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lii III 


ookscllcv anb Stottone 

Chess OTen,t5auieuores,i/oiiiinoe;5-, 
Dice, Ivory, Dressing and Pocket 
Combs. Rodgers' superfine Pen- 
knives,Scissors and Razors. Hair, 
Tooth, and Shaving Brushes, Ra 
zor Strops, Perspective Glasses, 

'J'he celehratefi (irafiehDurg MeJ 
icines, Beach's Family Medicine 
Phelps' Tonjato Pills, McAllister 
All-Healing Ointment, Morisonl 
Hygeian Medicine. 


Cor, of Centrai A* Nurd Sts.f JLowellj JUaas, 

having been extensively fitted up with improved Presses, and the best 
materials for the execution of Letter Press Printing, In the most 
approved style, the subscriber will be happy to receive orders for Print- 
ing—at the lowest cash prices — 

Books, Pamphlets, Policies of Insurance, Bank Checks, Notes, No- 
tices, Drafts, &c.; Circulars, Show Bills, Shop Bills, Labels, Auction 
Bills, Catalogues, Bill-heads, Bills of Fare, Railroad Bills and Tickets, 
Ball Tickets, Billets, Cards and Blanks. — together with every descrip- 
tion of Job Printing required in Manufacturing establishments. 

Lowell, January 1st, 1849. JAMES ATKINSON. 



Chemicals, Perfumery, Fancy Articles, and 



Pirst Door West of the City Hotel, Lowell, Mass 

Di^Particular attention paid to putting up Physicians' Prescriptions. 
Medicines delivered at all hours of the night. 




Silver, Plated and Britannia Ware, Perfumery, French, German and 


34 MERRIMACK ST., (Wyman's Exchange,) LOWELL, MASS. 





Subscriptions received for all the most popular Periodicals in the 
United States. 


Lowell, Mass. 


(SuccEsaoR TO J. E. Short &. Co.,) 

And dealer in 

Agency of Zion's Herald and the New- York Methodist Book-Room, 



Printed at a few minutes' notice, by 
J. J U D S O N J U D K I N S , 
Who will be happy to wait on all such as see fit to give him a call. 
Prices reasonable. 





Particular attention paid lo compounding Physicians' Prescriptions, 
by experienced persons, at all hours of the Day and Night. 






IL®w©M Olb®v© IistsE"[bIlagIkMi©imi^9 

A few doors East of the Third Universalist Church, ..Lowell. 
John W. Adams. Augustus Adams, Jr. 



WEST Il®i4 i®®i6 


Of every variety, which will be sold as cheap as at any other store 
in this City, " Protective Unions "and "Six Per Cent" and " Ten 
Per Cent " not excepted. 

M. B. Kenney. LOWELL. J. E. White. 



Opposite the New R. R. Depot Lowell, Mass. 

Keeps constantly on hand, a good assortment of Drugs, Chemicals, 
Fancy Goods, and Perfumery. Also, all kinds of Patent Medicines, 
all of which are warranted genuine. 

Physicians' Prescriptions attended to with promptness and care, at 
all hours of day or night. 




Near the Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot,. .Lowell, Mai^s. 

Grave Stones, Monuments, Counters, Hearths, Chimney-Pieces, 

Centre, Toilet, and Pier Tables, &c. 

Also, Soap Stone work, of all descriptions. 

{)::^Work delivered in any of the neighboring towns free of charge. 

A. C. WRIGHT «& CO., 



No. 84 MERRIMACK ST., (under Concert Hall,) LOWELL, MASS, 
Gentlemen'g Cnstom Boots made to order. 


— FOR 


NO. 148 MERRIMACK STREET, (Wentworth's Building.) 

J. S. RUSS. 





Horace J. Adams. William L. North. 


No. 56 Central Street, Lowell, Mass. 





3:5= Lamps of every description neatly cleansed and lepaiied.J^ 

All Lamps and Oils warranted. 



FE^miTj, Oirsimj Bmttoifj, (Dfii(B©g©j 










This Company has insured $600,000 worth of prop^'rty during the 
last seven months, and has met with no losses. All risks are divided 
into two classes — each clisss liable for its own losses, and no oilier. 

In theirs* class, will be insured dwelling-hoU'^ei;, and the less haz- 
ardous kinds of property. In the second class, merchandizCjShops, and 
the more hazardous kinds of property. 

Directors : 


Thomas Nesmith, 
Andrew C. VVheelock, 
Joshua Converse, 
Peter Powers, 
James H. Raud, 

B. H. Weaver, 
Sevvall G Mack, 
Edward F. Watson, 
Nathaniel Critchett, 
Henry Read. 

Office, Appleton Block, Central Street. 




Those wishing to have their Doors made secure against the admis- 
sion of Wind, Dust, Pi.ain and 8iio\v, will ilo well to avail themselves 
of this very necessary article. They can be put on any Door without 
making any alteration, or even unhanging it ; and so "far from disfig- 
uring the door, they are ornamental. 


Agent for Lowell. 

^^ Orders may be left at Burbank & Chase's, Central street ; Jolin 
Reed's, Merrimack street ; or at the house of the Agent on Beacon 





Lowell, Mass. 





Of every dpsrription, executed in a style that cannot 
fiiil to give perfect satisfaction. 


Such as Posters, Billheads, Rank Checks, Circulars, 
_ Bills of Lading, Billets, Shop-bills, Notes. Drafts, Re- 

ceipts. Labels, Deeds, Mortgages, Leases. Chancery Blanks, etc. etc., 
printed in a neat and correct manner, and on reasonable terms. 

Bronzed and plain, done at satisfactory prices, on the ' Improved Cat- 
aract Press,' which, for beauty of style and elegance of finish, cannot 
be surpassed. 

All materials used in this office are new, and of the latest patterns. 
They have been selected with great care from the best foundries in 
the country. 

9:5= None but the most experienced workmen employed in every 
department, and no elfort will be spared to give entire satisfaction to 




And every description of 

Alpha Stevens. LOWELL. Solon Stevens. 


JOHN SALTER, Secretary. 

Agent for Lowell and vicinity, OLIVER MARCH, 

At the Franklin Bookstore. 



u Lowell, Mass. 

|l E. M. gives his attention to Buying, Selling and Letting Houses, 
, Lands, &c. 
11 Particular attention paid to Renting Houses. 




Has been appointed Agent for the following celebrated Medicines, 
which are received direct from the Manulaclurers, and are warranted 
genuine : — 




BEACH'S FAMILY MEDICINES.— Dyspeptic Pills— Rheumatic 
Pills— Cough Pills— Female Pills— Vegetable Emetic Powders— Cora- 
pound Ulmus Poultice— Rest()rative Wine Bitters— Worm Powders — 
Composition Powders — Diaphontic Powders — Catarrh Powders — 
Neutralizing Mixture — Irritation Plaster — Black Salve— Brown Oint- 
ment — Rheumatic Liquid — Expectorant Drops — Sudorific Tincture — 
Nervous Pills — Pulmonary Powders — Alterative Powders — Fever and 
Ague Powders— Pile Electuary. 

GRAEFENBERG MEDICINES.— Children's Panacea— Sarsapatil- 
la Compound— Eye Lotion— Green Mountain Ointment— Graefenberg 
Pills — Health Bitters — Dysentery Syrup. 

Morison's Hygeian Pills. 




(Successors to Daniel Hutchinson,) 

Manufacturers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


Also, dealers in 


N. B.— Umbrellas and Parasoletts Repaired— also New Covered and 

made as good as new. 




Also, constantly on hand 


For sale at the lowest prices for Cash. 



I. W. & D. BANGS, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers and Manufacturers in the most approved 
styles of 


Cooking Ranges, Furnaces, Hollow-ware, Copper and Iron Pumps, 

Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc, &.C., &.c. 

Agents for the 




Opposite Washington House, Central Street, 

And near the New Depot and Railroad Crossing, MIDDLESEX ST. 





Agent for all the Popular Medicines. 
Medicines delivered at any hour of night. Physicians' Prescriptions 
put up by experienced persons, and all orders ' 

proinpily attended to. 


Bonnets Bleached, Pressed, Lined, and Trimmed. 

Bonnet Linings and Trimmings of every description. 


dealer in 


Glass Tf'are, mlgricttltttral Vools, Ifc, 






j Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

iSTTSwuSj If a IS IE =? Six sans i> 


All kinds of Enamelled, Britannia and Japan Ware, 


: Wood's Celebrated Air-Tieht Coal Stove, for the Parlor ; tojreiher with 
I a large assortment of FANCY STOVES, of every description. 


Wholesale and Retail dealers in all kinds of 


Carpets, Feathers. Curled Hair and Palm Leaf Mattresses, and 

Feather Beds of all kinds, Looking Glasses, Chairs, 

Clocks, &.C., &.C., &c. 



{f^ Conveyance between the House and Railroad free of charge. 
Gilbert Ffrrin. J Hutchins. 



WELLES' BLOCK, (Cor. of Merrimack & Kirk Streets,) LOWELL. 

0:^ Constantly for sale, a large and complete stock of Drugs, Medi- 
cines, and Chemicals, selected expressly fur the retail trade. 

Physicians' prescriptions carefully dispensed, day and night. 

Agent for Lubin's and Guerlain's fine Perfumery, Soaps, Hair Oils, 
Pomades, Cosmetics, and other Toilet articles. 

Bohemian and French cut glass Cologne Bottles. 


SAMUEL HANNAY, Secretary. 
Agent for Lowell and vicinity, OLIVER MARCH, 

At the Franklin Bookstore. 
ELISHA HUNTINGTON, Medical Examiner for Lowell. 







Where they will give instruction in the polite accomplishment of 



They have also fitted up their Hall for the accommodation of Con- 
certs and Exhibitions, which can be hired on reasonable terms. 









Again do we present to the citizens of Lowell a Direc- 
tory, conta ning the names of the inhabitants, their occu- 
pations, places of business and dwelling-houses, together 
with lists of the streets, courts and buildings, the city offi- 
cers for the municipal year, 1849, public institutions, and 
other useful information. Notwithstanding our former 
experience in the business of collecting materials for such 
a work, we have found the task of doing it a much greater 
one, at this t'me, than we an;ieipated. 

The reader cannot fail to perceive that much greater at- 
tention has been paid to the alphabetical arrangement of 
the names, than has ever been the case before. 

The Business Key we consider an improvement. It is 
only the beginning of an attempt, to v/hich, if proper en- 
couragement were given, other important improvements 
and amendments would hereafter be added. 

Loicell, 1849. 


B. for Building. . | Ex. for Exchange. 
Bl. for Block. h. for House, 
bds. for Boards. I M. for Machine. 

cor. for Corner. ! Mass. for Massachusetts. 

Corp. for Corporation. i pi. for Place. 

Coun. for Counsellor. K li. for Railroad, 

ct. for Court. | sq. for Square. 

C. R. for Counting Room. ' st. for Street. 

The abbreviations, corp. and st. are only used when 
necessary to distinguish the one from the other, as there 
are several bearing the same name. When the name of a 
Corporation immediately follows a person's name, or the 
name of a street the letter h. they can be readily under- 
stood as being thep^aee of the person's business, and the 
street in vrhich he or she resides. 





Abbott, opens on Central, (Chapel Hill,) near primary 
sclioolhoiise, and runs easterly to Lawrence. 

Adams, leads from Lowell, Adams block, to Fletcher, 
near merchandise depot. 

Adams Place, is on the south side of Lowell, near Lowell 

Alder, opens on East Merrimack, nearly opposite Nesmilh, 
and runs northerly to Stackpole. j 

Ames, opens on Central, (Chapel Hill) and runs to Law i 

Amory, opens on Bridge, by the Boott canal, and runs 
westerly between the Boott mills and blocks, to Kirk. 

Andover, opens at Concord river, south bridge, and runs 
east, to Tewksbury line. 

Anne, opens on Merrimack, near the Merrimack canal, 
and runs northerly to French. 

Appleton, opens on Gorham, at St. Patrick's church, and 
runs westerly to Thorndike. 

Appleton Bank Block, is on the east side of Central, be- 
tween Warren and Hurd. 

Arcade Building, south side of East Merrimack, near the 

Arch, opens on Howard, and runs easterly by Joel Jen- 
kins's house, thence northerly to Middlesex. 

Auburn, opens on Gorham, south of Elm, and runs east- 
erly to Linden. 

Austin, opens from Merrimack, west of Cabot, and runs 
thence to Ford. 

Bank Building, is on Sbattuck, near the City Hall. 

Bartlett, opens on east side of High-street square, and 
runs parallel with East Merrimack, to Alder. 

Beacon, leads from Clark, near the North Grammar 
Schoolhouse, to Fletcher. 

Bleachery, opens on Moore, and runs northerly to the 
Lowell Bleachery. , 

Bowditch, opens on Jackson, and runs southerly to Mid- 

Brewery Court leads from Thorndike to the Brewery. 

Bridge, opens on Merrimack and runs northerlj'^ to Cen- 
tral bridge. 

Brown, opens opposite Howe, and runs northerly. 


BuUerfield, opens on School, south of Varney, and runs 

Bower, opens on Fletcher, opposite Dane, and runs west- 
erly to School, and onward. 
Cabot, leads from the northwest corner of the Lawrence 

corporation to Lowell. 
Cabot Block is on Cabot street, and belongs to the Suffolk 

Cady, opens on Central, (Chapel hill,) and runs to Law- 
Carpet Lane, opens on Gardner, near the Market house, 

and runs westerly by the Davis, Buttrick, and Nes- 

mith blocks. 
Carter, opens on Gorham, south of Hale's mills, and runs 

to the Lowell Bleachery. 
Carlton, opens on Middlesex, east of Grand, and runs 

southerly to Pine. 
Cedar, opens on Keene, near Gorham, and runs southerly 

to Central. 
Central, opens on Merrimack, and runs by the Washing- 
ton house and over Chapel iiill, to Gorham, at Davis' 

Centre, opens on Central, next above Union, and runs 

westerly to Chapel. 
Chapel Hill, is a swell of land, extending from Wamesit 

Falls westwardly to Chapel, inclusive. 
Chapel, opens on Union, and runs southerly to Central. 
Charles, runs from Gorham to Lawrence, next south of 

Cheever, opens on School, and runs westerly near Paw- 

tncket Canal. 
Chelmsford, opens on Thorndike, and runs over the stone 

arch bridge, and bj' the Pound, to Chelmsford line. 
Chestnut, opens on Nesmith, and runs westerly to Fayette. 
Church, opens on Central at the Washington house, and 

runs easterly to the east end of the stone arch bridge. 
Clark, leads from the Common, by the North Grammar 

School House, to Beacon. 
Clay, opens on Andover, next east of High, and runs 

southerly to Oak. 
Colburn, leads from the Merrimack yard southwesterly 

to Merrimack. 
Commercial Square, opens on Central, opposite Market 

— including the space between Coburn's and Spauld- 

ing's buildings. 


Common Avenue, leads from Lowell to Clark. 

Crosby's Court, opens on Central, nearly opposite Union. 

Cros.^, opens on Suffolk, and runs westerly to School. 

Cashing, opens on Willie, next south of Rock, and runs 
easterly to Fletcher. 

Dane, opens on Lowell, south of Whiting, and runs west- 
erly to Fletcher. 

Davis, opens on Appleton, and runs southerly to Summer, 

Davidson, opens on East Merrimack, near Concord river 
bridge, and runs through Davidson's Flat to Howe. 

Davidson's Lane, opens on north side of Davidson st. 

Dearborn's Court opens on Andover, west of Water, near 
Concord river. 

Decatur, opens on Merrimack, opposite John Aiken's 
house, and runs southerly to Lowell. 

Dodge, leads from Race to Suffolk. 

Dummer, opens on Lowell, west of Worthen, and runs 
southerly to Mechanic. 

Dutton, opens from Merrimack Counting Room, and 
runs southwesterly to Willie, 

Dutton Square, opens on Dutton street, at Swamp Locks. 

East Merrimack, commences at the lower bridge over 
Concord River, and runs easterly to Tewksbury line. 

Edgerly's Court, opens on the south side of Charles, east 
of Lenton. 

Elliott, opens on Appleton, opposite the Stone Church, 
and runs northerly to Jackson. 

Elm, opens on Central, next south of Centre, and runs 
westerly to Gorham. 

Essex, opens on East Merrimack, opposite Davidson, and 
runs northeasterly to Brown. 

Everett, leads from High to Fayette, next north of An- 

Favor, opens on Appleton, west of South, and runs par- 
allel therewith to Summer. 

Fayette, opens on Andover, opposite Water, and runs 
northerly to East Merrimack. 

Fenwick, opens on Lowell, and runs to St. Patrick's 

Fletcher, opens on Pawtncket, near the Stone house, and 
runs southeasterly to Thorndike, at the Canal bridge. 

Cottage Row, Merrimack, is near the First Congregation- 
al Church. 

Common, opens on Lowell, and runs parallel with Adams 
by the south end of the North Common to Cross. 


Forrest, opens on Grand, and runs westerly. 

Franklin tSquare, comprises the south side of Adams and 
Suffolk streets. 

French, opens on Bridge, and runs westerly to Anne. 

Fulton, opens on Merrimack next al)ove Wortlien, and 
runs southerly to Lowell. 

Ford, opens on Cabot, and runs westerly parallel with 
Moody, and turns southerly to Moody. 

Franklin, opens on Willie, and runs easterly to Fletcher. 

Gardner, opens on Landing, and runs westerly to the 
Lowell Counting Room, thence northerly to Market. 

Garnet, opens on Appleton, and runs northerly to Mid- 

George, opens on Tyler, and rums by the First Baptist 
Church to Warren. 

Gold, opens on School, north of Varney, and runs east- 

Gorham, opens on the corner of Central and Middlesex, 
and runs southerly by Hale's mills, to Tewksbury line. 

Gore, leads from Race to Cabot, on the Suffolk corporation. 

Grand, opens on Middlesex, and runs southerly by the 
end of Marshall to Forrest. 

Green, opens on Wasiiington Square, and runs easterly 
to George. 

Green's Court, opens on the north side of East Merri- 
mack, east of James' Court. 

Hale, opens on Chelmsford, nearly opposite Liberty, and 
runs to Thorndike. 

Hall, leads from the north end of Tilden, by the south 
end of the Lawrence blocks, to Cabot. 

Hanover, opens on Lowell, and runs near and parallel 
with the western Canal, to Moody, 

Harrison, opens on Andover, next east from Clay, and 
runs to Oak. 

High, opens on East Merrimack, opposite Grammar School 
house, runs by Z. Rogers' house to Tewks^burj' line. 

High Street Square, opens on the north side of East Mer- 
rimack, and between the Grammar School house and 
the dwelling house of Wm. Kittredge. 

Howard, opens on Middlesex, opposite Middlesex Place 
and runs soutlierly to Chelmsford. 

Howe, opens on East Merrimack, opposite Brow^n, and 
runs southerly to the Flannel Mills. 

Hurd, opens on Central, at Wade's building, and runs 
easterly to Warren. 


Hunts Avenue, opens on the north side of East Merri- 
mack, nearly opposite Willow. 
Jackson, opens on Central, at the corner of the Hamilton 

yard, and runs westerly by the Hamilton and Appleton 

mills to Middlesex. 
James' Court, opens on the north side of East Merrimack, 

east of the Grammar School house. 
Jefferson, opens on Lowell, near the Railroad house, and 

runs southerly to Lewis. 
John, opens on Merrimack, and runs northerly to the 

Boott Counting Room. 
John Street Avenue, opens on the west side of John, and 

runs westerly to Kirk. 
Keene, opens on Gorham, next south of Walnut, and runs 

parallel therewith to Central. 
Kirk, opens on Merrimack, east of St. Anne's Church, 

and runs northerly to French. 
Kirk Avenue, ppens on Kirk, between Merrimack and 

Lee, and runs easterly to Lee, near John. 
Knowles' Place, opens on the southwest corner of David- 
son street. 
Lagrange, opens on Suffolk, south of stone arch bridge, 

and runs westerly by the south end of Marion, and 

across Adams to Fletcher. 
Lamb's Court, opens on Chapel street. Chapel hill. 
Landing, leads from Market by the west end of Market 

house, to the Canal. 
Lawrence, opens on Church, near Concord river, and 

runs southerly by Whipple's Powder Works and the 

end of Whipple street, to Moore. 
Lavvson, leads from School south of Somerset, to Queen. 
Lee, opens on John, and runs westerly to Kirk. 
Lenton, opens on Charles, and runs southerly by Putnam 

& Currier's soap works, to North. 
Lewis, opens on Lowell, east side of the Western canal, 

and runs by the canal to Mechanic. 
Liberty, opens on Chelmsford at the Pound, and runs by 

the terminus of School, to Pine. 
Linden, opens at Walnut, and runs northerly between 

Chapel and Gorham, to Union. 
Livingston, opens on Carter, and runs northerly and 

westerly to Hale's mills. 
Loudon's Court, opens on the west side of Central, south 

of Luther's court, and runs westerly to Putney's court. 


Lowell, opens on Dutton, opposite Market, and runs 
westerly to Pawtucket, near the stone house. 

Lowell Place, opens on the north side of Lowell, near 
Russell's building. 

Luthers Court, opens on the west side of Central, oppo- 
site the head of Tyler street. 

Lyman, leads from Race to Cabot, parallel with the Suf- 
folk blocks. 

Maiden Lane, opens on Merrimack, at the west end of 
old Bank Block, and runs southerly to Lowell. 

Mansur's Building, is on Central, extending from Mar- 
ket to the Canal. 

Marion, opens on Cross, between Suffolk aiid Adams, 
and runs southerly to La Grange. 

Market, opens on Central, and runs westerly to Dutton. 

Marshall, opens on Grand, and runs westerly and parallel 
with Middlesex, to Carlton. 

Mason's Court, opens on the west side of Central, at the 
foot of Chapel hill, between Charles and Union. 

Mclntire, opens on Middlesex, and runs southerly to Mar- 

McFarlin, opens on Pautucket, between School and 
Fletcher, and runs southerly to Bower. 

Mechanic, opens on Dutton, nearly opposite Machine 
Shop Counting Room, and runs westerly across the 
stone bridge over the Western canal, to Suffolk. 

Mechanic Mills, on Dutton street, near the jail. 

Merrimack, opens on Pautucket, north of the Hospital, 
and runs easterly by the City Hall to the lower bridge 
over Concord river. 

Merrimack Square, on both sides of Merrimack street, 
from the First Congregational Church to Suffolk. 

Merrill's Court, opens on Chapel, opposite Centre. 

Middle, opens on Central, at the Post Office, and runs 
westerly to Shattuck. 

Middlesex, opens on Gorham, next north of Appleton, 
and runs westerly by the depot to Chelmsford line. 

Middlesex Place, opens on the north side of Middlesex, 
near the Brewery, embracing the long brick block and 
others in that square. 

Mill, opens on Lawrence, near Richmond's mills, and 
runs westerly to Central. 

Moody, opens on Merrimack, opposite Merrimack House, 
and runs westerly across Colburn, Tilden, Tremont 
and Race, to Pautucket. 


Moore, opens on Gorham, near Railroad bridge, and runs 
easterly by O. M. Whipple's, to Tewksbury line. 

Mount Vernon, opens on Liberty, and runs east and north 
to Pine. 

Nesmith, opens on East Merrimack, nearly opposite Al- 
der, and runs southerly to Tewksbury line. 

Nesmith's Block, is on the corner of Merrimack and John 

North, opens on Central, next south of Charles, and runs 
easterly to Lawrence. 

North Franklin Court, opens on the north side of Frank- 
lin street. 

Oak, opens on Nesmith, and runs to High. 

Paige, opens on Bridge, and runs westerly by John street 
church to Kirk. 

Park, opens on Andover, at Jonathan Tyler's house, and 
runs northerly to East Merrimack. 

Parker, opens at Chelmsford, opposite Plain, and runs by 
Simon Parker's to Chelmsford line. 

Pautucket, begins at Chelmsford line, on Merrimack riv- 
er, and runs northerly by the Stone House and the 
Hospital, to the Melvin house. 

Plain, runs from Chelmsford to Chelmsford line. 

Pearl, opens on Appleton, and runs northerly to Middle- 

Perkins, opens on Suffolk, near the Lawrence Counting 
Room, and runs westerly to Cabot. 

Pine, opens on Middlesex, and runs southerly about twen- 
ty rods, and thence westerly, parallel with Middlesex. 

Pleasant, opens on Andover, between High and Water, 
and runs southerly to Nathan Bobbins' house. 

Pond, opens on Pleasant, and runs westerly to Concord 

Poplar, opens on School, next north of the Western ave- 
nue, and runs westerly. 

Powell, opens on Liberty, and runs southerly, by the 
school house, to Chelmsford. 

Prince, leads from the Merrimack Bleachery southerly to 

Putney's Court, opens on Gorham, opposite Winter, and 
runs easterly to Loudon court. 

Queen, opens on Middlesex, east of the old burying ground 
and runs southerly to Lawson. 

Race, opens on Hall, between Suffolk and Cabot, and 
runs southerly to Merrimack. 


Reed's Court, opens on the south side of Charles, east of 

Edgerly's court. 
Rock, opens on Willie, between Franklin and Cuahing, 

and runs easterly to Fletcher. 
School runs from Pautucket Bridge, by Nath'l Wright's, 

to Middlesex street, and thence by the west side of the 

old burying ground to Liberty. 
Shattuck, leads from the Second Universalist Church, 

northerly, by Middle to Merrimack. 
Smith, opens on Branch, and runs southerly to Pine. 
Somerset, leads from School, north of Lawson, to Queen. 
South, opens on Middlesex, and runs southerly by South 

Grammar School house to Gorham. 
Southwick's Building, is on the south side of Market 

street, and east of Market house. 
Spring, opens on South, between Middlesex and Apple- 
ton, and runs westerly to Pearl. 
Stackpole, opens on the northeast corner of High-street 

square, and runs parallel with Merrimack Kiver to 

Stevens, opens on Parker, and runs by Edmund Stevens' 

to Chelmsford. 
Suffolk, from the Lawrence Counting Room, runs across 

Merrimack and Lowell, to Adams, 
Suffolk Square, is that part of Merrimack, on both sides, 

that lies between Suffolk and Cabot. 
Thorndike, leads from the north end of the Canal bridge, 

near the merchandise depot, to Davis' corner. Central. 
Tilden, opens on Hall, and runs by the east end of the 

Tremont blocks to Merrimack. 
Tremont, opens on Hall, and runs southerly by the west 

end of the Tremont blocks to Merrimack. 
Tyler, opens on Central, next south of Church, and runs 

easterly to Lawrence. 
Union, opens on Central, and runs by the north end of 

Chapel, across Gorham to South. 
Union Court, opens on the north side of Lowell, at Foot's 

Union House, adjoins Washington house, on Washington 

Varney, opens on School, between Butterfield and Gold, 

and runs easterly. 
Vine Lane, opens on John, between Merrimack and Paige 

and runs easterly to Paige. 
Wade's Building, is on the corner of Central and Hurd. 


Wall, opens on Davidson, and runs southerly to Concord 
river, and thence by the river back to Davidson. 

Walker, opens on Middlesex, next west of School, and 
runs northwesterly to Pautucket, near the canal. 

Walnut, opens on Central, near the souih end of Chapel, 
and runs westerly to Gorhann. 

Wamesit, opens on Central, Chapel Hill, and runs south- 
easterly to Lawrence. 

Warren, opens on Central, at the American House, and 
runs southeasterly by the Middlesex mills, to Church, 
near the arch bridge. 

Warren Court, is on the south side of Church, opposite 

Washington Square, embraces the whole of Central from 
the First Universalist Church, to Church street. 

Water, opens on Andover, opposite Fayette, and runs 

Webster, leads from Jackson to Middlesex. 

Welles' Block, is at the corner of Merrimack and Kirk. 

Wentworth's Building, is on Merrimack, between the 
City Hall and passenger depot. 

Western Avenue, opens on Fletcher and runs westerly to 

Whipple, opens on Moore, and runs northerly by the 
stone house to Lawrence. 

William, opens on Central, next north of Green, and runs 
easterly to George. 

Willow, opens on Andover, and runs northerly to East 

Willow Place, opens on the south side of Merrimack, in 
Suffolk square. 

Winter, opens on Gorham, between Appleton and Sum- 
mer, and runs westerly to South. 

Whiting, opens on Lowell, between Dane and Pautucket 
and runs to Fletcher. 

Willie, opens on Fletcher, and runs southerly to Dutton. 

Worthen, opens near the Merrimack Counting Room, 
next west of Dutton, and runs southerly across Merri- 
mack, Lowell and Mechanic, and by the Second Baptist 
Church to Dutton. 

Wyman opens on Nesmith, opposite Oak, and runs east- 
erly, to Tewksbury line. 



Abbott Almond, Suffolk, h 3 Middlesex PI. 
Abbott Charles, Lawrence, h 25. 

Abbott Charles, teacher Hamilton Cliapel, bds A. Lyon's 
Abbott Mrs. Charlotte, boarding h 20 Suffolk corp. 
Abbott Mrs Fanny, tailoress, shop and h Central. 
Abbott Henry, house-builder, h cor. Branch and Queen. 
Abbott Herman, Lawrence, h 25. 

Abbott Hiram, (J. P. Bridge & Co.) lumber dealer West- 
ern avenue, bds J. W. Ray's. 
Abbott Hugh A., mason, h cor. Appleton and South. 
Abbott James C, L S. Morse's office, bds Rachel Abbott's. 
Abbott John, Lowell M. Shop, h 2 South Franklin court. 
Abbott Joseph, watchman, Prescott, bds Caleb Ash's. 
Abbott Josiah, Tremont, bds 4 Suffolk corp. 
Abbott Josiah G., (& Brown) counsellor, Mansur's B., h 

Abbott Julian, coun., 67 Central, bds Mrs. H. Kimball's. 
Abbott Lester, laborer, bds 15 Lowell corp. 
Abbott Miss Matilda H., milliner, shop and h 8 Tilden. 
Abbott Paul C, Lawrence, bds 25. 
Abbott Mrs. Rachel, h Moody. 
Abbott Samuel, dentist, office and h 15 Central. 
Abbott Samuel B., mover of buildings, h Water. 

Abbott Miss Sarah G., milliner, shop and h 242 Merr. 
Abbott Miss Theresa, dressmaker, h 276 Merrimack. 

Abbott Walter, Lawrence, bds Mrs. R. Abbott's. 

Abbott Ziba, h Fayette. 

Abell Wanton N., Hamilton, bds M. Sanborn's. 

Adams Alanson, Appleton, bds M. E. Perley's. 

Adams Augustus, (J. W. i&) stove-dealer, 12 Merrimack, 
h Bartlett. 

Adams Chas. J., (& M. J.) furniture, 6 Merr., h Bartlett. 

Adams Cyrus P., Cushing & Mack's, h High. 

Adams David, gardener, h Market. 

Adams Elisha, Smith Adams's, h Walker. 

Adams Emory H., Merrmiack Print-works, h 149- 

Adams Ezra, h Paige. 

Adams George W., teamster, h Middlesex. 

Adams George, boarding h cor. Middlesex and Pearl. 



Adams Henry D, jeweller, 43 Central, h Andover. 

Adams Horace J., (& North) furniture, ]08 Central, h 
34 Hurd. 

Adams James, Lowell repair-shop, h 12. 

Adams James T., millinery, shop and h 50 Merrimack. 

Adams Joel, counsellor, 67 Central, h Appleton. 

Adams John, mason, h Merrimack. 

Adams John, h High. 

Adams John S., Boolt, h East Merrimack. 

Adams John W., (& A.) stove-dealer, 12 Merr , h Willow. 

Adams Jonathan, Merrimack Print-works, h 31. 

Adams Landon, Lawrence, h 75. 

Adams Lewis G. P., shoemaker, N. M. Wright's, h School. 

Adams Loring, Lowell M. Shop, bds H. A. Abbott's. 

Adams Mrs. Maria P., h corner George pnd Tyler. 

Adams Michael J., (C. J. &) furniture, 6 Merrimack, 
bds E. Farnhams. 

Adams Samuel, blacksmith, P. O. Richmond's, h Bay 
State avenue. 

Adams Siiubael P., Lowell M Shop, h East Merrimack. 

Adams Smith, tripe-dealder, h Walker. 

Adams Theodore, Bleachery, h do. 

Age James, Middlesex, bds James Thorn's. 

Agnew William, Boott, h 26. 

Ahern Charles, (& Purcell) W. I. goods, Lowell, bds 
Mrs. E. Ahern's. 

Aliern Mrs. Ellen, h Lewis. 

Ahern James, foundry, h Lewis. 

Ahern Patrick, foundry, bds Mrs. E. Ahern's. 

Aiken Benjamin F., W. L goods, cor. Central and War- 
ren, h. Tyler. 

Aiken James, wood dealer, h Lowell, near N. Gram. s. h. 

Aiken John, agent Lawrence, h Merrimack, op. Decatur. 

Aiken Mark L., Middlesex, bds C. Dane's. 

Ainley William H., Lowell repair-shop, h 21. 

Ainsworth Michael, block printer, h c. Lowell & Maid. L. 

Ainsworth William L., Middlesex, h 33 Church. 

Alcolt Gilman, pedler, h cor. Dane and Lowell. 

Alden David, Lowell, h Howard. 

Alden Miss Joanna, boarding h 27 Lawrence. 

Alden Joseph, h Willow. 

Alden Mrs. Mary Ann, boarding h 35 Massachusetts. 

Aldrich Levi, Lawrence, bds 46. 

Aldrich Milton (& Hapgood) shuttle-maker, Howe, h Ash. 

Aldrich Warren, steam mill Middlesex, h Appleton. 


AldridiTo Liberty, Merrimack repair-shop, li 76. 

Alger Alonzo 11., Erown «& Alger's off., bds E. A. Alirer's. 

Alger Daniel M., insurance agent, h Wytnan's B , Merr. 

Alger Edwin A., (Brown &.) coun., 58 Cen., h Pleasant. 

Allawall Joseph, Lowell, bds Joiin Tree's. 

Allen Ansel, Hamilton, bds A. Puffer's. 

Allen Calvin, laborer, h SnelTs B., Moody. 

Allen Curtis L., apothecary, E Merr., bds S. Hosmer's. 

Allen Edmund C, h Alder. 

Allen Edward, seed store, 31 Merrimack, h Dracutt. 

Allen Hiram, Fisk & Norcrosss, bds J. Bachelder's, 2d. 

Allen Hanson W., Lawrence, bds 65. 

Allen Isaac L , restorator, c. Mid. and Cen., h 5 Warren. 

Allen James, Lowell, h Quigley's B., Lowell. 

Allen James M., Lowell M. Shop, h 56. 

Allen John, provision, cor. Lowell and Han., h Worthen. 

Allen John, pedler, bds Hugh Regan's 

Allen Jonathan, bookseller, 81 Merrimack, h Paige. 

Allen Joseph G., Mass., bds 45 Swamp Locks, Worthen. 

Allen Joseph O., watchman, Merrimack, h John-st. av. 

Allen Nathan, physician, office and h 12 Hurd. 

Allen Norris, Merrimack Print-works, bds Calvin Allen's. 

Allen Otis, h corner Middlesex and School. 

Allen Otis L., trunk and variety store, 68 Merr., h Paige. 

Allen Miss Rachel P., nurse, bds Mrs. A. Fletcher's. 

Allen Rufijs, Merrimack, bds 173. 

Allen Whipple, machinist, h Central, Chapel Hill. 

Allen William, Merrimack Print-works, h 91, 

Allen William, Tremont, bds 4. 

Allen William H., Lowell, h 18. 

Altemus Isaac K., Museum, bds American House. 

Araidon John, Puffer & Wait's, bds A. D. Puffer's. 

Altny George L., Lovt'ell repair-shop, h 149. 

Ambrose Greenleaf, Lawrence counting-room, h 43. 

Ames John, W. I. goods, cor. Merrimack and Suffolk, bds 

39 Tremont corp, 
Ames Q., clerk A. F. York's, bds City Hotel. 
Ames Miss Ruth Ann, dressmaker, shop and h John. 
Ames Seth, couns-ellor, 19 Appleton Block, h Lawrence. 
Ames Seth C, physician, cor. Middlesex and Central, 

bds Dr. Burnham's. 
Ames Theodore, millwright, h Ash. 

Ames William H., clerk 52 Merr., bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's. 
Amsden Abel, W. L goods, c. Race & Dodge, bds2l Suff. 
Amsden Burt B., clerk Abel Amsden's, bds 21 Suffolk. 


Amsden Hiram H., Suffolk, bds 21. 

Amsden Samuel, Suffolk, h 21. 

Anderson Daniel J., bds George W. Fiske's. 

Anderson James, h Cliapel. 

Anderson James, porter and ale, shop and h Market. 

Anderson Jared, Lowell, bds Washington House. 

Anderson Peter, h Gorham. 

Anderson Peter, laborer, h Ford's B., Suffolk. 

Anderson Robert, carpenter, h Frankliti. 

Andrews Aaron, physician, h cor. School and Lawson. 

Andrews Aaron, Lowell, h Pt,ace. 

Andrews Charles, Appleton, h Appleton. 

Andrews Ephraim, Lowell M. Shop, h 30 Suffolk, F. sq. 

Andrews John, Middlesex, h Abbott, 

Andrews John H., Hamilton, h 11, 

Andrews Mark, shoemaker. Smith's, boarding h 24 App. 

Andrews Nathan P., L. M. Shop, bds Ephraim Andrews'. 

Andrews William F., Suffolk h 6. 

Andruss Theodore, variety shop and h 12 Tilden. 

Angus James, D. Dana's, bds A. Whitney's. 

Annan Mrs. Ann, h near Hale's mills, 

Annan Robert G., Lowell M. Shop, h 7 Middlesex PI. . 

Annan Sarah M., h 7 Middlesex Place. 

Anthony Bowers, Lowell M. Shop, bds D. Hobbe's. 

Anthony Isaac, Lowell M, Shop, h 8 Swamp Locks, Dut. 

Appleton J. P., h Cady. 

Arlin Mrs. Abigail, boarding h 3 Lawrence corp. 

Arlin Mrs. Betsey, h Market. 

Arlin Charles H., bds 3 Lawrence corp. 

Arlin Stephen N., Weaver & Brothers, h Nesmith. 

Armstrong David, bds G. W. Hazeltine's. 

Arnold Charles E., mason, h Union, near South. 

Arnott James, Freeman & Lang's, h Chestnut. 

Arthur William, laborer, h Jefferson. 

Ash Caleb, watchman Prescott, h Davidson. 

Ashley Henry, Boott, h 42. 

Ashton Hezekiah, gardener, h Middle. 

Ashton Joseph D., Lowell M. Shop, h 25 Worthen. 

Ashton Stephen, machinist, h 1 Swamp Locks, Dutton. 

Ashton William J., Lowell, h Market. 

Ashworth George, block-printer, h Middlesex. 

Ashworth James, Stott's mill, h Marshall. 

Atherton George, Merrimack Print-works, bds 73. 

Atherton Thomas, Merrimack Print-works, h 152. 

Atherton Wm., machinist, Howe, h c. Everett & Fayette. 


Atkinson James, editor Courier, h Tyler. 

Atkinson Jatnes H., Courier ofiice, bds John Putney's. 

Atkinson James V., bill-poster, h 16 Appletor^. 

Atkinson Jonathan, slioemaker, h East Merrimack. 

Atkinson Rieiiard, Massachusetts, bds Jona. Atkinson's. 

Atkinson Rev. Timothy, h Andover. 

Atwood Benjamin E , carpenter, h Union, near South. 

Atvvood Benjamin E., 2d, carpenter, bds B. E. Atwood's. 

Atwood Bela, job wagon, h Gorham, near Hale's mills. 

Atvvood Chas., D. R. Kimball's, bds Mrs. Sawyer's, SufF. 

Austin Miss Angeline L., boarding h 53 Merr. corp. 

Austin George, Middlesex, h Charles. 

Austin George H., file-cutter, cor. High and Andover, 

bds R. Lowe's. 
Austin Henry, Merrimack, bds 53. 

Austin Henry E., file-cutter, h cor. Andover and High. 
Austin James, shoe store and h Dutton. 
Austin Joseph W., carpenter, h Smith. 
Austin Mrs. Sarah, h Spring. 

Austin Warren B , fancy goods, shop and h 258 Merr. 
Austin William, Middlesex, bds A. H. Flanders'. 
Averill George F., Lowell M. Shop, bds A. M. King's. 
Averill Samuel, Merrimack repair-shop, h 118. 
Averill Nathaniel P., hack-driver, bds E. Messinger's. 
Avery Ephraim, Lawrence, bds 46. 
Avery Frank S., mason, bds 120 Middle. 
Avery Henry, clerk, bds American House, 
Avery John, agent Hamilton, h Appleton. 
Avery John, Lawrence, h 18. 
Avery Joshua, Middlesex, bds John Elkins'. 
Avery Shadtach, Merrimack, bds 74. 
Ayer Abel M., painter, Cabot, bds E. Chellis'. 
Ayer David, Prescott, h 28. 

Ayer James C, apothecary, 84 Central, bds Merr. House. 
Ayer James H. B , (&. Fletcher) lumber dealer. Western 

avenue, h. cor. Worthen and Mechanic. 
Ayer John L., Boott, h Arcade B. 
Ayer Perley, Boott, h 57. 
Ayers Elias, Boott, bds Daniel Parker's. 
Ayers Virgil A., carpenter, High-street square. 

Babb George, Locks and Canals, bds D. P. Brown' 
Bibbington Thomas, Flannel Mills, h Andover. 


Babcock Alvin S., hostler and bds American House. 
Babcock Charles A., agent Lowell Bleachery, h Moore. 
Babcock Franklin, works and bds American House. 
Babcock William, works and bds American House. 
Bacon Edward, J. E. Lane's, bds A. Skinner's. 
Bacon John, variety store and h 2 Bridge. 
Bacon Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, bds John Baron's. 
Bacon R., boots & shoes, 17 Merrimack, bds American h. 

Bacon teamster, bds William Farlin's. 

Bachelder Abram, clerk 2 Welles BL, bds R. Bachelder's. 

Bachelder Asahel G., wheelwright, h Howard. 

Bachelder Augustine L., bds Mrs. R. Bachelder's. 

Bachelder Charles, carpenter, bds 120 Middle. 

Bachelder Clarke, Merrimack, bds 74. 

Bachelder David, Merrimack Print-works, h 107. 

Bachelder Enoch W., h Appleton. 

Bachelder George W., carpenter, h Appleton. 

Bachelder Horace, h Lee. 

Bachelder James C., boarding h 142 Merrimack corp. 

Bachelder John P., Merrimack, h Ford. 

Bachelder Josiah, boarding h Middlesex st. 

Bachelder Mrs. Rachel, h Lee. 

Bachelder Solomon, reed-maker, bds 120 Middle. 

Badger Obadiah, teamster, h Lowell, rear N. Gram. s. h. 

Bagley Charles, carpenter, bds M. E. Howe's. 

Bagley Mrs. Clara, h 27 Charles. 

Bagley James, laborer, h 16 Adams. 

Bagley John, laborer, h Adams. 

Bagley Michael, William Livingston's, h Adams. 

Bagley Timothy, laborer, h 16 Adams. 

Bailde Patrick, carpet weaver, Howe, bds R. H. Ferris'. 

Bailey Benjamin F., carpenter, bds L. Bailey's. 

Bailey Benjamin W., stone-layer, h Chelmsford. 

Bailey Dan, Boott, bds Sarah Quimby's, 38. 

Bailey Gardner, job wagon, h Fayette. 

Bailey Herbert, W. I. goods, cor. Fletcher and Adams, h 

Bailey Hiram, Lowell M. Shop, h 17 Franklin square. 
Bailey James H., Appleton, h 6. 
Bailey James, Suffolk, bds 4. 

Bailey Jeremiah, clerk F. H. Hardy's, bds 38 Boott; 
Bailey John, mason, bds T. D. Bailey's. 
Bailey John, Fisk & Norcross's, bds J. Bachelder's. 
Bailey Leonard, jobber, h Appleton. 
Bailey Mnnasseh, A. C. Wright's, h High. 


Bailey Mark, h 18 Middlesex st. 

Bailey Mrs. Martiia, h cor. Middlesex and Pearl. 

Bailey Nathan, mason, h cor. Appleton and South. 

Bailey Thomas, foundry, h 13 Lewis. 

Bailey Thomas D., mason, h Hanover. 

Bailey Willard, Middlesex, bds O. Mace's. 

Baker Amng, carpenter, h Slimmer. 

Baker A. T., Merrimack, bds 75. 

Baker Charles L., sailor, h 6 Ayer's Bl., Moody, 

Baker Edward, harness-maker, Middlesex, h Cady. 

Baker Mrs. Elizabeth, h Gushing. 

Baker George W., Lowell M. Shop, bds S. C. Baker's. 

Baker John A., teamster, bds Mrs E. Baker's. 

Baker Joseph H., Lowell, h rear Suffolk, 

Baker Miss Lucy, nurse, bds B. T. Cross's. 

Baker Mrs Mary B., boarding h 36 Boott. 

Baker Samuel D., Lawrence, bds 45, 

Baker Mrs. Sarah N. G., bds D. M. Gray's. 

Baker Slocomb, shoemaker, bds B. P. Pillsbury's. 

Baker Stephen, carpenter, h Middlesex. 

Baker Stephen C, Lowell Machine Shop, h 4 Garnet. 

Baker Storrs A., carpenter, shop and h Mill. 

Baker Sylvanus P., carpenter, bds A. K. Hood's. 

Baker William G., (D. Bixby & Co.) bookseller, 142 

Merrimack, bds John Avery's. 
Baker William R., shoe-blacking maker, cor. Chapel and 

Walnut, h cor. Central and Walnut. 
Balch Perley, Prin. 1st Gram. School, bds H. Dennett's. 
Balch Walter, D. Hale's, bds M. B. Straw's. 
Balcom George W., Stony Brook R. R., h Middlesex. 
Balcom Jesse, laborer, bds Smith Adams'. 
Balcom Levi E., laborer, bds Lowell House. 
Balcom Varnum, carpenter, h Hobbs's B., Lowell. 
Baldwin Benjamin, Boott, h 55. 

Baldwin Boardman, painter, bds Mrs, S. Worthley's, 
Baldwin Charles, A. B, French's, bds Mrs. Gordon's, 
Baldwin Clarke G., Lawrence, bds Alvin Cook's. 
Baldwin Cyrus, Lowell M. Shop, h 7 Swamp Locks. 
Baldwin James F., Merrimack, bds 23. 
Baldwin James M., painter, bds William Chenery's. 
Baldwin William, Suffolk, h Dodge. 
Baldwin William E., Lawrence, bds 55. 
Ball David, carpenter, bds 12 Franklin square. 
Ball James, Massachusetts, bds Enoch Butler's. 
Ball John, Boott, bds Abel Webster's. 


Ball Naihaniel, Lawrence, bds 46. 

Ballard Nathan, Lawrence, h 73. 

Ballard William, Lawrence, h 12. 

Ballard William H., Lowell M. Shop, bds D. A. Wood's. 

Ballinger Patrick, Lowell, h Worthen. 

Bamford Simeon, Hamilton, h cor. Green and George. 

Bamford James S., Suffolk, h cor. School and Gold. 

Bamford John, Hamilton, bds S. Bamford's. 

Bancroft Harvey, shoetnaker, h Moody. 

Bancroft Horatio, Middlesex, bds William Chenery's. 

Bancroft Jefferson, Deputy Sheriff, h Paulucket. 

Bancroft Selwin, W. I. goods, store and h Market. 

Bangs Edward, L W. &D. Bangs's, bds Mrs. Kitchen's. 

Bangs Elkanah, I. W. <fc D. Bangs's, bds Mrs. Kitchen's. 

Bangs Dean, (L W. *&) stoves, Middlesex, bds S. A. 

Bangs Isaac W., (& D.) stoves, 115 and 117 Central, b 

Bannister George, Lowell, bds S. Bamford's. 
Bannister William, Middlesex, bds S. Bamford's. 
Bapp Mrs. Mary, h Middle. 
Barbour Charles H., h Fayette. 
Barclay C^^rus, carpenter, h Pine. 
Barker Alfred D., Tremont, h 40 Tremont st. 
Bark.r Enoch W , Suffolk, h 9. 
Barker Samuel, Lawrence, h .58. 
Barker Stephen, Jr., livery stable, h Hanover. 
Barnard Benjamin F , bds Jonathan Barnard's. 
Barnard Edward, painter, Market, bds Enoch Butler's. 
Barnard Edwin, painter, bds Mrs. M. A. Grant's. 
Barnard Hiram K., mason, boarding h 33 Massachusetts. 
Barnard John, Middlesex, bds William Chenery's. 
Barnard John R., White <fe Puffer's, h Market. 
Barnard Jonathan, boarding h 27 and 28 Massachusetts. 
Barnes Cummings M., Lowell M. Shop, h Charles. 
Barnes Daniel, Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's. 
Barnes Miss Emily R., tailoress, 40 Central. 
Barnes Henry, Stott's mills, h Nesmith. 
Barnes Henry H., tailor, cor. Cen. and Merr., h E. Merr. 
Barnes John, Lawrence, h 4 Dodge. 
Barnes John, Middlesex, bds Hannah Fay's. 
Barnes Joseph, Middlesex, h 13 George. 
Barnes Lafayette, Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's. 
Barnes Peter, batting mill, h North. 
Bnrnp<! STmnel J. M.. J. K^afinn-'s, bds Dea. Merriam's. 


Barnes Thomas J., whips, &c., 52 Central, h Cliestnut. 

Barnes Thomas Z , clerk A. Wheeler's, h Moody. 

Barnes Wm., C. L. Thompson's, bds Rev. U. Clark's. 

Barr Andrew, merchant tailor, 47 Merrimack, h Bartlett. 

Barr Cummings, h cor. Dane and Lowell. 

Barr Isaac, Lowell, bds 7. 

Barr John A., carpenter, h Cady. 

Barr John, shoemaker, 14 E. Merr., h Hunt's avenue. 

Barr Thomas, shawl-printer, near Bleachery, h Gorham. 

Barrard John, Lowell, bds Isaac Hosmer's. 

Barrett Charles, mason, bds G. W. Smith's. 

Barrett Daniel, Lawrence repair-shop, h Race. 

Barrett Dustin, Boott, bds Isaac Barrett's. 

Barrett Isaac, Boott, h 73. 

Barrett John, laborer, bds William Phipps's, 

Barrett John S., stone mason, h Fayette. 

Barrett Patrick, Lowell M. Shop, h rear of Fenwick. 

Barrett Simon, Suffolk, bds 9 Cabot Bl. 

Barrett Thomas, farmer, h Lawrence. 

Barney Milton B., blacksmith, h Chapel. 

Baron Christopher, Merrimack, h Middlesex. 

Baron Christopher, Jr., carpenter, bds C. Baron's. 

Baron Frederick, clerk 1. W. Scripture's, bds C. Baron's. 

Baron George W., carpenter, bds C. Baron's. 

Baron Jacob, carpenter, h 83 Merrimack corp. 

Baron John, inn-keeper, Franklin h Moody. 

Baron John, laborer, h Fenwick. 

Barrows John M., carpenter, h 8 Franklin sq. 

Barry Daniel, laborer, h Jefferson. 

Barry Daniel, Jr., laborer, bds D. Barry's. 

Barry Daniel, wheelwright, Pautucket, h Beacon. 

Barry Mrs. Ellen, h Lowell. 

Barry John, Middlesex, bds Ann Hurley's. 

Barry Richard, Merrimack Print-works, h Jefferson. 

Barry Timothy, foundry, h Suffolk. 

Barry William, laborer, h North. 

Barry Rev. William, h cor. Andover and Willow. 

Barstow Henry, boarding h 13 Massachusetts. 

Barth Daniel W., barber, 3 American h Bl., h Church, 
Gray's B. 

Bartlett Benjamin D., physician, office J. Putney's, Tyler. 

Bartlett David T., Hamilton, bds D. Kimball's. 

Bartlett Edward, painter, W. Minot's, h 3 Shaw's Bl., Pine. 

Bartlett Francis A., clerk P. O. Richmond's, bds Ameri- 
can h. 


Bartlett George, Boott, bds D. Parker's, 

Bartlett George, painter, bds Wise Bartlett's. 

Barllett George, Lawrence, bds 50. 

Bartlett George W., Lawrence, bds 6L 

Bartleit Hannah D., boarding h 14 Merrimack corp. 

Bartlett Homer, Treasurer Mass. and Prescott, h Kirk. 

Bartlett Homer C, carpenter, h Oak. 

Bartlett Nathaniel, boarding h 11 Merrimack corp. 

Bartlett Nathaniel, Jr.,D. Bixby & Go's, bds H. D. Bart- 

Bartlett Stephen, Lawrence, h 23. 

Bartlett Sylvanus, Mass. bds Lovina Wadleigh's. 

Bartlett Wise, carpenter, h High. 

Bartrow Dorigne, shoemaker, bds 8 Adams Bl. 

Barton Charles C., Boott, bds K. Farnum's. 

Barton George, Ward & Thompson's, bds 38 Boott. 

Barton Henry, Middlesex, bds Wm. G. Brady's. 

Barton Lyman, painter, bds Rachel Comb's. 

Barton Mrs. Mary, h Dearborn's ct. 

Bascom Jonathan, B. F. Lesure's, h Chapel. 

Bascom William, shoe store 188 Merrimack, bds Mrs. 

Basford Alanson, shoemaker, Middle, h E. Merrimack. 

Bassett J. J. P., hairdresser, Middlesex, bds Moses Lewis' 

Bates Benjamin F., Mass. bds B. Brown's 

Bates Dennis, bleachery, bds Aaron Goodale's 

Bates Jerome, Mass., bds B. Brown's 

Bates John, Hamilton Print W., h Elliott 

Bates Rev. Merritt, h cor. Chapel and Elm 

Bates Otis B., mason, bds T. G. Douglass' 

Battles Augustus S., (Tarr &) dry goods, 40 Merrimack, 
bds E. Farnham's 

Battles Benjamin, boarding h 1 Mass 

Battles Charles, paymaster, Tremont, bds Mrs. Davis' 

Battles Cyrus, Tremont, bds 19 

Battles Francis, paymaster, Prescott, bds L S. Morse's 

Battles Frederick, foundry, Jackson, bds Mrs. Giles' 

Battles John Q., bds Benj. Battles' 

Battles William D., Mass., bds Benj. Battles' 

Bathwick George, Middlesex, bds Wm. Brothers' 

Baxter Andrew, laborer, h. Lowell 

Baxter Darwin D., dry goods, Appleton bl., h. Cady 

Baxter George, boarding h. 232 Merrimack st 

Baxter Henry J., merchant tailor, 29 Central, h. cor. of 
Chestnut and Willow 


Baxter Hugh, laborer, h. E. Merrimack 

Baxter Jiimes, Boott, bds Mrs Murphy's 

Batty Charles, Lowell, bds J. J. Whiteley's 

Beals Daniel B , Merr. Print W., h. cor. Moody & Cabot 

Bea!s Daniel W., engraver, bds D. B. Beals' 

Beals William, corn-cracker maker, bds R. McFarlin's 

Bean Albert, Lowell M. Shop, bds E. Norton's 

Bean Alvah, Lawrence, h. G3 

Bean Caleb M., Lawrence, h. 34 

Bean Daniel, Middlesex, bds Geo. Prescott's 

Bean David G., Merrimack, h. 43 

Bean Elkanah F,, Livingston's C. R. h. Middlesex 

Bean Francis B., Lowell M. Shop, bds J. Huse's 

Bean Frederick, harness maker, bds Wm. A. Smith's 

Bean George J., Merrimack, h. 40 

Bean Miss Hannah M., boarding h. cor. Can. and Charles 

Bean James, job wagon, h. Queen 

Bean Joseph W., Hamilton, h. 27 

Bean Loammi, Suffolk, bds 9 bl. 

Bean Orson K., Hamilton, h. cor. Appleton and South 

Bean Perley, Lowell M. Shop, h. Appleton 

Bean Samuel, laborer, h. School 

Bean William H., mason, bds 175 Merrimack corp. 

Bean William P., Mass., bds B, Brown's 

Bean William W., carpenter, h. cor. School and Somerset 

Bearce George W., foundry, h. 7 Franklin ct. 

Beattie Francis, butcher, h. Adams 

Beaudreau Joseph, foundry, Jackson, bds G. D. Tapley's 

Beard Eben, (& Upton) cabinet maker, Middle, bds 120 

Beard George G., cab driver, bds O- W. Flint's 

Beard Ithamar A., city treasurer, h Pautucket 

Beard Ithamar W., (& Gunnison) Coun. 61 Central, h 

cor. Appleton and South 
Beard William H H., Merrimack, h 44 
Beck Samuel, Gushing & Mack's, h cor. Austin & Ford 
Beck William, machinist, bds 13 Suffolk corp. 
Beckett Alexander, carpenter, h School 
Bedee John, Douglass' bobbin shop, bds M. Willoby'a 
Bedee Moses V., stonecutter, bds J. Phelps 
Bedlow Artemas, shoes and variety, shop and h Gorham 
Bedlow George W., book keeper, bds 66 Lawrence corp. 
Bedlow Joseph, machinist, h 66 Lawrence corp. 
Beebe Zachariah, Middlesex, bds Mary Johnson's 
Beers William, Middlesex, bds N. A. Smith's 
Belden Charles, Suffolk, bds 9 Cabot Bl. 


Bell Eliphalet D., painter, bds Mrs. E. Diggle's. 

Bell Mrs. Elizabeth, confectionary 220 Merrimack, bds 

Mrs Neal's 
Bell William, Lowell, h Middle 
Bell William, (Prescott &) butter, &c., city market, h 

Bell William, boiler maker, h Maiden Lane 
Bell William, leather dealer, bds Allen Booth's 
Bell Rev. William, h. Nesmith 

Bellows Samuel M., Adv. office, h. cor. Merr. and Cabot 
Bement William B., Lowell M. Shop, h. 67 Mechanic 
Bemis Mrs Arzina, h. Kirk avenue 
Bt!mis Simeon, carpenter, bds J. L. Draper's 
^enjamin Jasper, Appleton,bds E. Norton's 
Bennett Charles, stonemason, bds L L. Allen's 
Bennett Edmund N., Merrimack, h. 76 
Bennett Mrs Elizabeth, h. Kirk avenus 
Bennett Horace W., Merrimack, bds 19 
Bennett John, civil engineer, h. Appleton 
Bennett John A., Courier office, bds John Bennett's 
Bennett Mrs Mary, h. 2 George 
Bennett Royal A., Bleachery, bds Mary Bennett's 
Bennett Wilder, mason, h. Bartlett 
Bennett William S., merchant tailor, 11 Central, h. cor. 

Chestnut and Willow 
Bennett William, bds John Bennett's 
Benson Samuel, carpenter, h. Fayette 
Benson William, carpenter, bds R. Reynold's 
Bent Amos, foundry, Jackson, h. Middlesex 
Bent Charles, (& Bush) hat store, 30 Central, h. Andover 
Bent Charles, Jr., Bent & Bash's, bds C. Bent's 
Bent Samuel, h. E. Merrimack 
Bent William B., foundry, Jackson, h. Middlesex 
Bentley Samuel, R,ound h., Middlesex, h. Marshall 
Bergen Andrew, Mass., bds B Brown's 
Bergoon David, works and bds D. A. Coburn's 
Bergoon Lewis, works and bds D. A. Coburn's 
Berick Edward C, machine shop, Middx, bds H. Berick's 
Berick Francis H., machine shop, Middx, h. 8 Cady 
Berick Hormones, shoemaker, h. cor. Spring and South 
Bernard Samuel, laborer, h. alley between Mid. & Mark. 
Berrian Patrick, Ham., h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
Berry Alfred, shoes, trunks, &c., 86 Merrimack, h. Kirk 
Berry Benjamin F., teamster, Suffolk, bds 2 
Berry Charles D., teamster, h. Putney's court 


Berry Charles R., shoemaker, h. 5 SufTolk street 

Berry Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 

Berry James, railroad, bds J B. Leavitt's 

Berry Jeremiah, railroad, h. Adams 

Berry Theophilus D., carpenter, bds C. W. Wilkins' 

Besse Joseph V., bath and dwelling h., Market 

Besse Warren, boarding h. 120 Middle 

Bessey Henry, Wing & Upton's, bds R. A. Upton's 

Bettes , Mass. C. R., bds Mrs Duesbury's 

Bettey Andrew, Lowell M. Shop, bds J. McGerry's 

Bettey John, waiter at the Merrimack h. 

Bettey Thomas, market, cor. Lowell and Hanover, bds 

Mrs R. Bettey's 
Bickford Abram M., Lowell, bds Miss M. Wood's 
Bickford Daniel, Bleachery, bds F. L. Moore's 
Bickford George W., teamster, h. Gorhain 
Bickford Ira, Boott, bds D. Parker's 
Bickford James, Lowell, h. 9 Cady 
Bickford Joseph, Merrimack, h. 174 
Bickford Thomas, powder mill, h. 3 Whipple's stone h. 
Bickford William, powder mill, bds H. Hanson's 
Bicknell John, laborer, h. John-street avenue 
Bicknell Samuel F., Mass., h. 38 Frescott 
Bicknell Zimri, Merrimack, h. Lowell 
Biddle Thomas, Lowell, h. Central 
Bidwell Francis L , clerk at Farmers & Mechanics 
Bidwell James S., clerk and bds W. A. Fisher's 
Bigelow Alfred, Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 
Bigelow Charles, Middlesex, bds Cyrus Munsell's 
Bigelow Jesse W., Boott, h. 15 Mass. 
Bigelow Lewis H., Lowell M. Siiop, bds 16 Lowell corp. 
Bigelow W. M., Boott, bds K. Farnum's 
Billings Alexander L., Lowell, bds 4 
Billings Miss Dorothy B., milliner, 70 Merrimack, bds 

Wm. Smarte's 
Billings John, Middlesex, bds V. Streeter's 
Billings John, conductor Law. R. R., h. 11 Franklin sq. 
Billings Miss Mary A., dressmaker, shop and h. 13Tilden 
Binner Charles, Hamilton, bds Enoch Butler's 
Bingham George, Charles Churchill's, h. Common 
Birch Haskell, Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 
Birch Horace, Middlesex, bds S. M. Martin's 
Birch Jasper^ Mechanics' mills, bds Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Bird Miss Amanda, h. Tyler 
Bird Robert, Tremont, bds Mrs. S. Bird's 


Bird Mrs. Sarah, h rear Barnes' block 

Bisbee Charles, Suffolk, bds 4 

Bisbee Mrs. Eunice, h. George 

Bishop Charles F., Merrimack, bds Betsey McWades 

Bixby Daniel, (& Co.,) bookseller, 142 Merrimack, bds 

Merrimack h. 
Bixby Mrs. Hannah, boarding h. 15 Merrimack 
Bixby James, sailor, bds Mary Bixby 
Bixby John, carpenter, bds S. Brooks 
Bixby Mrs. Mary, h. school, near Canal 
Bixby Thom?s, leather dealer, Middle, h. Howard 
Black Hugh, Lowell, bds John Taylor's 
Black Patrick, bleachery, bds A. Annan's 
Blair Enoch C., city watchman, h. cor. School and Cross 
Blair William P. B., laborer, h. Howard 

Blair , J. Sawtell's, bds Daniel Rowe's 

Blaisdell Arthur, carpenter, h. Chestnut 
Blaisdell Charles R., Hamilton, bds Ezra Adams' 
Blaisdell Harrison G., (Robinson &) coun. 67 Central, 

h. Howard 
Blaisdell Hiram (& Plummer) shoe store 66 Merrimack, 

bds 14 Dutton 
Blaisdell James, Lowell cemetery, h. Charles 
Blaisdell Jonathan H., Lowell M. Shop, h. 3 Middlesex pi. 
Blaisdell Nicholas C, boarding h. 6 Mass. 
Blaisdell Mrs. Rhoda, h. Putney's ct. 
Blaisdell Theophilus C, city watchman, h. Putney's ct. 

Blaisdell Thomas, P. O. Richmond, bds Mrs. Nichols' 

Blaisdell William, h. 77 Central 

Blaisdell William A., painter and glazier, 127, h. 77 Cen- 

Blake Calvin, carpenter, h. Lee 

Blake Henry, Middlesex, bds T. H. West's 

Blake John H., boots, shoes «&c , Middlesex, h. cor. Cen- 
tral and Richmond avenue 

Blake John M., Lowell M. Shop, h. 27 

Blake Joseph, carpenter, bds H. Fogg's 

Blake Joseph P., Mass. bds Geo. Colton's 

Blake Rufus, machinist, bds D. Foster's 

Blake Samuel, bds James Bowers' 

Blake Thomas, laborer, h. Lowell 

Blake Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, bds A. M. King's 

Blake Thomas C, carpenter, h. 2 Adams bl. 

Blake Washington, mason, h. Gorham 

Blanchard Aaron, Lowell M. Shop, bds 63 


IJIanchard Rev. Amos, h Kirk 
JJIancliiird Arthur, clerk, bds Albert Wheeler's 
Bhinchard Charles, Middlesex, bds G. B Miller's 
Hlaiicliard Mrs. Clarissa, boarding h 58 Mass. 
Blanchard Cyrus W., clerk J. D. Plymplon's, bds E. C. 

Blanchard Miss Hannah, dress-maker S. A. Sturtevant's, 

bds Mrs. Graves' 
Blanchard James, Lowell, h 10 
Blanchard Mrs. Janette, boarding h 6 Market 
Blanchard Joseph, Boston and Lowell R. R., h Howard 
Blanchard Marshal, watchman Lawrence, bds 45 
Blanchard William D., Lowell M. Shop, h 48 
Blessington James, Middlesex, h Davidson 
Blessington John, Middlesex, l)ds Union h 
Blesson Barnard, Hamilton, bds Hugh O'Neil's 
Blethin Joseph, \vatchman Merri'k print yard, h Moody 
Blinn John S., Merrimack, bds 73 
Blinn Simon, Middlesex, bds V, Streeter's 
Bliss Philetus, laborer, bds Wm Webster's 
Bliss Sydney, Fisk & Norcross, bds J Bachelder's 
Blodgett Luther, Hamilton, h Summer 
Blodgett Thomas F., Merrimack, bds Betsey McWade's 
Blodcrett Wilder, livery stable J. S. French's, bds Wm. 

Q. Richardson's 
Blood Amos G., baker, 264 Merrimack, h 3 Suffolk 
Blood Andrew, Boott, h 69 

Blood Benjamin A., fish dealer, bds 21 Suffolk corp. 
Blood Benjamin F., coun. Wentworth's B., h Centralville 
Blood Cyrus, Suffolk, bds 21 
Blood Mrs. Elizabeth W., milliner 200 Merrimack, h cor. 

Lowell and Dummer 
Blood James M., Tremont, bds 4 

Blood Joel, (A. Spalding & Co) W L Goods, Thorn- 
dike, bds D. Livingston's 
Blood John L., stone-cutter, h 9 Dodge 
Blood Joseph, Weaver & Brother's, h Water 
Blood Rufus, painter, bds D. F- Cass' 
Blood William S., A. G. Blood's, h 11 Dodge 
Bloomingdale James, Hamilton, bds Miss N Fogg's 
Boafdman Amos, boarding h 40 Lawrence corp. 
Boardman Lang, Hapgood Wright's, h High 
Boardman William E., Boott, h 10 
Boddy Mrs. Bridget, Mass., h Davidson 
Bodwell Enoch, blacksmith, Pautucket, h School 


Bodwell William, D. Bradi's, bds Mrs H. Gordon's 
Bogue Edward, Day & Convers, bds James Bogue's 
Bogue James, laborer, h. Market 
Boiionon Samuel, livery stable, Charles, h. cor. Gorham 

and Summer 
Boise Ephraim W., Lawrence, bds 46 
Boise Lewis D., merchant tailor 34 Central, h. Central- 

Bolon Mrs. Margaret, washerwoman, h. Lowell 
Bolkcom William A., Tarr & Battle's, bds Benj. Hale's 
Bolter Nathaniel, teamster, bds Levi Person's 
Bolton Alden, Lowell, bds 7 
Bolton Alfred, machinist, h. Lowell 
Bolton Micah, laborer, h. Wamesit 
Bond Alonzo, musician, h. 130 Central 
Bond Nicholas, carpenter, h. Cross 
Bond Mrs Oliver, dress maker, h. Cross 
Bonney Mrs. Abigail, h. High st. ^;q. 
Bonney Arthur P., coun. Appleton bl. h. High st. sq. 
Bonney Miss Caroline, milliner, 69 Merrimack, bds A. 

P. Bonney's 
Bonney Milion, bookseller, 37 Merrimack h. E. Merri- 
Booker John, Fisk & Norcross, bds A. Chamberlain's 
Booth Alexander, D. Dana, bds O. Wyman's 
Booth Allen, stonecutter, h. 8 E. Merrimack 
Booth Benjamin, Hamilton, bds S. Bamford's 
Booth Joseph, Middlesex, h. Warren 
Booth Nathaniel (& Moore) barber, Mechanics b. bds E. 

Booth Thomas S., Henry Parker's, bds Allen Booth's 
Booth William, porter, shop and h. Market 
Bosworth Cyrus, Lowell, bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Boothby Edward K., Woods & Nute's h. Mclntire 
Bostick Patrick, laborer, h. North 

Bosworth James, Mechanic mills, bds Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Bourke Peter, Slott's mills, h. E. Merrimack 
Bowen James, laborer, bds P. McGlothren's 
Bowen Thomas, shoemaker, bds E. T. True s 
Bowers Coburn, carpenter, Lowell, bds D. B.Lawrence's 
Bowers Francis H., Tremont, h. Race 
Bowers George, W. L Goods, cor. School and Pautucket, 

bds Mrs J. Bower's 
Bowers James, h. Pautucket 
Bowers John, Lawrence, h. 34 


Bovvers Mrs Jonathan, li. Pautucket. 

IJowers Jonathan, carriatje maker, bds Mrs J. Bowers' 

Bowers William F., n)achinist, bds Miss P. Hill's 

Bowles William, watcliman, Lowell, bds 7 

Bowler Patrick, Merrimack h. Adams 

Bowman William, Middlesex, bds Win. Chencry's 

Boyden Erastus, Mass. bds H. Colby's 

Boyden Mrs. Harriet, boarding h 7 Lawrence corp, 

Boyden Horatio W., Lowell, bds Harriet Boyden's 

Boyd John, pocket-book maker, bds American h. 

Boyd Lloyd, mariner, h. Lee 

Boyd William A., Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 

Boynton Amos, boarding h. 113 Merrimack corp. 

Boynton Amos R., physician, 27 Merrimack, h. do. 

Boynton Benjamin F., Lowell, h cor. Central and Elm 

Boynton Daniel, shoemaker, bds Eunice Campbell's 

Boynton David, shoemaker, bds Enoch Butler's 

Boynton Mrs. Huldah, h 2 Whipple's stone h. 

Boynton James M., Richardson's cellar, h Union 

Boynton Mrs. Jane, h cor. Union and Central 

Boynton John, carpenter, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Boynton John, Lowell, bds Sarah Foster's 

Boynton Mark C, Bleachery, h do. 

Boynton Nathaniel, Bleachery, bds F. L. Moore's 

Brabrook Joseph A., harness maker. Market, h. Tyler 

Brackett Azariah, Mass h. 45 Essex 

Brackett Charles, Merrimack, bds 73 

Brackett John, Merrimack, h. 174 

Brackett Samuel, Suffolk, h. 6 Cabot bl. 

Brackett Shadrach R., carpenter, Howe, h. Bartlett 

Bradbury Ellis,shoemaker, J. Whiteley's, bds C.H.Tuttle's 

Bradbury William, at A. G. Blood's,' bds do 

Bradbury William, works and bds at Joseph Mayor's 

Bradford James W., T. J. Barnes', bds 35 Church 

Bradford Robert, fancy goods, shop and h. 11 Merrimack 

Bradford William, Lowell M. Shop, bds Willard Smith's 

Bradbury Caleb L., pumps and lead pipe, Middle, bds E. 

Bradley Daniel, D. Bixby & Go's, bds Dracut 
Bradley Edward, paymaster new canal, bds Sarah Foster's 
Bradley Hugh, baker, A. G. Bloods, h. Lowell 
Bradley James, Merrimack, h. Dummer 
Bradley J. Brooks, roll-coverer, Suff. h. E. Merrimack 
Bradley Lewis, Merrimack, h. 173 
Bradley Mrs. Lydia, h. Grand 


Bradley Mrs Mary, h. 101 Merrimack 

Bradley Mrs Mary, h. William 

Bradley Merritt, Bent & Bush's, bds Washington h. 

Bradley Patrick, carpet weaver, Howe, h. North 

Bradley Peter, Hamilton Print W., h. rear Middle 

Bradley Peter, Hamilton, h. North 

Bradley Thomas D., laborer, bds Mrs E. Diggles' 

Bradley Ward, laborer, bds J. Bancroft's 

Bradley William, Merrimack, bds 92 

Bradley William, railroad, h. Tyler 

Bradshaw Luke, foundry, Jackson, bds Wm. Sweetser's 

Bradshaw John A., machinist, h. Dummer 

Bradshaw Joseph, bonnet-presser, h. Dummer 

Brady Mrs Bridget, h. High street square 

Brady Cormick, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Brady James, laborer, h. 16 Adams 

Brady John, laborer, h. 120 Middle 

Brady Michael, laborer, h. Jefferson square 

Brady Patrick, laborer, h. Middle 

Brady Patrick, carpenter, bds P. Brady's 

Brady Thomas, laborer, h. Keene 

Brady William G., Middlesex, h. 9 Wall 

Bradt Daniel, dry goods, 36 Merrimack, h. Tyler 

Bradt David (& G. J.) baker, shop and h. Dane 

Bradt Garrett J., (D. &) baker, shop and h. Dane 

Bradt Leonard, laborer, bds John Elkins' 

Bragdon George, Merrimack, h. 155 

Bragg Frederick, carpenter, h. 5 Middlesex place 

Bragg Maynard, Lowell M. Shop, h. 74 

Brainard David W., shoemaker, h. cor. Merr. and Suft. 

Brainard Robert, Fisk & Norcross', bds J. Bachelder's 

Braley Barney, Lowell M. Shop, bds E. Sheridan's 

Braley John, laborer, h. Hale 

Brannin James, Merrimack, h. Lowell 

Eraslow Addison, watchmaker 129 Central, bds Wash- 
ington h. 

Braynard Spencer, carpenter, h. E. Merrimack 

Brazer Charles E., clerk W. P. Brazer's, bds 27 Central 

Brazer Mrs. Phebe, h. 27 Central 

Brazer William P., hats and caps, cor. Market and Cen- 
tral, bds 27 Central 

Breck Mrs. Lucy, boarding h 8 Merrimack corp. 

Breed George, shoemaker, bds Mrs. Sarah Knight's 

Breed Henry K , provision store and h., 36 Church 

Brennan James, pumps and lead pipe, bds Mrs. B. Burn's 


Brennan Patrick, ])aper mill, h. Lawrence 

Brewer John, Middlesex, bds S. Barnford's 

Brewster Elbridge G., watchman, Merrimack, bds 25 

Brewster John, woodsavvyer, bds 34 Lawrence corp. 

Brewster Rev. William H., h. 25 Suffolk, Franklin sq. 

Brezaly Edward, Flannel mills, h. High 

Brezyl Michael, teamster Wm. Livingston's, h. Gorham 

Brickett William, shoemaker, h. George 

Brickett William, shoemaker, bds Geo. Huse's 

Brick Thomas, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Bride Mrs. Rachel, nurse, bds Wm. Fiske's 

Bridge Adam, Freeman Lang's, bds Christian Bridge's 

Bridge Charles, harness maker, near depot, Middlesex, 
h. Summer 

Bridge Charles H., harness maker, 17 Merrimack, h. 24 
Franklin sq. 

Bridge Mrs. Christian, boarding h. William 

Bridge Mrs. Eirene, h. Chapel 

Bridge James P. (& Co.) lumber dealer Western avenue, 
bds American h. 

Bridge John, Freeman & Lang's, bds Mrs. C. Bridge's 

Bridge Thomas, Merrimack, h. Common 

Bridgman Charles F., Lowell M. Shop, bds A. S. Colby's 

Brian John, cigar maker, bds 4 Willow PL 

Brian Thomas, Tremont, bds 14 

Brian Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, bds J. McGerry's 

Brierly Thomas, Flannel mills, h. Fayette 

Brigham Allen, bds Charles Carroll's 

Brigham Danforth P., Merrimack, h. 125 

Brigham George A., Mass., bds B. Brown's 

Brigham James, meat pedlar, h. Pine 

Brigham Miss Mary, h. Moody 

Brigham Mrs. Sarah, boarding h. Market 

Brigham William F., Mass. h. 48 

Briggs America, Hamilton, bds N. Fogg's 

Briggs Andrew, Hamilton, h. Union near South 

Briggs George, Hamilton, h. 45 

Briggs Simeon, Hamilton, bds Andrew Briggs' 

Briggs , h. C. Churchill's b.. Moody 

Briggs Stephen A., Lowell, bds John Cox's 

Briggs , Middlesex, bds R. Tarbell's 

Brinsley Frederick, barber, shop and h. Middlesex, oppo- 
site depot 

Brint Isaac, Middlesex, bds Wm. Matlock's 

Brittle Charles, Merrimack, bds 73 


Broad WiliDot, Peabody & Wyman's, bds M. Parkhurst 
Brockway Romeo E., Mechanic Mills, bds G. A. Hum- j 

plirey's ' 

Broo-an Daniel, laborer, h. alley between Merrimack and 

Brogan Peter, boarding h. Moody 
BrooUly John, laborer, bds P. McGlothren's 
Brooks Artemas L., (& Tyler) lumber dealer. Button, h. 

Brooks Mrs. Betsey, h. Spring 
Brooks Daniel, Locks and Canals, h. School near Pau- 

Brooks David, Appleton, bds Mrs. Betsey Brooks' 
Brooks George W., Suffolk, h. Race 
Brooks James, Hamilton, bds Charles Way's 
Brooks John, Lowell M. Shop, h. 16 Dutton 
Brooks John, Middlesex, bds Hosea smith's 
Brooks Stillman, Lawrence, h. 12 Dodge 
Brooks Wilkins, Suffolk, bds L. J. Gilbert's 
Brophy Edward, hatter, h. Winter 
Brophy Thomas, fruit and confectionary, shop and h. 

Railroad h., Lowell 
Brothers Ephraim, Middlesex, h. Warren ct. 
Brothers William, Middlesex, h Charles 
Brownell George, h. Appleton 
Brown Aaron, Lawrence, bds 46 
Brown Abel, bds H. Snow's 

Brown Abijah, pump maker, Howe, bds N. Bryant's 
Brown Abner H., city physician, stone h. Pautucket 
Brown Abraham R., iron foundry Middle, h. cor. Auburn 

and Linden 
Brown Alpheus R., (& Alger) coun. 55 Central, h. Kirk 
Brown Amos S., teamster, h. Smith 
Brown Mrs. Ann, h. Willow 
Brown Asa, Tremont, h. 23 

Brown Asa, (& Co.) boot and shoe store, 114 Central 
Brown Benjamin, yeoman, h. Middlesex 
Brown Benjamin F., teamster, bds A. S. Brown's 
Brown Bradbury, boarding h. 4 and 5 Mass. 
Brown Charles, clerk J. S. Brown's, bds G. D. Tnpley's 
Brown Charles S., woodsawyer, R. R. h. cor. Mclntire 

and Middlesex 
Brown Cyrus, Fisk & Norcross, bds Lowell h. 
Brown Darius C, reedmaker. Middle, h. cor. Ch, and 



Brown Deliverance P., boarding h. Market 

Brown Epliraim, asst. teacher 7th gram, school, h. cor. 

