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Full text of "Turner's Lowell directory and annual register"

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*PI{!:8S OF PILi-^Kl.RV AND KlN^W.'P. 

















































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No. 23, CENTRAL STREET, , ^ 

Booksellers, Stationers, and Manufacturers of Account 
Books, ^ ^" 


A general assortment of Stationery, Account and School 
Books ; Miscellaneous and Standard Works, in the various dp- 
partments of Literature ; Bibles and Prayer Books. 

Also — Paper Hangings of every description, Borders, Fire 

Board Patterns, &c. ! ^ i- , L T i L ^ G H. L 



/I ^^/ 


■flOiilliflil, iiii!l3IIIlSJ, 



KEEPS constantly for sale, at the lowest prices, wholesale 
and retail, a larg-e and select assortment of 




AND STYLE, — at the old sta.nd, corner of 


N. B. — Particular attention paid to putting; up 'eutii^ = . v- 
ther in larn-o or small ouantities. 




JVb. 9, Middle. Street^ opposite Post Office. 

Seven years close study and practical experience. An 
advantage to be derived by patients unattainable at any other 
establishment for the treatment of the following complaints : 
Coughs, Diarrhoea, Gravel, Rheumatism, Female Debility, 
Glandular Affections, Effects of Mercury, Strictures, Piles, 
Diseases of the Skin, Cholera Morbus, Scrofula, and all the 
various forms of secret diseases, recent or chronic. In al! 
diseases of a private nature a perfect cure is warranted in 
from 9 to 14 days, according to the stage of the disease. 

Dr. M wishes to say to his friends and the public gener- 
ally that he continues his practice as usual, curing all private 
diseases, such as Gonorheea, Gleets, Strictures, Sernina i 
Weakness, and also Syphilis, in all its forms and stages, i 
pains in the bones, eruptions on the skin, ulceis in the nose 
and throat, &c., with every other form of delicate and pri- 
vate complaints. 

In all cases of Gleet and Venereal diseases of from one 
to ten years standing, a cure is warranted ; in ail private 
diseases in a few days without mercury. 
^., N. B. Ladies can obtain the Doctor's medicine at his 
liouse on Kirk street, of Mrs. Morrill, with directions for 
use; or at hi-? office, Ko. 9 Middle street. All letters 
promptly attended to. 

Dr. Morrill's Female Monthly Drops and pills are the only 
sure cure for all suppressions and irregularities %hat were 
ever offered for sale in this city. 

1 he Dr. has four private rooms for private patients. 

TIIKSK Cfclebrated Pills are acknow ledged Jo be tlic best in 
tlie world for removing obstructions and prodncing regularity in 
all cages of female irregularity, suppression, ^c, wlieiher origi-* 
naling from cold or any other causes. They aie remarkably mild, 
safe and sure, aiul the most convincing proofs of their virtue are 
iHe benefits which have bfcn realized by the afUcted in iheir use. 

Persons in any part of tiie ct^uiirry ran be fupplied with lhe«e 
pills through the medium of ilie express'es or iiy any oiher con- 
vevanre siiggesfed by senriiug a letter to rue. post paid, and en- 
f'.i-yino the moitev. And I iim xvillinw at anv time to be ronsalted 
!.., flwtsp ^vishingtlie aid of liiest' Pilh, by letter or oiherwife. 

'fhe Pill?: cairbe found at No. i). Middle Street, or at mv resi- 
dence^ on Kii-k street, Louell DR. F. MORPvlLL. 


^S5 rSC ^Gl» '^&r BhI 

AI^'B Tlllf \¥AitE FACTORS. 

The subscriber respectfully informs the citizens of Lowell 
and vicinity, that he has opened a SHOP ON MERRI- 
MACK STREET, NO. 121, th-ee doors from Kirk stred, 
where he intends to carry on the TIJV, COPPER AJ)rD 
SHEETIROJV WORK of all kinds, in the very best style, 
by as good workmen as in the city. 

He keeps constantly on hand YANKEE BAKERS, MILIC 
offers as low as can be bought elsewhere. 

'Zj^Job Work done at the Shortest Notice. .=£^ 
ICJ^ All Orders Promtly Attended to. 



Pablislicrs, Booksellers^ and Statio.'sers, 

No. 23 Central Street, Lowell, Mass., 

Have a general assortment of 



— also 

A splendid assortment of Paper Hangings, Borders, 
Fire Board Patterns, and Curtain Papers. 

Paper Ruled, and Blank Books made to Pattern. — Mosic 
bound in the neatest manner. 

They are continually receiving Periodicals and the cheap 
publications of the day. 
SCHOOL BOOKS sold on the most reasonable terms. 
Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. . 


'm> ® nr ® m> la 

Th-9 subscriber has made such arrangements in Boston, 
that he will receive some of all the Papers and Publications 
immediately after the arrival of each British {Steamer, by the 
first train th it leaves Boston. Persons wishing to secure a copy 
of any or all of the same, may depend upon them, by leaving 
their names in advance, at the PERIODICAL DEfOT, 


Where will also be found at all times, all the latest Publica- 
tions now published, and all in course of publication as soon 
as issued. likewise a full and complete assortment of the 
Latest and most 

to which will be added, from dny to day, all new publica- 
tions ; likewise a general as-ortment o\' Musical Instruments. 
Any pieces of Mu.^ic not on hand will be procured from the 
City of Host -n in the course of the d ly. Also, a good sup- 
ply of Fancy Articles ; English, Prench and American Per- 
fumery; Day & Mart n's genuine i lacking; Rowland's and 
Atkinsons. Perfumery ; Comstock's !<z Ross' articles, consist- 
ing in p rt of Hays Liniament for the Piles ; Hewes' do for 
Rhenmitis.n ; Pain Salve ; Balm of Columbia, &.c. &c., war- 
ranted sfenuine. 
M of the above al the BOSTO.V PRICES. 

y. POW^^.L. 


Neu) €nmk Store 


M®. 1®5 fflllllMACE if., 

North Side, Three Doors Above "Qrabxella Store. 

Having made arrangement for the transaction of the 
Trunk business in all its branches, feel prepared to offer 
their stock of Trunks to the inspection of their friends and 
the public generally, who may please to favor them with a 
call, at such prices that will not fail to suit, and even much 
lower than can be bought in Lowell. 

DI?' Every article manufactured at our shop will he war- 
ranted, as we intend to have best of Stock and materials. 




Our Stock will comprise the following Articles, vi2 : 

Extra Large Brass Bolted Trunks, 
Black Boot Top do., 

Ladies' Bonnett do., 

Ladies' Dress do,, 

Hide do., a large assortment, all sizes, 
Ladies' Carpet Satchels, all patterns. 
Gents Carpet Bags, with and without Frames, 
A full assortment of Russett and Black Valises, a new- 

N. B. In addition to our other stock, an assortment of Band 
and Fancy Boxes, for Ladies' Collars, &c. 



At 21, Central f^^^ Corner of 
Street, ^^^ middle Street 

Having now in operation FOUR GOOD PRESSES, and 
TYPE and PRINTING MATERIAL in ample quantity and 
of every desirable variety, will execute 





And Every Description of 

On Very Brief Notice, at Vtnj Cheap Rates, and in as 
GOOD STYLE as can be executed elsewhere. Having- a 

He is enabled to print BUSINESS and VISITING CARDS 
with Great Rapidity and at Trifling Cost. A few mo- 
ments notice is only desired. A good assortment of CARDS 
always on hand, for sale at Manufacturer's Prices. 


VOX POPULI is published once a week at the above 
Office. This paper is now in the fifth year of its existence. 
It has always had a large circulation, and is now steadily 
increasing. About one thousand copies are circulated in 
this city alone, and nearly an equal number in the neighbor- 
ing towns. Business men who wish to get their advertise- 
ments before the greatest number of readers, will find Vox 
Populi the best medium through which to communicate. 




SUPPLIES wholesale and retail orders for American and 
Foreign Periodicals, Newspapers and Publications, at the 
very lowest prices. 


Columbian Magazine; Graham's Magazine; Godey's Lady's 
Book; Ladies' National Magazine; Arthur's Magazine; 
Ladies' Musical Library ; Boy's and Girl's Magazine ; Rover 
a weekly Magazine; Penny Magazine, Reprint; Robert 
Merry's Museum; Living Age-, Pictorial History of the 
World; Shakspeare, Pictorial ; Bible, do. 


,Veiv-York — Weekly Herald ; Emporium ; Mirror; Tribune: 
Old Countryman ; Anglo American ; Mercury; Sun. 

Philadelphia — Saturday Courier; Gazette; Post: The Dol- 
lar Newspaper. 

Boston — Notion; Pilot; Yankee; Uncle Sam; Weekly 
Bee; Cultivator; Factory (irirl's Advocate; Satirist and 
Punch; Mercantile Journal ; The Odd Fellow. 


JSTew-York — Daily Herald; Sun; Tribue. 
Boston — Mail; Times; B^e; Eagle. 
New Orleans Weekly Picayune, regularly received, at 
12 1-2 cts. per copy. 


Wilmer & Smith's European Times ; Illustrated London 
News; London Satirist; Punch; Belle's Life; The Dublin 
Freeman's Journal ; The Dublin Nation, and other Foreign 

Subscriptions taken for the above named Papers and 
Periodicals, at the publisher's prices. Single copies for sale. 

All the publications of the day received as soon as pub- 

Persons wishing Foreign papers and Magazines may de- 
pend on getting them by the first train of Cars after liie 
Arrival of the Steamers, at the subscribers office. 

N. B. The only place in Lowell, where the French 
Renovating Pills can be had. 





ip^Particular attention paid to Plain and Fancy Sign 
Fainting, in the neatest modern styles. 

Always on hand for sale, a prime stock of Paints, Oils, 
Glass and Door Flates. Also, a large stock, embracing al- 
must every variety, of re^dy made Doors, Sash and Blinds. 

Under the Methodist Church, Commercial Square, Bartldt 
Street, Lowell, 

Cassimeres, Sattinetts and Boukin Carpets. 

thomas barr, ^ 



O^All orders left at No. 8, Court street, care of Gray's 
Express, will be promptly attended to. 


A. & A. Lawrence & Co., - - Boston. 

Samuel Lawrence, Esq., - _ _ Lowell. 

J. D. Prince, Esq., - . . Lowell 



Sabbath School Books and Periodicals furnished at th" 
lowest prices. 





Gold and 'Silver Lever, Lepine and Vergre WATCHES; 
Silver Spoons; Gold and silver Bowed Spectacles; Fine 
Gold Beads; Ear Rinsfs ; Finger Rings; Braceletts; Cameo, 
Topaz, Amethyst, Cluster, and Mourning PINS; Silver 
Thimbles; Gold Locketts; Britannia Ware; Scissors, 
Knives, Razors, Shell Combs, Silk Purses, Pocket Books 
and Walletts, Limmeric and common Fish Ht.oks, Vionen 
Strings, Hair (•'rushes. Drawing Pencils, Needles, Pins, 
Steel Beads, Tassells, Hair Pins,^ Ivory Combs, Bag Strings, 
Purse Trimmings, Fancy Goods, &c. &:c. 

BOXES, Sec, Repaired and Warranted. 

No. 123 Merrimack St., opp. head of Kirk St. 




Over Walker S^ Kidder's Drug Store, 



CEjYTRAL, opposite TYLER ST., 

N. B.— All kinds of REPAIRING done in a neat and 
prompt manner. 



Gold and Silver Lepier, Lupine and Verge WATCHES of 
the finest finish. Warranted good time keepers at very low 
prices. Gold and Silver pencil cases, Spectacles, Thimbles, 
Guard Chains, Keys, Gold finger Rings, Knobs and Drops, 
Beads, Hoops, Bosom Pins Cameo and Stone of a great 
variety and of the latest styles. Silver Spoons and Butter 
Knives, Shell Combs, Cuttelry, Calf Wallets. Brittana 
Ware, Lamp Castors, Tea and Coffee Pots, Brass Clocks, 
Cloth, Hair, Tooth, Nail and Comb Brushes, Thermoneters, 
Perfumery &c. &c.. All which will be sold at reduced 
prices, and every article warranted as represented or the 
money refunded. 

MR. CHAS. W. THOMPSON is in my emply and will 
devote his attention to the repairs of all kinds of Watches, 
Clocks, Music Boxes, and Engraving, also Jewelry repaired 
at short notice. 

OC/^ Wanted, old Gold and Sdver in exchange for GoodSj 

Lowell, 1845. 


CORNER Merrimack and John streets, 

Have on hand a complete assortment of DRUGS, MEDI- 
TENT MEDICINES, Sfc. ^-c, Our stock is selected 
with great care, and warranted equal to any in this city, 
Particular attention paid to putting up physician's prescrip- 
tions, Medicine delivered at any hour of the night. 


French Mineral Water, Put up in bottles for family 


















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a ) 




general ass 





§ 2 




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or art 



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Wholesale & Retail Dealers tn 

Will IllI^ tiili (i tliilMlS, 

which they offer to the trade and others, 


Central street, nearly opposite the Post Office, 
Ci^ Purchasers are invited to call. 

mmm &■ iemi" 




jBr«:&3C3Hci®r rmc^-wijrarrmrisL^-sEi^ 

dealer in 

Hats, Caps, Furs, Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas, Parasols, 

Shades, Bosoms, Gloves, Dickeys, Handkerchiefs, 

Stocks, &c. &.C., 

J\ro. ZO, (formerly 59; MERRIMACK STREET, Under 

the Museum. 




English, French and American 

No. 4 CENTRAL STREET,-2(J door from 
Merrimack street under Sd Universalist Church. 

His assortment consists in part of the following viz., 
Mows De Laines, Crfipe do,, Cashmere and Ottoman De 
Cosse, Parascines, Bilzorines, Ginoham Muslins, Dress 
Ginghams, Ladies' Dress Linens, &c. &c., 

A great variety of Cashmere, Silk Damask, Mohair, 
Pic Nic, Silk and Imitation Cashmere Shawls 

In fact, our store is filled with a very large stock of 
vnil be sold either by the piece or at retail. 
Our goods are bought LOW, and we shall sell at tiie 
Smallest Profit. 

Gentlemen canjind a few pieces of West of England 
Broadcloths, at great Bargains. 

N. B. Country people in quest of " Bargains," will get to 
their journey's end when they arrive at the Cheap store, No. 
4 Central st. 2nd door from Merrimack street. 




S. R BROWN & CO., 


Ladies', Gentlemen's, Misses, Boys, Youths and Children's, 
Boots, Shoes & Rubbers, of every description. 

jYo, 114 CEjYTRAL street, LOWELL, 

under the first Universalist Church. 

gliSl i3 S3I1 2182113 iSlAf 11911 

Where will be found at all times a good and seasonable 
assortment of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, which will be re- 
tailed at the usual wholesale prices and to those purchasing 
to sell again a liberal discount will be made. 

Gents fine Sewed Calf Boots, made to order in the latest 
French style and warranted. 


Slanufiictarer of Clothing, &c. 

Lowell Mass.,] O 4B: [ Opposite Post Office. 

asjlMS & wiTmwmm, 



No. 3 Commercial Square, Central Street, 


^^^Km advertisements. XV 

Cotucll Cork €ompati2. 

The LOWELL LOCK C0MP.7JVY, at their Manu- 
factory, have on hand and make to order, after the most im- 
proved patterns, 




Night Latches, SasH and Shutter Fasteners, Glass. 
Brass, and Wood Knobs, Bell Pulls, &.c. &c. &:c. 

All Orders Promptly Attended to. 

Mechanics' Mills, Warren St., Lowell, Mass. 

CROSBYS & COB URN, Proprietors. 

Lowell, Jidy, 1845. 

Lowell, Mass. 

Constantly on hand a good assortment of Dru^s and Me- 
dicines; also Pa pent Medicines of all kinds. 
Physicians' Prescriptions carefully put up. 
Calls attended any hour in the night. 



THE Subscriber would inform the public, that he has 
been appointed Superintendent of the 




Having resided in the city for over twenty years, he is en- 
<abled to give information respecting the City to persona 
abroad, or who may visit here. 

All letters or orders addressed (post paid) to the subscri- 
ber, No. 16, APPLETOJV STREET, wiW be promptly 

attended to. 


Lowell, July, 1845, 


Will attend to the Drafting of DEEDS, MORTGAGES' 

NEY, and other legal instruments, and to talcing and certi 
fipng acknowledgments of DEEDS, at his house, 8C Ceh- 
TS.AL Street. 

JMr. turner flatters himself that from /o?7g experience 
in the business, care/uZ atttniion, Siiid moderate charge s, ha 
can give good satisfaction to those who may favor him with 
their custom. 

A share of patronage is respectfully solicited. 


*■ X 






1 @ 41 i 







Be it enacted hy the Senate and House of Representatives, in 
General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, 
as follows : — 

Section L The inhabitants of the town of Lowell, for 
all purposes, for which towns are by law incorporated in this 
Commonwealth, shall continue to be one body politic, in fact 
and in name, under the style and denomination of the City 
of Lowell, and as such shall have, exercise, and enjoy all 
the rights, immunities, powers and privileges, and shall be 
subject to all the duties and obligations, now incumbent up- 
on, and appertaining to said town, — and the administration 
of all the tiscal, prudential and municipal concerns of the 
City, with the conduct and government thereof, shall be ves- 
ted in one principal officer, to be styled the Mayor, one select 
Council, consisting of six persons to be denominated the 
Board of Aldermen, and one Council to consist of twenty- 
four persons, to be denominated the Common Council, to- 
gether with such other boards of officers as are hereinafter 
specified. The Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council, in 
their joint capacity shall be denominated the City Coun- 
cil, and shall not, except the Ma5^or, receive any compensa- 
tion for their services. 

Sect. 2. The Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council 
chosen as is hereinafter provided, shall enter upon the duties 
of their respective offices on the first Monday of April in 
each year, and shall hold their offices for the term of one 
year from the time of their so entering on the duties thereof. 
And before entering on said duties, the Mayor, Aldermen 
and Common Council shall be sworn to the faithful discharge 
of the same ; And such oath may be administered to the 
Mayor elect by any justice of the peace for the county of 
Middlesex ; and such oath shall be administered to the Al- 
dermen and Common Council, by the Mayor, being himself 
first sworn as aforesaid, and a certificate of such oath having 
been taken shall be entered in the journal of the Mayor and 


Aldermen, and of the Common Council, by their respective 
clerks. And Avhenever, on examination, by the Mayor and 
Aldermen for the time being, of the returns of votes g^ven 
for Mayor at the meeting- of the citizens, holden for the pur- 
pose of electing that officer last preceding the first Monday 
of April in each year, no person shall appear to have a ma- 
jority of all the votes given for Mayor, the Mayor and Al- 
dermen by whom such examination is made, shall make a 
record of that fact, an attested copy of which, the City Clerk 
shall read on the first Monday of April in each year, in the 
presence of the persons returned to serve as Aldermen and 
Comm.on Council: and thereupon the oath of offica prescrib- 
ed by law may be administered by any justice of the peace 
for the county of Middlesex. And the board of Aldermen 
shall then proceed to electa chairman, who shall perform the 
duties of Mayor until the Mayor be duly chosen, and the 
Common Council a President, in their respective chambers, 
and being respectively organized shall proceed to business. 
And in case any person elected Mayor of said city shall re- 
fuse to accept said office, the same proceeding shall be had 
as hereinbefore directed, in respect to the organization of 
the board of Aldermen and Common Council, in cases where 
tliere has been no choice of Mayor, and the board of Al- 
dermen so organized shall forthwith issue their Avarrant for 
a meeting of the citizens for the choice of a Mayor, at such 
time and place as they shall judge most convenient, and said 
meetinfT shall be organized, and the same proceedings had 
in all respects in relation to the choice of Mayor, as herein- 
after di ected in the twentieth section of this act. And in 
case of tlie unavoidable absence by sickness or otherwise, 
of the Mayor elect, on the' first Monday of April in each 
year, the city government shall organize itself in the mode 
hereinbefore provided, and may proceed to business in tlie 
same manner as if the Mayor were present. 

Sect. 3. In case of the decease, inabi ity, resignation or 
absence of the Mayor, the same being declared and a vote 
passed by the Aldermen and Common Council respectively, 
declaring such cause, and the expediency of electing a 
Mayor for the time being to supply the vacancy thus occa- 
sioned, the Aldermen and Common Council may meet in 
convention and elect a Mayor, to hold the off.ce until such 
occasion be removed, or until a new election. And in case 
of the death or resignation of any member of the board of 
Al;^crmen, the citizens may fill such vacancy at any regular 
meeting that may thereafter be convened for that purpose. 


Sect. 4. The Mayor and Aldermen shall compose one 
Board, and shall sit and act too'ether as one body, at all 
meetings of which, the Mayor, if present, shall preside, but 
in his absence the board may elect a chairman for the time 
being : and said Board, together with the Common Council 
in convention, shall chose a clerk to be denominated the 
City Clerk, who shall hold his office for the term of one year 
and until another person be chosen and qualified to succeed 
him, renaovable however, at the pleasure of the Mayor and 
Aldermen. Before entering upon the duties of his office, 
the clerk shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of the 
same; and shall keep a journal of the acts and proceed- 
ings of said board, sign all waiTants issued by them, and do 
such other acts in his capacity, as may lawfully and reason- 
ably be required of him ; and deliver over all journals, books, 
papers and documents entrusted to him, as such clerk, to 
his successor in office, immediately on such successor being 
chosen and qualified as aforesaid, or whenever he may be 
thereto required by the Mayor and Aldermen. And the 
City Clerk thus qualified, shall have all the powers, and per- 
form all the duties, now by law belonging to the Town 
Clerk of the town of Lowell, as fully as if the same were 
particularly enumerated, except in cases Avhere it is other- 
wise expressly provided. 

Sect 5. The persons chosen and qualified as members of 
the Common Council of the city, shall sit and and act togeth- 
er as a separate body, distinct from that of the Mayor and 
Aldermen, except in those cases in which the two bodies are 
to meet in convention ; and the council may from time to 
time choose one of their oAvn members to preside over their 
deliberations, and to preserve order therein, and also choose 
a clerk who shall be under oath faithfully to discharge the 
duties of his office, who shall hold said office during the 
pleasure of the Council, and who shall attend the Council 
when the same is in session, keep a journal of its acts, votes 
and proceedings, and perform such other services in said 
capacity as the Council may require. All sittings of the 
Common Council shall be public ; also all sittings of the 
Mayor and Aldermen when they are not engaged in execu- 
tive business. Four members of the board of aldermen, and 
fifteen of the Common Council shall constitute a quorum for 
the transaction of business. And each of the persons cho-. 
sen as a member of the Common Council shall, within two 
days after his election, be furnished with a certificate there- 
of signed by a majority of the officers presiding at such 


election, which certificate shall be presumptive evidence of 
the title of such person to a seat in the Common Council ; 
but the council however, shall have the authority to decide 
ultimately upon all questions relating to the qualifications, 
elections and returns of its members. 

Sect. 6. The Mayor of the city shall be the chief executive 
officer of said corporation, and shall be compensated for his 
services by a salary, to be fixed by the board of Aldermen 
and Common Council in city council convened, payable at 
stated pei'iods : which salary shall not exceed fifteen hun- 
dred dollars annually, and he shall receive no other com- 
pensation or emolument whatever ; and no regulations en- 
larging or diminishing such compensation sjjall be made to 
take effect until the expiration of the year for which the 
Mayor then in office shall have been elected. And the 
Mayor shall be vigilant and active at all times in causing 
the laws for the government of said city to be duly executed 
and put in force ; shall inspect the conduct of all subordi- 
nate officers in the government thereof, and as far as in his 
power, cause all negligence, carelessness, and violation of 
duty to be duly prosecuted and punished. And whenever 
in his judgment the good of the city may require it, he shall 
summon meetings of the board of Aldermen and Common 
Council, or either of them, although the meetings of said 
boards, or either of them may stand adjourned to a more dis- 
tant day ; and perform such other duties as the City Council 
may reasonably require. And the Mayor shall from time to 
time communicate to both branches of the City Council, all 
such information, and recommend all such measures as may 
tend to the improvement of the finances, the police, health, 
security, cleanliness, comfort, and ornament of the city. 

Sect. 7. The administration of police, the executive pow- 
ers of the city with all the powers heretofore vested in the 
selectmen and overseers of the poor of the town of Lowell, 
are hereby vested in the Mayor and Aldermen, as fully as if 
the same were herein enumerated, who shall be ex-officio 
members of the School Committee. The Mayor and Alder- 
men may also grant licences to innholders, common victual- 
lers, and retailers, within the city, in all cases wherein the 
county commissioners, for the county of Middlesex, on the 
recommendation of the selectmen of Lowell have hereto- 
.fore been authorized to grant such licences ; and may ap- 
point annually such a number of persons as constables for 
the city and from time to time such special constables as the 
public service may require ; all of whom shall be removablQ 


at the pleasure of the Mayor and Aldermen; and the con- 
stables so appointed shall have the same powers as are by 
law vested in constables chosen by towns in this Common- 
wealth. And the Mayor and Aldermen may cause the public 
streets of the city to be lighted, and for that purpose may set 
up and construct lamps, gas pipes, or other apparatus, such 
as public necessity or convenience may require. 

Sect, 8. All other powers now by law vested in the town 
of Lowell, or in the inhabitants thereof, as a municipal cor- 
poration, shall be, and hereby are vested in the Mayor, Al- 
dermen and Common Council of the city, to be exercised by 
concurrent vote, each board having a negative upon the 
other, especially they shall have power to make all such 
needful and salutary by-laws, as towns by the laws of this 
CommonAvealth have power to make, and annex penalties, 
not exceeding twenty dollars, for the breach thereof, which 
by-laws shall take effect, and be in force, from and after the 
times respectively limited, without the sanction or confirma- 
tion of any court or authority wiiatever : Provided, that such 
by-laws shall not be repugnant to the laws of this Common- 
wealth ; and shall be liable to be annulled by the legislature 
thereof. The City Council from time to time may lay and 
assess taxes for which towns are by lay required or author- 
ized to assess or grant money ; and also for all purposes 
necessary for carrying into effect the powers conferred by 
thi^ act : provided however, that in the assessment and ap- 
portionment of such taxes, the same rules and regulations 
shall be observed, as are now established by the laAvs of this 
Commonwealth, or may hereafter be enacted, relative to the 
assessment and apportionment of town taxes. The City 
Council may provide for the assessment and collection of 
such taxes, make appropriations of all public moneys, and 
provide for the disbursement thereof, and take suitable meas- 
ures to ensure a just and prompt account thereof, and for 
these purposes may either elect such assessors and assistant 
assessors as may be needful or provide for the appointment- 
or election of the same, or any of them, by the Mayor and 
Aldermen, or by the citizens, as may be most conducive to 
public good, and shall also require of all persons entrusted 
with the collection, custody or disbursement of public moneys, 
such bonds with such conditions and such sureties as the 
case may require. 

Sect. 9. The City Council may provide for the appoint- 
ment or election of all officers necessary for the good gov- 
emment of the city, not otherwise provided for ; prescribe 


their duties and fix their compensation ; cause any street or 
streets, public places or squares in the city to be graded, pa- 
ved, macadamized or repaired ; and cause permanent side- 
walks to be constructed on the same in front of buildings at 
the expense of the owners thereof; and temporary ones in 
front of vacant lands at the expense of the abutors or of the 
city, which sidewalks, when accepted by said Council, shall 
be afterwards maintained at the expense of the city, when- 
ever the convenience of its inhabitants may require the 
same, and cause drains and common sewers to be laid down 
through any streets or private lands, paying the owners 
thereof such damage as they may sustain thereby ; and re- 
quire all persons to pay a reasonable sum for the privilege of 
opening any drain into said public drain or common sewer ; 
and lay out, make and continue or discontinue all city and 
town ways or streets within the limits of the city : and widen 
or straighten county ways within the city, in such manner 
as the public convenience may require ; and any party ag- 
grieved by such building of sidewalks, laying of drains or 
common sewers, and alterations of ways, shall have the same 
remedies as are provided by law for the doings of County 
Commissioners. The City Council may also make and es- 
tablish necessary or fit rules and by-laws for the inspection, 
survey, measurement and sale of timber, brick, wood, coal 
and bark for fuel, brought into the city for sale, and for the 
regulation of carriages in the streets of the city, appoint cer^ 
tain places in the streets and squares of the city, as public 
stands for wagons, carts, sleds, and carriages of every de- 
scription, and ordain fit penalties, not exceeding twenty dol- 
lars, for the breach of any ordinances, rules and regulations 
so made and established, to be recovered by complaint of 
any officer or other inhabitant of the city, before the police 
court therein for the use of the city. The City Council shall 
also have the care and superintendence of the public build- 
ings, and the care, custody and management of all the prop- 
erty of the city, with power to lease and sell the same, and 
to purchase property in the name and for the use of the city 
whenever its interest or convenience may require. The City 
Council may by a committee, by them appointed, or by in- 
structions to any officer having charge of the streets, appro- 
priate, set off and reserve, as sidewalks, such parts of any 
streets of the city, as may be necessary for the safety, con- 
venience, and accommodation of foot passengers, and permit 
or direct posts of stone, or wood, or trees, if necessary, ta 
be placed along the edge of said side-walks to protect the 
same, or the passengers travelling thereon. 


Sfct. 10. All the powers and authority, invested in the 
Boards of Health of towns in this Commonwealth, are hereby- 
transferred to, and vested in the City Council, to be carried 
into execution by the appointment of Health Commissioners, 
or in such other manner as the health and cleanliness of the 
city may require, subject to such alterations as the legisla- 
ture may from time to time adopt. 

Sect. 31. The Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council, 
shall, as soon as convenient after their annual organization, 
meet in convention, and elect a Treasurer of the City. 

Sect. 12. The persons elected to constitute the School 
Committee, shall enter upon their duties on the first Monday 
of April in each year, and shall hold their offices for the 
term of one year from the time of their so entering upon 
said duties; and they shall have the same powers and per- 
form the same duties as are by law vested in and required of 
the School Committees of towns and school districts in this 

Sect. 13. All boards and officers, acting under the au- 
thority of the city, and entrusted with the receipt and ex- 
penditure of public money, shall be accountable therefor to 
the City Council, in such manner as they may direct. And 
the City Council shall publish and distribute annually, for 
the information of the citizens, a particular statement of the 
receipts and expenditures of all the public moneys, and a par- 
ticular statement of city property, live days at least prior to 
the first Monday in February. 

Sect. 14. In all cases in which appointments to office 
are directed to be made by the Mayor and Aldermen, the 
Mayor shall have exclusive power of nomination ; such nom- 
ination, however, being subject to be confirmed or rejected 
by the board of Aldernjen: Provided, however, that no per- 
son shall be eligible to any office, the salary of which is 
payable out of the city Treasury, who at the time of his ap- 
pointment, shall be a member of the City Council. 

Sect. 15. The two branches of the City Council, on the 
second Monday of ( )ctober, in each year, shall meet in con- 
vention and determine the number of Representatives, which 
it may be expedient for the city to elect to the General 
Court in each year, and shall publish such determination, 
which shall be conclusive, and the number thus determined 
vshall be specified in the warrant calling a meeting for such 
^election of Representatives. 

Sect. 16. The inhabitants of the city qualified as afore- 
said, may, at any meeting legally called for that purpose, 
order a division of the town into six wards, in such manner 


as to include an equal number of inhabitants [in each ward, 
as nearly as conveniently may be, consistently with well 
defined limits to each ward, including in such computation 
of numbers of inhabitants, persons of all descriptions, and 
taking the last census made under the authority of the United 
States, this Commonwealth, or the city, as a basis of compu- 
tation; Provided, however, that not more than two meetings 
for that purpose shall be holden in any one year. And after 
said division into wards, the same shall not be altered, except 
by the City Council once in five years, in such manner as to 
preserve, as nearly as may be, an equal number of inhabi- 
tants m each ward. 

Sect. 17. Prior to every election of city officers, or any 
officer or officers under the government of the United States, 
or of this Commonwealth, the Mayor and Aldermen shall 
make out lists of all the citizens of each ward, qualified to 
vote in such election, in the manner in which selectmen and 
assessors of towns are required to make out similar lists of 
voters, and for that purpose, they shall have free access to 
the assessors' books and lists, and be entitled to the aid and 
assistance of all assessors, assistant assessors and other offi- 
cers of the city. And the Mayor and Aldermen shall deliv- 
er such lists of voters in each ward, to be used by the War- 
den and Inspectors thereof, at such election ; and no person 
shall be entitled to vote at such election, whose name is not 
borne on the list ; and to prevent all frauds and mistakes in 
such elections, the officers presiding thereat shall take care 
that no person shall vote at such election, whose name is not 
borne on the list of voters, and shall cause a mark to be 
placed against the name of each voter on such list, at the 
time of giving his vote. 

Sect. 18. At the first meeting of the inhabitants of the 
city for election of officers in their several wards, the per- 
sons authorised to issue a warrant for said meeting, may 
designate some suitable person to preside at such ward meet- 
ing until the clerk of the ward shall be chosen and qualified ; 
and the person so presiding shall receive, sort, count and 
declare the votes given for such clerk in open ward meeting, 
and the person having a majority of all the votes given shall 
be declared elected, and such presiding officer shall record 
the state of the votes in a book to be kept by the ward for 
that purpose. 

Sect. 19. On the last Monday of February in each year, 
the citizens of the city, qualified to vole in city aflTairs shall 
meet together within their respective wards, at such time 


and place as the Mayor and Aldermen may in their warrant 
direct, and the citizens shall then choose by ballot one war- 
den and one clerk, who shall hold their offices for one year, 
or until others shall be appointed in their stead. And such 
warden shall have the same powers as moderators at town 
meetings. And such clerks shall make a fair and true record, 
and keep an exact journal of ail the acts and votes of the cit- 
izens at such ward meeting's ; and deliver over such records 
and journals, together with all other documents and papers 
held by him, in his said capacity, to his successor in office. 
And if, at the opening of the annual town meeting, the war- 
den of such ward shall not be present, the clerk shall call 
the citizens to order, and preside at such meeting until a 
warden shall be chosen by ballot. And if at any other 
meeting the warden shall be absent, the clerk in such case 
shall so preside, until a moderator or warden pro tempore 
shall be chosen ; which may be by nomination and vote if 
the clerk so direct. 

At such meeting also, three inspectors of elections shall 
be chosen for such ward, being resident therein, by ballot, 
to hold their offices for one year. And the warden and in- 
spectors in each ward shall receive, sort, count, and declare 
oil votes, at all elections within said ward. And the warden, 
clerk, and inspectors so chosen, shall respectively be under 
oath faithfully and impartially to discharge their several du- 
ties relative to all elections; which oath may be administer- 
ed by the clerk of such ward to the warden, and by the latter 
to the clerk and inspectors, or by any Justice of the Peace 
of the County of Middlesex, and certificates of such oaths 
having been administered, shall be entered in the record or 
journal to be kept by the clerk of such ward. And if at 
any meeting the clerk should be absent, a clerk pro tempore 
shall be chosen by ballot. 

Sect. 20. The inhabitants of the city qualified to vote in 
city affairs, at their respective ward meetings, to be held on 
the first Monday of March in each year shall be called upon 
to give in their votes for one person to be the Mayor, six 
persons to constitute the board of Aldermen, and four persons 
being inhabitants of said ward, to be members of the Com- 
mon Council, and one person being also an inhabitant of said 
ward, to be a member of the School Committee, and all the 
votes so given in each ward, being counted by the warden 
and inspectors of elections, shall be recorded at large by the 
clerk in open ward meeting ; and in making such declaration 
and record, the whole number of votes given in shall be dis- 


tinctly stated, together with the name of every person voted 
for, and the number of votes given for each person, such 
numbers to be expressed in words at length, and a transcript 
of such record, certified and authentica-ted by the warden, 
clerk, and a majority of inspectors of elections for each ward 
shall be forthwith transmitted or delivered by such ward 
clerk to the clerk of the city. And the city clerk shall forth- 
with enter such returns, or a plain and intelligible abstract 
of them, as they are successively received, upon the journal 
of the proceedings of the Mayor and Aldermen, or some 
other book to be kept for that purpose. And the Mayor and 
Aldermen shall meet together within two days after such 
election, and examine and compare all the said returns and 
ascertain what persons shall have been elected to the offices 
aforesaid, and give notice in writing to all persons elected 
to the several offices aforesaid,, and also make the same 
known to the inhabitants of the city. But if on such exam- 
ination, said elections shall not be complete, the Mayor and 
Aldermen shall issue their warrants for meetings in such 
wards as shall have failed to complete their elections; and 
the same proceedings shall be had in all respects as are 
hereinbefore directed, until such persons shall be chosen by 
a majority of all the voters, voting in such elections. 

Provided, however. That until the city be divided into 
wards according to the sixteenth section of this act, the in- 
habitants of the city shall meet on the first Monday of March 
annually, at such time and place as the Mayor and Alder- 
men shall, by their warrant calling such meeting appoint, 
and the city clerk presiding, shall then and there choose a 
moderator to preside over said meeting, who shall have the 
power and authority given to moderators of town meetings, 
by the laws of this Commonwealth, and shall then and there 
vote by ballot for one person to be Mayor, six persons to be 
Aldermen, twenty-four persons to be members of the Com- 
mon Council, and six persons to be members of the School 
Committee for the city. And the Moderator and Aldermen, 
or a majority of them, shall receive, sort, examine, and count 
the votes at such meeting -given in for said Mayor, Alder- 
men, Common Council and School Committee, and then the 
same shall be declared, by the moderator, and recorded by 
the city clerk in open meeting in the journal of the proceed- 
ings of the Mayor and Aldermen, or some other book kept 
for that purpose, and in making such declaration and record, 
the whole number of votes shall be distinctly stated, togeth- 
er with the name of each person voted for, and the number 


of votes given for each person respectively. And in case 
said elections shall not be completed at the first balloting', 
said meeting shall adjourn for not less than one day, nor 
more than four days, and at such adjourned meeting' the 
balloting shall be renewed for completing the same, and the 
same proceedings thereupon had as hereinbefore directed, 
and such adjournment and balloting shall be renewed from 
time to time, if necessary, until persons are elected to fill all 
said offices, by a majority of the voters voting at such elec- 
tion. And the Mayor and Aldermen shall ascertain by in- 
spection of said record, what persons are so elected, and 
give notice thereof in writing to every person having such 
majority within two days after such election. Provided 
furiher, That if after three ballotings, there be no choice of 
Mayor, then a Mayor shall be chosen from the two persons 
having the highest number of votes for that office, by joint 
ballot of the board of Aldermen and Common Council in 
City Council assembled. 

Sect. 21. For the purpose of organizing the system of 
Government hereby established, and putting the same into 
operation in the hrst instance, the Selectmen of the town of 
Lowell for the time being shall seasonably before the first 
Monday of May next, issue their warrant for calling a 
meeting of the inhabitants of said town, qualified to vote in 
town affairs, at such time and place as they think expedient, 
for the purpose of giving in their votes for a Mayor, six Al- 
dermen, twenty-four members of the Common Council, and 
six members of the School Committee. And the votes so 
given in shall be received, sorted, counted, examined and 
declared by the Selectmen, and recorded by the town Clerk. 
And in case said election shall not be completed at the first 
balloting, the balloting may be renewed and the Selectmen 
may adjourn the meeting from time to time, if necessary, for 
not less than one day, nor more than four days at any one 
adjournment, until said elections shall be completed. And 
the Selectmen shall give notice in writing, within two days 
after such election, to the persons elected by a majority of 
the voters voting at such meeting. And the persons so elec- 
ted shall organize themselves, and enter upon the duties of 
their respective offices on the first Monday of May, in the 
same manner as is provided for in the second section of this 
act, and may continue in office-until the first Monday of April 
in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven. 

Sect. 2"<?. All elections for Governor and Lieutenant 
Governor, Senators, County Treasurer, Representatives, 


Representatives to Congress, and all other officers who are 
to be chosen and voted for by the people, shall be held at 
meetings of the citizens qualified to vote in such elections, 
in their respective wards, at the time fixed by law for those 
elections respectively. And at such meetings, all the votes 
given in, being sorted, counted and declared by the warden 
and inspectors of elections, shall be recorded at large in open 
ward meeting by the clerk, and in making such declaration 
and record, the whole number of votes given in shall be dis- 
tinctly stated, together with the name of every person voted 
for, and the number of votes given for each person : such 
numbers to be expressed in words at length. And a tran- 
script of such record, certified and authenticated by the war- 
den, clerk and a majority of the inspectors of elections for 
each ward, shall forthwith be transmitted or delivered by 
such ward clerk to the city clerk. And the city clerk shall 
enter such returns, or a plain and intelligible abstract of 
them, as they are successively received, upon the journal of 
the proceedings of the Mayor and Aldermen, or some other 
book to be kept for that purpose. And the Mayor and Al- 
dermen shall meet together within two days after every 
such election, and examine and compare all such returns, 
and thereupon make out a certificate of the result of such 
election, to be signed by a majority of the board of Alder- 
men, and also by the City Clerk, which shall be transmitted, 
delivered or returned in the same manner as similar returns 
are by law required to be made by the selectmen of towns ; 
and such certificate and returns shall have the same torce 
and effect in all respects, as like returns of similar elections 
mad© by the selectmen of towns. And in all elections for 
Representatives to the General Court, in case the whole 
number proposed to be elected shall not be chosen by a ma- 
jority of the votes legally returned, the same proceedings 
shall be had as is required by the laws of this Common- 
wealth in case of towns failing to elect their Representa- 
tives. Provided, however, that until such time as the city 
shall be divided into wards according to the sixteenth sec- 
tion of this act, the inhabitants of said city, qualified as in 
this section aforesaid, at all the elections in this section 
abovementioned, shall meet on the days fixed by law for 
those elections respectively, at such time and place as the 
Mayor and Aldermen for the time being, may by their war- 
rant calling such meeting, appoint ; and the same proceed- 
ings shall in all respect^ be had, as are by law provided 
in the case of town meetings for said elections. And the 


like proceedings in all respects shall be had in regard to 
making out, authenticating and returning a certificate of the 
result of each of such elections as are above in this section 

Sect. 23. General meetings of the citizens qualified to 
vote in city affairs, may from time to lime be held to 
consult upon the piiblic good, to give instructions to their 
Representatives, and to take all lawful measures to obtain 
a redress of grievances according to the rights secured to 
the people by the constitution of this Commonwealth. And 
such meetings shall be duly warned by the Mayor and Al- 
dermen, upon the requisition of fifty qualified voters of the 
city; and in case the Mayor and Aldermen refuse to call 
a meeting, any justice #f the peace of the county, upon the 
same requisition is authorized, if he shall think proper, to 
call such meeting by a warrant under his hand, directed to 
the constables of the city, if any there be, and otherwise to 
any of the persons applying therefor, directing them to sum- 
mon the inhabitants qualified to vote in city aftliirs, to as- 
semble at the time and place, and for the purpose expressed 
in said warrant. 

Sect. 24. The annual election of officers for the town 
of Lowell, in the months of March and April in the year 
eighteen hundred and thirty-six, shall be suspended ; and 
all officers now in office shall hold their places until this act 
shall go into operation. 

Sect. 25. All officers of the town of Lowell having the 
care and custody of any records, papers or property, shall 
deliver the same to the city clerk, within two days after his 
entering upon the duties of his office. 

Sect. 26. All acts and parts of acts, inconsistent with, 
or repugnent to the provisions of this act, shall be, and the 
same are hereby repealed. But nothing in this act shall 
be so construed as to restrain or prevent the Legislature 
from amending or altering the same whenever they shall 
deem it expedient. 

Sect. 27. This act shall be void unless the inhabitants 
of the town of Lowell, at a legal town meeting called for 
that purpose, shall, by a majority of the voters present and 
voting thereon, by a written vote determine to adopt the 
same within fourteen days after the passing of this act. 



Sect. 1. Thirteen members of the Common Council of 
the city of Lowell may constitute a quorum for the transac- 
tion of business. 

Sect. 2. All the powers and duties now by law incum- 
bent upon the Mayor and Aldermen, as overseers of the 
poor, are hereby vested in a special board, to consist of the 
Mayor, two members of the Board of Aldermen to be elected 
by that Board, and six members of the Common Council, 
one member from each ward in the city, to be elected on 
the part of said council. 

Sect. 3. The Mayor and Aldermen may require that 
any person, who may hereafter be ^pointed a Constable of 
said city, shall give bonds to the city, with such security 
and to such amount, as they may deem reasonable and 
proper, before he shall be entitled to enter upon the execu- 
tion of said office ; upon which ba«ds the like proceedings 
and remedies may be had, as are by law provided in case of 
Sherift''s bonds in this Commonwealth. 

Sect. 4. In all prosecutions by complaint before the 
police court for the city of Lowell, founded on the special 
acts of the legislature, or the ordinances or by-laws of the 
city of Lowell, it shall be sufficient to set forth in such 
complaint the offence fully and plainly, substantially and 
formally, and in such complaint it shall not be necessary to 
set forth such special act, by-law, ordinance, or any part 

Sect. 5. The city council may make and establish ne- 
cessary or fit rules and by-laws regulating the inspection, 
measurement, survey and sale of lumber of every descrip- 
tion brought into or (iffered within said city for sale. 

Sect. 6. The meeting for the election of the several 
ward officers enumerated in the nineteenth section of the 
act, to which this act is in addition, shall be held on the 
first Monday of March, in each year, and shall, in all other 
respects be conducted in the same manner as is now provi- 
ded by the aforesaid section. 

Sect. 7. The convention of the two branches of the 
city council, provided for in the fifteenth section of the act, 
to which this act is in addition, may be held at any time 
during the month of October annually. 

Sect. 8. All parts of the aforesaid act which may be 
incfonsistent with the provisions of this additional act, are 
hereby repealed. 


WARD boundaries;. 

Ward No. 1, — Beg-inninsr at Merrimack river, at tlie 
northeasierly corner of the Mer. Man'g Go's land, thence 
running souiherly and westerly, following the line between 
the land of the Propriotois of "the Boot cotton mills and land 
of Slid Mer. Man g Co., to the Merrimack canal. Thence 
BOutJierly, along the middle of said canal to the bridge in 
Lowell street, thence vvesterly along the middle of Lowell 
etreet t > the *' Western canal," (so called) thence northerly 
along tiie middle of Slid Western canal to Moody street, 
thence easterly along the middle of JVlood st. to Tilden St., 
thence northerly along the middle of 'iHden st. find by the 
Mer. Man Co'i. land to Merrimack river, thence easterly on 
said river to the point of beginning. 

Ward No. 2, — Beginning at Merrimack river at the 
northeasterly corner of the city, thence running southerly 
following the boundary line between Tewksbury and Low- 
ell to Concord river, thence northerly down the middle of 
Concord river to the junction of the Pawtucket canal with 
Baid Concord river, thence westerly up the middle of said 
canal to the bridge in Central street, thence northerly by the 
middle of Central st. to the intersection of Central and Low- 
ell sts , — thence westerly by the middle of Lowell street 
to the Merrimack canal, thence along the middle of said 
canal in a northerly direction to the Mer. Man. Co's land, 
thence easterly by said Go's land to the land of the Proprie- 
tors of the Boott cotton mills, thence following the dividing 
line between the Mer. Man. Co's land and the land of the 
Proprietors of the Boott cottm mills m a northerly direction 
to Merrimack river, thence easterly down said liver to the 
point of beginning. 

Ward No. l^, — Beginning in Central street at the bridge 
over Pawtucket canal, thence running southerly along the 
ndddle of said street to Gorham street, thence along the 
middle of Gorham st. to Davis' corner, {so called) tliencc 
along the middle of the county highway from Lowell to 
Biilerica to the boundary line of the city of Lowell, thence 
east follov/ing said boundary line to Concord river, thence 
down the miiddle of said river to the Pawtucket canal, thence 
up the middle of said canal to the point of beginning. 

V/ar;) No. 4, — Beginning at the bridge in Central street 
over the Pawtucket canal, thence westerly following the 
middle of said canal to Merrimack river, thence up said riv 
fcr to tr«e boundary li^ie between Lowell and Chelemford, 


thence alon^ said boundary linn, southerly and easterly to 
tlie county road leading from Lowell to Billerica, thencft 
northerly along said county road, Gorham street and Central 
street to the point of beghming. 

Ward No. 5, — Beghining at the intersection of Lowell 
and Central streets, thence running northwesterly by the 
middle of Lowell street to a part of said street which turn? 
m a southwesterly direction near the Stone House, (so call- 
vA) thence running parallel to the easterly end of the stable 
attached to the Stone House, and the distance of ten feet 
from the easterly end of said stable to Merrimack river, 
ihence up said river to Pawtucket canal, tiience down saici 
i-anal to the bridge over the same in Central street, thence 
northerly by tlie middle of Central street to the point of 

Ward No. 6, — Beginning at the northwesterly corner of 
tne premises of the Mer. Man, Co., thence following tiio 
ivest boundary line of said Company's land through the 
middle of Til'den street to Moody street, thence ^vesterly 
:- long the middle of Moody street' to the " Western canal" 
thence southerly along the middle of said canal to Lowell 
street, thence Avesterly along the middle of Lowell .street to 
u part of said street whic^h turns in a southerly direction 
near the "Stone House," thence running p:\rallel to the 
lasterly end of the stable attached to the Stone House, and 
at the distance of ten feet from the easterly end of said 
htable to the Merrimack river, thence down said river to 
the point of beginning. 


The Lowell Cemetery, comprising abrut 40 acres of 
v-cadiand, beautifully diversified with hill and dale, is 
pleasantly situated on the eastern bank of the Coi-.cord river, 
near the Powder mills of Oliver M. Whipple, Esq., and is 
t.bout one mile and a half from the City Hall. 

Avenues, suitable for carriages have been laid out and 
crraded, in various directions, with paths intersecting them, 
giving a general view of the whole grounds. Many of the 
li-tff have been prepared for use, monuments erected, enclos- 
«ni with suitable fence and appropriately ornamented. And 
tiie whole Cemetery is gradually improving in appearanc*} 
.-uid hn.M ah-eady assumed the cheerful, but solemn aspect, so 
desirably appropriate to its purpose. 



The price of a lot, with choice, is twenty dollars, and it 
would sdem, tint all who have the m3ans at their disposal, 
rnuat when compared with the cheerlessness of other places 
of sepulture — consider it a desirable object to avail theni- 
Kelves of the opportunity here offered, of connecting pleas- 
ant associations with the place vrhere the remains of their 
friendsj are deposited. 

Oliver M. Whipple, PnsidenL 

Charles Hovey, Treasurer ^ Clerk, 
Edward T. Watson, 

Jt>hn ('. Dalton, 
John Tyler, 
John Nesmith, 
Cyril French, 
Jo.shua Merrill, 
James 11. Rand. 


Selwin B.incroft, 
Gilman N. Nichols, 
Dani 'I Dana, 
Wm. A. Kelley, 
Richard G. Colby. 



Henry Smith, I Selwin Bincroi't, 

Oliver M. VV^hipple, Edward F. Watson, 

John C, Dalton, j Dmiel Knapp. 

Thomas Ordway, Cibj Clerk. 


Daniel S 
Ward 1. 

Gihnan N. Nichol.?, 
D. T. Brigiiam, 
J una Adims, 
Willard C. Welch, 

Ward 2. 
John P. Simonds, 
Daniel Balch, 



Ward 3. 
Isaac Scripture, 
Wm. C. Gray, 
George Choate, 
H. Wrio-jit, 
Ward 4. 
A. W. Buttrick, 
As:i Wetherbee, 
C. H. Wilder, 


Ward 5. 
N. Wriiiht, Jr., 
Am IS Hydge, 
Edward Sh -rinan, 
James Fen no. 

Ward (). 
Gilman Gale, 
J. B. McAlvinv 
I Samuel F.iy. Jr. 

D. S. Richardson, | Josiah Sav.tell, | Lorenzo P. Wrif>ht. 
John G. Locke, Clerk Common Council, 
Daniel G. Greenleaf, Messenger. 


The Mayor and Aldermen ex officio. 
Ward 1. — Abner H. Brown, Waid 4. — Frederick Parker 
•' 2.— S. W. Hanks, « 5— John O. Green, 

" 3.— Alonzo A.Minsr, " 6.— John Wrighu 



Elisha Huntington, G. N. Nichols, | C. H. Wilder, 
Selwin Bancroft, Daniel Balch, i Nath'l. Wright, Jr. 
Henry Smith, Isaac Scripture, | John B. McAlvin. 

J. H. B. Ayer, Hazen Elliott, M. Parkhurst, Assessors. 

John A. Buttrick, Treasurer and Collector. 

John G. Loclce, Auditor Accounts. 

Seth Ames, Solicitor. 

David Wells, City Physician and Sup't of Burials. 

Amos HifTl, Undertaker of Funerah. 

Joi^eph Griffin, Super iniendant of Streets. 

Benj amain Mather, Sup. City Scales. 

Alonzo Hunt, Sup. Market. Isaac Day, Sup. Alms House, 

Joseph Griffin, Sup. Public Buildings. 

Oliver A- Richardstm, Sealer of Weights and Measures. 

Charles J. Adams, Marshal. 


Charles J. Adams, Zaccheus Shed, John O'Connor, D. G* 
Greenleaf. James Fisher, Hazen Elliott, B'mjaniin Stick- 
ney, Thomas Wentworth, Samuel Meserve, Orin Reed, 
William S. Chimberlin, James V. Atkinson. Zebalon N. Doe. 


Charles J. Adams, Zaccheus Shed, Ferdinand Rodlit!'* 
Georg-e W. Hancock, Warren Damon, Jonathan Clark, 
Abijah Sanderson, Theophs. C. Blaisdell, Ira Brooks, Ebeh 


J. H. B. Ayer, Horace Howard, Jonathan Bowers, Wm. 
Wade, Stephen Carlton, Abner Frost. 


J. H. B. Ayer, Artemas Holden, Wm. Wade, Hazen 
Elliott, Q,. C. Sprague, Stephen Carlton. 


William VVade, Hazen Elliott, Abner Frost 
Nathaniel Morrison, Measurer of Upper Leather. 
Marshall Spaulding, Simeon Moors, Fence Viewers. 


Samuel Fletcher, Simeon Moors, Reuben Tarbell, Emer- 
Bon Melvin. Eben Meserve, Quartus C- Sprague, Thomas 




George W. Hancock, Wairf-n Daircn, Jena. Clark, Abi- 
jah Sanderson, Theops. C Blaisdell, Ira Brooks, Ebea 

George Teel, Crier. — Reuben Euttertield, Pound Keeper. 
James V. Atkinson, SupH of City Hall. 


InsperiorSc Clerks- 

C Edffir M. Titcorab, ^ 

^ A. B. Maynard. > Jona. S. Gordon, 

( William Bascom, 3 

C Henry S. Orange, ^ 

I J. T. G. Leach, > VVm. P. Brazer, 

( Ziba Abbott, > 

C Nathan Allen, ) 

^ Jacob Turner, > Wm. L. North, 

I A. H. Robinson, ) 

C Alpha Stevens, ^ 

1. A. W Buttrick, ^ Horace Howard, > John Morrison, 

( Hor.itio Fletcher, > 

C Eben. Champney, ^ 

7 Frederick Helton, S Waldo A. Fisher, 

^ Ster-hen Castles, ^ 

i Jesse Stiles, ^ 

< Albert Mallard, > James Weston, 

( C. J. Hubbard, ^ 

Chief Engineer. 

Jefferson Bancroft. 

^'^ssistant Eiigineers. 

J. J Townsend, 

2. J. P, Jewett, 

3. Oliver March, 

5. James Fenno, 

0. Benj. Wilde, 

A.H. Sherman, 
Joseph Bed low, 
Horace Howard, 
James H. Rand, 

Samuel Horn, 
Wm. Fiske, 
Josiah B. French, 
Fordice Coburn, 

Caleb M. Marvell, 
Cl:arles G. Giles, 
Th. L. Randlett, 
Edward F. Watson, 


Locks and Canals Co., incorporated 1792.— Capital, 

J. B. Francis, Jgcnt. 

Merrimack Manufaciurinsr Co., incorporated 1822, — Capi- 
tal, $2,000,000. 5 Cotton Mills, and Print Works. 

John Clark-, ^gent. 

John D. Prince, Sup. Print Works. 


Hamilton Mnnufaduring Co.y incorporated 1825. — Capi- 
tal, $1,200,000. 8 Cotton Mills, and Print Works. 

John Avery, Jigent 
William Spencer, Sup. Print Works. 

.'jppkton Manufaeiuring Co.. incorporated 1828. — Capi- 
tal, S(tO0,000. 2 Cotton Mills. 
George Motley, Jigent. 

Lowell Manufacturing Co.., incorporated 1828. — Capital, 
$600,000. 1 Carpet, and 1 Cotton Mill. 
Alexander Wright, ^^gtni. 

Middlesex Mannfaduring Co.., incorporated 1828.— Cap- 
ital, $600,000. 2 Woollen Mills, and Dye-houses. 
Samuel Lawrence, Jigent and Treasurer. 

Sufo^k Manufacturing Co.. incorporated 1830. — Capital, 
S600,0Ca 2 Cotton Mills. 
John Wright, ^^gent. 

Tremord Manufacturing Co., incorporated 1830. — Cap- 
■ ital, $600,000. 2 Cotton Mills. 
Charles L. Tilden, Jgent. 

Lavrence Maiwfacturing Co., incorporated 1830. — Cap- 
ital, 8K5C0,C00. 5 Cotton Mills. 

John Aiken, ,/]geut. 
BoM Cotton Mills, incorporated 1830.~Capital, $1,2C0,- 

COO. 4 Cotton Mills. 

Linus Child, ,^gent. 
Massachusetts Cotton Mills, incorporated 1839. — Capital, 

^1,200,000. 4 Cotton Mills. 

Homer Bartlett, ^^gtnt, 
Lowell Bleachenj, incorporated 1832.— Capital $50,0C0. 

Charles T. Appleton, »^gent. 
Belvidere Manufaclurivg Co.y Howe st. 

Charles Stott, .figent. 
Paper and Batting Mills, Wamesit Falls. 

P. O. Richmond, Proprielcr. 
Prescott Manufacturins; Co., incorporated 1844. — Capital, 

S600,0C0. 2 Cotton Mills. 

Homer Bartlett, Ageii. 
Loivell Midline Shop, incorporated 1845. — Capital, $3C0,- 

000. Machine Shop, Smithy and Iron Foundry. 
William A. Burfce, Agent. 


Carpet Mamifadonj, Howe street- 
James C). Patterson, Proprietor. 

Carpet Mamifadonj, and Dijingy Howe street. 
William Freeman, Proprietor. 

Blanket Maiiufadory, Howe st. 
J. D. Sturtevant, Proprietor. 


