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18 3 4c 

THE Subscriber would inform his friends and the public, that 
he is appointed agent to receive subscriptions for the Compre- 


ZI5E, and each of the respective Newspapers printed in Lowell. 
He will take an agen>,y for any reputable book or paper that is 
published or that are io, contemplation, at Thomas W. Pres- 
sE?'s store, opposite the American House, CcBtml t irft»=t, i uw- 
cH. BEi\JA*ILN ]''»:>. 


RAJ\D & SOUTH al^iiB, 


















(O' To those who have patronized this part of tlie 
Directory, the author would say, that as yet no refer- 
ence has been made from their names in the Directory 
to their advertisements in this sheet, for the reason that 
few have given sufficient notice. In future, however, 
leferences will, as far as possible, be made; and it is 
hoped that all who may wish to advertise, will send in 
their advertisements or names, at least one month be- 
fore the first of January. 

18 34. 

Lowell Annual Adveriiser. 



^0. 1 Mernmac street, in the Town House, two doors 
west of the Post Office, 
OFP^RS for sale a complete assortment of 
DRUGS & MEDICINES. Physicians supplied 
on the most reasonable terms. — Particular attention 
given to Physician's Prescriptions. Every article, 
used in preparing and compounding, shall always be 
the best the market affords. Medicines put up for 
family use of the very best quality and at fair prices. 
Every article usually found in an apothecary store 
may be found here. Patent Medicines of all kinds, 
Lee's Billious Pills, Dean's Rheumatic Pills, Com- 
pound Chlorine Tooth Wash, Vegetable pulmonary 
Balsam, King's Worm Syrup, Rocking Trusses, &c, 


Medicated and Fancy Lozenges, Quinine, 

Rhubarb, Soda, Opium, Liquorice, Chlorine, Cam- 
phor, Paregoric, Steel, Magnesia, Tolu, Rose, Cin- 
namon, Checkerberry, Sassafras, Peppermint, Gin- 
ger, Lemon, &c. &lc. 


Soda and Rochelle Powders, Seidlitz and 

Saratoga Powders, Fluid Extract of Sassa- 

parilla, Indelible Ink, Lavender and 

Colosrne Water. 

Lowell Annual Advertiser. 



Seasonable Clothing 

f f 

In the Exchange Building, at the corner of 
Merrimac and Central streets. 

NOTICE.— The subscriber informs the 

citizens of Lowell and vicinity, that he has opened 
for sale a general assortment of ready made 


for Gentlemen, under the patronage of Messrs. 
Thomas Whitmarsh & Co. of Boston, long estab- 
lished and well known, as second to none in that 
city ; and invites the public to call and see, and as- 
sures them that he v/ill make every exertion to 
please, and promises that the goods will be sold as 
low, of the same quality, as can be purchased either 
in Lowell or Boston. 

Also, offers a general assortment of Fancy Arti- 
cles, as is usually found in such establishments. 

*^* Purchasers will please to recollect that the 
ASKING price is the LOWEST. 


** This is the spot ; and here you'd better call — 

The Clothing's very good the price is very small.'' 

A Customer. 

Lowell Annual Advertiser. 



India Rubber Garments and Fur 
Capes, viz. 

India Rubber Cloth ... ,75 per yard, 
do. Caps . . . 3,00 each. 

do. Capes , . . 6,00 

do. Coats . . . 12,00 

do. Pant's . ^^ . 3,00 pair, 

do. Pant's with aprons for Bleachers, at 
4,25 per pair. 
^S^Also, India Rubber Cloaks for Ladies. .^JJij 

All the above articles will be sold at the Manufac- 
turer's prices, and are believed from experience, 
perfectly water proof ! Bleachers, and all others much 
exposed to wet, will find it for their interest to call 

tt. Bdwards^ Clothing Store^ 

and examine the articles for themselves. 


Gentlemen's Opera Tippets, Fur Gloves, a 

general assortment of SPLENDID STOCKS, 

NEW PA.TTERNS, and a few Oriental 

Dressing Gowns for Gentlemen. 

Jan. 1st. 1834. 



Water Leveller and Auctioneer, 


Lowell Annual Advertiser. 

I^n. €. HUBBARD, 



Fourth door from Central street, 





iFire Jftamtu, $^t. 

No. 36 Merrimac street. 




Ladies^ and Gentlemen's Dressing Room. 

He takes this method to inform the inhabitants of 
Lowell and vicinity, that he has recently taken and 
fitted up the Shop formerly occupied by L. Turner, 
Jr. in superior style, for the accommodation of all 
who feel disposed to extend to him their patronage. 

{[j^ Particidar alteniion paid to Cutting and 
Curling Ladies^ and Misses^ Hair.^^JJ!^ 

Lowell Annual Advertiser. 

Tin Ware Sf Furnishing Store. 

Brick Block, Merrimac street, between 

the Lowell Bank and the Merrimac House, keeps 
constantly on hand, a general assortment of custom 



Block Tin, polished, japaned and plain Tin 

Ware. Also, Lamps, Lanterns, Coffee Mills, 
Bellows, Brushes, Hollow Ware, Shovels 
and Tongs, Dogs, Flat Irons, 
Fry-Pans, &c. &c. 
N. B. Sheet Iron and Tin Ware, of every descrip- 
tion manufactured and repaired. 


Wlmes^ Terns, Sc. 


Licensed to sell Gun-powder, wholesale & retail. 

Constantly on hand the various qualities for 

blasting &. Sportsmen. 

JVo. 1 Town House, Merrimac St. Lowell. 


Lowell Annual Advertiser, 

SPaniel Modg^man, 

|EALER in Bioadcloths, Cassimeres, Satinetts 
and Vestings, Neck Stocks, Gloves, Suspend- 
ers, Umbrellas and Linen Drapery. 

Keady Made ClotSamg" 

of every description. 


Garments made at short notice and in the most fash- 
ionable style, under the superintendence of 


No. 9, Central Street, opposite Jackson Street. 


( Under the South Church.) 



Fancy Goods. 


Office — Crosby^s buildings 

Central Street, I^owell. 


Lowell Annual Advertiser. 

€tntv^l Tuvitt^ Stortt 

Opposite the American House, Central 
Sti-eef, Lowell, Mass. 


Continues at the old stand, where may be found 
as great a variety of indispensibles and non-essen- 
tials as can be found in the vicinity, — among the 
first are the following : — 

Combs, Bead Bags, Purses, Chains and Beads of all 
sorts and sizes, Calf|kin Pocket Books and Wal- 
letts, Morocco do., Tins and Needles, fine Cut- 
lery, Silver Thimbles, Emery Cushions and 
Stands, Looking Glasses, Razors and 
Straps, old Windsor Soap. 
Fresh Teas & Spices, Sugars, CoflTee, Rice, Choc- 
olate, &c. Foreign and Domestic Fruits ; Con- 
fectionary & Pastry ; Pound & Wedding Cake 
constantly on hand or made to order, together 
with a great variety of fancy articles, French 
and German Toys, French & China Bas- 
kets, and a great assortment of other 
articles. OC/^The public are respect- 
fully invited to call and see. 
Lowell, January 1, 1834. 



English Lozenges of the best quality ; 

Toys fy Trimmings for Wedding Cake. 

Manvfacturcd on Central Street, 

Three doors north of the .American House. 

Lowell Annual Advertiser. 

NO. 48, 




JI*o. 17 SjOweU §t. 


Trunks, Travelling Bags, Whips, &c. 

All of which will be sold at fair prices. 


'^o, 19 Merriaiiac §t. liowell. 

Dealers in 



Lowell Annual Advertiser. 



Of the subscriber, may be had the following 

Selected with great care, and with a single eye to the lover* of 

good Wine and the Sick,~viz : 

— @®®*.- 

Old Madeira Wine, 


« Fort 

F. M. 

" Brown Sherry, 


" Pale 


S. Madeira, 




Champaigne, Joiy's Brand 


" Anchor " 


<«■ Denet. " 

London Farter 




Hobbs^ Building, Lowell Street. 
P. H. 1¥II.I.ARD. 





€^"0. 65 JLoivell St. 

Lowell Annual Advertiser 

2f O. 14, 

•Jflerriniac ^treet^ JLoiveil^ 

Fancy Goods 

wYo. 55, Merrimdc Street, 

Under the South Church, 

Have constantly on hand a beautiful and extensive 

assortmejxt of 

SZTeiilSM, FRB27CH & A.m.^^lCA.^l 


(15^ Which will he sold at very 
JaO^w Prices. 


WEST II^BIA €10©B§5 

Lowell Annual Advertiser, 





Belft©iT§, Brushes, 



Opposite the head of Adams street. 

Under the superintendence of 




TITo. 47 MeiTEinac §t. 

Intends keeping an assortment of LADIES', GEN- 



Also, makes to order every description, of as good 
quality and style as can be obtained elsewhere. 

Lowell Annual Advertiser. 




Choice Faiuilyi Mores 


Central 4^ G or ham Streets, 



At the Office of the 

Livingstones building, Central ^ Gorham sis, 


"The Times," is published Semi-weekly at 

$3,50, Weekly at $2,00 


Watches, Jewelry, Silver Plated 
S^ Mtittmia Wiatm, ^c. 


Lowell Annual Advertiser. 



where may be found constantly on hand a general 

assortment of the best quality and at 

fair prices. 


Has removed from his former stand on Worthen 

Street to Jackson Street, 

Where he intends to keep a large assortment of 


FANCY GO O D S, &c. 


Respectfully inform their friends and the 

public that they have taken a Store on Central 
Street, nearly opposite Jackson street, where they 
have on hand and for sale, a good assortment of 
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Boots & Shoes, 
Of the best quality, and at as fair prices as can be 
obtained at any other place. 



N. B, They likewise manufacture Boots 

& Shoes for customers as usual, and hope 

for a share of the public patronage. 

Lowell Annual Advertiser. 


Ladies' Shoe Store, 


nearly opposite the Stone Church, at the Store for- 
merly occupied by T. J. Baker, where may be found 
an extensive assortment of LADIES' SHOES of 
the first quality and newest style. Particular atten- 
tion paid to manufacturing. 





The subscribers would inform their friends 

and the public that they carry on the 

B^tixiQ J3nuintnu 

in its various branches, viz : 



LA CE VEILS, ^c. S^c. 

Ail Other articles belonging to their line 
Dyed in the best manner. They invite a share of 
the public patronage. All work entrusted to their 
care will be faithfully attended to, and finished in 
the best manner. 


Lowell Annual Advertiser. 



Beautiful tea and dining" WARE, of the latest pat- 
terns and most desirable colors. GLASS 

Elegmnt €himm Teti 'Wtire^ ^c. 

CASTORS, with cut and plain Bottles, KNIVES 

B rittania Wiuvt, 


IManufactured and sold by wholesale & retail, 
at Boston prices. 
Of brass, eight day movements, set up and war- 
ranted correct Time-keepers. 




M esiguer and Mmilder &f 



Boards at Simon Ad avis'. 

Lowell Annual Mvertiser. 

MtxximM 3300^ Stare. 





aSoofes for Sai)6atf) School 3Libtatfes, 

SliigiBig' Book§, 


.Stationary of all Itintis- 

At Boston Prices, wholesale and retail. 


In the best style, 
At Mo. S5 JTIerrimac Street, 

Where the Lowell Observer is Published. 


In Rail Road Bank Building. 



All of which will be sold at the lowest Boston prices, by 


Lowell Annual Advertiser. 



Next door east of S. B. Appleton's Hard Ware Store 
Sign of the Good Samaritan. 

Keeps constantly on hand, a complete as- 
sortment of genuine 
MEDICINES, SPICES, &c. with a great 
variety of FANCY ARTICLES. 

and Family orders personally and strictly attended 
to. Constant attendance and all favors gratefully 













Our friends, we hope, will bear in mind 
that Lowell is still in a very unsettled and 
changeable state, so that to arrange a Di- 
rectory entirely free from errors, and con- 
taining all that might be wished, would not 
be difficult merely, but impossible. The 
Author, however, assures his friends and 
patrons that no pains have been spared to 
free the work from errors, and make it such 
as to meet their wishes. He confidently 
hopes, therefore, that whatever errors may 
be found will be excused. 

The Author tenders his thanks to the cit- 
tizens generally, for their readiness in giv- 
ing the information necessary to the com- 
pletion of the work, and sincerely hopes it 
will meet their approbation. 



Lowell was formerly the North-eastern section 
of the town of Chelmsford, and contains by the act 
of incorporation, four square miles. It is situated at 
the confluence of the Merriraac and Concord rivers ; 
the former of which separates it from Dracut on the 
North ; the latter from Tewksbury on the East. It 
is 25 miles N. W. from Boston, and has grown up 
principally within the last twelve years. It derived 
its name from Francis C. Lowell, Esq., a gentleman 
who early and successfully introduced the manufac- 
ture of Cotton into the United States. By the In- 
dians it was formerly called Wamasit. The great 
water poAver is produced by a canal one mile and a 
half in length, sixty feet wide, and carrying eight 
feet in depth, from its commencement above the 
head of Pawtucket Falls on the Merrimac, to its ter- 
mination in the Concord. The entire fall is 32 feet. 
This hydraulic power is distributed by lateral branch- 


es of the main canal to the various points where it is 
wanted for use, and then discharged into the Merri- 
mac or Concord as the case may be. This immense 
water power, together with a large amount of real es- 
tate, is owned by a company called " The Proprietors 
of Locks and Canals on Merrimac River,''^ with a capi- 
tal of $600,000. They dispose of mill-rights and 
lands as they are wanted. Besides these they have 
a large Machine Shop, in which they manufacture 
machinery, and employ 200 workmen. 

The first Manufacturing Company, in point of age 
as well as capital, is the Merrimac. It has a capital 
of 1,500,000 dollars, with five large brick factories, 
containing 26,000 spindles and ],000 looms. It em- 
ploys from 3 to 400 males, and from 8 to 900 females, 
and uses 5000'bales, or 1,500,000 pounds of cotton 
annually. It manufactures, bleaches and prints 
6,500,000 yards annually. 

The Hamilton Manufacturing Company has a 
capital of 900,000 dollars, three large brick factories, 
containing 16,000 spindles, 500 looms, and employs 
900 operatives, 700 of whom are females. It con- 
sumes about 3,500 bales of cotton, manufactures 
70,000 yards per week, or 3,540,000 yards per annum. 
Two of the mills make twilled goods, the other one 
plain. There are also bleach and print works be- 
longing to this company, in which part of the goods 
are converted into calicoes and fancy articles. 

The Jlppleton Manifacturing Company^ with a 
capital of 500,000 dollars, has two large brick facto- 


ries, containing 9,500 spindles, 350 looms, and em- 
ploys about 60 males and 475 females. It uses about 
1,500,000 pounds of cotton, and manufactures 90,000 
yards per week, or above 4,000,000 a year. 

The Lowell Maniifadiirmg Company, with a cap- 
ital of 600,000 dollars, has one factory for cotton 
goods, containing 4,000 spindles, and 132 looms. 
They use about 1,000,000 pounds of cotton annually, 
and make 42,000 yds. of cloth per week, or 2,184,000 
yds. per annum. These are coarse goods commonly 
called negro cloths. This company has also a car- 
pet factory, in which are made from 3 to 400 yards 
of carpeting weekly. They manufacture the Kid- 
derminster and Brussels carpets, and elegant rugs of 
various kinds and patterns ; all of which are equal if 
not superior to those imported. They employ 175 
males and 200 females in the two establishments. 

The Middlesex Manufacturing Company, with a 
capital of 500,000 dollars, has one factory 7 stories 
high, 158 feet long, and 46 feet wide, in operation, 
containing 2,880 spindles, 64 cassimere looms, 40 
looms for broadcloth ; employs 70 males and 175 fe- 
males ; consumes 300,000 pounds of avooI, and man- 
ufactures 210,000 yards of cassimere, and 75,000 yds. 
of broadcloth, per annum. The two mills operated 
last year, are being repaired. 

The Suffolk Manufacturing- Company, with a cap- 
ital of 450,000 dollars, has two large brick factories, 
containing 10,240 spindles, 352 looms, and employs 


twilled goods in both mills, and uses from 80 to 90 
bales of cotton per week, or 4,160 to 4,680 annually. 

The Tremont Manufacturing Company, with a 
capital of 500,000 dollars, has erected two large fac- 
tories, containing 10,240 spindles and 410 looms, and 
four blocks for boarding houses, each containing 
eight tenements. Shirtings are made in mill No. 1, 
and sheetings in No. 2, both of which are now in full 
operation, and employ about 500 operatives. 

The Lawrence Manufacturing Company, with a 
capital of 1,200,000 dollars, has in full operation two 
mills, running 11,600 spindles, and 330 looms, and 
two more mills of the same capacity, one of which 
will go into operation in a few weeks and the other 
in the ensuing spring. They have also erected 48 
boarding-houses, 40 feet by 25, 3 stories high, all of 
brick, a stone house for the Agent, ample store 
houses, counting-house, and repair shops. Also, a 
press-house, wash-house, dye-house, and bleachery ; 
all which latter are suspended, owing to the modifi- 
cation of the tariff during the last session of Con- 
gress. These works will be converted to paanufac- 
turing purposes, if encouragement is not given to 
warrant their being employed in printing cottons, 
during the ensuing year. 

On Concord River, about one mile from the vil- 
lage, there are Powder works, belonging to Oliver 
M. Whipple, Esq. at which is made powder of a very 
superior quality. 30,000 kegs of 25 lbs. each, are 
made annually. 


The present number of inhabitants in Lowell is 
about twelve thousand, and the village of Belvidere, 
in Tewksbury, contains over a thousand more. This 
village is separated from Lowell by Concord river, 
being directly opposite, and has grown up with it in 
its prosperity ; and by measures recently taken, is 
soon to be annexed and form a part of Lowell. 

There are in Lowell, ten houses for public wor- 
ship, viz. — one Episcopal, two Baptist, three Ortho- 
dox Congregational, one Methodist, one Universal- 
ist, one Roman Catholic, and one Unitarian. Be- 
sides the above named, there are three other relig- 
ious societies, which are not as yet supplied with 
houses of worship, viz. — Reformed Methodist, Free- 
will Baptist and Christ-ian Union. 

Among other advantageathat Lowell possesses as 
a manufacturing town, is the facility of communica- 
tion with Boston, by means of the Middlesex Canal. 
Goods can be put into boats in Boston and landed at 
the doer of the factories ; of course, their manufac- 
tures can be returned in the same way. The Rail 
Road, also, between Lowell and Boston, commen- 
ced about two years since, is now in progress, and 
will soon be completed. But the chief advantage 
is the magnitude and permanency of the water pow- 
er. The present canal is calculated to be sufficient 
for 50 factories of the size of those already erected, 
and there cannot be a doubt but that the Merrimac 
will always supply a sufficient quantity of water for 
their use. 

Abbreviations made use of in this Directory. 

App. for Appleton. 
Carp, for Carpet. 
Cen. for Central. 
Corp. for Corporation. 
Ham. for Hamilton. 
H. for house. 
Law. for Lawrence. 

Low. for Lowell. 
Mer. for Merrimac. 
Sq. for square. 
Suff. for Suffolk. 
St. for street. 
Trem. for Tremont. 
Wid. for widow. 


ABBOT CHARLES, overseer at Lawrence corp. 

h. 25 Race street 
Abbot Ira, at Law. factory, bdd. at Sarah Abbot's 
Abbot John, at repair-shop, bds. at Sarah Abbot's 
Abbot Jonas P. watchman, Merriraac corp. bds. at 4 

Prince street 
Abbot Joshua, mason, bds. at M. Davis', Law. corp. 
Abbot Josiah, student at law with Nath'l Wright, 

bds. at Mrs. Wyllie's 
Abbot Samuel, hostler at King's stable, Mer. st. 
Abbot Sarah, widow, boarding-house Law. corp. 
Abbot Ziba, (Frye ^ A.)h. Fayette street, Belvidere 
Adams Alfred, at Samuel Brown's, 34 Worthen st. 
Adams Alfred, housewright, bds. at Benj. Moore's 
Adams Clark, housewright, bds. at Timothy Bas- 

Adams Edmund, bds. at Peter Trull's, Lowell st. 
Adams Ezra, h. Suffolk corp. 18 Gore street 
Adams James, machinist, boarding-house 1 Carpet 

Adams John, Lowell reading-room, town house, h. 

Adams John, h. Merrimac street, bank block 
Adams John 2d, bricklayer, h. Lewis street 
Adams John R. counsellor, corner AdamS and Low- 
ell streets, bds. at Merrimac house 


Adams John S. housewright, bds. at Jona. Adams' 
Adams Jonathan, at repair-shop, h. 1 Prince street 
Adams Joseph D. (Shackford ^ A.) cellar, Middle 

Adams Joseph R. at Lawrence repair-shop, bds. 27 

Hall street 
Adams Nathan, musical instrument maker, corner 

Chapel street 
Adams Simon, trader, h. Tyler street 
Adams Smith, dresser and seller of tripe, boards at 

Benj. Walker's 
Adams Stephen, at Moore's, Moore street 
Adams Sylvanus, mechanist, boards at James H. B. 

Adams Thomas, stageman, bds. at American House 
Adams Thomas, h. rear of Chapel street Chapel-hill 
Adams Warren, at carpet factory, bds 21 Merrimac 

Ager Nancy, boarding-house, 3 Elliot street Hamil^ 

ton Corp. 
Ager Phenuel B. at Lowell bleach-house, h. Law- 
rence street 
Aird James, carpet weaver, h. 20 Carpet blocks 
Alden Stephen, at Tremont corp. bds. at Timothy 

Aldrich Richard R. housewright, bds. at Mrs. Hunt's 

Worthen street 
Aldrich , Teamster, bds. at E. Hodgeman's, 

Chapel street 
Allen AUston, W. L Goods, Central, cor. of Church 

street, h. Appleton street 
Allen George O. at Mansur & Child's 
Allen Gilbert, housewright, bds. at Reuben Hill's 
Allen John C. printer at Observer Office, h. Low. st. 
Allen (John C.) & Wright [Amos H.) dry goods, Suf- 
folk Square 
Allen Mary, h. Fenwick street 


Allen Otis, [Horn ^- A.) h. rear of Central street 
Alien Otis L. variety store, 41 Merrimac street 
Alexander L. D. machinist, bds. at Jason Phelp's 
Ambrose Charles, teamster, at Joseph Tapley's 

Church street 
Ambrose Thomas, bds. at American House 
Ames Edward, baker at Blood's, Central street 
Ames Elvira, tailoress, bds. at Lydia Colby's, Green 

Ames Nathan, bds. at widow S. Ames 
Ames Sarah, widow, boarding-house, 5 Appleton 

Ames Seth, counsellor. Union buildings. Central st. 

h. Lawrence street. 
Ammidon (Philip, jr.) & Chaplin i^7f7Z/iawi L.) attor- 

nies at law, Central street, Crosby's building, 

bds. at Mrs. Wylie's 
Anderson James, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Turner's, 

Jefferson street 
Anderson Robert, housewright, h. Elm street 
Anderson William, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Tur 

ner's, Jefferson street. 
Andrews Ephraim, machinist, h. between Adams and 

Fenwick street, near Catholic Church 
Annable Martha, dress-maker, cottage buildings, 

Mer. St. bds at Wright's, Merrimac corp. 
Angier Anson, machinist, h. 28 Appleton corp. 
Anthony Isaac, machinist, h. 27 Worthen street 
Anthony Joseph, machinist, h. 3 Button street 
Appleton Mrs. widow of Eben, bds. at Merri- 
mac House 
Appleton Isaac, livery stable, Worthen street, house 

Lowell street 
Appleton (Samuel B. ^ Co.) hard ware, 36 Mer. 

street, h. High street square Belvidere, 
Appleton Samuel, clerk at Ham. Counting room, bds. 

at Merrimac House 



Armor (Harriet) & Dodge (Frances L.) millinery 

and dress-making, Merrimac square, bds. at H. 

Arnold George A. pedlar, bds. at Charles Wilkins', 

South street 
Atherton (Danforth) & Buttrick (Ahner) W. I. 

goods, 1 town house, h. Lawrence street 
Atherton Lucretia, widow, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Atherton Samuel, machinist, h. 16 Prince street 
Atherton Thomas, tailor at Fuller's, bds. at Mrs. 

Turner's, Jefferson street 
Atherton Thomas, machinist, h. 5 Prince street 
Atkinson James V. housewright, h. Appleton street 
Atkinson John B. superintendentof tailoring at San- 
derson & Whipple's, bds. at J. Whipple's 
Atkinson William, at bleach-house, bds. at 8 Prince 

Atkinson William, hat-store Central street, opposite 

American House 
Atwood Horatio, at Tremont corp. boards at 9 Tre- 

Atwood Mehitable, boarding-house, Lowell street 

Hobbs' building 
Austin Asa, cabinet-maker, bds. at Betsy Reed's, 32 

Hamilton corp. 
Austin Henry, teamster, h. Chapel street. 
Austin William, Agent of Lawrence Manufacturing 

Co. stone-house. Hall street, Lawrence corp. 
Averill Clarissa, widow, boarding-house, 21 Suffolk 

Avery Coffin, overseer, h. 5 Jackson st. Ham. corp. 
Avery Eben, stone-layer, bds. at Charles Dodge's, 

Adams street 
Avery Jeremiah, overseer at Hamilton corp. h. 35 

Jackson street 
Avery John, superintendent of Hamilton Manufac- 
turing Co. h. Appleton street 


Avery Solomon, at Apple ton factory, bds. at Nathan 

Avery William R. stone-layer, bds. at Daniel Ste- 

Axley Joseph, carpet- weaver, h. 20 Carpet blocks 

Aver James H. B. surveyor of lumber, h. Lowell st. 

Ayers J. housewright, bds. at Benjamin Robinson's 

BACON CHARLES, machinist, h.7 Dutton street 

swamp locks 
Bacon William, stone-layer, h. 3 Appleton street 
Badger Obadiahj teamster, h. Gorham street 
Bagley Amos, housewright, bJs. at Mrs. Fuller's 

Lewis street 
Bailey Gardner,at bobbin shop, boards at Bosworth's, 

Worthen street 
Bailey H. overseer at Hamilton factory, h. 2 Jack- 
son street Hamilton corp. 
Bailey Henry, machinist, bds. at 5 Dutton street 
Bailey James M. clerk at Ai Rollins, Merrimac st. 
Bailey Marcia, widow, boarding-house, 51 Merrimac 

Corp. Worthen street 
Bailey John, tin-trader, bds. at T. Bamford's 
Bailey Joseph, laborer, h. Gorham street 
Bailey Joshua, overseer at rail-road, h. rear Paw- 
tucket bridge 
Bailey (Manasseh) & Mullin (John) boots and shoes, 

Central street, h. 3 Carpet blocks 
Bailey Oliver W. machinist, h. rear Catholic Church 
Bailey Pearsons, at JNterrimac factory, boards at 60 

Merrimac corp. 
Bailey Salina, -widow, boarding-house 29 Worthen 

street, Merrimac corp. 
Baker Abner, baker at Scripture & Wilson's 
Baker A. at x\ppleton factory, bds. at Mrs. Straw's 


Baker Amos, Iiousewright, h. 8 Lawrence corp. 
Baker Andrew R. professor of sacred music, h. 21 

Tremont corp. 
Baker Dolly, widow, boarding-house 10 Suffolk corp. 
Baker Joseph W. at Suffolk factory, bds. at 21 Tre- 
mont corp. 
Baker Nancy, widow, boarding-house 15 Elliot street 

Hamilton corp. 
Baker Nathaniel, at Merrimac factory, boards at 14 

Prince street 
Baker Reuben, blacksmith, bds. at D. Coburn's 2d 
Baker Richard, fishes-man, h. Pawtucket st. near falls 
Baker Seth, housewright, h. Lowell street, Foot's 

Baker Stephen C. at Suffolk corp. bds. at 21 Trem. 

Baker Timothy H. at factory, bds. at Seth Baker's 
Baker William, yeoman, h. Pearl street 
Baldwin Laura, widow, tailoress, boards at Seth 

Ball Abner, trader, h. Central street, Chapel hill 
Balcom Andrew J. at factory, bds. at Sarah Field's 
Balcom Jonas, boarding-house Lewis street 
Balcom Varnum, housewright, Lowell street 
Bamford Jonas S. at Tremont factory, boards at 26 

Tremont corp. 
Bamford Simeon, overseer, h. 46 Bowditch street 
Bamford Tamizon, widow, boarding-house 20 Ham- 
ilton corp. 
Bamford William, overseer at Hamilton corp. h. 46 

Bowditch street 
Bancroft Isaac, mason, h. Central street. Chapel hill 
Bancroft Jefferson, dep. sheriff, office Central street, 

rail-road bank building, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Bancroft Jonathan, mason, bds. at W. Fay's 
Bancroft Selwin, clerk at Hall & Nute's, h. Tyler 


Banican Peter, blue dyer, h. Lowell street 
Banister Rebecca, widow, boarding-house Gorham 

Barbour William, at Merrimac corp. h. Worthen 

street, Stone's court 
Barden Stilman, at print works, bds. at 60 Worthen 

Barnaby James, Rev. h. Lewis street 
Barnes E. B. physician, office corner of Merrimac 

and Lewis street, h. Lewis street 
Barnes George, h. near new burying ground 
Barnes George, butcher, h. Middlesex street 
Barnes Isaac O. counsellor and attorney at law, of- 
fice rail-road bank building, h. Gorham street 
Barnes James, painter, h. South street 
Barnes John B. student witii Dr. J. W. Graves 
Barnes Thomas (Holmes fy B.) 
Barney Cyrus, stone-layer, h. rear of Appleton st. 
Barr Andrew, tailor 34 Merrimac st. h. Belvidere 
Barr Cummings, (Russell ^- B.) stone-mason, house 

Lowell street 
Barr John, boots and shoes. Central street, h. Chapel 


Barney , machinist, bds. at Mary Wellington's 

Barrett Charles, mason, h. Adams st. 
Barrett Daniel, housewright, h. Liberty st. 
Barrett Gilman, baker at Scripture &l Wilson's 
Barrett John D. clerk at Copeland & Smith's 
Barrett Nahum, at Middlesex corp. bds. at No. 64 
Barrett Oliver, commission & variety store, Jackson 

St. h. 19 Ham. corp. 

Barrett , machinist, bds. at 13 Lawrence corp. 

Barron Christopher, blue dyer, h. Lowell st. 
Barron John C. calico printer, at Mer. corp. h. rear 

of Charles Green's, Mer. street 
Barry James, housewright, h. Lowell st. 
Barry Joseph B. blacksmith at J. Mixer's, h. App. st. 
2- ^ 


Barry V/illiam, Rev. bds. at J. Whipple's, Gorham st. 

Bartlett Benjamin, at American House 

Bartlett Elisha, physician, cor. of Central and Ham- 
ilton sts. bds. at John Kimball's 

Bartlett Hamilton, watchman,' bds. at Moses Emer- 
son's, Central st. 

Bartlett Isaac, at Mcr. corp. h. Lewis st. 

Bascom Austin, cordv/ainer, bds. at B. Hill's 

Bascom Clement, W. I. goods, 1 Merrimac st. bds. 
at T. Bascom's 

Bascom Jonathan, variety store, Jackson st. bds. at 
Woods', Bolvidere. 

Bascom Jonathan, Jr. variety store, 46 Mer. st. 

Bascom Timothy, boarding house, Mer. street 

Bascom Timothy, Jr. clerk, bds. at T. Bascom's 

Bascom William, hats & shoes, Merrimac st. bds. at 
T. Bascom's 

Bassett Enoch Capt. overseer at Merrimac Co's. 
lumber yard, bds. at Jonas Balcom's 

Bassett Samuel, housewright, bds. at T. Bascom's 

Batchelder Henry Col. blacksmith, Lowell st. 

Batchelder Stephen, at Law. corp. bds. at No. 9 

Bates John, at print works, h. 55 Worthen st. 

Battles Joseph, overseer at Trem. corp. h. No. 1. 

Baxter (Darwin D.) & Co. (George Johnson,) dry 
goods, Gorham st. h. Lawrence st. 

Baxter Ebenezer, tailor, at Hobbs' 

Baxter Henry J. Maj. merchant tailor at Hobbs', 
Lowell St. h. Green st. 

Beal Daniel B. overseer at print w^orks, h. Mer. st. 

Beal Edward, overseer at Suffolk corp. h. No. 6 

Bean Aaron, West India goods. Bean's building, 
Gorham street 

Bean Betsey, widow", boarding house Lewis st. 

Bean George, bar-room, Mer. st, Suffolk square 

Bean George J. machinist, bds. at S. Bean's 

Bean James, mason, bds. at Dean's Gorham st- 


Bean Joel, mill-wright, bds. at 27 Suffolk corp. 
Bean Lewis, stageman, bds. at Washington Hotel 
Bean Nancy, widow, bds. at Waldo's, Lowell st. 
Bean Samuel, teamster, h. between Jefferson and 

Lewis St. 
Bean Svlvanus, painter at Fifield's, Middle st. 
Bedee E. W. bds. at 27 Suffolk corp. 
Bedlow Artemas, cordwainer, h. Middlesex st. 
Bedlow Joseph, machinist, h. 18 Button square 
Belden Sumner, book-binder at Meacham &l Math- 

ewson's. Central st. 
Bell Thomas J. bds. at O. W. Flint's, Suffolk corp. 
Bellows Samuel M. printer at Observer Office, bds. 

at John L. Fitts', Lowell street 
Bemis — — , machinist, bds. at S. Cole's 
Bemis Otis, weaver, bds. at 22 Carpet block 
Bemis Robert E. clerk at Suffolk counting room, h. 

1 South block 
Bennett James W. at Journal Office 
Bennett John, surveyor, h. Lawrence st. 
Bennett Samuel F. at print yard, bds. at H. Hes- 

selton's, 61 Merrimac corp. 
Bennett William S. clerk at Hobbs', Lowell st. 
Bense Peter, confectioner, bds. at J. Spalding's 
Bentom William S. painter, bds. at Moses Davis' 
Berry , machinist, boards at Mrs. Clough's, 

South St. 
Berry James, block-printer, h. Lowell st. 
Berton Thomas, Carpet-weaver, boards at No. 22 

carpet blocks 
Besse Curtis, overseer at carpet factory, boards at 

Capt. Brigham's 
Besse Jabez, at Lawrence corp. bds. at 31 Trernont 
Bigelow William, at Middlesex factory yard 
Billings Charles, house wright, bds. at Sally Young's 
Billings Elizabeth, nurse, bds. at J. Kimball'SjCcn. st. 
Billings James, h. Lowell st. near Adams st. 


Billings John, at H. Pierce & Co.'s 

Billings Thomas, book-bindery No. 11, h. 12 Meir- 

rimac street 
Bird Andrew, overseer at Tremont corp. house 61 

Tremont corp. 
Bixby Daniel, book-seller and stationer, 11 Merri- 

mac St. bds. at J. H. B. Ayer's 
Blair John, housewright, h. Hurd st. 
Blair Peter, carpet- vre aver, bds. 2"2 carpet blocks 
Blair Rebecca, millinery & dress-making-, Hurd st. 
Blair William, hostler, bds. at J. Blair's, Hurd st. 
Blaisdell Daniel, housewright, bds. at H. Parker's, 

South St. 
Blaisdell William, painter at Hall's, h. Chapel st. 
Blaisdell William, Jr. painter at Hall's, bds. at N. 

Blake Eliphalet, wood-sawyer, bds. at Mrs. Nichols' 
Blake John H. shoes, Lowell st. bds. at 18 Carpet 
Blake Leander, teamster, boarding-house, Lewis 

Blanchard Amos Rev. h. Lowell st. 
Blanchard Amos, blacksmith, bds. at Mrs. Newell's, 

10 Putton St. 
Blanchard Cornelius, at repair shop, bds. at 24 Dut- 

ton street 
Blanchard. Edwin A. dry goods, 14 Mer. street. 
Blanchard Sawyer, bobbin-turner, boards at Mrs. 

