son of James Long, grandson of jcakHxlJBGagxjs&caEEaH- 
KtHgExMtiiKjpcKbaxwazxtJiHXHlyiEKt Hugh Long, the eldest son of John and Mary 
(Helm) Long, who still owns it and it is now occupied by Samuel *s son 
William Long, a great-grandson of the original owner John Long the sickle 


Longr - 1*^ 


REV. JAMES LONG, of Martick toTOiship, Lancaster CoiJiity, brother of John 
Long, of Drumore, the sickle-maker, was bom, as shown by a memorana of 
his birth written by hic^self in a book still in the possession of the 
family Jtine 22,1755. He figures in the history of the family in various 
capacities, but little information personal to himself has been gathered. 

A mortgage is made to him in 1770, by William Long of/ljartiok township, 
and Isabel, his wife, presiaraably his brother-in-law and sister on two 
tracts of land in Martick toimship, which he later satisfies. He and 
VJilliam Long were members of Captain James Morrison's Company, mustered 
August 13,1776, in Col. Thomas Porter's Lancaster County, Battalion; or 
rather "a" James and William Long were, since James and Robert Long, were 
members of Captain James Watson's Company in the same battallion, at the 
same date. James Watson being a brother-in-law, it is more probable Lhat 
the latter were the Drumore brothers. The first mentioned ifames and Will- 
iam Long may have been the sons of Robert Long of Peters Creek, before 
mentioned. Rev. James Long was named as guardian for Baxter and James 
Long, sons of John Long of Drumore, January 6,1779, his brother John being 
named for two other of the children of the same decedent. 

James Long was licensed by the Second Presbytery of Philadelphia, in 
1763# but where he had charge of a church we have not been able to learn. 
He settled the estate - f his brother John Long as administrator with the 
will gtwwwe^U His will dated July 1,1800, probated at Lancaster Deceiiber 
22,1805, states that he is "in the decline of life". His tombstone at 
Chestnut Level, gives the date of his death as November 22,1803, and his 
age as 69 years. He devises "to James Long, ray brother John's son,Mathew 
Henry's Expository of the Old and New Testament, three volumes. A letter 


Long, - 17 - 

rrora Joseph j. Long, Esq. of Drumore, dated July 23,1909, xxyix who is a 

great-grandson of James Long the legatee above mentioned, says, "I hawe 
3 Oonmientariea of the Old and New Testmnent by Matthew Henry, late Minis- 
ter of the Gospel at Chester, dated Edinburgh 1767, in which the follow- 
ing record appears, 'James Long Ms Book, Bought in the year of our Lord 
one thousand seven hundred and seventy-two, price of the whole works, 
seven pounds,' and also the following, "James Long was bom in the year 
of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and thirty five, in June the Twenty 
second Day." The will further devises bed curtains etc. to his niece 
Martha Brotherton, "sister Martha Brotherton's daughter." To "sister 
Isabella Long ten Pounds".^ Sister Elizabeth Watson" ten pounds, out of 
a debt owed by "Brother james Watson." Niece Margaret Long, niece l^artha 
Long, brother Robert's daughter** are also devised several books, as is 

"nephew Hugh Long, brother Robert's son,", and "Sister-in-law Elizabeth 

Long". -S^^"Well-beloved brother Robert Long" is devised two thirds of 

the net residue of his estate and the other one-third to his four children 
Hugh, John, Ilartha and Margaret, and Robert and his son Hugh are named 
as executors, 

I am linable to account for the "sister-in-law Elizabeth Long" un- 
less she was the v/ife of "Brother Robert" whose will made and proved 4n 
1806, mentions no wife. His sister-in-law Mary (Helm) Long, widow of 
John, was living, but I do not think I could have made an error of the 
nsjne in abstracting the will. 


Long, - 18 

Elizabeth Long, the sister mentioned in the will of Rer, James Long, 
married Captain Jamea Y/atson, who was conmiSGioned one of the captains 
of Colonel Thomas PorterSs Battalion, in the Flying Camp, which company 
was inspected and passed by the Committee of Observation and Inspection 
of Lancaster County, August 13,1776, and took up its march "for the Camp 
in the jerseys" and took part in the battle of Long IslEind, August 27, 
1776, as shown by a sworn statement of the Lieutenant John Patton, of 
the losses of blankets, gi^ns and other equipment in the battle, the prop- 
erty of its individual members for which a claim of payment was made. 
Among the losers was Captain James Watson himself. Jamea and Robert Long, 
and Robert and William Brotherton, were menbere of this company. 

Captain Janes Morrison's Company in which were James and Vfilliam Logg 
went out at the same time in the sarce battalion. 

On his return from the Long Island campaign. Captain James Watson was 
commissioned Colonel of the Secohd Battalion, Lancaster county Militia, 
and with it was in active service at several periods. He was in command 
of his ovm battalllon and several companies of the Sixth Battalion at 
Chesterprora Hune 29, to August 31,1777, and probably later. The Lieuten- 
ant Coloi:el of the company was James Porter, father of John Poter who 
married Rebecca, daughter of John and Hary (Helm) Long, 

Of Martha Long, the sister mentioned in the will of Rev. James Long, 
a3"sister Martha Brotherton" , probably deceased at that time as the leg- < 
acy was given to her da^ighter, we know nothing. 


Long, - 19 - 

ISABEL LOIIG, the sister mentioned in the will of Rev. Jamec Long, 
was without doubt the wife of William Long of llartick township, whom she 
Joined in a mortgage given to Rev. James Long, on July J57,1770, on two 
very irregularly shaped tracts of land, one of 71 1/4 acres on Hartiok 
township and extending over the line into Drumore, and the other of 
142 3/4 acres in rrvunore tovmship. The first of these tracts had been 
conveyed to William Long, April 17,1770 by john McDowell afld :.iary his 
wife, and had b«Ti granted to McDowell by the Penns Septeciber 28,1751. 

No account of how the 142 s/4 acres in Drumore was acquired is given 
but there is little doubt that the title was in Isabel Long, the wife, 
otherwise she would not have joined in the mortgage. Both the tracts 
were sold by '.Yilliam Long to George Hess in 1775, and the mortgage given 
by Hess to William Long dafed May 17,1775, gives the latter* s residence 
as "Guildford to^vnshlp, Cumberland Co\anty, Pennsylvania." iixu Guilford 
toT/hship became part of Franklin County on its organization out of Cum- 
berla-nd in 1784. It is somewhat significant that we find John Long, son 
Jolin, aiid nephew of Isabel, in Franlclin county in 1800, when his fath- 
er's real estate was conveyed.N Nothing is known of the descendants of 

William and Isabel Long. f^u \ O/WU^ dt^mi] ^^^^^ hvyecl ^^^^ QCa^ '- i^i^ai/KA 

Neither have we been able to determine the ancestry of William Long 
the husband of Isabel, though he was probably the son of Robert Long, 
of Peter's Creek in Drumore township, whose will dated in 1794 and 
proven in 1799, mentions his sons James and William, as having Been 
"otherwise provided for." 


LONG, - 20 - 

ROBERT LONG, the yoimgest of the brothers of John Long, the sickle maker, 
died in Martick township, Lancaster County, in 1806, "aged 63 years" as 
recorded on his tyomstone at Chestnut Level Churchyard. 

By vit?tue of a warrant dated March 24,1795, for 180 acres, there was 
surveyed to him 167 acres and 6V perches of land in Martick to^vnship, a 
draft of which on file at Harrisburg shows that it adjoined a tract of 
land marked "Hugh Long". This tract surveyed by virtue of a warrant dated 
Aiigust 11,1757, for 230 acres, adjoined the tract patented to John Long, 
tKe sickle maker in 1739, sjid in the latter patent is described as adjoin- 
ing "Hugh Long, now Robert Long", This latter tract was not patented 
to Robert Long in his lifetinie, but in 1814, 196 acres and 6r perches 
thereof, surveyed to Robert Long, Hay 29,1795, was patented to james B. 
Long, and John Buchanan, the administrators of his son Hugh Long. 

Robert Long, with his brother James was a private in the company of liheir 

brother-in-law Captain, later Colonel jamos Ylataon, in the Flying Camp, 

and participated with it in the battle of Long Island August 27, 1776. He 

took the Oath of Allegiance before Jolin Porter, Plsq. May 25,1777. 

Robert Long was the principal legatee under the will of his brother 

Reverend James Long, he and his children inheriting the greater part of 

June 15,1806' June 16,1806, 
the estate. The will of Robert, dated litXEBfexayiZ^, probated KKXBkx2S, 

fznn devises all his real estate to his sons Hugh and John, and to his 
daughters Martha and I'argaret, each 225 pounds and to each of the fovu" 
child children one fourth part of the books devised to him by his brother 
James. John Long the son did not long survive his father. His will dated 
Gept 22,1808 probated November 15,1808, makes his brother Hugh and his 
neighbor Samuel /uikrim executors. He acknowledges to have received his 

BY V/ARREN S. ELY ' ioxx^vniMXii. 