Appleton Co., Week after last Saturday in each montlu 
Boot " •' first " " 

L. Bleachery Co., Wednesday after last Sat. in each month. 
Hamilton ** Week after last Sat. but one each month. 

Lowell, " " in <» 

Locks & Canals Co. Tuesday after last Sat. '• 

Lawrence Co. Week after 2d Saturday in each month. 
Massa'ts " " 3d " " 

Merrimack " " the Sat. before 16th each month. 

Middlesex " Friday F,n:l Saturday after the end of the 
monih; but if the mon'h ends on Tuesday, 
Wednesday or Thursday, then on the Friday 
and Saturday of the next week. 
Suffolk, " Week after the last Saturday in each month. 
Tremont " " " " - 

Lowell Mach. shop « " « 


In 1828, 3532. 
*• 1830, 4085. 
»' 183-2, 10254. 

In 1832, 12303. I In 1840, 20,79G 

" 1836, 17(i33. I " 1844, 5i5,l63 
*• 1837, 18010. I 


LowEr.i. Bank. — Wyman's Exchange, Mer. st. — Incor- 
porated 18-28. Capital,'250,000. 

Nathaniel Wright, President 

James G. C irney, Cashier. 

John L. Ordway, Clerk. 
Diredors. — Joshua Bennett, G. H. Carlton, John O. Green 

Cyril French, Stephen (Pushing, Thos. Nesmith, H 

PiUsbury, J B. Varnum, Nith'l Wright. 
Discount daj/3, Mondays and Tlmrsdays. 


Lowell Lxstitu! ions for Savi.xgs. — Office at Losrell 
Bank. Incorporated 1829. 

Theodore Edson. President. 
Vice Presidents, John O. Green, John Clark, Ehsha Hunt- 
Trustees. — Cyril French, Thomas Ordwsy, George Brown- 
ell, Amos Blanchard, John Avsry, Lemuel Porter, John 
Aiken, Samuel L. Dana, Seth Ames. 

Treasurer, James G. Carney. 

Railroad Bank. — Corner Mer'Ic and John sts. Incorpo- 
rated 1831. Capital, $600,000. 

Berj. F. French, President 

Samuel W. Stickney, Cashier. 

George D. Hodges, Clerk. 
Directors. — John Aiken, Seth Ames, Charles T. Appleton, 

Homer Birtiett, George Bro\vnell, John Ciaik, David 

Dana, Benjnmin F French. 
Discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays, 12 M. 



Horace Howard, President. 

Richird G. Colby, Secret iry and Treasurer. 
Mtdx Mutual Ins. Co., Concord Mass , .loel AdamsAgrnt 
Charlestowv, Mass. Ins. Co, Tiiomas Hopkinson, x\gent 
Portsmouth, N. H. do Oliver March, Agent. 

Rockingjjaw, d) Exter, Homy Patch, Agent. 

Holyoke, S ilem, M^Su Henry Patch, Agent. 

Hartford In3, Co-, Hartford, Ct., R G." Colby, Agent, 



Theod'->re Edson, Rector, Ist Ch. Mer st Or^'d. 1824. 

Thoa. P. Smith Rector, 2d Ch, Mer. st , Bel. Org'd. 1 84 1 . 

congukgatihnai iSTS. 

Pastor 1st Ch. Mor. st. Org'd 182G. 

Uzziah C. Burmp, Pastor )id Ch. App. st. Org'd IB-'iO. 

Stedman W. Hanks, Pastor John st. Ch. Oru'd 1840. 

Amos Blanchard, Pastor 4th Ch., Mech. Ilall, Org'd 1845. 


J'^seph Bi'lari Pastor 1st Ch Church st. Org'd 182(T. 

Lemuel Po;te ■, Pastor Wor. st Ch. Org'd 1830. 

Ira Person, Paator 3d Bap. Ch., Wenth's Hall. Org'd 1840» 




E. G. Brooks, Pastor 1st Ch. Cen. st. Org'd 1826. 

Alonzo A. Miner, Pastor 2cl Ch. Market st. Org'd ia3(l 

H. G. Smith, Past. 3d Ch. cor, of Mer. & Cen. st. Org'd 1844 


Wm. U. Hatch, Pastor 1st Ch. Hurd st. 
Abraham D, Merrill, Pastor 2d Ch. Wor. st 


Henry A. Miles, Pastor 1st Ch. 

Horatio Wood, minister at large, Ham. Chap, 


E. S. Potter, Pastor 1st Ch. Bart. st. 
George May, Pastor 2d Ch. Lowell st. 


James T. McDermot, Prie?t 1st Ch. ^^t. Pat'a. 
James Conway, Priest 2d Ch. St, Peter's, 


Silas Curtis, Pastor IstCh. Mer. st. 
Hiram Stevens, Pastor 2d Ch. Lowell st. 


Timothy Cole, Pastor Advent Ch. Kirk st. 

Org'd 1827. 
Org'd 18:32. 

Org'd 1830. 
Org'd 1844. 

Org'd 1843. 
Org'd 1843. 

Org'd 1831. 
Org'd 1841. { 

Org'd ia34. 
Org'd 1845. 

United 1844. 


This Society was incorporated in 
the mutual improvem; nt oF Aledica 
members and the diffusion of correct 

N. Cutter, M. D. 
E. Huntington, M. D. 
J. 1). PiUsbury, M. D. 
J. P. Jewett, M. B. 
1. W. Scribner, M. D. 
E. Huntington, M. D. 
H. PiUsbury. M. D. 

D, Wells, M. D. 
J. C. Dal ton, M D. 
N. Cutter, M. D, 

E. Huntington, M. D. 
T. Howe, M. D. 

H. PiUsbury, M. D. 
P. Bradley, M D. 
D. Mowe, M. D, 










18i4. Its objects ars 
1 Science among its 
Medicrtl intelligence. 

Vice President 

r Standing 
L Commitee. 

i' Councillora 

)> to the 

I State Society. 



Allen, Nathan 12 Hiird st. Leach, J. T. G, John st. 
Campbell, P. P. Maiket st. Manning, P. 
Curtis, Josiah Nes B. Mar. st McCrillis, John, 122Mer. st. 
Dalton, J.C. cor. Dut& Low. Mowe, D. Mid. opp. S. B. B. 
(Jraves, John \V. 16 Hurd st. Parker, Hirarn, 27 Mer. st. 
Green, John O.Pawtucket st. Perham, Otis, Midx. corner 
Grey, W'm. 27 Mer. St. Pillsbury, Harlin, Kirk st. 

Hill, R. VV. Tyier st. Pillsbury, J. D. 21 Cen. st. 

Huntington, E. U Hurd st. Scribner, J. VV. 268 Mer. st. 
Jewett, J. P. Kirk st. Skelton, Benj. I'yler st. 

Kidder, M opp. Hales Mills. Wells, D. cor. Kirk & Lee st. 
Kimball, G. Bink B. Mer. st. WormersIey,Thos. 27 Cen. st. 


Ames, S. C. 132 Mer. st. Morse, L. B. 104 Mer. st. 

Bri^rham, L. Wash. House. Olcott, J. S. Went. Mer. sL 

Burbank,\V. M. Bel. Pierce, George, Cabot st 

Crowell, J. R. 76 Cen. st. Steel, R. corT Moody & T. st. 

Gale, G. W. N^s. B. M. st. Stevens, S. S. 48 Cen. st. 

Haselton, James, Chas. st. Whitarnoro, J. 22 Hurd st. 

JUggins, A. M. 51 Ch. st. Witt, Arza, 27 Mer. st. 

Hoyt, A. Tilden st. Underwood. J.G W. B. M. st, 

Kidder, W. opp Hales M. York, S. D. 27 Mer. st. 
Martin, G. P. 2 Bridge st. 


Geist, C. F, Went. B. Mer. st. Pike, A. W. 21 Cen. st. 


Holt, A. P. 176 Mer. st. Dowse, John, opp. Wash. II. 
Melvin, J. cor. Midx. & Pearl. Hoyt, A. Tilden st. 


Abbott, S. 15 Cen. st. Mansfield, Geo. 16 Cen. st. 

D.)ane, H. H 118 Mer. st. Reed, J. A. Suff. N. Mer. st. 

Gladwin, S. F. 128 Mer. st. Ward, G. W. 21 Cen. st 

Lawrence. A. 27 M»t. st. W^omersly, TT 27 Cen. st. 
McGregory, J. 21 Can. st. 


Abbott, J. G. 40 Cen. st. 1 Hopkinson, T. 76 Cen. st. 

Abbot, Julian 7() Ce.i. st. | Knowles, John A. 61 Cen. sL 
Adams, Joel 61 Cen. st. | Lapham, Rufus 67 Cen. st, 

Adams, John R. Ad's Block. Leavitt, E. S, 67 Cen. st. 



Alger, E. A. 55 Cen. st. 

Ames, Seth 8.2 Cen. st. 
Beard, I. W. 6] Cen. st. 
Blood, B. F, mrnn' 
Brown, S. A. 49 Cen. st. 
Brown, A. R. 55 Cen. st. 
Butler, B. F. Wym's Ex. 
Butterfield, G. A. 07 Cen. st. 
Caverly, R. B. 56 Cen. st. 
Colby, R. G. 49 CentrU st 
Corliss, H. G. F. 67 Cen. st. 
Crosby, Nathan 48 Cen. st. 
Eastman, Luke 56 Cen. st. 
Farr, A. W. 56 Cen. st. 

Locke, John Lawrence st. 
Locke, Joseph off, Mar. H. 
Morse, L S. 49 Cen. st. 
Parker, Frederick 61 Cen. st. 
Richardson, D. S. 55 
Robinson, J. P. 07 Cen. sU 
Smith, Wm. Wym's Ex. 
Smith, Wm.F. Wym's Ex. 
Smith H. W. Wym's Ex. 
Sweetser, T. H. Went's B. 

Mer. St. 
Wentworth, T. W.B. 
Wri<Tht, N. Wym's Ex. 
Wiii?ht, N. Jr. Wym's Ex. 

JoH.v Locke, Jus. Peace throughuot the Commonwealth. 


Jos^^ph Locke, Joel Adams, John W. Graves, 

Elisha Huntington, Josiah G. Abbott, Sa.m'l A. Brown, 
Thos. riopkinson, N. Crosby. 


Aiken, John 
Abbot, Julian 
Adams. John R. 
Ames, k'Jeth 
Avery. John 
Ayer,J. H. B. 
Blood, B F. 
Brown, A. R. 
Beard, Ithamar A. 
Boiird, Ithamar W. 
Butler, Benj. F. 

Clark, John 
Colby, Richard G. 
Corliss, H. G. F. 
Dan:i, Sam' I L. 
Davidson, Wm. 
Eastman, Luke 
French, Benj F. 
French, Josiah B. 
Knowles, Jolm A. 
Morse. Isaac S. 

Parker, Frederick 
Patch, Eph'm B. 
Richardson, D. S. 
Robinson, John P. 
Scribner. Isaac W 
Suiith. William 
Spalding, Amos 
Turner, Jacob 
Weiitworih, Tap. 
Whipi.le, O. M. 


John R. Adams, J. G. Carney, 


J. B. French, Zaccheus Shed, James P\sher. 


Middlesex Mechanic's Reading Room, Mechaic's Hall, 

Dutton street. 
Mercantile Reading Room, Hall over Post Office. 




High School.— Kirk st. Franklin Forbes, Principal of 
Male Department. 

James S. Russell, Teacher of Mathematics. 

David S. Scoby, Teacher of Languages. 
Charles H. Farn.^worth, Teacher of Penmanship and Book- 

Lucy E. Penhallow, Principal of Female Department. 

Catharine C. Pond. Assistant. 

Gr.\mmar Schools. 

No. 1. South st Joshua Merrill, Principal; Lucy C. 
Young, Sarah E. Boyden, Assistants. 

No. 2. Lowell St. Jacob Graves, Principal ; Judith C. 
Ward, Sarah J. Holden, Sarah A. Pollock, Asta. 
Joseph B. Giles, VVritingma.-ter. 

No. 3. South St. Jonathan Kimball, Principal; Mar- 
garet Wade, Harriet Burnham, Tabitha Hay- 
ward, Assit-tants. 
John S Patch, VVritingmTster. 

No, 4. Middlesex st. Nason H. Morse, Principal ; 
Augusta L. Lovering, Assistant. 

No. 5. Lewis St. George \V. Shattuck, Principal; M. 
A. M. A. Pelletier, Harriet E. Boyden, Sarah 
E, Tapley, Assistants. 
John C, Tasker, Writingmaster. 

No. G. Lowell St. Otis H. Morrill, Principal; Lucy 
VV. Ray, Elizabeth Sanborn, Elizabeth C. Nor- 
ton, Asts. Joseph B. Giles, Writing m:isthT. 

No. 7. Mer. street. Balvidere. Seth Pooler, Principal ; 
Joseph W. Morse, Eliza A. Davif, Olivia P. 
E.istman, Assistants. 
John C. Tasker, Writingmaster. 

No. S. Middle i-t, Charles Morrill, Principal ; George 
Spalding. Nancy H. Green, Clara C. BartieU, 
Asts. James M. McCoy, Writingmaster. 

PRiaiARY Schools. 


1 Middle St. 

Angeline M. Cudworth, 



2 echonlst. 

Frances Hasselline, 



^ Paige St. 

Miranda Sherman, 



4 Centre st. 

Emily G. Woodward, 



5 Him. Corp. 

ArviHa Woodward, 



6 Ham. Corp. 

Mary A. B. Pierce, 



7 Ham. Corp. 

Harriet F. B. Norton, 





8 Meciric St. 

Evelina Hunt, 



9 Church st. 

H. Maria Phillips, 



10 Race St. 

Harriet Merrill, 



11 Lewis St. 

Jane U. Dennahy, 



12 Law. Corp. 

E'iza Merriam, 



13 Wash'n st. 

Mary J. Taple)', 



14 Andover st. 

Rutii E. Stuart. 



15 Fenwick st. 

Louisa M. Adams, 



16 Suffolk cor. 




17 Middl'xst. 

Charlotte Russell, 



18 xMill St. 

Augusta P. Welch, 



19 Winter st. 

Mary Ann Russell, 



20 Red S. h'se. 

Persis Lovejoy, 



21 Lewis St. 

Catherine Caliaghan, 

** ♦ 


22 Fenwick st. 

Ann Friell, 



23 Mer'kCorp. 

Lucy T. Richardson, 



24 Middle St. 

Mary Scobey, 



25 Chesnut st. 

Sarah S. Priest, 



26 Fenwick st. 

Amanda A. Carpenter, 



27 Church st. 

Mary E, Bailey, 



28 Grand st. 

Emily M. Warren. 



29 Middle St. 

Sopina J. LyoM, 



30 North St. 

Eliza A. Noyes, 



31 Chelsf'dRd. 

Sarah C. Gates, 



32 Fenwick st. 

Ann M. Ryan, 



33 Church st. 

Helen C. Shed, 



34 Middl'xst. 

Dolly Campbell, 



35 Near 7 G. S 

. Aurelia Hi)we, 






Average number of scholars belono^incr to each srrade ot 

echools: Hiofli school 

;hools 1485. As 

Grammar sc 

per report of 

Primary schools 2193. } School Committee 

. April, 


, 1845. 



Lowell and Boston Stage, leaves Lowell Daily, at 7 1-2 
A M. (Sundays excepted.) On Sunday, at 4 P. M. 

Lowell and Newton Upper Falls Stage, leaves Lowell, 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at Jl A. M., through 
Bedford, Lexington, Waltham to Newton Falls. 

Lowell, Concord and Framighain Stage leaves Lowell 


Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 10 A. M., and 
arrives at Framinsham, at 4 P. M. 

Lowell and Worcester Stno;e, through Littleton and Lan- 
caster, leave.-? Lowell, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 
and t'lrough Groton, Tuesdays, Tiiursdays and Saturdays, at 
B A. M, and arrives at Worcester at 4 1-^ P. M. 

Lowell, Brattleboro' and Albany Mail Stage leaves Low- 
ell on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, through Fitta- 
burg, and Brattleboro' and Tuesdays, Thursdays Suturdaya 
through 'J'ownsend Fitzwilliaui and Brattleboro, at 7 A. M. 
and arrives at Albany second day, at 6 P. M. Returning, 
leaves Albany, at 3 A. M., and arrives in Lowell at 5 i'. M. 
second day. 

l^oweil, Keene, Rutland and Burlington Mail Stnge, leaves 
Lowell at () A. M., on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 
througii Groton, Townsend and Uttswiliiam to Keene, and 
at 7 A. M., on Tuesdays, Thursdiys and Saturdays, through 
Groton, Townsnd and New Ipswich, t<> Keene. 

Lowell and Nashua Stige leiivej Low(^ll Daily at 7 A. 
M., — at Nashua intersecting stiiges from all parts of tho 
country, at 1) A. M. Returning, leaves N:ishua at -1 P M. 

Lowell, Acton and Marlboro" Stige, leaves Lowell, Tues- 
days, Thursdays and S iturdays a. 12 P. M. 

Lowell, and Manchester Stsge leaves Lowell at 8 A. M., 
en Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 

Lowell, Ciisstcr. Pitt3fie;d and Dover Stage leaves Low- 
ell Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 8 1-2 A. M. 

Lowell, Haverhill, Dover and Newburyport Stage leaves 
L-owell Daily, (Sundays excepted) at 8 l-'i A. M. 

fiowoi!, Newburyport and I'ortsinouth Stage leaves Low- 
ell Tui'sdays, Thiusdays and Saturdays, at 8 A. M. 

Lowell and S ileui Stage leives Lowell Tuesdays, Thurs- 
days and Saturdays, nt 8 A. I\L 

Lowell and Westford Stage, leaves Lowell Tuesdays 
Thursday.-! and Siturdays. 8 l-'2 A. M. 

Seats, and more particular informal ion respecting Stages 
may bo obtained at the Merrimack St-ige Office, next to the 
Merrimack House ; or at the General Stage Office, No. 9 
Central st. 

Aceo.nrnodation Railroad Coaches leave the American 
and Washington Houses ;— seats may be taken at either 

Mails Close. — Boston, Southern, E isteru and Western, 
I) ;j-4, 10 1-::^ a. M. and 5 P. M. 

loWeli. directory. 31 

Newbiiryport, Tuesdays,Thursday3 and Saturdays, 7 A. M. 
Haverhill, Mondays, VVediiesrlaya and Fridays. 7 A. M. 
Dover and Derry,Alondayi=,Wednesday3 and Fridays, 7A.M. 
Salem, Tuesdays, Thursdays and t'-aturdays, 7A.M. 

Billerica and Wolsnrn, Daily, (iSundays excepted) 1-2 A. M. 
Northern, Daily, (Sundays e.xcepted) 7 1-2 A. M. 

Concord, Semi Daily,(Sund's ex'ted) 7 1-2 and 11 1-2A. M. 
Nashua, Semi Daily, (Sundays ex'ted) 7 1-2 and 11 1-2A. M. 
Groton, and Worcester, Tuesdayf, Thurs- 

day.s and Saturdays, 7 1-2 A. M. 

Bratlteboro, Pepperell and Townsend, xMon 

days, Wednesdays and Fridays, 7f-2 A. M- 

Mails Arrive.— Boston, 8 i-2 A. M. ]2 1-4 and 7 P. M. 
Southern, Daily, 12 1-4 P. M. 

Eastern, Daily, 7 P. M. 

Newburyport, Mondays, Wednpsdays and Fridays, 6 P. M. 
Haverhill, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, (j P. M. 
Dover and Derry, 'J'ues. Tiiitrs. and Satur. 5 1-2 P. M . 

Salem, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 4 P. M. 

Billerica and Woburn, Daily, (Sundays excepted) t) V. M. 
Northern, Daily, (Sundays excepted) <J P. M. 

Concord, Semi Daily, (Sundays excepted) 

7 1-2 A. M.and G P. M. 
Nashua, Semi Daily, (Sun. excepted) 7 1-2 A. M. & 6 P. M. 
Groton and Worcester, Mon's, Wed's and Frid's, (> P. M. 
Brattleboro, Pepperell and Townsend, Tues- 
days, Thursdays and Saturdays, 5 1 -4 P. M . 



Single letters, or any number of pieces not over 

half an ounce, SCO miles or less. 5 cts. 

Over 300 miles, 10 t^.s 

For each additional half oimce, or part of half an 
ounce, an additional postage is added ac- 
cording to the distance, 5 or 10 eta 

Drop lettera, not to be mailed and sent out of tlie 

place, 2 cLs 

Letters advertised, an additional postage of 2 eta 


Newepapers of 19C0 square inches or less, sent 

by editors or publishers, not over SO miles Pres 

For any distance over 30 mites and within the 

iitate wliere published, 1 ct 


For any distance, over 100 miles out of the State 

where published, 1 1-2 cts 

For all over 1900 square inches, any distance, 

for one ounce or less, each copy, S eta 

For each additional ounce, or part of an ounce, 1 1-2 cts 


Pampiilets, magazines and periodicals — except 
newspapers — any distance, for one ounce 
or less, each copy, 2 cts 

For each additional ounce or part of an ounce, 1 1 2 cts 


Circulars, handbills, or advertisment, on paper 
not larger than single cap, and unsealed, 
for each copy. ii cts 

When sealed, so that they cannot be examined, 
such are to be rated as letters. 

When on a sheet larger tiian single cap, such 
are to be rated as pamphlets. 


Lowell Journil, published weekly, office Wade's b. Cen. si. 

Lowell Courier, daily, office W.ide'tj B. Cen. st. 

Lowell Patriot weekly, office Spilding's B. Com. Row. 

Lowell Advertiser, tri-weekly, office do do 

Gazetfo and Standard, weekly, office, 24 Central st. 

Lowell Republican, weekly, office, 21 Central st. 

Star of B.--thlehern, weekly, office at Powers & Bagley's. 

Vox Pop'ili, weekly, office 2l Cen. st. 

Lowell Offering, rnonthly, office 40 Cen. st. 

Sabbath School Monitor, monthly. No. 9 Mer. st- 

True Reformer and Independent Press, office 56 Cen. st. 

Life in Lowell, weekly, office 5f) Cen. st 


Supreme Judicial Court. — At Lowell, on the second 
Tuesday of April, and at Cambridge on the 3d Tuesdiy 
next after the 4th Tuesday of September — Law Term lat 
week Jury TriUs, November followinor, by adjournmeet 
Lbmuel Sa^w, of Boston, Chief Justice. 


Samuel Wilde, ^ 

Samuel Hubbard, > Associate Justices. 

Charles A. De^yy, 3 

Elias Phinney, Clerk. 

Court of Common Pleas. — Holden for civil trials at 
Concord 2d Monday of March and June. At Lowell 1st 
Monday of September ; and at Cambridge 2d Monday of 
December. For Criminal Trials, at Concord 4th Monday of 
June ; at Lowell, 3d Monday of October, and at Cambridge, 
2d Monday of February. 

Da.mkl Wells, Chief Justice, 

Piiny Merrick, ) 

Luther S. Cashing', j 

Emery Washburn, ,^ Associate Justices, 

Joshua A. Ward, 

H. G. O. Colby. 


At Cambridge, 2d Tuesday of January, 3d Tuesday of 
March, 3d Tuesday of May, 1st Tuesday of September, 2d 
Tuesday of October, and 3d Tuesday of November. — 
ChurlesLown, 3d Tuesday of February and 3d Tuesday of 
August. Concord, 2d Tuesday of February, April, August 
and November. Framingham, Last Tuesday in June and 
October. Groton, 1st '1 uesday in May and November.— 
l,owe!l, 1st Tuesday in June and December. Woburn, 4tli 
Tuesday in May. 

Samuel P. P. Fat, Judge, j Isaac Fiske, Register. 

Police Court in Lowell, Sits every Tuesday for entiy 
and trial of Civil Causes, and every day, Sundays excepted 
for Criminal Cases. Court Room over City Market. 
Joseph Locke, Chief Justice. 

Nath'l Wriirht, Associate Jus. j J. A. Knowles, Clerk. 

Samuel Chandler, of Lexington, High SheriS". 
deputy sheriffs. 
Cambridgeport. Nathan Fiske. . ,, < •'• Butterfield, 
Cbarlestown, Thomas Sumner. •'^oweii, ^ j^ Bancroft. 
Concord, Moses Prichard. Newton, AdolphusSmitli. 

Fi. Cambridge, Ijevi Parker. Townsend, C. Bo win. 

Framingham, Eliplialet Wheeler, Wayland, Horace Heard, 


Groton, William C. Lewis. Woburn, A. Thompson. 

Hopkinton, Wm. A. Phipps. 

Crier of Courts. — Levi Parker, of Cambridge. 

Jailers. — Nathaniel Watson, Cambridge; Samuel Sta- 
ples, Concord; James Fisher, Lov/ell. 

Overseers of House of Corrf.ction. — Samuel Chan- 
dler of Lexington, William Panaenter of Cambridge, Jona- 
than Wheeler of Cambridge. 

Nathaniel Watson, Master. 


Josiah Adams, of Framangham, Timothy Fletcher of 
CharlestoAvn, Josiah B. French, Lowell, 

SPECIAL Commissioners — Charles Tower, of Stowe, 
John Fletcher, of Acton. — Meet at Cambridge 1st Tuesday 
in .lanuary ; at Concord, 2d Tuesday in May, and 3d Tues- 
day in September. 

William F. Stone, Register of Deed;-'. 

Stedman Buttrick, Coimty Treasurer. 


Joseph Locke, | Win. Livingston, 

Natlianiel Wright, | John W. Graves. 


American Eagle coined prior to July Slst, 1834, 270 gr. 
IS ^\Ofi(S. Half Eagle, 135 gr. is $5,33. Eagles coined 
since July 1834, $10,00. Parts in proportion. Doubloon, 
17dwt. 8gr. is $15,58. Half Johonnas, 9 dwt. ^S,r^ — 
British Sovereign, 5 dwt. 3 1-4 gr. is .94,87. French Na- 
poleon, 4 dwt. 3 1-2 gr. $3,86. Spanish, Mexican, Peruvi- •. 
jtn, Chilian, and Central American Dollars, each 17 dwt. 7. . 
gr. is $1,00. French five franc piece, IG dwt. is 1)3 cents. 


Georgy H. Jones, President. [ AlA-ed Gihnan, Secretary. 
Forest Eaton, Vice Pres't. [ Jos(;ph F. Trott, Treasm-er. 
P. P. Spalding, Librarian. 


Organized in 1840. The object of the Society is to fur- 
nish aid and encouragement to the iuduitrious poor. It i3 . 


proposed to accomplish the object by the loan or gift of 
cheap but warm bed or other clothe!^, small stoves, neces- 
sary articles of tbod, &c. 

Dointioiis of money, clothinfr, furniture, or stores, receiv- 
ed with pleasure, and faithfully used in aid of the object of 
the society. 

B. F. French, President. | D. G. Lang', Secretary. 


Organized in 1480, By the several Manufacturing com- 
panies in Lowell, for the convenience and comfort of per- 
sons employed, by them respectively, when sick. The 
charges at their hospital, corner of Merrimack and Pawtuck- 
et streets, for men, are b'4 a week, and for women $3. If 
the pati mts are able, ihey are to pay to the Superintendent ; 
if not able, the corporitioiis froin which they go are respon- 
sible, and the patients are then responsible to the corpora- 
tions. Relatives or friends of patients, mny be admitted to 
visit them from 12 to 1 o'c'ock on Tuesdays. Wednesdays, 
Fridays and Saturdays, and ;it other times, if necessary, with 
a special permit fom ojie of the Trustees, or from the phy- 
sician or surgeon of the i-iospit il. 

Dri Oilman Kimball, Physiciin,- Surgeon, and Sup't. 
John Clark, Treasurer. 


George Brownell, I Alex in'r Wright, | John Wright, 

Jolm Clark, j Georg ■ Motley, | John Aiken, 

JohnD. Prince, Linu,^ Clii!;l, I Charles L. Tilden, ^ 

John Avery, j Wm. Spe'ixer, | Homer Bartlett, 


Chartered ]83u. Thi^^. is a, charitable insti'tutioijLfor the 
relief of tlie poor, by affo/dlng*niedicine and. attendance 
' gratuitously. 

Jamos G. Cirney, Chairman of Mauiigers. 
Joseph F. Trott, Secretary iinjd Treasurer. 



*• E. B. Patch, President.- I A. L, Brooks, Cor. Secretary. 
J. Hubbard, } ^^ n n Luvi Mcintire, Treasurer. 



Nathan Allen, President. 1 S. S. Seavey, Cor. Sec'y. 

{ ?f ^^"^^' I Vice Prest's. I ^' ^' ^^^^'^^ ^''' ^ ^''^'^ 
J. Curtis, ^ 

CITY SCHOOL LIBRARY, under City Hall, contains 

about 50C0 volumes. 


Elisha Huntington, > ^ ^^ - ] ^^^^ ^j^^j^^ 
Dan'l S Richardson, ^ ^ Uohn W. Graves, 

Nathan Crosby, ( John Aiken. 

H. E. Baldwin, j 

Josiah Hubbard, Librarian. 
Library hours, from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 P. M. every day ex- 
cept Sundays. 


Baker Miss, house Cen. st. Chapel Hill. 

Blodiret Miss, Celia A. at D Sanborn's War. st. 

Cobiirn, Mrs. Sarah, Dracutt, near Pawtueket Bridge. 

Faulkner, Catharine, Howard st 

IJoyt Mrs, house No. 6 Middlesex place. 

Jackson, Mrs. Almira. at 7 Dutton st. 

Johnson, Nancy F, 12 Tremont Corp. 

Kirk, Mrs, at Varnuni A Shed's, 57 Mer. Corp. 

Knapp, Mrs. at }5 Mer. st, old number. 

Mussey, Mrs, at Mr St rattan's, LeAvis st. 

Rice, Mrs, house Cab-t st 

Rich, Mrs, house Baitleti st. Belvidere. 

Richards, Miss Mary, at Mrs Pvichnrd's, And. st. 

Sanborn. .Mrs. Mary C. at J. V. Atkinson'^s. 

Shattuck, Mrs I .iizibeth, at Airs Sarah Ilobson's. 

Spaldino-, Mrs P. H, bourse Urion st. 

Tborning-, Sjirah, house near Lowell Bleachery. 

Tinkhim, Mrs, at 6 Warren st. 

1'ufts, Mrs xMary, house Mill st. Chapel Hill. 

W !tberh<^e. M=s S-rah house cor. Cen. and Cady stft. 

Woods. Miss Nancy, at A. Whitney's, Cen. st. Crs.p. Hill. 

Merrmack House, Mer. s^. G. W. Larrabee. 
A'lierica'i t'ouse. Cen st Gilbert Ferrin. 
Wash./rera, Hotel, Cen. st. R. Tafr, & Co. 


Farmers and Mech. House, Mer. st. C. F. Harris. 
Eagle Hotel, Mid'x st. Q,uincy Sylvester 
Exchangee Coffee House, Low. st O. M. Donohoe. . 
Stone House, Pawtiicket st. S. A. Coburn. 
Howard House, Mid'x st. G Heath. 
Lamb Tavern, Mid'x. st. Joshua Sawyer. 


Adams st. from Lowell st. Adams block, to Fletcher st. near 

Merchandise Depot. 
Alder st. opens on Mer. st. Belvidere nearly opposite Wash. 

St. runs northerly to St:ickpole st. 
Ames St. opens on Cen. st. Capel Hill, runs to Law. st. 
Amory st. opens on Bridge st. by Boott canal, runs westerly 

between Boott Mills and Blocks, to Kirk st. 
Andover st. begins at the east end of the arch stone bridge 

over Concord River, runs by Jona. Tyler's h. to Tewka- 

bury line. 
Anne st. opens on Mer. st. E. and near Mer. canal, runs 

northerly parallel with canal to French st. 
Appleton St. opens onGor. st. at St. Peter's Ch., runs west- 
erly to Pearl st. 
Ash St. opens on Mer. st. Bel., runs southerly to Ches. st. 
Bank Block, on Mer. st. above and near Mer. House. 
Bartlett st. Belvidere, opens on the east side High st. sq., 

runs parallel with Mer. st. to Alder st. 
Bartlett st. opens on Commercial sq., runs northerly to Mer. 

St. nearly opposite to Bridge st. 
Bleachery st. opens on Moore st., runs northerly to Lowell 

Bowditch St. opens on Jackson st. runs southerly to Mid'x st. 
Branch st. opens on Mid'x st between Pine and Carlton sts 

runs to School st. 
Brewery Court, from Thorndike street to Brewery. 
Bridge st. opens on Mer. st runs northerly to Cen. Bridge. 
Brown's Court, opens opp. Howe st. runs northerly. 
Cabot St. from N W corner Law. corp. to Lowell st. 
Cady st. opens on Cen. st. Chapel Hill, runs to Law. st. 
Carpet Lane, opens on Gardner st. near Market h., runs 

westerly by the Davis, Buttrick, and Nesmith blocks. 
Carter st. opens on Gor. st. runs to Lowell Bleachery. 
Case's Building, on corner Central and Middle sts. 
Central st. opens on Mer. st runs by Wash. House and over 

Chapel Hill, to Gor. st, at Davis' corner. 


Centre st, opens on Central st, next above Un. st, runs 

westerly to Chapel st. 
Chapel Hill, a swell of Imd extending from Wamesit Falls, 

westerly to Chipe! st, inclusive. 
Chapel st, op'^ns on Un. st, runs southerly to Cen. st. 
Charles st, from Cen. to Lnwrence st. viext sonth of Tyler st. 
Cheever st, opens on School st, near Pawtiicket Canal. 
Chelmsford st, opens on Th n-. st, runs over the stone arch 

bridge and by the Pound, to Clielmsford line. 
Chesnut st. opens on Nes st, runs westerly by Thomas 

Nesmith's h. to High st. 
Church st, ?oppns on Cen. st, at the Wash, h. runs easterly 

by 1st Bap. Ch. to the eist end of the stone arch bridge. 
Clay st, opens on Andover street next east of High st, runs 

southerly to Oik st. 
Colburn st, from Mer. yard by Freewill Bap. Ch. to Mer st. 
Commercial sq. opens on Cen. st, opposite Market st, — in- 

cludingr the space between Coburn's &f Spaldingfs Bld'gs. 
Cottage Row. Mer. st neir Rev, Mr Blanchard's Ch. 
Cottage Row, Dut. st, between Low st, and Swamp Locks. 
Crosby's Court, op^ns on Cen st, nearly opp. Union st. 
Cross st, from Suffolk st, to Adams st, south of Catholic Ch' 
Curtis st, opens on Mill st, near engine house, runs south- 
easterly to Lawrence st, 
Davis st, open? on A|)p. st, runs sontherly to Summer st. 
Davidson st, opens on xMer, st, near (Concord River bridge 

runs through D.ividson's Flat to Howe st. 
Decatur st, opens on Mer. st, opp. J. Aiken's h. runs south- 
erly to Lowell St. 
Dummer st, opens on Low st, west of Wor'st, runs southerly 

to Mech. St. 
Dutton st, from Mer. C. R. run^ south-westerly, crnss'ng 

Mer. Low and Fletcher sts, by Mer. h. and jail to School 

st, near the canal, 
Dutton sq. opens on Dut. st, at Swamp Locks. 
Elliot st, opens on App. st, opp Stone Ch. runs northerly to 

Jackson st. 
Elm st, opens on Cen. st, next south of Centre st, runs 

westerly to Chnpel st. 
Emerson Place, opens on Gor. st. op. Appleton st. 
Everett st, from H]2"h st, to Fayette st, next north of And. st 
Fayette st, opens on Mer. st, late Wash, st, at J G. Kit- 

tredge's h. runs southerly to Andover st. 
Fen wick st, opens on Low. st, runs to Catholic Ch. 
Fletcher st. opens on Piwtucket st, near Stone h. runs 
southeasterly to Thorndike st, at north end of canal bridge. 


Forest St, from Howard street runs weste;ly by the south 
end of Marshall sU-eet. 

French street, opens on Bridge st, between Boott and Mass. 
Blocks, runs westerly by the south end of Boott blocks to 
Anne street. 

Fulton street, opens on Mer, st. at west end of Bank Block, 
runs southerly to Low. st. 

George street, opens on Tyler st, runs by 1st Bap. .Ch. to 
Warren street 

Gardner street, opens on Landing st, runs westerly to the 
Low. Counting Room, thence northerly to Market st. 

Gorham street, opens on cor. Cen. and Midx. sts. runs south- 
erly by Hale's Mills to Tewksbury line. 

Gore street, from Race st. to Cabot st, on SufF. Corp'n. 

Grand street, opens on Midx. st, runs southerly by the end 
of Marshall to Forest st. 

Green street, opens on Wash. sq. runs easterly to Geo. st. 

Hale street, from Chelms'd st, near Pound, by T. Butter- 
field's to Thorndike st. 

Hall street, from north end Tilden st, by south end Law B. 
to Cabot street. 

Hanover street, opens on Mer, st. opp. Lewis st, runs near 
and paralltd with western canal, to Moody st. 

High street, opens on Mer. st, B 1 op Gram. School H. runs 
by Zadock Roger's to Tewksbury line. 

High street square, on north side Mer. st, Bel. and between 
Gram. School h. and Wm. Kittredgo's house. 

Howard street, opens on Midx st, op Midx. PI. runs south- 
erly to Chehusford st. 

Howe street, opens on Mer. st, Bel. op Brown's court, runs 
southerly to Whitney iVIills. 

Hurd street, opens on Con. st, at Wade's b. runs easterly by 
St. Pauls Ch. to War. st. 

Jackson street, open^ on Cen. st, at cor. Ham. yard, runs 
Avesterly by Ham. and App mills, to Midx st, near Mer- 
chandise Depot. 

Jefferson street, opens on Low. st, near R. R. house, runs 
southerly to Lewis street. 

John street, opens on Mer. st, at R. R. B ink, runs norther- 
ly to Boott Counting Room. 

Kirk Avenue, opens on Kirk st, between Mer. and Lee ste, 
runs easterly to Lee st. near John street. 

Kirk st, opens on Mer. st, east of St Anne Ch runs norther- 
ly to French street. 

LaGrange street,' opens on Suff. st, south of Stone arch 


bridge, runs westerly by south end of Marion st, and across 

Adams st. to Fletcher street. 
Lamb's Court, opens on Chapel st, Chapel Hill. 
Landing st, from Mar. st, by W. end Mar. h. to the canal. 
Lawrence st, opens on Ch. st, near Concord River, runs 

southerly by O. M. Whipple's Powder Works and tlieend 

of Whipple st, to Moore street. 
Lawson st, from School st, south of Sum'st st, to Queen st. 
Lee street, opens on John st, at Dr. Leach's h. runs westerly 

to Kirk street. 
Lenton street, opens on Charles st, runs southerly by J. 

Mead's soap Avorks to North street. 
Lewis street, opens on Low. st, east side western canals 

runs by the canal to Mech. street. 
Liberty street, opens on Chelm'd st, at the Pound, runs by 

the terminus of School st. to Pine street. 
Lowell street, opens on Dutton st, opp Mar. st, runs wester- 
ly to Pawtucket st, near Stone house. 
Lowell Place, opens on the north side of Low. st, near 

Russel's building. 
Luther's Court, opens on west side Cen. st, near plank walk. 
Lyman st, from Race to Cabot st, parallel with Suff', blocks. 
Mclntire st, ofens en Midx. st, at L. Mcintire's Store, runs 

southerly to Marshall street. 
Mansur's B'g, Brick block, on Cen. st, from Mar. st, to canal. 
Marion street, opens on Cross st, between Suffolk and Adams 

sts, runs southerly to LaGrange street. 
Market street opens on Cen. st, opp Com. sq. runs westerly 

by 2d Universalist Ch. to Dutton st. 
Marshall Place, opens on Mid'x st, opp Mid'x Place. 
Marshal] street, opens on Howard st, runs westerly parallel 

with Midx st, to Grand st. 
Maiden Lane, opens on Mer. street, at vrest end of Bank 

block, runs southerly to Lowell st. 
Meadow street, opens on Central st. at the foot of Chapel 

Hill, runs westerly to Gorham st. 
Mechanic street, opens on Dut. st, nearly opp Machine shop 

C. R. runs westerly across stone bridge over \V. canal to 

Suffolk street. 
Mechanic Mills, on Warren st, easterly of xMid'x Mills. 
Merrimack sq. that part of Mer. st, on both sides, from Rev. 

Mr Blanchard's Ch. to Suff. st. 
Merrimack street, opens on Pawtucket st, north of Hospital, 

runs easterly by City Hall to Lower bridge over Concord 

River, thence through what has been called Wash, and 

River sts, to Tewksbury line. 


Merrill's Court, opens on Capel st, opp Centre street. 
Middle street, open.s on Cen. st, at the Post office, runs west- 
erly to Shattuck street. 
Middlesex street, opens on Gor. st, at Union B. runs west- 
erly by Merchandise Depot to Chelmsford line. 
Middlesex Pi ace, opens on the north side of Mid'x st, near 

the Brewery, embracing the long Brick Block and other 

buildings in that square. 
Mill street, opens on Law. st, near Richmond's Mills, runs 

westerly to Central street. 
Moody st, opens on Mer. st,opp Mer. h. runs westerly across 

Colburn, Tilden, Trem and Race sts, to Paw. st. 
Moore street, opens on Gcr. st, near R. R. Bridge, runs 

easterly by O. M. Whipple's to Tewksbury line. 
Nesmith st, opens on Mer st. Bel. nearly opp Alder st, runs 

west of John Nesmith's h. to Tewksbury line. 
Nesmith's Block, on cor. Mer. and John sts, opp Unit. Ch. 
North street, opens on Cen. st, next south of Charles st, 

runs easterly to Law. street. 
Oak st, opens on Nes. st, at J. Howe's runs west to High st. 
Paige street, opens on Bridge st, runs westerly on the nortli 

side John st, Ch. to Kirk street. 
Parker street, begins at Chelm'd st, opp Plain st, runs by 

Simon Parker's to Chelmsford line. 
Plain st, from Chlm'd st, t* Chhn'd line near S. Livingstons. 
Pawtucket st, begirrs at Chlm'd line, on Mer. River, runs 

northerly by Stone h. and Hospital, to the Melvin house. 
Pearl street, opens on West end of App st, runs northerly 

to Middlesex street. 
Perkins street, opens on Suff. st, near Law. C. Room, runs 

westerly to Cab^t street. 
Pine st, opens on xMid'x st, runs southerly about twenty rods 

thence westerly parallel with Mid'x street. 
Pleasant st, opens on Andover st, between High and Water 

sis, runs southerly to N. Robins' house. 
Prince street, from Mer. Bleachery southerly to Moody st. 
Queen street, opens on Mid'x st, east of the old burying" 

ground runs southerly to Lawson street. 
Race street, opens on Hall st, between Suff. and Cab sts, 

runs southerly to Merrimack street. 
Savings Bank ;^lock, on Shattuck st. near City Hall. 
School street, from Paw. Bridge by.Kathaniel W^ right's and 

by west s de old burying ground to Liberty st. 
Sidney street, opens on Branch st, runs by the end of Pine 

st, and crossing School st, to Chelmsford line. 


South street, opens on Mid'x st, runs southerly by South 

Gr. School house to Gorharn st. 
Southv/ick's Building on the south side Mar. st, and east of 

Market house. 
Spalding st, opens on Chelm'd st, runs northerly to Lib. st. 
Stevens street, opens on Parker st, runs by Edmund Steven's 

to Chelmsford street. 
Suffolk street, from Law. C. R. runs across Mer. and Low, 

sts by 2d Wesley an Meth Ch. to Adans street. 
Suffolk sq. that part of Mer. st, on both sides from Suffolk 

St. to Cabot street. 
Stackpole st. opens on north east corner of High st, sq. runs 

parallel with Mer. River to Alder st. 
Thorndike street, from north end canal bridge near mer- 
chandise Depot to Davis corner. 
Tilden street, opens on Hall st, runs by east end Tremont 

blocks to Mer. street. 
Tremont street, opens on Hall st. runs southerly by the west 

end of Tremont Blocks to xMer. st. 
Tyler street, opens on Cen. st, next south Ch. st, runs easter- 
ly to Lawrence st. 
Union st, opens on Cen. st, runs by n. end Chap, Gor. st. 
Union Buildings, Brick Block on the corner Cen, and Mid'x 

sts, and exten ling northerly to ten footers. 
Union Court, opens on north side of Lowell st. at L L. 

Foot's Building. 
Union House, adjoins Wash. House, on Wash, square. 
Vine Lane opens on John st, between Mer. and Paige sts, 

and runs eisierly to Paige st. 
Wade's Building on the corner of Cen. and Hurd sts. 
Wail st, opens on Davidson st, runs soutlierly to Concord 

River, thence by the River back to Davidson st. 
Walker st, opens on Mid'x st, near Laf lyette Hotel, runs 

northwesterly by Simeon Spalding's to Paw. st near canal. 
Walnut street, opens on Chapel st, south of Elm st, runs 

easterly to Gorharn street. 
Warren st, opens on (^en. st, ntthe American H. runs south- 
easterly by Midx Mills, to Ch. st, near the arch bridge. 
Warren Place on Church st. opposite Warren st. 
Washington square, tint part of Cen. st, on both sides from 

1st Universalist Ch. to Church street. 
Washington street, opens on Andover st, at Jona. Tyler's h. 

runs northerly to Mer. street. 
Water street, opens on Andover st, opp Fayette st, runs 

fioutiierly to the Cottages. 


Webster street, from Jackson street to Middlesex st. 
Wentworth's Block, on Merrimack street, between City Hall 

and Passenger Depot. 
West street, opens on South st, between Mid'x and App. 

sts. runs westerly to Pearl street. 
Whipple st, opens on Moore st, at O. M. Whipple's house, 

and runs northerly by the Stone house to Law. st. 
William st.eet, opens on Cen. st, opp Un. B. runs easterly 

to George street. 
Willow Place, opens on south side Mer. st, in Suff. sq. 
Willow st, opens on Andover st, opp. Way & Tweed's runs 

northerly to Mer. street. 
Winter st, opens on Gor. st, between App. and Sum. sts, 

runs westerly to South street. 
Wliiling st, opens on Low 'st, at Russel & Barr's h. and runs 

southerly by D. Bradt & Go's bakery to Fletcher st. 
Worthen st, opens near Mer. C. Room, next Avest of Dutton 

st, runs southerly across Mer. Low. and Mechanic st, and 

by 2d Bap. Ch. to Dutton st, near Merchandise Depot. 
York Place, opens on W^ater and Andover sts, and meets at 

York buildino^s. 




Ads for Adams, 1 



Afft « 




B « 

Building or block, 

Bart " 


Bel " 


Bdg « 


Bds « 


Blch « 




Cab « 


Car « 


Cen « 


Ch •' 


Chas " 


Clip " 


Col « 


Com « 


Corp " 


Cot " 


Dav « 


Dutt " 


Ellt « 


Exch « 


Fay " 


Fen " 


Geo « 


Gor « 


H « 


Ham « 


How " 


Jeff « 


Law for Lawrence, 
Liv " Livermore, 
Liv's " Livingston, 
Marion, Market, 
South wick's, 

Low « 

Mass " 
Mar " 
Midx " 
Mer « 
Mid " 
Nes " 
Paw « 
PI « 
I Sq " 
S " 
St « 
Stck " 
Sum " 
Suff « 
Thor " 
Til " 
Trem « 
Ty " 
War " 
Wash " 
Whit " 
Wil " 
Win « 
Wks « 



B &. L R R, for Boston & Lowell Railroad. 
Lcks & Cls, " Locks & Canals. 
N. B. Where an abreviation of the name of a street ia 
used, St. or street follows ; but if the same abreviation is 
used for the name of a corporation, nothing is added. 


ABBOT JULIAN, counsellor, 76 Central st bds. Mrs L 

Abbott Ziba, (Frye &) Mar. st. house Fayette st. 
Abbott J. G., (& Brown) counsellor, Man's B., h. Stack, st. 
Abbott S. I. Lks. & Cl's boards Mrs Esther Walkers. 
Abbott A. P. Lks. & Canals, bds. Mrs E. Walker's. 
Abbott Walter, clerk 10 Central st. bds. 1() Lawrence. 
Abbott S. Dentist, office and house, 15 Central street. 
Abbott John, (Langley &) 56 Cen st. bds. Mr Blanchard'S 

5 Middle street. 
Abbott Miss S. G. variety. Shop and h. Paige, cor. John st. 
Abbott Nathan, Merrimack, house, 116. 
Abbott Mrs Rachel, house 16 Lawrence. 
Abbott James C. Sup't. Mercantile R. Room, bds. 16 Law. 
Abbott Charles, overseer Lawrence, house 25. 
Abbott Herman, Lawrence, house 25. 
Abbott John, Locks & Canals, boards 25 Lawrence, 
Abbott Paul C. Lawrence, boards 25. 
Abbott A. R. house 43 Merrimack. 

Abbott Miss Matilda, Milliner and Dress maker, Tilden st. 
Abbott Mrs Fanny, Tailoress, house Cen. st. Chapel Hill. 
Abbott Walter, Fancy goods, John st. bouse 5 Church st. 
Abbott v^amuel B. carpenter, house 37 Church street. 
Adims Joel, (& Parker) counsellor, 61 Cen. st. h App. st. 
Adams L. G. P. at N. M. Wright's, house High street. 
Adams John, house High street 

Adams J. W. (& Littlefield) Stoves, &c.46Cen. st.h. Ashst. 
Adams W. C. tin worker 121 Mer. st. house Fayette street. 
Adams J. T. raillenery and dress-making 93 Merrimack st. 
Adam.s Mrs A. house 27 Merrimack street. 
Adams C. J. City marshall off. Man's B. Cen. st. h. Bart. st. 
Adams X. Jr., at 46 Central street. 

Adams H. B. watch maker, 43 Cen. st. boards Mer. Iiouse. 
Adams S. P. student at Law, boards 24 Boott. 
Adams H. G. (& North) furniture, 108 Centra! st. house 87, 
Adams AI J. clerk, 108 Central street boards 83. 
Adams George J. painter, 108 Central st* bds. K. Meserve's 


Adams L. overseer Lawrence, house 63. 

Ad tms E. Boott, house Paige street. 

Adams J. house 25 Merrimack. 

Adams I'liinehas, paymaster, Merrimack, house 21. 

Adams Mrs S. house 18 Merrimack. 

Adams John R. councellor, office, Ads. B. bds. Stone house. 

Adams David, laborer, house Market street. 

Adams .Tohn, mason, house Lowell street. 

Adams Rufus, boards John Adams' 

Adams John, at .1. W. Graves, boards same. 

Adams Emery H. carpenter, boards James Proctor's. 

Adams S. P. at Crosbys, Mechanic mills, bds. S. Meserve's. 

Adams Abiel, Locks &, Canals, boards 118 Central street. 

Adams Simon, house corner Georg'e and Tyler street. 

Adams George, house Middlesex street. 

Adams Thomas, W. I. Good.-^, shop and h. near Hales mills. 

Adams Willis, Low. B'eachery, bds. S. D. Prescott's. 

Adams Smith tripe dealer, shop and house. Walker street. 

Adams Elisha, at Smith Adams, house. Walker street. 

Adams G. W. works and boards at Smith Adams'. 

Addison J. Suffolk, boards 3. 

Additon Charles A. Lawrence, house 31. 

Aiken John, Agent Lawrence mills, house Merrimack st. 

Aiken B. F. W. I. Goods Market st. house Tyler street. 
Aiken Thomas, house Lowell street. 

Ainsworth Michael, variety store, Lowell street. 

Aldcn Dexter, Middlesex, house Lawrence street. 

Aldrich Milton, shuttle maker, at Douglas* house Ash street, 

Aldrich Damon, boirds Mrs S. Brigham's. 

Aldrich Samuel, carpenter, boards T. C. Gil man's. 

Aldrich John, Lowell, boards G. A. W. Johnson's. 

Aldrich Warren, machine shop, inech. mills, h. Warren st. 

Aldrich Milton, (& Hapgood) shuttle maker, mechanic mills, 
house Ash street. 

Aldrich Lester S. Mach. shop, board-? 6 Swamp Locks. 

Alger David, dyer, hou-e Pleasant street, Belvidere. 

Alger Edwin A. counsellor 55 Centra! st. boards D. Alger's. 

Alger Daniel M. hou-e 6 Warren street. 

Alien Nathan, physicim, office and house 12 Hurd street. 

Allen Mrs Lucy C. hou-e High street. 

Allen Otis L. trunk and variety store, (]9 Mer. st. h. Paige st 

Allen J. bookseller and binder, 134 Mer. st. house Paige st. 

Allen John, porter at Merrimack liou^e. 

Allen Wm. Mer. Print works, house 76. 

Allen Hiram, Suffolk, boards 27. 


Allen John P. Ham. C, R. boards J. P. Norton's. 

Allen Ephraim, i\ppletcn, boards 3. 

Allen James, iMacli. shop, boards Mrs Emma Sargent's. 

Allen VVm. machmist, boards Eeiijamin Holts. 

Ames Seth, counsellor, corner Cen. and Hurd, st h. Law. sU 

Ames VVm. clerk at Charles A. Nichols. 

Ames Seth C. physician, houc?e and otHce 132 Mer. street 

Ames T. (& Co.) Jiierchant tailor 5u Central st. h. Law. &t. 

Ames John, at Leonards, boards Ciiarles Way's. 

An:iei Moses E. at Day. C. & W's boards A. Boynton's-. 

Ambrose, , Lawrence, boards 40. 

Ambrose A. D. mason, boards Jona. Weeks'. 

Anderson James, porter and beer, shop and house Mar. st. 

Anderson Peter, paymaster, Aiitix, house Gor. st. Grove hill. 

Anderson S. Middlesex, boards 40 Church street. 

Andrews John, Middlesex, house cor. And. and Fay. sts. 

Andrews W. H. clerk 148 Mer. st. boards F. li. Hardy'e. % 

Andrews D. E. clerk 148 Mer. st. boards F. H. Hardy's. ^ 

Andrews Daniel, boarding- h. Brick Block, Gorham st. 

Andrews \Vm. F. Hamilton, house oil 

Andrews John H. Hamiltun, Ijoards bO'. 

Andrews Mark, house 24: Appleton. 

Andrews Nath'i, soap works How. st. h. Middlesex street. 

Andrews, , machine shop, boards Moses Davis. ' 

Andrews Ephraim, overseer, machine shr.p, h. Sutiolk street. 
Anley Henry, Lowell, boards Oliver Wyman's. 
Annan John, Middlesex, boards 2{') Hurd street. 
Annan John, Hamilton, house 7 Middlesex Place. 
Annis Rollins B. laborer, house Davis btreet. 
Appleton Charles T. Agent Lowell bleachery, h. xMoore st* 
Appleton Isaac L. livery stable, houcoand stable Lee street. 
Appleton Isaac, cab driver, boards J. A. Maynard's. 
Arlm N. painter, 7 Central st. house Nesmilh street. 
Arlin Daniel, ^uiibik, boards A. S. Hurlbut's. 
Armstrong Hiram, Hamilton, hou.-e 10 Hurd street. 
Arnott James, carpet weaver, boards Daniel Davis'. 
Ashley Henry S. Boott, boards J. R. Smith's. 
Ashton Joseph D. Locks & Canals, house Lowell street 
Ashton Hezekiah, Lawrence, house middle street 
Ashton Stephen, machine shop, house 15 Swamp Locks. 
Ashworth James, flannel mills, boards Pi. Spencer's. 
Ashworth George, block printer, hou^e Cioss street 
Atherton Wm. Merrimack, hou.>c Dutton street J 

Atherton Thomas, Merrimack Print works, house 36. 
Atkinson Charles, Middlesex, boards Asa VV lison's. 


Atkinson J. V. sup. City Hall, house Appleton street. 

Atwood Warren, Boott, boards 53. 

Atwood Mrs Mehitable, house Lowell street. 

Atwood B. E. carpenter, house Middlesex stroet. 

Austin Henry E. file cutter, house High street. 

Austin John, teamester, hou^e FayettP street 

Austin Edward M. stone cutter, boards 1. Hosmer's. 

Austin Mrs A. A. hou-e 44 Merrimack. 

Austin Ira, boards Mo-es Sanborn's. 

Austin Isaac, overseer Middlesex, house Warren street. 

Austin George, at. H. Nutts, boards Isaac Austin's. 

Austin George, Middlesex, boards George H. Smith's. 

Austin Samuel, at Whipple's, boards J. M. Swift's. 

Austin I^aac, house West .-treet. 

Austin Mrs Caroline, house 8 Church street. 

Averill Joseph, machine shop, boards Wm. P. Short's. 

Avery John, Agent Hamiton mills, house Appleton street 

Avery John, Lawrence, boards 42. 

Avery David, at O. Ross', house Market street. 

Ayer J. H. B. surveyor lumber, house Lowell street 

Ayer J. C. apotheciry and drug-gist 84 Cen. st bds. Stone h. 

Ayer Pearley, mach. Boott, boards A. K. Kelley's. 

Ayer D. M. Massachusetts, boards 26. 

Ayer M. M. house 26 Massachusetts. 

Ayer D. 

Ayers Wm. at Wm. E. Emery's, boards Mrs Kenniston's. 

Avers Wm. cordwainer, boards O. F. Keniston's. 

Ayers Elias, at Norris stable Warren street, bds, Norris'. 

Ayers Josiah, Boott, boards Martin Reeds Central Vil. 

BABBITT E. at 17 Merrimnck st. boards E. T. Brigham's. 

Babbitt John, boards E. C. Blanchard's. 

Babcock C. A. clerk, Lowell, boards Mrs P. Brazer's. 

Babcock, Lowell, boards L 

Babcock Charles J. clerk, Lowell, boards Mrs Brazer's. 

Bacon Jnmes, blacksmith, boards S. Pickering's. 

Bicon Francis, machine irhop, boards Joel Williams'. 

Badger S. Jr. variety store, 51 Merrimack st. boards 7 Ham. 

Badger, Merrimack, boards 62. 

Badger Wells, Merrimack, boards 62. 

Badger Obadiah, teamester, house Brewery Court 

Bad.rer, Hugh, Mach shop, h. 31 Swamp Locks. 

Bagley, A C. (Powers &) 23 Cen. st h. Market street 

Bagley, MrsC, boarding house, Bartlett st 

Bagley, H. O. Hamilton print works, b. 47 


Bagley S. G. (^ Butler) dress making and straw work, 4 1-2 

John street, boards 47 Himilton. 
Bagley John, laborer, house Adams street. 
Bailey G. VV. at 11 Mer. st boards J. T. Perry's, Cen. Vil. 
Bailey Mrs A. house Merrimack street, Belvidere. 
Bailey James, ostler at D S. Inorail's. 
Bailey C. L. (French, T. & Co ) boards Jotham S. French's. 
Bailey Rufus, Merrimack, boards 62. 
Bailey Mrs P. house Hanover street. 

