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7'^i:^K.iA wiiv ^>.-*\..^ji')irtSjv« 













This year's edition of the lotus is dedicated to change, it occurred to the staff that there were many changes 
taking place during the 1998-1999 academic year. Among these changes are the addition of the new academic building. 
The blueprints for the proposed layout of this building are featured throughout the Lotus, but especially on the cover. 

Some of the changes being made are not as noticeable as this one. however. Seemingly small things have been added 

f -¥" 

that ultimately affecf tiir lives as students in a big way. From the "Book Store Lady" to the new security officers the i 

I faculty and administration have gone through some change as well. The very people that we, as students, depend upon 


I have developed into a more efficient working crew. Even the language used here at Peace has undergone a change. 

It New President Laura Carpenter-Bingham is encouraging the student body to no longer call nonresident students "day 

^ students", but to call them "commuter students". It is believed that these changes will aid us in becoming a more 

unified campus. Peace College is Under Construction in every imaginable way, shape, and form. 


BELOW: Who's that faculty member? Mr Rmg is one of the new faculty members 
to arrive on ifie campus ttiis fall. He look over the position of PSRA adviser and teaclies 
some gym classes. BELOW LEFT: Still Keeplh' US SeCUre Security office Wesley makes 
Ills round one early morning, BELOW FAR LEFT: Is this a Panty raid? Polly Nelson. 
Mary Katlicrme Tyson, Steptianie Cameron and Margie Flowers weren't all that close last 
year, but all that changed when they found themselves on the same hall. FAR BELOW: 

Cars everywhere you look, and not a spot to park in. A major change this 

year is the arrival of a larger freshman class. With so many mobile students, it's harder 
than ever to find a parking spot. Maybe that's why they raised the fee to $75. 




I think it's neat that they are going to 
' vy and expand but I ddiil feel it's 

necessary - we won't be a smail 

schooi anymore and i idnda \\Y% that 

about Peace. 

Elizabeth Rawls 



/ :^ 



There is never a dull moment at Peace College. No maner where you turn, or who you talk to, there 
is always something going on around campus. Throughout the year there are mixers, educationals, and club meetings. 
The dorms are a highlight of campus life. In their rooms, the ladies can be themselves, make friends and create lasting 
memories with those who live around them. Two other highlights of the year are the fall Fest Semi-Formal and the 
Spring Fling. At the cocktail, students can show off their dates and dresses, and dance the night away. To get ready 
for this year's semiformal, there was a week long "spirit week" between the sister classes. There was a competitive spirit 
throughout campus, yet it was all in good fun. 



TOP LEFT: Fixed UP! Betsy Brett and a State student shortly after the final picking during Peace's version of "The Dating Game." TOP: 
Baby, it's cold outside. Barbara Iraqi and Beth Hathcock are getting ready for the midnight relay during Fall Fest. MIDDLE: lUmp 
riglll in. Jennifer Darrough and Alicia Stouffer. two freshman team members, in the middle of the water relay for Fall Fest. BOTTOM: ThiOlling 
it over. Jessica Cosica and Katie Stump thinking of what they are going to draw on the Sigma Chi/Peace Derby Days banner. BOTTOM LEFT: 
Questions, Questions. Questions! Sydney Simpson and Laurie Keith answer a few questions during "The Dating Game." 

^ - ' - ^ --' 

INSET: Studying like tliere is no tomorrow! Camedelle Wilson, Lon Wall, and Molly Stokes are getting ready lor a Trig, test, bright and early the next morning. 



■■""'« B n M S T B II B T I n M 

Ittin' on Top of the Worm. Fall Fest is one of the annual traditions 


that makes Peace unique. The object is to bring sister classes together for 
a fun-filled competition. First-year students were paired with Juniors and 
: Sophomores were paired with Seniors as each class struggled to score points 
; in daily activities, such as a Polaroid Scavenger Hunt and a Midnight Relay » 
; Race around the Peace campus. The winners of each activity painted a section | 
of the wooden Spirit Stick to celebrate their victory. In addition, students ■ 
had a t-shin, banner, and food drive contest. A Theme Dinner and Fall 
Fest Cocktail topped off the week's activities. The first-year/junior classes 
made a valiant effort this year, but the Sophomore/Senior classes were 
victorious in the end. First-year student Katie Spangler said, "Although it's i 


Dressing up. going out to a fancy 

dinner, spending time wifli friends 
and dancing tfie niglit away made 

Uie Fall Cocktail memorable for me. 

Amy Minges 

FAR UPPER LEFT; We're OH! Hohanna Ra|akumar. Brooks Bartholomew, Apnl 
Owen, Rebecca Frank, Jamie Brown and Laura Thrasher pose quickly with their dates 
before leaving for the Fall Cocktail. FAR LOWER LEFT: MOUntUP. Allison Rownd, 
Robin Freeman, Christina Alley, Lia Luisi, Jamie Brown, Audrey Warrenfeltz, Amanda 
Mayer, Barbara Iraqi and Emily Baldree have a crazy moment at Krispy Kreme while 
picking up their next clue m the scavenger hunt FAR INSIDE LEFT: Anything for 
the tesm. Standing as the Statue of Liberty in the Peace fountain, Emily Gardner 
and Tori Hervyn help the Sophomore/Senior classes win the relay event FAR BOTTOM 
LEFT: Work it 9irls! Jennifer Darrough and Stephanie McPherson show what they 
are made of in the swim relay. VERY TOP LEFT: GrOUP phOtO. Some of the 
participants in the Midnight Relay take time out to get together and make a memory. 
TOP LEFT: Having a blast! Chelcy Dillon-Sherman, Veronica Everett. Ashley Edlin, 
Katie Spangler and Maun Lybrand have a "giris only" photo before the dance. TOP 
SIDE: Do a little fiance. Emily Costa, Vivian Adams, Candace Wilkes, Anne Mane 
Franklin, Kristina Cadena and others put on a show to get the next clue for the 
Freshman/Junior classes dunng the scavenger hunt. BOTTOM SIDE: Face first! 
During the midnight relay. Mary Margaret Dryc and Catherine Mcdd participate face 
down m a messy but yummy nacho event. ABOVE: The finishing tOUCh. Before 
their dates for the dance arrive, Lisa Carter finalizes details on the phone while 
roommate Courtney Taylor touches up her nails. 


BACKGROUND: TaWll" a break, Eve^one enjoyed their Sunday brunch on the front 
lawn. CAPTIONS FOR PG9: TOP LEFT: lOOkJn' gooHI Kriita DeBose and her date 
pose for a traditional picture in front of the fountain. TOP RIGHT: What Skills! 
After performing the task for several hours, Beth Hathcock became a skilled cotton- 
candy vender. MIDDLE RIGHT: Cheese!. Britt Adams, Shannon Brewer, Shelly 
Bradsher, Courtney Taylor, Lisa Kennedy and Gina Everett posed with their dates. 
MIDDLE LEFT: WUdThang! The first Peace girl to brave the Orbitron, Paula Evans 
slowly drifted upside down as she laughed. BOTTOM RIGHT : Dunk her! Abby Smith 
laughed as another ball sent her swimming. BOTTOM LEFT: SHOW In April? Emily 
Davenport happily made herself a cherry snow cone on the hot April day. 




What a rip-roaring good time it all was! psga did it again 

with the wonderful Red Rose Ball. SGA member Vivian Adams could take 
most of the credit for the location and the party favors for the formal. She 
did a wonderful job and is greatly appreciated! After a great time at the 
Red Rose Ball which lasted into the wee hours of the morning at Lake 
Wheeler, people who weren't too pooped out could have a little bit more 
fun at the Spring Fling. PSRA did a wonderful job this year in coordinating 
the carnival-like activities. It was the first time in a long time that Peace 
students and stafif members stayed for the three and a half hour 
extravaganza! There were all sorts of things to have fun at, the most 
noticeable was the Karaoke machine that Natalie Heath and Emily Feamster 
took advantage of for the theme song to "The Brady Bunch." 


As the audience entered Kenan Recital Hall the participants in 

the 1 998 Peace College dating game were getting ready backstage. The 
game works similar to many dating shows seen on TV. In each round three 
contestants compete against each other to get picked by another contestant 
of the opposite sex separated from them by a partition. The audience loved 
watching competitors sing, dance, answer questions, and walk like models 
in attempt to outdo each other. 

Throughout the school year Peace hosts a number of mixers to 
provide social opportunities for students. Anyone can attend these mixers 
and they always prove to be fun. The themes range from shagging lessons 
to Halloween parties to Motown and meringue. Whatever the category, 
aeople are always busting a move (dancing enthusiastically). 


\ thought the da^^ game was hilari- 
ous! It was hin watching the contes 

tants act so silly. 

-Jenny Kidd 

ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Shake wtiatcha momma gave ya. Chanteiie 

Haynie and lejia Lisica bust a move a( the first mixer of the year. Erin Mahaffey 
dresses up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween. Look! It's Horticia Adams! NO! It's 
the bride of Frankenstein! NO! It's Meredith Fitzgerald! Melissa Thorton strikes a 
pose at the Halloween mixer. LEFT. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: StnitUn' Oieir Stuff. 
One of the winning N.C. State contestants shakmg a leg. Enn Nelson doing a very 
convincing model walk as Natalie Heath and Luisa Miyares look on. Courtney 
Taylor laUtflS at the verbal exchanges between contestants during the datmg game. 
Sherric Hinton , lamanda Blanks and Aimee Overton breaking it down at the Halloween 
mixer. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP TO BOTOM Searching for lOve. Dating Game MC 
Courtney Taylor hands Holly Brown and a lucky winner their gift certificate for dinner. 
Sydney Simpson and some Peace girls answer personal questions. LARGE PHOTO: A 
daflog game participant denMUStraleS advanced ballroom dancmg tech- 


» ^^^^^^^1 



This year's stunt night was a 

hilarious competition between the 
classes. First-year students and Juniors 
were pitted against the Sophomores and 
Seniors. "The Wizard of Peace" starring 
First-year and Juniors was a traditional 
rendition of the Wizard of Oz with a Peace College twist. All of the well-loved characters 
were portrayed, from Dorothy to the Lollipop Kids. The Sophomores and Seniors gave 
a fabulous performance in "Back to the Future", a skit about Peace during the time 
President Bingham, Dean Edwards, and Dean Thurston were students. At the end 
of each skit, members of the sister classes were invited to come up on stage and 
dance with the cast members. ^m 

ABOVE SMALL PICTURE: Glenda the "Financial Aid Witch (Susan Willey) shows Dorothy (Tavia Edwards) the beginning of the Vellow 
Brid Road. ABOVE LARGE PICTURE: Warren Bingham impersonates his wife m the present time period. 

BELOW, TOP TO BOnOM: The COWardlV Lion/Security Guard played by Emily 
fcimster sings Dorothy (Tavia Edwards), Mr. RItchie/Ttie Scarecrow (Rea Thompson), and 
The "Player"/Tin Man (Devon Umslead) a song. Mr. CrOSSnO played by Beth Wilson 
greets a much younger Dean Thurston (Kim Crabtree). The SOPhOmoreS and 
Seniors dance at a mixer set in the 70's. Roni Garcia demonstrates the grace of 
the Porpoise Club. RIGHT, TOP TO BOnOM: Peace College Alumnae Natalie Heath 
and Miranda Buckner tell Dorothy about the ins and outs of Peace. DorOthy. the tin 
man player, Mr. Ritchie the scarecrow, and the cowardly security lion take a rest. 

I enjoyed Stunt Night, n was defi- 

nitely the most entertaining euent 

I've been to so far this year; 

Ricki Home 

Marie (a representative from 

Interact, a crisis center for 

rape and domestic violence) 

was very informative, tt is help- 

ful receiving information 

abuse so if we get into flnit 

ation we will know how to react. 

- Laura Thrasher 

ABOVE: Mac and cheese timel Courtney Feldt li fending for fierself tonigtit by 
making ttie famous macaroni and cfieese dinner wc all en|oy. VERY TOP RIGHT: A 
night out on the town. Betsy Brett, Jamie Dew, Susan Burnette, Blair Coppedge. 
Suzannati Carter, McGee Antmori and Laurie Bryant transform from stressed students 
to carefree girls going to find some off campus fun. TOP RIGHT: JuSIChJIIIn'. Setting 
up to study in the lobby, Barbara Iraqi and Ellen Tibbets needed a change of scenery 
to refresh their minds, TOP SIDE: Hall meeting at 9 O'ClOCk! Everyone on second 
Ross looks thrilled to attend their mandatory monthly hall meeting where anything 
from hall tee-shirts to male visitation is discussed. BOTTOM SIDE: "Anyone have 
a Quarter?" While folding her clothes it is obvious Mary Margaret Drye found enough 
precious quarters to wash and dry her clothes, for some of us this is near impossible. 
FAR TOP RIGHT: ComfOrt ZOne. Blair Coppedge demonstrates that even taking 
time to smile for the camera is worthy procrastination and that the library is sometimes 
too far to walk (the bed is much more comfortable.) FAR MIDDLE RIGHT: Knowledge 
Is prevention. Lauren O'Neal and Veronica Everett listen intently and ask questions 
during the dating violence speaker at an educational. FAR INSIDE RIGHT: Getting 
CraZ" nn the hall! Sometimes things can get wild on the hall when girls are feeling 
hyper as Kathryn Kevin demonstrates with her headstand. FAR BOTTOM RIGHT: MUd 
masks! instead of studying it is often nice to take time out and pamper yourself 
with a mud mask, manicure or a trip to the mall, jenny Kidd and Ricki Home prefer 
the attractive mud masks. 