Long, - 21 - 

share of his father's estate, and directs the payment of the shares thereof 
to his sisters ilarta and Margaret, ejnd devises the residue of his estate 
to his wife Ilary, and a child unhom. A deed dated April 17,1010, by Hary 
Long, of Lower Paxtan?^, Dauphin Coiinty, widow of John Long of Ifartick towr 
ship, Lancaster county, and Hugh Long of Martick, brother of the said John 
recites the will of Robert Long the father, in I8O0, and the death of the 
unborn child referred to in the v/ill of John, and conveys the 167 acre 
tract to Robert Coleman and Edv/ard Brlen of Martick Forge, Ironmasters, 

Hugh Long, the other son died intestate and letters of his admlnistoa- 
tion were granted in ini4, to James Long and John Buchanan, son and son- 
in-law of John Long, the 3ickle maker, to whom the other tract surveyed 
to Robert Long was patented, and by them sold under order of the Orphans' 
Court. Hugh was evidently unmarried as no wife joined in the deed of 1310. 
He was biiried at Chestnut Level, where his toinstone records the date of 
his death an September 23,1311, and his age as 40 years. 

His brother John Long was also buried there, "died October 9,1808, aged 
32 years." 

Thus neither of the brothers of john Long the sickle maker left 
surviving issue, and the only male descendants of Hftgh Long, Sr. bearing 
the name are the possible descendants of his -daughter Isabel, sniA wifeof 
VJilliara Long, and those of Jolm and ITary (Helm) Long, an account of whom 


Long, - 22 - 

HUGH LONG, eldest son of Johia and Mary (Helm) Long, 'born in 17i32, died 
in 1332. He was also a aiokle maker, and spent his whole life in Drumore 

township, Lancaster Ooiinty, By the will of his father in 1783 he was de- 
visedxkszis the set of tools, anvil, bellows etc. he now occupies and uses, 
and he probably continued his trade in the old sickle shop for so;ne years. 
He acquired a tract of land adjoining his father's homestead in Drumope, 
which was annKXHysiSxt patented to him March 23,1812, though he had owned 
and occupied it at least three years prior to this date, as shown by the 
draft of an adjoining tract surveyed to him by virtue of a warrant datfed 
December 1003, It is probably that the first tract was the land 4)f which 
his grandfather Hugh Long Sr. assigned an interest therein to his brother 
John in 1759, Tradition relates that this brother John died without issue, 
and under the ancient intestate law, prior to 1794, the real estate of 
an intestate who died without issue descended to the eldest brother or 
the eldest son of an elder brother entire, and it may have been the orig- 
inal homestead of the family in Drumore, Sure it is that it could not 
have lam vacant xiiitll patented to Hugh Long In 1812, that grant being 
made solely to colper deficiences in former title held by his predecessors 
whether of the blood or not. Another papent^ was made to him May 23,1812, 
for 123 aci^es also adjoining the John Long homestead, making his total 
holdings as given in the patents 278 acres and allowance of six per cent 
for highways, viz Survey of December 1803, 75 acres and 70 perches; patent 
of ilarch £5,1812, 175 acres, and Patent of May 23,1812,128 acres. The 
combii; I tract adjoined his father's homestead on two sides, and Fishing 
Greek owed through its eastern end. 


Long J 





\wi Si, 









7 ' ' ^ 

A crude outline sketch of the Hugh Long plantation in Drumore 
Township, Lancaster County, showing the John Long homestead adjoining. 

By deed dated August 22,1831, Hugh Long of Drumore township, aickle- 
raaker and Ann his wife conveyed the plantation of 38? acres on which 
the said Hugh Long then dwelt to their tfeXKa sons, Janes Long and Robert 
Henry Long, and by deed dated April 6,1843, Robert Henry and Abigail 
his wife conveyed 143 acres of their joint holding to his brother jarnes. 

The w^ill of Hugh Long of Dnamore "Sickle Maker" dated January 21,1832, 
was probated April 13,1332, It devises household goods and other person- 
alty to his wife Ann; to daughter Eliza ^200. and certain goods; the 
executors, his three sons John, James and Robert Henry were directed to 
^lake sale of all his property and divide the proceeds among all his child- 
ren equally; Joseph Penny's twin children to share equally with then. The 
witnesses were George Long and James Buchanan. 

Hugh Long married Ann iT^in, who survived him and died January 14, 1835 , 
ctxfekExx^XHje in the 741th year of her age, and was buried at Chestnut Level, 
She was probably a daughter of Moses Irwin, a prominent figure in the 


LONG, - 24 - 

'f~i'e children of Hugh and Ann (Erwin) Long, were:- 

John Long, "of Conowingo Mills", born November 14,1738, died December 
14,1355; married first Harriet Steele; second, 

third Mary Reed (Hoore) Rawlins, who survived him; an accomit of 
his descendants will be given in our account of the Fifth Benea- 
ation of the Longs of Lancaster County, 

Eliza Long, born died; married, ^ofiVLQ. la^c(^ 

James Long, born April 15,1803; died July 15,1887; married Vo^fti^f^^Ot^ 
for cifiiicount of his descendants see Fifth Generation. /l 

Robert Hengy Long, bom jdied, ; married 

Abigail S^:^feeVe- For account of his descendants see 

Fifth Generation, 

JOHN LONG, second son of John and Mary Helm Long, was bom in Dru- 
inore to'vvnship, removed to Franklin County, Pennsyl- 

vania, prior to 1800. He is described in the deed for his father's Mar- 
Lick township plantation in that year as a "Cutler", indicating that he 
1 was following his father's occupation of a sickle or scythe maker. 


LONG, - 25 - 

REBECCA LONG, eldest daughter of John and Llary (Helm) Long, bom in 
Druraore township, Lancaster Coimty, married 

John Porter, bom in Drumore township, Lancaster CoLinty, 
died, in 

son of Colonel James Porter 


LONG, - 26 - 

jAlvIES LONG, third son and fourth child of John and Ilary (Helm) Long, 
was born in Druinore tomiship, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, February 
15»1768> and died there !^ay 15,1887. He leaar^ed the trade of a sickle 
and scythe maker in his father's shop in Dnmore, and followed it through- 
out hie life on an adjoining plantation. He was evidently unmarried April 
2,1300, when he joined with his brothers and sisters in the conveyance of 
his father's Martick township plantation, as no wife joined him in this 
conveyance, and his eldest child was born February 19,isoi. He is descBlb- 
ed in this deed as^of Frederick Oovtnty ?.Iaryland, Cutler." Two of his broth- 
ers, Hugh and Robert, having taken up their father's trade in Drumore, it 
is probable that he and his other brother John found it convenient and 
profitable to follow their vocation elsewhere, John going to Franklin Coxin- 
ty, Pennsylvania, and James to Frederick Coxmty, Maryland, He however re- 
turned to Drumore township in 1808, smd purchased on March 24th of that 
year, of Archibald Ancrim, and Elizabeth his wife, a tract of land in . „.\ 

Drumore, on which he located. On KeucanalaHExaa April 1,1308, Benjamin Bell, 

and jane his wife, conveyed to him an adjoining tract, and on November 

28,1808, he secured a VJarrant of Survey, from the Land Office, in pursuance 

of which there was surveyed to him 142 acres and 136 perches in Drumore 

township, which was patented to him June 30,1810, A draft of this land on 

file at Harrisburg, shows an oblong tr-act, nearly rectangular in shape, 

with "a Small Rion" through its V^estem^end, where the land of john Buchanan 

bo-unds it, and bounded on the -Sioirth^by "other land of James Long, Patented," 

on the ISoflth east by land of Hugh Martin; on the south^CLst by Thomas Fumess 

and for a short distance on the extreme *bw* corner by Christian Herr, 

The "Small Run" was possibly a branch of the Conowingo, though it may 

have been a tributary of *,h.» Pishing Creek, which flowed through the pur- 


LONG, - 27 

Chased t aots adjoining, as by his will he derised^the Place that I now 

lire on together with the improvement sy. agreeable to a division line here- 

a V/ood-lot of / 
inafter mentioned, also ^Twenty-five acre skd joining lands of John Buchannon 

and Hugh Martin, to hold to him his heirs and assigns forever." ^^^^ ^^^ 
John Long was thereafter knovm as "John Long of Fishing Creek" to distin- 
guish him from his cousin John Long "of Conowingo Mills", ^ho was the 

eldest son of his iinclo H\igh Long. 

James B., Robert, and Arthur B., 
To his other three aons^he devises "The west side of my farm to be held 

by them equally and divided by them as may best suit themselves, to hold 

ftc" and "butted and bounded as follows. Beginning in the middle of the 

Great Road leading to Pinnick's Hill, opposite tp Hugh Martin* s and my 

comer, adjoining lands of Jesse Cutler, thence along the middle of -s^ 

road to the partition fence on the east side which divides off one field 

joining lands of Joseph Smith, thence straight with -sd fence till it 

strikes John BucJhannon^B line, thence by John 3uc>pannon, pavid Parry, 

Joseph Smith, Samuel Smith deceased, and Joseph Stubba to the place of 

beginning." The contents of neither of these tracts is mentioned. 