Thomas'»rear of App. street 
Blanchard William, innholder. Mansion House 
Blodget Luther, weaver, boards at Mrs. French's, 

App. street 
Blodget Sewall, at H. Pierce's bakery 
Blood Silas W. painter, boards at Mrs. Atwood's, 

Lowell street 
Blood William S. baker. Cent. st. h. Cent, street 
Boardman Elbridge, at machine shop, bds. at Sam'l 

Bean's, Lewis street 


Boardman Col. machinist & engineer, boards at 

American House 
Bodge Francis, blacksmith, bds. at Wash. Hotel 
Bohonan Ananiah, cordwainer, Lowell street 
Bohonan Benj. Trem. corp. bds. at A. Bohonan's 
Boice Timothy, teamster, h. Lowell street 

Boice teamster, at Jesse Tapley's 

Boies Lewis D. tailor at Fuller's, bds. at Mrs. Tur- 
ner's, Jefferson street 
Bolton Alfred, machinist, bds. at John Bolton's 
Bolton John, laborer, h. Lawrence street 
Bond Oliver, cabinet-maker, bds. at John Lovrien's 
Boott Kirk, Agent of Merrimac Manufacturing and 

Locks and Canal Companies, h. Mer. Place 
Boothby Maria, school-mistress, Mer. street, bds. at 

Mrs. Moody's, Worthen st. 
Bosworth Ezekiel, at factories, bds. at Arad Kent's 
Bosworth Nathaniel S. No. 3, Stone's buildings, 

Worthen street 
Botfuhr John A. commission book-seller, Mer. street 
Boudle William, carpet-weaver, bds. at 22 Carpet 

Boughen Thomas, clerk at Dean & Short's 
Bowen George, at Mer. fact, boards at Kurd's, 27 

Merrrimac corp. 
Bowers Francis, at Tremojit corp. bds. at 5 Trem. 

Bowers James & ) lumber wharf, Mer. st. near 
Bowers Jonathan, ^ Pawtucket bridge, h. Mer. st. 
Bowers Jeremiah, ladies' hair-dresser, 2 Jackson st. 
Bowers John, housewright, h. 15 Lawrence corp. 
Bowers Joseph, h. Merrimac street 
Bowers Micajah, cooper, h. rear of Mer. street 
Bowker Stephen, mason, bds. at Webster's, App. st. 
Bowles Thomas, hostler at Washington Hotel 
Bowman John, painter, bds. at T. J. Knowles', Ad- 
ams street 


Boy den Horatio, boarding house, 5 Carpet block 
Boyden James, clerk at Shattuck's, bds. at Wash- 
ington Hotel 
Boyden Uriah, surveyor at Locks &l Canal Co. bds. 

at Mrs. Wyllie's 
Boyes Daniel, housewright, bds. at J. Underwood's 
Brabrook Joseph A. chaise, harness and trunk-mak- 
er. No. 17, h. 14 Lowell st. 
Brackett Osgood, at machine shop, bds. at Betsey 

Morrill's, Lowell st. 
Bradburn Charles, (Stone ^' B.) h. cor. of Lowell 

and Button streets 
Bradbury George W. clerk at William David- 
son & Co.'s 
Bradford Hafford C. clerk, bds. at Capt. Sherman's 
Bradbury Hannah, wid. boarding h. 28 Mer. corp., 
Bradford Robert, toll-gatherer, at Central bridge 

Bradshaw , machinist, bds. at Mrs. Newell's, IQ 

Dutton street. 
Bradley Daniel, h. Lowell st. Hobbs' building 
Bradley H. A. milliner, SOMerrimac street 
Bradley Joshua, h. 20 Merrimac street. 
Bradt Daniel, baker, at H. Pierce & Co.'s 
Bradt David, baker, at H. Pierce & Co.'s 
Bradt G. J. (H. Pierce 8,' Co.) 
Bradt Margaret, widow, h. rear Pierce's bakery 
Bragdon George, overseer at bleach-house, house 9 

Prince street 
Bragdon William, overseer at bleach-house, h. 14 

Prince street 
Braidy John, laborer, h. Lowell st. 
Brastow Addison, watch-maker, Central street, bds. 

at Washington Hotel 
Breed Henry K. teamster, h. Chapel st. 
Brewster John, publisher of Evangelist, office 35 
Merrimac street, bds. at Miss Brown's, Hurd st. 
Briar William, victualling cellar, under 8 Mer. street 


Bridge Irene, widow, h. Gorliam st. Earl's building 
Briggs George, blacksmith, h. Cen. st. Ctiapel hill 
Brigham Danforth P. h. Liberty st. 
Brigham Elijah, blacksmith, boards at Washington 

Brigham Samuel Capt. victualler, h. 4 Carpet block 
Brigham William, dye-house, h. George st. 
Brinsley Frederick, clothing-store, Jackson st. house 

Central street 
Brogden John, block-printer, boards at Metcalf's, 

Merrimac square 
Brogden William, calico-printer, bds. at Metcalf's, 

Merrimac square 
Brooks Arte mas L. (Goodhue ^* B.) house wrigh^, 

proprietor of plaining machine, h. Hurd st. 
Brooks [Cyrus) & Weston [Eliphalet) victualling 

cellar, cor. Hurd and Central strets 
Brooks Daniel, blacksmith, (Dane Sf B.) h. Low. st. 
Brooks Ebenezer, at Hamilton factories, boards at 

Brooks Franklin, machinist, bds. 17 Hamilton corp. 
Brown Ann, boarding house, 22 Carpet block 
Brown Charles, at Mer. dye-house, h. 19 Prince st. 
Brown Daniel P. machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 

Swamp locks 
Brown Edwin, confectioner, h. Chapel hill 
Brown Eliphalet, overseer at Merrimac dye-house, 

h. 26 Worthen st. 
Brown Eunice, boarding-house, 8 Hurd st. 
Brown George, printer at Evangelist Office 
Brown Henry, at machine-shop, bds. at Mrs. Locke's 

Brown James, bds. at D. Clark's, Mer. st. 
Brown James R., carpet-weaver, h. 24 Carp, blocks 
BroWn John, housewright, bds. at M. Dearborn's' 
Brown John, cordwainer, bds. at C. Sweetser's^ 


Brown Lawrence, [Lawrence Sf B.) h. Chapel-st. 

Brown Lucy, widow, boarding-house, 8 Ham. corp. 

Brown Lucy, (^- Broivn Sarah,) dress-maker, Suf- 
folk-square, bds. at Mrs. Young's. 

Brown Myron, housewright, bds. at Underwood's. 

Brown Nehemiah, boarding-house, Stone's block, 
Lowell St. 

Brown Parmelia, widow, h. Adam's st. 

Brown Polly, boarding-house. Church st., near 1st 
Baptist church 

Brown Samuel, overseer at repair shop, h. 8 Tre 
mont Corp. 

Brown Samuel W., machinist, h. 23 Worthen st. 
Swamp locks. 

Brown Sarah, widow, h. long block ending in Low 
ell St. 

Brown Silas L. painter, bds. at S. Hosmer's, Ad- 
ams St. 

Brown William, laborer, h. rear of Lawrence st. 

Brown William H. machinist, h. 14 Lawrence corp. 

Brown , teamster, h. rear Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Brown , carpet-weaver, bds. at P. D.Lane's 

Brownell George, Superintendent at Machine 
shop, h. Button, corner Thorndike st. 

Brownlow John, at Mer. corp. h. Mer. square 

Brownson Philo Rev. bds. at Caroline Conner's, 
Gorham st. 

Bruce Henry, watchman, at Lowell bleachery 

Bruce Hiram, overseer, h. 16 Tremont corp. 

Bryant James H. watchman at machine-shop, bds. 
at Mrs. Thomas' 

Bryant Joseph, at factories, bds. at George Dodge's 

Bryant Lewis H. clerk at Daniel M. Knight's 

Buckley John, calico-printer, bds. at 7 Hurd st. 

Buck John, at Mer. factories, h. Lowell-st. 

Buckman Caleb, laborer, h. Suffolk square 

Bull Trumball, clerk at H. G .Norton's, Suffolk sq. 


Bullard Olis, watchman Lawrence factories, h. 6 
Lawrence corp. 

Bunker Alfred, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Fuller's 
Lewis street. 

Bunker Stephen, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Fuller's, 

Bunker William, stone-layer, undertaker, h. War- 
ren's building, Church-st. 

Burbank Abner, overseer at Hamilton corp. h. 28 
Hamilton st. 

Burbank Joshua A. watchman, bds. at Mrs. French's 

Burditt Emmons, machinist, Snffolk corp. bds. 23 
Race St. 

Burgan Jesse, carpet-weaver, h. Central-street, over 
Mansur & Reed's 

Burgess , blacksmith, bds. at Mary Welling- 

Burn Edward, cellar & house, Mer. st. 

Burnham Aaron, stone-layer, bds. at B. H. Gdge'p. 

Burnham James, boarding-house, 27 Appleton st. 

Burnham Sarah R. boarding-house, 27 App. corp. 

Burnham William, at Hamilton bleach-house, bds. 
at Miss Eunice Brown's. 

Bourns Edward, laborer, h. near Thorndike st. 

Kurns Thomas, carpet- weaver, bds at Mrs. Brown's 

Burr John, hair-dresser, boot and shoe- cleaner, cor. 
Church St. 

Burroughs Thomas S. jeweller at Moulton & Carr's 

Buswell Cyrus, housewright, bds at Bradbury Hill's 

Buswell Daniel, at Mer. factories, bds at 61 

Buswell , machinist, bds. at Mrs. Hadley's 

Butcher John, overseer, at Mer. print-works, h. 36 
Worthen st. 

Butler Charlotte, widow, boarding-house Charles st. 

Butler David, mill-wright, h. Lowell st. 

Butler Hamlet, at Mer. print-works, bds at 15 Prince 



Butler James, laborer, near Catholic church 

Butler Josiah, clerk at Allen & Wright's 

Butterfield Benjamin Capt. yeoman, h. on Chelms- 
ford road, without the village 

Butterfield Esther, wid. boarding-house, 24 Web- 
ster St. 

Butterfield Hannah, boarding-house, 46 Worthen st. 

Butterfield Lowell, stone-layer, h. 46 Mer. corp. 

Butterfield Raphael, at Ira Frye's, Gorham st. 

Butterfield Reuben, h. on Chelmsford new road 

Butterfield Stephen, blacksmith, bds. at Low. Hotel 

Butterfield Theodore, yeoman, h. W. Chelmsford 

Buttermore Robert, laborer, bds. at D. Connell's 
Lowell St. 

Buttrick Abner W. (Atherton & B.) bds at 93 (car- 
pet block 

Buttrick David W. machinist, h. 29 Dutton-sq. 

Buttrick Grosvenor, machinist, h. 16 Button sq. 

Buttrick Nathan, (^" JValhanJr.) turners, atMassaic 
Falls, h. Lawrence st. 

Buxton Phebe P. boarding-house, 39 Worthen st. 

Buxton , housewright, bds at Daniel Coburn's 


By ram Samuel, clerk at King's, Mer. st. 

Byrnes John, merchant tailor, Mer. st. opposite 
Tremont corp. 

Byrnes Martin, laborer, h. Mer. st. under P. Fuller's 

Byron French A. clerk at Patch's, bds at Mrs. 

CAHELD JAMES, laborer, house near Catholic 

Cain Michael, h. Fenwick st. 
Caldwell Jonathan, machinist, bds. at 50 Mer. corp. 


Caldwell Maiy, boarding-house, IG App. corp. 
Cald'.vell Thomas J. cordwainer, h. 16 App. corp. 
Caldwell William, livery stable, Lowell st. bds. at 

Charles Barrett's 
Calef James, housewrifj^ht, h. G Prince st. 
Calef Joseph, house wright, bds. at 53 Worthen st. 
Call Francis, at Hamilton factories, bds. at John 

Callender Mary, widow of Edward, variety store, 

Central st. 
Calvert Francis, v/ool-sorter, bds. at Peter Lawson's, 

14 carpet blocks 
Campbell Jnmes, overseer at Hamilton corp. h. 9 

Hamilton st. 
Campbell James, laborer, boarding house Fen wick 

Campbell John, merchant tailor, JMer. sq. Mer. st. 
Cainpbell Michael, laborer, h. near 2nd Baptist 

Canney Elizabeth B. boarding-house 8 Button st. 
Capen x\lbert, stone-blaster, bds, at Asa Clark's 
Cargill Chloe, wid. boarding house, 18 Law. corp. 
Carl John B. at Suffolk corp. bds. 24 Race st. 
Carley Peter, watchman at Hamilton corp. bds. at 

Mrs. Bamford's 

Carley , watchman, bds. at wid. Mary Crosby's 

Carlin Malcomb, at factory, bds. at Mrs. Hadley's 
Carlton Amos, mason, h. 12 Lowell st. 
Carlton Daniel, mason, bds. at A. Carlton's 
Carlton Enoch, mason, bds. at widow Patterson's, 

Central st. 
Carlton Elbridge G. cordwainer, boards at Bean's, 

Lewis St. 
Carlton George H. drugo-ist & apothecary, 1 & 2 

town house, Mer. st. bds. at wid. S. Moody's 
Carlton George R. machinist, Ji. Mer. sq. Mer. st. 
Carlton Harriet, widow, h. 29 ILam. st. App. corp. 


Carlton Jacob, manufacturer, h. Chapel hill 

Carlton Luther W. painter, boards at Dean's, Gor. st. 

Carlton Phineas V. housewright, bds. at Humphrey 

Carlton Silas, stageman, bds. at Mansion House 

Carlton Stephen, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Carlton William, mason, h. Green st. 

Carney James G. cashier Lowell Bank, h. 10 Mer. st. 

Carney Joseph, laborer, h. rear Lawrence st. 

Carney Nancy, h. Mer. square, Mer. st. 

Carney Thomas, housewright, bds. at N. Carney's 

Carpenter George, painter at Mixer's, bds. at Wash- 
ington Hotel 

Carpenter John, blue-dyer, h. Lowell st. 

Carr , bds. at Leonard's, 35 Merrimac st. 

Carr James, (Moulton ^ C.) 44 Merrimac st. 

Carr John, boarding-house 9 Suffolk street, Law- 
rence Corp. 

Carr John S. laborer, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Carr Joseph, merchant tailor at Paul R. George's, 
h. Gorhara st. 

Carter A. J. clerk at John T. Pratt's 

Carter Ephraim, mason, bds. at Mrs. Patterson's 

Carter Ezekiel, housewright, h. Suffolk st. 

Carter George, watchman, bds. at Mrs. Reed's, '32 
Hamilton corp. 

Carter Jeremiah, at Suffolk corp. boards at Stephen 
S. Straw's 

Carter Nathaniel, (Chase &f C.) h. Liberty st. 

Carter William, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Turner's, 
Jefferson st. 

Carter widow, boarding-house, 50 Mer. st. 

Cary Luther, machinist, bds. at Mary Gary's 

Gary Mary, widow, boarding-house 25 App. corp. 

Cary Michael, laborer, h. rear of Lawrence si. 

Case Eliphalet, Post Master, house Gorham street, 
near jjrove 


Case John, laborer, h. Lowell st. 

Cass Jacob, watchman, bds. 4 Prince st. 

Cassidy Michael, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Cassidy Robert,- bleacher at Merrimac corp. house 

Fenwick st. 
Cassy James, h. Fenwick st. 

Caswell Enoch B. housewright, boards at Benja- 
min H. Gage's 
Cate Rebecca C. dress-making & millinery, Mer. 

St. opposite Suffolk corp. 
Caughlin James, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Caverly Ira, stone-layer, h. Chapel st. 
Cavenaugh John, laborer, bds. at Connell's 
Cavis John, (Graves Sf C.) h. Church st. 
Cavis Nathaniel, h. Church st. 
Center Rodney, teamster, h. between Suffolk and 

Fenwick streets 
Chadwick Nathan, stone-layer, h. Mer. sq. Mer. st. 
Chamberlain Henry, housewright, boards at widow 

L. Kendall's 
Chamberlain Joseph A. clerk at Middlesex counting 

room, bds. at Merrimac House 
Chamberlain Marinda, tailoress, Central street, over 

James Tyler's 
Chamberlain Sarah, wid. h. west Chelmsford road 
Chamberlain Thomas F. livery stable, house No. 3 

Tremont corp. 
Chamberlain — ; — , teamster at Jesse Tapley's 
Chamberlain William, boards at Mrs. Morton's, 17 

Button St. 
Chambers (Cyrus) & Farrar {Cyrus) silk-dyers, 

shop at Hale's mills, h. Boston road 
Chambers John, laborer, boards at Mrs. Allen's, 

Fenwick st. 
Chambers John, at Hamilton factories, bds. at Wm. 

Davis', Lowell st. 
Champion James, at Lawrence corp. bds. at No. 21 


Cliampion William, at Troniont corp. bds. at No. 21 

Tremont corp. 
Champlin Nathan J. at Blood's bakery, Central st. 
Chandler Charles, machinist, bds. at L. Chandler's 
Chandler George, mason, bds. at Lydia Chandler's 
Chandler Henry, house wright, bds. at P. Lawson's 
Chandler James, machiniot, bds. at L. Chandler's 
Chandler John, machinist, bds. at L. Chandler's 
Chandler Lydia, Avid. boarJinDf-house 19 Dutton sq. 
Chandler Richard, at Holmes' whip factory, bds. at 

J. Bennett's 
Chandler Thom^as, block-printer, bds at James Whi- 

Chaplin William L. {Ammidon ^ C.) bds. at Mrs. 

Chapman Herbert, house wright, bds. at Emerson 

Chapman John, housewright. bds. at Emerson Rus- 
Chapman Jonathan, at powder-mills, h. Lawrence st. 
Chapman William D. victualing cellar, Mer. st. 
Chase Benjamin F. bread-carrier, at Blood's bakery 
Chase David E. machinist, bds. at 65 Worthen st. 
Chase George W. at Middlesex fulling-mill, bds. at 

Mrs. Kendall's 
Chase Hannah, boarding-house, 19 Tremont corp. 
Chase John, machinist, h. 4 Dutton st. Swamp locks 
Chase John, boarding-house, 4 Law. corp. 
Chase {Jonathan) & Carter {JVathaniel) soap-boilers, 

near old burying-ground, h. Liberty st. 
Chase Osgood, at Times office. 
Chase S. D. blacksmith, shop entra.nce from Church 

& Green sts. h. George st. 
Cheever Henry, machinist, h. School st. near guard 

Cheever John W. cordwaincr, bds. at Mrs. Brown's 
2^ Car])et blocks 


Clieever John, cordwainer, bds. at Peter Harris' 
Cheever Moses, yeoman, h. Pawtacket st. near Mel- 

Cheever Moses, h. Appleton st. 

Cheever , bds. at xMrs. Wellington's, 5 Button st. 

Cheney Christopher S. bds. at 27 App. corp. 

Cheney Daniel, boarding-house, App. st. 

Chesley Simon M. machinist, h. 3 Button st. Swamp 


Chield , h. Fenwick st. 

Child Alonzo, {jyiansw ^ C.) bds. at American 

Childs Nahum, at Carpet facfory, bds at 32 Hamil- 
ton Corp. 
Childs Rufus, machinist, bds at Kurd's, 27 Worthen 

Churchill Thomas, machinist, h. Lowell st. 
Churchill Charles, overseer, at Ham. factories, bds. 

at Gordon's App. st. 
Churchill Bolly, wid. boarding-house, 33 Worthen 

St. Mer. Corp. 
Churchill Francis, housewright, h. Cen. st. Chapel 

Churchill John E. housewright, bds. at F. Churchill's 
Chute Alexander, stageman, bds. at Washington 

Chute Borothy, wid. boarding-house, 38 Worthen 

St. Mer. Corp. 
Clark Amos, fuller of cloth, bds. at Maria March's 
Clark Amos, Machinist, bds. at 15 Button sq. 
Clark Asa, teamster, h. near Thorndike st. Com- 

pony's farm 
Clark Caleb S. hair-dresser, Mer. st. near Merri- 

mac house 
Clark Baniel, at Suff. foctories, bds. at 2 Sufi, block 
Clark Baniel A. student at law, with Smith & Mann 
Clark David, laborer, h. Mer. st. 


Clark Elijah, at factory, h. 24 Webster st. 

Clark James, variety store, Mer. st. bds. at Hutchin- 
son's, Mer. St. 

Clark James, dyer, bds, at E. Hodgman's, Gor. st. 

Clark John D. clerk at Flint &i Hutchinson's 

Clark Mary, school-mistress, bds. at Mrs. Abbot's 
Lawrence corp. 

Clark Michael, housewright, h. Green st. 

Clark Miles D. at Benjamin Thurston's Cen. st. 

Clark Richard, machinist, bds. at D. Coburn's War- 
ren St. 

Clark Samuel, stone-l^er, h. 15 Lawrence corp. 

Clark Samuel, stone-cutter, h. Mer. st. 

Clark Samuel, bar-tender, at Washington Hotel 

Clark Samuel B. printer, at Journal office. 

Clark Tilton, overseer, Rail Road, bds. at S. Fol- 

Clarke Frederick W. clerk at John Smith's, Mer. 

Clarke Isaac, at factory, bds. at 10 Ham. corp. 

Clark John, superintendent Mer. Man. Co. h. Mer. st. 

Clefton Joseph, at Carpet factory, h. 21 Carp, block 

Clemence Calvin, wool-sorter bds. at ]4 carp, block. 

Clement Asa, housewright, bds. dX Josiah Seavy's 

Clement Jesse, lumber-yard. South st. h. Chapel st. 

Clement Harrison D. housewright, bds. at M. Davis' 
Lowell corp. 

Clement Sarah, milliner & dress-maker, 31 Mer. st. 

Clifford Alden, housewright, bds. at J. Carr's 9, Law- 
rence Corp. 

Clifford Deborah, wid. boarding-house, 7 A pp. corp. 

Clifford Ransom, overseer, at Suffolk corp. h. 25 
Race St. Suff. corp. 

Close John, cabinet-maker, at Johnson's, bds. at Lu- 
cinda Sampson's App. st. 

Clough Ezekiel, hostler at Lau'rence & Bi-own's 

Clough John C. 2d. spinner at carpet factory 


Clough Lucinda, boarding house, South st. 

Clough Wingate B. spinner at Carpet factory, h. 10 
carpet blocks 

Clough , at bobbin shop, bds. at Betsey MorriU's, 

Lowell St. 

Coburn Alfred, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Wellington's, 
5 Button St. 

Coburn Calvin, at S. Coburn's 

Coburn Charles, bread carrier at Scripture & Wil- 
son's, Chapel hill 

Coburn Cyril, lumber wharf, bds. at Catharine Par- 
ker's, Appleton St. 

Coburn Daniel 2d. wheelwright, boarding-house, 
Warren st. 

Coburn Elijah, at Merrimac corp. bds. at Mary Co- 
burn's, 12Tremont blocks 

Coburn Fitz, hostl6r at Washington Hotel 

Coburn Henry, yeoman, h. west Chelmsford road 

Coburn Jefferson, cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. Durant's, 
Gorham st. 

Coburn John, at factories, h. 16 Appleton corp. 

Coburn Josiah, stone-layer, h. Suffolk st. 

Coburn Mary, boarding-house, 13 Tremont corp. 

Coburn Othniel, at factories, bds. at Mary Coburn's, 

Coburn Prescott, laborer, h. near Capt. Whiting's 
store, Mer. st. 

Coburn Samuel, boarding house, rear of App. st. 

Coburn Samuel A. Maj. inn-holder, Merrimac House, 
Merrimac and Button sts. 

Coburn Samuel Jr. at Hamilton fact. bds. at S. Co- 
burn's, App. St. 

Coburn Stephen, at machine shop, bds. at Betsey 

Coburn William, housewright, h. 12 Adams st. 

Cochran Edward, mason, bds. at 6 Carpet block 

Cochran John, at Lowell bleacherv, bds. at Mrs. 


Cochran Michael, bds. at Mrs. Lepere's, Lowell st. 

Coffield John, laborer h. rear of Lowell st. 

Coffin Henry, teamster at Whipple's 

Coffin Moody, mason, h. Central st. Chapel hill 

Coffin John, at bleach-house, bds. at 61 Worthen st. 

Coffin John J. painter, bds. at Betsey Bean's 

Coffrin , at Merrimac factories, boards at GO 

Merrimac corp. 

Coggeshall Timothy, inn-holder, Lowell Hotel 

Cogg-in Jacob, (Putney ^- C.) bds. at Putney's 

Cokely John, at George Barnes', Middlesex st. 

Colburn George F. at Mer. fact. bds. at 7 Button s^. 

Colburn Jonas W. at Reed's provision cellar, h. 
Chapel street 

Colburn Joseph E. machinist, h. 12 Prince st. 

Colburn Richard, machinist, bds. at S. Mann's, 27 
Prince st. 

Colburn Mrs. widow of Warren C. h. Lewis st. 

Colby Enoch W. at App. corp. bds. at 4 App. 

Colby Ephraim, teamster, bds. at Asa Clark's 

Colby George W. C. at bleach-house, bds. at 61 
Mer. corp. 

Colby Isaac C. cordwainer. h. Green st. 

Colby Locratus, watchman, bds. at 5 Tremont corp. 

Colby Luther, printer at Journal office 

Colby Lydia, boarding-house. Green st. 

Colby Rufus, blacksmith, bds. at wid. S. Ames' 

Colby , at App. fac. bds. at Mrs. Straw's, 3 App. 

Colcord Were, cellar, Gorham st. h. Gor. st. 

Cole Benjamin, laborer, bds. at John Favor's 

Cole Job M. watchman, bds at P. Jones' 44 Mer. 

Cole Salathiel, blacksmith, h. rear of Worthen st. 

Collins Joseph W. at Mer. corp. bds. at N. S. Ram- 

Combs Rachel, tailoress, h. Hurd st. Shattuck's build- 


Conant Joshua L. at Mer. counting-room, h. 57 Wor- 

then St. 
Conant Sarah, v.icl. boarding-house,4 8, Worthen st. 

Mer. Corp. 

Conant , housewright, bds. at wid. T. Corliss' 

Conary Patrick, h. Fenwicic st. 
Conden Patrick, h. Hurd st. 
Conley John, laborer, bds. at TJrs. Murray's 
Conley James, tai.lor at Sanderson's, h. Low. st. 
Conlin (Michael) &f Plant [Richard,) dry goods, 8 Un- 
ion buildings, Cen. si. 
Conly Mary, wid. h. Mer. st. 

Connell Daniel, W. L goods, Lowell st. h. Low. st. 
Connell Dennis, blue-dyer, bds. at Mrs. Sharpies, 

10 Prince st. 
Connells Patrick, laborer, h. near Catholic church 
Connells Joseph, h. Fenwick st. 
Conner Caroline, vvid. boarding-house, Gor. st. 
Conner Edward, laborer, h. Church st. 
Conner Jawett, iiousewright, bds at Mrs. Bean's 

Lewis St. 
Conner Robert G. laborer, bds at Connell's, Low. st. 
Connery Peter, laborer, bds. at J, Campbell's 
Connily Otis, laborer, h. Lowell st. 
Convers Mary (S,' Sarah) h. Lowell st. 
Convers Samuel, harness-maker at J. Mixer's, h. 

Chapel St. 
Cook Calvin W. overseer at Middlesex corp. b. 

Hurd st 
Cook David, overseer Ilam. corp. h. 42 Bowditch 

Cook James, Agent Middlesex Man. Co. h. Hurd st. 
<vOok Parker P. clerk at Joel Davis' 
Coolidge J. W. at Smith & Mann's office 
Cooper Eli, overseer at repair shop, h, 14SufF. corp. 
Copeland {.''Itlen , /I) &. Himih (Charles,) dry goods, 

Mer. St. 


Copeland , Mrs. seamstress, bds at Geo. Wins- 

Corbin , stageman, bds. at Washington Hotel 

Corey Michael, at factory h. Lowell st. 

Corliss Jonathan, bds at Ladd's Central st. 

Corliss Tamar, widow, boarding-house, Boston road 
near Hale's mills 

Corren Michael, dyer, bds. at T- Corren's 

Corren Thomas, laborer, h. Lowell st. 

Corrigan John, laborer, bds at James Campbell's 

Corrigan Mathew, clerk at Murry's Mer. sq. 

C^orrigan Patrick, at factories, h. near soap-works 

Cory William, laborer, h. Mer. st. Mer. sq. 

Corwin Russel, housewright, Lawrence st. 

Cass Warren, at machine-shop, h. South st. 

Cowdin James D. machinist, h. Suff. st. 

Cox , mason, bds. in South st. 

Cox John, at machine shop, h. Suffolk st. 

Craig Andrew D. {JVyman ^ C.) 

Craig Horatio, housewright, bds. at C. Wilkins' 
South St. 

Craiton Michael, at Middlesex factory, h. Green st. 

Cram AarOn, at rail-road, bds at Robinson's 

Cram John, stabling. Law. st. h. Adams' st. 

Cram Peter, machinist, bds at Nelson's, South st. 

Crane Alanson, pay-master at Carp, counting-room 
h. 23 Carpet blocks. 

Crane Ebenezer, carder at Suffolk factories, h. Suff. 

Crane John, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Crane John J. overseer Carp, factories, h. 28 Car- 
pet blocks 

Crane Lucius H. at Law. factories, h. cor. Hall & 
Race sts. Law. corp. 

Creasey Churchill, housewright, bds. at T. Bas- 

Critchett Moses, Jl Green «t. 


Critchett Nathaniel, shoes, Mer. st. boards at Mrs. 

Turner's, Jefferson st. 
Critchett Samuel, laborer, bds. at Mrs. Smith's, Fen- 
wick St. 

Crocker , housewright, bds. at B. Hill's, Cent. 

Crocket John, at carpet fact. bds. at Capt. Brigham's 
Croney Bartholomew, laborer, bds. at Peter Harris' 
Crosby Abiel, machinist, bds. atH. Richardson's 
Crosby Alpheus, watchman, bds. at Mary Crosby's 
Crosby Caleb, mason, h. South, cor. Summer st. 
Crosby Ephraim, machinist, bds. at Hurd's, 27 Mer. 

Crosby Hale E., printer at Observer office, bds^at J. 

Far well's, Suffolk sq. 
Crosby Jacob, h. 25 Tremont corp. 
Crosby Mary, wid. boarding-house, Cen. st. 
Crosby Sylvester, at bobbin-shop, bds, atC. Crosby's 

Crosman , housewright, bds. at N. Brown's 

Cross Bethuel T. auctioneer. Low. st, h. Gor. st. 
Cross Daniel, machinist, h. 26 Prince st. 
Crother Robert, at Geo. Barnes' Middlesex st. 
Crowley Bartholomew, h. rear of D. Connell's 
Crowley Cornelius, bds. at T. Ford's 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, h. rear of D. Connell's 
Crowley John, laborer, bds. at T. CroAvley's 
Crowley Patrick, h. Low. st. rear Fitzpatrick's 
Crowley Timothy, laborer, h. rear of Connell's 
Cruden John, h. Low. st. Hilliard's blocks 
Cudworth, Angeline, wid. variety store, Mer. sq. op- 
posite Tremont factories 
Cudworth Mary, millinery, Mer. st. bds. at T. Flint's 
Cummings Andrew, mason, bds. at Mrs. Patter- 
sen's, Central st. 
Cummings Edmund, clerk at James Tower's 
Cummings Elizabeth, tailoress, h. Tyler st. 
Ciunmings Thomas B. housewright, ii. Chapel st. 


Cumining-s , housewright, bds. at Wallace's, 

Chapel St. 

Cummings , hostler, at Am, House 

Cummiskey Eugene, blue-dyer, h. cottages Mer. st, 
Cummiskey Hugh, W. L goods, Mer. st. h. Mer. st. 
Cunningham Chas. machinist, bds. at T. Wyman's, 

Swamp locks 
Cunningham Thomas, at Ham. factories, bds. at Mrs. 

Curlin J. J. Rev. h. Fenwick st. 
Currier Alpha, overseer at Mer, corp. h. 26 Prince 

Currier Asenath, wid. h. 9 Ham. st. App. corp. 
Currier Bradbury, bds. at Wm. Eastman's Low. st. 
Currier Charles, at App. factories, bds. at Stafford's 
Currier Cyrus, machinist, bds. at Mrs. L. Clough's 
Currier Daniel P. bds. at Cyrus Marshall's Gor. st. 
Currier Edmund, mason, h. Lawrence st. 
Currier Frances, dress-maker, bds. at Mrs. Morrill's 

Suffolk St. 
Currier Francis, tailor at Sanderson & Whipple's 
Currier Horace, mason, bds. at B. Taylor's Low. st. 
Currier Hiram, watchman at Mer. bds. at 5 Tre- 

mont Corp. 
Currier Jacob S. blacksmith, h, Suffolk st. 
Currier Jeremiah, at Tremont, bds. at 2 Trem. corp. 
Currier John, overseer at Suff. corp. h. 16 
Currier John C. at Mer. corp. bds. at 5 Tremont 
Currier Lucj'', wid. boarding-house, Suff. corp. 3 Ly- 
man St. 
Currier Moses, bds. at Wm. Eastman's 
Currier Philip W. clerk at Patch's, 33 Mer. st. 
Currier Rebecca, wid. h. 18 App. corp. 
Currier Rhoda, boarding-house, 2 Tremont corp. 
Currier Stephen, bds. af French's, Church st. 

Currier , stone-cutter, bds. at John Wood's 

Currier — — , at planing-rnachine 


Curtis Stephen, stone-blaster, bds. at T. Butterfield's 
Curtis William, refreshments, Green st. 
Cushing John, overseer at Mer.corp. h. 21 Prince sf 
Cushing Martin, mill-wright, bds. at John Cushing's 
Cushing Prentis Col. machinist, bds. at Mansion H. 
Cushing Stephen, overseer at repair-shop, h. 65 

Mer. Corp. 
Cutter Adonijah, harness-maker, atBrabrook's 
Cutting Daniel, overseer at Ham. factories, h. 38 

Jackson st. 
Cutting Lewis, overseer at Ham. factories, h. 50 

Hamilton st. 

DALTON JOHN C. physician, h. cor. Dutton & 

Lowell sts. 
Dalrymple Archibald, harness-maker, bds. at Mrs. 

Dame Daniel, brick-layer, bds. at Betsey Bean's, 

Lewis St. 
Damon John W. overseer at Middlesex corp. h. 25 

Hamilton corp. 
Damon Jonas M. at Mer. corp. h. 22 Prince st. 
Damon Luther, overseer at Suff. corp. h. 8 Jlace st. 
Damon Washington, clerk at Willard Fay's 
Damon William F. J. clerk at Mer. counting-room, 

h. Fayette st. Belvidere 
Dana David, tin-plate & sheet-iron worker, Jackson 

St. h. Chapel st. 
Dana James M. cloth-finisher, bds. at D. Coburn's 

Dana Jason, tin- worker, at David Dana's 
Dane Albert K. teamster at O. M. Whipple's, h. 

Lawrence st. 
Dane ( Geors^e) & Brooks {Daniel) blacksmiths, Mer. 

St. Suff. sq. h. Lowell st. 


Dane John, blacksmith, h. G2 Worthen st. 

Dane Osgood, blacksmith, School st. h. School st. 

Dane Peter O. teamster, bds. at Wilson's Chapel 

Dane Rodney, housewright, bds at Lester's, Jeffer- 
son st. 

Danforth Leonard, blacksmith, bds. at wid. Gage's, 
<yentral st. 

DanfoYth Nathan, stone-mason, bds. atlOLaw. corp. 

Danforth Solomon, at Ham. factories, bds. at Sarah 

Daniels Sam'l, laborer, h. Chap. st. Taylor's building 

Darling Carlos C. cabinet-maker at Dyar's 

Darling Robert H. painter, bds at Capt. Ramsey's 

Darmady William, cordwainer, bds. at Twombly's 

Darrah Robert, surgeon dentist, 8 Low. st bds. at 
F. Folsom's 

Dauncy William, student at Dr. Wm. Graves' 

Davidson John, bds. at Wm. Davidson's, 

Davidson John, carpet-weaver, h. 24 Carpet blocks 

Davidson Robert D. machinist, bds. at 24 Suff. corp. 

Davidson Stephen, bds. at Daniel Stevens', Suff. sq. 

Davidson (WiUiain) &. Co. [Aaron H. Safford) dry 
goods & clothing, 25 Mer. st. h. Low. st. 

Davies "VVilliam, boarding-house, Lowell st. 

Davis David, machinist, h. Lowell st. Hilliard's build- 

Davis Elisha L. housewright, bds. at Moses Davis' 
Lawrence corp. 

Davis Elisha, yeoman, h. Boston road, opposite south 
end Gor. st. 

