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Full text of "The Lowell directory 1864-65 : containing the names of the city government, and miscellaneous matter relating to the various institutions of Lowell, also, the Lowell Military record, containing a brief account of the action of Lowell in sustaining the government, and the names of Lowell citizens who have been in the military or naval service of the United States from the commencement of the rebellion to September 1864"

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3 1833 02954 1593 

Gc 974.4 02 L9 5LQm 

McPhetree, S. A. 

The Lowell directory 1S64-65 



1 1^ G J. - O ^ 


Miscellaneous MaKcr Eclating to the various Institutions of Loucll : 













/ :» 

\Vi ' 

isles ^'^ 

(■ -., 

vTO'Siri'A V MliRRIJjL, 

okseiier ano 

UFA I, EH <N ^,J 


ikbinding dono, send- Paper, Ruled to any pat-^^ 
tern,' atff -^tj^otice. 

NO^ 37 MER^t^^^C STREE 

Auction & Commission IVI erchants,i 

dW . StoiT, >os. 1 and 3 Conmiercial Suiiaro. Central St., .„ 

CROCKERY WARE, &C, ''-- -^w'!! 

SaIcs of Heat Eslffo and PtHonul Trop'rty ftttended to la Olty and Couutn on reMondll* 
-' • »■ ^ «-- .-1- CjBb patd for d«w and eecor i haa4( 

mtill 4>U.ntlti<ia - d 

Cr<)pl.?r3C .frc^ e^ev^ 
luJtalDAi MoBKiiiO, »t 9 oVlock. and f>t jTivSlw Wt «n^ry i;ay nffi. cpcn.wff. .*•«••" Ik. ''^e Vpi 
' holfttevtd and Ropalrea. 'W e manufadore an 1 ta;^p pttit^oU u jar«e.«ortm6nt of BiacK^ 
wXlimt-, Chorrr and riiestuut Extension Tables fr*.m VJ!n IHw' hini^er, ud «J1 tJrui whoJeaale aM 
Ij-etivll JrtUCti'lOWLR than caa ha Jipuglit ^hewh. *. >. « >1<« ili«w> fu iRjer oi uny ieogth qj* 

* t CH A. C0„ Auctfor^ei ^^--ai 

'ipBti n. 


?ilELL-MUTliilL FIRC ;: k!RlHe&.CO'MPAIIY| 

IVCORPORA.'Jii'' J^ JS3«. 


I^Availubl rai)!faI8srt.O(>0. Risks onflucd to the Cltj^of towel 
r'M) FlCEibvJANSUR'S BLOCK, -4« '^EiTRAL STft^T. "^'V 


^^ FAIRBANKS' ^/^^ /^/^ 

tifllill SCALES ^'' 




A : 



Twelve PATENT S^ifianed.. on these Scales are noav in force, *- 
which are ajsflHK^^^ that the inventive skill and 
enterp^HwPthe Manufacturers has not 
slackened with the growth of their 










118 Milk Street, corner Batterymarch Street. 




IT. ^y. DREvSSER, 


Immmi, grave stones, 


No. 165 Middlesex Street, 

(Near XortLcrn Depot,) - - Lowell, IMass. 

Also, Iron Fences and Granite Work, 

Terms, Cash on Delivery. 


Incorporated in 1832. Available Capital, $80,000. 


Directors — Jonatliaii Tyler, Kansom Head, Jacob llobbins, A. K. 

Erown, John Ne.smith, George Stevens, William II. Wiggin, 

Abrani Trench, William P. lirazer, 'J. K. Fellows, Alden B. 

IJuttrick, Josiah S. Howe, Charles A. Stott.Wni. E. Livingston. 

JAMES COOK, Secretary. J. K. FELLOWS, President. 

This Company continues to insure the safer class of property in the city of Lowell 
only. Ey so doing, they have no Agents t<) p.iy, no travelling expenses, no postiige, 
therefore no lisks t;iken by Agents, hut all under the personal inspection and apiroval 
of the Directors. Should losses occur, they are within the kuowl, dge of every member 
ol' the I'orapany. 

Sign nnir ©rinimcntirl |3ittnttr, 

IVo. "yC Ceiitviil Sti-oct, 

Near the American House, - . - - Lowell, Mass. 

Graining, Gilding and Marbling; Banner and Transparent Painting. 





'.. .u 

.cr.r. I-, 

VI :...' 


United States, England 
and France. 

Ten RizoR of thia celcbrntcd anil 
uiirivallul Fiiiimce, lor warming 
P"ellinjj;s, Public Buililinjis, Ac, in 
the most thorouijU iind ecoiiotnic;il 
manntT. The ptinc pal upon wtiidi 
lliia Furnace isconstructeil, togeth- 
er with the testimony from the 
many thousands in use, « ill, on ex- 
aniiiml on, convince sny inteUif^ent 
mind that for Economy in Fuel, 
Durahility, «i\'i Great Heating Pow- 
er, it has no equal in the world. 
PORTABLES are now made on this 
plan, and need only to be seen to ho 
appreciated. ClllLSdN'S RANt;- 
ES, Stoves, Registers and Ventila- 
tors as usual. 



The great improvem'nts se- 
cured hy live cliiinis Patented in 
this truly superior RANGE, over 
any other Range known, makes 
it the most jierfect Kitchen Range 
in the WORLD. Its e.xtensive 
use proves it to be iXin universal 
fnvorite of the kitchen. House- 
kei pera will appreciate It on ex- 

Sizes in variety.with or without 
■Water Backs. Hot Closets, and 
Hot Air Fixtures, when wanted. 




Ci^^^XlDTVETt eillLSOIV. 

Th° above articles may be obtained in Lowell of 

II. II. AVILDER, Jacksdu Street, nt-.w Central Street, 

Auti.oriz^d Agent for the sale of this Furnace and Range in LoweH. 

nfi •■^i-r- ' ti 







Massasoit Varnish Works. 

The attention of the Trade is particularly requested to our 
Brands of LEAD and ZINC, which are the best in the mar- 
ket, quality and price considered, and are put up in " Banker's 
Patent Keg," without extra charge. 

Orders by Mail will meet with prompt attention. 

./.()•!>• '. ' 

-, :! I.'. 


,"•;• i,, ,^<}. VI 

A l\ 

'Mii,.'i'., .i<;rnT| j»M-w )'»i|ii lli'ff liii? •.' J-J'lln '> 






Four years having elapsed since tlie iniblication of a Lowell Dircctorj', no 

, , ) apology is needed for presenting a new one to tlie public. Every efl'ort lias 

\> it been made to render this work correct, anil it is believed that it is as jHjrftct 

as can be, when it is considered that a portion of the popidation of Louxll is 

constantly shifting; but wliere a person is once located, he can nsually be 

traced for a year, if he remains in tlie city. 

It has been customary heretofore to specially designate the residents of 
Centralville, but it is not done in this Directory, except in cases where per- 
sons reside on a street which has its name repeated elsewhere in the city. 
The lire at Ayer's ('ity, after the canvass of the city was completed, disar- 
ran'^'ed a few whose business or residence was in that locality, and corrections 
were made in several instances, but to have corrected all would have re(iuired 
a re-canvass of a large portion of the city. The "Hundred Days' Men" are 
located in the Directory where found when tli^aapvass was made. 

Whether a new Directory was needed may bl^fl^ed by the following fig- 
ures: Number of names in last Directory, about 9!)50; in this one, 8505, of 
■\vhieh only 1G57 remain as they did four years ago; 3378 have changed in 
some resi)ect, and 3470 are new names. Of the 9950 names in the last Direc- 
tory, only 5035 — a trifle over one-half— appear in this work. In 1800, Lowell 
contained 3(1, 827 inhabitants. If the proportion be tlie same now to the number 
of names in the Directory, the population of the city would be about 32,500. 

In the Militarv Record, 4(j39 names aiipear, which added to tiiose in the 
General Directory make 13,144, though the same names frequently ajipear 
in each. 

The publisher tenders his thanks to t.he City Council of Lowell, subscribers 
and advertisers, for what they have done to assist him in the publication; 
also to all who have given him information gr assisted him in any way. 




Abbreviations 12 

Adititioiis, A'c to General Directory 12, 218 
Artve.rtisementB after Military Keconl.. 

Bunks 211 

Churches ami Clergymen 22"i 

City Govenmienl— 1801 21!l 

Civil OlllciTS 241 

County or District Associations 238 

Courts, Terms of 240 

Exprtiics 2-12 

Fire Di-p irtnicnt 224 Lisht Cunip.iny 229 

OeiK'ial Dir.'it.iry 13 

Halls, BuiLliiiin. ±c 10 

Index to Ailvi-itisemeuts 21.3 

Insurani'O Cumjiinies 23 ! 

Lowell Ilorsu liaihoad 229 

Lowell Military Ueeord Appeudix 

Manufacturing Companies • 226 

Maiiuf. & Mechanical EBtaldishmenl3..229 

M.isonic 237 

Mifhllesex Ooinily Olficers 239 

MisceUaneons Associations 234 

Niwspapeis 237 

Odd FclloHs 230 

Police Court 240 

Postoftice 238 

Itailroads 212 

Koll of Honor (Appendix) 7 

Savings Banks 232 

School Coniniittee— 1364 223 

Schools and Teachers 222 



Streets, Courts nnd Places 4 

TeU-raph Olllce 243 

Ward Loundaries 11 



, ,.'■». 

> ' • ) ■ I , -* i 

• ) 

5"^ - :^ 3/a 



L O U C H , 



Britannia and Plated 

t Castors, Forks, 

3j^ Sl'OONS, &c. 


Tea Trays and Table 



Vases, Colognes, 

Parian and Bohemian 



k^fe ^^fl -^p%i lip I" s-'^^ -^- 

^^^mm'f:§k'^'^—'':---.^^'^~ 45 Men-iiuiick Street, 




dealers in 





^-—^-^- CUTLERY 

V -^vi*--^?'"^ 



manufacturers op 

Si:X,YS.m FOL.^^.T-EiB Y^FAmE^ 

A Urge stock of Silver riatcd Ware conbtanlly on hand. 

Watches and Jeaveluy carefully Repaired and warranted. 

StanJaril Time kept by oue of Howards celebrated Regulators. 

Tyler's Block, 43 Central Street, - - - - Lowell, Mass. 

, H ; 




,!.> ■>. 

.1/ ,/■ 



7 [Streets marked with an asteritik (*) are accepted.] 

E Abbott, from 292 Central to Lawrence 

f' *Adau)^, I'riiin Salcni, Adams lilock, to Fletcher, Franklin Square 

i Adams jilace, from Lowell, near Lowi'U i)lacc 

^- Adams i^()iiare, from Middlesex, near Walker 

,^ *Alder, Ironi I'JtJ ICast Men>imac, nearly opposite Ncsmith, to 2 Stackjioie 

' I *Anies, from 2(J0 Centra! to Lawrence 

t'' Amory, from Bridge, by the Boott canal, to Kirk, Boott corporation 

*Andover, fnan Concord river, south bridj^c, to Tewksbury line 
*Anne, from Merrimac, at St. Anne's church, to French 
♦Ajipleton, from Gorliam, at St. Peter's church, to 'I'liorndiko 

\} Arch, from Howard to Jliddlc.-^cx, near Northern depot 

*Ash, from 127 Last Merrimac to 22 Chestnut 

\ Auburn, from 150 Gorham to 45 Chapel •:!...-- 

\ Austin, from ;J51 Merrimac to Ford 

j*,) Ayer's City, south-west part of ^he city ■•'..'. m' 

I', Babcock, West from Chandlers 

M' Baldwin's court, from 21 Fayette ;^ »''■'-■'' "-"•■, 

y *Bartlett, from High street "s(|uare to Alder 

Bay State avenue, from 187 Central 
*l>eacon, from Pawtucket to Bowers 

Beacon, from Momit Vernon to Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Belvidere, east of Concord river 
Bennett, from iSIount Vernon to Beacon, Centralville 
Bleachery, from the Lowell Bleaehery, soutlierly, across Moore 
Blossom, from Gorham, near fair grounds, to Ayer's City 
Boott, from Gardner to the canal, Lowell corporation 

fr Bow, from Coburn to Pearl, Centralville 

, Bowditch, from Jackson to Middlesex, Hamilton corporation 

X Bowers, from I'letcher, opposite Whiting, and crossing School 

f Bradley, continuation of First 

^Branch, from Middlesex, crossing School, to Middlesex 
Brewery court, from 11 Thorndike, near Northern depot 
*Bridge, from Merrimac, o\er Central bridge, through Centralville 
*Broadway, from Suffolk, opposite IMcchanie, to Pawtucket 
Brook, from Watson, near Lawrence, to Hale's brook 
Brown, from l'"ast Merrimac, opposite Howe, Prescott corporation 
L Brown's avenue, from llj-l Gorham 

h Brown's court, from Kiver, Centralville 

h Burns, from Madison, near Gorham, to South Highland 

iJiT *l!utterlield, from 137 Fletcher to School 

*Cabot, fnun north-west corner of the Lawrence corporation to Lowell 

*Cady, from 252 Central to G-'J Lawrence 

Cambridge, Ironi Hale, near Chelmslord 

Canada, trom Tanners to (Quebec, Ayer's New City 

Canal, from Merrimac to liritlge, .^L^ssacllusc•tts corporation 

*Carlton, from 278 Middlesex to East Pine 

Carolin's place, from 2'J I'ayette 

Carpet lane, from Gardner, rear 110 Market, Lowell corporatiftn 

Carter, from Gorham, south of Hale's mills, to Bleachery, Lowell bleacherv 

Cedar, from Third to Sixth, Centralville 

*Cedar, from Keene, near Gorham, to 'Mi Central 

*Ceiitral, t'rom Merrfmac to Gorham, at Davis's corner 

Centralville, north of Jferrimac river 

*Centre, from 227 Central to Chapel 



Chambers, from Gorham, ne:ir llalcj's brook, to AVliijuilu'a mills 

♦ Cluipi'l, iVoiu 7lJ CUuiIl'S soiitluTly to Ccnlnil 
Cliai)i-'l llill, from Waim/^it I'all.'^ wc-stwunli}' to Chapel 

♦ (Jliarius, from 25 La\vrL'iKx> t(j 8i Gurham, across I'Jii Central 
Cliase, from Swift to \\'hij)ple 

*Cliolinsfurd, from Tliormlilie, near Jliddlesex, to Chelmsford line 
♦Cliestnut, from Fayette to Park 
Cllri^tian, t'rom Mount I'leasant, Centralvillc 
*Chnreli, from Central, at Washiiijiton House, to stone bridge 
Cluireiiiirs court, Irom South, opposite S[iring 
City avenue, from li Middle to Citj' Hall avenue ■ 
•city Hall avenue, from Merrimae, near City Hall, to 77 Middle 
*Clark, from Common, near Salem, to Flet<.lier 
Clark'.s court, from I'i'J Lawrence 
*Clay, from ol Andover, east of Hi^'h, to Oak 
"Coburn, from 07 Kiver to Old Road, Centralville 
Cohurn lane, from Ciielmsford, west of Forrest, to Stevens 
Colburn, t'rom 2.'J7 Merrimae to Merriijiac yard, iNIerrimac corporation 
Conunereial square, on Central, opposite Market 
•Conmion, iVoni Clark to Cross, ea^t side North Common 
Common avenue, from Lowell to Cross 

Concord, Irom Merrimae, near Concord river, to Massachusetts mills 
Con^'ress, from Thorndike to Gorham 
(."ottage, trom '237 Central to Clia[iel 
Court, trom Linden to Gorham, north of court house 
•Court avenue, from 11 Chaitel to Linden, opposite court house 
•Crosby, frcnn SH Central, ojiposite Cedar, to Whi]ipie's mills 
Crosby's court, from 230 Central ^..wn 

*Cross, from SulVolk westi^rly to 215 School 
Cross lane, from 150 Lowell "to Adams 
Cmikmiskey's alley, from 103 Lowell 

*Cu.'>liing, from \Villie, south of IJock, easterly to Fletcher 
'>ane from UU Salem, near I'awtncket, to Fletcher 
I'ane street court, trom Dane 
•Davidson, from 17 F'ast Merrimae to Howe 
Davidson's lane, north side of Davidson 
Davis, from 25 Sununer to 34 Appleton 
Davis court, from 'J Davis 

Dearborn's court, from Andover, west of Water ,iM. 

•Decatur, from 388 Merrinnie to Salem 

J) Di'mjisev's yard, from 41 Salem 

•Doiige" froni Race to 170 Sutfolk 

•Duuimer, from Lowell, west of Worthen, southerly to Mechanic 
•[)utton, from Merrimae corp(n-ation, by Merrimae at depot, to Willie 
*Last Merrimae, from Merrimae, at (Joucord river, through iJelvidero 
*Kast Pine, Irom Carlton to Nichols 
Kdgerly's court, from 28 Charles 
Ki.uhtli, lV(jm 71 Bridge, Centralville 

■♦Llliott, from Appleton, opposite stone church, to Middlesex 
• l'!lm, from 245 Central to Gorham, south of court house 
F.Im, from I'hird to Sixth, Centrahille 
F-sex, from Fast ^lerrimac, oiiiio>ite Davidson, to Brown 
*Lvereit, from Fayette, south of Chestnut, to 4'J High 
♦Fairmount, from Mansur to the reser\ oir 
Parson's court, from 133 Middlesex 
•Favor, from 100 Appleton to 81 Summer 
•Fayette, frum 90 Amiover, opposite Water, to East Jlerrimac 
Fellows' ctuirt, from 14 High street square 
Fenwick, from 132 Lowellto Suffolk 
•Fifth, trom 51 Bridge to Id Myrtle 








*First, fnini Kriilt^e, near tlic luid^^^c, CuntrMlviUc 

*Flt'ti-lur, iVdiu 'I'liciriKliki-' to I'awliukL't, luar sUme house 

FloA'd, tVum o|i|io,sitc UO'J Ci'iitral to Kiiisnuui 

*F()nl, tVuni 10 L'ahot, wt/steily, by tlic canal 

Fonvst, from Clu'lmst'oid, west of rarluT, to Stevens 

*Fourtli, fnjiu 47 IJrid^^e to 10 Myrtle, C^cntralvillu 

*Fraiiklii), from 45 Williu uastcrly to Fk'tclier 

Franklin S(iuari', lii.'tw(.'i.'ii Siilfolkj Adams, and Lagrange streets 

Frenujiit, from Third to Sixth 

*French, from Kirk to Jiridge 

Front, from Uivtr, along the hanks of thcrivcr, Centralville 

Fulton, from Cohnrn, Centralville 

Gardner, from 110 ^larket to counting-room* Lowell corporation 

*Garnet, frojn lOd Middlesex to 81 Apiileton 

Gates, fr(jm \Vestt'ord to Chelmsford, west of Howard 

*(jeorge, from Tjder to Warren, near St. I'aid's church 

Gold, from School, north of Varney, easterly 

Gore from Kaee to Cabot, on Sutlolk corporation 

*Gorham, from 123 Central, by llale'.s mills, to Tewksbury line 

Coward place, from 84 Afipleton 

*Grand, trom Middlesex, by Westford, to Hale 

Gra}- place, trom 10 Cliureh, to Tyler, near Central ^, _ 

*Gre»'n, from 14G Central to George 

Green's court, from 114 East Merrimac 

Grove, from Lawrence near ^\'hipple, to Chase mill 

*llale, from Thorndike, near jail, to Chelmsford, near pound 

Hall, fronx the north end of Tildcn to Cabot 

Ilamjisliire, trom' Cobuni, Cenlialville 

llancMnk, trom ^Merrimac, op]). I'rescott counting room, Massachusetts cor]-). 

Hancock avenue, from 20 Salem to Clark 

■*IIanover, from Lowell, cros-ing 27'J Merrimac and Bloody 

Harris, from Cobnrn, Centralville 

*HaiMisoii, from Oi) Amlover south to Oak ,, , 

*lligli, from 113 East Merrimac to Nesmith 

Higii street square, fiom north side of I'-ast Merrimac, near church 

♦Highland, from South, by south common, to Thormlike, opposite jail 

Holbrook's court, from Andover to \\'ater 

*Hosford square, between Central, I'Miii and Wamesit 

*Howard, from ^Middlesex, west of de|iot,to Hale 

*Howe, from East Merrimac, southerly to Hic llannel mills 

Hudson, from 2'JS Central 

Hunt's court, from 120 East ^lerrimnc 

*I[urd, from 100 Central to Warren, near St. Paul's church 

*,Taekson, from 89 Central to 14-5 Middlesex 

James court, from East Merrimac, east of Mood}' school-house 

*JelVerson, from Lowell, near Railroad house, to Lewis 

JetVerson square, between Jelferson, Lewis, and Little 

*John. from 01 Merrimac northerly to the Boott counting room 

*Jolin street avenue, from west side of John to Kirk 

Joini-r, frou) 138 Lawrence to the river 

Keene, trom 108 (iorham to Chafiel, near Central 

Kemp, from Walker to A\'ilder. near vaili-oad crossing 

Kidder, fron) Gorham, near Hale's mills, to ( 'npsby ,, 

King, from Middlesex to Jacksou, near round house 

Kinsman, from Chambers to Crosby, op])osite SwilY 

*Kiik, I'rom French to Merrimac, east of St. Anne's church 

*Kirk avenue, from 27 Kirk, between iSferrimac and Lee 

Knowles place, from the southwest corner of Davidson 

Konier's court, from 80 Middlesex to 15 Spring 

I'l ..>i;i V ,( 

/'.til J * ' i/,-^ .ii! 

-, .., 



*I,a;,'riuit;i', finm Siill'olk, mar stone arch Ijridgu, to I'k-tchcr 

Laj^raiinc (.oiirt, I'roin Laj;iaii{,a' sUxlI 

Laiuliiii;-, Ircim .Mailu't, \vi'st uiul ut market Iu.usl', to tlu' canal 

Lane Ldiirt, iVoni I'lo .Miiklk'sux 

*l,a\vione>.', inini (i8 Clinrcli sonthoily to Jliiorc, near tlie brulge 

Lawrunoo .siixut cc.uit, oiipo.Mtc &2 Lawronie 

I.awMin, iruni Stliool, south oi' liiancli, to (iueeu 

*Lci.', iV.iHi John wcste-rly to 17 Kii'k ; ,, , v- i • . ' . 

l.unton iilai-o, iVoni '.iO CliarU'S 

*l.L'wis, tioni Lowill, cast siiie WL'Storn canal, to Mechanic 

♦ Liberty, iVoni C'lK-lnisluRl, at the iioiiinl, to I'ine, near Walker 
Liberty s(|Uai-e, junction Fletcher and Aitanis 

•, iVijui rheinislura to (iurhani, Ayer's City 

Lincoln place, Ironi -J-i-i Central , c .,, ,_. 

♦ Linden, tron\ Uniun, near court house, to Auburn 

♦ Little, Iruni Lewis to Dununer 

♦ Liverni(Jl-e, from ii liartlett to 20 Stackpole 
Livin^'-tnn, tVoni Carter, northerly and \ve>terly 
Llewellyn, lioni Mount I'lcasant, Centralville 
'Locked IVtnu (iorhani to Souili, south ol' West Union 
London, tVoni Ayer's City, to (.iorhani, near fair grounds 
Loudon court, fnnu 18.'5 Central 

♦Lowell, iVoni Diitton, oi>posile Market, to Salem, corner Cabot 

Lowell place, from 147 Lowell 

Llitiier's court, Iroin 177 L entral 

Lvman, from K'ace to ( abot, on the SuH'olk corporation 

l/von, from -VMi Central to Kinsman 

Jhulisnii. from Gorliani to So Thorndike, near Hale 

JLiideii lane, from 2)4 Merriniac to 35 Lowell 

Main, fruin liorder to I'lain 

Manchester, from Gorhani to Tanner 

•>Linsur, ironi Ne.-niilh to I'airmount 

JLiiuitacturers, fnun Short to I'lain 

Maple, from (J<irhani, near railroail bridge, to Ayer's City 

♦ Marion, iVom Cross, between Sullolk an.l Adams, to Lagrange 

•>Lirket, from 47 Central to Dultoii, opiiosite Lowell 

•Mar.-hall, from Grand to ^Ve^tford 

Mar.-hall court, fnjin 11 Howard to Arch 

Mason's court, from 201 Central, between Charles and Union 

McCarrV's court, from Cross, oppo^ite Mariou 

Mel'arlin, Irom I'awtucket, near School, to Bowers 

Jlelarlin avenue, from I'awtucket 

Melntire, fiom 2G8 Middlesi-x to 2'J Marshall 

•Mechanic, tVom Dutton, oiiposite machine shop C. IL, to Suffolk 

Mtrriam's court, from 2'J High to 'M Fayette 

•Merrimae, from Concord river, north bridge, west to Pawtucket 

Merrimac square, from Merrimae to Tremont 

51errill,from 182 Lawrence, across Taylor, near Concord river 

^Itrrill's court, frcjm 15 Chajiel, opposite Centre 

♦ Mellmen, from Seventh to Dracut line 
•Middle, from 2^3 Centra! tQ Shattuek 

•Middlesex, from Corliam and Central to Chelmsford line 
• place, from 2ll!J to 225 Middlesex 

♦ Mill, from Lawrence, near Hichmond's mills, westerly to Central 
Mollov's court, from 20 Summer 

Montreal, from Quebec to Tanners, Ayer's City 

♦ .M.iodv, from .Merrimae, op|)osite Merrimae house, to Pawtucket 

♦ Moore, from (Jorham, near railroad bridge, east to Tewksbury liuo 
Morris court, from Cross to St. Patrick's church 

Morse's lane, from Dane to Pawtucket 


*Moiint I'lcasaiit, coiitiiuiatioii of Tiiilli, Ccntralville 

*.Mouiit \'cnii;ii, from Pautiakit lo Ixuik 

MuuiU Vuriiuii, from Lilmrty to W'osli'ord 

Blount Vcniuii, from Tliird to Sixth, Cuntralville 

Mount Wa^liiiijituii, from .V.) I'awtiu ket to liroadway 

*.Myrtle, fioui Tliird to .Mount I'lfasaiit, CV'tilralvillo 

Narrow, Irom Kiver to Front, C'cntralvillu 

*Xesmit!i, trom East Jlerrimae, oppo.-^itc AIiIlt, to Tewksbury line 

Nuw, from -JS C'roshy to l-yon 

Ncu'luill, from Whipple to ChamlK'rs, soutli of Kinsman 

♦Nichols, from 10 lirancii to Wosifonl 

Ninth, from 70 lirid^'c to 'IV-ntli, Ccntralville 

North, from -l!) Lawrence to 2-i() Central 

Norih Common, abutting on I'leteher, Cross, Clark, and Common 

Nortli Fr inklin court, from north side Franklin street 

*()ak from lOJ llit^li to Nesmitii 

Old ^liddlL-ex Kciad, from Ayer's City to Clielmsford line 

C)ld Koad, from Uridj^'e, east ot Tenth, to Dracut line 

Oliver, from 250 School, westerly 

Oranije, from Chambers to Cro'-by, south of Newhall 

*l'aige, from liridge, east of .Alerrimac, westerly to Kirk ' "^-.i 

*l'ark, from Andover northerly to F.ast Merrimac 

Park (iardcn, abutting on Clicstiuit, I'ark, Andover, and Ncsniitli 

Parker, tVom Chelmsford to Chi'lm>ford line 

*Pa\vtucket, from Austin to Chelmsford line 

Pawtucket a\cnue, from I'awtucket 

*Pearl, irom 100 Jliddlesex to 75 .Apjileton ' 

Pearl, iVom Cob\irn to Old lioad, Centralville 

Perkins, from Sullolk, near Lawrence C. I!., to Cabot 

Perrin, lium School, opposite gas works 

Pine, from Wcstt'ord to Chelmslord line 

Plain, through Ayer's New City to (^hclmsford line 

Plains, north end of Itiver, Centralville 

Pleasant. I'rom Andover, between High and Water 

Pleasant, on the Plains from Itl'J Kiver, Centralville 

Pleasant court, Irom 18 Winter 

Pollard's avenue, from 2-t .lohn 

*Pond, from Pleasant westerly to Concord river 

Poplar, Irom 151] School, near the gas works 

Poplar, from (.>uel)ee 

*Powell, from Liberty southerly to 

*Prefeotl, from Merrin\ac to Central 

Prince, from Merrimac Print-^vorks lo ;\Ioody 

Prospect, iVonr 7 Kidder to Kinsman 

Putney's court, from 08 Gorham 

(iuebec, from Canada to i'lain, Ayer's City 

♦(Jueen, from ^Hddlesex, by old burying ground, to Westford 

Quigley's alley, from 78 Lowell 

*i!aee, from .'illl -Merrimac to Hall 

*i!ailroad, from Hale, side of the railroad, to 88 Howard 

Kailroad allev, from Shattuck, between ^Middle and ^laiket 

*Pead, frmn First to Tenth, Ceiitrah die 

Heed's court, from 18 Charles 

Kichardson, from Mount Vernon, Centralville 

*liiver, from liridge, near the bridge, Centralville 

Robinson, from Congress to the railioad 

*i;ock, from Fletcher to School, at gas works 

Kolfe, from P.roadway, near Pawtucket 

*Salem, from Cal'ot and Adams to Pawtucket 

Salem place, t'roni Salem 

\ .u 

Im <. '.i)'0 .- 

'// ..' I: .1.. 



S:nvt(.'ll plMco, from I'M School 
•Siliool, rnmi I'awtiicUi't tuiilf^e to I.ilierty 
Sccoml, (Voiii I'.riiliii! to Kcad, Cciitralvillc 
•Sovi mil, tViMii 05 lii'iilgc, Cc'iitralvillt.' 
•SliattiuU, iWiiu 104 iMoniiiiac to Market 
Sliorl, Iruiu Clicliusforil, aliovc Liberty, to Lincoln 
•.Simpson, iVom I'' to Tliiid, Ccutralville 
•Sixth, tVoiu Mridfjje, Ceritialvilii; 
•Smith, from "24 Hrancli .'•oiillicrly to Liberty 
Smith's court, Irom '2'.) llanovcr 
•Sunu r.-Mt, Iroiii SLhijui, nortli of Lawson, to (^hieen 
.•South, Irom 50 Jliddlrscx, by south common, to (iorliam 
South I'ranklin court, from south side Franklin street 
Soutli lli:,'ldand, trom 'riim-udikc, oiiiio.-^itc Hale, to linrns 
South Common, abuttiiii; on Summer, South, Highland, and Thonidike 
Spring,'. Irom I'J South westerly to I'earl 
•Stackpole, from AKK^r to Hmuu 
Siv'Veii^, lidin I'arker to t helm-^ford, near town line 

•Sulfolk, Irom La\vre!u-e counting room, across 281 Mcrrimac, to Adanid 
SuH'olk com-t, from ."jy^ .Merrimac to KJ'J Lowell 
Siilfulk si|nare, both sides of Rlorrimac, between SuO'olk and Cabot 
•SiMMiner, trom .Si Gorhani to 'I'horndike, Ijy south common 
Swilt, from lyi Lawrence to \Vhii)|)le 
TiiniuTs, at A\-er'.s City, alony; the railroad 
Tjiylor, Irum 154 Lawrence to the river 
Tiiylor's court, from Mill 
•Tenth, from opjiosite 80 15rid;i.e 
•Third, from ;!7 Hrid^'e, Ccntralville 

•'TJKirudike, from Dutton, near Mechanic's niills, to Gorhain, corner Central 
•Tilden, Irom 'J41 Merrimac to Hall 
Tddeii e(]urt, from KJ Tilden 
• Trenioiit, from 251 Meriimac to Hall 
Treiiiout .Mall, between Tilden and Tremont 
•I'vlcr, iVoni Central, next south of Church, to 13 Lawrence 
•I'niwn, frnui '2i)5 Central to !I3 Gorhain 
I'nion ourt, front l^i^i Lowell 

Viirney, SeluKd, near liutterlield, to Fletcher 
•\'arnimi, from Sixth to Mount Pleasant, Ccntralville 
Wall, from Davidscjn to Concord river, thence to Davidson again 
•U'ulkiT, from Middlesex, west of School, t9 I'awtiicket 
•Wiilimf, trom 151 Gorham to '287 Central 

•\S'aini\-it, from Central, Chapcd Hill, and runs southeast to Lawrence 
Waine^il idurt, fuini Cii>hinj;- to Dutton, near Wamesit mills 
W'aiiahiucit, liom opposite -5^ I'awtiicket to Uroadway 
•Warren, from 'JO Central to Church 

Warrui court, terinination of Warren street, fiom Church, ojiposite Warren 
Wii>hin;;ton square, between I'irst Universalist church and (Jhurcb 
•Water, trom .\ndover, ti[)]iopite Fayette 
Wat-on. frnm Lawrence, near Hale's brook, to Whipple 
Webster, licim .Jackson to Middlesex 
Web.-ter, from 74 J5ridi;e to Hampshire, Ccntralville 
West, on the I'lains, ' entralvilie 
•West I'll ion, from !17 (jorham to .South 
West's court, ti-oni '248 .Middlesex 
•We.-terii avenue, from Fletcher westerly to .School 

•Wi>tlurd. iKim Chelmsford, near Thonidike, wesicrlv to Chelmsford line 
Whipple, from .•!()8 Central to .Muore, by Whipple's nulls 
Whilin^^ from 80 Salem to Fletcher 
•Wil.ler, from I'awtucket south to Westford 
•William, from 134 Central to b George 


• ia»/-.. 




"Willie, from Salem, across Flulclior, near the common, south to Dutton 

Willie avenue, iVoni -20 Salem lo Clark 

*Willow, from 58 Andover to Ka.^t iMerriniac 

'Willow place, from^iol Merrimae 

Wilsdii's laiK;, from Clielin^tord to Grand, near Hale 

Winter, iVnui (Jl (Jnrliain to Davis 

* Worlhen, from Merrimac C. U., crossin;^ 190 Merrimae, to Dutton 

Wyman, Iroai Nesmitli, oiiiio.-.ite Oak, to Tcwksbiiry line 



Alhro's T51oi.k, Cashing 
Aldrieli's liloek, Ainileton, oiipositi- (ianiet 
AUlrich's Bl.ick, Middlesex, near darnel 
American llousu liloek. Central, adjoiiiin,:;- American house 
, Aiipletou liloek, Central, between Warren and lliird 

I f , Arca<le liloek, East iMcrriuiac, near Concord river 

! •' AVer's Till HI.H'k, Jfarket, near Shattuck 

I lian-'s' Block, llailroad street 

barristers' Hall, Central, curner Merrimac 

liarry's liloek, Sulfulk, near [.(jwell 

Boston and Lowell Kailroad Drimt. ilirriniac, corner Dutton 
I Buttrick'.s lili,i-k. East Vlur, mar Xi.diols 

Canal liloek, Central, nearly ojipositc American house 
' Carleton liloek, 152 Merrimac 

Carolin's Block, 27 Fayette 
;\ Castles Block. Lowell, near Lewis 

I : Central Hall, in JIuscmn building; 

City Govennnent Buildiui;, iMerrimac, corner Shattuck 

City Ha\- Scales, rear City Market building 

Concert "llall, S'i Merrimac 

Court Iloir-e, Gorham, corner F.lni 

Donahof'.s lilrnk, SuH'olk, near Broadway 

EaLjle Block, Merrimac, near Suliblk 

Evans Block, -liailroad street * 

Fellows Bl.K-k, Middle 

French's Hall, 35 Central 

Gas Works, School, near I'oplar 

Coward's Block, Appleton, ojiposite Garnet 

Hale's Mills, Gorham, near jimetion 'I'liorndike 

HamiltdU Block, Gorham, corner Middlesux 

Hill's Block, Dodge, near Suliblk 

Huntingtiiu Hall, over llost(ui aiul Lowell railroad depot 

Jackson Hall, over Boston and Lowell railroad depot 

Jail, Thorndike, southwest corner of siuilli conunon 

Kiiowles Block, Congress 

Lawrence's Block, M Muody 

Livingston's likjck, Ajijilelon, near Thorndike 

Jlansur's Block, Central, corner Market 

Market House Building, Market, near Central 

Masonic Hall, Nesmith's building, John 

Maynard's Block, ])ummcr, near Lowilt 

Mechanics' Building, Dutton, niar Merrimac 

Mechanics' Hall, in Mechanics' building 

Mechanics' Mills, Dutton, near FLtchLr 

i .-■'.■J/ 

!> ili.i'. rl 

/.'.'.; Ir r- 




Jterclinnis r.aiik I'liildinp^, Jlfniiiiac, nearly opposite 
Mi-niin;u- llall, Dutton, ni'ar Mcirimac house 
Miisi-iini Miiililiii;^-, MerriiiKie, diipusite Central 
N«.siiiitli's lilmk, .Merriinae, corner .John 
Otis Allen's Mills, MidiUesex, west of Nurlhern depot 

n.l.t l-'.ll,nv^' IImII 'Pvl,.rV l.lnrl.- (\.ntrnl rwnnrr Nf-n 

■ (-1 ••" ' --^ ••" 

Reservoir, on I'rh iikre liei.L;iiiri 

Iioun.l llou-e, nil TlKirnilike, near Middlesex 

Suvinfjs Hank IJiiildiiiL;-, Shatluelc, eorner Middle 

Slioit's Hloek, .Tell'L-rson, eorner Lewis 

Snaldiny's ISlock, Middlesex 

'I'luatre 151ock, Lowell 

Tyler's Uluek. Central, corner Market 

A\ aniesit Bank liuildinj,', MiddK'sex, corner Tiiorndike 

NN'aniesit Steam vii||s, l)utton, eorner Willie 

Wilk'i' Hlock, Merrinuie, corner Kirk ;', 

Wcllfs' Hall, in Welles' block 

Wcntworth's I'.uildint;, ^lerriniac, corner Shattuek 

Went\vortli's Hall, \'rentwortirs building 

Whe.loek's Hloek, Charles, near Gorhani 

Whipple's Mills, Lawrence, near \\'hipple 

Williams Hloek, on canal bridije, Central 

Weed Market, rear market house building,', Market 

W^unan's Exchange, Merrimuc, corner Central 


AVaku L Heginning at a point in jMerrimack river on a line -with the 
middle of the Merrimack canal ; thence southerly along the middle of saiil 
canal to the I'aw tucket canal; thence we-terly afong said I'awtuekct canal 
to the inouth of the Western canal; thence northwardly along tiie middle of 
foid Western canal to Merrimack river; thence easterly down said river to 
tlie point of beginning. 

Waiu) -2. Heginning on IMerrimack river on a line with the middle of the 
Merrimack canal; thence southerly along the middle of said canal to the 
nuddle of I'auliicket canal; thence easterly along the middle of said canal 
to the middle of (dncord river; thence northerly along the middle of said 
Concord river to I\lerriniack river; also, all that territory lying on the north- 
ea^terlv side ot Merrimack river, annexed to the city" of Lowell from the 
town of Draeut. 

Wahd 3. Hef;inning in Central street, at the bridge over Tawtucket ca- 
nal; thence running southerly along the middle of said street to Gorham 
.street; thence along the middle of said street to Davis's corner (so e«!illed); 
thence along the middle of the county highway from Lowell to Hilleriea to 
the boundary line of the city of Lowell; thence east, following said lioinida- 
line, to ('oi,ec.rd river; thence down the uiiildle of said river to the I'aw- 
tucket canal; thence up the middle of said canal to the point of beginning. 


t/ -tT 



Waiu) 4. Bcyiniiing iit thi; bridj^'c cm Contral street over tlir: I'autiicket 
canal; theiiie westerly rDlluwiiij; tlie middle of said canal to the Ijriilge ot" 
Nasliua anil Lowell railroad over said canal; thi-nce %\u>terly alonj^- said 
railroad to the boundary line between Lowell and Chelnislbrtl ; "thence along 
said line sontherly and easterly to the county road iVoni Lo\vell to liilUrica; 
tlienco northerly along the middle of said road, Uorham and Central streets, 
to the place ot' beginning. 

Ward 5. Deginning at a jioint in iVrerriinack river on a line with the 
middle of the W'esteru canal ; theme southerly along the middle of .-aid canal 
to rawtuckft canal; thence westeily along the middle of said rawtiukct ca- 
nal to the Na-hua and Lowell railroail bridge; thence alon^c said railroad to 
the boundary line between Lowell and Chelmsford; thence noitherly on sa d 
boundary line to Merrimack river; thence easterly on said river to the jioint 
of beginning. 

Waud (). All that part of the city of Lowell lying easterly of the thread 
of Concord river. 


I 15. & L. Iv. R., Boston & Lowell Railroad; Cent., Centralville ; C. R., 

t Counting Room; Corp. or C, Corporation; F. S., Franklin .Si|nare; Ham., 

I Hamilton; L. M. S., Lowell Machine Shop; L. & L. R. R., Lowell & Law- 

i..' rence Railroad; Mass., i\Iassachnsetts; Merr., ]Merrimac ; N. & L. R. R., 

. ■ Nashua & Lowell Railroad; R. R., Railroad; S. B. R. R., Stony Brook Rail- 

r road; S. & L. R. R., Salein I't Lowell Railroad; b. or bds., boards; c , corner; 

/,, ct., court; h., house; n., near; opp., opposite; r., rear; sq., square. After 

[' the name of the street, the word street is usually omitted; the name of a cor- 

' poration occurring after the name of a person, signilies the place of business 
of that person. 


Cowley Charles, house froni 342 Central to 151: Lawrence 
Eaton A. B. & Co. ( Chas. H. Barge), photographists, Cen- 
tral, corner Merriraac 
Fletcher Henry H., boards 12 Hurd, instead of 113 Central 
Hart Thomas, laborer, boards -IS Middle 
Hutchinson Orin, house 10 Cady, instead of b. 30 AVillie 
Jewett Andrew F., boards 113 Mcrrimac, instead of 58 bloody 
Prcssey George H., clerk (Boston), boards 217 Central 
Eipley George, house I'ark, corner East ]\Ierrimac 
Stevens xVlonzo B., clerk, 111 i\Iarket, house 26 Austin 

[See other Removals, Additions, (S:c., page 218.] 


I ..r.,.l 

.c/:<>J I 

O". 2 . J :• Oil * > '. ^ 


\' • ,; .1 

,,i.''' ■ ■ : 1 


AAPtOXS COTINELTA, second hand clotliing, 121 Middlesex, 

house do. 
Abarc Flavis, at G. T. Comins', house 7 Jliddlcsex place. 
Abarc Isaac H., Mervimac Corporation, boards 139 do. 
Abbot Julian, counsellor, 81 Central, boards 12 Hurd 
Abbott Albert H. (A. H. Sf J. IL Abbott), blacksmith, Mid- 
dlesex, corner Branch, house Branch, near School 
Abbott Charles H., clerk, 44^ Merrimac, house 48 High 
Abbott Charlotte Mrs., house 11 Suffolk Corporation. 
Abbott Dorcas C. Mrs., boardiug-liousc, 17 Hamilton Corp. 
Abbott Franklin, army, hou3C 32 Kace 
Abbott George ^V., Hamilton Corporation, house 30 do. 
Abbott Henry, carpenter, boards JIary Abbott's 
Abbott Henry, watchman, Trcscott Corporation, boards 48 do. 
. Abbott Herman, Lawrence Corporation, house 42 do. 
Abbott Jas. C, counsellor, Tyler's Block, 43^ Cent., h. 10 Kirk 
Abbott James H. (A. JI. ^ J. H. A.), boards Mary Abbott's 
Abbott Joel A., auctioneer, house 54 A«dover 
Abbott John, Lawrence Corporation, boards 42 do. 
Abbott Mary, boarding-liouse, Branch, near School 
Abbott Rogers A., boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Abbott Ilufus K., machinist, Merrimac Corporation, h. 56 do. 
Abbott Samuel Mrs., house 29 Church 

Abbott Sylvester D., blacksmith, S. Convers', bds. IG Ham.Corp 
Abj^ott Variium, watchman, ]\IcrrimaG Corporation, b. 13G do. 
Abbott Ziba, house 241 Central 
Ackler John, laborer, house Quebec, near Lincoln 
Adams Abner J., student, boards 49 Tyler 
Adams Alfred AV. (Boston), house 19 Tyler 
Adams Augustus, tinsmith, house IG Cabot 
Adams Charles A. Mrs., widow, house 27 Cliestnut 
Adams Charles E., belt-maker, at 'Whitmarsh'e, h. 5 Clark 


.- ''•'■- 


■!. ' 


I w 

. . /. 

\ .:: J • .J 

'/ ;-. ,1 • ' 


Adams Charles J., IMerr. Print-works, boards lOG ^Tcrr. Corp. 
Adams Curtis i'., Trciuout, boards luG ilcrriinac Corp. 
Adams Cyrus J\, liouse -17 i'aycttc 
Adams Darius ( K. II. A. 2)- Co.), bouse 13 "Willow 
Adams Euos II. & Co. (Darius Adams), boot and shoe manu- 
facturer, Prcscott. c. ]\Icrriraac, bouse 131 I'^ast Merrimac 
,\.dams Ezra 13. (Adams, North S^- Co.), 7 Central, b. 3-1 Tyler 
Adams George S., at Smitb Adams', bouse Adams Sijuarc 
Adams George W., carpenter, bouse 7 Tbird 
Adams George W., painter, bouse 6G Iligb 
Adams George W. S., carpenter, bouse 41 Cusbing 
Adams Hannab B., bouse l>roadway, corner Scbool 
Adams Henry O., sboemabcr, 1). Swan's, boards I George 
Adams Horace J. (A., 2\ortk S^- Co.), 7 Central, b. 49 Tyler 
Adams James, overseer, repair sbop, Lowell, b. 1 jMccbauic 
Adams James, Lowell Macbine Sbop, bouse 7 AVall 
Adams Joel, counsellor, 4 'J Central, President Prcscott Bank, 

bouse at Cbclmsford 
Adams Jobn, mason, bouse 378 Merrimac 
Adams Jobn !Mrs., bouse 70 Higb 
Adams Jobn II., painter, bouse 00 Higb 

Adams Jonathan, overseer, Jilcrr. Print-works, b. 31 ^Mcr. Corp 
lidams Joseph P., miller, at Locks and Canals j\Iills, Preucb, 

opposite Anne, bouse 122 Merrimac Corporation 
Adams Laudon, clerk, Lowell Corporation, boards 30 Cabot 
Adams, North & Co. (II. J. Adams, W. L. North and I'J. li. 
Adams), furniture, carpets, &c., 23 Mcrr. and 7 Central 
Adams N. liusscll, army, house 85 School 
Adams Phoda E. ]\Irs, bouse 30' Cabot 
Adams Samuel E. P., at Chase Mill, bouse 10 Union 
Adams Smith, tripe dealer. Walker, near ^Middlesex, house do. 
Adams Theodore, at J. C. Aver & Co.'s, bouse OS Appletou 
Adams Wesley, carpenter, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Adams AVilliara II., machinist, Massachusetts Corp., b. 21 do. 
Addie Jobn, raaehiuist, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 
Addison David, boards Varney 

Agen Thomas, at Norcross & Saunders, b. Lawson, near Scbool 
Ainsworth George, machinist, M. C. Pratt's, bds. 25 ilarket 
Aiusworth Henry AV., ]\Ii(ldlosex, bouse 4 Payette 
Ainsworth William L., Suffolk, house 4 Cabot Block, Cabot 
Akers Benjamin IM., at Norcross &; Saunders, bouse 13 Grand . 
Albce Lucius, driver ice cart, boards C. L. Wilkius' I 

Aldcn Nancy Miss, bouse 7 Merrill's Court \ 

.'\^■.■) .t: 

.1 -J 

• ll.-l.-' 



Alclrich lliram, sash-makcr, AV. Kclley's, b. 4 llarailton Corp. 
AMricli i.oanimi C, bobbin-maker, boards 01 West riiiun 
AlJricli Loriu, at W. Aklrieh'd, boards 'J 3 Applcton 
Aldrieh iMiltou, wood sc;rc\v manufacturor, O. Alleu's Mills, 

house Branch, near School 
Aldrich Nelson T., at ]\i. Aldvich's, boards do. 
Aldrich Warren, machine shop, r. 105 Midd'x, h. 93 Applcton 
Alexander (jcorge, machinist, J>owcll Machine Shop, h. G9 do. 
Alexander William C, carpenter, Suffolk Corp., boards 5 do. 
Alger Edwin X. ( Bruwii ^ Alyer), counsellor, 55 Central: 

house lOU High 
Allard Helen Mrs., house IM Middlesex 
Allen Ann Mrs., widow, house rear b'^ Salem 
.\llcii Augustine ]M., shoe-maker, li h^ast ilerrimac, h. 100 do. 
Allen David O. ilrs., house 314 School 

Allen (jicorge F., harness-maker, A. C. Sawyer's, b. 119 CeutrL: 
Allen Hansju W., Hamilton Corporation, house 9 do. 
Allen Hervey "W., apothecary, Merr.,c. Suffolk, h. 140 Fletcher 
Allen James, Lowell, house 5 A\'arren 
Allen James M, machinist, house 109 Applcton 
Allen J. M., ])hysician, 14 Hurd 

Allen John (r., harness-maker, house Bridge, near Third 
Alien Joseph 0., ]\Icrrimac Corporation, house 98 do. 
Allen Lizzie, boarding-house, 4 Applcton Corporation 
Allen Nathan, physician, 12 Hurd, house do. 
'Allen Nathaniel, harness-mala^r, Brabrook's, house 20 Hurd 
Allen Nathaniel, laborer, house 51 Cushing 
Allen Nicholas, house o I'leasant 

Allen Norris, Merrimae Brint-works, house 153 Merr. Corp. 
Allen Otis, lumber tlealcr and manufacturer of packing boxcp. 

31iddJe£ex^ west of depot, house 373 do. 
Allen Otis L. Mrs., house 1 Myrtle 
Allen Patrick, LowelL, house rear Cross 

Allen Bufus, machinist, Merrimae Corporation, house 13S <lc. 

Allen Thomas, army, 12 Cross 

Allen Thomas 0., clerk, 0. Alleu's, house 375 Middlesex 

Allen William H., farmer, house Stevens, near Barker 

Allyn Bachcl IL, female physician, 191 Central, house do. 

Ambrose Adam, machinist, ^leriiujai?, house 119 Market 

Ambrose Micha^-l, laborer, house 73 Adams 

American Bolt Co. (J. Jfeddourroft, Juna. Hope and R. II. 
Ihttcher), manuf. of bolts, screws, &c., Lawrence 

Ames Jacob, carpenter, house 10 Fifth 

1-;' ; 


,rA.:u; .1^ 

(' T'i;7. . ,); .' 



Ames -ToLn E. Mrs., wiJow. house 10 INfarKet 

Amos ]\Ioses B., carriage triunncr, at S. Cunvcrs', h. 51 Cliurcli 

Ames Newman E., Hoott Corporation, boards 1 1 do. 

Amsden George M., l)Ook-kcciier, 11. B. Smith's, house 3G Eock 

Amsden Stephen C, Lilliards, Ibh Mcrr., house 1 Stackpolc 

Anderson Alexander, gardener, J. C. Ayer's, 

Anderson Charles L., book-keeper, E. M. S. Eoundry, h. 15 do. 

Anderson George B., army, house rear 5 Hancock Avenue 

Anderson James, carpet-weaver, at Xaylor's, b. G. S. Cochrans' 

Anderson Eeder, agt. andtreas. Baldwin ]\I. Co, h. 100 Gorham 

Anderson AYm. II. (Stei-ciis >.y A.), counsellor, bds. 51 E. Mcrr. 

Andrews Aaron, machinist, Trcmont Corporation, house 8 do. 

Andrews Hannah C. Mrs., boarding-house, 11 Warren 

Andrews John, iliddlesex, liouso lb Mill 

Andrews John, Stott's ^\\\\, llowe, house 47 Eayettc 

Andrews Natlianiel, army, house 287 iliddlescx 

Andrews Sarah L. Mrs., house GG Eowell ^Machine Shop 

Andrews AVilliam, marble- works, 181 Central, h. 37 AYalnut 

Angel John, laborer, at J. Currier's, Broadway 

Angell Andrew J., machinist, house G7 Church 

Annis Eocell C. Mrs., house 2 Merrill's Court 

Antes Elizabeth Mrs., widow, house 110 Central 

Anthony Isaac ^Irs., house 77 Cross, near Willie 

Appleby Jaeol\ house 172 Suffolk 

Appleton Erank P., agent, Lowell Bleachery, house Moore 

Arlen Abigail "W. i\Irs., house 1 City Hall Avenue 

Arleu Charles H., gas-fitter, house 2 City Hall Avenue 

Arlin Augustine, Merrimac Corporation, boards 139 do. 

Arlin John F., Showman's Cottage, 12 JMiddle, house 5 Dodge 

Arlin Stephen N., painter, house IS Ncsmith 

Armstrong Christopher, McClellan Hotel, Lowell, cor. Button 

Aruda Erank 1)., barber, American House, house 52 Church 

Ascher Edward, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, b. 11-1 Merrimac Corp. 

Ash Catherine Mrs., widow, house IIG Lowell 

Ash James, mason, I-awreuce Corporation, boards G7 do. 

Ash Tatrick, laborer, house 25 Eenwick 

Ash ton Eliza, boarding-house, 10 Suffolk Corporation 

Ashton Hczckiah, gardener, house 7G Middle 

Ashton Joseph D., boilcr-raakcr, house 35^ Cushiug 

Ashworth Charles, lile-cuttcr, house G Lagrange, near Suffolk 

Ashworth George ( S. Ashicurlh ^- Co.), house 7 Lagrange, near 

Ashworth John, card-setter, D. C. Brown's, house 12 Church 

I - -./'.I, 

1 •..-./■, 


Ashwortli Sager & Co. (G. AshworUi), file-cutter, rictthcr, u. 

])utton, liousc 22 Piock 
Aslnvorth Zachariah. army, Louse IG Adams, Franlilin Square 
Asj)iuwall William L., Lowell ^lachinc Shop, house <J7 Adauis 
Athcrton Abel 'l\( 7\ At/tcrton Sf So7i), Howe, b. 27 Clay, c.Oak 
Atherton J'llizabetli Mrs., house G7 J'ayette 
Athertou Israel, at Stott's ]\lills, house 07 Fayette 
Athcrton Thos. & Son (A. T. A.), machinists, llowc, h. 27 Clay :vi 

Vtkinson Charles F., at A. L. Brooks', house 14 Queen 
Atkinson L)elia, widow, house oT) Lawrence Corporation 
Atkinson Ira, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 31 Hamilton Corp. 
Atkinson James V., city crier, house rear 118 ]\Iiddlcsex 
Atwell Andrew J., Lavvrouec Corporation, house 18 do. i 

Atwell John, spinner, Middlesex, boards 25 Hamilton Corp. 
Atwell Iticluard, machinist, Middlesex, house 1-1 George 
Atwood Benjamin F., carpenter, house 59 Buttcrfiekl 
Atwood Charles l'., carpenter, house oO West Union 
Atwood David, boarding-house, 07 Lawrence Corporation 
Atwood Josejih W., machinist, Boott Corporation, boards 11 do. 
Atwood Sewall A., at A. Bacheldcr's, boards 20 Appleton Corp. 
Auger Henrj', wood-cutter, house 2'J.'J Middlesex 
Auger Zeuas, at Xorcross vS: Saunders', house 293 Middlesex 
Auld James !•'., Suffolk Corporation, boards 5 do. 
Austin Aurelia A., boarding-house, 44 l^^ott Corporation 
Austin Azro, driver, house 44 Boott Corporation 
Austin George W., clerk, 54 Mcrrimac, boards 51 Fast Merr. 
Austin George W., machinist, Merriroac, house 227 Middlesex 
Austin Loring H., clerk, Postoffice, boards 12 Hurd 
Austin Norman L, machiuist, boards 1^4 Mcrrimac Corporation 
Austin Sarah Mrs.,, house 71 Fayette 
Austin ^Villiam W., jeweller, boards 82 Appleton 
Avery Franklin S., army, house 5 Chestnut 
Avery John, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 52 do. 
Avery John Mrs., house Nesmith 

Aycr Bethiah Mrs., widow, house G Appleton Corporation 
Ayer Frederick (J. C. Ai/erS^ Co.), house Pawtucket, c. School 
Ayer James C. & Co. (F. Aycr and A. G. Cook), cherry pectoral 

and cathartic pills, 105 Market, h. Pawtucket, op. Fletcher 
Ayer Nathan, shoemaker, I). Swan's, house 107 ]\Ioody 
Ajling Augustus D., at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, k 7 High St. Sq. 

•i' ■/, i|. 

.-.■ :i 


BABBTNGTON fiEORGE, l\ri(iaicsex, boards 7 Lowell Corp. 
Babbitt Wilbur F., painter, boards 135 Mcrrimac Corporation 
Babcock Abby L., ]\lrs., variety store, 31G Merrimac, house do. 
Babmiiigton x.Iaria ]\lrs., house 3 I'nion 
Bacheldcr Abram, bung manuf., Broadway, house 3 Alder 
Bacheldcr Asahel G., jiatcnt tool manuf., 1)2 Howard, house do. 
Bacheldcr Augustine L., at 170 Central, boards 13 Elm 
Bachelder Bradford C, carriage nianuf., Arch, h. 42 Howard 
Bacheldcr Wesley K., copyist, boards ti2 Howard 
Bacheller David S., ilerrimac i'lint-works, h. 11 ]\Iass. Corp. 
Bacheller Nathaniel J. N., i)rinter, Courier olTice, h. 11 Branch 
Backus Joseph W. Bev., past. John St. Cong.' ch., h. 21 Anne 
Bacon Horace B., watch-maker, 20 Central, boards 12 Hurd 
•Bacon Orin P., house 5 Tyler 

Badger Erank S. (Chattanooga, Tenn.), h. Austin, near ]Moody 
Badger George W., overseer, -AHddlesex, boards 25 J'davket 
Badger Newell, blacksmith, boards 22 Grand 
Badger Samuel E., carpenter, boards 21 Applcton 
Baglcy Charles, carpenter, at L. G. Howe's, house Eirst 
Bailey Allen, shoemaker, at Adams tS: Co.'s . , , 

Bailey Alonzo E., j\Iiddlesex, boards 71 High 
Bailey Alvah AV., farmer, house OS Bridge 
Bailey Anson (Iiice S,- Jniileu), 131 Central, house 32 Chapel 
Bailey Edward iM., shoemaker, 7 Canal Block, h. 1S8 Central 
Bailey Elijah B., Lowell Machine Shop, house 12 Dodge 
Bailey Gardner, provisions, GG East j\Ierr., house 58 Andovcr 
Bailey George E., ^lassachusetts, boards 9-1 East MeiTimac 
Bailey George E., sash and blind-rnaker, I. Place's, boards 1 

High Street Si^uare 
Bailey Gustavus A., overseer, Jlerr. Print-works, h. 26 Third 
liailey James H. (Lav.rcnce), house 15 South 
Bailey John, mason, house Hill Block, Dodge 
Bailey Joshua H., shoemaker, Adams & Co.'s, h. G7 "Warren 
Bailey Manasseh, shoemaker, AVarrcn, n. George, h. 4G High 
Bailey Squire L., police, house 29 r»Iarket 
Bailey Thomas D., mason, hmisc 51 Hanover 
Bailey AVillard. shoemaker, at Adams iSc Co.'s, bds. 48 Church 
Baker Andrew K., clerk, boards 43 Pioott Corporation 
Baker Frederick W., navy, Imuse 2 Bead 
Baker George V\., house 2 liead 

]5aker Joseph H., Lowell, house 12 Adams, Franklin Square 
Baker Lucy i\Iiss, nurse, house 299 Central ' 

Baker Richard W., civil engineer, City Gov. Build'g, h. S4Hurd; 

.','i.' I 

i :.'. . . 

fcii/;i ; 


Balccr Sarah IT. i\Irs., house 31 Hurcl 

Baker Stephen, carpenter, hoii.'^e 5 Sonth Highland 

iJaleh Eliza A. Mrs., v.'idow, house 12.") Kust iMerriniac 

iJalch Terley, prineipal, Edson School, house 42 Chapel, c. Elm 

Ikilch William, Lawrence Corporation, boards G7 do. u 

Baldwin Benjamin (l)Oston), house 02 Boott Corporation 

Baldwin AVilliam H., farmer, h. oflF Lincoln, n. Chelmsfordline 

Ball Benjamin, house 252 Central 

Ball Benjamin AV., editor, hoards 252 Central 

I'all Charles C, machinist, hoards 252 Central 

I'.all John, at Dugdale's ^Alill, house 297 Central '' 

l^allantyne Jane ilrs., house 1 North '-"f 

Bamford Henry, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, hoards 111 Central 

I'ancroft Charles, Massachusetts Corporation, hoards 50 do. 

Baijcroft Emma H., tailoress, 24 Central, h. do. 

]5ancroft Jefferson, dep. sheriff, 3 Canal Block, Central, house 

22 Appleton 
Bancroft John J., Lowell, hoards 22 Appleton 
Bancroft Kirk H., ass. surgeon, navy, boards 22 Appleton 
Bancroft Selwin, grocer, jMerr., c. Brescott, house 18 Bartlett 
Banigan Batrick, file cutter, boards 16 Summer 
Bannister Joseph, machinist, Comins',bds 21 Adams, E. Square 
liannon John, painter, at S. Convers', house 13 Union 
Barclay Cyrus B., carpenter, 22G ?.Iidd'x, h. Queen, opp. Som. 
Barker Alfred D., Suffolk, house il-j Tremont 
Barker Cyrus, army, house Hill Block, Dodge 
Barker Horace R., steam and gas pipe fittings and fixtures, 8 

Central, house 1G3 Moody 
Barker J. Berley, Middlesex, boards GS "Warren 
Barker Moses D., moulder, house 87 Appleton 
Barker Stephen, Jr., grocer, 09 Market, house 282 School 
Barker Thaddeus A., army, house 30 Adams, Franklin Square 
Barnard Benjamin E., boarding-house, 50 Massachusetts Corp. 
Barnard Charles, grocer, ]\Ierr., c. Brescott, h. 43 I\lass. Corp. 
Barnard George AV., hackman, 84 Central, house 188 do, 
Barnard Henry B., carpenter, boards 22 jMassachusetts Corp. 
Barnard Hiram K., police, house 22 Massachusetts Corp. 
Barnard John, boards 43 Massaeliusetts Corporation 
Barnard Jonathan, house 43 jMassachusetts Corp. 
Barnard Tristam, boarding-house, 22 Massachusetts Corp. 
Barnard AVilliam, Merrimac Corporation, house 126 do. 
Barnes Charles E., machinist, house 72 Appleton 
Barnes Daniel (Chelmsford), Louse 326 Central 





Biirncs David, Boott Corporation, l)orirds 53 do. iri 

I^arncs I'hnily 11. ]Mrs., tailorcss, ID (Central, Louse do- 

]5anics Henry, block-jtriiiter, Stott'.s, lioiisc 2.> High 

Barnes Henry H.(j9m/? .V /J.), 5 Canal IJlk., Cent, li. 174 K.:\rcrr 

Barnes Horace B., painter, 213 .Merriniac, house 15 Common 

Burues Richard, laborer, house SO Biver 

Barnes Thomas, at Stott's .Mill, house 25 Floyd 

iJaniey Alfred, grocer, 113 Thoradikc, 02)posite Central, house 

Gorham, near Hale's Mills 
Baron Alice Mrs., Braukliu House, 58 Moody 
Jkirou Christopher, house Middlesex, at Chelmsford line 
Baron Fred., apothecary, Merr., c. Worthcn, b. Howard House 
JJaron Cieorge, pattern-maker, house 2SG iliddlesex 
]5aron Jacob, carpenter, house G-t Merrimac Corporation 
Barr Andrew, Middlesex, house IG Bartlett 
Barr Isaac, blacksmith, Lowell Corp., house Elm, near Sixth 
i« Barrett Dennis, laborer, house Lincoln, near Tanners 

U 15arrctt Edward, laborer, house rear SutFolk, corner Marion 

I Barrett George H.. lumber dealer, house 85 Thorudikc 

?•' Barrett John, laborer, boards Rick Barrett's 

r liarrett ^Michael, grocer, 25 William, house do. 

i' ]5arrctt Patrick, army, house 17 Davidson 

J'arrett Rick, laborer, house on jdains east of Lair Grounds 
Barrett Sarah .Mrs., house 7 Marshall u .•. !;;t .y,w 

15arry Daniel, grocer. 111 SutFulk, house do. 
Barry Daniel S., wheelwright, house Beacon, near Pawtuckct 
Barry l''dward, Merrimac, house 88 Lowell 
Ikirry Ellen, widow, house 59 Gorham 
I5arry Joanna, widow, house 195 Central 
Barry John, Appleton, house Spring, near South 
liarry John, laborer, house 121 J.owell 

J5arry John H., laborer, Citizen office, house 2 Pollard's A v. 
Barry jMichael, moulder, house 30 Suffolk 
' Barry Patrick, army, house 108 Lowell 

P)arry Pilchard D., Merrimac Print-works, house 76 River 
Barry William, Boott Corporation, boards 53 do. 
Barry William, Lowell ]^lachine Shop, boards 195 Central 
Barth Daniel W., hair-dresser, 4 Central, house 67 Lawrence 
Barth John, boards 67 Lawrence 

Bartlett Charles, patent leather-worker, boards 1 1 Bleachery 
Bartlett Charles E. A., boards 1 I-awrence Corporation 
Bartlett D. Bradford, paymaster, Lowell Gas Light Co., Middle, 
corner Shattuck, house 140 J^ast Merrimac 


^l:-^' ,;.;;:ii:: 

'.i. i.-. vr<i .ur 

•ti.' . '. . • .'I 

,.,:•] •, .■ 

if'ir •' . 'i; 


; ...,,, I 


■, f //; . .1 


Bartlctt Ebcnczci- N., army, house 51 IMcrriranc Corporation 
liiirtlott 1'a1w;u'(1, [>uiutcr, lilcaclicry, house 11 do. 
Bartlctt Gustavus, farmer, house IJridge, near Dracut Hue 
Bartlett lloraee E. I\Irs., ^vi(lov.', house loG Suifolk 
Bartlctt Robert (i. {C/txrrhiU i^ JL), 127 jMarket, house 
Hail road, near Hale 
y Bartlett Stephen, overseer, La"\vrencc Corp., house 85 do. 

Bartlctt Sylvanus {B. S^ J/oudij), mineral water, 52 Middlesex, 

house First 
Bartlctt Wise, carpenter, house 23 Fourth 
Bascom Timotliy, grocer, 214 ]\Ierrimac, house 388 do. 
Basoora "William, boots, shoes and furs, 1C2 ?^Ierrimac, City 

Government I'mikliiig, house 2 Kirk 
Bass Lewis G., at 0. Allen's, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Bass AVillard, bobbin-maker, boards l Hamilton Corporation 
i Bass William, physician. Central, c. Gorham, house U Tyler 

; Ikiss William E., bobbin-maker, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 

Bassett Chas. 11., carpenter, Vv'amesit I^lills, b. 5 Suffolk Corp. 
Bassett Cyrus, blacksmith, boards 20 I'rescott Coiporation 
Bassett James, shoemaker, house 34 Common 
liassett Jesse N., at Richmond's paper mill, house G Abbott 
Baston' Edward H., machinist, boards G. F. Collins' 
]{atcheldcr Joseph C, carpenter, houee 51 Butterfield 
» Batchclder Wm., V,. k L. R. R., h. Robinson, u. R. B. bridge 
Batchcldor William S., army, house 34 Water 
Bates Dennis P., Merrimac Corporation, house 4.3 do, 
Bates Wm. W., teamster. Gas Works, h. 158 School, c. Poplar 
Battey (.'harlcs, overseer, J. Matlicr's, house 37 Crosby 
Battcy Edwin C, clerk, 58 Merrimac, h. 27 Suffolk, Fr. Souare 
Battersby William H., merchant tailor, 4 Canal Block, Central, 

house 41 Charles 
Battles Benjamin P., business agent, house 13 Lawrence 
^ Battles Charles F., agent, Tremont Corp., house 383 jMerrimac 

f ISattles Frank F., agent, ^Massachusetts Corp., house 3 Kirk 

Baxter Andrew, laborer, house 4 Cedar 
• Jiaxtcr Darwin D. ]Mrs., variety store, 157 ^.liddlesex, h. do. 
Baxter Ellen Miss, house Parker's lUock, River 
Jiaxter George P., clerk. Am. Ikdt Co., liousc 29G Central 
lUixter Lawrence, musician, house rear 93 Gorham 
Baxter Patrick, L. ]\I. S., hou.'^c lUvcr, corner Front 
l?eal Daniel W., Merrimac Corporation, boards 80 do. 
Beau Alvira C. ilrs., house 14 Marshall 
Bean Caleb ^i., Merrimac Corporation, house 137 do. 






i Oil 

22 i.(iAvi;i.r> ( iS] dikectouy. 

Bean Cliarles 1]., IjoLbin-inalctr, Loarils 137 j\[erriinac Corp. 

I'oaii Gcorgi; W. Klv., pastor i'rccwill Baptist cb., li. 5 Third 

llcan ]\lar;,'arct A. ]\Irri., Louse 10 Queen 

liean ^lartin V., liavncss-uiakcr, Hatcli's, hoards 101 Central 

Bean llufus L,, at Locks and Canals, boards IG Adams 

Beau Samuel, farmer, bouse 212 Corbam 

Iiean Sarab .Mrs., bou.-c o (Jarnct 

l^can AVilliani G., l)oards lil'j Central 
• Beard Alvin, macbinist, bouse '1 h'ailroad ••• ' 

Beard Mary A. ]\lrs., bouse <)8o Morrimac 
'A Beard Itbumar, law student, T);") Central, boards "9 Xesmltb 

'!;' Beard Itbamar A., bouse 21 rawtucbct 

V Beard Itbamar W. ,Mrs., bouse 3'J Nesmitb, corner Andovcr 

V Beard Samuel, at Stott's Mill, bouse l;5S Lawrence 
v, Beaubeau David, army, bouse Cabot 

\' ]5eaubeau Edward, .saw-miller, boards 9 Cabot 

\' y. Beaubeau V. Mrs., widow, bouse 9 Cabot 

|, • Beauregard diaries, at (^mins', bouse 9 Middlesex Place 

I. Beckett Alexander, Lowell, bouse 105 Broadway 

? Beckwitb Charlton (Xcb. Terr.), house 21 N. Lrauklin Court 

t; Beckwitb I'Imclinc, 3 ^Icrrimac Corporation 

i Beckwitb Harris, carpenter, bouse 24 Austin 

i Ikxlee .Moses V., stone-cutter, bouse iMt. Vernon, n. Westford 

I I'edell Adam, clerk, bouse 13 Merrimac Corporation 

i I'edlow Artemas, bouse 91 Gorbam 

Bedlow George W., Boott counting-room, house 8 Ash 
Bedlow Joseph, superintendent, Lawrence Corp., bouse 87 do. 
fe Bccbe Charles L., 15oott Corporation, boards ;!8 do. 

' i^cggs James, mason, bouse 4") Appletou 

Beggs John, carpenter, boards 45 Appletou •'* 

lieggs Maurice, carpenter, bouse 90 Moody 

Begley Margaret, widow, house 42 Lowell 

Bcgle}* I'atrick. laborer, at Isaac Hinckley's 

Beban John, Lowell, bouse rear 141 LoavcU 

Behan Patrick, laborer, bouse 4 Brown's Court, near Piivcr 

Beirue ^lichael, at Dracut Navy Yard, bouse V>1 North 

Belcher Charles, army, house First, near Bridge 

Belden Charles 1\, overseer, Suffolk, h. 3 Cabot Block, Cabot 

I5elduke Napoleon, blacksmith, at Convers', b. 34 Ham. Corp. 

15ell Granville, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house 2G do. 

Bell Mary P. Mrs., bourse 77 High, near Andover 

Bell Sanmel M., Lowell .Alaebiiie Shop i'oundry. b. 77 High 

Bellows Samuel .M., clerk, Postuftice, bouse 10 Cabot 

ihr ■■■■''. i:;' ..i 

. •' I .>•(,"■'■ 

fK;''.v ' ' 



Ilcincnt S.inuiol, iirinciital, I'artlett School, house SO Salem 

Mciuis Ar/.iua Mrs., house 2u3 Middlesex 

Hcinis Henry S., mason, house 2D Cady 

Jk'udcn rrcdcriek, tailor, IFale, near Chelmsford, liouse do. 

licuner Ikirnhaiu C. (VA ('. c^- J/. A. JJeimcr), furniture and 

btuvcs, ;i, \, 5 and G i'rcseott, liousc 19 Third 
f llenner Myrick A. (/>'. C. 4- Jf. J. Ji.), t Prescott, h. 11) Third 

Honnett .Vlnion .1., earjieuter, boards 1 Middlesex i'laee 
Uennelt I'Vank V.. (Ji. S,- Rn.lUjf), ^vood and eual, Moody, c. 

'I'rcuiunt, house O'J Aiijilclun 
]5cnnctt (ieorgc, at Slott'.s Mill, house 2S7 Central 
llcnnctt lioorge H., barhor, 22 Central, boards Gl l!ivcr 
iSeniiett Horace W., Merrimae Corporation, house 10 do. 
Hcnui'tt .lames W., carpenter, Middlesex, corner Grand, house 

•J Marshall 
Ik-niiett John, civil engineer, house CO Appleton 
Itennctt John A., printer, house 02 Appleton 
liennett John 0.. c.irpcnter, boards LS Lagrange, Tr. Square 
i'.cnnett .Mary Mrs., boanling-house, 1;! Hamilton Corporation 
Iknnett Wilder, superintendent of streets, house 110 Central 
Itennott ^^ illiam, \vatehuian, Lowell Cor[)oration, boards 7 do. 
Hennctt Wm. S., merchant tailor, 11 Ccuiral, h. -11 Chestnut 
llcn*in l)anirl, fuller, house 15 Ihiiou 
l?cn*n» .Margaret, widow, house 15 L'nion ^., 

Itenson .Murgarct, widow, hou.-e IJ7 Miirth 
iV-n.svHi NVilli.nn, carpenter, at K. I>. Latch's, house Merrill 
llciiH.>n ', Middlesex, house (10) GG Church 
llciitl.y Samuel, niuchinist, L. M. S., house 10 ^larshall 
iJor^iu Patrick, blacksmith, house 7 Pleasant 
lkT>;cron Luuis, blacksmith, Mcrr., n. Suffolk, h. 102 Moody 
Ucrick Edward IL, at Norcross .fc Saunders, house 35 Brauch 
Ilcrkley Charles W., carpenter, house 145 Middlesex Kllen, widow, house Crecn, near George 
Kcrriuu Patrick, army, house rear .327 Central 
I'crrian Patrick, army, house rear 71 Middlesex 
Perry Charles U.. army, house .383 .Merrimac 
Perry James, miller, Livingston's, house rear 7 'i'horndike 
Perry .lohn P)caman, carpenter, house G Clark's Court 
Perry Theophilus 1)., carj)cnter, h. Stevens, n. (Jhelmsford line 
Pertoldi Peter llev., boards Fenwick, near Catholic Church 
Pcsonnett John, at Norcross & Saunders, house 183 Middlesex 
Pcssc Joseph v., variety store, 15 'lilden, house do, 
BcBwick L(!win, machinist, house 45 Lletcher 


vf ^;2' 


\'-^.r... •! ( 

• J'-'. /-f 

■ 24 lo\vi:ll [SSJ diukctop.y. ;;■ \ 

Bcttis John, printer, bouse DuUon, near Fletcher 
Bettey Thomas, clerk, 2')?> ^lerrimac, house at Dracut 
Bickford Abby C, boarding-house, H Hamilton Corporation 
Bickford Allen 1*., carjiet weaver, house 2 Jaekson 
^ Bickford Edwin, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

i' BickKird Eugene, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. ' 

\ . Bickiord llartwell IL, Lowell Corporation, boards 1 do. 

; Bickford Joseph, machinist, L. M. S., bils. 1 Middlesex place 

I ' Bickford Lucy T. Mrs., house 285 Central 

1 Bickford Closes, blacksmith, Lleasant, corner Audovcr, house 
1 ) at Chelmsford 

:', Bickford Nathaniel, machinist, bds. 45 Lov.ell Machine Shop 

j Bickford llichmond H., belt-maker, at Gates, house 30 Suffolk, 
'j , Franklin S(pare 

•^ Bickford Wm. H. Mrs., house 4 Bangs Block, Bailroad 

', Bickncll John, farmer, house 19 Presoott Corporation 

.; _ Billings Abby ^Irs., house 22 Austin 

I Billings Chas. 0., clerk (Boston), boards 22 Austin 

\ Billings George E., clerk, Appletou Bank, boards 22 Austin 

I Billings Henry E., proprietor Howard House, 211 Middlesex 

■ Billings John, clerk (Fort ilouroe), house 150 Central 

Billings John T., apothecary. Central, c. Jack., b. Wash. House 
Billings Samiiel L>., fruit, &:c., 109 Central, house 235 do. 
'; Billings "William F., bobbin-maker, Watson's, b. -1 Ham. Corp. 

Billingsly Hugh, iliddlesex, house 8 "Water 
i Bingham Fanny, house 5-1 Lawrence Corporation 

>. , Bingham George Mrs., house 2-1 Common 

; Bingham Hervey, at D. Whitlied's, boards 21 Hamilton Corp. 

I '; Binks John B., house 22 Davidsoo 

Bird Amanda Mrs., house liichardson 
' • Bird Charles, carriage-maker, at Convcrs', house 82 South 

"{ Birkenhead Thomas, at Cutter & AValker's, house 72 Iviver 

I Birmingham Bridget, widow of Michael, house 19 High 

V Birmingham Samuel T., Indian physician, house at junction of 

i Boston & Lowell and Ayer's City branch railroads 

Bisbee Ira Mrs., widow, house 102 High 
Bishaw John, at Norcross & Saunders', house G East Piue 
Bishop Henry, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
Bishop Stewart, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
Bissani Ebard, laborer, house 120 Tvliddlcsex 
Bissell Archibald, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, h. G do. 
Bissell Daniel, Appleton Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Bissell George W., teamster, house 38 Lowell Machine Shop 

.,.,,, ( 

n ' ' ' 

,f ..,..f> 


I'.ixljy Joseph, boatman, house \~> Paige 
IVixby .Joseph Y., Jioott Corporatiou, house 39 do. 
Itixby Thomas, boards 50 I'aigc 

lUack Al)uer M., painter, house MS SniTulk " ■'■ 

lUaek Charles A., army, house 5'J East Merrimac 
r.hick Joliuston, tea and eollec store, 1-30 Middlesex, house do. 
lilaok Patrick, Lowell Machine Shoji, h. Linden, near Auburu 
lUack Peter, Plcaehery, house Linden, near Auburn 
Black Thomas, variety store, do ])utton, house do. 
]]lack William, Lowell, boards 5 Larson's Court 
lUackburn Ann, widow, house IB Summer 
Llackburn John, at S. Ashworth's, house S Lagrange Court 
Plackington Daniel, blacksmith, boards C AVamesit Court 
lUackmer Warren A., painter, hou;e 34 Willow- 
Plackstone Harrison AV., sh.iemaker, 11 Tildcu, h. 20 Austin 
lUair Enoch 11., carpenter, house 215 School 
Blair William B., stone-cutter, boards IG Marshall- 
Blaisdell Adeline S. Mrs., house 7 Prescott Cori)oration 
BlaisdcU Charles 1''., carder, Alerrimac Corporation, b. 134 do. 
Pdaisdell Charles 11., army, house Bridge, corner Tenth 
Blaisdell Hiram \V., book-keeper, house 02 South 
BlaisdcU Xewtou, Boott Corporation, boards 38 do. 
Blaisdell Stillman E., bobbin-maker, boards 5 Hamilton Corp. 
BlaisdcU Theophilus C, jjoliee, house 52 Chapel 
lUalsilell William E., Merrimac Corporation, boards 134 do. 
l^lake Edward E., driver, ice cart, house 2 McEarlin Avenue 
Blake E. Otis, mason, house 21 Kirk 

Pilake Ira S., patent leather worker, boards Hannah Miles' 
Blake James, ^Middlesex, house 49 AVcrst Union- 
Blake Jesse {Hubbard S,- Ji.}, Aycr's City, h. Lincoln, n. Main 
Blake Joseph H., carpenter, house rear 3.3 Branch 
Blake Joseph P., carriage-maker, at J. Jenkins', boards do. 
I'.lakc Simon, leather tinisher, house Lincoln, near ^laiu 
Blake Stephen P., Boott Corporation, house 33 do. 
P.lake Thomas Airs., widow, h. Willie Av., n. Hancock Av. 
Blake William J., patent leather worker, b. AV. E. Lawrence's 
Blanchard Aaron, machinist, Al. C. Pratt's, house 10 Lagrange, 

Eranklin Square 
Blanchard Abel, carpenter, boards Alerrimac, corner Kirk 
Blanchard Amos Lev., pastor Kirk St. Cong. Ch., h. 8 Kirk 
Blancharil Amos, Jr., clerk (Boston), boards 8 Kirk 
Blanchard Amos A., ])ay master, Lowell Manufacturing Com- 
pany, house 118 East Merrimac 


I i/u> 

I'. / ■, 


Elancliard C. F. Mrs., Louse 103 Fast Merriinae 
BlanclKird Charles 1'., clerk, Ijoards J. F. KimbaH's 
Blanchard Dolly iMrs., ^vido^v, Louse 1 11) Muudy 
r)lancliard JuLu, laborer, boards ij llaniilton Corjjoratiou 
BlaneLard Sarah 31rs., Louse ol lUirtlett 

Blancliard ^\'ilUain I)., coutraetur, L. M. S., Louse 7 AVestfurJ 
lUessiugton Auu Mrs., boarding-Luuse, 1 William 
BligL Johu, foundry, L. ]\L S., buards 31 Ilamiltou Corporation 
Bligh Miehacl, at Draeut Navy Yard. bds. o-i Hamilton Corp. 
Bliss Alpheus, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. 13 Hamilton Corp. 
Bliss Freeman, carpenter, boards 13 Boott Corporation 
Bliss Ira A., farmer, Louse 3 Union 
Blodgett Charles, ^lerrimac Corporation, boards 115 do. 
Blodgett Orlcndo, butcLcr, Louse Clielmsford, near Barker 
Blodgett Sarah W., boarding-Louse, Canada, near Tanners 
Blodgett TLos., stonecutter, at l{uiiels »!v: Co.'s, bds. 3 ^^.IcUitire 
Blood Andrew, overseer. Boott (Jorporatiou, Louse 71 do. 
Blood Benjamin A., (Boston), Louse Wilder, uear Broadway 
Blood Cyrus (7A S^ MUcJicU), provisions, Liberty Sc^uare, 

Louse 15 Adams, Franklin Sijuare 
Blood JoLu C, works fur B. & L. B. B., Louse G9 TLird 
Blood JosepL, teamster, house Paige, near riding school 
Blood Martin L., machinist, L. M. Shop, bds. lUD Appleton 
Blood Sarah ^Irs., Loop skirts, 78 Merr., bds. ilrs. J. Cordeu's 
Bly Cluirlcs L., clerk, C. B. Kimball's, boards 50 Aloody 
Boardman John E., lather, house (J court, rear 88 Salem 
Boardman Langley IL, boots and shoes, 31 Central, L. 7 Willow 
Boardman William E., Boott Corporation, Louse 32 do. 
BodfisL Francis B., variety store. Liberty Square, L. 50 Adams 
BodwcU Clarissa F. ]\lrs.. Louse 5 lyler 
Bogue James, laborer, Louse 1 1 1 ^Market 
BoLonau Martin, army. Louse 2 Carolin's place, Fayette 
BoLonan Morrill M., grocer, Ayer's City, house Lincoln 
Bolton John, boards 5G Lawrence Corporation 
Bolton Joseph, at W. Walker >Si Co.'s, boards Wm. Sugdcu's 
Bond vVndrew F., harness-maker, at Brabrook's, h. 40 Dummer 
Bond William H., blacksmith, boards 3 Hamilton Corporation 
Bonner John, engineer. Louse ■1-7 Market 
Bonncy Arthur B., counsellor, Tyler's Block, 43 i Central, 

President First National Bank, boards 12 Hurd 
Boocock Stad, Lowell Corporation, house 13 do. 
Boorn Samuel, Middlesex, house IG Warren 
Booth Hamer, Middlesex, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 

1 )/.(-. I 

[ .•■) 

I , 

I • ' , .* 

^1 ..:i .;i . ! 6 

•;. ,v 

• • ; . • I- 


Booth Jolin, laLorcr, 5 Luther's Court 
Uootli Ki'liert, currier, ;it Durrcll's. house 22 Smith 
ltiis>i(ly Jllleu Mrs., widow, house G.^ Church 
lioucliier Samuel, painter, 7 Central, house 314 do. 
lioutwell Wesley C, lioott Corporation, hoards 38 do. 
IJoutwell William AV\, Ikiott Corporation, boards 38 do. 
15ow Alexander, L. .M. S., house 3 Salcra, corner A<lam3 
IJowden I'lrncst, Stott's ]\Iill.s, house Quebec, corner ^Manchester 
liowden Ocorgc, Stott's Mills, house Lincoln, corner Main 
Howdcn James, at W. Walker & Co.'s, house (>0 Middlesex 
l5owen George F., Lawrence, house 174 Sutfolk 
15o\vers Arthur E. & Co., clothing and gents furnishing goods, 

33 Central, boards J. B. French's 
Bowers Charles, engineer, boards 24 Pawtuckct 
Bowers Ira, army, house rear 118 Middlesex 
Bowers James, house 20 Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
liowcrs Jonathan ilrs., house 70 Pawtucket, near Walker 
Bowers Jonathan, carriage-maker, 65 Pawtucket, house 70 do. 
Bowker William, watchman, Hamilton Corporation, bds. 3 do. 
Bowman .lames A., Merrimac Corporation, house 82 do. 
Bowman M. L., barber, 20l) Merrimac 
Bowman NVilliam, Middlesex, boards 68 Gorhara 
Buwiaan William Mrs., house 82 Merrimac Corporation 
Bowiio IV-nnis, boards 3 1 Hamilton Corporation 
Boyd Hugh, wool-sorter, Lowell, house 3 Edgerly's Court 
Boyd .laiiK'S, carpenter, house 25 I'aycttc 
l{u)«l JoliH, dock repairer, 56 Central 
Boyd J(thii. bhoeniaker, Howe, house 7 Pleasant 
BoyJcii Kraslus, overseer, Prcseott Cor-poration, house 1 do. 
l^»\le .\n<Irew, Boott, house 14 Middle 
B<>}lc Catherine, variety store, 2'-'0 Merrimac, house do 
Bi»ylc Daniel, -fireman, Salem i^' Lowel) Pailroax.1, h. 17 Union 
lk)ylc Deunis, L. Mach. Shop Foumlry, b. 34 Hamilton Corp. 
Boyle Duke, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Boyle Frances Mrs., widow, house Frout 
Boyle James, blacksmith, Xorcross >.V Saunders', house Middle- 
sex, opposite .Mcliitire 
Boyle James, carpenter, house 3 Baldwin's Court 
Boyle John, at Norcross it Saunders, house 21 Spring 
Boyle .luhn, laborer, house Fulton, near Paver, Centralville 
Boylo Jolin F., army, house Bow, near Pearl 
Boyle Michael, laborer, house I'ront 
Boyle .Michael, laborer, house 35 Summer 

n ■■li^' 

i/Oii , "ti.'linr/'^r-. 




Boyle ]\Iicliacl, tarmcr, Loukc Tainicrs 

Boyle ]\itrick, saloon, 7 Gorliaui, Louse G do. 

Boyle Patrick, laborer, house 2 Dummcr 

Boynton Ikiijaiuiu F., overseer, Lowell, h. School, n. Bowers 

Boyntou James M., at city staLles, AVest'u Av., h. 22S ]\Iiddlescx 

Boynton James AV., house Blount Vernon, near Sixth 

Boynton Jane ]\Irs., Avidow, house 1 Union 

Boynton John, boards I'Ahvard Fificld's 

Boynton oNIark C. teamster, house 153 i\[iddlcsex, c. Jackson 

Boynton Thomas, Merrimac rrint-works, house at Dracut 

Brabrook Joseph A., harness-maker, 45 Market, house 27 Tyler 

Braekett Shadrach It., worsted and wool sjiinncr, at AVhijiple's 

^lills, house 152 ]uist .Merrimac 
Bradbury John, variety store, 05 Market, house do. 
Braddock AVarren L., clothing manuf., 82 Merr., b. 101 Ccn'l 
Bradford A. M. Mrs., huuse lU Biver 
Bradford James 0., painter, ?> Trescott 
Bradford James AV., painter, Suffolk, house 192 ]\Iiddlesex 
Bradford Oliver K., at ID .Middle, boards 48 Trescott Corp. 
Bradford AVilliam AV., machinist, house 215 ^Middlesex 
Bradley Ambrose E., shoemaker, house 15 Alder 
Bradley Christopher, saloon, 2G Gorham, house do. 
Bradley Daniel V., house 11 Third 
Bradley Harriet, teacher, house 2G Fourth 
Bradley James, ]\Ierrimac Trint-works, house 15 Dummer 
Bradley J^ouisa Jlrs., house 26 Tourth 
Bradley Michael, house 21 Union 
Bradley Michael, laborer, house 3G AA'illiam 
Bradley Miranda AV., teacher, hou>«c 2G Tourth 
Bradley Patrick, army, house 12 lliver 
Bradley Patrick, army, house 23 AVilliam 
Bradley Patrick, laljorer, boards 18 A\'illiam . , . 
Bradley Thomas Mrs., house 77 Charles 
Bradley AVilliam H., surgeon, army, house 2G Fourth 
Bradley AVilliam T., at E. B. Patch & Co.'s, h. 40 Lawrence 
Bradshaw John A., machinist, house AVilson Tune 
Bradt David (B. S)- G. J. 11), baker's, AVhiting, house do. 
Bradt (ierrit J., {D. 4- 6'. ./. Jl), house AVhitmg 
Brady Ann ]\lr3., widow, house 27 Keene 
Brady Bernard A., at Lane iS: No well's, house 3 Summer 
Brady liridget Mrs., house 07 Charles 
Brady Bridget Airs., house 21 Keeno 
Brady James, lab..rer, house 3 llrown's Court 

■>i^-' ■ .' ' 


Hndy Tames, ^liddlcscx, house 20 High 

liraJy Jaiucs, teamster, house 1 Short 

Hrady John, grocer, 20 J liver, house do. 

JJrady Michael, laborer, house 18 Kcene 

iJrady I'atrick, house 19 Kccne 

lirady I'eter, job wagon, house .'309 Central 

I5rady I'hilip, laborer, house 40 Paige ,.t.. 

Hrady Kosc Mrs., widow, house 18 Kccne 

liragdon George, house 33 Anne 

Hragdou Lucy Mrs., widow, house SO High 

Itragg Mayuard, L. M. Shop, house 70 do. 

Hrandiall John, Hamilton, house 03 Hamilton Block, Gorham 

lirawn Chcsley, carpenter, 243 ^Icrrimac, house 323 do. 

liray Ann ]\iiss, house 38 South 

I5razer William V., hats, cajis and furnishing goods, 47 Central, 

corner M-arket, house 130 East Jlerrimac 
lireason Andrew, house rear u Cross , ', ' 

Urcason Philip, army, house rear 5 Cross 
lircckinridge Giles, car[.cntcr, boards 119 Central 
Ureod Henry K. ^Irs., house 52 Church 
JJrced John H., barber, 60 Central, boards 52 Church 
15rccn Kllen Mrs., widow, house 34 South 
Ih'ocu John, laborer, house 25 ^Middle 
Hrccn John, Middlesex, house 52 Middle 

Urocn John, laljorer, house 148 Central , • 

iSrecn Patrick, laborer, house rear 9 Summer 
Brccu Thomas, array, house 52 JMiddle >■'>. ; ': 

iJreeu Tbomas,daborcr, house 8 City Avenue 
Jfrcunau James, army, house 02 Suihilk 
Krcunan Michael, dry goods, 50 xMerrimac, house 39G do. 
I^rcnnan Patrick, at C. P. Piichmond's, house 9 Mill 
Prciinan Thomas, watchman, Massachusetts Corp., bds. 14 do. 
Prcunan Thomas, Lowell ^Machine Shop, house 1 Carpet Lane 
Prcslin J\Iary Mrs., house 80 SuiFolk 
Prcwstcr John L., wood-sawyer, house 25 Cabot 
iSriur William, farmer, liouse AVcstford, opposite Queen 
Prickett Henry AV., telegraph and western ticket agent, Meni- 

mac St. Depot, house 428;^ Jlcrrimac 
Hriokley Patrick, laborer, house Common, opposite common 
Pride Michael, laborer, house Brewery Court 
Bridge Abol E. it Co. (A'. G. Cook), curriers and tanners, 

Aycr'a City, house at Charlestown 
Bridgca Joseph \\., laborer, house (44) 64 Church 

■ K,/, »:■■■ ■..;! 

U 1"/. io» 


Bricrton EJwanl, provisions, 72 LoAvell, lioii?c do. 
Briggs Ansel, army, liousc IS Morrimac Corporation 
Briggs E[iln'aiui ])., nioulilcr, lioards 7-i jMiddlcscx 
liriggs I'l-anklin AN'., ^Icrriiuac Corjiorution, lioubc 73 do. 
J5riggs George ]\Irs., widow, house 4.") llaniiltfui Corjiuration 
Briggs Jolm .Mrs., widow, 41: Merriniac Cor{ioratiuii 
Brigham Charles AV., at .1. W. Holland ^: Sun's, Ids. I'l Kirk 
]lrighani Ceorgc A., machinist, house 39 I'ifth 
Brigham Sarah ]\Irs., house 1 Union 

Brigham AVarreu, Lowell .Maehinc Shop, house 53 Summer 
Brigham AVilliam F., overseer, I'reseott Corjioration, h. 1 do. 
Bright Calvin L., boards 3 Hamilton Corporation 
Bright Luther, johbcr, house 102 Gorham 
Britton Charles IL, ^lassaehusett-s Corporation, house 20 do. 
Britton Preston IL, L. j\L S. Foundry, house 273 ^liddlesex 
Broderick James, at (ias office, house 22 North ' .,^ 

Broderick Thomas, j\liddlesex, house rear IIG Market 
Brock John IL, job wagon, house Gl Lawrence 
Brogan Bridget, boarding-house, 48 Lawrence Corporation 
Brogan Martin, laborer, boards 4S Lawrence Corporation 
Brooks Artc'nias L., lumlier dealer and nianui'actuier. Me- 
chanics' Mills, house Fletcher 
Brooks Charles X., carpenter, Merrimac Corp., h. ITtG do. 
Brooks Charles W., blaL-ksmith, house 1 Farson's Court 
I'lrooks Daniel, at Guard Locks, house School, near Bawtucket 
Brooks Ilcnry C,, army, house 43 Apjjleton 
Brooks J^mes AV., coffin-warehouse, I'J Brcscott, h. 12 Fourth 
Brooks Sarah J. Mrs., house 72 Church 
Brooks Stilliiian, Lawrence Corporation, house CG do. 
Brooks AVilliam F., hair-drcsscr, 27G Merrimac 
Brooks AVilliam IL, carriage-maker, boards Howard House 
Brophy Catherine ^Irs., boarding-house, 51 Lowell 
Brothers Ephraim Mrs., house 2G Clay 
Brothers Joseph, Middlesex, house 33 Charles 
Brow lulwin, at Chase Mill 

Brown Aaron, Lawrence Corporation, house 75 do. 
Brown Addison Bcv., house 124 Cross 
Brown Alfred, carpenter, house 16 Abbott 
Brown Alice, variety store, 'J7 Central, boards 240 do. 
Brown Alonzo, carpenter, boards 113 Central 
Brown A. G. Mrs., dress-iuaker, Nesmith's l>'d'g, b. 5 E. Merr. 
Brown Allen H., machinist, house 21 Adams, Franklin Square 
Brown Alpheus K. (i>. S,- Al(jev), counsellor, 55 Cent., h. 'J Kirk 

•I ••ai":* "^ ' . ';■.;' 

t.-).:- ,.'t>. :■ 

vb .-. 


Tirowii A mini, job wagmi, house ."il Suffolk, Franklin Sijuarc 

liruwn Auiori 1'., stone-woiker, house 21 C^uocu 

llrown Amos S., teamster, house 12 Smith 

iSrowu I'.eiijamin, liouse oOH ^lidtUesex 

lirown Ihadhuiy D., boarding-house, 4 ^rassachusctts Corp. 

lirowii Charles, J.awrcnoc, boards (JO Massachusetts Corji. 

Ih'own Charles, shoemaker, boards 113 ?ilerrimac 

llrown Charles ]"]., wood-woiker, at 1. I'lace's, h. Varnoy, opp. 

Mt. Washington 
Brown Darius C., reed and power-loom harness-maker, "Warren, 

near Middlesex Mills, house Si) Church 
Jirown Diliveranee 1'., at Locks and Canals, h. -IS Pummer 
l*>rown MI)cnczei', shoemaker, house liridge, ojiposite Second 
Itrown l'^<lward, machinist, Alerrimac Corporation, Ids. lul do. 
I'.rown llmma Mrs., widow, house *J Massachusetts Corporation 
Brown lljihraim, patent alarm locks, house JlA Chesthut 
Brown Francis (7^. 4' C«r/cr), painter, 200 il'x, h. lOG Howard 
Brown I'rancis, overseer, ^Middlesex, house U2 High 
]5rown Frank, macliinist, Lane & Xowcll's. boards 19 South 
I'rown Frank J., jirinter, boards -10 Charles 
I'rown (ieorge ^I. A,, ass't, W. Burnham's, bds. 113 ?ilcrrimac 
lirown Ceurgc S., sti>ne-cuttcr, boards 2G Appleton Corp. 
Brown Harrison, baker, at A. 1>. French v^' Co.'s, boards do. 
Bruwn Hiram, wood, ^i':) Aj.plcton, house at Billerica 
J>rown Hiram .1., machinist, housij ,V1 Mid<llesex, corner South 
l5rown .lac'ib 1'., earixjuter, house I.'! Charles 
Brown ■lames, gardener, liouse S 1 (Jorliam " "' 

lUown .lames M., army, house 5 Fleat^ant, Cent. 
Biiown .1. .\. -Mrs., boarding-house, T)? Lowell Alachine Shop 
liruwu .Tcrouic B., at I'rooks' Mill, boards F!.") .Merrimac Corp. 
Browu .loel, mason and whitewasher. house -10 Charles 
Browu John, watchman, lioott C'orporation, boards 11 do. 
l?rown John !»., foreman yard, Lowell i\Iaehine Shop, h. 4 do. 
Brown J. J. C, machinist, L. M. Shop, b. 8 Appleton Corp. 
Brown Joscidi F., pressman, lOG Central, boards 111 do. 
Brown Joscjih S., dry goods, 54 Merrimac, house IS Stackpole 
Brown Josiah ^V., machinist, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 
Brown Leonard, clerk, Adj. (ion. oflice (Boston), h. 154 IL Merr. 
JJrown Levi, captain police, house 2G5 Central 
Brown Levi F., bobbin-maker, boards 21 Market 
Brown 31artin J., at 17 i\Iiddlc, boards 40 Charles 
iJrown ]\[ary Mrs., boarding-house, 3 Lowell Corporation 
Browu Michael, machinist, house rear 19 Summer 




Brown ]\ryron C, sawfilcr, house rear 42 GorLani 

15rowu Otis J., cavjicntcr, house ll! Austin 
r ]iro\vn Robert K., soap-maker, house J'iiie, corner Wcstford 

I Brown Samuel A., counsellor, 7;"j (.'entral, house l-G Merriinac 

Brown Samuel T., house G7 Third 
. Brown Stejihcn, carpenter, house IGo IJroadway 

I Brown AVillard, at lit Market, house Of) i'ayette 

Brown AN'illard A., leather dealer, *J4 ]\I;irket, h. 55 Andover 
) Brown William, superintendent, Brescott, house 05 Andover 

Brown AVilliam, provisions, 147 Central, h. Union, c. Jjinden 
' Brown William H., machinist, boards J. A. ]>radshaw's 
' Brown William P., carpenter, house 40 Howard 

I Brown AVilliara S., assis't engineer, navy, bds. 154 East"ilcrr. 

' ]5rowncll George, house 25 Lawrence 

> Bruce Henry C, army, house Coburn 

! Bruce HcT-bert, Boott Corporation, boards 38 do. 

{ Bryant Cyrus, cabinet-maker, house 5 Adams, Tranklin Square 

I ])ryant Daniel, grocer, lO-^ .Aliddlesex, h. Barker, c. Wcstford 

! Bryant Hosca B., house 41 South 

Bryant J. Hervey, overseer, Applcton Corp., house 22 do. 

Bryant Lyman B., blacksmith, boards 41 South 

IJryant Mcrtoun G. -Mrs., house 14 Kirk 

B>ryant Otis JL, machinist, boards 41 South 

> liryant Solon, Appletou Corporation, house 19 do. 

.; Bryant Theron A., B. & L. Ji. 11., house Carlton, cor. E. Bine 

■ Buchanan John, watchman, ^Vhipple's Mills, house Lawrence, 
I - near ^N'hijiple 

[ Buchanan John, Jr., laborer, boards John Buchanan's 

Buchanan William, carpenter, boards John Buchanan's 

■ lUickland Henry, L. ^l. S., boards 10 Appletou Corporation 

{ Buckland .lohn, overseer, Appletou Corporation, house lU do. 

f liurkley Hannah .Mrs., widow, house 38 Lewis 

liuckley Juremiah, army, house 19 George 
Buckley Maurice, L. M. S. foundry, house 30 Lewis 
Buckley J\Iichael, wood dealer. South, house 10 AMnter 
Buckley Patrick, L. M. S., house 51 Lowell 
Buckman Beter, carpenter, house Webster, Ccntralville 
Buckmastcr John, .^liddlesex. house 2 Lannon lUo>dc, nummcr 
Bugbec Charles H., painter, boards 40 Lowell Machine Shop 
Bugbce Worcester, Lowell Machine Shop, house 40 do. 
Buker Jeremy, 15oott Corporation, boards 38 do. 
Bulger Christopher, farmer, liouse 23 George 
BuUard George l\ (custom house, Boston), house 32 Cabot 

^ ■.; yi;i. :' 

'J ,1 • 
. /r . 1, 

■ .•■•/• I ".'.' 'ly...: 



BullavJ Otis, police, house 02 Ciiliot 

lUillcns Joseph M., contractor, L. M. S., liousc'lO do. 

liuhuar (Jcorge, hoardiug-housc, 02 l-awrcncc Corporation 

lUihiicr John, army, house 21 Sj)ring 

liuliiicr Robert 15., carpenter, 7 Fayette 

r.unncr John, at Howe el- tJi^xlhue's, house 17 Market 

Hurbank Abl»y C. ^Mrs., 1.") Kirk 

JUirbank Andrew J., overseer, boards 2.] Jolm 

lUirbank Augustus F., ariuy, h. 1 l.ivingston's Bl'k, Apjilcton 

lUirbank Charles II. {O'ilnuui S)- Jl.), Ifjlj ,Mcrr., h. ;J3 Flm 

I5urbank, Chase & Co. (/. A'. Chase, F. ]Y. Scirgont S; 11. B. 

Sli(ittuck), clothing, hardware and agricul. tools, A Central 
IJurbauk h]lea/.cr W., clerk, 7U Merrini;ic, boards 15 Kirk 
lUirbank Samuel, house 30 Anne, corner French 
lUirbank Thomas W., ApjJeton, house 73 Applctou Street 
iJurbank "William P., Ajipleton, boards 8 do. 
Burgess Dwclley W., house Clark, near Bartlett school liousc 
Burgess Eljcnezcr, harness-maker, 38 Central, house 12 Ash 
Burgess Horatio G., superintendent, lioott Corp., house 74 do. 
Burgess James (!. ]\[rs., hou.?e 42 I'rcscott Corporation 
Burgess liufus II., fireman, Suiiulk Corporation, house 14 do. 
Burgess Thomas F., foreman, L. M. S., house 5 do. 
Burgess ^^'ashiugtou C, at Wilder &, Hunt's, bds. 25 IMarket 
Burgin John, machinist, Hamilton Corporation, house 38 do. 
Burgoync I'atriek, army, house 21 Green 
lUuke Daniel, laborer, house rear 17 "Winter 
Burke Lucius, Lowell Machine Shoj), house 07 do. 
Burke Mary, widow, house 49 Lawrence 
Burke 3Iary, widow, house 18 Cedar 
Burke Michael, Mcrrimac, house 1) Carpet Lane 
Burke Patrick, Mcrrimac, house Carpet Lane 
Buikc I'eter, laborer, house 22 Duvidson 
J^urko Thomas, Stott's Mills, house 42 Fayette 
Burke Useb, sword-maker, (West Chelmsford), house 9 E. Bine 
Burke "William A., agent, Boott Corporation, house 27 Anne 
Burnap Ijthau, house 17 Tyler 

Hurnham Aaron C, stone mason, house Hale, near Howard 
lUirnham Alljcrt W., dentist, at S. L. & W. G. Ward's, house 

145 Fletcher 
lUirnham Fleazer, B. &; L. Kailroad, house 22 Marshall 
Hurnham .Mary 3Irs., 145 Fletcher 
r.urnham Moslier F., boards 04 Moody 
Hurnham Norman, B. lV' L. freight dcput, h. Westford, n. Grand 

•A<M; .•■j 



,i ( 

:., U. <M.i 

.' . ■ '. ■ '• /.l-'f J',") ,' 1. 


. fl 

;i ; 

■;■>.' I*; ■'■' 

'(■'.'.: , I ■; ! M 


■ / 1 ' ! 

i',/." ■ I ' 'i I i •■1,1 



Burnham Philctus, clerk, Massnclmscttp, h. 22 Prc?cntt Corp. 

Burnham lloswcU S., cariiontcr, h. 4 ] Jvin^stnu's lU., Aiipleton 

Burnliaui Walter, physician. Central, cor. MicMlcsex, Luusc do. 

Burns Andrew, laborer, at G. F. Bichard^^on's 

Burns David, Boott Corporation, boards '6'-] do. 

Burns Edward, army, Front 

Burns Edward, laborer, house Itailroad Avenue 

Burns Elias, overseer, Brescott, house 7 Massachusetts Corp. 

Burns Henry, army, house G5 lUver 

Burns James, laborer, house 8 Pearl 

Burns James, laborer, house 1 3 Somerset 

Burns James, laborer, house C>d Dutton '" 

Burns Jane Mrs., Avidow, house 17 Union 

Burns John, army, house Coburn, Ct-ntralvillc 

Burns John, machinist, Ij. ^I. S., house OO Gorham 

Burns John, Middlesex, house 11 (rreen 

Burns John, laborer, house 20 Adams 

Burns John fl., carpenter, house 10 Kiver 

Burns Mary Mrs., widow, house 8;") Lowell 

Burns Patrick, laborer, house 2 Gai-nct 

Burns Patrick, laborer, house 19 Eiver 

Burns Patrick, ^Middlesex, house 93 Gorham 

Burns Tiraothy, laborer, boards 2 Garnet 

Burns Thomas, at Smith Adams', house Adams Sr^uarc 

Burns Thomas, Middlesex, house 38 William 

Burns William, cigars, 17^ Merrimac 

Burns William, shoemaker, at Dearborn's, house I,lewcllyn 

Burns, see liijrne and (^Jhirno 

]?urr Joseph C, army, house H5 ^lerriraac Corporation 

Burragc Hamilton, clerk, Bleachcry, boards 37 Chapel 

I'urroughs David N,, wheelwright, opp. 07 Bridge, house do. 

Burrows Henry, supt., Jlerrimac P. W., h. Wortlicn, c. Merr. 

Ijurrows Thomas, at Stott's ilills, boards 291 Central 

liurton Alexander P., hair-drcsscr, 22 Central, house 90 High 

Burton lulgar P., machinist, boards 3 ]\lclntire 

Burton Henry W., Lov-ell, boards 200 3Ierrimac 

Burton Alary Airs., widow, house 19 Union 

Burton Stephen, Aliddlescx, boards 10 Union 

l^urtt Adolphus S., at Sargent ct Co.'s Kx., bds. Mcrr. House 

Burtt George N. & Co. (J. Fursaith), ])rovisions, 31 Alid- 

dlescx, boards 122 Central 
Bush Francis J., navy, house 309 Central Francis Joseph, army, house 3 High 

.■ 1, 

.11 •] 1 

'■'1. <■ 


Busli Jane 'Mvs., vavicty store, 17 luast !\[urriraac, Louse do. 
llusheo Stillmau, ovoraocr (Pi-oviJeiice), h. I'Mliott, ii. Miildl'x 
iUUcher Aaron W., olcrk, 17 .Midillc, boards John BiitcLcr's 
]]utclicr John, iron and ateel, 17 Middle, li. liroadway, c. Willie 
Uutcliev Hubert II. ( ^iin. Holt Co.), b. J. Currier's, Broadway 
Batcher Bobcrt J., overseer, ilcrr. P. W., h. 114 Merr. Corp. 
Butcher William, 3.1errimac Print-works, h. Ill- ^lerr. Corji. 
Butler Bcnj. F., major general, army (^Z?. <.3- Webster), counsel- 
lors, 4 and G Museum Building, h. Audover, n. Tewlcs. line 
Butler Bridget Mrs., widow, house l>ummer, near Little 
Biulcr (Jharlotte Mrs., house 'I'.l Willow 
Butler l)avidC. (McNlsh .3- Ji.), Mechanics' .Alills, boards 80 

Merrimac Corporation 
Butler David \\., carpenter, house 1: Coward place 
Butler Ellen .Mrs., widow, house l^roadway, corner Clarion 
Butler (ieorge D., clerk, ;>2 .Middlesex, b. 31 Hamilton Corp. 
]')Utlcr Henry, .Morriniac Print-works, boards loG .Merr. Corp. 
lUitler -Tosiah, clerk, 140 Central, house 345 Merrimac 
Butler William, laborer, house 31 Peuwick 
'Batman Elizabeth Mrs., widow, house 34 Howard 
'lUitman Samuel L., harness-maker, 19G Midd'x, h. 34 Howard 
ButtcrQeld Lucius, machinist, boards 2 Bangs' Block, Railroad 
Butterlield Luther }L, amny, house 2-j Adams 
P.utterfield Mary A. Mrs., house 2 Bangs' Block, Bailroad 
Butterlield Beuben ^Irs., widow, house .Vj Howard 
iJutterfield Samuel, Lowell, house 2 High Street Square 
Butterlield Stephen S., machinist, house 5 Middlesex Place 
Butterlield Theodore ^Irs., house Hale, near Chelmsford 
]5uttcrs (leorge H., carpcntci", liouse 2 Carltoa 
j l)utters Justin, mason, boards oO Massachusetts Corporation 
i Ihittcrworth Benj. S., bolt-maker. Am. Bolt Co., h. 202 Lawrence 
j Butterworth George, laborer, boards Dummcr 
! Butterworth John, shoemaker, 300 Central, house 298 do. 
i Butterworth William, baker, house 10 Salem 
jButtrick Abner W. (Ihutrkk^ Co.), 20 Market, h. Highland 
jP.uttrick Abner W., 2nd, student, boards J. A. Buttrick's 
[P.uttrick Aldeu P,. ( JyiUtricJc ^ Co.), 20 3L\rkct, b. 239 Cent. 
|Buttrick & Co. (A. W. Buttrick, A. B. Batlrlck and B. K 

Webber), grocers, 20 ^Market 
JButtrick James G., dep. U. S. collector, 43i :\Ierr., b. 9 Grand 
Buttrick John, house 9 Grand 

Buttrick John A., treasurer City Institution for Savings, Ap- 
pletou Block, house 3 Highland 

,.- 1 <.-. 

■.:•„. •! 1 

-I-",; . ..' I 



Luttrick Joliii If., caf^lncr, Waincslt iKiiik, .Middlesex, corner 

Tliormliko, Ijnards "J (iraiid 
IWttriok Nathan, farmer, liuiiso Westfurd, corner Scliool 
Ikittrick Samuel 1'., carpenter, 17 Middle, house KJ'J Gorham 
Buxtou Charles 1']., driver, Horse Railroad, house 212 Central 
iJuz/.cU Kleazer 15., laborer, huusc rear 187 Central 
]5yam Chellis, machinist, L. .Machine Shop, Ijoards 11;J Central 
15yam (ieorge A., law student, Tyler's Bluck, b. a 1 Appletou 
l»yam Henry, at S. Couvers', boards 113 Central 
]5yam Stillman, carriage-maker, boards 11. "5 Central 
Byrne Michael, Middlesex, house Green, near George 
Byrue Patrick, laborer, house Theatre Bluok, Lowell 
Byrus Thomas, laborer, house 2.j Green 

OADEN MARY 3Irs., widow, house S Davis 
Cadwell Adin, Lawrence Corporation, house 51 do. 
Cadwell William A , Lowell, house 22 Merrimae Cori)oration 
Cady Frederic, stone-cutter, house Railroad, near Hale 
Cady George L., wire goods manuf., at 0. Allen's Mills, house 
' IG Adams, near Lagrange 

iCady Jiyman, mason, house 12 Cady 
Cady Ransom E., overseer, Hamilton Corp., house 22 do, 
Cady Samuel, mason, boards 10!J Howard 
■< Cady William R., agent for medicines, house 212 Central 

I CaiTrey JJryan, Bleachcry, house 1 Prospect 

! , Caifrcy Terrencc, Lowell, house o Jefiersou 

Cahalan Mary Mr.s., widow, house 17 Dummcr 
Cahill Ann Mrs., widow, house Hi Charles. 
V Cahill Charles S., cigar-maker, house 4l> Bartlett 

Cahill Jvlward, laborer, house G 1- Charles 
Cahill lilizabeth r\rrs., widow, house 10 Kidder 
Cahill llonora Mrs., widow, house IS Adams 
Cahill James, Lawrence, house rear 7-1 IjOwcU 
Cahill John, hod-carrier, house 22 Fenwiek 
Cahill Michael, stone-cutter, house 70 LuwcU .Machine Shop 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, house 11 East Merrimae 
Cahill Peter, Lawrence, house 11 Jefferson 
Cain Catherine ^Irs., widow, house S ^lolloy's Court 
Cain John, boarding-hoTise, IS Suffolk Corporation 
Cain Thomas, laborer, house .Merrill, opposite Taylor 
Cain Thomas, Jr. (California), house Merrill, opposite Taylor 
Cain, see Kaln and Kane 

. . 1 ; f 

i.l.f- ■ • 

u ; .■.■; ; I 

,.v.f ■ ,. ,'. .f /.f 



.' I If ' r. 

W I 

!• ' : .1 

^':ll,l :. 


LOWELL [€!] DIUECTOHY. '"• 37 

Caldcn Dennis, laborer, Louse 3 !^rarion •'■ ■'■^ 

C;ilder\vooJ AViUiam, Boott Corporation, boards 11 do. 

Caldwell Clarissa IMrs., liouse 07 I'awtucket 

Caldwell Louis II., oijerativo. house G7 Pawtuckct 

Calcf Andrew J., carpenter, house 9 Fourth 

Calef Asa Y., teamster, house I'lcasaut, Cent. 

Calcf Nancy Miss, boardiii.i^-houso, 30 lioott Corporation 

Calcf Oliver S. (IJoston), house 70 Appleton - ' '■'' 

Call Jeremiah C, bobbin-maker, house 88 Howard 

(Jallahan Charles, IJoott Corporation, boards 3S do. 

Callahan Charles, jMassaehusetts, house 13 P/iver 

Callahan Daniel, laborer, house Ivivcr, near Bridge 

Callahan I)aiiiel, laborer, house rear 5 Lcc '■ 

Callahan Daniel {Ruhinson t3" Co.), house 3 Fcnwick 

Callahan Dennis, painter, house rear 5 Lee ' ...'■■• ■i^i .■; 

Callahan James, saloon, 5 Kiver, house 63 do. 

Callahan James, Doott, house GO Bridge 

Callahan Michael, army, house 1 Davis Court 

Callahan Bose iMrs., widow, house 1 lirown's Court, Bivcr 

Callaher Peter, farmer, house 19 Spring 

Italian Thomas, jMiddlesex, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 

Calnan Dennis, laborer, at Gas Works, house 3 Marion 

Cambridge Arthur A., moulder, boards 8 Grand 

Cambridge Charles, house 121 Cross 

Cambridge Oscar L., Lowell, boards 13 ]\rcrrimao Corporation 

CamQeld I'eljccca Mrs., widow, house 22 Linden 

Campbell Abel M., Bleachcry, house 31 do. 

Campbell Bridget Mrs., widow, house 26 Fcnwick 

Campbell Charles, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Campbell David Mrs., dress-maker, house' 23 John 

Campbell Francis, army, house 11 Cro.4iy 

Campbell Hugh, Lowell Machine Shop, house 21 Lee 

Campbell Hugh, Ji'., TjOWcU Machine Shop, boards 21 Lee 

Carapbell Hugh, Boott Corporation, boards 33 do. '^\ 

Campbell John, Middlesex, house 3S "William '"■' '■'"' 

Campbell John, Lowell, house 17 Charles 

Campbell John, saloon, 8 1 Gorham, corner Summer, house do. 

Campbell John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards IS Adams 

t^ampbell Philip, laborer, 1 Fcnwick 

Campbell llosa Mrs., widow, house 20 Cedar 

Caiuicll Marshall, machinist, house 1 Carlton 

(■apcn Charles F., watchman, ^liddlcscx, boards I George 

CarJincl Joseph, blacksmith, house 9G Middlesex 

.^ i J ftl 

nr.'i.! ,5-' .'tv/. ...■•, i i 

,•) -.< i'-i-M- ,. 

1 . ■ :■ *■ 

.- 1/ 

1 ,■• : i.'<t'/:'jn'.t ,11' 

[\1 Z- 4^.w^ 



CIaren3 Joliu, ]^IiJdlcsc:-:, IjouiJri ■'! 1 llaiailtou Corporation 
Carcw retcr, laborer, 'S-'iO Middlesex 
Carey ]\Iicliael, laborer, bouse First, near iliver 
Carey ^liebael, laborer, Louse T)! Kivcr 
Carey Tbomas, laborer, boards 31. Carey's 
Carey Wilson AV., wood-turner, house 07 IjuttcrGcld 
Carey, see Car// 

Carlviu Dexter, tcarastcr, at A. 1j. liroolis', boards 11 Flctcbcr 
(Jarkle John, farmer, house 21 High 
Carklc 'J'homas, at Josiah Gates', house 21 High 
Carlan Elizabeth ]Mrs., widow, house 72 Suffolk 
Carleton Alice M., house 2o Anne 
Carleton J. W., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 57 do. 
Carleton Mary 1). Mrs., house 25 Aune 
(JarletLin i^ Hovey (C. Hooc;/), apothecaries, IGl ]\Ierrimac 
Carleton Sarah 3Irs., house 18 Chaj>el 
Carley David, Lawrence, house 150 Lowell 
Carley .huues, Lleachery, house 19 do. 
Carley John, Loott Corporation, boards 53 do. 
Carloy Michael, laboiTr, house rear Lenwick, near Lowell 
Carll Francis (Califurnia), house 7 IJailroad 
Carlton Amos, liOwell, boards 11-1: ^lerrimac Corporation 
Carlton Cyrus 0., stone-cutter, boards 3 Hamilton Corporation 
Carlton Eli Ij., 77 Merrimac, house 14 Central 
Carlton iMioch H., stone-cutter, boards 27G Middlesex 
(Carlton George H., boarding-house, 12 Merrimac Corporation 
Carlton John IL, machinist, L. .Machine Shop, b. 101 Central 
Carlton William, mason, house 27G Middlesex 
Carlton, sec Carletun 

(.'armichael James, laborer, house 75 Adams 
Carmichael Lawrence, at 1). Nichols', house 23 Salem 
Carmody Daniel, army, house fcO Charles 
Carndley Lotcr, laborer, house rear 5 Hancock Avenue 
Carney George J., ass't treas. L. I. for Sav's, b. 25 Pawtucket 
Carney Honora Miss, variety store, 2G2 ^Merrimac, house do. 
Carney James, army, house rear 17 Union 
Carney James, Jr., shoemaker, boai'ds rear 17 Union 
Carney James, ILimilton, house IS Cedar 
(Jaruey James G., treas. Lowell Institution for Savings, Sav- 
ings Bank Building, house 25 I'awtucket 
Carney John, at Stott'a stills, house foot of Joiner 
Carney Thomas, liousc rear 11 Winter 
Carney Thomas F., printer, boards rear 17 Union 

* ; ,U.- V,'.>.I 

•:.M I. ■ 

I i • , 

.'.'•iJi'.i..' 1 :i' 


!•■ '_■'.■ 1 

'. ■I.,..'.' , :i •■ . :.-,;. . 

1-1 1 

! i^■/^ ^l. 


Carolin Thomas, grocer, 8 llovrc, house 7 Fayette 

Carpcutcr IJeiicdict 0., overseer, Mass., h. 25 Trcscott Corp. 

Carpenter Joseph Mrs., hoanliiig-hoiisc, '23 3rass. Corp. 

Carr David, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 72 Warren 

Carr Gilbert C, machinist, ]\Iassaehusetts Corp., house 25 do. 

Carr Mary A. i\Irs., ■widow, house 10 W illiaiu 

Carr liichard, IJoott, house 43 lUvcr 

Carriirg Ann ]\frs., widow, house OG Charles •'';';•'■• ii 

Carroll Catharine j\Irs., widow, house •!.') Gorham 

('arroll David, lahorcr, house I'lG Lowell 

Carroll George, house rear oG Middle 

Carroll Henry, at Kitson's, house 70 I-owell Machine Shop 

Carroll John, Lowell, house 10 Ifowo 

Carroll Owen, grocer, GG Gorham, hrmse do. 

Carroll Sylvester, Lowell, house Railroad Avenue 

Carroll Thomas, laborer, h. Tenwick, near Catholic Church 

Carsou Josei)h, moulder, L. JM. Shop Foundr}', house oG do. 

Carter Albert D., overseer, Sliddlesex, house 50 High 

Carter Daniel, farmer, house oOi Gorham, corner Moore 

Carter Ldward ]'., ]]oott ('orporation, boards 2G do. 

Carter J'liza L. AV., boarding-house, 4 Boott Corporation 

Carter E. Russell, painter, at A. Merriam's, b. Howard House 

Carter George C. (C. Sf True), grocer, Broadway, c. School, 

h. 70 -Aloody 
Carter George 11., overseer, jMiddlesex, house 25 AVillow 
Carter Henry 1\ ( Brotrn ^ C), boards 59 Appleton 
Carter Henry W., blacksmith, boards S. K. Hayes' 
Carter Horace A., at IGt .Merrimae. house 17G Merr. Corp. 
('arter John Townsend, stencil-cutter, boards 304 Gorham 
Carter Joseph, house 101 J'last Merrimac 
Carter Staidey D., at 52;V Merrimac, boards 112 ^Middlesex 
Carter Stillman, chair-maker, boards 8 Appleton Corporation 
Cartlin Jeremiah, Vi. &z L. Railroad, h. Common, near Salem 
Cartmell Isaac, car[x?utcr, "Wamcsit !Mills, boards 25 "Willie 
Carvell Daniel, laborer, house 4G Middle 
Cary, see Cany 

Casey Catharine -\rrs., widow, house 10 Jefferson 
Casey Cornelius, I,. M. Shop Foundry, house 19 Winter 
Tascy James, Boott, house Dummor 

Case}' Michael, Lowell Machine Shoji Foundry, h. 19 Winter 
Casey Michael, laborer, house GG Suffolk 
Casey Hubert, Stott's .Mill, Lawrenr^-, house Joiner 
Casey Thomas, laborer, house 85 .Moody 

■ nv. ' 

• U -v.: 

.]' W.nri ■;■ 

,7, ,11 .! 


i ■. 

.y.-.n- 't- 

■1 tl-t;; i 


ll ■:'■• 

,j-.i /;u!ij''ji i '^'wki > 

40 'loavkll [C'J DiuECTony. i 1 

Casey AVilliam, army, liousc rear 13 Summer 

Casey Williiun, hiljurer, liou^c roar 130 J^owell 

Casliman IJarlliolomew. carjieiitcr, liousc rear 210 Central 

Caslinian John, army, house 8 Nurth 

Cass Chandler, stone mason, house 'J Andover 

Cass J.Iary iMrs,, widow, house 230 Central 

Cass Ivose .Air?., widow, house 21 William 

Cassidy (Jathariuc iMrt>., widow, house rear -12 Applcton 

Cassidy James, ar;ny, house rear 15 Union 

Cassidy John, carpenter, house 71 Charles 

Cassidy Patrick, elcrk, 11 Lowell, hoards do. 

Cassidy Patrick, operative, house rear 334 Merrimac 

Cassidy Patrick II., hackman, house 73 Lowell 

Cassidy PoLcrt, painter, house 12 Union 

Cassily Charles, house 15 Cedar 

Castles Henry (California), house 18 Salem 

Castles Stephen, boarding-house, 14 Lowell 

Caswell Aldcn Y.,^;age-master, 11. 11., h. 23 Suffolk, F. S. 

Caswell Clark R., conductor, L. & L. P. P., bds. 43 Howard 

Caswell Michael P., police, house lOG j\[oody 

Caswell Oscar, engineer, L. >S: L. E. R., house 95 Howard 

Cate Joseph W., painter, Tremout, house 43 Tremont 

Cater Joseph, overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 21 do. 

Cautield Owen, fruit, Jackson, boards 74 Middlesex 

Caultield John, Merrimac, house Hampshire 

Caulfield Orange S., Lowell Machine Shop, boards Hampshire 

Cavanaugli Partholomcw, farmer, house 2 John St. Avenue 

Cavanaugh Joseph, Boott, house 15 AVillie Avenue 

Cavanaugh Joseph, ariny, house 30 Salem 

Cavanaugh ^Michael, Chase }>l\\\, house 4 Moore 

Cavanaugh Patrick, ^Middlesex, house 'J Chestnut 

Cavanaugh Terrence, farmer, house Sixth 

Cavanaugh, see Karanar/h 

Cavcrly Daniel D., clerk, house G I'arson's Court 

Cavcrly Ira, carpenter, house Elm, Ccntralvillc 

Cavcrly Robert P., counsellor, 27 ^lerr., h. Third, c. Fremont 

Cawsey John, Stott's ^lill. Howe, house 7 Chestnut 

Cawsey Thomas, Stott's Mill, Howe, house I layette 

Cawsey William, Stott's ^lill, Howe, liousc 24 High 

Chamberlain Calvin T., undertaker, 23 Prescott, h. 394 Merr. 