On January 19,1328, Robert Long, and Arthur B. Long, both of the tovna- 

ship of Drumore conveyed ninety six acres of this latter tract to their 

February 8 
brother James B. Long. Deed Book # 3, page 117. On SaBttenifeaaextg of the 

same year James B. Long, "sickle maker" conveyed six acres and thirty 
three perches, lying over the "great Road" adjoining John Long and Joseph 
Stubbs, to Jesse Cutler. On August 28>18SS> he conveyed to Jesse Cut- 
ler, ajid John Long, Jr. of Drumoro township, •Trustees of Fishing Creek 
School" and their successors in the said trust, a small tract of land 
out 'the above 96 acrec, at the intersection of the "Great Road leading 
from Benjamin Hammonds Ktii Tavern to Penrose's 'lill, with the Great Road 
leading from Benlamin Hajimo^—"' * 


LONG, - - 28 

Jaraes Long and hie brother-in-iaw John Buchanan, were the administra- 

Lors, of their oousin Hugh Long, son of Robert of Martick township in 1814, ' 
From that date he and his two brothers Hugh and Dr. George Long, were the ' 
only surviTing grandsons of Hugh Long Gr. residing in Lancaster County, and 

-^nly the latter survived their mother Mary (Helm) Long, Jaraes dying inl827, 
and Hugh in March 1852, the mother surviving imtil November 13 of the latter 
year. This accounts for the granting of letters of Admoni strati on de bonus 
non, on the estate of john Long, to the grandson James B. Long, Dr. 
the only survivor residing In the county, being desirous of purchasing the 

real estate. John Long had removed to Franklin County; Robert to Fayette; i 

L i 

and Henry to Miff in. 

James Long married in 1800, Margaret Buchanan, d*i^f#gh%m^of James and . | 

■ary Buchanan, of Drumore. She was born 3Jay 22,1777, -arbd died January £,' 

1820. He married, second, Jan© — , who survived him and is provided 

for in his will, 
or four 
Three^ybrothers by name of Buchanan, came from the north of Ireland abovit 

t^e year 1724, and settled on the east side of the Susquehannah, in Drumore 

tovmship, Robert, the eldest was sheriff of Lancaster County for several 

terms between 1732 and 1740, but later removed to Cumberland Coxmty, where 

he died in 1748, at the age of 51 years and is buryed at Gettysburg. 

another brother was the father of john, 1725-1748; james 1725,1797, the 

father of john, Arthur and JiargarGt who intermarried with the Long family; 

\rthur, 1740-1763, who died without issue; and Janet, who married a Campbell 

and was the iJ«*he4» of Captain Robert Campbell of the Revolution. 


LONG, - 29 - 

The children of James and L'argaret (Buchanan) Long, were:- , 

John Long, "of Fiahing Creek", born February 19,1301, died March 12, 
1BB4; married Ann Eliza Reed, bom September 13,179.'5, died De- 
cember PAf 1H61, and had seven children, only two of whom, 
James Henry, bom July 9,183??, died x^niaarried Janiiary a, 1894, 
and Mary A. widow of Benjamin Cutler and now residing in Drumore 
survived childhood. Mrs. Cutler has one son, J. Irwin Cutler, 
who is married but has no children. A list of the children with 
dates etc. will be given in our account of the Fifth generation. 

JAmes Buchanan Long, born October 3^,1802, died October So, 1872 j 

married Catharine Jefferson, born March 15,1809, died December 
16,1878. They had thoy had seven children, two of whom died 
young and unmarried. The other five married and have nixraerouQ 
children living in Lancaster Coianty, and alsewhere, as shown on 
the chart. A further account of this branch of the family will 
be given in our accoimt of the Fifth Generation. 

Robert Long, bom August 17,1804, died in Drumore, October 28,1857; 
married Elizabeth McVey, born January 29,1807, died November 17, 
1851; both are buried at Chestnut Level. 

Arthur Buchanan Long, bom November 9,1808, died in 1884, at Lewis- 
town, Mifflin County, pa. ; married Ann Eliza Shaw, and had five 
children, four of whom are living in Grand Hapida, Michigan, 
and one in California. See Fifth Generation. 
MaryJaHdyyLong, bom October 16,1808, died 1835; married William C. 
Boj'^d, and had seven children, see chart. 

Eliza Martha Long, born September 26,1811, died 1884; married 

Jacob x\hl, and removed to Centre County, Pennsylvania; both are 
deceased. They had no children, 

Margaretta Long, bom December 27,1813, died March 22,1885;married 
William Ritchie of Drumore, and eight children, viz:- 

William Ritchie, Jr. died without issue; 

John Ritchie who was killed in the Civil War. 
Mary Ann Ritchie, bom 1046, living in Drumore, unmarried. 
Margaret Jane Ritchie, unmarried, living in Drumore. 

Eliza Richie, married B.F.Huber of Drumore, and has four children, 
Henry, Chester, Minnie and Mary Huber, 

Henry Ritchie, married Belle Myers and has three children, Benja- 
min Russell and Henry Ritchie. 

°^®aSdV2iard^Ri?thle"^^ ^^^^^ '^-y®^^ ^^- ^^^ ^^^o children, Carl, 


LONG, - 30 - 

Mary Richie married - - ^ — - Cooney. 

Alice Ritchie, novr deceased, married Joseph ?:. Dubree, and had 
Edgar L. ,V,'illiain, (deceased), Ralph, Bertha, and Joseph 
Earl Dubree. 

George Henry Long, youngest son of James and Margaret, born in Drumore 
Township Lancaster Co-'Jinty, Pa. December 24,1815, started for Cali- 
fornia with the gold himters of 1849, and died on the way, unmarried. 

His wife (second wife) died at sea, on his return to California, 
I think Eighteen Hvmdred Fifty-One (1851), or Eighteen Hundred Fifty- 
Two (1852), possibly Eighteen Hundred Pifty-Tliree (1853). 

G. H. Long his nephew, namesake, and nov/ living in Grand Rapids, 
Michigan, this third (3rd) day of January, Nineteen Hundred Ten(1910), 



LONG, - 31 - 

ROBERT LONG,»e¥«H^fe eighth child and fifth son of John and Hary (Helm) 
Long, (if we include the son Henry, who died in boyhood), was bom in 
Druraore township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, August 16,1774, and 
was therefore but nine years of age at the death of his father. He 
doubtless received the education prescribed in his father's will for 
his XusKiHXEkiiiiEaKxshsii in the following clause, "It is my will that 
while she (the wife Llary) continues my widow, all my children should 
live and continue with her until they come of age, marry or go to learn i 
some trade, during which time it is ray will that she enjoy the benefits 
of their industry in order to enable her to maintain, clothe and educate 
them so that my male childrenLhall be able to read and write and tinder- 
stand ^he Common Rule of Arithmetic , emd the females to read and write." 
He evidently chose to learn his father's trade, and succeeded his 
elder brothers James and John in the use of the shop, on their coming 
of age, under the provisions of the will, as ^^was still in Drumore 
in 1800, at which date we flnjLhoth the elder brothers removed to other 
counties at that date; while the two« younger sons, Henry and George, 
toj^k the other provision of the same clause and sought other vocations 
at the age of sixteen years. 

According to the records of Fayette County, and the family record, 
however he began to look about for another location than his native 
county and tovmship, on coming of age in 1795, and in the Pall of 179a, 
purchased a plantation of Thomas Ball, on George's Creek, in Spring Hill 
to^.mship, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, in the section long claimed and ' 
originally settled under viginia Patents. He did not however, locate 
there until at least a year later, but continued to work at his trade 

i?mmm^l.%LYT''^'^ totoship, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. 

Long, - 32 

of a sickle raaker in Dr>umore, Lancaster County, According to family Ma- 
tory he erected his sickle factory on George's Creek in the "Fall of 1797" 
"converting the old log griat mill built by ^7illiam Griffin, into a s^t- 
able building for that purpose, where he manufactured sickles on a lagge 
scale, using the water power to run a trip-hammer, grindstones, turning 
lathes, etc." In the absence of authentic records to the contrary itw 
would be safer to asauine that his removal to Fayette County, was three 
years later. His residence is clearly given in the deed of April 2,1800, 
as "Driraore townahlp, Lancaster County," and occupation, "Cutler". The 
means v;ith which to improve his new purchase was probably derived from 
this partial settlement of his father's estate, and another corroboration 
of the date is the return of his brother James to Drumore about isoi or 
inor', to set himself in the sickle making business, doubtless taking the 
shops vacated by Robert at the old homestead until his own purchase in 
190P. In 1803, Robert Long purchased additional land in Spring Hill, 
tov-Tiship, Fayette County. In 1B04, he erected a grist and flour mill e 
across the creek from his sickle factory, and in 1807 erected a brick 
house on his plantation, the first to be erected in southern Fayette Coun- 
ty. He was an industrious, frugal, and enterprising ma^, and raet with suc- 
cess in his business undertakings, and reared a large family of children. 
He was active in the twmperanco cause, and a public spirited citizen, and 
a God-fearing Christian gentleman. 

Robert Long married December 89, 1802,^ Jean Harah, who was born in Ros- 
traver township, neSS. West Newton, on the Youghiogheny river, April 9,1?'^2, 
soon after the settlement of her parents, Charles and Wargaret (GilcnS^t ) 


in that township. The birthplace of Char#les Harrah is unknown. His wid- 

BY WARREN S. ELY. * rr^Hix^xi^VAiMiA. 