Davis Hamlin, dealer in lumber, Cen. st. bds. at 
Mrs. Payson's, Tyler st. 

Davis Jane, wid. boarding house, Cross st. near Ad- 
ams St. 

Davis Joel, brick-layer, bds. at Mrs. Betsey Bean's, 
Lewis street. 


Davis Joel, clothing-store, Cen. st. cottage buildings, 

h. Hurd St. 
Davis John, blue-dyer, h. Low. st. Hilliard's buildings 
Davis Lucy, straw-bonnet maker at Jane Davis' 
Davis Luther, boarding-house, cor. of Low. & Lew- 
is sts. 
Davis Moses, dry goods, Cen. st. 4 Union buildings, 

h. Chapel st. 
Davis Moses, bds. at Spalding Reaves' 
Davis Moses, house wright, h. Lawrence corp. 29 

Race St. 

Davis , h. on old Clelmsford road 

Davis Orman, overseer at Ham. factories, h. 25 

Hamilton corp. 
Davis Samuel G. cloth-finisher, bds. at D. Coburn's 

Davis Sidney, bds. at Elisha Davis' 
Davis Thomas, at Cornelius Sweetser's 
Davis William, machinist, h. 3 Dutton st. Swamp 

Davis William, at Newman & Kittredge's 
Davis W. engraver, bds. at 35 Prince st. 
Davison Ithamar, at Ham. factories 
Dawnley James, at Ham. dye-house, bds. at 38 

Day Benjamin Maj. sculptor, Lowell st. bds. at J. Y. 

Day Ebenezer, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Eastman's, 

4 App. Corp. 
Day Herbert, at Suff. corp. bds. at No. 27 
Day Thomas, fur-blower, bds. at John Bennet's 
Day William L. harness-maker, bds. at Washington 


Day , bds. at Betsey P. Hildreth's 

Day , at Suff. corp. bds. at No. 27 

Dean Benjamin, block-cutter, h. 7 Prince street 
Dean Daniel H. draper & tailor, h. App. st. 


Dean Horace, at D. li. Dean's Central st. 

Dean {John) & Short (Charles M.) dry goods, Mer. 

St. opposite Trem. corp. bds. at Murray's 
Dean John, boarding-house, Gorham st. 
Dean Silas, housewright, h. rear of Lawrence st. 
Dean Solomon, overseer at Middlesex corp. bds. at 

Dean Thomas, calico-printer, h. 20 Prince st. 
Dean William H. bds. at Mansion house 
Dearborn Charles, stageman, bds. at Amer. house 
Dearborn Elizabeth R. dress-maker, Lowell st. 
Dearborn Moses, laborer, h. Green st. 
Dearborn Samuel O. printer at Observer office, bds. 

at M. Dearborn's 
Decatur Joshua, housewright, h. Lowell st. 
Deraeritt Asa, mason, bds. at Tenney's Adams st. 
Dempcey Mary, widow, h. Mer. sq. Mer. st. 
Dennis James, machinist, h.24 Trem. blocks 
Dennis Richard, overseer at App. machine-shop, h. 

Jackson st. 
Dennis Susan, wid. boarding-house, 7 Carp, blocks 
Dennis Thomas, overseer at Carp, factory, bds. at 

Mrs. Dennis' 

Dennis , machinist, bds. at James Patterson's 

Derby Jonathan, agent Lowell bleachery, bds. at J. 

Derny William, at factory, h. Green st. 
Despeau Van Ransalior, cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. 

Devens John S. dyer, bds. at Mrs. S Sharpies', 10 

Prince st. 
Devoy Mary, widow, h. Fenwick st. 
Dexter Alvin, at print-works, bds. at 50 Worthen st. 
Dickerman John, machinist, bds. at 15 Dutton sq. 
Dickinson Stephen, block-cutter, h. 21 Dutton st. 
Didiot Nicholas, overseer at Middlesex corp. h. 

Green st. 


Didiot Nicholas Jr. at factories, bds. at N. Didiot's 

Dickie Joseph, clerk at Duesbury's, Mer. st. 

Diggles John, tailor at Hobbs' 

Diggles Peter, calico-printer, h. Lowell st. 

Dillingham Artemas, houseAvright, h. 5 Suffolk sq. 

Dinsmoor Betsey, wid. boarding-house, Gor. st. 

Dinsmoor John B. clerk at Wra. Davidson & Co.'s 

Dinsmoor Maria, boarding-house, Suff. corp. 24 
Race st. 

Dinsmoor William A. housewright, bds. at B. Dins- 

Disman Michael, at Mer. bleach-house, bds. EiJ^Mrs. 

Divoll Lucy, millinery & dress-making, Hurd st. 

Doane Elizabeth, widow, h. 28 Mer. st. 

Doane Zenas, Green st. near Cen. st. 

Dodge Alice, wid. boarding-house, 27 Law. corp. 

Dodge Charles, painter, bds. at S. Hosmer's, Ad. st. 

Dodge Charles, boarding-house, Adams st. 

Dodge Ezekiel, housewright, h. 29 Trem. corp. 

Dodge Francis L. (Armor fy D.) bds. at Mrs. Tur- 
ner's, Jefferson st. 

Dodge George, constable & town-crier, h. 6 Elliot 

Dodge Hezek-iah, housewright, h. Lowell st. 

Dodge Jacob, housewright, boards at Lester's, Jef- 
ferson St. 

Dodge Joseph, housewright, h. Pawtucket st. north 
of Suff. Corp. 

Dodge Thomas, housewright, h. 7 Lowell st. 

Dodge William, housewright, h. 5 Suff. st. Law. 

Dodge William, bds. at Hardy's, Tyler st. 

Doe Joseph M. [Mason ^ D.) boards at Mrs. Wyl- 

Dolloff Jesse, laborer, boarding-house, App. st. 

Donley Edward, Dyer, bds. at John McManner's 


Donn William, laborer, bds. at Mrs. Lepere's, Low- 
ell St. 

Donnahu John, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Donnahu Thomas, tailor, Low. st. h. Lowell st. 

Donnal Francis, cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. Durant's 

Donnells Francis, clerk at 9 Merrimac st. 

Donovan John, laborer, h. Lowell st. 

Droity Patrick, mason, bds. at Quimby's, South st. 

Doty Joseph L. cordwainer, bds. at B. Moore's 

Doughty John, laborer, bds. at McManner's 

Douglass Erastus, shuttle -maker, h. Lowell st. 

Douglas Roswell, shuttle-maker, h. Jeff. st. 

Dow Alvah, butcher, h. South st. 

Dow John, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Clough's, Soutls 

Dow William, clerk at S. B. Appleton & Co.'s 

Dowling Michael, housewright, h. near soap-works,. 
Chapel hill 

Dowling Richard, housewright, bds. at D. Connell's 

Dawney Hugh, overseer at dye-house, h. 12 Carp, 

Downs Jonas, housewright, h. 10 Adams st. 

Doyle Lawrence, laborer, bds. at Brown's, Low. st. 

Doyle Michael, grocery, li. Fenwick street 

Doyle Simon, stone-blaster, bds. at Judge's 

Drake Jonattian, cordwainer, Jackson st. h. Belvidere 

Drake Josiah, at O. M. Whipple's, bds. at L. Robin- 

Drew George K. cordwainer, h. Church street 

Drew Jonas W. S. at Suff. corp. h. 17 Suff. 

DriscoU Cornelius, bds. at Ford's, Suffolk st. 

Driscoll Thomas, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Drummond John, reed-maker, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Duag James, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Ducker John, blue-dyer, h. Merrimac sq. 

Ducklas John, bds. at Robert Ducklas' 

Ducklas Robert,housewright, h. 8 Prince st. 


Dudley Fisher, clerk at Shattuck's, bds. at Mrs. 

Dudley Willard, bar-keeper, Mansion house 
Duesbury William, chemist & apothecary, Mer. cor. 

Lewis St. h. Suffolk st. 
Duff James, calico-printer, h. Fenwick st. 
Duff Joanna, wid. h. rear of Mer. st. Mer. sq. 
Dugdale James, overseer at Mer. factories h. 28 

Prince street 
Duian Thomas Col. bds. at Young's, near Catholic 

Dummer John, mill-wright, h. Lowell st. 
Duncan William, clothes-cleaner, Lowell st. h. rear 

Low. st. 
Dunklee Hubbard H. clerk at J. J. Patch's, Cen. st. 
Dunham Manasseh, at Mer. corp. bds. at 64 Worthen 

Dunlap John, housewright, h. Law. st. 
Dunlap J. housewright, bds. at Mrs. Banister's 
Dunn Burney, bds. at 22 Carp, blocks 
Dunn Mary, confectionary, Mer. st. opposite Trem. 

Durgan Charles C. machinist, bds. at J. W.Durgan's 
Durgan E. S. bds. at Mrs. Moore's, Law. corp, 
Durgan James W. at repair shop, h. Suffolk st. 
Durgin Alvah, cabinet-maker, h. South st. 
Durant Thomas, blacksmith, bds. at Upton's, Law. st. 
Dutton Thayer, at machine-shop, bds. at B. Hill's 
Dutton , stone-cutter, bds. at Mrs. Gage's, Cen. 

Dwight , book-binder, at Sheple's, bds. at D. 

Philbrick's Cen. st. 
Dyar Albert, gilder. Chapel hill, h. Chapel st. 
Dyar George W. furniture ware rooms, Cen. st. k 

23 Mer. st. , 
Dyar Warren, crockery-ware, looking-glass and fur-. 

niture ware-house, Cen. st. bds. at Am. house. 


EAGERLY ADDISON, yeoman, bds. at T. Ea- 

Eagerly Jonathan, laborer, h. Charles st. 
Eastman Benjamin M. mason, bds. at Mrs. Turner's, 

Jefferson st. 
Eastman Edward, clerk at Tapley's, Church st. 
Eastman Susan, boarding-house, 4 App. corp. 
Eastman William, laborer, h. Lowell st. 
Eaton Clarissa, dress-maker, Cen. st. bds. at 13. Hill's 
Eaton Clarissa B. h. Cen. st. over Mansur & Reed's 
Eaton Deborah, tailoress, bds. at B. Hill's 
Eaton Forrest, overseer at Mer. corp. h. 16 Dutton 

Eaton Moses F. school-master, high school, bds. at 

J. Putney's, Tyler St. 
Eaton Peter, variety store, LoAvell st. h. Low. st. 
Eaton Thomas, laborer, bds. at Quimby's, South st. 

Eaton , watchman, bds. at 24 SufF. corp. 

Eclas Jonathan, h. rear of D. ConnelPs 

Eddy Wilson, machinist, bds. at Joel Williams' 

Edes Thomas, watchman, bds. at 49 Mer. corp. 

EdlifFson John, watchman, h. 14 Lawrence corp. 

Edson Albertus, blacksmith, h. Worthen st. 

Edson Theodore Rev. h. Mer. st. 

Edwards Richard, clothing-store, 54 Mer. st. h. Mer. 

Edwards William, slater, bds. at Davis' 22 Law. 

Elkins John, lather, bds. at B. Taylor's 
Ellinwood Samuel F. tin-ware manufacturer, bds. at 

Straws', Lowell st. 
Elliot Ebenezer, teamster, h. Tyler st. 
Elliot George P. housewright, h. 12 Adams st. 
Elliot Hazen, h. 15 Merrimac st. 
Elliot John, mason, bds. atMorey's, Gorham st. 
Elliot John S. physician, office Cen. st. Ham. place, 

bds. at West's, Suffolk st. 


Elliot Joseph M. laborer, lids, at Thomas J. Elliot's 

Elliot Samuel H. comb store, 42 Mer. st. 

Elliot Thomas J. houseAvright, h. Lowell st. 

Elliot William H. stageman, bds. at Am. house 

Ellis Abram, blacksmith, bds. at Upton's 

Ellis Benjamin, housewright, bds. at Goodwin's, 21 

Law. Corp. 
Ellis Simeon, at dye-house, h. 21 Carp, blocks 
Elliston William, at Law. corp. bds. at M. Davis' 22 

Law. corp. 
Elmore Wm. H. clerk, bds. at 17 Mer. st. 
Elmore F. W. H. clerk, bds. at 17 Mer. st. 
Emerson Catharine, wid. at Adam Putnam's 
Emerson Chauncey W. cellar, Cen. st. cor. Jackson 

St. h. Middlesex st. 
Emerson Greely, watchman at factory, h. 24 Web- 
ster St. 
Emerson Moses, hostler at Mclntire's stable, h. Cen. 

Emerson Susan, wid. boarding-house, lOHam. st. 
Emerson Solomon, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Reed's, 

Ham. corp. 
Emery Charles, bds. at Am . house 
Emery C. house wright, bds. at T. J. Elliot's 
Emery D. at Suff. factories, bds. at Bascom's 
Emmett John, engraver, bds. at 28 Prince st. 
England Michael, at Mer. factories, h. long block 

Lowell St. 
England Michael, color-mixer, h. 8 Prince st. 
Enwright Michael, laborer, rear of Lowell st. 
Evans Abram, blacksmith at J. G. Kittredge's 
Evans Lot A. at Ham. corp. bds. at J. Hadley's 
Evans William, harness-maker at J. Mixer's 
Everett David, overseer at Trem. bds. at M. Har- 
Everett S. overseer at Ham. corp. bds. at 28 Ham. st 
Everett Thomas, overseer at Trem. corp. h. 32 Trem. 


FAIRBANK ASA, machinist, h. Adams st. 2d brick 


Fairfield Benjamin F. at B. Walker's 

Farley Massilon, student at law with W. W. & E. 
Fullers, bds. at Am. house 

Farmer James, at dye-house, bds. at J. Smith's, Mid- 
dlesex St. 

Farmer Nathaniel, machinist, h. 13App. corp. 

Farmer Simeon, yeoman, bds. at D. Coburn's 2nd 

Farmiugton Isaac, clerk at Edwards' Mer. st. 

Farnald Niel, laborer, h. Suff. sq. 

Farnham Isaac, boarding-house, 8 Law. corp. 

Farnum George, at Trem. factories, bds. at 9 Law. 

Farnum. Livermore, at Mer. factories, bds. at Jew- 
ett's. 60 Mer. corp. 

Farnsworth Thomas S. painter, bds. at Mrs. Law- 

Farnsworlh , at Law. corp. bds. at 21 Law. corp 

Farnsworth , painter, bds. at 21 Law. corp. 

Farr Asa, cordwainer, Cen. st. h. App. st. 

Farr George, bds. at Paul Holt's 

Farrar Cyrus, (Chambers &c.F.) h. near Hale's mills 

Farrar Franklin, machinist, h. 8 Dutton st. 

Farrar Jacob, painter, bds. at Rev. J. Barnaby's 

Farrar Matilda, wid. boarding-house, 31 Worthen 
St. Mer. corp. 

Farreil Edward, laborer, h. Gorham st. 

Farrill Henry, laborer, h. Mer. st. Cottage buildings 

Farrill John, laborer, h. Suff. st. 

Farrill Robert, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Farrington Daniel, houseAvright, h. on West Chelms- 
ford road 

Farris Henry, at Mer. factories, bds. at 53 Mer. 

Farris John K. butcher, {Spalding S,- F.) h. Liberty 


Farwell Charles, machinist, bds. at 5 Dutton st. 

Farwell Joseph, h. 5 Suffolk sq. 

Farwell William A. stageraan, bds. at Am. house 

Favor John, v/atchman at Law. corp. h. Suff. sq. 

Fa}' Albert, bread-carrier at Pierce & Co.'s 

Fay Dennis, confectioner, h. Mer. st. 

Fay Michael, bds. at Sullivan's, Fenwick st. 

Fay Robert C. clerk at Whidden & Russell's 

Fay Samuel, bds. at Dennis Fay's, Mer. st. 

Fay Willard, bar-room, Mer. st. cottage buildings 

Fellows J. W. & J. K. watches & jewelry, 16 Mer. 

Fenno James, watch-maker, Mer. st. h. Jeif. st. 
Ferrin Alvah, laborer, bds. at Ladd's, Cen. st. 
Field Abigail, boarding-house, 18 Appleton corp. 
Field Haaiilton, at Suff. corp. bds. at C. Knapp's 
Field James, at Mer. fact, yard, bds. at 14 Prince st. 
Field Joseph, boarding-house, 18 Appleton corp. 
Field Samuel B. at Ham. fact. bds. at wid. S. Field's 
Field Sarab, wid. boarding-house, 23 Ham. corp. 
Field William, housewright, bds. at Benj. Moore's 
Fielding Maurice, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Fielding Stephen K. overseer at Middlesex corp. h. 

Church St. 
Fields Smith E. teamster, bds. at 4 Prince st. 

Fields , stageman, bds. at Jackman's, Chap, hill 

Fife Nathan H. housewright, bds. at Mrs. Corlis' 
Fifield Abner, housewright, bds. at Betsey Bean's 
Fifield Abraham, housewright, h. Elm st. 
Fifield Calvin S. house & sign painter. Middle st. 
Fifield Edward, housewright, h. Chap. st. Chap, hill 
Fifield Elijah B. stone-layer, h. Central st. 
Fifield Joseph, W. I. goods, Mer. square, bds. at Dr. 

Barnes', Lewis st. 
Fifield Peter, laborer, bds, at French's 
Fifield Sanborn, clerk at J. Fifield's, Mer. sq. 
Finley Peter, stone-blaster, h. Law. st. 


Fislier Abiel, housewriglit, bds. at S. Young's 

Fisher Albigence W. machinist, h. 22 Button sq. 

Fisher Cliristopher, oyster-cellar, Worthen st. 

Fisher David P. dyer at Middlesex corp. bds. at D. 
Coburn's 2nd 

Fisher John, edge-tool-maker, Massaic falls, house 
Lawrence st. 

Fish Warren, house wright, h. 14 Law. corp. 

Fiske Abel, cloth-baler at Suffolk factories 

Fiske Levi, weaver at Mer. fact. h. 22 Button st. 

Fisk Lewis, overseer at Merrimac corp. house 37 
Worthen st. 

Fisk Sewall, machinist, h. 10 Lowell st. 

Fisk Thomas J. housewright, bds. at 22 Worthen st. 

Fisk , stageman, bds. at A^merican House 

Fitts Isaac N. housewriglit, h. Lowell stroet, oppo- 
site new brick school-house 

Fitts Jesse R. housewright, bds. at J. L. Fitts' 

Fitts John L. housewright, house Lowell street, 
opposite new brick school-house 

Fitts Nathan, bds. at Nehemiah Brown's, Lowell st. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, bds. at George Barnes' 

Fitzpatrick Nicholas, dyer, h. Lowell st. 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, h. back of soap works, Law. st. 

Fitzsimmonds Bryan, laborer, li. Lowell st. 

Flagg Daniel Jr. cordwainer, h. Moors st. 

Flagg , cordwainer, h. Moors st. 

Flanders Jason, at A. L. Brooks', bds. at Bennett's 

Flanders John L. with George P. Elliot 

Flanders Phanuel, butcher, h. on Boston road 

Flanders Walker, bds. at T. J. Elliots', Low. st. 

Fletcher Calvin, blacksmith. Low. st. h. Low. st. 

Fletcher Bix, housewright, bds. at Atherton's 

Fletcher (Henry) & Currier (James) tallow-chand- 
lers. Chapel hill 

Fletcher John S. housewright, boards at Artemu.-s 


Fletcher John W. watchman, bds. at 6 Law. corp. 

Fletcher Mary, wid. boarding-house, "H. Button st. 

Fletcher Phebe, widow of William, h. west Chelms- 
ford road 

Fletcher Seneca, painter at Lewis Mclntire's 

Fletcher Stephen H. machinist, h. between Suffolk 
& Fenwick sts. 

Fletcher William, b. on old Chelmsford road 

Fletcher Zacheus Col. W. L goods. Central street, 
Chapel hill 

Fletcher , overseer, at Carpet factory, boards at 

P. Lawson's 

Fling Timothy, laborer, h. School st. 

Flinn John, cordwainer, h. Lowell st. 

Flint Charles, at factory, h. 3 x\ppleton corp, 

Flint Oliver W. overseer atSuff. corp. h.31 Race st. 

Flint (Thomas) & Hutchinson {Benjamin) hard- 
ware & clothes, Cent. st. h. 32 Mer. st. 

Flyn John, cordwainer, Lowell st. 

Fogg Seth, machinist, bds. at Bulah Wilson's 

Follensbee John, housewright, bds. at N. Upham's 

Follet Joseph, painter, h. Merrimac st. 

Folsom (Frederic) &l Pi.irdy [Edward C.) W. L 
goods, Central and Gorham sts. h. Charles st. 

Folsom Ira N. at Johnson's cellar, bds. S. Folsom's 

Folsom John & Co. stone-cutters, cor. Central & 
Mer. sts. bds. at Dolloff 's, App. st. 

Folsom Samuel, lumber-wharf, near brewery, h. 
Middlesex st. 

Foot James L. tin-plate & sheet-iron ware manu- 
factory, Mer. sq. h. Lowell st. 

Foster Abram, teamster, h. Chapel hill 

Foster George, butcher, h. Chapel hill 

Foster James H. mason, bds. at Sophia Shed's 

Ford Deborah, h. Merrimac st. 

Ford Elisha, Capt. superintendent of guard locks, 
bds. at Deborah Ford's 


P'ord Frederick, blacksmith, boards at Mary Wel- 

Ford Heman, at App. fact. bds. at Mrs. Thomas' 

Ford Isaac, watchman, bds. at 5 Trcm. corp. • 

Ford John, at Mer. corp. bds. at 30 Tremont corp. 

Ford Joseph G. mason, bds. at S. Cole's, Wor. st. 

Ford Joseph H. at print-yard, bds. at 4 Prince st. 

Ford Nathan, housewright, bds. at H. Richardson's 

Ford Timothy, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Ford-Timothy, laborer, h. Suffolk st. 

Ford William, blacksmith, bds- at J. Sargent's 

Fowler Ann, washing & ironing, h. Central st. 

Fowler Richard, painter and dealer in paints, Hurd 
St. h. Green st. 

Fowler William, carpet- we aver, h. Fenwick st. 

Fox Charles J. student at law, with Isaac O. Barnes' 

Fox Eldad, at Carp. fact. bds. at Douglas', 

Fox Jesse, physician, h. Hurd st. 

Fox Milo, at Ham. bleach-house, bds. at No. 15 

Fox , at Suff. Corp. bds. at 31 Suffolk corp. 

Francom Charles, mason, h. Middle st. 

Franklin William B. machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 

Freeman Enoch W. Rev. boards at Mrs. Butler's 
Charles street 

Freme George, bds. at Sam'l Gibby's, Fenwick st. 

French Amos, bds. at J. B. French's 

French Catharine E. wid. boarding-house, App. st. 

French Charles, teamster, bds. at Betsey Morrill's 

French Cyril, machinist, h. Chapel st. 

French George, teamster, bds. at George Dodge's 

French Josiah B. Central st. Union buildings 

French Luther, livery-stable, Green street, bds. at 
French & Hersey's 

French Martin, mason, bds. at David Clark's 

French Sarah, boarding-house, 13 Gove st. Suft. corp. 

French Stephen, at powder-mills, h. Law. st. 

French Sumner, blacksmith, h. Church st. 


French (Hiram) & Hersey (Walter) victualing cel- 
lar, cor. Central & Green st. 

French , watchman, bds. at 22 Lawrence Corp. 

Friend Israel, boots & shoes, 27 Merrimac st. 

Frost Charles B. at T. J. Elliot's, Lowell st. 

Frost Cyrus, housewright, h. South st. 

Frost Leonard, shoe-store, Cen. cor. Gorham sts. 

Frost Liberty, overseer, bds. at 37 Mer. corp. 

Frye George, mason, bds. at S. Bean's, Lewis st. 

Frye Ira, h. Gorham street, near grove 

Frye Joseph, teamster, bds. at Straw's, Lowell st. 

Frye (Timothy) &l Abbot (Ziha) W. I. goods, town- 
house, h. Central st. Chapel hill 

Frye Timothy, teamster, bds. at Osgood Dane's 

Fuller Aaron, baker at Scripture & Wilson's, house 
Chapel St. 

Fuller Daniel, at machine-shop, bds. at Berry's 

Fuller Elisha, ( JV. W. S,- E. Fuller) counsellor at 
law, Cen. st. h. bank block, Mer. st. 

Fuller John H. shoes, Lewis st. bds. at Tenney's 
Adams st. 

Fuller Sally, wid. boarding house, 18 Suff. corp. 

Fuller Samuel, mason, bds. at E. Metcalf's, SufF. sq. 

Fuller Waitstill, wid. boarding-house, Lewis st. 

Fuller William W. counsellor & attorney at law, 
Ham. buildings, Cen. st. bds. at Mrs. Wvllie's 

Fullick J. A. slater, h. Suffolk st. 

Fulton Hugh, weaver, bds. at 22 Carpet blocks 

Furbush Jonathan, at Suff. factories, bds. at 9 Law. 

GAGE BENJAMIN H. dry goods, Mer. st. oppo- 
site Suff. corp. h. Mer. sq. 

Gage Benjamin, stone-cutter, (Folsom &f Co.) bds. 
Joanna Gasre's 


Gage David, mill-wright, bds. at B. Hamlet's, Law. 

Gage Horace, wheelwright at Joel Jenkins' Mer. st. 
Gage Joanna, boarding-house, Cen. st. 
Gage Jonathan F. machinist, bds. Joanna Gage's 
Gage William H. housewright, bds. at J. Bennett's 
Gale John, yeoman, at Avery Marshall's 
Gale Stephen M. Iron & steel store, 6 Lowell st. 

bds. at Am. house 
Gallahur Barnard, h. Lowell st. 
Galvin John, bds. at D. Connell's 
Gannon John, bar-room, Mer. sq. 
Garland James, clerk at O. L. Allen's, bds. at Met- 

Garland Nathaniel, machinist, h. 31 Trem. corp. 
Garfany Patrick, laborer, h.on Old Chelmsford roatl 
Garhty Bartholomew, at dye-house, h. rear Law. st. 
Gates Arteraas, teamster at Col. Fletcher's, h. rear 

Lawrence st. 
Gates Elihu, machinist, h. G Dutton st. 
Gates Emeline, dress-maker &. milliner, Gor. st. 

Gove's building 

Gates , watchman, bds. at John L. Tripp's 

Geer Enoch W. at Isaac Monroe's, Cen. st. 
George Henry H. housewright at Dummer's, h. in 

George Lemuel H. housewright, h. 22 App. corp. 
George Nathaniel, machinist, h. betv>^een Suff. & 

Fenwick sts. 
George Paul R. dry goods & clothing, Mer. st. 
George Rufus, housewright. bds. at wid. L. Ken- 
Gerry John, at print-works, JNIer. corp. bds. at Ladd's 

12 Prince street 
Gerrish Nathaniel, mason, bds. at Catharine Parker's 
Getchell Josiah, at Carpet factory, bds. at 6 Carp. 


Lowell directory. 55 

Gibby Samuel, print-cutter, h. Fenwick st. 
Gibson Jacob, at Mer. fact. bds. at 46 Mer. corp. 
Gibson James, at Middlesex corp. h. Church st. 
Gibson Patience, Mrs. boarding-house, 16 App. 

Gilbert Joseph, housewright, bds. at Samuel Fol- 

Gill John, overseer at Ham. corp. bds. at Mrs. Rider's 
Gillett (Fanny) & Platts (Mehitabk) tailoring, Mer- 

rimac st. 
Gillis Henry C. clerk at Jacob Robbins', Cen. st. 
Gillis Mark, overseer at Ham. corp. h. Ham. st. 
Gilman Albert S. books & stationary, Mer. sq. bds. 

at Mrs. Young's, Suffolk sq. 
Gilman Alfred, printer, 35 Merrimac st. h. Gorham 

St. Emerson place 
Gilman Christopher G. housewright, boards at B. 

Moore's Cen. st. 
Gilman George W. bar-keeper at Washington hotel 
Gilman J. W. B. clerk at sheriff's office, bds. at Man- 
sion house 
Gilman Joseph, mason, bds. at E. Metcalf's, Low. st. 
Gilman Mark S. pay-master at Ham. corp. bds. at 

No. 11 
Gilman Tristram C. housewright, bds. at Benj. Wild's 
Gilson Peter Jr. laborer, bds. at 21 App. corp. 
Gilson Robert D. h. 21 App. corp. 
Gilson Samuel P. bds. at Whitney's, 21 Jackson st. 
Glazier Zenas, wool-sorter, bds. at Mrs. Kendal's, 

Warren st. 
Gleason Hale C. wool-stapler, h. George st. 
Glidden Elisha, counsellor at law, office Cen. st. R. 

R. Bank, h. cor. of Tyler & Law. sts. 
Glidden Emery, bds. at Clement's, Chapel st. 
Goddard Samuel B. machinist, 13 Law. corp. 
Golden Barnard, at bleach-house, h. Cen. st. 
Goodell Asa, at factory, bds. at Paul Holt's 


Goodhue Jason, at Ham. fact. bds. at J. Hadley's 
Goodhues (Stephen &f Thomas) & Haywood (J^. P.) 

carpet- warehouse, cor. Cen. and Middle sts. 

boards 8 Lowell st. 
Goodwin Hannah, boarding-house, 21 Law. corp. 
Goodnough Peter, at Blanchard's, Mansion house 
Goodspeed Calvin, overseer at Law. Company yard, 

bds. at J. Carr's 
Goodwin Jacob, physician, 21 Law. corp. 
Goodwin John B. assistant agent Law. Manufactu- 
ring Company, bds. at Merrimac house 
Goodwin Nathaniel, accountant Mer. Man. Co. bds. 

at Tyler's, Cen. st. 
Gordon Charles, physician, ofSce, brick block, west 

of Merrimac house 
Gordon John, laborer, h. Lowell st. 
Gordon Samuel F. boarding-house, Appleton st. 
Gordon Smiley, clock-case maker, Central st. 
Gordon William, at Lowell bleachery, h. cor. Cen. 

and Chapel sts. 
Gotham Henry, housewright, bds. at 5Trem. corp. 
Gould David, painter, bds. at Sally Young's 
Gould Mary, wid. of Benjamin G. h. South st. 

Gould , painter at Fowler's, bds. at Mrs. Lock's 

Gove David, machinist, h. Gorham st. 

Gove Eliza, dress-maker, Suff.sq. bds. at Dr. Barnes' 

Gove Hannah, widow, boarding-house, 13 App. corp. 

Gowdy Thomas, laborer, h. near Hale's mills 

Goell Alvin C. victualing-cellar, 5 Lowell st. 

Grant Elisha, laborer, bds. at M. Davis' Law. corp. 

Grant Philip B. merchant tailor, Cen. cor. Warren st . 

Graves John W. physician, 7 Hurd st. 

Graves (Jonathan V.) & Cavis (John) W. I. goods, 

Church cor. Law. st. 
Graves William, physician, 7 Hurd st. 
Gray Alanson, at Caleb Crosby's, South st. 
Gray Ira, dyer, bds. at Mary Crosby's, Cen. st. 


Gray William C. teamster, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Graham Reuben, machinist, bds. at 64 Mer. corp. 
Greeley Elbridge, stone-layer, bds. at Barney's App. 

• street 
Greely Moses T. at Mer. Company's yard, bds. at 61 

Mer. Corp. 
Green Amos, machinist, h. 49 Worthen st. 
Green Benj. machinist, h. 9 Button st. Swamp locks 
Green Charles, shoe-store, Mer. st. h. JNTer. st. 
Greene Charlotte, tailoress, App. cor. South st. 
Green Columbus, at fiict. bds. at Hiram Parker's 
Green Dennison, overseer at Law. corp. bds. at 12 

Law. Corp. 
Green George Gen. painter, bds. at Straw's, 
Green John O. physician, office Adams st. h. Mer. st. 
Green Peggy, h. Lowell st. 
Green , teamster, at J. Tapley's, bds. at Mrs. 

Greenleal Ann, tailoress, h. 30 Ham. st. 
Greenleaf Daniel G. trunk-maker, Cen. st. 
Gregg Charles, blacksmith, h. Church st. 
Gregg David, at Middlesex corp. bds. at D. Coburn's 
Gregg Elizabeth, h. rear of App. street 
Gregory Uriah G. at factory, bds. at 4 Ham. corp. 
Gregory William, at Law. fact. bds. at No. 22 
Gregory William C. engraver, h. 54 Mer. corp. 
Griffin Joseph, stone-cutter, h. near guard locks 
Griffin Michael, h. Mer. square 
Griffin Patrick, at Lowell bleachery, bds. at Mrs. 

Grimes John, at dye-house, h. Lowell st. 
Grimshaw Thomas, block-printer, bds. at Metcalf s 
Griswold Albert, machinist, h. Jefferson st. 
Grosvenor Abel, laborer, h. Green st. 
Guild Benjamin, laborer, h. Chapel st. Chapel hill 
Guild Betsey, widow, boarding-house, 58 Mer. corp. 
Guppy Samuel, mason, bds. at Mrs Bean's, Lewis st. 


HACKETT JOHN S. Mer. fact. bds. at 22 Law. 
Hadley E. at Ham. fact. bds. at 4 Elliot st. 
Hadley John, baker, h. Cen. st;Chap. hill 
Hadley Judith, v/id. boarding-house, 4 Ham. corp. 
Hagar Elisha, overseer at Trem, corp. h. 26 Trcm. 
Hagget Allen, stage agent, bds. at Am. house 
Haggot Christopher, bds. at American house 

Hagget , mason, bds. at B. Wild's 

Haines Joseph, at factory, bds. at 8 App. corp. 
Hakins George, mason, bds. at D. Steven's Suff. sq. 
Hale Bernice & } millers, on Boston road, h. Boston 
Hale Perley, ^ road 

Hale David, at Ham. counting-room, bds. at J. Had- 

Hale George, at Law. corp. h. No. 9 
Hale John, at Carpet factory, bds. at Betsey Morrill's 
Hale Joshua, clerk at Edwin Blanchard's 
Hale Mehitable, wid. boarding-house, 1 Button st. 
Hale Theodore P. (IngaUs ^^H.) bds. at Mrs. Wyllie's 
Hale William, at Ham. fact, bds at C. Avery's 
Hall Alanson. at factories, bds. at Mrs. J. Hadley's 
Hall^45a;&'Nute [Andrew T.) W. L goods, 40 

Mer. St. h. Elm st: 
Hall Christopher, at factory, bds. at Samuel Coburn'a 
Hall Edward, laborer, h. near brewery 
Hall Enoch, blacksmith, bds. at Lydia Kendall's 
Hall John C. housewright, h. Lawrence st. 
Hall Merritt, oyster-shop, Lowell st. h. Adams st. 
Hall Pelatiah F. painter, Cen. st. h. Law. st. 

Hall -. , tin-dealer, bds. at B. Hill's Cen. st. 

Hall , at Law. fact. bds. at 22 

Hamblett Benjamin, millwright, h. near powder mills 
Hamblett Carmi, mason, bds. at Mrs. Atwood's, Low. 

Hamblett Charles, brick-layer, bds. at 8 Adams st. 
Hamblett Eliza, dress-maker, Central st. Crosby's 



Hamblett George, blacksmith, bds. at Harvey's Cen. 

Hamblett Osmi, mason, bds. at Mrs. Atwood's 
Hammon Jonathan, mason, bds. at Mrs. Straw's 

Low. St. 
Hammond Thomas J. machinist, h. Jefferson st. 

Hammond , stone-mason, bds. at Mrs. Straw's 

Hand George W. at soap-works, bds. at J. Pearson's 

Gorham st. 
Plancock Wm. W. housewright, bds. at 11 Hurd st. 
Hanscom S. R. schoolmaster, bds. at 7 Hurd st. 
Hanson James, Law. corp. bds. at No. 24 
Hanson Harriet, wid. boarding-house, 5 Trem. corp. 
Hapgood Ephraim, housewright, bds. at Barry's, Ap- 

pleton St. 
Harding James H. at Middlesex corp. h. Lawrence 


Hardman , block-printer, bds. at Metcalf s 

Hardy Daniel, watchman, h. 36 Jackson st. 
Hardy Darius, watchman at Mer. corp. bds. at 27 
Hardy James S. watchman, h. 2 Appleton corp. 
Hardy Leonard, at factory, bds. at S. S. Straw's 
Hardy P. overseer at Suffolk corp. h. No. 14 
Hardy Timothy, teamster at Ham. corp. h. Green st. 
Hardy , housewright, bds. at Churchill's Cen- 
tral street 
Hargraves William, machinist, h. rear of Cen, st. 
Harrington Hannah, boarding-house, Trem. corp. 
Harrington Phineas, mason, boards at 27 Suffolk 

Harris James, watchman, bds. at 4 Carpet blocks 
Harris Leonard, at Suffolk corp. bds. at No. 25 
Harris Peter, boarding-house, 8 Suff. sq. 
Harris Warren, painter, bds. at 21 Law. corp. 
Harris William, boatman, h. rear of Law. st. 
Hart David, yeoman, h. on old Chelmsford road 
Hart Figet, ship-carpenter, bds. at Joel Jenkins' 


Hartley Mary, wid. of Cornelius, h. on old Chelms- 
ford road 
Hartley William, engraver, h. Charles st. 
Hartshorn Edward, baker, at Scripture & Wilson's 
Hartshorn H. bds. at Dean's, Gorham st. 