Chamberlain Harvey L , painter, house 37 L. il. Shop 

Chamberlain John, boards 44 Poott Corporation 

Chamberlain Joseph A., butcher, house Chelmsford, n. Forrest 

j.n .7' 




'': I 


fniaraLcrhiin T^ysandcr, HamiUon Curporation, Loardrf 31 do. 

<!luuubcrlaiu rarkcr, fanner, house '» i'earl 

Cliamlierlin Durleigh T., Ajipletou Coriioration, liousc 28 do. 

Chaiubeiliu Charles, bhieki:iiiilh, Treinoiit, h. o Willie Avenue 

Chamberlin Joseph, carpenter, .Middle, liousc liJO Gorhnm 

Chamberlin AVilliani li., teamster, L. ]\I. S., h. o 1 West I'niou 

Chambers C'yrus, silk-dyer, near JIale's ]\Iills, li. 27G (.iorham 

Chambers lulwardCI., clerk i_J!ostou), boards 270 liorham 

Cliambers \\'illiam, elerk (Uostou), boards 27(j (Jorham 

^'hampliu (ieorgc W., painter, liousc rear IS Grand 

Chandler Alfred ])., maehinist, boards 4 Lawrcnec Corporation 

Chandler l-]zra, Lawrence Corporation, liousc 71 do. 

Chandler I'rank II., country produce, house 30 Howard ,., 

(Jhandler Lysander, jdiysieian, 8 llnrd, house do. 

Chandler 31ary C. .Mrs., house Thorndike, corner ]\ladison 

Chandler Rufus, driver, ice cart, boards C, L. Wilkins' 

Chatidlcr Simeon, machinist, boards .01 Massachusetts Corp. 

Chandler .Susan ^Irs., widow, house i High .Street Square 

('handler Thomas, house G Hodge 

Chandler A\'illiam, laborer, house McFarlin's Avenue 

Chapin Samuel, ?.Ierrimae Corporation, house G2 du. 

Chaplin Silas T., Suifolk Curporation, boards 5_ do. 

Chaplin Wiseman W., teamster, liousc 11 Austin 

Chapman John, .Middlesex, house rear 30 Summer 

Chapman John C. ^ ll'ire Sf Co.), house at Charlestown 

Chapman Warren L., army, house 20 London 

Chapnxan, AVirc & Co. (J. C. Chapman and WiUia/n Wire), 

machinists, IIowc 
Charlton James, Middlesex, house 13 "William 
Charters Ward, carpenter, house G5 Lridge, corner Seventh 
Charters William, ))lacksniith, house IT) h'ayettc 
Chase Aaron !>., Chase .Mill, boards fi jMerrill's Court \\ 

(' Aaron D., house 5 Merrill's Court 
Chase Abel C, Doott, house 1 (Jeorge 

Chase Abiel IL, overseer, Trescott Corporation, house 23 do. 
Chase Alfred H. (HosfordS^ C), Chase .Mill, h. 12 Stackpolc , 
C'hasc Charles A., boards U Xesmith 
Chase Charles C, principal, High School, h. 9 Nesmith 
Chase David, book-keeper, C. B. Coburn's, h. Mt. Washington 
Chase George F., physician, 118 Middlesex, house do. 
Chase Harvey, overseer. Chase ilill, lioards 14 Floyd Harvey li., supt., Mill, boards 12 Stackpole 
Chase Ira M., provisions, 253 Merrimac, at Ihacut 


•l> ;;: ;',i: -f 

i , .1,1 i •//•'.? 

: 1 : -• .t' 

1,1 w; I 

r lit; 

I ... , r ■' ■ > 

i' 'I 

42 LOWELL L4'j DiuKCTony. ' ' 

Chase Tthamar IT., overseer, Chase I^Iill, liouse 11 Floyd 
Chase Juhn K. {JUirhaiih, ('. S)- Co.), '> Centriil, h. 1)1 Ncsmlth 
Chase John W., stiulcnt, Dr. M. \V. Kidder's, boards IG llurd 
Cliase .loscph, overseer, j\lerriiuac Corjioralion, house 21 do. 
Chase Lorenzo, slioc dealer, 7 Tilden. house do. ,:. 

Chase Olive ilrs., hoarding-house, V> !MeIntire 
Chase Olive ^Irs., 's\idow ot" Sullivan J)., house 18 Eartlett 
Cliasc I'hilander II., ^vatehnlan, Chase Mill, hoards 1 1 I'loyd 
Chase Samuel A., jirineipal, ]\lann Sehool, house 50 Bartlclt 
Chase Samuel i\I., printer, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, h. Jero. Howe's 
Chase Stephen, laborer, boards Gl Mcrrimae Corporation 
(Jliase Warren ]'!., boards Ij7 South 

Chase William W., Lowell Machine Shop, house ^'arnum 
<>hattcrton Lobcrt, Stott's iNlill, house 2 Lawrence St. Court 
(-■hausse Francis, at A. L. lirooks', house 11 Middlesex Llacc 
Chcever h^lbridge, farmer, house 1 A'arnum's cottage, liiver 
Cheever Henry, machinist, house 151 Broadway, near School 
Chcever James 15., army, house IG ^larshall 
Chcever Joel B., teamster, house 31 Lagrange 
Chcever Oliver, laborer, house Liver 
Chcever Silas W., mason, boards 12 ]\Iassachusetts Corp. 
Chcever William L., arm}', house 5 A''nruum's cottage, Liver 
(iheucry Loring W., engineer, Bleachery, house 10 do. 
Chencry A\ illiaui. watchman, Middlesex, house Gl Lawrence 
Cheney Charles W,, bobbiu-nmkcr, AVam. Alills, b. 101 Central 
Cheney Cleveland J., carpenter. Locks and Canals, house 

Worthen, near Arechauic 
C'hcney Daniel 1'., bol)bin-makcr, Watson's, h. 15 ilarshall 
(ihency David J., Mcrrimae Corporation, house 52 do. 
('hcncy hlliphalet, fruit, John, corner Mcrrimae, house 'J John 
Cheney Franklin, house (irand, near Hale 
Cheney Ccorge S. ( C <^ JIartwdl), grocer, 251 Alcrrimac, 

house 177 Aloody 
Cheney John L., supt., Alcrriraac Corporation, house 28 do. 
Cheney Luther S. Airs., widow, house 2 Branch 
Cheslcy Isaac, jMerrimac Print-works, h. 03 Mcrrimae Corp. 
Chcslcy John '1'., house 258 Alerrimac 
Chick Henry, farmer, house 40 Fayette 

Chilton Samuel, carpenter, boards 21 Adams, Franklin Square 
Chilton Thomas, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, b. 3G do. 
Chipmau Willard W., at J. F. Crane's, boards 25 Market 
Choate Albert L. (^(Jroton), boards 12 llaoe 
Choatc Asa, stone-mason, house 12 liace 


i( li I- 

).; .i., I 

,/|!, 1. 

:■ \:.-. •>•<; 

'; > 

.' .'' n-' 

..1 .. 

• ■ ■ y. 

,p. ■ ( •:;,( :.(',' 

.■t'?:.i i 

II '., t:^ j .i;/.w> 


Choate Ocorgc, overseer, ^liiMlescx, Lou.^c 49 Church 

Choate Clcorgc \\'.. sa.sli-UKiker, (j4 Moody 

(Jhoiiicr Joseph, laborer, house 17 "Willie Avenue 

Christie .Fames, at Lane & Kowell's, boards 2 Lawrence 

(Uiristie -Margaret, variety stoi'c, 79 Last Mcrrimae, house do. 

Christie William, Middlesex, boards li J>awrenee 

( "hureh Charles, painter, house 14S Suffolk 

Church Henry C, at iiiplcy tt Co.'s, house 121) Gorhani 

Church Lemuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house 122 Cross 

Church Thomas, army, house ^'arnum's cottage. Liver 

Churchill Addison ((/. c^- I'lcLcring), clothing, 4U Merrimac, 

house at Tewksbury 
Churchill Charles (('. c5- Juirthfh, flour and commission mer- 
chants, 127 ^Market, house 17'> ]\Ioody 
Churchill JJaniel (.1. G. StiL-s cf ( ',^), Fletcher, h. 2G Thorndike 
Churchill Ceorge A., machinist, house 55 Lartlett 
Churchill Ccorge AV'., stone-cutter, h. 2 South Franklin Court 
Churchill Jos. Iv, at Scott cS: Fickcring's stable, b. J. 13. Ferry's 
Churchill J. Ilazen, clcik, 40 Merrimac, boards 113 Central 
Churchill .Aloses, stone-cutter, house 4 South I'ranklin Court 
Churchill Nathaniel {Lane S)- ('.), 255 ]\Icrr., h. 98 E. Merr. 
Churchill Sheldon W., grocer, 149 Central, house 151 do. 
Chute Jeremiah M., lumbermau,h. 2 Livingston's Flock, Aj'p. 
Cilley .losiah 1)., watchman, Hamilton, boards 1 George 
Clair Fetcr, at Comins' bedstead factory 
Clancey I'arrell, at C. F>. liichmoiid's, boards "0 Union 
Clancey Fatrick, at C. V>. Lichmond's, house 30. Union 
Clapp Fichard ]\L, marble-worker, 181 Central, b. 14 Abbott 
Clapp Stephen J., at J. C. Ayer ^: Co.'^, b. 32 Merrimac Corp. 
Claj)p Zebulon, cabinet-maker, house 14 Abbott 
Clark Adelaide A. Mrs., boarding-house, 5 Lowell Corporatiou 
Clark Asa F., clerk, 15 .Market, boards 101 Central 
Clark ]5etsey Mrs., variety store, 9 'J'ilden, house do. 
Clark Charles, painter, 13 ]\larket, boards 101 Central 
Clark Charles I)., clerk, 140 Central, boards 5 Lowell Corp. 
(Jlark Charles I)., Applcton Corporation, house 29 do. 
Clark Charles l'\, army, house 93 Howard 
Clark Dustin, carpenter, house C (.'lark's Court 
Clark FMwin A., farmer, house 93 Howard 
Clark FMwin R., army, 93 Howard 
Clark Fllias, haekman, house 40 Charles 
(^lark Iv^ra, Merrimac Corp., house 30 do. 
(Uark Hanuah M. Mrs., house 252 Central 

'f \ :.Mv--i 

^ n f , . , I ... 


,* :• ' 

. i\' 

■ i',;. .■ 

1 ;.-.. : IT, 

•V X I. .• .1 

i ..U 1.7.1)!:. •:; 

.■ ) -.i . 

:.:'■ n..i, ' .\ 

. <. ji;.;niw; m >^ w.i. ' 


(Uai'lc IluL^i, spinner, l)oanIs 7G AVarrcu 

Clark Isaiah, boards 29 I Central 

(Jlark .leremiali, contractor, L. M. S., L. 30 SufF., c. T-agrangc 

Clark John, carpenter, Hanulton, house 7 South Jlii^hlauil 

Clark John, laborer, rear L'"J Winter 

Clark John II., at tStott's Mill, Howe, house r.2 AVater 

Clark John W., army, house GI J.owell .Alachinc Shop 

Clark Joscjth, slioo store, 'J Jlast ^lerriniac, house do. 

Clark Jo-:CjJi, weaver, house 7.'i Kivcr 

Clark Joshua, laborer, house .'!1 Cashing 

Clark iAIar^aret JMrs., widow, house L'!) Cabot 

(!lark .Alieiiael, at John Holt's, house 7 High ' ' ' ''' 

Clark i\Iiehael, laborer, house 22 J.uwell 

Clark Oliver, ]joott Corporation, boards ;5S do. 

Clark Oliver P., Ijawrence Corjioration, house ol do. 

Clark Sabra T. Mrs., house 47 Charles 

Clark Thomas, blacksmith, Convers', house 37 I.owcll 

Clark Tlioiiias, ^rerrimac Corporation, house 118 do. 

Clark William H. {JIart3f V.) 13G Middlesex, h. 12 Vwiter 

Clark AVilliaraL., police, boards 12 jMassaehusetts (,'orporation 

Clarkey William II., r>oott Corporation, boards 38 do. 

Clarkin John, hostler, J. ]•]. Conant's, boards G Hamilton Corp. 

Clarkin Teter, book-keeper, house 192 Gorham 

Clary liridgot Mrs., widow, house Carter, near Gorliara 

Clary .AHchacl, Ijlcachery, house rear 4 Livingston 

Clary Patrick, Bleachery, house Kidder 

Clay Henry, machinist, boards 27 Grand 

Clay ]\lartha \\. Mrs., variety store, 2 Tilden, house do. 

Clay ricbccca Tslrs., house rear Stoiie House. AVhipple 

Clay Sarah, tailoress, 17 Xcsmith liloek, John 

Clay Stephen B., engineer, 1!. ^l- L. 1!. 11., house 27 (irand 

Cleary Dennis, laborer, house i\Ierrill 

Cleaveland John V. llev., house 120 Appleton 

Clemence William H., house 75 Summer ' ^ 

Clement Alpha, teamster, A. L. Brooks', h. 9 X. Franklin Ct. 

Clement Daniel W., farmer, house 58 AVest Union 

Clement Hiizabeth AV,, teacher, bds. I. Kimball's, Chelmsford 

Clement l^zekiel AV. {Vickcry S^ C), h. 53 Lawrence Corp. 

Clements Piobert G., Lowell, boards 79 Church 

Cleworth Aaron, army, 2 IMason's Court 

Clewortli AA'alter, printer, Courier office, boards 71 Church 

Cleworth AVilliam, reed-maker, D. C. Brown's, h. 71 Church 

Clifford Aldcn, Lawrence Corporation, boards 3G do. 

.Yi-.;'>';>1»\! '"i 


i I-.. .' 

I I 

/ .'.''- 

! ■• , > 

'■•■Til ~' y. 



Clifforcl Alonzo P., carpenter, house 97 Howard 
Clifford Arthur L., contractor, L. .Af. S. house 28 Howard 
Clifford j\lilo, laljorcr, hoards 18 Prcscott (.'orporatiou 
ClilVord Paehurn G., clcik, house li'O ^Icrrimao 
Clifford Smith, mason, house Bridge, oi)positc Second 
(Jlifford Thomas J., at Partlctt & -Moody's, house ',13 South 
Clifford Thomas J., clcik, 7 Central, hoards 19 Kiik 
Clifford Warren, dyer, ^\'carc Clifford's, house oG Ili;ih 
Clifford Weare, silk dyer, 2 and 1 Andover, house 72 Fayette 
Clinton Rose V. .Mrs., house over -1 1 .Market 
Clogston Daniel F., teamster, ^lassachusetts Corp., h. 21 do. 
Clough Henry P., overseer, P.oott, house S2 J^ridgc 
Clough Ira, at 45 Mcrrimac, house 18 Hurd 
Clough Ira A., crockery, glass ware, (S:c.,45 jMcrr., h. 18 Hurd 
Clough Nathan, farmer, house Bridge 
Clough Posanna F. Mrs., widow, house 10 Race 
Clough Stilliuau (Iiio/cls, i'luiKjh Sf Co.), house 77 Applcton 
Clough Thomas, watchman, Prcscott Corp., boards 48 do. 
Clough Thomas IL, army, house rear 18 Grand 
Clough Walter S., variety store, 8 Tildcn, house do. 
Clough AYard, shoemaker, house 82 Bridge 
Cluen J'ldward, Middlesex, house 3 Pleasant '■• *'• ■ 

Cluen Peter, Bleachery, house 4 Livingston 
Cobb Anna ^Irs., house G4 Lowell Machine Shop 
Cobb John, farmer, house 2G Suffolk, Franklin Square. 
Coburn Addison, Lowell jMachine Shop, boards 57 do. 
Coburn Alonzo L., Lowell, house First 
Coburn Andrew J., Boott Corporation, boards 13 do. 
(Joburn Charles, Jr., sup't, Suffolk, houlsc 8 Cabot Block, Cal'Ot 
Coburn Charles B., paints, oils, ^q., 1 and 2 Mechanics' Build- 
ing, Button, house Colburn, near ]\[crrimac 
Coburn Charles C, carpenter, house i\It. Pleasant 
Coburn Charles K., travelling agent, boards J. II. Coburn's 
Coburn Charles H., army, boards C. B. Coburu'-s 
Coburn Daniel, millwright, house 35 Walnut 
Coburn Fdward A., clerk, Mcrrimac House 
Coburn LdwardC, army, house 1 Garnet 
Coburn Fdward F., carjicnter, house Third 
Coburn Fdward F., clerk, at C. B. Coburn's, boards do. 
Coburn Fordycc, overseer, repairs, Bleachery, house 18 do. 
Coburn Franklin, clerk, at C. B. Coburn'.s, h. 375 Alcrrimac 
Coburn Frederick V., shoemaker, 14 Middle, house G8 Moody 
Coburn George, driver. Horse Railroad, b. 5 Hamilton Corp. 


■ 1. i:. 

v\: ^; .'.• ,.~r>('- 

'M.l '■(.■/iiu:i\.. •:>')' 1' 

■■Ir '.;ij .■ 

I u<- 


'; :f ;' ;Mi)J s; . 

j 4G l.OWKr.L [(^J DIRECTOKY. '• ■" 


j Cobiirn George F., clerk, ll'J (..'entral, Lourtls CS bloody 

! Cobuni Ifcnry, ']5outt Curporalion, boards 27 do. 

I Coburn Henry A., fanner, house Chelmsford, near city line 

Coburn Henry H., shoeniaker, boards GS Aluody 
,1 Coburn James V., card-maker, 1)2 iMarkct, h. 50 Appleton 

j. Coburn .>ohn II., house First, near Ihidge 

i' Coburn John II,, Jr., travelling agent, boards J. II. Coburu'c 

j Coburn Joseph 15. A'., city assessor, house Mt. Tleasaut 

[ ^ Coburn Xewton, farmer, house rear ;'.0 Bridge 

■ Coburn Orvillc I)., phutugraphist, 19 Central, h. 8 Merrill's Ct. 

[ Coburn Othiiiel J)., boarding-house, 27 ISuott (Jorporation. 

! - Coburn Otis A., painter, liousc 383 j\Ierrimac 

j Coburn Samuel, Jr., Fowcll, house 35 George 

1 Coburn Samuel A., clerk, boards T. J. Coburn's 

] Coburn Sarah Mrs., house Westford, corner School 

f Coburn Silas, clerk, 32 iliddlesex, boards 101 Central 

i Coburn Stephen A., farmer, house Chelmsford, near city line 

j Coburn Thomas J., farmer, house ]\It. Pleasant 

Coburn William, blacksmith, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 07 do. 
J Cochlin Catherine I^Irs., widow, house 4 I'cuwick 

Cochran David, house SO Moody 
I Cochran George S., at Naylor's, house LaMTcucc, n. AVhipplc 

Cochran Henry, jobber, house 11 Chapel 
Cochran Henry H., machinist, boards -11 Chapel 
I Cochran James, Middlesex, house 72 Charles 

V Cochran John, Hamilton, house 45 AVest Cnion 

., " Cochran John, at Stott's Mills, house 47 Chapel ' 

{' (-'ochran Samuel, umbrella-repairer, house 20 Broadway 

Cochran William, laborer, housC; 72 Charles 
Coffee liridgct Airs., widow, liousc 92 Suffolk 
Coffin Deborah C, dress-maker, 3 East jMerriraac, house do, 
Cofran Susan Airs., widow, house 53 Salem 
Cogan Teter, Aliddlcsex, house (9) 24 George 
Coggeshall Fredcriek I'., bookseller, house 129 East Alerrimac 
Coggin Jacob (J. G. Stiles j- Co.), Fletcher, h. at Tcwksbury 
Coggswcll Lorenzo I)., machinist, house 12 Fifth 
('ogswell Charles, veterinary surgeon, house 21 Walnut 
Cogswell John, engraver and copper plate printer, NL^smith's 

Block, 43^ Alerriraac, house 14 Chai)cl 
Colburn A. A. Mrs., millinery, 33 Merrimac, house 24 Third 
Colburn Elias II., carpenter, house 24 Third 
Cidl)y Amos, pump and bluck-maker, Howe, h. G3 F. Alcrrimac 
Colby Amos W., JKukman, 21 Alerrimac 

•1/ , . 

,'-, fl 

I'lU , 'i' A 


H. ..',/. V ;; .'> 


Colby Coleman, shoemaker, Louse 4") Andover ; 

(Jolliy Daniel B , Appleton, Ijoards 7 Decatur 

Colby David S., at E. A. Hill's, house Tine, near Westford i 

Colby I'Mward P., ass't surgeon, navy, b. fil J'last ]\Ierrimao 

(Jolby Ceorge E., carpenter, .Middlesex, boards 1 Ceorge 

(".'olby Isaac C, house l.)S l)uott Corporation 

('olby Ducius, painter, Merriniac Corporation, liousc 174 do. - 

Colby Mary W. .Mrs., boardiug-housc, 20 ])oott Corjjoration 

Cole Asa C, Lowell Machine Shop Foundry, h. 15 Thorndikc i 

Cole Danville {0. i^ Nic/iJa), iron foundry, Duttou, c. Willie, j 

house lis Cross 
Cole Miranda, house 31 Lawrence Corporation 

Cole Samuel C, carpenter, house loG School ]., {■■. .. '•■: r:,j j 

Colo Thomas, Middlesex, house 21 Andover , 

Cole William M. P., Lowell Cori)oration, house 22 do. - ■ ■. 
Coleman Dominick, boards 47 ^Vcst Union ; 

Coleman Jeremiah, laboi'cr, Cas Co., house 101 Lowell J 

Coleman John, police, house 47 West Union ........ J 

Coleman ]\lichael J., Prescott, house 15 Union | 

Coleman Patrick, at 0. ^l. AMiipple's, house 183 Lawrence ' 

Coleman Patrick, .Middlesex, house 82 .Market i 

Collamer Daniel, at Iluncls i*c Co.'s, boards 74 Middlesex » 

Collinge Sarah Mrs., widow, house 10 Lloyd 

Collins Benjamin, tanner, boards 1 1 Lowell Machine Shop ; 

Cullins Benjamin P., auctioneer, 81 Merrimac, h. 401 do. > 

Collins Charles, Lowell .Alachinc Shop, boards 21 Kirk 

Collins Cornelius, Lowell ^Machine Shop, house 1 2a Lowell ;•; 

Collins Cornelius, laborer, house rear 114 Suffolk >: 

Collins Daniel, laborer, house 151 Lowell 

Collins David ^M., overseer, ^lerrimac Corp., house 23 do. 

Cullins Dennis, laborer, liousc 37 High 

Collins Edward B., Lowell i»Iac]iinc Shop Foundry, h. 73 do. 

Collins Enos, currier, house 2G0 Merrimac 

Collins George F., L. & L. 11. B.,h. 'Ihorndikc, opp. S. Common 

Collins James, grocer, G8 Lowell, house do. ■ , i; 

Collins James, laborer, house 7 Davidson 

('oUins Joanna Mrs., widow, house rear 18 Howe 

Collins John, laborer, house 150 School 

Collins Josiah T., shoemaker, 154 .Middlesex, house at Dracut 

r'uUins Lucy B., boarding-house, 5 l\lassachusctts ('orporatiou 

Cullins Lydia i*v: Susan, house 51 Bridge, corner I'ifth 

Collins Patrick, at American ]>olt Co., house 2 Clark's Court 

Collins Patrick, Lowell Machine Shop, b. Fletcher, c. Cross 

il, !!,)''. / li j;jv'i 

V -.l;!. / •• 

!■, ^ I 


,;. '!>' 

, • . 'MU-'A Ml.!!. ■■ 
.":.I .- ■■'■ :'..'■; '.;f!o' i 

'1 ., 

•t .;,■;'■.; 


Collins Patrick, at vidian Lros., 24 Prescott, b. 'J'lios. McLau'i 

Collins Patrick, laJjorcr, liouso .'J7 High 

Collins Thomas, laborer, houne rear lili \\'illiaiii 

Collins 'i'imothy, at Itij, ley's Mill, house 2U Duninicr 

Collins Timothy, Lowell, house o 1 Sullulk, Tranklin Sijuarc 

Collins William, army, house rear l.'J Summer 

Colson Charles I)., clerk, Middlesex, Ids. 135 j\rerrimac Corn. 

Colson Delia, boarding-house, loo .Mcrrimac Corporation 

Coltou John J., teacher. High School, house 97 Salem 

Combs Elizabeth, boarding-house, G jMassachusetts Corp. 

Comcrford Garrett, boards .'10 Lowell 

Comerford John A., army, house 2G7 I^Iiddlesex 

Comcrford Pichard, overseer, Mcrr. Priut-work.-j, h. 4G Adams 

Comcrford AVilliam II. iMrs., house 2;J0 Central 

Comins (Jeorge T., bedstead and furniture manuf., Broadway, 

corner Mt. Vernon, boards 1 Salem 
Comins Thomas P., at G. T. Comins', house 1 Salem 
Comins Thomas P., Jr., at G, T. Comins', boards 1 Salem 
Comstock Miles II., machinist, house 71 Fletcher 
Conant Abel, house 9 Lagrange Court 

Conant Abel E., Northern Exp., Northern Depot, h. 9 Smith 
Couant Albeit G., printer, house 54 High 
Conant Andrew, farmer, house off Methucn, near Dracut line 
Conant Horace J., laborer, house JMcrchants liank IJuildinr' 
Conant John, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 21 do. 
Conant Joshua L. i\Irs., house oft' Methucn, near Dracut line 
Conant Julius hi, livery stable, 170 Central, 13 K\m 
Conant Noah, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 23 do. 
Concaunon Patrick, ^Middlesex, house GI Pivcr v 

Coucannou Patrick, house 4 Green 
Condon Ellen Mrs., widow, house 118 Lowell 
Condon Garrett, army, house 15 Adams 
Condon LaMTcncc, j\lcrrimac Corporation, boards 135 do. 
Condon Maurice, laborer, house 4 8 Lowell 
Condon Pichard, harness-maker, house 27 Ecnwick 
Condon William, laborer, house 320 Lowell 
Congon Larry, Hamilton Corporation, boards 25 do. 
Conihe Orlando E., carpenter, house 55 Mcrrimac Corp. 
Couihe AVilliam, overseer, ]\Icrrimac Corp. house 19 do. 
Conlan Arthur, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Oonlan Elizabeth Mrs. house 72 Suffolk 
Conlan James I\Irs., widow, house 5 Crosby 
C'unlan .John S., Middlesex, house 10 Water 

•4 iIC'IjIl .ecii i ,'.; 

.... ^ 

••■,-\.:::-:\i ,].!.'l.i>. 

it.'l .(■■ . 

J ■..-. ' 

..bu,'' 1 

J. .. 

■I ,i7-. , •/ , - 

r.)j' :. . \'.;- 'y.iL':'i 1 . ,.c 



Conlim Patrifk, laborer, house roar 20 Winter 

Conlan Thomas, Middlesex, liousc 10 Wall 

Coiilcy rrancis, laborer, hou^c .'< Hancock Avenue - ' • 

C'onley Hugh, army, house I'J Union 

Coiiley James, army, house rear 1.") Union 

Conlc}' Tetcr, laborer, house H lltmcoLk Avcniic ii ■ . 

Conley William, laborer, house •j2i Mcrrimac 

Connoll Dennis, laborer, house .') Littlo 

Council (ieorge, laborer, house "> Deuqisoy's Yard 

Council .Tames, ]\rcrrimac, boards 14 Willie Avenue 

Council .fdhn, at X:iyIor's, house Prospect 

Cuuncll Patrick, laborer, house IJradlc}' I'lock, Dummcr 

Connelly Hannah .Mrs., widow, house rear 17 Summer 

(Connelly James, array, house t Ivuovvles Place 

Connelly Joanna Mrs., house 1 17 Lowell •' ' 

Connelly Mary Mrs., house rear 1)9 I-owell 

Connelly Thomas. Middlesex, house (7) 2S George ' ■ ■' 

Connolly John, Bleachery, house -IG do. 

Connolly William Mrs., house 7 Adams, Franklin S(|uaro 

('onnolly Wm. T., clerk, p(dice court (P.oston), b. 7 Adam.s, F. S. 

Conner Frederick C. machinist, Appk-ton, h. 71 Apj)leton St. 

Conner Jolin, machinist, Lowell Macliinc Sho]>, boards 41 do. 

Connors Ivlward, farnu^r, at Whipple's, house 1 Swift 

Connors ^Margaret, house 1 Swift 

Conners ]\Iichacl, B. Sc L. 11. It., h.ousc Common, near Adams 

Connors Philip, teamster, house 2 Short 

('ouncry Peter, labour, house GS SnfTolk 

Conucry William, shoemaker, 210 Merrimac, b. 154 Suffolk 

Connor Jeremiah, Lowell (Jorporation, boards 7 do. 

Connor Patrick, jircssmau, T) Central, house LI Middle 

Connors James, army, house Salem, opposite Hancock Av. '""' 

Connors John, Lowell, house 14 Mill ■ ' 

Connors Micliael, Laborer, house Clough's I'niilding, Common 

Connors Sarah Mrs., house 88 Gorliam 

Conric Arthur, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Conroy James, laborer, house 12 Charles 

Constantino John, Lowell, boards 88 (Jorham 

Constantino Thomas C., variety store, 88 ("rorham, house do. 

Constantinople Alfred, army, house 84 Moody 

Constantinople Ambrose, at A. L. P)rooks', 9i bloody 

Constantinople David, house 9(5 i\[oody 

Convers (ieorge IL, clerk, boards Samuel Convcrs' 

Couvcrs Samuel, carriage manuf., IGJ Central, liousc 7 Tyler 


'X ' - 

y ; ■ ■■! .,: 

.;<, i( ., , ; 

1' . 
(.1' ?,-'.yi 



11 ;/ i 

(^ -,1 I 

V' ) ;• ic 

( . 






••;- I V ,.. 

50 LOWKI.L [C'J DIKKUTOllV. i' ! 

Convcrs Samuel J']., at Siimucl Convors', house I) Tyler 

Conway Ikmicy, JMorrnuac rriiit-woikd, b. l;5G ^leir. Corp. 

Conway Frank, laborer, house o Ilancoek Avenue 

Conway tlosc|ili, engraver, at Kitson's, house 171) Central 

Couway ]\Iiehacl, house City Avenue 

Cuuwuy Michael, Merriniae, house 13 Hanover 

Cook Albert C. (./. C. Ji/cr S)- t'u.), boards ^Merrimac House 

Cook Benjamin ]>., lather, house (J I'earl 

Cook Charles ^1., overseer, Middlesex, house 11 Oak 

Cook Electa Mrs., widow, house 11 'J Moody 

Cook Cilman tl. (C S^ Tatjlor), dry goods, 42 Mcrrimac and 

103 Central, boards American House 
Cook Haven 1'., tailor, 11 Central, house 14r "Willow 
Cook James, secretary J.owell Mutual Insurance Co., 49 Cen- 
tral, house 180 East Mcrrimac, ojijiositc Park 
Cook Mark H., laces and cmbroid's, IIG iMerrimac, h. 120 do. 
Cook Teter A., house 27 Howard 

Cook Thomas, gardener, house 4'lcasant, near Andovcr 
Cook William, house 2 liivcr, corner Coburn 
Cook William G. iMrs., boarding-house, 113 Central 
Cook William P. ]\lrs., house 27 Howard 
Cooke Homer A., Asst. Quartermaster, army, house S Picad 
Cooledgc Franklin S., ilerrimac Corporation, house 132 do. 
Cooledge Jacob S., machinist, house 1;");) Moody 
Coolhano Carrct, currier, boards V. Doherty's, Eincolu 
Coolidgc Catharine, widow, house 2D1 Middlesex 
Coolidgc Wm. S., tailor, Barnes & Dean's, b. 13 Mass. Corp. 
Cooney Daniel, laborer, house 33 Eenwick 
Cooney John, stone-mason, house rear 13 Summer 
Cooney Simon, Hamilton, house 25 Winter 
Cooney William, shoenmker, house G8 Gorham 
Cooper Henry C, clerk, 7 Central, boards 1 Lawrence Corp. 
Cooper Isaac, overseer, Lawrence Cor])oration, house 1 do. 
Cooper Samuel G., stamp-maker, boards 12 Union 
Cooper Sarah Mrs., house 32 Auburn, near Chapel 
Cooper W. Allen, machinist, boards 7G Dutton 
Cooper ^^'illiam H.. expressman. Northern Depot, h. 32 Howard 
Copeland Jcrusha, dress-maker, house 3 Ford 
Copps Marcus W., clerk, 4G JMerrimac, boards ftO Moody 
Corbett John, laborer, at E. A. Hill's, liouse 27G Middlesex 
Corbett John, laborer, house 279 Middlesex 
Corbett John C, Bleachcry, house Congress, r. Hale's Mills 
Cdrbett Josiah L., machinist, house 4 Lagrange Court 

I • • 

M ■ ' . I 

.'■:U I' 

i ',. . ./ 1 

:..- |, 

■ ; 1!! 

1 i ' i 

c'.-'.'.'i.i . . : ..i.l...' ■ J.<;" i\' 


CorLctt Michael, MulJlescx, 21 ronJ 

C'orhctt jMicliacl, provisions, 73 Gorliam. house 87 do. 

Corbett J'atriik, Middlesex, house Tlcasant 

Corcoran David, house SO Moody 

Corcoran John. llaTiiilton, house 45 West Union 

Corcoran, sre Cochruii ^ 

Corcroft Thomas, at S. I}, l^raekctt's, h. H Lawrence St. Court 

Cordm^^doy William S. Ar F., sliuddy manuf., Whij-ple's Mille 

office at Huston ' -^ 

Corey Alvin, carpenter, ]\[orrimac Corporation, house OG do. 
Corey Charles, house 15 Spring 

Corey Ira L., watchman, Lawrence Corporation, bds. G7 do. 
Corey Virgil, Lawrence Corporation, boards (J7 do. 
Corey, see Gury 

Corliss Florella Mrs., house 009 Central 
Corliss Horatio G. F., counsellor, 17 ^luseum Building, bdp. 

53 l*awtuckct 
Corliss John L., overseer, Lowell, house 5,", Pawtuckct 
Corner John, clerk, o'OS Mcrrimac, house o Common v > » 

Corner Joseph :\rrs., house 4 Hale "' ' '' 

Corner Josiah, grocer, ;iO.S .Mcrrimac, house IGO Suffolk 
Corner Josiah T., clerk, "i^}"?, Mcrrimac, house 9 Eacc 
Corner Kobert, clerk, 308 Mcrrimac, boards IGO Suffolk. 
Cornock James, iAIiddlcsex, house 81 Church 
Cornock James Mrs., baker, 201 Mcrrimac, house do. 
Cornwcll Betsey .Mrs., widow, house Chelmsford, near Grand 
Corr Daniel. Bleachery, boards 5 Crosby ^ 

Corr Juhn, Bleachery, house 5 Crosby 
Corr Patrick, Stott's ilills, house New, near Crosby 
Corr Peter, paper-carrier, 21 Central, boards 5 Crosby 
Corr Thomas, Fnion Bolt Co., boards 5 Crosby 
Corrigan Anthony, Stott's Mills, house 2 Fdgcrly's Court 
Corrigan Philip, army, house 'J .Middle 
Corrigan Sarah ,Mrs., widow, house 44 Gorham 
Corvenor Josiah, at (Jeorgc T. Comins' 
(^'ory William M., overseer yard, Lawrence Corp., h. 28 do. 
Cosgrove Catharine lA., widow, house 1 Lowell Place 
Cosgrove John, grocer, 272 :\lerrimac, hou.^e 274 do. 
Cosgrove Peter, Stott's .Mill, house 22 Howe 
Cobtello James, clerk, IIG Central, boards 70 (iorham 
Cosfello .lames, .Aliddlescx. house 54 Biver 
Costello .Michael, laborer, boards 7 Summer 
Costello Uobert .Mrs., house 70 Gorham 


. OltVi j«;ij . ' ' )t] ,. i;; 7/0.1 

it "' 

! . J ^ :.■!;.■> 

,( ' - ■< . ,. 

i\ ■■:■:. ■■') !'■ •..,. 

.1 :■.,•■!') 

.•( ^ ..;/ 


Costcllo Thomas, stoves and tin-ware, 1 IC Cent., h. 70 GorLain 

Costcllo Thoiuas, iMi*Ullc;^cx, liuusc Ti^ Uivcr 

Coster Joseph, hiborcr, huusc -'J Suiiiiiicr 

Cotter 'I'liomas, niouhler, L. M. S. Foundry, li. 171 Gorham 

Cotton Neal ( Sarytjnt iy C.J, rear 57 Cent., h. 2 Hunt's Court 

Coughlan Daniel, carpenter, boards 7 ^unniicr 

Cough Ian .Jeremiah, hiborer, house 60 Common 

Coughlan Jeremiah, at Norcross v.t Saunders', h. 27G iliddkscx 

Coughlau j\lauriee i\Irs., widuw, houte b4 Suffolk 

Couglilan Michael, Lowell Machine Sho]», house 125 Lowell 

Couji,hlan Sarah Mrs., widow, house 27 Charles 

Coughlan Thomas, carpenter, boards 7 Summer 

Coulson Samuel, grocer, IJU tJorhanj, house do. 

Coulson Thomas, clerk, GO Corham, huusc do. 

Coulter James, tanner, boards ."i i\lclntire 

Coursay John, sjjiuner, house 7 Chestnut 

Coursay Thomas, Stott's Mill, house 28 Layette 

Coursay ^Villiam, Stott's ]\Iill, house 2G High 

Courser Charles IL, L. M. S. Foundry, h. E. Line, n. Nichols 

Courser David, j)ainter, house 21 Church 

Cousius "William Mrs., boards 41 Sunimcr 

Courtney William, provisions, I'J Liver, house do. 

Covrihine Joseph, laborer, house 7 Cabot 

Coward Jacob J5., bhuksuiith, Union l>ult Co., h. 39 Charles 

Cowdry Melissa Mrs., house Itailroad, near Halo 

Cowoll William, carpet printer, Littlcr's, house 1 1 Kidder 

Coweu Daniel, ^liddlesex, house 4 Lond 

Cowen William, American Lult Co., house IGO Lawrence 

Cowith John, Lowell Machine Shoj), house Leuwick 

Cowley Aaron, house 154 Lawrence 

Cowley Chas., judge advocate, navy, couns'r, 75 Ccut.,h. 342 Jo. 

Cowley John, agent (^\'oburn), house 2'J7 Central 

Cox Carlos, painter, boards 14 Massachusetts Corporation 

Cox James, army, house 7 \Vall 

Cox James, Lowell, house 4S Lrescott Corporation 

Cox John, laborer, house 5 High 

Cox Nelson, real estate agent, house L">S ]\Ioody 

Cox Orson, Boott, boards 1 Tremout Corporation 

Cox Patrick, house r)(i Hamilton Block, (iorham 

Cox Simon, shoemaker, 224 Merr., h. 5G Ham. lU'k, Gorham 

Coy Lliab W., army, house 27 Willie 

Coy (Jeorge E., army, house 27 Willie 

Coy James M., carpenter, house 42 liock 

l:'j;if: • ' 'j' .il , tav 

»[.Mi-.. •' :; ^!<l!'l ..-. . f ,•■'•;'>.( 

;!,■ ! ! 1 -v-.i '.ii ; • , . M. . ..■■;,■ ; • 
■ jr./i I . -0'-.'. ;• «' 'i 
1 .' ,• ;7:; ' ^''' , •■-.:• 1, . ,!,),.:: i; i : 

'>...;';■! tii. : ' 

\,^ I'M ►J -.II.-! > r:,: < ''^ ' ' 

. . - ,' M :■ ■ ' !k ■, , i 'I .-■! / 

! . I ! .; I 

; (HI,, > , I'. '-) il.. ^ \y i 


Coy John C, navy, house 27 Willie 

(!rat't3 Henry C, array, house 82 ]loward 

<'niig Charles P., machinist, 1;. M. S., hoards ^>^ Boott Corp. 

Cniig Simeon C, carpenter, 2-13 iMcrrimac, house 10 Third 

Cramer Patrick H., Merrimac, house 42 Adams 

Crane Alanson (postmaster. Old Point Comfort, Va.), house 

School, corner liberty 
Crane Charles T., carpenter. Lories and Canals, b. 8 App. Cur. 
Crane Mhenezer, overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 20 do. 
Crane Inward 15. (G. C. 4- Son), 120 Central, b. tJG Warren 
Crane l'>ugene, Middlesex, boards 08 Churcli 
Crane George (West Chelmsford), house tiij Warren 
Crane George & Sou {E. li. C), boots and shoes, 120 Central 
Crane John, laborer, house Clough's house. Common 
Crane .lohn Iv, pattern & n\odel-maker,"20 Middle, li. 70 Third 
Crane Owen, Middlesex, house 08 Church 
Crawford James, blacksmith, 7G Charles, house 06 do. 
Crehan John, laborer, house 22 Adams 
Creighton Peter, police, house 10 Adams, Franklin Square 
(Ires^ey Samuel tr., book-keeper, house ft Oak 
Crimmins Joanna Mrs., widow, house 137 Powell 
Critchctt James, farmer, house Hampshire, corner Coburn 
Critehett Nathaniel Mrs., house '•',! Charles 
(Jrocker Philander, at J. C. Ayer <S: Co.'s, bds. S. AY. Harvey's 
Crockett Amos l\, lUcachery, house 28,') Central 
Crockett Hannah Mrs., house 28,'! Central 
Crockett Henry G., wood-dealer, Dutton, h. 32 Suffolk, P. S. 
Crockett John G., machinist, Hamilton Corp., boards 45 do. 
('rockett Nehemiah ^[., painter, Boott Corporation, bds. 13 do. 
Crombio William, manufacturer, house 33 Lagrange 
Cronau KUen Miss, house 19 Winter 
Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, house 19 AVintcr 
(Jronan John Mrs., widow, house 237 Gorham 
Cronan jMargaret Mrs., widow, house rear 37 Cedar 
Cronan Michael, Poott Corporation, boards 19 do. 
Crooker Abel P., painter, house 131 i\Iiddlescx 
Crooker Calvin P., Pleachery, house 158 Gorham 
Crooker George S., Boott Corporation, boards 13 do. 
Crooker Joel, Bleachery, house 4 do. 
Crosby B. Prank, mason, boards 101 Central 
Crosby Caleb (C. S^ Drown), mason, house 133 Gorhain 
Crosby Charles, farmer, house Cambridge, near Hale 
Crosby Elizabeth H. !Mrs., house rear 8 Lawrence 

. . "i r.,, . ,. '. 

.Ti -i: :i 

.V'IcJi // . 

i .-. -■>■):-,■ 

•/ .iiii .'.' ;: 

r.:M:) y. 


Crosby Epliraim, at Mcclianics' Mills, lioiisc 54 Tyler 

Crosby (icorgc, fuin. luaiiuf., Mechanics' Milln, li. 21) rraiikliu 

Crosby Harriet jMrs., boanling-liouse, 10 Iluril 

Crosby Nathan, justice, J'olicc (^ourt, iMajlict, house Ncsmith 

Crosby Sylvester, bobbin-maker, house Wilsou Lane 

Crosby AVarrcn C., stucco-worker. South, c. Klra, h. l;]9 Gorhaia 

Cross Andrew, carpet weaver, Xaylor's, house IT)!) ].awrencc 

Cross liethuel T., variety store, 51 Merriniac, boards 2(J 'J'vJer 

Cross t^harles A., earijct weaver, Lowell, house 4 Clark's (Juurt 

Cross (ieorgc W., .Middlesex, boards 100 Lawrence 

Cross tiershoni K., lileachcry, house ."5 do. 

Cross John, carpet weaver, iS'aylor's, house 26S Central 

Crossley I'dizabeth i\lrs., variety store, 177 Central, h. do. 

Crossley Itobert, independent missionary, h. r. l.'O Luwrcnco 

Crowe Cornelius, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Crowe John, Blcachcry, house Joiner 

Crowell Leonard, carj)enter, house 14 ]\Iassachusetts Corp. 

Crowell lloscoeC, carj>enter, boards ILJ Central 

(.'rowell Seth, Lowell Alachine Shop, boards 21 do. 

Crowell Zenas, house 1 G2 3Ierriiaac Corporation 

Crowley Ann, widow, house rear 17 Summer 

Crowley ]]arlLnlomcw, house ,') (jreen 

Crowley liartholomcw, Jr., laborer, boards 3 Green 

Crowley Bridget, widow, house I'J Summer 

Crowley Bridget, widow, house rear 347 ilcrriraac 

Crowley Catharine, widow, house Suffolk, near Moody 

Crowley Daniel, deputy marshal, I'olice office 

Crowley Daniel, millinery, 118 Merrimac, house 120 do. 

Crowley Dennis, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Crowley Dennis, Lowell, house 35 Salem 

Crowley Dennis, laborer, house 10 Broadway, near Suffolk 

Crowley Mary, widow, house rear 347 ]\rerrimac 

Crowley Mary J., widow, liouse 53 ]''enwick 

Crowley Micliacl, Lowell, hou.-e DO Corham 

Crowley Patrick, laborer, house 20 Adams 

Crowley Timothy, laborer, house Marion, pear Cross 

Crowley Timothy A. i\irs., widow, liouse 7 Summer 

Crown Uoorge \V., Tremont Corporation, house lb do. 

Crowthcr Thomas, blacksmith, house 13 Prcscott Corporation 

Croxford J. Frank, army, house 20 Jjartlett 

Crudden Peter Kev., past., St. Peter's Cath. Ch,, h. 17 Appleton 

Crycr James, at Kitson's, house 72 Lowell Machine Shop 

Ouddihay James, at J. "Waugh's, bouse Little 


'! ,>■ 

U' i'"-; -Jli'.ii.'i;' ■ ,1 


Cuff James, hiljorcr, house 1 Cross 

Cullcn James, laborer, lioiu^c Kuowles' Place 

(.'uUiiian, see (Ji'i'u/an 

Cummings Au.i^ustus, B. .^- L. ]>. J{.. ],oards ;J1 Ham Corp 

( uinmiiig.s benjamin C., job wagon, house ;J1 Cady 

Cummn.g. CalviuT., laborer, h. (i.rham. opp. ]4v Grounds 

i.iiinmiugs Catliariiie, house Adam.s, corner Jiroadwav 

Cummiug.s Jh.nean, L. M. S.. boards 5 SuHolk Corporation 
nmmings f.eorge W., tea and coffee. G Jol,n, h. 1 11 Gorham 

(.ummnigs John, machinist, boards 5 Suffulk Cori.oration 

(■ummings Jolin, Tremont, house 17 Cro^s 

Cummings Joseph, .Merr. I'rint-woilcs, h. bl) Merrimac Corp 

Cummmgs Aieholas, laborer, house U Jefferson 

Cununings J'hebe M, house 270 .Merrimac 

Cummiskej Edward, biiker, boards ;J i rai.-o ■ ' ' 

Cummiskoy Hugh, house u7 Adams '^ 

Cummiskey :\Iary F., teacher, house ;]7 Adams 

Cummi.key Patrick, provisiuns, ;J9 .Alarkct, h. r.9 Ham. Plock 
Gorhain ' 

Cumnock Alexander G., overseer, Poott Corp., house 78 do 

Cunningham John, laborer, house 1;;l' Central 

Cunningham John, machinist. W. Pol^inson's, boards 4 Hale 

Cunnmgham Patrick, butcher, house G Lewis 

Cunningham Patrick, army, house r>-> Lowell 

Cunningham Patrick Mrs., house 21 Pond 

Cur])y Dewey, painter, house o Parson's Court 

Curfoot William, machinist, boards 41 Appkton 

Curl Edmund, laborer, house Winter , , jc 

Curley Lhomas, laborer, house Hampshire 

Curran Ann, widow, hou3c 18 Ad:uu.s 

Curran Ann Mrs., house 8 A\'illiam 

Curran Barney, Canada, near Lincoln 

Curran Bernard, Idacksuiith, house o William 

Curran J'dward, harness-maker, Convers', house IS Adams 

( urrau James, operative, house >^G iAliddlcsex 

Curran .Alary .Mrs., house rear 78 Lowell 

Currier Benjamin P., painter, boards 8 Appleton Corp 

Currier I). ^V. Miss, dress-maker. C,2\ Mcrrimae, h. Jieacou 

Currier (roorge A., Boott Corporation, boards 38 do 

Currier George AV., Lawrence, house ^Va]kcr. near Pawtucket 

Currier Hannah, boarding-house. 33 Hamilton Corporation 

Currier Jacob B. (Gordon Sf C). 23 Prescott, h. Gl Bartlctt 

Curncr James AV., house 45 Chestnut 

i-i,^v' I in, u \ i' vSfi-.u.i ;i ;[ . i 

>T' ' '.' .■■■! 

i.j(/. ■;'• 

iidi i 

! . 

■7 ,. 

^^.:' •:..!•• 

5G LOWKl-I. [ £«• 1 DIUIX'TORV. 

" Currier Juliu {Patnarn S,- C), .soap-UKUiul\icturcr, Lcntou, b. 
; , I'roadway, near Wilder 

Currier Rlioda L. Mis<!, Imuse 2.S Ttucc 
Curry John, l>lcacbcry, liouse Jviddor, corner Trospcct 
Curry Mary, widow, lumsc Kidder, near (iorhani 
, Curry .Michael, at .). ('. Ayor (?e C'o.'s, 02 Andover 

■ Curry I'atriek, army, house ;i2 Salem 

■ Curry I'atriek, Jileaehcry, house 1 •') Cedar 

Curry Thomas, variety store, 17 Central, house 203 do. 
Curtin William, hlaeksmitli, house 53 Corham 
(' Curtis Michael, L. -M. S. Foundry, h. :Mt. Vernon, n. Liberty 

Curtis Thomas II. , locksmith, 12'J Central, house 109 do. 
• . Curtis William W. Mrs., variety store, lit? Central, house do. 
Cusack John, laborer, rear 2G Ijleachery 
Cushins^ Daniel ( O. Sf Mark), stove dealers, 123 and 125 
■'; Market, c. Shattuck, h. 2-i I'awtucket, n. Fletcher 

Gushing 1). Webster, clerk, boards Daniel Cusbing's 
Cushing Fdward, at 0. Allen's, house 25 1- Middlesex 
, Cushing (reorgc S., agent i^X. Strafl'ord, Vt), h. 1)7 Appleton 
Cushing Oliver E., agent, Fowell (ias Light Co., Middle, cor. 
\ Shattuck, house School, near Rock 

■} Cushing Stephen, house 2'J Anne 

Custy .lobn, laborer, house 12 South - - 
Cutler David M. 0. Mrs., house 9 Ames 
Cutler Ccorgc Iv, clerk, at Ilervey W. Allen's, boards do. 
Cutler Susan Mrs., house 132 School \< 

Cutler William II., student, boards l) Ames 
Cutter Abijah, gunsmith, 10 Middle, h. 33 Smith, c. "We.stford 
! Cutter Charles S., ]»aiuter, house I'J .Vlder 

* Cutter James IL, painter, house 8 Alder 

; Cutter Stephen ( LL 4- WnlLcr), shoulder braces, 48 Central, 

i house Summer, near Thorudikc 

Cutting Clark T. (O. ^- JJin-rcll), dry goods, 132 I^Icrrimae, h. 
28 Third 

DACEY DANIEL, laborer, house 2 Morris Court 

Dacey John, laborer, house 24 Fayette 

Dacey Timothy, laborer, Kailroad, house 34 Suffolk, F. S. 

Daggett, Harry C, iMerr. P. W., h. Mt. Vcruon, Cent. 

Dagnan Patrick, laborer, house Spring 

Daily Bartholomew, Chase Mill, house 29 North 

Daily Bridget, house rear 40 Appleton 

.U ,i')n. . I ,1 ■:. 

>l. :.■ 

' ■•.■ii''". 

<( ij;> 

[■...'IJ,'. // .'. -'r. : ■■■■ ; ,' ,'.i> \ . ' ■■ , ,fjM; .> 


■ f 

•i ,>'!., ''(ir 7 ;' 

,!h,-./ f 


Daily Bri(l:^ct, boarding-lioupc, HI Lowell 

l)aily Curiielius, moulder, house LJ Davis Court ,-.i, 

Daily Hugh, blacksmith, L. .M. S., house 17 North 

Daily Isabella, widow, house 45 MidtUe.. ojiposite Ward Room 

])aily James, Idaeksmith, house 17 Morth 

Daily James, .Middlesex, house (10) ;!;") ^Villiam , 

Daily James, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Daily John, Lowell, house -18 Lowell Street ' , • 

Daily John, laborer, house 11 Dumuier 

Daily -lohn, arm}', house 1 Jelicrsou Square 

Daily -John, Lowell Corporation, boanls 7 do. 

Daily Margaret, widow, house 1-'>1 Lowell 

Daily Maurice, Tremont, house 131 Lowell 

Daily Michael, laborer, house l.'!l Lowell ' '', ■; • ' >] 

Daily Michael, Merrimae, house Theatre lUock, Davis i, ,: 

Daily Owen, laborer, house lil Adams I'dock, Adams 

Daily Patrick, army, house 15 Putney's Court • » r : 

Daily I'atrick, laborer, house 2G Adams 

Daily William, at Eipley's Mill, hou.~e 2G North 

Daily, sc'i Dab/ 

Daland Hauiuxh .Mis., fancy goods, HO Merrimae, h. ."51 Charles 

Daland Oliver F., shoemaker, GG Merrimae, h. Lil Charles 

Dalton Charles IL, house 77 High 

Dalton Michael, laborer, house L"J Tremont Street 

Dalton Michael, shoenuikcr, iSO Charles, house 8-1 Gorhara 

Daly I'llwood, machinist, boards 1 Middlesex I'lace , . ,,m 

Daly Zcbodee S., .shoemaker, ;)S Lletchev, h. 1 j\liddlescx PI. 

Dam John C, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house I'J do. 

Dam Lorenzo C, llaiuilton Corporation, house 2G do. 

Dame I'jmcry, fruit and variety store, loD Central, house do. 

Dana Andrew J., painter, Merrimae Corporation, house IGU do. 

Dana David .Airs., boards T)! Last ^lerrimac 

Dana George E., com. dep't (Newborn, N. C), b. 51 V,. Mcrr. 

Dana Louisa AV. 1\, tcaclicr, boards 51 J'last .Merrimae , «' J,,, 

Dana .Mary V., teacher, boards 51 Last Merrimae 

Dana Samuel L., chemist, Merrimae I'rint- works, h. 34 Moody 

Dane Charles F., peddler, boards George ])ane's . . , >„ „ 

Dane (Jeorge, blacksmith, Dane, 'JS Salem 

Dane Henry J., boards (ieorge Dane's 

Danforth Charles Iv, painter, boards 27 Tremont Corporation ■ 

Ihinforth Levi, bobbin-maker, house 11.3 Ajipleton 

Danforth AL J. .Mrs., millinery, 107 Merrimae 

Danforth Sarah IL, boarding-house, 8 Appletou Corporation 


fU-^.. I •' ...... I, 

t.Jfjr^ii I/U-. '/'/ 

P.. -,, ■'! 

JM,. • o ,_■' 1 'I 

■ I > 1 I • . U ' '. . ' . ' 

IT'/I!.'. ; 

i 1MM -J' 

'"■'^'■'"•r • •■ "■■'■'•ii 

^s I »■<» ;.i I ' i> ; m u t.^' iv'i.x. 


I'.hu.Im l>,ni.l. r..'>.t( (\M|uM;itiiiii, .M; do. 

D.iiii.lH (Jro,-y A., at IJ Alcrrimao. boanLs 11 Hamilton Corp. 

J)aiiiel.s .lusliua W., prcs. Ilowatxl Ins. C')., lionsc 2.i JJartleU 

Daniols .Samuel, .MidJlcscx, hoards rear L'.i (Jhark-s 

Darling K. !{., overseer, Trcmont Corporation, boards 3 do. 

Davenport Elijah, army, house 'Art Trcmont Corporatioa 

David Duport, buteher, house L'.'JIi Seliool 

]^avid John Minot, machinist, l)oard.s 2:]'J School 

Davidson Albert 0., overseer. Chase .Mill, boards 2r)7 Central 

Davin .Michael, tailor, Lancaster & Totman's, h. 2 ('arpct f.auc 

Davis Alden V. ( Wljiter Sr J).), l.jfj Central, h. IJ'J Ai.pleton 

])avis Alonzo S., cap manut'., Canal Ulock, Central, h. Sixth 

]-)aYis Ari .Mrs., house o2 Appleton 

Davis Aquilla, stone-cutter," IJunels Jt Co.'s, b. l.'j JIam. Corp. 

Davis Asahel, mag. electro luach's, Mech. Mills, h. .sy Church 

Davis 15artlett, carpenter, house JiOO School 

■J)avis Benjamin l\, peddler, boards .Mrs. J. Gorden's 

Davis Catharine, widow of James, house Crecii, near Georf^e 

Davis Charles, pressman, W. L. l',raddock's, bds. 101 (Jen^ral 

Davis Chas.- F., moulder, L. M. S. Found., b. Mrs. David Davi^ 

Davis Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, house IGG Moody 

Davis David .Mrs., house Carlton, corner .Alarshall 

Davis Dudley, carpenter, house Bowers, corner Ik-acon 

Davis I'.dnard II., clerk, 1,')S iMerrimac, boards I'lisha Davis' 

Davis KHsha, farmer, house 2:!0 (iorham, corner Central 

Davis Klisha L., bill-poster, 21 Central, h. 1 Fellows' Court 

Davis Francis P., laborer, house roar G7 Salem 

Davis Frank W., stone-cutter, Buuels & Co., b. 13 Ham. Cor. 

Davis George A., machinist, L.-.M. S., boards 22 Warreu 

Davis George B., machinist, house 175 :\rerriraac Corp. 

J)avis George li, boards 2;i0 Gorham, corner Central 

Davis Hannah, house 230 Central 

Davis Hannah J. j\]rs., widow, house Front 

Davis Henry, watchman, :\Ierrimac Coqioration, boards G do. 

Davis Hezekiah .\.. machinist, boards G7 Church ' 

Davis James, house Green, near Georac 

Davis John, counsellor, 55 Central, boards L. F. AVatson's 

Davis John, house G!) Lawrence Corporation 

Davis John F., carpenter, boards 'Jl A])plcton 

Davis Joseph, carpenter, boards 2S Ma.'^sacluisetts Corp. 

])avis L3dia j\[rs., widow, house 22 Warreu 

Davis Nathaniel {Hands, Cluugh Sf Co.), house 54 Howard 

Davis Oliver T., musician, 18 Appletou Block 

.• .•< «l 

..;. r d.' 

,J,.t.,j-, ' ;. 

■ m:.I ) ; ■/ 

:,..i-\ (' ,1 

r.': M I. I ;. 
•'.Jitl I II - 

;> ' • ■ '/ 

•..'! . '.-.Mi ..,1 

.11 , . ! , . ' 

,'•1 , ' , ;.l I 

1 1 . , i ; ■ ■ ( , : . ; I , ! ■ ' -> n * : , ', . 


Davis Paul S., at J. E. Conant's, h. 71 Fayette, cor. Aiidovcr 

J)avi.s I'liilu r., machinist, L. M. S., boards 22 Warren 

Davis Kcuheu 1\, carpenter, house Westford, near Grand 

l)avis Sanmel (}., house;]!; llurd 

Davis Stephen C, at (). Allen's, house 20 ^larshall 

Davis Sturgis J., machinist, huuse 12 Lawreuee Corporation 

Davis Sydney, mason, house o7 Chapel 

Davis Thomas J., printer, tJitizen ullice, house 11 Willow 

Davis ^Villiam 11., clerk, .'JlJ -Merrimac, boards ^Irs. J. (Jordcn'a 

Davis William 1*., 'I'remont, house 1 1 Lawrence Corporatioa 

l)avlin James, grocer, 21 (iurham, huisc do. 

Davlin Joseph, Lowell, house 18 William ;. 

Davy I'atriek, Middlesex, house G"» jMarket 

Dawson Firth, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do, ■ 

l)ay Alfred, farmer, boards Charles ^V. Kimball's 

Day Alfred, at 1>. & L. Freiglit De})ot, boards -1 Appleton Corp. 

Day Charles, army, house 1 liangs' l>lock, Jlailroad 

Day Charles, watchman, Tremont Corp., boards o do. 

J)ay Charles A., boards 15 Prescott Curp/oration 

Day James T., carpenter, house First 

Day Orin, tinsmith, 11. IL Wilder's, house 31 Walnut 

Day Silas, job wagon, house 5 Hudson 

Day 'I'homas J., physician, house 1") Prescott Corporation 

Day William D., carriage-maker, boards 24G Central 

J)ay William L. Mrs., house 21G Central 

Dean Benjamin C, student, boards ;J5 Tyler 

Dean Daniel U. ( B. c^- Jinrues), merchant tailors, 5 Canal 

lUock, Central, house 172 Ivist ]\Ieriimac 
Dean Horace C, sewing machines. 39 Central, h. 127 E. Merr. 
Dean James, engraver, house 35 Tyler 
JJearborn Adams, jol^ber, boards Mechanics' Hotel 
Dearborn Alphonzo 1). B., }iainter, house 4 1 Fayette 
Dearborn Elbridge, boots and shoes, US &232 iMerr., h.3S Cabot 
Dearborn George, Hamilton Corporation, boards 35 do. 
Dearborn Maria Mrs., widow, house 'd^ Cabot 
Dearborn Sarah ^Irs., widow, house 121 j\Ioody 
Deaiborn Sylvester W., mason, house 18 Third 
Dearborn AVilliam F., mason, house 42 Third '^ 

Deary Susan, widow, house D'J Adams . " \ 

Death iLimes, machinist, house Taylor's Court 8 

Decher Henry, gardener, F. Aycr's, house rear do. 

DeColF Jeremiah, machinist, boards 20 Prescott Corporation ' 

DeCoster S. Kimball, at 8 Central, house 35 Willow \ 


Tr/<- 1,1.. 1. 

■ f -•,,:,■.',/' 

■i J. ;*...■. -1 

: ,''j I 

/' v^ 


LeCostcr Susan Mrs., liousc "5 "Willow -;^ , , 

Dccriiig Kihvai-tl, shoemaker, house 70 Cliurcli ; 
Dccriug William, house 7!) Ohui'eh 
Dcgnan Dominick, lahorer, house uG Appleton 
. Degnan John, laborer, house .'ili Appletou 
< l)oguau I'atriek, laborer, house 11 leuwiek 
( 'i Deisery Lady. Lady Superior, Sisters Notre Dame, Adams 

Dclancy John, army, house iJo West L'uion 
Delauey Michael, lioott, house 10 Warren 
I Delauey Thomas, tailor, house 7 1 Market 

Delano Orlando G., painter, boards G Appleton Corporation 
' DcLara Ktiennc S., engraver, Merr. T. W., h. 27 Merr. Corp. 
' Delay John, laborer, house rear 1-17 Lowell 
[ ' Deming Charles W., peddler, boards 40 Tremont Corporation 

' Doming Isaac, overseer, Tremont Corporation, liouse 10 do. 
! Demoud Albert A., IJoott, house 227 Middlesex 
: Derapsey Arthur, Lowell, house 13 Jefferson 
1 Dempsey Daniel, laborer, house 22 Dummcr 
! Dempsey i'atrick, grocer, 47 Lowell, house 88 Salem 
' Dennett Cyrus L.,'eleik, 45 Central, boards 1 10 Appleton 
•■ Dennett lliram, tailor, 5 Central, house 110 Appleton 

Dennis Edward P., machinist, L. iM. S., boards 50 Appleton 
J Dennis James, machinist, house 120 Merrimao 
i '. Dennis llichard Mrs. house 50 Appleton 

Dennis William IL, captain, navy, boards 50 Appleton 
' , Densmore Horace, machinist, Middlesex, house ;M Church 

) y^ Densmore Ira, overseer, Middlesex, house CG Church 

f Dentou Alfred iM., army, liouse 2G Layette 

I ' Denton John A., brass-founder, Wikler's, h. 10 S. Highland 

; Derby John, moulder, house Thorndikc, near Gorham 

I Derbyshire Joseph, farmer, house 15 Cady 

K De Kochcmont George W., moulder, house 8 Adams 

Desmond Dennis, Lowell Machine Shop, house 71 Adams 
Desmond Lllcn, widow, house DO Lowell 
Desmond John, laborer, house Suffolk, near Cross 
Desmond Margaret, widow, house Common, near Adams 
j L)evine Dennis, operative, house rear 04 Gorham 

I Devine Edward, painter, Boott Corporation, boards r»D do, 

t Devine James, laborer, house rear 55 Market 

Devine John, Lowell, house 73 Church . 

Devine John, Merrimac, house 30 Lewis 
Devine Martin, boards 50 Hamilton Block, Gorham 
Dcviuc Mary, house 13 llurd 

a> ..■•. IF 

.i<;'.'. ui: 

' ^iilihiV 

! '■,. > I 

■ il..;. .! 


.inJ-i D ,vi 

'H ;■, -.„,); 


Dcvinc ratrick J., grocer, Aiidover, c. Water, b. 2 "Water 
Deviuc riiilip, moulder, L. ^l. S. Foundry, h. rear 04 Gorbam 
Devlin Henry, clerk, Howard House, boards do. 
l>e\iiu John, Middlesex, bouse 2 IJiver 

iVvlin Peter, laborer, bouse -ilr William -i 

])cvliu Peter, ^Middlesex, bouse Parker's l^loek, Paver 
])cvlin, see Dai-lhi 

]>evno Peter, conductor, Horse P. P., bouse 170 Gorbam 
Dcwiiurst James K., stamp-maker, bouse 340 Central 
Dewburst Williara, blacksmitb, Am. Bolt Co., bouse 12 Halo 
1 dexter Edwin S., carpenter, bouse 30 Brancb 
Dickerman Alpbonzo P., army, boards 10 Merrimac Corp. 
I)ickermau George M., army, boards 40 ilerrimac Corpuration 
Di'.kermau ^Manly S., carpenter, bouse 40 IMerrimac Curp. 
])iekcrman Ormando W., army, boards 40 3Ierrimae Corp. 
Itickcuson Barney V., car. paint., 2U2^Iidd's, b. at Cbclmsford 
I)iL-kcy Hanover, pbysician, 15 Hurd, bouse do. 
Digiicn Patrick, at W. E. Eiviugston's, bouse 99 Suflulk 
Digucy Patrick, laborer, bouse 2 Dummer 
Dilliiigbam Artemas, repair sbop, l^oott, b. Bridge, c. Piftb 
' l)illiiigbam Paul, mason, bouse Elm, Centralville 
Dillingbam William B., army, bouse Taylor's Court 
Dillm David, laborer, bouse 179 Lawrence 
Dillon Jubn, army, bouse 2 Edgcrly's Court 
Diiuock Dwigbt L. ( V,niUc &>• J).) , 07 E. Merr., b. SO Mass.Corp. 
Diunin Jobn, macbinist, L. ^1. S., bouse rear 38 Applctou 
Dinnin William Mrs., widow, bouse rear 38 Applctou 
Diusnior^ Robins, bouse 100 East Merrimac 
Ditsou Minot, at G. T. Comins', boards 5 Suffolk Corporation 
Ditson Pcubcu H., Boott, bouse 10 Market 
IVivney 3dartin, at Naylor's, boards 7 Kidder 
Dix l)aniel, Merrimac Corporation, bouse 49 do. 
Dixon Mary, widow, bouse rear Cross, near Catbolic Cbureb 
Dobans Micbael. peddler, bouse foot of Merrill, near Taylor 
Dobbins George, boiler-maker, boards 34 ^Marion 
Dobbins Kicbard, boiler-maker, boards 3a ^ Cusbing 
Doblnns William, boilcr-manuf., Dutton, b. 8 Adams, F. S. 
Dubson Pobert, Middlesex, bouse 10 George 
Dockbam Lucien G., overseer, Tremont, bouse 23 Tbird 
Dodge Cbas. W., dry goods, 123 Cent., c. Gorbam, b. 27 Cbapcl 
Djdge Eliza ^Irs., boarding-bouse, 14 Boott Corporation 
Dodge Fidelia 0. Mrs., teacbcr, Colburn Scbool, bds. 49 Tyler 
Dodge Henry, carpenter, Suffolk Corporation, bouse 17 do. 


'/fi •': I- 

!, l,-r 

^' ,'t . ;:')<!1:V 


Dodge Joseph ~M. Mrs., liuuoc 19 Tyler 

l)uJge Luke C, juiik-deiiler, ■"> 1 Dattuu, house 52 High 

Uoilgc Naucy ?.Irs., hou^e 5 Willow 

Due William K., carpenter, house IGG Mcrrimae CorporatioQ 

Doge Johu H., luaehinist, house G'J Adauis 

Doherty Charles, at Hubbard &; Ulake's, house 4.") (Jorhaui 

Doherty Edward, blaeksmiih, house 53 AVest L'uiun 

Doherty John, laborer, house 2 Water 

Doherty Patrick, currier, house Lincoln, Ayer's City 

Doherty, see Doin/Ztcrt// 

l)oLoucy John, laborer, house 3 Water 

Dohoney Michael, laborer, house Fitzpatrick l^dock, Luwcll 

Dolau Johu, ]\Iiddleses, house 55 Itivcr 

Dolan Martin, currier, boards Patrick Dolierty's 

Dolan 31artin, spinner, Luutt, house 58 Dutton 

Dolan Terrenee, lUeachcry, house r. 11 J.ivingston, c. Carter 

Dolan Thomas, marble-wurker, 155 Central, house 92 Gi^rhaia 

Dolan Thomas, Middlesex, house 56 Liver 

Dolbier Sullivan, carpenter, house 45 Lrescott Corporaiiou 

Dolby Ann Mrs., house 3 Union 

Dole Thomas, Avheelwright, J. Jenkins', house 44 Howard 

DoUard James, peddler, house 13 Davis 

DollofF Elizabeth ]\Irs., house rear 125 Middlesex 

Dolloff J. H., Llcaohery, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 

Dolloft' William P., carpenter, house 33 High 

Douagan Stephen, laborer, house rear 394 Merrimac 

Donaghuc Charles A , Lowell, house T Cross 

Donaldson Hugh, at Dracut Navy Yard, house 37 Floyd 

Donlan James i'., Merrimac (V3rj)oration, house 102 do. 

Donlan Miles L, Lawrence Corporation, boards G7 do. 

Donlan Patrick, tinsmith, house S3 Gorham 

Dounegan Margaret Mrs., house rear 7 Decatur 

Donnelly Ann, widow, house 15 Davis 

Donnelly Charles, Massadiusctts. house 11 Hancock Avenue 

Donnelly Edward, engineer, house 21 Winter 

Donnelly lulward, machinist, L. M. S., house 84 Middle 

Donnelly Edward, clerk, house south side Lee 

Donnelly James, at Dracut Navy Yard, house Front 

Donnelly John, shoemaker, 7 Canal Block, Central 

Donnelly Joseph, painter, house IS Piiver 

Donnelly Margaret Mrs., house G Appletou 

Donnelly Owen, Lowell Machine Shop, house 18 Summer I 

Donnelly Patrick, gardener, 0. M. Whipple's, house 3S Crosby! 

V,'".' -i-'i'. ■' > 'lOr. 


/ 1 • ::-)L: 


Donnelly Thomas, Lowell, house rear 52 ^Middle 

Donahue JJartholomcw, niouldov, house 6 idcCarry Court 

Donahoc Jaiacs, overseer, j\lerr. rrint-works, h. 94 ]Mcrr. Corp. 

Donalioe Jeremiah, laborer, house G .McCarry Court 

Donalioe John, at American IjoU Co., house rear 1S2 Lawrence 

Donahoc John, !Merrimac, house 10 Little 

Donahoe John, army, house Mt. Pleasant 

Donalioe ^lary, widow, house •'^5 Charles , ^ 

Donahoc Michael, house 02 Suflolk 

Donalioe i\Iichacl, laborer, Cas Works, house 5 Common 

Donahoe Michael, farmer, house Mt. Pleasant 

Donahoe Patrick, hostler, house 7G Lowell 

Donahoe Patrick, at American I'olt Co., house 3oO Central 

Donahoe Patrick, laborer, Gas Works, house 5 Common 

Donahoe Patrick, laborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

Donahoe Patrick, farmer, house Mt. Pleasant 

Donahoe Patrick, Jr., farmer, boards Mt. I'lcasant 

Donahoc Philip, machinist, Lowell Mach. Shop, b. Mt. Pleasant 

Donahoc Thomas, at J. "\V. Xash & Co.'s, house Front 

Donahoe Timothy, moulder, house 19 Moody 

Donovan Bridget Mrs., widow, house 97 Adams 

Donovan Catharine, widow, house 12 Chapel 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 3G South 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, bouse 50 Pcnwick 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, house 1 Churchill's Court, South ; 

Donovan John, laborer, house 11 S Suifolk 

Donovan John, house 3 McCarry's Court 

Donovan John J. fZ>. Gore S,- Co.), 225 Central, b. 12 Chapel 

Donovan Matthew, painter, house 1 AVi-llie Avenue 

Donovan ]Micliael, porter, Washington House 

Donovan Patrick, jMcrrimac I'rint-works, h. 121 ]\Ierr. Corp. 

Donovan Richard, laborer, house rear Cross, near Marion 

Donovan Timothy, laborer, A. J^. Brooks', house r. 48 Fenwick 

Donovan William, laborer, house rear 347 Merrimac 

Donphy I'ridget, widow, house 33 North | 

Doolan Edward, army, house 10 William 

Doolcy Andrew, Lowell Corporation, house 7 do. j 

Dooley David, laborer, house 237 Gorham t 

Dooley Ldward, block-printer, house 344 Central j 

Doolcy Timothy, laborer, house Congress, rear Dale's ilills 

Door James E., variety store, 143 Central, boards 101 do. i 

Doris .Mary Ann Mrs., widow, house 20 Adams 

Dorr William IL, machinist, house First, near Bridge i 

iv;,.'.-o'> < 

,';;"^ ,:.jr/i 

' L I 

■•> 'V :.:; 


Dougherty Jolin, luliorcr, house 1 Green 

Dougherty Juhii, .Miikllcsex, house 12 AVilliaia 

Dougherty Juhu, puliee, liousc IS "West Uiiion 

Douglierty John, soap-maker, Smith Adams, house Lawson 

Douglas Charles C, laintcr, Citizen office, hoards lo'J Central 

Douglass Erastus, house "Worthen, corner }ileehauic 

Douglass John, spinner, IJoott Corporation, house 7 do. 

Douglass Thomas G., mason, house Wanalaucet, n. Tawtucket 

Doulan Thomas, house IS Lewis 

Dow Charles, overseer, Lowell, house SOI Middlesex 

Dow Charles E., machinist, house 205 Middlesex 

Dow George "W., Llacksmith, Lowell, hoards GOl Middlesex 

Dow John D., carpenter, house 236 Central 

Dow Joshua, Jr., at D. L. llich'ardson's, house 17 Thorndike 

Dow Naucy F. Airs., house 101 Howard 

Dow Timothy F. (Lostun), house 103 Howard 

Dowd Andrew, Lowell, house 42 j\Liddle 

Dowd Lartholomew, Lowell Machine Shop, house 78 Lowell 

Dowd John, lahorcr, house 31 Worthen 

Dowd Margaret Mrs., house rear 78 Lowell 

Dower Thomas, Lowell ]\raehiuc Shop, house r. 7G Middlesex 

Dowlin Michael, house 2 Carolin's Place, Fayette 

Dowling John, Boott, house 27 Tremout Street 

Dowling Thomas S., tailor, house 43 Fayette 

Downes George I\I., hlacksmith, h. 3 Buttrick's Block, E. Fine 

Downing Daniel E. heirs of, house 15 Auhurn 

Downing Edwin, painter, boards Jona. Downiug's 

Downing James, painter, hoards Jona. Downiug's 

Downing Jonathan, painter, houscr Lawson, near School 

Downing Moses G., carpenter, house 4- Adams, c. Broadway 

Downing Thomas, carpenter, house "Wanalancet 

Downs Horatio B., carpenter, Hamilton Corporation, h. 47 do. 

Downs .larch, hoards J. E. Downs' 

Downs Juhn, lahorcr, house 3 Hanover 

Downs John E., contractor, L. M. S., house "Walker, c. Kemp 

Downs Bolliu C, army, house 53 Buttcrficld 

Downs Samuel P., machinist, house 20 Adams, Franklin Sf[. 

Downs AVm. H., machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 21 do. 

Dows Amos "W., hutanic medicines, 1S5 Central, house do. 

Dows Betsey, widow, house 9 Merrill's Court 

Dowse Calvin, clerk (Boston), house 10 Alhott 

Dowse John, botanic medicines, 230 Merrimac, h. GO L. M. S. 

Dowser "William Mrs., house 'JO East Merrimac 

^v■^■\\. ■:. o .■ 

•1 '■; '■ 


Doyle James, at Piiplcy's ]Mill, Loards ratrick Corr's 

]^o}lc James, slater, house 7D Charles 

Doyle James C, jMiddlescx, house G-1 South 

Doyle Joel, Lowell Corporation, boards G do. 

Doyle Jolin, laborer, house soutli end of Linden, near Auburn 

Doyle John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 178 Gorham 

Doyle John, shoemaker, house 22 Lowell 

Doyle ]\Iary Miss, house 7G Church 

Doyle i\Iichael, teamster, Putnam & Currier's, h. G2 South 

Doyle ]\[oses, tailor, LIU ^lerrimac, h. 57 Ham. Bl'k, Gorham 

Doyle Patrick, Chase Mill, house 27 Summer 

Drach Jose})li, Appleton, house 8 Spring 

Draliin John, army, house 132 Lowell 

Drake Harriet Mrs., widow, house 1.'! Suffolk Corporation 

Drake Samuel, Middlesex, house 80 Middlesex St. 

Drake AVilliara, Middlesex, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 

Draper John, laborer, house Broadway, near AValker 

Draper John, laborer, house 287 Middlesex 

Draper Joshua L., carpenter, house 112 Middlesex 

Draper Lemuel, house 8 Kirk 

Draper "William L., carriage-maker, Convcrs', h. 28 Charles 

Dresser Henry W., marble-works, 105 ]\Iiddlesex, h. 110 Cent. 

Dresser Samuel P., stone-mason, house 230 Central 

Dresser Samuel T., proprietor Wan\csit House, 187 iliddlesex 

Dresser William, Prescott, boards 22 jMassachusetts Corp. 

Drew Charles E., carpenter, Boott Corporation, house 17 do. 

Drew Charles S., army, house 110 IMoody 

Drew Charles W., clerk, 40 Merrimac, house 9 "Willow 

Drew Henry, at Eollin AVhite Arms Go., bds. 113 Merrimac 

Drew Henry C, variety store, 17 Merrimac, b. 8 Ham. Corp. 

Drew Peubeu W., sup't P. "White Arms Co., h. 34 Franklin, F.S. 

Driscoll Daniel, laborer, house 27 Lremont Street 

DriscoU Daniel, laborer, house rear 347 IMcrrimac 

Driscoll Dennis, carpet-weaver, house 7 Kidder 

Driscoll Jeremiah, Lowell, house IMarion, corner Broadway 

Driscoll Michael, laborer, house Dempsey's Yard 

Driscoll Stephen, army, house 10 Bridge 

Driscoll Timothy, laborer, house rear 55 ilarkct 

Driver John, overseer, Lowell, boards 19 South 

Drown Amos B. {Crosbi/ S)- J).), mason, house 107 Appleton 

Drown John, carpenter, S. Convcrs', house 298 Central 

Drown Joseph, at Am. Bolt Co., boards 298 Central 

Drum James, Boott, house rear 43 Biver 


'■iv. . 1 ..iL;'I 

.1 .t...,' 

' '). i ' V ■• ■ I ''■ 

1 j;j. ,i 
,1 •', - . 

1 ; . < , 

1' '.' 

'• .'-•■'j^--'J' 

,S'Jlil-v' >J( M I- I 


Drury Tlioiuas, Lo\vcll .Macliinc Sliup, house 70 Churlcs 

Duckworth .lames, Merr. J'. \V., boards 17 ]\Ienimae Corp. 

Duey Johu, hibovcr, house ill Davidson 

Ducy I'atrlck, masou, Louse 11 Little 

Ducy I'atrick, hiborcr, house 78 Lowell 

Ducy Thomas, Locks and Canals, h. F.roadway, near Suffolk 

Ducy Thomas, Mevrimac, house 5 Howe 

Dudley Albion J., clothing, 50 Central 

Dudley Albion J., at Stott's Mills, house 7 Everett 

Dudley Dennison, travelling-agent, house 102 Central 

Dudley George, at J. C. Aycr ^K; Co.'s, boards 113 Mcrrimao 

Dudley Josiah 1'., carpenter, house Lincoln, ccr. Chelmsford 

Dudley Ward S., carpenter, boards 33 Lagrange 

Dudley ^Villiam C, at Lane & No well's, h. 11 Adams, L. S. 

Duesbury Frederick W., boards Trauklin House 

Dully Liizabeth Mrs., widuw, house 4o liiver 

DuiFy Eugene, boards Howard House 

Duffy James, laborer, house '" I'carl 

Duffy James, Hamilton, boards Molloy'B Court 

Duffy James, carpenter, house 10 CroL'S 

Duffy .Mary Mrs., house rear 10 Lowell 

Duffy Michael, at 43 Market, house 31 North 

Duffy Michael, laborer, house rear 18 Winter 

Dutly Thomas, house 9 3Iolloy's Court 

DulVcsuc Joscjih, laborer, house 2S1 Middlesex 

Dugdale Edward, at J. Dugdale's, house rear l82 Lawrence 

Dugdale Jas., worsted manuf., AVhipple's Mills, h. 70 Lawrence 

Dugdale Kobert, Lowell, house 15 Walnut 

Dugdale "William, machinist, house G3 Lowell Alachiuo Shop 

Duhig Jeremiah, laborer, house 2 Cross 

Dumas Levi, book-binder, Joshua Merrill's, house 13 Ash 

Duncan John G. (California), house rear 133 Moody 

Duncan John IL, army, boards 133 Moody 

Duncan "William "W., apothecary, "Wamcsit Bank Block, ilid- 

dlesex, corner Thorndike, boards Howard House 
Dunlap John, carpenter, boards 1 Middlesex I'lacc 
Duulavy George, house 5 Fcnwick 
Dunlavy John, army, house 117 Lowell 
Dunlavy Nancy, house 55 Fenwick 
Dunlay Jamea, laborer, house Adams, corner Broadway 
Dunn Bernard, Lowell, house 93 Adams 
Dunn JIary Mrs., widow, house rear 12 "William 
Dunn Thomas, at Bipley's Mill, house Thorndike, near Hale 

', I'ul'j::. ill i\ I a }.t 

.11 .;. ''' . I 

] i> 

•■•••,-. I . ■■■ -,i.= „ 


ii ,/ •,:■.'•,■. { 

I. ,.,ii 

ti '.' . • ji 

.; t, 


Dunn Thomas J., army, 01 Duttcn 

])ium William, variety store, Gl l)uttou, house do. 

IJiipec Job \V., machinist, boards 17 dishing 

])uran Dauicl, laborer, house 2o5 Gorham 

iJurant Ann .M. Mrs., boarding-house, 50 Moody, near Tildcn 

Iluraut Adolplius ^I., clerk, -14 i ]\lcrrimac, house oG High 

Durant Charles W., iKKirding-house, 3 Tremont Corporation 

DurcU J'lHjah A., army, house 'JO Howard 

l)urgiu Cyrus W., overseer, Lowell, h. 75 Uridpe, c. Ninth 

Durgin Horace T., bobbin-maker, boards K. F. Watson's 

l)iirgin John H., Jr., !Merrimac Corjioration, house 14D do. 

iJurgiu I'atriek, laborer, house B Davidson 

Huruing Thomas, at Putnam & Cu-rricr's, h. AV. Union, c. Gor. 

Durreir David M. (Cut/u;</ <.yD.J, i;j2 ,Mcrr., b. 51 E. :\Icrr. 

Durrell Gardner C, porter, ]\Icrrimac House 

Durrell Laura J., widow, house 10 Liver ' -■- 

Dustin Harlow, tin-worker, boards 51 Massachusetts Corp. 

Dutton George "W., carpenter, boards 25 Hamilton Corp. 

Duxbury James Mrs., house MS Mcrrimac Corporatiou 

Dwight lirainard, boards G ^Mcrrimac Corpuration 

Dwiuell Charles S., stationer, house LiiuLn, corner Auburn 

Dwinell Juhu L. (Lostou), house 408 Mcrrimac 

Dwycr John, at A. L. Bridge & Co.'s, boards o ^Idntirc 

Dwycr John, Irving H'uusc, 03 Market 

Dyar Warren H., looking-glasses, cloclcs, musical instruments, 

&c., 41 Central, house S Chapel 
Dyke Morrill H., machinist, house Ualc, near High 

EACOTT ]»L\.TTHEW, Lowell, house 27 ]\rarket * ' t 

Lacott 11. ^Irs., millinery, 27 ]\Lu-ket, liouse do. • ' ' 

]:laeott AVilliam, grocer, Eayette, c. Andovcr, house SO AVatcr 

Eager George V., laborer, house Allro lilook. Gushing 

Eager Walter, Middlesex, boards 111 Central 

Eamcs A. Henry, currier, boards 105 Thorndike 

Eames Luther Mrs., house 105 Thorndike 

Eamcs Luther J. (Tennessee), house 105 Thorndike 

Earle John, farmer, house 3 Lead ''■-'^'- - ' '^^ ' 

Early Charles, peddler, houec 3 Summer 

Earnshaw John, at Xaylor's, house 5 Trospcct 

Easter Samuel, Appleton, boards 7 AVarren 

Eastman Alphonzo, boards Edmund Eastman's 

Eastman Benjamin, Chase Mill, house Lace 

:.:■■■ 1.; ;.; . :i \ i isvod 

•i< fj. 

ir • 1; > "..:■'.' ■ ■ 

1' i'lJi ..Ji lU 

.- , ,fi!.,.. 

68 I.OWKLr. [Illj DIIIECTORV. ''J 

Eastman Charles J., painter, Loards -19 ^rassaclmsotts Corp. 

Eastman Daniel, variety store, !) .Merrimac, lionsc do. 

Eastman Edmund, niaehinist, house rear 121- School 

Eastman h'noch, cuirier, at Ini^ham ifc Hon's, h. -10 Branch 

Eastman Ezekiel AV. (N. Orleans), h. I\Iiddlescx, n. Adams S4. 

Eastman Gardner K., stone-cutter, house 58 llij:h 

Eastman George, painter, hoards lOi) Howard 

JCastman George M., machinist, Suffolk Corp., boards 27 do. 

Eastman Isaac C, book.s'r and stat'r, 2:J Cent., h.2s Apjdeton 

Eastman James D., hohbin-makcr, house 101 Howard 

Eastman Nelson A., hobljin-makcr, house Go Howard 

Eastman Robert, com. merchant, 81 ]\lerrimac, h. 55 Chestnut 

I'lastman Sarah Mrs., widow, house 2-', Common 

Eastman Susan 1\, boardiiig-liousc, 27 Suffolk Corporation 

Eaton Alvin, carpenter, house 125Cro.«'s 

Eaton Cliarles, boards 187 ^liddlcsex 

Eaton Daniel A., book-keeper, Lowell Mach. Shop, h. 11 Ames 

Eaton Daniel C, book-keeper, 28 Middle, house «1 Cross 

Eaton Frances IMrs., widow, house oS.'i Mcrrimac 

Eaton George, shoemaker, house 8 Chestnnt " 

Eaton Geo. W., tanner, Ih-idgo &; Cu.'s, Ii. Gates, c. Westford 

Eaton Horace L., moulder (Fitclibnrg), house 22 Clay. 

Eaton Jeremiah B., carriage-mannf." Dutton, near " W'amcsit 

Mills, house 7-1 Appleton 
Eaton Job S., grocer, 0G8 ?»rerrimac, house .jilO do. 
Eaton S. 13. IMrs., bookseller and stat'r, 115 Cent., b. \C, Hurd 
Eaton Samuel C, pop-corn dealer, house 107 Howard 
Eaton Simeon, at JMerriam's chair factory, b. A\amLsit House 
Eaton William G., machinist, house lOU Applet.. n 
Eaton Willis G., foreman paper dcj.'t, I-. jI. S., h. 20 C'liapel 
Eaton AVoreestcr, provisions, 3GG i\!.errimac, house 81 Salem 
Ebert George, Mcrrimac Corporation, boards 13'J do. 
Edgcll Levi, at 92 Market, boards 41 Trcsoott Corporation 
Edgcll William, house -11 Prescott Corporation 
Edgerly Jonathan, house 1 Edgcrly's Court 
Edson Theodore IJev., rector St. Anne's Church, h. Andovcr 
Edwards George C, city librarian, boards 58 South 
Edwards Ivory, Appleton, house 58 South 
Edwards Jabcz, overseer, Mcrrimac Corporation, house 29 do. 
Egan Patrick, laborer, house 45 Chapel 
Egan Patrick, Jr., at American Bolt Co., boards 45 Chapel 
Egan Patrick, law student, 55 Central, boards 44 Adams 
Egan Thomas, Merrimac Print-works, house 44 Adams 

.-p.;'' {!l*t; 

:;.•'•>■ 1,; 


■\) :'. ■;■ 

■ v.- !■•» ,:■■ . 


,'■ I.. ' ' 

LOWELL [S'j] DIRi:crORY. 09 

Ela Horace, clerk, 32 Middlesex, Louse A\':iluut, c. Chapel 

]'da Theodore, embroidery, 7o Central, house 207 do. 

I'^lder Fredericlc E., carpenter, house >SG Church 

Eldridgc Joshua S., painter, house ;' 1 Appletou 

Kllenwood Gaytou 1'., blacksmith, house 10^ Kiist Merrimac 

]]llenwood Johu S., Merrimac Corporation, house lo do. 

]'^lIiott Ephraim, machinist, house 44 Lagraiige 

]]lliutt Esther Mrs., house Eroadway. neur Guard Locks 

J'^lliott George M., clerk. Gas olfice, house Clo -Merrimac 

Elliott Jane C. Mrs., millinery, DO Merrimac 

Elliott Johu P., soap-manufacturer, 29 Chapel, house do. 

]'^lliott Thomas IE, carpenter, bds. I'woadway, n. Guard Locks 

I'illis Caroline Mrs., house rear 123 .Middlesex 

Ellis James B., scale-maker, boards'2l Adams, Eranklin S(p 

Ellison Albert, blacksmith, Convcrs', boards 113 Central 

Ells Hannah E. 'Mts., house 311 }ilerrimac 

Ells Samuel, hostler, at D. G. Leavitt's, boards do. 

Elvin Charles, navy, house 57 Dutton 

ElwcU Mary E.,, 2G Massachusetts Corp. 

Ely Joseph IL, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 10 Stackpole 

Embury William, watchman, Boott Corporation, boards 44 do. 

Emerson Alvin, overseer, Bleachery, h. Gorham, opp. E. Ground 

Emerson Archibald, Bleachery, house rear 37 Cedar 

Emerson Charles IL, army, family boards C. S. Graves' 

Emerson Daniel, mason, house 58^. Eayette 

]']merson David, Jr., Lawrence Corporation, boards S2 do. 

Emerson David G., cigar mauuf., 12S Suilolk, h. S Decatur 

Emerson Elizabeth Mrs., house 152 ^liddlcscx 

Emerson George E., mechanic, house rear 215 School 

Emerson James (A. Waldo S)- Co.), 155 Mid'x, h. 102 Moody 

Emerson James, harness-maker, Convcrs', house 29 Church 

Emerson Lyman, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Emerson J.,ymau P., boards 3 Tremont Corporation 

Emerson Luther, grocer, 8 East Merrimac, house 04 Andovcr 

Emerson Moses C, army, house G Willow Place 

]-^mcr5on !Moses W., army, house 1 1 Willow 

Emerson Nathan, painter, 35 ]•]. Merrimac, b. 51 Mass. Corp. 

Emerson Philip II. , thread atore, 71 Merrimac, house 07 do. 

Emerson William It., army, house 12 Cady 

Emery George, hackman, boards 43 ^Massachusetts Corp. ■ 

Emery Henry, proprietor Merrimac House, ^lerr., c. Dutton 

Emery Hiram E., overseer, Applcton Corp., house 2 do. 

Emery Lewis E., depot master, Xurthcrn Dep., h. 52 Appleton 

n.:v:y:''f. '..■ \ 




I?; J- f: 


Einery Samuel L., boards G ]\rassaclnisctts Corporation 

Eininons Angelinc Mrs., house li Sccniid 

Emmons Bcnja., boot-malccr, at 11 Middle, li. 20 Uoott Corp. 

Emmott Mary ^Ira., Ikul^c Hale, near railroad 

Eiumott Thomas, I'lcachery, hoards ]\lary Kmmott';3 

Engel Cleorge, laborer, liousc <|iuebcc, near Lincoln 

Eno Joseph, house 2(iG Middlesex 

Eno I'eter, lumberman, boards 10 Middlesex I'laec 

Eno William E., overseer, I\Ia.ssachusett9, boards 19 Kirk 

Enright James F., carpenter, boards 18 "Willie Avenue 

Enright ^fargarct ]\Irs., house 18 Willie Avenue, c. Clark 

Enright Michael, laborer, house 87 Charles 

Enright Thomas, laborer, house 1 Ecnwick 

Enright AVilliam J., carpenter, boards IS Willie Avenue 

Enright, see HcnrigJtt 

Erskine Clara C, house 408 ]\Ierrimac 

Erskine David M., sea captain, house 410 Merriraac 

Erskine Hannah Mrs., house 408 j\lerrimac 

Estos Simon C, clerk, 35 Merrimac, boards 21 Mass. Corp. 

Esty Asa Frank, Hamilton Corporation, house 28 do. 

Evans Alfred, machinist, L. M. S., boards 1 ]\liddlesex Place 

Evans Benjamin F., carpenter, boards 6 iMassachusetts Corp. 

Evans Edwin, army, house 5(J Church 

Evans George E., civil engineer, boards Joseph Evans' 

Evans James, laborer, boards 1 Tyler 

Evans John W., machinist, boards 20 Lagrange, Franklin Sq. 

Evans Joseph, at AV. Kelley's, house Wcstford, corner Grand 

Evans Josiah F. jMrs., house Thorndike, corner Highland 

Evans ]Mary M., boarding-house, 1 Lowell Corporation 

Evcleth George W., physician, boards W. H. Wiggin's 

Eveleth John, army, house 19 Adams, Franklin Sipiarc 

Everest Henry iAI., army, house Bradley 

Evran Robert, laborer, 15. & L. 11. R., house 40 South 

Ewing John, clerk, house 1S7 j\liddlcsex 

Ewing Samuel, peddler, house 1 Appleton'.s ])lock, "Water 

PAGAN MICHAEL, laborer, house la Fayette 

Eahey Andrew, Stott's JMills, house Howe, corner Davidson 

Eahey John, Am. Bolt Co., house 2 Clark's Court 

Eairliank George D. clerk, 45 Central, boards 2.'J5 do. 

Fairbank AVoodbury, Boott, house 10 Fourth 

Fairbanks John, army, house 28 Bridge 

•i:r., I. ,11. '< I ,■ J ,;!■ 

■' :n' ' ^ ;y >r/ti, 


FairLrotlicr I'^lhanan "\\\, macliiuist, Mcrr. Corp., Lds. 91 do. 

Fairj^reievc (rcori^e, Lowell, house Lagrange, corner Siiflfolk 

yaligau I'atrick, macliiuist, boards 3 Trcmont Corporatiou 

Tall John, IJloachcry, house Livingston, near Carter 

Fallon Andrew, house jMontague's Block, Dummcr 

Fallon Michael, Applcton, hoards u Luther's Court 

Fallon ^Michael, laborer, house 17 Dummer 

Fallon ]\Iichael, Jr., laborer, house 17 Dummer 

Fallon Owen, gardener, house \U'J School, near Broadway 

Fallon I'atrick, Ripley's Mill, house 30 Cedar 

Fannon Michael, laborer, house 53 Salem 

]''arley Bernard, laborer, house 51 Salem 

Farley James, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Farley James, machinist, house 55 'Gorham 

Farley Lawrence, Lowell, house 73 Ivist 3Ierrimac 

Farley Michael, laborer, house GG Suffolk 

Farley ]Michael, laborer, house 3 Wall 

Farley Owen, Hamilton, house 74 Gorham 

Farley Patrick, laborer, house 1 1 Hanover 

Farley Terrauce, laborer, house 2 Howe 

Farley Thomas, Stott's Mill, house 111 East ^Merrimac 

Farmer David P., tcam'r, Buuels & Co., h. 3 Livingston's Block, 

Farmer George T., bobbin-maker, AVatson's, bds. 100 Appleton 
Farmer Henry, milkman, boards 1 ^Madison 
Farnham Geo. B., carpenter, ^Middlesex, c. Grand, h. 33 Willie 
Farnham George A\'., at Gas Works, house 15-1 School 
Faruham William L., carpenter, house Main, corner Lincoln 
Farnsworth David W., Lawrence Corporation, house 9 do. 
Farnsworth Mial C, clerk, at Carleton & Hovey's 
Farnum George H., B. & Ij. R. 11., house 49 Gushing 
Farnum Bufus G., machinist, house 40 Marion • 
Farr Alpha B., colonel, army, house 22 Stackpole 
Farr Edward H., at Beabody's, Wam. Mills, bds. 21 r^Iarket 
Farrar AVilliam E., boards 12 Tyler 
Farrell Henry, laborer, house 71 Dutton 
Farrell John, Blcachery, house rear 101 Gorham 
Farrell John, laborer, city, house Adams, corner Broadway 
Farrell I\Iichael, army, house Varnum's Cottage, Bivtr 
Farrell Owen, peddler, house 125 Lowell 
Farrell Patrick, shoemaker, at 220 Mcrrimac, h. 29 Summer 
Farrell Patrick, army, house 18 Davidson 
Farrell Bosc A. Mrs., widow, house 29 Summer 

1 1 <•;' :■ ' ' . ■ ' ' •. 

'm.'.M IV. ', 

(■• ."(I 


.,; //•u.i'" ,x,ii': 


rarrell Tliomas, luaeliinist, Lowell lilacliiiie Shop, bib. .']9 Jo, 

Parrell William, Lowell, liouso 35 Suffolk, rraiiklin Square 

Larriugton Amos AV., clerk, 'J I Ceutval, h. 3 .Mass. Corp. 

rarriiiL^tou Daniel, carpenter, house Thir^l 

Larringtou Eljcnczcr, wooil-worker, L. ^L S., h. Gl Fletcher 

I'arrington Isaac, pvop'r Kaf;lc Mills (Chelmsford), L. lli Tyler 

Larriugton Michael, Boott, house rear 22 A^'inter 

rarrington .Michael, 15oott, house 23 Union 

Parrington Orin (}., provisions, 113 East Merr., h. 41 Fayette 

Farrington Southwell, baggage-m'r, Mcr. St. l)ep.,h. 7 Tremont 

Farrington William P., operative, b. 131 ^Mcrrimac Corp. 

Farris Jolm K., butcher, house Walker, coimcr Broadway 

Farson James, captain, army, house 49 l-'letchcr 

Farson Samuel, painter, l.J.") ^Middlesex, house at Chelmsford 

Farwell Jcricl, peddler, house Fridge, near Fiver 

Farwell Samuel, clerk, A. AV. Dows', boards do. 

Faulkner Frederick, manufacturer, boards AVashington House 

Faulkner Luther AV., ^YOolen mauuf., Lawrence, near AVhipple, 

house at Fillerica 
Fnunce Ansel B., mason, house 321 ^lerrimac 
Favor Francis, chair-maker, boards 130 Cross - • 
Favor George IL, carpenter, house 14 Cady > !..• v 
Favor Jacob G., police, house 07 AVarren 
Favor James A., Avatchman, Middlesex, boards 02 Church 
Favor ^Martin F., laborer, at J. Xcsmith's, house 8G High 
Favor Nathaniel B. vS: Son (jV. P. Favor), door, sash and 

blind manuf 's, AVainesit Mills, house 81 Summer 
Favor Nathaniel P. (N'. JJ. F. .y Sun), AVam. :\Iills, h. Favor 
Fay Andrew, laborer, house Davidson 

Fay Bernard, teamster, at C. & D. AVhitncy & Go's, h. lOG Gorh. 
Fay James L., engineer, IMerr. P. AV., h. 14G ]\Ierrimao Corp. 
Fay Patrick, laborer, house AVall, near Davidson 
Fay lloxauua, variety store, 12 Tildcn, house do. 
Fay Samuel, agent, Lowell .Alauuf. Co.. h. Moody, c. Pawtuckct 
Fay Thomas, laborer, house AVall, near Davidson 
Fcatherstonc John, machinist, house ol^ Lowell 
Fceney John, cook, Merrimac House, house rear 16 Dumracr 
Fellows James K., Pros. Lowell Mut. Ins. Co., 49 Central, h. 

Andover, near Park 
Fellows Samuel, house lOG Fast i\Icrrimac 
Felton AVilliam, ]\Iiddlesex, house 82 Charles 
Ferguson George E., v.-atchman, Merrimac Corp., boards 4 do. 
Ferguson James, Lowell, house 14 Pleasant 


V 1 •:; .,i / 

:,1'.' n-. ; . I ■ ;,. i .. ;,r 

.1 ..■»;;.;/._; 

•iM. j;' 


I'cTfruson James, Lowell CDrporallon, liuards 7 do. 

rcrguson Levi, overseer, Lowell, Ikuisc li t Stuclqtolc 

I'criiald ^lark, farmer, house Westt'orLl, opp. (,>ueeu 

Fernald, see Fiiritald 

rernaiulez Mauuel, cigar-maker, Inls. i\rechaiiics' Hotel 

Terriu John, seaman, house 222 Central 

l''errin Silas, at 0. Allen's, house Carlton, near j\liJcllcscx 

Ferris Job T. {A. J. JJiscu.c 4" (-^'^^■), boards 11 Ajipletou 

Ferson Levi Mrs., house 2 Ilobinson, near railroad 

Ferson Levi O., army, boards Mrs. L. Ferson's 

Fcssjiiden Frank, currier, house Lincoln, near Main 

I'ey John, currier, at liridi^e »!;: Co.'s, bds. Patrick Dohcrty's 

Field David C. (L, army, family at K. X. Hayden's 

Field David S., L. ^^L S., boards I -'J JMtrrimac Corporation ' 

I'ield George W., captain, army, house 2 Ford 

Field Joseph, bobbin-maker, house 11!* Central 

Field Simon C, house lui ^lerrimac Corporation ■■ ' •■ > 

Field, see Fields 

I'ielding Crossley, machinist, at Kitson's, bds. Thos. Jcpson's 

Fielding David, laborer, house 7 "Wall 

Fielding George W., machiuist, L. M. S., bds. 41: Boott Corp. 

Fielding Henry A., hardware and agricultural vrarehouse, DJtj 

Central, house o-t Lawrence 
Fielding Josiah B., paper hangings and painting, 9'J Central. 

house 9 Kim 
Fielding Stephen K., at 90 Central, house 7 Elm 
Fields Thomas, overseer, ^liddlescx, S Wall 
Fife I'^lizabcth jMrs. house 21 Lowell Corporation 
Fife Hugh, American Bolt Co., house 4 Naw, near Crosby 
I'ife James. Lowell Corporation, boards 21 do. 
Fife .Michael, laborer, house SS Salem 
FiOcld Anu G. j\Irs., house 159 Central 
Fifield Fdward, carpenter, house Wilson's Lane 
Fitield Joseph C, overseer, Lowell Corporation, house 17 do. 
Filicld William A., army, house IG Clark 
Files Allen, watchman, Lowell Corporation, house 1 1 do. 
l''illmore Amos, machinist, boards Theo. Fillmore's 
Fillmore John \\., variety store, 13 Fjast Merrimac, house do. 
Fillmore Theodore, house Fremont 

Finn C. S. .Mrs., millinery, 101 .Merrimac, house 12 Leo 
Finn James B., machinist, house 12 Leo 
Finnan Patrick, at Courier office, house SS Charles 
Fiunegan ]5ridgct Mrs., widow, house 17 George 


.|! . !.. i ' •.■ 

I r !^i,-! ,''.!■:■, : ,' \ :■ 

'/ ;»-i)w;l /.: 

ii^-;-)jI. ' 


7-t ... LOAV'KIJ, [I^J Uinr.CTOltY. 

I''iunegaii .lulm, luburor, houso Luwcll Phuc; 
iMiiucgan 'I'lioiiKis, Mcn'niiac 1'. W ., li. 'J'J Aleiriniac Corp. 
riimogan William, labuior, liuuso G JiOWcll I'laeo 
i'"iuton ratriek, laborer, house '~J Fcnwiek 
i'inton William (Calil'uruia), house 2lj I'ciiwiek 
Fiutou William, .Middlesex, house 81- Charlea 
Firth Thomas, blacksmith, house 7i High 
Fisher A. W. ^Irs., house 98 Gorham 
I'ishcr Bridget Mrs., liouse 21 (irceu 
Fisher Levi W., at 1. I'laee's, boards 80 Merrimac Curp. 
Fisher jMartha j\Irs., variety store, 21!) Middlesex, house do. 
J'ishcr Samuel S.. machinist, house Suiloik, e. lUoadway 
Fisher Sumner, shoemaker, at N. M. Wright's 
Fisher S. Homer, ticket agent (iioston), boards S. S. I'ishcr's 
■ Fisher Thoraas, army. h. JUoadway, het. Suilulk and .Marion 
Fisher William, ^Middlesex, boards 7 Lowell Coiporatiou 
Fisk George, boarding-house, DO l>oott Corporaliuu 
Fiske Amos, Lowell, house IM Cabot 
Fiske Charles Mrs., house oU Tremont Corporation 
Fiske Charles IL, niaehiuist, house 152 Gurliam 
Fiske ]'Al\vard A., army, boards 39 Adams 
Fiske George W. (Norfolk, Va.), house 100 xV])pleton 
Fiske Henry B., teller (Howard Bank, Boston), b. 100 Appleton 
Fiske Levi, boarding-house, 70 ]\rerrimae Cor])oration 
Fiske AVilliara, comfortable mauuf., Mechanics' ^lills, house 39 

Adams, near Lagrange 
Fiske William 0., army, boards 39 Adams 
Fitts Isaac N., Lowell, boards 7 Willie, near I'lotchcr 
Fitzgerald Catharine, widow, house 94 Gorham 
Fitzgerald KWcu Airs., house 48 Lowell 
Fitzgerald Garrett, laborer, house 1 Fenwiek 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, house 28 Salem 
Fitzgerald John P., painter, house Cross, near Adams 
Fitzgerald Alary, -widuw, liuuse Cross, near Adams 
Fitzgerald ALxry, Avidow, house L")2 Lowell 
Fitzgerald Alauriec, laborer, house 41 Adams 
Fitzgerald Terranec, laborer, at A. L. Brooks', li. OG Adams 
Fitzgerald Thomas, at Norcross & Saunders, h. 209 Aliddlcsex 
Fitzpatrick Nicholas, house 7.j Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Peter, Boott, house rear 2") Lowell 
Fitz[)atrick Peter, Lowell, boards 290 Ceutral 
Fitz]iatrick William, laborer, house a Putneys Court 
Fitzsimmous -Mar}', \>idow, house 52 Biver 

, /'I-."- . .:-H! 

i ; .uini.^f 

),. f, 

;;•■' > ' 

t- I 

',.1 ! ,- 

ti. <'.\ . .' 


ritzsiminoiis ^Nfary, widow, liousc 10 C'liLot 

ritx-siiiuiious iMicliacl. at (;ui--}iiii<,' & .Mack's, house 10 Cabot 

ritz.siiniiions Owen, laborer, house r)5 Dridge 

I'hiL'g \Villiam II., overseer JJoott Corporation, house 72 do. 

I'hUicrty Kllen, widow, house 9 Fenwiek 

Fhihcrty .Mrs., Avidow, house 5 Carpet Lane 

I'hilierty Patrick, laborer, house •01 Fen wick 

Flaherty William, laborer, house "O \\'illiam 

Flanagan Micliael, fanner, O. :\I. AMiipple's, house 33 Floyd 

Flanagan Patrick, army, house 70 River 

Fhmagan Patrick, .Middlesex, boards Michael liyrnc's 

Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house 32 Fuion 

i'landers A. IF, jdiysician, AVentworth's lUulding, b. 21 Kirk 

Flanders Daniel, watchman, Hamilton," boards 7 Warren 

I'landers lleiuy IF, boots and siioes, 339 .Mcrriniac, b. 4 Tilden 

Flanders George A., laborer, boards Phanuel Flanders' 

Flanders Jacob, Prcscott, boards 50 Massachusetts Corp. 

I'landers Lyman L., carpenter, house H Tilden 

Flanders Closes T., llamiltou, house 49 do. 

Flanders I'eter, trader, house 3SG Mcrrimac 

I'landers Phanuel, farmer, house 233 (iorham 

I'landers William Ci-., overseer, ^Massachusetts Corp., h. 19 do. 

Flanders AVilliam S., machinist, JMerrimac Corp., h. 122i do. 

Flavin James, house 47 Middle 

Fleck Patrick, carpenter, boards 139 Mcrrimac Corporation • 

I'leer George 11., Middlesex, house 14 ^Varren 

I'leming Charles IF, cuunscllor. 49 Central, house 37 do. 

I'lcming James, at S. Horn *_l' Co.'s, boards Alfred Scott's 

I'lcmiug .lohn, .Aliddlescx, house 70 Warren 

Fleming IJichard, laborer, house 2 Cummiskey's Alley 

I'lctcher Penjamin, .Middlesex, boards 1 George '' ' "'' 

Fletcher Charles, boards ir)4 Suffolk ^ ' ' ■ 

Fletcher Edmund Mrs., house 210 Central 

Fletcher Kdmund D. {F. 4- Jfimsur), grocer, 144 and 146 

Central, house 210 do. 
Fletcher Iv M., Boott Corporation, boards 27 do. 
Fletcher Gardner, j\iiddlesex, boards 1 George 
Fletcher Henry IL, clerk, 47 Central, boards 113 do. 
I'lctcher Horatio, teamster, house 5(1 Lartlctt 
Fletcher Horatio K., paymaster for recruiting, bds. 50 Iku-tlctt 
Fletcher Isaac A., city assessor, boards 210 Central 
Fletcher Lemuel (California), house 250 .'\Iiddlcscx 
Fletcher Lewis, Boott Corji^ration, boards 38 do. 

,r..f :r.^\ 

J'j.Mj'.) <•) 'Jr. 

1 1 ; . ' I • I ( .' ' ' ■ 

1. i";' ! ji 

;; ill ■■ ii " 

■hi; t. cir.ri 

I :7-'i. 

• ■. f {..;■; .; ! 



Fletcher Oliver, overseer, Lowell, house 1.'! Chapel 

Fletcher Orra A., police, house IL'7 Merriraac Corporatiun 

Fletcher Fuiker, Mcrrimae Corporation, boards 11") do. 

Fletcher liichard, B. & L. \i. K., house 5;j Howard 

Fletcher AVarreii, bolibin-maker, hciusc Albro's JJlock, Cushing 

Fletcher A\'illiam, farmer, house Liberty, near Chehusi'erd 

Fletcher William, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Flint Albert G., overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 2.1 do. 

Flint Albert G., Jr., boards 2'-! Lawrence Corporation 

Flint Charles L., machinist, Suffolk, h. Cabot Block, Cabot 

Flint George, machinist, boards 111 Central 

Flint Georire W., hackman, boards IT) Cabot 

Flint Joseph K., pattern-maker, h. Lleachery, near railroad 

Flint Oliver S., at stable, IIL' iloody. h. lO'J do., cor. Cabot 

Flint Oliver W., livery stable, 112 .Moody, house 15 Cabot 

Flood J'lizabeth, widow, house IG Cireen 

Flood Henry, painter, house 5 Lowell riaec 

Flood Henry F., Lowell Machine Shop, house 5 Lowell Place 

Flood John, Lowell Machine Shop, house rear I-IS Lowell 

Flood Joseph, at Dracut Navy Yard, boards IG Green 

Flood Peter, eigar-manuf., 2;; Last i\lcrrimac, houee 21 do. 

Flood William, at 11. H. Wilder's, boards IG Orecu 

Flora John, sword-maker (^Vcst Chelmsford), h. 7 East Pine 

Flora Simon, house o7 Bartlett 

Flynn Bridget Mrs., widow, house 12 Green 

Flynn Catharine, widow, house 5 Cummibkey's Alley 

Flynn James, laborer, boards o MoUoy's Court 

Flynn John, chair-maker, u52 Central, house do. 

Flynn John, laborer, house 8 Cellar 

Flynn .Michael, army, house .'i Buttrick's Block, East Pine 

Flynn ^liles, laborer, house 5 JMolloy's Court 

Flynn Owen, army, house Water 

Flynn Patrick, house oS Paige 

Flynn Patrick, ^Middlesex, house 21 'Williani 

Flynn Peter, shoemaker, boards ."> ^Molluy's Court 

Flynn Philip, laborer, house 8 liroadway, near Marion 

Flynn Itichard, army, house 170 Gorham '^ '^• 

Flynn Thomas, IMeachery, house 'SiJ do. 

Flynn AVilliam, Bleachcry, house 12 Kccne 

Flynn William, Lowell Machine Shop, house ~> IMolloy's Court 

Fogg Charles A., at B. White Arms Co., b. 1 S. Frank. Court 

Fogg ]\Iary S. ]Mrs.. widow, house 8 Grand 

Fogg Nancy Miss, boarding-house, 31 Hamilton Corporation 

■ t::,:-. T-:. .i 

,..,.,.;, I : 

■\U ' -.-.v. 

II .. m' f : ! 

1/. t I 

. ''ill ' ■ ., 

. I J. I : ' 

LOWELL [B'"*] DruLCTorvy. 77 

Foley Dennis, laborer, house 118 Sufl'olk 

Foley .lolin, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 

Foley John, laborer, house rear 5-") liorham 

Foley Miehael, .Stutt's Mill, house rear 10 Charles 

Fuley Tcter, Middlesex, house 51 .Alarket 

Fullausbcc Albert S., currier, house -'i-'i Howard 

I'ollansbce Charles K., currier, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 

Follansby Daniel S., painter, 2['-> ,Merrimac, house iJOU do. 

Folsoni Abnson, mason, house Cambridge 

J'olsoni Catharine li. .Mrs., house 7.'J Merriraac 

FqIsoiu Ira N., Lowell .Machine Shoj), house 5 Chelmsford 

Folsom Jeremiah 3., insurance a<ient, 21 Central, h. 22 Chajitl 

I'olsom Jonathan 1'., dry goods, 1 1^ .Merrimac. house 40 Kim 

Folsom Lorenzo A., travelling agent, house 12 Third 

Folsom Mary Mrs., widow, house ID Cady 

i'ontainc Selimor, Lowell .Machine Shop, h. 9 Middlesex Place 

Foody AVilliam, laborer, house 1 'J'remont Street 

Foote Charles C, machinist, house 40^ Cushing 

Foote George, at 27.') Merrimac, boards James L. I'oote's 

F'oote Irviu A., piano-forte tuner, 27r) Mqrr., b. \N'. S. I'oote's 

Foote James D. ("'./, L. foote cf (.'n. ), h. Liberty, n. ^ViUlcr 
Foote James L. iS: Co. (J. D. Foote), stoves and tin-ware, 27 7 

and 271) .Merrimac, house Liberty, near Line 
Foote Sanford J., clcik, house .s;; Sak-m 

Foote AVarrcn S., piano-t'ortcs and music teacher, 275 ]Mcrrimac, 
house l(i t .Moody 

Footman Lurin, watchman, Hamilton, boards 1 (icorgc 
Ford Bridget ^Mrs., widow, house 15 (irecn 

Ford Charles, machinist, house 1 Abbott • 

Ford John, laborer, house Fitzpatrick lilock, Lowell 

Ford John, Middlesex, house 12 Church 

Ford Ivydia N. .Mrs., variety store, u\\ .Merrimac, house do. 

i'ord Nathaniel, boards Fletcher, bet. Broadway and Cross 

Ford Patrick, at AV. AValker lS: Co.'s, house 2,'! Creen 

Forristall AVilliam, Middlesex, house Holbrook's Court «. 

Forsaith John {Jhirtt k^ Co.), '\\ .Aliddlesex, b. Gl AVest Union 

Forsberg Oscar A., cl'k, J.AV. Holland iV Son's, b. C. E. Brown's 

Forticr Thomas, blacksmith, boards 2 !■ South 

Fosdick Amos S., machinist, house tO Church 

Fosdick Lncian C, provisions, .') (iorham, h. Auburn, c. Linden 

Fosdick John F\, machinist, Suffolk, house 24 Common 

Foss Albert AV., house 25 Alarshall 

Foss .Vugustus B., police, bouse 2" Sa.Tolk, Fraiikliu Sipiarc 



' "' .i :;■;.;■' 


• , . • ' : I If , . / . ; I ' • .• I :■ . 

i ! vl,.;..r 

,'.< \ ,.i-.'.'\ .;• i 

i • 

I ' ■ ' ' 1 

.' ^;2v I 


Foss Charles, Lowell Corporation, Loanls 7 do. 

l-'oss Frank, moulder, T/. S\. S. Foundry, house 41 do. 

Foss Franklin, painter, house 11 Austin 

Foss (icorgc \\ ., Lowell Machine Shop, house 20 Smith 

Foss Luther F)., chair-maker, hoards 20 Smith 

Foss Utis W., at A. L. Brooks', boards ;j Mclntire 

Foster Aliigail Mm., Loarding-house, 20 Ajipletun Corporati'.u 

Foster Amos H., moulder, house 27 Lowell -Machine Sliop. 

Foster Charles Mrs., wiilow, house Liver 

Foster Charles F., machinist, L. M. S., house 57 do. 

Foster Fzra, teamster, huusc IH' Smith 

Foster Frank A., overseer. JjowcII Corporation, house 5 do. 

Foster Henry C, army, house ol llitrh 

Foster Henry S., watchman, Lawrence Corp., hoards G7 do. 

Foster Isaac X., tinsmilli, at ^Vicr it Co.'s, h. l Mcrrimae (or. 

Foster James, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house bl dn., carpenter, 1-") Salem, house H do. 

Foster Jesse H., house 17 Anduver 

Foster I^oring, Trcmont Corporation, house ^2 do. 

Foster Maik, machinist, hoards -1 I'kasant, near Andovcr 

Foster Obadiah IL, farmer, house I'.lt. rieasaut 

Foster Samuel ^V., overseer, Lowell Corporatiun, house ■) do. 

Foster Sewall, shocmal^er, house llichardson 

Fowler Francis, cigar-nuiker, hoards 14 Ash 

Fowler (icorgc D., blacksmith, house 7(1 jMarket 

Fowler Henry C, painter, house First, near Fridge 

Fowler John, j\liddlcsex. boards 62 Church 

Fowler John ]•]., shocmalcer, house 24 Fifth 

Fowler Jo.seph ^L, artist, house 47 Fartlett 

Fox Adeline, house 6 Dodge 

Fox Amanda ^L Mrs., boarding-house, 4i'> Boott Corporation 

Fox Charles, at (i. T. (Jomius', boards 40 lioott Corporation 

Fox Franklin M., shoemaker, house 11 Fifth 

Fox Jesse, house 40 Third 

Fox John, belt-maker, at J. Gates', boards 26 Applcton Corji. 

Fox Lewis D., at G. T. Comins', boards 4;") Boott Corporation 

Fox Sarah Mrs., house Coburn, corner Old Fioad 

Fox Thomas, Bleachery, house Livingston, near Carter 

Foy Charles, laborer, house 1S4 Gorham 

Francis Charles, machinist, L. M. S., boards J. B. Francis' 

Francis George Ji, ass't surgeon, navy, boards J. B, Francis' 

Francis James, major, army, boards J. B. Francis' 

Francis James B., agent, Locks and Canals, house "Worthcn 

•I: t I -y:-o:' : . i; r; 

• ■•:;!■.<! ■■■ fv,. I 

.', " • / 

;•-. I J.-, ■ . . -11 I.' V 


rraneis Tliouias, I-owcll Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Franklin Wui. 15., overseer, Lawrence, li. Sixth, e. ^It. "W'rnon 

i'rawlcy Peter O'C, trader, lUeaeliery, corner ^loore 

Frayne licorgc, at J)ugdale's 31 ill, boards Cr. S. Cochran's 

i'razer Alexander, blacksmith, ]j. 31. S., house 11 Clarion 

Frazer Jldwin, moulder, house 22 (irand 

I'razer John, moulder^ house jMarshall's Court 

Frederick Fallen Mrs., widow, house D-i Adams 

Freeman Benjamin, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Freenuin Charles 1., piano-forte-nuiker, house 12 C^iuccn 

Freeman Charles T., clcik. house 1 ")G Broadway 

Freeman Henry, lileaehery, house 2 Living.itou, c. Carter 

F'recman .lohu, Blcachery, house 2 Livingston, e. C;alcr 

Freeman Lyman, house IHG Broadway 

Freeman Samuel J., carriage painter. Arch, house ^/o Branch 

Freeman 'J'homas, Bleachery, house J.ivingstou, c. Carter 

F'recman AVilliara, carpet weaver, Lowell, house 17 Clay 

French Abram, clothing, 92 Central, house 3bS Middlesex 

French Amos, Lowell, house olij ^rerrinuic 

French Amos 15. & Co. ( Lcri ^'ir/ialsj, confectionery, ice 

cream and oyster saloon, '-17 Central, house i'."i do. 
French Anthony, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 51 ].ijwell 
F'reuch Benjamin F\ .Mrs., house I'] Anne 
French Charles, time-keeper, L. 31. Shop, house o2 do. 
I'rench Clrirles, Merrimac, house .'!7 j.agrange, I'rar.kliu Sc 
F'rench C!yril 3Irs., house 7 Chapel 
French Flvin, musician, 170 Merrimac, house do. 
French Franklin, L. 31. S. Foundry, h. 31errimac, c. Trcmont 
]-'rcnch Ceorge W., at Cutter A: ^^■alkcr'!i, h. 2b2 31iddlesex 
French Ilenr}', operative, house 3Iarion, corner Lafjrancc , 
French Horace ]>., Boott Corporation, house 47 do. 
French Horace ]•; , clerk, 'J2 I'cntral, boards ."188 3Iiddlcsex 
French John !>., Lowell Corporation, house G'J Fletcher 
French Jonathan, job wagon, house 103 3Icrrimac Corporation 
F'rench Josiah B., house Chelmsford, near railroad bridge 
French 3L\ry 31 rs., house 3 J.uther's Court 
French Kcubeu W., 31iddlesex, house 73 fligh 
French William, overseer, 3IerrimacCorp., h. Varnum, n. 3ryrtle 
French William C, clerk, boards 31G Merrimac 
French William IL, apotjiecary, 2 Central, b. Wm. I'rcnch's 
French William H., at Lowell Felting Co., Howe, h. Is Ash 
Frost Abner, surveyor of lumber and dealer in baik, house 14 

Wcstford, near Grand 

'!• '■ ,• , » , 

I llj//l> 

I - ... I 

'.■! ., I 

.. ■-■ : I 'l ,1 

1 •.. r. „! 
1-1/, ; '' 

' .i Mi-il 

. ,'f ., 

■ • • I.- • • 

80 LOWELL [iti\ DIKKCTORY. ,. i 

Frost Ocorgc AV., carpenter, llOllf^c 10 Salem 

J'rust Harlan 1'., inachiiiist, house HI Howard 

Frost Lyman J., clerk, ',•;) Market, house iH Church 

I'rcst ixichard, house .! 1 Aiipletou 

Fryc Abby ]Mr.s., house liriT Central 

I'rye Knoch Ellsworth, JJelv. ^Voolen Mills, htuipc IT) Amlovcr 

Fryc Frederick {JiC(cd >.y /'.), mason, h. Fawtuckct, c. I'lctcLcr 

'; Fryc (jleorge, mason, house li.'l Kirk 

' Fryc Hannah .Mrs., house rear liOU Central 

Fryc duhu F., counsellor, 4lt Central, boards l!"i7 do. 

Fryc Laura ]\Irs., house I'Jl (ioiham 

J'' rye Iicubcn, mason, house ll'S Merrimac 

Fuller Artemas .Mrs., widow, house S Fearl 

\ Fuller Charles A. W., nuiehinist, Massachusetts, h. 7 lord 

Fuller ]'>arius S., ariuy, house I'irst, near Lriilge 
Fuller Jldwai'd K., carjicnter, house ') JJuriis 
Fuller l-Alwin A., Lowell, house 04 Fast Meri'imac 
Fuller Fordyce, carpenter, boards 'Jl Apiikton 
Fuller ILirrison If., house 51: Fast .Merriuiac 
J'uller Jason, milkman, house IdG Pawtuekit 
Fuller John IJ., Wanicsit .Mills, boards ~'> W illic 
Fuller Perez, tuiKir. 11 I'ylcr, house do. , 

Fuller William '1'., eari)enter, Foj-lar 

V Fullerton Gco.AV., engineer, at. I. C. Ayer \- ( 'o.'s, h. !'7 .Market 
I Fultou James, army, house I'irst, near liridge 

j , Fulton John, machinist, )K>ards 1 iMiddlesi-x Place 

• l''ulton Walter ^F., IS'iott Curiiiration, Ikmisc "'Ti do. 

'i .Purber Cieorgc 1)., tailur, at W'uree.stcr's. In. use •!.! (ir;ind 

I ]''urbusli John ^L, machiiast. L. M. S., boards (i;! do. 

Furbush Joshua J., wood-wtnker, ('onvcrs', bds. Ill ('(.iilial 

V Furnald Prank ]}., clerk, P. 1!. Patch .^' Cu.'s, b. X. <.. Purnald's 
I I-'urnald Nathaniel C {J'\ (^- JioUlns), carianter and, 
' 23 Middle, house School, corner \'arucy 

I Fury Thomas, laborer, house rear 52 .Middle 


j • GAFFNFY JA^^P]S, mason, house Adams, near Th-oadway 

Galfncy John, "^Merrimac Print-works, hou.«c Iti Duramer 
Gaffney John, laborer, house Sutfolk. near IJroadway 
Gage Ann H., millinery, Carleton Block, ^lerrimnc 
Gage Daniel P., physician, 11 John, corner Lee. house do. 
Gage (Jcorgc B., clerk, 52 ^lerrimac, boards 21 Kirk 
Gng-^ Ilcuiy P., J.ik, C.aklou Jl: II.v.^'s '.o.^rd. i: Klik 

.1 af-fint'i 


. r.-.l. r ■ ^! 1 ! 