Long, - 33 - 

owed mother Agnes Harrah, was a resident of West Nottingham township, 
Chester Coiinty, Pennsylvania, just across the Octarora frora Little Brit- 
ain tov.Ti3hip, Lancaster County, in 1765, and was taxed there for 100 
acres of land in that year. Froin 1771, tOj,her death in 1790, she was a 
resident of Dmimore tox'mship, Lancaster County, and was taxed there for 
120 acres of land frora 1771 to 1779; in the latter year for 180 acros 
and in 1782 for 150 acres. Her will dated May 6,1'786 and probated Nov- 
ember 5,1790, devises her estate to her son Charles and her daughter Mary, 
and names her son-on-law Alexander Downing and James Dixon, as executors. 
Charles Harrah, was born, according to a bible record in possession of 
his great-grandson George S.t«Ba?** Harrah, Cashier of the Second National Bank 
of Unlontovm, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, on February 8,1'744, He was 
a resident of Little Britain township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, un- 
til the breaking out of the Revolutionary War, He was taxed for 150 acres 
in Little Britain in 1771; for 200 acres in 1772j and for 300 acres in 1773. 
The other tax lists for the period prior to the Revolution do not seem to 
have been preserved, 

Charles Harrah, was a private in Captain Robert Campbell's Company, 
in Colonel Thomas Porter's Battallion, Lancaster Coxxnty 2{ilitia, which 
company, "Destined for the Camp in the Jersys", was "mustered and passed 

by the Committee of Observation and Inspection of Lancaster County, on the 

15th Day of Axigust 1776," See Penna. Archives 6©e©Hel Series vol. VII, page 

10t39. This Company participated in the battle of Long Island, two weeks 

later, and with# ofther companies of the Flyv^g Camp, and Associated Bat- 

taiiions, was disbanded in the Fall of 1775 or Spring of 1777. Charles 

Harrah took the oath of allegiance required by the Act of Assembly of 1777, 


LONG, - 34 - 

on July 1,1777, in Little Britain township, Lancaster County. He was tax- 
ed for 370 acres of land in Rostrarer township, Westmoreland County, 
for the year 1733, and for 1786, later tax lists have not been examined. 
A family memoranda says that he served in the militia during the IVhiskey 
Insurrection from Elizabeth township, Allegheny County. 

Rostraver township in the extreme southern corner of Westmoreland Coun- 
ty, lying between the Monongahela and Youghiogheny rivers, and bordering 
on Elizabeth to^mship, Allegeny on the north, Washington County, across 
the Monongahela, on the V/est; Sprirg Hill township on the south, and West 
Hewton, near where Jean (Harah) Long is said to have been born is just 
across the Youghiogheny in South Huntingdon township which bounds Rostraver 

on the east. Charles Harah died , 

He married in 1734, Margaret Gilchrist, bom in Little Britain tovm- 
ship, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, October 4,1743, daughter of James 
and Sarali Gilchrist, and granddaughter of John Gilchrist, of Little Britain. 

At)r?r?/i?S^^wA.^J;^^ ^'' Little Britain to.mship, leaving a will dated 
i£iiL?;;i!^4.Si:L!^LEr2.^ifi.£^^.„^'lZ?^- " l--^- legacies to Ms 

Charles Harah j and Sarah wife 
of James Robertson. His real estate to pass to his grandsons James and Alex- 
ander Harah, on their coming of age. By deed dated April 2,1801, James 

Elizabeth township, 
Gilchrist Harral,, £ez of ^Allegheny Couiity, for himself and as attorney in 

fact for his brother Alexander Harrah, convey 150 acres of land in Little 
Britain tovmship Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to miiara Barkley, the 
deed reciting the grant of the land to John Gilchrist or Gilchreesh, -300 
acres of Kilcomb Island on the West side of the Octarora Creek, August24 
1745- and the conveyance of 150 acres thereof by John Gilcreech, to his 
son James, and the will of the latter devising it to his said grandsons. 


LONG, - 3G - 

The children of Charles and Margaret (Gilchrist) Harah, as sho^vn by the 
bible record before referred to were, as follows •- 

Sarah Harah, born September 1,1765; Agnes Harsh, bom October 19, 1767 j 
William Harah, born September 3,|770; Peggy Harah, born Llay 7, 1773, "Har- 
ried a Mr. Baldwin of Kentucky;" Polly Harah, bom October 7,1775; 
Jaiaes G., and Alexander Harah, twins, (the grantors before mentioned) born 
July 7,1779; JEAN HARAH, (who married Robert Long), bom April 9,1782; and 
Samuel Harah, bom June 7,17S7, died ^=^^9,1861, He married Jane Steel 
September ir5,1810, and was the father of several children the dates of 
whose birth is given, among whom was John Steele Harah, long a prominent 
merchant of Uniontown, Fayette Go^inty, bom April 8,lo2fc, who married An- 
netta MoKee, and was the father of George S*««*« Harah, cashier of the 
second National Banlc of Uniontovm, to whom we are indented for this record 
of births. . 

Robert a~d ««Bs4^*ft«i«»««rt) Long, had nine children, whose dates of 
birth and death are as follows, a more detailed account of ifiihem will be 
given an our account of the Pm,h Generation of the family. 

John Long, bom December 5,1803, in Spring Hill township, Fayette Co. Pa. 

died there unmarried December 26,1828 
Mary Jane Long, bom August 16,1805, married January 9, 1828, John Taylor 

of Brownsville, Fayette County, Pa» Che died April 5,1345, 
VJilliam Long, bom August 28,1807, married March 23,1332, Rebecca Craig, 

of Brownsville, , and rernoved to Ohio, where u© <ii»<l In Vi/d&^/SLo. 
- CiiOd ' loti Robert Long, bom Aggwii1tx&&, July 21,1809,mnrrle(^ April 1835, 
Sarah M.Dxinham, who died I'arch 1846; married second her sister, 
Francis R.DurJiam. He was a banker in Miller8bui"g,0hio, and died there 
in 1888. 
Llargaret Long, bom August 8,1811; married April 1,1854, Sajnuel Duncan, 
HHKxiixxKgxiHxKEiit removed to California, 


LU"G, - - 37 _ \^ 

Rebecca Porter Long, born August J^5,1813, died 1805; married DfxVid L. 
Bighan;, both died in Ohio. 

I A) tlvi^ 

JULli^ A. LONG, born December 11, IRIG; married iBfeag Browiifield of Ur.ion- 
"^ to^vn, ^Fayette ^o. fafj^^\^'S¥^7~.^^ A0rir^^} 

Thoi|as Porter lipn^, born Jid^ l'%>C19,y^ied August J5, 182.9. ^ 

James Porter Long, ^' August ll.i^C2» »reKove$3 to. Korrow County 
Ohio; married ther& April l8,^8t^0; Sditha Anrf Hunt;-; he d«.ed thert 

June 9,18^0. ( 


HENRY LONG, son of John and I'ary (Helfc) Long, was borii *xn Drurcot'etowrt- 

ship, Lancaster Gouiity, R.ennsyTvani^, September 1.1776. He resided there 

\ \ \ C o ,^--v %\a ,.%S--'^ >.-,■.* \ i ^^-Y' 
lixntil after 1800, and then removed' to F^rfle^nagh to-smship. ILLfflin County, 

! ^.^•- A V ,'^ r\ y^ 

RennsyLilania, now Juiftiata County, where he lived imtil his death on July 20, 
1847). He was killed by a yo'Jing horse ^ wasViding, Was a.farmer and miller. 

He married in 180B, Jane Bighai!^ of an old family in Dnjmiore, who was borr: 
April 20,1784, and died January 21,1841. They had the following children :- 
John Helm Long, born November :^,>18;0^, ''^ied Api<i^lM4, 184?; ^z ' ' •■ 

I'ary I.Iargaretta Long, bom September 14,1805, died Se'ptember !^o,l08l; 

married - _ _ - Reed, and lived and died near Lewistown, Ilifflin 

Co. Pa. 1808. 

Eliza Long, born J\xne 17,^;B#e»,died January 30,1844; married James 

,::cGinOTs j.'artin, iriio was''bo.jrj:i April .1,1810, -.and di«d.,Jxxne 1,188". 

Jane Long, bom,. June I7,asi?.. died April 2, 1-857. 

, b\m November* 24, 1814, died November ] 1,1316. ^ 

ane Lc 

.A , 

LuQinda..Long, - « - - 

8§.rah Long, "h^rrn Odt'Sb'er IST.ieie^ died Julj^- IS'l^.' "' ^ 

Thisvsrecord is fi^n ^'xJldVfarail:^^ t'iblfe,> ^d fas ^ub^i shed in Dr. Eg: 
f'^^tes and Queries* Fourth Series, Vol. 1, page 258. '■ 

. ,-. ...A- \ ^^k\ .z .^ ...... ,^.^ <. ^ ^ \ 

GEORGE LONG,. M.D. thW youi-.gest - son of John -and Ifery (Helm) lon^* wnc 
nS^Sni?' '^'^^^r t^^^^^^P* Lancaster Co^ty, aod op^nt his^^ole^Jflelherp. 

{^"^""il T..l\lTff'^^' ^^■''' P^^^^^^-^ -t tn,e death oJhis'motherin 
1...... He wan a practicing physician .in Dru^nore and 'died unmarried,- Fay 13, 

1847, and is buried at Chestnut Level Presbyteries Church-yard. 