Bailey David, teamesterat VV. and S. McFarlin's, h. Pawst. 
Bailey Nathan, Middlesex, house Paw st near the falls. 
Bailey Lominii, at C. &, M's boards Mrs S. Merrill's. 
Bailey Manas'h, shoe shop. War. st house rear Jud. Locke's. 
Bailey Ira. Middlesex, boards 65 Churh street. 
Bailey Leonird, te;, house App'eton street 
Bailey B. F. laborer, boards Leonard Bailey s. 
Bailey Herbert, overseer Ham. house South street. 
Bailey Heny, m ichine shop, board - Mrs F. VV. Miller's. 
Bailey Maik, Hamilton, house Middlesex street. 
Bailey Benja nin, carpenter, house Middlesex street. 
Bailey James, Appleton, house Middlesex street. 
Bailey Levi P, house Dutton street. 
Baker Henry, at Freeman's, boards W. Freeman's. 
Baker Mrs L C. house Lowell street. 
Baker Sam'l R. at D. C. Brown's, boards 2 Appleton, 
Baker Wm. Lowell, house Chapel street. 
Baker Amos, carpenter, house Summer street. 
Baker Stephen, carpenter, boards \V^ C. Spalding's. 
Baker Sam'l R. reed fact»ry, boards 2 Appleton. 
Baker Jabez, Lks & Cls. foundary, bds Mrs VV. Hawley's. 
Baker Thomas, Lowell, house Centre street, Cen. Vil. 
Baker Mis?, nurse, house Central street Chapel Hill. 
Balch C. H clerk Boott Counting Room, boards 24. 
Balch Daniel, overseer Boott, house 32. 
Balcom VV. A, cierk at 42 Merrimack st. bds W. Balcom's. 
Balcom David, clerk 98 Mer. street, boards Wra. Balcom 'h. 
Balcom Jonas, house 22 Massachusetts. 
Balcom V irnum, carpenter, house and shop opp. Adams st. 
Balcom Wm. yeoman, house Lowell street. 
Bilcom George W. at T. Steven's Restorator. 

Baldwin . machine shop, boards Joel Williams'. 

Baldwin L. S. Hamilton, house 50. 

Bildwin EJson, boards at W. C. Adams. 

Baldwin M. at Tarr, H and M's, house Cen. at, Chapel Hill , 



Baldwin H. E. (& S. C.) pub. Adv. and Pat. 48 Central et. 
Baldwins. C. (H. E. &) editor Adv. and Pat. 48 Central 

street, house Bart street Belvide re. 
Baldwin James, at 48 Central st. boards S. C. Baldwin's. 
Ball Nathaniel, Lawrence, boards 41. 
Ball B. W. law student, boirds American house. 
Ballard Rpv. Joseph, iiouse Liwrence stie<;t. 
Ballard Nuthan. carpenter, house Warren street. 
Ballard S. F. house Winter street. 
Ballard Jjicob, atlWhippe's. ho:irds A. J. Brown's. 
Baljon Hosea, at Mii h lel Mono-an's. 
Bamford H. Hamilton, bonrds E Severance's. 
Bancroft Selwin, (& Co.) W. I. Goods, store and h. Mar. st 
Bancroft J. Dep. tiShfT, 49 Cen street, house Market street. 
Bangs J. W. (& D.) tinworkers 115 Central st. h. Union st. 
Bangs D. (J. W. &) 1 15 Central st, boards J. W. Bangs'. 
Bappe Lewi-! A , ho:\^e L<Hve}l >tre t. 
Barber Charles H. house Fayette steet. 
Barbour Horace, overseer Ma-sachu.-etts, house 55. 
Barclay Cvrns P. carrenter. hruse Pii.e street. 
Bardwell Enoch, at L\ A. Co'burifs, hou.-e {School street 
Barker S. Jr. ( Baxter &) Q20 Mer, st. bds Mrs L. C. Baker's. 
Barker Samuel, house 64 Lawrence. 
Barker S. P. machinist, bo irds h\ O. FiHeld's, 
Barker Richard, lib- rer, house Paw. street, near foot falls. 
Barker John C. bobbin maker, boards N.B. Merrill's. 
Barker Ji-m. at G. W. Nor.i >' livery stnble and house. 
Barker Cyrus, mech. mills, house Clhurch street rear 31. 
Barker S. P. Jr. tuachinist, boan.'s E. O. Filield's. 
Barnard B. F. confocti nuy Mer. st Bel. bds. J. Barnard's. 
Barnard Jona. ston*' 1 ly r, house Davidson street 
Barnard H. R. ma^on/bo^rd ^ J. i?arnard's. 
Barnard Ezekiel, house Kirk L ne. 

Barnard John R. liowoll Blechery, hou^e Bloachery street 
Barnes H. H. tai'or it l>. H. ^^eius, iiouse Baitlett street. 
Barns Mrs E. II. t lilo e>s 40 Ctuitra! st. house Cen. Vil. 
Barnes Mrs A. boii-dijuj hou-^e VI Boott. 
Barnes Thomas Z Lawrence ho irds G Tremont. 
Barnes Mrs NarKv. houdin.: hou e Green street. 
.P^arnes .loseph, Mi Idlese.x, bonds Mrs N. Barnes'. 
Biirnes Danir^h h ard- iVJr.-s N Micy Birnes'. 
B.^rney Miss M. S niill n'^ry an ' fancy goods 87 Mer. st. 
Birr Andrew, m.e ch t i-o.-, 47 Mer ^t. house Birt st BeL 
Bar: John, boots, s'.o: 3 7 Mer. st ii liart. cor. Alder st. 


Barr Cummirps, stone mason, house Lowell st opp Hospital. 
Barr Thomas, (& Co) woolen prints, near Hale's mills, houso 

Goiham street. 
Barrett John, stone layer, boards J. Austin's, 
Barrett Is^uac, overseer Bontt, liou^e 1. 
Barrett Dustin, Boott, boards 9. 
Barrett Daniel, Lawrence, house 34. 

Barrett , Merrimack, boards 49. 

Barre;t Charles, at C. & M's. bo.^rds C. T. Barrett's. 

Barrett James, Hamilton, house VViiliam street. 

Barrett Patrick, Machine shop. Louse Fenwick street 

3iarion C. Merrimack print works, house (:8. 

Barron J. Merrunack piint works, hou^e i:]4. 

Binon George, Hamilton, boards E. Stc. Daniels'. 

BirsLo'.v Henry, house Hurci street. 

Baitie Alvin, caipei;ter, boards Merrimack strret Belvidere. 

Burs.intee J. stocking weaver, botiids J. H. Watson's. 

Bartli Daniel, barber at Cadmus' boards at Cadmus'. 

Bartlett Homer, Agent Mass. and Prescott mills, house 

High street square. 
Baitlett i\iiss, t acher, boards J. S. Rn^-sel's. 
Bartlett Albion, carpeiiter, boards M, Nowlton'a 
Bartctt W. B. house 39 Massachusetts. 
BartleU G. L. Mast:achusetts, boards 19. 

Bartlett , Merrimack, hoards (;5. 

Bartlett Mis H. D. house 94 Merrimack. 

Baitlett Nathmiel, house 123 Merrimack. 

Bartlett D. F. Suffolk, boards 143 Aienimack. 

Buitleti Stephen, Lawn nee, house 17. 

Bartlett Syivanus, Suffolk, boards 27. 

Bartlett i . v** uffolk, house 7. 

Bartlett Matthias blacksmith, house Warren street. 

Bartlett Enoch, Middlesex, boards 8Hurd street. 

Baitlett David, Hamiltc.n, boards Harvey Newton's. 

Bartlett Edward, paii.ter, hou.-e La^\rG^ce street. 

Bartlett Charjcey C. Appleton. house Marshall street. 

Bartlett M. J (& Pattin M. M.) dre^s maker, shop and house 

Middlesex stieet. 
Barton George, at Flnnnel mill, hcuse Watrr street. 
Barton Geoige, clerk fi3 Merrimack st, hoiiids J] John st. 
Bascom 'V , W 1. Goods 178 Mer. st, h. cor. Mer. & Cab.sts. 
Bascom Wm. hats, caps, boots & shoes 188 Meirnmack st. 

boards E. Sandborn's. 
Bassett Simon, carpenter, boards S. F. Clennenr's. 
Batchelder David, Merrimack print works, boards 08. ^ 


Bitchelder James C. house 21 Suffolk. 

Batchelder John, Lawrence, boards 26 Suffolk. 

Bitchelder Stephen, Tremoni, house 9. 

Batchelde: John, Middlesex, boards Timothy Weeks'. 

Batchelder E. VV. house Appleton stre. t 

Bates Benj. P. Massachusetts, boards 19. 

Bates Giiead, M^ssachuietts, boards 19. 

Battles A. S. clerk at W. Wyman's, house Charles street 

Battles C. M. clerk at 144 Merrimack st. bds 17 Tremont. 

Battles Cyru-!, overseer Tremont, house 17. 

Battles C. F. p lymaster Tremont. bd-i. T. L. P. Lamson's. 

Battles F. B Tremont C. R. boards 27. 

Baxter H. J. Merch. tailor, 33 Central st. h. cor. Chesnut 

and Willow street. 
Baxter G (& Barker) fruit &c. 220 Mer. ?t h. Willow st. 
Baxter D. D. {&l Snow) dry goods 80 Central st h. Centre st. 
Bay ley VVyman, Stoves &c. 9 Mer. st, boards M. Johnson's. 
Bean S. P. boirdinor house, 10 Merrimack st, Belvidere. 
Bean W. H. mason, boards 1.52 Merrimack. 
Bean Alvah, Lawrence, boards 26. 
Bean Caleb N. house 31 Lawrence. 
Bean Albert, Merrimack, boards 19. 
Bean George J. Merrimack, house 31. 
Bean Benjamin, bo irds N. Watson's. 
Bean Miss Hannah, boarding h. Cen. opp Charles street. 
Bean E F. at Wm Living's, house Middlesex street. 
Bean James, job wagon, house Middlesex street. 
Bean Loammi, Appleton, boards Samuel S. Green's. 
Bean Amos, s!one layer, h( use near Hales' miils. 
Bean Wm. c irpenter, house School street. 
Bean Samuel, yeoman, house School street. 
Bearce George. L and C. tbunjry, boards Joseph Bearce'a. 
Bearce Joseph, L. and C. foundry, house Marshall street. 
Beard Ithamar A. paymaster Lowell Union, h cor. Gor. st. 
Baard I. W. (Knowles ^) counselor (51 On. st. h. App. st. 
Board Wm lab )rer, boirds 46 Church street. 
Beard Samuel, M issichusetts, house Centre st. Cen. Village. 
Beck Samuel, tin and sheet iron, Mer. sq. house Lowell st. 
Bedoe Moses, stone cutter, boards 44 Church street. 
Badlow George W. clerk at 142 Mer. st. bds, J. Bedlow's. 
Bedlow J overseer repair shop, Lawrence, house 66. 
Bell Granville, Locks v"t Canils, boards 26 Hurd street 
'Bell John, Hiniilton, boards Mrs Esley's 
Bell Wm. clerk at Wm. Precott's. house High street 
Bell xlev. Win. house Nesmith street 


Bell C. G. clerk at B. T. Hardy's, boards at Wm. Beirs. 
Bell Charles, at ^88 IVlerriniack st. boards 10 Adaiiie block. 

Bell , Lawrence, boaids 32. 

Bellows S. M. (Norton &) printer 44 bdsE. Fifield'ai 
Bennet Samuel, Scl)col,INes>mJth's block, boards C. Yourg's. 

Bemis , boards Heniy Osgood's. 

Bennett John, civil enjiineer, house Hurd street. 

Bennett VV. S. merch tailor, 1 1 Cen. st. h. Chesnut, street 

Bennett Wilder, nrnison, house Menimack street. Eelvidere. 

Bennett J. A. printer at 82 Central sre t, bds. J. Bennett's* 

Bennett Amos C. TreiDont, house Suffolk street. 

Bennett Mrs Mary, boarding house, 2 George street. 

Benson Samuel, carpenter, Howe street, house High street. 

Benson Hiram, Merrimack print works, boards 62. 

Benson Lyman, Merrimack print works, boards 62. 

Benson Hazelton, pedlar, boards James Rays\ 

Bent Charles, (& Bush) hais & caps 80 Cen. st. h. And. st 

Bent Charles Jr. at B & B s boards Charles Bent's. 

Bent Samuel, Massachusetts, house CO. 

Bergin George, stone layer, boards Abiel Holt's. 

Berrian Patrick, Hamilton, house Gorham, cor. Winter st 

Berrick Hannonius, at Cus ^ Macks, house Cady street. 

Berrick H. F. at C. & M's. house Cen. st. Chapel Hill. 

Berrick James H. painter 7 Cen. st, h. Centre st Cen. Vil. 

Berry A. clerk at 144 Merrimack st. boards Mrs Robinson'a. 

Berry Wm. H. (& Co ) printer 5(i Central street. 

Berry James, Massachusetts, bnards 2L 

Berry Franklin, Massachusetts, boards 21. 

Berry Elisha, at mechanic mills, boards Luke Nichols'. 

Berry Moses, at Whipples. boards A. .T. Brown's, 

Berry T. D carpenter, boards C. W. Wilkins". 

Besse Jo-eph V. bath house Market street, bds. Johnson's. 

Bickford Simeon, Lowell, boards J. P. Goodwin's. 

Bickford James, Lowell, house Dutton street. 

Bickford Jas, Merrimack, house 13L 

Bickford Wm. at O. M. Whipples, boards J. Tilton's. 

Bickford Thomas, at Whipples', house Whipple street. 

Bickford George W, Middlesex, house cor. Gor. and Win. st 

Bickford Bradley, blacksmith, boards J. Leithers'. 

Bickford David, at A. Crane's, house mill street. 

Bickford Mrs Minerva, house Lewis street. 

Bickett Alexander, Lowell, boards 24. 

Bicknell Thomas, mason, house Bartlett street, Belvidere. 

Bicknell Andrew, laborer, boards 11 Tremont. 

Bicknell John, Lowell, house Lowell street. 


Bicknell Samnel, Massachusetts, boards J. Bicknell'Sr 

BidwGil J. S. Massichusetts, boards 37. 

Eigrgers Stephen, Midd'es.-x, house Water street 

Billing's John (Robbins &.) livery stable, and house Low. bU 

Billino's Misses A <Si D millinery 70 Mtr. st. h. Kirk st. 

Bird Miss Amanda, house Tyler street. 

Bird Miss Julta, millinery 100 Centrist house Tyler street 

Bisbee Ira, at White and Puffer's, house Union street 

Bisbee Mrs Louisa, boarding house William street 

Bissell Tyler, butter dealer, house '^72 Merrimack street. 

Bissel Edward, machine shop, boards T. Bisssrs. 

Bissel , Merrimack, boards l9, 

Bixby Dan. (& Whitincr) booksellers 142 Mer. st.bds Stone h, 

Bixby Thos. (& Michols) leather, opp P. O. h. Midx. street. 

Blackmer Warren, piinter, boards at W. Rickers'. 

Blair Hugh, boards at M. Griffin's. 

Blair Wni. tiilDr 78 C^niral street, boards S. Miller's, 

Blair Lafayette, Abbott's John street boards 3 1 Hamilton. 

Blaisdell H. G. law student boards W. IJliisdell's. 

Blaisdell W. A. painter, Hartiett street bds W. Blaisdeir»» 

Blaisdell T. C. city watch, house Gorhatn street 

Blaisdell Arthur, carpenter, boards Malan Snow's. 

Blake Joseph (Hutchins &) dry goods, boirds 4 John street. 

Blake W. F. at 9.) Merrim ick st^ boards D. Lougee's. 

Blake W. Merrimack, house 1C8. 

Blake Jedediah, boards 14 'J^remont. 

Blike Samuel, laborer, house Pawiucket street 

Blake Lyman, pedlar, boards 48 Church street. 

Blake Wm. cordwainer, bcard.s D. Lougee's. 

Blake John H. boots and shoes, Midx st house Eltn street. 

Blake Mrs !-etsey R. house 14 Appleton. 

Blanchard Rev. Anxs, house Kirk stn et 

lilanchard A. clerk at 39 Mer. street boards A. G. Wing's. 

Blanchard H & C. dress maker's 24 Cen. st bds. IG Hurdst 

Blanchard M^s C. house 58 Massichusetts. 

Blanchard C. W. overseer, Massachusetts, house 9. 

Blanchard E. C. carpenter, house Middle st'eet 

Blanchard Wm. D Locks & Canals, boards C. Spoffi^rd'a. 

Blanchard Aaron L. Locks & Canals, boards C. Spofford's. 

Blanchard C. F ( ^. Co) flour dealer 6 and 10 Hurd street. 

Blethel Jolm N. Miildlesex, house Warren street 

Bliss Mrs L house Suffolk street 

Bliss Phileius, macl.ine shop, boards J. Lamb's. 

Blithen Abel C Midllesex. hous^ Water street 

Blodgett Wilder, Lowell, boards Mrs Elizabeth Davis'. 


Blodget Miss C. A. nu se, at D. Sanborn's Warren street. 

Blood Samuel boards Mrs Hodirdun's Andover street. 

Blood JJ. F. counsellor Man's block, Central street. 

Blood Joseph, driver at 7 Central street house Midx atreet. 

Blood Mis.s E, millinery 2t0 M ;rrimacl< street, h. Low, at. 

Blood Simuel, M issachusetts, hoirds 37. 

Blood Andrew overseer Boott, house 25. 

Blood Lewis C. Merrimack, boirds 65. 

Bluod John. Merrimack, house 34. 

Blood Mrs E. VV. house Lowell street. 

Blood Artemis, Locks and Cm Us, boirds 7 Hurd street 

Blood Sjwall, Locks & Canals, boards 7 Hurd street. 

Blood Benj. at Whipple's, boards J. H. Swift's. 

Blood Asi i5. c:\rpenter, house Middlesex near School st 

Blood Joel, VV. I. GjoJs, Thorndike st bdsD Livinorston'e. 

Blood Langdon, Locks & Canals, house Marrion street. 

Blunt As I, Tremont, boards 4. 

Blyth Henry, variety store, shop and house Market street. 

Boardniau L. H. at 1 14 Central st boards Samuel Meserve's. 

Board man Am s, house 40 Lawrence. 

Boardmin VV. E Boott, house Centre st. Central Village. 

Boas 'Thorn IS, barb -r, house An lover street. 

B )dvvell Enoch, blackSiuith, house School street. 

Bohono.i S unael, livery and house Gorhim street, 

Boise Daniel, carpenter, hoards Mrs Emma Sargent's. 

Boise L. D. m >rch. tailor 34 Cen. st. h. Centre st. Cen. Vil. 

Bolan John, laborer, house Middle street 

Bolton xMichiel, laborer, h )U-e High street. 

Bolton Alden, at Snow's tbunlry, boirds Mr? H, Daniels*. 

Bolton Sibin, cirpenter, bonds VVillard Smith's. 

Bond Dudley Y. Middlesex, boards 35 Central street. 

Bond Leonard, Massachusetts, boards 4. 

Bond Mrs Nancy, house Market street. 

Bonney Milt m, bookseller 35 Merrimack st h. Chesnut cor. 

_VVillow street 
Bonney C. milliner and dressmaker 85 Mer. street 
Bonney A P. clerk 35 Mer. st bd>. at Milton IJonneyV 
Bonney Eleazer, Lks & Cls foun. bds Mrs F. VV. Miller's. 
Booth N ithmiel, barber 1 mech. block, Dutton street 
Booth Wm. Lowell, house Carpet Lane. 
Boswort'i James D. at D. Kittredgi's, boirds 17 Ham. 
Bowden Abrahim, boards James M. Little's. 
Bowen 'I'imothy, boirds at W. Wym in's. 
Bowers William, house 5 David-on street. 
Bov/ers F. H. T. overseer Tremont, house Race street. 


Bowers Jonathan, house Pawtncket street. 

Bowers Jonathan, Jr. at Jonathan l!o^ver's. 

Bowers George, clerk at G. P. Elliot's, boards J. Bower^s. 

Bowers James, house Pawtucket stieet 

Bowers John, carpenter, house Sufiblk street. 

Bowers Thaddeus G. carpenter, boards Jas. Coburn's. 

Bowers Isaac P. teamester, house Gor. st. S. of Hales milla. 

Bowles Wm. Lowell, boa ds ]. 

Bowman Jame^, Agent cotton wasteji. Mer. cor. High street. 

Boyden Mrs J. H.iaoarding house 8 Merrimackst. Uelvidere. 

Boydon Mrs Harrif t, hoube 1 Lowell. 

Boydon H. W. at Lowe 1, G. R. boards L 

Boynton Samuel, house 10 Lawrence. 

Boynton Isaac, cordwainer, boards 3 Lowell. 

Boynton B. F. Lowell, h(! *<25. 

Boynton John, at E. Fifields. bo irds A. Boynton's. 

Boynton Amos, boarding house. Union house. 

Boynton Amos R. med'l student, boards A. Boynton 's. 

Boynton Gardner, at Whipples', Whipple street. 

Boynton Samuel, painter, boards S. Pickering's. 

Boynton George, painter, house Adams stieet. 

Boyse Abram, laborer, boards John Thomas'. 

Boyse David, laborer, boards John Thomas'. 

Brabrook George T. furniture 44 Cen. st. bds. 104 Mer. st 

Brabrook J. A. harness maker Marki t st. house Church st 

Brackett John, carpenter, boards J. Osgood's. 

Brackett S. R. carpenter, Howe street, house Bartlctt street 

Brackett Mrs E. A. boarding house, 20 Boott 

Brackett Samuel, Boott, boards 53. 

Brackett George, stone layer, house Lowell opp Adams st. 

Brackett Cephas, Middlesex, boards Thomas Curry's. 

Bradley Mrs Lydia, house High street. 

Bradley Daniel, book binder, boards D. Bradley's Cen. ViL 

Bradley H. A. millinery and fancy go-ids 78 Merrimack st. 

Bradley Wm. Merrimack print works, house 77. 

Bradley George, at Pennin-iton's Mcrket st. boards 77 Mer. 

Bradley J. B:ooks, roll coverer, Cabot st. opp Stone house. 

Bradley Thomas. Lowell, bds. Mrs Mary Diggles'. 

Bradley Caleb, at C. & Macks, boards Asa Parker's. 

Bradley James, Merrimack, house Dummer street. 

Bradshaw John A machine shop, house Dummer street. 

Bradshaw J. straw bonnets, shop and house Dummer st. 

Bradstreet W., W. L Goods, boards 10(i Merrimack street, 

Bradt Daniel, dry goods 36 Mer. st. boards Wash, house. 

Bradt David, (G. J. &) baker Whiting street, house same. 


Bradt G. J. (& D.) baker, house and bakery, Whiting sL 

Bragdon Georg-e, Merrimack Bleachery, house 140. 

Brainard David, at J. K. Titus' 

Brannan Thomas, Massichusatt-, h. Front st. Central Vil. 

Brastow Addison, watch maker, Wnsh. sq. bds. Wash, hoase. 

Brattlebank John, pedlar, house Andover street. 

Brazer Mrs P. boarding house, 27 Central street. 

Brazer VV. P. iiats &. caps, 47 C^'n. st. bds. Mrs. P. Brazer'a. 

Brazel Michael, laborer, house Howe street. 

Bray Cummings, house Merimack street, Belvidere. 

Breck Mrs Lucy, house ]'20 Merrimack. 

Breed Hen y K. provisions, store and house 36 Church st. 

Breed I. R. (& H. G ) shoe and variety, shop and h. Til. st. 

Breed H. G ([. B. &) shoe & variety. Til. st. bds. I B Breed's. 

Briar Wm. yeoman, hous^ Pine street. 

Bride Rnfus VV. painter, house Middlesex street. 

Bride James. Merrimack print works, house Lowell street. 

Bridge Mrs R. G. house 77 Central street. 

Bridge Erastus, Boott, house 8. 

Bridge Ciiarles, at J. A. Bradbrook's, house 77 Central st. 

Bridge Charles, harness maker, shop War. st. h. Union st. 

Bridge Mrs Christian, house Warren street. 

Bridge Thomas, Merrimack, house Jefferson street. 

Bridges Levi, Tremont, boards 4. 

Bridges Harrison, l>. ^: L. R. R. boards E G Drown's. 

Brigham E. T. bookseller, 61 Merrimack st. house Mar. st. 

Brigham W. F. michinist, Massachusetts, house 48. 

Brigham D. P. overseer Merrimack, iiouse llO. 

Brigham Mrs Sarah, boarding house Market street. 

Brigham Luther, physician, boards Washington house. 

Brigham James, laborer, house Pleasant street. 

Briggs John, at Wm. E. Emerys, boards L D. Emerson's. 

Briggs Joseph, Middlesex, boards 2 George street. 

Briggs Simeon, Hamilton, boards Harvey Newton's. 

Briggs Andrew, Hamilton, boards Amos Willoughby's. 

Briggs George, Hamilton, house 45. 

Briggs Simeon, Hamilton, boards 25. 

Briggs Alan^on, Boott, house Front street, Central Village. 

Bright Joseph, butcher, house Lawrence street. 

Brinsley Frederick, barher. shop and house Com square. 

Britton Preston, Lks & Cl's foundry, house Middlesex st. 

Brock William, board iug house, Warren street. 

Brodley George, boards Timothy G. Tweed's. 

Brodley C. L. at C & Mack's, boards Union house. 

Brogden Samuel, Suffolk, boards J. Shepards. 


Brooks A. L. lumberyard, mech. mills, house Lawrence 8t. 

Brooks Ira, city watchman, h -use Mooily ttreet: 

Brooks Henry C. house Crosby's Court. 

Brooks Rev. E. G. boards Ebenezer VVhitmarsh's. 

Brooks Daniel, Lks &■ Cl's, house Marrion street. 

Broger Peter, laborer, house Moody street. 

Brophy Thom-is, Lowell, house Lowell street. 

Brophy Edward, at Bent & Bush's, hoii^e Lowell street 

Brothers Ephraim, Midx, boards Mrs Augusta Carter's. 

Brown Dearborne D. stone layer, house Andover street. 

Brown William, mason, house Oak st.eet. 

Brown S. house Willow street 

Brown Abijih, pump maker Howe st. bds. L. Eastman's. 

Brown Abel, laborer, boards Harvey Snow's. 

Brown Foster, at Patterson's, bonrds John Ray's. 

Brown L compositor Courier office, house Bartlett street. 

Brown Mrs A. boarding house 1(3 Davidson street. 

Brown Mr-: M. mil inery and dress making 22 Central street, 

boards D. G. Lit efield s. 
Brown S. H. boots & shoes 114 Cen. st boards D White's. 
Brown A. R, counsellor 55 Central st. house Kirk street. 
Brown S, A. (Abbott &) counsellor's man's b. bds. Am. h. 
Brown E. K. I\Lissachusetts, boards 19. 
Brown Wm ov.^rsaer, Mas.^achusetts. house 8. 
Brown Sam-iel, overseer Poott, house G2. 
Brown Nath'jn e', i.iboier, house Freewill b. M house. 
Brown Jo!ii) B. Merrimnck print works, house 85. 
Brown Misses S & A house 127 Merrimack. 
Brown \V. B. overseer Merrimack, house 147. 
Brown S. W. Boott. house 62. 

Brown Eliph:ilet, overseer, dye house Merrimack, house 26. 
Brown Au-t n, carpenter, bo.irds hzekiel Cheli'is. 
Brown S. T. (Spalding Ot) fruit &c. city Market h. Cen. V. 
Brown B. F. mehanic mills, house Middle street. 
Brown David, Lowell, house Middle street. 
Brown Nelson S cirdwainer, boards J. Bryant's. 

JBrown , Lowell, boards Mrs Elizibetli Davis'. 

Brown Newm in, Aliddlesox, boards 4 Warren street. 
Brown D. C. resil maker, Warren street, h 57 Church street. 
Brown Bradbury, at mechanic mills, boards 2 George street. 
Brown Wm. N. Lks &• Cl's, house William street. 
Brown Job carpenter, house Warren Place. 
Brown Aaron, carpent r, h aise Church street. 
Brown Joseph, carpenter, boards Aaron Brown's. 
Brown Wm. laborer, house Davis st.eet. 


Brown Albert J, at VVhipples, house Lawrence, street. 

Brown Mrs Mary, house 8 Hamilton. 

Brown Mrs H.inivih, hou-e 4 App'eton. 

Brown Francis, Middlesex, bo trds 4 Appleton. 

Brown H. VV en<]fineer, B. & L. R R horse Middlesex st. 

Brown Amos S. teamester, house South stieet. 

Brown Benj, house Liberty street. 

Brown Ammi, teimslei-, hou->e Suffolk street. 

Brownell George, house Worthen street. 

Bruce T. teimster, boards Siitnuel Harris'. 

Bruce W. G caipenter, boards Mis. Prendertrast's. 

Brundisre C. V. N curlic^ house Union street. 

Bryan Mark 11 clerk and board at Steplien Castles'. 

Bryant Hosea B machinist, hou-e VVill..w street. 

Bryant Joseph, shoe .-hop, M:iiden Lane, house Lowell st 

Bryant Joseph, Appleton, horse G. 

Bryant Salon, Appleton. boirds 3. 

Bryant J. Henry, overseer Appleton, house 22. 

Bryant Barsa, L' s & Cl'sf. undry, boards Mrs F W Miller's. 

Bryant John P. Appleton, boards Joel Williams'. 

Bryer B nj. Massachu.setts, boa ds T. Hardy s. 

Buck Oscar, A[)p'eto i, boards Samuel Cady's. 

Buck Dexter, Lks & CI's foundry, boards P. Britton's, 

Buckley Cyrus, Appleton. boards Joel Williams'. 

Buckhind Alex mtl r, boird.-^ 13 Treti ont. 

Bucklaiid Alexander, Massachusetts, boards 19. 

Buckland Leve ett, Lowell, boirds 13 Tremont. 

Buckmiiister H. Massachuselts, bds D. H. Smitli's, Cen. Vil. 

Buckman Georo^e, boards John Favour's. 

Bullard Otis La wren e, house 42. 

Buel Austin, Suffolk, hous:^ Cabot strret. 

Bul!en George W. Suffo'k, b,)Mrd3 Mrs H. Daniels'. 

Bullens Jo eph M machine shop, house 95 Swamp Locks. 

Bumpus Goiirge, Lowell, boards Mr- S. Erigham's, 

Bunclier Ja;iies, engraver Merrimack, house 136. 

Bundy Jona. teamester, house Middlesex street. 

Bunker Wm. Merrimack. hoi>se Davidson street. 

Btmker Wm. buihling mover, house 56 Church street. 

Burbank S. (& Chase) hard ware and clothing-, 5 Central st. 

house Tyler st eet. 
Burbank E. house 44 Massachusetts. 
Burbank W. M. physician, Man's E. Mer. street Belvidere, 

boards 44 iMassachusetts. 
Burbank S Massachusetts, hous-^ 57. 
Burbank , at mechanic mills, boards 2 George street. 


Burban^c J. E. roll cover.^r, Hamilton, house Chapel street J 

Burbmlc Abnar, oversaer Himilton, hons3 41. 

Burbanic .1. A. overseer Hamilton. hou39 19. 

Burbin;- Mrs Saphia, hoiiss 19 Himilton. 

Burbink John, Applet^n, boards 3. 

Burbin!; T. \V. Appleton. house (5 Middlesex Place. 

Burgess Wm. B. L'<s & Cl's foundry, h Midx near R. R. 

Burgess H. G. pattern maker, L & C. house Lee street 

Burge^^s J. J. penny post, boards A. Wetherbee's 

Burgess Ed«'in,Lks &. Crs foundry, boards T. Lovett's. 

Burgess T. P, machins sho:i, boirds Thomas Lovett's 

Burge>s \elson, machine shop, boards Thomas Lovett's. 

Burgin Jesse, at Freeman's, house C irpet Lane 

Burgin John, Appleton, house 5 Middlesox Place. 

Burke Wm. A. AT-ent machine shop, boirds Mer. house. 

Burke John. Hamilton, house Gorham street. 

Burke Charles, atHile's mills, boirds P. Fiander'a. 

Burington John L. laborer, house Gorham street. 

Burnap Rev. U. C. house Appleton street 

Burnip E. painter fc Glizier, Birt, st house Tyler street 

Burnap F. \ at E. Burnap's, boards E Burnap's 

Burnap W H. at E Bumip's. b )ard«? E. Burnap's 

Burnbridge C. V. M. at Bixby & Nichols, house Chap hill 

Burnham S. K. boards D B Dame's 

Burham D. Men imack, hou«e Merrimack street 

Burnham Mrs Sirah, houss 3 Missachusetts 

Burnham A. R. Mussachusetts, 5. 

Burnham J. A. overseer Poott, hou-^e 31 

Burnham Mrs F. VV. house 6.1 Lawrence 

Burnham A-a, at mechanic mill?, house Warren place 

Burnham Harrison, boards .38 Church street. 

Burnham A. C, B & L R R. house Howard street 

Burnham N. merchantdise depot, boards H. Loomia* 

Burns Frank, at Sjmuel Lawrence's 

Burns Elias, Tremont, boards 14 

Burns Patrick, porter at St me house 

Burns E Iward, Locks & (Canals, house Lowell street 

Burns Thomas, house 24 Lowell 

Burns Owen, Middlesex, boards Asa Parker's 

Burns James, laborer, house Gorham .«treet 

Burns Wm. teamester, house School corner Branch street 

Btirnett Jame.s, variety, shop and house Lowell street 

Burrill S. mason, house 27 Merrimack street 

Burroughs John, Louell, house 20 

Burt , Boott, boards D. Moulton'a 


Burt Joseph A. Lawrence, house 35 

Buscom Jona, boards B. F. Lesure'a 

Bussell Luke, Tremont, house Hanover street 

Bussell William, carpenter, boards Ezekiel Chellis' 

Bussell M. W. carpenter, shop and house Charles street 

Bush F. (Eent &) hats, cnp.-!, furs SO Censt. h. App. street 

Butcher John, Merrimack print works, house 54 

Butcher Wm. Merrimack, hou-e Centre street, Cen Village 

Butler Mrs Charlotte, house J4 Centml street 

Butler Benj. F. counsellor Wy's Ex. Mer. st. h. 14 Cen st 

Butler David, Hamilton, boards P. Putnam's 

Butler Enoch, t.enmsler, house Davidson st 

Butler E M. cab driver, boards E, Butler's 

Butler C. M. (Barley &l)4 1 2 John street, bds E Eutler*« 

Butler Miss Charlotte, tailoress, hi use 44 Church street 

Butler James, B & L R R, hou.-e Dummer street 

Butler Riciiard, laborer, house ^juifolk street 

Butler James, laborer, house Lewis street 

Butterfield Jo-eph, Dep ShffMans b. Cen st. h. App. street 

Butterfield Augustus, Lawrence, house Chesnut .street 

Butterfield George A. counsellor FJam b. bds J. Butterfield*8 

Butterfinld Franklin, at Ham. print works, bds. J Butterfield'* 

Butterfield Lowell, stone layer, house near Pound 

Butterfield Theodore, yeoman, house Hale street 

Bntters George, mason, boards J. Barnard's 

Butterworth John, cordwainer, house Water street 

Buttrick A. W. (&- Co) W. I. Good.^, Market st, h 

Buttrick A B. (A. W. B & Co) boards A. W. Buttrick'a 

Buttrick John A. City treasurer, h. Gorst, Grove hill 

Buttrick Samuel P. Hamilton, house Union street 

Buttrick Nathan, overseer Hamilton, house Central street 

Buttrick John, machine shop, house Grand street 

Buttrick Grovesnor, machme shop, house 9 Swamp Locks 

Cadmus J. E, barher Man's block Market st, h Willow street 

Cady Lyman, mason, hou'^e Cady street 

Cady Charles, boards H. C. Tafi's 

Cady Samuel, mason, house ApplEton street 

Cady Jacob, laborer, house Liwrence street 

Cahall Patrick, laborer, house Lowell street 

Cahey Peter, at Riciimond's, house North street 

Cahalan John, B. «fc L. R. R house, Dummer street, 

Calef Miss Nancy, house. 30 Boott 

Calef James, at planing mach. Middle st, h. 88 Mer, 

Calef F. B. at planing mach, Mid st, bds. Dr. Mowe'» 


Calef Solomon, mech. mills, house, 40 Ch. st 

Calef Daac, met-h. mills, bds. Aaron Brown's 

Calef Ebenezer N. at platiinir inicliine, M dx st 

Calef Asa F. at planm;r machine, bds. E. N. Calef 'a 

Caldwell P. at D. Danas, bo srds D. Folsom's 

Caldwell Henry, Boott, boards 4(> 

Caldwell James, machine shop, boards Mrs P. Underwood's 

CiilduellMrs C. h()U-;e School street 

Call Royal, hou.>e Middlesex opposite Grand street 

Call J. C. ISuffolk, house 22 

Callender Miss E. A. millinery, 33 Cen. st, bds 111 Mer st 

Callery Thorn is, at 'M Cen st, hoards J. Connelley's 

Caley Law.ence, laborer, housa Lewis street 

Cambridijje Joseph M. wood ware, hons? iNesmith street 

Campbell Jaines, Merrimack, hou-e Lewis street 

Campbell P. P. physician, Snuth's b. office & house Mark st 

Campbell Archicald, at Freeman's, iiouse Howe street 

Campbell John, machine shop, board-s G Swamp Locks 

Cannedy Edson, Lawrence, boards 42 

Canfield Charles, carpenter, board-; A. Dennison's 

Canfield A. I). Lawrence, boards 5;3 

Cannon James, Massachus -tts, hoii-e Merrimack stBelvidere 

Cannon John, porter at Merrimack honsj 

Carey Thorn is, W. F. Goods, shop an 1 house Lowell street 

Carey Ormmd, Boott, boirds Cha.les Spolibrd's 

Carey Luther, house Carpet Lane 

Carey Michael, laborer, house Govham street 

Cavender Moody, Boott, hou-e 29 

Carfrill David, at Benj imin Days, boards M. Lorinjs* 

Carkin Asa, wood, wharf and hou-e PautiK'ket street 

Carleton G. H. [&. Co) drug-irlsi;, city hall, tious^ Gorham st, 

Grove hill 
Carleton Luther \V. {k Whitney) painter, Mar st, h Elm st 
Carleton John, ma-on. boards Newell Wood s 
Carleton Jacob, whitesmith 75 Cen st, iijjkse Chapel street 
Carleton George H. carpenter, boirJs (VAppletou 
Carleton E. G! boot and shoe maker Midx st, h. cor Grand 

and Forrest street 
Carleton William, mason, house Middlesex street 
Carleton Steph m. carpenter, ^hop and house Middlesex gt 
Carleton George R. Appleton, hou-e Marslidl street 
Carleton John, machine shop, boards C> Swamp Locks 
Carleton George, clerk at F. B. Suijom s, house Sufi st 
Carleton MargaVet, house Fenwick vStieet 
Carl Francis, carpenter, boards J. Goodwin's 


Carl Edmund, carpenter, boards J. Goodwin's 

Carll James, pumps, mechnnic mills, house Ash street 

Carll John, Middlesex, house Warren street 

Carmichel VVm. Lowell, board^Wm. Farrell's 

Carney James G. Cash'r J.owell Bank, house Pawtucket 8t 

Carney Hanora, house Lowell street 

Carney John, pianist, house Lewis f^treet # 

Carney John, Hamilt n pri; t works, boards Jamea Oneill's 

('arney Thomas, Lowell Bleacheiy, hcu-e Wivter street 

Carpenter Joseph, at 112 (.'en .^t house Howard street 

Carpenter John D Massachu-ietts, house Wer st, Belvidere 

Carpenter John, Merrimack, house J.fferson street 

Cur Francis, Bootr, hou-e High street 

Carr Newell, bobbin maker at h niter's, hoiise Fayette street 

Carr J. iS. at Tarr, H & Ms, boards John Carr's 

Carr , Boott, house 5.> 

Carr James Lowell, boards James CNeiil's 
Carr John S. stone m:i-on, fionse steet 

Carr , at H. Howard's, bo ;rds J. C. D .vis' 

Carroll Nathan, t-amester, boards 45 Mp<sachusett3 

Carroll Edwin, Massachusetts, hoards II) 

Carroll, laborer, hou-e Fen wick street 

Carroll Miles, house Lewis street 

Carson Joseph, Middlesex, bon ds Oliver Wyman's 

Carter Charles N. at Smith <fe Nichol.-^, hou-e Hanover et 

Carter N.ithan, Newburyport Stage, boards Alerrimack house 

Carter J. M. variety & confection iry shop &l h 226 JVler st 

Carter W. F. Lawrence, house 4.'J 

Carter Tiiomas, Lowell, boards Oliver VVymnn's 

Carter E. (Tilton &) W. L Goods, mech b. house 4 John st 

Carter George B. Middlesex, boards Augusta Carters 

Carter Mrs Augusta, house William v^tit-et 

Carter Charles H. Middlesex, boards jMrs A. Carter's 

Carter Wm. M. mechanic mills, boards iVirs A. Caiter'a 

Carter Dexter, teamester, boards William Fowler's 

Carter John W. Appleton, house Summer street 

Carter Ezekiel, overseer Hamilton, hou-e 35 

Carter Daniel, yeoinan, house Gor. st, souih of Hales mills 

Carter Daniel A. butcher, boards Daniel Cartel's 

Carter Wm. clerk mach. shop, boards Mis x'^nn Carter's 

Carter Merrill, stone layer, house SufFo'k street 

Carty Michael, macliine shop, house Goihar.i stieet 

Carty Jeremiah, laborer, hduse Fenwick strt^et 

Caryl John C. trader, boards American house 

Cassey J. tailor at 19 Merrimack street 


Casher James, block printer, house Suffolk street 

Caskin Owen, Middiespx, boards Amos Boynton's 

Cass (handler, Lowe 1 bleachery, house Cnrter street 

Cassidy J. P. clerk at 116 Mer. st, boards M. Cnssidy's 

Cassidy Robert variety, shop and house 252 Merrnnack st 

Cassidy John, house Green sin-et 

Cassidy Midiaei, hbor^-r, house Gorham cor Appleton si 

Castles Stephen, VV. I. Goods, Lowell st, house Adams' st 

Caswell Hiram, B <fe L. R. R. house lAlid.llfsex street 

Caswell Geor<>e W, B & L. R. R. boards James Hanson'a 

Caswell Ches'er, laburcr, house 274 Merrimack street 

Caswell 1\'1. B. Merrimnck, house .•34 

Caswell N. H. Lowdj, house Carpet Lane 

Caswell R. B. Locks & Canals boards 5 Lowell 

Caswell S. N. mason, house 4 Lowell 

Cate Henry, pedler, boards at S. P. Bean's 

Caniihlan M. house P'enwick street 

Caulfield John, Merrimack pritil work", house Suffolk street 

Caverly R. B. couns.^llor 5(i Centrnl st, house Mer st, Bel 

Caverly Z. B. liw studpnt, boards R. B. Caverly's 

Cavenah Richard, at P.itterson'-, house Howe street 

Cavanaujh Patrick, labor»^r, hnu-e Fynwick street 

Cavenau2:h Patrick, carpenter, house Middle street 

Chadwick C. boards diaries Way's 

Chadwjck A. C. carpenter, house Lowell street 

Chamb-rlin Mrs Polly, house 4 Liwrence 

Chamberlin L A. Liwrence, boards 4 

Chamberlin Calvin, livery stable Lowell st, house Lovr. st 

Chau)berlin , Hamilton, boards 2 Hurd street 

Chamberlin Milo. at S & VV's hackery, boards N. Wilson's 

Chamberlin Ichabod, house Suff dk corner Cross street 

Chambers Cyrus, dyer Hales mills, house Gor st, near milb 

Champion Wm. N. overseer Boott, house ^6 

Chamlin Parker, laborer, hsuse Penrl street 

Champlin J. R. wood engraver 2l Cen st, bds. J. G. White's 

^ Champn' y Ebenezer, machine shop, house 14 Swamp Locks 

f Chandler P. laborer, house Fayette street 

/' Chandler Miss Mary, house 5'J Merrimack 
Chandler S. B. house J 00 Merrimack 
Chandler Samuel, Boott, board.s 53 
Chandler Ezra, house 6 Tremont ^ 
Chandler George H. Tremont C. R. boards 6 
Chandler H. L'jtvell, boards Charles Way's 
Chandler Jolui, xMerrimack, house Lowell street. 
Chandler Joel, bobbin turner mech. mills, h. W»ren place 


Chandler ■ — , Prescott mills, boards Nathaniel Hill's 

Chandler Henry, machine shop, house 42 Swamp Locks 

Chanley Michael, Merrimack, house Lowell street 

Chapin H. E. cutter at 3#Central st, boards 12 Hurd street 

Chaplin Butler, carpenter, boards James Coburn's 

Chapman Daniel, mascAhouse High street 

Chapman John, Boott,jH(pfls 53 

Chapman Jonathan T.^use Carpet Lan« 

Charick John, Lks k, Cl's, boards 113 Central street 

Charick Thomas, Lks & Cl's, boards 113 Central street 

Charity Lewis, baker at G. J. &: David Bradt's 

Charles A. Middlesex, house 26 Church street 

Charnley T. house 83 Merrimack 

Charters O. E. carpet weaver, boards Alvin Dudley's 

Chase John H. merchant tailor, 3 Central st. house Nes. st 

Chase James, nu^on, house Fayette street 

Chase S. D. jffBfcmith, Middle st, house 100 Merrimack st 

Chase Ira M/J?t Smith & Nichols' boards H. Smith's 

Chase J. K. (Burbank &) 5 Central st, house Bart, st, Bel 

Chase B. A. at Shapleigh's, house 33 Massachusetts 

Chase Charles G. at Shapleigh's, boards 33 Massachusetts 

Chase Abel C. Lawrence, boards 15 

Chase Nathaniel, Lawrence, boards 42 

Chase D. E. Merrimack, house 32 

Chase Joseph, overseer Merrimack, house 30 

Chase Lorenzo, shoe store Tilden street, boards 14 Tremont 

Chase David, mason, boards Jesse Whittiers' 

Chase John E. shoe maker, house Warren Place 

Chase Andrew J. book keeper, house Charles street 

Chase Mrs H. W. house Summer street 

Chase J. W. Hamilton, liouse 28 

Chase Thatcher, Lowell, house Lewis street 

Cheethaiii Joseph, overseer flannel mills, house Howe street 

Cheever Moses, house Lowell, stopp North Grammar Schorl 

Cheever James, at Day, C & W's, boards James Morrison's 

Cheever Oliver, Middlesex, boards 65 Church street 

Cheever Henry, machine shop, house Cheever street 

Chellis Ezekie], carpenter, shop and house Pawtucket street 

Chellis Elias, at Lawrence C. R. boards Ezekiel Chellis'' 

Cheney I. E. piano forte tuner, house 82 Merrimack street 

Cheney E. fruit under (fity hall, house Middlesex street 

Cheney .R. variety store 5 Merrimack st, h. Mer. street Pel 

Cheney^. S. clerk 302 Merrimack street, bds, .T. S.Eaton's 

Cheney J. L. clerk Merrimack counting Room, house 151 

Cheney Wm. laborer, liouse Lowell street 


Cheney George, Hamilton, house 13 

Cheney Franklin, at Weeks & Moores, boards l.Pettingiir^ 
Chesley J. F. at 107 Merrimack street, house Nesmith st 
Christie Wm. block printer, housetSuffolk street 
Chick Henry, house 29 Tremont ^ 
Childs Rufus, boards 3 Appleton j^ 
Childs W. B. confectionery 94 Aftyfenack street 
Choate John, Merrimack, boards^^^F. H. Weed's 
Choate George, overseer Middlesex, house 21 Church street 
Choate Abel, carpenter, boards 31 Church street 
Church Lemuel, Lks & Cl's foundry, bds MrsF. W Miller's 
Chubbs Jabez, bouse Green street 
Church and Colby, house 118 Merrimack 
Churchill Daniel (C, Churhill & Co) shop ^- house south st 
Churchill Charles (& Co.) W. I. goods, shop & house south st 
. Churchill George A. machine shop, house Union street 
Churchill Daniel W , W. f. goods south ^f^tmise Wm. st 
Churchill Wm. wliitewasher, boards Danit^ ¥|^. Churchill's 
Churchill S. ^. wheelwright, house Davidson street 
Churchdl John E. wheelwright, boards S. S. Churcliill's 
Churchill Rodney, Lowell, boards S. S. Churciiiirs 
Churchill Stilman, wheelwright, boards S. S. Churchill's 
Ohnte James, house Lewis street 
Cisco W. L. ostler at 136 Merrimack street 
Cilley Amos, Locks &. Canals, boards E. Severance's 
Clarke Ezra B. chaise trimer, house Oak street 
Clark David, stone layer, boards J. Austin's 
Clark John, Agent Merrimack mills, house Mer. cor. Kirk st 
Clarke James, variety store, 99 Merrimack street 

('iark , cabinet maker, boards M. Nowlton's 

Clark Wm. H. Massachusetts, boards 6 

Clark Mrs Julia, house 56 Merrimack 

Clark Horace, Merrimack, boards 5G 

Clark Henry, Merrimack boards 56 

Clark Andrew, Lawrence, house 62 

iJlark Lewis, house 6 Lawrence 

Clark Leonard, Lawrence, house 21 

Clark Francis L. Suffolk, house 23 

Clark Horace, Merrimack, boards 19 

Clarke Henry, Memmack, boards 19 

('lark Thomas, Merrimack, house 37 

Clarke Mrs M. house Cabot corner Moody street 

Clark Mrs Margaret, house Cabot street 

Clark B. A. at Cross' Auction Room, boards B. T. Cross' 

Clark George, works and boards, at Daniel. Kittredge's 


Clarke Charles, at D. Kittredge's, boards J. Favor's 
Clarke A. R. Merrimack print works, house Lowell street 
Clark E. A. carpenter, boards 8 Hurd street 
Clark David, at mechanic mills, boards 2 George street 
Clark George W. painter at Newmans, bds J. 1. Parker's 
Clark Andrev/, overseer Lawrence, house Union street 
Clark Jona. city watch, house Gorham street 
Clark John, overseer Hamilton, house 9 
Clark Jonathan, at Sidney Spalding's 
Clark Amos, machii;e shop, boards 34 Swamp Locks 
Clark Jeremiah, machine shop, house 24 Swamp Locks 
Clay S. B. Hnmilton, honse 5 Middlesex Place 
Cleaves Ebenezer, carpenter, boards Mrs Prendergast's 
Clemence Wm. H. (Hollis^ C. & W.) bds, Mrs S. Merrill's 
Clement George W. blacksmith, house Pleasant st, Bel 
Clement S. F. boarding house Merrimack street, Belvidere 
Clement M;s L. dry goods & millinery 25 Merrimack street, 

boards W. Dana's 
Clement Charles, carpenter, boards W. Dana's 
Clement H. D. Lawrt-^pe, house 61 
Clement Cyrus, laborer, house Tyler street 
Clifford Weare, silk dyer. And. st. h. cor. And ^ Fayett sta 
Clifford Miss M. A. milliner 97 Merrimack stieet 
Clifford A. Lawrence, house 43 
Clifford L. P. Boott, house Lee street 
Clifford Jesse E. Tremont, boards 4 
ClitTord Mrs Betsey, house 4 Tremont 
Clifford Gilman, painter, board's N. B. Merrill's 

Clifford , at D. Kittredge's, boards N. B. Merrill's 

Cliffftrd Lorenzo P. Boott, house Front street Central Vii 
Clifton Andrew, Lowell, boards Mrs Mary Heaths 

Close , machine shop, boards 3 Appleton 

Close J. J. Suffolk, house 22 

ClotAvorthy John, Hamilton print works, bds. Samuel Harris' 

Clough George, blacksmith, Andoverst, house Willow street 

Clough Charles H. blacksmith, boards George Clough's 

Cloirgh S. stone cutter, boards at Isaac Hosmer's 

Clough Mrs A. variety store 298 Merrimack street h. same 

Clough S. B. at 42 Central street, house Adams' Block 

Clough Luther L. Massachusetts, boards 19 

Clough Nathan, overseer Boott, house 1 

Clough H. P. overseer Boott, house 40 

Clough John A. Merrimack, house Tilden street 

Clough Amos, Lowell, boards John Pillsbury's 

Clongh Miss Elcy, house 5 Hamilton 


Cloyd John, (Hunt &) W. 1. Goods, house School street 
Cobb W. A. sign and fancy painter, boards 1 Lowell 
Cobb E. G. Middlesex, house 4 Warren street 
Cobb Thomas, Locks & Canals, boards 17 Hamilton 
Coburn Charles B. (Mixer P. & Co.)mech. B. house Tyler st 
Coburn Henry, Middlesex, boards John C. Coburns' 
Coburn John "C. harness maker at Stevens', house Water st 
Coburn A. B. blacksmith, mechanic mills, h. Fayette street 
Coburn P. H. (T. Ames &l Co) house Lawrence street 
Coburh Josiah, Merrimack, liouse 56 xMassachusetts 
Coburn Josiah G. overseer Massachusetts, boards 56 
Coburn F. (Rogers &) W. L Goods 90 Cen. st house 94 
Coburn Lewis, barber, Com. square, house Central Village 
^'^oburn Charles, stone layer, house Cabot street 
Coburn S; A. inn holder, Stone House, Pawtucket street 
Coburn D. A. blacksmith, head falls, house School street 
Coburn John, shuttle maker, house Market street 
Coburn Cyrus, Boott, house Market street 
Coburn F, V. at D. Kittredge's, house Central Village 
Coburn Varnum, at Josiah Gates' 
Coburn Bradley, Lowell, boards 1 
Coburn J. C. at \V^ Godings, house Water street 
Coburn Amos B. (Crosby's 4') lock maker, mechanic mills, 

house Fayette street 
Coburn Wm. B. cordwainer, boards Amos Boynton's 
Coburn Samuel J. Hamilton, house Crosby's Court 
Coburn Otis, B. & L. R. R. repair shop, bds W. Hawley's 
Coburn James, fisherman, house 7 Middlesex Place 
Coburn Francis, boards Cornelius Green's 
Coburn Samuel, laborer, house Pearl street 
Coburn Fordice, Lowell Bleachery, boards Rufus Wilkins' 
Coburn Cyril, carpenter, house Plea&ent cor. School street 
Coburn Zechariah Jr., at H & Allen's bords O. Allen's 
Coburn Henry A. yeoman, house Chelmsford street 
Coburn Stephen A. yeoman, house Chelmsford street 
Coburn C. D. roll coverer, Mass. h. near bridge Central Vil 
Coburn Mrs Sarah, nurse, Dracutt, near Pawtucket bridge 
Cochran John, stone layer, boards Mrs S. Stockbridge's 

Cochran , porter at Merrimack house 

Cochfan Henry, teamster at Whipple's, h. near Whipple's 
,Coc)iran Justin, Lowell bleachery, house Bleachery place 
'^tt^aild Thomas, Merrimack print works, house Lowell st 
CoSeron Andrew, boards Oliver Wyman's 
Coffin Enoch, carper weaver, house Fayette street 
Coffin George B. clerk Low Bleachery, bds Simeon Moor's 


Coggin Jacob Jr., at Blanchard's flour store 6 & 10 Hurdst 
Cogswell J. (& Walker) writing academy 92 Men street 

boards Mrs H. Varney's 
Cogswell Charles, farrier, house School street 
Colburn G. W. at 180 Mer. st. h. Marion cor. Lagrange st 
Colburn Jonas. VV. provision, shop & h. Cen. cor. north st 
Colby R. G. (& Morse) counsellor 49 Cen. st. h. Stck street 
Colby Miss Lydia, house ] 1 Boott 
Colby Stephen, house 29 Boott 
Colby Isaac C. boards 38 Boott 
Colby D. D. at S. C. Shapleigh's, boards 1 Merrimack 
Colby Amos, pump maker, Howe street boards J.Ray's 
Colby John, Merrimack print works, house 74 
Colby F. M. house 3 Suffolk 
Colby Mrs Ruth, house 1 Merrimack 
Colby E. house Suffolk street 
Colby Ira, Tremont, boards J. Hill's 
Colby Stephen, at Cushing & Macks, house 29 Boott 
Colby Thom. H. at Scripture & Willson's,bds I. Scripture's 
Colby Mrs Adeline, house 3 Appleton 
Colby Josiah B. at plaining machine, boards Cyrus Parsons' 
Colby Daniel B. xA.ppleton, house Pearl street 
Colby John, carpenter, boards A. Goodwin's 
Colcord Weare, mason, house Lawrence street 
Colcord Wra. (S. Bancroft & Co) house LaAvrence street 
Cole Rev. Timothy, house Cabot near Merrimack street 
Cole John, Tremont, house Pawtuchet street near foot falls 
Cole Milo, carpenter, boards Ezekiel Chellis' 
Cole S. G. carpenter, house Gorham street 
Cole Hiram A. Hamilton, boards 23 
Cole David W. Hamilton, boards Mrs Sarah Shirley's 
Coles Danville, Lks & Cl's foun. boards Mrs F. W. Miller's 
Coles Franklin, Lks & Cl's foun. boards Mrs F. W. Miller's 
Colliard William, blacksmith, boards J. Austin's 
Collinge John, at Barr & Co's print works, house Water st 
Collins Edward, yeoman, house Pleasant street Belvidere 
Collins Miss N. dress maker, 95 Cen. street, boards 25 App 
Collins D. M. overseer Merrimack, house 112 
Collins Misses L & S. house 52 Boott 
Collins John, house 15 Church street 

Collins Pattrick, porter, Merrimack house, house Cross street 
Collins Cornelius, laborer, house Fenwdck street ^ 

Colly M. D. clerk 79 Central street, boards 1 Merrimack 
Colley William, Massachusetts, house 62 
Colson Soloraan, stone mason, boards 53 Lawrence 


Colton Hiram, laborer, house Kirk Lane 

Combs O. J. at A. L. Lewis' 

Combs J. H. lasts, doors &c. mechanic mills, h. Mead, st 

Comerford Garret, Lowell, house Jefferson street 

Comins Thomas B. carp. Low. st. h. cor. Low. & Cabot sta 

Conant Joshua L. Merrimack C. R. house 03 

Conant John, overseer Lawrence, house 61 

Conant Mrs Esther, house 54 Lawrence 

Conant Josiah, Lawrence, boards Job Hill's 

Conant John H. at Day, C. & VV's, boards Mrs N. Barnes* 

Conant Abel (& Rand) job wagon, house 26 Church street 

Conant Cornelius W. mason, boards C. Crosby's 

Conant Jotham S. Merrimack print works, boards Mrs Sarah 

Conants' Central Village 
Condon Redman, laborer, house Andover street 
Conihe William, overseer Merrimack, house ll6 
Conihe James, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 
Conlan John, at Patterson's, house Merrimack st. Belvidere 
Conlan Patrick, (McLaughlin &) house Cross street 
Coney Patrick, tailor, Jackson street, house same 
Conley John, Hamilton, house Winter street 
Conley Michael, laborer, house Lowell street 
Conley Francis, laborer, house Dummer street 
Connelly Wm. Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Conner , at Sturtevant's, boards D. Davis* 