Girts ml wanna' have fun. Living in a residence hall can be fun, 

stressful and adventurous. Living in a dorm you realize what procrastination 


and homesick really mean. However, you also make the best friends of your 

life in these dorms. These are the friends that you journey off to Miami Subs 

with at two in the morning when you should be studying. These are the girls 

that you not only live with but laugh with, cry with and goof off with. 

Freshman Maija Tabor recalls, "All the frantic late night escapades and of 

course Merideth's alarm clock. But I will remember most of all the ladies 

on first Ross." When you move into a dorm you find freedom but you also 

find unconditional friends. Attendance at one dorm educational per semester 

is required for all Peace College students. The educationals range fr om 

information on domestic violence to relaxing massage therapy. Most girls 

find educationals and dorm life memorable learning expenences. 


Turn down your answering machine. . . 
Can I borrow a movieP. . . Are you fln- 
ished. . . You're off the hook. . . "Shhh". 
. . This is high school stuff. . . Get over 
it. . . Are we allowed to do ttiis?. . . Let's 
go find some cute hoys 
... I'm in my room, hut page me. . . 
..layhe it's your perception. . . 

- Davidson Dormitory Quotes 


LEFT FAR ABOVE: Picture pretty. First Davidson residents. LEFT MIDDLE: Saycheese. 
Second Davidson residents, ABOVE: TrJCk Or Treat. On the night before Halloween children 
were welcome to trick or treat on the halls of Peace College. UNDERNEATH: Oil CliriStmaS 
tree... Anna Kluppel shows high seasonal spirits with the Davidson Christmas tree. LEFT 
: Debutante Ball. Chnssy Ragsdale and Sarah Newton give friendly support at Carnedelle 
Wilson's Deb ball. NOT PICTURED: Sorry! A picture of third Davidson residents was 


$15 dollar fine! . . . "Shh. . .quiet 
hours. . . Oh, Jessie. . . Well, I mean 

. . . Dam skippy. . . mmmm, bye. . . 

Okay, no. 

Finley Dormitory Quotes 

l!|-» .!iM 


JJL l.iH i'H' 

iTTiitMl »:HHMi» »M:"%J 

O ^ ti t-, (•:. A t^r? 

ABOVE: SnaD Shot. First Finley residents. LEFT: HOW pretty. Second Finley 
residents. LEFT BELOW: 1. 2 , 3 Smile. Third Finley residents. UNDERNEATH: Art 101. 
The girls of Second Fmley have a study break to do some creative art. FAR LEFT ABOVE: 
Everyone ready, let's 90! Krisne Harris and Emily Seamon pose quickly before 
heading out for a fun filled night. 

FAR ABOVE: Cuddle ClOSe. Third Mam residents. ABOVE: lOOk at the Camera. 

Fourth Main residents. filGfFT ABOVE: JuSt relaxin' lOr a While. Finley Resident 
Director, Yolanda, catches up on a httic TV. |ust to relax. UNDERNEATH: 
Represendn'. Peace College pose for a funny moment on the North Carolina State 
Fraternity entrance sign. RIGHT: Big Smiles. Second Frazier residents. RIGHT 
BELOW: look UP. Third Frazier Residents. 

Somebody answer the hall phone. . . 
Who didn't close the elevator door? 
. . . Shhh, we will get fined! . . . Cani 
get a - heck yeah. . . Nite-Nite. . . I'm 
taking a day off. . . Who wants Papa? 
Don't he a cry hahy. 

- Main and Frazier Dormitory Quotes 


RIGHT FAR ABOVE: let me see a smile. First Ross residents. RIGHT MIDDLE: Tighl 
squeeze. Second Ross residents. ABOVE: COZy OH the COUCh. Third Ross residents. 
FAR ABOVE: YOU dOII't lOOk SO gOOd. Veronica Everett struggles to study while 
dealing with a bad cold. RIGHT : I'm a PNUCeSS. Lindsay Farris talks on the phone 
while posing with her own tiara on. 

Minor detail. . . Hi-ya. Bye-ya. . . Man on 
the hall, WHERE. . . Can you keep it 
down. . . Are you going out. . Are you 
coming in tonight. . . Who dropped you 
off fliis morning?. . . Wanna smolte?. . . 
Miami Grubs, Bo's anyone?. . . Did he 
call. . . Can I boirow mat shirt/ shoes/ 
hiack pants?. . . Feature Presentation. 

- Ross Dormitory Quotes 


1 1 

It was a lot of fun and work to 

help make our campus more 


- Barbara Iraqi 



The Student Government Association is an organization of 
student leaders, both elected and appointed, who create 
an avenue of change in which the individual concerns and 
opinions of the student body are represented. 

The Student Christian Association provides students with 
opportunities for Christian fellowship and service on campus. 
This Association sets and maintains Christian standards of 
living in all phases of college life. Many activities, including 
mission trips, are offered through this organization. 

S.T.A.R.S. is defined as Students Traveling Around Raleigh 
Sometimes. This association was created to give out-of- 
state students a feeling of community and a sense of belong- 
ing. Activities are planned for weekends and holidays since 
most out of state students find it harder to readily travel home. 

S.W.A.T. is a volunteer student organization committed to 
ensuring that Peace College students receive quality health 
care. The purpose of this organization is to promote healthy 
lifestyles through health education and activities. 

The Peace College Lotus provides an opportunity for students 
to contribute in an imaginative, creative mannerto their school. 
The yearbook helps create an image of Peace College for 
prospective students and preserves memohes of Peace for its 


The purpose of this organization is to provide interested 
students with information about the world of psychology. 
Members are provided with educational information, fun, 
and help with careers in the psychology field. 


This organization provides opportunities of advancement in 
the career world through activities, speakers and events. 
The purpose is to give students a better feel for the working 
force after college. 

This organization's purposes include supporting the all- 
around development of minority students and promoting 
multi-cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity. The 
Multi-Cultural Student Association provides opportunities 
of giiGst speakers and related events. 

This organization explores the fields of Anthropology and 
History through field trips, lectures and fun activities. It also 
provides a service to the community using the two fields 

T.A.C. is devoted to the advancement of young women 
intellectually, socially, culturally, and professionally. By 
exposing the student body of Peace College to the many 
capabilities of computers, T.A.C. prepares students for the 

This association promotes the idea of good fun, good times 
and good friends without the use of excessive or illegal 
substances. The primary initiative of this organization is to 
educate our student body about responsibility in dealing 
with choices surrounding alcohol. 

The International Club explores and promotes awareness 
of international cultures through sponsored activities and 
club meetings. The members interact with each other to 
gain a better understanding of their individual cultures. 

The Prism is a student literary magazine published 
annually as a showcase for graphic design and creative 
writing. The college-onented magazine contains poems, 
short stories and creative non-fiction from the entire 
student body and is designed each year by a Visual 
Communication major. 

The Human Resource Society provides students with 
information about the world of human resources. It 
provides students opportunities to develop planning, 
organizing, and leadership skills in and around their 


Peace Student Recreation Association 

The Daughters and Granddaughters Club 

Students In Free Enterprise 

English Club 

Equestrian Club 


Women Organizing for World 


College Democrats 

College Republicans 




1965 Home Economics Club. 

1970 Porpoise Club. 

1971 Future Secretaries Club. 

1975 Gymnastics Club. 


Faculty, staff and administrators support the academic structure of Peace College. The 

academic structure of Peace consists of many components designed to ensure the success of all students. Keeping a low 
student-to-professor ratio, students receive individual attention in and out of the classroom. The Counseling Center provides 
guidance for personal and academic issues, along with seminars for career planning. Instructors in the Writing Center 
help students improve writing and grammar skills; the Center also provides tutors in any subject. Maintenance and 
Environmental Services keep the campus beautiful while Security works to ensure our safety. Every member of the academic 
structure works to promote the achievement of all students. 

TOP LEFT: President Bingham brings changes to Peace. President Bmgham announces her inleni to iirprove Peace during her 

presidency, LEFT SECOND: RiwaVS Smiling. French professor Dr, Emihe de Luca welcoires her pupils with a warm smile. LEFT TFFIRD: 

A new smiling face. Peace ushers in the new Chaplain. Marnie Crumpler. LEFT FOURTFT: Safety firSt. Chief of Security. Wesley Shattuck 

j keeps a careful watch over the campus. LEFT FIFTH: Always fixing things. Jack Hinkel of Maintenance is eager to help at any time. 



BELOW; No sacrifice is too great tor Peace. President Bmgham shows the crowd at the cookout on Parent's Weekend the proper way 
to do the "Funky Chicken". 



Ms. Katherine E. Arnoft 
Assistant Professor of Phys. Ed. 
Head of Pacers Dance Company 

Dr. Jean P. Arrington 

Professor of Englisfi 

Coordinator of Englisfi Program 

Dr. Lisa A. Bonner 
Associate Professor of Biology 
Coordinator of Biology Program 

Dr. William J. Burpitt 

Associate Professor of Human 



Ms. Candls B. Coxe 
Part-time Instructor of Spanisfi 

Mr. Jofin L. Crossno Dr. Emilie P. deLuca 

Assoc. Prof, of Histroy, Manager Prof, of Frencfi, Coordinator of 
of Accreditation Activities International Studies Program 

Mr. Sean Dieleman 

Instructor of Pfiysical Education 

Softball Coacfi 

Ms. Vicki Dieleman 

istructor of Pfiysical Education 

Tennis Coacti 

Dr. Linda Ferrer! 
Associate Professor of 
Business Administration 

Ms. Susan M. Fisher 
Assoc. Prof, of Pfiys. Education 

Dr. Anne O. Fountain 

Prof, of Spanisfi and Latin 

American Studies 


Dr. Robin M, Lightner 

Assistant Professor 

of Psycfiology 

Dr. David McLennan 

Assoc. Prof, of Communication 

Coord, of Communications 

Ms. Carolyn J. Parker 
Assoc. Prof, of Art 
Coord, of Vis. Communications " 

Mr. Archie L. Ritchie 
Professor of Mathematics 

Ms. J. Adair Robertson 

Associate Professor 

of Mathematics 

Mr. James S. Smith 

Associate Professor 

of Music 

Dr. Bes S. Spangler 

Prof, of English. Coord, of 

College Scholars and Honors 

Dr. Robert V. Sturdivant 

Professor of 
Philosophy and Religion 

Dr. Laura G. Vick 

Prof, of Anthropology, Chair 

Div. of His., Rel., Soc. Sciences 

Dr. Patncia L. Weigant 

Assoc. Prof, of Bio., Chair of 

Math, Natural, Health Sciences 

Dr. Janet L. Wester 

Prof, of English. Chair of 

Fine Arts, Lang., Literatures 

Not Pictured 

Ms. Melanie Bacheler 
Ms. Catherine H. Banks 
Mr. Ralph Bartel 
Ms. Judith Bruno 
Ms. Whitney J. Cain 
Dr. Marily T. Grunkemeyer 
Dr. Karen Johnson 
Dr. Sidney Johnson 
Dr. Heather A. Lee 
Mr. Scott Lynch 


Dr. Joseph R. Wolf 

Assistant Professor 

of Biology 




Ms. Karen Bass 
Director of Student Activities 

Ms. Mane Bass 
Receptionist, Student 
Mailroom Coordinator 

Ms. Sherry O. Boyl<in 

Director of Communications 

Part-time Instructor in Journalism 

Ms. Judy W. Bruhn 
Director of Counseling 
Center and Counseling 


Mr. Dan J. Beaky 

Vice President for 

Business and Finance 

Mr. David P. Caccamo 

Dir. of Academic Computing 

Assis. Prof, of Bus. and Econ. 

i Jl I 


Ms. Laura C. Bingtiam 




Ms. Krista F. Casey 
Assistant to tfie Registrar 

Ms. Dawn A. Childers, RN 
Healtti Services Director 

Ms. Marnie Grumpier 

Ms. Cathey Ector 
Administrative Assistant 


Ms. Judith H Edmonston 
Assistant to the Vice President 
for Institutional Advancement 




Ms. Debbie Edwards Dr, Janice Edwards Ms. Barbara Efird 

Athletics Director Vice President for Student Affairs Director of Career Services 

Basketball and Volleyball Coach Lecturer on Student Developments 

Ms. Wanda Flowers 

Administrative Assistant 

EMAS Supervisor 

Ms. Verne Futrell 
Assistant Comptroller 

Mr, Larry G, Griffin 

Ms. Barbara Hawkins 
Library Assistant 

Ms. Christie B. Hill 
Director of Admissions 

Dr. Ann L. HucKenbock 

Vice President for 

Marketing and Enrollment 

Ms. Diane Jensen 
Library Assistant 

Ms. Jane G. Kanipe 
Assistant to the President 
Director of Financial Aid 

Ms, Melanie Kieve 
Communications Specialist 



& staff 

Mr. Paul F. King 
Director of Library Services 

Ms. Nancy M. Kirby 

Executive Secretary 

to the President 

Ms. Rebecca Leggett 
Dir. of Visitor Support Services 
Assis. to the VP for Bus.. Fin. 

Ms. Sara McCorkle 

Assistant to the Vice President 

for Student Affairs 

Ms. Marie McEntire 

Assistant to the Vice President 

for Academic Affairs 

Ms. Ingnd L. Moss 
Assistant Librarian 

Dr. Robert J. Page 

Ms. Sue Rams 
Administrative Assistant 

Ms. Leslie Rand 
Resident Director 

Ms. Cynthia H. Seymou! 