Bartlott and Livermore 
Brown Ephraini, boarding h. 114 Merrimack corp. 
Brown Foster, h. Appleton 
Brown Francis, Middlesex, h. Warren ct. 
Brown George W., Lawrence, h. 30 
Brown Mrs. Hannah, boarding li. 4 Appleton corp. 
Brown Henry W., engineer Boston & Lowell R. R. h. 

Brown Isaac B., W. 1. Goods, cor. Merrimack and Suf- 
folk, bds 23 Merrimack st. 
Brown Jacob, carpenter, bds 7 Franklin sq. 
Brown James, fruit and vegetables, shop and h. 3 Adams 

Brown James L., carpenter, h. cor. Button and Mechanic 
Brown Job, carpenter, Dutton, h. Charles 
Brown Joel, h. Tyler 
Brown John, laborer, h. Middle 
Brown John, steam mill, bds C. Nichols, Appleton 
Brown John M., painter, bds Joseph Merrill's 
Brown Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. Duesbury's 
Brown Joseph, Lowell M, Shop, bds Hosea Smith's 
Brown Joseph, farmer, bds C. H. Wilder's 
Brown Joseph S., dry goods, 54 Merrimack, h. Stackpole 
Brown J. W., hosiery, gloves &c., 98 Merrimack, h. 

Brown Leonard, typo, Courier office, h. Bartlett 
Brown Levi, Lawrence, bds John Bower's 
Brown Mrs Mary, boarding h. 3 Lawrence corp. 
Brown Mrs Mary, boarding h. 32 Hamilton 
Brown Mary H., h. William 

Brown Mrs. Martia, millinery goods, 47 Merrimack 
Brown Orin, engineer G. Kittredge's, bds Geo. Burgins 
Brown Otis, Merrimack, bds 79 
Brown Mrs Olive D., boarding h. 62 Booit 
Brown Pardon, woodsawyer, h. Dodtje 
Brown Peter, Crosby's, Howe, bds Mrs. C. Bridge's 
Brown Samuel A., (Abbott &) coun, 43 Central, bds 

American h. 
Brown Samuel T., fruit and vegetables, City Market, h, 

Charles, near Gorham 
Brown Samuel W., Boott, h. 79 
Brown Warren L., Merrimack, bds 79 
Brown Willard, h. cor. Fayette and Everett 


Brown William, Lawrence, bds 19 

Brown William, Prescott, h. 1 

Brown William, mason, h. Gorham 

Brown William, steam mill, bds C. Nichols, Appleton 

Brown William B , Merrimack h. 162 

Brown William M., Merrimack, h. John St. Avenue 

Bruton George, clothdresser, bds Samuel Reed's 

Bryant Cassius M , Lowell, bds Mrs. Brazer's 

Bryant Charles S., watchman, Merrimack, bds 25 

Bryant Daniel, Lowell M. Shop, bds D. Sumner's 

Bryant Henry, carpenter, h Middlesex 

Bryant Hosea B., millwright, h. Reed's ct. 

Bryant James H., Appleton, h. 22 

Bryant Joseph, shoemaker, shop and h. Maiden Lane 

Bryant Michael, works and bds Charles M. Short's 

Bryant Nehemiah, physician, office and h. E Merrimack 

Bryant Solon, Appleton, bds John Buckland's 

Buck Ruel D., Lowell M. Shop, bds P. H. Button's 

Brundett Thomas, Bleachery, h. do. 

Brundige Cornelius V. N., leather dealer, Prescott, h. 

Bruce David H., clerk 98 Merrimack, bds J. W. Brown's 
Bruce Dexter, h. High 
Bruce William G., carpenter, h. Rock 
Bryer Benjamin B., Mass. h. 39 
Buck Miss Harriet, boarding h. 60 Merrimack corp. 
Buckley Mrs. Catharine, boarding h. Fenwick 
Buckley James, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Buckley Maurice, laborer, h. 12 Lewis 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, bds P. McGlothren's 
Buckland John, Appleton, h. 1 
Buckmaster Patrick, Batting mill, h. North 
Buel Austin, Suffolk, h. 8 

Bugbee Worcester, carriage maker, h. Gushing 
Bulfinch Coates, Suffolk, h. 14 
Hulger Edward, laborer, h. Howe 
Bnllard Otis, Lawrence, h. 43 
Bullens Joseph M., Lowell M. Shop, h. Appleton 
Bullock Henry S., silk and shawls, over P. O., bds Mrs. 

Bullock Richard, shoemaker, h. Market 
Bumpus Cyrus, Mechanic Mills, bds 56 Swamp Locks 
Bumpus George G., Lowell, bds Mrs. S. Brigham's 
Buncher Jani'-s, engraver, Merrimack, h. 32 
Buncher James Jr., designer, Merr., bds J. Buncher's 


Buncher Walter, J. C. Ayer's, bds Merrimack corp. 

Bunker Josiah, steam mill, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Bunker William, mover of buildings, h. 56 Church 

Bunker William R , Mass. Ii. 17 Prescott 

Burbank Abijah, Mass. bds Z. N. Doe's 

Burbank Ebenezer, Mass h. 44 

Burbank Horace, Boott, bds Olive D. Brown's 

Burbank John H., Suffolk, h. 6 

Burbank Mrs. Mary L., li. South near Middlesex 

Burbank Peter, stonecutter, bds Geo. Smi-li's 

Burbank Samuel, (& Chase) clothing and hardware, 5 

Central, h. cor. Anne and French 
Burbank Sheldon C, Mass. h. 45 
Burbank Thomas W., Appleton, h. Appleton 
Burditt Isaac, shoemaker, bds Jonathan Thompson's 
Burgess Alonzo B., Merrimack Print W., h. 96 
Burgess Charles, Lowell, bds Miss M. Savvyer's 
Burgess Eben'r, harness maker, Prescott, bds C. Clement's 
Burgess James, Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 
Burgess Josiah J., penny postman, h. Chestnut 
Burgess Robert, carpenter, h. Cushing 
Burgess William, Lowell, h. Lowell 
Burgess William E , printer, bds G. D. Tapley's 
Burgln George, engineer, Middle, h. Fayette 
Burgin Jesse, carpet weaver, Howe, h. Fayette 
Burgin John, Hamilton, h. Garnet 
Burk James, mason, bds Margaret Heavey's 
Burk John, Hamilton, h. Winter 
Burk Joseph, laborer, bds Margaret Heavey's 
Burk Patrick, laborer, h. Andover, near. bridge 
Burk Patrick, laborer, h. Gorham 
Burk Peter, carpenter, h. corner Pond and Water 
Burke Edward, Lowell, bds Patrick Delany's 
Burke William A., agent Lowell M Shop, h. Anne 
Burnap Ethan, painter, Prescott, h. Tyler 
Burnap Frederick A , (& Woodward) clothing store, 212 

Merrimack, bds E. Burnap's 
Blirnap James T., Lowell R. R. bds Rev. U. C. Burnap's 
Burnap John, A. Putnam's, bds E. Burnap's 
Burnap Rev Uzziah C, h. Appleton 
Burnap William, painter, Prescott, bds E. Burnap's 
Burnham Asa R., Mass., h. 40 

Burnham Mrs Clara, dressmaker, Tilden, bds Mrs Smith's 
Burnham Edwin, Lowell M. Shop, h cor. Cen. & Ch's 
Burnham Franklin W,, Lawrence, h. 48 


Burnham Norman, B. & L. freight depot, h. Forest 

Burnham Mrs Roxanna, h. Paige 

Burnham Walter, physician, olfice and h. corner Central 
and Middlesex 

Barns Charles E., Lowell M. Shop, h. 65 

Burns Cornelius, laborer, h. corner Lowell and Jefferson 

Burns Daniel, Merrimack, h. 75 

Burns Edward, laborer, h. i^owell 

Burns Edward, mason, h. Gorham 

Burns Elias, Tremont, h. 27 

Burns Franklin, porter J. C. Ayer's, h. Market 

Burns Mrs. Grace, Mass., h. Arcade B. 

Burns James, laborer, h. cor. Cross and Marion 

Burns John, woodsawyer, h. Adams. 

Burns John D., carpenter, Boott, bds N. A. Smith's 

Burns John H., Lowell, bds 24 

Burns Martin, laborer, bds Thomas Gilfail's 

Burns Michael, laborer, h. Market 

Burns Owen, Middlesex, h Lamb's ct. 

Burns Richard, Lowell M. Shop, bds J. Halloran's 

Burns Robert, job wagon, h. Pme 

Burns Samuel A., foundry, h, 40 

Burns Thomas, Lowell, h. 24 

Burnell Mrs. Ruth, boarding h. 8 Cabot Bl. 

Burnett James, Lowell, h. Lowell st. 

Burr George, foundry, Jackson, bds E. G. Stanchfield's 

Burt Jeremiah, Middlesex, h. 17 Church 

Burton Stephen, hosiery, store and h. Middle 

Buse William, Lowell, bds Wm. Ashton's 

Bussey Peter, ink and blacking, shop and h. Market 

Buswell Michael W., carpenter, h. South 

Bush Barber, Boott, h. 23 

Bush Francis, (Bent &) hatter, 30 Central, h. Appleton 

Bush Francis, Jr., Bent & Bush's, bds. F. Bush's 

Bush James M., bds Barber Bush's 

Bush Joseph, jeweller, A. Brastow's, bds F. Bush's 

Butcher John, Merrimack Print W., h. 63 

Butler Benjamin F., (& Farr) coun. Wyman's Ex., h. 14 

Butler Miss Climena, dressmaker, 4.| John, bds E. Butler's 

Butler David H., Prescott, h. 25 

Butler Enoch, Lowell and Boston R. R , boarding h. Da- 

Butler Henry T., stove store, 46 Central 

Butler James, laborer, h. Suffolk near Fenwick 


Butler Jan)es, Boston and Ijowell R. R., h. Dummer 

Butler Richard, Hamilton, h. William 

Butler Richard, W. I. goods, shop and h. Suffolk 

Builer Miss Sarah, milliner, 204 Merrimack, bds Mrs 

Butterfield Augustus, Fisk & Norcross, h. Middlesex 
Buttertield Edwin, machinist, bds Mrs. 11. Butterfield's 
Butterfield George A., city auditor, City Hal!, bds J. 

Butterfield Mrs. Hannah, h. Rock 
Butterfield Joseph, blacksmith, h, Adams 
Butterfield Joseph, deputy sheriflr", 49 Central, !i. Appleton 
Butterfield J., conductor Stony B. R. R., bds American h. 
Butterfield Mrs. Mary, h. 2 Adams bl. 
Butterfield Reuben, h. Howard, 
Butterfield Samuel, blacksmith, h Dane 
Butterfield Theodore, farmer, h. Hale 
Butters George, mason, bds Jona. Barnard's 
Butterworth George, Ham. Print W., bds Peter Bussey's 
Butterworth John, shoemal<er, Howe, h. Charles 
Butterworth William, Merrimack, bds T. Rockwell's 
Button Preston H , Lowell M Shop, h. Middlesex 
Buttrick Alden B , (& Co.) W. I. Goods, Market, bds 

American h. 
Buttrick Abner W., (& Co.) W. I. Goods, Market, h 

Buttrick John, h. Grand 

Buttrick John A., cashier Appleton Bank,h. Gorham 
Buttrick Nathan, Hamilton h cor. Wamesit and Mill 
Buttrick Samuel P., carpenter, Boott, h. Gorham 
Buzzell John, Bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 
Buzzell Luke, Tremont, h. 38 
Buzzell Mrs. Mary, h. 2dO Merrimack st 
Byrne George, Lowell M. Shop, bds Wm. Howe's 
Byron James, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Lyscom's 

Cady Jacob, Putnam & Currier's, h. Charles 
Cady Lyman, mason, h. 6 Cady 
Cady Samuel, mason, h. Appleton 
Cady William, mason, bds L Cady's 
Cahee Peter, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 


Cahill John, laborer, h. Winter 

Cahill Michael, Boott, h. Lowell 

Cahill Michael, hod carrier, h. Lowell 

Cahill Patrick, laborer, h. Jefferson 

Caldar John, Lowell M. Shop, bds FI. S. Parker's 

Calef Aaron, carpenter, bds H. S. Parker's 

Calef Asa F., engineer, planing machine, bds R. Doane's 

Calef EbenezerJN., planing machine, Middlesex, h. Grand 

Calef Isaac W., planing machine, h. 3 Middlesex PI, 

Calef James, Merrimack, h. 103 

Calef Joseph, Merrimack, h. Lowell 

Calef Miss Nancy, boarding h. 30 Boott 

Calef Oliver, bds L VV. Calef's 

Calef Solomon C, lumber dealer, h. cor. Pine and School 

Caldwell Mrs. Clarissa, h. School 

Caldwell Mrs. Rebecca, boarding h. 20 Prescott corp. 

Caldwell Samuel P., Mass., bds R. Caldwell's 

Calhan John, Railroad h. Dummer 

Call Jere, bobbin shop, Middlesex, bds Aaron Davis' 

Call Royal, h. cor. Middlesex and Middlesex PI. 

Call William, A. B. Buttrick's, bds Charles Way's 

Callaghan Thomas, laborer, h. Middle, opp. P. O. 

Callaghan Miss Catharine, teacher, bds E. Douglass' 

Callahan Charles, laborer, bds Mrs. Murphy's 

Callahan John, laborer, h. Maiden Lane 

Calnan Jeremiah, Boston and Lowell R. R., h. Suffolk 

Calvert Francis A., Jr., machinist, bds A. B. Wright's 

Cambridge Charles, bds J. L. Cambridge's 

Cambridge Joseph L., pedler, h. IVesmith 

Cambridge Rev. William G., bds Jona. Eaton's 

Campbell Mrs. Alice, h. rear William 

Campbell Mrs. Bridget, h. Fenwick 

Campbell Edwin R., Hamilton, bds Mrs. S. M. Martin's 

Campbell Mrs. Eunice, boarding h. 8 Warren 

Campbell Hugh, gardener, h. Middle 

Campbell James, Lowell, bds 1 

Campbell James, Merrimack Print W., h. Dutton 

Campbell James L., carpenter, bds 12 Franklin sq 

Campbell James L., carpenter, bds C. J. Searle's 

Campbell John, Lowell, h. Little 

Campbell John, Lowell, bds 1 

Campbell John, laborer, h. William 

Campbell John, Mass. h. rear William 

Campbell John, laborer, h. Worthen 

Campbell Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, h. Green 


Campbell Patrick P., physician, office and h. Market 

Campbell Setli S., Middlesex, bds Eunice Campbell's 

Campbell Thomas, laborer, h. Davis 

Campbell William, Cushing & Mack's, Ids Wm. Kelley's 

Campbell William, P. Whitney's bds A. L. Clapp's 

Canfield Albert D., Lawrence, bds 71 

Canfield Edward, cotton spinner, h. Jefferson 

Cannon Samuel, Middlesex, bds C. Dame's 

Capen Albert G., Boston & Lowell R. R., h. cor. Pearl 

and Appleton 
Carkin Abel, teamster, bds Asa Carkin's 
Carkin Asa, wood dealer, wharf and h. Pautucket 
Carkin Dexter, teamster, h. Pautucket 
Carkin Leonard, teamster, bds Asa Carkin's 
Carleton George, Lowell, bds Mrs. Kitchen's 
Carleton George H., (& Hovey) apothecary, near City 

Hall, h. Anne 
Carlton David, carpenter, bds Joseph Field's 
Carlton Elbridge G., boots, shoes, &c , shop and h. Mid- 
Carlton Enoch C, mason, bds R. Doane's 
Carlton Jacob, wood surveyor, 107 Central, h. Chapel 
Carlton Joseph, Lowell, bds 7 
Carlton Mrs. Margaret, h. Fenwick 
Carlton Stephen, surveyor of lumber, h. cor- Middlesex 

and Carlton 
Carlton Wales, foundry. Middle, bds G. E. Houghton's 
Carlton William, mason, h. cor. Middlesex and Carlton 
Carle John B., machinist, Boott, h. Lawrence 
Carll Edmund, Crosby's, Howe, h. cor. Central and Cady 
Carll Francis, carpenter, Lowell, h. cor. Central and Cady 
Carll James, laborer, bds John McSoley's 
Carll Thomas, laborer, h. High st. sq. 
Carlan Dennis, laborer, h, Fenwick 
Carley David, Batting Mill, h. Lawrence 
Carley David, watchman Lowell M. Shop, bds 14 
Carley James M., Lowell M. Shop, h. 37 
Carney Charles T., clerk 138 Merr., bds J. G. Carney's 
Carney Cornelius, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 
Carney Mrs. Hannah, h. Hanover 
Carney James G., Treasurer Savings Bank, Bank Bl., h. 

Carney John, Hamilton Print W., h. between William 

and Green 
Carney John F., musician, h. Hanover 


Carney Peter, Middl sex, bds Catharine Clark's 
Carney Thomas, carpenter, h. Cady 
Carpenter Joseph, N. M. Wright's, h Grand 
Carpenter John, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 
Carpenter Nelson, tailor, h. Winter 
Carpenter Sarah, h. E. Merrimack 
Carpenter William, Mass., bds B. Brown's 

Carpenter , Mass., bds G. G. Knapp's 

Carr Edwin, carpenter, h. cor. Middlesex and Pearl 

Carr Mrs Fanny, h. Jefferson 

Carr George, Lowell M. Shop, h. near Chelmsford 

Carr Gilbeit, Mass , h. 40 Prescott corp. 

Carr John, Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 

Carr John, railroad, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Carr John, Jr., bds M. B. Baker's 

Carr John S , stonemason, h. George 

Carr Nathan, Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard 

Carson Lafayette, laborer, bds Josiah Russell's 

Carroll Charles, tin pedler, h. Charles 

Carroll Henry H., paymaster Bleachery, h. cor. Bleach- 

ery and Moore 
Carroll Mrs. Margaret, h. Cross 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h. Lowell 
Carroll Peter, well digger, h. Lowell 
Carroll Miss Sarah,' h. rear Middle 
Carroll Thomas, Bent & Bush's, h. William 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Carson Joseph, foundry, h. ]2 Suffolk st. 
Carter Charles N., Smith & Nichols, h. Merrimack 
Carter Daniel, Appleton, h. Andover 
Carter Daniel, farmer, h. Gorham, Hale's mills 
Carter Daniel A., butcher, h. Gorham, Hale's mills 
Carter Ezekiel, Hamilton, h. 35 
Carter Francis C, Tremont, bds J. C. Powell's 
Carter John M., confectionery, shop and h. 228 Merr. 
Carter John W., Appleton, h. 19 

Carter Lyman W., carpenter, h. cor. Branch and School 
Carter Merrill, stonecutter, h Clark 
Carter Michael, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor. Gorham and 

Carter Philip L., blacksmith, h. Whipple 
Carter Rich E., Wm. Livingston's h. 6 Marion 
Carter Rollins W., Tremont, bds 14 
Carter Sylv.inus, carpenter, bds C. C. Clifford's 
Carter Tho n;is, Lowell, bds 1 


Carter William E., Lawrence, h. 43 

Carty John, laborer, h. Lowell 

Carty John, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Carty Tiiomas, h. Fenwick 

Caryl George, laborer, h. Middle 

Caryl John, cabinet maker, h. 3 Ayer'sbl. 

Caryl William B., confectioner, bds John Caryl's 

Caryle J. B., Middlesex, h. Lawrence 

Cary Francis, hod carrier, h. Middle 

Cary George W., J. Whiteley's, bds C. H. Tattle's 

Cary Mrs. Harriet E., boarding h, 5 Warren 

Cary Joseph E., carpenter, Middlesex, bds 114 Merrimack 

Cary Mrs. Mary, h. 16 Adams 

Casey Mrs. Catharine, h. Jefferson 

Casey Henry L., laborer, h. Middle 

Casey Hugh, works and bds Joseph Mayer's 

Casey James, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefferson 

Casey John, piano maker, Leonard's, bds T. G. Tweed's 

Casey Patrick, laborer, h. Suffolk 

Casey Patrick, laborer, h. Keene 

Casey Robert, brass foundry, Middle, bds Mrs. Murphy's 

Caskins Dennis, Freeman & Lang's h. Davidson 

Caskins James, carpet weaver, Howe, h. E. Merrimack 

Caskins Michael, Middlesex, bds Ira Walter's 

Cass Daniel, stonelayer, h. Bleachery 

Cass Daniel F., mason, h. Water 

Cass John, mason, bds D. F. Cass's 

Cassidy James (»fc Maguire) dry goods, 78 Merrimack b. 

Cassidy Mrs. Mary, h. Dutton 

Cassidy Michael, sexton St. Peter's Church, h. Appleton 

Cassidy Robert, Lowell, h. 202 Merrimack 

Cassidy Terence, Middlesex, bds M. McKeon's 

Castles Stephen, h. Lowell 

Caswell Chester, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor. Merrimack 
and Suffolk 

Caswell George W., conductor Boston & Lowell R. R. 

h. Cushing 
Caswell Michael B., Bleachery, h. do. 
Caswell Robert B., shoemaker, Geo. Emerson's, bds S. 

Caswell Samuel M., restorator, cor. Middlesex and Gar- 
net, h. Appleton 
Cate Henry, carpenter, bds J. Phelps' 



Cater Isaac, Appleton, li. 9 

Cater Jacob, carpenter, bds S. A. Gerrish's 

Cater Joseph, Appleton, h. 9 

Gating David, Suffolk, bds 4 

Gauflield John, laborer, bds G. H. Wilder's 

Caughlin Mrs. Honora, h. Fenwick 

Gaughlia Jeremiah, Nashua R. R., h. School 

Caughlin John, Merrimack, h. Dummer 

Caughlin Maurice, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Caughlin Mrs. Margaret, h. 13 Lewis 

Cauglilin Patrick, Suffolk, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 

Gaulfield John, laborer h. Lowell 

Caulfieid Thomas, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 

Gaulgan Richard, Suffolk, h. 10 Adams bl. 

Caverly Daniel, teamster, h. Cedar 

Caverly Robert B., coun. 56 Central, bds A. Hall's 

Caverly Z. B. (Waldron &) coun. 56 Gen. bds A. Ransom's 

Chadwick Alonzo C, Merrimack Print W., h. 144 

Chamberlain Aaron, door plate maker, h. Marshal 

Chamberlain Asa R., Tremont, bds 2S 

Chamberlain Burleigh, Appleton, h. Union near South 

Cliamberlain Calvin T., city watchman, h. 21 Lowell 

Chamberlain Clark, Lowell, bds E. T. True's 

Chamberlain Isaac A., wood yard and h. Lowell 

Chamberlain Joseph, foundry, Jackson, bds P. R. Giles' 

Chamberlain Moses, Round house, Middlesex, h. App. 

Chamberlain Parker, Lowell M. Shop, h. 5 Pearl 

Chamberlain Percious, Middlsex, bds Alpha Huntoon's 

Chamberlain Samuel B., boarding h. 6 Merrimack corp. 

Chamberlain William S., constable, h. 40 Lagrange 

Chambers Andrew,' Bleachery, h. do. 

Chambers Calvin, W. S. Bennett's bds Mrs. Newell's 

Chambers Cyrus, silk dyer, Hale's mills, h. Gorham 

Chambers Hugh, carpet weaver, bds Roger Lang's 

Chambers Jason, Day & Convers, bds C. Whitney's 

Champney Ebenezer, Lowell M. Shop, bds 14 

Chaney George W., Mass. h. 18 

Chandler Mrs. Charlotte, boarding h. 6 Tremont 

Chandler Henry, Lawrence, bds Charles Way's 

Chandler Isaac, Suffolk, bds Isaac Rolfe's 

Chandler Mrs. Jane, h. Davidson 

Chandler Joel B., Suffolk, bds 9 

Chandler John P., Tremont G. R., bds C. Chandler's 

Chandler Lewis A., variety store and h, Middlesex 

Chandler Moses, Locks and Canals, bds Isaac Rolfe's 


Chandler Richard, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. Bridge's 

Chandler Samuel, carpenter, hds Submit Pierce's 

Channel John, Tremont, bds Geo. liaxter's 

Chnnonhouse Abraham, Middlesex, ii. 9 Warren 

Chapman Daniel, mason, h. High 

Chapman Ebcnezer L., h. South 

Chapman James L., Nichols &. Co's, bds 64 Church 

Chapman John, Middlesex, bds John Elkin's 

Chapman Stephen, Mass. bds Geo. Baxter's 

Chapman Warren L., Hamilton, h. cor. Davis & Winter 

Charles Andrew, watchman, steam mills, h. Middlesex 

Charles , steamshop, Middlesex, h. Appleton 

Charnley Thomas, block printer, h. 98 Merrimack corp. 
Charters IS'ehemiah W., carpenter, h. cor. Fayette and 

Charters Oliver H., shoe store, 130 Merr. h. Andover 
Charters William, laborer, h. High st. sq. 
Chase Abel C, Merrimack,' h. 22 

Chase Benjamin K., 34 Merrimack, bds D. M. Dodge's 
Chase Charles C, Prin. High School, h. Nesmith 
Chase David E., Merrimack, h. 41 
Chase Miss Eliza, boarding h. 55 Merrimack corp. 
Chase Ezra, laborer, h. 5 Dodge 
Chase Franklin N., t«:uffolk, bds 4 
Chase George, Fisk & Norcross, bds Lowell h. 
Chase Mrs. Hannah W., h. Summer 
Chase Harvey, Middlesex, h. Water 
Chase H. J., periodicals, 3.^ Merr. bds Mrs. Kitchen's 
Chase Ithamar H., Middlesex, bds Harvey Chase's 
Chase Jabez W., Hamilton, h. 27 
Chase John H., stoves, 46 Central, h. E. Merrimack 
Chase John K , (Burbank &) hardware and clothing, 5 

Central, h. Nesmith 
Chase Joseph, Merrimack, h. 39 

Chase Josiah G., city engineer. City Hall, bds Merr. h. 
Chase Lorenzo, shoe store and h. 7 Tilden 
Chase Nathaniel, Lawrence, bds 11 
Chase Simeon, painter, Merrimack corp. h. Dutton » 
Chase Sullivan D., blacksmith, Middle, h. 100 Merrimack 
Chase Thatcher, teamster, bds 7 Lowell corp. 
Chase William W., Suffolk, bds Ebenezer Osgood's 

Chase , printer, 21 Central, bds 114 Merrimack corp. 

Cheetham Richard, Lowell, bds John Tree's 
Cheever George B., watchmaker, h. 216 Merrimack 
Cheever Henry, Lowell M. Shop, h. Cheever 


Cheever Henry L., confectionery 2J4 Merrimack, bds G. 

B. Cheever's 
Cheever Moses, h. cor. Lowell and Decatur 
Chellis Elias, bill collector, 71 Merr. bds. Seth Chellis' 
Chellis Ezekiel, carpenter, h. Cabot 
Chellis Seth, wood surveyor, cor. Bridge and Paige, h. 

Chellis Seth G., Boott, bds Seth Chellis' 
Chenery Elias, carpenter, h. Livingston 
Chenery William, watchman Middlesex, boarding h. 32 

Cheney Cleaveland J., carpenter, h. 9 Dodge 
Cheney Eliphalet, fruit, &c , under City Hall, h. Pine 
Cheney Franklin, (Moore &.) shoemaker, Middlesex, h. 

Cheney George S., (Lilley *&) W. L goods. Moody, bds 

O. W. Flint's 
Cheney Israel E., rep. of musical instruments, h. 50 Mid. 
Cheney John L , Merrimack C. R., h. 28 
Cheney Lydia W., variety store and h. Arcade B., E. 

Cheney Luther L., Merrimack, bds I. E. Cheney's 
Cheney Luther S., oyster saloon City Hall, h. Mechanic 
Cheney Oliver M., Merrimack Print W., h. 102 
Cheney Warren, bds Daniel Chaptnan's 
Chesley Isaac, Merrimack, h. 3 Ayer's BI. 
Chesley John T., Vox Populi office, h. High 
Chick Henry, boarding h. 29 Tremont 
Chick Henry, stonecutter, bds John Taylor's 
Child Linus, agent Boott, h. Kirk 
Child Rev. Willard, h. cor. Merrimack and Decatur 
Childs Eddy, Machine Sliop, Middle, h. Elm 
Childs George M., Hamilton, bds S. M. Martin's 
Chipman WTUard W., Mass., bds E. T. True's 
Chisam Harvey, bds Mrs. Kitchen's 
Choate Daniel, bds J. W. Graves' 
Choate Daniel, job wagon, bds S. Downing's 
Choate George, Middlesex, h. 21 Church 
Choaie Moses, Lawrence, bds 46 
Christian Mrs, Sabina, h. High 
Christie Alexander, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Christie Mrs. Mary B., h. 3 Pearl 

Christie William, block printer, h.cor. Dummerand Me- 
Chubb Jabez, carpenter, h. rear Lawrence 


Church Li'inuel, Lowell M. Shop, h Carlton 
Churchill Asaph K., J. S. Froncirs, bds G. W. Hawes' 
Cliurchill Charles, W. I. g[oods, store and h. Moody 
Churchill Daniel, Protective Union cor. Middlesex and 

South, h. South 
Churchill George A., Lowell M. Shop, h. Lawson 
Churchill George W., (Sc Fitch) botanic physician 88 

Merrimack, bds Sarah Foster's 
Churchill Miss Josephine, dressmaker Tilden, bds S. S. 

Churchill Moses, stonecutter, bds James Stillings 
Churchill Rodney, v.iriety store, shop and h. 11 Tilden 
Churchill Samuel, Merrimack, bds S. S. Churchill's 
Clmrchill Samuel S., millwright, h. Race 
Churchill William, W. L goods, Gray's B. Church, h. 

Central, Chapel Hill 
Chute William, laborer, h. Lowell 
Cilley Francis, laborer, bds 50 Lawrence Corp. 
Cilley Franklin, Lawrence, bds 61 
Cillingham Albert G., Lowell, bds 1 
Claffy John, laborer, h. Davidson 
Claffy Thomas, P. O. Richmond's, h. Middle 
Clapp Alfred, door plates and patent door strips, bds A. 

L. Clapp's 
Clapp Avery L., carpenter, h. Beacon 
Clapp Clark, butcher, h. Dane 

Clapp Zebulon, cabinet maker, h. cor. High and Chesnut 
Clark Abraham, job wagon, h. Pine 

Clark Amos, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. H. Richardson's 
Clark Andrew, Suffolk, h. Pteed's ct. 
Clark Andrew J., Lawrence, h. 38 
Clark Bethuel, auctioneer, bds B. T. Cross's 
Clark Mrs. Catharine, h. Pond 
Clark Charles, stonecutter, bds J. H. Larrabee's 
Clark Charles, Lawrence, bds 19 
Clark Charles, bds Charles Carroll's 
Clark Daniel, stonecutter, h 18 Middlesex 
Clark David, Lowell, bds G. W. Worthen's 
Clark David, Wm. Fisk's h. cor. Fletcher and Willie 
Clark Dustin, Whipple's saw mill, h. Lawrence 
Clark Elwell, Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 
Clark Edwin A., Hamilton, h. Mclntire 
Clark E. S. (& J.) tin and stove shop, 2 and 3 John 
Clark Francis, l^awrence, bds 45 
Clark George W., Merrimack, bds 75 


Clark George W., painter, Prescott st. bds A. Skinner's 

Clark Henry, Shapleigh & Farringion's, bds S. Foster's 

Clark James, Middlesex, h Pond 

Clark James, h. William 

Clark Jeremiah, Lowell M. Shop, h. 34 

Clark John, provision store, Tremont st. h. 8 Adams bl. 

Clark John, Suft'olk, h. 4 Cabot bl. 

Clark Jonathan, h. Gorham 

Clark Jonathan, bds Sydney Spalding's 

Clark Jonas, Weaver & Brother?, bds Mrs. Puffer's 

Clark Joseph, carpenter, h. Arcade bl. E. Merrimack 

Clark Leonard, Lawrence, h. 21 
I Clark Lewis B., Merrimack, bds 24 

Clark Lorenzo, Merrimack, bds 74 

Clark Mrs. Margaret, h. cor. Moody and Cabot 

Clark Orange G., dentist, 88 Merrimack, h. E. Merrimack 

Clark Origen D., Lowell M Shop, h. 5 Lagrange 

Clark Robert, Lowell, bds Wm. A. Swan's 

Clark Richard, pump repairer, shop and h. Market 

Clark Mrs. Sabra, Appleton, h. Loudon ct. 

Clark Samuel, carpenter, bds 75 Merrimack corp. 

Clark Samuel, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. Colby's 

Clark Sawyer B., teacher, bds 6 Lawrence corp 

Clark Silas D., Lowell M. Shop, bds 3 Franklin sq. 

Clark Thomas, Merrimack, h. 46 

Clark Thomas, spinner, h. Pond 

Clark Rev. Uriah, h. Andover 

Clark William, Lowell M. Shop, h. 2 Suffolk st. 

Clark William H., Prescott, h. 18 

Clark W. Dalton, (&BuiterfieId) civil engineer, 56 Cen- 
tral, h. Summer 

Clary Michael, laborer, h. North 

Clary Patrick, Bleachery, h. do. 

Clay Daniel H., laborer, bds L L. Allen's 

Clay Lewis H., Merrimack, bds 25 

Clay Stephen B., Lowell M. Shop, bds Sarah Austin's 

Cleaves, Ebenezer, carpenter, h. Bartlett 

Cleaves Jeremiah, powder mill h. 5 Stone h. Whipple 

Cleaves Joseph H., shoemaker, 11 John, h. Lee 

Cleaves Stephen, Merrimack, h Paige 

Clegg Edward, Lowell, h. Davidson 

Clemenoe William, bowling saloon, cor. Hurd & Central, 
bds. Appleton h. 

Clement Charles C, millinery, 85 Merr. h. Centralville 

Clement Cyrus, teamster, h. cor. South and Summer 


Clement Washington A., clerk 44 Merrimack, bds C. 

Clifford Alden, Lawrence, li. 53 
Clifford Arthur L., Lowell M. Shop, h. 44 
Clifford Mrs. Betsey H., boarding h 4 Tremont 
Clifford Cyrus C, Lowell, h. Lowell 
Clifford Elisha S., Lowell M. Shop, bds Betsey Clifford's 
Clifford Ijorenzo F , carpenter, h. 4 Dodge 
Clifford Ransom, Suffolk, h. 7 
Clifford Weare, silk dyer, Andover near Bridge, h. cor. 

Fayette and Andover 
Clifton Andrew B., boarding h. 56 Merrimack corp. 
Clifton Mrs. Lucinda, h. Tremont 

Clinton Mrs. Rose V., boarding h. Short's B., Hanover 
Close John J., Suffolk, h. 22 

Closson Carlos C, clerk J. Harlow's, bds 72 Merr. corp. 
Clough Aaron, Lawrence, bds 46 

Clough Charles, printer, Pillsbury's, bds LavinaWhittier's 
Clough Mrs. Elcy M , boarding h. 5 Hamilton 
Clough Elijah, Locks and Canals, bds 3 Merrimack corp. 
Clough George, carpenter, bds J. S. Eaton's 
Clough Henry P., Boott, h. 32 
Clough John, bds City Hotel 
Clough John, Suffolk, bds 9 

Clough Leonard N., middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's 
Clough Laren C, Lowell M. Shop, bds C. W. Wilkins' 
Clough Nathan, Boott, h. 1 

Clough Stillman, stonecutter, bds U. Pulsifer's 
Clough Wallace, I'-'borer, bds L L. Allen's 
Cloyd John, carpenter, h. Common 

Courser Harlow, Lowell M. Shop, h. 3 Shaw's Bl., Pine 
Cobb John, laborer, h. 10 E. Merrimack 
Cobb Norman, Lawrence, bds 50 

Cobb William A., painter 48 Central, bds T.G. Tweed's 
Cobb William S., bds John Cobb's 
Coburn Charles, stonemason, h. Appleton 
Coburn Charles B., (Mixer, Pitman & Co.,) paints, oil, 

&c., 4 and 5 Button, h. Tyler 
Coburn Cyril, bds T. Saunder's 
Coburn Daniel, millwright, h. Moore 
Coburn Daniel A., student and bds Dr. Moses Kidder's 
Coburn David A., blacksmith, Arch, h. 1 Middlesex PI. 
Coburn Fordyce, Superintendent Bleachery, h. corner 

Bleachery and Moore 


Coburn Franklin, VV. I. goods cor. Market and Central, 

h. cor. Gorham and Union 
Coburn Mrs. Hannah, boarding h. 5 Merrimack corp. 
Coburn Harriet, tailoress, shop and bds A. Lathrop's 
Coburn Henry, machine shop, market, bds J C. Coburn's 
Coburn Henry A., farmer, h. Chelmsford 
Coburn Ira, h. Davidson 
Coburn James, shoemaker, h School 
Coburn James V., Hamilton, bds K. Prescott's 
Coburn John C , A & S. Stevens', h. Water 
Coburn John H., (& Jaques) shuttle maker Middle, h. 

Coburn Josiah, stonelayer, h. 56 Mass. 
Coburn Josiah G., xMass., bds Josiah Coburn's 
Coburn Loren, pedler, bds Squire A. Coburn's 
Coburn Peter, h. Lawrence 
Coburn Samuel, Hamilton, bds K. Prescott's 
Coburn Samuel, Jr., stonemason, h. George 
Coburn Samuel K., works and bds David A. Coburn's 
Coburn Mrs. Sarah, h. Howard 
Cuburn Stephen A., farmer, h. Chelmsford 
Coburn Squire A., pedler, h. cor. Central and Cedar 
Cochran Andrew, foundry, h. 12 Suffolk st. 
Cochran George S., h. Warren 
Cochran Henry, teamster, h. Chapel 
Cochran I. H. M., Tremont, h. 15 
Cochran John, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Cochran Josiah, painter, h. 23 Lowell 
Cochran Justin, job wagon, h Carter 
Cochran Matthew H., confectionery and fancy goods 114 

Merrimack, bds Mrs. Duesbury's 
Cocker George, engraver, h. Maiden Lane 
Coffauy William, variety store and h. E. Merrimack 
Coffin Enoch, carpet weaver, h. Davidson 
Cofran Andrew, foundry Jackson, bds Jane McKenzie's 
Cofren Mrs. Susan, boarding h. cor. Lowell and Adams 
Coggin Jacob, flour store Thorndike, h. E. Merrimack 
Cocrswell John, writing master, Nesniith's B., bds L. 

Colbath Samuel, Prescott, bds B. Brown's 
Colbert Patrick, hod carrier, h. Suffolk 
Colburn Ebenezer L , woodsawyer, h. cor Middlesex and 

Colburn George W., W. I. Goods, 42 Central, h. Oak 


Colburn James W., provision store, h. cor. Central and 


Colburn , steam mill, bds A. Charles's 

Colley Mrs. Adaline, h. John 

Colby Albert, Lawrence, bds 46 

Colby Coleman, shoernnker, 7 Merr. bds J. A. Johnson's 

Colby Daniel B., Appleton, h. cor. Pearl and Middlesex 

Colby David B., (vfc Totman) clothing store, 10 and 11 

Commercial sq. h. Chestnut 
Colby Dorothy, boarding h. 133 Merrimack corp. 
Colby Enoch, Appleton, bds D. B. Colby's 
Colby Eri, mason, h. Austin near Ford 
Colby Francis M., Boott, h. 8 
Colby George W., («fe John) butter and cheese, Cabot, 

bds A. Goodwin's 
Colby George W. C, Merr. P. W., h. 39 Merrimack corp. 
Colby Gilbert A., Lowell M. Shop, h. 70 Mechanic 
Colby Harlow, Mass. h. 39, Prescolt corp. 
Colby Hezekiah P. O., Richmond's h. 10 Cady 
Colby Isaac C, bds Sarah Quimby's 
Colby Jesse, vegetables &c.. Moody, h. in rear 
Colby John, (Geo. W. &) butter and cheese, Cabot, h. 

Wild's B. Cabot 
Colby John, Prescott, bds E. Walch's 
Colby John W,, (& Runals) W. I. Goods, cor. Merri- 
mack and Race, h. do. 
Colby Joshua, Prescott, bds G. W. Emerson's 
Colby Lucius, Lawrence, bds Jesse Colby's 
Colby Mark M., bds Hezekiah Colby's 
Colby Moses D., L.N. Tower's, bds D. D. Crosby's 
Colby Richard K., watchman, Lawrence, h. cor. Moody 

and Cabot 
Colby Stephen, Cushing & Mack's, boarding h. 29 Boott 
Colby Silas W., Middlesex, bds H. Colby's 
Colby Thomas H., baker, shop and h. Gorham 
Colcord Mrs. Climena, h. 3 Summer 
Colcord Ivory, bds Weare Colcord's 
Colcord John, blacksmith, bds Mrs. C. Colcord's 
Colcord VVeare, mason, h. Lawrence 
Colcord William, W. I. Goods, Market, bds Mrs. M. 

Cole Asa, foundry, h. 290 Merrimack 
Cole Mrs. A., variety shop, 290 Merrimack 
Cole Benjamin F , Lowell M. Shoj), bds Geo. Adams' 
I Cole David W., Hamilton, h. South 


Cole Danville, Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 

Cole Hiram A., Hamilton, h. 64 Gorham 

Cole Michael, laborer, h. Lowell 

Cole Samuel G., carpenter, h. Gorham 

Cole John, Tremont, h. 10 

Cole Joseph B., carpenter, h. Wamesit 

Coleman Ben, Middlesex, bds Mrs Bridge's 

CoHinge John, carpet maker, near Bleachery, h. near 

Hale's mills 
Collins Charles, bds Benj. Ladd's 
Collins Daniel M., Merrimack, h. 127 
Collins Dennis, laborer, h. Butler's bl. Suffolk 
Collins Edward B., foundry, h. 21 North Franklin ct. 
Collins James, laborer, h. Ford's B. Suffolk 
Collins James C, Mass., h. Knowles' pi. 
Collins Joel W., carpenter, bds Mrs. J. Combs' 
Collins John, Merrimack Print W., bds Mrs. R.Howard's 
Collins John W., Merrimack, bds 23 
Collins Miss Lydia, (& Susan) boarding h. 52 Boot 
Collins Patrick, L. M. Shop, h. cor. Cross and Marion 
Collins Patrick, shoemaker, Fenwick, h. Lowell 
Collyer Stephen, mason, bds A. Robb's 
Coleman Daniel, laborer, bds Mrs. J. Dempsey's 
Coleman George, Lowell M. Shop, bds 56 Worthen 
Coleman James S., physician, office and h. lIBMerr. 
Coleman John, painter, E. Burnap, bds S. Coleman's 
Coleman Mrs. Sarah, h. Charles, near Central 
Colley Ephraim S., Merrimack, h. 42 
Colson Sullivan, stone mason, h. Appleton 
Colton Alfred, Lowell, bds 7 
Colton George, Prescott, h. 35 
Colton Harvey, Lowell bds 7 
Combs James O., shoemaker, bds Joshua Hale's 
Combs Mrs. Joanna, h. 10 Lagrange 
Combs Mrs. Rachel, h. Davidson 
Comerford Garrett, Lowell, bds Thomas Lennan's 
Comins Thomas B., h. cor. Lowell and Cabot 
Conant Abel E., city express, Wentworth's B. h. 8 

Conant Cornelius W., mason, bds H. Pulsifer's 
Conant John, Lawrence, h. 72 
Conant Josiah, job wagon, h dishing 
Conant Joshua L., Merrimack, C. R. h. 160 
Conant Julius E., Gilbert & Taft's, bds A. Bedlow's 
Conant Leonard, Lowell M. Shop, bds L. Bailey's 


Conant Noah, Lawrence, li. 71 

Conant Oliver J., painter, Merrimack st. h. 29 Franklin 

sq. Suffolk 
Coney Patrick, h. Winter 

Conihe James, Merrimack Print Works, h. Jefferson 
Conihe William, Merrimack, h. ]'M 
Conlan John, carpet weaver, h. Iliofh 
Conlin Patrick, (McLaughlin &) W. L goods cor. Low- 
ell and Suffolk, h. cor. Suffolk and Cross 
Connary Mrs. Dorah, h. Campbells B , Fenwick 
Connary Edmund, laborer, bds Mrs. D. Connary 's 
Connary John, laborer, bds Mrs. D. Con nary 's 
Conley Francis, laborer, h. J. L. Foot's B., Lowell 
Conley Lawrence, mason, h. Willie near Lowell 
Conley Mrs. Miriam, li. Cushing 
Conley Michael, mason, h. Lowell 
Conley Peter, Read &, Powers, h rear Lewis 
Conley Patrick, Lowell M. Shop, h. Short's B., Lewis 
Conley Thomas, Middlesex, bds Hos^a Smith's 
Conley William, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefferson 
Conley William, laborer, h. Somerset 
Connel Cornelius, Middlesex, bds Hugh O. Neil's 
Connel Mrs. Ellen, h 3 Dummer 
Connel Maurice, Lowell, bds 1 
Connelly Edward, Prescott, h. Howe 
Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, bds Mrs. J Connelly's 
Connelly Mrs. Joanna, h. Butler's B., Suffolk 
Connigaii Patrick, laborer, h. Middle 
Conners William, tailor, bds Patrick Delany's 
Connor Barney, h. Davidson Lane 
Connor Edward, Middlesex, bds M. McKeon's 
Connor Patrick, turner, bds John Claffy's 
Connor James, fruit and vegetables, shop and h. Jefferson 
Connor G. J., Fisk & Norcros?, bds Lowell h. 
Connor Samuel, Lowell, h. Appleton 
Conroy John, laborer, h. Short's B , Hanover 
Contois Lewis, Samuel Harris, bds L. W. Carter's 
Convers Samuel (Day &) carriage maker, Central, h. 

Converse Joshua, Suffolk, h. 11 Suffolk st. 
Conway Dennis, Merrimack, bds 74 
Conway Michael, laborer, h. Lowell 
Cook Alvin, works for city, h. 13 Suffolk st. 
Cook Carlos A., J. C. Ayer's, bds John A. Buttrick's 
Cook Gilman G , Middlesex, bds Alvin Cook's 


Cook Haven P., tailor, h 46 E. Merrimack 

Cook Mrs. Jane, boarding h 4 Willow pi. 

Cook Mrs. Jane, Ji. Kirk avenue 

Cook John, Farr & Whitney's bds T- P. Reliefs 

Cook John, shoemaker, bds P. C. Tarbox's 

Cook John, shoemaker, h. Lee 

Cook John W., dentist, Wyman's E.k. bds Mrs. Graves' 

Cook Morrill, mason, bds D. F. Cass's 

Cook Peter A., carpenter, shop and h. Howard 

Cook Thomas, Stott's mills, bds James Smith's 

Cook Thomas, blacksmith, bds Mrs. M. A. Kerr's 

Cook Walter, painter, bds E. Walsh's 

Cook William G., Merrimack Print W., h. 90 

Cook William P., carpenter, h. Grand 

Cookson John, laborer, h. Davidson 

Cool James, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mary B. Christie's 

Coolidge Charles, Merrimack, h. 167 

Coolidge Daniel, Lowell M Shop, h. 43 Worthen 

Coolidge Franklin S , Merrimack, bds 80 

Cooney Edward, laborer, h. Sherman's B. Merrimack 

Cooney Peter, laborer, bds John Hughes' 

Coombs Theophilus C, carpenter, h. Cady 

Cooper Mrs. Harriet, dress making and variety store and 

h. 6 John 
Cooper Henry, h. Cady 
Cooper Isaac, Lawrence, h. 68 
Cooper John, Lawrence, bds 50 
Cooper Levi W., Lowell M. Shop, b. 60 Worthen 
Cooper Mrs. Sarah, boarding h. 14 Trull's B., Middle 
Cooper William H., Lawrence, h. 65 
Copeland Mrs. Jerusha, dress maker, 32 Tremont corp. 
Copeland Mrs. Polly, h. 6 Ayer's bl. 
Copley George, clerk and bds B. Watson's 
Copp Jonathan, h. E. Merrimack 

Copp William, Wm. Fisk's, bds 5 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Coran Patrick, laborer, h. Pine 
Corbett Alburn, Lowell, bds Mrs. M. Dooley's 
Corbett Josiah L., Railroad, h. east of Central, op. Cedar 
Corrivan Michael, Bleachery, bds Peter Frawley's 
Corcoran William, Hamilton Print W., h. Green 
Corliss Mrs. Elizabeth, h. South 
Corliss John L., lamp lighter, h. Pautucket 
Corliss Horatio G. F., coun. Savings Bank B., bds Mrs. 

P. Ford's 
Corliss Moses W., bds Mrs. E. Corliss' 


Cornell John A., Round house, h. Appleion 

Corner David, carpenter, bds Jane McKenzie's 

Corner John, works and bds Josiah Corner's 

Corner Josiah, grain and flour store, 2GG Merr. h. opp. 

Corey Alvin, carpenter, Ii. Lowell near Adams bl. 

Corey ?»Irs. Bridget, h. William 

Corey Harry, wood sawyer, h. alley between Spring and 

Corey Iloswell, farmer, h. Water 
Corey William M., Lawrence, h. 76 

Corey , Mechanics Mill, bds 8 Franklin sq. 

Corser Benjamin F., Boott, h. 15 

Corser George W., painter, bds Josiah Tilton's 

Corson William, Locks and Canals, h. near Clark 

Coruth David, carpenter, Boott, h. Moody 

Cosgrove Edward, laborer, h. McCoy's B., Hanover 

Cosgrove John, boarding, h. 208 Merrimack st. 

Costellow Daniel, Merrimack, h. Adams 

Costellow John, laborer, h. Gorham 

Costellow Thomas, laborer, bds J. Cosgroye's 

Cotter John, JNIerrimack, h. J. L. Foot's B. Lowell 

Cotter William, Locks and Canals' Co. room, h. Hanover 

Cottle Joseph L., Stephen Mansur's, bds Mary Cottle's 

Cotlle Mrs. Mary, h. cor. Union and Chapel 

Coursay Andrew, Stott's Mills, h. E. Merrimack 

Coursay John, Stott's Mills, bds A. Coursay's 

Coursay William, manufacturer, bds A. Coursay's 

Covell Thomas A., h. cor. High and E. Merrimack 

Coward Jacob, Middlesex, h. 19 Charles 

Cowdrey Isaac, Lowell, h. Garnet 

Cowen Daniel, laborer, h. Howe 

Cox Charles H., Middlesex, h. Warren 

Cox James, Hamilton, bds K. Prescott's 

Cox John, Lowell M. Shop, h. Garnet 

Cox John, Poor farm, h. Chelmsford 

Cox Nelson, painter, bds Mrs. Sarah Knight's 

Coxson John, Lowell, bds John Tree's 

(Rowley Aaron, manufacturer, h. Pleasant 

Cowley John, P. O- Richmond's bds Aaron Cowley's 

Coyel Dennis, Bleachery, bds James Hanrihan s 

Coyle Patrick, laborer, h. Lowell 

Crabtree Alfred, Bleachery, bds A. Annan's 

Craddock Mrs. Mary, h 10 Adams bl. 

Crafts Mrs. Miranda, h. 10 Ayer's bl. 

Crafts Nathan F., Lowell, h. Lowell 


Cragie James, Boott, bds Geo. Lewis 

Craigue James, botanic piiysician, office and h. Middlesex 

cor. South 
Craigue Rollin K., Lowell M. Shop, bds Dr. Craigue's 
Craggy Thomas, Boott, bds K. Farnham's 
Cragin James, Lowell, h. Market 
Craig James, mason, bds 75 Merrimack corp. 
Craig John, laborer, h. Davis 

Craig Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, bds David Gray's 
Craig Thomas, Boott, bds K. Farnham's 
Cram John J., Lowell, h. 8 
Cram Joseph C, Boott, h. 31 

Cram Joseph T., shoes and variety, 23 Merr. h. Wall 
Cram Jonathan, wood sawyer, h. Davidson 
Cram Luman, Middlesex, bds Jona. Cram's 
Cram Philbrick, carpenter, h. Chestnut 
Cram Mrs. Polly, h. cor. Hard and George 
Cram Susan S., h. Fayette 
Cramar John, h. Fenwick 
Crane Alanson, h. School near Liberty 
Crane Charles T., Appleton, bds S. J. Crane's 
Crane Ebenezer, Appleton, h. 20 
Crane George, Middlesex, h. 6 Warren 
Crane Miss Sarah J., boarding h. 3 Hamilton 
Crane Jolin, laborer, h. Adams 
Crane John E,, carpenter, h. 2 Franklin sq. 
Crandell James, stonecutter, bds R. Parker's 
Crary Nathan F., variety store, 140 Merrimack, bds. Mrs. 

Craven James, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Vance's 
Craven Michael, Hamilton, h. Gorham 
Crawford Aaron S., Tremont, h. 26 

Crawford Mrs. Ellen W., boarding h. ISMerrimack corp. 
Crawford James, Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 
Creed Michael, foundry, h. Lowell 
Creighton Peter, carpenter, h. Little 
Cressey Samuel G., Wm. Kittredge's, h. Pleasant 
Crimes William, Middlesex, bds N. Kenneson's 
Critchett Nathaniel, shoe store, 133 Merrimack, h. Tyler 
Crockett Amos, Bleachery, h. Walnut 
Crockett Benjamin F., shoemaker, bds Geo. Stearne's 
Crockett Earlsworth (& Snow) machinist. Market, h. 

cor. Moody and Austin 
Crockett Franklin, Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 
Crockett Lorenzo D., Lowell M. Shop, bds C. J. Searle's 


Crocker Hiram, painter, Boott, h. Barllett 

Crocker Nathaniel, Boott, bds K. Farnliam's 

Crocker Philander, Lowell M. Shop, bds S. W. Harvey's 

Crofoot David, Lowell M. Shop, li. cor. Central and 

Croinbie Clarke, carpenter, h. Barllett 
Crombie Daniel D., Prescott, h. 4 
Crombie James C, Merrimack, h. 163 
Crombie William, carpet weaver, h. R. Merrimack 
Crooker Cyrus, Middlesex, bds Jane Robinson's 
Crooker Isaac, carpenter, h. Charles 
Crooker Joel, Bleachery, bds Ebenezer Foss's 
Crosby Albert H., student, bds Judge Crosby's 
Crosby Caleb, mason, h. Gorhani 

Crosby Charles, jeweller, Johnson's, bds Mrs. Newell's 
Crosby Christopher, Lawrence, bds 55 
Crosby Ephraim, Lock Co. Howe, h. cor. Central and 

Crosby George, Lock Co. Howe, h. cor. Central and 

Oosby George P., Lowell, h. Chapel 
Crosby Judah, paymaster. Mass h. Park 
Crosby Nathan, Judge police court, h. Chestnut 
Crosby Mrs. Nancy, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 
Crosby Sylvester (&- Co.) bobbin shop, near Bleachery, 

h. Gorham 
Crosby William, Middlesex, h. cor. George & Church 
Crosby William P., Mechanic Mills, bds S. Hubbard's 
Crosgo Patrick, laborer, bds Mrs. Quinn's 
Cross Bethuel T., auctioneer, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Crosley Albert, milk and vegetables, bds S. Benson's 
Crosley William, engineer, Middlesex, h. cor. Church 

and George 
Crossley Robert, book pedler, h. Pleasant 
Crosman David B., carpenter. Middle, h Knowles pi. 
Crosman Elbridge, carpenter. Middle, h. Davidson 
Crotty Patrick, laborer, bds Sarah Cooper's 
Crotty Thomas, foundry. Middle, bds Sarah Cooper's 
Crowe John, Bleachery, h. Winter 
Crowell Seth, Lowell M. Shop, h 54 Worthen 
Crowell William, J. L. Corliss, bds Asa Carkin's 
Crowell Zenas, Suffolk, h. 17 
Crowley Bartholomew, laborer, h. Lowell 
Crowley Dennis, Lowell M. Shop, h. Fenwick 
Crowley Dennis, Lowell, bds David Lamb's 


Crowley James, Merrimack Print W., bds J. Cosgrove's 

Crowley John, laborer, h. Adams 

Crowley John, W. I. Goods, shop and h. Lowell 

Crowley Mrs. Mary, h. Donahoe's B , Suffolk 

Crowley Mrs. Margaret, h. North 

Crowley Michael, laborer, h. 17 Adams 

Crowley Patrick, Merr. Print W., bds John Crowley's 

Crown Edward S , teamster, bds Mrs. H Crown's 

Crown George W., Lawrence, bds Mrs. H. Crowns' 

Crown Mrs. Hannah, h. rear Merrimack 

Crown Lyman P , Gardner & Wilson's, h. Fayette 

Crowther John, Hamilton Print W., bds Peter Bussey's 

Cruden Michael, job wagon, h. Gorham 

Crudden Rev. Peter, h. Appleton 

Cudworth John R., shoemaker, h. South 

Cullen James, laborer, h. Gorham 

Culver Abner B. (& Hard) dry goods, 144 Merrimack, h. 

38 Lagrange 
Culver Isaac H. (Clark &) dentist, 88 Merrimack, h. cor. 

Union and Central 
Cumford Richard, Merr. P. W., h. cor. Cross and Marion 
Cummings Amos, Mass. h. 16 
Cummings Calvin, woodsawyer, h. Green 
Cumrnings Benjamin, Bleachery, h. near Hale's mills 
Cummings Daniel, laborer, bds John Donovan's 
Cummings George, restorator. Central, h. Middlesex 
Cummings Horace, Prescott, bds Amos Cummings' 
Cummings John P., shoemaker, 110 Merrimack, bds J. R. 

Cummings Jeremiah, laborer, h. Ford's B. Suffolk 
Cummings John, laborer, h. 7 Lewis 
Cummings Mrs. Hannah, h. 5 Suffolk st. 
Cummings Hiram, Lowell, bds N. B. Merrill's 
Cummings Mrs. Sarah, h. Castle's B., Lowell 
Cummings Warren, Middlesex, bds Jos. Stevens' 
Cummisky Arthur, Merrimack Print W., h. Lewis 
Cummiskey Mrs. Eleanor, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
Cummiskey Hugh, contractor, h. 246 Merrimack 
Cummiskey William, carpenter, h. Adams 
Cunningham Charles, Lowell M. Shop, h. 26 Swamp 

Locks, Worthen 
Cunningham James, P. O. Richmond's, h. Wamesit 
Curley Mrs. Jane, h. rear Gorham 
Curley Luke, laborer, h. Middle 
Curley Peter, Tremont, bds 14 


Curran George, Middlesex, bds Win. Hughes' 

Curran John, Plugh McEvoy's, h. North 

Curran Thomas, h. rear John Quinn's, Fenwick 

Currie William, laborer, h William 

Currier Charles P., carpenter, h. 10 Dodge 

Currier Connor, laborer, h Gorliam 

Currier Daniel W., Lawrence, h. 19 

Currier David, bot. physician, h. cor. Davis and Winter 

Currier David D., Suffolk, h Tremont 

Currier Eraslus G., niacliinist, h. Gorham 

Currier Mrs. Frances D., boarding h. 12 Mass. 

Currier Hubbard C, pedler, bds E. Messenger's 

Currier Jacob, Lowell, bds James Lanston's 

Currier James, Lowell, bds Stephen Hodgkins' 

Currier Jeremiah M., Tremont, h. 35 

Currier John (Putnam &) soap, candles &c., Lenton, h. 

Currier John, stonemason, h. between Union and Charles 
Currier John, Boott, bds Wm. Harvey's 
Currier John P., G. C. Gilchrest's, bds Mary Johnson's 
Currier John W., carpenter, h. 10 Dodge 
Currier Leverett W , depot, Middlesex, h Summer 
Currier Mrs. Martha D., boarding h. 19 Lawrence corp. 
Currier Michael, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefferson 
Currier Nelson, Merrimack, bds D. D. Currier's 
Currier Mrs Rhoda L., boarding h. 3 Boott 
Currier Samuel H., Lawrence, h. 19 
Currier Timothy J , Merrimack, h. 176 
Curry John, Appleton, bds Mrs. Murphy's 
Curry John, Merrimack Print W., bds J Cosgrove's 
Curry Miss Mary, boarding h. 8 Trull's B., Middle 
Curry Patrick, Merrimack Print W., bds J. Cosgrove's 
Curry Patrick, Bleachery, h. do. 
Curry Thomas, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 
Curtis Charles, Merrimack, bds 40 
Curtis Miss Fanny, boarding h. 18 Appleton 
Curtis Henry, clerk E. Hilliard's, bds Mrs. A. Kimball's 
Curtis Mrs. Maria E., boarding h. 12 Dodge 
Curtis Josiah, physician, Nesmith's B., bds Washington h. 
Curtis Nathaniel, produce dealer. Market, bds Merri'k b. 
Curtis Robert G., Boston and Lowell R. R., h. Grand 
Curtis Mrs. Ursula, h. High 
Curtis Warren, Middlesex, bds Ursula Curtis' 
Curtis William, 16 Merrimack, h. 21 Charles 
Curtis William W., variety store and h., 248 Merrimack 


Gushing Daniel, (& Mack) stove dealer, cor. Market and 

Shaltuck, h. Merrimack 
Gushing Edwin, Gushing & Mack's, bds 80 Merri'k corp. 
Gushing George S , Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Gushing Martin, Merrimack, h. 177 
Gushing Miss Mary, variety store, 196 Merrimack 
Gushing Prentice, Tremont, h. 33 
Gushing Stephen, Merrimack, h. Anne 
Gusick John, Bleachery, bds Peter Frawley's 
Gutler Abijah, h. Branch 
Gutler David M. G., carpenter, h. Ames 
Gutler James, Lowell M. Shop, bds 64 Worthen 
Gutter Lucius A., L. M. Shop, h. 9 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Gutler Otis, shoemaker N. M. Wright's, h. School 
Gutler Otis M., Kenny <fe White's, bds L. G. Peck's 
Gutler Stephen G., Mass., h. 10 
Guttinff Daniel, Hamilton, h. 36 
Gutting Lewis, Hamilton, h. Elliott 
Gutting Lewis M., Burbank & Ghase's, bds L. Guttings' 

Dacy John, laborer, h. Howe 

Dacy Mrs. Mary, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 

Dacy Patrick, laborer, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 

Daggett Nathan, laborer, bds Wm. Wilson's 

Daggett Harry G., Merrimack Print W., h.80 

Dafton Gharles H., Goburn & Jaques, h. Marshal 

Dallon James, shoemaker, bds Ambrose Martin's 

Dalton John G., physician, off. & h. cor. Lowell and Dut'n 

Dalton Mrs. Margaret, Hamilton, h. cor. Gorham and 

Dalton Michael, shoemaker, at M. McLaughlin's 
Dalton Thomas B , Merrimack, h. 21 
Daily Daniel, N. M. Wright's, h. Gorham 
Daily Hugh, Lowell M. Shop, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 
Daily Jeremiah, laborer, h. Lowell 
Daily John, Locks and Ganals, bds John Crowley's 
Daily Mrs. Margaret, h. 12 Lewis 
Daily Maurice, laborer, bds Mrs. M. Daily's 
Daisey Patrick, laborer, h. cor, Lowell and Maiden Lane 
Daisey Timothy, laborer, h. Howard bl. Lowell 


Dall John, Merrimack, bds 75 

Dam Lorenzo C , Hamilton, h. 46 

Dame Mrs. Abigail, h. Central 

Dame Mrs. Charlotte, h. George 

Dame John, mason, bds R. B. Doane's 

Dame Robert B., mason, h. Chestnut 

Dame Samuel, mason, h. James ct. 

Damon Albert, Mass. b. 41 

Damon Henry, iJleachery, bds F. L. Moore's 

Damon Warren, boarding h. 5 Lowell corp. 

Damon Warren Jr., Mechanics Mills, bds W. Damon's 

Dana Andrew J., painter, bds 73 Merrimack corp. 

Dana David, coppersmith and tin plate worker, Jackson, 

h. Tyler 
Dana Henry, carpenter, bds 5 Willow pi. 
Dana Moses, boarding h. 14 Tremont corp. 
Dana Samuel L., chemist, h 34 Merrimack corp. 
Dana Wm. H., watchman Merr. Print W., bds J. Blethen's 
Danahey Daniel, laborer, h. Short's bl. Lowell 
Danahey Daniel B., Lawrence, bds John Danahey's 
Danahey Mrs. Hannah, h. Howard's bl. Lowell 
Danahey John, Lawrence, h. 18 Adams 
Danahey Patrick, Lawrence, h Fenwick 
Danahue Miss Jane, teacher, bds E. Douglass' 
Dane George F., Lowell, h. Chapel 
Dane Horace, Lowell M. Shop, bds R. Doane's 
Dane John, Railroad, bds Wm. Howe's 
Dane Joseph M., clerk O. M. Whipple's, h. cor. Central 

and Walnut 
Dane Moses, Market, Merr., boarding h. 14 Tremont corp. 
Dane Peter C, stage agent, Central, bds American h. 
Danforth Amariah, clerk W. A. Fisher's, bds R. R. saloon 
Danforth John, Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard 
Danforth Prentice S., steam mill, Middlesex, h. Appleton 
Danforth Samuel, Lowell M. Shop, bds Benj. Horn's 
Daniels Mrs. Olive, h. Gorham 
Darkey Curtis, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Darling Benjamin, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 
Darling Daniel S., Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Darling Gilman T., Suffolk, h. cor. Moody and Race 
Darling Kendall R., Middlesex, h. Union 
Darmon G. E. B., shuttle shop, Market, bds T. G. Tweed's 
Darrah Robert, h. 19 Central 
Dartt Josiah R., (& Howes) W. I. goods Market, bds Mrs 



Darwin James, cotton spinner, bds Wm. Morioon's 

David Duport, butcher, h. Howard 

David Michael, farmer, h. Gorham 

Davidson Charles, machinist, h. 38 Merrimack corp. 

Davidson John, Suffolk, h. J6 

Davidson William, employment office 128 Merr., h. Anne 

Davis Aaron, shoemaker, Paige, h. Vine Lane 

Davis Abraham D., Lowell, ii, 18 

Davis Adam, Lowell M. Shop, h. Willie 

Davis Albert, cab driver, bds Howard h. 

Davis Mrs. Charlotte, h. 278 Merrimack st. 

Davis Daniel, carpenter, h. School opp. Gold 

Davis Daniel E , Appleton, h. Middlesex 

Davis David, Lowell M. Shop, h. 5 Middlesex PI. 

Davis David, Lawrence, bds R. K. Colby's 

Davis David, machinist, bds Abijah Sanderson's 

Davis Dow, stonecutter, bds J. Phelps' 

Davis Eliakim S , sign painter, cor. Merrimack and Mai- 
den Lane, h. Branch 

Davis Elisha, farmer, h. cor. Central and Gorham 

Davio Elisha L., Plummer & Blaisdell'Sjh. 27^^ rear Charles 

Davis Miss Eliza, boarding h. 5 Boott 

Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, h. South 

Davis Ephraim, teamster, bds Mrs. Boynton's 

Davis Mrs. Eunice P., h. Kirk 

Davis Ezekiel S., Boott, h. 63 

Davis George, printer, bds C. Whitney's 

Davis George H., Hamilton, h. Charles 

Davis Geo. W., Lowell & Lawrence R. R., bds Howard h. 

Davis Hazen L., Dr. Kelley's office, Middlesex, h. cor. 
Middlesex and Howard 

Davis Hermon V., woodsawyer, bds I. Richard's 

Davis James E., Hale & Roundy's, h. east of Central, 
opp. Cedar 

Davis James P., Merrimack, bds 71 

Davis John W., periodical depot and h. 5 John 

Davis Joseph, Hamilton, bds S. Bamford's 

Davis Joseph, carpenter, bds Wm. D. Morrison's 

Davis Joseph W., Merrimack, h. 173 

Davis Lorenzo D., mason, bds M. Bixby's 

Davis Lucian, Lowell, bds 7 

Davis Mark, Lowell, bds Aaron Davis' 

Davis Mrs Mary, Prescott, h. E. Merrimack 

Davis Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 9 Merrimack corp. 

Davis Mrs. Mary J., dressmaker &. variety store, Middlesex 


Davis Moses, Lowell, h High 

Davis Mos-es, Boott, li. Moody 

Davis Nathaniel, carpenter, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Davis Nonnan, Merr , bds 74 

Davis Reuben P., carpenter, h. Forrest 

Davis Rufus W,, Lowell, bds 9 Franklin square 

Davis Samuel G., Middlesex, h. George 

Davis Sidney, mason, h. 162 Central 

Davis Simon S., dry goods, 4 Cen., bds A. Wetherbee's 

Davis Sturgis, Boott, bds A. Webster's 

Davis Miss S. D., dressmaker, 10 Tilden,bds 2 Ayer's bl. 

Davis Wm. J., (& Thayer)silks and shawls, 8 Cen., bds J3 

Davis William P., Merrimack, h. 72 

Davlin James, confectionery, t&c, shop and h. Gorham 

Davlin James, laborer, h. William 

Davlin Joseph, Lowell, h. 7 Hurd 

Davlin Mrs Mary, h. Gorham 

Davlin Michael, Hamilton, h. North 

Davlin William, Lowell, bds 24 

Day Albert, Tremont, bds 4 

Day Benjamin, marble yard, Lowell st.,bd3 G. Stearns' 

Day Daniel, A. C. Wright's, bds Mrs C. T. Smiths 

Day Henry, foundry, Jackson, bds P. R. Giles' 

Day Isaac E., Weaver & Brothers, bds E. T. True's 

Day John, laborer, h. Lowell 

Day Orrin, H. T. Butler's, bds T. G. Tweed's 

Day Samuel, machinist, h. Lowell 

Day Silas, teamster, h. Union 

Day William L. (& Convers) carriage maker, 137 Cen- 
tral, h. Central, Chapel Hill 

Dayton Isaac, harness maker, bds C H. Bridge's 

Dayton Nathaniel L., bookseller, 32 JNIerr., h. Ciiestnut 

Dawley George, works and boards Joseph Mayer's 

Dawley William, works Joseph Mayer's, h. Paige 

Dawson Middlesex, h. Chapel 

Dawson Robert, carpenter, h. near Hale's mills 

Dean Benjamin (& Dinsmoor) coun. 20 and 21 Appleton 
Bl.,bds J. B. French's 

Dean Daniel H., tailor, 22 Merr., h. E. Merrimack 

Dean Horace C., tailor, 3 Central, h. Ash 

Dean Ichabod, teamster, h. Green 

Dean James, laborer, h Andover, near bridge 

Dean Mrs Jemima, boarding h. 5 Prescott corp. 

Dean Mrs Mary, h. Middlesex 

Dean Oliver, Lowell C. R , bds Mrs Duesbury's 


Dean Peter C, Hamilton, h. Gorhara 

Dean Silas, millwriglit, h. 40 Charles 

Dean Silas, Jr., carpenter, h. Lawrence 

Dean Stephen R , clerk at Fiske & Norcross' h. Branch 

Dean Mrs Susan, boarding h. 104 Merrimack street 

Dean William, foundry, bds Mrs Sarah Knight's 

Dean William P., Aldrich & Tyng's, bds Mrs. S. Dean's 

Dearborn John H., carpenter, bds E Osgood's 

Dearborn L. C , dressmaker,Tilden,bds M. S. Dickerman's 

Dearden William, camphene store, Merr., h. 15 SufT. st. 

Dealand Joseph S , carpenter, h. cor. Merr. and Cabot 

Death James, machinist, h. rear Mill 

Deblois John B., Mass., h. 15 Prescott corp. 

DeCatur Joshua, carpenter, h Clark 

Decker Stephen, Lowell, h. Summer 

Dederah John, Bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 

DeFontaine A., French physician, office and h. 192 Merr. 

Deering Jackson, S. Hollis', bds Lambert Howe's 

Deering James, clerk, Welles' bl , h. Water 

Deering William, woodsawyer, h. Pleasant 

Deering William, Lowell, bds Mrs Plumraer's 

Deitz Joseph, mason, bds Jesse Huse's 

Delamore Michael, laborer, h. Cammiskey's b., Lowell 

Deland Patrick, laborer, h. Gorham 

Delaney Edmund, Locks & Canals, h. rear M. Maguires, 

Delaney John, stonecutter, h. Cross 
Delaney Patrick, Lowell, h. Market 
Delano Alcander, stonecutter, bds R. S. Dutton's 
Delate Reuben, Lowell M. Shop, bds 6 Swamp Locks 
Delay James, laborer, h. Hall 
DeMau , bookbinder, Merrill & Heywood's bds 

Mrs. Giles' 
Deming Albert, Lowell M. Shop, bds John Hinkson's 
Deming Isaac, Tremont h. 40 
Deming Rufus, Mass. bds B. Brown's 
Dempsey Mrs. Catharine, h. Castle's bl. Lowell 
Dempsey Daniel, Boston and Lowell R. R., h. Dummer 
Dempsey Mrs. Joanna, boarding h. Howard bl. Lowell 
Dempsey Patrick, essence manuf. Lowell, bds 4 Tilden 
Denagan Patrick, blacksmith, bds James Burns' 
Dennehan Thomas, Lowell, h. 250 Merrimack 
Dennan Lewis W , Boott, bds D. Parker's 
Dennett Hiram, Burbank & Chase's, h. cor. Appleton 

and South 


Dennis James, Treniont, h. 41 Treinont st. 

Dennis Jeremiah, laborer, h. Lewis 

Dennis Richard, Appleton, h. cor. Appleton and Pearl 

Dennison Almond, shoemaker, h. Adams 

Dennison Ammi, Adv'r office, bds Mtb. P. Dennison's 

Dennison Mrs. Pamela, h. cor. Appleton and Garnet 

Denning Jay, laborer, bds 114 Merrimack corp. 

Densmore Ira, Middlesex, h. 26 Church 

Denton James H., D. Dana's, h. cor. Union and Chapel 

Denton John A., D. Dana's, h. Summer 

Derby Andrew, Hamilton, h. 13 

Derby George W., shoemaker, shop and h. John st. av. 

Derby George W., shoemaker, bds Darius Merrill's 

Derby Mrs. Maria, h Lawrence 

Derbyshire George, stonecutter, Merr. Print W., h. 142 

Deshong Benjamin, Hamilton, bds J. Richard's 

Deshong Sylvester, Kenney «& White's, bds H. E. Carey's 

Desmond iJennis, laborer, h. Short's B., Lowell 

Desmond Jer'h, Locks & Canals, bds Mrs. H. Caughliu's 

Desmond John, laborer, bds Mrs. H. Caughlin's 

Desmond John, Merrimack, h. Fenwick 

Desmond Michael, Lowell, bds T. Donahoe** 

Devine Patrick, h. 4 Hurd 

Dewhurst Eli, Appleton, bds Ivory Edward's 

Deway Maurice, laborer, h. Lowell 

Dewey George M., bds Mrs. H. Dewey's 

Dewey Mrs. Harriet, boarding h. 53 Mass. 

Dexter John, picker factory, Middle, h. Charles 

Dexter John W., laborer, bds 46 Lawrence corp. 

Dexter Robinson, (& Siiattuck) clothing store 18 Central, 

bds cor. George and Tyler 
Dexter Samuel, painter, 14 E. Merrimack, h. Bartlett 
Dickerman Enoch, Lowell M. Shop, bds S. Dickerman's 
Dickerman Manly S., carpenter, h. Kimball's B., Moody 
Dickerman Samuel, Boott, h. 50 
Dickey Benjamin, works and bds E. Cheney's 
Dickey Charles, Merrimack, bds 71 

Dickey Hanover, physician, off. 13 Hurd, bds Mrs. Graves' 
Dickinson Joseph, confectionery, shop and h. E. Merr. 
Dickinson Kendrick, book ag't Wents B., bds 9 Central 
Didiot Nicholas, niach nist, h. Green 
Digffles Mrs. Elizn, boarding h. Lowell, opp. Lowell PI. 
Dike Chandler, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 
Dike Morrill H., Middlesex, h. 13 George 
jj Dillingham Thomas, painter, bds J. L. Purinton's 


Dinnegan Patrick, laborer, bds Win. Corcoran's 

Dineen Charles, laborer, h Cross 

Dinsmoor James, (Dean &,) coun. Appleton Bl., h. Warren 

Dinsmore Christopher C, Middlesex, h. Charles 

Dinsmore James, stage driver, bds 75 Merrimack corp. 

Dinsmore John, ( Green leaf (fc) wire-worker, Commercial 
sq., bds G. D. Tapley's 

Dinsmore Robins, h. 64 Church 

Dinsmore Samuel, Lowell M. Shop, bds Union h. 

Dinsmore William, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Ditson Mrs. Abigail, seamstress, h. School 

Ditson Reuben H., Wm. McFarlin's, bds Mrs. A. Ditson's 

Dix Joel H., h. 94 Central 

Dix Jonathan W., Gilbert & Taffs, bds Joshua Hale's 

Dixon David, Batting Mill, h. Lawrence 

Dixon John, Lond. porter & vegetables, shop &h.Gor'm 

Doake Horace, Mass., h. 55 

Doane Mrs. Betsey, tailoress, h. Howard 

Doane Hiram H., dentist 118 Merrimack, h. Merrill's ct. 

Doane Joel G., Abbot & Brown's, bds H. H. Doane's 

Doane Mrs. Rebecca, h. Middlesex 

Dockerty John, Middlesex, h. Green 

Dodge Amos, farmer, h. Chestnut 

Dodge Charles, painter, h. 3 Lowell PI. 

Dodge David M., watchmaker Wyman's Ex., h. Charles 

Dodge Mrs. Eliza, boarding h. 14 Boott 

Dodge Frank F., clerk C. L. Allen's, bds City Hotel 

Dodge John, Lowell, bds T. Jameson's, Garnet 

Dodge John T., (Persons &) W. I. goods, Bank B., bds 
Jane York's 

Dodge Joseph M., carpenter, h. Tyler 

Dodge Luke C, carpenter, bds Rhoda Sanborn's 

Dodge Marshall, machinist, bds Johnson's 

Dodge Moody, carpenter, bds J. M. Dodge's 

Dodge Samuel, Appleton, h. 16 

Dodge Simon B., (& Whitcomb) coppersmith 147 Cen- 
tral, h. 4 Boott 

Dodge Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, h. Market 

Doe Andrew W., Boott, bds Z. N. Doe's 

Doe Ezra W., Tremont, h. 28 

Doe George W., Mass. bds Z. N. Doe's 

Doe Hilas, pedlar, bds Lydia Doe's 

Doe Luke, Lowell, bds J. C. Cram's 

Doe Mrs Lydia, boarding h. 28 Suffolk corp. 