Conner Mrs M. L. house 12:J Merrimack street 

Conner John, laborer, house Dummer street 

Connor Richard, Middlesex, house Green street 

Connor Edward, Middlesex, house Green street 

Converse H. A. (Gale &) Cabot cor. Low, st. house Cabot st 

Converse Samuel (Day C & W) house Tyler street 

Conway Rev. J. house Appleton street 

Cook James, boards at Stone house 

Cook Walter, at 123 Central street, boards E. P. Morey's 

Cook William G. Merrimack print works, house 75 

Cook F. A. carpenter, house Howard street 

Cook William, carpenter, house Howard street 

Cooledge Charles, Merrimack, boards 18 

Cooledge Daniel, Merrimack, boards 18 

Cooledge Franklin, Merrimack, boards 19 

Coombs T. C. Appleton, house Cady street 

Cooper Robert M, (Merrill &) house near the jail 

Cooper Wm. carpet weaver, house Howe street 

Cooper Henry, house 216 Merrimack street 

Cooper Levi W. Boott, boards 10 


Cooper Isaac, overseer Lawrence, house 2 

Cooper Wm. at G. J. & D. Bradt's, boards Fifield's 

Cooper John, blacksmith, boards Mrs Jane Ryerson's 

Copeland Mrs Jerusha, house 50 Boott 

Copp Jonathan, Massachusetts, house 60 

Corliss H. G. F. counsellor 67 Cen. st. bds. Mer/house 

Corliss John, L. lamplighter, house Pawtwcket street 

Cornor Josiah, baker 264 Merrimack street, house same 

Cornor Ralph, at 264 Merrimack street, boards 264 

Cornor James, Lowell, boards Mrs Mary Diggles' 

Corey E. clerk at 144 Merrimack street, house 18 Suffolk 

Corey Roswell, laborer, boards A. K. Kelley's 

Corey W. M. overseer Lawrence, house 55 

Corey Richard, Suffolk, boards 3 

Corey Harry, laborer, house West street 

Cottle Mrs Mary, house Chapel street 

Cotton James, Massachusetts, boards 4 

Courser Wm. R. house Moody street 

Covel T. A. at Patterson's, boards 16 Davidson street 

Cowdry Isaac, Hamilton print works, boards 25 

Cowen David, Lowell, boards 1 

Cox Charles, Middlesex, boards 44 Church street 

Cox John, machine shop, house Cheever street 

Cox John, machine shop, house Lewis street 

Cowles H. L. manuf r. medicines, boards S. P. Bean's 

Crafts Nathan, at Merrimack house 

Craig Andrew D. millwright, house Chapel street 

Cram J. T. shoe store 23 Merrimack street 

Cram Mrs Polly, boarding house, 38 Hurd street 

Crane George, Middlesex, house Water street 

Crane John, carpenter, house Lowell street 

Crane John J. overseer Lowell, house 8 

Crane Mrs S. J. house 3 Hamilton 

Crane Ebenezer, overseer Appleton, house 13 

Crane Alexander, manufacturer, house School street 

Crane John, laborer, house Adams street 

Crary N. A. fancy soap, boards Washington house 

Crawford Aaron S. Tremont, house 26 

Cressey Samuel G. house Pleasant street, Belvidere 

Cressey D. A. clerk at Courier office, house High street 

Cressey Charles A. Lks & Cl's, boards Charles Spofford's 

Critchett N. boots, shoes, hats, furs, 138 Mer st. h. Tyler st 

Crocket Amos, Massachusetts, boards 21 

Crockett Simon, Massachusetts, boards 19 

Crockett Robert, machine shop, boards Mark Fernald's 


Crocker Philander, boards Samuel W. Haney's 

Crocker George, at Edward Taylor's, house Marshall street 

Crockson Mrs M. fruit & confectiejnary Mer st. Belvidere 

Crombie D. D. overseer, Massachusetts, house 42 

Crombie James, overseer, Merrimack, house 63 

Crombie Charles, Lowell, house Carpet Lane 

Cropley Thomas, house Water street 

Crosiby Caleb (& Sprague) mason, house Grove hill 

Crosby Judah, paymaster Mass. h. Mer. cor. Wash, street 

Crosby H. meal store Market street, house Billerica 

Crosby Wm, boards L. G. Stevens' 

Crosby E. (& G.) wood turners, mech. mills h. Crossby's Ct 

Crosby G. (E &) turners, house Central cor. Crosby's Court 

Crosby George P. Hamilton, house Chapel street 

Crosby Sylvester {&l Douglass) bobbin shop, house Gor. st 

Crosby Nathan, counsellor, 48 Central st, house Chesnut st 

Cross Bethuel T. auctioneer. Market st. house Cady street 

Cross Mrs Phebe, boarding house 44 Church street 

Cross Lyman D. Middlesex, house 44 Church street 

Cross Christopher, carpenter, house Middlesex street 

Cross Amos B. carpenter, boards Christopher Cross* 

Cross Jesse B. carpenter, boards Christopher Cross' 

Grossman David, Massachusetts, boards 6 

Grossman Elbridge, Massachusetts, boards 6 

Crowell J. R. physician, 76 Cen. st, house Middle street 

Crowell Zenas, Suffolk, house 17 

Crowell Seth, machme shop, house 7 Swamp Locks 

Crowley John, laborer, house Adams street 

Crowley Mrs Mary E. variety, shop and house Market street 

Crowley John, variety, shop and house Lowell street 

Crowley Dennis, Merrimack, house Fenwick street 

Cruikshancks James, gardner, house High street 

Cruikshancks George, gardner, boards J. Cruikshancks 

Cuddy Barney, laborer, house William street 

Cummings E. dry goods 53 Cen. st. h. near bridge, Cen. Vil 

Cummings Thomas, carpenter, house Willow street 

Cummings , Lowell, boards Mrs S. Brigham's 

Cummings , Locks & Canals, boards Samuel Locke's 

Cummings Morris, Merrimack, house Lowell street 
Cummings George W., W. i. goods Ch. st. bds L D. Cross' 
Cummings J. V, clerk at G. W. Cumming's 
Cummings Samuel, at Whipple's, boards L. Richard's 
Cummings Benj. Lowell Bleachery, boards J. Moulton's 
Cummings John, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 
Cumrniskey Arthur, Merrimack, boards 208 Merrimack st 


Cummiskey H., W. I. Goods 246 Merrimack st. house 244 
Cummiskey Eugene, laborer, house on Acre 
Cunningham Charles, machine shop, house 34 Swamp Lks 
Curley Luke, laborer, house Lowell street 
Curren John C. at 34 Cen. street, boards Mrs M. Doland's 
Currier John, butcher, 164 Mer. st, house Nesmith street 
Currier John Q,. boards at S. P. Bean's 
Currier E. B. boots & shoes 110 Mer. st. bds M. R. Newell's 
Currier H. M. boots and shoes, Suffolk sq. h. Suffolk street 
Currier Miss Rhoda L. boarding house 3 Boott 
Currier David D. house 19 Lawrence 
Currier Nelson, Lawrence, boards 19 
Currier James, house 39 Lawrence 
Currier Samuel H. Suffolk, boards 19 Lawrence 
Currier D. Lawrence, house 12 
Currier Russell, Suffolk, boards 27 
Currier S. Suffolk, house 25 
Currier Mrs Rebecca, liouse 8 Merrimack 
Currier Jeremiah M. Tremont, house 2 
Currier E. G. overseer Tremont, house 27 
• Currier L. W. stage proprietor, h. Cen. street, Chapel hill 
Currier John, carpenter, boards A. P. Hunt's 
Currier Charles, carpenter, boards A. P. Hunt's 

Currier , at plaining mach. boards C. W. Wilkins' 

Currier Michael, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Curry Thomas, at A. Stevens', house Warren street 

Curry Wm. Hamilton, house Gorham street 

Curtis Rev Silas, house 3d cor. Willow street. Central Vil 

Curtis Josiah, physician, Nesmith's B. bds Mrs Brazer's 

Curtis W. W. variety store, shop and house 248 Mer. street 

Curtis W. R, Middlesex, boards Mrs Nancy Barnes' 

Curtis Orrin, Daguerotyper, Mer. st, h. 7 Middlesex place 

Gushing Stephen, overseer Mer repair shop, house 22 

Gushing E. at Gushing & Mack's, boards 97 Merrimack st 

Gushing D. (& Mack) stoves &c. Mar, st, house Mer. street 

Gushing Martin, Merrimack, house 132 

Gushing Prentiss, overseer Tremont, house 25 

Gushing G. P. Suffolk G. R. boards 25 Tremont 

Gushing Edwin, at Gushing & Mack's, bds Mrs S. Merrill's 

Cutler Stephen, Massachusetts, boards 4 

Cutler F. S. at S. Bancroft & Go's, boards S. Bancroft's 

Cutler Otis, clerk M. B. Kenney's, boards Mrs S. Shirley's 

Cutler 0:is, house School street 

Cutler Lucius, machine shop, house 20 Swamp Locks 

Cutler Wm. machine shop, boards 20 Swamp Locks 


Cutter , at Samuel Lawrence's, Andover street 

Cutter Abijah, laborer, house Branch street 

Cutter Thomas, machine shop foun. bds. Mrs Ann Cutter's 

Cutting Daniel, overseer Hamilton, house 38 

Cutting Lewis, overseer Hamilton, house Elliott street 

DACEY JOHN, at's, hoase Howe street 

Dacey Timothy, house Lowell street 

Dacey Patrick, laborer, house Maiden Lane 

Dagget C. K. at Day, C & W's, boards Levi Merrill's 

Daggett S. L, at Day C & W's, boards Wm. D. Melvin's 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house Suffolk street 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house Adams street 

Dailey Michael, at 58 Cen. street boards H. McEvoy's 

Daily Jeremiah, house Lowell street 

Daily Dennis, Merrimack, house Lowell street 

Daily Hugh, machine shop, house Jefferson street 

Daily Daniel, at N. Cxitchett's, house Green street 

Daly John, Lowell, boards Thomas NeilPs 

Dale 1 . R. carriage maker, shop and house Middle street 

Daile Eli, '^oirds at Q, C« Sprague's 

Dalrymple George, Middlesex, boards D. Davis' 

Dalton John C. physician, office & house corner Lowell and 

Dntton streets 
Dalton l^lichael, shoe maker, shop and house Gorham street 
Dame Mrs Abigail, house High street 
Dame Daniel B. mason, house Merrimack street Belvidere 
Dame Emery, Hamilton, house Appleton street 
Damon Warren, city watch, house 3 Lowell 
Damon Warren Jr. at H. Snow's, boards 3 Lowell 
Damon Lorenzo, Lks & Canals, boards 3 Lowell 
Damsey Miss Catharine, house Lowell street 
Dana David, brass founder, cop & tin ware. Jack. h. Ty. st 
Dana David Jr. medical student, boards D. Dana's 
Dana J. H. stoves &:c. 166 Mer. st. h. Mer. cor. Cabot st 
Dana William, Locks &; Canals, house Vine Lane 
Dana Andrew J. Merrimack, boards 31 
Dana Samuel L chemist Merrimack, house Moody street 
Dane Moses, house 14 Tremont 

Dane Geo. blacksmith, shop & house Dane cor. Lowell st 
Dane P. O. at Crosby's meal store, boards A. K. Dane's 
,Dane A. K. Boston Stage, house Summer street 
*Danforth A. clerk at Nichols & Fisher's, boards D. Davis' 
Danforth Solomon, Hamilton, boards 23 
Danforth Prentiss, Appleton, house 5 


Daniels Mrs Hannah, boarding h. Un. Court Lowell street 

Daniels Milton, Lawrence, boards Mrs Hannah Daniel's 

Daniels George G. house Green street 

Danneen Charles, laborer, house Suffolk cor. Lowell street 

Darling C. C. at 20 Central street, boards T. Stevens' 

Darling Abner, Massachusetts, boards 19 

Darling Gilman, Suffolk, house Race street 

Darling Duane, Suffolk, boards A. J. Converse's 

Darnley Edward, Hamilton, house William street 

Darrah Robert, house 19 Central street 

Darrah Mrs M. H. millinery k fancy goods 17 Cen st, h 19 

Darvin George W. cordwainer. "boards Edward De Foe's 

Davidson William, house Ann street 

Davidson Charles, Merrimack, house 29 

Davidson Nathaniel, boards S. Emerson's 

Davidson S. W. locksmith Market st, boards Mrs Bond's 

David Patrick, house Lowell street 

Davis Moses, Lowell, boards Perry Putnam's 

Davis R. P. carpenter, house Fayette street 

Davis Daniel, boarding house, INIerrimack street Belvideie 

Davis M. H. Boott, boards Mrs S. Pillsbury's 

Davis D. G. clerk at R. Reed's, boards Mrs E. W. Davis' 

Davis W. J. clerk 53 Cen. st. boards 13 Central street 

Davis J. W. periodical depot, shop and house 5 John street 

Davis Miss Eliza, boarding house 5 Boott 

Davis Ormaii, overseer Boott, house 8 

Davis Bartlett, Suffolk, boards 17 Lawrence 

Davis Mrs E. P. boarding house. Kirk street 

Davis Mrs Mary, house 6 Merrimack 

Davis Daniel, Tremont, house 9 

Davis John, clerk at Frye & Abbott's 

Davis Miss M. H. dress maker, Mid'dle street 

Davis E. L. newspaper agent, house Middle street 

Davis Mrs Elizabeth, boarding house, Carpet Lane 

Davis Abram, Lowell, house Carpet Lane 

Davis Samuel G. overseer Middlesex, house George street 

Davis Sidney, mason, house Central street Chapel Hill 

Davis Aaron, shoe maker, shop and house Cen. opp Ch st 

Davis Joseph C. boarding house, brk. Block, Gorham street 

Davis Asahel, Boott, house Summer street 

Bavis George H. Hamilton, house 33 

Davis Moses, carpenter, house Middlesex near Howard st 

Davis David, L &: C foundry, house 7 Middlesex place 

Davis Elisha, yeoman, house Central st, near Hales mills 

Davis E. K. overseer Lowell, boards J. F. Manahan's 


Davis David, machinist, house Jefferson street 

Davlin Patrick, boarding house 63 Central street 

Davhn Joseph, Lowell, boards 68 Central street 

Davlin Michael, Hamilton print works, house north street 

Dawley Wm. at Joseph Mayers' bakery, boards Mayer's 

Day Daniel, at Wm. E. Emery's, boards E. Carter's 

Day Benj. grave stones, near Ads B. boards W. Miner's 

Day John C. carpenter, bouse Kirk Avenue 

Day Wm. L.(Day, Converse & Whittredge) carriage maker 

137 Central street, house Central street, opp Centre st 
Day Isaac, keeper Alms house, old Chelmsford Road 
Dayton N. L, bookseller 32 Merrimack st, h. Chesnut st 
Dayton Isaac, at J. A. Brabrooks' 

Dean Daniel H. mcrch. tailor, 3d Un. Ch.Mer. st, h. Stckst 
Dean Mrs S. boarding house 104 Merrimack street 
Dean William, Lowell, boards 104 Merrimack street 
Dean H. C. merchant tailor 3 Central street, h. Kirk st 
Dean Chuuncy, Hamilton, bo:irds Artemas Fuller's 
Dean Silas, carpenter, house South street 
Dean Silas T, Middlesex, house South street 
Dean Ichabod, laborer, house Central st, Chapel Hill 
Dean Peter, Hamilton, boards E. McDaniels' 
Dealpe Francis at Benj. Merrill's Middlesex street 
Dearborn Dudley, house Race street 
Dearborn Elbridge, Suffolk, boards D.Dearborn's 
Dearden Wm. Hamilton, house Union street 
Decker Stephen, Massachusetts, boards 230 Merrimack st 
Deering William, Middlesex, house Water street 
Deering James, agent dry good', 98 Mer st, h. Gor. street 
Deering Jackson, Lowell, boards Mrs S. Brigham's 
De Friend Joseph, laborer, boards 3 Lowell ° 
Delaney Patrick, Lowell, house William street 
Delany John, tailor, house Jefferson street 
De Foe Edward, wheelwright, house Lowell street 
De Forrest C. H. painter at Hildreth't, house Oak street 
Deming I, overseer Tremont, house 7 
Deming A. Locks &l Canals, boards Oliver Wyman^'^ 
Demond Albert A. overseer Massachusetts, house 10 
Dennett H. tailor at C. A. Place's, h. Cen. st. Chapel hill 
Dennis Mrs. house Merrimack street, Belvidere 
Dennis James, Tremont, house 10 
Dsnnis Richard, overseer, App. house Appleton street 
Dennis Joseph, house Suffolk street 
Dennis McCarthy, Lks Cl's, house Suffolk street 
Dannison A. boarding houae 128 Merrimack street 


Denton John A. at D. Dana's, house Cady street 

Denton James H. at D. Dana's, boards at J. A. Denton's 

Derby Andrew, overseer Ham. house 13 

Derby Geoge \V. shoemaker 306 Mer. st. bds. E. DeFoe's 

Derby Mrs. Maria, house 8 Appleton • 

Derby Elmor, at Bent & Bush's, bds G. A. Rand's, Cen. V, 

De Puy Miss J. dry goods and mill'y, 8 Cen. st. bds R. Mc- 

Desmond Daniel, house Fenwick street 
De Vine John, at Sturtevant's, house Davidson street 
Devc^ Mrs Mary,. house Lowell street 
Devoy Patrick, Machine Shop, house Cross street 
Dexter Samuel, painter, house Lee street 
Dexter John, at \V. Goding's, house Charles street 
Dexter Robinson, boards 22 llurd street 
Dickerman Samuel, Boott, house Centre st. Cen. Village 
Dickerman E. W. clerk, 48 Mer. st, bds Mrs. Sayles', Ap. st. 
Dickey James, boarding house Appleton street 
Dickey Daniel, laborer, h<iuse Fenwjck street 
Dickinson Barney P, at Day, C. W.'s bds A. Boynton's 
Dickinson Charles S, musician, 22 Merrimack street 
Dickinson H. E. clerk 8 Cen. st, bds Washington House 
Dideot Nicholas, Merrimack, house Green street 
Diggles Mrs Mary, house Market street 
Dinnigan Patrick, laborer, house Gorham street 
Dinsey Joim, Merrimack, house Lowell street 
Dinsmoor Ira, carpenter, house 3 Ch(n-ch street 
Dinsmore C. C. Middlesex, house Charles street 
Doake Horace, Massachusetts, house 31 
Doane H. H. dentist, 118 Mer. street, bds D. Folsom's 
Doane Isaac, physician, house 118 Merrimack street 
Dodge D. M. watchmaker, 102 Mer. street, h Charles st 
Dodge Miss Eliza, boarding house 14 Boott 
Dodge S. B. (Whitney &) tin ware, Midx st, h Moody st 
Dodge Thomas, carpenter, house Market street 
Dodge Charles, at Wm. Newman's, h 3 Lowell Place 
Dodge William, laborer, boards 46 Church street 
Dodge J. M., carpenter, house Tyler street 
Dodge Samuel B., Appleton, house Union street 
Dodge John, Machine Shop, h App, corner Pearl street 
Dohens Michael, laborer, house Gorham street 
DoloffE. D., carpenter, boards James Noyes' 
Doloff Elijah, at M. Kimball's, boards James Noyes' 
DolofF Jos. B., teamster, house Ch.irles street 
Doe — , Suffolk, boards Mrs. Hannah Daniels' 


Doe Jacob, house Market street 
Doe Prescott, Suifolk, boards L. Hammond's 
Doe Luke, Boot, boards 4() 

Doe Hilas,^at 9 Merrimack street* boards T. Bailey's 
Doe Zebulon N., house 61 and 62 Massachusetts. 
Doe A. W., Massachusetts, boards 61 
Doe George W., Massachusetts, boards 61 
Doe Mark, rmichinist, Boott, house 2 
, Dohertv^John, Lowell Hleachery, h Winter street 
Dolan, tailor, at McEvoy's, house Hiffh st square 
Doley Thomas, Rail Road, house Lewis street 
Dole Seth J., Machine Shop, house Middlesex street 
Donald Mather, at S. Lawrence's, house Marion street 
Donna] Richard, hou^e Lenton street 
Donevan Timothy, Merrimack, house Suffolk cor. Low st> 
Donevan Wm., Merrimack, boards John Dinsey's 
Donevan Daniel, at Freeman's, boards John Dacca's 
Donnevan John, laborer, house Lowell street 
Donihu Michael, variety, shop and house Lowell street 
Donison Timothy, Lawrence, house Lowell street 
Donelly Owen, beer and ale, shop and house, Market st 
Donelly Peter, laborer, house Lowell street 
Donelly Hugh, tailor, house Gorham street 
Donelly James, laborer, house Jefferson street 
Donohoe Owen, innholcler. Exchange Coffee House 
Donohoe Thomas, laborer, house Gorham street 
Donohoe John, Machine Shop, house Adams street 
Donohoe Patrick, Lawrence, house Fenwick street 
Donohoe Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick steeet 
Dermal Wm., Lowell, boards Mrs. Isabella Swap's 
Dougherty Wm., Merrimack, boards 208 Merrimack st 
Dougherty James, dry goods, 244 Men sttreet, house same- 
Do.uglas Joseph, Locks and Canals, bds 77 Merrimack 
Douglas Erastus, bobbin shop, Mach shop yard, h Wor. st 
J3ouglass Ros'.vell, Shuttle shop, Mach. shop yd, h Wor st 
Dow Charles, Lowell, house Middlesex street 
Dow Luther, Middlesex, boards 65 Church street 
Dow Hezekiah, mason, boards at A. Folsom's 
Down Lyman R., Boott, h Centre street, Cen. Village 
Down John O., med. student, bds H. C. Brooks' 
Downes Nathaniel, Masssachusetts, boards J 9 
Downing Daniel R., fruit and veg. city Mar. h. York Place 
Downing Thos. W. I. goods, shop and h Lowell st 
Dowse John Dr. med. and fruit, shop and h 121 Cen. st 
Doyle William, Hex. Print Works, boards 76 


Doyle Patrick, laborer, house Cross street 

Doyle Mrs. Mary, W. I. goods, house Fenwick street 

Doyle Lawrence, laborer, house Jefferson street 

Drake Mrs. A ., house 23 Massachusetts 

Drake F. J., stone layer, house Vine Lane 

Drake Hiram, Lawrence, house 18 

Drake Lucius. Hamilton, bds J as. Proctor's 

Dresser Micah, laboier, boards Mrs. E. Walker's 

Dresser Samuel F., stone mason, house Middle street 

Drew J. D., at 50 Cen. st, bds Mrs. E. Drew's, Boot 

Drew Mrs. Esther, house 43 Boot 

Drew Israel L., Lawrence, boards Mrs. E. Drew's 

Drew Stephen, Suffolk, houj;e 11. 

Driscoil John, Maciiine Shop, house Jefferson street 

DriscoU John, laborer, house Lowell street. 

Driscoil Cornelius, house Fenwick street 

Drown Charles, Tremont, boards 29 

Drown E. G. job-wagon, house Union street 

Drown Amos B. mason, boards E. G. Drown's 

Duckies '^I'homas, Merrimack print works, house 129" 

Dudley Alvin, carpenter, house Oak street 

Dudley C. P. clerk at J. M. Peabody's, bds. Mrs S. Dean's 

Dudley W. (Page&) VV. I. Gsods, Mer. st, h. 224 IVIer. st 

Dudley D. clerk at Page & Dudley's,, h. Willow st. 

Dudley Ferdinand, at Page «Sz. Dudley's bds. Joel Williams' 

Duesbury Wm. (»fc Co.jdrug'st, 31 Mer. st, hGor. cor. Un. st 

Duesbury, W. JN. physician, house Middle street 

DuFoe , at J. Jenkins' house Lowell st. 

Duffie Wm,, Lowell, house Lowell st 

Duffie Thomas, hou?e North st 

Duffie Michael, at Richmond's, house North street 

Duffy Thomas, Hamilton, house Gorham street 

Duhee James, Prescott mills, bds. Ntith'l Hill's 

Dugdale James, yeoman, h. Hale, cor. Thorndike st 

Dummer John, mill-wright, h. Low. st, cor. Dummer st 

Dunc-an J. G. overseer Tremont, house 8' 

Duxdavy John, Merrimack, house Fenwick st 

Dunlavy James, laborer, house Fenwick st. 

Dunnals John, at Douglas' bobbin shop, h. Marrion st 

Dunn Mary, doctress, house Dutton street 

Dunn H. S, clerk 80 Mer. st, bds. James Gould's 

Dunn Thomas, Mer. print works, h. LoAvell st. 

Dunn Owen, Lowell, house Carpet Lane 

Dupee Amasa, carpenter, house 19 Church st 

Dunn Jeremiah, machine shop, h, northwest part of Acre 


Durant Nathan (& Co.) W. I. Goods, Mar. st, h. Davids'n st 
Durgin Nathaniel, teamster, h. Pleasant st. Bel. 
Durgin C. G, carpenter, bds, J. Goodwin's, 
Durgin L. P, printer at Courier office, bds. Mrs. N. Barnes' 
Durgin John H, job-wagon, boards Wm. Brocks' 
Durgin Reuben G, carpenter, board! Saml. Harris' 
Durgin Erastus, house Middlesex street 
Durgin Cyrus W. Lowell, house Dummer street. 
Durrill Moses, Suffolk', boards N. C. Morse's 

Dustin -, Merrimack, boards G2 

Dustin Jas, at Douglas' bobbin s, bds. G. A. W. Johnson's 
Dustin H. S, mechanic mills, h. North, cor. Law, st 
Dwinell A. clerk at 7 Central st, boards Wash, house 
Dyar W. H. leoking glasses 20 Cen. st, bds xMrs Brazer's 
Dyar Albert F. mirrors &c. 20 Cen. st, house Chapel st 
Dyke Morrill, Middlesex, boards E. O. Richardson's 

EAMES LUTHER, butcher, house Cady street 
Eames L. J. clerk at 59 Central st, boards 6 Cady street 
Earl Andrew, laborer, house Merrimack st, Belvidere 
Eastman Luke, counsellor, 5G Cen st, house High street 
Eastman G. K. stone cutter. And, st, h, cor. And. & High vSta 
Eastman C. S. drug. cor. Mer & Cen sts, bds E L. Staniel's 
Eastman Miss P, E, dress maker 2'"32 JMerrimack st 
Eastman Miss A. boarding house G Boott 
Eastman John, Merrimack, boards 20 
Eastman VVm. carpenter, house Lowell st 
Eastman Henry, job wagon, house 38 Church street 
Eastman Edmund, Middle:3ex, house Merrill's Com-t 
Eastman Ezekiel, Hamilton, boards G 
Eaton Mrs Love, house High street 
Eaton Job, house ] 5 Lawrence % 

Eaton Ezra B. Lawrence, boards 15 ^ 

Eaton , Boott, house 55 

Eaton Forest, overseer Merrimack, house IG 

Eaton J. VV. clerk 48 Merrimack ^t, boards 5 Tremont 

^ Eaton Job, S., W. L Goods 302 Merrimack st, h. Low. st 
Eaton Samuel, Boott, boards 8 
Eaton Jonathan, house 99 Merrimack 

. Eaton Worcester, house 5 Tremont 

Eaton James W. clerk H's & B's, boards 5 Tremont 
Eaton Daniel C. Lawrence, boards 14 Tremont 
Eaton David, stone layer, house Moody street 
Eaton Alfred, boards John Thomas' 
Eaton Ichabod, at Cemetery, boards Ephriam Hunt's 


Ebert George, carpenter, house 133 Merrimack 

Edes Mis5 S. A. hou.-e 3 ,\Jerrimack 

Edes Charles, teamster, boards G. Edes' 

Edgerly Jona, Middlesex, house Charles street 

Edgerly Moses G. niaqifine shop, hoards 30 Hamilton 

Edmunds P. D. (& T. S.) bookbinders 48 Cen. street hous? 

Central street, Oiapel hill 
Edmunds T. S. (P. D. &)book binders 48 Central street, 

house Central street, Chapel hill 
Edson Rev. Theodore, house Kirk street 
Edwards John (Fletcher &) lumber & wood, near jail, hoi);^.- 

Forrest street 
Edwards J. overseer Merrimack, house 152 
Edwards Ivory, blacksmith, house 7 Middlesex place 
Elder Wm. carp, weaver at Freeman's, boards 1). Davis' 
El kins John, labor*^r, house Fayette street 
Elkins Daniel, Suffolk, iiouse 14 
Elkins Miss H. house's Suffolk 

Ellingwood Gayton, blacksmith, house Merrimack st, Be' 
Ellingwood Robert, at D, Dana's, house Cen. st. Chap. hi!i 
Elliott S H. Jeweller 120 Merrimack st. house Tyler street 
Elliott W. i\l clerk at B. T. Hardv's, boards American h. 
Elliott Hazen, boots k shoes, 172 iter, st, h. 174 Mer. street 
Elliott Jason, Massachusetts, boards 4 
Elli )tt G. P., W. I. Goods, shop and house Pawtucket street 

Elliott . stone mason, house School street 

Ellis , at J. G. Kittredg-e's, bds Mrs E. Kittredgo'.s 

Ellis Oliver, house 4i Massachusetts 

Ellis Thomas L. Massachusetts, boards 19 

Ellis Edmund, carpenter, boards, Charles W. Wilkins' 

Ellsworth Joim, teamst--r, boards A. Messers 

Ely Wm. carpenter, house Union street 

Emerson Luther, clerk Tapley J" Mead's, bds A. W. Parkof^i 

Emerson I. D. at T. Footinan's, house Middle street 

Emerson Robert, tailor at Baxters' boards J. C Patterson" i 

Emerson Miss Jane, at 24 Cen. st. bds. Mrs M. Emersor/.^ 

Emerson G. boots &: shoes, 2G2 Mer. st. bds S. Worthloy's 

Emerson David, at 2fi2 Mer. st. bds Mrs S. Worthley'c) 

Emerson Mrs Betsey, house 6 Massachusetts 

Emerson Samuel, laborer, house Race stret-t 

Emerson Dennis W. baker at G. J. & David Bradt's 

Emerson Wm. boards Paul Howard's 

Emerson Francis, mechanic mills, boards J. H. Combs' 

Emerson Levi W. Hamilton, boards Harvey Newton's 

Emerson Bela H. Hamiltan. house 28 



Emerson Mrs Susan, house 6 Hamilton 

Emerson John F. boards 6 Hamilton 

Emerson S. D. overseer Appleton, house 29 

jEmerson George, stone layer, boards Jacob Webster's 

Emerson Alvin, Lowell Bieachery, house Bleachery street 

Emerson Jeremiah, cab driver, boards' J. A. Maynard's 

Emery Wm. E. slioe store 62 Mer. st. house Fayette street 

Emery Enville J. Merrimack, boards 18 

Emery Josiah, Tremont, house 27 

Emery Lewis F. machine shop, house Howard street 

Emmons Benj. a.t 288 Mer. st. house Paw. st. near foot falls 

Emmons Stephen, Merrimack, boards John Favour's 

Emmott John, engraver, boards James Dngdale's 

England Michael, Merrimack print works, house 86 

England Michael, laborer, house Maiden Lane 

English A. painter at Newman's, house Merrimack street 

Ennis VVm. Appleton, boards 7 

Erskine Mrs Hannah, house 45 Lawrence 

Evans James C. painter, house High street 

Evans L. P. & Sophia Bac holder, house 26 Suffolk 

Evans Mrs Asenath, house ]0 Suffolk 

Evans Paschal B. feather bed cleaner, boards N. Watson's. 

Evans J. C. at A. Kittred^e's, house High street 

Evans John O. at John Kidder's, boards John Evans' 

Evans John, house 2 Lowell place 

Evans Michael R. boards John Evans' 

Evans George W. Suffoll^, boards John Evans' 

Evans Nathaniel B. Lawrence, boards John Evans' 

Evans Elijah, Suffolk, boards Mrs Hannah Daniels' 

Evans Samuel W. house Lowell street 

Evans Rufus L. painter, boards J. G. White's 

Evans Joseph, carpenter, house Forrest street 

Evans Charles, boards Joseph Hoit's 

Everett Edward, designer boards David Hills 

Exley Joseph, Lowell, house 16 

PAGAN PA.TRTCK, painter, house Dummer street 
Fairbanks H. lamps & etherial oil 107 Merrimack street, 

boards Mrs R. Jones 
Fairbanks Alfred, mechanic mills, boards C5 Church street 
Fairban's Henry, house Middlesex street 
Fall Daniel P. Middlese.x, boards Asa Parker's 
F.innon Michael, Merrimack, boards James Fannon'a 
Fannon Jamps, Merrimack, house Lowell street 
Farley Stephen, Merrimack, boards 20 


Farley Wm. blacksmith, boards E. C. Blanchard's 
Farmer Asa, yeoman, house Hall street 
Farmer Gilbert, teamster, house Middlesex street 
Farmer Nathaniel, at J. G. Kittredges', house South street 
Farmer T. G. machinist, house Bartlett street Belvidere 
Farmer Joseph, Middlesex, boards B. F. Brown's 
Farnsworth C. H. writing and book keeping, Went's block, 

boards J . C. \V alker's 
Farnsworth B. F. dry goods 26 Central st. bds Mrs Brazer's 
Farnsworth J. T.(& Powers) butcher 71 Central, house Gor. 

street, Grove Hill 
Farnsworth T, W. Lawrence, house 58 
Farnsworth Jesse E. overseer Lawrence, house 38 
Farnsworth T. S. livery stable. Middle st. house School st 
Farnham Mrs E. house 59 Loott 
Farnum Kinriball, house 33 Boott 
Farnum Rufus, machine shop, house Adams street 
Farr Asa, (& Whitney) bools & shoes, 123 Cen. h. Cen st 
Farr A. W. coun&elior 5(j Cen. st. house Chapel street 
Farr Alpha B. Massachusetts, house 47 
Farrar F. machine shop, house 19 Swamp Locks 
Farrell John, law student, boards W. FarrelTs 
Farrell John, tailor, shop md house Lowell street 
Farrell John, laborer, house Gorham street 
Farrell Edmund, laborer, house Gorham street 
Farrell Wm. Lowell, house Wonhen street 
Farrington I. clothing 57 Cen. street house Tyler street 
Farrington H. clerk 57 Cen. street, boards I. Farrington's 
Farrington Mrs Mary, house 60 Boott 
Farrington Eben, carpenter, boards James B. Smith's 
Farris John K. butcher, house Liberty st. opp School street 
Farris Henry, boards Fergus McCafirey's 
Farrow Mrs Susan, house Middle street 
Farson Samuel, painter Wash. sq. house Bartlett street 
Farson Samuel Jr. painter & glazier, 117 Central street 

Farson , at 117 Cen. street, boards lJ3'Cen. street 

Farwell William, stage driver, house High street 

Farwell Wm. Middlesex, house Green street 

Farwell Isaiah, house Charles street 

Faunce J. B. Middlesex, house VV^arren place 

Faught Theodore, Merrimack, boards 65 

Faulkner Catharine, nurse, house Howard street 

Favor N. B. carpenter mechanic mills, house 66 Church st 

Favor Chauncy C. mechanic mills, house Crosby's Court 

Favour John, mason, house Carpet Lane 


Fay S. Jr. clerk Lawrence C. R house 49 Lawrence 

Fay Dennis, house 95 Merrimack street 

Frye Gates F. mason, house Fayette street 

Felch Levi, Lawrence, house 3'2 

I'elch John, Lowell, tooards Daniel Andrews' 

Felch Chelmsford, Hamilton, boards Joel Williams' 

Fellows J. K, jeweler 136 Merrimack st. house High st 

Fellows C. S. trunk maker, Mar. st. bds Miss E. Button's 

Fellows Joseph S. carpenter, boards Hiram Russell's 

Fenno Wm. carp, at H. Patch's, h. near Bradi s bakery 

Fenno J. jeweller ]82 Merrimack st house Pa wtucket street 

Fenno VVm. carpenter, house Lowell st, opp Hospital 

Ferguson James, Tremont, house 28 

Ferguson David, teamster, house 4 Adams' block 

Ferguson David Jr. stone layer, boards D. Ferguson's 

Fern Washington, junk store. Market street 

Fern O. L. clerk 51 Cen. st, boards Hapgood Wright's 

Fernald L. S. at 172 Merrimack st, bds. Hazen Elliott's 

Fernald Nathaniel G. carpenter, house Charles street 

Fernald Mark, machine s!iop. house Pleasant street 

Fernald Oliver, machine shop, boards O. Badger's 

Ferrin Gilbert, inholder at American house 

Ferrin Wm. H. carpenter, at Ezekiel Chellis' 

Ferrin Levi, iVppleton, boards 5 Hamilton 

Ferson Parker, Lawrence, boards 12 

Ferson Harris, Lawrence, boards 17 

Fessendon S. F. boards 5 Davidson street 

Field S. C. house Vine Lane 

Field P>enj. C. boards C. Rice's 

Field Mrs Sarah, house Lowell street 

Field Forbes, house William street 

Field Peter, yeoman, house Lawrence street 

Fields Joseph, Hamilton, boards 27 

Fielding S. K. at Richmonds', house 87 Central street 

Fielding J. B. at 73 Central street, boards S. K. Fielding'* 

Fielding H. clerk at 5 Central street, bds S K. Fielding's 

Fielding John, machine shop, boards 7 Swamp Locks 

Fielding David, Merrimack, house Feu'vick street 

Fielding Morris, Locks & Canals, house Fenv/ick street 

Fifield E. O. house Cabot cor. Merrimack street 

Fifield E. (& Peabody) carp, mechanic mills, h. 148 Cen. st 

Fifield Abram, carpenter, house Elm street 

Files Sarden, machine shop, house 6 Middlesex place 

Finnemore Samuel Memmack, boards 19 

Finnemore Samuel, Merrimack, house Tilden street 


Fish , Middlesex, boards 26 Hurd street 

Fish Warren, carpenter, house High street 

Fish Ansel, plane maker, Howe st. house Fayette street 

Fish Moses, carpenter, boards Ansel Fish's 

Fisher James, jail keeper, house at jail 

Fisher C. (& Co.) thread & hosiery 29 Mer. st. h. 1 Boott 

Fisher Charles A. Lawrence, boards 17 

Fisher Henry, Lawrence^ boards 38 

Fisher Nathaniel, Middlesex, house Warren street 

Fisher Stephen, house William street 

Fisher W. A. (Nichols &) W. I. Goods Midx st. boards 10 

Dutton street 
Fisher Francis, laborer, house Howard street 
Fisher A. W. machine shop, house 10 Swamp Locks 
Fisher Samuel S. machine shop, house 21 Swamp Locks 
Fisher Moses B. machine shop, house 33 Swamp Locks 
Fisher Wm. machine shop, house Suffolk street 
Fiske Wm. lumber & boxes, mechanic mills, h. War. place 
Fisk Benj. teamster, house Davidson street 
Fiske Levi, house 65 Merrimack 
Fisk Charles, Suffolk, boards 23 
Fiske James, boards 6 Tremont 
Fiske Abel, overseer Tremont, house 31 
Fiske Georg-e W. bobbins, mechanic mills, h Warren place 
Fitts Isaac N. millwright, house Lowell street 
Fitts J. L. overseer Lawrence, house Lowell street 
Fitts Martin, machine shop, house Marshall street 
Fitzgerald Michael, house Suffolk street 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, Lowell, house 17 
Fitzpatrick Pierce, Hamilton print works, house Lewis st 
Flagg Wm. H. overseer Boott, house 50 
Flanders Job, Massachusetts, boards T. Hardy's 
Flanders Parker, porter at 136 Merrimack street 
Flanders Lorenzo, Massachusetts, boards 4 
Flanders Hazen E. Lawrence, house 41 
Flanders x^aron, Lawrence, boards 41 
Flanders Alfred, Lawrence, boards 41 
Flanders Abner, Boott, boards 53 
Flanders Mrs Susan, house 38 Merrimack 
Flanders Charles H. carpenter, boards 38 Merrimack 
Flanders Phanuel, house near Hales mills 
Flanders Hiram F. Lowell Bleachery, boards L. Thorning's 
Fleetwood Thomas, clerk at M. P. & Go's, h. rear city hall 
Fletcher L A. wholesale paper store, 134 Mer st. h. 27 Mer st 
Fhtchw Charjes, pattern maker, boards E. Butler's 


Fletchor E. D. at R. Reed's, boards E. Fletcher'a 

Fletcher Miss A. house 51 Boott 

Fletcher Edmund, at R. Reeds, house Chapel street 

Fletcher John S. Middlesex, boards A. Bedlow'a 

Fletcher H. (Edwards &) lumber &, wood, near jail, house 

Forrest street 
Fletcher Samuel, B. & L. R. repair shop, house Chelms'd st 
Fletcher George, L & C. foundry, house Howard street 
Fletcher William, yeoman, house Liberty street 
Flint George, Suffolk, boards D. N. Lane's 
Flint John S. mason, boards 152 Merrimack 
Flint Albert G. Lawrence, house 41 
Flint Oliver VV. overseer Suffolk, house 31 
Flint Joseph, at Rob's & Bill'gs, boards Wm. Cheney's 
Flint iNelson, Middlesex, house Cady street 
Flint Harrison, Middlesex, boards Nelson Flint's 
Flint Charles W, machine shop, boards 5 Dutton street 
Flood Henry, Merrimack, boards 18 
Flood Thomas, at G. W. Norris' stable, bds Thos Stevens' 
Flynn Charles, Lowell, boards Mrs Mary Diggles' 
Flynn William, Merrimack, house Lowell street 
FoUinsbee W. S. boarding house 26 Hurd street 
Folsom Ira N. machine shop, house 23 Swamp Locks 
Folsom John L. stone cutter. Church st. house 92 Central st 
Folsom Jeremiah, at Goodhues, house Water street 
Folsom D. boarding house 118 Merrimack street 
Folsom L. M. carpenter, boards G. C.Holmes' 
Folsom Anson, mason, house 9 Cady street 
Folsom David, Hamilton, boards 47 
Folsom Alvah, Appleton, boards 9 
Folsom Samuel L. overseer Appleton, house 19 
Fogg Horatio, carpenter, h. Pleasant cor. School street 
Fogg Henry, carpenter, boards J. B. Leavitt's 

Pogg '—, carpenter, boards Wm. Kelley's 

FootTnan T. boots & shoes 66 Mer. st. bds American house 

Foot J. L. yeoman, house Liberty street 

Forbes Franklin, principal High School, h. Nesmith street 

Ford Thomas B. Massachusetts, bds John Earle's, Cen. Vil 

Ford David, Merrimack print works, house Lewis street 

Ford A. J. moulder, boards 35 Central street 

Ford Thomas, Boott, boards 16 

Ford David P. Boott, boards 46 

Ford Seth F. Lawrence, house 30 

Ford Calvin, Suffolk, boards 27 

Ford Elisha, yeoman, house Pawtucket st. near Falls 


Pord Thomas, Middlesex, house 49 Church street 
Ford John H. machine shop, house Gorham street 
Ford John, Appleton, boards James Lamb's 
Ford Joseph, Hamilton, house 47 
Ford John N. machine shop, house 36 Swamp Locks 
Ford Timothy, laborer, house Suffolk street 
Forley John, variety, shop & house Suffolk street 
Forrest Merrill, clerk and boards at iMiton Botmey's 
Fortune Andrew, carpet weaver, boards G. S. Teel's 
Fortune Robert carp, weaver, boards G, S. TeeFs 

Foss , cabinet maker, boards Enoch Ijutlers' 

Foss John, Lawrence, house 53' 

Foss Samuel R. Suffolk, boards John Bicknell's 

Foss Mrs Sally, boarding house Green street 

Foss Ebenezer, house Lawrence street 

Foss Moody, Hamilton, boards Jonathan Leathers' 

Foster Mrs S. boarding house 106 Merrimack street 

Foster Samuel E. laborer, house Livm're house, Belvidere 

Foster John, Massachusetts, boards T. Hardy's 

Foster Lydia, tailoress 272 Merrimack street 

Foster H. W. barber, 65 Cen. street, house Chapel street 

Foster James, Merrimack, house 130 

Foster Timothy, Merrimack, house Lee street 

Foster John, mechanic mills, house 48 Church street 

Foster Wm. H. Hamilton print works, boards 25 

Foster Benj. F. piggery. School st. h. Pleas, cor. School, st 

Fouley John, laborer, house Suffolk street 

Fowle Edward, at 7 Cen. st. house Central Village 

Fowler VVorthen, clerk 6S Mer. st. house Chapel hill 

Fowler J. M. clerk 78 Merrimack st. boards J. Fowler's 

Fowler Charles, clerk 30 Central st. boards T. C. Gilman's 

Fowler Horatio, Lawrence, boards 6 Tremont 

Fowler Joseph, at Day, C. & W"3, house Market street 

Fowler Henry S. pedlar, house Lowell street 

Fowler Wm. laborer, house Chapel street 

Fox Jesse, house Central street, Chapel hill 

Fox iVIiss Clarissa, house 45 Boott 

Fox Miss Mary, house 96 Merrimack 

Fox Eldad, Lowell, house Lowell street 

Frame James, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Francis James B. Agent Lowell machine shop, h. Dutt at 

Francis John, ostler at American house 

Francis William, Massachusetts, boards 35 

Francis Christopher, cordwainer, at L. Gore's, bds L. Gore's 

Francis Thomas, machine shop, boards Joel Williams' 


Franklin W, B. Lawrence, house G3 

Frawley Peter, Lowell Bleachery, house near 

Freeman S. .L (Jenness &) W. L Goods Merrimack street, 

Eelvidere, house Centre street 
Freeman Alden, variety store 45 Merrimack street 
Freeman Wm, at Freeman's factory, house Howe street 
Freeman Lyman, house 4 Willow place 
Freeman Nathan G. stockinof factory, boards N. Keitli's 
Freeman James, boards N. Keith's 
French Benj. F. president R. R. Bank, house Ann street 
French Reuben W. house Fayette street 
French Thomas T. confectioner, shop & h. 114 Mer. street 
French Wm. Massachusetts, boards D. Muzzey's 
French J. S. (Tapley & Co) dry goods G Cen. st. h Stck st 
French J. B. house 89 Central street 
French P. painter at J. Kittredge's, bds A.Whitney's 
French Abram, merch. tailor, 78 Cen. st h. Gorham street 
French A. B. confectionary & fancy goods, 37 Central st. 

house 3 Central street 
French George L. painter, house 210 Merrimack street 
French Joseph, Boott, boards 11 
French William, Merrimack, house 113 
French J. W. overseer Lawrence, house 56 
French John, Tremont, house 8 
French Augustus, Tremont, boards A. C. Bennett's 
French Jona. carpenter, house Lowell street 

French , at Timothy G. Tweed's 

French Geo.»-ge, Middlesex, house Warren street 

French Everett, Middlesex, boards George F rench'y 

French Charles, Lowell, boards George Huse's 

French J. D. carpenter, hmse Chapel st. Chapel hill 

French Stephen, at O. M. Whipples, house Charles street 

French C. house Chapel street 

French D. M. carpenter, boards Thomas Lovett's 

French John D. Middlesex, boards 25 Hamilton 

French Gideon, Lowell Bleachery, boards S. D. Prescott's 

Freschl Joseph, Middlesex, boards Amos Hull's 

Frisbia John, Tremont, boards D. Dearborn's 

Frost W. H. cabinet maker, house Water street 

Frost Aaron, Lowell, house 4 Davidson street 

Frost Abner, surveyor of lumber, house Thorndike street 

Frye John, machinist, boards Harvey Snow's 

Frye Timothy (& Abbott) W. 1. Goods Mar. st. h. Cen, st 

Frye Warren, Middlesex, boards E. F. Brigham/s 

Frye Mrs Hannah, house Lowell street 


Frye Georg-e, mason, boards Mrs Hannah Frye's 

Frye John, teamster, house 4() Church street 

Prye Joseph, teamster, boards 46 Church street 

Frye Timothy, at O. M. Whipple's, boards J. H. Swift's 

Frye Francis, at Richmonds, house Law. cor. Curtis street 

Frye Ira, house Chelmsford street 

Fuller P. merch. tailer Merrimack st. house Lowell street 

Fuller R. C. boots, shoes, hats GS Cen. st. house Soutli st 

Fuller Porter, at L. P. Norris', boards T. Stevens' 

Fuller Melinda, house Pagie street 

Fuller C. A. W. Locks & Canals, house Lee street 

Fuller Daniel, house Kirk Avenue 

Fuller Chase, house Tilden street 

Fuller John A. at Whitney mills, house Warren street 

Fuller Alvin, boards A. Playne's 

Fuller Hazen H. Stage Agent, house Union street 

Fuller Artemas, house Appleton street 

Fuller Edward, Appleton, house 18 

Furber N. K. boards 136 Merrimack street 

Furber Miss Mary, house Gorham street 

Furbush S. A. clerk at D. Dana's, house Summer street 

Purgerson Levi, Lowell boards 24 Boott 

Furnald Martha, dress maker, Gorham street 

Fussew James, laborer, house Gorham street 

Gage H. A. (Wm. H. Berry & Co) 56 Central st. boards 76 

Gage Joseph, bar keer at Merrimack house 

Gage W . H. overseer Boott, boards 8 

Gage Mrs Lucy, house Lowell street 

Ga^e J. F. Hamilton, house Middlesex st, opp Eagle tavern 

Gage Seth, L «Si C. boards Sarah White's 

Gailaghar James, clothing, shop & house Market street 

Galaghar James, Hamilton print works, bds J. O. Neiii's 

Gallaghar Patrick, at Richmond's, house Gorham street 

Gale George W. physician, off. Nes. B. Mer. st. h. Cen. st 

Gale Amos laborer, house, Merrimack st opp. Lawrence 

Gale G. (& Converse) butcher Cab. cor. Low. st, h. Mer. st 

Gale J. W. overseer Massachusetts, house 54 

Gale David O. Lawrence, boards 17 

Gale Josiah, stone mason, house Middle street 

Ganson Varnum, dancing- master, boards C, Green's 

Gardner James E. painter, boards E. JVl. Gardner's 

Gardner E. M. painter, house Chelmsford street 

Gardner Georg-e, (& Wilson,) dry goods 38 Mer. st. house 

Market street \ 

Gardner E. R. (& Co.) painter Bartlet st. -bds Mrs H. Hills' 


Garfield Mrs Martha, house Union street 

Gargin Owen, at J. Waugh Jr. house North street 

Garland Samuel, house Mer. cor. Ash street, Bel 

Garland Jeremiah, turner, Howe st, house Mer. st, Bel 

Garland Samuel, Suffolk, Iiouse 24 

Garland George M. Suffolk, house 12 

Garland Daniel, Hamilton, boards 7 Appleton 

Garmon E G. Massachusetts, boards 4 

Garratty Michael, carpenter, house Middle st. 

Garrett Robert, xMassachusetts, house 63 

Garvin John, at VVm. Livingston's, boards Howard house 

Garvin W. Merrimack, house 131 

Garrity Bartholomew, Ham. house North street 

Gassner George, portrait painter, boards S. P. Bean's 

Gates N. F. superintendent of Museum, h. Cen. st, Chap. H 

Gates Ezra, boarding house 10 Wall street 

Gates Josiah, overseer, Lowell, bds. Mrs. S. Brigiiam's 

< Jates Josiah, belt fc roll coverer, shop Dut. st, h rear Midx st 

Gates Otis VV. at whip factory, bds. Mrs. Susan Farrow's 

Gates Samuel, Hamilton, house 44 

Gates Eli, yeoman, house Pleasant street 

Gates Elihu, Machine shop, house Suffolk street 

Gay N. Lawrence, house Race street 

Gayton Wm. Lowell, house Jefferson street 

Gee Benjamin, Lowell, house Lewis street 

GeistC. K physician, office Went's B. Mer. st, h. Kirk st 

(Jeorge Alden. teamster, house High street 

George Charles, at f. Leonard's, boards Alden George's 

George Gideon, carpenter, house Mer. square 

George Wm. S, printer at Adv office, bds. G. George's 

George I\t. M. shoemaker 306 Mer. st, house Cabot st 

George vS. D. locksmith, pat'n maker at Patch's, h. Wor. st 

George Ezra, clerk at L. Mcliitire's, bds same 

Gerrish J. B. dry Goods 52 Mer. st. h. Chesnut st 

Getchell Ephraim, Ham. print works, house George st 

Gibb David N, («fe Young) Job wagons, house Moody st 

Gibb R. boots and shoes, 18 Mer. st. h. 24 Mer. st. 

Gibbins Thomas, house Fenwick street 

Gibby T. H. (Hill &) druggist 12 Cen. st. bds. Stone H 

Gibby Hill, at 1(J6 Mer. st, house Lewis st 

Gibby Mrs. Ann, German Leeches applied, h. 3 John st 

Gibby Robert, Lks & Cls, house Jefferson street 

Gibson Nathan S., Merrimack, house 57 

Gibson Reuben, at Cemetery, bds Parker Chamberlin's 

Gierlow J. I., Merrimack Print Works, house 89 


Gierlow John, clerk Merrimack Print Works, h Prince st 

GifFord Leonard, R. R., Rep Shop, h Howard street 

Gilber John, at Day, C. and W.'s, bds J. Shepard's 

Gilbert A. Jr., boots, shoes, hats, caps 33 Cen. bds Wash. 

Gilbert L. J., house Cabot street 

Gilbert A. P., LaAvrence, boards L. J. Gilbert's 

Gilbert Jerome, Suffolk, boards L. J. Gilbert's 

Gilbert John M., at Day, Converse & Whitredge's 

Gilchrist G. C, miniature painter, 82 Mer. st h Mer. st. Beh 

Giles J, B., teacher penmanship, house Mer. street 

Giles Prentiss, at A. L. Lewis', bds Mrs. E. D. Robinson's 

Giles Mrs Lydia, house 5 Massachusetts 

Giles Charles G., overseer Boott, house 16 

Gillespie John, tailor, 44 Mer. street, h Alder cor. Mer. st 

Gillett Benj. F., Merrimack, bds. Wm. Cheney's 

Gillis George, house Central street 

Gilman William, hatter, at Bent & Bush's, h Water st 

Gilman Levi, Merrimack, housee 11 Wall street 

Gilman Thomas, at Smith & Nichols', h Mer. Square 

Gilman Almas, teamster, house Merrimack st opp. Law. 

Gilman John S., Massachusetts, boards 54 

Gilman' J. S., overseer Massachusetts, house 16 

Gilman Mrs. B., house 98 Merrimack 

Gilman T. C, carpenter, shop Bel., house Lowell st 

Gilman D. S., carpenter, boards T. C. Gilman's 

Gilman Alfred, paymaster, Ham. prt Avks. h. Cen. opp. Elm st 

Gilman Isaac B., Hamilton, house 40 

Gilman Mrs. M. S., house 11 Hamilton 

Gilmor T. C, at 30 Central street, house Gorham street 

Gilmore William, overseer, Massachusetts, house 18 

Gilmore Mrs. Mary, house Lowell street 

Gilmore Robert, Lowell, house 25 

Gilmore James, machinist, house Marshall street 

Gilpatrick Moses, Massachusetts, boards 12 

Gilson Abijah, laborer, house West street 

Gipson Thomas, at Horn & Allen's, house Midx street 

Gladwin S. F., dentist, 128 Merrimack street 

Gleason N. M. S., house 125 Merrimack 

Gleason H. C, Middlesex, house Warren street 

Gleason Wm., Middlesex, bds Washington House 

Gleason Augustus, Hamilton, house Marshall street 

Glidden John, Locks & Canals, house Suffolk street 

Glidden Edward, at Rogers' liv. stable, bds Jas. Noyes* 

Glover Mrs. Mary, house Winter street 

Glover James G., Ham., boards Joseph E, Sawyer's 


Glover George, Hamilton, boards Mrs. Mary Glover's 
Goddard S. B. jr., rriach., Lawrence, house Mer. street 
Goddard Benj., at 42 Cen. St., h Cady st Chapel Hill 
Goding W., glue and picker maker, War. st, h 7 Ch. st 
Goding Wm. H., at W. Goding's, bds same 
Goding Luther M. at W. Goding's, boards Union House 
Goding Geo., Lowell. Bleach., house Bleachery street 
Goff John, student at Dr. Geist's, boards 75 Merrimack 
Goff Benjamin, Mer. Prt. Works, bds C. Young's 
Going Charles, coachman, at American House 
Going George, cab driver, boards American House 
Golding James, at Richmond's, bds Hoyt O'Neil's 
Goldsmith Daniel, carpenter, house Davidson st 
Gildsmith T., tailor, at 25 Cen. street, house Cen. Village 
Goldthwait George, Massachusetts, boards 19 
Goodale W., at 16(3 Mer. street, house 1 Lowell Place 
Goo'dall Aaron, baker, house Chapel st 
Goodhue T. P. (& 1. N.) carp. & feath. 41 Cen. bds Am. H. 
Goodhue L N (T. P. &) boards 50 Merrimack street 

Goodhue , at S. D. Chase's, boards D. M. Ray's 

Goodhue Jason, Hamilton, house 23 

Goodhue John, house 23 Hamilton 

Gorman John, house Penwick street 

Goodrich Samuel, laborer, h Cen. street, Chapel Hill 

Goodrich Charles H., stone layer, house Chapel street 

Goodrich Edward, Appleton, boards J. E. Sawyer's 

Goodspeed C, overseer Massachusetts, h Bartlett street 

Goodspeed James, Hamilton, boards 29 

Goodwin Jonathan, carpenter, house Davidson st 

Goodwin N., accountant, Mer. Prt. Works, bds Mer. H. , 

Goodwin F. jr., at Gardner & Marshall's, bds J. W. Jones' ^ 

Goodwin Wm., Merrimack, house 130 

Goodwin Frederick, painter, boards J. W. Jones' 

Goodwin Mrs. Eliza A., house 2 Lowell 

Goodwin Benj. L. & C. foundry, boards Joel Williams' 

Goodwin Joseph P., carpenter, house J 1 Adams Block 

Goodwin Alfred, Boott, house Suffolk street 

Googin Benj., carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton 

Googin Geo. S., Ham., house Cen. corner Mill street 

Googin Daniel, wheelwright, h Law. near Church st 

Gookin Daniel, at Day, C. &l W's, h Lawrence street 

Gordan J. S., overseer Merrimack, house 144 

Gordon S D., at 95 Mer. st., boards Mrs. H. Gordon's 

Gordon John, ladies' shoes, 190 Mer. street, h 190 

Gordon G. Ji., Merrimack, house 133 


Gordon ^ohn, laborer, house Kirk Lane 
Gordon T. M., at D. A. Coburn's 
Gordon Abel, Mason, house Lowell street 
Gordon Alexander, Ham., boards John L Parker's 
Gordon Jackson. Middlesex, house 23 Church st 
Gordon Joseph H., Middlesex, boards 30 Hamilton 
Gormlee Martin^ Mem mack, house Lowell street 
Gould George P., Tremont, boards 63 Lawrence 
Gould James, crockery & glass, 80 Mer. st, h Wash, st 
Gould D. D., victualer, Mer. st, house Central Village 
Gould Newton, Massachusetts, boards 21 

Gould , Boot, boards 4G 

Gould Levi A., Merrimack, boards 65 

G»ould Samuel, wheelwright, boards 54 Lawrence 

Gould Jarel, overseer Lawrence, house 53 

Gould Amos, Suffolk, house 17 

Gould Elias, Massachusetts, bds John D. Welch's, Cen. ViL 

Goullet A. D., Indian doctor, Wentworth's J3. Mer. street, 

boards Farmers' & Mech. Hotel 
Gouldthrit Alonzo, Massachusetts, bds M. Nowlton's 
Gove A. B., chrk at 115 Mer. street, bds 104 Mer. street 
Gove Gardner, overseer Boot, boards 4 
Gove Morrill C, Boott, house 15 

Gove Luke, shoe and variety, shop and house, Tilden st 
Gove Josiah E , at L. Gove's, boards L. Gove's 
Goward Francis, L. & C. foundry, house Midx st 
Gracier Mrs. Sabra,, house Lowell street 
Graham Aaron, house 13 Appleton 
Graham Frederick, overseer Appleten, boards 13 
Grant James, Middlesex, boards M. Nowlton's 

Grant , Lawrence, house 41 

Grant A. M., at Smith's restorator, bds D. S. Richardson's 
Grant John, Lowell, boards Mrs. Isabella Swap's 

Grant , house Marshall street 

Graves John \V., physician, house and office 16 Hurd st 
Graves Mrs. Mary, house 30 Hurd street 
Graves Ikitler, cjrpenter, boards Joel Williams' 
* Graves Jacob, teacher, 2d Gram. School, h School street 
Gray Timothy jr., mach. shop, house school street 
Gray Wm. C, Boston & Lowell Express, h 4 Church st 
Gray James, mason, boards 46 Churcli street 
Gray James B. mason, house 60 Church street 
Gray Miss Cynthia, dressmaker, Tilden street 
Gray Daniel S., fruit and veg. City Mar. house Tyler stresi 
Gray Rufus, at Pearl and H.'s stable, bds F. F. Pearl's 


Gray Alanson, mason, house 60 Church street 

Gray Robert, at Wood &, H/s, bds S. N. Wood's 

Gray Joshua, Lks & Cls, boards 113 Central street 

Greely W. H., boards J. McCauley's 

Greely SB., Boott, boards 39 

Greeley Peletiah, boards Thomas Curry's 

Green John O., physician, office and house Pawtucket st 

Green Lydia, house 224 Merrimack street 

Green A., machinist, Merrimack, house 49 

Green , Tremont, boards 3 

Green Tyler, Tremont, boards 24 

Green Andy, Hamilton, house Wrn street 

Green Samuel S., house South street 

Green Miss Susan, dressmaking, Midx. st, bds C. Green's 

Green Cornelius, miller, house Middlesex street 

Green Benj., Machine Shop, house 30 Swamp Locks 

Greenleaf Daniel G., constable, house High street 

Greenleaf W. P., at J. M. Manning's 

Greenleaf , Lawrence, boards 27 Suffolk 

Greenleaf Josiah, variety, shop and house 138 Central st 

Greenough Miss Betsey, house 27 Lawrence 

Gregson Thomas, at 2(>4 Merrimack street, boards 264 

GFreer John, Lowell, house Dummer street 

Grey William, physician, 27 Mer. st, house Paige st 

Grey A., laborer, house Davidson street 

Griffin J., wheelwright, house and shop Howe street 

Griffin Eliphalet, carpenter, h Merrimack st Bel. 

