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Full text of "The Lowell directory : containing the city record"

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j Advertisements, 241 

I Banks, , , . . 225 

I Business Key, 201 

I City Government, 217 

I Churches and Ministers, 223 

I Expresses, 232 

i Fire Department, 222 

I Government of Massachusetts, 237 

I Insurance Companies, 226 

j Lowell Museum, 216 

I Manufacturing Companies, 228 

Military, 236 

Newspapers and Periodicals in Lowell, .... 237 

Pay Days of the Corporations, 229 

Population of Lowell, 237 

Probate Court and County Officers, 238 

Railroads, 229 

Railroad, Lowell & Lawrence, 6 

Schools, 219 

Sessions of Courts in Middlesex County, .... 238 

Societies, Incorporated, and others, 2.34 

Stages and Cabs, 233 

Streets, Courts, &c 17 

Tax Payers, 14 

Valuation of Estates in Lowell, 13 

Ward Rooms, 6 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1850, by Geo. AdamS; 

in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the District 

of Massachusetts. 


The new Directory of Lowell — a historical record of the names 
and business of the citizens, for the ensuing year — is now pre- 
sented to the public. Although the task of compiling the work has 
been a difficult one, yet the cheerful co-operation and liberal en- 
couragement of the citizens have made it quite far from disagreea- 
ble. They have our gratitude. Care has been observed to render 
the locations of residence and business as definite as possible ; 3'et 
the want of regular numbers has made it impossible to be as particu- 
lar as we could wish. We have endeavored to give the public a 
reliable work, but it is hardly expected to find perfection in a vol- 
unH of this kind. It is designed to continue the Directory annually, 
with such improvements as our success in the present enterprise 
will warrant. 

The first Directory of the town was published in 1831, by Mr. B. 
Floyd. They were then published by him as follows — January, 
1833, containing 3,419 names; in 1834, 3,485; in 1835, 3,725; in 
1836,3,976; [a Supplement was also issued in 1836, giving the 
names of female operatives only, and contained 5,322 names ;] in 
1837, 3,676 ; in 1838, 3,601 ; in 1839, 3,728 ; in 1840, 4,027. Here 
closed the Directory etforls of Mr. Floyd. 

In 1841 the Directory was published by Mr. Wai. 11. Prescott, 
and contained 3,731 names, Mr, Oliver March published the 
next number in 1842, which contained 4,967 names. In 1844 it was 
issued by Mr. Jacob Turner, having5,801 names ; in 1845, 5,725. 
Mr. March again issued it in 1847, and ihenumber of namesis found 
to be 7,292. The succeeding number was published by him in 1849, 
having 8,526 names. The present number, published by Oliver 
March, assisted by Mr. George Adams, publisher of the Boston 
Directory, contains 9,200 names. 

The above shows the gradual growth of our city, so far as pop- 
ulation is concerned, and the following article, prepared by one 
familiar with its history, will throw some light upon the public ope- 
rations of a vigorous and enterprising people. 


We have no reason to be ashamed of the origin of our city. It 
is true, its foundations were laid too recently to admit of the inven- 
tion of those graceful myths by which, in other cases, an i gnoble 
beginning has been concealed. Allowing for this disadvantage, we 
believe our early history is quite as respectable as that of most 
other cities, which, in general, have some reason to share the 
feelmg of the sensitive old gentleman who said he had never dared 
to trace back his pedigree beyond his grandfather. Some utilitarian 
purpose, as unpoetical as a safety of harbor, or convenience of 
trade, laid the foundation of most municipal communities, and very 
homely and rude were the beginnings of subsequent renown. 

" And what was Goose-creek once, is Tiber now." 
Even some of the towns founded two hundred years ago by our 
pilgrim forefathers, of blessed memory, did not originate in the high 
religious purpose which, for the most part, actuated the first settlers 
of New England. Old Cotton Mather infonns us that when some 
of the Boston ministers went to visit the new settlements on the 
eastern shore beyond Salem, about 1645, they discoursed to the 
people on the sober and godly lives they ought to lead, inasmuch 
as religion was the very basis of their plantations. Whereupon 
they were interrupted by some of their hearers, who replied, that 
however that might be the cause of the settlement of some places, 
for their part ihey came down there to catch fish! 

Lowell was made to spin cotton. It has done that work some. 
So well is this known, that we need not spin a long yarn here. The 
list of the manufacturing, financial, literary, charitable, and religious 
institutions, as well as the names of the great number of house- 
holders, included in this volume, will show what a vast amount of 
human interests has been collected here within the life-time of one 

This is not the place for any sketch of the history of the city. 
The reader who wishes for information on this point will consult 
other works. A short table of dates, important in the growth of 
Lowell, may be of convenient reference. 
1792. Incorporation of the Locks and Canals Company. 
17l»7. The Pawtucket Canal opened for boats. 

1820. Design first entertained of erecting manufacturing establish- 

ments in this place. 

1821. Purchase of lands. 

1822. Merrimack Company incorporated and first work com- 


1823. First cloth woven. 

1824. Public worship first set up. 

1825. Hamilton Company incorporated. 

1826. Lowell incorporated as a town. 

1828. Appleton and Lowell Companies incorporated, 

1830. Middlesex Company incorporated. 

1831. Suffolk, Tremont and Lawrence Companies incorporated. 

1832. Lowell Bleachcry incorporated. 

1834. Belvidere annexed to Lowell. 

1835. Boott Company incorporated. 

1835. July 4, Boston and Lowell Railroad opened. 

1836. Lowell incorporated as a city. 

1837. Market House erected, and County Courts first held. 
1839. Lowell Hospital established. 

1839. Massachusetts Company incorporated, 

1840. Lowell High School erected. 

1843. Prescott Company incorporated. 

1844. Lowell City Mission established. 

1845. Lowell Machine Shop incorporated 
1847. Northern Canal dug. 

1849. Reservoir built, 

1850. Gas introduced into the city. 
1850. New Court House completed. 

The career of progress and prosperity here intimated reflects the 
lustre of sagacity upon the founders of our city. It does more. To 
them belongs the honor of a high moral purpose. They were deter- 
mined Lowell should not be a blotch, a pestiferous sore, on the fair 
face of our ancient Commonwealth. For this purpose they estab- 
lished a wise system of business, and by various means in their 
power fostered good order, temperance, purity, schools and 
churches, intending to make the city an honor to Massachusetts, 

and a model to other manufacturing villages that might rise up 
after it. " Their works praise them in the gate." No large portion 
of the population of New England, commercial or rural, has enjoyed 
more of the substantial comforts of life, or on the whole belter 
I intellectual and moral advantages, than have the inhabitants of 
Lowell ; and long may the place be worthy the title given to it by 
Ex-Governor Everett, in his memoir of Francis Cabot Lowell, 
from whom it derives its name, "the noble city of the arts." 


Ward 1, Mechanics' Building, Diitton. Ward 2, City Hall. 
Ward 3, Church street. Ward 4, South street. Ward b, Engine 
house, Worthen. Ward 6, corner Merrimack and Race. 


Wm. Livingston, PresH. S Spalding, Otis Allen, H. Howard, 
A. W. Bultrick, Isaac Farrington, Frederick Parker, Directors. 
J. A. Knowles, Treas. F. Parker, Clerk. 



Abbott, from Centra! (Chapel Hill) to Lawrence. j 

Adams, from Lowell, Adams block, to Fletcher, | 

Adams Place, from Lowell, near Lowell place. ! 

Alder, from East Merrimack, nearly opposite Nesmith. i 

Ames, from Central (Chapel Hill) to Lawrence. j 

Amory, from Merrimack, by the Boott canal, to Kirk. j 

Andover, from Concord river, soulh bridge, to Tewksbury line. j 
Anne, from Merrimack, near Merrimack canal, to French. J 

Appleton, from Gorham, St. Patrick's church, to Thorndike. i 

Arch, from Howard to Middlesex. I 

Ash, from East Merrimack to Chestnut. : 

Auburn, from Gorham, near Court St., to Linden. ' 

Austin, from iMerrimack, west of Cabot, to Ford. 

j Bartlett, from High-street sc|uare to Alder. 
Bay State Avenue, from 151 Central. 

Beacon, from Clark, near the N. Grammar School, to Fletcher. 
Bickford Place, from Lawrence, above Abbott st. 
Bleachcry, from Moore, northerly to the Lowell Bleachery. 

j Boott, from Gardner to the canal. i 

Bowditch, from Jackson to Middlesex. j 

Branch, from Middlesex to School. 

Brewery Court, from 'l''horndike, near the depot. 1 

Bridge, from Merrimack to Central bridge. ^ 

Broadway, from Walker to Pawtucket. ! 

Brown, from East Merrimack, opposite Howe. 
Bulterfield, easterly from School, south of Varncy. 
Bowers, from Fletcher, opposite Whiting, and crosses School. 
Cabot, from northwest cor. of the Lawrence corporation to Lowe!!. 
Cady, fiom Central (Chapel Hill) to Lawrence. i 

Carpet Lane, from Gardner, near the Market house. ; 

Carter, from Gorham, soulh of Hale's mills, to Bleachery. 
Carlton, from Middlesex, east of Grand, to Pine. 
Castles, from Howe to Concord river. 

Cedar, from Keene, near Gorham, to Central. ; 

Central, from Merrimack to Gorham, at Davis' corner. S 

Centre, trom Central, above Union, to Chapel. 
Chapel Hill, from Wamesit falls westwardly to Chapel. 
Chapel, opens on Union, and runs southerly to Central. 
Charles, from Gorham to Lawrence. 

Cheevcr, from School, westerly near Pawtucket canal. ! 

Chelmsford, from Thorndike to Chelmsford line. 
Chestnut, from Nesmithj westerly to Fayette. 
Church, from Central, at Wash. Hou--e, to Belviderc. 
City Hall Avenue, from Merrimack near City Hall. 
Clark, from the North Common to Beacon. 


Clay, from Andover, east of High, to Oak. 

Colburu, from Merrimack yar<l to Merrimack. 

Commercial Square, from Central, opposite Market. 

Common, from Clark to Cross, east side North Common. 
I Concord, from Merrimack to Massachusetts Mills. 
I Common Avenue, from Lowell to Cross. 
I Congress, from Thorndike to Gorham. 

Cottage street, from Central to Chapel. 

Court Avenue, from Chapel, opposite Centre. 
I Crosby, from Central, opposite Cedar. 
I Crosby's Court, opens on Central, nearly opposite Union. 
j Cross, opens on Sut^blk, and runs westerly to School. 
1 Cross Lane, from Lowell to Adams. 

I Cushing, from Willie, south of Rock, easterly to Fletcher. 
j Dane, from Lowell, south of Whiting, to Fletcher. 

Davis, opens on Apiilclon, and runs southerly to Summer. 
I Davidson, from East Merrimack to Howe. 
I Davidson's Lane, north side of Davidson street, 
i Dearborn's Court, from Andover, west of Water. 
I Decatur, from Merrimack lo Low^eil. 
j Dodge, from Race to Sufibik. 

I Dummer, opens on Lowell, west of Worthen, and runs southerly to 
! Mechanic. 

! Dutlon, from Merrimack Counting Room to Willie. 
I Dutton vSquare, on Dutton street, at Swamp locks. 
I East Merrimack (See Merrimack street). 

; Edgerly's Court, opens on south side of Charles, east of Lenton. 
I Elliott, from Appleton, opposite the Stone church. 
' Elm. from Central to Thorndike. 

Essex, from Cast Rlerrimack, opposite Davidson, to Brown. 

Everett, from High to Fayette, north of Andover. 

Favor, from Appleton to Summer. 

I'ayelte, from Andover, opposite Water, to Merrimack. 

Fei)wl<k, from Lowell to St. Patrick's church. 
I Fletcher, from Pawtuckel, near Stone house, to Thorndike. 
j Floyd, from Central, opposite Rope walk. 
! French, from Kirk to Bridge. 
[ Ford, from Cabot, westerly lo Moody. 

Forest, opens on Grand, and runs westerly. 
1 Forest Place, from Gates southerly. 
[ Franklin, from Willie easterly to Fletcher. 

Franklin Square, between SuHblk. Adam> and La Grange streets. 
! Fuhon, from Merrimack, above W^orthen, to Lowell. } 

' Gardner, from Market lo Lowell counting room. 
! Garnet, from Appleton northerly to MidtUesex. 

\ Gates street, from Forest place to Pine. j 

' George, from Tyler to Warren. j 


Gold, from School, north of Varney, easterly. 

Gorham, from Central, southerly by Hale's mills, to Tewksb'y line 
Gore, from Race to Cabot, on Suffolk corporation. 
Grand, from Middlesex, by Marshall to Forest. 
Gray Place, from ( hurch near Central. 
Green, from Washington square to George. 
Green's Court, north side of East Merrimack. 

Hale, from Chelmsford to Thorndike. i 

Hall, from the north end of Tilden to Cabot. j 

Hamilton Corporation, on Middlesex and Jackson sis. j 

Hancock, from Merrimack, opposite Prcscolt C. R. ! 

Hanover, from Lowell to Moody. I 

Harrison, from Andover, east from Clay, to Oak. j 

High, from East Merrimack to Nesmith. | 

Highland, iVom Thorndike to South. ! 

High Street Square, opens north side of East Merrimack. ! 

Howard, from Middlesex, near depot, to Hale. j 

Howe, from East Merrimack southerly to the Flannel mills. I 

Hurd, from Central, Wade's building, to Warren. j 

Hunt's Avenue, north side East Merrimack, opposite Willows j 

Jackson, from Centra!, at the corner of the Hamilton yard, and . 
runs westerly by the Hamilton and App'n mills to Middlesex. ' 
James' Court, from East Merrimack, east of the Gram. Sch. house. ' 
Jefferson, from Lowell, near Railroad house, to Lewis. 

j John, from Merrimack, northerly to the Boott Counting Room. 1 

'John Street Avenue, from west side of John, westerly to Kirk. ! 

Keene, from Gorham, next south of Walnut, to Central. j 

Kemp, from Walker to Wilder. | 

Kidder, from Gorham, near Hale's mills. j 

King, from Middlesex to Jackson, near Round j 

Kirk, from Merrimack, east of .St. Anne's church. | 

Kirk Avenue, from Kirk, between Merrimack and Lee. [ 

Knowles' Place, opens on the southwest cor. of Davidson street. , 
Lagrange, from Suffolk, n. stone arch bridge, to Fletcher. j 

Lamb's Court, from Chapel street. 

Landing, from 3Iarket, west end of market house, to the canal. 
Lawrence, from Church, near Concord river, southerly by Whip- 
ple's powder works, and end of Whipple street, to Moore. 
Lawrence Court, from Lawrence street above Richmond's. i 

Lawson, leads from School, south of Somerset, to Queen. 
Lee, from John, westerly to Kirk. 

j Lenton, from Charles, southerly to North. 

1 Lewis, from Lowell, cast side western canal, to Mechanic. 

i Liberty, from Chelmsford at the Pound, to Pine. 

i Linden, from Union, near Court house, to Auburn. 

i Little, from Lewis to Dummer. 

i Livermore, from north side of Bartlett to vStackpole. 


Livingston, from Carter, northerly and westerly to Hale's mills. 

Locke, from Gorliani to Soutli. 

Loudon Court, west side of Central, south of Luther's court, and 

westerly to Pulney's court. 
Lowell, from Button, opposite Market, to Pawtucket. 
Lowell Place, from l^owell, near Russell's building. 
Luther's Court, 143 Central, opposite Tyler street. 
Lyman, from Race to Cabot. 

Maiden Lane, from Merrimack, west end old bank block, to Lowell. 
Marion, from Cross, between Suffolk and Adarns, to Lagrange. 
Market, from Central to Dutton. 
Marshall, from Grand to Carlton. 

Mason's Court, from Central, between Charles and Union. 
McLitire, from Middlesex, above depot, to Marshall. 
McFarlin, from Pawlucket, near School, to Bower. 
Mechanic, from Dutton, opposite Machine shop C. R. to Suffolk. 
Merrimack, from Pawtucket, easterly bj' the City Hall to Tewks- 

bury line. 
Merrill, crosses Taylor near the river. 
Merrill's Court, opens on Chapel, opposite Centre. 
Middle, from Central, at Pest Office, to Shatluck. 
i Middlesex, from Gorham and Central to Chelmsford line. 
Middlesex Place, opens near the Brewery. 

Mill, from Lawrence, near Richmond's mills, westerly to Central. 
Moodj', from Merrimack, opposite Merrimack house, to Pawtucket. 
Moore, opens on Gorham, near Railroad bridge, and runs easterly 

by O. M. Whipple's, to Tewksbury line. 
Mount V^ernon, from Liberty to Pine. 
Mt. Vernon, from Pawtucket to Rock. 

Nesmith, from East Merrimack, opp. Alder, to Tewksbury line. 
New, from Lowell to Cross. 
Nichols, from Branch, near School st., to Pine. 
North, from Central, next south of Charles, to Lawrence. 
North Franklin Court, from north side Franklin street. 
Oak, from Nesmith to High. 
Paige, from Bridge, westerly to Kirk. 
Park, from Andover, northerly to East Merrimack. 
Parker, from Chelmsford io Chelmsford line. 
Pawtucket, from Chelmsford line on Merrimack river, northerly by 

Stone house and hospital, to Austin. 
Plain, from Chelmsford to Chelmsford line. 
Pearl, opens on Appleton, and runs northerly to Middlesex. 
Perkins, from Suffolk, near Lawrence counting room, to Cabot. 
Pine, from Carlton, southerly. 

Pleasant, from Andover, between High and Water. 
Pond, from Pleasant, westerly to Concord river. 
Poplar, from School, next north Western avenue. 



Powell, from Liberty, soulherly to Chelmsford. 

Prince, from Merrimack Bleacherj' to Moody. 

Putney's Court, from Gorham, opp. Winter, to Loudon court. 

Queen, from Middlesex, by old burying ground, to Lawson. 

Race, from Hall, between Sutliblk and Cabot, to Merrimack, 

Reed's Court, from Charles, east of Edgerly's court. 

Robinson, from Congress to the railroad. 

Rock, from Willie, easterly to Fletcher. 

School, from Pawtucket bridge to Middlesex street. 

Shattuck, from second Uiiiversalist church to Merrimack. i 

Smith, opens on Branch, and runs southerly to Pine. I 

Somerset, from School, north of Lawson, to Queen. I 

South, from Middlesex, by south Gram. School house to Gorham. 

South Franklin Court, from south side Franklin street. 1 

Spalding, from Chelmsford to Liberty. | 

Spring, opens on South, between Middlesex and Appleton, and ' 

runs westerly to Pearl. 
Stackpole, from High street square to Alder, j 

Stevens, from Parker to Chelmsford. 
Suffolk, from Lawrence C. Room, across Merrimack and Lowell j 

to Adams. ! 

Suffolk Court, from north side Lowell, near Lowell place. j 

Suffolk Square, both sides of Merrimack, betw. Suffolk and Cabot. | 
Swamp Locks, Dutton street. j 

Summer, from Gorham to Thorndike. | 

Sydney, from Branch to Chelmsford. } 

Taylor, from Lawrence to the river, above Richmond's. I 

Taylor Court, from Mill street. ! 

Thorndike, from the north end canal bridge, to Davis, cor. Central. 
Tilden, from Hall, by east of Tremont blocks, to Merrimack. 
Tremont, from Hall, west of Tremont blocks, to Merrimack. | 

Tyler, from Central, next south of Church, to Lawrence. 
Union, from Central, across Gorham to South. 

Union Court, from north side of Lowell, at Foot's building. ' 

Varney, easterly from School, between Butterfield and Gold. j 

Wall, from Davidson to Concord river, and thence by the river to i 

Castles. i 

Walker, from Middlesex, west of School, to Pawtucket. i 

Walnut, from Central, westerly to Gorham. ; 

Wamesit, from Central, Chapel Hill, and runs southeasterly to 

Lawrence. | 

Warren, from Central, at American House, to Church. j 

Warren Court, from Church, opposite Warren. j 

Washington, from Merrimack to Andover. j 

Washington Square, embraces the whole of Central from the first 

Universalist church, to Church street. 


Water, opens on Andover, opposite Fayette, and runs southerly. 
Webster, from Jackson to Middlesex. 
West Union, from Soutli, east side, near Summer. 
"Wostern Avenue, from Fletcher westerly to School. 
Wliipple, from Moore, northerly by stone house to Lawrence. 
Wilder, from Pawtucket to Middlesex. 
William, from Central, north of Green, to George. 
Willow, from Andover to East Merrimack. 
Willow Place, from south side of Suftblk square. 
Winter, from Gorham to Davis. 

Whiting, from Lowell, between Dane and Pawtucket, to Fletcher. 
Willie, from Fletcher, southerly to Dutton. 
Worthen, from Merrimack C. R. to Dutton. 

Wyman, opens on Nesmith, opposite Oak, and ruiis easterly to 
Tewksbury line. 


Aldrich's Block, Middlesex street, fronting Aldrich, Tyng & Co.'s. 

Appleton House, Gorham street. 

Arcade Block, East Merrimack, near Canal. 

Blanchard's Block, Market, near Shattuck. 

Canal Block, Central, opposite American House. 

City Hay Scales, rear City Market. 

City Market, Market street. 

Coburn's Block, Central, corner Prescott. 

Coward's Block, Appleton, opposite Garnet. 

Livingston & Calef's Mills, Middlesex street. 

Mechanics' Building, Dutton near Merrimack. 

Mechanics' Hall, in Mechanics' Building. 

Mechanics' Mills, Dutton, near Western avenue. 

Museum, Merrimack, head of Central street. 

Nesmiih's Block, Merrimack, corner John. 

Knickerbocker Hall, 28 Central street. 

Prescott Block, Merrimack near Central. 

Reading Room, Mechanics' Hall. 

Round House, Middlesex, near new depot. 

Trull's Block, Middle, near Shattuck. 

Union House, Central, corner Green. 

Wade's Building, Central, corner Hurd. 

Welles' Block, Merrimack, corner Kirk. 

Welles' Hall, in Welles' Block. 

Wentworlh's Building, Merrimack, comer Shattuck. 

Wentworth's Hall, Wentworth's Building. 

Williams' Block, Central, near American House, 

Total V 

Am't of 






H |_H S- 

— ' 


X en 
















1 * K 





1 § 




! » 

s S 

S S i 






> 2 S 


% 'g i 

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t^ i 

t-i -J CO 



P 5° -u. 





CO 1 

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1 a 

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.- S 1 
^ ;s gg 

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S 2 g 




P i^ a. 


b» S 

£2 S 52 
S t: 88 






14- I 




The following is a lis 

t of all the resident tax-payers assessed $50 and 

over, ill this city, witli 

the amount 

against each. The whole amount 

of citv npi'iopiiatioiis 

is $111,960— county tax, $19,515 02— total. 

$131,475 (2. The mini 

her of poll 

i is 6,657 — rate, 66 cents 

per $100. 

Adams piniith, 

$ 68 82 

Day & Convers, 

91 74 

Adan-ts Joel, 

115 C2 

Dodge J. M., 

78 06 

Akiiich, Tyiig & Co., 

165 00 Dodge D. M., 

55 62 

Allen Otis, 

65 52 

Doi.ohoe O. M., 

117 00 

Allen Nathan, 

87 96 

Douglass E., 

98 52 

Avery John, 

74 10 

Dyar W. 11., 

101 16 

Ajer Daniel, 

70 14 

Eastman G. K., 

66 84 

Bai;crott Sehvin, 

148 66 

Elliott George P., 

64 86 

Barcroft Jefierson, 

110 53 

Emery Henry, 

219 30 

Bangs I. W. & D., 

51 84 

Farrington I., 

157 92 

Barron Christopher, * 

84 99 

do. as treasurer, 

264 CO 

Bascom William, 

64 86 

Farson Samuel, 

50 34 

■ Baitlett Hcmer, 

84 CO 

Fellows J. K., 

155 02 

Beard I. W., 

87 30 

Fisher A. W., 

67 50 

Bowers Jonathan, heirs 

of, 1.39 £2 

Fiske Wilham, 

315 CO 

Bowers James, 

270 12 

Fiske & Norcross, 

145 20 

BracKett Shadrach R., 

56 28 

Fletcher Horatio, 

56 94 

Biadt G. J. & D., 

81 18 

Ford Elisha, 

58 59 

Biagdon George, 

52 c2 

French Amos B., 

£3 48 

Broolss A. L., 

61 89 

French Benjamin P., 

360 54 

Brooks & Tyler, 

2C5 f2 

French Cyril, 

199 50 

Brown Ephiaim, 

61 43 

do. as trustee, 

92 40 

BiowreJl George, 

107 76 

French J. B., 

272 94 

Biuhank fSanuiel, 

93 90 

Galagher James, 

51 00 

Biiibai.k, thase & Co., 

52 60 

Gates Noah F., 

64 20 

; Burrap Ethan, 

76 C8 

Gates Jcsiah, 

63 .54 

Bisttrick A. W., 

106 11 

Gilbert Asahel, jr.. 

54 30 

CalefE. N., 

53 31 

Gladwin Silas F., 

130 33 


94 56 

Coding William, 

59 58 

Carletfn George H., 

258 90 

Graves John W., 

ISO 86 

! Carney Jan es G., 

51 66 

Gray Wm. C, 

90 60 

; Castles Stephen, 

269 13 

Green John, 

£8 26 

1 Chase John K., 

84 49 

Green John O., 

163 20 

'' Clark Joiathan, 

69 48 

do. as trustee, 

91 C8 

] Cobnrn Cyril, 

74 10 

Hadley Jolyi, 

117 CO 

i Cobnrn Franklin, 

53 14 

Hardy Bei jamin T., 

78 01 

Coburn IT. A. & S. A., 

90 12 

Hildreth F. A., 

131 52 

' Comins Thomas B., 

105 ]2 

Holton Frederick, 

51 00 

!: Converse Joshna, 

112 38 

Horn Samuel, 

101 16 

■ Critchet Nathaniel, 

156 eo 

Hovey Charles, 

63 21 

[, Cicsbv Nathan, 

53 64 

Howaid Horace, 

184 C5 

,, Crr .«by E. & G., 

92 10 

Hutchirson R. M., 

51 CO 

|; Crosby Sylvfstcr, 

97 86 

Kimball D. R., 

150 CO 

1' Cnshirg Stephen, 

111 72 

Kimball Gilman, 

78 C6 

i; Dalton J. C, 

93 24 

Kittrtdge A brer. 

160 46 

I;: Dana David, 

67 96 

Kittref'ge William, 

152 18 

|I Dar.a San nel I-., 
1 Davis Elisha, 

58 26 

Kiiowles John A., 

1S9 50 

173 10 

Lapham Rufiis L., 

51 66 



Leonard Ira, 

64 86 

Slieldon Ezra, estate of. 

50 49 

Livingston William, 

823 20 

Short Charles M., 

293 22 

Livingston Elbridge, 

66 84 

Smith & Nichols, 

118 80 

Manice Patrick, 

57 60 

Snow Harvey, 

56 28 

Mansiield George, 

124 92 

Southwick Royal, 

198 18 

Mansur Aaron, 

18-3 00 

Spalding Weld, 

135 81 

Mansur Stephen, 

1.3.5 48 

Spalding Sidney, 

440 07 

Mansur Alvah, heirs of, 

66 00 

Spalding Jonathan, 

181 09 

Marshall Avery, 

9.5 88 

Stott Charles, 

70 80 

Marston Jonathan M., 

66 18 

Swan Joshua, 

144 06 

Mather Joshua, 

Sri 00 

Svlvester Quincv, 

52 49 

Maynard John M., 

126 .57 

Talbot C. P. & Co., 

81 84 

McEvoy Hugh, 

67 17 

Thurston Benjamin, 

80 70 

McFarlin W. & L., 

74 94 

Tower James, 

109 41 

Mead John, 

54 63 

T\ ler Jonathan, 

445 02 

Merrill Joshua, 

1.35 48 

Varney S. J., 

56 91 

Mixer, Pitman «fc Co., 

85 80 

Watson Abijah, 

68 82 1 

Mixer & Wade, 

]12 20 

Watson Benjamin, 

56 78 = 

Moodv, Mrs. Susan M., 

112 86 

Watson Edward F., 

130 20 1 

Morse Wm. W., 

82 68 

Waugh John, 

201 30 

Nesmith John, 

674 48 

Weaver, Brothers, 

79 20 1 

Nesmith Thomas, 

486 36 

Wentworth Tappan, 

548 64 

Newman William, 

54 96 

Wentworth John R., 

52 32 

Norris George W., 

51 66 

West Daniel, 

188 28 

North William, 

55 27 

Wheeler Albert, 

70 80 

Parker Simon, 

76 08 

Wheelock A. C, 

261 54 

Pillslniry Harlin, 

111 39 

Whipple O. M., 

1,077 30 1 

Place Isaac, 

71 13 

White, Puffer «fc Co., 

99 99 1 

Putnam & Currier, 

51 48 

Whiting Henry, 

75 09 j 

Rand James H., 

87 96 

Whiting Mrs. Sarah C, 

92 27 

Raynes Joseph, 

62 88 

Whiting Phineas, 

126 57 

Reed Ransom, 

146 70 

Wilder Charles H., 

85 98 I 

Reed Henry, 

64 20 

Worthen E. B., 

54 96 1 

Richardson Daniel S., 

67 50 

Wright Walter, 

84 82 

Richmond Perez O., 

493 02 

Wright Alexander, 

105 12! 

Robbins Jacob, 

107 10 

Wright Nathaniel, 

365 49 1 

Rolfe Ahiel, 

53 97 

Wright John, 

106 44 1 

Rogers Zadock, heirs of, 

236 45 

Wyman William, 

82 68, 

Russell James, estate of, 

56 10 

Wyman V\ m. W., 

646 32 1 

Scripture Isaac, 

55 95 

Wright Hapgood, 

53 15 

Shapleigh Samuel C, 

51 33 

The following is a list of the Manufacturing Companies, wilh their ]| 

respective taxes : — 

Lowell Bleachery, 

$1,.385 47 

Massachusetts Company 

9,504 00 

Lowell Gas Company, 

528 00 

Merrin)ack Company, 

13,200 00 

Belvidere Flannel Co., 

310 20 

Middlesex Company, 

5,230 00 

Appleton Company, 

3,168 00 

Propr's Locks and Canals 

, 764 28 

Boott Company, 

6,.336 00 

Suffolk Company, 

3,168 00 

Hamilton Company, 

6,3,36 00 

Tremont Company, 

3,168 00 

Lawrenre Company, 

7,920 00 

Lowell Machine Shop, 

3,168 00 

Lowell Company, 

5,216 64 






At the Franklin Bookstore, No, 91 Central Street 

d?^ Blank Books made to order of any patterns. 



ABBEY WILLIAM, Lawrence, boards at J. Winterbottom 
Abbott Albert, boards at S. B. Abbott's 
Abbott Alexander R. Rev. house Merrimac opp. Austin 
Abbott Charles, overseer, Lawrence, house 25 Lawrence Corp. 
Abbott Charles R. Lowell, house Fletcher c. Lagrange 
Abbott Charlotte, Mrs. house 11 Suffolk Corporation 
Abbott Dorcas, Mrs. boarding-house, 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Abbott Fanny, Mrs. tailoress, house Central, n. Charles 
Abbott George, Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Abbott Hannah, Mrs. house 8 Tilden 

Abbott Herm m, Lawrence, boards 65 Lawrence Corporation 
Abbott Hugh A. mason, house Appleton, c. South 
Abbott James C. {Blaisdell ^ A.) counsellor, 3 Canal block, 
boards at Mrs. R. Abbott's [house Stackpole 

Abbott {Josiah G.) and Brown (S. A.) counsellors, 61 Central, 
Abbott Julian, coun. 49 Central, boards at Mrs. M. Graves's 
Abbott Levi W. at N. Freight depot, b. at S. K. Pickering's 
Abbott Matilda H. milliner, 8 Tilden, house do. 
Abbott Rachel, Mrs. house Moody 
Abbott Samuel, dentist, 15 Central, house do. 
Abbott Samuel B. mover of buildings, house Water, c. Andover 
Abbott Theresa, dress-maker, house 276 Merrimac 
Abbott Walter, Lawrence, house 48 do. Corporation 
Abbott Ziba, house Fayette 
Abby Allen, Mass. boards at Mrs. E. Silver's 
Abeil Lyman, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Adams Alanson, Appleton, boards at N. Robbins [Cottage 

Adams Alfred W. ( Geo. Darracott Jr. , Sg Co.) h. Chapel, opp. 
Adams Andrew, house Andover, nearly opposite High 
Adams Augustus, at Cushing & Mack's, b. at Mrs, S. Wiggins's 
Adams Charles, Rev. house Worthen, near Lowell 
Adams Charles J. & Co. {M. J. Adams ^ H. H. Wilder) feath- 
ers, furniture, and carpets, 6 Merrimac, house Bartlett 
Adams Charles J. deputy sheriff, 55 Central, house Bartlett 
Adams Cyrus P. at Cushing & Mack's, h. Willow, n. Arflfever 
Adams David, gardener, house 40 Appleton 
Adams Elisha (S. S^ E. Adams) house Walker, near Middlesex 


Adams Emery H. Merrimac, house 149 Merrimac Corporation 
Adams Enos H. shoemaker, boards at D. Swan's 
Adams Ezra, house Paige 

Adams George, boarding-house, 5 Aldrich Block, Middlesex 
Adams George R. clerk, 108 Central, boards 34 Hurd 
Adams Henry, stall market, boards at Mrs. S. A. Ford's 
Adams Henry D. jeweller, 43 Central, house Andover 
Adams Henry E. at S. B. Page & Co's, boards at Jona. Adams 
Adams {Horace J.) & North ( ]Vm. L.) furniture, feathers, and 

carpets, 108 Central, house 34 Hurd 
Adams James, contractor, Lowell M. S. house 1 Mechanic 
Adams Joel, counsellor, 49 Central, house Appleton 
Adams John, mason, house Merrimac, near the Hospital 
Adams John, house High, near Andover 

Adams John T. K. student at law, 49 Central, b. at J. Adams's 
Adams John \V. tinplate worker, 90 Central, house Willow, n. 

E. Merrimac [poration 

Adams Jonathan, Merrimac Print "Works, h. 32 Merrimac Cor- 
Adams Landon, overseer, Lawrence, house 75 Lawrence Corp. 
Adams Michael J. (C. J. Adams &; Co.) house 87 Central 
Adams Samuel, engineer, house 4 Garnet 
Adams Shubael P. {Caverly ^ Adams) h. Andover, n. the bridge 
Adams Smith & Elisha, tripe dealers. Walker, n. Middlesex, 

house do. 
Adams Wm. Gas Works, boards at 22 Tremont Corporation 
Adams Wm. boards at Mrs. J. Lufkin's 
Ahern James, foundry, house Short's Block, Lewis 
Aiken Benjamin F. Mrs. house Tyler 
Aiken James, wood dealer, Lowell, n. schoolhouse, h. do 
Aiken James, Lowell, boards at Mrs I. Swapp's 
Aiken John B. clerk at D. Dana's, boards 128 Central 
Ainley William H. Lowell Repair Shop, boards at J. Mills's 
Ainsworth William L. Middlesex, house 142 Central 
Akers Benjamin M. at Fiske & Norcross's, house 15 Middlesex 
Alabout Frank, machinist, boards at Merrimac House 
Alby Gilbert, Lawrence, boards 45 Cabot 
Alcott Gilman, pedler, house Dane, corner Lowell 
Alden Joseph, house Alder 

Aldred Samuel, blacksmith, at Gage & Wheeler's, h. 2 Cabot 
Aldrich {Milton) & Hapgood {E^jhraim) power-loom and carpet 

shuttles, Howe, house Ash 
Aldrich {Warren), Tyng {L. B.) & Co. {F. A. Calvert) prop. 

Steam Machine Shop, Middlesex, h Appleton, n. Garnet 
Aldridge Liberty, Merrimac, Repair Shop, boards American H. 
Alger Alonzo H, counsellor, house High, n. Oak 
Alger Daniel M. insurance agent, house Willow, n. Andover 


Alger Edmn A. {Broicn S^ A.) coun. 5o Central, h. High, n. Oak 
Alger Elvira, Mrs. nurse, boards 2 High. 
Allen Ann, Mrs. house Jefferson 
Allen Calvin, laborer, house Snell's B. Moody 
Allen Curtis L. apothecary, E. Merr. b. at American House 
Allen Hanson W. Lawrence, boards Qo Lawrence Corporation 
Allen Israel, book agent, boards 168 Merrimac 
Allen James M. Lowell Machine Shop, house 73 Mechanic 
Allen John, pedler, house Castles 
Allen John, dentist, 92 Merrimac, boards do. 
Allen John, tin-worker, h. 19 Ayer's Block, Tilden 
Allen Jonathan, house Paige 

Allen Joseph O. watchman, Merrimac, h. 2 Austin, c. Moody 
Allen Josiah H. house 176 Merrimac Corporation 
Allen Lucy C. Mrs. house Hieh, cor. E. Merrimac 
Allen Nathan, physician, 12 Hurd, house do. 
Allen Norris, Merrimac Print Works, h. Snell's B. Moody 
Allen Otis & Co. {Wm. Livingstoji S; E. N. Calef) lumber 
dealers and manufacturers of packing boxes, Living- 
ston & Calef's Mills, h. Middlesex, cor. School 
Allen Otis L. trunk and variety store, 68 Merrimac, h. Paige 
Allen Rufus, Merrimac, house 54 Merrimac Corporation 
Allen Thomas laborer, house Green 

Allen William, Merrimac Print Works, house 91 Merrimac Cor. 
Allen Wm. Lowell, house Union, opp. Chapel 
Allen William H, wire worker, 2 John 

Almy George L. Lowell Repair Shop, house 2 S. Franklin ct. 
Alverson Charles, at C. H. Wilder's, boards do. 
Ames Daniel, steam-mill, boards at Mrs. N. A. Smith's 
Ames John E. machinist, house 1 Goward's Block 
Ames Theodore, millwright, house Ash 
Ames Wm. Barton, Middlesex, boards at Henry Whipple's 
Ammidon John P. clerk, Central, cor. Gorham, boards at G. 

W. Walker's 
Amsden Abel, Boott, boards at G. Fisk's 
Amsden Hiram H. Tremont, boards 14 Tremont Corporation 
Amsden Samuel, carpenter, house Lagrange 
Anderson Jared, Lowell, house Grand, opp. Forest 
Anderson Peter, treas. Baldwin Manuf. Co., house Gorham, 

near Court House 
Anderson Peter, laborer, house Suffolk, cor. Cross 
Anderson Robert, carpenter, house Franklin, near Willie 
Anderson Thomas, Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. Upton's 
Andrew Aaron, physician, house School, corner Branch- 
Andrews Aaron, Lowell M. Shop, house 64 Worthen 
Andrews Charles C. Appleton, house Appleton, c. Pearl 


Andrews Ephraim, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. 30 F. sq. 
Andrews Geo. L. Gas Works, boards 39 Franklin sq. 
'Andrews Henry H. clerk, boards at E. Andrews's 
j Andrews Jeremiah, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Tyler, n. George 
! Andrews John, at R. & E. Gardner's, boards at S. Gibby's 
|Andj.-ews John, Middlesex, house Abbott- 
Andrews John, Suffolk, house 4 Cabot Block 
Andrews Nathaniel, house Fayette 
! Andrews William, at J. Siner's, house 5 Crosby 
,' Annabel John, blacksmith, house Cabot 
I Annan David L. Hamilton Repair Shop, b. at S. M. Annan's 
! Annan Sarah M. boarding-house, 41 Appleton 
'Anthony Isaac, contractor, Lowell M. Shop,h. Cross, n. "Willie 
! Anthony Joseph W. Mass. house High, near Andover 
'Appleton George B. {Tebbetts S^ Appleton) watches & jewelry, 
j 23 Central, boards Merrimac House 

I Appleton James P. clerk, house Central, near North 
|Arlen Abigail, Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Lawrence Corporation 
jArlen Charles H. boards 3 Lawrence Corporation 
' Arlin Betsey, Mrs. house Worthen, near Lowell [n. Chestnut 
lArlin Stephen N. painter, at Weaver & Brothers, h. Nesmith, 
'Armstrong Christopher, hackman, house Suifolk, cor. Cross 
I Armstrong Mary Ann, dress-maker, E. Merrimac, near Fayette 
) Arnold Charles E. mason, boards West Union, near South 
Ash James, laborer, house Fenwick 
! Ash Joseph, Lawrence, boards at 46 Cabot 
Ashley Henry, Boott, house 42 Boott Corporation 
Ashton Hezekiah, gardener, house Middle 
Ashton Joseph D. Lowell M. Shop, house 2-5 Worthen 
Ashton Stephen, contractor, L. M. S. h. Worthen, near Lowell 
Ashton Wm. Lowell, house 10 Middle 

Ashworth George, block-printer, h. Donahue's Block, Suffolk 
Ashworth James, Stott's mill, house Marshall 
Ashworth Sa^rer, file cutter. Rock, b. at Geo. Ashworth's 
Astle Abel, physician, Moore, house do 
Astle George, at Dr. A. Astle's, Whipple street 
Atherton Thomas, Merrimac Print Works, house 152 
Atherton Wra. machinist, Howe, house Everett, cor. Fayette 
Atkinson Charles, Middlesex, boards 53 Church 
Atkinson James B. Lawrence, boards 42 Cabot 
Atkinson James V. bill-poster, house 16 Appleton 
Atkinson Jonathan, shoemaker, house 14 Appleton 
j Atkinson Johnson P. house E. Merr. n. High st. square 
Atwoo^. Benjamin E. carpenter, house Union, near South 
Atwood Bela, job-wagon, house Gorham, near Hale's mills 
Austin Azro, teamster, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 


Austin George, house Central, corner Charles 

Austin Henry E. file-cutter, house Andover, corner High 

Austin James, boots, shoes, trunks, &c., 62 Merrimac, house 

16 Suffolk 
Austin Joseph W. carpenter, house Smith, corner Pine 
Austin Sarah, Mrs. house 12 South 
Austin Wm. W. blacksmith and horse shoer, Gorham corner 

Congress, house Chapel, near Union. 
Averill George F. Lowell M. Shop, boards at John Carley's 
Averill Samuel, Merrimac Repair Shop, house 82 Merr. Corp. 
Avery Ephraim, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Avery John, house Appleton, near Gorham 
Avery John, Lawrence, house 63 Lawrence Corporation 
Avery John Jr. clerk, boards at J. Avery's 
Avery Shadrack, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Ayer Abel M. painter, Cabot, boards at J. S. Eaton's 
Ayer Daniel, house School, corner Varney 
Ayer James C. & Co. {Carlos A. Cook) apothecary, 84 Central, 

boards Merrimac House 
Ayer James H. B. {Fletcher ^ A.) h. AVorthen, cor. Mechanic 
Ayer John L. Prescott, house Arcade Building 
Ayling Wm. L. comedian, house Russell's Block, Lowell 

BABB GEORGE, Locks and Canals, house 6 Lagrange ct. 
Babb George W. shoemaker, at F. Smith's, h. Willie, n. Lowell 
Baltb John, stone mason, house E. Merrimac opp. Ash 
Babb Mary, widow, house Middle, near Lowell Co. 
Babbington George, shoemaker, bonrds atT. Babbington's 
Ba')bington Thomas, Flannel Mills, house Andover, opp. Clay 
Babbitt" B. F. at Moore & Cheney's, b. at Mrs A. D. Cox's 
Babcock Andrew J. coppersmith, boards at G. Adams 
Babcock Charles A. agent Lowell Bleachery, house Moore 
Bacon Edward C. clerk at D. West & Go's, boards at Mrs. E. 

C. Black's 
Bacon R. boots and shoes, 17 Merrimac, b. American House 
Bachelder Abram, clerk, 6 Welles Block, house Bartlett 
Bachelder Augustine L. house Bartlett [mac Corp. 

Bachelder David S. Merrimac Print Works, house 107 Merri- 
Bachelder Enoch W. Mrs. boarding-house, Bartlett [High 

Bachelder George W. student at A. W. Farr's, h. Bartlett, n. 
Bachelder James C. boarding-house, 142 Merrimac Corp. 
Bachelder John, at Peabody & Woodward's, boards at Mrs. E. 

W. Bacheldcr's 
Bachelder Joseph C. Merrimac, boards 142 Merrimac Corp. 
Bachelder Joseph C. boards at Mrs. E. W. Bacheldcr's 
Bachelder Josiah, boarding-house. Moody, near Suffolk 


Bachelder Rachel, Mrs. h. Bartlett, near Alder [Bachelder's 

Bachelder Iloscoe G. bookbinder, 24 Central, boards at Mrs. R. 

Badger Elisha, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 

Badger James W. carpenter, house Franklin 

Badger Maria, widow of Obadiah, boarding, rear Middlesex, 

nearly opposite Gravestone Manufactory 
Bagley John, laborer, house Adams 
Bagley Sophia, widow, house South, near Summer 
Bailey Anson, fruit, &c. Central, house Andover, cor. Fayette 
Bailey Benjamin W. stone-mason, h. Chelmsford, n.Howard 
Bailey Francis M. house 18 Middlesex 
Bailey Hervey, painter, boards at Mrs. N. A. Smith's 
Bailey Jeremiah, clerk at B. T. Hardy's, boards 13 Central 
Bailey John, mason, house Moody 

Bailey Manasseh, shoe-maker, house High, opposite Everett 
Bailey Mark, house 18 Middlesex street 
Bailey Martha, Mrs. house corner Middlesex and Pearl 
Baker Amos, carpenter, house Summer, near Davis 
Baker George W Lowell M. Shop, house 64 Worth eu 
Baker George W. Lowell, boards at B. P. Pillsbury's 
Baker John, machinist, boards 14 Swamp Locks 
Baker John C. Massachusetts, boards at J. F. Nelson's 
Baker Joseph H. Lowell, house Lewis, corner Little 
Baker Lucy, Miss, nurse, boards at Nathaniel Morrison's 
Baker Mary B. Mrs. boarding-house, 36 Boott Corporatioa 
Baker Owel, job-wagon, house Pawtucket 
Baker Sarah, Mrs. boarding-house, o Hurd 
Baker Slocomb, boards at B. P. Pillsbury's 
Baker Stephen, carpenter, house Gorham, near Thorndike 
Baker Stephen C. machinist, house rear Appleton, near Pearl 
Baker Sylvanus P. carpenter, boards at A. K. Hood's 
Baker William, boots, boards Davidson lane 
Baker William R. shoe-blacking maker, corner Chapel and 

Walnut, house Central, corner Walnut 
Balch Henry, carpenter, house Fletcher, corner Lagrange 
Balch Perle'y, Principal Edson School, h. Central, above Elm 
Balcom David O. clerk at A. S. Battles, h. Cabot, n. Moody 
Balcom Hermogene S. at AV. W. Webster's 
Balcom Jesse, at S. & E. Adams's, h. r. Middlesex, n. Walker 
Balcom Varnum, carpenter, house Hobbs's B. Lowell 
Baldwin Clarke G. Lawrence, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Baldwm MattheAv, chair painter, house Gorham, near Walnut 
Baldwin Nathaniel O. at A. B. French's b. atD. Summer's 
Baldwin Thomas, Lowell, house 24 Lowell Corporation 
Ball Nathaniel, Lawrence, boards 14 Suffolk 
Ballard Jacob, at O. M. Whipple, boards at C. C. Johnson's 


Ballard Nathan, Lawrence, house 73 Lawrence Corporation 

Ballard William, Lawrence, house 30 Lawrence Corporation 

Ballinger Patrick, Lowell, house Carpet lane 

Ballon George H. machinist, house 2 Aldrick Block, Middlesex 

Bamford John, Hamilton, house "Walnut 

Banbronker Lucinda, widow, house 40 Chapel 

Bancroft Harvey, grocer, Merrimac, corner Cabot, house do. 

Bancroft (Horatio) & Moore {E. A.), restorator, Cobum's 

Block, boards 77 Central 
Bancroft Jefferson, Deputy Sheriff, house Pawtucket 
Bancroft Selwyn, W. I. goods, Market, opp. Carpet Co. h. do. 
Bangs Edward, tin-plate worker, boards at Mrs. A. Dawes 
Bangs Dean, ( /. W. ^ D. Bangs) 
Bangs Isaac W. & D. stoves, tin-plate and sheet-iron workers, 

llo and 117 Central,and Middlesex, near the Depot, house 

Summer, opposite Common 
Barclay Cyrus P. carpenter, house Pine 
Barker Achsah, Mrs. house 57 Massachusetts Corporation 
Barker Alfred D. Tremont, house 40 Tremont street 
Barker Benjamin B. Appleton, boards atN. Robbins's 
Barker Enoch W. overseer watch & yard, Suffolk, h. 9 Race 
Barker Samuel, Lawrence, h. 58 Lawrence Corporation 
Barker Stephen, Jr. livery stable, house 16 Suffolk 
Barker William K. Prescott, house 57 Massachusetts Corp. 
Barlow Richard, tailor, 12 Adams Block, house do. 
Barnard Benjamin, carpenter, boards at Rhoda Blaisdell's 
Barnard F. Mason, house Fayette [Austin 

Barnard John R. at Puffer & Howe's, house Merrimac, opp. 
Barnard Jonathan, boarding-house, 27 and 28 Massachusetts 
Barnard William, Merrimac, house o6 Merrimac Corp. 
Barnes Carlos, carpenter, house 5 Lagrange court 
Barnes Charles E. contractor, Lowell M. S. house 66 Worthen 
Barnes Emily R. Mrs. tailoress, 40 Central 
Barnes Henry, Stott's mills, house Taylor's court [Alder 

Barnes Henry H. tailor, 5 Canal Block, h. E. Merrimac, above 
Barnes John, Lawrence, house 4 Dodge 
Barnes John, Middlesex, boards at A. Huntoon's 
Barnes John H. musician, boards at Mrs. P. Underwood's 
Barnes Joseph, Middlesex, house 13 George 
Barnes Samuel J. M. boards at Amos Merriam's 
Barnes Thomas J. whips, trunks, &c. 52 Central, house Bart- 

lett, corner Livermore 
Barnes Thomas Z. clerk at A. Wheeler's, house 5 Race 
Barr Andrew, house Bartlett 

Barr Isaac, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation [South 

Barr John, shoe-maker, 3 Prescott Block, house Summer, near 


Ban Thomas, silk printer, house Gorham, opp. Court House 

Barr William, at J. McDonald's, boards do. 

Barrett Andrew, at O. M. Whipple's, house Bickford place 

Barrett Daniel, Lawrence Repair Shop, house Race, n. Moody 

Barrett Isaac, overseer, Boott, h'-use 73 Boott Corporation 

Barrett James, house Davis 

Barrett John, at O. M. Whipple's, house at Tewksbury 

Barrett Patrick, at O. M. Whipple's, boards at T. Barrett's 

Barrett Richard, house Winter 

Barrett Thomas, at O. M. Whipple's, house at Tewksbury 

Baron Christopher, house Middlesex, opp. Tremont House 

Baron Christopher, Jr. Merrimac, boards at Jacob Barron's 

Baron Frederick, clerk, boards at C. Baron's 

Baron George, Lowell M. S. house Grand, opposite Forest 

Baron Jacob, carpenter, house 104 Merrimac 

Baron John, proprietor Franklin House, Moody 

Baron Lewis, house Middlesex, corner Carlton [Grand 

Barrows John M. carpenter, Tremont, house Middlesex, cor. 

Barry Daniel, laborer, house Jefferson 

Barry Daniel, laborer, house Little 

Barry Daniel, wheelwright, Pawtucket, house Beacon 

Barry David, Lowell, boards at Mrs. J. Swapp's 

Barry David, laborer, house Lowell 

Barry Ellen, Mrs. house Cross 

Barry E. H. teamster, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 

Barry James, teamster, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 

Bariy Jeremiah, laborer, house Adams 

Barry Patrick, house Gorham, corner Winter 

Barry Richard, Merrimac Print Works, house Jefferson 

Barry Timothy, foundry, house Adams 

Barry William Rev. house Chestnut, near corner Nesmith 

Barry William, laborer, house North 

Barsante John H. machinist, boards 118 Merrimac 

Barstow Henry, Mrs. boarding-house, 13 Massachusetts Corp. 

Barth Daniel W. hair-dresser, 3 American Bl. house Lawrence, 

near Ames 
Barth Jacob, boards at D. W. Barth's 
Bartlett Abner, carpenter, house Chestnut, near Ash 
Bartlett Albion, carpenter, boards at Mrs. P. Hill's 
Bartlett Benjamin D. physician, office 9 Welles' Blk [Merrill 
Bartlett Benjamin F. at P. O Richmond's, house Taylor, cor. 
Bartlett Bradford, machinist, boards 20 Hurd 
Bartlett Edward, painter, W Minot s, house 3 Shaw's Bl. Pine 
Bartlett George, overseer, Lawrence, boards 11 Boott Corp. 
Bartlett George W. overseer, Lowell, boards at D. Parker's 
Bartlett Hannah D. boarding-house, 14 Merrimac Corporation 


Bartlett Homer, Treas. Mass. and Prescott, h. Kirk, c. Paige 

Bartlett James, cooper, Lowell, house Dummer 

Bartlett Nathaniel, boarding-house. 11 Merrimack Corp. 

Bartlett Nathaniel J. boards at H. D. Bartlett's 

Bartlett Stephen, Lawrence, house 23 Lawrence Corporation 

Bartlett Sylvanus, Mass. boards at Lovina Wadleigh's 

Bartlett Wise, carpenter, house George, opposite William 

Barton Charles C. Boott, house 57 Boott Corporation 

Barton George H. painter, house Adams 

Bascom Jonathan, boards at B. F. Lesure's 

Bascom AVilliam, shoe store, 188 Merrimac, house Kirk, 

nearly opposite Paige 
Basford Alanson M. shoemaker, house Walnut 
Barston K. at Fiske & Norcross, boards Tremont House 
Bates Dennis P. boards at N. Robbins's 
Bates Harrison L. Middlesex, boards 29 Church 
Bates James, Merrimac, boards 80 Me'iimac Corporation 
Bates Otis B. mason, house Gorham, ne tr Central 
Battles Augustus S. dry g lods, 40 Merrimack, h. 87 Central 
Battles Charles F. paymaster, Tremont, boards at A. Stevens's 
Battles Cyrus, Tremont, house 35 Tremont Corporation 
Battles Cyrus M. clerk at B. T. Hardy's, b. 35 Tremont Corp. 
Battles Frank F. agent, Prescott, house Kirk 
Battles James M. Middlesex counting-room, boards 87 Central 
Baxter Andrew, laborer, house Keene [Lawrence 

Baxter Darwin D. dry goods, 5 Appleton Blk, house Cady near 
Baxter George, driver, at A. B. French's, house 23 Church 
Baxter Henry J. merchant tailor, and furnishing goods, 29 Cen- 
tral, house Chestnut, corner Willow 
Baxter Hugh, laborer, house Castles 

r.nxter Lawrence, musician, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Beal William, machinist, boards 5 Austin 
Beals Daniel B. house Moody, corner Cabot 
Bean Albert, LoAvell Machine Shop, house 11 Marion 
Bean Caleb M. Lawrence, house 34 Lawrence Corporation 
Bean Daniel, Middlesex, boards at A. Chamberlain's 
Bean Daniel G. architect, Fletcher, corner Dane, house do. 
Bean David G. Merrimac, house 62 Merrimac Corporation 
Bean Elkanah F. locks and canals, house Cushing 
Bean George J. Merrimac, house 40 Merrimac Corporation 
Bean George W^. Insurance agent, h. South, n. West Union 
Bean Hannah M. boarding-house, corner Central and Charles 
Bean James, job-wagon, house Queen 
Bean Joseph W. Hamilton, house 1 Edgerly's court 
Bean Orson K. Hamilton, house Appleton, corner South 
Bean Robinson, laborer, house Taylor's court 


Bean Samuel, laborer, house School, opposite Cross 
Bean Samuel G. (Noyes ^ Bean), house 3 Church 
Bean William H. mason, boards 126 Merrimac Corporation 
Bean William W. carpenter, house School, corner Somerset 
Beard Arthur, Merrimac, boards at 44 Merrimac Corporation 
Beard George G. cab-driver, boards at P. Brogan's 
Beard Ithamar A. city treasurer and collector. City Hall, house 
Pawtucket [house corner Appletun and South 

Beard {Ithamar W.) & Gunnison {A. G.), coun. 61 Central, 
Beard Samuel, Lawrence, house Merrimac 
Beard W^illiam H. H. Merrimac, house 44 Merrimac Corp. 
Beattie Francis, butcher, house Adams 

Beaty {T/iomasj & Grant {Justics), butchers, Lowell, corner 
Hanover, house at Dracut [house Tyler 

Bebby John H. importer of laces, 4 Williams Block, Central, 
Bebby Frederick, clerk, 4 Williams Block, b. at J. H. Bebby's 
Beck Samuel, at Cushing & Mack's, house Austin, cor. Ford 
Beckett Alexander, dyer, house Cheever, near School 
Bedee John, bobbin maker, boards at Mrs. J. Combs's 
Bedee Moses V. stonecutter, Middlesex, house Marshall 
Bedlow Artemas, shoes and variety, Gorham, n. Summer, h. do. 
Bedlow George W. (C. S. Eastman i^ Co.) boards 66 Lawrence 
Corporation [Corporation 

Bedlow Joseph, superintendent, Lawrence, house 66 Lawrence 
Beggs James, laborer, house Carter 

Belden Charles F. Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman [S. Coleman's 

Bell Elizabeth, Mrs. confectionery, 22U Merrimac, boards at J. 
Bell Hesther, Mrs. house Lowell,'corner Worthen 
Bell Robert G. currier, Prescott, house 8 East Merrimac 
Bell {William)\8i. Brown {Samuel T.), butter, &c., city market, 

house High, near Andover 
Bellows Samuel M., Advertiser office, h. Merrimac, c. Cabot 
Bement William B. Lowell M. Shop, house 67 Mechanic 
Bemis Arzina, Mrs. house Kirk avenue 
Bemis Nancy, Mrs. house 38 Chapel 
Bemis Simeon, carpenter, boards HE. Merrimac 
Bennett Charles B. Hamilton, boards Summer, corner South 
Bennett Horace W. Merrimac, house 65 Merrimac Corp. 
Bennett John, civil engineer, Mansur's building, 55 Central, 

house Appleton, near South 
Bennett Royal A. Bleachery, boards at F. L. Moore's 
Bennett Wilder, mason, h. Bartlett, 4th door from High st. sq. 
Bennett William H. civil engineer, boards Avith John Bennett 
Bennett William S. merchant tailor, 11 Central, house Chest- 
nut, ccruer Willow 
Benson Samuel, doors and blinds, Howe, house Fayette 


Benson "William, carpenter, house 15 East Merrimac 

Bent {Charles) & Bush {Francis), hat store, 30 Central, opp. 

Post-office, house Andover, corner Harrison 
Benthall {John O.) & Hilton (//. W.), dry goods, 42 Merri- 
mac, house at Centralville 
Bentley Samuel, Round House, house Marshall 
Bergron Derque, cordwainer, boards 62 Mass. Corporation 
Berick Edward C. machinist, boards at Mrs, M. Berick's 
Berick Francis H. Rev. house Moody 

Berick Margaret, widow of Harmones, h. Spring, cor. South 
Bernard Samuel, laborer, house alley be. Middle and Market 
Berrian Patrick, house corner Gorham and Winter 
Berry {Alfred) & Cochran {M. H.), fancy goods, shoes, trunks, 

&c. 114 Merrimac, boards at H. C. Dean's 
Berry Benjamin F. restorator, Cabot, corner Moody, boards at 

Mrs. L. H. McFarland's 
Berry Charles D. teamster, house Brewery court 
Berry Charles R. shoemaker, house 5 Suffolk street 
Berry Edward, house School, near Pawtucket 
Berry EUson H. teamster, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Berry Theophilus D. carpenter, house Linden, opposite Elm 
Besse Joseph Y. bathing -rooms. Market, opp. Carpet, h. do. 
Besse Warren, boarding-house, 3 Hamilton Corporation 
Betts Courtlandt P. S. bookkeeper at Mixer, Pitman & Co's. 

boards 27 Central 
Bickford James, Lowell, house Bancroft Block, Market 
Bickford Joseph, Merrimac, house 174 Merrimac Corp. 
Bickford Leveret, at O. M. Whipple's, boards Stone House 
Bickford Selwyn E. at S. Bancroft's, boards at J. Bickford's 
Bickford William, powder-mill, house Stone House 
Bicknell John, laborer, house High near East Merrimac 
Bicknell Samuel F. Prescott, house 38 Prescott Corporation 
Bicknell Zimri, Merrimac, house 198 Merrimac 
Biddle Thomas, Lowell, house 7 Water 
Bidwell Francis L. clerk at J. Chamberlain's, boards do. 
Bigelow Alfred, watchman, Middlesex, boards 77 Central 
Bigelow M. W. Boott, boards 7 Boott Corporation 
Billings Alexander L. Lowell, boards at Mrs. E. Haynes's 
Billings Dorothy B. milliner, 70 Merrimac, boards 92 do. 
Billings George W. express, house 7 Austin 
Billings John, Law. R. R. express, house Howard 
Billings Mary A. Miss, dress-maker, 13 Tilden, house do. 
Billings S. M. Miss, 41 Merrimac, boards at P. Winn's 
Bills John, Mass. boards at Mathew Downe's 
Binks John, pedler, house Market 
Bird Catharine, Mrs. house Lee 


Bisbee Eunice, Mrs. house George, nearly opposite William 

Bisbee Ira, at Win. Godding, h. George, n. opp. William 

Bishop Thomas, laborer, house FenAvick 

Bishop Thomas, at Fiske & Norcross's 

Bissett Lawrence, blacksmith, house Middle 

Bixby Hannah, Mrs. boarding-house, 15 Merrimac Corporation 

Bi.xby Mary, Mrs. house Appleton, corner Thorndike 

Bixby Thoma?, leather dealer, Middle, h. Middlesex, n. School 

Bixby T. Parker, wood and ice, house Pawtucket 

Black E. C. Mrs. boarding-house, 83 Central 

Black Hugh, dyer, house Button 

Black Patrick, Bleachery. house Gorham, near Central 

Blackburn James, at 0. Nichols & Co's, h. Green, n. William 

Blackcnden Daniel, blacksmith, boards at E. Corliss's 

Blacker Robert, Pi.ev. house Central, corner Abbott 

Blackie John, at J. F. Evans's 

Blackmer Warren, painter, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 

Blackwell Robert, laborer, house Jefferson square 

Blair Enoch R. city watchman, house School, corner Cross 

Blair William P. B. laborer, house Howard, below Chelmsford 

Blaisdell David, carpenter, house 218 Merrimac 

Blaisdell {Harrison G.) & Abbott {J. C), counsellors, 3 Canal 

Block, house Appleton, near Pearl 
Blaisdell Jonathan H. house 40 Swamp L. Worthen 
Blaisdell Nicholas C. boarding-house, 6 Mass. 
Blaisdell Rhoda, Mrs. house Appleton, near South 
Blaisdell Theophilus C. watchman, h. Appleton, n. South 
Blaisdell William, painter, house Summer, cor. Davis 
Blake Betsey R. boarding-house. 20 Prescott Corporation 
Blake Calvin, carpenter, house Elm 
Blake George, carpenter, house Appleton, near South 
Blake Dorothy, Mrs. boards 78 Merrimac 
Blake John H. apothecary, 14 Middlesex, op. Appleton Works, 

house corner Central and Richmond avenue 
Blake John S. moiilder, boards at A. Bedlow's 
Blake Joseph, at Fiske & Norcross's, boards at Tremont House 
Blake Joseph P. {A. Gilbert, Jr. &; Co.) b. at J. B. Fielding's 
Blake Lyman, Mechanic's Mills, house Grand, opp. Forest 
Blake Mary, house Mason's court 
Blake Samuel, boards at James Bowers's 
Blake Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Blake Thomas C. carpenter, house 2 Adams Block 
Blake Wilbur, at B. H. Shepard & Co's, 77 Merrimac 
Blakie John, tailor, boards at Mrs. L. M. Stickney's 
Blanchard Aaron, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 73 Mechanic 
Blanchard Amos, Rev. house Kirk 


Blanchard Amos, clerk at G. P. Elliott's, b. at Mrs. E. C. Black's 
Blanchard Amos, Jr. clerk Railroad Bank, boards at Rev. A. 
Blanchard's [chard's 

Blanchard Arthur, clerk, Prescott Bank, b. at Mrs. C. Blau- 
Blanchard Clarissa, Mrs., East Merrimac, nearly opp. Ash 
Blanchard Dolly, Mrs. house Moody 

Blanchard Jeannette, Miss, boarding-house, 7 Market [Grand 
Blanchard Joseph, Boston and Lowell R. R. h. Middlesex, cor. 
Blanchard Marshal, laborer, house io Cabot 
Blanchard William D. Lowell M. Shop, house 48 Worthen 
Blessington Bernard, house Winter 
Blessingtou James, Middlesex, house Castles 
Blethin Joseph, Merri'k Print Woiks, house Snell B. Moody 
Blinn Simon, Middlesex 

Bliss Philetus, saw-mill, boards at J. W. Austin's 
Bliss Sarah, millinery, 88 Merrimac, b. ol Boott Corporation 
Blodgett Walter M. overseer, boards 16 Appleton 
BlodgGtt Wilder, house Carpet lane 
Blood Amos G. baker, 2-57 Merrimac, house do. 
Blood Andrew, overseer, Boott, house 69 Boott Corporation 
Blood Benjamin A. butcher, house Race, near the bridge 
Blood Cyrus, Suffolk, house Cabot, below the bridge 
Blood Hiram, Lowell Macliine Shop, boards at S M. Annan's 
Blood John L. stone-cutter, house 9 Dodge 
Blood Joseph, driver, at Weaver & Brother's, h. 4 Water 
Blood Martha, Mrs. house Cabot, below the bridge 
Blood Rufus, painter, house Lawrence 
Blood William S. Andover, corner Willow 
Boardman Amos, boarding-house, 40 Lawrence Corporation 
Boardman G. O. shoes, &c., boards at N. L. Fowler's 
Boardman Langley H. {Plummer S^ B.) b. Howard House 
Boardman Samuel A. boots and shoes, 13 Merrimac 
Boardman William E. Boott, house 10 Boott Corporation 
Boddy Bridget, Mrs. house Davidson 
Bodwell Enoch, blacksmith, h. Howard, near Middlesex 
Bohan Martin, Boott, boards at Mrs. A. Nudd's 
Bohonon Carlos, boards at W. H. Turner's 
Boles Palmer, Lowell M. Co. boards at B. Robinson's 
Boles Parker, carpenter, boards at Wm. Elston's 
Bond John H. boards at J. Wrigly's 
Bond Nancy P. Mrs. boarding-house, 22 Merrimac Corp. 
Bond Nicholas, carpenter, house Lowell, opp. Adams 
Bond Olive, Mrs. dress-maker, house Lowell, opp. Adams 
Bonney Arthur P. coun. 19 Appleton Bl. h. at Dracut Heights 
gonney Milton, bookseller, 35 & 37 Merrimac, h. at Centralville 
Booth Alexander, at D, Dana's, boards at Wm. Hughes's 


Booth Amos, paper-maker, house Cabot, near Lowell 
Booth Benjamin, Hamilton, house r. Lawrence, near Cady 
Booth James, Bleachery, boards at T. Brundett's 
Booth Nathaniel, hair-dresser, "Washington House, boards do. 
Booth Robert, Bleachery, boards at T. Brundett's 
Boothby Edward K. Woods & Nute's, house Mclntire 
Bostick Patrick, laborer, house William 
Boston Wm. at Fisk's & Norcross's, Middlesex 
Boswell Thomas C. produce, house School, West side 
Boucher Timothy, Middlesex, house 8 Water 
Bowen Charles, house Winter 

Bowen James, laborer, house market, near Shattuck 
Bowen Tyler, shoemaker, boards at Mrs. E. Silver's 
Bowers Anthony, machinist, boards at I. Moullon's 
Bowers Francis H. overseer, Tremont, house Race 
Bowers George, at G. P. Elliott, boards at Mrs. E. C. Black's 
Bowers James, house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Bowers John, Lawrence, house 34 Lawrence Corporation 
Bowers Jonathan, Mrs. house Pawtucket, near Walker [ers's 
Bowers Jonathan, carriage-maker, Pawtucket, b. Mrs. J. Bow- 
Bowers Martin, at Roger Lang's, Floyd 
Bowers T. Coburn, carpenter, LoAvell, house 10 Marion 
Bowker Edmund, currier, house Hale, corner Chelmsford 
Bowler Patrick, Merrimac, house Adams 

Bowman AVilliam P. Cloth Room, Hamilton, boards 77 Central 
Boyce E. W. Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Boyoe Henry C. clerk, boards 9 Central 
Boyden Erastus, Massachusetts, house 28 Prescott 
Boyden Harriet, Mrs. boarding-house, 7 Lawrence Corp. 
Boyden Horatio W. Lowell, boards at Harriet Boyden's 
Boyd John, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. A. H. Dunham's 
Boyes Norman, Lawrence, boards 45 Cabot 
Boyle Daniel, laborer, house Putney's, court 
Boyle Patrick, pedler, boards at Mrs. C. Guilfy's 
Boynton Amos R. physician, Wentworth Building 
Boynton Benjamin F. overseer, Lowell, h. Adams, n. Lagrange 
Boynton Huldah, Mrs. house 2 Whipple, Stone House 
Boynton James W. engineer, house Gorham, n. Central 
Boynton Jane, widow, house Union, corner Central 
Boynton Mark C. Bleachery, house do. 
Boynton Nathaniel, Massachusetts, boards at T. Leeman's 
Brabrook Joseph A. harness-maker, Market, opp. City market, 

house Tyler 
Bracey David, coffin ware-house, Market, house do. 
Brackett Azariah, overseer, Mass. house at Tewksbury 
Brackett Samuel, overseer, Suffolk, house 6 Cabot Block 


Brackett Shadrach R, carpenter, Howe, house Bartlett 
Bradford James W. painter,? Central, b at M. S. Dickerman's 
Bradford Robert, fancy goods, 11 Merrimac, house do. 
Bradford William, Lowell M. Shop, b. at M. S. Dickerman's 
Bradbury Caleb L. pumps and lead pipe, 117 Central, boards at 

L. Greenleaf s 
Bradley Daniel S. clerk, at S. B. Simonds's 
Bradley Edward W. clerk, at Courier office, h. Bartlett, n. Alder 
Bradley Hugh, baker, house 2 Union court 
Bradley H. A. millinery, 75 Merrimac 
Bradley James, Merrimac, house Dummer 
Bradley J. Brooks, roll-coverer, SufF. h. Fayette, n. Merrimac 
Bradley Lewis, Merrimac, house 173 Merrimac Corporation 
Bradley Oliver L. clerk, boards at 173 Merrimac 
Bradley Mary, Mrs. house 73 Merrimac 
Bradley Mary, Mrs. house William 
Bradley Patrick, carpet-weaver, house Wamesit 
Bradley Peter, Hamilton, house North 
Bradley Sarah K. boards at Mrs. L. Horn's 
Bradley Thomas D. wool-sorter, house Cushing 
Bradley William, Merrimac, boards 92 Merrimac Corporation 
Bradley William, B. & L. R. R. house Crosby 
Bradley William T. at T. Hardy's, boards at Mrs. H. Smith's 
Bradshaw John A. machinist, house rear Chelmsford, n. Hale 
Bradshaw Joseph, bonnet-presser, h. r. Chelmsford, n. Hale 
Brady Bridget, widow, house over C. B. Russ & Co., East 

Brady James, laborer, house Smith 
Brady John, Lowell, house Dummer, corner Mechanic 
Brady John, laborer, house 3 Lewis [house do. 

Brady Michael, refreshments, Lowell corner Maiden Lane, 
Brady Patrick, laborer, house Lowell, corner Maiden Lane 
Brady Patrick, laborer, house Keene 
Brady Patrick, carpenter, boards at P. Bradv's 
Brady William G. at John Holt's, house 9 Wall 
Bradt Daniel, house Tyler 

Bradt David & G. J. bakers, Whiting, house do. 
Bradt Garrett J. (D. <Sr G. J. Bradt), house Whiting 
Bragdon George, Merrimac, house 155 Merrimac Corp. 
Bragg Charles M. at Darracott & Co's. boards at M. Bragg's 
Bragg Maynard, Lowell M. Shop, house 74 Mechanic 
Brandon James M. comedian, boards American House 
Brannin James, Middlesex, house Water 
Brasbridge 0. L. carpenter at Museum, house High, between 

Chestnut and Andover 
Brastow Addison, watchmaker 129 Central, b. Washington H. 


Brazer Charles E. clerk, at W. P. Brazer's, boards 27 Central 
Brazer William P. hats, caps, and furnishing goods, Market, 

corner Central, house 27 Central 
Breck Luc)', Mrs. boarding-house, 8 Merrimac Corporation 
Breed Henry K. provisions, 33 Church, house do. 
Breen Charles, Middlesex, house Gorham, corner Putney's ct. 
Brennan Lawrence, Bleachery, boards at 11. J. Dewhurst's 
Brennan Michael, pedler, house Merrimac, near Austin 
Brennan Patrick, Middlesex, boards at Ann Quinn's 
Brennan Patrick, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence court 
Brennan Thomas, Massachusetts, house Little, near Lewis 
Brenton Joseph, Hamilton, house Central, near Charles 
Brewster John, wood-sawyer, house 6 Austin 
Brewster William, Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corp. 
Brewster William H. Rev. house Lowell, corner Dane 
Brezyl Michael, teamster, William Livingston's, h. Somerset 
Briar William, house 4 Middlesex place 
Brick Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick 
Bride Rufus W. house 40 S. Locks, Worthen 
Bridge Adam, Lowell Machine Shop, boards Christian Bridge's 
Bridge Charles, harness-maker, ne^r depot, Middlesex, house 

Summer, corner South 
Bridge Christian, Mrs. boarding-house,Water, corner Andover 
Bridge Eirene, widow, house Chapel, near Union 
Bridge James P. commission merchant, b, American House 
Bridge John, boards at Mrs. C. Bridge's 
Bridge Thomas, Merrimac, house High, n. E. Merrimac 
Brierley Lawe, Middlesex, boards 135 Central 
Brierley Thomas, overseer. Flannel Mills, house Fayette 
Brierton John, Middlesex, house William 
Brigham Danforth P. Merrimac, house 125 Merrimac Corp. 
Brigham James, butcher, house Pine 
Brigham Mary, house Moody 
Brigham Sarah, Mrs. boarding-house, Market 
Brigham Warren, Lowell M. Shop, boards at C. F. Hard's 
Brigham William F. overseer, Mass. house 48 Mass. Corp. 
Briggs George, Hamilton, house 45 Hamilton Corporation 
Briggs John Jr. Tremont, house 20 Tremont Corporation 
Briggs Sumner, Boott, boards at G. W. Lewis's 
Brinsley Frederick, hair-dresser, Middlesex opp. depot, h. do. 
Brint Isaac, Middlesex, house Pleasant 
Britton Preston, Lowell Machine Shop, house 50 Middlesex 
Brogan Barney, laborer, house Davis, corner Winter 
Brogan Daniel, laborer, h. alley between Merrimac and Middle 
Brogan Peter, boarding-house, Moody, near Cabot 


Brooks {Artemas L.) & Tyler {Ignatius), lumber dealers, 

Mechanics' Mills, Button, h. Fletcher, opp. Lagrange 
Brooks Charles N. carpenter, house 16 N. Franklin court 
Brooks Daniel, canal tender, house School, near Pawtucket 
Brooks James, block printer, house Crosby 
Brooks John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 6 Swamp Locks 
Brooks John, Middlesex, boards at Hosea Smith's 
Brooks Luther, house 16 North Franklin court 
Brooks Newell P. at Brooks & Tyler's 

Brooks Stillman, Lawrence, house 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Brooks Susan, widow, house South near Middlesex 
Brooks Susan, Mrs. house o Suffolk court 
Brooks William, Appleton, boards at N. Robbins's 
Brooks William, laborer, house Kirk Avenue 
Brooks William F. hair-dresser, 1 Mechanics' Block, house 

Kirk Street Avenue 
Brophy Dennis, Mass. boards 4 Theatre Block, Lowell 
Brophy Edward, hatter, house Winter 
Brophy Ellen, Mrs. house Dummer 

Brophy Thomas, fruit and confectionery. Railroad H. Lowell 
Brothers Ephraim, Middlesex, house 4 Warren court 
Brothers Henry, Steam Mills, boards 19 Charles 
Broughton George, Middlesex, boards 4 Warren court 
Brown Aaron, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Brown Abel, house Gorham, corner Auburn 
Bi:own Abijah, at Colby & Pollard's 
Brown Abner H. city physician, house 174 Merrimac 
Brown Abraham R house Auburn, corner Linden 
Brown Almira G. Mrs. dress-maker, 55 Merrimac, cor. John 
Brown {Alpheus R.) & Alger {E. A.), coun. 5o Central, house 

Kirk, near Paige 
Brown Amos, mason, h. 5 Goward Block 
Brown Amos S. teamster, house Smith 
Brown Ann, Mrs. house Davidson 
Brown Asahel, Tremont, house 3 Lyman 
Brown Benjamin, house Middlesex, above School 
Brown Benjamin W. painter, boards at N. L. Fowler's 
Brown Bradbury, boarding-house, 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Brown Charles S. watchman. Railroad, house Rock 
Brown Daniel C. reed-maker, boards at C. Way's 
Brown Darius C. & Co. reed maker, Middle, and power-loom 
harness-maker, Warren, house Church, corner Warren 
Brown Deliverance, P. Locks and Canals, house, h. 7 Marion 
Brown E. B. physician, house Fayette 
Brown Ephraim, Mrs. house rear Tyler, near Lawrence 


Brown Ephraim, china and glass ware, 43 Merrimac, boards 

at Mrs. R. B. Pollard's 
Brown Foster, at R. Lang's, house Floyd 
Brown Francis, painter, house Middlesex, near Bang's shop 
Brown Francis, overseer, Middlesex, house Clay 
Brown Frank, laborer, house Smith 

Brown George H. Hamilton, boards at Mrs. P. Underwood's 
Brown Hannah, Mrs. boarding-house, 4 Appleton Corp. 
Brown Henry A. carpenter, house Auburn, near Gorham 
Brown Henry W. engineer Boston and Lowell R. R. house 

Appleton, near Thorndike [Proctor's 

Brown Jacob P. coffin manufactory, Market, boards at J. R. 
Brown James, tailor, house rear Lowell 

Brown James, fruit and vegetables, Adams, cor. Lowell, h. do. 
Brown James W. hosiery, gloves, &c., 94 Merrimac, house 

Willow, near Chestnut 
Brown Job, carpenter. Button, house Charles 
Brown Joel, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Union 
Brown John M. painter, boards at Aaron Davis's 
Brown Joseph, carpenter, house 4 Franklin square 
Brown Joseph S. dry goods, 54 Merrimac, house Stackpole, 

corner Livermore [Court House 

Brown Leonard, job printer, 56 Central, house Elm near 
Brown Levi, Lawrence, house 13 Lawrence Corporation 
Brown Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 32 Hamilton 
Brown Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Lowell Corporation 
Brown Mary G. Mrs. house Paige, near John 
Brown Martia, Mrs. millinery goods, 47 Merrimac 
Brown Myron C. Middlesex, "house 58 Church 
Brown Otis, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Brown Peter, atE. & G. Crosby's, boards at Mrs. C. Bridge's 
Brown Robert, Mass. house 2 Massachusetts Corporation 
Brown Samuel A. {Abbott &; Brown), counsellor, 61 Central, 

boards American House 
Brown Samuel T. {Bell <&• Brozc7i), house Charles, n. Gorham 
Brown Samuel W. supt. Boott, house 79 Boott Corporation 
Brown Valentine, blacksmith, house South, opp. West Union 
Brown Willard, leather-dealer, house Fayette, cor. Everett 
Brown William, overseer, Prescott, h. 1 Prescott Corporation 
Brown William, teamster, house Auburn, near Gorham 
Brown William B. Merrimac, house 25 Merr. Corporation 
Brown William M. Merrimac, house 117 Merr. Corporation 
Browne Paris B. physician, 128 Merrimac 
Brownell George, house Lawrence corner Charles 
Brownell Henry M. Lowell, boards at C. Willey's [h. do. 

Bryant Daniel, grocery & provisions, Middlesex, corner Garnet, 


Bryant Hosea B. Mrs. house 30 Charles 

Bryant James H. overseer, Appleton, house 22 [Moody 

Bryant Joseph, shoemaker. Maiden Lane, h. Ayer's Block, 
Bryant Levi K. carpenter, boards at Charles B. Proctor's 
Bryant Mertoun C. agent Lowell Gas Light Co., office Savings 

Bank Block, boards 27 Central 
Bryant Michael V. boards at Charles M. Short's 
Bryant Nehemiah, physician, 2 Cady 
Bryant Solon, Appleton, house 16 Appleton Corporation 
Bryarton Edward, laborer, house Middle 
Bruce Henry, carpenter, house Rock 

Bruce John R. clerk 94 Merrimac, house Chestnut, n. Willow 
Bruce William G. carpenter, house Rock 
Brundett Thomas, Bleachery, house do. 

Buckland Gilman, Tremont, boards 34 Lawrence Corporation 
Buckland John, overseer, Appleton, house 1 
Buckley Lawrence, laborer, house Adams 
Buckley Michael, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence ct. 
Buckley Michael, laborer, house rear Gorham, opp. Appleton 
Buckmaster Patrick, Batting Mill, house North 
Bugbee Albert V. at T. Hardy's, boards at W. Bugbee's 
Bu<^bee Worcester, carriage-maker, house 2 Goward Block 
Bulfinch Coates, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 
Bulger Edward, laborer, house Howe 
Bullard Otis, Lawrence, house 43 Cabot 
Bullens Joseph M. principal overseer, Lowell M. Shop, house 

Appleton, near Thorndike 
Bullock Richard, house Button, corner Mechanic 
Bumpus George G. overseer, Lowell, h. 11 Lowell Corporation 
Biincher James, engraver, Merrimac, h. 32 Merrimac Corp. 
Buncher James, Jr. designer, Merr. b. J. Buncher's, Merr. Cor. 
Buncher Walter, at J. C. Ayer 8c Co.'s, boards at J. Buncher's 
Bunker Isaac, at Brooks & Tyler's 
Bunker William, mover of buildings, house 56 Church 
Bunker William R. Massachusetts, house 17 Prescott 
Burbank Abby C. widow, house Gorham, near Court House 
Burbank Ebenezer, boarding-house, 44 Mass. Corporation 
Burbank Horace, Suffolk, boards 5 Lyman 
Burbank T^Iary L Mrs. house Howard, near Middlesex 
Burbank {Saynuel), Chase {John K.) & Co. {F.W. Sargent 8^ H. 

B. Shattuc/c), clothing and hardAvare, 5 Central, house 

Anne corner French [Pearl 

Burbank Thomas W. overseer Appleton, h. Appleton, corner 
Burgess Alonzo B. Merrimac Print Works, house 96 [ver 

Burgess Eben'r, harness-maker, Prescott, h. Willow n. Ando- 
Burgess Josiah J. penny-postman, house Appleton, n. Davis 


Burgess "William, Lowell, house West Union 

Burgess William E. printer. Courier office, b. Washington H, 

Burgin John, Hamilton, house Mason's court * 

Burjoine Patrick, Hamilton, at Mary Mongan's 

Burk James, laborer, house Cross lane 

Burk John, Hamilton, house AVinter 

Burk Patrick, laborer, house 2o Charles 

Burk Peter, tanner, at Starks, house High, near Chestnut 

Burke AVilliam A. agent, Lowell Machine Shop, house Anne 

Burleigh Jacob C. carpenter, boards at J. A. Wiggin's 

Bui-ley George, Middlesex, boards at J. W. Perkins's 

Burnap Ethan, paints, oil, glass, paper-hangings, doors and 

blinds, Prescott, hous'e Tyler 
Burnap {Frederick A.) & Woodward (A. G.), clothing and fur- 
nishing store, 30 Merrimac, b. at Mrs. N. Wight's 
Burnap James T. Lowell R. II., house Summer, n. South 
Burnap John, clothing and furnishing goods, 212 Merrimac, 

boards at E. Burnap's 
Burnap Uzziah C. Rev. house Appleton, corner Elliott 
Burnap William H. painter, boards at E. Burnap's 
Burnham Dinsmore R. sash 8z blind maker, b. at A. B. Foss's 
Burnham Eleazer, B. & L. R. R. boards at D. Stevens's 
Burnham Franklin W. overseer, Lawrence, h.48 Lawrence C. 
Burnham George, boards at Mrs. McKinley's 
Burnham Mary, Mrs. house lo Prescott Corporation 
Burnham Norman, B. & L. freight depot, house Forest 
Burnham Roxanna, Mrs. house 1 Willow 

Burnham Walter, physician. Central, cor. Middlesex, house do 
Burnham Zebulon, physician, Middlesex, cor. Central, house 

Appleton, near S'tone Church 
Burns Bridget, Mrs. house Lowell, corner Dummer 
Burns Cornelius, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Burns David Q. teamster, house rear Appleton, near Garnet 
Burns Edward, laborer, house Lowell 
Burns Elias, Tremont, house 27 Tremont Corporation 
Burns Francis, house Gorham, opposite the Church 
Burns George, machinist, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Burns Grace, Mrs. Massachusetts, house Arcade Building 
Burns James, at P. O. Richmond's, house Merrill 
Burns James, laborer, house Union, near Central 
Burns John, wood-sawyer, house Cross lane 
Burns Matthew, house Gorham, opposite Union 
Burns Michael, laborer, house Middle, near Lowell Foundry 
Burns Michael, laborer, house Putney's court 
Burns Owen, Middlesex, house 48 Church 
Burns Patrick, boards at James Hagin's 


Burns Peter, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. Exly's 

Burns Samuel A. foundry, house 51 Worthen 

Burns Thomas, fireman, house 2 Green 

Burns Thomas, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 

Burrill Ruth, Mrs. boarding-house, 8 Cabot Block 

Burnett James, Lowell, house Lowell street 

Burr Joseph, Merrimac, boards 47 

Burt Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 17 Church 

Burton Mary, widow, house South, opp. West Union 

Burton Thomas, at Brooks & Tyler's, b at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 

Burtt John F. at Tuck & Co.'s, boards at E. Tuck's 

Burtt Joseph M. {Cummings &; Burtt), house Oak 

Buse William, weaver, house Dutton 

Bush Edward, clerk, at E. L. Staniel's, boards at F. Bush's 

Bush Francis, (Bent ^ Bush) house Appleton 

Bush Francis, Jr. boards at F. Bush's 

Bush Francis J. rope-maker, house Gorham, near Central 

Bush Joseph, watchmaker, at A. Sanborn's, b. at F. Bush's 

Bushee Stillman, boards at R. H. Ferris's 

Bussey Peter, ink, blacking and variety. Market, house do. 