A' '■ 


Oage Isaac T., ]\,rcrriraac ('orporation, house 120^ do. 

(Jugc James U., dry goods, it'2 Merriuiac, i'irst 

CJagc Joseph ]5., stone-cutter, boards J). V. i'anuer's 

(lage Lydia Mrs., boardhig-liousc, 22 Trcmont Corporation 

(iage Seth, butcher, liousc 4 Sixth 

tJalc CJcorgo il.,- painter, house '6 Willow Place 

(Jalc Seneca, \vood-sawer, house 4 l>ecatur 

(Jallagher Catharine, widow, house Middle, opp. Ward Pioom 

(Jallagher J>aniel, niachine-]irinter, house IfiG Corliam 

(iallagher Jv.lward, at J. C. Ayer il- Co.'s, house 42 i'uigc 

Ciallagher J'lllen .Mrs., dressinakcr, 17 Kaec, house do. 

Gallagher IJugh, laborer, liuuse Midillc, opp. Ward Uoom 

Callagher Hugh, at J. C. Ayer &; Co.'s, boards 12 I'aigc '^ 

Gallagher James, blacksmith, house rear 90 Gorham ' * 

(iallagher James, Appleton, house 10 Summer 

Gallagher John, laborer, house Cedar 

Gallagher Juhn, house Juhn Street Avenue 

(iallagher Jolm, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 42 Paige 

Gallagher Jo.seph, ^liddlcsex, boards 119 Central 

Gallagher JMartin, Stott's 31ills, house 23 High^ 

Ciallagher Owen, 42 Paige 

Gallagher Patrick, Prescott, boards 14 ^Massachusetts Corp. 

(Jallagher Patrick, Lowell ^Machine Shop, boards 42 Paige 

Gallagher Patrick, laborer, house 20 ^Villiam 

(rallagher Piobert, bar-tender, American House, h. G Gorhara 

(rallagher Thomas, laborer, house 42 Gorham 

Gallagher Thomas, boiler-maker, L. il. S., boards 51 Lowell 

Gallant Ilcnry, hostler, at J. lladley's, bds. 7 Lowell Corp. 

Gallon Pernard, laborer, house G9 Gorhara 

Gallon Hugh, Middlesex, house 9 Caroliu's Block, I-'ayctte 

(Jalloup Daniel P., principal, Yarnum School, house .Mcthucn 

Galvin Puidget, widow, house G ^lerrill 

Galvin r)anicl, army, house 40 Appleton 

Galvin Ellen, widow, house 24 Broadway 

Galvin Patrick, Lowell, house 14 Charles 

Galvin William, Poott, house 100 Gorham 

(lannon Bernard, lileachcry, house 2G Cedar 

(lannon Bernard, shoeumker, house 5G (iorham 

Gannon Dennis, Boott Corporation, boards 1 1 do. 

Gannon James, Bleachcry, house rear 23 Cedar 

Gannon John, Bleacher}', hou.-^e 2 Cedar 

Gannon Tiiomas, army, house 24 Worthen 

Gannon Thomas, slater, honse rear 20 Cedar 


.Viiv '.• .■( 1M x^ ' .: JAf/tyi 

■! am!; 

: \..ii ■■ 

I .•.,.,■[ 

■:,,;,! ■ ■.-. 


(iara Bernard, army, lunisc 17 liiL^i 

(iara Tatrick, fanner, hou,-c 15 lliyh 

(iard Tlioinas 1)., silverj^iuith, Imusc HO Howard 

(iard William, laliorcr. house IIG Sullulk 

Ciardiiic Andrew, eiirricr, lioards G Hamilton (.'uriior;ition 

(iardinc Kufus, currier, 2-"10 Central 

(iardner Almond !>., carpenter, house 1(J llipli 

(Jardncr (icorgc, city auditor, City Gov. Huild'.i:, h. OG Fletcher 

(iardner James K., painter, .'JIO .Morrimac, h. U) Adams, F. S. 

Gardner ]\rary C, house _•") Lowell Machine JSliup 

Gardner llohcrt ]\lry., house 'i 1 r>:ivtlett 

Gardner William S. (Siccctser c5- 0'.), counfc'ellor, loi Central, 

house 1 IJartlctt 
Garland Georfre IF, machinist, h. Gow-ard's lUock, ^liddh-sex 
Garland Guy W., clerk, 2(iS .Mcrrimac, hoards .") Suilulk ( 'orp. 
(iarland Jeremiah, house l-'i'! Fast Merrimac 
(rarland .loseph V., milkraan, house Wilder, near Middlesex 
Garland ^Alary .Mrs., hoarding-house, 5 Suffolk Corporation 
Gailand Nathaniel, house 5. Suffolk Corporation 
Garland Owen, joh wagon, house rear 70 Cliarles • ' '■ 

Garland Samuel Mrs., house 127 Fast .Merrimac 
Garmon Allen, army, house 51 ^[assachusetts Corporation 
Crarrahcu J\Ialachi, .Middlesex, house 04 Charles 
Garrahen ^Margaret, ■widow, house -43 William 
Garrett Henry \j., army, hoxise 54 Massachusetts Corporation 
Garrett liohert J., overseer, I'rescott. house Walker, c. Kemp 
Garrett AMlliam A., army, boards 11. J. Garrett's 
Garrigan Flizahcth, widow, house 2J-'0 i^Ierrimac 
Garrigan Patiii-k, blacksmith, at 50 Gorham, house 5'J do. 
Garrigan Fhilip, blacksmith, house r> 7 Fayette 
Garrigan Thomas, clerk, 225 Central, boards .'i7 Fayette 
Garrity Ann Mrs., house U7 North 
Garrity Fartholomew, house 21 North 
Garrity ^lichael, carjienter, house 21) North 
Garrity ]\Iichael, Mcrrimac, house 12 ]>ummcr ■"" ' '^ 
(iarrity James, army, house 59 West I'nion 
Garvey Margaret, widow, house Jefferson 
(Jarvey ]\Iichael, Lawrence, house 42 Adams 
(xarvcy Thomas, laborer, house rear ;i7 Fenwick 
(Jately John, currier, house Chelmsford, c Short 
Gately Patrick, laborer, house 2S[) iliddlcscx 
CJatcl}' William, wocd-washer, at Lrackett's. house 11 Crosby 
Gates Flihu, machinist, iSoott, house 'So Suffolk, F. S. 

■>:■■'■' -r.iia | w) i .i v^ '. ■.! 


iloiU,-'.'. no .* 

,f .'■ 

• ^'..11 

;.■ !/ 

-.^■if 1:1/ ;; , ,1 , 

'•)..: , . I 

l",>-! , 

LOWELL \_in] DlKr.OTOllY. 83 

Gates George W.. Lourds iiO Suiiolk, Franklin Snutirc 

Gates Jcremiali, pliysieian, G] llurd, house Jo. 

Gates Josiali, belt and roll manuf., G .Mecbauies' nuildiiig, 

Dutton, house Gates 
Gates Xoah F., I'. S. assessor, 4']^ ]\Ierriinac, h. 117 Gorham 
Gates Preseott, elerk, Josiah (rates', boards do. 
Gaut Samuel, eabhiet-maker, 1;'. .Market, h. 10 1-agrange Ct. 
(rawle}'^ Charles, bootmaker, hduse Iront 
Gay Nathaniel, at Locks and (Janals, house o'2 liace 
Gccr Frederiek S., at .1. & J. JM. Pearson's, house or> Marion 
Genereux Louis, trunk-maker, (». .Molloy's, boards 40 Paige 
Genncll Francis, laborer, house 81 .Moody 
(icoIiVey Joseph, shoemaker, ;!o l:l;ist Merrimac, house do. 
(ieorge Amos S., machinist, house 7'> Jiawrencc Corporation 
George I'ldward C, house I (jloward I'laee 
George ]\liohaiah M., shoemaker, house Fine, near Farker 
Gorrish Thomas G., city treasurer. City Government Fuilding, 

house Fawtueket, corner School 
Gerry GustavusA., dentist, Merrimac, c. John, h. 41 Fartktt 
Gcsman ^Fary, widow, house 27 I\larion 

Getchell Joseph L., contractor, L. M. S., h. 1 Auburn, c. Gurham 
Getchell Seth, tinsmith, 205 Merrimac, boards G:_; L. M. S. 
Gibbons T'homas, laborer, house 20 Fenwick 
Gibbs Oscar 1"., army, house o Aj)pleton Corporation 
Gibbs Fhcbe ^Irs., boarding-house. 111 Central 
Gibby Samuel J. {Parsons 4- G'.), house 5U Hale 
Giblin James, laborer, house 17 Summer - ' 

Giblin IMartin, provisions, Gl j\larket, house do. 
(iibliu Michael, peddler, house lOG Market 
Gibson Brothers f./. and M. G.), grocers. Bridge, corner Faigc 
(ribson James {G. BroUicrs), house 4!) Bridge 
Gibson ]\Ioses {G. Jirothars), house 22 Fifih 
Gibson Phineas S., bobbin-maker, boards .')3 Adams 
Ciibson Thomas, at 0. Allen's, house F>road\vay, near School 
(iitford Aldcn L, engineer, B. & L. li. K., house f*;) Howard 
Gifford Leonard G., B. & L. B. II., h. Jackson, near round hou?c 
Giffurd Leonard G., Jr., B. i^' L. ]i. P., boards L. G. (jiflord's 
Gilbert Alfred P., carpenter, house 2S Prescott Corporation 
Gilbert Jerome B., mechanic, house 25 Cabot 
(Hlchrcst George C, photographist, 92 Merrimac, h. F> ^lyrtle 
Gilchrest George F., at 'J2 Merrimac, boards Mrs. .1. (iordeu's 
(rilehrest Margaret Mrs., widow, house 55 Market 
Gilchrest Kobert, Lowell, house 7 Lagrange Court 

',' ii.i'; 

' !/ ,1 . ,1 

'<■ '■. .'i \''' ■ } ■ 

■('■ : t. .' ' J' 

■ I- ii ' . I 

:\ '■.'• ■.,< ! 

I :-^-l-.\ 

1 I '■ ■>'.■: 


Gildcc James, LoarJ.s P. O'C. Friiwlcj's 
j GiUlce .lului, JUoajhciy, liouse (Idrliai.'., uear railroad LriJgc 

' ,■ GiUlce ]\Iichacl, lUcaclicry, -jo do. 

t I Gildcc Michael, Lowell Machiuc Shop, house rear i')'> ?ilarkct 

! ( Gildcc Thomas, Blcachery, hmisc 11 South 

I ( Giles Juscph 15. ]\Irri., Ijoardingdiouse, 51 East .Meriiiiiac 

' Giles Thomas J., .Mcrriuiac Ourjiordtioii, house I-!'.) do. 

, <iilcs William A., teamster, house Adams, rraukliu Si^uarc 

,■ Gillen John, house 1 Treuiuiit ,. .. 

' Gilleu Tatrick, laLorer, house 15 Grecu 

( Ciillis Abhy ]\[rs., house 15 South 

, Gillogly Tatrick, mason, house 2'J Keene 

( Gilmau Aaron W. Mrs., house rear Lincoln, near Short 

Gilmau AltVed ( G. ^- Burhaiik), tailor, luG 3ilcrrimae, house 
200 Central 
; Gilman Caleb M., travelling agent, h. East Pine, n. Carlton 

, (iilman Caroline Mrs., widow, house llast rinc-,- near Carlton 

, Gilmau Edward, car]ieuter, boards Li Hamilton Corporation 

, Gilman Frances A. Mrs., Avidow, house rear 242 Central 

Gilmau Ilollis ^I., ])lacksmith, house 310 IMerrimac 
< Gilman Joseph D., box-maker, house 280 j\liddlescx 

Gilman Lorenzo, farmer, at J. Gates', boards S Grand 
, Gilman Margaret, variet}' store, ."10 Merrimac, house do. 

, Gilman 11. A. ^Irs., house 137 r^Iiddlesex 

.^ ,. Gilman Willard E., watchman, Hamilton Corp., boards .') do. 

Gilmore Gilbert, Idcachery, house 25 Cedar 
Gilpatriek Benjamin, carpenter, Tjawrenec Corporation, h. 5 do. 
;, Gilpatriek Lydia, widow, house 2 Mcrriam's Court 

Gilpatriek G., music teacher, house 05 Bai-tlett 
/, Gilpatriek Nathan, ]\[crrimac Corporation, house 171 do. 

■ , ' Gilroy Jiernard, dyer, house 22 Eenwiek 
Gilroy Michael, laborer, house 57 ].owell 
Gilroy Patrick, laborer, house 12 William 
Ciilson Lucy 1)., nurse, house 1 Walnut ' ' ' ' '" 

(iilson Merrick L., chair-maker, boards II Lagrange Court 
Giunison Patrick, bolt-maker, house 19 lli^h 
Ginty Catharine, widow, 1 Pearl 
Gladwiu Silas E., dentist, 128 Merrimac, house 305 do. 
Glazier J., Poott Corporation, boards G7 do. 
Gleasou Augustus, overseer yard, Hamilton Corp., h. l!) do. 
Gleason Clarissa, widow, 10 Pre.scott Corporation 
Gleasou Harvey, Chase Mill, boards G Hamilton Corporation 
Gleasou Patrick, Merrimac, house Kirk Avenue 

■ wj\i'..-\ .'^ .■.'•'>:. I 


;•■', :i 


' , . . ) ' ' 

' Al'< 

I'.! I ■ '■■ 

; .i; ; l:-!' 


Oliddcn Xatlianicl A., moulder, house 20 iramilton Corp. 

(iliddcu Ulivc Mrs., boarding-liousc, ;l-? J>a\vro!ice < Corporation 

liliddcn Sctli, sliociuakcr, boards '■'2 Lawrence Corporation 

(Jliuos Amo.s, at Cashing & Mack's, boards 30 .Moody 

(i lines George S., machinist, house ol I'lctchcr 

Glispiu .Fames, overseer, Suifjlk Corporation, Jiouse 2:5 do. 

Glover Wm. J^., stcucil-cutter and door-plates, h. 38 Chupcl 

Glynn ]\[ary Mrs., Louso 10 Spring 

Goddard Henj., V. S. assessor, -i'Ji Morr., h. Liberty, e. Powell 

(roddard Benjamin F., painter, boards J.ibcrty, corner i'owcll 

Godd;ird Charles T., clerk, L'O Market, h. Westford, n. Grand 

(loddard Samuel !>., urichiuist, Imusc SO Lawrence Corp. 

Gaddcn Dorothy G. ^trs., house Chelmsfurd, corner ILjwar-l 

Godfrey (roorge T., Bleachery, house 03 do. . . 

Godfrey William, c.irpenter, house llii Market 

Godin^; Geor2:e, carpenter, boards 20J Middlesex 

Coding William ^[rs., house 23 Church 

Goga;in Edward, ]\Ierrimac, house rear LIO Lowell 

Goggin Thomas, at Norcross & Saunders', house 131: School 

Gogiiiu Wm., at Xoroross & Saunders', h, Broadway, n. School 

Going Charles, proprietor American House, 84 Central 

Golding Edward, labm-er, house .oO East ^Merriiuao 

Golding Henry, Mid'llesex, house IS William V V . 

Golding Hugh, Hamilton, house 1!) ^Vest Union 

Golding James, laborer, house 3'J Davidson n 

(rolding Michael, ?ilerrimac Corporation, l)oards 135 do. 

Golding Owen, laborer, house rear 55 Gorham 

Golding Patrick, army, house rear 43 Liver 

Golding Patrick, araiy, house 15 Eeeno 

Golding Patrick, laburer, boards 1-1- Winter 

(Jolding Thiunas, laborer, house l-! Liver 

Goldsmith Hubbard L., i\Iiddlesex, house 21 Cady 

Goldsmith Thomas, tailor, at H. McEvoy's, h. Hunt's Co art 

(iood George F., peddler, boards 4 Lagrange (Jourfc 

Goodale Aaron, baker, house 41 Appletou 

Goodalc Amos, peddler, house 18 Alder 

Goodale George B., clerk, 12G Central, house 122 do. 

Goodale Proctor F., Bleachery, bixirds 41 Ajiplcton 

Croodale William, tinsaiith, at Cashing & AL\ck's, h. 7 Tremout 

Goodale William IL, postman, P. 0., house 78 Cross 

Goodale William ^V., machinist, Bleachery, h. 03 Lawrence 

Goodall Zacliariah, laborer, house Davidson 

Goodell Jotham, armv, house 2G Cabot 

.li..''('l! -1 ■;: 

.> i>l 

('■'..IV- I 

; ..'/ ■■■, ; "M^u ■' 


(jiouilliuc Chas. AV., iiiafliinist, IjiIs. 4 IJangs' lilucl:, Jlailruad 

CJooilhuc l)avitl II., itolice, boarJs ;j'Ji Mon-iuuic 

Cioodhuc Jasou {J/uire cj- O.), '.)-! .Market, h. b'J. 'i'liird, c. ISuacon 

(jioodhuc Uzias, carpciitev, house i'irst 

(ioodliue Sarah, widow, house Abbott's ('otta^uo, lliver 

Goodhue Suniucr A., shoemaker, house 111 -Middlesex 

Goodrich Emily 3lrs., boardingdiouse, 21 iiamiltuu Corp. 

Goodroe Charles, maehiuist, boards "Jli -Middle.-.ex 

Goodroc I'lri, at Addison I'utnam's, house .'J7 Salem 

(Joodroe Joseph, Apjileton, boards 'J'2 Middlesex 

(ioodroe ^Mary -Mrs., boardiuir-house, 92 iiiddlesex 

Goodspced Sylvauus i*. {JJ. ))'. Jlillun 6; Co.), house Third, 

corner Fremont 
(ioodwiu Clarendon, eari>cuter, boards 7 Lawrence 
Cioodwin Jldwiu, clerk, ll.'j I'^ast I\lerrimac, house 7 Lawrence 
(ioodwiu (rcorixe, lumberman, boards o -Melntirc 
Cioodwin George V., eleik, 48 -Merrimae, house 20 Lartlett 
Goodwin John A., postmaster, treas. llor. 11. 11., h. 14;] jl ^ler. 
Goodwin Joseph 13., clerk, 138 Central, boards 12 llurd 
Goodwin Leonard, shoemaker, house lliver, near Front 
Goodwin -Milton, shoemaker, boards 2G ^ilassaidiusetts (Hrp. 
Googins Benjamin L., carpenter, house 12 South Highland 
Gookins Jerome, stone-cutter, boards 7 Garnet 
Gookins Xathaniel, stone-cutter, at Kunels >S; Co.'s, h. 7 Garnet 
Gooselin Joseph, laborer, house -Maiden Lane 
Gordon Jeannettc Miss, boarding-house, ^Merrimae, corner Kirk 
Gordon Allen D., Prescott Corporation, house 11 do. 
Gordon .\nn, widow, house (4lij 0(3 Church 
Gordon Auriu (\, teamster, boards i Hudson 
Gordon Daniel H. {G. tj' Currier), coffin warehouse and pic- 
ture frames, 23 Prescott, boards 05 Boott Corjjoratiou 
Gordon Frank L., periodicals, 78 Central, b. 103 Fast -Merr. 
Gordon Sarah A. Airs., house 105 East Merrimac 
Gordon Silas D., Merrimac Corporation, house 159 do. 
Gordon Stetson L., machinist, house 35 Fil'th 
Gorgan John, laborer, house 152 Lowell 
(.rorman Bryan, tailor, at H. jMcFvoy's, house 214 Central 
(rorman Daniel, blacksmith, house 35 Summer 
Gorman James, boards 18 Adams 
Gorman John, Lowell, house 7 Carpet Lane 
Gorman Mary Miss, house 13 Summer 
Gorman Michael, laborer,. house 98 Adams 
Gorman Thomas, laborer, house Edgerly's Court 

..'ft f/ii.: ' :,i 

I . H 

i ..■ ■ -. ;> 

.,v ;.<< 


•I , r I 

) , I^i' 

LOWELL [f4] DIRECTORV. ' * 87 

fiorman Thomas, laborer, liouso 102 Suffolk 

Gormlcy J']llcn, widow, boardiiig-house, rear 1 Tildcn 

(ionnlcy Francis, Doott Corporation, boan.lsi 27 do. 

<Jornilcy John, teamster, at S. X. Wood's, house r. 11 Chapel 

(iormley ^lary, widow, house 10 Davidson 

(.iorinley Tatrick, variety store, r>G2 ]\Icrrimac, house do. ' 

(lormlcy Thomas, at J. C. Aycr & Co.'s, boards 25 ^larket 

(inrton Daniel, house -1 Stackpolc 

(iotham Charles, machinist, boards 3 T^uion 

(cotham Ilcnry, whoelwriglit, house High, near Andover 

Ciould Andrew F., teamster, house 15 (^uecn 

(rould George E., watchman, N. it L. U. 11., h. 7 llailroad 

Gould George II., driver ice wagon, boards C. L. "\\'ilkins' 

(iould llollis, engineer, B. &- L. 11. \l., house 19 Howard 

(iould James II., clerk, 52 Mcrrimac, boards 5 Tyler 

(iould -larel, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house S3 do. 

Gould John, at G. T. Comins', house S ^Middlesex Place 

Gould Jonathan, bagg. master. Stony B. 1\. 11., h. 103 Howard 

(roulding llobert, slater, house 85 Broadway 

Gove Dana B. {G. Sf Kidder), provisions, IGG Mcrrimac, h. 8 

]\rcrrimac Corporation 
Gove David &: Co. (./. J. Donovan), L'rocer, 225 Central, h. 

237 do. 
Gove ^lorrill C, arm}-, house 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Gove Wintlirop, carpenter, house 22 Oak, corner Xesmith 
(ioward Francis, machinist, house 71 Summer 
Goward Zcphaniah, house 101 ^liddlescx 
Gowlcr Cliarlcs, sliocmaker, liouse First, near Bridge 
Grady Catharine, boarding-house, 182 T.<iwreuce 
Grady Darby, laborer, house 10 AV inter 

(ir.uly James, Bleachery, house 10 Kcenc '^'-''^ 

(■'rady John, foundryman, house 48 West Union 
(irady ]\Iary, widow, house SO bloody 

Grady Patrick, butcher, 130 Lowell, house Suffolk Court ;. ■ 
Graham A. J., Lowell ^Machine Shop, house 70 do. 
(rraham Frederick, L. M. S. Foundry, h. Pine, near city line 
(xraliam ilar}', dress-maker, South, c. ^liddlcsex, house do. 
(irant Aaron H., overseer yard, P.oott Corporation, Imusc 51 do. 
(irant Albert, watchman, Boott (.'orporation, house 58 do. 
(jraut Alexander, at Kitsou's, house 4 .Mechanic 
Grant Hugh, laborer, boards G8 Moody 
(irant John F., house 87 Howard 
tyrant Levi C, macliiuist, Suffolk, h. 23 Cabot, opp. Lyman 

l>. i;ij;' '/ .; 

K ,J .-r. ;:■!..:' 



t ..- ."'•.■;(..■; 

J,i/,;i.f ^vi .1 

! 7 



Crant Lewis 1)., stueco-wuikrr, CO :MiJJlc, b. 20 Prcfcott Corp. 

Grant I.orciizo D., at Jus-c^li 'i'a|ilcy's, Itoutc 1-0 Middlesex 

(Jraiit J'atriek, at A\'illiam Kitlredgc's, liousc Duiumcr 

(;rant liieliaid, liuutt C'orjioratiun, Ifoaids 38 do. 

Grant Tliomas, iiiaelnnist, house o ^^'all!esit Court 

Graves Charles S., cunduetor, Stony 15. }[. l\., h. 5 Chelmsforil 

Graves (Jeorge. ]Middlesex, hoards 111 Central 

Graves Mary AV. Mrs., hoarding-house, 12 Kurd 

Graves Xonuaii, at D. G. Skillings', hoards 13 ilass. Corp. 

Graves Orvillc Y>., maehinist, at Kits-on's, hoards 1G2 ]\!oody 

Graves Simeon 11., nav}-, house ol Lawrence Corporation 

Graves Susan L. ]\Irs., house 102 Aloody 

Gray Albert, earpenter, house 32ri ^lerrinuxc 

Gray Albert M., at I). S. Gray's, boards do. •^••' 

Gray Catharine lAva., house 3 Putney's Court 

Gray Daniel S., provisions, 205 Central, h. Liberty, n. Smith 

(iray Lrastus II., harness-uuiker, boards 20 Sufi'olk Corp. 

Gray James, at E. B. Latch's, house G Swift 

Gra}' John IL, tailor, 4 Canal lUock 

Gray Michael, Jliddlcscx, house Appleton 

Gray Patrick, Poott, house 57 Liver 

Gray Peter, laborer, house 185 Lawrence 

Gray Timothy, bobbin-makci', boards 109 Appleton 

Gray AVilliam C, house Church 

Gray AVilliam I)., stone-cutter, house 5 Prescott Corpcratiou 

Gray AVilliam IL, boarding-house, 20 Suffolk Corjjoration 

Groathead Benjamin, at Kitsou's, house rear 19 Lloyd 

Greeley ^Irs., uidow, house 33 Suuth 

Greeley Peletiah L., Tremont, house 20 Alassaehusetts Corp. 

Green Albert T., Prescott Corjioratiou, boards 12 do. 

Green Amos, overseer, repair shoj), ]\Icrrimac, house Tenth 

Green Amos, wheelwright, house 17 Smith 

Green Andrew, provisions, 75 Charles, house do. 

Green Caroline ^Irs., boarding-house, -15 Lawrence Corp. 

Green (!harles, Chase Mill, house 7.". Charles 

Green l'>benczer 1)., printer, house Is Third !' 

Green Edward, carpet-weaver, boards -i Hale 

Circen George T., boards 23 Pawtucket 

Green George W. {G. Sf Jiic/uirihon), clothing manufacturer, 

Prescott, corner ^Merrinmc, house -100 .Merrimac 
Green Hiram, clerk, Hamilton, boards J. Green's, Elliott 
Green Hugh, laborer, house Iliver 
Green Isaac AV., brewer, boards 3 Hamilton Corporation 

/:'.■;•■.•.. ;n 'I .•.« t.i.i/.'Aj 


;^. 'I"'-; ,/ 

11 ni ■ ■ r 

J-.'. II .J 

,i d: 

.1 ... ;, '! •. 

..r , (■. > .^ I'l 


r.rocn James, army, house HZ Tlivcr 

(Jreen Jaincs H., overseer, Trescott Corporation, house 12 do. 

(Iroeu Jane, widow, liouse 71! Cliarlcs 

(ireen Joanna Mrs., house 12 IIowc 

(Jrecn Job ^\^, overseer, I\Iiddleses, house at Milford, K. IL 

(»reen John, house 21 AVillie, corner Cross 

(jlreon Juhn, overseer, Hamilton I'rint-works, house Klliott 

(iroeu John 0., physieian. Savings liank BTk, h. 2o i'awtuckct 

(irecu John 0., Jr., student, hoards 2'! I'awtueket , , . - ,- , 

(ireen Joseph, overseer, Xaylor's, house -1 Hale 

Cireen Levi 31., painter, Suffolk, house o Furd 

Greeu Levi P., tailor, at L. ^\'orccster's, house 1 1 Cady 

(jrecn Lucius M., clerk, at E. W. Hoyt's, boards 101 Central 

Greeu l^ydia Mrs., house 2G(j .Merrimac 

Greeu 3Hehael, clerk, 52 Gorhara, boards 113 do. ; 

(irecu Michael, hostler, at Lovejoy &; ^Morse's 

(ireen Patrick, hostler, at .1. E» Conant's, h. 51 AVest Union 

Green Peter, hostler, at G. ^V. N orris', house G Cross , , 

(irecu liichard, painter, house CO Itivcr 

(ireen Itobcrt, house 1 Cross 

(irecu Pobert, laborer, house rear 90 Suffolk ,,\ 

(ireen Pobert, Jr., shoeniaker, house -1 Cross ; ; 

(ireen llufus K., lilcachcry, house 21 do. 

(ireen Samuel S., machinist, luiu-e 1") Lawrence Corporation 

(irecu Sylvia P., boarding-house, 112 .Merrimac Corporation 

Greeu AVebstcr M., machinist, boards 15 Lawrence Corp. 

(ireen" William, wool-sorter, h. 5 ^Icrrill, rear LSD Lawrence 

(ireenhalgh Frederick T., student, boards 112 ]\Icrrimac Corp. 

Greenhalgh William i\Irs., house 32 Mcrriniac Corporation 

(irccnleaf Daniel G., constable, 3 Canal lU'k, (.'ent., h. 38 High 

(jirccnleaf John, carpenter, house London 

Grccnleaf Nathan S., at Cutter k, Walker's, house 5 Chapel 

(ireenlcaf Wellington T., carpenter, liuusc Manchester 

Greenleaf William P., clerk, -12 ]\[crrimac, l)ds. 43 3Ias3. Corp. 

Greenwood Alexander, painter, boards 25 Hamilton Corp. 

(irceuwood Edward, painter, boards 02 ]\nddlesex 

(irecuwood Samuel ( IV. Walker Sf Co.), house 15 Floyd 

(irccr George, Aniericau Bolt Co., house 134 Lawrence 

(iregory Albert, Chase ilill 

(iregory Charles, at Kitson's, boards G Hamilton Corp. 

(irciner Oscar, musician, boards 38 Prcscott Corporation 

(iriffin Albert J., cigar-maker, boards 80 Mcrrimac Corp. 

Griffin Alvah J., house Mcrrimac, near Pawtuckct 


M .VI ,lrC'V.i\L 

Uuu'! U.-,\' {.- 

■fj\'i,} ■■■ ■' ,_). 

)-;/i-i" ;«,'.;'; 


(Irlfl'in Catluiiiiio, ■widow, liuiiso 1 ti Athiias ' 

(iriirm Cluirles, crivjiciitcr, Ma.s.siicliuscllri Corp., lioufc iJl ilo. 

(iiiiliu Cliailcs A., fc^huttlc-iualar, at JatiiiCb', h. 21 CLe&thut 

Griilin Darwin, aMas.sacliU;ctts Corporation, liousciil do. 

(iriilin Mdwanl, laborer, house 4 Caroliii'.s Block, Tajcttc 

(Irillin (ioorgc, carpenter, houijc .'JG I'rankliu . 

(iriflin Ccorgc A., variety store, STjO ^Jerrlnuic, liousc do. 

Griilin James, laborer, liuu.-^e -i) Adams 

Griflin Joseph, stone mason, house 15'J Ihoadway 

(iriirm Josejih ]i., boots and thoes, house Uiiver, near ScLcol 

(iriihn Josiah, ]iump-maker, boards lil Chestnut 

(iriiVin Josiah \i., ear])euter, house 78 High 

Ctritiiu ^iliehacl, army, house O'J liivcr , .. , 

(.iriilin Michael, laljorcr, boards I'O Adams 

(irillin Patrick, laborer, house Short 

(iriilin Samuel V: k Co., fancy goods. 110 ^lerr., h. o Aider 

(.irillin AVilliam V., shoemaker, house llS JMiddlesex 

lirilllth John (Jiiu/r/S)- G. ), 77 .Merrimac, h. 1 1'J East Mcrr. 

(iriilith Merrick, overseer, i'reseott Corporation, house - do. 

(i rimes Andrew, grocer, \-'J. Lowell, house do. 

Cirimes John, foundry, house rear I'U Lewis 

(irimcs Samuel \\'., dentist, boards lil Kirk 

(jrimes ^\ illiam, dyer, Merr. I'lint-woiks, h. Iis3 Middlesex 

Crisim John, overseer, .Middlesex, house I'j Oak • 

taiswivld Henry D. C. (^Xewlicrn, X. C), house 20 Lartlett 

(iroom James, army, house 'Jo Adams 

(iroom John, Lowell, house 01 Adams 

(.Jrosvenor Jonathan 1'., jKitcntce, house 5 EuttcrGcld 

Grover Ariston, steel letter cutter, liousc 2o Waluut 

(irover David S. ]\lrs., house 2o A'arney 

(irover Josiah, fruit and confectionery, 47 ^lerrimac, h. Jo. 

(.irush Joseph S., army, house Hale, near Howard 

(iucrin David, bobbin-maker, AVatson's, boards 2 (iray Llace 

Guerin Hubert, at Norcross & Saunders', house 2 Gray ilaec 

Ciuild Alonzo J., I'reseott Corporation, house ;<3 do. 

(iuild Henry, machinist, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 

Guild Henry C, house 11 Cabot 

(iuild John, machinist, boards 174 ^lerrimac Corporation 

(iulliland Alexander M., machinist, house Coburu 

(iujitill AN'illiam, lumber-dealer, house 28 Linden 

(iurdy Charles, machinist, boards li Tremont Corporatiou 

Gurnoc Joseph, at Ci. T. Comins' 

(Juyton James, laborer, house 04 Gorham 


A i' ■■.nil' 

\ (, 

/ ;, ,f 

■:, i>'.; , 

-.(II 1. 1 

A .11 m1 ."; 

, ./ U. 


lowKi.L [BS] diuectohy. 01 

Ciuytcn Patrick, T>o\vcll MacLinc Shop, li. 4 Demi sc}'^ YaiJ 
(iwimi Jjz/.ic ]»., iiiillindy, Iu7 ^Mciriiiuic 

UADLEY EIJAS H., overseer, :\Ierr., L. AVikkr, n. I'.ruadway 
Hudky Joliu, livery staLle, AVortlieu. near .Merriniae, liOU;e -i> 

J.uwoU, corucr ^\ ortLeii 
Iladk'y John L., wool-sorter, 71 CLiirck 
lladley .lolui \V., carpenter, liout;e ]Jiicoli), near ('Lehn^ford 
Hadley Josliua, carpenter, house -1 ]»liddksex I'Jacc 
lladky Jushua ]\1., carpenter, Dutton, near 1 kteler, Lcus-c 

l.ineulu, near Chcluit-lord 
lladley Samuel 1'., Jr., coun^iellor and clerk ridiee ('ouit, h. 

Alerrimac, near Pawtucket 
Kaggerly Peter, army, hoards Alraison Crane's 
lla-gerty Philip P., cleik, I'usttflicc, house 12 Nesmith 
Ua^gerty Vulliam, at H. II. AVilder's, house .M(iiluy.s Court 
Haggett Albert A., ekrk, ^Middlesex.. huUse -11 ( hesluut 
llaggett Allen Mrs., t lli^h 

llaggctt John, at Putnam ik Cunier's, house IS Charles 
Hague Jo.'^eph, hle-grindtr, -S luick 
Haines Praukliu A. (7/. <.y W>'c/<jiii), teamster, Ik.usc 21 AValnut 
Haines Ceo. A\'., j'j])-wagon, huusc at Tevkshuij, n. 
Haines Phineas P., machinist, house 1 Praneh 
Hulc Pernice S. vS; Sun (./. J'. J/.), silk-cuvered uirc-manuf.. 

Whipple's .Mills, house 27 Cady 
Hale KLen P., Poott Corporation, boards 23 do. _ ■ 

Hale Prances W. Mrs., house 25 Front 
Hale James P. (B. S. II. S)- Son): hoards 27 Cady 
Hale Juhn, .Middlesex, boaids 22 Poott Corporatiuu 
Hale .Mai-y J., restorator, >;urtheru Depot, boards -1 ^Marshall 
Hale Thumas J., bobbin-maker, house 20 Adam.'-', 1'. S. 
Hale Zachariah P., Poott Curpuration, buards 2.J do. 
Haley Anthuny, ^Middlesex, house 32 ^\■illiam ■ > . 

Haley Edward, laborer, at Addison Putnam's 
Haley Jeremiah, laborer, house 237 Gurham 
Haley AVilliam, laborer, boards 51 i Lowell 
Hall Albert P. {Hartshorn Jl.S^- Woods), h. 147 E. Jlcrrimac 
Hall Albert P. (('. I I all S^- Co.), 77 Church, boards 41 do. 
Hall Alfred J., carpenter, boards ftl Ajipletou 
Hall Alonzo A., tailor, 222 ^Icrrinuic, house 1 Common 
Hall Calvin & Co. (J. I'. Hull), groecr, 77 ehurch, h. 41 do. 
Hall Charles Mrs., house 7 'J Proadway 

y. ■■li'iZ : I ,.t 

.;{ I'l iy.l 

.1 ' ; !• V ij' 

. I 


Hall Clara, millinery, Carloton I'lock, Loavds 70 I,. M. S. 

Hall Dyer, -watclinjan, lileaclu'ry, lioiisc 20 ilo. 

Hall 1'lli.slia, overseer, C]Kit:c Mill, house Auburn, ncarC'liajicl 

Hall George "NV., at Sargent el- Oo.'s.Ex., Loards L'l Central 

Hall (Jorliam 0., niacliiuist, house o7 rictehcr 

Hall Harriet M., variety store. Do Merrimae, house do. 

Hall Hiram N., moulder, house 'Mj Hamilton (Jorpjration 

Hall John, Lowell, house -10 Walnut 

Hall -Lihn C, ^Middlesex, house ;iU Church 

Hall John 1)., carpenter, house 11.'] Appleton 

Hall John S., hoards 1;M ]\lerrimac Corporation 

Hall Larry C, laborer, at A. L. W'aite's 

Hall Itohcrt I-., cabinet maker, house School, near Cold 

Hall Samuel, uioulder, house 100 Gorham 

Halleran Jane, Avidow, house .Si Moody 

Hallctt .Alarscna, shoemaker, Imu^c 1 1 AVarrcn 

Hillett 3lilo G., jeweller, LV; Central, house 2'J Church ^, 

Hallinan Charles, provisions, TO Gorham, house do. 

Halhnvell Albert, machinist, H. U. Barker's, h. 4r, Fayette 

Hallowell Charles i^., lioott Cdrporatiim, hiaise f)"* do. 

Hallowell Samuel G., farmer, house I'lidge, near Draeut line 

Hallowell Tempest, at J. C. Ayer i^' Co.'s, h. l'le;saiit, e. lliver 

Hallowell William G., carriage planter, boards Til Middlesex 

Hal pin I'ernard, dyer, house Wall 

H-ilpin .rohn, Lowell -Machine Sliup iMiundry, house 1 Water 

Halpin I'atrick, laborer, house li'.i'J Middlesex 

Halstcad Elizabeth Mrs., restorator. Go Centriil, house do. 

Halstcad .James, house OG Central 

Halstead Lobert, block-printor, StotCs jMill. house 2.j lliLdi 

Halsted Henry, American }UAl Co., house head ut Li\ing.';t.>n 

ILam Lsaac T^., stone mason, house \y>-'> Lawrence 

ILam .lohn G., carpenter, house Seventh, near Bridge 

Ham Joscjdi, army, house 1 .Madison 

Hamcr John W. <^c Co. (J. Tamer), mach.. Howe, h. 29 High 

Hamer ^licah, Stott's Mill, Howe, house GG Lawrence 

Ilamer 'idiomas, Lowell ^lachinc Shop, house 7 (rarnet 

Hamblet Albert, mason, boards -1!) Massachusetts Corp. 

Hamblet Daniel, laborer, at C. H. Wildcr's, boards do. 

Hamblet Gilbert, carpenter, house S Ford 

Hamblet Harriet W., house I'leasant, Centralville 

Hamblet Jesse, at J. Howard's, boards 4 Lowell Corporation 

Hamblet Joseph, Lawrence, house 29 Suflolk Corporation 

Hamblet W. C. {Lainson, Ji<>(/crs S,- Co.), h. at N. Chelmsford 

Hamilton Edward, laborer, house 290 Mcrrimao 


\f I K'.\ 

i.i';. ' a... ,(.....' 

,• // I ; . ■ * 

■if' < J) 


■.v.l ,,:.;. 

!■:., •,. 1 


Hamilton .Tulm, house north siilc of \'arney , . . \ 

Hiuiiilton ,lohn C, l)Ourds north side of N'arncy , , i 

ITauiliu Laura K. .Miss, hinihc 2t Central 'f 

Hannnond Charles II., farmer, house J'lain \\ 

llanabury -lohu, house 2'J AVortheu 

llanafurJ (icorge (L, machinist, Lowell, hoards LS Church 

Hancock Daniel L., L. :\L S., hoards ;;2 Suffolk, V. S. 

Hancock Levi, produce dealer, house First, near Lridiic • /,, 

Hand George W., stone mason, h. I'awtucket, wx-st ^\ alkcr 

Hand Henry il. \. ]'.., at freight depot, hoards iLJ^- (,'usliing \ 

Handlcy .lohu, aruiy, house ;"> liiver ? 

Handley ^Lary, widow, house 10 William 

Haudley Patri-ik, laborer, house 87 Charles 

Haunigau Owen, lahoror, house rear 70 Charles 

Hannigau Peter, laborer, house rear G7 Charles 

Hanks Stedman W. He v., house G Kiik 

Hanlin Francis, laborer, house rear (_'ross. ii. Catholic Church 

Hannafin John, laborer, boards 17 Adams' Block, Adams 

Hannafin ^Forris, laborer, boards 17 Adams' LloL-k, Ad.ams 

Hannatin Thomas, laborer, house 17 Adams' Pluck, Adam.s 

Haunaford ^\ illiam, machinist, Suffulk Corporatiuu, h. 1 do. 

Hanover Terrance, undertaker, house -IG A\'est Lui'jU 

Hanrahan .Margaret, uidow, house 21 Summer 

ILinsbury James, blacksmith, house 17 ^^ illium 

Hansbury John, blacksmith, boards 17 AA'illiam 

Hansbury ]Martin, baker, at Scripture's, house 13 North , _ , 

Hansbury Patrick, laborer, boards 17 William 

Hanscom (.'harles E., Lawrence Corporation, boards G7 do. 

Hanscom Stephen P. & Co., gas meters^ Shattuck, c. ^liddle, 

boards Washington House 
Hanscom Susan .Mrs., boarding-house, G Tremont (.'orp. ■ 

Hanson Benjamin F., boards 14S Jackson 
Hanson Pienjamin T., Lawrence Corporation, house G3 do. 
Hanson Charles, teamster, house 148 Jackson ,r , . , 

Hanson J-lphraim C, army, house o7 I'ranch 
Hanson F.nos IL, army, house 44 J^agrange 
Hanson Frank, watchman, Hamilton Corporation, b. 25 do. i, 
Hanson George, army, 2 Wamcsit Court 
Hanson Hiram, bedstead-maker, boards 148 Jackson 
ILmson John H., at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 2sl Central 
Hanson ■Martha G. !Jh-s., house 281 Central 
Hanson Pichard P., Prcseott Corporation, house oG do. 
Hanson Wm. II. , door-maker,Wam. 3Iills, h. 2(i Lacran^'o, F.S. 

•I .J 

n:. i; 


■t ■' ,: ,1 ., . ' ' 

94 LOWIMJ. [BSJ DlUECTOllY. ■' ■' 

Hanson AVyman 0., CMvpcntcr, hcn.-c 21 AVatcr 

Hapgootl l",[)liraii!i, junk dealer, -i'-t High, lumso 40 Jo. 

Hapgood Jaincs, farmer, house ^>7 Chureh 

Hapgood William E. S., army, house .'iO La'wrcnec Corp. 

Hard Charles F., contractor, Lowell Maehinc Shuj), h. U do. 

Hard William H., moulder, hou>:c 9 Adams 

Hardaker William, IjOwcII, liousc rear 40 Charles 

Harding David, overseer, Merrimac Corporation, liousc 12 1 do. 

Harding Hiram, Merrimae Corporation, boards 1-J(> do. 

Harding John, house 22 Fourth 

Harding Oliver M., overseer, Doott Corporation, house 7G do. 

Harding RoLert, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Hardiuan W'm., librarian, .Meeh. Asso., h, 83 .Merrimae Curp. 

Hardy Harvey C, sash-maker, boards 1;19 jNIcrrimae Corp. 

Hardy Henry P., maL-hinist, Sn.Tnlk Corp., boai'ds .0 do. 

ILardy James M., contractor, Luwell j\Lieliine Sli<i]i, h. 29 do. 

Hardy Joseph W., watchman, L. M. S., house <SG Howard 

Hardy Orvis C, sash-maker, boards 139 Merrir.iac Corp. 

Hardy Philip, confectionery saloon, 130 Merr., h. 73 -^llddlc 

Hardy llobcrt, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Hardy Thomas, Hamilton, house 23 Green 

Hardy William H., hostler, boards 4 Goward Place 

Harkins Flizal)eth, v.idow, house 9G Lowell 

Harkins Henry, Lowell ^laehinc Shop, house 9G Lowell 

Harlow Fdward," machinist, H. ]{. Smith's, b. 74 Middlesex 
Harlow Noah R., paymaster. Locks and Canals, house Paw- 
tucket, north of ^Liody 

Harmon Abram P., machinist, Ijoards 3 Trcraont Corporation 

Harmon Charles, watchman, Tremont Corporation, b. 3 do. 

Harmon Charles L., ]\lassacliusetts, boards 41 Pvescott Corp. 

Harmon James ^L, }ihysieian, Welles' Plock, house 31 Luion 

Harmon I^Toscs M., carpenter, house 75 Middle 

Harndcn Edwin, army, house 30 Cabot 

Harnden Samuel, at Sargent &: Co.'s Ex., h. Pleasant, n. And. 

ILirney Catharine, widow, house 42 Applcton 

Harney John, arm}', house 42 Applcton 

Harper Henry, painter, at 200 .^liddlc?ex, house 275 do. 

Harjicr James, overseer, ^Massachusetts, house 20 Fiuh 

Harpicr Mary Mrs., house tJ7 3Iarkct 

Harrigan John, at E. P. Patch & Co.'s, house 9 Chapel 

Harrigan Patrick, Lowell .Machine Shop, house rear 7S Lowell 

Harrigan Thomas, laborer, house Front 

Harrimau Amelia 31., widow, house 39 East Merrimae 



lIiuTiniim fJilijert, l\rerrimac (.'orporation, house 100 Jo. 

IlarriuL^tuu ItaiULl, laborer, Iiollsc I'J Adams 

ilarriniitou Frank, at Naylur's, lioasc rear 2b' llleaelnry 

Ilarrinstoii lleury, Mcrriiiiac Corporation, boardi L'i"j do, 

Harringtou llunipnrcy, la)>orer, bouse l-"* Adams 

Harrington James, .Middlesex, buuse 12 Summer 

Harrington -lames, Kiplcy's Mill, h. 'I horudilie, eor. Madisou ' 

Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, liousc 11 Lowell 

Harrington John, house -11 Davidson 

Harrington John, lioott, boards G. S. (!oehran's 

Harrington Margaret, \vidow, house 18 Summer '• • ' \ 

Hairington ^[ary, widow, house 'J Kidder 

Harrington I'utriek, Lowell, huuse .'J (.'arpct Lane 

Harrington I'hilij), Lowell Machine Shop, boards 51 A Lowell 

Harrington 'I'homas, currier, stone house, Spring 

Harrington Timotliy, laborer, house lb Davidson 

Harrington William, rag-gatherer, house 17 \Vintcr ' 

Harrington William, house 27 SulLdk, F. S. 

Harris Francis, Uleachcry, boards Maple, near Gorlrara 

Harris (ieorge, Middlesex, house ^laple, near Gorham ' 

Harris George L., overseer, Ltiwrenee Corporation, h. 73 do. 1 

Harris George AV., Lawrence, house L»2 llroadway < 

Harris Jane Mrs., liouse 57 I'^ast ^Icrrimac . i J 

Harris John, Lleachery, house 21) Cedar < 

Harris Onias, Lowell Machine Shojj, house -17 do. ' 

Harris Orism, driver ice-cart, boards C. L. \Vilkin'3 , 

H^arris I'age M., bobbin-maker/ Wamcsit Mill, house 7 School 

Harris "William, painter, Tremont, h. Fearl, near Low, Cent. 

Harrison James, music-teacher, house 27 Kirk I 

Harrison James, at Kitson's, house oD Lowell Machine Shop 

Harrison Joseph, Stott's ]\lill, house 2 ^Merrill 

Harrison Levi, at Kitson's, house 3 ^lason's Court ■ 

Harrison William, army, house 1 Carolin's liloek, Fayette 

Hart Alfred A. (//. <.y Clark), cabinet-maker, LJ'3 Middlesex, 

house 12 Water 
Hart Almira )ilrs., boarding-house, 7 Lowell ?*Lachiue Sliop '. •'• 
Hart Alonzo. bedstead-maker, house 52 Water 
Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house 21 Clay 
Hart Cornelius, laborer, house 57 Fenwiclc 
Hart Edward, Chase Mill, house 27 \\'alnut 
Hart Henry, Tremont Corporation, boards 3 do. 
Hart James W., sash-maker, house 8 South Franklin Cuurt 
Hart Patrick, at S. IL Braekctt's, house 2G1 Gorham 

. -In..,-: ., 

i, .1' \ 

','• '' 




Hart I^nfus, inouLlcr, house Vanicy, near StlioCil 

Hurt William II. , LowlII .MachiHc"'shop, h. [) Aihms. F. S. 

Ilartford J)anicl {S. T. llodyiiKtn Sf Co.), liouso ;it ITiHcrica 

Hartford Dudley, stouo-euttcr, ])Oard.s S. T. lIod;^iuau's 

l[artt'ord (leorgc, Boott (Jorporatiuu, boards oS do. 

Hartford .Mark, boljl)iu-maker, house o I'eiupsey's Yard 

Hartley Henry, peddler, house 21 Warrcu 

Hartley lleury A., clerk (liostou), hoards 21 Warrcu 

Hart-shoru I^dward (11., Hull i^- IToudu), dry goud.s, l:JS Mcr- 

riuiao, house 48 Tyler 
Havtwell Ira, overseer yard, SufTolk (!orp., house 2"> do. 
Hartwell James D. (C/iowi/ .\ If.), 2,11 Alerr., h. H'O .Moody 
Hartwell John, at 11. White Arms Co., boards 1 l^i Merrimae 
Harvey Charles H., clerk, ;!0 Merrimac, l)ds. 21 Boott Corp. 
Harvey lilbeu A., boots and shoes, 7 Canal Block, h. Id Aj-p. 
Harvey Hugh, lUcachery, house (> tlongress 
Harvey James A., clerk, 7 Canal JUock, boards lij Appleton 
Harvey John, laborer, house 3 Little 

Harvey Joseph, blacksmith, Merrimac Corp., house 120 do. 
Harvey Mary, widow, house 11 William 
Harvey Michael, Middlesex, boards 1 1 AVilliam 
Harvey Samuel W., milkman, house School, corner Liberty 
Harvey AVilliam Mrs., boarding-house, 21 Boott Corpor.itiou 
Harwood Lsaac, Lowell jMachine Shop, house 20 Itaec 
Harwood llufus, at S. Horn & Co.'s, house 32 Smith 
Haseltiuc (reo. "W., sup't public buildings, ?iliddle, h. SS South 
Hascltiue ^lary ^Frs., house 209 (Jentral 
Hasey ivlward W., at A. L. Brooks', house 23 Smith 
Haskell Charles T., army, huuse 8 Oady 
Haskell Ivlward L., army, hunsc S Cady 
Haskell ICugene, Lowell Machiue Sho}\ boards 72 do. 
Haskell (lanlner, AVamcsit .Mills, boards 2;) Suffolk Corp. 
Haskell Job, stencil-cutter, 13 Middle, house 88 Gorham 
Haskell JiOrcnzo, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Haskell Mvron, v/atehman, Applctou Corporation, bds. -1 do. 
ILiskell Nathaniel J^., carpenter, house 13 .Mass. Cor[ioration 
Haskell 'L'heodore 15., maeliinist, house 9 Lagrange Court 
Haslin William, at J. X. reirce's, house "» Water 
Hastings (ieo. W., clerk. Blood & Mitchell's, b. l5 Adams, I'.S. 
Hatch All)ert, Merriuiac, boards Uii) Suffolk 
Hatch Alfred A., clerk, 40 Merrimac, house I'JO Central 
IL.itch Ballard, paper-carrier, house 10 Warren 
ILitch Cathariue <-'., faucv goods, {('O Suffolk, house do. 



irntcli KdwarJ, ^[iiLllosex, LoarJs 1 George ' *' ' 

Hatch George 8., hariicss-makcr, -Hi Central, house ^8 High 

Hatch George S., car{)enter, Midillcsex, house 30 Church ° 

JIatch Aloses, bLack.smith, boards 3 .^^cIntire 

Hatch Siuicou W., carpenter, house 52 Stackpole 

Hauver Jacob, carpcuter, house 109 Appletun 

HavUana Francis N. J., provisions, Lowell, c. Jefferson, h. do. 

llaviland Patrick, sexton, St. Patrick's Church, h. 11 Jefferson 

Hawkes Andrew N.. shoemaker, oOO Central, h. 5 Hudson 

Haworth Thomas, Merrimac Corporation, house 1G7 do. 

Hay William. Lowell, house 292 Central 

Hayden Alfred P., painter, Lawrence, house G Front 

Hayden Charles F., stone-cutter, boards P. N. Hayden's 

Hayden J^phraim F., baker, house Fletcher, corner Dane 

Haydeu .Mary A., boarding-house, 12 Suffolk Corporation 

llaydca Paifiis X., at A. Harney's, h. Thorndike, c. Gorham 

Hayden Tliumas, Poott Corporation, boards 19 do. 

Hayes Andrew, laborer, house rear 51) Gorham 

Hayes Dexter, teamster, house Albro Plock, Gushing 

Hayes Joiin, tinsmith, Gushing & Mack's, boards 1 Chapel 

Hayes Joseph P., apothecary, 18 Central, house 10 Nesmith 

Hayes Mary, widow, house Fen wick 

ILiyos Matthew, laborer, house 3 Putney's Court 

Hayes Patrick, lal)orcr, house 9i Suffolk, near Cross 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house rear Cross, near Marion 

Hayes Solomon K,, blacksmith, house opposite 132 Middlesex 

Hayes William, house 1 Chapel 

Haynes Alvin F., machinist, house TiO Prcscott Corporation 

Haynes .Vnna, widow, house IG Third ' 

Haynes (Jeorge, .Mcrrimac Corporation, house G2 do. 

Haynes John M., driver baker's cart, boards 227 Central 

Haynes Phineas P. machinist, house 4 Pranch 

Hay ward Clark, painter, house 44 Paige 

Hayward Henry C, i)apcr-hanger, 99 Central, b. 113 Mcrr. 

Hayward -losiah C, painter, house 52 Paige 

Haywurd William H. Pev., house 15 Hurcf 

Hazen Carlos, at Gushing & :Mack's, house 141 Moody 

Head Mary, widow, house IG Fayette 

Heald Jeremiah W,. carpenter, Wamesit :\Iills, b. 41 Church 

Ilcald Saniucl 31,, carpenter, house Kemp, corner Wilder 

Heald Thomas H., army, house rear 337 Middlesex 

Healey Alexander, at W. W^alker & Co.'s, boards 20 Fayette 

Hcalcy David, house 1 9 Fourth, corner Ecad 


Ill ':" 

' /- ' ' ' ' 

■/ <l u: 

93 LOWELL [11] DIUL^CTOUY. 00 

Ilcalcy D.ivicl, Jr., ovcr3cer, Mcrrimac V. ^V., h. It) FouitL* 

Houlcy IIoTiry, ongiavcr, ]\Icrriuiac 1*. ^V., h. 43 ^Icrr. (Jurp. 

Ilcaley James, Llock-priiiter, Louse -0 rayctto 

Ilcalcy James, liostkr, J.ovcjoy & Morse, li. Dummcr, c. Low. 

Ucaley Jcscjih C, iMerrimae Corporation, house Oa do. 

Healey AVilliaui, porter, American House 

llcarn I'Jlleii, widow, house rear Cross, near Marion 

Heath Klbridge Cf., Lowell Machine Shop, house o ]\lclntire 

Heath Timothy AV., jniinter, boards 111 Central 

Heath ^Villiaia W., Lawrence Corporation, boards G5 do. 

Heathwood Thomas, Lafayette House, Middlesex, near Wulker 

Heaton Jauics, (]yer, boards 3 Spring 

Hedge Levi, chief clerk, Lostoilice, boards American House 

Hedrick George, U. S. dep. collector, piano-fortes, uG Central, 

house GG Andover 
Hedrick George C, clerk, ol Central, boards GG Andover 
HcB'crnan ]\lary, widow, house \'>^> Lowell 
Hcland Hannah, grocer, 21 Adams, house do. 
Heland Jaiaes, blaekomith, house 2'J ^Yilliam 
Hcland John, laborer, house 10 Mill 

Hcmcnway .Marshall, grocer, 221 Central, house 125 Gorham 
Hemingway Jos. H., cigar-maker, r>2 Central, b. 52 liartlctt 
Hcnbury Martin, baker, house rear 13 North 
Hcnch William, laborer, house 1 Adams lUock, Adams 
Hcnchley Alfred, Stott's Mill, house 45 Chajjel 
Henderson John, at C. B, liichmond's, house 1G2 Lawrence 
Henderson Sarah J., boarding-house, 17 Hurd 
Henderson Shcpard F., wood dealer, house 20 Suffolk Corp. 
Henderson Wm.. Chase .Mill, h. reaF Congress, n. Hale's ^lill 
Hendrick Lawrence, laborer, house off Chclrasfovd, n. city line 
Hcnnessy John, Lowell Machine Shop, house GO Adams 
Henright Thomas, laborer, house rear Dummcr, near Suffolk 
Henriglit, see h'/irif//it 

Henry Daniel Iv, caritenter, house 84 Church 
Henry Jdhn, house LJ Liver 
Henry Michael, laborer, house IG Little 
Henry Tcrrance, cabinet-maker, 70 Middlesex, house do. 
Henry William, Boott, house rear G Tilden 
Herbert Andrew, stone-mason, house 1 Knowles' Place 
Herrick J^dward S., variety store, 288 Alerrimac, house do. 
Herscy Amos J. (California), house 1 Garnet 
Herscy Hiram, boarding-house, .".7 Boott Corporation 
Hesling AVilliam, wool-carder, Dugdale's, h. 1 Wumesit Court 

VI -,. . : '" •• ''( 

I . .i . I 

:■' 1, 

.1 1.' ) 1 


Ilcssian ^^lieliacl, laborer, house 41 IHvcr - - 

llcywuod Amos I!., priueipal, Franklin School, liioards 14 Ilurd 
llibliort George, l^obbin-niaker, house rear 70 Dutton 
Hilibert Peter, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 11 lioott Corp. 
llickey James, ^ferrimac, house o'.j I'enwiek 
Hiekcy James, laborer, house 25 North , ;• 

Iliekey John, Kleachery, house 17b Gorham 
Hiekcy Michael, boot-maker, boards 13(> Suffolk 
Hi>.kcy Patrick, Tremont, house 04 Tenwick 
Hickey Patrick, laborer, house 134 Lowell 
llickey Tliomas, iMiddlesex, house 2(j North : (. : 

Hiekcy ^VaIter, laborer, house 5 r Fen wick 
Hicks Benjamin II., operative, house 5 Ash 
Higgins Anthony, laborer, house 59 Gorham '.i :: i '■ 
Higgins John, laborer, house 181 Lawrence 
Higgins Orlando M., pattern-maker, J. E. Crane's, h. 18 Church 
Higgins Patrick, hostler, J. lladley's, boards 51 Lowell 
Higgins Patrick, Middlesex, house 37 William 
Higgins ^Villiam, laborer, house 23 Green, near George • ' 
Higgins William, Boott, house Ninth 
Hight Clark C, overseer, Jliddlcsox, house 122 Central 
Higlit Hanson H., clerk, G4 Merrimac, boards 50 I^Ioody 
Hildrcth Albert G., farmer, house First, near Bridge 
Hildrcth Charles L., draughtsman, L. M. S., h. 89 Howard 
Hildrcth Fisher A. fJl. Sf J/init), printers, Museum Build- 
ing, house Sixth, corner Myrtle 
Hildrcth Henry A., wire-worker, 10 Central, house 14 do. 
Hildrcth Jane H. Mrs., variety store, Bridge, c. Second, h. do. 
Hildrcth Nancy A. Mrs., house Liberty, .near Chelmsford 
Hill Abel T., carpenter, boards 152 Suffolk 
Hill Alfred, machinist, house 21 Adams 
Hill Ann, widow, house Middlesex, next Steamer No. 2 house 
HillvVsaA\, music teacher, Carleton Block, b. 33 Chestnut 
Hill Benjamin C, machinist, Suffolk Corporation, h. IG do. 
Hill Cyrus F., Lowell Corporation, house 15 do. 
Hill David K., clerk, 57 Central, boards 43 Mass. Corp. • :. . ■ 
Hill David L., machinist, house 158 Suffolk 
Hill Dorcas, house Hill's Block, Dodge 
Mil! lOliza, dress-maker, house 7li Church 
Hill Elvira Dike, house South, corner Appleton 
Hill l^paphras A., wood, ]\Iiddlesex, c. School, h. 337 Midd'x 
Hill E. W. Mrs., variety store, 49 East j\Ierrimac, house do. 
Hill I'rank, machinist, L. M. S., boards 119 Central 

-f--:',. 1 1 • ••: . I ■ ^,, 

li ' ',.1 I '' ^.ji-i-i ■> . 

'•,1..'-"' .;. 'iT (i:.. - 

« I 


,, V, I 

i/ /. 

oi I/' 

100 LOWELL [23] DIRECTORY. 10] 

Hill George, Lowell Machine Shop, Louse 2L'0 Central 

Hill (ieorgc E., carpenter, II. A. Hill's, 'ou'J Middlesex 

Hill George F., at S. Convers', Loavds lUl Central 

Hill George AV,,, L. M. !S., bouse South, c. Appleton 

Hill liusea B., carriage-maker, Convers', house -IS Charles 

Hill James, clerk, 57 Central, boards i3 Jlassachusetts Corp. 

Hill John (Califurnia), house IG Green 

Hill John 15., Boott Corporation, house 25 do. 

Hill Joseph, overseer, Mcrriraac Corporation, house 03 do. 

Hill Joseph, at S. II. Braekctt's, boards "Wm. Sugden's 

Hill Joshua, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 1 Edgerly's Court 

Hill Lawrence C, house Central, rear Engine House, No. 1 

Hill Lucy, house Hill's Block, Dodge 

Hill I^Iary Mrs., house Central, rear Engine House, No. 1 

Hill Nathaniel, Locks and Canals, 10 Wortheu 

Hill Leter W. i\lrs., house 33 Chestnut 

Hill liufus F., blacksmith, house 11 Smith 

Hill Thomas, at round-house, house 7 Spring 

Hill "Wright L., carriagc-smitli, Convers', h. Stevens, n. Parker 

Hills Alfred, machinist, boards 1 Larson's Court 

Hills Lliphalct, wood-turner and pattern-maker, Mechanics' 

JMills, house 14 Adams 
Hills George A. (Boston), house 20 Tyler 
Hills George P., at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house SG "Worthcn 
Hills (jleorge H., flour, freight depot, Thorudike, h. 20 Tyler 
Hills Lrudence Miss, house 122 Moody 
Hilton Albert J., Lowell Machine Shop, boards G9 do. 
Hilton Charles, tailor, at "Worcester's, boards 28 Mass. Corp. 
Hilton David, Treniont Corporation, iioards 3 do. 
Hilton Hoyt AV. & Co. (,S'. J\ Goodspeed), dry goods, 3G and 

38 ]\Lerrimac, house Bridge, corner Fourth 
Hilton Lucius W., army, boards II. W. Hilton's 
Hilton llobcrt V., variety store, 18 Tildcn, house IG do. - 
Hilton AVilliam C, carpenter, 23 Middle, h. IGO Fawtuckct 
Hinckley Frederick Lev., pastor First Unit. Ch., h. 58 Bartlett 
Hinckley Isaac, superintendent, j\Ierrimac ('orp., h. Audover 
Hinckley AVallace, army, boards 1. Hinckley's 
Hindle Bichmond, dyer, at Littler's, house -12 Lawrence 
Hindman Wesley, painter, 01) Central, bds. -13 Boott Corp. • 
Hines Ann, widow, house 38 Adams 
Hird William, wool-sorter, boards 9 Tremont St. 
Hiscox Andrew J. & Co. (./". T. Ferris), file-cutters, Arch, 

near Northern Depot, house 10 Mclutirc 

■ :.. 1 

I ^ i I ., •■' I- f 

/ . I 

0'' i 

:! ' f. o;;!'' " ' ■ I' 

; ' '< 



Ilisoox John, Middlesex, Loards 71 Warren s, ; • ,; . 

IJuur John, Apjileton, bouse I'oiid 

Hoar ^lauricc, kdjorcr, house 28 Tcnwick ■..,,'' , . 

Hoar !Micliael, grocer, G ],o\vell, house do. 

Hiiar 'I'houuis, hihorcr, house 5 High , ,. ,, 

Hobart George W., bbiolcsinitb, at Joel Jenkins' 
Hobart Peter, collector (Boston), house 2o Kirk 
Holtbs Dwell T., army, house 11 Wall 

Hobbs John C, bobbin-iiia]:er, Warn. Mills, h. rear 124 School 
Hobbs liuth A., variety store, 71 .Merrimac, house 40 Third 
Hobbs Stephen, laborer, boards 111 Central 
Hobson George, postman, Postofficc, house 21 Linden 
Hodgdon Alvin, jobber, house oOl Gorhani 
Hodgdon Henry M., wire-worker, 5'2h Mcrr., b. 23 Prcs. Cor. 
Hodgdon Joseph M., 13. &. L. K. 11., h. llailroad, near Hale 
HodgLlon Samuel G., carpenter, h. 1 Houston Block, Cushing 
Hodge Henry, expressman, house 14 Queen 
Hodge John, army, house 44 Povrell 

Hodge Joseph A., machinist, Lowell ]\rachine Shop, h. 34 do. 
Hodge "William, Lowell, house 37 "Worthcn 
Hodge ^\'illiam A., Lawrence Corporation, house 8 do. 
Hodgkins Stephen, saw-filer and carpenter, 302 Mcrr., h. do. 
Hodgman Abel Goodrich, liouse 24 S I^lcrrimac 
Hodgman Benj. >fc Co., hats, caps, &c., 30 Central, h. 2G Cady 
Hodgman Isaac Mrs., house 43 ^.lerriraac Corporatiau 
Hodgman Simon T. & Co. ( 1). Hartford), roofers, 234 Mid- 
dlesex, house Burns, c. South Highland 
Iloehn Ernest, machinist, house Quebec, near Lincoln 
Hogan Dennis, laborer, house 200 Central 
Hogan John C, cigar-maker, house Gorham, near Moore 
Hogan .Michael, lumberman, house UI2 Middlesex 
Hogan Philip, laborer, house Gorhani, corner Winter ,,. ,; 

Hogan Thomas, house 29 Marion 

Hogan William, army, house 7 Salem ^^ -. 

Hogan William, Lowell Machine Shop, house 10 Cross 
Holbrook Tred. A., boards 51 East Merrimac 
Holbrook Sarah Mrs., house 21 Andover 
Holden Austin, hackman, D. G. Leavitt's, house 32 "Walnut 
Holden Frederick A., Locks and Canals, house 30 Kace 
Holden Peter, house 345 Merrimac 
Holden Bichard, boards 2 Hale 
Holden Boxanna Mrs., house 7 Ford 
Hole Orvin, at Kitson's, boards 135 MeiTimac Corporation 



; J I: 


I ,...,,../ . 

'I T; ■•.' • v' ;:i :;-.w. 

102 LOWKLL [39] DIRECTORY. ' "•'^ 

Holland Henry, Lowell ]\Iacliinc Sliop, Loards 72 do, 

Holland John, laLorer, liuusc 20 JctVerson 

Holland John W. & Son ( L. K. II.), grocers, Lowell, corner 

"Worthcn, house 30 ^lerriinac Corjjorution 
Holland Lewis K. (J. W. II. ^- Sun), bds. 30 Merr. Corp. 
Holland ^Mary, widow, house 8 Cross 
Holland Michael, I-o^Yell Machine Shop, house 2 Hanover 
Holland Michael, tailor, 3 Prescott Block, Mcrriniac, h. do. 
Holland Nancy, widow, house r)(j Duttou 
Holland Timothy, army, house H JciVerson 
Holland AVilliam, shoemaker, 210 Merrimac, h. 8 Hanover 
Holleran David, bolt-maker. Am. Bolt Co., house G2 Charles 
Hollis James AV., Hamilton (_'or})0ration, house 2U do. 
Holman Abner C, house 78 Church 
Holman John, ]\Ierriraac Corporation, house 130^ do. 
Holmes ]Mark, carpenter, house 2.jr) School 
Holmes Sarah Mrs., boarding-house, 27 Massachusetts Corp. 
Holmes Stillman B., Lowell, house 02 i^liddlcscs 
Holmes AVilliam, wood-turner, house 255 School 
Holston John C, army, house 32 I'rescott Corporation 
Holt Abicl (//. S)- Kittred(ie), stone mason, house 23 Willie 
Holt Abicl r., carpenter, boards 23 Willie 
Holt Abraham, Stott's .Mill, house 19 IToyd 
Holt A. 1)., at Cas office, Shattuck, boards 101 Central 
Holt Daniel, carpenter, Howe, house 20 Nesmitk 
Holt lUinicl, physician, 15 -lohn, house do. 
Holt I'^dward B., student, boards 15 John 
Holt James, Stott's ]\Iill, house rear 19 IToyd 
Holt John, flannel manufacturer, Howe, house IG Xesmith 
Holt Joseph S., paymaster, Trcmout, house 130 Merrimac 
Holt Levi, machinist, Kitson's, house 18 ]\Iarshall 
Holt Luther, blacksmith, i'Merrimac, n. Suffolk, h. 150 Moody 
Holt Paul, house 431 Merrimac 

Hoi ton Lredcric (Boston), liouse 21 Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 
Homans Charles A., navy, boards 5 Moore 
Hood Abraham K., carpenter, Willie, n. Bock, h. 104 Broadway 
Hood Elizabeth, widow, house 80 Church 
Hood Ceorge W. E., machinist, house 02 Middlesex 
Hood Gilbert A., army, house 17 Appleton Corporation 
Hood Harrison P., carpenter, boards 35i Cushing 
Hooke Henry M., physician, Welles' Block, h. Merr., c. Paw't 
Hoole Julward P., machinist, house 00 Moody 
Hoole John IL, Merrimac, house o Third 


, ■ I 

■, ■,! if 

i' '■ . ■ I 

r ^^: <: 


' ... M 

c/i. ! ... 'l-t 

:t!/ ... .iU. , ^; .^.;i 



Iloole "Williuni, Stotl's Mill, lioiisc foot of rond 

lloulcy ^licliacl, army, huusc .s ].c\\i3 

lIooj)er Lois Mr.s., liuuse Dodge 

llopi; Catliaiiiic Mrs., house -11 Mcuket ■ 

Hope Johu, house Ui? Lowell 

llojje John E., tinsmith, 105 Central, house ISG do. 

Hope Jonathan ( Aincricuu Bolt Co.), house 2'Jl Central 

Hope J\lary S. 3Jrs., house 11 Llm 

llo}ic "William, American Bolt Co., hoards 291 Central 

Hopkins Charles ]\lrs., house 7 Massaehusetts Corporation 

Hoi)lans Eliza Mrs., hoarding-house, 25 Hamilton Corporation 

Hopkins Frank A., chair-maker, at Merriam's, house 8 Willie 

Hopkins James, deputy shcritf, 55 Central, house 5'J Andover 

Huj.kins James A., army, boards ^'■d Andover 

Hu]ikin3 John ^V., boards 20 I'rcscott Corporation 

Hujikins \\ illiam, machinist, boards o ^Icintire 

Hujilcinson Jldward E., L. M. S., boards G. M. Sargent's 

Horn Alfred S. {>i. Horn S^ Co.), boards 51 Smith 

Horn Ijcnjamin, machinist, huusc o Wamcsit Court 

Horn Charles C. C, machinist, house 21 ri School 

Horn Clara Miss, dress-maker, Xesmith lilock, \o\ Merr. 

Horn Emma L., variety store, 20 I'last >\Ierrimac 

Horn Frank C, at N. iS: L. freight dejiot, house '^^d^ Middlesex 

Horn I-ydia ?\!rs., house oDG .Middlesex 

Horn Tdiirk J]., navy, house ;U High 

Horn Robert, ]-ov,'ell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Horn Samuel, house 54 Smith 

Horn Samuel & Co. (A. Scott and A. S. Horn), soap mauuf., 

^liddlescx, corner School 
Home Dan'l W., mastic-roofer, "Western Av., h. C So. Highland 
Horner William, Middlesex, house 2 Abbott 
Horricks ^Margaret, widow, house 10 Tilden 
Horton John F'., carpenter, lo i'rcscott, house 53 Charles 
Horton Mary iMrs., house Lincoln I'lacc 
Hosfurd Hocum & Co. {A. G. J'ullard), dry goods, 4G Jferri- 

mac, mayor. City Government Building, h. 2(J0 Central 
Hosford &; Chase {JJ. Jlosford and A. 11. Chase), woolen man- 
ufacturers, Chase Mill, Lawrence, near Whipple 
Hosmer Edward S., clerk, house 1 Livcrmorc 
Hosmcr Henry, clerk, A. Wheeler's, boards 50 Rock 
Hosmer Stejthen, clerk, house 1 Livermore 
Hough George W., army, house 15 Massachusetts Corporation 
Houghton ^Villiam S., machinist, house 71 Eletchcr 

.i' • .4i ':' 1 

V.': ', '. 
•■< ' ".11 

., ., '.ji 

■ ■ I .-if 

'1 . /vit 

i-^r, =: 

^' n. 

101- LOWELL [E5] DIKKCTOKY. ', { ,', 

llouslcr Horace, funucr, house 1 A'arnuni's Cottage, llivcr 

Houston llorljcrt, macliiuist, boards 2(!0 .Mcrrimau 

Houston Levi, luaehiuist, house L'G Fraukliu 

Hovey Augustus, hoanliug-housc, 14 .Massachusetts Corp. 

I[ovey llurton E. (l^ostonj, boards oi I'ourth 

Hovey Charles ( Carkton S^ 77. ), apothecar}'. City (rovcrn- 

uieut Jiailding, IGl Mcrr., house Park, opposite Xcsiuith 
Hovey Gyrus, silversmith, liouse ol i'ourth 
Hovey Joseph, house H4 Fourth 
Hovey Joshua (J. S^ W. II.), shoe manufacturer, Bridge, near 

Kivcr, house Jiridge, corner Fifth 
Hovey William (J. S^- W. H.), house 8 Fourth 
Howard 15ridgct, widow, house 8 Suuimcr 
Howard Cliarles, lileachery, house 4 Livingston 
Lloward Fbenezer, laborer, house Chelmsford, near Howard 
Howard 1-^lbridgc G., L. M. S., liouse 11 U .Middlesex 
Howard I'rauk, machinist, L. AI. S., house 41 do. 
Howard Henry E., [)aintcr, Sufl'olk, house 2o liace 
Howard Horace, coal, wood, and lumber, A\'esteru Avenue, 

house Chelmsford, corner Liberty 
Howard Horace, Jr., coal and wood, 'J'horndikc, near Dutton, 

boards 1U2 Applcton 
Howard .lames, coal and wood, 15 Pi-escott, house 45 Summer 
Howard James, ]51caehery, house 34 do. 
Howard- James, Jr., JJleachery, boards 34 do. 
Howard John F., carpenter, L. il. S., house 2 Coward place 
Howard ^lartin V. 15. , boards Ebenezcr Howard's 
Howard Michael, Middlesex, house (J7 I'^ast Mcrrimac 
Howard Patrick, laborer, house 1 G.Adams 
Howard Peter, Bleachcry, liouse 40 Carter, corner Livingston 
Howard 'i'homas, at Ivitson's, house 2 South Highland 
Howard Walter, hackman, boards l-'J Massachusetts Corp. 
Howarth Joseph, watchman. Stott's Mill, house 8 Prospect 
Howe Albert J., carpenter, house 229 iMiddlcsex 
Howe Anthony, laborer, house 7G ^liddlescx 
Howe Augustus J., clerk, boards 22 Oak, corner Xcsmith 
Howe Charles 1'., counsellor, G Canal Block, house 17 Charles 
Howe Charles ^L, house 7 Warren 
Howe Comfort, boarding-house, 47 Lawrence Corporation 
Howe Edward B. (7/. Sf Goodhue), card manuf., 92 Market, 

house 40 High 
Howe Ceorge, machinist, house 1 West Court 
Howe Ceorgc W,, mason, house 23 Third 

T»7I ! ,'» 

■> 'I >7.'. jn. • , ■ 1 /• 

;:;,; f >-.'. 

•'l.'ll r. ; ,1 1( 

LOWKLL [IS] dikectohy. 105 

Howe Cicorge W. Rev., boards 22 'J'liird 

llowc Henry, .Morrhnac Corporation, boards 114 do. 

Howe Henry C. (//. C.iyJ. F. If.), carpenter, at 0. Allen's 
Mills, lionse Summer, corner Tliorndikc 

Howe Horaoo l'\, carpenter, U 'I'iiird, lionse 20 do. 

Howe Ivory H., machinist, house rear f ) 1 Appleton 

Howe James A., student, boards 22 Third 

Howe James M., carpenter. Second, near Ikidge, h. IT/l'hird 

Howe Jcromiali, machinist, liouse 107 Moody 

Howe Jeroboam, farmer, house 22 Ouk, corner Ncsmith 

Howe Joanna, widow, house 201! Central 

Howe John F. (//. (J. S)- J. F. JI.), h. Summer, c. 'riiorndikc 

Howe Josiah S., carpenter. Second, near r)ridgc, h. 7 Third 

Howe Josejih S., Merrimac Corporation, boards 8 do. 

Howe Lorenzo U., carpenter, I'irst, c. Head, house 22 Third 

Howe Lydia, widow, house 37 Andovcr 

Howe AVilliam ]■]., 15oott Corporation, house 1 do. 

Howe William (1., carpenter, house 10 Myrtle 

Howe William L., cofice mills, ^IcclianicMills, house 15 Tliird 

Howes Lucius, painter, house 29 Cushing 

Howes Samuel 1'., portrait jiaintcr and photographist, 112 'Mcv- 
rimac, house Hale, near Cambridge 

Howes William, arm}--, house rear 35 Cushing ^ 

Hoylc Samuel, engineer, liousc 21 Chestnut 

Hoyt Abigail Mrs., house 1G5 Moody ^ 

Hoyt Baron S., at James Howard's, liousc 13 Fayette 

Hoyt Charles L. ¥., machinist, Suffolk, h. 7 Cabot Ll'k, Cabot 

Hoyt Daniel C, peddler, house 51 High 

Hoyt Daniel S., mason, house 37 South . 

Hoyt Don Carlos, conductor, B. & L. 1!. E., liousc 5S Broadway 
.Hoyt I'Ui W., apothecary, Central, c. ^lidd'x, b. Wash. House 

Hoyt Frank, at 52^ Merrimac, boards G llaitiiltou Corp. 

Hoyt James IL, rope-maker, house l'"irst 

Hoyt Jane 1?., widow, house 30 Suffolk Corporation 

Hoyt Levi, blacksmith, boards ^lechanics' Hotel 

Huyt William H., contractor, L. M. S., h. Marshall, c. Wcstford 

Huljbard Carlos, Lowell Corporation, boards G do. 

Jhibbard Charles, carpenter, "Wamesit Mills, h. 147 Broadway 

Hubbard John G., house 15 Alder 

Hubbard John Q. A. (//. ^- Jilahc), patent leather manufac- 
turer, Aycr's City, house London 

Hubbard Josiah (//. c^- Jlfon/ioi), real estate agent, constable, 
3 Canal l>lock, house 31 Bar tie tt 

: t . 1. 

. ii 

I ,•, ! ! 

., ■ - ; \ 



■■ il 
.. II 

■ ;i 


... ir 

K. ' 

.'] ■. : 

>j. i. 

- .;! 

>I)(> .., (i 

■■ II 



Hnbliai-'I Orange T)., Apiilcton, 5i West Vuion 
Hubert I'lavel, at (.'omin's beilstoad factory 
Jluckins Charles W., aviiiy, house ;>8 W'iUow 
Iluekius William, blaeksiaith, boards 7-i .Middlesex 
Hughes Kdward Mrs., house tiorhani, ucar Blossom 
Hughes Cieorge, army, house 2 Howe ■ 

Hughes Jackson M., earpenter, house 73 Church 

' Hughcs^John, lileachery, house 7 Livingston , ,. . ^ . 

I' Hull Amos, house 24:] Central 

Hull Henry, at G. W. Norris', hou^c 243 Central 
Hulme James, at Cutter & Vv^alker's, house 21 South 

M Hulme James H., at Cutter & Walker's, boards 21 South 
Hulme John K., machinist, T.. ^1. S., boards 21 South 

•' Hum])hrey Oeorge A. ^Irs., house 2 Tarson's Court 
Humjihrey James, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

. ■ Humphrey Otis ^L, surgeoji, army, boards 59 Applcton 

* Humphrey I'atrick, T>. M. S., house GS Lawrence 

• ' Hunt Alma (California), house 37 George 

Hunt Ambrose S., Applcton, house 10 Hamilton Corporation 
" Hunt Chas. {Jllldrcth ^- 11.), MwH. IVd'g, h. Fourth, c. Bridge 
Hunt Clarissa Mrs., house Hunt's Court 

Hunt Llihu S. ( Wilder ,.y //.), !j(i Market, house Tairmount, 
I corner ]\Linsur 

.' Hunt (Jco. r., cashier, Nat. 15aiik, 23i Cent., h. 35 Bartlett 

Hunt llebsibath, house 8 Bace 
' HAint John B., overseer, Hamilton Corporation, house 43 do. 

Huut J. Livingston, printer. Museum lUuld., b. Sarah Hunt's 
Hunt J.ucian A., mason, house 42 Dummcr 
Hunt Mary Mrs. house 121 Moody- 
Hunt Michael, Middlesex, house s2 Middlesex St. 
Hunt Myra J., boarding-house, 19 Boott Coryioration 
Hunt Sarah Mrs.,' house Fourth, corner I'ridge 
Hunt Wra. IL, printer, .Museum Building, bds. Sarah Hunt's 
Hunter Joseph, Middlesex, house rear 5 Hurd 
Hunter Lucina, widow, house Gorham, ojip. I'air Ground 
Hunter Wm., sup't, Hamilton 1'. W., h. 44 Hamilton Corp. 
Huntington David, machinist, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Huntiiigtuu I'dihu, machinist, boards o Hamilton Corporation 
Huntington hllisha, ]ihysiciau, 31 Tyler, liouse do. 
Huntington Heman, house 4tJ Lawrence Corporation 
Huntington James 'J\, boarding-house, 13G ]\lerrimac Corp. 
Huntington Lucius W., student, 55 Cent., b. 13G Mcrr. Corp. 
Huntley Curtis, machinist, Boott Corporation, house 18 do. 

.■ •■!■ • I 

1 f 

,jjn<' ■ '■'. I ■■•.-' •I'l ,': 


,•■■ !■ 

I i 


Tfuntlcy ]':ilen J., millinery, 00 .MciTimac, boards 51 CLurch '^''' 
lluutlty J-'.rastus J., paiiilor, house "> I Cliureli ic 

Huntley John, variety store, 2[)0 Merriniac, liouse do. 
Huntley .luhn H., painter, Appleton, boards H4 Chureh 
lli^itley Mattliew, variety sture, 145 Central, h. 6 Hum. Corp. 
Hunton lleriuan A., Mas.saehusetts Corporation, house 1 do. 
lluntoon Alpha, shoemaker, I Madison 
Iluntoou Cliarlcs H., Lowell .Machine Shop, h. 321 Morrimac 
Huntoon David, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 25 ]\larket 
Iluntoou George L., confectiuncr, ;J App'n lU'k, h. 1 1 Luttcrfield 
lluntoon George W., machinist, boards o21 Merrimac 
lluntoon Moses C. (fl. S)- Kent), boots and shoes, 221 Mcrri 

mac, house 40G do. 
Huntoon Urcn, boarding-house, 14 ?derrimac Corporation 
Huntress Truman H., army, 25 Georire 
Hurd Charles E., mechanic, botirds Albro lilock, Cushiug 
Hurd George- \V., clerk, house 145 East .Alerrimae 
Hurd James, messenger. Court House, house 135 Gorham 
Hurd John, .Merrimac V. W., h. at Hracnt, n. Lawtuckct Falls 
Hurd Joseph, moulder, boards 3 South Franklin Court 
Hurd William B., boards 2 Merrill's Court ! ,'■ ! . 

Hurlburt Andrew, mason, house 2 Davidson 
Hurlbutt John F., carpenter, house 5 Clark 
Hurley (!ornelius. house rear SutFolk, corner ]\lariou ;i;" 

Hurley Michael, laborer, liouse 23 P>roadway 
ilurney Mai tin, laborer, house IS I'aige 
Huso Ebenezer, farmer, house olT Methuen, near Dracut line 
Hu5c (ieorge, house 25 Georirc 

Huse Hiram E.. overseer, Merr., h. off Methuen, u. Dracut line 
Huso Jesse, house 3G Common 
Huse Orlando N., sliocmaker, boards 30 Common 
Huse Stephen W. {Stunc S^- J I.), 21 Central, house 34 WilIo\Y 
Huso Thomas W., boards 118 Merrimac Cori>oratiou 
Hussey Angeline E., dress-maker, 52} rdcrrimao 
Hussey George, Lawrence Corporation, boards G7 do. 
Hussey George K., house 21 I'rescott Corporation 
Hutchins Jacob N., fancy goods, ka., 117 Central, h. 17 South 
Hutchins Melbourne, at A. B. French >\: Co.'s, boards do. 
Hutchins Itoyal W., overseer, Massachusetts Corp., h. 41 do. 
Hutchinson l-Alward, boards 432 Merrimac 
llutchin.son I'ldward M., stone-mason, house 23 Smith 
Hutchinson Henry, carpenter, bouse (50 Lawrence 
Hutchinson .Mary J., boarding-house, 9 Lee 

■ I' . J:i.oli 

r .:.■:: ■■:^ 

:. ll 

IK . I 


' ! 
■ i ' 

u ■/ , , IJ. 



;; ,-. 

103 LOAVELI, [5 ,1] DIRKCTOKY. ' I.. 

Ilutchluson Orin, Boston & Lowell liiulroad, bonrds 30 Willie 

Hutcliiusou licubcn, iiiu.sic tcaclici*, boards ir)2 Mcirimac 

llutcliiiisou ricu])cn ^\., bouse -l:;i2 JMcrriniac 

lltitcbiu.son Ivufus V. iMi'j?., bouse 11 Howard 

llutcbiiisoii Samuel K., coutractor, bouse 21 Ncsuiitb 

Ilutebiusou Susan, widow, bouse 00 Lawrence 

Hyde Anna, widow, bouse .'J.S Marion 

Hyde Daniel, at Howe li* (foodbue's, boards Leacon 

Hyde David, broker (Boston), bouse -19 Andover 

Hyde Joscpb Mrs., bouse rear oL) ('barlcs 

Hyde Samuel, macbinist, L. M. S., bouse 219 Middlesex 

Hyde William, 15oott Corporation, boards -ll do. 

Hyrst, overseer, Cordinglcy's ]\iill, b. Wni. Sugden's 

ILSLEY ADDISOX, mason, bouse 9 Queen 

Ingalls diaries, painter, bouse Lawson, near Queen 

Ingalls Josejib, contractor, L. M. S., bouse at Cbelmsford 

Ingalls Joscpb, stone-cutter, bouse 122 Moody 

Ingalls Nelson, I'.oott Corporation, boards 13 do. 

Ingalls Oliver Vv'., eating saloon, 172 Merrimac, b. 51 Paige 

ingalls 'I'bomas, police, bouse 81 Bridge 

Ingalls William W., Lawrence, boards 2i)0 ^Icrrimac 

Ingbam Liebard &; Son (7i'. /., //■.), currier, Broadway, near 

Willie, bouse 42 l>rancb 
Ingbam Kicbard, Jr. (A'. /. Sf Son), bouse 12 I'.rancb 
Ireland lldward 1)., pb3'sician, -1: llurd, b. ^Vasbington House 
Iresou Benjamin S., overseer, ^Merrimac Corp., bouse 70 do. 
Irisb James, at Naylor's, bouse 3 Lav.rcncc Street Court 
Ivors Artbur, bouse 21 Suuinu^r 
Ivors (ieurge, moulder, bouse 21 Summer 
ivers James, boards 21 Summer 
Irving Henry J., boards 5 l^xscott Corporation 
irving Itbanuir, at J. Holt's, boards 8 I'rcscott Corporation 
Irving James, at J. Holt's, boards 8 Brcscott Corporation 

JACK ALEXAXDF-R, carpenter, bouse Hampisbirc 
Jack Ira, teamster, Suffolk I'urporation, boards 29 do, 
Jaekman Cicorge, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Ja'kson Jobu J*., carpenter, bouse 29 Howard 
Jackson Nancy IMrs. bouse rear 133 Moody 
Juekjun 'William, currier, boards Sarab W. Blodgett's 

,(■■ ■ -•• ;i X' 

•i :<..,.] 

•V ; ;•: J! 

u>', ! VI 

;|;i,- ,■ /. ■■■! if V 1/ 1 


.Ill no, I.. 


Jaclcson William E., physician, liousc 13 Andovcr 

Jacobs Aaron, at Norcross >S: Saunders', house G Jlarshall 

Jacobs Amos, machinist, boards ?> TrcraoTit Corporation 

Jacobs David, tanner, boards Sarah AV. Blodgett's 

Jacobs Frank P., watchman, Trcuiont Corporation, bds. 3 do. 

James Ebcn (California), h. 05 Hamilton Block, Middlesex 

James Patrick, machinist, boards 4-1 South 

James Thomas 1'., printer, 27 Mcrriniac, h. 2 Fellows' Court 

Jameson Fann^', widow of Thomas, house 1 Garnet 

Janncy B. F. T., tailor, at 150 ^Icrrimac, bds. 51 E. Merrimac 

Jaipcs Frank T., shuttle-maker, boards llIO East oMcrrimac 

Jai]ues John C, blacksmith, Lowell iMachinc Shop, h 1 do. 

Jaqucs John S., shuttle-manuf., AVhipplc's Mills, h. IGO E.AIer. 

Ja(|uith Abigail Airs., house 30 ]^)artlctt 

Jai[uith Joseph, roofer, house 105 Gorham 

Jarvis, file-cutter, at Iliscox & Co.'s, b. 41 Appleton 

JellVrs James, laborer, house 142 Suffolk 

Jeffcrs Margaret, widow, house 142 Suffolk 

Jeffries Thomas, baker, 34G Central, house do. 

Jcfts AVm. Henry, moulder, L. M. S., h. 24 Hamilton Corp. 

.lenkins Joel, carriage manufacturer, Arch, house do. 

Jcnkinson James, army, house 131 Middlesex 

.lenkinson Xoah, army, house 2S5 Central 

.Icnncss Chas. W., boots and shoes, 79 Cent., b. Airs. J. Gorden's 

.IcnncJ's' Jacob Airs., house 143 East Alcrrimac 

Jeune.-s L. Wollman, physician, 55 Alerrimac, corner John, 

house Chelmsford, near city farm 
Jennings Tillotson L., trader, h. Aliddlcsox, near city line 
.lcp-;ou Juhn C, turnkey, at jail, Thorn-dike, house do. 
Jcpson Joseph, machinist, boards Thomas Jepson's 
Jepson Thomas, house Congress, near Joshua Swan's 
Jewell Leonard F., overseer, Boott Corporation, boards 11 do. 
Jowctt Andrew F. {Wait worth S^- ./.), counsellor, AVeutworth's 

Building, Alcrrimac, boards 58 Aloody 
Jcwctt Charles- A., painter, at Convcrs', boards 14 Ham. Corp. 
Jcwctt Francis, butcher, house Aliddlesex, near city line 
Jewett Frank E., tinsmith, Alcrrimac Corporation, G5 do. 
Jcwctt Frederick S., army, house 9 Lagrange Court 
Jcwctt Jeremiah P., physician, 22 Eirk, house do. 
Jewett John, carpenter, house 105 Lawrence 
Jockow Julius C, blacksmith, house 21 Charles 
Johnson Albert T., dentist, Wcntworth's Building, b. 21 Kirk 
Johnson Amos, boot-maker, 7 Canal Block, boards 32 AValnut 


!l. ; n;;-.7f.i 

'TT -ll • •»? 

M i V ,1 / ' 

• rJ;: i 


•' l' '" , 
■ll'l . I 

.; , ' .1. 

»' 1 


] it 

Julinsou Antlrcw E., LoljLin-ra'k'r, Warn. Mills, li. r. 121 Pc-aool 
Johuson AiKlrc\Y J., luuuldev, hllUiirds, lo ^Middle, li. 31 Chailcs 
Joliuson Andrew Ij., trav. ag'ttur Cutter >t "Walker, b. 1 1 Smith 
Jobnson Angclinc S., nurse, Loards 15 Eliu 
♦ Joliuson Beujumin, maeliiuiat, lioards SO JMerrimac Cori). 
Juhnsou Charles, army, house 27 Kceue 
Johuson Charles AV., jMcrrimac Corporation, house 147 do. 
Johuson Daniel, farmer, house 23 Chureh 
Johnson Eleanor, boarding-house, 19 LoMell Corporation 
Johnson Ellen, widow, house GO Adams 

Johnson (reorge, blacksmith, at 50 Crorham, house 50 Charles 
Johnson Henry II., watchman, ^Middlesex, house SI School 
Johnson John (Califoruia), house 11 Adams 
Johnson John II., carpenter, house S I'leusaut, Centralville 
Johnson Jonathan, watch-maker, 1(18 Merrimac, h. 1 Ausliu 
Johnson Juseph B., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Johnson Joseph ISI. D., Lawrence Corporation, house 2 do. 
Johnson Langdon 0., gas-Utter, II. ll. Barker's, h. 172 Sufl'olk 
Johuson L. H. Miss, house Xesmith's Block, 43 2" ^Icrrimac 
Johnson i\Hchael, house 'J>S Adams 
Johnson Alorris, laborer, house Gl) Adams 
Johnson ]\loscs A., agent Lowell I'elting j\iin, h. 1 1 Nesmith 
Johnt-on llobcrt, laborer, house 'JO Sullblk 
Johnson Tliomas B., machinist, boards SO ]^Ierrimac Corp. 
Johnson AVilliam A., army, house Oliver, near Sehool 
Johnston Brent, house 31 Adams 
Johnston Brent, Jr., captain, army, house 31 Adams 
Johnston James 11., house 02 J\lassachusetts Corporation 
Johnston Thomas B., lieutenant, army, house 31 Adams. 
Jones Charles, machinist, boards 5 Ilamiltou Corporation 
Jones Charles M., grocer, 53 Gorham, house 12 Summer 
Jones Edward j\lrs., house 120 jMerrimae 
Jones Edward W., chair-maker, at JMcrriam's, b. Warn. House 
Jones John, Boott Corjioration, boards 10 do. 
Jones Joseph B., Massachusetts, house 21 Brescott Corporation 
Jones Joseph L., aruiy, house 55 ]>awrence Corporation 
Jones Lemuel IL, Buott Corporation, house 50 do. 
Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, Blcadiory, house 101 CJorham 
Jones Xathaniel, house 5 Cady 
Jones Perez B. (South Carolina), house 127 Moody 
Jones I'hineas, overseer, Boott Corporation, house 00 do, 
Jones Sylvester A., Appletou, h. 158 Pawtueket, n. of Moody 
.Jones Thomas S., at J. 0. Aycr &: Co.'s, house 113 Appletou 

;.;■; f/o.i 


,v.,:.^, i 

'".'li l\:. 

■I,)'. I 

■ ;iV- 

;i I.' 

:; v;'.ii .) .. ■ .; 

):■ •- \, 

<i .1 . 

I , , , 1 ^ 

lowi:ll [K] piuectohy. Ill 

•Tones "William, bouse 113 Appleton 

tFotics W ilium, Amcrieaii Dolt Co., hoards 5 Cady 

Joucs ^^'illiam D., watchman, Lowell Corp., hJ.s. 7 do. 

Jordan ^Ifred K, carder, Hamilton Corporation, house 42 do. 

Jordan John, army, house 21 raycttc 

Jordan True P., Lowell Corporation, house 11 do. 

Jowctt James, at Dui^dalc's Mill, boards G. S. Cochran's 

Jowett William ( Wi/>. Waller S^ Co.), house 3 Abbott 

Joyce Edward (California), liousc rear 13 Dummer 

Joyce James IL, L. M. S. Foundry, boards 111 Central 

Joyce Mary, widow, house 15 Last Jlcrrimac 

Joyce Patrick, Middlesex, house 30 Last Merrimac 

Joyce Patrick, house 27 "Worthcn 

Joyce Thomas, moulder, at Cole & Nichols', bds. 74 Middlesex 

Judge liridget, widow, house 22 William 

Judge Piichard, Middlesex, boards o Lawrence 

Judge Thomas, at Dugdale's Jlill, boards G. S. Cochran's 

Judkins Chas. J. 11. , clerk, 2.j1 Merrimac, h. Kirk, c. French 

Judkius J. Judson, bookseller, 3 John, house 37 Fifth 

KAIMLS CHARLOTTE S., teacher, boards 237 Central 

Jvaimes Edward, laborer, house Maiden Lane 

Kai^ucs (irogg, clerk, 41 iMarkct, boards 2G Adams 

ivalcry ^Michael, Llcachcry, house 4r> Chapel 

Kaley ^lary^lrs., house rear 27 I'cnwick 

Kane Hannah, widow, house IS Adams 

Ivane, see Cain 

Kapplcr Frank, sword-maker, house Lincoln, near Quebec 

Karnan James, laborer, house 45 Adams 

Kavanagh Edward, trader, house 221 Central 

Kavanagli Thomas, Bleachery, house 173 Gorham 

Ivavanagh, see Cavanauffh 

Kcaley Maurice, house 4 Willow Place 

Keaky AVilliam, house 4 Willow Place 

K.-ar.ies James, laborer, house SG Middlesex 

Kearnes John, Massachusetts Corporation, boards 34 do. 

Kearues Peter, army, house 1 Varnum's Cottage, Paver 

Kearnes Thomas, laborer, house ]\Iolloy's Court 

Keating John, army, house New, near Crosby 

Keefe Dennis, flagman, 11. 11., ;Middlesex, h. rear 11 Thorndike 

Keefe Edward, ilcrrimac, house 71 Middle 

Kcefe Ellen, widow, house 21 North 

!! r 

: iJi J.rv...ji 

.■ 1> ^^ vc:;' 

.;. ■■!/. ) 

•1- ■,(. 

I-:-.,.i; > .; • J-.; 

, I 

I. '- 


/-■.i>!J'- .(• Jii' 

f -,J • . ' 

,i..;,' li' 

^ ■;:.i!( 

t .. >!; li 


Keefe Ellen, widow, liousc rear Suffolk, near Mariou 
Kcefe John, Middlesex, house 21 North 
Keefe ]\l*rtin, laborer, house l.'^ North 
Kecfo Michael, American i5olt (.'uiuiiany, hoards 4 Kidder 
Kcefe Michael, laborer, house 101>road\vay 
Keefe Nicholas, laborer, house U4 Marion 
Keefe Patrick, at Littler's Mill, house 37- Cedar 
Kcefe, see W Keefe 

Kcenan John, laborer, house 17 Keene 
Keenan Mary, widow, house GO (rurham 
Kccnau AVilliam, Lowell, house 2o Anduver 
Keese Levi, house o ^[cthueu, near Seventh 
'Keith George F., army, house Oliver, corner School 
Keith Joseph, shoemaker, house Ford 
Kellcy Andrew, carpet weaver, Naylor's, house 20 Adams 
Kellcy Andrew, farmer, house Methucu Street 
Kelley Andrew K., book agent, house IG (^ueca 
Kelley Asenath ^Irs., house West -L'nion 
Kellcy Bernard, laborer, Head & Fryc's, house rear 38 Applcton 
Kelley Edward, laborer, house 3 Hancock Avenue 
Kelley Edward, machinist, house OO Gorham 
Kellcy Edwin E., tinsmith, Massachusetts, house Front 
Kelley Elizabeth, widow, house 1 Boott Corporation 
Kelley Elizabeth, widow, house 30 "William 
Kelley George D. B., carpenter, h. west side ^Mt. "Washington 
Kellcy George W., surveyor, at A. L. Brooks', h. 50 Fletcher 
Kelley Grace, widow, house 50 Gorham 
Kelley Jacob, butcher, house ^liddlesex, west of Wilder 
Kelley James, at J. C. Ayer & Co. 's, -house 272 Merrimac 
Kelley John, painter, Lawrence, house 31 North 
Kelley John, laborer, house 2G Lowell 

Kellcy John Adams, marble worker, D. Xichols', h. 1 1 Cabot 
Kellcy Julia, widow, house 42 Lowell 
Kelley Julia, widow, house 00 Lowell 
Kelley Alargarct, widow, house 81 Charles 
Kellcy ^largarct, widow, house 94 Lowell 
Kellcy Margaret, widow, huuse 14 ^^'iutcr 
Kellcy Mary Jane, widow, house 1 1 Cabot 
Kellcy Michael, laborer, house rear 10 North 
Kelley ^Michael, laborer, house SS ]\Ioody 
Kelley ^lichael, L. ]M. S., boards 135 ^lerrimac Coqioration 
Kelley Michael, L. ^I. S. i'uundry, house rear 74 ^liddlesex 
Kelley Michael, American ISult Co., house 40 South 

IJ i u<,.\ 


mh.i.n T. 

tMA'\ a I 

it'^J .)■: • ' '':'■'• rr. 

;.r.; ;••;■;! ') ' 

'. .'1 : .\ I 


Kclley Owen, Boott, house 15 DavitLson 

Kclley riitrick, liostler, house G Jefferson ' '" 

Jvclley I'atrick, eoachman, Isaac Farringtou's 

Kclley Patrick, laborer, house 8 Apjilcton 

Jvclley i'etcr, Middlesex, house 2 Swift 

Jvulley Sarah J., widow, house Adams Block, Adama 

Jvclley Sewall 1*., army, house Ilivcr 

Kclley Thomas, laborer, house rear 5 Hancock Avenue 

Kclley Thomas, job wagon, liousc 8 Ikoadway, near Clarion 

Kclley Thomas, laborer, house 5 Wall 

Ivcllcy Thomas, Middlesex, house 23 Summer 

kclley 'J'imothy, house o!) (.Jorham 

Kclley William, sash and door manufacturer. Mechanics' Mills, 

house cast side Mt. AVashingtou 
Ivcllcy William, house S Applcton 
Ki.'llcy William, painter, house 8 Cabot ' '' 

Kclley William A., gardener, house ^Methucn St, ' '" 
]vcllilier Jane Mrs., house 19 Spring 
Kclscy Hugh, botauic medicines, house 11 "Walnut 
Kclscy Jeremiah, painter, boards U15 ]\[errimac Corporation 
Kclty J-ukc, cooper, 4.1 Lowell, house '67 do. 
Kciap Calvin A., coach-trimmer, h. I'roadway, corner "Walker 
Kemp .Mrs., house rear G8 ]\loody 
J\emp William ![., ^liddlcscx. huuse 81 Church 
Kciupton Orin, conductor, 1!. & L. l\. K., h. 381 Middlesex 
Kendall Charles A., teller, Trcscntt Bank, bds. J. Kendall's 
Kendall (icorge M., clerk, boards Jonathan Kendall's 
Kendall Jonathan, paints, oils, I'v-c, Savings Bank Building, 

Shattuck, house 2 Cabot Block, Cabf^t 
Kcnd-ill Jonathan, Jr., clerk, J. Kendall's, boards do. 
Kendall Leonard, at billiard saloon, 170 .Mcrrimac, b. 113 do. 
Kendall Sarah B., widow, house 7 Oak , 

Kendall Timothy D., clerk, American House, boards do. 
Kendall William P., photographist, bds. 14 Prcscott Corp. 
Kcnnaston J\Iary S. Mrs., house 218 Central 
Kennedy Anastasia, widow, house 42 South 
Kennedy Charles, operative, boavds ") Hamilton Corporation 
Kennedy Cornelius, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 
Kennedy Edward 11., army, family 78 Church 
Jvcnncdy Francis, blacksmith, Am. Bolt Co., h. 94 Gorhaui 
Kennedy James, Lowell, house 83 Church 
Kennedy John, coffin-maker, house 125 Lowell 
Kennedy John, laborer, house 104 Suffolk 




■:m:",'A :f >';ni..'i 

:r . 1-. • :,;i;'i ■ : 

[f;-. A' 

i!t., ,:•■>! ' 

, ,=\ 


:: 1 

.'■' .!■ ..-lU . 

■ '■ . < .1.: 

?-(■•■ 4 

. ■■ll .•' . 

114 LOWKLL [Zi] Dir.ECTOKY. 

Kenncily Jolin Eilson, T.owell, Louse <"» Decatm- 

Kennedy .Margaret, liouse roar -'J Fcnwick 

Kennedy ^licluiel, house rear 101 Lowell 

Kcnned^'*Tlioinas, army, house 1 Luther's Cuurt 

Kenneson Thomas, junk dealer, house o Hudson ..,:,,, 

Kcnuey Ariel, engineer, lUeaehery, house lo do. 

Kcuuey Charles, farmer, house (,'uburn, uear lliver 

Kenuey James Mrs., house U8 Lowell 

Kcnney John, maehiuist, L. ^l. S., house 4 Pearl 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, house 5.3 West L'niou 

Kenney William, laLorer, house 2'.] Fayette 

Kennison Charles P., carpenter, Merrimac Corp., house 7G do. 

Keunison Jeil'erson P., L. ^I. S., Luards IG Dummer 

Kennison see Kenneson 

Keuoy Uarby, laborer, house Green, near George 

Kent James ( Ilantoun 3)- K.), 221: ^lerrimae, house 428 do. 

Keogan Patrick, laborer, house 12 Jettersou 

Kerrigan John, Middlesex, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 

Kerrigan Philip, army, house 5 Cummiskey's alley 

Kershaw Abram, Lowell, house oo Gushing , 

Kershaw James AV., J.owell, house 27 .Merrimae 

Kershaw Pobert, Stott's -Mills, house Joiner, near Lawrence 

Kcrwin jMiehael, army, house 27 Bleachery 

Keyes Penjamin P., teamster, house 54 Lawrence Corporation 

Keyes Catharine, widow, house 158 Lowell 

Keyes Joseph P., counsellor, 4'J Central, U. S. deputy marshal 

(Boston), house 121 Gurhara 
Keyes Julian V. ( K. S^ Tucker ), dry goods, Lj4 Merrimac, 

house 50 Third 
Keyes ^Lircus, scythe maker, house 50 Chestnut 
Keyes 4'atrick, grocer, 'J 2 Lowell, huuse ttO do. 
-•Kcysar I'rederiek 41. A., army, house 42 Payette 
Kcyser Charles \V., engineer, house rear 12 Mill 
Kibbee Charles \i., blacksmith, boards 02 Massachusetts Corp. 
Kidder John (Gove S)-K.), IGG .Merrimac, house 143 Moody 
Kidder John, machinist, house 3 Lawrence Coporation 
Kidder John IL, Appleton, house 11 Mclntire 
Kidder Moses W., physician, IG llurd, house do. 
Kidder Samuel, house 4'J Chestnut 

Kidder Samuel, Jr., apothecary, ]\lerr., c. John, h. 27 Xesmith 
Kiernan Thomas, laborer, house 4 Molloy's Court 
Kilcski Henry, house 27 AVillow 
Kilcy Lawrence, clerk, house G Lewis 

■i-ij.-i'.i.. A ' 

'f f 

• . ■ ' '' 

I'! ].' I 


Kile}- Piogor, laborer, house 111 Lowell 
Kilkenny .lolin, laborer, house 2G Kecne 

Kimball Charles, high shcrill' and jailor, Thornclike, house do. 
KiuilniU C'karles, maehinist. Trcmont Corporation, bds, 3 do. 
Kimball Charles A., clerk (Dostou), house 32 Bartlett 
Kimball Charles 11. , army, boards 27 Hamilton Corjioration 
Kimball Chas. 1!., apothecary, RIerr., c. Cent., h. Iu7 Gorham 
Ivimball Charles W., farmer, house Chelmsford, near Parker 
Kimball Dana,, Lawrence, house 2 Lagrange Court 
Kimball Daniel, niaehiuist, Trcmont Corporation, bds. 3 do. 
Kimball Daniel S., screen mauuf., Waracsit jMills, h. 218 Sehool 
]\imball David T., boardiug-house, -2 Boott Corj)oratioQ 
Kimball Dcnuison J., carpenter, ho.use 100 iMerrimac 
Kimball Durrell, Hamilton Curporation, house 27 do. 
Kimball Jllbridgc, carpenter, house 31 Willow 
Kimball Cilman, physician, Mcrrlmac, corner Worthcn, house 

at hospital, 4ol Mcrrimac 
Kimball Hannah Mrs., house 137 Gorham 
Kimball Isaac, ^Merrimac Corp., house 118 do. 
Kimball Isaac, carpenter, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Kimball .lacob B., overseer, Trcmont Corporation, house IG do. 
Kimball John F., cashier, Appleton I'ank, house 3G Bawtueket 
Ivimball John II,, boards at I)r. G. Kimball's 
Kimball John S., macliinist, boards 23 Walnut 
Kimball J. I'hellis, counsellor, 3 Canal Block, Central, boards 

American House 
Kimball loseph D., clerk, 310 Mcrrimac, house 95 Salem 
Kimball Leonard, provision dealer, h. 47 ^lyrtlc 
Kimball ]Mary, house 120 Moody 
Ivimball .Milton, Lawrence Corporation, boards G7 do. 
Kimball Moses F., .Massachusetts, house 135 Last J\lcrriniac 
Kimball William P., clerk, 5 Central, boards J. K. Chase's 
Kimball Wilson, jMcrrimac Corporation, house 58 do. 
King Ann Mrs., house 11 William 
King Catharine ]\Irs., house 31 Keenc 
Kiug Charles F., student, boards 25 Willow 
King Godfrey B., machinist, house Bichardsou 
King Hugh, laborer, house 41 William 

Kiug John, shoemaker, 39 Ivist .Mcrrimac, house 18 Fayette 
King John, Jr., shoemaker, boards IS Fayette 
King John, machinist, boards 51 Massachusetts Corporation 
King Lutheria, sewing machines, house 37 Fourth 
Kiug Patrick, baker, house rear 2'J North 

.\A^.v ).t.: 'Z ' hi , T,i .v,''ji 

• . • .[.■j"';^.i.'' 

. ..11 (}:•' • ■: u.;'-. 

■I.'. .J 

I'l.'i'' I ! '■' I--,; ' 

il ,J .yiJ'-a ,)f-)'.1U I Xllli^ 


King Stcyilicn, sliocuiakcr, 110 ^farkct, liousc do. 

King 8. AIi-s., house 25 Willow 

King Thomas, machiiiist, L. M. S., ])oards 41 Williaia 

Kiug ^^4lliam, slioemakcr, hoards 18 Fayette 

Kiugiiiau rraukliu 15. (K. S^- ]\"uo(ls), provisions, C8 Duttou, 

hoards 72 Lowell ^lachinc Shop ' 

Kingmau (jrcorge, lahorcr, at O. M. Whipple's 
Kingsk-y Knos O., overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 20 do. 
Kinsman Sarauel, moulder, hoards 100 A[)pleton 
Kinsman Simon, overseer, AVhipple's Mills, house 5 Moore 
Kirliy David 11. ]\Irs., widow, house Kichardson 
Kirl)y James, at Dugdalc's, house 74: Lawrence 
Kitchen (,'harlcs 15., at Gas OiHce, Shattuck, h. l.'G School 
Kitchen Steiihen 11., Lowell .Machine Shop, boards US do. 
Ivitson I'kichard, cotton machinery and card clothing nianuf., 

Wcu-theii. near Dutton, house Worthcn, cor. 31cchanic 
Klttrcdge Ahncr, painter, 22 ^Middle, h. First, near 15ridgc ' 
Kittrodgc .Vhner L. (J. Kitln-clijc ^- Co.), hoards 50 Flm 
Klttrcdge Dmicl, hoots and .shoes, 14 .Middle, h. SO Bridge 
Kittrcdgc (icorgo Mrs., liuarding-house, OS ^^'arren. n. Church 
Kittredge Henry, stone-mason, house 278 Middlesex 
Kittrcdgc .Tcduthau lK: Co. {A. L. KUtrcdijc), painters, 2 1 

I'rcscott, house 50 Ehn 
Kittrcdgc Luther {Hull 4- A'.), h. 4 BattcrGcld, near Fletcher 
Kittrcd^ie Futhcr, Jr., Chase .Mill, boards 4 I'uttcrtield 
Kittredge .Mary A., widow, house HI East ]\lcrrimac 
Kittrcdgc Thomas, shoemaker, lioards 51 Alassachusetts C!orp. 
Kittrcdgc Williani, coal and wo.,h1, 28 Middle, h. 178 L. .Mcrr. 
Kuapp Chuidcs. 4 ^Mechanic • 
Knapp Chaunccy L. (A'. ^5- J7or,'ij), j)ublisher Citizen and Xcw.s, 

4 1 Central, h. 153 Moudy 
Knapi) Converse, .Merrimac Corporation, boards 1,50 do. 
Knapi) Joel, machinist, Lowell J\lachine Shoj), boards 52 do. 
Ivnig'.its Enoch (A'. t5- Cuiistuntuw), butclicr, h. 21'J Central 
KniLdits (leorge W., Lowell, boards 58 Moody 
Knights Israel W., wheelwright, boards SiS .Middlesex 
Kni.dits John ![., fish market, 201 Central, house 41 Chapel 
Kuuwlcs Hrothcrs {C. 11. .3- /. A. K.), trunks, fancy goods, 

vVc, 1 14 .Merrimac 
Knowlcs Ciiarlcs IL (A". Bros.), 114 Mcrr., b. 100 Applcton 
Knowles I'llbridge tl., Loott Corporation, house 42 do. 
Knowlcs Ellen Mrs., house I'J South 
Knowlcs Jacob L., house GO Moody 

„•, >h 

,1 . .. » 

' . I ■ : ■ ■ 


i,v .1 M 


•|m!-,.,; ;/ 



Kiiowlos tTa:nc3, Middlesex, liousc S "Warren 
Knouies Jefferson A. (A'. Jiros.), Ill .Merrimac, b. 12 Hurd 
J?u(j\vlc.s Jolm, Llacksmith, Lane iS: Xowell's, honsc Jlailroad 
Kuowles John A. (A". c5- Widudii), eouusellor, 11 Appleton 

liloek, Central, house 04 South 
Knowles John A., Jr., scale manuf., ]\Iech. ]\Iills, b. 1)4 South 
Kuowles Jonath:ni, house '27) Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Knowles ]\Ianlius. hlacksmiLh, house -i'l Boott Corporation 
Kuowles William, file-cutter, at Ashworth's, boards 19 South 
Knowltou (Jeurge W., Lowell, house 38 Lagrange, Frank. Si|. 
Knowlton C Wijifield (Boston), boards i!8 Lagrange, L. S. 
Kuff James, laborer, house .McCarry's Court 
Kuhann Dennis, laborer, house oO High 
Kyle Amos M., real estate agent, house IG Appletou 

LABOUNTY LEONARD J., overseer, AppletonCorp., h. 12 do. 

Ladd Isaac, house 4 Alder 

Ladd Jonathan, V. S. paymaster, house 132 East ]\lcrriraac 

Ladd Samuel (r., overseer, Tremont Corporation, house 42 do. 

Ladd Solomon H., carpenter, house Vurney, near School ' •'■ • 

Laden Patrick, ^liddlesex, house 10 Summer' 

Laflam John, at Norcross & Saunders', house 183 ^Middlesex 

Lafoile Julien, laborer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Lahitl Margaret, widow, house 48 South 

Laighton George K., ]\lcrrimac Corporation, house 95 do. 

Laightou, see LeujJtton 

Lake Amasa, carpenter, house 47 Fletcher '• ' ■>:';:< 

Lakiu Abel, cooper, house 2o0 Middlesex. 

Lakin Frank, Boott Corporation, boards 27 do. 

Lakin Joseph P., carpenter, house ^IcCarry's Court ' -'•''• 

Lakin Samuel, house 33 Fourth 

Lamb William ]\Irs., house 119 Gorham 

Lamb William A. (Boston), house 22 Tyler 

Lambert Jesse, Lowell Machine Shop, b. 1 14 Merrimac Corp. 

Lambert Patrick, confectioner, French & Co.'s, h. 104 Lawr'e 

Lambord Frederick, house 12 "Willie Avenue 

Lamerc Anson, variety store, IT) Merrimac, house do. 

Lamerc John, variety store, Parker's Block, Bridge, house do, 

Lamkin Albern A., carpenter, house Pearl, Ccntralville 

Lampher tieorgc B., array, house 140 ]\liddlcsox 

Lamsou Daniel 15. L., clerk, 20 ]\Iarkct, boards 1 Ehn 

Lamsou Edwin (A., Jimjers S^- Co.), house Beacon, u. Pa\Ytucket 


fj arW'M 



. 1 •;(■> • /.- 

''..' , 

II. ■; ,)'■ ' . ,1 

.. >Av,..v\ ... 

J. I 

•, ,■■1.1 

,.(.. I 

I.;. !' MI 
; .1 , ,. I 

'. y :r ^ ■ • 


T^amson Xatlian Ci., clorlc, boards GC Clicstnut 

Lluhsou Natliauiel -M., 'J'rcm.nt Curporution, house 38 tie. 

Lauison, lingers »fc ('". f /v. /.ams'in, li. lioycrs and W. &. 

Jlnmhtct), liour, grain, kc, 111 .Market 
Lamsofi 'J'obias L. 1'., paymaster, l,awrciua;, h. GG Chestnut 
Tiamsou William, watchman, Sav. Bank lUiilJing, h. 1 J'^lm 
Lamsou William, Jr., clerk (Xewbern, N. C), h. ,")'J Chajiel 
Lamsoii William II., carpenter, house Varncy, near Selionl 
I.ancaster Sam'l T. {L. S)- Tutin(t)t), tailor, ICMl Cent'l, h. 10 Ash 
Lander ^\'illiam, carpenter, house Lincoln L'lace 
Tianders ]\Liurice, laborer, house Lenwick 
lianJers Closes .^L, Bleachery, house G do. 
Landry lulward, carpenter, boards 20 Hamilton Corporation 
Lane Alliert,, house 7G Button 
Lane Albert A., photographist, HO Mcrrimac, h. 127 Moody 
Lane Alpheus F., army, house 12 Third 
Lane Ann Mrs., house 17 High 

Lane Asa, machinist, Lo'.vcll ^lachinc Shop, house 72 do. 
Lane benjamin C, machinist, boards 7 Dodge 
Lane Daniel W., expressman, Conant's, house 19 Smith 
Lane David {L. ^ Xoicdl), machinist, ITetcher, e. Cushing, 

house Mount Vernon, near Westford 
Lane John, mariner, house 74 Middlesex 
Lane Jonathan, earpcutcr, house 8 Dodge 
Lane Joseph D., Lowell ^lachine Shop, house G do. 
Lane Louisa C, apothecary, I'd Merrimac, house do. 
Lane Patrick, at S. N. Wood's, house 17-1 Lawrence 
Lane Ilufus {L. 4- Churchill), grocer, 255 Merrimac, boards 

^Mrs. J. Gordon's 
Lane Samuel, carpenter, house 7 Dodge 

Lane Simon; Boston >.\: Lowell Railroad, b. 31 Hamilton Corp. 
Lane Stei»hcn H., army, house 172 Suffolk 
Lang Benaiah. painter, ^lassachusetts. h. 21 Prescott Corp. 
Lang Bickford, city marshal, Bolice Office, house Forrest 
Lang David (i., paymaster, Hamilton, house Audover Street, 

at Tev.ksbury 
Lang Fdward, machinist, L. ^i. S., 107 Appleton 
Lang Thomas, gardener, J. C. Ayer's, b. .''» Hamilton Corp. 
LrxTig William A., teacher, Bef. Sch., h. Chelmsford, n. Barker 
Langdcll Jas. A., spectacle-m'k'r, IGS Merr., h. 17 Trem'tCurp. 
Langdell .Mary, widow, house 17 Treraont Corporation 
Langley Charles ()., J'oott Corporation, boards 38 do. 
Langley Clark .M., printer, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, h. 47 Summer 





,.{ .. .!> 

.■:;;M-,;. > ,', .VX '.I'i 

I p.ii 111. 1 1 


vi..'/l r. 

,i'; Jw-,-'l 

..,:.,, I 

,.')'! .■,^..'•1 i • 

■ !(i.:. . 


:.',:i:.- .i .J 


Laiiglcy (Icorgc, Lowell, Loanls 1 Tniuu 

J.augley N\ illiiiui, juuk dealer, 21 .Middle, house 39 Third Mdward A., student, boards 114 ]\Icrrimac Corp. 

Lanuau Patrick, butcher, house 85 Salem 

I.arabec Joliiulf., trader, house Branch, corner School 

Larkin .lames, blacksmith, liouse rear 101 (iorham 

Larkin John, currier, boards Sarah W. lUudgett's 

Lary Uctsey, widow, tailoress, house 'J(j Church 

Lary Ceorge, Loott Corporation, boards 4o do. 

J-ary Lctvis D. .Mrs., house IIG Jackson 

]-ary IJichanl, laborer, huusc Congress, near Kale's 31 ills 

Lary, see J.ra/y 

Latham Cyrus, civil engineer, 52.^ ]\rcrrimac, h. 3G I'ourth 

Latham Cyrus IL, book-keeper at A. L. Brooks', house Dutton, 

West of Mechanics' .Mills 
]-athc Nathaniel, cook, house Bridge, opposite Second 
J.,atremorc Xelson. blacksmith, at C. Nichols', b. li Ham. Corp. 
Laughlin Bernard, laborer, house 179 Lawrence 
Laughlin James, laborer, house S North ,.•'■•■' 

Laughlin >Iohn, Chase Mill, house rear 20 North 
Laughlin John, laborer, house Merrill, near Taylor 
Laughlin Patrick, .Aliddlesex, house 21 Pond 
Laughlin Bubert, Stott's Mill, house 4 Becd's Court 
Laughlin, see LouyJiUn 

Laaghton Abel A., tailor, at E. C. Leslie's, house 37 Chestnut 
Laveo John, operative, house 114 ^liddlescx 
l.avery George, designer, ^lerrimac P. W., h. 154 I\lcrr. Corp. 

I Lavin James, laborer, house 4 (ircen 

I Law Clarissa, widow, house Biver 

I Lawler James, operative, house 2 Green 

j Lawler William, at II. IL Wilder's, house C3 Church 

Lawn Charles, laborer, Cemetery, boards G. S. Cochran's 
Lawrence Aldcn, landlord Mechanics' Hotel, 278 ]\lerrimac 
Lawrence Alviu, engineer, house rear 23 Charles 
J^awrence Ambrose, M. I)., dentist, 11 John, c. Lee, house do. 
Lawrence Beuj., machinist, Broadway, u. !Mt.Ver.,h. 101 Cross 
Lawrence David 1\, house in Agricultural Lair (irouuds 
Lawrence (ieorge P., counsellor, boards IMcrrimac Huu<^e 
Lawrence (ieorge T., at J. C. Ayer »S: Cu.'s, h. 90 .Middlesex 
Lawrence George' AV., moulder, L. ■M. S. Foundry, h. 13 do. 
Lawrence Henry F., clerk. Mechanics' Hotel, 278 ^Icrrimae 
Lawrence Jonathan G., overseer, Lowell Corporation, h. 10 do. 
Lawrence Samuel, dentist, 32 Central, house do. 

./;jo*:'.f.u>i .S , .^- % •'<■ 



.(,T,,;. I 

..;.: I 

.■..■ I. I 


. ,. I 


■ -■■ I 
,.'., I 

■ ..I 


120 , LOWELL [ff^] DinECTOUY. 

Lawrence A^'llliam 1\, farmer, liousc Parker, near Clielmsfuril 

l>awrencc \V. Frank, pat. leather finisher, b. W. 1". Lawrcuee's 

Lawrcnson Michael, boot-maker, boards 81 Market 

l^awsi^i Francis, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 35 Sullolk, Fr. Sq. 

Lawson Fred. B., assistaiit surgeon, nav}', boards P. Lawson's 

].awsou James W., machinist, at Patch's, h. (iorham, n. city line 

Lawson Joseph, Lowell, house 1 Paldwin's (Jourt 

Lawsou Mitchell, farmer, boards J. Vi. Lawscu's 

Lawson Peter, house 30 Pawtuckct 

Lawson Thomas B., artist, 9 Sav. Bank Build'g, h. 03 Andovcr 

Lawson William J., machinist, L. JM, S., h. 35 Suffolk, F. S. 

Lawton James, sup't, j\Iassaclaisctts, h. 24 Prcscott Corp. 

Jjawtou Patrick, Chase 31111, house 30 Summer 

Lawton llcubcu, Hamilton Corporation, house 41 do. 

Leach Ammi, carpenter, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 

Leach Iietscy 3Irs., house Bowers, corner Beacon 

Leach Charles F., hostler. Horse P. B.,'bds. G Hamilton Corp. 

