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Full text of "The Lowell directory : containing the city record"

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J. G,, 


Will inake preliminary surveys, and 

take charge of construction of 
Roads, Railways, Canals, &c. 

Make Plans, Profiles, Estimates. 
Specifications and Contracts of the 
same. Also, make surveys of 
Counties, Towtix, Farms, Jiivers, 

Streets, and House Lots. 
5 Welles' Block, Up Stairs, 

Merrimac, corner Kirk St. 

JB zi. o zs: x: zi , 

54 Central Street. 

Bought and sold. 
Money advanced on Stocks con- 
signed for Sale. 
Notes & Mortgages Negotiated. 
Southern. Western and Canada 
Monet/ Bought. 




Xo. 1 Central, and 28 Merrimac Sts. 

Wholesale and Ketail Dealers in 
all kinds of 




Indudinc an extensive stock of the most common and useful. A pood 
variety of Lowell Power- Loom, and other WOOL. CARPETS, Cotton 
Carnets. IMattin^'s, Rugs. DruyMOtts. and Tainted Floor Cloths, all 
width«. FEA'IHERS, and FEA1HEK BEDS, Curled Hair. Cotton, 
and Palm Leaf Mattresses. Dan asks. Mo-eens, Cushions, Painted Cur- 
tanis, and Curtain Fixtures. LOOKIJNG GLASSES, CLOCKS, &c. 
All the above first han-^s from Manufacturers. Complete sets of Par- 
lor and Chamber Furniture, made to order in the richest styles, and war- 
ranted -work, at satisfactory prices. 




Z. p. BURKHAM, M. D., 


John, Corner of Lee Street. 

Walter Burnham, M. D., 


Central, cor. Middlesex St. 


— AND — 


No. 128 Merrimac Street, 
House 274 Moody Street. 

Silver Spoon and Jewelry Manufactory, 


j Post Office Corner. 

i The only Jewelry Store In Lowell, or in the County of Middlesex, where | 
Silver Spoons are made, and persons in want of Silver Ware will tind a; 
larger and better assortment to select from, than in all the other Jewelry- 
Stores in Lowell, combined, (warranted made of coin.) 

Also a larjie Assortment of Fine Gold and silver Watches, Bosom Pins, 
Kings. Pencils, Ear Hoops, Lockets, silver Comhs, Spectacles, Thnnbles, 
Watch Kej s, Pocket Cutlery, Cake Baskets, Britannia Ware, &c. etc 


Persons having choice pieces of silver can have them made into Spoons, 
and be sure of having the same silver again. 

51^=' Eng HAVING done at short notice, and Spoons, when retailed,^ 
engraved frke. 


Carefully Repaired and Warranted. I 




Cents' Furnishing Goods of every deseription, 


The attention of Purcliascrs is invited to my stock of Men'a and Boys' 
Clothing being one of the largest in this city, and it will be sold at the 
lowest Boston prices. 






No. 17 Central Street, LOWELL. 

Silver Spoons, made in Boston, by tlie most celebrated manufacturer 
\n New England, from FINK SlLVKIl. in STYI>E and FINISH UN- 
EQUALLED, at prices as low as inferior goods can be purchased elsewhere. 
All articles engraved gratis, in the most tasteful and approved style. 


I This department will receive the most prompt and faithful personal 
■attentiori Mr. A. having passed many years in the largest Watch Im- 
I porting House in Bo'^ton, under the nio«t competent instructors, gentle 
j men of icide repute, during which time the flner Escapement?, Ohron- 
' onieter. Duplex, Lever and Lepine. received his scrupulous attention.— 
j The Watches are regulated by a UNIQUE and ELEGANTLY FINISHED 


; Which fives the exact mecm tune, iO .shX'ONDS. This Cloclc is, 
BY APPOINTMENT, the standard f>r all the Lowell Corporations, 
i and also for the Court House 'J ower Clock, and ine Post Office. 
I ([g^ Jewelry Kepaired in the most SKiltul and tasteful manner. .,,^3 



© tE IKI TT D "^) IT n \No.15 Central, near Merrimac St. 

(Established 1839.) 
All operations faithfu'ly perform- 
ed, on reasonable terms. Advice 

U^" Tooth Powders and Tooth 
Ache Drops for sale. 

I Dr. L. was awarded the first pre- 
' mium for best specimens of Den- 
! tistry by the Middlesex Mechanic 
j Association. 1851. 

^-^.Ci^-M ^^■>i^ c^^£%--^<f^L^ 










Publisher of the Boston Directory, Massachusetts Register, etc. 






A new edition of the Directory Is now presented to the public. We 
have endeavored to make it a correct record of the names and business 
of the citizens, with sucli information respecting the local institutions, 
&c., as may possess a general interest. Errors of course will be de- 
tected, as it is impossible to have a work of this character accurate, 
when changes are continually taking place; and these, we trust, an 
indulgent public will overlook. "We desire that information in regard 
to such errors may be communicated to the publishers for correction in 
a future edition. 

The present is the eighth edition, and embraces Centralville and 
Ayer's New City, in addition to its usual information. About twenty 
pages of names, are consequently added to the number of the last issue, 
which is equivalent to about 900 names. 

An Almanac and Memoranda pages, will be found an additional con- 
venience in this number. 

With the increased patronage of the work, we trust to be enabled to 
add a new map of the city, with such improvements as circumstances 
may suggest, in the next edition. 


Abbreviations . . , 

Boundaries of Wards 
Business Directory . 
Churches and Ministers . 

. 40 

. 270 

City Government 261 

Constables . 262 

Counting-house Almanac . . 17 

Courts 280 

Description of the Xew Depot . 285 

Eclipses (>See Calendar) 

Engine Companies .... 264 

Expresses 287 

Halls, Public Buildings, &c. 39 

Insurance Companies . . . 272 

Justices of the Peace . . . 281 

Manufacturing Companies . 
Marble's Cornet Band . . 
Middlesex County Officers . 


Names of the Inhabitants . , 


Post Office 

Presidential Elections . . 
Railroad Companies ... 
Representatives, 1853 . . 


Societies and Companies 


Streets, Courts, and Places 
U. S. Executive Government 
Ward Rooms, 


. 273 

. 272 


. 279 


. 278 


. 13 


. 268 


. 275 


. 33 

. 16 

. 265 

See Calendar pages for valuable information. 

Eni9t#4 ftscording to Act «f Congress, in the year 1852, bj GEORGE ADAMS, ifl 
of thi> Di strict Court of tha District of Massachusetts. 

3P^ID02:» "W^rolxo-VL 




No. 33 Central, and 1 Middle Street, 

(Oppoisite the Post Office,) 


Agents of the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company. 



Mantifactiirer of tlie 


Continues his attention to every branch of his profession in accordance ■vrith the 
latest improvements in Dental Science. 


(Up Stairs, near the City Hall,) LOWELL. 



|> — w» nfflW '*fc'fl"'i-* 

fi\h\k\]&^, ^ooi{s!eHei*, §fqiioi]et, 


Music, Prints, Perfumery, Brushes, Porte Monnaies, 
Cutlery, Fancy Articles, &-c. 

BLA^TK BOOKS made to order. Orders taken for CARD ENGRATING 

Subscriptions received for Newspapers and Periodicals. 

Being in constant correspondence with tlie principal Booksellers and 
Stationers in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, any orders for arti- 
cles not in store, will be promptly and faithfully extcuted. 


General Commission Merchant^ 


Nos. 6, 7, 8 & 9 Commercial Square, Lowell. 

Liberal AdvaDces made on Goods, Wares, and Merchandise, of eyery 

description ; Loans effected on Real Estate ; Cash paid for New 

and Second-hand Furniture. 

Regular Sales of Furniture, Horses and Carriages, 


[C^ All business entrusted to his care -will be promptly attended to, and 


And Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 



Keeps constantly on hand a large stock of School, Classical, Law, Medical, 

Theological, Meclianical, Historical and I'oetical Works. Particular attention 

given to furnishing books for Law, Medical, Theological and Miscellaneous 

Libraries at the very lowest rates. Also, a splendid stock of Letter, Cap, 

Bill, Note and Drawing Paper, Envelopes, and Blank Books, at 

prices that defy competition. 

IVo. 42 Central Street, 


Orders for Books and Stationery thankfully received. 




Insures against Hazards by Fire, on Real and Personal Property. 

Directors.— ^ATU Ay Allen, John A. Kxo-svles, Frederick Parker, 
.Sidney Spaldikg, William Livingston, Ephriaji Brown, David 
Dana, Joshua Merrill, Caleb M. Marvel, Frederick Holton, of 
Lowell; Benjamin B. MrssKV, George S. Harris, of'Boston ; Stephen 
C. Phillips, of Salem; Sydney Williams, of Taunton ; Elijah M. 
Read, of Tewksbury. 

NATHAN ALLEN, President. 

Joshua W. Daniels, Secretary. 






Every description of Carriagesconstantly on hand. Parti«s furnished 
at short notice. 

GEORGE W. GILMAN, Superintendent. 

Lowell Island, situated in Massachusetts Bay, midway 'between Cape 
Ann and Boston, and in the vicinity of Salem, Bererly, Marblehead and 
Nahant, has long been a farorite resort for fishin<^ parties, and more 
recently a rendezvous for regattas. From its central position it com- 
mands a view of both shores of the bay, and all steamers and sailing ves- 
sels proceeding to and from Boston and neighboring ports pas-? in sight 
at a short distance. As an island, it enjoys the benefits of a salubrious 
atmosphere and an equable temperature to an extent which cannot be 
attnined in the most favored situation upon the main land. Picturesque 
in its formation, and marked by striking geological charac^eris'ics, its 
peaks and cliffs, its rocky lodges and pebbly beaches, its verdant surface 
and springs of water combine with its other advantages to make it a 
pecuUarly attractive residence upon the ocean during the summer. All 
that was wanting to insure proper accommodations and facilities of 
access for a lai-ge number of visitors has been supplied by the erection 
of a spacious hotel, and by the employment of a steamboat, which, 
making frequent trips between the island and Phillips Wharf in Salem, 
(3^ miles distant.) connects at the wharf with railroad trains proceeding 
to Lowell^ Lawrerice, Nashua, Manchester and Concord, N. H., and inter- 
mediate and more remote stations. The experience of the first season has I 
proved that there is no other place upon the sea coast to which the railroad i 
travel from the interior can be conducted with so much convenienc and so ' 
little exjiense. The same experience has proved that a large hotel in such i 
a situation, if properly conducted as a temperance hou?e, will be filled 
with respect'ible company, to the exclusion of the disonlerly and vicious. 
It is the determination of the proprietors that the Lowell Island House 
shall maintain the character it has acquired ; and they will adhere to 
such moderate charges that visitors shall not be able to obtain equal 
accommodations elsewhere at less cost. 

The Hotel contains an unusual number of public and private parlors, 
one hundred and fifty well ventilated sleeping-rooms, and a dining-hall 
which will seat more than three hundred persons. It has spacious pas- 
sages and piazzas, is neatly furnished throughout, and is adapted to 
accommodate comfortably gues's of every description, whether individuals 
or families, persons in health or invalids, adults or children. 

As means of usual and healthful recreation, a large number of bowl- 
ing-alleys have been erected, together with Spanish and common swings, 
seats upon the promontories and under awnings, and bathing-houses 
upon the beaches. Boats are always in readiness fir sailing parties, 
and an attendant is specially employed to provide fishing apparatus and 

Clergymen of different denominations are invited to perform religious 
services on the Sabbath. 


Railroad Freight Station, Phillips Wharf, 

Stephen C. Phillips,) o a i cr rv/i i^ii a oo f Daniel R. Boivker, 
Win. P. Goodhue, | S AL t M, M Abb. twillard P. Phillips. 



LUMBER, Eastern, Southern and Country; 

Oils, Paints, Forest River Mills White Lead, 

(In Oil and Dry ;) 

Sheet Lead, Nails, Chain Cables and Anchors ; FISH, Pickled and Dried, 

a complete assortment ; BEEF, PORK, LARD AND HA:MS ; COAL, 

Anthracite and Bituminous, Domestic and Foreign ; NAVAL 

STORES, a full assortment ; and 



All descriptions of Merchandise bought and sold on Commission. 
HEMLOCK BARK for Tanners' use, bought or received on consignment. 
COONTRY PRODUCE received in exchange for Goods. 

Orders for forwarding Goods by railroads or vessels promptly executed. 

The place of business of the firm affords extraordinary facilities for 
landing and shipping goods at the wharf, and for transportation by 
railroad, cars being loaded and unloaded alongside vessels and stores, 
without chargefor wharfage or truckage. All Goods sold are delivered 
alongside vessels, or put on board the cars. 

Goods may be shipped coastwise to any port in the United States, or 
sent to any station on the Northern, Eastern or Western Railroads. 
Rates of Freight generally the same as from Boston. 

The arrangements of the firm are such that they will be able to furnish 
goods at the lowest wholesale prices, and they will aim to transact all 
their business with the utmost regularity and despatch. 





Franklin Bookstore. 91 Central Street. 



The following is a correct statement of the electoral votes given to the 
various candidates for President and Yice President of the United States, 
since the adoption of the Constitution. It should be observed that at the 
first four elections the Colleges of Electors were required to vote for two 
persons, the highest of whom should be President, and the next highest 
Vice President, of the United States. In consequence of the equal vote 
between Jefferson and Burr, in 1800, the Constitution was amended so as 
to require the President and Vice President to be voted for separately, 
as at present. 



George Washington 69 

John Adams 34 

John Jay 9 

Robert Harrison 6 

John Rutledge 

George Clinton 

Samuel Huntingdon 2 

John Milton 1 

James Armstrong 1 

Edward Telfair 1 

John Hancock 4 , Benjamin Lincoln 1 

George "Washington was unanimously elected President. New York, 
Rhode Island and North Carohna not having at the above time ratified 
the Constitution, chose no electors. Two votes of Virginia and two of 
Maryland were not given. 



George Washington 132 1 Thomas Jefferson 4 

John Adams- ^ 77 Aaron Burr 1 

George Clinton 50 | 

George Washington was again unanimously elected President, and 
John Adams, by a plurality of votes, Vice President. Two votes of Mary- 
land and one of South CaroUna were not given. 

1796— THIRD TERM. 


John Adams 71 

Thomas Jefferson 68 

Thomas Pinckney 59 

Aaron Burr 30 

Samuel Adams 15 

Oliver Ellsworth 11 

George Clinton 7 

John Jay 5 

James Iredell 3 

Samuel Johnson 2 

George Washington 2 

J. Henry 2 

Charles C. Pinckney 1 

John Adams was elected President, and Thomas Jefferson Vice Presi- 
dent. During this administration were passed the famous " Alien and 
Sedition Acts." 

1800— FOURTH "TERM. 


Thomas Jefferson • 73 I Charles C. Pinckney 64 

Aaron Burr 73 John Jay • 1 

John Adams 65 


No choice by the people. The House of Representatives, after ballot- 
ing six days, on the thirty-sixth ballot elected Thomas Jefferson Presi- 
dent. Aaron Burr was, of cour.«e, elected Vice President. Maryland 
voted for Burr on the first ballotings, and finally decided the Presidency 
on the thirty-sixth ballot for Mr. Jefferson. 

1804— FIFTH TERM. 


Constitution altered. 
President. Vice President. 

Thomas Jefferson 162 I George Clinton 162 

George Pinckney 14 | Rufus King 14 



James Madison 122 

C. C. Pinckney : 47 

George Clinton 

George Clinton 113 

Rufus King 47 

John Langdon 9 

James Madison 3 

I James Monroe 3 

One of the votes of Kentucky not given, 



Jamps Madison 128 I Eldrldge Gerry 131 

De Witt Clinton 89 j Jared Ingersoll 86 

One of the votes of Ohio not given. 



James Monroe 183 

Rufus King 34 

D. D. Tompkins 183 

John E. Howard 22 

James Ross 5 

John Marshall 4 

Robert G. Harper 3 

Three votes of Maryland and one of the votes of Delaware not given. 
1820— NINTH TERM. 


James Monroe 231 ] D. D. Tompkins 218 

John Q. Adams 1 Richard Stockton 8 

Daniel Rodney 4 

Robert G. Harper 1 

j Richard Rush 1 

1824— TENTH TERM. 


Andrew Jackson 99 John C. Calhoun 183 

John Q. Adams 84 Nathan Sanford 80 

W. H. Crawford 41 Nathaniel Macon 24 

Henry Clay 37 Andrew Jackson 13 

Martui Van Buren 9 

Henry Clay 2 


No choice by the people for President. The House of Representatives 
elected John Quincy Adams. One of the votes of Rhode Island for Tice 
President blank. 



Andrew Jackson, 178 I John C. Calhoun, 171 

John Q. Adams, 83 Richard Rush, 83 

I William Smith, 7 



Andrew Jackson, 219 l Martin Tan Buren, 189 

Henry Clay, 49 John Sergeant, 49 

John Floyd, 11 WiUiam Wilkins, 30 

William Wirt, 7 Henry Lee, 11 

Amos Ellmaker, 7 

Two of the votes of Maryland were not given ; vacancies. 


Martin Tan Buren, 170 

W^ H. Harrison, 73 

Hugh L.White, 26 

Willie P. Mangum, 11 

Daniel Webster, 14 

R. M. Johnson being tied, the election went to the Senate, where he 
received 33 votes ; Granger 16 — 3 absent. 

R. M. Johnson, "• • • • 147 

Francis Granger, 87 

John Tyler, 47 

William Smith, 23 



W. H. Harrison, 2S4 

Martin Tan Buren, • • • • 60 

John Tyler, 234 

R.M.Johnson, 48 

L.W.Tazewell, 11 

James K. Polk, 1 

Gen. Harrison died in office, and was succeeded by John Tyler, April 4, 



James K. Polk, 170 | George M. Dallas, 170 

Theo. Frehnghuysen, 105 

L. W. Tazewell, 11 

J.Polk, 1 



Zachary Taylor, 163 I Millard Fillmore, 163 

Lewis Cass, 127 | William 0. Butler, 127 

General Taylor died in office, and was succeeded by Millard Fillmore, 
July, 1850. 

Henry Clay, 105 






Franklin Pierce, Democrat. 
AVinfidd Scott, Whig. 
Daniel Webster, Union. 
John P. Hale, Free Soil. 
Geo. M. Troop. Southern Rights. 
William Goodell, Abolition. 

William R. King. 
William A. GrahAm. 
Charles .T. Jenkins. 
George W. Julian. 
J. A. Quitman. 
S. M Gates. 
S. R. Piper. 

Electors, in favor of Gen. Franklin Pierce, of New Ilampshire, for 
Pre.-ident, and William R. King, of Alabama for AHce President, have 
been chosen in all the States, except Vermont, Massachusetts, Kentucky, 
and Tennessee, -which States hdve chosen Electors in favor of Gen. Win- 
field Scott, of New Jersey, for President, and William A. Graham, of 
North Carolina, for Vice President. 

The Electors met in their several States on 1st Wednesday in Decem- 
ber, and voted for President and Vice President of the United States, 
for a term of four years, commencing March At/i, 1853. The votes are, 
conveyed to Washington by a messenger from each State, and are to be' 
opened and counted in Congress, on the second AV'ednesday in February. 



Presi'hnt, MILLARD FILLMORE, of New York. 

Vice President, {vacant,) 

Secretary of State, Edward Everett, Massachusetts, 

Secretary of the Treasury, Thomas Corwin, Ohio, 

Secretary of TVar, Charles M. Conrad, Louisiana. 

Secretary of the Navy, John P. Kennedy, Maryland, 

Secretary of the Interior, A. H. H. Stuart, Virginia, 

Postmaster- General^ Samuel D. Hubbard, Connecticut, 

Attorney- General, J. J. Crittenden, Kentucky, 






6,000 i 

Vice Pres., 

FRANKLIN PIERCE, of New Hampshire, 
WILLIAM R. KING, of Alabama, 






1 1-130 
g )pq I b 


o s 




22i23 24 

61 7 
27 28 29 




25 26 27 28 



2 3 



22 23 

29 30 

5 6 





M 19 20 21 22 23,24 
^ 126^27^28 29 301;::: 

4 5 
25 26 27 28 2930' 

1 6 7 
20 21 


9'-H w 


3 4 

4 5 6 

18 19 20 
25 26 27 



1 2 

8 9 
15 16 

28 29 30 

3 4 

23 24 25 

30 31 

6 7 


26 27.28 


24 i !^< 




2 31 4 



5 6 




12, § 
191 § 
26 ' 

29130 31 1 


17 g 

24 ■ 









JANUARY, 1853. 

3 = 

00 1-1 

! S^ 

CO a 

.s ^ 

Lnst Quarter, 1st day, 5h. 10m. evening. 
New Moon, 10th day, 4h. 28m. evening. 
First Quarter, 17th day. Oh. 45m. morning. 
Full Moon, 25th day, Oh. 59ni morning. 

Cajs of 


















18 i Tuesday 

19 \ Wednesday 

20 ! Thursday 

21 Friday 

22 ! Saturday 

23 i SUNDAY 

24 I Monday 

25 Tuesday 

26 I Wednesday 

27 I Thursday 

28 i Friday 

29 1 Saturday 

30 i SUNDAY 

31 I Monday 


ECLIPSES, 1853. 

There -ivill be three 
eclipses this year, 
two of the Sun, and 
one of the Moon. 

An anuvilar eclip?e 
of the Sun, June 
G, invisible in the 
Northern States,but 
may be seen in some 
of the Southern and 
Vv ester n States. It 
will be ceuti-al in 
the South Pacific 
and South America. 
Beginning 6th day. 
h. 23 m. K. and 
ending 6 h. 2 m. a. 


A partial eclipse 
of the Moon June 
2Jth and 21st. 

ll> III* il.| II. ui- 

(" 23 5! 11 5 
(' 23 5 morn 
r 23 5' 25i 
7 22 5 1 211 
7 22 5 2 20| 
7 21 51 3 19 
7 21 51 4 181 
7 20 5 5 17110 40 
7 20 5i sets 111 36 
7 19 0| 6 47:morn 
7 18 5| 6 49! 18 
7 18 5| 7 501 ■ " 
7 17 5 8 53i 
7 16 5 9 661 
7 16 sjll 
7 15 5 morn 
7 14 5! lOl 
7 13 5| 1 7' 
7 12 5! 2 8'! 
7 12 5! 3 13; 
7 11 5 4 12' 8 30 
10 5 5 lOj 9 27 
5i 6 6 10 14 
7 4110 58 
rises 11 39 

7 16 A 16 

8 19; 54 

9 21 1 41 
10 22! 2 10 

2 5 11 25; 2 51 
1 5 1 morn' 3 39 

7 48 
9 59 


1 38 

2 14 

2 51 

3 31 

4 16 

5 12 

6 11 

8 5; 
7 51 
6 5' 

6 5; 
4 5i 
3 5 


No. 91 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 

GEORaE Adams, Froprutor and Publisher of the following 
works: Boston Directory, issued annually, July 1, and 
Directories for the cities of Oharlestown, Pioxbury, Salem, 
Lowell, and Newbury port, and the town of Chelsea. 

Massachusetts Register ajjd Bcsxness Directory, i.'sued 
in January, annually. This work contains a valuable col- 
lection of interesting statistics, designed for the business 
man, not only in Massachusetts, but the whole Union. 

Statistics and Information promptly collected. 

--''■--' ^ ■ - ' ■ ■ ' ■ — 


































FEBRUAr.Y, 1853. 




Last Quarter, 10th day, 2h. 20m. morning. 



New Moon, 8tb day, Oh. 4'Jni. morning. 



First Quarter, IGth day, lOh. 27m. evening. 


Full Moon, 23d day, 2h. 40m. cTening. 



Days of 


R. &S. 

Moon 1 HiRh 
rises. 1 Water. 


h. m. h. 

h. m.; h. m. 




ECLIPSES, 1853. 

7 5 

1 0| 4 38 




First contact with-) 
the Penumbra. 

6 59 6 

2 2! 5 55 



6 58 6 

3 7 26 



June -Ji/th, 11 
First contact with 

6 57 6 

3 58! 8 46 



6 55 6 

4 56' 9 48 




the Sliadow, 

6 54 6 

5 56; 10 46 


1 Lt F- 



June '.Ist, U h. Mean 
■J'J m. M. 

6 53 6 

sets 111 42 





Middle of eclipse Time 

6 52 6 

6 29 morn 





aUt, Ih.Nm. y 
M. 1 at 
Last contact with 1 

6 51 6 

7 28; 2 



6 50 6 

8 27i 36 




the Shadow, | Loston. 

6 48 6 

9 261 1 9 

, , 



June 2l3t, 2h. 1 
5m. M. 1 

6 47 6 

10 26 1 42 

i 5S 



Last contact with 

6 46 6 

11 3ll 2 15 





the Penumbra 
June ilst, 3 h. 

6 45 6 

morn 2 50 


E s 



2Gm.M. J 

6 44 6 

25 3 29 





6 43 6 

1 171 4 16 




6 41 6 

2 9' 5 15 



A total eclipse of 

6 40 6 

3 li 6 33 




the Sun, November 

6 39 6 

3 53| 7 59 





30th, invisible in the 

6 37 6 

4 45! 8 59 





United States, ex- 

6 36 6 

5 37 9 53 

fo J. 




cept in the southern 

6 35 6 

rises 10 39 




part of California. 

6 34 6 

1 6 58 11 20 




This Eclipse will be 

6 32 6 

7 37 11 58 


o" , 



central iu the North 

6 31 G 

8 10 A 36 




and South Pacific 

6 30 6 

8 59i 1 12 





Oceans ; also in the 

6 28 6 

10 20| 1 50 



•- = 



centre of South 

,6 27 6 

111 50 2 30 

00 '- 



America. ' ' ' 

•~ -o .- ^ ri -M •-: = r: C-. rM Tt< rf-cccocro 

■" o 


O o 

W S ^^S^j:?g§i^^JSS5 s ^SSSSS 

2 2 

^ ^-1 p ^ o c ■.•.:::::::: j;;3 :::: : 

2 r^ =^ 02 S . * Tj^t-'rJdTj^TjJr^cd 'oj ^ t-' otic' -It-.' 





Cu V. 

X ^ 

«ij g j_q ?^ o >5 ;^, >.-:ccoTr<M?<^o ,^ g Tro«?3t- 

C C 


1 o o 

Ph 1:1:1 J h3 S r^ • ,:::-= :::: --T : ^ - :^ • - 






























s s 

MARCH, 1853. 




Last Quarter. 2d day, 8h. .Oum. morning. 

B 5 


New .Moon, 9tii day, 3h 34ui. evening. 


— H, 

First Quarter. ITMi day. 6h. 50ui. evening. 

rt rS 


Full Moon, 25th day, Ih. 36m. morning. 


Last Quarter, 3!st day. 41i. 58u). evening. 




navs of 


R. &8. 

h. in 

h. m. 

« rt 



Tenus will be the 

6 2^6 6 


3 20 





Morning Star until 

6 24 6 

1 16 

4 18 

f 5J 




.May 16th ; after 

6 23 6 

2 12 

5 33 




which it will be the 

6 22 6 

3 8 

7 11 



Evening Star until 

6 21 G 

4 4 

8 33 



the close of the year. 

6 19 6 


9 35 



G 18 6 

5 56 

10 21 




Mars will be the 

6 17 6 

6 53 

11 3 


i ^2 



Morning Star until 

6 15 6 
6 14 6 


11 39 


i ^.^ 



Kebru'ry 1.3th ; after 

6 56 






which it will be the 

6 13 6 

7 55 





Evening Star until 

6 11 6 

8 55 




the end of the year. 

6 10 6 

9 54 

1 10 




6 9 6 

10 54 

1 42 




Jupiter will be the 

6 7 6 

11 54 

2 16 

ocoo j 



Morning Star until 

6 6 6 


2 53 

— — i 

1 ■"•'" 



June 10th ; after 6 5 6 


3 37 





which it will be the 

6 4 6 


4 32 




Evening Stur until 

6 3 6 

2 y 

5 47 

-' O 



December 27, then 

6 2 6 

2 44 

7 8 





the Morning Star. 

6 1 6 

3 29 

8 27 

i'^ ' 




5 59 7 

4 4 

9 27 

c'r^ i 

! f-:^ 



Saturn will be the 

5 58 7 

4 30 

10 16 




Evening Star until 

5 57 7 

5 2 

10 58 

^ i 



May 11, after which 5 55 7 


11 37 





it will be the Morn- 

5 54 7 

8 18 

A 14 

1 5 



ing Star until No- 

5 53 7 

9 14 


i 2 - 



vember 17, thence 

5 51 7 

10 11 

1 30 




iivening Star to the 

5 50 7 

11 7 

2 15 

i .5'^ 



close of the year. 

5 49 7 


3 5 

1 ">. ^ 



15 48 7 1 2 

4 8 

•^"s 1 

c:' >-'» c:; -,'..- -^-^ — -M c ■-- or-r--M—o X -nT OTt v:.-iC5 

o c:-^ t- /-. OCiTi^i = :/: X'T - '- ;^ -i-i- Ti- -^-o-c.o 

! i ^ 

o: .7— . -71^-:. -a-ri 'T — -._ -■ ■'> r ^ xn x - c M t- i- C: 

" I- ^ QD "-T X • ■ I- _ X — -T (- Xv TT' — u c/: :c -ri .- ..-. w . t C — C t- 

! ^"^ 

: ; ^ ■.'■^"r-. ; ii : : ;'!" ; ni ; ; i^^i'^^l 


■ ^"^ 

r-^ _• ^>-i S CC-?Sl'M'rM' 'd-+^' "cCt-'ctrJt-'N'NC.-'CC'o'o'l-.; 

1 ''^''^ 

^%\^?i ?^g=§|52 iSs S-..^:;^=^5?,:?§'^,^- 

1 G O 

' 5 5 

p : ; H :=^ :-: : : :': : •'^. : : :^. := : : :-.". : : 


; e s 


rt rt 


1 5"© 
1 P^Pi 



K^. {1,^0000^.^^^ ^J^^^^/,^t.?:r.M:-?= 




1 R 


1 5 i 




1 ^ 

10 ! 

1'' ' 


; i.q 

■ 14 

15 i 

1(> j 

IT ! 

• 18 ! 

' 10 i 


1 21 ; 

! 0-1 \ 

i "^^ \ 


i 95 

i 9fi 

! 97 

1 9ft 

1 -'^ 



APRIL, 1853. 



Now ]\roon, 8th day, 7h. loin, morning. 
Tirst (i\iiirter. IGtli day, Oh. Im. evening. 
Full Moon, 23d day, lOh. 27m. morning. 
Last Quarter, 30th day, 2h. 6m. morning. 



Days of 






of Massachusetts. 









1701 . • 












1763 . . 






1765 . . 






1776 . . 

. . 348,004 





1784 . . 

. . 357,510 





1790 • . 

• . 378,787 





1800 . . 






1810 • . 






1820 . . 






1830 • • 

. . 610,408 





1840 ' • 

.. 737,700 





1850 • 

. . 994,751 



U.& S. 


h. m. li. 

I), m. 

5 45 7 

2 18 

5 44 7 

3 2 

5 42 7 

8 46 

5 41 7 

4 30 

5 40 7 

5 14 

5 39 7 

5 58 

5 37 7 


5 36 7 

6 36 

5 35 7 

7 37 

5 33 7 

8 40 

5 32 7 

9 43 

5 31 7 

10 46 

5 30 7 

11 49 

5 28 7 


5 27 7 


5 26 7 

1 30 

5 25 7 

2 20 

5 23 7 

3 10 

5 22 7 

3 39 

5 21 7 

4 8 

5 20 7 

4 37 

5 18 7 

5 6 

5 17 7 


5 16 7 

8 87 

5 15 7 

9 39 

5 14 7 

10 44 

5 13 7 

11 57 

5 11 7 


5 10 7 

1 28 

5 9 7 

2 13 

5 27 

6 53 

8 14 

9 16 

10 39 

11 12 
11 42 



1 15 

1 48 

2 25 

3 9 

4 3 

5 11 

6 39 

7 49 

8 57 

9 49 

10 33 

11 14 
11 53 
A 34 

1 17 

2 5 

2 57 

3 56 

4 59 



< o 
o " 


• , -J • := 

t^ rf O CS O rH C^ Ci Cl C^ 00 » S^l 
LI O 35 'ft O t— lO CO i>) I") 'O CO CO ^ >C O '•■^ CI 

t>u:5l>.!MC5 OCi«005S'7^t-'-';;C>1'Ci— 1^00 

,-lC^ • O •Ci'4< -l-l -rHrH TICO • 


M -.-... 

t3 rH507305(NiOO(M'««0^'--* 

.^ - rr«i(-M;^rOiOC5*^C<l*OTt'000 

'c^^'ft r, 

: O OJ -ft i= o O o 




MAY, 1853. 

= s 

us ei 
3 = 


O c 

Now Moon, 7th day, llh. 22m evening. 
First Quarter, 10th day, Ih. r2in. morning. 
Full Moon, 22d day, 6h. 8m. evening. 
Last Quarter, 29th day, Oh. 54m. evening. 




































































Salaries of Gover- 

Maine, $1500 

N.IIamp., •••1000 

Vermont, 750 

Massachus'ts, 2500 
Rhode Island, -400 
Connecticut, •llOO 
New York, •••4000 
New Jersey, • • 1600 
Pennsylvania, 3000 
Dela ware, ••.. 1333] 
Maryland, •■•3600 

Virginia, 3333 i 

N. Carolina,- • 2000 
S. Carolina, ••3500 

Georgia, 3000 

Florida, 1500 

Alabama, .•••2500 

4 54 
4 53 S 
4 52 

4 51 8 _ _., 
lO 8^ 2 5l! 
4 49 8 3 19; 
4 48 81 3 49 10 6 
4 48 8 rises ,10 51 
4 47 8 8 56 11 36 

'4 46 8 10 31 
4 45 8 11 61 
4 45 8 morn; 
4 44 8 19 
4 43 8 58i 
4 43 8 1 38' 
4 42 S; 1 57, 
i4 41 8 2 16 

A 21 
1 7 

1 54 

2 44 

3 38 

4 35 

5 41 

6 28 

cic^ o o r-r -M ^1 r; --C -< r- 

52 Tt 

rWd w ^•_;,^-^-- 

t-. c7; — a ■# » d?J 3D "t o >■ "o e-» I-- rfi c: - 

' . . a • • -oi _ • • H ...... 

.1— C<l 

i ■o:'3 

5 ■MOD 

^« : •^^yfci = ^.^ = r='5 c^i^ •.S'5^^'^--^ 


•*t- I 




























JUNE, 1853. 


New Moon, Gth day, 31i. 18m. evening. 
First Quarter, 14tli day, lOh. 42m. morning. 
Full Moon, 21st day, Ih. 2Gm. morning. 
Last Quarter, 28th day, Ih. o2m. morning. 

1 Wednesday 

2 I Tliursday 

3 i Friday 

4 I Saturday 

5 ; .SUNDAY 

6 Monday 

7 I Tuesday 

8 Wednesday 

9 Thursday 

10 Friday 

11 Saturday 


13 I Monday 

14 I Tuesday 

15 I Wednesday 

16 1 Thursday 

17 Friday 

18 I Saturday 


20 I Monday 

21 Tuesday 

22 : Wednesday 

23 \ Thursday 

24 j Friday 

25 Saturday 

27 Monday 

28 Tuesday 

29 A^ednesday 

30 Thursday 


Salaries of G-over- 

Mississippi, ••3000 
Louisiana, • • • 6000 

Texas, 2000 

Tennessee, •••2000 
Kentucky, •••2500 

Oliio, 1200 

Michigan, •••1500 

Indiana, 1300 

Illinois, 1500 

Missouri, •••■2000* 

Iowa, 1000 

Wisconsin,- • ^1250 
California, •• 10000 

• With use of a fur- 
nished house. 

Sun sioon High 
R. & S. I ri^cs. I Water. 

(i. m. 

4 41 
4 40 
4 40 
4 39 
4 39 

38 8 


!4 36 
'4 36 
A 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 a5 
;4 35 

4 a3 

'4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
14 35 
14 35 
4 36 
Is 38 

h. m.; h. m. 

i 1 38i 7 54 
I 2 lO; 8 51 
! 2 42! 9 33 
; 3 1410 12 
3 40; 10 47 
sets j 11 12 

- 8 29 11 57 

8 9 13 morn 

8: 9 57i 35 

810 41, 

8 ill 25 

8 morn 

8| 81 

8 34 

8| 1 1 

8' 1 27 

8: 1 53 

8' 2 20 

8 2 46 

1 11 

1 58 

2 29 

3 14 

4 5 

5 7 

6 36 

7 37 

8 47 

9 45 

8 3 12 10 37 
8 rises 11 25 
8 10 A 6 
810 35 57 

811 10 

811 45 
8 morn 
8j 21 
8' 41 

8: 1 11 

8 12 2' 

1 41 

2 24 

3 10 

3 55 

4 50 

5 50 

6 52 













JULY, 1853. 


c 5 



Ni'w Moon. GMi day, Ch. 9m. morning. 


2 2 

Fir.'Jt Quarter, 13th day, Gh. 31m. afternoon. 


Full Mood, 20th day, Oh. lOni. morning. 


Last Quarter, 27th day. Oh. 16m. afternoon. 




D. 1 

Days of 






b. m. 

h. m. 



4 b6 8 

1 o(i 

7 58 

cf «* 



4 36 8 

2 ^ 

8 45 




4 37 8 

2 31 

9 42 




4 37 8 

3 4 

10 23 



4 37 8 


11 1 



Population of the 

4 38 8 

7 47 

11 41 




4 38 8 

8 23 





4 39 8 

8 59 





Africa,.. 101 ,600,000 

4 40 8 

9 35 






4 40 8 

10 11 

1 31 




America, 57,300,731 

4 40 8 

10 47 

2 11 



4 41 8 
4 41 8 

11 23 

2 60 




( 429,600,000 

11 59 

3 33 

- - 



4 42 8 


4 26 

, - 




4 43 8 


5 40 




4 43 8 


6 58 

cc ^ 

.5 ^ 



Austra- 1 

4 44 8 

1 14 

8 19 




4 45 8 

1 57 

9 29 




lia & y 1,368,000 

4 45 8 

2 46 

10 26 




Isls., . 

4 46 8 


11 21 





4 47 8 

9 14 

A 1 


I <><S 



4 48 8 

9 40 


cc t^ 




Europe, 252,589,972 

4 48 8 

10 6 

1 22 


; <M^ 



4 49 8 

10 42 

1 58 





Polyne.'ia, 1,500,000 

4 50 8 


2 34 



4 51 S 

11 20 

3 13 



Total, • • 843,358,703 

4 52 8 

11 41 

3 08 




4 £3 8 

11 59 

4 49 




I'M day 

4 54 8 


5 53 




4 55 8 


7 4 




4 56 8 


8 12 

c* rs (MO-^ :\ r-'Mt-.-o cct--f«a> oo t~=:=;>--! 


^^ ri-^-H o (Tit^ — on c;rr^'--Mcoc-r — o 

00 o MS-lC^ O Ofr!M!MO r- "I O C-> C^ O — — 00 'r 



"o O'.-il" t- ci'^'-r^o «r-t-L.tTt< o i.-jc^.io 

c jg 


«1 . : : : . ""I : :^. : : ^I^."^ : : : :::■": 



^ . ■ri r c'ci-^ a '=^ C> «^'t-'— '-'^^^ ^K — 't'© d c>i~r^-o 

^ op; i, ooo t7 <^' » ~ — — .-r-H .cc-fh-r^o o ccct-i=> 

1 c o 

^s;oi-cc;cc— 1 '^C5 r)0=iiMt^o q'^oooo--? o w(msi- 

a ^-i ■■■■■■» i g : :»! I IS'. : : ;> : :=r; ; 



.2 — 

"3 3 


o 5* 

1= £-5 .S -F^-^-? Z = >-r^^i-E^Z^ 



h» -isS .^ c2 5«5 .= 3i:i3c5-£« = g 

S C5?;> ^ Ui<^<=;/5 ■;jw-;,,^-a: KCCr-N 


































AUGUST, 1853. 



New Moon, 4iii <)ay, 7ii. 21ni. afternoon. 


2 2 

First Quarter. 11th day, lOh.tSm. afternoon. 


^ J* 

Full Mron, 18th day, 6h. 11m. afternoon. 



La<t Quarter, 26th day. lOh. 5m. uioruing. 







Days of 


Sun 1 Moon 
R. & 3. i 8et3. 



h. m. h. h. m. 

h. m. 



4 57 8 

1 32 

9 12 




4 59 8 

2 24 

10 2 






Total No. miles of 

4 59 8 

5 7 

3 16 


10 46 

11 26 



Railroad in N. E. 

5 1 7 

7 55 




States, 102,549 

5 2 7 
5 8 7 

8 17 

8 30 





5 4 7 

9 1 

1 13 





Do. in New York 

5 57 

9 23 

1 48 





State, 189,283 

5 6 7 

5 77 

9 45 
10 38 

2 25 

3 7 




5 8 7 

11 28 




Do. in U.S., 971,403 

5 9 7 


5 9 




5 10 7 


6 39 

- ^ 




Total amount Bank- 

5 11 7 

1 1 

8 06 

o o 



ing capital in the 

5 12 7 

1 40 

9 20 




5 14 7 

2 50 

10 17 

c s 




5 15 7 


11 5 



5 16 7 

8 20 

11 45 




5 17 7 

8 40 

A 22 




Coinage of the Mint 
ofU. S. from 1792 

5 18 7 






MOD day 

5 20 7 
5 21 7 

9 20 
9 40 

1 28 

2 1 




to 1849, No. of 

5 22 7 


2 ZQ 





5 23 7 

5 24 7 

10 30 

11 3 

3 13 

4 1 




valued at $162,- 

5 26 7 

11 39 







5 27 7 


6 12 





5 28 7 


7 33 



.— -r 



5 29 7 

1 11 

8 45 



We nesday 

5 30 7 

1 48 

9 41 


cj Tf t^ 1.-^ rH t^ o — c^ f-H o 1- o oiaca .-i ■* 

lo "■^•:■^co'--s lo co i^c-ii— i otr::) c— o c^ -f 

OOOCt-O O (M CCO-H l~rtO rHr-?0 t^t- 



o ?! 

r-l CC CC 05 •*! f-H CO r-i O u-5 i— i L- 1^ (rj CO C-1 


.... c^ (N -ss . ... ... -co 



: : : '. ^^ : :i5:::<i::: :::. :: 

tilts 1 g 1^1 <^5 -ii^ e.^3 

trS;^;^ O o • |33m ccc/,c» «;:;.2 ^ ^ 

c o 

o o 

o o 

o o 




























New AToon, .3il day, Gh.STrn. morninjr. 

"^tZ ' 

First Qujirtor. lOtli day. 41i. l-"3ni. moining. 



Full Moon, 17th <Jay, Oh 2Tni. uiornii;g. 

* ' 1 

Last Quarter, 25t.h day, 5h. 48ui. uioruing. 

Days of 


R. 4 S 

Moon Higli 
rises. \^atir. 

h. m. b. 

li. m. h. m. 



1 Time of holding 

5 32 7 

2 18 10 24 



States. 1 iUectioDg. 

5 33 7 

3 25 11 5 



Me., 2d Mod. Sept. 

5 34 7 
5 36 7 

sets_lll 42 
7 17 morn 

. . 1 



N. II., 2d Tu March. 

5 37 7 

7 40| 17 



Vt., 1st Tues. Sept. 

5 38 7 

8 loi 51 

• * 



Mass., 2d Men. No.-. 

5 39 7 
5 41 7 

8 43 1 26 

9 14 2 6 

. . 



R. I., 1st Wed. Apr. 

5 42 7 

9 s8 2 50 

5 • 



Ct., 1st Mod. April. 

5 43 7 10 38 3 53 

• • 

lis • 




N. Y., Tu. after 1st 

5 44 7 11 27 4 55 
5 46 7 morn 6 25 





Men. iu Nov. 

5 47 7 

35 7 54 


06 • 



N. J., Tu. after Ibt 

5 48 7 

1 LO^ 9 11 

• ■ ! 



Mon. in Nov. 

5 50 7 

2 44 10 4 

.s , 



5 51 7 

4 20 10 47 



Ta., 2d Tues. Oct. 

5 52 7 

ri.-es 11 22 

© 1 



Dela., 2d Tues. Not. 

5 54 7 

7 31 11 58 


CO , 




Md., 1st Wed. Nov. 

5 55 7 
5 56 7 

7 55 A 28 

8 19; 42 





ya.,4th Thur. Apr. 

5 57 7 

8 43 1 30 

■y = 



N C, 1st Thu. Aug. 

5 59 7 

6 6 

9 7l 2 4 
9 33 2 42 



S. C, 2d Mon. Oct. 

6 1 6 

10 '^3 3 14 



Ga., 1st Mon Oct. 

6 3 6 11 13 4 18 

a 1 




FIa.,lstMon. Oct. 

6 4 611 49 5 31 

'." • 



' „ , (5 5 6 morn (j 41) 

C 1 




Ala., 1st Mon. Aug. 6 7 6 12 8 6 


S = 



6 8 6 1 33 9 9 

at! i 



Friday ' 6 9 6 2 14 9 59 


c"CO C■-^ CO •rO C-lOO ^ICCCiVD 

J5^ c-o CO —1 c- = o 00 '.-ro 

5 = 

k -4 CI -1 CO 1- c coo ^. c'S 03 ri 

r- ^ ^rs rr— t- CI 1-1.70 

~ « 

.— .... ^ . .„.M . . 


: . :-i : : : : ^ : -. : : : : : 



iiiNis-T. T'-g- • ■■ 

C O 


^"■■i^2>j ; :^ ;d-^-:^£ ; ^>5^ • ; ; 

^ -.L 

*J !- 

s'Ji . 


"li^ii iPi ii^""! J ii^m 


., '.^ — Eif — ^^^ — ^ — "^-^ — ^xx c^ — ^< 























OCTOBER, 1853. 

New Moon, 2J day, 5h. 33m. nfternoon. 
First Quarter, 9tli day, lOh. 41ni. morning. 
Full Mooo, IGth day, 7h. 47m. afternoon. 
Last Quarter, 25th day, Oil. 85m. morning. 



Days of 





h. m. li. 

h. m. 

h. m. 



1 Time of holding 

fi n e; 


10 42 



6 12_6 


11 24 



G 13>; 6 9 

11 54 



6 14 6j 6 44 




Tu. Nov. 

6 15 6, 7 19 




La., 1st Mon. Nov. 

6 17 6! 7 54 

1 8 



Texas 1st Mon Au 

6 18 6: 8 29 

1 51 



6 20 6' 9 24 

2 37 



Ark., 1st Mon. Aug. 

6 21 6 10 14 

3 36 



Tenn.,lst Thu. Au. 

G 22 6 11 15 

4 48 



Ky , 1st Mon, Aug. 

6 23 6 morn 

G Li 


\\ ednesday 

6 25 61 30 

7 43 



Ohio, 2d Mon Oct 

6 -^G 61 1 40 

8 53 



Ind., 1st Mon. Aug. 

6 27 6) 2 55 

9 41 



IIL, Tues. after 1st 

6 29 6 4 10 

10 21 



6 30 6i rises 

10 55 



Mon. in Nov. 

6 31 6 

6 9 

11 29 



Mo., 1st Mon. Aug. 

6 82 6 

6 42 

11 58 


A\ ednesday 

Mich., 1st Thu. Nov. 

G 34 6 
6 35 6 

V 16 

7 48 

A 31 

1 3 



Iowa,lst.Mon. Aug. 

G 36 6| 8 21 

1 3S 



Wis., Tu. after 1st 

6 38 6' 8 53 

2 16 



Mon. in Nov. 

6 39 6 9 46 

2 59 



6 40 6 10 37 

3 49 



Cal., Tu. after 1st 

6 41 6 11 kS 

4 50 



6 42 6 morn 

G 5 



6 44 6' 42 

7 24 



6 45 6, 1 48 

8 30 



6 46 6! 2 54 

9 25 



6 47 6 4 

10 11 



6 49 6 

5 S 

11 2 


[The Longitudes arc reckoned from Greenwich.] 
„, Latitude, :Londtude, Dist. fr. 

^'='<=^- Xorth. ^ ' West. ^^ AVash. 

••42 39 3 73 44 49 876 

••3S 58 50.1 76 29 26 37 

Aleant, N. Y. • • • 
Annapolis, Md.- 
Augusta, Me. • • • 
Boston, Mass.^ • ■ 
Columbia, S. C.^^ 
Columbus, Ohio. • 
Concord, X. H. • 

44 18 43 69 50 

42 21 22.7 71 4 

3-3 57 SI 7 

39 .57 83 3 

43 12 29 71 29 




25 _ 

NOVEMBER, 1853. 



^, ri 

Nhw Moon. l<t av.8!i 51 >, morn in;:;. T 

• Z 


First Qiiirtcr, T'li il.i\ . 7h. 2Tm. ;il"t<riioon. « 

:^ 1 


l-'ull Moon. Ijth 'l;iv, l:i. 10 li !if «'inm)n. 

'X ! 


Iia-<r (iiMi-tiM-. 231 liiy, oh Im. Jit'UTiioiin. 
New Moon, ojth day 2h. 29m. iiftirnoon. 




Dius of 


R. & S. 



h. m. h 

h. in. 

h. m 

* ' 



6 50 6 sets 

11 33 




6 51 6 5 44 morn 

• I 



Seats of Govern- 

6 52 6 6 43 13 




6 53 6 7 42; 56 

1 1 



6 54 6 8 42 1 42 




Me., Augusta. 

6 55 6 9 41 2 32 

■ 1 



N. II., Concord. 

6 57 610 41 3 28 



Vt., Montpelier. 

6 58 6 11 41 4 33 

, , 



6 59 6 morn' 5 51 



Mass., Boston. 

7 51 46' 7 7 

, , 



II. I., Providence & 

7 1 5: 1 61 8 13 



7 2 5 2 56 9 8 



Newp rt. 

7 3 5 4 1 9 51 



Ct, Hartford and N. 

7 4 5 5 6 10 2 . 




7 5 5 rises 11 1 

' ' 



7 6 5 5 27 11 36 



N Y., Albany. 

7 7 5 17 

A 7 




N. .1 , Trenton. 

7 8 5| 7 7 

41 c 





Pa., Ilanisburg. 

7 9 5 7 57 

117 § 





7 10 5 8 47 

1 56 ' 

T. ~' 



Del., Dover. 

7 11 5 9 37 

2 36 • 

= ,= 

•^ ti 



.Md., Annapolis. 

7 11 5 10 25 

3 10 * 

= = 




Ya.. Richmond. 

7 12 5 11 15 
7 13 5 morn 

4 13 ^ 

5 16 





N. C, Raleigh. 

7 14 5 ,0 20 

«i 27 ' 





S. C, Columbia. 

7 15 5! 1 35 

7 40 - 

"^ ri 





Ga., MilledgeviUe. 

7 15 5 2 50 

7 16 5[ 4 5 

8 47 - 

9 40 . 

'- 'A 



7 17 5 5 22 

10 26 " 

= 'r 





'7 IS 5 sets 11 14 1 - 



.E ■— 

_, Latitude, Loncitude, Dist. fr. 


•' i 

= 1 

Detroit. :Mich. 42 24 

82 58 526 . 

- = 

\\r\v -1' ni^i . . . :-Q M) 

75 .30 11 1 


I^ y 

IfKJ* i-lt, Ulil •«-' *'-' 

FaANKFORP, Kv 3S 14 

■ • • • 84 40 551 •- 

'S 3 

IlARnisnUrtc;. Pa. 40 16 

• •■76 50 no 

' ^ 

C C> 

[lARTFORI-, CoTin. 41 4) 59 

• ••72 40 45 33.5 . 



I.\n lud. • • • 39 55 

■86 5 




Jacksox, Mi-s. 31 23 

•".'•• 9) S 1 35 i ' 


Jefferson. Mo 3S S'i 

■9i 8 i*8() 

Little Rock, Ark. 34 40 92 12 106S | 



















DECEMBER, 1853. 

First Quarter, 7tli day, 7h. 26ni. morning, 
Full Moon, 15th day, 8li. 49nn. morning. 
Liist Quarter, 23d day, 8h 38m. morning. 
New Moon, 30th day, Ih 21m. morning. 

1 Thursday 

2 Friday 

3 Saturday 


5 ! Monday 

7 Wednesday 

8 Thursday 

9 Friday 

10 Saturday 


12 Monday 

13 Tuesday 

14 ^ \\'ednHsday 

15 Thursday 

16 Friday 

17 Saturday 


19 I Monday 

20 I Tuesday 

21 i Wednesday 

22 I Thursday 

23 ; Friday 

24 i Saturday 

25 ; SUNDAY 

26 ' Monday 

27 I Tuesday 

28 Wednesday 

29 Thursday 
30! Frilav 

31 ! Saturday 


Seats of Govern- 

Fla., Tallahassee. 
Ala., Montgomery. 
Miss., Jackson. 
La., Baton Houge. 
Texas, Austin. 
Ark., Little Rock. 
Tenn., Nashville. 
Ivy., Frankfort. 
Ohio. Columbus. 
Ind., Indianapolis. 
111., Springfield. 
Mo., Jefferson City. 
Mich., Lansing. 
Iowa, Iowa City. 
Wis , Madison. 
Cala., San Jose. 







li. m. li. 

h. m. 

h. ID. 

7 18 5 

4 5»; 


7 19 5 

6 4 


7 20 5 

7 13 


7 20 5 

8 23 

1 35 

7 21 5 

9 30 

2 23 

7 21 5 

10 40 

3 13 

7 22 5 

11 50 

4 8 

7 22 5 


5 11 

7 23 5 


6 18 

7 23 5 

1 56 

7 24 

7 23 5 

2 36 

8 25 

7 24 5 

3 16 

9 13 

7 24 5 


9 5d 

7 24 5 

4 40 

10 34 

7 25 5 


11 12 

7 25 5 

5 27 

11 38 

7 25 5 

6 25 

A 24 

7 25 5 

7 23 

1 1 

7 25 5 

8 21 

1 37 

7 25 5 

9 19 

2 15 

7 25 5 

10 18 

2 55 

7 25 5 

11 16 

3 38 

7 25 5 


4 28 

7 25 5 


5 34 

7 25 5 

1 44 

6 49 

7 25 5 

3 3 

8 7 

7 25 5 

4 22 

9 11 

7 24 5 

5 41 

10 9 

7 24 5 

7 2 

11 2 

7 24 5 


11 51 

7 24 5 

4 57 



Nashville, Tenn. 36 9 33 86 49 3- 

New RLEANS. La. • • • • 29 57 30 90 

Pr.ovmENCE, K. L 4149 22 7124 48- 

I'vALEiGH. N. C. 35 47 78 48 • 

UiCHMOXD, Ya. 37 32 17 77 27 28- 

Sav Kra>cisco. Cal. •■ -37 48 30 122 22 14- 

Springfield. III. • • • • 39 48 89 33 • 

Tallahassee, Fla. 30 28 84 36 • 

Trenton, N.J 40 14 74 46 30- 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 33 12 87 42 

■ ■714 
• 1203 

• 122 

• 801 
■ 166 

• 853 












Abbott, from Central (Chapel Hill) to Lawrence. 

Adams, from Salem, Adams Block, to Fletcher. 

Adams Place, from Lowell, near Lowell place. 

Alder, from East Merrimac, nearly opposite Nesmith. 

Ames, from Central (Chapel Hill) to Lawrence. 

Amory, from Canal street, by the Boott canal, to Kirk. 

Andover, from Concord river, south bridge, to Tewksbury line. 

Anne, from Merrimac, near Merrimac canal, to French. 

Appleton, from Gorham, St. Patrick's church, to Thorndike. 

Arch, from Howard to Middlesex. 

Ash, from East Merrimac to Chestnut. 

Auburn, from Gorham, near Court House, to Chapel. 

Austin, from Merrimac, west of Cabot, to Ford. 

Ayer's New City, south-western part of the city. 

Bartlett, from High street square to Alder. 

Bay State avenue, from lol Central. 

Beacon, from Pawtucket to Bowers. 

Beacon, from Clark, near the N. Grammar School, to Fletcher. 

Belvidere, east of Concord river. 

Bickford Place, from Lawrence, above Abbott street. 

Bleachery, from Moore, northerly to the Lowell Bleachery. 

Boott, from Gardner to the canal. 

Bowditch, from Jackson to Middlesex. 

Bowers, from Fletcher, opp. Whiting, and crossing School. 

Branch, from Middlesex, crossing School to Middlesex. 

Brewery Court, from Thorndike, near the depot. 

Bridge, fr. Merrimac over Central bridge, through Centralville. 

Broadway, from Pawtucket. 

Brown, from East Merrimac, opposite Howe. 

Butterfield, easterly fr. School to Fletcher, south of Varney. 

Cabot, fr. northwest cor. of the Lawrence Corp. to Lowell. 

Cady, from Central (Chapel Hill) to Lawrence. 

Canal street, from Merrimac, n. the canal, to Amory street. 

Carlton, from Middlesex, west of Grand, to East Pine. 

Carney, from Pawtucket. 

Carpet Lane, from Gardner, near the Market House. 

Carter, from Gorham, south of Hale's mills, to Bleachery. 

Castles, from Howe to Concord river. 

Cedar, from Keene, near Gorham, to Central. 

Central, from Merrimac to Gorham, at Davis's corner. 

Centralville, north of Merrimac river. 

Centre, from Central, above Union, to Chapel. 


Chapel, opens on Union, and runs southerly to Central. 

Chapel Hill, from Wamesit falls westwardly to Chapel. 

Charles, from Gorham to Lawrence. 

Chelmsford, from Thorndike to Chelmsford line. 

Chestnut, from Nesmith, westerly to Fayette. 

Church, from Central, at AVash. House, to Belvidere, 

City Avenue, from 2 Middle. 

City Hall Avenue, from Merrimac, n. City Hall, to Middle. 

Clark, from the Common to Beacon. 

Clay, from Andover, east of High, to Oak. 

Colburn, from Merrimac yard to Merrimac. 

Commercial Square, on Central, opposite Market. 

Common, from Clark to Cross, east side North Common. 

Common Avenue, from Lowell to Cross. 

Concord, from Merrimac to Massachusetts Mills. 

Congress, from Thorndike to Gorham. 

Cottage, from Central to Chapel. 

Court Avenue, from Chapel, opposite Centre. 

Cro$by, from Central, opposite Cedar. 

Crosby's Court, opens on Central, nearly opposite Union. 

Cross, opens on Suffolk, and runs westerly to School. 

Cross Lane, from Lowell to Adams. 

Gushing, from Willie, south of Rock, easterly to Fletcher. 

Dane, from Salem, west of Whiting, to Fletcher. 

Davidson, from East Merrimac to Howe. 

Davidson's Lane, north side of Davidson street. 

Davis, opens on Appleton, and runs southerly to Summer. 

Dearborn's Court, from Andover, west of Water. 

Decatur, from Merrimac to vSalem. 

Dodge, from Race to Suffolk. 

Dummer, from west of Worthen, southerly to Mechanic 

Dutton, from Merrimac Counting Room to Willie. 

Dutton Square, on Dutton st., at Swamps Locks. [Belvidere. 

East Merrimac, from Merrimac, at Concord river, throu^-h 

East Pine, from Carlton, westerly. 

Edgerly's Court, opens on south side Charles, east of Lenton. 

Elliott, from Appleton, opposite the Stone church. 

Elm, from Central to Turnpike. 

Essex, from East Merrimac, opposite Davidson, to Brown. 