Coordinatior of Alumnae 

Student Recruitment 


Ms. Pat Smith 
Administrative Assistant 

Ms. Linda Sparrow 
Director of Spiritual 
Life Programming 

Ms. Robin R. Stewart 

Assistant Director 

of Admissions 

Ms. Pern Sutton 

Ms. Sara J. Wilkinson 
Gift Processor 

Ms. Judith P, Williams 

Dir, of Student Support Services 

Assistant Professor of English 

Dr. Charles G. Yarbrough 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Mr. Wesley Shattuck 
Chief of Security 

Mr. John Crabtree 
Security Officer 

Mr, Leon Penny 
Security Officer 

Mr. Melvin Pender 
Dir, of Environmental Services 

Ms. Millie Vick 

Assistant Director of 

Environmental Services 

Ms. Shirley Byrd 
Services Staff 

Ms. Phyllis Cooper 

Services Staff 

Ms. Dora Dunston 
Services Staff 

Ms. Christine Tomlinson 
Services Staff 

Ms. Carolyn Staton 
Services Staff 

Mr. Jack Hinkel 

Supenntendent of 

Buildings and Grounds 

Not Pictured 

Mr J. P. Fesperman 
Ms. Carolyn Canady 
Mr. Wesley Barber 
Mr. Ben Currin 
Mr. Allen Smith 
Ms. Ida Mangum 
Mr. T.J. Glover 
Mr. Willie Davison 
Mr. Charles Lyde 

Mr. Erick Peoples 
Services Staff 

Mr. Tony Boyd 
Maintenance Crew Member 

Mr. Al Hester 
Maintenance Crew Member 


Majoring in communication lias 



As Peace College develops and expands, so do the 

choices of majors offered to students. Peace has a range of 
degree programs and academic concentrations designed to prepare students 
for successful, rewarding careers. Tliree new majors were introduced in the 
fall of 1998: Visual Communication, English, and Music Performance. These 
three joined the six other baccalaureate and three associate degrees. 

been tlie perfect clioice. i liave 
tlie best professors in tbe wolid! 
They've taught me about the 
many different communication 
styles people have. 




gj^,.- ^ 



Peace College Biology majors utilize the latest technology 
and gain the tools needed to build a strong foundation in the 
biological sciences. The program prepares students for 
graduate study or entry-level positions. While learning 
basic biological skills, majors are exposed to unique oppor- 
tunities and modern scientific equipment. Many field work 
experiences and internship options are offered to students. 

The B.A. program in Business Administration combines 
professional course work and expenences within the clas- 
sic framework of the liberal arts tradition. The Business 
Administration program at Peace College is designed around 
an MBA model, a strong defined core of classes with 
opportunities for selected study in a broad range of busi- 
ness related disciplines. The goal of the program is to 
develop future business leaders who have the moral devel- 
opment, decision making skills, and professional expertise 
to lead in the global economy of the next millennium. 

Communication is the study of human message produc- 
tion. We spend 75% of our waking hours communicating: 
speaking, writing, and listening. Communication majors 
learn how to produce oral, written, and electronic messages 
more effectively. The result is a person who is profession- 
ally and personally successful. Through an active intern- 
ship program and other opportunities to work with commu- 
nication professionals, students get practical experience in 
one or more areas of Communication. 


An English major provides excellent preparation for careers 
as diverse as law, ministry, medicine, business, banking, 
and government. In reading literature, students are study- 
ing life. They learn to expect and accept complexity and 
ambiguity. By encountering situations in fiction, poetry, 
and drama, students gain self-knowledge and reassess 
their beliefs. Because of its inclusive nature, an English 
major offers a strong foundation in the reading, thinking, 
and writing skills preparatory for graduate programs, the 
marketplace, and a fulfilling life. 

The Human Resources Major prepares students for a 
variety of challenging careers. Ours is one of only two HR 
degree programs in the state and is successful in placing all 
of its students in professional jobs upon their graduation. 
Peace HR students are members of the Society for Human 
Resource Managers, the most prestigious national organi- 
zation of the profession. Graduates work in areas such as 
Training, Recruitment, Compensation, International HR 
management. Leadership and Teams, Performance man- 
agement, Organizational Socialization and Development. 
PICTURE: The 1998-99 HR majors 

Peace College's Liberal Studies major provides the strong 
academic preparation that a student needs whether she 
wishes to go to professional or graduate school or straight 
into a career in areas such as politics and public service, 
non-profit work, editing, business and education. Students 
may opt to specialize in two areas by completing a double 
concentration, minor, or specialization. The rigorous nature 
of the course work develops essential skills in the areas of 
critical thinking, reading, writing, and research. Internships 
designed to fit each student's needs as well as international 
study programs supplement a superior education. 

The recently added four-year Music Performance degree 
will prepare students for graduate school or for establishing 
their own teaching studios. Combining the best features of 
the Bachelor of Arts in music and the Bachelor of Music 
degree, it is a Liberal Arts degree designed with special 
emphasis in performance. 

The Psychology major gives students knowledge and skills 
that will help them find an excellent job or pursue graduate 
study. The major helps students explore career goals 
through a variety of exciting internships (over 50 and 
growing). In addition, students have the opportunity to 
conduct their own research and travel with professors to 
conferences and other places of interest. PICTURE: Stu- 
oents on a field tnp to Washington, D.C. 

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication will 
lead to professional roles in all areas of contemporary 
society. The program takes advantage of the current 
Communication B.A. program which offers many courses 
which supplement the Visual Communication degree al- 
lowing students more opportunities to explore multimedia 
and other digital-related programs. By the time a student 
graduates, she has developed the skills necessary for 
successful client relationships and has prepared a portfolio 
of finished work. 

An Associate of Arts Degree is planned for those students 
who wish to work toward a bachelor's degree as well as for 
those who wish to terminate their education with the Asso- 
ciate of Arts degree. The curriculum is flexible enough so 
that those transferring to another senior college may 
choose the appropriate courses as required and still have 
opportunity for a wide selection of elective subjects. 

Students who desire to major in music must audition before 
the music faculty for acceptance and placement in the 
music degree program. Completion of the requirements for 
the Associate of Fine Arts in Music degree will prepare the 
student to continue work toward the Bachelor of Arts in 
f\/lusic Performance degree. 

Students interested in pursuing certificate or professional 
degree programs in nursing, pharmacy, medical technol- 
ogy, radiologic science, dental hygiene, occupational therapy 
or other health or allied health areas and students pursuing 
any major within the field of biology should consider the 
Associate of Science degree. The curriculum is designed 
to be flexible enough to meet all necessary requirements 
for admission to any of these programs prior to transfer to 
the professional programs. 

Peace students go globetrotting. Every year Peace offers opportu 
nities for students to study in a foreign country. Students who go on an 
international study attend lectures, tour historic landmarks and go shopping! 
They can earn up to three credit hours by attending one of the study aboad 
programs. Last summer Peace women journeyed to various destinations: England, 
Austria, Mexico, and France. Traveling and studying abroad allows students to 

witness daily life in a different culture. Bridget Brantley says, " [Study Abroad] gives students a unique sense of independence 

and of accomplishment. It's my wish that every Peace student could participate." 


ABOVE Taking a break trom lessons, "ic Ha|or Amanda York lours Austria with her Itahan friend Dana. NEXT PAGE TOP LEFT: 
Spending tlie day at the ChOlUl Zoo in Merida. Mexico. Amber Sauer and Bridget Brantley walk around with their friends, Carolina 
and Santiago. TOP RIGHT; POSing in front Of the Palace of Versailles in France. Clockwise. Bilhe Vanderford, Jamie Averette, 
Rebacca Costin, Suzannah Carter. Nicole Crane and Kinsey Dunn. BOnOM: Walking helOW the lOndOh Bridge. Rebecca Thrasher. April 
Owen, and Laura Thrasher lice from their studies in Oxford for a day of sightseeing in London. 







.^^ k ^ 



Not only did I improve my Spanish. 

learn about Mayan culture, climb 

pyramids, see Spider Monkeys 

and begin special friendships - 
I had the adventure of my life! 

- Bridget Brantley 

ABOVE LEFT: Hard 31 WOrk. The 1998-1999 Marshals pose for a picture after a 
rreeting about their duties for graduation. ABOVE RIGtfT: Going tO Study. Britt 
Adams leaves her car and heads to the library to study. INSET: Taking a break. 
Resting from studying hard, Lisa Carter takes a break and relaxes. RIGHT: Striving 
in excellence. Mandy Cutler receives an award from Dr. Weigant and is also a 
marshal for the school year. 

It is a great privilege to be a 
Marshal and to be able to take 
part in tbe graduation exercises 
that take place. 

Marshals at work. ABOVE: Billy Vanderford takes a break from schoolwork and enjoys 
an afternoon on front campus while eating some cotton candy. LEFT: Brett Morgan receives 
an award for her hard work and she is also a Marshal for the 1998-1999 year. 



No outsiders are allowed to view 

the Le Cenacle de Peace initiation 

ceremony. Those who participate 

are sworn to secrecy, leaving the 

rest of us to wonder; 

Audrey Warrenfeltz 

LEFT: The Officers of Sigma Delta Pi, Sarah Arnott and Bridget Brantley. BELOW, top 
to bottom: Ptii Tliela Kappa Top Row: Teresa Horns, Mandy Cutler, Gina Everett. Maun 
Lybrand, Felicia Singleton. Melissa Edmonston, Billie Vandeford. Bottom Row: Katie Vlazny, Brut 
Adams. Rebecca Costin, Lisa Carter, la CenaClO dO PeaCe Top Row: Rebecca Thrasher, 
Dr. DeLuca, Elizabeth Cloud, April Owen. Bottom Row: Lia Luisi, Laura Thrasher, Chantelle 
Haynie. Meredilll Barlietl and Beth F^aihcock dancing at the "Motown meets Merengue" 
mixer sponsored by the Spanish Honor societies and the Multicultural Student Association. 


As a way of recognizing stu- 
dents with outstanding aca- 
demic performance, Peace tias 
four honor sociefles. 

Each society has its own quahfications 
and specializations. The three foreign 
language societies require students with 
strong academic profiles, high GPA's in 
the language and who have taken advanced level courses in that subject. Sigma Delta 
Mu is a Spanish honor society for two-year colleges and the first three years of four- 
year colleges and universities. Peace College is the national headquarters for this 
society. Sigma Delta Pi is a national honor society for four-year colleges and universities. 
The Peace College chapter is Upsilon Beta. As part of the society's service to the 
Peace family, members offer free Spanish tutoring to students in need. Sigma Delta 
Pi also helps organize on-campus events in conjunction with Sigma Delta Mu and the 
Multicultural Student Association. The French society, La Cenacle de Paix honors french 
students who want to learn more about France and its culture. Members must 
demonstrate a seriousness in their studies. Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor 
society for junior colleges. Gamma Phi is the Peace College chapter. Members must 
possess outstanding moral charaaer and good citizenship as determined by the faculty. 

ABOVE: SMALL PMOTO Having a blast Melissa Edmonston, Mohana Rajakumar, Kathryn Kevin, and Bridget Brantley take a quick break to pose 
during the "Motown meets Merengue" mixer. LARGE PHOTO: Many Students returned from Christmas break to see the frozen fountain. 



Academic field trips. Peace students pack into planes, trains, and 
automobiles -and sometimes on a ferry- for academic field trips. For a 
couple of days, students trek around a metropolitan area or tfie great 
outdoors siteseemg and writing in a |ournal to document ttieir experiences 
and observations for credit tiours. Peace offers academic field trips relating 
to many different courses of study. Art students can travel to a major city 
to tour museums or art galleries experiencing different art styles. Tfieatre 
enttiusiasts have the opportunity to travel to places where they can attend 
plays, musicals, or take backstage tours. For Ecology fans, trips are planned 
to places around NC to observe the environments. The Hispanic community 
Class offers a trip to Florida to experience authentic meals and the culture 
Uudents have studied in a semester long class. 


We (Hispanic Community Class] 

toured a translating agency, ate 

an authentic Cuban meal, and 

went Salsa dancing in Miami, 

Florida . 

1 1 ,'/ K 

- Kathryn Kevin 


LEFT PAGE: On lOP Of Cape HaneraS. Chelcy Dillon-Sherman and Allison Rownd 
view the landscape ol the shore line, TOP LEFT: Museum PraCtJCUm Reld 
Trip. Art Students take a break from the museums in the nation's capital for a picture 
in front of the Capital Building. ABOVE CENTER LEFT: Miami! Mary Lane Longest, 
Amber Sauer, and Jenny Clarke of the Hispanic Community Clais smile with the cousin 
of a Peace student in Florida. LEFT: Sad leSSOH. The Ecology class got an 
unfonunate surprise when they discovered a beached whale on the shores of the NC 
Outer Banks. BELOW LEFT: New York City! Theatre students spent their Spring 
Break on Broadway. 

I was sitting so close to the stage 

when I saw "Cabarer' that I think 

one of the actors actually humped 

into my chair! 

Caroline Ambrose 



LEFT PAGE.IEFT: Where did Van GOBh? Blair Coppedge asks where did the painter Vincent Van Gogh paint this picture. LEFT PAGE, RIGHT: 
Kiss me! An Student. Katie Demmer chmbs atop a statue to win a kiss from her bronie hero, RIGHT PAGE, ABOVE: Smile GirlS! Meredith 
Bartlett, Katherine Medd, Kathryn Kevin, and Melissa Edmonston take a snapshot before exploring another part of Miami during Spring Break. 




ABOVE: Relax! Kristma Brewington waiting for a paper in the computer lab. 
BACKGROUND: PhysiOlogv - gross! Lisa Carter and Mandy Cutler learning about 
the human body in Biology class. 



I like the fact that Peace has small 

classes and we ahivays get one-on- 

one attention from our professors. 