Leach James, Lowell Machine Shop, house SO Front 

Leach Moses S. (Chattanooga), house 38 Grand 

Leach Parker W., carjjcnter, boards (1 Hamilton Corporation 

Leach Thomas, army, house Knowles' l^lacc, Davidson 

].eaeh \ViHiani, boarding-house, 8 Prescott Corporation 

Learned Daniel, teamster, house East Pine 

Learned John, engineer, house 280 Middlesex 

Lcary Dennis, arnij', house 110 Lowell 

Leary Jeremiah, Merrimac, house 125 Lowell 

Leary John, Lowell ^Machine Shop, house 148 Lowell 

Leathers Nathan, stone-cutter, house rear Pine, near Liberty 

Leathers Samuel M. (Virginia), hoiise Parker, near city line 

Leavitt Daniel G., livery stable, 32 Prescott, and ]\[iddlc3es, 

near Northern Depot, house Gold, near School 
Leavitt F.dwin, teamster, house 03 Gushing 
Leavitt Erasmus D., teaming, house 9 High Street Square 
Leavitt George C, Merrimac Corporation, liousc 143 do. 
Leavitt George P., house 9 High Street Square 
Leavitt Haron, carj)cntcr, house 32 Church 
I-eavitt Honora, widov/, house Salem, opposite Adams' Block 
Leavitt John B. ]\rrs., boarding-house, 41 and 42 L. ]\I. S. 
LeBaron Christopher C, shoemaker, boards 51 Coburu 
LcBell Joseph, army, house 55 Massachusetts Corporation 
]xClair Peter, at A. L. Brooks', h. Midd'x, opp. How'd House 
Ledorcr Jacob, house 00 Bartlctt 
Leo J'crnard, laborer, house 37 Common 

i-.;1 It. 



•..::: /.. :/ 

l.,,;:^••r ) 

:' -r 

.1 ■ 

•i, i( ''-111.. I 

If. ' 
;.: , 1 

:••■ il : ■ ,;' 


Lee Cliarles, carpenter, liouse 01 AVcst riiion - ,, :•/ ,. ;; ,, , 

I<cc Charles, MiiMlesox, house ;"» \\'ator ,, ' , ,, 

Lee Daniel T., ]Mid«llesex, house 48 Water 

Lee James, Lst, variety store, 1S7 Central, house 213 Gorhani 

Lee Janie:^ Middlesex, boards 08 Church 

Lee James H. 'Slvs., house HO Chureh 

Lee James W., at Stott's ."Mills, boards rear 53 Charles 

Lee John, house 88 j\rarket 

Lee John T., blacksmith, I'letchcr, n. Dut., h. School, c. Bowers 

Lee -Michael, grocer, 71 East Mcrrimac, house do. 

Lcc Michael, laborer, house tl Salem 

Lcc Tcter, laborer, house ;il Summer • • • i . ■.,■■ 

Lee Simeon, at Stott's Mills, house rear nS Cliarles , . . 

Lcc Thomas, lumberman, house 207 ^liddlesex 

Lee William M., boards 01 West Union 

Lees John .Af., machinist, Lowell .Alachinc Shop, boards 01 do. 

Lcgg Charles 11., painter, 9'J Central, h. Gurham, u.- ciiy line 

Lehany Catherine, widow, house 18 Howe 

Lchuny James, Lowell, bouse 18 Ilowe 

I>ci;ihton Andrew, overseer, Bleachery, h. Central, c. Lyon 

Leigliton Gancelo, carpenter, boards 101 Central 

Leighton Cieorge, house llolbrook's Court 

Leigh ton Xcwbury II. , Blcaehcry, house 21 do. 

Leighton Patrick, laborer, house 10 Summer 

Leightou I'hila Ann, house la'o Merrimac Corporation 

Leighton, sea Laiyhton 

Lcland Thomas, embroidery stamping, 71 Central, house do. 

Leland AVm., cmbr'y stamping. Gorham, n. Hale's Mills, h. do. 

Lenahan Dcin;iis, currier, boards Sarah W. Llodgctt's 

Jjcneux Moses, at J. C. Ayer A; Co.'s, boards 11 Boott Corp. 

Lenfest S. Augustus, clerk, boards 21 Kirk 

Lennon Catharine Mrs., house ^lO Lowell 

Lennon John, grocer, 34 Lowell, h. 22 Willie Av., c. Clark 

Lennie Georgianna, house 1 North 

Leonard Abel \\'., at A. B. French & Co.'s, house 23 Kirk 

Leonard Catharine, widow, house 40 Salem 

Leonard Daniel, job wagon, h. East Pine, corner ]\Iarshall 

Leonard Dennis, moulder, boards 40 Salem 

Leonard George, machinist, 288 Central, house do. 

LeoiKird George E., overseer, Boott Corporation, boards 12 do. 

Leonard Hugh, laborer, house 10 Salem 

lieonard Ira, machinist, house ^Merrill, near Taylor 

Leonard James, machinist, Trcmout, house 105 2tloody 


.'ir'X- -.: 

:<:■>;• I 

> ,' 

'•■*'■ 'T 

.1, .')', 



■ I 

. f 

..,.■-, [ 

I," 1 



I I 


Leonard Jolin, engineer, U. Allen's, house 2t0 ]\ 

Leonard Sarah Mrs., house ;!1J ^lerrimuc Curporatiun 

Leonard Sylvester !*>., 31eiriniae Curjioration, huuse 41 do. 

Leonard 'J'erranee, laborer, housi^lO Willie Avenue 

Leonard William, laborer, house I'o (jreen 

Leslie Charles, itainter, house rear L'lj Jiridge 

Leslie hid win C, tailor, IJi ^Merrimae, house 44 Tyler 

Leslie Teter P., army, house 4 Clark's Court 

Leslie Sarah S., boarding-house, -[> J'.oott Corporation 

Lcsure Ansel 1'., undertaker and eoHia warehouse, 11 I'rescott, 

house 15'J Central 
Lever James, ^vuul-sorter, at li. Ithodes, house 2S7 Central 
Lcversee Wesley ii., i)olice, house 11-J Merrimac Corjioriition 
Lew Osmond, farmer, liouse 'J llurd 
Lewis Ann, widow, huu.-e I'S Lagrange, Franklin S.juare 
Lewis Charles 'J'., at A. IJ. French tV- Co.'s, boards 4y Chaiad 
Lewis J'lphraim 1)., earpenter, ^Vamesit Mills, h. 4o Cushiug 
Lewis (Jeorgc W., house Coburn 

Lewis Henry F., travelling agent, h. Liberty, n. Chelmsford 
Lewis lliram A., at .M. C. I'rati's, house Ij'J, Itock 
Lewis .leremiah, barber, house 4S Chai)el 
Lewis John, Lowell -Maehine Shop, b. J^roadway, n. Suffolk 
Lewis Joseph, Jileaehery, house lil! do. 
Lewis Levi, barber, boards <i2 lliver 
Lewis L. 1. .Mrs., house 02 liivcr , . . 

Lewis Closes, barber, boards S. A. Lewis' ^ 

Lewis Nancy, widow, house ti i lliver 

Lewis Fiufus S. (Jl<illin W ItUc Arms Co.), house 3 Centre 
Lewis Samuel A., huiv-dresser, lH4']\Ierrimac, h. 102 I'lctcher 
Lewis Theodore W., hair-dresser, iSu Middlesex, h. G2 lliver 
Lowis Walker ^Irs., house (it Uiver 

Libbee George F., clerk, A. T-. Waito & Co.'s, boards 21 Kirk 
Libbey IJenj. F., carpenter, Chase. Mill, h. Parker, n. Westford 
Libbcy J'ibeu F., carpenter, house SS High 
Libbey George W., sash-maker, Teabudy's, boards 25 jMarkct 
Libbey Isaac 11., saw-tiler, .Merr., c. Maiden Lane. h. 27 Cabot 
Libbey .Alartin V. 15., blacksmith, boards H A\illic 
Libbey j\lary and Nancy, house oO Church 
Libbey William \l., carpenter, house .Jf) High 
Libbcy William F., Lowell ^Machine Shop, hou.?e 250 School 
Libby Ahnon, police, boards 101 Central 
Libby Benjamin F., shoemaker, all Central, house 30 Branch 
Libby Isiiac L., police, house li Coward's Place 

!'v.r)vr.':;it • .9 

il/. H 

■( . . I 

I , ■ ) v ■ 


Liberty Moses, raachinist, house ^iliddlcscx, corner Howard 

Liddcll Andrew, ]5oott, boards 10 Tliird 

Liddcll Catliarinc, widow, bouse 10 Third 

].illcy Charles, overseer, Planiilton Corporation, liouse 43 do. 

Lincoln Aljfgail 'J'. ]\Irs., house 71 I'^ayette 

Lincoln Levi K. Mrs., liousc :2G Andover 

l.indsaj' .rosejib, laborer, house o.'iO] Merrimac 

J.imlsay Joseph, Wamesit .Mills, house 102 ]\Iarkct 

l.inds;xy Richard, carpenter, house S5 15roadway 

Lindsay William, lUeaebery, h. Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Linney James, machinist, house 1-1 South 

Linscott John W. (Hoosuc Tunnel), house !.'> Treiuont Street 

Lisle Peter, stone-cutter, house 5 Farson's Court 

LitchUcld James, laborer, at^T. U. French's .( 

Little Charles Mrs., house 90 Mcrrimac Corporation 

Tattle Henry, ^liddlcse.K, house 4."i Corhaui 

I>ittle James H., photographist, 28 .Merrimac, h. 139 Moody 

Little James ^l., boiler-maker, L. ^1. S., house 09 do. 

].ittler Charles I!., dyer, printer and finisher, Whipple's Mills, 

house '>0 Chapel 
Tiittlelield J>ucy Mrs., house ir>.") Fast Merriraac 
Livcrmore Albert W., Lowell Corporation, house 8 do. 
Livermore Sarah C. Mrs., house 18 Jkirtlett 
Livingston Alfred, physician, ^Middlesex, corner Thorudike, 

boards Mrs. W. Livingston's 
Livingston Alfred J. fC^/^'■;;?%c5• L.), 7 Thorndikc, b. 7 Chclnisf. 
Livingston ]>cnjamin, teamster, boards Mrs. F. Livingston's 
Livingston Caleb, house 7 Chelmsford 
Livingston Daniel, clerk, 9 Thorndikc, house 3-1 Lranch 
Livingston Fanny Mrs., house ^liddleses, corner Garnet 
Livingston Franklin li, boards 280 Gorham • ■ 

Livingston James H., variety sture, 10."J Fast Jfcrrimac, h. do. 
Livingston John 0., conductor, S. ,1- L. li. E., h. 2^0 Gorham 
]-ivingston William 'Slvs., house Thorndikc, corner Chelmsford 
Livingston William F., grain, flour, wood, coal, lumber, &c., 

9 Thorndikc, house off .Middlesex, near city line 
Locke George, Suffolk Corporation, boards ~> do. 
Locke George F., comedian, house at Dracut 
Locke Jcwett J., machinist, at 1'. S. IVrkins', b. Ill Central 
Locke Samuel W'.fK 7/. Wur/fun Sf Co.), 210 Merrimac, 

bouse 83 Cross 
Locke Williaiu M., painter, ]\Iassachnsctts, liousc 37 Bridge 
Lockling John, army, house 54 ]>awrcncc Corporation 

, .'.?.•( !i ;■•> I 

':■ , { I'' :•' 

' ,! 

.3 i.::n;'<.t 

(..ij^^i! r 


121 LO"SVEI,L [Lj I'lUECTOUY. ' "'^ 

Lockling Jonathan, Tvciiiont CVirporation, "boards Jo. 

Lockwoud Saumcl, giklcr, 112 ilcrriniac, Lou:=c do. 

Logan James, Middlesex, Louse !i 1 William 

Loga^ James (AViaeliostcr), liouso 5 rrosi)Cct 

Lombard Oliver 1)., Boott Corjioration, boards 77 do. 

Londcau Clement, farmer, bouse Putney's Court 

Long David V\\, Merrimac Corporation, bouse 13H do. 

Long Koxaniia, boarding-bouse, 17 Mcrvimac Corporation 

Loomis ^Villiam A., maebinist, liouse 10 Lrcscott Corporation 

Lord Ann J\Irs., bouse rear Gl Salem 

Lord diaries P., sutler, arm3^ boards 13G Merrimac Corp. 

Lord David, laborer, bouse Go Adams 

Lord Henry A., army, bouse 17 Lloyd 

Lord J. A. Mrs., drcss-nuikcr, bouse 1 rear 50 ^Moody 

Lord Oliver, carpenter, bouse 53 Cbarles 

Lord Piandolpb C, sasb-maker, boards Go Eoott Corporation 

Lord Pobert, L. M. S., buuse 1 Livingston's Block, Applclon 

Lord Sylvester W., L. ]\I. S., bouse Middlesex, o])p. Melutire 

Lord Thomas, at Naylor's, boards 8 Prospcet 

Lougee Sarah W. Mrs., boarding-bousc, Hamilton Corp. 

Lougcr Sophia W. ^Mrs., boardiug-bousc, 7 Lawreuee Corp. 

Longer AVilliam F., army, buuse 7 Lawrence Corporation 

Lougbliu .Michael, ^Middlesex, house Oo Church 

Lougbliu William, Middlesex, boards G5 Church 

Loughran James, counsellnr, Canal Block, b. 51 East Merr. 

Loughran Mary, widow, house 2G AVilliam 

Loughran Piobert, Lowell, house 4 Beed's Court 

Loughran Samuel, ^Massachusetts Corporation, boards 30 do. 

Lovcjoy Charles E., boards 20 Prc^cutt Corjjorutiou 

Lovcjoy Charles H., Middlesex, bouse 82 High 

Lovejoy Daniel, blacksmith, Cushing, c. Ilock, h. 27 Erankliu 

Lovcjoy Edwin, bouse 31 Chestnut 

Lovejoy Emery W., painter, bouse 31 Lowell Machine Shop 

Lovejoy Frederick (L. S,- Morse), livery stable, ]\Ierrimac, 

corner AVorthcn, bouse ^larsball, near AVesclbrd 
Lovejoy Frederick, Jr., at Sargent \' Co.'s Ex., b. F. Lovcjoy's 
Lovejoy Henry W., carpenter, 21 Middle, bouse 11 Clay 
Lovcjuy Jacob, overseer, Hamilton Corporation, boards IG do. 
Lovejoy John, overseer, ^lerrimac Corporation, bouse 22 do. 
liOvcjoy John, blacksmith, boards 7 Pearl 
Lovcjoy Sylvanus, shoemaker, boards 51 Massachusetts Cor]). 
Lovejoy Sylvester, shoemaker, 7 Canal Bl'k, b. 41 Boott Corp. 
Lovcjoy William II., shoemaker, boards East ]\lerrimac 

.- .; ;.. 1 

.;,:..*,.-. ' 

'•. o/.i-f.'i! i ! , S 

I ■ - '.■■I 



LoYctt George, Trcmont Corimratinn, house 28 do. 

liovctt John M., arlll3^ bouvds ."»(! West I'uiou 

J>ovctt ^lary Mrs., house ;")(; \Vcst I'niou 

]iOvett Stephen, shociuakcr, liousc o I'Vtrd 

Lovett Tltouuis, teamster, house aG West I'uion 

Lovrien Almira S. ^Irs., liouse 20 I'rescott Corj-oration 

liovrien Charles Iv, Lowell .Machine Shoj), ]j. 20 Prcscott Corp. 

liOvrieii John II. Mrs., house '^0 South 

Lovrien Luke W. .Mrs., huuse ■"> leans' lUoek, Eailroad 

Lovrien AVilliara F., desii^ner, hoards 2i) i'rcseott Corp. 

Low Edward 15., Lowell .MaL-liiuc Shop, boards 78 South ' 

Low George W., machinist, L. M. Shop, hoards 76 South 

Low Hannah Mrs., house 78 South 

Low John, ]\riddlescx, house 1(! CJeorgc 

Low Xehcmiah, L. ^l. S. Foundry, house Nichols, n. Branch 

Lowe Josejih, stouc-niason, house ^>:\ Hanover 

Lowell John ]{., army, house 4 Ninth 

Lowney Cornelius, laborer, house -Ci'j .AJiddlcscx 

Lowncy I'dlen, widow, house lOS Corham 

}>owney Owen, at Kipley's Mill, h. Congress, r. ILile's ^Mills 

].owney Latrick E , stamp-maker, boards lii.S (iurhan'i 

].owney AVilliam, lumberman, house 2ri7 .Aliddlesex 

],owncy David A., copj)ers!uith, liouse lb Adams, Fr. Sq. 

l^ownc}' John, laborer, house 10 I'-roadway, near Suffolk 

].udlow James, army, Fond 

]jufkin .Merchant II. {)\'air S,- Co.), house at Lawrence 

Lugg William, Lowell, house Varney, near Mt. "\^'ashington 

Luke Daniel, machinist, house 101 Lawrence 

Lumbert Ann, widow, house .'J7 Fenwick. ■ i i ■'. 

Ivund Ephraim, teamster, house .Mt. Vernon, near "Westfovd 

Lund Noah 1)., house Wilder, near r)roadway 

Lundberg .Vlexis, Chase .Mill, boards stone house, "Whipple 

Lunt h'zekiel, laborer, house I'-i Somerset 

Luseomb Cyrus E., overseer, Loott Corporation, house 3 do. 

Luseomb J(.ilin W. Mrs., house 22 Common 

Luseomb William H., painter, house 22 Common 

]juther Thomas, ILamilton Corporation, house 40 do. 

Lyford .\sa B., Merrimac Corporation, house 1G3 do. 

Lyford Harlcy, ILimilton Corporation, boards 25 do. 

Lyford John F., produce dealer, house 150 Middlesex 

]..yford Simeon (i., overseer, Hamilton, 34 Appleton 

Lyford Willard C (California), house 408 i\[errimac 

1-yford ^Vright C, produce dealer, house 140 East Merrimac 


■ r:. ') 

H-nirvi'i .! .' twros 


. ; ■ ' • I 

.. ! ., ■;;.: V. " ^ !■ 

;.( ,^ ,./. l.iy:. ! 

;.•.-■...!,, ).'(. •■ '»■<■ ' 

■ t ,m!/. 


Lyford Zcbulon (California), liuusc 20 "W'illuw 
I.yiuau Alfred 1'., vvatoli-iiiakcr, 12ri Central, b. 30 Chapel 
L^'nian Ivuland, wateli-nialcer, l-!8 Central, buuso ','>(> Cliai>cl 
Lyucli Alonzo K., carriage jiainter, Cuuvera', b. 15'J Central 

5 LyncB Harney, currier, boards I'atrick l)oherty's 

^ Lynch biennis, clerk, boards fi? ^larket 

} Lynch Dennis, Stott's Mills, boards UO Last ]\Ierriniac 

' Lynch Jaincs, Lowell .Machine Shop i'oundry, b. -I William 

Lynch James, Lowell, house 77 Adams 

1 liyucli Jeremiah, grocer, i\larion, h. rear Cro&s, corner Marion 

L^-nch John, grocer, 10 Adams, house do. 

I Lynch John, laborer, house -12 William 

{ ]^ynch Joliu, laborer, house lOD Lowell 

I Lynch John, laborer, house 10 1 Lowell 

• Lynch Lawrence, Lowell .Machine Shop, house 2 Garnet 
Lynch .Martin, iiipley's ^Mills, h. 2 Caruliu's Llocl:, i'ayette 

I Lynch\Mary, widow, house lo Ilurd 

I Lyucli Michael, laborer, house 31 William 

j Lynch ]\iichacl, laborer, house o2 Cnion 

I ]jynch 1,'atrick, provisions, t)7 Gorham, house do. 

1 Lynch Patrick, laborer, boards 2 William 

it Lynch Patrick, grocer, 41 Market, house 20 Adams 

)'; Lynch Patrick, army, house -1 Lee 

* Lynch Patrick, laborer, house ^liddle 

'* Lynch Patrick, Prescott, house 33 Common 

I Lynch Philip, provisions, 08 Middlesex, house 13 Summer 

I Lynch liichard, army, house 24 AVinter 

I Lynch \Villiam, laborer, boards Thomas Xugent's 

I Lynn Ann S., widow, house Lincoln, •iiear Chelmsford 

''■ Lyons Pernard, hostler, boards fi 1 J. Lowell 

Lyons Bridget, widow, house 3 ]\Iarion 

Lyons Pridget, widow, house rear 17 Cross 

Lyons John, house 101 Lowell '• 

Lyons Julia, widow, house 17 Winter 

Lyons Murphy, at Norcross ^K: Saunders', h. at Lracut, n. Palls 

Lyons Murtagh, house 115 Lowell 

Lyons Thomas, operative, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 

Lyons Thomas, ^liddlesex, house 37 High 

Lyons Thomas, gardener, house 2bo Middlesex 

MACK ]\IICHAEL, laborer, house IS Lowell 
Mack Michael, Middlesex, house -10 William 

:vJ.iU' I Sf ) .'( 

, .1 .^' !•■ 



■■'■'! ■ 

■M J 1 

,1 .■;•'.' 
;.',') ,■ ' . 

/:".' :■!>■: 
• if 
1 ' ' ' ' 

M.I 1 i 

! ' >)■: 

: ■■;.)■■■■• 

' ■ ■ ' '.! 
' ■'. ■. ' 

1 (.'lUV.l 

■1, '^[[■j/ i 

LO-WELI. [ill] DIRECTORY. 127 

jrafk Sewall G. {Cushhuj .y J/.), l'2r> :\r:ukot, h. 31.12 ^Icn: 

Mackay l)avid, nuuliiuirit, hoiusc ;!U rrauklin 

aMackay (ieorgc, J.owfll Corpuratioii, buanis 7 do. 

jMackay James, at 0. Allen's, boards iJ .Melntirc 

]\laeliic Henry ^V., painter, house 254 .Merriuiac 

]\Iadden Jolui, laborer, bouse 17 Fonwiek 

jMaddcn Jolin, laborer. Louse IS Davidson 

j\Iadden ]Martin, "Middlesex, bouse 11 Chapel 

j\laddocks George, machinist, house 215 i\liddlcscx 

]\laddoeks ^Villiaul 11., slater, house 70 Duttou 

]\Iaddox Francis, engineer, boards (i Garnet 

j\Iadlc M'illiam 11., blaeksmilh, house 27 Suflolk, I'r. S(|. 

IMagec Deyea, army, house 10 .Massachusetts Corporation 

j\lagec aMichacl, Lowell .Machine Shop Foundry, h. \'j Summer 

J\lagoou Henry B., watchman, Middlesex, b. 1*J JSoutt Corp. 

]\laguirc Andrew, shoemaker, \-'> .Aliddle, house do. 

Maguire Ann, widow, house 22 Fcnwick 

i\laguire Anthony, shoemaker, house Smith's Court, Hanover 

JIaguirc Catharine, widow, house i)2 Lewis 

]\laguirc George, peddler, house -10 Franklin 

]\laguire Honora Mrs., house Gorham, corner "Winter 

Maguire James J. (postoilicc, New Orleans;, li. rj Walnut 

j\luguirc John, laborer, house 17 Hanover 

^Liguirc ]\lary, Kate and Lizzie, house til Charch 

]\Iaguire ^lichael, laborer, house 8;! blast .Mcrriiuac 

]\laguire I'atrick, laborer, house 21 C!ross 

Maguire Fatrick, at Xorcross &: Saunders, house 251 .Middlesex 

Maguire, see McGuire 

Tvlahan Catharine, widow, house 1 F.dgerly's Court 

i\Iahan Fatrick, ^Middlesex, boards James Luily's 

]\Iahau, widow, house 75 Lowell 

]\Iahan Thomas, Bleacher}', house Carter, corner Livingston 

Mahaney John, pressman, AV, S. Bennett's, houcc Fayc'tte 

Mahaney John, laborer, at Dr. H. .M. Houkc's 

Mahaney Timothy, Bleachery, house 1 Ihxiwn's Avenue 

i^laher C^atharine, widow, house rear 20 Summer 

^laher Catharine, widow, house (Juigley's Alley 

Mahcr Michael, mason, house 84 Charles 

!Mahcr Fatrick, laborer, house rear 20 Summer 

iluher Fatrick J., fireman. B. & L. ]{. li., house 44 South 

Mahcr AVilliam, at Fiipley's Mill, h. 3 Summer 

!Maher William, laborer, house Quigley's Alley 

Mahou Owen, laborer, house IG Keeue 


i'.AL •:.•; .;' »■:'• V ''< ,^^,' 

r, . ■ \ ' 

•| '•. 

,./;.:'..'. I . 1 

! ■ . v( 



an I ' ! 


Mcilioncy Florence, T.owcll, limi-^e SS SufTolk 

Malioiicy Hannah, house lUO J.owell 

Mahoney .Tolin, hiborcr, 1 jM orris' Cuurt. Cross 

Jlahoncy John, laborer, liousc Lowell, corner Dmnnier 

]\Iafioncy John, Miihllesex, house '2'-') Tayctte 

]\Iahoncy John, L. M. S. Foundry, h. rear Suffolk, n. ^Farion 

]\[ahoney Julia, widow, hou^-'e 4;! Adams 

Jlahoney -Alichael, laborer, house 10 Cross 

IMahoncy Timoth}', Hleachery, house 3 IJrown's (,'ourt 

^lallard Albert, overseer, Fawrenee Corporation, liousc 77 do. 

]\Iallon Fatriek, butcher, house -^i (Jeorgc 

]\Filone Tliomas, F. ]\F S. Foundry, boards 3-1 Hamiltun Corjt. 

]\Ialoney James, blacksmith, hou.-e h(i .Middlesex 

]\Ialoney Fatriek, tanner, house (helmsturd, corner Fibcrty 

]\laloney I'atrick, at O. 3F Whipjile's, house i)7 (lorham 

]\Filoiiey Fatriek, fanner, house Stevens 

j\Filoy John, tailor, house Decatur 

M;doy William, Middlesex, boards 5 Lawrence 

]\lanahan John F.. real estate agcnit, h. JJranch, west of School 

I\lanahan Joseph, bo;;rds S7 Salem 

]Manahan Kirk, clerk, boards 71 I'ridgc 

]\lanahan ^hirk, .Massachusetts, h"use 71 Fridge 

JNFmahan Samuel T., house n7 S.dem 

!Maney .ALirtin, American Folt Co., h. Carter, cor. Livingston 

Mangan Fdward, Bleacher}', house 18 (.'edar 

J\Fingan John, Lowell, house rear 120 Lowell St. 

jMangan I'atrick, laborer, house .Merrimac, near Tildcn 

Mangan Thomas, watchman, 15. Oc I,. F. \\., h. Is2 (iorham 

!^Flnicc Bridget (husband in CalitWuiaj, house 24- 15ro;iilway 

]\Ianice John, dyer, Middlesex, Ikuisc l'> I'dgerly's Court 

^Manix Fatriek, L. .AL S., boards 1 Hamilton Corp. 

j\Ianning Daniel, laborer, liouse 12 Cross 

]\Ianning Daniel W., grocer, lit Suffolk, house do. 

^Manning Dennis, grocer, IJO Adams, house do. 

]\Finniijg James, laborer, house 2d Davidson 

]\lanniiig Jerome F., counsellor, boards \i)'> («orham 

]\[anuing John, laborer, house I'ltzpatrick JUock, Lowell 

[Manning John Mrs., widow, house 40 Fenwick 

]\Ianning Mary, grocer, 12 Winter, house do. 

j\Finniug Michael, laborer, house 40 South 

^ranning Nancy Mrs., house 10") Gorham 

Manning Fatriek, house 18 Lowell 

^Liuning William, laborer, house 27 Worthcn 

A If '. , i ■, 

111.!' ■;: '1 

,f '.' '■ i., 

■ . I 


.'•T;;-;'h;i ,< 

.ij'ir.. ii I'll 

<l/ .ii. 


Mansfield Albert F., L. M. S., house rear lOT llowanl 

Mansfield Gardiner S., variety .store, G 'I'ilden, house do. 

Mansfield John 11. Kev., past. (Central M. E. eh., h. 11 Fourth 

]\Iansfield Jonathan, trader, house IH Central 

I\Iansfleld Matthew, laborer, houv:.e 21 Adams lUock, Adams 

j\lansfield Stanley, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, liouse tO Summer 

]\Iansur Aaron ?ifrs., huuse '■)') Ncsmith, corner Andover 

Mansur licnjamiu K., clerk, 1 Itj Central, b. Mrs. S. Mansur's 

i\Iausur David, blacksmith, house 8 'I'hird 

Mansur (rourge, teamster, house 4- Wamcsit Court 

Mansur Horace, Lowell Machine Shop, house I'.'Jo Central 

IMansur Stephen jNIrs., house ;3S llartlett 

I\Iausur AVm. G., ( Fldcher S^ .If. J, 14C. Cent., h. 3 llarrhson 

]\Ianuel Albert, carpet cleaner, house ?> Court Avenue 

]\Iarble Charles II., painter, house o')0 ilerrimac 

Marble V>'illiam C., clerk, boards 14 llace 

JIarcy Larra, at Fateh's sawmill, house ;J;)2 Mcrrimac 

Marcy Feter, at A. L. Frooks', house ;t2S ^leirimao 

]\rarden Joseph, carpenter, house olo Middlesex 

Maren Michael, laborer, house 40 South 

]\[arin Samuel F., clerk, L'M Mcrrimac, b. 114 ^^lerr. Corp, 

Marks James, laborer, house G2 Kiver 

Marks William, painter, house 105 High 

Marrell Frank, Appleton Corporation, boards 4 do. 

j\Iarron James, grocer, 04 Lowell, house 14 Clark 

Marreu John, house 14 Clark 

Marreu Luke, clerk, o4 Lowell, house 14 Clark 

Marren Fetor, currier, house 158 Central 

^Marriot John, trunk-maker, GS Centra^l, 11) Andover 

]Marriott Charles W., carpenter, boards UiO Middlesex 

Marsh Elias F., Tremont, house Scliool, corner Fowers 

]\Iarsh Izcttc S., dross-maker, 52i .Merr., h. 55 Lawrence Cor. 

Marsh James 11., cigar-maker, 70 I\lerrimac, boards G Ash 

Marsh John, produce dealer, house 22G School 

Marsh M. S., at A. L. Brooks', boards 21 Adams, Fr. S<p 

]\Iarshall Andrew, i\Iiddlescx, house 7G Warren 

]\rarshall Avery, farmer, house Farkcr, near city line 

Jlarshall Fradley, machinist, Appleton Corp., house 13 do. 

]\Iarshall Charles, army, boards 27 Willie 

]\larshall ICdwin IL, Lowell Machine Sliop, b. 2 Goward Flace 

^Marshall l-^lden, mariner, house 110 Central 

jMarshall F. 0., house 10 Clay 

Jlarshall licnry, police, house 10 Church 


.liiOT'jJ !'•! 5*7 ! 

iijiiiM . ; 

•-■,. 'j 

\ . ) 

• I ■ 


IMarplinll ITcrman, lioiisc 10 Clay ' '' "■ ' 

Marsliall llezckiali, fanner, liousc Tarkcr, near city line 

Marshall Isaac N., clerk, freight depot, houi-e ."> (ioward Place 

]\rarshall James (i., niaehinist, boards 44 Kock 

^Marshall Jeremiah \\, Tj. .M. Shop, boards 2 (ioward I'laee 

Marshall John 11., T-owell Machine Shop, h. 2 (ioward I'lacc * 

^Marshall John J., army, house rear 22 Cabot 

Marshall Joshua N., counsellor, 3 liarristcr's Hall, Central, 

corner Merriniac, liousc Harrison 
I\rarshall .losiah, laborer, house 19 llolbrook's Court 
]\[arsliall Kimball, machinist, L. -Al. S., boards 70 do. 
T^^arsha^l Lois Mrs., house 172 (iorhara 
[Marshall ]\roses, desiirner. Lane & ^sowell's, h. 27 "Willie 
]\[arsliall Otis, teamster, boards 12 Smith 
^^Tarshnll liufus W., farmer, boards 170 Corham 
Marston Andrew B., Alen-imac (_'orporation. hnuse y>Ci\ do. 
]\Iarston Charles 41, T.. M. S. Foundry, boards ll'i (Antral 
Jlarston Charles IL, at Cushing & Mark's, b. 8 Trcscott Corp. 
[Marston Charles S.. clerk, boards 51 Kast Merriniac 
]\larston Jonathan C, overseer yard, Tremont Corp., h. 41 do. 
IMarstou Mary A. 'Mrs., boards 51 Kast ^Ferrimac 
Marston Shubael C, stoves and tin M'are, o7 l-'.ast ]\rerrimac, 

liousc 02 Andover 
l\rarston Susan, dross-maker, 114 Central, house do. 
!N[arston 'rhomas, L. M. S. Foundry, boards 113 Central 
^Fartin Albert R., hostler, J. Hadlcy's, boards 23 Lowell 
[Martin Rcrnard, mason, house IS Adams 
[Martin Daniel, laborer, house Cross, near [^farion 
[Martin Kdmoiid, [Middlesex, boardf^ 25 Market 
[Martin Lldward, carpenter, house 27 North 
[Martin Edward, mason, house Broadway, near Adams 
[i\fartin Fnoob [M., carpenter, house i-O Howard •■■ 
[Martin bVanklin, tin-])eddlcr, house 2 jlane 
[Martin (icorgc, painter, boards 101 C'entral 
jMartiu George L., variety store. 1 1 [Morrimac, house do. 
[Martin Hannah, variety store, 294 [Merriniac, house do. 
Martin Laurin, clerk, 4S [Merriniac, boards 100 Ajipleton 
[Martin [Mary S. [Mrs., house ((7 Luwell ^[aehi^c Sliop 
[Martin Michael, laborer, liouse 39 Liver 
[Martin Thomas, tailor. J. ([>niiiii's, buuse 195 Central 
[^lartindale Aaron, chair-maker, boards 5 Hamilton Corp. 
[Martindale Cheslcy, soap-maker, boards 5 Hamilton Corp. 
Marvel Bradford, cleik, boards C. M. AL.irvel's 

I: r' .•/• .1 

.'' "■ ^i I ' 

I ' I r. . 

,. .1 )■• I 

' I/, 


. ;; ../. U . ■ ■ . I , * 


;^[a^vcl C;ilcb M., city assessor, h. u I rawtiickct, conicr School 

.Musou I'raiik S., carpenter, Suti'olk, h. ;-i, rear f)!) Moody 

■\lasou Irving W., watelmiau, Jlaihoad, b. L'tJ Appletou Corp. 

.Mason^K. Klea/.or, fruit, &e., M") Central, b. ^1 llamiltun Curp. 

^lason 'J'iiomas, laburer, house 131ossom, near Corhaui 

!Mason AVilliani, niachiuist, house 1 .Mason's Court 

lAIason ^Villianl D., house i Mason's Court 

Masta Joseph A., Indian jdiysieiaii, house 211 School 

j\[astcrson Ann, widow, house -JH Central 

iMastcrson Jane IMrs., house o Crosby ' - 

j\Iastcrson John, house Salem, near Decatur 

Masurc Mary, widow, house l^>ij SuiVolk 

Jlather Joshua, cotton bucking manur"., near Halo's Mills, 

house 141 Gorham 
Mathcs Abraham, carpenter, house AVestford, near Grand 
.Matthews Catharine, widow, house 1 Summer 
IMatthews Frances .Airs., house IS A]jpleton 
Matthews William, Lowell, house Methuen Street 
?Jaxlield Jared P.. at R. White Arms Co.. house :;S Marion 
^klaxfi'dd I'lufus A., Lawrence Cor])oration, house 10 do. 
J\[axfield Stephen C. Mrs., house tiS Lawrence Corporation 
^laxfield Stephen W., machinist, boards G^S Lawrence Corp. 
Mayberry Benjamin B., army, house 72 Middlesex 
]\[ayberry Lliza, variety store, 72 Middlesex, house do. 
I\[aynard Leriah I\lrs., boarding-house, 8 Hamilton Corp. 
]\[aynard Charles A., machinist, house ;> Goward I'lacc 
JMaynard C. I. W., lace and fancy goods, 7ij Mcrr., h. -17 Third 
?.laynard l^lizabeth Mrs., boarding-house, IG Hamilton Corp. 
Maynard John M., house 4'J Dutton, near Lowell 
Maynard John T.., army, house 2G5 Middlesex 
.Maynard Stearns, at Norcross it Saunders', h. 0:!9 Middlesex 
i\Iaynard Thomas, Lowell Alachine Shop, boards 70 do. ■.-• 
i\Iaync3 James, boot-maker, house 20 Keene 
Mazuzan John, at 131 Central, boards 13 Hamilton Corp. 
]McAlarney James, tinsmith, boards ;i North 
McAlarney William, house 3 North 
I\IcAleer John, laborer for city, house 71 Gorham 
iAIcAlccr Joseph, machinist, Alerrimac, boards 71 Gorham 
jMcAleer Joseph, TiOwcU Machine Shop, house 3 George 
]\IcAlhiuey AVilliam, house 38 Ap])letou 
TilcAloon Arthur, soap-manufac., West, house 51 Liver 
.AIcAloon Charles, Middlesex, house 12 Green 
McAloon Ldward, laborer, house 17 Lee 

I. ! 



1,'. ■■ H •■ I 

.' ■T'' . 

132 I LOWKLL [.T2] DIRECTORY. '; i ■; 

McAloon Owen, Boctt Corjxjration, ljo:\i\l.s 10 do. 

IMcAluon Williiuii, Boott C()r])or;itiuii, bonrds IJ.S do, 

MoAliiiuc Alexander,, Ijoards 201 Central 

^McAliiiae Juhn, Lowell, boards 201 Central 

]\Ic Alpine Teter, at N'aylor's .Mill, bonsc 20 I Central 

!McAlpiup Thomas 1)., lieutenant, army, boards 204 Central 

i\IcAl{iinc William T., lieutenant, army, boards 201 Central 

MeAlviu Granville K., clerk, ;;0 Mcrr., boards John ^IcAlvin's 

j\IcAlviu Julin, overseer, llaiu. V.W., h. 1 .Metliuen, u. Seventh 

McAlvin John 13., paynmster, SulFolk, h. 1 Cabot I>loel:, Cabot 

j\IcAlvin John II., city clerk. City Gov. Building, h. 21 Fourth 

I\IcAnabb Julm, laborer, boards 20 Lee 

McAuabb Thomas, laborer, house 20 

McAnelly Frank, card-maker, \)2 -Market, boards 8G Jo. 

j\IcAnelly .lohn, house 1;3 I'leasant 

]\[eAindly Patrick, tailor, houi'c oU Chcsnut 

]\[cAnulty Bridget, widow, house 148 Central 

jMcAnulty Charles, laborer, house oi Middle 

LIcAnulty Francis, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards o Hard 

LloAuulty John, grocer, ;j llurd, house 5 do. 

JMcAnulty John, Chase -Mill, house Green, near George 

]\IeAuulty John, Lowell, house 59 Dutton 

IMcAnulty Mary, widow, house rear 15 Summer 

JMc.Vnulty Patrick, Lowell Corporation, hou&e 21 do. 

McAnulty Patrick, operative, house 24 George, corner Churcdi 

McAnulty Peter, laborer, house 14 Front 

JMcAnulty Peter, house 44 Gorham 

McArdlc Edward, Lowell, house 13 Jcfterson 

McArthur Hector, at Lane & Xowcll's, h. 2l3 Suffolk, Fr. Sq. 

JIcArthur AVilliam. l-owcll Machine Sho]) Foundry, h. OS do. 

!McAtee Patrick, laborer, house Madison, near (iorham 

McLvoy E. Miss, milliner, S5 -Mcrrimac, boards 30 J'aige 

McAvoy James, house 30. Paige 

IMcAvoy John AV., machinist, house 90 F'ast ]\Icrriraac 

McAvoy Joseph, widow of, house North 

McBride John, laborer, house 18 William 

JMcCabe Alexander, laborer, house Maiden Lane 

McCabc Ellen, widow, house 42 Middle 

McCabe James, iliddlescx, boards 1 AVilliam 

ilcCabc James, Chase ilill, house 29 Walnut 

ilcCabc Michael, Middlesex, house 1 1 Davidson 

McCabc Peter, dyer, house AV'all 

McCalfrey John, laborer, house 25 Summer 

'J . ./ _' 


I. '..i, , 

. o'li'iiK y 


McCaffrey ratrlck, laborer, house 53 Middle 

]\rcCaliey Mary, widow, house 27 Summer 

IMcL'ahey Thomas Mrs., widow, house 32 Charles 

jNlcCallicut Catharine Mrs., house 35 Summer 

McCauu Arthur, grocer, 52 Gorhara, hoards 113 do. 

j\IcCanu Bernard, farmer, hoards 14 Massachusetts Corp. 

McCann Catliarinc, widow, house 42 William 

Mc(5aun Francis, Lowell, house 25 J\Iiddle ' ', . 

McCaun James, machinist, house 132 Central 

McCaun John, grocer, 40 Corham, htiuse 113 do. 

]\IcCann Patrick, ^Middlesex, liousc Wall • 

McCann Patrick, hostler, \). Ci. Leavitt's, b. 7 Lowell Corp. 

IMcCanii Lhomas, Appleton, house IG (Jeorge 

I\lcCanu Thomas, Middlesex, house 7 Davidson :. .,■-; 

McCanna Francis, Mcrrimac, house 80 Gorham 

]\IcCanna John, laborer, boards 1 Hurd .. ;'•' , 

IMcCanna Sarah, widow, house 80 Gorhara 

jMcCanna Thomas, laborer, house 10 Cedar 

McCanna William, Mcrrimac, boards 16 Summer 

]\IcCardell Fdwaixl, laborer, house U Jefferson 

JlcCarcn Terrauce, coffin-maker, 8S IMarket, house 'JO do. 

McCaicy John, porter, Mcrrimac House, h. Adams, near Cross 

?ilcCarney Thomas, house 9 Winter 

McCarroll Joscjih, blacksmith, 7(1 Charles, house 71 do. 

McCarron James, variety store, 1G7 Ciorham, house do. 

McCarron John, laborer, house 54 South 

McCarron William, laborer, house 54 South 

McCarter John, watchman, Appleton, house 41 Summer 

IMcCarter William, clerk, 40 Gorham, boards 113 do. 

McCarty Charles, operative, house 2 McCarry's Court 

!McCarty Daniel, laborer, house rear 71 Adams 

JlcCarty Daniel, laborer, house Pi'oadway, near Adams 

McCarty Daniel C. Mrs., boarding-house, 104 Market 

McCarty David, laborer, house 1 Marion 

McCarty David, shoemaker, boards 44 Boott Corporation 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, house 1 ]\IcCarry's Court 

McCarty Elizabeth, widow, house 9 North 

^McCarty h^Uen, widow, house rear 148 Lowell 

McCarty Hugh, laborer, boards G4 Suftblk 

^McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 45 Adams 

^McCarty Jeremiah, army, house 7 Andover 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 20 Jefferson 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 20 North 



/' ' • 

134 LOWKLL [ill] DIUECTOKV. ,, ^ 

McCarty .Tergmiuh, Louse 32 Lcwia 

McCarty John, grocer, oH Middle, house do. 

MoCavty John, sliocuuilccr, house 12 Lowell 

MeCarty John, army, house 38 Lewis 

IMcCarty j\Iary, \vidow, house 22 SulFolk 

McCarty IMichacl, Middlesex, house 4 William 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house o Suffolk Court 

MeCarty Michael, army, house 101 JMavket 

IMcCarty Michael, laljorer, at S. Couvcrs', house 8 Uuion 

ISIcCarty Tatrick, laborer, house 27 Leuwick 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house oo Lowell 

]\IcCarty Patrick, currier, house rear 101 Suffolk 

McCarty Patrick, Lowell ]\Lichiue Sho]i, house 2ij North 

McCarty Thomas, llaiuiltou, house li Davis 

McCarty Thomas, coui'eetiouer, Trench ^ScCo.'s, h. 08 GorLam 

McCarty Thomas, Middlesex, house i) North 

McCarty Timothy, laborer, house iMcDermott's Block, Penwiek 

McCarty "William, job wa^ou, house lOU Lowell 

McCaughey Edward, painter, house Quigley's Alley 

MoCauley Peter, lumberman, house 2'Jl ^liddlesex 

MeCausland Joseph, Puott Corporation, boards 38 do. 

McClannau John, army, house 14 Winter 

MeCluskey r)arney, laborer, house Coburu 

!McClus-key Francis, Lowell iMachinc Shop, house 4 Pearl 

AlcCluskey John, grocer, 1 1 Liver, house 5 P)rown's Court 

MeCluskey John, saw-miller, house Broadway, near School 

I\IeCluskey iAlichael, laborer, house oH Uorham 

McCollom Frances, boarding-huuse, 74 Lawrence Corporation 

McCunnor Mary, widow, house 1 L Davis, opposite Winter 

McCormick George, nav}', house 47 Market 

McCormick Jaraes, laborer, house 38 Gorham 

McCormick John, clerk, J. Cosgrovc's, boards do. 

i^IcCormick Patrick, tailor, house 52 ^larket , 

McCormick Philip, navy, house 4U ]\Lp-ket 

McCormick Thomas, army, house 4 'J Market 

JNIcCormick Thomas, lalwrcr, huuse Wall, corner Davidson 

]\IcCourt Philip, L. M. S. I'oundry, house li) Summer 

J^rcCourtney Andrew, spinner, house Tyler's Block, Front 

McCoy Andrew J., house 20 Church 

McCoy James i\L, commercial academy, 112 Merrimac, house 

2 Stackpole 
]\rcCoy Peter, farmer, house 201 iliddlesex 
McCrackeu Agues, widow, hou5c 07 Church 

...••;rri'Mu If • 1 f.i 


i'W.Af. r 


McCrory Peter, army, liousc GO Gorham 
;McCuc Ann Mrs., house 38 Gorbam ;,s 

McCue Bridget, widow, house rear ') Hancock Avenue 
JIcCuo Hugh, L. i\I. S. Foundry, house 71 do. <;, jj. 

McCue John, L. ]\1. S. Foundry, house 7 (iarnct , . " 

McCue ]\r;irtin, Massachusetts, house iil Worthcn 
llcCue I'atrick, Middlesex, house 10 Green 
]ftcCuc Patrick, house 54 Gorham >, 

T-fcCue Patrick, L. M. S. Foundry, house 5 Adamg 
•i^IcCullough Edward, Middlesex, house Green, near George 
JlcCullough Elizabeth, drcss-mukcr and fancy goods, 83 Cen- 
tral, hoards 207 do. 
McCullough Patrick, army, house Lincoln, near Main 
McCullough Patrick, i\[iddlcscx, house 17 William 
JlcCurdy John T. G., carpenter, liouse G Fifth 
!McCurdy William G., at freight depot, h. E. Pine, c. Marsh'l 
McCurdy William B., carpenter, !Merrimac Corp., bds. 114 do. 
Mc(!asker Jlichacl, laborer, house 1 Green 
Mct^uslicr Owen, Middlesex, house 1 Green .[,,;. 

McDaniels John, house Gates, near Wcstford 
JlcUaniels Jose]ih II., teacher. High School, b. J. ilcDaniels' 
McDcrniott Andrew, Lowell, house 1*J William 
McDcrmott Bridget, widow, house 50 Middlesex 
JIcDcrmott Bridget ]\Ir.s., house 17 Summer 
McDcrmott Dominick, gardener, house rear 90 Gorham 
!Mcl)ermott Elizabeth, widow, house 3 High 
McDcrmott Francis, laborer, hou.'^c Lincoln Place 
McDcrmott Francis, at Gas House, house rear 141 Lowell 
McDcrmott James, army, house 18 Kiver 
LIcDermott James, hostler, Lovejoy & Morse's, h. 15 E. Merr. 
I^IcDcrmott Michael, Middlesex, house 24 George, c. Church 
McDcrmott Owen, army, house 2'J Davidson 
^McDcrmott Patrick, laborer, house 33 Kecue, near Chapel 
McDcrmott Peter, laborer, house 39 Adams 
^McDcrmott 'i'homas, laborer, house 5 Davidson 
^McDcrmott 'J'homas, farmer, house High Street S(|uare 
IMcDcrmott Thomas, army, house 20 Davidson 
McDonald Alexander, laborer, house 1 Wall 
McDonald Ann, widow, house 7 Jefferson 
]\IcDonald Catharine, widow, house rear 15 Summer 
^McDonald Edwin, milkman, boards 105 East I\Ierrimae 
McDonald Eugene, machinist, boards 41 Appleton 
McDonald Hugh, Lowell, house rear 15 Summer 

Co r 

• I.-17/.-.J 

VIM' 7/ 

-I' ill" ' (,7.i ) -.fMftl 

'i ;-.i;'!>'l ,'.; ■ 

' ' ! S ^ 


^McDonald Jaraes, laborer, bouse SI Crosby 

McDonakl .Tcremiab, tcam.stcr, bouse rear 11 Tborndike 

McDonald Jercmiab, laborer, bouse 20 Common 

McDonald Jobn, engraver, Mcrr. P. W., b. 101 Meir. Corp. 

McDonald Jobn, mat naanufacturcr, 10 Ilale, bouse do. 

McDonald Micbael, Cbase Mill, bouse 2G Nortb 

McDonald Micbael, laborer, bouse Davidson Lane 

McDonald Micbael, stone mason, bouse 2 Knowlos Place 

McDonald Patrick, barness-maker, 290 Middlesex, bouse do. 

McDonald Patrick, Powell, bouse rear 15 Summer 

McDonald Peter, stone mason, boards 2 Knowles Place 

McDonnell Tbomas, .Middlesex, bouse o-i Hamilton Corp. 

McDonougb Jobn, laborer, bouse rear G7 Aliddle 

MeDonougb Micbael, Middlesex, bouse 14 George i 

McDonougb Tbomas, Hamilton, b. Soutb, near Middlesex 

McDool Patrick, American Bolt Co., bouse foot ofJoiucr 

McDuffee Jonas, belt-maker, bouse 4: Tyler 

McElbany William, at H. Brown's, bouse 38 Appleton 

McElroy Jobn, pipe-layer, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation [ 

McEurcc Jobn, Lowell ^Licbine Sbop, bouse Piver ' 

McEnroe Lawrence, barber, at Bartb's, boards 10 Wall 

McEntce Patrick, Lowell, bouse 40 Paige I 

McEvoy Ann, widow, bouse Suffolk, rear Cross j 

McEvoy Bridget, widow, bouse opposite 21 Spring 

McEvoy Hugb, tailor, 2 Canal Block, Central, b. Mt. Pleasant 

McEvoy Jobn F., counsellor, 75 Central, boards H. jMcl^-oy's 

McEvoy Jobn W., provisions, 71 IMarkct, b. OO E. Merrimac 

McEvoy Patrick H., carpenter, boards H. McEvoy's j 

McFarlin Luke ( ir. Sf L. McF.), boards William McFarlin's 

McrarliuAVm.(]r. S^- L. JfcF.). ice dealer, 94 Pawtuckct, b. do. 

Mcfiann Barney, Cbase Mill, bouse at Dracut 

McGarey Jobn, Merrimac House, b. Adams, corner Broadwry 

McGarey Patrick, bouse Varnum's Cottage, Piver 

McGarrity Catbarine, widow, bouse 1 Crosby 

^McGarrity Jobn, at Naylor's ilill, boards 1 Crosby 

McGarrity Jobn H., army, bouse 1 Crosby 

MeGillogly Patrick, laborer, bouse lo Green 

McGirty Daniel, laborer, bouse rear 50 Middle 

McGlaugblin Micbael, sbocmaker, bouse 22 Gorbam 

McGlincbey James, lileacbery, bouse Kirk Avenue 

McGlone Tbomas, Bleacbery, bouse 7 do. • ■ 

McGovcrin Francis, fancy goods, 1 Ivast Merrimac, bouse do, 

McGoveriu Peter, laborer, bouse 2 Garnet i 

) rr:.!/ 


,.'U •*■.! . ,! •.,• 

:.» L ^i 

.V i 



!McGovern Dennis, carpenter, house 35 Lowell 

JlcCiovcrn Mary, widow, house 37 William 

]\rc(Juvcru Patrick, house CO Jlivcr 

]\rc(ilovcrii Patrick, laborer, house 37 William - i 

Mctjrovern Philip (iloosac Tunucl), house 9t Lowell 

^IcGovcru William, laborer, house 31: William '. w 

Mc(io\veu Samuel, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

^Ic(iowcu William, laborer, house Pleasant 

Jlctjlrade .Fames, laborer, 3;) .Market, house rear 27 AVilliam 

o^lcCirath Henry, labqi-cr, house oS South 

]M«(rrath Patrick, laborer, house 110 Last i\lerrimac 

McGrath William, carpenter, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 

Jlctiregor James, carpet weaver, Xaylor's, house .'! Crosby 

^Mc(ruane John, machinist, T^. M. S.,. house 01 (iorham 

jMcGuinness James W., Middlesex, boards Hamilton Corp. 

]\IcGuinness Patrick, bolt-mukcr, house Fayette 

jNlcdluire Barney, teamster, Livingston's, h. Prewery Court 

jMcGuire Catharine, widow, house Common, near Cross 

^McCiuire Cornelius, variety store, 25 Summer, house do. 

McGuire Francis, Blcachery, house 287 Middlesex 

!Mc(ruirc Hugh, laborer, house 73 East Mcrrimac 

McGuire Hugh, at Wm. Kittredge's, house rear 03 Middle 

!McGuire James, Lowell Machine Shop, house 89 Adams 

^McGuire Jainos, laborer, house 13 Somerset 

!McGuire James, laborer, house i George 

JIcGuirc James, teamster, Livingston's, house Brewery Court 

McGuire John, Blcachery, house Kidder, near Gorham 

McGuire John, at Livingston's, house Brewery Court 

McGuire ^Martin, Blcachery, house LivingBton 

!McGuire ^Lary Mrs., house 5 Cross 

McGuire Michael, laborer, boards Common, corner Cross 

J\lc(.«uirc jMiohael, Lowell Machine Shop, house 34 Common 

McGuire- Michael, laborer, house 7 Queen, near Middlesex 

McGuire Michael, hostler, house 13 Somerset 

McCiuire Patrick, laborer, house Brewery Court 

McCiuirc Thomas, Middlesex, house 17 Winter 

iMcGuire, see Jfa(/Hire 

jMcGuirk James, laborer, house Hancock Avenue 

;McGuirk Patrick, grocer, Suffolk, u. Lagrange, h. 32 Suff. 

McHolland Michael, laborer, house Smith's Court, Hanover 

^IcHugh James, clock repairer, 49 IMarkct, house do. 

!McHugh John, ^Mcrrimac Corporation, boards 139 do. 

Mcllvany John, Boott, house 5 Brown's Court 


;;/•' :- i-.-^^ 

p',. » 

Ul >vo.( 

vof !-< . lit :,i I? 

•!•.','. 't '■< * i 

(./lip,. I, ..' 


Mclnncnny John, at J. C. Aycr &; Co.'ri, house 13 IMcasaut 

MclnneiiDy Joseph, at John Jlolt's, house 'JH Water 

Mclntire Albiou C, army, house llU Central 

Mclntirc Klbridge, butcher, house WiUler, near railroad 

Mclntire Ira, painter, house 77 Aferriuuic Corjjoration 

Mcintosh Mary A. Mrs., house lOD Merrimac Corporation 

]\Iclvce Alexander, Lowell, house 2 Mechanic 

McKce David, harness-maker, A. C Sa\vyer's, house llivcr 

McKcc John, boiler-maker, house 51 Dutton 

McKec ilichael, Middlesex, house 11 Davidson " ' 

McKeever James, 31iddlesex, bourds hO ^Middle 

McKeever John, laborer, house lOG Market 

Mclvellar David, restorator, 79 ^larket, house do. 

JMcKendry John, army, house rear 272 Merrimac 

McKenna Owen, porter, American House, house 5 Merrimac 

McKenney John H., blacksmith, Lawrence Corp., h. ll do. 

McKenney Mary, widow, house rear 18 Winter i 

McKenney ^\'illiam, laborer, house 38 Appletou 

!McKenzic John, army, house 9 ^liddle, opposite ward room 

j\l.cKenzic AVilliam, patent leather worker, house Canada 

McKeown John, boot-maker, o4 Central, house 18 Market 

McKeowu Lawrence, house rear 57 liiver 

McKcowu Timothy, mason, house 48 South 

McKeowu William, ^liddlescx, house 48 Andovcr 

McKiernan John, army, house 24 Winter 

!^[cKimm James, cigar-maker, boards 41 Summer 

McKimm William ^Irs., house 41 Summer 

McKinley John, army, huuse 50 Gorhum 

!McKissock liobcrt, shoemaker, I'rescott Block, ]\Icrr., h. 7 First 

McK night James, army, house Lawrence Street Court 

McKnight Mary, widuw, house Lawrence Street Court 

McLaughlin Ann, widow, house 7 North 

^Icl^aughlin Lcruard, laborer, house o Swift 

McLaughlin Charles, machinist, boards 3 Trcmont Corporation 

JlcLauglilin Charles, house G8 Suflolk, corner Cross 

LlcLaughlin Dennis, ^Middlesex, boards James Daily's 

McLaughlin Edward, mason, house 12 Layette 

McLaughlin Francis, Merrimac, house 20 Kirk Avenue 

McLaughlin Frank, laborer, boards 3 Swift 

McLaughlin James, Lleaehery, house rear 15 Summer 

^McLaughlin James, house 8 North 

McLaughlin James, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

McJ-aughlin John, laborer, house 37 Lowell 

inc.- ..An ". 

,1 , )■' 1 


r ■A .' ■< 


^McLauglilin Julni, at J. C. A3'er & Co.'s, house 2 Green 

McLauglilin John Mrs., house Little 

jMcLaughliu Kiuna, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

McLaughlin iMargaret, widow, house 87 JIaiket 

]\lcLaughlin ^larj^, widow, house 02 SufFulk 

McLauglilin Mary, widow, house North 

[McLaughlin ^Michael, Jliddlcscx, house IG George 

JlcLaughlin ]\Iichacl, Lowell Machine Shop, h. ;").') Gorhara 

]\lcLaughlin Michael, watchman, Stott's Mills, h. Is High 

^IcLaughlin I'atrick, laborer, house 14 "Winter 

j\!cr.aughlin Philip, laborer, house 47 Crorhaiu 

jMcLaughlin Thomas, house 8i) Market 

McLaughlin Timothy .Mrs., widow, house 08 Suffolk, c. Cross 

McLaughlin, see NcGhutyJiUn 

IMcLcnnan John C, overseer, Lowell, h. Gold, corner School 

]\lcLoney Charles, Boott Corporation, boards l]8 do. 

]\IcLucas Abraham, machinist, ]i. ]\L S., b. 43 Mass. Corp. 

!McMahon Daniel, Stott's Mills, house Davidson, c. IIowc 

Mc^Iahou James, Lleachery, house 13 ^^ inter 

McMahon James, Boott, house Liver 

McMahon Jane, house Green, near George 

McMahon John, at Stott's ?ilills, house 77 East Morrimac 

[McMahon John, Bleachcry, house Prospect 

]\[cMahon John, f;irmer, house Liver 

McMahon Owen, fruit dealer, house rear 13 "Winter 

McMahon Patrick, laborer, house 28 William 

McMahon Peter, laborer, house 30 Middle 

[McManaman Bernard, at iliplcy's [Mill, h. Thorndike, n. Halo 

McManaman Bridget, widow, house 13-AVilliam 

McManus Cornelius, at J. C. Aycr & C!o.'s, house 12 "William 

[McManus John, laborer, house 2 Davidson 

McManus John, Massachusetts, house 31 Liver •, 

McManus John Mrs., house 12 William 

[McManus Michael, laborer, house 10 North 

Mc-Manus Patrick, laborer, house 20 Davidson 

[McManus Patrick, army, house 21 Green 

McMastcr Allen, shoemaker, boards 3S Cabot/ 

[Mc[Master Irving, shoemaker, boards 38 Cabot 

McMaster John, cabinet-maker, boards 7 litiwrence Corp. 

[Mc[Master John, machinist, house 3 High Street Scjuarc 

[McMaster Lucas I., shoemaker, boards 00 Lawrence Corp. 

[McMillen Alexander, at 11. B. Smith's, b. 3 Jlerrimac Corp. 

McMonagal Stephen, Boott, house Hampshire 


.1 I f/O.l 

r I ' ' ' ' 

i.:ti.i!i; '■' '. 

;■' .1' .' .Mr,) ' 



( 11 

McMorrow James, laLorcv, liouse 17 Cctlar 
McMorrow Michael, wool-sorter, Middlesex, house 15 Chapel 
J MoMullcn John, hostler, G. W. Norris', boards 15 Winter 

McNabb John, I>owcll Machine Shop, house 5 l.'arpet Lane 
McNabb John, L. jM. S. h'oiindry, boards 13,Ijoott Corp. 
McNabb John, L. M. S., liousc l^.'i I'roadway, near Adams 
JIoNamara Owen, constable, 4 Museum lUiild., h. 2 Court A v. 
McNamara .Micli'l, laborer, C. V. Talbot & Co.'s, h. 70 Chestnut 
, MeXamara Michael, blacksmith, boards 17!) Lawrence 

McXamara Michael, ^Middlesex, house 413 \\'illiam 
. ]\IcXamara Patrick, army, house Linden, south of Auburn 

I McNamara Thomas, machinist, boards 12 William 

I McNeill William T., carpenter, house 7 Fourth 

I McNish ITcury L. (J/tvV^. J)- Jinder), wood-working machinery, 

J Mechanic's jNlills 

I McNulty, see JIcAnnlfi/ 

McOsker Fergus, sash-makcr, house 5 Summer ■ ■,,. x 
j jMeOsker Owen, arm3^ house F Pleasant 

I McOweu Timothy, mason, house 48 South 

I McPhetres Betsey ^Irs., house oO Charles 

} MolMietres Samuel A., at Courier office, house CO Charlea 

] McQuadc Ann, house 148 Central 

f Mc(~,>uadc Bridget, widow, house 2 "William 

! Mc'^hiadc I'ridgct, widow, house 12 Ceurge *'' ' 

I !McQuadc Catharine, widow, house 20 Cedar 

]Me<^>uade I'Ulen, widow, house 57 Middle 
McQuadc Francis, army, house rear 8 William 
{ ]\IeQuade James, laborer, house 9 Summer 

( Mc(^)uadc James, laborer, Ayer';^ City, house Manchester 

j McQuade Joseph, Lowell ^lachinc Shop, boards Summer 

' McQuade .Margaret, widow, house rear 71 Middle 

ilcQuadc Mary, widow, house rear 15 Fnion 
JIcQuade -Matthew, Middlesex, house P>'J A\'illiara 
]\IcQuade Michael, laborer, house rear 04 Ciorham 
j\lcQuade ]\lichacl, butcher, house 77 Charles >» 

.McQuade Michael. Middlesex, house 12 (ieorgc 
]\lcQuaid J'Mward, L. ]\1. Shop Foundry, b. Murty IMcQtiaid's 
^Ic(Juaid -Murty, roller turner, h. Mt. N'crnon. near Liberty 
!McQuesten Arthur, Boott Corporation, boards 1 1 do. 
^McQuesten Benjamin, peddler, house IGU Moody 
McQuesten John, army, house IGG Moody 
McQuesten lAither, -watchman, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
ilcBtrnan Elleu, widow. Louse 5S Bivcr 

V ;( 

,1. .' ' ii : 


;■■ 'I 

'.' I- '< 

.,t I .? 



]\IcShaffrcy John, army, house Hancock Avenue, corner Clark 

McShea John, Hamilton, house 4 I'leasant Court 

McShca John, house 2 Knowles Place, Davidson 

JlcShea ]\1 organ, fish-dealer, 320 Merrimac, house do. 

McShca Owen, at H. Howard's, house 118 Middlesex 

JlcSoley John, mason, house 47 Prescott Corporation 

McSolcy Patrick, mason, hoards 47 Prescott Corporation 

McSorley Alexander, grocer, 80 Middle, house do. 

McSwegan Patrick, house 15 William 

McVaney James, laborer, house 7.'! Kiver ■ ■ ■ - ■ * 

McVey Daniel, house S3 Charles 

^IcVey Daniel, Jr., Appleton, boards 83 Charles 

JlcWade Melissa, boarding-house, 80 Merrimac Corporation 

]\Ic Williams John, L. M. S. I'oundry, house 15 Summer 

IMcWilliams Thomas, Pleachery, house 16 Summer 

McAVilliams William, L. M. S. Foundry, liouse 15 Summer 

ilead (ieorge G., painter, house 74 Church 

]\Iead John, army, house opposite 30 Adams 

Mead ^latthias, ag't, stoves and tinware, 118 Cent., h. 10 Alder 

]\Iead Patrick, at 40 Merrimac, house 14 Willie Avenue 

!Mcad Ransom L., tanner, boards 74 Church . ., 

Mead Thomas, laborer, house rear 42 Appleton 

Meadowcroft James {Am. Bull Co.), h. 3Ioore, n. Whipple 

IMcadowcroft John P., at Am. Bolt Co., b. Moore, u. ^^ hijiple 

Meagher liridget, widow, house rear 2'J Summer 

j\lcagher John, currier, at A. ]']. Bridge & Co.'s 

IMeagher Michael, at A. E. Bridge >.^' Co.'s, boards 3 jMcTntire 

ileagher Thomas, at A. Jl Bridge & Co.'s, house Lincoln 

Mealey Edward, army, house 107 East'I\Ierrimac 

i\lealcy Islizabeth, widow, house 53 ]\Iarket • ' '" 

!Mealcy Frank, Lowell, boards 44 Boott Corporation 

^Icaley John J., stamp-maker, boards 53 I\Iarket 

Mealey Michael, Lowell, house 107 East Merrimac 

Mears Charles H., boarding-house, 61 Lawrence Corporation 

!Mears Porter, teamster, Boott Corporation, house 8 do. 

Mecham Sam'l, loom ham. maker, 100 Moody, h. 1 Morse's lane 

]^Iehan Brothers, furniture, &c., 24 Prescott 

!Mehan Daniel, Bleacher}', house Lincoln, north of tannery 

^lehan John (J/. Jims.), 21 Prescott, house Ninth 

Jlehau Owen, tinsmith, boards 37 Fayette 

!Mehan 'J'homas (M. Jh-os.), 24 Prescott, house Hampshire 

IMehegan Thomas, tanner, house south of Aycr's City 

Meuau Patrick, widow of, house 30 Davidson 

i.r.i •«•'-' 

•r .1 


, T .... ,..< 

; .1.: l;/)f' 

I ' 

■J- \. r.r ' < 

142 LOWELL r.Tffi DIRECTOItY. ' ?' 

Meikle .TaniC3 J., block printer, house "9 CrosLy 

Jleldruin Kobcrt, cbciuist, house -'t-^ School, ojipositc Gold 

Mcllen J^crnard, IJoott, bouse 50 Middle 

lAlellcn George, moulder, L. i\I. S. Foundry, b. 74 Middlesex 

Jlellcn (Jeo. H., bot. pbys'n. Central, c. Jack., b. Howard House 

Mellon James, carpenter, house IG Adams 

^fellcn I>awrencc, army, house rear 272 ^[errijnac 

Mcllen Patrick, butcher, house Andovcr, corner Water 

Mcllen Veuctia, house 191 Central 

Melvin Benjamin, machinist (IJoston), house 4 Tord 

Melvin Uciijamin ¥., boot-maker, house Til Coburu 

Melvin 15cnjarain F., Jr., farmer, house Old lioad 

!Mclvin Betsey Mrs., house 2.'i ^larshall 

Melvin Charles F., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 00 do. 

Melvin Charles F., trader, boards 17Fowcll 

Melvin Dawes, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, h. LO do. 

Melvin Dustin B., machinist, house 31 Marion 

Melvin Goodman B., clerk, 94 Market, house o I Cobura 

Melvin H. L. ]\Irs., house 381 ]\Ierrimac, west of Austin 

Melvin James (Wan-en Sf M.), 1 Canal Block, h. 23 Marshall 

Melvin Jerome B., insurance agent, house 14 High 

Melvin John, file-cutter, at Hiscox & Co.'s, b. Howard House 

Melvin Joshua, botanic physician, 65 Fletcher, house do. 

Melvin Joshua, Jr., shocnuiker, D. Swan's, h. 4 2 Lagrange ; 

Jlclvin Bufus, house 7tJ 'i'hird ! 

Memo Alfred, laborer, house Howard, corner j\Iiddlcscx i 

Mcndum John, army, house 4 Adams, Franklin Square j 

JNIcrccr Kichard P., overseer, Hamilton Corporation, h. 12 do. j 

Meredith b'dward, painter, at Samuel Con vers' • 

Merriam Albert, chair manufac, Si Broadway, near AVillie, 

house 168 do., near (iuard Locks 
!Merriam Jacob A., carpenter, house 20 Austin 
Jlcrriam Mary A. Mrs., house 20 Austin 
Merrill Alphonzo, job wagon, house 1 1 Fifth 
Merrill Bartlett C, at 37 ]\Icrrimac. house 30 Hurd 
Merrill Charles i\L, boarding-house, 4 Lowell Corporation j 

Merrill l-^lwin, shoemaker, house 20 High j 

Merrill Elizabeth .^Irs., boarding-hotise, 13 Suffolk Corp. j 

]\Ierrlll Farnura, trader, house 48 Flui i 

^lerrill Horatio N., .Mcrrimac Corporation, house 50 do. 
^lerrill John F., overseer, Lawrence, house 67 Salem 
Merrill Joshua, bookseller and bindery, 37 -Aferr., h. 23 Chapel 
Merrill Marccllus B., boards 50 Merrimac Corporatiuu 

'iu: -.0^1.7 I Jf I .• .. vo? 


I ■ M<;i,,;< 

I ■ .II' 

1, ,. . -I 1 ',' 

.../ li. " ".' 


i\Ierrill Osliorn, carpenter, house 18 Fifth 

:\lerrill Sanmel II., niach., II. 15. Sinith'rf, b. 17 N. Frank. Ct. 

iMcrrill William P., cari)cntcr, house Clay 

JMerritt Charles, carpenter, house 100 Middlesex 

iMerritt Wesley I\l., gas-fitter, at Barker's, boards 1 Ford 

]\lcscrvc Eben, depot master, jtlcrr. St. Depot, h. 2i Applcton 

JNIeserve liheu, Jr., L. M. S. Foundry, h. G ]\Iiddlcsex i'lacc 

iMessengcr Enoch, ]\Ii(ldlesex, house 71 Warren 

]\Iesser Abiel, stone mason, house 1 High Street Square 

Llesser Henry L., clerk, boards 1 High Street Square 

]\Ietcalf David S., overseer, Lowell, house Beacon, near Third 

]\Ietcalf (jieorgc E., Union Bolt Co., house 31 Walnut 

IMctcalf Martin L., Middlesex, house east side of Clay 

]\letliod Adolph, at A. L. Brooks', house 11 ^liddlcscx Place 

j\Iidgley Thomas, Belvidere Woollen Mills, house 20 Ash 

Mignault V. N., French upholsterer, 11. 'i Middlesex 

Miles Alfred, machinist, at W. Bobinson's, house London 

]Miles Freeman, currier, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 

Miles James, army, house London 

ililes Hannah Mrs., boarding-house, Lincoln, near i\lain 

IMiller George, gardener, .Mrs. W. Livingston's, h. 1 1 Marshall 

Miller Henry, machinist, boards 20 Applcton Corporatiuii 

Miller Joseph, carpenter, at 10 Central, house 17 \N'illic Av. 

]\lillcr Oliver, shoemaker, house 9 Cabot 

]\liller Samuel, at Stott's Mills, house 13 Andover '• "'• • 

Milliken Frank J., clerk, house 37 Bartlett 

]\Iillikcn Johu, upholster, Adams, North & Co.'s, h. 1 Ilurd 

j\Iills Eliza Mrs., house 21S School 

j\lills Martin V., army, house la Lawreace Corporation 

]\lilner Thomas, army, house 17 Marshall 

]\Iimnaugh John, stone-cutter, h. oS Hamilton Block, Gorham 

I\liner Abram, army, house ;") Westford, near Gates 

]\Iiner Charles, police, boards 139 Mcrrimac Corporation 

JMiner Bosa, widow, house 15 William 

i\Iinot Chas. A., chair painter, j\Ierriara's, b. Howard House 

Mitchell Daniel F. {Blood &)• M.), h. A'arncy, c. Mt. Wash'u 

]\litchell George, ilerrimac Corporation, boards 130 do. 

IMitchcll George E., photographist, .S9 .Alerrimac, house 35 Elm 

]\litchell Joseph, army, house 330 ^Icrrimac 

Mitchell Loring, machinist, boards Thorndike 

]\litchell William, at Naylor's Mill, boards James's 

T>Uv:ener Philip S., pattern-maker, Kitson's, b. 134 3.Lrr. Corp. 

Moar John E., IMcrrimuc Corporation, boards 25 do. 


'' Tl 

.• ..''I 

. .>. )'• ... 

" \ .^ 

■J..'- '1 , ■,):' ■.':■■. I -i; J'. 

.' ir.'ift ,..'1 /i'.vi, ij.'-M. 

144: LOAVEij. [jTI] directory. t : ;. 

Moar Stephen, overseer, ]\rcrrimac Corporation, house 25 do. 

MoCfatt -lames, Chase Mill, huusc 41 (rorham 

Molloy I'Alward, gas-litter, at H. 11. Barker's 

Molloy George, trunk-iuaker an J emigration agent, 20 Central, 

house 1 iMolloy's Court 
Molloy John, laborer, house 282 Merrimac 
Molloy Margaret, widow, house rear 7G Charles 
IMolloy William, Middlesex, boards 5 Lawrence 
I\Iouaghan Arthur, laborer, house rear 272 Merrimac 
Monaglian Cornelius, laborer, house 77 Eiver 
Slonaghan Henry, laborer, house Lee, next stone church 
Monahan John, laborer, house 70 Lowell 
Monahan Owen, laborer, house 'J Davidson ^. 

JMonahau Peter, clerk, GG Gorham, boards do. 
Monroe Charles, Massachusetts, house .■>2 High 
i\Ionroe Lyman C, accountant, boards 32 High 
JMouteith Itobert, ^lassachusetts Corporation, boards 27 do. 
Monty Albert W., Massachusetts Corporation, boards 27 do. 
Monty Charles W., at Bartlett & Moody's, b. 3 Ham. Corp. 
jMonty Wellington, Merrimac Corporation, boards L'iO do. 
Moody Alphouzo F., painter, ^Middlesex, house 22 Warren 
Moody Amos P. {Jhn-tldt S)- Jf.), 52 :\Iiddlescx, h. 82 Ajjplcton 
Moody Andrew, superintendent, Lowell Mach. Shop, h. 1 Kirk 
]\Ioody Daniel, house 1 Tilden Court 

Moody Daniel, Jr., carpenter, Lawrence Corporation, h. 4 do. 
JMoody David, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 10 do. 
Moody David J., house 3.S7 Merrimac 
Moody .lob, teamster, house 107 Merrimac Corporation 
Moody Joseph D., Indian physician, IS-i Central, house do. 
Moody ^Lihala, boarding-house, 37 ^Massachusetts Corp. 
Moody Samuel S., Lowell Machine Shop, house -16 do. 
Moody Sarah Mrs.; house 133 Merrimac Corporation 
Mooney Benjamin G., police, house 29 Willie 
Mooney Christopher, grocer, 19 East Merrimac, house do. 
]\Iooney David, Massachusetts Corporation, house 29 do. 
Mooney John C, carpenter, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 
Mooney Michael, house 18 Winter 
I\Iooncy Michael, Boott Corj^oration, boards 53 do. 
Mooney Peter, Prescott, boards 24 Massachusetts Corporation 
Mooney Samuel 3Irs., house 300 School 
Mooney Thomas, laborer, house 10 Wall 
Mooi-e Azubah, widow, house Gl West Hnion 
Moore C. B. Mrs., dress-maker, house 32G Merrimac 


.ci) '" . • .' -ii .:; -r' 

!j.-i:;i • " 'i-.' .M 

f:> .■i.!''. :■. 

I.; /'' L''. • 

■ It' 

-|. ■ ,■ -J 

•I'.l/. /•, 

4 o f. i If: .<i 



Moore rraiK'is Iv, sliocrnalvor, 14 Middle, bds. r>l Mass. Corp. 

.Moore Fraiu'is L, i\rrs., house (iorliaui, south of railroad 

.M<)orc Frank, Lowell, hoards SO Merrimac Cor])oratioii 

ifoure George, Stott'.s Mills, 81 Water 

Moore George K., boards Gl West Union 

Moore Horatio ^., overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 87 do. 

^loore Horatio N., manuf. of millinery goods, h. 2'2') Midd'x 

Moore Huuiphrcj l\, machinist, a 'J'ilden 

Moore James M., overseer, Middlesex, house '.iO Clay, c. Oak 

^loore Jesse Mrs., house i .Moore 

Moore John, Merrimac Corporation, boards l.T-l do. 

iloore John (J., overseer, Middlesex, house 2-15 Central 

Moore John H., at Streeter it Towers', bds. 38 ]^ott Corp. 

Jloore John N., bootmaker, l'J;5 Central, house do. 

Jloore John K., blacksmith, at I). Lovejoy's, b. 01 W. Ihnon 

^loore Joseph, engineer. Mechanics' Mills, house 14 Ivoek 

Moore Lucius B., cigar manuf., Gorham, e. Moore, h. Moore 

Moore Mary E. ^Irs., house 1 Suffolk Corporation. 

Moore Nancy, dress-maker, boards 1"* Hurd 

Moore SalathicL boots and shoes, !!>;] Middlesex, h. Moore 

]Moore Thomas, fingincer, honse 1!)0 Middlesex 

Moore William, billiard saloon, Wentworth's Bl'k, Merrimac 

Moors Albert, IMeaehcry, house 297 Central 

Moors Augustus P. (IJoston), house Moore 

floors Simoon Mrs., liouse stone house, Moore 

Morahan Cornelius, laborer, house 1") lliver 

Moran Bernard, laborer, house 10 Howe 

Morau Bernard, Lawrence Corporation, boards 07 do. 

Moran George, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Moran James, laborer, house .')7 Fenwick 

Moran John, cigar-shop, ;i Briilge, near Merrimac 

Moran John, Merrimac Corporation, house 10.") do. 

^Ln-an John, Middlesex, house Davidson, corner Howe 

Moran John, laborer, house 47 Fenwick 

Morau Joseph, bobbin-maker, house Middlesex Place 

Moran Mary Jane Mrs., house 2G.'J Middlesex 

Moran .Michael, at Wm. Kittredge's. h. 1.") E. Aferr-.c. Davidson 

Moran Michael, laborer, house rear 70 Lowell 

^Moran Michael, Middlesex, house Howe, corner Davidson 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house 1 1 F'enwick 

^loran Patrick, cooper, house 10 Lowell 

iloran Thomas, L. i\L S. F'oundry, h. rear Smith, u. Mt.Vcruou 

itoran William, laborer, at C. H. Wilder's 


■' '.Y 

If 1 ' 

il '.1 

'■. .■!,! ..' 

, •!■■'■ I 

■A .' ■ : .-' •..•i rti..' ■ 

if. :, 

li ■ ■ . . ■ 1 

t..;: ' U ... if' 

r-.j;, I ...' ,j.f.. <!» r ,^.^^.Af. 

146 LOAVEI.L [;^i] DIUECTORY. . 

Morcy Clara, widow, house "2.-17 (iorliain 

Morcy (ieo. F. (A'/iapp .y J/.). ^ ^ <-'t;i't.. h. 9 Cabot lU'k, Calx)t 
iMorcy Shcnuaa M., contractor, L. M. S., liuusc 22 do. 
Morcy Thomas J., at l> Applcton JMoik, house at 'rewkslniry 
Morcy William, printer. Citi/.cn oHice, house -12 I5artlrtt 
Morgau ('hristopher, overseer, Lawrence Corp., house ■'•{> do. 
Morgan J'Jbenezer {Jlidbard 4- M.), real estate hrckc]-, em- 
ployment oilice, 15 li Merr., c. Suft'olk. b. ;>(> Lawr. Cor. 
Morgan Henry 1)., cabinet maker, bds 12 N, I'ranklin Court 
Morgau Sliapley {Unini JJult di.), house 2lJ3 Central 
Moriarty Joanna, widow, house 2U Adams 
Morlcy John, lioott Corjioration, boards l.'t do. 
Morrill (Jaarles, priiuipil, (ircen Sjhuol, b. Mcrrimac House 
Morrill Elizabeth, widow, house o\ Chapel 
Morrill I'lugene, painter, boards ol Chapel 
Morrill Ezekicl 1)., lieutenant, army, boards ;)0 Bartlett 
Morrill I'^zra, carpenter, huuse 81 liroadway 
]\Iorrill George E.. Lowell ALichinc Shop, h. Pearl, Centralvillo 
Morrill ILmuah vV.. huusc 31 Chaj)!'! 

jMorrill isathaniel W., jniinter. l8") Corham, house 2o Walnut 
IMorrill Samuel '1'., shoemaker, house ;il I'rescwtt L'orp. 
Morrill Sarah, house 120 Moody 

Morrill W. M., at Sargent A: Co.'s i^xprcss, b. Merr. Huuse 
Morris Ann Mrs., house ;")!) West I'nion 
Morris James, laborer, house f-0 Middlesex 
I^lorris -lames, ])eddler, house \?) Broadway 
Murris John, machinist, L. M. Shop, h. 1;J N. Erankliu Court 
^Morris ^Lu•tin. bakjr, ;M i'aige, huuse do. 
Morrisey Dennis, army, house Adams 

!^LJrrisey Taschal, carriage-maker, Eaton's, b. 2.") Ham. Corp. 
Morrison Albert, wire-worker, 10 Central, boards ."> Harrison 
Morrison David, currier, house 10 Decatur 
Morrison Dependence, belt-7iiaker. boards \ Lord 
Morrison Haniudi T. Mrs., boardiiig-hcmse, 1 .iMtrrimac Corp^ 
Morrison Hugh, house north side ot" Lowell 
ilorrison James, Mcrrimac, house 24 Worthen 
Morrison James, laborer, house 47 AHddle 
Morrison James CL, ovcr.seer, Middlesex, house GO Cliureh 
Morrison James 1j., army, boards ;iO Appleton tJorporation 
Morrison John, overseer, Appleton Corftoration, house oO do. 
Morrison John F., music teacher, boards iJO Appleton Cor[). 
JMorrisou I,conard IL, machinist, boards DO Church 
Morrison Ixobcrt H., job wagon, house Mcrrimac, near 'I'ildcu 

a, I.; //ovi 


-j-i;;'.t J'.-, r^li 1 «; 

;v..i ^ 

...i... I .. ,i,r.., . 

' ■: ■[...': ■ ■■■■■> 'I. I 

I ■ ^ ; (. 

II. ' • <" 

li J-i 


Sforrison AVilliam D. !Mrs., house 4.') Summer 

^lonow Juliii, moulder, L. M. S. Foundry, Louse 32 Chestnut 

Morse Amos M., blacksmith, J. B. Eaton's, h. 119 Central 

Morse Ikla II., overseer, Middlesex, house 20 High 

Morse Charles (Chicago), liouse IG Appleton Corporation 

Morse Charles II., grocer, 12G Central, house 124 do. 

Morse Edwin ];., paper carrier, house Gl Adams 

Morse Ezckicl U., at Sargent & Co.'s Ivxprcss, h. 288 Central 

jNIursc Franklin (i., farmer, house 8 I'ifth 

Morse (Jeorge II., jiatent leather worker, boards 81 Appleton 

Morse Henry 0. (Ljrcjn!/ .-y J/.), house 20 Staokpole 

JMorse Henry S., paymaster. Chase Mill, house G5 Eawrencc 

I^Iorse James C, fruit, periodicals, &c., 133 Central, h. 157 do. 

jMorsc .lames E.; variety store. Liberty S((., b. 7 S. Franklin Ct. 

]\Iorsc James F. (Boston), house 1G9 Moody 

Morse James N., at Xoi'cross iJc Saunders', house 45 Willie 

Morse James W., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 81 Appleton 

JMorsc John W., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Morse Nathan C, shoemaker, house 177 ]\[errimac Corp. 

Morse ^^'iUianl, at Stott's Mills, house 4 Water, near Pond 

Morse William (>., overseer, ^Massachusetts Corp., h. 4G do. 

!Morse Willis, machinist, house 81 Appleton 

Mort James W., cigar manuf., 77 Central, house 52 Bartlett 

Morton Isaac, painter, house 30 Ajtpletou 

Morton True, machinist, boards 14 North Franklin Court 

^lorton William, machinist, house north end of Livingston 

]\Ioses Stephen T., millinery, 97 Merrimac, house do. 

Mosher Daniel \V., lumberman, boards 250 i\Iiddlesex 

ilosher Samuel, boards 5 Hamilton (Jorporation 

Moss Joseph, overseer, Hamilton Corporation, house 3G do. 

]\Ioss AVilliam, Hamilton Corporation, boards 3G do. 

]\Iotley Ceorge, agent, Appleton Corp., house 43 Nesmjth 

Moulton Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. 12 Mass. Corp. 

Moulton Edwin A., Lowell jMachine Shop, house 85 Howard 

i\Ioultou Ira Mrs., boarding-liouse, 113 Merrimac 

I\Ioulton James IL, Flannel Mill, Howe, boards 111 Central 

Moulton John, Jr., boots and shoes, o'l Mcrr., house 38 Third 

!Moulton John L., mason, house I'irst, near IJead 

]\Ioulton Moses S. ( liumUctt S,- J/.), Gii Middlesex, h. 102 do. 

Moulton Oliver IL, superintendent. Hamilton Corp., h. 4 Kirk 

JMoulton True U., engineer, 1). Lovejoy's, boards 14 Westford- 

j\loulton Wyatt, machinist, house 4 J'^vaus' Block, Bailroad 

Mowe Daniel Mrs., house 94 ^liddlc 

Vl I 

.' }S7rvA 

'■ I'.t.. 

I, ;■. ; ,< 

! i.T' '■ 

,) , • ;,■,., .1 


Mowc George S., prop. ]\Io\vc's Cougli I'.alsaiu, h_. \?,S Sfliool 

Mower NatlKiniol, lioarJd 41 Lawrence Corporation 

Itliidgctt AVm. A., Bhoemalcer, Adams ^Si: Co.'s, li. HO CLurL-li 

I>tugfora George, laborer, house ;)2U ]\Ierriinac 

JIulcaliy James P., painter, at 22 :\Ii(Ulle, house 7ii Luwcll 

IMuldoou Catharine, widow, house 13 Davis 

Mukloou Julia, at llii-lcy's Mill, h. Thorndike, corner Hale 

Muldoon :\lichacl, laborer, house West Union, corner Gorham 

iMulhern Catharine, widow, house AVinter, corner Davis 

Mulicks Thomas, at Abram French's, h. Green,^ near George 

Mullen Paruey, currier, house Tanners, near Linculu 

Mullen Charles Mrs., house 8-1 iMiddlesex 

.Mullen Dominick, laborer, house 1-1« Central 

Mwllen Elizabeth, -widow, house 14S Central 

Mullen Hugh, Lowell Machine Shop, boards US Central 

;Mulleu James, laborer, house 81 Middlesex 

Mullen John, blacksmith, boards 5U Lowell 

]\Iullen John, army, house 118 Suffolk 

Mullen Margaret Mrs., house 14 AViuter 

Mullen Michael, Merrimac, boards rear 147 Lowell 

Mullen Patrick, butcher, house 23 George 

I^Iullcn Pcbecca, widow of James, house 271 ^Middlesex 

Llulranan Patrick, army, house 31 Lloyd 

Mulray Patrick, laborer, S. Con vers', house -8 Broadway 

Mulready ^lary, widow, house 22 Gorham 

^lulready Patrick, laborer, house 24 Gorham 

Mulready Thomas, laborer, house 22 Gorham 

Mulreany Martin, at Naylor's Mill 

lilulrow Margaret, widow, house Hfi Eivcr 

Mulvey John, laborer, house 72 Lowell 

Mulvey Michael, teamster, Norcross& Saunders', h, 2r)3 MkVx 

Mulvey Peter, laborer, house (IS Liver 

Mungau ]Mary ]\Irs., house 7 Third 

Munn (-Tuirles H., painter, house 10 Fifth 

Munn Francis D. (Cambridge), house (i'J ]5rldge 

Munn Frederick, Prescott, house Ui ]\Iassachusett3 Corp. 

Munsey Alfred T., army, house 3 JMiddlesex Plaee 

Munsey Edgar S., teamster, boards 3 "West Court 

Munsey Timothy, carpenter, house 3 "\^ est Court 

Murkland George, printer, at Penhallow's, h. rear G7 Salem 

]\hirkland James, at J. (iates', boards 2'J4 Central 

Murkland John, Lowell Corporation, house 18 do. 

Murkland Johu ^\'., carpenter, house 03 Fletcher 

.Y.H-'I "•:;•,' I , \.' 

•. .)' '! l' (; 

■1. ). 

! '; . ' ... 


Murldand AVllliam (New Yorlc), Louse 11 Hancock Avenue 

Murjiliy Catharine, widow, house rear 1.3 Union 

jMurphy Catharine, widow, liouse 2'J Summer 

]\lurphy Cornelius, laborer, house 18 Summer 

Jlurphy Cornelius, paper-maker, house lLi2 J.awrence 

Murphy Cornelius, teamster, house JeiFerson, corner Lewis 

^Murjiliy Daniel, laborer, house 21 Lewis 

JMurjihy Daniel, house 10 Dumnier 

Mur{)hy I'^dward, JNlerrimac i'rint-works, b. loG oMorr. Corp. 

]\Iurphy James, boards t JIassacliusctts Corporation 

Murphy James, laborer, boards William i\Ic(irade's 

]\lurphy Jeremiah, gardener, house Andovcr 

;Mur]ihy Jeremiah, carpet-weaver, at Naylor's, house 2 Swift 

]\IurpJiy John, Hamilton rrint-woiks, house rear oo Middle 

]\Iurj)hy John, tailor, 47 Market, house do. 

]\Iuridiy John, ^Middlesex, house u2 "William 

Murphy John, Middlesex, house 27 North 

Murphy John, Lowell, house (40) 54 Middle 

Murphy John, Lowell ]Machine Shop, house Cross, near Adams 

^Murphy John, American Bolt Co., house b7 Gorhaux 

]Mur})hy John 15. Mrs., house 40 Cabot 

Murjihy Joseph, spinner, house 21 Church 

iMurphy ]\Iargaret .Mrs., house 4 Front, near Eiver 

^Murphy .Margaret Mrs., house 2(j7 -Middlesex 

^Murphy Mary, house 90 Suffolk -■. .i > 

Murjihy jAIichael, ^liddlcsex, house 8 North 

Mur])hy Michael, Chase Mill, house 119 Lawrence 

ilurphy Nancy, widow, house 74 Itiver 

^lurphy Patrick, porter, American House 

jMurph}' Patrick, house 1.0O Lowell 

Murphy Patrick, ^liddlcscx, house 11 North 

]\furphy Timothy, laborer, house 43 I'enwick 

Murphy Timothy, Lowell, house 20 Howe 

]\Iurphy AVilliam, house rear 114 Suffolk 

]\rurphy A\'il[iam, laborer, house 13 Davis 

JIurphy AVilliam, house Common 

I^Iurphy "William, farmer, house on plains east of Fair Grounds 

JVIurphy ^^'illiam, mason, boards KiO Lawrence 

Murray Andrew, ovcri^ecr, Lowell, house 30 Cabot 

Murray Catharine, widow, house 40 Appleton 

]\Iurray David, laborer, house 2 "Water 

i>Iurray Dennis, Pjleaclier}', house INI Lawrence 

Jlurray James, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 



150 l.OWl'.I.L [^"] DIUKCTOUV. ' ' ' 

Murray John, MidJlcscx, Louse rear 2.'i High 

]\Iurruy .Fohn, laborer, liouse US Adams 

Murray Jolm, laborer, bouse 42 Saleui 

^lurray John, laborer, bouse 70 Lowell 

Murray ]\Iicbacl, lioott Corporation, boards r)3 do. 

Murray I'atriek, junk gatberer, bouse uH South 

Murray I'atrick, laborer, house rear ?>oi ^lerrirnac 

Murray Paul, at I'atcb's saw mill, house UL'G Merrimac 

ilurray Timothy, laborer, house 20 Howe 

M'urrcr Joscjih, bulibin-maker, Warn. I\lills, h. 12 Midl'x place 

!Murtle I'ranees, widow, house rear 1 Kurd 

Murtough Vatriek, lUeachery, house 27 do. 

Musgravc Kdward, overseer, Lowell, house iliddlescx Village 

Muzzfy Asa A., machinist, Hamilton Corporatiuu, house 2 do. 

Mu/.zey Hiram C, Lawrence, boards 21) Sullblk Corporation 

Myers Ferdinand J., Jj. ]\1. Shop Foundry, house 71 do. 

Myers Henry L., arnjy, house u5 Massachusetts Corjjoratiou 

Myers AVilliam, moulder, house East Tine, near Nichols 

Myron John, carj)enter, boards GD Adams 

Myrou Patrick, driver ice cart, boards C. L. AVilkins' 

NARY DANIEL, machinist, boards 20 Hamilton Corporation 
Nary David, laborer, house \'J Davis 
Nary Fetor, Hamilton Corporation, boards 25 do. 
Nash James W. & Co. {N. J. Wkr), stoves and kitchen fur- 
niture, lOo Central, house 84 South 
Nash AVilliam, currier, house 3 Linden 
Nason ^lary i\Hss, house LIS Suffolk 
Nasou l{oyal T., army, house 22 Austin 
Nawn John, Merrimac Corporation, house 97 do. 
Naylor George, carpet manuf., Whipjilc's IMills, h. 17 Ames 
Neal Amelia C. ]\Irs., house 381 Merrimac 
Neal Joseph ]\Irs., house 85 Howard 
Neal ^lichael, laborer, house 32 Adams 
Neary Fcter, Lawrence Corporation, boards G7 do. 
Neaton John, laborer, house 8 Coburu 
Neallcy Benjamin F. r^lrs., house G Third 
Ncedham Otis N. (Boston), house tS'J Ai^pleton 
Neilon .Martin, Bleachery, house 7 Livingston 
Nelder John B., cabinet-maker, house 1 Hudson 
Nelson Henry, Massachusetts Corporation, boards 3G do. 
Nesmith George, machinist, boards I Middlesex Flacc 

\T • 

i\ .-..!■ ■:.! 

. ^! ••'.:, r:- 



Xosuutli John, U. S. collector, f. Xcsiuiili's IJl'k, li. SP, Andovcr 

Ncsmith Thomas, liuusc I'avk, nearly oi.i)0!>itc Chestnut 

^'ess C. I. II., at stage ofiiee, near Anierioau llouhc, lounlsdo. 

Elevens Hubert 11., llaunel finisher, 'J'reniont, h. 8 .Merrill'ti Ct. 

Kevins C'liriotopher, L. M. S. roinulry, h. rear lu;] (iorhaiu 

Kevins .Michael, house rear 10;) Gorham 

Kevins Patrick, houee rear 12 Aiijileton 

Kewcll John, civil engineer. Savings 15ank Euikling 

Ke\Ycll Mary K. Mrs., house -101 Merrimac 

Kewell William, masou, boards (Ui) 2S .Maspnehnsclts Corp. 

Kcwhall Samuel, at 0. Allen's, house ;j.^7 Miaai...-ex 

Kcwsomc ^VilliaiD, at AV. AValker ^: Co.'s, house 2 Merrill 

Kcwtou Carlos, Tremont Corporation, house 2G do. 

Kcwtou Charles E., fruit, ^:e., Duttou, house G Wamesit Court 

Kewton Henry L. C, printer. Citizen oiTKC, h. lo Chapel 

Key Klemir J., designer, Lowell, house lU Clay 

Kicholas Kathan L., machinist, Lawrence, b. ID ]Mass. Corp. 

Kicholas Kolla, watchman on railroad, house ;JS Lock 

Kiehols Alanson, book-keeper, AV. L. Livingston's, h. 1(J Branch 

Kichols Albert F. (Cole .J X.), Dutton, house i'L' Aj jktou 

Kiehols Alfred E. (Parley .J ^\), AVamesit Mills, h. Lndgc, 
near Dracut line 

Kiehols Allen, Middlesex, boards 50 Church 

Kiehols Almira C. Mrs., bouse I'JO Central 

Kiehols Charles, clerk, HG Central 

Kiehols Charles C, twine, loom harnesses, tic, h. l.'U CroiS 

Kiehols & Co. (]}'". A^icMs and K. D. Fktchcr), flour dealers, 
old freight depot, Thorndike 

Kiehols Converse, blacksmith, WVl :\Hddlesex, h. 02 Applcton 

Kiehols David, marble works, nO and Gl L'utton, h. 18 Kirk 

Kiehols I'ldward, clerk, boards Kesmith 

Kiehols Edwin, clerk, lO'J .Market, boards 31 Hanover 

Kiehols Frank A., student, boards IG Branch 

Kicliols (-ieorgc, marble-worker, boards 1;] Lowell ]\lach. Shop 

Kiehols caiman X. {Smith S; N.), 109 .Alarket, h. ul Hanover 

Kiehols Hiram Mrs., house 2;J Cabot 

Kiehols Isaac, marble-worker, \). Kiehols, h. IG K. Frank. Ct. 
' Kiehols Jacob, furniture, &o., Dutton, c. Lowell, h. L'Ob Central 

Kiehols John Q., clerk, boards 20S Central 

Kiehols Levi (^1. B. French Sf Co.), o7 Central, boards do. 

Kiehols "WilliaiQ (Korfolk, Va.), h. 47 Kesmith, n. Andovcr 

Kicrncy Futrick, Merrimac Frint-works, b. loG .Meir. Corp. 

Kieruey Fogcr, laborer, house 13 lliver 

. , '■•<*: 

I. , , * ,.' 

r . .,11 

152 LOAVKLI. [.\J LHUECTOllY. ^ . 

Niml)lctt Gcor;^c D., army, house J/uicoln, near Tanners 

Noble Ueor;:c II., machinist, boards IjI Broadway 

Noddies Atkinson, army, house ID Fayette 

Nohin Cornelius, hiborer, house 12 Winter "' 

Noonau Catharine, widow, house 12 Applcton 

Noonan Dennis, h'lborcr, house 18 Lowell Machine Sliop 

Noonun Dennis, Blcachery, house -Merrill 

Noonan James, Middlesex, house 20 N\illiam 

Noonau John, Middlesex, house '.• Ccur^rc 

Noonan Michael, army, house Merrill, opposite Taylor 

Noonan Patrick, laborer, house oO Lewis 

Noonan I'atrick, shoemaker, 7 Canal Block, b. 4-1 Loott Cnvp. 

Noonan llobert, laborer, house Taylor's Court, rear lU -Mill 

Noreross Frederick M., lieutenant, army 

Norcross Isaac ^V. (xV. i^- Saiixdcn,), manuf. and dealer in 

lumber, ^liddlescx, u. liranch, house 1 U Fletcher 
Norcross J. Edwin, ticket-seller, Merr. St. Depot, h. Fast Fine, 

near Nichols 
Norcross Nicholas W.. j^aymaster. array, b. 51 East Merrimac 
Norman llufus, carpenter, Mcrrimae Curporation, house 48 do. 
Norris YAh-d, house Fi Cabot 
Norris Fraidvlin C, carpenter, house 13 Cabot 
Norris (Icorge B., Avatclunan, Boott, house Old Boad 
Norris Cieorge AV., livery stable, V\arren, n. Cent., h. o2 llnid 
Nords John, mason, house G'J Fayette 
Norris John, Jr., mason, house iSO Central 
Norris Julia, widow, house 12 Howe 
North Frederick T., overseer, ^Middlesex, house 31 Elm 
North William, overseer, TNliddlcso?, house 3.") Lawrence 
North William L. {J<(<ints, N. Sf Co.), 7 Central, house [7 

Northuui George E., ^Merriraac Corporation, boards 13 do. 
Northrup Azor, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Norton Albert, at S. Horn & Co.'s, h. head of Sawtell Flace 
Norton Ann, widow, house 2'J4 Central 
Norton Charles A., Boott Corporation, boards 13 do. 
Norton Hannah 3Ir3., house Lincoln Place 
Norton James, gas-fitter, h. Fitzpatrick l'>lock, T-owell 
Norton James A., sword-polisher 0^ • Chclm.^f.), b. A. Norton's 
Norton Sophia ]\Irs., boarding-house, 72 Lowell Machine Shop 
Norton "William, machinist, boards Lincoln Place 
Nourbournc Alfred ( ]V. Jiobinso7i ^y Co.), Mechanics' -Mill--, 
house 28 Lowell Machine Shop 


, I ■ I 


■ ■ /r 

I ..•( ir : 

■•I :I>7 / 



Noursc Francis If., sui)'t, S. tR: L. Y\.. l\. and L. & L. 11. 1'., 

iMiddlcaex St. J)c[)ot, 10-") Ajiplcton Jaiiifd i'., putt, maker, II. ]5. Siaith's, b. 100 Applcton 
Nour^c Juliu A., carpenter, 21 G ^Middlesex John II., caritenter, house 21.S Midillcsex 
>;owel! Fustor (Lane c^- A'.j, Fletcher, h. MI Jlast Merriniac 
Nowcll (ieorge F., clerk, huusc 111 Ivist Merrimac 
Nowell James, xMerriiuac I'riut-wurks, h. 81 Mtrrimac Corp. 
Noycs I^eiijaniiu A., carpenter, house 4 Austin 
Xoyes lieujaiuin C, stonc-nia.son, house o Denijtsey's Yard 
i\oycs (iiluian ('., army, house 1 Varnum's Cottage, lliver 
Xoye.s lluldah (J., widow, rear 07 Salem 
Noycs James S., laborer, boards rear llS -Middlesex 
Noycs Jolm F., carpenter, house 2;j2 Central 
Xoyes Joseph L., livery stable,' Church, n. Cent., h. 10 Church 
Noycs Josiah M., Lawrence, house TtO bloody 
Noycs Newton '1'., nuichinist, 'I'remont, boards 1 Austin 
Noycs Ferson, furniture, Arc, ."iO and 40 Market, h. 171 Corham 
Nuyes ^^'illiam C, marble-worker, D. Nichols', b. 2'> Market 
Noyes William ]\1., machinist, lUeaehcry, house <)" Carter 
Nudd David F., teamster, AVamcsit ^lills, house 120 -Muody 
Nugent ^lichael, junk-dealer, IS Gorhaui, house do. 
Nugent Thomas, at Joseph Tapley's, h. Cireen, near George 
Nusbaum Miles, hostler, Washington House stable > ' >' 

Nute Andrew T., farmer, H Kim 
Nute Orin S., musician, boards 14 Elm 
Nuttall James, ISoott Corporation, boards 43 do. 
Nutter Alfred, millwright, house 20 Cady ' ■ 

Nutter Harriet Miss, house 20 Massaclmsetts Corporation 
Nutter James Fi., Middlesex, house 23 George 
Nutter Lewis, jiainter, house 91 Applcton 
Nutting James, marble-worker, house 10 Applcton 

OATFS :Mrs., house 80 Market • " 

G'Ucirne James, lAIiddlesex, house 22 George 

O'Feirne .Alichael, laborer, house Green, near George 

O'Hcirne Fatrick, JMiddlesex, house [)■'> (iorliam 

O'Fcirne Thomas, ^Middlesex, house 23 Cireen 

U'Brieii David ^\'., clerk, ul Central, bds. 4 Futney's Court 

O'Frien Lsabella, widow, house 148 Central 

O'liricn James, carpenter, liousc 85 Charles 

O'Fricn James, laborer, house 30 Adams 

■' ;-a ' I , / : <J .: ■;//•■). 

\ .1 .,1 ,v, 


1. I , w 




r :■ -.'^ .' 

154: LOWELL [O] DIKECTORT. ,, - 

O'Brien Jolm liov., past. St. ratrick's Catli. cli, li. rcnwick,ii.(.lo. 

O'r.ricn John, uriiiy, house Tarh-er's lihick, UriilLre 

O'Hrieu John, laborer, house lis Central 

O'lirien Marcus, Lowell .Machine Shop, house 15 Broadway 

0']5rien Margaret, widow, house ;!(> ^Villianl 

O'Brien Mary 'Sirs., house ot South 

0'])rien .Mary, widow, house 12 South 

O'Brien M:iry, widow, house rear 78 ('liarlca 

O'lUien },Iiehael, lUcaclicry, boards 8 .Mill 

O'J'ricn Michael, stone mason, house -l.'i Davidson 

O'Brien Michael, laborer, house 28 Davidson 

O'Brien Owen, laborer, house 2G William 

O'Brien Owen, Lowell, house Chapel, rear 17 Union 

0'J5rien Patrick, laborer, house G Gorham 

0'J>rien Patrick, Merrinuic, bouse rear 111 Suffolk 

0'J5rien Patrick, luborer, house 4") Adams 

O'Brien Torrance, l')leaclicry, house 8 Mill 

O'Brien Thomas, luborer, house -t Putney's Court 

O'Brien Timothy, house G Adums, near Lowell 

Ockington David, painter, house 5G Andover 

O'Counell John, dyer, Bleaohery, h. 4 Prospect, near Kidder 

O'Conuell John, house 5 I Lewis 

O'Counell John, Pipley's Mill, house 104 Gorham 

O'Conuell Owen, Middlesex, house Salem, corner Adams 

O'Counell Patrick, blacksmith, 41 iMiddle, house 32 North 

O'Conuell Kichard, carpenter, house 13 Gorham 

O'Connor Bernard, laborer, house Coburn 

O'Connor James A., machinist, boards John O'Conncr's 

O'Connor John, fruit, &c., Button, c. Fletcher, house Worthen, 

near Diittou 
O'Connor John M., machinist, boards John O'Cunner's 
O'Connor ^Villiam, Lowell Machine Shop, house 32 Lewis 
O'Connor Thomas, marble-worker, house o])posite 5U Salem 
O'Connors Timothy, army, house rear fi') tiurham 
O'Day MarLTarct, widow, house rear L") Spring 
O'Donnell Jnlm, army, house 2 Lonwick 
O'Donnel! John, B. & L. 11. P.. house 52 Lewis 
O'Donnell Thomas, laborer, house 8 Liitle 
OiFutt Charles E., mattrcss-maker, 40 Market, h. 14 Abbott 
Ofl'utt ]):ivid P., upholsterer, 1;!7 Central, boards 18 Abbott 
Offutt George, upholsterer, 137 Central, house 18 Abbutt 
Offutt George P., cleric, P. Noyes', house 18 Abbott 
O'Gara William, Middlesex, house 253 ]\Iiddlesex St. 

•1 v 1./. 

■ •' 




/ • I 
... 1 .' 

.:':■/..■ i 

't UV' 

LOWELL [O] uiukctouy. 155 

O'Urady John, bolt-makor, Union 15blt Co., h. 199 Gorliaiu 

O'llarc Drit-lget, liousjc 5 Wall 

O'llavc Hannah, widow, bouse CI Gorlium. 

O'Hare Jane, houfc 58 Gorhum 

O'llarc- John, Middlesex, house 12 William 

t)'Havc John, laborer, house roar 77 Lowell 

O'llarc John, laborer, house J'ulton, (,'cntralvillc 

O'llarc John, lilcachcry, house Livingston, near Carter 

O'Hare Peter, house Fulton, near Lowell 

<)'Harc Thomas, laborer, house ])em])sey'3 Yard 

O'Hare Thomas Cnpt., house 02 .Moody 

O'Hare Thomas, lUcachcry, house rear 1 Livingston 

O'Hcarn James, laborer, house ol Lewis, corner Little 

<)'Hcarn John, laborer, house ,80 jNlarket 

O'Hcarn Michael, laborer, boards 51 Lewis, corner Little 

O'Hcarn Mrs., widow, house 10 Cross 

O'Hcarn Richard, house rear 1 Sutfulk, near Lowell 

O'Koefc David, at Kipley's Mill, house jU North 

O'Kecfc Michael, Lowell Machine Shop, house 00 Suffolk 

O'Kccte Nicholas, Lowell Machine Shop, house GO Sullulk 

O'Kcct'c i'atriek. Chase Mill, boards ;M North 

O'Kccte, see Kecfe 

O'Laughlin Michael. Am. L.oU Co., b. Merrill, r. 182 Lawrence 

O'Laughlin Patrick, house Layette 

O'Laughran Torrance, army, house 21 Davidson 

Olds Nancy, widow, house 9 Lawrence Corporation 

t)'-Mallcy Austin, variety store, 10 William, house do. 

O'.Mallcy Ldward, mach.. at Norcross & Saunders', h. V,l Branch 
■O'Neil Bernard, clcik, -10 (Jorham, boards 28 Summer 

O'Ncil Catharine, widow, house I Hurd 

O'Xeil Daniel, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

O'Xcil Dennis, laborer, boards .leremiah O'Ncil's 

O'Ncil I'rancis, laborer, boards 28 Summer 

O'Neil Hugh, tailor, 1 Hurd, house do. 

O'Ncil Hugh, laborer, A. L. Brooks', house 311 Middlesex 

O'Neil James, tamier. house near engine house, Aycr's City 

O'Ncil Jeremiah, laborer, h. on plains east of Fair G rounds 

O'Ncil Margaret Mrs., house 29 Congress 

O'Ncil Margaret, widow, house 50 Lewis 

"O'Neil Mary, dress-maker, 28 Summer 

v)'Ncil Michael, at W. Walker & Cu.'h, house 27 North 

O'Ncil I'etcr, house l;> Cedar 

O'Ncil Tcrrancc, house 28 Summer 

< . . '. .. i 

.1 <i. 

> ' ,v.' 

;■ )- 

.'•;U'iU , '^ll.,l I J I il >'■ yJ 

15G LOWIU-r. [O] lilKF.CTOUY. ' 

Orange lleiivy S., eroek'y, <^lass ware, See, 90 ^Icrr... li. i:< ^ohn 

Ordw^iy Enoch, clerk (VVabhin^ton), house DO South 

Onlway Houry M., .watch-maker, b)G Morrimac, b. 5 Nesinith 

Ordway Joseph E., machinist, house Eirst, near Ih-idgc 

Ordway William, at A. L. Brooks', house 85 School 

O'l'iiley Daniel, tailor, house 2~) Ecuwick 

O'Kuaike Earrell, .Mcrrimac Corporation, house 101) do. 

O'Rourkc Erancis, house in court, Middle, opp. Avard room 

O'llourke John, iMerrimac (Jorporation, hoards l.'!5 do. 

O'Kourke Miles, house 7H Middle 

Orr Robert, Boott, house 1 John St. Avenue 

Orso William E. army, house 77 East Merrimac 

Ort Adam, Eowell .Machine Shop, house oO Koik 

Oslxrn Edmund 1']., chuir-jn^ker, .Merriam's, b. Wamesit House 

Oshoru I'Alwin, driver, Horse U. II., boards G Hamilton Corp. 

Osborn Louisa A., house 220 ('entral 

Osgood Asa C, clerk. IG .Alerrimac, boards American House 

Osgood Atis. machinist^ house 21 Queen 

Osgood Caleb Mrs., widow, house 48 Willow 

Osgood Charles, farmer, hou-e (Jorham, near railroad bridge 

Osgood (ieorge N., ])ainter, 2.-)2 Merrimac. house 2^>\ do. 

Osgood Horace, baker, boards ^227 Central 

Osgood Isaac, carjicnter, house -I'! Church 

Osgood Isaac, machinist. L. Machine Shop, b. lOD Apjdcton 

Osgood Orin E., clerk, 27 Central, boards GT) i^uttcrlicld 

Osgood Sarah S.. house 1 1 Suffolk Corporation 

Osgood William E., surveyor, On ButtcrGeld 

Osmore Edmund, laborer, house 187 Middlesex 

Osaiore Erancis, carpenter, boards'G Hamilton Corporation 

Osmore Isaac, stone-cutter, house GO .Merrimac Cori)oration 

Osmore Miss, vest-maker, house South, corner Middlesex 

Ostcrhoudt SimeoJi I)., machinist, Lawrence Corp., b. oo do. 

Otis Silas D., overseer, Bleachery, house 2;> do. 

Otlcy William, teamster, at S. N. Wood's, house at Dracut 

Owen Erancis N.. clerk. 77 East Merrimac, boards 52 do. 

Owen John. Middlesex, house 'J Ceorge 

Owen Matthew, mason, house 40 Charles ^ ^ 

Owen W. Alonzo, musician, boards 52 i'ast Merrimac 

Owen AVilliam N., ]irovisions, 77 East Merrimac, house 52 do. 

Owens Hugh, laborer, house 20 Broadway 

Owens Jas^, machinist, at Kitson's, h. 01 Ham. Block, Gorham 

Owens Patrick, hostler, house 10 Dummer 

.'t 1.1 

,1 ■■ , ,.,•,. 



TAASCIIR ALEX'R, at Comiiis', h. Tawtiickct, near city Hue 

Packard J^li, carpenter, liousc ll.*8 (.'ros3 

Tackard Lucius 15., J.awrenee Coriioration, house 70 do. 

Page Abram, oyster saloon, 112 (Jcntral, Louse 12 Ames 

Page Aluiira, tailorcss, house 22 Cahot 

Page Alonzo F., at A. L. Brooks', house 71 Higli 

Page Ann Mrs., house 39 George t ; a { if.i 

J*age Charles, mason, house IDS Ciorham 

I'age Cliarles A., at 112 Central, boards 12 Ames 

Page Hannah, uidow, house 22 Cabot 

l*age Henry J., clerk, 20.") ^Icrrimac, boards 12 Pawtucket 

Page Isaac, at (Juard Locks, Broadway, near School, house do. 

Page L Henry, boards Isaac Page's 

Page Jas. Y., stoves & tin-ware,'2lir. & 2G7 iMerr., h. 100 Salem 

Page Jonathan, cariientcr. house 1D4 Central . ., ., 

Page J. Prank, carpenter, boards 101 Central 

Page L Howard, student, boards o'J George 

Page Lemuel (.1. G. S(i/,:s .)■ ('<>.), Thorndike, h. 20 Appleton 

Page xMary C. ^Irs., house ."iU Adams 

Pago Moses C, mason, house 101 Moody 

Page Samuel, mason, house 17 Austin 

Page Wilson \\'., door-maker, h. ^Middlesex, opp. Alh.n's ]\rills 

Paige Aimer K., overseer, ^Merr. P. W., h. 35 Meirimac Corp. 

Paige Benjamin 0., Hamilton, house 37 Appletou 

Paine William, 31iddlcsex, house a Lawrence 

Palfrcyman John Mrs., house -I Dodge 

Palmer Albert, i^Ll3sachusctts, house 38 Prescott Corporation 

Palmer Calvin, carpenter, boards 5 Hamilton Cor))oration 

Palmer Charles P., army, house GG Lovt'ell Machine Shop 

Palmer Daniel Mrs., house Bridge, near city line 

Palmer Hannah Mrs., house 21 Bridge 

Palmer Harding, carpenter, house 53 Hanover 

I'almer Henry W., music-teacher, boards J\Irs. J. Gordon's 

Palmer Horace T., building-mover, house 35 Charles 

Palmer Jacob, tailor, house Hampshire 

Palmer J. A., carpenter, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 

Palmer James ISl., trader, boards Mrs. J. Gordon's 

Palmer John, Tremont, house 150 Moody 

Palmer John B., stone-cutter, house GG Bridge 

Palmer Solomon, carpenter, boards 1 Hamilton Corporation 

Papps Jesse, house 52 Andover, opposite Clay 

Park Edmund, laborer, house 43 Pletchcr 

Park John, sword-maker (^V. Chelmsford), boards 43 Fletcher 


.1 ' 'U I I ,;■ .. n/* - ■' 


if !•? •>■:.,;< 

■ i ' . 


Varlc John, at G. T. Coiuins', liuuac riiie, neuv LiLcrty 

Park .Touathan, cabinet maker, liousc 41 Church 

Park Stuart J., marble worker, l)rcsser's, board.s -11 Apjileton 

I'ark W'iliani, at ,1. C Ayer i^ Co.'s, boardsu'J iMcrrimao Clurp. 

Tarker Aikou Mrs., bo;>rding-housc, 11 Boott Corporation 

Parker Albert, boards Mechanics' Hotel 

Parker Alma C, boarding-house, l.'J Massachusetts Coiporatioa 

I'arker Benjamin, clerk, liousc 3 Third 

Parker Charles B., machinist, boards Howard House 

Parker Daniel, carpenter, Middlesex, house -Middlesex Street 

Parker David, house 21!) Central 

Parker Dustin M., L. .M. S. Found., h. ]\It. Vernon, n. WestfM 

I'arker Kliza W. iMrs., house Pine, near AVilder 

Parker Henry \'j., farmer, house Pine, near Wilder 

Parker Hiram, ])hysic-ian, John, next Cong. Church, house do. 

Parker James, carjienter, boards Howard House 

Parker .lepthar, farmer, house Pine, near ^Vildcr 

Parker John, at Ii. Kitson's, house 7'J Dutton 

Parker John W., laborer, house !)0 Middlesex 

Parker Lucy and ^laria, house 10 Apjileton Corporation 

Parker iMartha Mrs., house rear D Andover 

Paiker ^Lilan A., Bleachery, house 5 do. 

Parker Nancy L., boarding-house, 18 Applctou Corporation 

Parker Perlcy Mrs., houKc Mt. IMeasant 

Parker Uebecca, widow, house 2'J Cabot 

Parker Bhoda A. Miss, house 181 Gorham 

Parker Samuel G., drover (I>oston), h. west side Bridge, C'ent. 

Parker Sarah .Mrs., boarding-house, 28 Suil'oik Curporaliun 

Parker 'i'hcodore ]L, grocer, 'i.') Iviet Merrimac, house 101 do. 

Parker \Villard, chair-maker, Merriam's, b. 11 Hamilton Corp. 

Parker William H. i^I'. cV Sirhuls), bobbin-numuf., Wamcsit 

Mills, house Varney, corner Mt. Vernon 
Parkhurst l^benczcr N., house ()•] Butteriield 
Parkhurst Matthias, house 3 Chapel 
Parks Cieorge, painter, 17-') Central, house 17.") do. 
Parnieuter Horace, overseer, Lawrence Cor})oration> h. 10 do. 
Parmenter Mieah, laborer, house G Evans' Block, lluihoad 
Parsons Absalom, blacksmith, boards Wni. Parsons' 
Parsons John, at D. G. Leavitt's, house ;J7 Hamilton Corp. 
Parsons John P., painter, boards 20 Prcscott Corporation 
Parsons Joseph It., carjienter. Lowell Machine Shop, h. 55 do. 
Parsons William (/■*. l^- (Uhbij), copper stamp and block cutter, 

Thorudikc, corner Gorham, h. Hale, u. Cambridge 

•i:i"i-jJ.iiM 'V 


^;.',-r/ ' 

;i,: ..- •( 

A ,1, h.: . 

)■ ■.'■ .1 

r' ..',,' </- 


'I .', 

' T I I . .■' • ■! , , ■ '1 ,.J. ij •' ■ 7 . !, i.j .', .i<;i j..->ii. 


Partviclgc George AV., overseer, Hamilton Corp., house 11 do. 
rartridgc William, teamster, 2 Smith 
Tatch 15enjamiii, clerk, Merrimac Corporation, house fiR Jo. 
Patch l^dwarJ J., conductor, Iforse R. IL, b. 5 Hamilton Corp. 
Patch Ephraim ]}. & Co. (J. IK Putch), auct. and commisaioa 

merchants, 1 k, 2 Com'l Sep, Prcscott, b. 2fl Tyler 
Patch John W. (K. B. Patch \- Co.), 1 and 2 Prcscott, Ldfi, 

Merrimac House 
Patrick Samuel C, cigar manuf., 70 Merrimac, house G Ash 
Patten iJavis li., machinist, .Merrimac Corjioratiou, h. Gl do. 
Patten Joseph A., overseer, Lowell, house -IG 'i'hird 
Patterson (,'harles J., musician, house 17 Walnut 
Patterson (icorge W., overseer, l.awrence Corp., house 17 do. 
Patterson James Mrs., house ;>^0 ^lerrimac 
J'attcrson James H., lUcachcry, boards I-!2 do. 
Patterson James T., machinist, house 120 Crosa 
Patterson John W., Middlesex, house rear 13 Charles 
Patterson Samuel jM., sup't city scales, h. IGf) Merrimac Corp. 
Paul Cornelius C, Sargent & Co.'s Express, house 7 Favor 
I'aul George K., gas iixtures (Itoston), h. Linden, e. Auburn 
Paul Thomas, at J. Mather's Mill, house 19 Waluut 
Paulus Paul, cigai--makcr, boards 101 Central 
Payson James IL, at N. 15. Favor & Co.'s, house 44 Eock 
Payson James IL, Jr., at L Place's, boards 44 Eock 
Peabody Amasa, pattern-maker, house 2 West Court 
Peabody Isaac, Merrimac (JorjMirution, boards l.'JG do. 
Peabody James il., dry goods, oS and GO Merr., h. oO Applctou 
Peabody John T., carpenter, house ]\ladison, corner Burns 
I'cabody John W., carpenter, boards '.) Hamilton Corporatiou 
Peabody Joseph, principal, bloody School, house 9 I'lverctt 
Peaboily Joseph A., carjicutcr, at ]\Iech. ISIills, h. 35 South 
Peabody Josiah G., doors, sashes and blinds, Wamesit Mills, 

house Wilder, corner Broadway 
Pealjody j\Iortou N., door-maker, boards J. G. Peabody 'a 
Pead Samuel F., ]\Ierrimac Corj)tiration, house 99 do. 
Pearl Auburn F., butcher, boards 33 Hanover, cor. Moody 
I'earl Frank F., house 33 Hanover, corner Moody 
Pearl Isaac, Lowell Machine Shop Foundry, house 13 Queen 
Pearson Ambrose, ticket-master, Northern iJepot, h. Forrest, 

near Chelmslord 
Pearson Daniel (Washington Territory), house G3 Bartlett 
Pearson Daniel (>., fruit, &c.. Cent., c. Prcscott, b. 03 Bartlctt 
Pearson I'llizabcth B., dress-maker, 131 i Central 

r; r 

1^1' I J '.v:i,'a . '." 


IM i ' ."' 

■ '.; I'-- -I 

./ . tl .;■ 

I' '; ■ ■ i 

.. ■...!( 



Pearson George II., house Seventh 

Pearson Geo. W., carpenter, Middlesex, n. Gorliam, h. IG Ch\y 

Pearson Hiram K., carpenter, boards 13 Oak 

I'carson James M. (J. S^.f. JL J\), h. Pawtueket, n. I\It. Vernon 

Pearson John (J. Sf J. M. P.), grocer, o Savings Bank P)uild- 

ing, house Lincoln, corner Chelmsford 
Pearson John, clerk, at 15. F. Putler's 
Pearson Mehitahle Mrs., oO Partlett 
Pearson Prescott, Middlesex, boards 101 Central 
Pearson Timothy, captain, army, house .'"10 Partlett 
Pease Lewis I)., stone-cutter, liuncls i.^- Co.'s, hiju:sc 19 Queen 
Peaslee Ebcu P., machinist, house 2 Tremont (.'.orporatiou 
Peaslec Samuel J., carpenter, boards 109 Appletou 
Peasley Orchard, carpenter, boards 100 Applcton 
Peavey Jewett, machinist, boards IGG Sullolk 
Peck George A., Lowell ^lachinc Shop, house 20 do. 
Peck J. Oramel Itcv., pastor AVorthen Street M. L. Church, 

house 57 Mcrrimae Corporation 
Peirce George L., Middlesex, house 1 Pond, corner AVatcr 
Peirce John N., machinist, Howe, house 40 Partlett 
Peirce John N., Jr., cashier, Merchants' Lank, h. 13 Harrison 
Peirce liConard, Middlesex, house 13 Harrison 
Peirse Levi, carpenter, boards 2 ^.liddleses Place 
Pelsue George W., machinist, boards Gl West Union 
Pelsue Isaiah AV. Mrs., house 7 Pearl 
Pender Ellen, widow, house 19 Cross 
Pender John, laborer, house 8 Broadway 

Pender Michael F., tinsmith, Gushing & IMack's, bds. 19 Cross 
Pender William, house S Broadway,' near Suffolk 
Peiidcrgast (icrrit, Chase Mill, house 10 North 
Pcndergast James, laborer, 5 Edgerley's Court 
Pendergast Hilary Mrs., house Tilden 

Pcndergast ^Michael, Merrimac, house rear Cross, near Clarion 
Pendergast Peter, army, house Varnum's Cottage, Liver 
Pcnhallow Benj. IL, book and job printer, 28 ]\lcrr., h. 7 Fifth 
Penhallow Lucy E. .Miss, house 11 Kirk 
Penn Cliarles H. J\Irs., house 3 Mason's Court 
Pennell Ada Mrs., house IG Market 
Pcuniman Dean .Mrs., house 7r> Salem 

Penniman Franklin IL, wood-dealer, 7") Salem, house Pock 
Penuiuian Geo. F., Bost. Exp., 1 GS Merr., b. 1 Cabot Bl'k, Cabot 
PeuniuKin ]\Iary Miss, boarding-house, Gl Boott Corporation 
Pennimau Priscilla, house 5 Lawrence Corporation 

.■■•.•li"'Vlff!u 1 *5 ; J.;:JiV/OT 


.• .in-"' }:' .if »• 

, ! 

I *- 

, ■ .:) ■ ' 1 ■•■III O 

■r c ■ < I I .' 


rcmiiman Rol^crt, Blcaclicry, lioiisc 25 do. 

IV'Uuiiigton Wiiruuu 1"., fiiucy painter, li. Lagrange Court 

I'cnoycr Clifiord A., teamster, liousc 21 Adams 

rcrcival I)aniel, Tremont (^rporation, boards 3 do. 

rerhani Surah .Mrs., boarding-house, 2 Lowell Corporation 

Perkins Alouzo, mason, house 12 l)<idge 

Perkins A polios, l^lcaehery, house 180 Gorhara 

Perkins Daniel F., 15oott Corporation, boards 17 do. 

Perkins David .^L, Doott Corporation, house ;");> do. 

Perkins Francis .S., machine shop, Allen's Mills, h. oCi Church 

Perkins (ieorgc C, army, boards I'aul Perkins' 

Perkins Henry 1\, pa3^master, JUeachery, house 278 Corliani 

Perkins James \V., peddler, house o'J South 

Perkins Jonathan S., Lowell Alachiuc Shop, house 33 Clarion 

Perkins .Alajur (iilbert, overseer, 'J'remont (,'orp., house 31 do. 

P-crkins Paul, farmer, house .Mt. Pleasant 

Perkins Pollin, law student, boards 31 Tremont Corporation 

Perley I'lnoch T., carpenter, house north side Varney 

Perrin Lewis L., contractor, Lo^vell .Machine Shop, h. il i do. 

Perriu ]\Lary J., dress-maker, AVamcsit Pank liuildiug, h. do. 