-37- Additional 

Ewlng Brownfield, born September Seventh, Eighteen Hundred Three 
(9-7-1303), died February Nineteenth, Eighteen Hundred Eighty-Nine 
(2-19-1809) at Uniontown, Fayette Coimty, Pennsylvania, where he 
lived; married April Twelfth, Eirhteen Hundred Forty-Two (4-12-1842) 
Julia A, Long, She died Nineteen Hundred Three (1903), Eighty-Seven 
(87) years old. Issue: Robert L, Brovmfield, first child, born 
February Seventh, Eighteen Hvindred Forty-Two (2-7-184?)^ rrarried 
Sophie E. Newlon, Issue: Harold Ewlng Brownfield, l>orn Eighteen 
Hundred Seventy (1870), died Nineteen Hundred Forty-One (1941), 
Robert Long Brownfield, Junior, born March Twenty-Ninth, Eighteen 
Htmdred Seventy-Eight (3-29-1878), Rex Newlon Brownfield, born (1882) 
Eighteen Hxondred Eighty-Two. Anna E, Brownfield, second child, 
married V.llliam Huston, Issue: Frank B, Huston, Virginia Brownfield, 
third child, born abo ;t Eighteen Hundred Porty-Pix (184G), died 
Uniontovm, Pennsylvania about Eighteen Hundred Sixty-Five, (1865), 



ELlZABi^TH LOWa, the youngest child of Joha and .ary rHeim) Long, 'vas born 
in Dramore tov/nshio, Lancaster county, Pa. January 13,17.3, and died there 
January 5,1330. She was but eighteen months old at the death of her father, 
and being still a minor when the other heirs conveyed her father's ^article ' 
townshio far. la ^..n, did not Join in the deed, but made a separate deed 
in 1R03, on co^ning of a^.. .he m.,rri3d 3oon aft^r the latter dat., James 
^cPherson, and lived all hor live in the vicinity of Dru^ore, They had 
issue, one son, 

'^"seveA chUd::::n"'s:Sonr';i^' ^irst, Lydia Anlcrim, by whom he had 
dau-hfcer- and kl^d T?,',-o^; CarricK, a widow, by whom he had one 
isfce! ' ^ ^"^^'"^^ KeiDer, also a widow, by whom he had mo 

Issue of James ... and Lydia (Ankrim) ivlcPherson:- 

''cindreA,'''!^:!''''''^''^ '^^''^'^^ ^ ^^^"" Robinson, and had se«en 
Laura, wife of tieoi\ge Stauffer; 
Maggie, wife of Art^r Taylor; 
f^ary, wife of marinus Lusk; 
Tillie, wife of IJdward Potts; 
Benton i-icPherson; 
And two other daughters. 

"^'"o/ir^^r"™;; -*° T^^^^^ her second ooaal,, Joha 1. Lon^ son 
the ?ls? ;f -frj'^'l<=C'^ll°>'?h) Long, their chuaren a?o'^A*S !„ 

ii^, jT^^kiT.;:^'' '^"'^ -^--y--^^y had four'd^iJh 
""Fe"?,'tancIftJr S^'^jf hor-ocusin John D. =.nny. of MoCall-s 

Joseih Se^y- bv hl3 w?fo?.f ,■'''="'= =• """''"• =■"« .-■•ar.d.on of 
Lydia iiOPher?™ -iLrled tJ^.".'? L''°""' ^«= ''l"h generation. 

Of .^hom iieiylanl Penrose, and had four chUdrcn.aU 

'■ £3:r^:;-C'a— ?! -- — rSf Jo-faS ^it^,, 

^^%:n-r ?::ji.-r^r-Lors^-sSh-^r - ^L^^^-enn;. --- 


'^l4 b 

By his second wife, Mrs. Garrick, Y-;m A.McPhsrson had a daup;hter:- 

Jennie iicPhers'^--; . -"ho married Jonn Russell. 

Harvey McPherson, another son of James and .Elizabeth (Long) McPhe. 

married, first, a Miss Jenkins, and second, a i,Iiss ivlcCord. Ke naa 

four children, viz;- 


Lindley ucPher3on,only cfcild of the first marriage, who carried. 

Two daughters by the second wife, and one son, 

John ./icPherson, another son, married Hannah Patterson, and had issue: - 

J. StClair Patterson, who married a \51ss ?i^ot,and has one unmarried 

Robert Patterson McPherson, who died unmarried; 

James McPherson, who died unmarried, 

■William McPherson, livinn-, unmarried. 

Leander R. .vicPherson, of "cuarryville , Lancaster Go. T'a.,v'ho married 
Jennie Ankrim, and had issue:- 
John P. A^cPherson, single, 
Ira P. ixPherson, single, 
Elizabeth LicPherson, sinf^ie. 
Mary ;.icPherson, living, un-arried. 
George A'. McPherson, another son of Jam.., .lad iQizabeth- fLong) wicPherson. 
married Hannah Jenkins, and had issue:- 

Kannah ivicPherson, who died unmarried; 

iklary licpherson, married tvillian r... Ferree, and had issue :- 
L]dgar Ferree, unmarried; 
G. (Vashington Ferree, unmarried. 
Ii'lizabeth .^cpnerson, married £, James .Oiy(},and had issue: - 
Walter D©wO . rried a jdiss Arunnell ' ^ 
«I. Bessie ?;*u4, who married her cousin Chales Long Karner 
son of Johh L. and Mabel Lucinda (Long) fiarner; thy had ii 

iiffynne Harner, 
Helen Harner, 
Margaret Harner, 
Charle^ Harner. 
Carry Boyd, married J. Walter l'.cP:Tia.rrov?: 

Lou !',I Boyd, -^Hrri'^.'^ "~nr;ar Shoemaker, his second wife. 



JOHN LOMG» eldec-t 9nn of H'-'-Th Lnn.'? and ^nn Tnvin, Icno'.T'n as"John Lon^ 

)f Conowingo Mills" to dis+in=5ui?h him r, w his cousin J^'^'i, ^'-^r -.-n 

of James, was "born in Drumore to^m.-hin, Lancaster county, °a. Nove'nber l^l, 

1783. Ho inherited or narchaaed from hi? fath3r a nortion of the old 

homestead and later ..^x-^.;...J3a of hi.=: father, and later acquired other land 

on the Conov/ingo Creeii in Dfciimore tov/nshin, v/perc ho 07m:-;d and operated a 

mill. Hence his sobriquet, rie was proTanent in public affairs, many yeax 

an Eider of Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church; an original Abolitionist, 

and held a number of oablic trusts. He lived to the age of 37 years, dyini 

in Drumore D^ieember 14,1855, and was buried at Chestnut Level. He was ^ixKt 

three times niarried. First, «i:xs about I'^O'"^., to Harriet Steele, of the i 

Drumore family to which belonged Car>tain William Steele, under whom the »»« 

Long boys served in the Revolutionary '^ar. She was born in 17ot, and died 

October "1,'^QZ^, and is buried at Chestnut Level. He married, second, 

Sarah Ross,v/ho "'as born Ji4ns 10,V700, and died January 21,185', an-^ " -1- 

so buried at Chestnut Level. Soon after her death John Long married as ^ 

his third wife, IJary Reed fiioore )-BaH^»H9 Rawlins, widov/ of Dr. -iorgan Raw! 

lias of Drumore, and daughter of Samuel Moore by his wife _.,._- Blair, 

daughter of Reverend Saniuel Blair, the eminent Presbyterian divine of 

Lancaster county, long pastor of the Presbyerian church at New London. 

one waa born April ",1613, and died March 15,1393. 

ine children of John ^.on^ of Conowingo .iills, were all by his first 

wife Harriet Steele and were as follows: - 

Lydia Steele Baily Long, born about n03, died July l,S,134^.,unmarri^ri : 
buried at Chestnut Level. 

Harriet Steele Long, who married Samuel Boyd, but had no issue: 
Elizabeth Long, who married John Jordan, and had one son. 


Ann J. Long, born July P/^, 13 15, died .vlarcii 2'^>,l'^7f, fbarled at Chestnut 
Level); married her first cousin Hu^h Mones Penny, son of her father 
er's sister Hannah Lena;, and Janie?^ Penny; they ha.d issue; 

John J, Penny, "vho Tiarried, first, Elizabeth Mcpherson; second 
Deliah Coulson: no record of do.^^c^ndants; 

A daughter, 'fno marrl -^^ Jeremiah Boyd; no record of de'^condant; 

said to have had four dau^ihters, all deceB.sed. 
Alice Penny, vrno married J. Calvin Helmr>,and had thrr -^ ;^ "^ iv 
children of '/7hom 'vo have no record. 

y/illiam .Steele Lons:, born in Dr-umore, October 9, 1^17, died there March +.' 
15,1373; married Elizabeth Jordan, and lived all his life in Dru- ' 
more twp.; left no issue; 

Mary Long, who married i-'rank Sutton, and had issue of whom we have no 

Hugh Harvey Long, bor^n in Druniore, November 7,1321, died there Nov.'', 

1375, buried at Chestnut Level; married a cousin Rosanna d. Barnes, 
daughter of William Earnes, -ynose wife was ej^ther a Boyd or a 
Penny, a granddaughter of Hugh and Ann Irwin Long. She was born 
in Dramore, iipril 1,1335, and died there April 4,1905; t' -^d ' 

J. Robert Long, living near Quarry ville, Drumore t^ro. Lancaster 
Co. Pa., D.O. address Quarryville,R.F.D. ■'rl: married Laura 
J. Clarii; they have no issue; 

William B. Long, living near Ouarryville, same address as his 
brother J. Robert; unmarried; 

Laura Long, unm.arried, 

Lillie Long, unmarried, 

Harvey Long, unmarried. 