Doe Mark, Boott, h. 47 


Doe William K., Mechanic Mills, bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Doe Zcbulon N., hoardinir h. Gl and 62 Mass. 
Dohney Mrs. Catharine, washerwoman, h. Jefferson 
Doliney James, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. C. Dohney's 
Dolloff Elijah B., carpenter, bds R. S. Dutton's 
Dolloff Horatio C., Lawrence, bds E. Chellis' 
Dolloff Jerome B , painter, Mass. h. 13 Prescott cnrp. 
Dolloff William P., Hamilton, h. cor. Wamesit and Mill 
Dolan Mrs. Margaret, h. Fenwick 

Dolan Mrs. Marg. washerwoman, h. rear Mary Doyle's 
Dolan Matthew, laborer, h. between Merr. and Middle 
Dolan Michael, Locks & Canals, h cor. Lowell & Suffolk 
Dolan Patrick, John VVaugh's, h. Lowell 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, h. Gorham 
Dolan Mrs. Rosanna, washerwoman, h. Fenwick 
Dole George, Tremont, h. 28 

Dole Thomas, wheelwright, O. M. Whipple's, h. Cady 
Dole Wilbur F., h. Adams pi. Lowell 
Donald James, Middlesex, h. Davis 
Donald Lewis O., shoemaker, h. Wintpr 
Donaldson Hugh, batting mill, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
Donan John, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Donnelly Bernard, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Donnelly Edward, laborer, h. Short's B , Lowell 
Donnelly Hugh, tailor, shop and h. Gorham 
Donnelly James, laborer, h Castle's Bl. Lowell 
Donnelly James, P. O. Richmond's, h. William 
Donnelly Mrs. Margaret, washerwoman, h. Gorham 
Donnelly Owen, Lowell M. Shop, h. Summer 
Donnelly Richard, painter, bds 11 Boott 
Donnohe John, Merrimack Print W., bds J. Cosgrove's 
Donnegan Mrs. Margaret, h. Merrimack 
Donley Barney, laborer, h. Davis 
Donley Edward, Hamilton, h. Winter 
Donley Mrs. Mary, h, Winter 
Donley Patrick, tremont, h. 7 Trull's B., Middle 
Donohoe Mrs. Catharine, h. Gorham 
Donohoe Florence, stonemason, h. Fenwick 
Donohoe Hugh, machinist, h. Lowell st. 
Donohoe Hugh, brewery, bds M. Maguire's 
Donohoe Jeremiah, laborer, bds Edward Sullivan's 
Donohoe Mrs. Mary, Appl'tn, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
I Donohoe Mrs. Margaret, h. North 
Donohoe Michael, laborer, h. Fenwick 
I Donohoe Michael, mason, h. R. R. B., Lowell 


Donohoe Owen M , Exchanore Coffee H., Loweil 

Donohoe Patrick, laborer, h. Campbell's bl. Fenwick 

Donohoe Thomas, confectionery, shop and h. Gorham 

Donohoe Timothy, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Donohoe Timoth}', blacksmith, h. cor. Suffolk and Fen. 

Donough Mrs. Letitia, h. Lawrence 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. Short's B., Lowell 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, h. rear Chapel 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Howard bl. Lowell 

Donovan Jeremiah, foundry, bds James Hickey's 

Donovan Jeremiah, foundry, bds A. Cummiskey's 

Donovan John, laborer, h. cor. Suffolk and Cross 

Donovan John, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Suffolk 

Dohovan Michael, laborer, bds Mrs. J. Dempsey's 

Donovan Patrick, laborer, h. North 

Donovan Timothy, Merrimack, h. Lewis 

Donovan William, laborer, h. Barker's B. Lowell 

Dopp Joseph, variety store and li. Arcade B., E. Merr. 

Doris William, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Doragher Michael, laborer, h. McEvoy's B. Lowell 

Dorsey Thomas, manufacturer, h. Andover 

Doton Mrs Isaac, boarding h. 118 Merrimack st. 

Dougherty Andrew, foundry, h. Little 

Dougherty Mark, Prescott, bds Mrs. A. McCue's 

Dougherty Stephen, laborer, bds B. McGlothren's 

Dougherty Wm. W. L Goods, Lowell, bds P. Lynch's 

Doucrlass Mrs. Eliza S , h. Worthen 

Douglass Erastus, bobbin maker, h. Worthen 

Douglass John, bds Andrew Blood's 

Douglass Thomas G , mason, h. Cushing 

Douglass William, Heman Woodward's, h. do. 

Douian Thomas, Boston & Low'l R. R. depot, h. 10 Lewis 

Dow Charles, Lowell, h. 17, Middlesex 

Dow Everett, stonecutter, h. 109 Merrimack corp. 

Dow Frederick W., Appleton, h. 3 

Dow George W., painter, bds Mrs. Gerrish's 

Dow Jeremiah, clerk Fowler's, bds J. R. Leonard's 

Dow John, carpenter, bds Wm. Phillips' 

Dow Libbeus S., Suffolk, bds Geo. Baxter's 

Downes John, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor. Lowell & Dutton 

Downes Leonard W., vegetables, store and h. Gorham 

Downes Mrs. Mary Ann M., h. Gorham 

Downes Michael, Bleachery, h. do. 

Downes Matthew, bds N. Sabin's 

Downie James, pattern designer, h, Fayette 


Downing' Daniel R , fruit and veg's, city market, li High 

Downing Thomas, W. I. goods, store and h. Lowell 

Downing Samuel, laborer, h. Gorham 

Downing John C, Lowell, h cor. Central and Mill 

Dowse Amos, 14y Central, and bds John Dowse's 

Dowse Calvin, shoemaker, h. Chapel 

Dowse John, botanic medicines, shop and h. 149 Central 

Dowser Wm., carpenter, h. near cor. E. Merr.and Fayette 

Doyen Charles E., shoemaker, bds Geo. Stearns' 

Doyen Brian, well-digger, h. Lowell 

Doyle Edward, tailor, bds John Farrell's 

Doyle John, Middlesex, h. North 

Doyle Lawrence, blacksmith, h. Jefferson sq. 

Doyle Mrs. Mary, h. Fen wick 

Doyle Patrick, mason, h cor. Adams and Cross 

Doyle Sylvester, L. and C , h. rear Lowell, near Decatur 

Doyle William, Merrimack Print W,, bds 25 

Drach Joseph, Appleton, h. South 

Drake Hiram, Lawrence, h. 51 

Draper Fletcher, Puffer & Wait's, bds A. D. Puffer's 

Draper Joshua L , carpenter, h. Union near South 

Draper Jothani P., D. Roger's stable, h. North 

Dresser Samuel F., stonemason, h. 15 Trulls Bl., Middle 

Drew Charles, Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 

Drew Mrs. Esth-r, boarding h. 43 Boott 

Drew Stephen M., blacksmith, Mass , h. Williara 

Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Driscoll Daniel, foundry, h. Lowell 

Driscoll Daniel, laborer, h. Ford's B., Suffolk 

Driscoll John, laborer, h. Jefferson 

Driscoll John O., Wm. Livingston's, h. Fenwick 

Drown Amos B., mason, h. 59 Swamp Locks 

Drown Charles H., carpenter, h. Clark 

Dufrene John B , laborer, h. Middle 

Dufrene Joseph, J. M. Marston's, h. Middle 

Duane James, H. Howard's, bds John Maguire's 

Duane Patrick, carpenter, h. Lowell 

Ducey James, laborer, h. R. R B., Lowell 

Duckerworth , Merrimack Print W., bds J. Cosgrove's 

Duckies John, Merrimack Print W , bds 136 
Duckies Thomas, carpenter, Merrimack, h. Water 
Dudley Cyrus B-, Middlesex, bds T. Ela's 
Dudley David, Suffolk, h. 22 Lowell 
Dudley Dennison (& Co.) W. L Goods, 38 Central, h. 94 


Dudley Else, h. cor. High and Chestnut 

Dudley Josiah P., carpenter, h. Queen 

Dudley Willard, h. Merrimack near Cabot 

Dudley "William A., bds D. Dudley's 

Duesbury Mrs, Caroline, boarding h. 113 Merrimack st. 

Duffy Mrs. Ann, h. rear Barnes B., Merrimack 

Dutfy Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Middle 

Duffy Mrs. Helen, h. rear North 

Duffy James, carpenter, h. Lowell, near N. Gram. sch. h 

Duffy Patrick, laborer, h. Dummer 

Duffy Thomas, Bleachery, bds James Hanrihans 

Duffy Thomas, Hamilton Print W., h. William 

Duffy William, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefferson 

Dugan Patrick, laborer, h. McEvoy's B., Hanover 

Duhig James, Locks and Canals, bds Nathaniel Hill's 

Duhig John, Locks and Canals, h, Appleton 

Duhig Richard, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 

Duley Mrs. Mary, boarding h. cor. Lowell and Worlhen 

Dummer John, wheelwright, h. cor. Lowell and Dummer 

Duncan Rev. John, h. Gorham 

Duncan John G , Tremont, h. 39 Tremont st. 

Dunlap James S., Merrimack, bds 74 

Dunlap J., carpenter, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Dunlavy George, laborer, h. Adams 

Dunlavy James, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Dunn James, laborer, h. Bennett's B., Adams 

Dunn Jeremiah, L. M. Shop, h. cor. Suffolk and Fenwick 

Dunn Thomas, h. Fenwick 

Dunn William, job wagon, h. Dutton 

Dunham Manasseh, stonelayer, h. Merrill's ct. 

Dunham Nelson, stonemason, h. Union h. 

Dupee Mrs. Eliza, h. Willow 

Dupee William, carpenter, bds Eliza Dupee's 

Durant John, painter, bds Asa Preston's 

Durant Nathan, variety store cor. Howe and Davidson, h. 

Duren Mrs. Dorothy, variety store andb. Middlesex 

Durgan Clarke, boarding h. 137 Merrimack corp. 

Durgin Chas. G., carpenter, P. O. Richmond's, bds Union h 

Durgin Cyrus W'., Lowell, h. 21 

Durgin Mrs. Jane, bds Nathaniel Durgin's 

Durgin John H., hack driver, bds 120 Merrimack corp. 

Durgin Luther P., printer, Penhallow's, h. Central, Cha- 
pel Hill 

Durgin Miss Lydia, Hamilton, h. 6 


Durgin Lyman W., Lowell, bds N. B. Merrill's 
Durgin Nathaniel, teamster, h. Pautucket near Canal 
Durgin Reuben G., millwright Lowell, h. 1 Edgerly's ct. 
DurUee Benjamin, carpenter, bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Durkee Daniel, works and bds M. N. Horn's 
Durkin Edward, stonemason, h. Dummer 
Dustin William, carpenter, h. High 
Dutton Miss Edith, boarding h. 14 Swamp Locks 
Dutton Mrs. Reliance S., h. 58 Church 
Dwinell Alcander, crockery and glass ware 80 Merri- 
mack, bds Merrimack h. 
Dwinell Ira S., pedier, bds Miss H. J. Stone's 
Dwinell Levi G., clerk 80 Merrimack, bds Merrimack h. 
Dwinell Ira, clerk A. Dwinell's, bds Wm. Phillips' 
Dwyer John, laborer, h. o Dummer 
Dwyer William, shoemaker, bds Timothy Sulliwin's 
Dyar Albert A., carpenter, bds A. F. Dyar's 
Dyar Albert F., gilder 20 Central, h. Chapel 
Dyar Warren H , looking glasses, «S:c., 20 Central, bds 

Mrs. Brazer's 
Dyer Miss Lydia H., dressmaker Central, bds Moody 
Dyson John, Middlesex, bds Jacob Coward's 

Eacott William, Middlesex, h. Water 
Eagan Thomas, Merrimack Print W., h. Adamg 
Eager Winslow, Merrimack, bds 30 

Eames Luther, undertaker, h. Gorham, near Hale's mills 
Earle Charles F., carpenter, bds T. Leavitt's 
Early James, Merrimack, h. Barker's B., Lowell 
Early Martin, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 
Easter James, works and bds Isaac Scripture's 
Easter Robert, Tremont, bds 14 
Eastman Miss Abby B., boarding h. 6 Boott 
Eastman Charles F., Appleton, bds Ezekiel Eastman's 
Eastman Charles S., apothecary, cor. Central and Merri- 
mack, bds Joseph Bedlow's 
Eastman Daniel, Merrimack, h. 7 Suffolk st. 
Eastman Edmund, Middlesex, h. South 
Kaslman Ezekiel, Apjjleton h. 6 
I^astman Gardner K., stonecutter, Dutton, h. Clay 


Eastman Isaac C, cor. Central and Merr. bds City Hotel 

Eastman Lorenzo D., Lawrence, bds 46 

Eastman Nelson, Hamilton, bds Thomas Sprague's 

Eastman Mrs. Rebecca, h. High 

Eastman William, carpenter, h. Common 

Eas-tman William D., Lowell, h. Cheever 

Eaton Albert S., cook Merrimack h. bds do. 

Eaton Alvin, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor Lowell and Adams 

Eaton Crosby, Hamilton Print W., bds N. B. Merrills 

Eaton Daniel, Lawrence, h. 61 

Eaton David P., stonelayer, h. Race 

Eaion Ebenezer, carpenter, h. 13 Franklin sq. 

Eaton Ezra B., clerk and bds Job S. Eaton's 

Eaton Green, Railroad repair shop, bds 6 Swamp Locks 

Eaton Horace, wool sorter, h. Loudon ct. 

Eaion Horace L., foundry, Jackson, h. Clay 

Eaton James W., bds Worcester Eaton's 

Eaton Jeremiah B., carriage maker, shop and h. cor. 

Worthen and Dutton 
Eaton Job S., W. L Goods, store and h. Cabot 
Eaton Jonathan, laborer, h. Decatur 
Eaton Marshall, shoemaker, bds J. Phelps' 
Eaioa Worcester, (& Jewett) W. I. Goods, Merrimack, 

h. Tremont 
Eaton William, flannel mills, bds T. Midgeley's 

Eddy Rev. Daniel C, h. Chapel 

Eddy John, calico printer, Barr's, h. Central 

Edes Miss Betsey A., boarding h. 3 Merrimack corp. 

Edgell Levi, Tremont, bds Wm. Edgell's 

Edgell William, laborer, h. cor. Merrimack and Race 

Edgerly Jonathan, Middlesex, h. 5 Edgerly's ct. 

Edgerly Moses G., Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 

Edgerly Obadiah S., Lawrence, bds 50 

Edson Rev. Theodore, ij. Kirk 

Edwards George, Boott, bds D. Parker's 

Edwards Ivory, Appleton, h. Summer 

Edwards Jabez, Merrimack, h. 29 

Edwards Justin, Merrimack, bds 74 

Ela Theodore, Middlesex, h. Green 

Ela William A., Merrimack, h. 130 

Eldridge Nathaniel, lather, bds Mary Glover's 

Elkins Miss Hannah, boarding h. 5 Suffolk corp. 

ElUins John, boarding h. 5o Church 

Elkins John, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 

Ellingwood Gayton P., Mass., h. 64 


Ellingwood John, watchman Merrimack, bds 25 
Ellinirwood Robert, D. Duna's, h. Central, Cliapel Hill 
Elliott Asahel, shoemaker, bds 14 Tremont corp. 
Elliott Ephraim, Merrimack, bds 147 
Elliott Mrs. Esther, shoebinder, h. near Guard Locks 
Elliott George P., W. I. goods cor. Middle and Shalluck, 

h. cor, Fletcher and Paiitucket 
Elliott Hazen, shoe store and h. 172 and 174 Merrimack 
Elliott Jasper, Merrimack, bds 147 

Elliott William, Lowell M. Shop, bds Nancy A. Smith's 
Ellis Charles, Lowell, bds 9 Franklin sq. 
Ellis Edmund, carpenter, h. Garnet 
Ellis John, Boott, bds S. Leather's 
Ellis Oliver, Merrimack, h. 85 

Ellis , Prescott, bds Misses Reynolds & Morrill's 

Ellsworth James P., Merrimack Print W., bds 73 
Elwell Jeremiah, Hamilton, bds Mrs. R. S. Dutton's 
Elston Daniel, Hamilton, bds Jacob Coward's 
Elston William, shoemaker Hale's Mills, h. cor. Central 

and Richmond avenue 
Emerson Alvin, Bleachery, h. do. 
Emerson Bela H., Hamilton, h. 28 
Emerson Benjamin, Merrimack, bds 79 
Emerson Daniel, Mass , bds Z. N. Doe's 
Emerson Daniel G., variety store and h. Middlese^c 
Emerson David, Tremont, h. 34 
Emerson Dennis W-, Mass., bds L W. Truax's 
Emerson Dudley B., Lowell M. Shop, h. Lee 
Emerson Francis P., carpenter, bds D. D. Currier's 
Emerson George, shoe store 262 Merrimack, h. Cabot 
Emerson George W., Mass., h. 42 Prescott corp. 
Emerson James, Lowell M. Shop, bds Jesse Huse's 
Emerson Mrs. Jane, dressmaker 21 Cen., bds Centralville 
Emerson Joel D., bds Hosea Smith's 
Emerson John, Tremont, h. 9 
Emerson John B., SufFolk, h. Adams 
Emerson Levi W., Hamilton, h 46 
Emerson Luther, clerk J. Tapley's, h. Alder 
Emerson Mrs. Mary L., milliner, shop and h. Middlesex 
Emerson Moses C, shoe store and h. 190 Merrimack 
Emerson Nathan (Fisher &) restorator, Appleton bl. bds 

C. Fisher's 
Emerson Ozias, Mass, bds Wm, R, Bunker's 
Emerson Mrs. Rebecca, boarding h. 74 Merrimack corp. 
Emerson Samuel, laborer, h. cor. Moody and Race 


Emerson Samuel, stonemason, h. Fayette 

Emerson Solomon D., Appleton, h. 29 

Emerson Mrs. Susan, boarding h. 6 Hamilton 

Emery Enoch, clerk Merr. H., h. cor. Merr. and Cabot 

Emery George, coach driver, bds Mrs. H. Richardson's 

Emery Henry, innkeeper, Merrimack House 

Emery Lewis F., Middlesex, h. cor. South and Summer 

Emery Paschal P., D. Dana's, bds C. Dowse's 

Emery Samuel, waiter and bds Merrimack h. 

Emery William E., shoe store, 62 Merrimack, h. 5 Kit- 

tredge bl. Middle 
Emmett James, Middlesex, h. Fenwick 
Emmott John, engraver, Hamilton, h. Keene 
Emmons Elisha, Lowell M. Shop, bds D. B. Colby's 
Emmons John, Prescott, bds A. Brackett's 
Emmons Smith S., Lowell M. Shop, bds Geo. Adams' 
Emmons Stephen, mason, bds Mrs. E. Favor's 
Emmons William, Suffolk, h 9 Cabot bl. 
England Alfred, machinist, bds Mrs. H. Richardson's 
England James, carpenter, h. Middlesex 
England James A., carpenter, shop and h. Middlesex 
England Michael, laborer, h. Maiden Lane 
England Robert, Hamilton Print W., h. Loudon ct. 
Enright Mrs Margaret, h. cor. Cross and Suffolk 
Erland Peter A., Mixer, Pitman & Go's, bds P.Anderson's 
Erskine David M., mariner, h. Merrimack, near Hospital 
Erskine Levi B , newscarrier, h. Race 
Esty Joseph, Farr & Whitney's, h. 29 Charles 
Esty Lot, blacksmith, bleachery, h. Moore 
Evans James, Middlesex, bds Wm. Brother's 
Evans Joseph, carpenter, h. Forrest 

Evans Joshua F., merchant tailor, Middlesex, h. cor Mid- 
dlesex and Middlesex pi. 
Evans King, Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 
Evans Michael R., Lawrence, h. 62 
Evans Ransom, h. Gorham 

Eveleth John, carriage maker, bds E. Farnham's 
Everts Cornelius, Boott C. R., bds Sarah Quimby's 
Ewens Samuel, pedler, h. E. Merrimack 
Ewing John, engineer, h. Davidson 


Faddigan Mrs. Margaret, h. Merrimack 

Faheriy William, laborer, h. between Lowell and Merr. 

Fairbanks Woodbury, Boott, h. Paige 

Fairbrother Ransom E., Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 

Fairgrieve George, Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 

Fales David T., teamster, h. Lowell near N. G. School h 

Fales Levi, tin plate worker, bds Mrs. M. Duley's 

Falkenham Miss Catharine, nurse, bds 11 Lowell Corp. 

Fallan William, laborer, h. McEvoy's B., Hanover 

Fallon Andrew, laborer, h. Lowell 

Fallon Jeremiah, Locks and Canals, h. Fenwick 

Fallon James, Appleton, bds M. Shields' 

Fannon James, (& Gately) W. 1. goods, Lowell, bds E. 

Farland Timothy, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Farley Charles, Sutfolk, bds. Jona. Eaton's 
Farley Miss Harriet, editress N. E. Off. bds J. Bancroft's 
Farley John, laborer, h. Market 
Farley Lawrence, Lowell, bds L. Ty's 
Farley Michael, laborer, h. rear Market 
Farley Owen, Hamilton, bds Ann Quinn's 
Farmer Gilbert, meal wagon, h. Middlesex 
Farmer Mrs. Mary, board'g h 68 Church, cor. Warren ct . 
Farmer Nathaniel, Lowell, h. South 
Farmer Thomas G , h. Appleton 

Farnsworth Mrs. Abigail, boarding h., 136 Merr. corp. 
Farnsworth Charles H., writing mast. h. Merr. near Hosp. 
Farnsworth David W., Lawrence, h. 58 
Farnsworth Miss Huldah, millinery, 58 Merr. h. E. Merr. 
Farnsworth Jeremiah T. (& Stuart) provision store, cor. 

Central and Jackson, bds Jona. Page's 
Farnsworth Jesse E., Lawrence, h. 35 
Farnsworth Simeon, student, bds E. R. Blair's 
Farnham Mrs. Almira, h. Davis 
Farnham Mrs. Eliza, boarding h. 59 Boott 
Farnham Jesse H., Day & Convers, bds G. D. Tapley's 
Farnham William, Bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 
Farnham Winchester W., painter, bds Mrs. Graves' 
Farnum George, Lawrence, bds 50 
Farnum Heman, Prescott, bds Caleb Ash s 
Farnum Kimball, boarding h. 53 Boott 
Farr Alpha B., Mass. h. 23 Prescott corp. 
Farr Asa (& Whitney) boots and shoes, 123, h. 143Cent'l 
Farr Asa W., (Butler &) coun. Wyman's Ex. h. between 

Central and Chapel 


Farrar George, carpenter, bds D. Smith's 

Farrar George, bds T. G. Tweed's 

Farrar Geo. P., clerk H. Farrington's, bds T. G.Tweed's 

Farrar Joseph, carpenter, h. Butterfield 

Farrell Mrs. Ann, boarding h. Cross 

Farrell Bryan, at S. Lawrence's, Andover 

Farrell Mrs. Catharine, P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence 

Farrell Charles H., Middlesex, bds N. Kenneson's 

Farrell Cornelius, mason, h cor. Duramer and Little 

Farrell Edward, laborer, h. Gorham 

Farrell Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Dummer 

Farrell Henry, laborer, h. cor Dummer and Little 

Farrell James, batting mill, h. Hale 

Farrell John, laborer, h. Snell's B., Moody 

Farrell John, Middlesex, bds G. H. Smith's 

Farrell John, tailor, s. and h. cor. Market and Carpet L. 

Farrell John C, conn. Spalding's B., Cent'l, bds Wash. h. 

Farrell Owen, carpet weaver, h. Howard bl. LowellJ 

Farrell Robert, laborer, h. Gorham 

Farrell Mrs. Susan, h. Mill 

Farrell William, Lowell, h. Davidson 

Farris John K , butcher, h. Walker 

Farrington Dewitt C, (Shapleigh &) auctioneer, Com- 
mercial sq. h. 9 Church 

Farrington Daniel, clothing store, Wentworth's B., h. 1 
Franklin sq. 

Farrington Edmund F., pedler, h. Walnut 

Farrington Horace, clothing store, 57 Central, bds cor, 
Merrimack and Kirk 

Farrington Horace, silversmith. Middle, h. cor Andover 
and Willow 

Farrington Isaac, h. Tyler 

Farson Samuel, painter, Middlesex, h. Butterfield 

Farson James, painter, Middlesex, bds S. A. Gerrish's 

Farwell William A., driver, h. cor. Adams and Lagrange 

Faught Theodore, Lowell M. Shop, h. Keene 

Favor Mrs. Elvira, h. Gorham 

Favor Nathaniel B.,Mech. Mills, h. cor Summer and Fav. 

Fay Edmund B , Lowell, h. 41 Lagrange 

Fay George, Lowell M Shop, bds 56 Swamp Locks 

Fay Mrs. Hannah, h. William 

Fay Samuel, Lowell C. R., h. Kirk 

Fay Warren, Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 

Featheringham William, Lowell, bds Mrs. L. Swap's 

Feenan Patrick, laborer, h. South 


Felch Cheever, Middlesex, bds G. C. Morey's 
Fellows Charles F., brush maker, shop and h. Market 
Fellows George W., Prescott, bds R. Garrit's 
Fellows James K., (& Co.) jewelry, 134 Merr. h. E. Merr. 
Fellows Samuel, h. cor. E. Merrimack and James ct. 
Felton Mrs. Judith, h. Summer 

Felton Miss Maria, dressmaker, and bds Mrs. Felton's 
Ferguson Alexander, carpenter, h. Cross 
Ferguson David, teamster, h. Suffolk, near Mechanic 
Ferguson David Jun., teamster, bds D. Ferguson's 
Ferguson Levi, Lowell, bds J. C. Cram's 
Fern James, S. Horn's, h. 7 Adams bl. 
Fern Washington, Ind. rub. goods. Market, h. 88 Merr. 
Fernald Edward W., Middlesex, bds N. Kenneson's 
Fernald Herrick G., mason, h. Adams 
Fernald Lewis S., shoemaker, H. Elliott's, h. Ayer's bl. 
Fernald Mark, painter, h. Pine 
Fernald Nathaniel G., carpenter, h. Charles 
Fernald Oliver, Hamilton, h. Gorham 
Ferrin Bailey, Locks and Canals, bds Peter Brogan's 
Ferring- Gilbert, (& Co.) innkeeper, American h. Central 
Ferrin Silas, Mechanic Mills, bds James England's 
Ferris Robert H., stonemason, h. Knowles pi. 
Ferson Levi, stonemason, h. 1 Whipple's stone h. 
Ferson Parker B., Lawrence, h. 13 
Fessenden Francis, farmer, bds S. A. Coburn's 
Fickett Charles, Middlesex, bds Mary Hanaford's 
Field George, Lowell, bds Hannah Fay's 
Field Joseph, Middlesex, h. 104 Central 
Field Mrs, Sarah, boarding h. 104 Central 
Field Silas, Lowell M. Shop, bds Sarah Field's 
Fielding David, laborer, h, Fenwick 

Fielding Henry A., Burbank & Chase's, bds S. K. Field- 
Fielding John, Lowell M. Shop, bds 56 Swamp Locks 
Fielding Josiah B., (Moulton &) painter, glazier, &c,, 75 

Central, bds S. K Fielding's 
Fielding Stephen K., P.O. Richmond's, h. Gorham 
Fields Alpheus D., mason, bds Abijah Sanderson's 
Fifield Abraham, carpenter, h. Elm 
Fifield David S., Fisk & Norcross, h. Branch 
Fifield Edward (& Peabody) carpenter, Mechanic Mills, 

h. cor. Fletcher and Buiterfield 
Fifield Ebenezer O., boarding h. cor, Merr. and Cabot 
Fifield John T., Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 


Files Allen, watcliman, Lowell, bds 1 

Files Sargent S., carpenter Hamilton, h. Marshal 

Filiemore John W., laborer, h. cor. Lewis and Lowell 

Finnegan Daniel, laborer, h. Adams 

Finnegan Miss Joanna, h. Fenwick 

Finnegan Matthew, Hamilton, h. Winter 

Finton John, Locks and Canals, h. Fenwick 

Finton Patrick, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Finton Patrick, Jr., laborer, bds Thomas Kennedy's 

Firth Thomas, Merrimack, bds Peter Bessey's 

Fish Ansel, planemaker, Howe, h. Fayette 

Fish Gamaliel, foundry, bds 72 

Fish John B., foundry, h. 72 Swamp Locks 

Fish Stephen A., carpenter, h. Fayette 

Fisher Albigence, machinist, h. cor. Gorham and Union 

Fisher Chris'r, (& Emerson) Appleton Bl., h. Putney's ct. 

Fisher Cyrus, thread & hos'y 29 Merr., bds Mrs. Newell's 

Fisher Edward B., Lowell M. Shop, bds S. C. Baker's 

Fisher Henry F., Merrimack, h. 145 

Fisher James, farmer, h. School 

Fisher Mrs. Mary, nurse, h. 27^ Charles 

Fisher Samuel S., machinist, h. Suffolk near Mechanic 

Fisher Sarah Ann, Middlesex, h. Charles near Central 

Fisher Stephen, laborer, h. William 

Fisher Summer, Eleachery, h. do. 

Fisher Thomas, Locks and Canals, bds Thos. Nellighan's 

Fisher Waldo A., W. I. goods Middlesex, h. Howard 

Fisk Aaron, Bleachery, h. Union 

Fisk George, works and bds David A. Coburn's 

Fisk George, box maker John st. av , boarding h.22 Boott 

Fisk John P., Principal N. Gram. School, bds J. BuUen's 

Fisk Leonard, bds Lyman Harrington's 

Fiske Abel, Tremont, h. 31 

Fiske Amos, Lowell, h. Cabot 

Fiske Benjamin C, teamster, h. Cabot 

Fiske Charles H., Merrimack, h. 147 

Fiske David L., Merrimack, bds Edward Page's 

Fiske George W., Mechanic Mills, h. Appleton 

Fiske Henry G., D. West & Co's, bds A. Skinner's 

Fiske Levi, boarding h. 79 Merrimack corp. 

Fiske William, lumber dealer and box maker, Dutton, h. 

Adams near La Grange 
Fitch Asa, brewer Middlesex, h. 6 Middlesex PI. 
Fitch Vine H., (Churchill &) botanic physician 88 Mer- 
rimack, bds H. M. Bean's 


Fills Isaac N , millwright, h. cor. Flelcher and Willie 
Filz2:erald Mrs. Bridgelt, li. Doyle's B., Suffolk 
Filzgerald James, bulcher, h. Fenwick 
Fitzgerald John, woodsawyer, h. rear Chapel 
Fitzgerald Mrs. Mary, h. Butler's B., Suffolk 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h. Flynn's B., Suffolk 
Fitzgerald Patrick, blacksmith John Hill's, h. rear Chapel 
Fitzgerald William, machinist, bds Mrs. Ann Gordon's 
Fitzhenry Mrs. Bridget, h. North 

Filzpatrick Daniel, laborer, h. cor. Lowell & Maiden lane 
Fitzpatrick James, Prescott, bds Patrick Short's 
Filzpatrick John, bds Submit Pierce's 
Filzpatrick Martin, Lowell, h. Marshall 
Filzpatrick Michael, stone cutler, h. Middle 
Fitzpatrick Michael, laborer, bds Mrs. W. Mclntire's 
Fitzpatrick Nicholas, dyer, h. Lowell 
Filzpatrick Peter, Lowell, h. Barker's B., Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Peter, Lowell, h. Short's B., Middle 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 
Fitzsimmons Brian, teamster Lawrence, h. Lowell 
Fitzsimmons Thomas, physician, oflfice and h. Donohoe's 

B., Suffolk 
Flagg Orin H , T. Warren's, bds S. A. Gerrish's 
Flagg William H., Boolt, h. 72 
Flaherty Daniel, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Flanaghan William, pedler, bds Ann Quinn's 
Flanders Alfred H., Appleton, h. cor. Middlesex &. Garnet 
Flanders Charles H., carpenter, bds Susan Flanders' 
Flanders George, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 
Flanders Jacob, Boolt, bds Job Brown's 
Flanders James F., Lowell M. Shop, h. Summer 
Flanders Job, Boolt, h. 56 
Flanders J. P., Suffolk, bds Geo. Baxter's 
Flanders King, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 
Flanders Loring, Lowell M. Shop, bds A. R. Grant's 
Flanders Luther, Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 
Flanders Moses, stonemason, h. Liberty 
Flanders Peter, Jr., bonnet presser 128 Merr., h. Market 
Flanders Mrs. Susan, boarding h. 47 Merrimack corp. 
Flanders William, Mass., bds T. C. Bobbins' 
Flanders William, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Flanders William L., Middlesex, bds D. F. Cass* 
Flave John, boarding h. Castle's B., Lowell 
Flavor David, cab driver, bds 5 Adams Bl. 


I Fleetwood Thomas, Mixer, Pitman & Co., h. 22 Charles 
Fleming Murty, laborer, bds Exchange Coffee h. 
Fletcher Miss Achsah, boarding h. 51 Boott 
Fletcher Charles, bds Enoch Butler's 
Fletcher Edmund, laborer, h. cor. Union and Chapel 
Fletcher Edmund D., (Nichols & Co ) W. I. goods 116 

and 118 Central, h. cor. Union and Chapel 
Fletcher George VV., Lowell, h. Wyman's B., Middle 
Fletcher Horatio, (& Ayer) lumber dealer, Button, h. cor, 

Fletcher and Varney 
Fletcher Isaac A., Nichols & Co's, bds E. Fletcher's 
Fletcher James, steam mill Middlesex, bds Mrs. Ham's 
Fletcher Jefferson H., bds Joel Smiths 
Fletcher John S., machinist, bds A. Bedlow's 
Fletcher Rev. Luther J., bds O. J. Conant s 
Fletcher Richard, railroad, bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Fletcher Samuel, Round h. Middlesex, h. Chelmsford 
Fletcher Warren, Crosby's bobbin shop, h. cor. Gorhara 

and Cedar 
Fletcher William, farmer, h. cor. Chelmsford and Liberty 
Flinn Samuel S., tailor, h. E. Merrimack 
Flint Albert G., Lawrence, h.-2 
Flint Charl-s L , Suffolk, h. 1 

Flint Charles W., Lowell M. Shop, bds 5 Swamp Locks 
Flint E. R., Middlesex, bds American h. 
Flint Harrison, Mechanic Mills, bds G. W. Fiske's 
Flint John K., Lowell M. Shop, h. Garnet 
Flint Joseph, Bleachery, h. 6 Edgerly's ct. 
Flint Joseph K., Bleachery, h. rear Hale's Mills 
Flint Oliver W., (& Wheeler) liv. stable, Moody ,,h. Cabot 
Flood Bernard, foundry, h. Jefferson 

Flood Daniel, Lawrence, bds Nathaniel Hull's - 

Flood Joseph, Merrimack, bds 79 m 

Flood Lawrence, spinner, h. E. Merrimack 
Flood Mrs. Margaret, h. Fayette 
Flood Patrick, laborer, h. Adams 
Flood Patrick, carpet weaver, bds Margaret Flood's 
Flood Thomas, paper maker, bds Mary Nichols' 
Flood William, Middlesex, bds L. F. Lawrence's 
Flowers James, Middlesex, bds Lorenzo Whitcher's 
Floyd Edward, Merrimack, bds Ann Quinn's 
Flynn Daniel, railroad, h. rear J. Quinn's, Fenwick 
Flynn Francis, laborer, h. Middle 
Flynn John, laborer, h. Lowell 
Flynn John, Benj. Day's, bds Robert Kelley's 


Flynn Larkin, laborer, bds B. McCabe's 

Flynn Mrs. Margaret, h. Jefferson 

Flynn Owen, laborer, h. E. Flynn's B., Suffolk 

Flynn Patrick, Lowell M. Shop, h. Mather's B., Cross 

Flynn Patrick, Lowell, h. Suffolk near Fenwick 

Flynn Philip, laborer, h. Butler's B., Sufl'olk 

Flynn Thomas, laborer, h. Cedar 

Flynn William, laborer, h. Jeff'erson 

Flynt Daniel, shoemaker, h. Lowell 

Fogerty Thomas, laborer, h. ]l Adams BL 

Fogg Mrs. Ann Maria, h. 26 Charles 

Fogg Henry S., Mechanic Mills, h. cor. Adams & Lagrange 

Fogg Horatio, carpenter, h. cor. Middlesex «& Middlesex pi. 

Fogg James, Appleton, h. Middlesex 

Fogg Joseph, Lowell, bds 6 

Fogg Mrs. Nancy, boarding h. 31 Hamilton 

Fogg Rev. Samuel, h. Warren ct. 

Fogg Sewall, carpenter, bds Benj. Ladd's 

Foley John, laborer, h. Jeff'erson 

Foley Stephen, Pearl & Huntress', bds Mrs. W. Mclntire's 

Follensbee Franklin, LowelhM. Shop, bds S. J. Sanborn's 

Follensbee Willard S., Boott, h. 49 

Folsom Alanson, mason, h. 9 Cady 

Folsom Daniel, h. Chestnut 

Folsom Ira N., Lowell M. Shop, h. 33 Swamp Locks 

Folsom James, carpenter, h. Moody 

Folsom Miss Jane, dressmaker, shop and h. E. Merrimack 

Folsom Jeremiah, C. J *& M. J. Adams', h. Water 

Folsom Jeremiah S., insurance agent, h. Chapel 

Folsom John L., stonecutter Western Ave., h. 25 Church 

Folsom Jona'n P., salesman C. Nichols', bds D. Folsom's 

Folsom Lucian M., teacher of music, h. 29 Charles 

iFolsom Peter, Lawrence, bds 19 

Folsom Samuel L., Appleton, h. 10 

Folsom Simeon, Mass., h. 25 

Foot Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds A. H. Flanders' 

Foot James L., stovedealer cor. Merr. & Han'r, h. Liberty 

Forbes Franklin, civil engineer, h. Pautucket 

Forbes Lyman, painter, bds Mrs. Gassett's 

Forbush Amos B., Lowell M. Shop, h. 70 Swamp Locks 

Forbush George, Lowell M. Shop, bds 5 Swamp Locks 

Forbush John R., foundry, h. 73 Swamp Locks 

Ford Albert J., L. M. Shop, h. cor. Mclntire <& Middlesex 

Ford Elisha, farmer, h. Pautucket 

Ford Isaiah, teamster, h. Middlesex 


Ford John, laborer, h. McEvoy's B., Hanover 

Ford John, Middlesex, bds Joseph Booth's 

Ford John H., machinist, h. 9 Jiurd 

Ford John N., Lowell M. Shop, h. 68 Swamp Locks 

Ford Josiah, bds Thomas Ford's 

Ford Mrs Lydia, boardinor h. 77 Boott 

Ford Martin W., Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard 

Ford Michael, laborer, h. Dummer 

Ford Miss Prudence, b. Pautucket 

Ford Thomas, Middlesex, h. 49 Church 

Ford Thomas B., Mass., h. 54 

Ford Timothy, laborer, h. Suffolk 

Forger Peter, laborer, h. Thorndike 

Forrest Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds S. C. Baker's 

Forcest Philip C, Lowell M. Shop, bds Jane Robinson's 

Forsey Daniel, Mdss., bds B. Brown's 

Forsyth Robert, works and bds L Scripture's 

Forsyth William, Merrimack, h. 119 

Foss Albert W., Middlesex, h. 23 Suffolk 

Foss Augustus B., carpenter, h 23 Suffolk 

Foss Charles W., carpenter, bds T. Leavitt's 

Foss Daniel M., Mechanic Mills, h. 4 Shaw's Bl., Pine 

Foss Ebenezer, h. Lawrence 

Foss Jacob, Lawrence, bds 45 

Foss James, Lowell M. Shop, bds C. Hanson's 

Foss John, boarding h. 55 Lawrence 

Foss Moses B., Lowell M Shop, bds 39 Swamp Locks 

Foss Mrs. Sarah B., boarding h. 30 Tremont 

Foss Walter A., Lowell M. Shop, bds Alvin Eaton's 

Fosdick Cyrus O., shoemaker Paige, h. Centralville 

Foster Amos H., Lowell M. Shop, bds E. Wright's 

Foster Benjamin F., h. cor. Pine and School 

Foster David, teamster, h. Summer 

Foster Homer, Lowell M. Shop, bds 20 Swamp Locks 

Foster Horatio W., hair store 65 Central, h. Chapel 

Foster James, Merrimack, h. 81 

Foster Jesse, carpenter, h. cor. School and Butterfield 

Foster Jesse H., Middlesex, bds Eunice Campbells 

Foster John, watchman Nashua R R., h. 8 Middlesex pi. 

Foster John W. L., Lowell M. Shop, bds 9 Swamp Locks 

Foster Loring, Lawrence, h. 42 

Foster Moses B., shoemaker Kittredge's, Middle, h. And'r 

Foster Peter, laborer, h. Gorham 

Foster Mrs. Sarah, boarding h. 9 Central 

Foster Silas, Merrimack, bds 79 


Fourner Martha, lailoress, h. 9 Warren 

Fowler Andrew, painter Blaisdell s, bds Mrs. R. Blaisdell's 

Fowler Geortje l)., cicjur maker, bds Mrs. Diorfrles' 

o ' o 1 too 

Fowler Henry S., provision market and h 5 Adams BI. 

Fowler Jos. M., dry goods Welles" bl , bds Mrs. Duesbury's 

Fowler Worthen J., trunk mak. Willoughby "s, h. Appleton 

Fox Mrs. Amanda M., boarding h. 45 Boott 

Fox Eldad, J. Smith's Dutton, h. Lowell 

Fox Joseph, Farr & Whitney's, h. near Thorndike 

Fox Osmond, 6 Market, bds Waverley h. 

Fox William, carpenter, h. rear 19 Merrimack 

Francis James B., Agent Locks and Canals, li. Worthen 

Francis William F., Lowell M. Shop, h. Gushing 

Franklin William P., Lawrence, b. 73 

Frawley Peter, Bleachery, h. d). 

Frazer, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor. Lowell and Adams 

Freeman Alden, millinery, shop and h. 45 Merrimack 

Freeman Henry, Bleachery, h. Livingston, near Carter 

Freeman Lyman, city watchman, h. Middlesex 

Freeman Rufus C , teamster, h. Willie, north of Common 

Freeman Samuel J., carriage painter, Arch, h. Branch 

Freeman Thomas, Freeman & Lang's, bds Mrs. Bridge's 

French Abram, h. Gorham 

French Alice, h. 13 Kurd 

French Amos, Lowell, h. Ciiarles, near Central 

French Amos B., fruit, confectionery, 37 Central, h. do. 

French Amos W., mason, bds T. Morse's 

French Augustus C, W. Fern's, h. cor. Gorham and Cedar 

French Augustus J. C, Tremont, h. Lowell 

French Benjamin F., President Railroad Bank. h. Anne 

French Mrs. Caroline, boarding h. 50 Lawrence corp. 

French Charles, L. M. Shop C. R , h. 32 Swamp Locks 

French Charles S., dent. S. Lawrence's, bds S.J. Hunt's 

French Charles W., Merrimack, h. 1 Mechanic 

French Cyril, h. Chapel 

French Daniel G., museum, bds E. Putnam's 

French D. O,, Langley & Whitten's, bds Wm. Langley's 

French Ebenezer, Whipple's saw mill, bds J. H. Swift's 

French Elias S., carpenter, Howe, h. Fayette 

French Everett, Middlesex, bds Alice French's 

French George, Middlesex, h. Andover 

French George L., painter, h. Ash 

French Gideon, Bleachery, h. do. 

French Gilman, powder mill, bds Levi Ferson's 

French Miss Hannah, variety shop, 274 Merrimack 


French Haskell, painter, bds D Sumner's 

French Horace, Boolt, bds D. Parker's 

French Hosea E., Lowell M. Shop, h. 2 Mechanic 

French James H., Bleachery, h. Merrill's ct. 

French John, Tremont, h. 7 

French John W., blacksmith, bds M. A. Kerr's 

French Jonathan, carpenter, h. Lowell 

French Jonathan B., Boott, bds A. E. Hayward's 

French Joseph, watchman, Appleton, bds M. E. Perley's 

French Josiah B., Mayor, h. 89 Central 

French Jotham S., livery stable. Middle, h. Stackpole 

French Justus D., carpenter, Bleachery, h. do. 

French Miss Maria M., milliner. Central, bds A, French's 

French Mortimer D , D. Dana's, bds E. Putnam's 

French Stephen, powder mill, h. Charles 

French Thomas, Hamilton, bds K. Prescott's 

French Thomas T., h. Alder 

French Warren, carpenter, bds D. Sumner's 

French William, Merrimack, h. 128 

French William, fancy painter, bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's 

Freschl Joseph, bds American h. 

Frieze Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, bds 6 Swamp Locks 

Froggett , butcher, Wilder's, bds J. Phelps' 

Frost Abner, wood sawyer, h. Thomdike near depot 

Frost George W,, Lowell M. Shop, bds 5 Swamp Locks 

Frost Henry, R. R. yard, bds C. W. Wilkins' 

Frost Jeremiah, Langley's, bds T. G. Tweed's 

Frost Lyman, Middlesex, bds Wm L. Ainsworth's 

Frost Richard, City Market, h. 13 Hurd 

Frost William H , carpenter, Merrimack corp. h. 42 

Frye Francis, h. Lawrence 

Frye Frederick, mason, bds Mrs. H. Frye's 

Frye Gates F., mason, h. Chestnut 

Frye George, mason, bds Mrs. H. Frye's 

Frye Mrs. Hannah, h. Cabot 

Frye John, superintendent poor farm, h. Almshouse 

Frye Joseph, teamster, h. Rock 

Frye Reuben, mason, bds Mrs. H. Frye's 

Frye Misses Susan and Sophia, dressmakers, h. Central 

Frye Timothy, (& Young) W. L Goods, cor. Market and 

Shattuck, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Frye Timothy 2d, teamster, h. rear Lowell, near Decatur 
Fuller Alonzo F., Middlesex, h. High 
Fuller Charles A. W., Lowell M. Shop, h. Lee 
Fuller Charles W , printer. Adv. office, bds C.Whitney's 


Fuller Darius S., Boott, bds S. W. Brown's 

Fuller David P., h. cor. Pautucket and Lowell 

Fuller Edwin, Lawrence, bds A. Cook's 

Fuller Fordyce, Hamilton, li. Knowles' pi. 

Fuller George, Hamilton, bds Mrs. Bridjre's 

Fuller George A., Lawrence, bds Isaac Rolfe's 

Fuller George A., Merrimack Print W., h. 12 Lagrange 

Fuller Harrison, American li. stajre office, h. Union 

Fuller Hiram, Merrimack Print W., bds G. A. Fuller's 

Fuller Mrs. Hope P., boarding h. 5 Tremont corp. 

Fuller Mrs. Melinda, h. Paige 

Fuller Perez, tailor, Savings Bank B., bds N. F. Craft's 

Fuller Pulaski W., colporteur, cor. Merrimack and Pres- 

cott, h. Fayette 
FuUerton Samuel, Carpenter, bds A. L. Ciapp's 
Furlong Michael, laborer, h. Lowell 
Furness John, flannel mills, h. rear Chestnut 

Furnivall , h. Lowell 

Fussell James, laborer, h. Central 

Gaff'ney Barney, laborer, h. Winter 

Gaffney James, mason, h. cor Adams and Cross 

Gaffney James, mason, h. Jefferson 

Gaffney John, Merrimack Print VV., h. 1 Dummer 

Gage Charles, blacksmith. Market, h. Centre 

Gage James U., Gardiner & Wilson's, h. Kirk 

Gage Jonathan F., reedmaker, Market h. Lawrence 

Gage William H., Boott, h. 68 

Gallagher Daniel, Hamilton Print W.,bds O. Gallagher's 

Gallagher Francis, laborer, bds James Lynchs' 

Gallagher Hugh, laborer, h. cor. Pond &- Water 

Gallagher James, Appleton, bds F. W. Doe's 

Gallagher James, carpenter, h. Green 

Gallagher James, Hamilton, h. William 

Gallagher James, laborer, h. Winter 

Gallagher James, h. Pond 

Gallagher John, Freeman & Lang's h. Howe 

Gallagher Mrs. Margaret, h. Little 

Gallagher Mrs. Nancy, h. Green 

Gallagher Owen, h. William 


Gallagher Patrick, Middlesex, bds Chas. Way's 

Gallagher Thomas, laborer, h. Keene 

Gale Augustus, Suffolk, bds Mrs. L. Gale's 

Gale George, Boott, bds D. Parker's 

Gale George W., physician, h. Middlesex 

Gale Gilman, provision dealer, h. Merr. near Decatur 

Gale James Z., Middlesex, h. Spring 

Gale Jeremiah W., Prescott, h. 26 

Gale John, Suffolk, bds Mrs. L. Gale's 

Gale Julius C, variety store, Bridge, h. 60 Church 

Gale Mrs. Louisa, h. Austin, near Ford 

Gale Orlando, Suffolk, bds G. Gale's 

Gale Reuben, h. Central, Mason's ct. 

Gallison William, Hamilton, bds K. Prescott s 

Gallup Elias, Lowell, bds R. Gilman's 

Galvin John, Bleachery, h. do. 

Galvin Martin, farmer, h. Lawrence 

Galvin Patrick, P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence 

Galvin William, P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence 

Gannett Edward, carpenter, shop and h. Worthen 

Gannon James, Prescott, h. E. Merrimack 

Gardiner David P., watchman, Merrimack, h. John st. av. 

Gardner Mrs. Ann, h. 13 Trull's B., Middlesex 

Gardner Emerson (R &) copal varnish manufacturer, 

Market, h. Chelmsford 
Gardner George («& Wilson) dry goods, 38 Merrimack, 

h. 2 City Hall avenue 
Gardner James E., Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard 
Gardner Robert, (& E.) copal varnish manufacturer, 

Market, h. Bartlett 
Gardner Timothy, Tremont, h. cor. Merr. and Suffolk 
Gardner Timothy, Jr., Lawrence, bds T. Gardner's 
Garkin Daniel, laborer, h. William 
Gareghan Owen, slater, h. North 

Garfield Alfred S., Ham. Print W., bds John Whitney's 
Garland Abijah, steam mills, bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Garland Asa, works and bds L Scripture's 
Garland Daniel, Hamilton, h. 13 
Garland Edmund, works and bds M. N. Ham's 
Garland George M., Mechanics Mills, h. 6 Lagrange 
Garland Ceorge W., blacksmith, cor. Adams and Rock, 

h. Willie 
Garland Heman, steam mills, bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Garland Jeremiah, h. E. Merrimack 
Garland John, boot maker, bds Mrs. Sarah Knight's 


Garland Joseph H., Tremont h. 16 

Garland Joseph P., (Kittredge &) provisions, Washing- 
ton Market, h. Oak 
Garland Samuel, h. E. Merrimack 
Garmon Bernard, works and bds American h. 
Garmon Elbridge, painter, h. Walnut 
Garmon James, Lowell, h. E. Merrimack 
Garmon John, works and bds American h. 
Garrity Mrs, Ann, h. Jefferson 
Garrity Bartholomew, Hamilton, h. North 
Garrity John, laborer, h. Dutton 
Garrity Michael, mill wright, h. Dutton 
Garrity Patrick, Hamilton, h. North 
Garrity Peter, cooper. Market h. Butlers B. Dummer 
Garrity Thomas, Appleton, h. Lowell 
Garrett Robert, Massachusetts, h. 16 Prescott Corp. 
Gartland Francis, Bleachery, bds A. Annan's 
Garven Mrs. Catharine, h. Short's B., Jefferson 
Garvin Welcome, painter, Merrimack, h. ]75 
Garvey John, laborer, bds Thomas O Brian's 
Gassett Mrs Almira, boarding h. High st. sq. 
Gassner George, artist, 44 Central, h. 15 Hurd 
Gately Andrew, laborer, h. rear J. McDeRyans', Lowell 
Gately John (& Fannon) W. L Goods, Lowell, h. Dum. 
Gates Eli, farmer, h. Pine 

Gates Elihu, machinist, h. 28 Franklin sq. Suffolk 
Gates George W., Lowell M. Shop, bds E. Gates' 
Gates John M., museum, h. Alden 

Gates Josiah, Belt and Roll shop, 6 Mechanics B. h. For- 
est Place 
Gates Noah F., museum, h. cor. Central and Cady 
Gates Otis, Geo. Fiske's, h. Theatre Bl., Lowell 
Gault Newell, Lawrence, bds 46 
Gay Nathaniel, Lawrence, h. Race 
Gee Alvin B., musician, bds City Hotel 
Gee Francis, clerk and bds City Hotel 
Gelston Thomas, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 
George Alden P., baggage master N. depot, h. 39 Lagrange 
George Amos S., Hamilton, bds Submit Pierce's 
George Asa, carpenter, h. cor Central and Cedar 
George Andrew J., Railroad, bds B. L. Googins' 
George David, h. High 

George Gideon, carpenter, h. cor. Merrimack and Race 
George James, Lowell M. Shop, h. Union 
George Michael M., shoemaker, shop and h. Liberty 


George Samuel D., locksmith H. Patcli's, h. 7 Dodge 

Germon Francis, Museum, bds Allen Booth's 

Germon Greenbury C, Museum, h. cor. Central & Elm 

Germon William C., actor Museum, bds G. J. Knight's 

Gerrish Benjamin J., h. Chestnut 

Gerrish Joseph, Middlesex, bds C. Dame's 

Gerrish Mrs. Sarah A., Ii. Appleton 

Gerry Bernard, Boott, bds P. Gilchrest's 

Gerry Derby M., tin plate worker Merrimack, h. 177 

Gerry , Crosby &, Fuller's, bds A. F. Kidder's 

Getchell Ephraim, H. K. Breed's, h. George 

Getchell Joseph L , Lowell M. Shop, h. 45 Swamp Locks 

Gibb David N., job wagon, h Moody 

Gibbin James, laborer, h. rear Market 

Gibbens Thomas, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Gibby Mrs. Ann, German leeches, at Samuel Gibby's 

Gibby Samuel J., block cutter Hale's Mills, h. Gorham 

Gibby William H., clerk 12 Central, bds Mrs. Duesbury's 

Gibb Samuel, block cutter, h. Middle opp. P. O. 

Gibbs Jeduthan M., Middlesex, h. Central cor. Elm 

Gibney Mrs. Nancy, Prescott, h. E. Merrimack ' 

Gibson Charles, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 

Gibson John, painter, bds C. W. Wilkins' 

Gibson John C, Lowell M. Shop, bds E. Suesnian's 

Gibson Nathan S., Merrimack, h. 65 

Gibson Thomas, teamster, h. cor. School and Poplar 

Gierlow John, Merrimack Print W. C. R., h. 104 

Gilford Leonard, round house, h. Howard 

Gilbert Alfred P., E. B. Worthen's, bds L. J. Gilbert's 

Gilbert Asahei, hats, &c., 33 Central, bds Merrimack h. 

Gilbert Charles, carpenter, bds S. Benson's 

Gilbert Cummings, carpenter, h. Chestnut 

Gilbert John W., railroad repair shop, bds H. Marshall's 

Gilbert Levi J., Suffolk, h. 16 Cabot 

Gilchrest Geo. C, daguerreotypist 82 Merr., h. James ct. 

Gilchrest Patrick, laborer, h. Market 

Gilfoil Thomas, laborer, h. 9 Adams Bl. 

Gile Asa, Lawrence, bds D. S. Gile's 

Gile Asa G., Crosby & Fuller's, bds Wm. Bradley's 

Gile David S., carpenter, h. cor. Merrimack and Race 

Gile George B., B. H. Shepard's, bds Mrs. Gile's 

Gile Mrs. Persis R., boarding h. 95 Central 

Giles Joseph B., writing master, h. Lowell, near hospital 

Gillet Benjamin F., boarding h. 138 Merrimack corp. 

Gillet Samuel, bds J. C. Morey's 


Gill James, laborer, bds L. Welch's 
Gillis Mrs. Agnes, dressmaker, shf>p and h. 112 Merr. 
Gillis Charles J., clerk J. C. Ayer's, bds A. Willoughby's 
Gilkson Walker, Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard 
Gillon James, Prescoll, h. Middle 

Gilinan Alfred, paymaster Hamilton, h. cor. Cen. & Ames 
Gilman Almas H., L. Ray's, h Cabot 
Gilman Benjamin F., bds R. Gilman's 
Gilman Caleb N., Appleton, h. 5 
Gilman Daniel S., carpenter, bds T. C. Gilman's 
Gilman Franklin, powder mill, bds Levi Ferson's 
Gilman Levi, Merrimack, h. 145 
Gilman Moses D., Merrimack, bds 73 
Gilman Richard, teamster, h. Charles 
Gilman Seth S., carpenter, h. Gushing 
Gilman Trustum C, carpenter, Howe, h Wall 
Gilman William, painter, bds R. Gilman's 
Gilman William, Mass. h. 32 
Gilmore Otis K., Lowell M. Shop, h. Walnut 
Gilmore Robert, Lowell, h. Little 
Gilmour James, Lowell M. Shop, h. Rock 
Gilpatrick Moses G., Prescott, h. 2 Mass. 
Gilrcjy Patrick, laborer, h. Gorham 

Gilson Hosea B., reed factory. Middle, bds Benj. Ladd's 
Gilson William, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Givney Michael, laborer, h. Hale 
Gladwin Silas F., dentist, office and h. 96 Merrimack 
Glass Samuel, Lowell M. Shop, bds C. Hanson's 
Gleason Augustus, Hamilton, h. Marshall 
Gleason John, Mass. h. 44 Prescott corp. 
Gleason William H., musician, h. Willow pi. 
Glenn Humphrey, Merrimack, h. William 
Glidden Almas, painter, bds A. Davis' 
Glidden Aretus R., Lawrence, h 67 
Glidden Robert, Lowell, bds 1 
Glines Abial, Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 
Glines Albert, clothing store, 10 Merrimack, h. Davidson 
Glines Amos, Lowell M. Shop, h. 41 Swamp Locks 
Glines Asahel, clerk and bds Albert Glines' 
Glines Byron A., Middlesex, bds J. H. Kimball's 
Glines Charles, writg acad, 36 Central, bds 4 Suff. corp. 
Glover Mrs. Mary, h. Charles 
Goddard Alfred, Lawrence, h. 53 

Goddard Benjamin, W. 1, goods Middlesex, h. cor. Liberty 
and Powell 


Goddard Chas. T., ma. shop Middle'x, bds Mrs. Denisou's 

Goddard John, painter, h. INIaiden Lane 

Goddard John, Lawrence, h. cor, Austin & Ford 

Goddard Samuel B., h. 6 Dodge 

Godfrey Henry, foundry Jackson, bds Charles Bridge's 

Godfrey Michael, laborer, h. 11 Adams Bl. 

Goding George, Bleachery, h. do. 

Goding William, picker factory Middle, h. 7 Church 

Goding Wm. H., picker factory Middle, bds Wm. Coding's 

Goggin.s Edvvard, Merrimack, h. Fenwick 

Going Charles, coach driver, h. Russell's B., Lowell 

Going Joiin, railroad, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Going George, coach driver, bds Washington h. 

Golden Mrs. Ann, h. Fenwick 

Goldlng James, laborer, h. 9 Hurd 

Goldsmith Franklin, Prescott, bds J. S. Howe's 

Goldsmith Hubbard L., Middlesex, bds J. S. Carr's 

Goldsmith Thomas, merch't tailor, 26 Central, h. Dracutt 

Goodale Aaron, baker, L Scripture's, h. Chapel 

Goodale Amos, Mass. h. High 

Goodale Amos W., Lowell, h. Willie, north of Common 

Goodale Ora K., innkeeper, Lowell H., Middlesex 

Goodale William, tin plate worker, h 1 Lowell pi. 

Goodale Zachariah, laborer, h. Vine Lane 

Goodell Henry, teamster, bds 12 Franklin sq. 

Goodell Jotham, teamster, bds 7 Lowell corp. 

Goodell Lorenzo, Lowell, bds 7 

Goodell William, Lowell M Shop, h. Cabot 

Goodhue I. N., (T. P. &) upholstery, 97 Merr.bds Am. h. 

Goodhue Jason, Hamilton, h. 23 

Goodhue Thos. P., (&I. N.) upholstery, 97 Merr. bds do. 

Goodrich Abraham, Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 

Goodrich Mrs. Mary, h. North 

Goodrich Samuel, stonecutter, h.cor. Davis and Winter 

Goodspeed Calvin, h. Bartlett 

Goodwin Alfred, laborer, h. Cabot 

Goodwin John, Hamilton, h, 23 

Goodwin Nathaniel, Merrimack C. R., bds Merrimack h. 

Goodwin Nathaniel C, job wagon, h. E. Merrimack 

Goodwin Uriah, Suffolk, h. 21 

Goodwin William, Merrimack, h. 77 

Googins Benjamin L., Hamilton, h. cor. Wamesit & Mill 

Googins George S., Hamilton, h. cor. Wamesit and Mill 

Gook George, Boott, h. 9 Wall 

Gookin Slorer, Day & Convers, bds Willard Smith's 


Gordon Alexander, Hamilton, bds K. Prescott's 

Gordon Mrs. Ann, Hamilton, h. Gorhain 

Gordon Mrs, Bridget, h alley between Spring & Middl'x 

Gordon Charles, belt maker J. Gates', h. Merrimack 

Gordon Ebenezer N., teamster, h. cor. Chapel & Central 

Gordon Mrs. Ellen, var'y store 5 Merr., bds Mrs. Gordon's 

Gordon Mrs. Harriet, h. Paige 

Gordon Jonathan S., Merrimack, h. 159 

Gordon Joseph H., carpenter, bds Jona. Edgerly's 

Gordon Judith B., boarding h. 49 Merrimack corp, 

Gordon Mrs. Mary, Merrimack, h. Lee 

Gordon Phinehas, mover of build's, bds Sarah Hutchins' 

Gordon Silas D., Merrimack, bds Harriet Gordon's 

Gorman James, laborer, h. William 

Gorman John, teamster Merrimack, h. Fenwick 

Gorman Patrick, Hamilton, h. Winter 

Gorman Patrick, laborer, h. William 

Gorman Patrick, harness maker, h. Short's B., Lowell 

Gormley John, Lawrence, bds James Kelley's 

Gormley Martin, Merrimack, h. Lowell 

Gormley Patrick, laborer, h. 11 Hurd 

Gormley Stephen, Boott, bds Thomas Lennon's 

Gorton Daniel, paper maker, h. Bartlett 

Gotham Henry, Prescott, h. 33 

Gould Amos A., Suffolk, h. 24 

Gould Daniel, laborer, h. Central 

Gould George P., Tremont, h. 8 

Gould Gustavus, Bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 

Gould Henry, Bleachery, bds F. L. Moore's 

Gould Jerol, Lawrence, h. 37 

Gould Joseph R., bds Mary H. Brown's 

Gould Mrs. Maria, boarding h. 38 Mass. 

Goulding Michael, Tremont, bds 14 

Goulding Owen, Vox Populi office, h. William 

Goulding William F., Lowell, bds John Gleason's 

Gove Dana B., shoe store 8 Tilden, bds 14 Suffolk st. 

Gove David, Hamilton, h. cor. Gorham and Union 

Gove Ezra C., shoes and variety 15 and h. 14 Suffolk st. 

Gove Luke, fancy goods, shop and h. 6 Tilden 

Gove William S., 128 Merrimack st., and bds 118 

Gove Winthrop, carpenter, h. 26 Church 

Goward Francis, foundry Jackson, h. cor. Mid'x & Garnet 

Goward Zephaniah, L. M. Shop, h. cor. Mid'x & Garnet 

Gowdy Mrs. Sarah C, boarding h. 12 Tremont corp. 

Gowing Roswell, Lowell, h. Market 


Gracey David, cabinet maker O. Ross', h. Davis 

Grady James, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Grady Michael, Locks and Canals, bds P. Hickey's 

Grady Patrick, laborer, h. 19 Adams 

Graham Benjamin, Lowell M. Shop, bds John Graham's 

Graham Mrs. Eliza, h. Davidson 

Graham Frederick, Appleton, h. 21 

Graham Isabella, milliner shop and bds John Graham's 

Graham John, h. 9 E. Merrimack 

Graham Terence, laborer, h. Howe 

Graham William, hatter Bent &, Bush's, h. Summer 

Granger James, J. E. Maynard's, bds J. M, Maynard's 

Grant Aaron R., Lowell M. Shop, h. Marion 

Grant Eben, Lowell M. Shop, bds A. R. Grant's 

Grant Elisha, Boott, h. 55 

Grant James, Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 

Grant James H., laborer, h. Marshal 

Grant Jefferson, carpenter, h. Willow 

Grant John, Lowell, bds Mrs. L Swap's 

Grant John E , shoemaker 88 Central, bds G. W. Moore's 

Grant Levi, Lawrence, bds P. Brogan's 

Grant Luther C , Aldrich & Tyng's, h. 5 Franklin sq. 

Grant Mrs. Mary Ann, h. Lee 

Grant Samuel, Bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 

Grant William, Lowell, bds Mrs. I. Swap's 

Graves Benjamin, Merrimack, bds 79 

Graves John W., physician, otBce and h. 16 Kurd 

Graves Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 20 Hurd 

Gray Alanson, mason, h. Franklin 

Gray Austin, Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's 

Gray Daniel S., vegetables. Central, h. Tyler 

Gray David, cabinet maker O. Ross', h. Davis 

Gray Dorcas M., dressmaker, h. Bartlett 

Gray Eben, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 

Gray James B., mason, h. Franklin 

Gray John, laborer, h. 16 Adams Bl. 

Gray Lorenzo, bobbin shop near Bleachery, bds D. Gray's 

Gray Mark, laborer, h. Winter 

Gray Simeon, Mass., bds L. F. Lawrence's 

Gray William C, h. cor. Church and Central 

Greely Joseph B., Boott, bds J. C. Crane's 

Green Alonzo, watchman, Bleachery, h. Moore 

Green Amos, Merrimack, h. 58 

Green Amos H., Merrimack, bds Amos Green's 

Green Andrew, h. Charles 


Green Benjamin, Lawrence, bds 34 

Green Benjamin, Lowell M. Shop, h. 49 

Green Charles H., Lowell M. Shop, h. 66 

Green Ebenezer, Norton's printing office, bds M. Lord's 

Green Mrs. Ellen, Mass. bds Margaret Green's 

Green James H., Prescott, h. 7 Mass. 

Green James, pedler, bds Mrs. M. Roark's 

Green John, Low-ell, h. Willie 

Green J. O., physician, office Sav. Bank Bl. h. Pautucket 

Green John R., Locks and Canals, h. School 

Green Levi P., tailor, h. Middlesex 

Green Mrs. Lydia, h. 224 Meriimack st. 

Green Mrs. Margaret, h. E. Merrimack 

Green Nathaniel, Mass. bds Wm. Gilmore's 

Green Patrick, INorris & Lesure's, bds H. E. Carey's 

Green Patrick, Lowell, bds 1 

Green Rufus, Lawrence, bds 34 

Green Samuel S., L. M. Shop, h. cor. Spring and South 

Green S. A , dressmaker, works and bds L. P. Green's 

Green Teague, Bleachery, bds Peter Frawley's 

Green Tyler, carpenter, bds Benj. C. Fisk's 

Greenleaf Daniel G,, constable, City Hall, h. High 

Greenleaf Lowell, boarding h. 46 Church 

Greenleaf William, Merrimack, bds 72 

Gregory Joseph, tailor, L. D. Boise's, h. Bartlett 

Gregory William C, engraver, h. 14 Franklin sq. 

Greer John, Lowell, h. Middle 

Gregg Miss Sarah, nurse, h. Central, Mason's ct. 

Greggs Joseph, Lawrence, bds Alvin Cook's 

Griffin Abner, Middlesex, bds O. Mace's 

Griffin Alvah J., pedler, h, Cabot 

Griffin Benjamin, shoemaker, h. cor. Beacon and Bowers 

Griffin Benjamin F., carpenter, shop and h. Mill 

Griffin Carlos, Middlesex, bds J. H. Kimball's 

Griffin Charles, Mass. h. 41 Prescott corp. 

Griffin Ebenezer S., Mass. bds Chas. Griffin's 

Griffin Eliphalet, carpenter, h. Walnut 

Griffin George, carpenter, h. Franklin 

Griffin George A., shoemaker, h. Howard 

Griffin Mrs. Joanna, h. Fenwick 

Griffin Joseph, h. Cheever 

Griffin Josiah, wheelwright, Howe, h. Chestnut 

Griffin Josiah E., carpenter, h. Water 

Griffin Miles F , shoemaker, h. Willow 

Griffith John, (Shepherd & Co ) 77 Merr.,bds Wm. Smart's j 


Griffith Wait, Lowell M. Shop, bds B. Brown's 

Griffith , Prescott, bds G. G. Knapp's 

Grimes David E., Lowell M. Shop, bds D. W. Grimes' 

Grimes David W., Lowell M. Shop, h, 4 Swamp Locks 

Grimes John, foundry, h. 13 Lewis 

Grimes John, Lowell M. Shop, h. Moody 

Grimes Michael, laborer, bds John Grimes 

Grimes Peter D., blacksmith, bds John Grimes 

Groom James, Lowell, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 

Groom John, Lowell, bds James Groom's 

Grosvenor Jonathan P., carpenter, bds Joseph Farren's 

Grover Ariston, machinist, h. Union 

Grover David S., Prescott, h. 3 

Grover Henry, Railroad, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Grover Josiah, Mass. bds B. Brown's 

Grusli Joseph S., hair dresser, Middlesex, h. Howard 

Guild Benjamin, stone mason, h. Chapel 

Guild Isaac, boarding h. 15 Lawrence corp. 

Guild James W., Middlesex, h. 4 Suffolk st. 

Guild Samuel H., Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Guild William A., (Lincoln &) apothecary, cor. Bridge 

and Merrimack, bds B. Guild's 
Guilfy Mrs. Catharine, h. Gorham 
Gulliland Thomas, mason, bds Mrs. J. Riddle's 
Guley Jacob, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Vance's 
Gunn James, Bleachery, bds T. McMahan's 
Gunnison A. J., (Beard <fc) coun 61 Central, h. Gorham 
Gunnison Arouet, carpenter, bds L. Freeman's 
Guppy Oliver, Middlesex, h. cor. Central and Tyler 

Hackett Daniel, laborer, h. Trull's B., Middle 

Hackett Daniel, Mass, bds E. Walch's 

Hackett Daniel D., Merrimack, h. 123 

Hackett Nathan, Mass. bds E. Walch's 

Hackett Patrick, laborer, bds Daniel Hackett's 

Hackett Samuel, Merrimack, bds 71 

Hadlock Coburn, stable, Worthen, h. cor. Lagrange 

Hadlock Josiah B., works and bds Coburn Hadlock's 

Had ley Carlos M., Merrimack, bds 165 

Hadley E., variety store, 9 Tilden, boarding h. 56 Law. 


Hadley Edmund M., Lawrence, bds 51 

Hadley Elias H., Merrimack, h. 165 

Hadley John, stable, Worlhen, h. cor. Wortlien and Low'l 

Hadley John W. P., Lawrence, bds 51 

Hadley Joshua, carpenter, h. 51 Lawrence corp. 

Hadley Joshua M., Lawrence, h. 51 

Hadley Samuel P., engineer, bds Nathaniel Hill's 

Hayer Darius, wood dealer, h. School, near Canal 

Haggins John, R. R. yard, bds D. Sumner's 

Haggerty James, shoe maker, h. Linton 

Haggerty Patrick, laborer, h. Gorham 

Haggerty Philip, shoe maker, bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's 

Haggerty Michael, laborer, h. Gorham 

Haggett Allen, Ticket C. & N. R. R., h. cor High 

Haggett J. Putnam & Currier's, h. Central, Chapel Hill 

Hague Thomas, Middlesex, h. "Water 

Haines Crosley K., Merrimack, h. 4 

Haines George W., painter, bds C. M. Haines' 

Haines Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 Swamp Locks 

Haines Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 4 Merrimack corp. 

Hale Benjamin, manufacturer, h. Willow 

Hale Bernice S., (Roundy &) paper maker, h. Gorham 

Hale Charles, restorator, depot, Middlesex st. h. Howard 

Hale David R., jeweller, 120 Merr. h.Merr. near Hospital 

Hale Frederick, Lowell M. Shop, bds Isaac Calefs 

Hale John, Lowell, bds 7 

Hale Joshua, shoemaker, h. Chestnut 

Hale Mrs Lydia Ann, h. Chestnut 

Hall Mrs. Lydia Ann, h. Chestnut 

Hall William, Boott, h. 33 

Hanlay Thomas, laborer, h. Gorham 

Haley Andrew, Horace Howard's, bds Thomas Dolan's 

Haley Harrison, C B. French's, bds L. Hawes' 

Haley Joseph, S. Bohonnon's, h. Lamb's ct. 

Haley James, mason, h. Lowell 

Haley Mrs Mary, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 

Haley John, Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's 

Haley Timothy, Foundry, h. Shorts' B., Lewis 

Haley William, Wm. Kittredge's, bds Sarah Cooper's 

Hall Amza, Hamilton, bds Nancy Foorg's 

Hall Albert B., Butler & Farr's, bds Asa Hall's 

Hall Arthur S., Boston & Lowell R. R. bds E. Norton's 

Hall Asa, carpenter, h. E. Merrimack 

Hall Charles, Boston and Lowell R. R.,bds S.C. Baker's 

Hall Calvin, Boston & Lowell depot, h. Charles 


Hall Christopher C, boarding h. 29 Hamilton 

Hall Francis, mason, h. 12 Middle 

Hall Jeremiah S., D. West & Go's, bds Asa Hall's 

Hall John H., Lowell M. Shop, bds E. T. True's 

Hall Jonathan, Jr., Hamilton, bds S. C, Baker's 

Hall Levi, Hamilton, h. Summer . 

Hall Oren R., hack driver, h. Union 

Hall Osgood, railroad, h. cor. Central and Tyler 

Hall Samuel D., works and bds G. W. Fiske's 

Hall Mrs. Sally, h. 1.5 Suffolk corp. 

Hall Stacy, bds 64 Swamp Locks 

Hall Stephen, mason, h. Tremont 

Hall Thomas D., bds A. Hall's 

Hall Wilder, Hamilton, h. 42 ' 

Halligan John, laborer, bds Margaret Heavy's 

Halvin John, Merrimack, bds 75 

Halloran John, Lowell M. Shop, h. rear Suffolk 

Ham Charles, Lowell and Boston R. R., h. Middlesex 

Ham Cyrus, Lowell M. Shop, bds 23 Swamp Locks 

Ham George W., millwright, h. Lawrence 

Ham Isaac L., stonemason, h. Lawrence 

Ham John R., Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard 

Ham Julia A., tailoress, h. Pearl 

Ham Theron, Mass., bds Mrs. M. Woodman's 

Hamblett Daniel B., P. O. Richmond's, bds Union h. 

Hamblett Galen, mason, h. Central, Chapel Hill 

Hamblett Joshua, carpenter, h. Chapel 

Hamilton James, Jr., Suffolk, h. 30 

Hamilton John, Middlesex, h. Winter 

Hamilton Jonathan, botanic physician, off. and h. Charles 

Hamilton Robert L., botanic physician, off. and h. Charles 

Hammond Oscar, Lawrence, bds 50 

Hancock Daniel, Middlesex, h. Green 

Hancock Edward, Batting mill, h. Lawrence 

Hancock James S., h. 11 Middlesex Place 

Hancock John, Lowell M. Shop, bds D. Hancock's 

Hancock Levi, beer manufacturer, Middlesex, h. Tyler 

Hancock Thomas, works and bds L Scripture's 

Handlin Daniel, laborer, bds Mrs. McEvoy's 

Handlin Francis, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Hanefen Daniel, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Hanefen Michael, Lawrence, bds M. Hoare's 

Hanefen William, Merrimack, bds M. Hoare's 

Hanks Rev. Stedman W., h. Kirk 

Hanley Geo., L. M. S , bds Misses Reynolds & Morrill's 



Hanley Joseph O., woodsavvyer, h. IJ^ Adams B. 

Haiiley Richard, foundry, h. Adams 

Hanley Tliomas, Merrimack, h. Green 

Hanatbrd Mrs. Mary, h. Davidson 

Jianaford Miss Mary, Appleton, h. 18 Middlesex st. 

Hannaford James, Merrimack, h. 132 

Hanniford George G., Merrimack, h. 43 

Ilanrihan James, Bleachery, h. Livingston 

Hanscom Moses, h. High 

Hanscomb Edmund, dry goods 101 Merr., h. Chestnut 

Hanover Terence, laborer, h. Market 

Hanson Benjamin, Lawrence, bds ly 

Hanson Mrs. Catharine, h. rear Middlesex 

Hanson Dexter B., Fiske & Norcross, h. Green 

Hanson George M., (J.&) Andover, bds Luth'a Wright's 

Hanson Henry, works and bds Samuel Harris' 

Hanson Hiram, Bleacherj"^, h. cor. Central and Walnut 

Hanson Hosea B., Merrimack Print W., bds 99 

Hanson James, shoemaker, h. Merrimack near Hanover 

Hanson James L., painter, h. Gorham 

Hanson James P., (Tibbetts&) dry goods 120 Merrimack, 
h. cor. Moody and Austin 

Hanson Joshua, (& G. N.) blacksmith Andover, bds Lu- 
ther a Wright s 

Hanson Leonard, steam mill, bds A. Charles' 

Hanson Lorenzo D., Appleton, h Summer 

Hanson Richard R., Prescott, h. 9 Mass. 

Hapgood Abram, Prescott, h. 32 

Hapgood Eph'm, (Aldrich &) shuttle mak. Howe, h. High 

Hapgood William, painter, h. Fayette 

Harahan Francis, Middlesex, bds Submit Pierce's 

Haraghan Bartholomew, laborer, h. Winter 

Hard Charles F., Lowell M. Shop, h. 31 Swamp Locks 

Harding Benjamin, variety store and h. Merrimack 

Harding David, Merrimack, bds 171 

Harding John, Middlesex, h. 6 Warren ct. 

Harding Joseph, gunsmith O. A. Richardson's, h. Warren 

Harding John, painter, bds H. Manley's 

Hardy Benj-imin T., dry goods 3 Welles Block, Merri- 
mack, bds Merrimack h. 

Hardy Francis H., dry goods 132 Merrimack, h. Tyler 

Hardy James M., teamster, bds C. W. Wilkins' 

Hardy Jameson, Middlesex, h. North 

Hardy John, shoemaker, h. 6 Wall 

Hardy Leonard, Suffolk, h. 7 Cabot Bl. 


Hardy Nathaniel D., horse dealer, h. Pau't near Lowell 

Hardy Philip, Boott, h. 76 

Hardy Miss Rebecca P., boarding h. 12 Boott 

Hardy Simeon C, boatman, h. School 

Hardy Sylvester, Lowell M. Shop, h. Garnet 

Hardy Thomas, auctioneer. Market, h. Chestnut 

Hardy Walter, Lowell, h. between Essex and Brown 

Hardy Warren, Suffolk, h. 3 

Hardy William H., baker, h. Russell's B., Lowell 

Harkin James, slater, h. 5 Dummer 

Harkins James, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 

Harlow John B., clothing 53 Cen'l, h. cor. And"r & Clay 

Harmon James M , bds Dr. F. Morrill's 

Harnden Edwin, Sargent's Express, h. 8 Dodge 

Harnden Henry, W. i. goods, Andover, h. Oak 

Harnden Jabez J , carpenter, bds J. L. Draper's 

Harnden John, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Harper James H., Mass. bds Mrs. Harper's 

Harper John, painter, bds Wm. Howe's 

Harper Mrs. Mary, h. Market 

Harrigan John, batting mill, h. Hale 

Harriman Aaron, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Harriman Charles M., Tremont, bds D. Harriman's 

Harriman Dan'l, cotton manuf. h.cor. Moody and Austin 

Harriman Daniel, laborer, h. Flynn's B., Suffolk 

Harriman George, Middlesex, bds Calvin Hall's 

Harriman Gilman, bds American h. 