Griffin Moses, boarding house, Mer. st, Belvidere 

Griffin John, Flannel Mills, house Howe street 

Griffin Alvah, boards 27 Suffolk 

Griffin Benjamin, ladies' shoes, shop and house Tilden st 

Griffin George A., cordwainer, house Howard st 

Griffin Joseph, cordwainer, house Howard street 

Griffin Joseph, superintendent of streets, house Cheever st 

Griffiths P. T., hats and caps, 110 Mer. st, bds 106 

Grimes Peter D. at Day, C. & W. bds Mrs. Grimes, Wor st 

Grimes John, house Worthen street 

Griswold Fitch, Appleton, boards Jonathan Leather's 

Grover Wm. E., Massachusetts, boards 19 

Grover David, overseer Massachusetts, house 2 

Grush Joseph S., barber, near Howard House, bds same 

Guild Isaac, at Sturtevant's, boards H. Spencer's 

Guild W. A., clerk at 59 xMer. street, boards B. Guild's 

Guild Isaac, house 2 Wall street 

Guild Benjamin, stone layer, house chapel street 


Guild James, Boott, boards James Lamb's 
Gulline Stewart, yeoman, house School street 
Gushing , carpenter, boards Samuel Coburn's 

HACKETT Daniel, Merrimack, house 132 
Hadley Joshua, carpenter, boards A. Dennison's 
Hadley T., LaAvrence, house 56 
Hadley E. H., Merrimack, house 33 
Hadley Charles, Merrimack, boards 33 
Hadley John, liv. stable, VVor. st, h Low. cor. Wor. st 
Hadley John, Hamilton Print Works, boards J. Chubb's 
Hadley Mrs. Elizabeth, house 12 Hamilton 
Hagerty James, at 123 Cen. street, house Lenton st 
Haggett A., Nashua & Lowell ticket master, h High st 
Haggett John, Merrimack Print Works, h Cen. st Ch, Hill 
Haines Mrs. Mary, house 4 Merrimack 
Haines Crosby K., Merrimack, boards 4 
Hale Mrs. Phebe, boarding house, Davidson street 
Hale Joshua, boarding house, Davidson street 
Hale William, overseer Boott, house 20 
Hale Perley, house Lawrence street 
Hale Bermce, at Hale's mills, house opposite 
Hale D. R. watchmaker, 90 Mer. st, bds Sanborn's, Bank B. 
Haley Benj. F., carpenter, boards at C. K-ichards' 
Haley Joseph, house Lowell street 
Hall J. S., 46 Mer. st, boards 14 Massachusetts 
Hall Albert B., clerk 52 Mer. st, bds J. B. Gerrish'a 
Hall John C, Merrimack, house Merrimack street 
Hall George, Massachusetts, boards 37 
'" Hall Jeremiah, clerk at H. Reed & Go's, bds 14 Mass. 
Hall George, Lawrence, boards 63 
Hall George, Merrimack, boards 20 
Hall Solon, Merrimack, boards 18 
Hall Thomas, Lawrence, boards 6 Tremont 
Hall G. P., painter 8,- glaz. Low. st, h Low. cor. Paw. st 

^Hall , Middlesex, boards John Favor's 

Hall Jonathan, Lowell, boards John Pillsbury's 
Hall Joseph, Lowell, boards 1 
<Hail Benj., at Mech. Mills, boards J. H. Comb's 
Hall Wilder, overseer Hamilton, house 42 
Hall Christopher, house 29 Hamilton 
Hall Benj., B. & L., R. R., house Howard street 
Him G. W. (Maxfield &) carp'ter, Mid. st bds. 1. L. Ham's 
Ham John B., at Rand & Place's, bds Amos Boynton's 
Ham John, mason, boards Levi Hussey's 



Ham Isaac L. stone layer, house Lowell street 

Ham James H. carpenter, boards Benjamin Home's 

Hamlet Galen, mason, house rear C. P. Ruggle's 

Hamilton VVm. at Freeman's, boards Mrs Issabella Swap's 

Hampson John, house Fenwick street 

Hancock Leonard, Massachusetts, house Davidson street 

Hancock George, house 13 Massachusetts 

Hancock Albert, Tremont, house 20 

Hancock Daniel, Middlesex, house Green street 

Hancock L. house Tyler cor. Central street 

Hancock Edward, at Richmond's, house Lawrence street 

Hancock James, house Middlesex street 

Hanks Rev, S. VV. house Kirk street 

Hannaford James, Merrimack, house Q7 

H&nnaford George, Meirimack, house Tilden street 

Hannaford John, laborer, house Adams' street 

Hannaford Mrs M. A. house Merrimack st. Belvidere 

Hanscom E. lace goods, 130 Merrimack street 

Hanson Hiram, house 12 Tremont 

Hanson L. D. Appleton, boards S. Morrison's 

Hanson L. VV. C Mer. print works, bds S. Morrison's 

Hanson Charles B. Mer. ooards S. Morrison's 

Hanson James, at 123 (Central st. house Gorham street 

Hanson Dustin, Middlesex, boards 65 Church street 

Hanson James, Lowell Bleachery, house Bleachery street 

Hapgood E. shuttle maker, mechanic mills, h, Everett st 

Hapgood VVm. mechanic mills, boards 35 Central street 

Hapgood Andrew, mechanic mills, boards Charles Way's 

Hapgood VV^ E. S. at VV. Godings, boards 35 Central st 

Hapgood Ephraim. (Aldrich &) house Everett street 

Harding Benjamin, carpenter, house Lee etreet 

Harding John, Middlesex, boards N. B. Merrill's 

Harding Joseph, at Richardson & Moor's, boards 1 Lowell 

Hardy B. T. dry goods 14 Mer st. bds American house 

Hardy F. H. dry goods 148 Mer st, h Un. cor. Central st 

Hardy Samuel, carpenter, house rear Mer st, Belvidere 

Hardy Theodore, boarding house. Davidson street 

Hardy Miss Rebecca, house 12 Boott 

Hardy James T. overseer Boott, house ^7 

Hardy Leonard, overseer Suffolk, house 14 

Hardy Warren, Suffolk, boards 14 

Hardy Phillip, overseer Boott, house 49 

Hardy Charles, Boott, house 57 

Hardy Levi, Merrimack, boards 18 

Hardy Walter, Meirimack, house 37 


Tlartly Thomas, variety, Merriinnck, house Cab. cor, Mcr. st 
Hardy William H., at C. J. & D. Bradt's, bds J. Russell's 
Hardy Jameson H., Middlesex, house North street 
Hardy Simeon, laborer, h Midx near School street 
Hardy James M., Mach. Shop, boards C. W. Wilkins' 
Hardy Sylvester, planing mach. house 5 Midx Place 
Harkins James, laborer, house Fenwick street 
){arlin Patrick, Lowell, house Lowell street 
Harlow J. B, piinter & ijlazier, 6 Com. sq.-h Fayette st 

Harlow , carpenter, boards Leonard Thorniug's 

Harmon Abram B., bonds 'SO Hamilton 
Harmon Mos ^s, at 37 Cen. st, boards 30 Hamilton 
Harnden, Edward, at S. & W.'.s boards N. Wilson's 
Harper James, overseer Lowe' I, house Market street 
Harriman Ji)hn S., at J. G. Kittredge's, bds L. Harriman'd 
Harriman Leman, carpenter, house Moody street 

Harriman , laborer, boards 1 1 Tremont 

Harrington Josiah, carpcnti:!r, boards 13(5 Merrimack street 
Harrington Lyman, carpenter, bds Wm. FarwelRs 
Harrington Benj. machine shop, bds. S. Pickering's 
Harrrington Datdel, house Adams >treet 

Harrington , wheelwright, bds. Mary Manahan'i? 

Harris Aliss Louisa, house Merrimack street, Bel 
Harris John. Iruit and variety store, 8i> Mor. Ft 
Harris C. F., innliolder Farm. & Mech's IL 133 Wcr. Kt 
HaVri^ Norman, Massacln^sotts, bds 1 9 
Harris John, Massachusetts, boards 4 
Hairis John D., house ii Massachusrptts, 
Harris George L., overseer Lawrence, house 52 
Harris Page }J., carpenter, boards iVIiss H. Bern's 
Harris Samuel, laborer, house Chapel street 
Harris Wm. H., clerk at Howard hou?e 
Harris W^m., at Lks & C!s Ibundrv, house Pine street 
Harris A. G., at Fletcher .^ Ldwa'rd-', bds. C. W. Wilkin^.' 
Harris Wm , Mass'ts, house Centre st. Central Village 
Harrison James, teacher of Mu^ic, bds. N F. Crafts' 
Harris m E, variety, hou-e and shop Lowell st. 
Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house Water street 
Hart J. \V., carpente-, boards, J H. Lea^itt's 
Harthan Misj H. dress makinj and v:i,ietry, (3 John ''t 
Hartshorn E (& Co.) dry goods 40 Mer st, house Tyler st 
Hartson Jonathan, at T. S. Farnswarth's livery stable 
Harvey Siml, at 121 .Mer. st, bds. M.s. Parker's Cen. VU- 
Harvey William, Boott, house 10 
-Hirvey Joseph, Merrimack, boards 49 



Harvey Samuel W., teamster, house Middlesex st 
Haseltine Mrs. Mary, house Gorham st. 
Haseltine Geo. W., Middlesex, boards Mrs. M. Haseltine 's 
Haselton John A. overs^^er Massachusetts, house 2.5 
Haselton Charles at Rob. & Rill'gs, bds. James Haselton's 
Haselton James, ph}'^iaian, office and house Charles st 
Haselton J. S., Lowell, house 42 Hamilton 
Haskell Addison, machine shop, house Suffolk st 
Haskell Joseph, at W. A. Smith's, boards Mrs. H. Smith's 
Haskell Job, Middlesex, boards Oliver Wyman's 
Haskell Moses, cordwainer, bds Oliver Wyman's 
Haskell Theodore, machine shop, bds. Mrs. Prudence Hills" 
Hasting-s T. S., overseer Lawrence, house 36 

Hastings , Lks & Cls bds. G. A. W. John>on's. 

jiatch S. W., hats caps, &c. 59 Cen. st. bds. 106 Mer st 
J^atch George S. Day, C. & W.'s, bds. Saml Stone's 
Hatch Joel, mech. mills, h. Central st, Chapel Hill 
Hatch Rev. W. H. house 30 Church street 
Hatch Charles H., at Scripture & Wilson's, h. Union st 
Hatch Jonathan, laborer, h. School, cor. Branch st. 
Hathaway John, newsman, (Daily Bee) house High st. 
Hathwood John, at Patterson's, bds. Mrs. S. Stewart's 

Hatten , at Patterson's bds. J. Conlan's 

Hawes Wm. laborer, house Mer. st. Bel. 

Hawes , Massachusetts, boards 4 

Hawes C. W. machine shop, house Pine street 

Hawks C. W. clerk at E. T. Hrigham's, bds 11 .Tohn st 

Hawks Andrew, cordwainer, bds. O. F Keniston's 

Hawjey Mrs. Weltha, h. Midx st. near Howard house 

Hay Elijah, fruit & confct'y, >^hop and h. Low. cor. Ads. st 

Hayden Rufus N. carpenter, ho'ise Howard street 

Hayes J. F. C. printer at Vox Popu'i office, h. Nesmith st 

Hayes Henry, machinist, Merrimyck, house 57 

Hayes Miss Rachel, house 50 Merrimack 

Hayes Wm. machine shop, boards James Dickey's 

Hayes John, laborer, house Fenwick st 

Hayford Faxon, machine shop, bds. J. P. Goodwin's 

Haynes Mrs. Anna, iiouse Fayette street 

JIaynes Mrs. E. h opp. Farmers and Mechanic's hoase^ 

Haynes J. R. at 188 Mer. st, bouse 8 Midx Place 

Haynes Mr;'. Lydia, hou-e 54 Lawrence 

Haynes Isaiah, Tr^mont, boards 27 

Haynes Fr -nci--, Lowell, house 26 

Haynes Alfred, mech. mills, house "William st 

Haynes Samuel S. carpenter, boards Miss H, Bean?s= 


Haynes Alonzo, Middlesex, Boards 46 Church st 
Haynes Geo. at Minott's, boards B. V Miller's 
Haynes Prentiss, teamster, house Brewery Court 
Haynes Ford A. Massachusetts, boards James Coburn's 

Hayward . clerk, boards Mrs. J. H. Boyden's 

Hazen John, laborer, boards Wm. Ely's 
Hazen Ma'-tin (). mech. mill>, boards 8 Kurd street 
"^^azeltine Mrs Lydia, house Middle street 
Hazeltine Myron J. Menimack, bds Mrs. Lydia Hazeltine's 
Hazelt >n Samuel, mason, house Adams street 
Heahl Samuel, mech. mills, boards Geo. Kittredge's 
Heald Mrs. S. variety store, ]38 Mer. st. h. ]42 
Healey David, Merrimack print works, house 69 
Healey Jaine^. house Suffolk street 
Ileat'i Thomrr, Liwrenc \ house 32 
Heath Mis.?, ih.ianer and dress maker, 19G Mer. street 
Jleath Geo. W. Lawrence, house 23 
Heath Robert T. Tremont. boards 32 Lawrence 
Heath Chester, Lawrence, boards 32 

Heath Geo. W. at planinop mach. Mid. st, bds. N. B. Reed's 
Heath Mrs. Mary, boarding house Carpet Lane 
Heath Rosv.-ell, job-wagon, house George street 
Heath Wm. livery stable at Howard house 
Heath G. innholder, H )ward House, Middlesex st 
Hedge Levi, penny post, boards 50 Merrimack st 
Hedges Jerem.iah, Lowell, boards 1 

Hedrick Geo. sign and fancy painter, 3G Cen. h. And. st 
Helen Richard, machine shop, house on Acre 
Heminway M. (Wood &) \V. I. g.^ods, h. Cen. Pt Chap, ii 
Jleminway Edson, carpenter, boards 31 Church st 
Heminway Martin, Middlesex, house 47 Church st 
Heminway Almon, painter, house 3S Church st 
Henhe P^obert, mechanic mills, bdl 33 Hamilton 
Hendee J. B. painter, Moody street 
Henrick Edward, carpenter, house North st 
Henry John, at Richmond's, house Law. st 
Hersey Amos J, overseer Appleton, house 1 
Hersey i\Jrs. P. house 38 Massachusetts 
Hersey, Stephen, Massachusetts, bds 19 
Hersey Hiram, house Tyler street 
Herrick Simeon, carpenter, boards Leonard Thorning^s 
Herrick Zenos, at Brabrook's, house Davidson street 
Herrick E. B. (& Tuttle) mason, house Cen. cor. Charles rt 
, Herrick C 1?. mason, house Crosby's Court 
Hey ward A. S,. L. & C. foundry, house Howard street 
Heyvvpod A. B. student, boards at C. B. Richmond'* 



HeyT^'ood A. E. clerk O Cen. st. boards Mrs EoyJen's 
Heywood C. H. cl^rk 23 Cen. st. boirJs A. C. Bagley's 
Heywood Joseph E house Appleton street 
Hermance W at 30 Central street, board? Mrs Ne well's 
Heiselton John, mason, bo irds Oliver Wyman's 
Hickey Walter, Los •is & Canals, bouse Fenwick street 
Hic'^ey Patrick, Loci<s & Canils, h .use Fenwick street 
Higgins F. ai E. D. Leivitt's, boards same 
Higg-ins Alvah VI . physician, house .51 Church street 
Hitborn Wm H. cordw.iin-T, house Lowell street 
Hildreth Dext r, v\^ L Goods Mer. st. Bel. h. Fayette st 
Hildreth Madison, clerk & boards at D. Hildreth'g 
Hildreth J. C h lue Sign & fancy piinter 13 Merrimack st. 

boards 1 1 Merrimick street, Helvidere 
Hildreth L C. clerk 26 Centnl st. house Charles street 
Hildret I Asa, overseer lioott, house 48 
Hildreth F. A. editor & proprietor, Lowell Repub. office 21 

Central street 
Hiliard T M Ap'deton. house 17 
Hill .1. iV M (& Gibbey) druggist 12 Cen. st. boards S. E. 

Hill Asaph, Massicbusetts, boards 4 
Hill D ivid ( B P. lioiden & C.>) 98 Cen. st. house 128 
Hill Miss S. C. house 126 Merrimack 
Hill Mrs L. house 41 Merrimack 

Hill Piu!, Sup. v/o-ks. Locks & Canals, boards 41 Mer. 
Hill Jo:in, boirds 11 Merrimack 
Hill George \V. boards 14 Tremont 
Hili John, boards 14 Tremont 
Hdl Job. Lawrence, house Suffolk street 
Hill Lawrence, blacksmith. Market st. house Hurd street 
Hill R. VV. phyo'.c an, atpce (.V. house Tyler s'r et 
Hill Nithaniei, Appiet >n. house Meadow street 
Kill Benj. piincor, boirds .Mis? Miry Furber's 
H 11 David, at R ch.nond's boards Airs J. Moody's 
Hill Henj uriin, HamiltOii, house 8 
Hill Div.d, bo If'!? :\irs Welt; a Hawley's 
Hill David merch depot, house Howard street 
Hill John, laborer, house Huiton street 
Hid Benj. Vlerrim.tck, boards Eenj. Holt's 
Hill Rm lolph, >" bo.^rus James P. Smith's 
Hdl Peter, Lov^ell, hou?e meclianic cor. Dummer street 
Hills E. ticket master, iJ .^ L. R. R. h. Mer. st. Belvidere 
Hilh George H. (Mixer P. & Co) com. merchant, boards G 

Bank BJock 
Hills George W. (Page &) carp. Chaa. et. h. CentraFat 


Hills Mrs Pnidence, house Lewis street 

Hills Paul, carpenter, house Lew.s street 

Hilton ti. VV. (Benrhal &) dry goods 4'> Mer st.h Cen Vil 

Hindinan Wesley, (Ockingtou &) painter &, glazier, board* 

35 Central street 
Hinds Luther, machine shop, boards 6 Swamp Locks 
Hinds Bailey, laborer, house Merrimack st Belvidere 
Hinds David, laborer, house Merrimack street, Belvidere 
Hind Thomas, at Freeman's, boards D. Davis' 
Hislon James, laborer, house Lowell street 
Hitchcock A. W. at 34 Cen. st. boards R. Jeffers' 
Hixon Lloyd, Lowell boards 4 
Hixun Mrs Roxana, house 4 Lowell 
Hoare Michal, W. I. Goods, Lowell street 
Hoag Jona. Boott, house Cen. strt et Chapel hill 
Hob a it G. W. L. blacksmith, bds Mrs Smith's Middle st 
Hobart JN. (& Prescctt) blacksmith. Low. st. bds Mrs Doe's 
Hobart George, Massachusetts, boards M*. J. Roger's 
Hobart Roswell, carpenter, boards A. Cutter's 
Ho^bs Eben R. teamster, board.-s Mrs N. Ward's 
Hobbs Lorenzo, Suffolk, bo.irds 17 Lawrence 
Hobson Mrs S. variety, Central st. opposite Church street 
Hodges C. D. clerk R. R. hank, boards 13 Central street 
Hodgdon Mrs J. house 11 Suffolk 
Hodgdon Stephen, house 20 Tremont 
Hodgman Benj. wheelwright, boards A. B. Coburn's 
Hodgman Isaac, Merrimack, boards 62 
Hodgman Mrs Am, house 20 Suffolk 

Hodgman , at Thurston's stable, Washington house 

Hodgman Solomon, livery stable, Church st. h. Tyler street 

Hoit John, house Middle street 

Hoit Leander, boards John Hoifs' 

Hoit Samuel, at 37 Central street, boards 30 Hamilton 

Hoit George, machinist, hvasQ West street 

Hoit Joseph, laborer, house Middlesex street 

Holbrook A. S. carpenter, house cor. And. & Water street 

Holbrook Walter, house 3 Massachusetts 

Holbrook A. house Kirk street 

H olden E. at T. Footman's, house Middle street 

Holden Avery, job wagon, house Merrimack st. Belvidere 

Holden B. F. (& Co) W. I. Goods, 98 Cen st, bds. D. Hill's 

Holden Artemas, cooper, shop & hou^e Pawtucket street 

Holland John, overseer Merrimack, house 35 

Holland John, house Lowell street 

Holland C. L. Lks & Cls foundry, bds Mrs F. W. Miller's 


Holland Jeremiah, Nashua R. R. house Lewis street 
Hollis Samuel, (Clem^nce & Wood) dry goods 108 Mer. st. 

house LaGrange street 
Holley Charles, Appleton, boards 3 
Holmes Mrs D. G, millinery 33 Mer. st. h. Paige street 
Holmes D. G. divinity student, house Paige street 
Holmes Harrison, Lawrence, boards 38 
Holmes G. C. at A. Kittredge's, house Charles street 
Holmes Henry P. painter, boards George Parks' 
Holmes E. T. machine shon, house 4 Swamp Locks 
Holt Daniel, carpenter Howe st, house Nesmith street 
Holt John, carpenter Howe st, house Nesmith street 
Holt Abiel, stone layer, house Willow street 
Holt A. P Thomsonian physician, office & h. 176 Mer. st 
Holt A. overseer Lawrence, house 1 
Holt Joseph S. clerk Suftblk C. R. house 24 
Holt Paul, Lks &.Cls, house Race corner Moody street 
Holt Henry, teamster at the McFarlin's 
Holt Edward. Lowell, house Carpet Lane 
Holt Luther, blacksmith, boards O. Richardson's 
Holt James H. laborer, boards Leonard Baileys' 
Holt Luther, at B. Merrill's, boards O. Richardson's 
Holt Adam C. at Doug, bobbin shop, house Branch street 
Holt Benj. laborer, house Dummer street 
Holt Alfred, machinist, boards Benjamin Holt's 
Holton George, Lowell, house Lewis street 
Holton F. dry goods 102 Merrimick bds J. Bower's 

Holton , watchman Merrimack st. boards 29 Mer 

Honey S, house 6 Lawrence 

Honey C. carpenter, house Lowell street 

Hood Wm. L. carpenter, Cen. st. boards Hervey Pulsifer's 

Hood A. K, carpenter, shop Cen. st. house Cady street 

Hooker Lyman W. at J. Parker & Son's, boards J. Parker's 

Hooper E. S. millinery 72 Mer. st bds Dr Dana's Central st 

Hooper Moses, Appleton, boards Jona. Leathers' 

Hope Robert, Merrimack, house 55 

Hopkins John, at Patterson's, house Mer. street Belvidere 

Hopkins , Lawrence, boards 42 

Hopkins Robert, machine shop, house Appleton street 
Hopkins Charles, Middlesex, b )ards Jamer Dickey's 
Hopkinson Cyrus, works and boards James Ray's 
Hopkinson T. counsellor 76 Cen st. h. Lawrence street 
Hopkinson A. boards A Dennison's 
Hopkins James, overseer Hoott, house 64 
Hopkins John, Boott, boards 53 


Hopkins Patrick, house Lowell street 

Horn Samuel, {k Allen) soap & candles, works &h. Midxst 

Horn Thomas, job wagon, boards Daniel Andrew's 

Home Benj. at Woods and VVent's, house Button street 

Home D, V\^. carpenter, boards Wrn. Kelley's* 

Horner Wm. Middlesex, house Warren street 

Horton Simeon, at Wilsons' foundry, house Middlesex st 

Hosmer Isaac, stone mason, house Fayette street 

Hosmer S. dry goods 4 Cen. st. house Livermore street 

Houghton Alvin, overseer Boott, house 7 

Houston Isaac, Merrimack, boards 19 

Hovey Charles, (G. H. Carlton & Co.) house Nesmith st 

Hovey Augustus D. at D. Kittredge's, house Central Vil 

Howard Horace, lutnber & wood near jail, h. Gorham street 

Howard George J. Lawrence, house Merrimack street 

Howard J. P. S. printer 5G Cen. st. h. Cen st. Chapel hill 

Howard George A. Massachusetts, boards 19 

Howard W. B. Boott, house 42 

Howard Ebenezer, laborer, house Lowell street 

Howard Everett, Lowell, boards 4 

Howard Paul, house William street 

Howard James, clerk at Wm. Fiske's, bds 51 Church st 

Howard Spalding, carpenter, hoards 65 Church street 

Howard Lewis O. Middlesex, boards 54 Church street 

Howard Patrick, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Howe Windsor, laborer, house Oak street 

Howe Freeman W. laborer, boards Windsor Howe's 

Howe Jeroboam, teamster, house Oak street 

Howe Edward B. Hamilton, house Andover street 

Howe Mrs Charlotte, boarding house 65 Merrimack street 

Howe Joseph S. Massachusetts, house 26 

Howe Wm. E. Boott, boards 53 

Howe Herman, carpenter, li. Suffolk cor. Merrimack street 

Howe James, Lowell, house 18 

Howe Abram, Hamilton, house 44 

Howe William, machine shop, house 6 Middlesex place 

Howe Mrs Charlotte, house Suffolk street . 

Howes S. P. portrait painter 112 Mer st. h. Gorham street 

Hoyle Samuel, at flannel mills, boards 46 Church street 

Iloyle John, house Water street 

Hoyle James, at flannel Mills, boards John Hoyle 's 

Hoyle Abram, blacksmith, boards John Hoyle's 

Hoyt Samuel, confectionery at 37 Cen st. boards 30 Hasa 

Hoyt Jacob, house 109 Merrimack 

Hoyt Alvah F. Lawrence, boards 32 


Hoyt Jesse, Merrimack, boards 20 

Hoyt Mrs Mary, bouse 12 Merrimack 

Hoyt Archibald, physician, office 6c' \nm3Q Tilden street 

Hoyt Mrs Emelirje, dress maker, 3 Tilden street 

Hoyt Mrs Alpg-ai], house Lowell street 

Hoyt Carlos, Suffolk, boards Mrs Abigail Hoyt's 

Hoyt Harry VV. Dongs, bobbin shop, bds Mis Does' Mar at 

Hoyt Leonard, carriage maker, Lowell st. h. 97 Mer st 

Hoyt George B. carpenter, house William street 

Hoyt Leander D at 115 Cen st. boards Abigail Hoyt'j 

Hoyt Asa, laborer, boards VV. C. John^^ton's 

Hoyt Mrs, nurse, house 6 Middlesex place 

Hubbard C. J. overseer Suffolk, house G 

Hubbard Josiah, City Librarian, h. Russell's B. Lowell st 

Hubbard George blacksniith, boards Mrs Clarissa Smith's 

Hubbard Sophronia, Ik -use South street 

Huckins David, machine shop, house Middlesex street 

Hughes John, at Lowell Bleachery, house William street 

Hull Amos, undertaker, h(;use Central st. Chapel hill 

Hull W. H. clerk at Tarr H. & Ms, boards Amos Huli'a 

Hull H. printer 82 Central street, boards Amos Huli'd 

Hulme Mrs Jane, liouse Nesmith street 

Hulme Jseph, Lowell B'eachery, house Lowell street 

Hulme James, Lowell Bleachery, house near Hales mills 

Hunkins James, carpenter, shop & hous3 Chesnut street 

Hunnewell E. bookseller, Merrimack st. bds Mer. house 

Hunl Elihu S. Lutcher, Bridge st, h. cor. Mer. & Nes st* 

Hunt Mrs Clarissa, hou.-e High street 

Hunt Augustus, mason, house Fayette street 

Hunt W. H. clerk 47 Cen. st. boards Mrs P. Brazer's 

Hunt Mrs Rebecca, house Race street 

Hunt S. J. carpenter, house Market street 

Hunt Sol. (& Cloyd) W. I. Goods, Low st. h. Pawtucket si 

Hunt Hiram, at H. &. Cloyd's, boards S. Hunt's 

Hunt Phelps, at W. Godings', bo:irds Mrs. N. J. Priest's 

Hunt Alonzo, Sup. City Market, house 1-3 Hnrd street 

Hunt Samuel W. at E' S. Hunt s. boards 13 Hard street 

Hunt Charles H. mechanic mills, house Crosby's Court 

Hunt Samuel P. Middlesex, boards 31 Church street 

Hunt Alfred, at H. Snows, hoards 40 Church street 

Hunt Abner, Hamilton, boards Leonard Bailey's 

Hunt A. P. mason, house South street 

Hunt Allen D. cu rier, house Cen. st. Chapel hill 

Hunt John, Hamilton, boards 34 

Huut Ephraim, Hamilton, house South street 


Hunt xMexander, Hamilton, boards Ephraim Hunt's 
Hunter W'm. overseer Hamilton print works, h. Willow at 
Hunter Heman, Appleton, h.iuse 15 
Hunter Benj. Low. Bleachery, house Bleachery street 
Huntington H. overseer Lawrence, house 9 
Huntington James, Merrimack, boards 20 
Huntington James T. Merrimack, house Moody street 
Huntington Elisha, physician, office and h. J4 Hurd street 
Huntington' Anson, beer maker, h. Midx opp Grand st 
Huntington C. H. N. carpenter, house Howard street 
Huntoon James, boards Mrs B. Slack's 
Hunto.)n H. P. boards Mrs Betsy Slack's 
Huntoon J. job wagon, house 3 Willow place 
Huntoon Moses, at 194 iVler. st. boards D. Dearborn'* 
Huntoon Orrin, house 29 Lawrence 
Huntoon Charles, Middlesex, boards 38 Hurd street 
Huntoon Alpha, boarding house William street. 
Huntoon True, ostler at.Hovvard House 
Huntress Leonard, (Tarr H & M.) house Lawrence streetvi , 
Huntress J. L. (Pearl &) livery stable, boards S. MeserveV' 
Hurd Mrs Uzzel, house 4 Massachusetts 
Hurd Amos, variety store, Tilden street, bouse 60 Lawreno 
Hurd James, Lawrence, house 31 
Hurd John, laborer, house Middle street 
Hurd Jonathan, laborer, boards John Hurd'a 
Hnrd Gbarles, Lowell, boards 1 
Hurd Daniel, Lowell, house Suffolk street 
Hurlbut A. S carpenter, house Cabot cor. Merrimack st 
Hurley Jeremiah, Lowell, house Fenwick street 
Hues Wm. Middlesex, liouse William street 
Huse Thomas M. Merrimack, house (jG 
Huse George, boarding house, George street 
Huse Stephen, laborer," boards Stephen Gilson's 
Hussey Charles, clerk at 268 Mer. st, boards L. Hussey'a. 
Hussey Oliver, Merrimack, house 103 
Hussey Daniel, Merrimack, bonrds 18 
Hussey Levi, Middlesex, house Charles street 
Hussey Amos J. overseer Appleton, house 1 
Hutchins E. P (&. Blake) dry gtiods 48 Merrimack street.^ 
boards Mrs Braze r's 

Hutchins , Massachusetts, boards M. Nowlton's 

Hutchins Joseph, cle:k at American house 
Hutchins L. D. Hamilton, house Carpet Lane 
Hutchins Royal, Hamilton, boards L. D. Hutchin'a 
Hutchins Solon, Hamilton, boards L. D. Hutchins* 


?.Iutchms , Lowell, boards ] 

Hutchinson Mrs Lydia, umb's & music 11 Mer. st. house 

Nesmith street 
Hutchinson S. K. stone mason, house Mer st. Belvidere 
Hutchinson Benjamin, 25 Central st. house Appleton street 
Hutchinson T. S. Merrimack print works, house 137 
Hutchinson Hezekiah, carpenter, house Lowell street 
Hutchinson Benj. K. Midx, boards Luke Nichol's 
Hutchinson Benj. F. carpenter, boards L. Aldrich's 
Hutchinson Austin, Middlesex, house Luther's Court 
Hutchinson Walter, Middlesex, boards R. F. Shaw's 
Hutchinson Edward, Middlesex, boards 14 Hamilton 
Hutchmson Erasmus, laborer, boards Mrs W. Hawley's 
Hyde Amos, machine shop, house 35 i^Jwamp Locks 
Hyde Amos, bath house Mar. st. house 35 Swamp Locks 

IN GALLS D. S. livery stable Merrimack st. Belvidere house 

Davidson street 
Ingalls Barney, laborer, house Fenwick street 
^nj^ham Richard, at Bixl^y <&. Nichols, h Summer street 
Ingraham A. B. clerk at 74 Cen. st. bds M. Parkhurst's 
Ivers Miss Mary, corsett maker 123 Mer st. boards MrsM- 


JACKSON , house High st cor. of Chesnut 

Jackson Andrew, shoemaker, bds Mrs. J. H. Boy den's 
Jackson Franklin, boards 3G Massachusetts 
Jackson William, overseer Massachusetts, house 39 
Jackson Albert, at 112 Cen. st, boards Mrs. Boyden's 
Jackson Woodbury, Tremont, boards 14 

Jackson , Hamilton, boards 34 

Jackson Mrs. Almira, nurse, at 7 Dutton street 

James , Massachusetts, boards 37 

James, W. H. H., Merrimack, House 106 
Jameson Daniel, Merrimack, boards 20 
Jameson Thomas, W. 1. goods, Cen. street, h Charles st 
Jaques John S,, shuttle maker at Doug, h Ash street 
Jaques D. H., divinity student, boards Joshua Merrill's 
Jaquith, L. W., overseer Massachusetts, house 29 
Jeffers Robert, boarding house, Middle street 
Jefferson Thomas, Massachusetts, boards 19 
J efts Simeon, fruit and beer. Mar. sq. house Union street 
J efts E., restorator, Cen. street, h, rear Cen. st. Ch. Hill 
Jefts Alexander, Mass. bds D. H. Smith's, Cen. Village 
Jenkins Joel, wheelwright, shop and house Paw. st 


Jenkins Heman, Doug, bobbin shop, house Carp. Lane 

Jenkins , carpenter, boards 65 Church street 

Jenkins E. P. at O. M. Whipple's, h Whipple street 

Jenks E. G., Machine Shop, house 4 Swamp Locks 

Jeene Albert, Tretnont, boards 14 

Jenny Alpheus, Suffolk, boards 3 

Jennings John at 67 Central street, boards Mrs. Quinn's 

Jenness Jonatlian, variety store, shop and h 258 IMer. st 

Jenness Jacob (& Freeman) W. 1. goods Mer. st Bel. house 

Lawrence street 
Jepson John C. overseer Hamilton, house 36 
Jessup Nathan, at Day, C. &l W.'s, bds Amos Boynton's 
Jewell Leonard F., Boot, boards 53 
Jewell Elias, at Benjamin Day's saw mill 
Jewett J. P., physician, office and house Kirk street 
Jewett Braman, Merrimack Print Works, boards 128 
Jewett Jolm, carpenter, h Lawrence st near Richmond's 
Johnson Mrs. Mary, boarding house Mer. st Belvidere 
Johnson L. D. mnemonic teacher, J '24 Merrimack street 
Johnson Jona., jeweller, 126 Mer. st, house 132 
Johnson J. W. at Wm N. Owen's, bds 113 Mer. street 
Johnson M. F., house Bartlett street, Belvidere 
Johnson W. A. at 38 Cen. street, boards 3 Tremont 
Johnson E., dentist, at Dr. Gladwin's, bds 13 Cen. street 
Johnson B. W. Merrimack, boards 65 
Johnson Mrs. Harriet, House 3 Tremont 
Johnson, Wm. S., Tremont, boards 14 
Johnson Henry, stone layer, boards T. N. Wood's 
Johnson E. H. at Benj. Day's, boards P. Brogan's 
Johnson I. A., at Woods &f W.'s, bds Mrs S. Richardson's 
Johnson G. A. VV., Lowell, house Lowell street 
Johnson Wm. C. at White & Puffer's, house Charles et 
Johnson Mrs. Eleanor, house 35 Church street 
Johnston W. C, at card factory, house Charles street 
Johnson W. M., machinist, h north cor. Lawrence st 
Johnson Wm. S., at Whipple's, honse Lawrence street 
Johnson Lorenzo, carpenter, boards 29 Hamilton 
Johnson Daniel, house West street 
Johnson Mrs. Betsey, house Middlesex street 
Johnson Wm., cab. maker. Mar. st, bds Mrs. B. Johnson's 
Johnson Edward C, Machine Shop, h 12 Swamp Locks 
Johnson Nancy F , nurse, 12 Tremont Corporation 
Jones E. C, mach. Market st, h Merrimack st Belvidere 
Jones Jeremiah, tailor, boards 106 Alerrimack street 
Jones, J, B., clerk, at 120 Mer. st, bds Mrs. S. Foster's 


Jones W. at 107 Merrimack st, bds Mrs. R. Jones' 
Jones P., shoemaker, at Swans, li Central st, Cen. Villag'c 
Jones Carlos D., bowling saloon, Mid. st, bds 5 Dav. st 
Jones Charles, at 234 Mer. street, boards W. Lewia' 
Jones G. H., overseer Massachusetts, boards 6 
Jones Hiram, laborer, boards N. Brown's 
Jones Jacob, laborer, boards N. Brown's 
Jones Charles L., Merrimack, boards 65 

Jones , Merrimack, boards 65 

Jones Jonathan. Merrimack Print Works, house 70 
Jones Cyrus, Merrimack Print Works, boards 79 
Jones G. W., Lawrence, boards 1 

Jones , Merrimack, boards 19 

Jones Charles, Merrimack, boards Wm. B- Courser's 

Jones Nath'l, at J. G. Kittrenge's, house Mid. street 

Jones Edward, at Day, C. & W.'s, h Cen. st Chapel Hill 

Jones Charles, at Whipple's, boards J. H. Swift's 

Jones .Mrs. L. M. house Union street 

Jones Joseph B., Hamilton, house 40 

Jones Mrs. Mary C, house 21 Hamilton 

Jones Lemuel, Middlesex, boards 25 Hamilton > 

Jones Mrs. Mary, house 6 Hamilton 

Jones John, laborer, boards Eagle Hotel 

Jones Isaac, laborer, house Branch street 

Jones James W., boarding house, Middle street 

Josselyn , Middlesex, boards Roswell Heath's 

Josselyn L. R , Lks «fe. Cls foundry, h Cen. st Chapel Hill 
Josselyn Elbridge, oversedic mach. shop foun. h 3 Swp Lks 
Josselyn Algernon, mach. shop foundry, h 18 Swp Lks 
Judge James, at David Dana's, house rear Wm street 
Judkins C. P. shoemaker, boards Jonah Osgood's 
Judkins J. J., bookseller, 29 Central st, h Bartlett st 
Judkins A. C, variety, Suffolk Sq. Merrimack street 
Judkins S. N., clerk at 29 Central st, bds E. D. Sanborn's 

IvALEY Morris, cordwainer, house Middle street 

Kaley Daniel, mason, house Cross street 

Kain John, laborer, house Gor. cor. Appleton street 

Kanuse J. H., Hoott, boards 9 

Kautfer F., Suffolk, house 13 

Kauffer John F., Suffolk, boards 13 

Keaf JNicholas, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Ivealer Horace, Mas.sachusptts, boards 4 

Kean G., Lks & Cls foundry, bds Mrs. F. W. Miller's 

Keating James, dry goods, 186 Mer. st, bds J. Carter's 


Keith Michael, laborer, house Adams street 

Keith Nathaniel, Suffolk, house Moody street 

Kellet Richard, variety store, Aler. st, Eelvidere 

Kelley VVm. A., house Ceii. Village on Methuen old road 

Kelley A. K., Lo-velj, house Mer. street Belvidere 

Kelley James, Suffbik, boards 143 iVJerrimack 

Kelley Jacob, turner, boards INatlrl White's 

Keliey B., laborer, house Lowell street 

Kelley Daniel, house Lowell street 

Kelley Asahel, pedlcr, boards S. \\'. Evans' 

Kelley Luke, laboier, lious;? i^owell street 

Kelley John, cordwainer, house Mid. street 

Kelley AndreAv, Lowell, house 1:) 

Kelley J. A., (Rogers (fe) iiv stable Cen. street, h Tyler st 

Kelley William, ca penter, house Charles street 

Kelley George, carpenter, boards \Vm. Kellny's 

Kelley Michael, Lowell Bleachery, house JNo'rth street 

Kelley Michael, laborer, h(juse i n Acre 

Kelly Edwin E., Mer., boards'l Kelley's. Cen. Villa^-e 

Kelly Daniel, Mer., house Cross st Central Villngo 

Kelley Asa P, engineering with C. Lathaiu, 24 Central si 

Kemp K. G.jteanisrer, hovise School street 

Kempton C, clerk at E B. Curriers, bds Asa Parkers 

Kempton Amos E., clerk at A. C. VVheelock's, bds (iO Boot 

Kendall P V. at (il Aierrimack st, house 'J'ilden street 

Kendall J. B., clerk at W Central st, liouss Elm street 

Kendall Cyrus, carpenter, bds Mis. Prendergast's 

Kendall Jonat'ian, overseer KulTblk, house 7 

Kendall Benjamin, mason, ho' se Clia|.el street 

Kennard Joiin, Lowell i leachrry, house Gorhain .street 

Kennard Thomas S , Men'imack, boards 17 

Kennan Daniel, labn;er, hous? Suffulk, cor. Mer. st 

Keniiiston George, Merrimack, b' ards 48 

Kenniston O.. F., ho\ise Carpet Lane 

Kenniston Charles G. at fra Leonar^i's. bds O. F. Kenniston's 

Kenniston Mos n, Mi.ldjesex, boards Jacob Cady's 

Kenniston Seth, Boott, h use Ce;*lro st, Cen. Village 

Kennedy John, coffin ma' er, shop and house Lowell st 

Kennedy '» ichai;!, lab ror, h.ouse Adams st 

Kenney Joshua, carpent'^--, bo irds 54 church street 

Kenney Joseph, carpoi),er. bo-^-.Tds .54 Churth street 

Kenney Joseph, nt(v, Centnil street, boards Mrs. Quinn'a 

Kenny G., xMevrimac'-, house (i? 

Kennedy iV!.';ry and Rebecca, iiouse 18 Lawrence 

Kenney George Vv'., Merri:aack, boards 19 


Kenney Edward, W. I. goods, Midx, bds Mrs. N. LaneV 

Kenney ]V]oses, at E. Kenney's, bds A. Wetherbee's 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson street 

Kennerdy John, mach. shop, bds J. M. Thurston's 

Kent John, carpenter, boards D. Goldsmith's 

Kent James, house 39 Lawience 

Kerr Mrs. Mary M., house Lewis street 

Kevill Thos. VV". I goods, house and shop ISTarket st 

Keyes Miss !>., straw braid, 2 John st, bds S. P. Bean's 

Keyes James (Reed &) boots and shoes, bds J. D. Robbins' 

Keyes John, laborer, house Lowell street 

Kezer John, mach. shop, boards 6 Swamp Locks 

Jvidder S. jr (Walker &)driig. 59Mer. st, bds J.Thompson's 

Kidder Chas, clerk ] 10 Mer. st., bds Mrs Watson's Wm st 

Kidder Jonathan, stone layer, bds at J. H. Stokes' 

Kidder John, Merrimack, house 138 

Kidder John, Boott, boards 53 

Kidder Joseph, Appleton, house 5 

Kidder John H., Appleton, house Middlesex street 

Kidder Moses, physician, house opposite Hale's mills 

Kidder Walter, physician, boards Moses Kidder's 

Kilburn John A., dancing master, bds Mrs J, H Boyden's 

Killen Arthur (Slavin &) dry goods, bds Ex. Coffee house 

Kimball Jacob B., Whitney Mills, house Willow street 

Kiiubail CJiarles W., Whitney Mills, bds J. B. Kimball's 

Kimball Jonathan, teacher 3d Grammar School, h High st 

Kimball N ithan, carpenter, house High street 

Kimball Daniel, mason, house Ash street 

Kimball J. H. clerk at 40 iVler. st, house Bartlett st Bel. 

Kimbail , at Freeman's, boards W. Freeman's 

Kimball D. R., livery stable Mer. House 
Kimball J. (E. B. Patch & Co.) Co nm.ercial Square 
Kimball G. physician and surgeon. Bank b. h Hospital 
Kimball A. (& Tuxbury) W. I. goods 230 Mer. stieet, house 

Tilden cor. Moody st 
Kimball Mrs C , house 49 Massachusetts 
Kimball John, house 14 Massachusetts 
Kimball Baxter R., xVJerrimack, boards 65 
Kimball Daniel, carpenter, boards 54 Lawrence 
Kimbail Moses P^ Lawrence, boards 15 
Kimball Orrin, Suffolk, house 20 
Kimball Bowers, clerk at Stone flouse 
Kimball Isaac, painter, house 24 Hurd street 
Kimball Isaac, at 117 Central st, house Hurd street 
Kimbail Moses, carpenter, Can. street, house Chapel st 


Kimball Leonard, pedlar, house Chapel street 

Kimball Mrs Hannah, house Goiham st. Grove hill 

Kimball John F. at Post Office, boards Mrs H. Kimbail's 

Kimball Charles, Hamilton, boards 27 

Kimball Durrell, house 21 Hamilton 

Kimball Elisha, laborer, house Adams street 

Kimball Welconi S. stone mason, house Adams street 

Kilburn F. carpenter, boards A. Mathews' 

Kilton Josiah, painter, boards J. C. Davis' 

King- ( ijiver, boots & shoes, Mer. st. Bel. h. Stck street 

King John E. at Q. King's, botirds at O. King's 

King I\]rs Mary, house 124 Merrimack 

King Wm. H. boots & shoes, shop and house Tilden street 

King William, Lowell, house 21 

King Alunzo, Lks k Cls foundry, boards j\]rs N. Lane's 

King G. B. Sup B. & L. R. R. repair shop, house Jackson 

street near Railroad 
King Franklin, teamster, house Middlesex street 
Kingsbury Edwin, Hamilton, boards 'SI 
Kingsbury Samuel H. Lowell I'leachery, house near 
Kingsley Enoch. Lawrence, boards 42 
Kinsman Samuel, Lks & Cls foundry, boajds J. Parker's 
Kinsman P. at Wm. Fiske's, house George cor. Ch. street 
Plinsman Daniel, at Whipples, boards Luther Richards' 
Kirk Mrs. at Varnum A. Shed's, 57 JNJeriimack 
Kitchen William. Lowell, house 9 
Kitchen Isaac, Middlesex, boards James Dickey's 
Kittrrdge J. G. blacksmith. Mar. st. house Mer. st. Bel 
Kiitredge Mrs Martha, boarding house 50 Merrimack street 
Kittredge J. Jr. painter and glazier 73 Ccn. st, h Walnut st 
Kittredge Mrs A. house 28 Lawrence 
Kittredge J. G, blacksmith, Mar. st. h. JSIer st. Belvidere 
Kittredge Daniel, boots & shoes, j\jar. st. h. Cen. Village 
Kittredge Abner, painter * glazier Mar. st b. South street 
Kittredge Wm (& Thayer) wood & coal Middle st. house 

Merrimack street Belvidere 
Kittredge George, stone cutter, house W^arren place 
Kittredge Joseph, Lowell, boards 34 Swamp Locks 
Knapp C. L. (Pillsbury &) printers 24 Cen, st. h Can Vil 
Knapp George G. Massachusetts, house 31 
Knapp Daniel, overseer Lawrence, house 11 
Knapp Charles, house 21 Church street 
Knapp Mrs. nurse, at 15 Merrimack street, old number 
Knight C. K. mason, house 23 Church street 
Knight John, laborer, house Union street 



Knight Worcester, boards Nathan Robbin's 

Knowles J. A. (& Beard) coansellor Gl Central st. house 

Appleton cor. South st- eet 
Knowles James, Middlesex, house High street 
Knowles M. carpenter, house Merrimack slreet Belvidere 
Knowles L. L. at 194 iVler. st boards •i23 ^Merrimack street 
Knowles Miss A. millinery &. dress making 222 Mer. si 
Knowles E. G. Middlesex, house 24 Hnrd street 
Knowles Thomas J. laborer, bouse IVIidx st. near R. R. 
Knowles'^Jona. jiouse near Hah/'s mills 
Knowlton Miss C. boarding bouse 77 Centrnl street 
Knowlton H. E, carpenter, house Union street 
Knox Mrs A. house Lee street 
Knox Mrs Lydia, house Lowell street 
Knox Sarah, bou-e Maiden Lane 
Kiske Joseph, Merrimack, house 14 

LA CLARE JOHN, at Samuel Lawrence's, bouse Gor st 

Ladd Sampson, boots \' sboes 107 MeV st. h Central Vil 

Ladd Isaac, pedlar, boards Mrs J^ydia Wiison's 

Ladd Thomas, slone mason, boards George Kittredge's 

Ladd Isaac, bouse Union street 

Ladd Jona, law student, boards Isaac Ladd's 

Ladd 'I'imothv, Appleion, board.s 15 

Ladd J. O. M , 1^. ^: L R. R b. ards J. F. Gage's 

Ladd Dearborne, stone cutter, liouse West street 

Lamb James, boarding house, Appleton street 

luamb JamfG, bl;,- printer, flmisel mills, house Water street 

Lamb David, blk printer, boirds Limes Lamb's 

Lamb , cleru at Farriugton's, bds J. If. Boyden's 

Lampkin Ander, carpeuier, at ^. Chellis' 

Lamprey Cyrus, at George W. Fiskc'.s, bds J.B. Leavitl's 

Lambert Mrs Mary, milliner l]5 Merrim.ack street 

Lamsou Francis, at 182 Aler st. house Cabott street 

Lamson \Vm. Jr. hats & caps 184 Mer st. bds F, Lameon's 

Lamson Wm. house 8 Lawrence 

Lamson T. L. V. p:iymasler Lawrence, jiouse Pawtucket st 

Lancaster Sanniel, tailor at Bennett's, bds J". C. Patterson's 

Lan3 David, f^ov^ell, house ! artlett street, Belvidere 

Lane D. iN. cigar maker, 140 Lowell st. h. 5 Willow place 

Lane Mrs Lydia & Lavina. house 27 Suffolk 

Lane Mrs Martha, boarding bouse 1 George street 

Lane Mrs Naoma, house South street 

ane John, Appleton, boards Lsaac Austin's 

' ng Moses C. Suifolk, house 28 


Lang Charles W. Suffolk boards 2ii 

Lang Th')mas M. carpenter, boards Mrs L. C. Vance's 

L-dwr D. G. paymaster Hamilton, boards Stone house 

Lantr Lucian, mason, boards KC lUanchard's 

J^an^don .lames, Tremont, boards 28 

Langley C. B. (& Abbott) publisher True Reformer 5G Cch. 

street, boards Mr. Langley's 
Langmaid Samuel, machine shop, boards J. E. Burbank's 
Lakin Abe!, cooper, house Pine street 

Lapham R. counsellor Hamilton Lilock Cen st. bds Wash, h 
Lapham A. F. variety fj3 Cen. st. boards Mrs xMongan's 
Lapham VVm. milk man, iiouse Liberty street 
Larrabee G. W. inholder al Merrimack house 
l.iarrabee Daniel, shoemaker, boards Jo^n Ray's 
Laralle Christopher VV. machine shop, boards o Swp. Locke 
L^irey Lewis, Hamilton, house Carpet Lane 
Larey James, Lks & Cls, house Sutfolk street 
J,arey Dennis, Merrimack, house Jeftbrson street 
Latham C. engineer 24 Cen. st. h Mer. st. l;e', opp Ash st 
Latham Cyrus H. clerk 42 Mer. st. bds C. Latham's 
Latham AHss E. dress maker, Paiii-e st. bds C. Latham's 
Lattimer E. M. carpenter, boards 8 Hurd street 
Law James, teamster, liouso High street 
Law Miss Nancy, house 51 Merrimack 
Law Samuel, house 28 Suffolk 

Lawless Thomas,' cigar maker, bds Edward De Foe's 
Lawrence Samuel, Agent k Treas. Midx. mills, hou.;e Bei 
Lawrence Daniel H. carpenter, house High street 
Lawrence A. Dentist 27 itierriniack street 
j^awrenceL. F. shoemaker, house Davidson street 
Lawrence Charles, house, .Merrimack street 
Lawrence Jefferson, at E, B'jrnap's, boards Sargent's Gor. st 
Lawrence C. H. Middlesex, boards H. C. Gleason's 
Lawrence James, carpenter Cen. st. bds Miss H. Bean's 
Lawson T. H. artist Wy man's Ex, boards Mrs P. Brazer's 
Lawton Jemes, overseer Massachusetts, house 40 
I^awton Reuben, Merrimack, hou.'^e iOo 
Leach J. T. G. physician, office and h. Jc hn cor. Lee street 
Lealand Wm. bik cutter, house Chapel street 
Learned Daniel, at Rogers stable, boards J. Noyes' 
Leathers Jona. Appleton, h. Appleton cor. Pearl street 
Leathers Milton, boards S. Pickering's 
Leavitt E. D. cap maker i^iar. st, house High st square 
Leavitt Horatio, clerk and boards at E, D. Leavitts' 
Leavitt E, S. counsellor 61 Cen st, boards S. W". Evan's 



Leavitt VV. H. (Wright &-) 194 Mer. st. boards M. Eaton's 
Jjeavitt Edward S. counsellor, otfice opp American, h. boardi* 

Samuel \V. Evans' 
Leavitt J. B. carpenter, house Green street 
fjeavitt Samuel D. mason, boards J. B Leavitt's 
Leavitt Quincy, Lks & Cls foundry, house Chapel street 
Leavitt James, carpenter, boards Joseph Carpenter's 
Leavitt James, house South street 

Le Barron C. C. at 288 Mer. st. boards 10 Adams' Block 
Lederer Jacob, Merrimack print works, house Appleton st 
Lee William, at 67 Ccn st, boards at IVIrs Quinns' 
Lee James M. at M. Mong'an's, boards 6 Lowell 
Lee Charles, Hamilb n, house Union street 
Lee Michael, house Winter street 
i^eighton Eaekiel, Tremont, boards 54 I^awrence 
Leighton I. overseer Mer. print works, house 13 
Leighton David Jr. Lks & Cls, boards Charles SpofibrdV 
LeiiThton Andrew, overseer Low Blch, h. near Hale's imilk 
Lellm Thomas, at Brewery, ho!!S^- Lewis street 
lisMere Anson, machine shop, boards P, Chamberlin's 

LeMonde , portrait painter, boards L. D. Johnson's- 

Leonard Mrs S. house 62 Merrimack 

Leonard S. B. machini^^t Tremont, boards 02 Merrimack 

Leonard George, millwright, h. Cen st. Chapel Hill 

Leshman Archibald, at Freemans', house Howe street 

Leslie Mrs Susan L. house Merrimack st. Helvidere 

Leslie Thomas, Lawrence, boards 27 Suffolk 

Leslie Charles, Hamilton, house Gorham street 

I^esuer B F. crockery, boots & shoes 85 Cen st, h Gor. st 

Lesuer Ansrl P. overseer Appleton, house 10 

Lesuer Swan, Appleton, boards 10 

Lewis E. B. barber near Amercian, h. h. Central Village 

Lewis W. barber n>'ar Merrimack h. h Centre st Cen Vil 

Lewis George, barber, at & boards with Wm. Lewis 

Lewis S. A. barber 234 Mer st. boards W. Lewis' Cen Vii' 

Lewis A. L. ladies shoes, shop & house Paige street 

Lewis S. Merrimack, boards 18 

Lewis Jeremiah, at N. Booth's, house Central Village 

Lewis Andrew, at T. Stevens' Restorator 

Lewis John B. at S. Barron's, livery stable 

Lewis Joseph, rope maker Cen st, house Chapel street 

Lewis Joseph,,.yeoman, house Liberty street 

Lewis Hiram A. mechanic mills, boards Joseph Le"wig' 

Lewis Abram, at Stephen A. Coburn's 

Ls Valley Benj. machine shop, h. 41 Swamp Locka 


Levy John, hair dresser, 3 Merrimack st. house Charles st 

Libbey E. B. clerk 26 Cen. st, boards Mrs B. Whitney's 

Libbey A. T. Merrimack, house Tilden street 

Libbey Isaac H. cordwainer, shop and house Lowell street 

Libbey Mrs, house William street 

Libbey Wm. carpenter, boards Malan Snow's 

Libbey John, mechanic mills, boards Cornelius Green's 

Libbey A R. Appleton, house West street 

Lilley Nelson, Boolt boards James Howe's Central Village 

Lilley Charles, Tremont, bourds 14 

Lilley John, Tremont, house Cabot street 

Lincoln Tisdale, house Andover street 

Lincoln Levi E. drui^gist, cor Mer & Bridge sts, h And. st 

Lincoln A. H. at Freemm's, boards 16 Davidson st 

Lincoln , iVierriniack, boards Benj. Holt's 

Linscott Newton, laborer, house Chapel street 

Listing Michael, Suffolk, boards M. Thorn's 

Litchfield Nelson, Middlesex, boards 19 Church street 

Little James M house High street 

Little Emeline, house 2 Suffolk 

Little John, med. student, at J. W. Graves, bds 2 Suffolk 

Little Joshua L. laborer, boards Samuel Millers' 

Little Paul, at Joshua Swan's, house same 

Littlefield George, lather, house Howard street 

L'ttleheld D. G. (Adams &) stoves &c. 46 Cen st. h Ash st 

Littlefield , at A. Kittredge's, boards G. C. Holme's 

Livermore Leonard M. mechanic mills, boards 44 Ch. st 
Livermore Chares B. mason, house 48 Church street 
Livermore Mrs Sarah C. house Stack pole street 
Livermore Jason, mason, house 48 (.'hurch ssreet 
Livermore Joseph, laborer, boards 48 Church street 
Livermore Albert, Middlesex, boards 48 Church street 
Livingston Wm. lumber, lime <& coal, Thorndike street 
Livingston James, carpet weaver, house Aier. st. Belvidere 
Livingston C. F. printer 82 Central st. bds Mrs C. Bagley'a 
Livingston James, Midx. boards Michael Dalton's 
Livingston Daniel, teamster, hou.<e Brewery Court 
Livingston Elbridge, stone mason, house Brewery Court 
Livingston John O. Low Bleachery, house Bieachery street 
Lloyd George, painter, boards Mrs Libbey's, William st 
Lloyd G. A. at 73 Central street 

Locke Josepli, Judge P. C. office Mar. B. h. Censt, Chap H 
Locke John, at John G. Locke's 

Locke John G. city auditor, office 56 Cen. st. h. Law. at 
Locke Isaac S. tailor at Putney's 44 Mer. st. boards G. W. 