HANI^AH LdNa,' second chil^d and ek^st d^^htW h^ Hug^ arl^ Ann* r^r^-'ln) 
.Long, .wasb>.rn in ^Drumo^-to'^^s'ai^. Lanc^sterJcountylW. i^-l^^O, and^ 
'died there f^bruVr^^ -,i^V^-. '^^^^ ^^ yoar^" , her to^b^ton^ ^t kestm^.trM'^v- 
el'Vecoi?^^ ^he^jnarries^ Z^^s^.^rJ^^ ^orv of |itiix5m>tK^^^ii^«n^^x8sHn>t^r,« 
«^ .I^gh^niny.. who .died\i<i^NHrtic tr^^'-nVh^r , L-ncas.t^r county, in IdC^, 

1^^, ^nd hi3 wi^e^Elea^, daughte^^of^es i^lell^^ of Dr^^c^re, ^o ^ 

died',li^ 1769^ . y _ ;| ,.^ C\ 

J3^ea an^ Hannah (i^ng) Peky of '^umor^Via.i ^ast t^)^ 'children :- 

nu'h\ooe^ Poany, v/ho; na^rried his coukn Ann J. Lon-, abovA meraioned, 
V"?" ^nSHh^^e^hiian^^give^ ih t^li .tt;or,dpcerf^nt3 of ^om u^n^, 
:)f Conowiiigo ivillls, above. , And, - ^ ' 

sUh Jane Pe^,wno '^tri^^ Willi^^m ^yd ^a fa;^ily^^^^ 
i ^^ in-lower Lancar..te.r cpa^ty, ^ith whicn the^ Longo jc^.^mach in/^-n r*=* 

''^^Samel Boyd! 'who ^rtied a coasin. Ar^anda;^ Boyd, W"ha<\a son 

Williams Boyd, '-A-l-io is deceased; o ,, ^ ^ c^nn'^w n ar- 

Willia-n T. Boyfl, who married >7nma VVentz, and had a son H.Giar 
eice B^ydt, llvinp,, unnarried, and a dan^ht^r who is deceased. 

Janes Perxn:/ Boyd, married, 

has one daughter, '"ho marrie-:^ , . 

Hannah Boyd, who married D.^^ichael Glacken: no i-3ue: 

Isabel Boyd, who marriec^ her cousin Samuel M. Lonft, son ^^ 

Jam^s and Marsarot n/.cCullou-h> Long, with whom she re ide. 
on the Sd homestead of John Lone the sickle-maker in Drum- 
ore: ab account of their children will be given m the li.t 
of descendants of James Long, below. 

Hugh Harvey Boyd, living unmarried. 
The wiie of .Viiliam Barnes and mother of Rosanna J. Barnes, who mar- 
ried Hugh Harvey Long, is said, also, to have been a daughter of William 
and Sarah Jane (Penny) Boyd. Oar^\ 

ih^ -/^cj^, ^^;£ 1 ^^-.^ ^^^ <=>uy^ t. 


Moses Long, second son of Hugh and Ann f Irwin) Long, died unmarried in 
Dramore, October 15,1814, at the age of 21 years and was buried at 
Chestnut Level. 

HUGH LONG, third son and fourth child of Hugh and Ann (Irwin) Long, 
married a iJlisa Stuart. ^le lived to middle age, but nad no issue. 

L^.i^.l^^i^.\L.T LOiilo, daughter of Hugh and Ann (Irwin) Long, married 
Cornelias Goliias, bat had no issae. 

JAi'iiKS LOxMG, fourth son of Hugh and Ann T Irwin) Long, was born in Drua 
aore to?/nshio, Lancaster county, Pa, Anril 15,'^^^03, and died there Jan<^ 
15,1337, , "aged '^4 years and F months" as his tonb-^tone at Chestnut Level 
informs us. He was a farmer in Drumore toT'ni shin, and a coniiderable laad 


owner. He married iitargaret McCulloagh, daughter of Hugh ".IcCulloucrh of 

Lancaster county, born February 1'^,TG1'3, died May 20,1380, and she is al 

so bui'ied at Chestnut Level. They had issue:- 

Kugh 3. Long, living at .-.lechanic' s Grove, Lancaster couiaty, ?a«and 
had issue :- 

Janies ii.Long.ijFhose P.O. address id Nottingham, R.F.D. , Chester 
Go. pa. He married alice 0. Lamborn, and had issue:- 
Ralph Long, 
rtynona Long, 
Anna Long, 
Lewis Long, 
iuinie Long, who married Rankin li. Coulter, and had issue, 
Harriet Verna Coulter, wi-^o died unmarried: 
Reba L, Coulter, wife of David B'rancis Cochran. 

Elizabeth Long, living unmarried; 

Sanders ^, Long, P.O. address Cuarryvillc R, F.D.Lancaster co,P?. 
vmo married Kate Rutter: no issue, 

Samuel McCullough Long, living on the old John Long homestead, the 

site of the orginal sickle factory: havinf?: nurchased it after 4V 

the death of Dr, George Long. He m.arried his cousin Isabel Boyd. 

above mentioned, and they have one son, ; 

William J.LONG,P.O.Drum.ore,who married Mary G.Brosius ,dau^h- '' 

tor of Hon. lYilliam H. Brosius, of Lancaster county, and 

they have one son, Samuel Trosius Lons:. 


42 J 

Issue of Jane s and Margar e^- /.YcCu lloa-'h ^ T.on ?:, contiou-^d, '' 

John J. Long, born in Drimore, Lancasti^r Co. P?. . January ■'?,T^57, dieci 
there, [.larch 18,1882; wa3 a far-^or, and lived all his lif? on th 
paternal estate in Drumore. He married Mary -v'cPherson, of Drumor 
born NoveTiber M^,in/[F.^ died Novenbar 16, l.'^?^!, 3he was a first coud- 
in to her husband's father, being ^ daughter of James McPherson, 
by his wife, Elizabeth Long, youngest daughter of John Long, the 
sicsle-tnaicer and his wife .',;ary Helm. 

John J. and i^ary (wicPherson) Long had issue:- 

Harry L, Long, P.O. Dru^-noro R.F.D.t'-I, who married Alice Rut' 
and had issue, three children: - 

iviyra k. ijOng, 

Jaraes i-,ong, 

iilisabeth i^ong. 
Alice Long,, 'ffife of William A. Grubb, who has two children: - 

iioward Qrubb, 

liargaret (irabb. 
Jennie Long, who died unmarried. 

Robert Henry Long, of Drumore, who married Alice England, and 
had one son, Ray yvngland Long, born July '^j 1593, 'died Marc'r 


Howard M. Long, of Oxford, Chester Co. ^a. who married Blache 
Wenyz, and has one child, 
Margaret Long. 

Annie K. Long, who i" now deceased: married Samuel Moulin: no 

ROBERT HZNRY LONG, youngest son of Hugh and Ann f Irwin) Long, born in 
Jrumore to\mship, Lancaster county, received jointly with his brother 
James, a deed for his father's land in Drumoi-^e in 15^32, but soon after his 
father's death, ^hich occured in the same year as the date of the conveyanc 
cioid nis interest in tne homestead to his brother James, and removed to 
.ocii liaven, ?a. where he engaged in the lumber and tanning business. He was 
the "Coasin Robert" referred to in letters of aeor^-e H. Long of Grand Rao- 
ids, .iichigan, who the writer remembered his father speaking of as "Cousin 

Robert Long, of Lock Haven." He married Abigail Steele, and they had two ci 
• ?^.,?^"'*^'^J^''' ''^illi^.m H. Long, who was a soldier and was killed in the Civ- 
il i.cir, and a daughter Mary Lonn;, who married a Presbyterian Minister, whose 
name is unknown to the writer. They had no issue. 


ELIZA LOKG. daughter of }Iugh and Ann Tlr'-vin) Long, born in Drumore 

town.^hin, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, f married John 

A. boyd, and had issue:- 

Joseph Boyd, v/ho married, first - - — Gunninghara; and second, - - - 
itiller a widow; he had issue:- all o:j second wife, 

Harriet Boyd, annarried, 

Lena Boyd, who carried Williani Hall Davis. 

JJLIA A.LONG, daughter of liagh ^m Ann f Irwin) Long, inarried Joseph Boyd, 

aid had issiie:- 

oamuel Boyd, who married E^ily Brov.'n, and had issue! 

Philip Boyd, deed, who 'narried a Miss Grey, and had four childre 

T.C.Boyd, who rrarried a MJ ss Johnson and had throe .children, 
RalDh Boyd, who rnarried Lulu Garrigues: 
Harold Boyd, single 
t-iary Boyd, single. 
J. Allen Boyd, who narried t.Iercy Gregg, and had tv'o children, 
iviarian Boyd, single, 
Laura Gregg Boyd, single. 
Annie Boyd, who married G.K, Wissler, and is deceased, leaving 
ono child, 

Eaily Vi'issler, single. 
Calvin Boyd, who married annie Steraford; no issue. 

John Boyd, married a .ilrs Vvoodford, and had issue: - 

Isabel Boyd, deed, who carried Lewis iveeics, and had two children. 
Eliza Boyd, married David brown, his second wife. 

dARl LONG, daughter of Hagh and Ann (Irv/in) Long, niarried Joseph Penny, 

brother of Ja.aes Penny who married her elder sister Hannah Long, T^ey 

had issue:- 

James C. Penny, of Drumore, who married Mary Wentn, and had issue: - 
John D. Penny, living at McCall's Perry, Lancaster co.Pa; who 

married his cousin f'atilda Mcpherson, daughter of James A. '«c. 
Pherson and granddaurchter of James and 'Elizabeth ^Long) "•y'lcPher 
son, an account of whose descendants is <^iven above. They had 

Irene Penny, unmarried; 

Mary penny, unmarried, 

Stella Penny, unmnrried: 

Grace Penny, wife of Laurence Shoemaker. 