Harriman Hiram, Merrimack, bds 71 

Harriman John, h. 27 Merrimack 

Harriman Mrs. Martha, h. 2 Adams E. 

Harrington Cornelius, laborer, h. Lowell 

Harrington Daniel, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Harrington Daniel, Lowell M. Shop, h. Jefferson 

Harrington Daniel Jun., laborer, h. Jefferson 

Harrington Dennis, laborer, h. Davidson 

Harrington George, Lowell M. Shop, bds J. Huse's 

Harrington Jeremiah, shoemaker, bds L. O'Brian's 

Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, h. Dummer 

Harrington John, City Hotel 

Harrincrton John, laborer, h, Howe 

Harrington John, batting mill, h Hale 

Harrington John J., laborer, h. Davidson 

Harrington Jonatiian R , Merrimack, bds 171 

Harrington Lyman, job wagon, h. Davidson 

Harrington Michael, laborer, bds H. Hickson's 


Harrington Patrick, Middlesex, li. Gorham 
Hurrinirton Patrick, batting mill, h. Hale 
Harrington Thomas, laborer, bds H. Hickson's 
Harris Albert J., tean)ster, bds James Frye's 
Harris Charles F., laborer, h. Moody 
Harris George L., Lawrence, h. G9 
Harris Henry, bds B. F. Turners 
Harris Hinckley D., laborer, bds C. F. Harris' 
Harris James Jun., stone cutter, bds Jesse Coburn's 
Harris John, Middlesex, bds James Thorn's 
Harris John, bleachery, bds Peter Frawley's 
Harris JMrs. Louisa, h. Lee 
Harris Norman, Appleton, h. 15 
Harris Onias, William Fiske's b. Gushing 
Harris Page M., Lawrence, h. 36 
Harris Mrs. Rachel, h. Lee 

Harris T. W., Pub. N. E. Off. 23 Gentral,bds S. Fielding's 
Harris William, boatman, h. Ghapel 
Harris William PL, h. Union 

Harrison Edward, provisions, store and U. Lowell 
Harrison James, music teacher, bds Mrs. Duesbury's 
Harrower Robert, Lowell, h. Garpet Lane 
Hart Andrew, Middlesex, h. Water 
Hart Gornelius, laborer, h. McEvoy's B., Lowell 
Hart Edward, Middlesex, h. Water 

Hartley Edward, Aldridge &Tyng's,bds6l Swamp Locks 
Hartley John, Hamilton, bds Jas. Smith's 
Hartley William, machinist, bds G. G. Smith's 
Harthan Miss Hannah, dress maker, sliop and h. Arcade B. 
Hartson Jonathan B , D. R. Kimball's, h. 204 Merrimack 
Hartwell Ephraim, W. A. Fisher's, bds R. R. Saloon 
Harwood Uavid, Prescott, bds E. Walch's 
Harvey Benjamin, Lowell M. Shop, h. 23 Swamp Locks 
Harvey Francis P., Lowell M. Shop, bds 23 Swamp Locks 
Harvey John, shoemaker, h. William 
Harvey Richard P., Middlesex, bds William Chenery's 
Harvey Samuel W., milk man, h. Lawrence st. 
Harvey WilUam, boarding h. 21 Boott 
Haskell Hiram, Lawrence, bds 45 

Haskell Moses G., daguerreotypist, bds Jane McKenzie's 
Hasey Ednru id, Fisk & Norcros.-:-, bds J. Bachelder's 
Hastings Elias 0., fruit and variety shop and h. 8 John 
Hastings George, machinist, market h. Willow 
Hastings Sigismond H. (Teeman &) merchant tailor, 7 
Appleton B., h. Walnut 


Hatch Albert, picker maker, h. 120 Merrimack corp. 

Hatch Charles H., Middlesex, h. cor. Lawrence and North 

Hatch Charles P., James L. Foot's, h. Willie 

Hatch George S., Day & Converse, h. Andover 

Hatch Joel, sash and blind maker, h. Appleton 

Hatch Seih W., h. Wall 

Hatch William W., Merrimack Print W., h. Moody 

Hatchman , silversmith, Market, bds Eliza Moulton's 

Haven Jesse, bds Charlotte Morgan's 

Havete Francis, Appleton, h. South 

Haviland Patrick, Lowell, h. Jefferson 

Havves Daniel, blacksmith, h. Merrimack 

Hawes Mrs. Eleanor, washerwoman, h. Willow 

Hawes George W., Mass , h. 2 

Hawes Nathaniel, carpenter, h. Andover 

Hawkes Albert, shoemaker, h. Willow 

Hawkes Andrew N., shoemaker, h. Chapel 

Hawkes Rev. Philo, h. Cedar 

Hawkes Timothy T., carpenter, bds A. Charles' 

Hay Henry, variety store. Market, h. Maiden Lane 

Hay Terence, Lowell M. Shop, h. Middle 

Hayden Ephraim F., Bradt's, h. cor. School and Dane 

Hayden Isaac J., shoemaker. Market, bds O. M. Donohoe's 

Hayden Samuel M., Middlesex, bds T. B. Smith's 

Haydon Frederick, Hamilton Print W., h. Gorham 

Haydon Robert C, Fiske's bobbin shop, h. Chelmsford 

Hayes Augustus A., chemist Middlesex, h. cor. George 

and Warren 
Hayes Henry, Merrimack, h. 82 
Hayes Henry M., mason, h. Ayer's Bl., Moody 
Hayes John, Locks and Canals, h. Flynn's B , Suffolk 
Hayes Joseph R., apothecary 12 Central, h. Central 
Hayes Linvell, writing master, bds 7 Franklin sq. 
Hayes Mrs. Mary M., boarding h. 59 Merrimack corp. 
Hayes Nathan, Merrimack, bds 74 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, h. Short's B., Lowell 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, h. Flynn's B., Suffolk 
Haynes Alfred, Merrimack, h. 172 
Haynes Mrs. Anna, h. Fayette 
Haynes Mrs. Elizabeth, h. William 
Haynes Mrs. Ellen, h. Howard Bl., Lowell 
Haynes Joseph, Lowell, bds N. Farmer's 
Haynes Michael, laborer, bds Mrs. E. Haynes' 
Haynes Phinehas R., h. cor. Branch and South 


Haynes Prentice, teamster, h. Luther's ct. 
Haynes Samuel S., carpenter, h. Favor 
Ilayncs Sylvester, carpenter, l)ds Mrs. E. Haynes' 
Hayward Alplieus S., Lowell M. Slinp, h. Pine 
Hayward Asa E., clothing store 80 Central, li. Tyler 
Hayward Edmund B, foundry Jackson, bds M. Sanborn's 
Hayward Samuel, works and bds William Hayward's 
Hayward William, Irunkmaker, Prescott, h. Summer 
Hazen Martin O., locksmith, Howe, bds Geo. Prescott's 
Haseltine George W., carpenter, h. South 
Flaseltine Mrs. Mary, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Hazeltine Augustus, shoemaker, bds Jane Robinson's 
Hazeltine Benson C, daguerreotypist, Merrimack st., bds 

Wm. Phillips' 
Hazeltine Benj. F., Butterfield & Clark's bds Amer. h. 
Hazeltine John, shoemaker 7.^ Merr., bds Asa Preston's 
Hazeltine R. T., carpenter, bds Lowell h. 
Hazelton Edmund F., Culver &.Hurd's,bds 162 Merr. corp. 
Heald Daniel, carpenter, bds H. McDuffie's 
Heald Loammi, Merrimack, h. 77 
[ieald Miss Lucy, dressmaker, bds J. Dummer's 
Heald Samuel M., Wm. Fiske, h. 1 Lagrange 
Healey David, Merrimack Print W., h. 84 
Healey David Jr., Merrimack Print W., bds 84 
Healey Henry, engraver Merrimack, h. 45 
Healey James, block printer, h. 3 Lee 
Healey Michael, mason, h. Jefferson 
Healey Nathaniel, cigar maker, bds Mrs. E. Diggles' 
Heaney George, Lowell M. Shop, h. 6 Marion 
Heath Alanson, Merrimack, bds 75 
Heath Asa, mover buildings, bds S. B. Abbott's 
Heath Galutia, Howard h., Middlesex 
Heath George, Boott, bds C. Blake's 
Heath George, Boott, h. Lee 

Heath James T., Lowell M. Shop, bds E. H. Jewell's 
Heath Joseph, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Heath wood Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, h. William 
Hebert Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. M. Scale's 
Heavy Mrs. Margaret, h. Winter 
Heavy Robert, laborer, h. Winter 
Hedge Frank, engraver, 21 Central, bds American h. 
Hedge Levi, penny post, bds American h. 
Hedges Jeremiah, foundi-y Market, h. Mt. Vernon 
Hedrick George, sign painter 36 Central, h. Andover 
Heeran John, W. L goods and bds Lowell 


Heminway Francis, h. Adams 

Uemenway Marshall, (Wood &) W. T. goods cor. Cen- 
tral and Centre, h. cor. Central and Cady 
Hemenvvay Mrs. Sophronia, boarding h 26 Suffolk 
Henderson Alex, dealer in butter and cheese, h. Lawrence 
Heney Michael tailor, bds O. M. Donohoe's 
Heney Win., L. M. Shop, bds 10 Swamp I^ocks, Dutton 
Henrihan John, laborer, b. E. Merrimack 
Henry Daniel E., teamster, h. 40 Church 
Herford H. F., teacher of music, bds N. F. Crafts' 
Herford Mich'l, laborer, h. alley between Merr. and Middle 
Hern Edward, Fisk & Norcross, bds Daniel E.owe's 
Hern Henry F , carpenter, Merrimack h. 66 
Hern James, laborer, h. alley between Merr. and Middle 
Hern Patrick, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Hern William, carpenter, Merrimack, h. 146 
Hersey Amos J., Appleton, h. cor. Central and Mill 
Hersey Hiram, J. M. Marston's, h. 28 Central 
Hersey Mrs. Perthenia, boarding h. 12 Prescott corp. 
Hersey Stephen, Mass. bds B. Brown's 
Herrick Charles P., mason, h. Crosby's ct. 
Herrick Edward, carpenter, h. North 
Herrub Marcus H., Lowell M. Shop, bds George Adams' 
Huckensfeldt Frederick, Lowell, bds Mrs. E. Kimball's 
Hewitt James, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. M. Cassidy 
Hey wood Charles H., (Merrill &) bookseller, 23 Central, 

bds Merrimack h. 
Hickey Cornelius, laborer, bds James Hickey's 
Hickey James, laborer, h. McEvoy's B,, Lowell 
Hickey Mrs. Mary, h. rear Fenwick 
Hickey Patrick, Locks and Canals, h. Fenwick 
Hickey Walter, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Hickson Henry, W. I. Goods store and h. Fenwick 
Hidden Martin L., Fisk & Norcross, bds J. Bachelder's 
Hiland Mrs. Honora, h. Adams st. 
Hiland Lucius, Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 
Hilborn William H., Thurston's stable, h. 64 Church 
Hildreth Asa, Booth, h. 65 

Hildreth Charles L., Lowell M. Shop, h. 15 Swamp Locks 
Hildreth Dexter, W. L Goods, Howe, h. Fayette 
Hildreth Ephraim, farmer, h. Liberty 
Hildretli Fisher A., editor Advertiser, h. 14 Central 
Hildreth Isaac, J. M. Peabody's, bds E. Douglass' 
Hilliard Ephraim M., druggist, cor. Merrimack and Kirk, 
bds E. Winslow's 



Milliard Theophiliis, boarding h. 17 Appleton corp. 

Hill Albert, shoemaker, 7^ Merrimack, bds Asa Preston's 

Hill Asa, mason, h. cor. Gorham and Cedar 

Hill Benjamin, Lowell M. Shop, bds 18 Lowell corp. 

Hill lienjamin C, Hamilton, h. 9 

Hill Calvin B., h. Union 

Hill Daniel, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Hill David, Boston and Lowell R. R., h. Howard 

Hill David, bds Howard h. 

Hill David, (B. F. Holden & Co.) W. I. Goods, 98, h. 

126 Central 
Hill David A., paper mill, h. Abbott 
Hill David W., L. M. Shop, h. cor. Middlesex and Garnet 
Hill Mrs. Elvira, Hamilton, h. Gorham 
Hill George W., N. Critchett's, bds A. Skinner's 
Hill Mrs. Hannah, h. Appleton 
Hill Job, Lawrence, h. 8 Suffolk st. 
Hill Job W., Mass. bds B. Brown's 
Hill John, bds 50 Merrimack corp. 

Hill John, blacksmith, shop and h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Hill John B., Hamilton, bds Jason Goodhue's 
Hill Joseph, Hamilton, h. Luther's ct. 
Hill Joseph, carpenter, Merrimack, h. 93 
Hill Lawrence, blacksmith, Dummer, h. Market 
Hill Mrs. Loruhamah, boarding h. 50 Merrimack corp. 
Hill Nathaniel, Locks and Canals, h. Dodge 
Hill Oren T-, Lowell, h. Gushing 

Hill Paul,sup't water works, locks and canals, h. Worthen 
Hill Peter W., Lowell, h. cor. Lewis and Little 
Hill Sylvester B., Merrimack, bds 73 
Hill William, tin plate worker, h. Kirk avenue 
Hill William, Fiske & Norcross, bds J. Bachelder's 
Hill William, J. D. Plympton's, bds Paul Hill's 

Hill , teamster, bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 

Hills Charles H , carpenter, h. Lewis 

Hills Edwin A., Merrimack, bds P. Hills 

Hills Eliphalet, clerk Boston & Low'l R. R., h. E. Merr. 

Hills George H., flour store. Savings Bank Bl. h. Tyler 

Hills Paul, carpenter, h. Lewis 

Hills Mrs. Prudence, boarding h. Lewis 

Hiller George B., Middlesex, h. 20 Charles 

Hilton Charles, Clark & Butterfield's, bds H. M. Bean's 

Hilton Samuel, Mass. bds P. C. Tarbox's 

Hinchliff Joseph, Aldrich & Tyng's, bds Peter Bessey's 

Hindman Wesley A., bds American h. 



Hinds Bayley, woodsawyer, h. High st. sq. 

Hinds Charles, laborer, h. Garnet 

Hinds Lorenzo D., carpenter, h. High st. sq. 

Hinkson John, stonelayer, h. Wyrnan's B , Middle 

Hinkley Ciiarles, foundry Middle, h. E. Merrimack 

Hinkley Joseph E., h. Hunt's avenue 

Hitchcock Marcus, Boott, bds Mary Johnson's 

Hitchen William, Hamilton, bds George Howarth's 

Hixon Lloyd, Lowell C. R., bds Mrs. Hixon's 

Hixon Mrs. Roxana, boarding h. High st. sq. 

Hyland Matthew, carpenter, h. South 

Hoag Jonathan, Boott, bds D. Parker's 

Hoare Michael, W. I. goods, shop & h. Short's B., Lowell 

Hobbes Dean, carpenter, bds Olivia Holt's 

Hobbs David, umbrella maker, h. Appleton 

Hobbs Eben R., teamster, h. Decatur 

Hobbs Reuben, Wm. Fisk's, bds Stephen Hobbs' 

Hobbs Stephen, Wm. Fisk's, h. cor. School and Poplar 

Hobbs William F., Lowell M. Shop, bds David Hobbs' 

Hobson George, Hamilton Print W., h. Gorham 

Hodgdon Joseph, Brooks & Tyler, bds Ebenezer Eaton's 

Hodgdon Mrs. Judith, h. 11 Suffolk corp. 

Hodgdon J. D., carpenter, h. cor. School and Butterfield 

Hodgdon Samuel G., carpenter, bds Judith Hodgdon's 

Hodgdon Miss Sarah, bds L. W. Cheney's, E. Merrimack 

Hodgdon William H., shoemaker, bds Alphreda Smith's 

Hodge William, Merrimack Print VV.,bds Jas. Campbell's 

Hodge William, Lawrence, bds 45 

Hodgkins Stephen, carpenter, shop and h. Worthen 

Hodkin Samuel, Merrimack Print W., bds 25 

Hodgman Francis, contractor, h Willie north of common 

Hodgman Isaac, teamster, Merrimack, h. 46 

Hodgman Romanus, Clark & Butterfield's, bds C. Bagley's 

Hodgman Solomon, Lowell M. Shop, h. Keene 

Hodgman Stillman, Lowell M. Shop, bds S. C. Baker's 

Hogan Dennis, laborer, h. Barker's B., Lowell 

Hogan John, cigar maker, bds Mrs. Cook's 

Hogan Michael, laborer, h. 9 Adams Bl. 

Hoit Amos G., clerk provision store, bds Joseph Hoit's 

Hoit David E., carpenter, h. near North Gram. School h. 

Hoit George, Hamilton, h. Spring 

Hoit Joseph, wood surveyor, h. 7 Suffolk st. 

Hoit Samuel, daguerreotypist, bds Sarah Parker's 

Hoit William H., Lowell M. Shop, bds Nancy Fogg's 

Holbrook Abraham S.,carpnt'r, h. cor. Andov. and Water 


flolbrook Adin, h. Kirk 

HolbrooU Mrs. Eunice, boarding h. 37 Mass. 

Holbrook Horatio N., bds C. Whitney's 

H olden Artenias, cooper, h. Pautucket 

Hohien Avery, cab driver, h. 16 Franklin sq. 

Holden JBenj.F., (»&Co.) W. 1. Goods. 9d Central h. Law. 

Holden George II., BooU C. 11. bds A. Holden 

Ilolden James, Middlesex, bds M. IMcAnully's 

Holden Mrs. Mary, h, rear Dummer 

Holden Miss M. A., dressmaker, shop and bds A. HoTden's 

Holden Mrs. Roxanna, boarding h. Lowell 

Holland Daniel, laborer, bds J. Demp.sey's 

Holland Mrs. Honora, washerwoman, h. Doyle's B., Fen. 

Holland Jeremiah, laborer, h. Lowell 

Holland Jeremiah, laborer, h. Short's B., Lewis 

Holland John, blacksmith, h. Lowell 

Holland John W., Merrimack, h. 30 

Holland Michael, foundry, h. Dutton 

Holland Patrick, laborer, bds J. Dempsey's 

Hollis Josiah, Charles Wilder's, bds D. P. Brown's 

Hollis Samuel, dry goods, lOSMerrim'k, h. 32 Suffolk st. 

Hollinger Daniel, French paper maker, h. Clark 

Holman John, Lowell M. Shop, bds J. H use's 

Holman Lowell, Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 

Holmes Benjamin, stonelayer, h. Howe 

Holmes INliss Caroline D., shop and bds Benj. Holmes' 

Holmes Harrison, Lawrence, bds 50 

Holmes Samuel, Tremont, bds J. Bird's 

Holmes Stillman B., painter, Blaisdell's, bds T. Blaisdell's 

Holt Abiel, stonemason, h. Willie 

Holt Adam C, Fisk's bobbin shop, h. Pine 

Holt Daniel, carpenter, Howe, h. Nes=niith 

Holt Daniel, physician, office and h. John 

Holt Henry, bds Willard Smith's 

Holt Henry S., Mass., h. 18 

Holt John, cabinet maker, Howe, h. Nesmith 

Holt Joseph S., Suffolk C. R., h. 15 Suffolk st. 

Holt Luther, blacksmith, h. Howard 

Holt Oliver, Boott, h. 18 

Holt Paul, surveyor of lumber, h. cor. Moody and Race 

Holt Samuel, Mechanics' Mills, bds J. England's 

Holt Thomas J., Middlesex, bds V. Streeter's 

Holton Frederick, h. Pautucket 

Homan John, Appleton, boarding h. cor. South & Summer 

Honey Solomon, boarding h. 4 Lawrence corp. 


Hood Abraham K., carpenter, shop and h. 60 Middlesex 

Hooke Henry M., physician, office and h. Kirk 

Hooker Lyman W., commission merchant and auctioneer, 

shop and h. cor. Lowell and Dutton 
Hooper Miss Esther S., milliner, 72 Merr., bds Centralville 
Hooper Moses W., carpenter, bds T. W. Pressey's 
Hope Henry, Wm. Dearden's, bds A. Skinner's 
Hope Jonathan, Stott's Mill, h. Hale 
Hopkins James, Boott, bds Sarah Parker's 
Hopkins James, Boott, h. 64 
Hopkins John, carpet weaver, Howe, h. do. 
Hopkins Patrick, Bleachery, h. Lowell 
Hopkins Patrick, cotton spinner, bds P. Gilchrest's 
Hopkins Thomas J., Lawrence, h. 48 
Hopkinson Ambrose, (&. Leavitt) caps & hats 44 Central, 

h. cor. Garnet and Appleton 
Hopkinson Thomas, Judge Common Pleas, h. Lawrence 
Horn Benjamin, Lowell h. cor. Dutton and Mechanic 
Florn George, Lowell Lock Co., Howe, bds H. Manley's 
Horn Martin N., soap and candles, Middlesex, h. School 
Horn Noah, P. O. Richmond's, h. Chapel 
Horn Samuel, soap & candles, cor. Mid'x & ^chool, h. do. 
Horner William, Middlesex, h. Abbott 
Horton L. R., pedler, bds Mary Nichols' 
Horton Simeon, Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 
Hosford Hocum, clerk D. West's, bds City Hotel 
Hosmer Isaac, stonecutter, h. Fayette 
Hosmer Stephen, dry goods 4 Central, h. Livermore 
Houghton Abel, watchman, Lowell, bds 7 
Houghton George E., Prescott, h. Davidson 
Houghton Marcellus, Middlesex, h. Warren ct. 
Housechild Mrs. Ann, Prescott, bds R. Kavenagh's 
Houston Mrs. Mary, Hamilton, h. Green 
Hovey Charles, (Carleton &,) apoth., 138 Merr., h. Park 
Howard George J., job wagon, h. Brewery ct. 
Howard Gilman, h. High 

Howard Horace, lumber, &c., western avenue, h. Gorham 
Howard James, Bleachery, h. do. 
Howard James C, farmer, bds Benj. Parker's 
Howard John, Middlesex, bds Mrs. M. Duley's i 

Howard John, Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's 
Howard Lewis, clerk H. Howard's, h. cor. Gorham & Elm 
Howard Lewis O., Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's 
Howard Peter, Bleachery, h. do. 
Howard Robert S., carpenter, Ham'n, bds J. S. Proctor's 


Howard Mrs. Rose, Ii. Jefferson sq. 

Howard Spaulding, variety store and h. Tilden 

Howard Sylvander, Tremont, bds H. J. Stone's 

Howarth George, Lowell, h.'cor. Cross and Marion 

Howe Abraham, Hamilton, h. 44 

Howe Albert, laborer, bds Samuel Stone's 

Howe Charles M., Middlesex, h. Warren ct. 

Howe David, Mass., h. 54 

Howe Edward B., Hamilton, h. Andover 

Howe Freeman W., pump maker, bds Windsor Howe's 

Howe Miss Hannah, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 

Howe Heman, carpenter, h. Lowell 

Howe James, Suffolk, bds 4 

Howe James, Lowell, h. 18 

Howe Jeremiah, Lowell, bds M. Pillsbury's 

Howe Jeroboam, farmer, h. cor. Oak and Nesmith 

Howe John W., Mass., bds J. S. Howe's 

Howe Joseph S., Prescolt, h. 29 

Howe Lambert, painter, h. 97 Merrimack 

Howe Miss Mary E., h. 5 Edgerly's ct. 

Howe Moses G., Beard & Gunnison's, bds L W. Beard's 

Howe William, h. Middlesex 

Howe Windsor, h. Ash 

Howell Thomas P., Suffolk, bds 9 Cabot Bl. 

Howes Benjamin G., (Dartt &) W. I. goods, Market, bds 

Mrs. S. Brigham's 
Howes Dennis, Middlesex, bds R. S. Button's 
Howes Lucius E., painter, h. Cushing 
Howes Samuel P.,daguerreotypist, ll2 Merr., h. Gorham 

Hoxley , tailor, A. Glines', bds Asahel Glines' 

Hoyle Abram, Hamilton Print W., h. Market 

Hoyle John, h. Water 

Hoyt Alfred, Appleton, bds Betsey Brooks' 

Hoyt Amos, bds W. C. Johnston's 

Hoyt Asa A., laborer, bds Geo. Baxter's 

Hoyt Daniel S., mason, h. Mason's ct. 

Hoyt Edward, carpenter, h. Lamb's ct. 

Hoyt George P., carpenter, h. 44 Church 

Hoyt Harry W., Crosby & Fuller's, bds A. F. Kidder's 

Hoyt Jackson, Cushing & Mack, h. 20 Lowell 

Hoyt Miss Mary, boarding h. 18 Merrimack corp. 

Hoyt Mrs. Rebecca, h. rear Church 

Hoyt Samuel, daguerreotypist, h. Ford 

Hubbard Benjamin, Mechanics' Mills, bds S. Hubbard's 

Hubbard Charles, carpenter, h. cor. Midd'x and Pearl 


Hubbard Columbus J., {& Parker) provision store, Mer- 
rimack, h. Moody 
Hubbard Daniel, Mechanics' Mills, bds Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Hubbard John, Lowell M. Shop, bds Josiah Hubbard's 
Hubbard Josiah, City Librarian, City Hall, h. Hanover 
Hubbard Mrs. Sophronia, boardinor h. Rock 
Huckins David, Lowell M. Shop, h Smith 
Huckins James B., h. cor. Fletcher and Suffolk 
Hudson Francis, farmer, h. cor. Adams and Lagrange 
Hudson Horatio N , engineer Merrimack, h. 153 
Huggins John P., clerk Merrimack h. 
Hughes Edward, Bleachery, h. Moore 
Hughes John, laborer, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 
Hughes John, Bleachery, h. Livingston, near Carter 
Hughes William, h. cor. Pond and Water 
Hull Amos, undertaker, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Hull Henry, Courier office, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Hull Nathaniel, stone mason, h. Moody 
Hull Thurber, h. Paige 

Hull William H , Willard Dudley's, bds American h. 
Hulmo James, Hamilton, h. Chapel 
Hume William, Hamilton, bds Miss M. Sanborn's 
Humphrey George A., Mech. Mills, h. 22 Franklin sq. 
Hunkins James B., carpenter, h. cor. Frank, and Suffolk 
Hunt Aaron, shoemaker, h. Wall 
Hunt Albert, Suffolk, h. 11 
Hunt Alfred J., Boott, h. rear Chapel, east side 
Hunt Alonzo, clerk City Market, h. Appleton 
Hunt Mrs. Clarissa, h. High 

Hunt David S., E. S Hunt's, bds Alonzo Hunt's 
Hunt Elihu S., meat, 13 City Market, h. Willow 
Hunt Ephraim, Hamilton, h. Appleton 
Hunt George, clerk 4 Central, bds Mrs. Bachelder's 
Hunt George, bds William Weir's 
Hunt George L., bds Aaron Hunt's 
Hunt Hiram, clerk and bds Solomon Hunt's 
Hunt John B., Hamilton, h 40 
Hunt Mrs. Mary, h. Union 
Hunt Mrs Rebecca, h. Race 

Hunt Samuel J., carpenter, h. 11 Trull's B., Middle 
Hunt Samuel W., butcher, bds A. Walker's 
Hunt Solomon, W. L goods, Lowell, h. Common 
Hunter Benjamin, Bleachery, h. do. 
Hunter William, Hamilton, h 50 
Huntington Anson, railroad contractor, bds Howard h. 


Muntington Daniel, carpenter, h. Shaw's Bl., Pine 

Huntiriirton Elisha, physician, office and h. 14 Hurd 

Huntington Heman, Lawrence, li 9 

Huntington James T., boarding h. 25 Merrimack corp. 

Huntley Curtis, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Huntley George, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Hunton Hermon, Mass., bds Charles Way's 

Huntoon Alpha, Middlesex, h 2 William 

Huntoon Amos, bds Jeremiah Huntoon's 

Huntoon Horace, Middlesex, h. Gorham 

Hu:jtoon Horace, Jr., Middlesex, bds Horace Huntoon's 

Huntoon Jeremiah, wood dealer, h. Middlesex 

Huntoon Joseph VV., Middlesex, bds Alpha Huntoon's 

Huntoon Lewis, clerk S. Hollis', bds Polly Cram's 

Huntoon Moses C, shoemaker, Geo. Emerson's, h. Race 

Huntoon Nathaniel, woodsawyer, h. Davidson 

Huntoon Oren, boarding h. 46 Lawrence corp. 

Huntress Jas. L. (& Pearl) stable, Shaltuck, h. 135 Cent. 

Hurd Daniel, Appleton, h. Charles 

Hurd Daniel, pump maker, h. Lowell 

Hurd George "W., (Culver &) dry goods, 144 Merrimack, 

h. cor. Adams and Lagrange 
Hurd John, laborer, h. Tremont st. 
Hurd Samuel, Lawrence, bds 19 
Hurd Urriel, h. Fayette 

Hurlbutt Albert S., boarding h. 29 Lawrence corp. 
Hurlbutt John F., carpenter, bds J. S. Deland's 
Hurle John, Middlesex, bds Wm. Brothers' 
Hurley Miss Ann, boarding h. 40 Appleton st. 
Hurley John, laborer, h. 2 VV^orthen 
Hurley Mrs. Mary, h. Appleton 
Huse Albert J., Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 
Huse Benjamin, Lowell M. Shop, bds E. T. True's 
Huse Ebenezer, engineer, Merrimack, h. 134 
Huse George, h. 8 George *• 

Huse Hiram, E. Merrimack, bds 134 
Huse Jesse, Librarian Mechanics Library, h. 168 Merr. 
Huse Thomas M., Merrimack, h. 62 
Hussey Daniel, Hamilton C. R., h. 19 
Hussey George, Merrimack, bds 74 
Hussey Levi, Middlesex, h. Charles 
Hussey Mary Ann, nurse, bds Betsey Stark's 
Hutchins Benjamin P., pedler, bds City Hotel 
Hutchins Charles, pedler, bds City Hotel 
Hutchins Edwin P., clerk J. Fowler's, h. E. Merrimack 



Hutchins Henry, painter, bds F. Bragg's 

Hutchins Henry D., Suffolk, bds 24 

Hutchins Isaac, Suffolk, h. 24 

Hutchins Joseph, (G. Ferrin & Co.) innkeeper, Amer. h. 

Hutchins Leonard, Merrimack, bds 73 

Hutchins Lyman D., painter, h. Water 

Hutchins Matthias, pedler, bds City Hotel 

Hutchins Royal W., Mass. bds B. JBrovvn's 

Hutchins Mrs. Sarah, h. Appleton 

Hutchinson Benj. hard ware, clothing, 25 Cent'l, h. App. 

Hutchinson Benj. F., pattern maker, Worthen, h. Bartlett 

Hutchinson Charles G., Otis L. Allen's, h. Crosby's ct. 

Hutchinson Cleaves K., bds B. Hutchinson's 

Hutchinson E. M., teamster. Ham. h. cor. Midd. and South 

Hutchinson George, carpenter, bds Luther Wright's 

Hutchinson Hez. carpenter, h. Lowell, opp. Lowell pi. 

Hutchinson Mrs. Lydia, h. Nesmith 

Hutchinson Oren, Wm. Fisk's, h. Rock 

Hutchinson Reuben M , Merrimack Print W., h. 154 

Hutchinson T., Merr. Print W., h. cor. Parker and Stev, 

Hyde Amos, machinist, h. Marion 

Hyde David, cashier Lowell Bank, h. Pautucket 

Hyde Harrison, carpenter, h. Fayette 

Hylan Sumner, Lowell M. Shop, bds C. W. Thompson's 

Illingwood, Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, bds Wm. Howe's 
Inch Mrs. Mary, h. Barker's B., Lowell 
Ingalls Daniel, Tremont, bds 4 
Ingalls Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, h. Marshal 
Ingalls Oliver W., stage driver, bds John Hadley's 
Ingolsby Bernard, laborer, h. rear Fenwick 
Ingham John, currier, bds R. Ingham's 
Ingham Richard, currier, Bixby's, Middlesex, h. Branch 
Ingham Richard Jun., currier, bds R. Ingham's 
I Ingraham Adolphus, clerk S. S. Davis, bds Wm. Smart's 
i Ireson Benjamin S., Merrimack, bds 23 
"1 Irwin James, Bleachery, bds James Henrihan's 
jjlverson Ellis, Day &. Converse, h. Central 


Jackson Aiioniram, D. A. Coburn's, li. Middlesex 

Jackson Alexander, Lowell, bds Jacob Coward's 

Jackson Charles, Appleton, h. Gorham 

Jackson Charles W., D. Dana's, bds D. Folsora's 

Jackson Francis, Lowell, bds 1 

Jackson George, shoemaker, bds 120 Middle 

Jackson George D., watchman Merr. Print W., bds 73 

Jackson Harris, Boott, h. High 

Jackson Heman S., stonelayer, h. Garnet 

Jackson William, Suffolk, bds C. H. Bridge's 

Jackson William, Mass., h. 43 Prescott corp. 

Jackson William, teamster, bds R. C. Freeman's 

Jackson Woodbury, Treraont, h. 20 

Jackson , Lowell, bds M. Pillsbury's 

James Daniel C, P. O. Richmond's, bds Washington h. 

James Ransom L., Boott, h. 9 

James William H. H., Merrimack, h. 121 

Jameson Henry, blacksmith, bds G. W. Garland's 

Jameson Tho's, W. L goods cor. Cen. & Union, h. Charles 

Jameson Thomas, Locks and Canals, h. Garnet 

Jaques John C, L. M. Shop, h. 12 North Franklin ct. 

Jaques John S., (Coburn &) shuttle maker, Middle, h. Ash 

Jaquith Jonathan, boarding h. 2 Lowell corp. 

Jaquith Leonard W., Prescott, h. 2 

Jeffers James, har. niak. Stevens', h. cor. Mid'x & Jackson 

JefFers William, Locks and Canals, bds 5 Dodge 

JefFerds Phinehas M., Heman Woodward's, bds do. 

JefFeries Thomas, Middlesex, h. Abbott 

JefFerson Thomas, Boott, bds Miss Jane T. W^ingf's 

Jefts Charles E., Lowell M. Shop, bds Sarah White's 

Jefts Mrs. Deborah A , h. Union 

Jenkins Edmund P , engineer Fisk, h. near Chelmsford 

Jenkins Joel, wheelwright, shop and h. Arch 

Jenkins Oscar P., H. J. Baxter's, bds City Hotel 

Jenks Samuel A., L W. & D. Bangs', bds Wash'n h. 

Jenne Samuel, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 

Jennings Pv-ichard, gardener, bds James Thorn's 

Jennings Tillotson L., fish dealer, h. rear Moody, N. side 

Jenness Henry, bds Sarah Foster's 

Jenness Henry P., D. Bixby & Go's, bds 9 Central 

Jenness Jacob, W. I. goods E. Merrimack, h. Lawrence 

Jenness Jonathan J., Lowell M. Shop, h. Common 

Jenness L. Wellman, physician, 16 Merrimack, h. Water 

Jepson John C, Hamilton, h. 11 

Jewell Eben H., B. & L. R. R., h. 1 South Franklin ct. 


Jewell Leonard F., Boott, h. 67 

Jewell Trueworthy, carpenter, h. Howard 

Jewett Aaron, (Eaton &) W. I. goods Merrimack, h. cor. 

Moody and Cabot 
Jewett G. B., teach, select school, h. cor. Bartlett & High 
Jewett Jeremiah P., physician, office and h. 4 Kirk 
Jewett John, carpenter Ham., h. cor. Lawrence and Mill 
Jewett John S., painter Lawrence, bds 148 Merr. corp. 
Jewett Moses, watchman Merrimack, h. 148 
Jilded Michael, L. M. Shop, h. Whiteley's B., Market 
Job Mrs. Ann, h. 12 Middle 

Johnson Alvin J,, Lowell M. Shop, bds Union h. 
Johnson Andrew J., works and bds Waverley h. 
Johnson Mrs. Anna B., boarding h. 10 Suffolk corp. 
Johnson Benj. F., Northern freight depot, bds American h. 
Johnson Mrs, Betsey, h. Spring 

Johnson Calvin L., J. B. Eaton's, bds Mrs. C. T. Smith's 
Johnson Charles, shoemaker, h. Tremont 
Johnson Edward C, L. M. Shop, h 75 Swamp Locks 
Johnson Mrs. Eleanor, boarding h. 110 Merrimack corp. 
Johnson Evans H., stonecutter, h. Lowell 
Johnson Francis, shoemaker, h. cor. Merr. and Suffolk 
Johnson George J., laborer, bds J. W. GuiJd's 
Johnson G. W., clerk J. C. Ayer, bds A. W. Willoughby's 
Johnson Mrs. Harriet, boarding h. 3 Tremont corp. 
Johnson Henry A., Merrimack, bds 24 
Johnson Isaac A,, Lowell, h. cor. High and E. Merr. 
Johnson James, laborer, h. 18 Adams 
Johnson John W., Day & Convers, h. Chapel 
Johnson Jona. jeweller, 130 Merr. h, Merr. near Decatur 
Johnson Mrs. Mary, h. Davidson 
Johnson Merrill C, silversmith, h. Austin 
Johnson Miss Nancy F., nurse, bds 139 Merrimack corp. 
Johnson Robert, Merrimack Print W., h. 15 Adams 
Johnson Samuel, carpenter, h. east of Central opp. Cedar 
Johnson Samuel,^carpenter, bds S. W. Moore's 
Johnson Thomas, Middlesex, bds Jacob Coward's 
Johnson William, Lowell M. Shop, bds Union h. 
Johnson W. cabinet maker. Market, bds Mrs. B. Johnson's 
Johnson William A., clerk Lem. Page's, h. 224 Merr. st. 
Johnson Wm.M., carpenter, h. cor. Lawrence and North 
Johnston William C, White & Puffer's, h. Bartlett 
Johnston William S., Locks & Canals, bds C. H. Bridge's 
Joice Alfred, G. J. & D- Bradt's, bds D. Bradt's 
Joice Luke, laborer, h. Fenwick 


Joice Miles, laborer, h. 5 Dummer 

Jones Asher, h. 14 Tilden 

Jones Charles, taiJor, bds Hugh O'Neil's 

Jones Charles J., hair dresser, shop and h. 260 Merr. 

Jones Daniel, laborer, bds 14 Tremont corp. 

Jones David, Tremont, bds 28 

Jones Edward, Day & Con vers, h. Tyler 

Jones Elias, Wm. Fisk's, bds Mrs. Joanna Combs' 

Jones Elijah C, machinist, h. £. Merrimack 

Jones Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Fayette 

Jones George W., Lawrence C. R., bds Wm. Davidson's 

Jones Ira, Lawrence, bds 50 

Jones Jacob, Joseph Mayer's, bds Benjamin Ladd's 

Jones Mrs. Mary C, boarding h. 21 Hamilton 

Jones Mrs. Mary J., washerwoman, h. Ayer's Bl. Tilden 

Jones Mrs. Miriam B., boarding h. 20 Boott 

Jones Nathaniel, Middlesex, h. Davis 

Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, Kittredge's, h. Chapel 

Jones Phinehas, Boott, h. 71 

Jones Samuel, hostler, C. Hadlock's, bds 104 Central 

Jones Samuel, bds Sarah Field's 

Jones Samuel, shoemaker, bds P. C. Tarbox's 

Jones Samuel H., Plummer & Blaisdell's, bds 2 Davidson 

Jones Theodore W., stonecutter, h. Marshal 

Jones Thomas, Lawrence, bds 50 

Jones Thomas, Boott, h. 64 Swamp Locks 

Jones William, tailor, bds Nathaniel Jones' 

Jones William, Middlesex, bds Mrs. E. Jones' 

Jones William M., Appleton, bds F. W. Doe's 

Jordan Abel S., mason, h. Tremont 

Jordan A. P., (Nichols &.) blacksmith, Charles 

Jordan Benjamin H., Appleton, bds John Whitney's 

Jordan C. C., shoemaker, bds J. C, Palmer's 

Jordan Jeremiah, Hamilton, bds H. M. Bean's 

Jordan Marshall, Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 

Jordan Porter, Appleton, bds F. W. Davis' 

Jordan Thomas, Prescott, bds P. Gilchrest's 

Jordan True P., Lawrence, bds 46 

JoselynjAlgernon, foundry, h. 18 Swamp Locks 

Joselyn Leavitt R., Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 

Joselyn Peter, Lowell M. Shop, bds E. Wright's 

Joslin Alfred, Hamilton, h. 40 

Joslin Orison, Boston & Lowell R. R., h. Thorndike 

Joy Samuel, Merrima<;k, bds 71 

Joy Samuel, Boott, h, 21 Mass, 


Judge James, D. Dana's, h. William 

Judkins J. J., card printer, cor. Merr. and John, h. Bart. 

Judkins Mrs. Julia Ann, h Brown 

Judkins Lorenzo, Livingston's Mill, bds J. Phelps' 

Judkins Samuel JN., carpenter, h. Crosby's ct. 

Kallaher Mrs. Ellen, h. Lowell 

Kallaher James, laborer, bds Mrs. E. Kallaher's 

Kallaher John, fruit and vegetables, shop and h. Lowell 

Kalliry Thomas, tailor, J. Evans', h. Appleton 

Kain Martin, foundry, bds Exchange Coffee h. 

Kaley Daniel, mason, h. Cross. 

Kaley Maurice, shoemaker, shop and h. Middle 

Kane Mrs. Ann, h. Gorham 

Kane John, I. W. & D. Bangs', h. Gorham 

Kane Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, h. ]8 Middlesex 

Kasson Joseph, foundry, Jackson, bds Jane McKenzie's 

Katon Mrs. Abigail, h. Winter 

Kathro Henry, Middlesex, h. Central 

Kaime Mrs. Pamela E., boardmg h. Appleton 

Kavanaugh Michael, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Kavanaugh Patrick, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Kavanaugh Richard, Middlesex, h. Howe 

Kavanaugh Terence, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Jeff. 

Keafe Arthur, carpenter, h. Howard Bl., Lowell 

Keafe Mrs. Jane, h. Fenwick 

Keafe Nicholas, foundry, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 

Keagan James, laborer, h Jefferson 

Kearn Mrs. Ann, boarding h. Quigley's B., Lowell 

Kearney Daniel, laborer, h, Fenwick 

Kearnon Thomas, laborer, h. Middle 

Kearns John, laborer, bds Patrick Short's 

Keating James, dry goods 124 Merr., bds J. Blanchard's 

Keatty Luke, laborer, h. 3 Worthen 

Kean Greenfield, foundry, Jackson, bds P. R. Giles' 

Kean W , dressmaker 21 Central, bds Wm. Twitchell's 

Keenan John, laborer, h. Winter 

Keith Frank, clerk 34 Merrimack, bds Washington h. 

Keith John W., Merrimack, bds 75 


Kellett Mrs. Elizabeth, variety store and h 6 E. Merr. 
KcIIett Richard, h E. Merrimack 
Kellett Tlioinas P., Middlesex, h. Warren 
Kellani Simon, Middlesex, bds J. 11. Kimball's 
Kellam J. II , foundry, Jack., h. cor. Midd'x and Garnet 
Kellam Ruel, carpenter, bds Submit Pierce's 
Kelley Andrew, carpet weaver, h. rear Dunimer 
Kelley Asahel A., pedler, bds John Kelley 's, Water 
Kelley Barney, hod-carrier, h. rear Lewis 
Kelley Mrs. Catharine, h. William 
Kelley Daniel, laborer, h. Cummiskey's B., Lowell 
Kelley E., I. W. & D. Bangs', Mid'x, bds R. Tarbell's 
Kelley Edward, Middlesex, bds V. Streeter's 
Kelley Mrs. Ellen, washerwoman, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 
Kelley George, Lowell, bds 7 

Kelley George D. B., Mechanics' Mills, bds C. S. Searle's 
Kelley Hiram, Lowell, bds Andrew Kelley's 
Kelley Isaac, M. Mills, bds Misses Reynolds & Morrill's 
Kelley Jacob, butcher, h. Middlesex 
Kelley James, slater, h. Bennett's B., Jefferson 
Kelley James, Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 
Kelley James, laborer, h. Railroad B., Lowell 
Kelley James, clerk Patrick Short's, bds do. 
Kelley James, Lowell, bds E. T. True's 
Kelley J. Clawson, analytical physician, office cor. Mid- 
dlesex and Howard 
Kelley John, laborer, h. Adams 
Kelley John, Lowell, bds Andrew Kelley's 
Kelley John, pedler, h. Water 
Kelley John, laborer, h. William 
Kelley John, mason, h. Green 
Kelley John A., coach driver railroad, h. Tyler 
Kelley John P., Mechanics' Mills, h. Middlesex 
Kelley Michael, laborer, h. 12 Adams Bl. 
Kelley Michael, laborer, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
Kelley Michael, laborer, h. North 
Kelley Moses, butcher, h. Middlesex 
Kelley Neal, laborer, h. Lowell 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
Kelley Robert, Benj. Day's, h. Willie, north of Common 
Kelley Thomas, tanner, h. 240 Merrimack street 
Kelley Thomas, Mass., bds Eliza Graham's 
Kelley Thomas, Middlesex, h. North 
Kelley Thomas, Bleachery, bds H. Donelly's 
Kelley Thomas, Bleachery, h. Gorham 


Kelley Thomas S., Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 

Kelley Timothy, laborer, h, Lowell 

Kelley Timothy, fruit and vegetables, shop and h. Lowell 

Kelley William, lab )rer, h. Lowell 

Kelley William, sash and door maker, Button, h. Kirk 

Kelsey Hugh, bolanic medicines, h. High 

Kelton Samuel, mason, bds N. Bailey's 

Kelso James, carpenter, h. cor. Moody and Cabot 

Kemp Elbridge G., teamster, h. School 

Kempton Calvin, millinery, Merr., bds J. S. Proctor's 

Kempton Rollins B., carpenter, bds J. S. Proctor's 

Kendall Cyrus, carpenter, bds G. W. Moore's 

Kendall Jerome, carpenter, bds G. W. Moore's 

Kendall John B., Joseph Merrill's, h. 5 Church 

Kendall Jonathan, Suffolk, h. 2 Cabot Bl. 

Kendall Timo. D., Weaver & Brothers, bds Mrs. Doton's 

Kendrick Thomas C, student and bds Dr. M. Kidder's 

Kennedy Charles, locksmith, bds R. Gilman's 

Kennedy Daniel, laborer, bds Patrick McQuade's 

Kennedy Daniel, Middlesex, bds Wm. Corcoran's 

Kennedy James, laborer, bds Mrs. A. McCue's 

Kennedy John, carpenter, h. Howard BL, Lowell 

Kennedy John, hod carrier, h. North 

Kennedy John E., Lawrence, h. 42 

Kennedy Joseph, Lawrence, bds 46 

Kennedy Martin, trunk & liar, maker, bds John Gaffeny's 

Kennedy Misses Mary & Hannah, board'g h. 28 Appleton 

Kennedy Rogers, hod carrier, h. Fenvvick 

Kennedy Thomas, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Kenney Enoch E., h cor. Gorham and Walnut 

Kenney Ephraim, h. Reed's ct. 

Kenney Mrs. Hannah, h. Bennett's B , Adams 

Kenney Moses B., (& White) W. 1. goods cor. Middlesex 

and South, h. cor. Appleton and South 
Kenney Joseph, tailor, bds Mrs Sarah Cooper's 
Kenney Patrick, h. Cedar 
Kenney Mrs. Sabra, dressmaker 1S6 Merrimack, bds 140 

Merrimack corp. 
Kenney William, Appleton, bds Jane Curley's 
Kenney William F , L. M. Shop, bds H. E. Carey's 
Kennison Daniel, bds Wm. Snell's 
Kennison Ivory, bleachery, bds N. Kennison's 
Kennison Nicholas, boarding h. Lawrence st. 
Kennison Oren, Boott, bds D. Parker's 
Kennison Samuel, Merrimack, bds 23 


Kenniston Elisha, Lawrence, bds 19 

Kenniston Georgfe, Merrimack Print W., bds 57 

Kenniston George, Bost. &. Low. II. R., Ji. 8 Middlesex pi. 

Kenniston John, Lawrence, bds 19 

Kenniston Seth, Crosby's, Howe, h. Merrill's ct. 

Kent Alvah B., porter at Merrimack h. 

Kent Daniel Q., Merrimack, bds 71 

Kent James, shoemaker, boarding h. ^9 Lawrence corp. 

Kenyon Daniel K., woodsawyer, h. Kirk avenue 

Kenworthy Maurice, foundry, bds J. Scofield's 

Kerr George N., carpenter, h. Pautucket, near Lowell 

Kerr Mary A., boarding h. 232 Merrimack st. 

Kershaw Abram, Lowell, bds N. Bond's 

Kershaw John B., Lowell, h. Reed's ct. 

Keyes Arthur, carpenter, bds N. T. Keyes' 

Keyes David, watchman Tremont, bds Mrs. E. Kimball's 

Keyes James, shoe store cor. Merr. and Cabot, h. Moody 

Keyes Nathan T., woodsawyer, h High 

Keyes Patrick, Lowell, h. Lowell st. 

Keyser John, restorator Nash, depot, h. 6 S. Franklin ct. 

Kibby Lauriston R., Lowell M. Shop, h. 20 Middlesex 

Kidder Abram F., wheelwright, Hale's mills, h op. Cedar 

Kidder Albion, Smith & Lancaster's, bds City Hotel 

Kidder John, Merrimack Print VV., h. Moody 

Kidder John, Suffolk, bds 4 

Kidder John H , Appleton, h. Middlesex 

Kidder Jonathan F., stonemason, bds Aaron Hunt's 

Kidder Jonathan T., stonemason, bds F. Hodgman's 

Kidder Moses, physician, office and h. opp. Hale's Mills 

Kidder Moses VV., Bleachery, bds Dr. M. Kidder's 

Kidder Samuel, apothecary, cor. Merr and John,h. Wil'w 

Kidder Walter, physician, 27 Merr. bds Dr. M. Kidder's 

Kidder , shoemaker, Kittredge's, bds T. G. Tweed's 

Kincaid King, city watchman, h. John st. avenue 
Kinney Harvey, steam mill, Middlesex, bds A. Charles' 
Kiely Lawrence, W. L Goods, shop and h. Lowell 
Kienan Paul, laborer, h. William 

Kilborn Francis H., Locks &. Canals, bds Morris Lord's 
Kimball Mrs. Amasa, h. cor. Moody &. Tilden 
Kimball Andrew J., liawrence, bds Mrs. E. Kimball's 
Kimball Charles S., Hamilton, bds G. H Davis" 
Kimball Cyrus, Bleachery, h. east of Bleachery st. 
Kimball Dana, Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 Swamp Locks 
Kimball Daniel, mason, h. Ash 
Kimball D. R., liv. stab., cor. Merr. & Worthen,bds Merr. h. 


Kimball Daniel S , Lawrence, h. 74 

Kimball Durrell, Hamilton, h. 21 

Kimball Elbridge, carpenter, h. Chapel 

Kimball Elisha, teamster, h. Cedar 

Kimball Elizabeth, h. cor. Moody and Austin 

Kimbali Francis, Merrimack, bds 25 

Kimball George, Mass. bds E. Welch's 

Kimball George R., Lowell M. Shop, h. Elm 

Kimball G., physician, cor. Merr. and Worthen, h. Hosp. 

Kimball Mrs. iiannah, h. Gorhani 

Kimball Isaac, painter and glazier, h. George 

Kimball Isaac, Round h. 12 Middlesex pi. 

Kimball James W., Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 

Kimball Joiin, machinist, Market, h. High 

Kimball John F., clerk P. O., h. cor. Linden & Auburn 

Kimball John H., shawl store OA'^er P. O., h. Chestnut 

Kimball John M., bds Mrs. A. Kimball's 

Kimball Jonathan, principal 3d Gram sch. h. Union 

Kimball Jona. B., H. C Dean's, bds Mrs. H. Kimbairs 

Kimball Joseph, Mass. bds J. B. DollofF's 

Kimball Joseph D., (Wilkins & Co.) W. I. Goods, Low- 

ell, bds Moses Kimball's, near school h. 
Kimball Joseph H., h. cor. Fayetie and Andover 
Kimball Miss Laura A., boarding h. 52 Merrimack corp. 
Kimball Leonard, provision dealer, h. High 
Kimball Moses, h. near North Gram, school h. 
Kimball Moses, carpenter, h. Appleton 
Kimball Walter W., clerk J. H. Kimball's, bds City Hot. 
Kimball Welcome S., stonemason, h. Lowell near Adams 
Kimball William, Lowell M. Shop, bds Ebenezer Eaton's 
Kimball William H , bds Wm. Smiley's 
King Abraham S., L. M. Shop, boarding h, cor. Middl'x 

and Jackson 
King Alonzo P. B., (& Wood) prov. dealer cor. Middle- 
sex and Arch, h. Middlesex 
King Daniel, Fisk & Norcross, bds Lowell h. 
King Ephraim, Round h. bds L. Gifford's 
K4ng Francis, Russ stable, bds L. Harrington's 
King George, laborer, bds A. W. Willoughby's 
King Godfrey B., Railroad yard, h. Jackson 
King John, shoemaker, h. Market 

King John E., shoemaker, E. Merrimack, bds O. King's 
King Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 7 Merrimack corp. 
King Michael, tailor, bds Wm. Morrison's 
King Nelson, Middlesex, bds P. R. Giles' 


King O., shoemaker, E Merr. h. cor. StacU'pl and Liver're 

King Oliver, innkeeper, Howard, li. Middlesex 

King Stephen, shoemaker, h. Davidson 

King William, Lowell, h. rear II. McEvoy's, Suffolk 

King William B , Blanchard's flour store, bds A. S. King's 

King William 11., shoemaker, O.King's, h. Willow 

Kingsbury Samuel H., Bleachery, h. Carter 

Kingsley Enos O., Law^rence, h. 11 

Kinsman Gideon, G. J. &. D. Bradt's, bds G. J. Bradt's 

Kinsman Julius A., Butlrick &. Dudley's, h. Chapel 

Kinsman Marshal, Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 

Kinsman Samuel, foundry Jackson, bds H. Dennett's 

Kirley David R., Lowell and Boston R. R., h. Appleton 

Kitchen Charles, Lowell, h. 9 

Kitchen Joseph A., Middlesex, bds H. M. Bean's 

Kitchen Mrs. Sarah, boarding h. 128 Central 

Kittredge Abner, painter, Middle, h. South 

Kittredge Charles A., works and bda I. Scripture's 

Kittredge Daniel, shoemaker. Middle, h. Centralville 

Kittredge Francis M., physician, ofBce and h. 1C6 Merr. 

Kittredge Franklin F., (tfe Garland) meat and vegetables, 

Washington market, li. Oak 
Kittredge George, stonemason, h. Willie 
Kittredge George, musician, bds Mrs. Newell's 
Kittredge George P., musician, bds F. M. Kittredge's 
Kittredge Henry, stonelayer, h. Butterfield 
Kittredge Jeduihan, painter, Prescott st., h. Cedar 
Kittredge Joseph G., blacksmith. Market, h. E. Merri'k 
Kittredge Joseph G. Jr., blacksmith, bds J. G. Kittredge's 
Kittredge Lutiier, stonelayer, h. 9 Lagrange 
Kittredge Mrs. Martha G., h. Hanover 
Kittredge William, wood and coal. Middle, h. E, Merri'k 
Knapp Alonzo, works and bds R. R. saloon, Middlesex 
Knapp Charles, h. 21 Church 

Knapp Chauncey L., printer, 21 Central, h. Bartlett 
Knapp Daniel, shoes and clothing, 3U Merrimack, h. E. 

Knapp George G., Mass., h. 31 
Kneeland Mrs. Catharine, h. North 
Knight Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Andover 
Knight George J., mason, h. Ash 
Knights James C, student, bds Sarah Knights' 
Knights Mrs. Sarah, boarding h. 12 Trull's B., Middle 
Knowles Calvin C, dentist,? & 8 Welles' Bl, h. Gorham 
Knowles Elbridge G., Middlesex, bds T. Ela's 


Knowles Miss Emeline, variety store, cor. Thorndike and 
Gorham, bds Jona. Knowles' 

Knowles Hanson L., shoemaker, h. 2 Ayer's bl., Tilden 

Knowles Hiram, Lawrence, bds 50 

Knowles Jacob L., h. Moody 

Knowles James, foundry, Middlesex, bds Willard Smith's 

Knowles James, Middlesex, h. Charles 

Knowles John, Lawrence, bds 50 

Knowles John A., counsellor, 14 Appleton BL, h. South 

Knowles Jonathan, h. near Hale's mills 

Knowles Lewis L , shoemaker, h. Ford 

Knox Miss Mary W., variety store, cor. Central and Jack- 
son, bds 22 Hamilton 

Kohliausch Charles H., Freeman & Lang's, h. Water 

Kohlrausch George, bds C. H. Kohlrausch's 

Kornor John, painter, h. Cushing 

Koskie Joseph, painter, Merrimack, h. 175 

Lachance John, Tremont, bds 14 

Lackey Jackson, marble cutter, bds George Steam's 

Ladd Benjamin, Merrimack, h. cor. Paige and John 

Ladd Calvin B., dentist, 21 Central, h. Moody 

Ladd Charles, painter. Middle, bds Jane Robinson's 

Ladd Gilford, baggage depot, bds Thomas Ladd's 

Ladd Mrs. Huldah, h. Chestnut 

Ladd John O. M., Lowell and Lawrence R. R., h. Mid'x 

Ladd Jonathan, coun., Spalding's Bl., Central, h. 8 Cady 

Ladd Pliny, teamster, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Ladd Thomas, baggage depot, h. 20 Middlesex 

Ladd Timothy, M'eirimack, h. 168 

Ladd , Boott, bds S. Leathers' 

Laghry James, baker, h. William 

Lake Amasa, carpenter, h. 21 Franklin sq., Suffolk 

Lakin Abel, cooper, h. 5 Pearl 

Lakin Henry, mover of buildings, bds Sarah Hutchins' 

Lamb Alvin K., steam mill, bds James Lamb's 

Lamb David, block printer, Stott's mill, h. Middle 

Lamb James, boarding h. 40 Hamilton 

Lamb John, h. High 


Lamb Thomas, Bleachery, bds R. Dawson's 
LamUin Albura, car[)Pnler, bds N. A. Smith's 
Lamson Francis, (& Tarr) jeweller, 182 Merr., h. Lowell 
Lamson John, Boott, bds D. Parker's 
Lamson T. L. P., paymaster Lawrence, h. Pautucket 
Lamson William, boarding h. 8 Lawrence corp. 
Lamson William, Jr., hats, caps and shoes, 184 Merri- 
mack, h. cor. Merrimack and Cabot 
Lanagan James, Middlesex, h. William 
Lanagan Thomas, laborer, h. William 
Lancaster Bela B., shoemaker, bds 51 Lawrence corp. 
Lancaster Sam'l T., tailor, 22 Central, bds Mrs. JNewell's 
Landry John, blacksmith, h- 9 Trull's B., Middle 
Lane Abijah, Boott, bds Mrs. E. Davis' 
Lane David, Lowell, h. 9 North Franklin court 
Lane George W., clerk C B. Russ', bds Martha Lane's 
Lane Isaac C , Lawrence, h 63 
Lane John, Merrimack, bds Sarah Austin's 
Lane J. E., dry goods, Merrimack, bds A. Skinner's 
Lane Mrs. Laomi, h. South 
Lane Mrs. Martha, h. cor. George and Hurd 
Lane Michael, laborer, h. 3 Worlhen 
Lane Robert, Boott, bds Mrs. A. B. Eastman's 
Lane Samuel, carpenter, h. Theatre Bl., Lowell 
Lane Silas, Mechanics' Mills, bds 12 Franklin sq. 
Lane William, hod carrier, h. Short's B., Lewis 
Lang Cyrus T., Langley &• Whitten's, bds W. Langley's 
Lang David G., paymaster Hamilton, bds Merrimack h. 
Lang Edward, Lowell M. Shop, h. Appleton 
Lang John, carpet weaver, h. Howe 
Lang Roger, Freeman & Lang's, h. Howe 
Lang Thomas D., Appleton C. R., bds Mrs. Norton's 
Langdell Edward, Tremont, h. 9 
Langdell James, Tremont, h. 17 

Langley Clark M., Advertiser office, bds Solo. Langley's 
Langley Cyrus B., Advertiser office, h. 40 Charles 
Langley Solomon, pedler, h. Fayette 
Langley Wm., (& Whitten) stoves, E. Mer., h. Fayette 
Langtree John, blacksmith, bds G. W. Garland's 
Lannon James, butcher, h. 6 Adams Bl. 
Lannon Patrick, foundry, bds A. Cummiskey's 
Lantry Mrs. Rose, h. Kirk avenue 
Lapham Andrew F., clerk at Howard h. 
Lapham Rufus, coun. Mansur's B., bds Washington h 
Lapsly Patrick, laborer, bds Thomas Lapsly's 


Lapsly Thomas, laborer, h. Andover near Bridge 

Larrabee George W., farmer, h. Pautucket 

Larrabee John H., Canal, boarding h. Pautucket 

Lary Andrew, Bleachery, h. do. 

Lary Mrs. Catharine, h. Fenwick 

Lary James, laborer, h. Jefferson 

Lary John, Lowell M. Shop, bds James Butler's 

Lary Lewis, carpenter, h. South 

Lary Mrs. Mary, h. Howe 

Laslie Alexander VV., laborer, h. Lowell 

Latham Cyrus, civil eng'r, Savings Bank B., h. Water 

Law James, watchman flannel mills, b. near Andover 

Law Samuel, boarding h. 8 Appieton corp. 

Lawler James, laborer, h. Castle's B., Lowell 

Lawrence Allen C, Lowell, bds 6 

Lawrence Ambrose, dentist, oftice and h. 27 Merrimack 

Lawrence Benjamin, steam mill, bds N. A. Smith's 

Lawrence Charles, Merrimack Print W., h. Decatur 

Lawrence Charles, Lowell, bds 7 

Lawrence Daniel B., carpenter, Lowell, h. cor. Middlesex 

and Middlesex pi. 
Lawrence E , Pearl & Huntress', bds Mrs. H. Richardson's 
Lawrence Isaac, h. Tyler 
Lawrence Jonathan, Lowell, bds 7 

Lawrence Luther F., shoemaker, O. King's, h. E. Merr. 
Lawrence Otis, boarding h. 1 Lawrence corp. 
Lawrence Samuel, Treasurer Middlesex, h. Andover 
Lawrence Samuel, dentist, office and h. 24 Central 
Lawrence Theophilus, G. J. & D. Bradt's,bds G. J. Bradt's 
Lawrence William F., farmer, h. Chelmsford 
Lawes Rufus, Lawrence, bds 46 

Lawson Edward, shoemaker, h. 2 Ayer's Bl, Tilden 
Lawson Franklin, Lowell M. Shop, bds 3 Franklin sq. 
Lawson Thomas B., artist. Savings Bank B., bds 27 Cen. 
Lawton James, Prescott, h. 24 
Lawton Reuben, Merrimack, h. 81 
Leach Augustus, carpenter, h. Walnut 
Leach Miss Betsey, nurse, bds Mrs. S. Coburn's 
Leach Henry, foundry, Jackson, bds L. Bailey's 
Leach J. T. G., physician, office and h. cor. John and Lee 
Leach Richard, laborer, h. alley between Mer. and Middle 
liCach Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker. Reed's B., Central 
Leadbetter Lucius C, teamster, bds David A. Coburn's 
Lear Benjamin, carpenter, bds Mary Brown's 
Lear Walker, carpenter, bds Mary Brown's 



Leathe Francis, student, bds G. J. Tarr's 
Leathe John D., Samuel Horn's, h. Middlesex 
Leathe Natiianiel N., teamster, h. High-street square 
Leathers Milton, Locks and Canals, bds Daniel Barry's 
Leatiiers Nathan, teamster, h, Gorham 
Leathers Samuel, (Dane &.) butcher, Merrimack, board- 
ing h. 54 Boott 
Leavenworth Mrs. Lydia C, dressmaker, Charles 
Leavenworth Mark J , Middlesex, h. Charles 
Leavitt Daniel G., (Colburn & Co.) W. I. goods, 42 Cen- 
tral, h. 3 Franklin sq. 
Leavitt Erasmus D., h. High-street square 
Leavitt Edward S., 56 Central, h. Centralville 
Leavitt George C, Merrimack Print W., h. 143 
Leavitt G. W., Bost. and Low. R. R., bds J. Spaulding's 
Leavitt Horatio, (Hopkinson &) hats and caps, 44 Cen- 
tral, h. Bartlett 
Leavitt James, Jr., Round house, h. Appleton 
Leavitt John B., Mech's' Mills, boarding h. Thorndike 
Leavitt Joseph P., clerk J. W. Brown's bds do. 
Leavitt Quincy, foundry, Jackson, h. Union 
Leavitt Wm. B., shoemaker, W. H. Leavitt's, h. Moody 
Leavitt William H., shoe store, 166^ Merr., h. Cabot 
Le Barron Christopher, shoemaker, bds H. J. Stone's 
Lebell Joseph, Tremont, bds 20 
Lederer Jacob, Merrimack Print W., h. Appleton 
Lee Charles, Hamilton, h. 25 Charles 
Lee Charles, Middlesex, h. Pleasant 
Lee James, Lowell M. Shop, h. Merrimack 
Lee Jason B., Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 
Lee John, fruit and beer shop and h. Market 
Lee Seth, works and bds L Scripture's 
Lee Susan B., Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 
Lee Francis, laborer, bds Michael Riley's 
Lee William, Burbank & Chase's, bds Mrs. Newell's 
Leeman William, Middlesex, bds N. Keniston's 
Legate Franklin, Lawrence, bds 50 
Legate Sydney S., Lawrence, bds 50 
Leighton David, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 
Leighton Isaiah, Merrimack Print W., h. 19 
Leighton James, steam mill, bds R. Tarbell's 
Leighton William, laborer, h. 278 Merrimack st. 
Leland Alonzo, teacher, bds 39 Merrimack corp. 
Lennon Thomas, beer and ale, h. 1 Dummer 
Leonard Abel, A. French's cellar, h. 5 Church 


Leonard Mrs. Catharine, h. 17 Adams 

Leonard Charles, draughtsman, bds 71 Merrimack Corp. 

Leonard Cyrus, (& Packard) dry goods and furs, 126 

Merrimack, h. 1 City Hall avenue 
Leonard Daniel, teamster, h. Cushing 
Leonard George, millwright, h. cor. Central and Mill 
Leonard Hugh, laborer, bds Mrs. C. Leonard's 
Leonard Ira, piano maker, Lawrence, h. Wamesit 
Leonard James, Merrimack, h. 169 

Leonard Jeremiah, blacksmith, h. 10 Trull's B , Middle 
Leonard John R., Mass., h. High 
Leonard Michael, h. Davis 

Leonard Michael, laborer, h. Sherman's B., Merrimack 
Leonard Mrs Sally, boarding h. 71 Merrimack corp. 
Leonard Sylvester B., Merrimack, bds 71 
Lepene Andrew, cakes and pies, Jackson, h. Middlesex 
Lerott Lewis H., Middlesex, bds A. Chanonhouse's 
Leslie Charles, Hamilton, h. Gorham 
Leslie Thomas, Lawrence, h. 42 
Lester John W., Merrimack, bds 25 

Lesuer Benj. F., crockery &c., 85 Central, h.cor. Chapel 
Lesure Ansel P., (Norris &.) stable, Warren, h. 135 Cent'l 
Lesure Swan L., Appleton, h. 5 
Levalley Benjamin, Kound house, h. Marshall 
Levalley Christopher W., Merrimack, bds Edward Page's 
Lewey James C, waiter Farmers' & Mechanics' h. 
Lewis Andrew, Middlesex, h. cor Oak and Nesmith 
Lewis Edward B., hair dresser, Gorham, h. Centralville 
Lewis Enoch, hair dresser, shop and h. Willie 
Lewis George, boarding h. 13 Boott 
Lewis George A., carpenter, bds D. E. Atwood's 
Lewis Oilman, J. Sawtell's, bds Miss M. Sawyer's 
Lewis Hiram, Mechanics Mills, bds J. England's 
Lewis James, mason, h. Lamb's ct. 
Lewis James Jun., bds James Lewis' 
Lewis Jeremiah, hair dresser, bds S. A. Lewis' 
Lewis John, laborer, h. Howard's B., Lowell 
Lewis John, Merrimack, bds 71 
Lewis John, blacksmith, bds Mrs. L. Locke's 
Lewis Joseph, farmer, bds James Lewis' 
Lewis Joseph, farmer, h. Liberty 

Lewis Moses, hair dresser, shop and h. Middle'x, h. Willie 
Lewis Sam'l A., hairdresser, 234 Merrimack, h. 10 Hano. 
Libbey Isaac H., carpenter, h. Lowell 
Libbey Isaac, Middlesex, bds N. 6. Merrill's 


Libby Abram, machinist, h. Spring 

Libby Daniel L., L. M.Shop, bds Misses Reynolds & Co. 

Libby Eliza, Middlesex, h. Clay 

Libby Isaac, Middlesex, bds N. B. Merrill's 

Libby Jacob C, Merrimack, bds 73 

Libby Oscar F., Lawrence, bds 45 

Libby William F., Prescott, h. 7 Mass 

Lilley C, (& Cheney) W. L Goods, 230 JMerr. h. Moody 

Lilley John, Tremont, h. 3S 

Lilley Wilkins, printer, bds John Lilley's 

Lincoln C. C, spoon maker, Sanborn's, bds Wash. h. 

Lincoln George, printer, bds Mrs. Phebe Lincoln's 

Lincoln Isaac, Merrimack, bds Mrs. H. Richardson's 

Lincoln L. E., apothecary, cor. Mer. and Bridge, h. And. 

Lincoln Marshal, machinist, bds Mrs. P. Lincoln's 

Lincoln Mrs. Phebe, h. Hanover 

Lincoln Tisdale, h. or. Fayette and Andover 

Lindsey Isaac, block printer, T. Barr"s, bds do. 

Lindsey James, Bleachery, bds A. Chambers' 

Linner Richard, laborer, h. Jeffeison square 

Linney Randall, laborer, h. Dodge 

Litchfield Festus C, Mass., h. 15 

Litchfield Pliny, Boolt, h. 48 

Linscott John M., Middlesex, h. William 

Little Charles, Middlesex, h. Pond 

Little George, Middlesex, h. George 

Little James M., job wagon, h. Charles 

Little John, Middlesex, bds James Thorn's 

Little Leonard P., Middlesex, bds L. Greenleafs 

Little Wm., Fiske & Norcross', bds J. Bachelder's 

Littlefield D. G , stoves, 166 Mer., h. cor. App and South 

Livermore Albert, job wagon, h. Bay State avenue 

Livermore Mrs. Hannah, dressmaker, bds Mrs. J, Combs' 

Livermore Jasort, laborer, h. Clay 

Livermore Leonard, Brooks & Tyler's h. Pine 

Livermore Mrs. Sarah C, h. Stackpole 

Livingston Daniel, teamster, h. Brewery ct. 

Livingston Elbridge, stone mason, h. cor. Thorn, and Ap. 

Livingston Mrs. Fanny, h. cor. George and William 

Livingston James, Middlesex, h. 1 Hurd 

Livingston James H., variety store and h. E. Merrimack 

Livingston John, L. and Lawrence R. R.,h. n. Hale's m. 

Livingston William, wood, coal, &c., Thorndike, h. do. 

Locke Isaac, tailor, George Young's, bds O. Wyman's 

Locke Jere, Lowell, h. Willow 


Locke John, h. Lawrence 

Locke John G., h. Lawrence 

Locke Joseph, h. Central, Chapel Hill 

Locke Mrs. Lydia, h. Moody 

Locke Samuel L , E. B. Worthen's, bds 5 Suffolk corp. 

Logan James, Bleachery, h. Central 

Logan John, Lowell, h. 20 

Logan Thomas, Lowell, bds John Claffy's 

Lombard Asa D., carpenter, h. Middlesex 

London Harlow, Lawrence, bds 45 

London William J., Lawrence, bds 45 

Long Abel, Merrimack, bds 79 

Long Daniel L., L. M. Shop, bds J. W. Robertson's 

Long Eben K., Mass., bds Mrs. E. A. Long's 

Long Mrs. Eliza A., boarding h. 9 Mass. 

Long John, hostler Parker's liv. stable, h. Maiden Lane 

Long J. Haskell, bds Mrs. E. A. Long's 

Long Rufus, Merrimack, bds 79 

Long William F., bds Mrs. E. A. Long's 

Loomis Asa G., h. Water 

Loomis Horace, carpenter, R. R , h. Appleton 

Lord Benjamin P., porter Merrimack h. 

Lord Mrs. Charlotte, h. cor George and Green 

Lord Hargraves, leaser of tenements, h. Lowell, near 

North Grammar School house 
Lord Henry A., A. Brown & Co.'s, h. cor. Cen. and Mill 
Lord Josiah, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Lord Morris, laborer, h. Market 
Lothrop Mrs. Olive Ann, h. Fayette 
Lougee Darius, Appleton, h. Gorham 
Lougee Henry C, Wm. Fiske's, h. 10 N. Franklin ct. 
Louger Mrs. Sophia, boarding h. 60 Lawrence corp. 
Lovett George, carpenter, bds Thomas Lovett's 
Lovett Mrs. Jane, washerwoman, h. Lowell 
Lovett John M., carpenter, bds Thomas Lovett's 
Lovett Thomas, carpenter, shop and h. Summer 
Lovett Thomas J , teamster, h. Davis 
Lovejoy Augustus R., blacksmith, bds Henry Smith's 
Lovejoy Chester, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Lovejoy Daniel, blacksmith Dutton, h. Marshall 
Lovejoy George L., L. M. Shop, h. cor. Adams and Lag. 
Lovejoy H. W., Adams & North's, h. cor. Gor. and Cedar 
Lovejoy Miss Harriet, seamstress, bds Isaac Lovejoy 's 
Lovejoy Isaac, carpenter, Charles, h. North 
Lovejoy Jacob, Hamilton, h. 49 


Lovejoy John, Merrimack, li. 158 

Lovejoy John W., Middlesex, h. George 

Lovejoy Kendall, Snow's market, bds II. Mansur's 

Lovejoy Lund, blacksmith, Market, h. Appleton 

Lovejoy Noah, cabinet maker, Middle, h. Fayette 

Loverien Luke W., bowling alley and h. Poplar 

Lovrien William, stonelayer, h. East Merrimack 

Lovering John R., laborer, h. Mason's ct. 

Lovering Miss Lucy, dressma'g & vari'y store & h. 6 John 

Lovering Moses, h. Pleasant 

Lovewell Nathan, pedler, h. Arcade B. 

Low Mrs. Hannah, boarding h. 8 Hamilton 

Low John, Hamilton, h. 48 

Low John, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Sleeper's 

Low John, P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence 

Low Joseph, blacksmith R. R., h Common 

Low Nehemiah, Lowell M. Shop, h. Branch 

Low Robert, (& Skillen) carriage maker, Market, h. cor. 

Middlesex and Middlesex pi. 
Lowd James, Merrimack, bds 87 
Lowell Silas, teamster, bds Jas. Frye's 
Lowney John, beer shop and h. cor. Lowell & Jefferson 
Lucas William, painter, bds L. Greenleafs 
Luce Miss Cynthia, tailoress, shop and h. Charles 
Luce Don Carlos, reed shop Middle,bds Mrs. N. A. Smith's 
Lufkin Miss Martha, boarding h. 44 Boott 
Lund Ephraim, teamster, bds D. Livingston's 
Lund Noadiah, Nashua freight depot, h. Varney 
Lunt Ezekiel, laborer, h. Liberty 

Lunt William H., mach'st, h. cor. Stackpole & Livermore 
Luscomb John W., painter, h. Lowell opp. Lowell pi. 
Luther Nathan, h. Luther's ct. 
Lyford Andrew, Merrimack, bds 147 
Lyford Dudley, Pentucket Springs, bds L. Worcester's 
Lyford Edward, Lawrence, bds 46 
Lyford John, Lawrence, bds 46 
Lyford Noah, Middlesex, h. 50 Church 
Lyford Oliver S., Bos. & Low. depot, bds 173 Merr. corp 
Lyford Simeon G., Lawrence, h. 23 
Lyford Simon, Lawrence, bds 55 

Lyford Zebulon, Appleton, h. cor. South and Middlesex 
Lyman Roland, jeweller, 100 Central, h. Ames 
Lynch Barney, laborer, h. Lowell 
Lynch James, Bleachery, h. Kirk avenue 
Lynch John, confectionery, bds P. Lynch's 


Lynch John, Merrimack, bds J. McNabb's 
Lynch John, tailor, bds P. SJiort's 
Lynch Joseph, W. I. goods, Lowell, bds P. Brogan's 
Lynch Michael, Hamilton, h. 6 Trull's B., Middle 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, h. Castle's bl., Lowell 
Lynch Peter, Middlesex, h. Middle 
Lynch Thomas, carpenter, h. Middle 
Lynch Timothy, laborer, h. Ayer's bl., Moody 
Lynde Thomas, laborer, h. Gorham 
Lyon Amos, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Lyon Augustus, Lowell, h. 22 Franklin sq. 
Lyon Mrs. Harriet, boarding h. 16 Lawrence corp. 
Lyon Lorenzo D , boots and shoes, cor. Central and Wil- 
liam, bds M. Parkhurst's 
Lyscomb Mrs. Sarah B., boarding h. 43 Mass. 

Mace Oliver, Middlesex, h. 15 Charles 

Mack Abram S., machinist, Middle, h. E. Merrimack 

Mack Charles E., Cushing & Mack's, bds Miss P. Hill's 

Mack Isaac N., dry goods, bds Enoch Emory's 

Mack James, laborer, bds Reuben Parker's 

Mack Jos., tailor. Dean's, Wyman's Ex.bds J. Cookson's 

Mack Miss Mehitable, tailoress, shop and h. E. Merr. 

Mack Sewall G., (Cushing &) stovedealer, cor. Market 

and Shattuck, h. Lowell, near Cabot 
Mackay David, Lowell M. Shop, h. 22 Swamp Locks 
Mackay John H., carpenter, h. rear M. Maguire's, Little 
Madden John, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Madden Mrs. Mary, h. Howard Bl., Lowell 
Magan James, laborer, h. Murphy's B., Lowell 
Magan James, laborer, h. Cross 
Magerry William, cooper, bds James Martin's 
Magoon Plummer, Merrimack, bds 73 
Magoun Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 4 Suffolk corp. 
Maguire Andrew, shoemaker, Market, h. 60 Church 
Maguire Daniel, W. L Goods, Lowell, h. Cross 
Maguire James J., (& Cassidy) dry goods, 78 Merr. h. 

Donohoe's B., Suffolk 
Maguire J., P. O. Richmond's, h. rear McDeRyans, Low. 