Everett, from High to Fayette, north of Andover. 

Favor, from Appleton to Summer. 

Fayette, from Andover, opposite Water, to East Merrimac. 

Fenwick, from Lowell to St. Patrick's church. 

Fletcher, from Pawtucket, near Stone house, to Thorndike. 

Floyd, from Central, opposite Rope-walk. 

Ford, from Cabot, westerly to Moody. 

Forest, opens on Grand, and runs westerly. 


(Franklin, from Willie easterly to Fletcher. 
; Franklin Square, between Suffolk, Adams and La Grange sts. 
i French, from Kirk to Bridge. 

iFulton, from Merrimac, above AVorthen, to Lowell. 
; Gardner, from Market to Lowell Counting Room. 
; Garnet, from Appleton, northeasterly to Middlesex. 
Gates, from Forest to East Pine. 
George, from Tyler to Warren. 
Gold, from School, north of Varney, easterly. 
Gore, from Kace to Cabot, on Suffolk Corporation. [line. 

iGorham, from Central, southerly by Hale's Mills, to Tewksb'y 
j Grand, from Middlesex, by Marshall to Forest. 
•Gray Place, from Church, near Central. 
! Green, from Washington square to George. 
I Green's Court, north side of East Merrimac. 
■Hale, from Chelmsford to Thorndike. 
I Hall, from the north end of Tilden to Cabot, 
j Hancock, from Merrimac, opposite Prescott Counting Room. 
I Hanover, from Lowell to Moody. 
[Harrison, from Andover, east from Clay, to Oak. 
JHigh, from East Merrimac to Nesmith. 
!High Street Square, opens north side of East Merrimac. 
j Highland, from Thorndike to South 
I Howard, from Middlesex, near Depot, to Hale. 
Howe, from East Merrimac, southerly to the Flannel Mills. 
Hunt's Avenue, north side E. Merrimac, opposite Willow. 
Hurd, from Central, Wade's Building, to Warren. 
Jackson^ from Central, at the corner of the Hamilton Yard, 

and runs westerly by the Hamilton and Appleton mills, 

to Middlesex. [Schoolhouse. 

James's Court, from East Merrimac, east of the Grammar 
Jefferson, from Lowell, near Railroad House, to Lewis. 
John, from Merrimac, northerly to the Boott Counting Room. 
John Street Avenue, from west side of John, westerly to Kirk. 
Keene, from Gorham, next south of Walnut to Central. 
Kemp, from Walker to Wilder. 
Kidder, from Gorham, near Hale's mills. 
King, from Middlesex to Jackson, near Round House. 
Kirk, from Merrimac, east of St. Anne's church. 
Kirk Avenue, from Kirk, between Merrimac and Lee. 
Knowles's Place, opens on the southwest cor. of Davidson st. 
LaGrange, from Suffolk, n. stone arch bridge, to Fletcher. 
LaGrange Court, from LaGrange street. 

Landing, from Market, west end of market house, to the canal. 
Lawrence, from Church, near Concord river, southerly by 

Whipple's powder works, and end of Whipple street, to 



Lawrence Court, from Lawrence street, above Richmond's. 
Lawson, leads from School, south of Somerset, to Queen. 
Lee, from John, westerly to Kirk. 
Lenton, from Charles, southerly to North. 
Lewis, from Lowell, east side western canal, to Mechanic. 
Liberty, from Chelmsford at the Pound, to Chelmsford line. 
Linden, from Union, near Court House to Auburn. 
Little, from Lewis to Dummer. 

Livermore, from north side of Bartlett to Stackpole. 
Livingston, from Carter, northerly and westerly to Hale's mills. 
Locke, from Gorham to South. 

London, at Ayer's New City. [westerly to Putney's court. 

I Loudon Court, west side Central, south of Luther's court, and 
[Lowell, from Button, opposite Market, to Salem, c. Cabot. 
I Lowell Place, from Lowell, near Ilussell's building. 
Luther's Court, from 143 Central, opposite Tyler street. 
Lyman, from Race to Cabot. 

j Maiden Lane, from Merrimac, W. end old bankbl'k, to Lowell. 
I Main, at Ayer's New City. 

j Marion, from Cross, between Suffolk and Adams, to LaGrange. 
Market, from Central to Button. 
Marshall, from Grand to Carlton. 

Mason's Court, from Central, between Charles and Union. 
McCarry's Court, from Lowell. 
McFarlin, from Pawtucket, near School, to Bower. 
Mclntire, from Middlesex, above depot, to Marshall. 
Mechanic, from Button, opp. Machine Shop C. R. to Suffolk. 
Merriam's Court, from Stackpole. ^ 

Merrimac, from Pawtucket, easterly to Belvidere. 
Merrill, crosses Taylor near the river. 
Merrill's Court, opens on Chapel, opposite Centre. 
Middle, from 23 Central, at Post Office, to Shattuck. 
Middlesex, from Gorham and Central, to Chelmsford line. 
Middlesex Place, opens n. the Howard House, on Middlesex st. 
Mill, from Lawrence, n. Richmond's mills, westerly to Central. 
Moody, from Merrimac, opp. Merrimac House, to Pawtucket. 
Moore, opens on Gorham, near Railroad bridge, and runs 

easterly by 0. M. Whipple's, to Tewksbury line. 
Morse's Lane, from Bane to Pawtucket. 
Mount Vernon, from Liberty to Pine. 
Mount Vernon, from Pawtucket to Rock. 
Nesmith, from East Merrimac, opp. Alder, to Tewksbury line. 
New, from Salem to Clark. 

Nichols, from Branch, near School street, to Pine. 
North, from Central, next south of Charles, to Lawrence. 
North Franklin Court, from north side Franklin street. 
Oak, from Nesmith to High. 


Oliver, from School, westerly, opposite Varney. 

Pai<i;c, from Bridge, westerly to Kirk. 

Park, from Andover, northerly to East Merrimac. 

Parker, from Chelmsford to Chelmsford line. 

Pawtucket, from Chelmsford line, on Merrimac river, northerly 

by Sione house and Hospital, to Austin. 
Pearl, opens on Appleton, and runs northerly to Middlesex. 
Perkins, from Suffolk, near Lawrence C. R. to Cabot. 
Perrin, from School, westerly, and next north of Poplar. 
Plain, through Ayer's New City, crossing Chelmsford street, to 

Chelmsford line. 
Pine, from Smith to Liberty. 

Pleasant, from Andover, between High and Water. 
Pleasant Court, from Winter. 
Pond, from Pleasant, westerly to Concord river. 
Poplar, from School, next north Western avenue. 
Powell, from Liberty, southerly to Chelmsford. 
Prescott, from Merrimac to Central. 
Prince, from Merrimac Bleachery to Moody. 
Prospect, from Kidder. 

Putney's Court, from Gorhara, opp. Winter, to Loudon court. 
Quebec, at Ayer's New City. 

Queen, from Middlesex, by old burying ground, to Lawson. 
Race, from Hall, between Suff'olk and Cabot, to Merrimac. 
Reed's Court, from Charles, east of Edgerly's court. 
Robinson, from Congress to the railroad. 
Rock, from Willie, easterly to Fletcher. 
Salem, ([om Cabot and Adams to Pawtucket. 
School, from Pawtucket bridge to Liberty street. 
Shattuck, from Second Universalist church. Market street, to 
Short, from Chelmsford, n. Liberty. [Merrimac. 

Smith, opens on Branch, and runs southerly to Liberty. 
Somerset, from School, north of Lawson, to Queen. 
South, from Middlesex, by S. Gram. Schoolhouse to Gorham. 
South Franklin Court, from south side Franklin street. 
Spalding, from Chelmsford to Liberty. 
Spring, opens on South, between Middlesex and Appleton, 

and runs westerly to Pearl. 
Stackpole, from Brown to Alder. 

Stevens, from Parker to Chelmsford. [to Adams. 

Suff'olk, from Lawrence C. Room, across Merrimac and Lowell, 
Suffolk Court, from north side Lowell, near Lowell place. 
Suffolk Square, both sides of Merrimac, betw. Suff'olk and Cabot. 
Swamp Locks, on Button and Worthen streets. 
Summer, from Gorham to Thorndike. 
Sydney, from Branch to Chelmsford. 
Tanners, at Ayer's New City. 


Taylor, from Lawrence to the river, above Richmond's. 

Taylor Court, from Mill street. 

Thorndike, from the north end canal bridge, crossing Middlesex, 

near Northern Railroad depot, to Gorham. 
Tilden, from Hall, by east of Tremont blocks, to Merrimac. 
Tremont, from Hall, west of Tremont blocks, to Merrimac. 
Tyler, from Central, next south of Church, to Lawrence. 
Union, from Central, across Gorham to South. 
Union Court, from north of Lowell, at Foot's building. 
Varney, easterly from School, between Butterfield and Gold, 

to Fletcher. [to Castles. 

Wall, from Davidson to Concord river, and thence by the river 
Walker, from Middlesex, west of School, to Pawtucket. 
Walnut, from Central, westerly to Gorham. [to Lawrence. 

Wamesit, from Central, Chapel Hill, and runs southeasterly 
Warren, from Central, at American House, to Church street. 
Warren Court, from Church, opposite Warren. 
Washington, from Merrimac to Andover. 
Washington Square, embraces the whole of Central from the 

First Universalist church to Church street. 
Water, opens on Andover, opposite Fayette, and runs southerly. 
Webster, from Jackson to Middlesex. 
West Union, from South, east side, near Summer. 
West's Court, from Middlesex, near Grand. 
Western Avenue, from Fletcher, westerly to School. 
Whipple, ffom Moore, northerly by Stone House to Lawrence. 
Wilder, from Pawtucket. 

Wilelancit, easterly, from Pawtucket, near School. 
William, from Central, north of Green, to George. 
Willow, from Andover to East Merrimac. 
Willow Place, from south side of Suffolk square. 
Winter, from Gorham to Davis. 

Whiting, from Salem, betw. Dane and Pawtucket, to Fletcher. 
Willie, from Salem, southerly to Dutton. 
Worthen, from Merrimac Counting Room, to Dutton. 
Wyman, opens on Nesmith, opposite Oak, and runs easterly 

to Tewksbury line. 


Aldrich's Block, Middlesex, fronting Aldrich, Tyng & Co's. 

American House Block, adjoining American House. 

Appleton Block, Central, corner Warren. 

Appleton House, Gorham street. 

Arcade Block, East Merrimac, near Canal. 

Bancroft's Block, Market, near Shattuck. 

Boston & Lowell R. R. Depot, Dutton, corner Merrimac. 

Canal Block, Central, opposite American House. 


Castles Block, Lowell, near Lewis. 

City ILall, in New Depot, Merrimac, corner Dutton. 

City Hall Building, Merrimac, corner Shuttuck. 

City ILay Scales, r. City Market, Benj. Mather, Superintendent. 

City Market, Market St., J. W. Lovejoy, Superintendent. 

Coburn's Block, Central, corner Prescott. 

Concert Hall, 82 Merrimac. 

Donahoe's Block, Suffolk. 

Fellows Block, Middle. 

French's Hall, 35 Central. 

Goward's Block, Appleton, opposite Garnet. 

Market Hall, in City Market. 

Mechanics' Building, Dutton, near Merrimac. 

Mechanics' Hall, in Mechanics' Building, Joel Powers, Supt. 

Mechanics' Mills, Dutton, near Western avenue. 

Nesmith's Block, Merrimac, corner John. 

O. Allen & Go's Mills, Middlesex street. 

Merrimac Hall, next Merrimac House. 

Museum, Merrimac, head of Central street. 

Northern Railroad Depot, Middlesex, near Thorndike. 

Prescott Block, Merrimac, between Central and the Canal. 

Reading Room, Mechanics' Hall. 

Repair Shop, Middlesex, corner Thornkike. 

Short's Block, Jefferson, corner Lewis. 

Spalding's Block, Middlesex place. , 

Trull's Block, Middle, near Shattuck. 

Union House, Central, corner Green. 

Wade's Building, Central, corner Hurd. 

Welles's Block, Merrimac, corner Kirk. 

Welles's Hall, in Welles's Block. 

Wentworth's Building, Merrimac, corner Shattuck. 

Wentworth's Hall, Wentworth's Building. 

West's Building, Middle, near Central. 

Williams's Block, Central, near American House. 

Wood Market, Middlesex, near Gorham. 


Merr. Corp., Merrimac Corporation ; Merr., Merrimac street' 
Mass., Massachusetts Corporation; Corp., Corporation; S. L.» 
Swamp Locks ; C. R., Counting Room ; L. M. S,, or Lowell M- 
S., Lowell Machine Shop ; Merr. P. W., Merrimac Print Works > 
F. S., Franklin sq.; h. house ; b. boards ; c. corner ; opp. oppo- 
site ; ft. foot ; fr. from ; n. near ; r. rear ; st. street ; pi. place ; 
ct. court ; sq. square ; 1. lane. 

After the name of a street, the word street is omitted ; the 
name of a Corporation occurring immediately after the name 
of a person, signifies the place of business of said person. 


ABBOTT CHARLES, overseer, Lawrence, house 25 Lawrence 

Abbott Charles H. teamster, boards at J. E. Hutchins's 
Abbott Charles H. machinist, boards at Fanny Abbott's 
Abbott Charles R., Lowell, house Fletcher, corner LaGrange 
Abbott Charlotte, Mrs. house 11 Suffolk Corporation I 

Abbott Deborah, Mrs. boarding, 14 Massachusetts Corporation! 
Abbott Dorcas, Mrs. boarding house, 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Abbott Fanny, Mrs. tailoress, h. 1 Aldrich's Block, Middlesex! 
Abbott Francis A., Appleton, boards 28 Hamilton Corporation' 
Abbott George, boards at Benjamin Horn's 
Abbott George, house Brewery court 

Abbott Herman, Lawrence, boards 4o Lawrence Corporation 
Abbott James C. {Blaisdell ^ A.), counsellor, 3 Canal block, 

boards Merrimac House 
Abbott John M. {Heneage ^ A.), machinist, house East Mer- 
rimac, near High street square [house Stackpole 
Abbott (Josiah G.) & Brown {S. A.), counsellors, 61 Central,} 
Abbott Josiah W., Massachusetts, house 16 Mass. Corporation 
Abbott Julian, boards at Mrs. M. Graves's 
Abbott Lucy A. house Union, Centralville 
Abbott Matilda H. milliner, 8 Tilden, house do. 
Abbott Rachel, Mrs. house Moody 

Abbott Richard W. at Gas Company, house rear Tilden 
Abbott Samuel, dentist, 15 Central, house do. 
Abbott Theresa, dressmaker, house 276 Merrimac 
Abbott Varnum, Merrimac, boards 58 Merrimac Corporation 
Abbott "William, Lowell, boards 42 Church 
Abbott William O., Boott, boards Mrs. Mary Parker's 
Abbott William P., Hamilton, boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Abbott Ziba, house Nesmith, corner East Merrimac 
Abell Byron T., Hamilton, boards W. Hudson's 
Abell Lyman, Hamilton, boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Adams Alanson, Appleton, boards 1 Colby's Block, Middlesex 
Adams Augustus, at Gushing & Mack's, boards at Mrs. S. 
Wiggins's [Chestnut 

Adams Cyrus P. at Gushing & Mack's, house Fayette, corner 


Adams David, gardener, house Maiket 

Adams Elisha (N. <Sf E. Adams), house Walker, near Middlesex 

Adams ?^mery H., Merrimac, house 149 Merrimac Corporation 

Adams Enos H. shoemaker, boards at D. Swan's 

Adams Ezra, house Paige 

Adams George R. clerk, 108 Central, bds. at John P. Cheney's 

Adams Henry D. watches, 43 Central, house Tyler 

Adams (Horace J.) & North ( Wm. L.), furniture, feathers, and 

carpets, 108 Central, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Adams James, Lowell M. S. house 1 Mechanic 
Adams Joel, counsellor, 49 Central, house Appleton 
Adams John, painter, boards at J. Willock's 
Adams John, mason, house Merrimac, near Cabot 
Adams John, house High, near Andover 

Adams John T. K. counsellor, 49 Central, boards at J. Adams's 
Adams Jonathan, Merrimac Print Works, house 32 Merrimac 

Corporation [poration 

•Adams Landon, overseer, Lawrence, house 75 Lawrence Cor- 
Adams Laura, widow, house Andover 
Adams Michael J. Mrs. boards at Mrs. D. M. Dodge's 
Adams Samuel, engineer, house Aldrich's Block, Appleton 
Adams Shubael P.\Caverli/ &; Adams), h. Mill, corner Central 
Adams Smith & Elisha, tripe dealers, Walker, near Middlesex, 

house do, 
Adams Theodore, Lowell, boards 1-5 Charles 
Ager WiTislow, Merrimac, house 164 Merrimac Corporation 
Agnew William, watchman, Boott, house 2-5 Boott Corporation 
Aiken Benjamin F. Mrs. house Tyler 

Aiken James, wood dealer, Salem, near School-house, h. do, 
Aiken John 13. clerk, boards 89 Central 

Ainsworth Michael, house Middlesex, opposite Appleton Cor. 
Ains worth William L., Middlesex, house 56 Church 
Akers Benjamin M. at Fiske & Norcross's, house Middlesex, 

near Carlton 
Alcott Oilman, peddler, house Dane, corner Salem 
Alden Mary A. boarding, 3o Massachusetts Corporation 

Aldrich , Hamilton, boards 5 Church 

Aldrich Milton, wooden screw manufacturer, 0. Allen & Go's 

Mills, house 1 Branch 
Aldrich {Warren), Tyng {L. B.), & Co. (F, A. Calvert), prop. 

Steam Machine Shop, Middlesex, (see page 7 Aclvertis- 

ing Department), house Appleton, near Garnet 
Alger Daniel M, collector, bo Central, house Willow, near 

Andover [High, near Oak 

Algez Edwin A, {Broicn ^ A.), counsellor, 5o Central, house 
Alger Hiram A, counsellor, 12 Appleton bl'k, h. Andover, near 
Allen Calvin, laborer, house Snell's Block, Moody [Willow 


Allen Curtis L. apothecary, E. Merr. b. American House 
Allen Charles, Merrimac, house Moody 
Allen Franklin, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Allen {F.J. P.) & Eaton {Elizabeth), Misses, dressmakers, 19 

Allen Hanson W., Hamilton, house Gorham, near Middlesex 
Allen Hervey "W. apothecary, Merrimac, corner Suffolk, boards 

G. T. Darling's 
Allen Ira, Middlesex, boards at B. Coleman's 
Allen James, laborer, house rear 5 Worthen 
Allen James M., Lowell Machine Shop, house 73 Mechanic 
Allen John, botanic physician, 82 Central, corner Hurd 
Allen John, umbrellamaker, house Castles 
Allen Jonathan, bookseller, house Paige 
Allen Joseph 0., Merrimac, house 2 Austin, corner Moody 
Allen Josiah H. house 5-i Merrimac Corporation 
Allen Lucy C. Mrs. house High, corner E. Merrimac 
Allen Lawrence, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Allen Nathan, physician, 12 Hurd, house do. 
Allen Norris, Merrimac Print "Works, h. 105 Merrimac Cor. 
Allen Otis & Co. {William Livinc/ston), lumber dealers and 

manufacturers of packing boxes, 0. Allen & Co's Mills, 

house Middlesex, corner School 
Allen Otis L. trunk and variety store, 114 Merrimac, h. Paige 
Allen Patrick, laborer, boards at J. Allen's 
Allen Robert, boards at George Trotter's 
Allen Rufus, Merrimac, house 54 Merrimac Corporation 
Allen Samuel, watchman, Merrimac, b. 118 Merrimac Cor. 
Allen Susan, Mrs. house Merrimac, corner Suffolk 
Allen William, Merrimac Print "Works, h. 91 Merrimac Cor. 
Allen William, machinist, boards Andrew Kelley's [dlesex 
Allen AVilliam, at Allen's sawmill, boards 2 Aldrich's B., Mid- 
Allen William, boards at A. Sippet's 

Allen , Middlesex, boards at Hosea Smith's 

Allison Andrew, clerk at J. H. Kimball's silk store, boards at 

Mrs. Ann M. Durant's 
Almy George L., Lowell Repair Shop, house 28 Charles 
Ames Daniel, steam mill, boards at Mrs. N. A. Smith's 
Ames Jacob, machinist, house Fifth street, Centralville 
Ames James, LoAvell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Ames John E. machinist, house 1 Gowai d's Block 
Ames Mahala, Mrs. house Race, near Merrimac 
Ames Moses B. carriagemaker, boards 95 Central 
Ames Patty, Mrs. house Lowell, near Cabot 
Ames William J. clerk at D. Bryant's, boards Union House 
Ammidon John P. clerk, Central, corner Gorham, house East 

Merrimac, opposite Ash 


Amsden Abel, city watchman, h. Bridge, c. Eighth, Centralville 
Amsden Hiram H., Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Cor. 
Amsden Samuel, carpenter, house Mt, Vernon, Centralville 
Anderson Peter, treasurer IBaldwin Manuf. Co. house Gorham, 

near Court House 
Anderson Peter, laborer, house Suffolk, corner Fenwick 
Anderson Robert, carpenter, house Franklin, near Willie 
Anderson Thomas, bootmaker, at G. W. Clark's, b. A. Emery's 
Anderson William, at Joshua Swan's 
Andres William, hostler, boards 6- Warren 
Andrew Aaron, physician, house School, corner Somerset 
Andrews Anvon. Lowell Machine Shop, house Middlesex, cor- 
ner Middlesex place 
Andrews Abigail, house Mrs. A. Bird's 

Andrews Albert, at O. M. Whipple's, h. Lawrence, n. Abbott 
Andrews Charles C, Appleton Corporation, house 13 do. 
Andrews David, bedsteadmaker. High, near East Merrimac 
Androws Ephraim, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 35 

Suffolk, Franklin square 
Andrews Geo. L., Lowell Gas Light Co. b. at E. Andrews's 
Andrews Helen ]\L dressmaker, boards at H. D. Adams's 
Andrews James F. hostler, at G. W. Norris's 
Andrews John, Middlesex, house Abbott, near Central 
And'-ews John, Suffolk, house 8 Austin 
Andrews William H. (Pearson 4f -4.), counsellor, 56 Central, 

boards Mrs. A. Bird's 
Andross Elbridge F., Suffolk, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Angle George, morocco dresser, house Ayer'sN. City 
Angus James, coppersmith, house Summer, near Davis 
Annan Sarah M. boarding house, 41 Appleton 
Anthony Bowers, machinist, b. r. Middlesex, opp. Steam mills 
Anthony Isaac, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. Cross, n. Willie 
Anthony Joseph W. house Chestnut 
Appleton George B. watches and jewelry, 17 Central, boards 

at Mrs. Clarissa Blanchard's 
Appleton Isaac, machinist, L. M. Shop, b. 31 Hamilton Cor. 
Appleton Isaac, stabler, near Central Bridge, house Bridge 

street, Centralville 
Appleton James P. door plates, &c. 153 Central, house do. 
Argle George, morocco dresser, house at Ayer's New City 
Arlen Abigail, Mrs. variety store, 3 Arcade block, house do. 
Arlin Addison, machinist, boards at Samuel Clark's, Cabot 
Arlin Betsey, Mrs. house Worthen, near Lowell 
Arlin Stephen N. house Nesmith, near Chestnut 
Armstrong Christopher, hackraan, house Lowell, near Adams 
Armstrong John, bleachery, house Gorham, near Hale's mills 
Armstrong Richard, Boott, boards at Thomas Hines's 


Arnot John, carpetweaver, house Chapel, corner Auburn 

Ash Thomas, Middlesex, house 5 Edgerly's court 

Ashley Henry, Boott, house 42 Boott Corporation 

Ashton Hezekiah, gardener, house Middle 

Ashton John, Lowell, house near Lee 

Ashton Joseph D., Lowell M. Shop, house 25 Worthen 

Ashton Stephen, Lowell Machine Shop, h. "Worthen, n. Lowell 

Ashton William, harnessmaker, boards Union, near Central 

Ashton William J. house Middle 

Ashworth George, blockprinter, h. Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 

Ashworth James, peddler, house Marshall 

Ashworth Sager, filecutter, Rock, house Marion 

Astle Abel, physician, Moore, house do. 

Astle Benjamin, medicine manufacturer, house Moore 

Astle George, at Dr. A. Astle's, Moore 

Atherton George, engraver, house Pawtucket 

Atherton Thomas, at Merrimac Print Works, h. 152 Mer. Cor. 

Atherton William, machinist, Howe, h. Everett, cor. Fayette 

Atkins Asa, Boott, boards at Parker Winn's 

Atkinson James V. billposter, house 16 Appleton 

Atkinson Jonathan, Mrs. house 14 Appleton 

Atkinson Johnson P., Hamilton, h. East Merr. n. High st. sq. 

Atkinson Richard, machinist, 14 Appleton 

Atwell Abram, Lawrence, boards 45 Lawrence Corporation 

Atwill Joseph W. shoemaker, house School, near Middlesex 

Atwood Beta, jobwagon, house Gorham, near Hale's mills 

Atwood Benjamin E. carpenter, h. West Union, near South 

Atwood John B. carpenter, boards at B. E. Atwood's 

Austin Benjamin, at Norcross's, boards at A. Prescott's 

Austin Caroline S. tailoress, house Appleton, c. Garnet 

Austin George, filecutter, boards at I. Austin's 

Austin Henry E. filecutter. Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Austin Isaac, file manufacturer, Ayers' New City, house High, 

corner Andover 
Austin Joseph W. carpenter, house Smith, comer Pine 
Austin Sarah, Mrs. house 1 Pearl 
Austin Wm. W. blacksmith, boards at L. Hussey's 
Averill George F. boards at Asa H. Huse's 
Averill Nathaniel, boards at Mrs, S. Quimby's 
Averill Nathaniel P. roUmaker, boards at Warren Smith's 
Avery Charles, machinist, boards at G. Huse's 
Avery Franklin S. mason, house South, near Summer 
Avery John, agent Hamilton Manufacturing Company, house 

Appleton, near Gorham 
" jAvery John, Lawrence, house 13 Lawrence Corporation 
Avery John, jr. clerk, boards at J. Avery's 
Avery Orin, Lawrence, boards 53 Lawrence Corporation 


Ayer Abel M. painter, 200 Merrimac, b. at Albert G. Page's 
Ayer Alonzo, provisions, S:e., Eagle Market, Middlesex, h. 

Appleton, near Thorndike 
Ayer Alvan B. lumberdealer, house 210 Central 
Ayer Daniel, house School, corner Varney 
Ayer Henry, Lowell INI. S. boards 8 Appleton Corporation 
Ayer James C. &. Co. {Carlos A. Cook), apothecary, Central, c. 

Jackson, house Gorham, n. Court House 
Ayer James H. B. house Worthen, corner Mechanic 
Ayer John L., Lowell, house Arcade Building 
Ayer Lucius, Lowell Corporation, boards 6 do. 
Ayer W. W., Massachusetts, boards Mass. Corporation 
Ayers Charles, Boott, boards at Mrs. Mary Parker's 
Ayling Wm. L. comedian, house Central, corner Union 

BABB LEMUEL M. trader, boards at C. ^Y. Kimball's 
Babbington Thomas, Flannel Mills, h. Andover, opp. Clay 
Babcock Charles A. agent Lowell Bleachery, house Moore 
Babcock William, waiter at American House 
Bachelder Abram, hosiery, gloves, &c. 110 Merrimac, house 

Bachelder Asahel G. wheelwright, h. Howard, n. Chelmsford 
Bachelder Augustine L. house Bartlett 
Bachelder Cyrus, Lowell M. S. boards at N. Carr's 
Bachelder Daniel, planer, house LaGrange, cor. Fletcher 
Bachelder David S., Merrimac Print "Works, house 107 Merri- 
mac Corporation 
Bachelder John, Merrimac, h. 58 Merrimac Corporation 
Bachelder Rachel, Mrs. h. Bartlett, near Alder [Bachelder's 
Bachelder Roscoe G. bookbinder, 23 Central, bds. at Mrs. K. 
Bachelder William, B. & L. R. R. house 3 Branch 
Bachelder Nathaniel J. printer, boards 2 Queen 
Bacon Cloris, machinist, boards at H. S. Bacon's 
Bacon Edward C. clerk at T. Lucas's, b. House 
Bacon Hannah S. house East Merrimac 
Bacon Parsons, boards Washington House 
Bacon Moody, at Norcross, boards at A. Prescott's 
Bacon R. boots and shoes, 17 Merrimac, boards do. 
Badger James W. carpenter, house Franklin, near Willie 
Badger Lewis, blacksmith, house 4 East Pine 
Badger Rhoda, boarding, 46 East Merrimac 
Badger Mary M. boarding house, 13 Middlesex place 
Badger Stephen, painter,' boards 41 Appleton 
Badger William, machinist, boards 41 Appleton. 

Badger , watchman, Merrimac, b. 75 Merrimac Corp. 

Bagley Charles, carpenter, boards at C. G. Durgin's 
Bagley Henry 0. machinist, boards 12 Chapel 


Bagley John, laborer, house Adams 
Bagnell William, at D. R. Kimball's 
Bahan Hugh, laborer, house 8 Pleasant court 
Bailey Anson, clerk at Page, Fay & Go's, h. 2 High, c, Andover 
Bailey Benj. W. founder, house Chelmsford, n. Howard 
Bailey Charles, clerk, boards at R. G. Bell's 
Bailey Charles K. at Page, Fay & Go's, bds. at Mrs. Bell's 
Bailey Francis M., Hamilton, house 28 Hamilton Corporation 
Bailey Gardner, job wagon, house Willow 
Bailey George, machinist, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Bailey Gustavus A., Merr. P. Works, h. Fourth, Centralville 
Bailey Herbert, manufacturer, house Quebec 
Bailey Hervey, painter, boards at Mrs. A, Lord's 
Bailey John, mason, house 1 Cabot 
Bailey Leonard, Middlesex, boards 32 Church 
Bailey Manasseh, shoemaker, house High, opp. Everett 
Bailey Mark, house 18 Middlesex 

Bailey Morris, daguerrean artist, 88 Merrimac, house do. 
Bailey Thomas, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Bailey Thomas D. mason, house Hanover [ville 

Bailey Wyraan, Lawrence House, Bridge, c. Seventh, Central- 
Baker Amos, carpenter, house Summer, near Davis 
Baker Charles, house upper end Centre, Centralville 
Baker Daniel, painter, house Auburn, near Chapel 
Baker George W. machinist, house 64 S. Locks, Worthen 
Baker John C. {H. F. Holt A- Co.), house Ash, n. Chestnut 
Baker Joseph H., Lowell, house 12 Franklin sq. Adams 
Baker Lucy, Miss, nurse, house Central, near Chapel [Corp. 
Baker Samuel R. daguerreotypist, 128 Merrimac, b. 37 Boott 
Baker Slocomb, dyer, boards at B. P. Pillsbury's 
Baker Stephen, carpenter, house Gorham, near Thorndike 
Baker Stephen C, machinist, house rear Appleton, n. Pearl 
Baker Storrs A. carpenter, house Merrill's court 
Baker Sylvanus P. carpenter, boards at A. K. Hood's 
Baker William, watchmen, Merrimac, bds. 3 Merrimac sq. 
Baker William, Hamilton, house Davidson lane 
Baker William R. shoe-blacking maker, corner Chapel and 

Walnut, house Central, corner Walnut 
Balch Henry, carpenter, house Fletcher, cor. LaGrange 
Balch Perley, Principal Edson School, h. Central, cor. Elm 
Balcom Varnum, carpenter, house Hobbs's Block, Lowell 
Baldwin Benjamin, Boott, house 62 Boott Corporation 
Baldwin Clarke G. boards 28 Hamilton Corporation 
Baldwin Isaac, Massachusetts, boards at Parlin Semple's 
Baldwin Munroe, painter, boards at Geo. C. Morey's 
Baldwin Nath'l 0. at A. B. French's, 35 Central 
Ball Benjamin W. house Adams, corner Suffolk 


Ball Dayton R. variety and hosiery, 21 Merrimac 

Ball Nath'l F., Lawrence, house 2 LaAvrence Corporation 

Ballard William, Lawrence, house 30 Lawrence Corp. 

Ballinger ratrick, Lowell, house Gorham 

Ballou Nathaniel, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Bamford James S., Suffolk, house Pawtucket, n. Salem 

Bamford John, Hamilton, house 43 Hamilton Corporation 

Bancroft Columbus, at Harvey Bancroft's 

Bancroft Harvey, provisions and produce, Cabot, house do. 

Bancroft Jonathan, mason, boards at Abijah Richardson's 

Bancroft Jefferson, house Pawtucket 

Bancroft Selwin, grocer. Market, opp. Carpet Co. house do. 

Bancroft Wm. H. C. machinist, boards 6 Swamp Locks 

Banfill Joel, trader, house Chapel, cor. Court avenue 

Bangs Dean (7, W. <Sf D. Ba?igs), house Summer 

Bangs Isaac W. & D. stoves, &c. 113 Central, h. Summer 

Banks George, harnessmaker, boards at E. Butler's 

Banson Thomas, laborer, house 48 Church 

Barbour Mrs. house Sixth, Centralville 

Barclay Cyrus P. carpenter, Salem, house Pine 

Bargan William, Massachusetts, house Centre, Centralville 

Barker Alcott, Middlesex, boards at Hosea Smith's 

Barker Benj. B., Appleton, bds. 1 Colby's Block, Middlesex 

Barker Eliza A. Mrs. house 41^ Tremont 

Barker Enoch W. overseer watch & yard, Suffolk, h. 9 Race 

Barker George W. superintendent freight, S. & L. R. R. and 

L. & L. R. R. boards Colony House 
Barker Minot, Appleton, bds. 1 Colby's Block, Middlesex 
Barker Silas, at Norcross's, boards at A. Prescott's 
Barker Stephen, jr. grocer, 178 Merrimac, house 16 Suffolk 
Barker Warren H. sash and blindmaker, house Walnut 
Barker William K., Massachusetts, boards 42 Prescott Corp. 
Barnard Benjamin, carpenter, house 2 Goward's Block 
Barnard Benj. F. mason, house 50 Merrimac Corporation 
Barnard Charles P. clerk, 1 Canal block, boards 15 Hurd 
Barnard Edwin H. painter, house 4 Mechanic 
Barnard Eliza, Miss, boarding, 19 Tremont Corporation 
Barnard Geo. W. ^tinplate worker, bds. Mrs. Esther Needham's 
Barnard Jonathan, boarding house, 61 Massachusetts 
Barnard William, Merrimac, house 53 Merrimj,c Corporation 
Barnes Carlos, carpenter, boards at Warren F. Smith's 
Barnes Chas. E. contractor, Lowell M. S. h. 51 S. L., Worthen 
Barnes Daniel, Middlesex, house Central, corner North 
Barnes Emily R. Mrs. tailoress, 40 Central [Alder 

Barnes Henry H. tailor, 5 Canal block, h. E. Merrimac, above 
Barnes John, Lawrence, house 54 Lawrence Corporation 
Barnes Otis, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 


Barnes Richard, Merrimac, house Centre, Centralville 

Barnes Samuel J. M. house Austin, corner Moody 

Barnes Thomas, at Stott's Mills, house Chestnut 

Barnes Thomas J. whips, trunks, &c. 52 Central, house Bart- 

lett, corner Livermore 
Barr Andrew, house Bartlett 
Barr Isaac, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Barks Mrs. widow, house Fenwick 

Barrett Andrew, at Fiske & Norcross's, h. Lawson, c. School 
Barrett Daniel, Lawrence Repair Shop. h. Race, n. Moody 
Barrett Edmund, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Barrett Edward, laborer, boards at Edmund Barrett's 
Barrett Isaac, overseer, Boott, house 73 Boott Corporation 
Barrett John, at 0. M. Whipple, house at Tewksbury 
Barrett John, laborer, boards at Edmund Barrett's 
Barrett Patrick, at Dr. Astle's, house Lawrence, near Rich- 
mond's Mills 
Barrett Patrick, house East Merrimac 
Barrett Simon H. house 2 Cabot 

Barrett Thomas,?at 0. M. Whipple's, house at Tewksbury 
Barrows Asahel L., Middlesex, house 55 Church 
Barrigan William, laborer, house Castles 
Baron Alice, Mrs,, Franklin House, Moody 
Baron Christopher, house 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Baron Frederick, druggist, Merrimac, corner Worthen, boards 

75 Merrimac Corporation 
Baron George, Hamilton, boards 104 Merrimac Corporation 
Baron Jacob, carpenter, house 104 Merrimac Corporation 
Baron Lord, at Alice Baron's 
Barry Daniel, laborer, house Suffolk 
Barry Daniel, wheelwright, Lowell, house Beacon 
Barry David. Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 
Barry David, laborer, house Lowell 
Barry E. machinist, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Barry Edward, farmer, house School 
Barry Ellen, Mrs. house Cross 
Barry Ellen, house Suffolk 

Barry Jane, widow, house 9 Franklin square, Adams 
Barry Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick 
Barry Patrick, blacksmith, house Mill, near Central 
Barry Richard, Merrimac Print Works, house Jefferson 
Barry Timothy, foundry, house Fenwick, corner Lowell 
Barry William Rev. house Chestnut, near corner Nesmith 
Barstow Henry, Mrs. boarding house, 13 Massachusetts Corp. 
Bartelle A. W. machinist, boards at Mrs. H. W. Chase's 
Barth Daniel W. hairdresser, 3 American House Blk. h. Law- 
rence, near AAes 


Barth John, house Crosby's court [Merrill 

liartlctt Benjamin F. at P. O. llichmond's, house Taylor, cor. 
Burtlctt D. Bradford, clerk, Lowell Gas Light Co. boards at J. 

F, Huntintfton's, Appleton 
Bartlett Charles H. clerk at B. F. Nealley's, boards do. 
i Bartlett Edward, painter, Bleachery, house 11 do. 
Bartlett George L. clerk Boott C. II. boards 11 Boott Corp. 
Bartlett George W., Lawrence, boards 14 Lawrence Corp. 
Bartlett Hannah D. boarding house, 14 Merrimac Corp. 
Bartlett Homer, treas. Mass. and Prescott, h. Kirk, c. Paige 
Bartlett Horace E. house 4 Dodge 
Bartlett James, cooper, house 5 McCarry's court 
Bartlett Nathaniel J. boards at H. D. Bartlett's 
Bartlett Pamela D. Mrs. house 228 Merrimac 
Bartlett Stephen, Lawrence, house 23 Lawrence Corporation 
Bartlett Sylvanus, Mass. h. 39 Prescott Corporation 
Bartlett Wise, carpenter, house Chestnut, near Ash 
Barton Charles C, Boott, house 57 Boott Corporation 
Barton Jerome, tin peddler, house Sixth, Centralville 
Barton Leonard, Prescott, boards at Lyman Harrington's 
Barton Morton A., Lawrence, boards 47 Lawrence Corporation 
Bascom Timothy, house Merrimac, cor. Decatur 
Bascom William, shoes and fancy goods, 132 Merrimac, house 
Kirk, nearly opposite Paige [Linden 

Basford Alanson M. shoemaker, at G. W. Clark's, house head 
Baston Norris S. clerk, 80 Merrimac, boards 3 Dodge 
Batchelder Augustine T. painter at J. B. Fielding's 
Batchelder Geo. W. counsellor, 6 Canal Block, b. at A.W. Fair's 
Batchelder John, farmer, house E. Merrimac 
Batchelder Joseph, boards M. A. Alden's 
Batchelder Solomon, reed and harness maker, Whipple's mills, 

house Lawrence, near Abbott 
Batchelder William S. blacksmith, h. Middlesex, n. Garnet 
Bates Dennis P. house 50 Merrimac Corporation 
Bates Deroma, Prescott, boards 32 Prescott Corporation 
Bates George, Merrimac, boards 73 Merrimac Corporation 
Bates John, overseer Hamilton Print Works, house Elliott 
Bates Lucius C. bedstead maker, boards at Mrs. M. M. Brown's 
Bates William, gas works, house School, corner Poplar 
Battey Charles, cardgrinder, house Market 
Battles Augustus S. dry goods, 40 Merrimac, h. Chapel, n. Elm 
Battles Charles F. paymaster, Tremont, house Kirk 
Battles Cyrus, Tremont. house 35 Tremont Corporation 
Battles Frank F. agent, Prescott, counting-room Merrimac, n. 

Concord river, house Kirk 
Battles James M., Middlesex C. R. boards at A. S. Battles's 
Baxter Andrew, laborer, house Keene 


Baxter Darwin D. dry goods, 5 Appleton Block, h. 15 Cady 
Baxter George P., Bleachery, boards Mrs. Woods's, Floyd 
Baxter Henry J, tailor, house Chestnut, cor. Willow 
Baxter Hugh, laborer, house Castles 
Baxter LaAvrence, musician, house 42 Appleton 
Baxter Philip, laborer, house rear Davis 

Baxter Sarah W. salesman, 5 Appleton Block, bds. 77 Central 
Beal Daniel W. boards E. Harnden's 

Beal William, machinist, Lowell, corner Adams, boards do. 
jBeals Daniel B. boards at E. Harnden's 
jBearaan Alfred, stonemason, house Third, Centralville 
Bean Albert, Merrimac, house 117 Merrimac Corporation 
I Bean Daniel, Middlesex, house 13 LaGrange court 
jBean Daniel G. architect, 48 Central 

Bean David G., Merrimac, house 62 Merrimac Corporation 
Bean Eliza, Mrs. boarding house, 4 Bleachery 
Bean George E. architect, 48 Central, h. Central, cor. Cady 
Bean George J., Merrimac, house 40 Merrimac Corporation 
Bean George W. insurance agent, house Ash, near Chestnut 
Bean Hannah M. boarding house, Central, cor. Church 
Bean Henry, machinist, boards Charles W. Wilkins's 
Bean John, Merrimac, house Dummer 
Bean Josephus H. boards Central, cor, Charles 
Bean Mary, Mrs. boards Mrs. H. Wright's 
Bean Patrick, laborer, house Dummer 
Bean Robinson, laborer, house Taylor's court 
Bean Samuel, machinist, boards J. I. Buck's 
Bean Samuel, laborer, house School, opposite Cross 
Bean Samuel G. (Noyes &; Bean), house 14 Church 
Bean Walter P. stoves, etc. 2 Prescott, boards 10 E. Merrimac 
Beard Ithamar A. deputy sheriff, 67 Central, h. Pawtueket 
Beard [Ithamar W.) & Howe {Moses G.), counsellors, 61 Cen- 
tral, house Fairmount, corner Mansur 
Beard L. Augustus, shoemaker, boards at Mrs. S. M. Annan's 
Beard William H., Merrimac, house 44 Merrimac Corporation 
Bebby John H. importer of laces, 52 Merrimac 
Bebby Frederick A. 52 Merrimac 
Beck Samuel, at Cushing & Mack's, house Moody 
Beckett Alexander, Lowell Corporation, boards 24 do. 
Bedee John, at Mechanics* Mills, boards with J. Stevens 
Bedee John G. sash and blind maker, bds. at Mrs. J. Combs's 
Bedee Moses V. stonecutter, Middlesex, boards 96 Central 
Bedlow Artemas, shoes and variety, Gorham, n. Summer, h. do. 
Bedlow George W. (C. S. Eastman <S, Co.), h. Ash, n. E. Merr. 
Bedlow Joseph, superintendent, Lawrence, h. 66 Lawrence Cor. 

Beeman , Middlesex, boards 28 Church 

Begg Francis, carpenter, house Green 


Begroe I^ouis, blacksmith, house E. Pine 

Beidcn Charles F., Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman [M. Durant's 

Bell Elizabeth, confectionery, 220 Merrimac, bds. at Mrs. Ann 
Bell Granville, Tremont, house 14 Tremont Corporation 
IjcII Joseph, machinist, boards at George Shipley's 
Bell Robert G. house 8 East Merrimac 

Bell {Willlcan) & Brown {Samuel T.), butter, &c. 16 City 
Market, house High, near Andover [rimac, c. Cabot 
Bellows Samuel M. pub. Daily Advertiser, 48 Central, h. Mer- 
Bement Lewis W. teacher of music, house 4 Cabot 
Bement Samuel, teacher N. Grammar School, house Cabot 
Bemis James A., Lowell Corporation, house 13 do. 
Bemis Nancy, Mrs. house 35 Chapel 
Benjamin Jasper H. machinist, house 13 South 
Bennett B. F., Tremont, boards 25 Tremont Corporation 
Bennett Horace W., INIerrimac, house 82 Merrimac Corporation 
Bennett James, Bleachery, boards at A. Mathes's, Forest 
Bennett James W. carpenter, boards at A. Mathes's 
Bennett John, civil engineer, 55 Central, h. Appleton, n. South 
i Bennett Levi, wheelwright, house Marshall 
I Bennett Mary, Mrs. house 2 George 

i Bennett Royal A., Bleachery, boards at Mrs. M. Bennett's 
I Bennett Thomas, machinist, house Central, cor. Charles 
i Bennett Wilder, mason, h. Bartlett, 4th door from High st. sq. 
I Bennett William H. civil engineer, boards with John Bennett 
I Bennett William S. merchant tailor, 11 Central, house Chest- 
! nut, corner Willow 

; Benson Samuel, doors and blinds, Howe, house Fayette 
jEent {Charles) & Bush {Firincis), hat store, 30 Central, opp. 
I Post Office, house Andover, corner Harrison 

I Bent Charles, jr. clerk, 30 Central, boards at C. Bent's 

1 Bent , moulder, boards at W. Sweetser's, Pearl 

iBenthall {John O.) & Hilton {H. IF.), dry goods, 42 Merri- 
j mac, house Third, c. Chestnut, Centralville 

;Bentley Samuel, house Grand, corner Marshall 
Bergen John, Hamilton, house Mason's court 
Berick Edward C. machinist, house School, corner Cross 
Berick Francis H. Rev. house Moody 

Berick Margaret, widow of Harmones, h. Spring, cor. South 
Berkley Cyrus, carpenter, house West Union 
Berkley Michael, hostler, house Putney's court 
Bernard James, Lowell, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 
Bernard James, Lowell, house Little 
Berrian Patrick, house corner Gorham and Winter 
Berry Alfred, shoes, trunks, and fancy goods, 114 Merrimac, 

boards at Abijah Watson's 
Berry Charles D. at S. & L. R. R. house Middlesex, n. Grand 


Berry Charles R. shoemaker, house 274 Merrimac 

Berry James, house Appleton, near Thorndike 

Berry John, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

Berry Theophilus D. carpenter, house Linden, corner Auburn 

Besse Henry T. {Upton |- Besse), house Fairmount 

Besse Joseph V. bathing rooms, Market, opp. Carpet, h. do. 

Besse Warren, boarding house, 3 Hamilton Corporation 

Betty John, at Thomas Betty's 

Betty Thomas, provisions, Lowell, corner Hanover 

Bickett Francis, Lowell, house Centre 

Bickford Allen P. carpet weaver, house 1 Union 

Bickford Horatio N. painter, house Middlesex, near Depot 

Bickford James, Lowell, house Bancroft's Block, Market 

Bickford John, beltmaker, boards 62 S. L., "Worthen 

■Bickford John G. fruit and confectionery, &c. East MerrimaCj 

opposite Essex, boards with Susan R. Bickford 
Bickford Leveret, at 0. M. Whipple's, boards Stone House 
Bickford Richmond R, beltmaker, boards 62 S. L., Worthen 
Bickford Susan R. house Nesmith Block, East Merrimac 
Bickford William, powder mill, house Stone House 

|Bicknell John, laborer, house High, near East Merrimac 

■Bicknell Samuel F., Mass. house 36 Prescott Corporation 

jBiddle Thomas, Lowell, house Central, corner Charles 

jBignell S. A., Mass. boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

i Billings A. Mrs. dressmaker, 13Tilden 

[Billings Daniel, carpenter, house South, near Middlesex 

j Billings John, clerk, 98 Central, house 135 do. 

[Billings S, M. milliner, 36 Merrimac, boards 100 do. 

[Billings Samuel D. clerk, house South, near Middlesex 
Bills John, Mass. boards at Jonathan Barnard's 
Bingham George {Churchill &; Bingham), house Common 
Bird Amanda, Mrs. house Tyler, near George 
Bird Melinda, teacher, boards at Mrs. A. Bird's 
Bird Terrence, Merrimac, house 3 Worthen 
Birmingham Michael, laborer, house High 

, Birmingham James, Middlesex, boards 5 Warren court 

' Bisbee Ira, at Wm. Godding's, h. George, n. opp. AVilliam 
Bixby Hannah, Mrs. boarding house, 15 Merrimac Corporation 
Bixby Hiram, Carpet, boards at Manly S. DIckerman's 
Bixby Joseph, teaming, house Pawtucket 

I Bixby Russell J., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Bixby Thomas, leather dealer, 2 Middle, h. Middlesex, n. School 
Bixby T. Parker, wood and ice, house Middlesex, Tremont H. 

Bixby , at O. Allen's, boards at A. Prescott's 

Black Hugh, dyer, house Little 

Black Johnston, Hamilton, house Dutton, near Lowell 

Blackburn Christopher, farmer, house Summer, near Gorham 


Blackburn James, Mrs. house William 

Blackie John, tailor, at J. B. Kimball's, bds. 113 Merrimac 

Blackinton Pcleg B. clerk, 7 Canal Block, h. Third, Centralville 

Blackmer Warren A. painter, house Cabot, near Moody 

Blackwell George, Lawrence, house 5 Austin 

Blair Enoch R. carpenter, house School, corner Cross 

Blair William B. P. stonemason, h. Howard, below Chelmsford 

BlaisdcU Charles, at Bradt's bakery, house Salem, opp. Willie 

Blaisdell E. boards Union House 

Blaisdell Mr. machinist, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 

Blaisdell {Harrison G.) &: Abbott {J. C), counsellors, 3 Canal | 

Block, house East Merrimac, cor.Nesmith 
Blaisdell Hiram W. bookkeeper, 112 Central, b. Dr. Skelton's 
Blaisdell Jonathan H. house Willie, near Franklin 
Blaisdell Mark, Mass. boards at Mrs, Sally Blaisdell's 
Blaisdell Rhoda, Mrs. house Appleton, near South 
Blaisdell Sally, Mrs. boarding, 6 Mass. Corporation 
Blaisdell Theophilus C. watchman, house Appleton, n. South 
Blake Arnold, Merrimac, boards with James T. Huntington 
Blake Betsey R. boarding house, 39 Lawrence Corporation 
Blake Curtis H. teamster, house 9 LaGrange court 
Blake George, teamster, house 5 LaGrange court 
Blake Henry, carpenter, boards 2 Goward's Block 
Blake Jeremiah, physician, house East Merrimac, c. Fayette 
Blake John, house Mason's court 

Blake John H. physician, 106 Merrimac, h. Summer, n. South 
Blake Joseph, carpenter, house Carlton 
Blake Joseph P. house Andover, corner Willow 
Blake Lyman, Mechanics' Mills, house Cushing 
Blake Samuel, boards at James Bowers's 
Blake Thomas, Merrimac, house Jefferson 
Blake Thomas, at 0. M. Whipple's, house 1 Crosby 
Blake Wm. H. [Mayberry &; B.), h. at J. H. Blake's 
Blanche Mary, Mrs. house Theatre Block, Lowell 
Blanchard Aaron, Lowell Machine Shop, house 24 Worthen 
Blanchard Alexis R., Mass. boards at Mrs. C. Blanchard's 
Blanchard Amos, Rev. house Kirk 
Blanchard {Ajnos) & Underwood (31. D.), grocers, 6 and 7 

Savings Bank Building, Middle, corner Shattuck, boards 

at Mrs. E. C. Blanchard's 
Blanchard Amos A. clerk at Lowell Manufacturing Co. boards 

at Mrs. C. Blanchard's [Blanchard's 

Blanchard Arthur C. clerk. Railroad Bank, boards at Mrs. C 
Blanchard {Cadwalder T.), Wright {George), 8c Co. {Walter 

Blanchard), flour commission merchants, Fletcher, cor, 

Dutton, house E. Merrimac, near High street square 
Blanchard Charlotte, boarding, 46 Lawrence Corporation 


Blanchard Clarissa, Mrs., East Merrimac, nearly opp. Ash 
Blanchard C. F. house East Merrimac, near Alder 
Blanchard E. C. Mrs. house Moody 
Blanchard Janette, Miss, boarding house, 7 Market 
Blanchard Joseph, Boston and Lowell R. R. h. Howard, cor. 

Blanchard Lydia, tailoress, boards 142 Central [ton 

Blanchard Walter (Blanchard, Wright &; Co.), h. at Wilming- 
Blanchard Waller H. clerk, boards "Washington House 
Blanchard William D., Lowell M. Shop, h. 48 S. L., Worthen 
Blessington Bernard, house 3 Pleasant court 
Blessington John, watchman, Middlesex, boards 77 Central 
Blethin Joseph, Massachusetts, house 6 Prescott Corporation 
Blinn Simon, Middlesex, boards 37 Church 
Bliss Philetus P. sash and blind maker, b. at H. S. Drown's 
Blodgett Walter M. overseer, 1 Colby's Block, Middlesex 
Blood Andrew, overseer, Boott, house 69 Boott Corporation 
Blood Benjamin A. provisions, Adams, c. Fletcher, h. Merri- 
mac, corner Tremont 
Blood Charles B. teamster, boards at G. Abbott's 
Blood Cyrus, Suffolk, house Cabot, below the bridge 
Blood Joseph, driver, at AVeaver & Brother's, house 4 Water 
Blood O. R. clerk. Carle & Partridge, house at Dracut 
Blood Rufus A. painter, house Andover 
Blood William S. soapdealer, house Central, corner Abbott 
Boardman Lydia, boarding house, 40 Lawrence Corporation 
Boardman Langley H. boots, shoes, &c. 34 Central, h. Fayette 
Boardman Warren, shoemaker, h. rear Liberty, above Pine 
Boardman William E., Boott, house 10 Boott Corporation 
Boddy Thomas, house Davidson 
Bohan Martin, Boott, house 28 Market 
Bohonan (Morrill) & Pearson (James J/.), grocers, Ayer's New 

City, house 10 Walnut 
Bolen John, blacksmith, boards J. Hill's 
Bolton Elmira, Mrs. house 35 Church 
Bolton Mieah, shoemaker, house 35 Church 
Bond Olive, Mrs. dressmaker, house Lowell, opposite Adams 
Bonney Arihur P. counsellor, 19 Appleton Block, h. Bridge, 

Bonney (Milton) & Sholes (C.H.), grocers, 5 Prescott Block, 
and 37 Merrimac, h, Mt. Vernon, cor. Sixth, Centralville 
Boobar Ezra D. farmer, house near Queen 
Boody Alphonso H. boards 5 Goward Block 
Boom Samuel, machinist, house Livingston 
Booth Alexander, at D. Dana's, boards 104 Central 
Booth Benjamin, Hamilton, house Court avenue 
Booth James, Bleachery, boards at Mrs. E. Wood's 


Booth John, blockprinter, house Crosby [Lewis's 

Booth Nathaniel, hairdresser, Central, c. Church, bds. at W. 
Booth Robert, at David Dana's, b. Wm. Otley's, Green 
Booth Robert, Blcachery, boards at Mrs. E. Wood's 
Booth Robert, machinist, boards 1 Green 
Booth William, house 4 Green 

Boston George, watchman, Merrimac, b. 118 Merrimac Cor. 
Boston John C, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Cor. 
Boston Norris, clerk, boards 2 Dodge 
Boswell Thomas C. produce, house School, west side 
Boucher John H. sawyer, house Gushing 
Boucher Timothy, Middlesex, house 10 Water 
Bowen George H. clerk, 8 Central, boards 135 do. 
Bowen Mary, widow', house Salem, corner New 
Bowers Francis H. overseer, Tremont, house Race 
Bowers George, boards at Mrs. Jona. Bowers's 
Bowers James, house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Bowers John, Lawrence, house 34 Lawrence Corporation 
Bowers Jonathan, Mrs. house Pawtucket, near Walker [ers's 
Bowers Jonathan, carriagemaker, Pawtucket, b. Mrs. J. Bow- 
Bowers Thaddeus C. carpenter, house Marion 
Bowker Edmund, currier, boards at Emily A. Bowker's 
Bowker Edwin C. shoe store, Tilden, boards 216 Merrimac 
Bowker Emily A. Miss, house Moody, near Suffolk 
Bowker Walter L. shoe store, 2 Tilden, b. Emily A. Bowker's 
Bowler Joanna, widow, house Lowell 
Bowlin Mary, house 3 Dodge 
Bowman William, Middlesex, house 2 Water 
Bowman William P. cloth room, Hamilton, boards 32 Church 
Bowmer William, baker at James Corner's 
Boyce N. B., Boott, boards Joseph S. Taylor's 
Boyd John, laborer, house rear Little 
Boyd John P., Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Boyden Erastus, Massachusetts, house 28 Prescott 
Boyden Harriet, Mrs. boarding house, 7 Lowell Corporation 
Boyden Henry N., Lowell Machine Shop, house 67 Mechanic 
Boyden Horatio W., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Boyle Daniel, laborer, house Putney's court 
Boyle Francis, laborer, house Gorham street 
Boyle John, laborer, house 2 Spring 
Boyle John, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's 
Boyle J. F., Lowell Corporation, house 17 do. 
Boyle Michael, Boott, house John street avenue 
Boyle Patrick, machinist, boards 208 Merrimac 
Boyle Patrick, boards 12 Cady 

Boynton Adams W,, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corp. 
Boynton Alonzo W., Boott, boards 19 Central 


Boynton Amos, boarding house, 19 Central [Centralville 

Boynton Amos II. physician, Wenlworth's Building, h. Centre, 
Boynton Benjamin F. overseer, Lowell, h. Marion, c. LaGrange 
Boynton James, at Brooks & Tyler's, b. Jonas W. Proctor's 
Boynton James M. hackdriver, h. corner Gorham and Cedar 
Boynton James W. house High, near Andover 
Boynton Jane, widow, house Union, corner Central 
Boynton John, boards at E. Fifield's 
Boynton Mark C. job wagon, hoitse 6 Queen 
Boynton Thomas, carpenter, house Centre, Centralville 
Boynton Thomas R. teamster, boards J. H. Trask's 
Brabrook Joseph A. harnessmaker, 17 Market, opp. City Mar- 
ket, house Tyler 
Bracket Joshua, books and stationery, 67 Merrimac, boards 

59 Boott Corporation 
Brackett Azariah, overseer, Prescott Corporation 
Brackett Charles, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Brackett Samuel, overseer, Suffolk, house Moody 
Brackett Mark F. machinist, boards at Warren Smith's 
Brackett Shadrach II. carpenter, Howe, house Bartlett 
Brackett Thomas, Prescott, boards at S. Fellows's 
Brackley John, house Merrimac, nearly opposite Suffolk 
Bradbury Charles, daguerreotypist, 50 Merrimac 
Bradford Charles M. shoemaker, boards at Robert Bradford's 
Bradford James W. painter, house 4 Charles 
Bradford Otis, ship carpenter, house 5 Spring 
Bradford Robert, house Brown 

Bradford Robert F. shoemaker, boards at Robert Bradford's 
Bradford Ruth, Mrs. house Lee 

Bradford William, Lowell M. Shop, boards at Ruth Bradford's 
Bradley Ambrose E. shoemaker, boards 87 Central 
Bradley Christopher, Middlesex, boards F. Bradley's 
Bradley Daniel P. house Centre, near Bridge, Centralville 
Bradley Daniel, Merrimac, boards at B. Conway's 
Bradley Francis, laborer, house Green, near George 
Bradley H. A. millinery, 73 Merrimac, house do. 
Bradley James, Merrimac, house Dummer 
Bradley Lewis, Merrimac, house 128 Merrimac Corporation 
Bradley Martha, Mrs. boarding house, 87 Central 
Bradley Mary, Mrs. house William 
Bradley Michael, Hamilton, house North 
Bradley Patrick, Merrimac, boards at B. Conway's 
Bradley Patrick, Boott, house 2 City avenue 
Bradley Patrick, Middlesex, house 6 William 
Bradley Peter, Hamilton, house Middle 
Bradley Peter, Hamilton, house North 
Bradley Thomas, carpenter, boards at B. Conway's 


Bradley Thomas D. clerk, Vox Populi, h. Gorham, c. Summer 

Bradley Ward, laborer at Jefferson Bancroft's 

Bradley William, Merrimac, boards 92 Merrimac Corporation 

Bradley William, B. & L. R. R. house Bleachery, near R, R. 