Sarah, .Penny, daughter of Joseph and ivlary jLon^'^ '^"nny, married John 
Vy^nti, and had issue:- 


Dr. Willian K. WSntz, of Lancaster co. ^a. 3i7iiixkH(§xxixxsRxi:?r5CT?x> 
who married a !.;iss Rohrer and had six children. 

Joseph Penny 'rv>ntz, '7ho carried .'.lary f.JcCrery, and had ispue:- 
liarry S.Wentz, 7?ho married a Miss Rood and had 4 children. 
Aura V/entz, niarried Theonhilus Dennis, and had i.=;sue:- 

Jay Dennis. 
Zella »en*:s:;\,fnarried The-;,..; .v. ^nivrim; no issue; 

Sadie ivontz, married ;worrir> Bunting, 3 d one cnild. 

iViyrtle Wentz, married /.'illian iVitraan, and had issue. 

liary Wgntz, married yvilliaa u.orrison,aad had issue, t 

Alice iiorrison, v/ho married her coaain J. Frank .icPherson, ; 
now deed, who was a son of James A. i^IcPherson and grand- 
son of James McPherson by his wife Elizabeth Lonj, youngest 
daughter of Jonn Long the sickle-maker. They had no issue; 
Eath Morrison, died unmarried. 

Hugh Penny Wentz, married Retta Steele, and had throe children; = 
Dwight Wentz, unmarried; 
Edgar Wentz, unmarried; 

Blanche Wentz, who married a counin Ho^vard M. Long, son of ] 
John J. and Mary ^icPherson Long, above f^entioned, and had 
i 5 sue , 

Margaret Long, = 

John Wentz, married, first his cousin Lucy V.cPherson, and had on- - 

Melville ".Ventz, 'vho married - •^. - - and has issue. 

Ke married second, Julia Keibech, and had issue:- 

Ira F. Wentz, who married a ^-iiss i<lomh..cher, ,. i„ .;as or\e 

Freeman ftentz. 
iJaud Wentz, azimarried; 

Emily .VQnyz, unmarried; 

Ivy Aentz, unmarried. 

Dr. Thomas 'Aentz, married a Miss Rood, e.::„ ..„d issue, 

Auleta sventz, unmarried; 

Dr. Paul wentz, un'^arried; 

.•.lary Wentz, unmarried; 

JoseDh Wentz, unmarried. 
Laura V/entz, married James McSnarrow,and had issue, 

Guy F. [/.cS'^arroi",who married H?nnah Penrose and ~''>.pA issue, 
Everett McSt)arrov;; ^jt 

J. Walter McSparrow, who married Carry Boy(ff,a de^-;ndr^nt o^^ 
Elizabeth TLong) Mc'^'herson, ^ 


El wood iViCGTjarrow, who married Mary Nicaolsoa; 
Clyde McSoarrow, unmarried, ir"^.!}. 
James McSr»arrow, unmarried, 1909, 
Harriet Wentz, married John -'cCo^b, and hp.d issue, 
Mabel t.'cComb, who 'na.rried Dr. Reed Ferguson; 
Helen LlcConb, unmarried, 190o. 

Mary J. Penny, daughter of Joseph and Wary ^Lon-) ^onny, married Thomas , 

i':entz,and had two children, viz, Ijlla and Violet Wontz; 

Ella Wentz, v/ho married David ':]rnhart,and had issue, 

nearly Ernhart, who married wyuiona Lamborn, and issue, 

Harold Lambcrn, ^ 

Raymond Lsjnborn. 
Bertha Ernhart, a:V.Tiarried; 

Violet wentz, never married. 

a.'iNi>fAH .MARGARET PEWWY, anotner daughtsr of Joseph and ;=lary (Long) Benny, ^ 

married William wentz, and had fxxaK children: - 

William H. Wentz, married a Miss Yost, and had children. 
El win v/entz, 

Lela Wentz, who marriedxaxMKxx^iixsi^x Roy Eshelman: 
Isaac Wentz, who married a Miss 3mith,Bnd had a daughter ft»ho marrie. 

_ _ — _ 7/ilson. / 

Hannah iiargaret 'iVentz, married Elias Arunnel, and had issue 9) childr 
ren, of 7/-hom we have record of but three, viz, 
Irwin Arunnel, 
W i 1 1 i am. J . (Jkrvn'n.e 1 , 
Clifford J. Arunnei. 

Earriet Wentz, marrind Steele Morrison, and had i?.sue, 
Oliver Wentz, married iilllen McVey; 
and five others of whom we have no record. 


JOHN LONG, son of James and Mar/T-aret fBxichanan) Long, kno'm as 

" John Long of Pi;-.hing Cr°?"v" to distinr^uish hl^ from his cousin "John 

Long of Conov/ingo ivlill^i", was born at the site of the ^^^ -^ facto, y 

in Drumore township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, February ir?,1301. 

He acquired a portion of his father's plantation on Pishing Creek and 

purchasing other lands, soent his whole life in Drumore tov/nship, dying -■ 

there, march 12,1334, and lies buried at Chestnut Level Presbyterian 

church, where five generations of his family have worshipped. t 

de married in 1827, Ann Eliza Reed, v/ho was born September 13,1755, anr 

died DecsTuber 24,1^51, as her tombstone at Chestnut Level records. They ' 

had issue: - 

r/iargaret Jane Long, born in Dvumore, \fay ^823, died there July 1^.1'^32.9 
buried at Chestnut Level. 
James Kenry Lonn;, born in Drumore, August 51,1850, died there unmarried, 
January 3,T^P4. Lived all his life in Drumore, ard took an activ-j 
nart in local aifffair^:. . 

hlRvy J. Lonpc, bom in Drumore in IQoZ. still living there; married a 
Benjamin Cutler, who is deceased,'' and has one son surviving, viz:- i 

Irwin Cutler, living near Pairfiold, Drumore town-'hip, P.O. ad- 
dress, Furness; married Anna Clark, but has no issue; 

John Grider Long, born i»larch inc4, died Nov. 2B, 1^37, buried a' tnut ^ 

y&rwin Cutler and his widowed mother ar; • y surviving representa- 
tives, of John ^' . f Fishing CreeK. 

JAKiLS BUCi•iAi^IAI^f LONG, second son of James and .Margaret (Buchanan )Long 
born 1:1 cr-aiaore, Lancaster Co.Pa. October ^1 , 1805, acquired the tfreater 
part of his father's lands there, and continued the family business of 
sickle and scythe makinfT, in connection with farmin??; for m^-.ny years, prob- 
ably until the advent of modern reanin~ machinery made the business 'Un- 
profitable. He seems to ha,ve been the active business renresentative of 
the Long family in Drum.ore. He "m •, r^ori^ ■3-^.,^^^^ ni-y^-^i^i^ d.h.n,.C.t. ". ■"'■'' 



the estate of his c^randfather, John Lono;, the orif^inal siciclp ■n-'ker, 

on the death of hlf^ :Trn.nd'^n ther In "^ O^*-; ^'^■'^- '^■^■■'^■'- spIo of the old hoi^.c- 

stead to his uncle, Br. George Long. Hi? na-^e a-^ncars frequently on ^'- 

oublic records as officlatinc; in various fiduciary canacities. Ke conveys 

to trustees jf v'hich v/as his brother John, a snail portion of the 

plantaticHi acquired fro:n his father and brothers for the erection of 

Fishing Creek School House in ^„^,He died in Jrumore, October 25,1S73. 

and lies buried at Chestnut i.evel. He married Jefferson, who 

was borii ..larca 15,1309, and died December 16,1373, and was buried at 

Chestnut Level. They had issue:- 

.viary H. Long, bom December 1^,1S29, died Oct. S4,n54, buried at Chest- 
nut Level. 
George Long, born Oct. ?S,l'^;;i , died Feb.||4,n32.; buried at Chef-'tnut 


Margaret Lone^, born in Drumore, Auril SO, 1833, died there, July 1,1'^n^ .^ 
3he married, first, Willian Hutton, who ^"-as killed in the battle 
before P^sburs, Va. dilrin??; the Civil W^-r, by ^^rhon she had issue: 
Delr)hine Kutton, '^ho 'tarried Andre''' Pennell, and is living at .^ 
Newnort, ^a.: no issue. i 

Lucy Hutton, born died March l^OG: married Harry ?- j 

E, Criunler, and had i'^sue:- 

Minnio Crumler, wife of J. v;. Craft: 

Mae:gie Crumler, '"ife of George Kraus: ' 

Vr'iimer Crumler, who married - - - - ^ 

nay Cr\imler, 

Lizzie Cr\imler,wife of - - - - Metzer; 
:iellie Crumler, unmarried, 1909; 
Charles Crumler, " " 
Lloyd Gramlsr, " " 
immett Crumler, " " 
iv.arge.ret (Long) liutton, m.arried, second, Thompson Toland, and had issue 
Ida Toland, now deceased, married Harry Soul; no issue; 
Dr. Lindley Toland, married and is living in 

aargaret married, third, Amos Rutter, but had no issue oy him. . 

James Harrison Long, eldest surviving son of James B. and Gathr-rine 

Jefferson Long, "^ was bom in Dri.imore July ^7, 18:^3, and is still livin 

there. He married Elizabeth Hamer, who was bom Oct.^,'['^ZO, and 

died Nov. 2,1905. Ti^ey had issue:- 

Joseph J. Long, living at Drumore, no-y, lonp, Secretary and 3-* 

Treasurer of Siver. Soring Dairv Co..p^,0., Dru^^'-O ro, 
R.P.D. Si . XKHX3i5iXKX5i:syx?:^KXty Pe was born Anril' in, 1863, 



and married, first, Annio M.McComb, born Svne ^,tp.«2 d^ ec 

tL f .. • ^^°^'^,^y -1^ -"if^^ ^^ary Anna Lonn;, dau-rhter o^ 

Mabel S. Amblsr 
M.Clare Ambler. 