Butcher John, Merrimac Print Works, house 63 

Butler {Benjamin F.) and Webster {Wm. P.) coun, Wyman's 

Exchange, house Andover 
Butler Climena M. {Dustin S^ Butler) boards at E. Butler's 
Butler D. C. musician, boards at American House 
Butler David H. overseer, Prescott, house 25 Prescott Cor 
Butler Enoch, boarding-house, 24 Hurd 
Butler James, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 
Butler James, Boston and Lowell R. R. house Dummer 
Butler Richard, Hamilton, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Butler Sarah, Miss, milliner, 204 Merrimac, b. at J. B. Gile's 
Butterfleld Edwin, machinist, boards at A. Chamberlain's 
Butterfield Frank O. clerk, 18 Appleton Block, boards at J. 

Butterfield George F. blacksmith, house 1 Goward's Block 
Butterfield George W. civil engineer, 3 Canal Block, boards 

Washington House 
Butterfield Mary, Mrs. house 2 Adams Block, Adams 
Butterfield Joseph, blacksmith, house Adams, near Lowell 
Butterfield Joseph, deputy sheriff", 55 Central, h, Appleton, n. 
Butterfield Reuben, house Howard [Davis 

Butterfield Samuel, blacksmith, house Dane 
Butterfield Theodore, farmer, house Plale, near Chelmsford 
Butterfield William, house Howard, above Arch 
Butterfield Wm. machinist, boards at D. Stevens's 
Butters George, mason, boards at N. L. Fowler's 


Butterworth Benjamin, house Livinsrston 

Butterworth George, Lowell, house Charles 

Butterworth John, shoemaker, Howe, house High, n. Andover 

Butterworth Susan, Mrs. house Charles, near Lawrence 

Butterworth William, baker, at J. Mayer's 

Button Betsev R. variety store, Lawrence, c. Abbott, h. do. 

Buttrick (Alden B.) & Co. {B. N. Webber ^ J. A. Buttrick) W. 

I. Goods, Market, h. Gorham, n. Court House 
Buttrick Abner W. house Gorham, near Court House 
Buttrick John, at J. B. Fielding's, b. at Mrs. A. H. Dunham's 
Buttrick John, carpenter, house Grand 
Buttrick John A. cashier Appleton Bank, house Gorham, opp. 

Court House 
Buttrick Nathan, Hamilton, house Wamesit, corner Mill 
Buttrick Nathan, painter, house School, near Pawtucket 
Buttrick Samuel P. carpenter, house Gorham, near South 
Buzzell Jolm, Bleachery, house Gray place 
Buzzell Luke, Tremont, house 38 Tremont Corporation 
Byers Eliza, Mrs. variety store, house 234 Merrimac 
Byron James, Middlesex, house Andover, near the bridge 

CADY LYMAN, mason, house 6 Cady 

Cady Samuel, mason, house 30 Appleton [Race 

Cady Stillman, counsellor, 3 Canal Block, house Merrimac, n. 

Cahill John, laborer, house Putney's court 

Cahill Michael, Boott, house East Merrimac 

Cahill Michael, hod carrier, house Lowell 

Cahill Patrick, laborer, house Keene 

Cahill Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Cain John, at R. Lang's, boards at James Manice's 

C alder Albert L. apothecary, Merrimac, c. Kirk, b. at Merr, H, 

Calef Asa F. engineer, house Middlesex, near Grand 

Calef Ebenezer N. {Otis Alien &; Co.) house Grand, c. Marshall 

Calef James, Merrimac, house 103 Merrimac Corporation 

Calef Joseph, Merrimac, house Lowell, opposite Adams 

Calef Nancy, Miss, boarding-house, 30 Boott Corporation 

Calef Oliver, house 13 Middlesex Place 

Calef Solomon C. lumber dealer, house Pine, corner School 

Caldwell Clarissa, Mrs. house School, near Pawtucket 

Caldwell Pliny W. {J. P. Fohom &: Co. ) boards at D. Folsom's 

Caldwell Rebecca, Mrs. boarding-house, 21 Prescott Corp. 

Caldwell R. M. proprietor of Howard House 

Caldwell Samuel P. Prescott, boards at Mrs. R. Caldwell's 

Calhan John, Railroad, house Dummer 

Call PvOyal, house Middlesex, corner Middlesex Place 

Callaghan Thomas, baker, house Middle, opp. Post-ofRce 


Callaghan Dennis, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 
Galley Ealey, carpenter, house Moody, near Austin 
Calliry Thomas, tailor, house Marshall, near Mclntire 
Calnan Jeremiah, house Lewis, near Little 
Calvert Francis A. {Aldrich, Tyng &; Co.) b. Merrimac House 
Cambridge Edward, teamster, house High, corner Chestnut 
Campbell Alfred G. clerk, at P. O. Richmond's, b. Wash. H. 
Campbell Ann, Mrs. Suffolk, house Fenwick 
Campbell Bridget, Mrs. house Fenwick 

Campbell Chauncey L. Middlesex, boards at Mrs. R. "Wood's 
Campbell Edwin R. house 23 Franklin square 
Campbell Eunice, Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Warren 
Campbell Hugh, gardener, house Middle 
Campbell John, Lowell, house Little, near Lewis 
Campbell John, Lowell, house Union, near Gorham 
Campbell John, laborer, house William 
Campbell John, house rear William 
Campbell Mark, boards at J. P. Hamblet's 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, house Market 
Campbell Patrick P. physician, 7 Market, house do. 
Campbell Robert, machinist, boards at Mrs. M. Berick's 
Campbell Seth S. Middlesex, b. at Eunice Campbell's 
Campbell Thomas, Bleachery, boards at C. Casley's 
Campbell Thomas, at Cushing & Mack's, b. at AVm. Kelley's 
Campbell William, Cushing & Mack's, h. Lowell, n. Dummer 
Campbell William, laborer, boards at P. Whiting's 
Canfield John, carpenter, boards at C. P. Hatch's 
Cannon Joseph, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Capen Albert G. Boston & Lowell R. R. house at CentralviUe 
Carbrey John, Bleachery, boards at P. Rafferty's 
Carey JHarriet E. Mrs. boarding-house, 5 Warren 
Carey Michael, laborer, house Gorham, near Appleton 
Carkin Dexter, teamster, house School, near Pawtucket 
Carlan Margaret, widow, house Adams 
Carle John B. machinist, house Lawrence, near Church 
Carleton {George H.) & Hovey {Charles) apothecary, Merrimac, 

near City Hall, house Anne 
Carleton John, at J. D. Plimpton, boards at Mrs. P. Hill's 
Carleton Rollins W. at Marston's 

Carley James M. Lowell Machine Shop, house 47 Worthen 
Carley John, watchman. Machine Shop, h. 6 Swamp Locks 
Carlton Elbridge G. boots, shoes, &c. 13 Middlesex, opp. Ap- 
pleton Cor. h. 9 Middlesex, near Howard House 
Carlton George H. Lowell, boards II East Merrimac 
Carlton Jacob, wood surveyor and clock repairer, 107 Central,, 
house 18 Chapel 


Carlton Joseph, Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Carlton Phineas, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
Carlton Stephen, surveyor of lumber, h. Middlesex, c. Carlton 
Carlton ( William) & Kneeland {E. A.) groceries and flour, 

Middlesex, cor. Mclntire, h. Middlesex, cor. Carlton 
Carmichael Archibald, moulder, at Nichols & Stewart's 
Carmichael William, Lowell, house Dummer, near Lowell 
Carney Charles T. clerk, at Carleton & Hovey's, b. J.G.Carney's 
Carney Ellen, house 44< Church 

Carney Honora, widow, house Lewis, near Little [tucket 

Carney James G. Treasurer Savings Bank, Bank Blk. h. Paw- 
Carney John, Merrimac Print Works, house Adams 
Carney John F. musician, house rear 28 Charles 
Carney Joseph, at Cushing & Mack's, boards at Mrs. H. Carney's 
Carnkle Lawrence, waiter at American House 
Carpenter Benedict, Massachusetts, b. at Mrs. L. Griffin's 
Carpenter Charles W. at Woods & Nute's, boards at J. B. 

Carpenter Joseph, shoemaker, house Howard, n. Chelmsford 
Carpenter John, Merrimac Print Works, house Jefferson, n. 

Carpenter Nelson, tailor, house Carpet lane 
Carpenter Orange, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corp. 
Carr Charles, machinist, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 
Carr Ebenezer, Merrimac, boards 73 Merrimac Corp. 
Carr Edwin, carpenter, house 9 Franklin Square, Adams 
Carr Francis R. machinist, house Gorham, near Middlesex 
Carr Gilbert, Massachusetts, house 40 Prescott Corp. 
Carr Jeanette, Mrs. house Little 

Carr John S. clerk at Boston, house Tyler, near Central 
Carr John S. stone-mason, house George, near Tyler 
Carr Nathan, Lowell Machine Shop, house Howard 
Carll Francis, carpenter, house 16 Franklin Square 
Carroll Albert, tailor, house Loudon court 
Carroll Charles, tin-pedler, house Chapel, corner Union 
Carroll David, at P, O. Richmond's, house Lawrence, n. Mill 
Carroll Henry H. paymaster Bleachery, boards at E. Wilcox's 
Carroll Joseph, h. East Merrimac, near High Street square 
Carroll Patrick, variety store, Lowell, corner Suffolk 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, house Little, near Lewis 
Carroll Peter, well digger, house Jefferson 
Carroll Thomas, refreshments, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Carrol Thomas, at Bent & Bush's, house William 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick 
Carter Caswell, shoemaker, boards at Mrs. M. Chapman's 


Carter Charles N,, provisions, East Merrimac, near Essex, 

house East Merrimac, opposite James's court 
Carter Daniel, farmer, house Gorham, below Hale's mills 
Carter Daniel A. butcher, house Gorham, Hale's mills 
Carter Edmund, at Wm. Livingston's, bds. at R. E. Carter's 
Carter Ezekiel, Hamilton, house 35 Hamilton Corporation 
Carter Francis C. Tremont, boards 16 Tremont Corporation 
Carter Horace A. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at 16 Suffolk 
Carter John, carpenter, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Carter John C. shoenaaker, boards 2 Middlesex 
Carter John M. confectionery, 226 Merrimac, house do. 
Carter John W. overseer, Appleton, house 19 Appleton Corp. 
Carter Lyman' W. boarding-house, at 24 Appleton Corp. 
Carter Lyman W. carpenter, house 24 Appleton Corporation 
Carter Michael, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 5 McCarry's court 
Carter Nelson, boards at Mrs. S. Currier's 
Carter Philip L. blacksmith, house 1 Court avenue [Carlton 
Carter Rich E. William Livingston's, house Middlesex, opp. 
Carter Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house next West May 
Carter Stephen W. Steam Mill, boards at Mrs. S. Currier's 
Carter Sylvester, shoemaker, boards 2 Middlesex, near Pearl 
Carter Thomas, Lowell, boards at Mrs. C. Exley's 
Carter W. H. physician, house rear Thorndike, near Gorham 
Carter William F. Lawrence, house 43 Cabot 
Carty John, shoemaker, house William 
Cary Francis, hod carrier, house Williams 
Cary Mary, Mrs. house rear Moody 
Cary Mary, Mrs. house Jefferson 
Caryl John, cabinet maker, house 3 Ayer's block 
Casey Catharine, Mrs, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Cass Andrew J. student at law, at Adams & Brown's, boards at 

AVashington House 
Cass Chandler, Bleachery, house do. 
Cass Daniel, laborer, house 40 Appleton Corporation 
Casley Charles, Bleachery, house 39 Chapel 
Cassidy Charity, Mrs. millinery, 202 Merrimac 
Cassidy Edward, Middlesex, boards at Maria Cassidy's 
Cassidy John, house Green 

Cassidy James P. {Maguire &; Cassidy), h. Gorham, c. Summer 
Cassidy Maria, Mrs. house rear Dummer 
Cassidy Michael, sexton, St Peter's Church, h. Appleton 
Cassidy Robert, Lowell, house 202 Merrimac 
Castles Julia, Mrs. house Maiden lane 
Castles Stephen, house Fayette, nearly opposite Chestnut 
Castles Stephen Jr. dry goods, 124 Merrimac, bds at S. Castles' 
Caswell Alba, brakeman, L. R. R. boards at D. Stevens's 


Caswell Francis, tailor, house Middlesex, near Pearl 
Caswell George W. conductor B. & L. R. R. house Howard, 

near Middlesex 
Caswell Michael B. Bleachery, house do. 
Caswell Oscar, baggage-master, boards at D. Stevens's 
Caswell Robert R. shoemaker, boards at T. E. Page's 
Cate Henry H. carpenter, boards at Mrs. F. Livingston's 
Cate Joseph W. painter, house 39 Franklin square 
Cater Jacob, carpenter, house 50 Merrimac Corporation 
Cauffield John, laborer, boards at J. H. Wilder's 
Cauffield John Jr. Merrimac Print Works, house Adams 

Caughlin , laborer, house Lewis 

Caughlin Jeremiah, Nashua R. R. house School 
Caughlin Maurice, laborer, house Fenwick, near Cross 
Caughran Andrew, moulder, house 65 Worthen 
Caulfield John, at C. H. Wilder's, boards do. 
Caulfield Michael, laborer, house Suffolk, corner Cross 
Caulfield Thomas, Merrimac Print Works, house do. 
Caverly Daniel, Prescott, boards at N. C. Blaisdell's 
Caverly {Robert B.) & Adams (S. P.), counsellors, 56 Cen- 
tral, boaids at A. Hall's 
Caverly Z. B. counsellor, 56 Central, bds. at American House 
Chadwick Alonzo C. Merrimac Print Works, house 106 do. 
Chad^^dck George H. literary depot, 79 Merrimac [Adams 

Chamberlain Aaron, door-plate maker, house Fletcher, corner 
Chamberlain Asa R. Tremont, boards 27 Tremont Corp. 
Chamberlain Burleigh, Appleton, house 13 Appleton Corp. 
Chamberlain Calvin T. city watchman, Willey, near Lowell 
Chamberlain Charles, carpenter, boards 17 Charles 
Chamberlain James, carriage-maker, boards at D. Barry's 
Chamberlain {Joh7i Jr.) & Moore (C. F.), bowling saloon, 

Central, corner Hurd 
Chamberlain John Jr. wines, liquors, &c., 120 Middle, h. do. 
Chamberlain Julia, house 2 Pearl [ril's court 

Chamberlain Lysander, Hamilton, house Chapel, near Mer- 
Chamberlain Moses, Round house, house Fletcher, n. Rock 
Chamberlain Parker, Lowell Machine Shop, house 5 Pearl 
Chamberlain Samuel B. boarding-house, 6 Merrimac Corp. 
Chambers Andrew, Bleachery, house do. 
Chambers Calvin C. at W. S. Bennett's, boards 13 Central 
Chambers Cyrus, silk dyer, Hale's mills, house Gorham 
Chambers Jason, at Day & Convers's, boards at A. Scadding's 
Chandler Charlotte, Mrs. house 6 Tremont Corporation 
Chandler Ezra, Lawrence, house 16 Tremont Corporation 
Chandler Henry, C. Lowell, boards at Charles AVay's 
Chandler Hannibal, Massachusetts, b. at Mrs. J. Lufkin's 


Chandler Hepsy, Mrs. house 7 Tremont Corporation 
Chandler Isaac, Locks and Canals, boards 23 Suffolk Corp. 
Chandler James, block-printer, h. rear 7 Crosby 
Chandler Joel B. Suftblk, boards 24 Suffolk Corporation 
Chandler John P. Tremont C. R. boards 16 Tremont Corp. 
Chandler Lewis A. groceries, &c. Middlesex, cor. Pearl, h. do. 
Chandler Richard H. Middlesex, house Pleasant 
Channing John, -painter, boards 42 Church 
Channonhouse Abraham, Middlesex, house 9 Warren 
Chapman Daniel, mason, house High, near Merrimac 
Chapman Ebenezer L. house South, near Appleton 
Chapman James L. at Nichols & Go's, boards 64 Church 
Chapman John, basket-maker, house Green 
Chapman Mary, boarding-house, Middlesex, near Pearl 
Chapman Warren L. Hamilton, house AVest Union, n. South 
Charlton James, Hamilton, house Williams 
Charnly Thomas, block-printer, house 98 Merrimac Corp. 
Charters Alvin, carpenter, house High street square 
Charters Oliver A. clerk at L. P. Stacy's, house 146 Central 
Charters William, laborer, house High street square 
Charters William Jr. laborer, house Wamesit 
Chase Abel C. Merrimac, house 72 Merrimac Corporation 
Chase Benjamin K. 34 Merrimac, boards at D. M. Dodge's 
Chase Charles C. principal High School, house Nesmith, near 

East Merrimac 
Chase David E. Merrimac, house 41 Merrimac Corporation 
Chase David, clerk P. U. No. 16, house Gorham, cor. Walnut 
Chase E. B. daguerrian artist, 128 Merrimac 
Chase George F. machinist, house 117 Middlesex 
Chase Hannah W. Mrs. house Summer, near Gorham 
Chase Isaac R. B. & L. R. R., boards at L. Gifford's 
Chase Jabez W. house Appleton, near Gorham 
Chase John K. {Burbank, Chase Sj Co.), house Nesmith, near 

Chase John M. Merrimac, boards 38 Merrimac Corporation 
Chase Joseph, Merrimac, house 37 Merrimac Corporation 
Chase Josiah G. civil engineer, 5 Welles Block, up stairs, 

boards 113 Merrimac 
Chase Lorenzo, shoe store, 7 Tilden, house do. 
Chase Olive, widow of Sullivan D. house 100 Merrimac 
Chase Nathaniel, Lawrence, boards 34 Lawrence Corporation 
Chase Prescott, laborer, house 6 Coward's Block 
Chase Samuel M. {York &; Chase,) bds. at Mrs. R. G. Bell's | 
Chase Thatcher, house Linden i 

Chase William, Massachusetts, boards at F. M. Colby's ; 

Chauncy William, Lowell, house Knowles place | 


Cheever Henry, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Cheever, n. School 
Cheever {Joseph) & Reraick {H. P.), botanic physicians, 98 

Cheever Moses, house Lowell, corner Decatur 
Chellis Elias, collector, 71 Merrimac, boards 113 Merrimac 
Chellis Seth, wood-surveyor, 8 Merrimac, house Bartlett 
Chenery Loring, Bleachery, house do. [Church 

Chenery William, watchman, Middlesex, boarding-house, 32 
Cheney Betsey, widow of Oliver M. house 102 Merrimac Corp. 
Cheney Cleaveland J. carpenter, house 2 Mechanic 
Cheney David J. Merrimac, boards 175 Merrimac Corporation 
Cheney (Elias) & Stacy (Rufus R.), carpenters, Middle, near 

Post-office, boards 6 \Varren 
Cheney Ellen G. variety, 5 Merrimac 

Cheney Eliphalet, house Branch, corner Middlesex [ford 

Cheney Franklin {Moore &; C), house Howard, below Chelms- 
Cheney George S. at Willard Dudley's, house Moody 
Cheney Israel E. repairer of musical instruments, house 

Branch, opposite Schoolhouse 
Cheney John L. Merrimac C. R. house 28 Merrimac Corp. 
Cheney Luther L. Merrimac, house 72 Merrimac Corporation 
Cheney Luther S. Mrs. boards at R. Cheney's 
Cheney Rufus, restorator, basement City Hall, hoiise Moody 
Cheney Warren, at R. Cheney's, boards at Daniel Chapman's 
Cheney AVilliam S. botanic medicines, 3 Williams Bl'k, boards 

at Dr. L. W. Jenness's 
Chesley Isaac, Merrimac, house 3 Ayer's Block, Tilden 
Chesley John T. publisher Vox Populi, 21 Central, h. Fayette 
Chick Edward G. Prescott, boards at Mrs. D. Simson's 
Child Linus, agent Boott, house Kirk, corner French 
Child Willard. Rev. house Merrimac, corner Decatur 
Chisholm William, Avool-sorter, house 12 Franklin sq. Adams 
Chissman Samuel, Massachusetts, b. at Mrs. S. D. Sanborn's 
Choat George, overseer, Middlesex, house 21 Church 
Christian Sabina, Mrs. boarding-house, 29 Tremont Corp. 
Christie James, weaver, house 21 Franklin square 
Chubb Jabez, carpenter, house rear Lawrence, near Cady 
Churchill Charles, W. I. goods, Moody, house do. 
Churchill Daniel, house South, near Appleton 
Churchill George A. Lowell Machine Shop, house Charles 
Churchill George W, {Rimals ^ C), physicians, house 16 Merr. 
Churchill Moses, stone-cutter, boards at James Stillings's 
Churchill Samuel, Merrimac, boards 122 Merrimac Corp. 
Churchill Samuel S. millwright, house 122 Merrimac Corp. 
Churchill William, W. I. goods, 140 Central, house 42 Chapel 


Cilley David N. painter, 108 Central, b. at Mrs. E. Merrill's 

Cilley Jacob F. Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 

Claffy Thomas, P. O. Richmond's, house Castles 

Clapp Clark, provisions, Merr. c. Colburn, h. 109 Merr. Corp. 

Clapp Waiter, Boott, boards at Mrs. E. Prince's 

Clapp Zebuion, cabinet maker, house High, corner Chestnut 

Clark Abel, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 

Clark Abraham, job-wagon, house Pine 

Clark Albe C. student at J. P. Robinson's, house 29 Charles 

Clark Andrew, ostler, house rear Union, near Central 

Clark Andrew J. Lawrence, house 42 Cabot 

Clark Catharine, Mrs. widow, house North, near Central 

Clark David, engineer, boards at G. W. Worthen's 

Clark David, house Fletcher, corner Willey 

Clark Dustin, saw mill, house Lawrence 

Clark Edward, Merrimac, boards at Alvin Cook's 

Clark Edward, laborer, house Green, near Central 

Clark Edwin A. Hamilton, house Mclntire 

Clark Elias, job-wagon, boards at Charles Shirley's 

Clark Elwell, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 10 Swamp Locks 

Clark Ezra, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Clark George W. painter, Prescott, boards at A. Skinner's 

Clark Henry, Shapleigh & Farrington's, boards S. Foster's 

Clark James, fruit and confectionery, 103 Merrimac, h. do. 

Clark James, Middlesex, house Pond 

Clark James, house "William 

Clark Jeremiah, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. 34 "Worthen 

Clark John, provision store, Tremont, house 8 Adams Block 

Clark John, overseer, Suffolk, house 4 Cabot Block 

Clark Jonathan, watchman, house Gorham, corner "Winter 

Clark Jonathan, boards at Sydney Spalding's 

Clark Jonas, Weaver & Brothers, boards at Mrs. Puffer's 

Clark Jonas G. (IF. T. Whitten ^ Co.) East Merrimac 

Clark Joseph, carpenter, house Arcade Block, E. Merrimac 

Clark Leonard, Lawrence, house 21 Lawrence Corporation 

Clark Lewis H. Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 

Clark Lorenzo, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Clark Margaret, Mrs. house Moody, corner Cabot [h. do. 

Clark Mary, Mrs. picture and variety, Market, near Shattuck, 

Clark Nelson, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Clark O. C. Massachusetts, boards at G. F. Wood's 

Clark Origen D. Lowell Machine Shop, house 5 Lagrange 

Clark Retire T. machinist, hovise Lagrange, near Fletcher 

Clark Richard, pump repairer. Market, house do. 

Clark Robert, Lowell, boards at Wm. A. Swan's 

Clark Sabra, Mrs. Appleton, house Loudon court 


Clark Samuel, carpenter, boards 7-5 Merrimac Corporation 

Clark Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Mrs. Colby's 

Clark Sawyer B. student at law, 49 Central, boards 27 do. 

Clark Silas D. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Mrs. S. Bagley's 

Clark Thomas, Merrimac, house 46 Merrimac Corporation 

Clark Thomas, spinner, house Pond 

Clark William, Lowell Machine Shop, house 59 Worthen 

Clark William H. house Fayette 

Clark William L. Merrimac, boards 73 Merrimac Corporation 

Clary Mary, Mrs. house Suffolk, near Lowell 

Clary Maurice, Middlesex, house North 

Clary Patrick, Bleachery, house do. 

Clay Daniel, teamster, boards at Lucy R. Parker's 

Clay Daniel H. laborer, boards at I. L. Allen's 

Clay John H. Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 

Clay Stephen B. Lowell E,. R. boards at Sarah Austin's 

Cleaves Ebenezer, carpenter, boards at P. Whittier's 

Cleaves Jeremiah, powder mill, house Lawence, near Abbott 

Cleaves Joseph H. shoemaker, II John, house Lee 

Cleaves Stephen, Merrimac, house Paige 

Clegg Edward, Lowell, house Davidson [House 

Clemence William H. constable, 56 Central, b. Washington 

Clement Charles C. millinery, 186 Merrimac, h. Centralville 

Clement Cyrus, teamster, house corner South and Summer 

Clement Lydia, Mrs. at 186 Merrimac, boards Dracut Heights 

Clement William, at Brooks & Tyler's 

Clement William H. boards at T. G. Farmer's 

Clifford Aaron C. house Middlesex, rear Bangs's shop 

Clifford Alden, Lawrence, house 53 Lawrence Corporation 

Clifford Arthur L. Lowell Machine Shop, house 44 Worthen 

Clifford Betsey H. Mrs. boarding-house, 4 Tremont 

Clifford Cyrus C. Lowell, house Carpet Lane 

Clifford Edward, restorator, Hurd, corner Central 

Clifford Elisha S. at D. Lane's, boards at Betsey Clifford's 

Clifford Lorenzo P. pattern-maker, 18 Market, house 6 John 

Clifford Mary A. millinery, 89 Merrimac, b. at A. Watson's 

Clifford Ransom, overseer, Suffolk, house 7 Suffolk Corp. 

Clifford Sabine, foundry, house 12 Ayer's Block, Tilden 

Clifford Simeon, mason, boards Carpet Lane [Andover 

Clifford Weare, silk dyer, Andover, n. the bridge, h. Fayette, c. 

Clifton Andrew B. boarding-house, 56 Merrimac Corporation 

Clifton Lucinda, Mrs. house Tremont 

Clinton Rose V. Mrs. house Moody, near Austin 

Close John J. Suffolk, house 8 Suffolk Corporation 

Closson Ca>los C. clerk at J. Harlow's, b. 72 Merrimac Corp. 

Clough Aaron J. Lawrence, house Merrimac, near Decatur 


Clough Albert 0. printer, 21 Central 

Clougli Charles, printer, Courier office, b, at Union House 

Clough Cynthia H. boarding-house, 10 La-\vrence Corporation 

Clough Elijah, Locks and Canals, boards at 3 Merrimac Corp. 

Clough Elsie M. Mrs. boarding-house, 5 Hamilton Corp. 

Clough George, carpenter, boards at J. S. Eaton's 

Clough George "W. boards at John Smith's, Middlesex 

Clough Henry P. overseer, Boott, house 32 Boott Corporation 

Clough John, boards at City Hotel 

Clough John, carpenter, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 

Clough Joseph M. watchman, Hamilton Corp. boards 7 do. 

Clough Laren C. Lowell M. Shop, boards at C. "W. Wilkins's 

Clough Leonard N. Middlesex, boards atHosea Smith's 

Clough Nathan, overseer, Boott, house 1 Boott Corporation 

Clough Stillman, stone-cutter, boards at C. Coburn's 

Clough Wallace, laborer, b. at I. L. Allen's [h. Common 

Cloyd {John) & Hunt (Hirmn), grocers, Lowell, opp. Adams, 

Courser Harlow, Lowell M. Shop, h. 3 Shaw's Block, Pine 

Cobb John, laborer, house 10 East Merrimac 

Cobb Norman, Lawrence, boards oO Lawrence Corporation 

Cobb Royal E. pedler, boards 10 East Merrimac 

Cobb William A. ornamental painter and designer, 48 Central, 

boards at T. G. Tweed's 
Cobb William S. boards at John Cobb's 
Cobb Wilson, moulder, boards 6 Goward Block 
Coburn Charles, stone-mason, house Appleton, opp. Favor 
Coburn Charles B. {Mixer, Pitman &; Co.), house Colburn 
Coburn Cyril, boards at Washington House 
Coburn Daniel, millwright, house Moore 
Coburn Daniel A. student, boards at Dr. Moses Kidder's 
Coburn David A. blacksmith, Arch, house Howard, cor. Arch 
Coburn Ellen M. dressmaker, 24 Church [Moore 

Coburn Fordyce, Superintendent Bleachery, h. Bleachery, c. 
Coburn Francis, machinist, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 
Coburn Frederick V. shoemaker, 13 Middle, house Baldwin 

court, Fayette [Gorham, c. Union 

Coburn Franklin, W. I. goods, c. Market and Central, h. 
Coburn Hannah A. Mrs. boarding-house, 5 Merrimac Corp. 
Coburn Harriet, tailoress, shop and boards A. Lathrop's 
Coburn Henry, Machine Shop, Market, b, at J. C. Coburn's 
Coburn Henry A. farmer, house Chelmsford 
Coburn Ira, carpenter, house rear 9 East Merrimac 
Coburn James, shoemaker, house School 
Coburn James V. Hamilton, house Appleton, corner Garnet 
Coburn John C. at A. & S. Stevens's, house AVater 
Coburn John H. shuttle-maker. Middle, house at Centralville 


Coburn Josiah, grain and meal, 8 Merrimac, house 56 Mas- 
sachusetts Corpoiation 
Coburn Josiah G. overseer, Massachusetts, h. 56 M. Corp. 
Coburn Loren, pedler, boards at S. A. Coburn's 
Coburn Peter H. house LaAvrence 
Coburn Prescott, carpenter, house Forest place ' 
Coburn Samuel, Hamilton, house Charles, near Central 
Coburn Samuel, Jr. Hamilton, house Taylor's court 
Coburn Samuel K. works and boards at David A. Coburn's 
Coburn Sarah, Mrs. house Howard 
Coburn Simeon, boards at N. G. Lyford's 
Coburn Squire A. pedler, house corner Central and Cedar 
Coburn Stephen A. farmer, house Chelmsford 
Cochran Andrew, foundry, house 12 Suifolk 
Cochran David, Tremont, boards at William Cochran's 
Cochran George S. house Warren 
Cochran Henry, teamster, house 35 Chapel 
Cochran I. H. M. Tremont, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Cochran John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Cochran Josiah, painter, house 23 Lowell 
Cochran Justin, job wagon, house Carter 
Cochran Matthew H. {Berry ^- C), h. Bartlett, n. Alder 
Cochran Timothy, atFiske & Norcross's, house Pine 
Cochran William, Hamilton, house 13 Hurd 
Cochran AVilliam, laborer, house Lowell, opp. Suffolk 
Cocker George, engraver, house Maiden Lane 
Coffey William, pedler, house Castles 
Coffin Enoch, carpet weaver, house Fayette 
Cofran Andrew, foundry, Jackson, boards at Jane McKenzie's 
Cofren Susan, Mrs. boarding-house, corner Lowell and Adams 
Coggin Jacob, flour store, Thorndike, house East Merrimac 
Cogswell John, writing-master, Nesmith's B. 55 Merrimac, 

boards 95 Central 
Colbath Charles A. clerk, at William H. Waldron's, boards at 

C. M. Langley's 
Colbath Samuel, Prescott, boards at B. Brown's 
Colbert Patrick, hod-carrier, house Lowell, corner Jeflferson 
Colburn Ebenezer L. laborer, house Garnet 
Colburn George W., W. I. goods, 42 Central, house Oak 
Colburn Jonas W. provision store. Central, c. North, h. do. 
Colburn J. C. Lawrence, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Colby A. C. F. Boott, boards at 38 Boott Corporation 
Colby Adaline, Mrs. boarding, 62 Boott Corporation 
Colby Albert, Merrimac, boards 47 Merrimac Corporation 
Colby (Amos) & Pollard {John), pump and block makers, 
Howe, boards 37 Church 


Colby Coleman, shoemaker, 7 Merrimac, b. J. A. Johnson's 
Colby Daniel B. Appleton, house corner Pearl and Middlesex 
Colby {David D.) & Totman (Storks), tailors and furnishing 

goods, 41 Central, house Chesnut, corner Nesniith 
Colby Dorothy, boarding-house, 133 Merrimac Corporation 
Colby Enoch, Appleton, house 11 South 
Colby Eri, mason, house 8 Austin, near Ford 
Colby Francis M. Boott, house 8 Boott Corporation 
Colby Frank, Boott, boards at D. Parker's [A. Goodwin's 

Colby George W. {&: John) butter and cheese, Cabot, b. at 
Colby George W. C/Merrimac Corporation P. W. house 89 M. 
Colby Gilbert A. contractor, L. M. S. h. 9 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Colby Harlow, Massachusetts, house 39 Prescott Corporation 
Colby Harrison, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 29 Hurd 
Colby Hezekiah, P. O. Richmond's, house 10 Cady 
Colby Isaac C. boards at Sarah Quimby's 

Colby James, machinist, boards at D. Parker's [Corp. 

Colby James, machinist, at J. F. Gage's, boards 11 Boott 
Colby Jesse, vegetables, &c. Moody, house in rear [Wild's B. 
Colby John (^ George W.) butter and cheese, Cabot, h. 
Colby John, Prescott,'boards at E. Walch's 
Colby John W. {Runals <5f Co.) boards 6 Race, corner Moody 
Colby Jonathan P. carpet, house Worthen, near Lowell 
Colby Joshua, Prescott, boards at G. W. Emerson's 
Colby Lucius, Suffolk, boards 23 Suffolk Corporation 
Colby Mark M. overseer, Boott, boards at D. Parker's 
Colby Moses D. & Co. (C. A. Davis), apothecaries, 4 Canal 

B. b. 13 Central 
Colby Richard K. watchman, Lawrence, h. c. Moody & Cabot 
Colby Stephen, boarding-house, 29 Boott Corporation 
Colby Silas W. Middlesex, boards at H. Colby's 
Colby Thomas H. baker, shop and house Gorham 
Colcord Climena, Mrs. house 3 Summer 
Colcord Ivory L. mason, boards at Weare Colcord's 
Colcord John, blacksmith, boards at Mrs. C. Colcord's 
Colcord Weare, mason, house Lawrence 
Colcord William, W. I. goods, Market, n. Shattuck, h. Elm 
Cole Asa, foundry, house Merrimac, near Cabot 
Cole A. Mrs. variety, Merrimac, near Cabot 
Cole Benjamin F. Lowell Machine Shop, b. at George Adams's 
Cole David W. machinist, house South, near Middlesex 
Cole Danville, Lowell Machine Shop, house Middlesex 
Cole E. Lyman, botanic physician. High, corner Chestnut 
Cole Hira'm A. Hamilton, house 64 Gorham 
Cole Michael, laborer, house Lowell 
Cole Nancy, widow, house High, corner Chestnut 


Cole John, Tremont, house 10 Tremont Corporation 

Cole Joseph B. carpenter, house Wamesit 

Cole Samuel G. carpenter, School, near Middlesex, house do. 

Coleman Ben, Middlesex, house 37 Church 

Coleman Daniel, laborer, boards at Mrs. J. Dempsey's 

Coleman George, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at 56 Worthen 

Coleman James S. physician, 118 Merrimac, house do. 

Coleman Jeremiah, at H. Howard's, house Lowell [Central 

Coleman John E. W. daguerreotypist, at 112 Merrimac, b. 83 

Coles Sarah, Mrs. house at W. H. Dyer's, Chapel 

Colley Ephraim S. Merrimac, h, 42 Merrimac Corp. [House 

Colley Josiah, freightmaster, L. & S. R. R. boards at Howard 

Collinge John, carpet maker, at J. Mather's, h. n. Bleachery 

Collinge John, Carpet, house Livington, near John 

Collins Charles, boards at Benjamin Sadd's 

Collins Cornelius, house rear Lowell 

Collins David M. Merrimac, house 127 do. Corporation 

Collins Dennis, laborer, house Butler's Block, Suffolk 

Collins Edward B. foundry, house 21 North Franklin court 

Collins Franklin, cordwainer, boards 218 Merrimac 

Collins George, tailor, house Fenwick 

Collins James, laborer, house Ford's B. Suffolk 

Collins James C. Massachusetts, house Knowles' place 

Collins Jared, botanic medicines. Central, corner Charles 

Collins Joel W. carpenter, b. at Mrs. J. Combs's [Howard's 

Collins John, Merrimac Print Works, boards at Mrs. R. 

Collins John, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 

Collins John W. Merrimac, boards 23 Merrimac Corporation 

Collins Lawrence, house Winter [poration 

Collins Lydia, & Susan, Misses, boarding-house, 52 Boott Cor- 

Collins Patrick, Lowell Machine Shop, h. c. Cross and Marion 

Collins Patrick, shoemaker, Lowell, house do. 

Collins William, mason, house rear Central, near Gorham 

Collyer Stephen, mason, boards at A. Robb's 

Colson Sullivan, stone mason, h. r. Appleton, opp. Garnet 

Colton Alfred, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 

Colton George, Massachusetts, house 3o Prescott Corporation 

Colton Harvey, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 

Combs James O. shoemaker, boards at Joshua Hale's 

Combs Joanna, Mrs. boarding-house, 10 Lagrange court 

Combs Rachael, Mrs. boarding-house. Arcade Building 

Comerford Garrett, Lowell, boards at Thomas Lennan's 

Comerford Richard, Merrimac, house 105 Merrimac Corp. 

Comins Thomas B. house Lowell, corner Cabot 

Conant Abel, counsellor, boards at T. B. Haskell's 

Conant Abel E. city express, Wentworth's B. h. M. c. Mclntire 


Conant Andrew, carpenter, 175 Merrimac Corporation 

Conant Cornelius W. mason, b. at H. Pulsifer's 

Conant George, Lawrence, boards 42 Cabot 

Conant Horace J. boards at T. B. Haskell's [Haskell's 

Conant James E. student at law, 49 Central, boards at T. B. 

Conant James H. wine cellar, boards Mechanic 

Conant John, coachman, house Fayette [ration 

Conant John, overseer, Lawrence, house 72 Lawrence Corpo- 

Conant Josiah, job-wagon, house Cashing 

Conant Joshua L. Merrimac C. R. house 160 do. Corporation 

Conant Julius E. clerk, 53 Central, boards at Mrs. E. "W, 

Conant Leonard, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at L. Bailey's 
Conant Noah, overseer, Lawrence, house 71 do. Corporation 
Conant Oliver J. painter, Merrimac, near Tremont, house 

School, near Pawtucket 
Conden Johanna, house rear Dummer 
Coney John, mason, house rear Central, near Gorham 
Coney Patrick, house Winter 

Conihe James, Merrimac P. W. h. Quigley's Block, Lowell 
Conihe William, Merrimac, house 131 Merr. Corporation 
Conglan James, house AVinter 

Conlan John, Middlesex, house High, near Andover 
Conley Francis, laborer, house Willie, near Lowell 
Conley James, grocer, Lowell, house do. 
Conley John, Lowell, house Market, opposite Carpet 
Conley Lawrence, mason, house Willie, near Lowell 
Conley Mary, Mrs. house 25 Gorham 
Conley Miriam, Mrs. house Gushing 
Conley Michael, mason, house Lowell 

Conley Peter, at Read & Powers's, house 7 McCarry's court 
Conley Patrick, Lowell Machirie Shop, house Short's B. Lewis 
Conley Thomas, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. C. C. Vance's 
Conley William, Merrimac Print Works, house Jefferson 
Conley William, laborer, house Pine [Cross 

Conlin Patrick {McLaughlin <Si C), house Suffolk, corner 
Connary Dorah, Mrs. house Summer 
Connary Edmund, laborer, boards at Mrs. D. Connary's 
Connary John, laborer, boards at Mrs. D. Connary's 
Connel Cornelius, Middlesex, boards at Hugh O. Neil's 
Connel Ellen, Mrs. house 3 IDummer 
Connel Maurice, Lowell, boards 1 Lowell Corporation 
Connelly Edward, Prescott, house Howe 
Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, boards at Mrs. J. Connelly's 
Connelly Joanna, Mrs. house Butler's Block, Suffolk 
Connelly Owen, laborer, house rear Lowell 


Connelly Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 
Conner Frederick C. machinist, house Decatur 
Conner John, house Gorham, corner Summer 
Conners Jeremiah, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence" 
Conners John, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's [Mill 

Conners Michael, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence, near 
Conners William, tailor, boards at Patrick Delany's 
Connerton Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 
Connoly John, Bleachery, house do. 
Connigan Patrick, laborer, house Middle 

Connillard Joseph, at Gage & Wheeler's, boards at J. West's 
Connor Barney, house Davidson 

Connor Edward, Massachusetts, boards at Dorothy Woods' s 
Connor Maurice, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 
Connoway John, Middlesex, house Charles 
Conroy Peter, laborer, house Diitton 

Convers Samuel {Day ^ Coiivers), house Tyler [Austin 

Converse Joshua, overseer, Suffolk, house Merrimac, opposite 
Conway Barney, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Conway Edward, house rear AVinter 
Conway Michael, laborer, house Lowell 
Cook Alvin, city teamster, house 13 Suffolk 
Cook Carlos A. (J. C. Ayer ^ Co.) boards at M. Parkhurst's \ 
Cook Charles W. bootmaker,^ 34 Central, house at Centralville 
Cook Ebenezer B. Middlesex, house Cabot, near Merrimac 
Cook Edmund, farmer, house Moody, near Austin 
Cook Oilman G. Middlesex, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Cook Hannah, clerk, 93 Central, boards at L. Wood's 
Cook Haven P. tailor, 11 Central, house 5 Lowell Corporation 
Cook James, seaman, house Theatre Block, Lowell 
Cook Jane, Mrs. boarding-house, 4 Willow place 
Cook Jane, Mrs. house Kirk avenue [nut, near High 

Cook John C. boots and shoes, lo East Merrimac, h. Chest- 
Cook John, shoemaker, boards at P. C. Tarbox's 
Cook John, shoemaker, house Lee [Graves's 

Cook John W, dentist, Wyman's Exchange, boards at Mrs. 
Cook Mark H. shoemaker, boards 95 Central 
Cook Morrill, mason, boards at D. F. Cass's 
Cook Peter A. carpenter, house Howard 
Cook Thomas, Stott's Mills, boards at Mrs. G, Smith's 
Cook Thomas, blacksmith, boards at !Mrs. M. A. Kerr's 
Cook Walter, painter, boards at E. Walsh's [Corporation 

Cook William G. Merrimac Print Works, h. 90 Merrimac 
Cook William P. carpenter, house Appleton, corner Thorndike 
Cookson John, laborer, house Davidson 
Cool James, Lowell Machine Shop, b. at Mary B. Christie's 


Coolidge Charles, Merrimac, house 167 Merrimac Corp. 

Coolidge Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, house 30 Worthen 

Coolidge Franklin S. Merrimac, house 61 Merrimac Corp, 

Coolidge Jacob S. Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corp. 

Cooney Edward, laborer, house Theatre Block, Lowell 

Cooney Peter, laborer, boards at John Hughes's 

Coombs Theophilus C. carpenter, house 14 Cady 

Coomes William T. stone-cutter, house 4 Garnet [6 John 

Cooper Harriet, Mrs. dressmaking and variety, h. and store 

Cooper Henry, house 13 Cady 

Cooper Isaac, overseer Lawrence, house 68 Lawrence Corp. 

Cooper Levi W. Lowell Machine Shop, house 49 Worthen 

Cooper William H. Lawrence, house 6o Lawrence Corp. 

Copeland Jerusha, Mrs. dressmaker, 32 Tremont Corp. 

Copeland Polly, Mrs. house 6 Ayer's Block 

Copely George, clerk, boards at B. Watson's 

Copp Jonathan, house East Merrimac [Dutton 

Copp William, at William Fisk's, boards 5 Swamp Locks, 

Coran Patrick, laborer, house Pine 

Corbett Alburn, Lowell, boards at Mrs. M. Dooley's 

Corbett Benjamin R. Boston & L. R, R. house Crosby 

Corbett Hannah, widow, house Crosby 

Corbett Josiah L. Boston & Lowell R. R., house Crosby 

Corbin Jerome B. Suffolk, house 21 Suffolk Corporation 

Corey Alvin, Suffolk, house 17 Suffolk Corporation 

Corey Harry, laborer, house rear Union, near Central 

Corey Roswell, farmer, house Water 

Corey William M. overseer Lawrence, house 76 do. 

Corey , Mechanic's Mill, boards 8 Franklin square 

Corcoran Samuel, Middlesex, house William 
Corcoran William, Hamilton Print Works, house Green 
Corliss Edward, laborer, house Willie [sex 

Corliss Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding-house. South, near Middle- 
Corliss Frederic, teamster, boards at W. McFarlin's 
Corliss John L. lamplighter, house Pawtucket [P. Ford's 

Corliss Horatio G. F. counsellor, Central, boards at Mrs. 
Corliss Moses W. grocer, 140 Central, b. at Mrs. E. Corliss's 
Corliss Susan, Mrs. house 6 Willow place 
Cornelius William, Massachusetts, boards 3 Knowles place 
Cornell John A. brakeman, Boston & Lowell Railroad, house 

Appleton, corner Thorndike 
Corner John, boards 6 Suffolk court 

Corner Joseph, at Stott's Mills, h. High, n. East Merrimac 
Corner Josiah, grain and flour store, 266 Mer. h. 6 Suffolk ct. 
Corr Patrick, Bleachery, house Congress 
Corrigin Hugh, laborer, house Williams 


Corrin James, bookkeeper, Howard Insurance Office, boards 
at N .L. Fowler's [Asa Wetherbee's 

Corrin James H. accountant, 17 Appleton Block, boards at 
Corrivan Michael, Bleachery, boards at Peter Frawley's 
Corser Benjamin F. Boott, house 15 Boot Corporation 
Corser George W painter, boards at Josiah Tilton's 
Corser HarloAv, moulder, house Pine 
Corson AVilliam, Locks and Canals, house nexr Clark 
Coruth David, carpenter, Boott, house Moody 
Cosgrove Edward, laborer, house Castle's Blojk, Lowell 
Cosgrove John, boarding-house, 208 Merrimac 
Cosgrove Sarah, widow, house Gorham, corner Putney's court 
Costa John, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Costellow Bridget, widow, house Gorham, corner Winter 
Costellow Daniel, Merrimac, house Adams 
Costellow Robert, laborer, house Gorham, c. Putney's court 
Costellow Thomas, laborer, house Gorham, n. Putney's court 
Cotter John, Merrimac, house Decatur 

Cotter William, Locks and Canals Co. room, house Hanover 
Cottle Mary, Mrs. house Chapel, corner Court avenue 
Coughlan Sarah, widow, house 13 Hurd 
Coursay Andrew, Stott's Mills, house East Merrimac 
Coursay Benj. F. Lowell, boards at G. W. Moore's 
Coursay Jobn, Stott's Mills, boards at A. Coursay's 
Coursay William, manufacturer, boards at A. Coursay's 
Covell Thomas A. house High, corner East Merrimac 
Coward Jacob, Middlesex, house 19 Charles 
Cowdrey I«,aac B. house Middlesex, near T. Warren's 
Cowen David, Lowell, boards at Mrs. L Swapp's 
Cowen Daniel, laborer, house Howe 
Cowley Aaron, manufacturer, house Pleasant 
Cowley Edward P. at J. Cowley's, boards at A. Cowley's 
Cowley John, stocking-yarn manuf. Lawrence, n. Bleachery 
Cox Abigail D. widow, house Pearl, corner Spring 
Cox Anson, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 
Cox Carlos, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 
Cox Charles H. Middlesex, house Warren 
Cox James, Hamilton, boards at K. Prescott's 
Cox John, machinist, house Cushing 
Cox John, Poor Farm, house Chelmsford 
Cox Nelson, painter, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Cox William, at P. O. Richmond's, house Merrill 
Coxeter James, machinist, boards at L. R. Parker's 
Coxeter James E. Lowell M. Shop, h. Howard, n. Chelmsford 
Coxon John, Lowell, boards at John Tree's 
Coyel Dennis, Bleachery, boards at James Hanrihan's 


Coyle Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 

Coyle Patrick, Middlesex, boards at Ann Quinn's 

Crabtree Alfred, Bleachery, boards at A. Annan's 

Craddock Mary, Mrs. house 10 Adams's Block 

Crafts Miranda, Mrs. dressmaker, house Spring 

Crafts Nathan F. Lowell, house Middle, c. City Hall avenue 

Craigue James, botanic physician, office and house Middlesex, 

corner South 
Craigue Rollin K. Lowell Machine Shop, b. at Dr. Craigue's 
Craig Lucy, widow, house 37 S. L., Worthen 
I Craig Thomas, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at David Gray's 
i Cram Ann D. milliner, 117 Merrimac, house Moody 
j Cram Joseph C . Boott, house 31 Boott Corporation 
I Cram Joseph T. house Moody [place 

I Cram Jonathan, wood-sawyer, house Davidson, c. Knowles 
Cram Luman C. Middlesex, boards at Jonathan Cram's 
Cram Philbrick, carpenter, house Chestnut, near Ash 
Cram Warren, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 
Cramar John, house Fenwick 

Crandell James, stone-cutter, boards at R. Parker's 
Crane Alanson, manufacturer, house School, corner Liberty 
Crane Charles T. Appleton, boards at N. Robbins' 
Crane Ebenezer, overseer, Appleton, house 20 Appleton Corp. 
Crane George, overseer, Middlesex, house 7 Warren court 
Crane Jasper G. hosiery manufacturer, boards at 'Washington 

Crane Joshua R. Middlesex, boards at H. B. Pond's 
Crane John, laborer, house Adams 
Crane John E. carpenter, house 2 Franklin square 
Crane John J. overseer Lowell, house 8 Lowell Corporation 
Crawford Aaron S. Tremont, house 26 Tremont Corporation 
Crawford Ellen W. Mrs. boarding-house, 15 Merrimac Corp. 
Crawford James, Lowell, house rear LawTence, near Cady 
Crawford J^ucy, Miss, boarding-house, 16 Merrimac Corp. 
Crawford Thomas, at O. M. Whipple's, house Whipple 
Crawford Thomas, at J. Gates', boards do. 
Creighton Peter, carpenter, house Lowell, opposite Dummer 
Creighton William, machinist, house Market, near Shattuck 
Cressey Samuel G. at William Kittredge's, house 3 Oak 
Crilley Susan, widow, house Widow 

Crimes William, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. C. C. Vance's 
Crisp George, Lowell, house Carpet lane 
Critchett Nathaniel, boots, shoes and furnishing goods, 136 

Merrimac, house Tyler 
Crockett Amos, Bleachery, house Walnut [Locks 

Crockett Henry G. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 37 Swamp 


Crockett John F. Middlesex, boards 13o Central 
Crockett Judith, -widow, house 6 Swamp Locks [c. Pearl 

Crockett Lorenzo D. Lowell Machine Shop, boards Middlesex, 
Crocker Philander, watchman, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 

at 1 Garnet [Charles 

Crofoot David, Lowell Machine Shop, house Central, corner 
Crombie Albert B. Massachusetts C. R. boards at Clark Crom- 

bie's [street square 

Crombie Clarke, carpenter, house Bartlett, 3d door from High 
Crombie Daniel D. overseer, Prescott, house 4 Prescott Corp. 
Crombie James C. Merriraac, house 163 Merrimac Corp, 
Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, house North 
Crooker Henry E. carpenter, boards at I. Crooker's 
Crooker Isaac, carpenter, house 12 North Franklin court 
Crooker Joel, Bleachery, boards at William Stickney's 
Crosby Caleb, mason, house Gorham, opposite Court House 
Crosby Ephraim & G. bedstead manufactory, Howe, house 

Central, corner Crosby's court [Crosby's 

Crosby Franklin, counsellor, 3 Canal Block, boards at Judah 
Crosby George {E.&; G. Crosby), house Central, c. Crosby's ct. 
Crosby George P. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at John 

Osgood's, Lawrence Corporation [East Merrimac 

Crosby Judah, paymaster, Massachusetts, house Park, corner 
Crosby Nathan, Judge Police Court, house Chestnut, n. Park 
Crosby Sylvester, bobbin shop, Dutton, house Chelmsford, 

near Poor Farm 
Cross Barton, Suffolk, house Ford, corner Austin 
Cross Job C. Middlesex, boards 37 Church [Corporation 

Cross Williard B. at F. Brinley's, boards 60 Massachusetts 
Crossley Robert, book pedler, house Pleasant 
Crowe John, Bleachery, house Lawrence court 
Crowe Patrick, Bleachery, boards at P. Frawley's [Worthen 
Crowell Seth, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop,nouse 54 
Crowell William B. watchman, boards at G. W, Derby's 
Crowell Zenas, Suffolk, house 31 Suffolk Corporation 
Crowlan John, laborer, house Castle's B. Lowell 
Crowley Bartholmew, laborer, house Adams [Corp. 

Crowley Bartholomew, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Crowley Charles, grocery, Lowell 

Crowley Daniel, laborer, house Cumminskey's Block, Lowell 
Crowley Daniel, machinist, boards at Mrs. Mary Crowley's 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, house Fenwick 
Crowley Hugh, Massachusetts, h. 4 Theatre Block, Lowell 
Crowley James, Merrimac Print- Works, boards J. Cosgrove's 
Crowley John, laborer, house Lowell 


Crowley John, "W. I. goods, Lowell, house do. 

Crowley John, pedler, house Market, opp. Lowell M. Co. 

Crowley Mary, Mrs. house Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 

Crown Edward S. at D. L. Richardson's, boards do. 

Crown George W. Suffolk, house Austin 

Crown Hannah, Mrs. house Moody [Moody 

Crown Lyman P. wholesale bookseller, 32 Merrimac, house 

Crowther Henry, Dye-Works, ^Vhipple's Mills, boards at 

Daniel Carter's 
Crowther John, Hamilton Print-Works, b. at Peter Bussey's 
Croxford John F, clerk, 57 Central, boards 9 do. 
Crudden Peter, Rev. house Appleton, opposite Elliot 
Cruden Edward, house Gorham, opposite Union 
Cruden Michael, job-wagon, house Gorham, opposite Union 
Cuddy Barney, house Davis 
Cuddy Barney, laborer, house North 

Cudworth Warren H. student, boards at C. B. Richmond's 
Culver (Adna B.) & Hurd, dry goods, 14:4: Merrimac, house 38 

Franklin square, Lagrange 
Cumming Phojbe U, Mrs. house rear Moody 

Cummings , machinist, Massachusetts, house Fayette 

Cummings Benjamin C. Bleachery, house do. 
Cummings Calvin T. laborer, house Spring 
Cummings Daniel, laborer, boards at John Donovan's 
Cummings {Edmund) & Burtt (Joseph M.) dry goods, 4 Apple- 
ton Block, Central, house Middlesex, corner Grand 
Cummings Gerry, carpenter, boards at N. J. Ford's 
Cummings Hannah, Mrs. house near Moody 
Cummings Hiram, Lowell, house Ford, near Austin 
Cummings Horace L. Prescott, house Massachusetts Corp. 
Cummings John, laborer, house 7 Lewis [Smith's 

Cummings John P. shoe-maker, 110 Merrimac, boards J. R. 
Cummings Sarah, Mrs. house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Cummiskey Eleanor, Mrs. house corner Gorham and Winter 
Cummiskey Hugh, contractor, house 246 Merrimac 
Cummiskey Mary, Mrs. house Davidson 
Cummiskey William, carpenter, house Adams 
Cummock Robert, Boott Corporation, house Appleton 
Cumner Nathaniel W. cutter, 7 Appleton Block 
Cumner Nathaniel W. tailor, at S. H. Hastings', b. at S. Pease 
Cunningham James, at P. O. Richmond's, house North 
Cunningham John, laborer, house rear Lowell 
Curley Luke, laborer, house Lowell 
Curley Peter, Hamilton, house Spring 
Curran John, at Colby & Totman's, house 2 North 
Currier Ephraim, Middlesex, house 52 Church 


Currier Frances D. Mrs. boarding-house, 12 Mass. Corp. 
Currier Henry, carpenter, boards at Mrs. A. Young's 
Currier Henry M. Suffolk, house 11 Suffolk Corporation 
Currier Jacob, Lowell, boards at Mrs. A. Young's 
Currier Jeremiah M. Suffolk, house Race 

Currier John {Putnam (S, Currier), h. Nesmith, near Chestnut 
Currier John P. at G. C. Gilchrest's, boards 104 Merrimac 
Currier John W. carpenter, boards at Mrs. S. Currier's 
Currier Leverett W. baggage-master, Stony Brook Rail Road, 

house 8 South Franklin court 
Currier Louisa D. Mrs. house 300 Merrimac 
Currier Martha D. Mrs. boarding-house, 19 Lawrence Corp. 
Currier Nelson, Tremont, boards 23 Tremont Corporation 
Currier Rhoda L. Miss, boarding-house, 3 Boott Corporation 
Currier Samuel H. Lawrence, house 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Currier Susan Mrs. house Queen, near Middlesex 
Currier Timothy J- Merrimac, house 123 Merrimac Corp. 
Curry Anthony, laborer, house Dummer 
Curry Bridget, widow, house Lowell 
Curry William, Bleachery, house Williams 
Curtis Maria E. Mrsi house Decatur [Union 

Curtis Nathaniel, at Smith, Nichols & Co's, h. Gorham, near 
Curtis Robert G. Boston and Lowell R. R. house Howard 
Curtis Sylvia, boarding-house, 18 Appleton Corporation 
Curtis Thomas H. Lawrence, boards at 248 Merrimac 
Curtis William W. botanic physician, 13 Appleton Block, 

boards 77 Central 
Curtis William W. variety store, 248 Merrimac, house do. 
Cushing {Daniel) & Mack {Seivall G.) stove dealer, corner 

Market and Shattuck, house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Cushing George S. Massachusetts, boards at Mrs. E. A. Long's 
Cushing Martin, Merrimac, house 177 Merrimac Corporation 
Cushing Mary, Miss, variety store, 81 Merrimac 
Cushing Oliver E. Lowell Machine Shop, house Anne 
Cushing Prentice, Tremont, house 33 Tremont Corporation 
Cushing Stephen, Merrimac, house Anne 
Cusick John, Bleachery, house Gorham, near Congress 
Cutler David M. G. carpenter, house Ames 
Cutler Jonathan, machinist, boards at L. A. Cutler's 
Cutler Lucius A. contractor, L. M. Shop, h. Cross, n. Willey 
Cutler Otis, shoe-maker, at N. M. Wright's, house School, 

near Middlesex 
Cutter Abijah, gunsmith, house Queen 

Cutting Daniel, Hamilton, house 36 Hamilton Corporation 
Cutting Lewis, Hamilton, house Elliot 
Cutting Lewis M. clerk, 5 Central, boards at L. Cutting's 


DACY JEREMIAH, carpenter, house 1 McCarry's court 

Dacy John, laborer, house Howe 

Dacy Timothy, laborer, house Cross 

Dadman John, Middlesex, boards 1 "Warren court 

Dagget Henry C. Merrimac Print Works, boards 71 Mer. Cor. 

Daggett Carlos. Appleton Corporation, boards at N. Robbins' 

Daggett Nathan, laborer, boards "William "Wilson's 

Daigneau Don Pedro, cordwainer, house 8 Dodge 

Daily Hugh, Lowell Machine Shop, house Castle's B. Lowell 

Daily Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell 

Daily John, at George P. Elliott's, house Lowell 

Daily Margaret, Mrs. house Quigley's Block, Lowell 

Daily Maurice, laborer, boards Mrs. M. Daily's 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 

Dalton Charles H. at J. H. Coburn's, h. Ash, n. E. Merrimac 

Dalton James, shoe-maker, house Suffolk, cor. Cross 

Dalton John C. physician, Lowell, comer Dutton, house do. 

Daisey Timothy, switchman, Nashua & Lowell R. R. h. Cross 

Dam Lorenzo C. 37 Hamilton Corporation 

Dame Abigail, Mrs. house next 128 Central 

Dame Charlotte, Mrs.' house 3 Franklin square, Adams 

Dame Emery, house 10 South 

Dame John, mason, boards R. B. Doan's 

Dame Samuel, mason, house James court 

Damon John, at 0. M. "Whipple's, boards at Stone House 

Damon "Warren, boarding-house, 5 Lowell Corporation 

Damond Albert, Massachusetts, house 41 Prescott Corporation 

Dana Andrew J. painter, Merrimac, house 118 Merrimac Cor. 

Dana Anne, Miss, house Liberty 

Dana David, coppersmith and tin-plate worker, Jackson, opp. 

Hamilton Print "Works, house Tyler 
Dana Samuel L. chemist, house Moody, opp. Merrimac House 
Dana "William H. Merrimac Print AVorks, b. 73 Merr. Corp. 
Danahey Jeremiah, laborer, house Adams 
Danahey John, Lawrence, house 18 Adams 
Danahey Patrick, Lawrence, house Fenwick 
Dane George, blacksmith, Dane, house do. 
Dane John M. Railroad, boards at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Dane Joseph M. clerk at O. M. "Whipple's, house cor. Cen- 
tral and Walnut [Corporation 
Dane Moses, Market, Merrimac, boarding-house, 14 Tremont 
Danforth Amariah, clerk, at "W. A. Fisher & Co's. boards at 

H. Fogg's 
Danforth Daniel O. machinist, house 44 Hamilton Corporation 
Danforth John M. Lowell Machine Shop, house 4 Goward B. 


Danforth Samuel, Lowell M. Shop, boards at R. F. Walcott's 
Danforth Solomon, overseer, boards 44 Hamilton Corporation 
Daniels Asa W. printer, boards at G. W. Moore's 
Daniels Dyar, at O. M. Whipple's, house Whipple 
Daniels Jared "W, physician, boards at G. W. Moore's 
Daniels Olive, Mrs. house 19 George, near Tyler 
Darling Benjamin, Massachusetts, boards at J. 0. Hill's 
Darling Gilman T. Suffolk, house Moody, corner Race 
Darling Harriet, Mrs, house Lowell, near Fenwick 
Darling Jonathan C. overseer, Lowell, house 41 Franklin sq. 
Darling Kendall R. Middlesex, house 6 Edgerly's court 
Darmon G. E. B. shuttle-shop, Market, boards at Mrs. D. E. 

Darracott George, Jr. & Co. (A. W. Adams S^ J. R. Darracott) 

gas engineers and gas fixtures. Central, corner Warren, 

boards Merrimac House [Woburn 

Darracott James R. {George Darracott, Jr. 8^ Co.), house at 
David Duport, butcher, house Butterfield, near School 
Davidson John, Suffolk, house 16 Suffolk Corporation 
Davidson William, employment office, 128 Merrimac, h. Anne 
Davis Aaron, shoemaker, Suff. c Adams, h. Midx. opp. M. Shop 
Davis Abraham B. Lowell, house 18 Lowell Corporation 
Davis Alonzo S. house Lawrence, corner North 
Davis Betsey, Mrs. nurse, boards at Daniel Davis's 
Davis Benjamin, cordwainer, boards 218 Merrimac Corp. 
Davis Charles A. physician, 4 Canal Block, house Andover, 

corner Willow 
Davis Daniel, carpenter, house School, opposite Gold [depot 
Davis David, Lowell Machine Shop, house Middlesex, above 
Davis David G. Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis Eliakim S. sign painter, Merrimac, house Hanover 
Davis Elisha, farmer, house Central, corner Gorham 
Davis Elisha L. boot-fitter, 34 Central, house 24^ Charles 
Davis Eliza, Miss, boarding-house, 5 Boott Corporation 
Davis Elizabeth, Mrs. nurse, boards at William Hale's 
Davis Ephraim, at O. M. Whipple's, boards at L. Ferson's 
Davis Eunice P. {Parmenter <Sr Davis), h. Kirk, opp. Paige 
Davis Ezekiel S. overseer Boott, house 63 Boott Corporation 
Davis George, ostler, at American House, house 29 Charles 
Davis George, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis George H. house Gorham, near Middlesex 
Davis Hazen L. at Dr. Kelley's office, house 28 Church 
Davis Henry, painter, boards at Mrs. M. B. Brown's 
Davis Kermon V. wood-sawyer, boards at I. Richards's 
Davis James E. Hamilton, house Charles, near Reed's court 
Davis James P. Merrimac, boards 40 Merrimac Corporation 


Davis John J. laborer, house Thorndike, near Hale 
: Davis John S. Merrimac, house 56 Merrimac Corporation 

Davis John W. periodical depot, 5 John, house Lee, near Kirk 
i Davis Joseph, carpenter, house 31 Charles 
j Davis Joseph W. Merrimac, house 173 Merrimac Corporation 
I Davis Leander, painter, boards at Mrs. M. B. Brown's 

Davis Mark, blacksmith, boards at Mrs. M. B. Brown's 
I Davis Mark, Lowell, boards at Aaron Davis's 
(Davis Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 9 Merrimac Corporation 
I Davis Mary J. Mrs., dress-maker & variety store, 16 Middlesex 
I Davis Moses Jr., house Fletcher, corner Lagrange 
I Davis Paul S. Middlesex, boards at L. Greenleaf's 
[Davis Phineas E. at O. L. Allen's, boards at Mrs. E. Davis's 
j Davis Reuben P. carpenter, house Forrest 
I Davis Rufus W. Lowell, house Common 

j Davis Samuel G. Middlesex, house George, opposite "William 
[Davis Simon S. dry goods, 4 Central, bds. at A. Wetherbee's 
'Davis Sturgis, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
jDa-\-is Sydney, rnason, house 162 Central 
[Davis William, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 
I Davis William J. dry goods, 8 Central, boards 13 do 
[Davis William P. Merrimac, house 42 Merrimac Corporation 
;Davlin James, laborer, house Green 

Davlin James, laborer, house*rear Williams 
Davlin Joseph, Lowell, house William 
Davlin Michael, overseer, Hamilton, house North 
Day Albert, Tremont, boards 4 Tremont Corporation 
Day Benjamin, marble yard, 101 Lowell, bds. at G. Stearns's 
I Day Catherine, widow, house 2 Garnet [Bachelder's 

[Day Daniel, ladies' shoes. Market, boards at Mrs. R. 
Day Charles Henry, machinist, boards at S. Smiley's 
[Day Henry, foundry, Jackson, house Smith 
(Day John W. tin-plate worker, 46 Central 
Day Orrin, tin-plate worker, 46 Central, boards at T. G. Tweed's 
Day Silas, teamster, house Central, near Wamesit 
Day Thomas, shoemaker, house 14 Cushing 
Day {William L.) & Convers {Samuel), carriage makers, 137 

Central, near North 
Dawley George, works and boards at Joseph Mayer's 
Dayton Nathaniel L. bookseller, 32 Merrimac) house Chest- 
I " nut, near Nesmith 
Dean [Betrjamin) St Binsmoor (James), counsellors, 20 and 21 

Appieton Block, house Alder, corner Bartlett 
Dean Catherine, widow of Silas, house 4 Court avenue 
Dean Daniel H. tailor, 5 Canal Block, house East Merrimac, 
above Alder 

Dean {Horace C.) & Kimball {J. 5.), merchant tailors, 3 Cen- 
tral, house East Merrimac, c. Alder 
Dean Jemima, Mrs., boarding-house, 5 Prescott Corporation 
Dean Mercy W. widow, house 8 Hamilton Corporation 
Dean Peter C. Hamilton, house Gorham, near Middlesex 
Dean Stephen R. clerk at Fiske & Norcross's, house Branch, 

corner Queen 
Dean Susan, Mrs. boarding-house, 104 Merrimac st. [comb's 
Dearborn A. D. B. Prescott C. R. boards at Mrs. S. B. Lys- 
Dearden William, crockery, glass and camphene, 107 Mer. 
Deblois John B. Tremont, house 31 Tremont Corporation 
De Castro William, Bleachery, house Cedar 
Decatur Joshua, carpenter, house Willie, corner Clark 
De Coster Susan, Mrs. house Summer, near Gorham 
Decker Stephen, Lowell, house 190 Merrimac Corporation 
Decker Stephen, Mrs. variety store, 190 Merrimac 
Dederah John, Bleachery, boards at B. C. Cummings's 
Dedot Nicholas, Middlesex, house Green 
Deering James, house 3 Water 

Deering William, wood-sawyer, house rear Pleasant 
Deering William, Massachusetts, house High, opp. Everett 
Delamore Michael, laborer, house Lowell 

Delaney Edmund, house Lowell, near Worthen [House 

De Lara E. F. Merrimac Print Works, boards at Merrimac 
Deming Albert, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Gorham, c. Walnut 
Deming Albert, overseer, Prescott, house 41 Mass. Corp. 
Deming Isaac, Tremont, house 40 Tremont Corporation 
Dempsey Catherine, Mrs. house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Dempsey Daniel, Boston & Lowell R. Pi,, house Dummer 
Dempsey Joanna, Mrs. house Howard Block, Lowell 
Dempsey Michael, hatter, b. Washington House [Suffolk ct. 
Dempsey Patrick, essence manufacturer, Lowell, house 8 
Dennan John, Middlesex, house Green 
Dennan Michael, Middlesex, boards at J. McSoley's 
Dennahan Thomas, Lowell, house 232 Merrimac 
Dennett Hiram, at Burbank (S: Chases's, h. Appleton, c. South 
Dennis Anna M. teacher, -boards at R. Dennis's 
Dennis James, Tremont, house 41 Tremont st. 
Dennis John, Middlesex, house Charles, near Gorham 
Dennis Mary A. teacher, boards at R. Dennis's 
Dennis Richard, overseer, Appleton, h. Appleton, c. Pearl 
Dennon Michael, batting mill, house Lawrence 
Denton James H. at D. Dana's, house o Cady 
Denton John A. at D. Dana's, house Summer, near Gorham 
Derby Andrew, Hamilton, house 13 Hamilton Corporation 


Derby George W. shoemaker, at J. Kent's, house Merrimac, 

near Decatur 
Derby Maria, Mrs., house Appleton, corner Thorndike 
Derbyshire George, stonecutter, Merrimac Print Works, h. 142 

Merrimac Corporation 
Deshon Aaron, grocer, Middlesex, near Pearl 
Deshon Benjamin C. grocer, Middlesex, near Pearl 
Deshon Harrison L. boards at Joseph Stevens's 
Dcsigney Michael, batting mill, house !North 
Devlin James, laborer, house 8 Gorham 
Devlin John, laborer, house Davidson 
Deway Maurice, laborer, house Lowell 
Dewey Alexander, Middlesex, boards 53 Church 
Dewey George M. commission produce, Davidson's Block, 

East Merrimac, house Fayette, near Andover 
Dewhurst Eli, Appleton, boards at N. Robbins's 
Dcwhurst Richard J. stamp stencil cutter, Gorham, near Hale's 

Mills, house 8 Crosby 
Dexter Aaron, picker factory, boards 20 Hurd 
Dexter Alonzo, picker factory, boards 20 Hurd 
Dickerman Manly S. carpenter, h. Kimball's Block, Moody 
Dickey Benjamin, fruit. City Hall, boards at E. Cheney's 
Dickey Hanover, physician, 20 Hurd 

Dickey Henry H. atC. Dutton's house, Merrimac, near Cabot 
Dickey Stephen, at Fisk ik Norcross's, Middlesex 
Dickson David, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence court 
Dickson Hugh, Clerk, 4 Central, boards at 3 Water 
Dike Elijah J. Mass. boards at Mrs. J. Lufkin's 
Dike Morrill H. overseer, Middlesex, house Oak 
Dillon Patrick, laborer, house Gorham, opposite the Church 
Dinnegan Patrick, laborer, house Union, near Central 
Diunegan Patrick, laborer, house Spring 
Dinnen Charles, laborer, house Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 
Dinsmore Christopher C. engineer, Middlesex, h. 12 Warren 
Dinsmore Ira, Middlesex, house 26 Church 
Dinsmore James {Dean 4 Dinsmore), counsellors, 20 Apple- 
ton Block, house Andover, corner Harrison 
Dinsmore James H. Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corp, 
Dinsmore Robins, house 64 Church 

Dinsmore Tobias P. clerk, 140 Central, boards at C. S. Vance's 
Dinsmore Tobias, clerk, boards at Mrs, C. C. Vance's 
Dinsmore William, laborer, house Liberty 
Ditson Franklin, teamster, boards at C. Shirley's 
Ditson Samuel, Suffolk, house 23 Suffolk Corporation 
Dix Daniel, boards at John Whitney's [Gushing, n, Willie 
Dix Jonathan W. clothing, Middlesex, cor. Thorndike, house 


Dixie Lucy A. Miss, dress-maker, 4 John, b. 52 Boott Corp. 

Dixon David, Batting Mill, house Lawrence court 

Dixon Hugh, boards at J. Deering's 

Doake Horace, overseer, Massachusetts, h. 55 Mass. Corp. 

Dobbins Michael, at Shapleigh & Farrington's, house Merrill 

Dobson John, boards at Joseph Hurd's 

Dockerty John, Middlesex, house Green 

Dodge A. E. millinery, 99 Merrimac, boards 100 do. 

Dodge Charles, painter, house E. Merrimac, near Fayette 

Dodge Charles W. clerk, 4 Appleton Bl'k, b. at James Smith's 

Dodge David M. watch-maker and jeweller, 34 Merrimac, h. 

Charles, near Central 
Dodge Eliza, Mrs. boarding-house, 14 Boott Corporation 
Dodge Ezekiel, carpenter, house John Street Avenue 
Dodge Horace N. Middlesex, house 1 Merrill's court 
Dodge James, job wagon, house Lowell, near Hospital 
Dodge John, carpenter, house Appleton, corner Pearl 
Dodge John T. W. I. goods. Bank Block, boards Jane York's 
Dodge Joseph M. carpenter, house Tyler 

Dodge Joseph Moody, Jr. carpenter, boards at J. M. Dodge's 
Dodge Simon B. boarding-house, 4 Boott Corporation 
Dodge Spencer, shoe-maker, Cabot, house Moody, c. Cabot 
Dodge Thomas, Lowell Machine Shop, house 3 Market 
Doe Ezra W. Tremont, house 28 Tremont Corporation 
Doe Franklin, boards at Mrs. L. Doe's 
Doe Hilas, pedler, Lydia Doe's 
Doe Lydia, Mrs. boarding-house, George 
Doe Mark W. Boott, house 47 Boott Corporation 
Doe Richard, Merrimac, boards at Mrs. L. Doe's 
Doe William K. Mechanic Mills, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Dohney Catherine, Mrs. washing, house Jefterson 
Dole Thomas, wheelwright, house 18 Appleton 
Dolan Dennis, Middlesex, boards at D. Garrahan's 
Dolan Margaret, Mrs. house Fenwick 

Dolan Margaret, Mis. washer-woman, house r. Mary Doyle's 
Dolan Matthew, laborer, house between Merrimac and Middle 
Dolan Michael, Locks and Canals, house Lowell, cor. Sufiblk 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house Gorham, near Union 
Dolan William, laborer, house Short's Block, Lewis 
Dolbier Samuel, Hamilton Mills, boards 77 Central 
Dollard James, spinner, house Davis 
DollofF Elijah B. carpenter, Central, near Wamesit 
Dolloff' Jerome B. painter, Massachusetts, h. 13 PrecottCorp. 
Donaldson Hugh, Batting Mill, h. cor. Gorham and Winter 
Donnelly Bernard, laborer, house Davis 
Donnelly Charles, boards at Mrs. J. Donnelly's 


Donelly Patrick, laborer, house Central, corner Tyler 

Donlay Mary, Mrs. house Green 

Donley Edward, Hamilton, house Winter, corner Gorham 

Donley Mary, Mrs. house 3 Luther's court 

Donley Patrick, house Winter 

Donley Simon, house Winter 

Donnegan Margaret, Mrs. house Lowell 

Donnelly Hugh, tailor, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

Donnelly Isabella, Mrs house Lowell, opposite Suffolk 

Donnelly James, laborer, house Davidson Block, Lowell 

Donnelly James, laborer, house Lowell, near Worthen 

Donnelly Margaret, Mrs. house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

Donnelly Owen, Lowell M. Shop, house Summer, near Davis 

Donohoe Dennis, laborer, house Short's Block, Lewis 

Donohoe John, laborer, boards E.vchange Coffee House 

Donohoe John, laborer, house Adams 

Donohoe Michael, mason, house Riilroad Block, Lowell 

Donohoe Michael, laborer, house rear Lowell 

Donohoe Michael, laborer, house Adams 

Donohoe Michael, laborer, house Fenwick 

Donohoe Owen M. Exchange Coffee House, Lowell 

Donohoe Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 

Donohoe Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 

Donohoe Rosa, widow of Thomas, house AVilliam 

Donohoe Thomas, laborer, house rear AVater 

Donohoe Thomas, laborer, house Lowell 

Donovan Catharine, widow, house Gorliam, opposite Appleton 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, house r. Gorham, near Winter 

Donovan Dennis, house 2 Luther's court 

Donovan John, laborer, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 

Donovan John, laborer, boards at Daniel Dempsey's 

Donovan Joseph, laborer, house Haggerty's Block, Lowell 

Donovan Patrick, laborer, house North 

Donovan Timothy, at O. M. Whipple's, house Bickford place 

Donovan Timothy, laborer, house North 

Doolan Catherine, Mrs. house Lowell, opposite Suffolk 

Dooley Edward, carpet printer, house Cedar, corner Central 

Dooley Jane, Mrs. house Barker's Block, Lowell 

Dopp Joseph, variety store, I Arcade block, E. Merr. h. do. 

Doton Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding house, 19 Boott Corporation 

Doud Martin, Middlesex, boards 23 Church 

Dougherty John, Middlesex, house Green 

Dougherty John, Hamilton, boards at N. M'Giness's 

Dougherty Mary, widow, house Hale 

Douglass C. H. Mrs. tobacco and cigars, 31 Merrimac, h. do, 

Douglass Eliza S. Mrs house Worthen, near Mechanic 


Douglass Erastus, house Worthcn, corner Mechanic 

Douglass Samuel, boards at Mrs. E. Merrill's 

Douglass Thomas G. mason, house Gorham, near Central 

Douian Thomas, Boston & Lowell R. R. depot, h. 10 Lewis 

Dow Charles, house 17 Middlesex 

Dow Daniel E. machinist, boards at L. P. Green's 

Dow John, carpenter, boards 11 East JSIerrimac 

Dow Joshua, at B. Moore's, boards do. 

Dowd John, laborer, house rear Diimmer 

Dowdle Thomas, laborer, house Cross 

Downes Albert, real estate agent, house 14 Appleton 

Downes John, house Winter 

Downes John E. Lowell Machine Shop, house 10 Franklin ct. 

Downes Luther, machinist, house Appleton, near South 

Downes Matthew, boarding-house, 20 Massachusetts Corp. 

DoAvnes Nathaniel, Massachusetts, house 20 Mass. Corp. 

Downes Orin, carpenter, house Water, near Andover 

Downes Reuben, farmer, house Charles, corner Central 

Downing Daniel R. fruit and vegetables, city market, house 

High, near AndoA'er 
Downing George W. Boott, boards at M. T. Morse's 
Downing John C. LoAvell, house 9 Marion 
Downing Jonathan, painter, house near N. Grammar School 
DoAvning Thomas, W. I. goods, LoAvell, house do. 
DoAA'se Amos, 149 Central, boards John Dowse's 
DoAvse Calvin, shoe-maker, house 4 Crosby 
Dowse John, botanic medicines, 149 Central, house do. 
Dowser William, carpenter, Loaa'cU, house E. Merr. opp. Ash 
Doyen Patrick, house Winter 
Doyle Brian, well-digger, house LoAvell 
Doyle EdAvard, tailor, 7 Gorham, boards Union House 
Doyle James, groceries, Williams, house do. 
Doyle John, house Putney's court 
Doyle Mary, Mrs. grocer, Suffolk, near LoAvell 
Doyle Michael, Middlesex, boards 8 Warren 
Doyle Patrick, mason, house Adams, corner Cross 
Doyle Thomas, Middlesex, house North 
Doyle Timothy, laborer, house rear LoAvell 
Drake Erastus, Middlesex, boards at S. W. Lennell's 
Drake Joseph, Appleton, house Loudon court 
Draper Joshua L. carpenter, house 9 Middlesex place 
Draper Jotham P. at D. Rogers's stable, house 25^ Charles 
Draper Nathaniel F., N. E. P. U. Div. 64, Fletcher, c. Adams, 

house South Franklin court 
Dresser {Joseph D.) & Smith {D. T.), clothing and furnishing 

goods, 54 Central, boards Washington House 


Dresser Samuel F. stone-mason, house 17 Trull's Bl'k. Middle 

Drew Charles W. dry goods, 3 Welles B . b. at G. W. Heard's 

Drew Calvin M. Lowell, house "Walnut 

Drew Henry C. clerk, 3 Welles Block, b. at G. W. Heard's 

Drew Silas S, clerk, 120 Merrimac, boards 38 Franklin square 

Drew Smith S. clerk, boards at A. B. Culver's 

Drew Stephen M. blacksmith, Mass. h. Willow, c. Andover 

Drinnels Daniel, Hamilton, boards 19 George 

Driscoil Cornelius, laborer, house Fenwick 

Driscoll Daniel, foundi-y, house Jefferson 

Driscoil James, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 

Driscoll John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Driscoll John, house Jeff"erson 

Ducey Margaret, widow, house Railroad Block, Lowell 

Ducey Thomas, laborer, house Jeff'erson 

Duckerworth William, Merr. Print Works, b. J. Cosgrove's 

Duckies Thomas, carpenter, Merrimac, house Water 

Dudley David, Suff"olk. house 20 Gore [h. 148 Central 

Dudley (Dennison) & Whitney {Abel), W. I. goods, 38 Central, 

Dudley Else, Mrs. house High, corner Chestnut 

Dudley Josiah P. carpenter, house Queen [mac, n. Cabot 

Dudley Williard, W. I. goods, Merrimac, c. Tilden, h. Merri- 

Dudley William A. Suff'olk, boards at D. Dudley's 

Duesbury Caroline, Mrs. boarding-house, 113 Merrimac 

Duff'y James, at George P. Elliott's, boards do, 

Duffy James, carpenter, house Lowell, near North Grammar 

School House 
Duff'y James, laborer, house rear Lee 
Duff'y Michael, Hamilton, house North 
Duff'y Sarah, widow, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Duffy Terrance, laborer, house Market [ton's 

Duff'y Thomas, Hamilton Print Works, boards at J. Brier- 
Duflfy Thomas, house rear Gorham, near Winter 
Duhig Jeremiah, at O. M. Whipple's" 
Duley Mary, Mrs., house 4 Suffolk 
Duley William, at Colony House 

Dummer John, wheel-wright, house Lowell, corner Dummer 
Dumpelmann Louis, dyer, boards at 95 Central 
Duncan John Rev. house Chestnut, between High and Willow 
Duncan John M. Tremont, boards at Alanson Wright's 
Duncan John G. Tremont, house 42 Tremont st. 
Dunham Abigail H. Mrs. boarding-house. Union house, 

Central, corner Green 
Dunham Nelson, stone-mason, house Central, corner Green 
Dunlap John, carpenter, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Dunlavy George, laborer, house Adams 


Dunlavy James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Dunlavv John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Dunn Bridget, widow, house Summer 

Dunn James, laborer, house rear Dummer 

Dunn Jeremiah, Lowell Machine Shop, house Jefferson 

Dunn John, boards at Mrs. B. Dunn's 

Dunn William, job wagon. Central, house Dutton 

Durant Ann M. Mrs. boarding-house, Tilden, corner Moody 

Durant John T. cabinet-maker, at Shapleigh & Farrington's 

Duren Dorothy, Mrs. house rear 13 Middlesex 

Durgin Charles G. carpenter, at P. O. Richmond's, h. Mill 

Durgin Cyrus W. Lowell, house 21 Lowell Corporation 

Durgin Elijah S. collector, house Summer, corner South 

Durgin George, laborer, house 2 Adam^ Block, Adams 

Durgin Jane, Mrs. boards at Nathaniel Durgin's 

Durgin John H. drover, house 4 Hamilton Corporation 

Durgin John H. Mer. Print Works, b. 159 Mer. Corp. [Mills 

Durgin Luther P. printer. Courier office, h. Central, n. Hale's 

Durgin Lydia C. Miss, house Summer, corner South 

Durgin Nathaniel, teamster, house Pawtucket, c. Walker 

Dustin Dudley, cab-driver, at D. Rogers's, b. at S. Coburn's 

Dustin (fi. A.) & Butler (C il/.)^ dress -makers, 4^ John, 

house 88 Merrimac 
Dustin William L. carpenter, house High, near Chestnut 
Duston William S. 44 Central, house Mill, corner Wamesit 
Dutton Ashley. Hamilton, boards at Mrs. D. E. Dutton's 
Dutton Edith, Miss, boarding-house, 14 Swamp Locks 
Dutton James, carpets, house E Merrimac, n. High st. square 
Duxbury James J. Merrimac C. R. boards at American House 
Dwennells Hannah M shoe-binder, boards at Mrs. R. Combs's 
Dwinell Alcander ( Weaver &; Dwinell) , house 5 Bartlett 
Dwinell Levi G. clerk, SO Merrimac, boards at A. Dwinell's 
Dwyer William, batting mill, house Appleton House 
Dyar Albert F. gilder, 2Q Central, house at Chelmsford 
Dyar Warren H. looking glasses, clocks, and musical instru- 
ments, 20 Central, house Chapel, near Union 
Dyer Henry H. stone-cutter, house Summer, corner South 
Dyer John, boards at Mrs. J. Blanchard's 
Dyson John, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. Sarah Stott's 

EACOTT WILLIAM, Middlesex, house Water, n. Andover 

Eaglesfield George H. house Crosby 

Fames Luther, undertaker and superintendent Cemetery, h. 