Bradley William H. physician, h. Third, c. Read, Centreville 

Bradley William T. at D. Hardy's, boards 87 Central 

Bradshaw John A. machinist, house rear Chelmsford, n. Hale 

Bradshaw Joseph, bonnetpresser, h. r. Chelmsford, n. Hale 

Brady Bridget, widow, h. over C. B. Russ's, East Merrimac 

Brady Cornelius, Hamilton, boards Mrs. Mary Mongan's 

Brady Dennis, filecutter, boards at W. Maddock, jr.'s 

Brady P'rancis, bootmaker, at John Brady's 

Brady John, Lowell, house Dummer 

Brady John, bootmaker, Lowell, n. Hanover, h. do. 

Brady John, Merrimac, boards James T. Huntington's 

Brady John, laborer, h. Central, opp. Crosby 

Brady John, laborer, house Jefferson, n. Lowell 

Brady Michael, house Lowell, cor. Maiden lane 

Brady Patrick, house Short's Building, Gorham 

Brady Patrick, laborer, house Keene 

Brady Peter, Hamilton, boards Michael Brady's 

Brady William, Middlesex, house Dummer 

Brady William G. at John Holt's, house 9 Wall 

Bradt {Daniel) & Orange {H. S.), dry goods, 84 Merr. h. Tyler 

Bradt David & G. J. bakers. Whiting, house do. 

Bradt Garrett J. (D. 4- G. J. Bradt), house Whiting 

Bragdon George, Merrimac, house 155 Merrimac Corporation 

Bragdon Lucinda E. boarding, 27 Suffolk Corporation 

Bragg Frederick, Hamilton, h. Appleton, cor. South 

Bragg Maynard, Lowell M. Shop, house 74 Mechanic 

Brannan Thomas, Mass. h. Centre, n. Tremont, Centralville 

Brannin Ellen, widow, house Jefferson 

Brannin James, Middlesex, house Luther's ct. 

Brannin Thomas, laborer, house Davidson's lane 

Branon William, Middlesex, house Pleasant 

Brastow Addison, watchmaker, 129 Central, b. WashingtoTi H. 

Brazer Charles E. clerk, at W. P. Brazer's, b. American House 

Brazer William P. hats, caps, and furnishing goods, 47 Central, 

corner Market, boards Merrimac House 
Breck Lucy, Mrs. boarding house, 8 Merrimac Corporation 
Breed Henry K. provisions, 36 Church, house do. 
Breen Charles, Middlesex, house rear William 
Brcen John, laborer, house 2 Trull's Block, Middle 
Breen Thomas, operative, house 18 Trull's Block 
Breen Teague, Bleachery, house near Hale's mills 
Brennan Michael, dry goods, 70 Merrimac 
Bretherick Thomas, machinist, boards at Chas. W. Wilkins's 


Brewster John L. woodsawyer, house Hanover 

Brewster William H. Rev. house High street square 

Briar William, farmer, house Broadway, near School 

Brick Mary, widow, house Fenwick 

Bricker William, Middlesex, boards at E. Brint's 

Bricket Eaton, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 

Bridge Adam, Lowell Machine Shop, house 45 S. L., Worthen 

Bridge Andrew, Bleachery, boards at Mrs. E. Wood's 

Bridge Charles, harnessmaker, Arch, near Middlesex, house 

Summer, corner South 
Bridge John, planer, house Pleasant 
Bridge Martha, Gorham, near Middlesex 
Bridge Susan S. teacher, boards at Charles Bridge's 
Bridge Thomas, Merrimac, house Third, Centralville 
Brien Patrick, Bleacherv, boards at R. J. Plunket's 
Brierly Thomas, overseer, Flannel Mills, house Fayette 
Brierton Edward, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Brigham Danforth P., Merrimac, house 125 Merr. Corporation 
Brigham George A., Mass. boards 14 Mass. Corporation 
Brigham James, butcher, house Pine, ne;ir Liberty 
Brigham Sarah, Mrs. boarding house, Market 
Brigham Warren, Lowell M. Shop, boards 4 Middle 
Brigham William F. overseer, Mass. h. 48 Mass. Corporation 
Briggs Benjamin, Mass. boards at William Davis's 
Briggs George, Hamilton, house 45 Hamilton Corporation 
Briggs John, jr., Merrimac, house 175 Merrimac Corporation 
Bright John, clerk, boards at C. N. Carter's 
Bright Joseph {Carter .S, 5.), house at Pelham 
Brinsley Frederick, hairdresser, Middlesex, opp. depot, h. do. 
Brint Eli, Middlesex, house Andover 
Brint Isaac, Middlesex, house Pleasant 
Brittell Charles, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Brittel Sylvester, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Britton Preston H., Lowell M. S. h. 50 Middlesex, n. Carlton 
Brock Alvan D. printer, American office, boards 89 Central 
Brock John, boards 12 George 

Brock Leonard, teamster, boards at Samuel Brock's 
Brock Samuel, woodsawyer, house Middlesex, corner Jackson 
Brogan Daniel, laborer, h. alley between Merrimac and Middle 
Brogan Peter, house Moody, near CaboL 

Brooks {Artemas L.) & Tyler {Ignatius), lumber dealers. Me- 
chanics' Mills, Dutton, house Fletcher, opp. LaGrange 
Brooks Daniel, canal tender, house School, near Pawtucket 
Brooks Francis, botanic physician, 6 Lowell place 
Brooks James, machinist, house 16^ Middlesex 
Brooks James W., Hamilton, house Elm, near Chapel 
Brooks John, Middlesex, boards 5i Church 


Brooks John J. currier, house West Union 

Brooks Leonard W. bookkeeper at Traders and Mechanics' 

Ins. Companj', boards Washington House 
Brooks Stillman, Lawrence, house 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Brooks William, painter, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Brooks William F. hairdresser, 20 Merrimac, house Centre, 

near Tremont, Centralville 
Brophy Edward, hatter, house Winter 
Brophy Ellen, Mrs. house Dummer 
Brophy John, tanner, boards Mrs. M. Mullen's 
Brophy Mary, Mrs. 4 Theatre Block, Lowell 
Brophy Thomas, Railroad House, Lowell 
Brothers Ephraim, Middlesex, house 1 Warren court 
Brothers Henry, Steam Mills, house Middlesex, cor. Garnet 
Brothers Joseph, machinist, house 26 Church 
Broughton Thomas, Bleachery, house Gorham 
Brown A. G. Mrs. dressmaker, Nesmith Building 
Brown Aaron, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Brown Albert, Boott, boards Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Brown Allen H. machinist, house Howard 
Brown (A/pheus E.) & Alger {E. A.), counsellors, 55 Central 
Brown Amos, watchman, boards Alvin Cook's 
Brown Ammi, Locks and Canals, house 36 Franklin square 
Brown Amos S. teamster, house Smith 
Brown Ann, Mrs. house Centre, Centralville 
Brown Asahel, Boott, boards at G. W. Lewis's 
Brown Benjamin, house Middlesex, above School 
Brown Benjamin W. painter, boards 32 Central 
Brown Bradbury D. boarding house, 4 Mass. Corporation 
Brown Charles E. house Water, near Andover 
Brown Charles L. clerk, 54 Merrimac, boards Mrs. Mary R. 

Brown Cyrus G. clerk, 8 Merrimac, boards at 13. Dudley's 
Brown Darius C. & Co. reed makers. Middle, and power-loom 

harness-makers, Warren, house Church, corner Warren 
Brown Deliverance P., Locks and Canals, house Dummer, 

corner Mechanic 
j Brown Ephraim, Mrs. house High, near Chestnut 
Brown {Ephrabn) & Merriam (L. P.), china and glassware, 45 

Merrimac, and 9 John, h. Chestnut, near High 
Brown Foster, at R. Lang's, house Floyd 
Brown Francis, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Brown Francis, painter, boards 30 Appleton 
'Brown Francis, overseer, Middlesex, house Clay 
! Brown Hannah, Mrs. boarding house, 4 Appleton Corp. 
j Brown Henry A. carpenter, house Auburn, cor. Linden 
Brown Henry W. engineer, house Appleton, near Thorndike 


Brown Isaac, clerk, 48 Merrimac, boards 9 Central 

Brown James, machinist, house 21 Warren 

Brown James, fruit and vegetables, Adams, cor. Salem, h. do. 

Brown James, gardener, house South, opposite Union 

Brown Jerome B. clerk, 20 Central, boards 71 Merrimac, cor. 

Brown Joel, laborer, house Gorham 

Brown John, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Brown John, at S. Horn's, house Somerset 
Brown John B. fancy goods, &c. 19 Merrimac 
Brown John S., Bleachery, boards A. T. Saunders's 
Hrown Jonathan D., Boott, boards G. W. Lewis's 
Brown Joseph, farmer, house Middlesex, near the line 
Brown Joseph, carpenter, house 43 Prescott Corporation 
Brown Joseph S. dry goods, 54 Merrimac, house Stackpole, c. 

Brown Josiah, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Brown Josiah H. boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Brown Leonard, job printer, 56 Central, h. Auburn, n. Court H. 
Brown Levi, watchman, boards at JobS. Eaton's 
Brown Levi, at C. H. Wilder's, boards do. 
Brown Mary, Mrs. boarding house, 3 Lowell Corporation 
Brown Mary M. Mrs. boarding house, Fayette, n. Chestnut 
Brown Martia, Mrs. millinery goods, 87 Merrimac 
Brown Myron C, Middlesex, house 12 Warren 
Brown Moses, sash and blind maker, boards W. T. Barker's 
Brown Moses, Middlesex, house 13 George 
Brown Nelson S. shoemaker, house East Pine 
Brown Otis, Merrimac, boards at Elizabeth Yeoman's 
Brown Patrick, house Centre, Centralville 
Brown Robert, at S. Horn's, house Somerset 
Brown Robert, Massachusetts, house 21 Prescott Corporation 
Brown Samuel A. {Ahbotl & Broicn), counsellor, 61 Central, 

boards American House 
Brown Samuel T. {Bell S^ Broicn), \\ovi?>e Bartlett 
Brown Samuel W. superintendent Boott Corporation, house 

Tenth, Centralville [Everett 

Brown Willard, leather dealer. Market, house Fayette, corner 
Brown William, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Brown William, overseer, Prescott, h, 1 Prescott Corporation 
Brown William, teamster, house Auburn, near Gorham 
Brown William A., Suftblk, boards at Elizabeth Yeoman's 
Brown William A. coachman, house 37 Chapel 
Brownell George, house Lawrence, corner Charles 
Bruce Henry, carpenter, house Rock 
Bruce William G. {Pettingell 4r B.), house Rock 
Brundige C. V. N. farmer, house Bridge 


Brunei Alphonso, painter, house School- corner Gold 

Bruton George, Middlesex, house 5 Water 

Bruton Mary, house Gorham, Short's Buildinpf 

Bryant Bartholomew, Massachusetts, house 6 Massachusetts 

Bryant Daniel, groceries and provisions, Middlesex, cor. Gar- 
net, house Gushing, near Willie 
Bryant Hosea B., Hamilton, house 2 Hamilton Corporation 
Bryant James H. overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 22 do. 
Bryant Joseph, shoemaker. Maiden lane, house do. 
Bryant Mertoun C. agent Lowell Gas Light Co. office Savings 

Bank Block, house 14 Kirk 
Bryant Nehemiah, physician, 2 Cady 
Bryant Solon, Appleton, house 16 Appleton Corporation 
Buck Jackson A. machinist, boards at J. I. Buck's 
Buck James I. machinist, A. N. City, house do. 
Buckland John, overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 1 do. 
Buckley James, laborer, house Adams 
Buckley Lawrence, laborer, house Adams 
Buckley Mary, widow, house Adams 
Buckley Maurice, laborer, house Fenwick 
Buckley Michael, hostler, house Putney's court 
Buckley Roger, scalemaker, house 3 Middlesex place 
Buckmaster Patrick, Batting Mill, house Water 
Buckman Peter, carpenter, house near Tremont, Centralville 
Buckminster Isaac, dentist, at S. L. Ward's 
Budgerton Noil, blacksmith, boards at D. A. Coburn's 
Bugbee Charles, painter, house rear Middlesex, opposite Ap- 
pleton Corporation 
Bugbee Worcester, carriagemaker, house liaGrange court 
Bufford Elisha, at J. Leonard, boards at T. Hague's 
Bulfinch Coates, Suffolk, house 14 Cabot 
Bulger Edward, laborer, house Davidson 
Bulger Thomas H. clerk, boards at E. Burnham's 
BuUard Otis, Lawrence, house 43 Cabot 

BuUens Henry W., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 71 Mechanic 
Bullens Joseph M. overseer L. M. S. h. Appleton, n. Thorndike 
Bumpus Abel M., Lowell Corporation, boards 10 do. 
Bumpus George G. overseer, Lowell, h. 11 Lowell Corporation 
Buncher James, engraver, Merrimac, house 32Merrimac Corp. 
Buncher James, jr. designer, Merrimac, house 154 Merrimac 

Buncher Walter, at J. C. Ayer & Go's, boards at J. Buncher's 
Bunker Isaac S. at Otis Allen & Go's, house Fletcher, comer 

Bunker William, mover of buildings, house 56 Church 
Buntin Robert, Lowell, house Centre, Centralville 


Burbank Abby C. widow, house Gorhani, near Court House 
Burbank Abijah, Prescott, house High st. square 
Burbank John H., Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Burbank Newell, carpenter, boards at David N. Burrows's 
Burbank Mary L. Mrs. house Marshall 

Burbank Percival E., Massachusetts, bds. at Sarah Kiernon's 
Burbank (Samuel), Chase (John K.), & Co. (F. W. Sargent ^ 
H. B. Shattuck), clothing and hardware, 5 Central, h. 
Anne, corner French 
Burbink Thomas W. overseer Appleton, h. Appleton, c. Pearl 
Burbank William H., Lawrence, boards 13 Law. Corporation 
Burch Haskell, Prescott, boards Josiah Grover's 
Burge William, carpet weaver, boards Foster Brown's 
Burgess Ebenezer, harnessmaker, Prescott, house Willow, 

near Andover 
Burgess Isaiah, Prescott, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 
Burgess Horatio G. patternmaker, house 47 S. L., Worthen 
i Burgess James F. machinist, house Lewis 
j Burgess Thomas F. patternmaker, house 66 S. L,, Worthen 
Burgess Nelson W., Lowell Machine Shop, house 16 Swamp 

Burgess William, Lowell, house 2o Charles 
Burgess William E. printer. Courier office, boards 9 Church 
Burgin George, house Common 
Burjoiue Patrick, Prescott, house Howe 
Burk James, laborer, house 7 Adams Block, Adams 
Burk James, laborer, house Davis 
Burk John, Mrs. house Winter 
Burk Joseph, tinsmith, boards at C. P. Whitten's 
Burk Patrick, house 7 Charles 
Burk Peter, tanner, house Howe 
Burke Edgar, foundry, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Burke Patrick, house Putney's court 

Burke William A. agent, Lowell Machine Shop, house Anne 
Burkley Charles W. carpenter, boards at I. Stinson's 
Burley George, carpenter, boards G. W. Lewis's 
Burnap (Ethan) & Carr (Edicin), paints, oil, glass, paper- 
hangings, doors, and blinds, Prescott, house Tyler, near 
Central [Summer, corner South 

Burnap James T. engineer, Boston and Lowell R. R., house 
Burnap Uzziah C. Rev. house Appleton, corner Elliott 
Burnham Alfred W., Middlesex, boards 32 Church 
Burnham Asa, Massachusetts, boards 15 Prescott Corporation 
Burnham Crawford, clerk at Prescott Bank, boards at Z. P. 

Burnham Dinsmore R. sash and blind maker, boards at Mrs. 


Burnham Ezekiel, carpenter, house Gushing 

Burnham Francis, Mcrrimac, house rear Centre, near Bridge, 

Burnham Franklin W. overseer, Lawrence, house 46 Lawrence 

Burnham Mary, Mrs. house 15 Prescott Corporation, Brown 
Burnham Norman, Boston & Lowell freifrht depot, h. Forest 
Burnham Perkins, boards Dr. Z. P. Burnham's 
Burnham Philetus, Massachusetts, boards 15 Prescott Corp. 
Burnham Roxanna, Mrs. house 6 Willow 

Burnham Walter, physician. Central, corner Middlesex, h. do. 
Burnham William J. clerk, 44 Merrimac, boards 15 Brown 
Burnham Zebulon P. physician, office John, cor. Lee, h. do. 
Burns Bridget, Mrs. house Lowell, corner Dummer 
Burns Edward, house 1 Hurd 
Burns Edward, carpenter, boards 4 Market 
Burns Edward, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Burns Elias, Tremont, house 20 Tremont Corporation 
Burns Francis, house Gorham, opposite the church 
Burns George, boards Mrs. M. Mullen's 
Burns George, machinist, boards 4 Middle 
Burns George, teamster, house Centre, Centralville 
Burns Grace, Mrs. house 10 Dodge 
Burns James, at P. O. Richmond's, house Merrill 
Burns John, Lowell, house Bartlett 
Burns John, woodsawyer, house Cross lane 
Burns Martin, Castles Block, Lowell 
Burns Matthew, Hamilton, house North, near Central 
Burns Michael, laborer, house Middle, near Lowell Foundry 
Burns Owen, Prescott, boards at Thomas Nugent's 
Burns Owen, Middlesex, house 48 Church 
Burn Terrence, shoemaker, house Bennett's Block, Lowell 
Burn Thomas, Boott, house Centre 
Burns Thomas, Lowell Corporation, house 24 do. 
Burns Thomas, fireman, house 2 Green 
Burns Thomas, Hamilton, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Burns William, Massachusetts, house Davidson 
Burr Joseph, Merrimac, boards 38 Merrimac Corporation 
Burrill John, machinist, boards at J. S. Mayo's 
Burroughs William, jobwagon, house 8 Middlesex place 
Burrows David N. wheelwright, h. Bridge, Centralville 
Burrows John, carpet weaver, house 38 Chapel 
Burrows Mary, tailoress, boards 142 Central 
Burton Alexander P. {Quinn S; B.), boards at P. Lewis's 
Burton George, in sawmill, boards T. Burton's 
Burton Thomas, house Thorndike, opposite the Common 
Burtt Adolphus, at E. M. Sargent's, boards do. 


Burtt John F, at Tuck & Go's, boards American House 
Burtt Joseph M, publisher Christian Era, 27 Central, h. Oak 
Burtt Orandol W. painter, house East Merrimac 
Bush Edward, dru,2:gist and apothecary, Central, corner Merri- 
mac, under Rev. Mr. Brewster's church, bds. at F. Bush's 
Bush Francis (Bent if Busk J, house Appleton 
Bush Francis, jr. boards at F. Bush's 

Bush Francis J. ropemaker, house Keene, opposite Cedar 
Bush Joseph, Middlesex, boards Mrs. Berick's, Spring 
Bush Joseph, watchmaker, boards at F. Bush's 
Bushee Abner, Suffolk, boards Lucetta Pierce's 
Bushee Stillman, overseer, house West Union, corner South 
Buss Charles H. clerk, 76 Merrimac 
Buswell Bailey, Boott, boards Mary Parker's 
Butcher John, Merrimac Print Works, house 63 Merrimac Corp, 
Butcher William, Merrimac P. W. house Centre, Centralville 
Butler {Be7ijamin F.) & Webster (W/n. P.), counsellors, Wy- 

man's Exchange, house Andover 
Butler Climena M. boards at E. Butler's 
Butler D. C. musician, boards 176 Merrimac 
Butler Enoch, boarding house, 24 Hurd 
Butler James, Boott, boards Andrew Lord's 
Butler James, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 
Butler James, Boston and Lowell R. R. house Dummer 
Butterfield Alden, sash and blind maker, bds. Mrs. S. Jaques's 
Butterfield Daniel, Appleton, boards 2 Green 
Butterfield Esther M. Mrs. boarding, 8 Appleton Corporation 
Butterfield Edwin, machinist, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Butterfield Frank O. clerk, at Cherry Pectoral office, boards at 

J. Butterfield's 
Butterfield George F. blacksmith, house 1 Goward's Block 
Butterfield Luther H., Mechanics' Mills, house 9 Austin 
Butterfield Mary, Mrs. house 2 Adams Block, Adams 
Butterfield Joseph, constable, oo Central, h. Appleton, n. Davis 
Butterfield Reuben, pound keeper, hoyse Howard 
Butterfield Samuel, Lowell Corporation, house 18 do. 
Butterfield Theodore, farmer, house Hale, near Chelmsford 
Butterfield William, watchman, boards 27 Appleton Corporation 
Butters George S, mason, house High, near Oak 
Butters H. carpet, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 
Butters John, mason, boards Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Butterworth John, machinist, boards 14 Cady 
Butterworth John, shoemaker, Howe, house 14 Cady 
Butterworth William, clerk, 80 Merrimac, boards 4 Massachu- 
setts Corporation 
Button Betsey R. variety store, house Tremont, opposite Gas- 


Buttrick Alden B. {Buttrick ^ Co.), house Gorham, near 

Court House 
Buttrick {Abner W.) k Co. {A. B. Buttrick i^ B. N. Webber), 

grocers, Market, next Market House, house Highland, 

near School-house 
Buttrick John, carpenter, house Grand 
Buttrick John A. cashier Appleton Bank, Appleton Block, 

hon-:e Gorham. opposite Court House 
Buttrick Nathan, at Fiske & Norcross's, h. Pine, near Liberty 
Buttrick Samuel P. carpenter, house Gorham, near South 
Buxton A:iroTi O. machinist, boards William Goodell's 
Buzzell Hodgd'U, bobbinmaker, boards at R. Taisey's 

CADY FREDERICK, stonecutter, boards 30 Appleton 

Ciidv Ryman, mason, house 6 Cady 

Cady Ransom, Hamilton, house 22 Hamilton Corporation 

Cady Samuel, mason, house SO Appleton 

Cady William R. trader, house 6 Cady 

Cahan Peter, Lawrence, house rear Lowell 

Cahill Ann, Mrs. house rear Lawrence, near Taylor 

Cahill Jnmee, Boott, house Davidson 

Cahill Patrick, laborer, house Cedar 

Cain Dennis, mariner, house Adams 

Cain John, boarding house, 3 George 

Calder John, Hamilton, boards 30 Hamilton Corporation 

Caldwell Andrew J. at D. Dana's, boards Union House 

Caldwell Clarissa, Mrs. house School, near Pawtucket 

Caldwell John, Boott, house 7 Boott Corporation 

Caldwell Pliny W. (/. P. Folsom S^ Co.), boards at D. Folsom's 

Calef Andrew J. carpenter, boards 7 Appleton Corporation 

Calef Asa F. engineer, house Smith, near Branch [Forest 

Calef Ebenezer N. {Otis Allen ^ Co.), house Grand, corner 

Calef Charles, Print Works, boards James T. Huntington's 

Calef Francis B., Merrimac, house Merrimac, near Decatur 

Calef James, Merrimac, house 151 Merrimac Corporation 

Calef John W. boxmaker, boards at O. Calef's 

Calef Joseph W. boxmaker, boards F. B. Calef's 

Calef Isaac W. teamster, house Smith, near Branch 

Calef Nancy, Miss, boarding house, 30 Boott Corporation 

Calef Oliver, house Middlesex, nearly opposite Mclntire 

Calef Solomon C. teamster, h. n. South Common, Summer 

Call J. C. at Brooks & Tyler's, house Liberty, above Pine 

Call Royal, house Middlesex, corner Middlesex place 

Callary Michael, Bleachery, boards J. Conelly's 

Callaghan John, house 42 Appleton 

Callaghan Thomas, baker, house City avenue 

Callahan Charles, Boott, house do. 


Callahan Rosa, widow, house Knowles's place 

Callahan Thomas, baker, house City avenue 

Callahan Timothy, Middlesex, house Lowell, corner Worthen 

Callahan Michael, laborer, hoxise North 

Callanan Dennis, laborer, house Cross [House 

Calvert Francis A. (Aldrich, Tyng <5f Co.), boards Merrimac 

Calwell Henry, Merrimac Corporation, house Little 

Cambridge Arthur H. tinsmith, boards at A. Foss's 

Camfield Michael, house rear of Gorham 
.Campbell Abel M., Bleachery, boards 28 do. 

Campbell Bridget, Mrs. house Fenwick 

Campbell David, house Paige 

Campbell Edwin R., Lowell, house 6 Warren 

Campbell Eunice, Mrs. boarding house, 6 Warren 

Campbell Francis, Bleachery, boards W. Lindsey's 

Campbell Hugh, gardener, house Middle 

Campbell James, Merrimac, house Fifth, Centralville 

Campbell John, house Worthen 

Campbell John, Lowell, house Centre, Centralville 

Campbell John, laborer, house William 

Campbell John, house William 

Campbell Mark, clerk at A. Sanborn's, boards at J, B. Giles's 

Campbell Mrs. dressmaker, Paige 

Campbell Oscar F. {Mclntire ^ C), house 6 Warren 

Campbell Patrick P^ physician', Market, house do. 

Campbell Seth S., Middlesex, house Andover, corner Fayette 
Campbell Thomas, Hamilton, boards at J. Campbell's 
Campbell Thomas, Bleachery, h. Gorham, near Hale's Mills 
Campbell Thomas, at Cushing & Mack's, boards 208 Merrimac 
Campbell William, city watchman, h. r. Merrimac, n. Decatur 
Campbell William, Cushing & Mack's, b. at Henry Mullen's 
Canfield Henry, Boott, boards Patrick Canfield's 
Canfield Martin, Boott, boards Patrick Canfield's 
Canfield Patrick, house rear Centre, near Bridge, Centralville 
Cannen Stillman, Middlesex, boards 54 Church 
Capen Albert G., B. & L. R. R. house Beacon, Centralville 
Cardie Sylvester, Lowell, house Davidson's lane 
Carey Charles, in foundry, boards F. Bragg's 
Carey Mary, Mrs., Connelly Building, i^owell 
Carkin Dexter, teamster, house School, near Pawtucket 
Carklin Dennis, laborer, house Jefferson 
Carle John, machinist, boards Charles W. Wilkins's 
Carle {John B.) & Partridge fG. W.), grocers, Middlesex op- 
posite Hamilton Corporation, h. Lawrence, near Church 
Carleton Chester M. boxmaker, boards at E. Burnham's 
Carleton (George H.) & Hovey (Charles), apothecaries, City 
Hall, Merrimac, house Anne 


Carley James M., Bleachery, house Elm, near Central 
Carley Jolm D. watchman, Machine Shop, house 6 Swamp 

Carley Michael, laborer, house Adams 
Carll Francis, carpenter, house 16 Adams 
Carlton E. C. mason, boards Howard House 
Carlton Francis, steam mill, boards Miss N. A. Smith's 
Carlton George H., Lowell, house Paipre 
Carlton H. T. carpenter, boards at A. JFoss's 
Carlton Jacob, Mrs. house 18 Chapel 
Carlton Joseph E., Lowell, boards at C. L. Flint's 
Carlton Mrs. widow, house Suffolk, corner Cross 
Carlton Phineas, Lowell, b. at Geo. H. Carlton's [cor. New 
Carlton Rollins W. clerk, basement City Hall, house Salem, 
Carlton Stephen, surveyor of lumber, h. Middlesex, c. Carlton 
Carlton Stephen H. clerk at A. B. Morrison's, b. S. Carlton's 
Carlton "William, mason, house Middlesex, corner Carlton 
Carmichael James, laborer, house rear 5 Worthen 
Carmichael Lawrence, cook at American House 
Carmichael William, Lowell, house Adams [Carney's 

Carney Charles T. clerk, at Carleton & Hovey's, boards J. G. 
Carney Honora, widow, house Lewis, near Little 
Carney James G. treasurer Savings I3ank, house Pawtucket 
Carney John, Merrimac Print Works, house Kirk avenue 
Carney John F. musician, house 23 Charles 
Carney Michael, Middlesex, boards Mrs. A. Quinn's 
Carolin Thomas, grocer, house Howe [Central 

Carpenter Cephas "W. clerk, at S. C. Shapleigh's, boards 77 
Carpenter John, Merrimac Print Works, house Union court 
Carpenter Joseph, peddler, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Carpenter William, Boott, boards Abby M. Slade's 
Carper Leo., Boott, boards Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Carr Ebenezer, Tremont, boards at Mrs. Phebe Carr's 
Carr Edwin {Burnap &; Carr), house Chestnut, near Ash 
Carr Francis R. machinist, house Gorham, near Middlesex 
Carr Gilbert C, Massachusetts, house 32 Massachusetts Corp. 
Carr Jeanette, Mrs. house 27 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Carr John W. house Centre, Centralville 
Carr John S. clerk at Boston, house Tyler, near Central 
Carr John S. stonemason, house George, near Tyler 
Carr Margaret, widow, house Worthen, corner Lowell 
Carr Michael, mason, house Marion, corner Cross 
Carr Nathan, Lowell Machine Shop, house Howard 
Carr Phebe, Mrs. house Merrimac, opposite Race 
Carragan Philip, laborer, house Lewis 
Carrawan Mary, widow, house Lowell, corner Worthen 
Carroll Catharine, Mrs. house Centre, Centralville 


Carroll Charles, tin peddler, house High, corner Oak 

Carroll David, at P. 0. Richmond's, house Mill [Cartet 

Carroll Henry H, paymaster, Bleachery, house Gorham, near 

Carroll George F. painter, at Adams & North's 

Carroll John, Suffolk, house do. 

Carroll John J. at Vox Populi office 

Carroll Michael, laborer, house E. Merriraac 

Carroll Patrick, variety store, Lowell, corner Suffolk 

Carroll Peter, welldigger, house Merrimac, near the Hospital 

Carroll Thomas, at Bent & Bush's, house William 

Carroll Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick, near the church 

Carroll Walter, engraver, house Moody 

Carson Joseph, moulder, house 65 S. L., Worthen 

Carter (Chas. N.) & Bright (Joseph), provisions, E. Merrimac, 

near Essex, house Oak, opposite Clay 
Carter Daniel, farmer, house Gorham, below Hale's Mills 
Carter Daniel A. butcher, house Thorndike, near Gorham 
Carter Edwin, at Wm. Livingston's, bds. at R. E. Carter's 
Carter Enoch, at Brooks & Tyler's, bds. 10 Swamp Locks 
Carter Ezekiel, Hamilton, house 35 Hamilton Corporation 
Carter Francis, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Carter Francis C. overseer, bds. 1 Colby's Bl'k, Middlesex 
Carter John C. Mrs. house 3 Garnet 

Carter John W. overseer, Appleton, h. 19 Appleton Corp. 
Carter Levi, carpenter, boards Franklin square, Adams 
Carter Lyman W. house School, near Branch 
Carter Otis, watchman, Merrimac, house Morse's lane 
Carter Rich E. {Mooney Sg C.), house Middlesex, n. School 
Carter Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house New, n. Salem 
Carter Timothy, Middlesex, house 4 Adams Block, Adams 
Carter William F., Lawrence, house 43 Cabot 
Carty William, at tannery, boards at J. McCabe's 
Carwin Dennis, laborer, house Middlesex, near Walker 
Carver Russell, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Gary Catharine, Mrs. house William 
Gary Harriet E. Mrs. boarding, house 5 Warren 
Gary Michael, laborer, house Gorham 
Gary Michael, house Centre, Centralville 
Caryl John, house 3 Ayer's Block 
Casey Andrew, laborer, house Fenwick 
Casey Catharine, Mrs. house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Casey Cornelius, laborer, house Suflblk 
Casey Henry, Carpet, house Lee 
Casey Michael, laborer, house Suffolk 
Casey Thomas D., Lowell, house 4 Carpet lane 
Cass Andrew J. counsellor, 27 Central, bds. at C. Cass's 
Cass Chandler, stonemason, house Union, near Central 


Cass Daniel, laborer, house Plain, near Main 
Cassidy Charles, Bleachery, house Gorham, near Hale's Mills 
Cassidy 1. Mrs. dry goods and laces, 118 Merrimac 
Cassidy Maria, Mrs. house Lowell 
Cassidy Mary, widow, house Button, near Lowell 
Cassidy Michael, sexton, house Appleton, near Gorham 
Cassidy Peter, Middlesex, boards Green 
Cassidy Robert, Lowell, house Hock, near Fletcher 
Castles Julia, Mrs. house Bennett's Block, Lowell 
Castles Stephen, house High, near East Merrimac 
Castles Stephen, jr. boards at S. Castles's 
Caswell Alden, Middlesex, boards at E. Hurlbutt's 
Caswell Albert, brakeman, boards at O. Caswell's 
Caswell Charles, Massachusetts, boards at Jacob 0. Hill's 
Caswell Franklin, tailor, Middlesex, near Pearl, h. Howard 
Caswell George W., B. & L. R. R. h. Howard, n. Middlesex 
Caswell Michael B., Bleachery, house 22 do. 
Caswell Oscar, engineer R. R. house Marshall 
Cate George M. carpenter, boards at Mrs. M. Clark's 
Cate James F. mason, house Merrill's ct. 
Cate Joseph W. painter, house Marion, corner LaGrange 
Cate Thomas J. mason, house Merrill's court 
Cater Jacob S. carpenter, house 38 Prescott Corporation 
Cater Joseph, Appleton, house 21 Appleton Corporation 
Gates Davis, Suffolk, boards at Jonathan Young's 
Gates Henry, Suffolk, boards at Thomas Cates's 
Gates Thomas, lather, house Suffolk, corner Moody 
Cathcart George, laborer, house Howe 
Caughlin Jeremiah, Nashua R. R. house School, n. Poplar 
Caughlin John, laborer, house Dummer 
Caulfield John, house Lowell 

Caulfield John, Mer. P. W. h. Hampshire, Centralville 
Caulfield Patrick, foundry, house Gray place 
Catlow Jonathan, Bleachery, house near Hale's Mills 
Cavenaugh Michael, at B. Watson's, house do. 
Caverly Daniel, clerk, 66 Merrimac, b. at James Emerson's 
Caverly Ira, carpenter and police officer, h. Elm, Centralville 
Caverly {Robert B.) & Adams {S. P.), counsellors, 56 Central, 
boards at A. Hall's [Washington House 

Caverly Z. B. {Morse ^ C), counsellor, 49 Central, boards 
Cawley Josiah, baggage master, boards Howard House 
Cedan Thomas, laborer, house Davis, corner Winter 
Chadwick Alonzo C, Massachusetts, h. Fifth, Centralville 
Chadwick James C. baker, house Linden, cor. Court avenue 
Chalmers William, carpenter, boards Parlin Semple's 
Chamberlain Burleigh T., Appleton, h. r. Appleton, n. Pearl 
Chamberlain Calvin T. lamplighter, house Willie, n. Salem 


Chamberlain John, jr. house 20 Church 
Chamberlain Joseph, carpenter, boards D. A. Carter's 
Chamberlain Lysander, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corp. 
Chamberlin Moses, B. & L. R. R. h, Fletcher n. LaGrange 
Chamberlain Parker, Lowell Machine Shop, house 5 Pearl 
Chamberlain Samuel B. boarding house, 6 Merrimac Corp. 
Chambers Andrew, overseer, Bleachery, house 26 do. 
Chambers Cyrus, silk dyer, Hale's Mills, house Gorham 
Chambers David, Bleachery, boards at A. Chambers's 
Chambers William, barber, house E. Merrimac, n. Canal 
Chandler Ezra, Lawrence, house 42 Lawrence Corporation 
Chandler Harvey, currier, house Howard 
Chandler Joel B., Suffolk, house 23 Suffolk Corporation 
Chandler Mary C. widow, house Adams, corner Salem 
Chandler Susan, widow, house 12 Prescott Corporation 
Chandler William A., Massachusetts, bds. 12 Prescott Corp. 
Chaney Daniel A., Hamilton, house Linden 
Chaney George W., Massachusetts, house 18 Mass. Corporation 
Channing John, painter, house Fayette, near Chestnut 
Channonhouse Abraham, Middlesex, house 9 Warren 
Chaplin Isaac B. carpenter, house 6 Water 
Chaplin Kendall J. clerk, 46 Central 

Chapman Cyrus, at W. Livingston's, boards at T. Burton's 
Chapman George, Boott, boards at George Graham's 
Chapman Nathan, at John Wright's 

Chapman Nathan D., Massachusetts, b. at Mrs. L. A. Farmer's 
Chapman Warren L., Lowell M. S. house Spring, n. South 
Chapman Wiseman, teamster, boards at T. Burton's 
Charles Besmath, Mrs. boarding, house 113 Merrimac Corp. 
Charlton James, Hamilton, house William, near Central 
Charnley James, machinist, house Lee 
Charnley Thomas, block printer, house 98 Merrimac Corp. 
Charters Alvin, carpenter, house High street square 
Charters Oliver A. clerk at L. P. Stacy's, house 146 Central 
Charters Sarah, house High street square 
Charters William, watchman, house Central, opposite Chapel 
Chase Abel C, Merrimac, house 72 Merrimac Corporation 
Chase Abiel H., Prescott, boards 44 Prescott Corporation 
Chase Alden D., Prescott, boards 33 Prescott Corporation 
Chase Charles C. principal High School, house Nesmith, near 

East Merrimac 
Chase David E., Merrimac, house 41 Merrimac Corporation 
Chase David, clerk, at Wheeler & Stickney's, house Gorham, 
Chase Eli, Middlesex, b. 32 Central [corner Walnut 

Chase George F. machinist, house 117 Middlesex 
Chase George H. machinist, house Moody, corner Cabot 
Chase George R. roll shop, Lawrence, house 2 Dodge 


Chaso Hannah W. Mrs. house Sumner, near Gorham 

Chase Isaac 11., B. &. L. R. II., boards at S. S. File's 

Chase Jacob, Prescott, boards 44 Prescott Corporation 

Chase John C, Lawrence, boards 42 Cabot 

Chase John K. {Burbank, Chase ^ Co.), h. Nesmith, n. Andover 

Chase John M., Merrimac, house Moody 

Chase Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at L. Whitney's 

Chase Joseph, Merrimac, house 37 Merrimac Corporation 

Chase Josiah G. civil engineer, 5 Welles's Block, up stairs, 

boards at Marshall K. Wellington's 
Chase Lorenzo, shce store, 7 Tilden, house do. 
Chase Maria, boards at Mrs. H. W. Chase's 
Chase Olive, widow of Sullivan D. house John 
Chase Ilutilus, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at W. Sweetser's 
Chase Samuel M. printer. Vox Populi office, boards at Mrs. 

E Whittemore's 
Chase Thaddeus P., Lawrence, 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Chase Thatcher, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Chase Walter, Lawrence, house 42 Cabot 
Chase Warren E. boards at Mrs. H. W. Chase's 
Chase William W., Massachusetts, house 3o Prescott Corp. 
Cheever Benjamin, farmer, house Bridge, Centralville 
Cheever Henry, machinist, h. Broadway, n. School [Marshall 
Cheever James P. blacksmith, Andover, corner Pleasant, h. 
Cheever John S. painter, house Beacon 
Cheever Moses, house Salem, corner Decatur 
Cheever Rachael, house Lee 

Chellis Elias, collector, 35 Merrimac, boards 113 do. 
Chellis Seth, wood surveyor, house Bartlett 
Chenery Loring, Bleachery, house 10 do. 
Chenery William, watchman, Middlesex, house 12 George 
Cheney Charles H. R. boots, shoes and trunks, 66 Merrimac, 
Cheney Cleaveland J. carpenter, h. 10 Dodge [h. Fayette 

Cheney Daniel, boards 2 Garnet 

Cheney David J., Merrimac, house 52 Merrimac Corporation 
Cheney Eliphalet, house Branch, corner Middlesex 
Cheney George S. at Willard Dudley's, house Moody 
Cheney Israel E. repairer of musical instruments, h. Branch, 

opposite School-house 
Cheney John L., Merrimac C. R house 28 Merrimac Corp. 
Cheney John P. clerk, basement City Hall, h. Stackpole 
Cheney Luther S. restorator, basement City Hall, h. Moody, 
Cheney Rufus, house 3 Willow place [near Austin 

Cheney ( Warren) & Dickey {Benj. F.), fruit, basement City 

Hall, house Andover 
Cheney William S. clerk at Dr. Dowse's, h. Merrimac, n. Cabot 
Chesle'y Frank, Merrimac, boards at Thomas E. Page's 


Chesley John T. pub. Vox Populi, 21 Central, h. High st. sq. 
Child Linus, agent Boott, house Kirk, corner French 
Child Moses, house Centre, near Tremont 
Child Willard Rev. house Merrimac, corner Austin 
Chipman Willard W. patternmaker, 8 Middle, b. 44 Mass. Corp. 
Chisholm Collins, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 
Choate George, overseer, Middlesex, house 21 Church 
Christian Sabina, Mrs. boarding house, Crosby- 
Church Lemuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house Cross 
Churchill Addison, clerk, at Churchill & Bingham's, boards 

at Isaac H. Libbey's [Tremont, h. Moody 

Churchill {Charles) & Bingham (Geo.), grocers, Merrimac, c. 
Churchill {Dcmiel) & Pickering (C. C), grocers, 13 Middlesex, 

house South, near Appleton 
Churchill Geo. A., Lowell Machine Shop, house West Union 
Churchill George W. physician, house Cabot 
Churchill James M. clerk, house South, near Appleton 
Churchill Moses, stonecutter, house 3 Austin 
Churchill Samuel, Merrimac, house 42 Merrimac Corporation 
Churchill Samuel S. millwright, house 122 Merrimac Corp. 
Churchill William, grocer, 138 Central, house 42 Chapel 
Ciriack Charles L., Lowell, boards Lucian H. Davis's 
ClafFy John, house Howe 
ClafFy Thomas, house Castles 

Clancey Patrick, laborer, house Charles, near Central 
Clapp Clark, boarding house, 109 Merrimac Corporation 
Clapp Henry, Lowell M. S., boards Mrs. P. Hill's 
Clapp Ransom D. F., Mechanics' Mills, boards J. Stevens's 
Clapp Walker, Lawrence, house 13 Lawrence Corporation 
Clapp Zebulon, cabinetmaker, house Chestnut, n. Willow 
Clark Abner K. carpenter, house Branch, opp. School-house 
Clark Abraham, jobwagon, house Pine 

Clark Albe C. counsellor, 49 Central, b. at Mrs. C. Blanchard's 
Clark Bridget, widow, house Middle 
Clark Charles, painter, house Fayette, near Chestnut 
Clark Daniel, stonecutter, house 28 Hamilton Corporation 
Clark David, house Fletcher, corner Willie 
Clark Dustin, house rear Lawrence, n. Richmond's Mills 
Clark Edward, watchman, Prescott,b. Mrs. A. P. Nudd's 
Clark Edward, house Central, near Charles 
Clark Elias, teamster, boards at W. Stiles's 
Clark Ezra, Merrimac, boards 70 Merrimac Corporation 
Clark George, carpenter, boards 7 Appleton Corporation 
Clark Geo. W. boots and shoes. Middle, 2d door from Post 

Office, house Fifth, Centralville 
Clark Geo. W. painter, 9 PrescottBl'k, h. E. Merr. c. Ash 
Clark Hannah M. house rear Union, near Central 


Clark Isaac II. carpenter, boards 4 Market 

Clark James, fruit and confectionery, 103 Merrimac, h. do. 

Clark James, laborer,house rear Winter 

Clark James, Middlesex, house North, near Central 

Clark Jeremiah, contractor, Lowell M. Shop,h. 36 Suffolk 

Clark John, overseer, Suffolk, house 4 Cabot Block 

Clark Jonathan, boards at Sydney Spalding's 

Clark Joseph, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 

Clark Joseph, carpenter, house Arcade Block, E, Merrimac 

Clark Josiah, Suffolk, boards 24 Suffolk Corporation 

Clark Joshua, teamster, house Middlesex, near Depot 

Clark Lafayette, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 

Clark Lewis H., Merrimac, boards 56 Merrimac Corporation 

Clark Lorenzo, carpenter, b. at Mrs. M. Clark's, Middlesex, cor. 

Clark Margaret, Mrs. house Moody, corner Cabot 
Clark Martin C, Merrimac, boards 70 Merrimac Corporation 
Clark Mary, widow, house Mt. Vernon, near Pine 
Clark Mary, Mrs. house 4 Pearl 
Clark Mary A. Mrs. house 13 Tremont Corporation 
Clark Matthew, laborer, boards 39 Market 
Clark Michael, Lowell Machine Shop, house Button 
Clark Oliver, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Clark Owen, laborer, house Cummiskey's B., Lowell 
Clark Peter G. bedstead maker, boards at W. Bartlett's 
Clark Richard, pump repairer, 41 Market, house 3 "NVorthen 
Clark Sabra, Mrs. house Central, corner Charles 
Clark Samuel, machinist, house Cabot, near Moody 
Clark Thomas, Merrimac, house 46 Merrimac Corporation 
Clark Thomas, Bleachery, boards North, near Central 
Clark William, Lowell Machine Shop, 69 S. Locks, Worthen 
Clark William H. house Fayette 

Clark William H. machinist, 2 Prescott, b. at Mrs. M. Clark's 
Clark William L., Merrimac, b. 73 Merrimac Corporation 
Clarkin Peter, colporteur, house Gorham, n. Hale's Mills 
Clary John, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Clary Michael, Bleachery, h. Lawrence, n. Richmond's Mills 
Clay Daniel, teamster, house Mclntire 
Clay David, Prescott, boards N. Sabin's 
Clay John H., Merrimac, house 52 Merrimac Corporation 
Clay Sterhen B., Lowell R. R. boards at Sarah Austin's 
Cleaves Charles, carpenter, boards 53 Church 
Cleaves Ebenezer, carpenter, house Read, Centralville 
Cleaves Stephen E., Merrimac Corporation, house 66 do. 
Clemence William H. deputy sheriff, 3 Canal Block, house 25^ 

Church, near the church 
Clemens Henry, boards at Lucy A. Abbott's 


Clement Abigail, boarding, house Charles, near Lenton 
Clement Charles C. (Maffoon^ C), house Third, Centralville 
Clement Charles G. carpenter, bds. 45 Prescott Corporation 
Clement LydiaMrs. milliner, 186 and 204 Merrimac,b, Dracut 

Cleworth William, reedmaker, h. Charles, c. Edgerly's court 
Clifford Aaron C. house Cashing 

Clifford Alden, Lawrence, house 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Clifibrd Arthur L, Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex, corner Mid- 
dlesex place 
Clifford Betsey H. Mrs. boarding house, 4 Tremont 
Clifford Lorenzo P. patternmaker, house Moody, near Suffolk 
Clifford Mary A. millinery, 89 Merrimac 

Clifford Ransom, overseer, Suffolk, house 7 Suffolk Corporation 
Clifford Stephen, Mechanics' Mills, h. Pawtucket, n. the line 
Clifford Weare, silkdyer, Andover, near the bridge, house 

Fayette, corner Andover 
Clinton Rose V. Mrs. house 3 Suffolk court 
Close John J., Suffolk, house 8 Suffolk Corporation 
Clough Aaron J., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Clough Cynthia H. boarding house, 10 Lawrence Corporation 
Clough Elsie M. Mrs. boarding house, 5 Hamilton Corp. 
Clough Henry P. overseer, Boott, h. 32 Boott Corporation 
Clough Isaac, Merrimac, bds. 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Clough James B. cooper, boards 5 Trull's Block 
Clough Joseph M. watchman, Hamilton Corp. house 38 do. 
Clough Nathan, overseer, Boott, house 64 Boott Corporation 
Clough Stillman, stonecutter, boards at C. Coburn's 
Clough Thomas, Hamilton, boards 12 Hamilton Corporation 
Clough Wm. at Fiske & Norcross's, boards atH. Corser's 
Cloyd John, house Common avenue 
Clune Michael, house Winter 

Cobb Franklin, moulder, boards at A. H. Brown's 
Cobb John, cooper, house 26 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Cobb Marcus, moulder, boards at A. H. Brown's 
Cobb Norman, Lawrence, boards 14 Lawrence Corporation 
Cobb Wilson, moulder, boards at Allen H. Brown's 
Coburn Butterfield V., Massachusetts, h. Filth, Centralville 
Coburn Charles, stonemason, house Appleton, opp. Favor 
Coburn {Charles B.) & Mixer (John), paints, oils, &c. 4 and 5 

Mechanics' Block, Dutton, h. Colburn 
Coburn Charles E. clerk at Buttrick & Co's, b. A. W. Buttrick's 
Coburn Cyril, house Pine, corner School 
Coburn Daniel, millwright, house 13 Walnut 
Coburn Daniel, shoemaker, house Centre, Centralville 
Coburn David A. blacksmith. Arch, h. Howard, cor. Arch 
Coburn Edward E. at Joseph B. V. Coburn's 


Coburn Eleanor D. Mrs. house Mcrrimac, n. Hanover 
Coburn Elias, at Norcross's, boards at R. Mack's 
Coburn Fordyce, overseer repairs, Bleachery, house 18 do. 
Coburn Franklin, grocer, 45 Central, cor. Market, h. Gorham, 
corner Union [Andover 

Coburn Frederick V. shoemaker, at G. "W. Clark's, h. High, c. 
Coburn Greenieaf, carpenter, Massachusetts, h. B, c. Eighth, 

Coburn Henry, Machine Shop, Market, house 15 Adams 
Coburn Henry A. farmer, house Chelmsford 
Coburn James, shoemaker, house School 
Coburn James V., Hamilton, house 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Coburn John C. at A. &: S. Stevens's, house Water 
Coburn John H. shuttlemaker. West's building, Middle, house 

Third, Centralville 
Coburn John H. jr. at John H. Coburn's, boards do. 
Coburn Joseph B. V. farmer, house 10th on the hill, Centralville 
Coburn Josiah, grain and meal, 14 Merrimac, house 56 Massa- 
chusetts Corporation 
Coburn Josiah G. overseer, Massachusetts, h. 56 Mass. Corp. 
Coburn Oscar, sashmaker, boards J. Greenleaf's 
Coburn Othniel D., Massachusetts, h. Elm, Centralville 
Coburn Peter H. house Lawrence, next School-house 
Coburn Samuel, jr. Hamilton, house Taylor's court 
Coburn Samuel K. works and boards at David A. Coburn's 
Coburn Samuel N. carpenter, house 4 Market 
Coburn Stephen A. farmer, house Chelmsford 
Cochran David, Tremont, house Suffolk, corner Moody 
Cochran Henry, teamster, house 35 Chapel 
Cochran John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Cochran John H. stoccoworker, house 160 Central 
Cochran Justin, teamster at J. Coburn's, house Carter 
Cochran Matthew H. {Gladwin^ C), house between Ninth and 

Tenth, Centralville 
Cochran Maurice, Merrimac, house Fenwick 
Cochran Samuel, Boott, house Centre, Centralville 
Cochran Silas, Middlesex, boards Pearl 
Cochran Susan, widow, house Lowell, cor. Cross lane 
Cochran Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, corner Suffolk 
Cocklin Catherine, widow, house Adams 
Coffey William, peddler, house Castles 
CofRn Enoch, carpetweaver, house Fayette 
Coffin John, at C. H. Wilder's, boards do. 
Coffin Reuben, machinist, boards 19 Adams 
Cogan Peter, house 5 Warren 

Cogswell John, writingmaster, house Salem, n. the Hospital 
Cohorn David, house Moody, corner Hanover 


Colbert Patrick, laborer, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 

Colburn Abraham, Middlesex, boards 6 Hurd 

Colburn Abram, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Colburn Charles E. at Norcross's, house Smith 

Colburn Freeman D. printer at Advertiser office, boards at Mrs. 

S. A. Colkins's 
Colburn John, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Colburn {Jonas IV.) & Searl (J. II.), provision store. Central, 

corner Mason's court, house Central, corner North 
Colby Asa F. clerk at D.Farrington's,b. 38 Boott Corporation 
Colby (Amos) & Pollard {John), pump and blockmakers, 

Howe, house Fayette 
Colby Colman, shoemaker, 36 Central, house 27 Charles 
Colby Daniel, Merr. P. Works, boards at H. P. Wilson's 
Colby Daniel B., Appleton, house Pearl, corner Middlesex 
Colby David D. merchant tailor, and dealer in furnishing 

goods, 27 Central, house Chestnut, corner Nesmith 
Colby Dorothy, boarding house, 133 Merrimac Corporation 
Colby Elizabeth, boarding, house 19 Prescott Corporation 
Colby Enoch, Appleton, house Moody, corner Suffolk 
Colby Francis M., Boott, house 8 Boott Corporation 
Colby Frank, Lowell M. S. boards 60 S. L , Worthen 
Colby George W. C, Merrimac, house 89 Merrimac Corp. 
Colby Isaac C. boards at Sarah Quimby's 
Colby John, watchman, boards 43 Appleton 
Colby John, Merrimac, boards at John H. Clay's 
Colby John W. {Runals ^ Co.), house Merrimac, n. Race 
Colby Lucius, Massachusetts, boards 33 Prescott Corporation 
Colby Mary, Mrs. boarding house, 20 Boott Corporation 
Colby Moses D. apothecary, 4 Canal Block, boards Hurd 
Colby Samuel, Hamilton, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Colby Sarah A. fruit and variety, 9 Merrimac 
Colby Silas W., Lawrence, house 5-3 Lawrence Corporation 
Colcord Ivory L. mason, boards at Weare Colcord's 
Colcord Weare, mason, h. Lawrence, near Richmond's Mills 
Colcord William, W. I. goods. Market, c. Shattuck, h. Gor- 

ham, opposite Court House 
Cole Asa, foundry, house Merrimac, opposite Race 
Cole David W. machinist, house Lawrence, c. Lawrence ct. 
Cole E Lyman, botanic physiciaii, house High, n. Chestnut 
Cole Samuel G. carpenter, School, near Middlesex, house do. 
Cole S. G. at Bleachery 
Coleman Ben, Lowell, house Andover 

Coleman George, clerk at S. H. Hastings's, bds. 95 Central 
Coleman James S, physician, Fletcher, house do. 
Coleman Jeremiah, house Lowell 
Coleman Thomas, Hamilton, house Market 


Colerouse George, baker, house Crosby's court 

Colpjan Richard, house Middle 

Colkins Sarah A. h. Parker's Blk. next bridge, Centralville 

Collinge John, Carpet, house Livingston 

Collins Cornelius, house Adams 

Collins Cornelius, Gas Works, house 1 McCarry's court 

Collins David M., Merrimac, house 127 Merr. Corporation 

Collins Dennis, laborer, house LeM'is, near Lowell 

Collins Dennis, laborer, house rear Cross 

Collins Edward B. foundry, house Middlesex, cor. Garnet 

Collins James, laborer, house Marion, corner Cross 

Collins James, boards at Michael Carey's 

Collins John, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 

Collins Josiah T. shoemaker, boards 7 Warren 

Collins Lydia & Susan, h. Bridge, cor. Fifth, Centralville 

Collins Mercy, boarding, house 4-5 Prescott Corporation 

Collins Moses, superintendent motive power, S. & L. and L. & 

L. Eailroads, boards Howard House 
Collins Patrick, Lowell Machine Shop, house Cross 
Collins William, mason, house Crosby 
Collyer Isaac J. P. Rev. house Worthen, near Lowell 
Colson Delia, house 20 Prescott Corporation 
Colton George, Massachusetts, house 1 Massachusetts Corp. 
Combs Joanna, house Fletcher • 

Combs Rachael, house Arcade Building 
Combs Sarah, widow, house 9 N. Franklin court 
Combs William, Middlesex, house Water 
Comerford Garrett, Lowell, boards at Thomas Lennan's 
Comerford Richard, Merrimac, house Adams 
Comerford William, painter, boards 117 Middlesex 
Comins Thomas B. {Crosbys & C), house Lowell, c. Cabot 
Comptois Lewis, at A. French's, boards 2 Queen 
Comrie Meriam, house rear Middlesex, opp. Appleton Corp. 
Comstock Michael {H. B. Smith &; Co.), h. 12 LaGrange ct. 
Conant Abel, counsellor, house High, near Chestnut 
Conant Abel E. city express, V/entworth's Building, house Mid- 
dlesex, corner Mclntire 
Conant Andrew, carpenter, house Fourth, Centralville 
Conant George, Lawrence Corporation, boards 54 do. 
Conant Horace J. boards at Abel Conant's 

Conant John, overseer, Lawrence, h. 72 Lawrence Corporation 
Conant Joshua L., Merrimac C. R. h. 160 Merr. Corporation 
Conant Noah, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 71 do. 
Conant Oliver J. painter, Merrimac, near Tremont, house 

School, near Pawtuckct 
Conden Mary, Mrs. house Lowell, near Dummer 
Conden Winifred, Mrs. house rear Lowell 


Condry Michael, laborer, house Suffolk 

Coney John, at O. M. Whipple's, house Crosby 

Conihie James, Merrimac P. W. h, Quigley's Block, Lowell 

Conihie William, Merrimac, house 19 Merrimac Corporation 

Conlan Johanna, Mrs. house Castles Block, Lowell 

Conlan Patrick {McLaughlm <§• C), house Suffolk, c. Cross 

Conlan Patrick, laborer, house Adams 

Conlan Peter, laborer, house 1 McCarry's court 

Conley Felix, Middlesex, boards at P. McGinn's 

Conley Francis, laborer, house Willie, near Salem 

Conley James, laborer, house Union, near Chapel 

Conley John, machinist, house 198 Merrimac 

Conley John, filecutter, boards at W. Maddock, jr.'s 

Conley William, at 0. Allen's, house Somerset 

Connell Bridget, Mrs. house John street avenue 

Connell William, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Connelly Edward B., Boott, boards at Elizabeth Connelly's 

Connelly Elizabeth, Mrs. h. Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 

Connelly Joanna, Mrs. house 5 Suffolk court 

Connelly Michael, Lowell 

Connelly John, house Gorham, near Winter 

Connelly Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 

Connelly William, Merrimac, house Castles Block, r. Lowell 

Conner Bridget, Mrs. house 3 Green 

Conner David, carpenter, house Auburn, near Chapel 

Conner Frederick C. machinist, house Willie 

Conner Gustavus, at Norcross's, boards at A. Preston's 

Conner John, house Worthen 

Conner Parker, machinist, boards Union, near Central 

Connors Barnard, laborer, house Davidson 

Conners James, Merrimac, boards at David Barry's 

Connors James, peddler, house Jefferson 

Conners Jeremiah, at P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence, n. Mill 

Conners Michael, at P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence, n. Mill 

Connoly John, Bleachery, house 37 do. [b. 104 do, 

Connolly Thomas, clothing and furnishing goods, 81 Central, 

Connor Maurice, laborer, house Fenwick 

Convers Samuel {Day % Convers), house Tyler, near Central 

Convers Samuel E. clerk, boards at S. Convers's 

Converse Joshua, overseer, Suffolk, h. Merrimac, opp. Austin 

Convery Patrick, turner, house rear Water 

Conway Barney, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Conway Edward, house 4 Winter 

Conway James, Boott, boards at R. P. Hardy's 

Conway Michael, laborer, house Lowell 

Conway Patrick, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. A. Quinn's 

Cook Abraham F. restorator, Middle, c. Central, b. P. A. Cook's 


Cook Abram S. lather, boards at P. A. Cook's 

Cook Albert, boards at J. C. Ayer's 

Cook Alvin, city teamster, house 13 Suffolk 

Cook A. G. at Cherry Pectoral office 

Cook Carlos A. {J. C. Ayer &: Co.), boards at Merrimac House 

Cook Ebenezer B. {GoodtoinSs ^■)> house Centre, near Bridge, 

Coo^ Edmund, farmer, h. Moody, n. Austin [Centralville 

Co ,k Haven P. tailor, 11 Central, house 5 Lowell Corporation 

Cook James, boards Merrimac House 

Cook Jane, Mrs. house Lee 

Cook Mark H. lace and hosiery, 101 Merrimac 

Cook Nathaniel M., Merrimac, bds. 71 Merrimac Corporation 

Cook Peter A. carpenter, house Howard 

Cook Thomas, gardener, house Cedar 

Cook Thomas, house Howe 

Cook Thomas, variety, 298 Merrimac, house Merr. Corporation 

Cook Walter, painter, boards at Eliza Davis's 

Cook Wm. G., Merrimac Print Works, h, 147 Merrimac Corp. 