Hartshorn , clerk at Samuel L. Wilkins' 

Hartwell George, at Pierce & Co.'s bakery 
Hartwell Nathaniel, mason, h. Adams st. 
Hartwell Susan, boarding-house, 7 Law. corp. 
Hartwell , housewright, boards at H. Parker's, 

South St. 
Harvey Albert, at App. fact. bds. at G. Dodge's 
Harvey Joseph, blacksmith, bds. at 61 Mer. corp. 
Harvey Samuel, blacksmith, Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Harvey Stephen, at Carp, factory, bds. at Betsey 

Harvey William, at Capt. Benjamin Butterfield's 
Harwood John, machinist, h. ]3 Elliot st. Ham. corp. 
Harwood John, at Benjamin Walker's 
Harwood William D. overseer at reed shop, bds. 15 

Dutton St. 
Haskell Elias, Mer. fact. bds. at No. 60 
Haskell Jacob, silk-store, Cen. cor. Ham. st. h. Cen. 

Haskell Mary-Ann, dress-m.aking, No. 6 Suff. sq. 
Haskell Rebecca, boarding house, ]9 Law. corp. 
Haskell Sarah, widow, h. Jefferson st. 
Hassett Patrick, at dye-house, "boards at Timmin's 

Bowditch street 
Hastings Charles, overseer at Suffolk corp. h. No. 16 
Hastings H. W., W. I. goods, town-house, bds. at 

Lowell Hotel 
Hastings Theodore L. overseer at Suffolk corp. I>. 

No. 22 
Hatch H., accountant at Law. Man. Co. h. High st. 

Hatch William W. at factory, h. 45 Bowditch st. 


Haven James, at Chase & Carter's, Liberty st. 
Haven Samuel F. attorney at law, office Rail-road 

bank buildings, Cen. st. h. Lewis st. 
Haviland Patrick, clerk at Murray's, Mer. sq. 

Hay , machinist, bds. at Betsey Morrill's 

Hayres Asahel, watchman, bds. at 49 Mer. corp. 
Hayes Dexter, teamster at Cram's, Low. st. 
Haynes Gilbert, machinist, h. 11 Law. corp. 
Haynes Henry, at Jonathan Knowles' 
Haynes James M. at saw-mill, bds. at 10 Button st. 
Hays William, at repair-shop, bds. at 27 Mer. corp. 
Hayward Charles L. clerk at Rail Road bunk, bds. 

at Mrs. H. Whipple's 
Hayward Nancy, boarding-house, 25 Ham. corp. 
Hayward N. P. [Goodhue ^ H.) 
Hayward William P. clerk, bds. at Patterson's, Ad- 
ams street 
Hazelton Asa, bds. at Peter Eaton's 
Hazelton Joel, mason, bds. at O. Pingrey's 

Hazelton , watchman, bds. at 24 Suffolk corp. 

Hazen Reuben N. bobbin-turner, bds. at Dolloff 's, 

Appleton St. 
Heald Lucy, dress-maker, Mer. st. cottage buildings 
Heald Martin, mason, bds. at Mrs. Patterson's, Cen. 

Heald Sarah, [Loving ^- H.) 
Healy David, overseer at print-works, h. 25 Prince 

Healy Nathaniel, school-master, bds. atwid. Smith's, 

Lowell St. 
Hearsey Francis, at H. Pierce & Co.'s 
Hearsy John A. overseer at Law. corp. h. No. 24 
Heath, Albert, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Banister's 
Heath Ira, stone-layer, bds. at Cyrus Barney's 
Heath Sargent, at Ham. fac. bds. at Sarah Field's 

Heath , at App. factories, bds. at Geo. Dodge's 

Hector Thomas, at Van Vronker's 


Hedge Elizabeth, h. 8 Lowell street 

Hedrick George, military & standard painting, Con. 

St. bds. at Damon's, Belvidere 
Hempstead James, overseer at Middlesex corp. bds. 

at Mrs. March's 
Henderson Howard, hostler at Washington hotel 
Herbert Mary, milliner & dress-maker, Gor. st. 
Herrick Amos, machinist, bds. at J. DollofF's, App. 

Herrick Barrett E. mason, bds. at Tenney's, Adams 

Herrick Edward B. housewright, h. Cen. st. Chapel 

Herrick Mary, milliner & dress-maker. Central st. 
Herriman Arthur L, hostler at Am, house 
Herron D. slater, bds. at Cram's, 11 Adams st. 
Hersey Hiram, (French ^/ H.) 
Heaselton Hannah, wid. boarding-house, 61 Wor- 

then St. 
Hewett Richard, housewright, h. Jefferson st. 
Hey dock (William T.) & Olcott [Edivard R.) At- 

tornies & Counsellors, Cen. st.h. Gor st. 
Hickman James, machinist, h. 3 Elliot st. 
Hildreth Asa, overseer, at Mer. corp. h. No. 14 
Hildreth Benjamin C. at Lowell bleachery, bds. at 

Mrs. Corliss' 
Hildreth Betsey P. boarding-house, Cen. st. 
Hildreth Horace, printer, bds. atT. Jameson's, Mer. 

Hill Abigail, wid. boarding-house. Middle st. 
Hill Bradbury, stone-blaster, h. Cen. sf 
Hill Bradstreet, housewright. h. Gorham st. 
Hill David, overseer at Mer. corp. h. 23 Button st. 
Hill Granville, at machine-shop, bds. at D. Stevens' 
Hill James, confectioner at Wright's, Cen. st. 
Hill James C. at Ham. fac. bds. at B. Hill's, Gor. st. 
Hill Job, machinist, bds. at 5 Button st. Sv/amp I'ks 


Hill John, watchman atMer. corp. bds. at No. 41 

Hill Lawrence, blacksmith, h. back soap-works 

Hill Loruhamah, wid. boarding-house, 41 Worthen 

Hill Nathaniel, overseer of watchmen, h. 26 Prince 

Hill Paul, machinist, bds. at 41 Mer. corp. 

Hill Paul, housewright, h. rear Suffolk st. 

Hill Rebecca, dress-maker & tailoress, Cen. st. 

Hill Samuel W. housewright, bds. at B. Hill's 

Hill Sarah, wid. boarding-house, Gor. st. 

Hill Simon, at powder-mills, bds. at J. Philbrick's 

Hilliard Francis, attorney, office Crosby's building, 
Cen. St. h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Hilliard Thomas, bds. at Mr. Dermot's 

Hilliard William Jr. attorney at law, ofRce Crosby's 
building, bds. at JNIer. house 

Hills Benjamin B. housewright, h. bank Concord 

Hills George W. housewright, h. Green street 

Hills Prudence, dress-maker, Mer. st. bds. at Weld 

Hills Reuben, school-master, at high school, h. Mid- 
dlesex st. 

Hills Silas, at Pawtucket saw-mills 

Hines Jesse, housewright, bds. at Reuben Hills' 

Hines Thomas, hat-store, 6 Mer. st. bds. at Ameri- 
can house 

Hixon EliasH. victualing-cellar, Lowell, cor. Wor- 
then st.h. Lowell St. 

Hoag Jonathan, at App. fac. bds. at Philbrick's 

Hoag Nathan, at Ham. fac. h. 2 Jackson st. 

Hoag Samuel, cordwainer, h. Cen. st. 

Hoag Uriah, at App. fac. h. Hurd st. 

Hoar Silas, bds. at Nathaniel Wright's 

Hobbs Francis, woollen draper, Loav\ st. h. Middle- 
sex village ' 


Robert , bds. at Davis', Law. corp. 

Hobson Henry, calico-printer, h. Charles st. 

Hodgden Stephen, boarding-house, 7 SufF. st. Law. 

Hodgkin Stephen, housewright, bds. at J. Under- 

Hodgman Daniel, clothing, &c. Central street, bds. 
at Mrs. Labart's 

Hodgman Ebenezer, laborer, h. Gorham st. 

Hodgman Ephraim, teamster, h. Chapel st. 

Hodgman Sarah, Avid. h. near Massaic falls 

Hodgman Sarah, tailoress at D. Hodgman's 

Hodgman Solomon, teamster at J. "^apley's 

Hodgman Benjamin, housewright, boards at Mrs. 

Hodsden John, housewright, h. rear of Lowell st. 

Holbrook Abram S. at Trera. corp. bds. at No. 26 

Holden Artemas, cooper, Mer. st. h. Mer. st. 

Holden Isaac, Central st. h. Belvider&' 

Holden Richard, calico-printer, house near Catholic 

Holland Adeline, boarding-house, 20 Trem. corp. 

Holland John W. overseer, at Mer. corp. h. No. 35 

Holly Eliza W. milliner & dress-maker, Gorham st. 

Holmes [David) & Barnes (Thomas) whip manu- 
factory, h. 9 Lowell St. 

Holmes Ezra T. machinist, bds. at wid. Thomas' 

Holmes George, rug-weaver, bds. at 22 Carp, block 

Holmes Oliver, housewright, bds. at Cram's, No. 11 
Adams st. 

Holmes Oliver A. housewright, boards at Hiram 

Holt Adam C. bobbin-turner, bds. at H. Richardson's 

Holt Benjamin, M^ood-sawyer, h. Lowell st. 

Holt Daniel, bds. at Brown's, Lowell st. Stone's 

Holt Ebenezer, housewright, bds. at P. Eaton's. 


Holt Edmund, wool-sorter, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Holt John, stagernan,bds. at American house 

Holt Joseph S. clerk at Suffolk corp. bds. at 64 Mer. 

Holt Oliver, painter at L. Mclntire's 

Holt Paul, at say/-mills, house 64 Wortlien street, 

Merrimac corp. 
Homans Sarah, boarding-house, 20 Race street, 

La"U'rence corp. 
Homer John F. clerk, bds. at Dr. E. B. Barnes' 
Honey William, at factory, h. Lowell street, Ma- 
goon's buildings 
Hood David G. turner, bds. at Mrs. Hadley's 
Hood John A. at Ham. fact. bds. at Mrs. Hadley's 
Hood Joseph E. at Journal Office 
Hook Isaac W. watchman, bds. at Betsey Morrill's 
Hooker Libert}', housewright, h. Tyler st. 
Hope Robert, dyer at print-works, h. 18 Prince st. 
Hopkins James, overseer at Lawrence corp. 
Hopkinson Thomas, [Laivrence &f H.) boards at 

Merrimac house 
Hoppin Nicholas, school-master, boards at Rev. T. 

Hoppins James, overseer at Lawrence corp. house 

27 Lawrence corp. 
Hoppins , machinist, boards at No. 10 Dutton 

St. Swamp locks 
Horn Eliphalet, clock-maker, rear of Central st. h. 

Horn Jane, tailoress & dress-maker, Church st. 
Horn Martin N. bds. at Otis Allen's, Central st. 
Horn M. A. housewright, bds. at 27 Suff. corp. 
Horn [Samuel) & Allen (Otis) soap-boiler-s, Cen. st. 

Horn -, machinist, bds. at 5 Tremont corp. 

Horton Francis, ship-carpenter, bds. at Joel Jenkins* 
Horton Robert, designer, h. Central st. Chapel hill 
Hosmer Abiel, reed-maker, at Massaic falls, bds. at 

Fuller's, Chapel hill 


Ilosmer Stephen, painter, h. Adams st. 
Hosey Walter, carpet-weaver, h. 20 Carp, blocks 
Houghton Alvin, watchman, bds. at wid. Crosby's 
Houston Adam, hostler at American house 
Houston Albert, at factory, bds. at J 8 App. corp. 
Hovey Charles, clerk at George H. Carlton's 
Howard Horace, housewright, bds. at Simon Adams' 
Howard Joshua, laborer, h. 18 Tremont corp. 
Howard Samuel, rnason, bds. at Mrs. Banister's 
Howe Abram, machinist, h. 13 Elliot st. Ham. corp. 
Howe David, yeoman at O. M. Whipple's 
Howe George, at Marston's cellar 
Howe Henry P. clerk at J. W. Russell's, l)oards at 

R. Banister's 
Howe Joseph, yeoman at O. M. Whipple's 
Howe Lambert, painter, Mer. st. h. Chapel hill 
Hoy Samuel, laborer, h. rear of cottage buildings, 

Suffolk square 
Hoyt George H. at Suff. fact. bds. at 10 Suff. corp. 
Hoyt Jacob, machinist, boards at Mrs. Webster's, 

Appleton st. 
Hoyt Moses, at Lowell wine-cellar, boards at J. 

Hoyt Susan E. wid. boarding-house, 22 Trem. corp. 
Hoyt Timothy, wood-sawyer, bds. at Mrs. Stetson's, 

Central st. 
Hubbard Charles, physician & surgeon, h. Green st. 
Hubbard Hiram, at Suffolk corp. boards at Sally 

Hubbard Joseph S. clerk at Atkinson's 
Hubbard Joshua, druggist & apothecary, 37 Mer. st. 

h. Belvidere 
Huff Miles, cordwainer, bds. at Farr's App. st. 
Hughes Benjamin, machinist, bds. at L. Mclntire's 
Hughes Charles, at Rufus Paul's Worthen st. 
Hughes Humphrey, overseer at Low. fac. h. 2 Car- 
pet blocks 


Hughes Owen, laborer, h. rear of Lowell st. 
Hughes Peter, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Hull Amos, keeper of Lowell Alms house 

Hulmes Thomas, at print-yard, bds. at 27 Mer. Corp. 

HunnevvellJames, h. Fenwick st. 

Hunt Ambrose S. bds. at 60 Worthen st. 

Hunt Augustus, mason, bds. at Smith's Fenwick st. 

Hunt Ephraim, clerk at Goell's, h. App. st. 

Hunt Rebecca, wid. boarding-house, 30 Worthen st. 

Hunt Samuel, housev/right, bds. at Upham's 

Hunt Solomon, housewright, h. Mer. st 

Hunt Thaddeus, at Wm.l)avidson & Co.'s 

Huntington Elisha, physician, office &l h. 11 Hurd 

Huntington Heman, at Law. corp. h. 11 Adams st. 

Huntress Leonard, printer of Lowell Mercury, h. 

Hurd Benjamin F. overseer at Tremont corp. bds. 
at Mrs. Turner's 

Hurd James, at Mer. corp. h. Mer. st. King's build- 

Hurd Jeremiah, machinist, h. 27 Mer. corp. 

Hurd Uzziel, boarding-house. Church st. cor. Law. 

Hurd , at Lowell corp. bds. at Mrs. Kendall's 

Hutchins Frye, at Scripture & Wilson's 

Hutchins , hostler at Luther French's 

Hutchinson Benjamin Capt. {Flint ^^ H.)h. 32 Mer. 

Hutchinson Benjamin, machinist, bds. at H. Hutch- 

Hutchinson Daniel, parasol & umbrella manufac- 
turer, Cen. St. oppositeWashington hotel, h. Bel- 

Hutchinson Hezekiah, housewright, h. Mer. st. 

Hutchinson Obadiah, stone-mason, bds. at Mrs. 


Hutchinson Reuben M. overseer at Mer. corp. h. 15 

Prince st. 
Hyde Amos, machinist, h. Jefferson st. 

INGALLS (George H.) & Hale {Theodore P.) dry 

goods, 53 Mer. st. h. Jefferson st. 
Ingalls Harrison, overseer at Appleton corp. h. 12 

Hamilton st- 
Ingalls John T. machinist, bds. at 5 Button st. 
Israel Robert W. superintendent at Lawrence Man- 

ufacturinsr Co. bds. at Merrimac House 

JACK JOHN, carpet-weaver, boards at Bosworth's, 
Worthen st. 

Jackman John, stageman, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Jackson Willard, cordwainer, bds. at B. Moore's 

Jacques Charles, clerk at Merrimac print-works, 
bds. at Mansion house 

James David M. bds. at Sam'l Bean's, Lewis st. 

James Jacob F. at Carpet fact. bds. at S. Bean's 

Jameson Andrew, wood-dealer, Mer. st. h. Belvidere 

Jameson John M. clerk at J. Pratt's, Mer. st. 

Jameson Stephen, Lowell wine-cellar. Church st. 

Jameson Thomas, W. L goods, Gor. st. Chapel st. 

Jameson Thomas, housewright, h. Mer. sq. 

Jaques John S. shuttle-maker, bds. at D. Robin- 
son's, Jefferson st. 

Jefls Simeon Capt. oysters, &c. Chapel hill, house 
Central st. 

Jenkins Joel, wheelwright, Mer. st. near Pawtucket 
falls, h. Mer. st. 

Jenkins Thomas, butcher, h. Mer. st. 

Jenkins Turner, at Mer. fact. h. 21 Prince st. 


Jenks Eleazer, overseer at Tremont corp. h. No. 23 

Tremont corp. 
Jenness Jacob [Folsom, GageS{ Co.) bds. atDolloff's 
Jenness Paul, machinist, bds. at Blake's, Suif. st. 
Jewell True worthy, at Blood's bakery. Central st. 

Jev/ell , mason, bds. at J. Kimball's, Low. st. 

Jev^ett Horace, at Mer. corp. h. 60 Worthen st. 
Jewett Jeremiah P. physician, bds. at B. Wilde's 

tavern, Mer. st. 
Jewett John, housewright, house 27 Jackson street, 

Hamilton corp. 
Johnson Alexander, clerk, bds. at Capt. Sherman's 
Johnson Cyrus, boarding-l^ouse, 24 Webster street, 

Hamilton corp. 
Johnson Eleanor, boarding-house, George st. 
Johnson George, (Baxter ^- J.) h. Law. st. 
Johnson Henry C. (JVichols ^' J.) h. 4 Suffolk st. 

Law. Corp. 
Johnson James, at App. fact. bds. at Geo. Dodge's 
Johnson Jesse, victualing cellar, Middlesex st. 
Johnson John, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Newell's 
Johnson Josiah, at machine-shop, h. rear of bank, 

Merrimac st. 
Johnson Josiah, bds. at B. Hildreth's 
Johnson Thom. S. Rev. bds. at Tenney's, Adams st. 
Johnson William, cabinet-maker and furniture room, 

Cen. St. bds. at Mrs. Lampson's 
Johnson William, stageman, bds. at Am. house 

Johnson , housewright, bds. at E. Russell's 

Johnson , at bleach-house, boards at Mrs. 

Johnson Sarah, h. 12 App. corp. Ham. st. 
Jones A. brick-layer, bds. at B. Bean's, Lewis st. 
Jones Betsey, wid. h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Jones John L. machinist, bds. at Jona. Jones' 
Jones Jonathan, machinist, h. 7 Dutton st. 
Jones Martin, at Journal Office, bds. at Bramford's 


Jones Nancy, widow, boarding-house, 45 Worthen 
St. Mer. Corp. 

Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, bds. at 45 Mer. corp. 

Jones Owen B. at Mer. fac. bds. at 44 Mer. corp. 

Jones Paulina, boarding-house, 44 Worthen street, 
Merrimac corp. 

Jones Samuel, machinist, bds. at McFarlin's 

Jones , at dye-house, bds. at E. Holt's, Cen. st. 

Josephs Mary, h. Lewis street 

Joslin Elisha, at App. fact. bds. at R. Currier's 

Joy Hiram, overseer at Hamilton fact, boards at 
Barry's, Appleton st. 

Judge Barnard, laborer, h. Fenwickst. 

Judge James, laborer, h. between Adams and Low- 
ell street 

Judkins , machinist, bds. Mrs. Patterson's 

KEENE MICHAEL, laborer, house near Catholic 

Keene James, cabinet-maker, bds. at J. Lovrein's 
Keilin John, laborer, h. SufF. sq. 
Keith Samuel, stageman, bds. at Washington hotel 
Kelsey Caleb, machinist, bds. at Betsey Hildreth's, 
Kelley Andrew, carpet-weaver, h. 19 Carpet blocks 
Kelley Daniel, overseer at Hamilton bleach-house, 

h. 48 Hamilton corp. 
Kelley Dennis, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Kelley Francis, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Kelley Mary, h. Fenwick st. 
Kelley Matthew, gardener, h. Fenwick st. 
Kelley Sam'l, at bleach-house, bds. at 14 Prince st. 
Kelley W^illiam, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Young's 
Kelley William A. boots & shoes, Mer. st. Suff. sq. 

Kelley , stageman, bds. at American house 

Kelliham Thomas, laborer, h. on Boston road 


Kendall Jonathan, at Suif. corp. bds. at Patterson's 
Kendall Lydia, wid. boarding-house, Warren st. 
Kennard Seneca, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Turner's, 

Jefferson st. 
Kennicutt Shubael, printer, at Times office 
Kent Arad, at Ham. fact. h. South st. 
Kent Frederick M. clerk, bds. at Joel Davis' 
Kent Justin, blacksmith, bds. at Asa Clark's 
Kentfield William H. at Mer. printworks, bds. at 27 

Mer. Corp. 
Keating James, dry goods, Mer. st. Mer. sq. 
Key Otis, at Mer. fact. bds. at 60 Mer. corp. 
Keyes Rufus, watch-maker, bds. at Wash, hotel 
Kidder Albert, machinist, bds. at Gordon's App. st. 
Kidder John,mill-wright, bds. at 27 Suff. corp. 
Kelham Charles, at Middlesex counting-room, bds. 

at Miss Brown's, Hurd st. 

Kilham , housewright, bds. at 27 Suffolk corp. 

Kimball Amasa, h. Lewis st. 

Kimball Caleb W. at machine-shop counting room, 

bds. at 32 Trem. 
Kimball Oilman, physician, office and house, brick 

block, west of Merrimac House 
Kimball Hannah, boarding-house, Mer. st. 
Kimball Henry, seaman, bds. at C. Marshall's 
Kimball John, dep. sheriff. Central st. R. R. bank 

building, h. 5 Union building 
Kimball John, laborer, h. Low. St. 
Kimball Joseph, laborer, h. Suff. sq. 
Kimball M. P. & D. dry goods and millinery, Cen. 

St. bds. at Mrs. Brown's, Hurd street 
Kimball Phineas P. overseer at Law. corp. h. No. 6 

Kimball , at machine shop counting-room 

King Charles, cordwainer, bds. at T. Bascom's 
King Charles F. at Trem. fact, bds, at No. 9 
King Daniel C. dry goods, Mer. st. bds. at Mrs Car- 


King James, cordwainer, bds. at William Putnam's 
King Robert, laborer, h. Fenvvick st. 
King Rufiis, overseer at Trem. corp. h. No. 9 
King William, laborer, bds. at Colcord's, Gorham st. 
King William H. livery stable, Mer. corp. Worthen 

Kingsbury — -, machinist, bds. at B. Hildreth's 
Kittredge Aaron, physician & surgeon, 8 Low. st. 
Kittredge Abner, [JVewmaji ^' K.)h. South st. 
Kittredge Addison, at J. G. Kittredge's 
Kittredge Cullen F. machinist, bds. at Ham. corp. 
Kittredge Franklin O. clerk at Peter Eaton's 
Kittredge George, clerk at Saunders', Mer. st. bds. 

atMerrimac house 
Kittredge Henry A. clerk at Stephen Richardson's 
Kittredge [Joseph G.) & Kittredge {William) black- 
smiths & iron store, Lowell st. h. Belvidere 
Kittredge Porter, baker at Scrioture & Wilson's, 

Chapel hill 
Knapp Alfred, card-grinder, bds. at D. Philbrick's 
Knapp Charles, at Lav/, corp. h. Law. corp. 
Knapp Daniel, overseer at Law. corp. h. 11 Law. 

Knight Betsey, wid. 23 Trem. corp. 
Knight Daniel M. dry goods, 52 Mer. st. bds. at Mrs. 

Knight Dean E. h. Lawrence st. 
Knov/les [John A.) & Wilson [Jolin M.) attornies at 

law, Cen. st. Ham. buildings 
Knowles Jonathan, manufacturer of cotton batting, 

at Hale's mills, h. Thorndike st. 
Knowles Jonathan, machinist, bds. at J. Underwood's 
Knowles Morris, housewright, bds. at Benj. Gage's 
Knowles Thomas J. overseer at Carpet factory, h. 

Adams st. 
Knowles William, at factory, bds. at T. Bascom's 
Knowles , machinist, bds. at LTnderv/ood's 


Knowlton Daniel H. printer, at Journal office, h. 

Chapel St. 
Knowlton Hazen K. housewright, boards at Blake's, 

Suffolk St. 
Knowlton William M. clerk at Stocker's, Mer. st. 
Knox Benjamin R. clerk at Locks and Canal, bds. at 

Merrimac house 

LAB ARTE MARY, widow, boarding-house. Chap- 
el street 

Ladd Enoch, fuller of cloth, bds. at Maria March's 

Ladd Ira W. machinist, h. 12 Prince st. 

Ladd Isaac, laborer, h. Central st. 

Ladd Robert, brewer, h. Thorndike st. 

Ladd Sampson, shoe-store, 47 Merrimac st. bds. at 
C. Sweetser's 

Ladd Sarah, wid. boarding-house, 4 Trom. corp. 

Ladd Stephen, housewright, bds. at 32 Ham. corp. 

Lakin David, cordwainer, bds. at French & Hersey's 

Lakin Jacob, cordwainer, bds. at French & Hersey's 

Lamb William, painter, h. Chapel st. Chapel hill 

Lambert John, calico-printer, h. rear of C. Green's, 
Merrimac st. 

Lanagan Stephen, carpet-weaver, h. 19 Carpet bl'ks 

Lane Jonathan, housewright, h. 20 Applet on corp. 

Lane Martha, boarding-house, cor. Hurd and George 

Lane Naomi, wid. h. 5 Hamilton corp. 

Lane Parker D. carpet-weaver, h. Merrimac st. 

Lane Thomas W. at Mid'sex corp. bds. at B. Moore's 

Lane Mrs. widow, h. 40 Bowditch st. 

Lang — — , at Carpet factory, h. 9 Carpet blocks 

Langley Daniel, housewright, bds. at Peter Eaton's 

Larkin Arthur, at I^owell bleach-house, bds. at Mrs. 


Larrabee Daniel G. cordwainer, bds. at Fay's, Mer- 

rimac st. 

Law Capt. h. 7 Adams st. 

Law Samuel, cordwainer, boarding-house, 32 Wor- 
then St. 

Lawrence Abigail, wid. boarding-house, Central st. 

Lawrence Amos, at Tremont fact, boards at 1 Law- 
rence Corp. 

Lawrence Charles, bds. at Mrs. Brown's 

Lawrence Erastus, stage agent, h. Central st. Chap- 
el hill 

Lawrence James, wood-sawyer, bds. at Peter Eaton's 

Lawrence (John) & Brown (Z>mt7'ence) livery stable, 
between Hurd and Warren sts. h. Hurd st. 

Lawrence Lowell, housewright, bds. at Sally Upton's 

Lawrence Matilda, boarding-house, 8 Suffolk corp. 

Lawrence [Luther] & Hopkinson(TAow}rt5) counsel- 
lors and attornies at law, R. R. Bank building. 
Central st. h. Lawrence st. 

Lawrence Lorenzo, laborer, bds. at Mrs. Stetson's 

Lawrence William E. clerk at Putney & Coggin's, 
Merrimac st. 

Lawson Hervey, h. rear of Chapel st. 

Lawson Peter, designer, h. 14 Carpet blocks 

Lazell Nathan, at Merrimac fact. bds. at 65 Merri- 
mac Corp. 

Leach J. T. G. physician and surgeon, 24 Merrimac 

Leavitt E. D. hat-store, Tyler's building, Central st. 

Leavitt Joseph, profile-cutter, bds. at 4 Prince st. 

Leavitt , watchman, bds. at 49 Merrimac corp. 

Leggett William, tailor, bds. at Mrs. Lock's Hurd st. 

Leighton Charles W. machinist, bds. 15 Dutton sq. 

Leighton Isaiah, overseer at print-works, h. 52 Mer. 

Leighton Thomas, machinist, bds. at 17 Ham. corp. 

Leighton William, machinist, bds. at 17 Ham. corp. 


Leland Otis, bds. at Ladd's Central st. 

Leonard George Jr. engineer at Rail Road, bda. at 

S. Moore's 
Leonard Josiah, jobber, h. 35 Merrimac sU 
Leonard Phebe, widow, h. Central st. 
Lepere Ann, widow, boarding-house, Lowell st. 
Lester Joseph, housewright, h. Jefferson st. 
Lesu Benjamin, machinist, h. Adams st. 
Levi John, hair-dresser, Central st. h. Dracut 
Lewis James, mason, h. Lawrence st. 
Lewis Joel, surveyor at Locks and Canal, h.Low. st. 
Lewis Peter, hair-dresser, Merrimac st. h. Dracut 
Lewis Simpson, hair-dresser, near American house 
Lewis Walker, hair-dresser, Mer. st. h. Belvidere 
Libby Isaac, at Mrs. S. Moody's, Worthen st. 
Libby John, turner, h. Mer. sq. Merrimac street 
Lincoln Abel, housewright, h. near Catholic church- 
Linscolt Joshua, teamster, bds. at Miles', Church st. 
Litchfield Benjamin, provision store, Central st. h. 

Chapel hill 
Litchfield Rufus, teamster, h. Lowell st 
Little John, boarding-house, Gorham st. 
Little Robert, at Mer. bleach-house, bds. at 8 Prince 

Littlefield Stephen, wood-sawyer, h. Central st. 
Littlehale Jonathan, at Guard Locks 
Livermore Sidney A. housewright, bds. at Russell's 

Merrimac st. 

Livermore , at repair shop, bds. at 27 Mer. corp. 

Livingston Elbridge, bds at Wm. Livingston's 
Livingston John, bds. at Wm. Livingston's 
Livingston William, lumber-wharf, Thorndike street 

near brewery, h. Thorndike st. 
Lock Benjamin, at Tremont fact. bds. at 2 Trem. 
Lock John G. clerk at O. M. Whipple's, h. Moors st. 
Lock John, Judge of Police Court, office Central st. 

Crosby's building, h. Cent. st. Chapel hill 


Lock Samuel, boardincr-house, Hurd st. 

Lock , bds. at Parker D. Lane's 

Lock , hostler at Washington house 

Locke Fanny, widow, boarding-house, Hurd st. rear 
ofR. R. Bank 

Long James, laborer, h, Lowell st. 

Lonffiey Hiram, overseer at Suffolk corp. bds. at E. 

Lordan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Lorell , housewright, bds. at Samuel Folsom's 

Loring (Belinda) & Heald [Sarah R.) milliners and 
dress-makers, Gorham st. 

Loud Thomas, at Carpet fact. bds. at No. 22 

Lougee Samuel, stone-layer, bds. at Caverly's, Chap- 
el street 

Lougee , at Suffolk fact. bds. at 24 Suffolk corp. 

Lovejoy Daniel, blacksmith, h. Central st. Chapel 

Lovejoy Isaac B. laborer, h. 11 Tremont corp. 

Lovejoy Isaac, boarding-house, 11 Tremont 

Lovejoy John, carpet-weaver, bds. at 13 Lowell st. 

Lovejoy Jonathan, carpet-weaver, h. 13 Lowell st. 

Lovejoy Henry, housewright, bds. at 5 Trem. corp. 

Lovejoy William, housewright, h. rear 12 Adams st. 

Lovekin Mehitable, h. 16 Elliot st. Ham. corp. 

Lovery James, laborer, bds. at Hugh Young's 

Lovett Thomas, teamster, bds. at Wilson's 

Lovett Thomas, houseAvright, h. App. cor. South st. 

Lovrien John, laborer, h. Church st. 

Lovrien Luke W. boarding-house, Central st. 

Lovrien Moses, stone-layer, h. Church st. 

Lovrien Otis, at App. fact. bds. at George Dodge's 

Low George W. overseer at Low. corp. h. 2 Carpet 

Low Johuj overseer at Ham. corp. h. No. 49 

Lucas Amaziah, at Middlesex corp. bds. at B. Ri- 


Lucas Luke A. dyer Sl wool-stapler, bds. at D, Co- 
burn's 2nd 

Lund Augustus, machinist, bds. at 19 Button st. 

Lutnmus Aaron, dry goods & medicines. No. 4 Suf- 
folk square, Suffolk st. 

Lummus Warren S. overseer at Middlesex corp. h. 
Hurd St. 

Lunn William, machinist, bds. at Lester's, Jeff. st. 

Luscom John W. painter, boards at Mrs. Smith's, 
Fenwick st. 

Lunt Ezekiel, at Colcord's, Gorham st. 

Lunt William H. at Mer. fact. bds. at No. 53 

Lyman Roland, watch-maker, Cen. st. h. Central st. 

Lyman Sylvester, clerk at Whidden &. Russell's 

Lynch Michael, h. rear Lowell st. 

Lynch Patrick, at factory yard, h. Gorham st. 

hyon Charlotte, wid. boarding-house, 27 Worthonst. 

MACKLIN THOMAS, boards at George Barnes', 

Middle st. 
Macorady Robert, blacksmith at Kittridge's 
Macumber Sophia, Avidow of Rev. M. Macumber, h. 

26 Appleton corp. 
Magan John, dyer, h. Lowell st. 
Maginly Francis, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Mahan Patrick, laborer, boards at E. Hodgman's, 

Gorham st. 
Mahar James, bds. at J. Campbell's 
Mahony John Rev. h. Fenwick st. 
Maloy John, bds. at Murray's, Merrimac st. 
Mann Samuel H. {Smith. ^- M.) attorney, boards at 

Merrimac House 
Mann Sarah, wid. boarding-house, 27 Prince st. 
Mannahan Cornelius, bds. at Ford's, Fenwick st. 
Mannahau Mark, housewright, bds. at Benj. Gage's 


Mannice Patrick, laborer, h. Appleton st. 
Manning^ George, baker at Scripture & Wilson's 

Manning- , housewright, bds. at Reuben Hill's 

Mansfield Gardner, machinist, h. SufF. sq. Mer. st. 
Mansfield James, at Mer. print-works, h. Lowell st. 
Mansfield W. bds. at John Underwood's 
Mansur (Alvah) & Reed {Ransom) W. L goods, 

Central st. h. Central st. 
Mansur David, blacksmith at Kittredge's 
Mansur Hiram, at Mer. corp. bds. at Paul Holt's 
Mansur Moody, student at JDr. Bartlett's 
Mansur (Stephen) & Child (Alonzo) hard-ware. Can. 

& Gorham sts. h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Manuel , watchman, bds. at 4 Prince st. 

Marard William, at Middlesex corp. bds. at Mrs. 

Marble Caleb M. machinist, h. No. 1 Button street, 

Swamp locks 
Marble David, housewright, h. Mer. st. 
Marble Elizabeth, wid. h. north Merrimac st. 
Marble Joseph, teamster, bds. at E. Marble's 
March George, machinist, bds. at Uzziel Kurd's 
March Mary, boarding-house, rear Law. st. 
Marden Joseph, housewright, h. Green st. 
Marden Mary, widow, h. Lowell st. Hilliard's block 
Marden Nathaniel B. clerk at J. Haskell's, bds. at 

Mrs. Lawrence's 
Marden Thomas, housewright, house west Chelms- 
ford road 
Marden , dyer at Middlesex corp. boards at D. 

Coburn's 2nd 
Marrick Patrick, bds. at J. Campbell's 
Marshall Avery, yeoman, h. west Chelmsford road 
Marshall Charles, mason, h. Chapel st. 
Marshall Cyrus, mason, h. Gorham st. 
Marshall George, bds. at 10 Button street, Swamp 



Marshall Hezekiah, yeoman, house west Chelms- 
ford road 
Marshall Isaac, overseer at Lan-*. corp. bds. at No. 22 
Marshall Johu S. at bobbin-shop, bds. at Bosworth's 
Marshall Loring-, clerk at Z. Fletcher's 
Marshall Mary & Marshall Abah, boarding-house, 

12; Elliot ibt. Hamilton corp. 
Marshall Nathaniel H. at Locks & Canal, h. near 

Suffolk St. 
Macshall Sybil, widow, at A. Marshall's 
Marshall Thomas, housewright, h. South st. 