Maguire John, pedler, h. Green 

Macruire Michael, slater, h. Little 

Mahon Owen, W. I. Goods, shop and h. 6 Gorham 

Mahee Francis, laborer, h. Cross 

Mahoney James, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Mahoney Patrick, laborer, h. Lowell 

Mahool James, Merrimack, bds 80 

Maid John, laborer, h. Flynn's B., Suffolk 

Major Alonzo F., Lowell M. Shop, h. Gorham 

Mallard Albert, Lawrence, h. 38 

Mann Curtis, {&, Blodget) stable, Middle, h. Centralville 

Mann Rev. Cyrus, selec^t school, Wentworth's B., h. John 

Mann Cyrus S., physician, IL App. Bl., bds C. Mann's 

Mann Thomas D., shoemaker, 49 Merr., h. Appleton 

Mann William T., paymaster Middlesex, bds American h. 

Manahan Adam, machinist, bds Mrs. Gordon's 

Manahan Arthur, laborer, h. Middle 

Manahan Harvey, mason, bds J. O. Allen's 

Manahan John F., carpenter, h. 25 Franklin sq., Suffolk 

Manahan William T., h. cor. Lagrange and Marion 

Mangen John, laborer, h. Short's B., Jefferson 

Manice James, restorator and h. Market 

Manice Patrick, laborer, h. South 

Manley Horace, dentist, h. 35 Church 

Manchester Job, mesmeric physician, h. 133 Central 

Manning Daniel, laborer, h. Short's B., Suffolk 

Manning Mrs. Ellis, h. Adams 

Manning George, blacksmith, shop and h. Lowell 

Manning John, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Manock Daniel, Middlesex, bds V. Streeter's 

Mansfield Andrew, Mass., bds Mrs. B.. Caldwell's 

Mansfield C. F., Hamilton, bds Misses Pveynolds & Co.'s 

Mansfield George W., dentist, office and h. 16 Central 

Mansfield John, batting mill, h. Hale 

Mansfield John, laborer, h. rear Doyle's B., Suffolk 

Mansfield Stillman, h. Appleton 

Mangirvan Thomas, Bleachery, h. do. 

Mansee Joseph, laborer, h. John-street avenue 

Manson Hiram, Tremont, h. 20 

Mansur Aaron, h. cor. Nesmith and Andover 

Mansur Horace, Kittredge's, Market, h. 160 Central 

Mansur Stephen, crockery, 110 Central, h. Nesmith 

Mansur Stephen C, clerk 110 Central, bds S. Mansur's 

Mansur Lewis, G. J. & D. Bradt's, bds D. Bradfs 

Manuel Albert, fish pedler, h. Andover 


Marble Andrew, Merrimack, bds William Pliillips' 
Marble Mrs. Nancy, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
March Ichabod, carpenter, h. Willow place 
March Oliver, Franklin Bookstore, 91 Cen., h. Lawrence 
Marchand Joseph, carpet factory Howe, bds Roger Lang's 
Marc}' S. D., carpenter, bds Merrimack h. 
Marden Joseph, carpenter, h. Middlesex 
Markle John, Lowell, bds 19 
Markle William, Lowell, bds 19 
Marks William, painter, h. 3 Trull's BI., Middle 
Marr Dennis, Railroad repair shop, h. 4 Lagrange 
Marr Horatio P., Railroad repair shop, h. 2 Lagrange 
Marr Josiah J., Railroad repair shop, bds 8 Franklin sq. 
Marr Patrick, Lowell, h Carpet Lane 
Marrin Luke, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 
Mars John, silk dyer, near Bleachery, h. Market 
Marsh Ebenezer W., Mass , h. 64 
Marsh Elias P., Merrimack, bds 71 

Marsh John, dealer in eggs. Market, h. west side School 
Marsh Mrs. Lucretia, boarding h. 44 Lawrence corp. 
Marsh Sumner, Boott, h. 78 
Marsh Sylvanus F-, Boott, h. 12 South 
Marshall Avery, farmer, h. Parker 
Marshall Bradley, Applelon, h. 13 
Marshall Henry, Noyes' stable, bds Jane Robinson's 
Marshall Hermon, Middlesex, h. Clay 
Marshall Hezekiah, farmer, h. Parker 
Marshall Horatio, Railroad repair shop, h. Rock 
Marshall John, Lowell M. Shop, h. 62 Swamp Locks 
Marshall John, Jr., L. M. Shop, bds John Marshall's 
Marshall John B., Blanchard's flour store, h. Mclntire 
Marshall Josiah, Middlesex, h. Middlesex 
Marshall Mrs. Lydia, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Marshall Miss Mary, boarding h., 45 Lawrence corp. 
Marston Andrew B., Tremont h. 10 
Marston Edward W., jeweller, 21 Merr., bds City Hotel 
Marston George, Suffolk, h. cor. Ford and Austin 
Marston Jona. M., restorator, Wentworth's B., h. Anne 
Marsion Levi, Lawrence, bds 34 

Marston Misses Mary and Susan, dressmakers, 86 Central 
Martin William C, tin plate worker, h. Union 
;i Martin Allen, bds F. Graham's 
j Martin Ambrose, shoemaker, shop and h. Middle 
I'l Martin Benjamin, Noyes' stable, bds Submit Pierce's 
jj Martin Bernard, mason, bds Bridget Martin's 


Martin Mrs. Bridget, li. Cross 

Martin Charles, Railroad yard, bds Howard h. 

Martin Edsvard, carpenter, h. North 

Martin Edward, mason, h. cor. Suffolk and Cross 

Martin Edward, laborer, h. Keene 

Martin Edward J., Suffolk, bds 3 

Martin Francis, tin pedler, bds Sarah White's 

Martin Francis J., Lawrence, bds 3 Suffolk corp. 

Martin Henry, cab driver, D. Rogers, bds Mrs. M. Stone's 

Martin James, Lowell h. 5 Trull's B., Middle 

Martin James Jun., engineer, Tremont, h. 8 

Martin James H., painter, bds Charles Dodge's 

Martin John, laborer, h. 9 Adams Bl. 

Martin John, laborer, h. cor. Fenwick & Suffolk 

Martin John, laborer, h. Jefferson 

Martin John, Middlesex, bds J. Knowles's 

Martin Joseph P., bds Eliza Martin's 

Martin Mrs. Sarah M., boarding h. 104 Central 

Martin Mrs. Sybil F., boarding h. 3 Suffolk corp. 

Massey Joseph, Boott, bds D. Parker's 

Mason Allen, cigar maker, bds Farmers & Mechanics 

Mason Andrew, machinist, bds James Willock's 

Mason Augustus, physician, 128 Merr. bds Mrs. Davis' 

Mason Hiram, Lowell, bds O. Wyman's 

Mason John, painter, Merr. corp. bds James Willock's 

Mason John, h. Thorndike 

Mason John F., (Newman &) painter. Middle, h. High 

Mason Rev. Lemuel B., h. Elm 

Mason Mrs. Martha P., boarding h. 50 Mass. 

Mason Nelson, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Vance's 

Mason Schuyler, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Mason Stephen J., hat store, 66 Central, bds 50 Mass. 

Mason William, Appleton, h. Masons ct. 

Masterdon James, laborer, h. 11 Hurd 

Masterson James, laborer, h. Middle 

Masterson Patrick, Pearl & Huntress, bds J. Masterson's 

Masterson William, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Willie 

Mather Benjamin, city weigher, bds 27 Central 

Mather Joshua, carpet manufacturer, h. 150 Merr. corp. 

Mathes Abraham, carpenter, shop and h. Forrest 

Matson David G., mason, h. cor. School and Varney 

Matheson James, laborer, bds James Sherry's 

Mattacks William, slater, h. Pleasant 

Matthews Daniel H., Mass. bds B. Brown's 

Matthews Henry, bds J. C. Palmer's 


Maxfield George W., carpenter, h. South 

Maxwell Thomas, P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence 

May Holmes, Lowell M. Shop, bds A. M. King's 

May John T., Locks and Canals, h. Brewery ct. 

Mayer Joseph, baker, shop and h. Paige 

Mayer Robert, works and bds Joseph Mayer's 

Maynard C. J. W., fancy goods, 76 Merrimack, h. Kirk 

Maynard Charles, fancy goods, 76 Merr., h. Kirk 

Maynard Miss D., (& Persis) milliner, 76 Merr. h Kirk 

Maynard Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding h. 16 Hamilton 

Maynard John, apothecary, shop and h. 170 and 170^^ Merr. 

Maynard John E., hack office, Merr. h. cor. Worthen 

Maynard John M., h. Dutton, near Lowell 

Maynard John T., painter, Kittredge's, h. Bay State av. 

Maynard Miss P., (Dorothy &) milliner, 76 Merr. h. Kirk 

Maynard Stearns, Mass. bds B. Brown's 

Mayo Charles H., Lowell M Shop, bds 19 Suffolk corp. 

Mayo George L., Lowell M. Shop, bds 19 Suffolk corp. 

Mayo John S., Suffolk, bds 19 

McXlister, Edward, h. 66 Church 

McAlister Geo., White & Puffer 's, bds Sally McAlister's 

McAlister Nelson, Hamilton, bds J. L. Purinton's 

McAhster Mrs. Sally, h. 66 Church 

McAleer John, Hamilton, h. cor. Appleton and Gorham 

McAleer George, laborer, h. William 

McAlvin John, Hamilton Print W., h. 39 

McAlvin John B., paymaster, Suffolk, h. 1 Cabot Bl. 

McAnulty James, tailor, bds Ann Quinn's 

McAnulty John, W. L Goods, 3 and h. 5 Hurd 

McAnulty Michael, Hamilton Print. W., h. cor. Appleton 

McAnulty Philip, laborer, h. William 

McAnulty Terry, Middlesex, h. Charles 

McArdell Edward, Lowell, h. Jefferson 

McArthur Hector, Lowell, h. 14 

McArthur Hector, Jun., Lowell, bds 14 

McArthur William, foundry, bds 14 Lowell corp. 

McAlarney William, Hamilton Print W., h. North 

McAlay Austin, Middlesex, h. William 

McAloon Art, Hamilton, h. Gorham 

McAloon Edward, Merrimack, h. Jefferson 

McAIoon Mrs. Hannah, h. Winter 

McAlpine Peter, John McDonald's, h. Little 

McAny Patrick, steam mill, h. Pine 

McAnaughtin Robert, Lowell, h. Market 

McAtee Patrick, hod carrier, h. Thorndike 


McAutiff John, Lowell cemetery, bds R. Raridon's 
McAusland James, calico printer, li. Andover near Bridge 
McAusIand Alex., painter, 117 Central, h. Merrill's ct. 
McBurn Thomas, laborer, bds John Campbell's 
McCabe Barnard, Locks and Canals, bds B. McCabe's 
McCabe Bernard, liostler, and bds John Hadley's 
McCabe James, laborer, h. Bennett's B., Jefferson 
McCabe John, laborer, h. Lowell 
I McCabe Michael, Middlesex, h. Middle 
McCabe Michael, laborer, h. Dummer 
'McCaffrey Mrs. Agnes, h. Suffolk 

McCaffrey Owen, laborer, h. cor. Suffolk and Fenwick 
McCaffrey Turns, P. O. Richmond's, bds Pat'k Donley's 
McCahey Thomas, gardener B. F. French's, h. Charles 
McCanna Francis, Merrimack Print W., h. Adams 
McCanna Henry, Hamilton, h. Winter 
McCanna Michael, fruit pedler. Central, bds G. Melloy's 
McCanna Patrick, hostler C. Hadlock's, h. Lewis 
McCann James, laborer, h. John st. avenue 
McCann Nail, J. C. Ayer's, bds R. McCann's 
McCann Robert, variety store and h. Market 
j McCarney Thomas, baker, shop and h. Gorham 
I McCarty Charles, laborer, h. cor. Suffolk and Cross 
I McCarty Charles, foundry, bds A. Cummiskey's 
i McCarty Dennis, Locks and Canals, h. Fenwick 
I McCarty Dennis, foundry, h. cor- Lowell and Jefferson 
•McCarty Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Fenwick 
McCarty Florence, Wm. Livingston's, h. Fenwick 
McCarty Mrs. Hannah, h. Short's B., Lewis 
McCarty James, Middlesex, bds 42 Church 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, h. Howard BL, Lowell 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Fenwick 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, h. Flynn's B., Suffolk 
McCarty Mrs. Joanna, washerwoman, h. R. R B., Lowell 
McCarty John, W. I. goods, store and h. Middle 
McCarty John, Hamilton, h. William 
McCarty John, plasterer, h. Chapel 
McCarty Micah, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 
McCarty Michael, shoemaker, h. 4 Ayer's bl., Tilden 
McCarty Michael, laborer, h. Fenwick 
McCarty Michael, laborer, h. Cross 
McCarty Patrick, Lowell, bds Elizabeth McCarty 's 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, h. Short's B., Lowell 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, h. Jefferson sq. 
McCarty Patrick, Middlesex, h. 42 Church 


McCarty Patrick, Bleachery, h. Moore 

Mccarty Timothy, bds Mrs. H. McCarty's 

McCary Terence, carpenter, bds Hugh O'JNeiTs 

McCauley Franklin, carpet weaver, bds P. Pettingill's 

McClare John, h. Gorham 

McClarky Patrick, Bleachery, h. Gorham 

McClary Henry, machinist, bds R. Oilman's 

McClary John, Mass., h. 3 Hurd 

McClary John, Mass., bds B. Brown's 

McClary Matthew, restorator, 41 Church 

McClauslin Tristam, B. & L. R. R.,bds 8 Franklin sq. 

McCloskey Patrick, laborer, h. Lowell 

McCloskey William, laborer, h. Castle's Bl., Lowell 

McClure Miss Mary, teacher, bds Mrs. C. Caldwell's 

McComb James, h. Gorham 

McComb JNlichael, laborer, h. Lamb's ct. 

McConnor Nicholas, Middlesex, h. Davis 

McCool Edward, Merrimack Print W., bds J. Campbell's 

McCorison James, h. cor. Alder and Bartlett 

McCormick Aldis L., pick, fac'y Market, h. Edgerly's ct. 

McCormick Nathaniel, carpenter, h. Pond 

McCost Barney, Prescott, h rear William 

McCost James, Middlesex, li. Winter 

McCost Philip, foundry Jackson, h. cor. App'n & Gorham 

McCosker Fergus, Mass., h. Winter 

McCosker Mrs. Mary, h. Davis 

McCosker Michael, confectionery, &c., shop & h. Gorham 

McCoy James M., writing master, h. Bartlett 

McCrillis Calvin, Middlesex, bds E. Winchester's 

McCurley Thomas, laborer, bds J. Claffy's ' 

McCue Mrs. Ann, h. rear Market 

McCue Michael, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 

McCue Patrick, laborer, h. William 

McDaniel James, laborer, h. High st. sq. 

McDaniel Thomas, laborer, h. High st. sq. 

McDermott Mrs Anallen, h. Short's B., Jefferson 

McDermott Charles, agent for emigrants, h. Cross 

McDermott Dominie, laborer, h. between Merr. & Middle 

McDermott James, Boott, h. 2 Dummer 

McDermott Rev. James T., h. Suffolk 

McDermott Michael, hod carrier, h. Gorham 

McDermott Patrick, L. M. Shop, h. Short's B., Jefferson 

McDermott Thomas, hod carrier, h. Gorham 

McDermott Timothy, laborer, bds John Kane's 

McDe Ryan J., baker, shop and h. Lowell 


McDonald Alexander, watchman Merrimack, h. School 

McDonald Daniel, shoemaker, h. Fenwick 

McDonald Daniel, Jr., painter, bds Daniel McDonald's 

McDonald Edward, niarble cutter, bds Dan'l McDonald's 

McDonald Isaac II., Merrimack, bds S. H. Morton's 

McDonald James, painter, bds Daniel McDonald's 

McDonald James, carpet weaver, bds John McDonald's 

McDonald James, laborer, h. Davidson lane 

McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, h. Jefferson 

McDonald John, carpenter, bds Jane Chandler's 

McDonald John, laborer, h. 9 Trull's B., Middle 

McDonald John, carpet weaver, shop and h. Hale 

McDonald John, Jr., carpel weaver, shop and h. Hale 

McDonald Patrick, woodsawyer, bds Ann Quinn's 

McDonald Patrick, laborer, h. Jefferson 

McDonald Peter, hod carrier, h. Fenwick 

McDonald Mrs. Rose, h. Winter 

McDonihe John, Hamilton, h. Central 

McDonough Michael, dry goods, 116 Merr.,bds Wash. h. 

McDuffie Charles, Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 

McDuffie Hiram, carpenter, h. Fayette 

McDuffie Thomas, Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 

McElroy Michael, hostler J. Hadley's, h. Jefferson 

McEnter Mrs. Catharine, h. Matthew's B., Cross 

McEwen James, Middlesex, h. Green 

McEvar Alex., Suffolk, bds 9 Cabot Bl. 

McEvoy Mrs. Ann, h. Fenwick 

McEvoy Francis, laborer, h. Suffolk 

McEvoy Hugh, tailor, 58 Central, h. Suffolk 

McEvoy James, Lowell, h. 19 

McFarlin Archibald, bds William McFarlin's 

McFarlin Archibald, Jr., machinist, h. 17 N. Franklin ct. 

McFarlin Luke, (Wm. &) stone, wood and ice dealer, h. 

McFarlin Wm , (& Luke) stone, wood, &c., h. Pautucket 
McFarland Robert, laborer, h. 5 Austin 
McGary Cornelius, laborer, bds Thomas Shields' 
McGary Mrs. Elizabeth, h. North 
McGary John, laborer, h. Cross 
McGary Patrick, laborer, bds E McGary 's 
McGee Mrs. Jane, h. William 

McGinn Michael, beer &c., Midl'x, bds L. A. Lepene's 
McGivness James, Middlesex, bds Thomas Maloney's 
McGlothren Bryan, D. Dana's, h. Market 
McGlothren Patrick, laborer, h. Cross 


McGlynn John, laborer, h. Green 

McGlynn Patrick, laborer, h. Market 

McGowan Dennis, laborer, bds John Smith's, Middlesex 

McGowan Thomas, Bleachery, h. Hale 

McGoverin Mrs. Bridget, h. 2 Dummer 

McGoverin James, laborer, bds Mrs. B. McGoverin's 

McGovern John, laborer, bds Wm. Morrison's 

McGovering Mrs. Mary, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 

McGovering Patrick, laborer, h. William 

McGovering Terence, laborer, h. near Middlesex 

McGrath James, tailor, h, Short's B., Lowell 

McGrath James Jr., laborer, bds James McGrath's 

McGrath John S., laborer, h. Adams 

McGrath Martin, laborer, h. Livingston, near Carter 

McGrath Peter, Merrimack, bds James McGrath's 

McGrath Roger, L. M. Shop, h. cor. Lowell and Suffolk 

McGrath Wm., laborer, h. rear John Quinn's, Fenwick 

McGuire Conna, Middlesex, h. William 

McGuire James, laborer, h. Short's B., JeiFerson 

McGuire James, American H., h. 7 Hurd 

McGuire Mrs. Mary, h. Cross 

McGuire Michael, Bleachery, bds Peter Frawley's 

McGuire Michael, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefferson 

McGuire Patrick, Middlesex, bds Catharine Clark's 

McGuire Patrick, laborer, h. Somerset 

McGuirk James, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefferson 

McGuirk Patrick, W. L Goods store and h. cor. Lowell 

McHugh Hugh, laborer, h. Lowell 

McHugh Michael, laborer, h. Winter 

Mcllroy Charles, Bleachery, bds R. Dawson's 

Mclntire David, bds L. Parker's 

Mclntire Ingalls K., straw bon's,Merr.,bdsT. G.Tweed's 

Mclntire Ira, painter, h. North 

Mclntire James, tailor, bds Mrs. W. Mclntire's 

Mclntire John, laborer, h. l^owell 

Mclntire Levi, Smith Adams', h. cor. Mid'x & Mclntire 

Mclntire Mrs. Winifred, boarding h. Wyman's B., Middle 

McKay Mrs. Ellen, h. Cross 

McKay James, Lowell, bds 1 

McKearney Philip, bleachery, h. Gorhara 

McKenney Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Fayette 

McKenney James E., R. R. yard, bds M. B. Christie's 

McKenney Patrick, h. Winter 

McKennon John, Lowell, bds I. Swap's 

McKennon Mrs. Catharine, h. Foot's B., Lowell 


McKeon Michael, h. Green 

McKcnzie Addison, Lowell M. Shop, bds Jas. Plummcr's 

McKenzie Jane, h. 26 Hurd 

McKernon Daniel, carpenter, bds P. Short's 

McKever James, Tremont, bds 14 

McKimm William, Middlesex, h. William 

McKinefe James, laborer, h. 6 Adams Bl. 

McKinefe Peter, laborer, bds James McKinefe's 

McKinley Mrs. Sarah, h. cor. Middlesex and Gorham 

McKnight Andrew, L. M. S., h. cor. Fenwick <& SufFolk 

McLanathan Henry L. S., shoes, trunks, &c., 102 Merri- 
mack, h. cor. Kirk and Lee 

Mcl.anathan Samuel, shoes, &c., 56 Merr., h. 30 Hurd 

McLaughlin Mrs. Ann, Middlesex, h. North 

McLaughlin Cornelius, laborer, h. Lowell 

McLaughlin Francis, Merrimack, h. Paige 

McLaughlin James, laborer, h. Pleasant 

McLaughlin James, h. North 

McLaughlin John, Middlesex, h. Middle 

McLaughlin John, mason, h. Lowell 

McLaughlin John, Appleton, h. North 

McLaughlin John, Boott, h. Little 

McLaughlin Michael, shoemaker, shop and h. Gorham 

McLaughlin Pat'k, Carleton & Hovey 's, bds Q. Sheridan's 

McLaughlin Philip, Hamilton, h. Winter 

McLaughlin Philip, laborer, h. Donohoe's B., Jefferson 

McLaughlin Thomas, laborer, h, 202 Merrimack 

McLaughlin Timothy, (& Conlan) W. L goods cor. Low- 
ell and SufFolk, h. cor. Suffolk and Cross 

McLaughlin , Lowell M. Shop, h. Lowell 

McLear Mrs. Ann, h. Green 

McLennon Hugh, woolsorter, Lowell, h. 11 

McLennon John, Lowell, h. 11 

McMahon James, Bleachery, bds Thomas McMahon's 

McMahon John, h. Lamb's court 

McMahon Thomas, Bleachery, h. Livingston 

McManus Mrs. Eliza, washerwoman, h. Lowell 

McManus James, Bleachery, h. Moore 

McManus John, laborer, h. William 

McMaster Cushing, Locks and Canals, bds Cha's Way's 

McMasler John, Boott, h. Vine Lane 

McMonagill George, Lowell M. Shop, bds S. MonagiU's 

McMonagill Stephen, Lowell M. Shop, h. Button 

McMorrow , P. O. Richmond s, h. William 

McNabb John, Merrimack, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 


McNabb Thomas, Merrimack, h. 12 Adams Bl. 
McNamara Owen, Boott, h. Winter 
McNeill Edwin, D. West & Co., bds A. Skinner's 
McNeill James, Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 
McNeill James, shoemaker, bds George Baxter's 
McNeill John, T. Wentworth's office, bds T. Wentworth's 
McNeill Joseph D., churn dealer, bds A. Skinner's 

McNeilly , tailor, P. Fuller's, bds Jesse Shattuck's 

McOsker Fergus, Merrimack, bds Ann Quinn's 
McOsker Lawrence, laborer, h. William 

McParlin , laborer, h. Fenwick 

McPheters Samuel, cigar maker, Prescott, h. High 

McQuade Charles, Merr., h. between Merr. and Middle 

McQuade Charles, Merrimack, h. Lee 

McQuade Edward, Lowell M. Shop, bds Ann Quinn's 

McQuade Hugh, stone mason, h. Hurd 

McQuade James, boarding h. 3 Austin 

McQuade J., Livingston's, bds between Merr. and Middle 

McQuade John, oyster shop, Lowell h.. Market 

McQuade Martin, Merrimack, h. Mt. Vernon 

McQuade Matthew, laborer, h. Little 

McQuade Michael, waiter, Merrimack, h. 

McQuade P., laborer, h. between Merrimack and Middle 

McQuade Patrick, pedler, bds James McQuade's 

McQuiston William, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Willie 

McRooney James, Lowell M. Shop, bds T. McKay's 

McSoley John, mason, h. Cedar 

McSoley John, Hamilton Print W., h. William 

McSwegan John, laborer, bds M. O'Brian's 

McVey Barnard, Hamilton, bds Jeremiah Leonard's 

McVey Patrick, vegetables &c., shop and h. Gorhara~ 

McWadeMiss Betsey, boarding h. Kimball's B., Moody 

McWilliams John, Bleachery, h. Summer 

Mead Abram, coun. 13 Appleton Bl. h. Union 

Mead Franklin, h, 28 Church 

Mead George, painter, bds William Mead's 

Mead Harvey R., Locks and Canals, bds Nancy Fogg's 

Mead John, tailor, bds Hugh O. Neil's 

Mead John, h. cor. Chapel and Centre 

Mead Matthew, tailor, bds Hugh O. Neill's 

Mead Moses A., carpenter, h. foot Pautucket Falls 

Mead Patrick, laborer, h, Jefferson sq. 

Mead Samuel, job wagon, h. cor. Central and North 

Mead William, provision store, E. Merr., h. 41 Church 

Mead William, B. Watson's, h. Lawrence 

10 ~ 


Header Alba, Railroad, bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Header Alpheus, Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 
Header Edward S., shoemaker, h. Willow place 
Header Jonathan W., woolsorter, bds E. S. Header's 
Headowcroft James, blacksmith, h. Charles 
Hegan John, hod carrier, bds P. HcQuade's 
Hegovrien Mrs. Ann, Appleton, h. Gorham 
Helcher John L., paymaster L. M. Shop, bds S. Melcher's 
Helcher Sylvester, Lowell M. Shop C. R., h. Central 
Meldroon Patrick, hostler C. Hadlock's,*bds P. McCann's 
Heldrum James, snufF and tobacco, Herr., h. 9 Mid'x pi. 
Helloy Charles, Boott, h. Howe 
Helloy Edward, Hiddlesex, h. Davidson 
Helloy George, Catholic bookstore and h. Market 
Melloy John, tailor, shop and h. 240 Herrimack 
Helloy Hichael, foundry, Jackson, bds H. HcAnulty's 
Helloy Michael, Jr., foundry, bds M. HcAnulty's 
Hellen Robert, laborer, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Helloon James, laborer, bds John Kane's 
Helony James, laborer, h. near N. Grammar School h. 
Melony Michael, bds John Galvin's 
Melony Thomas, Middlesex, h. William 
Helvin Abrara T., Lowell H. Shop, h. 55 Swamp Locks 
Helvin Benjamin, carpenter, h. foot Pautucket falls 
Helvin Charles B., northern express, bds E. T. True's 
Helvin Dawes, liOwell H. Shop, h. 55 Swamp Locks 
Helvin Dexter B., Lowell H. Shop, h. 8 Harion 
Helvin Emerson, beer maker, h. Thorndike 
Helvin John B., variety goods, shop and h. 256 Herr. 
Helvin John R., bds Hrs. Dame's 

Helvin Joshua, botanic physician, office and h. cor. Hid- 
dlesex and Pearl 
Helvin Nathaniel P., express wagon, bds E. T. True's 
Melvin Orison, Hamilton, h. 131 Central 
Helvin Rufus, Boott, h. 34 

Helvin William D., teamster, h. cor. Lowell and Adams 
Hercer Richard P., Hamilton, h. 43 
Herriam Amos, Prescott, h. High-street square 
Herriam Darius, Lawrence, h. 11 
Herriam Elisha, Mass., bds E. Walch's 
Herriam Franklin, Bleachery, h. Gorham 
Herriam Joseph F., h. Bartlett 

Herriam Mrs. Mary A., boarding h. 51 Herrimack Corp. 
Herriam Otis, coachman and bds John Nesmith s 
Merrick Dwight L., painter, bds James Hanson's 


Merrick Otis S., wriiing-master, bds A. Brackett s 

Merrill Benjamin J. R., Mass., h. 39 

Merrill Benjamin, blacksmith, h. Mclntire 

Merrill Benjamin R., Mass., h. 31 Prescott corp. 

Merrill Daniel, Boott, bds William Harvey's 

Merrill Daniel, Lowell M. Shop, bds H. S. Parker's 

Merrill Darius, shoe store, cor. Mer. and Suffolk, h. Mer. 

Merrill David, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 

Merrill Edwin, Russ' stable, h. James court 

Merrill Mrs. Eliza, boarding h. 13 Suffolk corp. 

Merrill Farnum, A. Brown & Co.'s, h. Fayette 

Merrill Horatio, pedler, h. Race 

Merrill Horatio, Jr., furnishing store, 210 Merrimack, h. 

cor. Austin and Ford 
Merrill John, h. Liberty 

Merrill Jonathan S., Merrimack, h. rear 8 Tilden 
Merrill Joshua, (& Heywood) bookseller, 23 Central, h. 

cor. Chapel and Merrill's court 
Merrill Joseph, carpenter, h. Merrimack, near Hanover 
Merrill Joseph, hat and shoe store 69 Central, h. Kirk 
Merrill Lowell G., variety, shop and H. 194 Merrimack 
Merrill Nathaniel, Day & Convers', bds Eliza Rolfe's 
Merrill Nathan B., boarding h. Market 
Merrill Robert, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Vance's 
Merrill Rufus, Suffolk, h. 2 
Merrill Samuel, Boott, bds Sarah Quimby's 
Merrill Samuel, Eaton & Jewett's, h. Dodge 
Merrill Samuel, laborer, h. cor. Wall and Davidson 
Merrill Silas, teamster, h. cor. Merrimack and Race 
Merrow Hiram, carpenter, bds 36 Merrimack corp. 
Merrow James J., confectioner, shop and h. Bartlett 
Mesler Charles, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 
Messer Abiel, Locks and Canals, h. Fayette 
Messer Joseph, Aldrich & Tyng's, bds 104 Merr. st. 
Messinger Elias, innkeeper Farmer' and Mech's', 238 Mer. 
Messinger Enoch, Middlesex, h. rear Lawrence 
Meserve Eben, constable, h. Charles 
Meserve Samuel, deputy jailor, h. Datton 
Metcalf David S., Hamilton, h. Middlesex 
Metcalf Eliab, carpenter, h. 15 Franklin square 
Metcalf Enoch, h. E. Merrimack 
Metcalf Isaac N., teacher and dealer in music, 23 Central, 

h. E. Merrimack 
Metcalf James A., Mass., bds Benjamin Morrill's 
Metcalf Martin L., Middlesex, h. Alder 


Metcalf William, Middlesex, h. 202 Merrimack st. 

Middleton Robert, Lowell, bds 104 Merrimack st. 

Midgeley Thomas, flannel mills, h. cor. Howe and Dav- 

Midgeley William, flannel mills, h. Water 

Miles Alfred, Lowell M. Shop, bds Hannah Miles' 

Miles Mrs. Hannah, h. 6 Wall 

Miles Rev. Henry A., h. Lawrence , 

Miller Albert, Prescott, bds B. Brown's 

Miller Charles, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 

Miller George, Merrimack Print. W., bds Sam'l Miller's 

Miller James, Lowell, bds O. M. Donohoe's 

Miller Joseph, carpenter, bds E. Chellis' 

Miller Peter, carpet weaver, Howe, bds Roger Lang's 

Miller Samuel, laborer, h. Button 

Miller Samuel, keeper City Hall, h. Chapel 

Miller William, Merrimack Print W., h. 151 

Miller William, Suff'olk, h. 1. 

Millett Richard, laborer, h. Jeff'erson 

Mills George, Middlesex, bds Union h. 

Mills Levi, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 

Mills William, clerk "Emery's, h. High 

Milnes John, Lowell, h. 21 

Miner Curtis, works and bds John Wright's 

Miner Ethan, Appleton, h. 2 

Miner John T., Merrimack, h. 72 

Miner William, Tremont, h. cor. Moody and Race 

Minot Hiram, machinist, bds W. Minot's 

Minot Willard, painter and glazier, 101 Mid'x, h. Forrest 

Mitchell Alanson, Middlesex, h. Cedar 

Mitchell Cha's, whalebone articles, Mill, bds J. Mitchell's 

Mitchell Daniel F., Lawrence, bds 50 

Mitchell Henry, Lawrence, bds 46 

Mitchell Henry W., Lawrence, bds 50 

Mitchell James, whalebone articles. Mill, h. rear Mill 

Mitchell James M., whalebone articles, Mill, h. rear Mill 

Mitchell Joshua, whalebone articles. Mill, h. rear Mill 

Mitchell William, physician, office and h. 280 Merrimack 

Mitchell William, bleachery, bds Ann Hurley's 

Mitchell William H., city watchman, h. Adams pi. Lowell 

Mixer John, (Pitman & Co.) oil, &c., Dutton, h. Worthen 

Mixer William, shoemaker, O. King's, bds John Cobb's 

Moar Stephen, Merrimack, h. 164 

Moffat James, laborer, h. Winter 

Monagan John, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefterson 

Mongan Edward, Wm. Livingston's, bds Pat. McQuade's 


Mongan Edward, laborer, bds Thomas Mongan's 

Mongan Hugh, h. Green 

Mongan Mrs. Mary, h. 'VViHiam 

Mongan Maurice, laborer, h. William 

Mongan Michael, reed maker, h. Common 

Mongan Thomas, laborer, h. Green 

Monroe William, Lowell, h. 13 

Monson George, Lawrence, bds 50 

Montague James, dry goods dealer, h. Dummer 

Monteith Robert, L. M. Shop, h. cor. Lowell and Adams 

Moody Andrew, L. M. Shop, h. 53 Swamp Locks, Wor'n 

Moody Cha's H,, carpenter, Middle, h. Theatre B., Lowell 

Moody David J., h. Nesmith 

Moody Mrs. Jane, h. Lawrence 

Moody John A , Lowell M. Shop, h. 52 Swamp Locks 

Moody Lewis P., fancy goods 19 Merr., bds Han'h Ladd's 

Moody L. Franklin, Moulton&Fielding'Sjbds A.M.King's 

Moody Stephen S., Merrimack, h. 119 

Moody Mrs. Susan M., h. Nesmith 

Moody William D., locksmith. Middle, h. Lawrence 

Mooney Benjamin G., captain city watch, h. rear Merri- 

muck, near Decatur 
Mooney Samuel, Lawrence, bds B. G. Mooney 's 
Mooney Smith, Prescott, bds Z. N Doe's 
Moonson Hugh, waiter, Merrimack h. 
Moore Ashbel, fruit & veg's,cor. Moody & Cabot,h. Moody 
Moore Mrs. Azuba, h. Appleton 
Moore Benjamin, inn keeper Waverley h.. Market 
Moore Calvin, harness maker and bds John Hurd's 
Moore Charles F , bar keeper and bds Farm. & Mechanics 
Moore Charles H., bar keeper and bds Waverley h. 
Moore Edwin, (Booth &) hair dres'r, Mech's b., h. Fayette 
Moore Erastus, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Vance's 
Moore Francis L., bleachery, h. Carter 
Moore George W., carpenter, h Charles 
Moore Hiram B., Middlesex, h. High 
Moore Horatio N., shoemaker, h. Race 
Moore Horatio N., Lawrence, h. 36 

Moore Ira L., student Dr. Graves', bds Mary E. Moore's 
Moore L W., eng'r Salem & Low. R. R , bds City Hotel 
Moore James, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Moore James M., Middlesex, h. Clay 
Moore James R., Locks and Canals, h. 30 Church 
Moore Jesse, farmer, h. Moore 
Moore John, laborer, h. rear Mary Doyle's, Fenwick 


Moore John G., Middlesex, h. Oak 

Moore John N., shoemaker, Wright's 184 Merr., h. Howe 

Moore John S., gunsmitli, h. Middle 

Moore Joseph, engineer Stony Brook R. R., h. Rock 

Moore Lorenzo, B. ifc L. R. R.,h. cor. Mid'x i& Mid'x pi. 

Moore Lucius B., cigar maker, vvks &- bds Jesse Moore's 

Moore Mrs. Mary G., boarding h. 15 Hamilton 

Moore Mrs. Phebe, h. Fayette 

Moore Salathiel, (& Cheney) boots and shoes, Middlesex, 

h. Howard 
Moore Mrs. T., milliner and dress maker, 284 Merrimack 
Moore Thomas, farmer, h. 284 Merrimack 
Moore Thomas O., pedler, bds A. Hull's 
Moores Lincoln, farmer, h. Moore 
Moores Simon, Mass., h. 7 Wall 
Moors Augustus P., bleachery, h. Moore 
Moors James A , Merrimack, bds 25 
Morahan Owen, boarding h. Castle's B., Lowell 
Moran Ambrose, laborer, h. Whitney's B., Market 
Moran James, laborer, h. 11 Adams BI. 
Moran James, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Moran John, Lawrence, h. Fenwick 
Moran Owen, laborer, h. Matthews B., Cross 
Moran Patrick, Lowell, h. Market 
Moran Michael, Wm. Kittredge's, bds Mrs. Mclntire's 
Moran Thomas, laborer, h. Castle's B., Lowell 
Moran Thonias, laborer, h. Mt. Vernon 
Moreau Francis, shoemaker, h. rear Merr. near Suffolk 
Morey George C, painter, 13 E. Merr. h. Chestnut 
Morey Lyman, clerk Knapp «fc Worthley's h. High st. sq. 
Morey Reuben, Middlesex, bds R. S. Button's 
Morey Samuel, Lowell, h. Lawrence 
Morey Sherman, Mass. h. James ct. 
Morey William, laborer, h. Cummiskey's B., Lowell 
Morey William, printer. Gazette office, bds L. Morey 's 
Morgan Belden, Middlesex, bds Calvin Hall's 
Morgan Mrs. Charlotte, h. cor. George and Green 
Morgan Christopher, Lawrence, h. 70 
Morgan Ebenezer, emp. office, 272 Merr. bds 5 Law. corp. 
Morgan Elisha R., Middlesex, bds Eunice Campbell's 
Morgan Enos, Lawrence, h. 65 
Morgan Francis, mason, bds H. A. Abbott's 
Morgan Luther S., R. Lyman's, h. cor. Chapel and Elm 
Morgan Mrs. Pamela, boarding h. 5 Lawrence corp. 
Morgan William, steam mill, bds A. Jackson's 


Moriarty James, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Morion Patrick, laborer, h. Howe 

Morion Patrick, h. William 

Morrill Alden R., Lowell & Lawrence R. R., h. Grand 

Morrill Miss Betsey, board'g h. 10 Swamp Locks, Dutton 

Morrill Charles, teacher, bds N. F. Craft's 

Morrill C K., W, L Goods, cor. John and Merr. h. Bart. 

Morrill David L., carpenter, bds Geo. PrescoU's 

Morrill Frederick, physician, 11 Middle, h. Middlesex 

Morrill Jason, Nashua freight depot, h. Willie 

Morrill Jerry, laborer, h. Mason's ct. 

Morrill John A., Advertiser Office, bds C. Whitney's 

Morrill John G., bds Geo. H. French's 

Morrill John H., C. K. Morrill's, h. 11 Cady 

Morrill Nathaniel W., fancy goods, 71 Central, h. Law. 

Morrill Otis H., teacher, h. 10 Franklin sq. 

Morrill Miss S. W., (Reynolds &) boarding h. cor. Midd. 

Morrill William, clerk C. R. Morrill's, bds Asa Preston's 

Morris Daniel, Merrimack, h. Short's B., Jeiferson 

Morris Park, boarding h. 7 Lawrence corp. 

Morris Thomas, laborer, h. Jefferson sq. 

Morris William W., Prescott, bds B. Brown's 

Morrison Abraham B., bds G. W. Bachelder's 

Morrison David, city watchman, h. East Central 

Morrison Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding h. 13 Tremont corp. 

Morrison Mrs. Hannah T., boarding h. 18 Suffolk corp. 

Morrison James G., Middlesex, h. 40 Church 

Morrison John, Appleton, h. 30 

Morrison John F., Burbank «& Chase's, bds J. Morrison's 

Morrison Leonard, Merrimack Print W., h. 99 

Morrison Richardson, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Morrison William, laborer, h. Market 

Morrison William D., pedler, h. Summer 

Morrison , laborer, h. Gorham 

Morrow Mrs. Margaret, h. Gorham 

Morse Charles, bds Asa Weatherbee's 

Morse Elijah, Middlesex, h. 13 Warren 

Morse Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Race 

Morse Henry C, bds Howard H. 

Morse Hezron, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. Submit Pierce's 

Morse Isaac A , James L. Foot's, h. Willie 

Morse Isaac S., coun., cor Central and Market, h. Stack. 

Morse Isaiah, Lawrence, h. 20 

Morse James, Flannel mills, bds William Morse's . 

Morse James, Boott, bds Mrs. Brown's 


Morse James C, carpenter, bds Hosea Smith's 
Morse James F., Boott, h. 56 
Morse James M,, Merrimack, bds 24 
Morse James N., clerk Wm. Fiske's, bds R. Doane's 
Morse Mrs. Joanna C, dressmaker, Paige, bds 2 George 
Morse Joel R., comb maker, Middle, h. Union 
Morse Jonathan, hat and clothing store, 19 Central ■ 
Morse Luther B., physician, 104 Merrimack, bds Merr. h. 
Morse Mark H., Mixer, Pitman & Co., h. 24 Church 
Morse Moses T., Middlesex h. William 
Morse Myron, printer, bds 126 Merrimack corp. 
Morse Nelson, clerk H. Harnden's, h. Water 
Morse Samuel P., millwright, h. cor. Moody and Race 
Morse Stephen, E. B. Patch, bds do. 
Morse William G., Prescott, h. 24 Mass. ^ 
Morse William, P. O. Richmond's, h. High 
Morse Wm. \V., power loom ham's manuf. Tilden, h. Dane 
Morse Willis, Appleton, h. 11 

Mort J. W., H. A. Whitney's, Prescott st. bds do. Bartl't 
Morton Edgar, shoemaker, bds Asa Preston's 
Morton James F., Tremont, h. Moody 
Morton Joseph, machinist, bds J. F. Morton's 
Morton Mrs. Mary, h. Quigley's Bl. Lowell 
Morton Mrs. Sarah H., h. 6 Warren 
Morton True, watchman, Merrimack, bds 25 
Moses Joseph, stonecutter, bds A. W. Willoughby's 
Moses Rufus L., stonecutter, bds Reuben Parker's 
Moses Sandborn, boiler maker, h. Race 
Moses Mrs. Lucy C, dressmaker, shop Race 
Moss Joseph, Hamilton, h. cor. Gorham and Putney's ct. 
Motley George, agent Appleton, bds Merrimack h. 
Moulton Andrew W., h. E. Merrimack 
Moulton Benjamin, millwright, bds Union h. 
Moulton Mrs. Eliza, children's boarding h. 278 Merr. 
Moulton Mrs Eliza, h. Fayette 
Moulton Henry F., Middlesex, bds Mrs. Hale's 
Moulton Horatio, Middlesex, bds Joshua Hale's 
Moulton Ira, T. C. Trow & Co.'s, h. 25 Hamilton 
Moulton Mrs. Jane, h. Lowell 
Moulton John L., mason, bds 146 Merrimack corp. 
Moulton Josiah, (& Fielding) painting and paper hang- 
ings, 75 Central, bds American h. 
Moulton Oliver, Bleachery, h. near Hale's mills 
Moulton Stephen, locksmith, bds Judith Felton's 
Moulton Walter R., carpenter, bds L. Pitman's 


Mowe Daniel, physician, office and h. Middle 

Mower Joseph A., carpenter, bds William Watson's 

Mower Mrs. Sophia, bds William Watson's 

Mowry Nathan B., fancy goods, 3 Merr. bdsD. Prescott's 

Muchmore George H., Lawrence, bds 46 

Mudgett Ambrose H., Merrimack, h. 66 

Mudgett Samuel, Middlesex, h. Fayette 

Mugford George, Mass. h. Knowles' pi. 

Mugford William, Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 

Muhlig Charles, carpenter, h. 15 Church 

Muhlig Thomas, Mass. h. Bennett's B., Jefferson 

Muldoon Mrs. Catharine M., h. 12 Adams Bl. 

Muldoon John, Middlesex, bds A. Chanonhouse's 

Mullady Dominick, Stott's mills, h. E. Merrimack 

Mullen Dennis, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 

Mullen Francis, Prescott, bds Hugh O'Niel's 

Mullen Henry, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 

Mullen Mrs. Joanna, washerwoman, h. R. R B. Lowell 

Mullen Mrs. Mary, h. William 

Mullen Michael, shoemaker, bds L. O. Brian's 

Mullen Michael, h. North 

Mullen Patrick, laborer, h. Sherman's B. Merrimack 

Mullen Patrick, Hamilton, h. Winter 

Mullen Thomas, Bleachery, bds James Henrihan's 

Mulhear Mrs. Ann, h. Casile's Bl. Lowell 

Mulhear James, Boott, h. Vine Lane 

MuUikin Mrs. Ann, h. E. Merrimack 

Muloy Peter, laborer, h. 2 Dummer 

Mumford J. M., dentist, Wyman's Ex. bds Mrs. Grave's 

Manday Mrs. Mary, Hamilton, h. William 

Munroe Charles, carpenter, h. High 

JVIunroe Miss Ruby Ann, dressmaker, shop and boards C. 

Munroe 's 
Munn Charles H., painter, bds A. Skinner's 
Munn Francis, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Munn Frederick, JMass., bds B. Brown's 
Munier John, Bleachery, h. South 
Munsell Cyrus, Middlesex, h. Warren 
Munsey Alfred, Lawrence, bds Alvin Cook's 
Murkland Mrs. Margaret, h. Market 
Murphy Bryan, laborer, h. Jefferson 
Murphy Cornelius, carpet weaver, h. Dummer 
Murphy Cornelius, Hamilton, h. Winter 
Murphy Daniel, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, h. Ford's B., Suffolk 


Murphy Daniel, woodsawyer, h. Jefferson 

Murphy Daniel, W. I. goods, shop and h. Dummer 

Murphy Daniel, Lawrence, bds 55 

Murphy Dennis, P. O. Richmond's, h. Lowell 

Murphy Dennis, Bleachery, bds Ann Hurley's 

Murphy James, Tremont, h. Lowell 

Murphy James, laborer, bds John Cain's 

Murphy James, Boott, bds G. S. Stone's 

Murphy James, carpenter, h. Green 

Murphy Jere., confectionery, &c., shop and h. Andover 

Murphy Mrs. Joanna, h. Adams 

Murphy John, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Maiden Lane 

Murphy John, Merrimack Print W,, h. Lowell 

Murphy John, stone cutter, bds Jeremiah Warren's 

Murphy John, laborer, bds P. Murphy's, Adams 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Adams 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Mrs. Doyle's B., Suffolk 

Murphy John C, Tremont, bds 20 

Murphy Joseph, Mass , bds B. Brown's 

Murphy Luke, Boott, bds George S. Stone's 

Murphy Mrs. Margaret, h. Doyle's B., Suffolk 

Murphy Mrs. Matilda, h. Green 

Murphy Mrs. Mary, h. Suffolk, near Fenwick 

Murphy Mrs. Mary, h. Jefferson square 

Murphy Mrs. Mary, h. Jefferson 

Murphy Mrs. Mary, h. Andover, near the bridge 

Murphy Mrs. Mary, h. Lee 

Murphy Michael, Suffolk, bds Mrs. A. Farrell's 

Murphy Neil, laborer, h. Lowell 

Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, h. Cheever 

Murphy Patrick, tailor, shop and h. Adams 

Murphy Patrick, Jr., works and bds Patrick Murphy's 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h. Mrs. Doyle's B., Suffolk 

Murphy Patrick, W. L goods, shop and h. 11 Lewis 

Murphy Patrick, mason, h. cor. Lowell and Worthea 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, bds Margaret Murphy's 

Murphy Timothy, batting mill, h. Lawrence 

Murphy William, laborer, h. 10 Adams Bl. 

Murphy William, Bleachery, h. Davis 

Murray Andrew, Lowell, h. 20 

Murray Francis, Lowell M. Shop, h. Gorham 

Murty John, Lowell, bds 20 

Muzzey , City Market, bds Abijah Sanderson's 

Muzzey Asa A., Merrimack, h. 116 


Miizzey Dennis, laborer, h. 8 Lewis 

Myers Nicholas, renovator of clothes, Prescott, h. Market 

Myolt Peter, Lowell M. Shop, bds S. C. Baker's 

Myrick Amos S., carpenter, h. Howard 

Myron Thomas C, J. G. Kittredge, bds C. T. Smith's 

Nahor Joseph, tanner, h. cor. Lagrrange and Marion 
Nash James W., Whitehouse & Chisam's, h. Central 
Nasmith James, basket-maker, h. Thorndike, near Hale 
Nason Alexander, carpenter, bds J. Phelps' 
Nason Edmund, laborer, h. Austin 
Nason Justus, Middlesex, h. William 
Nason Miss Mary, dressmaker, shop and bds 5 Suffolk 
Nason Mrs. Phebe, h 5 Suffolk st 
Nason William, powder mill, bds H. S. Boynton's 
Nawn Philip, flannel mill, h. North 
Naylor Joseph, Middlesex, h. High 
Neal Mrs. Aurelia C, boarding h. 24 Merrimack corp. 
Neal Miss Martha A., teacher, bds 24 Merrimack corp. 
Neal Miss Nancy J., boarding h. 54 Merrimack corp. 
Neal Joseph, machinist, Middle, h. Alder 
Neally Benjamin T., (Waugh &) W. I. goods, cor. Low- 
ell and Worthen, h. Market 
Needham Levi A., pedler, bds L. Harrington's 
Nelligan Maurice, shoemaker, h. Adams 
Nelligan Thomas, Locks and Canals, h. Moody 
Nelson Henry N., carpenter, h. Union, near South 
Nelson Jeremiah, Merrimack, bds John Wakefield's 
Nelson Josiah F., Hamilton Print W., h. Elm 
Nelson Judson A., Prescott, bds J. H. Green's 
Nesmith John, h. Andover 
Nesmith Thomas, h. Chestnut 

Nettleton Frederick S., carpenter, Prescott, h. Davidson 
Nevins Michael, Hamilton, h. Gorham 
Nevins Patrick, Hamilton, h. Gorham 
Nevins Robert B., Middlesex, bds C. Dane's 
Newcomb William N., Lawrence, bds 19 
Newell Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 Swamp Locks 
Newell Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 13 Central 
Newell James, clerk Page's, bds Mrs. Duesbury's 


Newell Samuel H., clerk S. B. Page's, bds J. Huse's 

Newell William, mason, bds C. Nichols' 

Newman William, (& Nason) painter, Middle, h. cor. E. 

Merrimack and Willow 
Newton Carlos, Suffolk, h. 2 

Newton Charles E., Geo. Fiske's, bds Wm. Fiske's 
Newton Gilman, painter, bds II. L. C. Newton's 
Newton Harvey, carpenter. Ham., h.cor. App'n & South 
Newton Henry L. C, printer, Cour. office, h. cor. Chapel 

and Union 
Newton Joseph T., machinist, Prescott, h. AVall 
Nicholas Rolla, watchman R R., h. Rock 
Nichols Abel, Lowell M. Shop, h. 13 Swamp Locks 
Nichols Alanson R., clerk Wm. Livingston's, h. Branch 
Nichols Caleb, woodsawyer, bds Mrs. Sarah Nichols' 
Nichols Charles, mason, h. Gray's B., Church 
Nichols Charles A., h. Willow 
Nichols Charles R., dry goods 6 Central, h. Tyler 
Nichols Converse, («& Jordan) blacks'h, Charles, h. App'n 
Nichols Darius B., clerk and bds L. W. Hooker's 
Nichols David, marble manufacturer, bds Franklin h. 
Nichols Geo., elk Ward & Thompson's, bds Miss Quimby's 
Nichols Gilman N., (Smith «&) market Merrimack, h. cor. 

Moody and Hanover 
Nichols Hiram, cloth'g store 184 Merr., h. 21 Tremt. corp. 
Nichols Jacob, bowling saloon and h. 151 Central 
Nichols James, Lawrence, h. 64 

Nichols John, clerk Nichols «& Co., bds Charles Nichols' 
Nichols Mrs. Mary, h. Lawrence 
Nichols Nahum, Middlesex, bds Union h. 
Nichols Oldin, Aldrich & Tyng's, bds A. Tilton's 
Nichols Rodolphus, stonelayer, h. Chapel 
Nichols Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, h. 4 Adams bl. 
Nichols Thomas, painter, bds H. K. Breed's 
Nichols William, (& Co.) W. I. goods, cor. Central and 
Green, h. Centre 

Nichols , Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 

Niles Joseph, confectionery and fancy goods, 94 Merri- 
mack, h. 92 Market 
Nickett Michael, laborer, h. 7 Adams bL 
Nickless George, Merrimack, h. 126 
Nickless George W., h. Spring 
Nickerson Andover, steam mill, bds A. Charles' 
Nickerson Appleton D., mason, bds M. T. Morse's 
Noble George W., Merrimack, bds 74 


Nonen Daniel, laborer, h. Jefferson sq. 

Noonan Patrick, bleachery, h. cor Gorham and Winter 

Norcross Christopher H., Fisk & Norcross, h. Branch 

Norcross Charles, steam mill, bds A. Charles' 

Norcross Cornelius N., watchman Fisk &. Norcross', bds 

J. Bachelder's 
Norcross Isaac, Fisk & Norcross, bds Howard h. 
Norcross Nich's G., (Fisk &) steam mill, Mid'x, h. Gor. 
Norcross Thomas, Fisk & Norcross', bds J. Bachelder's 
Norris Davenport, Lawrence, h. 52 

Norris Geo. W,, (& Lesure) liv. stab. Warren, h. 32 Hurd 
Norris Lawrence B., livery stable, Gorham, h. Bartlett 
Norris Joseph, machinist, h. Tlieatre Bl., Lowell 
North Frederick T., Middlesex, bds Wm. North's 
North William, Middlesex, h. cor, Lawrence and Charles 
North William L., (Adams &) furniture, cor. Central and 

William, bds Wm. North's 
Norton Charles C, tanner, bds E. Walsh's 
Norton Elihu, boarding h. cor. Middlesex and Pearl 
Norton Mrs. Harriet, h. Appleton 
Norton John, laborer, h. rear Mc DeRyan's, Lowell 
Norton John B., printer, Coburn's B., Central, h. Pleas't 
Norton Thomas, laborer, h. Castle's Bl., Lowell 
Nourbourne James, L. M. Shop, h. Donohoe's B., Suffolk 
Nourse Francis H., E. B. Patch's, h. cor. Central & Elm 
Nourse Martin, Day & Convers', bds W. Smith's 
Nourse James P., carpenter, bds G. W. Fiske's 
Nourse John A., carpenter, h. 3 Edgerley's ct. 
Nourse Silas, book keeper E. B. Patch's, bds H. Dennett's 
Nowell Foster, Lowell, h. cor. Willow and E. Merrimack 
Noyes Benjamin C, stonelayer, h. Moody 
Noyes David W., Mechanic Mills, bds Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Noyes Mrs. Eliza, h. rear Lowell near Decatur 
Noyes Fersons, Lawrence, bds 19 
Noyes Isaac L., Mechanics Mills, h. Rock 
Noyes James, blacks'h O. M. Whipple's, bds J. H. Swift's 
Noyes Joseph C, carpenter, h. Cedar 
Noyes Joseph L., livery stable. Church, h do. 
Noyes Kimball A., Mech's Mills, bds Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Noyes Peter, engineer Andover R- R., bds Howard h. 
Noyes Samuel, h. Queen 

Noyes William, bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 
Noyes William E., I. W. & D. Bangs', bds V. Streeter's 
Noyes William P. S., clerk Peabody & Wyman's, bds S. 

S. Crane's 


Nudd Mrs. Abigail P., boarding Ji. 139 Merrimack corp. 
Nudd Robert P., carpenter, bds Martha Sawyer's 
Nute Andrew T., (Woods &) scalemaker, Mid'x, h. Elm 
Nute Jacob, shoemaker, Prescott, h. Water 
Nute Sewall, teamster, bds Daniel Rowe's 
Nutt James, file cutter, bds William Mattock's 
Nutter Josiah, boarding h. 141 Merrimack corp. 
Nutter Richard, stone mason, bds Levi Person's 
Nutting Henry S., Aldrich ifc Tyng's, bds 5 Swamp Locks 
Nutting James, stonecutter, h. cor. Lowell and Willie 
Nutting William, stonecutter, h. cor. Summer and Davis 

Oakes Michael, laborer, h. Market 

Gates Patrick, Boott, h. E. Merrimack 

Ober Oliver, carpenter, bds Isaac Crooker's 

O'Brien Christopher, laborer, h. Winter 

O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h. Lowell 

O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h. Adams 

O'Brien Mrs. Joanna, h. Jefferson sq. 

O'Brien John, laborer, h. between Merrimack and Middle 

O'Brien Luke, shoemaker, Dummer, h. Cross 

O'Brien Marcus, laborer, h. Fenwick 

O'Brien Michael, fruit &c., shop and h. cor. Lowell 

O'Brien Michael, stonemason, h. Vine Lane 

O'Brien Patrick, tailor, bds Mrs. M. Roark's 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, h. 17 Adams 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, h. Gorham 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, h. E. Merrimack 

O'Brien Thos., Richardson's foundry, bds Mrs. Murphy's 

O'Brien William, carpet weaver, h. William 

O'Brien Mrs. , Hamilton, h. William 

O'Byrne Mrs. Bridget, h. Donohoe's B., Jefferson 

O'Byrne Patrick, Middlesex, h. Water 

O'Connel, Bartholomew, woodsawyer, h. Gorham 

O'Connel Patrick, foundry, bds A. Cummiskey's 

O'Connor J., fruit &c., Central, next Canal, h. cor. Gor'm 

O'Connor Richard, Middlesex, h. Green 

Ockington David, painter, h. Lawrence 

O'Daniel Thomas, R. R. h. Lowell 

O'Donald Andrew P., Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 


O'Donald Connor, laborer, bds John ClafFy's 

O'Donell Mrs. Ellen, h. Ford's B., Suffolk 

O'Donell John, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Offutt Frederick A., carriage maker, Lowell, h. Pine 

Offiitt George, painter, h. Thorndike 

O'Grady Mrs. Catharine, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 

Olcott James S., botanic physician, office and h. cor. Merr. 

and Suffolk 
OJdham George, painter, h. 20 Suffolk corp. 
Oldham Isaac, Merrimack Print W., h. Middle 
Oldham James, Richard Smith's, h. 198 Merrimack 
Olds Mrs. E. Amelia, boarding h. 11 Prescott corp. 
Olds George, Prescott, bds E. A. Old's 
Olmstead Emerson, broker, 48 Central, h. Chestnut 
Oliver James, Lowell M. Shop, bds Joel Smith's 
Oliver John G., mason, bds Nancy Fogg's 
O'Loughran Jas. T. H. Sweetser's off. bds Megoverien's 
O'Neal Patrick, pedler, bds 143 Merrimack corp. 
O'Neal Patrick, Locks & Canals, h. Fenwick 
0"Neal Patrick, flannel mills, h. R. R. B., Lowell 
O'Neill Charles, Bleachery, h. do. 
O'Neill John, Mass. bds 7 Prescott corp. 
O'Neille Hugh, h. Lee 

O'Neille Mrs. Mary Jane, copper plate printer, h. Lee 
O'Neille Owen, laborer, h. Howe 
O'Neil Dennis, Merrimack, h. Fenwick 
O'Neil Hugh, laborer, h. rear 204 Merrimack 
O'Neil Hugh, tailor, h, 1 Hurd 
O'Neil James, laborer, h. Fenwick 
O'Neil James, shoemaker, h. 1 Hurd 
O'Neil James, Bleachery, bds James Hanrihan's 
Orange Henry, h. 101 Merrimack 
Orange Henry S., D. Bradt's, h. 73 Merrimack 
O'Riley Mrs. Bridget, fruit, &c., shop and h. Market 
O'Roark Daniel, Middlesex, h. Charles 
O'Roark Farrell, Merrimack, h. Kirk avenue 
Ordway Alfred, artist, Wyman's Ex., bds T. Ordvvay's 
Ordway Alonzo, Lowell, h. 3 Mechanic 
Ordway Enoch, h. Gorham 

Ordway Henry, J. K. Fellows', bds T. Ordway's 
Ordway John L., paymaster, Merrimack, bds 27 
Ordway Thomas, City Clerk, h. Nesmith 
Ordway William, clerk Lowell Bank, bds T. Ordway's 
Orne William C, Gushing & Mack's, h. Suffolk 
Orr Thomas, shoemaker, h. Fenwick 


Osgood Augustus, baker, Bradt's, h. cor. School and Dane 

Osgood Charles, farmer, h. Gorham, near Hale's mills 

Osgood C. Q., confectionery, 3 Bridge, bds S. Meserve's 

Osgood George, painter. Market, bds Enoch Butler's 

Osgood Isaac, Hamilton, h. 12 

Osgood Isaac, h. 1 Shaw's B., Pine 

Osgood John, Lowell, h. Lawrence 

Osgood John, laborer, h. Lee 

Osgood Samuel, Hamilton, h. 9 

Osgood Samuel, L. M. Shop, bds Lucy M. Stickney's 

Oshear- Jeremiah, laborer, h. Lowell 

Ostram Schuyler, Merrimack, bds 171 

O'Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. Lowell 

O'Sullivan Edward, laborer, h. Cross 

O'Sullivan Eugene, W. L goods, Lowell, h. do. 

O'Sullivan John, laborer, h. Cross 

Otis Joseph G., Merrimack, h. 147 

Otis Myrick S., Tucker & Patch's, bds 45 Prescott corp. 

Owen Patrick, hostler D. R. Kimball's, h. Dummer 

Owen William N., market, 164 Merr., h. E. Merrimack 

Owens Hugh, laborer, bds Patrick Short's 

Owens Patrick, Lowell M. Shop, bds Wm. Corcoran's 

Owler Charles, printer, Vox Populi office, h. Elm 

Packard Barnabas, Middlesex, bds Union h. 

Packard E. Heman, Lawrence, bds 1. 

Packard Francis, laborer, h. 7 Adams BI. 

Packard Jason, boarding h. 31 Lawrence corp. 

Packard Jonas W., foundry, h. Moody 

Packard Lewis, Lawrence, h. 1 

Packard Lucius B., Lawrence, h. 1 

Packard Nahum, (& Leonard) dry goods and furs, 126 
Merrimack, h. City Hall avenue 

Paddock Miss Septa, variety shop, 192 Merr., bds do. 

Page Abner K., teamster, bds H. S. Boynton's 

Page Abraham, h. Middlesex 

Page Albert G., carpenter, h. cor Everett and Fayette 

Page Albert G., shoemaker, bds 21 Suffolk corp. 
81 Page Benjamin O., Merrimack, h. 78 
jlPage Charles, mason, h. Walnut 


Page Edward, boarding h. 23 Merr. corp. 

Page Edwin, Fletcher & Ayer, bds 12 Franklin sq. 

Page Francis, Lawrence, bds 50 

Page Henry F., Frye &. Young's, bds Rhoda Sanborn's 

Page Isaac, Guard Locks, h do. 

Page Jacob, machinist, h. 4 Suffolk st. 

Page Jona. (Spalding &) carpenter, Lenton, h. 150 Cent'l 

Page Lemuel, W. 1. Goods, 3 Appleton bl. h. Lowell 

Page Nathaniel, L. M Shop, h. 22 Franklin sq. Suffolk 

Page N, S., Fiske & Norcross, bds Lowell h. 

Page Rufus L., mason, h. Walnut 

Page Mrs. Sally K., boarding h. 10 Merr. corp. 

Page Samuel, tailor, works and bds Ransom Evans' 

Page Samuel, mason, h. Hanover 

Page Simon B., W. I. goods 178 Merr., h. do. near Hosp'l 

Page Stephen, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Page William, carpenter, h. cor. Everett and Fayette 

Paige French, homcEopathic physician, office Wentworth's 

B., bds 134 Merrimack corp. 
Paige Thomas E., boarding h. 171 Merrimack corp. 
Paine Joshua W., Middlesex, h. 10 Warren 
Palmer Albert, Lowell, h. cor. Summer and Gorham 
Palmer Alfred, Hamilton, h. South 
Palmer Asa A., blacksmith, bds E. Bodwell's 
Palmer Benaiah, carpenter, h. South 
Palmer Benjamin F., Fisk & Norcross', bds D. S. Fifield's 
Palmer Eben, Hamilton, h. 22 

Palmer Henry W., teacher vocal music, bds /i. Goodwin's 
Palmer Jeremiah R., Putnam & Currier's, h. 23 Charles 
Palmer John, Lawrence, h. 52 
Palmer John, Middlesex, bds N. Kenniston's 
Palmer John C, Editor Life in Lowell, h. Davidson 
Palmer Jonathan A., D. Farrington's, bds A. Skinner's 
Palmer Jones, Hamilton, bds A. Palmer's 
Palmer Mrs. Mary A., boarding h. 17 Hamilton 
Palmer Mahew, carpenter, h. Lewis 
Palmer Moses E., Boott, h. 40 
Palmer William, Lowell, bds Henry Gotham's 
Palmley Charles, carpenter, bds Amasa Woodward's 
Pander James, R. R., h. Fenwick 
Papps Jesse, Middlesex, h. cor. Pond and Water 
Paris Mrs. Susan, h. 27 Merrimack 
Parks George, painter, 117 Central, h. High 
Parker Abel, h. Livingston 
Parker Mrs. Achsah, h. 24 Hurd 

II . ^ 


Piirker Alfred, carpenter, Bleacliery, h. Chelmsford 
Parker Amasa W., carpenter, li. 140 Central 
Parker Benjamin, S. McLanaihan's, h. Paige 
Parker Benjamin, farmer, ii. Pine 
Parker Benjamin F., Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 
Parker Benjamin K., mechanic mills, h. 8 Lagrange 
Parker Chas., Mechanic Mills, h. cor. Middl'x and Garnet 
I Parker Charles, Fisk's bobbin shop, bds 73 Merr. corp. 
Parker Charles T., Lowell, h. North 
I Parker Daniel, L Scripture's boarding h. 11 Boott 
I Parker Daniel A , stone cutter, h. Chapel 
I Parker David, machinist, Suttolk, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Parker Eli B., Merrimack, bds Mrs. C. T. Smith's 
Parker Fred., coun. 16 and 17 App. bl. bds Mrs. Kimball's 
Parker Granville, teamster, L. M. Shop, bds A. Parker's 
Parker Henry, tin v'^hop, Com. sq. bds Allen Booth's 
Parker Hiram, physician, office and h. John 
Parker Hiram S., Appleton, h. Middlesex 
Parker Isaac, E. B. Patch's, bds Mrs. H. Richardson's 

Parker Isaac N., (Hubbard &)prov. store, Merr. h. Moody 

Parker Israel H., Boott, h. 39 

Parker James, carpenter, h. Gushing 

Parker Jepthah, farmer, h. Pine 

Parker Joseph, auctioneer, bds B. T. Cross' 

Parker John A., Lawrence, h. 49 

Parker John H., glass and tin ware, Prescott 

Parker Miss Lucy R., h. South 

Parker LynH, Middlesex, h. between Charles and Union 

Parker Reuben, carpenter, h. Lowell, opp. Lowell pi. 

Parker Miss Rhoda, h. Gorham 

Parker Mrs. Sarah, boarding h. John 

Parker Simon, farmer, h. Parker 

Parker Theodore E., C. Churchill's, bds 9 Cabot BL 

I Parker Thomas, livery stable, Prescott, h. Fayette 
Parker William, Prescott, bds Achsah Parker's 
Parker William, agent flannel mills, bds Allen Booth's 
Parker William H., Merrimack, h. 176 
Parkhurst Benjamin, L. M. Shop, h. Grand 
Parkhurst Edw. A., Coburn & Pierce's, bds I. Crooker's 
Parkhurst Matthias, dry goods, 102 Central, h. Chapel 
Parmelee Alfred S. J., bds G. D. Tapley's 
Parmenter Miss Harriet, h. Chapel 
Parmenter Horace, Lawrence, h. 24 
Parmerton John, Lowell, h. 16 
Parsons John M., bds Ezra Adams' 


Parsons Miss Lucinda, h. Moody 

Partridge Albert, Lawrence, bds 45 

Partridge Mrs. Ellen, Hamilton, h. Winter 

Partridge George W., Hamilton, h. 47 

Partridge Sylvanus, Tremont, bds 4 

Partridge Sylvan's H., L. M. Shop, bds G. A. Humphrey's 

Pasco Justus Ij., Lowell, h. 3 South Franklin ct. 

Patch Burnam (& Tucker) dry goods, 42 Merr. h. Charles 

Patch Ephraim B., auctioneer, Com. sq. h. 18 Hurd 

Patch Mrs. Henry, h. Cabot 

Paterson Edward P., (Smith &) copper roller engraver, 
Hamilton, bds A. Gilman's 

Pattee Moores, mason, h. 11 Dodge 

Patterson D., dentist cor. Mer. & John, bds A. R. Grant's 

Patterson George W., Lawrence, h. 14 

Patterson James, Lowell, h. 23 

Patterson Jas. O , W. I. Goods, 43 Church, h. 24^ Charles 

Patterson Jesse C., teamster, h. Bartlett 

Patterson Samuel, Merrimack, bds 79 

Patterson Samuel M., Merrimack, bds 20 

Patten Joseph A., Lowell, h. 17 

Patten Stephen, job wagon, h. High 

Paul Mrs. Ann, h, 150 Merrimack corp. 

Paul George K., Boott, h. 75 

Paul Mrs. Sarah, boarding h. 9 Cabot BI. 

Paul Thomas, block printer, h. near Hale's mills 

Paul William, boarding h. 75 Merrimack corp. 

Paul William, designer, bds 150 Merrimack corp. 

Peabody Isaac, Merrimack Print W., h. 4 Suffolk st. 

Peabody Jas.M., (& Wyman) dry goods, 48 Merr. h. Kirk 

Peabody James M., carpenter, h. Common 

Peabody Joseph A., carpenter, h. Andover 

Peabody Josiah G., (Fifield &) carpenter, Mechanic Mills 
h. 164 Central 

Peabody Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 11 Mass. 

Peck Daniel H., Appleton, hi. 2 

Peckham George F., Prescott, h. 63 Mass. 

Peckman David, Midd. h. alley between Merr. and Midd'l 

Peake M. Morton, daguerreotypist, bdsM. S. Dakerman's 

Pearl Franklin S., (& Huntress) livery stable, cor. Mid- 
dle and Shattuck, h. 3 Middle 

Pearson Henry G., painter, h. Snell's B., Moody 

Pearson James M., fruit store. Bank B., h. High 

Pearson John, block printer, Hale's mills, h. Central 

Pearson John, fruit dealer, Shattuck, h. cor. Lagrange 


Pearson Mrs. Mehitable, boarding h. 112 Merr. corp. 
Pearson Timo., millinery shop, Merr. bds 112 Merr. corp. 
Pearsons David, baker, Bradt s, bds D. Bradt's 
Pearsons William, Penhallow's, bds Lavinia Whittiers' 
Pearsons William F., sashmaker, bds J. B. Gray's 
Pease J. W., writingmaster, Wentw'th's B ,bds S. Pease's 
Pease Miss Merriam, boarding h. 19 Boott 
Pease Samuel, Boott, h. 60 
Peavey Abial, foundry, h. 73 Swamp Locks 
Peavey Jewett, Tremont, bds 5 Dodge 
Peavey Merrill C, Lowell M. Shop, h. Branch 
Peck Lewis C, machinist, Leonard's, h. Merrill's ct- 
Pedrick William, T. Hardy's, bds do. 
Peirce George L., Middlesex, h. Warren 
Peirce John N., Middlesex, h. cor. Pleasant and Pond 
Peirce Leonard, Middlesex, h. cor. Andover and Willow 
Pelsue Isaiah, teamster, Prescott's, h. 6 Pearl 
Pendergast Mrs. Bridget, h. Doyle's B., Suffolk. 
Pendergast Michael, Lowell M. Shop, h. 13 Lewis 
Pendergast Peter, shoemaker, 84 Merr. bds A. Martin's 
Penhallow Benjamin H., printer, Wyman's Ex., h. Kirk 
Penn Charles IL, Middlesex, bds Wm. Hoyle's 
Penney Thomas T., shoemaker, h. cor. Central & Tyler 
Penniman Dean, wood dealer, Lowell, h. do. near Hosp'l 
Penniman Isaac H., teamster, bds E. Messinger's 
Penniman John B., teamster, bds D. Penniman's 
Penniman Miss Mary, boarding h. 61 Boott 
Pennington William F., fancy painter, h. 92 Merr. corp. 
Perham Ebenezer, 21 Merrimack, bds A. Sanborn's 
Perham Otis, physician, office and h. 22 Hurd 
Perkins Albert, Tremont, bds 20 

Perkins Apollos, bleachery, h. cor. Gorham and Walnut 
Perkins Charles E., Middlesex, bds Wm. G. Brady's 
Perkins Charles S., (Spaulding &) W. L Goods, cor. 

Middlesex and Mclntire, h. Mclntire 
Perkins David, Mass., bds Wm. R. Bunker's 
Perkins Dearborn, confectioner, shop and h. Bartlett 
Perkins Edward H., Truman & Lang's, h. Clay 
Perkins Ebenezer, bds Lavinia Whittier's 
Perkins Francis, steam mill, h. cor. South and Summer 
Perkins Francis S., machinist, h. 23 Tremont corp. 
Perkins Jesse S., Appleton, h. 16 
Perkins John R., Boott, h. 26 

Perkins John W., botanic medicines, Merr., h. Tremont 
Perkins M. G., Tremont, h. 23 


Perkins Paul, Boott, h. 66 

Perley Mrs. Mary E., boarding h. 27 Appleton 

Perley Nathaniel, Appleton, bds M. E. Parley's 

Perrin Lewis, Lowell M. Shop, bds 63 Swamp Locks 

Perrin William, L. M. Shop, h. 47 Swamp Locks, Wor'n 

Perry Albion K., carpenter, h. Merrimack, near Hospital 

Perry A., Aldrich & Tyng's, bds 57 Swamp Locks 

Perry Benjamin F., watchman, Merrimack, bds 25 

Perry John B., h. cor. Howard and Arch 

Perry Oliver H., Agent Mid'x, bds S. Lawrence's, And'r 

Perry Samuel, manufacturer, h. 10 Suffolk 

Persons Charles, Low. & Lawrence R. R., bds Howard h. 

Persons Edwin, Fisk & Norcross', bds J. Bachelder's 

Persons Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 8 South 

Persons John, h. 8 South 

Persons John C, Lowell M Shop, h. 7 South 

Persons John W., physician, Middlesex, bds Howard h. 

Persons Paul A., Hamilton, bds C. Whitney's 

Person Ira B., coun. 18 Appleton Bl., bds American h. 

Peters Daniel C, Middlesex, boarding h. 26 Appleton 

Pettee George, carpenter, bds 11 Suffolk corp. 

Pettingill Benjamin, blacksmith, h. Wall 

Pettingill John, carpenter, h. Appleton 

Pettingill Walter, carpenter, h. 26 Franklin sq., Suffolk 

Peyton Mrs. Ann, h. Lowell 

Phelps Mrs. Catharine, h. cor. Andover and Harrison 

Phelps Henry D., Treas'r Chelmsford Co., Nesmith's B., 

h. Tyler 
Phelps John, boarding h. 2 Middlesex pi. 
Phelps Lorenzo, works and bds John Fry's 
Phelps Luther J., Merrimack, h. 130 
Philbrick Calvin, Middlesex, bds JN. B. Merrill's 
Philbrick John, Boott, bds D. Parker's 
Philbrick John E,, Middlesex, bds Geo. Baxter's 
Philbrick Jonathan, cook R. R. saloon, h. Lawrence 
Philbrick Moses E., Suffolk, h. 25 
Philbrick Nathan, hostler and bds E. Messinger's 
Philbrick Samuel, millwright, h. Warren's ct. 
Philbrick Samuel H., Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Philbrick Samuel W., Cheney's oyster saloon, h. 5 Kit- 

tredge's Bl , Middle 
Philbrick Stephen C, Lowell, h. Middlesex 
Philbrook Charles H., painter, h. Merrimack 
Philbrook ('., Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 
Philbrook Mrs. Greenleaf C, h. 250 Middlesex 


PJiilbrook Stephen W., Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 

Phillips Hiram H., Middlesex, h. cor. Gorhamand Cedar 

Phillips Jeremiah, Dr. G. Kimball's, bds do. 

Phillips John W , architect and engraver, h. Adams 

Pliillips Owen, bleachery, bds James Ilanrihan's 

Phillips William, boarding h. HE. Merrimack 

Phipps William, Mid'x, h. cor. Gorham & Putney's ct. 

Pickering Cyrus, Wm. Churchill's, h. cor. Gor'm & Wal't 

Pickering Samuel K., Bf)s. and Low. R. R., b. Middlesex 

Pierce Ashbel F., Lowell M. Shop, h. 58 Swamp Locks 

Pierce Mrs. Catharine J., h. High st. sq. 

Pierce Daniel, carpenter, bds James "M. Pierce's 

Pierce Geo., watches and jewelry, 90 Merri'k, h. Central 

Pierce George, physician, off. & h. cor. Moody & Austin 

Pierce George, Lowell M, Shop, bds 42 Swamp Locks 

Pierce George S., Locks and Canals, bds L. L. Knowles' 

Pierce Henry, Middlesex, bds Wm. Mattock's 

Pierce Hiram, Middlesex, bds Jane Robinson's 

Pierce James M., carpenter, h. Cady 

Pierce John, shoemaker, h. Cabot 

Pierce John, shoemaker, h. Race 

Pierce John M., S. McLanathan, bds Mrs. C. J. Pierce's 

Pierce Joseph B., painter, bds Mrs. Lucetta Pierce's 

Pierce Joseph W., Lowell M. Shop, h. 71 Swamp Locks 

Pierce Kendall, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 

Pierce Mrs. Lucetta, boarding h. 32 Lawrence corp. 

Pierce Mrs. Mary A. B., teacher, bds L A. Beard's 

Pierce Milo, W. L goods 90 Central, b. Elm 

Pierce Nathan H., painter, h. E. Merrimack 

Pierce Olcott, Hamilton Print W., h. Lawrence 

Pierce Richard H., carpenter R. R. yard, bds B. Twiss' 

Pierce Samuel, David Dana's, bds Calvin Hall's 

Pierce Samuel P., David Dana's, bds Charles 

Pierce Mrs. Submit, boarding h. William 

Pierce William, Day &. Converse, bds Washington h. 

Pierce William, Woodward's saloon, bds do. 

Pierce William H., Lowell M. Shop, h. Merrill's ct. 

Pierce William T., Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 

Pierce William T. G., Brabrook's, Market, h. Lawrence 

Pike Brigham, boarding h. 49 Mass. 

Pike John, Middlesex, h. 53 Church 

Pike Misses Mary and Harriet, Hamilton, h. Fayette 

Pike Miss Sarah Ann, boarding h. 51 Mass. 

Pike Mrs. Tryphena, boarding h. 51 Mass. 

Pike William, Hamilton, bds Mrs. Plummer's 


Pilsbury Benj. P., printer Gazette off., h. Dearborn's ct. 