Locke S. W. at 180 Mer. st, boards S. W. Evans' 

Locke Samuel, laborer, house Lowell street 

Locke John F. carpenter, boards Jona. Bundy's 

Logan John, Lowell, house Carpet Lane 

Long Rufus, Merrimack, boards 17 

Long William M. Merrimack, boards 17 

Long Mrs E. A. house Merrill's Court 

Long Wm. F. boards Mrs E. A. Long's 

Longfellow Lee, Massachusetts, boards ll3 Mer. street 

Longshaw William, Merrimack, house 106 

Longshaw William, Merrimack, boards 115 

Loomis x\sa G. house Water ^treet 

Loomis H. S. dry goods 78 Merrimack st, bds C. L. Knapps, 
Central Village 

Ijoomis E. W. house 37 Massachusetts 

Loomis Horace, H. ^ L. R. R. 

Loomis Horace, 2d. R. R. repair shop, boards H. Loomis' 

Lord Morris, boarding house, 8 Hurd street 

Lord James J. at D. Bradt's, boards 4 John street 

Lord W. mason, boards E Severance's 

Lord Hargraves, leaser of tenements, house Lowell street 

Lord Charles, Middlesex, house George street 

Loring Madison, laborer, house Merrimack street 

Lathrop Samuel, Lks & Cls, boards 6 Lowell 

Lougee Samuel, machine shop, bds Mary Furber's 

Lnugee Darius, machine shop, house Summer street 

Louger Luther, at 107 IVlerrim;ick st house 2 Race street 

Longer L. W. cordwainer, house Race street 

Lowell Daniel M. carpenter, boards N. G. Fernald's 

Lovett Stephen, at Critchett's, boards E. C. Blanchard's 

Lovett Thomas, carpenter, house Summer street 

Lovett George, Boott, boards Thomas Lnvett's 

Lovett John, machine shop, bds Thomas Lovett's 

Lovejoy Noah, cabinet maker 7 Cen st, house High street 

Lovejoy I. B. Merrimack, house 111 

Lovejoy J. Merrimack, h'use 143 

Lovejoy, Albert, i)ainter, boards Mrs Hannah Daniels' 

Lovejoy H. W. at Thirston's stable, Washington house 

Lovejoy Jacob, Hamilton, house 13 

Lovejoy Lund, machinist, house Middlesex street 

Lovejoy Is lac, carp^ nter Mid st, house Mer cor. Tremont st 

Lovering Moses, stone mason, h. PLisant street Belvidere 

Lovering John R. Lowell, h. Central st. Chapel Hill 

Lovering Wm. stone layer, house 42 Church street 

Lovering Luke, bowling alley, house Lafayette street 


Lovering George W. Lowell, house Dutton street 

l^ow Joseph, blacksmith, boards 20 Central street 

Low John, Middlesex, boards 54 Church street 

Low John, overseer Hamilton, house 48 

Low Mrs Hannah, house 8 Hamilton 

Lowd James, Merrimack, house 72 

Lowell Moses P. variety store 7 John street 

Lowell Mrs. dress maker, 7 John street 

Lowney John, Low Bleachery, h. Gor st, Bouth Hale'a mills 

Luey James, boards C. Smith's 

Lufkin Joseph, boarding house, 4 Boott 

Luf kin Eliza, house 44 Boott 

Luke Daniel, overseer at Sturtevants, house Fayette street 

Lull Samuel E. merchant tailor 19 Merrimack street 

Lull , Middlesex, boards Oliver Mace's 

Lull Jesse H. stone layer, house Adams street 

Lund G. D. overseer Boott, house 47 

Lund N. F. at J. A. Brabrook's 

Lund N. teamster, boards D, Livingston's 

Lunt Wm. H. machinist, house Stackpole street 

Lunt Francis F. at J. B. Bradley's, boards Lowell Place 

Lunt Daniel, Hamilton, boards 48 Church street 

Luscomb John W. Boott, house Lowell street 

Luther Nathan, house Luther's Court Central street 

Lyman R. watchmaker 102 Cen st, house Ames street 

Lynch Dennis, boot maker, boards D. VVoodbridge's 

Lynch Joseph, W. L Go ids, shop & house Lowell street 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, house Lowell street 

Lynch Henry, laborer, house Gorham street 

Lyon L. D. boots & shoes. 11 Merrimack street 

Lyon Mrs Harriett, house 7 Lawrence 

Lyon Mrs Charlotte, house 45 Merrimack 

Lyscom Mrs E. B. boarding house 43 Massachusetts 

MACE SAMUEL F. Middlesex, house High street 
Mace Oliver, Middlesex, house George cor. Green st 
Mack S. G. (Gushing &) stoves &;c. Mar st, h. Lowell st 
Mack L N. clerk 52 Mer st, boards Mrs S. Dean's 
Mack Wm. carpenter, boards George H use's 
Mack Charles H. teamster, boards Samuel Harris' 
Mack James R. Massachusetts, boards L. E. Woodward'e 
Mackey David, machine shop, house 22 iJwamp Locks 
Mackintire Mrs S. straw manufnctory, house 9 Central st 
Madden Patrick, laborer, house Lewis street 
Magilton Thomas, Boott, boards 46 



Magin John, Merrimack, boards VVm. Farrell'3 
Mahan Patrick, laborer, house Lowell street 
Mahan Owen, variety, shop & house Gorhara street 
Maher Martin, house Belvidere 

Mahuren , carpenter, house 27 Merrimack street 

Mainjoy N. E. at 65 Cen street, boards H. W. Foster's 

Mallard Albert, overseer Lawrence, house 38 

Mallany Patrick, at Benj. Day's, house Adams Block 

Malony James, Alerrimack, house Lowell street 

Malay Edward, Middlesex, boards at Reynolds 

Maley Joseph, laborer, house Howe street 

Mann Curtis, at A. Kittredge's 

Mann |lev. C. house Jl Church street 

Mann Luke, laborer, house Fonwick street 

Manahan Harvey, mason, house Howard street 

Manahan Mr.s Mary, house 9 Adams Block 

Manahan Adam, mason, boards Mrs Mary Manahan's 

Manaban Owen, laborer, house JeiFerson street 

Manahan John F. carpenter, house 6 Adams Block 

Manning J. M. restorator under City Hall 

Manning Peter, physician, office ? h. ^iidx st. near Depot 

Mansfield Geo, dentist & physician, office & h. 16 Cen. st 

Mansfield Wm. stocking weaver, boards Mrs M. Johnson's 

Mansfield John, laborer, house Jefferson street 

Mansur S. crockery & hardware llO Cen. st, h. Nes. st 

Mansur Stephen C. clerk, boards Stephen JVJansur's 

Mansur Aaron, house cor Nesmith and Andover sts 

Mansur Wm. E. livery stable, Lowell st, h Moody street 

Mansur George, at VV. E. Mansiir's, boards same 

Mansur George, at E. Mansur's 

Mansur Mrs Alvah, house Central st. opp Wash. House 

Marble Caleb A. machine shop, house 1 Swamp Locks 

Marble Joseph, Merrimack, boards 49 

March Oliver, bookseller 91 Central st. house Lawrence st 

Marden Joseph, Citrpenter, house Middlesex street 

Man- Horatio P. Lks & Cls, boards Mrs N Lane's 

MaiT Josiah J. Lks & Cls foundry, boards Howard House 

Marsh Mrs Lucretia, house 44 Lawrence 

Marsh , at D. Dana's, boards Samuel Stone's 

Marsh James D. boards G. C. Holmes' 
Marsh Isaac W. cordwainer, house Chapel street 
Marshall Herman, Middlesex, house Water street 
Marshall John B. laborer, hou>e Willow street 
Marshall IVloses, mechanic mills, house High street 
Marshall A. boards at A. B. Coburn's 


Marshal] J. N. (Gardner &) painter, house Central Villag-e 

Marshall Reuben S Merrimack, boards 65 

Marshall C. G. Merrimack, boards 20 

Marshall Horatio, mason, boards Charles Coburn'S 

?>Iareha]l Bradley, Appleton, house 2 

Marshall Enoch, house Pine street 

Marshall John, L & C house Marshall street 

Marshall Simon F. house Lewis street 

Marshall Avery, yeoman, house Chelmsford street 

Marshall Hezekiah, at Avery Marshall's 

Marston J. M. restorator Went's B. Mer st, h Kirk street 

Marston David S. Middlesex, house 15 Hurd street 

Martin G. P. physician 2 Bridge street 

Martin Nason C. overseer Boott, house 9 

Martin Reuben, Merrimack print works, boards 123 

Martin Samuel, Suffolk, boards 27 

Martin Mrs Sybil F. house Lowell street 

Martin Wm. Hamilton, boards 26 Hurd street 

Martin Wm C. at D. Dana's, house Charles street 

Martin Edward, Hamilton, house Appleton street 

Martin Hiram, Middlesex, house Marrion street 

Martin Michael, laborer, house Lewis street 

Maroony James, copper p'ate printer, at Mrs O. Neill's 

31asland John, stocking;' weaver, house Liberty street 

Mason Richard, file cutter, boards Henry Nutt's 

Mason Miss N. M dress maker, Mer st, bds Mrs. R. Jones' 

Mason Mrs Martha P. house 50 Massachusetts 

Ma5on Walter M. Massachusetts, boards 50 

Mason Hiram, Lowell bo:irds Mrs S. Brigham's 

Mason A. cigar miker, Suffolk st, boards Mrs Avery's 

Alason Wm machinist, house Cen st. Chapel Hill 

Mason John, B & L. R. R. h. Thorndike st, near Hales mills 

Masterson Wm. Locks & Canals, house Lowell street 

Masterson Patrick, at T. S. Farnsworth's, house Mid. street 

Masury Samuel A. Tremont, boards 14 

Mather Benj. city weigher, boards American House 

:Mathes Joshua, car. maker near Hale's mills, bds A. Paul's 

Matthews Abram, carpenter, house Forrest street 

^Matthews Leonard, carpenter, boards Joseph Carpenter's 

Matthews Samuel, L. & C. boards jMrs Jane Ryerson's 

Maxfield George W. (& Ham) carp, shop & h. Middle st 

Maxfield Arthur L. overseer Boott, h. 5th st. Central Vil 

May John T. Lks & Cls foundry boards Mrs L. Wason's 

Mayer Joseph, baker Liberty st, near School street 

Maynard C. dry goods 76 Mer st, boards Misses Maynard'F 


Maynard Misses D. & P. milliners 76 Mer st, h Kirk street 
Maynard A. P. overseer, Merrimack, house 141 
Maynard John, at A. Kittredg-e's, house Market street 
Maynard Mrs Elizabeth, house i6 Hamilton 
Maynard John A. livery stable, Worthen st, h, Button st 
Mc Adams John, at Freetnan's, house Howe street 
McAlister Edward, Middlesex, boards 8 Hurd street 
McAlvin John B. paymaster, SuffC. R. house 1 Suffolk 
McAlvin Daniel, Lawrence, house Cabot street 
McAlvin John, Hamilton print works, house 39 
McAnnelly P. at P. Fuller's, boards Mrs Evan's Low. st 
McAnnally Patrick, ostler D. R. Kimball's, bds 208 Mer sr 
McArthur William, Lowell, boards 14 
McArthur Hector, house 14 Lowell 
McCabe Owen, house Lowell street 
McCabe James, house Jefferson street 
McCafferty James, laborer, house Jefferson street 
McCaffrey Fergus, board insr house 208 31errimack street 
IMcCanna Patrick, house Jefferson street 
McCann Robert, machine shop, boards 6 Hamilton 
McCann Patrick; Hamilton, house Wiiliam street 
McCann James, house Davis street 
McCounon N. Middlesex, house Winter street 
McCarter John. Lowell, house William street 
McCarthy James, house Lowell street 
McCarthy Mrs Hannah, house Lowell street 
McCarthy John, Merrimack, bds Hannah McCarthy 
McCarthy Daniel, house Lowell street 
McCarthy Edward, Merrimack, boards John Sullivan's 
McCarthy Dennis, laborer, house Fen wick street 
McCartney Henry, Lks & Cls. bds Hugh (). Neill's 
McClary Matthew, carpenter, boards J. Hathaway's 
McCloud Kenneth, at Patterson's, bds Oliver Wyman's 
McCauley James, teamster, house Merrimack st, Belvidere 
McCauley James Jr. laborer, boards James McCauley's 
McCoUister James C. at 74 Mer st, boards Mrs E. Dutton's 
McCollister Benj. pedlar, boards 16 Davidson street 
McCollock Francis, at Stott's, boards M. Davlin's 
McCoUon Misses F. & C. house Central st. Chapel Hill 
McCoy J . M. writing master, boards W. C. Spalding's 
McCrillis John, physician 122 Mer st, boards L. D. Johnson's. 
McCrillis Philip, stone layer, house 11 Hurd str&et 
McCutter D. carpenter, house Ames street 
McDaniel David, house Davis street 
McDaniel David, house Davis street 


McDermont Rev. J. T., house Fenwick street 

McDonald John, laborer, house 8"2 IVIerrimack st 

McDonald Thomas, laborer, h Livm're House, Belvidore 

McDonald Alexander, Merrimack, h Lowell street 

McDonald Anthony, laborer, house William street 

McDonald David, Lowell, house Davis street 

McDonald John, rugg maker, h Hale cor. Thor. street 

McDonald .John jr., at John McDonalds 

McDonald Edward, at T. Warren's, h near Adams Block' 

McDonald Patrick, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

McDonough M., dry g-oods, .11(3 Mer. st, bds Mer. House 

McDurfee Hiram, at Stott's, bds 16 Davidson street 

McEhvain W., house 53 Massachusetts 

McEvoy Hugh, mercii. tailor, 58 Central st, h Suff. st 

McEvoy James, Lowell, house 21 

McEvoy Michael, vlidddlesex, house William street 

JVIcFarlin Archibald, at William McFarlin's 

McFarlin William (& Luke) wood, stone, and ice, wharf and 

house Pawtucket street, head of Falls 
McFarlin Luke (William &) wood, &c. whf andh Paw. st 
^^cFarlin Arciiibald jr., overseer Appleton, house 21 
McGary John, Hamilton, house North street 
McGlauchlin Francis, Merrimack, house Lowell street 
McGrath James, house Lowell street 
McGregory J., dentist, 21 Cen. st, bds Mrs Jones, Mer. st 
McGuire J. J. at 78 Merrimack st, boards Mr. McGuire's 
McGuire John, clerk J24 Mer. st, bds Mrs Quinn's Wm s>t 
xMcGuire .lames, Hamilton, house Gorham street 
McGuire Patrick, Hamilton, house Goriiam street 
McGuire Charles, B. & L. R R., house Cross street 
McGuire John, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 
McGuire Michael, slater, house Duramer street 
McGuire Francis, house Lewis street 
McHugh Patrick, variety, shop and house Market street 
McHugh Hugh, Lks and Cls foundry, house Lowell street 
Mcllroy Michael, wks and boards at J. A. Maynard's 
Mcllroy James, confectionery shop and h. 70 Cen. st. 
Mcllroy Mrs Margaret, house Lewis Street. 
Mclntire Mrs Issabella, house Middle street. 
Mclntire Peter, Lowell house. Carpet lane. 
Mclntire John, at Mech. Mills, bds. Timothy Weeks. 
Mclntire Ira, painter, house North street. 
Mclntire John, house North street. 
Mclntire Joseph, at H. Howard's, hds. J. C. Davis's. 
Mclntire , Lowell, boards 3 App. 


Mclntire Levi, W. 1. goods, h. & shop cor Mdx & Mc[nt. sts. 
McKean Arthur, laborer, boards Patrick Doyle's 
McKean Michael, variety, shop and house Gor. st. 
McKensie Mrs Jane, house William st 
McKenley Robert, overseer Ham. print works, house 49 
McKnight Andrew, Lowell, house '20 
McLane David, 29'2 Mer. street, house Paw. street 
McLanathan S., boots and shoes, 56 Mer. st, house. Mid. st. 
;\IcLanathan H. S. S , clerk 56 Mer st, boards 8 Paiore st 
McLaughlin T , (& Conlan.) W. 1. goods, SufF. st, h. Cross st 
McLaughlin John, Boott, house Middle street 
McLaughlin James, Middlesex, house North street 
McLaughlin John, house North street 
McLaughlin Michael, shoemaker, Gor. street 
McLaughlin Michael, Mass. house, Front st, Cen. Village 
McLaughlin Wm., at Richmonds, house Jefferson street 
McLear John, Ham house, Gor. cor App. street 
McLcar Charles, at Richmond--, house North street 
McLellan Rufus, house Cliesnut street. 
McLennan Daniel, Lowell, boards Oliver Wj'man's 
McLennan John, overseer, Lowell, boards 104 Mer. street 
McLure John, laborer, house Moody street 

McMastor , carpenter, boards T C. Gilman's 

McNabb John, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

McNamee Patrick, Hamilton, bo:irds P. Davlin's 

McNeill William, Mnssachnsetts boards 19 

McNeill A., carpenter, house Paige street 

McNeill James, house Lowell street 

McNulty John, \V. L goods, 3 Hurd street, house 5 Hurd st 

McNulty Francis, locks and canal foundry, bds J. McNulty's 

McNulty Michael, laborer, house Gor cor App. street 

McPhilorne Michael, house Winter street 

McSorl<ey John, stone mason, house William street 

McTear Andrew, Lowell, house 27 

McWade Murthy, Mer. prt. wks, hnu-e Trem. st, Cen. Vil. 

Mead John, house Chapel, corner Centre street 

Mead Wm., (Tapley &) W. L goods, house Chapel street 

Mead F., engineer, Cob. block, Cen. st, house Low street 

Mead Geo. \V., at C. Prescott.s, boards Wm. Mead's 

Mead Samuel, job wagon, house Cen. st. Chap. Hill 

Mead Wm., W. L goods, 45 Church street, house 41 

Meader John, mach. shop, boards Joel Williams' 

Meader E. S., shoemaker, house Warren Place 

Meader Jona, Middlesex, boards E. S. Meader's 

Medgley Thomas, flannel mills, house Howe street 


Melcher S., sup. locks, and canals, bds J. H. Watson's 
Melcher Jolin S., clerk locks & canals, bds J. H. Watson's 
Melcher J. L., paymaster mach. shop, bds Mrs S. Watson's 
Melcher S., clerk mach. shop, boards Mrs S. Watson's 
Meldrum Geo., brewery, Brewry ct, boards L. Lovejoy's 
Melloy Geo., Appleton, house Market street 
]\1e!lon Geo., Hamilton, boards John Whitney's 
Mellon L. M., Hamilton, boards John Whitney's 
Mellon David, fruit, <fcc., shop and house Jackson street 
Meloon L P., at 61 Mer street, boards L. B. Tebbetts's 
Melvin Wm. D., Lawrence, house Andover street 
Melvin J. B., variety, 286 Mer. street, house same 
Melvin B. F., at 288 Mer. street, house Central Yil. 
Melvin R., overseer, Boott house 34 
Melvin Benja., laborer, house Paw. st, near foot falls 
Melvin Charles, at Day, C. & W's, boards Wm. D. Mclvin'.s 
Melvin Joshua, bottanic phys'n, h. & off. Midx. cor Pearl sr. 
Melvin Emer.son, beer maker, house Thor. st, near H's Mills 
Melvin Darius, mach sliop, house 29 swamp locks 
Mercer Richard, overseer, Hamilton, house 43 
Merriam Amos, house 19 Massachusetts 
Merriam Clarke, clerk, L Merriam's, bds M. Johnson's 
Merriam L., bonnet bleach' g, 2 John st, bds 53 Mass. 
Merriam E., at L. Merriam's, boards Mrs Johnson's 
Merriam Andrew B., clerk, 81 Cen. street, boards 86 
Merriam D., overseer, Lawrence, house 12 
Merriam Darius G., Lawrence, house 48 
Merriam Mrs M. A , house 42 Mer. 
Merrill Joshua, prin. 1st gr. sch., house Chap street 
Merrill Wm. S., hats, caps, clothing, cor Cen. and Mer. st, 

house High st sq. 
Merrill Farnum, at J. Tuttle's, house Carpet lane 
Merrill Mrs S., boarding house 97 Mer street 
Merrill George, at Cushing's and Mack's, bds 97 Mer. st 
Merrill H., (& Cooper) trunks, 83 Mer. st h. Centre st 
Merrill N. W., variety store, 49 Merrimack, street 
Merrill J., boots and shoes, 69 Central st, house Kirk st 
Merrill W. B., Clerk, 90 Central st, boards A. B. Merrill's 
Merrill Josiah, Lawrence, boards 17 
Merrill John, house 13 suff dk 
Merrill John, jr., Suffolk, boards 13 
Merrill B. J. R., overseer, Suffolk house 9 
Merrill Mrs J., house 19 Merrimack 
Merrill Daniel, Boott, boards 5 Tremont 
Merrill Ira, Suffolk, boards 5 Tremont 


Merrill N. B., Middlesex, house Market st 

Merrill Geo. H., at C'g & Macks, boards Mrs S. Merrills' 

Merrill Horatio, house Lowell st 

Merrill L VV.. (& Puffer) wheelwright, shop & h. Midx. st 

Merrill Benj., blacksmith, Midx. st, house Mclntire st 

Merrill Wm P., Carpenter, boards Mrs S. Shirley's 

Merrill Greenleaf, boards L. W. Merrill's 

Merrill Charles, Lowell, boards 13 Swamp Locks 

Merrill Rutbs, Douglas' bobbin shop, house Suffolk street 

Merrill P^ev A. D., house Suffock street 

Merrill Rev John, boards Rev A. D Merrill's 

Merrill Joseph, carpenter, house 9 Adams Block 

Merrill Sam'l. clerk, C. & E Morgan's, house Suffolk st 

xMerrill Stephen, Boott, boards H. Pulsifcr's, Central Village 

Merrill Benj., Suffolk, boards Benjamin Holt's 

Messer Abiel, laborer, house Fayette street 

Messer Richard P., overseer Hamilton, house 43 

Messer Asa, L. &. C. foundry, house Pine, cor Mdx. st 

Messinger Alfred, manu'r, house Central st, Chap Hill 

Mesenger Elias, house Middlesex street 

Meserve Saruuel, constable, house Central, cor Church st 

^teserve Eben, city watch, house Charles st 

Metcalf Enoch, butcher, house cor Mer. &. Nesmith sts 

Metcalf Isaac, music teacher, house cor Mer. & Nes. sts 

Metcalf M. L., Middlesex, house Alder street 

Metcalf Harvey, Middlesex, house Suffolk street 

Metcalf Lorenzo, pedlar, boards Luke Nichols' 

Metcalf Sam'l A., Carpenter, house Lawrence street 

Metcalf Enoch, App. C. R., boards J. P. Norton's 

Metcalf David S., Hamilton, house 22 

Metcalf S. A., at mechanic mills, house Branch street 

Metcalf Janies, machine shop, bds (J swamp locks 

Methven John, Lowell, house Carpet lane 

Migin John, laborer, house Green street 

Miles Rev Henry A., house Lawrence street 

Miles Mrs Charlotte, tailoress, bds Topham's 

Miller Samuel, Merrimack, house Jefferson street. 

Miller Henry, machine shop, bds B. V. Miller's 

Miller , painter, boards James Coburn's 

Miller Wm., Suffolk, boards Mrs Hannah Daniel's 
Miller Samuel, laborer, house Applet on street 
Miller Joseph, carpenter, boards James Dickey's 
Miller Frances W., house Middlesex st, opposite Howard 
Miller B. V., blacksmith, house Middlesex street 
^liller David W., machine shop, boards B. V. Miller's 


Mooney Sarri'l, Lawrence, boards Ira Brooks' 

Millikin O. P., printer, 24 Central st, bds 79 Merrimack 

JVlilligan I., Eoott. boards Charles Wallace's 

Mills Miss Irene, house 56 Church street 

Mills Daniel, stone cutter, house Wm. st 

Milnes Edward, flannel mills, house High street 

Milnes Thomas, Lowell, house 7 

Milnes Joseph, LoAvell, house 15 

Minard S. H., Massachusetts, house 10 Davidson st 

Miner Rev Alonzo A., house l^G Huid street 

Miner VVm., Tremont, house G Willow Place 

Miner Marvin, Merrimack, boards ]9 

Miner JohnT. Merrimack, hoards 19 

Minot Willard, painter, Aiiddlesex st, house Marshall st 

Mirkland Archibald, Lowell, house 19 

Mirkland William, Lowell, liouse ?0 

Mitchell Cyrus, Hamilton, boards 5(.) Church st 

Mitchell Alanson, laborer, house Union st 

Mitchell James, locks and canals, house Mill st 

Mitchell J. M., house JS.ill street 

Mixer John, (Pitman & Co.) com. merch't mech. building, 

house Worthen st 
Mixer Elijah, (& A. C. Wrioht) boots & shoes, 84 Merri- 

rimack st, house near C. Hall 
Mixer Wm., at 17 Mer. st, boards J. Bar's 
Mooar Mrs Phebe, house Fayetle street 
Moar Stephen, overseer, xMerrimack, house 149 
Moore Chas., at 50 Central st, boards Washington house 
Molloy Wm., house Livm'rc house, Belvidere 
Moloony Cornelius, dyer, house Mar st 
Mongan Michael, reed maker, IVJar. st, house Elm st 
Mongan Morris, Hamilton, iioue^e Wm. st 
Mongan Bernard, Hamilton, boards Ann Quinn's 
Mongan Hugh, roll coverer, house Green st 
Mongan E. R., Middlesex, bds Hazen Pinkham's 
Monroe William, Lowell, house ] 1 
Montague Patrick, Hamilton, house Jefferson st 
Moody Mrs Paul, house Gorham st. Grove Hill 
Moody David J,, house Gorham st, Grove Hill 
Moody L. P., clerk, at ]02 Mer st, bds J. Fowler's 
Moody Stephen, machinist, Merrimack, house 107 
Moody Mrs Jane, house Lawrence st 
Moody Wm. D., mech. mills, bds Mrs Jane Moody's 
Moody Wm., locks and canals foundry, boards 17 Ham, 
Moody AndreAv, mach. shop, house 2(3 Swamp Locks 


Mooney James S., Lawrence, beards 17 

Wooney Suiith, boards Ira Brook's 

Moor John S., (Ricb;!rdion &) shop and house Mid. st 

ytoore J. G., {& Morrill) W. 1. Goods, Mer. st, h. Ches. st 

Moore C. F., clerk at 136 Merrimack street 

Moore L. B., cigar maker, at H. A Whitney's 

Moor G. h., compositor, Cornier off., bds Washington h. 

Moore Horatio N ., overseer, Lawrence, house 11 

Moore Thaddeus, Lawrence, boards 32 

JNIoore Joseph, overseer, Suffolk, house 9 

Moore J. IS., house Kivk lane. 

Moore E. D., Merrimack, boards 17 

Moore C. E , Merrimack, boards 17 

Moore John G., clerk at Tilton & Carter's, bds L5 Ham. 

Moore James R., Locks and Canals, bds Jona. Weeks' 

Moore Geo. R,, i^.iddlesex, bds Jona. Weeks 

Moore James, house William st 

Moore Wm., Middlesex, boards James Moore's 

Moore Mrs A'ary G., hou^e 15 Hamilton 

Moore Ira, boards 15 Hamilton 

Moore Salathiel, (Weeks &) boots and shoes, Midx. st, h. 

Howard street 
Moore Lorenzo, B. & L. R. R., house Chelmsford st 
Moore Jesse, yeoman, house Moore street 
Moore Augustas, Lowell, blch., bds S. Moor's 
Moore Francis L., Lowell, blch., house Carter st 
.Moore 'I'homas, Lowell, blch., house near bich'y 
Moore Manius, machine shop, bds 6 Swamp Locks 
Moore James, machine shop, boards 6 Swamp Locks 
:\Ioores Sam I, Boott, house 10th cor. Center st, Cent. Vil. 
Moors Simeon, yeoman, house Moore st 
Moran Thomas, at Richmond's, house Gor. st 
Moran James, laborer, house Fenwick street 
^lorey E. P., at B. F. Watson's, house Merrimack st, Bel. 
Morey Geo., painter, boards E. P., Morey's 

Morey , Massachusetts, boards 21 

Morey Edward P. at 125 Central st, house Mer. st, Bel. 
Morey Samuel, teamster, Lowell, house Lawrence st 

Morey , mach. shop, bds 6 Swamp Locks 

Morgan S., variety, 274 Merrimack street 

Morgan Mrs M., house Central street, opp. post office 

Morgan Luther S., watchmaker, 102 Cen. st, h. Ames st 

Morgan S., house 5 Lawrence 

Morgan Christopher, house 8 Lawrence 

Morgan Luther, at R, Lyman's, bds J. E. Burbank's 


jM organ C, (& E.) W. I. goods, Suff, st, house 8 Lawrence 

Morgan E., (C. &) W. I. goods, Siiff. st, bds 5 Lawrence 

Morgan Eben'r, clerk C. & E. Morgans, bds 5 Lawrence 

Morrill C. K.. (Moore &-) grocer, h. cor. And. & Highsta 

Morrill John, at 48 Central st, bds N. Oegood's 

Morrill C, teaciier gram, school, bds E. D, Sanborn's 

Morrill F, D., physician, off. 9 Mid. st, house Kirk ^t 

Morrill 5,, engineer, Mennnack print works, house 25 

Morrill William, Merrimack, boards Id 

Morrill A., boards T. N. Wood's 

Morrill Charles, teacher gram, sch., bds N. F. Grafts 

Morrill John, at Sanders &■ Putnam's. 

Morrill Jason, at Sanders & P's, bds John Morrill's 

Morrill J. H., at Moore Mnrrill'^-, house Cady street 

Morrill J. VV., teamster, bds J. H. Morrill's 

Morrill VVm., at Horn & Allen's, bds O. Allen's 

Morrill O H., teacher 6th gr.m. sch., h. Un. st, Cen. Vil. 

Morris Parker, house 7 Lav/rence 

Morris Daniel, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Morrison Jesse L., laborer, house Andover street 

Morrison S. VV.. Merrimack, boards 19 

IVIoryison Mrs E^ house 1 3 Tremont 

Morrison Caleb, Treinont, boards 13 

Mori ison Stephen, Mer. print works, house Tilden street 

Morrison Leonard, Mer. print works, bds S. Morrisons 

Morrison Lawrence, flamilton, bds Mrs Ann Q,uinn'8 

Morrison James, at Harvey Snow's house 40 Ch. st 

Morrison Nath'l, (D. S,' N.) Curtis street, house Cady street 

Morrison David. (D. & N.) currier, shop & house Curtis st 

Morrison Joseph, carpenter, house Mill street 

Morrison Wm. D., pedler, hi use 28 Appleton 

^Morrison John, overseer, Appleton, house 30 

Morrison , mach. shop, bds Mrs F. VV". Miller's 

Morrison Mrs Provida, house Adams street 

IMorse Nelson, deal* in ale, house Water street 

Morse Jona, clerk, 46 Mer. st, bds Mrs S. Foster's 

Morse Luther B., physician, bds 104 Merrimack street 

Morse Mrs A. W., boarding house, 9 Merrimack st, Be]. 

Morse Mrs. M., teacher, bds Mrs M. Morgan's 

Morse I. S., (Colby &) counsel'r, 49 Cen. st, h. Chap, st 

Morse William G., Massachusetts, boards 12 

Morse Tsaiah, house 20 Lawrence 

Morse James F., Bo(»tt, boards 53 

Morse James, Boott, boards 59 

Morse Milton, at J. Ayera, boards Moses Steven'* 


Morse Timothy, carpenter, house Suffolk street 

Morse Wm., loom harness maker, house Lowell street 

.Morse Muses T., overseer, Midx., house Mar. st 

Morse M. H., at Mixer, Pitman Sl Go's, h. 24 Church st 

>Iorse N. C, Cordwainer, house Lowell street 

Morse R. VV., at plainV mach., Mid. st, bds W. B. Dana's 

Morse Elijah, Middlesex, house 3 Warren street 

Mor^e Lemuel, house Central street. Chap, hill 

Morse Wm. IJ., cordwainer, house Summer street 

.Morse Willis, overseer, Appleton, house 1*-^ 

.^lorton Sarah H., boarding liouse. Green street 

Morville R. W., ensTaver, Merrimack print works, house 25 

Mose^; Samuel, Merrimack, boards 20 

Motley GeoriiO, Airent Appleton mills,bds Merrimack house 

Moulton Reuben, blacksmith, at Kittrege's, h. 5 Adams st 

Moulton Thomas !>., boards at Reuben Moulton's 

Moulton A., (Tarr. II. &, M.) h. furniture &c. Central st:-cet 

Moulton M. J)., boarding house, 104 Central street 

Moulton James, M;issachusetts, house Kirk lane 

.Moulton Josiah, Middlesex, boards J. Moulton's 

Moulton Benj., Merrimack, boards S. F, Dresser's 

IVIoultim Josiah, (White &) painter, h. Central cor. Tyler st 

Moulton Mrs Eliza, boarding house rear Tyler street 

Moulton Geo, B., mech. mills, bds Mrs E. Moulton's 

Moulton Ira, house 25 Hamilton 

Moulton Wm. B., at Douglass' bobbin shop, h. Mdx. st 

Moulton B. W., carpenter, boards Jacob VVebster's 

j\,loulton Jeremiah, Lowell blch., house Bleachery st 

Moulton Oliver, Lowell blch., boards J. Moulton's 

Mowatt H. F., Massachusetts, house High st sq. 

ATowe Daniel, physician, office &. house Mid. st, opp. B. B. 

^yjQ^ve , teacher, boards L. D. Johnson's 

Mower Albian, Lawrence, boards 46 

Mo-we Ezra, Middlesex, house Cady street 

Muir S , confectioner at A. B. Frenchk 

Meelady Dormac, Hamilton, boards Hugh O'Neil's 

Mullin Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson street 

Mullin James, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Mullin James, Merrimack, house Jefferson street 

Munsell Cyrus, boarding house, Warren street 

Murkland John, house Thorndike street 

Murphy Jeremiah, gardner, house Andover street 

Murp.hy Cornelius, house Market street 

Murphy Daniel, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell st 

Murphy John, Merrimack, hous^ Lowell street 


Murphy James, Middlesex, house William street 

Murphy Wm , Lowell blch., house Davis street 

Murphy Daniel, W. I. goods, Dummer street 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house Fenwick street 

Murray Andrew, Lowell, house Suffolk street 

Murry Arthur, house Moody street 

Murry Francis, Lowell, house Lowell street 

Murtagh Michael, at Richmond's, house Davis street 

Mussey Alden, carpenter, boards A K. Kelley's 

Mussey Parker L. Midx., house Centra] st, Central Village 

Mussey Mrs. nurse, at Mr Stratton's, Lewis street 

Muzzey Daniel, Middlesex, house Davidson street. 

Myers Nicholas, clothes cleaner, house Market street 

NASON STORER, Lowell, house 64 Church street 
Nason Justus, Middlesex, boards Jona. Week's 
Nason John, dress mailing, 290 Merrimack st, house 290 
Nason Mrs Mary, house Suffolk street 
Naylor George, at Freeman s, bds Mrs Iss^bella Swap's 
Neal E. H clerk at 130 Mer st, bds Mrs S. Neil's 
Neal Mrs A. dress maker, house Kirk avenue 
Nealley S. S. overseer, Hamilton, house 4<) 
Needham Boy nton, carpenter, boards 21 Hamilton 
Neill Wm, locks and canals, boards Mrs Mary Diggles' 
Neill Mrs Sarah, boardinir house, Lowell street 
Neill H. at E. Hanscom's^ boirds Mrs E. xNeill's 
Neill Thomas, laborer, hnuse Lowell street 
Nelson Henry, Appleton, boards Amos Willoughby's 
Nelson Josiah F. carpenter, house Elm street 
Nesmith T. AgtChelm'd Co. off Nes b. h cor.Nes & And sts 
Nesmith Thomas, house Chrsnut street 
Nesmith James, bfisk-^t maker, house Hale street 
Ness C. 1. H. Lowell, boards 3 Lowell 
Nevins Michael, Hamilton, house Gorham street 
Nevins Patrick, calico printer, honse Gorham street 
Newcomb John, Lowell, boards Mrs Elizabeth Davis' 
Newell Wm. pedlar, boards American house 
Newell W. mason, boards 35 Central street 
Newell Mrs M. boarding house, 13 Centml street 
Newman Wm. painter, Market street, h. Wil. cor Mer. st 
Newton H. L. C. printer, 24 Cen st, h. Un. cor. Chap, st 
Newton Joseph F. boards Mrs S. Brigham's 
Newton Harvey, Hamilton, h South, cor. Appleton st 
Nice John M. mason, house Fayette street 
Nickless George, overseer, Merrimack, house 28 


Nicholas Rolla, B. & L. R. R , house Midx. opp. Grand st 
Nichols Charles A. grocer, Andover st, house High st 

Nichols , carpenter, boards S. Benson's 

Nichols G. N. (Smith &) Mer. st market, h Hanover st' 

Nichols C. R. (& Taylor) d. g'ds, 27 Mer. st, bds 50 Mer. st 

Nichols Wm., jr. clerk at R. Reed's, h. Centre st, Chap, hill 

Nichols George, Merrimack, house 70 

Nicfiols Cushing, carpenter, boards 70 Merrimack 

Nichols James, Lawrence, house 14 

Nichols Hiram, Tremont, house 21 

Nichols Alfred, laborer, house Lowell street 

Nichols Jacob, (Bixby &) leather store, Mid. st, h. Midx. st 

Nichols Luke, teamster, house Green street 

Nichols Mrs Susan S. boarding house, Green street 

Nichols Thomas, at Day, C. & W's, boards H. K. Breed's 

Nichols Caleb, wood sawer, boards 46 church street 

Nichols Charles, mason, boards 3(3 Church street 

Nichols Oren, (Pussey &) VV. L good-s Midx. st, h. Lib. st 

Nichols Alanson, [Sz, Fisher) VV. L goods, Midx. h. How. si 

Nichols Abel, machine shop, house 13 Swamp Locks 

Niles Joseph, clerk at and boards J. M. Peabody's 

Niles Abiel, Tremont, house 21 

N orris L. B. livery stable, Bartlett st, boards E. Carter's 

Norrls Davenport, Lawrence, house 38 

Norris Geo. W. livery stable, Warren st, house Hurd st 

Norris Geo. B., Boott, house Centre street Cen. Village 

North VV. L. (Adams &) 108 Cen. st, bds Wm. North's 

North Wm. sup. dye works, Midx., house Union st 

North Salmon. Middlesex, house Cady street 

Norton W. VV. painter at Hilldreth's, house Lowell &t 

Norton J. P. (& Bellows) printer, 44 Cen. st, h Appleton Bi 

Norton Edward, U. S. Army, house Lowell street 

Norton Ebenezer, Prescott mills, bds 17 Hamilton 

Norton R. G. at Ham. C. R., boards J. P. Norton's 

Norton Robert F Appleton, boards 3 

Norton William, painter, house Middlesex street 

Norton 'j'homas, laborer, house Jefferson street 

Norton Thomas, Merrimack, house Lewis street 

Nowlton j\'lirriam, boarding house, Merrimack st, Bel. 

Nourse David, overseer, Massachusetts, boards VJ 

Nourse John A. carpenter, house Charles street 

Nourse F. H. at E. B. Patch's, boards Joseph Parker's 

Non-ell Foster, Lowell, house Mer. cor. Willow street 

Noyos B. C. laborer, house rear 230 Merrimack street 

Noyes Peabody P. Middlesex, bds Thos. Curry's 


Noyes Asa, carpenter, house William street 
Noyes Isaac, at A. L. Brook's, bds Asa Noyes' 
Noyes James, boarding house, Cen. cor. Tyler st 
Noyes Charles, Locks & Canals, house Middlesex st 
Nute A. T. (& Rice) meat City Mar., house Elm st 
Nute Alfred, boots and shoes, 37 Mer. st, h Ash st 
Nute Jacob, shoemaker, house Merrimack st, Bel. 
Nutt Henry, file cutter. High street 
Nutter William, Lowell, boards 1 
Nutter Alfred, carpenter, bds Miss Hannah Bean's 
Nutter Paul T,, Hamilton, house South street 
Nutting William, stone cutter, house \\'i]liam street 
Nutting James, at Benj. Day's, house 12 Adams' B. 
Nutting V. at D. Kittredge's 
Nutting W. C. G. at D. Kittredge's 

O'BRIAN MICHAEL, variety store, Low. near Suff. street 
O'Brian Thomas, B. & L. R. R. house Fenwick street 
Ockington David, (& Hindman) painter & glazier 127 Gen. 

street, house Fayette street 
O'Connor John, constable, house Gor. cor. Summer street 
O'Donald Thomas, laborer, house Lewis street 
Offutt Frederick, carriage maker, shop & house Lowell st 
Offutt George, painter, house Lowell street 
O'Hare Stephen, yeoman, house ll2 Merrimack street 
O'Herran James, Lks & Cls foundry, house Jefferson st 
Olcott J. S. physician, office Went's block, Mer street 
Olcott Gilman, pedlar, boards Wm. Eastman's 
Oldham Isai>c, Merrimack print works, house Middle street 
Olmsted E. broker, 52 Central street, h. 3d st. Cen Village 
Oliver Samuel C. overseer machine shop, h. 2 Swamp Lks 
O'Neil H, tailor at A. French's. hou*e Hurd street 
O'Neill Mrs M. J. coper plate prit)ter,office & h Lee street 
O'Neill Matthew, Meriimack, house Lowell street 
O'-Neill James, boarding house, 1 Hurd street 
O'Neill Michael, labot-er, house William street 
O'Neill James, house Fenwick street 
Orange H. S. at D. Bradt's, house 101 Merrimack street 
Ordway Thomas, City Clerk, h. Gor. st Grove Hill 
Ordway John L. clerk at Low Bank, bds Thomas Ordway'a 
Ordway Henry, clerk at 13() Mer st, bds J. K. Eellow's 
Ordway O. S.'M. book binder 142 Mer st, bds S. Ordway's 
Ordway J. M. (Wm. Duesbury & Co) bds Mrs S. Ordway'e 
Ordway A. O. booksel'r& binder 69 MerstjbdsS.Ordway'-S 
Ordway Alonzo, Lowell, boards 4 


Ordway Enoch, house Gorham st, Grove Hill 

Ordway Mrs Sarah, house 3 Kittredges' Block, Middle st 

Ormsly W. H. at 30 Cen. st, boards T. C. GiUnor'a 

Orne Wm. at Gushing & Macks, boards A. Sanderson's 

Orr William, Lowell, house 22 

Osborne David P. Middlesex, boards Luke Nichols' 

Osgood Josiah, boots & shoes Mer st, Bel. h Mer st, Bel 

Osgood Nehemiah, at 48 Cen. st, h. Merrimack st. Belvidere 

Osgood Joseph C. Massachusetts, boards 13 

Osgood Uenjamin. Boott, house 17 

Osgood Josiah, overseer Boott, house 33 

Osgood J. C. at Gardner Marshall's, bds J. W. Jones' 

Osgood Henry, house Gorham street 

Osgood John, Lowell, boards 31 Hamilton 

Osgood Samuel, Hamilton, house 33 

Osgood Isaac, Hamilton, house 12 

Osgood Ephraim, yeoman, h. Gor st, South Hale's Mills 

Osgood (vharles, yeoman, h. Gor st, near R. Road 

O'SuUivan John, Lowell, house Jefferson street 

Otis Miss H. tailoress 48 Cen st, bds Emerson's Mid st 

Otis Mrs Sarah E. dress maker, house Lewis street 

Otis Joseph G. Merrimack, house Lewis street 

Otterson John, at Crosby s meal store, house Elm street 

Owen Wm. N. carriage maker, Vlarst, h VI er st, Belvidere 

Owen Patrick, at Maynard's stable, house Dummer street 

PACKARD NAHUM, at 115 Mer st bds 111 Mer. street 

Packard A. tador 88 Cen st, boards P. T. White's 

Packard Lewis, Lawrence, house I 

Paddock Miss S. milliner 101 Merrimack street 

Pao-e Silas W. carpenter Massachusetts, h Mer. st, Bel 

Page L. (& Dudley) \V. 1. Go:)ds, Mer S(i. h, Tilden st 

Page John C. Merrimack, boards 65 

Page Oscar, Merrimack, house G4 

Page Moses, Merrimack, boards 151 

Page Mrs S. house 5 Merrimack 

Page Samuel, laborer, house Tilden street 

Page Simon, baker at G. J. & David Bradt's 

Page Wm. carpenter, house Middle street 

Page Nathaniel, Lowell, boards I 

Page Charles, mason, house Central street 

Page Jona. (&: Hills) carpenter Chas st, h. Central st 

Page Isaac, Sup. Guard Locks, house near same 

Page O. F. Middlesex, house Central st, Central Village 

Peters Daniel C. Middlesex, h. George cor. William street 


Paige , Appleton, boards Samuel Cady's 

Paige Mrs Mehitable, house Water street • 

Paige Rufus L. mason, boards IV] rs 2^/1. Paige's 

Paige James Y. tin ware, house Oak street 

Paige Mrs Sophia, house Davidson street 

Paine Edward J. house Andover street 

Paine James, engraver, boards E. J. Paine's 

Palmer Albert, Lowell, boards Otis Sherman's 

Palmer J. C. editor Life in Low. h. Chas. cor. Central street 

Palmer John, Lawrence, hou.-e 52 

Palmer Stephen Jr. Suffolk, boards 17 Lawrence 

Palmer Eben, Hamilton, boards Luke Whitney's 

Palmer Mrs Mary A. house 17 Hamilton 

Palmer Brooks L. Hamilton, boards 17 

Papps Jesse, Middlesex, house Water street 

Parks John, mechanic mills, boards Joel Williams' 

Park Robert, stone layer, boards Charles Cob urn's 

Park Miss B. J. dress maker, shop & h. 8 John street 

Parker Benj. Machinist, Middlesex, bds Mrs M. Paige's ^ 

Parker Obadiah, at Samuel Lawrence's 

Parker Hiram, physician 27 Mer st, bds 50 Merrimack st 

Parker Thomas, Middlesex, house Davidson street 

Parker Miss Rhoda, authoress, house Merrimack street 

Parker George, Massachusetts, house 47 

Parker Warren, cabinet maker, shop & house Kirk Lane 

Parker xMisses M. & B. house 13 Boott 

Parker Daniel, house 46 Boott 

Parker , Merrimack, boards 62 

Parker Joseph, (& Son) auctioneer Mar st, h. Appleton st 
Parker L S. (J. Parker &) auctioneer, house Appleton st 
Parker Frederick, (Adams &l) counsellor 61 Central street. 

boards Mrs H. Kimball's 
Parker S. Merrimack, boards N. C. Morse's 
Parker Boynton, boards IVirs Clarissa Smith's 
Parker John I. Middlesex, house George street 
Parker Asa, boarding house, Union h. Washmgton sq 
Parker George W. at Day, C. & W's, bds Asa Parker's 
Parker Benj. F. at Day, C. & W's, bds Asa Parker's 
Parker David, carpenter, house Cen. st. Chapel Hill 
Parker A. W. carpenter, house 64 Church street 
Parker Daniel, stone cutter, boards 36 Church street 
Parker Charles, mechanic mills, bds. Mrs Eliza Moulton's 
Parker Charles T. Lowell, house North street 
Parker Hiram, Appleton, house Middlesex street 
Parker StockAvell, Low. Blch, boards A. Emerson's 


Parker Life, at T. Warren's, boards Charles Stearns* 

Parker Life Jr. at T. Warren's house Mechanic street 

Parker Reuben, carpenter, house Adams street 

Parker Simon, yeoman, house Chehnsford street 

Parker Benj. yeoman, house Liberty street 

Parker Jepthah, yeoman, house Liberty street 

Parker Rodney, boards at American House 

Parker Pearley, Boott, boards Harriet Coles', Cen. Village 

Parker Israel, Boott, house Centre st, Central Village 

Parkhnrst M. dry goods, 74 Cen st, house Chapel street 

Paris Samuel, carpenter, boards C. Richard's 

Park F. S, machine shop, boards 5 Swamp Lks 

Parks George, painter, house Central, opp Tyler street 

Parmenter Miss H. variety store, John street 

Parmenter Horace, overseer Lawrence, house 24 

Parmenter John, Lowell, boards Charles Way's 

Parsons Mrs B. house 35 Massachusetts 

Parsons Edward, teamester at the McFarlins' 

Parsons John, boards A. Cutter's 

Parsons John, carpenter, boards Joseph Woodbury's 

Parsons Cyrus, at plaining machine, house Grand street 

Pasco Justin L. machine shop, house Dutton street 

Patch E. B. (& Co) Auctioneer, Com sq. bds 13 Central st 

Patch David, Middlesex, house Andover street 

Patch Burnam, clerk at Tarr H & M's, house Charles st 

Patch Henry, carpenter, bell hanger, Sawfiler &c 1 Maiden 

Lane, house Lowell street 
Patch John S. writing master, house Chapel street 
Pattin James, Lowell, boards 1 
Pattin Stephen H. laborer, house High street 
Pattin Joseph, Lowell, boards I 
Patte Moses, mason, boards Abijah Sanderson's 
Patterson J. O. carpet Manufacturer, Howe st, h. Chesnut st 
Patterson J. C. stone cutter, house High street square 
Patterson George W. overseer Lawrence, house 14 
Patterson James, overseer Lowell, house 27 
Pattrick Robert, Lowell, house Suffolk street 
Paul Mrs William, house 135 Merrimack 
Paul George K. overseer Boott, house 23 
Paul Walter, tailor at A. French's, bds Mrs W. Paul's 
Paul William, Merrimack print works, house 129 
Paul N. G. machinist, house Middlesex street 
Payne Joshua W. Middlesex, house 26 Hurd street 
Payne Rufus, mach. shop foundry, bds Mrs F. W. Miller'.s 
Peabody Joseph A. carpenter, house Andover street 


Peabody J. M. dry goods 34 Mer st, house Kirk street 

Peabody J. H. Massachusetts, house 24 

Peabody Isaac, Merrimack print works, "h. Moody street 

Peabody VV. H. H, at Wm. Fiske's, bds Timothy Weeks' 

Peabody J. G. (Fifield &) carp. Mech. Mills, h. 148 Ceii st 

Peabody Mrs Mary, house 26 Appleton 

Peabody Daniel H. Lowell, house Adams' street 

Pearl F. F. (& Huntress) livery stable, h. &. stable Mid fit 

Pearl Oliver, Massachusetts, house 57 

Pearson P. A. Hamilton, boards Miss C. Knowlton's 

Pearson L. Hamilton, boards Miss C. Knowlton's 

Pearson C. Hamilton, boards Miss C. Knowlton's 

Pearson H. T. painter, house 210 Merrimack street 

Pearson Mrs M. house 98 Merrimack 

Pearson Timothy, boards 98 Merrimack 

Pearson J. M, boards 98 Merrimack 

Pearson John, (Barr & Co) blk printer, near Hale's Mills 

house Chapel street 
Pearsons Wm. Mechanic Mills, boards 51 Church street 
Pease Mss Miriam, house 19 Boott 
Pease Miles, Middlesex, boards 42 Church street 
Peavey John, at Mechanic Mills, boards E. Severance's 
Peavy Thomas D. Suffolk, boards 27 
Peavy Levi, overseer Suffolk-, house 8 
Peavy Jacob, Suffolk, boards D. Dearborn's 
Peck Lewis, at Leonard's, boards Charles Way's 
Peck Daniel H. Appleton, hduse 2 

Peirson John, (T. Barr & Co.) woolen prints, house Chap st 
Pelsue Isaiah W. teamester, house Pearl street 
Pender James, laborer, house Fenwick street 
Peney Lorenzo, boards Oliver Wy man's 
Penhallow Miss L. E. principal High Sch. house Kirk st 
Penniman Miss Mary, house 61 Boott 
Pennington Wm. F. painter, shop 4* house Market street 
Pentland Thomas, block printer, house Cross street 
Percill James, Merrimack, boards Hanora Carney's 
Percill Richard, Merrimack, boards Hanora Carney's 
Perham Otis, physician, office & house cor Cen. & Midx. st 
Perham John, machine shop, boards 106 Merrimack st 
Perham Mrs. milliner 101 Mer st, bds Mrs S. Foster's 
Perkins Apollos, carpenter, house Alder street 
Perkins Paul, overseer Boott, house 24 
Perkins Miss H. house 5 Suffolk 

Perkins , Suffolk, house 6 

Perkins E. A. clerk at John Ayers' 


Perkins F. Lowell, boards 6 

Perkins John R. Bontt, house 10th cor. Can st, Cen Village 
Ferley Mrs M. E. house 27 Appleton 
Perley Enoch, mechanic mills, boards 35 Central street 
Perley Nathaniel M . boards 27 Appleton 
Perrin Lewis, machine shop, boards 32 Swamp Locks 
Perrin Asa, machine shop, house 8 Swamp Lncks 
Perrin \Vm. machine shop, liouse 32 Swamp Locks 
Perrin Warren, at Nichols & Fisher's, bds 8 Swamp Locks 
Perry Wm. Appleton, boards 34 Hamilton 
Perry Henry, carpenter, house Nesmith street 
Perry Walter, turner, mechanic mills, bds M. Nowlton's 
Ferry Russel, Middlesex, boards E. Butler's 
Perry Frederick, painter, boards John Hartshorn's 
Perry Samuel H. at D. C. Brown's, bds James Proctor's 
Perry Moses, laborer, boards 54 Church street 
Perry Elijah, machine shop foundry, bds Howard House 
Perry Jonah, machine shop foundry, house Middlesex st 
Perry John, machine shop foundry, house Hwoard street 
Person Rev. Ira, house Kirk street 
Person John W. medical student, boards L Person's 
Pettey George, Suffolk, boards 31 
Pettingill Rev I. R. house Moody street 
Pettingill John, carpenter, house Charles street 
Phelps H. driver Dover Stage, stops Merrimack House 
Phelps Luther J. Merrimack, house 115 
Phelps Charles, overseer Lawrence, house 62 
Phelps Jesse, overseer Merrimack, house 23 
Phelps Mrs Elizabeth, house 51 Church street 
Phelps Henry D. clerk at Chelmsford Co's, office, house 
Tyler street 

Phelps , machine shop, boards 5 Swamp Locks 

Philbrick Samuel, house Whipple street 
Philbrick JohnC . botanic physician, off. & h. 104 Cen. st 
Philbrick N. at 262 Mer st, boards Mrs S. Worthley's 
Philbrick Moses, Suffolk, bouse 25 
Philbrick G. C. painter, house Lowell street 
Philbrick Jona. Middlesex, boards Joseph White's 
Philbrick Stephen, Middlesex, house William street 
Philbrick Jona. at J. M. Marston's, h. Cen st, Chapel hill 
Phillips Gordon, Tremont, boards 27 
Phillips H. H. overseer Middlesex, house 5 Church st 
Phillips James, Lks & Cls, house Gorham street 
Pickering Samuel, Appleton, house Pearl street 
Pickering Cyrus, Hamilton, bds D. W. Churchill's 


Pierce T. A. house Davidson street 

Pierce George, at 288 Mer st, boards 10 Adams' block 

Pierce Nathan, clerk 4 Cen. st, boards S. Hosnier's 

Pierce Rachel A. house rear 134 Merrimack street 

Pierce Mrs C. J. house 11 Massachusetts 

Pierce Mrs L. house 32 Lawrence 

Pierce George, physician, house Cabot street 

Pierce George, Lowell, house Lowell street 

Pierce Cyrus, restorator, Low, cor Lewis street 

Pierce Henry, Lowell, boards 4 

Pierce El bridge, Lks & Cls, boards 4 Lowell 

Pierce Leonard, overseer Middlesex, house 15 Hurd street 

Pierce Wm. at Day, C. W's, boards Mrs Bridge's 

Pierce Olcott, overseer Hamilton print works, h Law. st 

Pierce Samuel, Hamilton print works, boards 33 

Pierce George, cordwainer, boards S. Richardson's 

Pike A. W. homcepathic physician 21 Cen st, boards S. 