-Mauri Lybrand 

TOP LEFT: NoteS, noles and Slill more notes! While diligently taking notes 
in Art Appreciation, Tori Mcrvyn, Ellen Tibbetts and Emily Garner get a chance to absorb 
many interesting facts. RIGHT: Students hang 00 tO the WOrdS of Dr. Patrick 
Hyer as he explains a lesson in Biology. BOTTOM LEFT: She's a OianJac! Ali 
Davey can always be seen working hard at the computer. BOTTOM RIGHT: Can 
anyooe spell the Oame of that artist? Students frantically trying to copy 
down the names of the artists as Ms. Waters rushes through another set of slides. 



U U >03' 

Say cheese! For years most of us have been practicing taking our school photograph and we have become professionals 

at it. There is akays that one picture tliat your not too thrilled about. This is thepicturc where you have one hair 

stickmg up in the wrong place, your eyes are shut or you have a odd look onyfiBy^^ However, these schooljhotos 
are worth it because they will serve as memories to you, your friends and family. Students demonstrate the famous 
"shut eye" shot, at the top is Rebecca Thrasher, third from top is Catherine Boylin, at the bottom is Pamela Widia 
The second from the top, Laurie D. Bryant shows her best smile for the camera. Foururfem the top CatherirtfMedd 

IS posed just right. 



BELOW: Graffiti on Peace CampUSP What happen to Nancy Thomas! The yeafbook staff 
decided to give Nancy a httle make-over, she was consenting of course! 

" " "^^ "^ " " " ^ ^ " " fi T I n N 

Amy Boyd 

Andrea Bi.idk'y 

Andrea Branch Brooke Braswell Melanie Braswell Ins Broadhurst Stephanie Brockwell 




Amy Brower 

Angie Bryant 

Miranda Buckner 

Kelly Christie 

Casey Coffeli 

Melissa Connor 

Emily Conway Brooke Cormack 

Marie Crabtree 

Jennifei Oairough Christine Davenport 

Allison Deal 

Mary Hargret Drye Harla fdwards 

Grey English 

Virgina Farley 

Emily Feimsler Courtney Feldt 

Christy Fipps 

Amanda Setsoms Caroline ^ineath 

Katie Spangler Jennifer Sproles 

Johanna Stevens 


Alicia Sioufler Julie ^undy 

Dana Stanley 

Julie Stanley 

Mai|a Tabor 

Hary leel AnaiUiia Ih^odoroginnis 

Elizabeth Ttiompso.i Susan Thompson Melissa Thornton Danielle Tomberlm 

Kelly Turner 

Teresa Undewood 

Jenniier Wallace 

Angela Whitfield 

Pamela Widlak 

Elizabeth Woodson 

Courtney Abrams 
Emily Adkins 
Margaret Akers 
Hanan Al-Refai 
Brittany Allen 
Jamie Allred 
Grey Batten 
Erica Black 
Melissa Blankenship 
Brooke Braswell 
Christina Brewington 
Jessica Britt 
Maria Brunetti 
Melissa Buff 
Kristin Burks 
Kristina Cadena 
Candace Callahan 
Michelle Carls 
Leticia Carrigan 
Nicole Cavey 
Eleanor Chambers 
Effie Clayton 
Anna Clements 
Jova Cogdill 
Meredith Cooke 
Amy Davis 

Nikeisha Wyatt 

Elizabeth Davis 
Angela Dean 
Cheriese Dean 
Kristin Dorko 
Denise Duke 
Emilv Dunham 
Mary Dunn 
Kristin Edmundson 
Sarah Elliot 
Lindsay Ferris 
Lauren Forbes 
Catherine Forsyth 
Jessica Fort 
Rachel Frederici 
Katie Genty 
Angle Giordano 
Robin Godwin 
Amanda Goodman 
Vadra Groce 
Judith Gutierrez 
Venus Hatler 
Lucy Hancock 
Elizabeth Hannaum 
Kristie Harris 
Sarah Hampton Harris 
Catherine Harrison 

Not Pictured 

Ashley Hinton 
Briana Home 
Jessica Hougasian 
Soe Hwang 
Kelley Hyman 
Natasha Jackson 
April James 
DeNata Johnson 
Melissa Johnson 
Melia Jones 
Shanae Jones 
Sharon Jones 
Laura Joyce 
Jenny Kidd 
Heather Kyle 
Mary LaBianca 
Lejla Lisica 
Jennifer Lynn 
Courtney MacNeal 
Melissa Malcuit 
Elizabeth Mayo 
Michelle McBee 
Lisa Medford 
Michaela Miller 
Erin Nelson 
Jennifer Neshitt 

Catherine Pahl 
Jennifer Powell 
Katie Pyron 
Allyson Rhodes 
Jennifer Robbins 
Carrie Safrit 
Sidney Simpson 
Sara Beth Smith 
Selena Smith 
Jennifer Smothers 
Lauren Squitieri 
Allison Starling 
Shelburn Stowe 
Alison Thomas 
Cristin Thomas 
Erin Trull 
Courtney Vinson 
Cori Walker 
Christina Ward 
Stacey Warren 
Amy Weber 
Summer Wegner 
Rebecca Wells 
Cindy Wilson 
Jean Yancey 

■ above Hamming it up! laune Keith 
I sings her favorite song with her makeshift 
I "microphone"! 


Margaret Adams 

Caroline Ambrose 

Stephanie Averitt 

Shelby Barber 

Alana Barnett 

Michelle Behvand 

Carrie Blair 

Lamanda Blanks 

Lori Bowes 

Shelly Bradsher 

Shannon Brewer 

Kathryn Brown 

Krystal Bryant 

Stephanie Cameron 

Lisa Carter 

Suzannah Carter 

Victoria Clemmons 

Brianne Cooper 

Blair Coppedge 

Jessica Coscia 

Rebekah Costin 
Kimberly Crabtree 
Nicole Crane 
Mandv Cutler 
Krista DeBose 

Chelcy Dillon-Shermar 
LaShuna Dozier 
Ashlev Ediin 
Melissa Edmonston 
Vee Vee Edwards 

Paula Evans 
Gina Everett 
Veronica Everett 
Marjorie Flowers 
Emily Gardner 

Betsy Gay 
Leigh Anne Hatchel 
Jessica Herrin 
Sherrie Hinton 
Amanda HolHngswortl 


Kelly Inscoe v'^ 
Barbara Iraqi K'** ^ 
Krista Johnson T^-*i *" 

Rose Jones 
Melanie Keith 

Jennifer Kelliher 

Candice Lee 

Melissa Lee 

April Lewis 

Mauri Lybrand 

Katherine Lyons 

LaToya Mack 

Soosan Major 

Karen Massengill 

Jennifer Matthews 

Catherine Medd 

Leigh Medford 

Tori Mervyn 

Amy Minges 

Kimberlv Moorefield 



Catherine Muse 
Polly Nelson 
Lauren O'Neal 
April Owen 
Allison Pahl 

Cassandra Parks 
Kasev Paschal 
Melinda Patterson 
Christina Ragsdale 
Meredith Ruark 

Summer Schoen 
Jennifer Sharpless 
Felicia Singleton 
E\an Smith 
Mav Stokes 

Katherine Stump 
Courtney Tavlor 
Ellen Tibbetts 
Billie Vandertord 
Lori Wall 


Audrey Warrenfeltz 

Ginny Wiard 

Tabatha Wilson 

Donna Youngs 

Not Pictured 

Courtney Adams 
Erica Albright 
Devin Allen 
Christina Alley 
Nicole Arnold 
Emily Baldree 
Rebecca Barnes 
Meredith Bartlett 
Jennifer Batchelor 
Mary Elizabeth Bell 
Meredith Berryhill 
Leanne Bissette 
Lindy Blankenship 
Tracey Bleau 
Caroline Boney 
Ashley Boyle 
Betsy Brett 
Mary Brewer 
Jennifer Broughton 
Laurie Bryant 
Dara Buck 
Sandra Burns 
Brandy Carter 
Ying-Ping Chu 
Jennifer Clarke 
Katherine Clay 
Elizabeth Cloud 
Kathryn Cox 

Lauren Craft 
Emilie Davenport 
Shauna Dawson 
Jamie Dew 
Anne Edwards 
Leslie Estes 
Kippin Finger 
Robin Freeman 
Mary Gray 
Anna Hanley 
Joanna Harris 
Beth Hathcock 
Elizabeth Hicks 
Katherine Honeycutt 
Alex Hopkins 
Pamela Innian 
Elizabeth Key 
Elizabeth Knox 
Renee Lapham 
Allison Leggett 
Katie Litchfield 
Aml^er Little 
Courtnie Logue 
Amanda Mayer 
Katie Mayo 
Melinda Montondo 
Allison Moore 
Teresa Morris 

Sarah Newton 
Lisa Nobles 
Erin O'SuUivan 
Elizabeth Overman 
Jessica Page 
Mary Perkins 
Jennifer Perkinson 
Marlena Quinn 
Rhiannon Ratliff 
Elizabeth Rawls 
Danielle Roebuck 
Allison Rownd 
Julie Simmons 
Marv Smith 
Shanna Smith 
Jamie Surgeon 
Nancy Thomas 
Sarah Tipton 
Jessica Toney 
Jenne Vaughan 
Katy Vlazny 
Julie Wheatly 
Shana Wheeling 
Carriedelle Wilson 
Elizabeth Wilson 
Mandy York 

ABOVE: Party animals! ! Sophomores Amy Minges and Catherine Medd had a good time 
at the Halloween costume party mixer. 


Kim Grabtree is this year's iVIiss Peace. 

Miss Peace is an award bestowed on a candidate 
nominated by other students. To be eligible for 
the title of Miss Peace a student must be active in i 
the Peace College community -academically, socially, 
and spiritually. Kim Crabtree is also an outstanding 
sophomore and the president of the Sophomore 
Class. To be named Miss Peace is the highest honor 
a student can be given by her peers. 

Stephanie McPherson 

Hollie Aldridge 

Heather Asher 

lamje Auerelle 

Broohs Barlholomew 

Ellzabelh Sleeker 

Catherine Boylin 

Jamie Brown 

Allison Bullaloe 

Georgia Carmichael 

Emily Costa 

Kinsey Dunn 

Tavie Eilwarils 







Brand! Gnss 

Catherine Hancocli 

Emily Harrell 

Allison Kelly 


Jessica Tanev 

Laura Thrasher 

II d 

Rehecca Thrasher 

Natasha Thrill 

Devon umsiead 

Susan Willey 

Rebecca Wood 



Not Pi 

Vivian Adams 
Kelly Allison 
Nicole Angelone 
Mitzi Baker 
Bridgette Barker 
Elizabeth Barrett 
Holly Bowen 
Cynthia Brown 
Sheri Buckner 
Katy Coombs 
Jenny Edmondson 
Ashley Farland 
Kendal Grawburg 
Kristin Greene 
Joy Hines 
Kristie Hora 
Jennifer Ingle 
Megan Ives 
Amanda Jackson 
April Jenkins 
Lava Jirjis 
Portia Johnson 
Rebecce Johnson 

Para Klian 
Melissa Kille 
Emily Koontz 
Elisabeth Laughridge 
Frances Lewis 
Caroline Mazza 
Emily McCamy 
Shay Mullins 
Elizabeth Negrelli 
Alicia Neumann 
Amber Nichols 
Meghann Partin 
Tara Ragland 
Mary Rivers 
Kathryn Schinsing 
Kimberle Scott 
Natalie Spangler 
Kara Sutherland 
Rea Thompson 
Sarah Vogt 
Ban Younan 

ABOVE: Just hangin' around the room . these jumors are the closest of friends. Vou can almost always 
see Laura Thrasher, Mohana Raiakumar, and Brooks Bartholomew having a good time together! 


Andrea Blalock 

Lee Ann Brown 

Tammy Gotten 

Leah BLinchard 

Bridget Brantley 

Stephanie Garden 

Tiana GLide 

Annva Broderick 

Bonnie Glifton 

Amanda Gozart 

Allison Davey 

Garey Dawson 




Kathryn Moerman Anne Mdrgaret Montana 

Meredith Royall 

Vicki Smith 

Sharon Mooring 


HL-^ ll^^H 


— ^^^^^H 


""t «*^^^H 


4. I^^H 

^W' \ ' 

^- ' !• I^^H 







Mary Turner 

Kimberlv Ramer 

Jennifer Vega 

April Westerman 

Melanie WilUams 





Not Pictured 

Sarah Arnott 
Shandalyn Bennett 
Caralyn Bolte 
Michelle Braswell 
Laura Breeden 
Laura Britt 
Amy Cavenaugh 
Pilar D'Asto 
Hunter Davis 
Kathryn Duckworth 
Nicole Frahm 
Amanda Frazier 
Mary Gidney 
Angela Gray 
Ashleigh Green 
Beatrice Hayden 
Lisa Lawrence 
Rosalia Luisi 
Jennifer MacNabb 
Jennifer McLamb 
Amanda McPherson 
Cleone Newsom 
Caria Pike 
Cynthia Prow 
Jennifer Roberts 
Amanda Skidmore 
Angela Warmack 



^**'M^^b>I^ ' 






ABOVE LAKGE PHOTO: Typical Itighl for the girls Ot Srd Davidson Jennifer Wilson Jessica Toney. Melissa Blankenship. and Lmdy 
Blankenship ready to go out to "Have A Nice Day Cafe" COLUMN Of PtfCTOS, TOP TO BOTTOM: All SCrunChOd UP Brooke Liley tiangs 
out at "Spankey's" in Lyncfiburg.VA. ComplBlOly Fat Free Amy Brewer shows off essential elements in her unique diet. JOSt klClun' 
Pro soccer playei Meredith Bartlett demonstrates her skill, Torrv ClOtlt Mllie TySOHS fiachel Hamilton and Brooke Barham in matching 
bath robes. Very inleose Amanda Sessoms shows her crazy side. 