Mai-shall , mason, bds. at B. Hamlet's 

Marston James, at App. tact. bds. at Geo. Dodge's 
Marston Jesse, teamster, bds. at Blake's, Suffolk st. 
Marston Jonathan M. licensed victualing cellar, Cen. 

cor. Warren & Hurd sts. h. Warren st. 
Marston Rufus, painter, h. Lawrence st. 
Martin C. machinist, bds. at Mrs. Turner's, Jeff, st 
Martin John, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Martin Moses, housewright, h. Jefferson st. 
Martin William C. tin-plate worker at Mansur & 

• Childs', h. Gorham st. 
Mason Abner, tailor, at Perez Fuller's 
Mason Joseph, housewright, bds. at T. Bascom's 
Mason Lydia, milliner & dress-maker, 6 Suff. sq. 
Mason (JVorman) & Doe (Joseph M.) furniture and 
feathers. Exchange building, cor. Merrimac & 
Central streets 
Mason William D. machinist, h. Jl Dutton sq. 
Mather Benjamin, bds. at Mansion House 
Mather Joshua, block-printer, bds. at SOTrem.corp. 
Mathes Alfred, laborer, bds. at Eagerly's, Lewis st. 

Mathews , housewright, bds. at Mrs. Corlis' 

Mathewson Bernard, bds. at Miss Brown's, Hurd st. 
May James, at factory, bds. at Mansion House 
May William B. at Trem. fact. bds. at Seth Baker's 
Maynard Elizabeth, wid. h. 16 Ham, co^p. Elliot st. 


Mayo Samuel, bar-room, Worthen st. 

Mayo V/'illiam H. housewright, house Central st. 

Chapel hill 
Maxfield Rufus, at factory, bds. at Capt. Brigham's 
McAlloon James, laborer, bds, at Mrs. Murray's 
McAlloon Thomas, bds. at Mrs. Murray's 
McAlpin Peter, weaver, h. 19 Carpet blocks 
McAlvin John, teamster, h. Bowditch st 
McArthur Hector, carpet-weaver, h. 25 Carp, blocks 
McAnuly, blue-dyer, bds. at Golden's 
Mcx\vee, blue-dyer, bds. at Golden's, Central st 
McAvoy James, ruo--finisher, h. 21 Carpet blocks 
McAvoy John, h. Fenwick st. 
McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, h. Green st. 
McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, h. near Catholic church 
McCanary Owen, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
McCann Barney, laborer, h. back soap-works 
McCann Peter, bds. at James Campbell's 
McCann Tliomas, at factory, h. Lowell st. 
McCarty Dennis, h. Lowell st. Barry's building 
McCarty John, housewright, h. Green st. 

McColister , hostler at Mclntire's stable 

McConey William, at Mer. fact. bds. at H. Jewett's 
McCormie Mary, wid. h. Fenwick st. 
McCormie Thomas, at factory, h. Middle st. 
McCracker James, tailor, h. 21 Carpet blocks 
McCracker George, carpet-weaver, house 20 Car- 
pet blocks 
McDaniel Alexander, bds. at Mrs. Lepere's, Low. st. 
McDaniel James, laborer, bds. at Mi-s. Lepere's 
McDermot Patrick, laborer, h. rear Mer. st. 
McDermot Torney, bds. at Campbell's 
McDermot Thomas, laborer, bds. at P. Dermot's 
McDermot Michael, laborer, bds. at P. Dermot's 
McDorn Edward, bds. at Patrick McDermot's 
McElloon Edward, teamster, h. Lowell st. 
McEwen William, at bleachery, bds. at 10 Prince st. 


McFarlin Archibald, cooper, bds. at Mic. Bowers' 
McFarlin Luke, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Webster's, 

Applcton St. 
McFarlin Madison, tailor, at town-house, (up stairs) 

bds. at Washino-ton hotel 

McFarlin , machinist, h. 15 Button sq. 

McGarney John, laborer, h. rear of Law. st. 

McGarney , laborer, h. rear of Lawrence st. 

McGoulin John, h. rear of Mer. sq. 
JVIcGarah James, bds. at Griffin's, Mer. sq. 
McGrind}' Daniel, carpet-weaver, bds. at 20 Carp. 

McGuire Charles, at fact. h. App. st. 
McGuire James, at dye-house, bds. at Timmins' 
McGuire John, h. Green st. 
McHune Bernard, housewright, h. Fen wick st. 
Mclntire Abel, teamster, bds. at E. Hodgman's 
Mclntire Ira, painter, bds. at Hiram Parker's 
Mclntire Levv'is, painter, h. Suffolk st. 
Mclntire Lewis, painter, bds at 5 Trem. corp. 
Mclntire Silas, livery stable, Church & Tyler sts. h. 

Tyler st. 
Mclntire Sylvester, overseer at Tremont, bds at Mrs 

Turner's, Jefferson st. 
McLaughland Philip, dyer, bds. at McMann's 
McLench, blacksmith, bds. at Salathiel Cole's 
McMahan Owen, h. rear Catholic church 
McMann Patrick, laborer, h. Lowell st. Hilliard's 

McManners John, cellar, Merrimac st. 
McManners Owen, bds. at Campbell's 
McManners Thomas, at Lowell bleachery, bds, at 

Mrs. Murray's 
McNelly Patrick, tailor, h. Green st. 
McNolty John, h. Hurd st. 
McOsker Owen, h. Gorhamst. 
McQuestion Joseph W. at Trem, fac. bds, at 12 


McParlin Thomas, laborer, h. Suffolk st. 

McHugh, h. Lowell street 

McVay John, cordwainer, bus. at Peter Harris' 

McVay Hugh, at bleachery, bds. at Timmin's 

McVVade , h. Fenwick st 

Meacham Randall, Franklin bookstore, Cen. sL Un- 
ion buildings, li. Cen. st. 

Mead Benjamin, mason, bds. at Mrs. Rowe's, Cen- 
tral St. 

Mead Jeremiah, bds. at Blake's, Gorham st. 

Mead John, baker, h. Chapel st. 

Mead William, overseer at LaAv. corp. h. No. 9 

Meader Edward M. printer at Album ofiice, bds. at 
B. Moore's 

Meader Gilman, housewright, bds. at T. Wilson's 

Meader John B. at Middlesex factorv, bds. at D. 
Coburn's 2nd 

Melcher Sylvester, at machine-shop counting-room, 
bds. at Mrs. Wyllie's 

Mellin Charles, painter, bds. at Daniel's 

Mellen John, overseer of watchmen at Tremont, 
bds. at 27 Mer. corp. 

Melloon , watchman, h. 6 Appleton st. 

Mellor George, engraver, h. Worthen st- 

Mellor Samuel, at factorv, bds. at George Mel- 

Melville George, laborer, bds. at Miles', Church st. 

Melvin Augustine, card-grinder, bds. at Mrs. Hill's, 
Middle st. 

Melvin Dawes, machinist, h. 29 Worthen street, 
Swamp locks 

Melvin Emerson, brewer, h. Chelmsford road, near 
Thorndike st. 

Melvin John B. cordwainer, Low. st. bds. at S. Mel- 

Melvin Orrison, card-grinder, bds. at Mrs. Hill's, 
Middle st. 


Melvin R,ufus, machinist, h. Hurd st. 
Melvin Susan, wid. h. near Pawtucket bridge 
Melvin Thiomas, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Webster's, 

App. St. 
Mercer Richard, overseer at cloth-room, h. 44 Bow- 
ditch St. 
Merriam Darius, overseer at Law. corp. h. No. 12 
Merriam Eliza, wid. boarding-house, 14 App. corp. 
Merriam Horatio C. attorney at law, Cen. st. cor. 

Warren st. bds. at Miss Brown's Hurdst. 
Merriam Mary A. boarding-house, 42 Worthen st. 

Mer. Corp. 
Merrifield James, at Tremont fac. bds. at D. Clark's 
Merrill Abraham D. Rev. h. Cen. cor. Chapel st. 
Merrill Betsey, boarding-house, 11 Dutton st. 
Merrill Charles, clerk at Dean E. Knight's 
Merrill Edwin B. overseer at Mer. corp. bds. at 64 
Merrill Farnum, cordwainer, bds. at Wash, hotel 
Merrill George W. at Ham. fac. boards Vxt Mrs. 

French's, App. st. 
MerrillJoseph, housewright, bds. at Churchill's 
Merrill Joshua, school-master, south school-house, 

h. Chapel st. 
Merrill William S. accountant, h. Hurd st. 
Mosser Charles, at Briar's cellar, h. Chapel st. 
Metcalf Enoch, wine-cellar, Lewis st. 
Metcalf Enoch, boarding-house, Mer. sq. 
Metcalf Isaac, at D. Bixby's book-store 
Metcalf Martin M. dver, bds. at D. Coburn's 
Metcalf William H. student at Dr. Kimball's 
Metcalf Zenas, at Wilder & Co.'s provision cellar 

Metcalf , housewright, bds. at wid. T. Corliss' 

TMiar Samuel, at i\[er. corp. bds. at No. 53 

Mickell Thomas, boarding-house, No. 30 Tremont 

Mickell William G. at print-worlis, bds. at 30 Tre- 
mont corp. 


Miles Thomas, tailor, h. Church street 

Miller Isaac, painter at J. Mixer's, bds. at Washing- 
ton hotel 

Miller John E. clerk, bds. at Mrs. Lawrence's 

Miller Samuel, overseer at Ham. corp. h. No. 36 

Melnes TJiomas, overseer at Lowell corp. h. 2G 
Carpet blocks 

Milton John, at Mer. corp. bds. at No. 51 

Minot Isaac, music saloon, Mer. st. cottage buildings 

Mirch William, cordwainer, bds. at B. Moore's, Cen. 

Mitchell Isaac, at App. factories, boards at Mrs. 

Mitchell James, machinist, h. Lawrence st. 

Mixer Daniel, inn-holder, Washington Hotel, Cen- 
tral St. 

Mixer Elijah, (V/ns;ht %• M.) h. Gorham st. 

Mixer John, chaise &. harness maker, Cen. st. h. 
Tyler st. 

Moar Stephen, housewright, h. Lowell st. 

Moloy Mary, boarding-house. No. 20 Gore st. Suf- 
folk Corp. 

Monagan Hugh, reed-maker, h. Green st. 

Monagan Patrick, at factory, bds. at Wm. Davies' 

Mongan Morris, at factory, h. 48 Bowditch st. . 

Monroe Isaac, dry goods, Cen. st. bds. at Mrs. Pay- 
son's, Tyler st. 

Monroe James, at Wm. Johnson's, bds. at L. Samp- 

Monroe Moses, undertaker for interments, h. Law. 
St. near Massaic falls 

Monroe William, at dye-house, bds. at 22 Carpet 

Moody David J. superintendent of Lowell manufac- 
turing company, h. Gor. st. Chapel hill 

Moody Susan, wid. h. Worthen st. new part 

Moore Alvan, at James Rawson's 


Moore Benjamin, boarding-house, Central st. 
Moore Charles, cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. Bean's, 

Lewis street 
Moore Edward W. mason, bds. at 17 Law. corp. 
Moore Elizabeth, wid. boarding-house, 17 Race st. 

Law. Corp. 
Moore Grout, mason, h. Lowell st. long Block 
Moore James, bds. at Mrs. Webster's, App. st. 
Moore James M. at Middlesex factory, h. Church st. 
Moore John G. at Middlesex factory, h. Church st. 
Moore John S. machinist, bds. at Mrs. Kendall's 
Moore Joseph, mason, bds. at Mrs. Webster's App. 

Moore Marshall, overseer at Mer. corp. h. No. 54 
Moore Menas, machinist, bds. at Roger's, Church st. 
Moore Milton, housewright, h. Lowell st. 
Moore IMilton, housewright, h. Lewis st. 
Moore Phebe, boarding-house, 11 Tremont corp. 
Moore Ray, overseer, Mer. corp. bds. at 22 Button st. 
Moore Reuben (<§,• Co.) lime and lumber wharf, near 

Brewery, bds. at 7 Hurd street 
Moore Salathiel, cordwainer, bds. at Wild's, Mer. 

Moore Samuel, wood-sawyer, h. Chapel st. 
Moore Sherburn L. dry goods, Mer. st. 
Moore Solomon, overseer at Mer. corp. bds. at 37 
Moore Thomas, overseer at Mer. corp. h. 34 Wor- 

then st. 
Moore William L. watchman at Law. corp. bds. at 

No. 19 
Moors Jesse, yeoman, h. Moors st. 
Moors Simeon, yeoman, h. Moors st. 

Morah, , laborer, bds. at Judge's, near Green st. 

Morey Samuel, teamster at Lowell corp. house 

Lowell st. 
Morey Stephen L. machinist, h. Gorham st. 
Morev , bds. at 27 Suffolk corp. 


Morgan Ephraim, housowright, bils. at E. Hodg- 

Morrill Betsey, boarding-house, Low. st. Stone's 

Morrill Charles M. at Mer. corp. bds. at Ayre's, Low. 

JMorrill Cyrus R. at S. Wood's, Chapel hill 
Morrill David B. blacksmith, Ham. corp. bds. at 

No. 22 
Morrill Edwin, machinist, bds. at P. D. Lane's 
Morrill Ezekiel, at SuiT. corp. bds. at Benj. Taylor's 
Morrill Ezra, housewright, bds. at Betsey Morrill's 
Morrill James, blacksmith at Chase's, bds, at J Pear- 
Morrill James M. machinist, h. 2 Law. corp. 
Morrill Mary Ann, wid. boarding-house, 26 Suff.corp. 

Hall St. 
Morris William, tailor at Grant's, bds. at Mrs. Locke's, 

Hurd St. 

Morris , laborer, bds. at Quimby's, South st. 

Morrison Amos, shuttle-maker, bds. at Mrs. Turner's 
Morrison David L. at App. corp. bds. at A.Thomas' 
Morrison David, at Whipple's powder-mills 
Morrison John, overseer at App. factories, h. No. 30 
Morrison John, at App. factories, lids, at A Thomas' 
Morrison Mark S. at Tremont factories, bds. at S. 

Morrison Robert, watchman at Carp, factory, bds. 

at 64 Worthen st. 
Morrison Stephen, at powder-mills, bds. at French's, 

Lawrence st 
Morse Benjamin F. at Suff. corp. bds. at No. 2 
Morse Curtis, overseer at Ham. corp. h. No. 18 
Morse Henry, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Banister's 
Morse John, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Bamford's 
Morse Jonathan, office Central street, house Gor- 

hani St. Chapel hill 


Morse Joseph, wheelwright, h. Gorham st. 
Morse Joseph, dancing-master, bds. at J. Morse's 
Morse Josiah W. bds. at Allen's, Central st. 
Morse Nelson, overseer at Trem. h. 7 Trem. corp. 
Morse Willis, at factory, bds, at 21 App. corp. 
Morss Jonathan, overseer at Ham. corp. h. 27 
Morton Jenisha, wid. boarding-house, 17 Dutton st. 
Moses James C. printer at Journal Office 
Moses Joshua, teamster, h. Merrimac, entrance from 

Middle st. — 

Motley George, superintendent at Appleton corp. 

bds. at Mrs. Wyllie's 
. Moulton Charles H. cordwainer, boards at Willard 

Moulton Francis E. watch-maker & jeweller, 45 

Merrimac st. » 
Moulton Hiram, at Trem. fact. bds. at No. 5 
Moulton Matthew, at Mer. fact. bds. at Mrs. Sharpies' 
Moulton (William) & Carr (^/amcsj watch-makers & 

jewellers, 44 Mer. st. bds. at 23 Mer. st. 
Mowe Daniel, physician &, surgeon. Central street, 

Morse's building 
Mower Nathaniel, hatter, boarding-house, No. 17 

Lawrence corp. 
Mullikin Barnard, laborer, h. Lowell st. 
Mullikin John, tin-plate worker at David Dana's 
Mullin Dennis, laborer, h. near Adams st. 
Mullin John (Bailey fy M.) bds. at Drake's, Belvidere 
Mullins Joseph, machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 
Murch Col man W. cordwainer at Wright & Mixer's 
Murdock Ebenezer, hostler at Mansion house 
Murdock Hugh, at factory, h. Lowell st. 
Murphy John, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Murray G. housewright, h. 24 Appleton st. 
Murray John, blue-dyer, h. Lowell st. 
Murray Samuel, W. I. goods, Merrimac st. opposite 

Treraont corp. 


Murray Surah, wid. boarding-house, Thorndike st. 
Murray William, plasterer, bds. at Miles', Church st. 
Mussey Dexter, clerk at Aaron Bean's, boards at 

Betsey Bean's 
Mynard Daniel, painter, boards at Mrs. Atwood's, 

Lowell St. 
Myrick Joseph, overseer at Merrimac corp. bds. at 

24 Dutton St. 

NAILOR JAMES, laborer, h. Lowell st. 

Nash , at factory, bds. at 60 Merrimac corp. 

Nay Samuel, machinist, bds. at 5 Dutton st. Swamp 

Neal Timothy, laborer, h. Merrimac st. 
Nealley Greenleaf C. bds. at Mrs. Durant's 
Nealley William, at factory, h. Merrimac st. 
Nelson Josiah F. housewright, rear of Central st. h. 

South St. 

Nelson , at fact. bds. at 24 Suffolk corp. 

Newell Charlotte E. wid. boarding-house, 10 Dutton 

St. Swamp locks 
Newhall Foster, teamster, h. Chapel st. Chapel hill 
Newman (Jfi/Zmm) & Kittredge (Abner) house and 

sign painters, Middle st. h. South st. 
Newton Oilman, at Jonathan Knowles' 
Newton Sarah, wid. boarding-house South st. 
Nicholas Abel, h. 45 Bowditch st. 
Nicholas Oilman N. overseer at Tremont, h. 17 

Trem. corp. 
Nicholas Jefferson, h. 10 Dutton st. Swamp locks 
Nicholas Oeorge, machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 
Nichols Charles A. clerk at Graves & Cavis', bds. at 

Mrs. Butler's 
Nichols Charles C. overseer at Merrimac corp. 
Nichols David, mason, bds at C. Barrett's 


Nichols {Hiram) & Johnson (Henry) W. L goods, 

Worthen st. 
Nichols Jacob, boarding-house, Lowell st. 
Nichols John, Avatchman, bds. at 44 Mer. corp. 
Nichols Mary, wid., boarding-house, near brewery 
Nichols Oren, housewright, h. Liberty st. 
Nichols William, at machine-shop, bds. at Betsey 

Nichols William, at Mer. fact. bds. at 53 Mer. corp. 
Norris Ezekiel G. at Washington Hotel 
Norris Joseph, housewright, bds. at 17 Ham. Corp. 
Norris William, painter, bds. at Durgan's, South st. 
Norris William, hostler at Moulton's, Chapel hill 
North Salmon, overseer at Middlesex factory, bds. at 

D. Cob urn's 2nd 
Norton Henry G. dry goods. No. 1 Suffolk square, 

bds. at Dr. Barnes' 
Nurse , overseer at Lawrence corp. house 35 

Lawrence corp. 
Nowell Eliza, boarding-house, 6 Carpet blocks 
Nowell Foster at Carpet fact. bds. at 6 Carp, blocks 
Nowell Paul, cloth-finisher, bds. at Uzzel Hurd's 
Noyes Benjamin A. laborer, bds. at David Clark's 
Nute Andrew T. (Hall ^ JV.) bds. at Sarah Ames' 
Nuttall Thomas, overseer at dye-house, h. No. 2 

Prince st. 
Nuttall John, at dye-house, bds. at T. Nuttall's, 2 

Prinoe st. 
Nutter Alfred, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Banister's 
Nye Henry, at Middlesex fact. bds. at Mrs. Lock's 

O'BRIAN MICHAEL, stone-mason, Lowell st. 
O'Brian Patrick, blacksmith at Col. Batchelder's, 

h. Lowell St. 
Offutt Ann M. dry goods & dress-making, Cen. st. 


Offutt Edward P. stock manufactory, Merrimac at. 

h. Central st. 

Olcott C. H. bds. at 50 Merrimac st. 

Olcott Edward R. (Heydock ^ O.) boards at Mer- 
rimac House 

Oldham John, block-printer, bds. at 7 Prince st. 

Oliver Samuel, machinist, h. 2 Dutton st. Swamp 

O'Neal Thomas, at factory, h. Gorham st. 

Ordway Sally, boarding-house, Uurd street, Mid- 
dlesex Corp. 

Ordway Samuel, bds. at Sally Ordway 's 

Ordway Thomas, glass & china Avaro, Mer. st. 

Ordway Thomas, Jr. clerk at T. Ordway's, Mer. st. 

Orne Ebenezer H. blacksnnth at Kittredge's 

Osgood Charles, yeoman al E. Osgood's 

Osgood Ephraim, yeoman, h. on Boston road 

Osgood Greenleaf, clerk at King's, 13 Mer. st. 

Osgood Isaac, house wright, h. 12 Hamilton corp. 

Osgood Susan, tailoress. Central st. over Mansur & 

Osgood , pedlar, bds. at J. B. Barry's 

Otis Joseph, lather, bds. at 35 Mer. st. 

Otis Silas, teamster, bds. at Wilson's, Chapel hill 

Otterson John, at Hale's mills, h. near Hale's mills 

Owen William N. carriage-maker, Lo"well street, h. 

Ownsworth Henry, bds. at Samuel Murray's 

PACKARD JONAS W. at Trem. bds. at 1 Law- 
rence Corp. 
Packard Lewis, overseer at Law. corp. h. No. 1 
Packard Lucius, machinist, bds. at O. Barrett's 
Packard Preston, at carpet dye-house, bds. at ^ 
Carpet blocks 


Page Abram, at Hamilton bleachery, house No. 39 
Bowditch St. 

Page C. machinist, bds. at J. Turner's 

Page Edward, at Law. fac. h. Law. corp. 

Page Isaac, clerk at Capt. Whitney's 

Page Joseph, boarding-house, 14 Tremont corp. 

Page Lemuel, mason, bds. at Mrs. Bean's, Lewis st. 

Page Levi W. harness-maker at Brabrook's 

Page Luther, mason, bds. at Mrs. Bean's 

Page Mary, boarding-house, 13 Tremont corp. 

Page Silas W. housewright, bds. at Eastman's, Low- 
ell St. 

Page Sophia, boarding-house, 31 Webster st. Ham. 

Page Taylor, at Lowell bleachery, bds. at Mrs. Cor- 

Page William, housewright, bds. at 22 Law. corp. 

Page William W. housewright, bds. at Barry's, 
App. st. 

Palmer David S. painter, bds. at 5 Trem. corp. 

Palmer Ebenezer, card-grinder, bds. at Hoag's 

Palmer Jacob, tailor at Hodgman's, Cen. st. 

Palmer Jane, h. Gorham st. 

Palmer John, watchman, bds. at 64 Mer. corp. 

Palmer Montgomery, watchman, bds. at 44 Worthen 

Palmer Neheraiah, at Middlesex fac. bds. at Rodg- 

Park Charles A. at Putney & Coggin's 

Park Isaac C. variety store, Mer. corp. Worthen st. 

Parker Alice, wid. bds. at Moses Shattuck's, Mer. st. 

Parker Bradley, physician, Mer. st. Merrimac sq. 

Parker Catharine, boarding-house, App. st. 

Parker Charles E. at isaac Monroe's Cen. st. 

Parker Charles T. machinist, bds. at T. Jameson's, 
Mer. sq. 

Parker David, housewright, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 


Parker George W. housewright, bds. at H. Rich- 

Parker Granville, student at law, with Isaac O. 

Parker Hiram, housewright, h. South st. 

Parker Jeduthan, yeoman, h. Tyngsboro' W. road 

Parker Jepthah, yeoman, bds. at Jeduthan Parker's 

Parker (Joseph) & Rodgers (Samuel) auctioneers, 
Central st. "■ 

Parker Joseph, constable, h. Gorham st. 

Parker Joseph, teamster, bds. at D. Coburn's2nd 

Parker Lynn, cloth-fuller, bds. at D. Coburn's 2nd 

Parker Nathaniel, stone-blaster, h. South st. 

Parker Samuel, counsellor, Union buildings, Cen. st. 
bds. atMrs. Wyllie's 

Parker Simon, h. on Tyngsboro' west road 

Parker Susannah, wid. of Simon, h. Tyngsboro' west 

Parker Zebulon, yeoman, h. Tyngsboro' west road 

Parkhurst Galand, mason, bds. at Mansfield's, SufF. 

Parkhurst (Matthias) & Richardson (Joseph) dry 
goods. Central st. h. Chapel st. 

Parkhurst Sylvester P. W. mason, bds. at Mans- 
field's, Suffolk sq. 

Parkinson Andrew, overseer at Mer. corp. h. No. 40 

Parmenter George, watchman, bds. at Mrs. French's, 
App. St. 

Parsons Nathaniel, mason, bds. at Mrs. Baker's, 15 
Hamilton corp. 

Parsons Norton, mason, bds. at No. 15 Ham. corp. 

Parsons Samuel W. housewright, bds. at 8 App. st. 

Patch Ephraim B. dry goods, 33 Mer. st. h. Middle st. 

Patch Henry, saw-filer, Worthen st. h. Jeff. st. 

Patch John S. dry goods. Central st. 

Patten Sophia, wid. boarding-house, 20Suff. corp. 

Patten Thomas, laborer, bds. at Judge's 


Patterson Edward P. engraver at Ham. corp. bds. at 

Simon Adams' 
Patterson Horace, (Wedgwood ^ P.) bds. at Mrs. 

Patterson James, boarding-house, Adams st. 
Patterson Lydia, wid. boarding-house, Central st. 
Patterson William, teamster, h. 6 Law. corp. 
Patterson , carpet-weaver, bds. at 20 Carpet 

Patrick James, carpet-weaver, bds. at Bosworth's 
Paul Rufus, machinist, h. 30 Worthen st. Swamp 

Paul William, pattern-drawer, h. 13 Prince st. 
Paul William, h. 54 Worthen st. 

Paul , housewright, bds. at D. Coburn's 2nd 

Payne Edward J. overseer at Mer. print-works, h. 25 

Button St. 
Payne James, engraver, bds. at E. J. Payne's 
Payson Joanna, wid. boarding-house, Tyler st. 
Peabody Betsey, boarding-house, 18 Button st. 
Peabody James N. clerk at B. M. Knight's 
Peabody Josiah G. housewright, h. Chapel st. 

Peabody , watchman at Mer. fac. bds. at No. 50 

Pearson Amos, at fac. bds. at Sally Young's 
Pearsons Ebenezer, painter at Fitield's, Middle st. 
Pearsons Hiram, watchman at Tremont, bds. at S. 

Pearsons John, watchman at Tremont, bds. at S. 

Pearsons John Capt. stageman, bds. at Washiiig- 

ton hotel 
Pearsons Joseph, lather, h. Gorham st. 
Pearsons Robert, at fac. bds. at 60 Mer. corp. 
Pease Giles Rev. h. Lewis st. 

Pease , overseer at Law. corp. bds. at Metcalf *s 

Peasley Franklin, silver-plater, Cen. st. bds. at R. 



Pierce Henry, at Mcr. corp. bds. at No. 50 

Pierce , watchman, bds. at Mary Crosby's 

Pierce •, cordwainer, bds. at Samuel Bean's 

Pelsiie Isaiah W. teamster, bds. at INIesser's, Chap. st. 
Perham Ralph, at saw-mills, Pawtucket falls 
Perkins Charles, hostler, h. Mer. sq. 
Perkins James W. at fac. bds. at23 Webster st. 

Perkins , at Mer. fac. bds. at 14 Prince st. 

Perrin Asa, machinist, h. 14 Diitton sq. 
Perrin W. machinist, bds. at Betsey Morrill's 

Perrin , at repair-shop, bds. at 27 Suff. corp. 

Perry Henry, overseer at Law. corp. h. 48 
Perry Hezekiah, overseer, h. 26 Hamilton corp. 
Perry John, blacksmith at Obadiah Badger's 
Perry Jonathan, overseer at Law. corp. h. bank of 

Merrimac river 
Perry Lavinia, dress-maker. Cottage buildings, Mer. 

Pettengill Benjamin, blacksmith, near Catholic Ch. 
Pettengill Walter, housewright, bds. at Samuel Fol- 

Phelan Charles, W. L goods, Mer. sq. 
Phelps Charles, at Law. corp. bds. at C. Perkins' 
Phelps Elizabeth, widow, boarding-house, Hurd st. 
Phelps Jesse, overseer at Mer. corp. h. No. 56 
Philbrick Daniel, boarding-house, Cen. st. 
Philbrick Daniel Jr. confectionary, Cen. st. 
Philbrick James, at powder-mills, h. near Hale's 

Philbrick Jonathan, at French & Hersey's 
Philbrick Moses, at fac. bds. at Arad Kent's 
Philbrook Cyrus, watchman, bds. at 49 Mer. corp. 
Phillips A. C. clerk at Pratt's, Mer. st. bds. at Capt. 

Phillips Wendall, student at law with Lawrence 

Pickering James, housewright, bds, at Betsey Reed's 


Pickering Loring Capt. housewright. bds. at Les- 
Pickering Oliver, housewright, bds. at Lester's, Jef- 
ferson St. 
Pierce Charles, at Cyrus Frost's, South st. 
Pierce Elizabeth, wid. h. Hall st. Law. corp. 
Pierce (Henry) & Bradt (/. G.) bakers, new st. near 

Russell & Barr's 
Pierce Olcutt, at Ham. bleachery, bds. at N. Baker's 
Pillsbury H. physician, Mer. st. 5 bank block 
Pillsbury John D. physician and surgeon, Mer. st. 
Pillsbury John G. printer, bds. at Mrs. Smith's, 11 

Hurd St. 
Pincham Reuben, housewright, h. near Guard locks 
Pingrey Osgood, housewright, h. Trem. corp. 
Pinnoch Thomas, wool-sorter, h. Lowell st. 
Piper Isaac, at fact. bds. at Daniel Phiibrick's 
Piper Joseph, laborer, bds. at Peter Harris' 
Place Charles, at machine-shop, bds. at J. Bennett's 
Place Qlferk, at Paul Place's 
Place Paul, cordwainer. Low. near Adams st. 

Place , blacksmith, at S. D. Chase's 

Plant James, h. South st. 
Plant Richard (Conlin &f P.) h. South st. 
Plummer Bradstreet, housewright, rear of Cent. st. 
Plympton Joseph, overseer, at Suff. corp. h. No. 15 

Pollard , at Law. fact. bds. at No. 8 

Poison David, overseer. Carpet fact, h. No. 13 
Poison David jr. weaver, h. 19 Carpet blocks 
Poor Joel W. machinist, bds. at 29 Mer. corp. 

Pope , watchman at Law. corp. bds. at No. 3 

Porter Benjamin, hostler at Joseph Tapley's 
Pompella Benjamin, at Suffolk corp. bds. at No. 24 
Porter Benjamin G. stageman, bds. at Am. house 
Porter Jonathan J. housewright, bds. at 22 Lawrence 

Porter J. S. portrait- painter. Central street 


Potter Luther F. clerk at Ingalls & Hale's 

Potter , machine printer, bds. at 10 Prince st. 

Pottle Samuel, cordwainer, h. Central st. Chapel hill 
Powell Joseph, overseer, Middlesex corp. h. Hurd st. 
Powers Elias, hostler at Isaac Appleton's 
Powers O. mason, bds. at Olive Howe's 
Powers Patrick, W. L goods, Merrimac st. Green's 

Powers Peter, mason, h. Lawrence st. 
Pratt Ambrose, mason, bds. at T. Bascom's 
Pratt John, callender at Mer. corp. h. No. 17 
Pratt John T. dry goods, 51 Merrimac st. 
Pratt Lyman, painter and glazier, Cen. st. h. Belvi- 

Pratt Sewall, at Ham. bleachery, h. 41 Bowditch st. 
Prendergast John, W. I. goods, Gorham st. h. Gor. 

Prentiss Lewis, laborer, bds. at Sally Young's 
Prescott Caleb, book-binder at Meacham's 
Prescott Charles, plane-maker, Cen.h.LaAvfence st. 
Prescott Chase, at Ham. corp. h. No. 26 
Prescott Humphrey, housewright, bds. at Charles 

Prescott Mary, wid. h. Chapel st. Chapel hill 
Prescott Peter B. carriage-maker at Owen's 
Prescott Roxanna, wid. boarding-house, 17 App. 

Prescott Samuel, at Lowell bleachery, bds. at A. 

Prescott William, housewright, h. 11 Adams st. 
Prescott William, fruit-store, 13 Mer. h. Green st. 
Prescott William, at Ham. corp. h. No. 33 
Pressey Thomas W. variety store, Cen. st. opposite 

American House, h. Warren st. 
Price Michael, carpet-weaver, h. 9 Carpet blocks 
Prince John D. superintendent Mer. print works, h. 

Merrimac st. 


Proctor Amos, weaver, bds. at 4 Carpet blocks 
Proctor Daniel, weaver, bds. at Mrs. Proctor's 
Proctor Esther, widow, boarding-house, 2 Dutton st 

Mer. Corp. 
Proctor Lewis, machinist, bds. at Mrs. A. Webster's 
Puffer Abigail, widow, boarding-house, 14 Hamilton 

Puffer Farwell, overseer, Middlesex corp. boards at 

Mrs. Patterson's 
Puffer Luther, painter, bds. ai French & Hersey's 

Puffer , bds. at S. Hosmer's, Adams st. 

Purdy Edward C. {Folsoni ^' P.) h. Central street, 

Chapel hill 
Purrington John, housewright. h. Chapel hill 
Pushee Adin, clerk atWhidden & Russell's 
Putnam Adam, manufacturer, h. Chapel hill 
Putnam Charles, at machine shop, bds. at Hosmer's 
Putnam William, blacksmith, at Fletcher's, h. Low- 
ell street. 
Putney (John) & Coggin [Jacob) dry goods, 34 Mer- 

rimac st. 
Putney Jonas R. teamster, h. Moors st. 
Putney Samuel, watchman, at Trem. bds at No. 5 

aUIGLEY EDWARD, laborer, h. Lowell st. 

Quigley Hugh, h. Lowell st. 

Quimby John, at Suffolk fact. bds. at 21 Suffolk corp. 

Quimby Samuel, mason, h. South st. 

Quin William, at Ham. fact. h. Green st. 

RAILTON THOMAS, carp, weaver, bds. at Bos- 
Raine Samuel, stone-mason, bds. at Straw's 



Ramsay Nehcmiah S. Capt. machinist, h. 43 Mer- 
rimac corp. 

Ramsdell Mary, h. 21 Lawrence corp. 

Rand Asa Rev. iiouse Middle st. 

Rand (.Asa) & Southmayd (Daniel S.) booksellers 
and stationers, 40 Mer. st. 

Randall Francis D. writing-master, bds. at 7 Hurd st, 

Rawson James M. cellar. Low. st. h. Lowell st. 

Ray Jesse, overseer App. corp. h. 19 Jackson st. 

Ray John T. team.ster, h. Lowell st. near Adams st. 

Raymond William, machinist, bds. at 5 Button st. 

Raynes Joseph, (rVentworth fy R.) bds. at F. Fol-^ 
som's, Charles st. 

Redman Michael, blue-dyer, bds. at Mrs. Sharpies' 

Redman Thomas, laborer, bds. at McDermot's 

Reed Augustus, at Lowell bleachery, house on old 
Ciielmsford road 

Reed Betsey, boarding-house, 32 Webster st. Ham. 

Reed Elijah M. mason, h. 32 Hamilton corp. 

Reed Jonas, teamster, bds, at Isaiah Leighton's 

Reed Jonas Jr. overseer at Ham. corp. h. 40 Bow- 
ditch st. 

Reed Leonard, at Belvidere card factory, bds. at J. 

Reed Ransom (Mansur^'- R.) h. Ghurcji st. 

Reed Thaddcus, provision cellar, cor. Cen. &l Ham. 
streets, h. Chapel st. 

Reed William, bds. at 52 Merrimac corp. 