Perry diaries, shoemaker, house (Jage's house, Bridge 

Perry John P., livcry-stablc, Howard, u. ^Udd'x, h. 10 Howard 

Perry Oliver IL, agent, Middlesex, house at Andovcr 

Perry Silas O., L. M. S. i'Viundry, house 271 ^Middlesex 

Pers J)emas, at G. T. Comins', house IDS) School 

Persons .John AV., physician, 4.'»i ."\lerrimac, house do. 

Persons Pandolph, carpenter, house 30 Fourth 

Pettibone Charles S., carpenter, L. G. Howe's, bds. 119 Central 

Pcttigrew Stephen G., car[K:nter, h. Linden, corner Auburn 

I'ettingcll John, carpenter, ^lechanics' .Aiills, h. 05 Appleton 

I'ettes Andrew J., army, house 91 Fast .Merrimac 

Pcttcs Elbridge G., house 70 Fayette 

Pevcy Abiel, foreman, L. 3L Shop Foundry, house 8 do. 

Pevey Franklin S., moulder, L. M. Shop I'oundry, boards 8 do. 

Pcvcy George K., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 8 do. 

Pevey James A., moulder, L. M. Shop Foundr3^ boards 8 do. 

Pevey John M., moulder, ].i. ^l. Shoj) Foundry, house 8 do. 

Pevey .Alcrrill C, machinist, L. M. Shop, house 18 do. 

I'helan James D., gardener, house 9 Davis 

Phelan "NMlliam H., machinist, house Davis 

Phelps Chester P., carpenter, Appleton, house 43 BrancTi 

Phelps Joel F., teamster, house G Branch 

Phelps Lorenzo, supt. City Farm, Chelmsford, near city line 


J 11/0 J 


<i-..:'<t > 

'Ij .l.tRV/'O.J 

;;ui! V'''j t:^>.J ,/ 



riiilbrick Albanus, house 10r» East ]\Icrrimac 
rhilbiick Caleb, captain, army, boards 21 Chapel 
PhllbriL-k Calvin, city messenger, Mayor's olUee, h. 21 Chapel 
riiilbrick Charles 11., clerk, U. Kitson's, house IS Itacc 
I'hilbrick Charles \V. Mrs., house 2u0 Central 
riiilbriek Freeman C, ehnk (^Liostoii), boards 21 Chapel 
riiilbrick Horace, Middlesex, boards 2'> Hamilton Corp. 
I'hilbrick .Moses Iv, provisions, olS Islerrimac, h. 120 Moody 
Philbrick Samuel II., army, house 2'J IJleachery 
Phillips Josiah S., teacher, buards 131) Proadway 
Phippen John, at IG Merriraac, house o High Street S(piare 
Phipps Abncr J., supcriniendcnt of schools. City Covcrumcnt 

Building, house ."J'JO ^Icrrimac 
Pickering Cyrus C. (Scott ..y P.), Middlesex, corner Howard, 

house 105 Howard 
Pickering Jas. ^V. C. ( Church ill .y P.jAO Merr., b. 1 0") Howard 
Pickman David, machinist, ^liddlesex, house 50 W atcr 
Pierce Abncr K., Lowell, house 107 bloody 
Pierce Ashbel P., door-maker, at Favor's, house IG Pock 
Pierce Charles (California), house rear 40 Charles 
Pierce Ceorge W., draughtsman, boards 4G Pock 
Pierce Harvey, Boott Corporation, boards u8 do 
Pierce Henry, oiicrativc, boards G7 Lawrence Corporation 
Pierce James 1)., overseer, Appleton, house 8 Lead 
Pierce James ^L, army, house 70 Lawrence Corporation 
I'ierce J. "Warren, carpenter, house 10 Lagrange. P. S. 
Pierce Lewis A., clerk, boards 4.G Pock 
Pierce Olcott, embroidery stamper, r>8^ Lawrence, house do. 
Pierce Samuel P., coppersmith, house :'>'■'> Walnut 
Pierce Selwyu A., clerk, boards 4G iiock 
Pierce William S., carpenter, house 17 .Marshall 
Pike Albert J., hair-dresser, luG Central, house M Cliapel 
Pike Clark D., teamster, W. E. Living.ston's, bds. a4 Branch 
Pike Daniel P., painter, buards l.i'J Merriuuic Corporation 
Pike Sarah A. Mrs., boarding-house, 21 John 
Pike Washington P., house 2 IS School 
Pike William, blacksmith, hou.'^e o'.> Payette 
Pike A\ illiam, blacksmith, boards ;j ]\lclntire 
Pillsbury George, student, boards 24 Kirk 
Pillsbury Harlin, physician, 24 Xirk, house do. 
Pillsbury James B., carpenter, house Cambridge 
Pillsbury James M., Merrimac Corporation, house 134 do 
Pillsbury Pichard, laborer, house 173 Merrimac Corporation 

.yr. •i-.M.iia : *i J ;>•«<> I 


J -• ■ t' 

■ I •. ! 



rilsLury Hcnjamin P., printer, Courier office, Louse 23 Charles 

I'iiular Charles, uiouhler, boards 7 Clay 

rimlar .loscph, at Belvidcre ^\'oollen .Mills, house 7 Clay 

rimler Ccorgc J., clerk, J'ostofficc, boards 12 llurd 

riiidcr -lames II., letter carrier, I'ostoffice, boards 21) Chestnut 

riiider Jusejih I)., U. S. ass't assessor, -l.'ii Merr., h. 2Ll Chestuut 

I'iugce Henry 11., house II I.agrangc Court 

I'iiikliaui -lauies N., Lowell, house 21) Charles 

rinncy Alden, carpenter, .Middlesex, near city line 

Finney Samuel C, carpenter, house So Adams 

riper Ann M. .Mrs., house Cambridge 

Piper George W.. machinist, Lowellt house 87 Church 

Pitkins Cieorge W., mason, boards 20 Massaehuietts Corp. 

Pitt John, carpenter, house AVest 

Place David, engineer, Wamesit !Mills, house 31 Kock 

Place Isaac, door, sash and blind manuf., ^^'ame6it ^lills, h. 

137 Fletcher, corner P.uttcrhcld 
Plauelie Henry, harucss-uiaker, Frabrook's, house 101 Central 
Plastridge Chas. A., fruit, &c., 2 Prescott, h. Flm, C'ciitralvillc 
I'lastriilge Salmon, fruit, &:c., 204 ^Merrimac, house 1 Ford 
Piatt James, MerrimaO Corporation, house 10 1 do. 
Flatt Joseph, JMiddlesex, house 15 Cady 
Flimiitou Albert B., sash and blind maker, house G Favor 
Ploof iloseph F., machinist, house Walker, near ^liddlcsex 
Plumado Oliver Mrs., widow, h. ."\It. Vernon, near \\'cslfor(.l 
Plummer John A., butcher, house ^liddlesex, near city line 
I'lummer John AV., bootmaker, 138 Central, h. 24 Wamesit 
Pluukett Patrick, Fremont, house reai; 1 IG Lowell 
Pluukett Piobert J., peddler, house 188 Corhaui 
Plymjitou P. ^Irs.,, 34 Hamilton Corporation 
I'lympton Henry, farmer, house Pranch, near School 
Pollard Arthur ti. (Jl. JlosfordS)' t'(;.j,4G .Mcrr., b. 17 Chapel 
Pollard Corham L., prop. Lowell island House, li. i">7 Anduver 
Pollard Joseph S. (custom house, Boston i, house 17 Ch.ip(d 
Pollard Julius, at Norcross & Saunders', h. I'ront, near Fiver 
Pollard Fhomas, jMerrimac Cor})oration, house lO.S do. 
Poison Alexander, brass-founder, at A\"ildcr's, h. 2u4 Central 
Poison Jenny Mrs., house 201 Central 
Pomfred James, at Courier oflice, Fiver, near Coburn 
Pomeroy Poland T., carpenter, Suffolk Corporation, bds 5 do. 
Pond Fmma C. Mrs., house 01 Middlesex, corner South 
Poole Ceorgc IF, Suffolk Corporation, house 22 do. 
Poor Charles li, lieutenant, army, house 41) Furtlett 


E.hcii ) ; ',' '--'ii' 

mMI /!'.: J- 

.[■ .•! ■' ■.:-' • 

I .,,,-.■._; 

I'.;. I 


Poor Eliza C, Loardin.ii-liouso, HD ]'..i(itt Corporation 

Poor Lu>;y .Mrs., boaniing-hnusc, 4;! I'rc^cott Corporation 

Poor 'i'lioraas, section-hand, 15. & I-. 1*. \l., b. .1. 11. Larabcc'd 

Porter Ccorgc H., painter, lioott Corporation, buarJ.s 5'J do. 

Potc r.aelicl and -Mary, li'Uise 11 Cady 

Potter Henry, SutVolk, boards o Cabot liloek, Cabot 

Potter James Mrs., boarding-buusc, 80 .Market 

Potter Joseph, carpenter, Suffolk C'.«riiOiatiun, house ."^.l do. 

Potter Joseph W., machinist, SuH'olk Corporation, h. 15 do. 

Potter Madison, painter, boards S Applcton Corporation 

Potter William, overseer, Satl'olk, h. ■"> CabotlUoek, Cabot 

Powell James C, ovorsccr,''rremoiit Corporation, house ;U do. 

Powell Thomas, cook, 21 iMerrimac, bds. O Cabot lUoek, (Jabot 

Powers Hannibal (St recta- ^- P.), John, house 22 15artlett 

Powers Joel, house Fletcher, corner Proadway 

Powers John, army, house ir)2 Suibdk 

Powers John, laborer, house 7 Car{»ct Lane 

Powers 31ary and Ann, house 2G llurd 

Powers .Maurice, laborer, house 7 Carpet Lane 

Powers Michael, farmer, liousc rear 7G Middlesex 

Powers Michael, laborer, house 10 Dummer 

Powers Patrick, Merrimac, house rear 1 U Dummer 

Powers Thomas, Doott Corporation, boards .">S do. 

Pratt Amasa, at M. C. Pratt's, boards :i2 Suffolk, F. S. 

Pratt Flam, teamster, at tannery, h. rear Lincoln, near Short 

Pratt Joseph W., Massachusett.s, house 10 Prescott Corp. 
Pratt .Matthew C, planing and moulding, Wamesit Mills, h. 
N'arney, near .Mt. Washington ^ 

Pratt Samuel C, book-keeper, J. Xcsmith's, h. loG East Merr. 

Pratt Thouias, stair-builder, HI: Cu-hiug, house 1 liobinsuu. 

Pray David, army, house 15 Smith 

Pray George E., mason, boards ;i5 I'ourth 

Pray John J., mason, house ;!5 Fourth 

Preble Austin D., watchman, ]L;ott Corporation, house 15 do. 

Prcsby Mason W., at 1 1 1 Market, h. 2ii School, c. Pawtuckut 

I'rescott Augustus L., overseer, Poott Corporation, h. IJi do. 

Prcscott Charles, plane-maker, house lo Creen 

Prescott Charles IL, moidder, boards l.'> Green 

Prescott D. IMoody, captain, army, house 2S5 Central 

Prescott Francis, at J. C. Ayer ».^ Co.'s, bds. 32 xMerr. Corp. 

Prescott Francis 0., lieutenant, army, house 38 Charles 

Prescott Henry A. Mrs,, house 14 Tyler 

Prcscott James IL, machinist, Merrimac Corp., house IGS do. 

.VifV. -.ijiM 


:■) ,!• 

. I •• !■ 

I .;:;! 

!■' jj. .u. i^.j'l 

;,t ...y.ul .,.. ' 


rrcscott -l^nias :^l., B. & L. H R., l)oar.lrf 2ti Applcton Corp. 
Prescott J.cvi, watclunun. Hamiltou Corporation, buardd lo do. 
Prcscott Lucy S. Mra., Louse 2S5 Central 

Prescott Samuel (California), house 2:50 Central , ., ,. ; ,,,, 

J'rescott Samuel D., Bleacliery, house 30 do. 

Prescott ^Villiam S., machinist, Merrimac Corp., Ms. 172 do. 

Pressey -lames, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5o do. 

Pressey Thomas W., constable, G Canal P>l'lc, Cent, li. 217 do. 

Preston David, machinist, boards 11 Poott (Jorporation 

Preston llrasmus I)., shoemaker, house L'i Franklin C()urt_ 

Ih-eston John, copper stamp maker, l'j;J G orham, b. 1 .Madisou 

Preston Samuel W., army, house 7 Decatur 

Priest Mary S., house 2:5 llacc 

Prince JAlward, boards ;^8-l J\lerrimac_ 

Prince John 1). Mrs., house :)S4: .Merrimac 

Prince John r).,Jr. Mrs., chemical Works, Paw tucket, house do. 
opi)Osite iTetcher ( , . 

Prince Pobert, boards 384 :\Icrrimac 

Probcrt Thomas, machinist, house alley, South, opposite Spring 

Proctor Elbridge, shogmaker, house G7 Pawtuckct 

Proctor lleman, foreman, smithy, L. ^L Shop, house 2 do. 

Proctor Horace P., hairdresser, G .Merr.. h. Sixth, c. Llewellyn 

Proctor James IL, contractor, L. ^L Shoj), house 12 do. 

Proctor Joseph AV., machinist, Parker's, h. Wilder, n. Pawt. 

Proctor Lewis, Lowell .Machine Shop, boards 11 do. 

Proctor Patrick S., boards 32 Suffolk 

Proctor Seward N., carpenter, 183 Central, h. Loudon Court 

Proudfuot William IL, at freight depot, boards Howard House 

Puffer Asahel D., grocer, 32 Middlesex^ house 21 Chapel 

Puffer Preeman W., clerk, 13 Market, boards 101 Central 

Puffer James F., furniture, stoves, lV-c, 13 Market, h. 3 W amcsit 

Puffer Louisa iMrs., house T) 1 Tyler 

Puffer Stcitheu, produce dealer, 15 Market, boards 101 Central 

Pulcifer Hervey, at A. L. Brooks', house 111 Applcton 

Pulsifer John W., house G2 Lawrence 

Pulleu Cyrus, clerk, South, corner .Middlesex, bds. 24 South 

Pullcn John A., machinist, boards 134 Merrimac Corporation 

Pulleu William, at A. L. Brooks', house 24 South 

I'urccU James, laborer, house 3 Jefferson 

Purcell James, P.oott. house Pearl, cor. Coburn, Centralvillc 

Purcell Joim, stucco-worker, house L") Uiver 

]'urcell .Margaret, widow, house Adams Block. Adams 

Purcell .Michael, at William Walker & Co.'s Mill 


IL'I .d-f ," 

.1. ; : '. 

ol) j-'i;i.,l ;• :■' ^(1 ' ■a.' 

«;(;:■,■. ir! jr- ■ :■ ;'*i' 

. ■( 

fi Jl.. " ;.l 

l.nJjl/' mi A'-i ...A .1 ,.,''/;i' , 1 

/i'.t'-it ,;■ 

i:.;/. : 

. ,'l, .V J; 

166 , LOAVKLI. [^^J DIRl-CTOIiy. J 

rurccU Thomas, mason, house 30 First - 1 

rurcell Thomas, at Wm. Walker & (Jo.'s, house Ki Davidson i 

Puriutou Joshua K., boards Charles Churehill's ' 

Tutiiam Adam (P. ^ Currier), soap and candle nianuf., Len- 
ten, house 12 Lawrence . , 
Putnam Addison, clothing warehouse, A'> Central, h. Xesniith i 
rutnam Jacob D., grocer, 5 Trescott lU'k, .Merr., h. lu \ViIlo\7 
Putnam John, machinist, house 2."> Fifch I 
Putnam ,\Lxrtha Mrs., liou.>e Salem, corner Decatur . 
Putnam Perry, pattern-maker, house -10 Pock 
Putney Juhu, house 4U Tyler 
Putney .Mary \\. .Mrs., .'JG Charles 

QUAXT rjKOItriL, carpenter, house Tii ?\rerrimac Corp. I 

Queen Peter, laborer, house Adams Plock, Adams '; 

Quigley Andrew, army, boards ;i Austin j 

Quiglcy Dennis, laborer, house rear 7o Lowell . . j 

Quigley John, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell ■, .,, j 

Quigley .ALirgaret, widow, house 3 Austin • - .- '. | 

Quigley ^Villiam, laborer, house .'i Austin I 

Quimby Alonzo P. ( Q. ^- JJruujUou), painter, 7 Thorndikc, ■ 

house Chelmsford, near Forrest 1 

Quimby luioch, overseer, Tremout Corporation, house .'ll] do. 
Quimby James P., painter, 7.') Fast .Merri-.uac. h. 1:5 Alder 
Quimby Sarah C, house .'J8 and 10 Boott Corporation 
Quinlan James, laborer, house ."iO CJorham 
Quinlan John, blacksmith. Am. Bolt Co., h. .15 West Unlou 
Quinlan Lot, laborer, house 7 Carolin's iilock, Fayette 
Quinn Bridget .Mr.s., house 8."J Lowell • ' 

Quinn Francis, Lowell, house 27 Congress 
Quinn James, laborer, house U Davidson 

Quinn James, laborer, house rear 70 J.owell \ 

Quinn James, blacksmith, house Theatre Block, Lowell 
Quinn John, tailor, 1 Appleton Block, Central, house 7 Ilurd 
Quinn John, moulder, house "» Wamesit Court 
Quinn .Maurice, house Common, opposite north common 
Quinn .Mi-s., widow, house 1;; Adams 1 

Quinn Xeal, Lowell, house rear it (iorhaui • 

Quinn Patrick, shoemaker, ;iG Uorliam, house G Appleton 
Quitin Peter, gi-ocer, 1 Adams, corner Salem, house do. 
Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 20 Adams j 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, house DJ Cireeu j 

Quirk .Mary .Mrs., house G Kidder I 


ii;: ;,; 


', i-'i!.' 

'//■•I ..'i ('■>( '.'■ 

I,;-., I) 

» / 

,: .'■..'( 


L'ADFOKI) CIIAS. II., carriage trim., Convcrs', L. ll'J Cent, 
liaffcrty Julin, army, house Ks2 Gorliam 
KaiTcrty .Toliu, laborer, houge 88 Charlod 
Jtaiicrty I'utrick, dyer, I^leaehcry, house 28 Cedar 
ilat'tcr James, marble woik-r, 18I Central, house 11 Salem 
Kafter Tatrick, elerk, 17 Lowell, huuse 12 Sulcm 
llagaii Charles, maehinist, hoards 5 llamiltou Corporatiou 
IJagaii Daniel, at liijdey's :Mill, house 27 Congress 
Kagan John, laborer, house Thorndike, corner'llale 
lUigari ^Margaret Mrs., house rear IG Dummer 
Piagan I'atricdc, lioutt Corporation, boards ll do. 
Itagan Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 
Jtahll Hose, Avidow, house 8 Carolin's Bloek, Taycttc 
Jlamsdell Kdward L., paper carrier, house o7 Fletcher 
ilamsdell William IL, machinist, boards 12 iMerrimac Corp. 
Land David C, army, house 2;)9 School 
Land Lben, laborer, house OT) (iorham 

Land Jaioch 11. (Sun/cut ^- Co.), expressman, h. lO.-) Merr. 
Hand Samuel, carj)cntcr, hou.-^e 22.j :Middlescx 
Landall Jerome J. L.. "book-binder, li. Liberty, u. Chelmsford 
Landlctt David, cleik, house 225 School 

Landlctt Mortimer L. ( 11. ^- MotdUm ), fish-dcalcr, CU Mid- 
dlesex, house luO do. 
Ranger Llias IL, carriage-maker, Arch, house 2S2'Middlcscx 
Langer W m. Y., carriage-maker, Jcnkiub'. house 83 School 
Kaukm J. E. Lev., past. A])p. St. Cong. Ch., h. George, c.Warren 
Lano John IL, Merrimac Corijoratiun, hoards lo9 do. 
Lawliuga Seva S., LaAvrence Corporation, house 171 Moody 
Lawson George, jobber, house rear 48 Church 
Kay John, house 48 Salem 

Lay Mark W., tailor, 40 Merrimac, boards .Mechanics' Hotel 
Jiay Orin, operative, boards r.O Massachusetts Corporatiou 
itay William IL, cabinet-maker, house 7 Oak 
Jjayruond Anna, vest-maker, Cent., c. Jackson, b. loO.Aloody 
Laymoml Daniel, hair-work nuuiuf., lOU Merrimac, house do. 
Laymond Hannah, widow, house 70 Layette 
Laymond labcrty C, .^lerrimac Corporation, boards 134 do. 
Laymond ^Marcus .AL, maehinist, boards 70 Layette 
Laymond Samuel L., clerk, gas office, house 47 Audover 
iiaynes Geo. W. (./. Raynes c^ Co.), 43 Cent., h. 30 Lawrence 
L.aynes JosejJi & Co. {O. W. Jiaijncs), jewellers and manuf. of 

silver ware, 43 (Jentral, house 3G Lawrence 
Lead Betsey, house 131 Moody 

>U; 'J.1V..J 

jjiv) a [ A ,"oT 

( .^.,!,[ 

.; r-.. ' ,'. \v' 

A •'■> 

1 . 

. 1 ( , 




Eciid Calvin, trader, 20 1 Middlesex, liousc 53 Howard 
Head Calvin D., machinist, house Middlesex, near Walker 
Kcad Drusilla ]\liss, tailoress, house 6l Appletuii 
Head Idijah M. (li. ^- Frijc), mason and contractor, 20 I'ros- 

cott, house Audover Koad, Tewkshury 
Head George G., stone-cutter, houte Westford, cear Grand 
Head Hannah, house l.")! bloody 
Head Hubert & Son ( R. L. IL), grocers, 30 Bridge, h. 20 

Fourth, corner Read 
Head Robert I. (li. Read 4- Son), bds. 20 Fourth, cor. P.ead 
Head Walter S., sash and blind maker, house Gushing 
Head W illiam W., trader, house 24 Head 
Header Fdward, agent, house 9 Oak 

Hkcader IMward, Jr., clerk, C. H. Hichmond's, boards 9 Oak 
Heady Amltrose L., laborer, 51 l)utton, house 31 Marion 
Heady Darby, laborer, house 19 A\ inter 
Heady Fllen, widow, house rear 14 Howard 
Heady Janus, Lowell, house 21 ^Varren 
Heardou John, I.owell, house 35 Sakni 
Picardun Patrick, laljorer, house rear 138 Lowell 
Hedmond John, laborer, house 8 Molloy's Court 
Hcduiond Lawrence, marble woiker, house 329 Central 
Hedmond ]\lartin, at Littler's Mill, house 7 Kidder 
Hicdmond rhilip C, army, house Gorham, corner Winter 
Heed Alfred, lioott Corporation, house 10 do. 
Heed Charles W., Merrimac Corporation, boards 131 do. 
Heed I'ldward Iv, overseer, Hoott Corporation, house 73 do. 
Heed I'rancis, blacksmith, Cuuvers', house 41 Appletou 
Heed George W., ^lerriiuac Curpuratron, boards 134 do. 
Heed CJordon, army, house 4i) I'aige 
Heed John W., student. 3 Canal Hlock, house at Dracut 
Heed Joseph, engraver, house 78 South 
Heed Mary A., vest-maker, 105 j\Ierrimac 
Heed Nelson X., machinist, boards 109 Appleton 
Heed Itansom, merchant (Hoston), house 25 Tyler 
Heed Hebecca W. ilrs., house 47 Appleton 
Heed Samuel, Bleachery, house 22 do. 
Heed Samuel, laborer, house 2 Tilden Court 
Reed 'I'homas C, farmer, house ^It. Vernon, near Westford 
Hcgan John, L. M. Shop Foundr}', house 3G Lewis 
Hemick Oral, Hoott Corporation, boards 44 do. 
Hcnn sec Wrenn 
Reynolds Amasa X., carpenter, house Railroad, near Hale 

, f 

[:. .. :l 


t .-I 

I ,• 

! ■) ( 

I . ■. . I 

.. V , '' u. J. ij/. 'Mv.'U/>:i 


Picynolils r>ernard, grocer, 03 Lawrence, house do. 
l{e}liokls i'ldward, liousc 110 Jui^t .Mcrrimae 
Reynolds James, laborer, house rear 20 Winter 
lUiodes 15enjauiin, at rihodes' ^lill, hoards 2SI) Central 
]!hodc3 Joliu, overseer, .Middlesex, house 15 Hurd 
Ithodcs .lolin, Jr., Middlesex, boards 15 Kurd 
]\hodcs -Matthew, at Uliodes' Mill, boards 2^0 Central 
lUiodes Richard, yarn luanuf., Whipjde's ]\lills, li. ->'J Central 
lihodes AVilliaiii, worsted spinner, house ^Vhipple 
lUee Charles E., book-keeper, L. I\I. S., bds. 51 ]L ^Merrimac 
Kiec Cortis N., at W. Aldrii-h's, boards -18 Trcscott Curp. 
lUcc Edward C. (Ji. 4- Jhitt-'/), provis., 1;}1 Cent., li. 219 do. 
Ivice Henry M. (If. J/. S, J. R.), provisions, 4 l-'a.-t }derrimac, 

house 1 1 Auburn 
Eice Jonathan (JI. M. S^- J. IL), 4 East :\Ierr., h. 17 Auburn 
Kice ^lary J. Islvs., house 2i)5 Central 
nice Closes, watchman, Apjjleton, house GO Church 
liich Susan, widow, house 2(J Bartlctt , :. . 

Eichards Henrys IE, house 00 Eront 

Eichards John, overseer yard, ^Icrriniac Corp., house 07 do. 
Eicliards John, Eowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Eichards Luther, millwriuht, house 17 Anduvcr. near Water 
Eichards 3Eirtin, at IE E. Smith's, house 42 Lagrange 
Eichards Susan, Avidow, house oO Erunt 
Eichards AVilliam IE IE, army, house Pleasant, Ccntralville 
Eichardsou Abel, farmer, boards Merrill Eicliardson's 
Eichardson Aldeu B. {Green S)- Ii.), Erescott, h. 20 Church 
Eichardson Eenjamin E,, engineer, B. & Ij, E. E., h. 8 !McIntirc 
Eichardson Charles, carpenter, house Adams, Eranklin Sip 
Eichardson Charles, teamster, U. Allen's, house 205 [Middlesex 
Eichardson Charles IE, bagg. master. North. Dep., b. 21 Merr. 
Eichardson Charles 0., machinist, house 100 ^liddlescx 
Eichardson Charles W. W., restaurant, 175 iMiddlesex 
Eichardson Daniel IE, butcher, h. ^Middlesex, west of AValker 
Eichardson Daniel L., at 175 .Middlesex, house do., c. AValker 
liichardsou Daniel S. {V. S. Sf G. F. Ii.), counsellor, 55 Cen- 
tral, house 21 Lawrence, corner Tyler 
Eichardson David JL, machinist, Kitson's, b. 24 Ham. Corp. 
Eichardson Edward J., E. White Arms Co.,h. 15 X. Erank. Ct. 
Eichardson I'^ihraim ]Mrs., house Old Eoad 
Eichardson Idbridge (r.. piano tuner, house 00 Gorhani 
Eichardson Erank L. {L. B. Ii. S^ Son), boards SO \^'illow 
Eichardson George, draughtsman, L. Mach. Shop, house 4 do. 


I .'f 

,-n:.^'M-.. :?!:•' 





•.I ^: A 

> :.| 

-7 ■■ 

i; . 1 


170 * LO"\VELL [ii] DIKECTORY. 

llicliardson Cicorgc, rctVcshincnt siiloon, 21 ^Mcniiiiac, li. do. 
llichardsou (icorge, hostler, J. L. Noyes', house 21 Charles 
liich:\rdson George F. (B. S.<^- G. F. E.), counsellor, 53 Ceu- 

tral, house Ncsmith, corner ^lansur 
Fiichardson George F., clerk, 21 ^Icrrimac, hoards do. 
luchardson Hannah, ^Yido\v, house Bridge, near Old Jload 
liichardson Howard A., photographist, 100 Merr., b. 17 Market 
llicliardson Increase S., trader, house Old lload 
llicliardson Ira O., currier, house \o[) Moody 
llicliardson Jerome F., machinist, house 15 Charles 
Jlichardson John A. O., clerk, 11)5 ]\Iidd'x, h. C. M. Gilraan's 
Kichardson John B., grocer, Adams, c. Fletcher, h. 'Willie, c. do. 
liichardsou John M., farmer, boards Merrill liichardsun's 
llicliardson Joseph L., ])ainter, boards 102 East Merrimac 
lUchardson Lewis B. *& Sua {F. L. It.) brokers, lOo Central, 

house ;J0 Willow 
Eichardsou Margaret H., boarding-house, 12 Boott Corp. 
lUchardson Merrill, farmer, house Old Road 
Bichardson Obadiah Vv'., Lowell, house Mt. Pleasant 
lUchardson Oliver A-, gunsmith, 15 .Middle, h. 102 L. Merr. 
lUchardson Samuel .M., army, house 17 ^larkct 
lUchardson Sullivan, refreshment saloon, 10 and IS Merrimac, 

house Bead, corner First 
lUchardson Sumner, trader, boards ]\Ierrill Bichardsou's 
lUchardson Susan .M., widow, house 17 Market 
lUchardson Thomas L., overseer, Lawrence Corp., house 25 do. 
llicliardson W illiam, engineer, Kitsou's, house ISS Middlesex 
lUchardson William ])., maehinist, boards UG Gorliam 
lUchardson AVilliam C, at J. ]\[atliei''s, house S Cungrcss 
lUchmond Chas. B., papcr-mauuf., H} Lawrence, h. Aiulover 
lUchiuond Misses, house Li.^ Lawrence 
Bicker Charles F., machinist, house 20 Church 
Bicker Charles II., ]\Ierrimac Corporation, boards I.jO do. 
Bicker Fbenezcr, mason, house llJ Chapel 
Bicker Josiah, ]-owell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Bicker Lorenzo D., building mover, house 7 Applcton Corp. 
Bicker Timothy, moulder, house 2;] Boott Corporation 
Biden John, at Littler's Mill, boards 35 Crosby 
Bidcn Joseph, mason, house 3 Court Avenue 
Biden .Margaret i\Irs., house 35 Crosby 
Biden A\'illiam, Bleachcry, house 32 Crosby 
lUdley Oavid, peddler, house 83 Howaiil 
Bilcy Ann, ^Yidow, house rear 13 Charles 

t i'.:j;i.i. 

.• .-I.:!' 

1 M 

. ,H'-Ji '■ ■/ 

' ■ <v. t. ■ . 1 

. •! .* 


niley Bernartl, wood-dealer, 2") Davidson, house do. 

l.'iley Dcriuird, Stott's Mills, bouse 7o Church 

]{ilcy Jk'rnard, hiborcr, house Davidson, corucr "Wall 

Uilcy Bridget, widow, house 17 Jiivcr 

l\iley Jiridgot, widow, house rear 22 AVinter 

llilcy Charles, ]Merriu)ac P. W., lioards loG Mcrrimac Corp. 

liilcy Daniel, laborer, house 5 Putney's Court 

lliley Daniel, tailor, huusc 25 Fenwiek 

Ivile}' Edward, machinist, house -l-'i Lowell 

Piiley 1-llizabeth, widow, house C) [ Middle 

Piiley Hudi, Chase ]\lill, house 20 North 

Riley Hugh, Lowell, house rear a 1 Middle 

liiley James, laborer, at Nathan Crosby's 

Piiley James, army, house 5 Piver 

Piley James, laborer, liouse 2 AVall ' '■ ' 

Piley James, ^Middlesex, house (11 o) 117 ]'vlarket 

Piley James, currier, house 17 Cedar 

Piley John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 72 do. 

piley John, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

piley John, ^ferrimac, Imuse Pearl, near Coburn 

■piley John, Piple/s .Mill, house 2(jl Gorham "'' 

Piley Johu, laborer, house l.J Kurd 

piley John, Middlesex, house G Theatre Block, Lowell 

Piley John, Lowell, house ]>owcll, corner Jefferson 

Piley John, at Sidney Spalding's, house East Pine, n. Nichols 

Piley Julia, widow, house S Carolin's Block, Payette 

Piley Lawrence, laborer, house (5 J,ewis 

Piley Luke, at Smith Adams', house X-a^'son, corner School 

Piley ^largarct, widow, house 7 Suftblk Court 

Piley ilary, widow, house 2 Fenwiek 

Piley .Michael, laborer, house L") Davidson 

Piley ^lichael, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Piley Michael, Lowell, house J)ummcr 

Piley Michael, laborer, house 17 Piver 

Piiley I'atrick, laborer, house 4.S Middle 

Piley Patrick, laborer, house 102 Lowell 

Piley Patrii-k, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 

Piiley Patrick, laborer, house I'J Davidson 

Piley Patrick, Boott, house 7 l^ridge 

]{iley Peter, laborer, house 11) Keeue 

lliley Peter, laborer, house LJ Coburn 

]iiley Peter, laborer, house rear o.'J Middle 

Piley Peter, army, house 55 Lowell 

fii'-r '<z\-\ ' 5S i I ' •. '-'-'J 

':.■>■ :n , 

;t . . 

> T 

■' 7 ../ .1. ii 

172 LOWELL [£a] UIUKCTOUV. i ; 'j 

Eilcj Totcr, Lowell, house roar 51 MidJlc 

Eilcy riiilip, teuinstcr, W. Kitti-eJgc's, h 110 East :Meniiuac 

Eilc}' 'rerrunco, lilcaclicry, house rear 15 rniou 

Tiiley AVilliam, eottoii Lattinir muker, house 10 Congress 

Ilincs .Tuhii E., teamster, S. llurii iS: Co.'s, Lds. 3;]9 .MidtUescx 

Eines John S., watchman, Lawrence Corporation, boards ti7 do. 

Eing Charles C, L. ^M. Shop Poundry, house 39 Cleorgc 

Elng Dennis, laborer, house Broadway, near Adams 

Eing Hennis ?*lrs., house 12 Lewis 

Eing Jeremiah, at ^Naylor's Mill, house 3 Lrospect 

Eing John, navy, house .'Jy Lewis 

Eing John IL, Lowell Machine Shop, house 22 Broadway 

Eing Thomas, navy, house 38 Lewis 

Eiorden Batrich, paper-maker, house Su Gorham 

Eipley George & Co. (Jos. S) Leo. C/noc/i), manufacturer of 

cotton batts, wadding and paper, 20 Central 
Eipley Herbert B., army, boards J. B. Eijdey's 
Eipley Joseph B., army, house Smith, near Liberty 
Eipley Thomas, farmer, house AVestford, opposite (Juceu 
Eipley AVilliam F., Tremont Corporation, house 1 do. 
Eitchie John, teamster, house 13 Adams, Franklin Sijuare 
Eitchie John 1'., clerk, 50 Central, house 37 Brescott Curp. 
Eix Benj. F., music teacher, h. off ^klethueu, near city line 
Eoaeh .loanna, widow, house IS Davis 
Eoach John, army, house 115 Lowell 
Eoach John, laborer, house G4 Suffolk 
Eoach Lawrence, at E. B. Patch \: Co.'s, house 94 Gorliam 
Eoach Michael, laborer, house 74 Gorham 
Eoach ^lichael, army, house rear 55 Lowell 
Eoach Patrick, laborer, house rear 394 Merrimac 
Eoark John, laborer, house 21 Kirk Avenue 
Eoark Michael, butcher, house 39 Lowell 
Bobbins Charles H., mason, boards 2G .Massachusetts Corp. 
Eobbins George, Lowell Machine Slioji, house 35 do. 
Bobbins Henry, machinist, Lawrence Corporation, house 14 do. 
Eobl)ins Jacob (custom house, ]>oston), h. 1S2 East ^Icrrimac 
Eobbins John, mason, boards 13 Massachusetts Corporation 
Eobbins Sophia T. iMrs., house 131 Middlesex 
Jlobcrg James, at Wavuesit ]\lills, house 10 Middlesex place 
Eobcrts Charles, carpenter, Lawrence Corporation, h. l(j do. 
Eobcrts Jaracs P., P. & L. E. E., boards 115 Middlesex 
Eoberts John, at Dugdale's ]\lill, house 74 Lawrence 
Eoberts John, laborer, house 14 Mill 


.■.■!m /; 

.1 >.-<! 

,1 • .1 • 

J ■■■■■'•": r. , ' ' • 

r I .1 

>.■ i ii : i ; . • • 


Roljcrts Jolin, Lawrence Corporation, lionsc 03 do. 
Ilobcrts John, at ('. i*. 'I'alljot ^.- Co.'s, bouse 72 J5artlctt 
llobcrts John A., boards Jluward House 
]iobcrts John L., butcher, liouse Mt. V^crnon, near Broadway 
Ikobcrts Nathaniel, boot-niaker, IJo 3Icrrimac, house 2i Tliird 
llobcrts Stcplicn D., carpenter, at Coniins', house 31 rictcher 
liobcrtsou James, l.owcll Corporation, house 10 do. 
liobinsou Alexander H., paymaster, Appb:ton, h. .'!2 Lawrence 
Eobinsou Anthony, at \\'. A\ alker lI- Co.'s, house 50 Lawrence 
Kobinson IJenj. & Co., fancy gouds, ;J0 ^lerr., h. 7 Harrison 
liobinson liroughton V., travelling agent, house 13 AVarrcn 
liobinson Cliarles li , clerk, [)[) Central, boards 50 j\Ioody 
IJobinson Charles S., array, house 01 iMassachusctts Corp. 
liobinsou Clarence W., clerk, 13S JleiTimac, bds. 7 Harrison 
Itobinson Don C, moulder, L. M. S. Foundry, b. 20 Ham. Corp. 
Piobinson Lmcline ^Ira., boarding-house, 5 ]5oott Corporation 
llobinsou K. A., Boott Corjioration, boards 38 do. 
Piobinson I'Mgar W., photographist, 103 .Merrimac 
Kobinson Frederick W., bonnets and millinery goods, 01 !Mcr- 

rimac, corner John, liouse 10 Kirk 
lioLinson Ceorge, at J. C. Ayer iS: Co.'s, boards 41 Appleton 
Ikobinson Henry, Stott's Mills, boards 50 Lawrence , ^„ ... 
Lobinson James, army, house 11 Charles 
IJobinson James, lUeaehery, house 10 Kecne 
I'lobinson James, painter, .Merrimac C!orporation, house 117 do. 
Lobinson James H., variety store, 23 Market, house do. 
Kobinson John, boards 21 Kock 
Kobinsou Joseph & Co. (I). Callahan), coal oil, "Whipple's 

Mills, house at Killerica 
Kobinson Mary A., widow, house 119 Lawrence 
liobinson liobcrt, gardener, house 50 Lawrence 
Kobinson Kobcrt, Jr., at Stott's Mills, boards 135 Lawrence 
liobinson William & Co. (.1. A^ourbounic), mvidnmsis, ]\Iechan- 

ics' Mills, house 24 Kock 
Kobinson AVilmot, at A. L. Krooks', boards 3 Mclntirc 
Kobinson "\V. F., Koott Corporation, boards 3S do. 
Koby Augustus K, JMcrriraac Corporation, house 74 do. 
}lohy Charles, Massachusetts Corporation, house 01 do. 
Koby Levi, overseer yard, Massachusetts Corp., house 53 do. 
Koche James, laborer, house 2 .AlcCarry's Court 
Kock Mar}', house 30 Lowell ^lachine Shop 
Kockwood William B., carpenter, house 13 Marshall 
Kodgers Thomas, colorcr. Chase Mill, house 30 Cedar 



'f>»>Ty^:'-\ ?? • 4 \::ff<M' 

!■ , 'i 




ilodlift' I'cnlinand, suii't, llaiuilloii, luuisc .">." Apiiletdn 
Ivodliir lloriiiio II. {Jicunctt ^- It), Moody, house 'J I Siilem 
ilogau Ijiidi^ct, widow, house lull J.owoU 
liogiui Margaret, widow, house 2G Waluut 
Kogan Patrick, painter, boards 44 lioott Corporatiou 
Itogau 'L'homas, arm}', house 28 Waluut 
Kogcrs Barrett, carpenter, boards 1;J llauiiltou (Corporation 
llogers Benjamin 1'., fanner, house High, near ^sesniith 
liogcrs Bridget, widow, house 40 Lowell 
Bogers Caleb, boards 17 ^Icrrimac Corporation 
Rogers Catharine, widow, house S Union 
Bogcrs Charles II., ekrk, 1(J() ^Icrriniac, boards 23 Xesiuith 
Bogers David Mrs., house 214 Central 

Bogcrs J''unicc ]\lrs., boarding-house, G ]\lerrimac Cor}>oration 
Bogers Felix, at II. li. liarker's, house 05 iMiddlc 
Bogirs Jacob, hardware, &c., IGG 3ilcrrimac, b. .Mtrr. House 
Borers James, at Kitson's, house 2 South lliLrhland 
Biogers John, rag-gatherer, house 1 Summer ■'■'■ 

Bogcrs John, house 21 Lawrence Corporation 
Biogers John, laborer, house 7 Wall " ' ■ - 

Bogers John, laljorcr, house 112 AA'illiam 
Bogers John, laborer, house rear 2'J Hanover 
Bogers John F., cashier, B. B. B'k, Carleton Bl'k, h. 23 Xcsmith 
Jlogers Joseph B., farmer, house High, near Ncsniith 
Bogers ^lichael, laborer, house 4b Adams 
Bogers Bufus {Lainson, li. ^- Co.), 1 1 1 .Market, house 21 Law- 
rence Corporatiou 
Bogcrs Thomas, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 
Bogers AVilliam M., army, house 1 Blcachcry ' } 

Bogers Zadoc, farmer, house 4 Ash 

Bokes Albert, cooper, house S;i Howard ' ' ' " '" 

Bokes .Tames, clerk, 7 Canal Block, Central, boards 9-?> Howard 
Bolfe Abiel, transportation agent, B. tS: L. and X. & L. B. B., 

oflicc freight depot, house Bolfe 
Bolfe Charles F., painter, L! .Market, boards 101 Central 
Bolfe Edward, mechanic, boards 120 Cro.'^s 
Bolfe Frank 0., clerk, boards Abiel Bolfe'a 
Eollius Eben D., saw-miller, house Broadway, near Adams 
Bollins George S., clerk, 51 Central, house 24G Merrimac 
Bollins Horace IL, box-maker, boards L. D. Bollins 
Bollins John L. {Far)tald ^- R.), 23 :\Iiddle, house 55 Chapel 
Bkollins Jonathan, mason, house CO Church 
Bollins Bliny, machinist, ^lassachusctts Corporation, h. 17 do. 



Pioiruison Samuel, dyer, 3Iiildlcscx, boards 48 Church 

liomano Anthony Kev., ass't, llev. 1'. Cnuldeii, L. 17 Apjiletou 

Ifousdorf Caspar, overseer, Chase ^Iill, h. atone house, \\'hi]i|!le 

lioot Charles, at C. B. Coburn's, boards 1[) J^oott Corporation 

lioot Cieurge, Boott Corporation, boards o'j do. 

Eopcr Caruliue ^Irs., house i'J High 

lioper Francis, house rear Andover 

]k0per (Jeorge W., machinist, Apjileton Corporation, h. 13 do. 

Hose George W. (Chicago), house -! 'i'yler 

Kose Oilbert, milkman, house lo Oak 

Lose John, Middlesex, house ]\[aple, near Corhaui 

Piose Marin Mrs., dress-maker, house 2;> Kirk 

Eoss Charles II., jMerrimac Corporation, huu^^e 3S do. 

Iioss Thomas E., hairdresser, 70 Central, huusc o-i Charles 

Eothwell John, army, house 30 High 

Piothwell John, painter, house Cross, near Fletcher 

Piothwell Thomas .Mrs., house 3G }ilerrimac Corporation 

Piouike Francis, slater,, house Lowell 

Lourke John, American Piult Co., house rear 12 AVilliam 

Lowan John P., grocer, 83 (iorham, house do. 

Lowe George A. (Xorfolk), boards 159 (.'cntral 

LoAYc liichard, grocer, 3iS Lowell, corner Luimiicr, house do. 

Boy r.ozil S., ciiasc Mill, boards UU Central 

Pugg Amos, paymaster, Prescott, boards 12 JIurd 

Eugg Chester W. {]t. cy Grijjith), umbrella and music store, 

77 JMerrimac, house Mt. Vernon, corner Bennett, Cent. 
Eugg Samuel S., machinist, house 12 Bace 
Bundlett Charles L., watchuuiker, IG^ Merr., bds. 50 bloody 
Eundlett David, house 228 School 

Eunals Bobcrt K., grocer, 310 Merr., h. 337 do., cor. Cal-ot 
Euuels, Clough & Co. {G. linnds, S. Cloi:<;/t, X. Jhiris lunl 

S. Swcatt), granite stone yard, Thurndikc, cmi-. .Middlesex 
Euuels Daniel, v/atchnian, Hamilton Corp., boards '1') do. 
Eunels George {R., Clji'^h 3f d.), house [) 9 'i'horudike 
Bunlett Charles IL, carpenter, Lawrence Corp., liu.uds G Cio. 
Eusliworth I)cnjamin, machinist, house \~) Ames 
Bushworth John, ]\Iiddlesex, house 19 Chark-s 
Buss Hiram H., Lawrence Corporation, lioards C,7 do. 
Bussell Alonzo L., grocer, 105 .Middlesex, huuse lo7 do. 
Bussell Cyrus K., grocer, 281 Merriniac, house 3 77 do. 
Bussell Fdwin F., mason, boards 215 Central 
Bussell Fmily II. ]Mrs., house ttS (iorham 
EusscU Horace, army, house 213 Middlesex 

t:i'"'i ■i.iti ' rS' I. C'/ <'..'. 


I 1 

> ,. I i 

■;(•'• ■ ■ .y 

•I • I" ../. 


Eusscll Jaracs S., tcnclicr, ITigh School, lionsc 29 Xcsraith 

]vu.sscll Josiali, mason, house I'l") Central 

liusscll Leonard J\I., r.iachinist, house ;ii West ford, c. Grand 

llu^scll Rufus, carpenter and bcll-hangcr. h. 4t J'rescott Corp. 

lUissell William A. J., hlacksraith, boards 71 Tajette 

Kutlierford John, Middle-scx, house iManehestcr, Ayer's City 

lUitherford liobcrt, iliddlesex, house H2 Church 

lUithcrford Thomas Mrs , widow, house 7G ^Varrcu 

liutledirc Alice, widow, house l.'> Tnion 

Eyan George, at W. Walker & Co.'s Mill 

llyan James, carpenter, house 5;! Button , -, ;• 

Eyan Jane Mrs., house IG North 

Eyan John, laborer, house 18 Salem 

Eyan John, saloon, 77 Gorham, house do. 

Eyan John Mrs., house rear 61 Gorham ',i, , 

Eyan Margaret .Mrs., house G7 Charles 

Eyan }Jary, widow, house rear 71 Adams 

Eyan -Alary, widow, house rear 119 Lowell « 

]iyan Latrick, laborer, house 55 Lowell 

Eyan Patrick, laborer, house 78 Charles 

liyan Patrick,' laborer, house 1 John Street Avenue 

Eyan Patrick, painter, house 1."} l^ayettc 

]lyan Patrick, at Norcvoss >S: Saunders', h. at Dracut, nr. Falls 

Eyan Thomas, house 7 Summer 

Eyan AVilliam, at Josejih Tapley's, house 5 Summer 

Eyder James, painter, !)!) Central, house 25G do. 

Eyersun Henry J., boukseller, 29 Central, house 27 do. 

SAP.IX SCOTT 0., P.oott Corporation, house 50 <lo. 

Sails Ivlwin S., clerk, Mcrrimac Corporation, boards 17 do. 

Sails Harriet .M. -Mrs., variety store, 95 Central, bds. 12 Hard 

Salmon George F., machinist, JiOwcll. boards IG Cady 

Salmon .Martha S. ]\rrs., house IG Cady 

Salmon Patrick, laborer, house Gorham, corner V\'intcr 

Salmon William F., accountant, Lowell Corji., h. l.!2 .Market 

Sanborn xVmos, watches, jewelry and manuf. of silver ware, 

25 Central, house 25 T3'ler 
Sanborn Eenjamiu F., raach., Mechanics' Mills, h. 70 Applcton 
San1)orn Pctscy, boarding-house, 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Sanborn Ebenezcr G., jobber, house 1 Marshall 
Sanborn l-ldward P., mason, house 50 Howard 
Sanborn Edwin, at S. Couvers', house 28G Central 

.v:i'--j:vj..i(' «■* 


1 . . ' .'j 

-MVl 1,,/ 

,',1 jiv I ■ I ' ; ■ ,:'( .1 

. ■..■,',''■ 

i ,, ;i 

!. :..!! 


SauLorn F.lon A., ovcrscci*. Proscott Corporation, house 3 do. 
Sanlioni I'rauk L., p''>iiitcr, ]\l:issacliu.sctts, b. 29 i'rcscott Corp 
Sanltoni (Jeorgo A., painter, house 75 J-owcll 
Sanliorn (ioorgc AV., police, house .■i2 lianiilton Corporation 
Sanborn Henry L., lianiilton Corporation, boards IS do. 
Sanborn Jacob Mrs., house 8;! Ajiploton 
Sanl)orn Jacob 11., engraver, 25 Central, boards 21 John 
Sanborn Jas. 1>. P., photograjmist. 50 Merr., b. 2.S Muss. Corp. 
Sanborn James P., rcjtaircr, llailroad, house S2 Howard 
Sanborn Janies N.. machinist, house 7G Button 
Sanborn John, at Cushing ^l^: Mack's, bds. loi .Mcrrimac Corp. 
Sanborn Laroy S., butcher, bds. (It Hamilton P.lock. (Jorham 
Sanborn Levi C, painter, boards 2 Bangs' Plock, liuilroad 
Sanborn Xathanicl, farmer, house o High St. Sijuaro 
Sanborn Nath'l C, photographist, 50 IMerrimac, li. 120 E. Mcr. 
Sanborn Nathaniel ^I., teamster, honse 1-1 }*larshall 
Sanborn Olivia ^V., dress-maker, 52 1 Mcrrimac, house do. 
Sanborn Pago, shoemaker, house 1 1 Lee 
Sanltorn Stephen C, overseer, Hamilton Corp., house IS do. 
Sanljorn Phcodore A., mason, house 'J ]\lyrtle, ojip. Fourth 
Sanborn Tliomas J., police, house 43 Fayette 
Sanborn AVilliam F., mason, house 23 Cla}' 
Sanborn AVoodljury, army, house 7 Mclntirc 
Sanderson Oliver, laborer, house 15s Sutlolk 
Sanderson Samuel C, carpenter, house 15y Suffolk 
Sands James, overseer*, Appletun Corporation, house 11 do. 
Sands James, army, house rear 327 Central 
Sands ^Irs., widow, house ^laideu Lane 
Sanford ^Maria A. ]\Irs., house 29 Tyler 

Sargeant Benjamin C, bookseller and stationer, City Govern- 
ment Building, 158 ]\Ierrimac, house ;i7 Tyler 
Sargeant Henry \V., harness-maker, Jirabrook's, h. GS App'n 
Sargeant Samuel 1)., paynuister, ^liddlescx, house 2o llurd 
Sargent David M., painter, house 58 West I'nion 
Sargent l^bcn D. (.S". Sf Cuttun), lish-dealer, rear 57 Central. 

house IG Chapel 
Sargent l-lbonezer, bedstead maker, at Crosby's, h. G5 L. i\L S. 
Sargent Fdward ^I. & Co. {E. S. Rand), Boston l^xi)ress, 

31errimac Street Depot, house .33 Andover, near High 
Sargent I'llhanan W., manufacturer, liouse Old Boad 
Sargent h^liphalet, house rear 251 Middlesex 
Sargent Frederick W. {JhirbauL, C/iase t5" Co.), 5 Central, h. 
AVanalaucit, near Pawtuckct 

I J V 't 

1 I I 



Sar^eut George, teamster, A. li. Broolcs', li. 2 "NVaniesit Court 
Sargent (icurge M., at tVfiglit depot, liousc Hale, n. riailroad 
Sargcut Herman AV., carpenter, boards Ueuben Sargent's 
Sargent John, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Sargent John C, Jfassaehusetts Corporation, honsc 13 do. 
Sargent Joseph, peddler, boards LS JJoott Corporation 
Sargent Joseph L., ])rovisions, jMerr., opp. I'ridge, h. Seven 
Sargent Levi, Lowell ^Machine Shop Foundr3', house lo do. 
Sargcut Maria H. Mrs. house 4 Garnet 
Sargcut Naomi Mrs., liousc Oliver, near School 
Sargent Iteuben, farmer, house ('oburn, near Old Pioad 
Sargent Stephen, tinsmith, Wilder's, house 48 Paige 
Sargent StejJieu P. (Boston), house 3d Trcmont Corporation 
Sargent Sylvester H.. machinist, house 74 L. j\lachine Shop 
Sargent Warren, mason, boards George 3L Sargent's 
Sargent AVidcham M., mason, house G9 Fletcher 
Sargent AVillard S. C, teamster, city, house oO Fletcher 
Saunders Abigail C, widow, house S Church 
Saunders Alfred S., overseer, Mcrrimac, house 17 Fourth 
Saunders Charles, painter, boards 2d Suffolk Corporation 
Saunders Charles H., marble-worker, 155 Cent., b. 8 Cluirch 
Saunders Charles W. {No7-crnss Si S.), ]\lidd'x, h. 8 Staekpolc 
Saunders Dana, army, house Middle 
Saunders i'^dward, laborer, house rear 140 Lowell 
Saunders Fdwin, repairer on railroad, house GH Howard 
Saunders Edwin, machinist, Lowell Alachine Shop, bds. 57 do. 
Saunders George A., at "\V. H. Whitmarsh's, bds. 17 Fourth. 
Saunders Jacob, clerk, 131 Central, boards 8 Church 
Saunders Mary, house 74 Church 
Saunders Pobert, laborer, house 8G Suffolk 
Saunders 'i'homas E., at I'j:} Middlesex, h. Wcstford c. School 
Savage Abraham, Mcrrimac Corporation, boards lo'J'do. 
Savage Ellery T., IMerrimac Cor]ioration, house 52 do. 
Savage Pobert, marble-woikcr, Nichols', house 221) Middlesex 
Savage AValtcr, clerk, F. Baron's, boards 3 Trcmont Corporation 
Savilla Henry H., carpenter, boards 154 Suff'olk 
Savory Charles A., jthysician, G2 Paige, corner Ivirk. h. 5 Kirk 
Sawtell Albert A.f provisions. Liberty Sq., bds. 11 Adams, F. S. 
Sawtell Calvin, contractor, L. ]\I. S., boards 10 do. 
Sawtell Charles L, at 0. W, Ligalls', hou^e 142 Lawrence 
Sawtell George F., (Norfolk, Va.), house i>') C'hureh 
Sawtell Henry L, Lowell Machine Shop, house 30 do. 
Sawtell Horace, machinist, boards 26 Appletou Corporation 

7;i ,:•..;•.; '>' i..,vr. I 

Vmc,:,; > I 

1 i^. '' 

i .'j!. . 

LOWELL [."?*] DIllKCTOIiy. 179 

Saw tell Josiali, carpcuter, L'iG School, liousc Sawtcll i)liice 
Sa\\tcll Josiah A., licut. col., anuy, house Sawtcll place 
Sawtell Scklcu L., clerk, l.'io Ccutral, boards 87 Applctou 
Sawyer Aarou, unuy, hoards John 1\ Sawyer's 
Sawyer Aarou C, carriage triuiuicr and harness maker, ICl and 

l(j;j Middlesex, house Franklin, corner Fletcher 
Sawyer Clarissa A. ^Mrs., boarding-house, 110 31err. Corp. 
Sawyer Kdrick U., mechanic, house I -'J Cross 
Sawyer Hamilton J., machinist, 11. Lawrence's, h. G 1 Lulterficld 
Sawyer iiezekiah, chairuiaker, house 129 Cross 
Sawyer John A., painter, boards Julin 1'. Sawyer's 
Sawyer John P., carpenter, house Mt. Pleasant 
Sawyer Jonathan J., eating saloon, UJ8 j\Ierrimac, house do. 
Sawyer Joshua, painter, boards John P. Sawyer's 
Sawyer Leverett .Mrs., house l'2'o Gorham 
Sawyer Xarcissc, Lowell ^Lichiue Shop, boards 92 ^Middlesex 
Sawyer Iselson, machinist, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Sawyer Samuel L., at 111 jMarket, boards 1 Elm 
Sawyer So](hrouia, widow, house o 1 Chestnut 
Sawyer AVesley, house 53 (.'hestnut 
Saxton Alexander, ^iliddlesex, house 11: AVatcr 
Sayers John, laborer, house 1 1 Adams 
Sayers Margaret, widow, house 22 Adams Block, Adams 
Sayles Albert W., contractor, L. M. S., house 8 Favor 
Sayles Nancy Mrs., boarding-house, 115 Mcrrimac Corporation 
Scadding Aaron, at S. Convcrs', house 142 Lawrence 
Scadding Alfred W., at H. Hoslbrd's, boards 1-12 Lawrence 
Scales Francis P., moulder, L. M. S. Foundry, boards 44 do. 
Scales Sidney P. machinist, L. M. S., boards 2G Austin 
Scanlan ^Maurice, laborer, house 40 Adams 
Schollield Isaac, at Lowell Felting ]Mill 
Scobey Jane ^Irs., house 345 ^lerrimao 
Scotchburn Thomas, army, house IGO Gorham 
Scott Alfred {S. S^- Picker in <j), sale and boarding stable, Mid- 
dlesex, corner Howard 
Scott Alfred {S. Horn 6^ Co.), house Middlesex, corner School 
Scott Ann, widow, house head Lawrence Street Court 
Scott lilhauan \V. Mrs., house Mt. Vernon, Ccutralvillc 
Scott G. Clarence, printer, 27 iNIerrimac 
Scott Hugh, ]\Iiddlesex, boards Ann Scott's 
Scott Hugh, ^Middlesex, house I'leasant, near Andovcr 
Scott Isadorc, machinist, house 114 ^Middlesex 
Scott James, house 1G5 Proudway 


r.'< *■ ■ . v.. I 

•I >!■■ , !! ■ •■ 


I .' ' 

, .1; r 

,. / -1 

180 LOAVKLI, [f^4] DlllKCTOllY. 

Scott -Tames, sliocin:ilci.'r, 1 1 ^li.ldlo, Louse 1 1 Kcciui ^ 

Scott James, machinist, L. .M. S., boards lO'J Applcton 

Scott John, farmer, house (^»uei)ec, corner ,^[anchester 

Scott Joliu, contractor, L. M. S., Ijoards lOH Applcton 

Scott Jolin, gardener, house I'leasant, near Andover 

Seott Jolin, ]!leacliery, boards 1 do. 

Scott Tliouias, foreman, locomotive dep., L. i\r. S., liousc 7 do. 

Scott Thomas, Lloachery, house 1 1 ('edar 

Scott Thomas, army, house I'ond 

Scott Milliam, arni}'^, house rear 41 lIoMard 

Scribncr Charles, contractor, L. M. S., h. Liberty, n. Schn^l 

Scribncr Cieorge F., contractor, Lowell .Alaehinc Sho]>, h. 4!) do. 

Scribner Isaac W., physician, Welles Lloek, bds. oS ^iloody 

Scribncr James E., machim'st, L. M. S., boards 100 Ajiideton 

Scribncr Louisa ."Mrs., boarding-liouse, o/J Lawrence Corii. 

Scripture George li, baker, boards 227 Central 

Scripture Isaac 'Mrs., house 227 Central 

Scripture James O., student, boards 227 Central 

Scripture Stephen A., baker, 229 Central, boards 227 do. 

Scudder 11. 1)., boai'ds A\[ashington House 

Scully ]5etsey, widow, house 2G AVinter 

Scully Dennis, ^liddlescx, house 9 (reorgo 

Scully Mary Mrs., house rear 2G Lleachcry 

Scully William, laborer, house 7 Tcnwick 

Searl Edwin T., job-wagon, house 2r>;j Central 

Scarlc Charles J., machinist, house 54 .Mcrrimac Corporation 

Searle John I'., -shoemaker, at S. I>. Weeks', house I'erriu 

Scarles Frances B. ]\Irs., house (iO Thorndikc 

Scarlcs AVilliam A., boards OG ThLundike 

Searls Frances, house 1 1 Lace 

Searls Hosea A., mason, house G Alder 

Scars John, laborer, house 11 AdauTs 

Seaver George W. (Tennessee), boards 4:1 Howard 

Seaver John C, hackman, house 253 i\lcrrimac 

Seaver Joseph, laborer, house Fleasant 

Seaver Lewis II., machinist, house Elm, Ccutralville 

Seaver Wesley, at Comins' bedstead factory 

Seaver William, Boston & Lowell IL J{., house 43 Howard 

Seavcy Andrew J., butcher, house 13 Auburn 

Seavcy John F., Locks and Canals, boards 2G0 Mcrrimac 

Scery William, tailor, Green l^- I'dchardson's, h. 23 Davidson 

Sclfe John, Middlesex, house 19 Cady 

Senior George, boarding-house, 220 Mcrrimac 

II > . 

.'-,1. i ,, ... 

■I . ;r 

.ii, r. ' ' 

LOWELL [f4] DIIlECTOnr. 181 

Severance George "W., American Bolt Co., li. rear 2M Central 

Severance ^larston, lather, lious'c Mt. Vernon, Centralville 

Severance ^FartUa J., boarding-liouse, .'iO Boott Corpuraticin 

Severance Grin C, tanner, LoarJs 72 Lowell MiicbtQc~!^iTr[5^ 

Sevrcns Ilerod T. (California), house -10 Branch 

Scwall Auiiui Pi., anuy, house 10 Water 

Sewall T/jiuan B., army, house 10 Water 

Sewall Samuel, Lowell Jlachinc Shop, house 10 AV:;ter 

Sextou Ellen, wiJow, house S Congress 

Sexton John, blacksmith, hoards 8 Congress 

Sexton John, Hamilton, house 1 Cha]iel 

Sexton Jlargarct, widow, house G Jefferson • * '";•'. ." 

Sexton ]\Iartin. Boott, house 7-1 Gorham 

Sexton Patrick, at Xaylor's Mill, boards 8 Congress 

Shackletou CJeorge, Lowell Machine Shop, boards SG ^ilarket 

Shaekleton John, wool-comber, house 12 Lloyd 

Shaffer William ^hs., widow, house 2oi] Central 

Shanahan P.ichard, American Bolt Co., boards 179 Lawrence 

Shaudley Julm, Lowell ]\lacliine Sho]i, house oG South 

Shandley ^lichacl, ^Icrrimao Print- Works, house 17 llauover 

Shanley James, masou, house 00 Charles 

Shaidey Peter, laborer, house 182 Lawrence .• ■ c 

Sliannou Frank, laln'rcr. house John Street Avenue 

Sharp Pjcnjamin, at Stott's JMills, house 291 Central 

Sharver Cliarles, blacksmith, boards 92 Middlesex 

Shatling John, laborer, house 8 JMiddlcsex Place !•- ' '. 

Shattuck Direxa 'Mrs., house 8 Wamesit 

Shattuck George ^V. (custom house, Boston), h. 93 Salem 

Shattuck Horace B. {Burhauk, C/utse 4- Co.), ;") Central, house 

Andovcr, near cit}' line 
Shattuck Sewall, photographist, 19 Central, house do. 
Shaughnessy James, army, house Coburn 
Shaughuess}' James, Boott, house 71 Iliver 
Shaughnessy John, house 71 Liver 
Shaughnessy Patrick, Boott, house 58 j\Iiddle 
Shaw Francis E., clerk, Washington House 
Shaw George C, moulder, L. ^L Shop, boards 7-1 Middlesex 
Shaw James AV. 15., dry goods, 4-1 Merrimac, b. Merr. House 
Shaw Joseph, operative, house 21 Tremont Corporation 
Shaw Josiah, carpenter (Hoosac Tunnel), b. 29 Suffolk Corp. 
Shaw Bichard P., at Cutter & Walker's, house 20 Charles 
Shaw Buth S. ]\lrs., variety store, 125 Middlesex, house do. 
Shea Eliza, widow, house 73 Adams 

1 11 

.fir.T:. I ^r\ 

,..,(,.,1 ,. 

'■,!.'. 1 ■ 

,]■ :,;.' ... 

... !/ i'.,'. 

.,'•'. . ." I 


Shea James, laborer, house 8 Adams 
Shea James, tauuer, hoartla Surah \V. Blodgett's 
Shea Jeremiah, rag-gathcrcr, house 17 AViuter 
Shea Jeremiah, laborer, house 78 Charles 
Shea I'atriek, army, house 21 Davidson 

Shea riercc, laborer, liouse 13 Gorham _ ^ 

Shea Thomas, laborer, house lo Adams 

Slieahau lldward, bookseller and emigr'tagt., 28 Gorham, h. do. 

Shearer Margaret, house 29 1 Cciitral 

Shed Amos Mrs., boards 102 Lawrence 

Shed Caroline Mrs., boards 105 Ciorham 

Slicd Catliavine A., \vido\v, house 15 SuiTulk 

Shed Edwin L., deputy sheriff and coroner, 3 Canal Llloek, 

Central, house 8 Lav.'rcnee 
Shcdd John Mrs., house 91 High 
Shedd George W., carpenter, house 49 West Tuion 
Shedd Josiuh B. F., eleik, Mcrr. P. AV., h. 1-15 Merr. Corp. 
Shedd AVilliam II., machinist, L. M. S., house \u do. 
Sheehau Dennis, laborer, house rear IT) AVillic Avenue 
Shcehau Jeremiali. L. :\I. S. Foundiy, house 5 I'utuey's Couvt 
Shcehan John, ]\liddlesex, house rear 20 AVilliam 
Shcehau John, fireman, house 88 Suffolk '"' ' '^' 

Shcehau Jolm, L. :M. .^. Fuundry, 1 Putney's Court 
Shcehau Patrick, stone-mason, house 18 Cedar 
Shcehau Peter, at T. II. Swcetser's, house ()2 Fayette 
Shcehau Thomas, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Sheffield Andrew, at 1). \\ . Ifonie's, house 203 .Middlesex 
Shelby Hugh, teamster, bjards Hannah ^Miles' 
Sheldon Abiel \\ ., overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 19 do. 
Sheldon Arthur AV., bobbin-maker, boards Mary Abbott's 
Sheldon George, machinist, house 35 Howard 
Sheldon James, plumljcr, IL H. "Wildcr's, bds. Johu Sheldon's 
Sheldon John, plumber, H. H. AVildcr's, h. Piiver, n. Fultou 
Sheldon Nancy M., widow of Ezra, house 35 Howard 
Sheldon AVilliam, painter, P.oott, house Fultou 
Shepard G. Frank, machinist, L. :M. S., house 33 Union '''^' 
Shcpard Jacob, blacksmith, Convers', house 11 Prospect 
Shepard John, overseer, Mcrrimae P. AV,, h. 155 Merr. Corp. 
Shc].ard Luther E., counsellor, Tyler's Block, -13^ Central, 

boards 51 East Alerrimac 
Shepard AVilliam, chaise builder, &c., Arch, house Pcrrin 
Shcjihard Abram, Middlesex, liouse 9 A\'arreu 
Shephard James, machinist, Stott's Alills, house 3 AVater 

i".'-7 - .1 ,1 I 0*. .. :i7/{>,i 


.,. '/ 

t '1 

! 1 

1 ,.■ 

\.,:.M ,■ ,t, I. ..'J' I,; ■(}'. 


. ■ . , . ■.\ 

Slieplicrd 'Benjamin, Stott's ]\Iil]s, boards ISO Lawrence 
Sheridan Dennis, blaeksniitli, Cunvers', Ids. 31 Ham. Corp. 
Sheridan Edward, hlaeksniith, house OG Adaiaa 
Sheridan John, maehinist, L. M. S., bds. 34 ITatnilton Corp. 
Sherlock lulward, liarness-maker, liouse 2 Tenwiek "'^" — 
Sherlock John, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Sherlock .Michael, carpenter, house rear 17 Union 
Sherlock Patrick, laborer, house 79 Adams 
Sherman Aaron H. Mi-s., house 10 Dodge 
Sherman Alexander AV., clerk, 8 Central, bouse 3 Harrison 
Sherman Calvin G., machinist, boards rear C Tildcn 
Sherman Charles H., machiiiitst, ].owcll, house 10 Dodge 
Sherman Edward F., counsellor, secretary Traders' and Me- 
chanics' his. Co., 27 Central, h. SI i'awtucket 
Sherman .Manley L., carpcutcr, boards Forrest, near Stevens 
Sherman ^larcus D. L., mason, house Forrest, near Stevens 
Shcnaan V\'m. W., paymaster, L. ]\Iach. Shop, h. 108 Applcton 
Sherwell I\Iary F., Avidow, house 172 Gorham 
Shcrwiu Charles, Suffolk, house 12 Cabot, corner Moody 
Sherwood Dan'l ( IVuods, ,S. S)- Co.) 52^ .Mcrr., h. 33 Prcsc. Cor. 
Sherwood Ludbee, JMiddlcsex, house 7 Abbott 
Shields ^Michael, Merrimao, house 23 Hanover 
Shinnick ^lichacl, laborer, house 17 ^Winter n 

Shipman Henry, Lowell, boards 1 Union 
Shipley Samuel D., captain, army, house 50 Eock ■ •- 

Shirley Charles, boarding-house, 113 East Merrimac 
Shirley Edward, harness-maker, h. Broadway, near Marion 
Shirley James IL, L. M. S. Foundry, h. Mt. Vernon, n. Westf'd 
Shirley iMichael, laborer, house 32 Adams 
Shirley Samuel H., printer. Courier office, house GG South 
Shirley Sarah Mrs., house GG South 
Shirley William, farmer, house 24 Water 
Shores John W., Lowell, house 33 High 

Shorcy Charles E., clerk, D. Whithed's, boards G E. JiFerrimac 
Shorey John, picture frames, 81 Central, boards 159 do. 
Shorey Lorenzo W., painter, JNHddlcscx, b. G East Merrimac 
Shorey ]Moses W., millwright, house 172 Gorham 
Short Catharine, house 43 Gorham 
Short Charles E., boards 34 Lewis 
Short Charles .M. Mrs., house 34 Lewis 
Short I'ldward, lUeachcry, house 8 Keene 
Short George, at :\larket Hotel, 14 ^Market 
Short James, at Naylor's ^H!I, boards 7 Kidder 

'.■:ri( .■•'.llxJ I »* ! ; ^ ! ./■•I 

,■< t ;■ 

:• . . » ' 



1 :. ■ ' 

, , ( ,, ,., i 

H .' .1:' • • 

184 LOWLI.L [§] DIRECTORY. j ;• 

Short Joslali E., coiidiictor, ]'.. & I-. 11. 11., L. 101 Appletoii 

Short AVilliuui, butcher, hou«c 8 C'uburu 

Shortall John, Chusc ^^lill, house 1 Auhurn, near Chapel 

Shortley G. A., Boott Corporation, hoards o8\do. 

Shovliu AViuefrcd, ^vidow, house 20 Summer \ I 

Shufcldt George A., machinist, L. M. S., boards Ti^Cusliinp; 

Shurtlelf Gardner, watchman, Uoott Corporation, boird-s 1 1 do. I 

Shute Alonzo, Applcton, boards 103 Howard ■ 

Shute Michael, carpenter, house 0;{ Lawrence p 

Sileox Lazarus, Middlesex, liouscSi High 

Silsbce Charles, Lowell Macliine Shop, boards 70 do. 

Silsbce George, Lowell ]\Iachinc Shop, boards 70 do. j 

Silver Fred. A., stone-cutter, Ivunels & Co's, h. Lailroad, n. Hale j 

Silver llarvcy, machine shop (Chelmsford), li. 28 Thorndikc j 

Silver James B., at 2 J Lreseott, boards 14 "Warren i 

Simcs Ira IL, blachsmith, house 70 .Moody ! 

Simmons Warren, driver. Horse 11. 11., b. 5 Hamilton Corp. i 

Simonds Lartlett j\Irs., house 2 Garnet : 

Simouds Edward, laborer, house Lowers ! 

Simonds llartwell D., at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, bds. 27> ilarket 

Simonds Samuel B., book-binder, oG Central, h. 13 Chestnut j 

Simouds Walter, shoemaker, house o Ford ' 

Simpkins William, laborer, house ISG Central • I 

Simpson Abby H., boarding-house, C Boott Corporation j 

Simpsou Alvah O., Boott Corporation, house 9 do. h 

Simpson Audrew J., photographist, 27 Cent., h. MI Y.. ^Uvr. ! 

Simpson Benjamin E., physician, house 5'J Third 

Simpsou Joel, ^Massachusetts Corporatiun, boards 2G do. 

Simpsou Odanathus, Lowell, house 8 -Cedar, corner Sixth 

Simpson Samuel A., overseer, ]\[assachusetts, h. 2G rrese. Corp. 

Simpson Svarah Mrs., house 10 Charles 

Simpson Thomas, house Liberty, corner Chelmsford 

Simpson Thomas M., machinist, h. uG Ham. Block, Gorham 

Sinclair Abby Mrs., house 4G Howard 

Sinclair Daniel IL, police, 87 Mcrrlmac Corporation 

Sinclair Henry A., army, boards 87 Mcrrimac Corporation 

Skeltou Benjamin, })hysician, house uO Tyler 

Skillings David G., carriage-maker, 22 Bridge, h. 3 Cedar, Cent. 

Skinner Abner, Middlesex, house 8 Fee 

Skinner Adelbert C, thread and trimmings, G3 Mcrr., b. 8 Leo 

Skinner Arabella, at G3 iMerrimae, boards 8 Lcc 

Skinner Smith, boarding-house, 21 Market 

Slater Joseph, army, house 3u .Marion 

..i. : . :..::. J.c 

I -I ( 

• • 'i 


1 - 


Slitcr ^fattlicw, engineer, Louse -1 "Water 

Slater Thomas, coppcrsiuith, WilJcr's, bouse rear 22 Soutli 

Slater Thomas, at i'arker i^L- Nichols', house 30 ^larion 

Slater William, laborer, bouse -1 Water \ 

Slattery Dennis, laborer, bouse GO Tenwick 

Slattery Miebael, peddler, bouse 9 Carpet Lane 

Slattery Tatriek, lileachery, house 18-1 Gorbani • ^ 

Slaviu James, laborer, house 18 Keone 

Shivin .Mary, variety store, 7~) Gorham, bouse do. 

Slaviu Maurice -Mrs., widow, houf^c 2.3 Cedar 

Sleeper Abraham F.,, bouse 115 Middlesex 

Sleeper Charles W., boards 7 Tremont Corporation 

Sleeper Harrison G., counsellor, 75 Central, bds. 11.") Gorham 

Sleeper Iliram, Lowell Maebinc Shop, bouse 110 Middlesex 

Sleeper John, stage-driver, bouse First 

Sleeper Margaret, widow, bouse 70 Church 

Sleeper Solomon C, IJoott Corporation, boards 20 do. ^ , -, 

Sligli James, Lowell, bouse 18 Adams 

Sline Lllen ^Irs., house Quigley's Alley, rear 78 Lowell 

Slinc James, laborer, house Quigley's Allej', rear 78 Lowell 

Sloeum John P., engineer, nav^^ house 151 Moody 

Slooey James, army, house Salem, near Decatur 

Small Cbtirlcs IL, conductor, S. & L. R. H., house 55 Church 

Small I'aul D., army, house .'j25 Merrimac 

Smart Charles II., student, boards 11 Cnion 

Smart Daniel W., at A. L. I'.rooks', boards 10 Adams , 

Smart Mary J. i\Irs., house 11 Cnion 

Smiley John, at Lane & Nowcll's, house 59 Buttcrfield 

Smith Albion, printer, Courier office, boards 100 Appleton 

Smith Andrew, printer. Courier office, boards 1-1 Fayette 

Smith Andrew, bouse 20 Cady 

Smith Andrew AV., travelling agent, boards 51 Appleton 

Smith Aratbura, widow, house 121 Moody 

Smith Aurclia Mrs., widow, house 10 Appleton Corporation 

Smith Benjamin A., carpenter, bouee Second 

Smith Betsey ]\lrs., house Lincoln jilaee 

Smith Bridget Mrs., house 1-1 Fayette 

Smith Charles, grocer, 27 East Merrimac, house 9 "Wall 

Smith Charles, clerk, 128 Suffolk, boards ^Mechanics' Hotel 

Smith Charles, ^liddlesex, house 39. Church 

Smith Charles, machinist, boards 309 School 

Smith Charles, army, house 10 .Market 

Smith Charles Mrs., widow, house 21 Fvacc 


.'.!■: r'vjrn, J ^f*.] .jjtivro.t 



'i ' f. 


Smitli Charles E.', sluittlc-mcikcr, at J. S. Jaqucs', b. IG AsL 

Sniitli ChristopLor, rrcseott, liouso loO LoNVcll I 

Siiiitli Coniclius 13. llcv., reotor St. JuLu'sl^p. ch., L. 2G(J Cent. 

Smitli Doreas Mrs., Louse 'J ^Merrill's Court 

Smith Dudley II., ]\Icrriuiac Corporation, house 75 do. i 

Smitli h'dward, ]Merriiuac Trint-works, house 76 liiver 

Smith I'dwavd Mrs., house 2 Livingston's lUoek, Appletou 

Smith Elbridge 0., peddler, house 'J Merrill's Court 

Smith Francis, hosiery and laees, i'J ^Merrimac 

Smith Traneis, earpenter, house 1 Marion 

Smith Francis S., job wagon, house 26 Keenc 

Smith George, tailor, 222 ^lerrimac, house Fj Common 

Smith George, ^liddleses, boards ll Hamilton Cori^oration 

Smith George, Horse Kailroad, boards G Hamilton Corporation 

Smith George, laborer, house 5 Lagrange Court 

Smitli George B., moulder, house 22L1 Middlesex 

Smith Geo. C. (Union Bolt Co.), h. Tc\Yksbury, n. Low. Cem. 

Smith George C, at C. 15. liichmond's, house liil ]>a\vrcnce 

Smith George Harrison, machinist, house 12o Cross 

Smith George T., carpenter, house Fawtucket, near old canal 

Smith George AV., machinist (l)oston), house GO L. M. Shop 

Smith George W., machinist, house Go Gushing 

Smith George W., Jr., machinist, L. M. S., h. 5 Lagrange Ct. 

Smith Henry (S. <.y White), tin-ware manuf., 2U ^liddlcbcx, h. 

at Templeton 
Smith Henry {S. 8f Kic/mh), produce, 109 Maiket, house 

I\liddlesex Village 
Smith Henry S., army, boards 29 Marshall 
Smith Hezekiah 13., wood-working ' machinery. Mechanics' 

Mills, Louse 18 Xesmith 
Smith Horace, carpenter, at AV. 11. AViggin's, h. 3 Hara. Corp. 
Smith Hugh, at Dugdale's 2\lill, h. rear 7G Lowell 
Smith Isabella, widow, house rear lis ^liddlesex 
Smith Jacob Iv., iMassachusctts Corporation, boards 13 do. 
Smith .lames, laborer, house rear 5 Decatur 
Smith James, Stott's .Mills, house rear 42 Water 
Smith James, Mrd, carpenter, house Hale, near Grand 
Smith James, Lowell, house U I'avidson 
Smith James, laborer, boards John Street Avenue 
Smith James C, overseer,- Merr. P. W., h. I'ine, at city line 
Smith Jas. H. (Uvion Bolt Co.), h. Tewksbury, n. Low. Ccm. 
Smith James W., clerk, 2 Central, boards 2G Merrimac Corp. 
Smith Jesse C, variety ctorc, lo Merrimac, house do. 




: 4vZj::^\' ' <^ ' .].i,:7.'.,a 


■•I ■[ : . i. r ■>.'., 


' ■..'•. 




li Jolin, 1st, star^c-oflloe, 182 Mcrriraac, Loanls 2C0 do. 

h Joln>, 2uJ, carpcnttT, Louse l-'i Common 

h John, ord, carpenter, house .'!0D School 

h Jolm, stone mason, house Kirk Avenue 

h John, peddler, house 3'J .Middle 

h John, machinist, l.owcll Machine Shop, house 11 do. 

h John, saloon, 2 Bridge, house do. 

h John, machinist, hoards 3 Mclntire 

h Jolm, clerk, boards 1 Clarion 

h Jolm C, overseer, ^Jerrimuc P. AV., house at ])racut 

h John C, l)00tt Corporation, house It; do. 

:h John 11., at gas oliiec, boards ilrs. J. Cordon's 

h John il., army, house S Dodge 

h JohuAV., overseer, ^ferrimae Corporation, house 2G do. 

h Joseph v., moulder, Foundry, house !'U Appletou 

h ICate, variety store, i)V> Central, boards lUl do. 

h Kilburn, musician, house 110 Central 

h Louisa P., liouse rear 2;,'0 Central 

h Lyman A., Lowell ]\lachine Shop, h. ,^0 Suffolk, F. S. 

h Lyman S., shoemaker, house 254 Central 

h ]\lanuel I>., cariienter, house 29 Marshall 

h 31argaret, widow, house 4 Suffolk Court 

h ]\rary N., boarding-house, 26 Boott Corporation 

h ^lichacl, painter, S. Convers' carriage factoiy 

h ^lichael, Llcachery, house at Tewksbury 

h iliehacl, laborer, house 79 Front 

h Oliver W., carpenter, 23 .Middle, house SG Church 

h I'atrick, ]\lerriraac, house 4u Lowell 

h Patrick, porter, American House 

h Patrick, laborer, O. ]\1. AMiipple's, boards 37 Flovd 

h Peter, laborer, house 1 Vi'illiam 

h Peter S., grocer, 27 h^ast Merrimac, boards 9 V>'ull 

h Philip A., army, house 3 Suffolk Court 

h Putnam, ]ih3'sician, house ir)4 Suffolk 

h Robert ^Irs., house 7 Davidsoa 

h Piobert AV., house 73 Summer 

h Salome Mrs., house East Pine, near Nich.ols 

h Samuel C, steel letter-cutter and mach., 12:; ('ross, h, do. 

h Samuel F., mach., II. P. Smith's, bds. 32 Suffolk, F. S. 

h Samuel F., fruit, Midd'x, c. Thorndikc, b. 99 Appletou 

h Stephen P. Mrs., house IG Pawtucket, near Fletcher 

h Thomas, Union Bolt Co., house at Ihacut 

,h Thomas, Lowell, house 21 Union 

"i :irir' ■ ,-'• 

►*' ■ . 

:KtV; .'■ ( 

lii.'; . . 


Smith Thomas, army, house 1 I'.oott Corporation 

Smith 'J'liomas D. y'hs., 51 .Marion, conicr LvraiK.o ' * 

Smith Walter N., hoards 11 Lawrence Corporatio;i "" ° I 

Smith William, maehiiiist, hoards «U Cross 

Smith William A., army, house 85 Church 

Smith William D., ei<rar maiuif., lioiisc roar 212 Central 

Smith William II., Horse Itailroad, hoards G Hamilton Corn | 

Smith A\ ilham H., army, liousc Ml- Jackson I 

Smith William H., maehinist, Trcmont, hds. 58 lloott Corji ' 

Smith \\illiam M., sup't Lo\vcll Cemetery, house opp. do 

Smith A\ illiain N., gardener, liousc 8(i Middlesex 

Snell Kli/.aheth L., teaoher, hoards 2.! 7 Central 

Suell (ieorge W., Merrimac Corporation, house 51 do '• ■' 

Snell Orlando, carpenter, 20 J'reseott, house 55 Chestnut 

Snell A^ illiam H., at J. C. Ayer .\; Co.'s, hoards. W^.sh. House 

bnow .Mahlon, farmer, house 115 Gorham 

Soinherircr Langdon, lloott Corj.oration, hoards 44 do 

Somes William E., hakcr, 1 Fayette, hou^e 93 H. .Merrimao 

Sopcr Joseph E., moulder, L. .M. Shop Toundrv, house 17 do 

Soule Hatlield X., clerk, 189 Middlesex, h. Camhrid-o, n Ilale 

Southmaid Daniel, mason, hoards 2G Massachusctts'Corp. 

Southwick John li., overseer, Tremont Clorjioration, li. 87 do 

Southwiek IJoyal, president Merchants J^ank, house at Boston 

Soutlp.vorth A\illiaiu S., agent, Lawrence Corn., h. .■;85 Mcrr 

Spahlnig Addison, artificial leg mannf., h. FiVst, near lh-id<'c 

Spalding Charles, stone mason, house rear 18 Grand "^ 

Spalding David S., mason, boards 45 Lawrence Corporation 

Spalaing Elizabeth Mrs., boards Washinuton House 

Spalding Ira :\[rs., house 270 Centnil* 

Spalding James ^V., shuttle-maker, house 5 (Joward place 

Spalding Joel, physician, Sav. Hank liuihl., b. 51 Lawiucket 

Spalding J. Tyler (Boston), boards 51 Bawtueket 

Spalding Lucien, B. & L. B. B„ boards 51 Appl.ton 

Spalding Noiih, farmer, house Barker, near clielmsr.ud 

Spalding Bufus, farmer, house 12 Fourth 

Spalding Samuel, laborer, house First, near Brid"e 

Spalding Samuel V., peddler, boards 18 Lawrence Cornoratiou 

Spaluing Sidney, president L. .1- L. B. B., h. 417 .Mid'dk—x 

Spalding Simeon Mrs., house Walker, corner Broadway 

Spalding Weld, house 1 Centre 

Spahling William ]}., boards 1 Centre 

Spalding William H., clerk, boards 270 Central 

Sparks Catharine, widow, house rear 847 Merrimac 

I ' •^ j.i:i7' ' 1 


•\ 1 

, >' 

ti',; .' 


Sparks Jolm, Llaclcsmitli, liousc 04 2 jrcrriinac 
Sparks IJicliavd H., painter, liousc rear o-l7 ^krriuiac 
Spaulding Aiaasa U., B. & L. K. K., li. Cambri(l;:f, near Hale 
Spauldiiig George L. & Co., dry goods, G2 and C r^rcrrimac, li. 

1 (J Lagrange, Frardclin S(iuarG 
Spaulding i[cury, Merriuiac Corporation, boards 11." do. 
Spcarin Ilirani, niach., Noroross .'c Saunders', h. 7 15utterriold 
Spe;u-s James, Lowell, liousc 07 Fletcher 
Sj)clluian Jauics, army, house rear 7S Charles 
Spencer Dudley C, cook, 1;;0 Merriiuac, house C)2\ do. 
Spencer Ethan X., army, house 7S Lawrence Corporation 
Spencer IL L., correspond't, ,1. C. Ayer & Co.'s, li. at Tewks.' 
Spencer James, laborer, house 7U Charles 
Spencer Thomas, B. & L. 1\. 11, house 5o AYest Union 
Spencer William .Mrs., house -107 Merriraac, near Lawtucket . 
Spcrry Charles, sand and stone dealer, h. Somerset, et.r. Quceu 
Spillane Thomas, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Spollord Abram, machinist, Suilblk, house o'> Common 
Spollord Charles, overseer, ]\lcrrimac Corporation, h. C7 do. 
Spofford Fredcriek A. ( Sllchicy ^- S.), Bridge, c. Third, h. do. 
Sprague lleury 1*1., machinist, house 4-i Grand 
Sprague Henry D., machinist, house 4 AVamesit Court 
Sprague John M., at Sargent & Co.'s Express, h. 2\ Chapel 
Sprague ].evi, contractor, house 49 Ncsmith, near Cuk 
Sprague Nabby Airs., house rear 4-1 Howard 
Sprague Sophia C. Airs., house 10 Quceu 
Sjirague Thomas, army, house 97 Howard 
Sjirague AValter, at Barker & Nichols', bds. 1"5 Alerr. Corp. 
Sprague AVilliam H., clerk, boards 40 Nesmith, near Oak 
Springer James 1\, grocer, Liberty Si^uarc, house 7o Cushing 
Springer John W., pattern-maker, L. Alachine Shop, h. 07 do. 
Spurr Jose])h AL, clerk, 4 li Alerrimac, b. CO Alcrrimac Corp.. 
Stackpole Andrew J. (.S'. c5- V,\Knhnun), counsellor, ^ Canal 

Block, Central, boards 51 East Alerrimac 
Stackjiole James, oversea-, Brescott Corporation, house 27 do. 
Stack])ole John, army, house Gorham, corner AVinter 
Stackpole Josiali, clerk, house 2 Ash 

Stackpole Tobias, blacksmith. Bunds k Co.'s, b. 74 Aliddlescx 
Stacy John R., army, house S Branch 
Stacy Louis, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards li:] Alerrimac 
Stacy Lucien B., book-keeper, Talbot & Co.'s. h. 7 Harrison 
Stafford Alary J., dress-maker, 12 Xcsmith's Block, b. 21 John 
Stanchlicld Benjamin F., carpenter, boards 101 Central 

i .1; 

. 1 ' , .VMM' 

', ■:: ' ;:.. '? 


Stanclifield l\rosc3, Loardiiig-liouso, 13 Boott Corporation 
Stanehfield Xoali, Boott Corporation, boards 13 do. 
Standrin Joseph, at II. Kitsun's, house 3 Lagrange Court 
Stanley David, harness-maker, Convcrs', li. 2i Hamilton Corp. 

I Stanley (!eorgc K., book-keeper, boards 13 Third 

Stanley (Jeorge W., overseer, ^Massachusetts, house 13 Third 
. Stanley .Tabez, wood-turner, boards 18 Elm 

Stanley Thincas, overseer, ^Merr., h. north side AVihlur. n. Tawt. 
Stanley Stephen T., overseer, .Merriniac Corporation, h. 78 do. 
1 ^ Stanley William C, carriage painter, house IS J'dm 
A J2. -Stanton Albert D., jeweller, at M. llallctfs, boards 18 Walnut 
'^'^' ..Stanton Charles P., clerk, house -1 Bace 
' Stanton Coorge F., student, boards IS Walnut 

Stanton Henry B., a-t H. H. Wilder's, house 18 Walnut 
Stanton Patrick, laborer, house 1 1 Spring 
Stauwood Lawrence, laborer, boards 151 Ciorham 
Stan wood Bichard L., trunk-maker, house G Bead 
Stanwood Sarah A. Mrs., boarding-house, 28 ]\lass. Corp. 
Staples Benjamin L., mason, house 38 Franklin 
' Staples Ceorge, clerk, 319 ^lerrimac, b. 17 .Mcrrimac Corp. ^ 

Staples Xathaniel T., mason, house 'il Willie 
Stajdes Robert IL, mason, boards 31 Willie : 

Staples Theodore, overseer, Boott Corporation, house h\ do. 
Staples William H., mason, boards 31 AVillic 
; Btarbird Charles H., clerk, 02 Central, boards HO Church 

j Stayner William, bobbin-maker, house 283 Middlesex 

St. Denic Medard, laborer, liousc I\Iorsc's Lane 
Stearns Aaron F., door and sash maker, boards 4 West Court 
Stearns Amos, laborer, house -1 West Court 
Stearns Augustus C, door and sash-maker, b. -1 West Court 
Stearns Catharine Mrs., house 11 Charles 
Stearns Charles, lightning rods, boards lO") Gorhani 
Stearns Charles, ^Mcrrimac Corporation, house 177 do. 
Stearns Charles A., carpenter, house IS Lowell Corporation 
Stearns Charles 15., carpenter, house .'J8 Mcrrimac Corjioration 
Stearns Erastus, carpenter, house 31 Fayette 
Stearns George W., army, house 27 ^Icrrimac Corporation 
Stearns John, laborer, red ho^use, Gray's Court 
Stearns Lewis, jMiddlesex, boards 70 ISridge 
Stearns Xathaniel, overseer, Middlesex, house 70 Bridge 
Stearns llcbecca, widow, house 341 Merriniac 
Stearns Samuel E., Suffolk Corporation, boards 5 do. 
Stearns William, painter, boards 11 Massachusetts Corp. 


at J)n <- ^A 

^^^' ^^.^y^. ^- /^^^,- ,^^^_ 

xk^Jm *^, 'Jf 


'UJ ' ii'-'I ■■ 

l:i. •;.;•'/ 

, / i I ! , . -. ' 

\ .. 


Steams WiHiuiu B., maoliinist, boards Howard Iluuse ' 

iStt'UO David, watohiuan, ^Icrriiuac Corpuration, bds. 100 do. 
StcMo Xonnau, watclnnan, .Mcrriuiac Corjioratiou, bd^^. liJtJdo, 
Stci)licns Alcxaudcr, moulder, L. M. S. I'oundry, L. 21 Smith i 

StevoiiS Ijcliiida II., house 18 jlerriuiac Corporation f 

Stevens lienj. F., machine shop, Allen's -Mills, h. ol Howard 
Stevens Charles, painter, J. 15. luitou's, boards 1 1'J Central 
Stevens Charles B., Merrioiac Corporation, boards 38 do. 
Stevens Daniel C, army, house 2 Tromont Corporation 
Stevens Elizabeth F., dress-makci", Nesmith's JJloelc, ^lerrimac 
Stevens tieorgc (S. c^- Anderson), eonnsellor, 1 Barrister's Hall, • 

Central, corner Merrimae, house *10 Chestnut i 

Stevens CJeorge, llamiltun Corjioration, boards 25 do. | 

Stevens George C, mason, boards Levi B. Stevens' > 

Stevens Joel 1*., army, house 87 Howard , J 

Stevens John AV., house 2(]5 Middlesex | 

Stevens Jonas, maehiiii.-5t, 2ilassaehusetts Corp., house 40 do. i 

Stevens Joseph, blaeksmith, "iG Gorham, h. 2 Linden, n. I'nion f 

Stevens Levi B., snp't Cias \N'orks, house ^^'a]ker, n. I'roadway 
Stevens ]\Iary L. !Mrs., millinery, 1 U) .Middlesex, house du. 
Stevens Solon, power loom harness and reed manuf., 1 letehcr, 

corner Western Avenue, house 17 Howard , 

Stevens Solon "W., clerk, at Solon Stevens', boards 47 Howard i 

Stevens AVilliam, Hamilton Corporation, boards 2o do. ' 

Stevens AVilliam IL, peddler, house rear o\ Cushiug 
Stevens AVilliam K., machinist, bds. Broadway, cor. Flotclier » 

Stcveuson A. W., barber, at 27G ]\[errimac ' 

Stevenson Cushman S., army, house East Merrimac, near lligjh || 

Stevenson llobert, ^lerrimac Corporation, house 151 do. \ 

Stevenson AVilliam C, house 151 i\lerrimac Corporation 
Stewart Albion, carpenter, SulVolk Corporation, boards 29 do. 
Stewart Francis, watchman, Tremont, boards llu Merrimac Franklin, carjtentcr, Sufl'ulk Corporation 
Stewart John IL, Lowell, house 15 Hancock Avenue 
Stewart Levi D., carpenter, house 5 Middlesex I'lace 
Stewart Maria, Avidow, house 122 Cross 
Stewart liobert S., carpenter, house 79 Broadway 
Stewart, see Stuart 

St. Hilairc Bruno, laborer, at A. L. AVaite's, house Powell 
Stickney Daniel (S. 4- Spojjord), grocer, Bridge, cor. Third, 

house Third, corner Bead 
Stickney H'a, i\Icrrimac Corj)., h. 75 Lowell Machine Shop 
Stickney James, laborer, at L. AV. Jeuucss', Chelmsford 


.'..rj. /■■•jl 


I, ' : . , . I , 

': :,:.v,!: 

,■ » 


;.''r- •iMi? ) 

i; ./. .'. .!!■ .■ -'••I.. '' . I 

192 LO'SVi;i>L [!§J UIUECTOUV. 

Stlclcncy James 0., tanner, Louse CO lll^h 

SticKney Samuel W., presiilcnt, llailroad Bank, li. 12 Kiik 

Stiles Alba G. & Co. {j. Co'jyhi, D. (Jhan-hlll and L. /',/,y,^), 

flour, grain and produce, Flctclicr, c. Dutton, h. Varncy 
Stiles Charles F., produce dealer, liousc SI Howard 
Stiles John, clerk, house 1<;2 Suflolk 
Stiles Lewis, machinist, house 52 Lawrence Corporation 
Stiles Perry 1'., clerk, 20 Market, house Oliver, near School 
Stiles Sarah P. Mrs., house 11J2 Suffolk 
Stiles William, jubbcr, house 111 School 
Stimpson Daniel, Massachusetts Corporation, house 47 do. 
Stiiupsou Lucius S., cigar-m deer, house 03 Union 
Stinison John IL, fancy goods, ;) Morrimac, house do. 
Stimsou William A., machinist, Lowell Corporation, h. 22 do. 
Stinson Charles B., machinist, house 12.j Cross 
St.;cr Jane, widow, house 3 George ,, 

St. Ledger Patrick, army, house Green, near George 
Stobert John, operative, house G Cady 
Stockbridge Cyrus, house rear 07 Salem 

Stockman pAlward, at Xorcross tv Saunders', house 39 Branch 
Stoekman Closes, Lowell Corporation, })oards 7 do. 
Stoddard Chester S. (Boston), boards CG A])plcton 
Stoddard Thomas G., engineer, S. & L. W. 1!., h. GO Appleton 
Stokes Josiah IL (lioston), huusc Gl) Chureh 
Stone Aaron C, JjOWcII ^Machine Shop, boards 101 Central 
Stone Abel IL, army, Jiouse 2 Massachusetts Corporation 
Stone Amasa C, machinist, Lowell .Machine Shop, h. S3 Church 
Stone Charlotte Mrs., house 72 Church 
Stone I'Ahvard, at S. Convcrs', house rear 237 Central 
Stone George W., physician, house 11 Pawtucket 
Stone Howard, watchman, Hamilton Corporation, boards G do. 
Stone Joel T., Hamilton Corporation, boards 2.") do. 
Stone Joseph, wii'c-workcr, 10 Central, b. 13 Hamilton Corp. 
Stone Mary A. jNIrs., boarding-house, 15 Mcrrimac Corp. 
Stone Susan Mrs., nurse, house 2 Trcmout 
Stone Thomas, laborer, house Clay 
Stone Z. E. (S. ^- Iluse), editor and publisher, 21 Central, 

house 51 Chestnut 
Stone Winslow, machinist, boards 72 Church 
Story Bradford, machinist, T;. M. S., b. 1 i\Iiddlescx Place 
Stott Charles, agent, Belv. Flan. I\Iills, h. IG Chestnut, c. High 
Stott Clms. A., flannel manuf., Lawrence, n. AVhiji., h. iKs High 
Stott John, clerk, Belviderc Flannel Mills, house 51 Bartlctt 


, i,.i '1 *3iTr'i *-. ; .i.[ { ''1%: 



.: ■■♦. ,. !! ■ 

!; -[l . 

•• ri.l.U. f 

•r, l.^..| ;n:; . ,J-I. 


Stott John, overseer, T?clviderc riannel Mills, li. 15 Charles 

Stott Samuel 10., clerk, Applcton Bank, hoards 15 Charles 

Stover I'amclia, v.'iJow, house 15 ^Marshall 

Stowe fthaniar F., shoemaker, Bridge, uear bridge, house do. 

Stowe William, machinist, hoards o 'rrcmont Corporation 

Stowell Alvin ^L, Boott, house IJ5 Massaehusetts Corporation 

Stowell Jonas, American Bolt Co., house 20 xVhhott , 

Stratton Herbert, carpenter, house 28 Central 

Stratton Jonas, millwright, house 140 Lawrence 

Stratton Ijman B., shoemaker, boards 19 Prescott Corp. 

Stratton ]\[. Henry, cigar-maker, boards Howard House 

Stratton Torrcy E., machinist, F. S. Bcrkius', h. 4;j Appleton 

Straw AVorcestcr, machinist, house G Eace 

Street <)wen Bev., past. High St. Cong. Ch., h. 138 East Merr. 

Streeter Asahel, boards 27 Tremont 

Streetcr Harrison W. (.S'. c3- J^uwers), grocer, John, near Mer- 

rimac, house Westford, near School 
Streeter Holland (Boanoke Island, X.C.), h. Liberty, op. School 
Strickland John, shoemaker, house Elotcher, uear Duttou 
Strickland Bobert, shoemaker, house Fletcher, near Dutton 
Stuart Daniel, currier, boards 33 Howard 
Stuart [■Obcnezer M., chair-maker, A. Merriam's, house Perriu 
Sturtevant Albert ^l., Boott Corporation, boards 2ii do. 
Sturtevant Joseph E., carpenter, bds. UN. Franklin Court 
Sturtevant William l\, at A. L. Brooks', house 3-1 Chureli 
Sugden John, worsted-spinner, AVhipple's Mills, h. Whipple 
Sudden Thomas, wool-sorter, at John Sugden's, boards do. 
Sugden "William, at S. B. Brackctt's, house Whipple 
Sutlivaii Catharine, widow, house 20 Little 
Sullivan Cornelius, hostler, American House, h. G2 Fayette 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 14 Davidson 
Sullivan Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, h. rear 270 ]Mcrrimac 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 47 Fenwick 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 124 Lowell 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house rear 8 Boarl 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 94 Suffolk, near Cross 
Sullivan Daniel, Lowell, house 14 Dummer 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 22 Adams Block, Adams 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house Howe, corner Davidson 
Sullivan Dennis, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Sullivan Edward, laborer, house 12 Cross 
Sullivan Edward, laborer, house 43 Adams, or Suffolk 
Sullivan Eugene, at Bipley's Mill 



.Yn'-rTo:-..!.'' '•''I iJH 

iJ I.- ' >: '.y' 
-... . ' -...■i.i .r. 

'*>;/! ^'i' 



Sullivan Eufrene, Lowell, bouse 10 Little 

Sullivan Florence, lal'orcr, liousc 58 Adams 

Sullivan Iluiupbrcy, Loott Corporation, boards 13 do. 

Sullivan James, at Norcross & Saunders', bouse 17 Spring 

Sullivan Jeremiab, laborer, bouse Dummcr, corner Little 

Sullivan Jeremiab, laborer, Ixiaixls H Adams 

Sullivan Jeremiab, Middlesex, bouse 02 Fayette 

Sullivan Jeremiab, barness-maker, 38 Central, b. 1 Fayette 

Sullivan Jobn, laborer, bouse IS Cross 

Sullivan Jobn, laborer, bouse 43 Adams 

Sullivan Jobn, at L. L. Fatcb & Co.'s, house 183 Lawrence 

Sullivan Jobn, laborer, bouse rear -18 Fenwick 

Sullivan Jobn, laborer, bouse 20 Summer 

Sullivan Jobn, Lowell, bouse 3 Piecd's Court 

Sullivan Jobn D., grocer, 101 SuiFulk, bouse do. 

Sullivan Julia, widow, bouse 2 Putney's Court 

Sullivan ^lartin, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Sullivan ]Micbael, laborer, bouse oo Lowell 

Sullivan JMicbacl, L. ]\I. S. Foundry, bouse 70 Suffolk 

Sullivan i\Iicbael, laborer, bouse 3 Swit't 

Sullivan Miebael, laborer, bouse 8 Adams 

Sullivan Miebael, currier, bouse rear 101 Suffolk 

Sullivan Owen, at liijiley's Mill, bouse 17 Winter 

Sullivan Patrick, ]\Ierrimae, bouse 20 Lewis 

Sullivan lliebard, laborer, bouse G Suffolk Court 

Sullivan Thomas, marble-finisher, boards Howard House 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house rear 40 Appkton 

Sullivan Timothy, house 3 Sv.'il't 

Sullivan AVilliam, army, house rear 17 Cross 

Sullivan AVilliam, laborer, at Charles 11. Wilder's 

Sulloway Valorous, machinist, bouse Albro's lUock, Cushiug 

Summers Samuel, Boott, house I'irst, near Bridge 

Sumner ilary ]\Irs., house 4 Fifth 

Sutton Eebecca, boarding-house, 7 Lowell Corporation 

Swain Jobn M., painter, ^lerrimac Corporation,, bouse 59 da. 

Swain Luther B., carpenter, house 100 .^[crrimac Corp. 

Swallow Frank G., conductor, Horse P. P., bds. 5 Ham. Corp. 

Swan Albert G., farmer, house south of Ayer's City 

Swan Charles, at D. Swan's, boards 25 Bartlett 

Swan Charles A. F., counsellor. Barrister's Hall, Central, cor. 

]\rerrimac, boards American House 
Swan Charles ^Y., physician, boards Joshua Swan's 
Swan Daniel, boots and shoes, 41 Mcrrimac, h. 25 Bartlett 

I! i#^'; M^'i' I 


t I 1 ' .1 

li , ,-. s 

! I ■ 

.)<; i,y.-^)'\ 


Swan Daniel A., clerk, boards 25 Bartlott ' " ' '■' 

Swan D. Webster, at 35 Merrimae, bJs. l-i Hamilton Corp. 

Swan Edward P., clerk, 33 Central, boards 43 Mass. Corp. 

Swan Joseph C, overseer, Boott Corporation, boards 20 do. 

Swan Joshua, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Swan AVilliam, stone mason, boards 23G Central ' 

Swapp Andrew F.. overseer, Lowell, house 39 Lagrange ''' ' 

Swapp Isabella Mrs., house 54 i\Iiddlc 

Swasey George S., painter, boards 29 Suffolk Corporation 

Swazcy Almond L., Boott Corporation, house 57 do. 

Sweatt Henry, stone-layer, house 7 Goward Place 

Sweatt Samuel {liiniels, CloiKjh cS- Co.), house 85 Appleton 

Sweeney Dennis, L. M. S. Fouudry, house Suffolk, near Cross 

Sweeney Edward, Lowell Machine Shop, house 12 Cross 

Sweeney Hugh, laborer, house 10 Wall 

Sweeney James, laborer, house 5 JIcDcrmott's Bl'k, Fcnwiek 

Sweeney JMary, Avidow, house 10 Wall 

Sweetser Joseph Mrs., widow, house 33 Bartlett 

Sweetser Sidney, mason, h. West. Av., rear H. Howard's office 

Sweetser Theodore H. (S. S)- Gardner), counsellor, Tyler's 

Block, 43 2 Central, house Nesmith 
Swctt Daniel, Jr., stencil cutter, 28 IMerr., h. Yamey, n. School 
Swett I'Alraund, at Sullivan Bichardson's, IG ]\IerrimaG 
Swctt John F., moulder, house ll'G Middlesex 
Swett John H;, at Joel Jenkins', house 12 Branch 
Swett William L., carriage-uuiker, Pawtuckct, near old canal, 

house Wanalancit, near Pawtuckct 
Swift James, army, house 18 Summer 
Sykes Bichard M., army, house Decatuc 
Sylvester George B., carpenter, 2 Salem, house Gold 
Symmes Henry, shoemaker, house 2;1U School 
Symouds Dexter, inventor, house Canada, near Tanners 

TABER FBANK J., clerk, 253 Merrimae, house at Dracut 
Tabcr James W., machinist, at F. S. Perkins', bds. 19 Market 
Taber Wiug IL, plane-maker, 19 i\[arket, house do. 
Tabor John, macliinist, at Aldrich's, house 24 South 
Taft Nelson F., dry goods, 50 Merrimae, house 3 Nesmith 
Tague Patrick, JIassacliusctts Corporation, boards 14 do. 
Taisey Daniel, painter, boards 44 15oott Corporation 
Taisey Lydia, dry goods, Gorham, cor. Middlesex, house do. 
Taisey Bobcrt, produce dealer, 7G Dutton, honsc do. 

.riioTT'Xi-: ''¥] J.i.'i7/"i 

f'',r,,U ,r 

/i-i. :• 


Talbot Charles r.-& Co. ( T. Talhot), drugs and dye stuffb-, 

cast cud of jMarkct House, house Chestnut, nr. i'aik 
Talbot Edwin II., boards Charles V. Talbot's 
Talbot Julian, clerk, C. V. Talbot & Co.'s, bds. C. P. Talbot's 
Talbot Thomas ( C. P. Talbot Sf Co.), house at No. liillerica 
Tallant Samuel B., house 5 Apidcton Corporation 
Tapley xilfred A., boots and shoes, 2Gi iMcrrimae, h. o5S do. 
Tapley Jesse, timber dealer, house 44 r)ranch 
Tapley Joseph, wood, Jackson, n. round house, h. 37 Church 
Taplin Horace, carpenter, G. B. Taruliara's, b. 203 Aliddlescs 
Tarbox Edwin, Tremont Corporation, boards 3 do. 
Tarr Edward "\V., Boott Corporation, boards 43 do. 
Tarr George J., dry goods, 48 ^Lcrrimac, house 43 Tyler 
Tay Sullivan, shoemaker, house i.lethuen Street 
Taylor Albert H., at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 57 Bartlett 
Taylor Albion C. (Cook S^- T.) 42 Merrimac, bds. Am. House 
Taylor Alfred, ]\Iiddlcsex, house CG Warren 
Taylor Charles, at Bartlett & Jloody's, bds. 5 Hamilton Corp, 
Taylor Charles S., Brescott, boards 50 Massachusetts Corp. 
Taylor Daniel G., machinist, boards 8 Grand 
Taylor David, at Norcross & Saunders', huuse 29 School 
Taylor Prank E., at Kitson's, boards 134 ^lerrimae Corp. 
Taylor Prcdcrick, clerk, Jacob Pogers', bds. 8 Adams, 4'. S. 
Taylor John, army, house 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Taylor John, at \\. E. Livingston's, house 3 Brewery Court 
Taylor John P., carpenter, boards 134 Merrimac Corp. 
Taylor Joseph, Boott Corporation, house 75 do. 
Taylor Lewis AV., overseei-, Lowell, h. 12 High Street S(|uare 
Taylor Luke B., Lowell, house 1 Tyler 
Taylor Martha Mrs., house Green, near George 
Taylor Nathan, clerk, 45 Central, house 14 Cady ,. 

Taylor Samuel AV., carpenter, Merrimac Corp.. h. 172 do. 
Taylor Susan P., house Ta^dor's Court, near Lawrence 
Taylor Stephen K., army, house 11 Andover 
Taylor Timothy, at S. A. Scripture's, boards 252 Central 
Taylor Wilfred P., law student. Cent., c. Merr., b. 8 Adams 
Tebeau Peter, wood-cutter, house 332 IMcrrimae 
Teabo Joseph, at Norcross & Saunders', house 8 Branch 
Tcague Patrick, ^Middlesex, boards 1 George 
Tcbbetts Charles G., army, house 10 Massachusetts Corp. 
Tebbetts Ephraim, Boott Corporation, boards 13 do. 
Tcbbetts George, Boott Corporation, boards 13 do. 
Tcbbetts Henry, house G2 Massachusetts Corporatioa 


-in i .1; 

.oL 'I . ..! .■ 


.nir) ) iJ'.'fii ji i ' 


': ' ^a ,. 

■I ■-.(,,., 

: - ■ ,i .1-' 


. M .: 

.; :l.:l ' 

, ■ 1 


TcLlietts Joscjih H., farmer, liousc Mt. Tleasaut 

Tcbbctts Temple (New York), Louse 21 Fourth 

Tccl George S., shoemaker, house Quebec, corner Manchester 

Teemau Sylvia, variety store, Adams, n. Fletcher, F. S., h. do. 

Temple James, teamster, house 20 North Franklin Court 

Temple iMay IF, dress-maker, 21 Central, house do. 

Temple Samuel, B. & L. 11. 11., boards 19 Ko. ]''ranklin Court 

I'emple Thomas W., mason, house Pine, near AVestford 

Terry Mark, at Cordingley's Mill, house 10 Floyd 

Tetlcy George, machinist, Tremont Corporation, house 7 do. 

Tctreau Adolpli, ■wheelwright, J. Fowers, h. rear 15 Willie Av. 

Thatcher George, bcll-lianger, «i'C., 52^ Merr., h. 77 Coburu 

Thayer llcnry li., jihysician, IG Central, house do. i 

Thayer John, boards Howard House 

Thissell Audrev^, at Smith Adams', house 19 Branch 

Tbissell Charles A., house Mt. Pleasant 

Thissell Charles E., carpenter, house 8G Merrimac Corp. 

Thissell Daniel j\Irs., house ilL Pleasant 

Thissell I'^arl Amri, at Kitson's, boards ol Bridge 

Thissell Frank T., Merrimac, house IG High ,'i 

Thissell George N., farmer, boards Mrs. 1). Thissell's 

Thissell John F., shoemaker, house ]Mt. I'lcasant 

Thiisell Joshua, house SO ?llerrimac Corporation 

Thomas Christopher E., Merrimac Corporation, boards l.*^)! do. 

Thomas Cyrus W., carpenter, boards 8 Prescott Corporation 

Thomas Daniel, laborei", house •'!9 Adams 

Thomas Elisha A., watchman, Hamilton, house 25 Charles 

Thomas Eunice, liouse 15 Auburn _■}. 

Thomas Frank, laborer, house 22 Adams 

Thomas Frank, at 0. Allen's, boards II K ]M. Shop 

Thomas Marcus A., overseer, ]\lcrrimac Corporation, h. 72 do. 

'i'homas ^lary, house Adams' Block, Adams 

Thomas llichard, laborer, house 19 Adams' Block, Adams 

Thomas William, Merrimac P. AV., house 11 Cabot, c. ]\Ioody 

Thomason Samuel, wool comber, Hamilton Corp., h. 50 do. 

Thompson Abel H., engineer, B. R., house 23 Howard 

Thompson Abram, spinner, boards 220 Merrimac 

Thompson Alvin, carpenter, boards 21 Adams, Franklin Sq. 

Thompson Bethuel T., millinery, 91 Merrimac, bds. 21 Kirk 

Thompson Chas., miller, W. ]C. Fivingston's, b. 109 Applcton 

Thompson Edward J., boards 10 Hurd 

Thompson Eliza Mrs., house 82 Church 

Thompson Hannah, variety store, 8 John, house do. 



■;•. I '••■..' 

/. 1 L 

, .•!.(•-, It ^ hi,>.i.,i!l' 

1 .i i 

198 LOWKLL [TJ DinECTOUY. '^ y- 

Thompson Harriet A. ]\Irs., house CheliasforJ, cor. Ho\\arJ 

Thoinjtson Henry M., loacliinist, Suffolk, honsc 5 Dod^^u * 

Thompson Ira, machinist, Mcrrimac Corporation, house i7G do. 

Thompson James, physician, 10 Hurd, house do. 

Thompson James 13., carpenter, house 71 High 

Thompson Joseph P., lieutenant, army, Loards 159 Central 

Thompson ]\larshall E., botanic medicines, 2GS J\Iervimac, h. 

18 Tilden 
Thompson Nctta ]\[., physician, house 214 Central 
Thom])son Oliver M., stone cutter, boards HI Alass. Corp. 
Thompson Samuel, engineer, J. Holt's, h. 1 Mcrriam's Ct., High 
Thompson Thomas, Lowell, house rear 187 Central i 

Thompson Thomas, ^Middlesex, house 21 Andover 
Thompson AVilliam, house oG "Water ■ | 

Thompson "William K., billiard saloon, 12 ]\Ierr., h. 80 SoutL i 
Thorn John, -u'ool carder, Suffolk Corporation, boards 1-i do. j 

Thorne George H. ]\Irs., widow, house 5o Salem ! 

Thornc James, machini-t, ^Mcrrimac Corporation, h. 102 do. 
Thorniug Cyrus H., lUcachery, boards 31 do. 1 

Thornton Bernard, laborer, house Hummer, near Lowell | 

Thornton Charles H., carpenter, house 177 Gorhani ; ' 

Thornton Edward, Mcrrimac, house Llewellyn ' i 

Thornton Erancis, grocer, llJ-i Central, boards 32 "William 
Thornton Henry K., lUeachery, house 177 Uorham ' 

Thornton James, Mcrrimac, house 20 raver j 

Thornton John, cloth finisher, house 23 Eloyd j 

Thornton Patrick, at 131 Central, boards 32 ^Villiam i 

Thurston T5enj., prop. AVashiugton House, Central, c. Church 
Thurston I'^lijah C, at Cashing & I\[aek's, house 2 Eord 
Thurston Joel ^L, Lowell, house 30 Smith I 

Thync John, blacksmith, house G2 Charles j 

Thyng Charlotte (r. and iMary A., house 30 Howard ! 

Tibljctts "William P., phrenologist and teacher, house Sixth i 

Ticchurst James, machinist, house 02 East Mcrrimac : 

Ticknor David, Jr., shoe-cutter, 232 Mcrrimac, house S Pace ' 

Ticknor l^bbs, farmer, house G5 I Hittou 
Ticknor Henry L., carpenter, house 21 Austin 
Ticrney Bridget ]Mrs., house 33 Summer 
Ticrney John, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Tierncy John, laborer, boards 33 Summer 
Ticrney jMavgaret Mrs., liouse 85 Gorhara 
Tierucy ^lichael, at Joel Jenkins, liouse 50 Gorham 
Tierncy Patrick, boilcr-makcr, at Dobbins', house 55 Gorham 

,1. : - iM •'}'. -.. 


f ,':;! -■; ';-".] -!':..( 

I , 

■ "I' 

I : ji. ;■( , '-. I !>•(; 


Ticrncy Patrick, laborer, liousc 50 Gorliam 

Tiglie Edward, blacksmith. Louse Gl Adams 

Tigbe Hugh, machiuibt, J.owcll ]\Iachinc .Shop, li. 7 JcfFcrson 

Tighc James, laborer, bouse 13 l)avids;ou 

Tighe Lawrence, blacksmith, 50 Gorham, house 33 Common 

Tighc xMavy, widow, house G Jeflfcrsou 

Tighe ^Jichael, L. ^lachiiic Shop Touudrj, b. 12 JclTcrsou 

Tighc Patrick, laborer, house High Street Sijuarc 

Tighc, see 7'i/e 

Tilcock Isadore, farmer, bouse rear 120 ]\Iiddlescx 

Tilton Abraham, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 88 do. 

Tilton Albert, carpenter, house George, corner Tyler 

Tiltou Charles P., clerk, boards 308 Central ■ ' ' 

Tilton Charles H., book-keeper, boards 17 Cady 

Tiltou Charles "\V., Middlesex, house 217 Central '•' • 

Tilton Prank, machinist, boards 101 Central t 

Tilton George P., mai;hiuist, Lawrence, boards 18 Suffolk Cor. \ 

Tilton George AV., miller, S. N. AVood's, boards 308 Central { 

Tilton Herman N., moulder, boards 308 Central { 

Tiltou John W., moulder, boards 308 Central ^ 

Tilton Joseph, carpenter, E. 15. Patch & Co.'s, b. 308 Central '■ 

Tilton Jose])h 0., Applcton, boards 308 Central i 

Tilton ^lartin V., painter, boards 8 Appletou Corporation i 

Tilton Sabrina ]\Irs., house 11 Dodge , ( 

Tiltou AVheelock G., Lowell ^lachiuc Shop, boards 50 do. ' i 

Tinker Henry \V., harness-maker, 45 ]\Iarkct, h. 18 Church ; 

Titcumb Mary Miss, house Lincoln Place '' 

Titcmore Jacob, watchman, boards G7 Lawrence Corp. ' 

Titus Samuel, teamster, boards 113 Central 

Tobin Patrick J., laborer, house 71 jMarket 

Tolman John C, variety store, 331 ]\Icrrimac, house do. 

Tombs ^lary, liouse 9 Tilden 

Toohey Patrick, Pleachery, house rear -11 Chapel 

Tooker ^lichael, farmer, house 289 31iddlescx 

Toomcy Jeremiali, Stott's Alills, boards 2 A\'ater 

Toomey Mary, house 2 Water 

Toppan Abuer Mrs., house Third, corner ^It. Vernon 

Torscy James ^I., upholsterer, P. Noyes', house 172 Gorbam 

Totman Stark {Lancaster Sf T.), lOG Central, house 42 High { 

Tower James, house 209 Central 

Tower Thomas T., painter, boards 209 Central i 

Towle Simon, photographist, 88 Merrimac, boards IG Myrtle • 

Towuscud Abel D., Uoott, Louse 242 Gorbam I 


r«0T>a.'jia "f, .m:iv/*oj 

,',• 1 -.. ,, 

■J .' .1 ■ :'• 

•,■ . ■'', 

M'i ^ > • ' 

200 LOWELL [T] DIRECTORY. - • ^ 

Townsciid Davlil, Lowell Jlacluuo Shop, Loartls 11 C Central 

Towiisciul James, overseer, ^lerrimac Corp., house 17.'j do. 

Towiiscnd James, overseer, Lowell, boards 19 South 

Townseud John, Lowell ^laehino Shop, Ijoanls llo Central 

Tracy John, Middlesex, house 12 William 

Traey Peter, army, house 2 Green 

'J'raiu George, at Dugdale's Mill, boards G. S. Cochran's 

Traiuor ^lichacl, Middlesex, house 1-1 George \ 

Traiuor Peter, army, house Salem, near Decatur t 

Traslc Daniel, farmer, house 297 Middlesex 

Trask Isaac, Piolliu "White Arras Co., house 5 Ikittorficld 

Trask James, boarding-house. 33 LaAvrence Corporation 

Trask James T., brakemau. Stony IJrook P. P., h. 32 Pranch 

Trask Joseph 11., teamster, Pleachcry, house 8 d.i. 

Trask Glivcr IL P., stone-cutter, boards G Fraidvliu Court 

Travcrsi Joseph, laborer, house 39 Salem 

Trcscott IFanuah 3L, boarding-house, 3i Lawrence Corp. 

Trimble Jlatthias, house rear 222 Central 

Tripp John (A'. White Anns Co.), house 131 ]\[arkct 

Trott Joseph F., paymaster. Boott, house 30 Tyler 

Trow Idizabcth ]Mrs., boarding-house, 38 Mass. Corporation 

Trowbridge John, carpenter, house 4 Clark 

True Andrew, tanner, boards Mrs. Hannah ]\[ilcs' 

True Chapman IL, painter, Suffolk, house Itl IMoody 

True Charles 0. (Carter S^- 2\), Proadway, house 100 Salem 

Trucworthy James P., overseer, Merriniac Corp., h. IGt do. 

Trumlnill James AV., saw-flier, 129 Central, h. 3 t Mass. Corp. 

Trumbull Jeremiah, wood-cutter, house 102 Aloody 

Tucharme Xarcisse, baker, house 7 Cabot 

Tuck Andrew J., overseer, Alcrrimac Corporation, house 71 do. 

Tuck I'Mward, broker, at Carleton & Ilovcy's, house G Sixth 

Tuck Edward ^I. (Boston), boards G Sixth 

Tuck Thomas AV., machinist, boards 38 Fletcher 

Tucker Alvin, Lowell ALichine Shop, boards 53 do. 

Tucker Benjamin P., Pleachcry, house 12 do. 

Tucker Gordon F. (Kcycs S; T.), D-i Merrimac, h. 39 Tyler 

Tucker Joel, tin peddler, boards 53 Lowell .ALichine Shop 

Tucker Michael, teamster, Horn & Co.'s, house 2>9 Middlesex 

Tufts Lben, boards Washington House 

Tufts lulward, paymaster, Merrimac Corp., house 33 ]\[oody 

Tuite Simon P., Boott Corporation, house G9 do. 

Tukcy Frederick S. (Portsmouth, Va.), b. 3 Trcmont Corp. 

Tulluck Piob't N., silversmith, Sanborn's, h. Alt. Vcrnou, Cent. 


,; I 

.1 1 

,!■,' 1 

,1 , it. 


' w , . '' 


Tully Bridget, 'wiJow, liouse oG South 
Tally Ellen Mrs., bouse 2S0 Mcrrimac 
Tully Hugh, laborer, bouse 5 Crosby 
Tully ^licbael, arm}^ bouse oG Crosby 
Tully Owcu, army, bouse tii Crosby 
Tully Patrick, army, bouse G8 lliver 
Tuuiilty Cbarlcs, Bleacbcry, bouse 31 Cedar 
Tumiiiclty Felix, boot-maker, 138 Central, bouse IG Davis 
Tuomy Dennis, army, bouse 11 G Lowell 
Turner Ansel 11., teamster, bouse 106 Middlesex 
Turner Benjamin F., paper carrier, 21 Central, b. 2C0 ilcrrimac 
Turner Betsey, widow, bouse Pleasant 

Turner Charles, Middlesex, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Turner George F., carpenter, boards 2G Applcton Corporation 
Turner Isaiah M., mason, boards 2G Apjdcton Corjioration 
Turner John, L. Machine ShopFoundr3% b. Pailroad, n. llalo 
Turner Joseph {J. W. Ilanicr Sf Co.), Howe, house 2'j High 
Turner Thomas M., carpenter, boards 38 Charles 
Turner William, at E. Kitson's, house G7 Adams, F. S.- 
Turner AVilliara H., Lawrence Corporation, house 43 do. 
Tuthill Augustus, hair-dresser, 2 Bros. Block, Mcrr.,b, G2 River 
Tuttle Ann C. Mrs., house 41 Cusbing 
Tuttle Eben, carpenter, Bleacbcry, bouse 9 do. 
Tuttle Franklin, overseer, Bleacbcry, house 17 do. 
Tuttle Henry, Massachusetts Corporation, boards 3G do. 
Tuttle John, carpenter, boards 3 Haunlton Corporation 
Tuxbury Moses M. Mrs., house 37 Bridge, corner Third 
Twiss Benjamin P., Lawrence Corporation, bouse 13 do. 
TwissJames J. Ilev., past. First Univ. Church, h. 107 Gorhara 
Twitcbell Andrew S., machinist, H. W. Barker's, b. SU Moody 
Twitchell StlUman Mrs., house 91 Moody 
Twitcbell William A., machinist, boards 91 IMoody 
Twombly Joshua," carpenter, Bleacbcry, house 14 do. 
Tye Henry, at Norcross & Saunders', house 3 ]\Iolloy's Court 
Tyler Albert M., carpenter, house 14 Church 
Tyler Artemas S., cashier, Prescott Bank, b. 170 li ^lerrimac 
Tyler Daniel, house G Ford 

Tyler David L., painter, J. Jenkins', house 12G jMiddlesex 
Tyler George S., engineer. Stony B. B. P., house 19 Howard 
Tyler Hiram ]\L, L. M. Shop, boards 1 Ford, corner Suftblk 
Tyler Jane S. B. Mrs., boarding-house, 9 ilerrimac Corp. 
Tyler Jonathan, house Park, corner Andover 
Tyler Lucian C, Lowell, boards 1 Ford, corner Suffolk 

'f'i ' ■• '/''I 

. •.'!., I. !1 

-n;, .1 /i 

,! >. r.iirf Jf 1- 

■. . i 

v^ii I .. i." ! I ' 


Tyler IJinalJo II., ^Middlesex, liouse 17 C:k1j 

Tyler Silas, Louse -8 Chuix-li 

Tyler Silas, Jr., at 27 Central, house 20 Kirk 

Tyler William Airs., house 57 Howard 

Tyng Levi B., machinist, h. Grand, south of Chelmsford 

Tj'ng, see TlirjrKj 

Tyrrell I'rank II., conductor, ITorsc R. R., hoards 16 Kurd 

Tyrrell Joseph, junk-gatherer, house George, corner Church 

Tytar Elizabeth Mrs., house 307 Central 

TJNDERHILL ERVIX, at J. C. Aycr & Go's, house 2(J Read 
Underwood Chas. H., at Gushing k. -Mach's, h. 27 Adanus, F. S. 
I'uderwood Jeptha, farmer, house 17 Alder 
Union Bolt Co. (G. (J. Smith, S. jShn-cjdK (tad J. II. SinitJi), 

mauuf. of bolts, screws, kc, Wiiiii[ilc's Mills 
Unsworth Frances Airs., house Thorudike, corner Hale 
Unsworth Henry, block-cutter, house Thorndike, corner Hale 
Unsworth Henry, Jr., laborer, boards H. Unsworth's 
Ujjham Amos, carpenter, house Oliver, near School 
Upham Arteraas G., teamster, house 141 School 
Upham Nathan G., carpenter, L. AI. S., house OOO School 
Upham Samuel F. Rev., past. St. Raul's AI. E. Ch., h. Itl Tyler 
Upharu AVilliara, boarding-house, 53 Boott Corporation 
Upton Albert AV., shoulder brace manuf., 52^ Alerr., h. First 
Upton Henry, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 21 Branch 
Upton Joseph S., overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 79 do, 
Upwood Thomas, arm}', house 2 Alasou's Court 

A^'ALLERY SARAH, widow, house 27 Keene 

A'anee .lames, Lawrence Corporation, boards 07 do. 