Cook William P. carpenter, house 8 Middlesex 

Coolidge Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, house 30 Worthen 

Coolidge Franklin S., Merrimac, house 61 Merrimac Corp. _ 

Coolidge Jacob S. machinist, boards 73 Merrimac Corporation 

Coolidge Martin, laborer, house Broadway 

Coolidge William, tailor, house Moody, near Austin 

Cooney Edward, laborer, house Dummer 

Coombs Henry, machinist, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 

Cooper Henry, house 13 Cady 

Cooper Isaac, overseer, Lawrence, house 68 Lawrence Corp. 

Cooper Sarah, Mrs. house 50 Middle 

Corbett Josiah L., Boston & Lowell R. R. house Crosby 

Corbett Robert L. Mrs. boards 96 Central 

Corbin Mary, widow, house Lowell 

Corey Alfred, shoemaker, house Morse's lane 

Corey Harry, laborer, house 37 Central 

Corey George, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Corey Levi, machinist, boards at Mrs. M.E. Shaw's 

Corey Patrick, printer, boards at P. McGinn's 

Corey William M. overseer, Lawrence, house 76 do. 

Corcoran John, Hamilton, house William 

Corcoran William, Hamilton Print Works, house Green 

Corliss Albert, Middlesex, boards 3 Church 

Corliss Edward, laborer, house Cushing 

Corliss John L. at Lowell Gas Light Co. house Pawtucket 

Corliss Horatio G. F. counsellor, 48 Central, boards at Mrs. 

P. Ford's 
Corliss Moses W. clerk at B. Watson's, bds. at Mrs. A. W. 



i Cornell Charles F. clerk at B. T. Hardy's [n. Thorndike 

! Cornell John A. brakeman, Boston & L. R. R. h. Appleton, 
iCornell Stephen A., Boston & L. R. R.,b. at J. A. Cornell's 
i Cornell Wm. H. clerk at Cushing & Mack's, h. 33 Church 
j Corner James, bakery, 257 Merrimac, house do. 
Corner Josiah, grain and flour store, 266 Merrimac, h. Lowell, 

near Cabot 
[Corner R. baker at James Corner's 
.Cornock Adam B. bread store, East Merrimac 
Corr John, Bleachery, boards P. Corr's 
,Corr Patrick, Bleachery, house Cedar 
iCorrigan Patrick, laborer, h. r. Gorham st. opp. Appleton 
'Corrin James H. bookkeeper, at Aldrich, Tyng& Go's, boards 
i at Darius Lougee's 

jCorser Harlow, moulder, house East Pine 
Cosgrove Edward, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 
ICosgrove John, boarding house, 208 Merrimac 
Cosgrove Peter, laborer, house rear North 
Costellow Daniel, Merrimac, house Adams 
Costellow James, at Bent & Bush's, bds. at R. Costellow's 
Costellow Martin, Bleachery, b. r. Appleton 
Costellow Michael, laborer, Gorham, nearly opp. Winter 
Costellow Robert, laborer, h. Gorham, c. Putney's court 
Costellow Thomas, trader, house Cedar, corner Keene 
Costellow Thomas, Middlesex, boards at T. Ryan's 
iCotta Catharine, boards 4 East Pine 
{Cotta Lewis, at O. Allen's, boards 4 East Pine 
j Cotter Wm. paymaster Lowell Machine Shop, h. Hanover 
Cottle Joseph L. machinist, h. Chapel, cor. Court avenue 
Cottle Mary Mrs. house Chapel, corner Court avenue 
jCottonNeal, shoemaker, house Rock, near Fletcher 
Coughlan John, Merrimac, house Centre, Centralville 
Coughlan Sarah, widow, house 24^ Charles 
Coursay Andrew, Stott's Mills, house Chestnut 
Coursay John, Middlesex, boards at A. Coursay's 
Coursay Thomas, Stott's Mills, boards at A. Coursay's 
Coursay William, manufacturer, boards at A. Coursay's 
Courtney William, Middlesex, house Charles, n. Central 
Couser David, Middlesex, boards Wm. Hughes's 
Covell Harrison, machinist, boards at A. H. Brown's 
Coward Jacob B. blacksmith, house 19 Charles 
Cowdrey Isaac B. house Middlesex, near T. Warren's 
Cowen David, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 
Cowen John, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. B. Dunn's 
Cowley Aaron, house Lawrence, corner Tyler 
Cowley Charles, student at H. G. F. Corliss's, 48 Central 
Cox Abigail D. widow, house Garnet 

8 ^^^ 


Cox Anson, painter, boards at W. Hudson's 

Cox Betsey, Indian doctress, house 18 Appleton 

Cox Carlos, Tremont; boards 30 Tremont Corporation 

Cox G. F. Rev. house 11 Church 

Cox James, Lowell, house East Merrimac 

Cox Lucy, dressmaker, boards at W. Brown's, Auburn 

Cox Nelson, painter, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 

Coxeter James E., Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 

Coyle Philip, Middlesex, house North 

Crafts Miranda, Mrs. dressmaker, h. Eagle Block, Merrimac, 

nearly opposite Suffolk 
Crafts Nathan F., Lowell, h. 3 Middle, c. City Hall arenue 
Crafts Nathan F. jr., Carpet Cloth Room, b. at Wra. Miner's 
Craig Bernard, slater, house 1 Winter 
Craig Elizabeth, boarding, house Lee 
Craig John, tailor, house Chapel 
Craig John, house 12 South 
Craig Michael, laborer, boards at T. Ryan's 
Craig William, works for Henry Plympton, house Tenth, 

Craigue James, botanic physician, h. Middlesex, corner South 
Cram Benj. J. at Chas. Stevens's, boards at C. Stevens's 
Cram E. carpenter, boards at I. Stinson's 
Cram Eben W., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Cram Joseph C, Boott, house 75 Boott Corporation 
Cram Philbrick, house Chestnut, near Ash 
Cram William, shoemaker, house 11 Tilden 
Cramar John, house Fenwick 
Cramer Shelden E. L. boards 2 Dodge 
Crane Alanson, manufacturer, house School, cor. Liberty 
Crane Alanson R. clerk, 51 Central, boards at H. Wright's 
Crane Charles T. house 7 Middlesex place 
Crane Ebenezer, overseer, Appleton, h. 20 Appleton Corp. 
Crane George, Middlesex, house 7 Warren court 
Crane George A., Appleton, b. 20 Appleton Corporation 
Crane John, laborer, house 7 Adams Block, Adams 
Crane John E. patternmaker, 8 Middle, h. 2 Franklin square 
Crane John J. overseer, Lowell, h. 8 Lowell Corporation 
Craven Tobias Wm. carpenter, h. Butterfield, n. School 
Crawfield Patrick, in foundry 

Crawford Ellen W. Mrs. boarding house, 15 Merrimac Corp. 
Crawford James, Lowell, house Union, near Chapel 
Crawford John, machinist, house Aldrich's Block, Appleton 
Crawford Lucy, Miss, boarding house, 16 Merrimac Corp. 
Crawford Mary, widow, house 6 Trull's Block 
Crawford Robert, silkprinter, house Keene 
Crawford Thomas, at 0. M. Whipple's, house Whipple 


Crawford Thomas, city expressman, house 4 Middlesex place 

Crawford Thomas, Conant's express, b. at S. K. Pickering's 

Creighton Peter, carpenter, house Lowell, near Lewis 

Cressey Samuel G. at William Kittredge's, house 3 Oak 

Crilley Susan, widow, house Davidson's lane 

Crimie Robert, weaver, h. Thorndike, cor. Chelmsford 

Crisp Geo. H.Mrs, boarding, 13 Charles 

Cristy William, Lowell, house 27 Franklin square, SuflFolk 

Critchett James, hackman, h. Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 

Critchett Nathaniel, boots, shoes and furnishing goods, 136 

Merrimac, house Tyler 
Critchett Rebecca, Mrs.h. Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Crocker Henry, peddler, boards E. Winchester's 
Crocket Frank, Lowell M. Shop, b. 3 Aldrich's Bl'k, Middlesex 
Crockett Alonzo D., Appleton, b. 3 Appleton Corporation 
Crockett Amos F., Bleach ery, house 3 Crosby [Worthen 

Crockett Henry G., Lowell M. Shop, house 46 Swamp Locks, 
Crockett JohnF. machinist, b. 6 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Crockett Judith, house Central, c. Wamesit 
Crocker Philander, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 1 Garnet 
Crocker S. P. fruit and confectionery, 3 American House Bl'k, 

Central, corner Warren 
Crombie Albert D., Massachusetts, bds. at Clark Crombie's 
Crombie Clark, carpenter, h. Bartlett, 3d door from High, st. sq. 
Crombie James C, Merrimac, house 136 Merrimac Corp. 
Crombie William, Lowell, house Worthen 
Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, house North 
Cronan John, Merrimac, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Cronin Dennis, house Centre, Centralville 
Crooker Calvin B., Bleachery, boards at W. Stickney's 
Crooker Joel, Bleachery, house Cedar, corner Gorham 
Crooker Nahum, porter at American House 
Crooker Orrin, Bleachery, boards AV. Stickney's 
Crosby Caleb, mason and stuccoworker, h. Gorham, op. Ct. H. 
Cioshys {Eph7'aim <§• G.) & Comins [Thomas B.), bedstead 

manufactory, 'Howe, house Central, c. Crosby's court 
Crosby George [Crosbys S^ Comins), h. Central, c. Crosby's ct. 
Crosby George P. machinist, h. Union, near Gorham 
Crosby Judah, paymaster, Massachusetts, house Park, corner 

East Merrimac 
Crosby Nathan, judge Police Court, house Chestnut, n. Park 
Crosby Stephen M. counsellor, house at Nathan Crosby's 
Crosby Sylvester, farmer, house Chelmsford, n. Poor Farm 
Cross Abram, Lawrence, b. 45 Lawrence Corporation 
Cross Bethuel T. auctioneer, house 100 Merrimac 
Cross Ira M., Tremont, b. 13 Tremont Corporation [Mills 

Crossley Robert, book peddler, h. r. Lawrence, n. Richmond's 


Crowe John, Bleachery, house Lawrence court 

Crowe Patrick, Bleachery, house Crosby 

Crowell Charles H. at Pollard's bakery, b. Wm. E. Somes's 

Crowell Lorenzo, house Pine, corner School [Locks, Worthen 

Crowell Seih, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, house 54 Swamp 

Crowell Zenas, Suffolk, house 31 Suffolk Corporation 

Crowfoot David, machinist, house Howard, near Middlesex 

Crowley Bartholomew, house Gorham, opposite the church 

Crowley Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 

Crowley Daniel, laborer, house William 

Crowley Dennis, laborer, house Suffolk 

Crowley James, laborer, rear Connelly's Block, Lowell 

Crowley James, Merrimac Print Works, b. J. Cosgrove's 

Crowley John, laborer, house Lowell, near Dutton 

Crowley John, mason, house Market, opp. Lowell Corp. 

Crowley Mary, Mrs . house Lewis, near Little 

Crowley Timothy, Lowell M, S. boards at Mrs. M. Crowley's 

Crowley Timothy, laborer, house Suffolk, corner Lowell 

Crown Mrs. house 14 Cabot 

Crown Lyman P. house Cabot 

Crownin Mary, widow, house Fenwick [House 

Crowther Henry, Dye Works, Whipple's Mills, b. Wash. 

Crowther John, Hamilton Print Works, b. at Peter Bussey's 

Crowther Thomas, blacksmith, house Middlesex, c. Jackson 

Croxford J. Frank, clerk, 57 Central, b. at Mrs. M, A. Sanford's 

Crozier James, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corp. 

Crudden Peter, Rev. house Appleton, opposite Elliott 

Cullan Bridget, widow, house Dummer 

Cullen Patrick, laborer, house High 

Cullen Paul, butcher, house 1 Merrimac square, 

Cumlock Alexander, Boott, boards R. P. Hardy's 

Cumlock John, Merrimac, boards R. P. Hardy's 

Cummings Benjamin C. job wagon, house Livingston 

Cummings Calvin T. laborer, house Green, near Central 

Cummings {Edmund) & Stevens {Samson, jr.), dry goods, 4 

Appleton Block, Central, boards 8 Appleton Corp. 
Cummings Enoch, carpenter, house High, n. Andover 
Cummings George, boards at Mrs. Sarah S. Leslie's 
Cummings Hiram, Lowell, house High, near Andover 
Cummings James, shoemaker, boards 32 Central 
Cummings John, mason, house Suffolk, corner Lowell 
Cummings Joshua O., Middlesex, boards 37 Church 
Cummings Margaret, widow, house 7 Lewis 

Cummings , Mrs. house 17 Hurd 

Cummiskey A. M. Miss, millinery, Merrimac, opp. Tremont 
Cummiskey Hugh, h. Merrimac, opp. Tremont [16 Trull's bl'k 
Cummiskey Patrick, trunkmaker, at W. P. Hay ward's, boards 


Cummiskey William, carpenter, house Adams 
Cunningham Horatio, shoemaker, b. Mrs. Abigail "Winn's 
Cunningham James, laborer, house High street square 
Cunningham Patrick, laborer, house Dearborn's court 
Curley Thomas, laborer, house Middle, opp. G. W. Garland's 
Curran Ann, widow, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Curran George, house 6 Edgerly's court 
Curran John, at D. D. Colby's, house 2 North 
Currier Charles, machinist, boards F. Bragg's 
Currier D. W. {Manahani^ Co.) 
Currier Ephraim, house 52 Church 
Curler Luke, house Gorham, opposite Church 
Curo Joshua, boards 6 Austin 
Currier Daniel W. butcher, house 5 Dodge 
Currier Frances D. Mrs. boarding house, 12 Mass. Corp. 
Currier Henry, boards at W. H. Currier's 
Currier Henry M., Suffolk, house II Suffolk Corporation 
Currier Jacob B., Lowell, boards at W. H. Currier's 
Currier James K,, Lawrence, boards 19 Lawrence Corporation 
Currier Jeremiah M., Suffolk, house Race 
Currier John {Putnam ^ Currier), h. Nesmith, n. Chestnut 
Currier John, stonemason, house 4 Austin 
Currier John Q. daguerrian artist, h. Elm, Centralville 
Currier Leverett W., Lawrence Express, h. Rock, n. Willie 
Currier Martha D. Mrs. boarding house, 19 Lawrence Corp. 
Currier Rhoda L. Miss, boarding house, 26 Boott Corporation 
Currier Samuel H., Lawrence, b. 19 Lawrence Corporation 
Currier Willoughby H., Lowell, house Charles, c. Lenton 
Curry Anthony, laborer, boards at Patrick Curry's 
Curry Bridget, Avidow, house Lowell 
Curry John, Merrimac, house Dummer, near Lowell 
Curry John, Bleachery, house rear 35 Chapel 
Curry John, Mer. Print Works, house Lowell, corner Suffolk 
Curry Michael, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Curry Patrick, Merrimac, house Hanover, near Lowell 
Curry Thomas G., Merrimac, boards Mrs. Sally Leonard's 
Curry William, Bleachery, house rear Gorham 
Curtis Daniel, Carpet, house 13 Middlesex 
Curtis Lavina F. Mrs. botanic physician, 77 Central 
Curtis Mary, fancy goods, opposite Appleton Mills, house do, 
Curtis Nathaniel, country produce, Market street, house Gor- 
ham, near Union 
Curtis Robert G., Boston and Lowell R. R. h. Hale, n. Gravel 
Curtis Sylvia, boarding house, 18 Appleton Corporation 
Curtis Thomas H., Lowell M. S. boards 248 Merrimac 
Curtis William W. botanic physician, boards 77 Central 
Curtis William W. variety store, 248 Merrimac, house do. 


Gushing Augustus, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Gushing {Daniel) & Mack {Sewall G.), stove dealers, corner 

Market and Shattuck, h. Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Gushing Dorinda, Mrs. 33 Tremont Gorporation 
Gushing Edwaid, Lowell Gorporation, boards 7 do. 
Gushing Oliver E. mechanical draughtsman, 7 Savings Bank 

building, house Anne 
Gushing Stephen, Merrimac, house Anne 
Gushman B. carpenter, house rear 228 Merrimac 
Gushman Gharles, Lowell Gorp. boards at Gharles Merrill's 
Gushman Gharles, carpenter, boards Andrew Lord's 
Gusack John, Bleache'ry, house 36 do. 
Gutler David M. G. carpenter, house Ames 
Gutler James, machinist, boards at T. F. Burgess's 
Gutler Jonathan, machinist, house Adams, corner LaGrange 
Gutler Lucius A. contractor, L. M. Shop, h. Gross, n. Willie 
Gutler Otis, bootmaker, at N. M. "Wright's, house School, near 

Cutter Abijah, gunsmith, house 4 Queen 

Gutter John E., Massachusetts, house 32 Prescott Gorporation 
i Cutting Lewis, Hamilton, house Elliott 
Gutting Lewis M. boards at L. Cutting's 

DAGY JOHN, laborer, house Howe 

Dadman George A. house Marshall 

Dagget Harry C., Merrimac P. W. boards 71 Merrimac Gorp. 

Daggett Carlos, Appleton Gorporation, boards 3 do. 

Daggett Nathan, house Gorhara, near South 

Dahl John, Bleachery, boards Mrs. E. Wood's 

Daighneau Don Pedro, dentist, 297 Merrimac, house do. 

Daily Bridget, widow, house Lowell 

Daily Hugh, Lowell Machine Shop, house Lowell 

Daily John, laborer, house Suffolk 

Daily John, house Lowell 

Daily John J. naachinist, house Tremont, opp. Gasometer 

Daily Margaret, 14rs. house Lowell 

Daily Maurice, laborer, boards Mrs. M. Daily's 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house Adams, near Salem 

Daisey James, house Lowell, opposite Lewis 

Daley James, Hamilton, h. Gorham, near Gharles 

Dalay James, laborer, house Adams, near Gross 

B&Uon f Charles H.J & Tebbett (Temple), provisions, East 

Merrimac, opp. Essex, house High, near Chestnut 
Dalton James, shoemaker, house River, Centralville 
Dalcon John C. physician, house and office corner of Dutton 

and Lowell 
Dalton Michael, shoemaker, 74 Merrimac, house Market 


Dalton Thomas B. bobbinmaker, boards at I. Stinson's 

Daly John, house rear 30 Appleton 

Dam Lorenzo C. house 40 Hamilton Corporation 

Dame Charlotte, Mrs. house Fayette 

Dame Emery, Hamilton, b. r. Middlesex, opp. Steam Mills 

Dame Samuel, mason, house James's court 

Damon Warren, jr. house Carpet lane 

Dana Andrew J. painter, Merrimac, h. 77 Merrimac Corp. 

Dana David, coppersmith and tinplate worker, Jackson, opp. 

Hamilton Print Works, house Nesmith, n. Andover 
Dana John, Merrimac, boards Railroad House 
Dana Samuel L, chemist at Merrimac Print Works, house at 

Danahan Thomas, Carpet, house 232 Merrimac 
Danahey Jeremiah, laborer, house Adams 
Danahey John, Lawrence, house 18 Adams 
Dane George, blacksmith, Dane, house do. 
Dane George A., Lowell Corporation, house 27 do. 
Dane George B. blacksmith, boards at Geo. Dane's 
Dane John, machinist, boards at J. Neal's 
Dane John M., Railroad, boards at A. B. Foss's 
Dane Joseph M. clerk at O. M. Whipple's, and police officer, 

house at Cambridge 
Danforth Amariah, clerk at D. Richardson's, house Middlesex, 

corner Carlton 
Danforth John L., Lowell M. S. house Grand, c. Middlesex 
Danforth Levi, Boott, boards at Mary Stone's 
Danforth Sam'l H., Lowell M. S. b.56 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Daniels Dyar, Hamilton, house Whipple 
Daniels Joshua, hostler, boards Tyler, near Central 
Daniels Joshua W. assistant sec'y Howard Fire Ins. Co. b. at 

Mrs. Hannah Kimball's 
Daniels Samuel, Massachusetts, house Tyler, n. Central 
Daniels Sarah, house 1 Cabot 

Darling Alfred, blacksmith, boards at G. Abbott's 
Darling Gilman T., Suffolk, house Race, cor. Moody 
Darcy Matthew, Bleachery, boards at J. Galvin's 
Darcy Patrick, Bleachery, boards at J. Galvin's 
Darcy Patrick, Middlesex, house North 
Darmon G. E. D. boards 77 Central 
Darracott George, jr. gas engineer and gas and steam fixtures, 

1 Williams Block, Central, h. E. Merrimac, n. Alden 
Dasey Timothy, Nashua R. R. h. Donohoe's Bl'k, Suffolk 
Davenport Elijah, Tremont, boards at Isaac Hutchins's 
Davenport Nathan, Massachusetts, b. 19 Prescott Corp. 
David Duport, butcher, house Butterfield, near Fletcher 
Davidson William, employment office, 128 Merrimac, h. Anne 


Davidson William, 2d, clerk, 1 Canal Block, boards 4 Hamilton 

Davis Aaron, Appleton, house 7 Hamilton Corporation 
Davis Aaron, shoemaker. Rock, corner Fletcher, house 3 Al- 

drich's Block, Middlesex 
Davis Abraham B., Lowell, house 18 Lovrell Corporation 
Davis Alonzo S. cap manufacturer, 62 Central, house Bridge, 

corner Sixth, Centralville 
Davis Betsey, Mrs. house Common 
Davis Benjamin W. house 49 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis Charles, hostler, boards at E. Butler's 
Davis Charles A. physician, house 20 Hurd 
Davis Daniel, carpenter, house School, opposite Gold 
Davis David, Lowell M. Shop, h. Middlesex, c. Howard 
Davis David, Lowell M. Shop, b. 8 Hamilton Corporation 
Davis Eliakim S. signpainter, Merrimac, house Decatur 
Davis Elisha, farmer, house Central, corner Gorham 
Davis Elisha L. bootfitter, 112 Central, house 30 Charles 
Davis Eliza, Miss, boarding house, 5 Boott Corporation 
Davis Elizabeth W. Mrs. nurse, boards at John York's 
Davis Ephraim, at O. M. Whipple's 

Davis Eunice P. & Co. lace and hosiery, 49 Merrimac, house do. 
Davis Ezekiel S. overseer, Boott, house 49 Boott Corporation 
Davis Francis, Suffolk, house 16 Suffolk Corporation 
Davis George H., Suffolk, house 2o Suffolk Corporation 
Davis Hannah, widow, house Salem, c. Common avenue 
Davis Jefferson, printer, boards 2 Queen 

Davis John, at Livingston & Calef's. boards at E. F. Watson's 
Davis John W. periodical depot, 68 Merrimac, h. Lee, n. Kirk 
Davis Joseph, carpenter, house 31 Charles 
Davis Joseph, Lowell, house School, near Branch 
Davis Joseph W., Merrimac, house 36 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis Lucian, machinist, house Farson's B., Middlesex- 
Davis Lydia, boarding house. East Merrimac 
Davis Martin, laborer, house 42 Appleton 
Davis Mary, Mrs. boarding house, 9 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis M. P., Tremont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 
Davis Nathaniel, stonecutter, house 14 N. Franklin court 
Davis Paul S., Middlesex, boards at Hosea Smith's 
Davis Rueben P. carpenter, house Forest 
Davis Samuel G., Middlesex, house 36 Hurd 
Davis Stephen C. boards at C. Coburn's 
Davis Sturgis J., Boott, boards 42 Boott Corporation 
Davis Sydney, mason, house 162 Central 
Davis William A., Lowell, boards 30 Charles 
Davis William J. dry goods, 8 Central, boards American H. 
Davis William P., Merrimac, house 42 Merrimac Corporation 


Davis , watchman, Tremont, boards 6 Race 

Davlin Catharine, widow, house Jefferson, n, Lowell 
Davlin James, e;rocer, opposite church, Gorham 
Day Albert, at David Dana's, house Chestnut, near Fayette 
Day Benjamin, marble yard, 101 Salem, b. at Dr. J. Dowse's 
Day Henry F. foundry, house 20 Middlesex, near Mclnt'.re 
Day Joseph M. ( D. Prouty ^ Co.), boards Central, c. Walnut 
Day Orrin, tinplate worker, at D. Dana's, h. Auburn, n. Gorham 
IdviY {William L.) & Cony exs, {Saynuel), carriage makers, 137 

Central, house Central, opposite Centre 
Dayton Nathaniel L. bookseller, 32 Merrimac, boards 15 Hurd 
Dean {Benjamin) & Dinsmoor {James), counsellors, 27 Cen- 
tral, house Alder, corner Bartlett 
Dean Daniel H. tailor, 5 Canal Block, h. E. Merr. above Alder 
Dean Horace C. mer. tailor, 3 Central, h. E. Merr. c. Alder 
Dean Ira, B. & L. R. R. house South, near West Union 
Dean Jemima, Mrs. boarding house, o Prescott Corporation 
Dean Peter C, Hamilton, boards at D. A. Chaney's 
Dean Susan, Mrs. boarding house, 104 Merrimac 
Deane Stephen R. clerk at Fiske & Norcross's, house Branch, 

corner. Queen 
Dearborn A. D. B., Prescott Cor. boards 24 Mass, Cor. 
Dearborn David, at Norcross's, boards at A. Prescott's 
Dearborn John C., Mass. Cor. boards at Mrs. Lydia A. Farmer's 
Dearborn William, mason, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Dearborn — — , mason, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Dearden William, crockery, glass and camphene, 80 Merrimac, 

house Nesmith, near East Merrimac 
Deblois John B., Tremont, house 31 Tremont Corporation 
De Castro William, Bleachery, house Cedar 
Decay Jeremiah, carpenter, house 3 Bay State avenue 
DeCoster Susan, Mrs. house George, corner Green 
Dederra John, Bleachery, house 8 do. 
Dee John, house Davidson 

Degles Harriet, widow, house Middlesex, corner Howard 
Delaney Edmund, house Lowell, near Worthen 
Delaney Michael, Boott, house 9 Warren 
Delano Granville, Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Delano Seth, painter, house West Union 
Delany Thomas, house rear Davis 

De Lara E. I. engraver, Merr. P. W. boards 13 Central 
Demary George, machinist, boards 60 S. L., Worthen 
Deming Isaac, Tremont, house 40 Tremont Corporation 
Demond Albert A. overseer, Prescott, h. 4 Prescott Corp. 
Dempsey Arthur, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Dempsey Catharine, Mrs. house Castles Block, Lowell 
Dempsey Daniel, B. & L. R. R. house Duramer 


Dcmpsey Michael, hatter, boards American House 

Dempsey Patrick, grocer, Lowell, house Salem, near New 

Denison Julia, dressmaker, house 34 Tremont Corporation 

Dennett Hiram, clerk, 5 Central, house Appleton, n. South 

Dennett Winburn R. millwright, boards at II. H, Ferris's 

Dennis Anna M. teacher, boards at II. Dei.nis's 

Dennis James, machinist, h. Merrimac, near the Hospital 

Dennis Jonas, Middlesex, house Charles, near Gorham 

Dennis J. S. Rev. house Merrimac, near the Hospital 

Dennis Mary A. teacher, boards at R. Dennis's 

Dennis Richard, overseer, Appleton, h. Appleton, c. Pearl 

Denton John A. at D. Dana's, h. n. Thorndike, opposite Hale 

Der')y Andrew, Hamilton, house 13 Hamilton Corporation 

Derby George W. watchman, house Merrimac, near Race 

Derby John, carpet weaver, house Chapel court 

Df-rijy Maria, Mrs. boarding house, 32 Hamilton Corporation 

Derbyshire Thomas, Hamilton, boards 36 Ham. Corporation 

Derbyshire Thomas, Print Works, boards 94 Merrimac. Cor. 

Derbyshire William, Print W. house 94 Merr. Corporation 

Desh'on Esther, boarding, South, corner Appleton 

Desmond Ellen, widow, house Lowell, corner Fenwick 

Desmond John, Lawrence, boards at E. Desmond's 

Designy Michael, batting mill, house Merrill 

Devine Daniel, house rear Williams 

Devine John, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 

Devine John, spinner, house Davidson 

Devine Mary, widow, house Knowles's place 

Devlin James, laborer, house 8 Gorham 

Devlin James, Middlesex, house Green 

Devlin James, Middlesex, house rear William 

Devlin John, laborer, house Castles 

Devlin Joseph, Lowell, house William 

Devlin Michael, Hamilton, house North. 

Devlin Michael, Middlesex, house William 

Devlin Peter, at J. C. Ayer's, house North 

Dewey Alexander, Middlesex, boards 87 Central 

Dewhurst Eli, Appleton Corporation, boards 3 do. 

Dewhurst James, blockeutter, house Crosby 

Dewhurst Richard J. {Littler ^ D.), stamp stencil cutter, 

Thorndike, corner Gorham', house Kidder 
Dewhurst William, blockcutter, house Crosby 
Dewly Edward, block printer, house Central, corner Crosby 
Dexter Aaron, picker factory, boards at Mrs. Sarah Charter's 
Dickenson Barney P. carriage painter. Arch, h. at Chelmsford 
Dickerman Manly S. carpenter, h. Kimball's Block, Moody 
Dickey Benjamin F. {Cheney &; D.), house Willow place 
Dickey Hanover, physician, 15 Hurd, house do. 


Dickey Henry H. beltmaker, house Fletcher 

Didist Nicholas, house Green, near Central 

Digan Jeremiah, laborer, boards at E. Brophy's 

Diggles James, boards at Mrs. Sally Pillsbury's 

Dike Morrill H. overseer, Middlesex, house Oak 

Dillingham Artemas, house Bridge, cor. Sixth, Centralville 

Dillingham Paul, mason, house Elm, Centralville 

Dillon David, laborer, house Fenwick 

Dillon Patrick, laborer, house Water 

Dinnen Charles, laborer, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 

Dinnen John, Middlesex, house 5 Edgerly's court 

Dinsmoor James {Dean ^ Dinsmoor), counsellors, 27 Central, 

house Andover, corner Harrison 
Dinsmore Christopher C. engineer, Middlesex, h. 29 Church 
Dinsmore !••», Middlesex, house 28 Church 
Dinsmore Robins, house 64 Church 

Dinsmore Tobias P. clerk, 138 Central, h. Union, n. Gorham 
Dinsmore "William, laborer, house Somerset 
Disney James, machinist, house rear 30 Appleton 
Ditson Harmon, watchman, boards 21 Suffolk Corporation 
Ditson Samuel, Suffolk, house 22 Suffolk Corporation 
Dix Daniel, boards at Enoch Colby's 
Dix John, wood wharf, boards at Mrs. M. Bennett's 
Dixey Lucy A. Miss, dressmaker, 92 Merrimac 
Dixon David, house North 

Dixon James, watchman, boards 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Doake Horace, overseer, Mass. house 55 Mass. Corporation 
Dobbins George, Lowell Machine Shop, house Dutton 
Dobbins Michael, atS. C. Shapleigh's, house Merrill 
Dodd Michael, Massachusetts, house Centre, Centralville 
Dodds Marshall, machinist, house 6 Summer 
Dodge Charles, painter, house High, corner Chestnut 
Dodge Charles W. dry goods, 101 Central, corner Gorham, 

boards at A. D. Puffer's 
Dodge David M. Mrs. house Charles, near Central 
Dodge Eliza, Mrs. boarding house, 14 Boott Corporation 
Dodge Ezekiel, carpenter, house Centre, Centralville 
Dodge Fidelia O. teacher, house at Mrs. D. M. Dodge's 
Dodge Horace N., Middlesex, house 22 Chapel 
Dodge James S. house Pawtucket 
Dodge John, carpenter, house Appleton, corner Pearl 
Dodge Joseph M. carpenter, house Tyler 
Dodge Luke G. carpenter, house Fayette 
Dodge Lydia, tailoress, boards 135 Central 
Dodge Spencer, shoemaker, house Cabot, near Merrimac 
Dodge Thomas, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Market, n. Central 
Doe Charles, Mass. boards 19 Prescott Corporation 


Doe Ezra W., Tremont, hou=;e 28 Tremont Corporation 

Doe Hilas, peddler, house G Summer 

Doe Ira, clerk, Colony House, boards do. 

Doe Lydia, Mrs. boarding house, 54 Church 

Dogin Patrick, laborer, house FenAvick 

Dohcrty John, laborer, house Wall 

Doherty John, at W. Siiles's, boards do. 

Doherty Michael, laborer, house Andover 

Dolan Matthew, laborer, house between Merrimac and Middle 

Dolan Michael, house 4 Winter 

Do^an Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson 

Dolan Pat'-ick, Bleachery, house Livingston 

Dolan AVilliam, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 

Do^an William, Hamilton, boards 2 William 

Dolbler Sullivan, watchman, boards lo Hamilton Corporation 

Dole Sally, widow, house Lowell, near Jefferson 

Dole Thomas, whee^wrif^ht, South, near Summer, house West 

Union, corner South 
DoUard James, spinner, house Davis 

Donaldson Hugh, Batting Mill, house Merrill, corner Taylor 
Donelly Barnard, Prescott, house William 
Donelly Mary, Mrs. house Luther's court 
Donelly Mary, Mrs. house Maiden lane 
Donelly Patrick, laborer, house Keene 
Donley James, Lowell Machine Shop, house rear Dummer 
Donley John, Middlesex, house Water 
Donley Mary, Mrs. house 12 Trull's Block, Middle 
Donley Patrick, Boott. house Davidson 
Donna Bernard, Lowell, house rear Dummer 
Donnan John, laborer, Cummiskey's B., Lowell 
Donnegan Margaret, Mrs. house Salem, near Willie 
Donnelly Barnard, house Winter [and Gorham 

Donnelly Edward, fireman, Hamilton, house corner Appleton 
Donnelly James, shoemaker, house rear Little 
Donnelly Margaret, Mrs. house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Donnelly Michael, Middlesex, house 1 Edgerly's court 
Donnelly Owen, Lowell M. Shop, house Summer, near Davis 
Donnelly Patrick, Middlesex, boards T. Ryan's 
Donohoe Andrew, laborer, house rear Winter 
Donohoe James, at Brook & Tyler's, boards at P. Roark's 
Donohoe Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick 
Donohoe John, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at P. Roark's 
Donohoe John, Merrimac, house rear Dummer 
Donohoe Mary, Exchange Coffee House, Lowell 
Donohoe Michael, laborer, house Middle 
Donohoe Michael, laborer, at Gas Works, house Broadway 
Donohoe Michael, laborer, house Fenwick 


Donohoe Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 

Donohoe Patrick, laborer, house 3 Theatre Block, Lowell 

Donohoe Patrick, shoemaker, boards Mrs. S. Wellington's 

Donohoe Thomas, laborer, house North 

Donohoe Thomas, laborer, house 6 Theatre Block, Lowell 

Donough Esther, Mrs. house North « 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, house Haggerty Block, Lawrence 

Donovan John, laborer, house Lowell, near Dutton 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, house Fenwick 

Donovan Richard, laborer, house rear Dummer 

Donovan Michael, laborer, house East Merrimac 

Donovan Thomas, boards at Lucy Hill's 

Donovan Thomas, Merrimac, boards at J. Donovan's 

Donovan Timothy, at O. M. Whipple's, house Bickford place 

Donovan Timothy, laborer, house Merrimac, opposite Tremont 

Dooley Robert, block printer, house rear Central, near Abbott 

Doonan Margaret, Mrs. house Fenwick, near Church 

Dopp Joseph, variety store, 1 Arcade Block, East Merrimac, 

house do. 
Doran Alice, Mrs. house Howe 

Dorsay John, Lowell, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 
Dorsett Charles P. clerk, 94 Merrimac, boards 100 do. 
Doton Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding house, 19 Boott Corporation 
Dougherty Andrew, Bleachery, house Cedar 
Dougherty John, Middlesex, house Charles, near Central 
Dougherty John, Middlesex, boards F. McSwegan's 
Dougherty William, Middlesex, boards F. McSAvegan's 
Douglass Erastus, house Worthen, corner Mechanic 
Douglass James, carpenter, boards Mrs. Mary Parker's 
Douglass Thomas G. mason, house Gorham, near Central 
Doulan Thomas, Boston & Lowell R. R. depot, h. 10 Lewis 
Dow Charles, blacksmith, house 17 Middlesex, near Branch 
Dow Daniel D. machinist, boards at A. M. Spalding's 
Dow David P. millwright, boards 13 Walnut 
Dow Francis, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Dow George, mason, boards T. D. Bailey's 
Dow Jeremiah, millwright, boards 13 Walnut 
Dow Jeremiah F. clerk, 4 Central, boards at J. R. Leonard's 
Dow Joshua, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at Mrs. P. Ames's 
Dow Martin, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Dowdle Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Downes John E., Lowell Machine Shop, house 34 Worthen 
Downes Leonard W. job wagon, house Cushing, corner Willie 
Downes Luther, machinist, house near Summer 
Downes Matthew, boarding house, 22 Massachusetts Corp. 
Downes Nathaniel, Massachusetts, house 20 Mass. Corporation 


Downes Reuben, house Charles, corner Central 

Downes Rollins, Lowell M. S. boards at Mrs. P. Hill's 

Downes Samuel, Lowell M. S. boards 56 S. L., Worthen 

Downey Margaret, house LeAvis, rear Lowell 

Downing Daniel R. fruit and Tegetables, 14 & 15 City Market, 

house Church, opposite Lawrence 
Downing John C, Lowell, house 9 Marion 
Downing Jonathan, painter, house Lawson 
Downing Judith P. dressmaker, h. Adams, corner LaGrange 
Downing Moses G. carpenter, house Adams, corner LaGrange 
Downing Thomas, grocer, Lowell, house do. 
Dows Amos "W. botanic medicines, 149 Central, boards at 

Mrs. A. W. Parker's 
Dows Betsey, Mrs. house rear 149 Central 
Dows Gustavus D. clerk, 149 Central, bds. Mrs. A. W. Parker's 
Dowse John, botanic medicines, Merrimac, opposite Cabot, 

house Cabot, near Merrimac 
Dowser William, fish dealer, at Sargent & "Wiggin's, house 

East Merrimac, opposite High 
Doyen David, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Doyle Brian, well digger, house Lowell 
Doyle Edward, tailor, 106 Central, boards 104 do. 
Doyle James, groceries, William, house do. 
Doyle John, at J. Kelley's, boards do. 

Doyle Lawrence, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. Railroad House 
Doyle Mary, Mrs. house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Doyle Michael, Middlesex, house 40 Appleton 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, house Gray place 

Doyle Peter, blacksmith, house rear Central, opposite Union 
Drach Joseph, Appleton, house 9 Spring 
Dragan Daniel, laborer, house Dummer 
Drake Ell s, Massachusetts, boards Miss Jane T. Wing's 
Drake Erastus, Middlesex, boards 87 Central 
Drake Hiram, Massachusetts, house 54 Massachusetts Cor. 
Drake Hiram P. moulder, house Aldrich's Block, Appleton 
Drake Jonathan, moulder, boards 77 Central 
Drake Thomas J. stonemason, house Fourth, Centralville 
Draper John, bobbinmaker, boards at "William Howe's 
Draper Joshua L. carpenter, house 1 South 
Draper — , bobbin turner, house 49 Church 
Dresser Albion P. house South, near Summer 
Dresser Henry W., Lawrence, boards 46 Lawrence Corporation 
Dresser Peter O. watchman, bds. 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Dresser Samuel F. stonemason, house 17 Trull's Bl'k, Middle 
Dresser Samuel T. hackman, boards 17 Trull's Block 
Drew Calvin M. house 8 Walnut 
Drew Charles C. house 2 Arcade Block, East Merrimac 


Drew Charles W. dry goods, 3 Welles's B. house Bartlett 

Drew Esther, Mrs. boarding, 43 Boott Corporation 

Drew Henry C. clerk, 3 Welles's Blk. boards at G. W. Kurd's 

Drew Holman H., Prescott, boards Miss A. Clement's 

Drew Stephen M. house Willow, corner Andover 

Drew Sylvester, Prescott, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 

Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, house 11 Adams Block, Adams 

Driscoll Cornelius, hatter, boards at Mrs. J. Sullivan's 

Driscoll Daniel, foundry, house Lowell 

Driscoll John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Drown Amos B. mason, house Middlesex, comer Garnet 

Drown Hiram S. engineer, house Thorndike, near Gorhara 

Drum James, Boott, boards Thomas Hines's, Centralville 

Drunning Thomas, soapmaker, house North, near Central 

Ducey Margaret, widow, house Lowell 

Ducey Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, near Dumraer 

Duckies Thomas, carpenter, Merrimac, house "Water 

Dudley David, Hamilton, house Appleton, corner South 

Dudley Dennison, grocer, 6 & 8 Merrimac, house 148 Central 

Dudley Else, Mrs. house High, corner Chestnut 

Dudley Gilman, South Merrimac, boards at Mrs. Else Dudley's 

Dudley Josiah P, carpenter, house Queen [Cabot 

Dudley Willard, grocer, Merrimac, c. Tilden, h. Merrimac, n. 

Dudley William A., Hamilton, house Appleton, eorner South 

Duesbury Caroline, Mrs. boarding house, 113 Merrimac 

Duesbury Charles B., Hamilton, boards Mrs, Duesbury's 

Duffy Barnard, laborer, house Davidson 

Duffy Elizabeth, Mrs. house Centre, near Bridge, Centralville 

Duffy Ellen, house Centre, Centralville 

Duffy James, carpenter, house Marion, corner Cross 

Duffy James, Boott, boards R. P. Hardy's 

Duffy Michael, laborer, house Keene 

Duffy Michael, house North 

Duffy Terrence, laborer, house Market 

Duffy Thomas, Hamilton Print Works, boards at P. Tierney's 

Duffy Thomas, house rear Gorham, near Winter 

Dufrene Joseph, house River, Centralville 

Dulan James, machinist, boards David Barry's 

Dumas Levi, bookbinder, at Merrill & Straw's, bds. 13 Central 

Duncan Edward, linen weaver, house Middle 

Duncan John, Rev. house Chestnut, between High and Willow 

Duncan John G., Tremont, house 42 Tremont 

Dunlap Ira W., Bleachcry, boards A. Emerson's 

Dunlavy George, laborer, house Adams 

Dunlavy James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Dunlavy James, Boott, house Centre, Centralville 

Dunlavy James, jr., Boott, boards James Dunlavy's 


Dunlavy John, Merrimac, house Fenwick 

Dunlavy John, laborer, house Adams 

Dunn Ann, house Snell's Block, Moody 

Dunn Bridget, widow, house Summer 

Dunn James, laborer, house Davidson 

Dunn James, marble worker, house Dutton, near Mechanic 

Dunn John, house Gorham, opposite the church 

Dunn John, boards at Mrs. B. Dunn's 

Dunn Maria, dressmaker, house East Merrimac 

Dunn Martin, blacksmith, boards Jesse O. Fenderson's 

Dunn Mary, widow, house Adams 

Dunn William, variety store, house Dutton 

Dunphy Michael, Hamilton, house North 

Durant Ann M. Mrs, boarding house, Tilden, corner Moody 

Durant John A., Middlesex, house 6 Water 

Duren Dorothy, Mrs. house rear 13 Middlesex 

Duren Joel, house rear 13 Middlesex 

Durgin Charles, machinist, boards Howard House 

Durgin Chas. A. (H. B. Smith ^ Co. ), boards Howard House 

Durgin Charles G. carpenter, at'P. O. Richmond's, h. Abbott 

Durgin Clement T. machinist, B. Shop, b, 4 Hamilton Corp. 

Durgin Curtis, Massachusetts, house 57 Massachusetts Corp. 

Durgin Cyrus "W., Lowell Corporation, house Bridge, corner 

Ninth, Centralville 
Durgin Elijah S. house Summer, corner South [tion 

Durgin John, Merrimac P. W. boards 159 Merrimac Corpora- 
Durgin John, Mrs. house rear 9 Hurd 
Durgin John H. drover, boarding house, 4 Hamilton Corp. 
Durgin Josiah, Hamilton Print Works, boards W. Hudson's 
Durgin Lydia C. Miss, house Summer, corner South 
Durgin Nathaniel, teamster, house Pawtucket, corner Walker 
Durgin William, teamster, boards at C. D. Barry's 
Duris William, Boott, house Centre, Centralville 
Durrell George, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Durrell Joseph N. moulder, boards at A. H. Brown's 
Dustin William L. carpenter, Howe, house Willow 
Duston William S. house Central, near Abbott 
Dutton Fanny, tailoress, boards at Mrs. J. York's 
Dutton James W. machinist, house Chestnut, near High 
Dutton James W., Tremont, house 38 Tremont Corporation 
Dutton Philena, tailoress, boards at Mrs. J. York's 
Duxbury James, Merrimac, house 148 Merrimac Corporation 
Duxbury John, Merrimac, boards 148 Merrimac Corporation 
Dwinell Alcander, house Bartlett 
Dwyer William, batting mill, boards Appleton House 
Dyar Warren H. looking glasses, clocks, and musical instru- 
ments, 39 & 41 Central, house 8 Chapel, near Union 


Dyson John, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. Sarah Stott's 

EACOTT WILLIAM, Middlesex, house "Water, near AndoTer 
Eames Luther, undertaker, and superintendent Cemetery, and 

police officer, house Thorndike, near Gorham 
Eames Luther J. butcher, house Thorndike, near Gorham 
Earl John, farmer, house "Walnut, Centralville 
Earl Warren, Boott, boards Mrs. Eliza Putnam's 
Early Mary, Miss, house Daridson 
Easter James, Tremont, boards at John "Woodbury's 
Easter John, Boott, boards Andrew Lord's 
Easter Samuel, Merrimac, boards at E. Winchester's 
Easter Samuel, at Minot & Hart's 
Eastman Abby B. Miss, boarding, 6 Boott Corporation 
Eastman Benjamin M. mason, boards Colony House 
Eastman Charles S. & Co. (G. W. Bedloio), apothecaries, Cen- 
tral, cor. Merrimac, h. Ash, n. East Merrimac 
Eastman Daniel, fruit and variety, house 11 Merrimac 
Eastman Daniel, painter, boards at J. M. Pope's 
Eastman Dan S. {H. Hosford& Co.), boards 113 Merrimac 
Eastman Darius, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards 135 Merrimac Cor, 
Eastman Edmund, house South, near Appleton 
Eastman Ezekiel W., Appleton, house Appleton, corner Pearl 
Eastman Gardner K, stonecutter, Western avenue 
Eastman Henry, Boott, boards Andrew Lord's 
Eastman Isaac C bookkeeper at Courier Office, 27 Central, 

boards 20 Hurd 
Eastman John B. variety, Paige, corner John, house do. 
Eastman Rebecca W. Mrs. house High, near Andover 
Eastman Robert, clerk, 84 Merrimac, house Bartlett 
Eastman Sarah, widow, house Common 

Eastman Solomon, carpenter, house East Merrimac, opp. Ash 
Eastman Susan F. boarding house, 26 Suffolk Corporation 
Eastman William D. house Broadway 
Eaton Albert S. cook, Merrimac House, house Lawrence 
Eaton Alvin, Lowell Machine Shop, house 57 Swamp Locks, 

Eaton Daniel C, Lawrence, house 52 Lawrence Corporation 
Eaton Elizabeth, Miss {Allen &; Eaton), 19 Merrimac 
Eaton Ezra, Appleton, boards 'W. H. Turner's 
Eaton Henry, sash and blind maker, boards 2 Colby's Block, 

Eaton Horace L. foundry, Jackson, house Clay 
Eaton James W. at Worcester Eaton's, boards do. 
Eaton Jeremiah B. carriage manuf. Dutton, c. Worthen, h. do. 
Eaton John M. clerk at J. H. Kimball's, boards do. 
Eaton Job S. grocer, Cabot, house do. 


Eaton Jonathan, boarding, 114 Merrimac Corporation 

Eaton Martin, Middlesex, boards 96 Central 

Eaton Samuel, pop corn man, house Merrimac, near Race 

Eaton Worcester, provisions, Merrimac, near Cabot, house do 

Eddy Daniel C. Rev. house Chapel, opposite Cottage 

Edgell William, Massachusetts, h. East Merrimac, opp. Ash 

Edgerly Betsey, Miss, boarding house, 21 Tremont Corporation 

Edgerly Ivory, carpenter, boards at L. Howe's 

Edgerly Jonathan, watchman, Middlesex, and livery stable, 

Edgerly's court, house 4 do. 
Edgerly Lovey, dressmaker, house 5 Pearl 
Edgerly Moses, machinist, boards South, near Middlesex 
Edson James, carpenter, house Centre, Centralville 
Edson Theodore, Rev. house Andover 
Edwards Ivory, Appleton Corporation, house 5 do. 
Edwards Jabez, Merrimac, house 29 Merrimac Corporation 
Egan Lawrence, fruit, house Winter 
Egan Patrick, Middlesex, boards 5 Church 
Egan Thomas, Merrimac Print Works, house Adams 
Ela David H. machinist, boards 11 Warren 
Ela Theodore, house 11 Warren 

EUenwood Gayton P., Massachusetts, house 64 Mass. Corp. 
Ellingwood Robert, at D. Dana's, h. Central, opposite Centre 
Elliot George P. & Son {Jolm £//?o<), agricultural tools, seeds 

and wooden ware, 46 Central, h. Fletcher, c. Pawtucket 
Elliot John {George P. Elliot ^ Son), boards at G. P. Elliot's 
Elliott Edmund, Merrimac, boards 72 Merrimac Corporation 
Elliott Esther, Mrs. shoebinder, h. Broadway, n. Guard Locks 
Elliott Hazen, assessor. City Hall, house north side Moody 
Elliott Jasper, Merrimac, house 78 Merrimac Corporation 
Elliott Lovey, Mrs. house 76 Merrimac Corporation 
Elliott S. G. dressmaker, 1 Tilden [Mclntire 

Ellis Benjamin, at Fisk & Norcross's, house Middlesex, corner 
Ellis Edmund, carpenter, house Smith 
Ellis Oliver, Merrimac, house 85 Merrimac Corporation 
Ellison Jacob, machinist, boards Mrs. M. Berick's 
Ellsworth Calista B. Miss, boarding house, 41 Cabot 
Elston Matthew, carpenter, boards 19 Charles 
Elwell Enoch, machinist, boards John Whitney's 
Elwell James, machinist, bds. at John Whitney's [Kimball's 
Ely Joseph H. at Cherry Pectoral Office, boards at Mrs. H. 
Emerson Alvin, Bleachery, house 17 do. 
Emerson Daniel, block printer, house Cedar, near Central 
Emerson David, house Moody [chusetts Corporation 

Emerson Francis P. carpenter, 6 Prescott, boards 50 Massa- 
Emerson Isaac D. shoemaker, boards at Mrs. N. Emerson's 
Emerson James, Massachusetts, boards Mrs. L. Simpson's 


Emerson James, at G. S, Hatch's, house 9 East Merrimac 
Emerson Jane, Mrs. dressmaker, 36 Central, boards 77 do. 
Emerson Jeremiah, coach drirer, boards Farmers and Me- 
chanics' Hot*l 
Emerson Joel D. mason, house George, opposite Green 
Emerson John F. lirery stable, Charles, boards 7 Hamilton 
Corporation [Alder, near Bartlett 

Emerson Luther, groceries and produce, East Merrimac, house 
Emerson Nancy, widow, house East Pine 
Emerson Nathan, painter, East Merrimac, boards 89 Central 
Emerson P. H. variety, 71 Merrimac, house Kirk avenue 
Emerson Rebecca A. Mrs. house Chestnut, near Fayette 
Emerson Sarah Ann, house Charles, corner Central 
Emerson Solomon D. overseer weaving room, Appleton Cor- 
poration, house 29 do. 
Emery Artemas, drover, house Lawrence, near Church 
Emery Enoch, Daily Morning News, 44 Central, house Higi, 
near Andover [court 

Emery Frank, sash and blind maker, house 13 North Franklin 
Emery George, clerk, 136 Central, boards 128 do. 
Emery Henry, proprietor Merrimac House, Merrimac, corner 

Emery Hiram E. house 15 Appleton Corporation 
Emery Lewis F., Middlesex, house, corner South and Summer 
Emery Samuel, stonemason, house Howard 
Emery Stephen, foreman H. Wright's shoe shop, bds. 9 Central 
Emmett John, engraver, Hamilton, house Cedar, near Keene 
England James A. carpenter, house 5 East Pine 
England Thomas, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Eno Wm. F. overseer, Massachusetts, bds. at A. Wetherbee'a 
Enright Margaret, Mrs. house Suffolk, near Cross 
Enright Michael, near foot Cady 
Ensign Joseph, Boott, boards at Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Entwystle Samuel, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Erlund Peder A. clerk at Charles B, Coburn's, boards at Mrs. 

B. F. Aiken's 
Erskine Levi B. news carrier, h. Merrimac, near the Hospital 
Esdale James, weaver, house Union, near Chapel 
Esdon William, Steam Mill, boards at N. Prescott's 
Esty Joseph W, shoemaker, at D. Swan's 
Evans Charles, Hamilton, house 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Evans Daniel W. sashmaker, boards at Mrs. J. Comb's 
Evans George, Middlesex, boards 27 Church 
Evans George G., Carpet, boards 89 Central 
Evans George H. clerk, boards 89 Central 
Evans John, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Evans Joseph, carpenter, house Forest 


Evans Josiah F. merchant tailor, Middlesex, near depot, house 

Howard, near Hale 
Evans William, Middlesex, boards 18 "Warren 
Eveleth George H. druggist, house 4 Market 
Eveleth John, carriage maker, boards at M. Rowell's 
Ewer Anna, house Lowell, near Suffolk [School 

Ewing Samuel, peddler, house rear Clark, near N. Grammar 
Exley Charlotte M. widow, house Marion 
Exley John, carpet weaver, house Central, near Charles 

FAGAN MICHAEL, laborer, house Davidson's lane 
Fairbank Clark, printer, at B. H. Penhallow's, boards at "W, 

Fairbank Woodbury, Boott, house Fourth, Centralville 
Fairfield Hadley P. pattern maker, house 95 Central 
Fairgreieve George, Lowell, h, Charles, corner Reed's court 
Fales Horace, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac, Corporation 
Fales James, watchman, Bleachery, boards F. L. Moore's 
Fallon Michael, Merrimac, house Lowell 
Fallon Owen, gardener, house School, near Rock 
Fardle Eiizabeth, widow, house Duramer 
Farlan Thomas, Middlesex, house Jefferson 
Farley Bryant, laborer, house East Merrimac, opposite Ash 
Farley James, silversmith, house East Merrimac, opposite Ash 
Farley John, laborer, house rear Lowell 
Farley Lawrence, Lowell, house Davidson street 
Farley Matthew, Lowell, boards at Lawrence Farley's 
Farley Owen, Hamilton, boards at Ann Quinn's 
Farley Patrick, laborer, house 16 Adams 
Farley Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson 
Farmer Edward, Boott, boards Mrs. Lydia A. Farmer's 
Farmer Gilbert, meal wagon, Middlesex, near Allen's Mills 
Farmer Hiram, Suffolk, house 12 Suffolk Corporation 
Farmer Lydia A. Mrs. boarding, 17 Massachusetts Corporation 
Farmer Mary, Mrs. boarding house, 68 Church, c. Warren ct. 
Farmer Nathaniel, machinist, at D. Lane's, house South, near 

Summer [Favor 

Farmer Thomas G. at Brooks & Tyler's, house Appleton, opp 
Farnham Almira, Mrs. house Summer, near South 
Farnbam Eliza, Mrs. boards at Mrs, D. M, Dodge's 
Farnham J. Henry, machinist, house Summer, near South 
Farnham William, Boott, boards at R. P. Hardy's 
Farnham William L., Bleachery, house 2o do. 
Farnham William W. machinist, boards at Mrs. A. Farnham's 
Farnsworth Charles H. writing master, h. Moody, near Hosp. 
Farnsworth David W., Lawrence, h. 58 Lawrence Corporation 
Farnsworth Jeremiah T. clerk, 71 Central, house 152 do. 