BELOW CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Getting CUddly. Roomies Margie Flowers and Stephanie Carreron show iheir love. A little SquaShed. 
let's hope that Audrey Warrenfeltz and Amy Norn remembered to wear their deodorant. All SmlleS Erin Nelson, Chantelle Haynie, and Le|la 
Lisica hang out outside of Mam. 

we will keep forever. 



Although a great deal of our time is spent in classes it s what students do when we are not working 

that counts the most. Whether girls are out dancing, dating, shopping, or just hanging out, those are the memories 

Showing Off . Peace students are given the opportunity in many different areas to showcase their talents and abihties. 
Whether it is painting a picture, performing in a play, singing with the Chamber Singers, or dancing as a Peace Pacer, ^^ 

each woman is able to show off what she is best at doing. These creative endeavors ^x^ss the energy andlenthusiasi 

of the Peace student body. The many opportunities that are available allow students to develop their creative talents 
in new and exciting ways. 


TOP LEFT: Kalhryn Kevin prepares paper developing chemicals. BELOW TOP LEFT: Peace PacerS practice for their upcomng performance. 
MIDDLE LEFT: McNair Rivers works on a newsletter design m the graphic design lab. BELOW MIDDLE LEFT: Annya BrOderiCk waits 
patiently while her costume is altered LEFT Self POUrait by Collin Hanley. 


BELOW: Chamber Singers stand wuh their sponsors after the Scholarship dinner 

nr N n E R R n M S T R II R T I n M 


ABOVE INSET: Hangin' with TOOlSie. Whitley Davenport, Tamara Weston-Burt, and Rikki Hinson pose with Whitley's dog. ABOVE URGE 
PHOTO We lOtfe pizza!. Laury Kieth, Sallie Seagars, and Mary Teel show off their Papa Johns. 


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP. KinseyDunn shows off ttie teacfier evaluations sfie is carryin 
Students frolick around tfie fountain after Class Day chapel. Big Ole red trUCk 

Sfielley Bradsher poses m tier wfieels with Brooke Bartholomew. All dreSSed UP Holly 
Bowan. Natalie ffeath, Kasey Pascal, and Beth Hathcock before the fall Cocktail. NailCy 
and Blair sitting in front of Ross Residence Hall 

I have enjoyed being in 

Cliamber Singers because it gets 

me involved, and feeling like I'm a 

part of Peace. 

Jennifer Perkinson 

LEFT: Beautiful music. Jim Smith directs during a concert in Sainte Chapelle, Pans, 
EXTREME TOP RIGHT: Big smile! The group takes time after their final concert 
at Ely Cathedral in Pans, TOP RIGHT: Another Picture. . . Not only do they hold 
concerts in various places, the Chamber Singers visit many other hot spots in Pans! 
BOTTOM RIGHT: Woman in black. One of the many concerts at the Ely Cathedral 
in Ely. England. EXTREME BOTTOM RIGHT: Nap time!! Director Jim Smith takes 
a short nap while at RDU before boarding the plane to England. RIGHT PAGE 
BACKGROUND: laughing it UPl Bndgette Barker, Mary Kathe7n Tyson, and Kayla 
Buckner sit around at RDU and tells |oke after |oke to pass the time. INSET: GrOUP 
picture. Before their concert at Ely Cathedral, the group shows their beautiful smiles 
to the camera. 



1 "^ 




DO-Re-Me. Not many people have the talent to get in front of people 
and sing. But that is not the case with Peace College's Chamber Singers. 
This is a group of 1 5 to 20 talented young ladies who travel all over North 
Carolina and even Europe to share their beautiful music. Under the direction 
of Jim Smith and with the accompaniment of Virginia Vance, the Chamber 
Singers rehearse long and hard to perfect their musical skills. This past 
summer they had an extended trip to Europe to perform in various places. 
The Chamber Singers are the voice of Peace College and they are regarded 
with the utmost respert by students and faculty for all the hard work and 
dedication that they put forth to make the group what it is today. 


:^.y ''"':.' '.' 



i ^vy*' •/' ,•'-.' /'. '"'. • ' v/^*: 


BELOW: "Plays like an angel and looks like one too" IS how Handy York has often been ~ 
described. ' , ' , 

/' '.'"' .' 

*^=i'. •••"■•"•.•■■-•. .7 


' , I 

» '. • 


The sound of music coming from the recital hall can be heard when 
ever Kilburn has one of his students in his studio pounding on the keys 
or Smith has one of his voice students singing like a canary. It's hard to 
track them down, they all seem to be on the run or gathering information 
for their next music recital. It you want to hear Jamie Surgeon singing 
her song, all you need to do is pay attention in the cafeteria, she is almost 
always singing or humming to some tune. 

Dancing the night away. The Peace Pacers are a group of women 
who perform for the public at various times of the year. They are under 
the direction of Katherine Arnott. These girls are given the opportunity 
to choreograph and perform their own creations. They held a Spring 
performance at Peace which was open to the students, faculty, and the 
public. BACKGROUND: Lori Bowes does some last minute directing before 
the Pacers perform. INSET: Meredith Berryhill performs her solo at the 
Spring Concert. 





In the two years I have been on the 

dance company. I have made a lot 

of good friends and have heen 

allowed to he more flexihie with 

other choreographer's dance 


Lori Bowes 

LEFT ABOVE: Strike a pose. Pacers perform at the Spring Concert. RIGHT ABOVE: 
Gracefulness. Amy Brower uses her talents to perform a liance. LEFT BELOW: 
Dance with loy. Vates Perkms and Jennifer Roberts en|oy being a part of the ifance 
company. RIGHT BELOW: Full Of emotion. Ilembers of the company practice 
their dance berfore their performance. 

Being a part of the Pacers has 
t been a new experience and a lot 
of hard woilc. 


Amy Brower 

ABOVE: let's go cowgirls. A member of the Pacers uses her talents at the Spring 
Concert. ABOVE RIGHT: Dance With me. Amy Brower and Sharon Jones dance 
gracefully on stage. BELOW: Give me 3 Sign. Amy Weber does a solo act as a 
part of her routme. RIGHT: Practice makes perfect. Pacers practice their 
performance before the public is able to see . RIGHT BELOW: Dancing QUeeil. 
Members of the Pacers entertain at a performance. 

\ k 


Dance, dance, dance, above LEFT: Members of the Pacers finish 
their performance at their last concert. ABOVE RIGfIT: Gray English and 
Allison leggett practice their dance routine before they perform. LEFT: Mary 
Teel leaps across the stage at the Spring concert. 


Art is a part of every culture, here at Peace we see 
It in several of its forms. From Theatre and Dance, to Visual 
L ^1 Arts all are available through the college, tiere students can 

% I use a variety of outputs to demonstrate their thoughts and 

feelings. Professors David Simonton, Woody Holliman, and 
Carolyn Parker provide classes in Photography, Typography, 
Graphic Design, Drawing and Painting. Through these classes Peace is surrounded in Visual Arts that 
enrich our daily lives. Students in these classes have aided the Theatre, Music and Dance groups as 
well as Peace as an Institution in displaying the outstanding qualities of the College. 


ABOVE BACKGROUND: Check OUt her negs! Photography student Kathryn Kevin checks out her latest work for interesting photos to print. 
INSET: Untitled, an ob|ea study, drawing by Anne Kluppel, RIGHT HerSheV, a study o( her Chocolate Lab, photo by Audrey Warrenfeltz. 


RIGHT Paper Bags, an study on light, drawing by unknown. MIDDLE RIGHT Harlev. 
a study o( her room mates dog. photo by McNair Rivers, BELOW HerCUleS, a study 
on light, drawing by Elizabeth Rawls, BELOW CENTER: Portrait Ot Main, a study of 
Peace campus, photo by Stephanie Carden. BOTTOM RIGHT Gettin' her fingers 
djlty, design student Summer Schoen is creating a wonderful print design for class. 


Art is something that enriches our 

Ih/es whenever we see it. it is 

something that should be cher- 

ishes not discarded, even when 

you thini( your drawing isn't any- 

thing special. 

LEFT: Mastiff, a stamp drawn entirely on the computer usmg the Illustrator program, by 
Tammy Cotton. BELOW: Untitled, a landscape.pamtmg by Melanie Morris. BELOW LEFT: 
Press and drag. McNair Rivers, a graphic design student, created several interesting 
designs with the programs she learned in the class. FAR BELOW: The Cardigans, re- 
designing a CD project, design by Johanna Larsson. 



Not all worhs done by tiiie students are for class. *<nT1UMFP SESSl'i 

Pictured at the right is a Summer Session form that was £| 

created by senior Jennifer Roberts for Sherri Boykin through ^^ 
her internship here at Peace. During her internship she has 

been able to get an idea for what it will be like for her to ^Kl"^ 


work at a company as their graphic designer. 

Jennifer was also the student that created the Graceland 

poster that advertised the fall play, the Pacers dance poster that advertised their spring recital, the cover 

and inside design of the Prism, as well as the Alumnae Weekend brochure. 



ABOVE: What a meSSl For anyone who's never been in the studio in third Pressley, this is what it looks like. Always a little messy, you 
can tell that the students m the studio art classes have been hard at work by looking at all of the unfinished as well as finished pieces that decorate 
the walls, shelves, easels and the floor! 


BELOW: FormutaOng their plans are Care/ Dawson, as Hen^. and Liz Kieffer. 

BELOW CENTER: The Mule lusl finished tying the symbolic ribbon on 

Luisa's wrist in remembrance of El Gallo/The Bandit's grasp. Vadra Groce played the role 
of Luisa. Anya Broderick played the role of The Mute, and Mcghann Jacobs played the role 
of Bellamy. BOHOH: Everyone sing along! Bellamy and Hucklebee, played by Mary 
Katherine Tyson. |oin together m a vegetable song that describes how vegetables are better 
than children. These two fathers are describing how they always have problems with their 
children but never with their turnips. BACKGROUND: TO expreSS their tender lOVe, 
Luisa and Matt reach out for one another in a kiss. Vadra Groce. as Luisa. and Brian 
McMurray. as Matt, find one another over the wall that their fathers built. 

The Fantasticks inspired widespread acclaim when II 

premiered at Leggett Theater. The story revolves around a young 
couple set up to fall in love through their fathers' secret planning. The 
plan eventually backfires, but in the end, everything v/orks out between the 
two families. The hard work of rehearsals and the determination to put 
on an excellent show paid off for these young actors. Audiences were 
overwhelmed with the amount of talent displayed by Vadra Groce and Blake 
Mc Murray. Thanks to the director Kenny Gannon, the diligent actors, and 
the backstage crew, this performance turned out to be a major hit! 
Congratulations to all! 

Another masterpiece performed by Peace students! 

Graceland chronicles the comphcated hves of two women who want to be 
the first to enter Graceland. One of the them is a middle aged woman 
named Bev, played by Peace actress Mary Katherine Tyson. The other is 
a younger, more attractive woman named Rootie, played by Peace actress 
Carey Dawson. Throughout the play the two argue over who is going to 
be the first to go through the gates, each believing she is the better, more 
deserving fan. At the end the two become good friends. Congratulations 
to the actresses and stage crew for another wonderful job! 

TOP LEFT: Me first! Bev wants to be the first to visit Graceland after all, she's more 

deserving isn t she? SECOND LEFT: Expressing tender feeiings for ttie 

iung. Rootle and Bev are prepared to outdo each other's amorous declarations. THIRD 
LEFT: i'm ail SilOOk up! Rootie and Bev sing and dance to Elvis songs. BOTTOM 
LEFT: Raising the dead. Rootie wants to bring back her deceased brother. 
BACKGROUND: Friends at last. Bev trying her hardest to console Rootie. 

I loue the theatre because it's 

like another world. We spend 

months putting together a show 

that we hope will touch 

someone's life. Dr. Gannon 

calls that a miracle. 



Melissa Lee 

ABOVE: What is it?. Carey Dawson, Melissa Lee. and Liz Keiffer pause to see what 
Melissa is holding. ABOVE: Coming home. Ann/a Broderick. Melissa Lee. a guest 
artist, and Carey Dawson en|oy the company of each other. ABOVE: What did She 
say? Members of the cast of Time and the Conways listen intently to what Melissa 
Lee has to say RIGHT: Dressing UP. Vadra Groce assists a guest artist as they 
dress up during the play. RIGHT PAGE ABOVE LEFT: AH Smiles! Liz Keiffer smiles 
proudly while Rebekah Costin speaks to her. RIGHT PAGE ABOVE RIGHT: SeMOUSly. 
Vadra Groce and Amanda Sessoms act out a scene from the play. RIGHT PAGE INSET: 
The crew. Members of the cast of Dreaming In Color pose for a group picture. 


Time and the Conways was a dramatic presentation of a family which showed 
the difficulties they went through and how they overcame them. The 
Conways displayed what many families go through even today. This play 
was heartwarming to all who saw it. The final 1998-1999 production of 
Dreaming In Color showcased many talented and new students. This play 
dealt with the life of college students and some of the problems and triumphs 
they go through during their lives. 



EXTREME TOP Last Home Game. The Basketball Team honors Mandy frazier at the final home game of her career here at Peace. TOP: 
Warm UpS. Coach Edwards does warm up drills before an important game MIDDLE: NeW Edition. Devon Umstead shows her skills 
during the spring tennis season BOTTOM: BaHerUp. Angle Bryant focuses on the ball so she will make the perfect connection, EXTREME 
BOnOM: Practice! Practice! Practice! Emily Eeimstcr practices long and hard to perfect her back hand. 