A'ance William, blacksmith, Lawrence Corp., boards 07 do. 

Vanslett Solomon (Tennessee), house 14 1 Jackson 

A^'an Tasslc John, carpenter, boards 5 Suffolk Corporation 

A^an A'^ronkcr Luciuda AIrs-, house 48 Cliapel 

A^iruey Robert, house 33 High 

A''arncy Andrew J., army, house Stackpolc 

A'arncy Charles, machinist, boards 38 Fletcher 

Varuey Samuel J. Airs., house 11 Ash 

A'arnum Atkinson C. {Knoides S^- V.), counsellor, h. at Dracut 

A^'arnum Caroline B. Airs., liouse Varnum 

Varuum George W., belt-maker, house IS Prcscott Corp. 



■<r 1 


A: > >■ \ 


\- ■ •■ .' ; *i: 

•I v.Vl 


Vanuira George TV., conductor, B. &; L. E. 11., L. 143 Gorluim 

Yaruuui Henry C, clerk, house V'aruum 

T'ariiuiu Jonas 1'., student, 43} Central, b. 51 East Merrimac 

T'arnuiu Jusliua, house Bridge, corner Sixth 

Varuuni Joshua B., farmer, boards Bridge, corner Sixth 

Varnnm J. V., clerk, 20 ^Market, boards 50 Moody 

A'arnuui I.cavitt, laborer, boards Bridge, corner Sixth 

Yarnum Wiliiara II., clerk, house Varnum 

Veau Brank, laborer, house 330 Merrimac 

Yickery Alfred, Massachusetts, house 14 Brcscott Corp. 

A'ickery David A. (California), house 5 Abbott 

Yickery Dexter B., painter, boards 14 Brcscott Corporation 

A'ickery Frank, cleik, 221 Central, boards 5 Abljott 

Yickery Josiah B. (K Sf Clement), grocer. East ]\lerrimac, n. 

Brown, house 1 1 Brcscott Corpuration 
Yiles Albert, machinist, house Cuburn 
Yiual Asa, carpenter, Biplcy's ^lill, house S7 Thorndike 
Yinal Charles A., carpenter, Bowcll, boards Thomas Vinal'a 
A'inal (icorgcll., carpenter, Lowell, boards Thomas Yiual'i 
Yinal Thomas, teamster, house luoadway, near AValker 
Yinall William 1)., dentist, 9 Central, house do. 
Yinccnt Tiiomas, ^liddlcsex, boards 40 Church .,. - 

A'inccnt AMUiam, carpenter, house Merrill, near Taylor ,,, ,., . 
A'iucy William, house Xesmith's ]31ock, 43 i Alcrrimac 
YiningEzra A., ]\Icrrimac Corporation, house 40 do. 
Yintou Henry, optician, house 70 Dutton 
Yinton Horace Mrs., widow, house 5 Sixth 
A'irgin Edwin H., jiaintcr, 7 Central, house IGO Aloody 
A^ose Charlotte, widow, house 82 Charles 

AVACKE.XFELDT GUSTAYUS D., boards 33 :\roody 

AVaddle Joseph, laborer, house opposite Avard room, Aliddlc 

AVade Henry C, hatter, boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 

A\'ade Snell O., photographist, 245 Alerrimac, h. 130 Alerr.Cor. 

AVadlcigh John D., shoemaker, at 35 Merrimac, boards Ford 

AYadlcigh Xcwell ]\[rs., house Ford 

A\'adleigh AVilliam B., shoemaker, b. IS Massachusetts Corp. 

AVagncr AVilliam, Lowell, house 4 George 

AVait'c Aldis L. & Co., produce com. merchants, Dutton, opp. 

Mechanics' Mills, h. Chelmsford, near l^arkcr 
AVaitc DanT S. Mrs., fancy goods.Cent., c. Jack.,h. 52 AV.I'uion 
AValcott Andrew B., physician, house Tauuers, Aycr's City 


.Tfl'.l J »'!• f '$i ' i.' ■ Vr , 

r.t»:i'i..'> '.I 

vM ■•^' J 

III 1 1 f / ' ".- 

; ;• • 1 



Walcott Samuel 11, carpenter, h. Livingston's Block, Appleton 
Waldo Allen & Co. (Jas. Emcrsun), grocers, 155 .Middlesex, 

house Liberty, near School 
AValdron Horace, machinist, Suffolk Corporation, house 5 do. 
AVuldron Isaac, house rear G Tilden 
Waldron Lorenzo, house Gl .Alassachusetts Corporation 
AValdron Mary A., milliner, lOS JMcrrimac, boards 1 13 do. 
Walkden Thomas, at J. ^\. Nash & Co.'s. boards 113 Mcrr. 
Walker Aaron, Jr., house 153 East Merrimac, near Ncsniith 
AValker Alexander, Lowell, house 42 Lawrence 
"Walker Andrew J. (iJoston), house 8 AVillow 
Walker Lenj., corresi^ondent, J. C. Ayer & Go's, h. 20 Appleton 
Walker Benjamin L., carpenter, house 7 High Street Square 
Walker Charles C, Lawrence Corporation, boards G7 do. 
Walker Daniel A., macliinist, at Kitson's, house 323 .Alerrlraac 
Walker l^izabeth Airs., boarding-house, G Lowell Corporation 
Walker George W. ( Cutter &i W.), 13 Central, house Summer, 

near Thorudike 
Walker James IL, carpenter, house Perrin ' i '• 

AValker John, wool-sorter, boards 101 Central 
Walker Josluia M., carpenter, house 87 Church 
Walker Alary, widow, house 2 (farnct 

Walker Philo T., machinist, Alerrimac Corp., liouse 120 do. 
W'alker Ruel J., overseer, lloott Corporation, house GS do. 
Walker Samuel, boards 01 Salem 

Walker AVilliam & Co. ( W.Juwdt and S. Greenwood), man- 
ufacturers, Lawrence, opp. Alill, liouse at Lawrence 

Walker William, boards rear 7G Charles 

Walker William, Aliddlcsex, boards 1 Gcor£rc 

Wallace Bryant/blacksmith, boards 100 Aluldlescx 

Wallace Daniel IL, overseer, Boott Corporation, house 31 do. 

Wallace James, Lowell, house 10 Andover 

Wallace Lucinda Airs., boarding-house, 7 Hamilton Corp. 

Wallace Stephen, mason, house 50 Church 

AVallis AVilliam L., paper carrier, house 102 Howard 

AValsh Henry, at Cutter & Walker's, house rear 12 Chapel 

AValsh James, tinsmith, house 18 Adams 

AValsh John, at Dugdale's, house rear stone house, AVhippIc 

AA'alsh Alichael, tinsmith, house 13 Adams 

AA^alton Andrew C, Proscott, boards 48 Alassachusctts CoVp 

\\alton Calvin D., job wagon, h. Sawtell place, near School 

\\alton Charles, Alassachusctts Corporation, boards 40 do. 

AValton Daniel, grocer, 40 Gorham, house do. 

. .:.. , V^i 

i). :). 

. I r 

II , /' 


"Walton "naiiicl, hihorcr, honse no AVorlhcu '" '' ' 

^VaUon .lohu, laboi'cr, liousc lli Cross 

Walton Lorenzo, Lowell Corporation, Loards 7 do. 

"Walton Sti'jilicn, mason, boards Wamcsit House ' 

"Walton William, L. & L. K. U., house Gl Howard 

Ward A. F., boLbin-malccr, boar<l.s 3 Trcmoiit Corp'jration "■ ' 

Ward .Tames, moulder, boards 1 Leed's Court 

AVard Jolm H., moulder, at ('ole & Nichols', h. Ill Lawrence 

AYard Josiah P., macliinist, house Perriu, near School 

Ward Julia Airs., house 1 Lced's Court ".■!-' 

AVard Patrick, tailor, J. Quinn's, house rear IG Applctou 

AVard Patrick, laborer, house ;)7 North 

AVard Pdchard, calico printer, boards 95 Gorham 

AVard Sullivan L. (S. L. cS- )}': G. ^Y.), dentist, Savings Lank 

Puilding, house LLJ Idctcher 
AVard Tcrrancc, laborer, house 05 Gorham 
AVard Thomas, Chase Alill, house at Dracut 
AVard Thomas E., machinist, house 1 ]ieed's Court 
AVard William G. ( S. L. S^- W. G. W.J, Savings Lank Puild- 

ing, house 147 Fletcher 
AA''ard AVilliam H., Boott Curjioration, boards 38 do. 
Ware Frederick N., watchniaii, AFiddlcsex, boards 110 Central 
AVarc llcnry 1)., Lowell, boanls 113 Alerrimac 
AVare John W., carpenter, house G Putney's Court 
AVare Lyman P., machinist, house 47 Gushing 
AVarc AVilllam, machinist, lioards 20 Prcscott Corporation 
AA^arner j'diza F., boarding-house, IG Merriuiac Corporation 
AVarren Aaron li. ( W. S, Jfvlvin), clothing, 1 Canal lilock, 

Central, house 385 aMerrimac 
AA''arrcn Augustus, carpenter, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
AVarren bldward AV., mason, house 50 Church 
AVarren Emily ]\L, teacher, house Chelmsford, cor. Howard 
AVarren Ezra Perry, butcher, house 10 P) ranch 
AVarren Geo. F. Rev., past. Worth, St. Bap. Ch., h. 893 Mcrr. 
AVarren George K., photographist, boards 4G Boott Corp. 
AVarren Henry, tailor, boards 2(J Hamilton Corporation 
AVarren John B.. overseer, Boott Corporation, house 40 do. 
AVarren Joseph A., at Burbaidc, Chase & Co.'s, b. 33 Adams 
AVarren Bachel Airs., house 17 Cady 
AVarren Thomas A., army, house IG North 
AVasliburn (Uuarlcs (J. J/. It', c^- Son), house G Goward Place 
AVashburn John ■M. & Sou ( G. W.), produce dealers, 31 Mar- 
ket, boards 17 do. 



■ ir.' 


' f , [ f vi. 1 I "ril.'.'i 

» ... I. . 'I I 

.■ rl! 

\<- • • 1 1 

n. »•■...■ i. 

20G LOWELL [^V] DIRECTOKV, '"'^ ' 

"Wasliburn John M., i-liotocrniplii^jt, 100 ^rcrrinmc 
Washljiini Thomas S., inaL-liiiii&t, Lousjc 5 Austin 
"Wasliburn Zahuuria, iiuicliiiiiat, L. ^L Sliop, house 3.i do. 
AVateihoiisc l'>onjaurni, rcstovatov, IttU ^lidcllcsc::, h. 188 do. 
Watevhouic Ucnjauiiu \V., musician, huusc I'nrrost, c. ?/tcveus 
AVaterhjusc William W., L. M. S., boards G Hamilton Corp. 
AVatkius Helena Mrs., house Hill liloek, l)od!j.e 
"Watkins John C, clerk, boards 1 Dodire 
AVatsou Alden ]>., .Merrimac Corjioratiou, house 101 do. 
AVatson Edward !•'., bobbin manufacturer, Alcchanics' 31111.'?, 

house Cheluisfurd, corner Westfurd 
"Watson James, overseer, .Merrimac L'orporatinu, house Oli do. 
AVatson Jolin, Lowell, house First, near Bridge 
AYatson Alary, widow, house rear 38 Appletou 
AVatson Patrick, laborer, house -10 -V West Union 
AVatson riiebe 0. 3Irs., dress-maker, 12.) Aliddlcse:^, h. do, 
AVatsou liankin, laborer, house 38 Appletou 
AVatson Sanuiel W., carpenter, liousc 111 Appleton 
AVatson Shepard, m;irket-gardoncr, house Ninth 
AVatson William, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 11 do. 
AVatts Thomas IL, Alerrimae Corporation, house -1'.) di>. 
AVaugli Archibald, lieutenant, army, boards ol Wortheu 
AVangh Frank, boards Til AVorthen 

AVaugh John, slater, ]Meelranic, near iHitton, h. 51 Worthcn 
AVauglMVilliam, slater, boards John Waugh's • - 
AVay Charles, boarding-house, 2') Alarkct 
AVay mouth (rcorgc W., carpenter, house Coburn 
AVcbb John ]'!., Alerrimac Corporation, house IGl do. 
AVcbber Lenj. X. {J^nttn'ck c^ Co.), '20 Alarket, li. lligliland 
AVcbbcr Ceo. X. Rev., jxist. First Cong. Ch., h. Alerr., n. Lawt. 
AVcbber Henry 1*., clerk, Alerchants' Lank, bds. lu'J Central 
AVcbbcr J. r., at L. l^ L. freight depot, bds. Howard House 
AVebber Alary A. Airs., house Go Hamilton Block, Aliddlcsex 
AVebstcr Al)ram AL, painter, at Kitson's, h. 15 App'n Corp. 
AVcbstcr Caleb, millinery, -13 Alerrimac, house 3 Fit'tli 
AVebstcr Calvin, jobber, house Lincoln, near Bohonan's 
AVebstcr Ebenczcr J)., I'reseott Corporation, house 3L) do. 
AVcbstcr Elihu L., saloon, 133 Aliddlcscx. house G Garnet 
AVebstcr Franklin Airs., house Alethuen Street 
AVebstcr George, carpenter, house 73 Bridge 
AVcbstcr John, tanner, house London 
AN'cbster John G., boards 15 Tremont Corporation 
A\'ebster Lydia. house 144 Jackson 


.■. '> i ■ 

,.,,• ..-a ;:.-<; 

1! .1: 

J' 11 


<i-iJ;.i'"V^'' -■ 


"Webster Samuel A., sea captain, liousc 10 Graiid 
"Wcljstor \Villiaui A., jiaiuter,, Trcuiont Corpuratimi, b. 15 Jo. 
"Webster A\illiam il. Alr.s., widow, house IIG Jaebsou 
AVcb.stor William V. (JJut/cr 4' 'J'-), couuscllor, -1 .Museum 

JluilJiiig, bouse i\l3rtle, corner Sixth 
Wedgewood Andrew J., .Alerriiiiac Corporation, house 123 do. 
AVeed IJenjamin M., clerk, il Ccutral, boards iJG I'^ast ^Iqvt. 
AVecd George A., carpenter, house G Slerrill's Court 
AVeedeu Henry, watebuian, I\Iiddlescx, boards 1 George 
AVecbs Augusta^ W., student, boards 101 Gorham 
Weeks George C, bobbin-maker, boards S. 1). Weeks' 
AVccks Jonathan, liousc oS Worthen 

Weeks Sam'l D., boots and shoes, 175 Mid'x, h. Smith, n. Lib. 
"Weleh ]]artbolomew, Hamilton, liouse rear 20 Summer 
AVcleh (Jharlcs A., overseer, .Merrimac Corporation, h. G9 do. 
"Welfb Clark G., Alerrimac Corporation, house 07 do. 
AVclch David, at Littler's 31 ill, house 7 Crosby 
M'elch David, carpenter, house liivcr 
Welch Julwaid, job wagon, huuse Front 
"Welch J'dward, at Kipley's .Mill, house 2G Front 
AA'elch Fdwaid, grocer, 177 Lawrence, house 179 do. 
AVclch lulward, hair-dresscr, loO Central, boards 51 A Lowell 
Welch Fzra B., fancy goods, 12G Merrimac, h. 10 Fres. Corp. 
A\'elch (ieorgo, lioott Corporation, boards ?>S do. 
AVelch Horatio N., teamster, I'utnam & Currier's, h. 15 Elm 
AVclch James, job wagon, house 15 Faige 
AVelch James, Middlesex, boards G Hamilton Corporation 
AVelch James, laborer, house 20 North 

Welch James S., clerk, Wamesit liank, b. IS Frcscott Corp. 
AVelch John, shocniaker, lb Fenwick, house do. 
AVelch John, at American Folt Co., house G Swift 
A\ elch Juhn, laborer, house 170 Lawrence 
AVelch Juhn, laborer on railroad, bouse Common 
AVelch John, at Mechanics' Mills, house 118 Lowell 
AVelch John, army, house rear TJO Cedar 
AVelch John, mason, house S-1 Charles 
AVelch Michael, Bleacbaiy, house 12 Alill 
AVelch Alichael, j\liddlesex, house 8 AVater 
AVelch Fatrick, laborer, house 20 North 
AVelch Fatrick, Lowell, house Butler's House, Common 
AVelch Fatrick Mrs., widow, house rear 1-i Faige 
AVelch Fierce, gardener, house 27 Union 
AA'clch Kcdmond, at Naylor's Mill, house 170 Lawrence 

i;; r. U. 

' : ,1 . '■. ' I I 



"Welch Tliomas, army, lioiise Lngrangc Court 

AVcleh AVillard C, overseer, ^lerriniac Corp., liousc 21 Jo. 

AVelch AVilliam (California), liousc 02 Gorliam 

AVelcomc Clias., laborer, l-l. A. Hills', h. Middlesex, c. Howard 

"Weld llarvcy, gas-fitter, S Central, boards 8 Grand 

"VVeldon Alfred, Lowell Macliinc Shop, b. 2G Applcton Corp. 

"Wclhaan Charles P., IMassachusctts, house Elm, Centralvillc 

"Wellman George ]\Irs., house 19 

AVellmau George H., machinist, house 21 Lee 

"Wellman John, painter, boards 12 Massachusetts Coqioration 

AYelhnan T-ucy M., widow, house G."i Lawrence Corpuration 

Wellman AVilliam L., clothing, .".1 IMerrimac, boards 10 Lee 

Wells Charles D., machinist, house I'O jMassachusetts Corp. 

AVells David, phj'sician, AVclles' I>lock, b. .Merrimac House 

Wcntworth dohn !{., machinist, house 10 Lawrence . 

Wentworth Merrill J., carpenter, b. 70 Lowell Machine Shop 

Wcntworth Nathan, mason, boards G. D. B. Kelley's 

Wentworth Tappan (IF. Sf Jcwcit), counsellor, Weutworth's 

Llock, 170 Merrimac, house 21 Lawrence 
Wentworth Walter B., clerk, laS ^Merrimac, b. 10 Lawrence 
AVentworth AVarren, Hamilton, house lOG Middlesex 
AVcstall John E., painter, house 2G Chapel 
AVeston Charles H., pattern-maker, 198 Alidd'x, h. C Lranch 
AVestou Granville S., printer, Courier otHcc, b. 53 Eoott Corp. 
AVeston Jesse K., card clothing, house 198 Central 
AVeston Porter, shoemaker, 3U0 Central, house 323 do. 
AVeston Piucl L., boarding-house, 4;> Poott Corporation 
AVeston William P., shoemaker, 300 Central, boards 328 do. 
AA'etherbee Asa, carpenter, house 19 Ki^k, corner Lee 
AVetherbec Oliver (California), house 94 East Alerrimac 
AA'etherljee Sarah, widow, house G Cady 

AVeymoutli Augustus, founder, boards 40 Prcscott Corporation 
AVeymouth Erank IL, machinist, boards 40 Prcscott Corp. 
AVeymoutli Harrison G. O., major, army, bds. 40 Presc. Corp. 
A\'cymouth Sarah C. Jtrs., house 40 Prcscott Corporation 
Wlialcu Patrick, Boott Corporation, boards 53 do. 
AVhcat Erank IL, Boott, boards 27 Trcmont 
AVheat Solomon, house 27 Trcmont 
AVheelcr Albert, grocer, Tilden, house 382 IMemmac 
AA'hccler Albert C, contractor, L. Al. S., h. I5ranch, c. AValkcr 
AVheelcr Anson, overseer, Lowell Corporation, house 12 do. 
AVhecler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 20 do. 
A\ heeler Harriet Airs., music teacher, boards 51 I'l Alcrrimac 



<■!. »;: .,-.;, 

1 (i- -If 

/ 1 .u 

',"•■>, . ' ' 'i 


Wlieckr John, janitor, Huntington Hall, li. 123 IMcrr. Corp. 

Wlieclcr Joseph, stone mason, house 1 Union 

AVhcclcr Joseph A., clothing, 174 Mcrrimac, house 09 Salem 

"Wheeler Moses ¥., machinist, house G3 Butterlield^ 

AVheelcr Santbrd S., Applcton, house 73 Applcton Street 

AVliceler AVillard A., T\lcrrimac Corporation, hoards 8 do. i 

Wheclock Andrew C, real estate agent, 22-i Central, h. do. 

Whehm h^lward, laborer, house 45 Cliapcl 

^Vhchin i'hilip, army, house 5 Carolin's I'lacc, Tayettc 

Wliipplc Calvin, Indian physician. 45 Cushing, house do. .• . . ■ 

"Whipple Oliver lAL, house Moore, corner "Whipple 

"Whitcomb Foster IL, contractor, L. II. S., house 24 do. 

"Wliitcomh James M., tinsmith, "Wilder's, house ^\ alnut 

"White Daniel, Ji"., wood-turner, house 8 Adams, n. Broadway 

"White Edwin Rev., hoards 14 Adams 

White Felix, laborer, house 114 [Middlesex 

White Frederick, hair-drcsscr, 1!)1 jAliddlescs, house 20 Elm 

White Frederick 0., mason, boards lUl Gorhara 

AVhite Gideon F., millinery (Boston), boards 101 Gorham 

White Henry G., clerk, S. Convcrs', hoards 101 Gorham 

White Hiram, clerk, Albert "Wheeler's, boards 50 [Moody 

White James, laborer, house 3G Common 

AVhite James, army, house Hancock Avenue 

White John, LowoU .Alachiuc Shop, house 147 Lowell 

White Joseph, overseer, Chase Mill, house IMoorc 

AVhite Josiah, clothing, 3 Central, house G4 Lawrence 

White Levi E., laborer, for city, house 1 Boott Corporation 

AVhite .Mary A. Mrs., house 47 Applcton 

AVhite Alary A., millinery and lace, 61 Alcrrimac 

AVhite Fhilip T. Airs., house 101 Gorham 

AVhite Bollin, inventor of firearms, h. Rolfe, near Broadway 

AVhite Samuel B., house 2G Bartlctt '■ 

AVhite Sumner A., hackman, 84 Central, house 174 Sullolk 

AVhite AVcsley J. (//. Smith ^y IF.), 2'J Alid's, b. lO'J Applcton 

AVhite AVilliam, AHddlcscx, house 5 Kuowlcs Flace 

AVhite William H. (IF. c^- Dimock), glove manuf., 67 East 

Alerrimac, house 24 Bartlctt 
AVhitehead Daniel, Stott's Alills, house 135 Lawrence 
AVhitchead James, Stott's Mills, house 23 AVamesit 
AVhitohoru AVilliam II. , painter, Boott Corp., house 24 do. 
AVhiteley John J., Stott's Alills, house 3 Lyon 
AVhitely Joseph, boots and shoes, 08 Alerrimac, h. 81 Alarket 
AVhitcside Edward, Stott's Alills, house G3 Lawrence 

r. .■> 11.:'! r 

' . '' ' 

210 LOWELL [W] DIRECTORY. ' ^ ^ 

WliitosiJe Jolinson, overseer, i\liJJlescx, house Oak, ucarllii;li 
^Vllit.ticUl -huacs, at SiiiitU Adams', Louse I'J liraiicli 
^Vllitlled J)ariu3, grocer, ^liddlcsex, c. Suutli, li. ol Cuaud 
"W'Litlied ^Marshall, grocer, IbU Middlesex, Lds. 7-i: Apiilttun 
^Vlutlled Sulon S., at J. C. Ayor & Co.'s, Lds. S. S. I'islier's 
^Vluting V. 1)., insurance agcut, 2G Cent., Lds. 125 11. ^Mcrr. 
"NVLitiug rhineas, farmer. Louse Mt. Vernon, near Pawtuckct 
^\ hitman Carmine, carpenter, hoards o Hamilton Corpuration 
^VLitman Christopher, house Walker, near llroadway 
AVhitmarsh William H., Lelt-makcr and roll-covcrer, Savings 

Dank Building, Louse 81 Ijawrencc Corporation 
"NVJiitmore Ceorgc 11., jihysiciau, 17 Kirk, house do. 
'Whitmore ^Villiam, steueil-cutter, 2S ilcrrimac, h. 25 Varncy 
"Whitney AuLy B. ^ir.s., Loarding-Lousc, 30 Trcmont Corp. 
"Whitney ALel, Looksellcr, b7 r>Icrrimac, house 120 Gurham 
"Whitney Albert, clerk, C. & D. Whitney's, Lds. 131) Fletcher 
Whitney AmLrose, shoemaker. Louse 9 FourtL 
"WLitney Charles, hostler, Lovejoy & ^Morse's, b. ]\Icch. Hotel 
"Whitney Charles (C. S)- D. W.,Jr., ^- Co.), L. 13G TlctcLer 
"WLitney C. & D., Jr., & Co., lumLer dealers, AN'estern Avenue 
WLitney David, Louse 139 I'leteLer 

WLitney David, Jr. {0. S)- D. W., Jr., ^ Co.), L. Detroit, Mich. 
WLitney Ilananiah, produce, 10 JNIerrimac, h. 3G j\Iass. Corp. 
AVhituey Hiram, salesman, C. i\: D. AVhitncy's, h. 139 Fletcher 
AVhitncy James S., carriage-maker, Convcrs', house 59 Chapel 
Whitney John, overseer, Appleton, house 33 South 
"Whitney John A., clerk, 87 Merrimac, hoards 129 Gorham 
Whitney John H., farmer, house 2 Buttrick's Block, Fast Fine 
Whitney Nathaniel, hostler, at Fcjry's, house rear IS Grand 
Whitney FcLccca S., jihysieiau, -15 Chestnut, house do. 
"Whitney Stephen ^\. Mrs., house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Whitney AVilliam M., overseer, Hamiltun Corporation, h. 1 do. 
Whittakcr Orman A., ^Middlesex, house Oak, near High 
"Whittemorc Isaac W., grocer, 17 Fast Merrimac, h. 121 do. 
Whittemorc Samuel, Llacksmith, L. ^Machine Simp, h. 3 i do. 
Whitteu Charles 1*., golden salve manuf., house 06 Fayette 
AVhitten "Wm. T., tin, glassware, kc. High, c. And., h. 4-1 Elm 
Whitticr Daniel V., bobbin-maker, house 8 ^Marshall 
Whitticr Lewis E., machinist, house East Fine 
Whittier Moses, overseer, Boott Corporation, house 79 do. 
Whitticr AVarren, at 92 JMarket, boards 25 do. 
AVhittlc William, laborer, at John Nesmith's 
"Whittlesey Ira F., i>rinter, house 172 Sutfolk 

, J 10-J(l 

I , 

Mil ! 


.' L •:' I 


"Whlttuu Cliarlcs, cigar-niakcr, 23 East Jlcrr., b. 53 AnJovcr 

Wliittoii Jane, widou", house 58 Audovcr 

"Whiitoii AVilliam, cigar-iuakcr, 23 East ^rcvrhaac, h. 'J2 do. 

AVliitty Andrew, carjtcuter, house 2S0 jMerrimac 

"W'liitty .Fohn, at D. G. Leavitt's, Trcscott, h. 37 Worthcn 

A\ hit'.voith (icorgc, Stott's Mills, house rear 23 Eloyd 

"Whitwortli \\'illiam, Americau iJolt Co., house oi Chapel 

AVicr Ikujaniin, tinsmith, hoards 113 Mcvriniac 

AVier John, carpenter, house Putney's Court 

Wicr Michael, laborer, house Spring 

"Wicr Xewton J. & Co. {J. ]V. 2\\t>ih) stoves, tin ware, &c., 108 

Mcrriniac, house 5 Austin 
"Wiggiu Andrew J., operative, house 139 Moody 
"Wiggin Caleb ]\1., boot-maker, 138 Central, house 328 do. 
AViggin Charles T. (W. S)- Jlaiue^), house 02 Andover 
"Wiggin John W., carpenter, house 30 ]\[crriiuac Corp. ■ n , 

"Wiggiu "Warren A., carpenter, boards 139 ]\Ioudy 
Wiggin "William IL, carpenter, 58 Pioclc, h. Willie, c. Franklin 
Wight David L., at A. L. Erooks', boards 32 Suffolk, Er. Sq. 
Wight Daniel W., tinsmith, 29 Middlesex, b. luO Appkton 
Wight George IE, machinist, S Central, b. Bridge, near Third 
AVight James, house 15 Third 

"Wight Juhu P., variety store, 13 Tilden, house do. -.i-- y 

Wight Xancy Mrs., house 25 Xcsmith 

Wight AVilliam IE, coffee milh Mechanics' Mills, b. 15 Third 
Wilby P)enj., boots and shoes, (iorham, n. Hale's Mills, h. do. 
Wilcox Alexander B., house 4 Stackpolc 

AVilcox Silas C, confectioner, 3 App. Elock, h. ilerr ill's Ct. 
AVilde Jacob, shoemaker, 35 }Jerriniae, b. l-t Mass. Corp. 
Wilde James, Boott Corporation, boards 3 do. 
Wilder Ambrose &., Bleachcry, house 32 do, 
AVilder Charles IE (IE. c3- Jfant), wholesale provision dealers, 

90 ]\larket, house Middlesex, near city line 
Wilder J-Tias E., provisions, 98 jliddlescx, hou.-c S8 Applcton 
AVilder Henry IE, coppersmith and plumber, Jacksuu, ucar 

Central, house 30 Tykr 
Wilder Eubcrt IE, carpenter, house School, near Cross 
AViley John, machinist, house 22 ^lassachusctts Corporation 
Wiley Kobert E., variety store, SI Appleton, h. 1 Coward PI. 
Wiley Samuel E., carpenter, Howe, house 1 1 Ash 
Wilkins Addison A., hostler. Horse IE P., b. Hamilton Corp. 
Wilkins Albert C, at llufus AVilkins', boards do. 
Wilkins Andrew J., shoemaker, house 11 Abbott 

:.-,: !r .•,• - ^' 

.1 crrf i 

■ ,■ ! 

'!'•■■' "'••' 

212 lowi:ll [W] DinECTOUY. 

"Windns Charles, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, li. 1 1 do. 
AVilkins Clark L., belt-maker, Whitmarsh'e, h. Mol'^arliu Ave 
"Wilkins (Aeorge, sup't, ^lieldlescx, house 11 Hiuh St. S^iuarc 
"Wilkins Crcorgc, carpenter, hoards 6 Hamilton Corporation 
"Wilkins (Jeorire, machinist, L. M. S., boards 52 Church 
■\Vilkins Harrison, rnachiuist, house 3 Evans' Block, llailroaJ 
"Wilkins Henry, jeweller, 73 Central, h. 15'^ Mcrrimac Corp. 
"Wilkins Henry K., at 37 Prescott, house 10 Congress 
"Wilkins TUifus, prov., 37 Prcscott, h. Gorham, n. Hale's ?dill3 
^Vilkins Sylvester, books and stationery, 32 .Merr.. h. Gi John 
Wilkins Tracey, gunsm'th, boards 31 Boott Cor[>uration 
"Wilkins Zudock ;Mrs., house 10 Itacc 

"Willand (icorgc K., wire-worker, 10 Central, house 5 Harrison 
AVillard Alfred 11., clerk, 44 Jlerrimac, bds. .Mrs. J. (Jordeu's 
AVillard (iardner L., machinist, Barker's, b. 115 i\Ierr. Corp. 
AVillard Henry, Lowell, boards 5 South Lranklin Court 
"Willcy Charles IL, rooms 40 Central 
"Willey George F., music teacher, house 32 Appletou 
"Willcy Mark E., carpenter, house GG ■\loody 
"Willey Samuel, machinist, Z\[assachnsctt3, h. 17 Prescott Corp. 
"Williams Bcnj. J. ( ]V. ^- )!']), counsellor, 5(i (.Viit., b. (U Audov. 
"Williams Caroline ]\rrs., house Howard, near irrand 
"Williams Charles M. (]}''. i^- IT.) counsellor, 50 Central, cash- 
ier, Lowell Bank, boards Gl Audovcr 
"Williams Christopher, painter, 310 Merr., IkIs. ] 11 Central 
"Williams Gilbert T., jev/eller, '2'J jMerrimac. house 15 Chapel 
"Williams George IL, painter, boards 01 Andover 
"Williams Hannah, house 5 Westford, near Gates 
"Williams Henry L., real estate agent, 50 Cent., h. 01 Andover 
"Willitims Jefferson, hair-dresser, 20G .Merri^nac 
"Williams John S., army, house 32 Water 
AVilliams.Joseph, army, house Brown's Avenue 
Williams Samuel ]\L, at 29 ^Mcrrimac, house 20 Elm 
Williamson David C, physician, G Chapel, house do. 
Williamson David C, Jr., boards 5G Lawrence Corporation 
"Williamson ^largaret Mrs., house 79 Church 
Willis Charles IL, arm}', house 03 Adams 
Willis Eliza Mrs., house 12S ]\Ierrimac Corporation 
Willis John, wool-sorter, ]\Iiddleses, house 10 Ames 
Willis Julia A. Mrs., house G3 Adams 
Willis Simon W., carpenter, boards 21 Charles 
Willis William T., army, house G3 Adams 
Willoughby Bcnj. L. ('rcaw^- Co.), 112 3Ierr., h 14 Rac: 

,a A"-^ 

..,•.'. ^- 


AVilloiii'liLy Cliarles L., clotliing, 57 Central, house 7 Third 

WiHouiihby Hastings C, ■watolunan, Hamilton, h. 201 Central 

"Willoiiiilil'V Juhn, miller, at S. N. Wood's, house IG ]Mill 

^Villougliljy ]\[ary, ljoardin^,'-liousc, 13 Tremont Corporation 

AVills ]>aniel ^I., overseer, Lawrence, house 32 Cahot 

AVilman Pavid, woolsortcr, ]\!iddlcscx, house 10 C'liapcl 

AN'ilrnan Thomas, woolsortcr, Middlesex, boards 10 Chajiel 

AVilmot James, ^Massachusetts, house 31 Trcscott Corporation 

"Wilmot AVillard AV., painter, house I'rescott Corp. 

AVilson Atkinson, at Cushing tlv' Mack's, boards I'J l''aycttc 

Wilson Barney, ]\Ierrimac Cori)oration, boards 13'J do. 

AVilson David, carpenter, house 1 I'ow ". , ";':■ 

AVilson Doll)' Miss, house Ncsmith's lilock, i\lerrimac 

"Wilson Edwin T., house 80 South 

"Wilson Frank T., carpenter, boards 101 Central 

AVilson Foster, army, house 130 ^Mcrrimac Corporation 

"Wilson George A., moulder, boards 20 Appleton Corporation 

"Wilson Gerry, house 71 Third 

"NVilson Hubbard, overseer, h. GO Hamilton Pdock, ^liddlcscx 

"Wilson .lames, designer, house Wilson's Lane, near Chelmsford 

"Wilson James, Jr., machinist, house Hale, corner Grand 

AVilson James IL, boards James "Wilson, Jr.'s 

"Wilson Jane Airs., house L"! Linden, opposite stone church 

AVilson John, weaver, at Naylor's Alill 

AVilson Juhn, at ]>. & L. freight depot, house 28 A\'illic 

AVilson John, variety store, 212 ]\lerrimac, house 210 do. 

AAllson John, Lowell Corporation, house 20 do. 

AVilson John A., contractor, L. M. S., house 21 Alarket 

AVilson John S., Middlesex, house 45 Charles 

AVilson Joseph, Lowell Corporation, house 21 do. 

AVilson Joseph A., variety store-, 170 Suft'olk, house IGS do. 

AVilson Levi, carpenter, house GG Bridge 

AVilson Robert, Middlesex, house 105 High 

AVilson Sophia Mrs., boarding-house, 52 Massachusetts Corp. 

A\'ilson Thomas, Middlesex, bouse 10 AVarren 

AVilson Thomas, laborer, house Hale, near Cambridge 

AVilson Thomas, L. M. S. Foundry, house 24 Clay 

AVilson AVilliam, at Dugdale's Mill, boards G. 8. Cochran's 

AVilson \Villiam, IMassachusctts Corporation, house 51 do. 

AVilson AVilliam, moulder, house [)7 Thorndikc 

AVilson William IL, shoemaker, 01 Middlesex, h. 13 Spring 

AMlton Joseiih, Lowell, boards 70 Cliurcli 

AViuch Addison, chair-maker, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 



-.Af. .'I 

.; ■■♦'•.>; 


;)i . 


Winclicstcr Ann W., widow, liouse 2 Mcrriiun's Court 

"Winchester Sumucl, blacksiuitli, Kidder, liouso G:) Lawrence 

"Wing Aliilicus Cr., i)rovisions, lirid^^o, n. Second, li. i> I'ifth 

"Wing Aljilicus J., Salcniil' Lowell Ji. Ti., li. iliddlcsex, c. South 

"Wing Ik'njamin F., army, boards i> Lifth 

"Wing Ldward, at R. Wilkins', house Carter, corner Livingston 

"Wing Jane T., dress-maker, 5 John, lionse do. 

"Wing John C, Middlesex, house 11 Charles 

"Wing True, provisions, ,Tohn, c. Merrimac, h, at TcwksLury 

AViuu Bridget, widow, house 22 Winter 

"Winn Catharine, widow, house 'M) ^Villiara 

AViuu Charles E., army, house 05 Hamilton Block, Middlesex 

AVinn Daniel K., physician, 2!) Kirk, house do. 

AA'inn Parker, shoemaker, 1 i Middle, house 21 Kace 

AA'inn I'atsey, laborer, house IS Green 

AVinn Poter, laborer, house 3G William 

AVinu liobcrt, l^leachcry, house 8 Applcton 

A\''innek H. E. j\Iiss, dress-maker, 00 East Merrimac 

AVinnek AVilliam Gr., tailor, lOG Central, house 1 Ncsmith 

AA'inslow George, machinist, house 1 1 Buttcrlield 

AVinslow George L., pliotographist, house 4r)J):irtlett 

AVintcr John B. ( JL. c)- JJaria), marble works, 1.").") Central, h. 

1 S G rand 
AA'^interbottom James, house Afanchcster, Ayer's City 
AVinton .luhn, periodicals and intel. office, 50 jLuket, h. do. 
AVirc AVilliam W. {Cltdpinan, W. Sf Co.), machinist, boards 20 

Massachusetts Corporation 
A\''irt Amos, at Wearc Clifford's, house Gl Church 
AVirt William, painter, 200 ^Middlesex, boards 40 High 
AVitham AVilliam C, shoemaker, house 2G AVater 
AVithcrcll (Jeorge F., marble-cutter, house l^iO Jliddlcsex 
AVitherell George S., mason, house 30 Auburn 
AVitherell AN'illiam IL, Tromont Corporation, house 33 do. 
AVithcrhcad James, overseer, Massachusetts Corp., h. 42 do. 
AVithcy James L., contractor, li. Macliine Shop. h. 84 Ilowai'd 
AVood Abram, Stott's ]\lill, house 2 Lawrence Street Court 
AVood Charles, overseer, l^oott Corporation, liousc 70 do. 
AVcod Francis L., teamster, boards GO Ih-oadwa}' 
AVood (Jeorge F., macliinist, boards 51 Applcton 
AVood Henry, shoemaker, house Fifth 
AVood Hiram, Boott Corporation, boards 20 do. 
AA ood Hiram D., overseer, Boott Corporation, house 50 do. 
AVood Horace E., Sufl'olk Corp.oratiou, house 21: do. 




^ ',:•,. 

I'l-r.: •'•)! •. 

:->i. :■>{'. :]: ,.i-. 

<M. v /^ 

!i ,1. 

li i-:' ■- ' 


AVooJ Horatio I'lCV., office Free Chapel, Middlesex, h. Liberty, 

opposite School 
Wood Joliii, carpenter, house 22 Xorth Frankliu Court 
"Wood .John C, cloth-printer, Stott's I\Iills, house lliver 
AVood John (i., machinist, house Al Applctou 
"Wood T^-dia ^Irs., house Nesuiith's lUock, -[[',} ^Icrriniac 
"Wood riclicf Mrs., huarding-house, -19 Massachusetts Corp. 
"Wood liolicrt. Veterinary surgeon, h. Higli St. Sip, c. Dartlett 
AVood Samuel, at 43 Alarket, house 2 Chapel 
AVood Samuel N., flour, grain, .^-e., liJ Market, h. 9 Centre ■' 

AVood Sidney, lAIassaehusetts, house 11 J'odgo 

AA'ood Stei»hen, at -12 Central, house at Nashua '■ ' '"^' 

AVood Tliomas, at J. C. Ayer >!\; Co.'s, h. GO Ham. Bl'k, Oorham 
AVood AVcntworth, Alassach.usetts, house 2 Bridge •' 

AVood AVilliam, overseer, Boott Corjioration, house <J0 do. ' 

AVoodard Aniasa, lireman, A. L. Brooks', h. 129 Aliddlesex 
Woodard Calvin Airs., house 29 Suffolk, rrankliu Sipiare ■ '' ' 

AVoodard .loci L., army, hoards 129 Aliddlescx 
AVoodbury Amos Airs., boarding-house, 11 Alerrimac Corp. 
A^'oodImry Horace D., machinist, IJoott Corporation, li. ;;l do. '""■•*' 
AVoodbury Hugh, overseer, Boott Corporation, hou-e 49 do. 
AVoodbury Jedediah C, painter, Tremont, house 2G Austin 
A\'oodbuiy Josepli (California), h. AVillie, opp. Alachine Shop 
AVoodhouse 'L'heophilus, uuichinist, boards lUl Alerriniac Corp. 
AVoodies Daniel S. Airs., house 20 'I'liird ' 

AVoodies Edward S., clerk, J^. Alach. Shop, boards 20 Third • - 
AVoodman Charles F., "watchman, l^awrenee Corp., bds. G7 do. 
AVoodman Ceorge D. {Shicljiole 4- IF.), oouusellor, 3 Canal 

Block, boards 51 Fast Alerrimac * "" 

AVoodman .lames, file- forger, lioards 5 Lagrange 
AVoodman Thomas B., Lawrence Corporation, house IG do. 
AA'oodman ^Vatson, carpenter, house 108 Howard 
AVoods C. A. Aliss, teacher, house 41 Tyler 
AVoods C. F). {Kait/>nan 3)- W.), G3 Dutton 
AVoods Charles (j., blacksmith, Du^mer, b. Alcchauics' Hotel 
AVoods Charles ()., Boott Corporation, boards IG do. 
AVoods Cliarles Ft. {Harishnn), Hall c^- IF.), l.'iS Alerrimac, 

boards 51 b^ast Merrii^ac 
AA^oods Fdward F. (IF., S/wnvood t^- Co.), wire strainers, 52i- 

Alerrimac, house 14 Fourth 
AVoods F. A. ]\lrs., hoop skirts, 88 Alerr., b. Air-;. S. Hunt's 
AVoods Everett. Lowell Alachine Shop, boards (i'J do. 
AVoods Henry S., clerk, 18 Central, boards 14 Hamilton Corp. 


,V;I«.Tj.<iOi CS ,' 

-. .|. 

s--,M/_ ./ 

, I . ' 


AVoocls Jiiliii, army, liou.-^e O.'l lligli 
"Woods John E., laborer, boards llj Boott Corporation 
"Woods Julia, widow, house ')0 Gorliam 
AVoods Leonard Mrs., house 11 Tyler 
"Woods Mauriee, laborer, house Ijradley's House, Duiiimor 
Woods Orestes L., blaeksnuth, boards 18 No. Franklin Court 
"NVoods I'atriek, laborer, house Jlradley's House, DiuiMier 
AVoodward Alfred CI., clothing, .'JO .Merriuiac, h. 11 Stackpolo 
"Woodward C. S., dress-maker, 1 John, house do. 
^\'oodward Daniel, overseer, 'rremont Corporation, bds. 3 do. 
"\\'oodward David, agent, panorama, house oO I'riduc 
"Woodward Deliverance, boarding-house, Hi ^lerrimac Corp. 
"Woodward George F., student, boards 2G llacc 
Woodward lleman, restorator, 12 Central, house 11 r>.n-tlctt 
AVoodward Henry M., liOWcU .Machine Shop, house ll' J-ee 
AVoodward John C, Locks and Canals, h.nise 2G luue 
AVoodward Sylvester, carjK'nter, 2.-)8 Middlesex, h. 1 1 1 Howard 
"Woodward \Villiam H., at 42 Central, boards 41 Jiartlctt 
"Woodworth Albert C, Boott Corporation, house C'J il>\ 
AVoodworth Artemas 13., clerk, A. L. Brooks', b. Howard House 
"Worcester Israel S., machinist, house 4 Coward ]'i;!ce 
AVorcester Henry, clerk, J. 1). I'utnam's, boards .''ii i'.;'.rtictt 
AYorcester Leonard, clothing manuf., Industrial H.ill, I'rcscott, 

house (32 Bar tic tt 
AVorthen Darius B., machinist, house AA^'estford, near Grand 
AVortheu Ezckiel B. iv; Co. {S. W. Locke), grocers, 21(j .Mer- 

rimac, house 30 Marion, corner Lagrange 
AVortheu George l'].,,army, boards 39 Alariou 
AVorthcn George W., overseer, Lowell, house 398 }.terri'uac 
AVorthington Alfreil, at J. C. Ayer il- Co.'s, bds. 30 Alass. Corp. 
AVorthley Geo. F., engineer, B. >fc L. R. li.,h. Fletcher, e. Jn'oad'y 
AYrenn Ambrose, American Bolt Co., house 5 Swift 
AYrenn Jeremiah, at Baylor's Alill, house 3 Prospect 
AYright Alanson, carpenter, house 7 Trcmont Street 
AYright Almira W., dress-n^iiker, house 43 Ap|ileton 
AYright Amos D., overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 18 do. 
AYright Andrew C, .Alarket Hotel, 14 Market, h. 28 A\'illow 
AYright Asahel B., rcg'r of deeds, Court House, b. 115 Gnrham 
AVright Atwell F. (A. F. ^- M. S. W.), provisions, 190 :\Iid- 

dlescx, house 118 Appleton 
AYright ICmory, paymaster, navy, bds. Pawtueket, cor. S/hool 
AYright Ezra W., Locks and Canals, h. CO Butterficld, n. School 
AYright Franklin D., painter, house 7 AYamcsit Cjurt 



AVriglit George, boots arnl ^liocs, t Central, Ixls. Am. House 

^\'ri:i;lit tJcorgo Y..,, Mechanics' ^lills, 1). 17") Cent. 

Wright (icorge S., Jr., clerk, I'rescott Bank, Lds. 19 Kirk \ 

'\\'riglit lla]*g()0(l, boots and shoes, HI Central, h. .'JO Lawrence J 

Wright James, blacksmith, Convers', house 5 ^hulison I 

Wright John, agent, Suffolk Corp., h. 'AT)') ]\Icrrimac, c. Austin | 

Wriglit John, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. f 

Wright John F., clerk, Dutton, c. Lowell, house 'i Oak ' ' ! 

Wright Joseph N"., carpenter, boards 1 Willow Place . ^ 

AVright Lucius ]\L, driver, Horse liailroad, house 13- Church .' 

Wriiiht Luther, stone mason, house 4 Centre ■; 

Wright .AlerriU S. {A. F. S; M. S. W.), 105 AlhlVx, b.30 How'd J 

Wright Mary P., physician, house 1 Willow Place 

Wright Natlian M., boots and shoes, LLS Central, h. 2;i9 do. 

Wright Otis, superintendent, Horse R. 11., b. Wash'n House ■. 

Wright Pelatiah, bedstead-maker, house 12G Cross 

Wright Sabra ^Irs., house Paw tucket, near Fletcher 

Wright Samuel, brakeman, 15. >!s: L. IL IL, b. 5 Hamilton Corp. 

Wright Slicffield H.,, house 9 P>utterQeld 

AVright Stephen W., farmer, house 99 Howard j 

AVright Stuart P., carpenter, house 109 Howard • } 

AVright Variuuu B., bedstead-maker, house 127 Cross 

A^'right William A., i\lerriuiac Corporation, house 47 do. 

AVright \\ illiaui C, farmer, h^ianls 99 Howard 

AVrigley Jonas, agent Boston papers, h. Hale, n. railroad bridge 

AV\'er Thomas, laborer, house stone house. Spring 

Wyman Augustus AH-s., house 1U2 Appleton 

AVynuin George AV., moulder, boards Thorndike, .near Hale , 

AVyman John PL, cabinet-malrcr, Prescoit, house iiT) Fayette i 

AVymaii Leonard N., overseer, Suffolk, h. G Cabot Bl'k, Cabot • 

AVyniau AVilliam AV., house Xesmith, corner AVyman 


YALP] THOALVS, cigar-maker, house 3 Pearl 

Ycaw Alvin >& Co. {M. II. Li(jkiii), photographist, 112 Mer- 

rimac, house Race, corner Moody 
Yeoman Flizabeth Airs., house Gl Bartlett 
Yeomau Robert T., shoemaker, house 4r> Hanover 

York James AL, Lawrence Corporation, house 15 do. j 

Young Aaron B., overseer, Merrimac Corporation, h. 42 do. 
Young Artemas S., at Uolliu White Arms Co., h. 82 Bridge 
Young Bonj. A., moulder (^Xo. Chelmsford;, b. IG Ham. Corp. | 

Young Charles H., machinist, house 123 Last Alerrimac [ 


. il :(•„[::: ■ " 

1 , , •/ 



218 LOWKLL [V] DIUECTOUY. * ' ' 

Young David, ^v;^tcllIllal^ llamlUuii (.'uipovation, Loanls .") Jo. 
Young ticui'go W. (^custuui liousc, llnstuu;, li. iMiild'x, c. \\ alkor 
Y'ouiig Janicsi, laces, lOli .Muniniac, bds. Waahhigton House 
Young .lauius Lowell .Machine Sliup, liousc 1:^5 Lowell 
Young .I0I1U, at Naylur's ?.lill, boards uU Lniou 
Y'oung Sauuicl, ]\Icri-iniao Owrporatiou, boards 17 do. 
Y'oung Sarah, widow, house 2 in court, rear Decatur 
Young Stej.heuL., prov's. I'Jl) MiJd'x, b. Broadway, n.G. Locks 
Y'oung William, at 11. White Arms Co., house 25 Adams 
Young ^\'illiam, blacksmith, boards 20 Applcton Corporation 
Y''oung William, laborer, house 125 Lowell 
Young William H., clerk, 132 ]\Ierriniac 
Young William M., trunk-makLr, boards Washington House 
Young William M., army, huuse oO Lrout 

F:1':;20VALS. A15i)iI30\.S, ETC. 
Abbott A. II. llcv., boards :)S0 .Alcrrimac 
Ash worth Z., house from h) Adams to School, near Ivoek 
Eartlctt (Jeorgc H. {Fidlhicj ^- Jl), l.'iG Central, li. 7 ivirk 
Bennett Joshua, President l,(.wcll Baidc, house at Blllorica 
Bruce William G. Mrs., house .•;2 Knck 
Church Hoary C, house from 12'J (iorham to 90 South 
Cogu-cshall F. r., bookseller and stationer, 51 ]\Icrrimae 
Coggiu David (*S'. Kiddrr, Jr. c^ C'.) Mcrrimac, corner Johu 
Dean Horace C, sewing machines, -'Jl Central 
Dodge Lidclia O. .^irs.^ teacher, h. .■;;! liartlett 
Larringt'ii Daniel, hou^e fruiu U Ihird to 1 Oak 
ridding H. A. (/''. .3- lUirthJi), hardivarc, lVc., loG Central 
Foster ^Merrill C, house ;)2 Tronu.nt Corporation 
Garrigan Sarah V.., fmm 2^-0 .Merrimac to Crosby 
Gilman l^dward, machinist. Lane >S: Nowell's, b. 270 Central 
Hicks T. E. Lev., pastor Second Univ. Ch., b. Merr., u. Cabot 
Howard Sarah Mrs., nurse, house '■]\ Fayette 
Johnson An<lrew J., house from ."il Charles to 43 Bartktt. 
Kidder Sam'l, Jr. >.S: Co. {D. Cui/f/i)/), apoth'y, Merr., e. John 
Lawrence Geo.?., counsellor, Barrister's Hall, bds. 31 Anne 
McKvoy Iv Miss (page 132), should be McAvoy, and place of 

business from S5 Merrimae to 30 Paige 
]\Larin Samuel P., boards li) Kirk, instead of lU J\lerr. Corp. 
Nowell James, h. from s 4 Merrimae ('orp. to 49 Hamilton Corp. 
Patcli F. IL and J. W.. ]inn<c -1 Anne ^ 

Sawtell Albert A., sh-idd be Abl^utt A. Sawtell 
Richardson Wm. A., 1'p >idcnt Wamesit P.ank, h. at Cambridge 


.. / 

,. ' 

r:.i 'ffi}' 



CIX^" GOVltll^T^lMElVT-lSO-X-.* 


HOCUM HOSFORD. Salary, $1,350. 

Jamks B. Fkancis, 
William S. SouTinvouTii, 
Dana 13. Govk, 
AViLLiAM T. McNeill. 

Gkorge "W. Norki?, 


Cyrus H. Latham, 


George Eiplev, rrcsidont. ' 

Ward 1 — Aldcn B. Watson, Lewis L. rerrin, Frederick S 

Tukey, John Cosgrove. 
IVurd 2 — George rdplcy, Andrew F. Jewett, Artemas S 

Young, Hoyt W. Hilton. 
Ward 3 — Samuel N. Wood, Charles W. Dodge, Joseph S 

Lollard, .Tames C 3Iorrison. 
Ward 4— Atwcll F. Wright, Daniel Churchill, William W 
, Sherman, Francis Jewett. 

Ward 5 — John E. Downs, Charles Hubbard, Cleveland J 

Chene3\ Vacancy, f 
Ward G — Levi Spraguc, Tobias L. P. Lamsou, Addison Put 
nam, Albion J. Dudley. 

City Clerk— John H. McAlviu. Salary, 81,200. 
Clerk ot' Common Council — George Gardner. Salary, $200. 
JMessenger to the City Council — Calvin Philbrick. Sal- 
ary, §7U0. 

* Miuiiiiiiiil Ektlinn, sct'uml .Moiulay in l")0(.-iuibor. City tJovcninuMit 
ori^aiiizoil, liv:! Mtnuhiy in .laimai-y. i;c;,nilar ino/finj,'^. Pi' ami fuiivtli 
Tuo>(lay fvi'iiin.:;.-^ in I'acli innnlli. " OilRts of City Olliccis, uiilc-s otherwise 
stated, ill City (joveniiiuiit liuiKliiiL;. 

t Tlioiuiis G. Gen-i:,li iv-i-iieif in June, to accept tlic position of City 


>;i.'- t '.y »'' .r 

r" : ': • / <>;* 

■'i ;/-!>^]f 

/• Ji^ /r !■■;.!,'// 

1 '; • i ,'';'JV 

-• V. .vU 

._,.,, f 

i (' ) vn' ) 



City Tr.KAsrRKR and Com.ixtoji — Tliomas G. Gcirl.sli. Sal- 
ary, $1,250. 

Auditor OF Accounts — George Ganlncr. Salary, $700. 

Sui'KRiNTKNDioNT OF Stkkkts — WiMcr IJcniiett. Salary, §1000. 

Civil Enoinkkr — Itieliard W. Haker. Salary, $('.00 

Librarian of City Library — Geo. C. Edv/arJs. Salary, $700. 

City Solicitor — Tappan AVeatworth. Office, AN'cutwortL's 
Building. Salary, $'J00. 

City riivsiciAN and Scperintkndent of Burials — Nathan 
Allen. Office, 12 Hard Street. Salary, $400, he to fur- 
nisli his own medicines. 

Superintkndkntof Public Buildings — George "\V. Ilaseltinc. 
Salary, $700. 

Assessors of Taxes — Caleli ]\I. IMarvel, Chairman ; Joseph B. 
V. Coburn, James Sands, Joseph D. Binder, Isaac A. 
rictcher. Salary of Chairman, $000 ; others, $-100 — 
with $150 for clerk hire. 

Overseers of Highways — Hocuin Ifosford, Mayor; Aldermen 
James B. Francis and Cieorge Kuucls. 

Overseers of the Boor — llouum llosford, ]\rayor ; Cyrus IL 
Latham and George AV. Xorris, Aldermen ; John Cos- 
grove. Artemas S. Young, Charles AV. Dodge, Atv\-ell Y. 
AVright, John E. Downs and Levi Spraguc, Common 
Councilmen. The regular meetings of the Board are held 
at the Almshouse on the last day of each month. 

Superintendent of the Almshouse — Lorenzo Bhelps. 

City Marshal — Bickford Lang. Office, M'cst end of Alarket 
House Building. Salary, $1,250.' 

Deputy ^Marshal — Daniel Crowley. Pay, $2 per day. ' 

Day Police — Daniel Crowley, Henry Marshall. Pay, $1.75 
per day. 

Police Officers and AVatchmen — Levi Brown, Captain of 
the Night Police ; Souire L. Bailey, Hiram K. Harnard, 
Theophilus C. Blaisdell, Otis B.ullard, ]\Iiehael B. Cas- 
well, William L. Clark, Peter Creightou, John Coleman, 
John Dougherty, Orra A. Eh'tcher, Augustus B. Eoss, 
Jacob (r. Eavor, David H. Cioudhue, 'i'homas Ingalls, 
AVesley B. Levcrsce, Almon Libby, Isaac L. Libby, Chas. 
Miner, Benjamin G. Alooncy, George AV. Sanborn, Thomas 
J. Sanborn, Daniel H. Sinclair. Supernumerary — George 
AV, Eullertou. Pay— Captain, $2.00; others, $1.75 
per day. 


...-c: .lUu! i> 

.'All .a. ■.'■'! ..■ ;ji« .i[57, 

■1./: •! .•:! ■:<■.; . ■ 

'.xDi \e..<:l\ .'if 

r .iii: ii' ,*. : •}».• 'rjf 






CoNSTAULES — Bickford Lang, Calvin Pliilbrick ; Tlunnas W. 

I'rcsscy, Daniel G. (jlrccnlcaf, Josiah Hubbard, the last ,^.. 
three for the service of civil jn-ecepts only. ,V : 

Health Co.mmlssionku — Bickford Lang. \ 

Truant Officeks — Bickford Lang, Daniel Crowley, Levi ..,, 

Brown. , ', 

Tytiii.nomkn — The Marshal and Police Force. 

Janitoh of Huntington and Jackson Halls — John "Whcclcr. ,.. 

SuKVKVoii.s OF LuMBLK — Johu B. Biowu, AbucT Frost, Lorenzo f^ 

G. H'jWc, James X. .Mjrse, Joshua ^M. Pladlcy, Stephen ' 

C. Da', is, Luther Siuith. -^iihics lluward. (.; 

Fkn'ce \'if,vKRi — Lorenzo Lhelps, J. !^L Hadley, Isaac Page. ,. 

Field Diuveus — Bickfurd Lang. Simon Kinsman, PL-riey Par- ' 

kcr, 2nd, Daniel S. Barry, James Carley. ;} 

Pound Keei'ek — Thomas Simpson. ,j 

Sealer of Weights and ]\Ieasure3 — Henry H. Wilder. Of- 
fice, Jackson, near Central Street. 

City Crier — James V. Atkinson. OfEce, 118 Middlesex St. \ 

Weigher of Hay and other articles — Horace Howard, Jr. 
OUice, Thorndike, corner Western Avenue. 

Measurers of Liter Leather — Willard A. Brown, John Q. 

A. Hubbard, Albert S. Follansbec, Abel K. Bridge. .,^ 

^Ieasurei'.s of Grain — Samuel N. Wood, William F. Living- 
ston, Fdwin Lamson. 

Surveyors of Plastering, Brick or Stone Work, and , 
Painting — Bichard W. Baker, Joshua M. Hadley, Henry 
A. I'ielding, I-uther Smith. 

Inspector of iiiLic — Henry H. Wilder. Office, Jackson, near 
Central Street. Salary, $25. ' ,, 

Lnstector of Bale or Bundle Hay — Samuel M. Patterson, 
at City Scales. 

Wi^iGiiER OF Coal — Samuel M. Patterson, at City Scales. 

Agent for the Sale of Pure Liquors — Charles IL Kimball, 
corner Central and Merrimack Streets. Salary, SuOO. 

Undertakers — Calvin T. Chamberlin, Terrence Hanover, An- 
sel P. Lesure. 

Measurer of AVood and Bark and Superintendent of City 
Scales — Sam'l M. Patterson, at City Scales. Salary, §1300. 

ROAD INTO THE CITY — Luthcr Smith, Abuer I'rost. 

Committee of City Council on r^IiLiTARY Affairs — H. Hos- • 

furd, j\[ayor ; Aldermen G. F. liichardson, J. B. Francis; 

John Cosgrove, A. S. Young, C. W. Dodge, A. F. Wright, I 

J. F. Downs, A. J. Dudley, of the Common Council. ! 

18-' i 



: .-(jj'-^ivr) I 

■ ;n .1 : ; 

;! -..Tt** 

,il. .! I.' 

(. / 

...•-l7' . . ; .,.!«w 


. 'i .1. ./. 





Wakd 1— Warden, ^Villard C, Welch. Clerk, James A. Lang- 
dell. Iiisjiectors, Kathan F. Crafts, Abiol W. 
Sheldon, Calvin SawtcU. 

Wakd 2— Warden, Chester W. lUigg. Clerk, George W. Law- 
rence. Iiisjiectors, Julian V. Keycs, George G. 
Knapp, Joseph Hovcy. 

\{AViD 3— Warden, Alfred Gilinan. Cleric, John F. Fryc. 
Inspectors, Samuel Faster, William T. Bradley, 
Thomas Paul. 

AVard 4 — Warden, ALucr W. Buttriek. Clerk; Josiah E. 
Short, Jr. Inspectors, Hiram N. Hall, Isaac Mor- 
ton, Morrill ^L Bohonan. 

Ward b— Warden, Joseph L. Cambridge. Clerk, George M. 
Elliott. Inspectors, James M. Pearson, Stillman 
Brooks, George S. Cheney. 

Ward 6— Warden, Albert A. Haggctt. Clerk, Abel T. Ather- 
ton. Inspectors, Luther E. Shepard, George W. 
Pearson, Edwin Lovejoy. 

SCHOOL C0Mry11TTEE---1864. 

Hocum Hosford, Mayor, George Pipley, President of Common 
Council, ex-oiTiciis. 

Term expires Januarj', KSG5. 

Ward 1— James C. Abbott, 

2 — Samuel W. Stickney, 
3 — Elisha Huntington, 
4 — Charles Kimball, 
5_George W. Shattuck, 
6 — Edward F. Sherman 

Term expires Jaiiuar)', 18G6. 

Ward 1 — Horace Parmcntcr,-* 
" 2 — Joseph J. Judkins, 
" 3 — Joshua Merrill, 
'^ 4 — James J. Twiss, 
" 5 — Chauncey L. Knapp, 
" C — Owen Street. 
Hocum Hosfoud, Chairman. 
Elisiia Huntington, Vice Chairman. 
Abner J. PniPPS, Secretary. Salary, $300. 
Superintendent of Public Schools — Abner J. Phipps. Sal- 
ary, $1,200. 

HIGH SCHOOL, Anne ojid Kirk Streets. 
Charles C. Chase, Principal; James S. Russell, Teacher of 
Mathematics ; John J. Colton, Joseph H. McDaniels, Mary A. 
Webster, Eliza T. Braley, Assistants. 

* Eleeted l\Iay, 18G1, to IJll a vacancy. A successor for one year will be 
elected next December. 



r* . . A '.'.' 

'..• I 

• ■ . I" 

■i I 

;.' 1> ■^r.. 

ut'! T. ."SK/jA 

"» M'OA'i r riMA , ;.'■'-;; 1?? 





Eautlett School, Clark Street — Samuel Cement, Princi- 
pal ; Marianna 1>. Kent, Mary E. fike, Caroline E. Holt, ]\Ia- 
rictta j\Ielviu, Mary C. (iarduer, Sabra Wriglit, Sophia V. 
Wethcrlice, Assistants. 

CoLiJUUN School, Lawrence Street — Fidelia 0. Dodge, Act- 
iny Principal ; Cinderella A. Woods, Etta Erye, ^issistants. 

Edson School, Highland Street — Perley IkAch, J'jincijial ; 
Harriet C. Hovey, j\Iary E. Carlton, Mary E. iJana, Olive W. 
Lcane, Alaria C. llichardson, Arvilla L. Eaton, Anna A. Sar- 
gent, Assistants. 

Franklin School, Branch, corner ^Hddlesex Street — Amos 
E. Hey wood, Principal ; Elizabeth "W. Clement, Eliza J. But- 
terfield, Sarah C. "Weymouth, Assistants. 

GuEKN School, Middle Street — Charles '}\lo\-v\\\, Principal ; 
Mary E. Wight, Ellen S. Burrill, Gertrude Sheldon, Jennie H. 
Dennis, Assistants, 

j\L\NN School, Lewis Street — Samuel A. Chase, Principal ; 
Eliza A. D. Tapley, Laura F. Howe, Assistants. 

]\[ooDY School, East Merrimack Street — Joseph Beabody, 
Princijntl ; C. Augusta Goldcrman, Emma A. Battles, Sarah 
E. Bailey, Caroline A. Stevens, Diana M. Huntoon, Assistants. 

Vaunum School, ]Myrtlc Street — Daniel B. Galloupo, Prin- 
cipal ; Harriet Bradley, Sarah A. Bradley, Ada !M. Edgoll, 

All the Grammar Schools are graded. ■■ ■■■ 




Teacher. | 






Antoinette Wi^jht | 



Cliarluttc S. Kaimo 



Lucy A. Hill 1 



Emily M. Warren 



Klizalieth 0. Ihiiil 



Jane \l,. Hoiner 



Lucy F. C:irll(.u 



11. leii M. Smith 


Klliotl A Stearns 



Al.l.y \>. Gates 



Francos 8. Monro 

1 32 


Kllen F. Cuu;,'hlan 



Emily T. Dickormnn 

' 3;} 


Maria Osgood 



Marthas. Willi,uii8 



Liz/.io S. I.OH'e 



Marllii A. Ncal 


i;. ALrriniac 

Aiirclia L. Howe 



Eliza Merriani 



Mary A. Leard 



Elizabi th W. F^08^ 


Favi tto 

Luerelia A. Day 



Adeline U<':i 


C allot 

Lizzie Pindar 



ALiiy A. Tajilcy 



Aljl,y F. Cro^l.y . 



Hannah U. Currier 



S irah P. Pcasleo 



Kli/.a Cowley 



Mary E. Way 



Laura J. Pindar 



Helen A. llafr^'Ctt 



Mary A. Lean 



Mary K. Cumuiibkcy 



Sarah L. Gat.s 



Marv L. Hill 



Mary E. Morrill 



KlUn M. White 



Nellie L. Ashworth 



Carol uie A.Pa-o 



Ellen A. Rrid-e 



Miranda W. Liadl.y 



Fanny K. Lawson 



S. Fanny Neallcy 



Anna E. Baron 


l' '■ 

.Yaovj.«''ia 1,1^' •'''•; 

'-: ;;..;/ •' ,■ :]:< 

ir. -is-.imnCi 

I; !•:«. 


Salaries oi'' Teaciikrs — Priucipal of High ScLool, Si, 500; 
male assistants, § 1,1 00 ; female assistants, $425. I'rincipals 
of Grammar Schools, §1,100. Female assistants of (irammar 
and teachers of Trimary Schools, the lirst year of service, 
$275 ; second do., §300; after second do., §325. 


Chief Engineer — Joseph Tilton. Salary, §1500. 

Assistant Engineers — Amos II. Foster, Horace L. Eaton, 
Charles II. Arlen, James Sands, Secretary; Juhn C.Hall, 
Samuel W. Taylor. Salary, §50, with §25 additional to Sec- 


Excelsior, No. 1 — Central, opposite Union Street. Cyrus 
E. Luscomb, Forcmcoi ; Abram Shephard, Assistant Foreman ; 
Hinaldu II. Tyler, Clerk. 

Tiger, No. 5 — Colburn Street. William H. Goodale, Fore- 
man ; John F. Scvey, Assistant Foreman ; Henry W. Burton, 

Mazeppa, No. 10 — Fayette Street. Edward B. Collins, 
Foreman ; Edwin S. Hosmer, Assistant Foreman ; Hosea A, 
Scarlc, Clerk. 

ToRULNT Steamer, No. 2 — Middlesex, near Grand Street. 
Weight, (5,200 pounds. George Smith, Foreman; Charles 
W. j\larriott, Assistant Foreman; George W'. Dow, Clerk; 
George W . Austin, Frnjinecr. 

Wamesit Steamer, No. ?> — Warren, near Central Street. 
Weight, 9,5G5 pounds. J. ^V'. Heild, Foreman ; Samuel 
Whittcmoro, Assistant Foreman; George F. Salmon, Clerk; 
AVilson Kimball, Fnyineer. 

Franklin Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1 — Middle St. 
True r. Jordan, Foremaii ; John G. Crockett, Assistant Fore- 
man ; ^Villiara H. Jefts, Clerk. 

Ocean Hose Company, No. 1 — Warren Street. AMUiara 
S. Frescott, Foreman ; Josiah Butler, Assistant Furema)i ; 
Orlando F. Conihc, Clej-k. 

There is included in the Fire Department, Eocket Engine, 
No. 2, at Ayer's City; Engine No. 12, on Fourth Street; De- 
luge Engine, No. 14, on Carter Street; Five King, No. G, at 
the Almshouse, and Belief Engiue, No. 7, on South Street, 
which arc manned, when needed, by volunteer companies. 

At the date of the last report of the Chief Engineer (March 
31st, 1SG4), there were belonging to the Department, 7 cngi- 


( -If-''. I.l V. I. 

1 ■.UWT'i- . 

■ ■ • ,. if ■ 


.;. :;il', I 

I ■ ■ I 


., ) 

.-. \ 


1 J.- 



nccrs, 200 fircnicn, 9 engines (inchuling two steamers), 9, SOD 
feet of leading hose (2,200 not considered reliable), 22« feet 
of suction hose, 10 hose carriages, IKJ buckets, 8 liouks, 27 lad- 
ders, itc. The corporations have 1 8, .102 feet of liose and 350 
force pumps. The city has 1;! reservoirs and 7G hydrants, and 
10,950 feet of water pipe laid through different streets. 

Pay of Fiuemkn' — Foremen and Clerks, 815 per annum. 
Stewards of hand engines, §75 ; do. of Hook and Ladder Com- 
])any, §05 ; do. of Hose Compan}', $.i5. Other memhers, S;i5. 
J'lugineers of Steamers, sJ.'iOO ; Assistant Engineers of do., 
$100. Firemen of Steamers who shall act as Stewards, §150. 
' There is connected with the Fire Department a Firemen's 
Fund Association, intended to relieve firemen, who may be in 
need of assistance. The Trustees for 186-4-G5 are Assist- 
ant Engineers Hall and Taylor, and the Foreman and Assistant 
Foreman of each Company. 


Org.' Xamc. 




18-20 First 




IS-Jl Worthoii Street 



(iLorjj,u F. Warren'Si. rauick'3 



John ()'15ri.-a 

ISH St. IV-ti'i-'s 



I'cter CruiMcn 

1S-2G. First 

Cuiiyrc-'l (Ort'x) 


Ceoryi' X. Webber 

IS^iOAjipKlon Street 


J. F.. Kankiu 

lS3'J.I(iliii SlruL't 



.Toscph W. liaekug 

184-J Kirli Street 



A. Hlanchard, D.U. 

]84G,IIi;j,li Street 


I'.ast Merrimack 

Owen StrcL-t 

18-2 i 

St ,\iine's 



Theo. Fa-ou,D.D. 


St. Jiilm's 



Cornelius 15. Smith 


Freewill F.aptist 

Freewill Baptist 


George \V. Bean 


St. I'^iil's 

Methoilist F:pis. 


Samuel F. Upliam 


Wortlien Street 



J. Oramel Peck 




.Ii.liii, eor. Paige 

John 11. Manslield 


So. Coiii^regat'l 



Frcd'k Hinckley 



C'l'utral, c. Green 

•James J. TuiiS 




Shattuek, e. Mkt. 

T. K. Hicks 


Frei! (Miapel 

Lowell ^lissioii 

MidJ'x, n. South 

Horaiio Wood 




Lee, near .John 

Transient speakers 

LowEij, S-VBUATii School Union. Organized, July 4, 183G. 
The members are the pastors of the evangelical Churches, su- 
perintendents and teachers of the several Salibath Schools. 
An annual meeting is held in Huntington Hall, tmd quarterly 
meetings in churches. Officers for 180-1-05 : — llev. J. E. 
llankin. President; Alfred Oilman, Vice President; Fred- 
crick T. ^QviXx, Secreteirj ; Samuel B. Simouds, Treasurer. 

.v.','.: I 

.■/.I i 
■ (■■.til 

i ij, f' l '- > 


. . r 


[Tiio full statistics of each Mamif;;cliiriu;^- Company in I.o\v.-ll r:inniit be 
given, in idiisi'iiuencc of tiiu exlonsive altLi'alions iiwule, and Ihi.- laii> of op- 
portunity as yut to test the laiKuity of the new niaehiniiy lor pruiliieiiig 
goods. The slatislies ;;iven of himls (-inphiyuJ, arc the iiiuu'ucr thai w.nihl 
be required to run tiie fidl niaciiiiiriy in ihe dilTcrent mills.] 

Meiuiimaciv MANUF.\CTUiuNa Company — North end of Dut- 
ton Street. Incorporated, lb22. Cai-ital, ^2, 500,000. Num- 
ber of mills, G, aud Priut-works. Spiudlcs, 8S,0(JO. Loomsi 
2,303. Females eniploycd, I.ISG; males, G'J5. Yards of 
prints made per week, -i.'iO.OOO. P. li. Crowninsliield, o Tre- 
mont Street, Boston, 'Treasurer. Isaac Hinckley, Superin- 
tendent. Henry lUirrows, Superintendent of I'riut-icorks. 
Edward Tufts, -/'t/y//ic/i7c'/-. Tay-day, Saturday before the IGth 
iu each month. 

Hamilton jManufactukint, Company — Jackson Street. In- 
corporated, 1825. Capital, $1,200,000. Number of mills, -l, 
and Print-works. Spindles, 50,592 ; looms, 1,350. Females 
employed, 850 ; males, -100. Yards made per week, 235,000. 
Artliur L. Devens, 22 Franklin Street, Boston, Treasurer. 
Oliver H. Moulton, Superintendent. "William Hunter, Super- 
intendent of Print-works. D. G. Fang, Paymaster. Pay-day, 
week after last Saturday in each mouth. 

Appleton Company — Jaekson Street. Incorporated, 1828. 
Capital, 8^00,000. Number of mills, 3. Spindles, 10.872; 
looms, 707. Females employed, 400 ; males, 120. Yards 
made per week, 100,000. Arthur L. Devens, 22 Franklin 
Street, Boston, Treasurer. Ceorge Motley, Ayent. A. H. 
Eobinson, Paymaster, Pay-day, week after last Saturday in 
each munth. 

Lowell Manufacturing Company — ]\rarket Street. Incor- 
(porated, 182S. Capital, §2,000,000. Number of mills, 3 — 
one spinning, one carpet, one fine worsted. Spitulles, 8, tS4 
for carpet yarn, 2,Gti8 for cotton warp, 3,G72 for fine wor-ted 
yarn ; looms, 258 power carpet, G 1 worsted goods. Yards of 
carpet made per week, ;iO,000. Females employed, 800; 
males, 500. C. L. Harding, 28 State Street, Boston, Treas- 
urer. Samuel Fay, Superintendent. Amos A. Blanehard, 
Paymaster. Pay-day, week after last Saturday iu each month. 

©•( )■ 

"i .r:.i">.i 

. j ; .*'>/. 


JIiDDLKSEX CoMi'ANV — Waricii Strcot. Iiicor[)Or;itc'(l, IS.jO. 
Ca]»it:il, ^7.'o,U0O. >.'uiiiucr uf uiillt-, -I, and .J (l3-c-liuusc9. 
Spiudlcs, 1(J,;M0; looms, L'l.J. Females employed, 100; 
males, ir.O. Yards of clutb per week, 27,000. liielmrd S. 
Fay, Jr., Gil Federal Street, Jluston, Trcusarcr. Oliver II. 
Perry, A'/ait. (Jcov^a ^^ ilkiii.-:!, Si.porintendeid. Samuel 1). 
Sargent, J'ii//i>uis/er. Pay-day, Friday after the fuurtli Satur- 
day ill eaeli month. 

Lawuionce i"\lANUFACTUUiNG CoMi'AXY — North eiid of Suffolk 
Street. Ineorporated, lf;;0. Capital, 8 l,.")00,00(i. Number 
of mills, r>. S})indles, 51,000; looms, 1,50-1. Females em- 
ployed, 1,;'.00; males, oOO. Henry V. Ward, SOKilby Street, 
Poston, Treasurer. William S. Southworth, Atjoit. T. L. P. 
Lamsou, J'di/itKistcr. Pay-day, second Saturday iu caeh month. 

[I'liis C(>iii]iaii3' is pvittiiif^ in iiiiirliiiuTV fin- tlie niaiuifacture of ijnsifiy 
gouils, tliL' tiiiuui inacliiiKiy iuniii;^ I'lvu takfii out of uiiu vt' lliu old mills."] 

Sn-FOLK .AlANUFACTUKiNd Cti.Mi'ANV — Suffolk Street. In- 
corporated, lri;-;0. Capital, 8iinO,000. Nuiul-er of mills, 2. 
Spindles, 21,*JSG; looms, liOU. Females employed, 533; 
males, 121). Itenry V. AWird. .1'.) Kilby Street, liostou, Treas- 
iircr. John AVright, Aijtjiil. .luhu P. .MeAlvin, J\iijniaster. 
Pay-day, week after last Saturday iu each month. 

[Tlic mil!.- Ill llii.-- Company li.ivi' K. n ,;hno~t luiiri'ly ri--iuii>tnu-(i'.! within 
the |i:i~t llii'ii' years. A iiorlinn ol' w .m.Kii machiiKTy is be-iiii; iiili-iuiiiccd into 
the mill-, .mil will sooii l>u in uiiciaiioii J 

The PiiopiUETORS of thu Tkkmont ^Mills — Suffolk Street. 
Incorporated, 1830. Capital, <?oOO,uOO. Number of mills, 1, 
and picker-house. Spindles. 2:i,:i2-i ; looms, 7lM. I'emales 
employed, SOO ; males, 200. Henry V.'Ward, 3'J Kilby St., 
Boston, Treasurer. Charles F. Hattlcs, A^/cut. Joseph S. 
Holt, Paijniaster. Pay-day, week after last Saturday in each 

[The olil mills of this (\impany liavr hern takrii ilown ivithiii thi'rc' years, 
anil a mill of lai'j^er tlimeusioiis iihIimI in Iheii' plaee. .Somo ■\voolcn machin- 
ery is being inlioducfd into the mill. J 

LowKLL Bleaciiery — Blcachery Street, in south part of the 
city. Incorporated, 1832. Capital, $300,000. >H lbs, bleach- 
cry and dye-house. Females eiupluyed, 40 ; males, 300. 
Samuel CI. Snelling, 4 Liberty Square, Boston, Treasurer. 
Frank P. Appleton, Ai/nit. Henry P. Perkins, I'a;j master. 
Pay-day, Tuesday following the last Saturday of each mouth. 

BooTT Cotton j\Iills — Amory, o])])Osite John Street. In- 
corporated, 1835. Capital, 61.200,000. Number of mills, G. 

•) ., 

niiu'^i.- i .' I 

' !'• ' 


Spimllcs. 71,000; looms, 1,SS8; cards, 51-2. Females em- 
ployed, [)7'> ; males, 2'.I0. T. Jetlorsou Coolitlgc, 00 Stute St., 
Boston, TreasKvcr. \Villiam A. lUnkc, A(je,it. J. V. Trolt, 
Paijinustcr. Pay-Jay, week after first Saturday in each luontl). 

Massachusetts CoTTOX Mirj.s — I'ridgc Street, near junction 
of ]\Ierriniack and Concord Itivers. Incorporated, l.s;;i). Cap- 
ital, §1,SOO,000. Xumlier of mills, S. Spindles, ril),.")'j2 ; 
looms, 1, 'J 70. Females employed, 1,.'J00 ; males, -100. Homer 
Eartlett, GO State Street, Boston, Treasurer. Frank F. Ikit- 

tlcs, Atjcnt. ■ , l\iijiita!>ier. Fay-day, week after third 

Saturday in each month. 

PiiEscoTT Cotton Mills — Merrimack Street, near Concord 
Eiver. Homer Bartlett, CO State Street, Boston, Treasurer. 
William Brown, Agent. Amos Bugg, I'uijiuaater. i'ay-day, 
same as Massachusetts. 

• [Tlu'M' mills ln.■ill,^• uwiird liy tlir Ma--:Kliii<otts Cutluu Jlills, llie tl:Ui>tics 
are iiirhidinl In (Iiuhc nf thiit ('iJinii.iny.J 

Belvideke Woolex JiLvM:FACTrKiNQ Company — Howe and 
Lawrence Streets. Organized, IS-"),';. Capital, 8-U0,iJU0. 
Mills, 2. ^V'oolen machinery, I-") sets. Females employed, 
50; males, 12,"). Number of 3'ards of domestic llanncls made 
per Week, 30,000. Iv/.ra Farur-worth, 4 AVinthrop Square, 
Boston, Treasurer. Charles Stott, Ayeiil. Charles A. Stott, 
Pai/inasier. Bay-day, l-Jth of each month. 

L(.(WELL Machine Shop — hutton Street. Incorporated, 
ISB"). Capital, SliOu.dOO. Four shops, smithy and ininidry. 
Manufactures, cotton machinery, lo(;omotivcs, machinists' tools, 
mill-works, &c. Males employed. -lUO to 1000. J. Thomas 
Stevenson, at Boston and Lowell Dejiot, Boston, IVeasurer. 
Andrew Moody, Superintendent. A\'illiara AV. Sherman, I'aij- 
master. Bai'-day, last Saturday in each month. 

Eecapitulation. AVholc amount of capital invested in the 
foregoing companies, Sl.'j,8r)0,0U0. Mills, .o l, besides two 
Print-works, and smaller buildings. Spindles, 420, "(44:. 
Looms, 11,713. Number of 0f)crative3 i-ecjuired-to run them 
when in full operation: Females, S,!)Ol; males. ■l,n<>0. The 
wages of operatives are so unsettled and liable to change that 
they cannot be given with any degree of accuracy. 


EiVKK. Incorporated, \1\)'2. This Company owns the water 
power which they furnish the diiieient manufacturing eompa- 


! v.. 

1 , ":f/ 

■I i ^•u^:u 


nics in Lowell. James 13. I'raiicis, J(/c7if. Nonli R. TIarlow, 
J\ii/inastcr. Tiiy-day, ■\Vfck after last Saturday iu eaeli iiiuiitb. 

LowKLT. Gas- Light Comi'.vnv — (*n"iee, Middle, corner Shat- 
tuek Street. Coinmeuecd liglitir.g, January Lst, ISOO. Capi- 
tal, S2U0,000. Jolm Wright, J'rcsi'fcnt. ^Villiam A. Burke, 
Levi Spraguc, James !>. Franeis, Scwall tJ. Mack, Isaac 
Hinckley, Jacob Eogers, Dirccturs. Jolm F. Eogers, Treas- 
urer. Oliver \\. Cusliing, Ayciil. i). I*. ]5artlett, I'aijinastcr. 
George ]M. Elliott, Ckrl:. 

Lowell House Lailuoau Comi'WV — Ollicc, Museum Build- 
ing, Merrimack Street, opposite Central. Load o])ened, ]\Lircli 
1, ISG4-, Capital, SIOO.UUU. JJirafurs — William K. Liv- 
iugsion, Presidc/it ; Albert ^^ heeler, I'lce Prcsulcitt ; John A. 
Goodwin, Treasurer and Clerk ; James Noxon, Syracuse, N. 
Y.; N. Mickles, Xew York City; F.oltcrt Wood, G. }^. Ken- 
nedy, Syracuse, X. Y. Supei-intendent — Otis Wright. 

Other Manufacturing and Mechanical Establishments. 

[Si^o nircttuiy I'ui- lotMtlon of' IV'isniiri, Firms luul (Jninpaiiics in the 
t'lillowiiij^- ii,-t.| 

Acid and Coal Oil AVouics — Joseph Bobinson & Co. 

Batting and Wadding — George liiplcy & Co. 

lii:D?TEAD Factory — George 'L Comins. ■ ' . 

13i;lt and Boll ^^Lvnukacttreks — I. Gates, AV. ILWhitmarsh. 

Boat ]]uildkr — Jonathan I'.owers. 

BouDiN ^[anufacti'rkr< — W. K. B)ass & Co., Barker it Nich- 
ols, J^. F. Watson. 

Boiler Manufacturer — William Dobbins. 

Bolt and Screw Factories — Amer. Bolt Co., Union Bolt Co. 

Bonnet Wires — B. S. Hale il- Son. 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers — F. H. Adams t5c Co., John L. 
Moulton, Daniel Swan. 

Box Makers — Otis Allen, A. L. Brooks, Xorcross & Saunders. 

Brass Founder, Coi'i'EUSMri'ii and 1'lit.mder — ^^H. H. Wilder. 

Cabinet ]\Iakers — ILirt & Clark. 

Card Manufacturers — Howe v'^: Goodhue, Biichard Kitson. 

Card Screen .ALaker — D. S. Kimball. 

Carpet Factory — George Xaylor. 

Carriage Factories — Jona. 15o\vers, Samuel Convers, J. B. 
Eaton. Joel Jenkins, D. G. Skillings, W. L. Swott. 

Chair Factory — .\lbert Merriam. 

Chemical Laboratory and I'.vt't Medicines — J. C.Ayer& Go. 

Chemical Works — Mrs. J. D. Brlnce, Jr. 

;■ ii. 

.1 ; rir,.\ 

, !'. Ill' I 


Clothing MANUFACTri;i;u.-. — "W. L. I'raddi'ik, Grcoii <k Jiicli- 

urdsoii, LoonuvLl Wurocstor. 
CosiKoia-AHLK Manui'actuiu;k — Williiua Titkc. ^ 

Cotton Maciunkuv — UiclKirJ Kitsou. 
CuuiiiKKS — A. E. l^ridgo >5L' Co., 11. lugliam & Son. 
Doous, Sashes and Bmnds — N. B. Favor & Son, Wm. Kellcy, 

J. ir. PciiLody, Isaac Place. 
DvEUs — A^'carc Clifford, C. li. Littler. 
Dye\voou.s, Dkuos, .^cc. — C. P. Talbot & Co. 
Felting — Lowell Felting Mill, liowc Street, 
File Cutteus — S. Aslnvortli & Co., A. J. Iliscox tS: Co. 
Fiue Arms — Bollin White Arms Conipan}', Broadway. 
Flannel Mills— L. W. Fanllaier .1- Co., J. Holt, C. A. Slott.- 
Fuunittre — George Crosby. 
Gas ]\Ieteks — S. B. llansconi & Co. 
Gas and Steam Pii>e Fixttues — IL B. Ikirkcr. 
Glove Factory — White & Dimock. 

Grist Mills — AV. Iv Livingston, Locks & (-'anals, S. X.^^'ood. 
Granite Yards — 11. W. Dresser; Bunels, Clough & Co. 
Hooks — George L. Cady. 
Iron Fence Builders — Cnshing & Mack. 
Iron Foundry — Cole tS: Nichols. 

Loom Harness ]\rAKEi;s — I). C. Brown, Solon Stevens. 
Lumrer Yards — Otis Allen, A. L. Brooks, H. Howard, Xor- 

cross &; Sanndei's, C. vS: I). AVhitney, Jr., & (Jo. 
Machinists — AV. Aldrii-h, '1'. Athorton & Son., Geo. L. Cady, 

Chapman, AVire i*s: Co., J.AV. Hamcr & Co., Lane & Xowcll, 

B. Lawrence, J. X. Peirce, F. S. Perkins, ^\'. Boljinson & 

Co., B. 1''. Stevens. 
MAnNETO-l"]LECTRic .MACHINES — Asalicl Davis. 
^lANrFACTUKEiis — A\'. Walkcr >.*c Co. 
Marulk AVorks — W. Andrews, H. W. Dresser, D. Nichols, 

Winter &; Davis. 
Paper AIakers — C. B. Bichmond, George Bipley. 
Patent and Enameled Leathkk — Hubbard & Blake. 
Planing and Moulding — M. C. Pratt. 
Bu-Mr AND Block AIaeer — Amus Colliy. 


Booking — S. 'i\ Hudgman il- Co., D. W. Home. 
Saw Mills — Otis Allen, A. L. Brooks, Xorcross & Saunders, 
E. B. Patch & Co. 

*'riii' tliroi' story liiii!-: LuiMiiiu' nnir \V. ]•' I.ivin^stuii'.s toiuitiii^^'-rooin, 
Tlioniilikc Street, is bi'iii^- liltol 141 li.r a tlaiuivl mill. 

f'.i /j i;'>-;:i> ,.i 

,Y>;r.'f ■:'' ... - 

.' , £K I' 



■' .'i 

1 ■:., 


' • 1 \; 

•:.;.-. .1 I ,, .:l- 


* '" 

ScALK Maxui'.vctuhek — Joliii A. Knowies, Jr. 
Shoddy .MANrFACTruKu — \V. S. ('iirdiiii!;lcy & Co. 
SiiouLDEu I'uACK Makkk:^ — CIutttT & Wulkcr, Upton & Blake. 


Soap ]\Iakeks — S. Horn i^c Co.. rutiuuu & Currier. 
Stair IiCildku — 'riionuis I'ratt. 
Tanners — A. E. Bridge & Co. 

AVjRE Strainers — Woods. Sherwood & Co. 1 

AViRE-WouKKR— K. A. Hildreth. P 

'U'ood-Whrkinu Machineuv — .McNisli & Butler, II. B. Smith. j 

AVoouEN Screws — Miltun Aldrich. i 

AVooLEN Good;? — llosturd .V Chase ("Chase ^lill"). ) 
AVoRSTED AND Yarn< — S. J!. JJraekett, James Dugdalc, Biichard . I 

Bihodcs, John Sugden. I 


[Aimiuil rloctiou (.arly in Oit.iLcr, cxix'iit wluu (itlienvisc ft;itcd. Divi- 
driul-. (UtI.',i\'iI lii'>t Mdinlay in A[iril ami (Irlnln-r. IJauk )i(..iir> Ircjiii 'j to 
12 A.M.; iVdiii li tu 4 1' M., c.\(c|it Saturday alkTiiuuns.] 

AiH>LET(jN Bank — Ajipleton I'.lock, Central Street, near 
Ilurd. InoorjK.rated, lsi7. Capital, §200, OUO. John A. 
Knowies, J^rcsidcut. Ceorge J'ragdon, Abncr AV. Buttriek, 
Isaae Tarrington, Josiah 15. French, William Nichols, A\'illiam 
L. North, Addison Butuani, (diaries Ji. Kichiaond, Sidney 
Spalding, Directors. John V. Kinihall, CctaJiier. Samuel E. 
Stott, (xcorge K. Billings, Clerhs. l)iscount, Alondays and 

First National Bank — Central Street, corner Aliddle. Or- 
ganized, IsOL Cai,ital,S20l).UOO. Arthur B. IJonncy, /Vc-s- 
iilrnt. James K. Fellows, James C. ALbott, I'lphraim Brown, 
.Bdiu Nesmith, (Hlmau Kimball, Isaac Place, Henry AT. Hookc, 
Samuel N. ^^'ood, J)trecturs. George F. Hunt, Cashier. Geo. 
15. Allen, Clcrh. Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. Election 
in January. 

Lowell Bank — Savings 15ank Building, Shattuek Street. 
Hieorporated, ISl'S. Capital, S-'00,OUO. J.i.shua Bennett, 
I'resident. John Waugh, Edward Tuck', Jonathan B. F'olsom, 
Joel Spalding, Bhincas Whiting, Frederick Ayer, W. H. B. 
A\'right, L. W. Faulkner, JJirccturs. Charles Af. AVilliams, 
Cashier. Nathan G. Laiuson, CLrk. Discount, Alondays and 

! «• 

i r -I . U 

.:1^J :.' !i.. 

! .;i ,[:i\,''i :\ r- 


" '11 : ! ..I U ,/ !■! 

I ■' • ' 'in/. 


V . .>' .,j'v ./I 

:- I .• 1 "I .,.1 f.A 

, ■' i.'i ;.-. ..'.' (•.;■■ .,1 

" :..::.vui IT 

.:'.,h f 


• j ; . I) 

232 LOWj:r.L DiiU'CTOuy. 

]\Ikkciiants National 1)ANK (lute ^rcrchants Bank) — ]\rcr- 
cliauts liank liuildiiig, i'-'ih Mciriinaok Street. Incorpoiatotl, 
1851. Accepted Natioual JJaiikiiig Aet, 1801. Capital, 
$300,000. Ivoyal Suutliuick, I'lw^idod. Tlioiiias Kesuiilh, 
Isaac S. ]\[orse, Dauicl Swau, lloeuiu 1 1 osfonk Joseph lUdlow, 
Samuel T. Laucastcr, Asa Hildretli. Allicit "Wheeler, AVilliam 
"W.Wyman, Cicorge F. Uiehard.son, Dircvturs. John N. Peircc, 
Jr., Cashier. Henry V. 'Webber, Clerk. Discount, ]\Ionday8 
and Thursdays. Annual meeting, L'd Tuesday in January. 

rREt^coTT Rank — 40 Central Street. Incorporated, 1850. 
Capital, §200,000. Juel Adams, Chelmsford, Pri'sidoit. Sam- 
uel Burbank, Charles B. Coburn, Daniel S. Bichardson, YA- 
ward F. Sherman, Elijah M. Bead, TeAvksbury, Charles Stott, 
John L. Cheney, Joseph A. l^-abrook, Silas Tyler, Jr., Benja- 
min Adams, North Chelmsford, Directors. Artemas S. Tyler, 
Cashier. Charles A. Kendall, Teller. Discount, .Mondays 
and Thursdays. 

Railroad Bank — Carleton Block, iArcrrimaek Street. In- 
corporatcd, 18;!1. Capital, $000,000. Bar value of shares, 
%lb. S. \\. Stickney, I'resident. Homer Bartlett, AVilliam 
A. Burke, Charles llovey, Sewall C :\lack, George :Mutky, 
John AVright, Samuel I'ay, George Bipley, James B. Francis, 
John AY. B. Abbot, 0. H. Berry, JJirecturs. John F. Bogers, 
Cashier. James S. Hovey, Clerk. Discount, Tuesdays and 

AVamesit Bank — ^Middlesex Street, near Northern Depot. 
Incorporated, 18;-)3. Capital, 8150,000. AVm. A. Bichardson, 
Cambridge, President. Chas. H. AVjldcr, Jacob Kelley, Abiel 
Eolfe, Josiah Gates, Samuel Horn, Ali)heus B. Brown, Henry 
C. Howe, Horace B. Shattuck, Charles F. Flint, North Itead- 
ing, Bireclurs. John II. Buttrick, Cashier. James S. AVelch, 
Clerk. Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays, 


Lowell Institution koii Savino? — Savings Bank Building, 
Shattuck Street. Incorporated, iS'irt. Theodore IaIsoii, 7'iVA(- 
dent. John O. Green, Flisha Huntingtnn, Vice Presidents. 
Amos Blanchard, Samuel L. Dana, William S. Suuthwortli, 
George Motley, Daniel Gushing, Stephen Gushing, Albert ^lal- 
lard, William North, Charles A. Savory, Trustees. James Lt. 
Carney, 7'reasiirer. George J. Carney, Assistant Trcasnrer. 
Nathan G. Lamson, Clerk. Ulllco open Tuesdays, Thursdays 

HOT' i;i' 

" , I 


-.1'. J .;::■ [■ 
' .(; ..'..' tnii 
• A,u,j 

■|. _..; ' Im I 

M r 



.'!!/'■■. .1' ! I- 'i'''^ 


and Saturdays, from 2 till 4 o'clock in tlic afternoon, and from 
G till [) o'clock in the evening. 

City IxsTrruTioN for Sayincs — Applcton lUock, Central 
Street. Incorporated, IS-IS. Nathan Allen, President. Hor- 
ace Howard, \Villiam North, Josiah G. Abbott, Vice JVesi- 
dcnts. Jonathan Tyler, J. li. French, Jacob Robbius, A. \\. 
liuttrick, Charles H. Wilder, A. \,. iirooks, George liragdon, 
Abram rrcnch, Janics li. Francis, John K. Chase, W. V.. Liv- 
ingston, J. J. Twiss, Trustees. John A. Buttrick, Treasurer. 
GlUce open every afternoon, except Wednesday and Saturday, 
from 2 to 4 o'clock ; and on Thur.sda}- and Saturday evenings, 
from 7 to 9. 

Lowell Five Cents SAVixtis Bank — 49 Central Street. In- 
eorj)0rated, LSoL Bcccives deposits from five cents to one 
thousand dollars. Horatio AVood, President. Samuel Bur- 
baidc, Nathan Crosby, Sewall G. Mack, Elijah ^L Bead, H. 
Hosford, Vice Presidents. J. AV. B. Abbott, AVestford, Joel 
Adams and Benjamin Adams, Chelmsford, Frank F. Battles, 
Joseph A. Brabrook, John F. Kimball, Isaac S. ilorse and 
^Villiam A. Bichardson, Cambridge, Hapgood AVright, Charles 
B. Coburn, Thomas Talbot, Billerica, John L. Cheney, John 
Holt, Samuel D. Sargcant, Oliver E. Gushing, Trustees. Artc- 
mas S. Tyler, Treasurer. Open every Tuesday and Saturday 
evenings, from 7 to 9 ; and every afternoon, from 2 to 4 o'clock, 
except Saturday. 

AIecuanics' SavincisBank — Cavleton Block, Merrimack St. 
Organized, ISGl. AVilliam A. B>urkc, President. Samuel AV. 
Stickncy, Iloyt AV. Hilton, Jeremiah Clark, Owen Street, Isaac 
I'lace, Vice Presidents. Andrew r^Ioody, Edward F. Sherman, 
Isaac Cooper, Benjamin C. Sargcant, George Bipley, Samuel 
Fay, C;harles Hovey, Alfred Oilman, AVilliam Brown, Horace 
J. Adams, Edward F. Watson, John B. ]\IeAlviu, Ferdinand 
BodlilF, Julian V. Keyes, Jacob Bogers, Trustees. John F. 
Bogers, Treasurer. Open Thursday and Saturday evenings, 
IVum 7 to 9 o'clock ; and every afternoon, from 2 to 4 o'clock, 
except Saturday. 

Lowell AIvtual Fire Insurance Company — 49 Central 
Street. James K. Fellows, President. Jonathan Tyler, Ban- 
som Becd, A. E. Brown, John Xesmith, George Stevens, AV. E. 

» t 

."/JIM .M;i: ! ... 1 . .1 

•| . .1, 

.. . . 'I . 1 : '■'■' 

■•- ; ; "1 /■ 



Livingston, William II. Wiggin, Abram rreuch, Aldcn B. 
15uttrick, Josiali S. IIowo, Charles A. Stott, JacoL lloljLiiii?, 
AVilliaiu i'. Brazer, Directors. Juuics Couk. Secretary. 

TiiAUEUs AND ]\lKCiiANrcs' INSURANCE CoM I'ANY — 27 Central 
Street. C. B. Coburn, President. Thomas Ncsmith, L. (1. 
Hove, S. W. Stickuey, 11. Hosfurd, Edward Tuck, 1). S. llicli- 
ardson, Isaac Place, E. l'\ Sherman, Levi Sprague, Directors. 
E. F. Sherman, Secretary. 
S. "W. Stickney, Railroad Bank, Agent for Xeav 

Mutual Life Insurance C(»mi'anv. (See Advertising 

Department, page b.) 
Joshua ]\Ierrill, ;i7 j\Icrrimack Street, Agent for Mutual 

BENEFur Life Insurance Comtany, Newark, N. J. 
E. F. Sherman, No. 27 Central Street, Agent for 


^Iassasoit Insurance Com tan y. 

Jeremiah S. Folsom, 21 Central Street, Agent for 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, 
Home Insurance Company, New York, 
Home Insurance Company, New Haven, 
City Fire Insurance Company, New Haven, 
Hampden Fire Insurance Company, Springtield, 
Albany City Fire Insurance Company, 
QuiNCY Mutual Fiuio Lnsukance Company. 

James Cook, lO Central Street, Agent for Charter Oak Life ; 
Charter Oak Fire; City Fdu:, Hartford, Ct.; Thames 
Fire, Norwich, Ct.; Conway Fire, Boston ; ]\Ikrrimack 
Fire, Andover. 

George F. Hunt, Cashier First National Bank, Agent for 
Howard Fire Insurance Company, Boston, 
Merchants and Farmers' ^Iutual Fire Insurance Co., 

City Library — On third floor of City Government Build- 
ing. The Library contains over 12,000 volumes, to which any 
citizen can have access by the ])ayment of fifty cents per an- 
num. Directors — Hocum Ilost'ord, Mayor; George Biplcy, 
President of the Co>inuo?i Cuuucil ; Ward 1, Charles F. Hard ; 
2, Gustavus A, Gerry; 3, Jonathan I'. Folsom; 4, Asahel B, 

I .'. . » 



-. ' T,-„)l 

•* I . r F ■ / ; I ' > ■ 

:i' O ,U 


Wright; ;">, George F. .^forcy ; G, Joseph W. lluycs. Libra- ' 

rian — Gieorge C. Edwiirds. 

MiDDLKSKx Mechanics' Association — ^Mechanics' 15uilJ- 
ing, Duttou Street. Incorporated, 182r>. Sauuiel Fay, J'resi- 
dcnt. George F. llichardson, \'ice J'residcnt. Horatio 11. ; 

Fletuher, Secretary. Jacol) Rogers, Treasurer, liohcrt Prince, 
Olid Allen, ^Villiam E. Fivingston, J). (J. Lang, William A. 
Burke, Andrew iMoody, Foster jS'owell, \\. J!, i'ateh, I'rttstees. 
Elisha Huntington, Chairman; Charles H. Jiurbank, *S'trrc- j 

tari/ ; Ik'iij. ^Valker, Samuel A. Chase, George Stevens, Silas ' 

Tyler, .Ir., Samuel Fay, e.r-cjjicio, Directors of tJic Library 
and lieadinfj Room. William Hai'dman, Librarian. 'J'hc 
Association owns Mechanics' Fnihling, in which is a large hall. i 

Their Library contains over 'J, 000 volumes, and there is iu j 

the building a spacious Heading Fiocim. There is also con- ] 

uected with it a Cabinet of Natural History. A course of I 

public lectures is given annually under the auspices of the i 

Association. Annual meeting, tirst Tuesday in April. Quar- l 

tcrly meetings, first Tuesday in July, October and January. "> 

Lowell Ckmktkry — South part of city. Oliver 31. AVhip- \ 

pie, President. Joshua i\lerrill, S. K. Hutchinson, Fdward F. ^ 

Watson, Stephen Gushing, Charles Hovey, Samuel IJurbank, 
Paul Perkins, S. AV. Stickm.'y, John L. Cheney, Andrew bloody, 
William A. Jiurke. Isaac Place, Trustees, -luhn F. Pugers, at 
llailroad Hank, Clerk and 'Treasurer. "William M. Smith, 
Siiperiutendent. Price of Lots, §o.j. f 

Lowell Hospital Association — Hospital, ^Merrimack, cor- ' 

ncr Pawtucket. Organized iu 1840,' by the several manufac- t 

luring citmpanies for the benetit and medical care of those in 
their employ who maybe sick. The agents or superintendents 
of the several companies arc the Trustees, (iilman Kimball, 
M. D., Physician and Superintendent. 

Lowell Dispensary. Organized iu 1830, for the purpose 
of furnishing medicine and medical advice to the poor gratis. 
James G. Carney, Chairman of Hoard of Managers. George 
J. Carney, Secretary and Treasurer. Physicians — Dr. J. W . 
Person, Xorthern District; Dr. Alfred Livingston, Southern 
District. Considti)/y J'hysieians — Drs. J. 0. Green, C. A. Sa- 

Lowell Missionary Association — Free Chapel, ]\Iiddlesex 
Street. Organized, isio, fur the purpose of aiding the wurthy 
poor of the city. Oflice hours, from 4 to 5 o'clock, P. M. 

.i.'.AU -"..n/d 

.!■■ ■' !'■"! 

•t .« ; 

■ J ■ 

, i'l (,- :'] ! .'..' 1 /.'O I 

'«,.(/ ( I 


Or(lci--l)Ox at tlic door. Olilccrd, 1SG1-(J.") — F. V. Aiiplcton, 
JVcuidc/tt. rrcdcrick lliiiclclcy, Sidney S|ialdiiig, J'cter An- 
derson, Daniel S. llieliaidtion, K. V>. J'ateh, J. F. ivini))all, ^\'. 
P. Brazcr, Virccturs. (J. JJ. (Oliuni, Si'crcUirjj. Fdwaid 
Tufts, Treasnrcr. Itev. Horatio \\ uud, Minister id Lunjc. 

Young i\[en's Catmomc I-nutAUY Association — Hall, ."5 
Central Street. Organized for the literary iiu]iroveiaeiit of its 
members. Kegular meetings, \Vcdnesday evenings. ( )Ilieer3 
eliosen semi-annually. 

LowKLL liusii l)KNKVor.KNT SociKTV — Hall, Central Street, 
corner Gorham. Organized fur lienevolent [lurposes. Ilegular 
meetings, first Monday in the inonLh. Ollieers eleeted semi- 

J''i;NiAN BuOTHKiuiooD — Hall in Aj.pleton JSlock. Organized 
for the relief of H-claud. IJegular meetings, ^londay evenings. 
Officers elected semi-annually. 

Sisters of Notre Damk — Adams Street, near St. Tatriek's 
Chuivli. Lddi/ Superior, \/d(\y 1 )iserec, assisted by several 
Sisters as teachers. There is connected with the institution a 
free school ; also a school where \)ny is re(|uircd from jiupils. 

Commercial Academy — Classic Hall, 112 Merrimack St. 
James ^f. McCoy, J^riia-.ijMil. 

^Iii.iTARY Companies. There arc three organized companies 
in Lowell, C, D and O, of the Sixth licgimcnt. Their armoricg 
are at the cast end of the Market House Building. They arc 
now (Sept. ISG-i) in the service of the United States for one 
hundred daj'S. The names of the oilicers of the regiment and 
of the diilercnt companies, as well as4;hc names of the mem- 
bers, will be found in the Lowell .Military liccord, Jiage 15. 


Tlvmoutu Hock Louck. Instituted, ?»Iarch 2nd, ls,"iO. 
Meets every Saturday evening in the Wamesit Bank Building,, 
corner of .Middlesex and Thorndike Streets. 

Washington Lodge. Listituted, May 27th, IS'TL Elects 
every Thursday evening at the same place. 


Indki'Endent Order or Odd Tei.low.'^ — Hull in Tyler's 
Block. Central Street, corner ilarkct. ]\Ieetiugs held : Mer- 
rimack Lodge, No. 7, ^louday evenings ; Mechanics' Lodge, 
No. 11, Friday evenings; Oberlin Lodge, No. 2S, 'J'ucsday 
evenings; .Monomake ]:]ucampmcnt, No. 4, second and fourth 
Thuv.sday evenings in each mouth. 

,va«." ■ .1' 

• 11 ..■'[ .-t 

<■■ ■ 'A mi'. 

.' Vii/f.i!' 

'*■,,■!• •■ :<^-:: r 'i 




[Hall in Xtsiuitli's lil.n.-k, ,I..liii StiVLt. OlVucrs cIccIlmI ia Octolicr.] 

^Iassaciiusetts Sov. Consistouy, S. ]'. 11. S. Itistilutcd, | 

18r.9. William S. Ciauliicr, I. S. C. in C: William Sutton, 
of Salem, M. (ij S.; Joel Spalding, Sec. and Truts. \ 

I'lLGiuM J'Incami'.mknt Knights Tkmi'lai!. Instituted, Oct. 
1855. Josepli Bcdluw, E. Gnuul Com.; William F. Salmon, 
GencraJissiiiio ; Samuel I). Sargcant, dipt. Gen.; J. V. Tol- 
som, Ticds.; II. 1'. rcrkins, iuc. j\lectings, AVcdnosday eve- \ 

ning after full moon. !J 

AuA.<uj-:ui;s Council of Koyal and Skm.ct ^Fastkhs. Ivc- ! 

organized, Doc. 2;!, 185(i. S. K. Hutchinson, 7'. /. (!. M.; W. t 

J. Walker, li. I. G. J/.; S. K. Fielding, /. G. M.; AN'illiam \ 

North, ^f. of Ex.; E. 1!. Howe, Ji. .^Lccting,s, Monday evc- 
uing after full moon. 

Mount Houkk Ivoyai. Akch (Juai'tku. Chartered, 1S2G. | 

Thomas G. Gcrrish. //. P.; W. J. Walker, K.; H. N. Hall, J 

S.; J. r. Folsom, Trcas.; 11. W. Baker, See. ^Meetings, ]\lou- \ 

day evening on or before each full moon. • j 

rENTUCKKT LouciK. Instituted, 1805. T. (!. (Jerrish, W. 
J\f.; F. T. North, S. Ward.; Oliver Ober, ./. Ward.; Isaac 
Cooper, Trcas.; Eliphalet Hills, Sec. ]\Iectiugs, Thursday 
evening on or before full moon. 

Ancient YoiiK LonfiK. Instituted, 1852. Josiah Iv Short, 
Jr., W. jr.; Sagcr Ashworth, S. Ward.: II. P. Ferkins, J. 
Ward.; J. C. Abbott, Trcas. ; li. W. Baker, Sec. Meetings, 
Wednesday evening on or before full moon. 

Lo-WKLL Daily Couuikh — No. 21 Central Street. Established, 

1821. Terms, §G.OU per annum. Stone & Huse, I'ub- 

Lowell AVeekly Journal. Same office and publishers as 

Daily Courier. Terms, S2.00 per annum. 
Lowell Daily Citizen and News — No. 44: Central Street. 

I'^stablishcd. June 4th, 1851. Republican. Terms, §5.00 

per annum. Knapp &; ]\Iorcy, I'ublishers. 
American Citizen ("Weekly). Same oiliec and pu])lishcrs as 

Daily Citizen and News. Terms, $2.00 per annum. 
Vox Foi'TLi — No. 21 Central Street. Established, 1841. lu- 

depeudeut. Stone & Huse, Fublishers. 

:.'!. // 

)i: I I \ /tC' I 

OU""' 'r.' ■' 

■.:i;(i:.';7 ... I'..;i] 

; .;: IV': 

/■J Y '•'-'' 

' ,. >h 

. :n ..-rt 

.1 •'• 

i ' i / ? -- V / - < ••: 

.. ••.■!..! ' I 



..•ll ^I'l /■ i'M 



Office, ]\rerrimack Street, ojijiositc Central. Jclin A. Ciootl- 
Vtin, J\>s(»i<(sler. Levi Ueilue, Chief CIcrl:. Saiuucl .M. Bel- 
lows, Loriii;:^ II. Austin, I'liilip I', ilaii.iierty. James II. I'iuder, 
AsslsUint Clcrls. William II. Gocalale, George iUil'.-oii, ('has. 
F. Tiltoii, Letter Carriers. OlHce hours. IVoui 7 A. M. to S 
P. M. .Mails sent to lioston, Nashua, Concord and I\IanL-hes- 
ter, N. II., three times a day; to \Vorccster, Lawrence, Salem 
and I'^ast twice a day ; to New York, l''itchlnirg, and places on 
the Cheshire llailroad, and north of Concord, once a day ; to 
California by overland daily, and hy steamer on the -nd, l'2th 
and 22nd of each month; to relliam and AVindhani, N. IL, 
and Concord, ^lass., on ^londays, AVednesdays and Fridays. 
Letters are delivered in the city, by carriers, free. 


IS,")"). I'huljraces the city of Lowell, and tuwns of Lillerlca, 
Curlington, Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, N'urth lleadiuir, 
South Heading, Tewksbury, Tyng.'^boro', AVesttVird and W il- 
raingtun, though persons from any part of Middle:^cx Ct.iunty 
can become members of the Society. The exhibition of the 
Society takes place annually the last Thursday in September, 
on the Lair Grounds, comprising about lii'tecn acres in the 
southern part of the city of Lowell. Cilicers for ImM : Lph- 
raim V. Spalding, Chelmsford, Preti'ulcnt. Josiah (iates, Low- 
ell ; .T. I), y. Coburn, J)racut; Benjamin rrench, Dunstable; 
Luther Prescott, AVcstford, ]'iec Presidents. Abncr W . Lut- 
trick, Lowell, Treasurer. "W'm. F. Salmon. 1. owvl). Sai-'unj/. 
There arc two Trustees from each town in the DiL-trict — the 
Lowell members being S. A. Coburn and Levi Sprague. An- 
nual election, second Tuesday in December. 

MiDnr.KSEX NouTii Distiiict .Medical Society. Vaw- 
braccs the city of Lowell and several of the towns in it.s vicin- 
ity. Uthcers for 1804-5: .lohn C. Lartlett, (.'helmsford, J'res- 
idsuf.. donathan ISrown, Tewksbury, \ ice President, (icorge 
IL AVhitmore, Lowell, Secretary. N. li. Fdwards, Chelmsford, 
Treasurer. J. P. Jewett, Lowell, Curator uud Lidraria/i. 
^John 0. Green, Lowell, C(nn. of Trials. Lowell is repre.-^ented 
in the other offices by J. V. Jcwett and I. ^V. Scribner. Stand- 
ing Comn\itteii ; Charles A. Savory and Llisha Huntington, 

,"/*i'-rvn.!i'' i.:5/a\i 

t • ' : . « . i 

,«-»••• 1 , • 

;; il.' • 

! ■ 1 1 

I' I i .. 

■n» y I f f .» ' > > 

1 ,H-t. ■ ■ ■' .■■' ..I .'. ; I): 


Coin}s<-ll:'rs ; Elislia Huntington, Cliarlca A. Savory, J. P. 
Jewctt, C'cJtsnni. Annual meeting, last Wednesday in April; 
quarterly meetings, last AVednesdays in July, October and Jan- 

3Iinr) NoiiTii Tk.mpluance Union. Comprising Lowell 
nnd the neighboring towns, ^leetings are held quarterly in t 

some ]dace \vithin the distriet, at Vvhich there are ad<lre.>-scs 
and discussions. Oilicers for 18ii4-li-"): Nathan Allen, 7 Vm- 
dc/tL G. A. Geri'y, Secrete >■//. Jushua ^Merrill, Trvasi'.rer. 

JuDOi'; OF Pkod.vte and Insolvkncy — William A. llichardson, 

Registkkuk ruoBATE AND INSOLVENCY — Joscpli H. Tylcr, East 

Assistant JliiiiisxEii of V. and I. — I. F. Jones, E. Cambridge. 

DisTiucT AxTOiiNEY — Isaac S. -Morse, East Cambridge. 

Ci.KKK 01' THE Courts — Ijenjamin E. Ham, J'last Cambridge. 

Assistant Clerk — John J. Sawyer, Somerville. 

County 'rREAsritER — Amos Stone, Charlestown. 

IlECiiSTERS OF Dkeds — NortJoTu District, Asahel B. AVright, 
Lowell ; SotUltcrn District, Caleb 1 layden, 10. Cambridge. 

County Commissioners — Leo. Huntress, Lewksbury, Chair- 
man ; Edw'd J. Collins. Xewton ; Jos. Jl.Waitt, .Maiden. 

Specim. Commissioners — Denjamin K. llavou, Eraminghaia ; 
William W. l^dgarton, Shirley. 

Overseers of House of Coi>i;ection — James j\r. Usher, jNIed- 
lord ; S. Chandler, Lexington ; Tlios. Jtice, Jr., Newton. 

Master House of CoRRr.OTMN — Chas. J. Adams, Cambridge. 

Sheriff — Charles Kimball, Lowell. 

Deitty Sheriffs — Luther. L. Parker, East Cambridge: John 
B. Dearborn, Charlestown; John B. ]\[oore. Concord; 
Joseph G. Bannister, Framingliam ; Andrew Jtobbius, 
(iroton; Benjamin L. Howe, (Jroton Junction ; Jonathan 
Whittemore, Hojikinton ; Jeil'erson ]}ancroft, Edwin L. 
Shed, James Ho])kins, Lowdl; John H. CUark. .Melrose; 
John T. White, -Medi'onl; Jonathan llicc, Marlborough; 
Ephraim 11. Brigham, Xatick ; ItaniclC. Lovejoy, Plead- 
ing; ]5. F. Lewis, Townsend ; Ebeu W. Eiske, \\'altham ; 
Horace (Jollamore, ^\ oburji. 

Jati.or? — Cambridge, Charles J. Adams; Concord, Samuel 
Sta])les ; Lowell, Charles Kimball. 

V>li>7 »,i)'li : ji7f<>X 

l .1. 

M ;\\ 

/ ., . ..r\e 

] v.:r\ 

J I ' 1 '. 

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MESSKN'ii'.its AT CoruT Ifoi'si'S — I'lust ClumLridiro, John C. 
Jjiu'dakiu ; Cuiicunl, Samuel Staples; ].u\vcll, Jus. Hurd. 

Sui'UKME Ji'DiciAi. Court — L;iw Toriii, at Ijoston, first 
"Wcdncsthiy of Jiunuiry. Jury Term, at Lowell, third Tuesday 
of April. 

Sltkuioh Court — Civil Terms, at T.owell, second Monday 
of March and (irst ^londay of Se{)tember ; Concord, first ]\Ion- 
day of .]m\c ; Cambridge, second Monday of Deccmljcr. Crim- 
inal Terms, at Camjiridgo, second Monday of Fobruai-y ; Con- 
cord, fourth Monday of June; Lowell, third IMonday of Oct. 

Prob.vtk Court — At Cambridge, second and fourth Tues- 
days of January, second and fourth Tuesdays of February, 
second and fourth Tuesdays of ^Marcli, second and fourth 
Tuesdays of April, second Tuesday of May, second Tuesday 
of June, second and fourth Tuesdays of August, second Tues- 
day of September, second Tuesday of October, second and fourth 
Tuesdays of November, second and fourth Tuesdays of Decem- 
ber. At Lowell, first Tuesday of February, first 'J'uesday of 
April, first Tuesday of June, first Tuesday of September, and 
first Tuesday of December. At Concord, first Tuesday of January, 
first Tuesday of ^larch, first Tuesday of May, and first Tues- 
day of October. At I'ramingham, fourth Tuesday of June, 
and fourth Tuesday of l)ctuber. At (iroton, fourth Tuesday 
of May, and fourth Tuesday of September. 

Lnsouvkxcy Court — At (Cambridge, second and fourth AVcd- 
nesday of each month, except July; at Concord and Lowell 
when the Probate Court is held in those places. 

CouNTV Commission i:i:.s' Mketinos — At Cambridge, first 
Tuesdaj' of Januaiy ; at Concord, first Tuesday of June; at 
Lowell, first Tuesday of September. 

Police Court of r,o\vt:i,i, — Itoom, west end of Market 
l^iiildiug. Market Street, i'lstabli.shcd, iSIJo. N'athan Crosby, 
Justice; George Stevens, Amlrew F. Jcwatt, Special Justices ; 
Samuel P. lladley, Jr., Clcr/c. Sessions are held for the trial 
of criminal eases every day at lU o'clock, A. M. Civil terms, 
first and third Mondays of each month. 

Ui I T.MJi ; • ; :;■ 

I'l l>»ri: 

' t 

.-. .- ../( I' 



Mastkus in Chancery — Arthur P. Bouucy, William S. Gard- 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Offickus — A. K. Brown, 
Nathan Crosby, John F. Rogers, (icorge Stcvcus, S. W, 

NoTAiUKs J'cuLic — E. A. Alger, John A. Knowlcs, Joseph H. 
Ely, David Hyde, S. W^ Stickncy, Abel Whitney, Chas. 
M. Williams. 

CoRONKRs — Jeremiah V. Jcwctt, (special), AValtcr Burnhara, 
Josiah B. French, Thomas \\\ Bressey, Edwin L. Shed, 
Joel Spalding. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum tiirouqiiout the Com- 
monwealth— Arthur P. Bouncy, Benj. F. Butler, John 
A. Uoodwin, Elisha Huntington, Chauncey L. Knapp, 
John Nesmith, Josiah (I. Peabody, William A. Bichard- 

Justices of the Peace and QuonuM — Edwin A. Alger, Jef- 
ferson Bancroft, Alpheus 11. Browu, Samuel A. Brown, 
Robert B. Caverly, Ilomcr A. Cooke, H. G. F. Corliss, 
Nathan Crosby, William S. Gardner, Samuel P. Iladlcy, 
Jr., John. A. Knowlcs, Joseph B. Keyes, Sewall G. Mack, 
I'Jphraim B. Patch, Edward F. Sherman, George Stevens, 
Theodore H. Swcetscr, William P. Webster, Tappan 

Justices of the Peace— Julian Abbot,' James C. Abbott, Joel 
A. Abbott, Otis Allen, James C. Aycr, Frank F. Battles, 
John Bennett, Charles li. Blaisdel], Andrew Blood, Eras- 
tus Boydeu, Artemas L. I^rooks, Ethan Burnap, Walter 
P.urnham, Abner W. Buttrick, John A. Buttrick, Jeremi- 
ah Clark, James Cook, Isaac Cooper, Charles Cowley, 
Alanson Crane, Joshua W. L^anicls, John Davis, Erastus 
Douglass, Alpha B. Farr, James K. Fellows, James B. 
Francis, Abram French, Josiah B. French, Abner Frost, 
John F. Frye, Harrison H. Fuller, Bobert J. Garrett, No- 
ah F. Gates, Gustavus A. Gerry, Silas F. Gladwin, Peter 
Haggerty, Philip Hardy. Eliphalct Hills, Frederic Holton, 
James Hopkins, Hocam Hosford, Horace Howard, Charles 
F. Howe, James M. Howe, Lorenzo G. Howe. Samuel K. 
Hutchinson, Andrew F. Jcwctt, Jeremiah P. Jcwett, J. 
Judson Judkins, Jonathan Kendall, Charles Kimball, J. 
Chellis Kimball, John F. Kimball, Wm. Kittredgc, Jona- 
than Ladd, William Lamson, Jr., Bickford 

I »:r 

i ..> 

If-. J . •,;• !0 


.' i;v"]<'-t 

. ,f/r 

T';.'i ..( 'li:li 

242 l-OAVELL UlUKCTOUY. .^ ^ 

G. Lang, Cyrus Lathiun, Anilivose Lawrence, S;imucl 
Lawrence, James Luughran, .laiues J. Maguirc, Albert 
Mallard, John F. Manaliau, Joshua N. Marshall, John 15. 
MeAlvin, John H. .AIcAlvin, Hugh :\IcLvoy, -L-hii F. .Mc- 
Evoy, Darius Merriani, .loshua Merrill, AMUiani Li. .M>jrsc, 
AVilliani Korth, I'rancis H. Noursc, Willimu F. Osgood, 
Timothy Pearson, I'aul I'erkins, Albert B. J'limjiton, 
Samuel C. Pratt, Thomas W. Prcsscy, Abel Piehardson, 
Daniel S. Richardson, (icorgc F. Piehavdson, Augustus h. 
Poby, John F. Kogcrs, AVilliam l'\ Salmon, James Sands, 
Benjamin C. Sargeant, Stephcu P. Sargent, (ieorge F. 
Sawtcll, George F. Seribner, Fdwin L. Shed, Luther E. 
Shepard, Sidney Spalding, Andrew J. Stackjjole, Samuel 
AV. Stickney, Holland Stroeter, Charles A. F. Swau, 
Joshua Swan, Abraham Tilton, Joseph Tilton, Edward 
Tuck, Frederick S. Tukey, Artemas S. Tyler, Benj. 
AValkcr, Edward F. AVatson, Charles A. Welch, Oliver 
'M. Whijiple, Abel AVhitney, l^enjamiu J. Williams, 
Charles ^l. AVilliams, Hubbard AVilson. John ^\'illough- 
by, George D. "Woodman, Andr(CW C. Wright, Asahel B. 
AVright, Hapgood Wright, John Wright. 
CoM.MissioNEUS ov OTiiKK Statks, HKS^iDi.NG IX LowEi.L. Cal- 
ifornia — AVilliam A. Pichardson. Conneclicut — Edwin 
A. Alger, Jonathan Ladd. Indiana — Jonathan Ladd. 
Illinois — Jonathan Ladd. Iowa — Jonathan Ladd. 
Maine — Edwin A. xVlger, Samuel A. P)rown, P. B. Cavcr- 
ly, Samuel Lawrence, William A. Pichardson, Charles 
A. F. Swan. Jlic/tif/an — Jonathan Ladd, William A. 
Pichardson. Ninncsnta — Jonathan Ladd. -AV^r Ihnnp- 
shire — John Davis, .L U. Kimball, Jonathan Ladd, Sam- 
uel Lawrence, William A. Pichardson, Charles A. F. 
Swan, William P. Webster, G. 1). Woodman. Xcw Turk 
— Edwin A. Alger, William A. Pichardson, Cliarles A. 
F. Swau. Ohio — Jonathan Ladd. Rhud,' Jdand — 
Charles A. F. Swan. ]'crnwnt — Alphcus P. Brown, 
Jonathan Ladd, Charles A. F. Swan, William P. A\'cl.)- 
stcr. Wiacunsiii — Jonathan Ladd, William A. Pichard- 

i;U'i .. lA •"• 


V .1.1 

I .A 

;i..;' I. 