Farnsworth Jesse E. house Fourth, Centralville 
Farnum Livermore, Merrimac, house Tilden, corner Moody 
Farnum Rufus G. machinist, house 6 South Franklin court 
Farr Alpha B. overseer, Prescott, h. 23 Prescott Corporation 
Farr {Asa) & Whitney (Isaac), boots and shoes, 123 Central, 

house Andover, opposite Harrison [Central and Chapel 
Farr Asa W. counsellor, 6 Canal Bl'k, house Walnut, between 
Farrar Cyrus S. overseer Hamilton, house Garnet [elder's 

Farrar David W. cigarmaker, at J. W. Mort's, b. at J. Batch- 
Farrar Joseph, carpenter, house Butterfield, near School 
Farrell Edward, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Union 
Farrell Francis, Middlesex, house Gorham, near Winter 
Farrell James, at P. O. Richmond's, house Lawrence, near 
Farrell Jane, house Howe [Richmond's Mills 

Farrell John, Bleachery, boards at E. Farrell's 
Farrell John, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 
Farrell Margaret, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Farrell Mary, widow, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Farrell Owen, carpet weaver, house Lowell, opposite Lewis 
Farrell Patrick, L. M. S. h. Cummiskey's Building, n. Merr. 
Farrell Peter, at Aldrich, Tyng & Co's, h. Lewis, n. Little 
Farrell William, house rear 42 Appleton 
Farrell William, Merrimac, house Lewis, near Little 
Farriday William, laborer, house o William 
Farrin Eliza, widow, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Farrington Amos W. shoemaker, boards 16 Charles 
Farrington De Witt C. furniture and housekeeping goods, 1 

and 2 Commercial square, house Moody, c. Worthen 
Farrington Daniel, hats, clothing and furnishing goods, 150 

Merrimac, house High, corner Oak 
Farrington Ebenezer, carpenter, house Fletcher 
Farrington George G. clerk, at D. W. C. Farringtoa's, bds. io. 
Farrington Isaac, hats, clothing and furnishing goods, 57 

Central, house Tyler, near Central 
Farrington Thomas, house rear Summer, near Gorham 
Farrington William, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 
Farris John K. butcher, house Walker, c. Broadway 
Farry Thomas, house Gorham, Winter 
Farson James, painter, house 3 Franklin square, Adams 
Farson Samuel, painter, 9(J Middlesex, n. Aldrich, Tyng <Jt Co's 

Machine Shop, house do. 
Farwell Jeriel, boarding house, 6 Church 
Farwell William A. driver, house Adams, corner LaGrange 
Faught Charles M. teamster, boards at A. S. Brown's 
Fausjht Theodore, Lowell M. Shop, house 41 S. L., Worthen 
Faulkner James, mason, house rear Salem, near New 
Faulkner James, Appleton, house rear 9 Hard 


Favor Elvira, Mrs. house Summer, near Davis 

Favor Jacob, boards South, near Middlesex 

Favor {Nathaniel B.) & Hatch (Joel), door, sash and blind 

manufacturers. Mechanics' Mills, h. Summer, c. Favor 
Fay Barnard, dyer, Bleachery, house Carter 
Fay Dennis {Page, Fay <Sf Co.), house Kirk 
Fay Edmund B., Lowell, house Gorham, opposite Court House 
Fay Sam'l, atj't Lowell Manuf. Co. h. Market, opp. Shattuck 
Fay Samuel, fruit, &c. Church, house 50 do. 
Fceney Charles M. woolsorter. house 9 Lowell place 
Felch Seth, mason, boards 4 Market 

Fellows Charles F. brushmaker, Market, h. do. n. Shattuck 
Fellows George W., Prescott, house 14 Prescott Corporation 
Fellows {James K.) & Ordway {II. M.), watches and jewelry, 

134 Merrimac, house High street square 
Fellows Samuel, house East Merrimac, corner James's court 
Felton John D., Lowell Corporation, boards 2 do. 
Felton Judith, Mrs. house Summer, near Gorham 
Felton William, Middlesex, boards 3 Church 
Fenderson Jesse 0. house Bangs's Block, Middlesex 
Fenno John, house Smith 
Ferguson Levi, Lowell, house Bartlett 

JFernald Herrick G. mason, house Moody [Clark's 

jFernald Lewis S. shoemaker, 206 Merrimac, b. at Margaret 
iFernald Mark, painter, house Pine, opposite Queen 
•Fernald Oliver. Hamilton, house 4 Hamilton Corporation 
JFernald Theodnte S. dressmaker, lo Tilden 
IFerrin Bailey B., Locks and Canals, h. Dummer [ville 

jFerrin Hezekiah, Massachusetts, h. Centre, n. Bridge, Central- 
Ferrin Levi, machinist, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Ferrin Silas, carpenter, house Franklin, near Willie 
Ferring Jesse C. clerk, 80 Central, boards 77 do. 
Ferris John K. butcher, house Walker, corner Broadway 
Ferris Robert H. stonemason, house W. Union, c. South 
Ferson James, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Ferson John L. carpenter, house Cabot, corner Moody 
Ferson Rodney, Bleactiery, boards at L. Ferrin's 
Fessenden Samuel F. farmer, boards at W F. Lawrence's 
jField Alpheus D. mason, boards at Mrs. Abby Lord's 
iField Edward, laborer, house Howe 

i Field George W. , Massachusetts, h. 18 Prescott Corporation 
Field Simon C. carpenter, h. Centre, near Bridge, Ccntralville 
! Fielding David, laborer, house Lowell 

JFielding George, machinist, boards 1 Colby's Block, Middlesex 
Fielding Henry A. clerk, 5 Central, b. at S. K. Fielding's 
Fielding James, house 9 Davis [house Elm, near Central 

Fielding Josiah B. paper-hangings and painting, 75 Central, 


Fielding Mary, widow, house Fenwick 

Fielding Stephen K. house Tyler, near George 

Fifield Ebenezer 0. boardinsr house, 30 Tremont Corporation 

Fifield (Edioard) & Peabody (Josiah G.), carpenters, Mechanics' 

Mills, house Fletcher, corner Butterneld 
Fifield John T., Hamilton, boarding house, 33 Ham. Cor. 
Fifield Joseph, Tremont, boards 16 Tremont Corporation 
Files Allen, watchman, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Files James A. watchman, Lowell Corporation, boards 2 do. 
Files Sargent S. carpenter, house Marshall 
Files William, sashmaker, boards at S. S. Files's 
Fillmore Theodore, boarding house, 62 Mass. Corporation 
Fillmore John W. variety store, East Merrimac, house do. 
Finley James, carpet weaver, boards at Foster Brown's 
Finley John, carpet weaver, boards at Foster Brown's 
Finn David, at P. O. Richmond's, house Mill, near Central 
Finn Henry, at J. D. Prince, jr.'s Ink Laboratory, boards at 

Judy Finn's 
Finn Judy, Mrs. h. Jefferson 
Finn Patrick, Bleachery, house Gorham 
Finnegan Dauiel, laborer, house Fenwick 
Finnegan Matthew, Hamilton, house 5 George 
Finnegan William, Merrimac, house 5 Lowell place 
Finney Robert, Lowell, house Little 
Finning Charles, gas works, house Short's B., Jefferson 
Finton Eugene, laborer, house Fenwick 
Finton Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 
Finton William, spinner, house 46 Church 
Fish Ansel, planemaker, Howe, h. E. Merrimac, near Ash 
Fish George, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Fish John B. contractor Lowell M. S. house 72 Mechanic 
Fish Orson S. clerk, at S, C. Shapleigh's, b. at L. F. Emery's 
Fisher A. W. house Gorham, corner Union 
Fisher Calley, widow, house School, opposite Cross 
Fisher Cyrus, thread and hosiery, 39 and 63 Merr. h. Bartlett 
Fisher Samuel S. machinist, house Suffolk, near Mechanic 
Fisher Summer, Bleachery, house 33 do. 
Fisher Thomas, at Locks and Canals, h. Lowell, n. Lowell pi. 
Fisk Dudley B. Mrs. house Middle, near the school house 
Fisk George, boarding house, 22 Boott Corporation 
Fisk George, watchman, boards at H. P. Wilson's 
Fisk John P. prin. Hancock School, h, Salem, n, the Hospital 
Fisk Jonathan L., Boott, boards at George Fiske's 
Fisk Joseph M. house 13 George 
Fiske Amos, Lowell, house Cabot 

Fiske Charles H., Lowell, h. 15 Suffolk [Appleton, c. Favor 
Fiske George W. bobbin manufacturer, Mechanics' Mills, h. 


Fisk Henry T). clerk, 86 Merrimac, h, "Willow, near E. Merr. 

Fiske {John) & Norcross {N. G.), manufacturers and dealer^ 
in lumber, steam mills, Middlesex 

Fiske Levi, boarding house, 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Fiske 'William, house Adams, near LaGrange 

Fitch George, blacksmith, house Grand 

Fitch Yine H. eclectic physician, 21 Central, b. 113 Merrimac 

Fitts Isaac N. millwright, house "Willie, near Fletcher 

Fitzgerald Catherine, house Lowell, corner Fenwick 

Fitzgerald Ellen, Mrs. house Dutton 

Fitzgerald James, shoemaker, house Fenwick 

Fitzgerald Jeannette, Mrs. house 4 Spring 

Fitzgerald John, house Putney's court 

Fitzgerald John, carpenter, boards at Mrs. M. Fitzgerald's 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, house 17 Adams 

Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house 1 McCarry's court 

Fitzgerald Terrence, grocer, Suffolk, house do. 

Fitzgerald William, at steam mills, boards at J. Holmes's 

Fitzhenry Matthew, machinist, house Putney's court 

Fitzpatrick Daniel, mason, house Jefferson 

Fitzpatrick James, Bleachery, h. rear Gorham,,n. J. Swan's 

Fitzpatrick Martin, Lowell, house Marshall 

Fitzpatrick Nicholas, house Lowell 

Fitzpatrick Peter, Mass. house 5 Theatre Block, Lowell 

Fitzpatrick Peter, Lowell, house rear Low.ell, near "Worthen 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, Lowell, house 1 Carpet lane 

Fitzsimon Thomas, physician, h. 10 Adams Block, Adams 

Fitzsimons Fanny, Mrs. house Howe 

Fitzsimons Owen, laborer, house Davidson 

Flagg Adoniram, Hamilton, house Ford, corner Austin 

Flagg A. T., Middlesex, boards 95 Central 

Flagg John, hairdresser, boards at D. "W. Earth's 

Flagg John, Prescott, boards at Mrs. A. P. Nudd's 

Flagg Orin H. at T. Warren's, house 10 Middlesex place 

Flagg William H. overseer, Boott, house 72 Boot Corporation 

Flaherty Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 

Flaherty William, laborer, house Middle 

Flanagan Margaret, widow, house Market 

Flanagan Patrick, house 28 Market 

Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Flanagan Michael, at 0. M. Whipple's, h. r. Lawrence, Abbott 

Flanders Andrew J., Merrimac, bds. 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Flanders Brooks C. cl'k, Bonney & Sholes's, b.l37 Merr. Cor, 

Flanders Charles H. carpenter, Merrimac, b. 73 Merr. Cor. 

Flanders George^ Boott, boards at Thomas E. Paige's 

Flanders Henry, Lowell Corporation, boards 6 do. 

Flanders Hiram, Appleton Corporation, boards 3 do. 


Flanders Jacob, Massachusetts, boards at Jacob Gregg's 
Flanders Job, Boott, house 55 Boott Corporation 
Flanders Moses, stonemason, house School, corner Gold 
Flanders Peter, jr. bonnet bleachery, 88 Merrimac, h. 5 Middle 
Flanders Phanuel, police officer, house Gorham, n. Thorndike 
Flanders Robert, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Flanders William W., Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Flaven Catharine, vridow, house Middle 
Fleming John, Lowell, house 12 Church 

Fleming John, jr., Lowell, boards at J. Fleming's [Union 

Fletcher Edmund, measurer of wood, 118 Central, h. Chapel, c. 
Fletcher Edmund D. (Nichols §■ Co.), house Chapel, c. Union 
Fletcher George, steam mills, boards at Miss N. A. Smith's 
Fletcher George C. painter, at D. W. C. Farrington's 
Fletcher George W., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Fletcher Horatio, lumber dealer, Fletcher, corner Western 

avenue, house Fletcher, corner Varney 
Fletcher Isaac A. clerk, 118 Central, boards at E. Fletcher's 
Fletcher John S. machinist, boards at A. Bedlow's 
Fletcher Lemuel, foundry, boards at Abel Lakin's 
Fletcher Oliver, laborer, boards at Mrs. R. Tarbell's 
Fletcher Richard, railroad yard, house Chelmsford, c. Howard 
Fletcher Warren, Crosby's bobbinshop, h. Cushing, n. Willie 
Fletcher William, farmer, house Chelmsford, cor. Liberty 
Flint Albert G., Lawrence, house 2 Lawrence Corporation 
Flint Charles L., Suffolk, house 9 Cabot Block, Cabot 
Flint Harrison, machinist, boards Appleton, corner Favor 
Flint Martin R. tinpeddler, boards at C. P. Whitten's 
Flint Oliver W. livery stable, Moody, house Moody, n. Race 
Flint Tilly, machinist, house Lowell, near Adams' 
Flint Warren, Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Flint W. Biron, Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Flockett John, Merrimac P. Works, h. Centre, Centralville 
Flood Ann, widow, house East Merrimac 
Flood Daniel, Lawrence, house 24 Lawrence Corporation 
Flood James, laborer, house Howe 
Flood John, Massachusetts, boards at B. Bryant's 
Flood. Joseph, Hamilton, house rear South, opp. Spring 
Flood Lawrence, Lowell, house East Merrimao 
Flood Patrick, farmer, house Cross lane 
Flood Peter, at Mason's cigar store 
Floyd Baruch C. watchman, house Floyd 
Flynn Ellen, house Suffolk 
Flynn Eugene, laborer, house Suffolk 
Flynn James, mariner, boards at Barnard Lynch's 
Flynn John, laborer, house Lowell, near Worthen 
Flynn John, Bleachery, house Cedar, near Keene 


Flvnn John, laborer, house 7 Trull's Block 

Flynu Michael, Boston & L. 11. 11., b. at Barnard Lynch's 

Flyim Patrick, Lowell M. Shop, h. McCarry's ct. Cross 

Flynn Patrick, Prescott, boards at J. Gammon's 

Flynn Philip, laborer, house Butler's Block, Suffolk 

Flynn Sarah, house Lowell 

Flynn Thomas, Bleachery, house Carter 

Flynn William, laborer, house Keene [Middlesex 

Fogg Henry S. at B. & L. Ptepair Shop, h. Thorndike, near 

Fogg Horatio, carpenter, house Howard, n. Middlesex 

Fogg John, machinist, boards Mrs. Mary Parker's 

Fogg Nancy, Mrs. boarding house, 31 Hamilton 

Foherty Julia, Mrs. house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Foley Dennis, laborer, house Adams 

Foley John, laborer, house Fenwick, corner Suffolk 

Follen Malachi, laborer, house Merrill, corner Taylor 

Foley Edward, spinner, house Yv'illiam 

Foley llichard, tannery, boards at J. McCabe's 

Folsom Alanson, insurance agent, house 9 Cady 

Folsom Catharine, Mrs. at 11. A. Bradley's 

Folsom David, house Chestnut, near High 

Folsom Ira N., Lowell Machine Shop, house 33 ^YJ'■then 

Folsom Jeremiah, house 1 Queen 

Folsom Jeremiah S. insurance agent, h. Pawtucket, c. Salem 

Folsom John L. Mrs. house 64 Church 

Folsom Jonathan P. & Co. (P. W. Caldivell), dry goods, 44 

Merrimac, boards at D. Folsom's 
Folsom L. M. Mrs. boarding, 24 Appleton Corporation 
Folsom Peter J., Lawrence, house Moody 
Folsom Ward W. boarding house, 12 Boott 
Fontarive Joseph J., Lowell, h. Bancroft's Block, Market 
Foot James L. house Liberty 

Foote Charles C, Lowell M, Shop, h. 63 Swamp L., Worthen 
Forbes Lyman, painter, boards at Elizabeth Craig's 
Forbush John R. foundry, house 8 Swamp Locks 
Ford Cyrus, foundry, bds. 2 Aldrich's Block, Middlesex 
Ford Elisha, farmer, house Pawtucket 
Ford Isaiah F. teamster, house School, near Middlesex 
Ford John, Middlesex, boards 44 Church 
Ford John, laborer, house Cross 
Ford Joseph, hostler, boards 5 Church 
Ford Lydia N. Mrs. house 52 Boott Corporation 
Ford Mary A. tailoress and dressmaker, boards 40 Summer 
Ford Prudence, Miss, house Pawtucket 
Ford Sarah A. Mrs. house Mechanic, corner Button 
Ford Thomas, Middlesex, house 49 Church 
Ford Thomas B,, Mass. house 47 Massachusetts Corp. 


Ford Thomas S. moulder, house 6 Queen 

Ford Timothy, Mrs. house Suffolk, near Lowell 

Forest James, tailor, 53 Central, h. Summer, cor. Gorham 

Fosdick Alfred N. carpenter, boards at Ebenezer Cook's 

Fosdick Lucian G. shoemaker, house Williams, near George 

Foss Albert W. clerk, at Wood & Noyes's, house Middlesex, 
near Allen's Mills 

Foss Augustus B. carpenter, h. 28 Franklin square, Suffolk 

Foss Cyrus, shoemaker, boards 4 Market 

Foss David, Iron Foundry, house Paige 

Foss George, Appleton, boards 14 Hamilton Corporation 

Foss Jacob, Hamilton, house 6 Hurd 

Foss John, boarding house, 55 Lawrence Corporation 

Foss Lyman W., Boott, boards James P. Nute's 

Foss Moses B., Lowell Machine Shop, b. 39 S. L., Worthen 

Foss Sarah B. Mrs. boarding house, 30 Tremont 

Foster Amos H. foundry, house 9 Swamp Locks 

Foster Benjamin F. farmer, house Liberty 

Foster Charles, shoemaker atWm. Murphy's, boards 216 Mer. 

Foster Cyrus O., Boott, house Third, Centralville 

Foster Edmund W. house 5 Church 

Fowler George D. cigar manufacturer, 5 Coburn's Block, bds. 
at Mrs. S. Pillsbury's 

Foster George H. hatter, house r. Central, opposite Centre 

Foster George W., Carpet, boards 77 Central 

Fowler George W. printer, American Office, house IGO Cen- 
tral, near Charles 

Foster James, Lawrence, house 35 Lawrence Corporation 

Foster Jesse, carpenter, house 4 Mechanic 

Foster Jesse H., Appleton, boards 6 Hurd 

Foster John, machinist, boards 20 Charles 

Foster John W. L., Merrimac, house 129 Merrimac Corp. 

Foster Loring, Tremont, house 10 Tremont Corporation 

Foster , Lowell, boards Geo. H. Carlton's 

Foster Perley, clerk, N. & L. R. E.. Freight Depot, boards at 
H. H. Dickey's 

Foster Samuel, Lowell, house 15 Charles 

Foster Samuel W., Lowell, boards 15 Charles 

Foster Sarah, Mrs. boarding house, 9 Central 

Foster Silas P., Merrimac, boards at 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Foster William, carpenter, house rear Andover 

Fouday John, farmer, house Winter 

Fowler Alonzo C. clerk at Watson & Sargeant's, boards at 
Joseph Fowler's 

Fowler Henry L. broker, 18 Merrimac, house East Merrimac, 
near High street square 

Fowler Henry S. hackdriver, house Salem 


' Fowler Joseph, shoemaker, house Fayette 

! Fowler Joseph M. insurance agent, boards at Joseph Fowler's 

I Fowler Sarali R. widow, tailoress, 112 Merrimac 

I Fox Amanda M. Mrs. boarding house, 45 Boott Corporation 

\ Fox Eldad, house 4 Lowell place 

Fox Horatio, boards at D. M. Dodge's 
; Fox Jesse, house Third, opposite Chestnut, Centralville 
I Francis James B. agent Locks and Canals, house Worthen 
; Franklin William B. overseer, Lawrence, h. 73 Lawrence Corp. 
[ Fraser Alexander, blacksmith, house Cabot, near Moody 

Frasier {John) & Angus (Jatnes), coppersmiths and plumbers, 

145 Central, house Union, corner Linden 
j Frawley Peter, Bleachery, house 25 do. 
' Frederick Julia, Mrs. house Lowell 

Freeman Charles, sash and blindmaker, b. at Mrs. S. Jaques's 
I Freeman Henry, Bleachery, house Livingston 
i Freeman James, Mass. boards 19 Prescott Corporation 
I Freeman James D., Boott, boards at Mrs. Mary Parker's 
I Freeman John, Bleachery, boards at H. Freeman's 
j Freeman Lyman, Locks and Canals, h. Cross, cor. School 

Freeman Samuel J. carriage painter. Arch, h. Branch, n. Queen 
j Freeman Thomas, tailor, 3 Central, boards at Wm. Freeman's 
! Freeman Thomas, Bleachery, boards at H. Freeman's 
: Freeman William, Lowell, house Middle 

\ Freeze George, Merrimac, boards at 135 Merrimac Corporation 
I French Abram, soap and candle manufactoty, Middlesex, h. 
j Gorham, nearly opposite Court House 

French Amos B., Carpet, house Merrimac, opposite Race 

French Amos B. confectionery, ice cream, and oyster saloon, 
I 37 Central, house 35 do. 

j French Alvin, Boott, boards at Mrs. S. Quimby's 
i French Augustus, Merrimac, house 44 Merrimac Corporation 
j French Augustus C. (I. C. Hildreth ^- Co.), house Fourth, 
Centralville [Building, h. Anne 

! French Benjamin F. president Railroad Bank, Savings Bank 
j French Charles, Merrimac, house 37 Franklin square 

French Cyril, house Chapel, near Union 
I French Elias S. carpenter, Howe, house Fayette 
1 French Everett W., Middlesex, house 15 Hurd 
I French George L, painter, house Ash 

French George P. mason, house Lawrence, near North 

French George H., Middlesex, house Andover 

French George W. carpenter, house Third, Centralville 

French Gideon, Bleachery, house 9 do. 

French Henry, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 

French Henry A. boards at J. A. Cornell's 

French Horace B., Boott, boards at J. S. Taylor's 


French Horatio 0., Middlesex, boards 32 Central i 

French John, Treinont, house 7 Tremont Corporation I 

French John B. overseer, boards at Mrs. E. Stearns's, Summer 
French John W. blacksmith, h. 16 Middlesex, near Branch 
French Jonathan B., Boott, boards A. E. Hayward's ! 

French Josiah B. house Chelmsford, near Railroad Bridge | 
French Jotham S. house Stackpole i 

French Justus D. carpenter, house 10 LaGrange court 
French Loring, carpenter, boards 19 Prescott Corporation j 
French Mary B. T. Mrs. house Taylor court ] 

French Nancy, Mrs. boarding house, o Church j 

French Nelson, patternmaker, house 14 Swamp Locks ' 

French Reuben, Bleacherv, house 5 do. 

French Samuel L. clerk, ol Central, bds. at Hapgood Wright's' 
French Stephen, at Whipple's powder mill, house Lawrence, ! 
near Abbett j 

French William, Merrimac, house 21 Merrimac Corporation ] 
French Wm. H. clerk, at F. Baron's, b. 21 Merrimac Corp, 
Frost Abel, farmer, house East Merrimac, opposite Ash 
Frost Abner. surveyor of lumber, at William Livingston's, 

office Tkorndike, house do. 
Frost Benjamin W. clerk, boards R. Frost's 
Frost Charles E., Lowell, boards at A. Frost's 
Frost Loring, Lowell, boards 24 Hurd 

Frost M. Miss, millinery, 23 Merrimac, boards 37 Mass. Cpro. 
Frost Richard, provisions, South, opposite Spring, h. Apple- 
ton, near Gorham 
Frost — , Lowell, boards E. Butler's 
Frye Frederick, mason, house Ash, near Chestnut 
Frye George, mason, boards Ash, near Chestnut 
Frye Hannah, Mrs. house Moody, near Hanover 
Frye Ira, house Butterfield, near School 
Frye John, farmer, house Chelmsford, near Parker 
Frye Joseph, teamster, house Middlesex, near Bang's shop 
Frye Joseph, Suffolk, boards L. J. Gilbert's 
Frye Reuben, mason, boards at Mrs. H. Frye's 
Frye Richard, harnessmaker, boards 5 Franklin sq. Adams 
Frye Samuel, Tremont, boards L. J. Gilbert's 
Frye Susan, house rear Central, near Elm 
Frye Timothy, at William Colcord's, house Central, near Elm 
Frye Timothy, Locks and Canals, house Dummer 
Frye Warren, Middlesex, boards 7 Water 
Fuller Artemas, clockmaker, house 2 Pearl 
Fuller Charles A. W. house Ford, corner Austin 
Fuller Darius S. machinist, boards Thomas E. Morse's 
Fuller Edward, house rear Gorham, near Thorndike 
Fuller Elizabeth, Miss, teacher, boards at C. Caldwell's 


Fuller Francis, Hamilton, boards 2 Green 

Fuller Harrison H. constable, oliice City Market, h, James's ct. 
Fuller Hope P. Mrs. boarding house, 5 Tremont Corporation 
Fuller Perez, tailor, AVentworth's building, Shattuck, house 

Lowell, opposite Dummer 
Fuller Philo, boards at Joseph S. Taylor's 
Fuller Pulaski W. hostler, house 8 Middlesex 
Fuller Rufus, peddler, house 2 High 

FuUerton Augustus W. clerk, 62 Mcrrimac, house Howard 
Fullerton George, Massachusetts, h. 23 Massachusetts Corp. 
Fulton Andrew S., Advertiser ofHce, boards 11 East Merrimac 
Fulton John, weaver, house Little 

Furay Thomas, at Henry Plympton's, h. Tenth, Centralville 
Fuiber Andrew S., Lowell, house 21 Lowell Corporation 
Furbush "William B, at Machine Shop Counting Room, bds. 

at Robert Monteith's 
Fuinald N. G. carpenter, house corner Gorham and Cedar 
Furlong Michael, laborer, house Lowell 

Furness , widow, house New 

Fussell Benjamin, boards rear 30 Charles 
Fussell James, Mrs. house rear 30 Charles 

GAFFNEY BARNARD, laborer, house 2 Winter 
Gaffney James, mason, house Marion, corner Cross 
Gaffhey John, Hamilton, house Spring, near South 
Gaffney John, Merrimac Print Works, house 1 Dummer 
Gage Charles, blacksmith, at Marvel, Sargent & Co's house 

Elm, opposite Court House 
Gage Edward, Boott, boards at Francis M. Colby's 
Gage Isaac T., Merrimac, boards 123 Merrimac Corporation 
Gage James U. clerk, 48 Merrimac, house Fifth, Centralville 
Gage Jonathan F. house Lawrence, near Richmond's Mills 
Gage Lydia, Mrs. boarding, 28 Boott Corporation 
Gage Seth, butcher, house Fifth, Central ille 
Gage William H. overseer, Boott, house 63 Boott Corporation 
Gage W. M., Tremont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 
Gale George, printer, boards 4 Lyman 

Gale James Z., Middlesex, house rear Charles, near Central 
Gale John A. boxmaker, boards at Josiah Gale's 
Gale Josiah, stonemason, house Cushing 
Gale Julius C. trader, house o2 Charles 
Gale Reuben, boards at D. S. Hoyt's 
Gallagher Barnard, laborer, house Davidson 
Gallagher Daniel, machine painter, house Union, near Linden 
Gallagher Ellen, Mrs. dressmaker. Market, house do. 
Gallagher Hugh, laborer, house Middle 
Gallagher James, Bleachery, house Cedar, near Central 


Gallagher John, Lowell, house Short's Block, Lewis 
Gallagher Mary, widow, house Davidson 
Gallagher Owen, house William 
Gallagher Patrick, stonemason, house Keene 
Gallagher Thomas, Merriruac Corporation, h. 9 Trull's Block 
Gallagher Thomas, laborer, house Floyd 
Gallison William, boards S South 
Gallon Elizabeth, Mrs. house Davidson's lane 
Galvin Edward, laborer, house Goihara, opp. Appleton 
Galvin John, Hamilton Corporation, boards Edward Galvin's 
Galvin John, Bleachery, house 35 do. 

Galvin John, Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Galvin Patrick, at P. 0. Richmond's, house Mill 
Gammel Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house 22 Swamp Locks 
Gammon John, Boott, boards Mrs. Hannah Ingalls's 
Ganly R,obert, laborer, house 248 Merrimac 
Gannett EdAvard, carpenter, Worthen, near Merrimac, h. do. 
Gannon Barney, porter, American House 
Gannon Barnard, laborer, house Cedar, near Central 
Gannon Bernard, Boott, boards at C. Kilkenney's 
Gannon Catharine, widow, house Cedar, near Central 
Gannon James, laborer, house Cedar, near Central 
Gannon James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Gannon James, Boott Corporation, house Centre, Centralville 
Gannon Michael, Hamilton, house Davidson's lane I 

Gannon Patrick, Boott, house Middle 

Ganson Theresa, dressmaker, boards 89 Central | 

j Ganson V. teacher of dancing. Mechanics' Hall, bds. 89 CentraL 
Garagan James, Middlesex, house Davidson | 

! Garagan Thomas, house 7 Charles j 

Gardiner David P. at Bangs's stove store, house G Dodge j 

Gardner Elizabeth, widow of Timothy, house Ford, c. Austin i 
Gardner E. B. at John L Lewis's, b. F. & Mechanics' Hotel | 
Gardner Emerson (R. S; E. Gardner), h. Beacon, Centralville j 
Gardner George, house"2 City Hall avenue 

Gardner Jas. E. contractor, L. M. Shop, h. 42 S. L , Worthen' 
Gardner Robert & E. copal varnish manufacturers, Bancroft's, 

Block, Market, house Bartlett, near Alder 

Gardner AYilliam S. student at law, at Judge Crosby's, boards, 

at Robert Gardner's i 

Garland Asa G carpenter, b. at Mary Harper's [Ad uns 

Garland George W. blacksmith, Middle, h. II Franklin square, 

I Garland Jeremiah, house East Merrimac, near Willow j 

j Garland Joseph H., Tremont, house 16 Tremont Corporation | 

I Garland (J"os(?/;A P.) & Leathers {Samuel), provisions, Wash-i 

j ington Market, house 24: Hamilton Corporation ' 

Garland Samuel, house East Merrimac, corner Ash 1 


Garland William, Appleton, house 10 South 

Garr Patrick, Boott, house Davidson's lane 

Garrahan Daniel, boardinf^ house, William, near George 

Garrett Robert J., Prescott, house 16 Prescott Corporation 

Garripan Owen, slater, house North 

Garrit}' Ann, Mrs. house Jefferson 

Garrity Bartholomew, Hamilton, house North 

Garrity James, Appleton, house Green, near George 

Garrity John, laborer, house Dutton 

Garrity Mary, widow, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Garrity Michael, carpenter, house North, near Central 

Garrity Patrick, house North 

Garrity Peter {Kcdty &; Garrity'), house rear Lowell 

Garrity Thomas, Bleachery, house North 

Garvin John, laborer, house Gorham, opposite the church 

Garvin Lyman, at Dr Thompson's, house Merrimac square 

Garvin Patrick, Lowell Maclune Shop, b. Summer, n. Davis 

Garvin Samuel, carpenter, boards Pearl 

Garvin Welcome, painter, Meriimac, house 126 Merr. Corp. 

Gateley John, house Chelmsford, corner Short 

Gateley Patrick, at J. Tapley's, house Branch, near School 

Gateley William, dyer, house Carter 

G,;tes Elihu, machinist, house 33 Franklin square, Suffolk 

Gates George W. machinist, boards at E Gates's 

Gates Josiah, belt and roll manufacturer, 6 Mech. B. h. Gates 

Gates Noah F. manager Lowell Museum, h. Central, n. Elm 

Gates Otis W. house" River, CcntralviUe 

Gates Samuel I. dentist, fruit & confectionery, 190 Merr. h, do. 

Gates Thomas, lather, house Suffolk, corner Moody 

Gay Emily, dressmaker, 2 Arcade Block, E. Merr. house do. 

Gay Nathaniel, house Race, near the bridge 

Gay Seneca, woodsawyer, house PJver, Centralville 

Geer Chailes, jMassachusetts. boards at Timothy "Weeks's 

George Alden P., Lawrence R. R. house 39 Franklin square 

(ieorge Amos, machinist, boards 4 Charles 

George Andrew J. job wagon, house rear Marshall 

George Edw'd C. provisions, 2o Franklin sq. h. 16 N. Frank, ct. 

George Ezra, clerk, house Molntire, corner Middlesex 

George Joseph W. agent Bain Telegraph, Lowell Railroad 

Depot, boards 37 Boott Corporation 
George M. M. shoemaker, h. r. Liberty, above Pine [2 Garnet 
George Samuel D. locksmith and bellhanger, 107 Central, h. 
George Sarah E. Mrs. dressmaker, 4 Hurd, house do. 
Gerrish George, carpenter, boards at W. G. Underwood's 
Gerrish T. G. paymaster, Merrimac, boards at E. Tufts's 
Gerry Edwin A. provisions, boards at H. M. Rice's 
Gerry John, Middlesex, house Middle 


Gerry Rufus, loom harnessmaker, boards at S. H. Patten's 

Gerry Susan W. Mrs. dressmaker, 121 Central 

Gibb David N. job wagon, house Ford, corner Austin 

Gibb Michael, silk printer, boards at Mary Hunt's 

Gibbs Delia and Sarah E. milliners, boards at J. M. Gibbs's 

Gibbs Lyman, clerk, 84Merrimac 

Gibbs Jeduthan M. boarding house, Appleton, Sd above South 

Gibby Ann, Mrs. house 50 Middle 

Gibby Robert H. painter, house Rock, near Fletcher 

Gibby Nicholas 0. boards at Mrs. Ann Gibby's 

Giblin James, laborer, house Market, opposite Carpet Co. 

Gibson Abigail, Miss, Middlesex, Farson's Block 

Gibson Nathan S., Merrimac, house lo8 Merrimac Corporation 

Gibson Jas. cl'k, at Buttrick & Co's, b. at Mrs. H. Harrington's 

Gibson Thomas, teamster, house School, corner Poplar 

Gibson Thomas, machinist, boards at Abigail Gibson's 

Giddings Isaac B. foundry, house 3 Branch 

Gierlow John, Merrimac Print Works C, R. h. 145 Merr. Corp. 

GifFord Leonard, engineer, B. & L. R. R. h. Grand, n. Middlesex 

Gilbert Asahel, jr. clothing and furnishing goods, hats, caps, 

and furs, 1 Canal Block, boards at Washington House 
Gilbert Benjamin, Merrimac, boards 118 Merrimac Corporation 
Gilbert John W. engineer, B. & L. R. R., house Rock, n. Willie 
Gilbert Joseph R., Suffolk, boards at L. J. Gilbert's 
Gilbert Levi J., Suffolk, house 16 Cabot [ville 

Gilchrest Geo. C. daguerreotypist, 92 Merr. h. Fifth, Central- 
Gilchrest Patrick, laborer, house Market 
Gilday Barnard, house Market, opposite Carpet 
Gilday Philip, laborer, house Market 
Gildee John, Bleachery, boards at P. Fraley's 
Gildee Michael, Bleachery, boards at P. Fraley's 
Gildee Thomas, Bleachry, boards at P. Fraley's 
Giles John R. variety store, 13 Merrimac, house do. 
Giles Joseph B. writingmaster, house 176 Merrimac 
Giles Lydia, boarding, house 42 Prescott Corporation 
Gillard Abraham, carpenter, house Dearborn court 
Gillard Alice, widow, house rear Dummer 
Gillen James, laborer, house Market 
Gillespie George, Appleton, boards 54 Church 
Gillet Benjamin F. boarding house, 138 Merrimac Corp. 
Gillis Agnes, house John 

Gillis Mary, teacher, boards at Benj. Walker's 
Gillpatrick Benjamin, stoves, &c. 102 Central, house Bartlett, 

corner Liverraore [Central, c. Ames 

Gilman Alfred, postmaster, ofHce Middle, corner Central, house 
Gilman Caleb N. house 5 Appleton Corporation 
Gilman Experience, Mrs. house 142 Central 


Oilman George E., Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Gilman John, jobwagon, house John 
Oilman Osman B. clerk at A. Sanborn's, bds. 9 Central 
Oilmore Gilbert, Bleachery, house Crosby 
Oilmore Hannah, Mrs. h. Centre, n. Bridge^ Central ville 
Gilmore Isaac E. boards at J. C. Baker's 
Oilmore James, Lowell M. S. house Rock, n. Fletcher 
Gilmore Robert, Lowell, house Little, near Lewis 
Gilmore William, overseer, Massachusetts, h. 42 Mass. Corp. 
Gilpatrick David, Massachusetts, b. 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Gilpatrick Joseph, Massachusetts, b. 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Gilpatrick Moses G., Massachusetts, house 21 Mass. Corp. 
Gilpatrick Nathan, Merrimac, boards at E. A. Roberts's 
Gilson Abijah, carpenter, h. r. Middlesex, opp. Steam Mills 
Oilson Samuel H., boards at Seth Delano's 
Gilson Lucy, nurse, house Walnut, near Gorham 
Gilson Sumner L. machinist, boards 216 Merrimac 
Gintey Patrick, Hamilton, boards 5 George 
Givens Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick, near Church 
Givney Ellen, widow, house East Merrimac 
Gladwin {Porter A.) & Cochran (M. H.), shoestore, 188 Merri- 
mac, house Cabot, corner Merrimac 
Gleason Augustus, Hamilton, house Marshall 
Gleason George H. tailor, 3 Williams's Bl'k, b. 9 Central 
Gleason H. C. shoestore, 117 Merrimac, house Middlesex 
Gleason John, Massachusetts, house 22 Prescott Corporation 
Gleason Leonard F. carpenter, b. 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Glines Amos, at Gushing S: Mack's, house Moody, n. Tremont 
Glines George W. shoemaker, house Smith, near Branch 
Glover William, carriagemaker, boards at A. Foss's 
Glover William, typepeddler, boards Union House 
Goddard Benjamin, house Liberty, corner Powell 
Goding George, Bleachery, house 21 do. 
Goding William, pickerfactory. Middle, house 7 Church 
Goding Wm. H. pickerfactory. Middle, b. Wm. Goding's 
Goff Owen, Middlesex, board's at Mrs. A. Quinn's 
Goff Thomas, laborer, house Kirk avenue 
Goggins Catherine, widow, house Fenwick 

Goggins John, Merrimac, h. Fenwick [Elm, cor. Linden 

Going Charles, coachman, American House stage office, h. 
Oolding Ann, widow, house Fenwick 
Golding James, laborer, hou:e Wall 

Oolding John, Massachusetts, bds. 19 Prescott Corporation 
Oolding Patrick, Massachusetts, boards at J. Gannon's 
Golding Patrick, cardstripper, house Middle 
Oolding Robert, house Mason's court 
Goldsmith Franklin L., Massachusetts, h. High, c. Chestnut 


Goldsmith Thomas, merchant tailor, 3 Williams's Block, h. 

River, Centralville 
Goodale Aaron, baker, h. Elm, near Chapel [Mills 

Goodale Amos, in Machine Shop, h. r. Middlesex, opp. Steam 
Goodale Joseph, Tremont, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Goodale Proctor, Bleachery, boards at A. Goodale's 
Goodale William, tinplate worker, house Ford, near Austin 
Goodall Zachariah, laborer, house Lee 
Goodell Jotham, Lowell, house Adams, cor, LaGrange 
Goodell William, house Tremont, near Moody 
Goodfield John, Massachusetts, b. IQPrescott Corporation 
Goodhue David, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Goodhue Jason {Howe & Goodhue), hr 23 Hamilton Corp. 
Goodhue John W., Appleton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation! 
Goodhue John W. house Centre, Ctntralville 
Goodhue Thos. P. superintendent American House stage office 
Goodrich Edward, Boott, boards at Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Goodrich Jacob M. shoemaker, house Lawrence, n. Church 
Goodwin {Alfred) & Cook {Ebenezer), provisions, Parker's 

Block, house Mt. Vernon, Centralville 
Goodwin Benj. W. moulder, house Howard, near Hale 
Goodwin Geo. P. clerk, 38 Merrimac, b. Livermore, c. Stackpole 
Goodwin James, shingler, boards at Thomas Cate's 
Goodwin John C. shoemaker, house River, Centralville 
Goodwin John Richard, house Mount Vernon 
Goodwin Leonard, shoemaker, house Centre, Centralville 
Goodwin Uriah, watchman, house Willie 
Goodwin William, house St ickpole, corner Livermore 
Goodwin William E. machinist, h. Stackpole, c. Livermore 
Googin Eliza, widow, house 18 Adams 
Googins Benjamin L. carpenter, h. Gorham, n. Middlesex 
Googins Philander, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corp. 
Gordey James, Hamilton, house Aldrich's Block, Appleton 
Gordon Adeline M. house Willow 

Gordon Charles, beltmaker. at J. Gates's, b. 61 Merr. Corp. 
Gordon Daniel, carpenter, boards 232 Merrimac 
Gordon Eben, printer at Advertiser office, b. at D. Foss's 
Gordon Ellen, house 17^ Merrimac 
Gordon Harriet, Mrs. house 61 Merrimac Corporation 
Gordon Jennette, Miss, house 10 John 
Gordon John, agent, house High, near Chestnut 
Gordon J. S. G., Middlesex, boards 95 Central 
Gordon Joseph H. carpenter, boards at Jonathan Edgerly's 
Gordon Phineas A. house 15 Tilden 
Gordon Samuel F. tailor, Prcscott, house do, 
Gordon Silas D., Merrimac, boards 61 Merrimac Corporation 
Gordon Stetson L., Lowell, boards 61 Merrimac Corporation 


Gordon Warren, power harnessmaker, boards at R. Taisey's 

Gorley Mary, widow, house Davidson 

Gorman James, laborer, house William 

Gorman John, laborer, house Gray place 

Gorman Margaret, house 1 Pleasant court 

Gorman Michael, house rear William 

Gorman Patrick, Appleton, boards at J. McAlear's 

Gorman Patrick, harnessmaker, h. Short's Block, Lewis 

Gorman Thomas, laborer, house 3 Lowell place 

Gormley Martin, Merrimac, house Lowell 

Gormley Michael, Hamilton, boards 9 Hurd 

Gormley Patrick, laborer, house 9 Hurd 

Gormley Thomas, Hamilton, house 9 Hurd 

Gorton Daniel, house Stackpole, corner Alder 

Goss Pierce, Middlesex, house Green, near Central 

Gotham Henry, Prescott, house Andover, near High 

Gould AsaM., Merrimac, boards 177 Merrimac Corporation 

Gould George, watchman, Nashua & L. R. R. boards at S. K. 

Gould George P., Tremont, house 8 Tremont Corporation 
Gould Jerol, overseer, Lawrence, h. 37 Lawrence Corporation 
Gould Joshua, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Gould Jonathan, at N. freight depot, b, at S. K. Pickering's 
Gould Joseph, stonecutter, boards at G. Abbott's 
Gould Joseph, millwright, boards 13 Walnut 
Gould Julius F., Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 
Gould Pelatiah, hats, caps & clothing, 2 Canal Block, Central 
Gould Simeon A. clerk, 2 Canal Block, b. M. S. Dickerman's 
Goulding Owen, Vox Populi office, b. at Mrs. Mary Mullen's 
Gove David, grocer, house Central, corner Cady 
Gove Luke & Co. fancy goods, 6 Tilden, house do. 
Gove Winthrop, carpenter, house Oak, corner Nesmith 
Goward Francis, foundry, Jackson, h. Middlesex, cor. Garnet 
Goward Zephaniah, bonnets, 88 Merrimac, house Middlesex, 

corner Garnet 
Gowdy Sarah C. Mrs. boarding house, 12 Tremont Corporation 
Gowell Emma, Mrs. house 1 South 
Gracey David, carpenter, house 5 Carpet lane 
Grady Catharine, house Lowell 

Grady John, laborer, house Thorndike, corner Chelmsford 
Grady Mary, widow, house Adams 
Grady Michael, Massachusetts, house Davidson 
Grady Patrick, laborer, house Donahoe's Block, Suffolk 
Graifum Daniel, watchman, boards 118 Merrimac Corporation 
Graham Frederick, Merrimac, house Davidson 
Graham Frederick, founder, house Branch, corner Smith 
Graham George, watchman, Boott, house 67 Boott Corporation 


Graham Malachi, Middlesex, boards 20 Charles 

Graham Mary, dressmaker, Middlesex, corner South 

Graham Terrence, laborer, house Middle 

Graham AVilliam, teamster, house Lowell, corner Worthen 

Graham AVilliam, hatter, at Bent & Bush's, house 5 Cady 

Grant Aaron R., Lowell Machine Shop, house 29 Worthen 

Grant Andrew, boards at T. C. Blaisdell's 

Grant Elisha, Boott, house 62 Boott Corporation 

Grant James H. laborer, house Marshall 

Grant John, Tremont, boards 28 Tremont Corporation 

Grant John, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 

Grant John E. shoemaker, 88 Central, house Howard 

Grant Levi C. house 28 Tremont Corporation 

Grant Lewis, stucco worker, boards at Mrs. C. G. Parker's 

Grant Lewis E. book agent, boards 14 Central 

Graves Alonzo W., Massachusetts, boards at Jacob 0. Hill's 

Graves Charles T., Massachusetts, boards at Jacob O. Hill's 

Graves John W. physician, office and house 16 Hurd 

Graves Mary Mrs. boarding house, 15 Hurd 

Gray Alanson, mason, boards at J. Phelps's 

Gray Cynthia, milliner, 79 Merrimac 

Gray Daniel S. provisions, Central, c. Union, house Liberty 

Gray Hannah, Mrs. house 30 Hurd 

Gray James B. mason, house Franklin, near Willie 

Gray John, machinist, boards at John McKenzie's 

Gray Joshua D. grocer, Cabot, corner Merrimac, house do. 

Gray Mary, Mrs. house William, near George 

Gray Peter, laborer, house rear Lawrence, near Abbott 

Gray William C. house 4 Church, corner Central 

Green Alonzo, Bleachery, house 32 do. 

Green Amos, Merrimac, house 58 Merrimac Corporation 

Green Andrew, Bleachery, house Charles 

Green Bernard, house Gorham, opposite Church 

Green Catharine, widow, house Dummer 

Green Charles, Middlesex, boards at J, Green's 

Green Charles, Mrs. house 224 Merrimac 

Green Francis, hostler, at American House 

Green Henry, matmaker, house Davidson 

Green Hugh, house west end Centre, Centralville 

Green George, Middlesex, boards 3 Church 

Green James, Middlesex, boards 19 Warren 

Green James, Prescott, house 12 Prescott Corporation 

Green John, at Stott's, house Fayette 

Green John, Middlesex, house 19 Warren 

Green John, gardener, house Willie, corner Cross 

Green John O. physician, office Savings Bank bl. h. Pawtucket 

Green John R. blacksmith, house 5 Swamp Locks 


Green Leonard, boards 15 Hurd 

Green Levi P. tailor, house 13 Middlesex, opposite Appleton 
Green Margaret, widow, house Davidson 
Green Mary, Miss, boarding house, 60 Merrimac Corporation 
Green Mary J. Mrs. variety, 8 Tilden 
Green Nathan, house Middlesex, opposite Appleton Mills 
Green Patrick, hostler at G. W. Norris's, h. North, n. Central 
Green Rufus, Lawrence, house 34 Lawrence Corporation 
Green Samuel J. machinist, house Middlesex, corner South. 
Green Samuel S. machinist, house Middlesex, corner South 
Green — , carpenter, Locks and Canals, b. 150 Merrimac Corp. 
Greenhalgh Jacob, at Corner's flour store, b. at Olive Bond's 
Greenhalgh James, Bleachery, house rear Crosby 
Greenleaf Daniel G. city messenger and constable, City Hall, 
house High, near Chestnut [Charles 

Greenleaf Gorham, wire worker, Nesmith's Block, John, h. 21 
Greenleaf John, carpenter, house London, Ayer's New City 
Greenleaf Lowell, boarding house, 2 Green 
Gregg Albert, moulder, boards at W. Sweetser's, Pearl 
Gregg Jacob, Massachusetts, house E. Merrimac, c. High, 
Gregg Sarah, nurse, house Lafayette, corner Adams 
Gregory "William C. engraver, house 14 Franklin sq. Adams 
Griffin Alvah J, dry goods, 94 Merrimac, h. Mer. c. Pawtucket 
Griffin Benjamin F. carpenter, house Forest 
Griffin Charles, Massachusetts, h. 41 Prescott Corporation 
Griffin Ebenezer S., Massachusetts, b. 41 Prescott Corporation 
Griffin Ellen, widow, house 12 Adams Block, Adams 
Griffin George, carpenter, house Franklin, near "Willie 
Griffin George A. shoemaker, house Bowers, corner Beacon 
Griffin James K., Prescott, boards 41 Prescott Corporation 
Griffin John A. shoemaker, h. Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Griffin Joseph, house Broadway, near School 
Griffin Joseph B. shoemaker, house School, opposite Bowers 
Griffin Lawrence, laborer, house Adams 
Griffith George, sawyer, house 20 Lowell, near Adams 
Griffith John, at B. H. Shepard's, 77 Merrimac, h. Bartlett 
Griffith Merrick, Prescott, house 40 Massachusetts Corporation 
Griffith Paul T. clothing, 34 Merrimac, house Clark 
Grim Mary Mrs. house Eagle Block, Mer. nearly opp. Suflfolk 
Grimes David E., Lowell Machine Shop, house 69 Mechanic 
Grimes David "W. contractor, L. M. S. house 4 Swamp Locks 
Grimes John, foundry, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Grimes John M., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 37 S. L., "Worthen 
Grimes Peter D. blacksmith, house Howard, near Hale 
Grimes "William, house North, near Central 
Griswold Henry D. C. jeweller, 182 Merrimac, h. Bartlett 
Groom James, Lowell, house Dummer 


Groom John, Lowell, house 232 Merrimac 
Gross Philip, baker, boards at D. Bradt's [Middlesex 

Grover Ariston, letter cutter, 15 Middle, h. SAldrich's Block, 
Grosvenor Aaron P. apothecary, Parker's Block, Bridge, corner 

Centre, Centralvilie 
Grosvenor Jonathan P. carpenter, h. Butterfield, n. School 
Grover David S. overseer, Prescott, house 3 Prescott Corp. 
Grover Eliza, house Third, Centralvilie 
Grover James, machinist, house Bangs's B., Middlesex 
Grover Josiah, Massachusetts, house 10 Mass. Corporation 
Grover William, Boston & Lowell R. R. b. at A. M. Spalding's 
Grush Joseph S. hairdresser, Middlesex, near the depot, 

house Hale, near Howard 
Guild David S. carpenter, boards at Ruggles S. "Watkins's 
Guild Isaac, house lo Lawrence Corporation 
Guild Isaac 0. boards lo Lawrence Corporation 
Guile James W., Boott, house 4 Suffolk 

Guilford Edwin R. at Chase's daguerreotype rooms, 50 Merr. 
Guiton James, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Lowell, n. Worthen 
Guiton Patrick, laborer, house Short's Block, Lewis 
GuUiland Thomas H., Lowell, house 11 Cady 
Gunning Amos J. boot and shoemaker, 260 Merr. house do. 
Guthry Constantine, laborer, house Adams 

HACKETT ANDREW, Mass. b. at Mrs. Elvira Silver's 
Hackett Daniel D., Hamilton Corporation, house 47 do. 
Hackett Henry, Massachusetts, boards 19 Prescott Corp. 
Hadley Aaron^ Lowell Machine Shop, boards 33 Hamilton Cor. 
Hadley Ardelia, Mrs. house Centre, near Bridge, Centralvilie 
Hadley Edmun d M. , Lawrence, boards 30 Lawrence Corporation 
Hadley Elias H., Merrimac, house 165 Merrimac Corporation 
Hadley Henry, Massachusetts, boards at William Davis's 
Hadley John, livery stable, Worthen, h. Lowell, c. Worthen 
Hadley John W., Lawrence Corporation, boards 30 do. 
Hadley Joshua, carpenter, house 30 Lawrence Corporation 
Hadley Joshua M., Lawrence, house 51 Lawrence Corporation 
Haefely Daniel, boards 113 Merrimac 
Haffey Terrence, Bleachery, house near Hale's Mills 
Haggen Edmund, fireman, boards South, near Summer 
Haggerty James, shoemaker, Gorham 
Haggerty Peter, student at law, at Abbott & Brown's, boards 

at Miss J. Blanchard's 
Haggerty Philip P. shoemaker, boards at Miss J. Blanchard's 
Hagget Allen, ticket master, C. & N. R. R. h. High, c. E. Merr. 
Hagget Ann, widow, house Davidson 
Hagget Levi, at News office, 44 Central 
Hague Thomas, Middlesex, house Charles, near Central 


Haight Frederick, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Haines Crosby K., Merrimac, house 4 Merrimac Corporation 
Haines Arvilla B. dressmaker, boards 15 Swamp Locks 
Haines George W. painter, house 17 Church 
Haines Mary, Mrs. boarding house, 4 Merrimac Corporation 
Haire Francis, Bleachery, boards at A. P. Crowe's 
Haire Heman, teamster, house Salem, opposite Willie 
Hale Almon, clerk, 29 Appleton Block, b. at Isaac Hale's 
Hale Benjamin, carder, house Willow 

Hale Bernice S. & Co. apothecary, E. Merrimac, h. Gotham 
Hale Charles, Mrs. house River, Centralville 
Hale Charles M. restorator, new depot, house Grand 
Hale C. M. Mrs. variety store, 71^ Central 
Hale David R. jeweller, 90 Merrimac, house Tyler, n. Central 
] Hale Cyrus, shoemaker, at Joshua Hovey's, b. at Isaac Hale's 
j Hale Isaac, laborer, house Worthen 

j Hale Jasper N. sashmaker, boards at R. A. Underwood's 
Hale Joshua, clock repairer, Merrimac, corner Maiden lane, 

house Chestnut, near Fayette 
Hale Mary B. house Third, Centralville 
Hale Simeon, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house Howard 
Hale William, Boott, house Ml. Vernon, Centralville 
Haley John, Boott, boards at Francis M. Colby's 
Hall Arthur S., Boston & L. R. R. h. rear Appleton, n. Garnet 
Hall Asa, carpenter, house E. Merrimac, opposite Willow 
Hall Charles W. foundry, boards at David Foss's 
Hall Christopher C. boarding house, 29 Hamilton Corporation 
Hall David C. leader Lowell Brass Band, bds. at Wilder S. 
Hall Elizabeth, widow, house 240 Merrimac [Bennett's 

Hall E. J. boots and shoes, 254 Merrimac, house do. 
Hall Ivory, laborer, boards 20 Prescott Corporation 
Hall James, block and stencil cutter, Gorham, near Hale's 

Mills, house Crosby 
Hall Lafayette, machinist, house 3 Goward's Block 
Hall Levi, Suffolk, house 5 Cabot Block 
Hall Nancy, Mrs. boarding house, 32 Lawrence Corporation 
Hall Robert F., Lowell Machine Shop,h. 41 S. L., Worthen 
Hall Sally, Mrs. house II Suffolk Corporation 
Hall Samuel D. at G. W. Fiske's, boards at R. Taisey's 
Hall Thomas D. machinist, house 32 Summer 
Hall Wilder, Hamilton, house 42 Hamilton Corporation 
Hall William, Middlesex, house High, near Oak 
Hallett Marsena, shoemaker, house 128 Central 
Halpin Alice, Mrs. house Davidson's lane 
Halpin Bernard, dyer, house Davidson 
Halpin Mary, Mrs. house Davidson 
Halpin John, Bleachery, boards at P. Crowe's 


Halpin John, boards at Mrs. McMullen's 
Halpin Patrick, Middlesex, house 5 Green 
Ham Dodabah, peddler, house Morse's lane 
Ham George W., Bleachery, house 12 do. 
Ham Isaac L. stonemason, house Lawrence, near "Wamesit 
Ham John B. house 4 Branch 

Ham Joseph P. machinist, house Middlesex, near Pearl 
Ham Seth W. teamster, house rear Centre, Centralville 
Hamer Michael, Middlesex, house Pleasant 
Hamblet Charles A. mason, house Third, Centralville 
Hamblet Daniel, carpenter, house Centre, Centralville 
Hamblet Gilbert, carpenter, house High, near Andover 
Hamblet Gurdin, trader, boards 11 Prescott Corporation 
Hamblet James, jr. brassfinisher, at George Darracott jr.'s 
Hamblet Julia D. boarding, 11 Prescott Corporation 
Hamblet Lorenzo, physician, boards 11 Prescott Corporation 
Hamblett John P. clerk, 5 Prescott Block, h. Merriam's court 
Hamblett Josiah, watchman, house Floyd 
Hamblett Joshua, carpenter, house Smith, near Liberty 
Hamilton Benjamin, machinist, house 6 Goward's Block 
Hamilton Charles, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Hamilton James, jr. overseer, Suffolk, house 5 Cabot 
Hamilton John, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 
Hamilton John, Lowell, house 34 Suffolk 
Hamilton Waldron H. machinist, b. at Mrs. F. Livingston's 
Hamilton Wm. H., Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 
Hammatt John, engraver, house Cedar 

Hammond Oscar, overseer, Bleachery yard, house Bleachery 
Hancock Edward, battingmill, h. Lawrence, near Richmond's 
Mills [officer, house Middlesex, c. Middlesex place 

Hancock James S. baggagemaster, Northern Depot, and police 
Hancock (Levi) & Waite {Aldis L.), dealers in produce, Fletch- 
er, corner Dutton, house Adams, near LaGrange 
Hand George W. stonemason, house Salem, near New 
Handy Thomas, Lowell, boards at J. Garrety's [Moody 

Handley Thomas, Print Works, Merrimac, house Snell's Bl'k, 
Handling Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, house Adams 
Hanefen Thomas, laborer, house 10 Adams Block, Adams 
Hanegar Jacob, lumberman, boards at Mrs. M. Clark's 
Haniford William, Suffolk, boards 1 Cabot 
Haningan Peter, boards at Michael Carey's 
Hanks Stedman W. Rev. house Kirk 

Hannaford Albert L., Merrimac, boards 132 Merrimac Corp. 
Hannaford Hiram, Suffolk, boards 6 Race 
Hannaford James, Merrimac, house 132 Merrimac Corp. 
Hannaford John, Merrimac, house Fenwick 
Hannaford William, Merrimac, house Suffolk, c. Fenwick 



Hanniford George G.,Merrimac, boards 177 Merrimac Corp. 

Hannegan Mary, widow, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Hanover Terrence, laborer, house Gorham, opp. the church 

Hanvahan John, variety store, East Merrimac, house do, 

Hanscom Benjamin F. machinist, boards at John Whitney's 

Hanscom Mary, house Bartlett 

Hanson Benjamin T., Lawrence, house 42 Lawrence Corp. 

Hanson Charles, teamster, house West ct. Middlesex 

Hanson Ephraim, boxmaker, boards at A. C. Clifford's 

Hanson Gardner L., Boott, boards at Richard Walker's 

Hanson Harriet, Mrs. at William S. Robinson's 

Hanson John, house Middlesex, cor. Middlesex place 

Hanson Moses, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 

Hanson Nathan, boarding house, 2 Queen 

Hanson Richard R., Prescott, h. 9 Massachusetts Corporation 

Hapgood Abram, clerk, 7 Central, house Fayette fEverett 

Ilaipgood Ex> {Whiiten, Hapgood ^ Co.), house High, c. 

Hapgood William, painter, house Fayette 

Harcum William, at J. C. Ayer's, boards 20 Charles 

Hard Charles F. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 31 

Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Harding David, Merrimac, house 123 Merrimac Corporation 
Harding Joseph, gunsmith. Middle 
Harding Oliver M., Boott, house 60 Boott Corporation 
Hardman William, Merrimac P. AV. house 84 Merr. Corp. 
Hardy Benj. T. dry goods, 2 Welles's Bl'k, Merrimac, house 4 

Kirk [b. Mrs. T. Hardy's 

Hardy Dexter, auction and commission store, 6, 7, & 8 Market, 
Hardy James M. teamster, house 6 Swamp Locks, Button 
Hardy Jameson, Middlesex, house 7 Cady 
Hardy J. Warren, Suffolk, house 3 Lyman 
Hardy John, Lowell M. Shop, h. Grand, nearly opp. Forest 
Hardy Leonard, overseer, Suffolk, h. 7 Cabot Block, Cabot 
Hardy Philip, overseer, Boott, house 79 Boott Corporation 
Hardy Rebecca P. Miss, boarding, 53 Boott Corporation 
Hardy Silas, farmer, house Gushing 
Hardy Theodore, at William H. Hardy's 
Hardy Thomas, Mrs. house High street square 
Hardy William, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at J. Abbott's 
Hardy Wm. H. at T. G. Tweed's, house Fifth, Centralville 
Harenty Patrick, Middlesex, house Green, near George 
Harkins Elizabeth, Mrs. house Lowell, near Lewis 
Harland Hannah, widow, house rear Dummer 
Harland John, manufacturer, boards at H. Harland's 
Harmon A. B. machinist, bds. 1 Colby's Bl'k, Middlesex 
Harmon Charles L., Massachusetts, b. 34 Prescott Corporation 
Harmon James M. physician, Lee, corner. Kirk, boards do. 