Pillsbury Harlin, physician, office and h. Kirk 

Pillsbury James M., Merrimack, bds 75 

Pillsbury John D , physician, 21 Central, h. Willow 

Pillsbury John G., printer. Commercial sq., h. Walnut 

Pillsbury Jonathan, Mass., bds B. Brown's 

Pillsbury Misses Mary and Sophia, boarding h. 69 Merri- 
mack Corp. 

Pillsbury Melvin, Lowell, h. Appleton 

Pillsbury Richard C, Lawrence, h. 30 

Pillsbury Mrs. Sally, dressmaker, shop and h. 280 Merr. 

Pillsbury William, Lowell, bds 7 

Pillsbury Wm. C , Aldrich »feHapgood's,bds Calvin Hall's 

Pinder Benjamin, file cutter, h. cor. High and Andover 

Pinder Joseph, h. Clay 

Pinkham James N., Lowell, h. 24 Charles 

Pinkham Stephen N., apoth'y, 99 Cen'l, bds Mrs. Tapley's 

Pinkham William, laborer, bds John Elkins' 

Pinnegar Ephraim, shoemaker, bds Wm. Brother's 

Pinney Alden, farmer, h. Middlesex 

Pinney Lorenzo, fruit and vegetables. Market, h. Fayette 

Pinney Samuel, Middlesex, h. Fayette 

Pinney , Middlesex, h. High 

Piper Charles, bds J. B. Dolloff's 

Piper Gardner W., Prescott, h. Water 

Piper Isaac B., Prescott, h. 36 

Piper Jonathan, Boott, bds D. Parker's 

Piper Lewis, coach driver, bds City Hotel 

Pitkin John, clerk S. Kidder's 

Pitman Lougee, Boott, h. Paige 

Pittee Tristam D., Fisk & Norcross', bds J. Bachelder's 

Place Isaac, sash and blind maker, h. Rock 

Plaisdell Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds C Hanson's 

Plaisted Elisha, bleachery, bds L. 'JTliorning's 

Plaisted Elisha, boarding h. 16 Merrimack corp. 

Plaisted Joseph M., Lowell M. Shop, bds Asa Davis' 

Plaisted William E., bleachery, bds Daniel Coburn's 

Planche Henry, harness maker, bds C. H. Bridge's 

Plant Robert, laborer, h. Jeft'erson sq. 

Plastrido-e Charles, fruit, &c., Patch's auction room, bds 
N. B.^Merrill's 

Plastridge Solomon, fruit, &c., Shapleigh & Farrington's, 
bds N. B. Merrill's 

Plummer Daniel C, carpenter, h. 23 Franklin sq., Suffolk 

Plummer Francis, shoemaker, bds John Pierces 


Plummer James, mason, h. Gushing 

Plummer John, L. M. Shop, h. 50 Swamp Locks, Wor'n 

Plumnior Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 87 Central 

Plunket Robert J., Hamilton, h. Gorham 

Plympton Albert B., carpenter, bds Francis Hudson's 

Pljmpton Joseph D., W. I. goods, cor. Merrimack and 

Worthen, h. Merrimack 
Plympton Samuel, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 
Pollard Gorham L., Museum, h. Cady 
Pollard John, pump maker, h. E. Merrimack 
Pollard Samuel, printer, Vox office, bds John Whitney's 
Polechio Julio, variety shop and h. Moody 
Pollock Charles, fancy goods, bds Mrs. S. Pollock's 
Pollock Mrs. Sarah, h. High st. sq. 
Poison Alexander, machinist, h. Cady 
Poison David, carpet weaver, h. Fayette 
Poison Mrs. Elizabeth, h. Donohoe's B., Suffolk 
Pomfred James, Courier office, h. Gorham 
Poole Samuel, blacksmith. Middle, h. I Ayer's Bl. 
Pooler Seth, teacher, h. cor. High st. sq. and E. Merri'k 
Poor Almanzar, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Poor Bushrod W., coun. Middl'x, near depot, h. Howard 
Poor Henry, paymaster, flannel mills, h. Everett 
Poor Julius L., Middlesex, bds Charles Snow's 
Poor Valruvius, watchman, Suffolk, bds 19 
Pope Samuel, Noyes' stable, bds Jane Robin^Jon's 
Porter Jonathan F., L. M. Shop, bds 56 Swamp Locks 
Porter Rev. Lemuel H., h. Tyler 
Potter Mrs. Adar, boarding h 67 Merrimack corp. 
Potter David H., shoemaker, O. King's, h. Chestnut 
Potter Joseph, Suffolk, bds 4 

Potter William H., Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 
Powell Andrew J., Tremont, bds J. C. Powell's 
Powell James C, Tremont, h. 2 
Powell Jeremiah, Hamilton, bds Mrs. K. Prescott's 
Powell William, Mass. bds B. Brown's 
Powers Hannibal, Mass. h. 46 

Powers Joel, h. Central, opp. primary school house 
Powers John, painter, bds R. Gibby's 
Powers John L., Merrimack, bds Jona. S. Merrill's 
Powers Matthew, shoemaker, h. Castle' B., Lowell 
Powers Peter, (Reed &) mason, Buttrick & Dudley's, h. 

Pratt George H., gunsmith, Richardson's, bds Mrs. Giles' 
Pratt G., foundry, Jackson, h. cor. Middlesex and Garnet 


Pralt Henry H., foundry, bds 24 Swamp Locks 

Pratt Joseph, Lowell, h. Chapel 

Pratt Matthew, Lowell M. Shop, bds Nancy Fogg's 

Pratt Nelson, Lowell, bds Charles Way's 

Pratt Oliver R., foundry, h 24 Swamp Locks 

Pratt Rev. Samuel C, h. Nesmith 

Pratt Thomas, stair builder, h. Rock 

Pratt William S., Merrim,ack Print W., h. 35 

Pratt , Drs. Burnham & Ames, bds Mrs. Giles' 

Pray Abram F., soap cart, h. Dane 

Pray David P., teamster, h. near North Gram. sch. h. 

Pray John J., mason, h. Alder 

Pray Joseph, Suffolk, bds 9 Cabot Bl. 

Preble Eben, Wm. Churchill, h. Middlesex 

Prescott Mrs. Abigail R., boarding h. 27 Suffolk corp. 

Prescott Augustus L., Boott, h. 15 

Prescott Calvin, Mass. bds J. B. Dolloff's 

Prescott Candace Miss, dressmaker, shop and h. 40 Cent'l 

Prescott Charles, plane maker, shop and h. Green 

Prescott Charles G., Fuller & Crosby's, h. Gorham 

Prescott Mrs. C, dressmaker, 64 Merr. h. cor. Fayette 

Prescott Cornelius, carpenter, bds Wm. Phillips' 

Prescott Miss Dorothea, boarding h. 14 Mags. 

Prescott Francis O., carpenter, bds Mrs. Colby's 

Prescott George, stonemason, h. Fayette 

Prescott Henry A., h. chapel 

Prescott James, Mass. bds B. Brown's 

Prescott Mrs, Keziah, boarding h. 33 Hamilton 

Prescott Mrs. Mary, h. Union 

Prescott Nathan M., Lowell M. Shop, h. near Chelmsford 

Prescott Oliver C, mason, bds Mrs. Colby's 

Prescott Samuel D , Bleachery, h. do. 

Prescott Mrs. Sarah C, boarding h. 2 Suffolk corp. 

Prescott William H., h. Walnut 

Presho Solomon, Suffolk, bds 8 Dodge 

Presho Sullivan, mason, h. 8 Dodge 

Pressey Thomas W., constable, Mansur's B., h. Chapel 

Preston Asa, carpenter, h. Paige 

Preston Samuel W., J. H. Blake's, bds D. B. Colby's 

Priest Cha's A., shoe store, Tilden, bds Mrs. A. Kimball's 

Priest G. W., clerk H. \V. Priest's, bds Mrs. A. Kimball's 

Prescott George W., Boott, h. 25 

Priest Henry VV., variety goods, shop and h. 1 Tilden 

Priest Mrs. Nancy J., h. Keene 

Priest Mrs. Sarah S., teacher, bds Wm. S. Bennett's 


Priest Tlieodore W., shoe store, Tilden, bds A. Kimball's 

Price Charles D., blacksmith, i^ds John Pierce's 

Price Stephen II., carpenter, bds John Pierce's 

Prince Edward, Merrimack Print VV., bds J. D. Prince's 

Prince Frederick, Merrimack Print W., bds J. D. Prince's 

Prince James, Merrimack I'rint VV., bds J. D. Prince's 

I'rince John D., superintendent Merrimack Print Works, 

h. cor. Merrimack and Worthen 
Prince John D. jr , ink & blk'g, Moody, bds Mrs. Eastman's 
Prince Mrs. Martha, boarding- h. 9 E. Merrimack 
Prince Otis, Middlesex, bds R. S Button's 
Prince Robert, Merrimack Print W., bds J. D. Prince's 
Prince Robert B., carpenter, bds A. Robb's 
Prike Mrs. W., variety shop, 282 Merrimack 
Prike William, Merrimack, h. 282 Merrimack st. 
Prior George, fish cart, h. Charles 
Proctor Mrs. Esther, boarding h. 2 Merrimack corp. 
Proctor Franklin, musician, bds Samuel Thorn's 
Proctor James, carpenter, shop and h. Loudon court 
Proctor James H., L. M. Shop, h. 12 Swamp Locks, Dut. 
Proctor John S., carpenter, Wm. Kelley's, h. George 
Proctor Jonas R., stonelayer, h. 7 Franklin square 
Proctor Joseph W., Merrimack, h. 21 
Proctor William B., painter, bds J. W. Proctor's 
Puffer Mrs. Abigail, boarding h. 14 Hamilton 
Puffer Asahel D., (& Wait) W. L goods, cor. Central 

and Gorham, li. cor. Central and Cady 
Puffer Cyrus, Boott, bds Ezra Adams' 
Puffer Farwell, (White &) card fac'y, Market, h. Church 
Puffer James F., clerk and bds L. W. Hooker's 
Puffer Martin, Bleachery, bds N. Thurston's 
Puffer Reuben, clerk C. P. Wilkins & Co.'s, h. Lowell 
Pullen George, watchman Merrimack, bds 25 
Pullen John, farmer, bds Zadock Rogers' 
Pulsifer Charles, Prescott, bds B. Brown's 
Pulsifer Henry, Merrimack, h. 36 
Pulsifer Hervey, Brooks & Tyler's, h. Middlesex 
Pulsifer Hiram, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Pulsifer Moses, Mass., bds B. Brown's , 

Pumfrey James, laborer, h. Maiden Lane 
Purcell J. (Ahern &) W. I. goods Lowell, bds J Colman's 
Purcell James, h. Lowell, near N. Grammar School h. 
Purcell James, laborer, h. 19 Adams 

Purcell Joseph, Horace Howard's, h. Suffolk, near Fen, 
Purcell Richard, Merrimack Print W., bds J. Colman's 


Purcell Thomas, laborer, h. Sherman's B., Merrimack 

Purcell Thomas, mason, h. Jefferson 

Purtill Michael, shoemaker, shop and h. Gorham 

Purinton George W., Merrimack, bds 73 

Purinton John L., blacksmith, h. Spring 

Purvey Nicholas, carpenter, h. rear Mid'x, near canal 

Pushee Abraham, musician, bds City Hotel 

Pushes James H., bds City Hotel 

Putnam Adam, (& Currier) soap boiler, Lenton, h. Tyler 

Putnam Addison, clothing store, 2 American House BL, 

Central, h. Lawrence 
Putnam Albert, bds Adam Putnam's 
Putnam Edward, Boott, h. 2 

Putnam George J., Mechanics' Mills, bds B. K. Parker's 
Putnam George L., Lowell M., Shop, h. Hanover 
Putnam Hiram, Middlesex, bds L. Willard's 
Putnam Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, h. 5 Swamp Locks 
Putnam Perry, carpenter, h. cor. Franklin and Willie 
Putnam Timothy T., Hamilton, h. 22 
Putney John, h. Tyler 

Putney Sam'l, variety store near bridge, E. Mer , h. 46 do. 
Pyer Alfred, works and bds David A. Coburn's 

Quigley Edward, clothing store and h. Lowell 

Quigley Edward Jun., carpenter, bds E. Quigley's 

Quigley Hugh, laborer, h. alley between Merr. and Midd 

Quigley Mrs. Margaret, h. 12 Adams Bl. 

Quimby Enoch, Tremont, h. 28 

Quimby Miss Sarah, boarding h. 27 and 38 Boott 

Quinn Mrs. Ann, h. Adams 

Quinn Mrs. Ann, boarding h. Green 

Quinn Henry, laborer, h. Gorham 

Quinn James, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Quinn John, laborer, h. 16 Adams Bl. 

Quinn John, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Quinn John, merchant tailor, 64 Central, h. 7 Hurd 

Quinn John, carpenter, bds Misses Reynolds & Morrill's 

Quinn John Jun., laborer, h.l6 Adams Bl. 

Quinn Mrs. Juda, h. North 


Quinn Maurice, laborer, h. 16 Adams Bl. 

Quinn Patrick, shoemaker, bds H. Quinn's 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Quinlan Patrick, h. Green 

Quint Charles, painter, market, bds Enoch Butler's 

Quint George, produce dealer, ^06 Merr. bds Miss Stone's 

Race Charles, shoemaker, bds E. Chellis' 

Rafferty Francis, laborer, h. 42 Appleton 

RafFerty Michael, h. William 

Ragan Mrs. Ellen, h. Fenwick 

Ragan Mrs. Ellen, washerwoman, h. rear Fenwick 

Ragan Hugh, laborer, h. Vine Lane 

Ragan Timothy, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Jefferson 

Rainer George, I. W. & D. Bangs', bds W. L.Ainsworth's 

Rainer Thomas, Middlesex, bds Wm. L. Ainsworth's 

Rail Miles, Merrimack Print W., h. Jefferson 

Rand Charles C, carpenter, bds D. P. Brown's 

Rand Eben H., city watchman, h. 3 Church 

Rand Enoch, Tuck's Express, bds Mrs. C. Caldwell's 

Rand George, bds E. H. Rand's 

Rand George F., carpenter, h, 166 Merrimack corp. 

Rand Hilpa, h. E. Merrimack 

Rand Jas. H., architect, 40 Cen'l, h. cor. And'r & Har'n 

Rand Nahum, carpenter, h. Hanover 

Rand Patsy, city market, bds Mrs. Bridges' 

Rand Pveuben, M. Mills, bds Misses Reynolds & Morrill's 

Rand Mrs. Ruth E., boarding h. 14 Appleton corp. 

Rand Sam'l, Brooks & Tyler's, h. cor. Adams & Lagrange 

Rand Sam'l S., Cushing & Mack's, h. cor. Austin & Race 

Randall B., D. Bixby & Go's, bds 9 Central 

Randall Charles, card factory, Market, bds Ezra Adams' 

Randall Frank, painter, bds Wm. Howe's 

Randall John, Merrimack, bds 73 

Randall Robert, watchman, Lowell, h. 7 

Randall Simon, millwright, bds Union h. 

Randlett Newell, Parker's stable, h. Fayette 

Randiett Newell A., h. High 

Rann Miss Ann, variety store and h. E. Merrimack 


Rann Patrick, h. E. Merrimack 

Ranney Clark, stonelayer, h. Suffolk near Fenwick 

Ransom Alexander, artist, h. cor. Nesmith & E Merr'k 

Rawdon Charles, laborer, h. William 

Rawdy James, Hamilton, bds Ann Quinn's 

Ravvson George W., Lowell M. Shop, bds S. C. Baker's 

Ray David M., flour and grain, store and h. Market 

Ray George G., Lowell M. Shop, bds J. T. Ray's 

Ray Henry H., Lawrence, bds J. T. Ray's 

Ray Jesse W., stonemason, h, 42 Church 

Ray John T., teamster, h. Lewis 

Raymond Charles, Mass., h. 63 

Raymond John, Jr., works and bds Phinehas Whiting's 

Raynes Joseph, jewelry, 43 Central, h. Lawrence 

Read Misses Betsey & Hannah, board'g h. 17 Merr.corp. 

Read Elijah M., (& Powers) mason, 38 Cen., h. And'r road 

Read George G., stonecutter, h. Forrest 

Read Henry, h. 20 Church 

Read John H., Merrimack Print W., h. 143 

Reardon Lawrence, gardener, h. cor. Dummer & Mech'c 

Reardon Patrick, laborer, h. Castle's Bl., Lowell 

Reardon Patrick, Hale & Roundy's, h. Gorham 

Ready Charles, laborer, h. cor. Lowell & Worthen 

Ready William, carpenter, h. Tremont 

Recco William F., Lowell M. Shop, bds John Taylor's 

Record Shepherd, Lowell M. Shop, bds P. H. Britton's 

Bedford Thomas, baker, shop and h. 252 Merr. 

Reed Alvin M., J. Jenkins, h. Adams 

Reed Andrew, wheelwright, bds Joel Jenkins 

Reed Asa E., book binder, Nesmith B., h. Bartlett 

Reed Charles F., civil engineer, bds R. Reed's 

Reed Edwin'E., Boott, bds Orin Reed's 

Reed Elbridge G., H. A. Whitney's, h. Bartlett 

Reed Gordon, Lowell M. Shop, bds Betsey Brooks' 

Reed Mrs. Hannah, h. 2 Kirk avenue 

Reed John, shoe store, 288 Merrimack, bds Mrs. Green's 

Reed Jonas, teamster, h. Worthen 

Reed Jonas, h. Gorham 

Reed Luther S., White & Puffer's, bds Ephraim Walch's 

Reed Nahum B., Lowell M. Shop, h. Lowell st. 

Reed Orin, constable, 56 Central, h. Paige 

Reed Ransom, h. Tyler 

Reed Rufus, conductor, Lowell and Lawrence R. R., bds 

John Billings' 
Reed Samuel, laborer, h. alley between Middle and Merr. 


Reed Samuel, Bleachery, h. do. 

Reed William, Lowell, h. 19 

Reed William, Boott, h. 58 

Reeves Ezra, Middlesex, bds Charles Mulilig's 

Reeves William F., Railroad contractor, bds City Hotel 

Reinwild Henry, hair dresser, 15 Merrimack, h. Charles 

Renton Thomas, Lowell, bds John Taylor's 

Reynolds Amasa, Hamilton, h. South 

Reynolds Barney, Appleton, h. Davis 

Reynolds Mary, variety store and h. Howe 

Reynolds Rodgers, laborer, h. Howe 

Reynolds Miss S. C., (& Morrill) boarding h. cor. Middl'x 

Reynolds Thomas, Hamilton Print W , h. Gorham 

Reynolds Thomas, brickmaker, h. Winter 

Rhael Matthew, calico printer, bds Patrick Short's 

Rhino Dennis, laborer, h. Jefferson sq. 

Rhodes John, Middlesex, h. 15 Hurd 

Rhodes Solomon, Mass. bds George Colton's 

Rice Benjamin, Suffolk, bds 4 

Rice Edward, clerk city market, bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's 

Rice Rev. Edward A., bds Rebecca Hardy's 

Rice Edward M., D. Dudley & Co,, h. Elm 

Rice Euclid, Bent & Bush, bds Misses Reynold's & Co. 

Rice Henry M., (& J.) butcher, city market, h. Central 

Rice John, Middlesex, bds N. Kennison's 

Rice Jonathan, (H. M.&) butcher, 22 city market, h. Elm 

Rice Julius, Middlesex, bds Calvin Hall's 

Rice Moses, Middlesex, h. 34 Hamilton 

Rice Ransom, Lawrence, bds 19 

Rice Samuel, Middlesex, bds D. F. Cass' 

Rice William, tin plate worker, bds Geo. Barstow's 

Rich Henry W., watchman, Merr. bds Miss M. Sawyer's 

Rich Jacob, Whipple's mill, h. Middlesex pi. 

Rich Susan, nurse, h. Bartlett 

Richards Cyrus, Lowell, h. Andover 

Richards Henry N., wheelwright, h. 144 Merr. corp. 

Richards John, Merrimack, h. 57 

Richard John, carpenter, boarding h. 1 Pearl 

Richards Luther, millwright, h. Andover 

Richardson Abial G., carpenter, bds 80 Merrimack corp, 

Richardson Abraham, flannel mills, h. cor. Howe 

Richardson Andrew, clerk 42 Central, bds 3 Franklin sq. 

Richardson Augustus, works and bds Joseph Mayer's 

Richardson Benj., mason, h. cor. Nesmith and E. Merr, 

Richardson Benjamin F., teamster, h. 7 Middlesex pi. 


Richardson Bernice, Day & Convers, h. Chapel 
Richardson Charles, Merrimack, bds 61 
Richardson Charles, Wm. Fiske's, h. 11 Lagrange 
Richardson Daniel L., restoralor, cor. Central and Market, 

h. Middlesex 
Richardson D. S. («fe Wm. A.) coan. 55 Central, h.Kirk 
Richardson Elbridge G., Hamilton, h. 10 
Richardson Eri, Boott, bds S. Leather's 
Richardson George, Lowell M. Shop, bds H. S. Parker's 
Richardson George G., Merrimack, bds 26 
Richardson Miss Hannah, boarding h. Dummer 
Richardson J. B., H. Howards, h. 4 South Franklin ct. 
Richardson Jonathan G., belt maker, J. Gates, h. Mech. 
Richardson Josiah S., h. Charles 
Richardson Lewis B., h cor, Middlesex and South 
Richardson MissM., tailoress, lOOMerr. bds S. D. Chase's 
Richardson Obadiah, Lowell, bds 7 
Richardson Oliver, carpenter, bds John Salter's 
R,ichardson Oliver A., gunsmith, shop and h. Middle 
Richardson Miss Rhoda, dressmaker, 100 Merrimack, bds 

S. D. Chase's 
Richardson Sullivan, carpenter, h. High st. sq. 
Richardson Thomas, Merrimack, bds F. Brown's 
Richardson Thomas L., Lawrence, h. 47 
Richardson William, Merrimack Print W., bds 142 
Richardson William A., (D. S. &) coun. 55 Central, bds 

Merrimack h. 
Richardson William Q., teamster, h. E. Merrimack 
Richmond Alanson J., Insurance agent, cor. Ames and 

Lawrence, bds Merrimack h. 
Richmond Charles B., clerk P. O. Richmond's, h. Ames 
Richmond Daniel, stone cutter, h. Pautucket st. 
Richmond Henry F., Butterfield & Clark's, bds Amer. h. 
Richmond Perez O., paper maker, Lawrence, bds Merr. h. 
Ricker Ebenezer, mason, h. Merrill's ct. 
Ricker George, Lowell, bds 7 
Ricker George, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Ricker William, painter, Prescott st. h. High 
Riddle Mrs. Janet, dressmaker, h. 6 Adams Bl. 
Ridley Matthias, Lawrence, bds 46 
Riley Mrs. Ann, washerwoman, h. Andover 
Riley Charles, laborer, h. Lowell 
Riley Daniel, tailor, h. Fenwick 
Riley Francis, slater, Waugh's, h. William 
Riley James, Middlesex, bds Peter Bussey's 


Riley John, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 

Riley John, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Riley John, Middlesex, h. Short's B., Middle 

Riley John, Middlesex, h. Pond 

Riley John C, Samuel Horn's, bds L. W. Carter's 

Riley Michael, laborer, h. Lowell 

Riley Michael, laborer, h. Middle 

Riley Michael, Middlesex, bds A. Chanonhouse's 

Riley Patrick, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Riley Patrick, Lowell M Shop, h. Adams 

Riley Peter, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Riley Peter, laborer, h. William 

Riley Philip, laborer, h. Market 

Riley Thomas, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Riley Thomas, hod carrier, h. cor. Lowell and Worthen 

Riley Thomas, blacksmith, near Whipple's, h. Gorham 

Ring Albert, Hamilton, h. Gorham 

Ring John, Prescott, h. Butlers' B., Suffolk 

Ripley Elias F., hostler D. R. Kimball's, bds J. Hartson's 

Ripley Thomas, Lowell, h. Pine 

Rice William, Tremont, h. 1 

Ripley William F., Tremont, bds Wm. Ripley's 

Ritchie John, Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 

Ritchie Joseph, teamster, bds H. Bancroft's 

Ritter David, Merrimack, h. 118 

Rix Hiram, Lowell M. Shop,,bds E. Butters' 

Roach James, foundry, h. cor. Suffolk and Cross 

Roach John, foundry, h. Suffolk, near Fenwick 

Roach John, laborer, h. Ford's B., Suffolk 

Roach Michael, sexton, h. Jefferso* 

Roach Patrick, Lowell, bds 7 

Roach William, laborer, h. South 

Roach William G., teamster, bds 2 stone h., Whipple's 

Roark Mrs. A., h. Cummiskey's BL, b. Mer. and Lowell 

Roark Francis, Lowell M. Shop, bds P. Short's 

Roark James, laborer, h. William 

Roark John, Cushing & Mack's, h. Adams 

Roark Mrs. Mary, h. Middle 

Roark Michael, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Roark Michael, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 

Roark Miles, Middlesex, h. William 

Robb Andrew, mason, h. Middlesex 

Robbins Benjamin F., bds D. C. Peters' 

Bobbins David, mason, h. Chestnut 

Robbins David F., bds David Robbins* 


Robbins Enoch, Suffolk, bds Enoch Parker's 

Robbins Gardner F., musician, bds Mrs. Giles' 

Robbins George, L. M. Shop, h. 36 Swamp Locks 

Robbins Horace F., Mass., h. 42 

Robbins Jacob, bds A. W. Willoughby's 

Robbins John, clerk and bds Washington h. 

Robbins J. Prescott, Scott's stable, bds Howard h. 

Robbins Nathan, painter, Andover, h. c. Pleasant and Pond 

Robbins Nathan, h. Marshal 

Robbins Thomas C, Mass., h. 30 Prescott corp. 

Roberts Charles, Middlesex, h. Dearborn's court 

Roberts Mrs Elizabeth, boarding h. 6 Svjjimp Locks 

Roberts George W., Middlesex, h. William 

Roberts John, Boott, bds D. Parker's 

Roberts Joshua, Sup't Bos. & Low. R. R., bds Merr'k h. 

Roberts Levi, wheelwright, Prescott, h. Brown 

Roberts Thomas E., Lowell M. Shop, h. 30 Swamp locks 

Roberts William S,, Mechanic Mills, h. Gushing 

Robertson Daniel M., L. M. Shop, h. 69 Swamp Locks 

Robertson John, Lowell M. Shop, h. Appleton 

Robinson Alexander H., paymaster Appleton, h. Law'e 

Robinson Miss Augusta, h. 30 Charles 

Robinson Benjamin, Jr., carpenter, h. Favor 

Robinson Benjamin W., (D. West & Co) dry goods 46 

Merrimack, h. 148 Central 
Robinson Douglass, Lowell, bds 7 
Robinson Franklin, Lowell, h. 13 N. Franklin ct. 
Robinson Fred'k W., silks, bonnets, «&c., 10 Cen'l, h. Kirk 
Robinson Harrison, laborer, h. rear of 23 Lowell 
Robinson James, Lowell, bds L Swap's 
Robinson James, Bleachery, h. Gorham 
Robinson James, painter, Merrimack, h. Lee 
Robinson Mrs. Jane, boarding h. Green 
Robinson Jesse L., job wagon, h. 7 Marion 
Robinson John, clerk F. H. Hardy's, bds G. D. Tapley's 
Robinson John P., (& Blaisdell) coun. 67 Central, h. 

Robinson John W., Merrimack, h. 106 
Robinson Justus L., carpenter, h. 24 Franklin sq. 
Robinson J. S., dry goods, bds American h. 
Robinson Leonard, stonecutter, bds J. L. Robinson's 
Robinson l^evi, teamster, bds T. Bickford's 
Robinson Richard, Mass., bds Mrs. Hussey's 
Robinson Samuel W., roll coverer, J. Gates', h. Gorham 
Robinson Sam. W., Leonard's, Lawrence, bds L Walter's 



Robinson Sullivan, powder mill, h. Lawrence 

Robinson Washington F., painter, h. Gushing 

Robinson William, machinist, bds Wm. Atherlon's 

Roby Augustus, Merrimack, h. 88 

Roby Levi, Locks & Canals, h. Castle's B., Dodge 

Roby Lowell R., Locks & Canals, h. Castle's B , Dodge 

Roby Ransom R., Tremont, h. 5 Suffolk st. 

Roby William, Lawrence, h. 13 

Rockwell Thomas, Merrimack, h. Lee 

Rockwood William P., carpenter, bds J. Phelps' 

Rodliff Chas H., clerk Franklin Bookstore, bds F. Rodliff 's 

RodlifF Ferdinand, Hamilton, h. 26 

Rogers Amos, laborer, h. Luther's ct. 

Rogers Asa W., Middlesex, bds T. Week's 

Rogers Benjamin P., farmer, h. High 

Rogers David, livery stable, Central, h. Cen., Chapel hill 

Rogers Felix, laborer, h. Dummer 

Rogers James, laborer, h. Lowell 

Rogers Mrs. Jemima, h. High 

Rogers John, hard ware. Savings Bank Bl., bds 27 Central 

Rogers John A., bds Washington h. 

Rogers Joseph P., farmer, h. High 

Rogers Michael, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Rogers Nathan D., Bent & Bush's, bds C. Bent's 

Rogers Patrick, hod carrier, h. Short's B. Middle 

Rogers Mrs. Rebecca,washerwoman,h. Sherman's B.Merr. 

Rogers Reynolds S., bds Washington h. 

Rogers Rufus, Lawrence, h. 54 

Rogers Samuel S., shop and h. Lowell 

Rogers Thomas, carpet weaver, h. Bennett's B. Jefferson 

Rogers Zadock, farmer, h. High 

Rogan Bernard, shoemaker, h. Davis 

Rogan Michael, tin plate worker, bds Mrs. N. Rogan's 

Rogan Mrs. Nancy, h. Short's B. Lowell 

Rogan Peter, copper plate printer, bds Mrs N. Rogan's 

Rolfe Abiel, Superintendent of streets, h. Howard 

Rolfe Mrs. Eliza G., boarding, h. 52 Mass. 

Rolfe Isaac, boarding, h. cor. Austin and Ford 

Rolfe Ovid D., farmer, bds Mrs. E, Rolfe's 

Rollins Benjamin B., Lowell M. Shop, h. Adams pi. Lowell 

Rollins Elijah, Hamilton, h. South 

Rollins George, R. R. yard, bds D. Sumner's 

Rollins James, bread cart, Bradt's, bds G. J. Bradt's 

Rollins John B., woodsawyer, bds James Proctor's 

Rollins John L., carpenter, bds H. M. Bean's 


Rollins John P., Lowell M. Shop, h. 63 Swamp Locks 
Rollins Joseph S., Moore & Cheney's, bds D. B. Colby's 
Rollins Joshua D., Merrimack, h. 37 
Rollins Mrs. Salama, h. Smith 
Rolo Tanislaus, carpenter, h. I Wall 
Roper Edward, Middlesex, h. Clay 
Roper Francis, Middlesex, bds Calvin Hill's 
Rose Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, shop and h. Kirk 
Ross Ozias, cabinet maker, shop and h. Market 
Rothwell John, painter, h. Pleasant 

Roundy Geo, C., (& Hale) paper mill, Gorham, h. Gor'm 
Rowe Danforth, Lawrence, bds 55 
Rowe Daniel, carpenter, h. cor. School and Poplar 
Rowe George P., clerk Post Office, h. Willow 
Rowe George W., variety goods, shop and h. 7 John st. 
Rowe Gilman, Lawrence, bds 55 
Rowe James, Merrimack, bds 26 
Rowe Mrs. Mary, washerwoman, h. 9 Lewis 
Rowe Robert M., Merrimack, bds 25 
Rowe Samuel, Lawrence, bds 45 
Rowe William, shoemaker, h. 51 Church 
Rowell Harry, Crosby & Fuller's, bds Wm. Bradley's 
Rowell Moses, Lowell M. Shop, h. 20 Swamp Locks 
Rowell William W., 120 Merrimack, bds J. P. Hanson's 
Rowland Frederick, carpenter, bds J. H. Mackay's 
Royal Aaron, Appleton, bds F. W. Davis' 
Royal Jacob, carpenter, h. Winter 
Rowley Joseph, Lowell, bds 7 
Rugg Amos, Mass. C. R., bds G. D. Tapley's 
Rugg Chester W., Shepherd's music store,bds R. H.Ferris' 
Rugg George, carpenter, h. North 
Rugg Samuel S. Suffolk, h. cor. Moody and Race 
Ruggles Calvin P., Middlesex, h. Chapel 
Runals Asa D., carpenter, h. cor. Merrimack and Cabot 
Runals George, stonecutter, h. Varney 
Runals Robert K., (& Colby) W. I. goods, cor. Merri- 
mack and Race, bds P. Brogan's 
Runnels James, laborer, h. Bennett's B., Jefferson 
Rushworth Benj., Middlesex, h. cor. Suffolk «& Fenwick 
Russ Andrew J., R. R. Exchange, cor. Middlesex and 

Thorndike, h. 'Thorndike 
Russ Charles B , W. I. goods, E. Merr'k, bds John Russ' 
Russ John, (& Stuart) liv. stable, h. E. Merr., James ct. 
Russ John, h. Thorndike 
Russ Nathan, coachman, bds John Russ' 


Russell Harrison E., Suffolk, h. 14 

Russell Hiram, h. 19 (Jhurch 

Russell James, contractor, h. cor. Lowell and Cabot 

Russell James, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 

Russell James S., teacher High School, h. Nesmith 

Russell John, laborer, h. Adams 

Russell Joshua R., physician, 118 Merrimack, h. Central 

Russell Josiah, mason, h. Walnut 

Russell Leonard, stone layer, h. cor. Middlesex &. Garnet 

Russell Luke, Suffolk, bds 10 Cabot 

Russell Moses M., Suffolk, h. 10 Cabot 

Russell Samuel, h. Gorham near Putney's ct. 

Russell Samuel P., carpenter, h. Fayette 

Ryan Barney, Hamilton, h. North 

Ryan Mrs. Catharine, h. Adams 

Ryan Henry, Lowell M. Shop, h. Murphy's B., Lowell 

Ryan John, coachman S. Lawrence's, bds Jas. Thorn's 

Ryan Joseph, planing mill, Button, bds R. Willie's 

Ryan Miss Julia, h. Winter 

Ryan Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, h. Short's B., Jefferson 

Ryan Martin, laborer, h. rear Merrimack near Decatur 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, h. Short's B., Lowell 

Ryan Patrick, foundry, h. Short's B., Lewis 

Ryan Philip, Lawrence, bds Mrs. C. Ryan's 

Ryan Thomas, James L. Foote's, bds Mrs. White's, Merr. 

Ryerson Benjamin, Boott, bds Wra. E. Boardman's 

Ryerson Mrs. Jane, h. Middlesex 

Sabin Nathaniel, Mass., h. 60 

Sadler John, Hamilton, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 

Salisbury Henry, constable, h. Gorham near Charlea 

Salmon Frank, Lowell C. R., bds Mrs. Duesbury's 

Salmon Patrick, Lowell, h. rear Market 

Salter John, Lowell M. Shop, h. 50 Church 

Salter Roman, Merrimack, h. 116 

Sanborn Albert, mariner, h. Fayette 

Sanborn Amos, silver smith, 21 Merrimack, h. High 

Sanborn Asa T., Fire Insurance Agent, h. Austin 

Sanborn Charles S., bobbin maker, h. Decatur 


Sanborn Mrs. Clementine, h. 31 Suffolk corp. 

Sanborn David, mason, h. High 

Sanborn Ebenezer, Hamilton, h. Marshal 

Sanborn Ebenezer L., mason, h. Bartlett 

Sanborn Edward F., watchman Hamilton & Appleton, h. 

cor. Appleton & Garnet 
Sanborn Edwin, Merrimack, h. 41 
Sanborn Elon A., Mass., h. 26 

Sanborn E. K., physician, Merrimack, bds Mrs. Davis* 
Sanborn George W., city watchman, bds 3 Lowell corp. 
Sanborn Hannah, nurse, bds L. F. Lawrence's 
Sanborn Henry D., Hamilton, h. 18 
Sanborn Horace, bobbin maker, bds Levi Hussey's 
Sanborn Israel, Joseph Mayer's, bds Benjamin Ladd's 
Sanborn James, Lowell M. Shop, bds A. Chamberlain's 
Sanborn John, paper hanger, h. 7 Tremont corp. 
Sanborn John, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Sanborn Joshua, Locks & Canals, h. E. Merrimack 
Sanborn Josiah, Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 
Sanborn Lewis D., carpenter, bds D. Sumner's 
Sanborn Miss Mary, boarding, h. 4 Hamilton corp. 
Sanborn Mary J., dressmaker, bds Mrs. M. Stone's 
Sanborn Reuben P., Lowell M. Shop, h. 11 Swamp Locks 
Sanborn Mrs. Rhoda, h. Fayette 
Sanborn Mrs. Sarah, boarding, h. 10 Prescott corp. 
Sanborn Seth J., Lowell M. Shop, h. Charles 
Sanborn Stephen C, Hamilton, h. 18 
Sanborn Stephen C, Prescott, h. Bartlett 
Sanborn William F., mason, h. Warren 
Sanders Benjamin, Hamilton, bds Mary Brown's 
Sanders Maurice, laborer, h. William 
Sanders William, laborer, h. Cedar 
Sanderson Abijal), h. 4 Kittredge's Bl. Middle 
Sanderson Caroline, dressmaker, bds Mrs. Smith's 
Sands David, laborer, bds Mrs. A. McEvoy's 
Sands James, Appleton, h. 15 
Sands John, laborer, h. Murphy's B. Lowell 
Sanford Mrs. Maria, h. cor. Lowell and Dummer 
Santry Daniel, laborer, bds James Sullivan's, Adams' 
Santry James, laborer, h. rear Fenwick 
Santry John, shoemaker, h. Howard Bl. Lowell 
Santrv William, Railroad, h. Dummer 
Sargeant Benj. C , Union Book store, bds Joseph Tapley's 
Sargent Aaron, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor. Summer & South 
Sargent Charles G., Lowell, h. west side School 


Sargent Curtis B., Prescott, h. 2 Wall 

Sargent Daniel, reed maker, bds Lorenzo Fletcher's 

Sargent Eben E., fish, city market, h. Wall 

Sargent Ebenezer, Crosby's, Howe, h. Fayette 

Sargent E. M., Boston Express, h, cor. Cen. & Charles 

Sargent Elhanan W., Boott, h. 43 

Sargent Franklin P., dent. Wyman's Ex., bds Mrs. Grave's 

Sargent Frederick, Boston Express, bds E. M. Sargent's 

Sargent Frederick W., Burbank & Chase's, h. Lee 

Sargent Henry A., Burbank &. Chase's, h. Centralville 

Sargent Isaac, Merrimack, h. 117 

Sargent Jacob, stone cutter, bds A. W. Willoughby's 

Sargent Jesse, Hamilton, h. 8 

Sargent John C, Appleton, h. cor. Summer & South 

Sargent JohnE., Crosby's, Howe, bds E. Sargent's 

Sargent Joseph, Mass., bds Clarissa Blanchard's 

Sargent Joshua, fish market, Middlesex, h. 2 Dodge 

Sargent Joshua, museum, h. 2 Dodge 

Sargent Lewis B., Merrimack Print Works, bds 25 

Sargent Lorenzo D., Mass., h. 2 

Sargent Miss Naomi, h. west side School 

Sargent Philip, Mass , h. 14 Prescott Corp. 

Sargent Stephen P., Tremont, h. 39 

Sargent Sylvester FI., Hamilton, h. South 

Sargent , Brabrook's Market, bds Mrs. McKenzies* 

Saunders Mrs. Abigail C, nurse, h. Green 

Saunders Alfred S., Merrimack, h. 161 

Saunders Caleb, woodsawyer, h. Spring 

Saunders Mrs. Mary A., h. Market 

Saunders Thomas, Appleton, h. Summer 

Saunders Thos., Moore & Cheney's, h. cor. Pine & School 

Saunders William, Fisk & JVorcross', bds Lowell h. 

Savage Daniel, Lowell M. Shop, bds 74 Swamp Locks 

Savage Hiram, Merrimack, bds 79 

Savage Rev. Isaac A., h. next South, Me. Chh. Worthen 

Savage Robert, steam mill, bds A. Jackson's 

Savage Simeon, Lowell M. Shop, h 46 Swamp Locks 

Savage , teamster, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Savory Charles A., physician, office and h. 92 Merrimack 

Sawtell George F., Boott, h. 17 

Sawtell Henry I., Lowell M. Shop, 38 Swamp Locks 

Sawtell John, Prescott, h. 16 Mass. 

Sawtell John N., Hamilton, h. Chapel 

Sawtell Josiah, carpenter, h. near School 

Sawtell Josiah A., carpenter, h. near School 


Sawtell Marcus A., Butler & Farr's, bds B. F. Butler's 

Sawtell Mrs. Nancy, h. Central 

Sawtell William H., Suffolk, h. 10 Cabot Bl. 

Sawyer Miss Arethusa, millinery goods, 58 Merrimack, 
bds Mrs. E. S. Douglass' 

Sawyer Charles, Lowell M. Shop, h. 57 Swamp Locks 

Sawyer Miss Eliza, h. 44 Merrimack corp. 

Sawyer Hamilton J., steam mill, bds E. M. Clough's 

Sawyer Isaac P., blacksmith, h. Water 

Sawyer Joseph W., Lowell M. Shop, h. 41 Swamp Locks 

Sawyer Miss Martha, h. 9 Suffolk st. 

Sawyer Thomas M., Merrimack, bds Mrs. M. Duley's 

Saxton Alexander, flannel mills, h. Chestnut 

Sayles Albert W., Lowell M. Shop, h. 35 Swamp Locks 

Sayles Ezekiel, Bleachery, bds E. Foss' 

Sayles Mrs. Nancy, boarding h. 115 Merrimack corp. 

Scadding Aaron, Day & Converse's, h. Lawrence 

Scales Aaron, Lawrence, h. 30 

Scales Francis, foundry, h. rear Dummer 

Scales John, mason, h. Lowell 

Scales John S., job wagon, bds 12 Franklin sq. 

Scanlin Robert, T. Barr's and bds do. 

Scannin Maurice, laborer, h. Adams 

Schellenger Henry, mason, bds O. Wyman's 

Schellenger Isaac, laborer,' bds O. Wyman's 

Schofield John, Lowell, h. Carpet lane 

Scholes Thomas, bds L. B. Erskine's 

Scoby Addison, Hamilton, h. Lee 

Scoby David C, teacher, bds Mrs. J. D. Scoby 's 

Scoby Mrs. Jane D., h. Merrimack near Cabot 

Schnabell Philip F., Merrimack Print W., bds 99 

Scotchburn Francis B., rope maker, h. Central 

Scolchburn Henry, Lowell M. Shop, h. Union h. 

Scotchburn Thomas, rope maker, h. Central, Chapel hill 

Scotchburn Thomas, Jr., rope maker, bds T. Scotchburn's 

Scoley John, laborer, h. Gorham 

Scolley William, Merrimack, h. Fenwick 

Scott Elhanan W., Lowell M. Shop, bds E. T. True's 

Scott James, shoemaker, h. Hanover 

Scott R. P., Lowell M Shop, bds 171 Merrimack corp. 
^ Scott Mrs. Sarah, h. 14 North Franklin ct. 
|: Scott Thomas, laborer, h. near Hale's mills 
I'; Scribner Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds 57 Swamp Locks 
^'Scribner George F., Lawrence, bds 6 
I Scribner Isaac W., apothecary, Merrimack, bds Merr. h. 


Scribner Miss Louisa, boarding h. 6 Lawrence corp. 
Scripture Andrew J., Smith & Nichols', h. Hanover 
Scripture Isaac, baker, Central, Chapel hill, h. cor. Cen- 
tral and Centre 
Scruton Mrs. Mary, h. Snell's B., Moody 
Searle Caleb S., foundry, Jackson, h. Middlesex 
Searle Benjamin F., Lowell M. Shop, bds C S. Searle's 
Searle Edwin T., Boston and Lowell R. R., h. Union 
Searle Frederick N., Middlesex, h. cor. Union & Central 
Searle Mrs. Martha, milliner, 64 Merr., bds C. Prescolf s 
Searle Mrs. Melvina, boarding h. 28 Lowell corp. 

Searle Mrs. , h. Luther's ct. 

Sears Joseph L., carpenter, bds Wm. Phillips' 

Seaver Alanson, carpenter, Bleachery, h. Wamesit 

Seaver Charles, saw filer, shop and h. 15 Cabot 

Seaver James, Middlesex, bds L. F. Lawrence's 

Seaver Lewis H., Merrimack, h. 40 

Seaver Thomas, Suffolk, h. 16 

Seaver Warren, city watchman, h. 2 Lowell pi. 

Seaver William, Boston & Lowell R. R., h. Middlesex 

Seaver William, Jr., steam mill, h. Queen 

Seavey Josiah, Post office, h. cor. Middlesex and South 

Seavey J. S., carpenter, bds E. T. True's 

Seavey Stephen S., Postmaster, h. Tyler 

Sessions Asa, Lowell M. Shop, bds 18 Swamp Locks 

Severance Elijah, Merrimack, h. 44 

Severance John W., Lowell M. Shop, h. Lee 

Sevrens Newell, Middlesex, h. Warren 

Sewall Samuel, Middlesex, h. Water 

Seward James E., Merrimack, bds 120 

S-eward William F., carpenter, h. Central 

Sexton Daniel, laborer, h. Butler's B., Suffolk 

Shackford Elbridge G., caraphene and lamps, 60 Central, 

h. Middlesex village 
Shackford George S., B. T. Hardy's, bds G. K. Paul's 
Shackford Mark, Packard & Leonard's, bds Mrs. Prince's 
Shackford William A., farmer, h. Gorhara 
Shandley John, laborer, h. Short's B., Jefferson 
Shandley John, laborer, h. Castle's B., Lowell 
Shandley Michael, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 
Shapleigh Samuel C, (& Farringtori) auctioneer, Com- 
mercial sq., h. Kirk 
Sharkey Daniel, Middlesex, h. Pond 
Sharkey Thomas, fruit and beer, h. Market 
Sharp James, Lowell, h. cor. George and William 


Sharpies Mrs. Catharine, boarding h. 99 Merrimack 
Sharpies Charles, painter, h. 23 Suffolk corp. 
Sharpies Janies, h. Hanover 

Shattuck Mrs. Ann, h. cor. Fletcher and Pautucket 
Shattuck Charles O., Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 
Shattuck Frederick R., Prescott, bds E. A. Olds' 
Shattuck George W., teacher, h. Lowell, near Hospital 
Shattuck Horace B., Burbank & Chase's, h. cor. Suffolk 
. and Lagrange 

Shattuck Jesse, stone layer, h. Chestnut 
Shattuck Lyman T., produce dealer, 246 Merr. bds Jesse 

Shattuck Marcus, Lowell, bds Aaron Davis* 
Shattuck Sewall, (Dexter &)c]othing store, 18 Cen. h. High 
Shattuck Tyler, Dodge & Whitcomb, bds Mrs. Kitchin's 
Shaw Francis, foundry, Jackson, h. Lawrence 
Shaw Ira, teamster, bds R. P. Shaw's 
Shaw Jacob N., foundry, Jackson, h. Lawrence 
Shaw Jairus, Upton & Bard's, h. Merrill's ct. 
Shaw Joseph, paper hanger, bds Benj. Ladd's 
Shaw Lorenzo L , Prescott, h. 37 

Shaw Orin M., Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. Sally Shaw's 
Shaw Richard P., teamster, h. Charles 
Shaw Mrs. Sally, boarding h. 6 Lowell corp. 
Shaw Thomas S., Lowell M. Shop, h. 39 Swamp Locks 
Shay Jeremiah, laborer, h. Lowell 
Shay Jeremiah, Nashua depot, h. Ffenwick 
Shed Edwin L., constable 61 .Central, bds C. R. Nichols' 
Shed George W,, farmer, h. 6 stone h., Whipple's 
Shed Hosley, h. E. Merrimack 
Shed John, h. 7 Cady 
Shed Varnum A., Lawrence, h 57 
Shed Zaccheus, constable 61 Central, h. Gorham 
Shehan Thomas, carpenter, h. rear Mrs. Doyle's, Fenwick 
Sheldon Abial W., Lawrence, h. 67 
Sheldon Charles B., mason, bds J. Phelps' 
Sheldon Ezra, h. Howard 
Sheldon John R., stonecutter, bds J. Phelps' 
Shepard Benj. H., umb's, «&c., 77 Merr., bds P. R. Giles' 
Shepherd Benjamin, Stott's mills, bds J. Rothewell's 
Shepherd Jacob, bleachery, bds L. Thorning's 
Shepherd John, flannel mill, h, cor. Howe and Davidson 
Shepherd John, boarding h. Ill Merrimack corp. 
Shepherd Mrs. Nancy, boarding h. 140 Merrimack corp. 
Shepherd Nathaniel B., Tremont, h. 27 


Shepherd William, J. B. Eaton's, bds Mrs. C. T. Smith's 
Sheppard Edwin, gardener and bds John Nesmith's 
Sheppard Isaac, wire maker, shop and h. Liberty 
Sherburne Wells, G. J. & D. Bradt's, bds D. Bradt's 
Sheridan Edward, Lowell M. Shop, h. Suffolk 
Sheridan Martin, Hamilton Print W., h. Middle 
Sheridan Michael, Lowell, bds 24 
Sheridan Owen, W. L goods, store and h. Gorham 
Sheridan Terence, W. I. goods, shop and h. Lowell 
Sherlock Edward, harness maker, h. Matthew's B., Cross 
Sherlock James, machinist, bds G. C. Smith's 
Sherlock John, carpenter, h. Cross 
Sherman Aaron H., Lowell, h. High st. sq. 
Sherman Charles, carpet weaver, Howe, h. Fayette 
Sherman Charles, Appleton, bds F. VV. Dow's 
Sherman Charles, Merrimack, h. Lowell 
Sherman Charles, Lowell, h. Market 
Sherman Cha's A., clerk App'n Bank, bds J. A Buttrick's 
Sherman Charles H., Lowell, h. High st. sq. 
Sherman Edward F., coun. Wentworth's, bds Charles 

Sherman's, Lowell 
Sherman Warren W., carpenter, bds Charles Way's 
Sherman Washington, blacksmith, h. cor. Summer *fe Davis 
Sherman William, Middlesex, bds R. S. Button's 
Sherman William W,, Lowell M. Shop, h. Marion 
Sherry James, Merrimack, h. Jefferson 
Sherwin George, Hamilton, h. cor. Moody and Cabot 
Sherwin John,^P. O. Richmond's, bds Mrs. Sleeper's 
Sherwood Ludba, Hamilton, h. Abbott 
Shields John, D. Dana's, bds Ann Quinn's 
Shields Michael, ^Merrimack, h. cor. Lowell & Jefferson 
Shields Thomas, laborer, h. North 
Shipley Samuel, sash and blind maker, bds. J. Huse's 
Shipman Royal M., Boston & Lowell R. R., h. Marshall 
Shirley Charles, job wagon, h. Pine 
Shirley John, Merrimack Print W., h. John st. avenue 
Shorey John, cabinet maker. Middle, bds R. Bachelder's 
Shorey Moses W., millwright, h. cor. Oak and Nesmith 
Shorey Samuel W., tailor, bds J. S. Dealand's 
Short Charles M., h. Lewis 
Short Edward, Lowell, bds 24 

Short James, carpet factory, Howe, bds Benj. Pettingill's 
Short Josiah E., conductor Bost. & L. R. R., h. Howard 
Short Mrs. Mary, h. Gorham 
Short Patrick, innkeeper Commercial Ex., Lowell 



Short William, fruit and vegetables, shop and h. Lowell 

Short VVm. P., conductor B. & L. R. R., h. 11 Mid'x pi. 

ShufF A. H., carpenter, bds 171 Merrimack corp. 

ShurtlifF Amasa, teamster, bds Wm. McFarlin's 

Shute Alonzo, Appleton, h. Lawrence 

Shute Leonard, foundry, bds Mrs. Sarah Knights' 

Shute Michael, carpenter, h. Lawrence 

Sias Chester, foundry, h. Donohoe's B., Marion 

Sias Oilman, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Sikes Calvin, Mass., h. 57 

Silver Amos, Lowell M. Shop, bds 63 Swamp Locks 

Silver Frederick A., Bost. »fc L. R. R., bds D. B. Colby's 

Silver Orin B , Lowell, bds John Hinkson's 

Silver William, painter, bds Geo. Huse's 

Simmons John, printer. Courier office, bds City Hotel 

Simmons P Lyman, botanic physician 21 Cen. bds A. W. 

Simmons Wm. H., Lowell M. Shop,h. cor. Midd'x «& Pearl 
Simonds Arad, Tremont, h. 16 
Simonds David, Lawrence, bds Mrs. E. Kimball's 
Simonds David 11., bds A. Merriam's , 
Simonds Mrs. Elizabeth, h. cor. Chesnut & Willow 
Simonds Joseph, Lawrence, h. 76 

Simonds Sam'l B., bookseller 71 Merr , bds Mrs. Simonds' 
Simonds William C, Lawrence, h. 62 
Simons Daniel, silks, 68 Merrimack, h. 2-5 Charles 
Simpkins William, Middlesex, bds Mrs. R. S. Dutton's 
Simple Parker, Prescott, bds B. Brown's 
Simpson Andrew J., daguerreotypist, Wyman's Ex., h. 

E. Merrimack 
Simpson Charles H., stage agent, cor. Merr. & Worthen, 

bds Merrimack h. 
Simpson David, Mass., h. 30 
Simpson John, machinist, h. Charles 
Simpson John G., Prescott, h. 8 Mass. 
Simpson Joseph L., machinist, h Chelmsford, near Liberty 
Simpson Samuel A , Mass. h. 17 
Simpson S. Lafayette, physician, office and h. cor. Cen. 

and Charles 
Simpson Thomas, h. cor. Liberty and Chelmsford 
Sims Nehemiah, works and bds Joseph Mayer's 
Sinclair Daniel H., watchman, Lowell, h. Dutton 
Siner James, Middlesex, h. Warren 
Sisson Rodolphus, pedler, h. Fayette 
I Skillings D.G.,(Low tfc) carriage mak,Market,bd3 R. Low's 



Skinner Miss Abigail, nurse, h. Gorham 

Sliinner Abner, Middlesex, boarding h. Ill Merrimack st. 

Skinner George VV., physician, bds Dr. Geo. Pierce's 

Skinner Miss Hannah, lailoress, h. Gorham 

Skinner Jonathan, Suffolk, h. 31 

Skinner Mrs. Sarah, h. Gorham 

Slack Mrs, Betsey, h. 34 Church 

Slade John, laborer, h. Pleasant 

Slattery John, N. Critchett's, h. Jefferson 

Slaver Patrick, pedler, bds O. M. Donohoe's 

Slavin Mrs. Catharine, h. Market 

Slavin Lawrens, h. Snell's B., Moody 

Sleeper Adolphus, chemist, Lowell, bds Mrs- Duesbury's 

Sleeper Mrs. Margaret, h. 31 Church 

Sleeper Nathan S., carpenter, h. Garnet 

Small Charles, coachman, bds Sarah Parker's 

Small Charles R., coachman, bds Miss M. Sawyer's 

Small Ephraim L., merchant tailor, 17 Central, h. Church 

Small James M., Boott, bds T. B- Smith's 

Small William, teamster, h. Paige 

Small Wm. W., carriage maker, Midd'x, bds L. Howe's 

Smart Charles H., Lowell M. Shop, h. 61 Swamp Locks 

Smart Josiah, Middlesex, bds Enoch Butters' 

Smart Mrs. Mary, h. cor. Union and Chapel 

Smart Sylvester, J. B. Eaton's, h. 61 Swamp Locks 

Smarte William, teamster, h. Paige 

Smiddy Mrs. Marararet, h. cor. Lowell and Fenwick 

Smilie S., I. W. & D. Bangs', Midd'x, bds R. Tarbell's 

Smiley John S., Lowell, bds M. Lord's 

Smiley Reuben M., carpenter, h. Walnut 

Smiley Robert, laborer, h. Quigley's B., Lowell 

Smiley Robert, laborer, b. Andover 

Smiley Robert, shoemaker, bds 8 Adams Bl. 

Smiley William, h. Andover 

Smith Albert, Lowell, bds 6 

Smith Albert D , student, and bds Dr. Allen's 

Smith Mrs. Alphreda, boarding h. 22 Mass. 

Smith Amasa, Wetherbee's saloon, bds O. Wetherbee's 

Smith Andrew, Hamilton Print W., h. 4 Cady 

Smith Mrs. Ann, h. Mrs. Swap's B. Middle 

Smith Ansel, Middlesex, h. 24 Church 

Smith Mrs. Betsey, h. cor. Appleton and Gorham 

Smith Charles, steam mill, bds A. Jackson's 

Smith Charles, Suffolk, bds 4 

Smith Charles, Tremont, h. Race 


Smith C. K., shoemaker, h. C. Churchill's B. Moody 

Smith Mrs. Clarissa F., boarding h. Wyman's BI. Middle 

Smith Cofran, Boott, bds VVm. Reed's 

Smith Daniel, Lowell, h. rear Lawrence 

Smith David F., Lowell, bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's 

Smith Mrs. Dorcas, h. 51 Church 

Smith Edward, Merrimack, h, 1 Hurd 

Smith Edward, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 

Smith Edward W., roll coverer, h. Moody 

Smith Elijah H., barber cor. Central & Church, h. Union 

Smith Miss Elizabeth, millinery, M. A. Smith's, bds Mrs. 

Smith Mrs. Elizabeth A., dressmaker 25 Merrimack, bds 

John Smith's, Water 
Smith Ezra, foundry, bds Mrs. Sarah Knight's 
Smith Francis, shoemaker, bds Joel Smith's 
Smith Francis, carpenter, li. cor. Cross and Marion 
Smith George, stone layer, h. 240 Merrimack 
Smith George, clerk and bds John Smith's 
Smith George C, machinist, h. Moore 
Smith George H., Middlesex, h. 2 Edgerly's ct. 
Smith Geo. L., Lowell M. Shop, bds 5 swamp Locks,Dutton 

Smith George VV., Lowell, h. Summer 
Smith George W., Locks & Canals, bds 72 Merr. corp. 
Smith George W., Lowell M. Shop, bds A. R. Grant's 
Smith Henry, Boston & Lowell depot, bds D. Hobb's 
Smith Henry, job wagon, h. 16 Middlesex 
Smith Henry, (& Nichols^ market Merr., h. cor. Moody 
and Hanover 

Smith Henry C.,restorator 18 Midd'x,bds A. H. Flanders' 

Smith Henry H., bds Hosea Smith's 

Smith Rev. Horace G., h. Bartlett 

Smith Hosea, boarding h. 52 and 54 Church 

Smith Mrs. Isabella, h. Market 

Smith James, Mass., bds Isaac Kinson's 

Smith James, Stott's mills, h. Everett 

Smith James, Merrimack, h. 101 

Smith James B., Runals & Colby, bds Samuel Emerson's 

Smith James C, baker, h. cor. Pautucket and Lowell 

Smith Jeremiah, teamster, bds N. Durgin's 

Smith Joel, restorator, cor, Lowell and Dutton, h. Middle 

Smith Joel, R. R. Ex., h. Middlesex 

Smith John, boarding h. 7 Prescott corp. 

Smith John, Middlesex, h. Water 

Smith John, pedler, bds Washington h. 


Smith John, laborer, h. Charles 

Smith JoI)n, carpenter, bds C S. Searle's 

Smith John, soap boiler, Middlesex, h. do. 

Smith John, dry goods, Merrimack, h. Russell's B. Lowell 

Smith John, carpenter, h. 12 Franklin sq. 

Smith John, well digger, h. Gorham 

Smith John C, Merrimack, h. 105 

Smith John F., Lowell M. Shop, bds 12 Franklin sq. 

Smith John R., shoemaker 110 Merrimack, h. Alder 

Smith John W., Merrimack, h. 87 

Smith Joseph, foundry, Jackson, bds R. S. Ferris' 

Smith Josiah, restorator, Middlesex, h. Pine 

Smith Josiah, Boott, bds D. Parker's 

Smith Josiah L., clerk B. Goddard's,h. cor. Lib. & Powell 

Smith Miss Julia A., millinery and dress making 97 Mer- 

rimack, bds Mrs. Newell's 
Smith Justus, blacksmith, h. Moody 
Smith J. C, Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 
Smith Kilbourne, musician Concert Hall, h. Elm 
Smith Luther, Livingston's grist mill, h. Thorndike 
Smith Lydia, nurse, bds John Smith's, Water 
i Smith Manuel B., carpenter, h. cor. Marshall &■ Mclntire 
Smith Mrs. Margaret, h. Middle 
Smith Mrs. Mary, h. High st. sq. 
Smith Miss Mary A., millinery and dress making, 254 

Merrimack, bds Mrs. Scoby's 
Smith Michael, Bleachery, bds A. Annan's 
Smith Morrill P., Middlesex, h Cady 
Smith Mrs. Nancy A., h. cor. William and Central 
Smith Nicholas, tailor, bds O. M. Donohoe's 
Smith Noah, Lowell M. Shop, bds N. Low s 
Smith Orlando, Middlesex, bds S. M. Martin's 
Smith Otis F., Hamilton Print W., bds N. B. Merrill's 
Smith Owen, laborer, h. E- Merrimack 
Smith Owen, laborer, bds Patrick McQuade's 
Smith Patrick, Merrimack Print W., h. Dummer 
Smith Pelatiah, Lawrence, bds 19 
Smith Philip, N. Critchett's, h. Middle 
Smith Richard, variety store and-h. 198 Merrimack 
Smith Robert W., painter, bds John Hlnkson's 
Smith Mrs. Rosanna, h. Castle's B., Lowell 
Smith Sally L., Mass., h. 1 Davidson lane 
Smith Samuel C, steam mill, bds Nancy A. Smith's 
Smith Miss Sarah Ann, boarding h. 25 Appleton 
Smith Simeon F., Hamilton, bds John Smith's, Water 


Smith Simon O., pedler, h. Mclntire 

Smith Stephen B., carpenter, h. Lowell, opp. Lowell pi. 

Smith Stephen C, tailor, bds Mrs. Newells 

Smitli Thomas, Hamilton, bds F. Hayden's 

Smith Thomas B., carpenter, h. 24 Hurd 

Smith Thomas D., («& Faterson) copper roller engraver, 

Hamilton, h. cor. Suffolk and Lagrange 
Smith Timothy O., Mass., bds Z. N. Doe's 
Smith Willard, boarding h. 35 Central 
S-mith William, Boott, bds D. Parker's 
Smith William, laborer, h. Hobb's B., Lowell 
Smith William, Conant's Express, bds 12 Franklin sq. 
Smith William, coun. Welles' Bl., h. Centralville 
Smith William A., carriage maker, Lowell, h. 13 Mid'x 
Smith William A., harness maker, h. Middlesex 
Smith William B,, J. Smith's restorator, h. Middlesex 
Smith William D., H. A. Whitney's, h. North 
Smith William H., Mass , bds G. W. Emerson's 
Smith William M., Bos. &, L. R. R., h. 29 Swamp Locks 
Smith William W., Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's 

Smith , Lowell, bds Mrs. S. Brigham's 

Smothers Jonathan, Merrimack Print W., h. 64 

Snell Everett, Plumer & Blaisdell's, h. Lee 

Snell George W., Merrimack, bds Mrs. M. Duley's 

Snell Libbeus B., boarding h. 59 Mass. 

Snell William, carpenter, h. cor. Middlesex & Mid'x pi. 

Snow Benjamin, Lowell M. Shop, h. Moody 

Snow Benjamin, Lowell M. Shop, h. George 

Snow Charles, machinist, Market, h. High 

Snow Harvey, machinist, Market, h. Gorham 

Snow Mahlon, farmer, h. Merrill's ct. 

Snow Stephen, L W. & D. Bangs', h George 

Soper Joseph E , Lowell M. Shop, h. 10 Middlesex pi. 

Soule Mrs. Miriam, h. Adams, near Lagrange 

Soule Mrs. Sophia, dressmaker, 198 Merrimack, h. do. 

Southmaid Andrew, L. M. Shop, bds 65 Swamp Locks 

Southmayd Caleb, bds Mrs. D. Smith's 

Southwick John R., Tremont, h. 32 

Southwick Lawrence, paper printer, bds H. Unsworth's 

Southwick Royal, agent Baldwin Co., h. Lowell 

South worth Alanson, H. G. F. Corliss' office, bds Mrs. 

H. Dewey's 
Spalding Abraham, (& Co.) W. I. goods. Thorn., h. How. 
Spalding Alpheus, (& Brown) fruit and vegetables, city 

market, h. Willow 


Spalding Amasa M., railroad, h. Gushing 
Spalding Charles, stone mason, h. Lowell, near Adams 
Spalding Charles H., laborer, h. rear 204 Merrimack 
Spalding Eli, (& Perkins) W. I. goods, cor. Middlesex 

and Mc'lntire, bds J. England's 
Spalding George F., provision dealer, h. Fayette 
Spalding Haskell, h. E. Merrimack 
Spalding Henry, blacksmith, h. Willie 
Spalding Ira, (& Page) carpenter, Lenton, h. Central 
Spalding Jas., shuttle fact'y, Mer. corp., bds W. Smith's 
Spalding Joel, phy'n, Welles Bl., bds Jonathan Spalding's 
j Spalding John, clerk N. Y. store, bds Mrs. Newell's 
Spalding Jonas, clerk A. Spalding's, bds D. A. Coburn's 
Spalding Jonathan, farmer, h. cor. Pautucket and School 
Spalding Josiah, Boston and Lowell R. R., h. Appleton 
Spalding Noah, farmer, h. Liberty 
Spalding Rufus, farmer, h. Pautucket 
Spalding Simeon, farmer, h. Walker 
Spalding Sumner, teamster, bds David A. Coburn's 
Spalding Sydney, farmer, h. Middlesex 
Spalding W. C, vi^riting-mas^er, h. cor. Merr. and Cabot 
Spalding Weld, h. cor. Central and Centre 
Spalding William, farmer, h. Parker 
Spear William A., Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 
Spears James, carpenter, h. Willie, north of common 
Spearin Hiram, Lowell M. Shop, h. 7 South 
Sparks Mrs. Catharine, h. rear Fenwick 
Sparks Richard, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Spencer Edward, laborer, h. Lowell 
Spencer William, superintendent Hamilton Print W., h. 

Sperry Charles, teamster, h. Somerset 
Sperry Charles, Jr., bds D. D. Currier's 
Spiller James, carpenter, h. near Clark 
SpofFord Abram, superintendent N. Common, h. Common 
Spofford Charles, boarding h. 1 Merrimack corp. 
SpofFord David, clerk Lemuel Page's, bds 171 Mer. corp. 
SpofFord Frederick A., Boott, h. 40 
Spooner Daniel M., Middlesex, h. rear Lawrence 
Sprague Charles G., railroad contractor, h. Willow 
Sprague Henry D., wheelwright, h. Moody 
Sprague Thomas, L. M. Shop, h. cor. Midd'x and Grand 
Spring Francis, Locks and Canals, h. Fenwick 
Springej James F., teamster, bds David A. Coburn's 
Springer John S., h. Moody 



Springer Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 117 Merrimack 

Stacy Charles F., Suffolk, bds 12 

Stacy John, book keeper C P Talbot's, bds L. Howe's 

Stacy Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 12 Suffolk corp. 

Stacy Rufus R., carpenter, bds F. Brown's 

Stacy Seth S., Suffolk, bds Mary Stacy's 

Stafford William, Hamilton, h. 1 

Stanchfield Ezekiel G., h. Appleton 

Stanchfield Phebe Ann,dressmaker,bds E. G. Stanchfield's 

Stanford Edward, Crosby's bobbin shop, bds R. Gilman's 

Stanford Samuel, carpenter, bds 115 Merrimack corp. 

Staniels Edward A., apothecary, y9 Central, h. Gorham 

Staniels Edward L., apothecary ,cor. Mer. & Cen. h. Chapel 

Stanley George W., Mass., h. 20 

Stanley Phinehas, Merrimack, h. 172 

Stanley Stephen T., Merrimack, h. 170 

Stanton Henry, Middlesex, bds Calvin Hall's 

Stanton Henry B., D. Dana's, h. Chelmsford town 

Stanton Henry W., clerk Geo. Bowers', bds Jona. Bowers' 

Stanton Peter, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Worthen 

Stanton Thomas, Hamilton, h. Appleton 

Stanwood Charles, M'Lanathan's, bds H. Stanwood's 

Stanwood Mrs. Hannah, h. Summer 

Stanwood Richard L., O. L. Allen's, bds 11 E. Merr. 

Stanwood Samuel H., carpenter, h. Charles 

Stanwood William, mason, h. Central 

Staples Benjamin L., mason, h. Franklin 

Staples Nathaniel T., mason, h. Willie 

Staples Orson A., bootmaker, h. Cabot 

Staples Theodore, Boott, h. 9 

Starbird Samuel, Merrimack, bds J. Blethin's 

Stark Ethan A., Middlesex, h. Union 

Stark Oliver H., Middlesex, bds Ira Walter's 

Starkey William, bootmaker, bds David Lamb's 

Starret John, Merrimack, h. 78 

Staten Matthew, Merrimack, bds M. Carter's 

St. Clair David N., shoemaker Kittredge's,bds S.B. Dodge's 

Stearns Mrs. Catharine, milliner 92 Merrimack, h. Fayette 

Stearns Charles, Merrimack, h. 20 

Stearns Daniel, Lowell, h. 20 

Stearns Edwin L., h. cor. Branch and Smith 

Stearns Mrs. Elizabeth, h. cor. Moody and Austin 

Stearns Erastus, carpenter, h. Fayette 

Stearns George, boarding h. Cabot * 

Stearns Hiram, Merrimack, bds 74 



Stearns [lorace, Merrimack, bds J. C. Gale's 
Stearns Horace, Merrimack, bds Sarah Parker's 
Stearns John, ox bow maker, h. Pautucket 
Stearns John A., painter, bds John Steam's 
Stearns John R., laborer, h Moody 
Stearns Nathaniel, Middlesex, h. Willow- 
Steams VVm. R., insurance agent 32 Mer. bds Mrs. Wight's 
Stebbins George, carpenter, bds Reuben Parker's 
Stebbina William, Boott, h. 41 
Steele George, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 
Steele Richard, physician, office and h. Lee 
Sterling John D., Boott, bds 6 
Sterry Christopher, Middlesex, bds J. C Palmer's 
Stetson Mrs. Martha, h. Branch 

Stevens Abednego, painter, Prescott, h E. Merrimack 
Stevens Alpha, (& S.) power loom harness maker, Thorn- 
dike, h. Fletcher 
Stevens Benjamin, boarding h. 12 Merrimack corp. 
Stevens Edgar M., Lowell M. Shop, h. Marshal 
Stevens Edmund, farmer, h. Stevens 

Stevens Edmund, Jr., G. Quint's, bds Mrs. Craig's, Low'l 
Stevens George W., Lowell M. Shop, bds O. C. Stiles' 
Stevens Rev. Hiram, h. cor. E. Merrimack and Fayette 
Stevens James, G. J. & D. Bradt's, h. Dane 
Stevens Joseph, mover of buildings, h. Summer 
Stevens Joseph, Jr., Mass., h. Fayette 
Stevens Joseph H., h. Bay State avenue, Central 
Stevens Levi B., mason, h. 152 Central 
Stevens Luther, teamster, bds David A. Coburn's 
Stevens Mrs. Martha B., cap maker, bds D. Bradt's 
Stevens Mrs. Mary, dressmaking and bonnets, and h.cor. 

Middlesex and South 
Stevens Richard, Museum, h. Central 
Stevens Solomon, clock repairer, Merrimack, h. Varney 
Stevens Solon, (A. &) power loom harness maker, Thorn- 
dike, h. Howard 
Slevens William, Suffolk, bds 4 

Stevens William R., Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 
Stevenson Robert, Merrimack, h. 97 
Stewart Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. M. Soule's 
Stewart Mrs. Margaret, h. Little 

Stewart Philander, blacksmith, h. 21 Franklin sq., Suffolk 
Stewart Philip, (Russ &) livery stable, bds C. B. Russ' 
Stewart Mrs. Sophia, h. William 
Stewart Stephen, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 


Stickney Benjamin, boarding h. 59 Lawrence corp. 

Stickney Daniel, elk Lemuel Page's, bds S. H. Stanwood's 

Stickney Elias R., Lowell M. Shop, bds J. Huse's 

Stickney James, Stott's mills, bds Else Dudley's 

Stickney James, tanner, bds Mrs. Dame's 

Stickney Jeremiah, White & Puffer's, bds 27 Lowell corp 

Stickney Mrs. Lucy M., h. Green 

Stickney Michael, batting mill, h. North 

Stickney Samuel W., cashier R. R. Bank, h. Kirk 

Stickney William, carpenter, h. Lawrence 

Stiles Freeman, P. O. Richmond's, bds Mary Nichols' 

Siiles Jesse, Tremont, h. 37 

Stiles John, h rear Union 

Stiles Leonard, mason, bds Wm. A. Swan's 

Stiles Oliver C, Lowell M. Shop, h. Marshal 

Stiles Roswell, laborer, h. Dodge 

Stiles William, job wagon, bds Submit Pierce's 

Stillings Isaac N., mason, h. cor. Moody and Austin 

Stillings James, stone mason, h. cor. Moody and Austin 

Stillings Joseph F., mason, bds James Stillings' 

Stimpson Charles, foundry, Jackson, bds John Whitney's 

Stimpson Charles, Tremont, h. 25 

Stinchfield Jeremiah, Middlesex, bds P. Cram's 

Stinson Isaac, farmer, h. Fayette 

Stinson William, blacksmith Chase's, Middle, h. Spring 

Stockwell James, h. Howard 

Stoddard Bartlett, painter, Newman's, h. Union 

Stone Alba C, laborer, h. Snell's B., Moody 

Stone Asaph, JBleachery, h. do 

Stone Edward, shoe store, 92 Central, h. 23 Church 

Stone Eugene, printer,Vox iPopuli office,bds L.B. Erskine's 

Stone Ferandrus, carpenter, h. Arcade B. 

Stone George S., Boott, h. 57 

Stone George U., physician, 272 Merr., h. Centralville 

Stone Horace P., carpenter, h. Rock 

Stone Miss Huldah J., boarding h. 210 Merrimack st. 

Stone Ira, Merrimack, h. 122 

Stone James H., Railroad, h. Brewery ct. 

Stone Joel Jr., Boston and Maine R. R., h. Little 

Stone Mrs. Mahala, h. 51 Church 

Stone Oliver E., painter, bds Wm. A. Stone's 

Stone Oscar, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 

Stone Salmon, variety store and h. 121 Central 

Stone Samuel, 92 Central, h. 23 Church 

Stone Samuel, laborer, h. 9 Adams Bl. 


Stone Thomas, Merrimack, bds 25 

Stone Mrs. , Middlesex, h. Winter 

Story Wra. B., vegetables, 208 Mer. bds Miss H J. Stone's 
Stott Charles, agent flannel mills, h. Ash 
Stott James, overseer flannel mills, h. Ash 
Stott James, Jun., Middlesex, bds James Stott's 
Stott John, Middlesex, bds B. Streeter's 
Stow Ithamar T., boarding h. Cabot 
Strack Louis, teacher of music, bds Isaac Lawrence's 
Stratton Charles E.,H. A. Whitney's Prescott, bds Bartlett 
Stratton Charles G., Hamilton, h. Union 
Stratton George, Middlesex, bds Wra. Chenery's 
Stratton Jonas, millwright, h. Lawrence 
Stratton Levi H., Lowell M. Shop, h. 4 
Stratton Ortrive, blacksmith, h. rear H. McEvoy's, Suff'olk 
Stratton Wm., Wood & Nute's, h, cor.Midd'x & Garnet 
Straw John, stonecutter, h. Hobb's B. Lowell 
Straw John B., surveyor, bds Mrs. M. Straw's 
Straw Levi H., Merrill & Heywood's, bds 37 Boott 
Straw Mrs. Miriam, boarding h. 37 Boott 
Straw Richard, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 
Straw Wooster, Tremont, bds 28 
Streeter Harrison W., Samuel Horn's, h. Branch 
Streeter Holland, meat store, Midd'x, h. Lib., opp. School 
Streeter John V., stone mason, bds V. Streeter's 
Streeter Josiah P., bds V. Streeter's 
Streeter Leander R., h. Harrison 
Streeter Vintin, boarding h. 37 Church 
Strickland Robert, shoemaker, shop and h. Market 
Strout Moses, carpenter, h. Pine 
Stuart Benjamin N., teamster, hds Fiske's, William 
Stuart Charles, Farnsworth & Stuart's, bds F. R. Stuart's 
Stuart Charles, Mass., h. 57 
Stuart Charles J., Middlesex, bds Hosea Smith's 
Stuart Edmund C, h. 8 South 

'Stuart Francis R., (Farnsworth &) provisions, cor. Cen- 
tral and Jackson, h. 144 Central 
iStuart Henry, bds S. Richardson's 

!Stuart James M., G. W. Colburn & Go's, h. 146 Central 
!Stuart John, innkeeper, Appleton, h. Gorham 
'Stuart Joseph A., bds Rebecca Stuart's 
;Stuart Mrs. Rebecca, h. Ash 
Stubbs Seth W., machinist, h. Chapel 
Sturtevant Alfred, Merrimack, bds 23 
Sturtevant Henry, Mass., bds B. Brown's 


Sturlevant Samuel A., h. cor. E. Merrimack and Ash 

Sturtevant Paschal, Suffolk, bds 4 

Sturtevant William H., Merrimack, bds 71 

Suesman Edward, Lowell M- Shop, bds Eben'r Eaton's 

Sugrue James, laborer, bds A. Cummiskey's 

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h. cor. SuflFolk and Cross 

Sullivan Mrs. Bridget, h. Fenwick 

Sullivan Cornelius, Merr. Print W., bds Mrs. J. Sullivan's 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h. cor. Fenwick & Suffolk 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, bds John Donovan's 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. cor. Fenwick and Suffolk 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, bds R. Sullivan's 

Sullivan Edward, Merrimack Print W., h. Adams 

Sullivan James, laborer, h. Bennett's B., Adams 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Somerset 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Adams 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Ford's B., Suffolk 

Sullivan Mrs. Joanna, nurse, h. Donohoe's B., Suffolk 

Sullivan John, laborer, h. Castle's B., Lowell 

Sullivan John, laborer, h. cor. Cross and Suflfolk 

Sullivan John, Nashua depot, h. Adams 

Sullivan John, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Sullivan John, laborer, h, Fenwick 

Sullivan John, laborer, h. cor. Lowell and Fenwick 

Sullivan Mrs. Margaret, h. E. Merrimack 

Sullivan Mrs. Mary A., h Fenwick 

Sullivan Michael, Lowell M. Shop, h. Adams 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h. Mrs. Doyle's B., Suffolk 

Sullivan Michael, foundry, h. Short's B., Jefferson 

Sullivan Michael, Merrimack, h. cor. Dummer & Mech'c 

Sullivan Nugent, laborer, h. Low^ell 

Sullivan Roger, laborer, bds Wm. Donovan's 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. William 

Sullivan Peter, laborer, h. Butler's B., Suffolk 

Sullivan Richard, laborer, h. rear Fenwick 

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h. Castle's B., Lowell 

Sullivan Thomas, mason, h. Marion near Cross 

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h. Adams 

Sullivan Thomas, Merrimack, h. Adams 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h. North 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h Suffolk near Fenwick 

Sulloway John, Prescott, bds Z.N. Doe's 

Sumner Daniel, h. cor. Middlesex and Jackson 

Sumner Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 33 Lawrence corp. 