W. Stickney's 
Pike Mrs T. house 51 Massachusetts 

Pike , Lks & Cls, boards 6 Lowell 

Pike , Middlesex, bds 65 Church street 

Pillsbury J. G. (& Knapp) book and job printer 34 Cen. st, 

house 4th street Central Villac/e 
Pillsbury B P. printer, Cour. office, house Fayette street 
Pillsbury J. D. physician 21 Cen st, house 88 Mer st 
Pillsbury Mrs S. boarding house 278 Merrimack street 
Pillsbury R. C. Lawrence, bds Mrs S. Pillsbury's 
Pillsbury Miss Mary, house GO Merrimack 
Pillsbury Harlin, physician, office & house Kirk street 
Pillsbury John, Lowell, house Carpet Lane 
Pillsbury Jona. Appleton, boards .lona. Leathers' 
Pindar Joseph, teamster, house Clay street 
Pinkham Hazen, Middlesex, house Tyler street 
Pinkham James, carpenter, h. Lawrence cor Curtis st 
Pinkham James, Lowell, boards 31 Hamilton 
Pitman Lougee, machine shop, boards Jacob Webster's 
Pitt John, carpenter, Midx st, Low. h. Front st, Cen Village 
Place Isaac, doors, sashes & blinds, mech mills, h Oak st 
Place C. A . clothing 16 Mer st. house Central Village 
Place Paul B. 'cordwainer, house School street 
Plaisted Elisha, machine shop, house Cross street 
Plant, Robert, laborer, house Lewis street 
Plumbly Miss Caroline, house 4 Suffolk 
Plummer J. W. at N. M. Wrights', house Paige street 
Plummer W. carpenter, boards 4 Boott 


Plummer John, carpenter, house Lee street 
Pluncket Robert, Hamilton, house Winter street 

Plympton , carpenter, boards Edward Roper's 

Plyrapton J. D., W. I. Goods IGO Mer st, house Lewis st 

Pollard Mrs Mary A. house Merrimack street Belvidere 

Pollard Mrs R. B. house Lee street 

Pollechio Julia, variety, 300 Mer st, house same 

Pollock George H . fancy goods 10 Cen. st, h High st. sq 

Pollock Thomas, fancy goods, 4 John street 

Poison David, house J 5 Lowell 

Poison Robert, Lowell, boards 13 

Poison Alexander, Lks & Cls, boards 13 Lowell 

Polter David H. shoes, Tilden street, house Mer st, Bel 

Pomfred James, at 8-2 Central st, house Gorham street 

Pond C. N. house North street 

Pond H. B. Middlesex, boards 19 Massachusetts 

Pooler Seth, teacher 7th Gram. School, h. Mer. street Bel 

Poor Henry, clerk flannel mills, house Everett street 

Porter Rev. Lemuel, house Tyler street 

Potter William, Suffolk, house 15 

Potter Rev. E. S. house Elm street 

Potter Austin, machine shop, house Suffolk street 

Powell Snelling, music 6z, periodicaL; 106 Cen st,h Tyler st 

Power John, at H. M. Curriers, bds Brainard's Cen. Vil 

Powers Peter, (& Bagley) bookseller & binder 23 Cen. st, 

house Washington square • 
Powers John, at Putnam's, house Fayette street 
Powers .loel, (Farnsworth &) provisions 71 Cen st, h Cen st 
Powers H. overseer, Massachusetts, house 45 
Powers Israel, Lawrence, boards (3 Tremont 
Pratt Sumner, Merrimack print works, house 87 
Pratt Sewell. at pla'g raach. Middle st, house iMiddle st 
Pratt Servetus, at White «Si P's boards Mrs Woodwards' 
Pratt Daniel M. house 33 Church street 
Pratt F. A. mech. mills, boards 33 Church street 
Prati Thomas, carpenter, house 32 Church street 
Pratt J. W. Hamilton, house Chapel street 
Pray J. J . mason, house Alder street, Belvidere 
Preble Eben, house West street 

Prendergast Mrs Nancy D. boarding house, John street 
Prescott George, laborer, house 52 Church street 
Prescott Samuel D. Lowell Hlch. h. fUeachery street 
Prescott Sylvester S. Hamilton, boards 33 
Prescott Keziah S. house 33 Hamilton 
Prescott Charles, plane maker. Green st, h. Central Village 


Prescott S. C. (& Hobart) blacksmith, bds Mrs Doe's Marst 
Prescott Wm. butter & cheese, City Mar h. Thor. st 
Prescott George, blacksmith, mech. mills, house Willow st 
Prescott J. B. physician, house Memmack st, Belvidere 
Prescott Calvin, Massachusetts, boards J . B. Prescotts' 

Prescott , stone cutter, boards John Ray's 

Prescott H. A. (& Co.) W. I. Goods 38 Cen. st. h. Elm st 

Prescott Augustus, overseer Boott, house 25 

Prescott Wm. H. alhambra. Mar. st, boards Wm. Prescott's 

Preston Samuel, Appleton, house Midx. opp How. street 

Priest H. W. variety, shop & house Tiklen street 

Priest G. W. painter, house 4 Lowell Place 

Priest Mrs Nancy J. boarding house W^arren street 

Priest Charles H. pedlar, boards Luke Nichols' 

Priest Miss Sarah, teacher, boards W. S. Bennett's 

Priest Mrs Harriet, variety store, 13 Merrimack street 

Price Edwin, tile cutter. Market st, house Middle street 

Prince John D. Sup. Mer print works, house Worthen st 

Proctor Franklin, Lawrence, boards 17 

Proctor Mrs Esther, house 2 Merrimack 

Proctor Lewis, Locks & Canals, house Lowell street 

Proctor James, carpenter, house William street 

Puffer Farwell, (White &-) card makers. War. st, h G2 Ch. st 

Puffer George, house 97 ]Merrimack 

Puffer Asahel, at 125 Cen. st, boards Benj. Watson's 

Puffer Mrs Abigail, house 14 Hamilton 

Puffer Cyrus J. carpenter, boards 14 Hamilton 

Puffer L. W. (Merrill &) wheelright, Midx. st, h. Scliool st 

PuUen Cloe A. B. nurse at Hospital 

Pulsifer Henry, Boott, house Centre st, Cen. Vil. 

Pulsifer Charles, Mass., house Centre st, Central Vil, 

Pulsifer Hervey, at O. M. Whipple's, house Charles st 

Pulsifer John VV. carpenter, house Chapel street 

Pulsifer Joseph, Ham. prt. wks., bds J. VV. Pulsifer's 

Pussey T. W. (^' Nichols) W. 1. goods, Midx. st. h. same 

Pumfrey James, variety store. Market street 

Purdy Ralph T., LaAvrence, bds Charles Spofford's 

Putnam Perry, carpenter, house Water street 

Putnam A. A. at C. A. Place's, bds A. S. Putnam's 

Putnam A. clerk 38 Mer, st, bds A. Putnam's 

Putnam Geo. A., Locks & Canals, house Tilden street 

Putnam E. P. at Day, C. & W's, bds Mrs x\. Barnes' 

Putnam Wm. at Day, C & W's, bds C. Hanson's 

Putnam Adam, (& Tyler) prov's, 109 Cen. st, h. Tyler st 

Putnam Adam (Sanders &) soap wks,, house Tyler st 


Putnam James A. house 22 Hamilton 
Putnam Mary L. variety, shop and house Midx. st 
Putnam Joseph, Locks & Canals, house Button st 
Putnam John, machine shop, house 5 Swamp Locks 
Putnam Charles O. machine shop, bds 5 Swamp Locks 
Putney John, (Hartshorn & Co.) house Tyler street 
Putney John, cloth and clothing, 40 Mer. st, h. Tyler st 
Putney William, Boott, boards M. T. Richardson's 
Putney Wm., Boott, boards James Hanson's 

QUALAN EDWARD, Locks & Canals, house Fenwick st 

Quigley Edward, laborer, house Lowell street 
Quimby Miss Sarah C. house 38 Boott 
Quinn John, merchant tailor, 67 Cen. st, house same 
Quinn Mrs. Ann, boarding house, Green street 

RAILTON THOMAS, Lowell, boards 24 

Ramsdell Miss Mary, house 9 Merrimack 

Ramsey Nathanial, Locks & Canals, bds M. D. Moulton's 

Rand J. H. architect, off 40 Central st, house Andover st 

Rand B. H., Lowell, boards D. H. Sinclair's 

Rand E. H., Lowell, boards J. M. Thurston's 

Rand Enoch S. job wagon, house Chelmsford street 

Randall D. F, machine shop, boards 5 Swamp Locks 

Randall F. A. carriage painter, Lowell st, h. 5th st, Cen. V. 

Ranlett Thomas L. overseer, Mass., house 31 

Ranlett Thomas, machine shop, boards 31 Plamilton 

Ransom Elisha, carpenter, house Merrimack st, Bel. 

Raridan Lawrence, gardner, house Dummer street 

Ray James, cap maker, man's B., Cen. st, house Howard st 

Ray William, carpenter, house Oak street 

Ray John, teamster, house Merrimack street, Bel. 

Pvay Richard, shoemaker, house Suffolk street 

Ray David M. conper, house Middle street 

Ray Jesse, Masssachusetts, house Winter street 

Ray John, teamster, house Thorndike street 

Baymond Charles, Massachusetts, boards 4 

Raymond John, at Phineas Whiting's 

Raynes Joseph, jeweler, 43 Cen. st, house Willow st 

Read Henry, house 20 Church street 

Pwead Grenville, stone mason, bds H. B. Bryant's 

Record Israel, carpenter, boards W. Fiske's 

Reed J (& Keyes) boots and shoes, 288 Mer. st, bds 10 

Adams' B. 
Reed E. M. (& Powers) mason, house Tewksbury 


Reed Ransom, W. I. ^oods, 116 & 118 Cen. st, li. Tyler st 

Reed R. bookbinder, '^3 Cen. st, bds H. A. Prescott's 

Reed George, Lawrence, bds 208 Merrimack street 

Reed John, Lowell, boards 84 Merrimack 

Reed Wm., Boott, house 58 

Reed Oren, Hoott, house Paige street 

Reed Mrs B. house 11 Merrimack , 

Reed John H. at J. Jenkins' house School street 

Reed Luther, at White & Puffer's, house Lawrence st 

Reed Mrs Susan, boarding house, 24 Hurd street 

Reed Elbridge G. house Tyler street 

Reed Philander, Appleton, boards Sam'l Cady's 

Reed Jonas, jr., overseer, Lowell, blch., house Eleachery st 

Reed John H. wheelwright, house School street 

Reed I. A. surgeon denti.^t. off. k h. Suff. st, N. of Mer. st 

Remmick John, Lawrence, boards 11 

Rendall T. R. cordwainer, at L. B. Tebbetts' 

Reeves E. VV. Middlesex, boards Richard I'. Shaw's 

Reynolds Thomas, gardner. house Howe street 

Reynolds E. T. stone layer, huuse Lowell, opp. Adarus st 

Reynolds Amasa N. Ham., bds Lydia N. Reynold's 

Reynolds Lydia N. house South street 

Rhodes John, overseer, Middlesex, house 15 Hurd st 

Rice E. A. (& Co.) dry goods, 144 Mer. st, h. 12 Boolt 

Rice E. M. at 38 Cen. st, h. Elm, cor. Chapel street 

Rice Charles, house Lee street 

Rice Mrs Mary, nurse, house Cabot street 

Rice Frederick, boards Mrs Mary Rice's 

Rice Jona. (Nute &) meat, city market, h. Elm st 

Rice Lafayette, Middlesex, boards Robert Jefters' 

Rice Sylve.-ter, Middlesex, boards H. Pinkham's 

Rice Aloses, house 34 Hamilton 

Rich Thomas, Massachusetts, boards 37 

Rich Mrs, nurse, house Bartlett street, Helvidere 

Richards Cyrus, carpenter, house Water street 

Richards Leonard, mason, boards J. Gordon's 

Richards J. overseer watch, Merrimack, house 48 

Richards Luther, at Whipple's, house near Whip's' 

Richards John, laborer, house Chapel street 

Richards Alexander, seaman, house Jackson street 

Richards Miss Mary, nurse, at Mrs Richards', Andover .st 

Richardson Ira, at E. A. Rice s, boards 97 Merrimack st 

Richardson S. (& W.) merc't. tailor. 126 Mer. st, h Ads. B. 

Richardson W. (S. &) tailor, 126 Mer. st, h. 10 Ads. B. 

Richardson I. clerk, 144 Mer. st, bds 32 Mer. st 


Richardson Salmon, carpenter, boards S. Hardy's 
Richardson A flannel mills, house Howe street 
Richardson Henry, carpenter, boards J. Huntoon's 
Richardson D. S. counsellor, Man's B , Cen. st, h. Kirk st 
Richardson James, at J. D. Plympton's, h. Midx. street 
Richardson T. L. overseer, Lawrence, house 47 
Richardson E. shoemaker, house Lowell street 
Richardson Henj. mason, boards Cyrus Coburn's 
Richardson I. G. at \V. liiowns, house Cen. Village 
Richardson J. G. at J. Gates', house Mechanic street 
Richardson M. T. house iVliddle street 
Richardson O. A. (<fe Moore) gunsmith, shop & h. Mid. st 
Richardson Nehemiah, M.dx, house Warren st 

Richardson , Middles x, bds 26 Hurd st 

Richardson 10. O., Middlesex, bouse Geo. street 
Richardson Bernice, at Day, C. & VV's, bds J. Jenness' 
Richardson Benj. mech. mill^, house Charles street 
Richardson Oliver, carpenter, house Charles street 
Richardson Lewis, Hamilton, boards 34 
Richardson E. G. overseer, Hamilton, house 10 
Richardson Dan'l L. restorator, Cen. st, house Midx. st 
Richnrdson Alvin, cordwainer, house School street 
Richmond P. O. paper maker, Wamesit falls, bds Mer. H. 
liichmond C. B. clerk at P. O. Richmond's, house Ames st 
Richmond A. J. clerk at Richmond's, bds J. P. Norton's 
Ricker Wm. painter, Bartlet st, house High street 
Ricker John W. painter, Bartlet st, bds VVm. Ricker's 
Ricker Ebenezer, mason, house Chanel street 
Ridgway Samuel, iVler print works, boards 89 
Rigley Jonas, at S. & W's bakery, bds L Scripture's 
Riiey John, at Patterson's, house Howe street 
Riley Thom^as, laborer, hous ^ Gorham street 
Riilins G. A. Merrimack, boards 3> 
Ring Albert, flannel mills, house Water street 
Ring H. at JS orris' stable, boards Enoch Butler's 
Ring H. W. at L. B. Norris', Bardett st, bds E. Butler's 
Ripley Thomas, Lowell, house Pleasant, cor. School st 
Hitter David, at Sturtevants, house North street 

Roach , laborer, liouse Adams street 

Roach Michael, laborer, house Lewis street 
Roach John, laborer, house Suffolk street 
Ivobbins Jacob, Post Master, house 28 Cen. street 
Robbins Nathan, painter, Church st, house Water st 
Robbins David, mason, house Livernjore street 
Robbins D. F. mason, boards David Robbins' 


Robbins John, ehoemaker, house 8 Wall street 

Robbins John, at A. L. Lewis', house Davidson st 

Robbins H. T Massachusetts, boards 45 

Robbins Miss Susan, house 12 Massachusetts 

Robbins J. D. (& Billings) livery t^tables and h. Lowell st 

Robbins Geo. Locks & Canals, bds Mrs Mary Heath's 

Robbins Geo, W. music teacher, h. Gor, st, Grove Hill 

Robbins Nathan, house Summer street 

Roberts Joshua, sup. B. & L. Railroad, bds Mer. house 

Roberts Geo. W. Middlesex, house Charles street 

Roberts Mrs Elizabeth, house 6 Suamp Locks 

Roberts Thos. machine shop, house 40 Swamp Locks 

Robinson J. P. counsellor, 67 Cen. st, h. Cen. Village 

Robinson B. VV. (& Co.) dry goods, J 15 Mer. st, 

Robinson Geo. C. clerk at 115 Mer. st, bds Mrs Morgan's 

Robinson V. W. at 115 Merrimack street 

Robinson Mrs E. D. boarding house, John street 

Robinson 1. B. Merrimack print works, house 91 

Robinson .1. B. at '1\ Stevens', house Green street 

Robinson A. H, pay master, Appleton, house Lowell st 

Robinson B. I. carpenter, bds Miss H. Beans' 

Robinson iienj. carpenter, bds Mrs Betsey Robinson's 

Robinson Jesse L. teamster, house 42 Charles street 

Robinson Leonard, stone cutter, bds 42 Church street 

Robinson Josiah, carpenter, shop & house 32 Church st 

Robinson \V. F. painter, boards 32 Church street 

Robmson Benj. carpenter, house Charles street 

Robinson Levi, at Whipples, boards T. Wells' 

Robinson David, Lowell, blch., hou«e near 0. M. Whipple'*- 

Robinson W. S. printer, boards Mrs Mary Ne well's 

Robinson Stickney, Lowell, blch., house Moore st 

Robinson Joseph, at Whipple's, house Moore st 

Roby Stephen, Boott, boards D. Muzzey's 

Roby Benj variety shop, Suflfolk Square 

Roboy John, Lawrence, boards Benj. Roby's 

Robey Augustus, Merrimack house 78 

Roby Wm. overseer, Lawrence, house 13 

Rodliff Mrs J. M. house 30 Hamilton 

Rodliff Ferdinand, overseer, Hamilton, house 26 

Rodney James, Hamilton, bds Hugh O'Neill's 

Rogers John F. hardware. Savings Bank B., Shattuck st 

Rogers John A. clerk at Talbott's, bds 18 Hurd st. 

Rogers Zr.doc, yeoman, house High street 

Rogers Joseph P. yeoman, bds Mrs Jemima Rogers' 

Rogers Benj. P. yecman, boards Mrs J. Rogers' 


Rogers Mrs Jemima, house High street 

Rogers Miller J. overseer, house Fayette street 

Rogers R. S. (& Coburn) W. 1 goods, 90 Cen. st, bds 18 

Hurd street. 
Rogers Rufus, Lawrence, house 1 3. 
Rogers Francis, house Lowell street 
Rogers Wm. carpenter, boards 6 Lowell 
Rogers D. (& Kelley) livery stable, Cen. st, h. Cen. st, 

Chapel Hill 
Rogers Amos, fruit, &c., Cen. st, house Luther's Court 
Rogers Felix, house Lawrence street 
Rogers Theodore, Appleton, boards 33 Hamilton 
Rogan Cornelius, Lowell, house Fenwick street 
Rogan Peter, copper plate primer, at Mrs M. J. O'NeiJl's 
Rogan Edward, house Lowell street 
Rohan Miles, Merrimack, boards 208 Merrimack st 
Rolfe Abial, book keeper at Wm. Livingston's, h Horw'dst 
Rolfe John, hats, caps, furs, 10 Mer. st, h. Wasliington st 
Rolfe Isaac, boarding house, 1 Wall street 
Rolfe William J. clerk, Mass. C. R., bds John Rolfe\s 
Rollins Joshua, Massachusetts, boards 54 
Rollins James, Sntfolk, boards 27 
Rollins G. A. Merrimack, boards E. H. Hadley's 
Rollins John L. carpenter, bds .lohn H. Sanders' 
Rollins John P. machine shop, bords James Dickey's 
Rollins Elijah, Appleton, house 7 
Roper Edward, Middlesex, house Water street 
Roper Geo. W. at G. J. & D. Bradt's. house Lowell street 
Rose Mrs R. dressmaker, house Kirk street 
Ross Ozias, cabinet maker. Mar. street, house Midx. st 
Ross David, at Day, C. & W's, bds Mrs Nancy Barnes' 
Ross H. P. (^ Fisk) at 15 Mer. st, bds 5 Davidson flats, Bel 
Round Theodore, stone layer, bds Mrs P Hale's 
Roundey G. C. (tt Raynes) meal &. fl'r, Mer. st, h App. st 
Rowe Geo R. at 77 Merrimack st, house Willow st 
Rowe John, overseer, Merrimack, boards 104 
Rowe James, Merrimack, boards 104 
Rourke Peter, laborer, hoii-^e Frederick street 
Rugg Amos. B. & L. Express, bds W. Carleton's 
Rugg S. S. Suffolk, house Race, cor. Moody st 
Ruggles Calvin P., Hamilton, house Cliapel st 
Rundlett John, laborer, bds Susan Willey's 
Runnels George, stone cutter, bds Isaac Hosmer's 
Runnels Richard, at 74 Mer. st, house Market st 
Runnels I. R. house 52 Massachusetts 


'Runnels Dr. Asa D. boards W. S. Kimball's 

K.uss John, refreshment saloon, Low. D., h Cen, V. near Q, 

Russ N. H. carpenter, boards Mrs Prendergast's 

Russ Nathan K. carpent r, boards 104 Merrimack 8t 

Russel, B. VV. hou-e Lnwrence st 

Russel J. S teacher, house Nesraith street 

Russel Rijfus, carpenter, shop JVJidx. st, h. Alder st 

Russel J. L. printer, 21 Cen st, h. Cen. st. Chap. Hill 

Russell Harrison, SufF Ik, liouse 8 

Russell Mrs M. A. dressmaker, house Lee street 

Russell Mrs M. straw milliner. Kirk street 

Russell U. B. at parker's auct room, bds Ray's, Mid. st 

Russell Joseph, Boott, house Lswell st 

lUissell James, stone mason, h Lowell, cor. Cabot st 

Russell C. K. clerk at S S. Russeil's, bds S. S. Russell's 

Russell George, Lks & Cls, bds 1?. W. Russell's 

Russoil S. S.,°VV. L goods, Midx., cor Geo.,h Gor. st, Gr. H, 

Russell Moses M , Hamilton, boards 34 

Jlussell Hiram, stone mason, house Dutton st 

Ryan N VV. crockery and glass, h. & shop 140 Mer. st 

Ryan Jame-s, at Stott's, house Howe street 

Ryran Henry, Lks & Cls, house Lowell street 

Ryan Bernard, at Riclunond's, h. North street 

}lyan John, at Scripture &- Wilson's, house Chapel s: 

Ryran John, house Davis street 

Ryan Michael, house Suffolk street 

Ryan Patrick, Lks & Cls, house Lewis street 

Ryerson Mrs Jane, ho^ise Winter street 

SADLER JOHN, Hamilton, house Goiham strceet 
Salter Roman, Merimack, house,^L 
Salter John, carpenter, house 50 diurch street 
Sampson Henry, at S & W's bakery^ bds L Scripture's 
Sanborn George, at Samuel LaAvrer^as 
Sanborn Ransom, mason, house Aslrl||:eet 
Sanborn Leavitt, mason, bds Ransom Sanborn's 
Sanborn Mrs Rhoda, hou-e F'ayette street 
Sanborn E D. writing master, house 170 Mer. st 
Sanborn P. cordwainer, house Lee street 
Sanborn Moses, Hamilton, house Moody street | 

Sanborn E. K medical stud't, bds A. Kimball's 
Sanborn Joshua, carpenter, house Suffolk street 
Sanborn F. B., W. L goods, Ads. P,., h. Ads. B. 
Sanborn Horace, Middlesex, bds Wm. Brock's 
Sanborn NatJian, mason, bds Mrs M. W. Soule's 


Sanborn David, IMason, house Warren street 
Sanborn VVm. F. mason, hou-e Warren street 
Sanborn Deciitor, carpenter, bds Wm. Kelley'jj 
Sanborn Ebenezer, Hamilton, house 19 
Sanborn Stephen C. overseer, Ham. liouse 16 
Sanborn Henry D. Hamilton, house 18 
Sanborn Edward, Appleton, house 18 
Sanborn R. P. machine shop, house 11 Swam.p Locks 
Sanborn Jacob, Douglass s bobbin shop, bds John Dunnal'* 
Sanborn E. S. clerk F. B. Sanborn's, bds D. Ferguson's 
Sanborn Mrs M. C. nurse, at J. V. Atkinson's, Appleton st 
Sanders Joel, provisions, Cen. st, house Cady st 
Sanders J. H. (&, Putnam) soap works, Lenton st, h Chafl. st 
Sanders T. machine shop, house Summer street 
Sanderson Nelson, carpenter, bds Ezekiel Chellis' 
Sanderson Abijah, city watch, liouse Middle st 
Sanderson Henry, carpenter, bds Miss H. Bean'a 
Sands James, Appleton, boards li 
Sanford Stephen, overseer, Lowell, house Lowell street 
Santy Wm. l.iborer. h< use Fenwick street 
Sargent Samuel H at J. G. Ivittredge's, house High st 
Sargent Levi, teamster, boards at Isnac Uosmer's 
Sargent Miss Betsey, millinery, ()4 Mer. >~t 
Sargent Stepheu, at 121 Aier st, bda A. Sargent's, Cen, V- 
Sargent F. W. tailor. 5 Cen. st, house Lee street 
Sargent Miss S. millinery, 2C0 JVIer. st, bds 1 Willow PI. 
Sargent Nathan., L'octt, beards 10 
Sargent Mrs Fanny, hou.-e ciO Boott 
Sargent Mrs Nancy, house JiO Suffolk 
Sargent Charles, I'oott. boards 5.'3 ^|' 

Sargent H. A. tailor, boards F. Sargent's 
Sargent C. P., Low. -11, house Kirk street 
Sargent Charles, Lowell, boards C. P. Sargent's 
Sargent Stephen P. overseer, Tremoiit, house 1 
Sargent Charles G., Lowell, house 10 
Sargent Edward M., Gray':s expres.'^, house Church 6t 
' Sargent John C , Appleton, house Winter street 
Sargent Sylve.-ter. house 3 Hamilton 
Sargent -]\'jrs Eunice, house West street 
Saunders Solomon. Poott, boards 46 
Saunders S. A oveiseer, Merrimack, house 146 
Saunders William, Lks & Cls, bds 26 Hurd street 
Savage Jesse, • errinRack, hve N. E, Morse's 
Savage Jesse, Mrrimack, boar(!s (52. 
,5:savory George, overseer, Merrimack, liouse 105 


Savory Charles, Massachusetts, board? 4 

Savory Cyrus B., Werrimack, boards 19 

Sawtell John, jr., i^lassachusetts, house Fayette et 

Sawtell G. R, Boott, hou.^e23 

Sawtell John, rooper, shop and house Middle st 

Sawtell John N , Ha'iiilton. house 22 

Sawtell Josiah, carpenter, house School st, near Canal 

Sawtell J. Alpheus, carpenter, house School st 

Sawtell Henry S. machine sliop, bds (5 Swamp Lks 

Sawyer Miss A. miliner, 58 iVJer. st. bds R. Douglass* 

Sawyer , Lawrence, house 43 

Sawyer William, Lawrence, bds Peter Broger'a 
Sawyer Levi, Lawrence, boards P. Brojrer's 
Sawyer Wm. P. teimster, hnuse Cabot strret 
Sawyer Roswell F., Lowell, house Lowell street 

Sawyer , painter, boards S. VV. Evans' 

Sawyer Geo. VV. carpenter, house Mertill's Court 

Sawyer Heny, at mech. mi Is, bd■^• J H Combs' 

Sawyer Joseph E. hous ■ Davis street 

Sawyer Joshua, innholder. Lauib t:ivern, Middlesex et 

Sayer Abigail C. iiouse Dutton street 

Sawyer Rufiis, laborer, house Worthen street 

Sayles Miss Nancy, house Appl ton street 

Scarlding Aaron, at Day, C & Ws, house Cady street 

Scales Aaron, Lawrence, house 30 

Scales Eb'cnezer, Lks &- C!s, b,:s Charles Spnfford'a 

Schelienger Miss E. II. dress maker, 81 Mer. st, bda O. 

Wy man's 
Schoby D. C. high school teacher, bonsils Mer. Hou?e 
Scoby Mrs Jane D. house 53 Merrimack 
Schoiield Joseph, Middlesex, bds Am>)S Foynton's 
Schouler Wm., ed'r Jour. &, Cour off, 83. Cen st, h, 
Scolley William, laborer, hou^e Fenwick st 
Seignior R. cigar store, 138 ..ler. st, bds Mrs Stearns' 
Sciien Cormack, Hamiltois house Winter street 
Scolly Freeman, Boott, bds D. I ovett's 
Scatchman Thomas, ropemaker, Cen. st, h. Chap, et 
Scoft Mrs Sarah, house 47 Merrimack 
Scott Henry D., Tremont, boards J4 
Scott James, shomiaker, house W illiam street 
Scott Thomas, machine shop, bds 6 S'von p Locks 
Scribner Isaac W. physician and drug't. ' <;3 Mer. st 
Scripture Isaac (& Wilson) baker, h <s£ s'p Cen. st. Chap. H. 
Scripture A. J. at Smith & Nicho's, hon-e Hanover st 
Scruden Benj., Middlesex, bds Oliver Mace's 


Seabury Isaac, currier, hou=e Union st'-eet 
Searl John H. cigar maker, bds 136 Merrimack st 
Searl Solon, at Benj. Day's, boards M. Lorings 
Searl Edwin T. job waorgon, h^iise Geo. cor. Wm. 6t 
Searl John, Appleton, boards Lydia M. Reynolds' 
Searl Nathani 1, house Suffolk street 
Seaver L. H , Merrimack, hi<use 115 
Seaver Thomas, boards Job Hill's 
Seaver Charles, carpenter, house Lowell street 
Seaver William, Lks & Cls, house Midx- st, near R. R. 
Seavey Josiah, W. 1. good-, 42 Cen. st, h Low, cor VVor. st 
Seavey Melvm, carpenter, boards J. McCauley's 
Seavey Mrs S. infant school, h & school Paig-e st 
Seavey Stephen S. clerk post off, house Low. cor Wor. st 
Severance Newell, at Whipple s, bds J. H. Swift's 
Severance Herod, at Whipple's, bds J. H. Swift's 
Severance Enoch, iit E. Burnap's, house 7 Wall st 
Severance Ira L. at 73 Cen. st, hds E. Severance's 
Severance E. boardinor house, Paige street 
{Severance Elijah, mech. mills, bds 33 Church street 
Sewall Geo. H. carpenter, h Cen. st, Chap. Hill 
Sewall N. G. carpenter, h Cen. st, Chap Mill 
Sewall Samuel, at H. Howards, bds Parker Chamberlin's 
Shackford E. J. camph'e & lamps, 60 Cen. bds G. W. Rob- 
Shacliford Wallace, at D. A. Coburn's 
Shane Denni:^, house Winter street 
Shanley John, house Lowell street 
Shanley Jairies, laborer, house Jefferson street 
Shannon Geo D. at Pearl & H's stable, bds F. F. Pearl's 
Shapleigh S C. (& Co.) auctioneer, 1 Com. sq., h Kirk st 
Sharp Anderson, carpenter, bds N. B. Merrill's 

Sharp , Lowell, bds Mrs S. Brigham's 

Sharpies Mrs C house 84 Merrimack 

Sharpies Cornelius, Lawrence, house 31 

Sharpies James, house Hanover street 

Sharplr-s Charles, Suffolk, house Hanover street 

Shattuck R. mill'y &l dress mak'g, 81 Mer. st, bds Mrs S 

Shattuck Sewell, clerk 4 Cen. st, boards S. Hosmer^s 
Shattuck H. B. clerk at 5 Cen. st, bds 94 Cen. st 
Shattuck Gen. W teacher 5th gram, school, h 94 Cen. 8t 
Shattuck William E., Suffolk, boards 17 Lawrence 
Shattuak Jesse, stone layer, house North st 
Shattuck Geo. cordwainer, bds James Wilmont's 


Shattuck Mrs N. house School street 

Shattuck Edwin, mach. shop, bds Benj. Holt'a 

Shattuck Henry, mach. shop, bds Eenj. Holt'a 

Shattuck Mrs Elizabeth, nurse at Mrs <arah Hobsoo's 

Shaw Gilman, overseer, Boott, house High st 

Shaw Jacob, house Merrimack street, Belvidere 

Shaw Asa, house Kirk street 

Shaw Ricliard P. job wagon, house George street 

Shaw David,mach. shop, bds Leonard Bailey's 

Shaw Alfred, mach. shop foundry, bds Mrs F. W. Miller'i 

Shaw Eben, mach. shop foundry, bds Mrs F. W. Miller's 

Shaw Charles R. mach. shop, house 8 Midx Place 

Shea James, mach. shop, house Cross street 

Shea Jeremiah, Nashua, R. R., house Fenwick st 

Shed Zacheus, constable, 61 Cen. st, house Gorham st 

Shed John, house High street 

Shed John H. seaman, boards at John Shed's 

Shed Edwin L. at D. Bradt's, boards Z. Shed's 

Shed Michael, Lowell, bds Mrs Elizabeth Davis' 

Sheldon A. W., Lawrence, house 30 

Sheldon Samuel, mason, bds Miss H. Bean's 

Sheldon Ezra, house Howard street 

Shepherd William, overseer, Lowell, house Charles st 

shepherd Isaac, Middlesex, bds E. S. Meader's 

Shepherd Benj. at 77 Mer. sr, bds Mrs L. Hutchinson's . 

Shepherd William, at 77 Mer st, bds Mrs L. Hutchinson's 

Shepherd John, Merrimack, house Tilden street 

Shepherd James, at J. G. Kittredge's, bds L. Whitcher's 

Shepard Isaac, wire worker. Button, cor. Lowell st 

Sheridan James, at John Nesmith's 

vSheridan T., W. I. goods, store and house Lowell st 

Sheridan Patrick, Lowell, house Lowell street 

Sheridan John, variety, shop and house Gorham st 

Sheridan Patrick, VV. I. goods, shop and h. Gorham st 

Sheridan Michael, Hamilton, house Winter st 

Sherman E. P. pedler, bonrds E. D. Leavitt's 

Sherman A. H. overseer, Lowell, house High st sq. 

Sherman , boards R Heath's 

Sherman Charles, Lowell, house Cen. st. Chap. Hill 

Sherman Otis, Lowell, house 8 Adams' B. 

Sherwood L. Middlesex, house Green street 

Sherry James, Memmack, house Lowell street 

Sherwin Paschal, Middlesex, bds Oliver Mace's 

Shirley Mrs. Sarah, house South street 

Shirley Samuel H. printer at Vox off., bds Mrs. Shirley's 


Shores Joseph, middlesex, bds Geo. B, Hoyt's 

Short Charles M. house Lewis street 

Short Edward, Lowell, b(iai;ds 24 

Short Patrick, W. L goo:]s, shop and hou=!e Gorham st 

Short J . E. conductor passenger cars, B. 6l L. R. R. houae^ 

Grand street 
Short Wm. P. B. & L. R. R., house Midx. Place 
Short William, at Maynard's stable, house Worthen st 
Shute Michael, Lawrence, house Lowell street 
Sias Moses, laborer, bds Howard house 
Sidebottom John, Merrimack, bds J. Shepherd's 
Silver Leonard, laborer, bo irds J. McCauley's 
Silver Wm.. Lowell, boards Georje Huse's 
Silver Mrs Elvira, house 23 Appleton 
Silver Frederick A. at Fl ^tcher & E's, bds 23 Appleton 
Silver David, mach. ship, bds 5 Swamp Locks 
Simangton Sam'l, at Patterson's, house Fayette st 
Simmons A, F. clerk 57 Cen st, bils Mrs A Watkin's 
Simonds S. B. at 44 Mer, st, bds Mrs E Simond's 
Simonds J. P. clothing 150 Aler st, house Alder st 
isimonds Miss S. W. lace goods, 76 Mer. bt, bds Mrs E. 

Simonds D. S. cordwainer, boards 19 Massachusetts 
Simonds William, Lawrence, house 42 
Simonds Webster, Liwrence, boards 14 Tremont 
Simonds A., Tremont, house 15 
Simonds Calvin, stone cutter, boards 4Q Church st 
Simonds Justin, at Whipple's, bds J H. Swift's 
Simonds Mrs Elizabeth, house (iorham street 
Simpkins William, MiddU s »x, bds Jona. Week's 
Simpson Jonathan, bl.icksmith, Aiidover st, h. And* st 
Simpson Sam'l A. overseer, Massachusetts, house 17 
Simpson Henry, Tremont, boards 27 bJuffolk 
v^impson Joseph, Tremont, house 2G 
Sinnpson Mrs Sally, ho!5se Charles street 
Simpson John, Middlesex, boards Mrs S. Simpson's 
Simpson Dr. B. F. house Uni'-n street 
Simpson A G., Lowell, hou-e Datton street 
Simpson David, Lowell, bds Rulus Sawyer's 
Sims Johnson, yeoman, house High street 
Sinclair Mrs Fanny B. house Dummer street 
Sinclair Jackson, Tremont, house 20 
Sinclair D. H., Lowell, house Tilden street 
SUelton Benj. physician, off. & house Tyler street 
Skeltoo C. P. druggist, Cen. cor. Midx. st, h. Tyler st 


Skillin D. G at Day, C. & W's, boards 33 Hamilton 

Skillinger Isaac, Midx. bds Oliver Wyman's 

Skinner Miss, tailoress, house Higli st, cor. Chesnut 

Skinner David, tailor, house 4 Willow Place 

Skinner George, shoemaker, 306 i\jer. st, bds 4 Willow P. 

Skinner Miss Hannah, house 5 Lowell 

Skinner Misses A. &. S. boardisg house, 65 Church st 

Slack Mrs Betsey, boarding house, 3 Wall street 

Slade John, Midx. house Pleasant street, Hel. 

Sladen Robert, laborer, house Merrimack st, Belvidere 

Slavin P. (& Killen) dry goods, r24 Mer. st. bds Wash. H 

Sleeper Mrs Margaret, board'g house, 31 Church st 

Sleeper Benj. F. printer, bds IMrs M. Sleeper's 

Sleeper Nalh'l S. carpenter, house Midx. near School st 

Small David, carpenter, house xA.ndover street 

Small E. L. cutter at 11 Cen. st, bds S. Meserve's 

Small Hanson W., Tremont, boards Job Hill's 

Smart Lucratus, stone layer, bds J. H. Stoke's 

Smart William, clerk atR. Reed's, house Paige st 

Smart Mark J. mason, house Union street 

Smiley William, Sadler, house Andover street 

Smiley John, carpenter, boards D. Woodward's 

Smith William, counsellor, Wyman's Ex , bds Stone house 

Smith Wm. F. coun'r, Wymans Ex., bds Mer. house 

Smith Henry W. coun'r, Wyman's Ex., bds Stone house 

Smith Kilburn, musician, house Oak street 

Smith Rev. H. G. house Chesnut street 

Smith James, flannel mills, house High street 

Smith Oliver H. carpenter, house High street 

Smitii Lyman, overseer at Sturtevanfs, bds M. Griffin's 

Smith Roswell, wool sorter, Lowell, bds M. Griffin's 

Smith J. R. pump maker, house Mer. st, Bel. 

Siiiith Francis, at 76 Mer. st, bds Mrs Downing's, Dracutt 

Smith J. M. dry goods, 21 Mer. street 

Smith T. M. carpenter, house Bartlett st, Belvidere 

Smith Chapin. tailor at Baxter's, bds J. C. Patterson's 

Smitli H. (& Nichols) meat market, Mer. st, h Moody st 

Smith John, dry goods, 29'2 Mer. st, house Lowell st 

Smith J. R. at 188 Mer. st, house Crosby's Court 

Smith Richard, variety store, shop and h. 198 Mer. st 

Smith Francis, Mer. prt. wks., h. rear 200 Mer. st 

Smith Miss M. A. millinery &; dress mak'g, 254 Mer. st 

Smith Luther, Merrimack, bds E. Severance's 

Smith S. L. Massachusetts, boards 19 

Smith Charles, Massachusetts, boards 61 


Smith John C, Merrimack print worlds, house 00 

Smith Theoplulus, Lawrence, boards 63 

Smith Joseph, Tremont, boards 27 Suffolk 

Smith Sidney, Merrimack, boards 20 

Smith J. W. overseer, Merrimack, house 28 

Smitli Coffin F., Tremont, boards 5 

Smith Charles, overseer, Tremont. house 18 

Smith Timothy, Tremont, house 28 

Smith R. R. dry goods. Til. st, bds John Ayer's 

Smith Wm. A. carriage trimujer, Low. st, bds Mrs H. S. 

Smith Mrs H. house Pawtucket street 
Smith David, atG. J. & D. Bradt's bakery 
Smith J. restorator, Dutton st, house Middlesex st 
Smith William, Locks & Canals, boards C. Edes' 
Smith Owen, laborer, house Lowell street 
Smith Larkin A., Lowell, bds David Brown's 
Smith David, at O. A. Richardson's, house Mid. st 
Smith xMrs Clarissa, boarding house, Midx. st 
Smith Patrick, Hamilton, house Middle street 
Smith D. C. at Richardson & Moor's, bds Mrs C. Smithes 
wSmith Hamilton, Lks &: Cls, bds 6 Lowell 
Smith Morrill, Middlesex, board 4 Warren street 
Smith Edward, Ham. prt. wks., bds J. O'Neill's 
Smith Geo. H., Middlesex, h. Cen. st, opp. Union st 
Smith Elijah, barber, opp. Wash! h., h. Chap, st 
Smith Miss Catharine, fancy goods, 72 Central st 
Smith Rosea, Middlesex, house 54 Church st 
Smith Henry H., Middlesex, bds 54 Church st 
Smith AnseljOverseer Midx, house 24 Church street 

Smith , house Lawrence st 

Smith Chauncy, carpenter, house Chapel street 

vSmith , laborer, house Gorham, cor. Appleton st 

Smith Andrew, Hamilton prt. wks., house Winter st 
Smith W, B. laborer, house Middlesex street 
Smith Henry S. laborer, house Middlesex street 
Smith M. B. carpenter, house Pine street 
Smith Isaac, machinist, house Middlesex Place 
Smith Champline, stone layer, bds Isaac Austin's 
Smith Josiah, laborer, boards Isaac Austin's 
Smith Henry, Lks & Cls, boards Sam'l Pickering's 
Smith John, soap maker, house School street 
Smith Samuel, cordwainer, bds A. C. Sawyer's 
Smith Wm. M. mach. shop yard, h 39 Swamp Locks 
Smith Thomas, Merrimack, house Worthen st 


Smith Willard, house Worthen street 

Smith Edmund, mach. shop, bds Willard Smith's 

Smith James B. atT. Bascom's, h 11 Adams B. 

Smith Bartlett, painter, bds Mary Manahan's 

Smith Robert, Boott, bds Wm. Austin 3d's, Cen. Vil. 

Smith Jesse, Boott, bds Wm. Austin 3d's, Cen. Vil. 

Smith Dudley H., Mass., house F. & E's Court, Cen, Vil. 

Smith Patrick, house Dummer street 

Smith Josiah, refreshment cellar, Midx. st, h. Pine st 

Smodick Patrick, house Lowell street 

Smothers J. Merrimack print -works, house 81 

Snaith Wm. at Mixer & Wright's, boards E. Mixers' 

Snell L. B. house 59 & 60 Massachusetts 

Snell Wm. carpenter, h. Central st. Chapel Hill 

Snow Charles, Whitney mills, house High street 

Snow Harvey, machine shop. Market st, house High street 

Snow E. ( Baxter * ) dry goods 80 Cen st, bds D. D. Baxters 

Snow Charles T. Boott, house 57 

Snow Stephen, Middlesex, house Charles street 

Snow Alexander, Middlesex, house Charles street 

Snow Malan, house Lawrence street 

Soaper Joseph E. machine shop foundry, h. Midx st 

Somers Michael, machine shop foundry, house Lowell st 

Soule Mrs Miriam, house 58 Aleriimack 

Soule Mrs Miriam W. boarding house Warren street 

Southwick John R. Tremont, house '20 

Southwick Royal, manufacturer, house Lowell street 

Southworth E. C. Appleton, boards Jona, Leathers' 

Spalding Mrs P. H. house Union street 

Spaulding Alpheus, (& Brown) vegetables 17 & 18 City Mar- 

'ket, house Willow street 
Spalding Haskell, house Merrimack street, Belvidere 
Spalding C. W. carpenter, house Merrimack street 
Spalding Benj. D., Boott, boards 53 
Spalding Miss E. F., house 7 Merrimack 
Spalding Jonathan, yeoman, house Pawtucket street 
Spalding Rufus, yeoman, house PawtucKet et, near falls 
Spalding Ira, carpenter, shop and house Cen. opp. Elm st 
Spalding Warren C. writing master, house Cady street 
Spalding Weld, house Centre, cor. Central street 
Spalding Noah, yeoman, house Liberty street 
Spalding Sidney, house Middlesex street 
Spalding Mrs P. H. nurse, house Union street 
Speed Ben Merrimack, house 14 
Spencer Wm. sup'nt Ham. print works, house App. street 


Spencer Henry, flannel mills, house Fayette street 

»Sperry Ransom, carpenter, house Merrimack st, Bel 

•Sperry Charle.-, Suffolk, boards A. Huel's 

Sperry Charles, teamster, house Carpet Lane 

Spofford Moses, laborer, house Kirk street 

Spoffbrd John T. carpenter, liouse Hanover street 

Spofford Charles, boarding house Middle street 

Spofford Luke, machine shop, house SulTolk street 

Sprague Q. C. (C. G. & Co.) W. 1. Goods Mer st, Bel 

Sprague C. G. (&Co.) \V. I. goods bds Q,. C. Sprague's 

Sprague Dexter, job waggon, bds Q. C. Sprague's 

Sprague Levi, (Crosby &) mason, h. Summer street 

Sprague TJiomas, rail < man, house Howard street 

Stackpole Dominicus, laborer, hou.^^e VVe^t street 

Stackpole John, machine shop foundry, bds Joel William's 

Stacy VVm., coffee grinder Market st, bds M. Nowlton'a 

Stacy Mrs Mary, house 12 Suffolk 

Stacy Charles F. Suffolk, boards 12 

Stafford John, Hamilton, boards 1 

Stafford Wm. overseer Hamilton, house 1 

Stafford James, Hamilton, boards 1 

Stafford VVm. Jr. Hamilton, boards 1 

Staniels E. L. at C. S. Eastm in's, h. Chap, st, Chap, hill 

Stanley C. E. overseer, Massachusetts, house 48 

Stanley George VV. overseer. Massachusetts, house 15 

Stanley Steven T. overseer Merrimack, house 104 

Stanley Matthius, at E, G. Carletons', bds 1. R. Pettingill's 

Stanton Thomas, Hamilton, house Appleton street 

Stanton John M. Midx. bds Eleanor Merrill's Cen Vil 

Stanwood Samuel, carpenter, boirds Jacob Webster's 

Staples iNathaniel T. mason, house Water street 

Staples Benjamin, mnson, bds. N. T. Staples' 

Staples Thomas, Suffolk, boards 03 

Staples T., Uuott, bds. L. R. Downs' Cen. Village 

Starbird James, Boott, bds Sarah Knox's 

Stark Ethan, Middlesex, bds. Joseph White's 

Starrett John, Merrimack, house 64 

Stearns E. carpenter, house Fa\ ette street 

Stearns Wm. machinist, Boott, boards 53 

Stearns George, cordwainer, house Merrimack street 

Stearns Edwin, machinist, bds H. Berrick s 

Stearns Charles, house Lowell street 

Stearns Amos, laborer, house Midx. near School street 

Stearns John, laborer, hous.^ Adams street 

Stearns Ephraim, stone layer, bds John Stearns' 


Stearns John A mechanic mills, boards John Stearns' 

Stebbins William, at Bontt C unting Room, house 41 

Steele R. phy^cian, h. & office, Moody cor. Tilden street 

Stetson Zenas, machine shop foundry, h. Midx. st, near R. R. 

Stevens Einerson, at Simon Parker's 

Stevens S. S. physician 48 Cen st, house Mer st, Belvidere 

Stevens B. F. carpet weaver, house Fayette street 

Stevens W. H. bo )ks &- shoes 9l Merst, bds MrsRobinson'd 

Stevens Eben, mechanic mills bds J. Osgood's 

Stevens V. C. printer at 48 Central st, bds N. Osgood's 

Stevens George M. Merrimack, house 80 

Stevens Benj. house l2l Merrimack 

Stevens Solomon, Merrimack, boards 18 

Stevens Charles, Merrimack, house ^31 

Stevens James, baker at Brad's, h. Pawtucket street 

Stevens [.. G. house Middle street 

Stevens Thomas, restorator, under Man's B. Central st 

Stevens Alpha, power loom harness mkr., iVler. st, h Midx. st 

Stevens Charles H. at x\ Stevens' 

Stevens Mrs Hannah, liouse 4 Hamilton 

Stevens Levi B. house 4 Hamilton 

Stevens S. overseer Appleron, house 20 

Stevens , Prescott mills, house Winter street 

Stevens Thomas, L. & C's bds Parkei Chamberlin's 
Stevens Rev. Hiiam, hiuse Wesleyan (^Impel 
Stevens Oliver, Low. Hlch. bds Alvin Emerson's 
Stevens Edmund, yeoman, house west of Chelmsford st 
Stevens Edmund Jr. at Edmund Stevens' 
Stevenson Robert, Merrimack print works, house 82 
Stevenson Wm. S. min'e painter 21 Cen st, bds J. Noyes' 
Stevens Stephen, at Bent & Bush's, boards G. A. Rand's, 

Central Village 
Stewart E. (N. Durant & Co) bds Nathan Durant's 
Stewart Moses, at Roundy & Rayner's, h. Davidson st 
Stewart Mrs Sophia, boarding house William street 
Stickney James, wool puller, boards J. Osgood's 
Stickney Benjamin, Lawrence, hou-se 59 
Stickney S W. cashier R. R. Bank, house Kirk street 
Stickney George W. at Huttiick <St Co's, bds G9 Lawrence 
Stickney Mrs Lucy, boarding house rear Tyler street 
Stickney Wm. carpenter, house Lawrence street 
Stiles G. J. Agt Lowell Tea Co's store, 10 Merrimack st, 

boards Washington House 
Stiles Jesse, overseer Tremont, house 16 
Stiles Nathan H. at Wm & Luke McFarlin's 


Stiles John, mason, boards J. B. Faunce's 

Stillings James, laborer, house Suffolk street 

Stimpson Charles, house 23 Tremont 

Stimpson Charles H. boards '2S Tremont 

Stinson Mrs Uetsey, house Davidson .street 

Stoclsbridge Mrs Susan, boarding house Mer st, Belvidere 

Stokes J. ri. stone layer, house 11 Wall street 

Stone Charles, house Merrimack cor. Willow st, Belvidere 

Stone G. H. clerk at 102 Mer. st, bds S. Hosmer's 

Stone S. W. driver Manchester stagp, stops at Mer house 

Stone Samuel, boots & shoes, trunks, vaiices, 92 Central st, 

house Green street 
Stone Edward, boots, shoes, vaiices 92 Cen st, bds S. Stone's 
Stone Salmon, at White & Puffer's, house Central st 
Stone Solomon, at card factory, house Luther's Court 
Stone Asaph, carpenter, house Charles street 
Stone Geo. U. physician Cen. st. Cen Vil. h. South st 
Stone James H. teamster, house Brewery Court 
Stone George, cab driver, boards Rufus Sawyer's 
Stone Joel Jr. machinist, house mech. cor. Dummer st 
Stott Charles, Agent flannel mills, h( use Ash street 
Stott James, overseer flannel milKs, house Ash street 
Stott George, Middlesex, boards Amos Boynton's 
Stott Thomas, Lowell, house Lewis street 
Stowell Ezra, bartender 136 Merrimack street 
Stowe Ithamar F. house 46 Lawrence 
Stratton Jonas, carpenter, house Law. cor. Curtis street 
Stratton William, machine shop, boards Jacob Webster's 
Stratton Charles, Hamilton, house 9 Dutton street 
Straw John B. clerk at 150 IVler sr, bds 37 John street 
Straw L. H. clerk at H. J. Baxter's, boards 37 Boott 
Straw Josiah, Boott, boards 8 
Straw Mrs M. B. house 37 Poott 
Streeter Holand, butcher, Midx. st, house same 
Streeter Harrison, at Horn & Allen's, bds O. Allen's 
Strickland R. at Mixer & Wright's, house Charles street 
Stuart Mrs Rebecca, house Ash street 
Stuart Miss R'uth E. teacher, boards Mrs R. Stuarts' 
Stuart P. at 71 Central street 
Stuart E. C. laborer, house Lee street 
Stubbs Henry, L, & C. boards Mi-s Jane Ryerson's 
Sturtevant John D. manufacturer Howe st, house 16 Boott 
Sullivan John, Midx. house Andover street 
Sullivan- John, machine shop foundry, house Lowell st 
Sullivan Michael, machine shop foundry, bds J. Sullivan's 


Sullivan Daniel, house Middle street 

Sullivan Patrick, Middlesex, house William street 

Sullivan Philip, laborer, house North street 

Sullivan Patrick, h .use Adams street 

Sullivan Edward, Merrimack, house Adams st 

Sullivan Thomas, Merrimack, hou<e Adams street 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick street 

Sullivan Corneli';s, laborer, house Fenwick street 

Sullivan Michael, iMerrimack, house Dummer street 

Sumner D.iniel, honey dealer, house John cor. Lee st 

Sumner Mary, millinery, shop and house 12 John street 

Sumner Mrs Alary, house 213 Lawrence 

Swan Joshua, mach shop, house near Hale's mills 

Swan Daniel, ladies' sh"es, 95 A!er. st, h Bartlett street 

Swan Charles A., boards Amos Hull's 

Swan , c trpenter, boards M. Griffin's 

Swap Mrs. Isabella, house Middle street 
Swazey O. G., clerk at 138 Mer. st, bds 19 Merrimack 
Swazey Oscar, at N Critchett's, bds 19 Massachusetts 
Swasey Mrs. Mary, hn^e 30 Suffolk 
Swasey Trueworthy, Merrimack, boards 19 
Swasey Naaman G . painter, Middle st, house Grand st 
Swasey Lyman, machinist, bds Washington House 
Swasey Horatio, at H. Howard's, bds J. C. Davis' 
Swasey George, painter^ boards N. G. Swasey's 
Sweeney J. H-, clerk at 183 Mer. st, bds Asa Shaw's 
Sween y — — , at Patterson's, boards Mrs \V. Mclntire*a 
Sweeney Dennis, mach. shop foundry, house Suffolk st 
Sweetser Williatn jr. Middlesex, house A ndover street 
Sweetser, William, carpent^^r, house Carpet Lane 
Sweetser Joseph, pastry baker, house Gorham street 
Sweetser '!'. H., counsellox-. Went. B. bds J. Sweetser's 
Sweetser Nathaniel, house Howard street 
Sweett Samuel, stone cutter, boards A. Messer's 
Sweet Wm. L , works and boards at J. Jenkins' 
Sweet Daniel, machine shop, boards Saml S Green's 
Swett John, liv, stable Green street, house Wintei- st 
Swifl John H., boarding house, Moore st, near Whipple's 

Sylvester , Lawrence, boards 32 

Sylvester Quincy, inholder, Eagle Hotel 
Symmes Mrs. Lydia, house chapel street 

TABER, W. H. plane maker, house Mer. st Bel. 

Tabor, C. mason, boards Robert Jeffer's 

Tabor Lutlier, at Barnes' whip shop, bds. Mrs. R, Wenth'# 


Tabor Benj. Middlesex, bonrds Jona. Weeks* 
Taft Miss Alary, house 2[) Suffolk 
'laft Patrick, laborer, house i onell street 
Taft Richard, innholder, Wtishiniiton House 
Tall II C. beer maker, house (. hapel street 
Taggrart Leauder, Me.ri;, house '32 
Taisey Rhoda, boarding- house, 54 Church street 
Talbot Curtis A. Aiassachusett-, boards 36 
Talbot F. R. Merrimack print wi rks, boards 128 
Talbot C. P. (& Co.) dye f-tuffs, Wash, sq., h 8 Hurd st. 
Tapley Joseph, {&i ivjead.) W. I go.^ds, 2 & 4 Mer. h Ch sf 
Tapley J. VV clerk at '! apley & Mrad'.s, bds J. 'I'apley's 
Tapley D. (French 'P. & Co.) dry goods, 6 Cen. h Stck. st. 
Tapley Horace, bo.irds S7 t-:ufFolk 
Tapl 7 Gustavus D baker, at i!radts' bakery 
Tapley ,Je.-se, te urister, house v^ street 
Tarlton Matthew, carpenter, h. Bartlett st, Bel 
l^rarr Ceo. J. (I arr, Huntre-s & Moulton,) dry goods, furni- 
" tliro and carpets, G & f- ;\:er. st, h. '1 yler st 
Tarr J M. watch maker 31 Cen. ^t house Kace st. 
Tarr Nathan, macliine sliop, li<.use 7 i'^wamp Locks 
Tay Lav/rence, ostler at Amer. IJ. h. Davidson st 
Taylor Edward, calico j)rint engraver, h. Andover st 
'j/.ylor .1. I). CHrp uter. hou-se Clay st 

'JVylor Joel, book and job pointer, 82 Cen. st. h. Andover st 
Taylor A A. clerk at 78 Mer. st, hds. 49 Lawrence 
'1 aylor Ivers, ?-assachusetis, house 32 
Taylor Albert, at H. C. Dean's, boirds 8 Boott 
Taylor Joseph, I'oott, boards 10 
'! aylor Wm. L.;ence, house 45 
Taylor Joseph, Suffol.,, house i6 
'i'aylor David D. at 1 ». Kittred^/e's, boards same 
1 aylor Jcsiah W. carpenter, iiouse (i J^ow. Place 
Taylor ('harles, Middlesex, house Middle st 
'j'ayior Charles, Locks & Canals, bds. 6 Lowell 
'i aylor John, pijig^ry and h. Cen. cor. Chapel st 
Taylor John, Lowell, h. H h; rndike st, near Dale's mills 
Tebbetts L. B. boots & sh' es, 61 iVler. st, h. Clh st Cen. Vil 
Tebbetts Benj. at 61 Mer. st. h. Cen. Vil 
Tebbetts Geo. F. jewelry and fjncy goods, 38 Cen. h Ch et 
Tebbetts Ephrairn, Boott, bds. E. Hotlgman's Cen. Village 
Teel Geo. S. house j\'!er. st. Pel 
Teel Geo. City Crier, house and office Market st 
Temple R. F. mechanic mill-, boards Chas TayIor*s 
Temple T. W. mason, house Appleton street 


Templeton John, Lawrence, Imuse 34 

Tentjey Mrs Paul, h-.use Cen. opp. Tyler ft. 