Reeve Spalding, at machine shop, h. rear of South 

Reynolds Thomas, overseer at dye-house, h. 46 
Ham. Corp. 

Rhoades Alfred, machinist, bds. at Lydia Chandler's 

Rhoades John, at Middlesex fact. bds. at Mrs. Ken- 

Rhoades Warren, machinist, bds at L. Chandler's 


Rice Aaron, at Middlesex corp. bds. at Stephen 

Rice Daniel S. machinist, h. 26 i^ppleton covp. 

Rice Elbridge G. laborer, bds. at John Underwood's 

Rice Lydia, boarding-house, 26 Appleton corp. 

Rice Moses, at Middlesex corp. boards at Maria 

Rice William, machinist, boards at 24 Appleton 

Richardson Bernice, painter at J. Mixer's, bds. at 
Mrs. Patterson's 

Richardson Elbridge G. overseer at Hamilton corp. 
h. No. 10 

Richardson Henry, h. Lowell st. Capt. Sherman's 
' Richardson Howard H. at factory, bds. at Mary Rich- 

Richardson John, mercliant tailor, Merrimac st. h. 25 
Merrimac st. 

Richardson John, houseAvright, bds. at 4 Ham. corp. 

Richardson Joseph, (Parkhurst^ R.) bds. at Wash- 
ington hotel 

Richardson Mary, tailoress, b. Morse's building. 
Central st. 

Richardson Samuel, blacksmith, bds. at W. Putnam's 

Richardson Stephen, crockery-ware and dry goods, 
21 Merrimac st. h. Belvidere 

Richardson Thomas L. bds. at Carr's, 9 Law. corp. 

Richardson , housewright, bds. at 22 Law. corp. 

Ricker Charles L. overseer at Mer. corp. bds. at S. 

Rider Bethiah, boarding-house, 30 Webster street, 
Ham. corp. 

Riley Bernard, slater, bds. at Mrs. Lepere's 

Riley James, clerk, at Dean & Short's 

Ripley Sarah, widow, boarding-house, 15 Lowell st. 

Ripley Thomas, at Carpet factory, h. rear from Low- 
ell street. 


Roach William, tailor at P. B. Grant's, Central st. 
Roberts Andrew, blue-dyer, h. Gorham st. 
Roberts David, hair-dresser, Lowell st. 
Roberts John A. cordwainer, bds. at Bean's, Lewis st 
Robertson Alva, painter at R. Fowler's, Hurd st. 
Robertson Levi, at powder-mills, house Lawrence 

St. near mills 
Robinson Alexander H. clerk at Appleton counting-- 

room, bds. at Mrs. Butler's 
Robinson Benjamin, housewright, h. near Law. st. 
Robinson David, boarding-house, Lowell st. 
Robinson Heman, finisher, at Middlesex factory, 

bds. at D. Coburn's 2nd 
Robinson James, laborer at George H. Drew's 
Robinson Jeremiah A. h. Lawrence st. 
Robinson John P. counsellor, Hamilton buildingSj 

Central st. bds. at John Kimball's 
Robinson Judith, boardiLg-house, 5 Lawrence corp. 
Robinson William, machinist, bds. at Benj. Moore's, 
Robinson William, h. Fenwick st. 
Robinson Winthrop, at card-room, bds. at 5 Tre- 

mont corp. 

Robinson Col. machinist, bds. at Jacob Turner's 

Robins Lsaac H. at Cornelius Sweetser's, h. Cen. st. 
Robins Isaac, at Mer. print-works, h. Lowell st. 
Robins Jacob, druggist & apothecary. Central st. h. 

Central st. 
Robins Nathan, painter & glazier, App. st. house 

Chapel St. 
Roby Augustus, machinist, h. Worthen st. near J. 

Roby Cyrus, bobin-turner, bds. at Sam'l Bean's 
Roby Mehitable, widow, h. Central st. 
Roby William, housev/right, bds. at 27 SufF. corp. 
Rodliff Albert F. at Ham. fact. h. 1 Ham. corp. 
Rodliff Ferdinand, overseer at Hamilton corp. h. 

18 Jackson st. 


Rodliff Horatio, overseer at Lawrence fact. bds. at 

Patterson's, 6 Law. corp. 
Rogers Charles, at Law. fact. bds. at 13 Law. corp. 
Rogers Charles, at Middlesex fact. h. Church st. 
Rogers David, at Benjamin Thurston's 
Rogers J ohn, lather, bds. at J. Pearson's, Gorham st. 
Rogers Joseph A. teamster, bds. at Blake's, Suff. st. 
Rogers Josiah, Avatchman, bds. at D. Coburn's 2nd 
Rogers Mark, house wright, bds. at Mrs. B. Bean's 
Rogers Samuel, ('Parser ^3 R.) auctioneer, bds.' at 

Washington hotel 
Rogers Stephen, housewright, bds. at Betsey Bean's, 

Jefferson st. 
Rogers William, dyer, bds. at 22 Carpet blocks 
Rogers Samuel, at Middlesex fact. bds. at Bennett's 
Rolf Jeremiah, hostler at Isaac Swan's, Warren st. 
Rollins Ai, dry goods, 48 Merrimac street, bds. at 

Mrs. Bradley's 
Rollins Benjamin B. clerk at Benj. Litchfield's 
Rollins Charles B. at SutI fact. bds. at 10 Suff. 
Rollins Cyrus T. K. overseer at Suff. fac. h. 17 Suff. 
Rollins John, at Benj. Walker's, Middlesex st. 
Rollins Salome, wid. boarding-house, 15 App. corp. 
Rollins Philip, h. near Adams st. 

Rollins , h. Merrimac st. h. near stone-hous^ 

Rosebrook Lucius, housewright, bds. at Augustus 

Rowe B. M. housewright, bds. at Moore's 
Rowe George, at Lowell counting-room, bds. at 

Capt. Brigham's 
Rowe Hiram, bds. at Leonard's, 5 Mer. st. 
Rowe J. housewright, bds. at Lester's, Jeff. st. 
Rowe Jacob, at Whipple's powder-mills, bds. at 

Robins', Lawrence st. 
Rowe John, at B. Wilde's tavern, Mer. sq. 
Rowe Olive, boarding-house, Mer. st. Suff. sq. 
Rowe Richard, at carpet fac. bds. at Nichols' 


Rude Erastns, stone-mason, bds. at John Kimbajl's, 

Lowell St. 
Rugof Samuel S. machinist, bds. at H. Whitney's, 

Mer. sq. 
Rumrill Mary M. teacher private school, 20 Mer. st, 

bds. at 32 Mer. st. 
Runlet James, at Carpet fac. bds. at Mrs. Locke's 
Runlet Thomas L. overseer at Trera. fac. h. 18 

Tremont corp. 

Runlet , at Carpet fac. bds. at N. Brown's 

Runy Bridget, h. head Fenwick st. 
Russ Jackson^ clerk at Warren Dyar's, Cen. st. 
Russ John Capt. housewright, h. Church st. 
Russell Charles, "W. L goods, near Hale's mills, h. 

on Boston road 
Russell David, cordwainer at J. Barr's, bds. at W. 

Russell Emerson, housewright, h. 31 Suff. corp. 
Russell Emerson, at Suff. fac. h. near Lowell Bank, 

Mer. St. 
Russell L'-a, stone-layer, h. Lowell st. 
Russell [James) & Barr (Cummings) stone-masons, 

h. Lowell St. 
Russell Jonas W., W. J. goods, Cen. & Gor. sts. h, 

Cen. St. Chapel hill 
Russell Lydia, (Fanium ^' R.) bds. at Dummer's, 

Lowell St. 
Russell Nancy, h. App. st. near stone meeting h. 
Russell Peter, teamster, h. Lov/ell st. 
Russell Sidnev, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Russell's 
Russell Walter W. (Whidden &r R.) bds. at Merri- 

mac house 
Ryan Nicholas, crockery & glassware, Mer. st. 
Ryan Roger, mason, bds. at D. Stevens', SufF. sq. 
Ryan , school-master, bds. at D. Connell's 


SAFFORD AARON H. at Wm. Davidson & Co.'s 

Salter John, housewright, h. Lawrence st. 

Sampson Lucinda, boarding-house, App. st. 

Sanborn Ira, blacksmith, bds. at 21 Law. corp. 

Sanborn Jonathan, machinist, h. 17 Dutton sq. 

Sanborn Samuel, overseer at Hamilton corp. bds. at 
Mrs. Rider's 

Sanders George, at Elisha Davis' 

Sanders Joel, at Marston's cellar, h. Chapel st. 

Sanders (Sarah) & Sanders (Charlotte) dress-mak- 
ers & milliners. Central st. 

Sanders William, harness-maker at J. Mixer's 

Sanders , machinist, bds. at Wm. McFarlin's 

Sanderson (Charles) & Whipple (James) cloth- 
store, Cen, cor. Hurd st. bds. at Am, House 

Sanderson Daniel, land-office, Central street, house 
Gorham st. 

Sanderson George, block-printer, bds. at J. C. 

Sanford Edward S. clerk at Hasting's, town-house 

Sanford , bds. at Jason Phelps', Lowell st. 

Sargent Ann, dress-maker, Gorham st. 

Sargent Edward A. clerk at Richardson's, Mer. st. 

Sargent Joshua, laborer, h. rear Law. st. 

Sargent Simeon, baker at Blood's, h. St. John st. 

Sargent Stephen P. bds. at 1 Law. corp. 

Sargent , bds. at Mrs. French's, App. st. 

Saunders (W. S.) & Saunders (T. P.) dry goods, 18 
Merrimac street, bd. at Thomas Sweetser's, and 
Rev. W. Barry's 

Savells John A. at Am. house 

Savory George, watchman, bds. at 44 Worthen st. 

Savory Hiram, watchman, bds. at 64 Worthen st. 

Sawtell Edwin, at Josiah Sawtell's 

Sawtell Josiah, housewright, h. School st. 

Sawtell Warren, stone-layer, h. Adams st. 

Sawyer Aphia, wid. boarding-house, 5 Ham. corp. 


Sawyer Eliza, dress-making, Central st. over Tyler's 

Sawyer F, A. housewright, bds. at Lucinda Samp- 
son's, App. St. 

Sawyer George, housewright, bds. at Churchill's, 
Central st. 

Sawyer James, stone-layer, h. Lowell st. 

Sawyer James M. housewright, bds. at Mrs. Patter- 

Sawyer Rufus, at Mer. corp. bds. at No. 11 

Sawyer William P. laborer, h. near brewery 

Scadding Aaron, harness-maker, at Mixer's 

Scales Samuel, machinist, h. 2 Appleton corp. 

Scammon , machinist, bds. at J. L. Tripp's 

Scantlin Michael, cordwainer, Lowell st. h. Low. st. 

Scarlett Susan, boarding-house, 20 Button st. Mer- 
rimac corp. 

ScofSeld C. at Middlesex corp. bds. at D. Coburn's 

Scoffield William, calico printer, bds. at J. Barron's 
Merrimac st. 

Scripture {Isaac) & Wilson {JS/athaniel) hn.kers, Cen- 
tral St. Chapel hill, h. Chao. hill 

Searle Anthony W. musician, bds. at Mrs. Gregg's 
Appleton St. 

Seaver Daniel, wood-sawyer, bds. at 5 Trem. 

Seaver Dolly, wid. boarding-house, 3 Law. corp. 

Seaver Hannah, h. Jefierson st. 

Seaver Sophronia, stock and dress-maker, bds. atC. 

Seaver William, at widow Seaver's 

Seavey Josiah, livery stable, Lowell st. h. Mer. st. 

Seavey Stephen S. clerk at Post office, boards at J. 

Seavey , mason, h. Jefferson st. 

Sennet John, bds. at 8 Prince st. 

Sewall Charles C. housewright, h. Green st. 

Shackford Ephraim, refreshments, 7 Suffolk sci. 


Shackford James N. stone-blaster, h. rear Low. st. 
Shanlay Barnard, laborer, h. Lowell st. 
Shanlay John, at fact. h. Low. st. Hilliard's block 
Shannon Josiah, clerk at Paul R. Georg-e's 
Sharpies Catharine, boarding-house, 10 Prince St.- 
Sharpies Cornelius, h. Merriraac sq. 
Sharpies James, h. Merrimac sq. 
Sharpies James, calico-printer, bds. at E. Metcalf's 
Shattuck Abel, h. Hurd, near Central st. 
Shattuck Brooks, overseer, App. corp. h. 29Ham. st. 
Shattuck Charles, machinist, bds. at B. Shattuck's 
Shattuck Daniel, W.L goods, Cen. st. cor. Hurd st, 

h. Tyler st. 
Shattuck Moses, superintendent of Avorkmen at 

Locks and Canal, h. Mer. st. 
Shattuck Roxanna, milliner & dress-maker, Cen. st. 
Shattuck William, v/heelwright, bds. at Mrs. Banis- 
Shaw Ephraim E. clerk at T. Sweetser's, boards at 

Mrs. Banister's 
Shaw Philo S. overseer at App. corp. h. 22 Jackson 

Sheafe Charles H. bds. at Mansion house 
Sheafe John L. counsellor at law, office Central st. 

bds. at Mer. house 
Sheafe William H. clerk at App. counting-room, bds. 

at Catharine Parker's, App. st. 
Shed Barnum, bds at 22 Law. corp. 
Shed Henry, at Suff. fac. bds at No. 10 
Shed John, cellar, Gorham st. h. Gor. st. 
Shed Sophia, boarding-house, South st. 
Shed Zacheus, constable, h. Gor. st. 
Shedden Harvey, painter, bds. at 22 Mer. corp. 
Shelly Luke, carpet-weaver, h. 11 Carpet blocks 
Shepherd Eliphalet, at repair-shop, h. 13 Ham. st. 
Shepherd Isaac, machinist, h. Lowell st. Magoon's 



Sheple Oliver, book-binder, book-seller and sta- 
tioner, Cen. St bds. at Mrs. Wyllie's 

Sherdon Hugh, at fac. h. Lowell st. Ililliard's block 

Sheridan Patrick,' carpet-weaver, h. 20 Carp, blocks 

Sherman Edward Capt. h. Lowell st. 

Sherwin Charles, at repair-shop, h. 4 Prince st. 

Shirley Samuel, laborer, h. 4 App. corp. 

Shirley Samuel, laborer, bds. at G. K. Drew's 

Short Edward, at fac. bds. at J. Campbell's 

Short James, at Ham. corp. h. No. 48 

Short Josiah E. stag-eman, h. Elm st. 

Short Patrick, bds. at J. Short's 

Signer James, at Carp. fac. bds. at N. Upham's 

Silver Abram, house wright, bds. at 27 Suff. corp. 

Simonds Arad, at repair-shop, h. 24 Ham. corp. 

Simonds Daniel R. confectioner, Jackson st. 

Simonds John P. d<y goods, 27 Mer. st. 

Simonds Josiah, painter, bds. at Alvah Durgins' 

Simonds Mary, boarding-house, 8 App. corp. 

Simonds Samuel B. clerk at J. P. Simonds' 

Simpson David, housewright, bds. at Lester's, Jef- 
ferson st. 

Simpson , at Mer. fac. bds. at Mrs. Hill's, Mid- 
dle St. 

Sleeper John S. editor and publisher of Lowell Jour- 
nal, office Cen. st. h. Gorham st. 

Sleeper Peter, blacksmith, bds. at D. Stevens' 

Small Josiah, at saw-mills, bds. at John Favor's 

Smalley Elijah, at Mer. corp. bds. at No. 64 

Smart John M. housewright, h. Chapel st. 

Smart Sally, boarding-house, 7 App. corp- 

Smart , mason, bds. at Betsey Reed's 

Smiday Margaret, h. Fenwick st. 

Smith Adam, planing-machine, bds. at 8 Dutton st. 

Smith Alpheus, hard-ware & dry goods, 4 & 5 
Town house, Mer. st. h. Belvidere 

Smith Alvah, painter, h. Gorham st. 


Smith Andrew, stone-cutter, bds. at, Mrs. Murray's 

Smith Aram, housewright, bds. at 21 Law. corp 

Smith A. M. clerk at Copeland & Smith's 

Smith Charles, [Copeland fy S.) 

Smith Charles, clerk at A. Allen's, bds. at wid. Pat- 

Smith Charles, at Trem. corp. bds. at No. 9 

Smith Darius, blacksmith, h. 6 Dutton st. Swamp 

Smith Dudley, physician & surgeon, Cen. st. Cros- 
by's building 

Smith Francis, at dye-house, h. Fenwick st. 

Smith Gordon, at Law. corp. bds. at No. 8 

Smith Henry, watchman, h. Lowell st. 

Smith Henry, housewright, h. 10 Law. corp. 

Smith Henry A. at fac. h. Lawrence st. 

Smith James, calico printer, h. 29 Prince st. 

Smith James, at Pierce & Co.'s bakery 

Smith James, at bleach-house, h. Middle st. 

Smith James Y. machinist, bds, at Mrs. Kendall's 

Smith Jeremiah, teamster, bds. at B. Taylor's 

Smith John, clerk at Trem. counting-room, bds. at 
Mrs. Atwood's 

Smith John, laborer, h. Lowell st. 

Smith John, tinman, bds. at B. Moore's 

Smith John, dry goods. Mer. st. opposite Suff. corp. 
bds. at Mrs. Smith's, Lowell st. 

Smith Josiah, at Lowell bleachery, bds. at Mrs. Cor- 

Smith Lucius, at J. A. Brabrook's 

Smith Lydia, wid. boarding-house, Fenwick st. 

Smith Mary B. Mrs. h. Hurd st. 

Smith Owen, at fac. h. Lowell st. 

Smith Parmelia, widow of Jonathan, h. Lowell st. 

Smith Parker, clerk at Mansur & Reed's 

Smith Peter, at Henry Coburn's 

Smith Richard G. housewrisrht. bds. at R. Banister's 


Smith Sally, wid. nurse, bds. at 13 Ham. corp. 

Smitii Stephen B. at Law. corp. bds. at No. 22 

Smith Theodora, h. 4013owditch st 

Smith Thomas, engraver, bds. at 28 Prince st. 

Smith Thomas, bds. at James Campbell's 

Smith Thomas, laborer, h, Lowell st. 

Smith Timoth}', at Carp. fac. bds. at N. Brown's 

Smith Willard, teamster, h. rear App. st. 

Smith {William) & Msiun {Sa7nuel H.) counsellors 

& attornies, office bank block, Mer. st. bd. at 

Mer. house 
Smith William, bds. at Jason Phelps' 
Smith William S. at Lowell hotel 
Smith W. N. wheelwright at J. Mixer's 

Smith 5 h. Mer. st. entrance Middle st. 

Smith , at Carp. fac. bds. at 22 Carp, blocks 

Smothers Jonathan, at Mer. print-works, bds. at 61 
Smyley John, housewright, bds. at E. Russell's 
Somerby Samuel, machinist, bds. at 8 Button st. 
Snell Ephraim, boarding-house, Suffolk st. 
Snell Everett, cordwainer, bds. at Sam'l Bean's 
Snow Azubah, widow, h. Liberty st. 
Snow Benjamin, clerk at J. Haskell's 
Snow Harvey, housewright, bds. at Mrs. Snow's 
Snow John, at Carpet card-room, bds. at 22 Carp. 

Soul , at Carpet fact. bds. at Brown's, Low. st. 

Souther Joseph J. Jr. (Taylor ^- S.) bds. at Taylor's 
Southmayd Daniel S. Rev. [Rand ^ S.) editor of 

Lowell Observer, h. Tyler st. 
Southmayd J. A. clerk at Rand & Southmayd's, bds. 

at Capt. Sherman's 
Southwick Royal, overseer at Carpet house, house 

Tyler st. 
Spalding Amos, counsellor, Central st. Crosby's 

Spalding x'Vsa, housewright, h. Adams st. 
Spalding A. miller, h. on Bos. road, near Hale's mills 


Spalding Charles, teamster, bds. at Hersey & F.'s 

Spalding- Charles W. housewright, h. 53 Mer. corp. 

Spalding Edward W. bds. at 53 Mer. corp. 

Spaldings H. & W., W. L goods, Cen. cor. Low. 
St. h. Belvidere 

Spalding Francis, bds. at Mrs. Spalding's 

Spalding Ira, housewright, h. Cent. st. Chapel hill 

Spalding Jonathan Capt. yeoman, h. north Mer. st. 

Spalding Mary, wid. at Sidney Spalding's 

Spalding (AoaA) & Farris {JoJm K.) butchers, h. 
Liberty st. 

Spalding Rufus, W. L goods, north Mer. st. 

Spalding Sidney, yeornan, h. Tynsboro' west road, 
near Liberty st. 

Spalding Simeon, provision-cellar, 16 Low. st. h. 
School St. 

Spalding Sophia, wid. boarding-house, 53 Mer. corp. 

Spalding Weld [H. ^' W. Spalding) h. Low. st. 

Spencer Edward, hatter, h. near Catholic church 

Spencer William, superintendent of Ham. print- 
works, bds. at Henry Hobson's 

Spilder Newcomb, teamster at Wood's, bds. at Wil- 
son's, Chapel hill 

Spiller Newcomb, bds. at Sarah Abbott's 

Spofford Greenleaf, lumber dealer, bds. at J. Hurd's 

Spofford Moses, bds. at Mrs. Woods', 5 Elliot st. 

Sprague Abigail, wid. boarding-house, 4 Carp, blocks 

Sprague Laban, housewright, h. 10 Law. corp. 

Sprague Levi, mason, bds. at widow Patterson's, 
Central st. 

Sprague Sarah, boarding-house, 29 SuiFolk corp. 
Hall St. 

Spurr William, machinist, h. 26 Worthen st. Swamp 

Stackpole Josiah, bds. at 4 Appleton corp. 

Stafford W. overseer Mer. corp. h. Lowell st. 

Stanley Milton, machinist, h. 8 Dutton st. 


Stanley Thurston, watchman, bds. at 44 Mor. corp. 
Stanley Phineas, at Meix corp. bds. at No. 60 
Staunton iJenry, tin-))late worker, h. Chapel st. 
Stearns Bernard, at Evano-elist office 
Stearns Edwin, overseer, Lowell corp. h. Wortlien, 

near Low. st. 
Stearns Miss, h. 14 Elliott st. Ham. corp. 
Stebbins E. housewright, bds. at 24 SuJfFolk corp. 
Sterrett Albert G. overseer at fact, boards at Mrs. 

Lawrence's, Cent. st. 
Stevens Alpha, overseer at App. corp. h. 11 Ham. st. 
Stevens Charles, at carp. fact. bds. at N. Uphara's 
Stevens Daniel W. victualling cellar, Suffolk square 

Merrimac st. 
Stevens Edmund, yeoman, h. on old Chelmsford road 
Stevens Emerson, at Chambers & Farrar's dye- 
Stevens Jabez, at saw-mills, h. near powder mills 
Stevens James, laborer, h. north Merrimac st. 
Stevens John, at Tyler's stable 
Stevens John D. house wright, bds. at A. Bohonan's 
Stevens Jonathan, trader in brushes, &c. house rear 

Chapel St. 
Stevens Joseph, laborer, h. near Massaic falls 
Stevens Parker, bds. at Geo. Dodge's 
Stevens Samuel, mason, bds. at F. Tenney's 
Stevens Solon, overseer App. corp. No. 20 

Stevens , bread-carrier, at Scripture & W.'s 

Stevenson Enoch, machinist, h. 9 Race st. 
Stevenson James E. baker at Pierce & Co.'s 
Stevenson Thomas, at Hamilton fact. bds. at 23 Ap- 
pleton Corp. 

Stevenson , at fact. bds. at S. S. Straw's 

Stewart Asa, stone-layer, bds. at C. Barney's 
Stewart James, machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 
Stewart John, tailor, h. Loav. st. Magoou's building 
Stickney Samuel, h. Central st. 


Stickney William, at powder mills, h. Law. st. 
Stiles Catharine S. seamstress, bds. at J. Stiles' 
Stiles Francis, butcher, bds. at Geo. Barnes' 
Stiles Jesse, housewright, h. Chapel st. 
Stiles Joseph, laborer, h. Chapel st. 
Stiles William, wood-sawyer, bds. at S. Morey's 

Stiles , mason, bds. at John Kimball's 

Stocker John, boots & shoes, 43 Mer. st. 
Stoddard Samuel A. cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. Du- 

Stodder Charles, clerk at S. B. Appleton &l Co.'s, 

bds. at L. Stodder's 
Stodder Lafayette, wid. boarding-house, 23 Mer. st. 
Stone Abigail & Sarah, milliners & dress-makers, 

Appleton St. 
Stones {Joel & ChaHes) & Bradburn [Charles) W. L 

goods, cor. Low. & Dutton sts. 
Stone Ephraim. clerk at Barr's, Cen. st. h. Cen. st. 

Chapel hill 
Stone Freeman, machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 
Stone Ira, at Joel Stone's 
Stone James M. clerk at Alpheus Smith's, bds. at 22 

Prince st. 
Stone Samuel F. machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 
Storer Mary Ann, milliner & dress-maker, Mer. st. 

opposite Suff. Corp. 
Strafford William, overseer atfac.h. 1 Ham. corp. 
Stratton Jonas, housewright, bds. at Dane's, Low. st. 
Straw Aziel, blacksmith, at S. D. Chase's 
Straw Betsey, boarding-house, 24 App. corp. 
Straw Mehitabel, wid. boarding-house, 3 App. corp. 
Straw Stephen S. stone-layer, h. Lowell st. 

Straw , housewright, bds. at Samuel Folsom's 

Streeter Holland, at Mer. corp. bds. at No. G4 
Streeter B. attorney at law, office Cen. st. bds. at 

Washington hotel 
Studley William, overseer at Mer. corp. h. No. 57 


Stutson Mary, boarding-house, Central st. 

Sullivan Daniel, atPhelan's, Mer. sq, 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, bds. at Connell's 

Sullivan James, bds. at Connell's 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Sullivan John, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 

Sullivan, John, laborer, h. Suffolk st. 

Sulloway, Israel W. wool-carder, bds. at 4 Carp, blli'a 

Sumner John N., M. D. surgeon dentist, Central st. 

h. Tyler st. 
Sumner Mary, boarding-house, 20 Law. corp. 
Swain Sarah J. dress-maker, Mer. st. 
Swan Isaac, livery stable, Warren st. h. Warren st. 
Swan Joshua, machinist, h. near Hale's mills 
Swan William A. road-maker, h. Cen. st. 
Swansey Manuel, machinist, bds. at 21 Law. corp. 
Sweeney John, laborer, bds. at D. Connell's 
Sweetser Cornelius, boots & shoes, 39 Mer. st. h. 7 

Lowell St. 
Sweetser Frederick, clerk at J. Haskell's, bds. at 

Joseph Sweetser's 
Sweetser Henry, clerk at Thomas Sweetser's 
Sweetser Joseph, baker, Gorham st. 
Sweetser John, clerk at Whidden & Russell's 
Sweetser Thomas, variety store, 7, h. 17 Mer. st. 
Sweet Benjamin, at fact. bds. at Whitney's 
Sweet Hiram, at Mer. Co.'s yard, bds, at Mrs. Mann's 
Symmes Edmund, clerk at J. T .Pratt's, bds. at J. B. 

Symonds Stephen, student at law with Heydock & 

Olcott, bds. at Miss Brown's, Hurd st. 

TABOR BENIAL, at print works, bds. at 5 Wor^ 
then St. Mer. corp. 


Tabor John, blacksmith, bds. at 64 Mer. corp. 

Taft Abisha, undertaker, bds. at Theodore Butter- 

Talbert , finisher of cloth, bds. at Uzziel Kurd's 

Tallant James, at Mer. fact. bds. at 5 Tremont corp. 

Tallant D. at Trem. fact. bds. at 2 Tremont corp. 

Tapley David, assistant post-master, bds. at 24 But- 
ton street 

Tapley Jesse Capt. boarding-house, between Church 
and Tyler sts. 

Tapley Joseph, Boston and Lowell baggage wagons, 
h. Church st. 

Tarbox Augustus, printer at Time's office 

Tar box Isaac H. at Blood's bakery. Central st. 

Tarney Patrick, h. Lowell st. 

Tash Robert, cordwainer, bds. at Cyrus Marshall's 

Tay Sullivan, cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. Turner's, Jef- 
ferson St. 

Tay William, at Mer. bleach-house, bds. at No. 61 

Taylor Ann, widow, boarding-house, 19 Dutton st. 
Mer. Corp. 

Taylor Benjamin, hostler at King's, boarding house, 
Lowell st. 

Taylor Content, wid. boarding-house, 35 Mer. st. 

Taylor Enos, stone-blaster, h. Gorham st. 

Taylor John, carpet-weaver, bds. at 22 Carpet blocks 

Taylor John, h. 19 Suffolk corp. 

Taylor Joel, at Mercury oflice 

Taylor Joseph, machinist, bds. at Ann Taylor's, 19 
Dutton St. 

Taylor Margaret C. boarding-house, 3 Dutton street, 
Merriraac corp. 

Taylor Mary B. h. Lawrence st. near Massaic falls 

Taylor Josiah W. housewright, bds. at Peter Eaton's 

Taylor Luther, at Suffolk repair shop, h. 30 Suffolk 

Taylor Peter, engraver at Mer. corp. h. No. 18 


Taylor {Samuel) & Souther [Joseph J. Jr.) brush- 
makers, Cen. St. h. Belvidere 

Taylor Sarah, boarding-house, Dutton st. Mer. 

Taylor William, weaver, h. 27 Carpet blocks 

Templeton Andrew J. at Suffolk Corp. bds. at No. 10 

Temple Thomas, mason, h. Gorham st. 

Tenney John Y. boarding'-house, 6 Adams st. 

Thaxter Levi, tin-plate and sheet iron manufacturer, 
Mer. St. bank block, bds. at Patterson's, Low. st. 

Thayer George W. house wright, bds. at Mrs. Ken- 

Thayer Thomas B. Rev. bds. at Amos Carlton's 

Thing Benjamin, housowright, bds. at wid. B. Bean's 

Thomas Abigail, wid. boarding-house, rear App. st. 

Thomas A. stone-layer, bds. at Isaac Ladd's, Cen. st. 

Thomas Charles, laborer, bds. at Eagerly's 

Thomas John, h. Merrimac st. Mer. sq. 

Thomas Joseph, at Suffolk corp. bds. at 27 Suff. corp. 

Thomas Warren S. at Briar's cellar, bds. at 20 Tre- 
mont Corp. 

Thompson A. housewright, bds. at Eagerly's, Law- 

Thompson Charles, at repair shop, bds. at L. Samp- 

Thompson David D. millwright, bds. at 6 Law. corp. 

Thomson George, housewright, bds. at J. Eagerly's 

Thompson Ira, at Law. fact.h. 2 Tremont corp. 

Thompson Louisa, dress-maker, cottages, Mer. st 

Thompson Luther, at Trem. fact. bds. at 5 Tremont 

Thompson Moody M. housewright, h. Lawrence st. 

Thompson Robert, at Suffolk fact. h. 30 Trem. corp. 

Thompson Warren, bds. at 22 Dutton st. 

Thompson William P. housewright, bds. at Blake's 

Thompson William, housewright, bds. at Eagerly's 

Thorning Susan, widow, boarding house, 31 Web-, 
ster St. Ham. corp. 


Thorning- — — , teamster, bds. at Reed's 

Thorp Reuben, mill-writrht, h. Lowell st. 

Thurber Ira, laborer, bds. at Charles Dodge's 

Thurston Benjamin, h. Central st. 

Thurston Brown, printer at Observer office, h. 25 
Merrimac st. 

Thurston Cyrus, watchman, bds. at Betsey Morrill's 

Thurston Daniel, dyer, h. Lawrence st. 

Thurston Valorus, machinist, bds. at 13 Dutton sq. 

Tibbetts Benjamin S. tailor, Gorham st. bds. at Col- 

Tibbetts David, bds. at Caroline Conner's 

Tibbetts Samuel, at factory, h. Gorham st. 

Tibbetts Timothy, at Appleton fact. bds. at Abigail 

Tilden Alfred, at Mercury office 

Tilden Charles L. superintendent at Tremont Man- 
ufacturing Company, bds. at Merrimac house 

Tilton Abram, overseer at Law. corp. h. No. 23 

Tilton Dearborn W. painter, h. between Suffolk and 
Fenwick sts. 

Tilton William, laborer, h. Chapel hill, near Massa- 
ic falls 

Timmins Patrick, dyer at Hamilton corp. h. 47 Bow- 
ditch St. 

Titus Phineas, mason, bds. at Tenney's, Adams st. 

Titus Rufus, laborer, h. near brewery 

Todd Lucy C. boarding-house, 28 Hall st. Suff. corp. 

Tompkins Nathaniel, tailor, bds. at Fay's, Mer. st. 

Torrey Nathaniel, at furnace, Massaic falls, bds. at 
O. Badger's 

Tower James, dry goods, Cen. st. h. Chapel hill 

Tower Lucinda,tailore3s, h. rear of Chapel st. 

Towle Jeremiah, laborer, h. Gorham st. 

Town James D, cabinet-maker, bds. at Peter Eaton's 

Townsend Erastus, laborer, bds. at L5 Ham. corp. 

Townsend Samuel, dyer, at Carpet fact. h. Low. st. 



Trainer Catharine, widow, h. Fenwick st. 
Trainer James, bds. at James Campbell's 
Trainer Patrick, bds. at Mrs. Trainer's 
Traverse Sabine, machinist, bds. at W. Fay's, Mer- 

rimac st. 
Treat James A. clerk, Mer. Manufacturing Co. bds. 

at Merriraac house 
Treat Mary, widow, boarding-house, 2 Lyman st. 

Suffolk Corp. 
Tripp Andrew, machinist, bds. at 7 Duttoii st. 
Tripp John L. machinist, h. 8 Button st. Swamp 

Tripp John, overseer at App. corp. h. 9 Ham. st. 
True John, watchman, bds. at 44 Mer. corp. 
True Philip, clerk at Norton's, Suffolk sq. 
Trull Josiah, stone-layer, h. Lowell st. 
Trull Peter, teamster, h. Lowell st. 
Trumbull Henry L. watchman, bds. at 49 Mer. corp, 
Trumbull James, ruof-finisher, h. 21 Carpet blocks 
Trumbull William D. watchman at Suffolk, bds. at 

No. 24 
Tucker Lucinda, h. 22 Jackson st. Appleton corp. 
Tucker Samuel N. mason, bds. at Cole's 
Tufts Edv/ard, clerk at Mer. print-works, h. 30 Mer- 

rimac st. 
Tufts Uriah, cabinet-maker, Lewis st. h. Green st. 
Turnbiill John, overseer at Carpet factory, house 17 

Carpet blocks 
Turner George W. weaver at Carpet fact. bds. at 

Capt. Brigham's 
Turner Harrison, hostler at Seavey's, Lowell st. 
Turner Jacob, boarding-house. Church st. cor. Law. 

Turner John, at Mansur & Child's, boards at G. 

Turner John, at furnace, Massaic falls, boards at O, 



Turner William, housewriglit, h. Hi^h st. 

Turner , block-printer, bds. at Metcalf 's, Mer- 

rimac sq. 

Tuttle John B. housewright, bds. at Betsey Bean's 

Tuttle John, housewright, h. Pawtucketst. 

Tuttle , watchman, bds. at 22 Lawrence corp. 

Tuxbury Moses M. h. Hurd st. 

Tweed Austin C. cordwainer at Cornelius S.weet- 

Tweed Emmons, at Benjamin Walker's 

Tweed Timothy G. at Benjamin Walker's, Middle- 
sex street 

Twining William Rev. h. Appleton st. 

Twiss Benjamin, painter, bds. at 5 Tremont corp. 

Twombly Samuel, undertaker, h. Tyler st. 

Twomby William, housewright, boards at 32 Ham. 

Tyler Amos, stageman, bds. at American house 

Tyler George, inn-holder, American House, Cen. st. 

Tyler James, W. L goods, Cent. st. 

Tyler Jeremiah, bds. at Mrs. Lock's, Hurd st. 

Tyler Jonathan, Capt. h. Central st. 

Tyler Joseph, trader at James Tyler's, Central st. 
bds. at Simon Adams' 

UNDERWOOD AMMON, mason, bds. at Mrs. 