BEIOW: School Spirit. Ton Mervin, Emily Gardner, and Shanee Jones show their school spirit and help support the volleyball team on to another 

Communication. teamwoA, and dedication. These 


qualities possessed by the Peace Pride Volleyball team. This year's team 
worked hard on improving these skills throughout the season. While being 
coached by Debbie Edwards, they dedicated themselves to learning to 
communicate and work together better on the court. As a result the team 
has improved a great deal over the year and shows excellent promise for 
the next season. Although there were some injuries, the athletes had a 
very successful season and will no doubt do even better next year. 






f m 

The team really pulled together at 
the end of the season despite 

numerous injuries. 


Christiana Hobgood 

ABOVE CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: ChrisUana Hobgood prepares to hit the 

balL This year's Co MVP Kayte Vlazny waits. The girls demonstrate good sportsmanship 
with an opposing team. Lauren Fonville and TonI Sauls waiting for a serve. OPPOSITE 

PAGE INSET: The team celebrates aner scoring a point, urge 

GREYED OUT PHOTO: Angela Whitfield serves a ball. 

Our team's hard vmtk and 

dedication led to Peace's best 

baslcetball session yet! 

Tori Mervyn 

ABOVE LEFT: Take that ball away! Jennifer Powell closely guards her opponent 
trying to prevent her from making a basket. ABOVE RIGHT: Taking lime OUl. 
Polly Nelson lakes time after a game to pose with a few kids from Halifax Court. TOP 
RIGHT: Time to ilOilOr. Katie Moerman and her parents during Peace's first Senior 
Night. BOTTOM RIGHT: Free tlirOWS. Jennifer Powell shoots a perfect shot at 
the free throw line. BOTTOM LEFT: Showing respecl. The team shows their 
respect for thier Seniors by banging their "jerseys" in the doorway before the final 
home game. NEXT PAGE. BOnOM LEFT: BlOCk thai ShOl! Abby Smith and Shanee 
Jones try to defend a Meredith player so she will not put them ahead by two. NEXT 
PAGE, INSET: Huddle up! The team gathers for a final talk before a big game. 

A ' ,ani IIKf to other. The basketball team has had a record of 7 
wins and 1 6 loses, but this team has stuck together through it all. Coach 
Debbie Edwards has been with the Pride Team for four years and after one 
year established the Pride Team m NCAA Division III play. She has had 
the help of Assistant Coach Sheilah Newton for two years. Even though 
the team is losing two of their players next year, due to graduation, they 
will never lose the bond that has been created within every single player 
on the court. 


Under a new coach. Under the instruction of an enthusiastic new 
coach, Vicki Dieleman, the tennis team has had a productive year. Coach 
"D" came to us from South Africa and has brought all her tennis knowledge 
with her. In their fall season, they played in several matches and two 
tournaments. One of the tournaments was in memory of Peace College's 
own, Ruth Hopkins, a former coach who was inducted into the NCJAA 
Women's Hall of Fame back in 1994. The team has worked hard all year 
and greatly improved with each match that they play. 



Tennis has allowed me to meet 

6 other incredible girts, whom I 

love very much and have so 

much fun wifli, on and off die 


Camille Harrison 

LEFT PAGE INSET: Picture Perfect! The 1998-1999 Peace College Tennis Team 
takes time out o( their busy schedules to take a team picture. LEFT PAGE BACKGROUND: 
Encouraging Words. Coach "D" offers words of encouragement to her players 
during their match with Meredith. EXTREME TOP LEFT: Say Choeso! The girls 
take a break during the ITA Regional Tennis Championships in Frcdricksburg Virginia. 
TOP LEFT: Serving it up! Kane Spangler serves a perfect ace. BOnOM LEFT: 
Words of advice. Chnssy Ragsdale gives Katie Spangler advice on improving her 
game. EXTREME BOTTOM LEFT: Might aS WOll JUMP! Jenny Sharpless, team 
captain, leaps to reach the ball to hit a winning point. BACKGROUND: Smash it! 
Camille Harrison |umps to smash an overhead shot on her opponent. 


I'm glad that I was able to play 

on the new fastpitch team! It 

took a lot of hard work but in the 

end we managed to somehow 

stay a proud team. 

Jennifer Henry 

ABOVE: Dedicated to the sport. Jennifer Menry gets her leg stretched by her 
father after having pulled her ham string and continuing to play. TOP LEFT: SlldiO" 
tionie on a gravel field, Elizabeth Parker scored the first run in their winning 
game against Bennett College TOP CENTER LEFT: HuSUe. hUStle! Jennifer 
Oarrough sprinted down the base line outrunning the ball' LEFT: Safe! Reaching 
for the ball that was thrown |ust seconds too late is player Jennifer Smothers BELOW 
Get it! Scrambling across the held for the ball is player Lindy Blankenship, BOTTOM 
LEFT: Throw the hall! Players Lmdy Blankenship and Christiana ffobgood call 
to Barbara Iraqi to get the ball to hrst before the batter gets there. 


LEFT She don't like em' too low. loo low. . . Christiana Mobgood Slops her swing 
when she reahzes the pitch is no good. BELOW: Team PhOtO. Top: Jennifer Henry. Jennifer 
Darrough, Barbara Iraqi. Coach Dieleman. Middle: Jennifer Lynn, Jennifer Smothers, Efizabeth 
Parlcer, Christiana Hobgood. Bottom: Angle Bryant and Lindy Blankenship. Not Pictured are 
Joanne Ross and Athletic Trainer Ashley Cole. BOTTOM: Time! The team comes together at 
the pitchers mound to form a plan of action for the next play. 

Welcome Sonball team to the Peace College sports 

arena once again! After several years PC once again has a softball 
team. It took a lot of effort from the team members and the coaches to 
make it happen, but it looks like it may be here to stay! 
Peace College ended fast pitch softball with a 2-18 record. This is a great 
accomplishment for a team starting from scratch. The players made is an 
exceptional season through their dedication and love for the sport. Peace 
was not only able to grab a couple of wins, but to gain the respect of their 
opponents for future games. Next year will be even better for Peace since 
the first year stress is over. Good luck to all the players in the future games 
and thank you for being there to get Peace softball underway. 




If 108 


Part of college life is Uie fun we have when school is OUer. When evening comes on Friday, the 


ideal college social scene comes to life. Parties start up and Peace girls can be seen wearing white button-up shirts 1 
and tight black pants to almost every one. Sometimes the school provides other activities for weekend fun, and sometimes 
we just go on break and make our own fun. From rafting, mystery trips, coffee talk, and spring break, to just hangin' 
with your friends, it's all here! 


TOP: All aboard! PSRA sponsored a wondeHul weekend of white water rafting fun! TOP CENTER: Weekends ROCkl Nelinda Patterson 
and commuter student Handy Vorl< {ust returned from fun at tfie NC State Fair. CENTER: Mmmni.. gOOd. Karsfimaflows were a tasty treat 
for Keffy tfyman at the white water rafting trip! BOTTOM CENTER: Taking a break. Karen Bass and Jenny tlurst tal<e a breather at their 
weel<end at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. LEFT: Male Visitation! Kat Brown certainly enjoyed her weekend, though she wasn't 
anticipating her friend Rob bending her backwards! 



BELOW: Happy Birthday! Jessica Torey, Brooke Bass. Amy Brower. Melissa Blankenship and Sharon Mooring went roller-skating at Jelly Beans 
for Lisa Kennedy's 21st birthday. 


Many people have never been out of their cozy UtUe corner of the 

- Ul -„ I '"""^'' "• see how the other hair Ih/eS This is not true of ten Peace 
girls, who traveled out of their comfort zone to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, over the 
summer. These ten were not the only ones going; there were fifty-two more 
students and leaders from UNC, NCSU, ECU, Meredith, Wake Tech, Barton, and 
Duke. Some had been before, but for many, this was their first trip to a third- 
world country. There was a considerable amount of preparation and much to learn before they would depart. Extensive 
readings, immunization shots, and a lot of prayer went into this trip. Even though the students were well-trained, nothing 
could prepare them for what they would see when they stepped off the plane. While the students were there, they learned 
things about the culture and history of the country, and did volunteer work at Mother Theresa's Missions for Charities 
Orphanages, Wings of Hope, and City Solei, which is one of the poorest parts of flaiti. At these places, the students gave 
back massages to the patients, played with the children, and basically made the patients comfortable. The trip lasted nine 
days and in that short stay, the students' and leaders' lives were changed for a lifetime. 


ABOVE, A common sight looking off of St. Joseph's Home for the Boys, tlany people in Haiti hve in houses without the comfort that we 
in the States do. They do not have running water, 11 hour electricity, or even carpet on their cement floor, INSET: NOI an unUSUal Sight 
on the streets of Haiti. It was not an uncommon sight to see children on the streets selling items or watching their parents sell things. TOP LEFT: 
lUStChillin' . The one day of "play" the students had was spent at a private beach. Here Bea Smith, Whitney Todd. Bea Hayden, Margie Flowers, 
and Cindy Brown are taking time to talk more with )on, one of the boys at the home. TOP RIGHT: Dancing With the bOSt Ot IhOm! 
Bea Hayden is learning Haitian dance steps with Harry (pronounced An), one of the Haitian guides who taught students about Haitian culture. MIDDLE: 
Walking hand in hand. Mark, a Duke student, unites our world with Haiti by taking the time to show God's love through his own actions. 
BOTTOM: A Whole new world. As students took their first step off the plane, they knew they were not in North Carolina anymore. 


Haiti was tlie best experience of 
my life! God told me to go. so I 
went and I will never forget it. 

- Margie Flowers 


,(; -fr'^^-iw*?- 


Right. What's thai COOkin'P Sophomores Holly Bowen and Catherine Muse treated the rafting 
group by helping to cook the Hobo Stew. Catherine and Holly got together and sliced the meat 
that would next be placed in tinfoil packages. Below; NOW We're having fUd! River guide 
Kevin steered this group sideways into the rapid. With Audrey Warrenfeltz and Paulette Morrison 
as captains. Barbara Iraqi and Brett Morgan m the middle, and Soosan Ma|or and Jennifer Kelliher 
bringing up the rear there was guaranteed to be a splash! Far Below: Anyone wani S'HIOre? 
PSRA President Beth Hathcock and Cindy Wilson gave these girls a learning experience. Carime 
Westerweel. Johanna Larsson. and Anne Kluppel had never before en|oyed the sweet taste of graham 
cracker, marshmallow. and chocolate squeezed together. 

"All toiward!" was the command issued by the guides as the rafters 
started down the Nantahaia River. The sixteen Peace students accompanied 
by the PSRA advisor, Mr. King, drove to their camp site at Turkey Creek 
in late September. After their first night on rocky ground they set off for 
the Nantahaia River where they were met by Coop, the River Guide. After 
a brief training session on what to do if you have an "out of boat experience" 
they loaded up on a bus and set off for the beginning of the rafting trip. 
The two hour rafting trip was filled with thrills and chills. Several Peace 
rafters fell into the frigid water. Some of the things lost to the river during 
the trip included a pair of Natalie Heath's pants; Cindy Wilson's shoes; and, 
Paulette Morrison's hat! At the end of the day as everyone was gathered 
around the camp fire, rafters enjoyed rest, relaxation and s'mores. 



It was a real lest of our strength, 

I'll definitely do it again next year! 

way to go PSRA! 

Audrey Warrenfeltz 

ABOVE LEFT: Smells 900d! Soosan Major stirs the boiling potatoes over the camp 
fire. FAR ABOVE: Into the water we go! Cmdy Wilson, Kr. King. Natahe Heath 
and Anne Kluppel drag their raft across the rocks as they prepare to enter the Nantahala 

River ABOVE Isn't peeling potatoes a punishmentP Not to Canme 

Westerwheel, Barbara Iraqi and Paulette Morrison who just wanted to help with dinner. 
LEFT: CalChin' some Z'S. Alter a hard day of rafting everyone felt a nap was 
in order. LEFT BELOVtf: The tension WaS high, but river guide Kevin helped 
loosen up Soosan Major before she entered the raft. INSET: Seltln' UP Camp. 

Brett Morgan and Jennifer Kelliher prepare for their first night camping at Turkey Creek. 


Girls having fun. The weekends are 
a time for everyone to relax and enjoy 
some time away from the bool<s. Some 
use this time to go home and visit with 
old friends and family, while others 
venture off to State or Chapel Hill. 
Students have the opportunity to do many exciting things even if they remain on 
campus. Sometimes there are activities arranged for the students to participate in 

such as a trip to the zoo or just relaxing in their room watching television and ordering 

.... --v*. 
a pizza. 

ABOVE: Riding llie waves. Courtney Taylor. Lisa Carter, and Stephanie Aventt enjoy a weekend at the lake nding {et skis. 

KIGHT: What a weekend! Emily Feimster dresses in her Hawaiian outfit and performs 
a concert, BELOW: Where are we? Karen Bass and Ellen Tibbetts try to find tbeir 
way around the zoo. BELOW: Hanging OUt. Julia Simmons. Shannon Brewer. Krystal 
Bryant. Catherine Muse, and Kim Crabtree enjoy dancing the night away at the mixers. 
BELOW: Just ChiMin'. Holly Bowen. Liz Knox, Michelle Behvand. and Beth Hathcock 
spend a weekend skimg in the mountains. BELOW RIGHT: WOhien in black. Krystal 
Bryant and Stephanie Cameron get ready to spend a night on the town. 

Weekends are a dme when I go 

visit colleges where the boys are. 

After heing with giils all week, I 

enloy heing with guys. 

Erin Nelson 


CThe retreat] promoted team- 

work with the other colleges 

and also wffli the students from 


-Annette Mayhew 

TOP RIGHT; Well, It Is jUSt the two of us. Shelly Bradsher and Mohana 
Raiakumar hang on to each other as they rest on a rock. MIDDLE: I think We're 
Stuck together? Maybe not physically stuck to each other but Annette and her 
buddy will be friends forever RIGHT BOTTOM: Euery one Say Montreat! Arm 
in arm, the Peace group pose for one shot of their weekend retreat. RIGHT PAGE, TOP 
RIGHT Walt, Which camera should I use nOWp Apnl Owen volunteered 
to be the official photographer for the evening, BOTTOM LEFT: One at a time 
please. Everyone gathered around for the evening discussion of the day's events. 