Sumner Moses L., carpenter, h. Andover 

Summers James, Merrimack, bds 75 

Sutcliff William, Merrimack, h. 1G7 

Sutton John, mason, bds'R. Hixon's 

Swain Chase, Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 

Swain Chauncey, Lowell M. Shop, bds 10 Swamp Locks 

Swain John, painter, bds 81 Merrimack corp. 

Swan Albert G., Lowell M. Shop, bds Joshua Swan's 

Swan Charles F., machinist, bds 96 Central 

Swan Daniel, shoe store, 95 Merrimack, h. Bartlett 

Swan Ezekiel, carpenter, bds F. Brown's 

Swan Joshua, h. rear Hale's mills 

Swan William, farmer, bds Joshua Swan's 

Swan William A., h. 96 Central 

Swap Andrew, Lowell, bds Mrs. L Swap's 

Swap Mrs. Isabella, h Middle 

Swasey Naaman G., painter, Middlesex, h. Grand 

Sweeney Dennis, foundry, h. cor. Lowell and Lewis 

Sweeney Hugh, Middlesex, h. R. R. B. Lowell 

Sweeney James, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Sweeney James H., Appleton, bdsJMisses Reynolds & Co. 

Sweeney John, clerk J. P. Hanson's,bds Mrs. A. Kimball's 

Sweeney Michael, Bleachery, bds C. Tumety's 

Sweet Daniel, Lowell, bds J. B. DollofF's 

Sweetser Joseph, pastry baker, Worthen, h. do. 

Sweetser Nathan, h. Howard 

Sweetser Sidney, mason, h. Paige 

Sweetser Theodore H., coun. Wy. Ex., bds J. Sweetser's 

Sweetser William, wooflsawyer, h. Spring 

Sweetser William, carpenter, h. Middlesex 

Swett George, steam mill, bds J. B. Leavitt's 

Swett George P., blacksmith, Howe, bds Geo. Prescott's 

Swett John, teamster, h. Church 

Swett Moses H., stone cutter, h. Willie 

Swett William L., carriage maker and bds Jona. Bowers' 

Swift John H., Powder mill, h. Moore 

Sylvester Curtis, Lowell, D. P. Brown's 

Sylvester Ezekiel J., Lajvrence, h. 18 

Sylvester Geo. B.,(Lane &) carpenter, Middle,h. Chestnut 

Sylvester Samuel C, Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Symons John H., woolsorter, bds Peter Bussey's 

Symmes Henry, shoemaker, bds R. Wiley's 


Taber Wing H.,p]anemaker,Markel,h. cor, Cen. & Abbott 

Tabor Benaiah, Hamilton Print W., h. South 

Tabor Luther, whip maker, Market, h. E. Merrimack 

Tacy John, Prescott, bds Isaac Stinson's 

Taft Henry C, hats, caps, &c. 84 Merrimack, h. Ash 

Taft Richard, innkeeper Washington h.cor. Cen.ifc Church 

Taft Miss Mary, boarding h. 29 Suffolk corp. 

Tainter Lewis, butcher W. IN. Owen's, h. School 

Taisy David, Mass., bds T. C. Robbins' 

Taisy James C, Lawrence, bds 46 

Talbot Charles P., (& Co.) drugs and dye stuffs, Market, 

h. Fayette 
Talbot George W., Middlesex, bds G. B. Hillers 
Tallent Samuel, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 

iTapIey David, h. E. Merr. 

I Tapley Gustavus D., boarding h. S3 Central 

I Tapley Jesse, pump logs, h. Branch 

I Tapley Joseph, W. I. goods cor. Prescottand Merrimack, 

' h. 13 Church 

Tapley Joseph W., clerk and bds J. Tapley 's 
Tarbell Reuben, stone mason, h. Garnet 
Tarbox Plummer C, watchman Mass., h. Davidson 
Tarlton George, Boott, bds D. Parker's 
Tarlton John, Suffolk, bds 9 Cabot Bl. 
Tarr Mrs. CaroliVie, h. Davidson 

Tarr George J., (& Battles) dry goods 40 Merr., h. Tyler 
Tarr Josiah M., (Lamson &) jeweller, 182 Merrimack 
Tasker John C., lumber dealer Mechanic mills, h. Adams 
Tatterson John, Lowell, bds 7 
Tavan Owen, Lowell, bds Mrs. M. Cassidy's 
Tay Philip, laborer, h. Jefferson 
Taylor Adam, laborer, bds N. Carpenter's 
Taylor Alvin, baggage master, Middx depot, h. Midd'x 
Taylor Chauncey S., jeweller, shop & li. Ayer's Bl. Moody 
Taylor David, Jun., steam mill, bds A. Charles' 
Taylor Gardner W., shoemaker, bds H. H. Trask's 
Taylor Hiram, carpenter, h. Butterfield 
Taylor Ivers, Prescott, h. 27 
Taylor John, carpet weaver, h. Dutton 
Taylor John, Fuller & Crosby's, h. Appleton 
Taylor Joseph, Jun., Middlesex, bds R. Gilman's 
Taylor Joseph S., Boott, h. 7 

Taylor Josiah W., carpenter, h. 27 Franklin sq. Suffolk 
Taylor Lewis, Middlesex, bds Wm. Chenery's 
Taylor Lewis, Middlesex, bds Mrs Ham's 


Taylor Mrs Nancy, h. Ayer's Bl. Moody 

Taylor Osgood B., Lowell M. Shoj), h. 6 Franklin sq. 

Taylor Royal C, Middlesex, bds G. C. Morey's 

Taylor Mrs. Sarah W., h. James ct. 

Taylor Thomas, Middlesex, bds Wm. Brother's 

Taylor Thomas, Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 

Taylor Warren, Lowell, h. Water 

Taylor William, bds John Tree's 

Teague Hugh, laborer, h. Fenwick 

Tebbetts Cyrus K., carpenter, bds Jere Burt's 

Tebbetts Ephraini, Lowell, h. Carpet Lane 

Tebbetts George F., jeweller, 26 Central and bds 27 

Tebbetts Lewis B., Protective Union, Market, h. E. Merr. 

Tebbetts Nathaniel, Lowell, h. Luther's ct. 

Tebbetts William, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Sleeper's 

Teel George, city crier, office and h. Market 

Teel George S , shoemaker, Priest's, Tilden, h. Howe 

Tef James, laborer, h Middle 

Teeman Sydney R , (& Hastings) merchant tailor, 7 

Appleton Bl., bds Mrs. Graves' 
Temple Benjamin F., Middlesex, bds P. Crane's 
Temple Thomas W., mason, h. Summer 
Tenant Mrs. Ellen, h. North 
Tenney Mrs. Polly, h. Lee 
Terrill John, laborer, bds Geo. Baxter's 
Tetro Francis, Fisk & Norcross, h. John pt. avenue 
Tewey Mrs. Elizabeth, washerwoman, h. R. R. B., Lowell 
Tewksbury John, prov. store, Gorham, bds S. Downing's 
Tewksbury Wm., prov. store, Gorham, bds S, Downing's 
Thatcher George, laborer, h. Dane 
Thayer Charles L., Merrimack, bds 171 
Thayer John Q. A., h. Abbott 

Thayer Richard F., shoemaker, bds James Hanson's 
Thayer William D , (Davis &) silks and shawls, 8 Cen- 
tral, h. Bartlett 
Thissell Charles A., Merrimack Print W., bds 80 
Thissell Daniel V., Merrimack Print W., h. 95 
Thorn Nath'l G., mech'l eng'r, h. 3 Swamp Locks, Dut'n 
Thomas Arnold, Merrimack, bds 19 Tremont corp, 
Thomas Carlos, Tremont, h. 27 
Thomas Daniel, Bent & Bush's, bds City Hotel 
Thomas Edmund, laborer, h. Tremont 
Thomas Elisha, Hamilton, h. 2 
Thomas Marcus A., Merrimack, h. 39 
Thomas Perley, boarding h. 19 Tremont corp. 


Thomas Philip V., Merrimack, bds 71 
Thomas Samuel, laborer, h 9 Ayer's Bl. 
Thomas Stephen D., Middlesex, bds H. Manley's 
Thomas William, MerrimacU Print W., bds 79 
Thomas William C, Low. M. Shop, h. 42 Swamp Locks 
Thombley Charles, bds James Lawlon's 
Thompson Abel H., Middlesex, bds L. Moore's 
Thompson Alvin, vegetables, E. Merr., h. 4 Lowell corp. 
Thompson Bethuel, millinery and fancy goods, Merri- 
mack, bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's 
Thompson Charles, machinist, h. Button 
Thompson Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds C. Hanson's 
Thompson Charles, Bleachery, h. Livingston 
Thompson Charles A., shoemaker, bds A. Osgood's 
Thompson Charles W., h. Appleton 

Thompson Charles W., watch'r, Tebbett's, h. Centralville 
Thompson Cyrenus, watchman Merr., bds S. Pooler's 
Thompson Edmund, laborer, h. Tremont 
Thompson Mrs. Harriet A., h. Chelmsford 
Thompson Henry B., Booit, h. 7 
Thomj)son Ira, Merrimack, h. 121 
Thompson Jeremiah, bds Julia Ann Judkins' 
Thompson Jonathan, shoemaker, 11 John, h. Kirk av. 
Thompson Jonathan T., L. M. Shop, bds 64 
Thompson Joseph, shoemaker, shop and h. William 
Thompson Jos., writ, mas'r, free chapel, bds H. Dennett's 
Thompson Joseph P., Middlesex, bds N. Kennison's 
Thompson Josiah, (Ward &) dry goods, 91 Merr. and 2 

John, h. Chestnut 
Thompson Lucius, jeweller, 31 Central, h. Bartlett 
Thompson Marshal E., bot. phys'n, bds J. W. Perkins' 
Thompson Mrs. Mary, h. Nesmith 
Thompson Miss Mary E., variety store, Middlesex 
Thompson Robert, Lowell, h. 26 

Thompson Rufus R., O. M. Whipple's, bds T. G. Tweed's 
Thompson Samuel, Crosby's, h. Fayette 
Thompson Solomon S., carpenter, bds T. B. Smith's 
Thompson Sylv'r, tin plate worker, John, bds A. Preston's 
Thompson Thomas H., h. Union 
Thompson William, Lowell M. Shop, bds 62 
Thompson William, Middlesex, h. cor. Howe & David'n 
Thorn Eli, gardener S. Lawrence's, bds Jas. Thorn's 
Thorn James, machinist, Merrimack, h. Water 
Thorning Henry C, Bleachery, bds L.Thorning's 
Thornino- John, teamster, bds H. Bancroft's 


Thorning Leonard, boarding h., Bloachery 

Thornton Bernard, Merrimack, bds John Thornton's 

Thornton Henry R,, Bleachery, h. do. 

Thornton John, Merrimack, h. Jefferson 

Thurston Benjamin, livery stable. Church, bds VVash'n h. 

Thurston Joel, Lowell, h. between Tyler and Church 

Thurston Nathaniel, carpenter, h. cor. Gorharn and Elm 

Thwaite John, Lowell, bds Benj. Ladd's 

Tibbetts Josiah B., (&. Hanson) dry goods, 120 Merri- 
mack, ii. 27 Franklin sq. Suffolk 

Tice Abram, carpenter, h. Ford 

Ticehurst James, Lowell M. Shop, h. cor. Low. & Dulton 

Ticknor David, bds 6 Merrimack 

Ticknor Henry L., Merrimack, bds 23 

Tidd S. J., Lowelk, bds Willard Smith's 

Tierney Anthony, h. Gorham 

Tierney Patrick, h. Gorham 

Tiffany Mrs. Jane, bds Grace Burns' 

Tilden Chas. L , agent Tremont, h. Cabot, near Law. mills 

Tilden Edwin C , carpet weaver, Howe,bds Mrs. Caldwell's 

Tilden Henry, bds Lowell h 

Tilden Mrs. Nancy, nurse, bds 11 Lawrence corp. 

Tillotson Lyman, Bleachery, bds F. L. Moore's 

Tilton Abraham, Lawrence, h. 74 

Tilton Edward F., Bleachery, bds Joseph Tilton's 

Tilton Mrs. Eunice, h. cor. Central and Tyler 

Tilton Joseph, carpenter, Whipple's, h. 4 stone h. 

Tilton Josiah, glazier, h. Appleton 

Tilton Josiah S., painter and glazier, cor. Merrimack and 
Suffolk, bds Josiah Tilton's 

Tilton Luke S., painter, bds Isaac Rolfe's 

Tilton Luther, Bleachery, b. do. 

Tilton Nathan, works and bds Caleb Crosby's 

Tilton Mrs. Sabrina, h. Moody 

Tilton Seth, carpenter, bds A. Blaisdell's 

Tilton Stephen S. Suffolk, h. 15 

Timin Peter, cook, Merrimack h. and bds do. 

Titcomb Edgar M., harness shop, Merrimack, h. 157 corp. 

Todd Mrs. Sarah, h. Lee 

Tohill Mrs. Ellen, h. Short's B. Jefferson 

Toohy Martin, Lowell, h. 4 Trull's B. Middle 

Tolman John C, Suffolk, h. 5 Cabot Bl. 

Toole John, Read & Powers', h. 2 Trull's B. Middle 

Toothaker Charles, physician, office and h. 4 Hard 

, Toppan Stanford, Suffolk, h. Race 


Totman Stark, (Colby &) clothing store, Commercial sq., 

bds Allen Booth's 
Tower Daniel A., Hamilton, bds Lucinda Wallace's 
Tower James, dry goods, cor. Cen. &• Gorham, h. Cen. 
Tower Louis N., apoth'y,79 Cen, bds Wm. A. Blaisdell's 
Tower Millicent & Lucinda, tailoresses, h. Charles 
Towle Jeremiah, shoemaker, Andover, h. Green's ct. 
Towle John R., botanic physician, 21 Cen., h. Appleton 
Tawle Theodore, teamster, Bleachery, bds J. H. Swift's 
Towler Henry, Lowell, bds John Tree's 
Towne Rev. Joseph H., h. cor. High and Andover 
Towne Joshua, bds A. Kiltredge's, South 
Towne Moody, foundry, Jackson, h. Crosby's ct. 
Townes Cyrus W., Boott, h. 16 

Townsend Abel D., Lawrence, h. Gorham, Hale's mills 
Townsend James, Merrimack, h. 166 
Townsend Jonathan, bds Dr. A. DeFontaine's 
Townsend Samuel, carpet weaver, h. Middle 
Townsend Thomas, Lowell, bds Samuel Townsend's 
Tracy Robert, job wagon, h. Race 
Tracy Timothy, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Trainer Peter, laborer, h. Lowell 

Trask Henry H., watchman Lowell M. Shop, h. Middle 
Trask James T., Brooks & Tyler's, h. Brewery ct. 
Trask Joseph, teamster, bds Joseph Frye's 
Trask Warren S., Lawrence, bd^ II 
Traver Abram, Tremont, bds 14 
Treadwell John C, Cushing & Mack, h. cor. Adams and 

Treadwell William, Boott, bds Oliver Holt's 
Trees John, Hamilton, h. Wall 
Tripp Andrew, Tremont, h. 15 
Tripp John, Appleton, h. 36 Hurd 
Tripp John L., Lowell M. Shop, h. 28 Swamp Locks 
Trowbridge George N., carpenter, h. Austin 
Trowbridge John, carpenter, h. cor. Austin and Ford 
Trott Joseph F., paymaster, Boott, h. Tyler 
Trotter George, foundry, h. Cross 
Trotter Thomas, foundry, Jackson, bds P. R. Giles' 
Trow Ezekiel W., carpenter, h. Howard 
Trow Thomas, market, 115 Central, h. Lawrence 
Truax James W., painter, h. Davidson 
True Mrs. Asenath M., boarding h. 80 Merrimack corp. 
True Calvin, Lowell, bds Wm. Phillips' 
True Eben T., boarding h. Mansur's B., Market 


True Mrs. Hannah, bds 5 Tremont corp. 

True Horace, Lawrence, bds 55 

Truell Brooks, Lowell, h. Bartlett 

Truell David, Lowell, h. 22 

Truell Ira, Lowell, bds 7 

Trull John, contractor, bds S. F. Dresser's 

Trussell Charles, Lawrence, bds 5 Dodge 

Tuck Andrew J., Merrimack, bds 71 

Tuck George W., Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 

Tucker Amasa, Hamilton, bds S. H. Stanwood's 

Tucker Gordon F., (& Patch) dry goods, 42 Merr., h. Cen'l 

Tucker Rev. Hilary, h. Fen wick, near Church 

Tucker Mrs. Jane, h. Fayette 

Tucker John, hack and cab driver, bds Mrs. Richardson's 

Tucker Joseph A., Hamilton, bds Mary Sanborn's 

Tucker Patrick, laborer, h. Lowell 

Tucker Silas S., watchman, Lawrence, bds 45 

Tuckerman John T., confectionery, &c., Middlesex, h. do. 

Tuell Henry C, picker factory, Middle, bds N. A. Smith's 

Tufts Edward, paymaster Merrimack Print W., h. 32 

Tuite Patrick, Merrimack Print W., h. Lowell 

Tuite Simon P., Boott, bds K. Farnum's 

Tukey Thomas P., Hamilton, bds Mary Brown's 

Tully Mrs. Bridget, h. Gorham 

TuUy Hugh, laborer, h. Winter 

Tully Michael, laborer, h. Moore 

Tully Peter, laborer, h. Lowell 

Tumety Charles, Bleachery, h. Central 

Turner Benjamin F., innkeeper. Railroad h , Middlesex 

Turner John, Middlesex, bds Sally McAlister's 

Turner Jonathan D., Appleton, h. 6 

Turner Samuel, flannel mills, bds T. Midgeley's 

Turner William, Lawrence, bds 46 

Turner William H , Appleton, h.cor. South and Summer 

Turner William O , Merrimack, h. 82 

Turney Peter, Middlesex, bds Mrs. Vance's 

Turpie James, Lowell M. Shop, bds 57 Swamp Locks 

Turrell James S., Tremont, h. 18 

Tuttle Mrs. Ann C, h. Andover 

Tuttle Charles H., shoemaker, J. Whiteley's, h. Middle 

Tuttle Gilman, mason, h. Chapel 

Tuttle John B., mason, h. Chapel 

Tuttle John VV., Lowell M. Shop, h. Garnet 

Tuttle Samuel J., mason, bds H. M. Bean's 

Tuttle Stoughton, mason, h. Chapel 


Tuxbury Frederick W., («& Co.) furnishing store, 50 

Central, h. Centralville 
Tuxbury Thomas L., (F. W. & Co.) furnishing store, 50 

Central, h. Centralville 
Twahey Maurice, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Tweed Emmons, butcher, W. N. Owen's, h. School 
Tweed Timothy G., butcher, E. Merrimack, h. 32 Cen'l 
Twist Francis A., city market, h. cor. Gorhara & Walnut 
Twiss Benjamin, painter, h. Middlesex 
Twiss Benjamin P., Suffolk, bds Charles Dodge's 
Twiss Charles, prov'n dealer, Central, bds Jane Robinson's 
Twitchell William, Middlesex, h. 47 Church 
Twitchell William, Hamilton, bds Mrs. Plummer's 
Twombly Annan, carpenter, bds E. F. Watson's 
Twombly Ezekiel, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Twombly Isaac, Lowell M. Shop, h. Summer 
Twombly Jonathan, Low. M. Shop, bds Wm. T. Pierce's 
Twombly Moses, Merrimack Print W., h. 149 
Twombly William, carpenter, h. Summer 
Tyler Albert M., carpenter, h. Central 
Tyler Amos, Tuck & Co's Express, h. 20 Hamilton 
Tyler Artemas S., clerk R. R. Bank, bds Silas Tyler's 
Tyler D. B., Lowell, bds 120 Middle 
Tyler Ignatius, (Brooks «&) lumber dealer,Mechanic mills, 

h. Button 
Tyler Mrs. Jane S. R , boarding h. 61 Merrimack Corp. 
Tyler John, P. O. Richmond's,"h. Lawrence 
Tyler Jonathan, b. cor. Park and Andover 
Tyler Mitchell, tailor, works and bds John Quinn'a 
Tyler Silas, railroad, h. 22 Church 
Tyler Silas, Jr., clerk baggage depot, bds Silas Tyler's 
Tyler Stephen, J. Sawtell's, bds Daniel Rowe's 
Tyng Levi B., (Aldrich &) mach'st, Mid'x st.,h. Button 
Ty James, laborer, bds Lawrence Ty's 
Ty Lawrence, teamster, Richmond's, h. Davidson 

Udall Charles E., Tarr & Battles, bds R. S. Button's 
Underbill Cyrus, carpenter, Lowell, h. Gorham 
Underbill Jeremiah, Boott, h. 25 
Underwood Daniel, Hamilton, h. cor. Appleton & South 


Underwood Merrill D., Wood &, Hemenway's, bds S. Un- 

Underwood Nathan, Crosby's, bds S. Underwood's 

Underwood Sardius, Crosby's grain team, h. Summer 

Unsworth Henry, Paper printer, shop and h. cor. Thorn- 
dike and Hale 

Upham Ainos, carpenter, h. Adams 

Upham Nathan, h. Wall 

Upham Nathan G., carpenter, bds T. C. Gilman's 

Upton George, teamster, h. Tyler 

Upton Henry, (& Beard) cabinet maker, Middle,bds 120 do. 

Upton John, Locks & Canals, h. rear 4 Mechanic 

Upton Joseph S., Lawrence, bds 72 

Upton Reuben A., (Wing &.) butcher, Merr., h. Nesmith 

Upton Samuel, works and bds I. Scripture's 

Ural Mrs. Rose, h. cor. Middlesex and Grand 

Vance Mrs. Charlotte S., h. Tyler 

Vanderford James, steam mill, bds R. Tarbell's 

Vanduzee George W , H. J. Baxter's, bds American h. 

Van Vronker Mrs. Lucinda, h. Chapel 

Varney Benjamin, coachman and bds S. Lawrence's 

Varney John M., Fisk & Norcross, bds J. Bachelder's 

Varney Samuel J., Editor Vox Populi, h. Nesmith 

Varnum Forest, Merrimack, bds 25 

Varnum George W., painter, bds H. A. Abbott's 

Varnum John, Lowell M. Shop, bds M. Lord's 

Varnum Mrs. Lucy, h. Spring 

Varnum Paschal, Machinist, bds A. Butterfield's 

Vaugh , marble engraver, B. Day's, bds Geo. Stearns' 

Vaughan Zenas, Merrimack, bds 25 
Vawdon Joseph, Roundy & Hale's, bds A. F. Kidder's 
Veazie Gilman, laborer, bds'Samuel Stone's 
Veazie Gilman, lock smith, Market, bds Wm. R. Bunker's 
Verback Charles C, Tremont, bds 20 
Vernon Thomas, carpenter, h. Hobb's B. Lowell 
Viau Edward H., French teacher, bds Sarah Foster's 
Vickery Josiah, painter, Clarke's, Prescott, h. cor. Gor- 
ham and Cedar 


Victory James, laborer, bds Mrs. B. Campbell's 
Vinal William D., dentist, A. Lawrence's, h. Chapel 
Vincent James, blacksmith, bds Calvin Hall's 
Vincent John, Middlesex, bds Calvin Hall's 
Vincent John, laborer, h. Liberty 
Vining William, Lowell, bds John Baron's 
Vivuan VVillard, Tremont, bds 14 

Wackenfeldt G. F., Middlesex C. R., bds 33 Merr. corp. 
Wade Henry C, hatter, Hopkinson & Leavitfs, h. Union 
Wade William, wood surveyor, Nichols «fe Co's, h. cor. 

Summer and South 
Waddle Mr:?. Catharine, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
Wadleigh Alanson P., Lawrence, h. 24 
Wadleigh Eliphalet, butter, &c.,Middle,bds 6 Swamp locks 
Wadleigh Hiram, bds Lovinia Wadleigh's 
Wadleiffh Mrs Lovinia, boarding h. 3 Mass. 
Wait Aldis, (Puffer &) W. L goods, cor. Gorham and 

Middlesex, h. cor Central and Union 
Wait D. S., Hamilton, h. 24 
Wait James G., city market, bds Aldis Wait's 
Waile Mrs. Betsey, h. Gorham 

Waite Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, bds Wm. Bunker's 
Wakefield Ivory G., Appleton, h. ]3 
Wakefield John, Lowell M. Shop, h. Lee 
Wakefield Sylvester E. H., h Union 
Walch Ardis, painter, h. Kirk avenue 
Walch Ebenezer, Prescott, boarding h. 34 
Walch Ephraim, laborer, h. Davidson 
Walch Stephen, shoemaker, h. 6 Suffolk st. 
Walch Sylvester, shoemaker, bds Ephraim Walch's 
Waldron Geo. P., City Marshal, 56 Cen., bds E. C. Jones' 
Waldron Miss Mary, milliner, 60 Merr., bds Sarah Foster's 
Waldron W. H., bookseller, cor. Merrimack and John 
Walkden James, Merrimack Print W., h. 94 
Walkden Thomas, Merrimack Print W., bds 25 
Walker Abiel, R. R. Ex., bds A. J. Russ' 
Walker Mrs. Abigail, h. Middlesex 
Walker Adam, carpenter, bds A. L. Clapp's 


Walker Alexander, Slott's mill, bds I. Swap's 

Walker Benjamin, writing master, bds Mrs. Wight's 

Walker Charles F , Lawrence, bds L. B. Erskine's 

Walker David, II. Farrington's, bds T. G. Tweed's 

Walker Francis, h. Cedar 

Walker Francis S., Mass., bds B. Brown's 

Walker Franklin, Mass., bds Wm. R. Bunker's 

Walker George, Lawrence, bds 34 

Walker George W., App., h. Central, Chapel Hill 

Walker Henry, railroad, bds E. Norton's 

Walker Jacob, P. O. Richmond's, h. Niell 

Walker Josiah, hostler, bds Washington h. 

Walker Justin, Mechanics mills, h. cor. Adams & Lagrange 

Walker Loren, mason, h. 120 Merrimack corp. 

Walker Otis, Suffolk, bds 34 Lawrence corp. 

Walker Philo T., bds M. Rowell's, Jr. 

Walker RHel J., Suffolk, h. 7 Cabot BL 

Walker Shubael, Merrimack, h. 20 

Walker Mrs. Susan, boarding h. 48 Merrimack corp. 

Walker Thomas, Suffolk, h. 23 ^ 

Wall Thomas, laborer, h. Sherman's B. Merrimack 

Wallace Benjamin D., machinist, bds Abijah Sanderson's 

Wallace Dan, Middlesex, bds Geo. Snow's 

Wallace Daniel R., Boott, bds C. W. Towne's 

Wallace Ephraim G., Merrimack, h. Hanover 

Wallace Mrs. Lucinda, boarding h. 7 Hamilton 

Wallace Michael, J. Bancroft's, bds Mrs. H. Kenney's 

Wallace Patrick, h. William 

Wallace Patrick, Middlesex, h. Jefferson sq. 

Wallace Stephen, mason, bds H. M. Bean's 

Wallage William, stone mason, bds Mrs. E. Diggles' 

Wallis Michael, laborer, bds Mrs. H. Kenney's 

Wallingford Lyman J., I. W. & D. Bangs', Middlesex, 

bds R. Tarbell's 
Wallingford Winthrop W., Middlesex, h. High 
Walter Charles H., Middlesex, bds Ira Walter's 
Walter Horace A., Dean & Dinsraoor's, bds Ira Walter's 
Walter Ira, pedlar, h. Tyler 
Walton Mrs. Betsey, h. Market 
Walton Daniel, transient boarding h. Market 
Walton William, Lowell & Lawrence R. R., h. Grand 
Warburton Peter, Hamilton, h.5 Edgerly's ct. 
Ward Charles, (& Thompson) dry goods, 91 Merrimack 

and 2 John, h. Chestnut 
Ward Cyrus, Freeman & Lang's, bds N. F. Keyes' 


Ward Enoch, carpenter, h. Kirk 

Ward Francis, laborer, h. Gorham 

Ward George W., dentist. Savings Bank B., h. Fletcher 

Ward Josiah S., carpenter, h. Gushing 

Ward Mrs. Julia, h. Mill 

Ward Michael, P. O. Richmond's, bds Julia Ward's 

Ward Moses, Flint & Wheeler's, bds P. Brogan's 

Ward Sullivan L., dentist, bds Geo. W. Ward's 

Ward Thomas, H. McEvoy's, bds Wm. Caffery's 

Ward Thomas, Hamilton Print W., h. Shorts B. Middle 

Warden Warren, Mass., bds B. Brown's 

Wardwell Charles, bds Jane McKenzie's 

Wardwell Joseph W., Lilley & Cheney's, bds Mrs. Mary 

A. Kerr's j 

Wardwell Joshua, Mass., bds S. Bmery's 
Ware Joseph, Appleton, bds Jona. G. Turner's 
Wares Horace, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 
Warland John H., editor Lowell Courier, bds American h. 
Warner Charles, Middlesex, bds James Thorn's 
Warner Daniel A. G., Lowell M. Shop, h. Swamp Locks 
Warren Aaron 6., Hamilton, bds Mrs. A. Puffer's 
Warren Albert P., Middlesex, h. Putney's ct. 
Warren Beriah, Hamilton, bds K. Prescott's 
Warren Jeremiah, laborer, h. cor. Cross &, Marion 
Warren John B., Boott, h. 46 
Warren Joseph, Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 
Warren Theodore, marble yard, Middlesex, h. Appleton 
Washburn Emory, agent Merr'k, h. cor. Merr. & Kirk" 
Washburn Thomas S., Lowell M. Shop, h. Charles 
Waters Edward, h. Market 

Waters John, Middlesex, bds William Brothers' 
Waters Samuel, painter. Middle, h. cor. George & Green 
Waters Samuel A., foundry, h. 76 Swamp Locks 
Waterhouse Andrew H., carpenter, bds M. Strout's 
Waterhouse Benjamin, boarding h. *23 Mass. 
Waterhouse Benjamin W., Mass., bds 23 
Waterhouse Horace A., Merrimack, bds 24 
Waterman Daniel G., Middlesex, bds C. H. Cox's 
Waterman Oren, machinist, h. 21 Swamp Locks 
Watkins Reuben A., shoemaker, bds J. F. Martin's 
Watkins Ruggles S., harness maker, cor. Adams and 

Lowell, h. 3 Dodge 
Watson Abijah, hardware and clothing, and lock manu- 
facturer, 25 Central, h. cor. Kirk and Paige 
Watson Alden B., Merrimack, bds 24 



Watson Benjamin, W.I. goods, 125 Central, h. Lawrence 

Watson David, carpenter, bds S. M. Caswell's 

Watson Edward F., carpenter, h. Chelmsford 

Watson Truman, carpenter, h. Willie 

Watson Hiram, Hamilton, h. South 

Watson James, Merrimack, bds 24 

Watson William, Lawrence, h. Common 

Waugh James, tailor, h. Middle 

Waugh John, slater, h. Market 

Wangh John, Jr., (& Neally) W. I. goods, cor. Lowell 

and Worthen, h. Suffolk 
Way Charles, stall 21 City Market, h. Market 
Way Elsay L., dressmaker, shop 15 Suffolk 
Way Loren, Cushing & Mack's, bds Howard h. 
Weaver Benjamin H., (& Brothers) furniture, cor. Cen- 
tral and Merrimack, h. Kirk 
Weaver Caleb G., (& Brothers) furniture, cor. Central 

and Merrimack, h. Nesmith 
Weaver (Jharles, carpenter, h. cor. Middlesex & Mclntire 
Weaver John, (& Brothers) furniture, bds W. Davidson's 
Webb Albion P., carpenter, bds Allen Booth's 
Webb John E., Merrimack, h. 65 
Webber Benjamin N., A. W. Buttrick's, h. Ames 
Webber John T., Merrimack Print W., bds 73 
Webber Sylvester D., Mass., h. Willow 
Webster Abel, Boott, h. 39 
Webster Mrs. Abigail, h. 29 Church 
Webster Alvah, W. I. goods, Middlesex, h. South 
Webster Caleb, millinery goods, shop and h. 25 Merr. 
Webster Charles, Lowell, bds Wm. Webster's 
Webster Daniel W., P. O. Richmond's, bds M. E. Howe's 
Webster Ebenezer D., Suffolk, h. Hanover 
Webster George, Bleachery, bds C. Chambers' 
Webster Horace, blacksmith, bds E. Bodwell's 
Webster Horatio G., laborer, bds Smith Adams' 
Webster Isaac W., Butler & Farr's, bds Washington h. 
Webster Jacob, watchman steam mill,bdsWm. Webster's 
Webster John, Middlesex, h. Water 
Webster John G., painter, h. 34 Tremont corp. 
Webster Joseph, steam mill, h. Pine 
Webster Mrs. Lucy, Hamilton, h. Middlesex 
Webster Mrs. Ruth, h. Carlton 
Webster William, laborer, h. Middlesex 
Webster William P., coun. 48 Central, bds Centralville 
Webster William W., apothecary, Middlesex, h. do. 


Wedgewood William H., Merrimack, bds 75 

Weeden Corydon, Middlesex, h. 8 Middlesex pi. 

Weeks George L., bds Jonathan Weeks' 

Weeks Jonathan, h 3 William 

Weeks Joseph G., Tremont, h. 27 

Weeks Joshua L , Merrimack, h. 117 ' 

Weeks Samuel D., shoemaker, h. Howard 

Weeks Timothy, h. 11 Warren 

Weeks Warren, (& Co.) cob and corn cracker vender, 

Roundy & Hale's, h. Gorham 
Weimert Peter, tailor, h. 18 North Franklin ct. 
Weir William, Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 
Welch Amos, Lowell M. Shop, bds 6 Swamp Locks 
Welch Charles A., Merrimack, h. 123 
Welch Dan, b. Fayette 
Welch David, laborer, h. Dummer 
Welch Edward, Lawrence, bds 50 
Welch Miss Ellen, h. Gorham 

Welch Horatio N., teamster, Putnam & Currier's, h. Elm 
Welch James, h. between Union and Charles 
Welch James S., clerk 54 Merrimack, bds Jona. Cram's 
Welch John, laborer, h. Lowell 
Welch John, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Welch Mrs. Judy, h. Gorham 
Welch Laughlin, laborer, h. 14 Adams 
Welch J^yman S., Merrimack, bds 80 
Welch Michael, B. & L.R. R., h.cor. Dummer & Mech'c 
AVelch Patrick, laborer, h. Fenwick 
Welch Thomas, laborer, h. Adams 
Welch Willard C, Merrimack, bds 79 
Welch William, Courier office, h. Gorham 
Welch W^illiam, Bleachery, bds Ann Hurley's 
Welch William, Suflfolk, bds 4 

Welch , Lowell, bds 1 

Wellman Charles, Mass., h. 29 

Wellman George, Merrimack, h. 124 

Wellman Solomon, h. Lee 

Wells David, physician, 128 Merrimack, bds Merr. h. 

Wells Henry, Middlesex, bds Calvin Hall's 

Wells John, shoemaker, bds L. O'Brian's 

Wells John, Lawrence, bds E. O. Fifield's 

Wells Samuel, Merrimack, bds Joseph Blethen's 

Wells , Hamilton, bds 26 Mass. corp. 

Welton Isaac H., book pedler, h. 4 Walnut 
Welton William, laborer, h. Maiden Lane 


Weniworlh Abraham W., Lowell, h. Merrimack 

Wentwortli Caleb, Tremont, h.cor. Moody and Austin 

Weiitworth Horace A., Gilbert's, bds American H. 

Wentwortli John N., machinist, h. Merrimack 

VVentworih John P, H., bds Thomas Wentworlh's 

Wentworth Mrs. Rebecca M., boarding h. 6 Pre»cott corp 

Wentworth Tappan, coun. Wentw'h's B., Mer. h. Law. 

Wentworth Thomas, constable, Mansur's B., h. Lowell 

West Daniel (& Co.) dry goods, 46 Merr. h. 12 Charles 

West John M., engineer, Suffolk, h. 11 

West Joseph O. T., physician, bds 13 Merrimack corp. 

West Mrs. Lovey, boarding h. 13 Merrimack corp. 

West Samuel, Merrimack Print W., bds 35 

West Thomas H., Boott, h. 24 

Weston Hardy J., Middlesex, bds G. B. Hoyt's 

Weston Henry, Lawrence, h. 61 

Weston Ruel, Boott h. 41 

Wetherbee Asa, carpenter, Com'l sq. h. cor. Kirk and Lee 

Wetherbee Oliver, bowling saloon, museum, h. E. Merr. 

Wethern Mrs. Jerusha, h. Fayette 

Weymouth Mrs. Dorothy, boarding h. 70 Merr. corp. 

Weymouth George W., carpenter, bds Luther Wright's 

Weymouth Stephen, woodsawyer, h. Appleton 

Whalley Samuel, Middlesex, h. Central, East John Hill's 

Wheeler Ai, Lowell M. Shop, bds 64 Swamp Locks 

Wheeler Albert, W. I. Goods, Tilden, h. Moody 

Wheeler Albert C , Lowell M. Shop, h. 71 Swamp Locks 

Wheeler Alvah, Fisk & Norcross, bds J. Bachelder's 

Wheeler Anson, Lowell, bds Miss H. J. Stone's 

Wheeler Anson, works and bds Alexander Wright's 

Wheeler Artemas, livery stable. Moody, h. cor. Moody 

Wheeler Daniel, Lawrence, h. 26 

Wheeler Don, Boott, bds C W. Towne's 

Wheeler George, painter, bds L. Greenleafs 

Wheeler Harvey, steam mill, bds George Adams' 

Wheeler John, laborer, bds England's 

Wheeler Jonathan B., Merrimack, h. 36| 

Wheeler Joseph A., clerk Albert Wheeler's, h. Decatur 

Wheeler Joseph B., Merrimack, bds C. W. Towne's 

Wheeler Jonah K., Hamilton, bds Jason Goodhue's 

Wheeler Levi F., Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex 

Wheeler Lucas, paper maker, bds Mary Nichols' 

Wheeler Sarah A., Teacher, bds Mrs. J. D. Scoley's 

Wheeler , Roundy & Hales, bds A. F. Kidder's 

Wheelock Andrew C, bds American H, 


Whicher Benj., foundry, Jackson, bds Mary Sanborn's 
Wliicher Charles, works and bds David A. Coburn's 
Whipple Aaron, Tremont, h. 24 
Whipple Lyman W., bds M. D. Whipple's 
Whipple Milton D., Middlesex, h. Nesmith 
Whipple Oliver M., powder manuf. h. cor. Whipple 
Whipple Thomas B., Lowell M. Shop, h. Butterfield 
Whitcomb Edwin, carpenter, h. Walnut 
Whitcomb Foster H., L. M. Shop, bds 63 Swamp Locks 
Whitcomb Horace C, mill wrigiit, h. John st. avenue 
Whitcomb James M. (Dodge &) tin workers, 147 Cent'l 
Wiiitcomb Valentine, carpenter, bds H. S. Fogg's 
Whitcomb William H , Mass. h. 10 
Whi'comb William P., Prescott, bds Ira Walter's 
Whitcher Albert, Mechanic Mills, bds 7 Franklin sq. 
Whitcher Clark T , Middlesex, bds Lorenzo Fletcher's 
Whitcher Lorenzo, Middlesex, h. 14 Warren 
White Benjamin, carpenter, h. cor. Fletcher and Suffolk 
White Mrs. Catharine, h. rear Lowell 
White Christopher, slater, h. rear H. Farrell's, Dummer 
White Daniel, turner, h. Fayette 
White Daniel, Jr., turner, Crosby's, h. Bartlett 
White Miss Deney W., dressm'r, Midx,bds P. H. Britton's 
White Ezekiel, h. Lee 

White Truman, blacksmith, bds Luther Wright's 
White Mrs. Hannah, h. 47 Lawrence corp. 
White Harry, provision dealer, bds Mrs. Kitchen's 
White Mrs. Isabel, "h. Carpet lane 
White James, ice wagon, h rear J. Mc DeRyan's 
White John, Hamilton, h. William 
White John, Merrimack, h. Winter 

White Jona., (& Puffer) card factory, Market, h. Lawrence 
White Joseph, Lowell, h. Summer 

White Josiah E., (Kenney &) W. L goods, cor. Middle- 
sex and South, bds City Hotel 
White Levi, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow's 
White Manchester, Middlesex, bds Wm. G. Brady's 
White Michael, slater, h. North 

White Miss Olive, dressmaker, shop and h. Arcade B. 
White Philip T., h. Gorham 

White Reuben, Jr., James L. Foot's, bds Ezekiel Chellis' 
White Robert, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. L White's 
White Robert B.,Tarr & Battles', bds Mrs, J. Wetherns' 
White Mrs. Sarah, boarding: h. 4 Pearl 
White William O., Lowell," bds Franklin h. 


White , foundry, Jackson, bds 86 Central 

Whitehoiise George, carpenter, h. Snell's B, Moody 
Whitehouse William P., bds R. S. Button's 
Whitehorn William H., Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. Vance's 
Whiteley John J., Lowell, h. Carpet lane 
Whiteley Joseph, shoe store 74 Merrimack, h. Market 
Whithead Darius, hats, caps, &c., 59 Central, h. Bulterfield 
Whitinor Henry, phy'n, Sav's Bank bl., bds S. C Whiting's 
Whiting Moses, White &. Puffer's, h. 150 Central 
Whiting Phinehas, farmer, h. cor. Pautucket and School 
Whiting Mrs. Sarah C, h. cor. Paujucket and School 
Whiting Sun)ner, Washington market, h. Nesmith 
Whitmarsh Ebenezer, painter, Lowell, h Merrimack 
Whitmarsh William H., Suffolk, bds E. Whitmarsh's 
Whitmore Joseph, physician, Merr., bds J. R Barnard's 
Whitney Abel, paymaster locks and canals, h. Union 
Whitney Alden, J. L. Allen's cellar, bds do. 
Whitney Alvin, millwright, bds Union h. 
Whitney Ambrose, shoemaker, h. Crosby's ct. 
Whitney Amos L., Lowell, h. 9 Franklin sq. 
Whitney Caleb, Day & Converse's, h. 27 Church 
Whitney Charles, works and bds S Horn's 
Whitney George L , fruit store, Merrimack, h. Merr. 
Whitney Geo. T., 12 city mar't, h. 27 Franklin sq , Suffolk 
Whitney Hananiah, butter, cheese, &c., cor. John and 

Merrimack, boarding h. 36 Mass. 
Whitney Henry A., cigar store 63 Central, h Bartlett 
Whitney Isaac, Merrimack, bds 74 

Whitney Isaac, (Farr &) boots & shoes 123 Cen., h. Ames 
Whitney James, Day & Convers', bds Mrs. Farmer's 
Whitney John, Appleton, h. South 

Whitney John L., printer. Vox office, bds John Whitney's 
Whitney Luke, Hamilton, h. Appleton 
Whitney Marshall, Hamilton, h. South 
Whitney Martin L., Hamilton, bds John Whitney's 
Whitney Phinehas, carpenter, h. 21 Lawrence corp. 
Whitney Rufus H., clerk D. West's, h. Clarke 
Whitney Sarah S., dressma'r, South, bds John Whitney's 
Whitney William M., Hamilton, h South 
Whittaker David, Prescott, bds J. B. Dolloff's 
Whittaker Mrs. Lucy, h. Clay 
Whitten Charles, Middlesex, bds Jane Robinson's 
Whitten James, carpenter, bds 120 Middle 
Whitten Robert, Middlesex, h. Dutton 
Whitten Wm. T., (Langley &) stoves, E. Merr., h. Everett 


Whitton Robert, Middlesex, h. Green 

Whittemore Mrs. Eleanor, boarding h. 8 Prescott corp. 

VVhittemore Harrison, Middlesex, bds V. Streeter's 

Whittemore Isaac W-, clerk Jacob Jenness', h. Davidsoi 

Whittemore Mrs. Mary, nurse, h. 7 Dodge 

Whittier Mrs. Cordelia J., boarding h. 68 Merr. corp. 

Whittier Daniel, Fiske's bobbin shop, h. Chelmsford 

Whittier John, bds Lavinia Whittier's 

Whittier Mrs. Lavinia, h. Green 

Whittier Moses, Boott, h. 74 

Whittier Richard B., boarding h. 28 Boott 

Whittier Robert R., Tarr & Battles', bds Mrs. Witham's 

Whitty Andrew, carpenter, h. Chapel 

Whiiworth Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, h. Dutton 

Wickersham William, machinist, Middle, bds L. Howe's 

Wiggin Andrew (& Sargent) fish, city market, h. E. Merr. 

Wiggin Andrew J., Lowell, h. Moody 

Wiggin Caleb M., N. M. Wright's, h. btw Tyler & Church 

Wiggin Joseph, saloon, Wentworth's B.,bdsH. Hersey's 

Wiggin Joseph, Merrimack, bds 79 

Wiggin Rufus, Prescott, bds Z. N. Doe's 

Wiggins Charles, Merrimack Print W., h. Austin 

Wiggins Mark, Lawrence, bds 46 

Wiggins Timothy, Prescott, h. Brown 

Wiggins William H., carpenter, bds Mrs.S. Hubbard's 

Wight Mrs. Nancy, h. Kirk 

Wilcox Alexander, writing master, h. Lawrence 

Wilcox Andrew W., carpenter, Boott, h. 10 Ayer's Bl. 

Wilcox Edwin, watchman, Tremont, h. 20 

Wilcox Henry, Lowell M. Shop, bds R. Wiley's 

Wilcox John, Hamilton, bds Keziah Prescott's 

Wilcox S. C, bds City Hotel 

Wilder Charles H., pork dealer. Market, h. Middlesex 

Wilder Henry H., clerk D. Dana's, bds H. J. Adams' 

Wilder Solon F., wheelwright, Lowell, h. Livermore 

Wiley Eliphalet, mariner, bds R. Wiley's 

Wiley Hiram, Prescott, h. 47 Mass. 

Wiley Robert, refreshments, 1 and h. Middlesex 

Wiley Timothy, Merrimack, bds Mrs. Wiley's, 

Wilkins Abiel, Mass. bds F. H. West's 

Wilkins Charles, Lowell M. Shop, bds N. Bailey's 

Wilkins Charles, sash and blind maker, h. Branch 

Wilkins Charles, Lawrence, bds 50 

Wilkins Chas. P. (& Co.) W. L Goods, Lowell, h. Decatur 

Wilkins Charles W., carpenter, h. Middlesex 


Wilkins Clarke, Appleton, bds F. W. Dow'a 

Wilkins George, Middlesex, h. cor. Central and Abbott 

Wilkins George, Lowell M. Shop, bds N. Bailey's 

Wilkins Geo. Jun., Middlesex, h. cor. Central and Abbott 

Wilkins George W., Lowell M. Shop, h. Summer 

Wilkins Henry, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mrs. S. Marshal 

Wilkins James W., Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard 

Wilkins Joseph A., clerk A. W. Fisher's, bds do. 

Wilkins Josiah, sash and blind maker, bds L. Locke's 

Wilkins Rufus, provision store, E. Merr., h. Gorham 

Wilkins Sylvester, Jona. Morse's, bds Samuel Abbott's 

Wilkins Timothy, L. M. Shop, bds 60 Swamp Locks 

Wilkins Timothy, shoe store, 84 Merr. bds J. Putney's 

Wilkins Zadock, painter, h Race 

Willard Henry, Lowell, h Bartlett 

Willard Lorenzo, Middlesex, h. 7 Warren 

Willets Rev. Alphonso A., h, 11 Church 

Willey E. F., Middlesex, bds Jane McKenzie's 

Willey James Mason, h. Putney's ct. 

Willey James L., Crosby's, Howe, h. Fayette 

Willey John, Hamilton, bds E. Kenney's 

Wilmot James, Appleton, h. cor. South and Summer 

Williams Charles H., Lowell, bds O. Wyman's 

Williams Charles H., turnkey jail, h. Gushing 

Williams Edward K., cigar maker, bds C Dodge's 

Williams Gilbert, Middlesex, bds Sarah M. Martin's 

Williams H. L., bookseller, 65^ and 71 Central, h. Cady 

William James L., roll coverer, bds Wm. Williams' 

Williams Joel, Hamilton, h. 11 South 

Williams Sam'l, Fiske & Norcross, h. School, near Canal 

Williams Samuel M., laborer, h. Race 

Williams Thomas G., J. K. Fellows, bds S. M. Williams' 

Williams William, roll coverer, h. 31 Lagrange 

AVilliamson John, Middlesex, bds Wm. Hughes' 

Williamson John, carpenter, bds Jane McKenzie's 

Willis Mrs. Eliza, h. Water 

Willis William, variety store cor. Middlesex & Jackson 

Williston E. B., Weaver & Brother's, bds City Hotel 

Willock James, fancy sign painter, shop and h. Button 

Willoby Benjamin L., Merrimack, h. 129 

Willoby Gordon, Lowell M. Shop, bds Mary Willoby's 

Willoby Mrs. Mary, boarding h. 7 Appleton 

Willoughby A., trunk maker, 26 Market, h. cor. Gorham 

Willoughby Asa W., stone mason, boarding h. Appleton 

Willoughby Edward, Middlesex, h. Davidson 


Wills Daniel M., Lawrence, h. 12 

Wilson Charles P., Lowell M. Shop, bds 51 Swamp locks 

Wilson David, Lowell, bds Thomas Beophy's 

Wilson David W., mason, bds J. B. Gray's 

Wilson Edward, Merrimack, h. 122 

Wilson Edwin T., Hamilton, h. 37 

Wilson Elisha, machinist, bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's 

Wilson Foster, Merrimack, bds 73 

Wilson Franklin, watchman Hamilton, bds Mary Brown's 

Wilson Gerry, Merrimack Print W., h. 108 

Wilson Hubbard, Hamilton, h. 41 

Wilson Huldah P., boarding h. 73 Merrimack corp. 

Wilson James, machinist, h. 51 Swamp Locks 

Wilson James, designer, h. Chelmsford 

Wilson James, Jr., Lowell M. Shop, h. 19 Swamp Locks 

Wilson John, variety store and bds 256 Merrimack st. 

Wilson John, Lowell M. Shop, bds 56 Swamp Locks 

Wilson John, carpet weaver, b. Market 

Wilson John, Lowell, b. 22 

Wilson John, Boston & Lowell depot, bds E. L. Coburn's 

Wilson John E., carpenter, Boott, bds 73 Merrimack corp. 

Wilson John, Jr., (Gardner «fc) dry goods, 38 Merrimack, 

bds Merrimack h. 
Wilson Joseph, Lowell, bds Mrs. J. Blanchard's 
Wilson Joseph, Lowell M. Shop, bds N. Farmer's 
Wilson Kimball, Merrimack, bds 73 
Wilson Loue, Lowell, h. Donohoe's B., Suffolk 
Wilson Lorenzo, teamster, Merrimack Print W., h. 100 
Wilson Levi, carpenter, h. 22 Merrimack corp. 
Wilson Parker, Lowell, bds 7 
Wilson Peter, Middlesex, bds Mrs. R. S. Dutton's 
Wilson Robert, Middlesex, h. 3 Trull's B., Middle 
Wilson Robert, Bost. & Low. depot, bds E. L. Coburn's 
AVilson Samuel, shoemaker, bds L. Greenleaf's 
Wilson Thomas, foundry, Jackson, h. Clay 
Wilson William, Middlesex, bds L. F. Lawrence's 
Wilson William, Lowell M. Shop, h. rear Chapel 
Wilson William B., carpet factory, h. Fayette 
Winchester Elhanan, watchman Boott, h. Lee 
Winchester Samuel, blacksmith, Hale's mills, h. Law'e 
Winkley Ebenezer, steam mill, h. Middlesex 
Wing Miss Jane T., boarding h. 26 Mass. 
Wing True, butcher, Merrimack, h. Bartlett 
Wingate Moses, Lowell M. Shop, bds E. Norton's 
Winn Mrs. Abigail M., boarding h. 19 Mass. 


Winn Daniel K., Tremont, bds 14 

Winn George, Boott, h. E. Merrimack 

AVinn Mrs. Margaret, Appleton, h. Gorham 

Winn Parker, shoemaker Kittredije's, board'g h.35 Boott 

Winnek John, coun. Spalding's B., Central, h. Oak 

Winnek William G., tailor, h. Centralviile 

Winship Charles H , teamster, bds David A. Coburn's 

Winslow Edward, Middlesex, h. 28 Hurd 

Winslow Edward A., Middlesex, bds M. H. Dike's 

Winslow George, Lowell M. Shop, bds 5 Swamp Locks 

Winslow George G , ^liddlesex, bds T. Ela's 

Winslow George L., Lowell, bds E. Winslow's 

Winslow George S., Middlesex, h. Andover 

Winslow Lewis R., round house, h. Howard 

Winterbottom Charles, Hamilton, h. Market 

Winterbottom James, h. Union 

Winton John, Middlesex, h. Water 

Wirt Amos, AVeare Clifford's, h. Dearborn's ct. 

Wise John W., Suffolk, h. 20 

Wiswell Miss Mary, boarding h. 23 Appleton 

Wiswell Oren, bds Mary Wiswell's 

Withee Mrs. Mary, h. 56 Church 

Witherell George S., Lowell, h. 27 

Witherell William H., Tremont, bds 28 

Witherhead James, Tremont, bds 14 

Wolcott Augustus, baker, bds E. Messenger's 

AVolfenden John, Merrimack, bds 143 

AVood Alonzo H., crockery, 43 Alerrimack, h. E. Merr. 

AVood Ansel J., Fisk & Norcross', h. Queen 

AVood Charles, Boott, h. 70 

AVood Daniel, teamster, h. 38 Church 

AVood George, Appleton, bds AVashington h. 

AVood Geo., (& King) meat store, Mid'x, bds E.AVright's 

Wood George A., shoemaker, bds 12 Dodge 

AVood Henry, draw'g school, Sav's Bk. bl., bds Mrs. Colby 's 

Wood Rev. Horatio, h. Liberty, opp. School 

Wood John B., barber, shop and h. 8 E. Merrimack 

Wood John G., picker factory, Middle, h. 28 Charles 

AVood Lorenzo, oyster saloon, 81 Cen ,h. Cen. Chapel hill 

Wood Luther, painter, Lawrence, bds 135 

Wood Mrs. Lydia, variety store, 93 Central, h. Tyler 

AVood Miss Marietta, dressm'r, shop and h. 6 Suffolk st. 

AVood Robert, veterinary physician, h. 4 AVorthen 

AVood Samuel, grain store, Alarket, h. Chapel 

AVood Sam'l JN., (& Hemenway) AV. L Goods cor. Central 


Wood Theodore H., works and bds II. Streeter's 

Wood William, Boott, h. 60 

Woodard Amasa, carpenter, h. 2 Adams Bl. 

Woodard Benjamin F., Lowell, bds 6 

Woodard Calvin, Lowell, b. 25 

Woodard James, Lowell, h. 15 

Woodard Lindsey J., carpenter, bds A. Woodard's 

Woodbridge Levi, Lowell M. Shop, bds Nathaniel Hills 

Woodbury Albert, Hamilton, bds Keziah Frescotfs 

Woodbury Benjamin, carpenter, bds 120 Middle 

Woodbury Hugh, music teacher, bds Jona. Atkinson's 

Woodbury Mrs. Irene B., boarding h. 19 Prescott corp. 

Woodbury John, boarding h. 11 Tremont corp. 

Woodbury Joseph, carpenter, Middlesex, h Grand 

Woodbury Manly A., Merrimack Print W., bds 11 

Woodbury Miss Mary, dressmaker, shop and h. 40 Central 

Woodbury Peter, carpenter, h. Branch 

Woodies Daniel, Boott, bds P. Litchfield's 

Woodman Gardner A., carpenter, bds Mrs. M. Woodman's 

Woodman Harvey, clerk T. Hardy's, bd-s 35 Central 

Woodman Mrs. Martha, boarding h. 34 Mass. 

Woodman Thomas P., Lawrence, h. 2 

Woodman Watson, Adams & North's, h. Abbott 

Woods David, carpenter, h. South 

Woods Mrs. Dorothy A., h. 22 Lowell 

Woods George F., Mass. h. 22 Prescott corp. 

Woods Joel, h. Union PI. 

Woods John E., h. Andover 

Woods L. (& Nute) scale maker, Middlesex, h. Tyler 

Woods Mrs. Pamelia, dressmaker, shop and h. Gorham 

Woods Timothy N., Lowell, h Carpet lane 

Woods William, Mass., h. Fayette 

Woodsum Mrs. Abigail, boarding h. 20 Prescott corp. 

Woodward Alfred G., (Burnap &) clothing store, 212 

Merrimack, bds Ethan Burnap's 
Woodward Alonzo S., P. O. Richmond's, bds M.Nichols' 
Woodward Dana, house painter 127 and h. 166 Central 
Woodward George P., carpenter, h. Crosby's ct. 
Woodward Henry, laborer, bds John Elkins' 
Woodward Heman, oyster saloon, cor. Merrimack and 

Central, h. John st. avenue 
Woodward John C, Locks and Canals, h. Race 
Woodward John T., Appleton, h. 12 
Woodward Lorenzo D., Lowell M. Shop, h. Common 
Woodward Marcus E., Joseph Brown's, bds Mrs. Prince's 


Woodward Russell, Lowell M. Shop, h. 17 Swamp locks 

Woodward Sylvester, carpenter, h. Middlesex 

Wood worth Mrs. Catharine, boarding h. 135 Merr. corp. 

Worcester Mrs. Abigail, h. 27 Merrimack 

Worcester George, butcher, h. Pine 

Worcester Leonard, H. McEvoy's, h. cor. Alder & Bart't 
j Worcester William, Lawrence, bds 50 
I Word Misses Sarah & Lydia,tailoresse9, shop &h. 8 South 
, Worden Warren, Mass., bds Mary Johnson's 

Worth John, Middlesex, h. Abbott 
I Worth John, 2d, W. \. goods, Central, h. Cady 

Worthen Ezekiel B., W. L Goods, 180 Merr. h. cor. Marion 
I Worthen George W., engineer Lowell corp. h. Market 

Worthen Nancy P., boarding h. 41 Lawrence corp. 
! Worthen William E., civil engineer, office and h Appl'n 
j Worthly J. C, clerk G. Emerson's, bds Mrs. Worthley's 

Worthley Mrs. Sarah, h. Cabot 

, Worthley Sewell, (Knapp &) clothing, 30 Merr., h. E.Mer. 
I Wragg Robert, Merrimack, h 86 
I Wright Alanson, carpenter, boarding h 22 Lawrence 

Wright Alexander, agent Lowell corp. h. Market 
i Wright Alexander W., Daniel Bradt's, h. Centralville 

Wright Algernan S., carpenter, bds 22 Lawrence corp. 
i Wright Amos D., Lawrence, h 14 
: Wright Andrew C, shoestore, 84 Merrimack, h. Willow 

Wright Andrew R., Lowell, bds 7 

Wright Asahel Bliss, printer, Courier Office, h. Appleton 
I Wright Benjamin, carpenter, bds H. N. Bean's 
: Wright Charles, plasterer, bds John McCarty's 
i Wright Charles, H. Wright s, bds Allen Booth's 
i Wright Charles, carpenter, h. Bay state avenue, Central 
j Wright Eugene, meat-cart, bds Henry Smith's 
j Wright Ezekiel, livery stable near Howard H., h. Marshal 
j Wright Ezekiel A., works and bds Ezekiel Wright's 

Wright Ezra P., Lawrence, h. 37 
i Wright Ezra W., Suffolk, h. 13 
j Wright Franklin D , painter, h. 2 Shaw's Bl. Pine 
I Wright Geo., boots and shoes, 88 Central, bds A. Booth's 

Wright George, Fiske & Norcross, h. Spring, near School 

Wriffht George H., Courier office, bds A. B. Wright's 
; Wright George S. Suffolk, h. 3 Cabot Bl. 

Wright Hapgood, boots &c., 51 Central, h. cor. Lawrence 
I Wright Jacob, shoemaker, Tremont, h. Decatur 

Wright John, agent Merrimack, h. Merr. near Decatur 
I Wright Leverett, Mass. h. 29 


Wright Luther, stone layer, h. Mason's ct. 
Wright Mrs. Luthera, h. Fayette 
Wright Marcus L., Ijowell M. Shop, h. Appleton 
Wright Mrs. Marg't, dressmaker, Tilden, bds P. Wright's 
Wright Mrs. Mary, h. Knowles' pi. 
Wright N. M., boots, shoes, &c. 112 Central h. Tyler 
Wright Nathaniel, President Lowell Bank, h. cor. School 
Wright Nathaniel, Boott, bds J. S. Taylor's 
Wright Peter, Lowell, h. cor. Stackpole and Liverraore 
Wright Stephen, Hamilton, bds Mary Wright's 
Wright Stephen, Middlesex, h. 15 Hurd 
Wright Sylvester C , L.M. Shop, h. 5 South Franklin ct 
Wright Thomas, Lowell, bds 7 
Wright Walter, Merrimack, h. Anne 
Wright William A., Merrimack, bds 24 
Wyman Augustus M., h. Cliapel 
Wyman Daniel, Lowell M. Shop, bds 18 Lowell 
Wyman Henry, merch't tailor, 4 App'n bl., bds Amer. h. 
Wyman John, Day & Convers', bds Willard Smith's 
Wyman John, blacksmith, bds 7 Franklin sq. 
Wyman John S., h. Tyler 

Wyman Josiah A., boarding h. 17 Lawrence corp. 
Wyman Oliver, Appleton, h. cor. George and William 
Wyman William, h. Wyman 

Wyman William, 2d, (Peabody &.) dry goods, 48 Merri- 
mack, bds Washington h. 

Yalding Jonathan, Merrimack, h. 148 

Yeoman William H., Merr. Print W., h. 39 Tremont st. 

York Jacob S., Tremont, h. 36 

York James, Bleachery, h. do. 

York Mrs. Jane, h. Harrison 

York John, steam mill, bds A. Jackson's 

York Joseph, confec'y, 19 Merrimack, bds John Osgood's 

York Levi S., millwright, bds Foster Brown's 

Young Aaron, Merrimack, h. 38 

Young Albert, O. M. Whipple's, h. Spring 

Young Alexander, bill poster, h. 240 Merrimack 

Young Artemas, Lowell M. Shop, bds James Lawton's 


Young David, h. Pine 

Young Dymoiid, Mass., bds B. Brown's 

Young Ephraim, teacher, bds Mrs. Norton's 

Young George, merc't tailor, 54 Central, h. Mid'x village 

Young George W., (Fry &) W. I. goods, cor. Market and 

Shattuck, h. Central, Chapel hill 
Young James, bar keeper Ex. Coffee h., bda do. 
Young James, Hamilton, h. 6 Edgerly's ct. 
Young John, clerk and bds G^. Young's 
Young John, Hamilton, bds I. Moulton's 
Young Jonathan, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Young Joseph, Middlesex, bds H. Chase's 
Young Mrs. Lucy, h. Walnut 
Young Michael, poor farm, h. Chelmsford 
Young Moses, machinist, h. Cushing 
Young Nathaniel, Mass., bds B. Brown's 
Young Otis, Hamilton, bds Nancy Fogg's 
Young Robert, Middlesex, bds Wm. Young's 
Young William, Middlesex, h. Chestnut 
Young William M., Otis L. Allen's, bds 17 Boott 





In which the Trades and Professions are alphabetically ar- 
ranged under their respective heads. 


Allen Curtis L., E. Merrimack 
Aver James C, 84 Central 
Carleton G. H.& Co., near C.Hall 
DeFontaine A., 192 Merrimack 
Eastman C. S., cor. Cen. & Mer. 
Haves Joseph R., 12 Central 
Hilliard E. M., cor. Mer. & Kirk 
Kidder Samuel, cor. Mer. & John 
Lincoln L. E., cor. Mer.& Bridge 
Maynard John, 170 Merrimack 
Scribner Isaac W., Merrimack 
Staniels Edward A., 99 Central 
Toothaker Charles, 4 Hurd 
Tower Louis N., 79 Central 
Webster Wm. W., Middlesex 


Rand James H., 40 Central 


Hardy Thomas, Market 
Hooker L. W.,cor Low. «fe Dutton 
Patch E. B., Commercial Sq. 
Shapleigh & Farrington,Com.Sq. 

Blood A. G., 264 Merrimack 
Bradt G. & D. J., Dane 
Colby Thomas H., Gorham 
Mayer Joseph, Paige 
McCarney Thomas, Gorham 
Mc DeRyan J., Lowell 
Redford Thomas, 252 Merrimack 
Scripture I., Central, Chapel Hill 
Sweeiser Jos., pastry^ Worthen 


Besse Joseph V., Market 
Emery Henry, Merrimack House 

Bell Hangers. 

Stevens Salmon, Maiden Lane 
Nettleton F. S., Prescott 


Bodwell Enoch, Pautucket 
Butterfield Joseph, Adams 
Chase Solomon D., Middle 
Coburn Daniel A., Arch 
Gage Charles, Market 
Garland G.W.,cor Adams «fe Rock 
Hanson J. & G. M., Andover 
Hill John, Central, Chapel Hill 
Hill Lawrence, Dummer 
Kittredge J. G., Market 
Lovejoy Daniel, Dutton 
Lovejoy Lund, Market 
Manning George, Lowell 
Poole Samuel, Middle 
Riley Thomas, near Whipple's 
Swett Geo. P., Howe 

Boarding Honses. 

Adams Geo., cor. Mid'x & Pearl 
Bachelder Josiah, Middlesex 
Baxter Geo., 232 Merrimack 
Bean H. M., cor. Cen. & Charles 
Besse Warren, 120 Middle 
Blanchard Janette, 6 Market 
Bridge Christian, William 
Brigham Sarah, Market 
Brogan Peter, Moody 
Brown Deliverance P., Market 
Buckley Catharine, Fenwick 
Cofran Susan, cor. Low. & Adams 
Cook Jane, 4 Willow Place 
Cook Peter A., Howard 
Cosgrove John, 208 Merrimack 
Curry Mary, 8 Trull's b.. Middle 
Curtis Maria, 12 Dodge 
Dean Susan, 104 Merrimack 
Dempsey J., Howard bl. Lowell 
Diggles Eliza, Lowell 
Doton Isaac, 118 Merrimack 
Duesbury Caroline, 113 Merr. 
Duley Mary, cor. Low. & Worthen 
Elkins John, 55 Church 
Farmer Mary, 68 Church 



Farrell Ann, Cross 
Field Snrah, 104 Central 
Fifield E. O., cor. Mer. & Cabot 
Foster Sariili, 9 Central 
Gassett, Alinira, High st. Sq. 
Grecnleaf Lowell, 46 Church 
Hills Prudence, Lewis 
Hixoii Rosanna, High st. Sq. 
Holden Roxana, Lowell 
Homan J., cor. South & Summer 
Hubbard Sophronia, Rock 
Hurley Ann, 40 Appleton 
Kearn Mrs Ann, Quigley's b.Low 
Kennlson N., Law. near Church 
Kerr Mary A., 232 Merrimack 
Kitchen Sarah, 128 Central 
Knights Sarah, 12 Trull's b. Mid. 
Martin Sarah M., 104 Central 
Mclntire VViuiefred, Middle 
McQuade .Tames, 3 Austin 
McWade Betsey, Moody 
Merrill N. B., Market 
Morahan Owen, Lowell 
Newell Mary, 13 Central 
Norton Elihu, cor. Mid. & Pearl 
Parker Sarah, John 
Phelps John, 2 Middlesex Place 
Phillips Wm., 11 E. Merrimack 
Pierce Submit, William 
PlummerMary, 87 Central 
Prince Martha, 9 E. Merrimack 
Q,uinn Ann, Green 
Reynolds & Morrill, cor. Midd'x 

& South 
Richards John, 1 Pearl 
Robinson Jane, Green 
Rolfe Isaac, cor. Austin & Ford 
Skinner Abner, 111 Merrimack 
Smith C. F., Middle 
Smith Hosea, 52 and 54 Church 
Smith Willard, 35 Central 
Stearns Geo., Cabot 
Stone Huldah J., 210 Merrimack 
Stow Ithamar T., Cabot 
Streeter Vintin, 37 Central 
Tapley G. D., 83 Central 
True Eben T.,Mansur'sb. Market 
White Sarah, 4 Pearl 
Willoughby Asa W., Appleton 


Andrews Mark, 24 
Brown Hannah, 4 
Curtis Fanny, 18 
Hilliard Theophilus, 17 
Kaime Pamela E., 14 
Kennedy Mary «fc Hannah, 28 
Law Samuel, 8 

Perley Mary E., 27 
I'eters Daniel C, 26 
Rand Ruth E., 14 
Smith Sarah Ann, 25 
Willoby Mary, 7 
Wiswall Mary, 23 


Baker Mary B., 36 
Brown Olive D., 62 
Calef Miss Nancy, 30 
Colby Stephen, 29 
Collins Lydia & Susan, 52 
Currier Rhoda L., 3 
Davis Eliza, 5 
Dodge Eliza, 14 
Drew Esther, 43 
Eastman Abby B., 6 
Farnham Eliza, 59 
Farnum Kimball, 53 
Fisk Geo., 22 
Fletcher Achsah, 51 
Ford Lydia, 77 
Fox Amanda M., 45 
Hardy Rebecca P., 12 
Harvey Wm.,2l 
Jones Miriam, 20 
Leathers Samuel, 54 
Lewis George, 13 
Luf kin Martha, 44 
Parker Daniel, 11 
Pease Miriam, 19 
Penniman Mary, 61 
Quimby Sarah, 27 and 38 
Straw Miriam, 37 
Whittier Richard B., 28 
Winn Parker, 35 


Brown Mary, 32 
Crane Sarah J., 3 
Emerson Susan, 6 
Fogg Nancy, 31 
Hall Christopher C, 29 
Jones Mary C, 21 
Lamb James, 40 
Low Hannah, 8 
Maynard Elizabeth, 16 
Moore Mary G., 15 
Palmer xMary A., 17 
Prescott Keziah, 33 
Puffer Abigail, 14 
Sanborn Mary, 4 
Sanborn Stephen C, 18 
Wallace Lucinda. 7 


Alden Joanna, 27 


Arlin Abijah, 3 

Lyscomb Sarah B., 43 

Boardman Amos, 40 

Mason Martha P., 50 

Boydeu Harriet, 7 

Peabody Mary, 11 

Brown Mary, 3 

Pike Brigham, 49 

Currier Martha D., 19 

Prescott Dorathea, 14 

Foss John, 55 

Rolfe Eliza G., 52 

French Caroline, 50 

Smith Alpheda, 22 

Guild Isaac, 15 

Snell Libbens, 59 

Honey Solomon, 4 

Wadleigh Lovina, 3 

Huntoon Orefi, 46 

Waterhouse Benja., 23 

Hurlburt Albert S., 29 

Whitney Hananiah, 36 

Kent James, 39 

Wing Jane T., 26 

Lamson Wm., 8 

Winn Abigail M., 19 

Lawrence Otis, 1 

Woodman Martha, 34 

Louger Sophia, 60 


Lyon Harriet, 16 


Marsh Lucretia, 44 

Bachelder James C, 142 

Marshall Mary, 45 

Bartlett Hannah D., 14 

Morgan Pamela, 5 

Bartlett Nathaniel, 11 

Morris Park, 7 

Bixby Hannah, 15 

Packard Jason, 31 

Boynton Amos, 113 

Pierce Lucetta, 32 

Breck Lucy, 8 

Scribner Louisa, 6 

Brown Ephraim, 114 

Stickney Benja., 59 

Buck Harriet, 60 

Sumner Mary, 33 

Chamberlain S. B., 6 

Worthen Nancy P., 41 

Chase Eliza, 55 

Wright Alanson, 22 

Clifton A. B., 56 

Wyraan Josiah A., 17 

Coburn Hannah, 5 


Colby Dorothy, 133 


Crawford Ellen W., 15 

Damon Warren, 5 

Davis Mary, 9 

Jaquith Jona., 2 

Durgin Clark, 137 

Searle Melvina, 28 

Edes Betsey A., 3 

Shaw Sally, 6 

Emerson Rebecca, 74 

Farnsworth Abigail, 136 


Fisk Levi, 79 

Thorning Leonard, Bleachery 

Flanders Susan, 47 


Gillet B. F., 138 


Haines Mary, 4 

Button Edith, 14 

Hayes Mary, 59 

Morrill Betsey, 10 

Hill Loruhamah, 50 

Roberts Elizabeth, 6 

Hoyt Mary, 18 


Huntington J. P., 25 


Johnson Eleanor, 110 

Alden Mary Ann, 35 

Kimball Laura A., 52 

Barnard Hiram K., 33 

King Mary, 7 

Barnard Jona., 27 and 28 

Leonard Sally, 71 

Barstow Henry, 13 

Merriam Mary A., 5 

Battles Benja., 1 

Neal Aurelia C, 24 

Blaisdell N. C, 6 

Neal Nancy J., 54 

Blanchard Clarissa, 58 

Nudd Abigail, 139 

Brown Bradbury, 4 and 5 

Page Edward, 23 

Currier Francis D., 12 

Page Sally K., 10 

Dewey Harriet, 53 

Paige Thomas C, 171 

Doe Z. N., 01 and 62 

Paul Wm., 75 

Gould Maria, 38 

Pearson Mehitable, 112 

Holbrook Eunice, 87 

Pillsbury Mary «fc Sophia, 69 

Long Eliza, 9 

Plaisted Elisha, 16 




Potter Adar, 67 
Proctor Esther, 2 
Bead Betsey <fc Hannah, 17 
Sayles Nancy, 115 
Sharpies Catharine, 99 
Shepherd Nancy, 140 
Shei)hcrd John, 111 
Spofford Charles, 1 
Stevens Benja., 12 
True Asenath M., 80 
Tyler Jane S. R., 61 
Walker Susan, 48 
Webber Eliza, 55 
West Lovey, 13 
Weymouth Dorothy, 70 
Whittier Cordelia J., 68 
Wilson Huldah P., 73 
Woodworth Catharine, 135 


Campbell Mrs Eunice, 8 Warren 
Gary Harriet E., 5 Warren 
Chenery William, 32 Church 


Caldwell Rebecca, 20 
Dean Jemima, 5 
Hersey Perthenia, 12 
OldsE., 11 
Sanborn Sarah, 10 
Smith John, 7 
Wentworth Rebecca M., 6 
Whittemore Eleanor, 8 
Woodbury Irena B., 19 
Woodsum Abigail, 20 


Abbott Mrs Charlotte, 20 
Doe Lydia, 25 
Elkius Hannah, 5 
Hemenway Sophronia, 26 
Johnson Arena, 13 
Magoun Mary, 4 
Martin Sybil F., 3 
Mayo T. C, 19 
Merrill Eliza, 13 
Morrison Hannah T., 18 
Paul Sarah, 9 Cabot block 
Prescott A. R., 27 
Prescott Sarah C, 2 
Stacy Mary, 12 
Taft Mary, 29 


Chandler Charlotte, 6 
Chick Henry, 29 
Clifford Betsey H., 4 
Dane Moses, 14 

Foss Sarah B., 30 
Fuller Hope P., 5 
Gowdy Sarah C, 12 
Johnson Harriet, 3 
Morrison Elizabeth, 13 
Thomas Perley, 19 
True Hannah, 5 
Woodbury John, 11 


Adams J. T., 50 Merrimack 
Mclntire Ingalls, 73 Merrimack 

Bobbins and Sliuttles. 

Aldrich & Hapgood, Howe 
Coburn & Jaques, Middle 
Crosby & Co., near Bleachery 
Fiske G. W., Worthen 

Book Binders* 

Allen Jona., 81 Merrimack 
Baker Wm. G., 142 Merrimack 
Merrill & Heywood, 23 Central 
Reed Asa E., Nesmith's building 
Simonds S. B., 71 Merrimack 

Boolcsellers &, Stationers. 

Allen Jona., 81 Merrimack 
Baker Wm, G., 142 Merrimack 
Bonney Milton, 37 Merrimack 
Chase H. J., 3 1-2 Merrimack 
Davis John W., 5 John 
Dayton N. L., 32 Merrimack 
March Oliver, 91 Central 
Melluy Geo., Catholic, Market 
Merrill «fe Heywood, 23 Central 
Sargeant B. C, 39 Central 
Simonds S. B., 71 Merrimack 
Waldron W. H.,cor. Mer. «& John 
Williams Henry L., 71 Central 

Boots and Slioes. 

Andrews Mark, Smith 
Austin James, Dutton 
Bacon R., 17 Merrimack 
Barr John, 14 E. Merrimack 
Bascom Wm., 188 Merrimack ' 
Basford Alanson, Middle 
Bedlow Artemas, Gorham 
Berry Alfred, 86 Merrimack 
Blais'dell & Plummer, 66 Merr. 
Blake John H., Middlesex 
Brown A. & Co., 114 Central 
Bryant Joseph, Maiden Lane 
Butterworth John, Howe 
Carlton Elbridge G., Middlesex 
Charters O. H., 130 Merrimack 
Chase Lorenzo, 7 Tildeu 



Cram J. T., 23 Merrimack 
Critchett Nalhl, 138 Merrimack 
Cummings John P., 110 Merr. 
Davis Aaron, Paige 
Derby G. W., John st. Avenue 
Elliott Hazeu, 172 Merrimack 
Elston Wm., near Hale's Mills 
Emerson Geo., 262 Merrimack 
Emerson Moses C, 190 Merr. 
Emery Wm. E., 62 Merrimack 
Farr & Whitney, 123 Central 
Fosdick Cyrus O., Paige 
George Michael M., Liberty 
Gove Dana B., 8 Tilden 
Gove Ezra C, 15 Suffolk 
Hayden Isaac J., Market 
Hazeltine John, 7 1-2 Merrimack 
Keyes James, cor. Merr «fe Cabot 
King Oliver, E. Merrimack 
Kittredge Daniel, Middle 
Knapp Daniel, 30 Merrimack 
Lamson, Wm. Jr., 184 Merrimack 
Leavitt Wm. H., 166 1-2 Merr 
Lyon L. D., 106 Central 
Maguire Andrew, Market 
Martin Ambrose, Middle 
McLanathan H. L. S. 102 Merr 
McLanathan S., 56 Merrimack 
McLaughlin Michael, Gorham 
Merrill Darius, cor. Merr & SuPk 
Merrill Joseph, 69 Central 
Moore & Cheney, Middlesex 
O'Brien Luke, Dummer 
Pendergast Peter, 84 Merrimack 
Priest Charles A., Tilden 
Priest T. W., Tilden 
Purtill Michael, Gorham 
Reed John, 288 Merrimack 
Smith John R., 110 Merrimack 
Stone Edward, 92 Central 
Strickland R., Market 
Swan Daniel, 95 Merrimack 
Thompson Jona., 11 John 
Thompson Joseph, William 
Towle Jeremiah, Andover 
True Charles W., Merrimack 
Whiteley Joseph, 74 Merrimack 
Wilkins'T. L., 84 Merrimack 
Wright A. C, 1 Am. h. bh 
Wright Geo., 88 Central 
Wright Hapgood, 51 Central 
Wright N. M., 112 Central 

Botanic Medicines* 

Dowse John, 149 Central 
Perkins John W., Merrimack 

Botanic Pliysicians. 