Patterson's, Central st. 
Underwood Charles, painter, bds. at Mrs. Hill's, 

Middle st. 
Underwood Daniel, at dye-house, Merrimac corp. 

h. App. St. 
Underwood John, housewright, boarding-house, 22 

Ham. corp. 
Upham Abijah, Jr. wheelwright, bds. at Owen's 
Upham Jacob, overseer at Law. corp. h. 37 Law. 


Upham Nathan, boarding-house, Lowell st. 
Upham William, at Mer. fact. bds. at Paul Holt's 
Upton Benjamin, at Mer. fact. h. 22 Prince st. 
Upton Daniel, at Nathaniel Hartwell's, Adams st. 
Upton Elizabeth, wid. hoarding-house, Church st. 
Upton Jonathan R. blacksmith, h. Lawrence st. near 

Massaic falls 
Upton Sally, widow, boarding-house, 12 Gore st.. 

Suffolk corp. 
Usher Eleazer, teamster, bds. at Hersey &l Frenches 

Van Vronker Henry, hair-dresser, Central st. oppo- 
site Washington Hotel, h. Chapel st. 

Van Vronker Robert, at H. Van Vronker's 

Varnum Archibald O. at bleach-house, bds. at 7 
Button St. 

Varnum Benjamin F. high sheriff for county of Mid- 
dlesex, office Central st. over rail-road bank, h. 
Central village, Dracut 

Varnum [Fanny) & Russell [Lydia] dress-making 
& millinery, Mer. st. opposite Tremont corp. 
bds. at Mrs. Fletcher's 

Varnum Israel, stone-cutter, h. 20 Suff. corp. 

Varnum James M. machine-printer, bds. at No. 45 
Merrimac corp. 

Varnum John, justice, office Cen. st. h. Dracut 

Varnum , mason, bds. at B. Hamblett's 

Vining John, cordwainer, Church st. h. Central st. 
Chapel hill 

WADE SARAH H. raantua-maker, Central st. 

bds. at William Wade's 
Wade William, h. Green st. 


Wadleigh Sarah, boarding-house, 30 Suffolk corp. 

Wadleigh William, housewright, boards at No. 30 
Suffolk Corp. 

Wagden William, at. Owen's, Lowell st. 

Waitt Aaron, shoes & boots, Mer. st. opposite Suff. 
Corp. h. Lov/ell st. 

Wakefield Avin, cloth-finisher, bds. at Capt. Russ' 

Wakefield Charles F. slater, h. Adams st. 

Wakefield George, mason, bds. at 17 Lavv\ corp. 

Wakefield S. English goods, 29 Mer. st. h. 30 

Waldo Allen, h. Lowell st. 

Wald ridge , at furnace, Massaic falls, bds. at 

Wilson's, Chapel hill 

Waldron Mary A. dress-maker, Gorham st. bds. at 
Mrs. Butler's 

Walkden William, blue-dyer, h. 3 Prince st. 

Walker Benjamin, butcher, Middlesex st. h. Mid- 
dlesex St. 

Walker Dexter M. at Law. fact. bds. at No. 11 

Walker George, bread- carrier, at Scripture &- Wil- 

Walker Nathaniel, stageman, bds. at Washington 

W^allace Alfred, housewright, h. Chapel st. 

Wallace Margaret, widow, h. rear Lowell st. 

Wallace Mrs. at Barney's, h. Lowell st. 

Walsh William, clerk at E. B. Patch's, 33 Mer. st. 

Walton Amos, housewright, h. 5 Lyman st. 

Ward Charles H. S. printer at Journal Office, bds. 
at Wilde's Hotel, Mer. st. 

Ward Eihan A. druggist, bds. at Mrs. Brown's, 
Hurd St. 

Ward Horace, housewright, boards at Hosmer's 
Adams st. 

Ware James, at Ham. fact. bds. at Wm. Stafford's 

Ware Warren, overseer Ham. corp. h. 44 Bow- 
ditch St. 


Warren Calvin, house vvright, bds. at B. Moore's, 

Central st. 
Warren Charles, counsellor & attorney at law, 

Crosby's buildhig, Central st. 
Warren Charles, machinist, bds. at B. Hildreth's 
Warren Jonathan, boarding-house, rear App. st. 
Warren Joseph, clerk at Bethuel T. Cross' 
Warren Lydia, h. 29 Suffolk corp. 
Warren Pelhani W. cashier of rail-road bank, h, 

Lawrence st. 

^Varren , bds. at Mrs. Brown's, Ilurd st. 

Warson , housewright, bds. at Hiram Parker's, 

South St. 
Warson , housewright, bds. at Isaac Ladd's, 

Central st. Chapel hill 
Washburn John M. at Suffolk corp. h. 25 Suff. 
Washburn Oliver, overseer at Law. corp. h. No. 2 
Watkins Abner, overseer at Mer. corp. h. No. 15 

Button St. 
Watkins John W. at Mer. corp. h. 59 Wurthen st, 
Watkins , wood-sawyer, boards at Nehemiah 

Watrous Andrew, at Law. corp. bds. at No. 11 
V/atson Abijah, overseer at i\lerrimac corp. h. 15 

Button St. 
Watson Benjamin T. painter, bds. at Moses Davis' 
Watson Eiiphalet, machinist, h. 25 Carpet 
Watson Hiram, overseer at Ham. corp. h. South st. 
Watson Humphrey, machinist, bds. at 25 App. corp. 
Watson Samuel, housewright, bds. at J. Underwood's 
Watson Shepard, at Trem. fact. bds. at S. Abbot's 
Watson William, bds. at Eiiphalet Watson's 
Watson Noah, porter at Merrimac house 
Waitress Charles, at Wni. Davidson & Co.'s 
Waugh John, slater, h. 13 Lowell st. 
Way Charles, h. 21 Suff. corp. 
Wayland John, laborer, h. Lowell st. 


Wayland Thomas, at bleach-house, bds. at Lynch's, 

Gorham st. 
Webb Edward A. overseer at Middlesex, corp. bds. 

at Hurd's, Clinrch st. 
Webb Betsey, wid. boardin<r-house, 24 Trem. corp. 

Webb , cloth-fuller at Middlesex corp. bds. at 

Maria March's 
Webber Benjamin M. clerk at Atherton & But- 

trick's, bds. at J. Webber's 
Webber Eliza, widow, boarding-house, 4 Dutton st. 

Merrimac corp. 
Webber Job P. stageman, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Webber Job, surveyor of #ood, house 5 Dutton st 

Merrimac corp. 
Webster Amos, bds. at Ruth Webster's 
Webster Franklin, housewright, bds. at Humphrey 

Webster Humphrey, housewright, h. Central st. 
Webster John, at Low. corp. bds. at Mrs. Kendall's 
Webster Joseph, at Middlesex factory, boards at 

E. Upton's 
Wedgewood (Joshua) &l Patterson (Horace) variety- 
store, Central st. 
Webster Ruth, wid. boarding-house, ]6 Law. corp. 
Weeks Samuel, cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. Turner's, 

Jefferson st. 
Welch Arnold, overseer at Mer. corp. h. No. 62 
Welch Benjamin C. h. Chapel st. Chapel hill 
Welch Walter, laborer, h. Fenwick st. 
Welch William, laborer, bds. at Mrs. Lepere's 

Welch , housewright, bds. at 21 Law. corp. 

Weld Horatio H. publisher of the Times, office 

Cen. & Gorham st. h. Elm st. Chapel hill 
Weld Thomas, stageman, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Wellington John K. bds at 5 Dutton st. 
Wellington Joseph, mason, bds. at Mrs. Bean's, 
Lewis .-^t. 


Wellington Mary, wid. boarding-house, 5 Duttun 

St. Swamp locks 
Wells Lucinda, wid. boarding-house, G Treinont 

Welton Horatio G. stageman, h. Tyler st. 
Wclton N. li. G. stageman, bds. at Am. house 
Wentworth Asa, bar-tender at Washington hotel 
Wentworth John, fuller of cloth, bds. at Mrs. Ken- 
Wentworth {Joshua L.) & Raynes [Josepli) watch- 
makers & jewellers, Cen. st. 
Wentworth Prescott H. at Wm. Wentworth's 
Wentworth Stephen, br^|k-layer, bds. at C. Wilkins' 
Wentworth Tappan, counsellor, office K. R. Bank 

building, bds. at Mer. house. 
Wentworth William, mason h. Gorham st. 
West Daniel, overseer at Middlesex corp. 
West Moses, blacksmith, h. Suff. st. 
Westerl David, calico-printer, bds. at E. Metcalf 's 
Westerl Robert, engraver, bds. at Mrs. Stodder's, 

Mer. St. 
Weston Abigail R. widow, boarding-house, 12Dut- 

ton street 
Weston Eliphalet, (Brooks Sf W.) h. Lewis Ft. 
Weston James, at Law. corp. bds. at No. 6 
Weston Peter, cordwainer, bds. at Mrs. Rider's 
- Weston Samuel, overseer of Watchman at Ham. 
corp. h. 41 Bowditch st. 
Weston Timothy, watchman, bds. at Mrs. Crosby's, 

Cen. st. 
Wetherbee Amos, h. Gorham st. 
Wetherbee Asa, housewright, h. rear App. st. 
Wetherbee Nahum, tailor, bds, at Catharine Par- 
ker's, App. St. 
Wetherbee Oliver, bds. at 27 Sutf. corp. 
Wetherbee Polly, wid. boarding-house, '>7 Hall st. 
Suffolk corj^ 


Wheeler Catharine, widow, boarding-house, 11 Gore 

St. Suffolk Corp. 
Wheeler E. stone-cutter, bds. at wid. Joanna Gage's, 

Central st. 
Wheeler James W. machinist, bds. at Mrs. Wheel- 
er's, 11 Suff. Corp. 
Wheeler Jefferson, machinist, h. 12 Button sq. 
Wheeler Jeremiah F., W. I. goods, Lewis st. h. 

21 Webster st. 
Wheeler Phineas, yeoman on Company's farm, rear 

Adams st 
Wheeler , stone-cutter, bds. at DollofT's, App. 

Whidden [John M.) & Russell (Walter) dry goods, 

19 Mer. st. 
Whipple Aaron at Trera. corp. bds. at 5 Trem. corp. 
Whipple Adam, at Mer. corp. bds. at 5 Trem. corp. 
Whipple Hannah, boarding-house, 10 Button st. 
Whipple Harriet, wid, of Geo. W. h. Hurd st. 
Whipple James, (Sanderson ^^ W.) h. Gor. st. 
Whipple John, machinist, h. 59 Worthen st. Mer. 

Whipple Josiah, teamster, at O. M. Whipple's 
Whipple Oliver M. powder manufacturer, h. Law. st. 
Whipple Robert, brick-layer, bds. at Peter Eaton's 
Whipple Stephen, at Mer. corp. h. 39 Worthen st. 

Mer. corp. 
White Alvin, at powder-mills, h. near mills 
White Bavid, at Jabez Stearns, Law. st. 
White Fairfield, stone-layer, h. Sowth st. 
White James, h. Fenwick st. 
White Jason, at Newman & K.'s, Middle st. 
White John, at Ham. corp. h. Law. st. 
White Philip T. merchant tailor, Cen. st. bds. at Mrs. 

Butler's, Charles st. 
Whitehouse Augustus, cloth-finisher, bds. at wid. 

L. Kendall's 


Whitely , cordwainer, bds. at Betsey Ilildreth's 

Whitconib Barach, overseer at Ham. corp. bds. at 
Gordon's, App. st. 

Whitcomb Osborn, housewright, bds. at David Rob- 

Whittemore Joseph, brush-maker, bds. at E. Upton's 

Whitteniore Joseph, bleacher, h. Thorndike st. 

Whittemore Samuel, laborer, bds. at Forster's 

Whitfield Daniel, at Adams' 

Wliitehead Darius, at x\pp. corp. bds. at No. 3 

Whitney Eldad, clerk, bds. at Am. house. 

Whitney Moses, clothes cleanser, Cen. st. h. Cen. st. 

Whiting Phincas Capt. W. L goods, Mer. st. near 
Pawtucket Bridge 

Whitney, Aaron W. bds. at Mrs. Kimball's, Mer. st. 

Whitney Abigail, boarding-house, 18 Carpet blocks 

Whitney Amos, bds. at Hannah Heaselton's, Mer. 

Whitney Asa Capt. cordwainer, between Cen. & 
Gorham sts. 

Whitney Gardiner A. at Trera. corp. bds. at 9 Trem. 

Whitney George & Aaron W. LoAvell market-house, 
Mer. sq. 

Whitney Hananiah, variety store, Mer. st. opposite 
Trem. corp. 

Whitney Israel, agent Tremont Manufacturing Com- 
pany, h. bank block, Mer. st. 

Whitney John, overseer at App. corp. h. 20 Jackson 

Whitney Leonard, at Tremont corp. bds at Sarah 

Whitney Orlando, shoes. & variety store, Mer. st. 
opposite Suffolk corp. 

Whitney Orange, boots & shoes, Mer. st. at Or- 
lando Whitney's 

Whitney Phineas, housewright, h. 8 Adams st. 


Whittaker James, laborer, h. Lowell st. Hilliard's 

Whittaker John, block printer, h. Lowell st. 
Whittier Moses, overseer atMer. corp. h. 23 Prince 

Whittier Rufus, overseer at Mer. corp. h. 24 Prince 

Wight James, at Middlesex fac. h. Warren st. 
Wight John L. tin-plater, bds. at B. Moore's, Cen. st. 
Wilde Benjamin, inn-holder. Farmer's & Mechanic's 

House, Mer. st. Mer. sq. 
Wilder (Charles A.) & Robbins (Zacheus W.) pro- 
vision cellar, under bank block, bds. at P. D. 

Wilder Charles, clerk at Mansur & Child's 
Willey Daniel, boarding-house, 29 Webster st. Ham. 

Willey Jacob, mason, bds. at J. Kimball's, Hobb's 

Willey Walter, bar-tender, at Am. house 
Wilkin's Charles P. bread-carrier at Blood's bakery 
Wilkins Charles W. house wright, h. South st. 
Wilkins John, clerk, at L Monroe's, bds. at Mrs. 

W^ilkins Samuel L. shoe & hat store, 22 Mer. st. h. 

Jeff. St. 

Wilkins , housev/right, bds. at Hiram Parker's 

Willard Ephraim S. clerk at P. H. Willard's 

Willard Isaac, clerk at P. H. Willard's 

Willard Peter H., W. L goods, Lowell opposite 

Adams st. bds. at Patterson's, Adams st. 
Williams Bradford, painter at Wm. N. Owens' 
Williams Isaac, blacksmith, bds. at J. Williams' 
Williams Joel, machinist, h. 23 App. corp. 
Williams Joseph, carpet- weavei, bds.atP. D.Lane's 

Williams , painter, h. South st. 

William Richard, color-mixer, h. 1 1 Mer. corp. 


Wilson Alfred, housewright, bds. at Dane's, Law. st, 
Wilson Beulah, boarding-house, 17 Hamilton corp. 
Wilson Charles L. overseer at Merrimac corp. h. 14 

Button St. 
Wilson Darius, machinist, bds. at B. Shattuck's 
Wilson Edwin T. machinist, bds. at B. Wilson's 
Wilson Glaud, overseer at Lowell corp. h. 16 Carp. 
Wilson James, pattern-drawer, h 27 Carpet 
Wilson James, teamster, h. Central st. Chapel hill 
Wilson James, machinist, h. 28 Worthen st. 
Wilson John, weaver, h. 10 Lowell corp. 
Wilson John, at Mer. corp. h. 10 Button st. 
Wilson John M. [Knowles &f W.) 
Wilson Joseph, at Mer. corp. h. 23 Dutton st. 
Wilson Nathaniel, (Scripture &f W.) h. Chapel st. 
Wilson William H. plasterer, bds. at 21 Law. corp. 
Wilson William, fancy-weaver, h. 15 Low. corp. 
Winchester Samuel, blacksmith, Massaic falls, h. 

Lawrence st. 
Wing Adeline, seamstress, bds. at Wm. Lamb's 
Wing Alpheus G. at Suff. Corp. h. No. 15 
Wingate James, printer at Time's office 
Winkley Ebenezer P. machinist, bds. at 10 Dutton st. 
Winn John S. blacksmith, h. 2 Dutton st. Swamp 

Winn Joseph, housewright, bds. at widow Smith's, 

Lowell street 
Winn Moses, at John Mixer's harness-shop 
Winslow Alfred, machinist, bds. at T. Bascom's 
Winslow Andrew, machinist, bds. at J 9 Dutton st. 
Winslow Edward, machinist, h. Church st. 
Winslow George, machinist, h. 24 Swamp locks 
Winslow Lewis, machinist, 28 Appleton corp. 
Winslow John, machinist, bds. at 5 Dutton street. 

Swamp lopks 
Wise Lucy wid. boarding-house, 4 Lyman street, 

Suffolk Corp. 


Wise Mary Ann, h. Lowell st. Hilliard's block 
Wood And^e^y, stone-layer, h. South st. 
Wood Eliphalet, overseer at Law. corp. h. No. 12 
Wood John G. h. Chapel st. Chapel hill 
Wood Susan T. boarding-house, 5 Elliot st. Hamil- 
ton Corp. 

Wood , machinist, bds. at M. Wellington's 

Woodbridge March J. watchman, bds. at 4 Prince st. 
Woodbury Isaiah, spinner, bds. at 22 Carp, blocks 
Woodbury Joseph, housewright, h. Adams st. 
Woodbury John L. housewright, h. Adams st. 
Woodbury, Joshua, machinist, bds. at N. Brown's 
Woodman Levi T. at Fitts', Lowell st. 
Woods Goodwin, trunk-maker and variety store, 

Jackson st. h. Belvidere. 
Woods Henry, h. Hurd st. 
Woods John, stone-cutter, h. Middlesex st. 
Woods Samuel, Boston & Lowell baggage wagons, 

h. Cen. St. Chapel hill 
Woods Susannah, wid. h. 43 Bowditch st. 
Woods William, at fact. bds. at Mrs. Webster's, 

App. St. 
Woodward Adoniram, housewright, bds. at 4 Ham. 

WoodAvard Ambrose, at Ham. fact. bds. at No* 4 
Woodward Betsey, wid. h. 17 App. corp. 
Woodward Daniel, at fact. bds. at 9 Ham. st. 
Woodward George, attorney at law, Cen. st. Cros- 
by's building, h. Elm st. 
Woodward Foster, hay-weigher,bds. at 4 Ham. corp. 
Woodward Jacob A. at Ham. corp. bds. at No. 4 
Woodward John, overseer of watchmen, h. 9 Suff. 

Woodward John T. at Ham. corp. bds. at No. 4 
Woodv/ard J. teamster, bds. at Asa Clark's 
Woodward Lucy W. dress-maker, Cen. st 
Woodwnrd Mose.s, painter, bds. at INlrs. Puller's 


Woodward Russell, blacksmith, h.G3 VVorthen st. 

Woodward , machinist, bds. at Mrs. Hildreth's 

Worden John, h. 4 Worthen st. Stone's block 
Worden John Jr. at Ham. corp. bds. at J. Worden's 
Worden Robert, at print-works, bds. at J. Worden's 
Worthen Mathew, watchman at machine-shop, h. 24 

App. Corp. 
Worthley Sally, h. Suff. sq. 
Wrio-ht Alexander, superintendent of carpet- works, 

h. 26 Mer. st. 
Wright Amos H. {.men ^ W.) dry goods, bds. at H. 

Wright Asahel B. at Mercury office 
Wright Franklin, W. L goods. Church st. bds. at 

Mr. Kurd's 
Wright George, blacksmith, h. Lowell st. 
Wright [Hapgood) & Mixer {Elijah) boots & shoes, 

Cen. St. bds. at D. Mixer's 
Wright Henry, confectioner, Cen. opposite Low. st. 
Wright John, overseer at dye-house, h. 12 Carpet 

Wright Nathaniel, counsellor, and president of Low- 
ell Bank, h. north Merriraac st. near Pawtuck- 

et bridge 
Wright Nathaniel Jr. clerk at Wright & Mixer's 
Wright Robert W. clerk at J. T. Pratt's 
Wright Stephen, at Middlesex corp. h. Law. st. 
Wright Walter, machinist, h. 24 Button st. 

Wright , at repair shop, bds at 27 Mer. corp. 

Wyatt Joseph G. Capt. licensed victualler, Lowell, 

cor. Adams st. h. Low. st. 
Wyatt Mary, wid. boarding-house, 7 Ham. corp. 
Wyllie Catharine, wid. boarding-house, Thorndike 

St. near brewery 
Wyman {Augustus) & Craig {Andrew) W. I goods, 

near Thorndike st. South part 
Wyman Franklin H. at fact. h. 6 Suffolk corp. 


Wyman Irene, dress-maker, Mer. st. 
Wyrnan John S. machinist, bds. at Mrs. Wilson's 
Wyman Maverick, h. Chapel st. 
Wyman Sarah, wid. boarding-house, 15 App. Corp. 
Wyman Timothy, machinist, h. 9 Button st. 
Wyman William W. hat store, Cen. st. Ham. build- 
ings, h. Gor. St. 
Wyman William Capt h. Mer. st. 

YATES JAMES, machine-printer, bds. at 55 Wor- 
then St. 

Yates John, machine-printer, bds. at 55 Worthen st. 

Young Darius, trader, h. Gorham st. 

Young Hugh, h. between Adams & Fenwick sts. 

Young E. at App. fact. bds. at Mrs. Straw's 

Young Isaac, at Chamberlain's, 3 Trem. blocks. 

Young John, laborer, h. between Adams & Fen- 
Avick sts. 

Young John H. blacksmith, bds. at Moore's 

Young Robert, victualling cellar, Low. st. h. Low. st. 

Young Sally, boarding-house, SufF. sq. 

Young Samuel S. mill-wright, bds. at P. Wether- 

Young , bds. at Mrs. Kimball's, Mer. st. 

York George, housewright, h. Mer. st. 

York Jacob S. overseer at Trem. corp. h. No. 9 

York Levi, housewright, bds. at 12 Tremont corp. 


Adams street, opens on Lowell street, opposite 
Hobb's store, continuing to Thorndike street. 

Appleton street, opens on Gorham street, runs to 
Thorndike street. 

Bowditch street, from Jackson street to Hamilton st. 

Cabot street, from Lawrence corporation to Merri- 
raac street 

Central street, from Merriraac street, runs south to 
Chapel hill. 

Chapel street, opens on Central street, near the foot 
of Chapel hill, passing Universalist meeting- 
house to Boston road. 

Church street, opens on Central street, by First Bap- 
tist meeting-house to Concord river south bridge 

Chapel Hill, situated at south part of the town. 

Button street, commences at Merrimac factories, 
crosses Merrimac and Lowell streets, by Ma- 
chine shop to Thorndike street. 

Elm street, opens on Chapel hill at First Methodist 
meeting-house, runs to Chapel street. 

Elliot street, from Jackson street to Hamilton street, 
between the Hamilton blocks. 

Emerson place, opens on Gorham street, at stone 
front building. 

Fenwick street, opens on Lowell street, runs to the 
Catholic church. 

Green street, from Central street to George street. 

George street, from Tyler street to Hurd street, by 
First Baptist meeting-house. 


Gorham street, opens on Central street, passes by 

the Grove to Boston road. 
Gore street, from Race street to Cabot street, on 

Suffolk corporation. 
Hall street, from Tremont street to Cabot street, par- 
allel with Suffolk blocks. 
High street, from Middlesex street to Liberty street. 
Hurd street, from Central street to Church street, 

by Middlesex corporation. 
Jackson street, from Central street to Thorndike 

street, by Hamilton and Appleton corporations. 
Jefferson street, from Lowell street to Lewis street. 
Lawrence street, (formerly called River street,) 

opens near Concord river south bridge, runs by 

Massaic falls to Moor street, passing Oliver 

M. Whipple's house. 
Lewis street, opens on Lowell st. east side of canal. 
Liberty street, south part of Lowell, commencing 

near Sidney Spalding's farm. 
Lowell street, opens on Central street, near canal 

bridge, runs to Merrimac street by the stone 

house (formerly hotel). 
Lyman street, from Race street to Cabot street, 

parallel with Suffolk blocks. 
Merrimac street, from Concord river, north bridge, 

by stone house (formerly hotel) to Chelmsford 

Merrimac place comprises the Merrimac corporation 

with Button, Prince and Worthen streets 
Middlesex street, opens on Thorndike street, near 

the Brewery, and runs to Middlesex line. 
Moody street, opens on Lowell street. 
Moor street, from Boston road to Oliver M. Whip- 
ple's house. 
Pawtucket street, from bank of Merrimac river near 

Melvin's house, to Merrrimac street near stone 




Perkins street, from Suffolk street to Hall street, 
parallel with Lawrence factories. 

Prince street, from Merrimac bleach-house, to Mer- 
rimac street. 

Race street, from Suffolk blocks to Merrimac street. 

School street, opens opposite Pawtucket Bridge. 

South street, opens on Appleton street and runs to 
Gorham street near the Grove. 

Stone's court, opens on Dutton st. near Lowell st. 

Summer street, from Central street to South street. 

Suffolk street, from Suffolk corporation crosses Mer- 
rimac and Lowell street, by Second Baptist 

Thorndike street, from Dutton street near the Brew- 
ery over Canal bridge to Boston road. 

Tremont street, from south end of Tremont blocks 
to Merrimac st. 

Tilden street, from north end Suffolk blocks to Mer- 
rimac street. 

Tyler street, from Central street to Lawrence street. 

Warren street, opens on Central street, near Amer- 
ican house runs to Middlesex Corp.. 

Webster street, from Hamilton to Jackson street, 
between Hamilton blocks. 

Worthen street, from Merrimac factories, crosses 
Merrimac and Lowell streets to Swamp locks. 


President, Andrew Jackson of Tennessee — salary 

Vice President, Martin Van Buren of New York — 
salary $5,000. 

Secretary of State, Louis McLane, Delaware — sala- 
ry $6,000. 

Secretary of the Treasury, Roger B. Taney, Mary- 
lanci— salary 86,000. 


Secretary of War, Lewis Cass, Ohio — salary $6,000. 

Secretary of the JVavy, Levi Woodbury, New Hamp- 
shire—salary $6,000. 

Post Master General, William T. Barry, Kentucky 
— ^salary $'6,000. 

Attorney General, Benjamin F. Butler, New- York — 
salary $3,500. 


His Excellency — '■ , Governor. 

His Honor Samuel T. Armstrong-, Lieut. Governor. 

Secretary of State, Edward D. Bangs. 

State Treasurer and Receiver General, Hezekiah 

Adjutant General, William H. Sumner. 
Attorney General, James T. Austin. 


Kirk Boott, James Chandler, Osgood Dane, Jesse 
Phelps, Oliver M. Whipple and Samuel Howard. 


Tgwu Clerli — Samuel A. Coburn. 

Treasurer — Artemas Holdcn. 

Selectmen — Joshua Swan, Matthias Parkhurst, Eli- 
sha Huntington, Benj. Walker, Samuel C. Oliver. 
Town Clerk and Selectmen's Office, Toivn House. 

Assessors — John A. Knovvles, Hazen Elliot, 
James Russell, Josiah B. French. 

Overseers of Poor — Benjamin Walker, Elisha 
Huntington, Oliver M. Whipple. 

School Committee — Elisha Huntington, Theodore 
Edson, James Barnaby, John W. Graves, Wm. T. 
Heydock, Samuel F. Haven and Joshua Merrill. 

Board of /Zcrf7f/i— Jonathan M. Marston, Abner 


Ball, Jefferson Bancroft, William Davidson, Cyril 
French and Stephen Mansur. 

Tijthingmen — George Dodge, Joel Lewis, Hugh 
Cummiskey, George Brownell, John Chase, Abner 
Ball, Zenas Doane, Henry J. Baxter, Samuel C. Ol- 
iver and Eliphalet Case. 

Committee to Audit Accounts — John A. Knowles, 
Eliphalet Case, Elisha Fuller. 

Town Crier — George Dodge, 

Constables — Josiah B. French, Zacheus Shed, A- 
mos Wetherbee, Simon Adams, Caleb M. Marble, 
Zacheus Fletcher, George Dodge, Jonathan M. 
Marston, Hugh Cummiskey, Hiram Hersey, Daniel 
Mixer, Moses Shattuck, Joseph G. Wyatt, Abram P. 
Blake, Joel Stone, Jr., Weld Spalding, Cummings 
Barr, Henry Fletcher, William Blanchard, Thomas 
J. Coburn, Samuel Rogers, Samuel Murray. 

Measurer of Lathing, Plastering and Painting — 
Samuel Willard. 

Surveyoi's of Lumber — Peter Eaton, James H. B. 
Ayres, Joel Lewis, Horace Howard, Henry Fletch- 
.er, Henry Coburn, Jonathan Bowers, John Murray, 
Hamlin Davis, Jonathan Tyler. 

Cullers of Hoops and Staves — Archibald McFar- 
lin, Artemas Holden. 

Field Drivers — Jonathan Smith, Nathan Chad- 
wick, George Dodge; Isaac Swan, Forster Newhall, 
Sidney Spalding, David M. James, Elisha Davis, 
Dawes Melvin and Oren Nichols. 


Chief Engineer — Joseph Tyler. 

Engineers — George Brownell, Joseph M. Dodge, 
James Russell, Oliver M. Whipple, Jonathan Bow- 
ers, Alva Mansur, Israel Whitney, James Cook, 
George Motley, Charles Tilden, James Russell. 

BANKS. 135 


Third Regiment, Second Brigade, Third Division. 

John T. Torrey, Colonel Jonathan M. Reed, Lt. 
Colonel Nathan Durant, Major. Henry J. Baxter, 
Adjutant. H. G. Howe, Quarter Master. Alexis 
Peirce, Paymaster. Hezekiah Eldridge, Surgeon. 
John W. Graves, Surgeon''s Mate. Jacob Cogg'in, 

Lowell Light Lvfantry. — John Mixer, Cap- 
tain. Charles Sanderson, Lieut. James M. Mor- 
rill, Ensign. 

Mechanic Phalanx. — Jonathan Kendall, Capt. 
James Dennis, Lieut. Oliver M. Bailey, Ensign. 

Standing Companies. 
South Company. — Bernice S. Hale, Capt. Wil- 
liam Parker, Lieut. , Ensign. 

North Company. — Joseph G. Wyatt, Capt. Dan- 
iel Brooks, Lieut. Stephen S. Bunker, Ensign. 

East Company — Organized 2d of February, 1833. 
Cullen F. Kittredge, Capt. James M. Rawson, Lt. 
AbnerW. Buttrick, Ensign. 


Lowell Bank incorporated in 1828, capital $250,000. 

Nathaniel Wright, President. 

James G. Carney, Cashier. 
Directors — Joshua Bennet, Cyril French, Josiah 
B. French, Jonathan Morse, 2d., Benjamin F. Var- 
num, Amos Whitney, Phineas Whiting, Nathaniel 
Wright, James Russell. 


Rail Road Rank incorporated March 1831, capital 

Luthor Lawrence, President. 
Pelham W. Warren, Cashier. 
Directors — Kirk Boott, Robert Means, Israel 
Whitney, William Austin, Joshua Swan, and Seth 

Lowell Insiitidlon for Savings, incorporated 1829. 
Office at the Lowell Bank. 
Elisha Glidden, President. 

John O. Green, Elisha Bartlett, Oliver M. Whip- 
ple — Vice Presidents. 

James G. Carney, Treasurer. 

Trustees —Oliver M. Whipple, Theodore Edson, 
Thomas Billing-s, Joel Lewis, Warren Colburn, Cy- 
ril French, George Brownell, James Russell, Thom- 
as Ordway. 

The design of this institution is to afford to those 
who are desirous of saving- their money, but who have 
not acquired sufficient to purchase a share in the 
banks or a sum in public stocks, the means of em- 
ploying it to advantage, without running the risk of 
losing it, as they are too frequently exposed to do 
by loaning it to individuals, who either fail or de- 
fraud them. It is intended to encourage the indus- 
trious and prudent, and to induce those who have 
not hitherto been such, to lessen their unnecessary 
expenses, and to save and lay by something for a 
period of life, when they will be less able to earn a 
support. To promote these desirable purposes, the 
following rules, among others, have been adopted : 

Deposites or monies put in, will be received as low 
as one dollar,and when any person's deposites amount 
to five dollars, they will be put upon interest. 


The office is onlj' open on Saturday evenings, 
from 7 to 9 o'clock. 

Twice every year, namely, on the 1st Saturdays 
of May and November, a payment of interest, at the 
rate of two dollars on every hundred dollars, that 
may have been deposited two quarters, and of one 
dollar on every such sum as may have been deposi- 
ted one quarter, will be made, and so in proportion 
for smaller sums. And at the end of every five 
years, all the extra income, which has not before 
been paid and divided amon^ the depositors, in just 
proportion according to the By-Laws ; and nothing 
will be deducted from this extra income, but the ac- 
tual expenses of carrying on the business and taking 
care of the money. , 

The Trustees will take no emolument or pay for 
their service, having undertaken it solely to pro- 
mote the interest of the Town and of those who 
may wish to share in the benefits of the institution. 
Those who do not choose to take their interest from 
time to time, may be assured that it shall be added 
to their deposites, and put upon interest at the end of 
three months ; thus compounding their interest 
twice a year. 

Any part, not less than ten dollars at a time, if 
more than that sura is deposited, or the whole of any 
depositor's money may be drawn only by giving a 
week's notice, as the trustees could not lend it or 
invest it to advantage if liable to pay it without any 

Deposites will be entered in the books of the in- 
stitution, and also in a book to be given to the de- 
positor. This book will be the evidence of their 
property, and as valid as a note in hand. When 
money is drawn out, this book must be brought to 
the office to have the payment entered. Depositors 
may take out the money themselves, or in cases of 


absence or sickness, it will be paid to their order, 
properly witnessed and accompanied by the book. 

If persons die, who have money in the Saving-s' 
Bank, the money will go to their heirs, or the per- 
sons to whom they may have given it by will with 
certainty. It cannot be placed where it will be 
more safe, as it respects the honor and fidelity of 
management. Persons who put in money, must 
sign the rules and agree to conform to them. This 
is necessary for the security of all parties. Money 
can be deposited by any person for the benefit of a 
minor or other person, and not subject to be with- 
drawn for a certain period of time. 

The certain safety of the institution will make it 
particularly useful to persons who are in possession 
of money received as wages, gifts or gratuities, for 
which they have no immediate use, and which they 
wish to lay by for a rainy day. 

Widows and children may, also, thus be provided 
for. A young man intending to marry at a future 
day, and young women, who may expect to change 
their condition, can here securely lay up a sum 
against a time when they may want it more. 

As it would be impracticable to compute the in- 
terest on numerous deposites, unless it is made to 
commence from a few fixed periods, the deposites 
made during any quarter after the first day, will not 
be put upon interest until the first day of the suc- 
ceeding quarter. Tlie quarters commence on the 
first days of February, May, August and November ; 
and no interest will be allowed for a fractional part 
ofa dollar, or on a larger sum than five hundred 
dollars to any one depositor. 



Locks and Canal Company, incorporated in 1792, 
capital $600,000. 
Kirk Boott, Agent, 
George Brownell, Supei-intendent of Machine Shop. 

Merrimac Manufacturing Company, incorporated in 
1S25— capital $1,500,000. 
Kirk Boott, Age7iL 
John Clark, Superintendent. 
John D. Prince, Superintendent of Print Works. 

Hamilton Mamfacturing Company, incorporated in 
1825, capital $500,000. 
George W. Lyman, Agent. 
John Avery, Superintendent. 
Wm. Spencer, Superintendent of Print JVorks. 

Appleton Manufacturing Company, incorporated in 
1828, capital $500,000. 
George W. Lyman, Agent. 
George Motley, Superintendent. 

Loivell Manufacturing Company incorporated in 

1828, capital $500,000. 
George W. Lyman, Agent. 
David Moody, Superintendent. 
Alexander Wright, Superintendent of Carpet JVorks. 

Lowell Brewery, incorporated in 1828, capital $50,000. 

Middlesex Manufacturing Company, incorporaied in 
1828, capital $500,000. 
James Cook, Agent. 

Massaic Falls Manufacturing Company, incorporcUed 

in 1828, capital $200,000. 



Suffolk Manu/aduring Coinpany, incorporated in 
1830, capital $450,000. 
Robert Means, Agent. 

Tremont Manufacturing Company, incorporated in 
1830, capital $500,000. 
Israel Whitney, Agent. 