Harmon Leonard, Prescott, boards at Mrs. A. P. Nudd's 
Harmon Moses M. carpenter, Middle, n. Shattuck, h. Merrill 
Harnden Albert, W. I. goods, Andover, corner Pleasant, bds. 
Harnden Edwin, house Cabot [at N. Morse's 

Harnden Samuel, at S. & E. Adams's, house Middlesex, near 

Harnley Margaret, widow, house Dayidson 
Harper Henry (Hotoes ^ H.), house 5 South Franklin court 
Harper James, Massachusetts, house Fifth, Centralville 
Harper John, painter, house 5 Queen 

Harper Mary, Mrs. house Market [House 

Harran Joseph L. hairdresser, 2 Williams's Block, b. American 
Harrigan Bartholomew, house Davidson 
Harrigan James, laborer, house Maiden lane 
Harrigan Michael, Hamilton, house Pleasant 
Harrigan Patrick, carpetweaver, house rear Winter 
Harrigan Thomas, laborer, house Gorham, n. Appleton House 
Harrigan Thomas, carpenter, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Harriman Charles M. house Lowell, opposite Adams 
Harriman Martha, Mrs. house Moody, corner Cabot 
Harriman Moses, Print Works, b. 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Harriman Naomi P. Mrs. house Moody, near Austin 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 
Harrington Edward, carpenter, boards 1 South 
Harrington Hannah, widow, house 3 Market 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house Dummer 
Harrington Jeremiah, shoemaker, house Dummer 
Harrington John, house Congress 
Harrington John, laborer, house rear Dummer 
Harrington Joseph, Merrimac, boards H. P. Wilson's 
Harrington Lyman, clerk, house E. Mer. cor. Fayette 
Harrington Nathaniel, Merrimac, boards H. P. Wilson's 
Harrington Nelson, Massachusetts, boards 3 Market 
Harrington Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick, c. Lowell 
Harrington Patrick, laborer, house Howe 
Harrington Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 
Harrington William, fruit and vegetables, Middlesex, corner 

Pearl, house 2 Aldrich's Block 
Harris Alford G. teamster, house 2 Garnet 
Harris Charles F. boarding house, 28 Lawrence Corporation 
Harris Charles, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 
Harris Francis, Bleachery, boards 7 Pleasant court 
Harris Geo. C. clerk at Wm. P. Brazer's, b. 34 Mass. Corp. 
Harris George L. overseer, Lawrence, h. 70 Lawrence Corp. 
Harris Hinckley L. boards at David Cochran's 
Harris John, variety store, 97 Merrimac, house do. 
Harris John, Bleachery, house 7 Pleasant court 


Harris Louisa Mrs. house Lee 

Harris Norman A., Appleton Corporation, house 2 do. 

Harris Ouias, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Butterfield, n. School 

Harris Otis, Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 

Harris Page M., Lawrence, house 64 Lawrence Corporation 

Harris Robert C. carpenter, boards at Mrs. Sarah "Wi^gin's 

Harris Samuel, silversmith at A. Sanborn's, b. 174 Merrimac 

Harris William, house Treraont, Centralville 

Harrison James, music teacher, house Kirk 

Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house 5 Water 

Hart Cornelius. 1 iborer, house Short's Block, Lowell 

rl-^rt Edward, Lowell, house 14 Pleasant 

Hurt James, Lowell, boards at Jane Hart's 

Hart James W. {Minot ^ //.), house Middlesex, near the depot 

Halt Jane, widow, house Button 

Hart John, sashmaker, boards at J. W. Hart's 

Hart ISancy F. dressmaker, Nesmith's Building, boards 44 

Massachusetts Corporation 
Hartford Michael, Middlesex, house Green 
Hartley Ann Mrs. house Union, near Central 
Hartley Henry, house 1 Reed's court 
Hartley Hiram, reedmaker, boards at Mrs. Ann Gibby's 
Hartley James, dyer, house Union, near Central 
Ilart'ey Nichols, Bleachery, house Union, near Central 
Hartley Philip, laborer, house rear Cedar 
Hartley Richard, Bleachery, house Union, near Central 
Hartley William, Bleachery, house Crosby 
Hartso'n Jona. B. at D. R. Kimball's, h. Moody, near Cabot 
Hartwell Cephas L. clerk at N. & L. freight depot, boards at 

D. Stevens's 
Hartwell Daniel L. at Brooks & Tyler's, b. at W. Burroughs's 
Hartwell Edwin, clerk at American House 
Hartwell Ephraim {Spraffue &; H.), boards at L. B. Stevens's 
Hartwell Ira, mason, house 1 Cabot 
Harvey John, Hamilton, boards 2 William 
Harvey Joseph, Merrimac, boards 17-5 Merrimac Corporation 
Harvey Owen, Hamilton, boards 2 William 
Harvey Richard P., Lowell, house 26 Church 
Harvey William Mrs. boarding house, 21 Boott Corporation 

Harvey •, book agent, boards Hosea Smith's 

Harwood David, Massachusetts, boards at Lydia A. Farmer's 
Harwood Isaac, Bleachery, boards at J. W. Boynton's 
Haseltine George W. carpenter, Central, corner Chapel, house 

South, near West Union 
Haseltine Lydia Mrs. house 2 Dodge 
Haseltine Mary, Mrs. house Central, corner Chapel 
Haseltine Moses, Hamilton, boards at D. R. Downing's 


Haseltine , Boott, house 23 Boott Corporation 

Hasey Henry, at Fiske & Norcross's, bds at S. K. Pickering's 
Haskell Job H. reedmaker, boards at Union House 
Haskell Stillman B., Middlesex, boards 37 Church 
Haskell Theodore B. machinist, boards at Abigail Ogden's 
Haskins David G. Rev. boards at A. Stevens's 
Haslan Bernard, laborer, house r. Merrimac, nearly op. Tilden 
Hastings George, machinist, 17 Market, house Bartlett, oppo- 
site Livermore [h. 23 Church 
Hastings Sigisraund H. merchant tailor, 7 & 8 Appleton Block, 
Hatch Ballard, Middlesex, house 10 Warren 
Hatch {Charles P.) & Taisey {Robert), produce, Western ave- 
nue, house Adams, near La Grange 
Hatch Cornelius P. tailor, house Market 

Hatch George S. harness maker and carriage trimmer, Middle, 
n. opp. post office, h. Bridge, n. the bridge, Centralville 
Hatch Henry, clerk at A. Spaulding, jr.'s, b. at C. P. Hatch's 
Hatch Ira, wood turner, boards 29 Charles 
Hatch Ira, book agent, boards 77 Central 
Hatch Joel {Favor ^ H.), house 21 North Franklin court 
Hatch Joel M., Lowell Machine Shop, house 63 S. L., Worthen 
Hatch John C. at Gushing & Mack's, h. Ford, corner Austin 
Hatch Sylvanus B., Middlesex, boards 10 Warren 
Hatch Wm. W., Mer. Print Works, h. Mt. Vernon, n. Liberty 
Hathorne Thomas, laborer, house Gray place 
Haven Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Mrs. P. Hill's 
Haven Calvin, jr. clerk, Middlesex C. K. b. J. F. Huntington's 
Havey John, Lowell, house Jefferson 
Havey Robert, laborer, house Davidson 
Haviland Patrick, Lowell, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
Hawes Daniel, blacksmith, house 96 Central 
Hawes Eleanor, Mrs. washing, house AVillow 
Hawkes Andrew N, shoemaker, house Gorhani, near South 
Hawkes Philo, Rev, house Mt. Vernon, near Pine 
Hawley Almira, variety store, 72 Merr. b. 20 Hamilton Corp. 
Hawley Geo. A. shoemaker, Parker's B'lk, h. do. Centralville 
Hawley George, shoemaker, 134 Central, h. Central, n. North 
Hawthorne Thomas, Middlesex, house Water 
Hayden Enoch, boards 4 Austin 

Hayden Ephraira F. at Bradt's, house Fletcher, cor. Dane 
Hayden Isaac J. shoemaker. Market, house Paige 
Hayden Robert C. house 17 Moody 
Hayden Rufus N. grocer, Hale's Mills, house do. 
Haydon Frederick, Hamilton Print Works, house Gorham 
Hayes James, Merrimac, boards at E. Butler's 
Hayes Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick [Merrimac 

Hayes Joseph R. apothecary, 12 Central, h. Nesmith, c. East 


H;iyes Patrick, laborer, house Lowell, near Dummer 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, boards at D. Barry's 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 

Hayes Samuel, Hamilton, boards 1 Garnet 

ILayes Sarah L. Mrs. dressmaker, house School, cor. Somerset 

Hayes Timothy, laborer, house Fenwick 

Hayes AVilliam, Middlesex, house Water 

Hayford Asa, at Brooks & Tyler's, house East Pine 

Hayford Edward F. machinist, at George Darracott, jr/s 

Haynes Anna, Mrs. house Fayette 

Haynes D. Francis, clerk, 45 Merrimac, boards 9 Central 

Haynes George, teamster, house Branch, near School 

Haynes George, hostler, at G. W. Norris's, boards 6 Warren 

Haynes Gilbert, Lawrence, boards 54 Lawrence Corporation 

Haynes John W. weaver, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Hayward Asa E. clothing and furnishing goods, 80 Central, 

corner Hurd, house Fayette 
Hayward Edmund B. foundry, house 27 Worthen 
Hayward Ebenezer T. foundry, boards 27 Worthen 
Hayward George E. house East Merrimac, n. High st. square 
Hayward Tabitha, teacher, S. G. School, boards at Mrs. D. M. 

Dodge's [High 

Play ward Wm. P. trunkmaker, 15 Prescott, h. Chestnut, near 
Hazard Elizabeth, house rear Centre, Centralville 
Hazeltine Miron J. student at law, at Beard & Howe's 
Hazeltine Royal T. carpenter, house 23 Boott Corporation 
Hazelton Benson C bowling saloon, basement Museum, house 

Nesmith, near East Merrimac 
Hazelton Sarah M. Mrs. house 7 Appleton Corporation 
Heald Newton, machinist, house 19 Adams 
Heald Nelson L. overseer, Merrimac, house 55 Merrimac Corp. 
Heald Samuel M. machinist, house 4 LaGrange court 
Healey David, Merrimac P. W. h. Fourth, c. Read, Centralville 
Healey David, jr. Merrimac Print Works, bds. at D. Healey^s 
Healey Henry, engraver, Merrimac, house 45 Merrimac Corp. 
Healy James, calico printer, house John st. avenue 
Healy Michael, laborer, house Suffolk, near Merrimac 
Heaps Richard, musician, boards 1 Garnet 
Heard Edwin H. student at law, at Abbott & Brown's, boards 

Washington House 
Hearn Patrick, laborer, h. Cummiskey's Building, r. Merrimac 
Heath Elbridge G. shoemaker, house rear 286 Merrimac 
Heath Moses F. house 2 Garnet 
Heath Newell, machinist, boards 1 South 
Heath Seth, carpenter, boards at Ezekiel Burnham's 
Heathwood Thomas, house Poplar, near School 
Hebden William, wool sorter, house Middle 


Hedge Levi, Advertiser office, boards American House 
Hedges Jeremiah, Locks and Canals, h. Mt. Vernon, n. Pine 
Hedrick George, sign and ornamental painter, 3G Central, h. 

Andover, nearly opposite Harrison 
Hehir James, house Prescott 
Held Joseph, at Water Cure, h. Elm, Centralville 
Helvin Charles, Lowell, house Centre, Centralville 
Hemenway Almond, house 77 Central 
Heraenway Eliza R. boarding house, 77 Central 
Hemenway Marshall, bookkeeper, house Central, near Elm 
Heminway Francis, house Moody, near Austin 
Henderson Alexander, dealer in butter and cheese, house Law- 
rence, next School House 
Henderson James, house Summer, corner Davis 
Henderson James, trader, boards at R. Taisey's 
Henderson Thomas, Lowell, house Little 
Hendrich Lawrence, laborer, house Adams 
Heneage (Robert) & Abbott {John M.), machinists, Howe, h. 

Fifth, Centralville 
Henisey Catharine, Mrs. house Lowell 
Hennery Michael, laborer, house Hummer 
Henry Daniel E. provisions, house 62 Church 
Henry John B., Boott, boards at Jennette Gordan's 
Herbert Betsey, house Third, near Bridge, Centralville 
Hercomb William, at Cherry Pectoral Office 
Hern Henry F. carpenter, house 122 Merrimac Corporation 
Hern Martin, Lawrence, boards at Pierce Welch's 
Herrick Alonzo R., Lowell Machine Shop, b. at E. Herrick's 
Herrick {Charles P.) & Tuttle {S. J.), masons, house Cen- 
tral, corner Elm 
Herrick Edward, carpenter, house 6 Goward's Block 
Herrick John A. clerk, 30 Merrimac, boards Union House 
Herrisse Alfred, boards at Mrs. Duesbury's 
Hersey Amos J. house 24 Chapel 
Hersey Hiram, boarding house, 120 Merrimac 
Hersey S. T., Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hetherington James, Bleachery, h. Gorham, n. Hale's Mills 
Heywood Lucius M. boards 4 Tremont Corporation 
Hibbard Eli, Massachusetts, house Centre, Centralville 
Hibbert Charles, machinist, house 21 Swamp Locks 
Hickey James, laborer, house Fenwick 
Hickey John, laborer, boards at J. Allen's 
Hickey Mary, Mrs. house Fenwick, near Lowell 
Hickey Michael, at 51 Central, boards 4 Market 
Hickey Patrick, Locks and Canals, house Lowell, n. Suffolk 
Hicks Charles, lather, boards at Thomas Cates's 
Hidden John E. clerk, 46 Merrimac, boards 28 Church 


Iliggins Barnard, laborer, house rear North 

Iliggins Thomas, Middlesex, house Pleasant 

Hiiand Honora, Mrs. groceries, house 16 Adams 

II Hand Maria, rariety store, Suffolk, corner Cross 

Ililand Matthew, carpenter, house Suffolk, corner Cross 

Hiiand Patrick, blacksmith, house Adams 

Ililborn William II. hostler, house 10 Church 

Hildreth Asa, overseer, Boott, house 65 Boott Corporation 

Hildreth Caroline A. tailoress, boards at Mrs. A. W. Parker's 

Hildreth Chos. L. contractor, L. M. S. h. Howard, n. Chelms. 

Hildreth Ephraim, farmer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Hildreth Fisher A. high sheriff, Middlesex county, house 

Lawrence, near Tyler 
Hildreth Isaac C. & Co. (.4. C. French), dry goods, 6 Central, 

house East Merrimac, corner Willow 
Hildreth James, stonecutter, boards at G. Abbott's 
Hill Abner, Boott, boards at Andrew Blood's 
Hill Benjamin C, Hamilton, house Gorham, n. Middlesex 
Hill Caleb B. machinist, boards 30 Appleton 
Hill Catharine, house Dummer 

Hill David, Boston and Lowell R. R. house Howard 
Hill David L. machinist, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Hill David W. foundry, house 15 S. L., Dutton 
Hill Elvira, Mrs. boarding house, 3 Lawrence Corporation 
Hill Eliza, dressmaker, house Union, near Central [Branch 
Hill Epaphras A. at Fiske & Norcross's, house Middlesex, n. 
Hill Francis, Middlesex, boards 55 Church 
Hill George E. at Fiske & Norcross's, boards at J. O. Hill's 
Hill Jacob 0. boarding house, 22 Massachusetts Corporation 
Hill James, laborer, house Adams 
Hill Job, house 8 Suffolk 

Hill John, blacksmith. Central, near North, house do. 
Hill John B., Boott, house 58 Boott Corporation 
Hill John B. at Fiske's bobbin shop, h. Middlesex, c. Carlton 
Hill John Q. blacksmith, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Hill Joseph, carpenter, Menimac, house 93 Merrimac Corp. 
Hill Joseph, foundry, house Salem 

Hill Jos. E. clerk, 46 Merrimac, b. Gorham, at Mrs, Kimball's 
Hill Joseph E., Hamilton, house Salem, opposite Willie 
Hill J. W. R. carpenter, boards at J. M. Gibbs'a 
Hill Lawrence, blacksmith, Dummer, house Suffolk, n. Cross 
Hill Lewis S., Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Hill Lucy, house 2 Dodge 

Hill Nathaniel, Locks and Canals, house Dodge 
Hill Paul, superintendent water works. Locks and Canals, h. 

Worthen, near Mechanic 
Hill Peter W., Lowell, house 9 Lowell Corporation 


Hill Stephen, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Hill Sylvester B , Merrimac, boards at R. Allen's 
Hill William, at D. Dana's, house 200 Merrimac 
Hill William, Tre:r.ont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Hill Wright L. carriage smith, house 17 Adams 

Hill , bobbin shop, boards 3 Aldrich's B., Middlesex 

Hills Charles F. flour, 1 & 6 Savings Bank Building, boards 

Merrimac House 
Hills Charles H. carpenter, boards at Paul Hills's 
Hills Eliphalet, clerk, Boston & L. R. R. office at depot, Mer- 
rimac, house E. Merrimac, opposite James court 
Hills George H. flour, 1 & 6 Savings Bank Building, house 

Tyler, near George 
Hills Paul, carpenter, house Moody 

Hills Prudence, Mrs. boarding house, Marion, cor. LaGrange 
Hills William N. clerk, at B. F. Nealley's, b. at Paul Hills's 
Hilton Hoyt W. {Benthall ^ Hilton), house Fourth, corner 

Bridge, Centralville 
Hilton Wlnthrop, trader, house Charles, near Gorham 
Hinds Ann, Mrs. house Middlesex, opposite Appleton Mills 
Hines Lorenzo, Massachusetts, house 10 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hines Lorenzo, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hines Thomas, Boott, house Centre, Centralville 
Hingham Kichard, beltmaker, boards 7 Market 
Hinckley Isaac, agent Merrimac, house Merrimac, cor. Kirk 
Hinkley Joseph E., L. M. S. foundry, h. Branch, c. Queen 
Hinkley Joseph S., Lowell Machine Shop, b. 74 Men. Corp. 
Hinkley L. M. dressmaker, 88 Merrimac 

Hixon Lloyd, draughtsman, boards at Mrs. Annis's, New City 
Hixon Mary, Mrs, house Fenwick 

Hixon Roxana, Mrs. boarding house, 1 Lowell Corporation 
Hoag Jonathan, Boott Corporation, house 9 do. 
Hobart Henry P. carpenter, boards at A. L. Brooks's 
Hobbs David, umbrella maker, house South, corner Spring 
Hobbs Ebon R. Mrs. confectionery and variety, Merrimac, cor. 

Prescott, house do. 
Hobbs Reuben, at Brooks & Tyler's, house School, c. Poplar 
Hobbs Stephen, lumberman, house School, corner Poplar 
Hobbs Wm., Lowell M. S. h. r. Middlesex, opp. Steam Mill 

Hobbs , watchman, Merrimac, b. 58 Merrimac Corp. 

Hobson George, Hamilton, house Walnut 

Hobson , hairdresser, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 

Hodgdon Joseph, B. & L. R, R. house Gushing, near Willie 
Hodgdon Livonia, widow, house 4 Warren court 
Hodgdon Samuel G. carpenter, boards at R. P. Davis's 
Hodgdon Samuel S., Middlesex, boards 16 Hamilton Corp. 
Hodgdon William H. shoemaker, 50 Merrimac, house do. 



Hodge Frank, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Hodge William, Mcrrimac, boards at Pierce "Welch's 

Hodge William H., Lawrence, house 1 Lawrence Corporation 

Hodges William, Merrimac Print Works, h. Merr, op. Colburn 

Hodgman Abel G. wheelwright, boards at M. Howell's 

Hodgman , tailoress, house Union, near Chapel 

Hodgman Isaac, Merrimac, house 56 Merrimac Corporation 
Hodgkin Stephen, saw filer and carpenter, h. 10 Lowell place 
Hodgkin Thomas W. boards at Stephen Hodgkin's 
Hodkin George, blacksmith, house Centre, Centralville 
Ilodskinson Jabez, machinist, house 4 Goward's Block 
Hogan Aaron, hairdresser, 12 Merrimac, house Centralville 
Hogan Michael, laborer, house, Fenwick, near Lowell 
Hogan Thomas, Lowell Corporation, house Lowell 
Hoit George, machinist, house Spring 

Holbrook Abraham S. carpenter, house Andover, cor. Water 
Holbrook Adin, house Kirk 

Holbrook Eunice, Mrs. boarding house, 37 Merrimac Corp. 
Holbrook Fred. A. clerk. Post Office, b. at Mrs. D. Simpson's 
Holbrook John, carpenter, house 11 Suffolk 

Holbrook , teamster, Merrimac, b. 123 Merrimac Corp. 

Holden Artemas, measurer of wood and bark, h. Pawtucket 
Holden Austin, teamster, at O. M. Whipple's, h. Stone House 
Holden Avery, teamster, house Middlesex, near Branch 
Helden Benj. F. assessor. City Hall, h. Lawrence, n. Church 
Holden Frederick A., Locks and Canals, house Tremont, near 

Franklin House 
Holden George, overseer, boards Agnes Gillis's 
Holden Thomas, Massachusetts, b. 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hollagin Patrick, marbleworker, house Button 
Holland Hugh, Lowell M. Shop, bds. at P. W. Fuller's 
Holland Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell 
Holland Jeremiah, laborer, house Short's Block, Lewis 
Holland Jeremiah, jr. Lowell M. Shop, bds. at J.Holland's 
Holland John, blacksmith, house Howard's Block, Lowell 
Holland John B., Lowell M. Shop, boards at J. Holland's 
Holland John W. overseer, Merrimac, h. 30 Merrimac Corp. 
Holland Levi, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Holland Michael, laborer, house Button 
Holland William, laborer, house 4 McCarry's court 
Hollinger Harriet, dressmaking, Merrimac, n. Hanover 
Holloran Johanna, Mrs. rear Bonnelly's Building, Lowell 
HoUis L. F. at Z. S. Hollis's 

Hollis Stephen, watchman, Merrimac, b. 118 Merr. Corp. 
Hollis Zebediah S. provisions, Merrimac, opp. Farmers and 

Mechanics' Hotel, house 97 Merrimac 
Hollowell Charles E., Middlesex, b. atS. G. Hollowell's 


Hollowell George H., Middlesex, boards at S. G. Hollowell's 

Hollowell Samuel G. house Bridge, Centralville 

Holman John, machinist, house Central, corner Abbott 

Holmes Betsey, widow of Benj. h. E. Merrimac, n. Fayette 

Holmes Nancy P. house 11 Dodge 

Holmes Samuel, sash and blindmaker, bds. 216 Merrimac 

Holmes Stillman D. painter, boards 43 Appleton 

Holston John C, Massachusetts, h. 34 Prescott Corporation 

Holt Abiel, stonemason, house Willie, near Cross 

Holt Adam C, Fiske's bobbinshop, house Pine 

Holt Daniel, house Nesmith, near Chestnut 

Holt Daniel, physician, John, near church, house do. 

Holt Henry F. & Co. {J. C. Baker), grocers, 2 Merrimac, h. 

Third, corner Read, Centralville 
Holt Henry L., Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Holt Henry S., Hamilton, house 41 Hamilton Corporation 
Holt Joel, shoemaker, boards Darius Merrill's 
Holt John, patent press dyer, Howe, h. Nesmith, n. E. Merr. 
Holt Joseph S., Suffolk C. R. house 15 Suffolk 
Holt {Joshua L.) & Hovey (Cyrus), manufacturer of silver 

ware, 20 Market, opp. Carpet, h. Third, Centralville 
Holt Luther, blacksmith, head Pawtucket Falls, house do. 
Holt Paul, surveyor of lumber, house 7 Moody, corner Race 
Holt Samuel, carpenter, house Fletcher, corner Adams 
Holton Frederick, house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Honey Solomon, boarding house, 4 Lawrence Corporation 
Hood Abraham K. carpenter, South, n. Summer, house GO 

Hood John, laborer, house Little 

Hood , boards 30 Hamilton Corporation 

Hooke H. M. physician, Welles's Block, house Merrimac, cor. 

Hooker John, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Hooker William, Appleton, boards W. H.Turner's 
Hoole John H., Merrimac, boards at H, P. Wilson's 
Hooley Thomas, pickermaker, house 4 Bay State avenue 
Hooper Moses W. carpenter, R. R. Repair Shop, h. Chapel 
Hope George W. machinist, house rear Merrill's court 
Hope Jonathan, Stott's Mill, house Hale, near Howard 
Hope John, gardener, house Union court, Lowell 
Hope Lucius L. carpenter, boards Union House 
Hope Mary S. Mrs. house 144 Merrimac Corporation 
Hopkins Charles S., Middlesex, boards 54 Church 
Hopkins James, deputy sheriff, 55 Central, house Bridge, cor. 

Third, Centralville 
Hopkinson Ambrose, house Appleton, corner Garnet 
Horan Bridget, widow, house Castles 


Horn Benjamin, machinist, house 56 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Horn Joseph A. painter at O. J. Conant's, b. at Benj. Horn's 
Horn Lydia, Avidow of Martin N. h. Middlesex, above School 
Horn Samuel, soap and candles, Middlesex, corner School, h. 

Horn Thomas, Blcachery, boards at Mrs. C. O'Grady's 
Home Daniel W. carpenter, house r. Thorndike, opp. Hale 
Horner William, Middlesex, house Abbott 
Horr Thomas, shoemaker, house Fenwick 
Hosford Hocum & Co. {D. S. Eastman), dry goods, 86 Merri- 

mac, boards at American House 
Hosford Isaac, city missionary, boards at Asa Wetherbee's 
Hosley Ai, machinist, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Hosmer Isaac, stonecutter, house 3 Lyman 
Hosmer Stephen, house Livermore 

Houghton Edmund, Lowell M. Shop, house 70 Mechanic 
Houghton Horace, clerk, 9i Merrimac, house 30 Suffolk sq. 
Houghton Jerome, at O. M. Whipple's, boards Stone House 
House David, watchman, boards at Alvin Cook's 
Hovey Augustus, shoemaker, at G. W. Clark's, house Bridge, 

Hovcv Charles {Carkton S<; ITovey), house Park, opp. Chestnut 
Hovey Cyrus {Holt ^ II.Y, house Third, Centralville 
Hovey Joseph, at Joseph Hovey, jr. 's, Centralville 
Hovey Joseph, jr. at Joshua Hovey's, h. Third, Centralville 
Hovey Joshua, grocer and shoe manufacturer, Bridge, house 

Third, Centralville 
Hovey William, shoe manufacturer, h. Fourth, Centralville 
Howard Bridget, Mrs. house Summer 
Howard Ebenezer, Merrimac, house Salem, near New 
Howard Elbridge G. house Aldrich's Block, Appleton 
Howard Horace, lumber, coal and wood. Western avenue, and 

Prescott street, house Gorham, near Summer 
Howard H. C, Lowell M. Shop, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Howard James, clerk at H. Howard's, h. South, 4th fr. Appleton 
Howard James, Blcachery, house 34 do. 
Howard Peter, Bleachery, house 34 do. 

Howard Thomas J., Massachusetts, boards at Hosea Smith's 
Howard Walter C. at Pearl & Huntress's, boards 174 Merrimac 
Howard Warren, Middlesex, boards at E Butler's 
Howarth George, at Marvel, Sargent, & Co's, house School, 

corner Varney 
Howarth Thomas, Merrimac, house 43 Merrimac Corporation 
Howcroft William L., Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corp. 
Howe Abraham, house Ash, near East Merrimac 
Howe Charles M. house 3 Warren court 
Howe Comfort B. house 23 Lawrence Corporation 


Howe CEdward B.) & Goodhue {Jason), card manuf., Market, 

house Andover, corner Nesmith 
Howe George W. mason, boards at Lydia Collins's 
Howe Henry C. & J. F. carpenters, Middlesex, corner Grand 
Howe Hiram, carpenter, boards at N. T. Keyes's 
Howe Horace F. carpenter, house Fourth, c Read, Centralville 
Howe James, Lowell, house 18 Lowell Corporation 
Howe James M. carpenter, house Third, Centralville 
Howe Jeremiah, Lowell, boards 142 Merrimac Corporation 
Howe Jeroboam, farmer, house Oak, corner Nesmith 
Howe John F. {H. C. ^- /. F. Hoioe), Middlesex, cor. Grand 
Howe Joseph S., Prescott, house 29 P, escott Corporation 
Howe Josiah S. carpenter, house Third, Centralville 
Howe Lambert (Silver, Howe <Sr Mead), house 21 Chapel ; 

Howe Lorenzo G. carpenter, house Third, Centralville ' 

Howe Moses G. {Beard t\ H.), counsellor, 61 Central, boards at 

Mrs. C. Blanchard's 
Howe Pliny, Boott, boards G. "W. Lewis's 
Howe Sarah B. boarding, 18 Lawrence Corporation 
Howe Sereno, Rev. house First, Centralville 
Howe William, boot and shoemaker and grocer, Farson's B., 

Howe William, laborer, boards Thurber Hull's 
Howe William E., Boott, house 2 Boott Corporation 
Howes Franklin, bobbin maker, boards with ^Villiam Howes 
Howes George H. painter, boards with L. Howes 
Howes John W., Lawrence, boards with William Howes 
Howes Lucius, house Cushing 
Howes {Lucius E.) 8c Harper {Henry), painters, Middlesex, 

near depot, house 1 LaGrange court 
Howes Samuel P. portrait painter and daguerrian artist, 112 

Merrimac, house Central, near Walnut 
Howes William, carpenter, house Adams, near LaGrange 
Howland George C. machinist, boards at J. L. "Woodbury's 
Hoyle Abram, Hamilton Print Works, h. r. Charles, n. Central 
Hoyle Esther, widow, house Mason's court 
Hoyle Richard, Bleachery, house Fenwick 
Hoyt Abigail, Mrs. house 5 Dodge 
Hoyt Alfred, Suffolk, house 21 Suffolk Corporation 
Hoyt Alvah A., Lawrence, house 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Hoyt Ansel B. clerk at Stephen Barker, jr.'s 
Hoyt Carlos, hackman, house 16 Suffolk 
Hoyt Charles, Suffolk, boards at Abigail Hoyt's 
Hoyt Daniel S. mason, house Auburn, near Chapel 
Hoyt John P. machinist, boards at F. S. Avery's 
Hoyt Mary, boarding, 18 Merrimac Corporation 
Hoyt Reuben G. at A. B, French's, 35 Central 


Ho}'t William H. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 

Button, near Mechanic 
Hubbard Benjamin, Mechanics' Mills, house "Willie, n. Cross 
Hubbard Charles, carpenter, house Willie, near Fletcher 
Hubbard Daniel, at Brooks & Tyler's, house 7 Middlesex place 
Hubbard Daniel K. machinist, boards 8 South 
Hubbard James, sawyer, boards at S. K. Pickering's 
Hubbard Jeremiah, at D. L. Richardson's, boards do. 
Hubbard Josiah, city librarian, City Hall, house Nesmith, 

near East Merrimac 
Huckins David, Lowell Machine Ship, house Smith 
Hudson Edward A. harnessmaker, boards at C. Richardson's 
Hudson Francis, farmer, house Adams, near LaGrange 
Hudson Horatio N. engineer, Merrimac, house 153 Merr. Corp. 
Hudson William, watchman, house 16 Charles 
Huggins Samuel J. clerk, at Merrimac House 
Hughes Edward, Bleachery, house Moore 
Hughes John, Bleachery, house Livington, near Carter 
Hughes William, house William, near George 
Hull Amos, undertaker and coffin warehouse, Prescott, house 

Central, Chapel Hill 
Hull Henry, printer, at Courier office, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Hull Luther C. watchmaker, 90 Merr., boards at L. Wood's 
Hull Thurber, house Lee 

Hull William, machinist, boards 174 Merrimac Corporation 
Hulm William, Hamilton Corporation, h. Appleton, c. South 
Hulme James, Hamilton, house Central, corner Charles 
Humphrey {John) & Stuart (3/.), coffee grinders. West's 

Building, Middle, house at Andover 
Humphrey John, laborer, house Fenwick [c. George 

Humphrey Joshua, agent Middlesex Corporation, h. V^arren, 
Hunkins Moses A. at O. M. Whipple's, house Stone House 
Hunt Aaron, shoemaker, house High street square 
Hunt Albert, Suffolk, house 1 Suffolk Corporation 
Hunt Alfred I., Boott, house 25 Boott Corporation 
Hunt Ambrose S., Hamilton, house 13 Hamilton Corporation 
Hunt Charles, printer, boards at Mrs. S. Hunt's 
Hunt Charles, printer, Advertiser office, bds. at Mrs. S. Hunt's 
Hunt Clarissa, Mrs. house 30 Hurd 
Hunt Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 
Hunt Elijah, blacksmith, house 7 Franklin square, Adams 
Hunt Elihu S. ( Wilder ^ H.), house Willow, near Chestnut 
Hunt George L, shoemaker, boards at A. Hunt's 
Hunt Hiram, grocer, Lowell, opp. Adams, bds. at P. Hunt's 
Hunt James F. watchman, boards 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Hunt John B., Hamilton, house Union, near Linden 
Hunt Mary, Mrs. house 3 Garnet 


Hunt Michael, laborer, house Spring 
Hunt Phebe, widow, house Common avenue 
Hunt Phylenda, dressmaker, house Knowles's place 
Hunt Rebecca, Mrs. house 4 Race 

Hunt Sarah, Mrs. house East Merrimac, corner James's court 
Hunt Walter M. house Middlesex, corner Garnet 
Huntington Anson, railroad contractor, house Middlesex, cor- 
ner Middlesex place 
Huntington Elisha, physician, office and house 14 Hurd 
Huntington James T. boarding house, 74 Merrimac Corp. 
Huntington James F. house 2 Appleton Block, Appleton 
Huntley Curtis, Boott, boards at Rebecca P. Hardy's 
Huntly George, Boott, boards at Rebecca P. Hardy's 
Hunton Walter, Middlesex, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Huntoon John, Massachusetts, b. 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Huntoon George L., Lawrence, b. 9 Lawrence Corporation 
Huntoon James W., Lawrence, b. 9 Lawrence Corporation 
Huntoon Moses C. boots and shoes, 262 Merrimac, h. 6 Race 
Huntoon Orcn, house 11 Dodge 
Huntress James L. {Pearl S^ H.), house at Lawrence 
Huntress John, Tremont, house 18 Tremont Corporation 
Hurd Daniel, machinist, h. r. Chapel, opposite Cottage 
Hurd Daniel, Lowell, house 4 Worthen 
Hurd Edward H. student at law, bds. Washington House 
Hurd Geo. W. 3 Welles's Bl'k, h. E. Merr. n. High st. square 
Hurd James, clerk, 42 Central, house 4 Chapel 
Hurd John, Merrimac P. Works, house 102 Merrimac Corp, 
Hurd Samuel B. tender, boards at A. L. Brooks's 
Hurlbutt Edmund, watchman, house High, near Andover 
Hurlbutt George, watchman, boards at E. Hurlbutt's 
Hurlburtt Seth, Middlesex, boards 32 Church 
Hurley Cornelius, blacksmith, house Keene 
Hurley Franklin, laborer, house Dummer 
Hurley John, laborer, house Lowell, near Worthen 
Hurley Martin, laborer, h. between Merrimac and Middle 
Huse Asa H. astrologer, h. New, n. North Grammar School 
Huse Ebenezer, engineer, Merrimac, house 47 Merr. Corp. 
Huse George, house George, corner Church 
Huse Hiram, Merrimac Corporation, boards 47 do, 
Huse Jesse, house Common, near Cross 
Huse Orlando N., Lowell M. Shop, boards at J. Huse's 
Hussey Daniel, Hamilton Counting Room, house Appleton 

Block, Appleton 
Hussey George, Prescott, house 63 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hussey Levi, Middlesex, house 17 Charles 
Hussey Oliver, Hamilton, house 11 Hamilton Corporation 
Hussey S. H. millinery, 93 Merrimac 


Hutchins Charles, peddler, boards 17-1 Merrimac 
Hutchins H. S. H., Lowell M. S. boards at S. C. Jaques's 
Hutchins Isaac, Tremont, opposite Gasometer 
Hutchins Jacob E. teamster, house llLaGrange court 
Hutchins Joseph, proprietor American House, Central 
Hutchins Matthias, peddler, boards 174 Merrimac 
Hutchins Mathan, Mechanics' Mills, b. Henry Pulsifer's 
Hutchins Royal W., Massachusetts, h, 9 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hutchins Stephen E. at A. B. French's, 35 Central 
Hutchinson Benj. F. patternmaker, house Bartlett 
Hutchinson Charles G. house Alder, corner Stackpole 
Hutchinson Cleaves K. clerk Post Office, boards at James F. 

Hutchinson George, Massachusetts, b. Elizabeth Yeoman's 
Hutchinson Oren, Lawrence E.. R. house 16 Cady 
Hutchinson Reuben, music teacher, b. at R. M. Hutchinson's 
I Hutchinson Reuben M., Merrimac P. W. h. Merr. n. Hospital 
: Hutchinson Rufus F. carpenter, house near Hale 
I Hutchinson Samuel K. builder, house Nesmith, c. Chestnut 
I Hutchinson Susan, widow, house 11 Cady 
I H'.it.^hinson T. Mrs. house Parker, corner Stevens 
! Hutchinson William, house 11 Cady 
Hutchinson William, clerk, boards at D. Farrington's 
Hyde Amos, machinist, house Marion 

Hyde Amos M. paymaster Locks and Canals, b. at A, Hyde's 
Hvde Amos S. carpenter, house 20 Adams 
JHvde David, broker, 23 Central, h. Puwtucket, c. Beacon 
Hyde Eunice, widow, house Pearl 
Hyde Harrison B. carpenter, house Fayette 
Hyde Mary, Mrs. house Appleton, near Gorham 
Hyde Susan, dressmaker, boards at Eunice Hyde's 
H} Ian Sumner, contractor, Lowell M. S. house 7 S. L., Button 
Hyland Matthew, Bleachery, boards do. 

ILSLEY ADDISON", mason, boards at J. Jones's, Queen 

jlngalls Hannah, Mrs. boarding house, John 
Ingalls Harrison, house Middlesex, c. Middlesex place 
Ingalls Helen M. dressmaker, 6-5 Central, b. Mrs. J. Ingalls's 

jlngalis Joseph, Suffolk, house 12 Suablk Corporation 
Ingalls Joseph, jr. Lowell Machine Shop, house Marshall 
Ingalls Mercy, house rear Salem 

Ingalls Morrill, Lawrence, house 21 Lawrence Corporation 
Ingalls Nathaniel, shoemaker, house Bowers, c. Beacon 
Ingalls Oliver W. stage proprietor, boards at John Hadley's 
Ingalls Thos. shoemaker at J. Hovey's, h. Fifth, Centralville 
Ingalls William W. sash and blind maker, b. 232 Merrimac 
Ingham Richard, currier, at Bixby's, h. Branch, c. Queen 


Ingolsby Bernard, laborer, house East Merrimac 

Ireson Benjamin S., Merrimac, house 131 Merrimac Corp. 

Ivers George, house 6 Pleasant court 

Iveson Eli, at Day & Convers's, house Centre, Centralville 

JACK JE ANNETTE, Mrs. house High, near Andover 

Jackson Andrew, bedstead maker, house High, near E. Merr. 

Jackson Benjamin F. counsellor, 62 Central, b. A. Wetherbee's 

Jackson Charles D. hairdresser, at Wm. F. Brooks's 

Jackson George U. watchman, Middlesex, b. 77 Central 

Jackson Harris, Boott, house 23 Boott Corporation 

Jackson Henry, teamster. Print Works, b. H. P. Wilson's 

Jackson John, Lowell, house Central, corner Cady 

Jackson Orin, shoemaker, boards Mrs. Louisa G. Rolfe's 

Jackson Yv^oodbury, house Willow 

Jacobs Francis, Merrimac, boards at R. Allen's 

Jacobs George, Lawrence, boards at Darius Merrill's 

James David W, tailor, boards at L. D. Rollins's 

James Eben, at 0. Allen & Co's, boards at D. Stevens's 

James John N., Middlesex, boards 5 Church 

James Jonathan, Boott, boards Mrs. Mary Parker's 

James Ozias, carpenter, boards C. G. Durgin's 

James Ransom L., Boott, house 33 Boott Corporation 

James Richmond, piano-forte maker, boards C. G. Durgin's 

James Sarah B. widow, house Central, corner Charles 

James William T. machinist, house Central, corner Charles 

James W. H. H., Merrimac, house 121 Merrimac Corp. 

Jameson David, moulder, house Aldrich's Block, Appleton 

Jameson Fanny, widow of Thomas, house 1 Garnet 

Jameson Harriet, Mrs. boarding, 27 Boott Corporation 

Jameson Henry A. blacksmith, boards at G. W. Garland's 

Jameson Robert E., Merrimac, house 121 Merrimac 

Jaques Charles, carpenter, h. Middlesex, near Grand 

Jaques Charles H. carpenter, boards at C. Jaques's 

Jaques John C, Lowell M. S. h. 62 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

Jaques John S. house East Merrimac, near Alder 

Jaques Sarah, Mrs. boarding, house Quebec 

Jaquith Elizabeth, boarding house, 2 Lowell Corporation 

Jaquith Leonard W. overseer, Prescott, h. 2 Prescott Corp. 

Jeffries Thomas, Middlesex, house Abbott 

JefFers Joseph, laborer, house Haggerty's Block, Lowell 

Jeli'ers Mary, dressmaker, house lO Tilden 

JefFers Wm. M. at O. Allen & Co's, h. West's ct. Middlesex 

Jefierson Thomas, watchman Massachusetts, and police officer, 

house 7 Massachusetts Corporation 
Jefts Wm. Henry, moulder, h. rear Appleton, near Garnet 
Jenkins Andrew, Middlesex, house Market 


Jenkins Joel, wheelwright, Arch, house do. 
Jenks David, teamster, house 4 Middlesex place 
Jenness Jacob, grocer, E. Merr. h. Chestnut, c. "Willow 
Jenness L. "Wellman, physician, 55 Merrimac, corner John, 

house Andover, opposite Clay 
Jenney Henry, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Jenney Samuel, Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Jenning A. D., Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Jennings Martin, umbrella maker, 27 Market, house do. 
Jennings Thomas, house Davidson's lane [n. "Wyman 

Jennings Tillotson L. fish dealer. City Market, house Nesmith, 
Jepson John C. house Andover, corner Water 
Jewell Leonard F. overseer, Boott, h. 67 Boott Corporation 
Jewett Jeremiah P. physician, office and house 22 Kirk 
Jewett John, carpenter, house Lawrence, corner Mill 
Jewett Rebecca, widow, boards at S. D. Presgott's 
Job Ann, Mrs. house High [Mrs. G. Wiggins's 

Johnson Adolphus, shoemaker, at M. K. Wellington's, 
Johnson Albert T. dentist, "Wentworth's Block, b. 13 Central 
Johnson Andrew J. (C. W. Odiorne S^ Co.), house Willow, 

near East Merrimac 
Johnson Andrew L. cloth room, Carpet, b. 3 Tremont Corp. 
Johnson Augustus F. cigar maker, at J, "W. Mort's 
Johnson Charles, Merrimac, house School, corner Poplar 
Johnson Edward C. contractor, L. M. S. house 75 Mechanic 
Johnson Eleanor, Mrs, boarding house, 110 Merrimac Corp. 
Johnson Forest, Boott, boards at Mrs. Duesbury's 
Johnson Francis, shoemaker, at M. K. "Wellington's, boards 

at Mrs. S. Cochran's 
Johnson Francis P., Merrimac, house 49 Merrimac Corporation 
Johnson Edwin, machinist, boards at Calvin Allen's 
Johnson George, Merrimac, boards at Calvin Allen's 
Johnson G. T. variety, 3 John, house John 
Johnson Harriet, Mrs. boarding house, 3 Tremont Corporation 
Johnson Henry A., Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Johnson Isaac A. machinist, house Cabot, corner Merrimac 
Johnson Isaac A. machinist, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 
Johnson Isaiah, Merrimac, boards 15 Merrimac Corporation 
Johnson James, laborer, house Adams, near Salem 
Johnson James R., Middlesex, house Centre, near Bridge 
Johnson John G., Massachusetts, boards at Mrs. A. P. Nudd's 
Johnson John W. at Day & Convers's, h. Mill, corner Central 
Johnson Jonathan, watchmaker, Welles's Block, Merrimac, 

corner Kirk, boards at Mrs. Mary R. Newell's 
Johnson Joseph, Lawrence, house 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Johnson Joseph, Merrimac, boards at John H. "Ward's 
Johnson Leander, clerk, 40 Merrimac, boards 113 do. 


Johnson Lorenzo C. house 1 South Franklia court 
Johnson Mary C. house 10 Tilden 
Johnson Morris, laborer, house Adams 
Johnson Nancy, house Tremont, near Merrimac 
Johnson Thomas B. machinist, boards at Jas. T. Huntington's 
Johnson William A. machinist, house High street square 
Johnson William F. comedian, boards American House 
Johnson William H. cleansing clothes, &c. Bridge, near Merri- 
mac, house Centre, Centralville 
Johnson William M. carpenter, h. Lawrence, comer North 
Johnston Charles, Lowell, boards at J. Donovan's 
Johnston George P. at Gushing & Mack's, b, at E. Burnham's 
Johnston Thomas, Lowell, boards at J. Donovan's 
Johnston William C. at Puffer & Howe's, h. Bartlett, n. Alder 
Johnston William S., Locks and Canals, house Pawtucket 
Joice Alfred, at D. & G. J. Bradt's, boards at John Joice's 
Joice John, laborer, house rear Salem 
Joice Miles, laborer, house 1 Worthen 
Joice Patrick, at O. M. Whipple's, house at Tewksbury 
Joice Peter, Middlesex, house 6 William 
Jones Azro, foundry, boards A. S. Hall's 
Jones Charles, tailor, house Gorham, corner Charles 
Jones Charles, clerk, at S. H. Hastings's, house Summer 
Jones Charles, painter, boards at G. Huse's 
Jones Daniel, Middlesex, boards 8 Warren 
Jones David, Tremont, house 14 Tremont Corporation 
Jones Elijah C. house Alder 
Jones Isaac, carpenter, house rear Queen 
Jones John, Massachusetts, boards 34 Prescott Corporation 
Jones John, hairdresser, at J. L. Harran's 
Jones John, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Jones John, Middlesex, boards 8 Warren 

Jones Joseph B. blacksmith, Mass. bds. at Mrs. Elvira Silver's 
Jones Joseph W. telegraph office, boards at Mrs. M. Straw's 
Jones Lemuel H., Middlesex, house Charles, near Central 
Jones Mary C. Mrs. boarding house, 21 Hamilton Corporation 
Jones Nathaniel, Middlesex, house 8 Warren 
Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, at A. Wheeler's, house Plain, 

Jones Nehemiah, blacksmith, h. west end Centre, Centralville 
Jones Phineas, Boott, house 71 Boott Corporation 
Jones Samuel B. at Pearl & Huntress's 
Jones Theodore W. granite stone works, Middlesex, near the 

depot, house Grand 
Jones William, Middlesex, boards 18 Warren 
Jones William, blacksmith, house 8 Church 
Jordan George, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 


Jordan I^evi, Lawrence, house 19 Lawrence Corporation 

Jordan True P., Lawrence, boards 12 Lawrence Corporation 

Josclyn Alfi;ernon, foundry, house 18 Swamp Locks 

Joselyn Judson, hostler, boards at J. P. Kobbins's 

Joslin Alfred, teamster, house Garnet 

Joslin Samuel, machinist, boards Appleton, opposite Favor 

Joslyn Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, b. 33 Hamilton Corp. 

Joy Isaac, millwright, boards at II. H. Ferris's 

Joy Luke, laborer, house Lowell, near Lowell place 

Judd Sidney, Prescott Corporation, boards 19 do. 

Judd W. D. bookkeeper, at C. P. Talbot's, house 32 Suffolk 

Judge James, at D. Dana's, house "William 

Judge John, machinist, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 

Judge Matthew, machinist, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 

Judkins John B. carpenter, boards 4 Tremont Corporation^ 

Judkins John H., Hamilton, boards 37 Hamilton Corporation 

Judkins J. J. card printer, 35 Merr. h. Varnum, Centralville 

KAALT JANE, widow, house Davidson 

Kain John, fireman, house Chapel, corner Union 

Kain Thomas, painter, boards 13 Charles 

Kalery Thomas, tailor, 66 Central, boards Cedar 

Kaley Mary, widow, house Cross 

Katiug Rose, house Market 

Kavanaugh Michael, at B. Watson's, 125 Central 

Kay Francis, laborer, house William 

Kay John, spindle maker, house rear Lawrence, near Taylor 

Keach Abram, Daily Morning News, house Chestnut 

Keach A. J., Daily Morning News, 44 Central 

Keach I. M., Daily Morning News, 44 Central 

Keachy Hugh, laborer, house Dummer 

Keafe Bridget, widow, house Adams 

Keafe Ellen, Mrs. house Charles, opposite Chapel 

Keafe Mary, widow, house Lewis 

Keafe Nicholas, foundry, house rear Dummer 

Kealey Maurice, bootmaker. Middle, house River, Centralville 

Kealey William, bootmaker, at Maurice Kealey 's 

Kean Thomas, Bleachery, boards at Mrs. Christian's 

Keelan James, Boott, boards at William Bargan's 

Keelan John, Boott, boards at William Bargan's 

Keelty {Luke) & Garrity (Pe^e;-), coopers, Lowell, h. Dummer 

Keily Lawrence, house Lowell, near stable 

Keith Philip, Lawrence Corporation, boards 33 do. 

Keizer Ephraim, Boott, boards at Mrs. S. Quimby's 

Kellery Thomas, boards Cedar, near Keene 

Kellett Thomas P., Middlesex, house 21 Warren 

Kelley A-lice, house Cummiskey's Block, rear Lowell 


Kelley Andrew, house Charles, opposite Chapel 

Kelley Andrew, jr., Lowell, house Union, near Central 

Kelley Andrew K. book agent, house 5 Queen 

Kelley Barney, laborer, house Lowell 

Kelley Catharine, Mrs, house "Williara 

Kelley Carlton, butcher, house Middlesex, near "Walker 

Kelley Edward D., Middlesex, boards 31 Church 

Kelley Edward, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Kelley Eleazer, carpenter, boards 232 Merrimac 

Kelley George, blacksmith, h. Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 

Kelley George D. B., Mechanics' Mills, boards at H. Dennett's 

Kelley Hannah, widow, house Lowell, corner Fenwick 

Kelley Hiram, Lowell, boards at Andrew Kelley's 

Kelley Isaac, at Wood & Nute's, house Bangs's, B., Middlesex 

Kelley Jacob, butcher, house jSIiddlesex, near Walker 

Kelley James, house William 

Kelley John, laborer, house Gorham, near Appleton 

Kelley John, boards Charles, opposite Chapel 

Kelley John, Lawrence, boards 208 Merrimac 

Kelley John, at R. Lang's, house Floyd 

Kelley John, mason, house 2 Winter [Central 

Kelley John A. at Sargent's express office, house Tyler, near 

Kelley Margaret, Mrs. house Maiden lane 

Kelley Mary, widow, house Cummiskey's Block, Lowell 

Kelley Michael, Bleachery, hoj.ise North [Mills 

Kelley Michael, laborer, house Lawrence, opposite Richmond's 

Kelley Michael, laborer, house High 

Kelley Moses, boarding house, 11 Massachusetts Corporation 

Kelley Neal, laborer, house Conley's Block, Lowell 

Kelley Patrick, at D, R. Kimball's, boards at P. McDermott's 

Kelley Patrick, grocer, Adams Block, Adams 

Kelley Patrick, Middlesex, house William, near Central 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, house r. Middlesex, opposite Appleton 

Kelley Patrick, boards 101 Central 

Kelley Robert, marble polisher, house near North G. School 

Kelley Shepard A., Lowell Machine Shop, b. Union House 

Kelley Thomas, house Lowell, near Worthen 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, house Winter 

Kelley Thomas, Middlesex, house Union, opposite Chapel 

Kelley Thomas, Lawrence, house LoAvell, corner Suffolk 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, house rear Summer, near Gorham 

Kelley William, laborer, house 2 Lowell place [Kirk 

Kelley William, sash and door maker. Mechanics' Mills, house 

Kelley Williara, overseer, boards Charles, opposite Chapel 

Kelley William A. house Methuen Road, Centralville 

Kelsey Hugh, botanic medicines, house Walnut 

Kelton Jonas P. restorator, house Andover, corner Clay 


Kemp Calvin A. house Pawtucket 

Kemp Elbridge G. at S. & E. Adams's, h. Walker, c. Kemp 
Kcmpton Nathan, carpenter, boards at J. S. Proctor's 
Kempton Obed, boarding, 51 Boott Corporation [court 

Kendall Albert C. dry goods, 36 Merrimac, h. Charles, c. Reed's 
Kendall Benjamin, teacher private school, Nesmith's Building, 

house East Merrimac, near Alder 
Kendall Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding house, 40 Lawrence Corp. 
Kendall G. 8z J. sash, door and blind makers, Ayer's New City 
Kendall George, mason, boards at Darius Merrill's 
Kendall Isaac, carpenter, house Marshall 
Kendall James H., Boott, boards at Phineas Jones's 
Kendall Jonathan, overseer, Suffolk, house 2 Cabot Block 
Kendall Sarah B. widow, house Oak 

Kendall Timothy D, clerk, 7 Central, boards American House 
Kendall W. H. harnessmaker, Day & Convers's, boards "Wash- 
ington House 
Keniston Henry, at Lawrence House 

Kennedy John, coffinmaker, house Lowell, opposite Lewis 
Kennedy John, hod carrier, house Union, near Chapel 
Kennedy John E., Lawrence Corporation, boards 22 do, 
Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 
Kennedy Terrence, laborer, house Fenwick 
Kenncy French, machinist, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 
Kenney Isaac, boards at Lysander Kenney's 
Kenney James, butcher, boards at P. Lannon's 
Kenney John, tinsmith, boards atC. P. Whitten's 
Kenney Lysander, house Middlesex, corner Jackson 
Kenney Michael, house Putney's court 
Kenney Owen, printer, h. r. Middlesex, opp. Steam Mills 
Kenney Owen, machine printer, h. Middlesex, opp. Machine 
Kenney Patrick, house Cedar [Shop 

Kenney R. D. at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at G. Abbott's 
Kenney Stephen, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Kennison Charles, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Kennison David, laborer, boards at M. Kennison's 
Kennison Hannah, house Paige 

Kennison Maria, boarding, h. Middlesex, opp. Steam Mills 
Kennison Samuel, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corp. 
Kennison Sarah W. Mrs. house Liberty, n. Chelmsford 
Kenniston John, house 10 Tremont Corporation 
Kennon James, Appleton, house 6 William 
Kennon Paul, Prescott, house 6 William 
Kent Betsey, Mrs, house 1 Garnet 
Kent James, shoemaker, house Cabot 
Keogh Michael, Bleachery, h. Gorham, n. Hale's Mills 
Kerby Catharine, widow, house Lewis 


Kerby George, Boston & L. R. R. b. at G. A. Dadmun's 

Kerinal Margaret, Mrs. h. Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 

Kerns Ann, Mrs. house Hanover, corner Lowell 

Kerr George, carpenter, house Pawtucket, near Salem 

Kerse Robert, engineer, house 3 Carpet lane 

Kershaw Abram, Lowell, house 4 Reed's court 

Kershaw James, Lowell, boards T. Hague's 

Kervin Michael, Bleachery, house Gorham 

Keyes Arthur, carpenter, boards atN. T. Keyes's 

Keyes Clarissa, Mrs. house Summer, near Gorham 

Keyes Harrison, Lawrence, b. 45 Lawrence Corporation 

Keyes James, shoe store, Merrimac, c. Cabot, house do. 

Keyes Nathan T. woodsawyer, h. Fayette, near Chestnut 

Keyes Patrick, Lowell, house Lowell 

Keyes Thomas, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Keyes Zoa Ann, boarding house, 27 Lawrence Corporation 

Keyes William, house Fitzgerald's Building, Lowell 

Keyser Charles W., Lowell M. Shop, bds. at J. L. Keyser's 

Keyser John L. house Common 

Kidder Abram F. wheelwright, house Marshall 

Kidder Alden A. bootmaker, 112 Central, h. Chapel, c. "Walnut 

Kidder Augustus A. bootmaker, house Chapel, n. Walnut 

Kidder Franklin, at E. Bush's, boards at M. Kidder's 

Kidder John, jr. Merrimac Print Works, house Moody 

Kidder John B. house Cabot, corner Merrimac 

Kidder John H., Appleton, house Middlesex, near Grand 

Kidder Moses, physician, Gorham, corner Kidder, house do. 

Kidder Samuel, jr. apothecary, Merrimac, corner John, house 

Willow, near East Merrimac 
Kiel John, laborer, house Broadway 
Kiely Ann, widow, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Kiely Roger, blacksmith, bds. at Mrs. Bridget Connell's 
Kiernon Sarah, house High street square 
Kilby Charles E., Tremont, boards at Emily A. Bowker's 
Kilby George, Tremont, boards at Emily A. Bowker's 
Kilby John, boards at Emily A. Bowker's 
Kilday L., Boott, house Centre, Centralville 
Kilday Michael, Lowell Machine Shop, house Market 
Kilgore John, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Kilkenney Catherine, widow, house East Merrimac 
Killey Roger, at Artemas Wheeler's, house rear Paige 
Kimball Andrew, Prescott, boards at Timothy Week's 
Kimball Abel W. painter, house Parson's Bl'k, Middlesex 
Kimball Anna, variety store, Salem, c. Common avenue 
Kimball Charles W. butcher. Tanners, corner Plain 
Kimball Columbus, Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corp. 
Kimball Daniel, mason, house Ash, near East Merrimac 


Kimball Dennis, lather, boards at Thomas Gate's 

Kimball D. K. livery stable, c. Merr. and Worthen, b. Men, H. 

Kimball Daniel W. {Kimball ^ Brother), b. at S. B. Kimball's 

Kimball Durrell, house 27 Hamilton Corporation 

Kimball Elbridge, carpenter, house 14 Chapel 

Kimball Oilman, physician, Merrimac, corner Worthen, house 

Kimball Hannah, Mrs., Gorham, opposite Court House 
Kimball H. Ezekiel, machinist, bds. South, cor. Middlesex 
Kimball Isaac, painter and glazier, house 28 Church 
Kimball John, boards 25 Charles 
Kimball John E. trader, house Varney, near Carney 
Kimball John F. city treasurer, office City Hall, house Lin- 
den, corner Auburn 
Kimball John H. silks and shawls, over Post Office, Middle, 

corner Central, house East Merrimac, near Alder 
Kimball Jonathan, principal High School, house High, near 

Chestnut [York's 

Kimball Jona. B. merchant tailor, 29 Central, bds. at Mrs. J. 
Kimball Joseph D. clerk at Runals & Co. b. at Anna Kimball's 
Kimball Laura A. Miss, boarding house, 1 Merrimac Corp. 
Kimball Leonard, provision dealer, house High, n. Chestnut 
Kimball Matthew H. machinist, house Cushing 
Kimball Matthias H., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Kimball Nancy, Mrs. house Salem, near Lowell 
Kimball Nathaniel G. machinist. Middle, West's Building, h. 