Gorham, near Hale's Mills 
Eames Luther J. butcher, house Gorham, near Hale's Mills 
Earl Osman, at D. Rogers's, boards at Benjamin Taylor's 


Early James, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Union 

Easter .Tames, Trcmont, boards at Mrs. M. Clark's 

Easter Robert, Tremont, house Decatur 

Easter Samuel, Bleachery, boards at T. M. Keed's 

Eastev Lott, Bleacherv, house Moore 

Eastinan Charles S. &'Co. (G. W. Bedloio & I. C. Eastman), 

apothecaries, corner Central and Merrimac, boards at 

Joseph Bedlow's 
Eastman Edmund, house South, near Appleton 
Eastman Ezekiel, house 6 Appleton Corporation 
Eastman Gardner K. stone cutter. Western avenue, house Clay 
Eastman Isaac C. (C. S. Eastman ^ Co.), b. at J. T. Chesley's 
Eastman John B. variety, 8 John, house do. 
Eastman Lorenzo D. Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Eastman Rebecca, W. Mrs. house High, near Andover 
Eastman Robert, clerk, boards at 5 Middle [mac 

Eastman Robert, clerk, at C. R. Nichols's, boards 111 Merri- 
Eastman Sarah E. house 5-5 Merrimac, corner John 
Eastman Susan F. boarding-house, 26 Suffolk Corporation 
Eastman William, carpenter, house Common 
Eastman William D. house 244 Merrimac 
Easton John, cigar maker, boards at L. F. Emery's 
Easton John, at H. A. Whitney's, boards at L. F. Emery's 
Easton Samuel, Bleachery, boards at T. M. Reed's 
Eaton Albert S. cook Merrimac House, house Lawrence 
Eaton Alvin, Lowell Machine Shop, house 61 Worthen 
Eaton Daniel, Lawrence, house 61 Lawrence Corporation 
Eaton David P. stone-mason, house 26 Worthen 
Eaton George P. Hamilton Corp. boards at Mrs. S. McKinley's 
Eaton Horace L. foundry, Jackson, house Clay 
Eaton Jeremiah B. carriage and harness maker, Button, corner 

Worthen, house do. 
Eaton J. M. clerk at J. H. Kimball's, boards do. 
Eaton Job S. W. I. goods, Cabot, house do, 
Eaton Jonathan, boarding, 114 Merrimac Corporation 
Eaton Joseph M. reed-maker, boards at N. L. Fowler's 
Eaton Marshall, shoe-maker, 9-5 Merrimac, bds. at J. Phelps's 
Eaton Worcester, P. U. store. Moody, corner Tilden, house 

Merrimac, near Cabot 
Eccles Thomas, at H. A. Whitney's, boards at Union House 
Eddy Daniel C. Rev. house Chapel, opposite Cottage 
Eder Patrick, laborer, boards at S. Adams's 
Edes Betsey A. Miss, boarding-house, 3 Merrimac Corp. 
Edgarton Daniel, tailor, boards at Mrs. S. Upton's 
Edgerlv Jonathan, watchman, Middlesex, h. 4 Edgerly's ct. 
Edgerly Marv S. Mrs. boards at G. W. Miller's 


Edgerton Daniel W. tailor, 56 Central, boards at Mrs. S. C. 

Edson Theodore, Rev. house Kirk 

Edwards Ivory, Appleton, house 16 Appleton Corporation 
Edwards Jabez, Merriraac, house 29 Merrimac Corporation 
Edwards John, provisions (wholesale), Market, h. at Centralville 
Egan Lawrence, fruit, house Gorhani, opposite the church 
Egan Thomas, Merrimac Print Works, house Adams 
Egan Thomas, Merrimac Print Works, house Adams 
Eggleston John, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Ela Theodore, house 11 Warren 
Elder Simon, machinist, boards at Mrs. C. Dane's 
Elkins John, boarding-house, Green, near Central 
Ellenwood Gay ton P. Mass. house 6i Massachusetts Corp. 
Ellingwood Robert, at D. Dana's, h. Central, opposite Centre 
Elliott Edmund, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Elliott Ephraim, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Elliott Esther, Mrs. shoe-binder, house Cheever, near Guard 

Elliott George H. clerk, boards at G. P. Elliott's 
Elliott George P. W. I. goods, Middle, corner Shattuck, h. 
Fletcher, corner Pawtucket [north side Moody 

Elliott Hazen, boots, shoes and rubbers, 172 Merrimac, house 
Elliott Jasper, Merrimac, house 77 Merrimac Corporation 
Elliott John, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 
Elliott John C. bookkeeper, at G. P. Elliott's, boards do. 
Elliott Lovey, Mrs., boards 77 Merrimac Corporation 
Elliott Lydia M. Mrs. house Dodge [Carlton 

Ellis Benjamin, atFisk & Norcross's, h. Middlesex, opposite 
Ellis Edmund, carpenter, house Smith 
Ellis John, clerk, 31 Merrimac, boards at D.M. Dodge's 
Ellis Oliver, Merrimac, house 8o Merrimac Corporation 
Ellis Stephen, L. M. S. boards at J. B. Leavitt's [Shop 

Ellow Dolly, widow, house rear Middlesex, opposite Machine 
Ellsworth Anson, Mass. boards at M. Downe's 
Ellsworth Calista, Miss, boarding-house, 41 Cabot 
Ellsworth John, teamster, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Elston AVilliam, shoe-maker, Hale's Mills, house Central, 

corner Abbott 
Elvin Charles, Lowell, boards at Mrs. C. Exley's 
Elwell James, machinist, at D. Lane's, boards 59 Mass. Corp. 
Emerson Alvin, Bleachery, house do. corner Moore 
Emerson Bela H. Hamilton, house 28 Hamilton Corporation 
Emerson Benjamin F. Merrimac, house 59 Merrimac Corp. 
Emerson Charles F. marble- worker, h. 1 South Franklin court 
merson Daniel G. variety store, 15 Middlesex, house do. I 


Emerson David, Tremont, house 34 Tremont Corporation 
Emerson (Francis P.) & Lamkin (Albon A.), carpenters, 

Prescott St. boards at Joel Hatch's 
Emerson George, house Cabot 

Emerson Hiram, Tremont, boards at Alanson "Wright's 
Emerson Jane, Mrs. dress-maker, 21 Central, boards at 24 do. 
Emerson Joel D. boards at Hosea Smith's 
Emerson {Luther) & Neally {B. i^.) , groceries and produce, 
Merrimac, corner Prescott, house Alden, near Bartlett 
Emerson Moses R. clerk, at J. S. Brown's, boards at Mrs. R. 

Emerson Nathan, painter, Adams, corner Lagrange, boards at 

J. A. "Wiggin's 
Emerson P. H. variety. 17^ Merriniac, house do. 
Emerson Rebecca A. Mrs boarding-house, 74 Merrimac Corp. 
Emerson Sarah Ann, house Church, near Central 
Emerson Solomon D. overseer weaving room, Appleton, house 

29 Appleton Corporation 
Emerson William II. contractor, house Pearl, n. Middlesex 
Emery Enoch, associate editor Vox Populi, 21 Central, boards 

at John T. Chesley's 
Emery Frank, Merrimac, house 121 Merrimac Corporation 
Emery Henry {Mc Gaff y &; Emery), carpenter, b. at J. GafFey's 
Emery Henry, proprietor Merrimac House, Merr, c. Shattuck 
Emery Hiram, house I Appleton Corporation 
Emery Lewis F. Middlesex, house corner South and Summer 
Emery Samuel, at Merrimac House 
Emery Samuel, stone-mason, house Franklin 
Emery Stephen [Knoicles S; Emery), b. 3 Ayer's B. Tilden 
Emery Y/illiam E. house 5 Lowell place 
Emmett James, Middlesex, house Fenwick 
Emmons Elisha, Lowell Machine Shop, b. at D. B. Colby's 
j Emmott John, engraver, Hamilton, house Cedar, near Keene 
England James A. carpenter, house Pine 
England Michael, laborer, house Maiden Lane 
Ena;land Michael, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
England Robert, Hamilton Print Works, house Loudon court 
England Thomas, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Eno William F. overseer, Mass. b. at Mrs. A. Young's 
I Enright Margaret, Mrs. house Suffolk, near Cross 
! Ensign Joseph, Boott, boards at D. Parker's 
! Ensworth Waterman C. laborer, house Cedar, near Central 
! Entwvstle Samuel, Mei-rimac, boards at T. Rothwell's 
I Erlund Pedar A. clerk at Mixer, Pitman & Go's, b. 27 Central 
I Erskine David M. mariner, house Merrimac, n. the Hospital 
' Erskine Levi B. news-carrier, h. Merrimac, near the Hospita\ 


p'rving John, at J. Mayer's 

Erwin James, Bleachery, house Lawrence, near Abbott 

Estey Hannah, nurse, at Mrs. Johnson's, Tremont, c. Moody 

E^ty Joseph W. shoemaker. 1 AVarrcn court 

Evans George, Middlesex, boards at T. Boucher's 

Evans George L. carpet, boards at Mrs, J. Blanchard's 

Evans Joseph, carpenter, h. Forrest [Howard, n. Hale 

Evans Josiah F. merchant tailor, Middlesex, n. depot, house 

Evans Michael R. Lawrence, house 51 Lawrence Corporation 

Evans William, driver at L Scripture & Go's, 

Evcleth John, carriage-maker, boards 104 Merrimac 

Fw'.ng Samuel, pedler, house Clark, near N. Grammar School 

Ex.ey Charlotte, Mrs. widow, Market 

FADDIGAN MARGARET, Mrs. house Moody, near Austin 
Faivgreieve George, Lowell, house Union, near Central 
1- ales David T. teamster, house Dane 
F :.lcs Horace, Tremont, boards 14 Tremont Corporation 
I'i:les Levi, Merrimac, boards at G. "VVhitehouse's 
i-\;lkenham Catharine, Miss, nurse, boards at J. C, McLennan 
Italian Maria, widow, house Lowell 
l-"allon Andrew, laborer, house Cross, naer Suffolk 
Fullon William, at Nichols & Stuart's, h. Cross, n. Suffolk 
Farley Bryant, laborer, house High street square 
Farley Elizabeth, Mrs. house Dummer [J, Bancroft's 

Firley Harriet, editress N. E. Offering, 22Appleton Brk,b. at 
Farley John, laborer, house Market 
Farley Owen, Hamilton, boards at Ann Quinn's 
Farley William, machinist, house 5 Goward Block 
Farmer Gilbert, meal-wagon, house Middlesex, opp. Grand 
Farmer Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 68 Church, c. Warren ct. 
Farmer Nath'l, machinist, at D. Lane's, h. South, n. Summer 
i' armer Thomas G. at Brooks & Tyler's, h. Appleton, opp. Favor 
Farnham Almira, Mrs. house Summer, near South 
Farnham Eliza, Mrs. house 87 Central 
Farnham William, Boott, boards at R. P. Hardy's 
Farnham William L. Bleachery, boards at F. L. Moore's 
Farnham AVilliam W. machinist, boards at Mrs. A. Farnham's 
Farnsworth Charles H. writing-master, h. Merrimac, n. Hosp. 
!'"arns worth David W. Lawrence, house 58 Lawrence Corp. 
Farnsworth Elijah B. baker, boards at G. J. Bradt's 
i Farnsworth George W. blacksmith, boards at A. B. Culver's 
Farnsworth {Jeremiah T.) & Stuart {Charles T.), provision 

store, corner Central and Jackson, b. at Jona. Page's 
Farnsworth Jesse E. overseer, Lawrence, h. 35 Lawrence Corp. 


Farnum Heman, Prescott, boards at R. G. Farnum's 
Fainuni Livermore, Merrimac, house Tilden, corner Moody 
Farnum Rufus G. machinist, house Cabot 
Farr Alpha B. overseer, Prescott, house 23 Prescott Corp. 
Farr {Asa) & Whitney {Isaac), boots and shoes, 123 Central, 
house 143 Central [Central and Chapel 

Farr Asa W. counsellor, 6 Canal Bl'k, house Walnut, between 
Farr Merrill C. Prescott, boards at Jacob Leman's 
Farrar Joseph, carpenter, house Butterfield, near School 
Farrar Thomas, Appleton, boards at Ann Quinn's 
Farrell Ann, widow, house Union, opposite Chapel 
Farrell Catharine, Mrs. at P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence 
Farrell Edward, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Union 
Farrell James, laborer, house 14 Middle 
Farrell Mary, widow, house Keene 

Farrell Owen, carpet-weaver, house Howard Block, Lowell 
Farrell Peter, at Aldrich, Tyng & Co's, house Davidson 
Farrell Thomas, laborer, boards at Mrs. B. Healy's 
Farrell William, Middlesex, house Davidson 
Farrington DeWitt C. {Shapleigh S^ Farrington), h. 9 Church 
Farrington Daniel, hats, clothing, and furnishing goods, 150 

Merrimac, house High, corner Oak 
Farrington Ebenezer, carpenter, house Franklin sq. Adams 
Farrington Isaac, hats, clothing, and furnishing goods, 57 Cen- 
tral, house Tyler 
Farris John K. butcher, house Walker, corner Broadway 
Farson James, painter, boards at Mrs. Maria Badger's 
Farson Samuel, painter, 90 Middlesex, n. Aldrich, Tyng & Co's 

Machine Shop, house Butterfield 
Farwell William A. driver, house Adams, corner Lagrange 
Faught Theodore, Lowell M. Shop, house 41 Worthen 
Faulkner James, mason, house rear Lowell 
Favor Calsus D. at I. W. Scribner's, boards at J. B. Giles' 
Favor Elvira, Mrs. house Gorham, corner Putney's court 
Favor Nathaniel B. Mech. Mills, h. corner Summer and Favor 
Favor Warren, piano-maker, boards at B. Waters 
Fay Dennis {Page, Fay &; Co.), house Worthen, c. Mechanic 
Fay Edmund B." Lowell, "house Charles 
Fay George, Lowell M Shop, boards 56 Swamp Locks 
Fay Samuel Jr. Lowell C. R. house Kirk 
Featheringham William, Lowell, boards at Mrs. Exley's 
Feenan Patrick, laborer, house South, opposite West Union 
Fellows Charles F. brush-maker, Market, h. do. n. Shattuck 
Fellows James K. & Co. {H. M. Ordicay), watches and jewelry, 

134 Merrimac, house High street square 
Fellows Samuel, house East Merrimac, corner James court 


Felton Judith, Mrs. house Summer, near Gorham 

Fenno John, house Smith 

Ferguson Alexander, carpenter, house Cross 

Ferguson Levi, Lowell, house Bartlett 

Fern James, house 3 Theatre Block, Lowell 

Fernald Edmund W. Middlesex, boards at Mrs. C. S. Vance's 

Fernald Herrick G. mason, house Moody [M. L. Elliott's 

Fernald Lewis S. shoe-maker, at H. Elliott's, boards at Mrs. 

Fernald Mark, painter, house Pine 

Fernald Oliver, Hamilton, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Ferrin Bailey B. Locks and Canals, boards at Peter Brogan's 

Ferrin Levi, clerk, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 

Ferrin Silas, carpenter, boards at F. Watson's 

Ferrin William, watchman, Bleachery, house do, 

Ferris Robert H. stone-mason, house West Union, c. South 

Ferson John L. carpenter, house Cabot, corner Moody 

Ferson Levi, stone-mason, house Central, corner Abbott .. 

Field George W. Massachusetts, house 62 Church 

Field Mason, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 

Field Sarah, Mrs. house Lawrence, corner Church 

Field Silas, Lowell Machine Shop, boards Sarah Field's 

Fielding Henry A. clerk, 5 Central, boards 128 do. 

Fielding Josiah B. paper-hangings and painting. Central, house 

Elm, near Central 
Fielding Stephen K. at P. O.Richmond's,h. Gorham, n. Court H. 
Fifield Ebenezer O. boarding-house, Middlesex, opp. M. Shop 
Fifield [Edward) & Peabody {Josiah G.), carpenters, Mechanic 

Mills, house Fletcher, corner Butterfield 
Fifield Harriet M. Mrs. Lawrence, house 3 Suffolk court 
Fifield Harrison, farmer, house rear Dodge 
Fifield John T. Hamilton, boards at Mrs. Keziah S. Prescott's 
Fifield John W. refreshments, Fletcher, house 8 Franklin sq. 
Files Allen, Avatchman, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
Files Sargent S. carpenter, Round House, house Marshal 
Fillemore Theodore, boarding-house, 62 Massachusetts Corp. 
Filling William, foundry, house 7 Carry's court 
Filmore John W, variety store. East Merrimac 
Finn Judy, Mrs. house Jefferson 
Finnegan Matthew, Hamilton, house Green 
Finning Charles, gas works, house Short's B, Jefferson 
Finton Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 
Fish Ansel, planem ker, Howe, house High, corner Oak 
Fish John B. contractor Lowell M. F. house 72 Mechanic 
Fish Stephen A. carpenter, house Fayette 
Fisher Albigence W. machinist, house c, Gorham and Union 
Fisher A, W, restorator, Middlesex, house Gorham, c. Union 


Fisher Cyrus, thread and hosiery. 63 Merrimac, house Bartlett 
Fisher Edward B. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at S. C. Baker's 
Fisher Francis, Round House, h. Middlesex, near Mclntire 
Fisher George, machinist, boards 5 Swamp Locks 
Fisher James, farmer, house School, opposite Cross 
Fisher Mary, Mrs. nurse, house 24^ Charles [Fisher's 

Fisher S. Homer, clerk, L. & L. R. R. new depot, b. at S. S. 
Fisher Samuel S. machinist, house Suffolk, near Mechanic 
Fisher Stephen, laborer, house William 

Fisher Summer, Bleacherv, house do. [h. Howard 

Fisher W. A. & Co. {E. J. Sylvester^, W. I. goods, Middlesex, 
Fisher Weston, clothes and carpet cleaner, 11 Prescott, h. r. 

Fisk Aaron, Middlesex, house 9 Cady 
Fisk Benjamin C. teamster, house Moody, near Austin 
Fisk George, boarding-house, 22 Boott Corporation [Hospital 
Fisk John P, Principal Hancock School, h. Lowell, n. the 
Fiske Amos, Lowell, house Cabot 

Fiske Charles H. Merrimac, house -52 Merrimac Corporation 
Fiske George W. bobbin-manufacturer, M. Mills, h. Appleton, 

corner Favor 
Fiske Henry D. clerk, 86 Merrimac, boards 128 Central 
Fiske James, Merrimac, boards 52 
Fiske {John) & Norcross (iV. G.), manufacturers and dealers 

in lumber, steam mills, Middlesex 
Fiske Levi, boarding-house, 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Fiske William, lumber dealer and box maker. Button, house 

Adams, near Lagrange 
Fitch Asa, house 6 Middlesex place 

Fitch Vine H. botanic physician, 21 Central, house 1 Green 
Fitts Isaac N. millwright, house Fletcher, corner Willie 
Fitts Newton, draftsman, boards at I. N. Fitts's 
Fitzgerald Bridget, Mrs. house Lowell, corner Suffolk 
Fitzgerald Chenut, Mrs. house Suffolk, corner Merrimac 
Fitzgerald Ellen, Mrs. house New, near Low 
Fitzgerald James, shoemaker, house Fenwick 
Fitzgerald James M. laborer, house Fenwick 
Fitzgerald John, Middlesex, house rear Howe 
Fitzgerald Patrick, blacksmith, house Button, near Lowell 
Fitzgerald Patrick, bookkeeper, house Castle's B. Lowell 
Fitzgerald William, Boott, boards at 0. Holt's 
Fitziienry Bridget, Mrs. house North 

Fitzpatrick Martin, Lowell Machine Shop, house Marshall 
Fitzpatrick Nicholas, dyer, house Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Peter, Lowell, house Keene 
Fitzpatrick Peter, Lowell, house rear Lowell, near Worthen 


Fitzpatrick Thomas, Lowell, house Carpet Lane 
Fitzsimmons Brian, teamster, Lawrence, house Lowell 
Fitzsimon Thomas, physician. Worthen, corner Lowell, h. do. 
Fitzsimons Owen, laborer, house rear Howe 
Flagg Orin H. at T. Warren's marble-factory, boards at J. 

Flagg William H. overseer, Boott, house 72 Boott Corporation 
Flaherty Daniel, laborer, house FenAvick 
Flaherty William, laborer, house Middle 

Flanagan Daniel, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Flanagan Martin, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Flanagan Michael, at O. M. Whipple's 
Flanagan William., variety, Conley's Block, Lowell 
Flanders Andrew J. Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corp. 
Flanders Charles H. carpenter, Merrimac, b. 73 M. Corp. 
Flanders Hiram, Middlesex, boards 32 Church 
Flanders Job, Boott, house -56 Boott Corporation 
Flanders Jonathan P. Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Flanders Moses, stonemason, house School, corner Gold 
Flanders Peter, Jr. bonnet-bleachery, 88 Merrimac, h. 4 Middle 
Flanders Phanuel, farmer, house Thorndike, near Gorham 
Flave John, house 4 Goward Block 
Flaven Catharine, widow, house Green 

Flavor David, cab driver, b. Farmers' and Mechanics' House 
Fleetwood Thomas, bookkeeper, at G. Darracott Jr. & Go's, h. 

22 Charles 
Fleming James, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's 
Fleming John, Hamilton, house Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 
Fleming Robert, Hamilton Corp. boards at Mrs. Nancy Fogg's 
Fletcher Achsah, Miss, boarding-house, 51 Boott Corporation 
Fletcher Charles, pattern-maker, boards Enoch Butler's 
Fletcher Edmund, 118 Central, house corner Union & Chapel 
Fletcher Edmund D. (Nichols &: Co.), house Union, c. Chapel 
Fletcher George W. Lowell, boards 2 Lowell Corporation 
Fletcher (Horatio) & Ayer {J. H. B.), lumber dealers. Thorn- 
dike, corner Western avenue, house Fletcher, c. Varney 
Fletcher Isaac A. at Nichols and Go's, boards E. Fletcher's 
Fletcher Jefferson H. grocer, Middlesex, n. Appleton, b. Gar. 
Fletcher John S. machinist, boards at A. Bedlow's 
Fletcher Lewis A. house Union 

Fletcher Lucy J. widow of Samuel, h. Chelmsford, c. Howard 
Fletcher Mary A. Mrs. boarding-house, 139 Merrimac 
Fletcher Luther J, Rev. house Middlesex, corner School 
Fletcher Ora, Merrimac, boards 47 Merrimac Corporation 
Fletcher Richard, railroad yard, boards at Mrs. L. J. Fletcher's 
Fletcher Thomas, Middlesex, house High, near Andover 


Fletcher Warren, Crosby's bobbin shop, h. Gushing, n. Willie 

Fletcher William, moulder, house Pine 

Fletcher William, farmer, house Chelmsford, corner Liberty 

Flint Albert G. La^vrence. house 2 Lawrence Corporatioa 

Flint Charles, Boott, boards at D. Parker's 

Flint Charles L. Suffolk, house 9 Cabot Block, Cabot 

Flint George, at W. P. Hayward's, boards 21 Chapel 

Flint Hannah, widow, boards 135 Central 

Flint H^irrison, Mechanic Mills, boards at G. W. Fiske's 

Flint John K. Lowell Machine Shop, h. Middlesex, c. Garnet 

Flint Joseph K. Bleachery, house Congress, near Thorndike 

Flint Oliver W. livery stable. Moody, house Moody, n. Race 

Flockhart John, Carpet, boards Mrs. C. Exley's 

Flood Daniel, La\vrence, house 2i Lawrence Corporation 

Flood Margaret, Mrs. house Fayette 

Flood Patrick, farmer, house Cross lane 

Flood Samuel, Massachusetts, boards at Miss S. D. Sanborn's 

Flood Thomas W. cabinet-maker, at 0. Ross, house do. 

Floyd Biruch C. watchman, house Floyd 

Flynn Daniel, Vailroad, house Lowell, near Willie 

Flynn Francis, laborer, house Hagerty's Block, Lowell 

Flynn James, Bleachery, boards at James Howard's 

Flynn John, laborer, house Gorham, near Union 

Flynn John, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 

Flynn John, laborer, house Lowell, near Wortheu 

Flynn Margaret, widow, house Keene 

Flynn Owen, laborer, house E. Flynn's B. Suffolk 

Flynn Patrick, Lowell Machine Shop, h. McCarry's ct. Cross 

Flynn Philip, laborer, house Butler's B. Suffolk 

Flynn Timothy, Middlesex, house Fayette 

Flynn William, block-cutter, at R. J. Dewhurst's 

Flynn William, laborer, house Keene ^ 

Fogg Ann Maria, Mrs. dressmaker, boards 68 Church 

Fogg Henry S. carpenter, house Lagrange, corner Adams 

Fogg Horatio, carpenter, house Howard, near Middlesex 

Fogg Luther, carpenter, boards 10 E i=;t Merrimac 

Fogg Nancy, Mrs. boarding-house, 31 Hamilton 

Fogg Samuel, Rev. house 1 Warren court 

Fogg Thomas H. Massachusetts, house 4 Prescott Corporation 

Foherty Julia, Mrs. house JefFerson, near Lowell 

Foley Bartholomew, civil engineer, at J. Newell's 

Foley Dennis, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Foley John, laborer, house Fenwick, corner Suffolk 

Follen Patrick, at P. O. Richmond's, house Carter 

Follen Thomas, house Lowell, near Jeffer-^on 

Follen Thomas, laborer, house Sherman's B. Lowell 


Follen James, carpet weaver, at Roger Lang's 

Follensbee Willard S. Booit, house 49 Boott Corporation 

Folsom Alanson, insurance agent, house 22 Chapel 

Folsom David, house Chestnut, near High 

Folsom Frederick F. boards at Mrs. E. C. Blake's [c. Page 

Folsom Frederick & Co. {Stephen Orciitt), provisions, Bridge, 

Folsom Ira N. Lowell Machine Shop, house 33 Worthen 

Folsom Jeremiah, salesman, at C. J. Adams & Co's, h. Water 

Folsom Jeremiah S. insurance agent, h. Pawtucket, c. Lowell 

Folsom John L. stone cutter, house 25 Church 

Folsom Jonathan P. & Co. (P. W. Calchoell), dry goods, 44 

INIerrimac, boards at D. Folsom's 
Folsom Lucian M. teacher of music, house 29 Charles 
Folsom Peter J. Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Folsom Samuel L. overseer, Appleton, house 10 Appleton 

Folsom Simeon, overseer j'ard, Mass. h. 25 Mass. Corp. 
Folsom Ward W. boarding'-house, 12 Boott 
Foot James L. stoves, Merrimac, corner Hanover, h. Liberty 
Foote Charles C. Lowell Machine Shop, 56 Worthen 
Forbes Lyman, painter, boards at E. Walch's 
Forbush Amos B. Lowell Machine Shop, house 60 Worthen 
Forbush George, Lowell Machine Shop, b. 5 Swamp Locks 
Forbush John R. foundry, house 58 Worthen 
Forchner Charles, laborer, house rear Central, near Gorham 
Ford Albert J. Lowell Machine Shop, h. c. Mclntire & Midx. 
Ford D. P. Mrs. house 58 Boott 
Ford Elisha, farmer, house Pawtucket 
Ford Isaiah, teamster, house Middlesex 
Ford John, laborer, hoTise Lowell, near Worthen 
Ford John, Middlesex, boards 49 Church 
Ford John H. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 68 Mechanic 
Ford John H. machinist, boards at 14 Swamp Locks 
Ford JohnN. contractor, Lowell M. Shop, house 68 Mechanic 
Ford Joseph, ostler, boards at Farmer' and Mechanics' 
Ford Joseph, painter, boards at J. B. Leavitt's [Block 

Ford Martin W. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at 6 Goward's 
Ford Michael, laborer, house Lewis 
Ford Nancy J. Mrs. house Pearl, near Middlesex 
Ford Prudence, Miss, house Pawtucket 

Ford Sarah A. Mrs. boarding-house, Middlesex, corner Grand 
Ford Thomas, Middlesex, house 49 Church 
Ford Thomas B. Mass. house 47 Massachusetts Corporation 
Ford Thomas S. moulder, house Pine 
Ford Timothy, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Forest James, at J. F. Evans's 


Forger Peter, laborer, house Thorndike 

Forrest John, at O. M. Whipple's, house Stonehouse 

Forrest Philip C. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at 14 Swamp 

Forsyth Robert, at I. Scripture & Go's, house 2 Cady 
Forsyth "William, Merrimac, house 113 Merrimac Corp. 
Fosdick Lucian I), shoemaker, house Williams, near George 
Foss Albert W. clerk, at Moonoy's, h. Marshall, n. Grand 
Foss Almond S. machinist, boards 168 Merrimac 
Foss Ama, Mrs. boards at 109 Merrimac Corporation 
Foss Augustus B. carpenter, house 23 Franklin square 
Foss Ebenezer, house Lawrence 

Foss Jacob, Lawrence, house 52 Lawrence Corporation 
Foss John, boarding-houie, 55 Lawrence 
Foss Mary, house at William Stickney's 

Foss Moses B. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Foss Sarah B. Mrs. boarding-house, 30 Tremont 
Foss Sarah J. widow, house Charles, near Reed's court 
Foster Amos, clerk, boards 9 Central 
Foster Amos H. foundry, house 9 North Franklin court 
Foster David, teamster, house Brewery court 
Foster Edmund, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Foster George, ostler at American House 
Foster George H. hatter, house 38 Chapel [Locks 

Foster Homer, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at 20 Swamp 
Foster Horatio W. wig and hair oil manufacturer, 65 Central, 

house rear 35 Chapel 
Foster James, Merrimac, house 156 Merrimac Corporation 
Foster Jesse, carpenter, house School, corner Butterfield 
Foster Jesse H. Middlesex, boards at Eunice Campbell's 
Foster John W. Merrimac, house 174 Merrimac Corporation 
Foster Loring, Tremont, house 10 Tremont Corporation 
Foster Sarah, Mrs. boarding-house, 49 Central 
Foster Silas, Merrimac, boards at 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Foster William, carpenter, boards at H. B. Pond's 
Fouracre Eli K. painter, 108 Central, boards at 24 LLurd 
Fouraker Ephraim, varnisher, boards 24 Hurd 
Fowler George, trunkmaker, boards at Mrs. E. Merrill's 
Fowler George D. cigar manufacturer, 5 Coburn's Block, 

boards at Mrs. S. Pillsbury's 
Fowler Henry L. house 5 Pearl 

Fowler Henry S. provision market, 117 Middlesex, house do, 
Fowler Joseph, trunkmaker, house 284 Merrimac [Andover 
Fowler Joseph M. dry goods, 3 Welles's Block, h.^High, corner 
Fowler Joseph, saddler, house 284 Merrimac 

Fowler Nathan L. boarding, 10 John 

Fowler Sarah R widow, tailoress, 112 M°rrimac 

Fox Amanda M. Mrs boarding-house, 45 Boott Corporation 

Fox Eldad, at J. Smith's, Button, house 1 Lowell place 

Fox Michael, Middlesex, house 46 Church 

Fox Ralph, laborer, house Pawtucket [Charles 

Francis James, shoemaker, at Farr & Whitney's, house 25 

Francis James B. agent Locks and Canals, house Worthen 

Francis John G. blacksmith, house Garham, near Union 

Francis William F. Lowell Macliine Shop, house 42 Worthen 

Franklin William B. overseer, Lawrence, h. 73 Lawrence Corp. 

Frawley Peter, Blcachery, house do. 

Frazer John, Lowell Machine Shop, house Garnet 

Freeman Alden, millinery, 45 Merrimac, house do. 

Freeman Isaac S. boards at E. 0. Fifield's 

Freeman James, Mass. boards at Mrs. J. L. Lufkin's 

Freeman Lyman, city watchman, house Cross, c. School 

Freeman Samuel J. carriage painter, Arch, house Branch, 

near Queen 
French Abram & T. T. soaps and candle manufactory, Mid- 
dlesex, house Gorham, nearly oppsite Court House 
French Amos B. confectionary, ice cream and oyster saloon, 
37 Central and 139 Merrimac, house 35 Central [ville 
French Augustas C clerk, 6 Central, house Fourth, Central- 
French Augustus J. C. Tremont, house 2i) Tremont Corp. 
French Benjamin F. president Railroad Bank, house Anne 
French Charles. LoAvell Machine Shop, house 32 Worthen 
French Cyril, house Chapel, near Union 
French Elias S. carpenter, Kowe, house Fayette 
French Everett W. Middlesex, house Chapel, opposite Centre 
French George, Mass. boards at Matthew Downe's 
French George, Middlesex, house 56 Church 
French George L. painter, house Ash 
French George P. mason, boards at Daniel Kimball's 
French George W. carpenter, boards at J. S. McKenzie's 
French Gideon, Bleachery, house do. 
French Hannah. Miss, variety shop, 274 Merrimac 
French Henry, Locks and Canals, boards at D. P. Brown's 
French Henry A. boards at J. A. Cornell's 
French Horace, Boott, boards at D Parker's 
French Hosea E. agent. No. 11 P. U. Store, Button, near 

Merrimac House, house Common 
French John, Tremont, house 7 Tremont Corporation 
French John W. blacksmith, boards at 95 Merrimac Corp. 
French Jonathan, carpenter, house 8 Tilden 
French Joseph F. Suffolk, boards at 4 Lyman 


French Josiah B. mayor of the city, house 89 Central 
French Jotham S. livery stable, Charles, house Stackpole 
French Justus D. Bleachery, house do. 
French Mary B. Mrs. house Taylor's court 
French Nelson, carpenter, house Cady 

French Samuel L. clerk, 51 Central, house 89 do [Fogg's 

French Samuel, Hamilton Corporation, boards at Nancy 
French Stephen, at Whipple's powder mill, house Lawrence, 
near Abbott [Lawson 

French Thomas T. (A. % T. T. French), house School, corner 
French William, Merrimac, house 128 Merrimac Corporation 
Frost Edmund M. Brooks & Tyler's, b. at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Frost E. W. at Brooks & Tyler's 
Frost George, shoemaker, 95 Merrimac 
Frost Henry, R. R. yard, boards at Ira Moulton's 
Frost John, Lowell, boards at B. "Robinson's 
Frost Lyman, Hamilton, house 58 Church 
Frost M. Miss, millinery, 23 Merrimac, boards 37 Mass. Corp. 
Frost Richard, provisions, house Elliott 
Frost William H. carpenter, Merrimac Corp. house 42 do. 
Frye Albert, printer, boards at Mrs. H. Frye's 
Frye Frederick, mason, house Fayette 
Frye George, mason, boards at Mrs. H. Frye's 
Frye Hannah, Mrs. house Moody, near Hanover 
Frye Joseph, teamster, house Middlesex, near Bangs's shop 
Frye Reuben, mason, boards at Mrs. H. Frye's 
Frye Susan and Sophia, Misses, house rear Central, near Elm 
Frye Theophilus C. engineer, Middlesex, boards at 17 Charles 
Frye Timothy, at William Colcord's, h. Central, n. Elm 
Frye Timothy 2d. Merrimac, house Lowell, opposite Adam 
Frye Warren, Middlesex, boards 17 Church 
Fuller Alonzo F. Middlesex, boards at A. Huntoon's 
Fuller Charles A. W. Lowell Machine Shop, h. r. 4 Mechanic 
Fuller Edward, house rear Gorham, near Thorndike 
Fuller Elizabeth, Miss, teacher, boards at C. Caldwell's 
Fuller George S. painter, house Dane 
Fuller George A. Middlesex, boards 37 Church 
Fuller George A. Merrimac Print Works, house 2 Lagrange 
Fuller Harrison H. constable, 15 Appleton Block 
Fuller Hiram L. Merrimac Print Works, house 1 Lagrange ct. 
Fuller Hope P. Mrs. boarding-house, 5 Tremont Corporation 
Fuller Mary A. Mrs. house rear Moody 
Fuller Perez, tailor, house Lowell, opposite Dummer 
Fuller Philo, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 
Fuller Stillman, Lowell, boards at 6 Lowell Corporation 
Furber Andrew S. Lowell, house 21 Lowell Corporation 


Furlong Michael, laborer, house Lowell 

Fussell James, laborer, house Central, corner Charles 

GAFFNEY BARNEY, laborer, house North 

GafFney John, laborer, house 250 Merrimac 

GafFney John, Merrimac Print Works, house 1 Dummer 

GafFney John, laborer, house rear Lowell 

Gaflanty Thomas, laborer, house rear Howe 

Gage {Charles) & Wheeler {Artemas), blacksmiths and iron 

dealers, 17 Market, house Elm, opposite Court 
Gage Charles H. stone cutter, boards at S. Phelps's [Durant's 
Gage James U. clerk at Gardner & Wilson's, bds. at Mrs. M. 
Gage Jonathan F. reedmaker and machinist, 15 Market, 

house Lawrence, near Richmond's Mills 
Gage William H. provisions, Moody, bds. at S. T. Marsh's 
Gage William H. overseer, Boott, house 68 Boott Corp. 
Galen Edward, house Winter 

Gallagher Daniel, Hamilton Print Works, b. at O. Gallagher's 
Gallagher James, Bleachery, house Carter 
Gallagher James, blacksmith, boards at L. Hill's 
Gallagher John, variety store, Market, house do. 
Gallagher, James, clothing, 19 Market, house Pond, n. Water 
Gallagher Owen, house William 
Gale Augustus, SxifFolk, boards Mrs. L. Gale's 
Gale Daniel A. butcher, Merr. c. Cabot, h. Lowell, n. Fenwick 
Gale George M. painter, house Alder 

Gale James Z. Middlesex, house rear Charles, near Central 
Gale John, boards at Cyrus P. Adams's [east of Pearl 

Gale Julius C. variety and dressmaking, Middlesex, 6th door 
Gale Lavina, Mrs. house 7 SufFolk Corporation 
Gale Louisina, widow, house 10 SufFolk Corporation 
Gale Reuben, house 36 Central 
Gale Seneca, house Alder 
Gallavan Dennis, laborer, house Fenwick 
Gallison Elvira, widow, house South 

Gallison Sylvester, botanic physician, house 14 Appleton 
Gallison William, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. E. Gallison's 
Galvin John, Bleachery, house do. 
Galvin John, Massachusetts, boards at W. F. Smith's 
Galvin Martin, at O. M. Whipple's, house Lawrence 
Galvin Patrick, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence 
Gannon Catharine, widow, house Cedar, corner Keene 
Gannon James, Prescott, house East Merrimac, n. the Canal 
Gannon John, house Cedar, corner Keene [ton H. 

Ganson V. teacher of dancing. Mechanics' Hall, b. Washing- 
Garagan Thomas, house Davis 


Gardiner Charles H. hairdresser, Middlesex, opposite the 

depot, house 10 Hanover 
Gardiner David P. -watchman, Merrimac, house 6 Dodge 
Gardner Elizabeth, widow of Timothy, house Ford, c. Austin 
Gardner Emerson {R. A- E. Gardner), h. Chelmsford, n. Howard 
Gardner {George) & Wilson {John, Jr.), dry goods, 38 Merri- 
mac, house 2 City Hall avenue [ner's 
Gardner James E. contractor, Lowell M. Shop, b. at E. Gard- 
Gardner Robert & E. copal varnish manufacturers, Bancroft's 

Block, Market, house Bartlett, near Alder 
Gardner Timothy, Lawrence, house 12 Lawrence Corporation 
Gardner William S. boards at Robert Gardner's 
Garey John, laborer, house Middle, rear Lowell Foundry 
Garland Asa, clerk, Washington Market, b. at J. P. Garland's 
Garland George M. Mechanics' Mills, house Thorndike, near 
Middlesex [lin square 

Garland George W. blacksmith, Adams, c. Rock, h. 11 Frank- 
Garland Jeremiah, house East Merrimac, near Willow 
Garland John, farmer, house Lawson 
Garland {Joseph P.) & Leathers {Samuel), provisions, Wash. 

ington Market, house Oak 
Garland Samuel, house East Merrimac, corner Ash 
Garrahan Daniel, boarding house, Williams, near George 
Garrett Joseph, blacksmith, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Garrett Robert J. Prescott, house 16 Prescott Corporation 
Garrigan Owen, slater, house North 
Garrity Ann, Mrs. house Davis, near Summer 
Garrity Ann, Mrs. house Jefferson 
Garrity Bartholomew, Hamilton, house North 
Garrity John, laborer, house Dutton 
Garrity Michael, carpenter, house North, near Central 
Garrity Patrick, Hamilton, house North 
Garrity Peter, cooper, Lowell, opp. Dummer, h. rear Lowell 
Garrity Thomas, Appleton, house Lowell 
Gartland Francis, Bleachery, boards at C. O'Neil's 
Garvey Bridget, widow, house 15 East Merrimac 
Garvin Hugh R. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Garvin Patrick, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence court 
Garvin Welcome, painter, Merrimac, house 126 Merr. Corp. 
Gaskin Arthur, foundry, boards at C. Sias's 
Gates Elihu, machinist, house 28 Franklin square, SuflFolk 
Gates George W. machinist, boards at E. Gates's 
Gates Josiah, Belt and Ptoll Shop, 6 Mechanics' B. h. Gates 
Gates Noah F. manager Lowell Museum, h. Central, n. Elm 
Gates Otis W. boards at Mrs. J. Dean's 
Gault ]N ewell, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 


Gay Josiah, house 17 Prescott Corporation 

Gay Nathaniel, Lawrence, hoiise Race, near the Bridge 

Gee Alvin B. musician, boards at Washington Hoiise 

Gee Francis, boards at Washington House 

George Asa, carpenter, house corner Central and Cedar 

George Edward C. house 15 N. Franklin court 

George Ezra, shoemaker, house Pine 

George Ezra, clerk, boards at Charles Weaver's 

George King, farmer, h. w. side School [Race, c. Dodge 

Geoige Samuel D. locksmith, Mcrrimac, c. Maiden Lane, h. 

George Sarah, E. Mrs. dressmaker, Paige, corner John 

Germon Greenbury C. Museum, house High, near Andover 

Gerrish Julia A. boarding house, Lawrence, near Church 

Gerrish T. G. paymaster, Merrimac, boards at Merrimac H. 

Gerry James H. "boards at M. S. Dickerman's 

Getchell Joseph L. contractor, L. M. Shop, house 27 Worthen 

Gettridge John, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

Gibb David N. job-wagon, house Ford, corner Austin 

Gibb Michael, silk printer, boards at Mary Hunt's 

Gibbs Jeduthan M. overseer, Middlesex, h. Central, c. Elm 

Gibbin Martin, laborer, house Market, opposite Carpet 

Gibbens Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick 

Gibby Robert H. painter, house 22 Franklin square, Suffolk 

Gibby Nicholas O. at R. & E. Gardiner's, boards at S. Gibby's 

Gibby Samuel, block cutter, house Middle, near Post Office 

Gibby Samuel J. stamp and stencil cutter, Hale's Mills, house 

Gibby William H. at R. & E. Gardner's, boards at S. Gibby's 
Gibin Jarnes, laborer, house Market, opposite Carpet Co. 
Gibney Michael, house rear Winter 

Gibson Nathan S. Merrimac, house 38 Merrimac Corporation 
Gibson Thomas, teamster, house School, corner Poplar 
Gicrlow John, Merrimac Print W. C. R. h. 14o Merr. Corp. 
Giffurd Leonard, round-house, house Middlesex, near Grand 
Gilbert Alfred P. at E. B. W^orthen's, boards at L. J. Gilbert's 
Gilbert Asahel, Jr. & Co. {J. P. Blake), clothing and furnish- I 
ing goods, hats, caps, and furs, 1 Canal Block, Central, j 
b. at Washington H. [h. High, n. E. Merr. 

Gilbert Cummings, provisions, 14 East Merrimac, near Howe, 
Gilbert John W.'engineer, Boston and Lowell R. R. h. Rock 
Gilbert Levi J. Suffolk, house 16 Cabot [tralville 

Gilchrest George C. daguerreotypist, 82 Merrimac, h. at Cen- 
Gilchrest Patrick, laborer, house Market 
Gilday Barnard, house Market, opposite Carpet 
Gile Persis R. Mrs, boarding-house, 95 Central 


Giles Abraham, Middlesex, house rear Water 

Giles Joseph B. writing master, house 176 Merrimac 

Giles Samuel, watchman, Boott, boards at G. W. Lewis's 

Gilkerson Walker, foundry, boards atC. Sias's 

Gill James, house Adams 

Gillet Benjamin F. boarding-house, 128 Merrimac Corporation 

Gillis Charles J. clerk, at J. C. Ayer's, boards at Mrs. R. W. 

Gilman Aaron, laborer, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Gilman Alfred, postmaster, house Central, corner Ames 
Gilman Almas H. milkman, house Union, near Gorham 
Gilman Caleb N. house o Appleton Corporation 
Gilman Samuel F. Merrimac, boards 73 Merrimac Corporation 
Gilman Trustum C. carpenter, Howe, house Wall 
Gilmore Robert, Lowell, house Little, near Lewis 
Gilmore William, overseer, Massachusetts, h. 32 Mass. Corp. 
Gilpatrick John, Prescott, boards 11 East Merrimac 
Gilroy Patrick, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Gilson Patrick, variety store, Lowell, near Dummer 
Gilvary M. Lowell, boards at Miss J. Swapp's 
Ginn Ellen, house 2 Luther's court 

Givney Ann, Prescott, house East Merrimac, near Howe 
Gladwin Porter A. shoe store, 188 Merrimac, h. Cabot, c. Merr. 
Gladwin Silas F. dentist, ofhce and house 96 Merrimac 
Gleason Augustus, Hamilton, house Marshall 
Gleason John, Massachusetts, house 44 Prescott Corporation 
Glenen Patrick, founder, boards at Mrs. N. Livingston's 
Glidden Aretus R. Lawrence, house 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Glines Amos, Lowell M. Shop, house Moody, near Tremont 
Glover Wm. tripe pedler, Central, b at Mrs. J. S. McKenzie's 
Glynn Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 
Goddard Benjamin, W. I. goods, Middlesex, near the Depot, 

house Liberty, corner Powell . [Robinson's 

Goddard Francis J. clerk, at B. Goddard's, boards at Mrs. J. 
Goding George, Bleachery, house do. 
Coding William, picker factory. Middle, house 7 Church 
Goding AVilliam H. picker factory, Middle, b. Wm. Coding's 
Goen "John, Boston & Lowell Railroad, b. at J. B. Leavitt's 
Goen N. H. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Goff Ihomas, laborer, house rear Lee 
Goggin Richard, laborer, house Suffolk 
Goggins Edward, Merrimac, house Adams, near Lowell 
Goggins John, Merrimac, house Fenwick 
Going Charles, coachman, house Church, corner Gray place 
Golding James, laborer, house 9 Hurd 
Goodale Aaron, baker, house Elm, near Chapel 


Goodale David, house 14 Appleton 

Goodale Ora K. oyster saloon, Middlesex, opposite depot, 

house Middlesex, corner Carlton 
Goodale William, tin plate worker, house Ford, near Austin 
Goodell Jotham, teamster, boards at 2 Lowell Corporation 
Goodell William, Protective Union div. 50, h. Austin, n. Ford 
Goodhue Henry, Middlesex, boards at A. Daker's 
Goodhue Jason, Hamilton, house 23 Hamilton Corp. [Office 
Goodhue Thomas P. superintendent American House Sta^e 
Goodrich Jacob N. shoemaker, 9-5 Merrimac, b. 11 E. MerrN . 
Goodrich Mary, Mrs. washing, house 37 Chapel 
Goodwin George P. clerk, boards 77 Merrimac Corporation 
Goodwin George P. clerk, at D. West & Co's, b. W. Goodwin's 
Goodwin Uriah, watchman, SutTolk, house 21 Suffolk Corp. 
Goodwin William, Merrimac, house 77 Merrimac Corporation 
Googins Benjamin L. carpenter, house Gorham, n. Middlesex 
Googins George S. Hamilton, h. Wamesit, c. Mill [Decatur 
Gordon Charles, belt maker, at J. Gates's, h. Lowell, corner 
Gordon Harriet, Mrs. house 61 Merrimac Corporation 
Gordon J. H. millinery, 83 Merrimac, boards 29 Boott Corp. 
Gordon Joseph H. carpenter, boards at Jonathan Edgerly's 
Gordon Judith B. Mrs. boarding-house, 49 Merrimac Corp. 
Gordon Phineas, Merrimac P. W. b. at George Whitehouse's 
Gordon Samuel F. tailor, Prescott, house do. 
Gordon Silas D. Merrimac, boards 61 Merrimac Corporation 
Gordon Stetson L. Lowell, boards 61 Merrimac Corporation 
Gordon W^arren, power harness maker, b. at Mrs. C. Dame's 
Gorman Gould Lyfe, cordwainer, boards at Mrs. L. Currier's 
Gorman James, laborer, house William 
Gorman John, teamster, Merrimac, house Fenwick 
Gorman Patrick, Hamilton, house Winter 
Gorman Patrick, harness maker, house Short's B. Lewis 
Gorman Thomas, laborer, house William 
Gormley Martin, Merrimac, house Lowell 
Gormley Patrick, laborer, boards at J. H. Matthews's 
Gormley Patrick, laborer, house 11 Hurd 
Gormley Thomas, Hamilton, house 11 Hurd 
Gorton Daniel, paper maker, house Bartlett 
Goss Alfred F. clerk at American House 
Goss John, machinist, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Gotham Henry, I'rescott, house 33 Prescott Corporation 
Gould Ambrose, physician 

Gould George P. Tremont, house 8 Tremont Corporation 
Gould Henry, Bleachery, boards at L. Thorning's 
Gould Jackson, watchman, Bleachery, boards at F. L. Moore'g 
Gould Jerol, overseer, Lawrence, house 37 Lawrence Corp. 


Gould Jonathan, atN. freight depot, b. at S. K. Pickering's 

Gould Joseph R. teamster, boards at Mary B. Brown's 

Goulding Owen, Yox Populi office, house Davidson 

Goulding Patrick, laborer, house Middle 

Goulding Robert, slater, house rear Charles, near Central 

Gove David, Hamilton, house Middlesex, corner Gorham 

Gove Luke & Co. fancy goods, 6 Tilden, house do. 

Gove Winthrop, carpenter, house 26 Church [Garnet 

Goward Francis, foundry, Jackson, house c. Middlesex and 

Goward Zephaniah, Lowell M. Shop, h. c. Mid. and Garnet 

Gowdy Sarah C. Mrs. boarding-house, 12 Tremont Corporation 

Grady Mary, widow, house Fenwick 

Grady Patrick, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Graham Aaron, house 21 Appleton Corporation 

Graham Frederick, overseer, Appleton, house 21 Appl. Corp. 

Graham Michael, laborer, boards at William Graham's 

Graham William, teamster, house Lowell, corner Worthen 

Graham William, hatter, at Bent& Bush's, house 23 Charles 

Grant Aaron R. Lowell Machine Shop, house 29 Worthen 

Grant Elisha, Boott, house 55 Boott Corporation 

Grant James H. laborer, house Marshall 

Grant James M. boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 

Grant John, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 

Grant John E. clerk, 88 Central, h. Howard, S. of Chelmsford 

Grant Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house 37 S. L. Worthen 

Grant Justus, butcher, house Race, near Merrimac 

Grant Justus {Beaty i," G.), house Race 

Grant Levi, Lawrence, house 22 Lawrence Corporation 

Grant Luther, Merrimac, house 55 Merrimac Corporation 

Grant Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 

Graves Benjamin, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Graves John, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Graves John W. physician, office and house 16 Hurd 

Graves Joseph, at 206 Merrimac, house Decatur 

Graves Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 20 Hurd 

Gray Adrial, Middlesex, house Water, near Andover 

Gray Cinthia, milliner, 230 Merrimac 

Gray Daniel S, vegetables. Central, house Liberty 

Gray James B. mason, house Franklin 

Gray John, laborer, house Varney 

Gray Simeon, Massachusetts, boards at J. Leeman's 

Gray William C. house Church, corner Central 

Green Alonzo, Bleachery, house do. 

Green Amos, Merrimac, house 58 Merrimac Corporation 

Green Amos H. Merrimac, boards at Amos Green's 

Green Andrew, dyer, house Charles 


Green Barn.ard, laborer, house Suffolk, corner Cross 
Green Benj.imin, Lowell Machine Shop, house 69 Mechanic 
Green Charles H. Lowell Machine Shop, house Lee 
Green Fviinklin, at Prentiss's stable, boards at John Russ's 
Green John, Lowell, house Willie, corner Cross 
Green John O. physician, office Savings Bank Bl. h. Pawtucket 
Green John R. blacksmith, h. Middlesex, n. opposite Grand 
Green Joseph, machinist, boards at S. S. Green's 
Green Levi P. tailor, house 13 Middlesex, opposite Appleton c. 
Green Lydia. Mrs. house 224 Merrimac 
Green Martin, at R. Lang's, boards at James Manice's 
Green Mary, Miss, boardnig-house, GO Merrimac Corporation 
Green Michael, ostler, boards at P. Green's, Warren 
Green Patrick, ostler, house Warren, near Central 
Green Plymmon, sash and blind maker, boards 64 Church 
Green Plymmon B. at Samuel Benson's, boards 64 Church 
Green Rufus, Lawrence, house 38 Lawrence Corporation 
Green Samuel S. machinist, house Spring, corner South 
Greenleaf Daniel G. city messenger and constable, City Hall, 
hoiise High, near Chestnut [Andover 

Greenleaf Gorham, wire worker, 2 John, house Willow, near 
Greenleaf Lowell, boarding-house, 2 Green 
Gregg Joseph, civil engineer, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Greggs Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 4 Dodge 
Grrgorv William C. engraver, house 14 Franklin square 
Griffin \Aloah J.) & Hosford {H.), dry goods, 86 M. h. Cabot 
Griffin Benjamin, carpenter, house Bowers, corner Beacon 
Griffin Benjamin F. carpenter, house Mill 
Griffin Charles, Massaahusetts, house 41 Prescott Corporation 
Griffin David, weaver, house Lawrence, near Richmond 
Griffin George, carpenter, house Franklin, near Willie 
Griffin George A. shoemaker, house Bowers, corner Beacon 
Griffin Joseph, house Cheever, near School 
Griffin Joseph B. shoemaker, house School, opposite Bowers 
Griffin Josiah, wheelwright. Howe, house Chestnut, near High 
Griffin Josiah E. carpenter, house Central, opposite Union 
Gr ffin Lvdia, Mrs. widow, h. 40 Massachusetts Corporation 
Griffin Miles F. shoemaker, house Alder 
Griffith John, at B. H. Shepard & Co's, 77 Merrimac 
Grimes Andrew, vegetables, Lowell, Button, house do. 
Grimes David E. Lowell M. Shop, boards at D. W. Grimes's 
Grimes David W. contractor, L. M. S. house 4 Swamp Locks 
Grimes John, foundry, house Worthen. near Lowell 
Grimes Peter D. blacksmith, h. Howard, below Chelmsford 
Grimes William, Hamilton, house 39 Chapel 
Grogan Thomas, gas works, boards 206 Merrimac 


Groom James, Lowell, house Qui.2;ley's Block, Lowell 
Groom John, Lowell, house 232 Merrimac 

Gross Jas. E. Homeopath, physician, 220 Merrimac, b. 6 Dodge 
Grosvenor Jonathan P. carpenter, h. Butterfield, n. School 
Grover David S. o%'erseer, Prescott, house 3 Prescott Corp. 
Grover Josiah, Massachusetts, house 10 Mass. Corporation 
Grover William, Boston & Lowell R. R. b. at J. B. Leavitt's 
Growe Hubbard S. Suffolk, house 30 Cabot [n. Hale 

Grush Joseph S. hairdresser, Middlesex, n. Depot, h. Howard, 
Guild Abel, waiter, at American House 

Guild Benjamin, stone mason, house Linden, opposite Auburn 
Guild Isaac, boarding-house, 15 Lawrence Corporation 
Guild Isaac O. boards at 15 Lawrence Corp. (opp. Auburn 1 
Guild William A. apothecary, Bridge, c. Merrimac, h. Linden, I 
Guiify Catharine, Mrs. house Putney's court, Gorham I 

GuUine Stewart, restorator. Market, opposite Carpet 
Gunnison Andrew J. (Beard % Gunnison), coun. 61 Central, 
house Appleton, corner South 

HABELITZ FRANCIS, Appleton, house 3 Court avenue 
Hackett Ann, widow, house Davidson 

Hackett Andrew, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
j Hackett Daniel D. Merrimac, house 21 Merrimac Corporation 
I Hadley Ebenezer, variety, 9 Tilden, boarding-h. 56 Lawrence 
Hadley Edmund 31. Lawrence, boards 11 Dodge 
Hadley Elias H. Merrimac, house 165 Merrimac Corporation 
I Hadloy John, stable, Worthen,h, corner Worthen and Lowell 
Hadley John L. house Central, near Scripture's bakery j 

Hadley John W. Lawrence, boards 11 Dodge 
Hadley Joshua, carpenter, house 11 Dodge 
Hadley Joshua M. Lawrence, house 51 Lawrence Corporation 
Haeffely Daniel, civil engineer, boards 128 Merrimac st. 
Haggen John H. machinist, boards at L. Down's 
Haggerty Charles, moulder, at Nichols & Stewart's, b. 8 Middle j 
Haggerty Charles, laborer, house Cross 

Haggerty Patrick P. shoemaker, at I, J. Hayden's i 

Haggerty Peter, clerk, 116 Merrimac, b. at M"iss J. Blanchard's j 
Haggerty Philip P. shoemaker, b. at Miss J. Blanchard's j 

Hagget Allen, ticket-master, C. & N. R. R. h. High, c. E. | 
Merrimac j 

Hagget John, at Putnam & Currier's, h. Central, opp. Centre j 
Hagin Catharine, Mrs. boards at James Hagin's i 

Ragin James, boarding, Middle 
Hague, Thomas, Middlesex, house 8 Charles 
Haigh John R. Middlesex, boards at D. Crofoot's 
Haines Crosby K. Merrimac, house 4 Merrimac Corporation 


Haines Joseph, Lo-\vell Machine Shop 

Haines Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 4 Merrimac Corporation 
Hale Almon, clerk at Gardner & Wilson's, h. at Centrahille 
Hale Bernice S. & Co. apothecary, E. Merrimac, h. Gorham 
Hale Charles M. restorator, new Depot, house Chelmsford, 

corner Howard 
Hale David R. jeweller, 120 Merrimac, h. Merrimac, n. Hospital 
Hale Esther S. Mrs. house 6 Cabot Block 

Hale Frederick, Lowell Machine Shop, b. at Sarah M. Annan's 
Hale Joshua, medicines, house Chestnut, near Fayette 
Haley Andrew, Horace Howard's, boards 10 Lewis 
Haley Joseph, at J. S. French's, Charles street 
Haley Mary, Mrs. house corner Gorham and Winter 
Haley Timothy, laborer, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 
Hall Amza, Hamilton, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Hall Arthur S. Boston & Lowell R. R. boards at S. C. Baker's 
Hall Asa, carpenter, house E. Merrimac, opposite Willow 
Hall Benjamin, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 
Hall Betsey, Mrs. house 19 Moody 
Hall Calvin, Boston & Lowell R. R. house 53 Church 
Hall Christopher C. boarding-house, 29 Hamilton Corp. 
Hall David C. leader Lowell Brass Band, boards at Wilder 

S. Bennett's [ham's 

Hall Elisha, watchman, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. A. H. Dun- 
Hall Hiram N. Hamilton, boards 53 Church 
Hall Levi, Hamilton, house Gorham, near Middlesex 
Hall Luther, Hamilton Corporation, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Hall Nancy, Mrs. boarding-house, 32 Lawrence Corporation 
Hall Oren R. hack driver, house Union, near Gorham 
Hall Quincy A. carpenter, boards at Mrs. M. G. Haynes's 
Hall Robert F. Lowell Machine Shop, house 41 S. L. Worthen 
Hall Samuel D. boards at G. W. Fiske's 
Hall Stacy, boards at T. Jones's 

Llall Susannah, Mrs. house 33 Lawrence Corporation 
Hall Thomas D. machinist, boards at Mrs. A. Farnham's 
Hall Wilder, Hamilton, house 42 Hamilton Corporation 
Hall William, overseer, Boott, house 33 Boott Corporation 
Hall William, Middlesex, house George, corner Church 
Hallett H. bootmaker, Middlesex, near depot 
Hallett Marcena, shoemaker, 12 Middlesex 
Halloran Johanna, Mrs. house Lowell 
Hallorn John, blacksmith, house Cross 
Hallstead James, laborer, house John street avenue 
Ham George W. Bleachery, boards at William E. Plaisted's 
Ham Isaac L. stonemason, house Lawrence, n. Wamesit 
Ham John, boards at Mrs. N. Sprague's 


Hamblet James Jr. brass finisher, at George Darracott, Jr. 

& Go's, boards Washington House 
Hamblett Galen, mason, house Central, near Abbott 
Hamblett John P. clerk, 5 Prescott Block, h. 11 Prescott Corp. 
Hamblett Joshua, carpenter, house 1 Edgerly's court 
Hamblett Maranda AV. dressmaker, 88 Merrimac, boards 11 

Prescott Corporation 
Hamilton James Jr. overseer, Suffolk, house 30 Cabot [ton's 
Hamilton Waldron H. machinist, boards at Mrs. F. Livings- 
Hammon Abraham, machinist, boards at D. W. Cole's 
Hancock Daniel, Middlesex, house Williams, near George 
Hancock Edward, batting m.ili, house Lawrence 
Hancock James S. house Middlesex, corner Middlesex place 
Hancock (Oiiis) & Melvin (James), beer manufacturers, Mid- 
dlesex, corner South, boards 24 Hurd [Hadley's 
Hancock Thomas, at I. Scripture & Go's, boards at J. L. 
Hanefen John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Hanks Stedman W. Rev. house Kirk 
Hanley Richard, foundry, house Lowell, near Adams 
Hanley Thomas, Merrimac, house n. North Grammar School 
Hannaford Albert L. Merrimac, boards 132 Merrimac Corp. 
Hannaford James, Merrimac, house 132 Merrimac Corp. 
Hannaford Hiram, Suffolk, house 1 Cabot 
Hanniford George G. Merrimac, boards 78 Merrimac Corp. 
Hanover Terence, laborer, house Green 

Hanscom Edmund, lace goods, 101 Merrimac, house Chest- 
nut, near Nesmith 
Hanseomb Charles, blacksmith, boards at Benj. Waters's 
Hanscomb Isaac, blacksmith, at Gage & Wheeler's, house 

23 Mass. Corporation 
Hanson Abel, Bleachery, boards at L. Thorning's 
Hanson Benjamin T. Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Hanson B. Henry, at Carlton & Kneeland's, b. do. 
Hanson Charles, house School, near Middle [Queen 

Hanson Dexter 13. at Fiske, Norcross & Co's, h. Branch, corner 
Hanson George, at Fiske, Norcross & Co's, boards at 3 Queen 
Hanson John, house Branch, corner Queen 
Hanson liorenzo D. Appleton, house 15 Appleton Corp. 
Hanson Nathan, at Fiske, Norcross & Co's, house 3 Queen 
Hanson Richard R. Prescott, house 9 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hapgood Abram, clerk, 7 Central, house Fayette 
Hapgood Epbraim, house High, corner Everett 
Hapgood William, painter, house Fayette 
Harahan John, laborer, house 15 East Merrimac [Locks 

Hard Charles F. contractor Lowell Machine Shop, h. 31 Swamp 
Harding David, Merrimac, house 147 Merrimac Corporation 


Hardinf? John, overseer, Middlesex, house 6 Warren court 
Harding Joseph, gunsmith, at O. A. Richardson's, house 

Gorham, near Walnut 
Hardins: Oliver M. Boott, boards at F. M. Colby's 
Hardy Benjamin T. dry goods, 2 Welles's Block, Merrimac, 

house Appleton, near South 
Hardy Francis H. dry goods, 2 Welles's Block, house Tyler 
Hardy James M. teamster, boards 14 Swamp Locks 
Hardy Jameson, Middlesex, house Central, near North 
Hardy John, Lowell Machine Shop, house North, c. Central 
Hardy Leonard, overseer, Suffolk, h. 7 Cabot Block, Cabot 
Hardy Silas, farmer, house Cushing 

Hardy Thomas, auctioneer, 6 Market, house High st. square 
Hardy Walter, Lowell, house Adams, corner Lagrange 
Hardy Warren, Suffolk, house 3 Lyman 
Hardy William, proprietor Tremont House, Middlesex 
Hardy Wiliiam H. at D. A. Gale's, h. Russell's Bl. Lowell 
Hargin John, at P. 0. Richmond's, house Lawrence 
Hargreaves William, Middlesex, boards at C. C. Vance's 
Harkins Elizabeth, Mrs. house Suffolk, corner Cross 
Harlow John B. hats, clothing and furnishing goods, 53 Cen- 
tral, house Andover, corner Clay 
Harmon James M. physician, Lee, corner K irk, boards do. 
Harmon John, boards "'at William Lovejoy's 
Harndel Samuel, teamster, b. at S. Adams's [C. A. Nichols's 
Harnden Albert, W. I. goods, Andover, corner Pleasant, b. at 
Harnden Edwin, at Sargent's Express, house 133 Central 
Harney Philip, laborer, "house rear William 
Harnley Margaret, widow, house Appleton House, Gorham 
Harper John, painter, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Harper Marv, Mrs. house Davidson 
Harrer S. at Brooks & Tyler's 
Harrigan Bartholomew^ trader, house Davidson 
Harrigan Thomas, laborer, house Gorham, n. Appleton House 
Harrigan Thomas, carpenter, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Harriman Daniel, cotton manuf. house Moody, corner Austin 
Harriman Gilman, confectioner, 87 Merrimac, boards at 

Washington House 
Harriman J. S. house Middlesex, near engine No. 12 
Harriman Martha, Mrs. house 2 Adams Block 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 
Harrington Daniel, Lowell M. Shop, h. Jefferson, near Lowell 
Harrington George, Lowell M. Shop, house 16 Swamp Locks 
Harrington Jereiiniah, laborer, house Dummer 
Harrington Jeremiah, at N. Critchet's, house Dummer 


Harrington Patrick, laborer, house Dummer 

Harrington Patrick, laborer, house Bennett's Block, Lowell 

Harrington Patrick, Merrimac, boards 73 Merrimac Corp. 

Harrington Patrick, Middlesex, house Gorham, opp. Appleton 

Harris Alford G. teamster, house Marshall, corner Mclntire 

Harris Charles F. boarding-house, 28 La^vrence Corporation 

Harris George L. overseer, Lawrence, h. Austin, n. Merrimac 

Harris G. at Brooks & Tyler's 

Harris George, at Brooks' & Tyler's, house Gushing, n. Willie 

Harris John, variety store, 97 Merrimac, house do. 

Harris John, laborer, house Gorham, corner Winter 

Harris John, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 

Harris Norman A. Appleton, house 2 do. 

Harris Onias, at E. N. Calef's, house Gushing 

Harris Page M. Lav^'rence, house 49 Lawrence Corporation 

Harris Rachel, Mrs. house Lee 

Harris William H. 31 Appleton Block, b. at E. O. Fifield's 

Harrison Edward, provisions, store and house Lowell 

Harrison James, music teacher, boards at Mrs. Duesbury's 

Harrison John, Merrimac Print Works, boards 73 Mer. Corp. 

Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house Water 

Hart Conelius, laborer, house McEvoy's Block, Lowell 

Hart Cornelius, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Hart Edward, Middlesex, house Water 

Hart Hiram B. Middlesex, house Fayette 

Hartford James, Middlesex, boards at J. Brierton's 

Harthan Hannah, Miss, dressmaker, Arcade Building 

Hartley Henry, at Stott's Mills, house 1 Reed's court 

Hartley Nicholas, Bleacheiy, boards at G. C. Smith's 

Hartley Richard, Bleachery, boards at G. C. Smith's 

Hartley William, Bleachery, boards at G. C, Smith's 

Hartson Jona. B, at D. R. Kimball's, h. Merrimac, u. Hanover 

Hartwell Cephus L. at H. Streeter's, boards do. 

Hartwell Ephraim, boards at R. Ru-ss's 

Hartwell J. at Brooks & Tyler's 

Harvey John, shoemaker, house William, corner Davis 

Harvey Samuel, blacksmith, boards at H. A. Walter's 

Harvey Stephen, boarding-house, 17 Lawrence 

Harvey William, Mrs. boarding-house, 21 Boott Corporation 

Harwood David, Prescott, boards at E. Walch's 

Harwood Isaac, at Richmond's Mills, b. at J. W, Boynton's 

Haseltine George W. carpenter, Central, corner Chapel, house 

South, near West tlnion 
Haseltine Mary, Mrs. house Central, corner Chapel 
Haskell Hiram, Lawrence, boards at 45 Lawrence Corp. 
Haskell John, boards at O. Wyman's 
Haskell Otis, Middlesex, boards at S, W. Lennell's 


Haskell Samuel, cab driver, boards at Farmers' & Mechanics' 
Haskell Theodore B. machinist, house Bartlett 
Haskell Theodora B. Lowell, house Bartlett, near Liverraore 
Hastings George, machinist, Market, house Nesmith, corner 

East Merrimac 
Hastings Sigismund H. merchant tailor, 7 Appleton Block, 

house Walnut, near Chapel 
Hastings Susette M. widow, house Walnut, near Chapel 
Hatch Albert, picker maker, house lo9 Merrimac Corporation 
Hatch Benjamin, Middlesex, house George, corner Williams 
Hatch Benjamin F. Electric physician, Charles 
Hatch [Charles P.) & Taisey (Robert), produce, Western 

avenue, house Adams, near Lagrange 
Hatch Ephraim, Hamilton C. R, boards at Mrs. D. Smith's 
Hatch George S. harness maker and carriage trimmer, Middle, 

opposite post office, house Andover, near Water 
Hatch Henry M. bookseller and stationer, 2 Canal Block 
Hatch Joel, sash and blind maker, h. Appleton, n. Thornkike 
Hatch Joel M. Lowell Machine Shop, house 63 Worthen 
Hatch John C. at Gushing & Mack's, boards at Miss J 

Hatch Samuel M. R. R. boards at J. M. Hatch's 
Hatch Samuel P. bar keeper, Farmers' and Mechanics' [Wall 
Hatch Seth W. sash and blind manufacturer, Howe, house 8 
Hatcli William W. Merrimac Print Works, house Moody 
Havey Hubbard, Merrimac, boards at Mrs. M. B. Brown's 
Havey Robert, laborer, house North, near Central 
Haviland Patrick, Lowell, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
Hawes Daniel, blacksmith, house 6 Dodge 
Hawes Eleanor, Mrs. washing, house Willow 
Hawkes Albert, shoemaker, house Linden 
Hawkes Andrew N. shoemaker, house Gorham, near South 
Hawkes Mackerness N. shoemaker, boards at A. Hawkes's 
Hawkes Philo, Rev. house Mount Vernon 
Hawley George, shoemaker, 138 Central 
Hayden Ephraim F. at Bradt's, house School, corner Dane 
Hayden Isaac J. shoemaker. Market, boards at D. Ray's 
Hayden Rufus N. grocer, Hale's Mills, house do. 
Haydon Frederick, Hamilton Print Works, house Gorham 
Hayes Ebenezer, watchman, Hamilton Corp. b. at Mrs. C. 

Abbott's c. Merrimac 

Hayes Joseph R. apothecary, 12 Central, house Nesmith, 
Hayes Nathan, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, house Castle's B. Lowell 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, house Flynn's B. Suffolk 
Hayes William H. E. boards at Aaron Andrews's 


Hay ford Asa, Lowell, boards at E. F. Hayford's 

Hayfoid Edward F. machinist, house Marion, near Lagrange 

Haynes Alfred, overseer, Merrimac, house 122 Men. Corp. 

Haynes Alvin F. Hamilton, house 3 Garnet 

Haynes Anna, Mrs. house Fayette 

Haynes Elizabeth, Mrs. house 5 Franklin square 

Haynes George, teamster, house School, near Middlesex 

Haynes John "VV. weaver, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Haynes Joseph, machinist, boards 5 Swamp Locks 

Haynes Margery G. boarding-house, 4 Aldrich Block 

Hayward Asa E. clothing and furnishing goods, 80 Central, 

corner Hurd, house Tyler, corner George 
Hayward George, house East Merrimac, corner Ash 
Hayward John, Jr., editor Advt-'rtiser, b. at F. A. Hildreth's 
Hayward Nancy A. Mrs. house Queen [Dennett's 

Hayward Tabitha, teacher, S. Grammar School, boards at H. 
Hayward William P. trunkmaker, Prescott, house 24 Chapel 
Haywood Amos B. teacher, boards at Nancy Wight's 
Hazeltine John B. refreshments, Suffolk 
Hazeltine Lvdia, Mrs. house Dodge 

Hazeltine Miron .T. student at law, at Beard & Gunnison's 
Hazeltine Royal T. carpenter, boards at S. Adams's 
Hazelton Benson C. daguerreotypist, 112 Merrimac, house 

Nesmith, near East Merrimac 
Hazey E. W. at Brooks & Tyler's 
Head Mary, Mrs. house 12 Merrimac 
Heald Benjamin, at O. M. Whipple's, boards Stonehouse 
Heald N. Loammi, 55 Merrimac, h. Merrimac Corporation 
Heald Samuel M. machinist, at Brook & Tyler's, house 1 

Lagrange, near Adams 
Heald Sarah M. Mrs. variety, 3 Merrimac 
Healey Andrew, at H. Howard's, boards Jefferson 
Healey David, Merrimac Print Work's, house 8i Merrimac C. 
Healey David, Jr. Merrimac Print Works, boards 84 M. Corp. 
Healey Henry, engraver, Merrimac, house 45 Merrimac Corp. 
Healy Bridget, Mrs. house rear Lowell 
Healy Joseph, Merrimac, house 177 Merrimac Corporation 
Heard George W. dry goods, 3 Welles's Block, h. Pawtucket 
Heath Asa, mover buildings, boards S. B. Abbott's 
Heath Seth, carpenter, boards at Onias Harris's 
Heath Warren, auctioneer, boards at Mrs. A. H. Dunham's 
Heathwood Thomas, refreshments, Cheever, house do. [House 
Hedge Frank, engraver on wood, 21 Central, boards American 
Hedge Levi, penny post, boards American House 
Hedges Jeremiah, foundry, Market, house Mount Vernon 


Eedrick George, sign and ornamental painter, 36 Central, h, 

Andover, nearly opp. Harrison 
Helpin John, at T. J. Barnes's, boards at Mrs. M. Helpin's 
Hemenway Eliza K-. boarding-house, 77 Central [tral, n. Elm 
Hemenway Marshall, W. I. goods, Central, c. Centre, h. Cen- 
Heminway Francis, house Pawtucket 
Hemphill AVilliam, machinist, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Henderson Alexander, dealer in butter and cheese, h. 6 Cady 
Henderson William, laborer, house Winter 
Hendrich Henry, Boott, boards F. M. Colby's 
Heney James, Middlesex, boards Exchange Coffee House 
Heney Michael, tailor, boards at O. M. Donohoe's 
Hennery D. R. Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Henry Daniel E. marketman, boards 77 Central 
Hern James, laborer, house Jefierson, near Lowell 
Hern John, laborer, house Lowell, corner Worthen 
Herrick Alonzo R. Lowell Machine Shop, b. at E. Herrick's 
Herrick Charles P. mason, house Central, corner Elm 
Herrick Edward, carpenter, house Charles 
Herrick John A. clerk, boards at S. T. Marsh's 
Hersey Amos J. house Central, corner Mill 
Hersey Hiram, house 5 Middle 

Hersey PartheniaMrs. boarding-house, 12 Prescott Corp. 
Hersey Stephen H. Massachusetts, h. 9 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hibbard Eli, Massachusetts, house High street square 
Hibbert Charles, machinist, house 21 Swamp Locks 
Hickey James, Locks and Canals, house Fenwick 
Hickey Mary, Mrs. house Adams 
j Hickey Patrick, Locks and Canals, house Fenwick 
I Hicks Albert, Lowell, house Charles, corner Central 
Higgins Francis, Lowell Machine Shop, b. at Mrs. P. Hills's 
Higgins John, laborer, house 1-5 East Merrimac 
Higgins John, laborer, house Fayette 
Higgins Michael, watchman, foundry, house Lowell 
I Hiland Honora Mrs. groceries, house Adams street 
j Hiland Lewis B. Middlesex, house Pleasant 
, Hildreth Asa, overseer, Boott, house 65 Boott Corporation 
' Llildreth Charles L. contractor, L. M. S. house 15 Dutton 
I Hildreth Dexter, W. I. goods, Howe, house Fayette 
Hildreth Ephraim, farmer, house Liberty, near "Chelmsford 
Hildreth Fisher A. editor Advertiser, 48 "Central, h. Lawrence, 

near Tyler 
Hildreth Henry A. machinist, house High, n. Merrimac [Ash 
Hildreth Isaac'C. & Co. diy goods, 6 Central, h. cor. E. M. & 
Hildreth Levi, Middlesex, boards at B. Hatch's 
Hildreth Simeon L. Boott, boards at H. A. Hildreth's 


Hildreth William, Railroad, boards at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 

Hill Abner, Boott, boards at F. M. Colby's 

Hill Albert, shoemaker, 4 John 

Hill Benjamin, painter, boards at J. "W. Perkins's 

Hill Benjamin C. Hamilton, house 8 Hamilton Corporation 

Hill Calvin B. stone cutter, house Bartlett 

Hill Daniel, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 

Hill David, Boston and Lowell R. R. house Howard 

Hill David, boards Howard House 

Hill David (B. F. Hohhn S^ Co.), boards at Mrs. L. Hill's 

Hill David W. foundry, house 43 S. L. Worthen 

Hill Elvira, Mrs. house 2 Pearl 

Hill Epaphras A. at Fiske & Norcross's, house Pine 

Hill George E. at Fiske & Norcross's, boards at A. D. Preble's 

Hill Hannah, Mrs. house 2 Garnet 

Hill Jacob O. boarding-house, 22 Massachusetts Corporation 

Hill Job, Lawrence, house 8 Sutiblk street 

Hill John, blacksmith, Central, near North, house do. 

Hill John B. Boott, boards at G. W. Lewis's 

Hill John Q. blacksmith, house Maiden Lane 

Hill Joseph, carpenter, Merrimac, house 93 Merrimac Corp. 

Hill Joseph E. Hamilton, house Gorham, corner Charles 

Hill Lawrence, blacksmith, Dummer, house Lowell, c. Suffolk 

Hill Lucy, boarding-house, 135 Central 

Hill Lydia W. variety store, 2 Arcade B. East Merrimac 

Hill Nathaniel, Locks and Canals, house Dodge 

Hill Patrick, laborer, house Williams [Worthen 

Hill Paul, superintendent water works, Locks & Canals, house 

Hill Peter W. Lowell, house 9 Lowell Corporation 

Hill Sylvester B. Merrimac, boards 146 Merrimac Corporation 

Hill William, at J. D. Plympton's, boards at Paul Hill's 

Hill William, tin plate worker, house Kirk avenue 

Hill AVilliam H. boards at Mrs. Hannah Hill's 

Hill W. W. Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 

Hill Wright L. at Day & Converse's , house Gorham 

Hiller George B. shoemaker, house 15 Charles 

Hilliard Ephraim M. druggist, house Ivirk 

Hilliard Ephraim M. house Kirk, corner Lee 

Hilliard Theophilus M. boarding-house, 17 Appleton Corp. 

Hills Charles F. flour and meal, 1 & 6 Savings Bank Building, 

boards at G. H. Hills's 
Hills Eliphalet, clerk, Boston & L. R. R. office at depot, 

Merrimac, house E. Merrimac, opp. James ct. 
Hills George H. flour store, 1 & 6 Savings Bank Bl. h. Tyler 
Hills Paul, carpenter, house Cabot 
Hills Prudence, Mrs. boarding-house, Marion, c. Lagrange 

Hills William N. at J. D. Plimpton's, boards at Paul Hill's 

Hilton Hoyt W. {Benthall <Sr Hilton), house at Centralville 

Hinckley Isaac, af^ent Merrimac, house Merrimac, cor. Kirk 

Hinkley Joseph E. Lowell Machine Shop, h. Branch, c. Queen 

Hinkley L. M. dressmaker, 18 Central 

Hixon Lloyd, Locks and Canals, boards at Mrs. R. Hixon's 

Hixon Roxana, Mrs. boarding-house, 1 Lowell Corporation 

Hobbs David, urabrellamaker, house John, opp. the church 

Hobbs Dean R. carpenter, boards 118 Merrimac 

Hobbs Eben R. confectionary and variety, Merrimac, corner 

Prescott, house do. 
Hobbs George W. blacksmith, boards at A. B. Culver's 
Hobbs James, watchman, Suffolk, b. 15 Suffolk Corporation 
Hobbs lieu 'en, at Brooks & Tyler's, h. School, corner Poplar 
Hobbs Stephen, lumberman, h. School, corner Poplar 
Hobbs "William, Lowell Machine Shop, house 9 Lagrange 
Hobson George, Hamilton, house Walnut 
Hodgdon Charles, boot and shoemaker, b. at N. L. Fowler's 
Hodgdon Joseph, at William Livingston's, h. Brewery court 
Hodgdon Livonia, widow, house 48 Church 
Hodgdon Samuel S. Middlesex, boards at N. G. Lyford's 
Hodgdon AVilliam H. shoemaker, 4 John 
Hodge Alexander L. Suffolk, boards at James Stillings's 
Hodge William, Lawrence, house 1 Lawrence Corporation 
Hodgman Isaac, teamster, Merrimac, h. oQi Merrimac Corp. 
Hodgman Solomon, Lowell Machine Shop, house Keene 
Hogau Dennis, laborer, house Cross 
Hogan Michael, at R. Lang's, house Floyd 
Plogan Michael, laborer, house Pawtucket 
Hogan Thomas, Lowell Corporation, house Lowell 
Hoil Charles, Suffolk, boards Dodge 
Hoit George, machinist, house Spring 

Hoit William H. contractor, Lowell M. Shop, house 1 Dutton 
Hoitt William B. printer, at American office 
Holbrook Abraham S. carpenter, h. Andover, corner Water 
Holbrook Adin, house Kirk 

Holbrook Frederick A. accou'nt, Mass. b. at Mrs. D. Simpson's 
Holbrook Morgan, whitewasher, boards at Sarah Todd's 
Holden Artemas, measurer of wood and bark, house Pawtucket 
Holden Austin, teamster, house 53 Lowell 

Holden Avery, h. Middlesex, n. Branch [h. Lawrence, n. Ch'ch 
Holden Benj. F. & Co. {David Hill), W. I. Goods, 98 Central, 
Holden Frederick A. locks and canals, h. Tremont, n. Frank- 
lin House 
Holden George H. Boott C. R. boards at A. Holden's 
Holden Mary, Mrs. house rear Dummer 

Holden Richard, laborer, boards at Robert Holden's 
Holden Robert, bleachery, house Keene 

Holden Roxanna, Mrs. boarding-house, Lowell, n. the Hospital 
|Holgate James, machinist, boards at Ira Moulton's 
Holland Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell 
Holland Jeremiah, laborer, house Short's Block, Lewis 
Holland John, blacksmith, house Howard's Block, Lowell 
Holland John W. overseer, Merriraac, h. 30 Merrimac Corp. 
Holland Levi, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Holland Michael, laborer, house Button 
Hollinger Daniel, French papermaker, house Clark 
HoUis Zebediah S. union store, house South, corner Summer 
Holman John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at B. Robinson's 
Holmes Betsey, widow of Benjamin, house Howe 
Holmes Caroline D. dressmaker, Howe 

Holmes Harrison, Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Holmes Nancy P. boarding-house, 5 Lyman 
Holmes Stillman D. painter, boards at T. C. Blaisdell's 
Holmes William D. teamster, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Holt Abiel, stonemason, house Willie, near Cross 
Holt Abraham, Lawrence, boards 55 Lawrence Corporation 
Holt Adam C. Fisk's bobbin shop, house Pine 
Holt Dan'l, sash & blind manuf. Howe, h. Nesmithjn. Chestnut 
Holt Daniel, physician, John, n. church, house do. 
Holt Edward, Middlesex, house rear 21 Warren 
Holt Elizabeth P. boards at 39 Cabot 
Holt Henry, boards at Willard Smith's 
Holt Henry S. house 49 Hamilton Corporation, Middlesex 
Holt John, dyeing & printing, Howe, h. Nesmith, c. Chestnut 
Holt John, patent press dver, Howe, h, Nesmith, n. E. Merr. 
Holt Joseph S. Suffolk C. R. house 15 Suffolk street 
Holt {Joshua L.) & Hovey {Cyrus), manuf. of silver ware, 

Market, opposite Carpet, house a;.t Centralville 
Holt Lucius E. B. clerk, 38 Central, boards at D. Dudley's 
Holt Luther, blacksmith, head Pawtucket Falls, house School 
Holt Oliver, Boott, house 18 Boott Corporation 
Holt Paul, surveyor of lumber, house 7 Moody, corner Race 
Holt Samuel, carpenter, boards at Mrs. J. Combs's 
Holton Frederick, house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Homan Ruth, widow of John, house 3 Garnet 
Honey Solomon, boarding-house, 4 Lawrence Corporation 
Hood Abraham K. carpenter, South, near Summer, house 60 

Hood John, laborer, house 21 Franklin square 
Hoole John H. Massachusetts, boards at Mrs. D. Simpson's 
Hooper Esther S. milliner, 72 Merrimac, boards Centralville 


Hooper Moses AV. carpenter, R. E,. Repair Shop, house Chapel, 

cor. Merrill's court 
Hope Jonathan, Stott's Mill, honse Hale, near Howard 
Hope John, gardener, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Hope Robert, Mcrrimac, house 144 Merrimac Corporation 
Hopkins Charles, Middlesex, boards at M. T. Morse's 
Hopkins James, Boott, boards at Sarah Parker's 
Hopkins James, Boott, house 64 Boott Corporation 
Hopkins Thomas J. Lawrence, house 48 Lawrence Corporation 
Hopkinson Ambrose, cap manufacturer, 62 Central, house Gar- 
net, corner Appleton 
Hopkinson Jotham A. daguerreotype artist, 88 Merr. h. do. 
Hopson Jonathan, pedler, house Williams 
Horn Benjamin, machinist, h. Button, c. Mechanic [School 
Horn Lydia, widow of Martin N. house Middlesex, above 
j Horn Samuel, soap and candles, c. Middlesex & School, h. do. 
Horn "William, Hamilton Corporation, b. at Mrs. S. McKinley's 
Home D. W. house 9 Middlesex place 
Horner William, Middlesex, house Abbott 

Horricks , Middlesex, boards at D. Lamb's 

Hosford Hocum {Griffin (5f i7.),' boards at American House 

Hosford Isaac, city missionary, boards at Asa Wetherbee's 

Hosmer Edward A. music teacher, boards at Otis Allen's 

Hosmcr Isaac, stonecutter, house Fayette, nearly opp. Everett 

Hosmer Stephen, clerk, 4 Central, house Liverraore 

Houghton Amasa, watchman, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corp. 