Lawrence Manufacturing Company incorporated in 
1830, capital $1,200,000. 
William Austin, Agent. 
R. W. Israel, Superintendent. 

Lowell Bleachery, incorporated 1832, capital $50fi00, 


Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 
Luther Lawrence, President. 
Samuel F. Haven, Secretary. 
Directors. — Kirk Boott, Luther Lawrence, Elisha 
Glidden, Aaron Mansur, Nathaniel Wright, John C. 
Dalton, Seth Ames, Benjamin Walker, Matthias 

This company insures buildings, furniture, goods, 
and moveables against loss or damage by Fire. Ap- 
plications to be made to the Secretary, at the office 
of the company, in the Rail Road Bank Building, 
Central Street, Lowell. 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Campany. 
Benjamin F. Varnum, Agent, Office at Rail Road 
Bank building. 

Manufacturer'' s Fire Insurance Company. 
John P. Robinson, Agent, Office Central Street, 
Hamilton Place, 



John O. Green, office Lowell, cor. Adams st. h. 

Merriinac street. 
William Graves, Hurd street, No. 7 brick block. 
H. Pillsbury, Merrimac street, bank block. 
Elisha Huntington, Hurd street. No. 10 brick block. 
Elisha Bartlett, Union buildings, Central street, 

corner of Hamilton street. 
Robert Darrah, Surgeon Dentist, Lowell st. 
Gilman Kimball, Merrimac street, bank block 
John W. Graves, surgeon's mate of the regiment, 7 

Hurd street, brick block. 
Daniel MoAve, Central street opposite Jackson st. 
John C. Dalton, Lowell street, corner of Dutton st. 
Charles Hubbard, Green street. 
John D, Pillsbury, Merrimac street, Charles Green's 

John N. Sumnor, M. D. surgeon dentist. Central st. 
Dudley Smith, Central street, Crosby's building, 

north of Middle street. 
J. T. G. Leach, 24 Merrimac st. 
Charles Gordon, bank block, Merrimac street. 
John S. Elliot, Hamilton buildings. Central street. 
Jeremiah P. Jewett, at Wilde's Hotel, Merrimac st. 
Jacob Goodwin, 21 Lawrence corp. 
E. B. Barnes, Lewis corner Merrimac street. 
Parker Bradley, Merrimac sq. Merrimac st. 


Nathaniel Wright, office Merrimac st. Town-house. 

Elisha Glidden, office Central street, Rail Road 
Bank building. 

John R. Adams, otTice Lowell street, corner of Ad- 
ams street. 

John P. Robinson, office Central street, opposite 
American house. 


John A. Knowles, office Central street, opposite 
American house. 

Elisha Fuller, office Central street, opposite Amer- 
ican house. 

Luther Lawrence, office Central street. Rail Road 
bank building. 

John L. Sheafe, office Central street, opposite Amer- 
ican house. 

Seth Ames, office Central street, Union buildings. 

William Hilliard, Jr. office Central street. 

Francis Hilliard, office Central street, Crosby's 

Samuel H. Mann, offii^e bank block, Merrimac street. 

Samuel F. Haven, office Central street, Rail Road 
bank building. 

Isaac O. Barnes, office Rail Road bank building. 

B. Strseter, office Central street. 

William T. Heydock, office Central street. 

Horatio Merriam, office Central street, cor. of War- 
ren street. 

Edward R. Olcott, office Central street, corner of 
Gorham street. 

John M. Wilson, office Central street, Hamilton 

Joseph Locke, office Central st. Crosby's building. 

George Woodward, office Central street, Crosby's 

Charles Warren, office Central street, Crosby's 

Thomas Hopkinson, office R. R. bank building. 

Amos Spalding, office Central st. Crosby's build- 

Samuel Parker, office Central st. Union buildings. 

Tappan Wentworth, office R. R. bank building. 

William Fuller, office Central st. opposite American 

William Smith, office bank block, Merrimac street. 


Philip Ammidon, Central street, Crosby's building. 
William L. Chaplin, office Central street. 



Jud^e of Probate, Samuel P. P. Fay, of Cambridge. 
Register of Probate, Isaac Fiske, of Weston. 
Register of Deeds^ William F. Stone, of Cambridge. 
County Treasurer, iohn Keyes, of Concord. 
County Attorney, Asahel Stearns, of Cambridge. 
Clerk of the Courts, Elias Phinney, of Lexington. 

Justices of the Peace for Lowell — John R. Adams, 
Elisha Glidden, Nathaniel Wright, Elisha Fuller, 
John P. Robinson, Kirk Boott, William Billiard, jr. 
John L. Sheafe, Pelham W. Warren, Samuel H. 

Lato Term — At Cambridge, on the 3d Tuesday 
next after the 4th Tuesday in September. JVm 
Prius Term — At Concord, on the 2d Tuesday in 


At Concord, 2nd Monday in Sept., 2nd Monday 
in March, and second Monday of June. — Cambridge, 
2nd Monday in December. 


At Cambridge, 2nd Tuesday in January, and the 
3d Tuesdays in March, May and Nov. and 1st Tues- 
day of September. — At Concord, on the 2d Tues- 
days of February, April, August and November. — 
At Charlestown, on the 3d Tuesdays of February 
.and August. — At Fraraingham,on the last Tuesdays 


of June and October. — At Groton, on the 1st Tues- 
day of May and November. — At Lowell, on the 1st 
Tuesdays of June and December, — and at Woburn, 
on the 4th Tuesday of April. 


Caleb Butler, Groton, (Jhairman. Augustus Tow- 
cr^Stow, David Tov/nsend, Waltham, Abner Wheel- 
er, Framingham. 

Meetings — Cambridge, on the 1st Tuesday of 
January, and at Concord, on the 2d Tuesday in May, 
and on the 3d Tuesday in September. 


First Merrimac street Church, St. Anne's, Rev. The- 
odore Edson. 
First Baptist Church, Church street, Rev. Enoch W. 

First Congregational Church, Merrimac street, Rev. 

Amos Blanch ard. 
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Chapel Hill, Rev. 

Ahram D. Mtrrill. 
First Universalist Church, Chapel street. Rev. Mr. 

South Church, Merrimac street, iiet;. TVilliam Barry. 
Second Congregational Church, Appleton street, 

Rev. William Ticining;. 
First Roman Catholic Church, Fenwick street. Rev. 

John Mahoney. 
First Protestant Methodist, worship at Concert' Hall, 

Merrimac street. Rev. Mr. Johnson. 
Second Baptist Church, corner of Lowell & Suffolk 

streets. Rev. James Barnahy. 
Third Congregational Church, Lowell street, Rev. 

Giles Pease. 
First Christ-ian Union Society, worship at Hamilton 

street Chapel, Rev. Philo Brovmson. 



First Episcopal Church, organized 1824, Rev. The- 
odore Edson, pastor. 
Female Auxiliary Missionary Society. 
Missionary Association. 
Sabbath School. 

First Baptist Church, organized February 8, 1826, 
Rev. Enoch W. Freeman, pastor, ordained 
June 8, 1828. 

Female Foreign Missionary Society. 

Female Charitable Society. 

Sabbath School Society. 

Monthly Concert Association. 

Female Education Society 

Young Men's Education Society. 

Juvenile Missionary Society. 

Mozart Singing Society. 

First Congregational Church, organized June 6, 
1826, Rev. Amos Blanchard, ordained Dec. 
26, 1829. 

Female Education Society. 

Female Missionary Association. 

Female Charitable Society. 

Sabbath School Association. 

Association for promoting the observance of 

the Sabbath. 
Robert Raikes' Juvenile Association. 
Auxiliary Tract Society. 
Female Benevolent Circle. 
Monthly Concert for Prayer, and Contributions 

for Foreign and Domestic Missions. 

First Episcopal Methodist Church, organized 1827, 
present Minister, Rev. Abram D. Merrill, 
stationed Julv, 1833 




Female Missionary Society. 
Sabbath School 

First Ujiiversalist Church, organized in 1826, Rev. 

Mr. Thayer, present pastor. 

Second Congregational Church, organized Nov. 26, 
]830, Rev. William Twining, pastor, ordain- 
ed Oct. 4, 1831. 

Female Education Society. 

Female Missionary Association. 

Sabbath School Association. 

Female Charitable Society. 

Association for promoting the observance of the 

Robert Raikes' Juvenile Association. 

Auxiliary Tract Society. 

Female Benevolent Circle. 
[Three first separate — the others united with those 

of the 1st Church.] 
Monthly Concert for Prayer, and Contributions for 
Foreign and Domestic Missions. 

South Church, organized Nov. 7, 1830, Rev. Wil- 
liam Barry, pastor. Society formed Sept. 26, 
1829. Pastor ordained Nov. 17, 1830 

Second Baptist Church, organized in September, 
1831, Rev. James Barnaby pastor, ordained 
July 5, 1832. 

Female Missionary Society. 

Female Education Society. 

Young Men's Education Society. 

Juvenile Missionary Society. 

Sabbath School. 

Female Charitable Society. 

Sabbath School Association. 


Monthly Concert for Prayer, and Contributions 
for Foreis^n Missions. 

Third Congregational Church, organized July 2, 
1832, Rev. Giles Pease, pastor, ordained Oct. 2, 

Benevolent Associations, to aid the operations of 
the principal benevolent societies of the day, — in- 
cluding the Foreign Mission Society ; Home Mis- 
sion Society ; Bible Society ; Tract Society ; Edu- 
cation Society ; Magdalen Society ; Sunday School; 
Maternal Association ; Female Circle. 

First Christ-ian Union Society, organized Nov. 7, 
1833, Rev. Philo Brownson, Pastor. 

Young Men*s Baptist Education Society in Loioell, 
organized in August, 1832. 

The object of this Society, is to aid indigent young 
Men to acquire a suitable education for the gospel 
ministry. It meets annually on the 3d Monday in 
August. Any Person can become a member of this 
Society by paying one dollar or more annually. 

Officers. — Dr. John W. Graves, President. Cor- 
nelius Svveetser, Vice President. Dea. Samuel Ol- 
iver, Treasurer. Thorndike P. Sa.unders, Recording 

Female Education Society, organized in August, 1832. 

This Society is instituted on the same plan, and 
its objects are the same as the male society. 


This Society was formed in November, 1833. — 
Elisha Huntington, President. Thomas Hopkin- 
son, Secretary. 


William Liviiio^ston, Benjamin Walker, Aaron 
Lummus, J. W. Graves, Directors. 


Organized in August 1826. Present number of 
members about 500 

At a meeting held Oct 13th, 1833, the following 
oHicers were chosen : 

William Austin, Esq. President. 
Francis Hilliard, Esq. Vice President. 
Moses F. Eaton, Secretary. 
Executive Committee — James H. B. Ayer, Joshua 
Merrill, William Davidson, John A. Knowles, Esq. 
Hazen Elliot, John L. Tripp, George H. Carlton, 
Thomas Billings, William D. Mason, Dr. Elisha 


Organized Sept. 20th, 1833. Present number of 
members five hundred. The following are a list of 
the officers : 

John W. Graves, President. 

Samuel Parker, Vice President. 

Ephraim B. Patch, Secretary. 
Executive Committee- — Samuel F. Haven, Esq. 
T. Hopkinson, Esq. John Brewster, Moses F. Ea- 
ton, Jonathan Kendall, Samuel B. Simonds, William 
Saunders, William Atkinson, Nicholas Hoppin, Ho- 
ratio C. Merriam, Esq. 

Organized December 7th, 1833. Officers, Presi- 
dent and Secretary. Place of meeting, Masonic 
Hall. . 

CENSUS. 149 


Mansion Hous,e, Merrimac st. — Wm. Blanchard. 

American House, Central st. — George Tyler. 

Washington Hotel, Central st. — Daniel Mixer. 

Merrimac House, cor. Mer. & Button sts. Sam'l A. 

Lowell Hotel, Goruam street, Timothy Coggeshall. 

Farmers' & Mechanics' House, Merrimac st. — Ben- 
jamin Wilde. 

The Census of the town of Lowell, taken during 
the month of December, 1833, exhibits the following 

Males— under 10, - - - 905 

From 10 to 20, - - - 813 
" 20 to 30, . - - 1638 
" 30 to 40, - - - 792 
" 40 to 50, - - 202 

" 50 to 60, - -. - 64 
Over 60, - - - - 23 

Females — Under 10, 

- 968 

From 10 to 20. - 

- 2998 

" 20 to 30, 

- 2914 

" 30 to 40, - 


" 40 to 50, 

- 132 

" 50 to 60. - 


Over 60, 

- 80 

Total number of Males, - 

- 4537 

« " Females, - 



The total colored population is 33, which is in- 
cluded in the above schedule. 



Lowell Journal, published every Wednesday, Office 

Central street. 
Lowell Mercury, published every Friday, Office 

corner of Central & Middle streets. 
Lowell Evang-elist, published every Friday, Office 

35 Merrimac street. 
Daily Journal, published at the Journal Office. 
Lowell Observer, published every Friday, Office 35 

Merrimac street. 
The Album, published semi-monthly, Office 35 Mer-: 

rimac street. 
The Times, published semi-weekly. Office Central 

& Gorham sts. 


Ai-rivals. — Sundaij Mails. 

Southern and Boston, at half past 10 A. M. 

Northern and Concord, N. H, 2 P. M. 

Amherst, 1 P. M. 

Daily — Simdays excepted. 

Eastern and Newburyport, athalf past 5 P. M. 

Dover and Haverhill, at half past 4 P. M. 

Worcester and Groton, athalf past 4 P. M. 

Southern and Boston, at 10^ A. M. and 6 P. M. 

Dunstable N. H. 8 A. M. and 2 P. M. 

Northern and Concord, 2 P. M. 

Amherst, N. H. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri- 
days, at 2 P. M. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur- 
days, at 12 M. 

Three tiynes a tveek. 

Chester and Derry, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sat- 
urdays, at 2 and half past 5 P. M. 

Chelmsford, Westford and Groton — Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays, at half past 1 P. M. 

Springfield, do. at 8 . P. M. 

STAGES. 151 

8alemj do. at 5^ P. M. 

North Londonderry and Amoskeag, Mondays, 
Wednesdays, and Fridays, at half past 1 P. M. 

Departures. — Sundays. 
Southern and Boston, at 12 M. 
Northern, Concord and Amherst, at 10 A. M. 

Southern and Boston, Mondays, Wednesdays 
and Fridays, at 6 A. M. and 1 P. M. Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays, at 6 A. M. and 12 M. 

Eastern and Newburyport, at 6k A. M. 

Dover and Haverhill, at 6h A. M. 

Worcester, Groton and Keene, Sundays, Tues- 
days and Thursdays, at 9 P. M. Tuesdays, Thurs- 
days and Saturdays, at 6, A. M. 

Dunstable, N. H., at 10 A. M; and 5 P. M. 
Three times a week. 

Chester and Derry to Dover, N. H., Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays, 6 A. M. 

To Derry, same days, at 10 A. M. 
Chelmsford, Westford and Groton, Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays at 10 A. M. 

Springfield, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 
at 7h P. M. 

Salem, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 
7 A. M. 

North Londonderry and Amoskeag, Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays at 10 A. M. 

Office Hours.— From 7^, A. M. to 9, P. M. 
Sundays.— From 12 to 12i and 3i to 4, P. M. 


Boston morning stages leave Lowell at 7 and 8 o'clk, 

and arrive in Boston at half past 10 and half past 11 

o'clock, A. M. Returning, arrive in Lowell at 5 and 6 


152 STACKS. 

o'clock, P. M. The 1 o'clock stage arrive? in Boston 
at 4 o'clock, P. M. Returning, leaves Boston at 2 o'- 
clock, and arrives in Lowell at 5 o'clock, F. M. 

Boston Daily Stage, leaves Washington Hotel, Low- 
ell, at half past 8 o'clock, A. M. passing through Tewks- 
bury, Wilmington, Woburn, Medfoid, Charlestown, &, 
arrives at Boston at half past IL Returning, leaves 
Boston at 2 o'clock, and arrives in Lowell at 6, P. M. 

Nashua Daily Stage, leaves Nashua at 6 o'clock, A. 
M. and arrives in Jjowell at 8. Returning, leaves Low- 
ell at 6 o'clock, P. M. and arrives at Nashua at 8. 

Salem Daily Stage, leaves Lowell Tuesdays, Thurs- 
daj'^s and Saturdays, at 8, A. M. Returning, leaves Sa- 
lem Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 1, P. M. — 
Also, leaves Lowell Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 
at 1 P. M. 

Newburyport and Dover Stage, leaves Lowell at 8 
o'clock every morning, and arrives at Newburj'port at 
12 o'clock, and Dover at 7 o'clock, P.M. Returning, 
leaves Dover at 7 o'clock, A. M. and arrives in Lowell 
at 5, P. M. 

Haverhill and Do%^er, N. H. stage, leaves Lowell at 
half past 8 o'clock, and arrives at Haverhill at 12, and 
at Dover at 7 o'clock, P. M. Returning, leaves Dover 
at 7, A. M. and arrives in Lowell at 5 o'clock, P. M. 

Concord N. H. Daily Stages, through Pelham, Der- 
ry,Hooksett and Bow, leave Lowell at 10 o'clock, A. 
M. and arrive at Concord at6 o'clock. Leave Concor<i 
at 7, P. M. and arrive in Lowell at 1, P. M. 

Concord N. H. Stages, through Tyngsborough, 
Nashua, Bedford, Anioskeag and Hooksett, leave Low- 
ell at 10, A. M. and arrive at Concord at 6, P. M. Re- 
turning, leave Concord at 7, A. M. and arrive in Lov/- 
ellat2, P. M. 

Amherst and Francestown stage, leaves Lowell at 10 
P. M. and arrives at Francestown at 6, P. M. Return- 
ing, leaves Francestown at4, A. M. and arrives in Low- 
ell at 12 o'clock. 

Mail Stage from Springfield to Lowell. This line com- 
menced running Jan. 1st, 1833, — Leaves Springfield 
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 3 o'clock, A. 

STAGES. 153 

M., passing through Chickopee Factory village, Gran- 
bj, Belchertown, Entield, Gieenwich, Dana, Peter- 
sham, Tetnp'eton, Westminster, Fitchburg, Lunenburg, 
Townsend Harbor, Pepperell, Dunstable, Tyngsboro', 
North Chelmslbrd. and anives at Lowell same days at 
8 o'clock, P. M. Returning, leaves Lowell Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays, at 3 o'clock, A. M., passing 
through the same towns, and arrives at Springfield at 
8 o'clock, P. M. This arrant^'ement forms a direct line 
from Springfield to Keene, and from Lowell to Ware 
village in one day, and from Springfield to Concord, 
N. H. in two days. [O^ This line intersects, at Spring- 
field, steam-boats and stages for Norwich, Hartford and 
New York. 

Lowell and Concord, N. H. daily Mammoth Line, 
leaves Lowell at 10 o'clock, A. M. passing through 
Pelham, Londonderry and Manchester, and arrives in 
Concord at 5 P. M. Returning, leaves Concord daily, 
at 7 A. M., and arrives in Lovvell at 1, P. M. 

Lowell and Concord Ms. Stage, twice a week, leaves 
Mondays and Saturdays, at 7, A. M. — Returning, leaves 
Lowell at 3, P. M. same days. Books kept at the Amer- 
ican House. 

Seats taken for the above stages at the principal 

Hanover, N. H. Stage, leaves Lowell Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays at 4, A. M. and arrives at 
Hanover at 7, P. M. Returning, leaves Kanover Mon- 
days, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4, A. M. and arrives 
at Lowell, at 7, P. M. 

GofFstown and Hopkinton Stage, leaves Lowell Mon- 
days, Wednesdays and Fridays at II, A. M. Return- 
ing, leaves Hopkinton Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sat- 
urdays at 6, A. M. 

Books kept at Mixer's, WasJbington Hotel. 

Daily Lines. (Sundays ahcays excepted.) 
Books for the following lines of Stages kept at the 
American House, Washington Hotel, and Mansion 
House, Lowell. Thomas A. Staples, Proprietor. 


Lowell and Worcester Stage, leaves Lowell daily, at 
7, A. M. and arrives in Worcester at 4 P. M, Return- 
ing, leaves Worcester daily at 7 A. M. and arrives in 
Lowell at 4 P. M. 

Lowell, Brattleboro' and Albany Mail Stages, leave 
Lowell daily at 7 A. M. and arrive in Albany at 6 P. 
M. the second day. Returning, leave Albany daily at 
4 A. M. and arrive in Lowell at 4 P. M. second day. 

Lowell, Keene, Rutland and Burlington, Vt. Mail 
Stages, leave Lowell daily at 7 A. M. lodge at Keene 
first night, at Rutland the second, and arrive in Bur- 
lington the third day at 6 o'clock, P. M. Returning, 
leave Burlington at 5 A. M. and arrive in Lowell at~4 
P. the third day. 

Lowell and Fitchburg Daily Stage, leaves Lowell at 
7 A. M. and arrives in Lowell from Fitchburg at 4 P. M. 

Lowell and Lancaster Stage, leaves Lowell Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 A. M. Returning leaves 
Athol Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6 A. M. 
and arrives in Lowell at 4 P. M. 

Lowell and Groton Daily Stage, leaves Lowell at 7 
A. M. and arrives in Groton at 10 A. M. Returning, 
leaves Groton at 1 P. M. and arrives in Lowell 4 P. M. 


Leave every Monday and Thursday, and arrive in 
Boston every Tuesday and Friday, and leave the same 
days. Return to Lowell every Wednesday and Satur- 
day. Proprietors — Samuel Wood, Chapel hill ; Joseph 
~ ■ ~" " and William C. Gray, Chapel hill. 


For Single letters composed of one piece of paper. — Any distance 
not exceeding 36 miles, 6 cents. Over 36 and not exceeding «0 
miles, 10 cents. Over 80 and not exceeding 150 miles, 12 1-2 cts. 
Over 150 and not exceeding 400 miles, 18 3-4 cts. Over 400 miles, 
25 cents. Double letters, or those composed of two pieces of paper, 
are charged with double those rates. 

JVeicspaper Postage. — For each Newspaper not carried out of 
the state in which it is published, or if carried out of the State, 
but carried not over 100 miles, 1 cent. Over 100 miles, and out of 
the State in which it is published, 1 1-9 centa. 


ABBOT SAMUEL B. housewright, h. Middle st- 
Abbot Ziba, (see Lowell Directory) h. Fayette st. 
Adams John, reading-room, (see Lowell Directory) h. 

High St. 
Appleton Samuel B. h. High st. sq. (see L. Directory.) 
Atkinson William, hat store, (see L. Directory.) h. Fay- 
ette st. 

BARBER CHARLES H, stone-cutter, bds. at Mrs. 

Barnard Currier, housewright, h. High st. 

Barnes Thomas, whip-maker, boards at White's, High 

Barron Thomas, flannel-dresser, h. Howe st. 

Barton Arnold, teamster, h. Washington st. 

Barr Andrew, merchant tailor, (see L. Directory,) h. 
Washington st. 

Berry Edward, watchman, h. Howe st. 

Blood Martin L. machinist, h. Washington st. 

Boylston William, bds. at Zadock Rodgers' 

Bradley William, wheelwright, bds. at D, Lougee's 

Brazer Benjamin, plane-maker, h. Howe st. 

Brown Abijah, wheelwright and pump-maker, h. High 

Brown David, housewright, h. Brown's Court. 

Brown George, W. L goods, Washington st. h. Wash- 
ington st. 

Brown Fra, housewright, h. Washington st* 

Brown Stephen, housewright h. High st. 

Brown Thomas F. at carpet-fact. h. Washington st. 

Brown William, mason, h. Brown's Court 

Brownsou Philo Rev. bds. at Hutchinson's, Middle «t. 


Burnham Eppes, stone-layer, h. High st. sq. 
Buxton Benjamin, mason, h. High st. 

CADY MARTHA, widow, h. Brown's Court 
Carlton John, house wright, bds. at S. B. Abbott's 
Cummings John, houtewright, bds. at S. B. Abbott's 
Cash Philip, h. Washington street 
Carsey James, laborer, h. Washington st. 
Chapman William, h. Biown's block 
Cheever Richardson, card manufactory, h. Howe st. 
Cogswell Charles J. veterinary surgeon, h. High st. 
Cook John, dyer at Mer. corp. h. Ash street 
Congdon John, sash & blind maker, h. high st. 
Cram Asa, at carpet fac. bds. at Jonathan Cram's 
Cram Jonathan, cordwainer, h. Water st. 

DAMON WILLIAM F.J. (see L. Directory,) h. Fay- 
ette St. 

Danford Ebenezer, cordwainer, h. Washington st. 

Davis Thomas, livery-stable, Washington st. h. Wash- 
ington St. 

Doe Sophronia, widow, h. near bathing-house 

Drake Zillah, widow, h. High st. 

Drew Aaron, painter, h. Howe st. 

Drew William, hatter at Atkinson's, bds. at Stevens', 
High St. 

Durant Nathan Maj. grocer, Washington st. h. Wash- 
ington St. 

Durant Sarah, widow, boarding-house, Washington st. 

Dixon Thomas, bds. at Capt. Wheeler's 

EASTMAN GARDINER H. stone-cutter, h. High st. 
Eastman Luke, counsellor, office Washington st. h. 

High. St. 
Ellis Ebenezer, stone-cutter, h. High st. 

FARNELL WILLIAM A. stageman,bds. at Stevens', 

High St. 
Favor Nathaniel, house wr:ght, h. High st. 
Fessenden Thomas, at card-factory, h. W^ashington st. 
Fifield Calvin S. painter, (see L. Direc.) h. Nesmith st. 


Fiske George, bds. at William Fiske's 

Fiske William, housewright, h. Fayette st. 

Flanders Christopher, bacon-curer, h. Washington st. 

Fogg Hilliard, housewright, bds. at Lougee's 

Folsom James, housewright, h.High st. 

Francis John, teamster, h. Water st. 

French Sarah, boarding-house, Fayette st. 

GARDNER JOHN, plane-maker, h. Washington st. 
Garland Jeremiah, turner, bds. at S. Garland's 
Garland Samuel, turner, brick house, Washington st. 
Gaukrogers John, tailor, Washington st. bds. at Han- 
Graham Joseph, stone-mason, h. Fayette st. 
Greenleaf Daniel G. (see L. Directory) h. High st. 
Green James, (at Ham. fact. Lowell,) h. High st. 

HALL JOHN, h. Bridge st. 
Hancock John, inn-holder, Vfashington st. 
Hanson James, at flannel fact. h. Howe st. 
Hapgood Lyiuan W. housewright, bds. at Lougee's 
Hardy Samuel, housewright, h. Washington st. 
Hardy Samuel P. housewright, h Washington st. 
Harris Simon, yeoman, h. Middle st. 
Hart John, musician, h. High st. 

Harvey , housewright, bds. atWm. Stuart's 

Hatch H. (see L. Directory) h. High st. 
Hatch Martha, widow, h. High st. 

Hill James, confectioner, (see L. Directory) h. Wash- 
ington St. 
Hodgman Artemas, hatter, bds. at Atkinson's 
Hodgman Isaac, hatter, bds. at Atkinson's 
Hodgman William, h Fayette st. 
Holden Isaac, (see L. Directory) h. High st. 
Horn Eliphalet,(see L. Directory) h. Fayette st. 
Howe James, housewright, bds. at Wilson's 
ii Howe Jeroboam, h. Oak st. 
Howe Winsor, h. Nesmith st. 
Howard James, machinist, bds. at Mrs. Kimball's 
Hubbard Joshua, (see L. Directory) h. High. st. £q. 
Hubbard WiJIiam, housev/nght, h. Water st. 


Huntress Leonard, (see L. Directory) h. High st. fq. 
Hutchinson Daniel, h. Middle st. 

JENNYS CYRENE, h. Washington st. 

KEMP WILLIAM, cordwainer. h. High st. sq. 
Kimball Daniel R. liverv-stable, Washington st. bdg. at 

Kimball Daniel, mason, h. High st. 
Kimball Mary, widow, boarding-house, Fayette st. 
Kimball Nathan, housewright, h. High st. 
Kittredge Elizabeth, widow-, h. Washington st. 
Kittredge Joseph G. (see L. Directory) h. Washington 

Kittredge William, bds. at J. G. Kittredge's 

LADD STEPHEN F. housewright, bds. at Mrs. Doe's 

Lakin Abel, h. Washington st. 

Lawrence Isaac, inn-holder. Village hotel, Washing- 
ton St. 

Lawrence Samuel S. agent at woollen fact. bds. at At- 

Lew Zimri, hair-dresser, Washington st. bds. at Barton's 

Lewis Simpson, liair-dresser, Lowell, h. Washington st. 

Lewis Walker, hair-dresser, (seeL. Directory) h. Wash- 
ington st. 
' Livermore Edward St. Loe, Attorney at law, h. High st. 

Livermore Sarah, widow, h. High st. sq. 

Longley Isaac, stone-cutter, h. High st. 

Loring Madison, baggage- wagon, h. Water st. 

Lougee Dearborn, housewright, h. Washington st. 

Lovrien John, cordwainer, h. Water st. 

Lovrien Moses, brick-layer, h. Water st. 

Lowd James, machinist, h. High st. 

Lund Isaac, h. Howe st. 

Lyman Sophronia, milliner, h. Washington st. 

MAINE ADAM W. at fact. bds. at Mrs. Doe's 
Manning William, mason, h. Middle st. 
Mansur Aaron, h. Washington st. 
Marden Francis, housewright, h. High st. 


Marsh Ebenezer, housewright, h. Fayette st. 

Marstan Susan, widow, h. Water fct. 

Mead Lyman, housewright, bds. at Wilson's, Middle st. 

Mellen John R. stone-mason, h. Middle st. 

Merrill Seth, teamster, bds. at Stewart's 

Morse Bryan, h. High st. 

Morse Samuel, housewright, h. High St. sq. 

Murphy Timothy, hatter, h. Water st. 

NESMITH JOHN, h. Nesmith st. 

Nesmith Thomas, h. Nesmith st. 

Nourse Benjamin, housewright, bds. at S. B. Abbot's 

Nourse John, housewright, bds. at Wm. Fiske's 

Nutting David L. stone-cutter, h. Howe st. 

OWEN WILLIAM N. carriage-maker, (see L. Di- 
rectory) h. Brown's court 


Parker George W. bds. at S. Garland's 

Pierce George, housewright, bds. at S. B. Abbot's 

Binder Joseph, cordwainer, h. High st. 

Pitts , mason, h. Water st. 

Pratt Lyman, painter, (see L. Directory) h. Nesmith st. 

Pratt , housewright, bds. at J. Robinson's 

Prescott Nancy, h. Fayette st. 

Putnam John, machinist, h. Washington st. 

RAN LET JOHN, stone-cutter, bds. at Abbott's 

Read Walter, baggage-wagons, h. Water st. 

Rice Judson W. cutlery & surgical instrument maker, 

Stewart's shop, h. Howe st. 
Richards Darius, housewright, h. High st. sq. 
Richardson Stephen, (see L. Directory) h. Washington 

Robinson Josiah, housewright, h. High st. 
Rogers Reynolds S. h. Bridge st. 
Rogers Zadock, yeoman, h. High st. 
Rogers Zadock Jr. yeoman, bds. at Z. Rogers' 
Russell Rufus, housewright, h. High st. 
Ryan Thomas, laborer, h. Washington st. 


SHATTUCK WILLIAM, h. High street 
Sherman Aaron A. mill-wright, h. High st. square 
Shipley William E. brick-layer, bds. at T. Steven's 
Smith Alpheus, (see L. Directory) h. High st. sq. 
Smith Theodora, widow, h. Fayette st. 
Smithson William, wool-sorter, h. Water st. 
Spalding Haskell, (see L. Directory) h. High st. 
Sprague Samuel L. botanic physician, h. Washington st. 
Stanley Charles, (at carp. fact. Lowell) bds. at Mrs. 

Stanley George W. (at carp. fact. Lowell) bds. at wid. 

Stanley Prudence, wid. h. Washington st. 
Stevens John, housewright, bds. at D. Brown's 
Stevens Thomas, livery-stable, h. High st. 
Stewart William, housewright, h. Howe st. 
Stuart James, teamster, h. Ash st. 
Sweetser William Jr. bds. at Wm. Sweetser's 
Sweetser William, housewright, h. Bridge st. 

TARBELL REUBEN, stone-mason, h. Howe st. 

Taylor George, hatter, h. Water st. 

Taylor Samuel, (see Taylor &, Souther, L. Directory) 

Templeton Mary, h. High st. sq. 

Tenney Paul, housewright, h. Fayette st. 

Tiffany Jane, widow, h. Washington st. 

Turner Ralph, calico-printer, h. Washington st. 

UPTON JONATHAN, at dye-house, h. Washington st. 

WARREN CYRUS, plane-maker, h. High st. 
Wedgewood Nathaniel G. housewright, bds. at Man- 
Wells Joseph, overseer at fact. h. Howe st. 
Wesson William, bds. at S. B. Abbot's 
Wheeler Albert, clerk at George Brown's 
Wheeler Artemas Capt. \vell-digger, h. Washington st. 
White Jonathan, card manufacturer, Howe st. h. High 

Whittier Thomas D. cordwainer, bds. at Abbot's 
Wilson David, housewright, h. Middle st. 

REMOVALS, &c. 161 

Wilson Jolin, machinist, h. Vv'ater st. 

Wood Ephrairn, (at Town house Low.) h. Washington st. 

Wood Goodwin, fancy goods, Jackson st. h. Fayette st. 

Woods John, hostler, h. Brown st. 

Woods Thomas, hostler, h. Water st. 

Wright Edward G. teamster, h. High st. 

Wright Henry, (see L. Directory) h. Washington st. 

Wright Neheraiah, stone-layer, h. Middle st. 


.-^-sh street opens on Ts'esmith st 

Bridge street opens on High st. and extends to Concord river South 

Brown's Court opens opposite the Hotel. 
Fayette street from Washington st. near Hotel, South. 
High street ooens on Washington st. South, and extends to Boston 

High street Square, a short distance North East from the Hotel. 
Howe stteet opens at South end of Hotel, runs to Concord river. 
Middle street opens on Bridge st. near South bridge. 
Xesmith street opens near head of Washington sti 
Oak street near Nesmith st. 
Wasiiington street, from Concord ' river north bridge through the 

villaee to Boston road. 
Water street, opens on Bridge street. 


Seth Faker, from Lowell st. to 14 Tremont corp. 

R Edwards, from 54 Mer. st. to Exchange Buildings, cor. Mer. 

and Central sts. 
William H. King, house from Lowell st. to Merrimac st. 
Moses C. Monroe, undertaker for interments, from Law. st. to 

Chapel St. near the Universalist Meeting house 
Mrs. Durant, from Govham street, Lowell, to Wash. st. Belvidere. 

A'ames received too late to be inserted in alphabetical order. 

Abner W. Buttrick, (See Atherton & Buttrick) bds. at Erastus 
Douglas" Louellst. 

Edward B. Coe, druggist &. apothecary, Cen. st. opposite Am. 
House, bds. at Miis Brown's, Hurd street. 

Prentice Cushing, overseer at Trem. repair shop, h. S25 Trem. corp. 

Cvrus Davis,h. Tyler st. 

Hamilton J . Potter, clerk at Merrimac house 

Rollins (Bctijamiv) & SweQtser{-J^''atkaniel) provision Cellar, Low- 
ell street. 

George P.Sperrill, hair-drcs8'*r, Mer. st. near Merrimac House. 

Salmon &t;ine, a? Ham. fact, bds, at No. 6. 



Historical and Statistical sketch of Lowell 


Names of Inhabitants, Occupations, and 

places of Residence 


Streets and Places .... 


United States Officers 


Officers of Commonwealth 

. 133 

Town Officers .... 


Fire Department .... 

. 134 

Military Department 


Banks and Institution for Savings 

. 135 

Incorporated Companies 


Fire Insurance Companies 

. 140 

Physicians and Surgeons 


Counsellors and Attornies 

. 141 

Middlesex Courts and Officers 


Churches and Ministers 


Religious and Benevolent Societies 


Lowell Fuel Society .... 

. 147 

Temperance Societies 

. . 148 

Houses of Entertainment 


Census of Lowell .... 


Newspapers in Lowell 

. 150 

Mails, Arrivals and Departures 


List of Stages 

. 151 

Lowell Baggage Waggons 


Belvidere Directory 

. 154 



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