... ■ ff ■{ 

•i ■;/ -^ 

I 1 ■ .. 

, . ,1 

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, 1 

1 > / ', 



[All til.- l^i.aits leading out nT Lowell aiv m;in;i;;L'(l by the Uosliiu ami Lowell 
and Xa,>lui.i and Lowell Kailrdud.J 

Boston & Lowell and Nashua & Lowkll IJailhoad. The 
Boston and Lowell Railroad was incori)oratcd June, LSoO, aud 
opened fur travel June, IS:;."). Length, 2(j miles. Depot in 
Lowell, Mcrrinitxck, corner Diitton Street ; in Boston, Cause- 
way, corner Andover Street. 

The Nashua and Lowell Kailroad was incorporated June 23, 
LS35, and opened for travel October 8, 1838. Length, 14 
miles. Depot in Lowell, ^liddleses, near Thorudike Street. 
A branch extends from Nashua to ^^'ilton, N. H., 15 miles in 
length. The Nashua and Lowell Kailroad connects with the 
Northern Kailroad in New Hampshire. Officers of both roads : 
George Stark, Manager. John B. AVinslow, Supcrinteinlcnt, 
at Dcjiot in Boston. Abicl Jiolfc, Fntight and Passenger 
Agent, at Freight Depot, Lowell. 

Stony Brook Bailroad. Incorporated, 1845. Opened for 
travel, July 1, 1848. Length, 17 miles, from Lowell to Groton 
Junction, where it connects with the AVorcester and Nashua 
and I'itehburg llailroads. Depot in Lowell, Middlesex, near 
Thorudike Street. Tappan W'entworth, President. S. W. 
Stiekncy, l^rcasxrcr and Clerk-, at Buiilroad Bank. F. IL 
Nourse, Local Superintendent, at Northern Depot. 

LowET.L AND Lawrexce PiAiLUOAD. Incorporated, ilarch 
27, 1840. Opened for travel, .July, 1848. Lengtli, 13 miles. 
This road connects with the Boston and jMaine Bailroad, at 
Lawrence, for the East. Trains leave both of the depots in 
Lowell. Sidney Spalding, President. F. IL Nourse, Local 
Superintendent, Treasurer a)ul Clerk, at Northern Depot, 

Salem AND Lowell Bailroad. Incorporated, 184S. Opened 
for travel, August 1, 1830. Length, 24 miles. This road 
connects with the Boston and Maine, Essex, South Beading 
Branch and Eastern Bailroads. Trains leave both depots in 
liOwell. Charles F. Flint, North Beading, President. F. II. 
Nourse, L^ocal Superintendent, Treasurer and Clerk, at North- 
ern I>epot, LoM-ell. 

[It would not be of any object tu give the rates of fare or time of leaving 
on cither of the forcgoini^ roads, a^^ both are liable to be ehanged, and the run- 
ning time is published in the Lowell p ipers.] 

Lowell Horse Bailroad — See page 229. 


1 i. r 1 y J : 

•Ml. I., ■ I 'Mi' ;! wl; ' t^A 

! <; 
' ,'.; rjv..'); 

J ' .•'. 'f.fTr'. 

•■ /. ;ri"i' i 

■< .;v:.i...i.' 

.^ . ..Tir-^ 

/. K..0A 

» ;■■•! ,V' 

.'•1 .MOT I'll) j' 

■ ■? .•:,.:>irT 1 

..', . I. 1 V**^!^^ 

244- LOWKT.L DIRECTORY. '-■''► 

A Stage leaves Lowell, ]\Iondays, ^VedncsJujs and rrklays, 
at 9 o'cloek, A. ]\I., for Frauiiiigham, leaving tliat place the 
alternate week days at the .same hour. The stage passes 
through Chelmsford, Carlisle, Concord, Acton i'owder ]\lills, 
Assabet, Sudbury and Saxouville. John Sleeper, Prupriclur 
and Driver. 

For La\Yreuce, Sundays, at Sj, A. jM., and 4, P. M. John 
Sleeper, Proprictur. 

For Pelhaiu and Windham, N. 11. , Tuesdays, Thursdays and 

Stage Office — 84 Central St., nest north of American House. 

Boston — Sargent & Co., ^lerrimaek Street Depot; 33 Court 
Square, Boston. Regular trips are made three or four 
times per day. 

Boston — George F. Penniraan, IGS Merrimack Street. 

Chelmsford — H. Pavkhurst, 37 ]\Ierrimack Street. 

Lawrence, Salem, Nashua, Wilton, and Stony Brook and 
Groton — Sargent & Co., Merrimack Street Depot. 

Northern — Cheney & Co., Northern Depot. 

Tolojri"»l>li 011i<'e 

At the Merrimack Street Depot. There is telegraphic commu- 
nication vrith all parts of the country. H. AV. Brickett, Agent. 

.IHor r.i: 



r*',li(..- , ' 


i:i' • J 

»;<i* > '!■ , '. ■ ^•." /T 

. ■ ..., a. 

• u 




Agricultural Implemknts. 

l!urli:iiik, C liiise & Co., - 17 
.lai'uh KuuLTs, . - - (] 


I'rvd ]'.:w . - - 7 

S. Kill. In- ^: Co., - - 12 

C. ];. Kiii.l.all, 4 hack uuluivd. 

Artists' .Materials. 

J. I!. l"ic'Iiliiii, - - . 2 


1".. 15. riitcli & Co., - front covir. 


(Jiiailrilli.' r.anil, - liack covur. 

Bill Tusteu. 

i:ii>lia L. Davi.s - - 20 

Boiler Manufacturer. 

William DoMiiiis, - - 2 

Booksellers and Stationers, j 

F. 1'. Cou'Lji-shall, iii.siilu front (.ovur. 

J. J. .luakius - - . id' 

Josliu.'i .Mi-rriil, - front cover. 

Book Bindery. 

Jo^llua Merrill, - front cover. 

Boots, Shoes and Rubbers. 

Knowles r.rotliers, back cover. 


Otis Allen, - - - - 7 

Brass Founder. 

II. 11. \N'il>ler, inside back cover. 

Card Clotuino. 

IIowc v^' Cioodhue, 4 back colored. 


Jae(,b Nichols, - . - 2 

E. 15. Tatch & Co., front cover. 

Carriage ^Ianufactukers. 

Sainii(d Convers, - - G 

Joel ■Knkiu'^, - - . 4 

William ,1, Swett, - - lli 

Carriace I'aintinq. 

kjanuiel Couvcrs, - - G 

China and Glass "Ware. 

Ira A. Chinch, ojiposiie iirefaee. 
Henry S. Oranye, J back colored. 


I'eter Fluod, - - - 12 


(iilnian ^: Hnrbunk, - - ^ 

^\■al■ren l^ Co., 3 back colored. 

Coal and Wood. 

Uor.u.' Howard, - - - 1 

W. K. I.ivinji-^ton, - - 4 

Commission Meuciiant.s. 

i:. 11. I'Mtch .t Co., Iront cover. 

A. L. Waite l^- Co., - - 12 

Commissioners to Qualify 
Civil Officers. 

J. V. Ko_i;ers, - . . 5 

S. W. StKknoy, - - - 5 

Confectionery, &c. 

A. ]!. French & Co., ins. front cov. 


11. 11. ^Wilder, inside back cover. 


Charles F. Howe, - - 9 

Stack|)ole & "Woodman, 2 back col'd 
Charles A. F. Swan, - - 1 

Country Produce. 

A. L. Waite ^: Co. - - 12 
,1. M. Washburn, - - IG 

Crockery, &c. 

Ira A. Clouj,'h, opposite preface. 
J. .Mehan <lt Hrotlier, - - 15 
Jac(.l) Nichols, - - . 2 

Person Noyes, - 2 back colored. 
Ibiwy S. Orange, 3 back colored. 
F. 15. Patch & Co., front cover. 


Ira A. Clongh, opposite prefa'-e. 
Henry S. Orange, 3 l)ack coir. red. 
JoH(ih llayiies &, Co., opp. preface. 


.•': .'1 .Mi 'V. 

1 H 

! /My. Of ;::hj/.i 




Dancing Hall. 

A. 15. I'lviicli L^ Co., iiisiilu IVdut cuv. 


G. A. (linv, iu^iiili; liack tuvcr. 

A. LawivncL', M. 1>., 1 I'ack i<ilM. 
S. l.awiviue, 4 bu.k cul'd. 

Dovetailing Machines. 

Arialu'l Davis, - - - !'•* 


\\\-Ari'. Clilloi-a, - - - '.i'» 

Fancy Goods. 

C. 1). (Mark, . - - II) 

KliowU'S Urotliors, back cover. 

File and Uasl' JNIakeus. 

S. A^li worth ^^ Co., - - 11 
A. J. lli-rox &- Co., - - It 

FiHE-1'uooF Safes. 

Fairbanks, linnvn & Co., 1 fniiit lol. 

Fisii, Oysters, &c. 

.1. 11. Kni-hts, - - - 14 
ItamUi-lt & .Moiilton, - . !•") 
Sal•,^'^■ut &; Cotton, 2 back eolM. 


H. Howard, - - - 1 

\Y. E. i.ivinfcstoii, - - 1 

A. L. Waitc! & Co., - - 1-2 

S. N. Wood, - - - 14 

Fruit and Confectionery. 

.loim O'Connor, - - - 7 


CJardncr Ciiilson, 3 front colored. 
N. .1. Wiir & Co., in>i(U'tVont cov. 
11. H. Wilder, inside baek cuver. 
FuRNITiniE, &.C. 
Joliu Mehan & Brother, - 15 
Jacob Nichols, - - - 2 

Person Novcs, 2 back colored. 

E. 15. I'atcii & Co., front cover. 

Gent's Furnishing Goods. 

\V. I'. 15raiicr, 4 back colored. 

Gilnian i*v: Uiirbank, - - .J 

Warren & Co., 3 back colored. 


W. I'. Hrazcr, 4 back colored. 

Golden Salve. 

C. I'. Whitten, - - - 10 

Grain, c*cc. 

W. E. l.ivinjiston, - - 4 

A. E. Waitc ^^ Co., - - IJ 
S. N. Wood, - . - U 

Granite Work. 

II. W. llre:^sc•r, 2 front colored. 



Grass Seed, &.C. 

S. N. Wood, 


liuttrick & Co., 1 back colored. 

.),,hn Cos^aovc, - - - 20 

1-letcher & Mansiir, - - 1 

(•hades 11. Morse, - - 17 

Streeler .S: I'owers, - - I'J 

Albert Wheeler, - - - 

Darius Whittled, - - 15 

Hats, Cai's, &c. 

W. 1'. IJrazer, 4 back colored. 


ISnrbauk, Chase & Co., - 17 
.Jacob i:oy;crs, - - - 

Harness ^^Iakers. 

,1. A.15rabrouk, - - - V.) 
Samuel Convers, - - (j 

Hay and Cotton Presses. 

Fairbanks, ISrown & Co.,1 front col. 


1). C. 15ro\vn, 2 back colored. 

Hooks (all kinds). 

George E. Cady, - 


Joel Jenkins, . - - 4 


Maynard i^ Noyes, 1 back colored. 


Eowell Mntual (Firo), front cover. 
S. W. Stickney (Eite), - 5 

I'or Age-nts see - - - 2-Ji 

Iron, -Steel, &c. 

John ISiitcher, - - - 15 


Joseph Kaynes & Co., opp. preface. 

Kerosene Oil and I.ami'S. 

Ira A. Clou--h, oppo>ite preface. 
Henry S. Orange, 3 back colored. 


Willard A. Brown, - - 

Lime, Cement, &c. 

Horace Howard. - - - 1 

W. E. Eivii\gstoii, - - 4 

Loom Harness Makers, 

D. C. l>n/\vn, 2 back colored. 

Solon Stevens, - - - 4 


Otis Allen, - - - - 7 

lloiace Howard, - - - 1 

,V.10r>.!.i!<i > ! • 



„'■ ■ -t- 

) '( V 

1/ / 

1 7. 





(ioor^r,; L. Cadv, - - 17 

I.niif & Xoweli, - - - IS 

F. S. l'eikin<, - - - 'J 

A.-;ilal l)avi>, - - - I'J 

JIahht-e Woiucs. 

II. W. lHv<MT, 2 front colored. 

^\'int^•^ iSi l)a\i.<, back c-i^vei'. 

Merciianuisi; Tags'. 
]{. II. r.iiiiaiiow, - - n 

]\[l-sic and Musical In.stuu- 


Kiitrt: <!^ (iriiliili, - - 20 

Notary riBLic. 

S. W. StickiK'y, - - - 5 

Oyster & Ice Cream Saloon. 

A. 15. FroiR-li & Co., ins. tVoiiteov. 


,1. B. Ki.Ulinp:, - - - 2 

J. E. Westall, 2 trout colonel. 

Paints, Oils, Szc. 

Danker ^: Cariientcr, opposite title 
Junatlian KenflaU, - - 9 

Paper IIanginos. 

J. B. Fiel.lin-. ... 2 

Joshua Merrill. tVoiit cover. 

Pat't Alarm Money Drawers 

Fairlianks, Brown & Co., 1 tVontcol. 

Pensions, Med. Examiner for 

Nathan Allen, M. D., - - 1 

Perfumery, &c. 

Samuel Kidder, Jr. & Co., - 12 


C. I). Clark, - . - 10 


X. C Sanliorti, inside baek cover. 

Piano Fortes. 

Ku'^'^ k (h-illilh, - - 20 

Picture Frames. 

Kiitrj: •!^ (irillith, - . - 20 


II. II. Wilder, inside back cover. 


J. J. Judkin?, - - - 10 

Knapp \: Morev, - - 8 

15. II. I'enhalloW, - - 11 

Stone & llu^e, - - - i;! 

Vox I'opuli Ollice, - - 10 


A. F. \ -M. Wright. - - 15 

Real Estate Agent. 

F. Morgan, - - - - 12 

Peed .Manufacturers. 

II. C. Hrown, 2 hack colored. 

Sidun Steven?, . - - 4 

Pestau rants. 

A. B. Fremh & Co., ins. front cov. 
A. C. Wright, - - - G 


1). W. Home, - - - Hi 


Burl.ank, Chase & Co., - 17 
Fairliank.s, Brown ^: Co., 1 front eol. 

Self-Feeding Stalls. 

J. W. Bennett, - - - 10 

Sewing Machines. 

Asahel Davis, - - . I'J 
UuirgA Crillilh, - - 20 

Silk, AVool and Cotton Dyer. 

Weare Cliltord, - - - 20 

Silver Plated AVare. 

Ira A. Clough, opposite preface. 
Joseph Kayncs & Co., opp. preface. 

Spring Bed. 

Person Noyes, 2 back colored. 

Stables (Livery), &c. 

J. F. Conaat (Sale). ',i back col'd. 
Lovejoy & Morse (.Sale), - 11 
George ^V. Norris, - - 13 

Stoves, e^c. 

John Mehan & Brother, - 15 
J. W. Na>h .■<: Co., - - 7 

/Jae..b Nichols, - - - 2 

I'erron Noxes, 2 back colored. 

F. B. I'ateii & Co , front cover. 

X. J.Wier & Co., inside front cover. 

Tailors (.Merchant). 

Burbaiik, Chase & Co , - 17 
(iilnian & Btirfiauk, - - 3 

Ticket Agent. 

I II. W. Brickett, - - - 'J 

Tin Ware, &€. 

.1. W. Nash .->;: Co., - - 7 

N. J. \\'ier \" Co., inside front cover. 

Tripe, Pigs' Feet, ticc. 

Smith Adams, - - - 20 

Trunks, Valises, &c. 

Knowles Brothers, back cover. 


.y«,;T'>^.<.') .ij •*. 



Kuuwks I'.n.ilur-;, Ikk k towr. .1. W. X:i>li & Co., - - 7 

v':^^^,vf''"'' ' " -" I Worsted MACiiiNEKy. 
Varnishes. i i ^ x- u 

ISmuIut .t L iiriiuiiter, oppo-ite mil-. ! .,, 

AVatciies. i " i^"ri<JW birAOES. 

.lo-rpli llayiK'S & Co., upp. pivfacL'. ^^ ^^ '^Vc.Mall, -.i liul.t tuM. 


William 1.. Swett, - - 10 ^ 


It is the ilesit^n of the .-ulK-crilKT to piililisii. sh<iiild he iX'eeive .sulliiiiut 
cncomaj^i'iiieiit, when tlie Miitable time arrive.-;, a History uf liie Aetiun ut' 
Lowell (luring the KebcUion, ami a brief sketch of eaeh of her citizens wlio 
have been e.-peeially prominent in the Army or Navy, so far a.s facts can he 
collected respecting them, ami the names of all who went Irom Lowell or 
were at any i)eriod long residents in the city. Persons who have been in 
either branch of service, or tiie triends of who are decca'-ed, would con- 
fer a favor and aid in rendering the work correct by transmitting to the un- 
dersigned such facts as in their opinion may be important to ajipear in such 
a work. The facts most desired are the name, names of parents, age, occupa- 
tion, birth-plaee, and social condition, whether married or single at the time 
of enlistment. The rank, if above private, promotions, and date of same, 
battles cnga'ged in, if wounded or taken pri5nner, time of eidistment and 
muster in, and re-enlistment-;, if any. Tlie friends of deceased persons can 
coinmunieato the same tacts, with time and manner of death, &c. All siuh 
communications addressed to the subscrilier, through the Lowell postollice, or 
lell at the Coi/;-/i'r olKce, No. -21 Central Street, will be carefully pre.-erved. 
and given the importance which ihey deserve when the time comes for uving 


1.' f • ■ •(• . <; 

}..'■ t;iJ1ilJ.-."T 

I .n.:i 

r;"i;«.'Mil.'ir.iii,,' . 
.lit ;, I., '■ •; 

A P 1 ^ E X D I X 

Ai,Tiioroii not coming exactly wltliin tlic jirovince of a 
Directory, the compiler has thouL'lit it not improjicr to add to 
this Work, u list of tlio names of the citizens and others who 
have enlisted in the military or naval service of the United 
States since the commencement of the existing rebellion, from 
or for Lowell. A full list of the names given on the following 
pages have never been published before, and it is believed that 
they will interest all who become possessed of this work. In 
this way, also, many who claim to be, and are considered as 
citizens of Lowell, but yet have no family or fixed habitation 
here, and therefore by reason of their absence from the city 
when the canvassers performed their-work do not appear in the i 

general directory, will have their names appear within these ' 

pages. ■ 

Before giving the list, it is not out of place to state a few of ' 

tlie facts which have tended to make it so large. Late in the | 

"winter of ISGO-Cl, soon after several of the States now in | 

revolt had passed their so-called acts of secession, but before 1 

the commencement of active hostilities some, if not all of the ' 

military companies of Lowell voted to tender their services to 
the (xcncral Ciovernment, in case the}' should lie needed. On 1 

the loth of April, ISO I, immediately after the attack upon | 

Fort Sumter, I'rcsident Lincoln i-sued his call for 75,000 three 
months' men, and the Sixth lIcLiiment promptly resitonded to } 

1 . ^ I 

/ [ < I / : 1 ' ; ' 1 /. 

<: .. ! •! ; 'P 

•. ..-I .-..if; , : , . 

It'/ ■ I 


lI.'i.-'' ?. TJ.Vliv/ 

•I ! !•. 

; ■ I ■ ■ : I .1 



the call, tlic moiiiLcrs i^f tlic Lowell coiiijiaiiies (A, C, I) and 
H) belonging to the liL'giun'nt rodcouiing their jilcJgc made a 
few weeks hefure. The Ilegiuieiit left Ajiril Kjtli for Ilustou, 
and on the 19th ])as.scd throngh the city of lialtiniorc, A\here 
fell, in the tcrriMe encounter with the hcees.-jion ninl) of that 
place, the ilrst martyrs of this national struggle — Lltukk C. 
Ladd and Ai)DI?(»n' 0. AVhitnky — both citizens of Lowell.'' 

luimediately after the departure of tlic Sixtli, and the attack 
made upon it, other military companies were organized, and in 
response to other calls entered the service of the (iencral CJov- 
ernment for three years. Cuiupany A of the Second liegiment, 
Companies I) and (i and part of Cniiipany I of the Sixteenth 
Regiment, and the llichard^tm JJiiht Infantry (now known 
as the Seventh Batteiy ), were organized in April, lH(U,and 
soon after were .sent to the Held, while many Lowell men en- 
listed in other regiments or conipanies, or in the navy. Soon 
after the return of the Sixth Legiment from its three months' 
campaign, the Twenty-Sixth and Thirtieth I'lCginieiits were 
raised here. . Companies A, 1^ and II, of the Twenty-Sixth, 
and B, C and F, and a large jtortion of Company Ii, of the 
Thirtieth, being Lowell citizens, and others enlisted in other 
companies of bcth regiments. f'.arly in the winter l.'oth regi- 
ments were sent to Ship Island, (iulf of j\tcxico, and after- 
ward aided in the capture and oeeupatii)n of New Orleans. 

Lowell was considered as a goud field for recruiting, and 
there were at times eight or ten recruiting offices open at once, 
by citizens and non-residents, and nearly all meeting with suc- 
cess, Lowell men became scattered through diiferent military 
organizations from ^Massachusetts, while others enlisted in the 
regular army or in regiments from other States. 

Jtily 1st, 1S()2, a call was made for oOO.OOO men, of which 
Lowell had to furnish ioOT. Three companies, A, F and G, 

* A iniiiiuiiii'iit i> to I)i' tii-ic'lcil in thi- -i|iiHre la'lwocn Mi iriiiiuo, 'Mnmly 
ni'.d Wdilli. !i Strci'ls, liy tlic joint :i''linn (if tin' St;itp of ^fas'^nriiii'-cfs ancl 
City ol' i.oNM II, lo l!u iiMnior_\- of llir fir-i martyr-, ami >\iu'n anollifr Direc- 
tory'ar> will jiruljably be m' a> amon- tin.' iiitcrc.-tiiig atlractiou^ of 
the citv. 

■.!.;■ j.'.'i r- '1 

l.:r 'I . 'i ,.'. I '•>: li.' ((•'■. ; 

•M 'Ur.i'.r :,.U 

' ■■> I . Mf, . 

(.,:. '■>- 

,,':•(••. .11 

■i<!/ ; ,1 i.-.f/i 

k;'^/: (»-^ 

■•■ -1,1 ■•; 

• , ■! .■: '■;■ 

1 .,!;-■ ft 

, 'il- ) 

,^.;J .:. 

1.;^ 'Mi; ;i' DA'H: tu:n 

I .!.; ,.!■•-) / ., 

:,7 :.■ .:f I'' • 

J.ji'lii"! i'l 


and a portion of Company H, were raised lierc for the TLirty- 
Third Itcgiincut, and nearly euougli fur a full coiiipany in tLe 
Forty-firat Kcgiuicnt, now kimwu as the Third Cavalry Kcgi- 
nient. Another call was issued August 4th, LStJl!, for oOO,OUO 
iiiue months' men, and the Sixth Regiment, a second time 
respondiug, M-as recruited for that term of service, five of the 
companies, A, C, D, ii and 11, being mostly composed of Lowell 
citizens. Nearly a whole comjiany for the same term was 
raised for the Forty-Eighth Regiment, while a few Lowell men 
•were scattered through other nine months' regiments. In the 
winter of 18G2-3, the Fifteenth liatterj' was raised, mostly 
officered and partially compused of Lowell men. In the sum- 
mer of 1SG3, 300,000 more men were called for, to be raised by 
draft, and on the 15th of July, 1.70 names of Lowell citizens 
were drawn from the wheel at Concord, but less than thirty of 
the number entered the service thus involuntarily. On the 
1 7th of October, a call was made for 300,000 more men, with 
the privilege of volunteering, and in a few weeks Lowell again 
filled her (juota, amounting this time to 288 men, apportioned 
to the dilierent wards, most of the men entering regiments or 
companies already in service, though quite a number joined 
the Fifty-Ninth Infantry and Second Heavy Artillery Regi- 
ments. February 1st, 18G1, a call for 200,000 men found 
Lowell's tjuota full, with a surplus o-f thirteen. Late in June 
and early in July, lbG4, in response to a call for 100,000 
hundred days' men, the Sixth Regiment was recruited for a 
third time, the Lowell companies this time being C, D and Gr, 
and they are still in service when this work goes to press. 

July 18th, lbG4, another call was issued i\v uOO.OuO men 
for one, two or three years' service, G3j being required from 
Lowell, each ward being assigned its proportion according to 
its nuujbcr of enrolled men, and to be credited for navy men 
enlisted previous to February 24th, lbG4. It was found that 
Lowell had 349 of the latter class, enlisted for different terms 
of service. A commission ajipointcd to determine the naval 
credits of the dilicrent cities and towns in Massachusetts bad 

•if( r 

■J .J rl I I ' • ' 

1 1-,, i 1,-. H' i' f.-i' r .■.(• 

'-; : , • ,. . r'l. '■ [HOO 

; ■■ 1 ' ^ 


■ . \ ' "'1 

;;.:•' •^ '.M>.V 

. : i . ■ . ■ ''■ ' 1 

- ;. ajo 

■ ■.,..•■• 

;■■ •■.,!;; 

, ' . .'iMh 

V'"'.. '. ■,■•■-,77 

; 'i ■ . . '» i 

1,1. V ■ ' 1 / 

.■. .■ ■ xl) 

;J ' ' ■ ' ' I 

:i ,/ .I'l, i y. 

.:' .iiiinj I'vrfij 

■'. V '• .!! 1 ■■ ■> 

;.■■■■■■-.• 1 

■ - •.. • ' -,11 ) :ii 

1..' • ■)■ .. . .- 

■'i'' .. i; "... ('iliij 



not made its oflicial report respecting the credits of Lowell at 
the date of writing this (Septemher llUh), but it may be pos- 
sible to announce the number in another place iu these pages. 
About 350 of the 035 men had been raised as volunteers at 
the date mentioned, and it is believed that with the naval 
credits and elForts still being made, no draft from the citizens 
of Lowell under the call of July ISth will be reijuircd. 

It is not yet the time to do full justice to the action of Lowell, 
or pay the tribute due to the many patriotic responses of her 
citizens. It can be said that to far Lowell has met all the rt- 
quirements and done more than she has been credited for. 
The city authorities have been active in their duties and gen- 
erous in voting bounties when the exigencies of the case seemed 
to require them, and in their cfi'orts they have always been 
nobly aided by citizens, who have freely given their time 
and means to sustain the credit of the city and fill its quotas. 
• In the brief space to which he must limit himself, the com- 
piler cannot refer to individual cases of generosity, but it may 
not be out of place to say that the women of Lowell originated 
the first Sanitary Fair iu the country, which was held here 
February 2ith, 25th and 26th, 1SG3, an example so success- 
fully followed by other and larger cities. When any call has 
been made for hospital supplies, the women of Lowell have 
not been appealed to in vain. 

A few weeks after the commencement of the war, the Legis- 
lature of I\Iassachusett3 was called together in special session, 
and among its first acts was the passage of a law to pay each 
person, not exceeding three, dependent upon the volunteer for 
support, the sum of one dollar per week while the volunte<?r 
remained in service, and the money known as " Stato Aid " has 
regularly been disbursed in Lowell since the passage of tlic act, 
at stated intervals, the pa3'ments now being made on the first 
Monday, Tuesday and "Wednesday of each mouth. During 
1SG3, the sura paid out for this purpose to the families of 
Lowell volunteers amounted to 8102,108.40, which is tolc 
rc-imbursed by the State, besides $2118.17 j^aid out of appro- 

-o.-i"'-:*.!)! V w ■ \}'a; wi .vo.i 

a. i!vv.,i 'i. 

• r <•;■. 

'■n B. ••■■.'. 

i.' ■ /v 

'i:7Uir ., 

■| -' 

■li'Vll' ■' 

■ ;;.' f 

1 ',J -.v 

' . i i 

I ,,■( 

■J o;.;, • .'■[■:■ ' 'It i! 

..■;.l hvi iij>';i:i'X 

">.!(• 1 'i: ■ . I.-' 'I.. /I 

:)A:.:!j ^'.i I>y' 

.■j:t.I J: -.y.'i 

V... ■' -^ 

■) [],'.■<■ i t 

' ,t.-,- ),:.' 1 ,' 

5 n! M . ' ' "w;i,; 

.'M!i) V^ KUK C^i! 


priations made by the City Cuuncil, the princijial portion of 
the latter sum beiug for the transportatiou of the bodies of, 
and funeral of soldiers, and other ineidcntal expenses. 

In the way of bounties, the United States (ioverument has 
jaid S.IOO ; the State $3'2'>, and the city §125 in gold (c(.|ual 
to 8'jOO or 8325 in currency, according to the varying price 
of gold), for three years' men raited under the call of July 
ISth,- 180i, while the sum paid to two and one year's men has 
been about in proportion to their term of service. In the 
summer of 1SG2, the city paid a bounty of §110 for three 
ycai-s' men, and S'iO for nine montlis' men. 

A recital of the heroic actions, the sacrifices and endurances 
of Lowell men in the field or on the sea, cannot be given here; 
that history remains to be written when the proper time arrives, 
and the Lowell men still iu service shall return, apart of that 
great army of victors, to the peaceful pursuits of civil life. 
OiTicial records show that Lov.'ell citizens have borne a part in 
ucarly every important battle on laud or conflict ou the sea 
from the 19th of Apiil, ISGl, to the last engagement recorded 
by the public press. AVhile the victory has sometimes been 
decided by Lowell arms, no field has been lost by the remiss- 
ness of Lowell troops. They have been among the bravest of 
the brave, and iu numerous instances justice has been done 
them in official rcjiorts and communications. The publisher 
will digress a moment from his local record, to say that the ' 

i?igns of the day are hopeful ; that there arc reasons to believe 
that a few more well-directed blows, like those recently given, 
will so far cripple the rebellion that its final extinction will be 
an easy task, and the revolted States return to that allegiance 
which they have attempted to repudiate. 

On the following pages, under difi'ercnt classifications, ac- 
cording to their period of service, are given the names of all 
persons, in alphabetical order, known to have enlisted from or for 
Lowell, either in the army or navy. The compiler has had 
access to ofiicial records at the Mayor's ofiice, and from other 
sources has obtained such information that it is believed the 

,( >,, 


' li.-ii ;'.!■' I. 

■' I 

'.il. O' ■■} 

-.1 i; ■.;.;» .(r 

. '..1 ' .... 1'^ v. .••!>'. (t 

i ' t J, I) • I .. . : .'r'T "jo 

' -• ■ : . ('! , ( ;_ '..■ .•-.i.i'. 

■■ \V:\: r. >iv ll'/v • \ 'n\i jiiic 

:! •■■ .. ..',.:• V 1 ••'-• ,_.!».:■:« 
; ,i( ,' ■■ • /-' ! ..!(} rr;."} 

■ ; ■. J I il ■/■•■.I U. ^•■-.).! 

. ■ . .1 u' i ,'• > ... ! ■ (•! 

■'■p. p. 


' J. -, 

I - 'I 

,t. ,,. 


record is quite correct. The name of the sarae pcrspu is un- 
doubtedly repeated in some cases, wliere he has enlisted more 
than once ; but in cases where it could be verified, the repeti- 
tion has been avoided. The official position (if any above 
private), where knov/n, is given. In the case of a number of 
those recently enlisted, it is not known what organization they 
have joined. 

Trusting that the Roll of Honor will be found acceptable to 
the p^atrous of the Directory, the publisher submits it to the 
inspection of his fellow-citizens. 

F.xri.ANATioN. Wlicre a innn lia-; iv-enlistfil in tlic Fniiio orgaiiizatiun, 
his iiaiiK' is iiiarki'd with a star (*). .V thi^'giT (t) r-it;iula's tliat tlio man has 
lost tiis life in sen-ke. A Jotiblo "laj^i^ur (}) signifies that he died after hav- 
ing the service. A figure befure a name is for the numher of the ward for 
wliieh he enlisted under the call of.luly 18th, 1804. Where a man behings to 
a Massachusetts rej^inient, or other organization, the name of the Slate is 
not mentioned. II. A. is for Heavy .Vrtilkry, and V. R C. for Veteran Ue- 
Scrve (jorps. The other ahhreviations, it is believed, will be understood. 

Under the first three classes, where the person was a member of the Sixth 
Kegimcnt, the ligure denoting the r.uiubcr of the regiment is omitted. 

.'THlt I 


.•i;.;i try .! nviij J 

': ■' ...-..; ..M' 




Adams Julius T., A 

Alexander George, D 

Allen Tliomas O., sergeant, C 

+Ainc3 John E., sergeant, D 

Andrews Aaron, corporal, A 

Arlin Charles II., corporal, C 

Arlin John, C 

Atwood Charles C, H 

Avery Frank S., K 

Avery John, Jr., 7th N. Y. 

Barnard (jeorge W., C 

Barnard Tristram, C 

liaron Frederick A., A 

Bartlcit Andrew W., C 

JBickford Wdliam IL, D 

Bill Charles R., II 

Bixby Thomas, A 8 

Bonney Seth, C 

Bowker Oren L., A 

Braddock Wurren L., II 

Brady John, II 8 

Brady John G., F 5 

Brooks George, band 

Brown Levi, musician, II 

Bryant Thcron A., C 

Bulmer John, A 

Burbank Andrew J., musician, 

]]urgess Charles W., A 8 

Burns Thomas, C 

Burrows John A., A 8 

Cadwell, Linus M., corporal, A 

C;ilvert Frank, C 

Carlton Eii B., band 

Carter John AV., corporal, A 

Chamberlain John R., D 

Chandler Simeon, D 

Charters Reuben P., II 

Chesley Isaac, A 

Clark Charles F., H 

Clark Edwin R., C 

Clark Sohjmon, corporal, A 

Clcmcnee Wm. II., Butler's staff 

Clifford Racbuni G., II 

Conroy James, D 

Craig Llewellyn L., -Ith lieut,, D 

Crocker Abel F., band 

Crocker George S., A 

Crosby Warren C, corporal, H 

Crowley Jeremiah, C 

+ Crowley Timothy A, color sgt.H 

Cummiiigs William P., sc-rg't, D 

Dacey Timothy J., II ' ■*'" 

Davis George E., 1st lieut., II 

Davis Oliver T., band 

Deming Chas. W., clerk for Col.,C 

Dennett Lrastus, C 

Dickerman (ieorgeM., captain, A 

Dightman George W., A 

Dobbins George, II 

Dodge Win^luw II., corporal, D 

Doe William K,, band 

Donah'ip Joseph J., musician, C 

Durgiu Horace T., A 

Edmonds Charles II., musician, D 

Elliott Richard A., corporal, C 

iMiier-^on Charles F,, A 

Fairbank George D., C 

Farr Alpha B., adjutant 

Fields Joseph, A 

Finn Horace R., D 

Flanders Jo.siah E., C 

FolJansbee Albert S., captain, C 

Foss John, A 

J:Fostcr Enoch J., sergeant, A 

Frost Benjamin W., sergeant, II 

Frost John, A 

George Albert, G 

(iilmore John H., sergeant, D 

Cjilmore William P., D 

Goddard Benjamin F., C 

,.♦.'! IS i.i.r' .•• •..,rOd 

■A I) /: ()i! ■: ■< .Lion 

'." M ' h 

V .:■ 

' . ii 

' ,!.'.-ir 

/ ,l,r..-. -1 • .^ 

i ... , . > 
' /. .. 

i .'. 

:\ I'lu \.'.>:0 


Gooilwin Aniaziah N., C 

Gordon lliiiim W., corporal, II 

Gray Daniel W., C 

Grt'onluaf Kuel, C 

Greenwood Frank W., mus'n, A 

Grimes Edward J., corporal, II 

Gront Frank 11., A 

liadiey John \\'., sergeant, C 

Hall AU'rcd J., corporal, A 

Hall ^^'inthrop H., A 

Ham Daniel A., D 

Hapgood Edwin, II 

Harmon Moses, C 

Harper Alexander, II 

Harrington Thomas H., A 

Hart James AV., captain, D 

Harvey Aldis B., D 

;J;Herrick Andrew J., A 

Higson William U., A 

Hill Janu^s E., H 

tllulmcs Silas S., H 

Homans Stephen, A 

Hood Gilbert A., A ' 

Horn Frank C, C 

Howe A. J., A 

Howe I'liny U, I 5 

Huckins Edwin, U 

Hudson James F., A 

Ingalls Enoch, II 

Jacks John, D 

Jepson John C, 2nd lieut., C 

Jewett Andrew F., '2nd lieut., II 

Johnson Andrew J., 1st lieut., A 

Johnson George F., II 

Johnston Urent, Jr., sergeant, C 

Johnston Tliomas 13., U 

Jones Alfred G., A 

Jones Charles E., 1st lieut., D 

Keen George II., H 

Kent William C, C 

Kincaid Alonzo, D 

fLadd Luther C, D 

Lakiu John H., corporal, C 

Lamson ^Villiam II., sergeant, D 

Libbv Martin V. B., C 

Littlefield David M., A 8 

Lord Charles P., C 

Lovritn (ieorge W ., D 

Lovrein William F., sergeant, A 

Lovett Jolin il. , band 

Luce Wdliam H., A 

Mansur Joseph, C 

Marbhall I.aac N., corporal, C 

Marshall John J., H 

Marshall Joseph, 

M :.r>hall Robert. 1) 

McCoy Edwin P., H 

McCurdy William B., C 

;J:MeI\cnzie Angus, C 

Mehill IlughF., D 

Metcair (ireenkaf W., band 

Milliken Frank J., H 

Miner Charles, A 

Mitchell James M., II 

tMoore Ira W., D 

Motley Robert, A > 

MiK'.zcj' Eugene, band 

Muzzey Hiram C, D 

Ne:\-tll J.imes II , musician, F 5 

Norton liradford S., A 

Nourbc John II., 11 

Xoves John F., captain, II 

PaJkard William H., A 

Palm, r Charles P., PI 

Parshley Henry G., band 

Parshley John II., band 

Phelan William 11., C 
Philbritk Caleb, corporal, H 
Piuder Albert, H 
Pmncy Samuel C, 3d lieut., D 
Plnisted Rufus L , paymaster 
Poison James, band 
Poor Charles E., sergeant, H 
Prescott D. Moody, C 
Reed Gordon, A 
Reed J. G., A 

Reed Nathaniel K., sergeant, 11 
Rice Edward C, C 
Richards Martin, A 
Riehardsdiv Charles 11., A 
Ricker CharKs W., II 
Roberts Nathaniel, H 
Robertson George, musician, II 
Robv (jcorge ^\'., F 5 
Rolfu Cliark-s F.. H 
Rushworth Joim B., D 
^Russell Daniel W., H 
Sanborn Frank L., sergeant, D 
Sanborn James M., D 
Sawtcll Josiah A., major 
Scaddiiig Alfred W., H 

U 1 -, f. ,1 

tncd , 

, : . . 
I' /,.■ 

. 3 ■ TV ,. '. 

i; ,7. 



Shipley Samuel D., Istlieut., C 

Short 'William, II 

Sinclair llciiry A., D 

Small Frederick J., II 

Smith ^Villiam, II 

Snell George W., sergeant, A 

;J:Stack]i()le Emilius, C 

Stafforci Frederick K., drum major 

Stevens Daniel C, 1) 

Stewart Scott, A 

Sticknej- Ira, sergeant, C 

Stinson Charles 15., 

Strong Martin, II 

jSunderland William II. II., D 

jSwain George W., C 

Swett John F., A 

Taylor Charles I., D 

Taylor Charles W., D 

Taylor Kdward, D 

Tebbetts Joseph F., C 

Torsey James M., A 

Tuck Warren M., A 
Tyler Daniel 13., D I > 

Warren Augustus, II ' 
Warren Benjamin, 3d lieut., II 
Webber Amory \V., corporal, D 
Whiting Jot;ei)h K., II 
t\\'hitney Addison O., D 
Wilkins (icorge, II 
Willis Wilham T., II 
^Vil^on Ceorge A., band 
|Winn George U., II 
\Vinn James O., II 
Withey Arthur J., corporHl, D 
+ Withington William G., I) 
\Vood Joseph L., corporal, D 
^\^")od\vard Henry M., A 
A\'right Andrew (J., 2nd lieut., A 
AVright Merrill S., C 
Young Artemas S., band . 
Young Lewis A,, musician, A 


Aldrich Nelson T., C 

Allen Hanson W., C 

Allen Thomas, A 

Allen Thomas O., adjutant 

Allen William, musician, E 

Anderson \\ illiam, wagoner, D 

Ashworth Charles, I 43 

Atkins Willis B.. G 

Austin Norman I., C 

Avery Daniel P., 48 

Badger Charles F., D 

Baldwin Benjamin, G 

]5arker William, corporal, A 

Barnard Henry T., G 

Bartlett Charles E., II 

Bassett Charles II., G 

Bassett James, I 48 

Berrien Patrick, A 48 

Bickford Selwyn E., Ist It., G 

Bill Charles R., C 

Billings Charles 0., sergeant, G 

lUllings John T., com. sergeant 

Bixby Joseph, D 

Blake William J., C 

Blood Joseph, A 

Bow John F. D 

Bowers Edwin T., A 

fBowlcs Ira, II 

Boyle John, II 48 

Bradley Michael, A 

tBradt Charles A., C 44 

+ Bradt Frank O.. C 44 

Brady William G., sergeant, D 

Bramhall John, A 

Brannon Thumas, H 48 

Brawn ILnry IL, corporal, A 

Bridges (ieorge W., K 

Button William, A 

Brooks Firth B., A 

Brooks Sager, 143 

Brown Jason J. C, corporal, D 

Brown Leonard, corporal, C 

Broun Levi, corporal, II 

Brown Martin J., II 

Ihown Otis J., G 

Bruce Henry C, C ' 

lirvant A.^ahel M , D 

Bullens Stephen A., Q 

I5uncher Frank, sergeant, Q 

Bunchcr Henry, F 47 

Jiurbank Andrew J., corporal, C 

Burgess Tingley W., G 

11 ..*,• 

■I'-. ..--^.I. J. 

/. ..K »>■!; .1 r>;iol 

»; ■' 

'.I ,h...v. 


•i ... 



Bumham James II., II 

Buriihain UiiswtU S., \vngoiicr, K 

Uunihain Walter, surgeon 

Burns I'atriek, A 

Butterlield Lucius, D 

Euttcrworth .Samuel D., H 

Culy George I^., captain, G 

Cady Ransom E., (J 

Cahill James, II 48 

Cain Michael,' II 

Callaghaii Cliarles, H 43 

C;illalian Bernard, A 

(Jalnan Timothy, B 

Campbell Francis, II 

Carey J>)hn, 1) 

Cargill William II., corporal, II 

Carle Henry, C 

Carlton Ivory II., D 

Carr David, II 

Carroll Peter, K 48 

Carter Horace A., C 

Cassidy James, H 

Caswell Clark 11., sergeant, G 

Caverly Ira II., C 

Cavanaugh Michael, A 

Ch;mdler William A., corporal, D 

Chapiu Samuel, A 

Chaplin Silas T., D 

Chaplin \\'isemaii W., D 

Clnibtie James, G 

Chute Jeremiah M., G 

Clancey Thomas, I 47 

Clapp Zebulon, D 

Clark Charles F., H 

Clark James G., C 

Clark Joseph, C 50 

Clark Michael, H 48 

Clark Solomon, 2nd lieut., A 

Cleworth Aaron, A 

Clilford Alonzo P., C 

Clough W ard, G 50 

Coburu Chas. II , quartermaster 

Cobuni George D., G 

Coburn Henry A, G 

Coburn Horace B., F 44 

Colby Cyrus P., G 

Colgrove Adoniram J., wng'r, A 

Collins Charles H., musician, 1) 

Collins I'.itrick, A 

Collins Patrick, II 48- 

Connelly John, A 

Conner James, A 

Conwi'j- George, A 

Coinvay Joseph, C 

tCooj)er George, K 45 

Copps Marcus ^\^, G 

Coir Daniel, H 

Craig Charles P., D 

Oitehett James, D 

Crocker George S., A 

Croi kelt John <j., C 

C'rowcU lioscoe (t., H 

Crowell Theojihilus J., mus., G 

Crowley Daniel, K 43 

CuUen Thomas, K 47 

Cumuiiiigs William P., aerg't, D 

fCunningham John, II 48 

C-'urran John, mu'-ician, K 48 

Currier (Jeorge W., I 43 

Cusack Patrick, A 

fCutts Charles A., D 

Dadmun Henry II., C 

Dailey Bartholomew, K 48 

Dane Charles F., D 

Danforth Charles II., H 

Daniels (ieorge A., H 

Davis Albert T. L., A 

Davis Charles A., A 

Davis Dudley, D 

Davis Elisha L., drum major 

Davis Franklin, G 

Day Alfred, C 

Dean James E., F 44 

Delaney Thomas J., A 

Delano Orlando G., C 

Derby Reuben A., C 

Derbyshire Thomas, A 

DevJne I'atriek, H 48 

Devlin Peter, corporal, A 

Devno Peter, C 

Dillingham Edward D., 1st sgt.,D 

Ditson Reuben II., sergeant, D 

Dix J-hnF., II 

Dodge Henry, II 

Donagh ic Charles A., 

Donnelly Frank, A 

Donncllv Joseph, B 

Dorr William H., C 

Dull glass John, corporal, D 

Dow Jt)shua, Jr., D 

Dow Timothy F., C 

Drake George 11., C 

Drinker William H., I) 

Dunnigan Stephen, A 

Duville Peter, D 

Eager ^^'illiam T., II 

:f .S 


J. ,:. 

■: 'T 


t . : 
/■ .■ 

I 11 



E;imcs A. Henry, C 

Eastman J. Chandler, II 

Ej^>,'leston Ai E., C 

Elliott John P., A 

Evans lU'iijauun F., C 

fEnrighi James, 4S 

Earley Micliael, corporal, II 4S 

Farriiif^ton William P., G 

Earwell William P., II 

Eavor George II., coiporal, G 

Eenton Patrick, II 18 

Ecrrin Maurice S., II 

Eerris Job i"., K 43 

Ecrson Rodney C, captain, II 

Einnegan \\'illiani, II -iH 

Eleer Geor<^e 11., II 

Elcniin<^ \\illiain S., H 

Elood John, II 

Elood ^\'illla^l, II 48 

Eolliin'-boe Albert S., colonel 

Eoote C'harles C, G 

Eosdick (JharUs, G 

;J Foster Enoch J., 1st licut., A 

Foster Gcorj^e II., corporal, II 

fFox George I., C 

Francis Charles, corporal, E 41 

Erawley .Michael, II 48 

Erawley Peter (J'C, 1st It , II 48 

Frazer Ed waul, II 

Freeman lienjainin F., C 

Freeman Henjamin S., A 

F'rench George W ,, E 44 

French Luther A., 

Frost George W., sergeant, A 

;;: Frost Lewis II., C 

Fuller Edwin A., D 

fGallagher Edward, II 48 

(lallo^dy James, II 48 

fGardner George, Jr., D 

Gardner Riifus P., II 

Gardner Theodore F., C 

jGarland George W., H 

George Amos S., G 

Gibbons 'i'honias, I 48 

JCiildea J. lines, corporal, II 48 

Gillott John, A 47 

Goddard Penj. F., 1st sergt., C 

Godfrey Plancv, C 

Golden Hugh, 'D 

Goodell Joihain, A 

Goodhue Charles W., C 

tOoodhuc David II., C 

Goodwin Clarendon, G 

Gordon George W., G 

tJorman James, II 48 

Gove Morrill C, corporal, C 

Gragg (ieorge G., C' 

Graham George, C 

Grant John, A 

(hant Levi C, G 

Gray Erastus II., G 

(iray George A., C 

Gray Irvin, sergeant, A 

(iray Luke. D 

Cheen Albert T., G 

Cirtcn Charles A., D 

Green llufus K., corporal, C 

Grcenieaf Wellington T., C 

(iritliu Michatl, A 48 

Grimes Samuel W., G 

(iiout Alonzo C, corporal, G 

(jrout Lathrnp C, musician, G 

Il.idley John \V., 1st lieut., C 

Uaggett Jolin II., II 

Hail AUrcd J., captain, A 

Hall George W., G 

llambktt Albert, C 

Hanafbrd George G., C 

llandlen Sanuul, II 

Hanson Frederick A., G 

Hardy Daniel E., H 

Hardy Thomas, II 

Harney Kichard, 1148 

Harper Henry, D 

Harrison Levi, A 

Hart James W., captain, D 

Hartford Hiram E.. II 

Hartley Henry A., C 

Hastings Alexander, H 

Hatch Charles E., II 

Hatch ^^"illianl S., C 

llayden Albert G., musician, H 

llayden Marshall ^L, nius., II 

Hayes Lawrence, H 

Havnes Alvin E., II 

Hayncs William M., II 

Heald Ai W ., corporal, D 

Healey George, G 

lleiuight James, A 

fllerrick Andrew J., A 

Hill Joshua, A 

Hill William E., corporal, G 

t-llilton Moses M., G 

lliiukley Wallace, adjutant, 44, 

Hobbs Joliii C, corjioral, A 

Hodge William A., G 


•J n I'-Vf .'i , !\ >. .-i.' :u I ':■: r'xi 

i i: I. 

; 1 

■;• r: ... 



lloey Tliomas, K 18 
Holt Edward li., G 
Hood John, J) 
Hopkins I'Veedom D., I 15 
Hopkins John W., 1) 
Horn Bcnjandn, I) 
llorton Charles il., G 
Koutjhton Henry S., G 
Howartli Tlionias, A 
Hoyt Charlus 15. F., G 
lloyt Nathan C, ci>r[)tnal, D 
Iloyt Walter W., D 
lluntoon (ieorgo \\ ., G 
Kussey Gcorj^u K., 11 
Ilustwick George P., II 
Hutchinson I'hlward, H 
Hutchinson Henry, corporal, G 
Hyde Joscpli, A 17 
Jepson John C, captain, C 
Johnson Cyrus 1'., C 
Johnson N\'illia;n A., H 
Jones Arthur, nux^ieian, K 
Kain Richard, H 18 
tKeith John 11.. C 
Kelley John, 11 18 
Kelley Patri, k, H 48 
Kenney Stephen, scrf^eant, G 
Kcnnison Jefferson P., H 
Keo;,'h Michael, A 
Keyser Cliarles ^V., D 
Kimhall William H., G 
King Gardner \\'., C 
Kitchen Charles 15., G 
Knapp Joel, C 
Knowles Maidius, (i 
Ladd Samuel G., H 
I^ahiff Timothy, corporal, H 48 
I^akin John H., ."sergeant, C 
Lainsou Daniel 15. L., 11 
Lane Penjaniin C, G 
Langmaid (ieorge S., D 
Lathe Natln.nicl, 1) 
Laughlin T. M., sergeant, II 18 
Lawrence George T., D 
Leach James, II 18 
Leach Roliert, sergeant, II 18 
Leavitt Edwin, ^vagoner, H 
Lee James W., A 
fLesro Hiram A., D 
Leighlon Thomas J., G 
Lent'est S. Augustus, G 
Leslie John, C 
Leslie I'eter, II 

Lihhy Almnn, 11 

Lidilell Andrew, G 

Lincoln Marshall, C 

Linney John, I 415 

Littlehale IVter, 1) 

Lord Randolph C, G 

Lord .Sylvester W., 1) 

Loveriu Charles E., H 

fLovcrin Luke W., D 

Loverin William F. scrgt. major 

Lowney l*atrick E., II 

Lugg John S., 1) 

Lynch Dennis, H 

Lynch Martin, A 

Madden Daniel IL, 11 

Maher James, A 

Manning Aliiert A., corporal, C 

Maii^ur Rodney, C 

Mar.~hall Isaac N., 2ndliout., C 

Martin Henry, wagoner, C 

Marston Charles S., A 

jMasterton James J., A 

Maxtield James G., sergeant, II 

McAllister Henry S., sergt., A 

McAlvin Granville K., G 

McCarty Jeremiah, D 

McCarty John, H IS 

McCarty Patrick, sergeant, II 48 

McCarthy Thomas, H 

MeClusky Hugh. A 

:McConley Peter, II 43 

McCurdy William B., sergt., C 

McOermott Thomas, F 48 

McDonald J.imes, B 

McKrtight James, II 

McLennan George \V., C 

McMaster Lucas I., G 

McNahh Thomas, K 43 

McXahb Thomas A., G 

McXally Frank, I 4.3 

McXuhy Patrick, 1) 

McQuaid John, F 48 

Melvin Benjamin, corporal, A 

Merrill Alphonzo, D 

Metcalf (ireenleaf W., mus., C 

Millik'en Frank J., hos. steward 

Muore John R., G 

Moran :>Iiehael, A 

Morris William A., G 

Morrison Dejiendence, A 

Morse Charles, H 

Moulton John, H 

Mullen James, II 

MRiKfiit Ya.r;ii»' i.H'-.m 




Mi'iin Fiedorkk, II 

Murkhiiul Gcorj^e, II 

Murphy Jiinios, C 

+ Miir|iliv Jcieuiiah, A 

Muri.hy" William A., 11 13 

Murtay;h ratiick, IL 

Muzzey Hiram (J., '_'d lieut., D 

Is'ary Danirl, (J 

Nesinitli Gcori^'O, A 

Newconib Silas D., II 

Kewell Lafayette T., II 

Nichols Fori est B., D 

Nichols Moses O., (J 

Nootiaii Dtnius, IL IS 

Korris Franklin P., musician, C 

Norris Gcorji;e li., G 

Northrop Azor, H 

Norihum Geori^e 1{., C 

Nourse John II., sergeant II 

No well (Jeorgc F., II 

Noyes Aaron, 13 

NiulJ 1) iviil 1'., D 

Nuitall A 

O'Hrien Daniel, A 6 

U'lirien John, II -18 

O'Brien I'atriek, II IS 

(VConnell James, II 13 

O'CJoniK-ll James J., A 

0'Uo::ncll Patrick, II 43 

O'CJraily John, eorjioral, II 

OHhim' John A., D 

O'Neill Dan'el, A 

Osborn Edmund II., C ' 

Otis Georp;e 1)., C 

I'ackard Amos, A 

Page; John M., I) 

Paii-e II irliu ()., musician, C 

I'ark Alexander, A 

I'.irk Jonathan, II 

fPark Orriir II., corporal, A 

Parker Albert A., F 17 

Parker Henry P., corporal, II 

Parker William H., D 

Parmcntor CJharles II., G 

Partrid^^e William, D 

Paulus P.iul, G 

Pearson Edwin P., G 

Pelsue George W., 1) 

Pendergast Isaac B., C 

Pendergist I'etcr, K 

I'erkius K<dlin, K 

Perry (ieorge G., G 

Pevey Franklin S., corporal, G 

Pierce I.e^\is A., C 

Pike Albert J., G 

Pinder Albert, 'ind lieut., II 

Pmder Charles, sergeant, II 

Pinney .Samuel C, 1st lieut , D 

Pinkham (jeorge I']., as^t. burg. 

Poor Charles E., 1st lieut., II 

Poor Wa-hii!gton L., I) 

Prcseott John II., G 

Probert Thomas, D 

Proctor George II., C 

Pulcifer Alfred IL, 'iud lieut., G 

^FiitiKiin Alonzo, II 

• h'igley James, II IS 

I'afferty John, A 

Hand James, K IS 

Read All red G., A 47 

Heed Edward E., G 

Reeves Samuel, D 

Richardson Charles II. , (Jr 

Iliehardson George 11. , Li 

Riciiard^on Jnhn A., corporal, C 

lliehardsrir. Julian A., C 

Ricker Charles E., corporal, H 

Riley Daniel, K 47 

Riley Pat lick, II 43 

Rdev Pliilip, 11 

Riky William. 47 

Rines Josci)li IL, G 

Ring All.ert F., C 

Roach Lawrincc, II 

Itobinson liradbury N., scrgt., C 

Rogers John, A 

Rogers Thomas, A 

Rolie Ch;irles F., 1st sergeant, II 

Rollins Horace II., musician, A 

Rose J' hn, H 

Ross Tiiomas E , II 

Ryan James, corporal, II 48 

Sanhcrn Andrew J., corporal, G 

Sanborn Frederick P., C ,, 

Santry Arthur, I 48 

Sargent Stephen, D 

Saunders Jacob II 

Saunders John II. , C ■ 

Sawtell John A., C 

Sawyer Aaron, I) 

Sa'.vver Alfred A., G 

Sawver Frank P., C 4 4 

Scales Aaron W., G 

Scales Francis 11., H 

Scott James W., A 

Scully Murty, A 

r f 

.u.i. .t;i(3 1 .1/ • : HU . i:f •■■-.■-•. 



Sears Joseph If., (r 

Shackford Xathaiiiel, 11 

Shaw Iknjniniii F., corijoral, A 

Shcrmnn 'VN'illiaiu II., U 

Sliort t!i'Oi-^'(', A 

Sliort "William, J5 

Simpson Joseph, A 

Sline Eihvnrd, II 

Sloocy James, A 

Small Frederick J., G 

Smith Jame- II., li 

Smith Samuel A., D 

Smith William A., 11 

Snell Ueor-e W., 'lud licut., A 

Spalding William II., G 

Spencer Charles, Ct 

S[)cncer Jtihn, (r 

Stackpole A. S., G 

Stackpole John, C .30 

Stackpol- William T., B 

Stanley William C, 

Stearns Samuel E., G 

St. Lcdi;er I'atvick, A 

Stokes Josiah II , color sergt., A 

Stott Charles A., major 

Stratton 'I'orrey !>., C 

Strickland John, I 13 

Stuart -Vndrew, .serueant, D 

Sullivan Daniel, II 48 

Sullivan James, A 

Sullivan John W., D 

fSwain Geor'^c W., corporal, C 

Swain Lutlur II., C 

Sweatt J. S. (i., C 

Sweeney ("harh -; II., serj,'t., K 

Taylor Alfred, II 

Taylor Nathan, Istscrgt., G 

Taylor Paris K., 1) 

Tarbell George (i., corporal, G 

Tetro Adolph, 1) 

Thompson .lnhn, A 

'J'hompson .Iiina> 1,., D 

'I'iiornloii .laiiir., A 

ITIim-Uun An i.,i ( i., (; 

Thurston ,lorl \1., J) 

Tighe Philip, 11 IS 

Tilton (u'oi-^re 1''., D 

tTilton Jamis 1,., II IS 

Tilton Jolin \\ ., corporal, A 

Toomcy Denni^, A 

Torsey James il., 1st fcrgt., A 
Townsend John 1'., G 
Tdwn^end A\'illiam II., G 
Tracey IJenjamin F., II 
'IVask Joseph II., cori)oral, II 
Trueworthy James 15., sergt., C. 
Tuekcrn)an Edw. G., Jr., corp., C 
TuUy Hugh, li IS 
Tully Ti.omas, A 
Turner Jonathan (}., I 13 
Tweed AVilliam II., F 11 
Tyler l'rosi)er, corporal, D 
Underwood William A,, G 
A\'aldron Horace ^V., 1) 
AValker llobert II., C 
Ward Piehard, sergeant, II 13 
^\'arren U(jbcrt J., corporal, I 47 
A\'ashburn Zalmuna, H 
^\'atkins John C, G 
Watson Dudley L., C 
Watson Lycurgus K., D 
Webster Ahram .M., A 
Weeks Augustus ^^^, G 
W"eld Harvey. G 
Wells Edwin, II 
Wentworth Merrill J., D 
Whalen John, A 
^^ heeler Enos II., A 
\\'hc(-ler Moses F., corporal, D 
Whehin I'atrick, II 4 S 
Whipple E'igene E., D 
Wliite Frederick, C 
Whitney (feorge P., D 
AVhittier Jaujcs W., A 
Whooley Michael, IL 
Wilder Amhrosc S., C 
Wilder Charles W., G 
ANilkins Albert C, sergeant, II 
Willaiid George K., 
Wilson James E , C 
Wise Wm.(T, (juarterrn'r, resigned 
Wood Tiiomas ^V., A 
Woodward Henry ^L, sergt., A 
\\'ri;,'lit Aiidnw C., A., res. 
\\'ri^,'lit .'\ndr( w ('., Jr., nun., A 
Wright Henry, H 
"Wyman Jchn, J') 
Young Penjamin A., G 
Young Lewis A., A 

.'ih.r-in f;\, ii.y r.f .■ ; ■■. .«i 



■ I' 

'1 , I 




Abbott John W., D 

Abbott Sylvester 1)., D 

Adams tJcoige W. S., Ci 

Aldvich Hiram 11., D 

Allen Thomas O , major 

AmsdL'ii Stephun C, sergeant, C 

Angoll Andrew J., G 

Atkinson Ira, U 

Auld James F., G 

Averill William E., Q 

IJabb John W.. U 

JJailey Allen, G 

liailey Joshua 11., G 

]5avnard Fred. ]I., C 

liaron I'red. A., G 

iSarry \\'illiam F., C 

IJaniett Edward T., G 

Bartlett Edwin W., D 

Bass "William, assistant surgeon 

IJassett Charles 11. , 1st licut., G 

liassctt (jcr.shom C, C 

I'.iekfoid John Q., G 

lUngham Ilervey, G 

i'lixby Joseph, C ' ' 

lilack William, G 

Blake William J., sergeant, C 

]ilood Oifurd U., com. sergeant 

15ovle James, D 

Bradford Oliver K.. G 

Breckciiridge Charles, G 

}5rooks Willis II., C 

Brown Alfred, E 

Brown J. J. C, sergeant, D 

Brown Oscar E., D 

Ijuekland Henry, C 

Bullens Stephen A., corporal, G 

BurbankEleazer R., hosp. stew. ,8 

Burgess Au:,'ustus, C 

Burke Lucius M., D 

Burnham James II., C 

Burnham Walter, surgeon 

Butterfield Lucius, D 

Campbell Hugh, C 

Campbt-U James 1\, C 

Carr ChaiUs F., C 

Caverly John II., C 

Chandler Simeon C , corporal, D 

CJhapman Charles F., D 

Chase William W., (i 

Church Waldo B., D 

Clark Jaiues G., C 

Clark William II., C 

Clougli Marshall II., G 

Cohurn (Jeorge II., (i 

Cochran Henry II., D 

Colliurn Elias H., G 

Collins Charles H., D 

Collins Eiios, corporal, C 

t^onlay John, E 

Copps Marcus W., sergeant, Q 

('orner Ivobert, C 

Crosby Benjamin F., C 

(Jrosby Jason W., C 

C^ross George ^\^, C 

Crowd 1 Jloscoo G., C 

1) lisev Michael, D 

Dane Charles F., H 

Davis CK-orge A., G , • 

Hay William 1)., C 

Higgles William II., C 

Hit^on lleul;en IL, sergeant, D 

Honal<lson Miles I., C 

iKar William IL, corporal, C 

Downing Edward, C ,!,,.,) i.» 

Drew Edward II., A 

Huville IVter, D 

Eager Walter IL, D 

Fames A^gil II. , sergeant, C 

Fastman Alphonzo, mubician, C 

Ivit.m Charles 11., E 

Engle John, G Teddy, C 

Fvans Benjamin F., C 

Evans J^ilin W., E 

Farrar William E., quartermaster 

F.arell Joseph, C 

Farrell Michael, D 

Favor George II. . corporal, G 

Fillmore Amos B., G 

Flanders W illiam S., B 

Flynn Sinion, I) 

Fiillaiislice Albert S., colonel 

Foiter B. F., musician, E 

Foster George M., B 

Freeman Benjandu F., C 

Fuller Ldwaid A.. C 

Gilman Edward, C 

(illman Joseph H., D 

Oilman Lorenzo !>., D 

Goddard Benjamin F., captain, C 

Godfrey Blaney, G 

^ Godfrey John T., D 

C 'H R O " U H 2 M O 

:!' J, 




Goodliuc diaries II., D 

(loochvin ("larciulon, tr 

Grant Miltoii ]•'.., curporal, C 

Gray Kdwin M., G 

Gray Enistus II., G 

Gray Thomas J., G 

Green AlbirtT., corporal, G 

Griiiie-i Sauuicl W., ber^jt. major 

Guild Jolin 11. P., G 

Ihig^'ett John 11., G 

Ilanibk't Alhtrt, corporal, C 

Hamilton ^\'illiam K., C 

Ilnnaford William, G , 

Hardy Harvey C., C 

Harlow Edward 15., C 

Harris Ikiijaniin V., D 

Harris llmry 11., (i 

Hart James \V., captain, D 

Hatch Alfred A., G 

Hedrick George C, G 

Horsey Amos l'\, G 

Hill Frank D., D 

Hill James U., sergeant, G 

Hill Joseph C. G 

Hilton Cliarles A., G 

Hobart I'leeman A., C 

Holt Abiul P., D 

Holt Ednurd i\., corporal, G 

llovcv Edwin, C 

Hnlm'e Jolm II., C 

Huntoon Charles II., G 

Hutcliiiisun Henry, G 

Jockow Julius C, G 

Jones i'ruscolt L., corporal, C 

Kibbce diaries II., 1) 

Kimball WUliam II.. G 

Kittredgc Abner I-., G 

Knowlton G. W., G 

l.aMountaiii Peter, E 

Lamson Daniel 15. Ij., G 

Lamson Nathan G., G 

Lary Aloiizo, C 

LaAVton (>eorgeE., G 

Leavitt Horace II., G 

Lenl'est S. Augustus, sergt., G 

Liddell Andrew, corporal, G 

Little Edwin, E 

Locke (jtor^'e A., D 

Long Jidin, D 

Lord llandolph C., coiporal, G 

Lovrien Gharles E., C 

Planning Lyman 15., F 

Mannix i'. H., G 

Mansfield Frank, 

Marshall Klnibali,C "'■.•'• 

Martin Laiirin, G 

Marr James, G 

Marr William, G 

Mason Frank S., D 

Mason Irving ^V., C 

McAloon James, D 

MeCurdy ^\'^llialn IS., 1st lieut., G 

McDonnell Thomas J., D 

Mclvin John, G 

Meredith James, D 

IMongovan Joseph A., G 

Morse J. Ellniilge, (j 

Mosher Daniel W., G 

Jilurray Jaines, B 

Muzzey Hiram G., 2nd lieut., D 

Nichols John (i., E 

N(nris Frank P., musician, G 

Norton Eugene W., G 

Noyes George il., G 

OT5riin James, D 

Paige llarlin 0., musiciaji, G 

I'arker Henry, G 

Paulus Paul, '2d lieutenant, G 

Peabody Frank 15., C 

Pearl Auburn F., G 

I'earson Daniel O., (i 

Pelsue George \\'., D 

Pcndergast Laac 15., sergeant, G 

Perkins Pollin, 11 

Perrin \Villiam H., G 

Pike George 15., D 

Piuney Samuel C, 1st lieut., 1) 

Piper AVilliam 15., G 

Proctor George II., corporal, G 

Kiehard>on Charles IL, corp., G 

Pichardsim John A. G., 2d It.. G 

Kicker Charles II. , corporal, C 

Poach W.lliam, E 

lloberts Nathaniel, G 

Uolte Frank <)., C 

Kushwor:h William M., D 

Sanborn James 15. P., G 

Sanborn James M,, corporal, D 

Sanborn John C. G 

Sanborn Sylvaiuis, G 

Sanderson Oliver S., C 

Sargent Willard S. C, D 

Savage Owen IL, G 

Savage William W., G 

Scott David, G 

Shields John IL, D 

■. . >>o:\ii '/'• ! \" I' '. J :r»v:vvj 


'•' I- 

• r ■ 

i , » 



Short (Jeorgc, C 

Sinirti (.joorge C, D 

Smith (ieov^e II., C 

Smith Samuel A., 1) 

Sp;iKliii!i; (i. Warren, G 

Spalding William II., Q. ^i. 6erg't 

Spencer John, G 

Sprague Cordycc II., C 

Stanwood Lawrtnco, G 

Stearns Augustus, G 

Stearns Samuel E., corporal, G 

Stevens Gharle.s A., G 

Stevens George C., G 

Stickney Ira, sergeant, G 

Stockman Moses W., D 

Stott Samuel E., G 

Stott Thomas, G 

Tarbell G-orge G., 1st sergt., G 

Taylor John P., Jr., E 

Taylor Xathan, captain, G 

Thissell E. Amri, D 

Thompson Henry M., G 

Titus Samuel, C 
Townsend John F., sergeant, G 
Varnum Daniel II., G 
Vmal Gharles A., G 
Wadhigh Jcjhn D., G 
Wadleigh William P., G 
Ward James, C 
\\'ashhurn Charles, G 
Weutworth I^IerrillJ., sergt., D 
Wetherbee Walter O., G 
Whiteomb George M., (Jr 
AVhitney John H.. B 
Wilder Ambrose S., corporal, U 
NVilmau John II , G 
Wilmaix Tliomas, G 
William William C., C 
Woods Henry S., hosp. steward 
\Voods Grestes L., G 
Wortheu Matthew F., G 
Worthingtun Alfred, G ' , 

Wiight Andrew G,, Jr., E 
I Wright George E., C 


Abbott Charles W., 10 N. II. 
fAbbott Edward G., capt., A 2 
Abbott Fletcher M., capt., K 2 
Abbott George E., B 11 
Abbott (Jeorge R., 7 Uattery 
fAb'.iott Henry L., major, 20 
fAbbott Samuel 1)., I Sharpsh's 
Abbott Solomon, II 33 
Abbott William O., F 33 
Adams Ah^l P.. 7 Battery 
fAdams Gharles A., sergt., F 33 
Adams (leorge D., 7 Battery 
Adams Ilosley II., 12 Me. 
*Adams James il., E 2G 
Adams Xathauiel 11., 15 Battery 
*Ainlcy Joseph, II 27 
Ahem Daniel, 33 
Alcott Charles, 10 N. H. 
Aldrich Ceorge, It U. S. Battery 
Aldrich Loammi C, A 2 
Alexander George, D 30 
♦Allen Abraham, B 30 
Allen Edwin, lieut. colored rogt. 
fAllen George S., 1 Sharpshoot's 
Allen Thomas, 11 

Allen Thomas, 70 N. Y. 

Ally Josiah, G 33 

Am'bden Stei)hcn G., 7 Battery 

^Anderson George B., II 26 

G Anderson John, 2 

Andrews E. A., F 3 Cavalry 

Andrew^ Ed^in E., 33 

Andrews Nathaniel, K 2 II. Art. 

3 Annis Mark, 2 Artillery 

fAiibart Atis E., I 10 

Aiitliony (ieorge T., A 33 

Appleby Jacob, A 20 

Appleton James, B 2 

Arlin John, 7 Battery 

Arlin John AV., 7 Battery 

Annitage VVm. J., Corp., 4 Battery 

Armstrong James, G 10 

Arnold Benjamin, 32 

^Arnold William W., A 20 

Atkins Samuel S , A 40 

Atkinson Ira, A 2 

Atwuod Charles C., L 1 Cavalry 

Atwood Daniel F., A 33 

2 Atwood George H., V. K. C. 

Austin Charles H., G 33 


•('■ •:,;! !::. ;!.!,.. .'■ ■■*■• 

'■. h '^A 

, ~; .i: 

'f . .': 



Austin Gcnrj^e W., U 30 

G Austin CiiLuuville, 2 Cavalry ' 

*Austiu Saiiaal U., A 2G 

fAusiiu Sl'IIi J., A 33 

Avery Frauk S., G 33 

Avers Chilvin, 7 15atiery 

Ayliiig Aug. I)., 7 JUit.; 1 It., 13 29 

Uabbiit lienjainiu F., 13 oU 

Br^buOL-k Alonzo J., sergt., 112 

IJabininytou Amos, L) 11 

Eachcldur Sti'pht'n, (t 33 

liacou llinry II., C 1 Cavalry 

Eadgtr Frank S.. E 12 

Ladiicr Willard F., F 33 

Uagley Janu'S, Jr., G 32 

iJaglcy ^Villiam II . 11 

Eag^haw George, 15 Liattcry 

llalian Edward, I) 2G 

Eailey Cliarles A., inus., E 33 

liaik-y Cfcorgc E., A 20 

Bailey James II., A 2 

Bailey Sands, B 30 

Bailcv NValier S., lieutenant A 2 

Baker Alexis, G 16 

Baker Jacob B.. E 2 N. II. 

Baker Joseph F., 11 30 

Baker \\alter L., 7 Battery 

'Halcom Frank M., K 26 

tUaldwinCUark G., C 30 

♦Baldwin John 11. S., mus., K 2 

fliall Henry C, A 2 

Bantill Kiehard II.. 15 Battery 

Banlcs Thomas, (i 33 

Bannister NN'iUiam, E 1 Cavalry 

Barker Angelo P., musician, I 2G 

Barker Mo-,es D., A 2 

*Barkcr 'I'luiddeus A., mus., I 20 

G Barlow I'ranklin E., 35 

4 Barlow Bobert S., Vet. R. C. 

Barnard B. B., D 2i3 

^Barnard David B., C 30 

Barnes George W., G 33 

iiarnes l-,r:!el F., D 2G 

Barnes Joseph C, 1 Battery 

Barnes Uicliurd, 2 Heavy Art. 

Baron Frederick A., 2 Sharpsh's 

tHarrett Jolm, II 30 

Barrett Michael, corporal, B 30 

Barrett I'atriek, I 16 

Barrett Ki( hard, sirgcant, 3 Cav. 

3 Barrett Tliomas, 2 

Barry A. 10., 7 Battery 

Barry Edward, G 20 

Barry lOdward, K 31 
t Harry John, D 16 • 

^ Harry William, F 30 
Bartk'lt Daniel B. II., 7 Battery 
Bartlett Ebenezer N., 7 Battery 
Bartlelt Orin, E 33 
Bartlett Reuben A., 7 Battery 
Bartlett Sylvanus, 2 iSharpshoot's 
Barilett Wellington, F 33 
fHascom Wallace, A 2 
Bass Charles, II 2 
tHassett Joseph C, scrgt., A 2 
*lias.-idy Patrick, A 30 
Bassidy Thomas, A 30 
Ihitchelder George II., C 30 
Batchelder William S., 2 II. Art. 
Battersbce James, B y 
'■Battles Jolin. 11 30 
Hean Daniel, B 11 
Bean James W., 1st It., 7 Battery 
Bean Matthew, G 19 
Bean Walter F., D 2 
Ik-an William II., B 19 
Beard George W., B 30 
Heauman NS'ilson, 2 H, Artillery 
'Heauheau Daviil, B 30 
Hell Ahin/.o E., 7 Bat.; V. R. C. 
Bennett George A., 15 Battery 
Be!\t William II., A 35 
Hcrkley Jeremiah, 59 
G Bern'heirelte Adam, Vet. R. C. 
'•Hcrrian John, 1' 30 
*Herrian I'atriek, G 16 
Herrv tMiarles C, 7 Battery y 
' Bcr'ry Frank S., A 26 
Berry Nelson II., I Kansas Cav. 
5Berry Thomas C. 
"-Hetrone Charles, 30 
tBiekford Charles II., B 2 
Biekf<,rd David B., A 2 
fHickford Wm. H., sergt., D 26 
Bicknell B., 3 Cavalry 
Hillings Daniel, 2 
GHilhngton George II., 8 
Hhick Angus, B II ; 30 
*Black Charles A., B 30 
Biack David O., musician, K 26 
Black Hugh, G 16 
Hlack James B., B 30 
Blackmer Warren A , A 26 
Blackstone Harrison \\'., F 33 ; 
sergeant C, 2nd 11. A. 
I Blackstone Reuben H., G 33 

v;;. -. ..;:r •!.' iv/f.j 


r/ ; I 
V t I ; ■ 


.) .: .}■ 

:> ■.: .1 f. 

1 <. A t. 



in.iir Lowell C, B 19 

*lJl;.lr Williuin W., Ij 19 

Llai>dill Chark'S 11., I 33 

lilaLsdull John E., 7 JJatUry 

lilaisckU William B., 3 Cavalry 

Bl:iko t'hark'S G., A 2 

lilakc Elias O., Corp.. 7 Battery 

*l)lakc John A., !•' 30 

Blake William A., 7 Battery 

Blake Will. am S., 2 Heavy Art. 

+ BIaiichar(l C. F., captain, B 30 

Blanchard Samuel 1*., 7 Battery 

fHlessinj^ton Bernard, C I 

fBleshin-ton liu^^h, B 30 

fBlod^ett John E., 30 

Blood Andrew, captain, H 2G 

ISlood Charles S., B 3 Vt. 

Blood Leonard, 26 

Bly Daviil, A 29 

Boardnian William A., 7 Battery 

Bodwell Elijjhalet, K 2 H. Art. 

2 Boggs WUliam ^L 

Bogue Edward, I 20 

Bomie James, D 2G 

Bogue William, II 33 

Bohonau C'hark-t, E., 2 

fHohonan (Jeorge W., corp., F 33 

liohonan Joseph, A 2G 

*Bohonan Martin, 1 Heavy Art. 

Bond Andrew F., F 33 

Bond lieoige S., II 33 

Boner Josiph, 12 Me. 

Bonney .•^eih, 1st lieut., F 26 

Boom Edward T., D 26 

♦Bourne Frank, D 30 

Bourne Lemuel V., 2 11. Artillery 

Boutwell Iklson, corporal, G 10 

fBowdi-ii Ihnest, G 33 

Bowers Charles, sergeant, 7 Bat. 

Bowers Ira, 26 

Bowkir Ldward A , 15 Battery 

2 Bowler Joseph, 
Bowman James A., A 2 
Bowman \\'iUiam, A 2 
Boyce James, 30 

Boyd Hugh, 2 lieut, I IG 
^Boyd Jo^eph, B 30 
Boyle George, H 30 

3 Boyle James, 1 Cavalry 
♦Boyle John F., corporal, II 26 
Boyie Michael, 14 U. S. Infantry 
*Boyne James, D 20 
Boyutou Fiaiik 1*., corp., 7 Bat. 

Boynton Oliver II., G 33 

Brackett Albert \\'.. Corp., G 33 

Bradburv Cliarles ]■:., Vet. ll.C. 

Bradeen W\ II., It 20 , , 

tBradlord William, B 11 "' 

Bradley Patrick, IJ IG 

♦Bradley Patrirk, I) 30 

Bradley Wm. II., surg., 7 Battery 

Bradt James G., .surgeon 26 

ISrady James, B 1 1 

Brady John, (i 19 

Brady Jolin, K 19 

Brady John G., (i 19 

■Brady Mark, mu-ieian, G 26 

Brady Patrick, .50 

4 Brady Biehard, 33 

Brady \\'m. G., sergt., 1.5 Battery 

Bragdon Albion K., G 33 

Bran Scth, C 30 

2 Brand Jacob 
Brannan James, 33 

lirannan James, 3 ('avalry 

Brannan Thomas, II 33 

J:Braz-'r Charles E., corp., 7 Batt. 

Breason Philip, B 18 

15reen James, DIG 

Brennan James, F 2G 

♦Hrennan Patrick, H 26 , , 

Brennan Richard, F 33 

Brian Owen, B 2 

Brick John, 1 Cavalry 

Biiggs Ansel S., F 33 

Briggs Franklin \V., A 2 

Briggs James, -sergt.. 15 Battery 

fBri 'gs John, Jr., A 2 

Briggs 'Simeon, 7 Battery 

Brigham Chas. W., sergt., 7 Batt. 

fliriglit Henry C , A 2 

Bri>haw Geoige, A 33 

Brishaw Xelst^n, A 33 

Biitton Frederick A., corp., B L5 

Brock Stephen, 1.3 liaitery 

Orogan Michael, F 33 

Brooks (Jeorge, band, 26 

Brooks Henry C, sergeant, C 30 

Brown Charles, 11 uiiatt. II. A. 

Brown Ch.irles II., F 33 

Brown Chailes S., F 17 

Brown Daniel, \'> Battery 

Brown Daniil W., A 2 

Hrown Frederick II., C 2 

6 Brown George, 2 Cavalry 

Brown George 11., wagoner, A 2 

•iii v.)i 

;.'j V, 



i. ..' 





I3rn\vn Ilcnry S., corporal, G 33 

*lhown Jiimas M., B 30 

*JJro\vii James W., corp., D 20 

13ro%vn Jerome B., A 33 

fBrown John, 7 B.ittery 

Brown John S., U 1 1 

Broun Joliii S., I 25 

Brown Lewis, 33 

flirown Robert, 7 Battery 

Bruce Henry C, 1 Cavalry 

3 Bryant Arthur, 2 Cavalry 

J3ryant Cyrus P., F 33 

Bryant Janies H., C 30 

Jiuckley Jeremiah, C 59 

Buckley Tlioinas, G 33 

1 Buj^bce James T., 2 Cavalry 

Bul;.er John C, 33 

tBulIard William T., A 2 

Bulhns Fiank M., K 2 II. Art. 

*Bulmer Jolin, A 26 

flJumpus U. F., A 2 

fUumpus Ephraim, C 2 

liuncher Henry, 3 Cavalry 

*15urbank Augustus F., B 30 

Burgess Charles W., 2 lieut, I 30 

Bur!,'ess Dwelley W., G 19 

*Hur;:joyne Patrick, F 30 

*Uurke John, corporal, D IG 

Burke John B., B 9 

Burke Patrick, II 26 

♦Burke ^\'i!liam F., corp., II 26 

Burnham Theodore, 15 Battery 

Burns Edward, I 16 

]5urns J'^dward, F 30 

lUirns luhvard, 7 Battery 

Burns Frank, B 40 

15 urns Jolm, A 2 

Burns Jolm, B 9 

Burns John, D 16 

fBurns John A., corporal, F 30 

Burns Patrick, A 30 

fBurns Thomas, I IG 

Burns Thomas, S Battery 

Burns 'Thomas, 2 Heavy Artillery 

Burr Josc;)h C, corporal, C 30 

Burrows Hollis M., I 38 

15 irrows John A., corp., 1 Sharp. 

*15u.seh Frank J., G 16 

fPush James M., 2 N. II. 

Bussell Henry, C 33 

Busscy <.)scar B., 1 Battery 

Butler Benjamin F., major general 

Butler Edward, D 16 

Butler James, 1 Battery 

P.utler John, B 11 

»Butler John, G Battery 

Butler -Mitchell .\I., E 2 11. Art. 

Butler Patrick, G 16 

Butler lUehard, corporal, F 30 

Butterlield Fred'k 0., com. dtp't 

1 Heavy Artillery 
tButterlield Frank S., D 26 
Butterlield Luther JL. 15 15attcry 
Butterlield Steph. S., F33; 15 Bat. 
Butters Edward, A 20 
Buxton I'r ml; \V., A 2 
ri5uxton (ieorge W., corp., A 2 
Buz/.ell Oliver A., F 33 
Byam liaymond S., corp., G IG 
Byrne Thomas L., corporal, B II 
Byrnes Henry, 1 Heavy Artillery 
r>yrnes John, 1 Heavy Artillery 
Cabeaii Stejihen, 15 Battery 
fCadwell Charles P.., 7 Buttery 
Cadwell Linus M., 7 Vt. 
^fCain George W., corp., B 19 
Cain John, F 20 
Cain John, Y 5G 
Cain Timothy, D 16 
fCaldwell Charles, G 16 
Caldwell John A, L 1 Cavalry; 1st 

licut., •} Cavalry 
Callahan John, A 2 
1 Callahan John, Vet. Res. Corps 
Callahan Mietiael, corj)oral, B 11 
Callahan Michael, I 16 
Callahan Thomas, Jr., Pa. Regt. 
Callan Thomas, G 33 
Calvert George, corporal, GIG 
Campdiell Charles, H 26 
Canipljell James, F 20 
CampV)ell James, 33 
Canipbell Patrick, G 3 Cavalry 
Campbell Peter, C 30 
Cannell M., 3 Cavalry Sanuiel, Jr., F 33 
Cannon Patrick, F 3 Cavalry 
Carey E.hvard, G 28 
Carey Patrick, G IG 
Carey Patiick, 15 Battery 
Carley Michael, 15 Battery 
*Carll Alunzo \\'., stalf, 2 Ind. 
Carney James, B 2 
Carney James, H 30 
Carnev Jolm, Cr 3 Cavalry 
Carney Thos. F. (2 yrs.), 25 N.Y. 

;/.;:;. f 

t 1! 

V — "7 

.'\' -. fl, ■■,. ).ru I 

i. I...,.,; 
)) i .; 



fCiirpcntcr Ilcnry A., 1 Battery 
Caii)L'nti.T Jusopli I'"., B 11 
*Cariienter WaniL-r, nius., G IG 
Carr Joscpli, U 
Carr ratiick, B 28 
Carric'k James, Gil 
*Cairi^aii James, JI 2G 
Cairigan Julm, F 1 Ij U. S. Inf. 
*Canoll James, II ;J0 
fCanoll Mai tin, G 30 
1 Carroll Patrick, 33 
* Carson Micliacl, A 26 
Uarsiwell Michael, 3 Cavalry 
(^arvell Caleb J, 7 ISattery 
Casey John, niu-ician, G 3 Cav. 
Casey John. 1 X. Y. 
5 Casey J(jl-.n, 4 Cavalry 
Cashnian Ji>lin, 3 Cavalry 
Cashnian Jolm, lo Battery James, ]5 10 N. II. 
Casmody I) miel, 7 ]]attery 
Cassicly Edward 
Cassidy Jnmes (drafted) 
tCassidy Francis, G 19 
Cassidy I'utrick, 3 Cavalry 
Cassidy Thomas, 1) 28 
Caswell Alonza F., 7 Battery 
Caswell James E., K 33 
tCaulrtel I Alfred J., 7 Uattery 
Caullield Orange S., 7 Battery 
*Cavanaui;h James, A 26 
Cavanauf^h Michael, F 56 
Caverly Daniel D., 7 Battery 
Caverly Edward (2 vrs.), 32 X.Y. 
Center Ahnon S., 2 Heavy Art. 
Cerrance James, G 33 
Chambirlain Chas. C, 30 ; 15 Bat. 
Chamberlin John R.,A2G 
IChancav Jnhn, 28 
Chandler Charles II., G 33 
Chandler .Simeon C, L 33 
Chandler WUliam A., II 2G 
IChajjin Arthur J5., 7 Battery 
♦Chapman Arnold 11., Corp., C 32 
Chapman Edward F., 7 Eattery 
2Chapmau James P. 
SChapman Samuel W., 1 II. Art. 
^Charters Reuben F , 1 IJattery 
Chase Albert E., 7 Battery 
Chase A-lier M., 7 Battery 
Chase Ezra A., Ij 29 
Chase George, G 33 
Chase Harvey 13., corp., 7 Batt. 

tChase Vdncy P., A 19 

Chase Wilson, 7 liattery 

Cheever Appleton, B 2 

Chcever Janics P., 15 Battery 

Cheever Oliver, 2 Heavy Artillery 

Cheever William B., A 30 

Clieney Cliarles A., eorp., 15 Bat. 

Cluney David J., A 2 

Christie lu;bert. B 2 

Chri:,ty John, 11 U. S Infantry 

2 (.'hureh George ?.I., 2 Cavalry 

Claify Andrew J., corporal, C 11 

Clatfv, D 16 

fClaHy 'I'honias, lieutenant, G 19 

Clapp Zebulon, 7 Battery 

Clark Benjamin F., B 15 

Clar.k Charles F., 1 licut , Corps 

de Atiicjue 
Clark Coleman, B 11 ■' 

Clark Edward D IG 
tMark Edwin 11., captain, 15 30 
Clark Elea/.er, F 3;i; eorp., 15 Bat. 
fClark Francis W ., D 2G 
Clark George M., 9 Co. H. Art, 
fClark Henry A., 7 Battery ; C 24 
Clark James, colored regiment 
*Clark Jolui W., C 30 
Clark William H , B 2 
Cleary Edward, II 2G 
Cleaveland Cliarles II., G Battery 
tCleaveland Harm at, 7 Battery 
Cleaveland John P., eliajilain, 30 
fClements Abraham, B 11 
tCliiik Richard W.„curp. B 11 
* Closson John B., A 2(1 
Clough George V\'., G 16 
Cloiigh Thomas II., B 2 ; 2 II. A. 
Coates Svlvanus P., F 33 
Cobb Wi'lliam S., C 30 
Coburn Cliarles II., 1st licut., 1 

U. S. Colored Cavalry 
Coburn Edmund C, H 33 
fCoburn James E., sergt., C 30 
Cochran Henry J., corj)., G 33 
Cochran Russell, 15 Battery 
Coehian \\'illiani, II 20 
tCocklin John. B 30 
Cogijins John, (i •..' 
Cogswell F. E., 33 
Colby Francis M., H 26 
Culby Grosveiior A., 3 Cavalry 
Colbv Lucius, B 2 
Cole Albert, II 30 



::!/• J.t.iv/" 1 

'.J / 

I . :■ 

A „( '.■ 

I t; 

. .'I 



*Cole Andrew P., 7 IJattcry 

tCole D.ivid NV., H 30 

*C(ile Gu^^tavus H., II oQ 

C>)lgvovc Adimirani M., 11 33 

CoUegan Ikniy A., 33 

CoUey Jleiiiy A., F 33 

Collins Danil'l, U 10 

Collins John, 15 11 

Collins John, D 16 

Collins Patrick, 1 X. Y. 

(Jollins KichardM., 7 Battery 

fCoUins Timothy, B 11 

Collins Will. am, 3 N. II. 

Collins William S., 1! 29 

Colton Charles C, licut.S Yt., 1st 

lieut. 2 Corps d'Afrique, 
Comcrford John A., 2d It., 3 Cav. 
tCtmuTlord William H., A 2G 
Common Frank, 3 Cav.nlry 
tConahy James, 1 12 N. Y. 
ConantlKnrv A., C 30 
Conant John'll., C 30 
Condon John P., 1st lieut., G 19 
(iCondon Willianr, Yet. II. Corps 
Conihe Orlando F., band. 26 
•Conihc Theodore ^Y., mus., A 26 
Conlan Allen II., A 2 
Conlan Garrett, G 3 Cavalry 
fConlan James (draft), G 32 
C'onlan James, 1 Me. 
Conley Frank, 15 11 
Conlcy Georj^e, C 2 
Conley llu^'h, 1 Cavalry 
Connelly Edward, I 16 
Connelly James, 1 Cavalry 
(Jonnelly John, I 10 
Connelly MlJiael, I 19 
Conner James, A 20 
Connor Eu;j;ene, G 2 
* Con nor James, A 26 
Connor John M., C 1st Battalion 
Conway Bernard, serj^eant, E 19 
Conway Geor^'O, 1st II. Artillery 
Conway James, 1st II. Artillery 
Conway Mirhael, G 3 Cavalry 
*Cook Barnabas, II 26 
Cook Charles S., F 33 
Cook Francis, 15 ]5attery 
5 Cook (ieorge 
*Cook James G., A 26 
C'ook James S., 15 Battery 
fCook William P., F 33 
Cooke Homer A., ass't Q. M. 

*Coolidse :Michael, F 20 

Coi:ney John, 'J Ct. 

C'ooper Robert, F 2 

Corbett William, B 2 

2 Curbin John 1). 

Corcoran Thomas, DIG :;,: 

"(.'orniier Edwin, 1) 30 

"Corr John C., (i Battery 

*Corr Patrick, I 30 

Corran Barney, 1 1 

Co^^r'lve John, 9 

CostVllo Daniel, I IG 

Co-.tello Edward J. B., corp., F33 

Co.-tello James, 7 Baltiry 

K;o>tello JanU'S, F ;10 

fCostello Michael, (i 3 Cavalry 

Colter Timothy, V 30 

fCoughlin James, ord. sgt., D 16 

Conrtnay James, D IG 

•'CourTnay 'Ihonia-, coip., 15 30 

('owdiy Jilareus M., luind, 16 

t-Cowdry Oliver W., 11 26 

*Cowdry Silas, mus,, 7 Battery 

•Cowell James, F 30 

Cox James, 15 Battery 

Cox James, K 2 Heavy Artillery 

Cox John, C 30 

*Cox Philip, B 30 

GCox William, Yet. lies. Corps 

Coy Eliab W., K 2 Heavy Art. 

-Coy Ceorge E., B 30 

Coy John, F 2 Maine 

Crafts Henry C, A 26 

tCraig Harrison J., 7 Battery 

Craig W;lliam, C 9 

Cram Xewall A., F 13 U. S. Int. 

Crane Martin, II 30 

Crane Patrick, I 16 

Crane Tlieodore E., F 33 

5 Craner Hugh, 22 

Crehore Charles W., A 30 

fCritchett Geo. F., lieut., 7 Batt. 

Croft Frederick, 2d licut., B 19 

Crombic William, band, 2G 

("ronau Patiick. 1 Cavalry 

Choojcer Abel F., band, 26 

fCrosby Frederick A., < i p., C 30 

*Cro;b> \\'m. 1)., t^gt. major, 26 

fCross Ira M., (« 16 

*Cross William B., corp., A 26 

Crow John, 59 

fCrowley Bartholomew, G 19 

Crowley Daniel, B 30 

.a;ic»'.»:j.' ■!;>/■' :.\ r 


.' H 

(- '.I 

V '■■ 

: I. 



Crowloy Dinnis, F 30 
Crowley James, 7 Battery 
Crowley James J., C 33 

* Crowley Patriek. G 20 
Crowley Thomas, ]J 30 
fCrowlcy Timolliy A., capt., F30 
Crowley Ti:!!. 1?., capt., 15 ION. 11. 
CroxforJ Jolui F., \o 13atlery 

* Cruse J.ui'.i.-:, A 'lii 
2 Cryer Juinc;;, 30 

Curby IXwey, G IG ; 15 IJattcry 
Curbv Pliilip, Ji U 
Cuddihav UiJun-d, II 26 
Cudihy Jolm, 13 16 

1 CuIIlu Michael, Vet. Res. Corps 
CuUen Pi'ter, 13 U. S. Infantry 
*Cuininiiig.s John, C 32 
Cumiiiings Jolm, C 1 13attalion 
Cuniniiii;/s P;itrick, 2 Heavy Art. 
Cunnin;Aliain James, 13 11 
SCunninghiTn James, 59 
*Cuiiiuiighain James, 13 30 
Ciinniiifiham James, 1 II. Art. 
Curraii Juhn, Mozart N. Y. 
Currier Chns. M., 1st It., l X. 11. 
Currv James, II 2G 

■> Curry Michael, II 2G 

Curry I\. trick S., sergt., G 3 Cav. 

fCurry IVter, 1) IG 

Curtis James, '^S 

Cusiek Patrick, G 56 

Cushiii',' E Iwiii F., II 26 

Custy Michael, I 16 

2 Dabv Uichard 
*Dacey John 11., F 26 

Daccy Thomas J., 1 Heavy Art. 

iJacey Timothy, 15 Pattcry 

Hacey Timothy J., 1 Heavy Art. 

Dacey Tiuiothy J., Corp., F 30 

tl3af,'^'ett AiKJrew J., A 2 

C Uailv Andrew, 2 

Daily James, I 16 

Daily Michael, G 11 

Dailv Patiick, C 33 

Daily Kol.crt, H 33 

Daley Edward, G 33 

Dalev John, corporal, F 30 

Daley Jwhn, D IG 

Daley Pi/iurt, C 56 

Dalev Sa.iiuel, 

DaltO!. Thomas «.. II 33 

Dam Charles A., C 4 Vermont 

Dam Mclviu E, 7 Bat.; 20 V.R.C 

Dame I>orin L., lieut., 15 Battery 

Dana George E., Q. M. clerk 

Danahey Daniel, 33 

tDarrac'ott Jas. R., 1st lieut, E 16 

Davenport Elijah, 7 Battery 

» Davis Eben L., B 2G 

Davis (/corge E., adjutant, 26 

Davis Gustavus J., C 30 

Davis Hosea ()., G 33 

Davis James A., A 2 

Davis Martin, wagoner, G 33 

Davis Oliver T., band, 26 

Davis Phineas A., capt. 7 Battery; 

major, staff 
Davis Samuel, D 5th U. S. Art. 
Davis Thomas F., I 30 
» Davis Watts E., D 26 
Davy James T., 30 
Dav Charles, A 2 
Day David S., F 59 
•Day James F., C 30 
*Da'v John, 1 Heavy Artillery 
Dav'Patrick O., cor;ioral, G 16 
Dean Cameron, H 26 
Dean (icorge IL, C 33 
fDearden John, A 30 
tDeary Paiiick, H 11 
Death James, 1 Battery 
* Death James E., 4 Battery 
DeCourcev James, C 43 N. Y. 
Deering William. B 2 

3 Delany John, 4 Cavalry 
*DL-lany John,, F 30 
Deman William, 2 Heavy Art. John F., A 2 ; adj. 109 Pa. 
tDemp.'ey Chris. E., corp., G 32 
fDempsey John, 116 
Dempsey Timothy, G 3 Cav.alry 
Dennett Erastus, seru't., D 1 Cav. 
Denton Alfred M.. F 33 
De-com George, 8 Battery 

6 Desin Oti^ E. 
Desmond Edmund, 3 Cavalry 
Divine Ccanelius, I 16 
Drvino David, B 30 

4 Dcvine John, Vt t. Res. Corps 
ID.vlin Michael. B 30 

D.voll Andrew J., 2d It.. 7 Batt. 
Dewcnt Edward, colored reg't 
Dexter Jamts A., 2 Cavalry 
Dii kerman AlphonsoT., A 26 
Diekerman C'co. M., capt., A 26 
Dickerman O. W., Isilt., A26 

.CKi/'y-Xi: ■/■•.• - ( ! :* . . .{v/oj 

•I 'A .!j-.-i.' 1 I 

•...•I r.j 



Dickey Cliarlos II.. A r,'d 

Di^TKles AVilliain II., 15 19 

1 Dill Jo>-eph,Vetc'ian Ues. Corps 

Dilliiif^haiu Paul, 7 IJattiry 

Dillingham Sitli, -M It., V S Me. 

Dilliiif,'hani W.E., 12 Mc; 1 liatt. 

Dillon Jolm II., ■-> Heavy Art,. 

Dinncen John, G 33 

Dinsniore John, B 33 

Ditson MiuDt S., K 2 

Dixcy John, 1 Maine Cavalry 

Dobbins fjeorj^e, (j '2 

Dobbins llichard, G 2 

Dnblc Flank M., ."cr-cant, I 23 

»l)o(ld William, (i 30 

Docile Win.-low II., scrgt., G 33 

*Dodgc Isaac N., C 30 

Dodwoll Charles, 13 11 

Doe , scr-t., A 10 N. II. 

Doe i:iplinnso \V., li 11 
tDohany Patrick, E 2G 
3 Doher'ty John ¥., 21 
Dohertv ^^liuhacl, A 1 Cavalry 
Doke Charles U.. (} IG 
tDolanary John, F 30 
*Dulan Daniel, II 2G 
Dolan Edward. 7 llattery 
Dole Goor^re, II 2G 
fDonahoc Cornelius, G IG 
Donahoe llugli, G IG 
Donahoe John, G 33 
Donahoe Patrick, D IG 
Donahoe Patrick, lo IJattery 
Diinahoe 'I'liomas, F 30 
Donlan Miciiacl, 3 Cavalry 
Donlan Patrirk, D IG 
1 DonTially John, 
Donnelly Joseph, DIG 
Donnelly John, B ION, II. 
5 Donnelly John 
* Donnelly Michael, K 20 
Donnelly Patrick, lo Battery 
Donnelly Thomas, B U) N. H. 
Donolioe Peter, (i 3 Cavalry 
Donovan Duncan, 11 
fDonovan John, A 30 
Donovan Matt., c apt, D IG ; ninj. 
Doudles Samuel, F 33 ; V. 11. C. 
G Dougherty James, 2.5 
Dou',das U. S., corporal. G 1 Ct. 
Dowzer rh:.rles II., F 1 II. A. 
Dow Albert F., D 30 
Dowdell Thomas, B 30 

Downes (ieorge M., 1 Battery , 
Downs liollin C, 7 Battery 
* Downing Edwin F., .V 2G ' 

Downing Frank B., B 30 
2 Doyle Adam, 31 
►Doyle Cornelius, F 2G 
2 Dijyle John, 31 
Doyle Peter, F30 
Doyle Thomas, 1 Heavy Artillery 
Doyle '1 homas, 3G X. Y. 
DrachEmil, K31 
Drake Iliram S., 9 Maine 
Drayton George II., E 2S 
Drennon Chailes, 7 Battery 
fDresser Charles, 2 
Drew Cliarlcs, 15 Battery 
Drew John W., 15 Battery 
Driscoll .Steplien, F' IG 
'Ducey .Martin. F 3i) 
tDofty John, 7 Battery 
fDully 'J'homas, C Battery 
l)\ilt'y William, 1 IL-avy Artillery 
Duncan John II., F 8 Maine 
^Dunham Georgia G IG 
'Dunlavy John, 1 IK', ivy Art. 
Dunn Thomas F., 3 Cavalry 
Dunn Timothy, G 33 
Dunnigan Steplien, 30 
Dupee Job W., D 20 
tDingin Eeavitt C, sergt., A 2 
-Durell Elijah A., 1 Co'. II. Art. 
2 Durkin Patrick, Vet. lies. Corps 
Durrell Siillman R., II 1 Cavalry 
tDustii\ Eben S., A 2 
DwinelU.-Vmos II., 7 iSattcry 
fDyar Looinai\ II., A 2 
Dver A. A., ccjipoial. 1.] Battery 
-Dyer Lewis II.. D 12 
fl'^acott Henry, G 19 
+ Ea-tinan Daniel E., C 30 
^Jvibtman Dunbar, I 2 
Eastman E/.ekiel W., 1st It., II 2G 

l";a>tiuan Nelson, 1-5 Battery 

Ea-tnian Uriah I).. B 30 

1 Eaton l.eonaul W.,V. 11. ( 

V, ivrs Clia<. (i. A., .i-,-t. surg., i/ 

Ed'iU Jereimali I,., B or E 30 

fEdds John 11., B or E 30 

E'bly Elbridgc W., mu«., G Batt, 

Ivies Charles, inusuiaTi, H 2G 

EdM,n Charles E. M., 7 Battery 

Iv.Uon Henry, 2:5 

Edwards Geo. C, 7 Bat.; Y. II. C. 

!. VI ••• .i.::f. "j.r 


A I! *,( .1 ,ri ^.^j-.^i 

I :. 'I .V 1 



Ivlwrnds Ci-rirgell., 1] 3 Vt. 
l-lhrluchcr I'^lwiu 1"., 3 Cavalry 
Elliott liicliaul A., 2d It., (J ;J0; 

captain 2 Louisiana 
Ellis Ilenrv E, corporal, I^ 33 
Ellis Jacob' v., I) 2G 
»Rlls\vnrth Andrew 13., 12 
ElvinM'iUiam, II 2G 
Emerson Chailes E., scrf^t., A 20 
*Eincrson Cliarles II., A 20 
Emerson John E., 7 liattcry 
Emerson Moses C, E 1 ; lieuten- 
ant, f^u'ijs d'AtVique 
Emerson Moses W. 
Emerson Unfus W., (i 33 
Emerson ^\'i!liam K., G 33 
Emery Ueor-e E., I) 8 N. II. 
Emery Martin ]}., 15 2 
Emery SamuelT., A 2 
Emmons I'enjamin, 15 2 
Enim.nt riiomas, 7 ]5at.; V. R. C. 
England Uvnben, 1 1 Me. 
* Enj^land Thomas, corjioral, C 30 
Enri-ht I'atriek, 10 
G Enslow Ge.-r-c, V. K. C. 
Estabrook William n., (J 1 
Estabrook \Vni.W.,(J. 1; V. 11. C. 
Evfletli John, lo iSaltery 
Everest lleiirv M., lo IJattery 
EM-ing Uohert, 11 30 
fl'jwinj: Samuel, E 33 
tEwincr William, II 30 
Eairbanks (i,M)rf,'e V\'., 15 29 
5 Eallon Andrew, F 30 ; V. R. C. 
Eallon Daniel, 1 10 
Fallon Edward, 7 liattcry 
1 Eannon Josepli, 1 liattery 
*FarriKUn IVter, D 20 
E.Trmer Elijah, (i 33 
Earnhani M. (J., 7 Battery 
fFainssvorth David W., U 30 
G Farnum (Je. rge, 2 Cavalry 
Farnum (tcorge \V., A 2 
Farr Al])ha li., colonel, 2G 
Farrar Wm. E.. 1st It., 7 liattery 
Furrell Junes, E 19 
Farrell James, G 3 Cavalrv 
Farrell I'atriek, sergeant, F 30 
Farroll Patrick, 28 
tFarrell Riehard, F 13 U. S. Inf. 
Farrington Isaac J., 2 Cavalrv 

3 Farrin-ton Michael, V. R. C. 

4 Farsoii Frank E., Vet. R. C. 

Farson Frederick E., K 2 II. Art. 

Farson James, 2d It., li "0 ; eapt. 
A 33 

Faulkner James, F 30 

FauU^iu r James, 33 

Fay James, 7 I5atti.ry 

Felix John, 30 

Fellows John, 2 II. Artillery 

Fernarn Thomas, (i 33 

Fenlay Micluul 

Fen'on I'etcr, D Ct. 

Fi.ni5 Eugene W., 1st It., D 30 

Ferris Marsh A., eapt., J) 30 

Ferson Irvintj ('., 1 11. Artillery 

Firscn Levi O . A 2 

Field David C. G., 1st l!eut.,Gen. 
llutler's stall' 

Fitld (ieorge ^^'., captain, 59 

Field Joseph, A 20 

Filield Wm. A., 1st licut. 7 Bat- 
tery ; 1st lieut. oO 

Fillisetii Charles II., 7 I'attery 

Finiiegan Daniel, 3 (/avahy 

I'innegan John, F 30 

■'> Fmnegan William. 1 1 

I'innelly M., G 3 (Javalry 

l''inton Michael, A 11 

Fiiiton Fatriek, V, 23 

tl'i-lier Cieorge W., li 30 

2 Fisher Jo-tph 

Fi>her Thomas, I) ■')9 

Fiske Edward A., 1st li. ut., B 30 

tFi-,ke John L., 7 J5atterv 

Fi-ke William O., caitaiuK 31; 
eohuiel I La. 

Fitts Charles IL, E 12 

Fitz Charli's, (i 33 

Fit/.gerald Chas. IL, wag., 7 Bait. 

Fitz-erald David, K 20 

Fit/gerald Edward, (i 19 

Fitzj^erald Edward, K 20 

Fit/girald J. 1*., sergt., F 3 Cav. 

Fitzpatriek Danirl, 11 1 Cavalry 

Fitzpatrich William D., 70 N. Y. 

Fitz>imnu)ns James IL, V, 12 

Flanders Nathan F., li 1 II. Art. 
Flaiulers William M. F.,corp.,Gl6 
Flanagan Michael, 1 II. Artillery 
• Flanagan Peter, 11 30 

Fhiiinigan James, 15 2 
Flannigan I'atriek 1'., 3 Cavalry 
r Fleming Jami's, A 2 
Fleming John, .V 30 

:t/ !J :; T . t 

'. All 

! ,T t trC'd 



2 Fleniiiitj NVilliain, '> Cavalry 
rietL-lu'i- ibiny II., 7 15altcTy 

2 Fletchor Lewis N., 7 l>attLiy 
rietchci- Ona A., A 2 

riint Hliuv C, II 2G 
riood I'atiick, C 2 
♦Flood IVtcr, II ;<0 
Flood St.i)lien K.. H 29 
fFlood 'riionias, IJ 10 
Flovd lUiiry II., E 20 
Floyd Uufigles 8., 14 Me. 
F'lynn (Jliiistopher, D 10 
Flynn John, F 10 
Flynn John, II 20 
Flvnn Miihael, G 10 
*Fl\nn Miles, 15 30 
I'lyiin Uirhard, (i I'J 
Folev Clniles, F 3;j 

3 Folev Joliii, 11 
Foley 'Michael, F ;10 
Fullausbee Daniel, 3 C'avaliy 
l^oUuusbie (ieov^'e, cajit., 1 II. A. 
F'olsoin Itoiaec, A 1 Minn. 
F'olsuni I'hilander 11., A 1 Minn. 
Foote (uoii^e L., hand 20 

Ford llohert II., A 2i; 

6 William, 32 

Foss Alphonso I)., I) 20 

F'oss Geoi-f^'e \\ ., A '.^0 

5 Foss llirani O., 2 II. Artillery 

*Foss Jaeob, wagoner, F 20 

Foss James P., corp., li 30 

Foss John C, E 2 

G Foss Sylvester D., Yet. 11. C. 

F^GSter Eenjamin F., mns., (', 30 

♦Foster Ilei.ry C, seri,'t., A 20 

fFostcr James L., A 2 

♦Foster John I)., scr^t., C 30 

Foster Lorin;^, 7 liattery 

F'ostcr Nathaniel D. P., A 2 

fFostcr Sdas I'., A 2 

tFoster Wdlard. A 2 

*Foudv John, 11 30 

Fould John E., 1 1 

Fowler Edwin S., K 2 11. Art. 

Fox Franklin M.. F 33 

2 Fox Jauics E. 

Fox Lorenzo S , ass't surgeon, 26 
F'ox Samuel, I 10 ; Vet. K. C\ 
Francis (je<;r;:e FL, ass't surg. 
Francis Jumes, major, 2 

3 Francis Tliomas, 7 lialtery 
Frawley John, 32 

♦Freeman Andrew, E 28 
Freeman ISenjamin F., i> 1 1 
I'riemun Isaac S. 1)., F Ki 
I'Veeman Simon A., 3 Cavalry 
French Asa 15., G 33 
French Franlclin, 7 Battery 
French Joseph, 11 10 N. 1 1. 
French Uobert, C 10 N. II. 
Frost Aaron li., mus., F 12 
Frost lienjamin W'., capt., II 26 
Frobt (Jharles, 1j liattcry 
Frost (ieorge W., li 20 , . 
Frost John, A 20 , ' ' 

tKrost John, D 30 
Frost Thomas, (110 
Frye Charles, A 12 
Frye James, K 2 
Fuller Cliarlcs II., A 2 
••Fuller Darius S., 7 liattery 
Fuller Kdwin A., A 2 
Fuller Henry A., 2 lieut., F 30 
I'uller Franlv C, 7 Battery 
Fuller Lucius O., 2(1 lieut., II 2G 
^Fulton James R., 11 20 
I'ulti^n Jolin, II 2ij 
Fulton Walter M., II 20 
* Furlong James, I) 20 
'Furlong Patrick IL, I 30 
(Jall'ney John, corp., F 30 
Gage Daniel P., assistant sur- 
geon, 33. 
Gale Charles II., corjjoral, F 33 
tGale Jolin A., I 3 U. S. Inf. 
(iale Morton, A 33 

3 (ialla.>lier Charles, o'J 
Galhiglier James, II 30 
(lallagher James, II 33 
Galbiglier James, G 3 Cavalry 

4 (ialhi^her James I>., V. II. C. 
ftiallagher John, I) 16 
*(iallagher Owen, F 30 
Cialla^'lur Thomas, G 29 

4 (ialligan John, 32 
Galvin Daniel, 8 Battery 
fGalvin John, G 10 
Gannon I'.itrick, IT) Ky. Cavalry 
tiannc'U Tliomas, 1 ('avalry 
Gara liernard, 3 Cavalry 
'Gardner Henry L., 7 ISattery 
Gardnir Pasho, 1 Cavalry- 
Garland Charles II.. F 33 
(iarland Jidm A., A 2 
fGarland Owen, E 9 

. J. .' ' I I.M It' 

I' ;; 

I ■ I 

/ 1 1 /I 



Garrett llenrv L., corp., G 33 ; C 

2 ILravy Aitillery 
Garrett Win. A., iiius, 17; 2 11. A. 
(Jiirrij^iiu llc'iiry, 1> I'J 
♦Giuri^'an Henry M., A 30 
Gurrif^an Peter, F 30 
Garrity Daniel, li 2 
ftianity IIu<.^h J.. I IG 
(iarrity Jaiiie.-, 3 Cavalry 
(Jairity Patrick, F 30 
Garvey Michael, 1£ 26 
♦Garvin James A., A 2G 
(Jarviu Edward, F 33 
Garvin Scth E., 15 IJattery 
*Gass William U,, D 2G 
fGatcs Horatio X., corp., G IG 
fGay Edward, F 13 U. S. Inf. 
Ciayinonds Gcorj^e, lo Pattery 
Gaytoa James, lo Pattery 
'i'Geliardiue Eouis, 30 
Gclery Josci)h, 1st It., 2 ; cai)t. 57 
» George Albert, 3 Paltery ; 2d It. 

U Pattery 
Georj^e Amos S., 2G 
George Daniel M., F 33 
(leoi^e Edward C, 3 Pat.; 15 do. 
George Edward T., 3 Pat ; 15 do. 
(icorge John F., captain, G 2 
Gerity Michael, sergeant, DIG 
GerosO Jo^epli, (i 30 
3 Gihbins Jeremiah, \'ct. 11. ('. 
Gibbs Oscar F., G 3*3 
GU)by Jolin, I 32 
Gibney Owen, G 3 Cavalry 
Gibson David, 1 Heavy Artillery 
Gilford Leonard G., A 2 
Gildee Hugh, D 16 
tGillon Hugh, P 11 
(JiUon Jolin, G 2 
fGihnan Aaron \V., D 2G ; 15 liat. 
Gihnan Albert J., 1 IL. ArtiUery 
Gilnian HoUis M , cor[)., E IG 
Gilman John IL, ass'tsurg., 10 
ftiilnian Xewall G., A 2 
Gilman Otis IL, 13 
fCiilmorc Isaac E., A 26 
Gilmore William P., 3 Cavalry 
fGilson Albert, P 2 
Gilson Albert A., C 30 
fCiilson John, P 2G 
*tGilson Warren W., C 30 
t(jilpatriek John, A 2G 
Giiou.K Thomas C, mus., A 2 

("■lines Amos, A 2 

(i lines A/ariah P., 15 Pattery 

(il(jv( r (ieinge M., C 1 

Glover Jolm, 5 Colored U. S. Car. 

2 GlynV Joliu F., 59 

Gi.ggin Edward F., F 2 II. Art. 

(iiolden Parney, G 33 ,, 

♦Hulden Pernard, D 16 

jCiolden Dennis, F 2G 

Golden Michael, 1 Rhode Island 

''(jolden Owen, P 30 

Oolding Michael, C 26 

Golding Patrick, 15 Pattery 

* Guiding Patrick, 11 30 

fCioodhue John, A 26 

1 (ioodluie Sumner A.,F 1; V.Il.C. 
Goodell Jotham, 2 H. Arlillery 
Goodell Harlan 1'., 7 Pattery; hos- 

l)ital steward, ^\'ashington 
(joodrieh George, 1 II. Artillery 
(ioodwin Alfred II., A 2 
fCioodwin Alonzo, G 16 
(Goodwin Amaziah N., It., 9 Me. 
6 Goodwin Edward F., 2 II. A. 
(ioodwin (jeorge O., E 22 

2 Goodwin Lyman O., 
Goodwin Oscar, 2 Cavalry 
fOoudwin 'I'homas J., A 26 
(jordon Hiranr \\'., tergeunt, D 26 
(iordon Horace, 33 

Gorman Aaron 11., L 33 
liurinan James, H 12 
Gorman John A., G 3 Cavalry 
Gorman Thonias, G 3 Cavalry 
(iorman Thomas, 15 Puttery 
Gormley Felix, I 16 
Gove Algernon S., 7 Pattery 
CJove CHiarles F., 1 Cavalry 
(iove Morrill C, 1 Pattery 
(Jould Alonzo F., A 33 
(iimld Ernest L., I 11. Artillery 
Gould John, P 2 
fijoulding Owen, D 16 
(iraey David, H 42 
Grady John, I 16 
(irady Michael, F 19 
(iratl'ini Charles, 11 21 
(iraliam Charles, H 1 Cavalry 

2 Graham Jacob IL, V. K. C. 
Graham James, 2 Sharpshooters 
1 lirant Oeorge W, 

3 Grant John 

Grant Lorenzo C, 1 Pattery 

t!iC ! 4 Y/O.I 




.",;: ■'! 


^- " , 



(ji'anvillc Jdm, (j 3 Cuvjihy 
Gray Daniel \V., 1 X. 11. I'iattcry 
fOray Janus, A 3 <^'avaliy 
Circaton Oijcd \V., U 11 
tGrccley Julin ¥.., 151 1 "* 
Green Alanson 1*., 7 liattcry 
*(iiec'n Jame-^, 1 II. Artillery 
(jreen Julm, lO 'J'j 
(Jrecii Saii.ucl, F '2G 
Green NVelj.ster M.. 7 Battery 
Green Willi^im, II 33 
Greenlaw Mo.-es \V., 1; 1 Md. 

fGreeiileaf liuel AV., corp., C 30 
*Green\vond Calvin W'., nius.,I2r) 
Greenwoiid Fiank W ., dr. nuij.,'-lG 
2 (uey Jol.n I'. 
Griiliii Aiiek M., 15 Battery 
Griliin Jolm 1)., B .iO 
GrllHu I'atiiek, l.j Battery 
Groom James, G 3 Cavalry 
Crroom John, 17 
Grout Aloa/.o C, 2 Cavalry 
Grout Cliauneey L., A 2G 
Grout Tranli. 11., A 2G 
Grout Latliriip C 2 Cavalry 
Grover Charle>, 2 N. II. 
Crush Joseiih S., 2d Cavalry; 2d 

liciit., lo ]5attery 
Guild James A., 1 11. Aitillery 
Guiton Janitrs, ¥ 30 
liaekett Alfred. 15 Battery 
Iladlev Aaron S., 71 111. 
Ilaffey Patriek, 9 Conn. 
"Ilagf^erty Cornelius, I) 30 
llaggerty'Mi. hael, F 30 
lla-yerty Peter, maj., ass't adju't 

gen., Gen. Butler's btaff 
Hale Cliarles A., 15 Battery 
•Haley John, D 26 
Haley'Wilham, I) IG 
tJlall James N., — N. Y. 
t^lall JL-rcUiiah S., Corp.. A 2 
Hall John, nnisician, B 12 
Hall Mark, H 33 
*Hall Patriek, 21 
HallThalles, 12 Me. 
Hall Wi..thn,i) IL. adj't, 23 Me. 
HaUaday Daniel, K 1 H. Art. 
Halladav Pr i.nklin, K 1 II. Art. 
llallahan J(din, F 12 
Ilalkran, E 9 
tllalkrau Midiael, II 2G 

r.dpin I'lank, F 33 

llalpin Paitiek, A 2G \ .\:i. 

Ilainhlelt Alpheus, A 30 
llaiuhlett Benjamin S., C 30 
Hamilton Fdward, F13 US. Inf. 
[amilton H. E., ^I 1 Cavalry 
Hand (ieorge J., .'^tr;,'!., C 30 
land Henry M., s^erjrr., 7 Battery 
landley Ahrani, E 2G 
Hamlley I-'rank, E 2(j 
landley Geor^'e, E 2G 

ilanke William, Vet. 11. C. , ^r. 
lanley John, (J 30 

Hanna Josepli, 33 
lannan Ellas, (i 33 
I.mnaford AViUi .ni, G 3 Cavalry 

Hanniijan Jereuii.di 
I msconi Fianeis, (i 33 
Lin.-.eomb Geor;;e AW, 7 Battery 
Ian>on I'lphraim C, A 2 
lanson George, 7 Battery 
1 mson John, 13 U. S. Infantry 
Iinson John, 15 Battery 
lanson Ttiomas li.. C 30 
lajji^ood \N iUiam E. S., G 33 

liLipnev Daniel 
lirdinp'Fred.rick, 2 H. A. 
lardy Jo>iah S., 2 Cavalry 
Ilarkins Miehael, A 30 
larlow I'.duin, A 2 
larnum Danii.l, U Conn. 
Harmon lOlhridge, 2 
larndeu ICdwin, wagoner, A 33 
Harney Frank, U Battery 
larney ^lartin, (j 2 
larney Iliehard, G 30 
larper Alexander, 1 Battery 
I;ti])or John ^\^, -wagoner, B 11 
larrahan James, G 1 

Harriyhy Edward. 2 H Art. 
Itirihan 'I'homus, B 7 
ilariinian Alonzo D., B 30 
llaniman Charles L., A S3 
larriman George \V., G 33 
I iiiiman (jilliert, 2 H. Artillery 
larrington Daniel, I) IG 
1 lairingtcn John, (i IG 
i 1 111 in^;ion John, B 30 

Harrington John, 1 1 
larringlon John, B 4 N. II. 
Harrin^'ton Miehael, B 30 
larrington Patrick, ser^t., D IC 
larrington I'utiiek, C 33 

(f . 

w /•- . 1 

■(> •" 

i.iinitl' l.\3V <A 


., '.I 

■ ;. Ill 



llaniiigton Timothy, E 19 

llani^^on William, G 3 Cavalry 

JIart Jolm, D 16 

llait John J., A 40 

Hart Thoma?, G IG 

llaitford Michael, 1 Tcnn. 

Ilailwc'll Cephas L., 1 It., 7 Bat. 

Harvey Hu-h, D 2G 

Harwood John.ass't surg.,10 N.II. 

Haskell Charles T.. 2 

fllaskcU Charles ^V., 7 ]5attery 

Haskell I'Mward L., fi IG 

*Habkin.s Miehael, A 30 

5 Hasi^ett Dennis, 2 II. Artillery 

fllassett Martin, 13 30 

Hastings Charles, A 2 

* Hatch Khenezer L., H 2G 
Hatch Fiank T., curp., C 30 ; Q. 

M., 76 U. S. CoI'd llcg^ 
Haiiscr George 
Hawkins Francis, 2 H. Artillery 

2 Ha\\ kins James, 5 Cavalry 
Hay Thomas, F 30 

Haydeu Charles F., sergt., I) 26 

* Hay den (Jeorge A., Corp., 7 I3at. 

3 Hayes James, '2 

Hayes John, 7 Battery; V, 11. C. 

fllayes Patrick, 1 N.Y. Chasseurs 

3 Ilazen Joseph W'., Vet. 11 C. 

Hi'.zzard Win. W., 5 Col'd Cav. 

fHeald Joel M., C 30 

Ileald Thomas II., I Sharpshoot's 

Heald Timothy W., 1 Sharp's 

*JIealey John, G 32 

1 Ilealey John, Vet. 11. C. 

flleath Martin V. B., C 30 

Heaton Richard II., 2 H. Art. 

lldfion William, G 3 Cavalry 

5 lleu'an Josej)!!, 2 H. Artillery 

5 Heiduk Charles, 2 H. Artillery 

fllcov Patrick, A 2 

*IIender.on Huyh, D 30 

llenn-brv John, C 9 

Herrick George B., K 2 H. Art. 

*ilersey Franklin J., 7 Battery 

llersey Hiram, G 33 

■1 Ila-eltine James C, Vet. K. C. 

flleslan Bernard, F 30 

tHibbard Thaddens A., A 2 

Hicks Gustavus P., 7 Battery 

Hildreth B. F., G 33 

Hildrcth George E., D 26 

C Hill Charles, 2 Cavalry 


Hill James E., F 33 
Hill James R., B 11 ; 4 N.Y. Art. 
lliU John J!., lieut., 17 
Hill Lawrence, 8 Battery 
tllill MartinV.B..10 Me.; It. 1 La. 
Hill Nathaniel, 1 II. Artillery 
Hill Patrick D., sergeant, G 3 Cav. 
Hill Thomas F., 11 
Hill WilUam E.. 15 Battery 
Hilton George W., B 8 Me. 
Hilton Lucius ^\'., com. sergt., 39 
Hinckley Wallace, adj., 2 H.Art. 
lliues Eli, B 3 Vt. 
J lines Richard S., A 2 
Ili.xon Lloj d W., ass't surg., 13 
Hobbs Charles P., B 11 
Hobbs Dwell T., A 33 
llodgdon Joseph W., 1 Cavalry 
Hodge John, G 3 Cavalry 
Hodge Joseph H., 7 Battery 
Hodgkins ISamuel S., G 33 
' Hodsdon Henry M, 
'IL.Ifman Frank IL, F 30 
llogan Patrick, E 28 
Mlogan Patrick, B 30 
*Ifogan Reason, B 30 
2 llogan Matthew, 30 
Ilolbrook Daniel II., 7 Battery 
Iloldcn Charles A., 2 Cavalry 
llolden Peter, 2 Cavalry 
Holland John, nius., B 2 
2 ll.dlaud John, Vet. R. C. 
Holland Michael, F 33 
ILdland Patrick F 30 
fll^llihan Patrick, 2 Cavalry 
HoUis Barney T., 1 Battery 
Holmes Edward P., 7 Battery 
f Holmes Silas S., sergt., L 1 Cav. 
Holston John C, 1 Sharpshooters 
Holt Charles S.. 2 11. Artillery 
Holt Edward, 2 Sharpshooters 
Holt Edwin, 22 

Homer Charles W., chaplain, 16 
Honey Frederick B.; B 30 
Iloneybun Thomas, G 33 ; 15 Bat. 
Hood Gdbert A., 1 Bat.; K 2 H.A. 
Hood James W., 1 Cavalry 
Hood Harrison P.. D 26 
Hood John, 1 Cavalry 
■1 Hooper Peter, Vet. R. C. 
Hopkins Chs. S., act.Q.M.,U.S.A. 
Hopkins James A., lieut., 1 Batt. 
U. S. Infantry 

•»• • .'I.: ■ .'■.■■/-••.^ 

1 ,i 1. 