Houston Mary, Mrs. Hamilton, house Green 

Hovey Augustus, shoemaker, atD. Kittridge's, h. at Centralv'le 

Hovey Charles, apothecary, house Park, opposite Chestnut 

Hovey Charles {Carleton % Hovey), house Park 

Hovey Cyrus (Holt 4i- ii'.)/house at Centralville 

How George, boards 1G2 Central 

How Moses G. counsellor, 67 Central, boards American House 

Howard Geo. machinist, at D. Lamb's, h. Fayette, n. Andover 

Howard Horace, lumber, coal and wood. Western avenue, house 

Gorham, n. Summer 
Howard James, Bleachery, house do. 
Howard John, Lowell, boards at Hosea Smith's 
Howard John S. G. printer, h. Fayette 
Howard Joseph, Bleachery, house do. 
Howard Lewis, house 7 Middlesex place 
Howard Peter, Bleachery, house do. 

Howaid Sylvander Van, Merrimac, boards 70 Merrimac Corp. 
Howard Thomas J. Middlesex, boards 54 Church 
Howard Walter, ostler, boards at D. Ray's 
Howarth Thomas, Merrimac, house Cabot 


Howe Abraham, house Ash, near East Merrimac 
Howe Brian, teacher, boards at Johanna Spencer's 
Howe Charles M. Middlesex, house 3 Warren court 
Howe David, Massachusetts, house oi Massachusetts Corp. 
Howe Edward B. {Puffer (S, II.), house Andover, c. Nesmith 
Howe Henry C. & J. F. carpenters, at Calef & Livingston's 

Mills, boards at H. Dennett's 
Howe James, Lowell, house 18 Lowell Corporation 
Howe Jeremiah, Lowell, boards lo Suffolk 
Howe Jeroboam, farmer, house Oak, corner Nesmith 
Howe John, comedian. Museum, boards at R. G. Bell's 
Howe John F. (if. C. &; J. F. Howe), boards at H. Dennett's 
Howe Joseph S. Prescott, house 29 Prescott Corporation 
Howe Lambert, painter, 97 Merrimac, house do. 
Howe William, laborer, house 59 Boott Corporation 
Howes Edward, gas-fitter, boards 29 Franklin square [Suffolk 
Howes {Edward S.) & Daniels {John), gas-fitters, Middle, h. 2o 
Howes Dennis, Middlesex, boards 142 Central 
Howes George H. painter, boards at L. Howes's 
Howes Lucius, house Cushing [Howard 

Howes Lucius E. painter, at W. Minot's, h. 8 Middlesex, opp. 
Howies Samuel P. portrait painter and daguerreotj'pist, 112 

Merrimac, house Gorham, opposite Union 
Howland George C. machinist, boards at D. W. Cole's 
Hoyle Abram, Hamilton Print Works, house Central, c. Cady 
Hoyle Esther, widow, house Water 
Hoyle James, flannel finisher, house 3 Water 
Hoyle John, at C. Stott's, boards at R. Goulding's 
Hoyle Samuel, engineer, Stott's Mills, boards at R. Goulding's 
Hoyle Terrance, laborer, house 12 Middle 
Hoyt Abigail, Mrs. house o Dodge 
Hoyt Carlos, L. & S. R. R. house o Dodge 
Hoyt Daniel S. mason, house 36 Chapel 

Hoyt George B. print-block maker, Lenton, house 51 Church 
Hoyt Harry W. at Crosby & Fuller's, boards at E. B. Cook's 
Hoyt Jackson, at Cushing & Mack's, house Fayette 
Hoyt John P. machinist, boards at Aaron Davis's 
Hubbard Benjamin, Mechanics' Mills, boards at S. Hubbard's 
Hubbard Charles, carpeater, house Willie, near Fletcher 
Hubbard Columbus J. house Moody, near Pawtucket 
Hubbard Daniel, at Brooks & Tyler's, b. at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Hubbard Josiah, City Librarian, City Hall, h. Moody, corner 

Hubbard Sophronia, Mrs. boarding-house. Rock, n. Fletcher 
Huckins Daniel, mason, boards at Rhoda Blaisdell's 
Huckins David, Lowell Machine Shop, house Smith 
Huckins Nathan, carpenter, Putney's ct. h. 6 Merrill's court 


Huckins Orlando, Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 

Hudson Francis, farmer, house Adams, near Lagrange 

Hudson H. J. B. moulder, at Nichols & Stewart's, h. High 

Hudson Horatio N, engineer, Merrimac, house 153 Merr. Corp. 

Hudson "William, laborer, hoiise 17 Charles 

Huggins John P. clerk, at Merrimac House 

Huggins Samuel, clerk, at Merrimac House 

Hughes Edward, Bleachery, house Moore 

Hughes James, Middlesex, house Fayette 

Hughes John, Bleachery, house Livingston, near Carter 

Hughes AVilliam, laborer, house New, near Lowell 

Hughes William, house William, near George 

Hull Amos, undertaker, house Central, Chapel Hill 

Hull Henry, printer, at Courier office, h. Central, Chapel Hill 

Hull William, machinist, boards 7 Swamp Locks 

Hulm William, Hamilton Corporation, h. Appleton, c. South 

Hulrae James, Hamilton, house rear 35 Chapel 

Humphrey John (Stewart S^ II.), house at Andover 

Hunt Aaron, shoemaker, house Fayette, near E. Merrimac 

Hunt Albert, Suffolk, house 1 Suffolk Corporation 

Hunt Alfred I. Boott, house 25 Boott Corporation 

Hunt Elihu S. {Wilder &: H.), house Willow, near Chestnut 

Hunt Frederick P. machinist, boards at J. A. Gerrish's 

Hunt George, clerk, at Peabody & Wyman's 

Hunt Hiram {Cloyd <S,- II.), boards at P. Hunt's 

Hunt John B. Hamilton, house 40 Hamilton Corporation 

Hunt Mary, Mrs. house Union, near Gorham 

Hunt Michael, laborer, house rear North 

Hunt Phocba, Mrs. variety store, 196 Merrimac, h. Common 

Hunt Phylenda, dressmaker, house Knowles place 

Hunt Rebecca, Mrs. house 4 Race 

Hunt Sarah, Mrs. boarding-house, 19 Central 

Hunter Benjamin, Bleachery, house do. 

Hunter Curtis, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 

Hunter George, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 

Hunter William, overseer, Hamilton, boards at Sarah Stott's 

Huntington Elisha, physician, office and house 14 Hurd 

Huntington Heman, overseer, Lawrence, h. 9 Lawrence Corp. 

Huntington James T. boarding-house, 69 Merrimac Corp. 

Hunton Lewis L. & Co. dry goods, 108 Merrimac, boards at 

Mrs. L. Hill's 
Hunton Samuel B. house West Union, corner South 
Hunton Walter D. H. clerk, 108 Merrimac, b. at Mrs. L. Hill's 
Huntoon Alpha, shoemaker, house Warren, near Church 
Huntoon Horace, Middlesex, house George, corner Williams 
Huntoon Horace S. Middlesex, boards at Horace Huntoon's 


Huntoon James "W. Hamilton, boards 34 Church 
Huntoon Joseph "W. Middlesex, house William 
Huntoon Mary P. confectionery, 4 John, house do. 
Huntoon Moses C. shoemaker, at J. Kent's, house 6 Race 
Huntoon Oren, boarding-house, 11 Dodge 
Huntoon Woodman C. Merrimac, h. 146 Merrimac Corporation 
Huntress James L. {Hvtchins ^ Htintress), American House 
Huntress Willard L. Middlesex, house 3 Merrill's court 
Hurd Daniel, Appleton, house Charles 

Hurd Georee W. 3 Welles's Block, h. PaTvtucket, n. School 
Hurd John, Merrimac Print Works, house Ford, cor. Austin 
Hurd Joseph, moulder, house Appleton, opposite Garnet 
Hurlbutt Albert S. boarding-house, 29 Lawrence Corporation 
Hurlbutt John F. carpenter, boards 13 Suffolk 
Hurley David, house AVinter 
Hurley John, laborer, house Marion, corner Cross 
Hurst Joseph, waiter, house Dutton 

Huse Asa H. astrologer, house New, near North Grammar 
Huse Ebenezer, engineer, Merrimac, house 47 Merr. Corp. 
Huse George, house George, corner Church 
Huse Hiram, East Merrimac, boards 47 Merrimac Corporation 
Huse Jesse, assessor. City Hall, house Common, near Cross 
Huse Patrick, Lowell, boards at William Carmichael's 
Huse Thomas M. house rear Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Hussey Albert G. house 10 Massachusetts Corporation 
Hussey Dan'l, Hamilton, counting-room, h. 19 Hamilton Corp. 
Hussey Levi, Middlesex, house 17 Charles 
Hussey Theodate, Miss, boards 16 Middlesex 
Hutchins {Joseph) & Huntress {James L.), proprietors Amer- 
ican house, Central 
Hutchinson Benjamin, hard ware, cloths and clothing, 25 Cen- 
tral, house Appleton, near Davis. 
Hutchinson Betsey, Miss, Lawrence, h. 20 Tremont Corp. [pole 
Hutchinson Charles G. at Otis L. Allen's, h. Alder, c. Stack- 
Hutchinson Edmund A. clerk, 25 Central, boards at B. Hut- 
Hutchinson Edward T. teamster, h. Middlesex, c. Gorham 
Hutchinson Hez. carpenter, house Low^ell, opp. Lowell place 
Hutchinson Oren, Lawrence R. R. house 16 Cady 
Hutchinson Reuben, music teacher, b. 154 M. Corp. [Corp. 

Hutchinson Reuben M. Merrimac Print Works, h. 154 Merr. 
Hutchinson Susan, widow, house 11 Cady 
Hutchinson T. Merrimac Print Works, h. Parker, c. Stevens 
Hutchinson William, Middlesex, house 11 Cady 
Hyde Amos, farmer, house Hale 
Hyde Amos M. clerk, 142 Merrimac, boards at A. Hyde's 


Hyde David, broker, 2 Welles's Bl. h. Pawtucket, c. Beacon 
Hyde Eunice, widow, house Appleton 

Hylan Sumner, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 7 Dutton 
Hyland Matthew, carpenter, house 1 Me Carry's court 

INGALLS ALMYRA, house East Merrimac, opposite Ash 

Ingalls Ephraim C. Boott C. R. boards 38 John 

Ingalls Gardner, portrait painter, house Middlesex [place 

Ingalls Harrison, engineer, L. & L. R, R. h. Middlesex, c. M. 

Ingals Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house Marshall 

Ingalls J. Jr. house Marshall, opposite Mclntire 

Ingalls Mary, \\idow, boards at Colony House 

Ingalls Oliver W. stage driver, boards John Hadley's 

Ingham Richard, currier, at Bixby's, house Branch, c. Queen 

Ingolsby Bernard, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Ireson Benjamin S. Merrimac, house 47 Merrimac Corporation. 

Ivers George, house Winter 

Iveson Eli, at Day & Converse's, house 139 Central 

JACK DAVIS, harness maker, house Appleton 
Jack Ira, Hamilton Corporation, boards at Mrs. C. Abbott's 
Jack Samuel, harness maker. Pearl, c. Middlesex, h. Appleton 
Jackson Charles W. at D. Dana's, boards Washington House 
Jackson Francis, house Gorham, near Charles [Corp. 

Jackson George D. watchman, Merr. Print Works, b. 73 Merr. 
Jackson Harris, Boott, house High, near East Merrimac 
Jackson Hemau S. stone mason, house 2 Garnet 
James Daniel C. at P. O. Richmond's, boards Union House 
James Harrison, Merrimac, house 121 Merrimac Corporation 
James Ransour L. Boott, house 9 Boott Corporation 
James Sarah B. widow, house Loudon court 
Jameson Fanny, widow of Thomas, house 1 Garnet 
Jameson Henry A. blacksmith, boards at G. W. Garland's 
Jameson Job, tailor, house Lee 

Jameson Robert E. Merrimac, house Merrimac, corner Suffolk 
Jaques John C. Lowell Machine Shop, house 62 Worthen 
Jaques Jo'nn S. {Coburn & /.), shuttle maker, Middle, h. Ash 
Jaquith Elizabeth, boarding-house, 2 Lawrence Corporation 
Jaquith Leonard W. Prescott, house 2 Prescott Corporation 
Jefferies Thonias, Middlesex, house Abbott 
Jeffers James, house Lagrange, near Fletcher 
JefFers Joseph, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Jefferson Thomas, watchman, Massachusetts, b. at E. Silver's 
Jefts Henry, moulder, house 8 Swamp Locks 
Jenkins Edmund P. engineer, at Brooks & Tyler's, h. Middle- 
sex, opposite Grand 
Jenkins Joel, wheelwright, Arch, house Arch 


! Jenness Jacob, W. I. goods, E. Merr. h. Chestnut, c. Willow 
i Jenness L. Wellinan, physician, 16 Merr. h. High, c. Everett 
i Jennings Lewis A. Suffolk, boards at 1 Suffolk Corporation 
Jennings Tillotson L. fish dealer, h. rear Moody, North side 
! Jepson John C. Hamilton, house II Hamilton Corporation 
i Jewell Leonard F. overseer, Boott, h. 67 Boott Corporation 
! Jewell Trueworthy, Concord R, R. house Howard 
Jewett Aaron, at J. S. Eaton's [lett & High 

Jewett G. B. teacher select school, Savings Bank B. h. c. Bart- 
J Jewett Jeremiah, carpenter, boards at E. B. Cook's 
] Jewett Jeremiah P. physician, office and house 4 Kirk 
Jewett John, carpenter, house Lawrence, corner Mill 
Jewett Rebecca, widow, boards at S. D. Prescott's 
Job Ann, Mrs. house 2 Luther's court 

Johnson & Co's express {B. F. Johnson), Northern R. depot 
Johnson Albert T. dentist, Wentworth Block, b. 13 Central 
Johnson Andrew J. moulder, boards at C. "Way's 
j Johnson Benj. F. {Johnson (^ Co.'s Express), h.Y S. Franklin ct. 
Johnson Betsey, Mrs. house Spring 

Johnson Charles, shoemaker, house Tremont [Abbott 

Johnson Chester C. at O. M. Whipple's, house Lawrence, near 
Johnson Cyrus P. Massachusetts, boards 3 Tremont Corp. 
Johnson Daniel, house 126 Central 

Johnson Edward C. contractor, L. M. S. house 75 Mechanic 
Johnson Eleanor, Mrs. boarding-house, 110 Merrimac Corp. 
Johnson G. T. variety, 3 John, house John 
Johnson Harriet, Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Tremont Corporation 
Johnson Henry A. Merrimac, boards 165 Merrimac Corp. 
Johnson James, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 
Johnson John W. at Day & Convers's, house Charles 
Johnson Jona. watchmaker, 148 Merrimac, h. Aastin, c. Merr. 
Johnson Joseph, M.D. Lawrence, house 55 Lawrence Corp. 
Johnson Mary, Mrs. house 4 Knowles place 
Johnson Mary C. house Moody, corner Tremont 
Johnson Michael, laborer, house Adams 
Johnson Morris, laborer, house Adams 

Johnson Robert, Merrimac Print Works, b. at E. Sullivan's 
Johnson Samuel, carpenter, boards at J. Chubb's 
Johnson William F. comedian, boards American House 
Johnson Wm. M. carpenter, house Lawrence, corner North 
Johnston William C. at Puffer & Howe's, h. Bartlett, n. Alder 
Johnston AVilliam S. Locks and Canals, h. 7 Franklin square 
Joice Alfred, at D. & G. J. Bradt's, boards at D. Bradt's 
Joice John, laborer, house Tremont, near Moody 
Joice Luke, laborer, house Fenwick 
Joice Miles, laborer, house 5 Dummer 


Joice Patrick, laborer, house Little, near Lewis 

Joice Patrick, at O. M. Whipple's, house at Tewksbury 

Jones Albion, Hamilton Corporation, boards at C. C. Hall's 

Jones Ambrose, confectioner, near School 

Jones Ambrose, Jr. clerk, boards at A. Jones's 

Jones Charles L. Merriraac, boards 61 Merrimac Corporation 

Jones Charles H. Middlesex, boards 32 Church 

Jones Daniel, Middlesex, boards 8 Warren 

Jones Edward, at Day & Convers's, house Abbott, c. Central 

Jones Elias, carpenter, boards at Mrs. Joanna Combs's 

Jones Elijah C. house Alder 

Jones George B. hair dresser, Washington House 

Jones George W. Lawrence C. R. boards 75 Lawrence Corp. 

Jones George W. Appleton, house 2 Goward's Block 

Jones Ira C. Lawrence, house 34 Lawrence Corporation 

Jones Isaac, boards at Mrs. S, Currier's 

Jones Isaac, Bleacher)', house Bleachery 

Jones John, founder, boards at S. M. Annan's 

Jones John, shoemaker, house Cabot 

Jones John, blacksmith, at Stinson & Poole's, b. 13 Market 

Jones John, Middlesex, boards 8 Warren [rill's 

Jones Jonathan, at P. O. Richmond's, boards at N. W. Mor- 

Jones Lemuel H. Middlesex, house Chapel, near Union 

Jones Mary C. Mrs. boarding-house, 21 Hamilton 

Jones Miriam B. Mrs. boarding-house, 20 Boott Corporation 

Jones Nathaniel, Middlesex, house 8 Warren [pel 

Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, at Gage & Wheeler's, h, 37 Cha- 

Jones Phinehas, Boott, house 71 Boott Corporation 

Jones Samuel, at Pearl & Huntress's, boards at D. M. Ray's 

Jones Samuel, ostler, boards at D. Day's 

Jones Theodore W. (S. S. Robinson ^ Co.), house Marshall 

Jones Thomas, Boott, house Willow, near Andover 

Jones William, Middlesex, boards at Nathaniel Jones's 

Jordan Abel S. mason, house Hanover 

Jordan Benjamin H, Appleton, boards at C. C. Andrews's 

Jordan Eben, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 

Jordan Jona. L. watchman, Lawrence, b. 22 Lawrence Corp. 

Jordan Sarah C. dressmaker, 2 Aacade B. East Merrimac 

Jordan True P. Lawrence, boards 22 LaAvrence Corporation 

Joselyn Algernon, foundi'y, house 18 Swamp Locks 

Joyce Thomas, comedian. Museum, boards at R. G. Bell's 

Judd W. D. book keeper, at C. P. Talbot's, boards 95 Central 

Judge James, at D. Dana's, house AVilliam 

Judge Matthew, machinist, house Fayette 

Judkins J. J. card printer, Merrimac, house Bartlett, n. Alder 

Judkins Lorenzo, engineer, Burnetizing Co. b. at J. Phelps's 


Judkins Mary J. variety store, Middlesex, corner South 

KAIN DANIEL, pedler, boards Commercial House 

Kaley Mary, widow, house Cross 

Kannedy Mary & Hannah, house 28 Appleton Corporation 

Katon John, laborer, house Lowell, near Dummer 

Kavanaugh Michael, at B. Watson's, 125 Central 

Keafe Arthur, carpenter, house Lowell, near Lewis 

Keafe Arthur, carpenter, house Suffolk, near Lowell 

Keafe Bridget, widow, house Adams 

Keafe Nicholas, foundry, house rear Dummer 

Keagan James, Hamilton, house Williams 

Kean Frank, Hamilton, house Williams 

Keelty Luke, cooper, Lowell, house Dummer 

Keenan John, laborer, house Winter 

Keith George, job-wagon, house 20 Middlesex 

Keith John W. Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 

Keleheh John, shoemaker, house Castle's Block, Lowell 

Kellery Thomas, at J. F. Evans's, house Marshall, near Grand 

Kellett Elizabeth, Mrs. variety store and house 242 Merrimac 

Kellett Richard, house 242 Merrimac 

Kellett Thomas P. Middlesex, house 21 Warren 

Kelley Andrew, carpet weaver, house rear Dummer 

Kelley Asahel A. boards at John Kelley's, Walnut 

Kelley Catharine, Mrs. house William 

Kelley Charles H. mason, boards Walnut 

Kelley Daniel, laborer, house Cummiskey's Block, Lowell 

Kelley David, Nashua & Lowell R. R. house Cushing 

Kelley E. at I. W. & D. Bangs's, Middlesex, b. R. Tarbell's 

Kelley -Edward D. Middlesex, boards 55 Church 

Kelley Edward, laborer, house Castle's Block. Lowell 

Kelley Ellen, widow, house Gorham, corner Winter 

Kelley George G. {Woodward ^ K.), boards at H. Woodward's 

Kelley George D. B. Mechanic's' Mills, boards at H. Dennett's 

Kelley Hiram, Lowell, boards at A^idrew Kelley's 

Kelley Isaac, scalcmaker, at Woods & Nute's, b. 77 Central 

Kelley Israel H. moulder, house 6 Goward Block 

Kelley Jacob, butcher, house Middlesex, near Walker 

Kelley John, laborer, house Gorham, near Appleton 

Kelley John, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 

Kelley John, at R. Lang's, house Floyd 

Kelley John, pedler, house Walnut 

Kelley John, mason, house Davis, comer Winter 

Kelley John A. coach driver, railroad, house Tyler 

Kelley John P. Mechanics' Mills, house Middlesex 

Kelley Margaret, Mrs. house Maiden Lane 


Kelley Margaret, Mrs. house Castle's Block, Lowell 

Kelley Mary, widow, house Green 

Kelley Michael, Bleachery, house North 

Kelley Michael, laborer, house rear North Grammar School 

Kelley Moses {Troiv &; K.), house Middlesex, near Walker 

Kelley Neal, laborer, house Conley's Block, Lowell 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, house rear 18 Middlesex 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, house Lowell, opposite Fenwick 

Kelley Robert, marble polisher, house near North G. School 

Kelley Shepard A. Middlesex, boards 51 Church 

Kelley Thomas, tanner, house Little, near Lewis 

Kelley Thomas, mason, house Cross 

Kelley Thomas, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

Kelley Timothy, laborer, house William 

Kelley Timothy, grocer, Gorham, near Putney's ct. house do. 

Kelley William, laborer, house Lowell [Kirk 

Kelley William, sash and door maker, Mechanics' Mills, house 

Kelsey Hugh, botanic medicines, house Walnut 

Kelso" William, clerk at American House 

Kelton Jonas P. restorator, house 14 Pleasant 

Kelton Mason G. saloon, 82 Merrimac 

Kemp Calvin, omnibus driver, house Pawtucket 

Kemp Elbridge G. Nashua freight master, h. Walker, c. Kemp 

Kempton Albert, at Columbian House, house East Merrimac, 

opposite James court [dreth's 

Kempton Calvin, millinery and bonnets, 58 Merr. b, at D. Hil- 
Kenaston Noah, Merrimac, hoiise Moody, near Colburn 
Kendall Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding-house, Tremont, n. Merrimac 
Kendall John B. clerk, 112 Central, house Gorham, n. Walnut 
Kendall Jonathan, overseer, Suffolk, house 2 Cabot Block 
Kendall Parintha, boarding-house, 61 Massachusetts Corp. 
Kendall Sarah B. widow, house Oak 
Kendall Susannah, house 39 Chapel 

Kendall Timothy D. clerk at Weaver & Brothers', b. 9 Central 
Kendrick Thomas C. student, boards Dr. M. Kidder's 
Kennedy Daniel, boards at Mary Doyle's 
Kennedy John, carpenter, house Howard Block, Lowell 
Kennedy John, hod carrier, house Keene 
Kennedy John E. Lawrence, house 42 Cabot 
Kennedy Joseph P. Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Kennedy Terrence, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Kennedy Thomas, Hamilton, boards at N. McGiness's 
Kenney Alanson, at Fiske & Norcross's, house Pine 
Kenney D. R. Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Kenney Enoch E. at T. Parker's livery stable, house Chestnut, 

corner Willow 


Kenney Joseph, tailor, house North 
Kenney Lydia, Market, next Gushing & Mack's 
Kenney Mary, house Union, opposite Chapel 
Kenney Michael, Lowell, house Cedar 
Kenney Michael, house Union, opposite Chapel 
Kenney Owen, laborer, house 42 South 
Kenney Patrick, house Cedar 

Kenney William, laborer, house rear Gorham, opp. Union 
Kennison David, laborer, boards at Mrs. M. Chapman's 
Kennison Elisha, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 
Kennison Oren W. Boott, boards 7 Boott Corporation 
Kent Daniel Q. Merrimac, boards 71 Merriaaiac Corporation 
Kent James, shoemaker, boarding-house, 39 Cabot 
Kenyon Daniel K. variety store, 290 Merrimac, house do. 
Keogh Michael, Bleachery, boards at P. Rafierty's 
Kerby George, Boston & Lowell R. R. boards at A. "W. Foss's 
Kerr George N. carpenter, house Pawtucket, near Lowell 
Kerse Robeit, engineer, house Lowell, near Dummer 
Kershav/ Abram, Lov.ell, house Reed's court 
Kerwin Dennis, laborer, house Pine 
Keyes Arthur, carpenter, boards at N. T. Keyes' 
Keyes James, shoe store, Merrimac, corner Cabot, house do. 
Keyes Julian Y. clerk, 42 Merrimac, boards atll. W. Hilton's 
Keyes Nathan T. wondsawyer, house High, near Chestnut 
Keyes Patrick, Lowell, house Lowell 

Keyes Thomas, laborer, house Castle's Block, rear Lowell 
Keyes Zoa Ann, boarding-house, 27 Lawrence Corporation 
Keyser John L. house 6 South Franklin court 
Kidder Abram F. wheelwright, Hales mills, house Floyd 
Kidder Augustus A. bootmaker, 112 Central, boards 64 Church 
Kidder Francis, boards at M. Kidder's 
Kidder Franklin {B. S. Hale cV Co.), East Merrimac 
Kidder John, Merrimac Print Works, house Moody 
Kidder John, Suffolk, boards 6 Suiibik Corporation 
Kidder John H. Appleton, house Middlesex, near Grand 
Kidder Moses, physician, Gorham, corner Kidder, house do. 
Kidder Moses W. "student, boards at Dr. M Kidder's 
Kidder Samuel, Jr. apothecary, Merrimac, corner John, house 
Willow, near Merrimac [der's 

Kidder Walter, physician, 27 Merrimac, boards at Dr. M. Kid- 
Kiely Edmund, house Jefferson [ville 

Kiely Maurace, boots and shoes, 8 Middle, house at Central- 
Kiely Lawrence, W. I. goods, Lowell, house do. 
Kienan Paul, laborer, house William 
Killen Simon W. Lowell, boards at W. B. Pond's 
Kimball C. B. Steam Mill, boards at Mrs. J. S. McKenzie's 


Kimball Cyrus, Bleachery, house east of Bleachery st. 
Kimball Dana, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Kimball Daniel, mason, house Ash, near East Merrimac 
Kimball D. R. livery stable, c. Merr. & Worthcn, b. Merr. H. 
Kimball Daniel S. Lawrence, house 64 Lawrence Corporation 
Kimball Durrell, house 50 Hamilton Corporation 
Kimball Elbridge, carpenter, house 14 Chapel 
Kimball Elisha, teamster, house Cedar 
Kimball Elizabeth, Mrs. house 20 Moody 

Kimball Elizabeth, house 16 Middlesex [Hospital 

Kimball Oilman, physician, c. Merrimac and Worthen, h. 
Kimball Isaac, painter and orhizier, house George, opp. William 
Kimball Isaac, B. & L. R. R. house 12 Middlesex place 
Kimball John F. clerk, P. O. house Linden, corner Auburn 
Kimball John H. silks and shawls, over P. O. h. E. Merrimac, 

near Alder 
Kimball John T. M. Merrimac, boards 73 Merrimac Corp. 
Kimball Jonathan, assistant teacher. High School, h. Union, 

corner Gorham 
Kimball Jona. B. (Dean &; Kimball), boards at D. M. Dodge's 
Kimball Joseph AV. overseer, Mass. h. 17 Massachusetts Corp. 
Kimball Joseph D. at W. Dudley's, boards at Moses Kimball's 
Kimball Laura A. Miss, boarding-house, 1 Merrimac Corp. 
Kimball Leonard, provision dealer, house High, near Chestnut 
Kimball Matthew H. machinist, boards at J. W. Fifield's 
Kimball Moses, variety store, Lowell, corner Common 
Kimball Nathaniel G. machinist, 17 Market, h. Central, n. Elm 
Kimball Ruel, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac 
Kimball Susan E. Mrs. house Pawtucket 
Kimball Welcome S. stonemason, house Lowell, opp. Adams 
Kunball Wilson, Lowell Machine Shop, b. at J. B. Leavitt's 
Kimball William H. St. Charles Saloon, 44 Central, h. High, 

near Chestnut 
Kincaid Henry, city watchman, boards at J. Libbey's 
King Abraham M. Lowell Machine Shop, h. 35 S.L. Worthen 
King Ephraim S. Round House, boards at L. Gilford's 
King George, boards at William King's 

King Godfrey B. superintendent R. R. Repair Shop, h. Jack- 
son, near Round House 
King John, shoemaker, house Davidson 
King John E. shoemaker, at I. J. Hay den's, h. Davidson 
King Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 48 Merrimac Corporation 
King Nelson, at J. Chamberlain, Jr's, boards do. 
King O. house Stackpole, corner Livermore 
King Oliver, proprietor Farmers' & Mechanics' House, Merr. 
King Stephen, shoemaker, house Davidson 


King "William, Lowell, house rear H. McEvoy's, Suffolk 
Kingsbury Samuel H, Bleachery, house Carter 
Kingsley Enos O. Lawrence, house 11 Lawrence Corporation 
Kingsley George, Prescott, boards at Mrs. D. Simpson's 
Kinsey John W. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 73 Mechanic 
Kinsman Gideon, baker, boards at G. J. Bradt's [MeiT. 

Kinsman Julius A. driver, at C. J. & M. J. Adams's, b. 11 East 
Kinsman Samuel, foundry, Jackson, boards at H. Dennett'g 
Kitchen Charles, Lowell, house 25 Lowell Corporation [Rock 
Kitson Richard, needle-pointed card manufacturer, Marion, h. 
Kittredge Abner, painter, Middle, 5th door from P. O. h. Tyler, 

corner Lawrence 
Kittredge F. C, physician, Middlesex, corner Pearl 
Kittredge Francis M. 17 Tremont Corporation 
Kittredge George, Mrs. house Willie 

Kittredge George P. musician, house Grand, c. Middlesex 
Kittredge Hannah C. teacher, boards at H. Dennett's 
Kittredge Henry, stonemason, house Butterfield, n. Fletcher 
Kittredge Jeduthan, painter & paper hangings, Pres.h. Cedar 
Kittredge Luther, stonelayer, house Butterfield, n. Fletcher 
Kittredge William, wood and coal, Middle, n. P. O. h. High 

street square, corner Merrimac [door from P. O 

Kittridge Daniel, boot and shoe manufacturer. Middle, 2nd 
Kivening William, Lowell, boards at Mrs. C, Exley's 
Knapp Alonzo {Walker ^ Ktiap]}), Market, c. Central 
Knapp Charles, house 21 Church 

Knapp Chauncey L. printer, 23 Appleton Block, h. Bartlett 
Knapp Daniel, No. 66, Protective Union, 5 Prescott Block, h. 

East Merrimac, near Alder 
Knapp George G. overseer, Massachusetts, h. 31 Mass. Corp. 
Knapp George M. laborer, house Appleton, opposite Garnet 
Knapp Rufus B. Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Kneeland Catharine, Mrs. house Lawrence, near Richmond 
Kneeland Edward A. {Carlton ^ K.), h. Mclntire, c. Middlesex 
Knight Brayton (S. B. Page 1$ Co.), house Common 
Knight Horace, clerk, boards at J. Bachelder's 
Knight John, Bleachery, boards at T. U. Reed's 
Knight S. Newhall, clerk, Franklin book store, boards at Mrs. 

Knights Henry, Bleachery, house Lawrence, near Abbott 
Knights Sarah, Mrs. boarding-house, Middlesex, corner South 
Knowles Calvin C. dentist, 6 & 7 Welles's Bl. h. at Centralville 
Knowles Elbridge G. Middlesex, boards 60 Church 
Knowles Emeline, Miss, variety store, Thomdike, corner 

Gorham, boards Jonathan Knowles's 


Knowles {Hanson L.) & Emery (.S.), boots and shoes, 192 

Merrimac, house 10 Ayer's Block, Tilden 
Knowles Hiram, Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Knowles Jacob L. house Moody 
Knowles James, Middlesex, house 9 "Water 
Knowles John, La^^Tence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Knowles John A. counsellor, 14 Appleton Block, h. South, 

opposite South Grammar School 
Knowles Jonathan, laborer, house Congress 
Knowles Jonathan, house near Hale's mills 
Knowles Luther, house 38 Tremont Corporation [Knowles's 
Knowles Samuel B. shoemaker, at D. Kittredge's, b. at J. L. 
Knowlton George W. Lowell, house Ford, corner Austin 
Knox Mary W. variety store, Central, corner Jackson 
Knox Martha, 75 Central, boards at David Wood's 
Kohlrauseh Charles H. dyer, house Cedar 
Korosin Francis {W. B. Sioett S^ Co.), house Thorndike 

LACHANCE THOMAS, shoemaker, house 20 Moody 

Ladd Abigail W. widow, boards at J. W. Truax's 

Ladd Albert, harness maker, house 5 Lagrange court 

Ladd Benjamin, Merrimac, house Moody, near Colburn 

Ladd Calvin B. dentist, 21 Central, house Race, near Moody 

Ladd Charles, painter, house Moody, near Suffolk 

Ladd Jonathan, counsellor, 3 Canal Block, house 8 Cady 

Ladd Thomas, baggage depot, house Smith 

Ladd Timothy, house Colburn, corner Moody 

Ladd Uriah, Tremont, boards 14 Tremont Corporation 

Ladd William M. at J. S. French's 

Lahany John, dyer, house Howe 

Lake Amasa, Merrimac, house 12 Merrimac Corporation 

Lakin Abel, cooper, house 1 Pearl 

LaMasure Charles E. hair dresser, b. at Mrs. E. C. Black's 

Lamb Ann, Mrs, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 

Lamb David, block printer, Stott's mill, house Middle 

Lamb L. B. variety, Gorham, corner Middlesex 

Lamb Thomas, Bleacherv, boards at C. Marple's 

Lamb William A. clerk at E. B. Patch's, boards 13 Central 

Lanikin Albon A. {Emerson § Lamkin), boards at Mrs. J. 

S. McKenzie's [Corp. 

Lamson Edwin, clerk, at J. F. & J. Rogers, bds. 8 Lawrence 
Lamson {Francis) & Tarr {J. M.), jewellers, 182 Merrimac, h. 

Lowell, near the hospital 
Lamson John S. Boott, boards at S. L. Dodge's 
Lamson T. L. P. paymaster, Lawrence, house at Tewksbury 
Lamson William, boarding-house, 8 Lawrence Corporation 


Lamson William, Jr., city auditor, City Hall, house Beacon^ 

near Pawtucket 
Lancaster S unuel T. tailor, 41 Central, h. Ash, n. Chestnut 
Landars Maurice, laborer, house roar Williams 
Lane Abij ili, Boott, boards 18 Boott Corporation 
Lane David, machinist, 18 Market 
Lane Isaac, boards at T. Gibson's 

Lane Isaac C. Lawreiic?, house 6t Lawrence Corporation 
Lane Jonathan, carpenter, house East Pine 
Lane Marc is D. L. student at law, boards Merrimac House 
Lane M irtha, Mrs. house George, corner Hurd 
Lane Naomi, Mrs. house 2) Appleton Corporation 
Lane Robert S. Boott, boards at S. L. Dodge's 
Lane William, hod carrier, house Cummiskey's Block, Lowell 
Lanergan John, Middlesex, boards 135 Central 
Lang D ivid G. paymaster, Hamilton, boards 32 Moody 
Lang John, carpet weaver, at R. Lang's, house Floyd 
Lang Roger, cirpet manufacturer, Whipple's mills, h. Floyd 
Lang Samuel, at S. Moulton's, boards rear 3D Charles 
Langdell Edward, Tremont. house Lowell, opposite Willie 
Langdell James, Tremont, house 17 Tremont Corp. [Cady 
Langdell .Joseph, cl°rk, at J. Parker's, h. Lawrence, near 
Langley Clark M. Advertiser office, house Chestnut 
Langley Cyrus B. Advertiser office, house 4 Court avenue 
Langley Solomon, produce. Middle, house 7 Prescott C.jrp. 
Langley William, at W. T. Whltteu & Co's, house Chestnut, 

near Fayette 
Lannon Patrick, butcher, Lowell, corner Lewis 
Lantry Rose, Mrs. house rear Dummer 
Lapham Andrew F. clerk at Washington House 
Lapham Rufus, counsellor, Mansur's Block, 55 Central, boards 

Washington House 
Lapsly Thomas, laborer, house 15 East Merrimac 
Larkin Jam.^s, blacksmith, house rear Central, near Gorham 
Larrabee GiOi-ge W. farmer, house Wilder, near Pawtu-^ket 
Larrabee Jo!m H. boarding-house, Pawtucket, corner Walker 
Lary Catharine, Mrs. house Feawick 
Lary James, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Lary Lewis D carpenter, h. Middlesex, opp. Steam M. Shop 
Lary Mary, Mrs. house Howe 

Lary Richard, laborer, house Hale [near Central 

Latham Cyrus, civil engineer. Savings Bank Block, h. Tyler, 
Latham Lester H. clerk, Nashua freight depot, b, C. Latham's 
Latz Morris, perller, boards at Washington House 
Laugee William, at Fiske & Norcross's, boards Tremont House 
Laurens 3n Patric, Suffjlk, boards at 238 Merrimac 



Lauriet Augustus F. at Holt & Hovey's, boards C. Leslie's 
Law James, watchman flannel mills, house 5 Water 
Lawes Rufiis F. Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Lawrence Alvin, printer, 21 Central 
Lawrence Ambrose, dentist, 27 Merrimac, house do. 
Lawrence Benjamin, Steam Mill, boards at Mrs. N. A. Smith's 
Lawrence Charles, Merrimac P. Works, h. Tremont, n. Moody 
Lawrence Daniel B. carpenter, Lowell, house Mclntire, near 

Middlesex [mers' & Mechanics' Hotel 

Lawrence Erastus W. at Pearl & Huntress's, boards at Far- 
j Lawrence Jonathan, OAerseer, Lowell, boards 10 Lowell Corp. 
Lawrence Luther W. gas works, house 29 Franklin square 
Lawrence Samuel, dentist, 24 Central, house do. 
Lawrence Theophilus, at G. J. & D. Bradt's, G. J. Bradt'i 
Lawrence William F. farmer, house Chelmsford 
Lawson Thomas B. artist, 9 and 10 Savings Bank Block, 

boards at 27 Central 
Lawton Elizabeth, Mrs. house 14 Appleton 
Lawton James, supt. "Mass. house 24 Prescott Corporation 
Lawton Reuben, Merrimac, house 81 Merrimac Corporation 
Leach Henry Jr. Lawrence Railroad, h. Howard, n. Chelmsford. 
Leach Hiram, Merrimac, boards at 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Leach J. T. G. physician, corner John and Lee, house do. 
Leach Nathan W. at Whitney's cigar store, house Union 
Leach Sarah, Mrs. tailoress, 48 Central, house Union 
Leach Thomas, pedler, house 9 Hurd 
Leadbetter Lucius C. teamster, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Leathe John D. fancy soap manuf. at A. & T. T. French's, 

house Butterfield 
Leathers Milton, Locks and Canals, house 4 Mechanic 
Leathers Nathan, laborer, house Gorham, c. Putney's court 
Leathers Samuel {Garland ^ Leathers), house o4 Boott Corp. 
Leavens Margaret, widow, house rear North 
Leavitt Daniel G. salesman, 38 Central, house Gold, n. School 
Leavitt Erasmus D. house High street square 
Leavitt George W. carpenter, boards at Colony House 
Leavitt Horatio, house Bartlett, 4th door from High st. sq. 
Leavitt James, Jr. Round house, h. Appleton, c. Thorndike 
Leavitt John B. machinist, Mech's Mills, house Thorndike 
Leavitt Joseph P. clerk at J. W. Brown's, b. D. G. Emerson's 
Leavitt Quincy, foundry, Jackson, house Union, c. Chapel 
Leavitt Stephen B. Merrimac, house 43 Merrimac Corp. 
Leavitt William B. shoemaker, 15 Tilden, house do. 
Leavitt William H. shoe store, 168 Merrimac, house do. 
Le Barron Christopher C. shoemaker, boards at H. J. Stone's 
Lebell Joseph, Tremont, boards at E. B. Cook's 


Lederer Jacob, Merrimac Print "Works, house Appleton 
Lee Charles, Hamilton, house Gorham, n. Catholic church 
Lee Charles, Middlesex, house North, near Central 
Lee Francis, laborer, house Winter, near Gorham 
Lee James, Lowell Machine Shop, house Davidson 
Lee John, laborer, house 248 Merrimac 
Lee John, laborer, house Davidson 
Lee Joseph, dyer, house 7 Crosby 
Lee Michael, laborer, house Davidson 
Leeman Jacob, Mass. house 17 Prescott Corporation 
Leeman Wilder, Lawrence, boards at 22 Lawrence Corp. 
Leeman William, Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. Upton's 
Lefavre Julius, pressman, 3 Central, boards 64 Church 
Lefevre Charles, at Fiske & Norcross's, boards at A. Clark's 
Legate Clarinda, boarding-house, 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Leighe James, Middlesex, house Andover, near the bridge 
Leighton Andrew, overseer, Bleachery, house do. 
Leighton David, Appleton, boards at Mrs. S. McKinley's 
Leighton Isaiah, Merrimac Print Works, h. 19 Merr. Corp. 
Leighton James, laborer, house Marion, corner Cross 
Leighton William, laborer, house 12 or 278 Merrimac 
Leighton William, ostler, boards at Farmers' & Mechanics' 
Leland Thomas, carpet weaver, house Central, corner Crosby 
Lemoyne Triffle, at Fiske & Norcross's, h, Midd. c. Carlton 
Lennell Stephen W. Middlesex, house Charles 
Lennon John, teamster, boards at 1 Dummer 
Lennon Thomas, beer and ale, house 1 Dummer 
Leo Daniel, laborer, house North 
Leonard Abel, at A. B. French's cellar, house Church 
Leonard Catharine, Mrs. house 17 Adams 
Leonard Charles, draughtsman, boards 71 Merrimac Corp. 
Leonard George, Hamilton, boards at Nathan Buttrick's 
Leonard Ira, piano maker, Lawrence, h. Gorham, n. Central 
Leonard Jeremiah, blacksmith, boards at 208 Merrimac 
Leonard John R. Massachusetts, house Fayette [ard's 

Leonard Nahum, Jr. student at law, boards at Mrs. H. Pack- 
Leonard Rosanna, Mrs. house 10 Trull's Block, Middle 
Leonard Sally, Mrs, boarding-house, 71 Merrimac Corp. 
Leonard Sylvester B. Suffolk, boards at 6 Cabot Block 
Lepene Andrew, at Fiske & Norcross's, house Lawson 
Leslie Alexander W. mason, house 40 Chapel 
Leslie Charles, Hamilton, house Charles, near Gorham 
Leslie Thomas G. Lawrence, house 42 Cabot 
Lester John W. Merrimac, boards at 68 Merrimac Corp. 
Lesuer Benjamin F. crockery, &c. 85 Central, h. 32 Chapel 
Lesure Ansel P. house 135 Central 


Lesure Swiii h Appletnn. house 5 Appleton Corporation 

Leviilley Bi'iij imiii. R )und house, house Marshall 

Lew Peter B {Leicis Sf Lew), house at Centralville 

Lewey Charle-;, Carpet, house Davidsun 

Lewey Ja.ues, house Lowell, corner Adams 

Lewey J unes C. refreshmeuts, L^WHll, corner Adams, h. do. 

Lewis Alansm, boards at G. W. Jones's 

Lewis Ann, wid )w, house Union, opposite Chapel 

Lewis H'lw ird. boards at H. Djuelly's [lane 

Lewis Ed^v ird B hairdresser, at W. F. Brooks's, h. Maiden 

Lewis Geortre W. boardiug-house, 13 Boott Corporation 

Lewis lliram, M 'clianics' Mills, boards at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 

Lewis James, boards at G. W. Jones's 

Lewis Johu L. hairdresser, boards at 234 Merrimac 

Lewis Joseph, Ble ichery, hou>e Lawrence 

Lewis Jos(>|)h, Bleachery, house do. ' [house at Centralville 

Lewis {lV.i''cdr) & Lew(/*. B. ). hairdressers, 12 Merrimac, 

Lewis Josi-ph, farmer, house Liberty 

Lewis Saul lel A. hairdresser, 234 Merrimac, house do. 

Lcyburn Kdwiu, Miss, boards 38 Boott 

Libbee, Jauics, blicksmith, h. i ear Ch:\rles, corner Central 

Libbey. Geortje W. carpenter, boards at 77 Central 

Libbey Isaac H. carpenter, house Moody, near Hanover 

Libbey Josiah, pjardsner, iiouse 3'J Lawrence Corporation 

Libbey William F. Prescott, house 7 Mass. Corporation 

Libhy J.ic )b C. Merrimac, house 116 Merriniac Corporation 

Liddell C itharine, Mrs. house Lewis, near Little 

Lilley John, Irem mt, house 43 Tremont Corporation 

Lincoln A H. dagunrrean artist, boards at G. S. Teal's 

Lincoln C. C. silversmith, at Sanborn's, h. Bartlett, n. Alder 

Lincoln George, printer, boards at Mrs. Phebe Lincoln's 

Lincoln Piie'ie, Mrs. house Moody, north side 

Lincoln 'I'isdale, house Andover, corner Fayette 

Linney Rui la'l. grocer, ti ist Merrimac 

Lisciin H i.voy M overseer, Middlesex, boards 62 Church 

Litchfif'ld i'liuy, Boott, house 48 Boott Corporation 

Little C I ale,, '.Middlesex, house Water, corner Andover 

Little John, Midllesex, boards at Charles Little's 

Little L> I'l ir I V. overseer, boards at H. Gilman's 

Littlefield Djiinis G. stoves, and kitchen furnishing goods, 

16) Merrimac, house do. near the Hospital 
Littler Chail.-s R. assent Lowell Silk Printing Co. "Whipple's 

M-l's, hou^e Central, c. Vv'^ahuit 
Livermore Jason, laborer, house Clay 
Livermo;e Leonard, at Brooks & Tyler's, house Pine 
Liverm )re Sarah C. Mrs. house Stackpole 


Livingston Daniel, teamster, hnnse Brewery court 
Livingston David M. G. at R. N. Hajdrn's, hou-^c Walnut 
Livingston Elbridge. stone mason, h.'c. Thorn, and Appleton 
Livingston Fanny, Mrs. house Middlesex st n Aldrich Bl'k. 
Livingston Jacob, Ftone cutter, h-aise \Mllie,nrar Lowell 
Livingston James H. varitty store, East Merrimac, opp. High 

St. church 
Livingston John L. &^ L. R R house Gorham, n. Male's Mills 
Livingston Sprake, house Pawtucket 

Livingston William, wood, coal, &c. Thorndike, house do 
Locke George E. comedian, house Chestnut, near Fayette 
Locke James J. painter, boards at Mrs. L. Locki-'s 
Locke Jeremiah, Lowell, house Willow, near Chestnut 
Locke John, at Stott's, boaids 3 Knowles place 
Locke Joseph, house Central. Chapel Hill 
Locke Lydia, Mrs. hou«e Merrimac, corner Tremont 
Locke Samuel W., E. B. Woitlien's, house Moody, near Race 
Locke William M. painter, boards at Mrs. L. Locke's 
Logan James, bleachcry, house Central, opposite Chapel 
Lombard Asa D. carpenter, bouse Gushing, near Willie 
Lombard Nathan C. carpenter, boaids Alder, corner Bartlett 
London Harlow, Lawrence, boards 4-5 Cabot 
London William J. Lawience, bo;iids 4o Cal ot 
Long Abe]. Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Long Catharine, widow, house Goih:im, opposite Appleton 
Long David W. Merrimac, hnuse 81 Merrimac Corporation 
Long Eben K. INlass. boards Mrs. E. A. Long's 
Long Eliza A, Mrs. boardins-house, 31 Prescott Corporation 
Long John, ostler, house William 

Long Rufus, Merrimac, house 39 Merrimac Corporation 
Long Samuel B. Middlesex, boards 32 Church 
Loomis Asa G. collector, house Water 
Lord Abby, widow, 5 Market 

Lord Hargraves, leaser of tenements. Adams's B.h. Lowell 
Lord Henry A. clerk, 51 Central, house North, cor. Lawrence 
Lord Samuel, harnessmaker, boards at J. Stinson's 
Lougee Darius, Lawrence, house 62 Lawrence Corporation 
Louger Sophia, Mrs. boardirg-hnuse. 60 Lawience Corporation 
Loughley James, baker, 16 E. Merrimac 
Loughran Thomas, clerk, 5 Welles's Block, h. 200 Merrimac 
Lovejoy Chester B. Mass. boards at Mrs Mary B. Brown's 
Lovejoy Daniel (L. ^ D. Lovejoy), h. 19 North Franklin court 
Lovejoy Edwin, Lawrence, boards at William Lovrjny's 
Lovejoy Harriet, Miss, seamstress, boards at Isaac Lovejoy's 
Lovejoy Henry W. clerk, 1('8 Central, h. Chapel, c. Court ave. 
Lovejoy Isaac, carpenter, house 3 North 


Lovejoy Jacob, overseer, Hamilton, house 46 Hamilton Corp. 
Lovejoy John, Merrimac, house 22 Merrimac Corporation 
LovejoV Jonathan W. at J. Siner's, h. 2 Edgerly's ct. 
Lovejoy Lund & D. blacksmiths, Button, h. Appleton, opp. 

Lovejoy Thomas T. Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Lovejoy William, carpenter, house Appleton, opposite Garnet 
Lovering Gleason, Massachusetts, boards at Wm. H. Smith's 
Lovering Moses, mover of buildings, house Pleasant 
Lovett George, carpenter, boards at Thomas Lovett's 
Lovett George C. Merrimac, house 143 Merrimac Corporation 
Lovett Nancy G. clerk, Ladies' P. U. store, 18 Central 
Lovett Thomas, carpenter. Summer, n. Davis, house do. 
Lovewell Nathan, bill poster, house Arcade Block 
Lovrien John R. laborer, house 36 Chapel 
Lovrien Luke W. house 16 Middlesex 

Lovrien William, stonemason, h. E. Merrimac, near Fayette 
Low Benjamin, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Low Hannah, Mrs. boarding-house, 8 Hamilton Corporation 
Low John, Hamilton, house 48 Hamilton Corporation 
Low John, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. M. Sleeper's 
Low John, at P. O. Richmond's, house Mill 
Low Nehemiah, Lowell M. Shop, h. Branch, opp. School H. 
Low [Robert) & Skillings (D. G.), carriagemakers, 17 Market, 

house High, corner Andover 
Lowd James, Merrimac, boards 87 Merrimac Corporation 
Lowe Joseph, B. & L. R. R. house Nichols, near Branch 
Lowney Ellen, Mrs. beer shop, Lowell and Jefferson 
Lucas Thomas, dry goods, 120 Merrimac, house Moody 
Lucas Thomas, W. I. goods, Merrimac, h. Moody, n. Hanover 
Lufkin Joseph, Mrs, boarding-house, 19 Prescott Corporation 
Lufkin Martha, boarding-house, 44 Boott [Fletcher 

Lund Noadiah, foreman, Nashua freight depot, h. "Varney, n. 
Lunt Ezekiel, laborer, house Liberty, opp. Mt. Vernon 
Lunt Hannah T. house 13 Middlesex 
Luscomb John W. overseer, Boott, house Common 
Luther Nathan, house Luther's coiirt 
Luther Thomas, machinist, boards 7 Swamp Locks 
Lyford Andrew, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Lyford Asa, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Lyford Dudley, Pentucket Springs, boards at Mrs. A. Ingalls's 
Lyford Edwin, Lawrence, boards 19 Lawrence Corporation 
Lyford Francis, Pentucket Springs, b. at Mrs. A. Ingalls's 
Lyford Horace, Merrimac, boards at J. Bachelder's 
Lyford John, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Lyford Noah G. overseer, Middlesex, h. Aldrich's B. Middle's 


Lyford Oliver S. clerk atB. & L. R. R. depot, b. 173Merr. Corp. 

Lyford Simeon G. Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Lyford Willard G, {Mannijig ^ L.), Colony House 

Lyford Zebulon, Appleton, house 15 Appleton Corporation 

Lyman Frederic, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 

Lyman Roland, ■watchmaker and jeweller, 100 Central, h. Ames 

Lynch Barney, boarding-house, Lowell 

Lynch Bridget, widow, house Knowles place 

Lynch Bridget, widow, house Castles 

Lynch Edward, Middlesex, boards 32 Church 

Lynch James, Bleachery, house Kirk avenue 

Lynch James, laborer, house over C. B. Russ & Co's, E. Merr. 

Lynch John, confectioner, at A. B. French's, h. Lewis, n. Little 

Lynch John, Merrimac, house Lowell, near Suffolk 

Lynch Joseph, W. I. goods, Lowell, boards at P. Brogan's 

Lynch Patrick, at D. & G. J. Bradt's, boards at D. Bradt's 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, house Davidson 

Lynch Peter, Middlesex, house Gray place 

Lynch Thomas, carpenter, house Button 

Lyon Amos, house 210 Central, Chapel Hill, opposite Cedar 

Lyon Harriet, Mrs. boarding-house 16 Lawrence Corporation 

Lyon John, laborer, house Market, opposite Carpet 

Lyon John, hatter, house Gray place 

Lyon Michael, at H. J. Baxter's, boards at T. G. Tweed's 

Lyon Thomas, Suffolk, house Suffolk, near Lowell 

Lyons John, mason, house Loudon court 

Lyons Margaret, boards at Mary Hunt's 

Lyscomb Sarah B. Mrs. boarding-house, 43 Mass. Corp. 

MACE OLIVER, Middlesex, house 10 Warren 

Mace S. F. Museum, house at Dracut 

Mack Abram S. machinist. Middle, h. E. Merr. opp. Ash 

Mack John, blacksmith, boards at J. Hartson's 

Mack Sewall G. {Cushing & Mack), h. Merrimac, n. Decatur 

Mack Thomas, laborer, house rear Williams 

Mackay David, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 22 Dutton 

Mactee Patrick, laborer, house Cedar 

Madden John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Madden Mary, Mrs. house Hagerty's Block, Lowell 

Madders William, machinist, boards at Ira Moulton's 

Maddocks Frank, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 4 Dodge 

Maddocks William, slater, house Pleasant 

Magoon Nelson, Merrimac, house 118 Merrimac Corporation 

Magoun Mary, Mrs. boarding-house. 6 Suffolk Corporation 

Magrath James, house High, near Chestnut 

Magrath James, Jr. laborer, house High, near Chetsnut 


Mngrath Peter, carpenter, houf^e High, near Chestnut 
Maguire Andrew, shoemaker. Mark' t, house Cross, n Adams 
Maguire {James J.) & Cassidy (/. P.), dry goods, 116 Merr. 

house Gorhnm, corner Summer 
Maguire John, pedler, house Green 
Mahan Patrick, Middlesex, boards at Ann Quinn's 
Mahar Patrick, Lower, house Cross, corner Suffolk 
Mahee Francis, laborer, house Fenwick 
Mahon Owen, W. I. goods, 6 Gorham, house Gorhnm 
Mahoney James, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 
Mahoney Patrick, laborer, house Pine 
Mahoney Timothy, laborer, house Adams 
Mains Charles Vv . carpenter, boards at J. A. Gcrrish's 
Major Alonzo F. Lowell Machine S. h. r. Appleton, n. Garnet 
Major David B. machinist, house Middlesex, opp. Steam M. S. 
Mallard Albert, Lawrence, house o8 Lawrence Corporation 
Mallet Pachard, laborer, house rear Duromer 
Malloy Michael, boards ,33 Hamilton Corporation 
Maloney Patrick, house Cedar 
Maloy William, Middlesex, house Howe 
Manahan Harvey, mason, house Gushing, near "Willie 
Manahan John P. (S. T. &; J. F. Manahan), h. 25 Fianklin sq. 

Manahan Mark, Massachusetts, house at Centralville 
Manahan Samuel T. & J. F. provisions, Merr. c. Tremont,h. 

Marion, near Lagrange 
IManchester J. S. mesmeric and botanic physician, 86 Central 
Mangen John, laborer, house Kcene 
!Manice James, at J. Siner's. house Floyd 
Manice John, dyer, house 6 Gorham 
Manice Patrick, laborer, hoiise South, opp. "West Union 
i Manley Horace, dentist, hou«e 3o Church 
Mann An.brose, Hamilton Corp. boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Mann Cyrus Rev. select school, "Wentworth's Block, h. John, 

near John street Church 

Mann "William T. agent. Middlesex, boards American House 

Manning Ellen, Mrs. house Adams [Coffee House 

j Manning James, bootmaker, 84 Merrimac, boards Exchange 

Manning James, at A. C. "Wright's, boards Exchange Coffee 

Manning John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Manning Michael, Lawrence Corp. boards at Ellen ^Manning's 
Manning Thomas, Bleachcry, boards at S. D. Prescott'sj^house 
Manning ( Walter) Is: Lyford ( Willard G.), proprietor? of Colony 
Mansfield Gardner S. at Calvin Moore's, h. Hobbs's B. Lowell 
Mansfic Id George M. D. dentist, office and house 16 Central 


Mansfipld John, batting mill, house r. Thorndike, n. Gorham 
Mansfield John, laborer, house roar Frnwick 
Mansfield Stiihnan, vnini^her, house Lowell, opp. Adams 
Manson Ilirara, Trcmont, house rear Moody, near Suffolk 
Mansur Aaion, house Np^mith, corner Andover 
Mansur Beiijaniin K. cleik, 110 Central, h. at S. Mansur's 
Mansur George B. coachman, boards at Waller Hardy's 
Mansur George, hack man, hoards at J. M Maynnrd's 
Mansur Leonard, at F;ske & ?\orcross's, boards A. Lcpene's 
Mansur Lewis, at G. J. &• D. Bradt's, h. Lowell, opp. Willie 
Mansur Stephen, crockery, harrhvare and agricultural tools, 

110 Central, house Nesmith, near Wyman 
Mansur Stephen C. clerk, 110 Central, boards S. Mansur's 
Manuel Alljert, fish pcdier, house Church 
Mar,uel Henry J. H. clerk, at McDufire's, h. 4 Knowles place 
Marble Dnstin, musician, boards at ^iiss J. Blanchard's 
Marble Joseph, Merrimac, boaids 80 Merrimac Corporation 
March Oliver, Franklin bookstore. 91 C(ntral. b. Merr, House 
Marden Joseph, carpenter, house 19 Middlesex 
Marks William, Middlesex, house Chapel, opp. Centre 
Maroney Marjjaret, widow, house Union, opposite Chapel 
Marples" Charles, at Dr. A. Astle's. house 3 Mill 
Marr Josiah J. Railroad Repair shop, b. 13 Franklin square 
Marrcn Luke, Merrimac Priiit Works, h.ouse Cross 
Marrinan Michael, laborer, house Winter 
Mars Patrick, laborer, house Central, corner Tyler 
Marsh Ebenezer W. Massachusetts, house 64 Mass. Corp. 
Marsh Elias P. Merrimac, House ol ]\Icrrimac Corporation 
Marsh John, dealer in eggs, Market, h. School, opp. Cross 
Marsh John M. civil engineer, a1 C. Latham's, b. at J. Marsh's 
Marsh Lucretia, Mrs. boarding-house, 44 Cabot 
Marsh Sumner, overseer yard, Boott, house 78 Boott Corp. 
Marsh Sylvanus F. Boott, house Moody, corner Tremont 
j Marshall Avery, farmer, house Parker 

1 Marshall Bradley, Appleton, house 13 Appleton Corporation 
; Marshall Herman, Middlesex, house Clay 
i Marshall Horatio, Railroad Repair Shop, hou=;e Rock 
' Marshall John, Lowell Machine Shoj), house Smith 
Marshall Josiah, Middlesex, house High, near Andover 
Marshall Moses, machinist, house South, near West Union 
Marshall Trueman, teamster, at Wm. Kittridge's, boards at 

Mrs. S. Brigham's 
Marstins Andrew B. Prescott, house 19 Massachusetts Corp. 
Marston David, carpenter, house Chapel, near Union 
Marston Edwin W. silversmith, 21 Merrimac 
Marston Henry W. silversmith, at A. Sanborn's, boards do. 


Marston Jonathan, Tremont, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Marston Jona. M. restorator, Wentworth's Block, Shattuck, 

corner Merrimac, h. Anne 
Marston Mary & Susan, Misses, dressmakers, 86 Central 
Marston Reuben B. Lowell M. Shop, boards at Mrs. A. Colby's 
Martain Susan R. widow of Wm. C. house 166 Central 
Martin Allen, Appleton Corporation, boards at E. Fuller's 
Martin Ambrose, shoemaker, house at Centralville 
Martin Charles, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 

j Martin Charles, engineer, Stony B. R. R. b. Howard House 

I Martin Daniel, bowling saloon, Poplar, n. School, house do. 

j Martin Edward, carpenter, house North 

I Martin Edward, mason, house Adams 

I Martin Edward I. Suffolk, boards 11 Gore 
Martin Franklin, tin pedler, house 2 Dane 

j Martin Francis J. boards 11 Suffolk Corporation 

! Martin George A. silversmith, at Sanborn's, boards do. 

j Martin James, Lowell, house 11 Middle 

! Martin James, LaAvrence, boards 55 La^vrenee Corporation 

'j Martin James H. painter, Cabot, house 1 Willow place 
Martin John, laborer, house Adams 
Martin John, laborer, house Fenwick, corner Suffolk 
Martin John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Martin Michael, Middlesex, house North 
Martin Nelson, sausages. City Market, h. Midd. n. "Walker 
Martin Sarah, house Paige 

Martin Sarah P. boarding-house, 42 Prescott Corporation 
Martin Sybil F. Mrs. boarding-house, 11 Suffolk Corp. Gore 
Martin Thomas S. clerk, boards at D. Wallace's [nics' 

Mason Allen, cigar maker, Suffolk, boards Farmers' & Mecha- 
Mason John, Bleachery, boards at T. U. Reed's 
Mason Martha P. Mrs. boarding-house, 50 Mass. CorporatioUj 

j Mason Nancy jNI. dressmaker, 55 Merrimac, corner John 
Mason Nelson, Middlesex, boards Mrs. C. S. Vance's 
Mason Simeon O. house 10 Middlesex place 
Mason Stephen J. hats, caps, and furnishing goods, 2 Williams' 

I Block, boards 50 Mass. Corp. 

Mason William, Appleton, house Mason's court 
Massure George W.' stone cutter, h. Thorndike, n. Middlesex 
Masterson Catharine, Mrs. house Middle 

! Masterson James, laborer, house 4 Luther's court 
Masterson Thomas, at 0. M. Whipple's 
Masury Hannah, widow, house at Charles Nichols's 
Mather Benjamin, superintendent city scales, r. City Market, 
boards 27 Central [Merr. Corp. 

Mather Joshua, carpet manufacturer, Hale's Mills, boards 150 


Mathes Abraham, carpenter, Forrest, house Forrest 

Matson David G. mason, house corner School and Varney 

Matthews Catharine, widow, house Union, opposite Chapel 

Matthews Jane, Mrs. house 1 Garnet 

Matthews John H, Middlesex, house 2 Williams 

Maxfield George W. carpenter, at 0. M. Whipple's, house 

South, near Summer 
Maxwell Mathias, Market near Merrimack, house 2 Davidson 
May Charles P. painter, boards at Mrs. Maria Badger's 
Mayer Joseph, baker, Paige, near Bridge, house do 
Maynard Beriah, at O. M. Whipple's, house Stonehouse 
Maynard C. I. W. fancy goods, 76 Merrimac, house Kirk 
Maynard Charles, fancy goods, 76 Merrimac, house Kirk 
Maynard D. & P. Misses, milliners, 76 Merrimac, house Kirk 
Maynard Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding house, 16 Hamilton Corp. 
Maynard John, apothecary, 170.^ Merrimac, house 170 do 
Maynard John E. hack office, Merr. b. Farmers' & Mechanics' 
Maynard John M. house Dutton, near Lowell 
Maynard John T. painter, at W. Minot's, h. 4 Bay State av. 
Mayo Charles H. Lowell M. Shop, boards 19 Suffolk Corp. 
Mayo John S. Suffolk, boards 19 Suffolk Corporation 
Mayo Thomas F. house 19 Suffolk Corporation 
McAlarney William, Hamilton Print Works, house North 
McAlear John, fireman, house Gorham, corner Appleton 
McAleerJames, laborer, house rear Gorham, opp. the church 
McAlister Edward, house 66 Church 
McAlister Sally Mrs. house 66 Church 

McAlvin John, overseer, Hamilton Print W, h. 39 Hamilton C. 
McAlvin John B, paymaster, Suffolk, house 1 Cabot Bl. 
McAlvin John H. clerk Post Office, boards at John McAlvin's 
McAnulty James, tailor, boards at Ann Quinn's 
McAnulty John, W. I. goods, 3 Hurd-, house 5 do. 
McAnulty John, Carpet, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
McAnulty Terry, Middlesex, house Charles, near Central 
McArdell Edward, Lowell, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
McArthur Hector, Lowell, house 2-4 Franklin square 
McArthur Hector Jr. Lowell, boards 24 Franklin square 
McArthur William, foundry, boards 21 Franklin square 
McAloon Arthur, Hamilton, house Green 
McAloon Edward, Merrimac, house Lowell, corner Dummer 
McAloon Hannah Mrs. house 2 Middle 

McAlpine Peter, at John McDonald's, house Lewis, near Little 
McAuslan Alexander, grainer and ornamental painter, Prescott, 

house rear 3 Merrill's court 
McAusland James, calico printer, house Andover, n. the bridge 
McAvoy, Lowell, house 19 Lowell Corporation 


McBride Hannah Mrs. house Maiden Lane 

McCabe Barnard. labt)rcr. house Fenwick 

McCabe Michael, house Middle, rear foundry 

McCabe Michael, laborer, house Livijisston 

McCabe Thomas, Middlesex, house 46 Church 

McCaffrey A2;nes Mrs. house Lewis, near Little 

McCaffrey Elizabeth, hou';e rear Fenwick 

McCaffrey Patrick, b. at Eliz ibcth McCaffrey's 

McCahey Thomas. Boott. house 11 Charles 

McCann Arthur, clerk, 124 Merrimac. b. Merrimac House 

McCann Catharine, widow, house Davis 

McCann Edward, laborer, boards at T. Gibson's 

McCann Jamrs, laborer, boards at Commercial House 

McCann Owen, laborer, boards at T. Gibson's 

McCann Robert, variety store. Market, house do. 

McCanna Ann Mrs. house 2 Union court 

McCanna Francis, Merrimac Prmt Works, house Adams 

McCanna Henry, Hamilton. hou>e Winter 

McCanna Michael, fruit pedler. Central, house Market 

McCanna Patrick, hostler at C. Hadlock's, house Lewis 

McCarden, Hamilton, house 13 Middle 

McCarney 1 homas, house Winter 

McCarney Thomas, house Gorham, near Winter 

McCarry John, house 1 McCarry's court 

McCarty Charles, foundry, boaiSs at T. Brophy's 

McCarty Charles, bleachery, boards at C. Marple's 

McCarty Dennis, foundry, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 

McCarty Ellen, widow, house Adams, near Lowell 

McCarty Florence, at William Livingston's house Cross 

McCarty Hannah Mrs. house Short's Block, Lewis 

McCarty Hannah Mrs. house Fenwick 

McCarty James, Middlesex, house Davidson 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house Hagerty's Block, Lowell 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell, corner Fenwick 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick 

McCarty John, 2:rocer, Middle, house do. 

McCarty John, laborer, Lowell 

McCarty John, laborer, house Fenwick 

McCarty John, Hamilton, house William 

McCarty John, plasterer, house Union, opposite Chapel 

McCarty Mary Mrs. house Lowell, near Lewis 

McCarty Michael, Tremont. boards 6 Dodge 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house Fenwick 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house Cross 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, at C. F. Hill's, house Jefferson sq. 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, boards at T. Dacy's 


McCarty Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson square 

McCarty Patrick, Middlesex, hou-e 46 Church. 

McCarty Patrick, bleachery, house Moore 

McCarty Thomas, Middlesex, house 46 Church 

McCarty Thomas, confectioner, at A. B. French's, b. Adams 

McCauley James, house Arcide Building 

McCauslin Treston, fireman on B. ^' L. K. R. house Middlesex 

McClary Matthew H. rcstorator, 43 Church 

McClendun Jonathan, machinist, boards at Aaron Davis's 

McClennan Danipl, Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. Brio;ham's 

McCloskey Ann Mrs. house Castle's Block, Lowell 

McCloskey Patrick, bleachery. house Congress 

McCloskey Peter, house rear North 

McCloskey William, laborer, boards at T. Gibson's 

McCoU Andrew, painter, boards 104 Merrimac 

McColl William, at A. B. Buttrick & Co's, b. at Chas. W^ay's 

McColl William, clerk, boards at C. Way's 

McCollister Nelson, house rear Appleton, opp. Goward block 

McColt Philip, moulder, house Gorham, corner Appleton 

McComb James, laborer, house rear Water 

McConnell Mary, widow, house Davis, opposite Winter 

McCool Edward, at James Gallagher's 

McCormick Nathaniel, carpenter, house High, cor. Chestnut 

McCormick Thomas, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

McCoulif John, Middlesex, house Andover, near the bridge 

McCourt James, house Winter [Durgin's 

McCoy Alexander, teamster, at P. 0. Richmond's, b. at C. G. 

McCoy Charles, moulder, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 

McCoy James M. writing master, h. Bartlett, n. High st. sq, 

McCready Thomas, Hamilton, house 2 Charles 

McCue Ann Mrs. house Howe 

McCue Hugh, watchman, at foundry, hpuse Lowell 

McCue Patrick, laborer, house William 

McCue Patrick, foundry, house Short's Block, Lewis 

McCuskey Brien, laborer, house Mill 

McDaniel Ephraim, Hamilton Corp. b. at Mrs. S. McKinley's 

McDaniel John, gunsmith, house Dutton 

McDermott Charles, agent for emigrants, h. 2 McCarry's. ct. 

McDermott Dominie, laborer, house rear William 

McDermott James, laborer, house Middle 

McDermott James T. Rev. house Suftblk, near Cross 

McDermott Michael, house Winter 

McDermott Patrick, at Pearl 8c Huntress's, h.ou.^e Hanover 

McDermott Patrick, carpenter, house rear P'enwick 

McDermott Patrick, laborer, house Williams 

McDermott Thoiji^s, house Jefferson, near Lev/is 


McDermott Thomas, hod carrier, h. South, opp. West Union 
McDe Ryan John, baker, house 1 Union court 
McDonald Catharine, widow, house next 40 Charles 
McDonald James, at T. Parker's, livery stable, Prescott 
McDonald James, laborer, house High street square 
McDonald James, laborer, boards at David Hobbs's 
McDonald James, carpet weaver, h. Thorndike, n. Congress 
McDonald James, Mrs. house 5 Davidson Lane 
McDonald James, laborer, house High st. square 
McDonald James, laborer, boards at 33avid Hobbs's 
McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell, near Suffolk 
McDonald John, stone mason, house Davidson lane 
McDonald John, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
McDonald John, Mass. b. at No. 3 Theatre Block, Lowell 
McDonald John, carpet weaver. Hale, near Thorndike, h. do. 
McDonald John, Jr. carpet weaver, Hale, house do. 
McDonald Michael, laborer, house Davidson 
McDonald Patrick, Middlesex, boards at Ann Quinn's 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson 
McDonald Peter, hod carrier, hovise Keene 
McDonald Thomas, laborer, hoxise High st. squa re 
McDonough John, house Winter 

McDuffie Charles, Hamilton, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
McDuffie Hiram, provisions, Nesmith's B. East Merrimac, 

house High, corner Oak 
McDuffie Thomas, Hamilton, boards 4 Hami Iton Corporation 
McElroy Michael, Lowell, house Green 
McEvoy Hugh, clothing and furnishing goods, 58 Central, 

house Suffolk, opposite Mechanic 
McEvoy Joseph, Merrimac Print Works, h. Davidson [Corp. 
McEvoy William, printer, at B. H. Penhallow's, b. 19 Lowell 
McFarland B. house 21 Charles 

McFarland Lydia H. Mrs. house Cabot, corner Merrimac 
McFarland Malcom, Bleachery, house Hale's Mills 
McFarlin Archibald, machinist, house 24 Boott Corporation 
McFarlin Archibald, Jr. machinist, house 17 N. Franklin ct. 
McFarlin Luke {William ^ L. McFarlin), boards at William 

McFarlin William, stone, wood and ice, Pawtucket, house do. 
McGaffey {Juriah) & Emory {Henry), carpenters, 100 Lowell, 

house Willie, near Lowell 
McGaughy Philip, laborer, house Gorham, near Winter 
McGiness Nicholas, Middlesex, house Chestnut, near Fayette 
McGinn James, laborer, house 9 Carry's court 
McGinn Michael, beer, &c, Middlesex, opposite Machine Shop 
McGinn Patrick, laborer, boards at M. A. SsWinders's 


McGinness Arthur, Appleton, boards at Mrs. Mary Munday's 

McGlynn John, at S. Bancroft's, boards at P. McGlynn's 

McGoon H. C. at 186 Merrimac, house at Dracut Heights 

McGourey Patrick, house Gorham, corner Winter 

McGoverin Ann, Mrs. house Spring 

McGoverin Bridget, Mrs. house Dummer, near Lowell 

McGoverin James, laborer, boards at Mrs. B. McGoverin's 

McGovering Patrick, Hamilton, house William 

McGovern John, Middlesex, boards at Maria Cassidy's 

McGourey Patrick, laborer, house Hale, near Thorndike 

McGrath James, laborer, house Taylor's court 

McGrath William, house Gorham, near Appleton House 

McGrillis Calvin, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. A. Nudd's 

McGuigin John, laborer, house Short's Block, Lewis 

McGuire Andrew, shoemaker, house 1 McCarry's court 

McGuire Conna, Bleachery, house Congress 

McGuire George, pedler, house Franklin, corner Willie 

McGuire John, Bleachery, boards at P. Frawley's 

McGuire John, laborer, boards 3 Theatre Block, Lowell 

McGuire Learned, laborer, house Davidson 

McGuire Mary, Mrs. house Cross 

McGuire Michael, slater, house Little, near Dummer 

McGuire Michael, Merrimac Print AVorks, house Hanover 

McGuire Patrick, laborer, house Gorham, near Winter 

McGuirk James, Merrimac Print Works, house Jefferson 

McGuirk Patrick, W, I. goods, Lowell, corner Jefferson, h. do. 

McGurty Peter, cooper, Lowell, house rear Lowell 

McHugh Michael, Hamilton, house North 

McHugh Michael, laborer, house Winter 

Mclnnis, Randolph, calico printer, house Cedar 

Mclntire Aaron, trader, boards at Mrs. E. Merrill's 

Mclntire Barney, stone mason, house Gorham, opp. Union 

Mclntire Ira, painter, house 37 Chapel 

Mclntire John, laborer, house Lowell 

Mclntire Winifred, Mrs. house 1 Wall 

McKarman Daniel, carpenter, house Lewis 

McKay David, grocer, house Lowell, near Willie 

McKay John, Middlesex, house 10 Wall 

McKee David, saddler, Lowell, house New 

McKenney Eaton S. stonecutter, boards at John Taylor's 

McKenney Elizabeth, Mrs. house Fayette 

McKenney James E., R. R. yard, boards at Mrs. S. McKinley's 

McKenney Patrick, house Gorham, corner Putney's court 

McKenney Peter, tailor, house 7 Carry's court 

McKenzie Jane S. boarding-house, 27 Church 

McKernon Barney^ laborer, house 48 Church 


McKievcr John, liborer. h vi:e Market, oppoiito Carpot 
McKimii William, house W.iter 

McKiiiley S ir ih, Mrs. I) > irdiiu-hTi^e, 3 Hmiltoa Co-p. 
McKiaiiia Willia-n, silk printer, house nentral, c. Wiln-it 
McKnight An Irew, L. M-Shop. hi'ise Fen wick, c Sn'folk 
McLanathan Henry L. S. sh ^e?, trunks, &c. 102 Merrimac, 

house Merrimac, corner Cabot 
McLanit'iin Simuel, sh >'^s, trunks, &c. 53 Merrimac, house 

Merrimac, corner Willow 
McLaren John, Lowell, hou-io Lowell 
McLaughlin Cook, house Adams 

McLaughlin Daniel, lahore;, ho ise Lowell, opposite Fenwick 
McLaughlin E iwird, lihorer, h )u^e High street square 
McLauj;hliu James, 15 lott, boid-j at 2)-> Merrimac 
McLaughlin James, Middlesex, houje N )rth 
McLaughlin J.)'in, Mi 1 Uesex, ho ise Mid lie 
McLaughlin John, liborer, boards at 2)-? Merrimac 
McLaughlin John, Applet m h )!ise Su.Tjlk 
McLaughlin John, B ) ott. house Little 
McLaughlin Miry, Mrs widow, bo irds at James Hagin's 
McLaughlin Michael, at P. O. Rich n mi's, h. Lawrence, n. Mill 
McLaughlin Michael, shoemaker, h nGorhim.opp the church 
McLaughlin Patrick, at C irleton & Hovey's, b. at O. Sheridan's 
McLaughlin Philip, 11 unilt )a, ho ise Winter 
McLaughlin Ph lij), at H H )wird's, h. D )nohoe'sB Jefferson 
McLaughlin Thonas, laborer, house 2)2 Merrimac 
McLau-^hlin {'nm,tk>/) & C ml m ( /\i^/7j.'c), W. I. goods, 

Lowell, coi-ner Su.T»lk, house S iTolk, corner Cross 
McLennan J )hn C. overseer, L Wool Shop, h School, c. Gould 
McLennon H'.r^h, woolsorter, Lowell, bo iris at Mrs. C. Exiey's 
McMahon J>hn, Midllesex house re ir Water 
McMxhon iSIijhael, Middlesex, h)use Green 
McMahon Ttiomas, Bleachery, hf)u-:e Carter 
McMann John, Bleacherv. house Williams 
McMann Owen, boards at Thorn is McCaruey 
McManus James, Bleachery, \vm<e Moore 
McManus John, laborer, hou^e William 
McMmus John, liborer, boar Is at 2^3 Merrimac 
McMonigill George, Lowell M. Sh )p, b. at S. MonaQrill's 
McMonagill Steplaen, Lowell Shop, house Dutton 
McMorrow James, grocer, house Winter, corner Davis 
McMullen John, laborer, h )ase rear Water [Middle 

McNabb Banev, Merrimac, hoase alh-y between Merrimac and 
McNabb Elizabeth, widow, house C.-oss 
McXabb John, Mr'rrimac, h)use Jetfjrson, near Lowell 
McNabb Thomas, Bleachery, boards at C. Casley's 


McNabb Thomas, Merrimac, house Adams 

McNally Patrick, tailor, boards at C. S. Rugg's 

McNamara Owen, laborer, house Central, corner Tyler 

McNaughton Daniel, Lowell, house Little, near Lewis 

McNaughton Robert, Lowell, house Little, near Lewis 

McNeiU Edwin, clerk at D. West & Go's, b. at J. D. McNeill's 

McNeill Hugh, Boott, boards at John Taylor's [worth's 

McNeill John, counsellor, Wentworth's Block, b. at T. Went- 

McNeill John, Boott, boards at John Taylor's 

McNeill Joseph D. clerk, house Bartlett 

McNulty Michael, watchman, house Gorham, c. Appletoa 

McNulty Terrence, Middlesex, house 2 Charles 

McOsker, Michael, house Appleton House, Gorham 

McPheters Samuel A. cigarmaker, house 13 South 

McQuade Ann, widow, house Putney's court 

McQuade Catharine, house Summer, near Gorham 

McQuade Charles, Merrimac, h. between Merr. and Middle 

McQuade Edward, Lowell M. Shop, boards at C. Guilfy's 

McQuade Francis, pedler, house Clark, n. North G. School 

McQuade James, boarding-house, 3 Austin 

McQuade James, laborer, house Gorham, near Appleton 

McQuade James, Massachusetts, house 2 Knowles place 

McQuade John, laborer, house Adams 

McQuade John, oysters, Lowell, corner Adams, house do. 

McQuade Martin, "Merrimac, h. Mt. Vernon 

McQuade Matthew, Middlesex, house AVilliam 

McQuade Michael, Massachusetts, boards 3 Knowles place 

McQuade Peter, Massachusetts, boards 3 KnowJes place 

McQuig James, laborer, house North 

McQuiston William, laborer, house near N. Grammar School 

McSoley John, mason, house William 

McSoley John, Middlesex, house William 

McSoley Rodger, grocer, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

McSwegan John, laborer, house William 

McTier Andrew, carpet weaver, boards at L. Person's 

McVey Ellen, house Williams 

McWade Betsey, boards at Mrs.M. McWade 

McWade Melissa, Miss, boarding-house, Prince, cor. Moody 

McWilliams John, Bleachery, house Summer, near Davis 

McWilliams Thomas, laborer, boards Summer, near Davis 

Mead Abraham, counsellor, 11 Appleton Block, hoiise Floyd 

Mead Franklin, 99 Central, house at Chelmsford 

Mead George, painter, boards at William Mead's 

Mead John, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence 

Mead John, apothecary, 99 Central, h. c. Chapel and Centre 




Mead Matthias, stoves and tin-ware, 90 Central, house Liver- 
j more, corner Stackpole 

j Mead Samuel H. job--vvagon, house School, opposite Cross 
I Mead William, house 41 Church 
Mead William, at B. Watson's, h. Lawrence, opp. School H. 
Meadowcroft James, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 
Meadowcroft James (S?mth ^ Meadowcroft), house Central, 

opposite Chapel 
Mears Charles, Bleachery, boards at T. U. Reed's 
I Mecham Samuel, marble-worker, boards 3 Dodge 
j Mee John, Middlesex, house Pine, corner School 
j Meesen Joseph, Middlesex Corp, b. at Mrs. S. McKinley's 
; Mehan John, clerk, at Shapleigh & Farrington's 
' Mehlgarten Paul, civil engineer, 128 Merrimac, b. Merrimac H. 
' Meikle Alexander, at P. O. Ptichmond's, house Taylor 
j Meikle James, at P. O. Richmond's, house Taylor 
Melcher John L. paymaster. L, M. Shop, b. at S. Melcher's 
Melcher Sylvester, L. M. Shop, C. R. h. Central, near Elm 
Meldrem Robert, chemist, boards at Franklin House 

Meley Austin -, house Williams 

Melladen George, Appleton, house Charles, near LawTence 
Mellalloy John, brewery, boards at Exchange CoflFee House 
Mellen James, shoemaker, boards at L. Person's 
Mellen Robert, laborer, house Central, near Abbott 
Mellon Thomas, Hamilton, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Melloy John, tailor, 238 Merrimac, house 240 Merrimac 
Melvin Benjamin, machinist, house 3 Suffolk court 
Melvin Benj. F. boots & shoes, 2d d. f. P. O. h. at Centralville 
Melvin Benj. F. Jr. shoemaker, 13 Middle, b. at B. F. Mehin's 
i Melvin Dawes, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. 50 Worthen 
j Melvin Dustin B. Lowell M. Shop, house 8 Marion 
Melvin Eliza, Mrs. house Cabot, near Moody [Hales' Mills 
Melvin Emerson, elderberry wine manuf. h. Tnorndike, n. 
Melvin James [Hancock ^ M.), boards 24 Hurd 
Melvin John, shoemaker, house Davidson 
Melvin John B, variety goods, 286 Merrimac, house do. 
I Melvin John R. clerk, 117 Central, boards at Mrs. A. Dame's 
: Melvin Joshua, botanic physician, Middlesex, near Pearl 
' Melvin Orison, variety store, 131 Central, house do. 
I Melvin Reuben, Lowell, boards at 13 Franklin square 
I Melvin Rufus, overseer, Boott, house 34 Boott Corporation 
! Melvin William D. teamster, house Merrimac, near Austin 
j Mendum A. W. stoves, castings, copper and britannia ware, 
I 46 Central, boards at Washington House 

j Mennig George, carriagesmith, Lowell, opp. Dummer, h. do. 
; Mercer Richard P. Hamilton, house 43 Hamilton Corporation 



Merriam Amos, manufacturer, Prescott, house High st. sq. 

Merriam Darius, overseer, Lawrence, house 11 Lawrence Corp. 

Merriam Eliza M. widow, house 6 Hamilton Corporation 

Merriam Joseph F. house Bartlett 

Merriam Harrison G. O. coachman, house Oak, c. Nesmith 

Merriam Levi P. clerk, at E. Brown's, b, at Amos Merriam's 

Merriam Mary A. Mrs. boarding-house, 51 Merrimac Corp. 

Merrick Dwight L. painter, boards 6 Willow place 

Merrick Otis S. clerk, at A. S. Battles's, b. at D. M. Dodge's 

Merrill Benjamin, blacksmith, house Mclntyre 

Merrill Benjamin J. R. Massachusetts, house 39 Mass. Corp. 