Central, near Elm 
Kimball Ruel H., Tremont, boards at Manly S. Dickerman's 
Kimball Samuel, machinist, bds. South, near Middlesex 
Kimball {Samuel B.) & Brother -(D. W.), dry goods, 110 

Merrimac, hovise Suffolk 
Kimball Wilson, Lowell M. Shop, h. Fletcher, c. LaGrange 
King Ai^n, Mrs. house 17 Hurd 
King Ann, Mrs. house William, near George 
King Ephraim S., Round House, bds. at G. A. Dadmun's 
King George J. carpenter, boards at J. Batchelder's 
King Godfrey B. superintendent R. R. Repair Shop, house 

Jackson, near Round House 
King John, shoemaker, at I. J. Hayden's, h. Davidson 
King Mary, Mrs. house 48 Merrimac Corporation 
King Nelson, at J. M. Marston's, boards with do. 
King Oliver, shoemaker, house Stackpole, c. Livermore 
King Rufus T. engineer, boards at Godfrey B. King's 
King Stephen, shoemaker, house Davidson 
King William, Lowell, house rear H. McEvoy's, Suffolk 
King William H, shoemaker, house Ash 
Kingsbury Samuel H., Salem and Lowell R. R. house Howard 



Kingsley Enos O., Lawrence, house 52 Lawrence Corporation 
Kingsley George, Massachusetts, boards 42 Prescott Corp. 
Kinsman Gideon, baker, boards at G. J. Bradt's 
Kinsman Philonas, house Crosby 

Kinsman Samuel, foundry, Jackson, boards at H. Dennett's 
Kirby David R. railroad, house Richardson, Centralville 
Kirby George, railroad, boards at Mr. Dadman's, Marshall 
Kitchen Charles, Lowell, house 25 Lowell Corporation 
Kitchen Henry, Lowell, boards 25 Lowell Corporation 
Kitchen Isaac, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, house rear 

Middlesex, near Allen's planing mill 
Kitson Richard, needle-pointed card manufacturer, Marion, 

house Worthen, corner Mechanic 
Kittredge Abner, painter, 19 Middle, h. First, Centralville 
Kittredge Franklin F. butcher, house Centralville 
Kittredge F. G. physician, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Kittredge George, Mrs. house 30 Hamilton Corporation 
Kittredge George P. musician, house Alder, near Stackpole 
Kittredge Hannah C. teacher, boards at Mrs. D. M. Dodge's 
Kittredge Henry, stonemason, house Butterfield, near Fletcher 
Kittredge Henry A. conductor, R, R. house Rock 
Kittredge Jcduthan, painter & paper hangings, Pres. h. Cedar 
Kittredge Luther, stone layer, house Butterfield, n. Fletcher 
Kittredge William, wood and coal. Middle, near Post Office, 

house East Merrimac, above Alder [Centralville 

Kittridge Daniel, bootmaker, at G. W. Clark's, house Bridge, 
Knapp Chauncey L. printer, 23 Appleton Block, h. Bartlett 
Knapp George G. overseer, Massachusetts, h. 31 Mass. Corp. 
Knight S.Newhall, clerk, Franklin bookstore, b. Mrs. Aiken's 
Korner John, whitewasher, house Middlesex 
Knowles Calvin C. Mrs. boards 4 Boott Corporation 
Knowles Elbridge G., Middlesex, boards 32 Church 
Knowles Emeline, Miss, variety store, Thorndike, corner Gor- 

ham, boards at Jonathan Knowles's 
Knowles Jacob L. house Moody 
Knowles James, Middlesex, house 1 "Warren court 
Knowles John, Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Knowles John A. counsellor, 14 Appleton Block, house South, 

opposite South Grammar School 
Knowles Jonathan, laborer, house Congress, n. Hale's Mills 
Knowles Samuel B. shoemaker, at G. W. Clark's, boards at 

J. L. Knowles's 
Knowlton George W., Lowell, house 38 Franklin square 
Knox Mary W. variety store, 73 Central, boards 89 do. 

LADD CALVIN B. dentist, 21 Central, house Race, n. Moody 
Ladd George W. carpenter, boards at John Woodbury's 

13 ' 


Ladd Isaac, peddler, boards at T. W. Temple's, Summer 
Ladd Jonathan, counsellor, 3 Canal Block, house Central, 

near the bakery 
Ladd Pcrley M., Merrimac, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Ladd Sampson, boot manufacturer, Adams, near Fletcher 
Ladd Solomon H. carpenter, house Clark, corner Willie 
Ladd Uriah, Tremont, house 10 Suffolk 
Lahany John, dyer, house Howe 
Lake Amasa, carpenter, house Willie, near Cross 
Lakin Abel, cooper, house Kelly's Block, Middlesex 
Lakin Henry, carpenter, house West Building, Middlesex 
Lakin Jacob W. machinist, house Kelly's Block, Middlesex 
Lakin Samuel, Boott, house rear Bridge, Centralville 
Lamb William A. clerk, boards 100 Merrimac 
Lamkin Albon A. carpenter, 6 Prescott 

Lamson Edwin, clerk, at Buttrick & Co's, b. 8 Lawrence Corp. 
Lamson (Francis) & Tarr (J. M.), jewellers, 98 Merrimac, h. 

Salem, near the hospital 
Lamson Nathaniel M. house Dodge 

Lamson T. L. P. paymaster, Lawrence, house at Tewksbury 
Lamson William, boarding house, 8 Lawrence Corporation 
Lamson Nathaniel, house 8 Dodge 

Lamson William, jr. city auditor, City Hall, boards at Mar- 
shall K. Wellington's 
Lanagan John, clerk, 98 Central 

Landers James, Suffolk, house Lowell, opposite Lewis 
Lane Charles, planer, boards 17 Adams 
Lane David {Marvel, Sargent &; Co.), house Varney, c, Carney 
Lane Isaac, gas works, house School, opposite Cross 
Lane John W. watchman, boards lo Hamilton Corporation 
Lane Jonathan, carpenter, house Pearl 
Lane Luther S. clerk, at O. M. Whipple's, h. Law. n. Abbott 
Lane Martha, Mrs. house George, corner Hurd 
Lane Nathan, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Lane Samuel, carpenter, house Suffolk, corner Moody 
Laney Oilman, Boott, boards at Jacob 0. Hill's 
Lang Beniah, painter, boards 7Appleton Corporation 
Lang Bickford, keeper of the almshouse, near Chelmsford 
Lang David G. paymaster, Hamilton, boards 32 Moody 
Lang John, carpet weaver, house Cedar 
Lang John, Lowell Corporation, boards 24 do. 
Lang Roger, carpet manufacturer, Whipple's Mills, h. Floyd 
Langan Daniel A. fruit, &c. 117 Middlesex, house do. 
Langan Michael, painter, house 117 Middlesex 
Langdell James, Tremont, house 17 Tremont Corporation 
Langley Ansel R., Bleachery, boards 4 do. 
Langley Clark M., Cherry Pectoral office, h. Bartlett, n. Alder 


Langley James, at Day & Convers's, boards 33 Hamilton Corp 
Langley Solomon, produce. Middle, house 7 Prescott Corp. 
Lannan Dennis, provisions, Lowell, house do. 
Larbree James O., B. &. L. K. R. depot, boards 18 Law. Corp. 
Larrabee Daniel, shoemaker, boards at Mrs. Betsey Holmes's 
Larrabce George W. farmer, house Wilder, near Pawtucket 
Larrabee John H. house Pawtucket, corner Walker 
Lary Catharine, Mrs. house 6 Suffolk court 
Lary James, laborer, kouse Suffolk 
Lary Jeremiah, laborer, house Cross lane 
Lary John, machinist, house Union court 
Lary Lewis D. Mrs. house Garnet 
[Lary Margaret, house Summer 
Lary Mary, Mrs. house Howe 

Lary Richard, laborer, house Hale, near Thorndike 
Laughlin John, laborer, house Lowell 
Laven Dominie, Bleachery, house Crosby 

Laverty Philip, Lowell and Salem R. R. house Howard, n. Hale, 
Law James, watchman, flannel mills, h. LaGrange, n. Fletcher 
Lawes Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick 

Lawler William, machinist, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Lawrence Alvin, Lowell Machine Shop, b. 31 Hamilton Corp. 
Lawrence Allen C, Lowell Corporation, boards 6 do. 
Lawrence Ambrose, M. D. dentist and manufacturer of mineral 

teeth, John, corner Lee, house do. 
Lawrence Benjamin, Steam Mill, boards at Miss N. A. Smith's 
Lawrence Daniel B. carpenter, Lowell, house Mclntire, near 

Middlesex [mers & Mechanics' Hotel 

Lawrence Erastus W. at Pearl & Huntress's, boards at Far- 
Lawrence Henry, clerk, at Wheeler & Stickney'a 
Lawrence Jonathan G. overseer, Lowell, house 10 Lowell Corp. 
Lawrence Lewis W. gas fitter, Lowell Gas L. Co. house 31 

Franklin square, Suffolk 
Lawrence Samuel, dentist, 24 Central, house do. 
Lawrence Theophilus, at G. J. & D. Bradt's, h. Salem, n. New 
Lawrence William F. farmer, house Parker 
Lawrence Edward, shoemaker, boards 100 Merrimac 
Lawson Thomas B. artist, 9 and 10 Savings Bank Block, 

house Andover, corner Harrison 
Lawson William, machinist, boards 117 Middlesex 
Lawton James, supt. Mass. house 24 Prescott Corporation 
Lawton Reuben, Hamilton, house 7 South Franklin court 
Leach Betsey, nurse, house Bowers, corner Beacon 
Leach J. T. G. physician, John, corner Lee, house do. 
Leach Moses, laborer, boards 1 Pearl 
Leach Thomas, laborer, house Davidson 
Lear Michael, at P. O. Richmond's, h. Lawrence, n. Wames'* 


Lcamard Catharine, widow, house Cross _ 
Leathe Liirena, boarding, house 142 Merrimac Corporation 
Leathers Hiram, Boott, boards at Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Leathers Milton, Locks and Canals, house Dummer 
Leathers Samuel {Garland 3, Leo^/icrs), h. Wilder, n. Middlesex 
Leavitt Ann M. Mrs. boarding, Thorndike, near the depot 
Leavitt Daniel B. shoemaker, boards at "W. B. Leavitt's 
Leavitt Daniel G. clerk, 8 Merrimac, house Gold, near School 
Leavitt Ephraim, at Otis Allen & Co's, bds. at C. D. Barry's 
Leavitt Erasmus D. house High street square 
Leavitt Honora, -widow, house Fenwick, corner Lowell 
Leiivitt James, Round House, house Appleton, n. Thorndike 
Leavitt James M. moulder, boards Appleton, n. Thorndike 
Leavitt Stephen B., Lowell Machine S. h. 40 S. L., Yv''orthen 
Leavitt William B. shoemaker, 9 Tilden, house 6 do. 
Leavitt William H. variety store, Merrimac, opposite Cabot 
Le Barron Christopher C. shoemaker, b. at John B. Melvin's 
Lebell Joseph, Tremont, house 20 Treraont Corporation 
Loduc Dumas, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Leduc Joseph, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Lederer Jacob, Merrimac Print Works, house Third, foot Mt. 

Vernon, Centralville 
Lee Charles, Middlesex, house Water 
Lee Daniel, Middlesex, boards 1 Green 
Lee James, laborer, house rear Water 
Lee James, Middlesex, house Water 
Lee Jason, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Lee Joseph, machinist, boards South, corner Middlesex 
Lee Michael, laborer, house Davidson [Church 

Leeraan Horitio N. oysters, 5 Coburn's Block, Central, h. 60 
Leeman V/ilier, Lawrence, house 64 Lawrence Corporation 
Lefavre Julias, cutter, 3 Central, house Alder, n. Bartlett 
Lefevre Charles, at Fiske & Norcross's, h. 21 Lowell, n. Adams 
Legate Clarinda, boarding house, 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Letghton Andrew, overseer, Bleachery, house 19 do. 
Leighton David, Appleton Corporation, boards 19 do. 
Leighton George K., Print Works, boards 71 Merrimac Corp. 
Leighton Hannah, Mrs. boarding house, 69 Merrimac Corp. 
Leighton William, Mrs, house Adams, corner Salem 
Leland George, block printer, house Central, corner Crosby 
Leland Thomas, carpet printer, house Elm 
Leland William, block cutter and stencil maker, Mathes's Mills, 

house rear 35 Chapel 
Lemele Joseph, at Norcross's, boards at T. Lemoyne's 
Lemoyne Houday, at Fiske & Norcross's, house 18 Middlesex, 

opposite Branch [Mclntire 

Lemoyne Tiiffle, at Fiske & Norcross's, h. Middlesex, opposite 


Lennon John, teamster, boards at T. Lennon's 
Lennon Patrick, butcher, house Middlesex, near the line 
Lennon Thomas, laborer, house Lowell [Church 

Leonard Abel W. refreshment saloon, 130 Merrimac, house 24 
Leonard Catharine, Mrs. house Salem, near Willie 
Leonard Geo. machinist, h. between Centre & River, Cen'ville 
Leonard George E. at I. Leonard's, b. Central, c. Wamesit 
Leonard George W. boards 77 Central 

Leonard Ira, machinist, Lawrence, house Gorhara, n. Central 
Leonard John R., Merrimac, house Chestnut [Hardy's 

Leonard Nahum, jr., student at law, 55 Central, b. at Mrs. T. 
Leonard Rosanna, Mrs. house 10 Trull's Block, Middle 
Leonard Sarah, Mrs. boarding house, 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Leonard Sylvester B. at I. Leonard's, house 88 Cady 
Le Roy David, cigar maker, at L. B. Moore's, house Moore 
Leslie Charles, Hamilton, house Middlesex, corner Gorham 
Leslie Charles, jr., Ham.ilton, house Middlesex, cor. Gorham { 
Leslie Edwin C. tailor, 184 Merrimac, house 11 Dodge | 

Leslie Lucius, tailor, at E. C. Leslie's, boards at Mrs. W. H. J 
Whitcomb's j 

Leslie Sarah S. boarding house, 29 Boott Corporation i 

Leslie Thomas, house 22 Lawrence Corporation i 

Lesuer Benjamin F. crockery, ^c, So Central, h. 32 Chapel | 
Lesure Ansel P. livery stable, Prescott, house 135 Central j 

Levin Elizabeth, Miss, house Suffolk i 

Lew Osmon, house Central, opposite Union \ 

Lew Peter B. hairdresser, 12 Merrimac, h. Centre, Centralville . 
Lewis Ann, widow, house Gorham, opp. the Court House j 

Lewis Edward B. hairdresser, house Centre, Centralville 
Lewis Ephraim, sashmaker, boards at R. A. Underwood . j 
Lewis George W. boarding house, 13 Boott Corporation I 

Lewis Henry F. at Mechanics' Mills, b. J. Stevens's [Chapel 
Lewis Jeremiah, hairdresser, Middle, n. Shattuck, h. rear 35 ' 
Lewis John A., Prescott, house 31 Prescott Corporation ■ 

Lewis John, blacksmith, boards at Mrs. Betsey Holmes's | 

Lewis John L. hairdresser, 234 Merrimac. b. at F. & M. Hotel 
Lewis Joseph, Bleachcry, house 13 do. j 

Lewis Lephe I. Mrs. house Centre, Centralville | 

Lewis Loring, boarding house, 5 Merrimac Corporation 
Lewis Joseph, farmer, house Liberty j 

Lewis Walker, hairdresser, house Centre, Centralville j 

Lewis William, Massachusetts, b. at Mrs. Lovina Wadleigh's ; 
Lewis Wm. A. at Norcross's Saw Mill, b. at J. W. Proctor's j 
Libbee James, blacksmith, house rear Charles, cor. Central : 
Libbey Henry, Lawrence, boards 33 Lawrence Corporation j 

Libbey Isaac, watchman, boards 27 Appleton Corporation 
Libbey Isaac H. carpenter, house Moody, near Hanover 


Libbey Josiah, gardener, house 30 Lawrence Corporation 

Libby Nathaniel, Carpet, boards 32 Central 

Libby William F., Hamilton, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Liddell Catharine, Mrs. house Hanover, near Merrimac 

Lilley Roxa, Mrs. house Race 

Lincoln George, printer. Courier Office, house at Dracut 

Lincoln Isaac, machinist, boards 21 Swamp Locks 

Lincoln Levi E. apothecary, cor. Andover and Fayette, h. do. 

Lincoln Tisdale, house Andover, corner Fayette 

Lindsey Edward, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Cor. 

Lindsey James W., Bleachery, house Central, near Abbott 

Lindsey Joseph, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Lindsey Richard, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Lindsey William, Bleachery, boards Livingston 

Lindsey William A., Bleachery, house 29 do. 

Lines Thomas, Middlesex, house High 

Lines , -widow, house rear Cross 

Linney Randall, grocer, East Merrimac 

Litchfield Pliny, Boott, house 48 Boott Corporation 

Little Charles, Merrimac Corporation, h. Centre, Centralville 

Little James M. watchman, house Merrill's court 

Little James M., Lowell Machine Shop, house Cushing 

Little Leonard P. stone mason, house Cady, corner Central 

Little Silas B. type peddler, boards Union House 

Little John, Middlesex, house William, near George 

Littlefield Dennis G. stoves, and kitchen furnishing goods, 166 

Merrimac, house do. near the Hospital 
Littlehale Daniel S. fireman, S. B. R. R. h. 20 N. Franklin ct 
Littlehale George, sash and blindmaker, b. at Mrs. S. Jaques's 
Littler {Charles R.) & Dewherst {R. J.), silk printers, Whip 

pie's Mills, house Central, corner Walnut 
Littlefield George, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Livermore Albert W., Merrimac, h. 100 Merrimac Corporation 
Livermore Sarah C. Mrs. house Stackpole 
Livermore Heber, at Fiske & Norcross's, b. at N. G. Swasey's 
Livesey Adam, house Perrin, near School 
Livingston Benjamin, S. & L. R. R. b. at Mrs. F. Livingston's 
Livingston Daniel, teamster, house Brewery court 
Livingston David M. G. at R. N. Hayden's, h. Central, c. Cedar 
Livingston Elbridge, stone mason, h. Thorndike, c. Appleton 
Livingston Fanny, Mrs. house 5 Middlesex place 
Livingston Jacob, stonecutter, house Willie, near Salem 
Livingston James, Gorham 
Livingston Jas. H. variety store, E. Merr. op. High st. Church 
Livingston John O., Salem & L. R. R. h. Gorham, c. Carter 
Livingston William, wood, coal, &c. Thorndike, house do. c 


Locke Abram, sawyer, boards at I. Stinson's 
Locke Horace B. on railroad, house Middlesex, near Pearl 
Locke James J. painter, boards at Mrs. L. Locke's 
Locke Jeremiah, Lowell, house Willow, near Chestnut 
Locke John, at Stott's, house Howe 
Locke Joseph, house Central, Chapel Hill 
Locke Lydia, Mrs. house Merrimac, corner Tremont 
Locke Mary, Miss, boarding house, 17 Lawrence Corporation 
Locke Samuel W. (£. B. Worthen Cs Co.), house Moody 
Locke William M. painter, boards at Mrs. L. Locke's 
Lodge John, at George Darracott jr.'s 
Lofthur Aaron, blacksmith, boards at Foster Brown's 
Lofty Mary, Mrs. house Winter 

Logan James, block printer, house Central, opposite Chapel 
Logan John, boards at A. J. Simpson's 
Logan John {Nichols ^ Logan), boards at A. J. Simpson's 
Logan Michael, Middlesex, house 18 Middlesex 
Lombard David B. clerk, 41 Central, boards 53 Church 
Lombard Nathan C. carpenter, house 53 Church 
London William J., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Lone Patrick, laborer, house 3 Fellows Block 
Long Abel, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Long David W., Merrimac, house 81 Merrimac Corporation 
Long Patrick, tailor, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Long Roxana, 45 Merrimac Corporation 
Long Rufus, Merrimac, house 39 Merrimac Corporation 
Long Samuel B., Middlesex, boards 77 Central 
Long William F. at C. S. Eastman & Co's, boards City Hotel 
Longstaff Thomas, Middlesex, boards 20 Charles 
Loomis Asa G. collector, house Water 
Loomis Joseph, conductor, B. & L. R. R. house Grand 
Lord Abby, widow, house 5 Market 
Lord Andrew, Massachusetts, house Paige 
Lord Benjamin G. porter, at Merrimac House [berlain's 

Lord Charles P. at Marvel, Sargent & Co's, b. at M. Cham- 
Lord Hargraves, police officer, house rear Salem 
Lord Henry A. clerk, 51 Central, house Third, Centralville 
Lord Thomas W., Lawrence, boards 8 Lawrence Corporation 
Lothrop Daniel, Tremont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 
Lougee Darius, Lawrence, house 63 Lawrence Corporation 
Lougee Henrj' C. turner, house 2 South Franklin court 
Longer Sophia W. Mrs. boarding house, 60 Lawrence Corp. 
Loughran Edmund, Middlesex, boards at D. Ganahan's 
Loughran James, counsellor, 20 Appleton Block 
Loughran Michael, laborer, house Gray place 
Loughran Michael, teamster, house rear Lawrence, n. Taylor 
Loughran Thomas, clerk, 5 Welles's Block, h. 200 Merrimac 


Lovejoy Charles, clerk, at C. S. Eastman & Go's 

Lovojoy Daniel, blacksmith, Button, near the Jail, house 

Franklin, near Willie 
Lovejoy Frederick, conductor, S. & B. R. R. honse Gates 
Lovcjoy George, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Lovejoy George L., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 2 LaGrange ct. 

1 Lovejoy Henry T., Merrimac, boards at James T. Huntington's 
Lovejoy Henry W. clerk, 108 Central, house Bartlett 
Lovejoy Isaac, carpenter, house 3 North 

Lovejoy Jacob, overseer, Hamilton, house 46 Hamilton Corp. 
Lovejoy John, Merrimac, house 22 Merrimac Corporation 
Lovejoy Jonathan W. assistant agent for selling spirit, police 

officer, and superintendent City Market, h. 94 Central 
Lovejoy Lund, blacksmith, Fletcher, corner Cushing, house 

I Appleton, opposite Favor 

Lovejoy Paul, machinist, boards at "William Howe's 
Lovejoy "William, carpenter, house Appleton, opp. Garnet 
Covering Eli, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 

'Lovering Moses, mover of buildings, house Middlesex, oppo- 
site Mclntire 
Lovering M. G., Massachusetts, house 54 Mass. Corporation 
Lovering William, stone mason, h. E. Merrimac, n. Fayette 
Lovering William, Lav/rence, boards 46 Cabot 
Lovett George, carpenter, boards at Thomas Lovett's 
Lovett George, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Lovett George C, Merrimac, house 143 Merrimac Corporation 
Lovett John M., Bootl, boards at Thomas Lovett's [tral 

Lovett Nancy G. clerk. Ladies' P. U. dry goods store, 18 Cen-' 
Lovett Stephen, shoemaker, at Gladwin & Cochran's, house 

Merrimac, near Cabot 
Lovett Thomas, carpenter, Summer, near Davis, house do. 
Loveland Alonzo, painter, boards at Samuel Clark's 
Lovrien John R. laborer, house A^^iburn, near Chapel 
Lovrien Luke W. oysters, &c. Hurd, corner Central, house 

Farson's Block, Middlesex 
Low Hannah, Mrs. house 8 Hamilton Corporation 
Low John, Hamilton, house 48 Hamilton Corporation 

jLow Nehemiah, Lowell M. Shop, h. Branch, opp. School House 

iLowd James, Merrimac, boards 87 Merrimac Corporation 

I Lowe John, laborer, house Lowell 

I Lowe Joseph, B. & L. R. R. house 7 Marion 
Lowney Ellen, Mrs. beer shop, Jefferson, corner Lewis 

iLowton John, carder, house Wamesit [House 

I Lucas Albert B. bowling saloon, Hurd, c. Central, bds. Union 

'Lucas Thomas, dry goods, 120 Merrimac, house City Hall av. 
Luce John, foundry, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Luce John, machinist, boards at Mrs. Dorothy Sawyer's 


Lucey James C, Merrimac, boards at Mrs. Caroline A. Smith's 

Lufkin Andrew J., Merrimac, boards 69 Merrimac Corporation 

Lufkin Martha, boarding house, 44 Boott 

Lufkin Daniel B. watchman, Bleachery, boards 28 do. 

Lufkin David B. sashmaker, boards at R. A. Underwood's 

Lufkin Merchant H., Lowell M. Shop, h. LaGrange, c. Adams 

Lugg William, Lowell, house Essex 

Lukey James, biackamith, house rear Cedar [Fletcher 

Ludd Noadiah, foreman, Nashua freight depot, h. Yarney, n. 

Lund Thomas, laborer, house Davidson's lane 

Lund Thomas, Lowell, boards Railroad House 

Lunt Ezekiel, laborer, house rear Queen 

Lunt John C. & Co. (.4. F. Scribner), ladies' boot and shoe 

manufacturers, 17 Central, h. E. Merrimac, c. Fayette 
Luscomb John W. overseer, Boott, house Common 
Luther Thomas, machinist, house 45 S. L., Worthen 
Lyford Asa, Merrimac, boards 38 Merrimac Corporation 
Lyford Francis, boards 128 Merrimac Corporation 
Lyford Horace C. shoemaker, boards at W. W. Hatch's 
Lyford John B., Lawrence, boards at Mahala Ames's 
Lyford Zebulon, Appleton Corporation, house 12 do. 
Lyman Frederic, Tremont, boards at Manly S. Dickerman's 
Lyman Roland, watchmaker and jeweller, 100 Central, h, Ames 
Lynch Barnard, boarding house, Lowell, near Dutton 
Lynch Bridget, widow, house 6 Edgerly's court 
Lynch Edward, Middlesex, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 
Lynch James, Bleachery, house Kirk avenue 
Lynch John, confectioner, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Lynch John, Merrimac, house do. 
Lynch Joseph, W. I. goods, Lowell, house Fenwick 
Lynch Lawrence, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Lowell, n. Worthen 
Lynch Mary, house Putney's court 
Lynch Mary, house Davis 

Lynch Matthew, painter, boards Lowell, corner Worthen 
Lynch Patrick, blacksmith, house rear Jefferson 
Lynch Patrick, Massachusetts, house East Merrimac 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house East Merrimac 
Lynch Patrick, house 2 rear Tilden 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house Davidson 

Lynch , widow, house Cross lane 

Lynes Margaret, house Putney's court 

Lyon Amos, paper dealer, house 210 Central, opposite Cedar 

Lyon Dennis, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Lyon Harriet, Mrs. boarding house, 16 Lawrence Corporation 

Lyons Thomas, Appleton, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 

Lyscomb Sarah B. Mrs. boarding house, 43 Mass. Corp. 



MACE HEM AN, Hamilton, boards 12 Hamilton Corporation 
iMace Oliver, Middlesex, boarding house, 32 Church 
Macey Charles, machinist, boards at F. Bragg's 
Macintosh Isabella, Tremont, opposite Gasometer 
jMack Abram S. machinist, house Middlesex, corner Grand 
Mack Charles, Massachusetts, boards at G. H. Lewis's 
Mack James, laborer, house Market 
Mack Rufus, laborer, house Lawson 

Mack Sewall G. {Cnshimj ^ Mack), h. Merrimac, n. Decatur 
Mack "William, at Hospital [near Willie 

Mackay David, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Franklin, 
Mackman Charles, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's 
Macomber Oliver, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Madden John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Madden Luke, laborer, house Adams, near Salem 
Madden Mary, Mrs. house Haggerty's Block, Lowell 
Maddocks William, slater, house Dutton 
Maddocks William, jr. slater, house Dutton 
Magoon George, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Magoon {Hcmry C.) & Clement (^C. C), produce, &c., Mer- 
rimac, corner John, house Sisth, Centralville 
Magouu Mary, Mrs, boarding house, G Suffolk Corporation 
Maguire T^ndrew, shoemaker, Market, house Middle 
Maguire George, peddler, house Franklin 
Maguire James, at Gas Works, house Lowell 
Maguire {Ja7nes J.) & Cassidy (/. P.), dry goods, 116 Merri- 
mac, house Dutton, near Lowell 
Maguirk James, Merrimac, h. Cummiskey, b. r. Merrimac 
Mahan Patrick, Middlesex, house Gorham 
Mahan Catharine, widow, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Mahar Patrick, variety, 292 Merrimac, house do. 
Mahar William, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. at Pierce Welch's 
Mahon Bridget, Mrs. house rear Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Mahon Cecelia, dressmaker, 1 Luther's court 
Mahon Owen, Hamilton, house William 
Mahon Owen, W. I. goods, 6 Gorham, house Gorham 
Mahoney James, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 
Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 
Mahoney Jude, widow, house 16 Adams 
Mahoney Patrick, laborer, house Lowell 
Mahoney Timothy, laborer, house Thorndike, corner Hale 
Mahoney Timothy, laborer, house Suffolk 
Major Alonzo F. at O. M. Whipple's, house Lawrence court 
Makenna Charles, B. & L. R. R. boards o Middlesex place 
Makenna James E., B. & L. R. R. house 5 Middlesex place 
Malcolm H. P., Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. Brigham's 
Maley Mary, widow, house Lewis 


Mallard Albert, Lawrence, house 38 Lawrence Corporation 
Mallard Asa, stonecutter, boards 23 Appleton Corporation 
Malone Thomas, in Machine Shop, boards at T. Ryan's 
Maloney Michael, Bleachery, h. r. Lawrence, n. Richmond's 
Maloney John, Massachusetts, house Middle, opposite G. "W 

Maloon Louisa B. tailoress, boards Middlesex, next Chapel 
Maloy Charles, peddler, house Davidson 
Maloy William, Middlesex, house Davidson's lane 
Managan Ann, widow, house East Merriraac 
Manahan Harvey, mason, house Cushing, near Willie 
Manahan Henry, laborer, house 14 Trull's Block 
Manahan John F. house Butterfield, near Fletcher 
Manahan Mark, Massachusetts, house Bridge, Centralville 
Manahan Owen, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Manahan (Samuel T.) & Currier {D. IF.), provisions, Merrimac 

corner Treraont, house Marion, near LaGrange 
Manchester Constant, Boott, boards Jennette Gordan's 
Manes James, bootmaker, house Central, near Charles 
Mangen Edward, laborer, house Keene 
Mangen Thomas, laborer, house Keene 
Manice James, at J. Siner's, house rear Lowell, n. Jefferson 
Manice John, dyer, house Union, near Central 
Manice Patrick, laborer, house South, opposite West Union 
Manley Ann, Mrs. boarding house, 2 William [Centralville 
Manley Edwin, mason, house Third, at foot of Mount Vernon 
Mann Charles, machinist, boards Converse Nichols's 
Manning Ellen, Mrs. house Adams 
Manning George, house rear 30 Charles 
Manning John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Manning John, laborer, house 3 Green 
Manning John, laborer, house rear Lowell 
Manning Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Manning Walter K. proprietor of Colony House 

Manning , machinist, B. Shop, b. 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Mansfield Andrew, wood sawyer, boards N. Sabin's 
Mansfield George, M. D. dentist, office and house 16 Central 
Mansfield John, batting mill, h. r. Thorndike, n. Highland 
Mansfield John R. boards Stillman G. Mansfield's 
Mansfield Margaret, dressmaker, h. J. Mansfield's, n. Thorndike 
Mansfield Stillman G. varnisher, house Cabot, near Moody 
Manson Blanchard, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Manson Hiram, Tremont, house 20 Tremont Corporation 
Mansur Aaron, house Nesmith, corner Andover 
Mansur Benjamin K. clerk, 110 Central, b. at S. Mansur's 
Mansur David, blacksmith, Bridge, house Third, near Bridge, 



Mansur Horace, farmer, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Mansur Leonard, at Fiske & Noreross's, b. 4 Hamilton Corp. 
Mansur Stephen, crockery, hardware and agricultural tools, 

110 Central, house Nesmith, near Wyman 
Mansur William G. clerk, 118 Central, boards at S. Mansur's 
Manuel Albert, house Andover 
Manville Alice, widow, house Adams 
Marble C. H., Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Marble Dustin, leader Lowell Cornet Band, office over City 

Market, house East Merrimac, near High 
March John, Mrs. fruit, &c. 7 Williams Block, house do. 
March James E. at C. Stevens's, boards do. 
March Oliver, Franklin bookstore, 91 Central, b. Merr. House 
Marcy S. D. carpenter, boards at Mrs. S. Pierce's 
Marden Joseph, carpenter, house 19 Middlesex, opp. Branch 
Marks Alfred, Middlesex, boards 40 Church 
Maroney Thomas, Lowell, boards D. Garrahan's 
Marrinan Michael, laborer, house Winter 
Marriot John, trunkmaker, boards Ezra Adams's 
Mars Patrick, fireman, kouse Summer, corner Davis 
Marsh Elias P., Merrimac, house 51 Merrimac Corporation 
Marsh James, Massachusetts, boards at Charles Maloy's 
Marsh John jr. dealer in eggs, Market, h. School, opp. Cross 
Marsh Sumner, overseer yard, Boott, house 78 Boott Corp. 
Marshall Abner, blacksmith, boards at L. Holt's 
Marshall Avery, farmer, house Parker 

Marshall Bradley, Appleton, house 13 Appleton Corporation 
Marshall Charles, carpenter, boards at W. H. Taber's 
Marshall Henry, at picker shop, boards at A. Emery's 
Marshall Herman, Middlesex, house Clay 
Marshall Hezekiah, farmer, Parker 

Marshall Horatio, Railroad Repair Shop, h. Rock, n. Willie 
Marshall Jacob G., Hamilton, boards 39 Church 
Marshall James S. clerk, 53 Central, boards 89 do. 
Marshall John, Appleton Corporation, boards 3 do. 
Marshall John, Lowell Machine Shop, house Smith 
Marshall John B. clerk at A. J. Richmond's, house Third, 

Marshall Joseph, Middlesex, house Water 
Marshall Louisa M. millinery, 83 Merrimac 
Marshall Lawton, Massachusetts., house 17 Prescott Corp. 
Marshall Moses, machinist, house Willie, near Cross 
Marston Andrew B., Prescott, house 2J Massachusetts Corp. 
Marston David, carpenter, house Salem, near Decatur 
Marston Henry W. silversmith, at A. Sanborn's, b. 14 Chapel 
Marston James, stonemason, house Luther's court 
Marston Jonathan, Treraont, boards 28 Tremont Corporation 


Marston Jona. M. restorator, Wentworth's Block, Shattuck, 

corner Merrimac, house Anne 
Marston Mark, baker, house Crosby's court 
Marston Patrick, hostler, 136 Central, boards Middle 
Marston Phebe, widow, house Water 
Marston Susan, dressmaker, 86 Central 
Marston Sumner, jeweller, boards 14 Chapel 
Martain Susan R. widow of Wm. C. house 166 Central 
Martin Ambrose, shoemaker, house Eiver, Centralville 
Martin Charles S. engineer. Stony B. R. R. b. Colony House 
Martin Daniel, laborer, house Cushing 
Martin Daniel, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at J. Martin's 
Martin Daniel, watchman, house 8 Prescott Corporation 
Martin Daniel B. student, boards N. Martin's 
Martin Edward, carpenter, house North 
Martin Edward, mason, house 7 McCarry's court 
Martin Edward I., Suffolk, boards 11 Gore 
Martin Edward M. shoemaker, boards 27 Church 
Martin Franklin, tin peddler, house 2 Dane 
Martin George, Middlesex, boards 3 Church 
Martin George, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at I. S. Bunker's 
Martin James, laborer, house 3 Trull's Block 
Martin James, Tremont, house 8 Tremont Corporation 
Martin {James H.) & Twiss {B. P.), painters, Salem, boards at 
Martin John, laborer, house Adams [S. Dodge's 

Martin John, laborer, house Suffolk 
Martin John, laborer, house 17 Adams 
Martin Joseph, manufacturer, house Adams 
MartinjLoring T. boards N. Martin's 

Martin Mary, Lawrence, boarding, 7 Lawrence Corporation 
Martin Michael, Middlesex, house Paige 

Martin Nelson, sausages. Market, house Union, corner Linden 
Martin Sybil F. Mrs. house 11 Suffolk Corporation, Gore 
Martin Thomas S. clerk, boards at D. R. Wallace's 
Martin Walter, Middlesex, boards 3 Church 
Martin William, moulder, house West Union 
Martin W^illiam, Middlesex, boards Mrs. A. Quinn's 
Martin William, waterman, Vouse New 

Marvel Bradford, clerk at Marvel, Sargent & Go's, h. Pawtucket 
Marvel {Caleb M.), Sargent (CAar/esG.), & Co. {David Lane), 

machinists, Willie, house Pawtucket 
Marvell Henry W. broker, 58 Central, house High, near Oak 
Mason Abby, Parson's Block, Middlesex [nics' Hotel 

Mason Allen, cigarmaker, Suffolk, boards Fnrmers & Mecha- 
Mason E. machinist, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Mason Edwin, blacksmith, boards F. Bragg's 
Mason Nathaniel, in Machine Shop, h. Middlesex, c. Garnet 


Mason N. P. carpenter, boards C. W. Kimball's 

Mason Richard, shinglemaker, boards at J. Stinson's 

Mason Susan, dressmaker, house William Mason's 

Mason Walter, variety store, 238 Merrimac 

Mason William, Bleachery, house Floyd [Corp. 

Mason , watchman, Hamilton Print Works, b. 15 Ham. 

Masta Joseph A., Indian physician, house Walnut 
Masterson Bernard, house Howe 

Masterson Catharine, Mrs. h. Middle, opp. G. W. Garland's 
Mather John, machinist, boards Jacob 0. Hill's 
Masury John, manufacturer sarsaparilla, 130 Central, h. 132 do. 
Mather Benjamin, superintendent city scales, r. City Market, 
boards American House [opp- Elm 

Mather Joshua, carpet manufacturer, Hale's Mills, h. Gorham, 
Mather Patrick, Bleachery, house Crosby 
Mathes Abraham, Bleachery, house Forest 
Mathes John, machinist, boards Archelas Welch's 
Matson David G. mason, house corner School and Varney 
Matthews Catharine, widow, house Union, opposite Chapel 
Matthews Daniel, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Matthews Jacob, Rev. house at Ayer's New City 
Maw Richard B. boards at Mrs. Hannah Ingalls's 
Maxwell Mathias, carpenter, house 2 Davidson's lane 
Maxfield Stephen C, Lawrence, house 45 Law. Corporation 
Maxwell Thomas, house foot Cady 
May Charles P. painter, boards at Miss M. M. Badger's 
May Holmes, shoemaker, boards at Miss M. M. Badger's 
May Levi, teamster, boards at S. K. Pickering's 
May N. H. shoemaker, house Middlesex place 
Mayberry {Beiij. B.) & Blake {W)n.H.), apothecaries, Middle- 
sex, opposite Appleton Corp. h, J. H. Blake's, Summer 
Maynard Beriah, at 0. M. Whipple's, house Merrill 
Maynard C. I. W. fancy goods, 76 Merrimac, lyause Kirk 
Maynard Charles, fancy goods, 76 Merr. h. Ash, n. Chestnut 
Maynard D. & P. Misses, milliners, 78 Merrimac, house Kirk 
Maynard John, city agent for selling spirits, and apothecary, 

170^ Merrimac, house 170 do. 
Maynard "John E. hack office, Merrimac House, proprietor 

Farmers and Mechanics' Hotel, Merrimac 
Maynard John M. house Dutton, near Lowell 
Maynard John T. painter, house rear Central, opposite Union 
Maynard Stearns, at O. M. W^hipple's, boards D. Daniels's 
Mayo Charles H., Lowell M. Shop, boards 71 Mechanic 
Mayo John S., Lowell Machine Shop, house 61 S. L., Worthen 
Mayo Thomas C, Lowell Machine Shop, house 71 Mechanic 
McAlarney William, Hamilton Print Works, house North 
McAlear John, fireman, Hamilton, house Green, n. Central 


McAleer James, laborer, house 8 Trull's Block, Middle 
McAlear Joseph, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. A. Quinn's 
McAlister Edward, Middlesex, house 66 Church 
McAlister Sally, Mrs. house 66 Church 
McAllister Emily, dressmaker, house 66 Church 
McA.lvin John, overseer, Hamilton P. W. h. 39 Hamilton Cor 
McAlvin John B. paymaster, Suffolk, house 1 Cabot Block 
McAlvin John H. clerk, boards at John McAlvin's 
McAnulty Francis, silversmith, at G. Sanborn's, b. 5 Hurd 
McAnulty John, W. I. goods, 3 Hurd, house o do. 
McArdell Edward, i^owell, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
IMcArthur Nancy P. widow, house 29 Franklin square, Suffolk 
McArthur Roxana, nurse, house at R. P. Shaw's 
McArthur William, foundry, house 30 Franklin eq. Suffolk 
McAloon Arthur, Hamilton, house Green 
McAloon Hannah, widow, house 16 Trull's Block 
McAlpine Peter, at John McDonald's, house Lewis, near Little 
McAtee Owen, Merrimac, boards Railroad House 
McAvoy Hannah, widow, house Lowell, corner Worthen 
McAvoy James, Carpet, house Paige 
McAuslan Alexander, grainer and ornamental painter, 119 

Central, house do. 
McBride Anna, Mrs. house Maiden lane 
McCabe Daniel, in tannery, boards at J. McCabe's 
McCabe Francis, in tannery, boards at J. McCabe's 
McCabe James, in tannery, house Short 
McCabe Michael, laborer, house Kidder 
McCabe Thomas, Middlesex, house North 
McCaffrey Agnes, Mrs. house Lewis, near Little 
McCaffrey Elizabeth, house rear Fen wick 
McCaffrey John, Lowell, boards at Mrs E. McCaffrey's 
McCaffrey Patrick, hostler, at Hadley's, house Maiden lane 
McCahey Thomas, Boott, house 11 Charles 
McCahill John, laborer, house Fenwick 
McCaig James, grocer. Division 71, house Lowell 
McCall Andrew G. painter, boards 10 South 
McCalvey John, house William 
McCann Edward, laborer, boards at T. Gibson's 
McCann John, at Patrick Dempsey's 
McCann Michael, at Patrick Dempsey's 
McCann Neal, variety store, house Market 
McCann Owen, laborer, boards at T. Gibson's 
McCann Robert, variety store, Market, house do. 
McCann Thomas, boards at Thomas Parry's 
McCanna James, Merrimac P. W. boards at James Carney's 
McCanna John, house Gorham 
McCanna John H., Suffolk, boards 28 Suffolk Corporation 


McCanna Michael, fruit peddler, boards at P. Canfield's 

McCanna Owen, house Paige 

McCanna Patrick, foundry, house Gorham, near Charles 

McCanney Francis, Merrirnac Print Works, house Adams 

McCaren Terrence, coffinmaker, 40 Market, house do, 

McCarney Thomas, house Winter 

MeCarron James, weaver, Hamilton, house 11 Trull's Block 

McCarron John, weaver, Hamilton, house 18 Trull's Block 

McCarry John, house 1 McCarry's court 

McCarty Andrew, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 

McCarty Charles, Middlesex, boards at Mrs. B. Dunn's 

McCarty Daniel, Boston & Lowell R. R. h. Adams, c. Cross 

McCarty Daniel, tailor, boards 17 Hurd 

McCarty David, laborer, house 8 McCarry's court 

McCarty Dennis, house rear William 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, house Cross 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, house Suffolk, corner Lowell 

McCarty Florence, at William Livingston's, house Adams 

McCarty Hannah, Mrs. house Short's Block, Lewis 

McCarty Hugh, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house Haggerty's Block, Lowell 

McCarty Jeremiah, house 1 William 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house rear Winter 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house Suffolk, corner Lowell 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house Adams 

McCarty John, house Middle 

McCarty John, laborer, boards 17 Hurd 

McCarty John, laborer, boards at Mrs. H. McCarty's 

McCarty John, shoemaker, house New, near Salem 

McCarty John, shoemaker, at M. K. Wellington's 

McCarty John, laborer, house Fenwick 

McCarty John, Hamilton, house 32 William 

McCarty John, plaster ornaments, 15 Middle, h. 38 Chapel 

McCarty Mary, widow, house Fenwick 

McCarty Michael, hostler, at American House 

McCarty Michael, Mrs. house Merrimac, opposite Tremont 

McCarty Michael, mason, house Cabot 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house Adams, corner Cross 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house Cross 

McCarty Mary, Mrs. house Centre, Centralville 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, at C. F. Hill's, house Jefferson sq. 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house Dummer 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 

McCarty Patrick, house Moore 

McCarty Thomas, watchman, house Bennett's Block, Lowell 

McCarty Thomas, confectioner, at A. B. French's, 35 Central 

McCarty Timothy, boards at Mrs. H. McCarty's 


McCaverty Mary, Mrs. house Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 

McCauley Jackson P. painter, boards at Adelia Hadley's 

McClary Matthew H,, Massachusetts, house Central, c. Charles 

McCloskey Ann, Mrs. house Cummiskey's Block, Lowell 

McCloskey Patrick, Bleachery, house Gorham, n. Hale's Mills 

McCluskey Richard, house Centre 

McColler James, at Henry Plympton's 

McCoUin Mary, Mrs. house William, near George 

McCoUora Mary G. saleswoman at M. A. Waldron's, 60 Merr. 

McColly Thomas, at Norcross's, boards at R. Mack's 

McConvill John, moulder, boards at Robert Williams's 

McCormick Nathaniel, carpenter, house High, c. Chestnut 

McCormick Margaret, Mrs. house Maiden lane 

McCosker Alice, widow, house Middle 

McCosker Fergus, Print Works, house Middle 

McCoulif John, Middlesex, house Pleasant 

McCourt James, house 1 Pleasant court 

McCourt Philip, foundry, house Summer, near Davis 

McCoy Charles, moulder, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 

McCoy James, clerk, house 3 South Franklin court 

McCoy James M. writing master, house Stackpole, c. Alder 

McCready Daniel, block printer, boards at Foster Brown's 

McCreery Charles, oil cloth manufacturer, rear Centre, near 

Bridge, house do, 
McCue Hugh, watchman, at foundry, h. Mechanic, c. Dutton 
McCue Patrick, Mrs. house William 
McCue Patrick, shoemaker, house Davidson's lane 
McCue Patrick, foundry, house Short's Block, Lewis 
McCullock Patrick, lather, Ayer's New City 
McCune William, Middlesex, house Water 
McCurdy John, spinner, house 104 Central 
McCurdy John T. G. house Fifth 

McCuskey Barnard, laborer, boards at Mrs. C. Kelley's 
McCusker Fergus, Massachusetts, house Knowles's place 
McDain Patrick, blacksmith, boards at John Claffy's 
McDaniel John, gunsmith, house Dutton 
McDavitt Peter, hostler, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
McDermott Ann, widow, house Jefferson 
McDermott Bernard, Gas Works, boards at, T. Gibson's 
McDermott Charles, agent for emigrants, h. 2 McCarry's court 
McDermott Dominie, laborer, house rear William 
McDermott James T. Rev. house Suffolk, near Cross 
McDermott James, laborer, house Davidson 
McDermott Julia, widow, house 8 Carpet lane 
McDermott Martin, Boott, house Market 
McDermott Patrick, Lowell Machine Shop, house JeflFerson 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, house 2 Spring 


McDerraott Patrick, Bleachery, house North 

McDermott Patrick, wood sawyer, house Snell's Block, Moody 

McDermott Thomas, house Jefferson, near Lewis 

McDermott Thomas, laborer, house South, opp. West Union 

McDolc Francis, at P. O.Richmond's, house Merrill 

McDonald Collan, Middlesex, boards Suftblk, corner Merrimac 

McDonald C. D. at Norcross's, boards at A. Prescott's 

McDonald Edmund S. periodicals, 6 Williams Block 

McDonald Ephraim, Hamilton, house 44 Hamilton Corporation 

McDonald James, carpet weaver, house Thorndike, c. Hale 

McDonald James, laborer, house Hi^h street square 

McDonald James, Lowell, house Jeffersen 

McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell, near Suffolk 

McDonald John, stone mason, house Davidson's lane 

McDonald John, laborer, house Lowell, corner Suffolk 

McDonald John, carpet weaver, Hale, n. Thorndike, house do. 

McDonald John, jr. carpet manufacturer, Hale, house do. 

McDonald Margaret, house Davis 

ISIcDonald Patrick, saddler, at David McKee's, Lowell 

McDonald Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson 

McDonald Roderick, tailor, boards 1 Middlesex Corporation 

McDonald Thomas, laborer, house High street square 

McDonough John, Hamilton, h. betw. Merrimac and Middle 

McDool James, Boott, house Centre, Centralville 

McDowell F. A. physician, 1 Willow place 

McDufhe Thomas J., Hamilton, bds. 4 Hamilton Corporation 

McElroy Michael, Bleachery, house Green 

McEvoy Hu^h, clothing and furnishing goods, 53 Central, 

house Suffolk, opposite Mechanic 
McFarland Bradford, machinist, house Appleton, n. Thorndike 
McFarland William L. teamster, boards 13 Charles 
McFarlin Archibald, machinist, house 24 Boott Corporation 
McFarlin Luke ( William ^ L. McFarlin), boards at William 

McFarlin William & L. stone, wood and ice, Pawtucket, h. do. 
McGaffrey Patrick, at J, Hadley's, house Maiden lane 
McGann James, laborer, house 9 McCarry's court 
McGarr Philip, Bleachery, house Cedar 
McGarvin Mary, Mrs. house William, near George 
McGarvin Terrence, butcher, hou?.e Lawson, corner School 
McGarvin William, Middlesex, house AVilliam, near George 
McGaughey Thomas, Bleachery, house near J. Swan's 
McGaughy Philip, Bleachery, house Cedar 
McGinn Patrick, laborer, house William 
!McGivney Sarah, Mrs. house Hale, near Thorndike 
McGloskey Thomas, house Tremont, Centralville 
McGlynn John, at S. Bancroft's, boards at P. McGlynn's 


McGlynn Patrick, laborer, house JetFerson 

McGoverin Bridget, Mrs. house Dummer, near Lowell j 

McGovering Franklin, at Weaver & Brothers', boards at Geo. 
H. Carlton's | 

McGovering Patrick, Hamilton, house William 
McGovering Patrick, Hamilton Corp. h. Centre, Centralville 
McGovern Michael, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
McGowen John, stone mason, house Centre, Centralville 1 

McGrade James, at M. Mead's, 90 Central I 

McGrade William, at Batting Mill, house rear W^iliiam , 

McGrath James, laborer, house Taylor court 
McGrath James, house Suffolk, near Cross 
McGrath John, Jr. laborer, house rear North 
McGrath Michael, laborer, boards at P. McGlynn's 
McGrath Michael, Lowell M. Shop, boards at J. McGrath'3 
McGrath Morris, laborer, house High, near East Merrimac 
McGuire Andrew, shoemaker, house Middle 
McGuire Anthony, bootmaker, h. Summer, n. Davis 
McGuire Catherine, widow, house 2 Fellows Block, Middle 
McGuire Catharine, widow, house Dummer 
McGuire Conna, Bleachery, house Congress 
McGuire Eliza, Mrs. house Davidson 
McGuire Francis, Bleachery, boards at C. McGuire's 
McGuire George, peddler, house Franklin, corner Willie 
McGuire James, house Winter 
McGuire James, farmer, house foot Cady 
McGuire John, Merrimac, house Jefferson 
McGuire John, Bleachery, boards at Martin McGuire's 
McGuire Mark, laborer, house rear Carter 
McGuire Martin, Bleachery, house Livingston 
McGuire Mary, Mrs. house Cross 
McGuire Michael, slater, house Little, near Dummer 
McGuire Michael, Bleachery, house Carter 
McGuire Michael, Merrimac Print Works, house Lowell 
McGuire Owen, Hamilton, house George, corner Green 
McGuire Patrick, Hamilton, house William, near George 
McGuire Rosanna, Mrs. house North 
McGuire Thomas, house Winter 

McGuirk Patrick, W. I. goods, Lowell, corner Jefferson, h. do. 
McGuirk William, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 
McHugh James, clock establishment, Gorham 
McHugh Thomas, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Mclnherney James, Bleachery, boards at M. Knight's 
Mclntire Aaron, trader, house Tremont, Centralville 
Mclntire Ann, widow, house 3 Trull's Block 
Mclntire Ira, painter, house 37 Chapel 
Mclntire Samuel, house River, Centralville 


Mclntire (TFm. G.) & Campbell (O. F.), fruit, &c. 19 and 20 
City Market, boards 6 Warren 

McKay John, Middlesex, house 17 Ilurd 

McKee Alexander, Boott, boards at J. Black's 

McKee David, saddler, Lowell, house do. 

McKenna Owen, waiter, at American House 

McKenney Eaton S. stone cutter, boards 4 Lyman 

McKenney Henry, Hamilton, house Winter, near Gorham 
i McKenney Henry, laborer, house 1 Winter 
I McKenney Patrick, laborer, house Winter 

McKenney Peter, tailor, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
[McKenney Thomas, carpet wearer, house Keene 

McKenzie Ellen, nurse, boards Union House 
j McKenzie Jane S. boarding house, Central, corner Green 

McKenzie John, Lowell Corporation, house Market 
JMcKessuck Robert, bootmaker, Central, house Union 
jMcKiever Edward, at J. Hadley's, boards at J. McKiever'a 
iMcKiever John, laborer, house Market, opposite Carpet 
iMcKiever Michael, laborer, house Market 

McKimm William, Middlesex, house 13 Warren 
'McKinney Elisha, carpenter, boards at William Howe's 
JMcKnight Andrew, L. M. Shop, house Fenwick, c. Suffolk 
;McKown Michael, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. A. Quinn's 
iMcLanathan Henry L. S. shoes, trunks, &c. 102 Merrimac, 
! boards City Hotel 

McLanathan Samuel, boots, shoes, trunks, &c. 116 Merrimac, 
house East Merrimac, opposite Nesmith 

McLane Patrick, laborer, house Dummer 

McLaughlin Barney, Massachusetts, boards 208 Merrimac 

McLaughlin Bernard, laborer, house Jefferson 

McLaughlin Brien, laborer, house North 

McLaughlin Daniel, laborer, house North 

McLaughlin David, machinist, boards 1 Green 

McLaughlin Edward, laborer, house East Merrimac 

McLaughlin James, Boott, boards 208 Merrimac 

McLaughlin James, house North 

McLaughlin John, manufacturer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 

McLaughlin John, Boott, house Little 

McLaughlin Michael, Middlesex, boards 5 Green 

McLaughlin Michael, laborer, house 1 Hurd 

McLaughlin Michael, shoemaker, h. 9 Gorham, opp. the church 

McLaughlin Patrick, at Carleton &; Hovey's, b. Francis Burns's 

McLaughlin Philip, laborer, house 39 Market 

McLaughlin {Timothy) & Conlan (Patrick), W. I. goods, 
Lowell, corner Suffolk, house Suffolk, comer Cross 

McLennan John C. overseer, L. Wool Shop. h. School, c. Gold 

McLeon Edward, Merrimac, house Lowell 


McMahon James, Bleachery, house Carter 

McMahon John, Middlesex, house Green 

McMahon Patrick, Middlesex, boards at R. O. Conner's 

McMahon Robert, Middlesex, boards at R. O. Conner's 

McMahon Thomas, Bleachery, house Carter 

McManaman Unity, house rear 42 Appleton 

McManamee Patrick, boards at James McQuade'a 

McMann Charles, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

McMann John, Bleachery, house William 

McMann John, house west end Centre, Centralville 

McManus Eliza, house 19 Moody 

McManus Jaimes, Bleachery, house near Joshua Swan's 

McManus John, laborer, house William 

McMaster John, Boott, house on plain, Centralville 

McMonagill Stephen, Lowell Machine Shop, house Button 

McMorrow James, house Howe [John Carney's 

McMuUiken Owen, at Weaver's furniture store, boards at 

McNabb James, Bleachery, boards at W. Lindsey's 

McNabb John, weaver, house Prospect 

McNabb Thomas, Bleachery, house Crosby 

McNally John, moulder, boards at T. Ryan's 

McNally Patrick, tailor, boards at Zebulon Clapp's 

McNamara Owen, laborer, house Gorhara 

McNamara Michael, Middlesex, house rear William 

McNamara Patrick, laborer, house rear Winter 

McNaughton Alexander, designer, house Merrill's court 

McNaughton Daniel, Lowell, house Suftblk 

McNaughton Jeannette, widow, house Suffolk, opp. Mechanic 

McNaughton Robert, Lowell, house 13 Market 

McNeal Joseph D. clerk, 46 Merrimac, house Bartlett 

McNeill William T. carpenter, house Fourth, Centralville 

McNekin William F. blacksmith, boards at D. A. Coburn'a 

McNevin John, house South, opposite West Union 

McNulty James, house Short's Building, Gorham 

McNulty John, Lowell, house rear Jefferson 

McNulty John, laborer, house Davidson's lane 

McNulty Michael, watchman, house Gorham, c. Appleton 

McNulty Terrence, Middlesex, house 2 Charles 

McOsker Edward, Bleachery, boards at P. McOsker's 

McOsker John, Bleachery, house near Hale's Mills 

McOsker Philip, Bleachery, house Winter 

McPheters Betsey, house Centralville Yard 

McPheters Samuel A. eigarmaker, at J. W. Mort's, boards at 

Mrs. B. McPheters's 
McQuade Bridget, Mrs. house William 
McQuade Charles, Merrimac, h. betw. Merrimac and Middle 
McQuade Charles, house Lee 


McQuade Ellen, widow, house Knowles's place 
McQuade Francis, peddler, house Clark, n. North G. School 
McQuade H., Merrimac, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 
McQuade James, laborer, house Gorham, near Appleton 
McQuade John, house Cross, corner Marion 
McQuade Matthew, Middlesex, house 15 William 
McQuade Murty, house Lee 

McQuade Michael, trader, house Summer, near Gorham 
I McQuade Melissa, boarding, house 80 Merrimac Corporation 
i McQuade Patrick, peddler, boards Farm. & Mechanics' Hotel 
iMcQuesten John, clerk, 84 Merrimac, b. 67 Merrimac Corp. 
I McQuiston William, laborer, h. New, n. North Gram. School 
JMcShea Morgan, Middlesex, house 15 Trull's Block 
JMcSoley John, mason, house William 
McSoley Patrick, mason, house William 
McSwegan Francis, Middlesex, house William, near George 
McSwegan John, laborer, house William 
j McYey Bernard, Hamilton, boards at J. McAlear's 
|McTey John, engraver, house South, near Davis 
{McWhatton Edward, at P. O. Richmond's, bds. at M. Carey's 
JMcWiggin James, laborer, boards at John McWiggin's 
McWiggin John, laborer, house Short's Block, Lewis 
McWiggin Dennis, laborer, boards at John McWiggin's 
McWiggin William, laborer, boards at John McWiggin's 
McWilliams John, Bleachery, house Summer, near Davis 
McWilliams Patrick, Bleachery, boards at J. McWilliams's 
McWilliams Thomas, Bleachery, boards Summer, near Davis 
McWilliams William, Bleachery, house Putney's court 
Mead George G. {Silver, Hoice l; M.), house 50 Church 
jMead John, apothecary, house corner Chapel and Centre 
Mead John, shoemaker, at William Murphy's 
Mead Matthias, stoves and tinware, 90 Central, house Alder, 

near Stackpole 
Mead Thomas, Hamilton, house Davis 

Meadowcroft James {Smith &: M.), house Central, opp. Chapel 
Mealey Lawrence, tailor, house Central, corner Tyler 
Meacham Samuel, marble worker, boards 2 Dodge 
Meehan Patrick, Bleachery, house Lawrence, n. Richmond's 
Mehan John, Middlesex, house Castles 
Meenan Patrick, Middlesex, house Green, near Central 
Meehan John, clerk, at D. W. C. Farrington's, house High, 

corner Chestnut 
Meldrum Robert, chemist, boards Franklin House 
Mellen George K, at Bent & Bush's, house Charles, n. Gorham 
Mellen John"^ L. M. Shop, h. Middlesex, opp. Steam Mills 
Mellen Robert, stone mason, house Central, near Abbott 
Melloy John, tailor, 240 Merrimac, house do. 