Craigue Jas, Midd'x cor. South 
Currier D., cor. Davis & Winter 
Churchill & Fitch, 88 Merrimack 
Hamilton Jona., Charles 
Melvin J., cor. Midd'x & Pearl 
Olcott J. S., cor. Merr & Suffolk 
Simmons P, Lyman, 21 Central 
Towle John R., 21 Central 

Box Makers. 

Fiske Geo., John st. Avenue 
Fiske Wm., Dutton 

Brass Founder. 

Dana David, Jackson 


Fitch Asa, Middlesex 

Cabinet Makers. 

Holt John, Howe 
Johnson Wm., Market 
Lovejoy Noah, Middle 
Ross Ozias, Market 
Upton & Beard, Middle 


Dearden Wm., Merrimack 
Shackford E. G., 60 Central 

Card Manufacturers.'' 

White & Puffer, Market 

Carpenters and Builders* 

Anderson Robert, Franklin 
Atwood Benja. E., Union 
Bachelder Charles, 120 Middle 
Baker Stores A., Mill 
Benson Samuel, Fayette 
Brackett S. R,, Howe 
Buswell Michael W., South 
Carlton Stephen, Middlesex 
Comins T. B., cor. Low.& Cab 
Grossman D, B, «fe E., Middle 
Decatur Joshua, School 
Dodge Joseph M., Tyler 
England James A., Middlesex 
Fifield & Peabody, Mech. Mills 
Gilman Trustum C, Wall 
Holt Daniel, Howe 
Hood Abraham K., 60 Middlesex 
Lovett Thomas, Summer 
Sawtell Josiah, School 
Spalding & Page, Lenton 
Watson Edward F., Middlesex 
Wetherbee Joseph, Middlesex 




Adams & Nortli, lUd Central 
Adams C. J. & M. J., 6 Merr 
Goodhue T. P. & I. N., 97 Merr 
McDonald John, & John, Jr., 

weavers, Hale 
Weaver & Brothers, Wjmau's Ex 

Carriage Manufacturers. 

Bugbee Worcester, Cashing 
Day & Convers, 137 Central 
Eaton J. B., cor. Wor. & Dutton 
Low & Skillen, Market 
Offutt P'rederick A., Lowell 
Smith Wm. A., Lowell 

China, Glass, &c, 

Dearden Wm., Merrimack 
Dwinnell Alexander, 80 Merr 
Lesure Benja. F., 85 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
'Page Lemuel, 3 Appleton block 
Parker John H., Prescott 
Wood Alonzo H., 43 Merrimack 

Cigar Maker. 

Whitney H. A., 63 Central 


Atkinson Timothy, Andover 
Barry Wm., cor. Andover & Wil 
Bates Merritt,cor. Chapel & Elm 
Bell William, Nesmith 
Blanchard Amos, Kirk 
Brewster William IL, Suffolk 
Burnap Uziah C, Appletoa 
Child Willard, Merrimack 
Clark Uriah, Andover 
Crudden Peter, Appleton 
Duncan John, Gorhara 
Eddy Daniel C, Chapel 
Edson Theodore, Kirk 
Fogg Samuel, Warren Court 
Fletcher Luther J. 
Hanks Stedman W., Kirk 
Mann Cyrus, John 
McDermott J. T., Suffolk 
Mason L. B., Elm 
Miles Henry A., Lawrence 
Porter Lemuel, Tyler 
Pratt Samuel C, Nesmith 
Savage Isaac A., Worthen 
Smith Horace G., Bartlett 
Towne J. H., cor. High & Andov 
Tucker Hilary, Fenwick 
Willits Alphonso A., 11 Church 
Wood Horatio, Liberty 

Clothing Stores, Tailors. 

Barnes H. il., cor. Cen. & Merr 
Barr Andrew, 47 Merrimack 
Baxter Henry J., 29 Central 
Bennett Wm. S., 11 Central 
Burbank &. Chase, 5 Central 
Burnaj) & Woodward, 212 Merr 
Chase & Gregory, 34 Central 
Colby &. Totman, Com. Square 
Dean D. H., 22 Merr 
Dean H. C, Wyman's Exchange 
Dexter & Shattuck, 18 Central 
Donelly Hugh, Gorham 
Drew & Goldsmith, 26 Central 
Evans Joshua F., Middlesex 
Evans R., cor. Midd'x & Thorn. 
Farrell John, Market 
Farrington D., Wentworth's b. 
Farrington Horace, 57 Central 
Fuller Perez, Savings Bank bl. 
Gilbert Asahel, 33 Central 
Glines Albert, 10 Merrimack 
Gordon S. F., Commercial Sq 
Harlow John B., 53 Central 
Hayward Asa E., 80 Central 
Knapp Daniel, 30 Merrimack 
Lancaster S. T., 22 Central 
McEvoy Hugh, 58 Central 
Melloy John, 240 Merrimack 
Merrill Horatio, Jr., 210 Merr 
Morse Jona., 19 Central 
Nichols Hiram, 184 Merrimack 
Putnam Addison, 2 Amer. H. bl 
Quigley Edward, Lowell 
Quinn John, 64 Central 
Teeman & Hastings,? Appleton bl 
Tuxbury F. W. & Co., 50 Central 
Watson Abijah, 25 Central 
Wyman Henry, 4 Appleton hi 
Young George, 54 Central 

Coal and "Wood. 

Aiken John, Lowell 
Howard Horace, Western Avenue 
Kittredge Wm., Middle 
Livingston, Wm., Thorndike 
McFarlin W. & L., Pautucket 

Coffin Warehouses. 

Johnson Wm., Market 
Ross Ozias, Market 


Bell Elizabeth, 220 Merrimack 
Brophy Thos., Railroad h. Lowell 
Carter John M., 228 Merrimack 
Cheever Henry L., 214 Merr 
Davlin James, Gorham 



Donohoe Thomas, Gorham 
French Amos B., 37 Central 
Merrow James J., Bartlett 
Murphy Jeremiah, Andever 
Niles Joseph, 94 Merrimack 
PerKins Dearborn, Bartlett 
Tuckerman John T., Middlesex 
York Joseph, 19 Merrimack 


Adams Charles J., 6 Merrimack 
Bachelder E. W., Chestnut 
Bradley Edward W, 
Chamberlain W. S., Lagrange 
Clemence Wm. H., Gorham 
Fisher James, School 
GreenleafD. G., City Hall 
Lamson Wm., Lawrence Corp 
Meserve Eben, Railroad Depot 
Meserve Samuel, Dutton 
Miller Samuel, City Hall 
Pressey Thos. W., Mansur's b 
Reed Orin, 56 Central 
Sanborn E. F. 
Seavy S. S., P. O. 
Shed Edwin L., 61 Central 
Shed Zaccheus, 61 Central 
Sticknev Benj., Lawrence Corp 
Waldro'n Geo. P., 56 Central 
Wentworth Thos., Mansur's b 


Garrity Peter, Market 
Holden Artemas, Pautucket 
Ray D. M., Market 


French Josiah B., 89 Central 
Fisher James, School 
Shed Zaccheus, 61 Central 

Counsellors, Attornies. 

Abbott & Brown, Mansur's b 
Abbott Julian, 67 Central 
Adams Joel, 67 Central 
Ames Seth, 19 Appleton block 
Beard &. Gunnison, 61 Central 
Blood Beuja. F., Wentworth's b 
Bonney A. P., Appleton block 
Brown & Alger, 55 Central 
Butler & Farr, Wyman's Ex 
Butterfield G. A., Savings Bankb 
Caverly R. B., 56 Central 
Caverly & Waldron, 56 Central 
Corliss H. G. F., Savings Bank b 
Dean & Dinsmore, 20 & 21 Ap. b 
Farrell J. C, Spalding's b. Cen 
Knowles John A., 14 Appleton b 

Ladd Jona., Spalding's b. Central 
Lapham Rufus, Mansur's b 
Mead Abraham, 13 Appleton bl 
Moore P. R., Spalding's b. Cen 
Morse Isaac S., Mansur's b 
Parker Fred., 16 & 17 App. bl 
Person Ira B., 18 Appleton M 
Poor Bushead W., Middlesex 
Richardson D. S. <fc W. A. ,55 Cen 
Robinson &, Blaisdell, 67 Central 
Sherman E. F., Wentworth's b 
Sweetser T. H., Wyman's Ex 
Smith Wm., Welles hi 
Smith Wm. F., Welles bl 
Webster Wm. P., 48 Central 
Wentworth T., Wentworth's b 
Winnick John, Spalding's b. Cen 


Gilchrest Geo. C, 92 Merrimack 
Hazelton Benson C, Merrimack 
Howes Saml. P., 112 Merrimack 
Simpson A. J., Wyman's Ex 


Abbott Samuel, 15 Central 
Clark & Culver, 88 Merrimack 
Cook John W., Wyman's Ex 
Doane Hiram H., 18 Merrimack 
Gladwin Silas F., 96 Merrimack 
Johnson A. T., Wentworth's b 
Knowles Calvin C, 8 Welles bl 
Ladd Calvin B., 21 Central 
Lawrence Ambrose, 27 Merr 
Lawrence Samuel, 24 Central 
Mansfield Geo. M., 16 Central 
Mumford John M., Wyman's Ex 
Patterson Daniel, cor. Mer &, John 
Sargent F. P., Wyman's Ex 
Ward Geo. W., Savings Bank bj 


Abbott Theresa, 276 Merrimack 
Ames Ruth Ann, John 
Billings Mary A., 13 Tilden 
Blanchard Hannah, 10 Central 
Burnham Clara, Tilden 
Butler Climena, 4 1-2 John 
Cooper Harriet, 6 John 
Copeland Jerusha,32 Treni. Corp 
Davis Mary J., Middlesex 
Davis Susan D., 10 Tilden 
Dearborn Lucy C, Tilden 
Dyar Lydia, Reed's b. Central 
Emerson Jane, 21 Central 
Felton Maria, Summer 
Folsom Jane E., E. Merrimack 
Frye Susan &Sophia,Cen. C.Hill 



Gillis Agnes, 112 Merrimack 
Ilarthaii Ilaiiiiali, Arcade b 
Holdeii iMary A., Pautucket 
Kean W., 21 Central 
Kenny Sabra, 196 Merrimack 
Leach Sarah, Reed's b. Central 
Lovering Lucy, 6 Jolin 
Marston Marion S., 86 Central 
Morse Joanna C, Paige 
Moses Lucy, Race 
Munroe Ruby Ann, High 
Nason Mary, 5 Suffolk 
Persons Elizabeth, 8 South 
Pillsbury Sarah, 280 Merrimack 
Prescott Candace, 40 Central 
Prescott Charlotte, 64 Merrimack 
Richardson Rhoda, 100 Merr 
Riddle Janette, 6 Adams bl 
Rose Maria, Kirk 
Sanderson Caroline, 196 Merr 
Smith Elizabeth A., 25 Merr 
Soule Sophia, 198 Merrimack 
Stevens Mary, cor. Mid'x & South 
Wav Elsey L., 15 Suffolk 
Wight Dency W., Middlesex 
Wight Olive, Arcade b 
Whitney Sarah S., South 
Wood Marietta, 6 Suffolk 
Woods Pamela, Gorham 
Woodbury Mary, 40 Central 
Wright Margaret, Tildeu 

Dry Goods. 

Baxter D. D., 5 Appleton bl 
Bradt Daniel, 36 Merrimack 
Brown Joseph S., 54 Merrimack 
Cassidy & Maguire, 78 Merr 
Culver & Hurd, 144 Merrimack 
Davis Simon S., 4 Central 
Davis & Thayer, 8 Central 
Fowler J. M., Welles bl 
Gardner & Wilson, 38 Merrimack 
Hanscom Edmund, 101 Merr 
Hardy B. T., 3 Welles bl 
Hardy Francis H., 132 Merr 
Hildreth & Fern, 44 Merrimack 
HoUis Samuel, 108 Merrimack 
Keating James, 124 Merrimack 
Lane J. E., Merrimack 
Leonard & Packard, 126 Merr 
McDonough Michael, 116 Merr 
Nichols Charles R., 6 Central 
Parkhurst Matthias, 102 Central 
Patch and Tucker, 42 Merr 
Peabody &. Wyman, 48 Merr 
Robinson F. W., 10 Central 
Simons Daniel, 68 Merrimack 
Smith John, Merrimack 

Tarr & Battles, 40 Merrimack 
Tibbetts & Hanson, 120 Merr 
Tower James, cor. Cen. &Gor 
Ward &. Thompson, 91 Merr 
West Daniel & Co., 46 Merr 

Dye-woods, Drngs &c. 

Talbot C. P. & Co., Market 


Chambers C.,near Hale's Mills 
Clifford Weare, Andover 
Mars John, near Bleachery. 

E^ngineers and Surveyorsi 

Bennett John, Appleton 
Butterfield & Clark, 56 Central 
Chase Josiah G., City Hall 
Forbes Franklin, Pautucket 
Francis J. B., Locks & Canals 
Latham Cyrus, Savings Bank bl 


Cocker Geo., Maiden Lane 
Hedge Frank, 21 Central 


Adams C. J. & M. Jx'^Merr 
Adams & North, 108 Ce^itral 
Weaver & Brothers, Wy^ian's Ex 

Fish, CFresli.)\ 

Sargent Eben E., City Market 
Sargent Joshua, Middlesex 

Flour and Grain. 

Blanchard C. F. & Co., Thorn 
Corner Josiah, 266 Merrimack 
Crosby Harvev, Market 
Hills Geo. H.. Savings Bank bl 
Livingston Wm., Thorndike 
Ray D. M., Market 
Whitney A., 3 Dutton 
Wood Samuel, Market 


Bent &; Bush, 30 Central 
Brazer Wm. JP., cor. Mar. & Cen 
Critchett Nathaniel, 138 Merr 
Gilbert A., 33 Central 


Austin G. K. & 11. E., High 


Dyar Albert F., 20 Central 
Dyar Wm. H., 20 Central 



Grist Mills. 

Crosby Harvey, near Bleachejy 
Livingston Wm., near Brewery 
Roundy & Hale, Gorham 


Richardson Oliver A., Middle 


Barth Daniel W., American H. Bl 
Basset J. J. P., Middlesex 
Booth &. Moore, Mechanics' B 
Brinsley Fred'k,Midd'x,opp depot 
Grnsh Joseph S., Middlesex 
Jones Charles J., 260 Merrimack 
Lewis Edward B., Gorham 
Lewis Enoch, Willie 
Lewis Jeremiah, Middlesex 
Lewis S. A., 234 Merrimack 
Reinweld Henry, L5 Merrimack 
Rose R., 67 Central 
Smith E. H., cor Cen and Church 
Wood J. B., 8 E. Merrimack 


Burbank & Chase, 5 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
Rogers John F., Savings Bank B 
Watson Abijah, 25 Central 

Harness Makers. 

Baker Edward, Middlesex 
Brabrook Joseph A., Market 
Bridge Charles, Middlesex 
Bridge Charles, 17 Merrimack 
Burgess Ebenezer, Prescott 
Watkins R., cor Adams & Low 

Hats and Caps. 

Bent & Bush, 30 Central 
Brazer Wm. P., cor Mar & Cen 
Burnap & Woodward, 212 Mer 
Colby & Totman, Commercial sq 
Critchet Nathaniel, 138 Mer 
Emerson Geo., 262 Merrimack 
Farrington Daniel, Wentworth's b 
Farrington Horace, 57 Central 
Gilbert Asahel, 33 Central 
Hopkinson &. Leavitt, 44 Central 
Knapp Daniel, 30 Merrimack 
Lamson Wm. Jun., 184 Mer 
Merrill Joseph, 69 Central 
Morse Jona., 19 Central 
Putnam Addison, 2 Appleton bl 
Simons B. H., 36 Merrimack 
Whitehead Darius. 59 Central 

Horticultural Seed Store. 

Allen Edward, 31 Merrimack 


Brown J. W., 98 Merrimack 
Burton Stephen, Middle 
Fisher Cyrus, 29 Merrimack 

Ice Dealers. 

McFarlin Wm. & Luke,Pautucket 
Page & Pierce, Pautucket 

Ink and Blacking. 

Baker W. R., cor Chapel & Wal 
Bussey Peter, Market 
Chambers Cyrus,near Hale's mills 
Prince Frederick, Merrimack 

Intelligence Offices. 

Davidson Wm., 128 Merrimack 
Morgan Ebenezer, 272 Merrimack 

Je"»velry andTVatclies. 

Adams Henry D., 43 Central 
Brastow Addison, 129 Central 
Dodge D. M., Wyman's Ex 
Fellows J. K. & Co., 134 Mer 
Hale David R., 120 Merrimack 
Johnson Jona., 130 Merrimack 
Lamson & Tarr, 182 Merrimack 
Lyman Roland, 100 Central 
Marston E. W., 21 Merrimack 
Pierce Geo., 90 Merrimack 
Raynes Joseph, 43 Central 
Taylor C. S., Moody 
Tebbetts Geo. F., 26 Central 
Thompson Lucius, 31 Central 


Baron John, Franklin h., Moody 
Donohoe O. M.,Ex. Cofl^ee h.,Low 
Emery Henry, Merr h., Merr 
Ferrin G. & Co., American h.,Cen 
Goodale Ora K., Lowell h., Midd'x 
Gee A. B. & F., City Hotel, E Mer 
King Oliver, Howard h., Midd'x 
Messenger Elias, 238 Merrimack 
Moore Benja., Waverly h.. Mar 
Short P., Commercial Ex., Low 
Stuart John,App]eton h., Gorham 
Taft Richard, Washington h.,Cen 

Job Wagons. 

Bailey Gardner, Fayette 
Bean James, Glueen 
Burns Robert, Pine 
Clark Abraham, Pine 
Cochrane Justin, Carter 



Conant Josiah, dishing 
Cruden Michael, Gorbum 
Dunn Wm., Dutton 
Gibb D. M., Moody 
Goodwin Nathaniel, E Merr 
Harrington Lyman, Davidson 
Howard Geo. J., Brewery ct 
Little James M., Charles 
Livermore A., Bay State av.,Cen 
Mead Samuel, Cen., Chapel Hill 
Patten Stephen, High 
Robinson Jesse L., 7 Marion 
Scales John S., 12 Franklin sq 
Shirley Charles, Pine 
Smith Henry, 16 Middlesex 
Tracy Robert, Race 

lieatlier Dealers. 

Bixby Thomas, Middle 
Brundige C. V. N., Prescott 

Libraries, (Circulating^ 

March Oliver, 91 Central 

liivery Stables. 

Bohonon Samuel, Charles 
Flint ife Wheeler, Moody 
French Jotham S., Middle 
Hadlock Colburn, Worthen 
Hadley John, Worthen 
Kimball D. R., cor Mer & Wor 
Mann & Blodgett, Middlesex 
Norris L. B., Gorhara 
Norris & Lesure, Warren 
Noyes Joseph L., Church 
Parker Thomas, Prescott 
Pearl & Huntress, cor Mid «fe Shat 
Rogers David, Cen., near Tyler 
Russ & Stuart, near City Hotel 
Thurston Benja., Church 
Wheeler Artemas, Moody 
Wright Ezekiel, near Howard h 

liock Manufactories. 

Crosby Ephraim &. Geo., Howe 
Watson Abijah, Market 

lioom Harnesses. 

Stevens A. & S. Fletcher 
Titcomb Edgar M., Merrimack 

liOom Picker Manufac. 

Coding Wm., Middle 


Bridge J. P. & Co., Western av 
Brooks & Tyler, Dutton 
Calef S. C, Pautucket 

Fiske «fc Norcross, Middlesex 
Fiskc Wm., Mechanic mills 
Fletcher &c Ayer, Dutton 
Howard Horace, Western av 
Livingston Wm., Thorndike 
Tasker John C, Mechanic mills 

Macbine Sbops. 

Aldrich & Tyng, Middlesex 
Crockett & Snow, Market 

Marble and Grave Stones. 

Day Benja., Lowell 
Nichols D., Dutton 
Warren Theodore, Middlesex 


Adams John, Merrimack 
Carlton W., cor Mid'x &, Carlton 
Chapman Daniel, High 
Crosbv Caleb, Gorham 
Gray A. & J. B., Franklin 
Herrick & Tuttle, Crosby's ct 
Page Charles, Walnut 
Page Samuel, Hanover 
Page W., cor Everett and Fayette 
Read &. Powers, 38 Central 
Staples Nathaniel F., Willie 
Tuttle Gilman, Chapel 
Tuttle John B., Chapel 


Abbott Matilda, 8 Tilden 
Abbott Sarah G., 242 Merrimack 
Adams James T., 50 Merrimack 
Billings Dorothy B.. 70 Merr 
Blood Elizabeth W.', 200 Merr 
Bonney Caroline, 69 Merr 
Bradford Robert, 11 Merr 
Brown Martia, 47 Merr 
Butler Sarah, 204 Merr 
Clement Charles C, 85 Men- 
Emerson Mary L.. Middlesex 
Farnsworth Huldah, 58 Merr 
Freeman Alden, 45 Merr 
French Maria M., Gray's b., Cen 
Graham Isabella, 9 E. Merrimack 
Hooper Esther, 72 Merrimack 
Kempton Calvin, Merrimack 
Maynard D & P., 76 Merrimack 
Moore T., 284 Merrimack 
Pearson Timothy, Merrimack 
Sawyer Arethusa, 58 Merrimack 
Searie Martha, 64 Merrimack 
Smith Julia A., 97 Merrimack 
Smith Mary A., 254 3Ierrimack 
Springer Mrs., 117 Merrimack 
Waldron Marv, 60 Merrimack I 



Webster Caleb, 25 Merrimack 


Ames Theodore, Ash 
Bryant Hosea B., Reed's ct 
Churchill Samuel S., Race 
Coburn Daniel, Moore 

Notaries Public. 

Carney James G., Savings Bank 
Stickney Samuel W., Railroad b 


Allen Rachel P., 51 Boott 
Baker Lucy, B. T. Cross, Central 
Bride Rachel, W. Fiske's, Adams 
Davis Elizabeth, South 
Falkenham Catharine, 11 L. corp 
Fisher Mary, 27 1-2, Charles 
Gregg Sarah, Merrill's ct., Cen 
Hussey Mary Ann, 34 Church 
Johnson Nancy F., 139 Mer corp 
Leach Betsey, Mrs. S. Coburn's 
Rice Susan, Bartlett 
Sanborn H., Lawrence's, E. Merr 
Saunders Abig'l, 66 Swamp Locks 
Skinner Abigail, Gorhani 
Sullivan Joanna, Suffolk 
Tilden Nancy, 11 Lawrence corp 
Whittemore Mary, 7 Dodge 

Painters, CI^ouse.> 

AyerAbelM., Cabot 
Barnard Edward, Market 
Blaisdell Wm. A. 127 Central 
Burnap Ethan and Wm., Prescott 
Clark Geo. W., Prescott 
Farson Samuel, Middlesex 
Kittredge Abner, Middle 
Kittredge Jeduthan, Prescott 
Ladd Charles, Middle 
McAuslane Alex. 117 Central 
Minot Willard, 101 Middlesex 
Morey Geo. E., Merrimack 
Moulton & Fielding, 75 Central 
Newman & Nason, Middle 
Osgood George, Market 
Parks Geo. 117 Central 
Parker Hiram, John 
Quint Charles, Market 
Ricker Wm., Prescott 
Robbins Nathan, Andover 
Robinson James, Merrimack 
Swasey Naaman G., Middlesex 
Tilton J. S., cor Merr and Suffolk 
Waters Samuel, Middle 
Whitmarsh Ebenezer, Lowell 
Woodward & Wheeler, 127 Cen'l 

Painters, Cii^ii^iAtux'C &C*'} 

Gassner Geo. 44 Central 
Howes Samuel P., 112 Merr 
Lawson Thomas B., Sav. B. Bl. 
Ordway Alfred, Wyman's Ex. 
Ransom Alexander, Nesmith 
Streeter L. R., Appleton bl. 

Painters, Csign ^^c.) 

Cobb Wm. A., 4S Central 
Davis EliakimS., Merr 
Freeman S. J., carriage, Arch 
Hedrick Geo. 36 Central 
Pennington Wm. F., Market 
Ricker Wm., Prescott 
Willock James, Dutton 
Woodward & Wheeler, 127 Cen'l 

Paints, Oil and Glass. 

Blaisdell Wm. A., 127 Central 
Gardner R. & E., Market 
Mixer Pitman & Co., Dutton 
Moulton & Fielding, 75 Central 

Paper Makers. 

Richmond P. O., Lawrence 
Roundy & Hale, Gorham 

Paper Hangings. 

Burnap Ethan, Prescott 
Dexter Samuel, E. Merrimack 
Kittredge Abner, Middle 
Kittredge Jeduthan, Prescott 
March Oliver, 91 Central 
Merrill & Heywood, 23 Central 
Morey Geo., E. Merrimack 
Moulton & Fielding, 75 Central 
Tilton J. S., cor. Merr. & Suffolk 


Allen Nathan, 12 Hurd 
Ames Seth C, cor. Midd.& Cen'l 
Bartlett Benjamin D., Tyler 
Boynton Amos R., 27 Merr. 
Brown A. H.,Bank bl., Merr. 
Bryant Nehemiah, E. Merr. 
Burnham Walter, Middlesex 
Campbell Patrick P., Market 
Coleman J. S., 118 Merrimack 
Curtis Josiah, Nesmith's B. 
Dalton J.C., cor Low'l & Dutton 
DeFontaine A., 192 Merrimack 
Dickey Hanover, 13 Hurd 
Fitzsimmons Thos., Donohoe's B. 
Gale Geo. W., Middlesex 
Graves John W., 16 Hurd 
Green John O., Savings B. Bl. 
Holt Daniel, John i 



Ilooke Henry M., Kirk 
Huntington Elisha, 14 Ilurd 
Jenness L. Welhnan, 16 Merr 
Jewett Jeremiah P., 4 Kirk 
Kidder Moses, opp Hale's mills 
Kidder Walter, 27 Merr 
Kimball G., cor Merr and Wort'n 
Kittredge Francis M., 106 Merr 
Leach J. T. G., cor John and Lee 
Mann Cyrus S., 11 Appletou bl 
Mason Augustus, 128 Merr 
Mitchell Wm. 280 Merr 
iMorrill Frederick, 11 Middle 
Morse Luther B., 104 Merr. 
Mowe Daniel, Market 
Paige French, Wentworth's B 
Parker Hiram, John 
Perham Otis, 22 Hurd 
Persons John W., Middlesex 
Pierce Geo, cor Moody and Austin 
Pillsbury Harlin, Kirk 
Pillsbury John D., 21 Central 
Russell Joshua R., 118 Merr 
Sanborn E. K., Merrimack 
Savory Charles A., 92 Merrimack 
Scribner Isaac W., Merrimack 
Simpson S. L., Central 
Spalding Joel, Welles' Bl 
Skinner Geo W., Moody 
Steele Richard, Lee 
Stone Geo U., 272 Merrimack 
Thomas E. B. 12 Appleton Bl 
Toothaker Charles, 4 Hurd 
Wells David, 128 Merrimack 
Whiting Henry, Savings Bank Bl 
Whitmore Joseph, Merrimack 

Piano Fortes. 

Cheney Israel E., 50 Middle 
Hedrick Geo, 36 Central 
Leonard Ira, Lawrence 
Metcalf I. N.,23 Central 
Weaver & Brothers, Wyman's Ex 

Plane Makers. 

Fish Ansel, Howe 
Taber Wing H., Market 

Powder Manufactory. 

Whipple Oliver M., Lawrence 


Atkinson J., cor Central and Hurd 
Brown Leonard, 56 Central 
Hildreth Fisher A., 48 Central 
Judkins J. J., cards, Merrimack 
Knapp Chauncey L., 21 Central 
Palmer John C, 44 Central 

Penhallow B. II., Wyman's Ex 
Pillsbury John G., Commer'l sq 
Varncy Samuel J., 21 Central 
O'Nieil Mary, copper-plate, Lee 


Allen John, cor. Lowell and ITan 
Bettey Thos, cor Lowell and Han 
Breed Henry K., 36 Church 
Brown James, 3 Adams Bl 
Brown Samuel T., City market 
Clark John, Tremont 
Colburn James W., Central 
Colby G. W., butter &c., Cabot 
Colby Jesse, vegetables. Moody 
Connor James, vegetables, Jeff. 
Curtis Nathaniel, Market 
Dane Moses, Merrimack 
Downes L., vegetables, Gorham 
Downing D. R., fruit &c., market 
Farnsworth <fe Stuart, Central 
Fowler Henry S., 5 Adams Bl 
Harrison Edward, Lowell 
Hubbard & Barker, Merrimack 
Hunt E. S., 13 City Market 
King &. Wood, Middlesex 
Kittredge & Garland, W. market 
Mead Wm. East Merrimack 
Moore Ashbel, Moody 
O'Brian Michael, Lowell 
Owen W. N., 164 Merr 
Pinney Lorenzo, City Market 
Quint'George, 206 Merr 
Rice H. M. & J., meat, Citv M. 
Shattuck L. T., 246 Merr 
Short Wm. vegetables, Lowell 
Smith & Nichols, meat, Merr 
Spalding & Brown, veg. City M. 
Story Wm. B., 208 Merr 
Streeter Holland, meat, Midd 
Tewksbury John, Gorham 
Thompson Alvin, veg E Merr 
Trow Thomas, 119 Central 
Tweed T. G., E Merr 
Twiss Charles, Central 
Wadleigh Wm., butter, Middle 
Way Charles, 21 City Market 
Whitney Geo T., 12 City Market 
Whitney Hananiah, Merr 
Wilder Charles H., pork, Market 
Wilkins Rufus, E Merr 
Wing True, Merr 

Pump Makers. 

Bradley C. L., Middle 
Brown Abijah, Howe 



Reed Manufacturers* 

Brown Darius C, Middle 
Gage Joua. F., Market 


Allen Isaac L., Middle 
Caswell S. M., Middlesex 
Cummings Geo., Central 
Fisher & Emmons, Appleton Bl 
Hale Charles, Middlesex 
Maurice James, Market 
Marston J. M., Wentworth's B 
Richardson D. L., Central 
Russ A. J , Middlesex 
Smith Henry C, 18 Middlesex 
Smith Joel,cor Lowell and Dutton 
Smith Josiah, Middlesex 
Wood Lorenzo, 81 Central 
Woodward Heman, Merr 

Roll Coverers. 

Bradley J. B., SulTolk corp 
Gates Josiah, 6 Mechanics B 


Calef S. C, Pautucket 
Fiske «fe Norcross, Middlesex 
Fiske Wni. Mechanic Mills 
Howard Horace, Mechanic Mills 

Saw Filers. 

Carlton Jacob, 107 Central 
Seaver Charles, 15 Cabot 
Stevens Salmon, Maiden Laue 

Scale Makers. 

Woods & Nine, Middlesex 

Sliawl Printer. 

Barr Thomas, near Bleachery 

Silks and Ska wis. 

Bullock Henry, Middle, over P. O 
Kimball John H., Middle 


Waugh John, Market 

Soap and Candles. 

Horn Martin N., Middlesex 
Horn S., cor Middlesex and School 
Putnam & Currier, Linton 
Smith John, Middlesex 

Soda Manufacturer. 

Eastman C. S., Pentucket springs 

Stage Offices. 

Corbin S., near Merr H. 

Fuller Harrison H., American H. 

Simpson C. H., 83 Merr 


Eastman Gardner K., Dutton 
Folsom John L., Western av. 

Stoves and Gi-ates. 

Adams J. W. & J., 12 Merr 
Bangs I. W. & D., 115 <fc 117 Cen- 
[tral & Middlesex 
Butler Henry T., 46 Central 
Clark E. S. & J., 2 and 3 John 
Gushing & Mack, Market 
Foote James L., Merr 
Langley <k Whitton, E. Merr 
Littlefleld D. G., 166 Merr 


Abbott Mrs. Fanny, Central 
Barnes Emily R., 40 Central 
Doane Betsey, Howard 
Fournier Martha, 9 Warren 
Ham Julia A., Pearl 
Leach Sarah, Reed's b., Central 
Luce Cynthia, Charles 
Mack Mehitable, E. Merrimack 
Richardson Mary, 100 Merrimack 
Skinner Hannah, Gorham 
Tower Millicent & Lucinda,Chas 
Ward Sarah & Lydia, 8 South 

Teackers of Music. 

Bond Alonzo, 130 Central 
Harrison James, 113 Merr 
Herford H. F., Lowell 
Metcalf I. N., 23 Central 
Palmer Henry W., Cabot 
Strack Louis, Lsaac Lawrence's 
Woodbury Hugh,Jona Atkinson's 

Tin Plate and Skeet Iron. 

Bangs I. W. A- D., 115 & 117 Cen 
Gushing & Mack, cor Mar & Shat 
Dana David, Jackson 
Dodge & Whitcomb, 147 Central 
Gerry Derby M., Merrimack 
Langley & Whitten, E Merr 
Littlefleld D. G., 166 Merrimack 
Parker Henry, Commercial sq 
Thompson Sylvester John 

Tripe Dealer, 

Adams Smith, Walker 



Trunk Manufactvirers. 

Berry Allroil, 8G Merrimack 
Mcl/anathan H. L S., 102 Merr 
Mcl-aiiathan S., 56 Merr 
Willoughby G. II., 26 Market 


Cassidy Michael, Gorham 
Eames L., Gor. near Hale's mills 
Haverty John 
Hnll Amos, Central, Chapel Hill 
Roach Michael, h Jefferson 


Goodhue T. P. & I. N., 97 Merr 

Variety Stores. 

Allen Otis L., 68 Merr 
Andrews Theodore, 12 Tilden 
Austin Warren B., 258 Merr 
Bacon John, 2 Bridge 
Bedlow Artemas, Gorham 
Bradford R., 11 Merr 
Chandler Lewis A., Middlesex 
Cheney Lydia W., Arcade b 
Churchill Rodney, 11 Tilden 
Cochrine M. H.,'ll4 Merr 
Coffery Wm., E Merr 
Cooper Harriet, 6 John 
Cram J. T., 23 Merr 
Crary Nathan F., 140 Merr 
Curtis Wm. W., 248 Merr 
Gushing Mary, 196 Merr 
Dopp Joseph, Arcade b 
Durant N., cor Howe & Davidson 
Duren Dorothy, Middlesex 
Emerson D. G., Middlesex 
French Hannah, 274 Merr 
Gale Julius C, Bridge 
Gordon Ellen, 5 Merr 
Gove Ezra C, 15 Suffolk 
Gove Luke, 6 Tilden 
Hadley Ebenezer, Tilden 
Harding Benja., Merr 
Hastings Elias, 8 John 
Hay Henry, Market 
Howard Spalding, Tilden 
Kellett Elizabeth, 6 E. Merr 
Knowles Emeline,cor Thon & Gor 
Livingston James H., E Merr 
Lovering Lucy, 6 John 
Maynard Caleb J. W., 76 Merr 
McCann Robert, Market 
Melvin John B., 286 xMerr 
Merrill Lowell G., 184 Merr 
Moody Lewis P., 19 Merr 
Mowry N. B., 3 Merr 
O'Connor John, Central 

Osgood Charles, 23 Bridge 
Paddock Lefla, 192 Merr 
Polechio Julio, Moody 
Priest II. W., 1 Tilden 
Prike W., 282 Merr 
Putney John, E Merr 
Reynolds Mary, Howe 
Rowe Geo. W., 7 John 
Smith Richard, 198 Merr 
Stone Salmon, 121 Central 
Thompson Mary E., Middle 
Wood Lorenzo, 81 Central 
Wood Lydia, 93 Central 
Williams Henry L., 71 Central 

W, I. Goods &> Groceries. 

Ahern & Purcell, Lowell 
Aiken B. F., cor Cen & Warren 
Ames John, cor Merr & Suffolk 
Amsden Abel, cor Race «fe Dodge 
Bailey H., cor Fletcher «fc Adams 
Bancroft Selwin, Market 
Bowers Geo., cor School & Pau't 
Brown Isaac B., cor Merr & Suff 
Bathe Richard, Suffolk 
Buttrick & Co., Market 
Churchill Charles, Moody 
Churchill Wm., Gray's b.. Church 
Coburn Franklin, cor Mar & Cen 
Colburn Geo. W., 42 Central 
Colby &. Runels, cor Merr & Race 
Colcord Wm., Market 
Crowley John, Lowell 
Dartt & Howe, ftlarket 
Dougherty Wm., Lowell 
Downing Thomas, Lowell • 
Dudley & Co., 38 Central 
Eaton Job S., Cabot 
Eaton & Jewett, Merr 
Elliott G. P., cor Mid & Shattuck 
Fannon & Gately, Lowell 
Fisher W. A., Middlesex 
Frye & Young, cor Mar & Shat 
Goddard Benja., Middlesex 
Harnden Henry, Andover 
Heeren John, Lowell 
Hickson Henry, Fenwick 
Hildreth Dexter, Howe 
Hoare Michael, Lowell 
Holden B. F. & Co., 98 Central 
Hunt Solomon, Lowell 
Jameson Thom., cor Cen «& Union 
Jenness Jacob, E Merr 
Kenney «fc White,cor Mid'x &So'h 
Kiely Lawrence, Lowell 
Lillie & Cheney, 230 Merr 
Lynch Joseph W., Lowell 
Maguire Daniel, Lowell 



Mahon Owen, Gorliam i 

McAiuilty John, 3 Hurd 
McCarty John, Middle 
McGurk Patrick, cor Low & Jeff 
McLaughlin & Conlan, Lowell 
Morrill Cyrus K., cor John & Mer 
Murphy Daniel, Dummer 
Murphy Patrick, 11 Lewis 
Nichols & Co., cor Cen & Green 
O'Sullivan Eugene, Lowell 
Page Lemuel, 3 Appleton bl 
Page Simon B., 178 Merr 
Patterson James O., 43 Church 
Pierce Milo, 90 Central 
Plympton J. D., cor Mer & Wor'n 
Puffer & Wait, cor Cen & Gor 
Rann Ann, E Merr 
Russ C. B., cor Howe ^ E Merr 
Sheridan Owen, Gorham 
Sheridan Terence, Lowell 
Smith H. & Co., 54 Church 
Spalding & Co., Thorndike 
Spalding & Perkins, Middlesex 
Tapley Joseph, cor Prescott«fe Mer 
Watson Benja., 125 Central 
Waugh & Nealley, Lowell 
Webster Alvah, Middlesex 

Wheeler Albert, Tilden 
Whitney Geo. L., Merr 
Wilkins & Co., Lowell opp Adams 
Willis Wm., cor Mid'x & Jackson 
Wilson John, 256 Merr 
Wood & Hemenway, Central 
Workingmen's Protective Union, 

Division No. 11, Market. No. 

16, cor South & Middlesex. No. 

64, cor Fletcher & Adams 
Worth John 2d, Cen, Chap Hill 
Worthen E. B., 180 Merr 


Bachelder Asahel G., Howard 
Barry Daniel, Pautucket 
Jenkins Joel, Arch 
Kidder Abram F., Hale's mills 
Wilder Solon F., Lowell 

"Wliip Manufacturers. 

Barnes Thomas J., 52 Central 
Tabor Luther, Market 


Greenleaf«fc Dinsmoore, Prescott 
Shepherd Isaac, Liberty 




James B. Francis, Cyril French, James H. B. Ayer, 
Daniel D. Crombie, Daniel Carter, George Brownell, 
Arteraas L. Brooks, Joseph Bedlow. 


John Aiken, President, 

1 — Jesse Huse, Gerry Wilson, John W. Smith, Alfred 
S. Saunders. 

2— William H. Flagg, Ivers Taylor, Isaac S. Morse, 
Ambrose Lawrence. 

3— Alfred Gilman, Elisha Davis, James Dinsmoor, 
Andrew C. Wheelock. 

4 — Nathaniel B. Favor, Caleb Crosby, Elizur Wright, 
Waldo A. Fisher. 

5— Maynard Bragg, Joshua Decatur, Abram T. Melvin, 
W. W. Morse. 

6 — William Lamson, Jeremiah M. Currier, George S. 
Wright, John Aiken. 


Ward 1. Warden, Nathan F. Crafts ; Clerk, John Wil- 
son Jr. ; Inspectors, James Watson, Isaac B. Brown, 
Daniel D. Hacket. 

Ward 2. Warden, George Gardner; Clerk, Z. B. 
Caverly ; Inspectors, William H. Gage, George F. Saw- 
tell, Ziba Abbott. 

Ward 3. Warden, William L. North ; Clerk, H. L. 
C. Newton ; Inspectors, Nathan M. Wright, Benj. C. 
Sargeant, William Twitchell. 

Ward 4. Warden, William H. Turner; Clerk, Elkan- 
ah F. Bean ; Inspectors, John C. Jepson, John Buttrick, 
Joseph Woodbury. 

Ward 5. Warden, Maynard Bragg ; Clerk, James J. 
Maguire ; Inspectors, Hezekiah Hutchinson, Jeremiah 
Clark, Christopher Whitman. 


Ward 6. Warden, Christopher Morgan ; Clerk, Geo. 
W. Jones ; Inspectors, Stephen P. Sargent, Jonathan 
Johnson, Albert D. Canfield. 

City Clerk, Thomas Ordway. 

Clerk of Common Council, George A. Butterfield. 

City Solicitor, Seth Ames. 

City Treasurer and Collector, Itharaar A. Beard. 

Superintendent of Streets, Abiel Rolfe. 

Superintendent of Burials, Abner H. Brown. 

City Physician, Abner H. Brown. 

City Marshal, George P. Waldron. 

Messenger to the City Council, Daniel G. Greenleaf. 

Assessors, . 

Auditor, George A. Butterfield. 

Superintendent of City Scales, Benjamin Mather. 

Superintendent of the Market, Alonzo Hunt. 

Superintendent of the Alms House, John Frye. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures, Oliver A. Richardson. 

Pound Keeper, Reuben Butterfield. 

City Crier, George Teel. 

Measurers of Plastering and Painting, William Wade, 
Hazen Eliott, Abner Frost. 

Measurers of Wood and Bark, J. H. B. Ayer, William 
Wade, Hazen Elliott, Artemas Holden, Seth Chellis, Ja- 
cob Carlton, Stephen Carlton, Abner Frost, Holland 

Measurer of Upper Leather, Nathaniel Morrison. 

Surveyors of Lumber, J, H. B. Ayer, Lewis Howard, 
Stephen Carlton, Abner Frost, E. F. Bean, J. Carlton, 
Paul Holt, David W. Grimes, Cornelius H. Norcross, 
Shadrach R. Brackett, Josiah A. Sawtell, W. P. Crosby 

Surveyors of Highways, Josiah B. French, James B. 
Francis, Daniel Carter. 

Fence Viewers, Elisha Davis, Simeon Moors, Jeroboam 

Overseers of the Poor, The Mayor, Aldermen Ayer 
and Carter; Messrs. Huse, Lawrence, Davis, E. Wright, 
Bragg and Lamson of the Council. 

Watchmen. Benjamin G. Mooney, Captain; Lyman 
Freeman, James S. Hancock, Oliver Moulton, David 
Morrison, Nathaniel Morrison, Eben. H. Rand, George 
W. Sanborn, William H. Mitchell, Warren Seaver, Hen- 
ry Kincaid, Theophilus C. Blaisdell, Enoch R. Blair, 
Calvin T. Chamberlain, A. B. Mussey, Barruck C.Floyd, 
William B. Crowell, John L. Blood. 


Watchmen not -paid by the City. Moses Jewett, Zebu- 
Ion N. Doe, Benjamin Stickney, Moses Sias, Edwin F. 
Sanborn, Harvey Pulsifer, William Lamson. 

Tythingmen^ George P. Waldron, Zaccheus Shed, 
Benj. G. Mooney, Lyman Freeman, Samuel Miller, 
Abijah Sanderson, Nathaniel Morrison, Henry Kincaid, 
Enoch R. Blair, Theophilus C. Blaisdell, Elihu H. Rand, 
Benj. N. Stuart, Paul Hills, Joshua Decatur, Charles M. 
Short, Stephen Castles, Cyrus H. Coburn. 

Field Drivers. Simeon Moors, Emerson Melvin, Dan- 
iel G. Greenleaf, Samuel Fletcher, William P. B. Blair, 
Reuben Tarbell, Daniel Barry, Manasseh Dunham. 

Inspectors of Bale or Bundle Hay. Benjamin Mather, 
J. H. B. Ayer. 

Directors of City School Library., The Mayor and Pres- 
ident of the Common Council, ex officiis ; Elisha Hun- 
tington, Benj. F. French, John W. Graves, Ithamar W. 
Beard, Emory Washburn. 


Ward 1, Mechanics' Building, Dutton. Ward 2, Mid- 
dle street. Ward 3, Church street. Ward 4, South 
street. Ward 5, Engine house, Worthen. Ward 6, cor- 
ner Merrimack and Race. 


(The Mayor and Aldermen, ex officiis.) 

Ward 1, Abner H. Brown. Ward 2, Stedman W. 

Hanks. Ward 3, Ephraim B. Patch. Ward 4, Ithamar 

W. Beard. Ward 5, Wm. H. Brewster. Ward 6, Wil- 

lard Child. 


Abner H. Brown of the High School, and of Primary 
schools Nos. 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 24, 27, 29 and 3L 

Stedman W. Hanks of Grammar schools Nos. 7 and 8, 
and of Primary schools Nos. 13, 14, 25, 35, 37 and 41. 

Ephraim B. Patch of Grammar schools Nos. 1 and 3, 
and of Primary schools Nos. 4, 9, 18, 19, 20 and 30. 

Ithamar W. Beard of Grammar schools Nos. 4 and 9, 
and of Primary schools Nos. 17, 28, 33, 34, 39 and 42. 

William H. Brewster of Grammar school No. 5, and of 
Primary schools Nos. 2, 8, 11, 15, 21, 22, 26, 32 and 40. 


Willard Child of Grammar schools Nos. 2 and 6, and 
of Primary schools Nos. 10, 12, 16, 23, 36 and 38. 


High School, — Kirk and Ann streets. Principal of 
the Male Department^ C. C. Chase. Principal of the Fe- 
male Department, Susan E. Burdick. Jlssistant Teacher, 
Martha F. McKovvr^. Teacher of Mathematics, James S. 
Russell. Teacher of the Languages, David C. Scobey. 
Teacher of French, Edward H. Viau. Teacher of Vocal 
Music, Laac N. Metcalf. Teacher of Penmanship and 
Book-keeping, Charles H. Farnsworth. 

Grammar Schools. No. 1, South street. Principal, 
Perley Balch. Assistants, Adelaide A. Morgan, Sarah 
E. Boyden, Sarah B. Jackman. Teacher of Vocal Music, 
Lyman Heath. Writing Master, A. B. Wilcox. 

No 2, Lowell st. Principal, John P. Fiske. Assist- 
ants, Abby R. Clark, Julia M. Fletcher, M. E. Pike 
Teacher of Vocal Music, I. N. Metcalf. Writing Master. 
J. B. Giles. 

No. 3, So,uth street. Principal, Jonathan Kimball. 
Assistants, J. Ordway, T. Haywood, E. D. Pope. Teach- 
er of Vocal Music, Lyman Heath. Writing Master, A. 
B. Wilcox. 

No. 4, Middlesex street. Principal, E. W. Young. 
Assistants, E. T. Wright, E. J. Butterfield, M. A. Carl- 
ton. Teacher of Vocal Music, Lyman Heath. Writing 
Master, J. M. McCoy. 

No. 5, Lewis street. Principal, G. W. Shattuck. ^5- 
sistants, S. E. Tapley, J. E. Marsh, E. D. Tapley. Teach- 
er of Vocal Music, I. N. Metcalf. Writing Master, Benj. 

No 6, Lowell street. Principal, Otis H. Morrill. As- 
sistants, S. A. Weiherbee, S. S. Bridge, S. P. Wetherbee. 
Teacher of Vocal Music, L N. Metcalf. Writing Master, 
J. B. Giles. 

No. 7, East Merrimack street. Principal, Seth Pooler. 
Assistants, Ephraim Brown, Olivia P. Eastman, L. M. 
Vaile. Teacher of Vocal Music, I. N. Metcalf. Writing 
Master, Benjamin Walker. 

No. 8, Middle street. i'rmcz/JoZ, Charles Morrill. As- 
sistants, Alonzo Leland, N. H, Green, S. E. Crombie. 
Teacher of Vocal Music, Lyman Heath. Writing Master, 

J. M. McCoy. 






9, Lawrence st. (C 

olburn School). Principal, 


Walker, Jr. Jlssistants, Elizabeth Clement, Mary 

E. Fie 

teller, Mary P. Norton. Teacher of Vucat Music, 


I Heath. IVriting Master, W. C. Spalding. 





No. 1. 

— Middle street, 

Angeline M. Cudworth. 


—School street, 

Elizabeth Fuller. 


—Paige street. 

Mary F. Morgan. 


— Centre street. 

Emily G. Woodward. 


—Hamilton corp. 

Hannah C. Kittredge. 


—Hamilton corp. 



—Hamilton corp. 

Susan Soule. 


—Mechanic street, 

Mary A. B. Pierce. 


— Church street, 

Susan E. Boyden. 


—Race street. 

Martha A. Neal. 


— Lewis street. 

Jane M. Dennahy. 


— Tilden street, 

Eliza Merriam. 


—E. Merrimack street 

Mary Gillis. 


— Andover street, 

Ruth E. Stuart 


—Adams street. 

Sarah A. Wheeler. 


— Cabot street, 

Mary A. McCluer 


—Middlesex street. 

Caroline M. Peabody. 


—Central street, 

Delia M. Young. 


—Charles street, 

Sarah A. Barr. 


— Carter street, 

Harriet N. Mansur. 


— Lewis street. 

Catherine Callaghan. 


—Adams street. 

Ann Friell. 


—Tilden street 

Martha A. Merrill. 


—Middle street. 

Harriet A. Dow. 


— Chestnut street, 

Sarah S. Priest. 


— Lowell street, 

Mary A. Peabody. 


—Church street, 

Sarah A. Chase. 


— Grand street, 

Emily M. Warren. 


-Middle street. 

Philena D. Fuller. 


— Mill street, 

Eliza A. Noyes. 


—Lowell street, 

Sarah L. Gates. 


—Adams street, 

Caroline Hale. 


— Lawrence street. 

Adelia S. Gates. 


—Middlesex street, 

Ann M. Dennis. 


— E. Merrimack street 

Aurelia L. Howe. 


— Moody street, 

Lorenzo Haynes. 


37.— Fayette street, Harriet Bradley. 

38.— Cabot street, Elizabeth Willingford. 

39. — Charles street, Alice Stevens. 

40. — Rock street, Samantha Wood. 

41. — Fayette street, S. P. Feaslee. 

42. — Lawrence street, Joanna E. Dane. 


Merrimack Manvfacturing Company. Incorporated in 
1822 ; capital, $2,000,000. Number of Mills 6, and Print 
Works. Number of spindles, 67,965 ; looms, 1,920. Fe- 
males employed, 1,600; males, 645. Agent, Emory 
Washburn. Supt. Print Works, John D. Prince. 

Hamilton Manvfacturing Company. Incorporated in 
1825; capital, $1,200,000. Number of Mills 4, and Print 
Works. Number of spindles, 36,094; looms, 1,086. Fe- 
males employed, 894 ; males, 267. Jigent, John Avery. 
Supt. of Print Works, William Spencer. 

Appleton Company. Incorporated in 1828; capital, 
$600,000. Number of Mills, 2; number of spindles, 
17,920; looms, 600. Females employed, 400; males, 
120. Agent, George Motley. 

Lowell Manvfacturing Company. Incorporated in 1828, 
capital, $900,000. Number of Mills, 2— one carpet and 
one cotton. Number of spindles, 3,400 wool, and 7,142 
cotton ; looms, 220 cotton and 51 carpet. Females em- 
ployed, 550 ; males, 225. Agent, Alexander Wright. 

Middlesex Company. Incorporated in 1830 ; capital, 
$1,000,000. Number of Mills, 4, and 3 dye houses; 
number of spindles, 16,340; looms, 45 Broadcloth, 375 
Cassimere. Females employed, 930 ; males, 820. Agent, 
Oliver H. Perry. 

Suffolk Manvfacturing Company. Incorporated in 1830; 
capital, $600,000. Number of Mills, 2 ; number of spin- 
dles, 14,448 ; looms, 488. Females employed, 400; males, 
100. Agent, John Wright. 

Tremont Mills. Incorporated in 1830; capital, $600,- 
000. Number of Mills, 2 ; number of spindles, 14,560; 
looms, 517. Femalesemployed, 400; males, 100. Agent, 
Charles L. Tilden. 

Lawrence Manufacturing Company. Incorporated in 
1830; capital, $1,500,000. Number of Mills, 5; num- 
ber of spindles, 44,800; looms, 1,260. Females em- 
ployed, 1,200 ; males, 200. Agent, John Aiken. 



LotcelL BIp.achery. Incorporated in 1832 ; capital, 
$210,000. Number of Females employed, 20 j. males, 
200. .^gent, Charles A. Babcock. 

Doott Cotton Mills. Incorporated in 1835 ; capital, 
$1,200,000. Number of Mills, 5; number of spindles, 
41,712; looms, 1,338. ^^en^ Linus Child. 

Massachusetts Cotton Mills. Incorporated in 1839; 
capital, $1,800,000. Number of Mills, 6; number of 
spindles, 45,720; looms, 1,459. Females employed, 
1,250; males, 250. ^^'■c/i/, Joseph White. 

Loicell Machine Shop. Incorporated in 1845 ; capital, 
$600,000. Two shops, smithy and foundry. Number of 
Mules employed, 700. .^gent, "William A. Burke. 


On the Appleton, Bleachery, Machine Shop, Suffolk, 
Lowell and Tremont, week after the last Saturday in 
each month. Boott, week after first Saturday. Hamil- 
ton, week after last Saturday but one. Massachusetts 
and Prescott, week after the third Saturday. Merrimack, 
Saturday before 16th. Middlesex, Friday and Saturday 
after each month. Lawrtnce, second Saturday. 


Chief Engineer, Aaron H. Sherman. 


William Fiske, Fordice Coburn, 

Samuel Horn, Nath'l B. Favor, 

Horace Howard, Jos. M. Bullens, 

Edw. F. Watson, Sam'l W. Brown, 

Engine Companies. 

Garret J. Bradt, 
Daniel Knapp, 
Christ. Morgan, 
Josiah G. Peabody. 



7. D.Crockett, 
gi. Lawrence, 

10. Mazeppa, 

11. Waterwitch, 
12 Trrrent, 


Ames street. 
Boott Corp. 
Warren street. 
Merr. corp. 
Lowell Corp. 
Lawrence corp. 
Fayette street. 
Worthen street. 
Midd'x street. 

Jonathan Page, 
Geo. F. Sawtell, 
Leonard Brown. 
James Watson. 
James Adams. 
Daniel Eaton. 
Weare Clifford. 
Lucius A. Cutler. 
Adam C. Holt. 

BANKS. 245 

13. Washington, 55 Mass. corp. B. J. MerriU. 

14. Deluge, 55 L Bleachery. Andr'w Leighton. 
City Hose, No. 1 10 Warren street. Daniel Kimball. 
H. &. L. Co. 50 Middle street. M. E. Philbrick. 
Protection Co. 50 Market House. Stephen Carlton. 

Total,— 13 engineers; 743 firemen; 11 engines be- 
longing to the Department. Nos. 5, 6 and 8 are not in 
use. Total amount of leading hose in the city, 17,156 
feet ; suction hose, 260 feet. The firemen are paid at the 
rate of twenty cents per hour, for every hour they are 
actually engaged at fires or alarms. 

Fifth Regiment, 3d Brigade, 2d Division, M. V. M. 
Company C. Company D. 

Lowell Mechanic Phalanx. Lowell City Guards. 
Captain, J. L. Huntress. Captain, George F. Sawtell. 
1st Lieut. T. G. Tweed. 1st Lieut. Swan L. Lezure. 
2d do. T. G. Farmer. 2d do. H. A. Sargent. 
3d do. John Billings. 3d do. Nathl P. Melvin. 
4th do. Leonard Brown. 4th do. Benj. P. Tvviss. 


Lowell Daily Journal and Courier — office. Wade's 
Building, corner of (Central and Hurd. Published by 
James Atkinson. John H. Warland assistant editor. 

Lowell Weekly Journal and Courier — office, publisher 
and associate editor, the same as the Daily Courier. 

Lowell Advertiser^ tri-weeUly; published on Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays. Office, Spaulding's Building, 
Central. Fisher A Hildreth, editor and proprietor. 

Loioell Patriot and Republican^ weekly ; office and 
editor, same as the Advertiser. 

Tox Populij weekly; office, 21 Central. S. J. Varney, 

.Vejo England Offerings monthly ; published by T. AV. 
Harris, 23 Central. Harriet Farley, editor. 


The Lowell Bank, the Lowell Institution for Savings, 
and the Railroad Bank are in the Savings Bank Building, 

246 BANKS, 

near the City Hall. The Appleton Bank and the City 
Institution for Savings are at the corner of Central and 
Hurd streets. 

Lowell Bank. Incorporated in 1828; capital, $250,- 
000. Nathaniel Wright, President; David Hyde, Cash, 
itr ; Win. B. Ordvvay, Clerk. Directors, Joshua Ben- 
nett, G. H. CarJeton, John O. Green, Stephen Cushing, 
Thomas Nesmith, Cyril French, Harlin Pillsbury, James 
G. Carney, Nathaniel Wright. Discount Days^ Mondays 
and Thursdays. 

Lowell Institution for Savings. Incorporated in 
1820. President, Theodore Edson ; Vice Presidents, John 
O. Green, Elisha Huntington, John Aiken ; Triistees, 
Cyril French, Thomas Ordway, George H. Carleton, 
Amos Blanchard, John Avery, Lemuel Porter, Samuel L. 
Dana, Seth Ames, Emory Washburn. Treasurer, James 
G. Carney. 

Office in Savings Bank Building, open Tuesday, 
Thursday and Saturday afternoon and evening. 

Railroad Bank. Incorporated in 1831 ; capital, 
$600,000. Benjamin F. French, President; S. W. Stick- 
ney, Cashier; Artemas S. Tyler, Clerk; John Aiken, 
Seth Ames, Homer Bartlett, Linus Child, David Dana, 
Charles Hovey, Sevvall G. Mack, Emory SVashburn, Di- 

Discount Days, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Applkton Bank. Incorporated in 1847; capital, $100,- 
000. President, John A. Knowles ; Cashier, John A. 
Buttrick ; Clerk, Charles A. Sherman. Directors, Joiin 
A. Knowles, Sidney Spalding, J. B French, A. W. But- 
trick, Isaac Farrington, Ransom Reed,^ J. W. Graves, 
George Bragdon, John Nesmith. Discount Days, Tues- 
days and Fridays. 

City Institution for Savings. Incorporated in 
1848. President, Henry A. Miles ; Vice Presidents, U. 
C. Burnap, D. C. Eddy; Trustees, Jonathan Tyler, 
Aaron Mansur, John Nesmith, Oliver M. Whipple, Ste- 
phen Mansur, William Livingston, Horace Howard, John 
Mixer, J. B. French, Thomas Hopkinson, Abner W. But- 
trick, Charles H. Wilder. Treasurer, John A. Buttrick. 
Offices in Appleton Block, open every afternoon (Sunday 
excepted) and Thursday and Saturday evenings. 



Mtna Fire Insurance Co., (Hartford, Conn.) Alanson 
J. Richmond, Agent, 

Bay State Mutual Fire Insurance Co.^ (Chelsea, Mass.) 
Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Camden Insurance Co., (New Jersey.) Jonathan Ladd, 

"Chelsea Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Chelsea, Mass) 
Jonatlian Ladd, Agent. 

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., (Hartford.) B. 
W. Poor, Agent. 

Eagle Life and Health Insurance Co., (New York.) E. 
D. Leavitt, Agent. 

Equitable Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Concord, N. H.) 
Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Georgetown, 
Mass.) Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Hartford Fire Insurance Co., (Hartford, Conn.) Alan- 
son J. Richmond, Agent. 

Holyoke Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Salem, Mass.) 
Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Howard Fire Insurance Co., (Lowell.) Oliver M. Whip- 
ple, President; Frederick Parker, Secretary. 

Lowell Health Insurance Co. Elisha Huntington, Pre- 
sident; Frederick Parker, Secretary. 

Loicell Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Horace Howard, 
President . Isaac S, Morse, Secretary. 

Loicell Traders' and Mechanics' Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co. Thomas Hopkinson, President; James Dinsmoor, 

Marblehead Mutual Fire Insurance Co. William II. 
Stearns, Agent. 

Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Andover, Ms.) 
Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Concord, Mass.) 
Joel Adams, Agent. 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co., (New York.) Josh- 
ua Merrill, Agent. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co.ofJVew York. Oliver March, 

jYdtional Loan Fund Life Assurance Society, (London.) 
Frederick Parker, Agent. 

New England Life Insurance Co., (Boston.) S. W. 
Stick ney. Agent. 


CHURCHES AND PASTORS. England Mutual Fire Insurance Co.^ (Concord, 
N. H.) Jonatlian Ladd, Agent. 

Peoples' Equitable Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Taunton, 
Mass.) Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Peoples' Mutual Insurance Co., (Boston.) Jonathan 
Ladd, Agent. 

Portsmouth Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (N. H.) Oliver 
March, Agent. 

Protection Fire Insurance Co., (Hartford.) A. J. Rich- 
mond, Agent. 

Rockingham Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Exe- 
ter, N. H.) Benjamin Dean, Jr., Agent. 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co., (Worcester.) Wm. 
P. Webster, Agent. 

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co , (Concord, N. H.) 
Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co., (Boston.) Frederick 
Parker, Agent. 


Episcopal Church, (St. Anne's,) Merrimack — organized 
in 1824. Theodore Edson, D. D., Rector. 

First Baptist Church, corner of Church and George — 
organized in 1826. Daniel C. Eddy, Pastor. 

First Congregational Church, Merrimack — organized in 
1826. Willard Child, D. D , Pastor. 

First Universalist Church, corner of Central and Green 
— organized in 1826. Uriah A. Clark, Pastor. 

First Methodist Episcopal Church, (St. Paul's,) Hurd— 
organized in 1827. Alonzo A. Willets, Pastor. 

.ippleton Street Church, (Congregationalist,) corner of 
Appleton and Davis— organized in 1830. Uzziah C. Bur- 
nap, Pastor. 

South Congregational Church, (Unitarian,) Merrimack 
— organized in 1830. Henry A. Miles, Pastor. 

Worthcn Street Baptist C'/twrcA— organized in 1830. — 
Lemuel Porter, Pastor. 

First Roman Catholic Church, (St. Peter's,) Fenwick — 
organized in 1831. Alanson Tucker, Priest. 

Second Mtthodist Episcopal Church, Worthen— organ- 
ized in 1832. Jacob Savage, Pastor. 

First Freewill Baptist Church, hall in Welles' Block, 
corner of Merrimack and Kirk— organized in 1834. Si- 
las Curtis, Pastor. 


Second Universalist Churchy corner of Market and Shat- 
tuck — organized in 1836. L. B. Mason, Pastor. 

Jokn Street Congregational Church, —organized in 1840. 
Stedman W. Hanks, Pastor. • 

Third Baptist Churchy John— organized in 1840. James 
H. Duncan, Pastor. 

Second Roman Catholic Churchy (St. Peter's,) corner of 
Gorham and Appleton— organized in 1841. Peter Crud- 
den. Priest. 

First Wesleyan Methodist Church., Prescott — organized 
in 1843. Merritt Bates, Pastor. 

Second Wesleyan Methodist Church., Merrimack House 
Hall — organized in 1843. Wm. H. Brewster, Pastor. 

Third Universalist Church, corner of Merrimack and 
Central— organized in 1844. L. J. Fletcher, Pastor. 

JVtio Jerusalem Church, (Swedenborgian,) — organized 

in 1844. , Pastor. Meet every Sabbath P. M. 

in the vestry of the South Congregational Church, Mer- 

Fourth Congregational Church, Kirk — organized in 1845. 
Amos Blanchard, Pastor. 

Fifth Congregational Church, corner of High and East 
^lerrimack— organized in 1846. Joseph H. Towne, Pas- 

Church of the Pilgrims, (Unitarian,) Mechanics' Hall — 
organized in 1846. William Barry, Pastor. 

Third Roman Catholic Church, corner of Lowell and 
Suffolk — organized in 1847. Jas. T. McDermott, Pastor. 

Ministry at Large, Hamilton Chapel, Middlesex— or- 
ganized in 1844. Horatio Wood, Minister. Office, (east 
door) open every day from 8 to 9 and from 4 to 5. 


The population of that part of Chelmsford now inclu- 
ded in the boundaries of Lowell, was, in 1820, 200. The 
population of Lowell in 1826, when it was incorporated, 
was about 2,300. 

In 1828, ...3532. 
1830,.... 4085. 
1832,... 10254. 

In 1833,... 12363. In 1840,. ..20796 

1836,... 17633. 
1837,... 18010. 

1844,... 25163. 
1846,... 291 27. 




Governor — George N. Brigfrs, of Pittsfield. 

Lieutenant Governor — J^hn Reed, of Yarmouth. 

Secretary of the Commonwealth — William B. Calhoun. 

Treasurer and Receiver General — Ebenezer Bradbury. 

Senators of Middlesex— Tappan Wentworth, Lowell ; 
A. H. Nelson, Woburn ; John Sargent, Cambridge ; John 
S. Keyes, Concord; Hobart Spencer, Ashby ; Chester 
Adams, Natick. 

Representatives of Lowell— James Adams, Homer Bart- 
lett, Samuel Burbank, George Brownell, H. G. F. Cor- 
liss, Joseph Locke, Stephen Moar, Horace Parmenter, 
Ransom Reed. 


Supreme Jddicial Court, Law Term. — At Cam- 
bridge, on the third Tuesday next after the fourth Tues- 
day in September. 

Nisi Prius Term. At Lowell, on the second Tues- 
day in April. 

Court of Common Pleas. At Concord, on the sec- 
ond Monday in March and June. At Lowell, on the first 
Monday in September. At Cambridge, on the second 
Monday in December. 

Criminal. — At Concord, on the fourth Monday in June. 
At Lowell, on the third Monday in October. At Cam- 
bridge on the second Monday in February. 

Probate Courts. At Cambridge, on the second Tues- 
day of January and June ; on the third Tuesdays of 
March, May, November and December ; on the first 
Tuesday of September, and on the second Tuesday of 
October. At Concord on the second Tuesdays of Feb- 
ruary, April, August and November. At Charlestown, 
on the third Tuesdays of February and August. At 
Framingham, on the last Tuesdays of June and October. 
At Groton, on the first Tuesday of May and November. 
At Lowell, on the first Tuesdays of March, June and 
December, and on the third Tuesday of September. At 
Woburn, on the fourth Tuesday of April. 

Police Court of Lowell. Nathan Crosby, Justice ; Joel 
Adams, Special Justice. This court sits every other Hon- 


day for the entry and irial of civil cases, and every day, 
Sundays excepted, for the trial of criminal causes. Court 
Room, over City Market. 


Judge of Probates^ Samuel P. P. Fay, Cambridge. 

Register of Probates, Isaac Fiske, Weston. 

Register of Deeds, Caleb Hayden, E. Cambridge. 

County Treasurer, Stedman Buttrick, Concord. 

Cltrk of Courts, Eiias Phinnej', Lexington. 

Assistant Clerk, Marshal Preston, Billerica. 

County Commissioners, Josiah Adams, Framingham, 
Chairman; Joshua Swan, Lowell; Ebenezer Barker, 

Special Commissioners, Charles Tower, Stow ; Luke 
Wellington, Ashby. 

Time and -places of Meeting. At Cambridge, on the 
first Tuesday of January, and at Concord on the first 
Tuesdays of June and September. 

Commissioners to qualify civil officers in Lowell. John 
W. Graves, William Livingston, Joseph Locke, Nathan- 
iel Wright. 

Justices throughout the Commonwealth, in Lowell. John 
Locke, Joseph Locke, Emory Washburn. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum in Loxcell, Josiah G. 
Abbott, Joel Adams, Jefferson Bancroft, Sam'! A. Brown, 
H. G. F. Corliss, Nathan Crosby, John W. Graves, 
Thomas Hopkinson, Elisha Huntington, Joseph Locke, 
Wm. P. Webster. 

Justices of the Peace in Lowell, Julian Abbott, Edwin 
Alger, Seth Ames, John Aiken, John Avery, J. H. B. 
Ayer, Homer Bartlett, John Bennett, Benjamin F, Blood, 
Ithamar A. Beard, Ithamar W. Beard, H G. Blaisdell, 
Alpheus R. Brown, Benj. F. Butler, George A. Butter- 
field, Joseph Butterfield, G. H. Carlelon, R. B. Cav- 
erly, Joshua Converse, Alanson Crane, Samuel L. Dana, 
William Davidson, Benjamin Dean, James Dinsmoor, 
Robins Dinsmore, Asa W. Farr, James K. Fellows, Benj. 
F. French, Josiah B. French, Abram French, Andrew J. 
Gunnison, Jolin A. Knowles, Jonathan Ladd, Samuel 
Lawrence, Rufus Lapham, William Livingston, John G. 
Locke, Stephen Mansur, Abraham Mead, Isaac S. Morse, 
Thomas Ordway, Ephraim B. Patch, Peter Powers, Fred- 
erick Parker, Henry D. Phelps, Bnshrod W. Poor, Daniel 



S. Richardson, William A. Richardson, John P. Robin- 
son, James Russell, Edward F. Sherman, William Smith, 
William F. Smith, Isaac W. Scribner, Samuel W. Stick- 
ney, Joshua Swan, Theodore H. Svveetser, Tappan Went- 
vvorth, Oliver M. Whipple, John Wright, Nathaniel 

Xularies Public in Lowell^ James G. Carney, S. W. 

Coroners in Loicdl^ James Fisher, Josiah B. French, 
Zaccheus Shed. 

Sheriff, Samuel Chandler, Lexington. 

Deputy Sheriffs in Lowell, Jefferson Bancroft, Joseph 
Butterfield, Charles J. Adams. 

Crier uf Courts, Levi Parker, Cambridge. 

Jailers, Abraham P. Sherman, Cambridge ; Samuel 
Staples, Concord ; Samuel Meserve, Lowell. 


John Wright, President ; George Brownell, Vice Presi- 
dent ; Andrew Moody, Secretary; Moses Whittier, Trea- 
surer ; Samuel W. Brown, Landen Adams, Josiah Gates, 
Erastus Douglass, Edward C. Johnson, Jonathan White, 
John W. Smith, Trustees; Samuel Fay, Jr., Jonathan 
Allen, Daniel Bixby, Committee on Relief; Samuel L. 
Dana, Alexander Wright, Daniel Gushing, William A. 
Burke, James B Francis, Committee on Librarij and Read- 
ing Room; John C. Dal ton, Samuel Lawrence, Benj. F. 
French, Alfred Gilman, Joseph M. Bullens, Committee on 
apparatus ; Jesse Huse, Librarian. 


This Association was organized in 1840, by the several 
manufacturing companies in Lowell, for the convenience 
and comfort of persons employed by them respectively, 
when sick. The hospital stands at the corner of Merri- 
mack and Pautucket streets. The charges are $4,00 per 
week for men, and $3,00 for women, if the patients are 
able, they are to pay the superintendent; if not able, the 
corporations from which they go are responsible, and the 
patients are then responsible to the corporations. Rela- 
tives or friends of patients may be admitted to visit them 
from 12 to 1 o'clock on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays 


and Saturdays, and at other times, if necessary, with a 
special permit from one of the Trustees, or from the phy- 
sician or surgeon of the hospital. 

Trustees. — John D. Prince, Chairman ; Chas. L. Til- 
den, Secretary ; Linus Child, Treasurer ; Alex'r Wright, 
William Spencer, George Motley, John Wright, Emory 
Washburn, O. H. Perry, Wm. A. Burke, J. B. Francis, 
Homer Bartlett, John Aiken, John Avery. Physician and 
Superintendent^ Gilman Kimball, M. D. 


O, M, Whipple, President; Charles Hovey, Clerk and 
Treasurer ; David Dana, John C. Dalton, Joshua Merrill, 
Jona. Tyler, John INesmith, U. C. Burnap, Cyril French, 
Geo. H. Carleton, Stephen Cushing, Selwin Bancroft, 
Daniel Cushing, John A. Knowles, Trustees; Luther 
Eames, Superintendent. 


Abijah Watson, President; S. J. Varney, Pufus Rog- 
ers, Vice Presidents ; James Dinsmoor, Corresponding 
Secretary ; Milton Bonney, Recording Secretary and Treus. 

John Aiken, President. 
Directors : 
Ward 1 — Emory Washburn, William Davidson. 
" 2— Benjamin F. French, Linus Child. 
" 3 — Sylvester Melcher, John W. Graves. 
" 4— David Dana, H. Wood. 
« 5— J. C. Dalton, John Mixer. 
" 6— Sewall G. Mack, Elisha Huntington. 
H. Wood, Agent; William Baker, Secretary and TreasW. 

Formed in 1843. 
President, Rev. Henry A. Miles; Directors, William 
Fiske, A. W. Buttrick, Joshua Merrill, Geo. P. Elliott, 
Rev. Wm. Barry ; Secretary and Treasurer, John C. Dal- 
ton, M. D.; Minister at Large, Rev. Horatio Wood. 


Abbreviations, 12 

Advertisements, 1 

Banks, 245 

Business Key, 223 

City Government for 1849, 238 

Churches and Pastors, 248 

Fire Department, 244 

Government of Massachusetts, 250 

Howard Benevolent Society. 253 

Incorporated Companies, 243 

Insurance Companies, 247 

Location of Ward Rooms, 240 

Lowell Cemetery, 253 

Lowell Directory, 22 

Lowell Hospital Association, 252 

Lowell Institute, 253 

Lowell Unitarian Missionary Society, 253 

Middlesex Mechanic Association, 252 

Military, 245 

Newspapers and Periodicals in Lowell, 245 

Pay Days on the Corporations, 244 

Population of Lowell, 249 

Preface 12 

Primary Schools, 242 

Probate Court and County Officers...... ."...251 

Public Schools, 241 

School C om mi ttee, 240 

Sessions of Courts in Middlesex County, 250 

Streets, Courts and Buildings, 13 





Flour and Grain, 
















Grist Mills, 


Bell Hangers, 








Boarding Houses, 






Harness Makers, 


Bobbins and Shuttles, 


Hats and Caps, 


Book Binders, 


Horticultural Seed Store, 


Booksellers and Stationers, 




Boots and Shoes, 


Ice Dealers, 


Botanic Medicines, 


Ink and Blacking, 


Botanic Physicians, 


Intelligence Offices, 


Box Makers, 


Jewelry and Watches, 


Brass Founder, 






Job Wagons, 


Cabinet Makers, 


Leather Dealers, 




Libraries, (Circulating,) 


Card Manufacturers, 


Livery Stables, 


Carpenters and Builders, 


Lock Manufactories, 




Loom Harnesses, 


Carriage Manufacturers, 


Loom Picker Manufac, 


China, Glass, «fec., 




Cigar Maker, 


Machine Shops, 




Marble and Grave Stones, 


Clothing Stores, Tailors, 




Coal and Wood, 




Coffin Warehouses, 






Notaries Public, 








Painters, (house,) 




Painters, (miniature, &c.,) 


Counsellors, Attornies, 


Painters, (sign, &c.,) 




Paints, Oil and Glass, 




Paper Makers, 




Paper Hangings, 


Dry Goods, 




Dyewoods, Drugs, &c., 


Piano Fortes, 




Plane Makers, 


Engineers and Surveyors, 


Powder Manufactory, 










Fish, (Fresh,) 


Pump Makers, 




Reeil Manufacturers, 


Roll Coverers, 


Saw Filers, 

Scale Makers, 

Shawl Printer, 

Silks and Shawls, 


Soap and Candles, 

Soda Manufacturer, 

Stage Offices, 



Stoves and Grates, 235 

Tailoresses, 235 

Teachers of Music, 235 
Tin Plate and Sheet Iron, 235 

Tripe Dealer, 235 

Trunk Manufacturers, 2 

Undertakers, 236 

Upholsterers, 236 

Variety Stores, 236 
W. I. Goods and Groceries, 236 

Wheelwrights, 237 

Whip Manufacturers, 237 

Wireworkers, 237 



Books, stationery, Blank Books, 

Printing arib iDrapping |Japcr, 

Books. I 

Among their assortment may be . 
[found all kinds of School Books | 
I used in Lowell and vicinity. Med- i 
ical and Theological Books of va- 
Irious kinds. Bibles and Testa-! 
I ments. Hymn-bo(^ks, used in dif- | 
ferent religious societies. Aiinu- 
I als, Novels, Toys, and a general as- 
Isortment of Miscellaneous Books, i 
Stationery. ' 

Super Royal, Royal, Demy, Cap, ] 
Pot, Letter and Billet Paper. Steel ' 
Pt ns in great variety ; Uuills ; Ja- I 
[pan, Black, Blue, Dahlia, Indeli- 
ble, and Red Ink ; Sealing Wax, I 
Wafers, Motto wafers; various pat- 
terns of Inkstands ; Letter Stamps; | 
I Folder:^ ; Writing Sand, &c. 

Blank Books. | 

Ledger, Day, Invoice, Journal, 
land Cash Books ; Memorandum, 
iPass and Writing Books. Blank 
jBooks of any description made to j 
lorder at the shortest notice. } 

Paper Hangings. | 

'argest and best selected ! 
K of Paper Hangings in this ; 
consisting of 10,000 Rolls, on \ 
Terent patterns, varying in 
|i.. om 6 cts. to $1,25 per roll. | 

Jt ^.-inting Paper. | 

Royal Printing Paper, Demy, | 

Fancy Colored Printing Paper. — 
Printing Paper of any size and 
quality furnished at short notice. 
A general assortment of Wrap- 
ping and Shoe Papers. 

Fancy Goods. 

Silver Pencils, Back-gammon 
Boards and Men, Dice, Chess Men, 
Razors,Razor Strops, Shaving box 
es, Brushes and Soap, Parchment 
Memcranda, Pocket books, Wal 
lets, Purses, Ivories for Miniatures, 
Sable Brushes, Camel's hair Pen- 
cils, Newman and Osborn's Paints, 
Thermometers, Mezzotinto & pink 
Saucers ; Playing, Conversation, 
fortune-telling and visiting Cards; 
Cloth, Hair and Tooth Brushes, 
&c. All or any of the foregoing 
articles will be sold as low as can 
be purchased in this city. 

For all the most popular Period- 
icals published in the country, and 
subscribers furnished promptly at 
publishers' prices, free of any ex- 
tra expense. 


Moffatt's Pills and Phenix Bit- 
ters, the Persian Pills, Vegetable 
Canker Drops, warranted to cure 
that annoying disease, Canker in 
the mouth.