Merrill Benjamin R. Massachusetts, house 31 Prescott Corp. 

Merrill Betsey, house Paige, near Bridge 

Merrill Charles, Carpet, house 10 Water 

Merrill Daniel, Boott, boards William Harvey's 

Merrill Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at H. S. Parker's 

Merrill Darius, shoemaker, at James Kent's, house Merrimac, 

near Decatur 
Merrill David, Massachusetts, boards at Z. N. Doe's 
Merrill Edwin, at Prentiss's stable, house James court 
Merrill Eleanor, widow, house Middlesex, near Pearl 
Merrill Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding-house, 13 Suffolk Corporation 
Merrill Farnum, house Fayette 
Merrill Horatio, pedler, house Austin, corner Ford 
Merrill Horatio, Jr. house Austin, corner Ford 
Merrill Joseph, hats, shoes, and furnishing goods, 7 Canal 

Block, house Nesraith, near Chestnut 
Merrill (Joshua) & Straw (L. H.), booksellers and publishers, 

23 Central, house 13 Chapel, corner Merrill's court 
Merrill Moses, Appleton Corporation, boards at N. Ptobbins's 
Merrill Robert, clerk, 138 Merrimac, boards at A. Wetherbee's 
Merrill Samuel, teacher grammar school, b. at A. Wetherbee's 
Merrill Samuel, Tremont, house 10 Trfemont Corporation 
Merrill Samuel N. assistant teacher, Gram. School, boards at 

A. Wetherbee's 
Merrill Sydney S. student, boards at M. B. Smith's 
Merrill Sylvester, machinist, boards at Samuel Coburn's 
Merrill William, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Mertland William, overseer, Lowell, house 19 Lowell Corp. 
Messer Abiel, stonemason, house Fayette 
Meserve Eben, depot master and constable, L. R. R. depot, h. 

Charles, near Central 
Meserve Harry, at Sargent's express, b. at E. M. Sargent's 
Meserve Mary, Mrs. house 119 Merrimac Corporation 
Meserve Samuel, deputy jailor, con=;table, house Dutton 
Metcalf Enoch, house Willow, near East Merrimac 


Metcalf Enoch B. accountant, at Shapleigh & Farrington's 
Metcalf Isaac N. teacher and dealer in music, 23 Central, h. 

Chestnut, corner Ash 
Metcalf James A. Massachusetts, house 24 Mass. Corporation 
Metcalf Jotham C. moulder, boards at Mrs. S. Bagley's 
Metcalf Martin L. Middlesex, house Alder, near Bartlett 
Metcalf William, Middlesex, house 48 Church 
Mickles George, at Ward & Thompson's, b. 38 Boott Corp. 
Midgeley Thomas, flannel mills, house 2 Water 
Miles Henry A. Rev. house Lawrence 
Miller George W. house 3 Union 

Miller James A. Suifolk, house 1 Suffolk Corporation 
Miller John, house 5 Luther's court 
Miller Peter, carpet weaver, boards at L. Person's 
Miller Samuel, constable, 67 Central, house 26 Chapel 
Miller William, Merrimac Print Works, h. 151 Merr. Corp. 
Milliken Isaac H. at Fiske & Norcross's, boards at B. Ellis's 
Mills Andrew, painter, house Butterfield, near School 
Mills Guy C. George W. Fiske's, house Gushing 
Mills Levi, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. S. McKinley's 
Mills Loronzo D. clerk at J. W. Dix's,b. 15 Appl'eton Corp. 
Milne Wm. B. Merrimac Print Works, house 15 Suffolk 
Milnes John, Lowell, boards at Samuel Townsend"s 
Milnes Joseph, overseer, Lowell, house Gates 
Minasian Sarkis M. Cushing & Mack's, b. at J. C. Treadwell's 
Miner Charles, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Miner Harlow, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Miner John T. Merrimac, house 60 Merrimac Corporation 
Miner William, Tremont, house corner Moody and Race 
Minot Hiram, machinist, house 11 Middlesex [Forrest 

Minot Williard, painter and glazier, 101 Middlesex, house 
Mitchell Alanson, job wagon, house Cedar, near Central 
Mitchell Alden, stone mason, house 3 Hurd 
Mitchell Daniel F. Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Mitchell Plannah P. Mrs. boarding-house, 13 Tremont Corp. 
Mitchell Henry, Lawrence, house 43 Cabot 
Mitchell Henry G. Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Mitchell Henry W. Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corp. 
Mitchell James, house Mill, corner Taylor's court 
Mitchell James M. Hamilton, house Taylor's court 
Mitchell John M. at T. C. Gilman's, house East Merrimac, 

near Grammar School House 
Mitchell William, Lawrence, house 2 Suffolk, near Lowell 
Mitchell William, Lowell, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 
Mitchell William H. Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corp. 
Mitchell AVilliam H. city watchman, h. William, n. Lowell 


Mixer (John), Pitman (Isaac), & Co. (C B. Co6«<m), paints? 

oil, &c. Button, house Worthen 
Moar Stephen, Meriimac, house 164 Merrimac Corporation 
Moffat James, laborer, hoiise Winter 
Molloy George, variety, clocks, ike. Market, house do. 
Moloney Patrick, at 0. M. Whipple's, boards at Stonehouse 
Monahan Arthur, Merrimac, house Lowell, opp. Dummer 
Mongan Barnard, Merrimac, boards at John Quinn's 
Mongan Francis, Bleachery, house Keene 
Mongan Hugh, harness maker, house Green, near Central 
Mongan Mary, Mrs. house William, near Central 
Mongan Michael, Bleachery, boards at F. Mongan's 
Mongan Patrick, Hamilton, boards at Mary Mongan's 
Mongan William, card stripper, boards at Samuel Gibby's 
Mongovin James, Middlesex, house North 
Monovan Thomas, Bleachery, house Bleachery 
Montague Patrick, refreshments, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Monteith Robert, Lowell Machine Shop, house Garnet 
Moody Alfronzo F. painter, boards 144 Central, near Tyler 
Moody Andrew, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. 53 Worthen 
Moody Amos, Massachusetts, boards 20 Massachusetts Corp. 
Moody Caroline, Miss, boarding-house, 52 Mass, Corp. 
Moody Charles H. carpenter, boards at Mrs. E. Kendall's 
Moody David J. house Nesmith 
Moody Daniel, house rear 10 Tilden 
Moody Franklin, Lawrence, boards 40 Cabot 
Moody John A. Lowell Machine Shop, h. 52 Swamp Locks 
Moody Mahala, boarding-house, 2 Lyman 
Moody Paul, Mrs. house Nesmith, c. Wyman 
Moody Sally, Mrs. house 36 Merrimac Corporation 
Moody Stephen S. Merrimac, house 36 Merrimac Corporation 
Moody Susan M. Mrs. house Nesmith 
Mooers Nathaniel P. Middlesex, boards at 60 Church 
Mooers Sanuiel, Middlesex, house 60 Church [Adams 

Mooney Benjamin G. captain city watch, house Lowell, near 
Mooiiey Cephas, Merrimac, boards 66 Merrimac Corporation 
Mooney Jona. B. produce, Thorndike, house Middlesex, 

opposite Carlton 
Mooney Samuel, Lawrence, house 23 LaAvrence Corporation 
Mooney Smith, Prescott, boards at W. F. Smith's 
Moore Azubah, Mrs. house 14 Appleton 
Moore Benjamin, proprietor Waverley House, Market 
Moore Calvin, power-loom harness maker, Tilden, h. Clark 
Moore Charles F. (CJmmberlain ^ M.), b. at American House 
Moore Charles H, clerk at Waverley House 
Moore Cummings, clerk at D. Hildreth's, boards at do. 


Moore Dana, Merrimac, boards at 14 Tremont 

Moore Edwin, hair dresser, 18 Mcrrirmc, house Fayette 

^Moore Elbridge, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 

Moore Enoch, at Knapp & Walker's, boards do. 

Moore Enoch G. cook at Walker & Knapp's, Mansur's Blk. 

Moore Erastus {Bancroft &; Moore), b. at Mrs. C. S.Vance's 

Moore Francis E. shoemaker, at D. Kittredge's, boards at 

62 Church 
Moore Francis L. bleachery, house Carter 

Moore George W. carpenter, house Charles [Corp. 

Moore Horatio N. overseer, Lawrence, house 36 Lawrence 
Moore Ira L. student at Dr. Graves's, b. at Mary G. Moore's 
Moore James M. overseer, Middlesex, house Clay 
Moore James R. Locks and Canals, house 30 Church 
Moore Jesse, farmer, house Moore [h. Rock 

Moore John G. grocery. Division 71. Central, near Centre, 
Moore John S. (O. A. liichardaon ^ Co.), house Middle, 9th 

door from Post Office 
Moore John T. at Benjamin Moore's, boards do. 
Moore Joseph, engineer. Mechanic Mills, house Rock 
Moore Liicius B. cigar maker, INIooro, house do. 
Moore Mary G. Mrs. boarding-house, 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Moore Phebe, Mrs. house Fayette 
Moore {Salathiel) & Cheney (F.), boots and shoes, Middlesex, 

near depot, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Moore Samuel, hoarding-house, 3 Knowles place 
Moore Susan, Mrs. house 62 Church 
Moore Thomas O. pedler, boards at Mrs. A. Farnham's 
Moore William H. Middlesex, house Fayette 
Moors Augustus P. bleachery, house Moore 
Moors James A Merrimac, house 78 Merrimac Corporation 
Moors Simeon, farmer, house Moore 
Moran Ambrose, laborer, house 250 Merrimac 
Moran James, laborer, house near Fenwick 
Moran John, Lawrence, house Fenwick [tredge's 

Moran Michael, at William Kittredge's, boards at A. Kit- 
Moran Patrick, Lowell, house rear Dummer 
Moran Thomas, laborer, house Jefferson square 
Moreau Saxon, baker, at I. Scripture & Co's [n Fayette 

Morev George C. painter, 13 East Merrimac, hou-^e Chestnut, 
Morey George F. printer, Courier Office, b. American House 
Morey Lyman, clerk at A. Gilbert, Jr. & Co's, house High 

' st. square 
Morey Reuben R. Middlesex, boards at 37 Church 
Morey Samuel, Lowell, house Lawrence 
Morey William, laborer, house Short's B. Lewis 



Morey William, printer, American Office, boards at L. Morey's 
Morgan Ann, Mrs. house 21 Moody 

Morgan Christopher Lawrence, house 70 Lawrence Corp. 
Morgan Ebenezer, employment office, Merrimac, corner 

Suffolk, boards 5 Lawrence Corporation 
Morgan John, Merrimac, house Dummer 
Morgan Luther S. watch-maker and jeweller, 79 Central, house 

27 Charles 
Morgan Morgan, Lowell, house Suffolk, corner Cross 
Morgan Pamela, boarding-house, o Lawrence Corporation 
Morgan William, steam mill, boards at H. S. Parker's 
Moriarty James, laborer, house Fenwick 
Moriarty Michael, gardener, house Central, corner Chapel 
Morrill Betsey, Miss-, boarding-house, 10 Swamp Locks, Button 
Morrill Chas.' teach. Green School, h. Bartlett, n. High st. sq. , 
Morrill C. K. house Baxtlett, near Livermore ■ 

Morrill Elizabeth, widow, boards at N. W. Morrill's i 

Morrill Frederick, physician, 11 Middle, house 119 Middlesex j 
Morrill Jason W^. truckman, B. & L. freight depot, h. Willie j 
Morrill John, at Fiske & Norcross's, boards at A. D. Preble's | 
Morrill John H. grocer, John, c. Merrimac, h. 31 Chapel 
Morrill Joseph H. confectioner, house Chestnut, c. Willow 
Morrill Nathaniel, W. fancy goods, 71 Central, house Law- 
rence, near Cady 
Morrill Otis H. teacher, house 10 Franklin square 
Morrill Richard, clerk, at J. H. Morrill's 
Morris Daniel, Merrimac, house rear Dummer 
Morris Harvey, porter, at American House 
Morris James, house Winter 
Morris John, machinist, house Cushing 
Morris John, stonemason, house rear Lowell 
Morris Parkhurst, boarding-house, 7 Lawrence Corporation 
Morris Thomas, Hamilton, boards at P. Devens's 
Morrison Abraham B. dry goods, 5 Welles's B. b. 13 Central 
Morrison Andi'ew, Lowell Machine Shop, house Lowell 
Morrison David, city watchman, house School, corner Cross 
Morrison David, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. R. Wood's 
Morrison Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding-house, 53 Merrimac Corp. 
Morrison Hannah T. Mrs. boarding-house, 18 Suffolk Corp. 
Morrison Hugh, waiter, at American House 
Morrison James G. Middlesex, house -10 Church 
Morrison John, Hamilton Corp. b. at Nancy Fogg's [Corp. 
Morrison John, overseer cloth room, Appleton, h. 30 Appleton 
Morrison John, Middlesex, house North 
Morrison John F. boards at J. Morrison's 
Morrison Leonard, boards 15 Appleton Corporation 


Morrison Nathaniel, watchman, house Central, n. "SYamesit 

Morrison Richard, laborer, hotise rear Dummer 

Morrison William, house East Merrimac, near Howe 

Morrison William, contractor, house Market 

Morrison William D. pecUer, house Summer, near South 

Morrowhan Owen, laborer, house High, near Chestnut 

Morse Alexander, house Pleasant, near Andover 

Morse Austin, house Fayette 

Morse Bela H. Middlesex, boards 60 Church 

Morse Charles, Hamilton, boards at Nancy Fogg's 

Morse Charles E. clerk at C. R. Nichols & Co's, 36 Merrimac 

Morse Cynthia M. millinery and fancy goods, 93 Merrimac, 

boards 104 Merrimac 
Morse Elizabeth, Mrs. house 3 Race 

Morse Harris, Merrimac, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 
Morse Henry O. at Tuck & Co's, boards at E. Tuck's 
Morse Hiram S. Suftolk, house 20 Suffolk Corporation 
Morse Horace F. Suffolk, boards at 3 Race 
Morse Horace B. clerk, at E. B. Patch's, boards 135 Central 
Morse Isaac A. clerk, at W. T. Whitten S: Co's, house Fayette 
Morse Isaac S. coun. 49 Central, house Stackpole, near Alder 
Morse Isaiah, Lawrence, house 54 Lawrence Corporation 
Morse James, laborer, boards at C. Marple's 
Morse James C. carpenter, boards at Hosea Smith's 
Morse James E. Boott, house 55 Boott Corp. 
Morse James F. Boott, house 16 Boott Corporation 
Morse James M. Merrimac, house 123 Merrimac Corporation 
Morse Jas. N. book-keeper, at Brooks & Tyler's, b. Howard H. 
Morse J. M. boards at Howard House 

Morse Joanna C. Mrs. dressmaker, 298 Merrimac, house do, 
Morse Jonathan, clerk, boards 9 Central [ard's 

Morse Luther B. physician, 55 Merrimac, b. at Mrs. C. Blanch- 
Morse Mark H. at Mixer, Pitman & Co's, house 24 Church 
Morse Moses T. Lowell, house Paige ' [Suffolk 

Morse Nathan, cordwainer, at James Keyes's, h. Merr. near 
Morse Nelson, clerk, at H. Harnden's, house Water 
Morse Paris, Boott Corporation, b. at Nancy Fogg's 
Morse Samuel P. millwright, house Moody, corner Race 
Morse William, at Stott's Mills, house Pleasant, n. Andover 
Morse William G. overseer, Prescott, house 45 Mass. Corp 
Morse William W. powerloom harness manuf. Tilden, h. Dane 
Morse Willis, overseer, Appleton, h. 11 Appleton Corp, [der 
Mort J. W. at H. A. Whitney's, Prescott st. h. Bartlett, n. Al- 
Moses Joseph L. stonecutter, house 3 Goward Block 
Moses Sandborn, boilermaker, house 26 Worthen 
Motley George, agent Appleton, boards Memmac House 


Moulton Andrew W. house East Merrimac, above, Alder 

Moulton Benjamin W. carpenter, house Central, c. Wamesit 

Moulton Benjamin, 43 Church [at H. L. C. Newton's 

Moulton Daniel W. teacher of penmanship, 33 Central, boards 

Moulton Ira, jobber, house Middlesex, corner Garnet 

Moulton James, mason, boards at T. E. Page's 

Moulton James F. Tremont, house 9 Tremont Corporation 

Moulton Jeremiah, Bleachery, house Bleachery, c. Carter 

Moulton John L. mason, boards at T. E. Page's 

Moulton Mary, Mrs. house Jefferson 

Moulton Oliver, house Congress, near Gorham [Charles 

Moulton Stephen, bay state lock manuf. 20 Market, h. r. 30 

Moulton Walter R. carpenter, boards at B. W. Moulton's 

Moulton William, machinist, boards, 9o Central 

Mowe Daniel, physician, Middle, near Shattuck, house do. 

Mowry Nathan B. fancy goods, 69 Central, b. 14 Mass. Corp. 

Mudgett Ambrose H. Merrimac, house 48 Merrimac Corp. 

Muhlig Charles, carpenter, house Howard, near Middlesex 

Muldoon James, at P. O. Richmond's, house Merrill 

Muldoon John, Middlesex, boards at Ann Quinn's 

Mulherring Catharine, house Davidson 

Mullen Francis, Prescott, 1 Hurd 

Mullen Henry, Lowell M. Shop, house Barker's Block, Lowell 

Mullen Johanna, Mrs. washerwoman, house Lowell 

Mullen Mary, Mrs. house rear William 

Mullen Neai, tailor, boards at John Quinn's 

Mullen Patrick, Foundry, house Quigley's Block, Lowell 

Mullen Patrick, at Nichols & Stuart's, house Lowell 

Mullen Thomas, Lowell, boaids at Mary Mongan's 

Mulligan John, at D. Dana's, house at Chelmsford 

Mulloy Dennis, laborer, boards 40 Charles 

Muloy Nicholas, house Putney's court 

Mulvoy Peter, house Winter 

Munday Mary, Mrs. house William 

Munier John, Bleachery, house 2 Court Avenue 

Munroe Alexander C. clerk, 20 Central, boards at C. Munroe's 

Munroe Charles, carpenter, house High, corner Chestnut 

Munroe David, Tremont, boards 14 Tremont Corporation 

Munroe Ruby Ann, dressmaker, at C. Munroe's 

Munsey Timothy, carpenter, house School, near Middlesex 

Murdock Thomas J. teacher of penmanship, 112 Merr. h. do. 

Murkland John, overseer, Carpet, house 16 Lowell Corp. 

Murkland William, overseer, Lowell, house 19 Lowell Corp. 

Murphy Bridget, Mrs. house Jefferson 

Murphy Cornelius, carpet weaver, house Dummer 

Murphy Cornelius, house Summer 

12 " 


Murphy Cornelius, laborer, house Howe 

Murphy Daniel, house Lowell, near Suffolk 

Murphy Daniel, trader, house Dummer 

Murphy Esther, widow of James, house Green 

Murphy Jeremiah, house rear Appleton House, Gorham 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, house Andover, near the Bridge 

Murphy John, laborer, house 10 Gorham 

Murphy John, Merrimac Print Works, house Lowell 

Murphy John, stonecutter, house Little, near Lewis 

Murphy John, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Murphy John, laborer, house Adams 

Murphy John C. Tremont, house 20 Tremont Corporation 

Murphy Luke, Massachusetts, boards at Mrs. E. A. Long's 

Murphy Margaret, Mrs. house Doyle's Block, Suffolk 

Murphy Mary, Mrs. house Suffolk, near Fenwick 

Murphy Mary, Mrs. house Lowell 

Murphy Mary, Mrs. house Jefferson 

Murphy Michael, Suffolk, boards at Mrs. C, Sullivan's 

Murphy Michael, Middlesex, house North 

Murphy Patrick, gardener, house East Merrimac 

Murphy Patrick, tailor, Adams, house do. 

Murphy Patrick, Jr. tailor, boards at P. Murphy's 

Murphy Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, house rear Dummer 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house Fenwick 

Murphy Timothy, batting mill, house Mill 

Murphy William, Bleachery, house Davis 

Murray Andrew, Lowell, house 20 Lowell Corporation 

Murray Catharine, widow, house 3 Luther court 

Murray Dennis, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 

Murray Jeremiah, laborer, house Suffolk 

Murray Ruth, boarding-house, 141 Merrimac Corporation 

MurtyEdward, laborer, house Cedar, near Keene 

Mussey Alvin, laborer, house Fayette, near East Merrimac 

Mussey Charles, at J. Siner's, boards at Foster Brown's 

Muzzey Asa A. Merrimac, house 116 Merrimac Corporation 

Myers Nicholas, clothes-cleaner, 3^ Prescott Block, house do, 

Myrick Amos S. carpenter, house Howard, above Arch 

Myrick Freeman H. book keeper, house Bartlett, n. Livermore 

NARY DAVID, groceries, Lowell, house do. 

Nash James W. bookkeeper, house Marshall, near Mclntire 

Nason Edmund, laborer, house 7 Austin 

Nawn Philip, flannel mill, house North 

Neal Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Howard, n. Chelmsford 

Neal Joseph, machinist, Lowell, house Alder, n. Stackpole 

Neal Nancy J. Miss, boarding-house, 52 Merrimac Corporation 

Neally Benjamin F. {Emerson &; Neally'), house Lagrange 

Nelligan Maurice, shoemaker, FenAvick, house do. 

Nelson Henry N. carpenter, house W. Union, near South 

Nelson Josiah F. Hamilton Print Works, house Elm 

Nelson Robert, machinist, house Willey, near Lowell 

Nesmith John, house Andover, opposite Park 

Nesmith Thomas, house Chestnut, near Park 

Nevins Michael, Hamilton, house rear Gorham, opp. Union 

Nevins Patrick, Hamilton, house South, corner Middlesex 

Nevins Robert B. harness maker, boards at C. Dane's 

Newbert Edward, Lowell, boards at A. B. Foss's 

Newcomen William W. grocer, E. Merrimac 

Newell Daniel, periodical depot, 7 John, house 9 Austin 

Newell John, civil engineer, Savings Bank Block, b. at Mrs. 

B. F. Aiken's 
Newell Mary R. Mrs. boarding-house, 13 Central 
Newell William, mason, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 
Newlin Joseph M. laborer, house rear 12 Chapel 
Newman William, painter, h. East Merrimac, corner Willow 
Newton Carlos, Sutfolk, boards 23 Race 

Newton Charles E. at Fiske & Brown's, b. at J. B. Leavitt's 
Newton David, marbleworker, boards at Mrs. McKinley's 
Newton Henry L. C. printer, American office, h. 6 Merrill's ct. 
Newton John, carpenter, boards at G. S. Stearns's 
Newton Sarah, Mrs. house 6 Merrill's court 
i Nice John M. mason, boards at A. H. Dunham's 
Nicholas Rolla watchman R. R., house Rock 
Nichols Alanson, clerk, Wm. Livingston's, house Branch 
Nichols Albert F. boards at Benjamin N. Stewart's 
Nichols Alden, foundry, boards 74 Lawrence Corporation 
Nichols Alfred E. woodturner, boards at Converse Nichols's 
Nichols Charles, 118 Central, house Centre 
Nichols Charles A. house Andover, corner Water 
Nichols Charles R. & Co. dry goods, 36 Merrimac, h. Tyler 
Nichols (Converse) & Co. {B. N. Stuart), hlacksmiihs, Charles, 

house Appleton, opposite Garnet 
Nichols Darius B. clerk, boards 9 Central [C. F. Emerson's 
Nichols David, marble manuf. Dutton, n. Lowell depot, b. at 
Nichols Gilman N. {Smith, N. 4- Co.), house Moody, c. Hano'r 
Nichols Henry, porter, Washington House 
Nichols Hiram, clothing store, 222 Merrimac, h. 10 Suffolk 
Nichols Jacob, bowling-saloon, 151 Central, house do. 
Nichols James, Lawrence, house 64 Lawrence Corporation < 
Nichols Mary, Mrs. house Taylor, corner Merrill [P. O. 

Nichols Oldin & Co. {B. N. Stuart), iron founders, Middle, n. 
Nichols Rodolphus, stone-mason, house 39 Chapel 


Nichols Thomas, painter, boards at H. K. Breed's 
Nichols {WiUlam) & Co. {E. D. Fletcher), AV. I. goods, 116 
and 118 Central, corner Green, house Centre, n. Central 
Nickerson Appleton D. mason, boards at M T. Morse's 
Nickles Abel, machinist, house 13 Swamp Locks 
Nickless George, Merrimac, house 10 Tilden 
Nihu Francis, laborer, house Cross 
Nonen John, iTborer, house Mill 
Nonen Mary, Mrs. widow, house Lowell 
Noonan James, laborer, house at Appleton House 
Noonan John, house Winter 

Noonman Dennis, Bleachery, boards at P. Frawley's 
Norburn James, house Suffolk 
Norcross Cornelius H. foreman at Fiske & Norcross's, house 

Norcross H. at Fiske & Norcross's, boards at Tremont House 
Norcross Nicholas G. {Fiske 8^ Norcross), steam mill, Middle- 
sex, house Gorham, near Court House 
Norcross Thomas, at Fiske & Norcross's 
Norman Rufus, Carpet, boards at A. Young's 
Norris Caleb, at Samuel Benson's, boards 10 E. Merrimac 
Norris George W. livery stable, Warren, house 32 Hurd 
Norris John, Merrimac, house Jefferson 
Norris Joseph, machinist, house Carpet Lane 
North Frederick T. Middlesex, boards at William North's 
North William, Middlesex, house Lawrence, corner Charles 
North William L. {Adams ^ North), house Favor, n. Appleton 
Norton Fordyce R. printer, at B. H. Penhallow's, boards at 

Joel Brown's 
Norton Harriet, Mrs. house Chapel, corner Walnut 
Norton Marg ret, widow, house Appleton House 
Norton Thomas, laborer, house Jefferson 
Norton Thomas, laborer, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Nourse Francis H. at E. B. Patch's, house Central, corner Elm 
Nourse James P. carpenter, house Linden 
Nourse John A. carpenter, house 3 Edgerley's court 
Nourse Silas M. bookkeeper, at E. B. Patch's, boards at L. 

Nowell Foster, overseer, Lowell, house E. Merr. c. Willow 
Noyce Henry, at Seth W. Hatch's, house 2 High 
Noyes Benjamm A. house Smith, opposite Branch 
Noyes Benjamin C. stonelayer, house Moody 
Noyes Eliza A. teacher, boards 27 Central 
Noyes Ephraira, Lawrence, boards at -16 Cabot 
Noyes Isaac L. Mechanics' Mills, h. Rock, n. Fletcher 
Noyes Joseph, carpentar, Cedar, house do. 


Noyes {Jose2)h L.) & Bean (S. G.), livery stable, "Washington 

House, house High, near Oak 
Noyes Samuel, engineer, house Queen 
Noyes Thomas J. ( Wood &; N.), house at Nashua 
Noyes Weld F. {Wood S^ Noyes), boards at Howard House 
Noyes William M. Bleachery, boards at F. L. Moore's 
Nudd Abigail, Mrs. boarding-house, Paige, near Bridge 
Nudd Abigail P. Mrs. boarding-house, l-f Mass. Corporation 
Nudd Winslow P. gardener, boards at S. H. Patten's 
Nugent Patrick, Prescott, house Davidson 
Nugent Thomas, laborer, house Williams, near George 
Nute Andrew T. (Woods ^ N.), house Elm 
Nute Clarrissa, Mrs. house Gorham, near Central 
Nute James P. Boott, boards at G. W. Lewis's 
Nute Sewall, teamster at Fiske & Norcross's, h. Branch, near 

Nute Warren, at Fiske & Norcross's, Middlesex 
Nutter, Josiah, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Nyan Francis, at N. freight depot, house Cross 
Nye Betsey, Mrs. boards 109 Merrimac Corporation 
Nye Sarah, Mrs, boarding-house, Moody, near Tremont 

OAKES WILLIAM, wheelwright, boards at C. Marple's 
Oartell Augustus, Bleachery, boards at B. C. Cunimings's 
Gates Patrick, Middlesex, house Central, corner Tyler 
Obear Thomas, Merrimac, house 76 Merrimac Corporation 
Ober Oliver, carpenter, boards at J. P. Brown's 



















en Dennis, laborer, house Fenwick 

en Joanna, Mrs. house Short's Block, Lewis 

en John, Rev. house Fenwick, near Church 

en John, Middlesex, house Davidson 

en John, laborer, house between Merrimac and Middle 

en Luke, shoemaker, Lowell, -corner Hanover 

en Mary, Mrs. house Fenwick 

en Michael, house Lowell, corner Suffolk 

en Michael, stonemason, house Davidson, near Howe 

en Patrick, house Carpet Lane 

en Patrick, farmer, house Fenwick 

en Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 

en Thomas, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

en Thomas, laborer, house rear How'e 

en Thomas, laborer, house Davis 

en Timothy, foundry, house 2 Lewis 

en Timothy, laborer, house Lowell 

en Winneford, Mrs. house Suffolk, corner Cross 

Ockington David, painter, house Lawrence, near Taylor 


O'Connell Patrick, blacksmith, house Summer 
O'Connell Richard, carpenter, boards at Sarah Todd's 
O'Conner John, fruit, &c. Button, corner Fletcher, h. Gorham, 

corner Summer 
O'Conner John, Hamilton, house 46 Church 
O'Connor Edward, laborer, house Green, near Central 
O'Connor Richard, Middlesex, house Green 
O'Dell Joseph, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
O'Donell John, laborer, house Fenwick 
O'Donnell Hugh, Boott, boards at Ann Quinn's 
O'Donnell Owen, machinist, boards at Ann Q'linn's 
OfFutt George (Smith, Puffer ^ Co.), house Thorndike, near 

O'Gelvie Nancy J. Mrs. dressmaker, 10 Tilden, boards 3 do. 
O'Grady Catharine, Mrs. house Winter, near Gorham 
O'Keefe Ellen, widow, house Appleton House 
O'Laughlin Michael, house Davis [h. do. 

Olcott James S. botanic physician, 4 Adams Block, Adams, 
Oldham George, painter, house 17 Suffolk Corporation 
Oldham Isaac, Merrimac Print Works, house Middle 
Oldham James, confectioner, 2o8 Merrimac, house do. 
Oliver John G. mason, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Olmstead Emerson, house Willow, near Chestnut 
Olmstead Sarah, Mrs. house Lowell, corner Decatur 
O'Loughran Jas. student at Wentworth's office, boards at 

O. O'Loughran's 
O'Loughran Owen, Middlesex, house 4 Williams 
O'Mealey, Lawrence, tailor, house Winter 
O'Neal Ann, widow, house Adams, near Lowell 
O'Neal Catharine, widow, house 1 Hurd 
O'Neal John, grocer, Suffolk, near LoAvell, house do. 
O'Neil Catharine, widow, house rear William 
O'Neil Dennis, Merrimac, house Fenwick 
O'Neil Hugh, laborer, house rear Lowell, near Worthen 
O'Neil Hugh, tailor, house 1 Hurd 
O'Neil James, laborer, house Adams 
O'Neill Charles, Bleachery, house do. 
O'Neill John, Bleachery, boards at C. O'Neill's 
O'Neill John, laborer, boards at Mrs. S. D. Sanborn's 
O'Neille Mary Jane, Mrs. copper plate printer, house 2 Lee 
Orange Henry S. clerk at Peabody & Wyman's, h. 73 Merr. 
Orcutt Stephen {Folsom ^ Co.), house Roxbury, Vt. 
Ordway Alonzo, Lowell, house 3 Mechanic 
Ordway Charles S. city clerk's office, boards at T. Ordway's 
Ordway Edward, clerk at Lowell Bank, boards at T. Ordway's 
Ordway Enoch, merchant, h. Gorham, nearly opp. Court House 


Ordway George, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Ordway Henry M. {J. K. Fellows &; Co.), boards at T. Ordway's 
Ordway John L. cashier Lowell Bank, h. Fletcher, c. Varney 
Ordway Thomas, city clerk, City Hall, house Nesmith, near 

iEast Merrimac 
Ordway William, boards at T. Ordway's 
O'Reiley Michael, boarding-house. Lowell 
O'Riley Daniel, tailor, house Fenwick 
O'Riley John, laborer, boards at D. O'Riley's 
O'Riley Thomas, laborer, boards at Daniel O'Riley's 
O'Roark Daniel, Middlesex, house William 
O'Roark Farrell, Merrimac, h. between Merrimac and Middle 
Orne William C. at Gushing & Mack's, house Worthen, near 

Baptist church 
Orr James, boards at William McKinnon's 
Osborne Eben, Jr. clerk at C. L. Allen's, boards at L. Rice's 
Ossjood Charles, farmer, house Gorham, near Hale's Mills' 
Osgood George, painter, boards 1 Warren court 
Osgood Isaac, Hamilton, house 12 Hamilton Corporation 
Osgood John, machinist, house Lawrence, near Ames 
Osgood John, laborer, house Lee [Brown's 

Osgood Joseph, roll-coverer, Mass. boards at Mrs!^ M. B. 
Osgood Samuel, Hamilton, house 9 Hamilton Corporation 
Osgood Sarah S. boarding-house, 10 Suffolk Corporation, Gore 
Otis M. A. Mrs. dressmaker, boards at C. Willey's 
Otis Michael, laborer, house Davidson 
Owen Patrick, ostler, at D. R. Kimball's, house Dummer 
Owen William N. house East Merrimac, n. High st. square 
Owens Hugh, laborer, boards at Patrick Owen's 
Owens Lawrence, laboring, boards at J. Kelley's, Cross 
Owens Patrick, ostler, house Dummer, near Lowell [Union 
Owler Charles, printer, Vox Populi office, house Central, near 

PACKARD CHARLES, painter, Mass. b. 11 East Merrimac 
Packard E. Heman, Lawrence, boards 1 Lawrence Corp, 
Packard Jason, boarding-house, 31 Lawrence Corporation 
Packard Lewis, Lawrence, house 1 Lawrence Corporation 
Packard Lucius B. Lawrence, house 6o Lawrence Corporation 
Packard Luther H. boarding-house, 137 Merrimac Corporation 
Packard Nahum, millinery and fancy goods, 126 Merrimac, 

house Bartlett, near Alder 
Packard Thaddeus, Tremont, boards 14 Tremont Corporation 
Paddleford William F. moulder, house Hyde's B. Lowell 
Paddock Owen, stone cutter, boards at j'. W. Perkins's 
Page Abner K. watchman, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Page Abraham, whitewasher, house Walnut 


Page Albert G. shoemaker, boards 300 Merrimac 

Page Benjamin O. Merrimac, house 22 Corporation 

Page Charles, mason, house Walnut, near Gorham 

Page Isaac, Guard Locks, near Cheever, house do. 

Page Jonathan [SjmUUng &■ Pane), house 150 Central 

Page {Lemuel ), Fay {Denyiis) 8c Co. W. I. goods, crockery and 

glass ware, 1 t'<: 3 Appleton Blk. h. Centl. opp. Centre 
Page Naomi, Mrs. house 44 Merrimac Corporation 
Page Nathaniel, Merrimac, h. 66 Merrimac Corporation 
Page Rufus L. mason, house Walnut 
' Page Sally K. Mrs. boarding-house, 10 Merrimac Corporation 
: Page Samuel, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 

Page Samuel, mason, house Austin, near Moody 
I Page Simon B. & Co. [B. K^iight), W. I. goods,"l78 Merrimac, 
I hoiise do. near Hospital 

I Page Thomas E. boarding-house, Moody, corner Tremont 
1 Paige Benjamin O. Merrimac, house 23 Merrimac Corporation 
I Palmer Albert, Lowell, house corner Summer and Gorham 
i Palmer Benjamin, painter, house Ford, near Austin 

Palmer Charles, restorator, 153 Central, house 15 Charles 
I Palmer James M. Middlesex, boards 55 Church 
I Palmer James K. Suffolk, boards 2 Cabot Block 
Palmer John, Lawrence, house 52 Lawrence Corporation 
Palmer John C. editor Life in Lowell, 56 Central, boards at 

M. T. Morse's 
Palmer Jonathan A. clothing and furnishing goods, 222 

Merrimac, boards at A. Skinner's 
Palmer Joseph, carpenter, house lo Charles 
Palmer Mahew, carpenter, house Race, near Merrimac 
Palmer Mahew, at Vox Populi, boards at J. T. Chesley's 
i Palmer Rhoda, Mrs. boards at 39 Cabot 
I Palmer William, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
i Palmley Charles, carpenter, boards at 5 Austin 
I Papps Jesse, Middlesex, house rear Water 

Parker Benjamin S. at McLanathan's, house at Centralville 
I Parker Benjamin, farmer, house Pine 
j Parker Benjamin F. Hamilton, house rear 30 Charles 

Parker Benjamin K. mechanic mills, h. Willie, n. Franklin 
I Parker Charles T. Lowell, house Summer, near Gorham 
Parker Daniel, boarding-house, 11 Boott 

Parker Darid, machinist, Sufiblk, house Central, Chapel Hill 
Parker David S. teacher of penmanship, boards at 16 Warren 
Parker Dexter, mason, house 1 rear 10 Tilden 
Parker Francis, laborer, h. Decatur [nearly opp. Court House 
Parker Frederick, counsellor, 16 and 17 Appleton B. h. Gorham, 
Parker George, Mass. house 32 Prescott Corporation 


Parker George W. Suffolk, house 24 Suffolk Corporation 
Parker Hiram, physician, John, next John st. church, h. do. 
Parker Hiram S. Appleton, house rear 13 Middlesex 
Parker Isaac N. h. 6 Water 

Parker James, carpenter, house Gushing, near Willie 
Parker Jepthah, farmer, house Pine 

Parker John A. overseer, La-wrence, house 49 Lawrence Corp. 
Parker Joseph, auctioneer, Prescott st. house Charles 
Parker Lucy L. Mrs. dressmaker, Merrimac, b. at J, Lilley's 
Parker Lucy R. Miss, boarding-house, 10 South 
Parker Lydia, -widow, house 16 Appleton Corporation 
Parker Mary A. widow of Amasa W. house 140 Central 
Parker Reuben, carpenter, house Charles, near Central 
Parker Rhoda A. Miss, variety store, Gorham, near Keene 
Parker Sarah, Mrs. boarding-house, 28 Suffolk Corporation 
Parker Simon, farmer, house Parker 

Parker Theodore E. at C. B. Russ & Co's, East Merrimac 
Parker Thomas, livery stable, Prescott, h. Central, c. W^imesit 
Parker William C Belvidere Mills, boards at R. G. Bell's 
Parker William H. Merrimac, house 176 Merrimac Corp. 
Parkhurst Benjamin S. L. M. Shop, b. at Mrs. L. M. Stickney's 
Parkhurst Edward A. clerk at F. Coburn's, boards at Miss J. 
Blanchard's [n. Union 

Parkhurst Matthias, dry goods, 102 Central, house Chapel, 
Parkin John, Lawrence, boards 55 Lawrence Corporation 
Parks George, painter. Central, opp. Tyler, h. High, n. Oak 
Parmenter (Harriet, Miss) & Davis {R. P.), variety store, 49 
Merrimac, house Chapel [Corp. 

Parmenter Horace, overseer, Lawrence, house 24 Lawrence 
Parmenter Micah, house Pawtucket, near Schr ol 
Parsons Ephraim, Boott, boards at Mrs. A. Kudd's 
Parsons John, Appleton, boards at Mrs. A. Nudd's 
Partridge Albert, Lawrence, boards 45 Cabot 
Partridge Ellen, Mrs. 12 or 280 Merrimac 
Partridge George W. Hamilton, house 47 Hamilton Corp. 
Patch Ephraim B. auctioneer, Com. square, house 18 Hurd 
Patch Henry, Mrs. house Cabot 

Paterson Edward P. {Smith &;) copper roller engraver, Ham- 
ilton, house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Patten George W. lamps and fluid, 33 Merrimac, house do. 
Patten Joseph A. overseer, Lowell, house 12 Lowell Corp. 
Patten Stephen H. job-wagon, house High, near East Merr. 
Patten William, boards at 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Patten William, Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's [Corp. 
Patterson George W. overseer, Lawrence, h. 14 Lawrence 
Patterson James, Lowell, house Merrimac, opposite Austin 


Patterson James, overseer, Lowell, boards at T. Fillemore's 
Patterson James 0. carpet manufacturer, Whipple's Mills, 

house 6 Crosby- 
Patterson Jesse C. laborer, house Bartlett 
Patterson John, boards 7 Hamilton Corporation 
Patterson John A. Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Patterson Samuel, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Patterson William, musician, boards at John Conlan's 
Patton James W. blacksmith, boards at Mrs. Catharine 

Paul Anne, Mrs. house 150 Merrimac Corporation 
Paul George K. overseer, Boott, house 75 Boott Corporation 
Paul John, Middlesex, boards at William Maddocks's 
Paul Thomas, block printer, house Walnut, near Gorham 
Paul William, boarding-house, 7-5 Merrimac Corporation 
Paul William, designer, Hamilion, house Chestnut, n. Ash 
Payton Ann, Mrs. IBennett's Block, Lowell 
Peabody Amasa, carpenter, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Peabody (J/is. M.) & Wyman {William), dry goods, 48 Mer- 
Peabody (Joseph A.) & Woodward (S.), carpenters, Livingston 

& Calef's Mills, house Andover, opposite Harrison 
Peabody Josiah G. {Fifield &; Peabody), house 164 Central 
Peabody Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 11 Massachusetts Corp. 
Peake M. Morton, daguerreotypist. boards 135 Central 
Pearl {FrankJinF.) & Huntress (J. L.), livery stable, Middle, 

corner Shattuck 
Pearl Isaac, founder, boards at G. Adams's 
Pearl Maria, Mrs. house Barker's Block, Lowell, near Lewis 
Pearson Elizabeth, Mrs. house 18 Moody 
Pearson George W. carpenter, house High, near Oak 
Pearson Hiram E. carpenter, boards at G. W. Pearson's 
Pearson Jis. M. fruit store, Bank Block, h. High, n. Andover 
Pearson John, block printer, house Central, near Crosby 
Pearson John, groceries and fruit, Savings Bank Building, 

house Marion, corner Lagrange 
Pearson John, house Marion, near Lagrange 
Pearson Mehitable, Mrs. boarding-house, 112 Merrimac Corp. 
Pearson Paul A. Middlesex, boards at Mrs. L. Hill's 
Pearson Timothy, student, boards 112 Merrimac Corporation 
Pearsons Elizabeth B. Mrs. dressmaker, h. Appleton. n. South 
Pearsons William, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Pease Daniel C. Merrimac, house 148 Merrimac Corporation 
Pease Joseph W. clerk, 6 Central, boards 121 Merrimac Corp. 
Pease Lewis, boards at Mrs. M. Derby's 
Pease Samuel, Boott, house 63 Boott Corporation 


Peavey Jewett, Tremont, boai-ds 13 Suffolk 

Peavey Mary Ann, millinery, 254 Merrimac 

Peck Daniel A. Appleton Corporation, boards at N, Robbins's 

Peirce Cyrus, house PaAvtucket 

Peirce Francis, carpet designer, boards at 10 Swamp Locks 

Peirce George, physician, house Moody, corner Austin 

Peirce George L. Middlesex, house 15 Warren 

Peirce George S. ice dealer, boards at C. Peirce's 

Peirce James A. laborer, boards at C. Peirce's 

Peirce John N. Middlesex, house Pleasant 

Peirce Leonard, Middlesex, house Andover, corner Willow 

Peirce W. T. G. harness maker, at J. A. Brabrook's, h. East 

Merr. opp. Willow 
Pelsue Isaiah W. teamster, Prescott, house 6 Pearl 
Pendergast Michael, Lowell M. Shop,h. Lowell, n. Worthen 
Pendleton Edmund L. Lawrence, boards -50 Lawrence Corp. 
Pendleton William J. Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corp. 
Penhallow Benjamin H. book and job printer, Wyman's Ex- 
change, house Ward's Cottage, Fletcher 
Penhallow L. A. Miss, house Kirk 
Penn Charles H. at H. E. Austin's, house Water 
Penniman Dean, wood dealer, Lowell, house do. n. Hospital 
Penniman John B. teamster, boards at D. Penniman's 
Penniman Mary Miss, boarding-house, 61 Boott Corporation 
Pennington William F. fancy painter, house Willie, n. Lowell 
Pepper" Emerson, clerk at Carleton & Hovey's, boards at 

William Brown's 
Percival Daniel, Tremont, boards 16 Tremont Corporation 
Percy Thomas, Carpet, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
Perham Otis, phy ician, 22 Hurd, house do. 
Perham T. W. at Brooks & Tyler's 

Perkins ApoUos, bleachery, house corner Gorham and Walnut 
Perkins Daniel F. Boott, boards at J. Cram's [4 Market 

Perkins Dearboim, confectioner, Lawrence, near Ames, boards 
Perkins Francis S. ma'^hinist, house 28 Tremont Corporation 
Perkins Frank, steam mill, house Middlesex, corner Carlton 
Perkins Gustavus, Middlesex, boards at C. Willey's 
Perkins Henry P. clerk, Lowell Bleachery, b. at A. Perkins's 
Perkins Jesse T. Appleton, boards at N. Robbins's 
Perkins John R. Boott, house 26 Boott Corporation 
Perkins John W. house 30 Hurd 

Perkins M. Gilbert, Tremont, house 23 Tremont Corporation 
Perkins Paul, overseer, Boott, house 6'5 Boott Corporation 
Perkins Robert, Lowell, boards at A. Kershaw's 
Perkins Walter A. moulder, boards at D. Wood's 
Perley Enoch T. carpenter, Mech. Mills, h. Thorndike, n. Midx. 


Perley Jane, ■R-idow, house Williams 

Perley Mary E. Mrs. boarding-house, 27 Appleton Corporation 

Perley Nathaniel M. variety store, Middlesex, corner South, 

boards at Mrs. M. E. Perley 's 
Perrigo, shuttle maker, house High, near East Merrimae 
Perrin Lewis L. Lowell Machine Shop, house 70 Mechanic 
Perry Albion K. Mrs. boards at 118 Merrimae [Fogg's 

Perry Benjamin F. Avatchman, Hamilton, boards at Nancy 
Perry Charles, shoemaker, at D. Kittredge's, h. at Centralville 
Perry Edgerson, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Brigham's 
Perry Isaac S. student at law, at Beard & Gunnison's, boards 

at Mrs. Currier's 
Perry Stearns, student, boards 300 Merrimae 
Perry William A. & Co. daguerreotype artists, 6 Canal Block, 

house at Centralville 
Person John "W. physician, Middlesex, opposite depot 
Persons Albert C. Boott, boards at S. T. Marsh's 
Peters Andrew, Merrimae, boards 73 Merrimae Corporation 
Peters Daniel C Middlesex, boarding-house, 26 Appleton 
Peterson Ruth B. seamstress, house 39 Chapel 
Pettee George W. carpenter, boards at 4 Lyman 
Pettingell John, carpenter, house Appleton, opposite Favor 
Pettingill Walter, carpenter, house 26 Franklin sq. Suffolk 
Pevey Abial, foundry, house 8 Swamp Locks 
Phelps Catharine, Mrs. Harrison, h. Harrison, near Andover 
Phelps Henry, carpenter, house Willie, near Franklin 
Phelps Henry, at Brooks & Tyler's [house Tyler 

Phelps Henry D. treasurer, Chelmsford Co. Nesmith's Block, 
Phelps John, boarding-house, Middlesex, opposite the depot 
Phelps Luther J. house Kirk _ 
Phelps T. B. machinist, house V/est Union 
Philbrick Calvin, overseer, Middlesex, house 9 Cady 
Philbrick John E. Middlesex {Tine 

Philbrick Jonathan, at A. W. Fisher's, house 4 Shaw's Block, 
Philbrick Moses E. overseer, Suffolk, house 25 SuflFolk Corp. 
Philbrick Nathan, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at Union Ho. 
Philbrick Samuel, millwright, Middlesex, h. 16 Middlesex Corp. 
Philbrook Christopher, Appleton, boards at N. Robinson's 
Philbrook N. at Brooks & Tyler's [Church 

Phillips John W. architect and engraver, house Warren, near 
Phillips Stephen, painter, house Willie, near Fletcher 
Phillips William, house Warren, near Church [Phipps' 

Phipps Samuel, hairdresser, 124 Central, boards at W. S. 
Phipps William S. Middlesex, house Gorham, c. Putney's ct. 
Pickering Samuel K. Boston & L. R. R. h. Mid'lx, near depot 
Pickersgill William C. civil engineer, h. Central 


Pickman David, Middlesex, house 2 Warren court 

Pierce Ashbel F, Lowell M. Shop, house 08 Swamp Locks 

Pierce Catharine J. Mrs. house High st. square 

Pierce George, watchmaker, house Willow, near Andover 

Pierce George S. house 38 S. L. Worthen 

Pierce James M. carpenter, house 3 Cady [mac, h. do. 

Pierce (John) & Staples (O. A.), boots, shoes, &c. 288 Merri- 

Pierce John M. at S, McLanathan's, b. at Mrs. C. J. Pierce's 

Pierce J. Warren, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 71 Mechanic 

Pierce Joseph B. painter, boards at Mrs. Lucetta Pierce's 

Pierce Lucetta, Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Austin 

Pierce Olcott, overseer, Hamilton Print Works, h. Lawrence 

Pierce Rachel, Mrs. Lanen Block, Lowell 

Pierce Samuel, Middlesex, boards at J. H Matthews's 

Pierce Samuel P. at David Dana's, house Walnut 

Pierce Samuel S. at O. Allen & Go's, boards at B. Ellis's 

Pierce Submit, Mrs. boarding-house. Central, near Charles 

Pierce William S. at Fiske, Norcross & Co's, house Branch, 

corner Queen 
Pierce William T. Lowell Machine Shop, house 117 Middlesex 
Pike John, Middlesex, house, 144 Central 
Pike Joseph A. Bleachery,boards at B. C. Cummings's 
Pike Sarah Ann, Miss, boarding-house, 51 Mass. Corporation 
Pillsbury Benjamin P. printer, Courier office, house Fayette, 

near Merrimac 
Pillsbury Harlin, physician, Kirk, house do. [Willow, n. Mer. 
Pillsbury John D. physician and surgeon, 21 Central, house 
Pillsbury John G. printer, Courier office, h. Walnut, n. Chapel 
Pillsbury Richard C. boards at Sally Pillsbury's 
Pillsbury Sally, Mrs. dressmaker, house 12 or 280 Merrimac 
Pillsbury William C. at Aldrich & Hapgood's, house Chestnut, 

near Fayette 
Pinder Eliza, widow of Joseph, house Clay 
Pinder James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Pinder Joseph, at Stott's Mills, boards at Mrs. E. Finder's 
Pinder Joseph D. overseer, Mass. boards at E. Prince's 
Pindar Peter, shoemaker, house Quigley's Block, Lowell 
Pinder William H. at Day & Converse's, house Clay 
Pinkham James N. Lowell, house 24 Charles 
Pinney Alden, farmer, house Middlesex, near the line 
Pinney Eber W. Merrimac, house Clay [Central 

Pinney Lorenzo, fruit and vegetables, city Market, house 146 
Pinney Samuel C. Lowell, house 29 Church 
Piper Cornelius, Carpet, boards at D. Parker's 
Piper George, hackman, house East Merrimac, n. High st. sq. 
Piper Isaac B. Prescott, house 36 Prescott Corporation 


Pitman Isaac {Mixer, Pitman § Co.), house at Boston 
Place Isaac {Rand ^ Place), house Fletcher, c. Butterfield 
Plaisted Elisha, bleachery, boards at F. L. Moore's 
Plaisted Elisha, boarding-house, 53 Mass. Corporation 
Plaisted Joseph M. Lowell Machine Shop, house 117 Midd'lx. 
Plaisted Rufus L. teamster, at P. O. Richmond's, boards at 

C. G. Durgin's 
Plaisted William E. bleachery, house bleachery [ler's 

Planche Henry, harness maker, 17 Market, boards at L. Fow- 
Plant Robert, laborer, house Jefterson square [Robinson's 

Plastridge Charles, fruit, &c. at Patch's auction room, b. at B. 
Plastridge Salmon, fruit, &c. at Shapleigh & Farington's, 

house Ford, near Cabot 
Piatt George, carpet printer, house Central, corner Crosby 
Plimpton Joseph D. grocer, Merrimac, corner Worthen, h. 

Merrimac, c. Decatur 
Plumado Francis, cordwainer, boards at "Worcester Eaton's 
Plumado Oliver, shoemaker, house Mount Yernon 
Plumer John, carpenter, house Howard, south of Chelmsford 
Plummer James, mason, house Cushing 
Plummer John, house 59 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Plummer {John W.) & Boardman {L. H.), boots and shoes, 

34 Central, house at Centralville 
Plumodo Oliver, at Moore & Cheney's, h. Mt. Vernon, n. Pine 
Plunket Robert J. Hamilton, house Gorham, near Central 
Plympton Albert B. carpenter, house 13 Lagrange 
Plympton Samuel, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 
Polechio Julia Ann, variety shop, 17 Moody 
Pollard Gorham L. Museum, house Bartlett, between Alder 

and Livermore 
Pollard John {Colby % Pollard), boards at 37 Church 
Pollard RhodaB. Mrs. house Bartlett, nearly opp. Livermore 
Pollock George H. house High st. square 
Pollock Sarah, Mrs. house High st. square 
Pollock Thomas, variety store, 4;^ John 
Polly Warren, boards 4'Hamilton Corporation 
Pomfred James, Courier office, house Gorham, opp. Appleton 
Pond Henry B. Middlesex, house High, near East Merrimac 
Pond John, Boott, boards at S. Leathers's 
Pond Sereno H. clerk, 57 Central, boards at 95 do. 
Poole {Benjamin) & Sweetser(7'. H.), counsellors, 3 Canal 

Block, house Chestnut, near V.-llow 
Poole Samuel {Stinson § Poole), hcii.-t 1 Ayer's Block, Tilden 
Pooler Seth, teacher, house East Merrimac, c. High st. sq. 
Poor Almanzar, Suffolk, boards 23 Suffolk Corporation 
Poor Alphonso, Suffolk, boards at 15 Suffolk Corporation 


Poor Bushrod W. counsellor, 62 Central, h. Clark, c. WilUe 
Poor Henry, clerk, Belvidere Co. house Everett 
Poor Yalruvius, Sufl'olk, boards 15 Suffolk Corporation 
Pope John M. at J. Nichols's, house 3 Bay State avenue 
Porter David K. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 73 Mechanic 
Porter Jonathan F. contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. 70 Mechanic 
Porter Lemuel, Rev. house Tyler 
Porter Sarah, Mrs. house 55 Church 

Potter David H. shoemaker, house High, near East Merrimac 
Potter Joseph, Suffolk, house 14 Cabot 
Powell Azro, Tremont, boards 16 Tremont Corporation 
Powell Andrew J. Tremont, house at J. C. Powell's 
Powell Francis, carpenter, house Dummer, corner Mechanic 
Powell James C. Tremont, house 2 Tremont Corporation 
Powers Albert S. at AV. T. Whitten & Co's, b. W. T. Whitten's| 
Powers George, Middlesex, house North, near Lawrence 
Powers Hannibal, overseer, Mass. house 46 Mass, Corporation 
Powers James, machinist, at Aldrich & Tyng's, b. at P. Gibby's 
Powers Joel, librarian, Mechanics' Hall, house Gorham, below 

Hale's Mills 
Powers John, Middlesex, boards at Samuel Gibbs's 
Powers John C. painter, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 
Powers John, painter, boards at Samuel Gibby's 
Powers John L. Boott, boards at Jona. Huntress's 
Powers Matthew, shoemaker, house Castles' Block, Church 
Powers Peter {Read ^ Poicers), house LaAvrence, n. Lowell 
Powers Richard, laborer, house Lowell 
Pratt George W. foundry, house 24 Worthen 
Pratt Joseph, Lowell, house Chapel, near Union 
Pratt Matthew C. Lowell Machine Shop, b. at Nancy Fogg's 
Pratt Melvina A. Mrs. house Merrill, foot of Abbott 
Pratt Samuel C, Rev. house Nesmith, near "VVyman 
Pratt Thomas, stair builder, house Rqck 
Pratt William S. Merrimac Print Works, h. 35 Merr. Corp. 
Pray John J. mason, house Alder [c. Carlton 

Preble Austin D. at Fiske & Norcross's, house Middlesex, 
Preble Ebenezer, house 9 Water 
Prentiss Alexander, baker, house Fayette 
Prentiss Benjamin, livery stable. E. Merrimap, r. City Hotel 
Prescott Abigail R. Mrs. boarding-h, 17 Suff. Corp. [Fogg's 
Prescott Augustus A. {S. S. Robinson 8^ Co.), boards at Horatio 
Prescott Augustus L. Boott, house 15 Boott Corporation 
Prescott Calvin L. Prescott, boards at J. Leeman's 
Prescott Candace Miss, dressmaker, 40 Central, house do. 
Prescott Charles, planemaker, 2 Green, house do. 
Prescott Dorothea E. Miss, boarding-house, 46 Prescott Corp. 


Prescott George W. Boott, house 23 Boott Corporation 
Prescott Henry A. ticket master, B. & L. R. R. new depot, 

house Franklin 
Prescott James, mason, boards atL. Person's 
Prescott James H. Boott, boards at J. Grain's 
Prescott Keziah S. Mrs. boarding-house, 33 Hamilton 
Prescott Mary, w^dow, house rear Union, near Central 
Prescott Samuel D. Bleachery, house do. [Gorhara 

Prescott William, provisions, city market, h. Thorndike, near 
Prescott William H. saloon, 82 Merrimac, b. at J. P. Kelton's 
Presho Charles, boards 8 Dodge [ley's 

Presho Isaac H. driver at I. Scripture & Go's, b. at J. L. Had- 
Presho Solomon, Suffolk, boards 8 Dodge 
Presho Sullivan, mason, house 8 Dodge 

Pressey Cyrus, at Brooks & Tyler's [rill's ct. 

Pressey Thomas W. constable, 61 Central, h. Chapel, c. Mer- 
Pressey W. E. machinist, boards at N. L. Fowler's 
Preston Asa, carpenter, house Paige 
Preston John C. teamster, boards at Charles Sperry's 
Preston Samuel W. at J. Keyes's, house Moody, n. Suffolk 
Priest Charles A. shoe store, Tilden, boards at W. Eaton's 
Priest George W. dry goods, &c. Suffolk, boards 13 do. 
Priest Henry W. variety goods, shop and house 2 Tilden 
Priest Mary," Mrs. house TO Boott 
Priest Nancy J. Mrs. house 20 Lawrence Corporation 
Prince Edward, Merrimac Print Works, b. at J. D. Prince's 
Prince Frederick, boards at J. D Prince's 
Prince James. Merrimac Print W. h. Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 
Prince John D. superintendent Merrimac Print Works, house 

Merrimac, near the Hospital 
Prince John D. Jr. ink & blacking, Moody, h. Merr. n. Decatur 
Prince Martha, Mrs. boarding-house, 9 Prescott Corporation 
Prince Robert Merrimac Print W h. Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 
Probert William, Boot, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 
Proctor Charles B. carpenter, house Gorham, corner Charles 
Proctor Esther, Mrs. boarding-house, 2 Merrimac Corporation 
Proctor Horace B. hairdresser, Merrimac House 
Proctor James, carpenter, Loudon court, house do. 
Proctor James IJ., L. M. Shop, house 12 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Proctor John S carpenter, house Howard, corner Chelmsford 
Proctor Jonas R. teamster, house Middlesex, n. Bangs's shop 
Proctor Seward N. carpenter, boards at James Proctor's 
Proctor William, boards at L. Wilson's [Corp. 

Proctor William B. cabinetmaker, 108 Central, boards 58 Mass. 
Proctor Willard E. carpenter, boards at James Proctor's 
Pry John, keeper of Poor House, Chelmsford 


Puffer Abio;ail,Mi'S- boarding-house, 14 Hamilton Corp. 
Puffer Asahel D., W. I. goods, e. Central and Gorham, house c. 

Central and Cady [Tyler, n. Lawrence 

Puffer {Farwell) & Howe {E. B), card factory, Market, house 
Puffer James F. {Smith, Puffer ^ Co.) 
Puffer Martin L. Bleachery, boards at H. N. "Welch's 
PuUen George W. watchman, Merrimac, b. 59 Merr. Corp. 
Pullen Hiram, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Pullen John, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Pulsifer Henry, Merrimac, house 38 Merrimac Corporation 
Pulsifer Hervey, at Brooks and Tyler's, house Appleton, near 

Purcell James, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Purcell Joseph, at Horace Howard's, h. Suffolk, near Fenwick 
Purdue Charles C. printer, boards-^t M. McCabe's 
Putnam Abraham, bobbin manuf. n. Butterfield, n. Fletcher 
Putnam (Adam) & Currier (John), soap and candle manuf. Len- 

ton, rear Charles, house Tyler, corner Lawrence 
Putnam Addison, clothing and furnishing goods, 2 American 

House Block, Central, house Lawrence, near Church st. 
Putnam Augustus A. clerk, 2 American House Block 
Putnam Edward, carpenter, h. Howard, Sovith of Chelmsford 
Putnam Emrilla K. widow, boarding-house, 92 Merrimac 
Putnam George G. carpenter, boards at F. Watson's 
Putnam George S Lowell Machine Shop, house Hanover 
Putnam Jacob D. agent N. E. P. U Div. 16, Middlesex, comer 

South, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Putnam Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house 5 Swamp Locks 
Putnam Perry, carpenter, house 18 North Franklin court 
Putnam Timothy T. Hamilton, house 22 Hamilton Corp. 
Putney John, house Tyler 

Putney Jonas K. overseer, house Cross, near School 
Putney Samuel, variety store, E. M*^rf. n. the Bridge, h. 46 do, 
Pyer Alfred, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Pyer Charles, Lawrence, boards at 45 Gabot 
Pyer William M. watchman, Merrimac, boards 59 Merr. Corp. 

QUIGLEY EDWARD, clothing store, Lowell, house do. 
Quigley Margaret, Mrs. house Howe, opposite Davidson 
Quimby Enoch, Tremont, house 18 Tremont Corporation 
Quimby E. S. Mrs. Select School, 15 Lee 
Quimby Sarah, boarding-house, 27 and 38 Boott 
Quinlun James H. Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Quinn Ann, Mrs. boarding-house. Green, near Central 
Quinn Ann, Mrs. house Dummer 
Quinn Heniy, laborer, house 25 Gorham 



Quinn James, blacksmith, house Union, near Central 
Quinn John, laborer, house 16 Adams's Block, Adams 
Quinn John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Quinn John, merchant tailor, Qi Central, house 7 Hurd 
Quinn Maurice, laborer, house 9 Adams Block, Adams 

Quinn , laborer, house Market, opposite L. Manuf. Co. 

Quinn Patrick, shoe-maker, house Gorham, opp. Appleton 

RACAO FREDERIC WILLIAM, machinist, at D. Lane's, 

boards at J. Taylor's 
Race Charles, shoemaker, house Branch, opp. School House 
RafFerty Francis, laborer, house 42 Appleton 
RafFerty John, Bleachery, boards at P. Rafferty's 
RafFerty Michael, laborer, house William 
Rafferty Patrick, Bleacherj, house Hale's Mills 
Ragan Cornelius, Carpet, Lowell, house Fenwick 
Ragan Daniel, Carpet, house Fenwick 
Ragan Ellen Mrs. house 21 Moody 
Rail Miles, Merrimac Print Works, house JeiFerson 
Rand Enoch S. at Tuck & Co's, house Moody 
Rand Hiram, laborer, boards at A. L. Brooks's 
Rand James H. architect, 48 Central, house Andover 
Rand (James H.) & Place (Isaac), sash and blind manuf. 

Mechanics' Mills 
Rand Patsy, city market, boards at Mrs. C. Bridge's 
Rand Ruth E. Mrs. boarding-house, 14 Appleton Corperation 
Rand Samuel, at Brooks and Tyler's, house Andover 
Randall Frank, painter, house 7 Lagrange court 
Randall Oren, Tremont, boards 28 Tremont Corporation 
Randlett Newell, at G. W. Norris's stable, house Oak 
Ranney Clark, stonelayer, house rear Dodge 
Ratcliff Fielden, shoernaker, boards at J. C. Cook's 
Ray David M. flour and grain, Market, house do 
Ray George G. Lowell M. Shop, boards at 6 Lowell place 
Ray Henry H. Lawrence, boards at 6 Lowell place 
Ray Jesse W. stonemason, house 42 Church 
Ray John T. teamster, house 6 Lowell place 
Ray Richard, foundry, house 22 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Ray William H. cabinet maker, house Oak 
Raynes Joseph, jewelry, 43 Central, house Lawrence 
Rea Charles W. carpenter, boards at H. S. Parker's 
Read Betsey & Hannah, Misses, boarding-h. 17 Merr. Corp. 
Read Calvin W. machinist, house Alder [house at Tewksbury 
Read (Elijah M.) & Powers (P.), masons, 38 Central, 
Read George G. stonecutter, house Forrest 
Read John H. Merrimack Print W. house 143 Merrimac Corp. 


Read Jonas H. bleachery, house Congress, near Gorham 

Read William, Carpet, boards 20 Lowell Corp, 

Reader E teamster, house Oak 

Ready Charles, laborer, house Lowell, corner Worthen 

Ready William, contractor, house Tremont, near Moody 

Reardon Lawrence, gardener, h. Duramer, cor. Mech'c 

Reardon Mary, dressmaker, house Gorham, near Union 

Reardon Patrick, laborer, house Castle's Block, Lowell 

Reardon Patrick, laborer, house near Fenwick 

Reardon Patrick, paper maker, house Gorham 

Record Israel, Lawrence, boards 45 Cabot 

Record Shepherd P. Lowell Machine Shop, b. at Colony H. 

Redford Thomas, hairdresser, 252 Merrimac, house do 

Redman John, Jr. file cutter, boards at 23 Franklin square 

Reed Alvin M. at J. Jenkins's, li. HoAvard, near Chelmsford 

Reed Edward E. Boott, boards at Orin Reed's 

Reed Frank, engraver. Merrimac Co. boards 111 Merrimac 

Feed George W. Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 

Reed Gordon, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 6 Lowell Corp. 

Reed John, Middlesex, boards at William Hughes's 

Reed Jonas, house n. Hale's Mills 

Reed Matthew, Tremont, boards at Mrs. E. Kendall's 

Reed Matthew, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Reed Orin, constable, 56 Central, house Paige 

Reed Ransom, house Tyler, corner George 

Reed Rufus, conductor, L. & L. R. R. h. Howard, above Ai'ch 

Reed Samuel, Bleachery, house do 

Reed Thomas, laborer, house Jefferson 

Reed Thomas U. house Keene 

Reed William, Lowell, h. 19 Lowell Corporation 

Reed William, overseer, Boott, house 77 Boott Corporation 

Reese Thomas, blacksmith, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 

Reeves Ezra, job wagon, boards at H. Jlock's 

Reeves William F. contractor, boards at Washington House 

Reid Thomas, carpet weaver, at John McDonald's, boards do 

Remick H. P. {Cheever <^ R.), botanic physician, 98 Merrimac, 

house 1 City Hall Avenue 
Rewald Merrimac, house rear Charles, opposite Chapel 
Reynolds Amasa N. Hamilton, house West Union, c. South 
Reynolds James, umbrella maker, house Worthen, c. Lowell 
Reynolds Mary, variety store and house, Howe 
Reynolds Richard, boards at R. Kitson's 
Reynolds Rodgers, Mrs. grocer, house Howe 
Reynolds Thomas, house Gorham, near Appleton 
Rhodes John, Middlesex, house 17 Hurd 
Rice Charles, at Moore & Cheney's, house Branch, n. Smith 

Rice Edward, house Fayette 

Rice Edward M. clerk, at Weaver & Brothers', house Central, 

near Elm 
Rice George W. Middlesex, boards 142 Central 
Rice Handerson I. at L. Gove's, house 6 Race 
Rice Henry M. & J. butchers, city market, house Central, 

near Elm 
Rice Jonathan {H. M. ^ J. Rice), house Elm, near Central 
Rice Lawson, boarding-house, East Merrimac, c. Fayette 
Rice Mary M. Mrs. house 49 Merrimac Corporation 
Rice Meriick (B. H. Shepard S^ Co.), h. Nesmith, n. Merrimac 
Rice Moses, Middlesex, house' 34 Hamilton 
Rice William A. tin plate worker, boards at W. Messer's 
Rich Allen, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Rich Henry, Merrimac, boards 3 Dodge 
Rich Henry W. laborer, boards at C. Pierce's 
Rich Proctor, carpenter, boards at Mrs. A. Nudd's 
Rich Reuben, boarding-house, 3 Dodge 
Richards John, Merrimac, house 57 Merrimac Corporation 
Richards Levi, Merrimac, house Tremont, near Merrimac 
Richards Luther, at 0. M. Whipple's, h. Andover, n. the bridge 
Richardson Abial G. carpenter, h. 147 Colburn [Underwood's 
Richardson Andrew, clerk, at M. Hemenway's b. at Mrs. P. 
Richardson Benj. mason, house Nesmith, corner East Merr. 
Richardson Benj. F. teamster, at H. Howard's, h. 7 Midx. pi. 
Richardson Bernice, at Day & Convers's. h. Chapel n. Mer. ct. 
Richardson Charles W. Lowell M. S. house 37 Worthen 
Richardson Charles, at Wm. Fiske's, house 14 Lagrange 
Richardson Daniel, laborer, boards at S. Adams's 
Richardson Daniel L. farmer, house Middlesex, c. Walker 
Richardson D. S. & Wm. A. coun. oo Central, house Kirk 
Richardson Elbridge G. Hamilton, house 10 Hamilton Corp, 
Richardson George F. student at law, oo Central, boards 27 do 
Richardson George, Lowell M. Shop, boards at H. S. Parker's 
Richardson Henry, Hamilton, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Richardson John'B. clerk, at H. Howard's, Prescott, house 4 
South Franklin court [near Thorndike 

Richardson Lewis B. broker, 102 Central, house Appleton, 
Richardson Mary & R. tailoresses, 100 Merrrimac 
Richardson Nathaniel S. house Elm 

Richardson Obadiah, Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Richardson {Oliver A.) & Co. {J. S. Moore), gunsmiths, Mid- 
dle, house do. 
Richardson Rhoda, dressmaker, 100 Merr' mac 
Richardson S. S. boards Washington House 
Richardson Sydney, mason, boards at O. Wyman's 


Richardson Thomas, Merrimac, b. 6 Lawrence Corp. [Corp. 
Richardson Thomas L. overseer, Lawrence, h. 47 Lawrence 
Richardson William, Merrimac Print W. h. Moody, c. Austin 
Richardson William, engineer, house High, near Chestnut 
Richardson William A. {D. S. &; W. A. Richardion), counsel- 
lors, 00 Central, house Kirk 
Richmond Alanson J. Avadding manuf. & ins. agent, 18 Apple- 
ton Block, house South, n. West Union 
Richmond Charles B. clerk P. O. Richmond's, house Ames 
Richmond Perez O. paper maker, Lawrence, b. Merrimac H. 
Ricker Aaron D. Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Ricker Alonzo, cigar maker, boards at T. U. Reed's 
Ricker Charles P. Courier Office, boards at W^illiam Ricker's 
Ricker Ebenezer, mason, house Chapel, near Merrill's court 
Ricker George, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
Ricker Thomas, gas works, b. at Mrs. S. Hubbard's [Alder 
Ricker William, sign painter. Middle, n. P. O. h. Bartlett, c. 
Ricker W'illiam, farmer, house George, corner William 
Riden Margaret Mrs. house Carter 
Ridlan Isaac, boards 24 Hurd 

Ridley Matthias, Lawrence, boards Ford, corner Austin 
Riley Andrew, house Winter 

Riley Ann, Mrs. washerwoman, h. Gorham, c. Putney's court 
Riley Charles, Middlesex, house High, near Chestnut 
Riley Francis, slater, Waugh's house Winter 
Riley Honora, Mrs. house rear Lowell 
Riley James, at T. Parker's livery stable 
Riley James, Bleachery, boards at P. Rafferty's 
Riley John, Merrimac Print W. house 2 Lewis 
Riley John, laborer, house Kcene 
Riley John, laborer, house Maiden Lane 
Riley John, house 44 Church 

Riley Mary, Mrs. house Market, opp., L. Manufacturing Co. 
Riley Michael, grocer, house Lowell 
Riley Michael, biborer, house Liberty 

Riley Morgan, laborer, house rear Gorham, opposite Union 
Riley Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 

Riley Patrick, Lowell M. Shop, house Theatre B. Lowell 
Riley Peter, laborer, house alley betw. Merrimac & Middle 
Riley Peter, laborer, house North, near Central 
Riley Philip, laborer, house Middle 
Riley Thomas, laborer, house Putney's court 
Ptiley Thoraas, laborer, house Sherman's Block, Lowell 
Riley Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, near Dummer 
Riley Thomas, laborer, house Gorham, near Winter 
Ring Dennis, laborer, house Jefferson square 


Ring Henry W, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. A. H. Dunham's 
Ring John, Prescott, house Howe 
Ripiey George, Massachusetts, boards at J. O. Hill's 
Ripley Thomas, Lowell, house Pine 

Ripley William, Tremont, house 1 Tremont Corporation 
Ripley William F. Tremont, boards at William Ripley's 
Risk Frederick, hairdresser, 31 Central, boards at C. S. Rugg's 
Ritchie James, house 35 Chapel 

Ritchie John, watchman, N. & L. R. R. h. 13 Franklin sq. 
Ritchie Joseph, teamster, boards at E. B. Cook's 
Ritchie Peter, teamster, boards at E. B. Cook's 
Ritchie Susan, Mrs. boards at L. Ferguson's 
Rix Benj. F. music teacher, b. High st. sq. atE. D. Leavitt's 
Rix Hiram, Lowell M. Shop, boards at William T. Coomes's 
Roach James, foundry, house Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 
Roach John, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 
Roach Patrick, laborer, house William 

Roark A. Mrs. h. Cummiskey's Block, b. Merr. and Lowell 
Roark Bridget, Mrs. house Lowell, corner Lewis 
Roark Francis, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at P. Short's 
Roark Henry, Appleton, boards at Davidson's 
Roark John, at Gushing & Mack's, h. r. Castle's B. Lowell 
Roark Mary, Mrs. house Fenwick 
Roark Michael, laborer, house Fen\Adck 
Roark Michael. Merrimac Print W h. Barker's B. Lowell 
Roark Miles, Middlesex, house William 
Roark Patrick, at J. F. Evans's, house William 
Roark Terrence, Lowell Machine Shop, house Duramer 
Robbins David, mason, house Chestnut 
Robbins David F. boards at David Robbins's 
Robbins Eliza, Mrs. boards 32 Lawrence Corporation 
Robbins Enoch, Lowell, boards at J. W. Luscomb's 
Robbins Gardiner F. musician, house Appleton, c. Garnet 
Robbins George, L. M. Shop, h. 36 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Robbins Horace T. Massachusetts, house 42 Mass. Corp. 
Robbins Jacob, boards at Mrs. C. Blanchard's 
Robbins John D. house Beacon, near Pawtucket 
Robbins Nathan, boarding-house, 3 Appleton Corporation 
Roberts Charles, Middlesex, house r. Water, n. Middlesex 
Roberts Eben A. Merrimac, house 65 Merrimac Corporation 
Roberts George W. miller, house Appleton, c. Thorndike 
Roberts John, at Brooks & Tyler's 
Roberts John L. boards at B. K. Parker's 
Roberts J. H. clerk, Boston & Lowell R. R. b. Merr. House 
Roberts Joshua, superintendent Boston & Lowell R. R. office 
at depot, Merrimac, boards at Merrimac House 


Roberts Julia P. variety and dressmaking, Middlesex, near 

Howard House 
Roberts Levi, wheelwright, Prescott, house Brown 
Roberts Thomas E., L. M. Shop, h. E. Merr. n. Pligh st. sq. 
Roberts William, shoemaker, Mansur Build'g, E. Merr. h. do. 
Roberts William, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 
Roberts William S. Mechanics' Mills, h. Middlesex, c. Howard 
Robinson Alexander H. paymaster, Appleton, h. Lawrence 
Robinson Benjamin, boarding-house, 9 Market 
Robinson Benjamin, Jr. carpenter, house Favor 
Robinson Benjamin W. house 59 Merrimac [Robinson's 

Robinson Broughton V. at Benj. Gnddard's, b. at Mrs. J. B. 
Robinson Charles, bookbinder, 2-i Central, h. Central, n. Elm 
Robinson Frederick W. bonnets, ribbons, and millinery goods, 

50 Merrimac, house Kirk, corner Lee 
Robinson George C. clerk, 50 Merrimac, house at Centralville 
Robinson George C. at Bleachery, boards at Wm. Stickney's 
Robinson James, Bleachery, house Walnut 
Robinson James, painter, Merrimac, house Tremont 
Robinson Jane, Mrs. house Grane 
Robinson Jesse L. job-wagon, house Carlton 
Robinson John P. counsellor, 3 Canal Block, h. at Centralville 
Robinson John S. clerk, at B. T. Hardy's, boards 13 Central 
Robinson Josiah, carpenter, Robinson, house do. 
Robinson Justus S. dry goods, house 25 Franklin square 
Robinson Leonard, stonecutter, house Butterfield, cor. School 
Robinson Samuel S. & Co. ( T. W. Jones &; A. A. Prescott), pro- 
prietors Granite Stone AVorks, and livery stable, Middle- 
sex, near Nashua R. R. depot, b. at J. L. Robinson's 
Robinson Samuel W. piano-forte maker, boards 77 Central 
Robinson Sullivan, powder mill, house Union, corner Central 
Robinson Washington F. painter, house Robinson 
Robinson W^illiam, Bleachery, house Gjarham, near Central 
Pi-obinson William, machinist, boards at Wm. Atherton's 
Robinson William S. piiblisher Lowell American, 23 Appleton 

Block, house 29 Chapel 
Roby Augustus, Merrimac, house 88 Merrimac Corporation 
Roby William, Lawrence, house 13 Lawrence Corporation 
Rock Edward, Middlesex, h. George, corner Green 
Rock Henry, Middlesex, house Union, near Central 
Rodliff Ferdinand, Hamilton, house 26 Hamilton Corporation 
Rogan Nancy, Mrs. house Russell's Block, Lowell 
Rogan Peter, copper-plate printer, boards at Mrs. N. Regan's 
Rogers Andrew, Hamilton, boards at N. Giness's 
Rogers Benjamin P. farmer, house High., near Nesmith 
Rogers David, livery stable, 136 Central, h. Central, op. Centre 


Rogjers David N. clerk, at Bent & Bush's 

Rogers Eunice, widow of Amos, house 26 Charles 

Rogers Francis D. (C. B. Rms &; Co.), boards James court 

Rogers Frederic, house Pine, corner School 

Rogers Henry B. ( WeUhir/ton &; R.), h. Lowell, opp. Whitney 

Rogers Jacob (/. F. ^ J. Rogers), boards 27 Central 

Rogers James, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 

Rogers Jemima, Mrs. house High 

Rogers J. F. at C. P. Talbot's, boards E. Merrimac, c. Fayette 

Rogers John {F. ^ J.), hard ware. Savings Bank Block, boards 

27 Central 
Rogers Joseph P. farmer, house High, near Nesmith 
Rogers Miller J. Appleton Corporation, h. 11 N. Franklin ct. 
Rogers Nathan D. at Bent & Bush's, b. at Mrs. M. A. Sanborn's 
Rogers Patrick, Lowell, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Rogers Rufus, overseer, Lawrence, house 69 Lawrence Corp. 
Rogers Thomas, laborer, house Lowell 
Rogers Zadock, farmer, house High, near Nesmith 
Rolf Abiel, station agent, Nashua and Lowell R. R. office 

freight depot, house Howard, near Arch 
Rolfe Isaac, boarding-house, Austin, corner Ford 
Rolfe Lvdia D. Mrs. house Cabot, corner Merrimac 
Rolfe Ovid D. farmer, boards Mrs. E. Rolfe's 
Rolfe Samuel, boards Cabot, corner Merrimac 
Rollins Benjamin B. Lowell M. Shop, house 5o Worthen 
Rollins David, moulder, boards at D B. Colby's 
Rollins Elijah, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Rollins Joel, house 13 South, near Winter 
Rollins John L. carpenter, boards at Mrs. A. Dame's 
Rollins Joshua D. Merrimac, boards 78 Merrimac Corporation 
Rollins Stanly, Merrimac, boards 109 Merrimac Corporation 
Roper Edward, overseer, Middlesex, house Andover, c. Water 
Roper Geortre, confectioner, 130 Merrimac, house Decatur, 

near Willow 
Roper George W. at A. B. French's, house Decatur 
Rose Alexander, museum, boards at A. Young's [Shop 

Rose Caleb H. laborer, house rear Middlesex, opp. Machine 
Rose Gilbert, Lawrence, boards at 46 Cabot 
Rose Maria, Mrs. dressmaker, shop and house Kirk 
Ross James, carpenter, boards at Mrs. S. Bagley's 
Ross Ozias, c?binet maker, Market, house do. 
Ross William, farmer, boards at E. O. Fifield's 
Rothwell John, painter, house Pleasant 
Roth well Thomas, Merrimac, house rear Hanover 
Roundy George C. paper manufacturer, 108 Central, house 

Gorham, nearly opposite Court House 


Rourk John, Middlesex, house Pine, corner School 

Rowe Charles, Middlesex, boards at J. A. Gerrish's 

Rowe Cyrus, Mass. boards at Mrs. David Simpson's 

Rowe Franklin, milkman, house "Willie 

Rowe George R. house Willow, near East Merrimac 

Rowe James, Merrimac, house 43 Merrimac Corporation 

Rowell Moses, contractor, L. M. Shop, house 20 Swamp Locks 

Rowland William, Middlesex, boards 31 Church 

Ruddy James, house 4 Winter 

Rugg Amos, paymaster, Prescott [Willow 

Rugg Carlisle S'. hairdresser, 31 Central, house Chestnut, near 

Rugg Chester W. music, umbrellas and trunks, 2 Canal Block, 

boards at R. H. Ferris 's 
Rugg Samuel S. Suffolk, house Moody, corner Race 
Ruggles Calvin P. at P. 0. Richmond's, house Chapel • 
Ruiter Frederick F. Appleton Corp. boards at N. Robbins's 
Rumney James, Boott, boards at R. Linney's 
Runals {Asa D.) & Churchill ( George IF.), botanic physicians, 

16 Merrimac, house Merrimac, corner Cabot 
Runals George, stonecutter, house School, c. Butterfield 
Runals Isaac R. Mass. boards at N. Saben's 
Runals {Robert K.) & Co. {J. W. Colbij), W. I. goods, Mer- 
rimac, corner Race, boards 8 Austin 
Runnels James, laborer, house Keene 
Russ Andrew J. proprietor R. R. Exchange, Middlesex 
Russ Charles B. & Co. {F. D. Roc/ers), W. I goods, East Mer- 
rimac, corner Howe, boards at J. Russ's 
Russ John, house East Merrimac, corner James court 
Russ Nathan, at Prentiss's stable, house 6 Water 
Russell Albert J. 6 Central, house 56 Church 
Russell Electa L. dressmaker, East Merrimac, near the Canal 
Russell Hiram, house 19 Church 
Russell Ira, Tremont, boards 3 Dodge • 
Russell James, Mrs. house Lowell, corner Cabot 
Russell James, Hamilton, house 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Russell James S. teacher High School, house Nesmith, near 
Andover [Nesmith 

Russell Joseph L. printer, 21 Central, house Merrimac, corner 
Russell Josiah, mason, house Central, near Centre 
Russell Luke, Suffolk, boards 10 Cabot 
Russell Maria L. millinery, 105 Merrimac, boards at Josiah 

Russell Mary, widow, house Middlesex, corner Pearl 
Russell Moses M. Suffolk, house 10 Cabot Block 
Russell Samuel P. carpenter, at T. C. Oilman's, house High, 
near Merrimac 

ii ~"~ 


Russell Sidney S. W. I. goods, Merrimac, corner Suffolk 

Ryan Barney, Hamilton, house North 

Ryan Catharine, Mrs. house Adams [Lowell 

Ryan Henry, Lowell Machine Shop, house Murphy's Block, 

Ryan John, house Winter 

Ryan John, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 

Ryan Joseph B. at Brooks & Tyler's 

Ryan Joseph B. boards at J. R. Proctor's 

Ryan Julia, Mrs. house Appleton House [son 

Ryan Margaret, Mrs. seamstress, house Short's Block, JefFer- 

Ryan Michael, laborer, house Adams 

Ryan Michael, laborer, house No. 1 Theatre Block, Lowell 

Ryan Michael W., W. I. goods, Suffolk, near Lowell 

Ryan Philip, LawTcnce, boards at Mrs. C. Ryan's 

Ryan Thomas, laborer, boards at Barney Lynch's 

Ryan Thomas, house Summer, near Gorham 

Ryerson Jane, Mrs. house Spring 

SABEN NATHANIEL, Mass. boarding-house, 60 Mass. Corp. 
Sadler John, Hamilton, house William 
Sage Thomas, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Salisbury Henry, agent, house North, corner Central 
Salmon Frank, paymaster, Lowell, boards at Mrs. Duesbury's 
Salmon William F. paymaster, Lowell Manufacturing Com- 
pany, boards at Mrs. C, Duesbury's 
Salter John, at Samuel Benson's, house 50 Church 
Sample Francis, Middlesex, house William 
Sampson John M. stonemason, house 5 Edgerly's court 
Sampson Nancy, Mrs. house Lowell, opposite Adams 
Sanborn Ambrose H. machinist, house 8 Lagrange court 
Sanborn Amos, jewellery and manufacturer of silver ware, 

21 Merrimac, house High, near East Merrimac 
Sanborn Caroline, Mrs. house 3 Union [Lagrange 

Sanborn Charles S. bobbin maker, house Fletcher, corner 
Sanborn Ebenezer G. Hamilton, house Marshall, n. Grand 
Sanborn Edward F. watchman, Hamilton & Appleton, house 

Appleton, corner Garnet 
Sanborn Edwin, Merrimac, house 41 Merrimac Corporation 
Sanborn Elon A. Mass. house 24 Massachusetts Corporation 
Sanborn E. K. physician, 162 Merrimac, b. 113 Merr. Corp. 
Sanborn George W. city watchman, boards 3 Lowell Corp. 
Sanborn Hannah, nurse, boards at R. R. Stacy's 
Sanborn Horace, bobbin maker, house 22 South Franklin ct. 
Sanborn I. C. baker, 257 Merrimac, house do. 
Sanborn Mary, nurse, house Central, near Crosby [Locks 

Sanborn Reuben P. Lowell Machine Shop, house 11 Swamp 


Sanborn Sarah D. Miss, boarding-house, 10 Prescott Corp. 