■ V 



Withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of Peace, stu- 
dents retreat to Montreat. Sponsored by PSCA and First Pres- 
byterian Church, students relaxed for one weekend at Montreat, a college 
and retreat area located in Black Mountain, NC. Spending time with other 
youth from Duke, NCSU, NC Central, Meredith and Chapel Hill, Peace women 
hiked along trails, played games in an open field and then ended the day 
with a vesper service. For the Sunday service. Peace students contributed 
to the ceremony by leading the crowd in singing songs. Annette Mayhew 
said the weekend of games and nightly discussions helped everyone become 
more familiar with one another. 


Where in the WOrtd are they taking USP M/stery trips are planned by Linda Sparrow 
and Karen Bass monthly. Peace students are instructed where to meet and when, then they are 
off. The students have no idea where they will end up because it is a "mystery trip." These fun 
and paid for trips give students an opportunity to get off campus and relax. The trips are full 
of excitement and anticipation of where you will end up and who you will meet. Many students 
see each other around campus but seldom have time to get to know one another. Mystery Trips 
allow girls to have fun, relax, and get to know each other. All together mystery trips went to 
The Raleigh Grand movie theatre. Planetarium, Ben and Jerry's, Pullen Park, and putt-putt. 

ABOVE: Congestion on the sliding board! Shelly Bradsher heads up the line of Peace girls coming down the sliding board at Pullen 
Park. FAR ABOVE ChOO-ChOO! The girls play at Pullen Park on the Caboose, RIGHT MIDDLE: GOt Mill(P One mystery trip ended up at 
Ben and Jerry's i(e cream shop. FAR TOP RIGFFT: WondOr Where WB are goingp A large group of girls waits anxiously for the van 
to pick them up and lake them to their destination. CLOSE TOP RIGHT: Spring has arrived. A spring group photo of the last mystery 
trip to Pullen Park for this year. BELOW RIGHT: Agggh ... a Swinging bridge. Some of the women on the Park trip venture off to 
play on the dangerous swinging bridge. 


The mystery trips were 

suspensful and they hrought 


fellow students that previously 

didn't know eachother togther 

for fun. 

Victoria Clements 




ABOVE: Cheese! Semor Class President Lia Luisi is a very bright and cheery 
commuter that {ust loves coffee' RIGf^T: SliaCk time! At one of the commuter 
functions are participants Amber Sauer, Mary Lane Longest, Mandy York and Ashley 
Hinton. BELOW: This IS yOUr bulletin hoard! Bridget Brantley and Amber 
Sauer have successfully decorated the then day students and now commuter student 

bijiietin board! BonoH RIGHT Internationally acclaimed! These 

International students can happily count themselves in on the commuter band wagon! 
In one long hug-chain are Johanna Larsson, Carme WesterwccI, Anna Clements, Eleanor 
Chambers and Anne Kluppel. 

I like being a day student because 

I don't have to get up for 6 a.m. fire 


- Bridget Brantley 


LEFT: Girl Power! Commuter Student Chair Amber Sauer has worked extra hard 
to get the commuter students together and mformed. BELOW: Welcome tO 
Coffee Talk. Jennifer Mitchell and Amber Sauer have active discussions during the 
Coffe Talk at the Atic. BOnOM LEFT: WHO'S that lady? Active in theater more 
than Coffee Talk's this is commuter Melissa Lee. 

if* ■ ■ I 

/• •# ?51? -^ 




vi^- . 

Day students. Peace College has a secret group of students that 
can be found in the Belk Lounge in between classes. Who are they? 
They are the Day Students who get to lead two lives; one in Peace 
and one in the real world. Since the Day Students have busy schedules, 
they plan a get-together called "Coffee Talk". On Friday nights, 
Commuters can be found meeting at a local coffee shop to chat over 
whatever is on their minds. The New World Music Cafe is a favorite 
of the Peace Commuters! So, who is the genius who plans everything? 
The commuter crew has a representative that speaks on their behalf 
in student government and plans activities. One activity that occurs 
every year is the held during the Christmas season, when Commuters 
decorate a Christmas tree with hand made ornaments and invite all 
students to come up the stairs in Belk to make a personal ornament. 


CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: The faceS Of death. Roommates Polly Nelson and JenniFer Henry 
are ready to scare kids at Halloween. President BlnSham poses with students over 
The Inaugural Weekend. A HallOWeen party lor the girls of 1st Finley. BienvehidO 
a MianiJ! Members ol the Hispanic communities class pose after dinner in Miami during spring 
break. We lOve MJCkey and Minnie ! Amy Norns and Chanlelle Haynie pose in Disney 
World. Relaxing after dinner. Elizabeth Rawls and Amber Sauer have happy smiles. 


Holidays at Peace College 

are celebrated with much enthusiam. 
Students enjoy both the timeless tradi- 
tions of academia and the breaks from 
school. Whether we're on Fall, Christ- 
mas, Spring, Easter Break, or just a 
regular weekend someone is always having fun somewhere. Many trips were taken 
this year all over the United States and there was also lots of just hanging out at 
home. As Peace College has a large number of out-of-state students this year, 
sometimes holidays can be the only chance these girls have to spend with their families 
and friends from home. 

ABOVE LARGE PHOTO: A big White lent. Maintenance prepares for the Inauguration ABOVE INSET; Peace OUt man. Carrie Ambrose as 
a flower child. 


rM' •? '"* 




'Tradition!" it is these firm foundations that hold the school together and keep us looking forward to the future -, 
while still remembering the fun of the past. The events covered in this division have been around for some time, and t 

aren't gomg anywhere anytime soon. It is with fondnienioft^,ibat you look bacKaTa senior or alumnae at the first 

time you and your family attended Parents Weekend or any of the Family events. Who can forget the first time they'lil 



received their Peanut's name or waited at the Peanut Dinner to find out who somehow knew them so well. The most 

exciting tradition by far has been 'graduation, and now with the arrival of the BA we are addtng'^Sif' own styl?fi tne 
traditions of Peace. Who knows__how^_the color of the gowns this year will affect the graduates of tomorrow? 

TOP LEFT: Good-bye and good luck. Graduation li a special time for us all thai we both look forward to and hate when it's here. 
TOP CENTER LEFT: ChOW dOWn! Sophomore Katherme Lyons and her mother enpy a meal on the front lawn. CENTER LEFT: On yOUr 
mart, get set . . The turkey trot has always been an exciting event in the fall here at Peace. BOnOM CENTER LEFT: Presents lOr 
everyone! There is nothing more fun that giving and receiving gifts anonymously during Peanut Week. LEFT: Step . . tWO . .tliree. 

.turn . .Catherine Muse and her little brother en|oy the Embers on Parents Day. 



BELOW: SpliSh Splash, I was takin a bath. . . although it was not placed in the traditions division, the Water Relay was a part of Fall 
fest and so is indeed a tradition. Sophomore team members were Soosan Ma|or, Cassia Parks. Barbara Iraqi and Shannon Brewer. 



Look how smart I am! Many students strive to make good grades and do I 
best that they can. It is only a select few that actually get recognized for their outstan 
work during the school year. There is a chapel dedicated to honoring those wn| 
superior work in certain courses. The head of each department gives the awards I 
deserving individual and all who are in chapel applaud the student for their excil 
work. Though there were only one or two awards given in each course, there arej 
students who do great in that particular class, but only a select few actually get tfiel 

ABOVE: Ida Currie Business Award. Felicia Smgleton receives her award from 
Dr. Harris. ABOVE RIGHT: American Bible Society Award. Heather Asher 
receives her award from Dr. Sturdivanl. BELOW: Penny English Scholarship 

Award. Krislie Harris receives her award from Dr. Arrmgton. RIGHT: WhO'S 

Who Among Students in American Universities. BonoM RIGHT: 

ASPECTS - Recognition of ASPECT students. Johanna Larsson. Eleanor 
Chambers, Carnie Westerwheel, Anna Clements, and Anne Kluppel receive their certificate 
for completing the program. RIGHT PAGE. TOP LEFT. ASPECTS. Johanna Larsson, 
Anna Kluppel, and Carrie Westerwheel pose together after convocation. RIGHT PAGE. 
TOP RIGHT: 3rd Davidson. Brook Bass, Jill Adams, Amy Brower, Jennifer Wilson, 
Melissa Btankenship, and Meredith Fitzgerald m front of the fountain after convocation. 
RIGHT PAGE, BOTTOM LEFT: FOrever Friends! Roommates Kristie Harris and Emily 
Seamon take one of their many pictures together. RIGHT PAGE, BOTTOM RIGHT: 
Gathering Together. A group of freshman decide to take a group photo in 

Keeping with traditions. Every year the freshmen go through 
the Academic Convocation. They get dressed m their white dresses and file 
into the Recital Hall. This year they v^ere welcomed by Dr. Weigant. Then 
the students who hold scholarships and who were Valedictorians and 
Salutatorians in their high school were recognized. Also the Leadership 
Scholars were recognized. Dr. Wolf gave the address to the students after 
'" ' '-^ they sang "America the Beautiful". Then the students and faculty sang the 

Peace College Alma Mater. After it was all said and done, many students 
went to the front lawn and took pictures to capture the day forever. 


There was no more memorable 

moment than dancing to oldies 

with my parents and showing 

them some crazy moves with 

the Embers. 

Natalie Heath 

Sharing the good times for Family Weekend. Parents joined their 

daughters for a weekend in October to "Share the Good Times". After registration, 

parents chatted with faculty and staff to learn about the many opportunities 

offered by Peace. Along the brick pathway to the Recital Hall, students from 

the Music and Theatre Departments gave brief performances showcasing their 

talents. The day reached its climax with a barbecue cookout on the front lawn 

and live beach music provided by The Embers. Bringing the festivities to an end, a trolley carried families on a tour of 

Historic Oakwood and the Governor's Mansion, opened especially for Peace College. 


ABOVE INSET: Hey Macarena! Cassie Parks oversees her father to be sure he has the right moves. LEET PAGE TOP LETT: DoeS anyone 
itnOW Where my sunglasses are? Jennifer ingles and her mom and sister all are protected from UV rays, unlike her father, TOP RIGHT: 
This Chicken is really tasty! Miranda Buckner and her parents en|oy the food and the sunny afternoon. BOTTOM: It's EleCtrlC! Boogie 
woogic, woogic! 


Family ties. There were three family oriented events this year at Peace 
College. The Mother / Daughter weekend was held November seventh through 
the eighth. Over the weekend the mothers and daughters went to Amazing Glaze 
to paint, the movies and had a scrumptious lunch and dinner. Breakfast and 
Chapel was Sunday morning. Father / Daughter weekend occurred February sixth 
through the seventh. The fathers arrived for dinner with their daughters on 
Saturday night. They proceeded to a sock hop dance in the gym where they 
danced the night away. Breakfast and chapel service was held on Sunday morning. 
Little sister weekend occurred later on in the year on March twentieth till the 
twenty first. Peace College big sisters took their little sisters ice skating, on 
a Easter egg hunt and for a dip in the pool, all in one weekend. The little 
sisters age ranged from five years old to teens. Spending time together is 
f< "iportant among students but even more so with family. 



I enjoyed father daughter weekend be- 

cause it gave me a chance to dance with 

my dad. I loved spending quality dme 

with him! 

- Shannon Brewer 

ABOVE FAR LEFT INSET: Head. Shoulders, knees and toes. Bilhe Vanderford and 
her III' sis' have a good time just hanging out in the room. FAR LEFT: Mommy . . .WOW, 
I'm a big girl now! Chelcy Dillon-Sherman and her mother Colleen pose for a memory 
in front of (he historical fountain after a full day of fun. ABOVE: Finger palnl time. 

Having fun just getting messy is Cassie Parks and her little sister. ABOVE LEFT: See the 
SimllarltyP Shannon Brewer and her father Ronny take time out of their busy night to 
show a similar smile. TOP AND BOnOM LEFT: Time tO gruh! Two tables of fathers anc 
daughters pose for pictures to capture the memories. UNDERNEATH: Three generations 
Ot Peace girls. Lisa Carter, her sister Jennifer (Peace Graduate of '96) and little sister 
Stacey have a great time during little sister weekend celebrating sisterhood. 

"Get Your Peanuts!" was the call 
heard ringing through the 
% J*XKit> Cafeteria by PSCA members. A 

hundred and fifty students, faculty and 
administration all signed up to participate in 
this years activities. The week went on as usual 
with Peanuts made, bought, and baked gifts for each other. When first asked about 
her Peanut gift Beth Woodson excitedly answered, "I got the coolest thing..." It came 
as no surprise that she finds the giving of the gifts as fun as the receiving of them. 
Her eyes lit up with anticipation as she described her hopes that her Peanut enjoyed 
what she was giving her. Part of the excitement of Peanut Week is sneaking around 
and placing your gift on the table without letting your Peanut see. It was easy to 
tell if your Peanut was someone who knew you or had been checking up on you; however, 
to some it came as a real surprise when they discovered on Thursday who had them 
as a Peanut! 


ABOVE: Is anyone lOOkingP Bridget Bramley discreetly tries to place some gifts on the table lor her Peanut. Bridget knows all about 
being a good Peanut, she always tries to provide fun things for her person. ABOVE: There's nothing Hke a gOOd Peanut! Beth Woodson 
proudly shows the gift she received during Peanut Week. She was amazed when she discovered that she was given a Peace College mug, something 
she'd had her eye on all year! 