Tenney Benj. F, at Adams ^ Littlefieid's, bds L. Nichols' 

Thatcher Amos, house 50 Lawrence 

Thatcher George, Lawrenc;^, l)ouse 50 

Thayer John, blacK's'th,at Day C. k W's, bds Mrs Webster'a 

Thayer J. Q. A. machinist, bd.^. Ch-s vSpofford's 

Thayer N. R. (Wm. Kit'dg^e ^ ) n> ood & coal, bds W. K.'a 

Thayer, Richard F. at i\'. Bailey's, bds. L\irs Hanson's 

Thin'g David, carpenter, houst- Lo\\ ell st 

The Beauxbeaux Albert, lib rer, bd-;. J. C. Davis' 

Thissell D V. Mer. print wor-s, house 80 

Thi.ssell Charles, Mer print works, bds 20 

Thomas W. at F. Hrinsloy's, house Go ham st 

Thomas Edmund laborer, house Lee st 

Thomas Mark A. overseer, Merrimack, house oO 

Thomas Perley, house 19 1 remont 

Thomas Abram, l^k-^ & Cls, house I !3 Central st 

Thomas James, i\ iddlesex, house Union st * 

Thomas Elisha, oveiseer, fJauiilton, house 31 

Th )mas John, laborer, house .\; iddlesex st 

Thorns Peter, Roott, boards S. lexter's 

Thorns Samuid, lious^ Tiiden street 

Tliompson J. (Ward &) dry good^ 53 Mer st, h. Fayette st 

Thompson C. W, watch maker, 18 Cen. st, h. liart st, Bel 

Thompson Charles, boarding house, 218 Mer. st 

Thompson H, Massachusetts, boards fjl 

Thompson James, at E. Burinp s, bds snm? 

ThMUipson B. T. Mer. print Wdrks, house 134 

Thompson , Boott, boards (JO L iwrence 

Thompson Pt.ufus K. J>oott, boards 53 

Thompson G. M. ir?. house Kirk Lane 

Thompson VV. J. at Wm. & Luke McFarland's 

Tnompson Robert, Lowell, bene 21 

'J'hompson Alvin, mechanic mills bds Wm. Brock's 

Thompson Middlesex, bds Oliver Mate's 

Thompson Rufus W. Middlesex, bds. 52 Church st 
Thomason Thomas, Middlesex, b.ouse Union st 
Thompson Daniel, carpent-r, boards H. Caswell's 
Thompson Henry, machine .<hop, boards Joel Williams* 
Thompson Chas, Low. Blch'y, h G )r. st, south Hale's milli 
'j'horning Leonard, house Bleaihery street 
Thorning John, job wagon, boards Daniel Andrews' 
Thorning Sarah, nurse, house near Lowell Bleacher/ 
Tliornton Nathan, carpenter, house Luther's Court 


Thresher Mrs. Maria, house Merrimack street 

Thurston Wesson, Appleton, house Pearl srreet 

Thurston Jos. T., tailor, at Ames &. Go's, bds J. C. Walker'a 

Thurston Rev. Nathaniel, house Colburn cor. Moody st 

Thurston Benj. living stable at Washington House 

Thurston J. M., Lowell, house South street 

Thwing L. B., machinist, house Dutton street 

Tibbets Jos?ph, teacher, house !(> Davidson street 

Tibbets Samuel, carpenter, boards 8 Hurd street 

Ticknor Lyman, Suffolk, boards 17 Lowrence 

Tidd Pliny, at Day, C. & W s. boards 40 church street 

Tidd Henry, at Blake's, boards D. Lougee's 

Tilden Charies L., agent Tremont Mills, house Hall st 

Tilden (3. A., clerk at B. T. Hardy's, bds 19 Massachusetts 

'i'ilden Edwin, at Patterson's, boards John Ray's 

Tilton Samuel (& Carter) VV. 1. goods Mec. B. bds Mer h 

Tilton A. W., Lawrence, house 58 

Tilton Abraham, overseer Lawrence, house 23 

Tilton A. B., Lawrence, boards 17 

Tilton A., watchman, Merrimack, boards 29 

Tilton Luther, carpenter, bds Mrs Sarah Simpson's 

Tilton Joseph, at O. M. Whipple's, house near the mills 

Tinkham James, house Cady street 

Tinkhim Mrs. nurse, at G Warren street 

Titcomb E M., overseer Merrimack, house 142 

Titus John R,, cordwainer, shop and house Lewis street 

Titus John JN., boarding house 278 Merrimack street 

Todd Mrs. L. C, house 10 Merrimack 

Tole , cordwainer, bds 44 Church street 

Tole Jonali, job wagon, boards Daniel Andrews' 
Tolman John, Suffolk, boards 23 

Topham John, stone layer, house rear Mer. st Belvidere 
Tool John, laborer, house VVorlhen street 
Toothacre James, Lawrence, bds Mrs M. Clark's 
Torrence John, Hamilton Print Works, h Gorham street 
Torsey Dani^^l, Massachusetts, boards 37 
Torrey William, mach. shop foundry, house Midx st 
Totman Stark, shoemaker, boards Mrs J. H. Boy den's 
Tower James, dry goods, Cen. cor. Gor. h Cen, cor. Un. st 
Tower James B., clerk Hartshorn & Go's, bds J. Tower's 
Tower L. N., druggist, 79 Cen. st. bds Mrs. C. Knowlton'a^ 
Town Henry, at W. Brown's, boards Mrs. Doe's 
Townsend Charles, Prescott mills, boards Wm. Williams' 
Townsend James, overseer, Merrimack, house 148 
Townsend A. D. variety, shop and house 192 Mer, st 


Townsend Samnel, Lowell, house 18 

Towns Henry P., Hoott, boards 8 

Towtis C. overseer Boott, house -89 

Towns Moody, machine shi»p foundry, bds Joel Williams' 

Tracy T., Tremont, boards 14 

Tracy Benjamin, Appleton, house Middlesex street 

Tracy Joseph, boards Benjamin Tracy's 

Trask -, Lawrence, boards 27 Suffolk 

Trask James, teamster, bds Howard House 
Treadwell John C. at Cnsh. & iMack's, h Out. cor. Blech. st 
Treadwell James, machini t, boards 10 Lawrence 
Tripp Richard, overseer Appleton, house 10 
Tripp Andrew, machine shop, li 8 Middlesex Place 
'''np John L. machine shop, house 38 Swamp Locks 
T.-ipp John, overseer, Appleton, hoise 11 
Trott Joseph F.. paymaster Boott, hou-e Tyler street 
T;ow Thomas C. butcher, housj Crosby's court 
Tiue Eben, Suffolk, house 11 
'J'rue Mrs A. M. house 5 VVarix?n street 
True Levi, carpenter, house Midx st, opp. Eagle Tavern 
Truell Mrs S. house 128 Merrimack 
Truell David, overseer. Low. bds Mrs S. Brigham's 
Truell Zenas, Lowell, boards 5 
Truell David, overseer, Lowell, house 22 
Truell David, boards at E. Dexter's 

Tuck Edward L,, B. & L. Express, office at Powers &- Bag- 
lev's, h. 6th St. Central Village 
Tuck George, Massachusetts, boards I9 
Tuck A. J. Merrimack, house 108 
Tuck Thomas J. machinist, house Middlesex street 
Tucker Goran F. at Ward & T's, bds Joseph Fowler's 
Tucker Amasa, stone layer, boards Joseph Holt's 
Tufts G. H. overseer, Merrimack, house 145 
Tails Edmund, paymaster, Mer. print works, h. Moody st 
Tufls Mrs Alary, nurse, house mill street 

Tuckey , Boott, boards M. Nowlton's 

Tiikey Thomas, Boott, boards Jacob Nute's 
Tukey Charles, cordwainer, bds Wm. Sweetser's 
Turner Jacob, conveyancer, house 86 Central street 
Turner Jos. cabinet maker, Mid. st, bds N/Lovejo}'^ 
Turner J. stocking weaver, bds Mrs J. H. lioyden's 
Turner B. F. pleasure boats, house 8 Wail street 
Turner George, at 7 Central street 
Turner William, Lawrence, boards 17 
Turner Gordon, Appleton, boards 6 


Turner Wni. H. Appleton, house 16 

Turrell James, Tremont, house 14 

Tuttle John, hats, caps, &c., 30 TWer. st, h Bartlett St, Bel'- 

Tuttle Luther A. baker, at G. J. & DaVid Bradt'a 

Tuttle Samuel, bds Sam'I W. Evans' 

Tuttle John B. (& Herrick) mason, house Charles st 

Tuttle Oilman, mason, house Chapel street 

Twombiy Mesheck, Mass.. house Centre ?t, Cen. Vil. 

Tuxbury F. W. (Kimball &) bds M. M. Ttixbury's Cen. V\ 

Tweed Timothy G. butcher, at P. & Tyler's, h. Market fst 

Tweed Emmons, butcher, bds Mrs Abigail Walker's 

Twining Lucina, nurse at Hospital 

Twiss Benj. painter &l glaz,, Midx.- st, h Pine st 

Tyler Jonathan, hotise cor. Andover & Washington sta 

Tyler Mrs Jane, house 52 Merrimack 

Tyler Albert M. carpenter, at Ezekiel Chellis' 

Tyler Amos (Putnam & ) pf otisicns 109 Cen. st, h 20 Ham, 

Tyler Silas, master trans'n B. & L. R. R., h 22 Church st 

Tyler Silas, jr. clerk at R. R. merch. depot, bds 22 Ch. st 

Tyler Artemas S. clerk, John Nesmith's, bds 22 Ch. st 

UNDERBILL J., Boott, house Paige street 

Underwood Charles, pedlar, house Merrimack st 

Underwood J. C. physician, Went's B., bds E. VV. Mood'^ 

(Jnderwood xMrs P. house Union street 

Underwood Nathan, laborer, bds Mrs P. Untferwoad's 

Underwood Daniel, Hamilton, house Appleton st 

Upton R. A. at 164 Mer. st, house Nesmith st 

Upton Jeremiah, flannel mills, house High st 

Upton Henry, at 7 Cen. st, boards A. Frost's 

Upton Joseph S. Lawrence, boards 54 

Uptc^ Joseph, Lowell, boards 2 

Upti^n Daniel, mason, house Cady st 

Upton , Lks &L Cls, boards Wm. SeaVer's 

Urell Richard, blacksmith, house Middlesex st 
Urie' ^^n, at Freeman's, house Mer. st, Beltidere 

VANAi^^TON A. VV. dager'typer, Went's B , h. Eart. si 
Vance fSS^er P. pedler, boards at S. P. Bean's 
Vance Mrs S. C. house Lee street 
Varney S. J. pub. Vox Poputi, 21 Cen. st, h Nesmith st 
Varney L clerk, 148 Mer. st, bds F. H. Hardy s 
Varney Mrs H. boarding house, 113 Mer. st 
Varney Daniel, mach. shop, house 16 Swp Lks 
. Varnum James M. overseer, Ham,< prt. wks., h Elliott st 


Varnum Geo. W., Hamilton, boards Sam'l S. Green's 
Veasie James, at Richmond's, bds T. Hardy's 
Verwee Joseph, bds J. VVhiteley's 
Viney VVm., Lowell, boards Centreville House 
Vining G. P. boards E. G. Reed's 

WACHENFELDT G. F. cl'k, Midx. C. R., bds E. Tuft's 

Wade Geo. bds at E. P. Morey's 

Wade O. S. Merrimack, boards 134 

Wade Wm., surveyor wood, &.C., house Summer st 

Wade John, house Dutton street 

Wadleigh Azariah, Massachusetts, house 9 Wall st 

Wadleigh Cliphold, Lks & Cls, bds 5 Hamilton 

Wait Aldis L., at B. F. Aiken's 

Wakefield Ivory G., Applet on, bds Jona. Leathers' 

Walbridge John G., Hamilton, house 24 

Walch Richard, variety, shop and house Lowell st 

Waldron Miss M. A., milliner, 60 Mer. st, bds 8 Mer. st, Bel 

Waldron G. P. law stud't at Caverly's, bds G. W. Robbins' 

Walkden James, Merrimack, bds J. Shepard's 

Walkden Thomas, boards J. Shepard's 

Walker A. writ'g master, 92 Mer. st, bds HS Mer. st 

Walker J. C. (& Kidder) drug't, 59 Mer. st, h Mer. con 

Willow street 
Walker A. J (Cogswell &) writ'g academy, Nes. block, 

Merrimack st, bds Mrs H. Varney's 
Walker Andrew, carpenter, house Mer. sf, Belvidere 
Walker Loring, mason, house Davidson st 
Walker Esther, house 278 Mer. st, 
Walker G. F. clerk, at 80 Cen. st, bds D. D. Baxter's 
Walker Shubael, at Mer. house, h. 230 Mer. st 
Walker Mrs Martha, house 42 Lawrence 
Walker John, Lawrence, boards 42 
Walker Mrs Susan, house 39 Merrimack 
Walker Thomas C, Tremont, h. Moody st 
Walker Jonah, at Thurston's stable, Wash, house 
Walker Geo. W., Appleton, h. Cen. st, Chap. Hill 
Walker Jacob, at Richmond's, house Lawrence st 
Walker Wm. A. boards Geo. Coding's 
Walker Mrs Abigail, house Midx» above Sch. st 
Wallace James, at Patterson's, bds John Wilson's 
Wallace Charles, carpenter, house Lewis st 
Wallace Daniel, machinist, bds 65 Church st 
Wallace Stephen, mason, bds John B. Tuttle'd 
Wallace Mrs Lucinda, house 7 Hamilton 


Walling , cordwainer, bds 13 Tremont 

VVallingford Winthrop, Midx., bds 36 Church st 

Walton Daniel, W. 1. goods, Lewis, cor. Lowell st 

Walsh Ebenezer, Massachusetts, house &i 

Walsh Ardis, laborer, house Lewis street 

Watson Mrs Betsey, house 10 Church st . 

Ward Mrs Nancy, house Fayette street 

Ward C. (& Thompson) dry goods 53 Mar. st, bds J. 

Ward G. W dentist, 21 Cen. st, h Fletcher st 
Ward S. L. dentist, 21 Cen. st, bds G. W. Ward's 
Ward Enoch, house 40 Merrimack 
Ward Thomas, Cath. book store, Low. st, bds Mrs. Mcln- 

Ward Thomas, at Richmond's, house Lawrence, st 
Ward Josiah, carpenter, bds Christcpher Cross' 

"Ward , at D. R. Kimball's, bds Rufus Sawyer's 

Ware Lyman, flamilton, house Chapel street 

Ware Henry D. H., Hamilton, boards 30 

Ware Joseph, teamster, boards Amos S. Brown's 

Warren Mrs T. house 26 Massachusetts 

Warren John B. overseer, Boott, boards 46 

Warren Samuel, wheelwright, house Cabot street 

Warren Mrs Maria, house Davis street 

Warren Barnett, boards 21 Hamilton 

Warren Theodore, grave stones, Dult. st, h La Grange st 

Warren Jeremiah, at T. Warren's, house near Adams B. 

Warren Jeremiah, laborer, house N. W. part of Acre 

Washburn Thos. S., Lowell, house Carpet lane 

Wason Mrs Lydia, boarding house, Midx. st 

Wason Barnev, Lawrence, house Adams st 

Waters S. T.^'at W. A. Blaisdell's, bds W. Blaisdell's 

Waters Bryan, laborer, house Fenwick street 

WateilTian H. B. overseer, Lawrence, house 51 

Waterman Charles M overseer, Lawrence, house 48 

Watkins John, Boott, boards 53 

Watkins , Boott, boards 53 

Watkins R. S. harness maker, house Dane st 

Watson Joseph C. spinner, house Andover st 

Watson J. H. house 11 Mer. st, Belvidere 

Watson Walter H. merchant, bds at J. H. Watson's 

Watson Uriah, painter, at J. C. Hildreth's, bds J. H. Wat, 

Watson David, carpenter, bds T. M. Sm.ith's 


Waison Miss N. S. millinery, 79 Mer. st, bds Mrs A. W. 

Watson A. hardware, cloth & cloth'g, 25 Cen. st, h Kirk st 
Watson William, overseer, Lawrence, house 37 
Watson Bradford A., Merrimack, bds ]9 
Watson Nathaniel, carpenter, house Lowell st 
Watson Ebenezer, Lowell, boards Nath'i Watson's 
Watson Nathan, house Lowell street 
Watson Sheperd, fruit and vegt's, C. Mar., h 9th st, Cen. V. 
Watson Edward F. carpenter, mech. mills, h Appleton st 
Watson Mrs Nancy, boarding house, Wm. st 
Watson Benj., W. I. goods, 125 Cen. st, h Law. cor North st 
W^atson Hiram, Hamilton, house South st 
Watson William, Massachusetts, house Summer st 
Waugh John, slater, house Market street 
Waugh John, jr. W. l. goods, 45 Cen. st, house Market st 
Waugh Archibald, clerk at John Waugh, jr's. 
Waugh William, slater, bds John Waugh's 
Way Charles, at 22 City Market, h Market st 
AVay Lorrin, meat market house, h Hurd st 
Weaver R. H. furniture, 7 Cen. st, house Kirk st 
Weaver C. G. clerk, 7 Central st, bds Wash, house 
Webb J. E., Merrimack, boards 49 
Webber Jona. overseer, Mass. yard, house 46 
Webber Ward, driver Worcester stage, stops at Mer. H. 
Webber Mrs Eliza, house 46 Merrimack 
Webber Benj. N. at Buttrick & Co's, h Ames st 
AVebber S. W. overseer, Mer. prt. wks., bds N. F. Craft's 
AVebber Job P. house Cen. st. Chap. Hill 
"Webber W. A. stage driver, bds J. P. Webber's 
Webster Alvah, at 9 Mer. st, bds Mrs Lamb's, App. st 
Webster Mrs A. boarding house, 104 Central st 
Webster A., Merrimack, boards 18 
Webster Ebenezer, house 22 Tremont 
Webster Erastus VV. Suffolk, bds Mrs Hannah Daniel's 
Webster Alvah, pedler, bds James Lamb's 
Webster Jacob, pedler, bds James Lamb's 
Webster Charles, mach. shop, bds James Lamb's 
Webster Jacob, mach. shop, house Pearl st 
Webster Wm. P. counsellor, office 56 Cen st, h Cen. Vil. 
W'eed Mrs F. H. house Middlesex st, nearGorham 
Weeden Croydon, Midx., boards Wm. Farwell's 
Weeks George, painter, at 108 Cen. st, bds J. Week's 
Weeks J. L. Merrimack, house 56 
Weeks T. S., Lowell, boards 1 


Weeks Timothy, boarding house, Warreu st 

Weeks Jona. Midx., house William st 

Weeks S. D. («& Moore) boots and shoes, Midx. st,h 

Welch Dan., machinist, house Fayette street 

Welch W. overseer. Merrimack, house 107 

Welch Arnold, overseer, Merrimack, house 102 

Welch C. A., Merrimack, boards 20 

Welch James, at Sander's and Putnam's, house Mill st 

Welch James H. teamster, house Lawrence st 

Welch H. N. at Sander's & Putnam's, house Mill st 

Welch John, laborer, house Adams street 

Welch John D., Mass., house near Bridge, Cen. Vil. 

Wellman George, Merrimack, house 109 

Wells David, physician, off. Kirk, cor. Lee st, bds J. Person's 

Wells Samuel, Lowell, boards 1 

Wells Theophilus, at O. M. Whipple's, h Whipple st 

Wells Henry, carpenter, bds Jacob Webster's 

Wells Moses P., Lawrence, house Suffolk st 

Welton J. H. A. stage agent, off", near Mer. h., h. Lowell st 

Welton Mrs N. H. G. house Lowell street 

Wentworth Tappan, counsellor, Went's B., Mer. st, h Law. st 

Wentworth James, mason, boards J. J. Pray's 

Wentworth H. boots & shoes, 18 Cen. st, bds Mrs Morgan's 

Wentworth Thos. constable, 49 Cen st, h Lowell st 

Wentworth J. R. (Woods &) scale maker, bds S. C. Shap^ 

Wentworth Mrs Rebecca, boarding house, Warren st 
Wentworth Thos. D, carpenter, at Ezekiel Chellis' 
West Daniel, (&; Co.) dry goods, 4(5 Mer. st, h Charles st 
West Mrs L. house 122 Merrimack 
Weston Mrs M. A. house 3 Lawrence 
Weston Mrs S. B. house 54 Boott 
Weston Henry, Lawrence, boards J. Hill's 
Weston Eldridge, Lks I: Cls, house Lowell st 
Weston Hiram, overseer, Midx., bds J. B. Leavitt's 
Weston J. K. coachman, at Washington house 
Wetherbee Polly, house Water street 
W^etherbee H. printer, 21 Cen. st, bds S. J. Varney's 
Wetherbee Asa, carpenter, house South street 
Wetherbee Mrs Sarah, nurse, house Cen. cor, Cady st 
Weymouth Mrs Deborah, house 10 Adams block 
Weymouth Geo. carpenter, bds Miss Hannah Bean's 
Whealey Edward, laborer, house Lowell st 
Whealan Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick St 
Wheeler D., Boott, boards 4G, 


Wheeler Mrs Mary, house 60 Lawrence 

Wheeler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence, bds 2G 

Wheeler J. B., Merrimack, house 27 

Wheeler Miss R. dress maker, 21 Cen. st, bds 36 Boott 

Wheeler Albert, (A. & A.) W. I. goods, Til. st, house 

Moody st 
Wheeler Artemas, (A. 8f A.) W. I. goods. Til. st, bds A. 

Wheeler Joseph A. at A. & A. Wheeler's, bds Albert 

Wheeler Josiah K., Ham., hds L«ke Whitney's 
Wheeler Joseph, Hamilton, boards 20 
Wheeler Wm. T., Hamilton, boards 24 
Wheeler L. mach. shop foundry, bds 17 Hamilton 
Wheeler Edward, boards Jacob J^nness' 
Wlieeler John, maek. shop, bds 6 Appleton 
Wheeler Lucius, carpenter, bds F. B. Sinclair's 
Wlieeler Don, Boctt, boards 46 

Wheelock A. C. dry goods, 117 Mer. st, bds Amer. house 
Wheldon Thomas, at D. C. Brown's, house Kurd st 
Whipple Oliver M. powder w^'jrks, Law. st, h Whipple, cor, 

Moore street 
Whipple Aaron, overseer, Tremont, house 24 
Whipple Milton D., Merrimack, house Colburn st 
'Whipple Lyman W., Merrimack, house Moody st 
Whitaker James (T. Barr &. Co.) woolen printers, h. Gor. st. 

Grove Hill 
Whitcomb VV. H. at "S. S. Ruesell's, house Summer st 
Whitcomb J. M. at 9 Mer. st, bds C. Way's, Market st 
Whitcomb William, at W. Bailey's, bds Chas. Way's 
Whitcomb W. H. clerk, S. S. Russel's, h Summer st 
Whitcomb Edwin, carpe«ter, iiouse 5 Hamilton 
Whitcomb E. O. carpenter, house Branch st 
Whitcher Ben., stone layer, bds J. H. Stokes' 
Whitcher Lorenzo, house Market street 
Whitcher B. F., Middlesex, bds Thomas Curry's 
White Joseph, yeoman, boards at Wra, W^y man's 
White Benjamin, carpenter, h & shop Chesnutst 
AVhite Joseph, clerk, 46 Mer. st, house Wm. st 
White John, at Freeman's, house Mer. st, Belvidere 
White Josiah, painter, boards Mrs Phebe Hale's 
White Levi, painter, bds Mrs Phebe Hale's 
White B. L. at 306 Mer. st, house Adams st 
'White Daniel, turner. Mar. st, h 83 Central st 
ly.l'ite Lorenzo, at mech. mills, bds Cyrus Latham's 


White P. T. merch. tailor, 88 Cen. st, h Gor. st, Grove MiO 

White Nathaniel, Turner, Mar. st, h 83 Cen. st 

White Charlv s, house Lowell street 

White Thomas, laborer, house Lowell st 

White James, house Lowell street 

White Thomas, at Wilson's foundry, bds Charles Taylor's 

White Jona. (& Puffer) card manu'y, War. st, h Church st 

White J. G. (& Moulton) painter, 4 Hurd st, h Cen. st 

White Joseph, at Wm. Wyman's, house Wm. st 

White Calvin, mason, boards J. G. White's 

White James A. at J. Tower's, bds 83 Cen. st 

White Michael, laborer, house North st 

White Joseph, mech. mills, bds James Dickey's 

White Benj., mach. shop foundry, bds Mrs F. W. Miller's 

White Lucius, mach. shop, bds Mrs F. W. Miller's 

White Sarah, house West street 

White Fairfield, B. k L. R. R., h Thor. st, near H's mills 

Whitehouse C. E. mech. mills, bds 35 Central st 

Whiteliouse , Lowell, boards 2 

Whitely J. boots & shoes, 74 Mar; st, h Market st 

Whiteley Joseph, boots and shoes, shop &, h Market st i 

Whiting Phinehas, bds Mrs Sarah Whiting's 

Whiting Mrs Sarah, house Pawtucket, cor. School st 

Whiting P. W. clerk at 6 Cen. st, bds 20 Lawrence 

Whiting Alvan, Suffolk, bds D. Dearborn's 

Whiting D. M. (Whiting &) tin ware, Midx, st, h Moody st 

Whiting Geo. at J. Johnson's, bds E. C. Blanchard's 

Whiting Moses, at White & Puffer's, bds 113 Cen. st 

Whitman Christopher, hatter, house 230 Mer. st 

Whitman Willard; Lks & CI?, house Lowell st 

Whitmarsh Ebenezer, painter, Jiouse Tyler st 

Whitmore J. physician, office 22 Hurd street 

Whitney Samuel, Hamilton, bds Miss C. Knowlton's 

Whitney H. house 36 Massachusetts 

Whitney W. M., Massachusetts, boards 3(3 

Whitney Henry M. clerk at Carlton & Go's, bds 30 Mass. 

Whitney Roby, house 37 Massachusetts 

Whitney Merrill, overseer, Mass., house 18 

Whitney H. A. cigar maker, John st, bds Mrs Dean's 

Whitney Phineas, house 21 Lawrence 

Whitney Augustus, mech. mills, bds E. T. Prigham's 

Whitney Amos, machinist, bds Mrs Nancy Bond's 

Whitnev Alvin (& Carleton) h, & sign painter. Mar. st, h 

Wliitney Betsey, house Cen. stj, Chapel Hill 


Whitney Ambrose, at Farr & Ws, h Cen. st, Chap. Hill 
Whitney Josiah M. at Day, C. & W's, h Union st 
Whitney Isaac, (Farr &) boots and shoes, 123 Cen. st, house 

Ames street 
Whitney John, overseer, Appleton, h. Appleton st 
Whitney Wm. M., Hamilton, bds John Whitney's 
Whitney M. L., Appleton, bds John Whitney's 
Whitney Luke, overseer, Hamilton, h. Appleton st 
Whitney John, Lowell, blch., bds Jeremiah xMoulton's 
AVhiton George, at 126 Merrimack st, boards 5 Middle st 
Whittemore Davis, boards Mrs Emma Sargent's 
Whittemore Tsaac W. clerk at Charles A. Nichols' 

Whittemore , Tea Store, 10 Mer st, h. Wash, st 

Whittemore Samuel, Boott, boards 49 

Whittier Mrs Sarah, house 28 Boott 

Whittier Lewis, Merrimack, boards G2 

Whittier Moses, overseer Boott, house 63 

Whittier Joshua, at L. Hoyt's, ^ds L. Hoyt's 

Whittier Jeremiah, house Middle street 

Whittier Daniel, Dou|»-. bobbin shrp, house Chelmsford st 

Whittier William, mech. mills, boards Cornelius Green's 

Whittle Alfred, Hamilton, house Chas. cor. Lawrence st 

Whittredge A. W. (Day, C. & W.) h. Cen st. Chap, hill 

Wight James, house 4 Warren street 

Wight Joseph W. house Chapel street 

Wiggin Joseph, at J. M. Marston's 

Wiggin Caleb, at ll2 Central st, house South street 

Wiggin Timothy, Lawrence, boards 14 Tremont 

Wiggin Caleb N. at 112 Central st, house South street 

Wiggin A.J. Lowell, house Middlesex street 

Wiggins Howe, carpenter, boards C. Richard's 

Wilde Benj, stone layer, house Cabot street 

Wilde George M. boords Bejamin Wilde's 

Wilde Anderson J. cigar maker, house Lowell street 

Wilder John C. Lks &. Cls, boards Charles Spolford's 

Wilder Augustus, at D. Danas', house North street 

Wilder Charles H. butcher, wks &: h. Midx above Walker st 

Wilder Solon F. at Wm. N. Owen's, bds 53 Massachusetts 

Wilder H. H. clerk 110 Central street, boards 83 

Wilkins Rufus, butcher, h. Gor. st. South Hale's mills 

Wilkins C. P. clerk at Wm. Mead's, house Andover street 

Wilkins S. clerk at Wm. S. Merrills', bds A mer. house 

Wilkins Heber, at S. Beck's, boards at S. Beck's 

Wilkins H. at mech. mills, boards 35 Central street 

Wilkins Mrs J. house 27 Boott 


Wilkins Charles, Lawrence, boards L, W, Louger's ' 

Wilkins Abiel, boards Timothy Weeks' 
Wilkins Daniel, hoards Timothy Weeks' 

Wilkins i — , Middlesex, house Warren street 

Wilkins C- P. clerk at 45 Ch. st, house Andover street 

Wilkins Timothy, machine shop, bds Nancy Sayles' 

Wilkins S. clerk W. S. Merrill's, bds R. C. Fuller's 

Wilkins Charles W. carpenter, house 3 Middlesex place 

Wilkins Zadock, pamter, house School street 

Wilkins Mrs Susan, house Suffolk street 

Willey D. H. at 107 Mer. st, bds J. Davis, Gorham street 

Willey — - — , Treraont, boards 14 

Willey James L. mech. mills, house Crosby's Court 

Willey Daniel, cordwainer, boards J. C. Davis' 

Willey S. S. at J. G. Kittredge's, bds Mrs Emma Sargent's 

Willey Susan, house Fenwick street 

Willard Henry T. machinist, Midx. h. Water street 

Willard H. Lowell, house^Alder street 

Willard Henry, Massachusetts, house 26 

Willard Brown, currier Market st, house Warren street 

Williams Wm. picker maker & roll coverer, Mer, house 17 

Williams Alfred, bandbox maker, Mer. st, h. Chesnut street 

Williams Josiah, at stocking factory, Bart st, h. High st 

Williams Wm. house Merrimack st, Belvidere 

Williams S. M. Lawrence, house Merrimack street 

Williams T. G. at 182 Mer. st, bds S. M. William's 

Williams John A. overseer, Boott, boards 46 

Williams Peter, at L. Coburn's, boards same 

Williams Augustus, Boott, boards 53 

Williams Jerome, Boott, boards 53 

Williams John, Lowell blch, h. Winter street 

Williams Joel, machine shop, house South street 

Willis Wm. pedlar, house Merrimack st, Belvidere 

Willis Wm. variety, 276 Merrimack st, house same 

Williston Thomas, Boott, house Water street 

Wilmont James, Appleton, house Win. cor. Gorham street 

Willoughby Edward, Middlesex, bds A. D. Craig's 

Willoughby Asa W. stone mason, house Chapel street 

Willoughby Amos, Appleton, house South street 

Willoughby Aldusta, variety, Midx. cor. South street 

Willoby Mrs M. house 7 Appleton 

Wills Daniel M., Lawrence, bds 54 

Wilson Andrew, (A. & T.) iron foundry. Middle street 

Wilson Thomas, (A. & T.) iron foundry, h. Mer. st. Bel 

Wilson W. B. carpet weaver, house Fayette street 


Wilson John J. (Gardner &l) dry goods, boards D. S, 

Wilson Mrs C. variety store 256 Merrimack street 
Wilson John, Boott, house Jo • 

Wilson Wheeler, Boott, boards 46 
Wilson Gerry, Merrimack, house 93 
Wilson Foster, Merrimack, boards 93 
Wilson Mrs H. P. house 20 Merrimack 
Wilson Levi, Men-imack, house 15 
Wilson Edward, overseer Merrimack, house 15 
Wilson Lorenzo, Mer. print works, house Moody street 
Wilson John, at Patterson's, house Market street 
Wilson Henry, Boott, boards John Wilson's 
Wilson Charles, painter, boards S. W. Evan's 
Wilson AndreAv, (& Thomas) iron foundry & h. Middle st 
Wilson John, Lowell, house 19 

Wilson Asa, Lawrence, house George cor. Church street 
Wilson Nath'l, (Scripture &) baker, h. & bakery Cen. st 
Wilson Allen, at S. & W's. bakery, bds N. Wilson's 
^Vilson David W. carpenter, shop Cen st, h. Charles st 
AViison G. W. machine shop, house Appleton street 
Wilson VVm. at Richmond's, house Lawrence street 
Wilson E. T. merchmist, Hamilton, house 37 
Wilson F. F. Hamilton, boards 31 
Wilson James, machine shop, house Middlesex street 
Winckley E. P. machine shop, house Pine street 
Winch Elisha, Boott, boards 5;3 

Wing A. G (& T.) butcher 39 Mer. st, h. Andover street 
Wing True, (A. G. &) butcher 39 Mer st, h. Andover st 
Wing Anson, at A. G. & T. Wing's, bds A. G. Wing's 
AV inchester Samuel, blacksmith, Hale's mills, h. Law. st 
Winn John S. house 21 Maasachusetts 
Winn Parker, at D. Kittredge's, house 29 Boott 
Winnett VV. G. at 54 Cen. st, boards E. T. Brigham's 
Winnick John, at J. McLanathan's, h. Mer st, Belvidere 
W'innick VVm. at G. Young's, bds E. T. Brigham's 
Winslow John B. machinist, house Howard street 
Winslow G., L. & C. boards Mrs R. Hunt's 
Winslow Edward, overseer Middlesex, house 28 Church st 
Winslow George L. Middlesex, boards 28 Church street 
Winslow Lewis R. Appleton, house 28 
Winterbottom James, Ham. h. Charles cor. Lawrence st 
Winterbottom Wm. at 264 Merrimack st, bds 204 
Wirt Amos, at Clifford's dye house, house Water street 
Wiswell Mary, variety store, 8 John street 


Witham Daniel, laundry & h. near Hale's NJills 
Witherell David, Merrimack, bds Mrs Nancy Band's 
Witherell George S. Lowell, house Market street 
Witherell Wm. Tremont, boards 27 Suffolk 
Witt Arza L. physician 27 Mer. st, house same 
Wolcott Russell T. machinist, house Pearl street 
Womersley T. physician 27 Central st, boards same 
Womersley H. Surgeon Dentist, 27 Cen. st, boards same 
Wood Samuel, flour & meal, Market st, house Chapel st 
Wood Goodwin, (& Alonzo) crockery <&. glass, 43 Mer. st, 

house Willow street 
Wood S. C. (Hollis, C. Sr VV.) boards 4 John street 
Wood W. L. at 134 Merrimack st, boards at J. Allen's 
Wood Jonas, pedlar, boards American House 
Wood R. veterinary Surgeon, D. R. Kimball's, bds Mer. h 
Wood Mrs Lydia, variety, house & shop 93 Central st 
Wood L. variety, shop & house 81 Central street 
Wood W. Boott, boards 23 
Wood Charles, Boott, house 42 \ 

Wood William, clerk J. Allen's, boards J. 'Allen's 
Wood George E. carpenter, boards T. Morse's 
Wood John G. at W. Godings', house Charles street 
Wood A. H, clerk at Washington House 
Wood S. N. (& Hemenway) W. I. Goods, Cen. st, h. Un st 
Wood Charles, pump maker, h. Cen st, Chapel Hill 
Wood Daniel, teamster, house 15 Church street 
Wood Rev. Horatio, house Tyler street 
Wood George, ostler at Wm. Heath's livery stable 
Wood Henry, boards Mrs C. Caldwell's 
Wood Al'Hizo, (G. & A.) crockery & glass Merrimack st, h. 

7th street. Central Village 
Woodb ridge Daniel, yeoman, h. Lowell cor. Worthen st 
Woodbury John T (U. Fisher & Co.) 29 Merrimack street, 

boards C. Richard's 

Woodbury , Massachusetts, boards 21 

Woodbury John, house 11 Tremont 

Woodbury Mrs Irene, house 25 Appleton 

Woodbury John L. carpenter, house Middlesex street 

Woodbury Joseph, carpenter, house Grand street 

Woodcock Gideon, boards Miriam Nowlton's 

Woodman Mrs Martha, house 34 Massachusetts 

Woodman T. B. overseer Lawrence, house 2 

Woodman Marstin, house Tilden street 

Woods Mrs Nancy, house Merrimack st, Belvidere 

Woods G. F. overseer Massachusetts, house 1 


Woods Timothy N. Lowell, house Suffolk street 

Woods L. (& Wentvvorth) ballance makers, Mar. st, house 

Tyler street 
Woods Amos, carpenter, boards A. Matthew's 
Woods Miss Nancy, nurse, at Ambrose Whitney's 
Woods John, Lowell, house Jefferson street 
Woodward H. P. carpenter, house Water street 
Woodward Deliverance, boarding house 35 Central street 
Woodward Mrs B. house 61 Merrimack 
Woodward J. T. Lawrence, house 55 
Woodward A. house 19 Suffolk 
Woodward Collins, Tremont, boards 29 
Woodward Calvin, house 25 Lowell 
W(Jodward Dana, painter, h. Cen. st, Chapel Hill 
Woodward A. Middlesex, house Summer street 
Woodward James, Hamilton, bds A. Woodward's 
Woodward Sylvester, carpenter, house 13 Cady street 
Woodward Lewis E. Hamilton, house 27 
Woodward Russell, machine shop, h. 17 Swamp Locks 
Worcester Edwin, at E. Fifield's, boards Amos Boynton'.^ 
Worcester Justus, Hamilton, 'boards 33 
Worcester George, yeoman, house Liberty street 
Worthen E. B., W. I. Goods 180 Mer. st, h. Marion corner 

Lagrange street 
\yorthen Jona. P. Appleton, house South street 
Worthen Libbey, Hamilton, boards J. P. Worthen's 
Worthen Albert, Appleton, house Winter street 
Wragg Robert, Merrimack, house 71 
Wright Nathaniel, counsellor, VVyman's Ex. h Faw. st 
Wright A. C. (Mixer &) boots & shoes 84 Mer. st, house 

Willow street 
Wright Ebenezer, laborer, house Merrimack st, Belvidere 
Wright Nath'l Jr. counsellor, Wy man's Ex. h. Paw. st 
Weight Thomas, law student, boards N. Wrights' 
Wright A. W. clerk 46 Mer. st, h. Bartlctt st, Belvidere 
Wright J. F, at 107 Mer. st. house 5th st, Cen. Village 
Wright J. at H. M. Currier's, house Middlesex street^ 
Wright John, Agt Suffolk mills, house Merrimack street 
Wright H. boots & shoes 51 Cen. st, house Lawrence cor. 

Tyler streeet 
Wright George, clerk 51 Cen. st, bds Hapgood Wright's 
Wright A. (& Leavitt) boots & shoes 194 Mer. st. h 22 Law. 
Wright A. B. printer 82 Central street, bds C. Nichols's 
Wright J. blacksmith. Day, C. & W's,bdsMrs A. Webster's 
Wright N. M. Jr. boots & shoes, 112 Cen. st, h. Tyler st 


Wright Wm. A. Merrimack, boards 65 

Wright Alexander, Lawrence, house 22 

Wright Amos D. Lawrence, boards 92 

Wright William, Suffolk, boards 17 Lawrence 

W^right Walter, overseer, Merrimack, house 24 

Wright Lorenzo P. Tremont, boards 14 

Wright Otis, Merrimack, house Cabot street 

Wright Peter, overseer, Lowell, house 12 

Wright Alexander, Agt Lowell mills, house Market street 

Wright Joel A. boarding house 8 Hurd street 

Wright Stephen, overseer Middlesex, house 17 Hurd street 

Wright Porter, Middlesex, boards Asa Parker's 

Wright Luther, laborer, house South street 

Wright Mrs Mary, house 18 Appleton 

Wright Jacob, cordwainer, hou^e Middlesex street 

Wright Ezekiel, house 3 Middlesex street 

Wyman William, house Wyman'e Hill 

Wyman J. H. atTarr H. & M's, boards J. Osgood's 

Wyman W. dry goods 12 Mer. st, bds Mrs Kittredge's 

Wyman Samuel, tailor at G. YoUnff's, bds I. E. Cheney's 

Wyman A. C. at 17 Mer st, h. Chapel st, Chapel Hill 

Wyman Josiah, house 17 Lawrence 

Wyman Oliver, carpenter, house Market street 

Wyman Wm. cordwainer, boards Oliver Wyman's 

Wyman Augustus, boards Washington House 

Wyman x\rchilus, cordwainer, house Chapel street 

VORK LEVI, mill wright, house Green street 

York Mrs Jane H. house Chesnut street 

York D. S. physician 27 Merrimack st, house 113 Mer st 

York Jacob, overseer Tremont, house 82 

York Joseph G. stone layer, house Lawrence Street 

Young G. merch, tailor 54 Cen. st, h. High cor. Mer. st 

Young Wm. at 68 Merrimack st, boards E. Adam's 

Young William, at 74 Merrimack St. boards J. Whitely'a 

Young Jonathan, Massachusetts, boards 19 

Young Wm. at Freeman's, house Howe street 

Young Mrs A. W. house 27 Massachusetts 

Young Nathaniel, Massac hssetts, boards 19 

Young J. H. Merrimack, house 104 

Y'oung James, Hamilton, boards E. Adams' 

Young Albert, boards E. Adams' 

Young Wm. M. at O. L. Allen's, boards E. Adams' 

Y'oung A. B. Merrimack, house 29 

Voung Charles, Merrimack, house Tilden street 


Voung John, Lowell, house 20 

Voung Mrs Abner, house Mill street 

Young David 1. (Gibb &) job wagoJi, boards 23 Hamilton 

Voung Morrill N. Appleton, boards 18 

Young David, house Pine street 

Young Charles, at Farnswortli's cellar, h. 6 Adams block 

Voung Michael, laborer, house Fenwick street 

Vourell Richard, at L. Hill's, house Middlesex street 



is that part of Dracutt in the immediate vicinity of Central 
Bridge, embracing a circuit about half a mile in diameter. 

Ames Jacob, carpenter, house 5th street 
Ayers Josiah, Boott, boards Martin Reed's 
Aney Wnj. Lowell, boards John Barron's 
Atkin Samuel, carpenter, house Centre street 
Austin Wm. 3d, stone layer, house Centre street 

Bacon John Jr. stone layer, boards James Howe's 
Badger Leander, carpenter, house Front street 
Bailey George W. cordwainer, boards H. Ferin's 
Baker Thomas, Lowell, house Centre street 
Baker George W. newsman, house Center street 
Bancroft Jona. mason, boards James Howe's 
Barnes iMrs E. R. house Central street 
Barron John, inholder at Centralville House 
Beard Samuel, Massachusetts, house Centre street 
Beman Alfred, stone cutter, house 3d street 
Berrick James H. at Weavers, Lowell, house Centre street 
Blake Thomas, laborer, house Centre street 
Boardman W. E. Boott, house Centre street 
Boise Lewis D. tailor 34 Cen. st, Lowell, house Centre st 
Brown Benj. house Centre street 
Boody Jonathap, boards James Howe's 
Boyiiton Thomas 2d, carpenter, house Center street 
Boynton Thomas, at Thomas Boynton's 2d 
Bradley Joseph, house Central street 
Bradley Joseph Jr. house Central street 
Bradley George, boards Joseph Bradley's 
Bradley Charles, boards Joseph Bradley's 
Bradley Peleg, physician, h. 3d corner Walnut street 
Bradley E. W. boards Peleg Bradley's 
Bralley W, II. medical student, boards Peleg Bradley's 
Bradley Daniel P. laborer, house Front street 
Brannon Thomas, Massachusetts, house Front street 
Bnggs Alanson, Boott, house Front street 
Brown Sftmuel, T. {& Spalding) vegetables, Mar. h. Low, 
house near Bri Ige, Central Villnge 



Buckminster H. Massachusetts, bds D. H. Smith's 
Butcher Wm. Merrimack, house Centre street 

Carr Samuel, dyer, house Centre street 

Caverly Ira, carpenter, house 9th street 

Champlin Geo W. painter, house Front street 

Cheever Benj. yeoman, house Central street 

Clark Geo. wks & bds Daniel Kittredge's 

Clifford Lorenzo P., Boott, house Front st 

Coburn O. D. roll coverer, Mass , house near Bridge 

Coburn Thos. J. stone cutter, bds O. D. Coburn's 

Coburn V. B. roll coverer, bds O. D. Coburn's 

Coburn Bradley, Carpenter, h. Mt. Pleasant st 

Coburn J. B. V. carpenter, h. Mt. Pleasant st 

Coburn Warner, mason, h. Pelham, old Road 

Cochran Mrs Mary, house 5th street 

Cole Harriet, house Central, above 3d street 

Conant Jotham S., Mer. prt. wks., bds Mrs S. Conant's 

Conant Mrs Sarah, house near Bridge 

Conant Stephen K. boards Mrs Sarah Conant's 

Conant Abel, counsellor, house Front street 

Conner James, pedlar, house Centre street 

Corbett J. L. carpenter, bds H. Ferrin's 

Crosley Robert, yeoman, house Central street 

Cummings Jabez, house Centre street 

Cummings Edmund, dry goods, Cen. st, Low., h. near bridge 

Currier Gardner F. divinity stud't, bds O. F. Page's 

Derby Elmor, at Bent & Bush's, Low. bds G. A. Rand's 

Dickerman Sam'l, Boott, house Centre street 

Down Lyman R., Boott, house Centre street 

Dudley Fisher, house 4th street 

Dutton A. C. carpenter, bds James B. Ferrin's 

Earle John, yeoman, house 3d, cor. Walnut street 
Emerson Timothy, stone layer, house Centre street 

Farns worth Edward, laborer, house Centre street 
Ferrin James B. carpenter, house Centre street 
Ferrin Hezekiah, carpenter, house Centre street j 

Flint Alvin, yeoman, house 3d street 
Ford Thos. B., Mass., boards John Earle's 
Fowle Edward, carpenter, house Front street 
Fox Horatio, carpenter, house 6th street . 
Frye Timothy, teamster, house Centre street 


Gage Setli, butcher, house 5th street 
Goldsmith Thomas, tailor house F. & Ed's Court 
9oodhue Ozias. carpenter, house Centre street 
Goodwin John G, at Hovey's, house Centre street 
Goodwin H. S. at Hovey's, house Centre street 
Goodwin Henry, cordwainer, house Centre street 
Goodwin Elijah, carpenter, house Centre street 
Goodwin Amos, carpenter, house Centre street 
Goodwin John G. cordwainer, house Centre street 
Gould Peter W. laborer, house 3d street 
Gould Elias, Massachusetts, bds John D. Welch's 

Hale Isaac, laborer, house Centre street 
Hollowell Sam'], yeoman, house Central street 
Hamblet Charles, mason, house Centre street 
Harris Peter, yeoman, house Centre street 
Harris VVm., Massachusetts, house Centre street 
Harris Samuel, yeoman, house Tremont street 
Hassam John, boards James Howe's 
Hatch Nelson, Mass., house Centre street 
Hill Joseph, carpenter, house Centre street 
Hodgman Francis, stone layer, house Centre street 
Hovey Joshua, shoe store, Cen. st' house 5th street 
Hovey Joseph, shoemaker, house 5th street 
Hovey William, shoemaker, Cen. st, house 5th street 
Hovey Augustus, cordwainer. house Central street 
Howard John, house Cenrra street 
Howe Josiah S. Carpenter, house 3d street 
Howe Horace F. carpenter, house 3d street 
Howe L. G. carpenter, house 3d street 
Howe James, carpenter, hoii-e Centre street 
Howe Joseph B. carpenter, hou.=e Centre street 
Huckins Dan'l C. laborer, house Centre street 
Haae Albert I., Massachusetts, bds, James Howe's 
Hoyt Horace J. carpenter, house near bridge 

Ingall John S., teacher, house Central street 
Ingails Thos. cordwamer at Hovey's, house Centre st 

Jefts Wm, laborer, house Centre street 

Jefts Alexander, Mass,, bda D. H. Smith's 

Johnson Geo. W. teamster, house Centre street 

Jones Phineas, cordwainer, h -use Central" street 

Jonrs Nehf miah. v-c-oan house Bank R. opp. Lawrence. 


Kelley Daniel, house Centre street 

Kelley VVm. A. house Central Village, on Methu. old Road 

Kelley Daniel, Merrimack, house Cross street 

Kelley Edwin E., Mer. bds Daniel Kelley's 

Kelley Daniel, jr. carpenter, house Cross street 

Kendall Thos. E. mason, house 5th, cor. Cen. st 

Kelsea Charles, carpenter, house 5th street 

Kemp Mrs E. house Centre street 

Kenniston Thos. J. stone layer, house Mt. Pleasant st 

Kenniston Seth, Boott, house Centre street 

Kent Hathaway, wks and bds W. Langley's 

Kittredge Daniel, boots & shoes. Mar. st, Low. h. Cen. st 

Knapp C. L. (Pillsbury &) printer, house 5th st 

Knight Alphonso, cordwainer, house 3d street 

Ladd Sampson, shoe store, Mer. st, h. near 10th st 

Lakin Thomas, stone layer, bds James Howe's 

Langley W. tin and sheet iron w'ker, Cen. st, h Centre at. 

Langley Cyrus, printer, bds M. Twombly's 

Langley Solomon, pedlar, bds M. Twombly's 

Leslie Mrs Sarah, house Centre street 

I^ewis E. B. barber, Mer. st, house Centre street 

Lewis John, yeoman, house Tremont street 

Lewis Walker, barbar, Mer. st, house Centre st 

Lewis Saml A. barber, Mer. st, bds Walker Lewis' 

Lilley Nelson, Boott, bds James Howe's 

Loomis H. S. dry goods, Mer. st, bds C. L. Knapp's 

Lowrey Heman, house Centre street 

Lord John W. house Centre street 

Lund Nathaniel, harness maker, bds P. Jones' 

Maloon Henry, cordwainer, house 6th street 

Mann Curtis, painter, bds Seth Gage's 

Manahan Mark, carpenter, house Central street 

flannel Albert, barber, house Centre street 

Manuel Charles, barber, h^ise Centre street 

Marshall Joel M. painter, iJbuse Front street 

Marshall Freeman, at Mrs Caroline Varnum's 

Maxfield Arther L. overseer, Boott, house 5th, cor. Cen. st 

McCurdy John T. G. carpenter, house 5th st 

McWade Murthy, Mer. prt. wks, house Tremonr si 

Merrill Stephen, Boott, bds H. Pulsifer's 

Martin Jacob, laborer, house Centre street 

Melvin B. F. cordwainer, liouse Tremont stref^t 

McLaughlin Michael, Mass., house Front n 


Merrill Eleanor, house near Bridge 

Messer Geo. W. at Hovey's, house Centre st 

Mitchell Daniel, painter, house Centre street 

Moores Samuel, Boott, house 10th, cor. Cen. st 

Morrill 0. H. teacher, Lowell, house Union strPPt 

Morrison John, carpenter, bds Leander Badger's 

Murley John, house Central street 

Mussey Parker L Midx., house Central sti'eet 

Muzzey Alvin, house 5th street 

Nason Thomas, carpenter, house Centre street 
Morris Geo. B., Boott, house Centre street 
Norris Caleb, carpenter, bds Geo. B. Norris' 
N orris Parker, at Geo. B. Norris' 

O'Connor Thomas, pedler, house Centre street 
Olmstead E. broker, 52 Central, Low., st, house 3d st 
Otis Wm. mason, house Centre street 

Page O. R, Middlesex, house Central street 

Parker Perlcy, Boott, bds Harriet Coles' 

Parker Israel, Boott, house Centre street 

Perkins John R., Boott, house 10th st, cor. Central 

Perry Charles, cordwainer, bds Joseph Starkey's 

Pillsbury J. G. (& Knapp) printer, 24 Cen st Lowell, h 4th st 

Pitt John, carpenter, Midx. st, Low., house Front st 

Plastridge Charles, cordwainer, bds H. Maloon's 

Preston Asa, laborer, house Centre street 

Pulsifer Charles, Massachusetts, house Centre st 

Pulsifer Henry, Boott, house Centre street 

Rand Geo. A. toll gatherer, at Toll House 
Randall F. A. painter, Lowell st. house 5th street 
Rand Jeremiah, laborer, house Centree street 
Read Robert, W. T. goods, Cen. st, h. 4th st, cor. Walnut 
Read W. W., W. 1. goods, Cen. st, bds Robert Read's 
Reed Martin, painter, house F. & Edward's Court 
Richardson Ira G. currier, h. 3d st, cor. Walnut 
Richardson Ephraim, pilot, house Central st 
Richardson Merrill, yeoman, h. Pelham old Road 
Richardson John M. yeoman, bds M. Richardsons' 
Richardson Increase S., yeoman, bds M. Richardson's 
Richardson Abel, yeoman, bds M. Richardson's 
Richardson Asa, yeoman, house Pelham old Road 
Richardson Sam'l, yeoman, h. Pelham old Road 


Richardson Obadiah, carpenter, house Centre st 

Rix James, painter, bds Thos. Brannan's 

Roley Novina Mrs. house Centre street 

Robinson John P. counsellor, 67 Cen. st, Low. h Can. st 

Robinson Geo, dry goods, 115 Mer. st, bds J. G. Pillsbury's 

Bobinson Heman, house Tremont street 

Rollins Mrs Nancy, house 5th street 

Rouleau Thomas, carpenter, house Centre street 

Russ John, fruit, &c., Low. Depot, house Bear Bridge 

Sanborn Mrs B. E. house 10th street 

Sargent Asa, carpenter, house Centre street 

Sawyer Joseph, carpenter, house Mt. Pleasant 

Shaw Joseph, carpenter, bds John D. Welch's 

Shepherd Noah, works and bds W. Langley's 

Shepard Nath'l., Mass., boards Wm, Harris' 

Smith Geo. yeoman, at W. E. Worthen's 

Smith James, Mer. prt. wks. house Centre street 

Smith Jesse, Boott, bds Wm. Austin 3d's 

Smith Robert, Boott, bds Wm. Austin 3d's 

Smith Dudley H., Mass., house Centre street 

Staples T., Boott, boards L. R. Down's 

Stanton John M." Midx. bds E. Merrill's 

Stark ey Wm. at'Hovey's, house near Bridge 

Stevens Stephen, at Bent & Bush's, Low. bds G. A." Rand's 

Stewart Philip, boards Martin Reed's 

Stone George U. Physicians near Bridge, h. S. st. Lowell 

Tebbetts Ephraim, Boott, boards E. Hodgman's 
Tetherly John, cordwainer, house Centre street 
Thissell Franklin, cordwainer, board Joseph Sawyer's 
Thissell Joshua, yeoman, house Mount Pleasant street 
Thissell Daniel, carpenter, house Mount Pleasant street 
Tibbetts L. B. boots & shoes 95 Mer. st. Low. h. 6th street 
Trask H. H. laborer, house Centre street 
Tuck Edward, Boston Express, house 6th street 
Tuttle Mrs Sarah, house 3d street 

Tuxbury Moses M. butcher, house Central cor. 3d street 
Tuxbury T. F. butcher, house Central cor. 3d street 
Tuxbury F. W. (Kimball &) W. I. Goods 230 Merrimack 

.street, Lowell, boards M. M. Tuxbury 's 
Twombly Mesheck, Massachusetts, house Centre street 

Varnum Mrs Caroline, house Varnum street 
Varnum Joseph, boards Mrs Caroline Varnum's 


Varnura Joshua, yeoman, house Centre street 
Varnum Daniel, yeoman, house Centre street 

Watson Shepherd, vegt's, Market h. Lowell, house 9th st 
Webster Franklin, carpenter, house Union street 
Webster Humphrey, yeoman, house Central street 
Webster W. P. counsellor, boards Humphrey Webster's 
Webster George, Massachusetts, house Central street 
Welch John D. Massachusetts, house near Bridge 

Whitemore , laborer, bds Eleanor Merrill's 

Whittier Nathaniel, machinist, house Front street 

Wilson Levi, carpenter, house 6th street 

Wood Alonzo, (G. Wood &) crockery & glass, Mer. street 

house 7th street 
Wood Josiah Jr. house Front street 
Worthen John L. house Central street 
Worthen VVm. E. civil engineer, house Central street 
Wright John, cordwainer, house 6th street 
Wright Asa, cordwainer, house Central street 


Abbreviations, - - • - - 44 

Arrival and close of Mails - - - 30 

Banks, ------ 23 

Central Village Directory, - - - 17G 

Churches and Pastors, - - - - 24 

City Officers, - - - . 19 

City Charter and Amendments, - - -3 

City School Library, " "* "A " ^^ 

Commissioners for qualifying Civil Office * - 34 

Coroners, . - - - . 34 

Counsellors and Attorneys, - - - 26 

County Commissioners, = - - 34 

County Treasurer, - = - - 34 

Courts in Middlesex County, - - - 32 

Fire Department, _ - . . 21 

Houses of Entertainment, » *. . 3(5 

Howard Benevolent Society, .... 34 

Insurance Companies, - - - - / 24 

Justices of the Peace, - - * - 27 

Legal tender of Gold and Silver, - - 34 

Lowell Cemetery, _ - - . 18 

Lowell Hospital Association, - - - 35 

Lowell Dispensary, - - - . 35 

Lowell Washington Total Abstinence Society, - 35 

Lowell Institute, - - - - 3(j 

Lowell Director}^ - - - - \45 

Manufacturing Companies, - . . 21 

Middlesex Mechanic Association, - - 34 

Middlesex District Medical Society, - - 25 

Newspapers and Periodicals, - - - 132 

Notaries Public, - - - - ' 27 

Nurses, ------ 36 

Pay Days on Corporations, - - . 23 

Physicians, ----- 2(> 

Population of Lowell, - - - - 23 

Public Schools, - - - - » 28 

Rates of Postage, - - - - 31 

Reading Rooms, - . • - - 27 

Register of Deeds, - - - . 34 

Sheriff and Deputies, - - _ - 33 

Stages and Stage routes from Lowell, - - '-^^ 

Streets, Courts, Places, &c. . - - 37 

Ward Boundaries, . . - . 17 

Ward Officers, - - - = - 21 






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\- ^jy ' -^'^Mtt im-W^T- -^ 

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