Sanborn Seth J. Lowell Machine Shop, h. Charles, near Gorham 

Sanborn Stephen C. Hamilton, house 18 Hamilton Corporation 

Sanborn True B. carpenter, house Gushing 

Sanborn William F. mason, house Clay, near Oak 

Sandborn Asa T. fire insurance agent, house 6 Austin 

Sanderson Charles, boards at E. Emery's 

Sands James, overseer, Appleton, house 9 Appleton Corp. 

Sanford Lewis P. Lowell C. R. boards at Mrs, M. Sanford's 

Sanford Maria A. Mrs. house Willow, near East Merrimac 

Santry Daniel, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Santry James, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Santry John, laborer, house Lowell 

Santry Michael, Locks and Canals, h. Lowell, corner Suffolk 

Sargeant Benjamin G. bookseller and stationer, 39 Central, 

boards at Joseph Tapley's [mac House 

Sargeant Samuel D. paymaster, Middlesex, boards at Merri- 
Sargent Aaron, Lowell Machine Shop, h. c. Summer & South 
Sargent Alhenant W. Boott, house 42 Boott Corporation 
Sargent Charles G. overseer, Lowell, house west side School 
Sargent Curtis B. Prescott, h. East Merrimac, n. High st. sq. 
Sargent Daniel M. reed maker, at J. F. Gage's, b. L. Witcher's 
Sargent {EhenD.) & Wiggin {A.), fish, 23 city market, house 

16 Chapel 
Sargent E. M. Boston Express office, Lowell depot, house 

Summer, n. Davis 
Sargent Ezekiel H. clerk at Carleton & Hovey's, boards 19 

Hamilton Corporation 
Sargent Frederick, Boston Express, boards at E. M. Sargent's 
Sargent Frederick W. {Burbaiik, Chase 8^ Co.), house Lee 
Sargent George, Lowell, boards at Mrs. ^. Brigham's 
Sargent Henry, saddler, b. at Jane S. McKenzie's [zie's 

Sargent Henry W. harness maker, boards at Mrs. J. McKen- 
Sargent Isaac, Merrimac, house 120 Merrimac Corporation 
Sargent John, Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. Brigham's 
Sargent John C. Appleton, boards at H. A. Abbott's 
Sargent Levi, teamster, boards at 14 Swamp Locks 
Sargent Mary P. house Merrill, foot of Abbott 
Sargent Naomi, Mrs. house west side of School 
Sargent S. D. paymaster, Middlesex, boards Merrimac House 
Sargent Stephen P. Treraont, house 39 Tremont Corporation 
Sargent Sylvester H. house South, corner West Union 
Saunders Artemas F. Middlesex, house Cedar 
Saunders Joel, at Rufus Cheeney's, house rear Paige 
Saunders Mary A. Mrs. house Middlesex, opposite Steam 

Machine Shop 


Saunders Thomas, Boott, boards at T. Lovett's 
Saunders Thomas, at Moore & Cheney's, h. Pine, c. School 
Savage Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 74 S. L. Mechanic 
Savage Simeon, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 

46 Swamp Locks, Worthen [house do. 

Savory Charles A. physician. Kirk, nearly opposite Paige, 
Sawin Mark, boards 79 Merrimac 
Sawtell Calvin, machinist, boards at 168 Mechanic 
Sawtell George F, overseer, Boott, house 17 Boott Corp. 
Sawtell Henry I. Lowell Machine Shop, 38 Swamp Locks, 

Sawtell John, Boott, house 16 Mass. Corporation 
Sawtell John N. house 38 Hamilton Corporation 
Sawtell Josiah, carpenter. School, house do. 
Sawtell Josiah A. carpenter, house near School 
Sawtell Sextus, pianist, boards at J. Sawtell's 
Sawtell William H. overseer, Suffolk, house 10 Cabot Block 
Sawyer Charles, Suffolk, house 1 Cabot 
Sawyer Daniel, carpenter, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 
Sawyer Josiah, Hamilton Corporation, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Sawyer Levi, Lawrence, house 19 Lawrence Corporation 
Sawyer Silas, Lawrence, boards at 3 Dodge 
Saxton Alexander, flannel mills, house Chestnut, near High, 
Saxton Mary, Mrs. house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Sayles Ezekiel, Bleachery, house Lawrence 
Sayles Nancy, Mrs. boarding-house, 115 Merrimac Corp. 
Scadding Aaron, at Day & Converse's, house Lawrence 
Scafe George, laborer, house rear John 
Scales Aaron, Lawrence, house 30 Lawrence Corporation 
Scales Charles, laborer, house rear Lowell 
Scales Francis, foundry, house rear Dummer 
Scales True, mason, at J. B. Tattle's, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Scannin Maurice, laborer, house Adams 
Schellenger, Henry, mason, boards at O. Wyman's 
Schlieper, Adolphus, chemist, Lowell, b. at Mrs. C. Duesbury's 
Schnabel Philip, carpenter, house Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 
Schofield John, Lowell, house Carpet lane 
Scholfield John F. boards at Hosea Smith's 
SchoUar Harmon M. Mass. boards at Mrs. J. Lufkin's 
Scobey Jane D. Mrs. house Merrimac, near Cabot 
Scolley John, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Scolley William, Merrimac, house Fenwick, near Suffolk 
Scotchburn Francis B. ropemaker, house Gorham, n. Central 
Scotchburn Thomas, ropemaker, house Central, c. Chapel 
Scotchburn Thomas, Jr. ropemaker, boards at T. Scotchburn's 
Scott Alfred, boarding-stable, Middlesex, near depot 


Scott Elhanan W, machinist and pattern maker, Middle, 

house Mount Vernon, Centralville 
Scott James, shoemaker, house Keene [Corp. 

Scott Rufus P. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 13o Merrimac 
Scott Sarah, Mrs. house 14 North Franklin court 
Scott Thomas, laborer, house Keene 

Scott Thomas, Middlesex, house Pleasant, near Andover 
Scribner Abraham, boards at C. C. Andrews's 
Scribner Isaac W. physician and apothecary, Merrimac, c. 

Hanover, boards at Merrimac House 
Scribner Louisa, Miss, boarding-house, 6 Law-rence Corp. 
Scribner Reuben, Merrimac, boards 92 Merrimac Corporation 
Scripture Andi-ew J. driver, at Trow & Kelley's 
Scripture Isaac & Co. (1. F. Scripture), bakers. Central, Chapel 

hill, house Central, corner Centre 
Scripture Isaac F. {Isaac Scripture ^ Co.), house Elm 
Searle Edwin T., B. and L. R. R. house Walnut 
Searle Frederick N. Middlesex, house Union, corner Central 
Searle John, shoemaker, house 2 Garnet 
Sears Joseph L. carpenter, boards at L. Button's 
Seaver Charles, saw filer, 15 Cabot, house do. 
Seaver Lewis H. Merrimac, house 40 Merrimac Corporation 
Seaver Thomas, Suffolk, house 16 Cabot 

Seaver Warren, house 4 Lowell place [c. Howard 

Seaver William, Boston and Lowell R. R. house Middlesex, 
Seaver William Jr. at Fiske & Norcross's, house 14 Middlesex 
Seavey Hiram, Middlesex, boards at 6u Chiirch 
Seavey Joseph, at Stott's Mills, house Water 
Seavey Stephen S. merchant, boards at Merrimac House 
Sellingham A. G. salesman at Shapley & Farrington's, boards 

at N. L. Fowler's 
Semple Archibald, Suffolk, boards at 22 Race 
Semple James, Boott, house 22 SufFoJk Corporation. 
Sewall Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house Water 
Sexton Bridget, widow, house North 

Sexton Edmund, Mass. house Davidson lane [Corp. 

Shackford George S. clerk at B. T. Hardy's, boards 75 Boott 
Shales Ellen, boarding-house, Green 
Shandley James, brewer, house Union, opposite Chapel 
Shandley John, laborer, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Shandley John Jr. laborer, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Shandley Michael, Merrimac Print Works, house Castle's 

Block, Lowell 
Shandley Peter, laborer, house Putney's court 
Shannahan Mary, Mrs. house Fenwick 
Shannon Charles O. spinner, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 


Shapleigh Elisha B. physician, office 18 Hurd, boards do. 
Shaplei'gh {Samuel C.) & Farrington {D. W. C), auctioneers 
and commission merchants, Commercial square, house 
Kirk, opposite Paige 
Sharpies Charles, painter, house 6 Tilden 
Sharpies James, house Hanover 

Shattuck George W. teacher, house Lowell, near Hospital 
Shattuck Horace B. {Burbank, Chase, S^ Co.), house Marion, 

corner Lagrange 
Shattuck Jesse, stonemason, house Abbott 
Shattuck Sewall, merchant tailor, 5 Williams Block, house 

Bartlett, near Alder 
Shattuck Thomas, house Winter [Turner's 

Shattuck Tyler M. at Gage & Wheeler's, boards at W. H. 
Shaw Adrian, bung manufacturer, 17 Market, house Merrimac, 

opposite Ash 
Shaw Francis, foundry, Jackson, house Smith 
Shaw Jackson, boards atH. Hanson's [Wamesit 

Shaw Jacob N. foundry, Jackson, house Lawrence, near 
Shaw Lorenzo L. overseer, Mass. house 37 Prescott Corp. 
Shaw Richard P. teamster, house Charles 
Shaw Sally, Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Lowell Corporation 
Shaw Thomas S. Lowell Machine Shop, h. 39 Swamp Locks 
Shaw William, Lawrence, house Hanover 
Shay Daniel, laborer, house Adams 
Shay Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell, near Dummer 
Shay Jeremiah, Nashua depot, house Sutiolk, corner Cross 
Shea Jeremiah, brakeman, Stony Brook ,R. R. house Cross, 

corner Suffolk 
Shea John, laborer, house Howe 

Shea Thomas, carpenter, house 15 East Merrimac [coui't 

Shed Calvin, carpenter, house East Merrimac, opposite James 
Shed Edwin L. constable, 67 Central, h. Tyler, c. Lawrence 
Shed George W. at O. M. Whipple's, house Lawrence 
Shed Hosley, house East Merrimac, opposite James court 
Shed John," house High, near Andover 

Shed Varnum A. overseer, Lawrence, house 57 La^vrence Corp. 
Shed Zaccheus, city marshal, coroner and constable, 67 Cen- 
tral, house Gorham, near Summer 
Sheldon Abial W. LaAvrence, house 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Sheldon Charles B. mason, boards at J. Phelps's 
Sheldon John R. stonecutter, boards at J. Phelps's 
Sheldon Nancy, widow of Ezra, house Howard 
Shepard Benjamin H. & Co. {M. Rice), umbrellas, &c. 77 Mer- 
rimac, boards at G. F. Robbins's [mac 
Shepard Noah, at W. T. Whitten & Co's, house East Merri- 


Shepherd Benjamin, at Stott's Mills, boards at R. Shepherd's 
Shepherd Jacob, blacksmith, house r. Central, near Crosby- 
Shepherd Jacob, blacksmith, at Gage & Wheeler's, h. Prospect 
Shepherd Nancy, Mrs. boarding-house, 140 Merriraac Corp. 
Shepherd Nathaniel B. Tremont, house 3 Castle's Bl'k, Dodge 
Shepherd Robert, house Water 

Shepherd William, at J. B. Eaton's, house Marshall 
Sheppard Edwin, proprietor Park Garden, Chestnut, corner 

Nesmith, house Andover, nearly opposite Clay 
Sheppard Isaac, wire maker. Liberty, house do. 
Sheridan Edward, blacksmith, house Adams 
Sheridan John, grocer, Gotham, opposite Appleton 
Sheridan Owen, spinner, at Roger Lang's 
Sheridan Robert, Lawrence, house Cross 
Sheridan Terence, W. I. goods, Lowell, house do. 
Sherlock Edward, harness maker, house c. Cross and Suffolk 
Sherlock John, carpenter, house Cross 

Sherman Aaron H. overseer, Lowell, house High st. square 
Sherman Charles A. clerk, Appleton Bank, boards at Matthias 

Sherman Edward, Tremont, house 15 Tremont Corporation 
Sherman Edward F. counsellor, Wentworth's Block, boards 

at Edward Sherman's, 15 Tremont 
Sherman William F. overseer, Middlesex, boards 37 Church 
Sherman William W. clerk, Lowell M. Shop, h. 3 Button 
Sherry James, Merrimac, house Jefferson 
Sherwell Jesse, harness maker, boards 5 Lagrange court 
Sherwin George, Hamilton, house Moody, corner Cabot 
Sherwood Ludba, Hamilton, house Abbott 
Shields Michael, Merrimac, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Shields Thomas, at D. R. Kimball's, house Dummer 
Shipley Sarah, Mrs. boards at P. Fuller's 
Shipman Royal M. Boston and Lowell R. R. h. Marshall 
Shirley Charles, job wagon, house East Pine 
Shirley George, Merrimac, boards at William Brooks's 
Shirley James H. moulder, at Nichols & Stuart's, h. 5 Merr. ct. 
Shirley John, Merrimac, Print Works, b. at S. W. Preston's 
Shirley Samuel H. printer, Courier office, boards D. W. Cole's 
Shores Luther W. machinist, house 51 Church 
Shores Stephen, house 40 Church (der's 

Shorey John, cabmet maker, 7 Central, boards at R. Bachel- 
Shorey John, Appleton, boards at B. Hatch's 
Shorey Peter, laborer, hoiise Davidson 
Short Charles N. house Lewis, near Jefferson 
Short James, at J. Siner's, boards at Foster Brown's 
Short Josiah E. conductor Boston and L. R. R. h. Grand 


Short J. Emerson Jr. clerk at Nashua freight depot, boards 

at J. Short's 
Short Mary, Mrs. house Gorham, near Appleton 
Short Patrick, house Gorham, near Appleton 
Short William, ostler, boards at J. Hadley's [sex pi. 

Short William P. conductor Boston and L. R. R. h. 11 Middle- 
ShurtliiT Amasa, teamster, boards at Wm. McFarlin's 
Shute Alonzo, Appleton, house Lawrence, corner Richmond 
Shute Jane, worsted store, 67 Merrimac, b. 6 Mass. Corp. 
Shute Michael, carpenter, house Lawrence, corner Richmond 
Sias Chester, foundry, house Common 
Sias Oilman, Boott, boards at Mrs. ^. Brigham's 
Sidebottom John, Merrimac, boards at J. Hartson's 
Silver Amos, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 73 Mechanic 
Silver Elvira, Mrs. boarding-house, o Mass. Corporation 
Silver Frederick A. Boston and L. R. R. b. at Mrs. E. Silver's 
Silver William, painter, boards at George Huse's [c. Pearl 

Simmons William H. Lowell Machine Shop, boards Middlesex, 
Simonds Arad, Tremont, house Lowell, opposite Willie 
Simonds Daniel H. boards at A. Merriam's 
Simonds Elizabeth, Mrs. house Chestnut, corner Willow 
Simonds Joseph, Lawrence, house 62 Lawrence Corporation 
Simonds Samuel B. bookseller, 71 Merrimac, boards at Mrs. 

E. Simonds's 
Simonds William C. Lawrence, house 21 Lawrence Corporation 
Simpkins William, Middlesex, house Clay 
Simpson Andrew J. daguerreotypist, Wyman's Exchange, h. 

East Merrimac, corner Willow 
Simpson David, Mrs. boarding-house, 30 Mass. Corporation 
Simpson Hiram W. Middlesex, house Union, near Central 
Simpson John, machinist, Dutton, house Charles, n. Lawrence 
Simpson John G. Prescott, house 8 Mass. Corporation 
Simpson Joseph L. machinist, house Chelmsford, n. Liberty 
Simpson Reuben, Commercial House, Lowell 
Simpson Samuel A. Mass. house 26 Prescott Corporation 
Simpson Thomas, house Liberty, corner Chelmsford 
Sims Daniel, cordwainer. boards at 170^ Merrimac 
Sims Nehemiah, baker, Gorham, near Putney's court 
Sinclair Daniel H. watchman, Lowell, house 7 Lowell Corp. 
Siner James, carpet manufacturer, Whipple's Mills, house 

Central, near Wamesit 
Sissnn Rodolphus W. apothecary, 79 Central, house Fayette 
Skelton Benjamin, physician, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Skillings David G. {Lo^o ^ S.), boards at L. Howe's 
Skinner Abner, Middlesex, boarding-house, HI Merrimac st. 
Skinner David, tailor, house Lowell 


Skinner Hannah Miss, tailoress, house Gorham 

Skinner Sarah, Mrs. house Gorham 

Slack Betsey, Mrs. house 34 Church 

Slade John, laborer, house rear Pleasant 

Slattery Ellen, Mrs. house Quigley's Block, Lowell 

Slattery John, shoemaker, Gorham, corner Dummer, h. do. 

Slattery Michael, laborer, house rear Winter, near Davis 

Slavin Ann, Mrs. house Lowell, near Dummer 

Slavin Morris, laborer, house Gorham, near Central 

Sleeper Margaret, Mrs. house 31 Church 

Sleeper Nathan S. carpenter, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Sleeper W. Mass. boards at Jacob Leeman's 

Small Robert, Boott, boards at D. Parker's 

Small "William F. gas pipe layer, boards at L. Howe's 

Small William P. machinist, h. 3 Aldrich Block, Middlesex st. 

Smalley Abby E. dressmaker, 19 Merrimac, boards at Dr. W. 

Smart Mary, Mrs. house corner Union and Chapel 
Smiley Robert, shoemaker, house Merrimac, near Austin 
Smiley Robert, laborer, house Middle 
Smiley S. at I. W. & D. Bangs's, house Garnet 
Smith Aaron, blacksmith, house Middlesex, near Fletcher 
Smith Alfred C. boards at 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Smith Alonzo N. book-agent, house 2 Cady 
Smith Amasa, Wetherbee's Saloon, house at Centralville 
Smith Andrew, Hamilton Print Works, house 4 Cady 
Smith Aurelia N. Mrs, boarding-house, 25 Applet on Corp. 
Smith Barnard, Bleachery, house 3 Bay State avenue 
Smith Barney, laborer, house Lowell, near Dummer 
Smith Benjamin, house Winter 

Smith Betsey, Mrs. house Appleton, corner Gorham 
Smith Catharine, house over Russ' store, East Merrimac 
Smith Charles, overseer, Tremont, heuse Race 
Smith Charles W. Mass. boards at Mrs. D. Simpson's 
Smith Charles, Middlesex, boards at 144 Central 
Smith Christopher, laborer, boards at Samuel Gibby's 
Smith Daniel, Lowell, house rear Lawrence, near Cady 
Smith Daniel T. {Dresser ^ Smith), b. at Washington House 
Smith Darius, overseer Lowell Machine Shop, h. at Tewksbury 
Smith Dorcas, Mrs. house Fayette, corner Andover 
Smith Dudley H. boarding house, -59 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith Edward W. roll coverer, boards 300 Merrimac 
Smith Elbridge, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. D. Smith's 
Smith Ezra, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at A. H. Dunham's 
Smith Francis, shoemaker, Paige, near John, b. at E. Adams's 
Smith Francis, carpenter, house Cross, corner Marion 


Smith George, stone mason, house Theatre Block, Lowell 
Smith George (J. «§■ G. Smit)i), boards at John Smith's 
Smith (Gcorr/e C.) 8c Meadowcroft (./.)> screwbolt manufac- 
tory, Whipple's Mills, house Floyd [Gorham 
Smith George W. at Aldrich ^Tyng, & Go's, h. Summer, near 
Smith George W. Lowell M. Shop, boards 216 Merrimac 
Smith Grace, Mrs, house Everett 

Smith Henry, B. & L. Repair Shop, h. Middlesex, cor. Garnet 
Smith {Henri/}, Nichols (G. iV^.), & Co. {N. CuHis), country 

produce Market, house Moody, corner Hanover 
Smith Henry H. machinist, at Aldrich, Tyng & Go's, boards at 

G. W: Smith's 
Smith Henry H. clerk, Central, cor. Gorham, b. Hosea Smith's 
Smith Hosea, boarding house, 54 Church 

Smith Isabella, Mrs. widow, h. Market, op. Lowell Mang. Co. 
Smith J. Boott, boards at D. Parker's 
Smith Jacob, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith James, carpenter, house Aiiburn 
Smith James, machinist, boards at Mrs. P. Hill's 
Smith James, laborer, house Cummiskey's Block, Lowell 
Smith James, Merrimack, house 101 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith James B. oysters, Cabot, cor. Merrimac, house Lowell 
Smith James C. baker, house Pawtucket, corner Lowell 
Smith James William, boards at John Smith's, Middlesex 
Smith Jeremiah, teamster, boards at William McFarlin's 
Smith Joel, jr. restorator, Lowell, c. Button, b. at F. Turner's 
Smith Joel, Merrimac Print Works, boards 135 Merrimac Corp. 
Smith John, laborer, house Gorham, near Applelon 
Smith John, fruit and vegetables, Andover, n. Water, house 

Water, near Andover 
Smith John, pedler, boards at Washington House 
Smith John, laborer, boards 208 Merrimac 
Smith John, carpenter, house Middlesex, corner Pearl 
Smith John, soap boiler, Middlesex, house do. above Walker 
Smith John & George, dry goods, 294 Merrimac, L. Russell's 

Block, Lowell 
Smith John, Boott, boards at R. P. Hardy's 
Smith John C. Merrimac, house 83 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith John F. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at C. H. Rose's 
Smith John R. shoemaker, 110 Merrimac, h. Walker, cor. 

Smith John W. Merrimac, house 26 Men-imac Corporation 
Smith Joseph, foundry, Jackson, boards R. S. Ferris's 
Smith Joseph, Boott, boards at Mrs, C, C, Vance's 
Smith Joseph F. machinist, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 
Smith Josiah, Mrs. house Pine 


Smith Josiah L. at A. & T. T. French's, h. School, n. Liberty 
Smith Justus S. blacksmith, house 8 Austin 
Smith Kilburn, musician, 29 Appleton Bl. h. Union, n. Gorham 
Smith Luther, Livingston's grist mill, h. Middlesex, n. marble 

Smith Manuel B. carpenter, house Marshall, corner Mclntire 
Smith Margaret, Mrs. house Water 

Smith Martin Luther, Massachusetts, h. 63 Mass. Corporation 
Smith Mary, Mrs. house Howe 
Smith Mary C. Mrs. house 37 Church 
Smith Mary M. widow, house "West Union 
Smith Miles, overseer card room, house 14 Appleton 
Smith Morrill P. Middlesex, house Cady 
Smith Nancy A. Mrs. house Appleton, opposite Garnet 
Smith Orlando, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. R. Wood's 
Smith Otis F. clerk Post Office, boards at L. Whitney's 
Smith Owen, laborer, house Middle 

Smith Owen, laborer, house Howe [Burnap's 

Smith O. Pomroy, clerk at Burnap & Woodward's, boards at E. 
Smith Patrick, Merrimac Print Works, house Dummer 
Smith Pelatiah, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Smith Philip, at N. Crichett's, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Smith Richard, variety store, 198 Merrimac, h. do. 
Smith Richard, Merrimac, house 117 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith Robert, blacksmith, h. LoAvell, opp. N. G. School House 
Smith (Rohert IF".), Puffer {James F.), & Co. {Geo>ye Offutt), 

furniture and feathers. Button, corner Lowell 
Smith Salome, Mrs. widow, house Pine 
Smith Samuel C. steam mill, boards at Nancy A. Smith's 
Smith Sarah D. widow, house 40 Chapel 
Smith Simeon F. variety store, 81 Central, house Water 
Smith Simon O. & Co. (J. P. J(??r(:Y/), apothecary, Merrimac, c. 

Suffolk, house Race, near Merrimac 
Smith Stephen B. carpenter, house Willie, near Lowell 
Smith Thomas, Merrimac, house Dummer 
Smith Thomas, Hamilton, boards at F. Hay den's 
Smith Thomas B. carpenter, house HE. Merrimac 
Smith Thomas T). & Patterson, copper roller engraver, Hamil- 
ton, house Lagrange, corner Suffolk 
Smith Warren F, boarding house, 6 Prescott 
Smith William, laborer, John street avenue 
Smith William, coun. 1 Welles's Block, house Centralville 
Smith William B. house 18 Middlesex 
Smith William H. Massachusetts, house 29 Mass. Corp. 
Smith William M. supt. of streets, house Branch, cor. Smith 
Smith William W. Lowell, boards at Hosea Smith's 


Smothers Jonathan, Merrimac Print Works, h. 64Mer. Corp. 

Snell Everett, shoemaker. Liberty, house do 

Snell George W. Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corp. 

Snell James E. boards at W. E. Snell's 

Snell Orlando, carpenter, house Chestnut, near Ash 

Snell William E. boarding house, 59 Massachusetts Corp. 

Snow Benjamin, Boott, boards at Mrs. S. Nye's 

Snow Benjamin, overseer, hotise rear Gorham, n. Thorndike 

Snow Harvey, machinist, Market, house Gorham, cor. Auburn 

Snow Mahlon, farmer, house 6 Merrill's court 

Snow {Stephen T.) & Wilder (E. F.), stove dealers, copper & 

sheet iron workers, 141 Central, h. Union, n. Gorham 
Somers John, painter, b. at Wm. Sweetser's 
Somes AVilliam, baker, at J. Mayer's, h. Paige, near Bridge 
Soothill Thomas, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. C. C. Vance's 
Soule George, Middlesex, boards at N. C. Blaisdell's 
Soule Sophia, Mrs. dressmaker, 198 Merrimac, h. do. 
Soule Susan, Mrs. boards at 52 Worthen 
Southwick John R. Tremont, house 32 TremontCorp. 
Southwick Royal, agent Wilton Manuf. Co. h. Lowell, near 

Southworth Lawrence, paper stainer, at H. Hunsworth's 
Southworth William S. agent Lawrence Corp. h. Merrimac, n. 

Hospital [House 

Spafford Benjamin F. jr. Johnson & Co's Express, b. American 
Spalding {Aljjheus) & 'Wait {D. S.), fruit and vegetables, city 

market, h. Willow, near E. Merrimac 
Spalding Amasa M. railroad, house Cushing, near Willie 
Spalding Charles, stone mason, boards 96 Central 
Spalding Haskell, house E. Merrimac, opposite James court 
Spalding (Ira) & Page {Jonathan), carpenters, Lenton, house 

Central, corner Mill 
Spalding Joel, phy'n. 4 Welles's Block, b. Jonathan Spalding's 
Spalding John H. at A. B. Buttrick & Co's, b. at Chas. Way's 
Spalding Jonas, clerk, boards at Mrs. S. A. Ford's 
Spalding Jonathan, farmer, house Pawtucket, cor. School 
Spalding Noah, farmer, house Liberty 
Spalding Sydney, farmer, house Middlesex, near Walker 
Spalding W. C. writing-master, house AVillow, near Chestnut 
Spalding AVeld, house Central, corner Centre 
Spalding William P. farmer, house Parker 
Spalding William W., B. & L. R. R. boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Sparford William, Lawrence, boards 45 Cabot 
Spaulding Almira W. clerk Ladies' P. U. store, 18 Central 
Spear William A. carpenter, boards Wm. Chenery's 
Spears James, carpenter, house 18 Lowell Corporation 


Spencer Edward, laborer, house Lowell 

Spencer Ethan N. clerk, 8 Central, b. at Dr. G. L. Harris's 

Spencer Geo. W. Middlesex, boards at N. G. Lyford's 

Spencer Johanna, Mrs. house Lowell 

Spencer William, superintendent, Hamilton Print "Works, h. 

Appleton, near Gorham 
Sperry Charles, teamster, house Somerset, corner Queen 
Sperry Charles, Jr. Suffolk, boards at R. S. Watkins's 
Spiller James W. carpenter, house Fletcher, near Varney 
Spoflford Abram, at Putnam & Currier's, h. rear Central, opp. 

SpofFord Charles, boarding house, 62 Merrimac Corporation 
SpofFord David, clerk, 1 Appleton Bl. boards at F. A. Spofford's 
Spofford Frederick A. Boott, house 63 Boott Corporation 
SpofFord Moses, clerk, 1 Appleton Bl. h. at Fifth st. Centralville 
SpofFord William, Hamilton Corporation, boards atC. C. Hall's 
Sprague Henry D. wheelwright, h. 296 Merrimac 
Sprague Henry E. at H. Streeter's, boards at Howard House 
Sprague N. Mrs. house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Sprague Thomas, L. M. Shop, h. Howard, near Chelmsford 
Springer James F. teamster, house 17 Franklin square 
Springer William, at Fiske & Norcross', boards Tremont Ho. 
Sprowl William, at Fiske & Norcross's 

Stacey Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 4 Lyman [Davidson 

Stacey Rufus R. {Cheneij ^ S.), house East Merrimac, corner 
Stacey Seth S. SufFolk, boards at Mary Stacey's 
Stackpole Samuel, Middlesex, boards 52 Church 
Stacy Lucian P. hats, clothing and furnishing goods, 33 Cen- 
tral, boards at American House 
Stacy Olive, dressmaker. East Merrimac, near Canal 

Stacy ', boards at B. Robinson's 

Stafford William, overseer, Hamilton, house 1 Hamilton Corp. 
Stanchfield Mrs. T. house High, corner East Merrimac 
Stanford Wrantslow, Merrimac, h. 70 Merr. Corp. [Burnham's 
Staniels Edward A. apothecary, 99 Central, boards at Dr. W. 
Staniels Edward L. apothecary, Merrimac, corner Central, 

basement third Universalist church, h. at Centralville 
Stanley George W. Mass. house 15 Mass. Corporation 
Stanley Phineas, Merrimac, house 172 Merrimac Corporation 
Stanley Stephen T. Merrimac, house 161 Merrimac Corp. 
Stanton Henry B. at D. Dana's, house at Chelmsford 
Stanwood Charles, clerk, 94 Merrimac, b. Mrs. H. Stanwood's 
Stanw^ood Hannah, Mrs. house Garham, corner Elm 
Stanwood Richard L. at O. L. Allen's, house East Merrimac, 

near High st. square 
Stanwood Samuel H. carpenter, house 31 Charles 


Stanwood William E. mason, house "Walnut 
Staples Benjamin L. mason, house Franklin 
Staples James, Middlesex, boards at J. A. Gerrish's 
Staples Nathaniel T. mason, house Willie, near Fletcher 
Staples Orson A. {Pierce ^ Staples), house Ford, near Austin 
Staples Robert, at Fiske, Norcross & Go's, boards 3 Queen 
Staples Theodore, Boott, house 9 Boott Corporation 
Starbird Amos D. Merrimac, boards 73 Mcrrimac Corporation 
Starbird James, Boott, house 39 Boott Corporation 
Starbird Moses, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Starbird Samuel, Merrimac, boards at 80 Merrimac Corp. 
Stark Ethan A. overseer, Middlesex, h. Middlesex, c. South 
Stark Oliver H. watchman, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corp. 
Starkey William, bootmaker, boards at David Lamb's 
Starret John, Merrimac, house 78 Merrimac Corporation 
Staten Matthew, Merrimac, boards at M. Carter's 
St. Clair Collins, boiler maker, house Garnet 
St. Clair David N. at D. Kittrcdge's, boards atS. B. Dodge's 
Stearns Amos, laborer, house Carter [ette 

Stearns Catharine, Mrs. milliner, 92 Merrimac, house Fay- 
Stearns Charles, Merrimac, house 177 Merrimac Corporation 
Stearns Charles W., W. I. goods, Moody,*b . 177 Mer. Corp. 
Stearns Daniel, house Church, near Central 
Stearns Elizabeth, Mrs. house 14 Appleton 
Stearns Erastus, carpenter, house Fayette 
Stearns Horace, carpenter, house 4 Bay State avenue 
Stearns John, shoemaker, at J. Austin's, b. at B. Robinson's 
Stearns John A. painter, house 23 Suffolk Corporation 
Stearns John W. shoemaker, 62 Merrimac 
Stearns Lewis, Middlesex, boards at N. Stearns's [Harrison 
Stearns Nathaniel, overseer, Middlesex, house Andover, opp. 
Stearns Roswell, laborer, house Moody, near Tremont [ton's 
Stearns William H. clerk, 32 Merrimac, boards at N. L. Day- 
Stearns William R. machinist, boards at Lambert Howe's 
Stearns Winslow B. cordwainer, boards at G. Stearns's 
Stebbins William C. clerk, at S. Kidder Jr's, b. 41 Boott Corp. 
Stebbins William, Boott, house 41 Boott Corporation 
Steele Eliza H. widow, house Queen 
Steele George B. Appleton, boards at N. Robbins's 
Steele J. Mrs. house Lee 

Steele Richard, physician, office and house Lee 
Steele Silas S. dramatist, house East Merrimac, corner Ash 
Sterling James D. Suffolk, boards at 6 Cabot Block 
Sterrit Alexander, Lowell, boards at P. Broply's 
Sterry Christopher, Middlesex, boards at Adrial Gray's [ville 
Stetson Bradford W. shoemaker, 3PrescottB'lk. h. at Central- 


Stetson Martha, Mrs. house Branch, opposite School H. 

Stevens Alcey, teacher, boards at H, Dennett's 

Stevens Alpha & S. power loom harness makers, Thorndike, 

house Fletcher, corner Varney 
Stevens Benjamin F. machinist, boards 5 Hamilton Corp. 
Stevens Benjamin, boarding-house, 12 Merrimac Corp. 
Stevens Daniel C. Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Stevens Dearborn, Boston and Lowell R. R. house Howard 
Stevens Edgar M. Lowell Machine Shop, house Appleton, 

corner Thorndike 
Stevens Edmund, farmer, house Stevens 
Stevens Edmund, Jr. clerk, house Ford, corner Austin 
Stevens Edward P. clerk, at S. Kidder Jr's, b. at Centralville 
Stevens Elizabeth F. dressmaker, 27 Merrimac 
Stevens George W. printer, house Moody [Stiles's 

Stevens George W. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at 0. C. 
Stevens James, house Butterfield 

Stevens John, at Holt & Hovey's, boards at "William Stevens's 
Stevens John, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 
Stevens Jonas, carpenter, house Fayette 
Stevens Joseph, stonemason, house South, near Summer 
Stevens Joseph H. steam mill, house Middlesex, near Walker 
Stevens Lafayette, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corp. 
Stevens Levi B. mason, boards at Mrs, S. Hubbard's 
Stevens Mary, Mrs. millinery and dressmaking, Middlesex, 

corner South [h. Dracut Heights 

Stevens Salmon, clock repairer, Merrimac, corner Maiden lane, 
Stevens Solon (A. «§• S. Stevens), house Howard 
Stevens William A. variety, 3 Bridge, house do. 
Stevens William R. Middlesex, boards at Mrs. C. S. Vance's 
Stevenson Robert, Merrimac, house 97 Merrimac Corporation 
Steward Gardner W, at H. A. Whitney's, b. at L. F. Emery's 
Steward Moses, watchman, Merrimac,, boards 59 Merr. Corp. 
Stewart Horace, at George Fiske's, b. M. S. Webster's, Cushing 
Stewart Margaret, Mrs. house Lewis, near Little 
Stewart Moses, Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Stickney Benjamin, field-driver, house 59 Lawrence Corp. 
Stickney Daniel, clerk, 1 Appleton Block, house 28 Charles 
Stickney Elias R. Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Mrs. Sophia 

Bagley's [mac 

Stickney James, Stott's mills, house High, near East Merri- 
Stickney Jeremiah, Jr. at Puffer & Howe's, house Crosby's 

court. Central 
Stickney Lucy, M. Mrs. house Summer, near Davis [Paige 
Stickney Samuel W. cashier R. R. Bank, house Kirk, opposite 
Stickney William, carpenter, house Lawrence 


Stiles Hannah C. dressmaker, 218 Merrimac 

Stiles Jesse, Tremont, house 37 Tremont Corporation 

Stiles John, Merrimac, boards 52 Merrimac Corporation [lie 

Stiles Oliver C. Lowell Machine Shop, house Cushing, n. Wil- 

Stiles William, job wagon, house School, near Middlesex 

Still Olive, widow, house Union, near Gorham 

Stillings James, stonemason, house Austin, near Moody 

Stillings Joseph F. mason, house Austin, corner Moody 

Stimpson Charles, Tremont, house 25 Tremont Corporation 

Stinson Isaac, farmer, house Fayette, near Willie [Market 

Stinson {William) & Poole (S.), blacksmiths, Middle, b. at 13 

St. Ledguer Patrick, boards at Mrs. M. Winn's 

Stockwell James, variety, Middlesex, house Howard 

Stoddard Bartlett, painter, Carpet, house Smith 

Stoddard Horton, Prescott, boards at J. Barnard's 

Stoddard William, house Pine 

Stone Alba C. laborer, house 7 Suffolk court 

Stone Asaph, Bleachery, boards at S. D. Prescott's 

Stone Chester, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 

Stone Edward, harness maker, house Lawrence, c. Wamesit 

Stone George M. physician, 62 Central, house at Dracut 

Stone Henry A. clerk, 92 Central, boards at S'. Stone's 

Stone Mary A. Mrs. boarding-house, 29 Suffolk Corporation 

Stone Oscar, Mass. boards at E. W. Snell's 

Stone Salmon, variety store, 121 Central, house do. [Church 

Stone Samuel, boots, shoes and trunks, 92 Central, house 23 

Stone Thomas, Merrimac, boards 25 Merrimac Corporation 

Stone Thomas J. Hamilton, boards at Washington House 

Storer Charles P. mason, boards at J. F. Nelson's 

Stott Benjamin, Middlesex, house 2 Water 

Stott Charles, agent Bclvidere Co. house Chestnut, c. High 

Stott James, Middlesex, boards at Sarah Stott's 

Stott Sarah, widow of James, house 3 Merrill's court 

Stott Thomas, Carpet, house Lewis, corner Little 

Stow Ithamar F. boarding-house, Cabot 

Stowell Dorothy C. Mrs. house Lowell, opposite Willie 

Strack Louis, teacher of music, Savings Bank Block, boards 

at Isaac Lawrence's 
Stratton Charles G. house Gorham, near Middlesex 
Stratton George, carpenter, boards at Mrs. C. S. Vance's 
Stratton Jesse H. machinist, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 
Stratton Jonas, milhvright, house Lav^Tence 
Stratton Levi H. Lowell Machine Shop, house Smith 
Stratton Lewis L. driver, at Scripture's, b. at J. L. Hadley'^s 
Straw John B. surveyor, at J. G. Chase's, b. at Mrs. M. Straw's 
Straw Levi H. {Merrill ^ Straic), boards 37 Boott Corporation 


Straw Miriam, Mrs. boarding-house, 37 Boott Corporation 
Straw Wooster, Tremont, house Tremont Corporation 
Streeter Harrison W. at Samuel Horn's, house Queen 
Streeter Holland, meat store, Middlesex, house Liberty, op- 
posite School [at V. Streeter's 
Streeter Josiah P. fruit, &c. Central, corner Gorham, boards 
Streeter Leander R, agent, house Harrison 
Streeter Vintin, house Fayette, corner Chestnut 
Strickland Robert, shoemaker, Market, house do. 
Strout Moses, carpenter, house Pine [posite Garnet 
Stuart Benjamin N. (O. Nichols § Co.), house Appleton, op- 
Stuart Charles T. {Farnsxcorth ^ Stuart), b. at A. P. Lesure's 
Stuart Edmund C. house Gushing [ket, h. at Chelmsford 
Stuart {Moses) & Humphrey (JoA?i), coffee grinders, 17 Mar- 
Stuart Rebecca, Mrs. house Ash, near Chestnut 
Stuart Thomas R. D. clerk. Central, corner Jackson, house 

Charles, corner Edgerly's court 
Sullivan Bridget, Mrs. house Fenwick 
Sullivan Catherine, Mrs. house 8 Carry's court 
Sullivan Cornelius, Merr. Print W. b. at Mrs. J. Sullivan's 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house Fenwick 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house Fenwick, corner Suffolk 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house Fenwick, near Lowell 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick, near Lowell 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house Maiden Lane 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house Howe 
Sullivan Edward, Merrimac Print Works, house Adams 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house rear Fenwick 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house Adams 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house Somerset 
Sullivan Joanna, widow, house Cross 

Sullivan Joanna, Mrs. nurse, house 11 "Wall [Gorham 

Sullivan John, at O. M. Whipple's, house rear Central, near 
Sullivan John, laborer, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 
Sullivan John, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
Sullivan John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Sullivan John, laborer, house Dummer 
Sullivan John, batting mill, b. Appleton House 
Sullivan John C. laborer, house Fenwick 
Sullivan Joseph, laborer, house Adams 
Sullivan Margaret, Mrs. house Bennett's Block, Lowell 
Sullivan Mary, Mrs. house rear Castle's Block, Lowell 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, house Adams 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, house Maiden Lane 
Sullivan Michael, foundry, house 3 Lewis 
Sullivan Michael, Merrimac, house Dummer, cor. Mechanic 



Sullivan Peter, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Sullivan Richard, laborer, house rear Fen^vick 

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, house rear Dummer 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house Davis 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 

Summers John, painter, at 101 Middlesex 

Summers John J. Lowell M. Shop, b. at Mrs. S. M. Annan's 

Sumner Daniel, groceries, Middlesex, c. Jackson, house do, 

Sumner Mary, dressmaker, Middlesex, corner Jackson 

Sumner Mary, Mrs. boarding house, 33 La-\vrence Corporation 

Sutcliff William, Merrimac, house Moody, near Colburn 

Swain Chauncey, Lowell M. Shop, boards 10 Swamp Locks 

Swain John, painter, boards 156 Merrimac Corporation 

Swan A. electropathic physician, 20 Charles 

Swan Albert G. Lowell M. Shop, boards Joshua Swan's 

Swan Charles F. surveyor, boards 96 Central [fm. High st. sq. 

Swan Daniel, shoe store, 95 Merrimac, h. Bartlett, 2d door 

Swan Joshua, house Congress, rear Hale's mills 

Swan William A. overseer, house 96 Central 

Swap Andrew, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swap's 

Swap Isabella, Mrs. house Middle 

Swapp Alexander W. Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 

Swapp Andrew F. Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 

Swasey Geo. W. painter, Hamilton Corp. b. at N. G. Swasey's 

Swasey Naaman G. painter, Middlesex, house Grand 

Swasey Orman D. carpenter, house Andover, n. Bridge 

Sweeney Dennis, foundry, house Suffolk, corner Fenwick 

Sweeney Ellen, widow, house South, opposite West Union 

Sweeney Hugh, Middlesex, boards at 32 Church 

Sweeney James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Sweeney John L. Middlesex, boards 11 East Merrimac 

Sweeney John, clerk, at C. R. Nichols & Co's, boards at Mrs. 

S. Foster's 
Sweeney Michael, laborer, house Cedar 

Sweetser Franklin D. bobbin maker, b. at William Sweetser's 
Sweetscr Joseph, pastry baker, Pawtucket, house do. 
Sweetser Nathan, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Sweetser Sidney, mason, house Davidson lane 
Sweetser Theodore H. {Poole S; Siceetser), counsellors, 3 Ca- 
nal Block, boards at J. Sweetser's 
Sweetscr William, Middlesex, house Andover, near the bridge 
Sweetser William, carpenter, house Middlesex, nearly opposite 

grave stone manufactory 
Swett Jeremiah, teamster, b. at William F. Farlin's 
Swett John, teamster, house South, near Appleton 
Swett Moses H. stone cutter, house Howard 


Swett William, steam saw mill, Pawtucket, near the line 
Swett W. B. & Co. {F. Korosin), silk and woolen manufac- 
turer, Whipple's Building, boards Merrimac House 
Swett William L. carriage maker, boards at D. Barry's 
Swift Bridget, grocery, Central, near Gorham 
Swift Joseph, laborer, house Jefferson [Fisher's 

Sylvester Edwin J. {W. A. Fisher ^ Co.), boards at W. A. 
Sylvester Ezekiel J. Lawrence, house l8 La^\Tence Corporation 
Sylvester George B. carpenter, Mass. house Chestnut, n. High 
Sylvester Quincy, farmer, house Pawtucket, corner Fletcher 
Symmes Daniel, cordwainfer, boards at 168 Merrimac 
Symmes Daniel, shoemaker, at S. Boardman's, Prescott 

TABER JACOB S. at S. McLanathan's, b. at W. H. Taber's 
Taber Wing H. plane maker, Market, h. Branch, n. Queen 
Tabor Benaiah, Hamilton Print Works, house 3 Goward Blk. 
Taft Albert G. boards at S. B. Hunton's [E. Merrimac 

Taft Henry C. hats, caps, &c. 84 Merrimac, house Ash, near 
Tagan Henry, laborer, house Short's Block, Jefferson 
Tague Barnard, Mass. house Davidson's lane 
Tainter Lewis, butcher, at T. G. Tweed's, house School 
Taisey Daniel, laborer, boards at Sarah Todd's 
Taisey James C. variety, Middlesex, n. South, b. at S, Todd's 
Taisy Robert {Hatch <Sf Taisy), b. at C. P. Hatch's 
Talbot Charles P. &'Co. (T. TaiftoO, drugs and dye stuffs, 

Market, house Fayette, opposite Everett 
Talbot George W. Middlesex, house 5 Warren court 
Talbot Thomas {C. P. &; Co.), house at Billerica Mills 
Tallent Samuel B. Appleton, boards at N. Robbins's 
Tapley Gustavus D. clerk. Central, corner Gorham, house 

Summer, near Gorham 
Tapley Jesse, pump logs, house Branch, near School 
Tapley Joseph, house 13 Church • [Tapley's 

Tapley Joseph W. clerk at William Colcord's, boards at J. 
Tarbell Reuben, stone mason, house Garnet 
Tarbox Plummer C. watchman, Mass. boards at J. 0. Hill's 
Tarlton George, Boott, boards at D. Parker's 
! Tarr George J. house Tyler 

Tarr Josiah M. {Lamson 8^ Tarr), house 9 Suffolk 
Taylor Alvin S. baggage master , Middlesex depot, h. Midd'lx 
Taylor Benjamin, carpenter, house George, corner Green 
Taylor Chauncey S. jeweller, at A. Sanborn's, house High 
Taylor Cutting C. Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corp. 
Taylor David, Jr. at Fiske & Norcross's 
Taylor Ivers, Prescott, house 27 Prescott Corporation 
Taylor James, machinist, boards at Mrs. N. Taylor's 


Taylor John, carpet weaver, house Dutton 

Taylor John, Boott, house rear Lee 

Taylor John, at W. Livingston's, house Middlesex, c. Howard 

Taylor John, bobbin maker, house Appleton, n. Thorndike 

Taylor Joseph S. Boott, house 7 Boott Corporation 

Taylor Lewis, Middlesex, boards at William Chenery's 

Taylor Nancy, Mrs. house Clark 

Taylor Osgood B. Lowell Machine Shop, house 60 Worthen 

Taylor Stephen, laborer, house Willie 

Taylor Thomas, Hamilton, house 13 Hamilton Corporation 

Taylor Thomas T. boards at 33 Hamilton Corporation 

Tebbetts C. H. at O. M. Whipple's, boards at Stone house 

Tebbetts George F. Mrs. house Tyler, near Lawrence 

Tebbetts J. H. physician, house Tyler, near Central 

Tebbetts Lewis B. No. 50 Protective Union, Merrimac, corner 

Tremont, house Cabot 
Teel George, city crier, office and house Market [Alder 

Teel George S. bootmaker, 34 Central, house Bartlett, near 
Temple Benjamin F. Middlesex, boards 3 Warren court 
Temple Joseph F. Middlesex, house 42 Church 
Tenney John B. actor, house Merrimac, near Austin 
Tenney Paul, Mrs. house near Cabot 

Tenny John L. Mechanics' Mills, boards at John P. Kelley's 
Tetro' S. boards Alder, corner Bartlett [ville 

Thatcher George, at A. B. Buttrick & Go's, house at Central- 
Thayer Edward L. cabinet maker, house 10 Water 
Thayer Joseph, bootmaker, boards at Samuel Gibby's 
Thissell Charles A. Merrimac Print Works, boards 150 Merri- 
mac Corporation 
Thissell Daniel V. Merrimac Print Works, house Merr. Corp. 
Thomas Cyrus, carpenter, boards 11 East Merrimac 
Thomas Daniel, at Bent & Bush's, boards Washington House 
Thomas Darius, machinist, boards at L. P, Green's 
Thomas Edmund, laborer, house Dodge 

Thomas Elisha, overseer, Hamilton, house 2 Hamilton Corp. 
Thomas George F. hairdresser, at Samuel Phipps's, boards do. 
Thomas Joseph, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Thomas Joseph W. Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corp. 
Thomas Marcus A. Merrimac, house 39 Merrimac Corp. 
Thomas Mary M. Mrs. boarding-house, 19 Tremont Corp. 
Thomas Philip V. Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Thomas Samuel, power loom harness, house Common 
Thomas William, Merrimac Print Works, house 11 Cabot 
Thompson Adelia A. widow, house 50 Church 
Thompson Alvin, house 4 Lowell Corporation [b. Ill do. 

Thompson Bethuel T. millinery and fancy goods, 91 Merrimac, 

Thompson Charles, machinist, house 6 Franklin square 
Thompson Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, house 23 Worthen 
Thompson Charles, Bleachery, house Livingston 
Thompson Charles W. shoemaker, house Middlesex, n. Pearl 
Thompson Cyrenus, watchman, Merrimac, b. 13o Merr. Corp. 
Thompson Franklin, mason, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Thompson Harriet A. Mrs. house Chelmsford, c. Howard 
Thompson Henry B. Boott, house 7 Boott Corporation 
Thompson Ira, Merrimac, boards at 17-5 Merrimac Corp. 
Thompson James, boards at Mrs. Whittemore's 
Thompson Jeremiah, boards at 4 Lowell Corporation 
Thompson William K. shades, Market st. house do. 
Thompson J. B. wire weaver, Market, opposite Lowell Manu- 
facturing Company, house Market 
Thompson Joseph, shoemaker, William, house do. 
Thompson Joseph P. clerk, 2 American House Block, boards 
at 77 Central [low 

Thompson Josiah (Ward ^ T.), house Chestnut, near Wil- 
Thompson Lucius, jeweller, at A. Sanborn's, b. at J. B. Giles's 
Thompson Marshal E. botanic physician, Merrimac, opposite 

Farmers' & Mechanics', boards at J. W. Perkins's 
Thompson Mary, Mrs. house Adams, corner Lagrange 
Thompson Robert, overseer, Lowell, house 26 Lowell Corp. 
Thompson Samuel, wire weaver, Market, h. High, n. Chestnut 
Thompson Solomon S. carpenter, house rear Appleton, oppo- 
site Garnet 
Thompson Thomas H. house Summer, near Davis 
Thompson William, Lowell Machine Shop, house 61 Worthen 
Thompson William, boards at 68 Merrimac 
Thorn Eli, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. S. Stott's 
Thorn James, machinist, Merrimac, house 7 Water 
Thorning Henry C. Bleachery, boards at L. Thorning's 
Thorning John H. at D. R. Kimball's, b. Farmers' & Mechs' 
Thorning Leonard, boarding-house, Bleachery 
Thornton Henry R. Bleachery, house do. 
Thornton John, Merrimac, house Dummer 
Thornton John, ostler, boards at Farmers' and Mechanics' 
Thurston Benjamin, proprietor Washington House Central, 

corner Church 
Thurston Thomas, Hamilton, boards 3o Church 
Tibbetts Charles G. Mass. boards at I. S. Tibbetts's 
Tibbetts Isaiah S. Prescott, house Arcade Building 
Tibbetts Melvin, Hamilton, boards 142 Central 
Ticknor David, laborer, house Suffolk, north side 
Tierney Anthony, laborer, house 40 Charles 
Tierney Patrick, laborer, house 40 Charles 


Tierney Patrick, at P. O. Richmond's, house Merrill 

Tierney Patrick, Middlesex, house Williams 

Tighe "Edward, blacksmith, house Adams 

Tiker Henry W. harness maker, at J. A. Brabrook's, b. do. 

Tobin Joanna, Mrs. house Barker's Block, Lowell 

Tilden Charles L. agent Tremont, h. Cabot, n. Lawrence Mills 

Tilden Edwin C. carpet weaver, Howe, b. Mrs. R. Caldwell's 

Tilden Henry P. boards at Henry W. Brown's 

Tilden Nancy, Mrs. nurse, boards at J. C. McLennan's 

Tilton Abraham, Lawrence, house 71 Lawrence Corporation 

Tilton Joseph, carpenter, at O. M. "Whipple's, h. 4 stone h. 

Tilton Luke S. painter, Merrimac, n. Suffolk, house at Dracut 

Tilton Luther, Bleachery, house do. 

Tilton Sabrina, Mrs. house 50 Merrimac Corporation 

Tilton Stephen S. Suffolk, house 15 Cabot 

Titcomb Edgar M. harness shop, Merrimac, h. 157 Merr. Corp. 

Titus Mary A. millinery, 64 Merrimac, boards 64 Mass. Corp. 

Tiven Owen, boards at'M. McCabe's 

Tobin Matthew, laborer, house Jeff"erson 

Todd Sarah, Mrs. boarding-house. South, corner Middlesex 

Tolman John C. overseer, Suffolk, house 5 Cabot Block 

Toole John, at Read & Powers's, house 6 Wall 

Toomy Jeremiah, house Winter 

Toothaker Charles, physican, 4 Hurd, house do. 

Toppan Ann, Mrs. house Race 

Toppan Stanford, house Race, near the Bridge 

Torban Dennis, at Fiske & Norcross's, house Pine 

Totman Stark {Colby &; Totman), house Ash, near Chestnut 

Tower James, dry goods, corner Central and Gorham, house 

Central, corner Union 
Tower MiUicent & Lucinda, tailoresses, house 4 Charles 
Towle Hamilton, at Hanson's, boards at A. D. Preble's 
Towle John, boards at C. C. Andrews's 

Towle Theodore, teamster, Bleachery, boards at F. L. Moore's 
Towne Joseph H. Rev. house High, corner Andover 
Towne Rinaldo, watchman, Hamilton Corp. b. 77 Central 
Townsend Abel D. Lawrence, house Gorham, Hale's Mills 
Townsend Charles, house Gorham, corner Winter 
Townsend James, Merrimac, house 166 Merrimac Corporation 
Townsend John, Hamilton, house next 166 Central 
Townsend Samuel, carpet weaver, house Lewis 
Tracy Timothy, Hamilton, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Trask Daniel F. Bleachery, boards at F. L. Moore's 
Trask Henry H. machinist, h. Middlesex, n. Bangs's tin shop 
Trask James T. at Brooks & Tyler's, house Brewery court 
Trask Joseph H. Bleachery, house do. 


Traver Abram, Tremont, boards 14 Tremont Corporation 
Treadwell John C. at Gushing & Mack's, h. Adams, c. Lagrange 
Tripp Charles, clerk, 3-1 Merrimac, boards at 36 Hurd 
Tripp John, overseer, Appleton, house 36 Hurd 
Tripp John L. Lowell Machine Shop, house 28 Swamp Locks 
Trott Caroline, widow, boards 10 East Merrimac 
Trott Joseph F. paymaster, Boott, house Tyler 
Trotter George, laborer, house Gorham, corner Putney's court 
Tvow (Thomas C.) & Kelley {Moses), Central market, 115 Cen- 
tral, house Lawrence, near Taylor 
Trowbridge George N. carpenter, house 8 Austin 
Trowbridge John, carpenter, house Clark 

Trowbridge Phineas P. shoemaker, house "Water, n. Andover 
Truax James "W. painter, house Central, above Union 
True Hannah, Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Tremont Corporation 
Truell Brooks, Lowell, house 13 Lowell Corporation 
Truell David, overseer, Lowell, house 22 Lowell Corporation 
Trueworthy James B. Merrimac, boards 7 Merrimac Corp. 
Trull Justus, boards at Mrs. E. C. Black's 
Tuck Andrew J. Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Tuck Coridon D. stair builder, boards at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 
Tuck {Edward) & Co. Boston and Lowell Express, office near 

the depot, house at Centralville 
Tucker Amasa, Hamilton, house 50 Hamilton Corp. Md'lx. 
Tucker Gordon F. clerk, 42 Merrimac, house at Centralville 
Tucker Jane, widow, nurse, house 4 Union 
Tucker Milo, Massachusetts, boards at M. L. Smith's 
Tucker Nathaniel, stonemason, boards at James Stilling's 
Tufts Edward, paymaster, Merrimac Print "Works, house 32 

Merrimac Corporation 
Tuite Simon P. Boott, boards at R. P. Hardy's 
Tullock Robert N. silversmith, 21 Merrimac, house 7 Cady st 
Tully Bridget, Mrs. house Gorham, c6rner Putney's court 
Tully Hugh, laborer, house Central, corner Tyler 
Tully Michael, laborer, house Moore 
Tum'ety Charles, Bleachery, house Cedar, near Central 
Turner Alfred, Tremont, boards 22 Tremont Corporation 
Turner Daniel T. Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Turner Horatio, shoemaker, boards at Sally McAlister's 
Turner James, Middlesex, boards at O. Wyman's 
Turner John, spinner, house Central, corner Crosby 
Turner Jonathan G. overseer, house 6 Appleton Corporation 
Turner Samuel, house 12 "Water 

Turner William, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Turner "William H. Appleton, house South, corner Summer 
Turner William 0. Merrimac, house 82 Merrimac Corporation 


Tuttle Ann C. Mrs. house Andover, opposite Clay 

Tuttle Gilman, mason, house 22 Chapel 

Tuttle John B. mason, house Chapel, opposite Cottage 

Tuttle Joseph R. clerk, 120 Merrimac, boards 6 Andover 

Tuttle Samuel J. mason, house Central, corner Elm 

Tuxbury Frederick W. & Co. {T. L. Tzcxbury), clothing and 

fvirnishing store, 50 Central, house at Centralville 
Tuxbury Thomas L. {F. W. Tiixbury ^ Co.), h. at Centralville 
Tweed Emmons, butcher, at "VV. N. Owen's, house School 
Tweed Timothy G. butcher, 164 Merrimac, house 32 Central 
Twichell William, overseer, Middlesex, house 47 Church 
Twiss Benjamin P. Suffolk, boards at 6 Willow place 
Twiss Putnam A. Lawrence, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Twombly Isaac H, Lowell Machine Shop, house 56 Worthen 
Twombly J. H. Rev. house Lawrence, near School House 
Twombly Moses, Merrimac Print Works, h. 149 Merr. Corp. 
Twombly Sophia C. variety store, 14 Tilden, house do. 
Twombly Titus, blacksmith, at George W. Garland's 
Twombly William, carpenter, house 14 Tilden 
Ty James, laborer, boards at La^vrence Ty's 
Ty Lawrence, teamster, at P. O. Richmond's, house Davidson 
Tyler Albert M. carpenter, house Central, near Charles 
Tyler Amos, clerk, at Trow & Kelley's, h. 20 Hamilton Corp. 
Tyler Artemas S. cashier Prescott Bank, 49 Central, boards 

at Silas Tyler's 
Tyler Benjamin, tin pedler, boards 24 Hurd 
Tyler Ignatius {Brooks 4, Tyler), house Button 
Tyler Jane S. R. Mrs. boarding-house, 136 Merrimac Corp. 
Tyler John, laborer, house Cedar 

Tyler Jonathan, house Park, corner Andover [Corp. 

Tyler Rynaldo H. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 135 Merrimac 
Tyler Silas, office Lowell depot, house 22 Church 
Tyler Silas Jr. clerk, freight depot, boards at Silas Tyler's 
Tyng Levi B. {Aldrich, Tyng <Sf Co.), house Dutton, n. Lowell 

ULMAN WILLIAM F. sheet music and musical instruments, 

1 Williams Block, boards at American House 
Underbill Jeremiah, Boott, house 25 Boott Corporation 
Underwood' Merrill D. clerk at M. Hemenway's, boards at 

Mrs. P. Underwood's 
Underwood Philinda, widow of Sardius, house Summer 
Underwood Silas D. teamster, boards at Mrs. P. Underwood's 
Unsworth Henry Jr. at H. Unsworth's, Hale st. 
Unsworth Henry, paper hanging manufacturer, Hale, corner 

Thorndike, house do. 
Upham Amos, carpenter, house Willie, near Cross 


Upton Henry, upholsterer, 7 Central, house Moody, c. Austin 
Upton Joseph S. overseer, Lawrence, b. 72 Lawrence Corp. 
Upton Reuben A. {Wing &; Ujjton), house Nesmith 
Ural Rose, Mrs. house Middlesex, corner Howard 
Ure Robert, block printer, house Central, corner Cady 
Ushton S. Mrs. boarding-house, 13 Market 

VALDI VIA RAPHAEL, at H. A.Whitney's, h. at Centralville 

Vance Charlotte S. Mrs. house Tyler 

Vance Jackson A. stonecutter, boards at George Adams's 

Vance William, moulder, house 12 Merrimac 

Vance William, Lawrence, h. between Merrimac and Lowell 

Vanderford James, Mass. house 7 Mass. Corporation 

Varney Andrew J. Hamilton Corporation, b. Nancy Fogg's 

Varney Robert, house Water 

Varney Samuel J. publisher of the Journal and Courier, 82 

Central, house Nesmith, near Chestnut 
Varnum George W. painter, boards at H. A. Abbott's 
Varnum John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 
Varnum Lucy, Mrs. house Spring 
Varnum Sarah Miss, boarding-house. Spring 
Veasey James, laborer, house 4 Union 
Veazey Perley, clerk, 50 Central 

Vernon Thomas, carpenter, house Merrimac, near Hanover 
Vickery Josiah P. painter, house 18 Prescott Corporation 
View Peter, at D. & G. J. Bradt's, boards at D. Bradt's 
Vinall William D. dentist, 28 Central, house do. 
Vincent James, blacksmith, Middlesex, house East Merrimac, 

corner Howe 
Vincent John, laborer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Viney William, overseer, Lowell, boards at 111 Merrimac 
Virgin Edwin H. Middlesex, boards at 53 Church 
Virgin George, Middlesex, boards at 53 Church 
Vivuan Willard, Tremont, boards 80 Tremont Corporation 
Volliaer Didrick, carpenter, house 7 Crosby 

WADE GREENLEAF G. Merrimac, boards 73 Merr. Corp. 
Wade S. Otis, Merrimac, house 130 Merrimac Corporation 
Wade William, wood surveyor, at Nichols & Co's, house c. 

Summer and South 
Wadleigh Alanson P. Lawrence, house 61 Lawrence Corp. 
Wadleigh Hiram, boards at Lovinia Wadleigh 's 
Wadleigh Lovinia, Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Mass. Corporation 
Wait Aldis L. house Central, corner Union 
Wait Daniel S. {Spalding (S, W.), house 24 Hamilton Corp. 
Wait Jason, Boott, boards 118 Merrimac 



Wakefield Ezekiel, carpenter, boards at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 

Walch Ardis, painter, house 53 Lowell 

Walcli Ebenezer, Prescott, boarding-house, 34 Prescott Corp. 

Walch Ephraim, laborer, house Fayette 

Walch Stephen, shoemaker, 62 Merrimac, house Fayette 

Waldo Allen, at W. A. Fisher & Go's, house Fletcher, near 

the Common 
Waldo Allen, painter, house Fletcher, corner Lagrange 
Waldron Benjamin, Boott, house 56 Boott Corporation 
Waldron George P. counsellor, 12 Appleton Block, h. Alder 
Waldron Mary A. milliner, 60 Merrimac, b. at Sarah Foster's 
Waldron William H. bookseller and stationer, corner Merri- 
mac and John, house at Centralville 
Walkden James, Merrimac Print Works, h. 94 Merr. Corp. 
Walkden Thomas, Merrimac, house Water 
Walker Aaron Jr. teacher, house Bartlett 
Walker (Abiel) & Knapp {A.), restorator. Market, c. Central 
Walker Abigail, Mrs. house Middlesex, near Walker 
Walker Alexander, Lowell, boards at I. Swap's [Ash 

Walker Benjamin, paymaster, Hamilton, house Chestnut, near 
Walker Benjamin F. Middlesex, house 5 Church 
Walker Charles F. LaAvrence, boards at L. B. Erskine's 
Walker George W. Appleton, house Central, Chapel Hill 
Walker Henry, SuflFolk, boards 23 Suffolk Corporation 
Walker Henry A., Boston and Lowell R. .R. house Howard, 

below Chelmsford 
Walker Jacob, paper maker, house Central, corner Wamesit 
Walker Josiah, ostler, boards Washington House 
Walker Justin, carpenter, house 40 Franklin square 
Walker Loren, mason, house 54 Merrimac Corporation 
Walker Philo T. machinist, boards at S. Smiley's 
Walker Ruel J. Sufiblk, house 7 Cabot Block 
Walker Shubael, Merrimac, house Cabot, corner Merrimac 
Walker Susan, Mrs. boarding-house, 7 Merrimac Corporation 
Walkuss Matthew, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Wall Archibald, house Middle, near corner Shattuck 
Wallace Daniel R. Boott, house 40 Boott Corporation 
Wallace Ephraim G. Merrimac, house 119 Merrimac Corp, 
Wallace Horace, piano forte maker, boards 54 Church 
Wallace Lucinda, Mrs. boarding-house, 7 Hamilton Corp. 
Wallace Patrick, house rear William 
Wallace Patrick, laborer, house Button, near Lowell 
Wallace Stephen, mason, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Wallage William, fish dealer, boards at Mrs. L. Locke's 
Wallingford Lyman J. at I. W. & D. Bangs's, house Abbott 
Wallingford Winthrop W. Middlesex, house High 


Wallis Aaron F. painter, 101 Middlesex, b. at J. R. Proctor's 
Wallis Benjamin D. machinist, boards at J. E.. Proctor's 
"Walter Betsey, widow, boards at Joseph Kurd's 
"Walter Charles H. Boott, house 19 "Warren 
"Walter Horace A. counsellor, house Lawrence, near Church 
"Walter Ira, Mrs. boards at H.'A. "V\^alter's 

"Walters John, at Day & Convers's, house 8 Charles [Hale 
"Walton Abner T. Boston and Lowell R. R. house Howard, n. 
"Walton "William, Lowell and Lawrence R. R. house Grand 
"Ward Achsah C. dressmaker, 4 Crosby [Kirk av. 

"Ward Cornelius, overseer, at Merrimac, house Kirk, corner 
"Ward {Charles) & Thompson (Josiah), dry goods, 91 Merri- 
mac, and 2 John, house Chestnut, near "Willow 
"Ward Enoch, carpenter, house Kirk, corner Kirk avenue 
"Ward Francis, laborer, house William 

"Ward George W. dentist, Savings Bank Building, h. Fletcher 
"Ward James, Middlesex, boards at Ann Quinn's 
"Ward Josiah, carpet weaver, boards at A. F. Saunders' 
"\^'ard Josiah S. carpenter, house Middlesex, n. Bangs's shop 
"Ward John, Lawrence, house Tremont, near Moody 
Ward John, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Ward Julia, Mrs. house 3 Reed's court 
Ward Patrick, laborer, house Green, corner George 
Ward Patrick, Hamilton, boards at Ann Quinn's 
Ward Patrick, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. J. Ward's [Savory's 
Ward Patrick, laborer, house North, corner Central 
Ward Sullivan L. dentist, Savings Ban'k Block, b. at Dr. C. A. 
Ward Thomas, clerk, 58 Central, boards at M. Furlong's 
Warden William, Mass. boards at M. Downes's 
Wardwell Zenas C. shoemaker, at D. Kittredge's, b. 66 Church 
Ware Joseph, machinist, boards at A. W. Willoughby's 
Warety Patrick, at D. R. Kimball's, house Lowell [House 
Warland John H. editor Journal and Courier, b. American 
Warner David A. G. principal overseer, Lowell Machine Shop, 

house 2 Swamp Loc'ks 
Warner "William B. shoemaker, boards at Mrs. S. Bagley's 
Warren Aaron R. Hamilton, boards at Mrs. A. Puffer's 
Warren Emily M. teacher, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Warren Jeremiah, laborer, house Cross, corner Marion 
Warren John B. overseer, Boott, house 46 Boott Corp. 
Warren John, clerk, at P. O. Richmond's, h. Gorham, n. Union 
Warren Phineas, boards at 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Warren Theodore, marble yard, Middlesex, b. W. A. Fisher's, 
Warren William, clerk, at D. West & Go's, b. at J. Warren's 
Washburn Thomas S. Lowell Machine Shop, house rear 
Charles, near Central 


"Wason George, baker, at I. Scripture's 
"Waterhouse Andrew H. carpenter, boards 7 Swamp Locks 
Waters Benjamin, boarding-house, 23 Massachusetts 
"Waters Edward, house Middle, near foundry- 
Waters Samuel A. foundry, house 76 Mechanic 
Watkins Ruggles S. harness maker, house 2 Dodge 
Watson Abijah, bookseller and stationer, 142 Merrimac, 

house Kirk, corner Paige 
Watson Alden B. Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Watson Benjamin, W. I. goods, 125 Central, house Lawrence, 

corner North 
Watson David, carpenter, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Watson Edward F. carpenter, at Livingston & Calef s Mills, 

house Chelmsford, near Thorndike 
Watson Freeman, carpenter, house Willie, opp. Franklin 
Watson Hiram, overseer, Hamilton, house South, c. Summer 
Watson James W. mason, boards 40 Appleton 
Watson James, Merrimac, boards at 20 Merrimac Corporation 
Watson William, Lawrence, house Common 
Waugh Archibald, slater, house rear city crier's office. Market 
Waugh John, slater, house 11 Market 
Waugh John Jr. W. I. goods, Lowell, corner Worthen, boards 

30 Franklin square 
Waugh William, slater, boards at J. Waugh's 
Way Charles, provisions, 21 City Market, house 14 Central 
Way' L. house 3 S. Franklin court 
Waymoth George W. carpenter, Prescott st. 
Waymoth G. W. house Fayette 

Weaver {Benjamin H.) & Brothers {J. ^ C. G. Weaver), furni- 
ture, feathers and carpets, 7 Central and 28 Merrimac, 
house Kirk [80 Merrimac 

Weaver (5. H.) & Dwinell {A.), china, crockery^ cutlery, &c. 
Weaver Caleb G. {Weaver^ Brothers), house Nesmith 
Weaver Charles, carpenter, house Mclntire, c. Middlesex 
Weaver John ( Weaver ^ Brothers), b. at W. Davidson's, Anne 
Webb John E. Merrimac, house 37 Merrimac Corporation 
Webber Benjamin N. {Buttrick & Co.), h. Chapel, opp. Cottage 
Webber Henry P. Merrimac H. stage office, b. at J. P. Webber's 
Webber Job P. Merrimac House stage office, house Central, 

corner Elm 
Webber Woodward A. coachman, boards at J. P. Webber's 
Webster Alexander, boards at N.C. Blaisdell's [ley's 

Webster Chester, at Hapgood & Aldrich's, boards at S, Lang- 
Webster Charles, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Webster Caleb, millinery goods, 25 Merrimac, house do. 
Webster David, boarding-house, 14 Suffolk 


Webster Ebenezer D. Boott, house Hanover 
Webster Elihu, boards at William Webster's 
Webster Erastus W. Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 
Webster Jacob, boards at William AVebster's 
Webster John G. painter, house 11 Suffolk 
Webster Morton S. carpenter, house Gushing, near Willio 
Webster Moulton S. carpenter, boards at J. B. Leavitt's 
Webster Norton, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. S. Stott's 
W^ebster Ruth, Mrs. house Carlton 

Webster William, house Middlesex, opposite Appleton Corp. 
Webster William P. {Butler ^ IF.), counsellor, Wyman's Ex- 
change, boards at F. A. Hildreth's 
Webster William W. apothecary, Middlesex, opposite new 

depot, house Forest, near Grand 
Wedgewood Andrew J. Boott, boards 75 Merrimac Corp. 
Weeden William W. Sufiblk, house 14 Cabot 
Weeks Augustus W. clerk, 110 Central, boards 128 do. 
Weeks George L. painter, at C. J. & M. J. Adams's, boards at 

Jonathan Weeks's 
Weeks Jonathan, house Nesmith, near High 
Weeks Joseph G. Tremont, house 27 Tremont Corporation 
Weeks Joshua L. Merrimac, house 130 Merrimac Corp, 
Weeks Rufus S. painter, boards at Jonathan Weeks's 
Weeks Samuel D. shoemaker, 112 Central, house Howard 
Weeks Timothy, Mrs. house 128 Central 
Weeks Timothy, fruit, &c. Church, on the bridge 
Weeks William H. at Fiske & Norcross's, b. Tremont House 
Weeks William J. bleachery, house Hale's mills 
Weir John, carpenter, house rear Lee 
Welch Archelus, shoemaker, house Knowles place 
Welch Charles A. Merrimac, house 158 Merrimac Corporation 
Welch Clark, Merrimac, boards at T- E. Page's 
Welch Dan, house Fayette 

Welch David, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Welch Edward, at R. Lang's, house North 
Welch Ellen, Mrs. house Green 

Welch Hiram, farmer, house Appleton, near South « 

Welch Horace B. Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Welch Horatio N. teamster, Putnam & Currier's, house Elm 
Welch Jacob, house Winter 

Welch James S. clerk, boards at Jonathan Cramp's 
Welch John, shoemaker, Suffolk, corner Lowell, house do. 
Welch John, shoemaker, boards at J. Roach's 
Welch Judy, Mrs. house Jefferson 
Welch Lewis, boards at Tremont House 
Welch Mary, Mrs. house 4 Goward Block 


Welch Marv, Mrs. house Jefferson 

Welch Michael, Boston and Lowell R. R. house Mt. Vernon 

Welch Otis, Lawrence, boards at 45 Cabot 

Welch Pierce, honse Little, near Lewis 

Welch Richard, Bleachery, house Congress 

Welch Thomas, laborer, house Adams 

Welch Thomas, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's 

Welch AVillard C. Merrimac, house 24 Merrimac Corporation 

Welch William, Courier office, house Gorham, opp. Winter 

Welch William S. Hamilton, boards at Mrs. M. Crafts's 

Wellington {Marshall K.) & Rogers {Henry B.), boots and 

shops, 200 Merrimac, house Lowell, opposite Whitney 
Wellman George, Merrimac, house 124 Merrimac Corporation 
Wellman J. T. painter, house Merrimac, near Cabot 
Wells Alph. M. Merrimac Print Works, boards 73 Merr. Corp. , 
Wells David, physician, 128 Merrimac, b. at Merrimac House ' 
Wells John H. La%\Tence, boards at 46 Cabot 
Wells S:\muel, Merrimac, boards at 13-5 Merrimac Corporation 
Wells W. L. Massachusetts, boards at J. S. Howe's 
Wentworth Asa G. at O. M. Whipple's, house Lawrence 
SVentworth John, Lawrence, boards at 46 Cabot 
Wentworth John R. Merrimac, house Merrimac, n. Decatur 
Wentworth Sophia, widow of Caleb, house 12 Suffolk 
Wentworth Tappan, counsellor, WentvA'orth's B. h. Lawrence 
West Daniel & Co. dry goods, 46 Merrimac, house 12 Charles 
West John M. engine'er, house Worthen 
West Lovey, Mrs. boarding-house, 13 Merrimac Corporation 
West Samuel, Merrimac Print Works, boards G. Whitehouse's 
West Stephen J. at J. S. Crush's, boards Howard House ^ 
Weston Porter, shoemaker, at D. Kittredge's, h. at Centralville 
Weston Ruel L. Boott, house 40 Boott Corporation 
Wetherbee Asa, carpenter, Prescott st. house c. Kirk and Lee 
Wetherbce Oliver, bowling saloon, museum, h. at Methuen 
Wetherbee Sarah M. widow, house rear Union, n. Central 
Wetherell George S. overseer, Carpet, house 27 Lowell Corp. 
Wethern George M. clerk. 4 Central, b. at Mrs. J. Wethern's 
Wethern Jerusha, Mrs. house Fayette 

Weymouth Deborah, Mrs. boarding-house, 134 Merr. Corp. 
Weymouth Stephen, laborer, house Spring, near South 
Wheeler Albert & Co. {Atwood Wheeler), W. I. goods, Tilden, 

house Merrimac, opposite Aiistin 
Wheeler A. C. carpenter, house Bartlet, corner Alder 
Wheeler Anson, Lowell, house 14 Lowell Corporation 
Wheeler Anson, at Alexander Wright's 
Wheeler Artcmas {Gaqe &: W.), house Decatur 
Wheeler Atwood (.4. Wheeler^ Co.), house Decatur 


Wheeler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence, house 26 Lawrence Corp. 
Wheeler George M. painter, 119 Central, house 17 Charles 
Wheeler James H. salesman, 150 Merrimac, b. A. B. Culver's 
Wheeler James, clerk, boards at A. B. Culver's 
Wheeler John, Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Wheeler Joseph A. at Albert Wheeler & Co's, house Decatur 
Wheeler Josiah, fireman, S. B. R. II. boards 20 Swamp Locks 
Wheeler Josiah K. Hamilton, house 8 Cady 
Wheeler Joseph, stonemason, house Union, corner Central 
Wheeler Lucy, house Union, near Gorham [G. M. Wheeler's 
Wheeler Nathaniel S. produce, and fruit, 2 Church, boards at 
Wheeler Sanford S. boards at 33 Hamilton Corporation 
AVheelock Andrew C. boards American House 
Whiete Philip T. house Gorham, opposite Union 
Whipple Aaron, Tremont, house 24 Tremont Corporation 
Whipple Henry, carpenter, house rear Lawrence, n. Cady 
Whipple Lyman W. boards at M. D. Whipple's [nut 

Whipple Milton D. Middlesex C. R. house Nesmith, c. Chest- 
Whipple Oliver G. boards at O. M. Whipple's 
Whipple Oliver M. powder manufactory, Lawrence, house 
Moore, corner Whipple [Cross 

Whipple Thomas B. at Brooks & Tyler's, house Willie, near 
Whitcher Benjamin F. boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Whitcher Lorenzo, Middlesex, house 14 Warren 
Whitcomb James M. tin worker, house Walnut 
Whitcomb John R. Lowell, house 11 Cady 
Whitcomb Samuel, laborer, house Andover, near Water 
Whitcomb William H. boarding-house, 46 Cabot 
White Christopher, slater, house Winter 
White Daniel, turner, house Adams, near Cross 
White Daniel, Jr. turner, Crosby's, house Adams, near Cross 
White Eben, Bleachery, boards at L. Thoming's [Davis 

White Ezekiel, White's hair restorative, house Summer, c. 
White Fanny, house West Union 
White Hannah, Mrs. house 12 Suffolk 
White Henry K. clerk, at Washington House 
White Isabel, Mrs. house Little, near Lewis 
White James, house Adams, near Lowell 
White John H. P. clerk, house Lawience, near Abbott 
White John, at H. Crowther's, house Lawrence, n. Abbott 
White Joseph, agent Massachusetts, boards Merrimac Ho. 
White Joseph, Lawrence, house Howard, above Arch 
White Joseph B. Carpet, house 26 Lowell Corporation 
White Julia, widow, house rear Winter 

White Lucius, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Appleton, c. Garnet 
White Michael, laborer, house Union, opposite Chapel 


White Robert, Lowell Machine Shop, boards Mrs. I. White's 
White Robert, shoemaker, Charles, near Gorham, house do. 
Wliite Turrel, carpenter, house Cushinoj, near Willie 
White William B. printer, boards at William Orne's 
Whitehouse George, carpenter, house Merrimac, n. Hanover 
Whiteley Joseph, shoe store, 74 Merrimac, house E. Merr. 
Whiteside Edv.'ard, flannel mills, house Andover, opp. Clay 
Whithed Darius, hats, caps, &c. 59 Central, house Ploward 
Whiting; Henrv, physician, Savings Bank Block, boards at 
S''. C. Whiting's [Central 

"U^iiting Moses, cardmaker, at Puffer & Howe's, house 150 
Wliiting Phineas, farmer, house Mt. Vernon, n. Pawtucket 
Whiting Sarah C. Mrs. house Pawtucket, near School 
Whiting Sumner, clerk at Post office, house Nesmith 
Whitman Christopher, hatter, house 4 Mechanic 
Whitmarsh Eliza T. clerk, 72 Merrimac [nard's 

Whitraore Joseph, physician, Merrimac, boards at J. R. Bar- 
Whitney Abel {Dudley &; Wkitney), h. Union, near Chapel 
Whitney Ambrose, shoemaker, 56 Central, house Alder 
Whitney Caleb, wheelwright, house Thorndike, n. Gorham 
Whitney Charles, at S. Horn's, boards at Mrs. L. Horn's 
Whitney George T. 12 city market, house at Centralville 
Whitney George S. shoemaker, oQ Central, b. at A. Whitney's 
Whitney Henry A. cigar store, 63 Central, b. American Ho. 
Whitney Isaac" (Fa>T c^ Whitney), house Ames 
Whitney James S. at Day & Conyers's, b. 36 Merrimac Corp, 
Whitney John, overseer, Appleton, h. South, c. Appleton 
Whitney John L. printer. Vox Populi, b. at John Whitney's 
Whitney Luke, Hamilton, house Appleton 
Whitney Phineas, carpenter, house 21 LaAvrence Corporation 
Whitney Rufus H. clerk, at D. West & Co's, house Bartlett, 

near Alder 
Whitney Sarah L. dressmaker, house Appleton, corner South 
Whitney William M. Hamilton, house South, c. Appleton 
Whittaicer David, Massachusetts, boards at E. Walch's 
Whittaker George, at Stott's Mills, house Water 
^\liittaker Orman, boards at M. H. Dike's [mac 

Whitten John R. daguerrean artist, at Chase's, 128 Merri- 
Whitten Robert, Middlesex, house Pleasant, near Andover 
AVhitten William T. & Co. {j. G. Clark), stoves, East Merri- 
mac, house Everett 
Whittemore Aaron, woodsawyer, house rear Moody 
Whittemore Eleanor, Mrs. boarding-house, 8 Prescott Corp. 
Whittemore Isaac W. clerk, at Jacob Jenness's, house Fayette j 
Whittier Cordelia J. Mrs. boarding-house, 68 Merr. Corp. 
Whittier Daniel, at Fiske's bobbin shop, house Pine j 


"WTiittier Hial T. machinist, boards at A. H. Oilman's 
Whittier John M. Prescott, boards at Mrs. J. Lui'kin's 
Whittier John W. boards at Mrs. R. True's 
Whittier Moses, overseer, Boott, house 74 Boott Corp. 
Whittier Phineas, shoemaker, house 12 Chapel [Wethern's 
Whittier Robert R. clerk, 5 Welles's Block, boards at Mrs. J. 
Whittier Richard B. boarding-house, 28 Boott Corporation 
Whittier Samuel A. at Cushing & Mack's, h. Lowell, corner 

Whittier Sarah, widow, house Central, near Charles 
Whittle Alfred, Bleachery, house Charles, near Lawrence 
Whittle James, Hamilton, boards at A. Whittle's 
Whittlesey James, at Fiske, Xorcross & Go's, b. 3 Queen 
Whitty Andrew, carpenter, house Union, opposite Chapel 
Whitworth Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house r. Charles 
Wickersham William, machinist, Mchanic's Mills, Dutton, 

boards at Mrs. W. Graves's 
Wiggin Andrew {Sargent &; W.), house Bartlett, n. Alder 
Wiggin Andrew J. Lowell, house Moody [gin's 

Wiggin Benjamin F. clerk, 4 Canal Block, b. at Mrs. S. Wig- 
Wiggin Caleb M. shoemaker, at X. M. Wright's, h. Lawson 
Wiggin Joseph, saloon, Wentworth's Block, boards at Ameri- 
can House 
Wiggin Joseph, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Wiggin Nathaniel, Suffolk, house 13 Suffolk Corporation 
Wiggin Sarah, Mrs, boarding-house, Russell's Bl'k, Lowell 
Wiggins John A. carpenter, house Lagrange 
Wiggins William H. carpenter, Adams, house Lagrange 
Wight James, at 0. M. Whipple's 

Wight Nancy, Mrs. house 28 Hurd [Walnut 

Wilcox Alexander B. writing master, Washington, house 
Wilcox Edwin, watchman, Tremont, house Kirk 
Wilder {Charles H.) & Hunt (E. S.), provisions, Market, 

house Middlesex, near the line 
Wilder Edmund F. {Siiozo &; Wilder), house Union, n. Gorham 
Wilder Henry H. (C". J. Adams &; Co.), h. Chapel, n. Union 
Wilder Nathan, at C. H. Wilder's, boards do. 
Wiley Edward K. mariner, house Middlesex, corner Pearl 
Wiley Michael, Middlesex, boards at Ann Quinn's 
Wiley Robert F. refreshments. South, corner Middlesex, h. do 
Wiley Samuel, carpenter, boards at Joshua Hale's- 
Wilkes George, blacksmith, house o Crosby 
Wilkins Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at T. Lovett's 
Wilkins Charles, overseer, Lawrence, h, oi Lawrence Corp. 
Wilkins Charles P. & Co. W. I. goods, 54 Church, house 
Lawi-ence, corner Church 


Wilkins Clarke L, Appleton, boards at C. Coburn's 

Wilkins Harrison, teamster, boards at Mrs. S. Knight's 

"Wilkins Henry, Merrinrac, boards at Mrs. S. Hubbard's 

Wilkins Rufus, house Gorham, near Hale's Mills 

Wilkins Sylvester, clerk at J. Merrill's, b. American House 

Wilkins Timoth)', house Central, corner Cady 

Wilkins T. Lorenzo, clerk at J. H. Kimball's, b. at J. Putney's 

Wilkins Zadock, painter, house 5 Race 

Will Alonzo, Boott, boards at .1. Starbird's 

Will George W. Boott, house 39 Boott Corporation 

Will Thomas, Boott, boards at George W. Will's 

Willard Gardner, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 

Willard Henry, Lowell, house Bartlett, near Alder 

Willard Lorenzo, Middlesex, house TAVarren 

Willard Martha, Avidow, house 1 Pearl 

Willet Thomas, boards at Mrs. Jane Robinson's 

AVilley Caroline, boarding-house, rear 37 Church 

Willey James, mason, house Gorham, corner Winter 

Willey James L. at Crosby's, Howe, house Fayette 

Willey John, boards at H. S. Parker's 

Willey Samuel, turner, at boards at W. Messer's 

Willey William, sash and blind maker, boards at I. Place's 

Williams Addison, Massachusetts, boards at Mrs. J. Lufkin's 

Williams Charles H. constable and turnkey, Jail, h. Cushing 

Williams Edward K. cigar maker, boards at Mrs. S. Pierce's 

Williams Henry L. house Walnut 

Williams James L. roll coverer, boards at W.Williams's 

Williams John, Tremont, boards at 22 Tremont Corporation 

Williams Robert, Boott, boards at D. Parker's 

Williams Samuel M. laborer, house Chestnut, near Ash 

Williams Thomas G. watchmaker, at A. Brastow's, house 

Chestnut, near Ash 
Williams W. A. roll coverer, boards at W. Williams's 
Williams William, roll coverer, house 31 Suffolk, c. Lagrange 
Williamson Charles F. carpenter, boards oo Church 
Williamson John, Middlesex, boards at William Hughes's 
Willis Daniel S. Boott, house 58 Boott Corporation 
Willis Eliza, Mrs. house 8 Water 
Willis William, variety store, Aldrich's Block, Middlesex, 

house do. 
Willoby Benjamin L. Merrimac, house 129 Merrimac Corp. 
Willoby Mary, Mrs. boarding-house, 7 Appleton Corporation 
Willock James, fancy sign painter. Button, house do. 
Willoughby Alfred, boots, shoes and trunks, 114 Central, 

hoiise Gorham, corner Walnut 
Willoughby Asa W. stonemason, house Fletcher, n. Lagrange 


"Willoughby Burnham B. boards at J. W. Fifield's 
Willoughby B. B. at Fiske & Norcross's 

Willoughby Edward K. Middlesex, house Hanover [Walnut 
Willoughby Samuel, clerk, 114 Central, house Gorham, corner 
Wills Daniel M. Lawrence, house 12 Lawrence Corporation 
Wills John H. Lawrence, boards at 46 Cabot 
Willson Eurydice, Massachusetts, house 43 Prescott Corp. 
Wilmot James, Appleton, house 6 Appleton Corporation 
Wilson Ann, widow, house Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 
Wilson C. Lowell, house 20 Lowell Corporation 
Wilson Edwin T. Hamilton, house Hamilton Corporation 
Wilson Gerry, Merrimac Print AVorks, h. 108 Merrimac Corp. 
Wilson George A. clerk, 12 Central, b. at E. Crane's 
Wilson George W. house Chestnut, near Ash 
Wilson Gordon B. machinist, house 77 Merrimac Corporation 
Wilson Hubbard, Hamilton, house 41 Hamilton Corporation 
Wilson Huldah P. boarding-house, 73 Merrimac Corporation 
Wilson James, watchman, house Thorndike, near Gorham 
Wilson Jame:^, designer, house rear Chelmsford, near Hale 
Wilson James, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. 19 Swamp L. 
Wilson James F. clerk, at George M. Dewey's, house Branch 
Wilson Jane, Mrs. house Mason's court 
Wilson John, variety store, 2o6 Merrimac, house do 
Wilson John, Lowell, house 22 Lowell Corporation 
Wilson John, Lowell, house 3 Mill 

Wilson John, Boston and Lowell depot, boards at J. Stevens's 
Wilson John E. Boott, boards 77 Merrimac Corporation 
Wilson John Jr. {Gardner <§• Wilson), boards Merrimac House 
Wilson John S. carpet-weaver, house Union, corner Central 
Wilson Joseph, at Fiske & Norcross's, house Smith 
Wilson Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, b. at Mrs. A. Lord's 
Wilson Joseph A. confectionery and variety, 14 Merr. h. do 
Wilson Kimball, Merrimac, boards 100 Merrimac Corporation 
Wilson Lavina, Mrs. boards at 6 Franklin square, Adams 
Wilson Levi, boarding, 58 Mass. Corp. [N. A. Smith's 

Wilson Lewis P. clerk. No. 11 N. E. P. Union, boards at Mrs. 
Wilson Lorenzo, teamster, Merr. Print W. h. 100 Merr. Corp. 
Wilson Parker D. Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
Wilson Peter, Middlesex, house 13 George 
Wilson Robert, Middlesex, house Pleasant, near Andover 
Wilson Robert, Boston and Lowell depot, b. at J. Stevens's 
Wilson Rufus, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Wilson Thomas, foundry, Jackson, house Clay 
Wilson William, machinist, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Wilson William, machinist, house Thorndike, near Gorham 
Wilson William B. carpet factory, house Fayette 

Winchester Elhanan, watchman, Boott, house Paige, n. John 
Winchester Samuel, bhicksmith, house Lawrence, near Cady 
Wina Jane T. Miss, boardintv-house, 26 Massachusetts Corp. 
WinS John W. Middlesex Mills, boards 77 Central [Nesmith 
Wing (Tnce) & Upton (R. A.), meat-market, 39 Merr. h. n. 
Winn Abigail M. Mrs. boarding-house, 19 Massachusetts Corp. 
Winn Daiiiel K. botanic medicines, Middlesex, corner South 
Winn Margaret, Mrs. house Appleton, near Gorham 
Winn Parker, shoemaker, boarding-house, 35 Boott Corp. 
Winnek John, house E. Merrimac, near High street square 
Winslow Chauncv W. Suffolk, boards 11 Suffolk Corporation 
Winslow George,^ Lowell Machine Shop, boards 4 Race 
Winslow Lewis R. round house, house Chelmsford, n. Howard 
Winslow L. at gas-works, boards at Colony House 
Winlsow^ Nathaniel T. Boott, boards at D. Parker's 
Winsor L. at gas-works, boards at Colony House 
Winterbottom James, Lowell, house Hanover 
Winterbottom William, Lowell, house Castle's Block, Lowell 
Winton John, Middlesex, house Water 
Wirt Amos, at Weare Cliff'ord's, house Dearborn's court 
Wise William G. Merrimac C. R. house 27 Merrimac Corp. 
Wiswall Marv, Miss, boarding-house, 23 Appleton 
Wiswall Oren, boards at Mary Wiswall's 
Witham Rebecca, widow, boards at O. Wyman's 
Withee William C. Middlesex, boards at Mrs. Mary B. Brown's 
Witherell William H. Tremont, house 28 Tremont Corp. 
Witherhead James, Tremont, boards at Mrs. S. B. Lyscomb's 
Wolcott John, Lowell, boards 13 Lowell Corporation 
Wolcott Russell F. machinist, house Pearl, near Middlesex 
Wood Alonzo H. house E. Merrimac, near James court 
Wood Charles, overseer, Boott, house 70 Boott Corporation 
Wood Daniel, teamster, house 38 Church 
Wood George E. shoemaker, house Moody, near Suff'olk 
Wood George W. boards 22 Hamilton Corp. [Colony House 
Wood {Geo\ W.) & Noves {T. J.), provisions, Thorndike, b. 
Wood George W. Boott, boards at N. L. Fowler's 
Wood Henry, drawing school. Savings Bank B. b. 13 Central 
Wood Horatio, Rev. office Free Chapel, Midx, h. Liberty, opp. 