RIGHT: Do VOU See my nameP Siftmg through Ihe piles of peanut gifts are Chantelle 
Haynie, Bridget Brantley and Shannon Brewer The search for your gift was part of the 
fun of Peanut Week. BELOW: Everybody get crafty! It's always fun to jazz a gift 
up with the aid of paint pens! Kim Crabtrec thought is a wonderful time to get crafty 
when she bought her Peanut, Vadra Groce, a potted plant. FAR BELOW: OOO, WhO'S 
tliat tor? It's always fun to sneak a peak at other peoples gifts lor ideas for your own 

LEFT PG.TOP: COngratUtattonS Mr. Ritchie! The Professor ol Mathematics 
was chosen by faculty and students as a distinguished teacher. LEFT PG, CENTEfi; All 
reVOir! Before Dr. de Luca retires, she says good-bye to one of her precious trolls, 
Bilhe Vanderford. LEFT PG, BOnOM: Or. ViCll. Lookin great' RIGHT PG, TOP: 
Smile! Senior Chantelle Hyanie and President Bingham. RIGHT PG. BOnOM: I Can't 
believe it! Dr. Amngton expresses her joy at Melissa Edmonston's achievement. 


Graduates and their families gathered for Peace's I27th 

commencement exercises. Faculty and graduates emerged 
from Main with the sounds of a traditional bagpipe march. Dr. Sturdivant 
began the ceremony with an invocation and President Bingham followed 
with words of welcome. The Peace College Choir and Chamber Singers 
entertained the crowd by singing selected anthems. Continumg the 
graduation service, President Bmgham introduced the commencement 
speaker, William R. Johnston, the President and Chief Operating Officer of 
the New York Stock Exchange. Finally, the much anticipated event of 
awarding the degrees commenced as Dr. Yarbrough presented the candidates 
and President Bingham gave out the diplomas with a congratulatory 
handshake. Graduates recessed to the fountain to sing Peace's Alma Mater. 



The presentation of the Associates degree is the most 
time-honored tradition maintained by Peace College. 

Each graduate wears a white dress and carries a bouquet of red roses in 
her white-gloved hands. Kim Crabtree, Sophomore Class President and Miss 
Peace, gave remarks from the Sophomore Class, inspiring us all "To Succeed". 
President Bingham assisted by Peace College Chaplain Rev. Marnie Crumpler 
and Sherry Cameron Worth '64, Chair of the Board of Trusteesm, presented 
each of the eighty-seven graduates with a bible as well as her diploma. 
With an Associates degree, graduates have the choice to either continue 
on at Peace working towards a Bachelors degree, transferring to another 
educational institution, or entering the work-force. 




LEFT PG: Kim Crabtiee. Kim offers words of inspiration to tfie graduating 

soptiomores. RIGHT PG. IN ORDER FROM TOP: Graduating Sopliomores. 

Lamanda Blanks. Mercditti Bartlett. Cassie Parks (with Jamie Surgeon), Diane Massengill. 


LEFT PG. ABOVE: Did I lUSl graduate? in amazement, Carey Dawson reaches 
to turn her lassel as a college graduate, LEFT PG. CENTER: VahOO! Jennifer Mitchell 
IS silently cheering "Vahoo!" as she walks to receive her diploma. LEFT PG, BOTTOM: 
I do nol have to listen! Semor Ma^ Kathryn Tyson does not have to pay 
attention or take notes anymore! RIGHT PG, TOP: Stephanie McPherSOn. 
Stephanie offers words of advice to the senior class. RIGHT PG, BOTTOM: Thanl(yOU! 
Peace College honors its tradition of awarding graduates with a Bible and a single 

This year's BA graduating class represented the ever 
growing four year degree program at Peace College. 

Fifty-one promising women received their diplomas, a bible, and a single 
rose from Peace College, which has been their home for at least four years. 
The presentation of degrees was preceded by remarks from the President 
of the Student Government Association, Senior Stephanie McPherson. She 
instructed the graduating class of 1999 to continue learning because 
"knowledge is power." 


\ \ 

Abfams, Courtney R. 744 Fenncr Si,; Apt. C: Norfolk, VA 2J505 
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Inscoe. Kelly M 109 Bellwood Dr; Henderson. NC 22536 

Iraqi, Barbara R, 2J045 little [reek Lane. Unionville. VA 22567 

Irizarry. Jessica A, 41 Orchard Hill Rd.. Raionah. NY I0S!6 

Ives. Megan 604 Margie Helen Rd , Raleigh. NC 27603 

Jackson. Amanda L 1205 Holland Rd.. fuquay Varina, NC 27526 

Jackson, Natasha M. 3536 Hwy 56E; Louisburg. NC 27549 

Jacobs. Meghann L 700 Eagle Ct.. Jacksonville. NC 28540 

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Jir|is. Lava 2004 Lorimer Rd,. Raleigh. NC 27606 

Johnson. DeNata D 10 Durante Place: Durham. NC 

Johnson. Melissa H, 1202 Duplm Rd,: Raleigh. NC 27607 

Johnson. Portia D 1500 Buffalo Rd,: Garner. NC 27529 

Johnson. Rebecca L 1905 Deep Forest Trail: Raleigh. NC 27603 

Johnson. Stacy » 59 Dogwood Dr.: Bracey. VA 23919 

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lane. Patience J, 107 Morgan. Rockwood. TN 37854 

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little. Amber D 411 Lynn Haven Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27104 

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Pye. Stacey I POBox 269. Shallotte. NC 28459 

Pyron. Katie E 708 Westovet Hills Dr.: Cary, NC 27515 

Ouinn, Marlena C, 601 Hawthorne Rd,, New Bern. NC 28562 


id, lara L 6J0 Boyd St. Chase City. VA 2}92'l 
Ragsdale. Chrislina D 13610 Hunts Bridge Rd,: Midlothian. VA 32112 
Raiakumar. Mohanalakahmi 1624 SW 40lh Ter Apt.F. Gainesville. FL 32602 
Ramer. Kimberly A 112 Whitman Ave.. Castle Ha/ne. NC 28429 
Rasbetry. Laurie E, 423 Wealherareen Dr.; Raleigh. NC 27615 
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Robbins. Jenniler R, 8004 Shellnut Rd.; Raleigh. NC 27615 
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Safrit, Came M. 406 Circle Dr.; Burlington, NC 27215 
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Seamon, Emily D. 115 Honeyboy Lane; Mooresville, NC 28115 ^— ^ " 
Seegars, Sallie R, 743 Lake Wackena Rd.; Goldsboro, NC 27534 
Sessoms. Amanda P 505 Benlmoor Dr.. Whiteville. NC 28472 
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Sharpless, Jennifer L 5902 Moss Creek Rd.; Midlothian, VA 23112 
Slier, Allison J. 205 Dogwood Lane; Belmont. NC 28012 
Simmons. |ulia K. Ill Short Dr.; Lumberton. NC 28358 
Simpson. Sidney B 2 Carroll Cl.. Pinehurst. NC 28374 
Sineath. Rachel C. 17 Palmentto Dr.. Wrightsville Beach. NC 28480 
Singleton. Felicia V. 675 Clark Rd.; Vanceboro NC 28586 
Sipe. Elizabeth S 314 W Bessemer Ave,; Greensboro NC 27401 
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Smith. Evan M. 2320 Airline Dr ; Raleigh NC 27607 
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South. Amanda B, 1978 Gail St.; Newton NC 28658 
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Stokes. Molly P. 2441 Reynolds Dr.; Winston Salem NC 27104 
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Tate. Karen N, 1721 Old Barn Rd.; Rocky Mount NC 27804 
Taylor. Coleeni()ue A. 115 Arbuckle Ln.. Cary NC 2751 1 

Taylor. Courtney J 702 S, Bro PO Box 608. Robersonville NC 27871 

Teel. Mary E, 517 Windmere Rd . Wilmington NC 28405 

Theodorogiannis. Anastasia 688 Fairfax Way. Williamsburg VA 23185 

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Thomas, Cristin D, 1102 Hammel Rd.; Greensboro NC 27408 

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Thompson. Elizabeth W. 23136 Shands Dr.; Courtland VA 23837 

Thompson. Rea H. 412 N. Thompson St.. Whiteville NC 28472 

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Thornton. Melissa A. PO Box 842. Four Oaks NC 27524 

Thrasher. Laura L 75 Cedar Tree Dr.. Remlap AL 35133 

Thrasher. Rebecca j. 75 Cedar Tree Dr; Remlap AL 35133 

Thrift. Natasha E. 1336 Pinebluff Rd, Winston Salem NC 27103 

Tipton, Sarah. E. 900 West 3rd, St.; Roanoke Rapids NC 27870 

Tomberhn, Danielle A. 12 Oakwilde Dr.; Ashville NC 28803 

Toney, Jessica D, 9112 University Blvd.; Richmond VA 23229 

Torres. Teresa D. 1803 Kmgsley Dr.; Albemarle NC 28001 

Trotter. Heather M. 190 Winlerberry Dr.. Thomasville NC 27360 

Trull. Erin L. 6705 Paces Ferry Ln.; Charlotte NC 28226 

Turner, Kelly J. 215 Garner Chapel Rd,, Mt Olive NC 28365 

Tyson, Mary K. 205 Kirkwood Dr; Chapel Hill NC 27514 

Umstead, Devon R 169 Deerwood Ln , Mooresville NC 28115 

Underwood, Teresa G, 101 James Grady Rd,; Newport NC 28570 

Vanderford, Billie M, 1197 Winslow Rd, Robersonville NC 27871 

Vaughan, Jenne M. 3 Wiiby Cove, Littleton NC 27850 

Vega, Jennifer M 501 Shelly Ridge Ln #305; Raleigh NC 27609 

Vinson, Courtney S. 592 E. Cabarrus St., Raleigh NC 27601 

Vlazny, Kayle M, 1108 Tanglewood Or, Cary NC 27511 

Vogt, Sarah A. 4012 Heaven Bound St., Wake Forest NC 27587 

Walker, Anna E. 80 Rice Rd , Henderson NC 27536 

Walker, Con J, 106 Atchinson St, Garner NC 27529 

Wall, Lone G 259 Deacons Way; Mocksville NC 27028 

Wallace, Jennifer L. 8251 Preacher Joyner Rd.; Rocky Mount NC 27803 

Walsh. Patricia S, 612 Williwood Dr., fayelteville NC 28311 

Ward, Christina L. PO Box 526, Courtland VA 23837 

Warmack, Angela j. PO Box 705, Rich Square NC 27869 

Warrenfeltz, Audrey R. PO Box 652; funkslown MD 21734 

Weber, Amy M, 514 Robin Ln ; Edenton NC 27932 

Wegner, Summer N, 708 Oak St.; Fuquay Varina NC 27526 

Wells, Rebecca W. 212 Collinsson Dr., Chapel Hill NC 27514 

Westerman, April C, 4712 Kaplan Dr.; Raleigh NC 27606 

Westerwheel, Carine J, 800 Faircloth St.; Raleigh NC 27607 

Weston-Burt. Tamara J. PO Box 661; Whiteville NC 28472 

Wheatly, Julie E. 156 Howland Parkway; Beaufort NC 28516 

Wheeling. Shana R. 175 Longview Ct.; loungsville NC 27596 

White. Rachel A, 1607 FolleyLick Cl; Herndon. VA 20170 

Whitfield. Angela M. 2177 Sanders Rd.; Stem. NC 27581 

Wiard, Virginia B. 365 Pine Trail; Henderson, NC 27536 

Widlak, Pamela J. 101 Oakdale Dr.; Oakfeild, TN 38362 

Wilkes, Candace N. PO Box 248; Snow Hill, NC 28580 

Wilkins, Melissa B 2831 Broadwcll Dr.; Raleigh. NC 27606 

Willey, Susan D, 508 Northwood Rd.; Washington. NC 27889 

Williams. Melanie K. 121 Balsam Dr. Wilmington. NC 28409 

Wilson. Camedelle H. 505 Wayne Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403 

Wilson, Christin M, I3I2I Melvin Arnold Rd.; Raleigh, NC 27613 

Wilson, Cindy M. 116 Sturbridge Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615 

Wilson, Elizabeth A, 1660 Arthur Corey Rd ; Williamston, NC 27892 

Wilson, Jennifer N 311 Agler Lane; Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Wilson, Tabaiha A, 9903 Brenspark Dr.; Chesterfield. VA 23832 

Womble. Kathryn B. P.O.Box 249; Plymouth. NC 27962 

Wood. Rebecca L. 510 S. 4th St. Mebane. NC 27302 

Woodson. Elizabeth A 11932 Pembridge Lane. Raleigh. NC 27613 

Wright. Melissa A 1513 Woodcroft Dr.. Raleigh. NC 27609 

Wyatt. Nikeisha N, 2517 Hargrove St.. Richmond VA 23225 

Tancey. Jean I. Route 2 Box 63; South Hill. VA 23970 

York. Amanda M. 104 Stourbridge Circle. Cary. NC 27511 

Vounan. Ban E, 4513 Labrador Dr ; Raleigh. NC 27616 

Youngs. Donna H. POBox 2194; Henderson, NC 27536 


Throughout the year Peace has witnessed 

some unforeseen changes. Many of the 

heloved administration and faculty mem- 

bers have decided that this was to he their 

last year serving the student here. We are 

sorry to see them go. These were the 

people that held the student body as well as the college together. 

Where ever they wind up, we want them to know that they will be 

forever in our hearts. 


INSET: Forever friends, it is at the end of the year that people say good-bye, not to graduates but room mates and friends. Since their 
freshmen year here at Peace Teresa Morris and Blllie Vanderford have been best friends, and this year they were room mates. Now they will 
have to say good-bye. Though she is leaving us, Teresa has promised to come visit often.