Mabel Lucinda Lon- born June 2G,no:\di.3d July 4,1S08; married lohn 
S. Harner, and they had i-3Tap'_ >^ ^o, .jarxitc, ,jonn 

''^'''' R^'i^^l^ ^arried'j. Nelson |(il gore, and had issue:- 
Kalpu ivilgors, wno 'narricd a iuiss Johnson: 
Charles Kilgoro, ' 

Grace Kilgore. ^^.^^-j^ 

# iiCil iiax^noi", 
■viarian Harner, 
Thomas Harner, 
ivlary riarncr, 
Alice Harner, 

nb«^Tl!!°f reside at Drunaore, address, Drumore R.s-.D.'^l. 
Charles Lonf; Harner. •n.^rrii^-^ h\^ rii" + r.>^+ « ^w .x/, x. 

■, -' -■'"•^■i-j- » i-rrica nis distant couoin Bessie Ro\/d ^ r\p 

'7lf;L .%'»„-""■"' "'^ Elizabeth aon.) ,,-o^hersoi! sef^a" 
^/a; iney hao. issuer- 

'A'ynne Harner, 

Helen r!amer, 

__^^ ,__ Marsiaret Harner. 

'**®«fH?^»sas«it35»a*?ceharles Earner. 

George FraniainLon:., born in Drumore, Au-ast 7, 1941, died V-v^-. j^n t^ 
Tnfy'hSTslSo?^^"^^ Myers,b.rn 1,13.5, 'died l^r^l' .^^hs] 

''^^da s?fet?r?oJs,^;^rh:d^r^;u^:r^- ^^^^ --^'^-^ 

Arthur Long, 
Grace Long. 
James B,Lons, born June 1375, unnarried, 1909; 

iisther Lon,--^, 
G. Horace Long, born aarch 1330, unciarr.ed, 1909. 

::iiza Jane Long, born July ?4,n.u.. died February 8,1855; 

Buchanan Lonsr, boi-n ,.1,1^^,-1 ^^ 1-^,1-) 3- ^ . 

io» uuia naicn .-0,1:^47, died Aoril 16,1-1G4* 




-^RTHUR bllQ.-^^L^i LONG, son of James and i.iargaret (Buchanan) Long, born 
in Drumore, Lancastex^ County, Pa. .November 9, 1803, removed to iviount Rock 
iiills, isiifflin County, Pa* and engaged in tne limber business, later re- 
moved to Lewisto'.vn, ..lifflin County, where he died in 1334. He inherited 
a portion of his father's real esfte in DruTiore, and was livinp; ther-- 
in 132S, when he conveyed it to his brother Jaiies B. Lonf^. He narrie-;; 
at Lswistovm, y.ifflin County, Ann hlliza Hhaw, dauTihter of "''illiaTi and 
Ann (iVatson) Sha^", born died at Le??isto'vn, "'SS^. 

They had issua:- 

V-'in Ian Ja'^es Lonf^,born at Mount Rock JvCills, Mifflin Co. Pa. still 
living atQA<:^^/g,X.,,^^>»v.c/ narried Margaret Albright, and had 
four Chi lor on; ' 

George Henry Long, born at kioiont Rock .,iills,Deceniber r^0,in37, living 
^125 Sheldon Jt. ti^^and Rapids, Mich, married Jan. 17, 1336, Cathar 
ine Shellar, and was born at Chambersburg, Pa. ivarch 22,1345, 
and died at Grand Rapids, ..iich. Get. "0,190:5; they had Issue:- 
ILama Shaw Long, born at Osceola iiills, Clearfield Co, Pa. 

iiug. 23,1337, living with father, 125 shelden Zt, Cirand Rapi 
1,'iich, unmarried, 
,/iargaret Catharine Long, born at Osceola iiills, Clearfield Co. 
married, about 1900, John Duffy; living ^'MO gay St. CJrand 
Rapids, 1,11 ch. 
;.lary Ghellar Long, born at Osceola Mills, Clearfield Co. ^a. 

Apr. 10,1870, "died at Grand Ranids,Mich. Feb. 1 5, 1 312, 
Helen Hurlburt Long, born at Grand RaDids,''.fich. Aug. 2F, 1 8''". 
married about 1S96, "sdward Van Asmus; living, Denver, 041. 
one child, . 

Catharine Van Asmus; yf893f 

Louse Catharine Long, born. Grand Ranid?^, Mich. Jen. S'l . 788^, 

livin'T there vith father, unmarried, T50S. 
Anna Eliza Lone, born Orand RaT»ids,Mich. Sen. -^f, 18-3, marri -' 

Alexander vicPherson, and they live at Grand Rapid?, flic 
George Long, born June 17,1374, died March l'',1373; 

Florence Henderson Long, born Agust 4,1681, died ' ch.o jl'^^Sc: 

Arthur Buchanan Long, born 'aarch 10,1378, at Grand Rap.;)ds,i:.licV 
living at Fresno, California, married Josenhine Iverson, 
/aice Bradley Long, born Jan. 13,1335, died ach 22,1339. 

i.lary Catharine Long, bo x'n, Lewis town, Pa. died there 1391; married Dr. 
Charles Hurlburt, who died 133- ; no issue surviving; 


JUHM SHAW LONG, born near Lewi3to^«7n, Mifflin Co. -oh. 

living at Los Angslo^-., Cal . narriod T-;:ate Rosa., and had i.^sue, 
Ralph Lonr;, living; v/ith his oarent^, 1P09. 

Albert Buchanan Lon~, born near Lo'.vi;-to-'-n, ?a, 

marriod Sallie Chesney, both livin?: at Le'^istown, ?a. had 

Clarence Long, 

- - - -Long 

- - - - Long 

^AKi AME LOilG, daughter of Jaass and .^argaret (Buchanan) Long, born 

in Jraraore, Lancaster co. Pa. JiSKtisx^aKxSH^ciJiii^: October 13,18">8, 

died 1^35; married Willia.'a C. Boyd, of Lancaster County, whore they t. 

ways resided. They had issue: - 

John Boyd, who died witho it issue; 

tVIary J. Boyd, who Tiarried Thc^as Anbler, and had one so^a-^^spri*; 

Lewis Russell Ambler, vh.o narried his cousin '!ary C, Long, 
daughter of Harrison LonfT, above 'mentioned, and had issue: 
A.Levis Ambler, 
Mato€»a Ambler, 
111. CI are Ambler, 
Aiargaret boyd,v,'ido-.v of Dr. Geor~e Gmithson, still livine in Lancaster 

Co. ?a. 
Mary Ann Boyd,, Tife of Charxes :.aul3bury, living in Lancaster Co.Pa 

jDeborah Boyd, widow of V.'illiam /C. Barton, of Lancaster Co. Pa. had 

i 33 J.9 : — 

XXHEZX Wary Barton; 
Albert Boyd, carried - - - _ - _ and had four children; 

Dr. xi'ran.c Boyd, living in liarford Co. Md. narried - - - - - — ; 

X.KR ELIZA liARIHA LONG, daughter of Janes and j.-Iargaret Buchanan Lon~, 
born in Drurnore, Lancaster co.i''a. Seotember ''n,lSlT, died in Centre Co. 

Pennsylvania in n34. r^he married Jacb Ahl , with whom she removed to 

Centre Co. They had no issue: 



...„x... -.....-, youngest daughter of James and ...argaret (Buchanan) Lon;, 

jorn in i^ranorc to'.vnship, Lancastex' county, PennGyivania, fiace-nbcr 29,1'? ij 

iod there iviarch 22,1385. She married Willia-a Ri,||tchie, and had issae:- 

Vj'illiaiTi J. Ritchie, '.vho was Tilled in action in the Civil ?.'ar. 

John Ritchie, who \'re.3 '»cilled in action in the Civil War. 

!'..Iary Ann Ritchie, born in Lancaster co. c ^ , 1"'''4. still llvinp; in Druinor 
to'Vfishir), Lancaster Co. Pa., un-narried: ^OQi): 

aargarot Jano Ritchie, still livine; in Dru-nore, unmarried, 1900; 
liliza Ritchie, carried E.F. Habor, , of Lanca."t:->r Co. ^a. and had issue: 
Henry Hubsr. 
Chester Ruber, 
i-linnic Kuber« 
:..ary iiubei"". 
Henry Ritchie, .narried Bella ivlyers, and has issuer- 
Ben jfiinin Ritchie; 
uussell Ritchie; 
Henry Ritchie. 

Chester Ritchie, married Delia vlyers, and has issue, 
Harl Ritchie, 
Howard Ri tchi e . 
Alice Ritchie, -parried Joseph K.DLibroo, and i3 d/'coasod, leavin-^ is=-ne:- 
p:dgar L. Dubree: (All above data was assembled by 

Willi a-n Dubree, deced. Robert L, Brownfield, Junior, and 

RaiDh Dubree; brother. Rex New Ion Brownfield, in 

the year Nineteen Hundred Pifty-One 
(1951), total fifty-one (51) pages.! 

E r tha Dub re e . 
josenh Zarl Dubree 

Aviary Ritchie, Tiarried - _ - - Coon-r^y, 








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