Wood Jesse L. stonecutter, boards at J. Phelps's 
Wood Joel, laborer, house Merrimac, near Austin 
Wood John, Boott, boards at Mrs. E. Prince's 
Wood John G. picker-factory, Middle, house opp. 24 Charles 
AVood Laura, nurse, bo"'-^s at A. Huntoon's 
Wood Lorenzo, clerk, a I. W. & D. Bangs's, h. Appleton, n. 



Wood Lucius, currier, house 11 Lagrange court 

"Wood Luther, painter, boards 15 Appleton Corporation 

Wood Lydia, Mrs. variety-store, 93 Central, house Tyler 

Wood Mary, dressmaker, 40 Central 

Wood R. Mrs. boarding-house, 49 Massachusetts Corporation 

Wood Robert, veterinary physician, h. Alder, c. Stackpole 

Wood Samuel & Co. (S. N. Wood), grain store, 15 Market, h. 

Chapel, near Union 
Wood Samuel N. (S. Wood (§• Co.), house Centre 
Wood Stephen, laborer, boards at A. Andrews's 
Wood Wentworth, Lawrence, boards 3 Dodge 
Wood William, Mrs. house 60 Boott Corporation 
Woodard Amasa, carpenter, house 5 Austin 
Woodard James, overseer, Lowell, h. 15 Lowell Corporation 
Woodard Lindsay J. carpenter, boards 5 Atistin 
Woodbury Horace B. boards 11 Tremont Corporation 
Woodbury John, boarding-house, 11 Tremont Corporation 
Woodbury John L. patternmaker, house Appleton, opp. Favor 
Woodbury Joseph, carpenter, Middlesex, house Grand 
Woodbury Manly A. machinist, boards 11 Tremont Corp. 
Woodbury Mary, Miss, dressmaker, 40 Central, house do 
Woodbury Peter, carpenter, house Branch, opp. School House 
Woodman Andrew, Middlesex, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Woodman Henry, Middlesex, boards at J. W. Perkins's 
AVoodman Watson, cabinetmaker, house Abbott 
Woods Abigail, h. 9 Appleton Corporation 
Woods David, carpenter, house West Union, corner South 
Woods Dorothy A. Mrs. house Lowell, near Adams 
Woods George'F. Massachusetts, house 22 Prescott Corp. 
Woods Horace E. engineer, N. & S. B. R. R. b. at Howard H. 
Woods {Leonard) & Nute (A. T.), scalemakers, Livingston & 

Calef's Mills, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Woods Maria S. 75 Central, boards 15 Appleton Corporation 
Woods Nancy, Mrs. house Wilson 

Woods Stephen, at R. R. Exchange, h. School, corner Branch 
Woods Timothy N. Lowell, house Carpet lane 
Woods AVilliani, Boott, boards at D. Parker's 
Woods William S. Prescott, house High, near E. Merrimac 
Woodward Alfred G. {BurnajJ ^ Woodivard), b. at Ethan Bur- 
Woodward Alonzo S. at A. Richmond's, b. at J. W. Boynton's 
Woodward Amos W. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 11 Warren 
Woodward C. S. Miss, 27 Merrimac, house do 
Woodward Calvin, Lowell, house 24 Franklin square 
Woodward Deliverance, carpenter, h. 11 Merrimac Corporation 
Woodward Eliza Ann, boarding-house, 19 Prescott Corp. 


Woodward Gage P. carpenter, house Union, near Central 
Woodward {Ilcman) & Kelly {Geo. G.), Columbian House, 10 

Merrimac, house Charles, near Central 
Woodward John, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Woodward John C. Locks and Canals, h. Race [App. Corp. 
Woodward John T. overseer spinning room, Appleton, h. 12 
Woodward Marcus E. clerk at Jos. S. Brown's, b. at L. Rice's 
Woodward Russell, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 17 Swamp Locks 
Woodward Sylvester (P(?«5of/?/ <^ W.)A\. Midx. opp. Jackson 
Woodworth Catharine, Mrs. boarding-house, 216 Merrimac 
Woodworth Thomas H. clerk, 8 Central 
Worcester Leonard, cutter, 58 Central, h. Alder, c. Bartlett 
Worcester William H. Lawrence, boards 8 Suffolk 
Wormwood Joseph, at Howard House 
AVorth Henry, laborer, house Lowell, near Suffolk 
Worth John, Middlesex, house Abbott 

Worth John, 2d, W, I. goods, 4-5 Church [Lagrange 

Worthen Ezekiel B. W. I. goods, 180 Merr. h. Marion, corner 
Worthen George W. engineer, h. Merrimac, n. the Hospital 
Worthley John, painter, 108 Central, b. at Mrs. E. Merrill's 
Wragg Robert, Merrimac, house 86 Merrimac Corporation 
Wright Alanson, carpenter, house Tremont, near Merrimac 
Wright Alex, agent Lowell Corp. h. Market, opp. Shattuck 
Wright Alex. W. clerk at Daniel West & Go's, h. E, Merrimac, 

Hunt's court 
Wright Amos D, Lawrence, house 14 Lawrence Corporation 
Wright Andrew C. shoe-store, 84 Merrimac, house Willow 
Wright Andrew R. Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
Wright Asahel Bliss, printer, house Appleton, opposite Garnet 
Wright Atwill F. at Wood & Noyes's, boards at A. W. Foss's 
Wright Atwood, Stony Brook R. R. boards at A. W. Foss's 
Wriglit Benjamin, carpenter, h. Summer, near Gorham 
Wright Charles H. clerk, 51 Central, boards at H. Wright's 
Wright Ezra P. Lawrence, house 37 Lawrence Corporation 
Wright Ezra W. carpenter, house Butterfield 
Wjight Franklin D. painter, house 2 Shaw's Block, Pine 
Wright George, boots and shoes, 88 Central, b. at L. Rice's 
Wright George, Boott, boards at R. P. Hardy's 
Wright George S. overseer Suffolk repair shop, h. 3 Cabot B, 
Wright Hapgood, boots, shoes, and rubbers, 51 Central, h. 

Gorham, near Court House 
Wright Harwood N. Boston and Lowell R. R. b. at A. W.Foss's 
Wright Herman, clerk, boards at Alanson Wright's 
Wright Hiram, dealer in horses, boards at Farmers' & Mech's. 
Wright Jacob, shoemaker, Tremont, house Decatur 
Wright James J. blacksmith, house Thorndike, n. Gorham 


Wright John, agent, Suffolk, h. Merrimac, near Decatur 
"Wright John, Carpet, house Liberty, near School 
Wright John, laborer, house Lawrence, near Abbott 
Wright Luther, stonemason, house Mason's court 
Wright Mar}', Mrs. house 12 Lagrange court [n. Union 

Wright N. M. boots, shoes, &c."ll2 Central, house Gorham, 
Wright Nathaniel, president Lowell Bank, house Pawtucket, 

corner School 
Wright Octavus, botanic physician, 97 Merrimac, near John 
Wright Peter, overseer, Lowell, h. Stackpole, cor. Livermore 
Wright Richard A. at G. Darracott Jr. & Go's, b. American Ho. 
Wright Stephen, Middlesex, house 17 Hurd 
Wright Sylvester C. Lowell Machine Shop, h. 45 Worthen 
Wright Thomas, Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. Brigham's 
Wright Walter, Merrimac, house Anne 

Wright William A. Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Wrigly Jonas, agent Boston new^spapers, house Marshall 
Wyeth Emma, Mrs. house Worthen, near Lowell 
Wyman Archelus C. bootmaker, 34 Central, house Union 
Wyman Augustus M. house Appleton, corner Favor 
Wyman Henry, tailor, 29 Central, house at Centralville 
Wyman John S. house Tyler 
Wyman Leonard, Suffolk, house 4 Cabot Block 
Wyman Oliver, house George, corner William [House 

Wyman William {Peabody § Wyman), boards Merrimac 

YALDING JONATHAN P. Merrimac, house 148 Merr. Corp. 
Yeaton Robert O. Middlesex, boards at B. W. Moulton's 
Yeoman Robert T. shoemaker, boards 99 Merrimac Corp. 
Yeoman William H, Merrimac Print Works, h. 99 Merr. Corp. 
Yore Ann, Mrs. house Decatur 

York {Henry U.) & Chase {Samuel M.), job printers, 55 Cen- 
tral, house Tyler 
York Jacob S. Tremont, house 36 Tremont Corporation 
York James, Blcachery, house do. 
York Jane, Mrs. house Tyler 
York John, at Fiske & Norcross's 

York Joseph, Merrimac, boards at 69 Merrimac Corporation 
York S. D. physician, 55 Merrimac, corner John street, house 

at Centralville 
Young Aaron B. Merrimac, house 162 Merrimac Corp. 
Young Adaline W. Mrs. boarding-house, 1 Massachusetts 
Young Albert, boards at Mrs. H. Norton's [sit 

Young Albert, at 0. M. Whipple's, h. Lawrence, near Wame- 
Young Alexander, bill poster, house 240 Merrimac 
Young Artemas S. Mass. boards at Mrs. A. Young's 


Young Charles, Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Young David, house Pine [Norton's 

Young Ephraim W. teacher, High School, boards at Mrs. H. 
Young George W. boards at Manasseh Bailey's 
Young James, barkeeper, Exchange Coffee House, house 

Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 
Young James, Lowell, house Little, near Lewis 
j Young John, Middlesex, boards at 24 Hurd 
i Young Michael, laborer, house Howard's Block, Lowell 
Young Moses, machinist, house George, near Tyler 
Young Sarah H. ladies' Protective Union, division 81, 66 

Merrimac, boards at 0. L. Allen's 
Young William F. harness maker, boards at Dr. Vinal's 
Young William F. agent N. E. P. U. boards 28 Central 
Young William M. at Otis Allen's, boards 18 Boott Corp. 
Youngman Nicholas, laborer, house New, near Lowell 

ZAPF MATTHIAS, Middlesex, house 9 Warren 
j Zotman Josiah A. Lowell, boards at Miss C. Willey's 



In ivliich the Trades and Professions are alphabetically 
arranged under their respective heads. 

Agricultural Tools. 

Burbank, Chase & Co., 5 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
Rogers J F. & J., 2 & 5 Savings' 
Bank block 

Allen Curtis L., E. Merrimac 
Ayer James C, {Cherry Pectoral,) 

84 Central 
Ayer James C. & Co., 84 Central 
Blake J. H., 14 Middlesex 
Calder Albert L., Merr., c. Kirk 
Carlton & Hovey, near C. Hall 
Colby M. D. & Co., 4 Canal blk. 
Eastman C S. & Co., Central, c. 

Guild Wm A., Merr., c. Bridge 
Hale B. S. & Co., E. Merrimac 
Hayes Joseph E., 12 Central 
Kidder Samuel, Merr., c. John 
Maynard John, 170 Merrimac 
Mead John, 99 Central 
Scribner Isaac W., Merrimac, c. 

Sisson R. W., 79 Central 
Smith S. O. & Co., Merr. c. Suf- 
Staniels Edward A., 99 Central 
Staniels Edward L., Merrimac, c. 

Toothaker Charles, 4 Hurd 
Webster Wm. W., Middlesex, 
opj). depot 

Bean Daniel G., Fletcher, cor. 

Rand James H.. 48 Central 

Hardy Thomas, 6 Market 
Patch E. B., C:oniniercial sq. 
Parker Joseph, Piescott 
Shapleigh & Earring on,C om. 

Blood A. G., 25 .Merrimac 
Bradt D. & G. J.. Whiting 
Mayer Joseph, Paiye 
Prentiss A., Fayette, c. E. Merr. 
Sanborn I. C, 257 Merrimac ... 
Scripture I. & Co., Central, Chap- 
el Hill ^ 
SimsN. Gorham, n. Putney's ct. 
Sweetser Jos. {pastri/,)'FawtuQket 

Besse Joseph V., Market, opp. 

Lowell Corp. 
Emery Henry, Merrimac House 

Bedstead Manufactory. 
Crosby E. & G., Howe 

Beer Manufactory, 

Hancock & Melvin, Middlesex 
c. Smith 




Bell Hangers. 

Stevens Salmon, Maiden Lane 
Neltleton F. S., rrescott 

Belt So Roll Manufactory. 
Gates Josiah, 6 Mechanics' b. 

Austin Wm. W., Gorham, cor. 

Cou stress 
Cobur'n David A., Arch 
Dane G., Dane st. 
Gage & Wheeler, 17 Market 
Garland G. W., Adams, c. Rock 
Hill John, Central, n. North 
Hill Lawrence, Dummer 
Holt Luther, n. I'awtucket Falls 
Kittredge J. G., ilarket 
Lovejoy L. & D , Dutton 
Mennig George, Lowell 
Nichols & Co., Charles 
Smith & MeadowcraftjWhipple's 

Stinson & Poole, Middle 
Swett George P., Howe 

Boarding Houses. 
Adams Geo., Mid'x, c. Pearl 
Annan S. 31., 41 Appleton. 
Bachelder Josiah, Middlesex 

I Batchelder E. AV. Mrs , Bartlett 
Baxter Geo., 232 3Ierrimac 
Black E. C, 83 Central 
Blanchard Janelte, 7 Market 
Bridge Christian, William 

I Brigham Sarah, Market 

I Brown Mary B., Paige 
Combs Joanna, 10 Lagrange 
Corlis Elizabeth, South 
Dean Susan, 104 Merrimac 
Duesbury Caroline, 113 Merr. 
Duraut Ann M., Tilden c. Moody 
Elkins John, Green 
Ellsworth Calista, 41 Cabot 
Foster Sarah, 9 Central 
Fowler N. L.', 10 John 
Glle P. R., 95 Central 
Greenleaf Lowell, 2 Green 
Hemenway IZ. R.. 77 Central 
Hills Prudence, Marion, c. La'ge 
Holmes Nancy, 5 Lyman 
Hubbard Sophronia, Rock 
Hunt S., 19 Central 
Knights Sarah, Mid'x, c. South 

Newell Mary R., 13 Central 
Nudd A., Paige 
Putnam E. K., 92 Merrimac 
Quinn Ann, Green 
Rich R., 3 Dodge 
Robinson B., 9 market 
Stow Ithamar, Cabot 
Vance Charlotte, 26 Hurd 
Upton S., 13 Market 


Kennedy Marv & Hannah, 28 
Perley Mary E., 27 
Peters Daniel C, 26 


Calef Nancy, 30 
Colby A , 62 
Colby Stephen, 29 
Collins Lydia & Susan, 52 
Currier Rhoda L., 3 
Dodge Eliza, 14 
Dodge S. L., 4 
Doton E. Mrs., 19 
Fisk Geo., 22 
Fletcher Achsah, 51 
Fox Amanda M., 45 
Hardy Rebecca P., 53 
Harvey Wm. Mrs., 21 
Jones Miriam Mrs., 20 
Leathers Samuel, 5i 
Lewis George W., 13 
Lufkin Martha, 44 
Parker Daniel, 11 
Pease Miriam, 19 
Penniman Mary, 61 
Quimby Sarah, 27 and 38 
Straw Miriam, 37 
W^hittier Richard B., 28 
Winn Parker, 35 


Fogg Nancy, 31 
Hall Christopher C, 29 
:,iaynard Elizabeth, 16 . 
McKinley Sarah, 30 


I yden Harriet, 7 
Ciough C. H., 10 
Currier Martha D., 19 
Foss John, 55 
Guild Isaac, 15 
Hall Nancy, 32 



Harris C. F., 28 
Harvey Steplien, 17 
Honey Solomon. 4 
Hurlburt Albert S., 29 
Kent James, 39 
Keyes Zoan Ann, 27 
Lamson Wm., 8 
Legate Clarinda, 50 
Longer Sophia, 60 
Lyon Harriet, 16 
Marsh Lucretia, 44 
Stlckney Benj., 59 


Brown Mary, 3 
Hixon Roxanna, 1 
Shaw Sally, 6 


Thorning Leonard, Bleachery 


Barnard Jona., 27 and 28 
Barstow Henry Mrs., 13 
Blaisdell :N. C, 6 
Burbank E.. 44 
Currier Francis D. Mrs., 12 
DownesM., 20 
Fillemore T., 62 
HillJ. 0.,22 
Kendall P. Mrs., 61 
Lyscomb Sarah B., 43 
Moody Caroline, 52 
Nudd A. P., 14 
Peabody Mary, 11 
Pike Sarah Ann, 51 
Plaisted Elisha, 53 
Prescott D. E., 46 
Saben N., 60 
Silver Elvira, 5 
Simpson D. Mrs., 30 
Snell W. E., 59 
Wadleigh Lovina, 3 
Waters 'P>enjamin, 23 
Wilson L., 58 
Wing Jane T., 26 
Winn Abigail M., 19 
Wood R. 3Irs., 49 
Young A. Mrs., 1 


Bartlett Hannah D , 14 
Bartlett Nathaniel, 11 
BLxby Hannali, 15 

Breck Lucy, 8 
Coburn Hannah A., 5 
Colby Dorothy, 133 
Crawford Lucy, 16 
Davis Mary, 9 
Edes Betsy A., 3 
Emerson Rebecca A., 74 
Fisk Levi 79 
Fletcher Mary, 139 
Gordon Judith B., 49 
Green Mary, 60 
Haines Mary. 59 
Huntington J. P., 69 
Johnson Eleanor, 110 
Kimball Laui a A., 1 
King Mary, 48 
Leonard S'ally, 71 
Merriam Marv A., 51 
Page Sally K'., 10 
Proctor Esther. 2 
Read Betsey & Hannah, 17 
Sayles Nancy, 115 
Sheplierd Nancy, 140 
Smith Dudley 11. ,59 
Steven- Benj., 12 
Walker Susan, 7 
West Lovey, 13 
Weymouth Dorothy, 34 
Woodworth Catharine, 135 


Dean Jemima, 5 
Hersey Parthenia, 12 
Sanborn Sarah D., 01 
Smith W. F., 6 


Eastnaan Su.'-an F., 26 
Magoun Mary, 6 
Martin Sybil F., 11 
Prince E. Mrs., 9 
Stacy Mary, 4 
Webster David, 14 


Foss Sarah B., 30 
Gowdy Sarah C, 12 
Johnson Harriet, 3 
Thomas Mary M., 19 
True Hannah, 6 

Boat Builder. 
Bowers Jonathan, Pawtucket 
Bonnets &/ Millinery Goods. 
Robinson F. W., 50 Merrimac 



Bonnet Bleachery. 
Bracishaw J., Hale 
Flanders Peter jr., 88 Merrimao 
Thompson B. T., 91 Merrimao 

Bobbins So Shuttles. 

Aldricb & lhip.?ood, Howe 
Coburn & Jaqiu-s, 31iddle 
Fiske G. W., Woithen 

Book Binders. 
Merrill & Straw, 23 Central 
Sargeant B. C, 39 Central 

Booksellers &o Stationers. 
Bonuey Milton, 35 & 37 Merr. 
Crown L. P., 32 Merr. {wkolesale) 
Davis John W., 5 John 
Dayton N. L., 32 Merrimac 
Hatch H. M., 2 Canal block 
March Oliver, 91 Central 
Merrill & Straw, 23 Central 
Sargeant B. C, 39 Central 
Simonds S. B., 71 Merrimac 
Waldron W. H., Merr., c. John 
Watson Abijab, 142 Merrimac 

Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers . 
Austin James, 62 Merrimao 
Bacon R., 17 Merrimac 
Barr John, 3 Frescott block 
Berry & Cochran, 114 Merrimac 
Boardman S. A., 13 Merrimac 
Carlton Elbridge G., 13 Mid'sex 
Chase Lorenzo, 7 Tilden 
Cook John C, 15 E. Merrimac 
Critchett Nathl., 136 Merrimac 
Cummings John F., 110 Merr. 
Davis Aaron, Adams 
Day D., (Ladies',) Market, opp. 
I Lowell Manuf. Co. 
Elliott Hazen,172 Merrimac 
Elston AVm., near Hale's Mills 
Farr & Whitnev, 123 Central 
Gladwin P. A., 188 Merrimac 
Hill Albert. 4 John 
Hodgdon Wm. H., 4 John 
Johnson Charles, Fremont 
Keyes Jame--. Merr., cor. Cabot 
Kittredge Danl., Middle, 2d door 

from P. O. {manufacturer) 
Knapp Daniel, 30 Merrimac 
Lamson Wm., 184 Merrimac 
Leavitt Wm. H., 166i Merrimac 

Maguire Andrew, Market 
McLanathan H. L. S., 302 Mer. 
MeLanathan S., 56 Merrimac 
Merrill Joseph, 7 Canal block 
Moore & Cheney, M'x, u. depot 
O'Brien Luke, Lowell 
Pierce & Staples, 288 Merrimac 
Plummer 86 Boardman, 34 Cen. 
Priest Charles A., Tilden 
Roberts Wm., Mansur's block 
Smith Francis, Paige, (Ladies^) 
Stone Charles, 92 Central 
Swan Daniel, 95 Merrimac 
Wellington & Rogers, 200 Merr. 
Whitely Joseph, 74 Merrimac 
Willoughby A., 114 Central 
Wright A. C, 84 Merrimac 
Wright Geo., 88 Central 
Wright Hap^ood, 51 Central 
Wright Jacob, Fremont 
Wright N. M , 112 Central 

Boot So Shoe Makers. 
Butterworth John. Howe 
Hawley George, 138 Central 
Hayden Isaac J., Market 
Huntoon A. Warren, n. Church 
Slatterv John, Gorham, c. Sum. 
White Robert, Charles 

Botanic Medicines. 

Cheney Wm. S., 3 Williams' bk. 
Cheever & Remich, 98 Merrimac 
Collins J., Central, c. Charles 
Runalsfc Churchill, 16 Merrimac 

Botanic Physicians. 
Bryant N., 2 Cady 
Cole E. L., High, cor. Chestnut 
Collins J., Central, c. Charles 
Craigue Jas., Midd'x, cor. South 
Curtis W. W. Mrs., 13 Ap'n blk. 
Dowse John, 149 Central 
Fitch S. S., office 98 Merrimac 
Fitch V. H., 21 Central 
Gallison S., 14 Appleton 
Manchester J. S., Sd Central 

Bowling Saloons. 

Chamberlain & Moore, Central c. 

Nichols Jacob, 151 Central 
Whetherbee O., basement Mu- 
seum, Merr., opp. Central 



Box Makers. 
Fiske Geo., John st. avenue 
Fiske AVm., Dutton 

Brass Founder. 
Dana David, Jackson 

Donahoe Owen, Midd'x n. depot 

Hyde David, 2 \yelles' block 
Eichardson L. B., 102 Central 

Brush Manufacturer. 

Fellows Chas. F., Market 

Bung Manufacturer. 
Shaw Adrian, 17 Market 

Cabinet Maker. 
Koss Ozias, Market 

Dearden W., lOTMerrimac 
ratten Geo. W., 33 Merrimac 

Cap Makers. 

Bent & Bush, 30 Central 
Uopkinsou A., 62 Central 

Card Manufacturers. 
Puffer & Howe, Market 

Carpenters &o Builderg. 
Atvrood Beiij. E., Union 
Baker A., Summer 
Benson Samuel, Howe 
Chenev & Stacy, Middle,7th door 

from F. O. 
Cole Samuel G., School 
Dowser Wm., Lowell 
Emerson & Lamkin, Prescott 
Fifield & Peabody, Mech. Mills 
Gilman Trustum C, How^e 
HaseUine G. \V., Cent'l, c. Chap 
Holt Daniel, Howe 
Hood Abram. K , South, n. Sum. 
Howe H. C. & J. F., Livingston 

& Calef s Mills 
Huckins N., Putney's ct. 
Lovett Thomas, Summer 
iMathes A., Forrest 
McGaffery & Henry, Lowell 
IS^'oyes Joseph, Cedar 

Peabody & Woodward, Middle- 
sex, we.^t of depot - 
Proctor James, 143 Central 
Sawtell Josiah, Scliool 
Sawtell Josiah A., School 
Spalding & Page, Lenton 
Watson Edward F., Livingston 

& Calef s Mills. Middlesex 
Waymoth Geo. W., Prescott 
Wetherbee Asa, Prescolt 
Wiggins Wm. H., Ad?ms 

Adams C. J. & Co., 6 Merr. 
Adams & North, 108 Central 
McDonald John & John jr., n. 

Weaver & Brothei «,7 Central & 

28 Men-imac 

Carpet Manufacturers. 
Lang Roger, Whipple's Mills 
Mather J., Whipple s :MiIl3 
Patterson J. O., Whipple's MilLs 
Siuer J., Whipple's Mills 

Carriage Manufacturers. 
Bowers Jonathan, Pawtucket 
Day & Convers. 137 Central 
Eaton J. B., Dutton, c. Worthen 
Low & Skillings, 17 Market 

China, Glass, &/C. 
Brown Ephm.,43 Merrimac 
Dearden Wm.,107 31errimac 
Lesure Benj. F. 85 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
Page, 'Fay & Co., 1 & 3 Appleton 

Weaver & Dwinell, 80 Merrimao 

Cigar Manufacturers. 
Mason Allen, Suffolk 
Fowler Geo. D.,5Coburn's block 
Whitney H. A.. 63 Central 

Abbott Alexander R., Merrimac 
Barry Wm., Chestnut n. Nesmith 
Berrich Francis H., Moodj' 
Brewster Wm. H., Low., c. Dane 
Buinap Uzziah C., Appleton 
Child Willaid, Merrimac 
Crudden Peter, Appleton 
Edson Theodore, Kirk 



Yo<rg Samuel, Warren court 

Hanks Sffednian W., Kirk 

Monn f'vrus. John 

McDciuiottJ.T.. Suffolk 
j Miles iienry A , Lawrence 
I Porter Lemuel, Tyler 

Pratt Samuel C, Nesmith 

Towne J. H., High c Andover 

Wood Horatio, Liberty 

Clock Eepairer. 

Stevens S., Merriraac 
Clothes &/ Carpet Cleaners. 
Fisher W., llPrescott 

Myers N.,'3i Prescott block 

ClotMng Su FurnisMng Goods. 

P>axter Her.ry .J., 29 Central 
Burbank, Chase & Co., 5 Central 
Burnap John. 212 Merrimac 
Burnap & Woodward, 30 Merr. 
Caswell F., 3Iiddlesex 
Colby & Totman, 41 Central 
Critchet N , 133 .>Ierrimac 
Dix Jona. W., Mid'x, c. Th'dike 
Donelly Hugh, Gorham 
Dresser & Smith, 54 Central 
Evans Joshua F., M'x, op. depot 
Farrington D., 150 Merrimac 
Farrington Isaac, 57 Central 
Gallasher Jas., 19 Market 
Gilbert A. jr. & Co., 1 Canal b. 
Harlow John B., 53 Central 
Havward Asa E., 80 Central 
Hutchinson Benj., 25 Central 
McEvov Huirh, 58 Central 
Nichols Hiram, 222 Merrimac 
Palmer Jonathan A., 222 Merr. 
Putnam Addison, 2 Amer.H. bl. 
Qui:^lcv Edward. Lowell 
QuinnJohn. 64 Central 
StacvL. P.. 33 Central 
Tuxbury F. W. & Co., 50 Central 

Coal and Wood. 
Howard Horace, Western av. & 

Prescott street 
Kittred-e W. Mid ,8th d f. P. O. 
Livingston Wm , Tho ndike 
McFaVlin W. & L., Pawtucket 
Penniman D., Lowell 
Shapleigh & Farrington,Com. sq. 

Coifee Grinders. 
Stuart & Humphrey, 7 Market 

Coffin "Warehouses. 
Bracey David, JIarket 
Brown Jacob P., Market 
Proctor James, 143 Central 

Chellis E.. 71 Merrimac 
Durgin^E. S., Summer, c. South 

Commission Merchant. 
Dewey Geo. M., Davidson's blk. 

Confectionery &o Fruit. 
Bell Elizabeth, 220 Merrimac 
Carter Jolm M.. 22(3 Merrimac 
Clark Jas., 103 3Ierrimac 
French A. B., 37 Cen. & 130 Mer. 
Harriman G., 87 Merrimac 
Hobbs E. R , Merr. c. Prescott 
Huntoon Mary P.. 5 John 
Niles Josepli, 94 Merrimac 
Oldham James, 258 Merrimac 
Perkins Dearborn, Law., n.Ames 
Plastridge S., at Shapleigh & 

Wilson J. A., 14 Merrimac 


[See Miscellaneous Department ] 


Holden Artemas, Pawtucket 
Kealty, Garrity & Bartlett, Low. 

Abbott & Brown, 61 Central 
Abbott Julian. 49 Central 
Adams Joel, 49 Central 
Beard & Gunnison, 61 Central 
Blaisdell & Abbott. 3 Canal block 
Bonney A. P., 19 Applet on block 
Brown & Al2:er, 55 Central 
Butler & Webster^ Wyman Ex. 
Cadv Stillman, 3 Canal block 
Caverly & Adams, 56 Central 
CaverlyZ. B., 56 Central 
Corliss H. G. F., 48 Central 
Crosbv F , 3 Canal block 
Dean & Dinsmoor, 20 & 21 Ap. b. 
I Farr A W., 6 Canal block 



Farrell J C, Spalding's b. Cen. 
Howe Moses G., 67 Central 
Knowles John A., 14 Ap. block 
Ladd Joiia.,3 Canal block 
Lapham Rut'us, 55 Central 
McNeil John. AVentworth's b. 
Mead Abraham, 11 Appleton b. 
Morse Isaac S., 49 Central 
Parker Fred., 16 & 17 App. bl. 
Poole & Sweetser, 3 Canal block 
Poor Bushrod W., 62 Central 
Richardson D. S. & W. A., 55 

Robinson John P., 3 Canal blk. 
Sherman E. F., Wentworth's bl. 
Smith Wm., 1 Welles' block 
Waldron Geo. P., 12 Appleton b. 
Wentworth T., Went worth's bl. 
Winnick John, Spalding's b. Ce. 

Bell Robert G., Prescott 

Weaver & DwinelJ, 80 Merrimac 

Daguerrian Artists. 

Chase E. B., 128 Men imac 
Gilchrest Geo. C, 82 Merrimac 
Hopkinson J. A., 88 Merrimac 
Howes Saml. P., 112 Merrimac 
Perry W. A. & Co., 6 Canal blk. 
Simpson A. J., Wyman's Ex. 


Abbott Samuel, 15 Central 
Allen John, 92 Merrimac 
Gladwin Silas F., 96 Merrimac 
Johnson A. T , Wentworih's bl. 
Knowles Calvin C, 6 & 7 W. bl. 
Ladd Calvin B., 21 Central 
Lawrence Ambrose, 27 Merr. 
Lawrence Samuel, 24 Central 
Manley H., 35 Church 
Mansfield Geo.. 16 Central 
Vinal Wm. D.; 28 Central 
Ward S. L., Savings' Bank bl. 

Doors, Blinds and Sashes. 

Fifield & Peabody, Mech. Mills 
Fisher & Norcross, Middlesex 
Kelley Wm., Mechanics' Mills 
Rand & Place, Mechanics' Mills 

Abbott Matilda H., 8 lllden 
Armstrong M. A., E. Merr., near 

Briar Wm. Mrs., 4 Middlesex pi. 
Brown A. G., 55 Merr., c. John 
Clifford L. P., 6 John 
Copeland Jerusha, 32 Trem. Cor. 
Davis Mary J., 16 Middlesex 
Dixie L. A., 4 John 
Dustin & Butler, 4^ John 
Eastman S. E., Merr., c. John 
Gale J. C, Middlesex, n. Pearl 
George S. E., Lee, c. John 
Hambiet M. AY., 88 Merrimac 
Harthan Hannah, Arcade b. 
Hinkley L. Maria, 18 Central 
Jordan S. C , 2 Arcade b. 
Marston M. & S., 86 Central 
Mason N. M., Merr., c. John 
Melvin Mary. 131 Central 
Ogelvie N. J., 10 Tilden 
Prescott Candace, 40 Central 
Richardson Rhoda, 100 Merr. 
Rose Maria, Kirk 
Russell E. L., E. Merr. 
Shepard A. L., Marshal 
Soule Sophia, 198 Merrimac 
Stacy O., E. Merrimac 
Stevens E. F., 27 Merr. 
Stevens Mary, Mid'x, cor. South 
Sumner Mary, Mid'x, c. Jack'n 
AVhitney Sarah L., Appleton 
AVoodbury Mary, 40 Central 
Woodward C. S., 27 Merr. 

Dry Goods. 

Battles 'A.L., 40 Merr. 
Baxter D. D., 5 Appleton block 
Benthal & Hilton, 42 Merr. 
Bradt Daniel, 36 Merrimac 
Brown Joseph S., 54 Merr. 
Castles S. jr., 124 Merrimac 
Cummin gs & Burtt, 4 Ajjp. bl. 
Davis Simon S., 4 Central 
Davis AA^m. J., 8 Central 
Drew Chas. AY., 3 AYallis' block 
Folsom J. P. & Co., 44 Merr. 
Gardner & AYilson, 38 Merr. 
Griffin & Hosford, 86 Merr. 
Hanscom Edmund, 101 Merr. 
Hardy B. T., 2 AA'elles' block 
Hildreth J. C. & Co., 6 Central 
Hunton Lewis L. & Co., 108 Mer, 



Ladies r. U. Store. 18 Central 
Lucas T., 120 Merrimac 
Mairuire & C'assidv, 116 Merr. 
Mcbonough Michael, 116 Merr. 
Moni.^on A. B., 5 Welles' block 
Kichols Cha. R. & Co., 36 Merr. 
Peabody & Wyman, 48 Merr. 
Priest Geo W., 15 Suffolk 
Smith John & Geo-, Merrimac 
Tower James, Central, cor. Gor. 
Ward & Thompson, 91 Merr, & 

2 John 
West Daniel & Co., 46 Merr. 

Dyewoods, Drugs, &oc. 
Talbot C. P., & Co., Market 


Chambers C, near Hale's Mills 
Clifford Weare, Andover, n. br'e 
CroAvther Henry, Whipple's M's 
Holt John, Howe, (Patent Press 

Engineers &/ Surveyors. 

Bennett John, 55 Cen. & Appl'n 
"Buttertield G. W., 3 Canal bl. 
Chase Josiah G., 5 Welles" block 
Latham Cvrus, Savings' Bank b. 
Mehltrarteh P., 128 Merrimac 
Newell J., Savings' Bank block 

Engraver &/ Designer. 
Hedge Frank, 21 Central {wood) 

Fancy Goods. 
Berry & Cochran, 114 Merr. 
Morrill N. AV.. 71 Central 
Packard N., 126 Merrimac 

Furniture &u Feathers. 
Adams C. J. & Co., 6 Merr. 
Adams & North, 108 Central 
Shapleigh & Farrington, Com. s. 
Smith, Puffer & Co., Dutton c. 

Weaver & Brothers, 7 Cen. & 28 


Flour &/ Grain. 
Coburn J., 8 Merrimac 
Corner Josiah, 266 Merrimac 
Hills C. F., 1 & 6 Savings' B'k b. 
Livingston Wm., Thorndike 
Wood Samuel & Co., 17 Market 

Fruit, &c. 
O'Connor J.; Dutton, c. Fletcher 
Smith John, Andover, n. Water 

Bent & Bush, 30 Central 
Brazer Wm. P., Market c. Central 
Gilbert A. jr. & Co., 1 Canal bk. 

Ashworth Sager, Rock 

Ashton H. Middle 
Sheppard Edwin, Park Garden, 
Chestnut, c. Nesmith 

Gas Engineers &o Gas Fixtures. 
Darracott George jr. & Co., Cen. 

c. Warren 
N. E. Gas Pipe Co., E. Reed, 100 


Grist Mills. 

Livingston Wm., near Brewery 
Whipple O. M., near Bleachery 

Richardson O. A. & Co., Middle 

Barth Danial W., 3 Ame'n H. bl' 
Booth N., Wash. House 
Brinsley Fred'k, Mid., op. depot 
Brooks Wm. F., 1 Mechanics' bl. 
Foster H. W., 65 Qen. (ivig maker) 
Gardener Chas. H., Middlesex 
Grush Joseph S., Middlesex 
Lewis & Lew, 12 Merrimac 
Lewis S. A., 234 Merrimac 
Moore Edwin, 18 Merrimac 
Phipps Saml., 124 Central 
Proctor H. B., Merrimac House 
Redford Thomas, 252 Merrimac 
Reinewald Henrv. 31err. House 
Rugg C. S., 31 Central 

Hardware &/ Mechanics' Tools. 

Burbank, Chase & Co., 6 Cen. 
Hutchinson Benj., 25 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
Rogers J. F. & J., Savings' B. b. 



Harness Makers. 
j Brabrook Jos. A., Market, opp. 
•Market House Ebenezer, Pre.«cott 
Day & Couverti, 137 Central 
Eaton J. B., Duttou, c Worthu 
Hatch Geo G., iliddle. n. P. O. 

Eat3, Caps, &o Furnishing 

Bent & Bush, 30 Central 
I Brazer Wm. P., Mar., cor Cen. 

Burnap & Woodward, 30Meir. 

Farrington Isaac, 57 Central 

Gilbert A. jr & Co., 1 Canal blk. 

Hcrlow J. B., 53 Central 

Lamsou Wm., 184 Merr. 

Mr.i^on Step. J., 2 Williams- bk. 

Merrill Joseph, 7 Canal block 
, Stacy L. P., 33 Central 
I VVhi'tehed Darius, 59 Central 

i Hosiery. 

Brown J. W., 94 Merrimac 
Fifher Cyrus. 29 Merrimac 

Ice Dealers. 
McFarlin Wm. & Luke, Pawtu't 
! Pejrce (ieo. S., Pawtucket 

j Ink and Blacking. 

Bussey Peter, Market 
Chambers Cyrus, n. Hale"s Mills 

Intelligence Offices. 
Davidson Wm., 128 Merrimac 
Morgan Ebenezer, 272 Merrimac 

Iron Dealers. 
Gage & Wheeler, 17 Market 

Iron Foundry. 
Nichols O. & Co., {Iron Fences.) 
Middle, n. P. 0. 

Jewelry and Watches. 
Adams Henry D., 43 Central 
Bra'^tow Addison, 129 Central 
I DofUe D. M., 34 Merrimac 
Fellows J. K. & Co., 134 Merr 
Hale David R , 120 Merrimac 
Johnson Jona., 148 Merrimac 
Lamson & Tarr, 182 3Ierrimac 
Lyman Roland, 100 Central 
Morsan L S 79 Central 
Pierce Geo., 90 Merrimarc 
Haynes Joseph, 43 Central 


Sanborn Amos, (loliolesale,) 21 

Tebbetts & Appleton, 23 Central 
Thompson Lucius, 5 Canal block 

Kitchen Furnishing Ware 

Littlefield D. G , 166 Merrimac 

Lace Stores. 
Bebby J. H . 4 Wil iaras' block 
Fi.>her C, 63 3Ierriraac 
Hanscom E., lOl Merrimac 
Maynard C J. W. 76 Merrimac 

Lamps and Burning Fluid. 
Patten Geo. W., 33 Merrimac 

Leather Dealers. 
Bixby Thos., 2 Mid., n. op. P. O' 
Brown Willard, Market 

Gibby Ann, at S Gibby's, Mid. 

City Library, City Hall 
March Oliver, 91 Central 
Mechanics', Mechanics" building 

Livery Stables. 
Downes A., G orb am 
Flint Oliver AV., Moody 
French Jotham S., Charles 
Hadley John, Worthen & But- 
ton, n. Merr. House 
Kimball D. R., Mer.. cor. Wor. 
Norris G. W\, Warren 
Noyes & Bean, Wash. House 
Parker Thomas, Prescott 
Pearl & Huntress, Mid., c. Shat. 
Prentiss B., E. Merrimac 
Robinson S. S. & Co., Mid., cor. 

Rogers David, 1-36 Cen., n. Tyler 
Scott Alfred, Middlesex 

Lock Manufactories. 
George S. D., Mer., c. Maiden L 
Moulton Stephen, 2 Market 

Looking Glasses. 

Dyar W. H., 20 Central 
Weaver & Brothers, 7 Central & 
28 Merrimac 

& ,«^^^ 



Loom Harnesses- 
Brown D. C. & Co.. Warren 
Stevens A & S., Thorudike 
Titcomb Edgar AI., Merrimac 
Loom Picker Manufacturers 
Coding Wni., Middle 

I Clifford Mary A., 89 Merrimac 
I Cram A. 1)., 117 Merrimac 
I Dodge A. E. 99 Merrimac 

Freeman Alden,45 Merrimac 

Frost M., 23 Merrimac 

Graham Isabella, 9 E. Merrimac 
1 Gordon J. H. 83 Merrimac 

Hooper Esther S., 72 Merrimac 

. „ r..- oTr, ; ■ ;. -..c ^ Kt-mptou Calvin, 58 Merrimac 
Allen Otis & Co., (packing boxes,) \ ^^ \^^^ £, & p.'. 7^5 Merrimac 

Brooks & Tyler, Dutton 
Fiske & Korcross. 3Iidd]?sex 
Fiske W'm., Mechanic Mills 
Fletcher & Ayer, Western ave., 

Howard Horace. Western av. 
Livingston Wni., Thorndike 

Machine Shops- 
Aldrich, Tviig & Co , Middlesex 
Atherton \Vm., Howe 
Gage J F 15 Market (ree'f maker) 
Kimball N. G .17 .Market 
Lane David 18 Market 

Morse C. M., 93 Merrimac 
Tackard ^., 126 Merrimac 
I'eavey Mary A., 254 Merrimac 
Eobiiison F W\, 50 Merrimac 
Kussell M. L., 105 Merrimac 
Sterens 3Iary, Middlesex c. South 
Thompson B. T., 91 Merrimac 
Titu-! Marv A., 64 Merrimac 
Waldron Mary A., 60 Merr. 
Webster Mrs., 25 .Merrimac 

Music Stores. 
DvarW. H., 20 Central 
Kiigg C. AV., 2 Canal block 

Shenard B. H. & Co 


Scott E. W., Middle (/'«^'^"'i^.-i---vVm:F.,l Williams- bi'k 

manufacturer) \ 

Marble &/ Grave Stones- | 
Dav Benj., Lowell 
^lichoN David.Dutton, n Lowell 

Warren Theodore, :Middlesex 

Adams John, Merrimac 
Cadv L.. 6 Cady 
( olcord W. Lawrence opp. C. H- 
Messer Abiel h. Fayette 
Herrick & Tuttle, Central c. Elm 
Messer Abiel, h. Fayette 
Ta^e Charles, Walnut 
FaTker Dexter, 10 Tilden 
Fveed & Powers, 38 Central 
Sanborn W. F.. Clay 
Tuttle John B., Chapel 

Millinery Goods- 
Abbott Slatilda H., 8 Tilden 
Billings Dorothv B., 70 Merr. 
Billings S. M. 41 Merrimac 
Blin Sarah 88 Merrimac 
Bradley H. A. 75 Merrimac 
Brown' Martia 47 Merrimac 
Butler Snrah, 204 Merr. 
Cassidy Charity, 2n2 Merrimoc 
Clement Charles C, 18-) VIerr 


Alger Elvira at D.Davi?\s2High 
Alfen Itachfiel F..50 Boott cor. 
Baker Lucy at N. Morrison's Len- 

I Bloditett S. A. at Mr UilFs Mid- 

I d'esex street 

I Bowles Mrs , 4 Boott cor. 

i Bragdon Mrs., 63 Merr. street 
Coburn Sally at Dracutt north 

Bridge _ _ . , 

Davis Betsey at D. Davis's 
Davis Elizabeth at Abm. Hales' 
Estv Mis. cor. Moody & Tremont 
Fal'kenhara Catherine at J. C. 

McLenn all's 
Fi.sher Mary, 24i Charles 
Heath Margaret, 7 Franklin sq. 
Horton Mrs., 17 Ham. corp. 
Jackson Mrs , 113 3Ierr Corp. 
Kevser HannaVi, 2 W^illiam 
]\Iacomber Julia. 2 George street 
Maxtield Mrs. at Mr Maxtields 

South St. ^ r. , r^ 

Miller Charlotte at J Cox's Gar- 
net St. ^ ^ , 
1 Pa -e Elizabeth, 50 Merr. street 
Sanborn Mary. Central n Crosby 



Shuter Julia. Cnshinp: street 
Sullivan Joanna, 11 Wall 
Tilden Nancy at J. C. McLen- 

Tucker Jane, 4 Union 
Wheeler Emily, cor. Central & 

Wood L. at A. Huntoon's 
Paiaters (house.) 
Ayer Abel m., Cabot 
Burnap Ethan, Prescott 
Emerson Nathan, Adnms 
Farson Samuel, 90 Middlesex 
Fielding Jo?inh R.. 75 Central 
Howe L , 97 MoTimnc 
Kittrede-e Abiier, Middle, 5th d. 

from P. O. 
Kittredare Jedutlian, Prescott 
Martin James H., Cabot c. Merr. 
McAuslfin Alex., Trescott 
Minot Willard, 101 Middlesex 
Morey Geo. C , E. M'^rrimac 
I Parks Geo.. Central opp Tvler 
Tiltoii Luke S., cor, Merr. and 

Wheeler G. M., 119 Central 


Bowers Jonathan. Pawtucket 
Freeman S. J., Arch 


Howes Samuel P.. 112 Merr 
Lawson Thomas B., 9 & 10 Sav. 
Bank Block. 

8IGX, &C. 

Fedrick Geo., 36 Central 
Kittredire A., Middle n. P. O 
Ricker Wm., Middle, .3d door fm 

Post On)ce 
Willock James, Dutton 

Paints, Oil and Glass. 

Burnap E., Prescott 

Mixer Pitman & Co., Dutton 


Paper Makers- 
Richmond P. O.,, Lawrence 
Roundy Geo. C, 108 Central 

Paper Hangings- 
Burnap Ethan, Prescott 
Fielding J. B., 75 Central. 
Howe L.. 97 Merrimac 
Kittredge Jeduthan, Prescott 

March Oliver, 91 Central 
Merrill & Straw, 23 Central 
Morey Geo. C, E. Merrimac 
Unsworth H., Hale n. Thorndike 
Weaver & Dwinell, 80 Merrimac 

Physicians - 

Members of Mass. Med. and Mid- 
dlesex District Med. Societies. 
Allen Nathan 12 Hurd 
Bartlett B. D., Tyler 
Brown A. H., 174 Merrimac 
Campbell Patrick P., 7 Slarket 
Dalton J. C. Dutton c. Lowell 
Davis Chas. A., 4 Tanal Block 
Dickey ILinover, 20 Hurd 
Goulet Ambrose. 7 Hurd 
Graves John W., 16 Hurd 
Green Juo. O. Savings Bank Bl'k 
Holt Daniel, John u. St. John-a 

Huntington Elisha, 14 Hurd 
Jewett J. P., 4 Kirk 
Kidder Closes, opp. Hale's Mills 
Kidder Walter, 27 Merrimac 
Kimball Gilman, Merrimac c 

Kittredge F. C. Middlesex c. 

Leach J. T. G., Lee cor. John 
Mansfield Geo.. IS Central 
Morse L. B..55 Merrimac 
Mowe Daniel , Middle n. c. Shat- 

tuck [Church 

Parker Hiram. John n. St. John 
Perham Otis, 22 Hurd 
Pillsburv Harlin. Kirk 
Pillsbury J no. D.. 21 Central 
Scribner I W . Merrimac 
Shapleigh E. B., IS Hurd 
Si)alding Joel, 4 Wel'es' Block 
Sanborn E. K., 162 Merrimac 
Savory Chas. A., Kirk 
Skelton Benj..Tvler n. La\\Tence 
Wells David. 128 Merrimac 
Whitney Henry, Savings' Bank 



Allen John. 92 Merrimac 
Burnham Walter, Middlesex c. 
Central [Central 

Burnham Z. P., Middlesex, cor. 
Churchill Geo W.. 16 Merrimac 
Hatch B. F., Charter 



Jenness L. W., 16 Menimac 
Olcutt Jas. S , Adams' Block 
RunaJs & Cliurcliill, 16 Merr. 
Thompson M. E., op. Farmers' 

aufl Mechanics' 
Toothaker Charles, 4 Hurd 


Astle A., Moore street 
Andrew A., Branch c. School 
Blake J. H., 14 Middlesex 
Brown I*. B. . 128 Merrimac 
Bryant N , 2 Cady 
Carter Wm H., r Thorndike n. 
Gorham [Block 

Boyntou Amos R., Wentworths' 
Coleman J. S , 118 Merrimac 
Fitz^immons Thos., Worthen, c. 

Gross James A.. 220 Mcrr 
Harmon J. M., Lee, c. Kirk 
Morrill Frederic' , 11 3Iiddle 
Berson Jno. W., Middlesex 
Pierce Geo., Moodv c. Austin 
Remick H. P., 1 City Hall 
Swan A., 20 Charles 
Teblietts J. H., Tyler n. Central 
York S. D., 55 Merrimac cor. 

Periodical Depots- 
Chadwick Gee* H.. 79 Merrimac 
Melvin J. B.,286Merr. 
Isewell D., 7 John 

Piano Fortes- 
Hedrick Geo., 36 Central 
Weaver & Brothers, Wy man's 

Plan9 Makers- 
Fish Ansel, Howe 
Prescott C, 2 Green 
Taber Wing H., Market 

Print Block Maker 
Hoyt G. B., l.enton 

Powder M&uufactory. 
Whipple Oliver M., Luwreuce 
1 Plumber 

I Dana David, Jackson 
I Brown Leonard, 56 Central 
I Chesley J. f., 21 Central 
Hildreth Fisher A.. 48 Central 
Judkins J. J- [cards.) 35 Merr. 

Knapp Chauucey L. 23 Ap. BPk 
Peiihallow B. PI., VVyman's Ex. 
Varney .Samuel J., 82 Central 
0"jS'ie!I Mary, (copper-plat^,) 2 Lee 
York & Chase, 55 Central 

Provisions - 
Breed Henrv K., 36 Church 
Bryant D . Middlesex c Garnet 
Colburn Jonas W., Central cor. i 

Dane Moses, Merrimac 
Downing D. R , {fruit, ^c.,) City 

Farnsworth & Stuart. Central c. 

Fowler Henry S.. 117 Middlesex 
Gale Daniel A., Merr c. Cabot 
Garland & Leathers, Washington 

Gilbert C, 14 E. Merrimac 
Hatch & Taisey, Western ave. 
Harrison Edward, Lowell 
Manahan S. T. & J. F., Merr. c. 

McDutfie iL E., Merrimac 
3Iooney John B., Thorndike 
riiiney Lorenzo, City Market 
Rice H. M. & J., (meat,) City M 
Smith, Kichols, & Co.. (wholesale 

country produce,) Merr. 
Spalding & Wait, (ve^.,) City M 
Streeter Holland, (weat,) Midd 
Trow & Kellev, 115 Central 
Tweed T. G., 164 Menimac 
Wav Charles. 21 City Market 
Whitney Geo. T., 12 City Market 
Wilder & Hunt, (pork.,) Market 
Win<r & Upton, 39 Merr. 
Wood & ^■oyes, Thorndike 

Pump Makers- 
Clark Richard, Mlk; ?t 
Coloy & Pollard, He we 
Public Houses 
Amer. H., Hutchins & Huntress, | 

Colbv House, Manning & Lyford 
Middlesex opp. Depot . 

Howard House, R. L. Caldwell i 

Middlesex c. Middlesex place 
Merr. H., Merr. Henrv Emery 
Tremont H..Midd'x, Wm. Hardy | 
Union House, Central, c. Green i 
Wash, H „ Central, B Thurston \ 



Eeal Estate Agents- 
Downes Albert, 14 Appleton 
ratcliE. B , Com! ijq. 

Eeed Manufacturers. 
Brown Darius C. & Co , Middle 
Ga^e Jonathan F , Market 
Eestorators and Oyters. 
Bancroft & More, Coburn's Bl"k 
Cheney R basement of City Hall 
Clifford Edward, Hurd 
Fisher A. VV., Middlesex [Merr. 
French A. B., 37 Central & 130 
Coodale O.K. Middlesex n. Dep 
Hazeltine J. B., Suffolk 
Kelton M. C.,82 Merrimac 
Kimball Wm. H., «t Charles. 44 

Kuapp & Walker. Merr. c. Mar. 
McClav M. H., 43 Church 
Smith James B., Cabot c. Merr. 
Smith Joel, Lowell c. Dutton 
Streeter J. V., Central c. Gorham 
Walker & Kuapp, Market corner 

Woodward Kelley, 10 Merr. 

Roll Coverer 
Bradley J. B., Suffolk corp. 

Rope Maker- 
Scotchburn T., Central c. Chapel 

J^iske & Norcross, Middlesex 
Fiske Wm., Mecl.allic^' Mills 
Howard Horace, Mechanics Mills 

Saw Filers - 
Carlton Jacob, 107 Central 
George Samuel B., Maiden Lane 

Scale Makers 
Woods & Nute, Livingston & Ca- 
lef's Mills, Middlesex 

Screw Bolt Manxifactory. 
Smith & Meadowcraft, Whip- 
ple's Mills 
Shuttle Manufactory- 
Coburn John H., Middle 
Silks and Shawls. 
Kimball John H., Middle, over 
the I'ost Oflice 

Silver Ware Manufacturers. 

Sanborn Amos. 21 Merr. 
Holt & Huvey, Market 

Soap and Candles- 
French A. & T. T., Middlesex 
Horn S., Middlesex c School 
Putnam & Currier, Lenton near 
Soda Manufacturers- 
Eastman C. S. & Co., Peutucket 

Stamp and Stencil Cutters - 
Dewhurf-t K. J., n. Hale's Mills 
Gibby S. J., in Hale's Mills 

Wade Wm. at Kichols & Co. 
(See also city officers.) 

Stocking Yarn Manuf- 
Cowley J. Whipple's Mills 

Eastman Gardner K., Western 

Folsom John L., Western Ave. 
Kobiuson S. S. & Co., Middlesex 

11. R K. Depot. 

Stoves and Grates. 
Banos 1. W & D., 115 & 117 

Ce"ntral & Middle.-ex 
Cushing & Muck Market corner 

Foote James L.. Merr c. Hanover 
Littletield D. G., 166 Merr. 
Mead Mattliias, 90 Central 
Mendum A. W., 46 Central 
Snow &; Wilder, 141 Central 
Whitteu W. i". & Co., E. Merr. 

Abbott Fanny Mrs., Central 
Barnes Emily K., 40 Central 
Fowle- S U.. 112 Merriruac 
Leaoh Sarah;48 Central 
Richardson Mary & R., 100 Mer. 
Skinner Hannah, Gorham 

JewettG. B., Savings' Bank 
Quimby E. S. 15 Lee 

Teachers of Music 
Folsom M ., 29 Charles 



Harrison James, 113 Merr. 
Strack Louis, Savings' Bank 

Teachers of Penmanship 
Damon J. W., Wentworth's Bl'k 
Moulton D. W., 38 Central 
Murdock T. J., 112 Merrimac 
Teachers of Dancing- 
Ganzon V., Washington House 

Telgeraph Office- 
Jonathan Johnson. 148 Merr 

Tin ?1 ite and Sheet Iron- 
Adams J. W., 90 Central 
Bangs I. W. & D., 115 & 117 Cen 
Cushing & Mack, cor. Mar. & 

8 hat tuck 
Dana David, Jackson 
Littletield D. G., 166 Merrimac 
Mead Matthias , 90 Central 
Mendum A. W., 46 Central 
Snow & Wilder, 141 Central 
Whitten W. T. & Co., E. Merr. 

Tobacco & Cig-ars. 
Douglass C H. 31 Merrimac 
Tripe Dealers- 

Adams Smith & Elisha, Walker 
n. Middlesex 

Tailors & Drapers 
Barnes H H.,5 Canal Block 
Baxter Henry J., 29 Central 
Bennett Wm. S , 11 Central 
Bui bank, Cliase & Co., 5 Central 
Colbv -St Totman. 41 Central 
Deari D. H., 5 Canal Block 
Dean & Kimball, 3 Central 
Dresser & Smith, S'i Central 
Gordon S. F.. Trescott 
Hastings S. H., 7 Appleton Bl'k 
McEvoy Hugh, 58 Central 
Quinn John, 64 Central 
Shattuck Sewall 5 Williams Bl'k 

Trunk Manufacturers- 
Allen Otis L., 68 Merr. 
Austin J., 62 Merrimac 
Barnes r. J., 52 Central 
Havward Wm. P., Freseott 
M'Lanathan H. L. S . 102 Merr. 
Rugg C. W., 2 Canal Block 
Smith Francis, Faige n John 
Stone S.,92 Central 
Willoughbv A., 114 Central 

Types for Marking. j 

Glover William, Central, n. Ca- 
nal block 

Umbrellas - 
Ptugg C. W.. 2 Canal Block 
Shepherd B. tl. & Co., 77 Merr. 

Cassidy Michael, Gorham 
Eames L., Gorham near Hale"s 

Hull Amos. Cent-al Chapel Hill 
Roach Michael, h. Jefferson 

Variety Stores- 
Allen Otis L.. C8 Merrimac 
Bedlow Artemas Gorham n Sum. 
Bussey P., Market n Lowell Co. 
Button R R, Lawrence c Abbott 
Cheney Ellen G., 5 Merrimac 
Clark J , 103 Merrimac 
Clark Mary, Market n cor. Shat 
Clifford L. P„ 6 John 
Cole A., Merrimac 
Gushing Marv, 81 Merrimac 
Decker S., 190 Merr. 
Dopp Joseph; 1 ArCRde block 
Eastman J. B., 8 John 
Emerson D. G., Middlesex 
Emerson P. 11., 17} Merr. 
Flanegan Wm.. Low-'! 
j'ilmore John W.. E. Merr. 
Fre-ch Hiuinah; 2.'4 Merrimac 
Gove Luke & Co., 6 Tilden 
George Sarah E., Paige c John 
Hadley ELenezer, 9 Tiiden 
Harris John, 97 Merr. 
Heald S. M.. 3 31err. 
Howard Spalding, Tiiden 
Hill L. W., 2 Arcade Block 
Johnson G. T., 3 John 
JudkinsM. J. Middle.-iex c South 
Kellett Elizabeth, 6 E. Merr. 
Knowles Emeliue c Thorndike & 

Knox Mary W., Cen. c Jack.oon 
Livingston James U., E. Merr. 
Ladies Protective Union iS'o. 81, 

66 Merr i rail c 
Lamb L B, Gorham c Middlesex 
Helvin John B., 286 Merr. 
McGinn M., Middlesex: 
Melvin 0.,-131 Central 
Mollov G., Middle, (clocks, ^c.) 
Mo wry N. B., 69 Central 



Parmenter & Davis, 49 Merr. 

I'eHey IV. M.. Middlesex c. South 

Pollock J.. 4i John 

Priest H. W., 2 Tilden 

Ptitney Samuel, E, Merr. 

Smith S F., 81 Central 
I Smith Richard, 198 Merr. 
I Stevens NVm. A., 3 Bridge 

Stone Salmon, 121 Central 

Tai.'^ey J. C. Middlesex 

Towns^end 3Iary, Gor. c Kidder 

Twomblv Sophia E., 14 Tilden 

Willis Wm., Middiessex 

Wilson John 256 Merr. 

Wilson Joseph A., 14 Merr. 

Wood Lydia. 93 Central 
Varnish Manufacturers. 

Gardner K. & E., Market (capaL) 
Veterinary Surgeon. 

Wood Kobert, Alder 
I "Wadding Manufacturers. 
I Kichmond A J & Co, 18 .\pBl'k 
I W- 1- Goods &o Groceries. 
I Fancroft ti, Merr c Cabot 
j Butrtick A. B. & Co., Market 
I Cariton & Kneeland, Middlesex 
' c. Mclntire 
I CliandlerL. iV, Middlesex c Pearl 

Churchill Chariee. Moody 
! Chui chill Win, 140 Central 
j Cioyd & Hunt, Lowell 
I Coburn Franklin, cor Mar & Cen 

Colcord "Wm, Market n Sliattuck 
[ Crowley Jolm. Lowell 
I Deshon B C, Middlesex n Pearl 
I Dewey G M, Davidson BVk{whole- 
I saif) 

\ Downing Thomas, Lowell 
1 Dudley & Whitney. 38 Central 
Dudley W, Merr. c Tilden 
Eaton Job S, Cabot 
Ernerson & ISeHlly. Merr c Pres 

j Elliott G r., cor Mid. & Shattuck 

I FiL^her W. a. & Co, Middlesex op 

I Howard [pot 

I Goddard Benj., Middlesex n. de- 

I llarnden Albert, And. c Pleas. 

' Hayden Hufus N., Hale's mills 

i Hfinenway M , Central c Centre 

I 11 ildreth Dexter, Howe 

j Holden B F & Co, 98 Central 

' Jenness Jacob. E. Merr. 

Kieley Lawrence, Lowell 
Lucas Thomas, Men. 
Lynch Joseph. Lowell 
Mahon Oweu,6Gorham 
McCarty Joiin, Middle, {liquors) 
MoGuirk Patrick, cor Low & Jeft'. 
McLaughlin & Conlan, SulTolk 
Morrill John H, cor John & Mer 
Kichols & Co., Central c Green 
Page, Fay & Co., 1 & 3 App Bl'k 
Page Simon B. & Co.. 178 Merr. 
Pearson John, Savings' Bank 

Block, (fruit) I 

Plimpton J D, cor Mer & Wor'n 1 
Puffer A. D , Central c. Gorham 
Runels & Co., Merr c Race 
Russ C.B. & Co., cor. Howe & E 

Merrimac I 

Russell S. S., Merr. c SuflTolk j 
Ryan Michael W., Suffolk | 

Sheridan John, Gorham i 

Stearns Charles W.. Moody | 

Sumner Dan'l 3Iiddlesex c. Jack t 
AVatson Benj., 125 Central I 

Waugh John Jr., Lowell I 

Wheeler A. & Co., Tilden | 

Wilkins C P. & Co., 54 Church ; 
AVorth J.,2d,45 Church | 

Workingmen's Protective Union I 

Division No. 66, Meiru Central 

Ko. 71 Central n Centre, Ko. 

16 Middlesex c South 
Worthen E. B , 180 Jlerr. 
Barry Daniel. Pawtucket 
Griffin Josiah, Howe 
Kidder Abrara F., Hale's Mill's 

Wliip Manufacturers. 
Barnes Thomas J., 52 Central 

Wines, Liquors, &c. 
Chamberlain John Jr.. 118 Midd. 
Melvin l5., Thorndike, (elderberry 


Greenleaf Gorham, 2 John 

Wood, Lime- Stone, &/C. 
Sperry C , Somerset, c. Queen 

Wood Turners. 
Crosby E. & G., Howe 
Shute Jane, 67 Merr. 




Located on 
Merrimack, at 

the head of 
Central Street. 

Contains a great number of Old and Valuable Oil Paintings, 
Engravings. Statuary, Wax Figures, of noted characters 5 Miner- 
als, Fish, Shells, Reptiles, Fossils 5 more than 1,000 Medallions 
of eminent persons, Coats of Arms, Designs, &c. 5 an immense 
collection of Birds and Animals, from all parts of the world ; nearly 
one hundred Cosmoramic Views of Cities, Harbors, Villas, Plea- 
sure Grounds, and various other Scenes. Added to which is a 
spacious and splendidly decorated Saloon, capable of seating 
nearly 1,000 persons coinfortai)ly 3 with a beautiful Stage, an excel- 
lent stock of scenery, with all the properties, wardrobe^, appoint- 
I ments, &c., for dramatic effect ; in which is given each evening and 
Saturday afternoons. Theatrical performances by a talenied and 
well selected Dramatic Company, assisted by several artists and 
an Orchestra, unsurpassed by any in the country ; giving facilities 
to the management for producing any play in the whole range of 
the Drama, in a style which is not surpassed by any place of 
amusement in the country. In the evening, the place is illuminated 
with gas throughout. The price of admission to this vast and 
interesting Collection of Curiosities and an Evening Entertainment, 
is but 2.3 cents. On all holidays, extra attractions are offered, and 
several performances given. The great and still growing popu- 
larity and patronage of this establishment, renders it necessary at 
no distant day to enlarge the premises 5 and it is in contemplation 
by the corporation to erect a new and more spacious building the 
next season. 




JOSIAH B. FRENCH, Mayor. Salary ^1,200. 


James B. Francis, 
James H. B. Aver, 
James Townsend, 
Philip Hardy, 

Josiah G. Peabody, 
Daniel D. Cronibie, 
John Mixer, 
Joseph Bedlow. 


Ivers Ta3'lor, President. 

1— John W. Smith, Daniel R. Kimball, James Watson, Jona- 
than Smothers. 

2 — Ivers Taylor, George Gardner, Samuel Lawrence, Samuel 
J. Varney. 

3 — Jonathan Page, John Tripp, Fordyce'Coburn, .Joshua Merrill. 

4 — Ci\\rh Crosby, Abner W. Bulirick, Benjamin Goddard, Na- 
thaniel r Favor. 

5 — M iiard Bragg, George P.' Elliott, Wm. Fiske, George W, 

6_A!bert Mallard, Stephen P. Snrgent. 


Ward 1. Warden, Marcus A. Thonns ; Chrfc. James C. 
Cromb'e ; Inspectors, Daniel D. Hacket, VrillardC. VV'elch, David 
G. Lan-r. 

Ward 2. "Warden, G-rrge Gardner; C/erk, John F. Rogers; 
Inspectors, William H. Gage, Jeremiah W. Gale, Shadrach R. 
j Brackeit. 

19 ' '■ ~~~~ 


Ward 3. Warden, Andrew T. Nute 5 Clerk, H. L. C. New- ! 
ton ; Inspectors, Asa W. Farr, Ira Spalding, Elislvi Davis. ! 

Ward 4. Warden, Abner W. Buttrick ; Cierk, Holland Street- 
er ; Inspectors, John C. Jepson, Willard Minot, Oiis Allen. 

Ward 5. Warden, Jefferson Bancroft ; Clerk, Frederick Hol- 
fon ; Inspectors, Edward C. Johnson, James Wilson, John C. 

Ward t). Warden, George Emerson; Clerk, Geo. W. Jones j 
Inspectors, Jonathan Johnson, Leonard Hard^-, George L. Harris, 


Citij Clerk, Thomas Ordway. Salary ^ 1,000. 

Clerk nf Common Com7«c?7, William Lamson,jr. Salary 52OO. 

City Solicvor, Isaac S. Morse. Salary ^200. 

CUtj Treasurer and (Collector, Ithama/A. Beard. Salary $150, 
and 3-1 per cent, on collections. 

Superintmdent of Streets, Wm. M. Smith. Salary, ^1,000. 

City Physician and Sup't 0/ Burials, Abner H. Brown. Salary 

City Marshril, Zaccheus Shed. Salary, ^400. 

Messenger avd Sup't City Hall, D. G. Greenleaf. Salary ^475, 

Auditor, William Lamson, jr. Salary ^^400. 

Superinfendent of City Scales, Benjamin Mather. 

Superintendent of the Market, Alonzo Hunt. Salary $\oO. 

Superintendent of the Alms House, John Frye. 

Sealer of Wei.ghts and Measures, Oliver A. Richardson. 

Pound Keeper, R«^uben Butterfield. 

City Crier, George Teel. 

Measurers of Plastering and Painting, William Wade, Hazen 

Measurers of Wood and Bark, J. H. B. Ayer, William Wade, 
Hazen Elliott, Artemas Holden, Seth Chellis, Jacob Carlton, Ste- 
phen Carlton. Holland Sireeter. 

Measurer of Upper Leather, Nathaniel Morrison. 

Surveyors of Lumber. J. H. B. Aver, Stephen Carlton, J. Carl- 
ton, Paul Holt, David W. Grimes, Shadrach R. Brackett, Josiah A. 

Surveyors of Highways, Josiah B. French, James B. Francis, J. 
H. B. Ayer. " \ 

Fence Viewers, Elisha Davis, Simeon Moors, Jeroboam Howe. 

Overseers of the Poor, the i^Iayor, Aldermen Ayer and Peabody ; 
Messrs. Coburn, Gardner, Goddard, Kimball, Bragg and Lamson 
of the Conncil. 

Cnnstnblrs. Zaccheus Shed, Daniel G. Greenleaf, S. Meserve, 
O. Reed, T. W. Pressej', E. L. Shed, Eben Meserve, Benjamin 
Stickney, Wm. Lamson. E. F. Sanborn. Samuel Miller, Wm. H. 
Clem-nce, H. H. Fuller, Oliver Moulton, John Frye, Charles H. 
Williams, Wm. Lamson, jr. 


Assessors. Mallhias Parkhurst, Hazen Elliott, Jesse Huse. Com- 
bined salary ^1,000. 

Watchmen. Benjamin G. Mooney, Captain; Salary 5^)37^ per 
nig-ht ; — Lyman Freeman, Oliver Moulton, David Morrison, Na- 
thaniel Morrison, Eben. H. Rand, George VV. Sanborn, William H. 
Mitchell, Henry Kincaid, Theophilus C. Blaisdell, Enoch R. Blair, 
Calvin T. Chamberlain, A. B. Mussey, Barruck C. Floyd, Wil- 
liam B. Crovvell, John L. Blood, Abel Amsden, A. B. Foss. Sal- 
ary Jfl, 12^ each per night. 

Watchmen not paid by the City. Eliphalet S. Rollins, Benjamin 
Stickney, Aloses Sias, Edwin F. Sanborn, Harvey Pulsifer, William 
Lamson, Thomas Jefi'erson. 

Tythingmen. Zaccheus Shed, Samuel Miller, E. L. Shed, Wm. 
Lamson, jr., Wm. H. Clemence. Charles J. Adams, H. H. Fuller, 
Samuel Meserve, D. G. Greenleaf, Oliver Moulton, John Frye, 
Eben Meserve, T. W. Pressey. 

Field Drivers. Simeon Moors, William P. B. Blair, Reuben 
Tarbell, Daniel Barry, Moses Sias, Benj. Stickney. 

Inspectors of Bale or Bundle Hay. Benj. Mather, J. H. B. Ayer. 

Directors of City School Library. The Mayor and President of 
the Common Council, ex officio; Elislia Hunlington, Benj. F. 
French, John W. Graves, Ithamar W. Beard, Charles L. Tilden. 
Josiah Hubbard, Librarian ; salary ,§^450. 




(The Mayor and Aldermen, ex officio.) i 

Ward 1, John IVlaynard. Ward 2, Joseph H. Towne. Ward 3, 
Ephraim B. Patch. 'Ward 4, Ithamar W. Beard. Ward 5, John 
O. Green. Ward 6, Willard Child {Chairman.) E. B. Child, 
Secretary. ' 


Willard Child, of the High School, and of Primary Schools 
Nos. 1,3, 5,6, 7, 24, 27, 29 and 3L i 

Rev. J. H. Towne, of Grammar Schools Green and Moody, and ; 
of Primary Schools Nos. 13, 14, 25, .35, .37 and 41. I 

Ephraim B. Patch, of Grammar Schools Franklin and Colburn, ■ 
and of Primary Schools Nos. 17. 28, 33, 34, 39 and 42. i 

Ithamar W. Beard, of Grammar Schools Edson and Washington, i 
and of Primary Schools Nos. 4, 9, 18, 19, 20, 30 and 46. | 

John Maynard, of Grammar Schools Mann and Green, and of. 
Primary Schools Nos. 8, 11, 15, 21, 22, 32, 40, 43 and 44. I 

John O. Green, of Grammar Schools Hancock and Adams, and I 
of Primary Schools Nos. 2, 10, 12, 16, 23, 26, 36,38 and 45. 


High School. Kirk street. Male Department, C. C. Chase, 
Priiicipal. Female Department, Anne B. Sawyer. Privcipal. 
Mariha F. M'Kown, As.slsiaiit. Males, lfi9; females, 232. J. S. 
Russell, Teacher of i\Jathematirs. Jonathan Kimball, Teacher of 
Lano-itages. E. W. Youn|!^, Teacher of Natural Sciences. C. H. 
Farnsvvorih, Teacher of Penmanship and Book-Keeping. I. N. 
Metcaif, Teacher of Vocal Music. 


Ed SON, South street. Perley Balch, Principal. Adelaide 
Morgan, Sarah E. Boyden, and Arabella C. Morgan, Assistants. 
A. B. VVilcox, Writing- Master. I. N. Metcaif, Teacher af Vocal 
Music. Males, 155; females, 129. 

Hancock, Lowell street. John P. Fisk, Principal Julia M. 
Fletcher, M. E. Pike, and Eliza Warren, Assistants. J. B. Giles, 
Writing- Master. L N. Metcaif, Teacher of Vocal Music. Males, 
143 5 females, 176. 

VVashington, South street. A. T. Voung-, Pnncipal. T. 
Hayward, J. Ordway, and E. D. Pope, Assistants. A. B. Wilcox, 
Writing- Master. L N. Metcaif, Teacher of Vocal Music. Males, 
115 ; females. 133. 

Fkanklin, Middlesex street. A. B. Heywood, Principal. E. 
T. W>ig-ht, E. J. Butteriield, and S. A. Carlton. Assistants. J. M. 
McCoy, Writing- Master. I. N. Metcaif, Teacher of Vocal Music. 
Males; 132 J females, 125. 

3L\NN, Lewis street. George W. Shattnck, Principal. J. M. 
Dow, J. E. Marsh, and E. A. D. Tapley, Assistants. J. Cogswell, 
Writincr-Master. L N. Metcaif, Teacher of Vocal Music. Males, 
1945 females, 154. 

Adams, Lowell street. O. H. Morrill, Principal. S. A. Weth- 
erbee, S. S. Bridge, and S. P. Wetherbee, Assistants. J, B. Giles, 
Waiting- Master. I. N. 3Ielcalf, Teacher of Vocal Music. Males, 
165; iemales, 214. 

3I00DY, East Merrimack. S. Pooler, Principal. , O. P. 

Eastman, L. M. Vaile and Lucy A. Bobbins, Assistants. W. C. 
Spalding, Writing-Master. I. N. A.'etcalf, Teacher of Vocal 
Music. Males, 199; females, 195. 

Green, Middle street. C. Morrill, Principal. Samuel N. 
Morrill, Clara Bartlett and S. E. Crombie, Assistants. J. M. M'Coy, 
Writino'-Mitster. I. N. Metcaif, Teacher of Vocal Music. Male's, 
185; females, 224. 

CoLBURN, Lawrence Street. A. \K^\keT,]r., Principal. Eliza- 
beth denies', Mary E. Fletcher and 3Iary P. Norton, Assistants. 
W. C. Spalding', 'Writing-Master. I. N. Metcaif, Teacher of 
Vocal Music. Males, 187: females, 170. 




No. Location. Teachers. 

Angeline M. Cudworth, 
Elizabeth M. Fuller, 
Mary F. Morg-an, 
Emily G. Woodward, 
Hannah C. Kittredge, 
Mary A. Dennis, 
Susan Soule, 
Mary A. Beard, 
Susan E. Boyden, 
Martha A. Neal, 
Jane U. Dennahy, 
Eliza Merriam, 
[Vlary Gillis, 
Ruth E. Stuart, 
Sarah A. Wheeler, 
Nancy J. Raymond, 
Caroline M. Peabody, 
Delia M. Young, 
Sarah A. Barr, 
Harriet N. Mansur, 
Catharine Callaghan, 
Ann FrielK 
Martha A. Merrill, 
Harriet A. Dow, 
Sarah S. Priest, 
Laura M. Scott, 
Sarah A. Chase, 
Emiiv W. Warren, 
Philena D. Fuller, 
Eliza A. Noye», 
Sarah L. Gates, 
Caroline Hale, 
S. W. H. Beard, 
Aim M. Dennis, 
, Aurelia L. Howe, 
Lorenza Haynes, 
Harriet Bradley, 
E. VVallingford, 
Alcey Stevens, 
Samantha Wood, 
S. P. Peaslee, 
Joanna E. Dana, 
Ann M. Cummiskey, 

No. of Scholars. 

No. 1, 

Middle street, 

No. 2, 

School street. 

No. 3, 

Paige street. 

No. 4, 

Centre street. 

No. 5, 

Hamilton corp.. 

No. 6, 

Hamilton corp.. 

No. 7, 

Hamilton Corp., 

No. 8, 

Mechanic street, 

No. 9, 

Church .street. 

No. 10, 

Race street. 

No. 11, 

Lewis street. 

No. 12, 

Tilden street, 

No. 13, 

East Merrimack, 

No. 14, 

A ndover street, 

No. 15, 

Adams street, 

No. 16, 

Cabot street, 

No. 17, 

Middlesex street. 

No. 18, 

Central street, 

No. 19, 

Charles street, 

No. 20, 

Carter street. 

No. 21, 

Lewis street. 

No. 22, 

Adams street. 

No. 23, 

Tilden street. 

No. 24, 

Middle street. 

No. 25, 

Chestnut street. 

No. 26, 

Lowell street. 

No. 27, 

Church street. 

No. 28, 

Grand street, 

No. 29, 

Middle street, 

No. 30, 

Mill street. 

No. 31, 

Powfll street. 

No. 32, 

Adnms street. 

No. 33, 

Church street, 

No. 34, 

Middlesex street 

No. 35, 

E Merrimack st. 

No. 36, 

Moody street. 

No. 37, 

Fayette street. 

No. 38. 

Cabot street. 

No. 39, 

Charles street. 

No. 4«, 

Rock street, 

No. 41, 

Fayette street, 

No. 42, 

Summer street. 

No. 43, 

Cross street. 


























































































I No. 44, Cross street, Bridget F'ennig^an, — — 

I No. 45, Cross street, Anjeiiette Liilkin, — — 

I No. 46, Rock street, Julia A. Colby, — — 

1 Tiie regular meetings of the full board, composed of the Mayor, 
Aldermen, and the Ward Committee, are held on the last day of 
, each month, at 2 o'clt)ck, P.M.^ in the Cil}' Hall. If this day occurs 
i on Sunday, the board will meet on the Saturday- preceding. 

The Ward Committee hold regular meetings on the first Monday 
of each month, at 2 o'clock, P. M., in JMechanics' Building. 

No child under four years of age shall be admitted to an}' of the 
j Primary Schools. For admission to the Grammar Schools, appli- 
cation must be made to the master of the school to which admission 
is sought. Applicants for admission to an}' of the public schools 
are required to produce a certificate from a physician that they are 
! vaccinated. 

I Salaries of Teachers. Hifrh School. Principal, ^1,000. 
i Teacher of Languages, ^800 ; Mathematics, ^800 ; Natural 
j Sciences, ^800. Female Principal, ^600. Assistant, ^350. Pen- 
: nianship and Book-keeping, ^600. 

j Grammar Schools. Nine Masters, ^^00 each. Female Assist- 
ants, ^22.7 each. Five Writing Masters, ,^500 each. Teacher of 
I Music, 5850. 
i Primary Schools. Forty-six Teachers, salary ^250 each. 


[ Gorham, cor. Central street. (Entrance first door on Gorham st). 
Mi<s Phiiena Farr, Teacher. For Misses and Children. Aver- 
age attendance 35. Also teacher of Drawing and Fancy Needle 
Work for Young Ladies. 