Hopkins Sanniul, 2 Cavalry 

Hope Jloury, A 33 

Hope Jo-Li)"h. F 'J U. Artillery 

liopewnod T., 17 

Iloni Charles C, A 20 

Hosmer Edwin, cnrp., D 2G ; 5'J 

Ilosiner Frank, F 3 N. 11. 

tllosiner Nathan 1)., I 30 

liovey Augu-'tus V., O 33 

Houghton Auf^. E., mus., 7 llatt. 

Howard EiwarJ i)., G 33 

Howard Edwin F., K 31 

*lIo\vard Janit's, A 26 

*lloAvard John, 1) 2G 

(i Howard John, V. R, C. 

Howard Josiah, H 26 

Howe llcnrv W., 7 Battery ; Q. 

M. scrf,''t., 30 
5 Howe Joseph M., G 16 ; V.R.C. 
Howe Oriii b., G 16 
Howe Pliny 11.. 2d lieut., II 26 
Howes Benjamin F., wa;^., F 33 
Howes 'W'iiliani, scrgt., F 33 
Hovt (JharU's ]•'., 2 Cavalry 
Hoyt Charlts N., B 2 
Hovt Hrnvy, H D 
I lloyt John II., 4 Cavalry 
Hovt Reuben G., 7 Batterv 
•1 lioyt William A., 11 ; V. R. C. 
Hubbard Orin C, C 12 
Hubbard Wm.E.,7 Bat.; lt.8 N.ll. 
Huckins Charles, F 26 
Huckins Henry L., G 33 
tiludson John P., 7 Battery 
llud.'^on Ji)-ephus, adj. clerk, 17 

U. 8. Infantry 
Hudson J.mes F., D 26 
Hudson Thoinas C, (i 16 
Huglies (icorge, la Battery 
Hughes John, I 16 
5 Hughes XuLson, 2 H. Artillery 
Humphrey tieor^e A., H 26 
-lluniphrLy ILaace W., II 26 
Humphrey Giis M., surgeon 
Hunt Dearborn J,, F 33 
Hunt Edward S., sergt., 7 Batt.; 

lieut., II 'JO N. Y. 
Hunt FredL'rick M., D 20 
Hunt ll.uaeeW., B 7 N. II. 
Hunter John G., A 2 II. Artillery 
flluntington John P., 7 Battery 
♦Huntington James H., A 26 
Iluulky -Matthew, A 2 

ILuntoon John, 1 Cavalry 

1 Hard Frank G., sergeant, G 26 
6 Hurley Bartholomew, 2 
llurliv James, 17 

lluse Edwin W., D 30 
' llubC Stcj)hen S., 4 Battery 
Hussey Charlts, sergeant, G 16 
llii.^scy George, B 1 1 

4 Huston Caleb 15., Vet. R. G. 

2 llutchins Eben. 3 Cavalry 
tllutchin^ J^VLTelt E., F 33 
llutcliins Warren E., 7*Battery 
Hutchinson I'^lbridge J., 1 lieut., 

F 4S N. Y. 
"Hyde John, H 26 
Ilvde Jo.seph, A 47 
Ingalls Charles F., A 2 
*liigerson George, F 26 
Ingliam Richard, sgt. inaj., 7 Batt. 
Ivcrs James, A 2 
Ivors John, C 30 
Ivory Nicholas, 1-5 Battery 
Jacks John, 7 Battery 
' Jaelis Jolin A., 1 Battery 
Jackson John P., A 2 
Jackson iSamuel, N, Y. Excelsior 
fJacobs xVndrew G., G 19 
fJames Edwin S., A 33 
Jaques Silas H , musician, A 2 
Jaqviith Simeon, sergt., 15 Battery 
tJetiers }«Iatihew 1)., G 3 Cavalry 
Jenkinson Noah, F 33 
Je',;ness William, 7 Battery 
Johnson Andrew J., 1st It , A 26 
*Juhnfcon Cliarles, A 26 

5 Jiihnson Henrj', 33 

6 Jidmson George, 2 
Johnson James A., 1 Cavalry 
*Jolinson John 11., II 30 
*Johnson ^Vil:iam A., G 20 
Jolinston Brent, Jr., capt.,F 30 
Jolmston Thomas B., 1st It., B 30 
Jones Alfred G., sergt., C 27 
Jones Cliarles E., capt., G 33 
fJone- Charles II., G 16 

Jones C'onley R., A 2 

Jones Cowley R-, 2 Cavalry 

Jones Edward, 2 

t Jones Edward, corporal, G 16 

Jones Franklin, 13 U. S. Infantry 

Jones John A., D 30 

Jones John W., sergt., G 16 

Jones Joseph L., 2 II, Artillery 

.1 :.\jit ;,. I ''' v/o 





Jones Tlioinas S., 7 Battery 

4 Junes Wa^liin^'tcn 11., Vut. R.C. 

Jciiies \^ ilhain, K 13 

G Jones W'liliam. 4 II. Artillery 

Jordan Charles P., F 33 

Jurdau lieoij^e \V., Corp., U 11 

*Jord;ui John, II 2G 

2 Jordan John A., Vet. R. (J. 

*Jorda:i Joliu 1'., E I'J 

Jordan Nathan li., 1 I'J 

Joy Henry, A 26 

tJudgo James, F 33 \ •. 

Kain iul\\ard, 1) 16 

» Kain James, K IG 

Kain 'i'iuioiliy, mus.,D IC; V.K.C. 

2 Kane Owlu 

fKanna John (i IG 

Kavanai;li Augustine, B 11 

KavaiiMj^'li James, U. S. Infantry 

fKavauagh Jamts A., G lo 

Kavanagli Josepli, K 32 

*Kaviiia-!i V\ iiiiain F., H 30 

tKeariieJ Peter, G 33 

«-Keaton Daniel, A 2G 

Keatinj; Jul,n. ]) 26 

KuLfe Mai tin, D IG 

G Keeler Rulus D., Yet. R. C. 

Ketn Danitl, 17 

Keen GriulilUL, band 26 ; F 59 

Keenan James, K 40 N. Y. 

fKeenan Jolm, 11 U.S. Infantry 

^Keenan John, 1 Heavy Artillery 

*Keenan iVter, K 20 

*Kegan Frank, B 30 

Kulley Daniel, Jr., Q. 51. sergt., 

IJ Battery 
Kelley Edwin E., E 22 
Kelley lliram, A 26 
»Ki'UL'y James, II 26 
Ktllev John, 1st, A 26 
Kelley Jolm, 2nd. A 26 
Kelley John, B 30 
KfUi.'v Julm, ser-^eant, 15 Battery 
Kelley John, 2 II. Artillery 
Kellev J>plin, Curcornn's Brigade 
KelL-y Jolm A., B 20 
Kelley Luke, G 19 
*KellL'V Mieluicl, I 16 
tKellev MiciKR-l, B 30 
4 Kelley ^Kellael, 2 
Kelley Patri.k, I 38 
Kelley Sewall P., A 33 
Kelley Thomas, 03 X. Y. 

1 IvL-Uev Tliomas E., 2 Artillery 
*KL'llev I'homas (i., li 30 

3 KellJy W iUiam, 3 U. S. Art. 
5 Kelk-y ^^'illiam J., 26 
Kclsey JL'rumiah A., 2 
Kemp William 11. . B 2 
tKempton Frank J., D 26 
Kemiiton Pr mci^ IL., E 58 
tKein[)ton Oriii, Jr., i) 2C 
Kendall Frar.k E., 7 Battery 
Kcndrick Gi'orge B., sergt., G 33 
Kennedy Bernard, I) 16 
Kennedy (.Jornelius, 15 Battery 
Kennedy Edward R., sergt., F 33 
Kennedy Eugene, 1) 16 
fKeunedv John, sergeant, I 16 
Kennedy Jcdm, I 32 
Kennedy John L., corporal, B 11 
'Kinnedy 'I'homas, A 30 
Kennedy Thomas, K 2 II. Art. 

2 Kennedy Thomas 
Kennedy William, 3 Cavalry 
Kennedy William II., D 16 
tKenney Charh s, corp., 15 Batt. 
Kenney John, Ji., corp., G 3 Cav. 
KiuiR-y Ouen, A 2 1 

Kenney Rob. rt J., D 16 
Kcnniston Henry, 15 Battery 
Kenniston Wairen, A 11 Me. 
'■ Iveins I'ahvard, 1126 
' Ktrns PatriLk, 11 30 
Kershaw James W'., F 33 
* John, A 3i} 
Kerwin ^^iieliael, F 56 
Ketan LVuiiel, A 26 
*Keyes Edward, C 30 
*Keyes Mareiis "W.. C 30 
tKeyes I'atiiek, 51 X. Y. 
Keysir Frederiek R. A., corp.,F 33 
Kidder John Vv'., A 2 
Kidder William IL., G 33 
Kicrnan Jolm, I l> 
Kimball Charles 11., sergt., A 33 
5 King Jaiue>, \''et. R. C 
King Phil.inder M., 33 
fKirk James, G 30 
Kitehen William, G Battery 
fKittredge Ouules E., I 2 
Kittredge Edmund F., E 33 
Kittredg.- EJmuiul R., A 2 
flvittredje George H., U. S. Cav. 
Kittreilge (ieorge S., A 33 
Kittredge Zephaniah, K 2 U, Art. 

.,ji. ..i.i •< ■::.. m: .1 « 




Knapp Charles M., A 2G ; (J. M. 

Coloied Rif^iinent 
fKiiripp Vrocinaii, corporal, F 33 
Knott William. F 2G 
*Kulm Israel, 1) 26 
LatldJona., maj., paym'r.U. S. A. 
Ladd William M., A 2 
*Lallan Jcseph, A 26 
tLahiif Michael. I 16 
4 Lahilf TinK^ihy 
Laidlow James, G 33 
I-alley Thomas, F 1 II. Artillery 
Lamb James, G 16 
♦Lambert Kdward, E 30 
Lambert Frederick, 15 30 
*Lanibert Joseph, 15 30 
tLaMountain Geo. A., All U.S.I. 
La^Iountaiii Ileiiry A., 2 II. Art. 
LaMountain John,' A 11 U. S.Inf. 
»Lamphier (jeor^^e I)., D 30 
Lamson Henry 1'., F 33 
Lamsou ^\■illi;^m II., 1st lieut., D 

2G ; major, 33 
Lana<^iin Miehael, D 16 
Landers 'I'lumias, I) 16 
Lane Alphcus F,, 15 Battery 
Lane lUrnard. F 30 
Lane Oliarles II., K 12 
I>anc Jiilin, .\ 12 
Lane Jolm, K 12 
4 Lane John, 33 
Lane John Q., G 16 
I-ane Jost [)h II., musician, G 33 
*Lane Stejihcn II.. C 30 
4 Lanj^ley James, 2 II. Artillery 
Lannan i'atriek, I X. Y. 
Larabee James li., (i 10 
Larkiu I'atiiek, t) Go. II. Artillery 
Lisor Sini'urd, F 1 Cavalry 
Lathe Milo S., F 33 
*Laii><hhin Joseph, A 26 
Laiighlin Miehael, II 33 
Law Gcorpe A., 7 Battery 
*La\vless I'atriek. G 30 
Lawn Charles, corporal, 4 Battery 
Lawn Ilu^'h, L 33 
Lawrence (icorge iM., L 33 
La\\rcncc George P., paymaster 
La>vreiicc Horace N., B's Vt. 
Lawson John,? Bat.; let lt,2 H.A. 
Lawtoii Joseph, G 33 
LazcU Nathan, 1 Cavalry 
Leach Ivory, It., 2 Sharpshooters 

Leach Tliomns, I 3S 

*Leanc \Villi;im, D 20 

4 Lcary Daniel, 2 H. Artillery . 

Leary DenniK, K 2 H. Artillery 

*Leavitt Albion, I 2() 

Leavitt Miel'.ael, 3 Cavalry 

*Leliell Joseph, 7 Battery 

Lee James, 7 N. II. 

Lee Michael, 2 Heavy Artillery 

Lee William M., A 2 

I Lee Simeon I^., 2 II. Artillery 

Leedham John, B I 1 ; IK. Island 

'Leeds Henry ^\^, 4 Battery 

Leeman Horatio N., C 30 

Lege^s Moses, 12 Me. 

Lei^'liton Gancelo, eorp., 7 Battery 

Leighton Win. S., wagoner, H 33 

Leighton Walter IL, ass. surgeon, 

188 Pa. 
Leitch Thomas, G 16; 33 
Leonard Charle.'^, G 33 
Leonard Edward, 5 Me. 

1 Leonard Frank A., 4 Cavalry 
Leonard lie my W., 2 Dist. Col. 
Leonard John, B 1 Cavalry 
Leonard William, I 10 

Leslie George G., o X. 11. 
Leslie Peter P., 2 H. Artillery 

2 Leverctt Elbridge A., Vet.R.C. 
Leversee U esley K., A 2 

*Levy David, H 20 

Le\\ is Alexander, o Cavalry 

Lewis Charles A., 7 Battery 

Lewis Edward B., o.'i 

Lewis Jeremiali, .3 Colored Cavalry 

Lewis John, .J Colored Cdvalry 

Lewis Levi J., ,').j 

Lewis \\'alker W., Colored lierrt. 

Lil)bcy Kben F.. A 33 

Liddeil Charles W.,C 11 U.S.Inft. 

l.ind Cliristian, 33 

Lithgoe Jacob, 2 H. Anilk-ry 

2 Littig Philip, Vet. U. C. 

Little James il., A 33 

Little John, B 11 

Litt!eli.-ld David M.. 1 Sharp's 

I.itrhHeld William X., 2 Cavalry 

fLiviiigston X''elson 8.. A 2 

Livingston William I)., C 32 

Livingston Wm. D., C 1 Buttalicn 

Loam Francis, I 30 

Locklin Joseph M., E 1 Cavalry 

fLoekhng Leonard A., F 33 

vcji ■{y.. 


.' I \: I'r. . ,.J1 ,.•.': i .l-«?,t 



+ T,og:in James, Jr., A 33 
tLi'iie ^l■,uu■i^ NV., I oO 

1 I.onu' David \V. 

Long JaiiRs. 1 U. S. Aitillcry 
Looiiiis (!;!iii?l('s C, A 1 Minn. 
Looniis A\iii. A., Bl I ; V. U. C. 
Lord Clmiks 1'., Lst It.. F 8 Me. 
Lord Henry A., I ][. Artillery 
Lord 'I'honias \\'.. !■' 33 
Lorin- II. V.., 2 Co. JL ArtillcTy 
i Lougln in ]U>rn .rd, 3 Cavalry 
Lougcr \\'illiani F., 7 I'attcrv ; 1st 

lieut., C2 II. Anilhry ' 
Lov(joy Charles W., 7 15altery 
Lovejoy lia A., A 33 
*LoVij(jy Jo.-epli, (i 20 
Lovcjoy Jonathan ^\^, A 2 
• Lovijny Newion, F 13 U. S. Ii.f. 
Lovely Ivlward, (i 33 
Loverciu NN'iii. F., Ibt lieut., C 30 
Lovrein (Jeorge \V., I) 2G 
*Lovrein Samuel J., 7 liattery 
Lovett Jolin M , band, 17 
Lowell John K., A 33 
Luby Timothy, 70 N. Y. 
Lundy Francis, sergeant, 15 2 
Lurvey James M., nuis., ]? 10 
Lurvcy James T , cnptaiTi, 15 40 
LuseoMib Williani II., 7 Battery 
Lyford L. I)., o'J 
»Lyman William F., 11 
*Lynch Joliii, B 30 
Lynch Martin, 2 II. Artillery 
' Lynch Patrick, B 30 

2 Lynch Patrick, 2 Cavalry 
^^Lynch iLichard, II 30 
tLyneh William, B 11 
I^ynn Mattlu \v, sergeant, E 
I>yon G. K., 2 Cavalry 
Lyons Thomas 

*Miick James, Iv 31 
^Macks \\'iliiam, 2 Artillery 
Madden Andrew, 7 Batiery 
JIagee D A., capt., 2 Cavalry 
Magee De\ea, K 2 li. Artillery 
JIagoe Janie-, major, 3 Cavalry 
Magcon John B., corj)., A 33 
JIagortv Edward J., B II 
tMagui're Edward, — N. II. 
J^laguire JaiiKs J., 1 II. Artillery 
Maguiie M.T. II., sergeant, IJ IG ; 

2d lieut., 10 X. II. 
Maguire Patrick IL, D 16 

M:\hnn Josrjih, F 2 II. Artillery 

2 Mahan James 

tMaha.ii Michael, II 30 

I Malaiiey Maitliew, Vet. R. C 

Malia David, I IG Jolin, 1 or 9 John. 4 N. U. 

MaloY William, 1 IG 

Malt Wiiliani, F 3;i 

Maiielie-,ler Delos W., 11 26 

Maii-an John, I IG 

Mangan John, U. .S. Cavalry 

Mangan Thomas, C Heavy Art. '• 

fManniiig John. Ji 2 

'Manning John, A 30 

M:ninin.i Pariick 

Man.-licld John B., G B ittery 

*Mansur IClijih II.. G I'J 

+ Mansur George X., F 33 

fMaiisur Jame.> M., Corp., G 33 

Manuel Albert J. 

Manuel James, 1 Heavy Artillery 

Manuel \Villiam, musician, 44 

fMarble Charles H., A 2G 

March r.Iurris, 2 C ivalry 

fMardiu James i'. 1'., 2 Cavalry 

1 William 11., 33 

Marr John W., 1 1 Ij.ivy Artillery 

Marrimaii John, DIG . 

Marsh CJvriis A., 7 Battery 

tMar>li Salem S., capt., 2 U.S. Inf. 

Marshall Fr^lerick, B 2 

* Marshall Alonzo D., 7 Battery 

Mar.-hall George F., sergeant, B 30 

Marshall Herman, B 20 

Mar.-hall John J., II 2G 

Marshall Joseph, ser-cant, G 19 

Marshall Kobert, G 10 ; V. R. C. 

Murstou William W., 1126; capt. 

12 l.a. 
Martai-on John, D 9 
tMartin James, B 30 

5 Martin John, Vet. R. C. 
fMartin MichaLl, (i 10 
M.irtiii 'I'hoimis, lo Battery 

1 Martin Williaai II., Yet. R. C. 
Ma-lian Jwhn, I'J 
tMaskclUlvMiry II., H 26 
Mason Aiulrew A., ^V 33 

2 Mason Henry A., Vet. R. C. 

6 Mason James, 2 
Mason Ripkv E., A 2 
■^Maaersuu Midiael, E 19 



Mastersou Nrichael, II 3 Cavalry 
Maslcrson 'I'lioiiias, 17 
Matthews Uiin E., 7 Itattery 

5 Matthews Tlioinas, I CJavalrv 
Maxiield Jaied P., 2d It., 3 C'uv. 
tMaxwiU Charles L.. K 12 
fMaxweil 'I'hoinas, G 30 

May Altinzo H., scrgt , G 33 
Mayberry Jienj. 15., I Shar[).-irs ; 

hosjjital steward, 15 Batlrry 
Maylaii William, 1 Co. II. Art. 
Mayiiard Andrew W., G 11 U.S.I, 
ilaynard Charks B., 7 Battery 
fMaynard Beriah, F o Vt. 
tMayn;ird Dennis, 9G New York 
Mayiiard IIe;iry G., C 1 Cava'ry 
Maynard JohiiT., 2 Co. 11. Art. 
Mayuard Nathan, II 3 Cavalry 
fMeAUisli r Samuel, G IG 
Me.\loou (iilbert, mus., JI 1 Cav. 
*McAli)ine Thomas D , A 2; 2d It. 

Vet. R. C. 
*iIcAlpine \Vm. T., serf^eant, A 

2 ; 1 lieut.. Vet. R, C. 
McAneny James,' F 30 
«Mc.\n-ou MiehacLH 26 
McAnulty James, 1) 10 
JIcAuulty John, 2G 
MeAnult\4 Lawrence, 10 II. Art. 
♦rMe.-Vnulty I'eter, G 10 
fMeAnulty 'I'hoinas, G 33 
jlc Bride John, B 59 
McCabe Alexander, C 30 
*McCabe Barney, C 30 
McCabe IJarnej', 20 
tMeCabe Ilut^h, G 30 
4 McCabe John. 2 Cavalry 
ISIcCabe John T., I) 30 
t-McCah^y Thos., Scott's 900 Cav. 

6 MeCanna Jeremiah, I Cavalry 
fMcCanna John, B 30 
McCarrod John, K 1 Cavalry 
McCarron James, F 13 
fMeCarthy Jjreiniah, E 30 
McCarthy John, F 30 
♦McCarty John, B 30 
McCarty .Michael, 2 Co. 11. Art. 
McCarty Patrick, G 3 Cavalry 
McCarty Patiick, 3 Tennessee 
McCarty Thomas, 40 New York 
Jlc(?arty Timothy, 4 Battery 
ilcCuubland Clement, corp, 7 Bat. 
MuClure John A., B 11 

*M(Clus!<v Cornelius, G 16 
'McClnsky Richard. 11 2o 
'McCollar Patrick, B 30 
MrCoombs William, F 30 
M(("oraiick Florence, 7 Battery 
*M(Cormick John, B II 
.McC-.rmick Mi.-hacl, — X. Y. 
*.\lcCormick Thomas, 11 3U 
*.MeCorten J(ihn, II 2G 
McCortlin Oliver, II 30 
Mct/'oy Edwm P., L 1 (Javnlry 
MiCrackeii \Vm., G iw ; V. R. C. 
t-McCrea Terrence, D 9 
McCrUiis Joel P., mus., A 12 
M> Crory Peter, G 31 
McCue John, 7 Batterv 
McCurdy Wil iam (i., 1 It., 7 Bat. 
McCutchcon \\'illiam, C 30 
McUermott James, B 29 
MclHrmott James, 11 33 
McDermott John, U. S. Army 
■f-McDermott Owen, M 1 11. Art. 
Ml Dermott Wdliam, 1) 9 
McDonald Anthony, 7 Battery 
McDonald Donald, 11 30 
fMcDonald Kdwaid, G 30 
McDonald Edward, 1 11. Artillery 
tMcDonald Hugh, 7 Battery 
McDonald James, 15 Battery 
G McDonald Janies, 2 Cavalry 
McD.mald John, 2 Cavalry 
5 McDonald John, 35 
McDonald John W., G 30 
4 McDonald Lewis, Vet. R. C. 
McDonald Michael fi., spt., 3 Cav. 
McDon'ough John, 15 Battery 
*McDonough John IL, F 30 
McEgan Daniel, 1) 10 
fMcEUicott .Micliacl, Gl Illinois 
McElroy James, G 3 Cavalry 
McEnilf Matthew, G 3 Cavalry 
Mcl'lnnis James, Corp., B 30 
♦McEvoy James, I 10 
fMcI^voy Joseph, corporal, I 10 
*M( Lvov Joseph, II 20 
*M.(;arv Patrick, B 30 
t.Mc(;iuiey John, G 10 
* -McGoon John, B 30 
.McCiie.ives Nealcy, 11 30 
Mc(iregor Francis, C 30 
Mc(!regor James, (i 30 
3 Mc(rinre Francis, 30 
t-MLGuire ILn^h, F 30 

..• "-r i ■ :\i :■ ,\" .; 1 : r(..I 


.' •r.r.'.tjl.' 


:McTntirc Albion C, A 2; E 38 
Milntire Utuirles 11., 12 Me. 
IMclntive M/ra, VI Me. 
Mclntirc J»lm, li 30 
♦McIv.vJolm A.. A 20 
!MiKecver I'ldward, G 3 Cavalry 
!MfKei'Vtr -Michael, Corp., (I 3 ("av. 
2 McKemiau Jolui, 11 U. S. Inf. 
MfKenney James, U 3 Cavalry 
fMcIvenzle An;;nb C, corj)., T S3 
*McKen/.ie J.ilni, corporal, li 30 
McKeowa N\'ilson, F 33 
♦MeKiernan John, G 30 
*MeKiinin Robert, corporal, D 2G 
IMcKinley Allen, h 38 
tMcKiiilev Robert, H 30 
McKi>M,ck Robert, Jr., 4 N. TI. 
6 McKoun James, 11 liuttery 
McLane (ieor^^e, corporal, 3 Cav. 
*McLanc William, I) 2G 
McLaunlilin Bernard, D 10 
McLani^Milin liernard, 3 Cavalry 
JtlcLauyblin Edward, G 30 
!McLaii^liliu Francis 
McLauj^hliii James, (r 3 Cavalry 
IMcIaui-hlin James, 13 lU N. 11. 
G MeEau^hliii James, Vet. R. C. 
JSIcLaughlm John, i) 10 
IMcLau-bliii John. F 33 
MoLauj;ldin Michael, A 2 
McLaughlin Patrick, G 33 
McLeuncy 'I'liomas, 7 lialtery 
♦McMaliin Henry, II 21 
McMuhon r.itriek, 1) 10 
McMahon llu^h, corp., G 30 
*MeMalu)n Hugh F., 1 II. Art. 
fMcMahon John, }) 10 
:MeMahon John, (i 2 11. Artillery 
McMahon IVter, C I Cavalry 
McMauni., John, I 17 
♦MeManus John, G 19 
tMcMauus John, F 30 
McMuuis Michael, I 26 
•McMaiius Patrick, B 30 
McManus William, I 17 
McMai,us William, F 30 
•McMeekin Andrew, 7 P.atttrv 
♦McMillan Kennith, D 20 
5 McMiUen Alexander, G 10; 20 
McMorrow James, G 19 
tMcMorrow John, G 19 
McMoirow Stiphen, sergt., G \'.) 
tMcNabb John, B 30 

McNabb Robert, G 3 Cavalry 
McNabb Thomas, D 20 
McNaboe George, G 33 
1 MrXabow James, Vet. 11. C. 

1 MrXamara Michael F.. V. R. C. 
McXamara Patrick, II 33; V.R.C. 
MLXavii;hton Alex., 1133; V.R.C. 
^McXuitv Rarncv, C 21 
MrXulty'janies I'l.. 2 Battery 
filcXulty X\-al, II 30 
McOskrr 0«en, K o'J 
Mc'inade Arthur, 1 Cavalry 
»Mc(Juade Frank, 1 lieut., D IG 
McCiuade Hugh, K 30 
Mitjuade James, D 10 
Mc(luade John F., K 20 
Mc(l.iade John F., K 2 H. Art. 
MrCJuade Murtagh, G 33 

Ml (Juade Thomas, 17 . . 

*Mc(iuaid John, C 30 

t:Mr(Juaid Thomas, Vr 10 

Mi(iuebtion John, L 33 

McUann Francis, B 1 1 

Ml Shairrey John, B 30 

McVey John 

McVey Michael, B 2 

Miad John, G 3 Cavalry " . 

Mead Patrick, D 10 

Mraley Edward E., sergt., F 30 

•M. alev Michael, F 30 

>il.ars David B., F 33 

Mellen John L., K 2 II. Artillery 

Mrllen Lawrence, l.j Battery 

MlIvIii James, sergrant, A 33 

tMricer James P., A 32 

Mrrrill Anibrose, 15 Battery 

Mciiill Benjamin, F 33 

Mcrritt ^\■esley M , B 2 

Me-erve Henry, sijt. maj., 2 It.. 33 

II Miehaelkof^ky Felix V., V.R.C. 

Miles James, 2 X. 11. Cavalry 

-Miles William II., K 2 

Miller Charles. H 20 

Mi'ler James R., F 33 

t; Miller John, 2 Cavalry 

Miller William. K 2 H. Artillery 

Mills George, 7 Battery 

'Mdls Martin V., 7 Ba'ttcry 

* Mills Thomas B., 7 Battery 

Miner Abraham, B 2 ; 15 Battery 

Miner Charles, A 2 

Miner II. J., 31 N. Y. 

2 Minier lliraiu 

MH'i :m' . j. 



tMitchclI James F., 11 U.S. luft. 
Mituhill James M., i liattrrv 

2 Mitchell John, 11 U. S. luft. 
Mixer Frederick AV., clerk, <1 o3 
Mizencr I'hihp S., band, 1 II. A, 
Motfatt Henry S., 7 liattery 
Mulineaux Patrick, sergt., li 11 
Monaf^han James. 1) K! 
Monahan Kidiard, CJ IG 
Mongjvaii Henry I., 11 
Mongavan Henry J., 3 II. Art. 

f Montague Thoma-;, DIG 
jNIontcalin Anthony AV, Jr.; G IG 
1 Montgomery Eugene 
*Moody Fdwiu A., corp., C 21 
Mooney Henry, G 33 
]Mooiicy Tliomas, li 19 
^looney Tlionias, G 33 
ilooncy 'I'liomas, 15 Battery 
1 Moore Humphrey, D •2G; Y.R.C. 
fMoore Ira ^V., sergeant, li 30 

5 Moore Jolm, 2 

6 Moore Robert J., 26 
Moore Oliver, l.> 

3 Moore Samuil, 4 Cavalry 
Moore ^^'illiam, 1 Sharpbhoottrs 
Moore Wdlii.m II., A 17 
^loorcs II. ()., musician, E 3G 
!Moran Kdward, 33 

Moran Huj.di, I) 10 
fMoran J imes, ]j 30 
]Moran John, DIG 
fMornn J(,lin, F 30 
Moran John, (J '.i Cavalry 
?.[oran Michael, K 2 II. Artillery 
1 Moran Michael. Vet. U. C. 
ISIoran Michael, F 30 
Jtloran "William, II ."JG 
Morey Lyman J., A 2G 
J. Morgan Henry, 7 I! ittery 
jilorgan Joseph, 3 Me. 
♦Morgans Morgan, G IG 
!Moriartv Maurice, corp., I 16 
IMorrill Edward D., 2d It., 15 Bat. 
Morrill E. N., 1)21 Me. 
Morrill Franklin 11., K 2 II. Art. 
Morris James, 15 Battery 
Morris John K., A 3-5 
Morrisey I)., 2 Co. II. Artillery 
^lorrisey Edward, B 19 
♦Morrison J. ones L., C CO 
Morrow Matthew, C3 X. II. 
Morse Alexander, A 2 

Morse Augustus W., 2 II. Art. 

Mor^e Charle-, 1 H. Artillery 

Morse Ezrkiel B., A .r; 

Morse George F., 7 liattery 

Morse (icorge It., A 2 Robert, C.59 H.O., E 3G 

Moss William, A 2 

Mcuilton Samuel, corp., 15 Batt. 

Mulcahv Jame-, (J 3 Cavalry 

t-Muleahy William, G 10 

MuUeholv Michael, 3 Cavalry 

'Mullen Charles. C 30 

fMullcn James, B 30 

'Mullen John, C 30 

2 Mullen John 

t-Mullen Mieliacl J., A 50 

fMulligan Charles, -gt., G 3 Cav. 

G Midlin I'aiiiek, 2 

Mullins Juhn, corj)., D 10 

Mullins Patrick, D 10 

Mulloe.ey Michael, 10 X. II. 

Mulranan Patrick, II 30 

1 Mulsberg I'linar 

fMumfard Dudhy C, eapt., G 19 
-Muiuoe Frank, Ct 2\ 
Monroe Jiimes, 2 Co. II. Art. 
Miinroe Lew is, 11 3 i 

2 Monroe Piter F., ■'> 1 

Munsey AUVed T., F 30; capt., 1 

Mun^ev Alfred T., \o Hattcry 
tMuikiand J >hn, capt., B 15" 
Miiriihy Corn. I)., corp., G 3 Cav. 
'■.Murpiij,' Daniel, B 3') 
'Murphy D.iiiiel J. 1 19 , 

Murphv James. C 2 
Murph'v John, A\ t. B. C. 
Murjihy John, II 3i; V. R. Q. 
1 Murphy John, V. R. C. 
4 Murphy John, 23 
Muil)hy John, A X. Y. Cav. 

4 Murphy Jihn, 2 Cavalry 
Murphy John, 4 Cavalry 

3 Murphy John, I Battery 

5 Murphy Thomas, Cc'i[)., D IG 
Mur|ihy Thomas, B •")9 
Murfihy William, (i 33 
Muiray Dani. 1, G 32; V. R. C. 
Murray James ])., G Btttery 
Murray John, 2 Heavy Artillery 
"Murray Jolui F., F 10 
Murray Michael, GIG 

t. , , •• '. ^\i>ii 




Murray Itichard, G 3 Cavalry 
^lurray 'i'hoinas, I'J 
Jtlunay Tlioinas, ¥ 33 
fMurta^'h James, F 30 
JMurtle John, L I II. Artillery 
2 Mus.-uliiian Ilcnry, 3 II. Art. 
*Muzzey (Jenrge li., sergt , F 2G 
Miizzey S. JiuLieiie, band, 2G 
Tilyers Henry li,, A 33 
*Nabel Jwlm, F 30 
Nasnn James, ij Maine 
•Nason lioyal T., A '2G 
Nary I'atriek, 1 Cavalry 
Needham Herbert A., sergt., 1133 
Neilon liartholuniow, Q 19 
fNelson Andrew, 2 
JNelson Robert, G IG 
■j-Nelson Samuel. U IG 
6 Nesemcycr John, Vet. R. C. 
Nesmith James A., G 99 N. York 
Neugebeuer luhvard, 15 o9 
Nevens William Jy., 15 Rattery 
Newliall (ieorge F., 11 
Newball James ()., 11 
Newland Wm. II., sergt., A 17 U. 

S. Inft.; I 9 
*Nc\vmau Cliarles II., C 2 
4 Nicholas Ivory, 15 Rattery 
Nicliols Forrest IS. 
Nichols Samuel, 2 Cavalry 
*Ximblctt (ieorge D., corp., C 30 
4 Noble Daniel, 2 
Nolan Daniel, F 33 
Noolan Ratiick, New York Mozart 
fNoonan Michael, E 2G 
Is^oonan Michael J., II 33 
2 Noonan Thos., 3 U. S. Infantry 
Norcross Albert G., F 33 
Norcross Fred'k M., 2d lieut., G 

30 ; capt., Q. .M. 
Norcross Nicholas W., paymaster, 

U. S. Army 
Norris Alonzo S., musician, E IG 
Norris Alvah C, D 2G 
Norris Franklin G., 7 Rattery 
*Ncrton Bradford S., A 2G 
Norton Patrick, corp., 70 N. Y. 
Noyes Kdw'd J., maj.,1 Tex. Cav. 
Noyes Gilman C, \o Rattery 
Nutter Luther P., A 2 
♦Oakcs Alphonzo, A 2G 
fOakes James, R 2 
fOates Andrew, F 30 

O'Rricn Edward, I 16 
O'Jhien James, I 2G 
3 IJ'Jirien James, 2 
*0'Rrien John, G 30 
O'Rrien John, A 33 
tO'Rrien John J., R 29 
'O'Rrien Lawrence, K 31 
■'> U'Rrien Michael, 2 
G'lhien Patrick, cor])., G 19 
(riirien Thomas, R MU 
■') OlSiien Thomas, Vet. R. C. 
O'Rrien William, 3 Cavalry 
tO'Connell James, G 19 
O'Connell J. C, G Rattery 
O'Connell Patrick, (Jorcoran Rrig. 
O'Connor Dennis P., G 19 
O'C'onnor James, K .39 
{J'Connor John, 3 Cavalry 
2 O'Connors Dennis, 11 
O'Connors Timothv, C 33 
O'Day I'atriek, 1 II. Artillery 
a)dell Charles, K 31 
*0'Donnell John, G Rattery 
O'Donnell Patrick, R IS 
OFlynn Owen, A N. Y. 6 Cav. 
fO tirady Thomas G IG 
O'llare Andrew J., A 2 
tOTlare Charles M., sergt., G 16 
O'llare Paulinus, A 2 
O'llare Thomas, capt., G IG 
tO'Keefe Michael, 7 Illinois 
O'Malley Micluu-1, 7 Rattery 
fCrXeil Dennis, F 30 
O'Ned Hugh S., 2 Cavalry 
O'Xcil John, G IG 
O'Xeil John 

Neil Michael, G 10 

O'Xeil William L., I 38; V. R. C. 
fO'Reiley Patrick, A 30 
OMleiley Francis D., R 29 
*0' Riley Michael, R 30 
*0'Riley Peter, D 30 ' 
2 Orr Robert, 2G 
Orso William E., K 5G 
tO'Rourke Patrick, II 30 
Osgood George A., A 33 
- tX-good Jesse C., A 26 
0-;,Mod William O., 2 Cavalry 

1 0>ker Ola 

O'Shaugluiesscv John, 2 II. Art. 
r> O'Sullivan Charles, I IG; V.R.C. 
1 O'Sullivan Eugene, V. R. C. 

1 O'Sullivan James, 4 Cavalry 

1 It I, •/. 




O'Sullivan Jolm, ;i Cavalry 
U'Towl Wan on, A ,'>C> 
Owen Henry, U. S. Army 
♦i'ackard Charles (;., A 2G 
i'ackarcl ('harlcs 11., sorst., 15 

]5attiM-y; It. Col'd Keyt. 
C Packard i'raiuis, 2 11. A. 
*l'ackard Joseph, corp., A 20 
*rackard William II , 1 Sharp's 
Packer Jaiuus, 1' 18 New Vork 
Page Alonzo F., F So 
Page Aluiuo L., (JIG 
I'age Charles K., 7 ISattcry 
Page Dudley L., F ;i3 
Page (ieorgc \V., A 2 
Pas^e (jeort^e W., F 33 
Pa-e Ira JN., F 33 
Page John M., F 33 ; 7 Hattery 
*tPage Loren/o F., D 2G 1. Ileitis, Corp., A 2 
fPage Umaldo, 7 liattery 
5 Page \\'illiam, 2 Cavalry 
fPaine William W., sergt., G 33 
-Palmer Charles P., II 2G 
Palmer John F., F 33 
Palmer Wesley C., K 2 II. Art. 
tPalmcr William F.. C 2 II. Art. 
Parker Alfred F., 13 U. 8. Inft. 
Parker CharU s II., 30 
Parker Duvid, C 30 
Parker (icorge A., 17 Maine 
Parker (Jeorge L., 'J Maine 
3 I'arker John, IG uiiatt. II. Art. 
Parker John M. li., quarternr'r 30 
tParmelec Alfred S., C 30 
I'arnu liter Alfred A., band, 20 
Parmenter John (.'., 7 IJattery 
Parthley llenrv (i., band, 13 X.ll. 
Pnrbhley John II., band, 13 X.ll. 
•Parsons All>ert, 7 Battery 
Parsons I'enj. W., 1 It., 3 Cavalry 
Parsons Eugene F., N.II.; Vet. 

Keservc Corps 
Parsons Joseph R., II 2G 
1 Patten Albert G., V. K. C. 
Patterson 'riiomas, 33 
Paul Corndius C, A 33 
Paul Moses S., 2 Chivalry 
Pavton John, 1) 10 
Peabody A.-a N., 2 Cavalrv 
Penbodv Ualduin T., 1 It.', G 33 
Peabody George W., I) 10 .\. Y. 
fPcabody Ilirain, C 30 

Peabody Isaac, 2G 
Peabody Morton X., 7 Battery 
Pearson Chailes, .39 
) Pearson Fdu in P., C 1 II. Art. 
Pearson 'liniothv, capt., 1-5 Bait. 
Peek A\'illiam Y'., F 33 
Pendergast J(d)n W., F 11 
1 Pendergast I'atriek, 2 t'avalry 
Pendergast I'etcr, 2 II. Artillery 
'Pendergast Iliehard, corp., K 2 
fPenn Charles II., corpoial, F 11 
- Peniiiman (Jardner, F 30 
IV rkins Charles A., eor[)oral, B 30 
Perkins Charles ]•]., A 2 
Perkins George C, 1) 20 
l\rkini John li., Jr., I IC 
fPerkins Solon A., 1 lieut., 3 Cav. 
Perriii AVilliam 13., 2 Cavalry 
Perry iicnj imin, A 20 
Perry Harvey, F 33 
•Peterson Andrew 8., B 2 
♦Peterson Charles, G Battery 
flVtersou A\'illiain, -18 Pa. 
Pettes Aiulrew J., 1 X. V.; A 50 
I'ettes Elbridge G., G 33 
Pettigrcw John ^l., F 33 
Pettigrew Stephen G., F 33 
Pevey CjGt)rge E., band, 20 
Phalon Joseph, G Battery 
tPheljis Flias A., G 10 
Phelps Francis II., corp., A 2 
I'hilbriek Caleb, capt., (i 33 
I'hilbriek Samuf-1 II., 7 Battery 
Phillirick William II. II., 7 Batt. 
Philbrook John W., F 33 
Phillips James L., IJ 30 
G Phillips Joseph, 35 
Phillips Samuel 11., A 2 
Pickering (ieorge A., sergt., F 33 
Pickering Theophilus D., A 2 
Pierce Charles ()., U 7 U. S. Inft. 
ji'ierce Ira, sergt.. Ell 
-Pierce John, C 30 
Pierce Thomas B., 15 Battery 
Pierce William. II 20 
Piersoii Joseph X''., 1 Battery 
tPike Charles O.. B 30 
rPike Domitiicus S., E 30 
Pike Moses II., 2 U. S. Artillery 
Pinder Alb rt, 1 lieut., 59 
Pinkhain William G., B 30 
*Pitts Luke, (i 30 
Plaisted Amos C, B 15 


II 'i: 'U. J » 




fPlimpton Samuel, E 30 
fPlunuulo Oliver, 2 Cuviihy 
Pluiikutt llobcit E., D 11 
r..llaitl Otirj A., IJ 10 
♦rollaid Robert, corp., D IG 
lV)Loii Alexiinder, A 17 
M'oL-ion Frank 15..' D 17 
Poison James, band, 2G 
fPomfreil Michael, B 30 
•*Puinfjcd Thoiiias, G IG 
Poole Joseph \V., G 16 
Poor Chas. E, 1 It, aScol'd U.S. 
*i'oor Henry, U 2G 
Porter Geo/f^c II., 7 Battery 
*Po»tleton 'i'hoinas, G Battery 
Powers John L., A 33 
I'owers William G., 7 Battery 
Pratt Thomas, Corp., 1-3 Battery 
Pratt Thomas P., 7 Battery 
Pray David, 15 Battery 
I'ray (icorj^e E., 7 Battery 
Prescott 1). bloody, capt., F 33 
Prescott Fvaiider, 15 Battery 
Prescott Frank O., 1st licut., F 33 
Prescott S. \V., II 3 Cavalry 
Preston George S., 7 Battery 
Pre.-,tou Samuel ^V., G 32 

5 Price Andrew J., 16 unatt. II. A. 

Priest John C, Corp., G 33 

fProctor Alvin L., G 16 

Proctor Henry, 11 29 

Proctor Josiah K., K 2 II. Art. 

Proctor I'atrick S., capt., D 16 

I'roper Abram 11., 3 Vermont 

tProuty Sidney S., A 2 

Pryor John, 11 U. S. Infantry 

Pui^slev Henry, B 30 

PuleiluV Alfred H., capt., 2 II. A. 

Pukifer John C, K 2 H. Artillery 

I'urcell John, 1 New York 

I'ureell Joseph, B 30 

Putnam Allred P., A 33 

fPutnam Alonzo, 15 Battery 

(iuiglcy Andrew, D 16 

(iuinlan Dennis, mus., G 3 (Jav. 

6 (Juinlan Michael, 2 Cavalry 

*(Juiulau Muitv, Corp., F 30 

(Juinn Edward,' D 16 

*l.iuinn John, B 30 

(iuinn John E., sergt.. B 30 

fCJuinn Patrick, A 30 
(,iuiiui Patrick, B 30 
(iuiuu Patrick, 15 Battery 

f Jiiinn Patrick F., F 30 
Uailelille Runda'.l A., 1 30 
Katferty Hugh, H 30 
llatlerty John, 2 H. Artillery 
Rafter James, (i 16 
Ramsey John S., I 16 
■j-Ramsey Nchemiah S., C 30 
Uam^botlom Thoma-, A 33 
Rand David C, 2 
Rand James, 2 Cavahv 
Randall George P., E"oO 
Randlett Thomas, 33 
Ranktt George R., 7 Battery 

Ranioville Felix. 


;; Raumgarten M</rris, 4 Cavalry 

fRay Jsormriii J., A 33 

Read James Ci., B 2'J 

fRead Join II., musician, C IG 

*Ready Rufus, 6 Missouri 

Reagan Andrew, I 

Reagan Jeremiah, U. S. Armv 

Reagan Jidm; G 2 N. H 

Redmond Pliiiip C, F 33 

fReed (ieorge E., C 30 

Reed Cieo. W. L., sgt., A 33; Co. 
G 20 V. R. C. 

Reed Gordon, D 26 

Reed Nathaniel K., 1 lieut., 30 

^Rccd Mcariek, C 30 

f Reynolds John, A 2G 

"Reynolds Michael, II 26 

tReynolds Patrick, D 16 
Reynolds Patrick, 11 

3 Rice Albert E. 
Riee.Kortis S., 1 Sharpshooters 
-Rice John S.. D 2G 
1 Rich Robert 

*Riehards \Vm. H. 11., sgt., B 30 
Richardson Abraham, F 16 
*Richardson Chas. II., sgt., A 26 
Richardson Daniel, 5 N. II. 
Richardson Gardner 11., sgt., E 2 
Richardson llenvy E., C 30 
fRiehardson Hudson M., 7 Batt. 
Richard-on John, D 20 
« Richardson Joseph W., D 30 
* Richardson Luther L., A 20 
Richardson 11., K 20 
'Richardson Samuel M., 7 Batt. 
Richardson Stephen, Jr., 3 Cav. 
Richardson William H., band 26 
'■ Richer Aaron D , C 30 
Kicker Charles W., D 2G 

c:/ .■ . , : . ; ■■■ I i? Hi I 

I -.■■•( 

'I , /I 

• 1 » > ..' 'M ' 



Kicker Ocoige A., F 33 

Kicker Noah C, G 33 

Kicker Will. E. A., 1 U. S. Cav. 

Kicker Win. G. A., 1 It. Col. L'av. 

Kigney Edwaifl, 10 ; Ytt. K. C. 

Riiey JIugh, 13 U. S. Infantry 

Kiley James, D IG 

*Kiley James, F 30 

*Kiley James, 3 Cavalry 

Kiley John, K 20 

Kiley.Michail, I IG 

Kiley Michael, K lU 

4 Kilev Morris 

ILiley I'atiitk, Li 5G 

Kiley I'atrick, (J 3 Cavalry 

Kiley riiilip, 7 iJattery 

liiley Keter, 15 Battery 

King Charles C, 7 liattery 

*Kiiig John E., D 30 

King Michael, 1) Conn. 

King Patrick, K 2 II. Artillery 

Kiordan John, (i IG 

'Kipley Herbert 15., Corp., D 20 

Kipley Joseph i!., A 2G 

Kipley Joseph 1!., 2iul, mus., A 30 

Kipley Stearns L., II 20 

Kivalpcller IJarnler, 15 Battery 

*Koach John, 1 II. Artillery 

*Koaeh John, I! 30 

3 Koach John, \'et. II. C. 

*lloark John, 15 30 

Kourk Peter, 15 59 

Ilolibins John, band, 17 

Kobbins J. C, C 33 

Kobbins I.everett, 6 Maine 

Koberts Henry W., 1 Battery 

Roberts Samuel E., 7 Battery 

-Roberts William, C 30 

liobertson George, corp., G 33 

Robertson John 11. , K 2 

'Robinson -Vlexander, mus., G IG 

Robinson Charles A., El Cav. 

*Robinson Charles S., 2 It., 7 Bat. 

liobinson George W., G 33 

Robinson James, A 30 - 

G Robinson James, 5 Cavalrj' 

Robinson Jesse L., C 30 ; 7 Batt. 

Robinson J. A. A., 2d It., 1 Col'd 

U. S. Infantry 
Robinson W^irren L., F 33 
2 Robinson NVilliam 
Roby (ieorge W., 1st It., B. 22 
tRoche David W., capt., IG 

Kocho Maurice, 1st It., uii. II. A. 

Rockwood ^\'illiam B., F 33 

1 Koehler Charles, 38 

Kogaii Ihomas, sergt., D 16 

Rogers Daniel, 2 Cavalry 

Rogers David, F 2G 

*Rogers ( hailes II., B 30 

3 Rogers John, 2G 

Rogers John F., 7 ]5attery 

Rogers Mich.ael, I IG 

Rogers Thomas D., F 3 Cavalry 

3 Rogers \Villiam, 1 Cavalry 
Koficrs William M., F 33 
Rollins Josiah L., G 10 
'Rollins Richard ^I., 7 Battery 
Kooncy James, II. 1 Cavalry 
Kose George W., 2d lieut., A 33 
Boss James C, F 1 Cavalry 
KotlnxcU Jonathan, 7 Battery 
Rourke Andrew, D IG 
fRourke Dennis, I'2 9 

■■ llourke John, A 30 
fKowe John, cajit., E IG 
Rowe William W'., F 8 Maine 
Rowell Daniel, sergt., I 17 
l!.o\vley Thomas, A 12 
lu)\vse' Albert, l.',t lieut., 15 Bat. 
Roval Peter II., L 33 
Ruddick William II., 7 Battery 
*Iiuggles Abram A., corp., D 26 
Rush-worth John B., F 33 ,; 

Russell Albert W'., E 22 
tRus.-en Daniel W., K 10 ; lieut. 

B 10 N. II. 
Russell George W., G 33; V.R.C. 
Kussell Henry, F 33 
Uussell Horace, F 33 
: Kussell James, A 2G 
kussell John W., L J^ 
Ryan John, E 9 
Rvan John, D IG 
*kyau Patrick, D 26 
R\an 'I'homiis, GIG 
Hytrson Chailes, K 5 Maine 
flvvcrson Horace, A 2 
^Salmon Julm J., mus., D 2G 
Sanborn Levi C, C 2 

4 Sanborn Lewis C, Vet. R. C 
* Sands James, 30 

Sanford Augustus, K 2 II. Art. 
G Sans Charles, 4 t'avalry 
Saiitry Arthur, K 2 II. Artillery 
fSargent Charles D., D 2G 

•/; ',. . ./ 





Sargent Emmons 15, 7 ]!at; V.K.C. 
SaiyLtit Elipliaz E., B 30 
iSaij,'iut JLiLiniah A., D 26 
Sargent Jolm C, G .'J3 
2 Sargfnt Jolin C, Vet. 11. 0. 
Sargent, Julin E., 2 
Siaindcrd Dana, 1 II. Artillery 
*Suundfrs Eihvard T., C 30 
Sawtcll Josiah A., It. colonel, 2G 
fSawtell Luther, Jr., I 2G 
Sawyer Aaron, K 2 II. Artillery 
Sawyer Alfred A., (i 2G 
fSawyer Bernard II., A 2G 
*Sawyer Edward A., A 20 
Sawyer John, Jr., F 33 
Sawyer Nathan D. A., capt., 2 
2 Saxton Charles G. 
Saxton Daniel, K 20 
Saxton Timothy, II 2 N. II. 
Scales I'klward A., 2 II. Artillerj 
Scales Aaron AV., A 2 II. Artillery 
Scannell Daniel, 'J Conneeticnf 

2 Schaffer Frederick, Vet. 1{. c'. 

5 Schank Elias, o Cavalry 

G Schmidt John, 2 

4 Sehmidtgrub J., 2 

1 Schuiik Jacob, Vet. K. C. 

Scotehburn Thomas, F 33 

Scott Henry J., G 33 

Scott Marsliall, 'J U. S. Infantry 

.Scott Thomas, 2 

Scott William, K II. Artillery 

Scully Edward, 1.5 Battery 

»Scully Edward C, K 31 

fScuUy John, wagoner, A 29 

tScuUy John, F 30 

Searles Frank E., 8 II, Artillery 

*tSearles Henry D., A 2G 

Searles William A., A 26 

Scaver George W., corp., 7 Batt. 

Eebins llufus W., C2 

*Setbert Jolni, I 26 

Senter Almon S., C 2 II. Art. 

Severance William II., F 33 

Sewall Ammi 11., A 33 

Sewall Lyman B., F 33 

Sexton D'aniel, G 33 

Seymour George II., A 2 

Shackford William B., Vet. 11. C. 

Shanlcy John, B 11 
<; Shanley John, 11 26 
"* •Shannon Charles, F 30 

Sharp John, G IG 


•5 Shatford ?>Iark, 1 Cavalry 
Shattuek Daniel E., I's 

Sliattuck Francis, D 30 

-^•"Shattuek Oraniel C.,cor, I Sh'p's 

tShaughuessey James, F 30 

Shaw Alvarado, I IG 

fShaw Chase S., sergt., A 26 

*Shaw Daniel W., Sergt., D 2G 

Shaw William L., sergt., D 26 

Shay Jeremiah, B 30 

Shay Michael, II 30 

tShea John, G 19 

'Shea Patrick, F 30 

Shea Thomas, 17 

Shedd Abntr A., F 33 

Shedd Freeman B., A 33 

Shedd William II., F 22 

1 Sheehan Patrick, Vet. R. C. 

Sheehan AVilliani A., 33 

Sheehey John, D 26 

Sheldon John W., B 30 

"Sheller John, 30 

fShephard James W., B 29 

Sherlock Thomas, sergt., F 30 

Sherman George W., A 2 

Sherman William II., A 2 

Sherwell Jesse K., G 19 

tSherwell Walter, F 33 

Shields Jarnes, l liattery 

Shien Patrick, D 26 

Sliipley Samuel 1)., capt., C 30 

Shirley Charles II., Jr., K 2 II. A. 

fShirley James II., A 2 

1 Short John F. 

Short" Patrick II., L 1 Cavalry 

Short Kich'd ll.,com.sgt.,10 X.H. 
fShort William, A 10 
Short William E., B 29 
Shufeldt Stephen, B 2 
fSimons Timothy, C 12 
Simpson Daniel M., 7 Battery 
Simpson Edward A., B 30 
Simpson George II., B 13 
Sinclair Henry A., sergt., G 33 
Skinner Austin L., A 2 
Skinner Charles M., K 2 
Sladen Juseph A., corp., A 33 
*Slater Joseph F., sergt., A 26 
•Sleeper Charles W., 7 Battery 
fSloeper George, corp., G 16 
Sleeper Solomon C, 1 Sharpsh's 
Slines Michael, G 3 Cavalry 
Sloofey James, 30 



Sloan lloLcrt M., ii 10 

Sinall Fitdeiiek J., 15 Battery 

Small J(;lm E., 2 11. Artillery 

Small l'.uil 1)„ K 2 II. Artillery 

Smith Albert, U 2 11. Artillery 

Smith Andrew, G 33 

Smith Aiulrew, 3 Battery 

3 Snnlh liernard, 32 

Sn.ith Charles C, D 31 N. York 

Smith Charles CJ., 16 Battery 

Smith Charles II., I) 2G 

Smith Charles II.. F 33 

3 Smith Chester P., Vet. 11. C. 
Suiith David, 2 Co. II. Artillery 

4 Smith David, Vet. 11. C. 
Smith I'.ihvard, K 13 
fSiuith Kchvard, I 30 
3 Sniith Edward, 2 
Smith Frank, D 16 
Smith Ceorge K., C 30 

3 Sir.itli Henry, 2 Cavalry 
fSmith Henry L.. C 30 
Smiih Henry S., K 2 II. Artillery 
Smith Hugh, B 30 
Smith James F., K 2 II. Artillery 
Smith Jaeob R., C 30 
Smith John, B 11 
Smith John, C 16 

* Smith John, sergt., C 2(i 
»Smith John, B 30 
Smith John, D 5'J 
Smith John, U. S. Regulars 

4 Sniith John, 2 Cavalry 
2 Smith John, 3 II. Artillery 
Smith John M., 7 Battery 
Smith John W., B II 
Smith Joseph, 2 II. Artillery 
Smith Marshall S., 7 Bat.; <) Me. 
Smith Matthew, F 13 U. S. luft. 
tSmith Michael, B 30 
tSmith IV'ter, E 30 
Smith riiilip A., G 3 Cavalry 
*Smith Reuben, B 2 
2 Smith Reuben T. 
Smith Samuel, G IG 
Smitli Samuel, F 33 
♦Smith Samuel J., D 30 

* Smith Stephen B., adjutant, 2G 
*Smith Thomas, 4 Battery 
Smith Thomas, 15 Battery 
Smith Walter N., captain, B 11 
Smith ^\'ilIiam, sergeant, F 33 
Smith "NVdliam A., B IG 

Smith AVilliam A., 7 Battery 

fSmith \Villiam B., C 30 

Smith ^Villiam D., G 10 

G Smith NVilliam D., 15 Battery 

fSmith William F., A 33 

Smith William M., G Battery 

Sn.ith William \\'., G IG 

tSnell David, D 2G 

Snellgrove Henry, 40 New York 

4 Snow Charles, 3 11. Artillery 

Snow Charles 11., 7 Battery 

G Sommers IL., 2 

" Soper Gilman S., G 32 

3 Southard Mi'toii L., 2 Cavalry 
Southers William, 10 R. Island 
Spalding Fitzhcnry, G 33 
Spaulding F. M., 1st It., Col. Cav. 
Spaulding Alpheus, 3 Cavalry 
S})aulding Charles A., 3 Cavalry 
fSpaulding Oscar A., A 2 
Spear James, 7 Battery 
Speller John S., A 33 
Speller Richard P.. A 33 
Sj)elmau James, B I'J 
■•■ Spclman James, II 30 

4 Spelman James, Vet. R. C. 
Spencer Ethan N.., 1 11. Artillery 
^Spencer Robert, A 20 
* Sperk Jacob. 2 
'■Sperry Charles A., D 30, 
*Sperry II. Austin, D 30 
Simfibrd George F., 7 Battery 
Spoltbrd Moses, B 30 
Spotwood John, B 30 
Spvagile Frederick E., A 2G 
"Sprague Thomas, A 26 
Spurr Joseph -M., 11 33 
Staeey John R., K 2 H. Artillery 
Stackpole James A., 7 Battery 
Stackpole John, 3 H. Artillery 
Stackpole J"seph II., 7 Battery 
Stackpole William T., 15 Rattery 
Stanford Albert, G 16 
fStaiiford Freeman S., B 6 Vt. 
Stanley Moses, G i Vt. 
Stanley William C, 7 Battery 
♦Stanton Ethvard, I 20 
Stanton (Jeo. F., a.-s't chaplain, 30 

•^Stanton Henry B., Jr., sgt., D 30 
Stanton William, B 2 ^l, / 

Starkins Michael J., 30 ' '^'"- ^HV 
Steakem Michael, I 16 (^^,/ ,J[ 
Stearns Charles II., G 16 • 

J. ;.<;.'(., 


1/ .; ; A 

K Y 

.1.;.-/^ i: 

. . I 



Stearns (ieoigc W., F 33 
Stearns Lewis, Corp., (j 16 
iSteelinan John, D 'Id 

1 Stcitz William, 2 
fStephcns Alexnndtr, B 2 
tSiei)licns John, 15 2 

C Stephenson .Tames, Vet. 11. C. 
Stern Simon, 1'" 1 
Stetson Cieorge G., B 11 
Stevens Alonzu B., 7 Battery 
*Stevens Daniel C, A 26 
Stevens (jeorge"\V., adj't, 23 Ohio 
Stevens Joel P,, 2 Sharpshooters 

2 Stevens John, 2 Cavalry 
fStevcns Warren, II U. S. Sharp. 
Stevens ^Vil]iam I)., 7 Battery 
Stevcn'ron Cnslunan S., 2 Cav. 
Stewart Li^vi D., C 2 
fStewart William, I IG 
Stewart Zachariah B., 7 Battery 
Stickncy Charles W., D 8 N. II. 
fStickney Henry, G 33 
Slinson Charles ^V., G 33 

St. Ledger I'atrick W,, 2 11. Art. 
Stone Abel II., A 26 
Stone (jilman, G 33 
Stone Reuben E. 15 Battery 
Storer A. 11., L 1 Cavalry 
Storer Newman W., cajjt., 7 liatt. 
Stott George, G 33 
Stover Jesse (i., strgt., A 2 
St. Peters rr,,nk, F 13 U.S. Inft. 
Strickland Robert A., K 2 II. Art. 
fStrong Martin Y. B., 1 Sharp. 
St. Stephen Frank, U. S. Rcgu's 
vSturtevant William II., 1 Cav. 
Sullivan Daniel, D IG 
■f Sullivan Eugene, B 30 
Sullivan Francis, lo New York 
Sullivan Henry, Jr., B 30 
Sullivan James, F 28 
Sullivan Jeremiah, 1st, D IG 
Sullivan Jeremiah, 2nd, 1) 16 
Sullivan Jeremiah, B 30 
Sullivan Jeremiah, 4 Battery 
Sullivan John, Corp., D IG 
Sullivan John, 116 
Sullivan John, o9 
Sullivan John W., D IG 
*Sullivan Michael, B 30 
Sullivan Michael. II 33 
*Sullivan Patrick, C 16 
Sullivan Patrick, K 31 

Sullivan P. IL, C 11 

Sullivan 'I'homas, 1.3 Battery 

.Sullivan Timothy, 1) 16 

*Snllivan ^Villiam, E 30 

Sullivan William, F 30 

Sullivan William M., G Battery 

*1 Sutliorland (Seorgc, C 30 

Sutlierland iS'cil, F 33 

Swatswell John, F 30 

Sweatt Joseidi S. G., A 2 

*Swceney Michael, A 26 

*S\veeney Michael, F 30 

6 Sweeney Wallace II., 2 

Swett Newell S., 2 Sharpshooters 

Swift Frank, K 5 N. 11.; 2 lI.Art. 

*Sykes Richard M., 11 20 

Symonds Edward, 2 II. Artillery 

Symonds llemau ,M., B 11 

'I'albot Philip, 11 30 

6 Tallman I'homas, 2 Cavalry 

Tanner James, C 1 1 

Tarbnx Sumner R., mus., A 33 

^Taylor Charles E., A 26 

Taylor Charles I., 3 Cavalry 

.5 Taylor George, Vtt. Res. Corps 

Taylor Isaac, G 33 

'Taylor James, II 11 

Taylor James F., A 26 

Taylor Jolm, 1-5 Battery 

G Taylor John, 2 II. Artillery 

TayhirJohn W., band, IG 

flay lor John Z., F 11 

Taylor Stephen, 7 Battery 

Taylor Wm. II., C 15 ; Vet. R. C. 

Taylo'r \\'illiam R., Corp., B 11 

Tcaguc Hugh, G 3 Cavalry 

2 'Tebbetts Jos. F., 33 ; Vet. R. C. 

Teljbetts TYniplc, drum major, 17 

Tebbetts W. 11., 31 

G Teel Alonzo, Vet. R. C. 

Temple Emery, A 26 

tTenney John, F 30 

Tetreau Jeremiah, F 33 

Thayer Ricliard F., C 30 

Thissell Andrew, 33 

Thissell Charles A., Corp., 7 Batt. 

Thissell George N., 7 Battery 

fThissell Joseph W., G 33 

1 Thomas Benjamin A., Vet. R. C. 

6 Tliomas Charles H., 2 Cavalry 

* fThomas Richard E., corp., A 26 

Thompson James B., 2J It., G 16 

fThompson James G., A 26 

- 1 

/ ; '. . '11. 

\{\ ,- h 

/ ..)• 



G Thompson Jorciniuh. 33 
t'L'honipbOu Jolin, F 13 U. S. Inf 
Thompson John ()., 3 11. I-huul 
Thompson Joseph P., 1st It , G 33 
Thompson Nathan, (i 33 
t'lhompson Itichard A., A 30 
Thompson Jlinaldo 11., A 33 
fThonipson ^Villiam, D 26 
Thompson William I.., B 2 
+Thorne George II.. II 20 
Thorning John !•'., 7 Battery 
Thornton John, B 10 N. II. 
Til. belts Charles G., 15 Battery 
Tibbetts Henry \V., Corp., 15 Bat. 
Tibbetts John W., A 33 
Tibbetts Lutlicr J. K., A 33 
Ticehurst James, A 2 
*rierney Patrick, 11 30 
*Tierney Peter, II 30 
Ti-he Matthew. I 19 
fTighe Patrick, Corp., F 30 
Tillison Theodore J., G 33 
Tilton Charles F., corp., A 2 
Tilton Warren W., 2d It., 19 
2 Tobin John 

+ lolman Charles, 7 Battery 
Tonary Frank, B 3 Cuvulry 

Toohey Mariin, II 33 

*- Toohey Thomas, C 30 
Tourney William, G 3 Cavalry 

Tracey Dennis, G 3 Cavalry 

fTracey Thomas, Iv 20 

Trainor Peter, II 33 

Travis S., 40 

Tret'ethen Charles, 15 Battery 
■ Trifethen Frederick, G 33 

*Tripp James E., K 2 

3 Tripj) John E. 

Trow James J., C 1 Cavalry 

True Chapman II., 7 Battery 

True Ennnons T., A 2 

Truell Zenas B., 2 Sharpshooters 

Trumble Matthew, II 3 Cavalry 

Trusdell Henry A., 33 

Tuck Andrew J., A 2 

*Tuckfcr Darby, 20 

Tucker John, 33 

Tucker Verris, E 35 

Tuckerman Prentiss, A 2 

*Tully Cornelius, sergt,, F 30 

TuUy Hugh, 1 II. Artillery 

TuUv James, 1 II. Artillery 

•Tuily John, F 30 

Tullv John, G 30 

Tully Michael, K 31 

Tullv <Jwen, 1 Xew Hampshire 

rally Patrick, F 30 

Tidiy Thomas, (i 5G 

^lumiUy I'atrick, C 2G 

'l'\iomy Dennis 

!') Turley John 

Turner Frank G., C 33 

Turner Francis D., 2 II. Artillery 

Turner William, G 31 

1 'i'urrcll James, A 26 ,,.,., 

Tattle John A., H 11 . 

G Twoy John, G Cavalry 

fl'yc Henry, K 2 

Tvier Daniel B.. M 1 Cavalry 

Tyler Eleazer, li 26 

■I Tyler Frederick. 53 

Tvler IKnrv, 25 Xew York 

Tvler Hiram M., C 30 

'Tyler John II., G 17 

Tyni'.n James, K 31 

Tvnan Timothy, B 9 

Tytar Henry, -10 N. Y. 

G Ulaig Charles, Yet. Res. Corps 

Underwood William A., D 26 

;Uns worth Kichard, F 2G 

*Upham Andrew C, C 30 

*Upham James F., hosp. stew., 20 

Upton Joseph, A 2 

Urann Chas. F., corp., G IC ; do. 
15 Battery 

*Vaile E. E., 30 

Ynllely Edward, D 16 ' 

* Vance Loren A., K 2 

Yhnce Wm.G.,cor,G 10; llV.ll.C. 

G Vandenberg Tiiomas 

V;aney Andrew J., 2 Co., II. A. 

Vickary Chailes, E 1'2 

\'ignon Frederick E., B 11 

Villiet Felix, band, 16 

fWaddle Ja-.ues, G 16 

\Vadleigh John D., F 22 

W'adleigh J(jsiph, 1 Sharpshool's 

Walker Augustus, sergt., G 16 

Vv'alker Kosalvo M., A 2 

Walker Silas S. C, K 2 II. Art. 

^Valker William G., B 3 Cavalry 

G Walker William II., 2 

Walker William T., 20 

Wall John, H 30 

Wallace John, 1 Artillery 

5 Wallace Lyuian, Yet. K. C. 

'-;;. y- ,.:•'. ;.:i:' .liJVu. 



AVallacc William 11., A 10 Yt. 
3 ^Valliu^fol■(l Mark !•"., 59 
^\'allis lUiny A., 15 15attcry 

2 Walsh Kilward, 2 II. Aitillery 

3 M'alsh Ilenrv 
Walton Aloii/.o \V., 33 
M'altoa America, surgt., 1] 8 Mc. 
G Ward Richard, Vet. U. C. 
^\'ard Thomas, corp., D IG 
^\'ard 'riioiuas 11., 15 Battery 
^\'ardle J()^e|)h, (j IG 
♦Warner William W., D 26 
M'arrcii lionjainiii, capt., D 2G 
^\'arrell Jeremiah F., Corp., 15 11 
AN'arren Onias, 15 3 Vermunt 
Warren Kobert J., 1 Cavalrv 
*\Varren 'I'luimas A., F 30 " 

* Warren Tliomas, H 30 
Washhurn N., 2 II. Artillery 
^\'a-hburn Thomas S., 15 30 

1 Washington ^\'iUiaIn, 5 Cavalry 
*VVaternian Dexter W., C 30 
Waters Daniel A., 7 Battery 
3 \\'aterc> James, I Cavalry 
^^'atson George A., 7 Cavalry 
AN'atbon Leonard A., 17 U. ti. Inf. 
^\'au-h Archibald, Utlient., A 33 
*\\'ebber Amory W., L 3 Cavalry 
AVebber Wallace, 15 Battery 
Webber ^\■ellington B., 7 Battery 
Webster Enoch, 15 30 
Webster Joseph II., K 2 II. Art. 
Webster I'eter L., 2 II. Artillery 
tWebster William yi., B 3(J 
AN'edgewood Edwin S., A 2G 

* Weeks Henry A., A 2G 
Welch Dennis II 30 

* Welch lildward. 7 Battery 

* Welch John, E 11 
♦Welch Juhn, E 2G 
Welch Michael, I 2 
*Welch Michael, B 30 
Welch Michael, G 33 
Welch Michael, U. S. Army 
Welch, 2 II. Artillery 

* Welch Patrick, A 2G 
Welch Patrick IL, G 33 

1 \\Vlcli llichard, Vet. R. C. 
6 Welcli Tliomas, 2 

2 Welcli Thomas, 1 Cavalrv 
Welch William IL. E3 N.'ll. 
A\'eldun Uenry^ B 2 
tWeldon Thomas, D IG 

2 Weldon William 1!., Yet. 11. C. 

2 Wells Charles D., D 2G 
Wentworth (ieorjze E.. sergt, 15 30 
Wcntworth John, E 3i5 
Wefitworth Moses E., II 26 
Wentworth Nel-on, E 30 
*NVeston A. Judson, 7 ]5attery 
Weymouth Harrison G. O , capt., 

'l!) ; major, U. S. Col'd 
Weymouth Uriah, 2 Cavalry 
tWheat Josiah C, E 33 
*NVhecler Frank, .H'rijt., D 28 
AVlueler John V., 7 Battery 
Whelan Michael, 2 Cavalry 
AVhclan Philip, 59 
Wlulden Cha-.M.,!t col. , col'd rcg. 
W]iipi>lo Calvin, 3 lUiode Island 
Whipple Eugene E., 1 Cavalry 
Whitcomb Calvin .S., 7 Battery 
M'hitcomb Charles C, 7 Battery 
:|: Whitcomb Valentine, A 33 
White Gideon F., A 7 
*^Vhite James, Jr., scrgt , B 30 
White Thomas, 3 1 
Wliitehead John, I IG 
Whitehead Kobert, 15 Battcrv 
Whithcd Darius, Jr., A 33 
Whiting James M , 1 II. Artillery 
Whiting Joseph B., 2d It., D 26 
Wliiting Thomas, 5 Cavalry 
Whitney Charles, 2 II. Artillery 
Whittaker Samuel S., 1) 30 
tWhitten Eben 15., sergeant, A 2 
Wliitten John M., E 33 
AS'hittie/ James, 2 II. Artillery 
Whittier Buel, corp., B 2 
WhoUey James, D 30 
Whooley Michael, 7 Battcrv 

3 Wier John, D 2G ; Vet. ll. C. 
Wiggin Lewis "W., 15 I Cavalry 
NN'iggins Frank, U. S. Army 
Wiley Jolm, G 1 

Wilev Timothy, II 20 

Wiley Wm.L, II 2G; capt., Col. La. 

Wiky AA'illiam J., 33 

Wilkins Ira D., G IG 

Wilkins Josiah W., G 16 

Wilkins Oiin T., mus., 7 Battery 

2 Wilkinson James 
WiUard Ira P.. 1 II. Artillery 
Willaid John il.. 12 Maine 
Wiliey Isaac, 7 Battery 

3 WiUev John L. 

.1 . 

(.1 .' ; ■••I I 



^Villey William 11., 2d It., A 2G 
\\'illey WiUiuin 11., 2 II. Aiiiller}; 
Williams Alviia G.. cmp., A 30 
t\\'illiam.s Anson W., 3 Cavalry 
Williams Chark'S H., 2 It., 7 Bat. 
Williams Cieorge, 4 liattury 
♦Williams Joseph, F 20 
W illiams J. A., E 12 
Williams Johns., E 12 
Williams Walter, E ;J0 
Williamson Dai'id C. 1 It., adj., 11 
Willis ("harks II., 2 X. 11. 
Willis lKorf;e, 7 Battery 
Willis William T., (1 33 
■1 Wilinot ll.iiry C, Vet. 11. C. 
Wilmoi \\\ -K'v W., A 20 
■\Vil>oa Ahd K.. 17 
Wilson David, 1 Cavalry 
»^^^'ilson Fosrcr, K 2 
^\'ilson Franeis E., 7 Battery 
Wilson Francis T., 7 Battery 

* Wilson Frank T., A 20 
Wilson George E., band 20 
Wilson James, 1 Cavalry 
*Wikson John, II 30 

* Wilson Joseph II., A 20 
*AVilson Justus B., Corp., A 20 
"Wilson Leonard, D 30 

t Wilson Lafayette, A 33 
Wilson William W., F 33 
Wing Benjamin F., G 33 
Wing Benjamin F., 7 Battery 
■1 Winn Chas. E., sergi.. G 10 ; 20 
+ Winn Geo., B., sgt., II 20j capt. 3 

Winn James O.. II 2G 
\Vinn Patriek, B 29 
Winn I'atiiek, G 33 
fWinsor George W., 1 Battery 
Winton James A., F 33 
tWithee Thompson II., A 20 

" Withington Wm G., Corp., C 30 
Wolcott Charles O., 1 Sharp. 
Woktinholme Francis E., 7 Bat- 
tery ; Vet. K. ('. 
Wood ICphraim, 1 Sharpshooters 
Wo. d John, 1) 10 
Wood John E., A 20 
' Wood John E.. Jr., A 20 
^Vood Joseph L., corp., 1 Sharp. 
»^\Voodard Charles C, mus., C 11 
Woodhurv Geori^e I.., 1) 2i'i 
Woo.ll.nrv John'E., 1 II. Art. 
Woods Ilenrv, 21 
fWoods John, I 10 

' Woodward Alex., corp., A 20 
t^Vood^vard (ieorgc I'k, D 26 

W'o.Hlward Joel, 1 Cavalry 

\\ oodward Uussell, I) 20 

Woodwortk A. C, 2 Cavalry 

Worcester Job, II 33 

Worcester Win. II., 7 Bat.; band, 
10; sergt., C 2 II. Art. 

Worden S. I)., Ct. 

Wright Dennison A , band 23 

fWright Lewis C, A 2 

Wvman Gec.rge W., 2 Sharp. 

Yale Thomas, New York Eegt. 

Yeaton Elbridge L., II 33 

Yeaton Reuben F., capt., S^Cav. 

,3 York Benjamin F., Vet. K. C. 

York Levi S., A 29 

tYonng Albert C, II 20 

Young llersehel C, 15 Battery 
j- Young James, F 30 

Young John, 30 New York 

Young John J., 7 I'.attery 
I Young William, 2d lieut., B 11 
Young William II., 3 Cavalry 
Young William ]SI., sergt., 7 Bat. 
Yourall Thomas, A 33 

jC^TDJDXrrXCilsf jP^T^- 

THUF.F. YF. Alls' UV.S. 

1 Atherton Daniel, V. U. C. 
■i Banforth Herman L., 30 

2 Bciula Alexander, 2 Cavalry 
•1 Boyk' Thomas, 2 Cavalry 

■1 Biichell A., Y. 11. C. 

4 Brvant Charles H., 4 Cavalry 

5 Cole Charles E., 2 Infantry 
5 Cripps John, Y. 11. C. 

2 Cram Samuel II., V. R. C. 

4 Cunningham James, 2 Infantry 

4 Dailv John, V. R. C. 

1 Day" William W. 2 II. Artillery 

1 Donaht.e Michael J., 2 II. Art. 

4 Dow T. Fitzgerald. 15 Battery 

4 lick Charles, 10 Battery 

5 Finlav John C, 'IS 


l»). 1 

.'> ' 



( / ,' ♦ 




• ji 1 / ii 



TWO \K Alls' MEN. 

2 liOwrty Koherl L., C Cavalry 
2 Noddies Atkinson, G Cavalry 


2 Aldrich Xulsoii T., 15 Battery 

2 Bean Jolm, l.j Battery 

2 Brown John ]•]., 15 Batterv 

5 Ihyant Charle.s P., 19 un. JI. A. 

2 Conlev (Iiorye, IJ Battery 
5 l)avis'Caleb,'l7 

3 l)crl)y.-,hire Jo-epli, 20 

5 Diekey Benjamin M., -1 H. Art. 

llannon I\ory I.., l.j Buttery 
Ilurnion Mo.-es, lo Battery 
I.nseonih \\'ni II., 1"J un. II. A. 
MeKenna Nielmlas, 1.3 Battery 
Moran Thomas F., 15 Battery 
Niehols James ()., I'J un. II. A. 
I'ierce Henry M., 1 Ca\alry 
Ciuinlan Micliael, (il 
Biekerston (iilbert, i! Cavalry 
Stinson Charles B., I'J nn. ILA. 
Taylor Wdliain II., 13 Battery 
Tilton John \V., 1 J Battery 


3 Appleton Fraidc P. 

3 Bass Joseph P. 

2 Battles Frank F. 
5 Bennett John C. 
5 Blanehard Aaron 

4 Blanehard Wdliam D. 
1 Brown Jolm B. 

4 Buttrick James G. 

4 Cady Ceor^'e L. 

5 Cliase David 
5 Clark Asa D. 

5 Connolly ^\'illiam T. 
1 Cooper Henry C. 

4 Dam Lorenzo C. 

5 Downs John F. 

1 Elliott Jasper 

2 Fifield Joseph C. 

5 Green John O., Jr. 

2 llcalcy David, Jr. 

3 Ilosford Iloeum, Navy 

4 Howe John 

4 Keyes Joseph B. 

4 Knowles John A., Jr. 

2 Lawrence Geurire W. 

^lartin Franklin 
Morse William (J. 
Moulton Oliver 11. 
Page I. Henry 
Perkins Henry P. 
Bogers Jacob 
Ku;jg Amos 
Uunels CJeorge 
Smith George 
Smith George B. 
Spaulding George L, 
Stevens Solon W. 
Stiles Alba G. 
Swan Charles A. F. 
Swapp Andrew F. 
Tuck Edward M. 
Tuttle Franklin 
Tyler Silas, Jr. 
AW-bber George X. 
Wellman ^^'illiam L, 
Whitney Cliarles 
Wood Samuel N. 
Wright Atwell F. 


.; ; iVfCi.f 

.• '' • I. .• 

uTiTacue oi'. • ■ 'mjt ;^-n3::i-r!0 




t Adams Harvey S, 

Ailaiiis Jdlin ( i. 

Allen Janies, Miniiesot;i 

Allen William 1!., 11. K. Cuyler 

Alvin Cliailes, Lancaster 

Anderson .lames, Ohio 

Annon William 11., S. Carolina 

Artlmr Matthew 

Bancroft Ivirk II., .iss't snrg., Iosco 

IJaron James 

I'arry John, Hainbiiilj^o 

Barry NN'illiam 

Eerry Charles 11., Jilinno-ota 

Birtwistle James, lieut., Minnesota 

lilaek Kalph, luo 

Bohonan Jose])h 

]ioynton Jas.W., ass. eng.,Conroy 

Lrady I'atriek 

Brcnnan Micliael 

IJrophy ilartin, I'awnee 

Brown James 

Brown Oliver 11. 

Brown Philip, Sacramento 

Buckley John 

Burke IVter 

4 Burke NVilliam 

Burns Jihn, Cherokee 

Burns Thomas, Niphsich 

liurrill Cyrus, New Ironsides 

Burrill Stephen D., ^lontgomery 

Burse llinry 

Burton Edgar, Ohio 

fBurton James, Clifton 

Bush Francis J., Aroostook 

Butler John, Minnesota 

Butler Maurice, I'ortsmouth 

Butler Maurice, Santee 

Butler Robert 

Buttcrworth George, Canonicus 

Cahill John, Congress 

Calahan Janies. Narragansett 

Calahan Tliomas, Cherokee 

Calvert Thomas 

Cambridge Augustus, Carolii»a 

Campbell John, Ivansas 

Campbell John, K. R. Cuyler 

Campbell Nicholas, Ohio 

Carey Peter, Pensacola 

Carey \\'illiam, Benton 

Carney Edward, Jackson 

Carter E. B., Tallihoma 

Carter (ieorge E. 

Casey Daniel, lihode Island 

CauUk-ld (reorge A., Constellation 

Ceruria James, Brandywine 

Ceruria Thomas, Braiuly wine 

C'handlcr James, Minnesota 

Clioathani Joseph, I'awnee 

(Mark David 

Colby Edw'd P., a-^s't surg.,Sciota 

Colgrove Merrill I). 

Collins John, lusco 

Collins John 

Collins Timothy 

Conley Thomas, Ino 

Connelly Francis 

Convay James, Com. Barney 

Corner Jo.-,iali T., Mor^e 

Corner Robert, Morse 

Costello Miles, ^Vestern World 

Cowley Chas., judge adv., Leldgh 

Cratts Nathan E. 

Crane Eilward J., R. R. Cuyler 

Crowell /enas A., Morse 

Crowley Patrick, Port Royal 

Crowley Thomas, Port Royal 

Ckumniiigs James, Io^co 

Cummmgs Joseph, Nahun 

Cummings Richard, losco 

Cummiskey John J., Niphsich 

Cunnirigham John, I'equot 

Cunningham Thomas 

Curran Francis 

Darey James, Lancaster 

Dacey John, Rhode Island 

Dacey Michael, Sabine 

Dacey ^\'illiam 

Davis Archibald 

■1 Davis Frank W. 

DeArville Lewis, Fort Donelson . 

Denagan John, Albatross 

Dennis W . II., cupt., coast survey 

Derbysliire Oeoige, Minnesota 

DL'vine David, Ohio 

Devine James, K('ar^arge 

Devine Patrick, Niagara 

Devine Patrick, Ohio 

Devlin James, Philadelphia 

Devlin Michael, Flag 

Devlin Michael 

:" y '.! 

{ '-^ •■-" \' 

i r.r.c '> 



Dodge Lyman, Cumberland 
fDohany Michael, Congress 
Uunt'gan 'John 

Duniielly Frank, Young Hover 
Donnelly John, Savannah 
Donnelly Peter, Niagara 
Donovan William, (Jhilieothe 
Dorsey Edward 

Dougheity John, Jr., J. W. Blunt 
Doyle John, St. Louis 
Doyle .Michael, Quaker City 
Ducy John IL, Minnesota 
Dudley (ieorge, Missi>sippi 
Dugan riiilip, Syracuse 
Dunl iry ^Luirice, Vermont 
Dunlavy Maurice, Yeniasee 
Dutton George \V. 
6 Dwyer Charles 
Dwyer James. W. G. Anderson 
Dwyer John. Jacob Bell 
Eaton Jo-sejih (jr., midshipman 
Eliot Winthrop T., Ohio 
Farley Andrew, S(m{h Carolina 
Farrell Michael, Xarragansett 
Farrell Patrick, ^lohavvk 
Farrell Patrick, Susquehanna 
Farrell William, Sonoma 
Farrell William II. 
Farreu W'dliain, Penobscot 
Felch Edward, Minnesota 
Fiske William, Massassoit 
Fitzgerald Edward, Port Royal 
Fitzgerald Jeremiah 
Fitzgerald John, Susquehanna 
Fitzpa;rirk ^Litthew, ^Lnnesota 
Flood J'llni, Mississippi 
Floyd John A., Adirondack 
Flynn John, Lancaster 
Fogerty Patrick 
Foley John 

Fuller D.irius S., Minnesota 
Gatfiii'V 'i'liomas IL, Minnesota 
( John, Minnesota 
Galvin Daniel, Rhode Island 
Galvin Edward, Pocahontas 
Gangan John, 

Garahed Ili.-tchadore P., ass't en<^. 
Gardner Frank, Juniata 
Gardner Junes 
Garri.r,in Francis, 
Gurrigan Michael, Malvern 
Garrity liernurd 
fGarrity Edward, Congress 

I (Garrity William, Congress 
(i.utland James 
(iarvey Michael, Minnesota 
(nllin Timothy, mus., Colorado 
Ciitfoid John 

(iilmore John D., M;irblehead 
(nll)atii(k Charles, Marblehead 
(iknnon Thomas, Pawnee 
(ilynu -Martin 
Godfrey John 
Howdy Jolin, Pantaraa 
(loodhue David 
I Gordon (jcorge G, 
(jorman John 

(Graves Simeon II. , Glaucus 
(iray John 
Green Charles F. 
Grein Watson L., Pawnee 
(irilliii Jeremiah, (runesee 
(hilila Maurice, Genesee 
Grilliri Thomas, Brooklyn 
llnggcrty Stephen, Pcquot 
Hall (rcorge, (.Cumberland 
Hall (leor^e D., (ienesee 
Hall George IL, New Ironsides 
Hallacy John, Morning Light 
Ilaminagan John 
Hanuhtm Jo>iah, Naham 
llanley Daniel, Vermont 
Hauley Jeremiah, Lancaster 
llanlin Daniel, Vermont 
Harrington Jolin, Canandaigua 
Harrington Patrick, Constellation 
Harrington Patrick, So. Carolina 
Harriit'^'ton Timothy 
Harris William IL, Powhatan 
Hatch Aloii/.o, Nahant 
Hayes Jereniah, .Minnesota 
Hayes Patrick, Pensaeola 
Healey William 
Heirron D miel 

Herrick William IL, Minnesota 
Hickev John, Powhatan 
Hill Peter 
•1 Hilton Lutlicr 
Hoar Janus 
llodgdon Henry 
Hodgkiiis Henry II. , Pinola 
IL.lhuid Michael, Stars & Stripes 
Holman D.miel, Sacramento Charles IL, captain 
Homer Jo-l ih 
Home M 111: Jl., Qucen 

'. 1 

',' . <i . 

.!■ ' 1 



Hunt George, llmisatonic 

4 Hunt William 

Hunter John 

Hurley Edward, Minnesota 

Hurley JNIicliHel, Minnesota 

Huse John, I'reble 

Hyde James H., Ohio 

Hyde James H., Santiago de Cuba 

Ini:alls Moses 

Jefferson William. Benton 

Johnson Alonzo, Ino 

Johnson Robert, Port Royal 

Jones Charles NN'. 

Judge James, Constellation 

Keins Francis 

Kelley James, ^lississippi 

Kelley John, Minnesota 

Kelley John, Niagara 

Kelley Peter, Lancaster 
4 Kenney Michael 

Kerwin John, Mystic 

Kimball Charles, Kansas 

King Stephen H. 

King William, Preble 
Kittredge George 
Knowles Lewis, ^^'abash 
Langdon John 
Lannan Patrick, Hartford 
Lawrence Alvin.ass't cng, Glaucus 
Lawrence Geo.W,aVt eng. Malvern 
Lawson F.T., ass't sur.,Uuntsville 
Lcary James, Minnesota 
Leary Jerry, Cambridge 
Leary John, Tioga 
Leary Michael, Port Royal 
Leathers George, Constellation 
liCavitt Erasmus D., Sagamore 
Leavitt WiUam A., Huntsvillc 
Lee Andrew, Niagara 
IjCC Bryan, South Carolina 
Lee John, Jjancaster 
Lee I^Iichaol 
Leonard John, Perry 
JiCwis Levi, Ethan Allen 
Lewis Walker, Rhode Island 
Liddell Charles W., Lilly Cloud 
Lord Sylvester W., I'reble 
I,ovett Hugh, Sacramento 
Luna Patrick, Montgomery 
Lynch James, Connecticut 
I,ynch James, }iLiratanza 
I,yona Murty, Sagamore 
Mackay, Delaware 

Madden (.'onielius 

Madill Robert, ]5aron De Kalb 

Maher John W., Satelhrfc 

iLiher Patrick, I'atapsco 

4 >Liher Patrick 

Maher Peter 

Maher William, Lancaster 

^Ldioney James 

Maloy William H., Sebago 

Mnnn John 

Manuel James, Rhode Island 

fMarren David, Tioga 

Marsh Nathan 

Marshall James L. 

Marthon Joseph, Pocahontas 

Mason William, Mississippi 

Maxfield Jas. G., ass't sur., Osceola 

McCanna Nicholas, I'owhatan 

McCaren Richard, Colorado 

McCaren A\'illiam, South Carolina 

McCarthy Miciiael, Port Royal 

T^IcCarty Jeremiah 

McCarty John 

McCarty Patrick 

McCormick Geo. P., Somerset 

McCracken Daniel, Rhode Island 

McCracken David, Preble 

McCracken Isaac, Cambridge 

McDaniels Thomas, Louisiana 

McDonald Edward, Cambridge 

McParlaiid Charles 

MctJerry John II., New Ironsides 

McGloan Hugh 

McGurk John 

McKee John, Rhode Island 

McKeever Patrick, Kearsarge 
McKcnney Thomas, Iron Age 

McLaughlin Arthur, San Jacinto 

McMahon Samuel 

McManus Michael, Syracuse 

McNeil Artcmas 

McNeil James, New Ironsides 

McNulty David 

McSweency Dennis 

Mehan Peter 

Meredith James, Richmond 

Merrill Mar's R, W. (i. Anderson 

Metcalf Grecnleaf, mus., Colorado 

Molloy William 

Moody (ieorge F., Ohio 

Mooney Frank, Mississippi ' 

Mooney Philip, Ma^sassoit 

Moore James A. 


tMoore Thomas, Congress 

Motley Robert, Kciirsar^e 

Moultoii Charles, Miiinejota 

Mulvey Itoniard, Ohio 

Murphy Edward, Yomassco 

Murphy Jan»cs 

Murphy Timothy 

li Murphy William J. 

Murray Alexander, Minnesota 

Murray Dennis, Colorado 

Murray James, ^\''estern \\'orld 

Murray John, Minnesota 

Nichols James 

Nolan Patrick 

Xolan 'I'hoinas, Richmond 

Oatcs liarnard 

Oates John II., Congress 

(J'Rrieu James, hsabine 

O'lJrien John, Minnesota 

O'JhienJohn, Mohican 

O'Rrien Michael S., Ohio 

O'llrieu Patrick II., Antonio 

O'Jirien Timotliy 

O'Connor John ■ 

O'Donnell John 

OiFutt Edwin, C;.imbridge 

OfFutt Francis, Ohio 

O'llare John, mast.nrate.R .I>land 

O'llare Patrick, Yemasee 

O'llearn John 

O'Hearn Michael, Minnesota 

Oldham John 

O'Neil Henry 

Osgood Ceo. C.asst. surg., S.Price 

Pacard Paschal, Queen 

Parker Henry T. 

Parker Jesse H , Marbleliead 

Parshley Henry G.,mus. .Colorado 

Parshley John !>., inus., Colorado 

fParks George F,, Malvern 

Patterson Chns. J., mus., Colorado 

Patten James H., Maratanza 

tPaul Albert 

Pearsons Albion F. P., Pensaeola 

Philips Lewis, Mississippi 

Price Charles 

PurccU Joseph 

Quigley Thomas 

Quigley William, Louisville 

(iuinlan James, Pensaeola 

Racao M'illiam F., Narragansett 

Kacklifl' Samuel, Congress 

Rain John, Sabine- 

Redding Lester P. 

Pccenstyerna Lawrence, Colorado 

Regan Daniel, Sacraniento 

Regan Dennis, Constellation 

Revnolds George 

Ri.haidson George C, Pensaeola 

Riley James 

Riley Matthew, C(;nstellation 

Ring Dennis, Tioga 

Ring Jolui, Minnesota 

Roach lodward 

Roach James, Osceola 

Roach John, Minnesota 

Roach Lawrence, Preble 

Roach Michael, liaron De Kalb 

Ro ich r^Iich.iel, St. Louis 

Robinson Joseph, Minnesota 

liohind Peter, Ticonderoga 

Ryan James 

Ryan John, Verona 

Ryder Thomas 

Sciibner James E., ass't engineer 

Scully Dennis, Kittatinny 

Shaw Charles F., ^linnesota 

Shea Michael, Yerniont 

Shertield James W., Kearsarge 

Shepperd Eugene, Ino 

Sheridan Michael, Quaker City 

Slierman James O., Praziliera 

Simpson John 

Slater AVilliam 

Sline Edward, Niagara 

Sline John H., Hartford 

Slocuin John P., engineer 

Slowty James, Cumberland 

Smith (jcorge F., Harvest Moon 

Smith Hugh 

Smith James, Ohio 

Smith John, Pensaeola 

Suiith John, Seneca 

Smith John 

Smith Matthew, South Carolina 

Snell Alfred T., lieutenant 

Stacy Diuine P., ^V. (i. Anderson 

Stancely Nathan K. 

Stevens Charles H. 

Stewart Frank, Mississippi 

Stewart Hamilton, So. Carolina 

Stone N\'inslow, Suscjuehannu 

Sullivan Cornelius, Vincennes 

Sullivan Daniel, Santee 

Sullivan' Henry ^L, Arthur 

Sullivan Jeremiah, Yemasee 

•» < '-.w^^ ;• ' 



Sullivan John, Khode I^-lai>d 

Sullivan Micliael, Pawnee 

Sullivan Thomas 

Sullivan Tiniotliy, Carondclet 

Sullivan Tiniothj , KlioJe Island 

Taylor Charles B. 

Tcbbetts Alonzo G., Atlanta 

Thompson Ira, Jr., Geniibok 

Thorn John 

fTilton David li., New York 

Tilton W. a. 

Titus Calvin 

Towle John 

Trevor James A. 

TuUy Thomas, Sacramento 

Tully Thomas 

Tuttle John, Ariel 

fTweed Harrison A., Marblehead 

Vaile I, Henry, eng., Memphis 

Walch Daniel 

W'akh James 

Ward James J.. ^lercedita 

^\'arren Jt-remiah 

^Vat.son lliram T., Ino 

Webber Frank 

Wt'lton Charles S. 

^^ hite Jolin, Tioga 

NN'hite John II., Huron 

t^\'iUler Chalks 15., lieutenant 

Williams Andrew 

^\'ing ii. Frank, Congress 

Wintoii John, Dale 

^N'oods Isaac 

\\ ri.'ht (ieorge L., Niagara 

\\ right Emory, pay"r, K.ll.Cuyler 

Wynian Moses P., Minnesota 

Youn" Huiih 

Reported Killed at Berryville, September 19th, 1864. 

(Too late to be markL-d as deceased in lists.) 

Cross William E., corp., A 20 
Foster Henry C, sergt., A 2G 
Ford Uol)ert 11., A 2G 

Granville John, G 3 Cavalry 
Horn Charles C, corp., A 2C 
Howard Jumes, A 26 

Huntington Henry, A 26 
ManehcstiT Delos W., H 26 
Marshall John J., 2d It., II 2G 
Kichardson Luther, A 26 
Wilson Joseph IL, A 20 

S TJIS^ i^.^^i^~5r_ 

Enlisted for Three Jilonths, 
" " Nine Months, 

" " One Hundred Days, 

" •' Three Years, 

•• " Two Years, 
" " One Year, 
Citizens furnishing Substitutes, 
Enlisted in Naval Service, 











Re-enlisted (*) for Three Years, .... 

Total credit due to Ijowell, ... 

The number reported as having died in service (f) is 357, but the 
number is not claimed to be fully correct, as some have probably died 
or been killed, whose names liave not been reported, especially so of 
men in the naval service. 21 others (+) are known to have died sub- 
sequent to their being discharged from service, making 378 deceased. 

IK' ^.'A 'r.,j 


'oOl .rl.tyj -<>i''i-/l^f? .--i' V, • F! :•. •I'^'i-.ii (.'l-K-'y.H 

- i: 

*>.!.•';. r.v ..; 



'' ■ ■ ' •' {successors to NICHOLS AND CO.,) 

>\'lioIesale ami Kctail Dealers in 



f-i'ocerles, Cordage, PowdiT, IJuiiiiu;;- Fluid, &e., 
i\os. Ill and 1 16 CEXTR Al, STREET, 


R. V. FLKTCIIER, , . ^ , . ■ >, ' i ' ^ i*--.' "' ^' °- 'lANSUH. 




II . II o AV A r? r> , 



Coal, Wood, Flour, Liiiie, Cemeut, Brkks, Hay, &c., 
Western Avenue, - - - Eowell, Mass, 


Attorney and Counselor at Law, 

OfSce, Barrister's Hall, 

Corner Central and Meniuiack Slrceta, LO]VELI., it ASS. 

CommisBl.'ULT fur Maine, New IlaiiipsUire, Vermont, Ehode Island, and Nov York. 

1., '} .., I. .(..,( .7 

/ ; 

■J '')' •: 
. 1 ■, ■ 1 .'. 

"! 'y. i 

t , t 

• f J . 1 W If ' t . J 

'/'■.fl'TO: * A 












Diitton Street, near MeehaiBics' i^Iillf^, 


Repairing done at the shortest notice. SeconJ hanil Boilers constantly on hand, and 
• for Bale. 

J. B. nii^LijiisrG, 




\o. 90 Central, and \os. 1, 3 and 4 Jackson Street, 



: il i) ' ) A I 

■■! > U ■ -; la 

•>■^•^ • ■' ; J * r. ..•..• I.^'j- 

:«' *>?<I3 'H^ 'i >SltO'i 

1 : .:•! r/r// 

tu .?:»'.$»'> n«f!)«jU 

■, i; ':n r.' ; i ;(V^' 

..^Cv,:n.]A;i /^^'-/^i ,'.;a ,^ ...4]0,eT;i'.*.'i 

r .l*. 

V^.;. V.\ II 


Wl &\ 


••• No. 156 Merrimack Street. 

rM\ % 









Garments of every description made to order. 

-: .'•. ...w.i/. 

7 •: 

A : 7 ''-10 

} . •' r. ^ 

t ^ '- 

Z 1 i 


•_/ > 

i- :-'.L ■' .; .'M vi 

•f, ; ;.» 



(SlTCCESSOtt TO A. it S. SxKVtNti,) 




1,0 WELL, MASS. 







Carriao;e-Ironiii2: and Horse-Shoeine; done at short notice. 

ARCH STREET, NaBhiiu :iud LuwcU lUiilroad DeiJOt. 

: • .i <■ vi / 

! 4; 

t '.J 


f •.-.•.:- I 

• I r - M ' » 1 1 : ; < : i T 

/ \ < 

; ; '.! . ! i'Wj.Lil // 

>-. r^'T^ 

') ..' 

.. 1 .tj .5.1,' .!• >.c'. lufi V '.? .«>/. 

1 .11 •-_. 

1 •■ !i' ;o:]' .-'I 1-. ikQ 






f • •■ R « s- • 


, $750,000 IN CASH. 




HOMER BARTLETT, Directors. ': 

''■■''' BEN J. E. STEVENS, A^ice President. 

JOSEPH M. GIBBENS, Secretary. 

s. "v^T. stick: isr-E"^5r^ -a.o-e:n-t, 


S. W. STICKNEY, Notary Public. 

I. ;t :■; .11. 


V I • ' .- * 

A'' <' 


■ . , 1 ' 

. .(::'f '\-M- KU\'f 

'.(- ■> 

': a .TAr .a 








Tli'o. HpIJ Central si i*ec4, f^owclJ, i?la<«is. 

I'.very IJr.iriLli of the Carri.igo M;imif.icUirin;,' Business Ib curabincJ in this KstuMi^U- 



On hanil for sale, or mnde to order at short notice. 

I^ e p SI i !• i 11 ^- :i 11 <1 I* ;i i ii t i ii 

ernib. All work warranted ' 


Done in tho best manner, and on rei\sonablo ttrnis. All work warranted to give por- 
fiet satisfaction. 


MANl'J'ACTl lUlIl 01' 

Facto[f& Upper Lealticf, 

AND liLAI.rn IN 

Importer and Dealrr in 



AjiTicultiiral Iinpleiiieiits, 

( ]\\ni.-orth's n.iUhu/,) j lioUGH AND SOLE LEATHER, 
\0.1CO Mcrriluack.COr. Sli;it(lick Street,' No. 94 Market street, 

Lowell, Mass. | lowkll, ^uss. 



IVo. II illarlkCt J^trcct, I.<o^vi'SI. 


A. C. WraGIIT, rKoniiKTOu. 

J •<>•■ .!!<-: I ■•! A 

i ■ .1 . re ,■:!:;.. 

1 -C 

.. I ...1. :■- > .*-,.. • . ^ >, :'^ ( K';. ,u 
, , < 1 J » s I I ; ' I f > . / ;_■ I I J • t r . » » i • Vr 

iiwona .A [i 

3 ..' ' 

J ; i -A v/ G n A hi 


M ! »;[ v! n /\.i>/: 

.!'■; ^^ ^ .»'k-'-| 

2 ) .of 

A r '^ ( , 

". r-5 r? ■ .•^I! fV' 



Of all descriptions, nnd of Uic beat, 
at his OLD STAND, 

Dutton, cor. Fletcher Street, 

Also, an ftssortmeut of FANCY GOODS. 




Cor. Merrimack & Wortlien sts., 


J. AY. NASII & CO., 

il 1 : \' 




J\o. 1<>»* Central f^U'cct, 

1- '■ , LOWELL, ^iLVSS. 


Agents for Stewart's Cooking Stoves & A. C. Barstow's Castings. 



X n XT 


Orders for PLANING. TONQUKINO and OUOOYINO, received and niiswercd « 


Office, 233 Middlesex Street, - • . . Lowell, Mass. 


iCTuy.t'^ : . I 

'.I 1 I .)'.'' I 

, . ;> • r <y r 

1 T. 


I / II ^ 

■'■\mz yj-w\^ .^o.;.;A^: ,:..:.: ..... 

i . O < "• ■// 

X .1 . '■i 

1.1 A. '- IM.^ 

k:v^r "IT 1.JL 




44 Central Street, Lowell. 

This Eslablitihment l3 tiiiiply proviilcd with all the means fur executing 

IVcrttly, Cheaply, and Expeditiously, 

For Plain or Colored Posters, it has the largest sized Hand Press in 
New England. 

( > , , T H K 



And has tlie largest Suhscriijtioii Listo{ any daily piper in Middlesex County. 





No. 4ri Central, Nearly ojiposlte Middle Street. 


■■ I' ::: 1 .'•!■ 

vu:iv: cv[^ ;":.y:Ti:; y.-HAQ 

^4 ^i 

1 I 

..1/ > 

T C- /M 'C'l 

) /.!l/(f 

!>! TM <r 

' • • • I 

/ '•II-'--:! ■'"• 





Savings Bank Building, .... Lowell, Mass. 

F. S, 



Manufacturer of Macliitiists" Tools of uU kinds, Ciird-setUng Machines, Ac. IlepairlD" 
and Jobbing, Steum Engine Work, itc. 


No. G CAN.Mi Block, Central Street, 

(Opposite; Anierlcm House.) LOWELL, MASS. 



Tilden Street, 

- Lowell, Mass. 




Driifta sold on England, Irolund, Scotland ami Wales at lowest i-iUCEs. 


Mesuimack 8t. Depot. Lowell, Mass. 





K ; '^ (VI , J 

'. / 

/ ' ' •' J 


.: -1. c> T 

r.r o O 

•*> /-'; w>t 

*; \ 

. \.'IK 




BOO It Aivr> .joii i^niivTiivci 

aSKAtly, ciiEAi'i.Y, anil riaoii'TLY i:.\i;c UTL.D at tlio 


Oi'ders for Priiitiii^j respectfully solieitod; wuik as well wxecutcil as in any 
oth^r ollice in Lowell or elsenheie. 



By means of the abovc-iirtnicd invention, tlio following results are secured: — 1. A 

Horse iniiy be fed without soilini; his ni:ine or forctop with Lay seed or oat mutes 

2. Ho can receive his hay no faster than it is taken away and eaten 8. Us cannot 

waste a particle of food.. .. 4. The Stall is abundantly ventilated 5. The cost of 

coDstructiun is less than any other stall G. It is a Crib of very great durability 

7. The value of nn individual PJjjht may be saved annually in the feeding of a single 
Horse 8. A Horse fed in this Crib is in no danger of becoming a cribber. 

With the advantages whieh this improvement presents, there is no longer an ex- 
cuse for a wasteful and slovenly method of feeding horses and cattle. Greater sim- 
plicity, greater economy, greater neatness, can hardly be conceived than arc real- 
ized by this Invention. The individual who keeps a single horse "cannot afford to do 
without it. The above Rights and Collars are for sale by 

J, W. BENNETT, Proprietor for Middlesex County, 
Corner of Middlesex and Grand Streets, - - - Lowell. 



T o ^' s ji 11 (1 IT ji 11 o 3- Gr o o <1 s , 

No. 140 Oentral Street, - - - Lowell, Mass. 

'J I 

'^o -cicrvii-i: .ra./A. 

> >- ! ■ 

) < > JT 

.•::;' j:;^ .o>» 


».J ■,-V. M jj.^ 

;. ,, I 

r^j >r /^ 

- o 




This Establishment, which was comnunced in June, 18J6. is one of the very larr/fst 
and hdt in Maasachiisctts, {or the raj'id. j>er/ect and econojiuai/ exocution of JOB 
rUINTlNG, in its various branchts. Its facilitiL-a arc inferior to no other firit-dasa 
Oflice in New England. 

Manufaiturera, Mcrchanta, Mechanics, Insurance Conipnnies, Banks, Lawyers— In 
fait all iHTscjMs reiiuiiin^; rriiitini; done neatly anil promptly, on terms as low as antj 
man can /uv and pay his honest deb's— aii: invited to call and examine the numeruug 
speiinniis {l.oth i<lain and fan. y) of the work of this OlUce, which the proprietor ^\ill 
take pleasure iu iliowing them. 

^ij-r-^ Pole Afiont. lor T.owell and vicinity, for the sale of DEXNISON'S CELE- 
BRATED MERCHANDISE TaQS, which will be furnished at the Manufacturer's prices. 

'>T$l- Aho, for sale, " Accountan't's Assistant in makixg up Pay Rolls "—the 
valuable Tables, in Chart form. The caleuhitions extend to six weeks, and cover two 
smallest fractional j.arts of adav ({, i, *. 3). One of the Tables is fur shillings jand 
pence, extundin;r from 2 to 12 shiUni-s. The other for cents, extending from 25 to 73 
Cents.' These tables, which have been for several years used iu our Mills, were prepared 
in the most careful manner, and are pronounced by skillful Accountants to be thorough- 
ly reliable. 2'he price is lower than any otii<:r work of equal value in the market. 



■^ ^ •■• Near Merrimack House, 

Corner Merrimack and Worthen Streets, Lowell, Mass. 

Horses and Carraiges Hoiijiht and Sold on Commission. 

F. LOVEJOY, «• 0. MOnSB. 



rictclicr Street, near SIeeh;niics' 51 ills, 


X. B.— The best CJVST STEEIL. FILES constantly on band, ] 

for sale. 

Old Files Re-cut equal to New. i 

/. ';■ 


,.OiJ . 

J < IJ 

.^.-.f/ ,1'.;/.?; , •.-^■l'- , ■• "'• . • ':,iU',T.M TiP'loO 

,1. 1 -.'..t-.i.i , ,J. ■.!•.« Iirti 

. ft ^ »; ^■. 

r • 



Corner of Merrimack and John Streets, 



Fuj*a Medicines aadl. G.&eml.cals 

Constantly on haiiJ, together with a variety of 

Olioioe A.rticlo« l*o i* tlio Toilot, 


Sponges, Soaps, Combs, Brushes, Cosmetics, Peuiumes, kc.&.c. 

Personal attention given to tho coni;iuuuding of Physicians' Prescriptions. 


E. MOllGAN. 

Manufacturer and Dealer in 


Real Estate Agent 


\o. 3U MeiTiiiiack St., 

Poreign and Domestic Tobacco, 


No. 23 Easl Merrimack Street. 

Corner of Sufpolk Street, 



J:^. L. "V^Tj^ITJi; & CO., 


for the sale of 


Dutton, near Fletcher St., Loavell, 

REFERENCES— Raileoad Eank, LuWcll ; ■\VAso.f, PtincE &. Co., DostOD. 

.Zi'.JlUTAA'i.i I 



J J 

•• = ■.-j.;..!'^ii 

■> I i .. J 

;:) .^;- 

t; ,.' -i.". ."i^..-;"'!-. 

,^ lUii U.-' ^ i 

>\I i ;:!' ii/ /! 

.t ''•< K >. 

-!,.:.'.>:•.:? y-i ..' 

.• H It; .•. '. ? 


.vti' II'." .T ■.-.. I t ,-■■■ : jj.Jii 



lowj:ll daily couiin:ii 

i^ 1 V Q, 

antr gph |3rinthtg Office. 

;■' X .;. 


If you waxt a BOOK, 

If you want a CIRCULAE, 

If you want a BILLHEAD, 
, , If you want a PBOGRAMME, 





FlaSa QP Fancf ^Qh Fr In ting, 



Wliere it will be executed in good style, aiul at heasonaulk i-kicks. 

CAKD BOARD and FANCY I'Al'EUS constantly on hand. 

STONE & HUSE, Proprietors. 


Wtii'i'di, iieiM* Ct'iitvtil .Sti-eet, 

L AV E L L , :\[ A S S . 


J):^" Coathea furnished for WeddinLja, Funerals, and all other oceaaiuns. 



'•iJ ; .' A 


; > • ^ 

! T ; - 

,4^1. .11 

.i.i <t;i/. 

: .J 

.'--•-.o r»i 




]\XitItllo!sex Sti-cet., 

Near the Depot, .... Lowell, Mass. 

And warranted to give eatibfuction. 




Wholesale and Itetail Dealer in 









43 illarkct Street, ossjijosiflc i^Liii-kel GIo5E*«e, 

Cuetom Grinding done at liis Mill, and warranted to give satisfactiou. 

J. H. IvI^'IGHTS' 


llcre you can ahvaya find a great vnriLty of 




^. li M /! :./ • ' : / I'l .i . . . . 

, ,•;>!. r I r 

:■••:-<! .r.\i r.t.n'A. 

A cilT.XT^C 

• l\ 

^ r I r. 

' '. ■ 1 ,■ - » 

/ .. .' 1 V ■> 

I < . » , 

■•-n ,-..;;;J-..._ ■^'li.-^.q: 

':•■ t-^f-s:."^ ^;S 

J ■ ^' 


.t:r, -J 






I^Mhj ImW lm& Umm Wimi^ 

Cast, ^[irin!,'. Calkinij, (icriiiaii, lilisler ami 81iixl Sttcl, 

Rods, Shapes, Axles, Chains, Horse Nails, Nuts, Malleable Iron, 
Carriage and Tiue Bolts, Grindstones, &c., &c.. 

ID. •VvT 13: I T li E X) , 



Aiiil Rl'Ii'l'^S, :iiul ,U1 llic iirtitkb kcjyl In a First Cla;3 (jiuccry Store, 

Coiiifi' Middlesi'X aiul South streets, Lowell, Mass. 






The high' st Cusli Trices will b • paiil fur Secondhaiul Furnitures in lar^e or small lots. 

Keep constantly on ImnJ ricklcd ami Fiesli Fish ofall kinds, Lob tors, Oysters, Claius, 
Ac. Delivered in any partol the city. 

A. V. & M. WllIGIIT, 




Pigs' Feet, Apples, Orcanberries, Potatoes, &c., 




y^t;^•tn\i I'v. 

. >.r ; r If. C> T \J a P;! P^ O T, 


\.i';.' ,)-i, 


< > /T 


.i!.!.:/ , .]..') 


. ^ - I 


:! / 

'.' r. 'J O U 

-: :\^I. 




Manufactured by C. P. Whitten, - - - Lowell, ]\Iass. 

This artklo has stood the test of trial fur a lon^; inriod, aud is now ockiiowledped to 
be a SUPEItlOK HEALING liEMEDY. Tlie propiiutor has hundreds of tejtimonidls 
of its great flhcai-y in all kinds uf Burns, Si;alds, Cuts, Sores, &c. 

,^J~ It is cxtons'vcly used in the Union Army and Hospitals, and no soldier shoulJ 
leave homo withont a supply ol tliis Siilve. 





Oranberries,VegetaLles, Domestic Pruits and Produce of all kinds,: 

]Vo. iil ]>Jiii'li:et Sti-cct, 

Opposite >I irket Iloust, LOWELL. 



^ 7 IViwtiicket street, iiour the Cm\.\\, { 


And all kinds of Rejairing done at short notice. 

RO O F I N^ Gr . 

Fire and Water-proof Felt, Composition 
G- 1^ ^A>. "V :e L i^ o o :f"i isr o- 


JliiT' 1 ursoual attention given to all work. 

V.'..' "Tat ^ I'i ; ••' ■' J 'I .• 


.1 I » l./l.- ,/i'c fl 

' ;.; J J' 


, i>Ji«.«'iO 

I I M ■/ ' ( ■ 

t •, 

/■J'' r.^lW'i/d 

< > yr 







Country Produce, Flour, &c., 

No, 12S Central Street, - - - Lowell, 




Cloths, Cassimeres & Vestings, 

Wyman's Exciian'ge, 
No. 5 Central Street, 





Iniiiortcrs and Dt-altij in 


Toi)!s ;inil Maiiufarlurcrs' .Supplies, 

Sheet Lead, Zinc, Pipe, Pumps, 
Agricultural Tools, &c. 

Wvman'b Exchange, 

No. 5 Central Street, Lowell. 

Z33- Agents for Fairbanks' Scales. 

G E E G E L . . C A I) Y , 

No. 231 Middlesex Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Done at eshort notice. 
I»Iitiiuf>tcturer from Bright Iron Wire of 

Loom IIauxess Hooks and Eyes, Stuai* Hooks, Jack Hooks, 

Til HEAD Guides, kc; Supeuiou Belt Hooks and 

Eves, Gate Hooks and Eyes, Scuew 

Eyes AND Scuew Hooks for Picture Frames and ^Iirroks. 

Hooka with Nuts, or other Patterns, of any sizo or form, made at eborl notice on rea- 
sonable terms. 

Z ii" Orders by niall or otherwise will receive prompt attention. 

.civ.n om .11 -aJH^ua 

o /ii.'.v/i'-'. .'' 

V: [ T) 


:; ') '1 T) 

.... V. ' ; I 'I 

'.wi: "i^oJ 





Corner of Fletcher and Gushing Streets, 



WOOL CARDS of all dimensions now in use. j 


^V00^ CAltUS — a mode of opcr.itioii superior to nuy ever aclojitid f,ir coruKii- 
siug t!io Strands. 




m.-ide with 8t<.'el Riiij;s— very inuch better and inoru duralile tli.iu tliose made I 

witli " lUittencd wire." I 


CARD GRINDERS, with Traveksino Emery Cylinders. ■ ' 


Worsted Ma.cMrierYj, yIz:,^ 





NEW ENGLAND COMBERS, for Coarse and Fine Work. 





BACK WASHING MACHINES for Worsted Drawing. 
DYE-HOUSE VATS of all kinds. 


T* ■,!/•:«:; 

■jm;iv,;a ft I 

i :i 

»- •• «- »s.-«*., ^ 

'•^^' ' ; ■'. '■■■:... ^.-^ b 

I - ;: • ■■ • ■ i> 

■" I .(VAO, 



Siior, MECHANICS' MILLS — House, 88 CHUKCH ST., 
Manufacturer of Davis' Improved 



Warranted to give better satisfaction tlinn any otliur like Machines in this market. 

Also, General Agent for the sale of 


manufacturer of 
Exclusive Maker of A. and A. Davis' 


Patontcd in IS^G— rmiinncil in 1803. 

J. A. lilJAlSlJOOIC, 

H-A-IRKTESS ISA: J^ 1^ -E :R ^ 

M». 45 I\IAUIvKT .ST Kl<:ii:T, - - I..O\Vi;i.L. 

Harnesses, Whips, Fly-Xets, Horse Elankets, Brushes, 
Currycombs, Cards, Sponges, Neatsfoot Oil, &c. 


dealers in 

j^istt:} t? e a. s . 


ScUool Uooka ami Faucy Ooodn. 


TEAS, &c., &c., 

Kept constantly on hand, with every other nrtele usually found in a first class . , 

Grocery Store. 

John, near Merrimack Street, - - - Lowell, Mass. , 

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2 and 4 Andover street, Lowell. 

w li: A 11 E e L I 1" i^ o 1? i> , 


All kinds of Oontlcmon's G:\rni(-nts, Woolen and Cotton Clotlia, L:id!C8 Drcaaoa. 
Shawls, Silks, Cru[,us, Itiljljons. and all other kinds of goods dyed in a superior and 
s.uisf:ictury m.iuULT, at short notice. 




L W E L L , M A S S . 

OrdiTB by Mall or Exiress solicited, and promptly attended to. 

S 3X I T H ^V 33 ^V IM S , 




Orders for batch'jriiis Hogs utt ndcd to at short uotito. 


Established in ls:i7. 


LA?, Parasols, Walkixq Canes, Picture Frames, 
• Sheet Music, Musical ^^[erciiandise. 
Engravings, Looking Glass Plate, Picture Glass, &.C. 

Sole A-onta for IIALLET, DAVIS A CO.'s Pr. mium Grand and S.iiiare PIANOS. 
PRESCOTT CUO'S MELlJDEuXS. lustnunenls uf all kinds to kt,— al.-,o tuned and 
repaired. Umbrellas and P.irasoU re-covered and repaired. Oriiainenlal frames made 
to order. Gilding' and Re-jjildin^' done, CaneS Moiiiittd, etc. etc. 

Aseiits for AVlltox &, Gibbs' Sewiiijf AIhcU iiies. 

77 iTlerriiaiack street, - - liOvVcIl, ?^3ass. 

C. W. r.DGr,. J. OBIFl'ITH. 

J- . COSG-E.O'VE, 



WIXES, MtlUOUS, < IGARS, <fcc. 

Pale and Amber Ale wholesale and retail. 

.•rvj;.'n;;-jVi .■ • :^:n/iiA 

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. w. u Avr. 



TcstiiDoiry nf Parlies wlio Iiavc uscil it fur more tlian a (luartcr of a Century. 

UKci.sTitv OK Dkkds Okiick, Boston, JiUl. 10, 18.")|J. 
Mfssrs. JfAYXAUi) v**: Noviis: GcntlciiR'n, — I am gliul lliat lon.i;iT use ol' 
j'our Writin^^ Ink otialjlcs iir- to n'luat tlio ti.-linuniy f^'ivcn in its t'iuor many 
years ai^o. I liavt: used it iu this olliee tliirtv-scveii ^cars, nml inij nhkfl rcr- 
onU art (W le'/UAc and blnrk as wlniijirst trnttin. 'I'liis rare quality tor [ler- 
luanence renilers it invaluable for State ami County lucorils. ami all nuTian- 
tile purposes where it is important that the writing;; slionkl remain lej,'il)le and 
michant^eil iu eulorhy the l;ii)se of time. Ili:.Nity Ali-ine, lici/iiUr (;/' Dtids. 


This Ink yields a eopy as di>tinet and perfeet as the orii,'inal. It also cuni- 
liinos all the properties of our Writing Ink, for whieli it can be substituted. 

This article is a beautiful red or erimsou color, and surpassingly brilliant ami 
rich. It is free from sediment, and will not mould, fade or tin-u dark by ex- 
posure to the air. 

For sale by the Manufacturers, 


And by all Stationers and Booksellers. 

A. LA-wmnivcE, 3X. r>.. 

Office and Kesidknce, No. 11 John Street, 

LOWELL, 31 A ^ S . 

Est.ibli;hed Oct. 1, 18 i9. 



No. 20 Market Street, - - Lowell. 


J6 I 

■ • . I ■ ; • .,■. ■ , ,!■ V ■ . 1 ■; i; 

-,M . T 

/'';-'aJ< - 


X)- a. B i^ o •\A7' nsr 3 



Patented Wire Heddles, 

Wauuantku not to Catch tjik Wahi- Tiikkad in the Eye. 

OfBce, Manufactory and Eesidence, 
Cliiiivli, <*oi*iit'i- ol' AViii'i'oii Hti-<»<>t, 

Xear the Middlesex ]\Iills, - - Lowell, Mass. 

>«!^!* FRESH FIShT 

SAEGENT & COTTON, at their Fish .Alarkct, in the rear 

of Rio. Ttr CeittrHl >tr«et,at tht- si.;,'M uf tlie BIG FIsH. daily i^civo and .'ire 
ready at nil times to furnish the citizms (if Lnucll with l'i-cbh fish. iiKliHliiis Halihiit, 
Cod, Haddock. Ma.kcrel, rthml, Lcjh-tcrs, Oystt'is, and nil kinds ot Fith in tliclr Beaton! 
Also, Corned Fish, Toii;,mus and Sonmls, itc , itc. 

Ciders rcs|KLlfully solicited, and Fibh delivered promptly in any part of the city. 

Elliott's Patent Spring Bed. 

This is the Best, Cheapest and ^Most Durable Bed in use, 

and for Comfort there is nothing of the kind ever 

invented that can beciln to equal it. 

The following are a few of the ninny advantages which it possesses ;— The slats ex- 
tending the whole length of the liedslead, give the bed when mado up n fquare .-ind 
even ft|.pcaian.e. The two outside slats are stronger than the inner ones, heiug sup- 
ported by all the springs, and give a feeling of security when lying near the edge, 
and Bupi)orts the weigh* «hen getting into It. There is no solid frame work above tlie 
beams on which the sjirings rcbt to interfere with its comfort. It yiehU hit, rally as «tll 
as perpendicuUirly. It can be packed for transportation in an exceedingly small space. 
It has no harhur tor verniin. Its cnnif.irt, economy and diiriibilily will render it indis- 
pensable t<) all classes ; and it Jiossesses many other advantages over the bed bottoms 
iicretoforo introduced, besides those mentioned above, which will readily appear to per- 
sons examining it. 

I have sidd hundreds of these beds iti Lowell within the [ ast two years, and every 
one who has used them give them llicir ui i|ualilied upproial. 

manufactured and sold in lowell only by 

Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, 15edding, Stoves, 

Crockery, &c., 

HT siiKl :$!> ]>Xjii-l»:et i^tx'<^i.-t. 

s T ^v c It r» o L It: <\^ av o oj:>3la^js , 



(Nearly opjiosite .\mericun House,) 

A. J. BTACIU'OI.F, > I,,,,,. II Vo-K 

Ct. D. AVoodman, Commissioner for New HAMrsiiiRE. 

(.J VW 



?1P' ■ 

''.:. I- ; 

>I 'I 

, . r . .,/■ V 

• ■;■<;■■, 

•^i e jtoil?!^ 

■' 1 1' '•■ ' 

^ O 





No. 1 Canal Bock, 

(Blue Store.) 

LOWELL, :M A S S . . 








Dealkr in Keuosene Oil, Lami's, Silver and Britannia Cas- 
tors, Forks, Spoons, and EruNisiuNa Goods, Vases, 
Colognes, and Fancv Articles generally. 
\(). SO Stree t, - - Lowell, ^lass. 


Livery, Boarding, Sale 


170 Central Street, 

v< ... 7^5^ VX^ ;y ./■' ^^l;^>,^-_ opposite con vers car- 
J^.:,^22>?^Tr^^:C2^ r. ------ RiAOE factory. 

Horses and Carriages Bought and Sold on Commission. 

:A K. 

.riO^'O :'^vW'^JViyiWi 

'1 o 

I )■' 

.'••-f !-,ir'J I .o"PT 

: r I .: ■• , 1.1 , ' n > ii lin r'<i<-i(>it 








JVo. 1>*3 I^larket Sirt'ot, - - - liowoll, l?aa!.i«ii. 

Wra. P, BRAZER^ 






^;V^f*? Dnipcr's Ruck Gloves k Mittens. 




Dr. L. nils asTardcd the first preiniiim for tho best specimons of Dentistry by the MiJ- 
illfsex Meeli:iulc;'B Assoehilion, ISJl, also in 1SJ7. 


Druggist and Apothecary, 


Family ^Medicines and riivsiciANs' Puescrii'tions put ur at 




:i i-. .'. L '/\«'. '."vtv \ 'Av)'\ 

.cJvJ H A3 ' n. ' i^"" : flT^ 

., If .11 ..V,!.$ 

/* t'» 


< 1 f • << 

y ! / ' ; 

i^ono? ':! '-r^^'iF'na':.;;.! 

, . . ; ■ . , :.. .. \.l . 

J. il r: 

i 14 

!^.i-.V .■..,!/>•! 



5 ^^^ir^^^ a ^y^uB^K^^sa, 





Jackson Street, - - - Lowell, Mass. 




No. 50 Merrimack Street, ^ 



DENTIST, ''-^ 

Oflice, cor. Merrimack <Sc John Sts., 

Over Kidder & Co.'s Druf;; Store, - - Loavell, Mass. 

OpiTiitiuns on the natural Tieth iHTfuriiiod in a th"roii;^h manner. Artilichl Teeth 
ins«rteJ on GoKl, Silver, PUuliinni or Vukani/.i-J llulibur. All work warrantL-il. 


• -».'.<' .. ..■1 ■" ..I ■ - ,>iii)< ;.:n" »(' 


•., ;(0,PP OS I T^:|!&S,H I o,.n,:.h-o us E'O itf= 


eciitecl -n-ith SKiLL^and '3)4^patcii ; aud^sefc %itli especial Mcwj^(^;w| 

iROR;SLA%s;: 1X0 W TILES ; Counter; TO 

5?' :-ARIJ'TAB'LE tops, ANiy'EVERYiDBSCRlPTIOiN^OT'i , " < A 

To order.^or REPAIRED, in a woi'lanWnlike mgnne^ 

winibb; ,- 



C FAN0Y-*XiOODSV PHOTOGRAPH. ALBUMS, &c. . -'^ ^^'j"^ 

111 Merrmiack-' Streets - - - - lK)wen^'Masr4 

^;_^;^ Paraspla, Um'brellas, Boots,. Shoes and Truiaks, neatly r^paired.f^ ^ ^ 

FeifAjHiBa h; knowlks, 



G^( iGE.hlC^•^h.>3^,^'5 SALOON, 21 MERRIMACK SI .JM 

59 i'^- 

6 280 1