Chief Engineer, Horace Howard. Salary, ^150. 

Assistant iLns;ineers. Samuel Horn, Edward F. Watson, For- 
dire Coburn, Nathaniel B. Favor, Joseph M. Pull'- v Samuel W. 
Brown, Garret J. Bradt, Daniel Knapp, Chri- Morgan, 
Josiah G. Peabody, Weare Clifibrd, Abiel Rolfe 
Engine Companies. 

Excelsior, No. 1, Ames street. George S. Googing, Foreman. 
Frederick Hay den, Second Foreman. John Hartley, Foreman 
Hose. Edward Jones, Stetvard. John Sawtell, Clerk. Number 
of members, 42. 

Rocket, No. 2, Boott Corporation. J. W. Kimball, Foreman. 
, Assistant Foreman. J. Sawtell, Clerk. Mattliew 

Downes, Steward. 55. 

Wamesit, No. 3, Warren street. Asa Puffer, Foreman. Peter 
Grimes, Assistant Foreman. Andrew Swapp, Foreman Hose. 


Caleb Norris, Assistant. Benj. Coleman, Clerk. Isaac Hoswell, 
Steward. 43. 

Merrimack, No. 4, Merrimack Corporation. George Nicklen, 
Foreman. Joshua D. Rollins, Second Foreman. David Ralcliel- 
der, Foremrn Hose. Charles Fiske, Assistant. C. A. Welch, 
Clerk. Asa A. Muzzey, Steward. J. T. Miner, Treasurer. 70. 

David Crockett, No. 7, Lowell Corporation. Robert Thompson, 
Foreman. 34. 

Lawrence, No. 9, Lawrence Corporation. Amos D. Wright, 
Foreman. George W. Patterson, Assistant Foreman, Hanson 
W. Allen, Clerk. 42. 

Mazeppa, No. 10, Fayette street. Geo. W. Weymouth, Fore- 
man. Wm. Langley, Assistant Foreman. David Ockinglon, 
Foreman Hose. C. M. Langley, Clerk. D. Ockington, Steward. 

Wate}'2oitch, No. II, Worthen street. H. J. Sawtell, Foreman. 
Samuel A. Burns, Assistant Foreman. Shepard P, Record, Clerk. 
H. 3. S?iw{e\\, Steward. 70. 

Torrent, No. V2, Middlesex street. A.C.Holt, Foreman. J. 
K.^diViidl, Assistant. M. Webster, C/er^. i.ieiiV\i\s, Treasurer. 

WashinBrton, No. 13, Dane street. John Avery, 2d, Foreman. 
Levi C. Grant, Assistant. Charles H. Arlin, Foreman Hose. 
James B. Smith, Assistant. George S. Peirce, Clerk. 51. 

Deluge, No. 14, Lowell Bleachery. Joseph Tiiton, Foreman. 
Daniel F. Coburn, Assistant Foreman. Andrew Leighton, Clerk. 
Isaac Jones, Steward. 54. 

City Hose, No. 1, Warren St., Oliver C. Prescott, Foreman. 10. 

Hook <J^ Ladder Co., Middle St., Moses E. Philbrick, Foreman. 
James Sands, Assistant Foreman. Warren Fletcher, Clerk. Abi- 
jah Cutter, Steward. 43. 

Protection Company, Market house,Willard C. Welch, Foreman. 
Andrew Blood, Assistant. Edward W. Bradley, Clerk. 50. 

The Engine Compani-^^ are entitled to' about 55 members. Li 
some («f the companie i ore are vacancies. 

Total, 13 engineers 743 firemen; 11 engines belonging to the 
Deparlment. Nos. 6, 6 nr,\ 8 are not in use. Total amount of 
leading hose in the city, 17,156 feet ; suction hose, 260 feet. 

The firemen are paid at the rate of twenty cents per hour, for 
every hour they are actually engaged at fires or alarms. 


Episcopal Church, (St. Anne's), Merrimack — organized in 1824. 
Theodore Edson, D.D. Rector. J. H. B. Ayer, George H. Carle- 
ton, PTarcZens. Charles Hovey, T/ea^wrer. Benjamin F. French, 
John O. Green, Joshua Swan, Walter Wright, Cyril French, 
Wm. A. Burke, Vestrymen. John O. Green, Clerk. 


First Baptist Church, corner of Church and George — organized 
in 1826. Daniel C. Eddy, Pastor. 

First Coriirrescational Church, Merrimack — organized in 1826. 
Willard Child, D.D., Pastor. 

First Uniiiersalist Church, corner of Central and Green — or- 
ganized in 1826. 

Hard Street Methodist Episcopal Church — organized in 1846. 
Rev. J. H. Twombly, Pastor. G. C. Roundy, J. E. Short, G. W. 
Partridge, H. J. Adams, S. K. Fielding, Committee. 

Appktnn Street Church, (Congregationalist), corner of Appleton 
and Davis — organized in 1830. Uzziah C. Burnap, Pastor. 

South Congregational Church, (Unitarian), Merrimack — organ- 
ized in 1830. Henry A. Miles, Pastor. 

Worthen Street Baptist Church — organized in 1830. Lemuel 
Porter, Pastor. Lemuel Porter, Wm. Carlton, S. P. Sargent, 

First Free Will Baptist Church, Prescott street — organized 
1834. Rev. A. K. Moulton, Pastor. Cyrus Latham, H. VV. 
Hillon, O. S. Merrick, Lessees. H. W. Hilton, Treasurer. Otis 
S. Merrick, Secretary. Isaac B. Piper, Sexton, resides Prescott 

Second Universalist Church, corner of Market and Shattuck — 
organized in 1836. L. B. Mason, Pastor. 

John Street Congregational Church — organized in 1840. Sted- 
man W. Hanks, Pastor. 

Third Baptist Church, John street — organized in 1840. Rev. 
Sereno Howe, Pastor. Wm Coding, Samuel Mclntire, H. W. 
Priest, Samuel Abbott, S. R. Brackett, Committee. Wm. H. 
Coding, Treasurer. S. Abbott, Collector. John A. Buttrick, 
Clerk. Ira Bisbee, Sexton. 

Worthen Street Methodist Episcopal Church— organized 1842. 
Rev. Charles Adams, Pastor. Stephen Ashton, John Clark, 
Gerry Wilson, Charles Smith, John Smith, Trustees. John Smith, 
Recording Steward. 

Second Wesletjan Methodist Church, Merrimack House Hall — 
organized in 1843. Wm. H. Brewster, Pastor. 

Third Universalist Church, corner of Merrimack and Central — 
organized in 1844. L. J. Fletcher, Pastor. J. D. Pillsburv, Alfred 
Saunders, Wm. Reed, Josiah Russell. B. N. Webber, S. N. Arlin, 
Thomas E Roberls, David Hill, Vi^illiam G. Cook, Board of 
Trustees. Alanson Nichols, Treasurer. L. P. Stacy, Clerk. T. 
R. D. Stuart, Collector. 

Fourth Congregational Church, Kirk street, known as the Kirk 
Street Church — organized 1843. Rev. Amos Blanchard, Pastor. 
Sewall G. Mack, Samuel W. Stickney, James Buncher, Nathaniel 
Bartletl, Deacons. Aaron Walker, Superintendent Sabbath School. 
J. F. Rogers, Treasurer. G. W. Jones, Clerk. 

High Street (Orthodox) Church, High street Square — organized 


in 1846. Rev. Joseph H. Towne, Pastor. Amos Merriam, CZ<?r/t. 
Milton Bonnej, Treasurer. James Lawton, George Colton, Amos 
Merriam, Charles Ward, John Clark, Committee. Alexander C. 
Munroe, Sexton, resides High street. 

Lee Street { Unitarian) Church. Lee street — organized in 1845. 
Rev. Wm. Barry, Pastor. John Morrison, Clerk. Albert Mallard, 
Treasurer. Isaac Cooper, G. J. Bradt, Isaac Doming, Standing 
Committee. Hosea Elliot, Erastus Douglass, John Morrison, 
Financial Committee. 

St. Peters {Roman Caiholic) C/iurc/j, Gorham corner Appleton — 
organized in 1841. Rev. Peter Crudden, Pastor. 

St. Patrick's (Roman Catholic) Church, Fenwick street — organ- 
ized in 1831. Rev. Mr. O'Brien, Pastor. 

St. Mari/s (Roman Catholic) Church, Lowell, cor. Suffolk st. — 
organized in 1847. Rev. James T. McDermott, Pastor. 

Ministry at Large, Free Chapel, Middlesex — organized in 1844. 
Rev. Horatio Wood, Minister. Office (east door), open every day 
from 8 to 9 o'clock, A. M., and from 4 to o o'clock. P. M. 

Central Baptist Church — organized in 1849. Place of worship, 
Willis Hall, Merrimack corner Kirk. Rev. John Duncan, Pastor. 
P. A. Gladwin, Wm. Hovey, Henry Poor, R. Pearson, E. P. Pat- 
terson, Committee. Cyrus Fisher, Treasurer. E. P. Patterson, 
Clerk. Milo Tucker, Sexton. 


Annual meeting in October. Dividends declared first Monday 
in April and October. 

j LOWELL BANK— Savings Bank Building. 

j Incorporated in 1828. Capital, ^200,000. 

Nathaniel Wright, President. J. L. Ordway, Cashier. Edward 
Ordvvay, Clerk. Directors, Joshua Bennett, G. H. Carleton, John 
O. Green, Stephen Gushing, Thomas Nesmith, Cyril French, 
Harlin Pillsbury, James G. Carue}', Nathaniel Wright. 

Discount, Mondays and Saturdays. Bank hours, from 9 ♦:!! 12 
A. M., and from 2 till 4 P. M. 

Building. Incorporated in 1829. 

Theodore Edson, President. John O. Green, Elisha Huntington, 
John Av^ry, Vice Presidents. Cyril French, Thomas Ordway, 
George H. Carleton, Amos Blanchard, Lemuel Porter, Samuel L. 
Dana, Seth Ames, Charles L. Tilden, Joseph White, Isaac Hinck- 
ley, Trustees. James G. Carney, Treasurer. 

Office open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday aAernoon and 


RAILROAD BANK— Savings Bank Building. 
Incorporated in 1831. Capital, ^^600,000. Par value of share, ^75. 

Benjani'n F. French, President. S. W. Stickney, Cashier. 
Amos Blanchard, jr.. Clerk. John Aiken, ]'>. F. French, Linus 
Child, David Dana, Charles Ilovey, Sewall G. Mack, William 
A. Burke, Oliver H. Ferry, John Wright, Directors. 

Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. Bank open from 9 till 2; on 
Saturdays, from 9 till 12. 

APPLETON BANK— Appleton Block, Central cor. Hurd street 
Incorporated in 1847. Capital, ^150,000. Par value of share, g 100, 

John A. Knovles, President. John A. Buttrick, Cashier 
Charles A. Sheiman, C/erk. John A. Knowles, Sidnev Spalding 
J. B. French, Isaac Farrington, Ransom Reed, J. W. Graves 
George Bragdon, John Nesmah, Directors. 

Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. Bank hours, 9 to 12, A. M. 
and 2 to 4, P. M. 5 closed Saturday afternoons. 

PRESCOTT BANK— 49 Central street. 
Incorporated 1850. Capital, g 100,000. 
Joel Adams, President. Samuel Burbank, Charles B. Coburn, 
Daniel S. Richardson, Artemas L. Brooks, Andrew C. W^heelock, 
James H. Rand, Elijah M. Reed, Joshua Converse, I. W^ Scribner, 
Rufus Clements, Joel Adams, Directors. Alfred Tyler, Cashier. 
Arthur Blanchard, C/frk. 

Bank hours, 9 to 12, 2 to 4. Closed Saturday P. M. 
Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Bank. Incorporated in 1848. 

Henry A. Miles, President. U. C. Burnap, D. C. Eddy, S. W. 
Hanks, Vice Presidents. Jonathan Tyler, Aaron Mansur, John 
Nesmilh, Oliver M. Whipple, Stej'hen Mansur, William Livingston, 
Hor "e How'trd, John Mixer, J. B. French, Jacob Bobbins, 
Abner W. Buttrick, Charles H. Wilder, Trustees. John A. But- 
trick, Treasnrer. 

Open afternoons, and Thursday and Saturday evenings. 


j^tna Fire Insurance Company., (Hartford, Conn.) Alanson 
J. Richmond, A'^^ent. 

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, (Hartford.) Geo. 
M. Dewey, Ao-ent. 

Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, (Georgetown, Ms.) 
F. Parker, Agent. 


Hartford Fire Insurance Cowipa«y, (Hartford, Conn.) Alanson 
J. Richmond, Accent. 

Hmcard Fire Insurance Company, (Lowell.) Oliver M. Whip- 
ple. President; Frederick Parker, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Horace Howard, 
President ; Isaac S. Morse, Secretary. 

Loicelt Traders^ and 3Iec!ianics' Mutual Fire Insurance Com- 
pany. James Dinsnioor, Secretary. 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company, (Concord, Mass.) 
Joel Adams, Agent, 49 Central street. 

Mutual Benefit hifi^^ Insurance Company, (New York.) Joshua 
Merrill, Agent. 

National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society, (London.) Fred- 
erick Parker, Asr^.Jit. 

Neu) England Life Insurance Company, (Boston.) S. W. 
Stickney, Agent. 

Merchants' <^' Farmers^ Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 
(Worcester.) M. F. Parker, Agent. 

Atlantic Mutual Fire Insurance Company, (Exeter, N. H.) 
Benjamin Dean, Agent. 

People's Equitable Mutiial Fire Insurance Company, (Taunton, 
Ms.) Jonathan Ladd, Agent. 

Portsmouth Mutual Fire Insurance Company, (N. H.) Oliver 
March, Agent. 

Protection Fire Insurance Company, (Hartford.) A. J. Rich- 
mond, Agent. 

Rockingham Mutual Fire Insurance Company, (Exeter, N. H.) 
Benjamin Dean, Agtnt, at office. 

State Mutual Life Insurance Company, (Worcester.) Wm. P. 
Webster, Agent. 

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company, (Boston.) Frederick 
Parker, Agent. 

JONATHAN liAOD, No. 3 Canal Block, 


New York Mutual Life Insurance Company, capital ^320,000. 
Mechanics' Insurance Company, Newark, N. J., capital 5^00,000. 
Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Andover, Mass. 
Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Georgetown, " 
The People's Mutual Fire Insurance Companv, Boston. 
The People's Equitable Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Taunton, Mass. 
Holyoke Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Salem, Mass. 
The Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Concord, N.H. 
The Equitable Mutual Fire Insurance Company, " " 

The New England Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Concord, N.H. 
Union Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston, Mass. 



Merrimcck Mannfachvhisc Co?nparui. Iiicorporaled in 1822; 
capital, ^^2,500,000. Number of Mills 6, and I'rint Works. 
N'.nnber of spindles, 69.216; looms, 2.108. Females employed, 
1,633; males, 622. Isaac Hinckley, Agent. John D. Prince, 
Superintendent Print Works. T. G. Gerrish, Paymaster. 

Hamilton Manufacturing ComrxJ.mj. Incorporated in 1825; 
cap'tal, 51,200,000. Number of i-.iiils 4, and Print Works. Num- 
ber of spindles, 40,024; looms, 1,118. Females employed, 940 ; 
males, 367. John Avery, Agent. D. G. Lang, Paymaster. Wm. 
Spencer, Supt. nf Print Works. B. Walker, Pavmaster. 

AppletonCom/amj. Incorporated in ]128; capit^l, ^600, 000. 
Number of Mills, 2; numl)er of spliidies, 17,920; looms, 600. 
Females employed, 400; males, 120. Georg-e Motley, Agent. 
A. H. Robinson. Pay7naster. 

Lowell Manufacturing Company. Inccrporated in 1828; capi- 
tal, ^l.oOO.OfX). Number of Mills, 3 — one spinning, one carpet, and 
one cotton. Number of spndlc- 4,?00 v.ool, and 7,142 cotton ; 
looms, 220 cotton and 124 carpet. Ftniales employed, 550; 
males, 225. Alexander Wrigh , Agent. Wm, S. Salmon, Pay- 

Middlesex Company. Incorporated in 1830; capital, Jg^l,000,- 
000. Number of Mills 4, and 3 dye houses. Number of spindles, 
16,340; looms, 75 broadcloti!, 328 cassimere. Females employed, 
930; males, 575. Wm. T. MAira, Agent. S. D. Sargent, Pa 2/- 

Snffo'k Manufacturing Cojvpany. Inrorp-orated in 1830; capi- 
ta! ^600,000. Number of Mills, 2 ; number of spindles, 14,4-18; 
locmis, 443. Females employed, 400 ; males, 100. John Wright, 

Tremonl Mills, (locaied on Suffolk and Tremonf •streets). Incor- 
porated in 18.30; capital, ^600,000. Number of Mills, 2; number 
of spindles, 14,560; looms, 517. Females einplo3'ed, 400; males, 
100. Charle. L. Tilden, Agent. Charles Bailies Paijmasfer. 

Lav^rence Manufacturins: Crwpany. Incorporated in 1830; capi- 
tal, 5 1,500,000. "Number^of Milis, 5"; number of s^pindles. 44,800 ; 
looms, 1,260. Females employed, 1,200; males, 200. Wm. S. 
Soutliworth, Ageut. 

Lowell Ble'chery. Incorporated in 1832; capUal, ^262.000. 
Niimber of females employrd, 20; males, 250. Charles A. Bab- 
cc k, ^opnt. Henry H. Carro'l, Pavmos'er. 

Boo't Cotton Mill's. Incorporated "in 1835; capital, 5 1,200,000. 
Number of Mills, 5; number of sp'ndles, 48,472; !oom<:, 1,432, 
Females, 870; males, 262. Yards made per week, 300,000. 
Linus Child, Ageut. J. F. Trott, Paymaster. 

Massachusetts Cotton Mills. Incorporated in 1839; capital. 



51,800,000. Number of Mills, 6; number of spindles, 45,720; 
looms, 1,459. Females employed, 1,250; males, 250. Joseph 
White, Aice7it. J. Crosby, Paymaster. 

Prescott Cotton Mills. Francis F. Battles, Agent. Amos 
Rugg', Paymaster. 

Lowell Alachine Shop. Incorporated in 18'!5; capital, Si^^^,- 
000. Two shops, smithy and foiindrv. Number of males employed, 
700. William A. Burke, Agent, i. L. iMelcher, Sylvester Mel- 
cher, Paymasters. 

Average wages of females clear of board, per week, ^2,00. 
Average wages of males clear of hoard, per day, ^0,80. Medium 
produce of a loom. No. 14 yarn, yards per day, 45. Medium pro- 
duce of a loom. No. 30 yarn, yards per day, 33. Average per 
spindle, yards per day, 1 1-8. 

Pay Days. On the Applelon, Bleachery, Machine Shop, Suf- 
folk, Lovvell and Tremont, week after the last Saturday in each 
monlh. Boott, week after first Saturday. Hamilton, week after 
lasi Saturday but one. Massachusetts and Prescott, week after the 
third Saturday. Merrimack, Saturday before 16th. Middlesex, 
Friday fuid Saturday after each month. Lawrence, second Satur- 


Depot at the coruer of Merrimack and Dalton streets. 



Incorporated June, 18.30. Opened for ti a >\-l .]i.,M 1835. 

Officers. — r. Roberts, Srpervilevdent. E. HilN, Clpvk. O. S. 
Lyford, Assistant Clerk. \\. Mescrve, Depot Master. 

Season tickets between Lowell and Boston, not transferable, and 
payable in advance, are given for three moriths for ^25; six 
months, ^45; an-' one vear, ;^80 ; and are not to be used on jE.r- 
pr?s,9 business, ar^ enntle the bearer to carry nothing but strictly 
personal baggage, or such parcels as may be taken in the hand, 


without incommoding other passengers. Other articles, or mer- 
chandise, are not to be taken as l)aggage, except at the discretion 
of the conductor, and by paying extra. 

Season tickets may be used in any regular train, and allow any 
number of daily passages, and are half price for children under 12 
3'ears of age, and persons attending school. 

Miles. Fares. 


Billerica Mills, 



Billerica and Tewksbury, 






Woburn Watering Place, 



East Woburn, 












No charge for children under 4 years of age. Between Boston 
and Lowell, second class fare 45 cents. A discount of five cents is 
made to persons buying tickets at the offices ; and the same is 
allowed to passengers taking the cars at stations where no tickets 
are sold. 


Merchandise generally to Boston. $l,2b per 2,000 lbs. 
" by cargoes, ^'1,10 " " 

Pig Iron, Coal. Sand, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Slate, Dye Wood 
in the stick. Flour and Grain, Oil and Coarse Salt, in lots of three 
tons, at cargo prices. 


Depot ,msf"rmim. Incorporated 

Middlesex street, •^W'.'.^^x 

Lowell. r K It i -^""^ 2^' ^^^^• 

Opened for travel ^Jbijyii 

Oct. 8, 1838. "^^^^ Capital Stock ,gf600,000. 

Officers. — Daniel Abbot, President. Charles F. Gove, Superin- 
ievdent — (Office, passenger station, Nashville). 

George Stark, Treasurer — (Office passenger station, Nashville). 

Albert McKean, Clerk — (Office in Nashville). 

Virectors. — Daniel Abbot, Jesse Bowers, W^m. Boardman, 
Thomas B. Wales, Henry Timmins. 

Harrison Hobson, Trnnsporto.tion Master — (Office Nashville 
Freight Station). Abiel Rolfe, Freis-ht Agrent at Lowell. 

S. P. Bro\\'n, F. Lovejoy, Conductors Passenger Train. N. 
Whitman, Conductor Freight Train. A. Haggett, Ticket Agent 
at Loirell. 





















Season Tickets 3 months. 


.411 trains on this road connect with those of the Concord and 
I Northern. Tickets purchased in the cars witi be five cents more | 
j in each instance. The Corporation will not undertake to be respon- 
• sible for baggage weighing over 50 lbs., or valued at over ^50, 
except by special contract, and extra pay. 


Incorporated in 


Opened for travel 
July 1st, 1848. 

Capital Stock, ^300,000. -I^^TyiL^ Depot Middlesex street. 

OJicers. — Tappan Wentvvorth, President — (Office Wentwoith's 
Block). Charles F. Gove, Superintend ent — (Office Nashville). Geo. 
H. Carleton, Treasurer — (Office Corleton & Hovey's store). 

Directors. — Tappan Wentvvorth, John Wright, Sewall G. Mack, 
Wm. A. Burke, J. W. P. Abbott, Ziba Gay, John Clark. 

Isaac S. Morse, Clerk— [O^ce Central street). S. P. Brown, 
F. Lovejoy, J. H. Smith, Passenger Conductors. A. Haggelt, 
Ticket Agent at Lowell. 




eason Tickets. 
127W. 6m. 








Factory Village, 




10,00 20,00 




• 8,00 

16,00 30,00 

Forge Village, 




20,00 37,50 

Groton Junction, 




28,00 50,00 

Passenger trains run three times each way daily. 

The Stony Brook Road is leased to the Nashua & Lowell Rail- 
road Company for a term of twelve years from its opening, and j 
all business connected with its operation is managed by the officers 
of the latter company. 


Stephen C. Phillips, Pres't. John Clark, Treas. Stephen H. 
Phillips, Clerk. Stephen C. Phillips, Salem ; Wm. Livingston, 
Sidney Spalding, Lowell ; John Clark, Salem ; Jacob Coggin, 
Tewksburyj C. F. Flint, Reading; J. W. Peel, Salem — Directors. 



Tuck Sf Co.'s Loioell Sf Boston Express. 

(Also stopping- at Billerica, Wilming-ton, Woburn, Winchester, 
i and Medibrd.) 

I Run in connection witii the Railroad, down and back three times 

a day. Express business in all its branches faithfully and promptly 
I attended to. 

j Drafts, notes, bills of exchange, &c., may be confidently 
! entrusted to their care, with the assurance that the business will be 
I done in the most satisfactory manner. Goods called for and 
' delivered to any part of the city iree of extra charge. 
1 Office in Lowell, at the Lowell Depot. Office in Boston, Railroad 

Exchange, Court square. 

j Sargenfs Loxvell and Boston Ex-press. 

I From each place three times daily. 

j Offices in Lowell, at — 

I Nichols & Co.'s, corner of Central and Green streets. 
j Colby &. Co.'s, 4 Canal Block, Central street. 
I B. Hutchinson's, corner of Central and Middle streets. 
B. H. Shepard & Co.'s, Merrimack street. 
J. W. Brown's, Merrimack street. 
E. M. Hilliard's, corner of Merrimack and Kirk streets. 
Principal Office, in tlie Lowell Depot. 
Office in Boston, 8 Court street. 

Al' orders entrusted to the care of vSargent's Express, will receive 
the most careful attention, and will be executed in an expeditious 
manner. Thankful for the generous favors the public have hitherto 
bestowed upon this line, it will be ihe aim of the proprietor to show 
his gratitude by endeav oring to merit a continuance of the same. 
Goods called for and delivered to any pari of the city. 

Cheney and Co.^s NoHhern Express, Jo^wson 8^ Co.'s Southern 
and Western Express, Billings's Eiisteni Express, 

Leave the General S'<\go Office, Merrimack street, near the 
Merrimack House, daily. 




Leaves Lowell at 9f|, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 
returns the same days, via Dracut and Peliiam. 


Leave Lowell Taesdays, Fridays and Sundays, connecting 
witli the Eastern steamboats, and return the same days. 
Lowell, Concord and Framingham Line, 
(Connecting with the Fitchburg Railroad at Concord, and with 
j the Boston &. Worcester Railroad at Framingham.) 

The L'. S. mail stage leaves Lowell at 9^ o'clock, A. M., Tues- 
days, Thursdays and Saturdays, passes through Chelmsford, Car- 
lisle, Concord, Aclon Powder Mills, Sudbury, Saxonville, Fram- 
iMjz,hani, and arrives at South Framingham at 4 o'clock, P. M. 

Returning, leaves South Framingham at 8;^ o'clock, Mondays, 
We<lnesdays and Fridajs, and arrives in Lowell at 3 o'clock. P. M. 
Books kept at the General Stage Office, near the Merrimack 
House, Lowell. Oliver W. Ingalls, Driver. 


Accommodation Stage. 
Leaves Lowell at 8 o'clock, A. M., on Mondays, Wednesdays 
and Friday*, via Billerica, Bedford, Lexington, Wallham, to New- 
tf)M Upper Falls. 

Retiirniiig, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 
Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill, daily. 
Lowell and Boston, Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Stage Offices. 
A inerlcan House Stage Office, T. P. Goodhue, Agent. 
iAIerrimack House Stage Office, J. P. Webber, Agent. 

OMNTBl^S conveyance between the Northern Railroad Depot 
and Lowell Cemetery, six times daily. Fare, 10 cents. 


At the Men-imack House Stage Office. 

Hacks and Coaches furnished, at short notice, for funerals 6nd 
parties, at reasonable prices. 

All information given with regard to the different Railroads and 
their connection. All persons wishing for information will find it j 
tor their interest to call on J. P. WEBBER, who is Agent for the 
different Railroad Companies, at the Merrimack House Stage Office. 

20 " 


Accormnodatioji Line. 

ciijA.rz.z:s going, 

At American House Stage Office, Central street. Coaches and 
Cabs, with careful drivers, on hand at all hours, day and night. 



Hospital, Merrimack, cor. Pawtucket. 

This Association was organized in 1840, hv the .severa! manu- 
facturing companies in Lowell, for the convenience j.n i comfort of 
persons employed by them respectively, when sick. The charges 
are $^,^ per week for men, and $i,QO for women. If the patients 
are able, they are to pay the super'.aterident 5 if not able, the cor- 
porations from which they go are responsible, and the patients are 
then responsible to the corporations. Relatives or friends of i>alient.s 
may be admitted to visit them from 12 to 1 o'clock on Tuesdays, j 
Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and at other times, if ncces- I 
sary, with a special permit from one of the trustees, or from the 
physician or surgeon of the hospital. 

Trustees. John D. Prince, Chairman. Charles L. Tilden, 
Secretary. Linus Child, Treasurer. Alexander Wright, William ^ 
Spencer, George Motley, John Wright, Isaac Hinckley, William 
T. Mann, Joseph White, Wm. S. Southworth, William A. Burke 
J. B. Francis, John Avery. Physician and Superintendent, Gilmau I 
Kimball, M.D. 

Benj. F. French, President. Directors — Ward 1, Wm. David- 
son, "VVilliam G. Wise. Ward 2, Linus Child, J. F. Rogers. 
Ward 3, John W. Graves, Elisha Huntington. Ward 4, David 
Dana, H. Wood. Ward 5, J. C. Dalton, John Mixer. Ward 6, 
Sewall G. Mack, Wm. S. Southworth. Horatio Wood, Agent. 
John L. Ordway, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Formed in 1843. j 

Rev. Henry A. Miles, President. J. B. French, I. W. Beard, j 
John Mixer, N. M. Wright, Rev. Wm. Barry, Directors. Freder- j 
ick Parker, Secretary and Treasurer. Rev. Horatio Wood, ! 
Minister at Large. Office, Free Chapel, Middlesex street. Open | 
from 8 to 9 o'clock, A. M., and from 4 to 3 o'clock, P. M. j 



Incorporated in 1825. 

Samuel W. Brown, President. Alfred Gilman, Vice President. 
Andrew Moody, Secretary. Moses Whittier, Treasurer. John 
W. Smilh, Josiah G. Peabody, Horace Parmenter, Wm. F. Brig- 
ham, John Tripp, John Waugh, Edward C. Johnson, Trustees. 
Joel Powers, Librarian. 

The Association have a valuable Library, containing upwards 
of 5,000 volumes, with a spacious Reading Room, where may be 
found the most valuable pa[)ers and periodicals of the day. They 
have also an extensive Philosophical Apparatus, Cabinet of Natural 
History, &c. The Exhibition Hall contains a number of highly 
finished Paintings of some of our most distinguished men. 


The Gunpowder Works were established in 1818 by Moses 
Hale and Oliver M. AVhipple, of Chelmsford (now Lowell), and 
William Tlleston, of Boston. The amount of powder manufactured 
in 1820 was about 80,000 lbs. The works have been constantly 
increasing in capacity since they were put into operation, giving 
emplo3'ment to a large numiier of persons. The amount of powder 
manufactured in 184-9, was 900,000 lbs. A large amount of this 
powder is exported. Number of hands emploj'ed, 41. 

Ill 1821 Moses Hale disposed of his interest in the concern to 
David Hale of Boston, who left the concern in 1827, and com- 
menced his career in New York as Editor of the Journal of Com- 

William Tileston disposed of his interest in 1829, since which 
linic the business has been continued by the subscriber. 

Omvkr M. Whipple. 


Capital, ^1(30,000. Capacity of Works, 150,000 cubic feet. 
Commenced lighting January 1st, 1850. 
John Wright, President. Geo. H. Carleton, Treasurer. John 
Wrifjiit, George H. Carleton, John Avery, James B. Francis, 
Sewall G. Mack, Joseph White, Directors. Charles Hovey, Clerk. 
Meiloun C. Brvanl. AgejU. Office, No. 2 Lowell Savings Bank 


William Spencer, President. Alexander Wright, Vice Presi' 
dent. J. P. Jewett, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Exhibitions liolden every two weeks at Mechanics' Hall, through 
the season of fruits and flowers. 



Charles R. Littler, Superintendent. R. J. Dewhurst, Daniel ; 
Emerson, James Orr, Henry Barnes, James Healy, Directors. j 


Org-anized in 1840. : 

Meetings held every alternate Monday evening, at the office of 
the New England Offering, 22 Appleton Building. 
j Harriet Farley, President and Secretary. 

O. M. Whipple, President. Charles Hovey, Cle7-k and Treas. 
David Dana, Daniel S. Richardson, Joshua Merrill, Jona. Tyler, , 
John Nesniith, U. C. Burnap, Cyril French, Geo. H. Carleton, i 
Stephen Cashing, Selwin Bancroft, Daniel Cushing, John A. i 
Knowles, Trustees. Luther Eames, Superintendent. j 



Tkird Brigade, Second Division, M. V. M. 
Abljah Watson, Colonel, Lowell. Benjamin F. Butler, Lieili. 
Colonel, Lowell. Edmund A. Parker, Major, Peppercll. George F. 
Savvlell, Adjutant, l>ovvell. H. Streeter, Quartermaster, Lowell. 
W. A. Fisher, Paipnaster, Lowell. Dr. L. B. Morse, Surgeon, 
Lowell. Dr. Joel Spalding, Surgeon's Mate, Lowell. Rev. T. 
Edson, D.D., Chaplain, \uOwe\\. 


Thomas G. Farmer, Captain. Joseph M. Dodge, jr., Isf L?''?/- 
tenant. Charles S. Hopknis, 2d Lieut. Reuben Frye, Sd Lieut. 
Leonard Brown, 4</t Liettt. 


,Captain. Swan L. Lesure, Fiist Lieut. Comnmnding. 

Benjamin P. Twiss, Second Lieut. John E. Ames, Third Lieut. 
Samuel T. Lancaster, Fourth Lieut. 


Having secured the services of their talented Leader for another 
year, are prepared to furnish Music for any appropriate occasion, 
at short notice and on reasonable terms. Apply to Dustin Marble, 
Leader, at F. Coburn's, corner of Central and Market streets ; W. 
K. Doe, at Mechanic's Mills; or to J. N. Sawtell, No. 38 Hamilton 



Loicdl Daihj Journal and CoJirier. Establl-hed in 1824 — whig. 
Oilice, Wade's Building, corner of Central and Hurd. Terms, 
'$5 per annum. S. J. Varney, publisher. John H. Warlaiid, 

Loir ell Weekly Journal and Courier — office, publisher rind 
editor, the same as the Daily Courier. Terms, ^2. 

Loivell Advertiser, democratic — established in 1834; tri-weekly ■, 
published Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Terms, ^3 pt'r 
annum. Office, Spaulding's Building, 48 Central street. Fisher 
A. Hildreth, editor and proprietor. 

Lou-ell Patriot and Republican, democratic — established in 1834 3 
weekly. Office and editor, same as the Advertiser. Terms, $ 1 ,oCi 
per annum. 

Lowell American, anti-slavery — established in 1849. Wm. 8. 
'Robinson, publisher, 23 Appleton Block, Central street. Terms. — 
The weekly is published every Saturday morning, at ^2,00 ; and 
the tri-weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at ||3,00 
per annum. 

Vox Populi, neutral — established in 1841. Published weekly by 
J. T. Chesley, at 21 Central street. E. Emerv, associate editor. 
Terms, ^2,00 per annum. 

Neiv England Offering and Mill Girl's Advocate — monthly. 
Office, 22 Appleton Block. H.>rrict Fn\\ey, editor and puhlisii'^r. 
Terms, ^1,00 per annum. 


I The population of that part of Chelmsford now included in the 
i boundaries of Lowell, was, in 1820, 200. The population of Low- 
ell in 1826, when it was incorporated, was al)out 2,.300. 
I In 1828, 3532 In 18.33, ]2r'63 In 18W, 20796 j 

1830, 408.5 183(5, 17(;33 1844, 2.51631 

I 1832, 10251. 1837, 18010 1846, 2912?! 

I The U. S. Census of 1850 gives Lowcli a population of 33,000. i 


Governor — George N. Briggs, of Pittsfield. 
Lieutenant Governor — John Reed, of Yarmouth. 

Council — Samuel Wood, Grafton; Solomon Davis, Truro;, 
T.J. Gridley, Amherst: Thomas^Tolman, Boston; John Tenney, j 
Methuen ; Benj. F. Copcland, Roxbury; Charles 31. Owen, Stock- j 
bridge ; Samuel L. Crocker, Taunton ; Luther V. Bell, Somerville. ! 

Secretarij of the Conunomrealth — William B. Calhoun. i 


IWasiirer and Recnver General — Ebenezcr Bradbury. \ 

Auditor — David Wilder, jr, , 

Secretary Board of Education — Barnas Sears, D.D., of Newton. 
I Senators of Middlesex — Joseph T. Buckingham, Cambridge ; 
I John W. Graves, Lowell ; Charles Thonip:?on, Charlestown ; 
I Edwin Whitney, Stowe ; Charles Choate, Woburn 3 Arnold Hutch- 
] inson, Pepperell. 

Representatives of Lmcell — Danforth P. Brigham, Francis Bush, 
Joseph M. Bullens, JelTerson Bancroft, James Dinsmoor, Stephen 
Mansur, Samuel Burbanlc, George Browuell, Horace Parmenter. 


Supreme Judicial Court, Law Term. — At Cambridge, on the 
third Tuesday next after the fourth Tuesday in September. 

iVm Prius Term. At Lowell, on the second Tuesday in April. 

Court of Common Fleas. — At Concord, on the second Monday 
in March and June. At Lowell, on the first Monday- in September. 
At Cambridge, on the second Monday in December. 

Criminal. — At Concord, on the fourth Monday in June. At 
Lowell, on the third i\ionday in October. At Cambridge, on the 
second i\ionday in February. 

Probate Cowt. — At Cambridge, on the second Tuesdays of 
January and June 5 on ihe third Tuesdays of March, May, INovem- 
ber and December ; on the firit Tuesda}' of September, and on the 
second Tuesday of October. At Concord, on the second Tuesdays 
of February, April, Au^^ust and November. At Charlestown, on 
the third Tuesdays of 1 ebruary and August. At Framingham, on 
the last Tuesdays of Jsmo and October. At Groton, on the first 
Tuesdays of May and November. At Lowell, on the first Tuesdays 
of March, June and December, and on the third Tuesday of Sep- 
tember. At Woburn, (.n the i'ourth Tuesday of April. 

Police Court of Low U. — Nathan Oosbj-, Justice. Joel Adams, 
Special Justice. Tliis court sils every other Monday for the entry 
and trial of civil ca>e> ; and every day, Sundays excepted, for the 
trial of criminal causes. Court Room, over Citv Market. 


Judge of Probates, Sanuiel P. P. Fa}', Cambridge. 
Register ol" Probates. I>nac Fiske, Westop. 
Register of Deeds, Caleb Hayden. East Cambridsre. 
Commissioner of lusnlrpiicij, As<4 F. I^awrejice, o\ Cambridge. i 
County Treasurer, Sle'dnian Bultrick, Concord. } 

Clerk of Courts, Selii .Ames, Cambridge. j 

District Attorney, Charles R. Train, Framingham. 
Assistant Clerk, Ptlarshall Preston, Lexington. 


County Commissioners. Daniel S. Richardson, Lowell, Chair- 
mcni. Ebenezer Barker, Charlestown5 Leonard Huntress, Tewks- 

Special Commissioners. John Fletcher, Acton 5 Hastings, 


Time and Places of Meetincr. At Cambridge, on the first Tues- 
day of January, and at Concord on (he first Tuesdays of June and 

Commissiontrs to (Qualify Civil Officers in Lowell. John W. 
Graves, William Livingston, Joseph Locke, >raihaniel Wright. 

Justices throughout the Commonwealth, in LoicclL , 

Joseph Locke. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum in Lowell. Josiah G.Abbott, 
Joe! Adams, Jefferson Bancroft, Samuel A. Brown, H. G. F. Cor- 
liss, Nathan Crosby, Asa W. Farr, John W, Graves, Elisha Hunt- 
ington, Joseph Locke, Wm. P. Webster. 

Justices of the Peace in Loivell. Julian Abbott, Edwin A. Alger, 
I Otis Allen, John Avery, J. H. B. Ayer, Homer Bartlett, John 
Bennett, Ifhamar A. Beard, Ilhamar VV, Bea/d, H. G. Blaisdell, 
A. P. Bonney, Alpheus R. Brown, Benj. F. Butler, Joseph Butter- 
field, John A. Buttrick, G. H. Carleton, R. B. Caverly, Z. B. 
Caverley, Joshua Converse, Alanson Crane, Samuel L. Dana, 
William Davidson, Benjamin Dean, James Dinsmoor, Robins Dins- 
moor, James K. Fellows, Benj. F. French, Cyril French, Josiah B. 
French, Abram French, Andrew J. Gunnison, John A. Knowles, 
I Jonathan Ladd, Rufus Lapham, William Livin^slon, Stephen Man- 
I sur, Abraham Mead, Isaac S. Morse, Thomas Ordway, E. B. Patch, 
j Peter Powers, Frederick Parker, Henry D. Phelps, B. W. Poor, 
Daniel S. Richardson, William A. Ricliardsoii, John P. Robinson. 
Edward F. Sherman, William Smith, Isaac \7. Scribner, Samuel 
W. Stickney, Joshua Svvan, Tlioodore H. Sweetser, Tappan 
Wentworth, Oliver M. Whipple, John Wrigh', Nathaniel Wright. 

Master in Chancery in Lowell, Josiah G-. Abbott. ] 

ISotaries Public in Lowell. James G. Carney, David Hj'de, I 
J. A. Knowles, S. W. Stickney. I 

Coroners in Lowell. James Fisher, Josiah R. French, Jeremiah I 
P. Jewett, Zaccheus Shed. 

Slieriff', Samuel Chandler, Lexington. 

Deputy Sheriffs in Lowell. Jefferson Bancroft, Joseph But'ar- 
field, Charles J. Adams. 

Crier of Courts, Levi I'arker, Cambridge. 

Jailers. Abraham P. Sherman, Cambridgs ; Samuel Staples, 
Concord : Samuel Meserve, Lowell. 

Commissioners. New Hampshire : — L W. Beard, A. R. Brown. 
W. A. Richardson. New York:— Wm. A. Richardson, R. B' 
Caverley. Maine :— R. B. Caverly. Vermont :— Wm. P. Web- 
ster. J. Ladd. 





iL © "^'F IS iL a. o 


The following pages advantageously present the Trades and 
Occupations of the best portion of those who have given to 
Lowell its enviable reputation for industry and enterprise, 
They neither hide their light under a bushel nor bury their 
talent in the earth. The reward, that a liberal policy deserves 
and secures, most certainly is theirs, and we cannot wish them 
less than full purses and happy lives. 



Merrimack 60 John Sts. 


Family Medicines and Physicians' 
Prescriptions put up at all hours, 
Day and Night. 



No. 170K Merrimack Street. 

Prescriptions carefully prepared, 
and Medicines delivered at all hours 
of the day and night. 



Fancy^ Goods, Brushes. Soaps, Cosmptics, Shakers' Herbs, 
Pure Wines & Liqjors for Medicinal Purposes, Soda, &c., 

No. 1 Wells' Block, Corner of Merrimack and Kirk Streets, 

[r7=" P hysicians' Prescriptions carefully prepared. 


One Door East of the City Ilnll, 



Chemicals and Chemical para- 
tus, Superior Mineral Teeth, from 
various Manufacturers ; Gold Plate 
and Foil, Dental Instruments, and 
a general assortment of other Den- 
tal articles. 

Druggists & Apothecaries 

Ko. 4:, Canal Block. 

Constantly on hand, supplies of 

the best Familj' Medicines, Fancy 

Articles, Perfumery, &c. 

Physicians' Prescriptions carefully 
prepared at all hours of the day and 






[Cr" Physicians' Prescriptions put up -with care, Day or Niglit. 

S. 0. SMITH, & CO. 




Patent Medicines, 

Cor. Merrim'k &o Suffolk Sts. 

Druggist & Apothecary, 

ISO. 12 CtrVTRAL ST., 
Nearly op. Post Office, 

Dealer in 

Drugs Medicines, Fancy Articles 


Physicians' Prescriptions accurately 
compounded. Agent for all the valuable 
Patent Medicines of the day. 

Family Medicines put up with the 
greatest care, and delivered at all hours 
of day and night. 



Middles'x st. op, new r. r. dep't, 

Keeps constantly on hand, a good assort- 
ment of Drugs, Chemic'ls, 1 ancy G'ds 
& Perfumery. Also, all kinds of Pa- 
tent Medicines, all of which are 
warranted genuine. 
Physicians' l^rescriptions attended to 
with promptness and care, at all hours of 
day and night Pure Soda Water drawn 
at all Seasons. 




Furniture, and all kinds of Ilouse- 
lieeping Articles bouglit, sold, ex- 
changed, or to let. 


Auctioneers & General Commission Merch'ts, 



Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Commercial Square. 

Cash liberally advanced on all kinds of Merchandize, Real Estate, &c. 



General Commission Merchant 


Nos. 6, 7, 8, & 9 Commercial Square, Lowell. 

Liberal Advances made on Goods, Wares, and Merchandize, of every 

description ; Loans effected on Real Estate ; Cash paid for New 

and Second-hand Furniture. 

Eegular Sales of Furniture, Horses and Carriages 


^f^ All business entrusted to his care will be promptly attended to, and 



Machinist and Pattern Mannfacturer, 



Patent Circular and Hand Saw Selts Constantly on Hand. 

PATTERN MAKING of every description done on reasonable terms. 

Repairing promptly attended to. 





For Cities, Towns, and Factories. They will also attend to Fitting of Fac- 
tories, Stores, Churches, Dwelling Houses etc., with the necessary 

MPS® ^i^ Fsi ®f ii^m ssiAi^ 

Office, Corner of Central & Warren Sts., 

Steam and Gas Pipes, Cocks, Valves, etc., of all sizes, constantly on 
hand, together with a large assortment of Fittings, which will be put up 
in the most substantial manner, and on correct principles. 




Carpenters' Planing Wheels, Ma- 
chines, Sash & Wheels, and all 
kinds of Machinery for Car- 
penter's Shops, 

Howe St., Belvidere. 

0:2/^ Orders promptly attended to. 


Locksmith, Hachinistj 


Corner of Maiden Lane. 





Both new and superior articles. Razors 

and Scissors Ground. Door, Cliest, 

Trunk and Fad Locks, Saws, &c. 

Constantly on hand. 



Plwnitoer and Tin Plate Worker, 






(Near the Lowell Bleachery,) 


All kinds of Coach or Lag Screws, 
and Bridge Bolts, manufactured to 
order, at short notice. 


Cor. Fletcher &/ Hock Sts. 



Done in all its Branches. 

A share of public patronage is res- 
pectfully solicited. 




Also, Dealers in Sporting Apparatus-and Fishing Tackle, 

of every description; Powder, Shot, Percussion Caps, &c. Also, 
Brass Castings of every description and of superior qual- 
ity, made to order. Old Guns, of every description, re- 
paired, and Keys fitted, at short notice. 





Arch St. near Nashua Dep. 


Executed in the most substantial man- 
ner, and all work in his line promptly 
attended to on reasonable terms. 




Blacksuiitli \¥ork, 

Done in all its Branches. 

A share of the public patronage 
respectfully solicited. 





Formerly of the Firm of Moulton & Veasie, 
Still continues at the Old Stand to manufacture Mortise 
Locks and Latches of all kinds and at 


S. M. has recently invented an improved Alarm Lock, for Stores, and is the 
only manufacturer. Also, an improved Lock for Carpenters' Tool Chests. 
Purchasers will find it for their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. 



— AND — 

Builder of Wooden Cisterns, 

Mecli'c Mills, Dutton St. 

Joh work of all kinds executed 
with despatch. 




Sash and Blind Machinery, and 

Mill Work generally. 


Button Street, 

(Near the Northern Railroad Depot.) 

No. 17 Market Street, Opposite Market House, 

Wholesale & Retail Dealers in 

Iron Axles, Korse Nails, Chains, Crow Bars, 



[l^AU kinds of Smith Work done at short notice.^V^ 

R.J. D 



Bleacheries &o Cotton Mills, 

In Chamber's Dye House Building, 


(Nearly opp. Hale's Mills.) 

Stamp, Stencil & Block 

IN HALE'S MlliliS. 



Bleacheries &/ Cotton Mills. 








Manufacture to order, at short notice, all kinds of 










^^:^^3^ s 02. s:^ a ^^^^ cb:> 02. o^ 9 


Brass, Copper andiron Nettings for Cellar Windows and Skylights. 

ALSO, Wire Cloth, Wire Nettings, Picker AVire, Sparker Wire, Annealed 

Wire, Bright Wire, Tinned Wire, Brass Wire, Copper Wire, Iron Wire, Sand 

Screens, Canary Seeds, Canary Birds. Bird Cages, Squirrel Cages, Rat Traps, 

Arouse Traps, Meat Safes, Riddles, Coal Sieves, Corn Parchers, Fire Fenders. 
painted to any design. Every description of Wire-Work made to order. 

E. & G. CROSBY, 

wiB3 swims 

— AND — 

Bedstead Manufacturers, 




Done in a superior manner. Room 

and Power to Let. 





(Near Charles Street,) 










(opposite the common.) 

Carpenter & Builder, 

House k Shop, School Street 

(Near Middlesex St.) 



Dealer in 

Crockery, Glass &/ Hardware, 







Orders for Castings promptly attended to. Strict personal attention paid to putting 

up Iron Fence, Baleonies, Door Steps, Railings, &c. Various kinds of 

Ornamental and Fancy Castings constantly on hand. Interested 

Parties will do well to call and examine before purchasing. 





Agricultural Tools, «fcc. 




Importers and Dealers in 

China, Glass and Crockery Ware, 


Mantle, Church, Store and Entry 

Lamps, Britannia Ware, Table 

Cutlery, Tea Trays, &c. 

80 Merrimack Street, Lowell. 

Ware Loaned for Parties. 


(Successor to A. H. Wood,) ^ ^ 


Crockery, China, Glass, Stone & Earthen Ware, 

Table Cutlery, Silver Spoons, Britannia, Japaned and Plated Ware, 

Girandoles, Solar, Campliene and Fluid XiampS) 






Cor. of Middlesex So South Sts. 

Also, for Sale, a valuable remedy 

for the cure of Cancers, and all 

diseases which flesh is heir to. 




Frmt and Variety, 


Also, Oysters and Ice Cream, 


Merrimack So Frescott Sts. 




— AND — 

Philosophical Instrument naker, 

No. 1, Mechanic's Mills, Button St. 

W. W. ■will give his personal attention to the con- 
struction of Models for Patent Machinery of all kinds, 
and to the repairing of Optical Instruments. Orders for Job work, will 
receive prompt attention. 




Cloths, Cassimeres, and Testings. Also, 

Importers and Dealers in Forefgn and 

Domestic HARDWARE, Cutlery, 

and Agricultural Implements. 
Samuel Biirbank, 
John K. Chase, 
Fred, W, Sargent, 
H. B. Shattuck. 

5 Central St. 




Hard-Ware & Cutlery, 


Creese Tools, Nails, Sheet Lead, 

Pipe, Oven and Ash Doors. 

— ALSO — 

Cloths, Keady-Made Clothing, 





143 Central Street. 

On hand a good assortment of 
COFFINS, of all sizes, and of good 
quality, as low as can be found in 
this City. GRAVE CLOTHES, of 
all sizes, ready-made, and furnish- 
ed to order. Also, 

House Carpenter Work, 

and Jobbing, punctually attended to. 



Clotljlnj, Qat3, dap©, 


A general assortment of 


Umbrellas, Boots & Shoes, &c. 


No. 213 Merrimack Street. 


J. P. BRoivrv, 

Having taken the Old Stand formerly occupied by Wm. Johnson, is 
now prepared to manufacture 

Of all sizes and qualities, on the most 
reasonable terms. 
\^y AU Orders faithfully attended to. Furuiture repaii^ed. 







No. 54, Central St., Cobum's Block, 

Gents' Furnishing Store. 



Ready-Made Clothing, 


Clothing & Furnishing 


Also, constantly on hand. Hats, 
Caps, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas, 
Hats, Caps, Umbrellas, | Rubber Goods, &c., for sale at the 
FURNISHING GOODS, &c. &c. I lowest prices for cash. 

JO Merrimack St., Wyman's Exch. 


60 Central &/ 2 Prescott Sts. 


H. C. & J. F. HOWE, 



(Near Calef and Livingston Steam Mills.) 
\lO^ Jobbing of aU kinds -will be promptly attended to. 





Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, 



No. 29 Central Street. 




And Eich Furnishing Goods, 

Also, Ilats, Caps, Trunks, Valises, 

and Umbrellas. 

Youths '&/ Childrens' Clothing 

Of every description, constantly on hand, 

No. 2 American House Block, 








The attention of Purchasers is invited to my stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing, 
being one of the largest in this city, and it will be sold at the lowest Boston prices. 


Merchant Tailor, 




Gents' Furnishing Goods, 

No. 7 Appleton Block. 



Ready-Made Clothing, 


Umbrellas, Suspenders, Gloves, 
Hosiery, Stocks, Shirts & Draw- 
ers, with a general assortment 


150 Merrimack Street, 

Wentworth's Building, First Door east 

of the Lowell Railroad Depot. 


No. 186 Merrimack Street, 




No. 254 Merrimack Street. 




No. 256 Merrimack Street, 






No. 4 Appleton Block, 


Edmnnd Cummings, Joseph M. Burtt. 




Ready-Made Clothing, 



Gent's Furnisliing Goods, 

Consisting of Stocks, Sliirts, Draw- 
ers, Hosiery, &c. With a general 
assortment of Bots' Clothing. 

53 Central St., Mansur's Build. 


ATU iHi@yi 

O E T , 

(Upp. tne Lowell Carpet Manufacturing Co..) 


Separate Apartments for Ladies and Gentlemen, 





No. 42 Merrimack Street, 


J. O. Benthall. H. W. Hilton. 




Frencli, Scotcli, E^nglishi 
aud American 

il¥ litis. 



3 Welles' Block, 

Old Stand of J. M. Fowler, 3d Door from Kiik St. 
A full as'tment of Housekeeping Goods. 







0:;7=" stock of all kiads constantly on hand and for sale at the lowest 
cash prices. Also, Piano Fortes for sale, or to let on reasonable terms. 


— 4 O — 

Merrimack Street. 

mi L 



iToreign S^ iDomestic 

^^T ©©DIBS, 

"'•k Street, 


hn Wilson, Jr. 



§§— Ml 


Having one of the best skylights in the place, fitted up under my di- 
rection, I am now prepared to take MINIATURES, Single or in 
Groups, in a style not surpassed by any one. lie would be pleased 
to receive calls from all Avho desire good likenesses of themselves or 




Millinery, Fancy Goods, 

Parasols, Umbrellas, Trunks, Vali- 
ses, Carpet Bags, &c., 


No. 136 Merrimack; Street, 

Opposite Kirk St., Lowell. 


Of DeLaines, Merinos. Alpaccas, 
and Muslin Goods ; also, goods com- 
posed of Silk, Cotton and Wool, 

Woolen and Cotton 5farns, 
Whipple's Mills, Lowell. 

All small parcels, orders, &c. left at Tuck 
& Go's Express, promptly attended to. 

References.— John Nesmith, ZoweZZ, 
J. C. Howe & Co. Boston ; G. Pattison & 
Co. New York; John Rosencrant, Phila, 




Wholesale Manufacturers of 



No. 20 Market Street, 



m^^^ mm. 




(Opposite the American House.) 
Hats and Caps made to order. 



Corner of Fayette & East Merrimack Sts., 


Crackers, 'Wholesale & Retail, 


Furnished at short notice, and on reasonable terms, 
respectfully solicited. 


Counsellor at l.a\%, 



Dealer in 

ReadyMade Clothing, 

AND gentlemen's 

No. 184 Merrimack Street, 



Lowell Bonnet Bleachery, 

No. 88 Merimack Street. 

Bleaching and Pressing all kinds 

of Straw, Neapolitan, Chip, and 

Fancy Straw Bonnets, done 

in the best manner. 

Old Styles of Bonnets and Hats 

cleansed and pressed 




A. GILBERT, JR., & CO., 

W. H. Beebe &o Co.'s Hats, Caps and Fancy Furs, 

No. 1 Canal Block, Central St. 



All description of work connected with this hnsinesB, done to order at 
short notice. 


tSHHlSSI®! Sllil^lT^ 



Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco, Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Niits, &c., 

(Three Doors West of the City HoteL) 

Also General Agent for the sale of Reynolds & Brother's Safety Fuse. 

Orders for the Sale of Country Produce solicited. 






Constable and Coroner. 

No. 67 Central St. 

Gorham, near Summer Street. 



No. 30 Central Street, 





"Will DYE and FINISH in the best manner, — Broadcloths, Cassimeres, 
&c. ; Satins, Lustrings, Crape, Plush, Lace Veils, Silk and Cotton Velvet, 
Sewing Silk, Silk Crape, Worsted and Cotton Shawls, Yarn and Worsted, 
(high colors for lace work, carpets, &c.,) Italian and French Crapes, Leg- 
horn and Straw Bonnets, Gloves and Hosiery, Ribbons, &c. Also, 
Ladies' Dresses of every description, Gentlemen's Coats, Pants, Vests, 
&c. CLEANSE and FINISH Gentlemen's Coats, Pants, and aiilitary 
Garmencs, Merino shawis. Carpets, Table Cloths, &c. MILDEWS and 
STAINS removed from Linen and Cotton Goods. 

O* Goods received at the Stores of .1. TOWER, corner Central and 
Gorham Streets, and REED & WEST, 51K Merrimack Street, or at the 
Dye House, Andover Street. 



No. 56 Central Street, 
Residence, Washin^on House. 

Particular attention paid to the 
Collection of Bills^ Sfc. 


Middlesex Street, 




Private Parties entertained on lib- 
eral terms. 



J. F. GAGE, 



\iy' Reeds and Harnesses of every description, made hy new and im- 
proved machinery, by the best workmen and of the best material-. Also, 
Mails for Carpet Looms. All kinds of machinery repaired. 





And occupies a Square, bounded by Park, Nesmith, Andover and Chestnut Sts., 

Constantly on hand a large and select variety of Green House and 
Garden Plants and Seeds, Fruit and Ornamental TREES, Shrubs, and 
Grape Vines, of both Foreign and Native Growth. 

BOQUETS, of all styles, made to order at the shortest notice. 

The Saloons, during the Summer Season, are open for the reception of 
Yisitors, day and evening, where may be found 



N. B. Gardens laid out and stocked on reasonable terms. 


Successor to Henry Patch, 



Corner of Merrimack Street 

A few ro'ls we=t of the Merrimack House. 
Dealer in Clocks and Timepieces, new and second 
hand; aleo, all parts of Clocks, tor repairs; Razors, 
Razor Strops ; a superior article of Shears and 
Scissors ; Penknives, Bell Trimmings, etc. etc. 
New Clocks exchanged for old ones. 



Ingrain and Tliree-Ply 


Near the Bleachery, .... Lowell. 




File and Rasp Cutter, 


Near the Mechanic Mills, 
Recuts all kinds of Files and Rasps, 
all of which will be -warranted. 
Also, on hand a good supply of the 
best Files, which will be sold cheap- 
er than can be bought elsewhere. 
Strict attention paid to all orders. 



Gold & Silver Watches, 

And Dealers in 

Silver, Plated and Britannia Ware, 
and Fancy Goods. 

23 Central, Cor. of Middle St. 

Ceo. F. Tebbetts. Geo. B. Applcton. 

Fine Watches and Clocks carefully repaired, 

corrected and warranted. Jewelry neatly repaired. 



^AfilT FlSgS l¥llli 




Woolen Goods Dyed by an entirely new process, the only one in the 
State, in any style and pattern desired. The figures are pressed by this 
new method, and are warranted fast colors. New patterns and styles 
prepared when desired. 

All Woolen Goods dyed and finished at short notice, in the best man- 
ner, on moderate terms. 

{f^ Orders respectfully solicited. 


Wholesale and Retail 


miMMM llTlii 

— AND — 

Thompsonian Medicines. 


Opposite Farmers'' and Mechanics' 




No. 86 Central Street. 

Examination hours from 8 o'clock, 
A.M. tiU 10 o'clock, P.M. 




Capital Stock, over $60,000, and being increased to $200,000. 
Insure against Hazards by Fire, on Real and Personal Property. 

CENTRAL.. ST., ^©WSILm, KtilSS. 

DIRECTORS : — Oliver M. Whipple, Joel Adams, Stephen Gushing, Elijah M. 
Read, Emory Washburn, Joshua Merrill, David Dana, Enoch Hobart, Sidney 
Spalding, Abner W. Buttrick, Daniel S. Richardson, Samuel Burbank, Charles B. 


FREDERICK PARKER, Sec'y & Treas'r. 

National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society, 


" A Savings Bank for the Benefit of the Widow and the Orphan.'''' 

(empowered by act op pakmament.) 

Capital £500,000 sterling, or $3,500,000, with a division of profits 

to the insured, and a surplus of $412,000. 

This Institution embraces important and substantial advantages with 
respect to Life Assurance and deferred annuities. The assured has, on 
all occasions, the power to borrow, without expense or forfeiture of the 
policy, two-thirds of the premiums paid ; also the option of selecting 
benefits, and the conversion of his interests to meet other conveniences 
or necessity. Assurances for terms of years at the lowest possible rates. 

Persons insured for life, can, at once, borrow half amount of annual 
premium for five successive years, on their o\vn note and deposite of 
poUcy. Part of the Capital is permanently invested in the United States, 
in the names of three of the Local Directors — as Trustees — available 
always to the assured in case of disputed claims (should any such arise) 
or otherwise. 

The payment of premiums, half yearly or quarterly at a trifling ad- 
vance upon the annual rate. 

No charge for stamp duty, or medical examination. 

Thirty days allowed after each payment of premium becomes due, 
without forfeiture of policy. 

Travelling leave extensive and liberal, and extra premiums on the 
most moderate scale. Pamphlets, blank forms, tables of rates, list of 
agents, &c., &c., obtained at No. 17 Appletoii Block, Central 
Street, Lowell. 

Directors in Boston : — George M. Thatcher, Franklin Dexter, Israel 
Whitney, Benjamin Seaver, Elijah D. Brigham, E. A. Goaltan, William 

J. Leander Starr, General Agent for the United States. 

Medical Examiner, Elisha Huntington, M. D. 
FREDERICK PARKER, Agent for Lowell and vicinity. 

Lowell, Aug. 29, 1850. 


Ne'vv- Mode of Insurance. 


Mutual Fire Insurance 



The First Class consists of Dwelling Houses and Farmers' Property. 

The Second Class consists of Merchandise, and Property not extra 

hazardous. Each class being liable for its own losses. 

DIRECTORS. — Sewall G. Mack, President; Thomas Nesmith, Ed- 
ward F. Watson, Charles B. Coburn, A. C Wheelock, Peter Powers, 
Joshua Converse, Thomas B. Comins, James H. Rand ; James Dinsmoor, 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

Office, 20 & 11 Appleton Block, Central St. 


Agent for Lowell, Thomas P. Goodhue, at American House 

Stage Office, Central Street. 
Medical Examiner for Lowell, B. B. Bartlett, M. D. 



JOSEPH B. COLLINS, President. ISAAC ABBOTT, Secretary 
Agent for Lowell and Vicinity, OLiIVER MARCH, 

At the Franklin Bookstore, 
ELISHA HUNTINGTON, Medical Examiner for Lowell. 


ICHABOD ROLLINS, President. JOHN SALTER, Secretary. 

Agent for Lowell and Ticinity, OlilVER MARCH, 

At the FrankUn Bookstore. 




No. 62 Central Street, Lowell, 

Manufacturer of 

Whips, Dress Whalebones, 


Also, Dealer in the best and common 
qnality Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valises ; 
and a preneral assortment of Robes, 
Horse Blankets, Nets, Horse and Car- 
riage Furnishing Goods. 


Manufacturers of 

steam Mill, Howe Street, 



All kinds of Wood Screws made to order. 
All orders promptly answered. 



No. 6 Mechanics' Building, Sutton St. 


J. G. has had twenty years' experience in running and manufacturing 
Belts and Top Rolls, and has manufactured Belting the last seven years 
fo;- the different corporations, with entire satisfaction. He has a new 
article of Double Belting, wbich is superior to anything that has ever 
come before the public ; and he is prepared to manufacture all kinds of 
BELTS, made of A. Thompson & Go's best oak-tanned Leather, which 
stands higher than any other Leather in the market. 

Also, on hand. Belt Leather, Calf and Calcutta Lacings and Carpet 
and Harness Twine, of different numbers and banding^s. 

Gates^ Belt Cement furnished as cheap as any other kind, and war- 

Also, Cover Top and Worsted Rolls, for Spinning, Carding, &c. 

Also, Loom Harnesses and Keeds, manufactured to order. 

J. G. Refers to Alexander Wright, AV'illiam Spencer, Wm. A. Burke, 
Charles A. Babcock, and A. L. Brooks, Lowell; Smithj DoTe & Co., 

"Walnut Street, 



Of every description, done in the best 

manner, at short notice, and on rea- 

sonaLle terms. Whitewashing 

done at the lowest price. 


Central, corner of Elm Street. 


solicited. All work done in the most 
substantial manner, on reasonable 
terms. Ranges and Furnaces, of all 
kinds put up to order, and jobbing 
punctually attended to. 




Will be happy to be consulted on all matters connected with his Profession with- 
out charge, and would especially invite the Ladies and Gentlemen of Lowell and 
vicinity having occasion for Dental Operations to call and acquaint themselves 
with lua peculiar method of inserting Artiticial Teeth, 









Middlesex Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Piirchasers of Lumber can be furnished at short notice, with 

Timber of almost any size or description, for Frames 

and other purposes, at their 



Where can be found constantly on hand a large variety of Logs, 
and Mills capable of cutting 50,000 feet per day. Also, 

Shingles^ Clapboards, Laths, 


Of various kinds and qualities to suit Customers. 

GAUGE SAWED BOARDS, SaweJ by Ganges to an tm thickness. 

Of Superior Quality, 

Both for smoothness of Surface and uniformity of Thickness, 

— DONE BY — 

Mr. Norcross's Newly Livented Machine. 



The Lowell Silk and Slhiwl Store. 




Chambers over Post OiRce, Lowell. 




No. 17 Market St., Lowell, 

lias invented a machine by which 
lOjtKJO Bungs and Splits are made per 
day, and he would assure those whose 
business requires such articles that they 
can be afforded at greatly reduced prices. 
It is the onlj' manufactory of the kind in 
New Ensrland. 

Z. p. BURNHAM, M. D. 


Walter Buriibara 51. D,, 



Central and Middlesex Sts. 

Thanks the citizens of Lowell and Ticinity for their liberal patron- 
age for twelve years past, and now informs them and the public, that 
having made new arrangements in his business, is prepared to operate 
on Teeth, 


All, therefore, wishing for parts or whole setts of the most beautiful 
Porcelain Teeth, -witli G-ums, int-erted by Atmospheric Pres- 
sure, Pivots, or other ways, or to have Teeth Cleansed, or Filled, to pre- 
vent further decay, may now have the most favorable opportunity. 


In this arrangement, however, patients shall not be imposed upon ; 
the BEST materials shall be used, and warranted. Powdeks for the 
Teeth and Gums, and Drops to cure the Toothache for sale. 


15 Central, a few doors from Merrimack St., Lowell. 

t)U MUtr 







Harnesses & Reeds 

And every description of 



Fletcher St. 80 Western Av., 
frnltS!l LOWELL, MS. 


Manufacturers & Dealers in 



Cor. of Button & Fletcher Sts. 

\!C7^ Orders for Planing and 
Trunk Woods, executed with des- 





Factory Leather, Brushes, Roller Cloth, Cards, Pickers, &/C., 


Nos. 4 &/ 5, Mechanics' Building, Button St., 


John Mixer, 
Isaac Pitman, 
Chas. B. Coburn. 





FROM ^8.00 


15.00. ^^ 




■\Vholesalo and Retail Dealers in 


Boot and Shoe Stock, Sj-c. 
No. 200 Merrimack Street, 

M.K. Wellington, > T r'vXXT^T^T T 

H.B. Rogers. S L0W1.LL. 





For Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses, 
and Children. 

No. 112 Central Street. 

Boots & Sbnes manufactured to or- 
der. Rep tiring done at short notice. 


Mannfacturer and Dealer in f Bi 



UMBRELLAS, &c., &c. 

ITo. 7 Canal Block, Central Street, 

(opposite the AMERICAN HOUSE,) 


Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers repaired. Old Ilats taken in exchange for 
New, or Dressed and Pressed at short notice. 



Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, | 



166 5 Merrimack Street, 

Few doors aboTe Wortben St. op. Merrimack Corp. 

Agency of Zion's Herald, and the PVWT-RAT <5TRFT7T 

New York Methodist Book Room. 1 »•* tiil^lKAL. biHJiJii. 





And Manufacturer of 

Tranb, Valises, and Carpet Bags, 




Manufacturers and Dealers ia 



Of every description. 

No. 192 Merrimack Street. 

Repairing done with neatness and 




No. 15 

East Merrimack Street. 

Boots, Shoes, and Kuhbers con- 
stantly on hand, of the best qual- 
ity, for sale at the lowest prices. 

Repairing neatly done. 




Mahogany, Cherry, Black "Walnut, 

L U H B E R , 

— ALSO — 


Anthracite, Eitumiaous, and Charcoal, 







Trunks, Valises, "Umhrellas, 


13 Middlesex Street, 

Op. Hamilton Corp. 



No. 3 Prescott Block. 

Boots and Shoes made to order, or 
neatly repaired at short notice. 


D. C. BROWN & CO. 







Orders solicited and promptly executed. 





A few doors West of the Post Office, Middle Street, 





[Cr" Orders •vrill receive prompt attention. .=£1] 





PATENT CARPET POWER LOOM SHUTTLES, manufactured to order. 





Aleclianics' Mills, 

Dutton Street, near the Jail. 

Having recently made large additions to 
his former Stock o Tools, he is prepared 
to make Bobbins of every description, at 
short notice, and at the lowest prices. 

Carpet Weavers' Quills constantly on 



Corn, Rye, Oats, Shorts, 


No. 8 Merrimack Street. 

Meal ground every day, and furnished 

to order at short notice, on rear 

sonable terms. 




(Near the New Railroad Depot.) 

Under Pinning, Door Steps, Buttresses 





Mamtfactured to Order^ at short notice, and on reasonable terms. 

Orders respectfully solicited, and promptly attended to. 


— BY — 




Manufacturer of 

Paper Hangings, 


Hale, Corner of Thomdike St. 

All orders sohcited and supplied at 
short notice, on the most reason- 
able terms. Paper Hanging 
done at short notice. 




Carriage Maker 



Head of Pawtucket Falls. 

Painting, Repairing and Wood Turn- 
ing done with neatntss and despatch. 

Also, Harness anl Saddle 'Irecs made 
to order. Canal Barrows constantly on 




Dyer's Block, Middle St., 

Nearly opposite the Post Office. 

nnme?3es. Saddles, rnd Bridles con- 
stantly on hand, and fo sale at rea- 
8 nable prices. Jlcpa^nng done 
with neatness and despatch. 

LOWELL mmm mfactom. 






Every Branch of the Carriage Manufact'g Business 

is combined in this Establishment. 


On hand for sale, or made to order at short notice. 


Done in the best manner, and on reasonable terms. All work warranted 
to give perfect satisfaction. 




"Where may be found a general assortment of 

naniesses, AVhips, Fly-Nets, Horse Blankets, brushes, 

Currycombs, Cards, Sponge, Neatsfoot Oil, &c., 
Which will be sold on reasonable terms. 







Near the American House. 

Horses and Carriages furnished at 
short notice. 



Kear of the Washington House. 

Horses bought, sold and exchanged. 

Carriages of all kinds furnished 

to order, on reasonable terms. 





Worlhen & Dulton Streets, 


On Worthen, near Lowell St., 
And on Button, between the Me- 
chanics' Building and the Mer- 
rimack House, 
Nearly opposite the Lowell R. R. Depot. 

J. II. having removed from liis Old Stand, in Worthen Street, and taken posses- 
sion of the spacious and commodious Livery Stable, (recently occupied by Mr. J. 
M. Maynard.) he assures the public that they will tin-', at his new establishment, 
as good" Horses and tnshionable aud easy Carriasjes, as can be obtained at any other 
Livery Stable in the city. 

Carriages ot al' kiruls, such as Buggie?, Chaise, Carryalls, Phaetons, Barouches, 
fiC, to suit the CO vciiience of Patrons. 


as- Parties and Funerals furnished wit'> Carriages at ^hort notice, with careful 
and experienced Coachmen. Particular attention i)aid to Baitins and Boarding 
Horses, on the most reasonable terms. A continuance of th^ public patronage is 
respectfully solicited. 

No. m Central Street, 

Nearthe Washington House. 

Everything in this line of business 
furnished in the best style. Ample 
accommodation for boarding horses. 



Charles Street. 

Carriages furnished at short notice. 

Particular attention paid to 

Uoarding Horses. 




And Paper Hanger, 

And Dealer in all kinds cf 

Doors, Sashes, Window Blinds, 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 

All orders thankfully received, and 
promptly attended to. 



Paper Hanger and Glazier, 

No. 90 Middlesex St. 

For Sale, all kinds of Glazed Sash- 
es, Window Blinds, Paints, 
Oils, Glass, &c. 




— ALSO — 


Peach-mountain and Lackawana Coal, 


ITIortar, Stone siiid Sand. 


Corner of Fletcher St., and Western Avenue. 

Painter, Glazier, 


No. 101 Middlesex St., 

Near Northci-n Depot. 

For Sale, Doors, Blinds and Sashes, 
Paints, Oils and Glass. Graining 
and Sign & Ornamental Paint- 
ing done at short notice. 

Coach, Sign & Ornamental 

Arch St., Near Nashtia Depot. 
Vamisliing and Polishing- 

Executed iu the best manner, at rea- 
sonable prices. Carriages Painted 
and Varnished, at short notice. 






Cutting, Shaving k Champooing 

No. 13 Merrimack Street, 

A few Doors East of Central St. 
Walker Lewis. P. B . Lew. 


Corling, Shaving k Champooing 


Near the Merrimack House. 

C. J. ADAMS & CO. 





No. 6 Merrimack, Head of Bridge St„ 

'0=" Goods delivered in any part of the city, or packed for the country 
without extra charge. 





Gnrling, Shaving k Champooing 

At tbe IVasliiiigton House 


Cologne, Oils, Razors, &c., cons'antly on 
hand. Razors honed and warranted. 

Shaving & Hair Dressing 

No. 124 Central Street, 

Opposite Washington House. 

Hair Cutting, Curling, Champooing, 

and Shaving done in the latest 

and most fashionable style. 



E S IL W Q El ^ ^ 


The subscriber, after repeated experiments, has so far succeeded in 
the manufacture of KLDKRBERRY WINE, that he can now offer the 
public an article SUPERIOR to any that has heretofore been introduced 
into the market. To say the least, it is perfect in its manufacture, and is 
considered superior to all other Wines now in use. Its medicinal quali- 
ties, so far as it has been used, have met with universal success ; in all 
cases of general debility, prostration of nervous energy, there is not its 
equal excant ; and it is sufficiently laxative to give a healthy tone and 
action to the digestive organs. It is sufficiently stimulating, and yet 
there is no alcohol used in its manufacture. 



IL ® W IS IL IL , 




"Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 



Cordage, Grass k Garden Seeds, 

Xos. 116 <fo 118 Central St. 

Corner of Green Street. 


■Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

W. I. Goods, Teas, Flour, 

And Country Produce. 

Also, — Crockery, China, and Glass 

Wares ; Cutlery ; Caniphene ; 

Extra Pale Ale, Porter, and 

Native Wines. 




N. B. I have no office at any other place, and those who wish to avoid 
making' a mistake will do well to bear it in mind. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers ia 




COUNTRY PRODUCE, ""^Hf.l'^ smeI?"^' 

Market S!., near City Market, First building west N. Freight Depot. 

J. A. Buttrick, i „ , S ^, ~Z ^ , 

A. B. Buttrick, > Hotodl Orders for Commission respect- 

B. N. Webber. > -«-«'j.'w. fully solicited. 







And all kinds of 


C.r. of Central &o Centre Sts. 

All our goods warranted, and delivered 
free of expense, in any part of the city. 


A^Tiolcsale and Retail 


West India Goods 

No. 178 Merrimack St. 

A. & T. T. FEENCH, 




A. & T. T. French manufacture all kinds of 

ALSO, SODA SOAPS, for Manufacturing Purposes. 

\ry^ All orders punctually attended to. 





Ita ® W 1 Ha ILi » 



PROFESSOR t/lISTER, Boston Astrologer, 

Continues to give a perfect and unique description of persons, oral or in 
■writing ; of the disposition and qualities, good or bad ; witli advice how- 
to avoid the resulls of constitutional complaints ; full statement of mar- 
riage — if happy or to the contrary ; children — if they will live ; of 
trade or profession ; removals ; purchases ; situations ; speculations — 
if safe ; the length of life and the manner of death. 

All persons wishing to know their destiny, can do so by applying in person or 
by letter, post paid, stating time and place of birth, and sex of tlie p rty ; can do 
without the hour of birth, but better with it. 

TERMS : Oral 50 Cents, Written, $3.00. 

Office and Kesiclence 

Lowell St., Boston, Mass. 


Dealers in 


Smoked Beef, Tongues, Veal, Lamb, 
Mutton, Potatoes, Apples, But- 
ter, Eggs, Beans, and all 
kinds of Vegetables. 

Cor. of Central &/ Jackson Sts. 

J. T. Farnsworth, C. T. Stuart 

No. 115 Central St. 




Constantly on hand, a large assort- 
ment of Meats, Vegetables, Eggs, 
and Fruits. Goods sent to 
any part of the City. 




Middlesex, Corner of South Street, 



Also, Flourj Butter, Cheese, Pork, Lard, Etc., Etc., 
All of -which -will he sold at Inappi*oacli.abIy IjO-»v Prices, con- 
stituting this division indeed the people's saving institution. 

Wasliifiig^ton Market, 


Beef, Pork, Hams, Sausages, 





Gorham and Central Sts. 



Vegetables & Fruit, 
East Merrimack St. 









3 & 4: flierrimack Street, 


Clioice Teas, Flour, Butter, Cheese 
Pork. Lard, &c. .<c. Goods .elheredto 
any part of the Cil3', free of charge. 


Dealer in 


Crockery & Glass Ware. 



Goods delivered to order, without ex- 
tra charare. 


— BY — 





Hearths, Counter and Table Tops, &c. 
Executed in the neatest manner, and on the mo;t reasonable terms 

ALSO, SOAP STONE "WOEK of every description. 

N. B. Work delivered in any part of the ueighhorlng Towqs, free of 

S. k E. ADAMS, 



Neatstoot Oil & Tallow, 

Wholesale and Retail. 

Walker, near Middlesex St. 

Orders for butchering hogs attend- 
ed to at short notice. 




Crockery and Glass Ware, 


And a general assortment of articles 

for Family use. 

No. 140 Central Street, 

Goods delivered to any part of the City 
without extra charge. 






And Grave Stones, 


No. 101 liowell Street, 

Near the North Grammar School House. 
Orders promptly attended to. 





Merrimack & Worthen Sts. 


Chimney Pieces, Hearth, Cotinter, Center, Toilet and Pier Tatle 
Tops, &c. Also, SOAP STONE WORK ol every description. 


N. B. Work delivered in all of the neighboring towns free of expense. 


(Bsf^ttv Saloon 

— AND — 



Central and Market Sts. 

Meals at all hours of the day. 


Grocery, Fruit, Confectionery, 

And General Variety Store, 


Cor. Jackson St. 


Dealer in 

Groceries & Provisions, 


Middlesex &> Garnet Sts. 




Oyster & Refreshment 

S A IL ® (D B 2 


Parties accommodatcil aud fami- 
lies supplied ou reasonable terms. 

Bottled I'orter, Ale, Cider, Miner- 
al and Soda Water; Corned Ueefand j 
Cold Ham ; Pies, Cake, Pastry and ! 
Fruit, constantly on hand. | 

C. p. WILKINS & CO. 


West India Goods, 

And a general assortment of 


54 Cliiircli Street. 




Tbis Saloon is neatly furnished, and has Four Alleys that challenge 
admiration. No Gambling will be allowed, as it is conducted with a 
strict regard to order and respectability. 









Of the choicest Brands and finest Flavor. Bottled Cider, London and 
American Porter, Scotch and American Ale, kept at wholesale. 






Wholesale and Retail Dealers and Manufacturers of 



Agents for the Concave Wooden Pumps. Pumps repaired by the best 
Workmen in the Country. CAST IRON SINKS, MOTT'S AGRI- 
CULTURAL KETTLES, for Farmers' use ; Oven Mouths, 
Boilers and Ash Doors ; 


For Wood or Coal, of which we are sole Agents for Low: ' 
STOVE, everj'thing considered, that is or ever can be broup 
the best made, the largest oven, and the most even bak 
tion, for Coal or Wood, is better than most other Sto-^ ' 
superior draught. We also have the Granite, I'^ 
Cushing & Mack's Pattern, (so called,) Etna, Ecr 


Is one of the most economical Stoves in 
Store extant. We would be happy to rp 
Esq., Proprietor of the Washington "' 
with some seven or eight of tb<- 
demerits. Call and see us. 
Opposite tlic 
And n*^" 





And the subscriber in addition to its own recommendation, has onlj' to sa}-, that 

so far, it stands unequalled and iinriviilkd by anj' other stove in use, and has, tor 

the past two years, tiiUj' justitied the liberal patronage and unlimited confidence of 

t he public. It is celebiati d tor the so of wood or coal, but particularly for the lat- 

Ur. The fire-box is so arranged that the ashes clean themselves from the Grate, 

which prevents the latter from burning out,— and also in ombination with eatra 

hug'- jJue!:, ensures a g<K>d draft. The Oven is very large, and is a p/^r/ect baler, nnd 

the doors being lined with Tin Plate, help to a great" rapidity and uniformity in 

baking. The broilins hearth is large and con\ enfent. j\nd the inventors say with 


^^OUNTED AS Tins." They laid out that it should be the best, and have 

-ceded in prodiicmg a Stove which chnJIeiujfs c unvciUvm. compariso}), and m/- 

'"?!. To sav more would be useless, as the high character accorded to it 

•ut the country, has been fully sustained by over SOU families in which it 

i in Lowell. 

warranted for one year, and may be returned within that time if it 
"t satisfaction. 
f a GOOD STOVE, are politelv invited to call at the subscriber's 
No. IW MERRIMACK STREET, formerly orrupied by J. II. 
Merrimack House, and examine the PvEW ENGLAND 
>eds only to be seen to be admired,) and they can then judge 
^sions which he cannot sustain. 
"an have the Stove put up on trial— for when fairly tried 
■ ■ used. 


'^nufactiircr of 

-•er Ware, and Dealer it] Table Cut- 
"nd B.'ight Tin Ware, and every 
"tchen Furnisliing Goods. 

tronage, while 






Iron Fence, Verandas, Balustrades, &c. 
liasemeiit Second Universalist Church, Market St. 

Personal attention given to putting up Furnaces, Ranges, Fences, &c. 

A. W. MENDUM, ~ 

Manufacturer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 



Cooking Ranges; Furnaces; Oven, Ash 
and Boiler Doors ; Copper and Iron 
Pumps ; Lead Pipe ; Tin, Iron, Cop- 
per, Britannia 8c Glass Ware, &c. 


46 Central and 5 Prescolt Streets, Lowell. 


Retail Dealer in Thatcher's Patent 


New Pattern, 1840. 
No. 90 Central Street. 

Strict attention paid to Job Work. 
Also, a variety of cheap Cooking, Parlor, 
and other Stoves, Hollow Ware, Fur- 
naces, Sad Irons, Stove Pipe, &c. 



Cooking, Parlor, &> OiGce 

And Manufacturers of all kinds of 

Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Work, 

141 Central, op. Tyler St. 

Also, Hollow Ware, Copper, Iron ard 

Wooden Pumps. 
Stephen T. Snow, E. F. Wilder. 














East Merrimack Street, Belvidere. 

J):^ All kinds of Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Ware made and repaired. 
Cash paid for Bags, Copper, Brass, Pewter, Lead and Old Iron. 







In Wyman's Exchange, 28 Merrimack Street, 



No. 23 Appleton Block, Central Street. 







The Semi- Weekly is issued everv MONDAY, TTEDNESDAY, and FRI- 
DAY Morning. TERMS, $3 per Annum. 
The "Weekly American, containing a large quantity of reading matter, 
is published every Saturday morning, at $SS per Annum. 

No. 56 Central Street, 

(opposite the HEAD OP MARKET STREET,) 




its psn^iP®. 












The undersigned, Proprietor of the " VOX POPULI," has the Printing 

Department of bis Establishment furnished with every description 

of the best inaterials for Printing 

Large Pesters, Show Bills, Shop Bills, Checks and 

Receipts, Programmes, Pamphlets, Auction Bills, 

Bill Heads, Labels, Visiting Cards, Ball Cards, 

Business Cards, Blanks, Circulars, &c., 

All of which will be executed on the Cfieap Scale of Prices, and 

to the entire satisfiiction of " The Peoplf/' whose patronage is soUcited. 


Ko. 21 Central St., ^lear the Post Office. 


Is published Weekly, for " The People,"' at $3.00 a Year, payable in 

Advance. Established 1841. Has now a local ckculation larger 

than all the other Lowell papers combmed. Advertisements 

inserted on reasonable terms. 

J. T. €Mi:^IiEl^. 






Janctj ^tticle0 anb |)erfumcrB, 





J. C. A. & Co,, are prepared to furnish Daguerreotypists, with all 
the CHEMICALS and PREPARATIONS used by them in their pro- 
fession, viz : — Alcoholj[95 per cent.] French and German Iodine and Bro- j 
mine, Chloride of Gold, do. Silver, do. Iodine, Ilypo Sulphite Soda, 
Mercury, Cyanide Potassium, &,c. j 

The above are obtained CbeniicuIIy pure, from the best sources and i 
are offered at the lowest Cash Prices. 

A "^ W R, 





L This is an Anodyne Expectorant, prepared on ;• 

-lio. nawly-discovered plan of combining the isolated • 
ipstive principles of medicine, in their purity; 

fc^ording a new remedy, which is found to give an ; 

lenergy and certainty of remedial effect, fur aurpass- j 

ilng any other in use. j 

The substance*' of which it is composed are ;^ 

those known to be the most relied on, by mcilical ■ 
nen, lor the relief of Pulmonary diseas*_ 

luid their proporiions are accurately g'veu la ihe j 

*7ormula which has been published in several ! 
Medical Journals of the country, and it is siibrj' 
ill manuscript to a large part of the Medical t\ 
-f the United States and British America. 

^x^- —, — ' III TT-'