Melvin Benjamin F. bootmaker, second door from Post Office, 

house Tremont, Centralville [vin's 

Melvin Benj. F. jr. bootmaker, at G. W. Clark's, b. B. F. Mel- 
Melvin Charles F., Lowell M. Shop, boards at D. Melvin's 
Melvin Dawes, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, h. 50 Worthen 
Melvin Dustin B., Lawrence, house 8 Marion. 
Melvin Eliza, Mrs, house Willow 

Melvin Emerson, Mrs. elderberry wine manuf. h. Thorndike 
Melvin Harriet, Mrs. house 11 Dodge 
Melvin James, beer manufacturer, Middlesex, corner South, 

boards Union House 
Melvin John B. variety goods, 286 Merrimac, house do. 
Melvin John R. clerk. 111 Central, h. Appleton, n. Thorndike 
Melvin Joshua, botanic physician, h. Fletcher, n. LaGrange 
Melvin Orison, machinist, house 143 Central 
Melvin Reuben, Lowell, boards 13 Franklin square, Adams 
Melvin Rufus, overseer, Boott, house 34 Boott Corporation 
Mercer Richard P., Hamilton, house 19 Hamilton Corporation 
Merriam Amos, Massachusetts, house High street square 
Merriam Darius, overseer, Lawrence, house 11 Lawrence Corp. 
Merriam Joseph F. house High street square 
Merriam Harrison G. O. coachman, house Oak, c. Nesmith 
Merriam Levi P. {Brown 4- Merriam), b. at Amos Merriam's 
Merriam Mary A. Mrs. house 51 Merrimac Corporation 
Merrick Otis S. clerk, at A. S. Battles's, house 34 Hurd 
Merrick Timothy, carpenter, boards 77 Central 
Merrill Albert, tin peddler, boards 18 Adams 
Merrill Ambrose, Mass. b. at Mrs. Lovina Wadleigh's 
Merrill Betsey, house 44 Prescott Corporation 
Merrill Charles, Carpet, house 2 Mechanic 
Merrill Darius, shoemaker, at M. C. Huntoon's, house Moody, 

near Tremont 
Merrill Edwin, house High, near Chestnut 
Merrill Eleanor, widow, house Market 
Merrill Eliza, Mrs. boarding house, 13 Suffolk Corporation 
Merrill Farnum, house Gorham, opposite South 
Merrill Gardner B. designer and engraver, house 13 Chapel 
Merrill Irving, in foundry, b. 2 Colby's Block, Middlesex 
Merrill John, Lawrence, boards 13 Suffolk Corporation 
Merrill John, mason, boards at Darius Merrill's 
Merrill Jeremiah, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Merrill Joseph, Rev. house Chestnut, Centralville 
Merrill Joseph, hats, shoes, and furnishing goods, 7 Canal 

Block, house Nesmith, near Chestnut 
Merrill (Joshua) & Straw (L. H.), booksellers and publishers, 

23 Central, house 13 Chapel, corner Merrill's court 
Merrill Lucinda W. Miss, house Mclntire 


Merrill Nelson, watchman, Merrimac, house 18 Merrimac Corp 
Merrill Rufus, house Charles, opposite Chapel 
Merrill Samuel N. student at law, Wentworth's office [ville 
Merrill Sylvester W. machinist, h. Centre, n. Bridge, Central- 
Merrill Sidney, physician, Nesmith's Block, 41(J Merrimac 
Merrill William P., Massachusetts, house 40 Prescott Corp. 
Merritt Joseph, laborer, boards at Mrs. S. Cochran's 
Merrowcraft James, Merriaiac, boards at E. Winchester's 
Mesler Charles D., Massachusetts/boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Meserve Andrew J., Merrimac, house Central, opposite North 
Meserre Eben, depot master and police officer, B. & L. R. II. 

depot, house Charles, near Central 
Meserve Elvira, house lit Merrimac Corporation 
Meserve Leonard, Massachusetts Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Meserve E.. V. Mrs. house Appleton, corner South 
Meserve Samuel, deputy jailer and constable, 55 Central, 

house Dutton 
Messenger Enoch, Middlesex, house Central, corner Charles 
Messer Abiel, stone mason, house Fayette 
Metcalf Enoch, Chestnut [E. Merrimac 

Metcalf Isaac N. teacher and dealer in music, 23 Central, house 
Metcalf Martin L., Middlesex, house Alder, near Bartlett 
Metcalf William, Middlesex, house 42 Church 
Midgeley Joseph, Middlesex, boards 55 Church 
Miles Alfred, machinist, Ayer's New City 
Miles Henry A. Rev. house Lawrence, near Tyler 
Miles James, eclectic physician, 128 Merr. house 274 Moody 
Miller Albert, Prescott, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Miller Charles E., Boott, house 39 Boott Corporation 
Miller George, engraver, Merrimac, house Fourth, Centralville 
Miller Gibson, carpenter, house 5 Tilden 
Miller Joseph, carpenter, house Willie 

Miller Russell A. daguerrian artist, 6 Canal Block, h. Favor 
Miller Samuel, constable, office City Market, h. 26 Chapel 
Miller Samuel, boards at George Miller's 
Miller Stewart, machinist, house 4 Pearl 
Miller William, Merrimac Print Works, house Fourth, corner 

Read, Centralville 

Miller , Middlesex, boards at Hosea Smith's 

Milliken Isaac H. at Fiske & Norcross's, b. at L. Kenney'a 

Mills Andrew, painter, house Butterfield, near School 

Mills Ann, widow, house 5 Carpet lane 

Mills Guy C. at Geo. W. Fiske's, house 7 LaGrange court 

Mills James, clerk, boards at Charles Hovey's 

Mills Joseph H., Lowell M. S. house 43 S. L., Worthen 

Mills Warren, Boston & Lowell R. R. boards 27 Lowell Corp. 

Milner Thomas K. boards 1 South 


Milnes John, Lowell Corporation, house 21 do. 

Milnes Joseph, Mrs. house Carpet lane 

Minchen James, at R. Ingham's, b. at L. W. Carter's 

Miner Charles, Merrimac, boards 42 Merrimac Corporation 

Miner Charles T. currier, boards at Mrs. S. Brigham's 

Miner John T., Merrimac, house 60 Merrimac Corporation 

Miner William, Tremont, house corner Moody and Race 

Minks John K. carpenter, boards at Mrs. Hannah Ingalls's 

Minot Betsey, widow, house Forest 

Minot Edwin H. painter, boards at Willard Minot's 

Minot (Willard) & Hart (J. W.), sash, door and blind manuf. 

O. Allen & Co's Mills, house Forest 
Mitchell Alanson, job wagon, house Cedar, near Central 
Mitchell Daniel F., Lawrence, house 65 Law. Corporation 
Mitchell James, house Mill, corner Taylor court 
Mitchell James M. machinist, house Taylor court 
Mitchell John, carpenter, house LaGrange, corner Fletcher 
Mitchell Moses, Lowell, house Button, near Lowell 
Mitchell William, boards 8 South 
Mitchell William H. captain of the city watch, h. Common 

Mitchell , Boott, boards at W. W. Folsom's 

Mixer John {Coburn <§• Mixer), house 20 Kirk 

Moan John, Middlesex, house Davidson 

Moar Stephen, Merrimac, house 25 Merrimac Corporation 

Moffat James, laborer, house Gorham 

Mogan John, Lowell Corporation, house 19 do. 

MoUoy George, variety, clocks, &c. Market, house do. 

Moloney Michael, Bleachery, house 36 do. 

Moloney Patrick, at O. M. Whipple's, b. at J. Howard's 

Monahan Arthur, Merrimac, house Lowell, near Suffolk 

Monahan William, Prescott, house do. 

Mongan Hugh, reedmaker, house Green, near Central 

Mongan Mary, Mrs. house William, near Central 

Mongan Mary, Mrs. house 7 Hurd 

Mongan Patrick, Hamilton, boards at Mary Mongan's 

Mongovin James, Middlesex, house Union, opposite Chapel 

Mongovin Thomas, Bleachery, house 37 do. 

Monjean Moyse, at Fiske & Norcross's, house E. Pine 

Montague James, peddler, house Ford, corner Austin 

Montague Patrick, house 8 Suffolk court 

Montcalm Anthony W. botanic physician, house Middlesex, 

next to Free Chapel 
Montcalm Anthony W. jr. machinist, h. South, n. Middlesex 
Monteith Robert, Lowell M. S. h. Kelley's Bl'k, Middlesex 
Moody Alphonzo F. painter, at J. B. Fielding's, house Charles, 

near Central 
Moody Andrew, overseer, Lowell M. Shop, h. 53 Worthen 



Moody Amos, Massachusetts, house 20 Massachusetts Corp. 

Moody Caroline, Miss, boarding house, 52 Mass. Corporation 

Moodj Daniel, house 2 Tilden 

Moody David J. house Nesmith, corner "Wyman 

Moody Franklin, Bleachery, house 3 do. 

Moody Isaac, Bleackery, house 25 do. 

Moody Job, teamster, house corner School and Butterfield 

Moody John A., Lowell Machine Shop, house 28 Worthen 

Moody Levi, carpenter, boards at A. Foss's 

Moody Levi K., Merrimac, house 81 Merrimac Corporation 

Moody Mahala, boarding house, 2 Lyman 

Moody Paul, Mrs. house Nesmith, corner "Wyman 

Moody Sally, Mrs. house 36 Merrimac Corporation 

Mooers Elijah M., Middlesex, boards at B. H. Morse's' 

Mooers Nathaniel P., Middlesex, boards at B. H, Morse's 

Mooney Benj. G. constable, office City Market, house Salera, 

opposite Willie 
Mooney Cephas, Mechanics' Mills, house 9 Austin 
Mooney {Jona. B.) & Carter {Rich E.), produce, Thorndike, 

boards Colony House 
Mooney Mary, Mrs. house Lowell 
Mooney Peter, Prescott, boards at J. Gammon's 
Mooney Samuel, Lawrence, house 61 Lawrence Corporation 
Mooney Smith, Prescott, boards at A. P. Nudd's 
Mooney Thomas, Lawrence, house Fenwick 
Moore Asa F., Middlesex, b. at Mrs. Susan Moore's [man's 
Moore Calvin, power-loom harness maker, b. at M. S. Dicker- 
Moore Cummings {Rogers c^ M.), boards at Lucius Howe's 
Moore Diana, widow, house Howard, near Middlesex 
Moore Edwin, shoemaker, boards at Timothy Weeks's 
Moore Francis E. shoemaker, at J. Keyes's, h. 31 Mass. Corp. 
Moore Francis L. house Carter 
Moore George, laborer, house Winter 
Moore George W. carpenter, boards at Mrs. L. Davis's 
Moore George W. machinist, boards at Z. S. Hollis's 
Moore Horatio N. overseer, Lawrence, h. 36 Lawrence Corp. 
Moore Humphrey, machinist, Middlesex, b. 30 Hamilton Corp. 
Moore Ira L. physician, 18 Hurd, house do. 
Moore Jackson, tinsmith, boards at Mrs. M. E. Shaw's 
Moore James M. overseer, Middlesex, house Clay, corner Oak 
Moore James R., Locks and Canals, house 30 Church 
Moore Jesse, farmer, house Moore 
Moore John, laborer, house 9 Adams Block, Adams 
Moore John G. grocery, Division 71, Central, near Centre, 

house Rock, near Fletcher 
Moore John N. bootmaker. Central, corner Charles, house do. 
Moore John S. gunsmith, Middle, house do. 


Moore Joseph, engineer, Mechanic Mills, house Rock 

Moore Lucius B. cigarmaker, Moore, house do. 

Moore Mary G. Mrs. boarding house, 15 Ham. Corporation 

Moore Phebe, Mrs. house at J, S. Grush's 

Moore Salathiel, boots and shoes, Middlesex, near depot, 

house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Moore Susan, Mrs. house Fayette 
Moore Thomas, Bleachery, boards 28 do. 
Moore Thomas, »iachinist, boards at Z. S. Hollis's 
Moore Thomas A. carpenter, house rear Merrimac, n. Decatur 

Moore , boards at W. C. Spalding's 

Moors Albert, Bleachery, house Moore 

Moors Augustus P., Boston and Lowell R. R. house Moore 

Moors Friend, bedstead maker, boards at Mrs. S. Pierce's 

Moors James A. bobbin maker, house LaGrange, n. Fletcher 

Moors Simeon, farmer, house Stone House, Moore 

Moran Ambrose, laborer, house Fenwick 

Moran James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Moran John, Lawrence, house Fenwick 

Moran John, laborer, house Button 

Moran Michael, laborer, house Dummer 

Moran Michael, at William Kittredge's, house Middle 

Moran Michael, Middlesex, house North 

Moran Thomas, foundry, house Smith, near Liberty 

Moran Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 

Moran William, Middlesex, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Morey George C. & Co. (i7. D. Morey), painters, 13 East 

Merrimac, house Chestnut, near Fayette 
Morey Geo. F. printer, Courier Office, boards at Henry Hull's 
Morey H. D. (G. C. Morey S^ Co.), boards at G. C. Morey's 
Morey John, hostler, boards at Manly S. Dickerman's 
Morey Samuel, Lowell, house Lawrence 
Morey Samuel, jr. house Lawrence, next to School house 
Morey William, Merrimac, house Lowell, near Worthen 
Morey William, printer, American Office, b. at Henry Hull's 
Morgan Adelaide A. teacher, boards at Mrs. B. F. Aiken's 
Morgan Arabella C. teacher, boards at Mrs? B. F. Aiken's 
Morgan Charlotte, Mrs. house 51 Church 

Morgan Ebenezer, employment office, Merrimac, corner Suf- 
folk, boards 5 Lawrence Corporation [Charles 
Morgan Luther S. watchmaker and jeweller, 79 Central, h. 27 
Morgan Morgans, Lowell, house Centre, Centralville 
Morgan Pamelia, boarding, house 5 Lawrence Corporation 
Morhan Owen, laborer, house Merrill, corner Taylor 
Moriarty James, laborer, house Fenwick 
Moriarty Michael, gardener, house 38 Bleachery 
Morrill Abby H. boards at F. Morrill's 


Morrill xVmos, house Fayette 

Morrill Betsey, Miss, boarding house, 10 Swamp Locks, Button 

Morrill Catharine, widow, house Lewis, near Lowell 

Morrill Chas. teacher, Green School, h. LaGrange, n. Suffolk 

Morrill Cyrus K. & Co. (J. H. Morrill), grocers, John, corner 

Merrimac, house Bartlett, near Livermore 
Morrill Elizabeth, widow, boards at F. Morrill's 
Morrill Ezra, carpenter, house 8 Franklin square, Adams 
Morrill Frederick, physician, 11 Middle, house 119 Middlesex 
Morrill Harrison, stonecutter, boards at G. Abbott's 
Morrill Jason W. truckman, B. &: L. freight depot, house 

Middlesex, near Walker 
Morrill John, at Fiske & Norcross's, b. at Miss L. W. Merrill's 
Morrill John, machinist, boards at W. Sweetser's, Pearl 
Morrill John H. (C. K. Morrill &; Co.), grocers, corner of John 

and Merrimac, house 31 Chapel 
Morrill Laura G. house 10 Franklin square, Adams 
Morrill Richard, clerk, at C. K. Morrill & Co's, boards at 

Mrs. Sarah Quimby's 
Morrill "William W., Massachusetts, b. at Jacob 0. Hill's 
Morris James, house Winter 
Morris James, Appleton, boards at J. McAlear's 
Morris James, peddler, house Cross 
Morris John, machinist, house 10 Xorth Franklin court 
Morris John, laborer, house Duramer 
Morris Michael, Middlesex, boards at J. McAlear's 
Morris Patrick, house rear Davis 

Morrison Abraham B. dry goods, 5 Welles's B. h. Elm, n. Centr'l 
Morrison David currier, Salem, corner Willie, and police offi- 
cer, house Decatur 
Morrison David, Hamilton, boards at Mrs. R. Wood's 
Morrison Hannah T. Mrs. boarding house, 18 Suffolk Corp. 
Morrison James, blacksmith, boards at James Doyle's 
Morrison James, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Morrison James G., Middlesex, house 40 Church 
Morrison James L., Appleton, boards at John Morrison's 
Morrison John, overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 30 do 
Morrison John, house North 

Morrison John F. boards 30 Appleton Corporation 
Morrison Leonard, Appleton Corporation, boards 3 do. 
Morrison Nathaniel, job wagon, house Floyd 
Morrison Nathaniel, watchman, boards 15 Hamilton Corp. 
Morrison Richard, laborer, house Lowell, nearDummer 
Morrison Thomas, boilermaker, house 26 Worthen 
Morrison William D. peddler, house Summer, near South 
Morrony Margaret, Mrs. house Chapel, below Union 
Morse Bela H., Middlesex, house Tyler, near Lawrence 


Morse Caroline L, Mrs. house Crosby's court j 

Morse Charles E. clerk, 42 Merrimac, boards 89 Central | 

Morse Charles H., Hamilton Corp. bds. at Elizabeth Morse's 
Morse Edward, Tremont, house 15 Tremont Corporation j 

Morse Elizabeth, Mrs. house Fayette 

Morse George, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Morse George, machinist, boards 2o Hamilton Corporation j 
Morse Hannah A. Mrs. house 9 Central : 

Morse Henry O. at Tuck & Co's, boards at E. Tuck's j 

Morse Henry P., Tremont, house 15 Tremont Corporation 
Morse Hiram S., Suffolk, house 20 Suffolk Corporation j 

Morse (Isaac S.) & Caverly (Z. B.), counsellors, 49 Central,! 

house Stackpole, near Alder | 

Morse Isaiah, Lawrence, house 12 Lawrence Corporation 
Morse Irving, clerk, at Fred. Parker's, b. Mrs 
Morse James E., Boott, house 55 Boott Corporation 
Morse James F., Boott, house 16 Boott Corporation i 

Morse James M. overseer, house 157 Merrimac Corporation j 
Morse James M., Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corp. i 

Morse James N. bookkeeper, at Brooks & Tyler's, h. Fletcher! 
Morse Jane, Mrs. tailoress, house 9 Cady , 

Morse Joanna C. Mrs. dressmaker, 2 Arcade Block, East 

Merrimac, house do. 
Morse Joseph, Hamilton, house 36 Hamilton Corporation 
Morse Joseph W., Lawrence, house 38 Lawrence Corporation 
Morse Luther B.physician,Nesmith's Block, b. Mrs. A. Gillis's 
Morse Mark H. at Charles B. Coburn's, house 21 Church 
Morse Nelson, clerk, at A. Harnden's, house Pleasant 
Morse Ruggles W. carpenter, boards at Mrs. M. Willoughby's : 
Morse Samuel P. millwright, house Moody, corner Ptace '< 

Morse Sumner, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Morse Thomas E. fruit and vegetables, Bridge, corner Third, 

house Fifth, Central ville 
Morse William, at Stott's Mills, house Water, near Andover 
Morse William G. overseer, Mass. house 45 Mass Corp. 
Morse Wm. W. poAver loom harness manuf. house Morse's lane 
Morse Willis, overseer, Appleton, h. 11 Appleton Corporation 

Morse , overseer, Appleton, b. 1 Colby's Bl'k, Middlesex 

Mort James W. cigar manuf. 63 Central, h.'Bartlett, n. Alder 

Mort William, cigarmaker, at J. W. Mort's 

Morton Patrick, Locks and Canals, house Lowell, c. Suffolk 

Morton Sarah H. Mrs. boarding, 3 Church 

Morton Wm. H. tinsmith, boards at C. P. Whitten's 

Moseley George, Prescott, boards 44 Prescott Corporation 

Moses John L., Mechanics' Mills, house 8 Austin ', 

Moses Samuel, watchman, boards at H. P. Wilson's \ 

Moses Joseph L. stonecutter, boards 158 Merrimac Corporation 


Moses Sanborn, boilcrmaker, boarding house, 6 Ham. Corp. 

Mosier Charles, boards 1 South 

Motlej' Georsje, agent Appleton, boards Merrimac House 

Moulton A. K. Rev. house Third, Centralville 

Moulton Andrew W, Mrs. house 1 Queen 

Moulton Elvira, widow, house Middlesex, near depot 

Moulton Hiram, Lowell M. Shop, house Gushing, c. Willie 

Moulton Ira, jobber, house Howard, near Middlesex 

Moulton James, mason, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Moulton James F., Tremont, house 24 Tremont Corporation 

Moulton Jeremiah, overseer, Bleachery, house 1 do. 

Moulton John L. mason, house Fifth, Centralville 

Moulton Josiah, painter, 75 Central 

Moulton Moses, wire worker, boards 21 Charles 

Moulton W. R. carpenter, boards at W. Hudson's 

Moulton William, machinist, boards at H. Moulton's 

Mowe Daniel, physician. Middle, near Shattuck, house do. 

Mowry Nathan B. hosiery, yarns, and fancy goods, 69 Central 

Mudge Orin N., Hamilton, house 8 Hamilton Corporation 

Mudget Charles E. watchman, boards at H. P. Wilson's 

Mudget David P. tin peddler, boards at C. P. Whitten's 

Mtidgett Ambrose H., Merrimac, house 48 Merr. Corporation 

Mudgett John, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 

Mugford William, wood sawyer, house 42 Church 

Mihlig Charles, carpenter, house Abbott 

Mulherring Catherine, house John street avenue 

Mulkey James, Merrimac, house 77 Merrimac Corporation 

Mullen Arthur, foundry, house 6 McCarry's court 

Mullen Henry, Lowell Machine Shop, house Lowell place 

Mullen James, Middlesex, house Fayette 

Mullen James, Merrimac Print Works, house Cenfralville 

Mullen Johanna, Mrs. washerwoman, h. Hanover, n. Lowell 

Mullen Mary, Mrs. boarding, house William 

Mullen Michael, farmer, house Smith 

Mullen Michael, Middlesex, house foot Cady 

Mullen Xeal, tailor, at John Quinn's, house William 

Mullen Nicholas, house 5 Warren court 

Mullen Thomas, Middlesex, house Water 

Mullen Mrs. widow, house 6 McCarry's court 

Mulliken Alfred, mason, house 16 Tilden 

Mulloy George, laborer, house City avenue 

Muhoy John, laborer, house Jefferson 

Munn Francis D., Massachusetts, house River, Centralville 

Munn Frederick, Prescott, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Munroe Alexander C. clerk. Post Office, b. at C. Munroe's 

Munroe Charles. Boott, house High, corner Chestnut 

Munroe David, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 


Munroe Ruby Ann, dressmaker, at C. Munroe's 

Munroe William, Lowell, house Centre, Centralville 

Munsell Cyrus, Middlesex, house 38 Hurd 

Murkland John, Lowell Corporation, house 16 do. 

Murkland William, overseer, Lowell, house 19 Lowell Corp. 

Murphy Alice, house Jetferson, near Lowell 

Murphy Bridget, Mrs. house Jefferson 

Murphy Catherine, widow, house Lewis 

Murphy Cornelius, house Summer 

Murphy Cornelius, Prescott, house Bennett's Block, Lowell 

Murphy Daniel, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 

Murphy Daniel, house Lowell, near Suffolk 

Murphy Daniel, trader, house Dummer 

Murphy Daniel J. stud, at law, at Beard & Howe's, h, 2 Davis 

Murphy Edward, laborer, house Adams, corner Cross 

Murphy Esther, widow of James, house Green 

Murphy James, tanner, boards at J. O. Keefe's 

Murphy James, house Centre, Centralville 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, house Howe 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, house Andover, near the bridge 

Murphy Joanna, Mrs. house 7 Suffolk court 

Murphy Joanna, Mrs. house Castles Block, Lowell 

Murphy John, laborer, house Bennett's Block, Lowell j 

Murphy John, Merrimac Print Works, house Lowell 

Murphy John, laborer, house Lewis 

Murphy John, laborer, house rear Summer, near Gorham 

Murphy John, laborer, house Bennett's Block, Lowell 

Murphy John, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 

Murphy John, laborer, house Union court 

Murphy John, laborer, house Adams 

Murphy Joseph, Boott, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Murphy Margaret, Mrs. house Doyle's Block, SuflFolk 

Murphy Margaret, widow, house Cross 

Murphy Mary, Mrs. house Lewis, corner Little 

Murphy Mary, Mrs. house Jefferson 

Murphy Mary, widow, house Lowell 

Murphy Michael, laborer, house Bennett's Block, Lowell 

Murphy Patrick, gardener, house Howe 

Murphy Patrick, house 2 Edgerly's court 

Murphy Patrick, Bleachery, house Crosby 

Murphy Stephen, laborer, house Fenwick 

Murphy Thomas, Lowell M. Shop, house Lewis, corner Little 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house Fenwick 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Murphy Timothy, Batting Mill, house North 

Murphy William, house 2 Davis 

Murphy William, laborer, house Adams 


Murphy William, boots and shoes, 192 Merriraac 

Murphy "SVillinm, shoemaker, at M. C. Ilunloon's 

Murray Andrew, Lowell, h. Lawrence, n. llichmond's Mills 

Murray Bridget, Mrs. house Hanover, near Lowell 

Murray Catherine, widow, house Lewis 

Murray Dennis, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 

Murray Frank, Massachusetts, house Tremont, Centralville 

Murray John, house Lowell 

Murray Ruth, boarding house, 141 Merrimac Corporation 

Murtough Edward, laborer, house Cedar 

Mussey Lucretia, Mrs. house Fayette, near East Merrimac 

Muzzey Asa A., Merrimac, house 116 Merrimac Corporation 

Myers Nicholas, renovator of clothing, 3^ Prescott Bl'k, h. do. 

Myrick Amos S. carpenter, house Howard, above Arch 

Myrick Freeman H. iron and brass foundry, Jackson, house 

South, near West Union 
Myrick T. B. carpenter, boards 77 Central 

NAHON JOSEPH, house Adams, near LaGrange 

Nangle Thomas, produce, Lowell, near Lewis, house do. 

Nason Joseph D. machinist, boards 16 Tilden 

Nason Mary, Miss, house Suffolk, corner Moody 

Nason Phe'be, house 7 Austin 

Nash Jas. W. cl'k, at Chas. B. Coburn's, b. Mrs. CM. Exley's 

Nathen William, machinist, boards at Mrs, M. Shaw's 

Naylor Ann, Mrs. house Hanover, near Lowell 

Naylor William, Lowell, house Centre, n. Tremont, Centralville 

Neal Darius J. clerk, boards Colony House 

Neal Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Howard, n. Chelmsford 

Neal Joseph, machinist, house Varney, corner Carney 

Neal Albert P. K. sash and blindmaker, b. Aldrich's, B., Midd. 

Nealley Benjamin F. grocer. Lowell, c. Worthen, h. LaGrange 

Neally Thomas, at O. M. Whipple's, h, r. Lawrence, n. Abbott 

Needham Boynton, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Needham Esther, Mrs. boarding house, Lee 

Nelligan Maurice, shoemaker, Fenwick, house do. 

Nelson Henry N. carpenter, house W. Union, near South 

Nelson Josiah F., Hamilton Print Works, house Elm 

Nelson Serena A. teacher, boards J. Z. Nelson's 

Nenenry Mrs. widow, house Dummer [Gorham 

Nesmith Elizabeth, Mrs. h. r. Middlesex, opp. Appleton, cor. 

Nesmith John, house Andover, opposite Park 

Nesmith Thomas, house Park, opposite Garden 

Netter Martin, shoemaker, Parker's B., Centralville, house do. 

Nettleton Frederick S. carpenter, h. Mt. Vernon, Centralville 

Nevins Michael, Hamilton, house rear Gorham, opp. Union 

Nevins Patrick, Hamilton, house 40 Appleton 


Nevins Robert B. harness maker, boards at C. Dame's 
Newbegin Addison M. carriage painter, h. Thorndike, n.Gorham 
Newcomb William M., Lawrence, boards 19 Lawrence Corp. 
Newell John, civii engineer, Savings Bank Block, boards at 

Mrs. B. F. Aiken's 
Newell Mary R. Mrs. house Merrimac, near the Hospital 
Newell Rufiis, miller, house Gushing 
Newell William, mason, boards 144 Central 
Newlan Michael, Bleachery, house Lawrence, near Richmond's 
Newlin Joseph M. laborer, house rear 12 Chapel 
Newman Patrick, Middlesex, boards at R. Wilson's 
Newman William, painter, h. East Merrimac, corner Willow 
Newton Carlos, Suffolk, house Moody, near Cabot 
Newton Charles E. shoemaker, Fletcher, c. Button, h. Cashing 
Newton David B. marble worker, boards at O. H. Flagg's 
Newton D. B. marble worker, boards Francis M. Colby's 
Newton Henry L. C. printer, American ofRce, house Court 
Newton Gilman, boards H. L. C. Newton's [av. cor. Chapel 
Nicholas Rolla, watchman, railroad, house Rock 

Nichols , machinist, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Nichols Alanson, clerk, Wm. Livingston's, h. Branch, c. Nichols 
Nichols Alden, foundry, house Austin, near Merrimac 
Nichols Alfred E. woodturner, boards at Converse Nichols's 
Nichols Caleb, woodsawyer, boards William 
Nichols Charles, 118 Central, boards at John Billings's 
Nichols Converse, blacksmith, Charles, house Appleton, oppo- 
site Garnet [b. Merrimac House 
Nichols David, marble manufacturer, Dutton, n. Lowell depot, 
Nichols Edwin J. clerk at H. Nichols's, boards at do. 
Nichols George, clerk, boards Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Nichols George, sash and blindmaker, b. 3 Aldrich's B., Midd. 
Nichols George H. clerk at Ward & Thompson's 
Nichols Gilman N. house Moody, corner Hanover 
Nichols Hiram, clothing store, 222 Merrimac, house Race 
Nichols Isaac N. stone mason, house Chapel, near Elm 
Nichols {Jacob) & Logan {John), furniture, stoves, &c. Dut- 
ton, corner Lowell, house 151 Central 
Nichols Josiah, house corner Gorham and Cedar 
Nichols Moses G. machinist, boards Taylor, corner Merrill 
Nichols Oldin 8c Co. machinists and manufacturers of the pa- 
tent corn cob and oat crushers. Middle, house 2 Austin 
Nichols Rodolphus, stone mason, house Chapel, near Elm 
Nichols Rufus, at Day & Convers's, b. 33 Hamilton Corp. 
Nichols Thomas, clerk, boards Mrs. S. Quimby's 
Nichols Timothy, in foundry, boards at J. M. Gibbs' s 
Nichols {William) & Co. {E. D. Fletcher), grocers, 116 and 118 
Central, corner Green, house Nesmith, near Andover 

16 "— 


Nickclson William, IjO-\vell Machine Shop, boards 67 Mechanic 
Nickerson Appletoii D. mason, boards at Mrs. L. Davis's 

Nickerson , at Norcross's lumberyard, b. Lysander Kenney's 

Nickles Abel, machinist, house 13 Swamp Locks 
Nickles William, house Centre, Ccntralville 
Nield William, laborer, house Moore 
Nightingale William, house 2 Bay State avenue 
Nihan Francis, laborer, house Cross 
Nihan Mary, widow, house Cross 
Nolan James, Hamilton, boards 2 "William 
Nolan James, Middlesex, house Andover 
Noonan Mary, Mrs. widow, house Lowell 
Noonan Dennis, Bleachery, boards at P. Frawley'3 
Noonan Michael, Bleachery, house Lawrence 
Noonan Patrick, produce, Adams block, Adams 
Norcross Andrew B. apothecary, Merrimac, corner Bridge, 
boards at J. Russ's [Howard 

Norcross Cornelius H. foreman at Fiske & Norcross's, house 
Norcross James, at Norcross's, boards at R. Mack's 
Norcross Nicholas G. (Fis/ce S^- Norcross), steam mill, Middle- 
sex, house Gorham, near Court House 
Norris Alonzo, Lawrence, boards at William H. Snow's 
Norris Benjamin, carpenter, boards at Mrs. L. Simpson's 
Norris George P. watchman, Boott, h. River, Centralville 
Norris George W. livery stable, Warren, house 32 Hurd 
Norris John, Merrimac, house Jefferson 
Norris Joseph, machinist, house Dearborn's court 
Norris Lucinda, Mrs. house 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Norris Samuel, teamster, house Lowell, nearly opposite Adams 
North Frederick T., Middlesex, house 6 Warren court 
North William, Middlesex, house Lawrence, corner Charles 
North William L. {Adams ^- North), house Tyler, n. La\vrence 
Norton Fordyce R. printer, at B. H. Penhallow's, boards at 

Joel Brown's 
Norton Harriet, Mrs. house Central, corner Union 
Norton Mary T. teacher, boards at Mrs. H. Norton's 
Norton Thomas, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 
Nourburn James, house 41 Franklin square 
Nourse Francis, carpenter, house Merrill's court 
Nourse Francis H. superintendent Salem and Lowell Rail Road, 
and Lowell and Lawrence Rail Road, office at depot on 
Middlesex street, house Howard 
Nourse James, clerk, boards at Mrs. C. M. Exley's 
Nourse John A. carpenter, house 3 Edgerly's court 
Nourse Mary, tailoress, boards South, corner Summer 
Nourse Silas M. bookkeeper, at E. B. Patch's, boards at L. 
Rice's, East Merrimac 


Nowell Foster, overseer, Lowell, house E. Merrimac, c. Willow 

Xowell John, house rear South, near Middlesex 

Nowell John, jr., machinist, house rear Appleton, n. Garnet 

Nowell Robert, laborer, house Mill 

Nowell Simon, machinist, boards at R. Tarbell's 

Noyes Benjamin A. house Moody, near Suffolk 

Noyes Benjamin A. house Mason 

Noyes Benjamin C. stonemason, house Moody 

Noyes Ephraim, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Noyes Henry, carpenter, bouse East Merrimac, near Ili.^h 

Noyes Joseph, carpenter. Cedar, h. do. [Central, h. 16 Church 

Noyes {Joseph L.) & Bean {S. G.), livery stable, Church, near 

Noyes Pearson, Merrimac, house 76 Merrimac Corporation 

Noyes Samuel, engineer, house 3 Queen 

Noyes Thomas J. {Wood % N.), boards at Colony House 

Noyes William M., Bleachery, boards at D, Thomas's 

Nudd Abigail P. Mrs. boarding house, 44 Mass. Corporation 

Nugent Thomas, laborer, house Davidson 

Nute Andrew T. {Woods S; N.), house Elm, near Central 

Nute James P., Boott, house 50 Boott Corporation 

Nutter Alfred, millwright, house 17 Cady 

Nutter Josiah, Merrimac, house 120 Merrimac Corporation 

Nutter Margery, Miss, boarding, house 38 Mass. Corporation 

Nutter Mary W. milliner, at M. A. Waldron's, 60 Merrimac 

Nutter William, patternmaker, boards at Mrs. S. Brighara's 

Nutting George, boarding, 28 Appleton Corporation 

Nutting James, marble worker, house Button 

Nutting John H. boards at E. Burnham's 

Nutting Yespasian, bootmaker, at G. W. Clark's 

Nulty Ann, widow, house Adams 

Nye Darius, Boott, boards at James P. Nute's 

Nye Sarah, Mrs. boarding house, Moody, near Tremont 

GATES PATRICK, Middlesex, house High 

Obear Thomas W., Merrimac, house 123 Merrimac Corporation 

Ober Oliver, carpenter, house 40 Church 

O'Brien Andrew, Middlesex, house Water 

O'Brien Christopher, Middlesex, house Davidson 

O'Brien Dennis, laborer, house Lowell 

O'Brien James, wheelwright, at Daniel Barry's 

O'Brien James, laborer, house Fenwick 

O'Brien Joanna, Mrs. house Short's Block, Lewis 

O'Brien John, Rev. house Fenwick, near the church 

O'Brien John, laborer, house Middle 

O'Brien Joseph, spinner, house Davidson 

O'Brien Marcus, laborer, house Fenwick, near Church 

O'Brien Mary, Mrs. house Fenwick 


O'Brien Mary, house River 

O'Brien Michael, house Lowell, corner Suffolk 

O'Brien Michael, stonemason, house Davidson, near Howe 

O'Brien Owen, Ilamilton, house Summer 

O'Brien Patrick, house Gorham 

O'Brien Patrick, house Putney's court 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

O'Brien Thomas, brass moulder, house Putney's court 

O'Brien Timothy, Rev, house Fenwick, near the church 

O'Brien Timothy, foundry, house Adams 

O'Brien Timothy, laborer, house Lowell 

O'Brien Winneford, Mrs. house Putney's court 

Ockington David, painter, house High, near Andover 

O'Connell Patrick, foundry, house Lewis, corner Lowell 

O'Connell Patrick, blacksmith, house 40 Charles 

O'Connell Richard, carpenter, boards 2 Goward's Block 

O'Conner John, fruit, &c. Dutton, c. Fletcher, h. Worthen 

O'Connor Richard, Bleachery, house Green, near Central 

O'Day Patrick, house Maiden lane 

O'Donnell Andrew, Hamilton, boards 12 Hamilton Corporation 

Odiorne Charles Y/. & Co. (A. J. JoJmson), founders and iron 

fence builders, Middle, boards 13 Market 
O'Donnell Edward, hatter, at Bent & Bush's, h. 4 Walnut 
O'Donnell John, laborer, house Fenwick 
O'Donnell Ellen, widow, house 7 McCarry's court 
O'Donnell John, house Castles 
O'Donnell Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick 
Oertel Augustus, Carpet, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 
O'Fallon Patrick, laborer, house Thorndike, c. Chelmsford 
Offutt George, furniture, 7 Commercial sq. h. Union, n. Chapel 
Ogden Abigail, Mrs., Moody, near Race 
O'Grady Catharine, Mrs. house Union, corner Central 
O'Haire Bartholomew, at Henry Plympton's 
O'Hara Mary, Mrs. house 20 Moody 
O'Hare Francis, Bleachery, house Crosby 
O'Hare Peter, Merrimac, house Lowell, near Lewis 
O'Hearne Michael, laborer, house Gray place 
O'Hearn James, laborer, house Jefferson 
O'Holiern John, Locks and Canals, house Cross 
O'Keafe Arthur, carpenter, house Lewis, corner Lowell 
O'Keefe John, tanner, house Eaton 
O'Keefe William, tanner, boards at J, O'Keefe's 
O'Laughlin Michael, house 3 Winter 

Olcott Jas. S. botanic physician, 4 Adams Bl'k, Adams, h. do. 
Oldham Isaac, Merrimac Print Works, house 4 Willow place 
Oliver Henry F. clerk, at H. H. Smith's, ods. Mrs. H. Smith's 
Olmstead Emerson, broker, 54 Central, h. George, near Tyler 


O'Mare Bridget, house Hanover, near Lowell 
O'Mealey Austin, Middlesex, house rear William 
O'Neal Ann, widow, house Union court 
O'Neal Catherine, widow, house 1 Hurd 
O'Neal John, tin peddler, house Morse's lane 
O'Neal Thomas, blacksmith, boards 120 Middle 

lO'Neil Catherine, w^dow, house 248 Merrimac 
O'Neil Dennis, Merrimac, house Fenwick 

1 O'Neil Hugh, laborer, house Salem, corner New 
O'Neil Hugh, tailor, house 1 Hurd 
O'Neil James, laborer, house Adams 
O'Neil Michael, Middlesex, house Davidson 
O'Neil Patrick, Lowell, house Jefferson 
O'Neil Patrick, laborer, house Cross 
O'Neil Patrick, dyer, boards at John Claffy's 
O'Neil Thomas, tanner, house Carter 
O'Neill John, Bleachery, house Keene, opposite Cedar 

; O'Neill , Merrimac, Hanover, near Lowell 

O'Neille Mary Jane, Mrs. copperplate printer, house 2 Lee 

Orange Henry S. (Bradi &; Omnf/e),_ h. at Mrs. Agnes Gillis's 

Ordway Alonzo, Lowell, house Marion 

Ordway Charles S. city clerk's office, boards at T. Ordway's 

Ordway Edward, clerk, Lowell Bank, boards at T. Ordway's 

Ordway Enoch, merchant, h. Gorham, nearly opp. Court House 

Ordway Henry M. {Fellows % Onlwaij), b. at T. Ordway's 

Ordway John L. cashier Lowell Bank, house Liberty 

Ordway Judith, teacher, boards South, corner Summer 

Ordway Thomas, city clerk, City Hall, house Nesmith, near 

Ordway William B. boards at T. Ordway's [East Merrimac 

O'Reiley Michael, house Lowell 

Orkins Anson A., Merrimac Corporation, boards 68 do. 

O'Riley Thomas, laborer, house 248 Merrimac 

Ormsby Jonathan C. farmer, boards at Mary Wright's 

Orne Thomas, gunsmith, boards 32 Central 

O'Rourke Francis, Middlesex, house William 

Ort Adam, blacksmith, house Spring, near South 

Osborne Louisa, tailoress, house Appleton, next Stone Church 

Osgood Asa C. clerk, 88 Merrimac, boards at H. D. Fisk's 

Osgood Otis, real estate broker, house Chapel, corner Elm 

Osgood Caleb, picker shop, boards 31 Church 

Osgood Charles, farmer, house Gorham, opposite Moore 

Osgood. George N. painter, house Third, Centralville 

Osgood Henry D. shoemaker, at Hovey's, house Sixth 

Osgood Isaac, Hamilton, house 12 Hamilton Corporation 

Osgood John, laborer, house 4 Garnet 

Osgood Joseph C. roll-coverer, Mass. b. at B. V. Coburn's 

Osgood Maria, teacher, boards 15 Central 


Osgood Samuel, Hamilton, house 9 Hamilton Corporation 
: Osgood Sarah S. boarding house, 10 Suffolk Corporation, Gore 
'Osgood Thomas T., Lowell, house High, near Chestnut 
I O'Shca Dennis, house Lowell 

Osterhoubt Simeon D., Merrimac, boards 135 do. 

Otis James, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 95 Central 
! Otis ZNIichael, laborer, house Davidson 

Otis Silas D. teamster, at H. Howard's, b, Mrs. A. M. Leavitt's 

Otley William, Middlesex, house 1 Green 

Owen Augustus J. bookkeeper, at P. O. Richmond's, boards 
! at S. K. Fielding's, Tyler 

iOwen William N. provisions, 14 East Merrimac, house East 
I Merrimac, near High street square 

Owens Hugh, laborer, boards at Patrick Owen's 
I Owens Patrick, at D. R. Kimball's, h. Dummer, near Lowell 

Owler Charles, printer, Vox Populi office, house Bartlett 

PACKARD BARNABAS H. pocketbook manuf. 15 Middle, 

' boards Union House 

Packard E. Heman, Lawrence, boards 1 Lawrence Corporation 
Packard Francis, house Decatur 

Packard Jason, boarding house, 31 Lawrence Corporation 
Packard Jeremiah, Prescott, house Tremont, Centralville 
j Packard Lewis, Lawrence, house 1 Lawrence Corporation 
Packard Lucius B., Lawrence, house 65 Lav»rence Corporation 
Packard Nahum, clothing and fur store, 126 Merrimac, house 

Bartlett, near Alder 
Packard Thaddeus, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Packer Charles H,, Lowell, house River, Centralville 
Page Abner K., Merrimac P. W. h. 35 Merrimac Corporation 
Page Abraham, whitewasher, house Walnut 
Page Albert G. shoemaker, house 300 Merrimac 
Page Am.asa, Tremont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 
Page Charles, mason, house Gorham, near Walnut 
Page Edwin, at Brooks & Tyler's, boards at W. Stiles's 
Page Edwin M. job wagon, house Gorham, corner Charles 
Page Francis A. house 4 Dodge 
Page George, Merrimac, boards at N. Page's 
Page Hannah, Mrs. boarding, 216 Merrimac 
Page Isaac, Guard Locks, Broadway, near School, house do. 
Page James Y. stoves and tin ware, Merrimac, cor. Hanover, 

house Salem 
Page Jonathan {Spalding <§■ Page), house 150 Central 
Page (Ze;»?<e^), Fay (De?m7s), & Co., groceries, crockery and 

glass ware, 1 and 3 Appleton Block, house Central, 

opposite Centre 
Page Moses, machinist, house 20 Adams 


Page Moses C. mason, boards at T. D. Bailey's 

Page Xathaniel, Merriraac, house 68 Merrimac Corporation 

Page llufus L. mason, house 9 Walnut 

Page Samuel, mason, house Austin, near Moody 

Page Samuel F., Boott, boards at Mrs. Dorothy Sawyer's 

Page Sarah, dressmaker, 50 Merrimac, boards 9 Central 

Page Simon B. boards at James Patterson's 

Page Thomas, machinist, house 117 Middlesex 

Page Thomas E. boarding house, Moody, corner Tremont 

Page , Suffolk, boards 19 Suffolk Corporation 

Paige Benjamin 0., Merrimac, house 23 Merrimac Corporation 
Palmer Albert, house Appleton, near South 
Palmer Benjamin, painter, house New- 
Palmer Charles P., Lawrence, boards 47 Lawrence Corporation 
Palmer Daniel, house Bridge, Centralville 
Palmer Henry S. singing teacher, boards 216 Merrimac 
Palmer John, Lawrence, house Moody, corner Tremont 
Palmer John C. house East Merrimac, opposite Ash 
Palmer Jones, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Palmer Mayhew, carpenter, house 2 High 
Palmer Mayhew W. at Vox Populi, boards at M. Palmer's 
Palmer Thomas, Middlesex, house Andover 
Papps Jesse, Middlesex, house rear Water 
Parker Alonzo N. carpenter, boards at C. Coburn's 
Parker Benjamin, farmer, house Liberty 
Parker Benj. K., Mechanics' Mills, h. Willie, near Franklin 
Parker Charles, machinist, boards H. P. Wilson's 
Parker Charles T., Lowell, house Summer, near Gorham 
Parker Clarissa G. boarding house, Charles, near Central 
Parker David, machinist, Suffolk, house Central, Chapel Hill 
Parker Dexter, mason, house Moody, opposite Gasometer j 
Parker Edmund, clerk, boards at J. Puss's j 

Parker Edson, clerk, at C. B. Russ's, boards City Hotel 
Parker Frederick, Sec. Howard Fire Ins. Co. 16 & 17 Appleton 

Block, house Gorham, nearly opposite Court House 
Parker Granville, teamster, Bleachery, house 27 do. 
Parker George W., Suffolk, house 2-i Suifolk Corporation 
Parker Hiram, physician, John, next John st. church, h. do. 
Parker Hiram S. Mrs. boarding house, 2 Colby's Block, Middle- 
Parker Harriet, Mrs. h. Bridge, n. Fourth, Centralville sex | 
Parker James, carpenter, house Cushing, near Willie 
Parker Jepthah, farmer, house Liberty 

Parker Jahn A. overseer, Lawrence, house 49 Lawrence Corp 
Parker Josiah, Mechanics' Mills, b. 3 Appleton Corporation 
Parker Lucy L. Mrs. dressmaker, 81 Merrimac 
Parker Lucy R. Miss, boarding house, 10 South 
Pemberton Jacob, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 


Parker Lvclia, widow, house 16 Appleton Corporation 
Parker Mary, Mrs. boarding, 11 I3oott Corporation 
Parker Mary A. widow of Aniasa "\V. house 140 Central 
Parker Martin, overseer, boards at Joshua Conant's 
Parker Merrill, Middlesex, boards 96 Central 
Parker Perley, hou>c Tenth, Centralville 
Parker Ptlioda A. Miss, variety store, Gorhara, near Keene 
Parker Sarah, Mrs. boarding house, 28 Suffolk Corporation 
Parker Sarah, Mrs. house Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Parker Silas, Merriraac, boards 92 Merrimac Corporation 
Parker Simon, farmer, house Moore 
Parker Stockwell, Bleachery, house 31 do. 
Parker Thomas, Bleachery, boards at Mrs. E. Wood's 
Parker William C. tanner, boards at Amos Merriam's 
Parker William H., Merrimac, house 176 Merrimac Corp. 
Parkhurst Benjamin S. foundry, house 9 Swamp Locks 
Parkhurst EdAV. A. clerk, at F. Coburn's, bds. A. P. Lesure's 
Parkhurst James B. clerk, 33 Central, b. at Berij. Robinson's 
Parkhurst Matthias, assessor. City Hall, h. Chapel, n. Union 
Parks George, painter, Central, opp. Tyler, house do. 
Parmcnter Harriet, variety store, 47 Merrimac, house do. 
Parmcnter Horace, overseer, Lawrence, h. 24 Lawrence Corp. 
Parraenter Micah, house School, opposite Cross 
Paro Peter, shoemaker, at Keyes's, b. 45 Lawrence Corp. 
Parsons John, Appleton, boards 144 Central [Suffolk 

Parsons Lucinda, Mi?s, h. Eagle Bl'k, Merrimac, nearly opp. 
Partridge George W, {Carle &:P.), house Summer, opp Davis 
Patch Ephraim'B. auctioneer and comrQission merchant, 6, 7 

and 8 Commercial square, house IS Hurd 
Patch Henry, Mrs. house Cabot 
Patnoe Lesvis, at O. Allen's, boards A. Prescott's 
Patrick Samuel C. cigar maker, boards at J. W. Mott's 
Pattee Eliza, Miss, boarding, 19 Suffolk Corporation 
Patten Joseph A. overseer, Lowell, house 12 Lowell Corp. 
Patten Stephen H. jobwagon, house High, near Chestnut 
Patten William, Lowell, boards 174 Merrimac 
Patterson Charles, Treraont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 
Patterson Chauncy, Lov,-ell, boards at S. Dodge's 
Patterson Edward P. copper roller engraver, Hamilton, house 

Appleton, near Thorndike 
Patterson George W. overseer Lawrence Corporation, h, 14 do. 
Patterson James, Lowell, house Merrimac, opposite Austin 
Patterson James T. machinist, house Middlesex, n. Pearl 
Patterson Joseph, watchman, boards 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Patterson Samuel, Merrimac, boards 177 Merrimac Corp. 
Patterson Silas, teamster, boards at A. Emery's 
Patton James, blacksmith, boards 40 Charles 


Patton Nathan, Middlesex, boards at R. Wilson's 

Paul Anne, Mrs. house 150 Merrimac Corporation 

Paul George K. overseer, Boott, house 76 Boott Corporation 

Paul Henr)' S. machinist, boards 216 Merrimac 

Paul Noah, boards at I. Stinson's 

Paul Wni. Mrs. boarding house, 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Paul "William, designer, Hamilton, house Chestnut, near Asli 

Peabody Isaac, Merrimac, house 146 Merrimac Corporation 

Peabody James M. dry goods, 48 Merrimac, h. E. Merrimac, 

corner Nesmith. 
Peabody {Joseph A.) & "Woodward (.S'.), carpenters, 0. Allen's 

& Co's Mills, house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Peabody Josiah G. {Fijidd S^ Peabody), house 164 Central 
Pearl (Franklin F.) & Huntress {J. L.), livery stable, Shattuck 
Pearl Isaac, founder, boards at F. Bragg's 
Pearson Elizabeth B. dressmaker. South, n. Middlesex 
Pearson Jas. M. {Bohonan ^ P.), house Cross, cor. School 
Pearson John, blockprinter, house Central, near Crosby 
Pearson John, grocer, 3 Savings Bank Building, house Hale, 

near Chelmsford 
Pearson John, jr. blockprinter, boards at J. Pearson's • 
Pearson Paul A., Railroad Machine Shop, b. "Washington H. 
Pearson Robert, printer, boards at J. Pearson's [tral 

Pearson {Timothy) & Andrews {Wm. II.), counsellors, 54 Cen- 
Pearson William, painter, boards at J. Pearson's 
Pearsons Aaron, Suffolk, boards at Leonard Hardy's 
Pease Josejjh W, books and stationery, 20 Central, boards at 

James Emerson's 
Pease Samuel, clerk, boards at George H. Carlton's 
Pease Samuel W. clerk, at S. H. Hastings's, bds. 19 Central 
Peaslee Flint, 17 Central, boards at Mrs. Rachel Bachelder's 
Peavey Frank, at foundry, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Peavey John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at N. Low's 
Peck Clarissa, Mrs. house 62 Church 

Pedrick Jacob G., Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Peirce Albert P. boards at C. Peirce's 
Peirce Charles E. machinist, boards at C. Peirce's 
Peirce Cyrus, ice dealer, house Pawtucket 
Peirce Francis, carpet designer, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Peirce George L., Middlesex, house 15 Warren 
Peirce John N., Middlesex, house Pleasant 
Peirce John N. jr. clerk at Appleton Bank, boards J. N. Peirce's 
Peirce Leonard, Middlesex, house Andover, corner Willow 
Peirce William A. J. at Lowell Corp. house South, c. Middlesex 
Peirce W. T. G, harness maker, at J. A. Brabrook's, h. East 

Merrimac, opposite Willow 
Pelsue Isaiah W. teamster, at H. Howard's, Prescott, h. 6 Pearl 


Pentlergast Michael, Lowell Machine Shop, house North 
Pendergast Peter, shoemaker, at M. K. Wellington's, house 

rear Lowell, near Jefferson 
Penhallow Eenjamin IL book and job printer, Wyman's Ex- 
change, house Fifth, Centralvillc 
Penhallow L. E. Miss, house Kirk 

Penniman Dean, wood dealer, Salem, house do. n. Hospital 
Penniman John B. teamster, boards at W. McFarlin's 
Penniman Mary, Miss, boarding house, Gl Boott Corporation 

Penniman , coach driver, b. at Farmer & Mechanics' Hotel 

Pennington William F. fancy painter, 17 Middle, house East 
Merrimac, opposite Favor [H. Carleton's 

Pepper Emerson, clerk, at Carleton & Hovey's, boards at Geo. 
Percival Charles Lewis, carpenter, boards at N. T. Keyes's 
Perham Otis, physician, 22 Hurd, house do. 
Perham T. W., Lowell M. S. boards at George Abbott's 
Perkins Albert, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Perkins Alonzo, mason, boards at Edwin Manley's 
Perkins Apollos, Bleachery, house corner Gorham and Walnut 
Perkins Daniel F., Boott, boards at Joseph S. Taylor's 
Perkins Frank, steam mill, boards at N. Prescott's 
Perkins Henry P. clerk, Lowell Bleachery, bds. at A. Perkins's 
Perkins James K. hostler at 0. W. Flint's, house Moody 
Perkins Job, boards 1 Pearl 

Perkins John, Massachusetts, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 
Perkins John R., Boott, house 26 Boott Corporation 
Perkins Mary A. Miss, house Suffolk, c. Moody 
Perkins M. Gilbert, Tremont, house 3i Tremont Corporation 
Perkins Paul, overseer, Boott, house 66 Boott Corporation 
Perkins Paul, clerk, at J. S. Eaton's, house Salem street 
Perkins Robert, boards 1 Pearl [near Fletcher 

Perlcy Enoch T. carpenter, Mechanics' Mills, house Butterneld, 
Perley Mary E. Mrs. boarding house, 27 Appleton Corporation 
Perley Nathaniel M., Appleton Corporatioii, boards 27 do. 

Perrigo , shuttlemaker, house High, near East Merrimac 

Perry Benjamin F. at O. Allen & Co's, house 3 Middlesex place 
Perry Charles, shoemaker, at G. Vi. Clark's, h. at Centralville 
Perry Edson, clerk, at H. Hunt's, boards at Mrs. P. Hunt's 
Perry John, bootmaker, house MerrilL'a court 
Perry Sewell A. butcher, house Fayette 
Person filbert, Boott, boards at Miss R. P. Hardy's 
Person John W. physician, Welles's Block 
Petei's Daniel C. boarding house, 26 Appleton Corporation 
Peterson Ruth B. seamstress, house Adams, cor. Salem 
Pettes Andrew, painter, boards 1 Colby's Block, Middlesex 
Pettingell (John) & Bruce {Wm. G.), carpenters, Mechanics' 
Mills, house Appleton, opposite Favor 


Pevey Abial, overseer, foundry, house 8 Swamp Locks 
Phelps Catharine, Mrs. house Harrison, near Andover 
Phelps David, works at Asa Richardson's 
Phelps Henry, jr. carpenter, house Willie, near Franklin 
Phelps Henry b. treasurer, Chelmsford Co., Nesmith's Block, 

house Tyler 
Phelps John, boarding house, Chapel, corner Court avenue 
Phelps Luther J. house Kirk 
Phelps T. B. machinist, house West Union 
Philbrick Calvin, overseer, Middlesex, house 7 Cady 
Philbriek John, auction, books and stationery store, 42 Cen- 
tral, boards at G. W. Churchill's 
Philbrick Moses E. overseer, Suffolk, h. 8 Cabot Block, Cabot 
Philbrick Oliver, Middlesex, boards 27 Church 
Philbrick Oscar F. clerk, 42 Central, boards at G. W. Churchill's 
Philbrick Samuel, millwright, Middlesex, h. 16 Middlesex Corp. 
Philbrick Samuel, Lowell, house rear Fayette 
Philbrook John, machinist, boards 43 Appleton 
Philbrook John, Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Phipps Sam'l, hairdresser, Wash. House, h. Charles, c. Reed's c. 
Phipps William B., Middlesex, house Gorham, c. Putney's ct. 
Pickard Jeremiah, stonecutter, boards 96 Central 
Pickering Samuel K. job wagon, house Middlesex, near depot 
Pickering Cyrus C. {CJnirchill i^ P.), South, near Union 
Pickersgill William C. civil engineer, house Bartlett { 

Pickman David, Middlesex, house 2 Warren court i 

Pierce Albanus, barber, boards at Mrs. M. R. Thomas's | 

Pierce Alfred, at Farmers and Mechanics' Hotel 
Pierce Ashbel F., Lowell M. Shop, h. 58 Swamp L., Worthen 
Pierce Charles, soapmaker, house 3 Bay State avenue 
Pierce Frederick, watchman, boards 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Pierce George, physician, house Moody, corner Austin 
Pierce George, boards at Mrs. Mullen's 

Pierce George, watchmaker, 58 Central, h. Willow, n. Andover 
Pierce James M. carpenter, at Amos Hull's, house 3 Cady 
Pierce J. Warren, Lowell M. S. h. 35 Franklin sq. LaGrange 
Pierce Joseph B. painter, boards 4 Tremont Corporation 
Pierce Lucetta, Mrs. boarding house. Race, n. Merrimac 
Pierce Olcott, overseer, Hamilton Print Works, and police of- 
Pierce Rachel, Mrs. house Salem, n. New [ficer, h. Lawrence 
Pierce Samuel S., Massachusetts, boards at J. O. Hill's 
Pierce Submit, Mrs. boarding house, East Merrimac 
Pierce William S. carpenter, house Marshall 
Pike Charles 0. shoemaker, boards 51 Massachusetts Corp. 
Pike Clara A. dressmaker, boards at J. B. Fielding's 
Pike John, house 144 Central 
Pike Robert J., Massachusetts, house 2 Massachusetts Corp. 


Pike Tryphena, Miss, boarding house, 51 Mass. Corporation 

Pike William, lumberman, boards at J. Bixby's 

Pillsbury Benjamin P. printer, Courier office, house Fayette, 

near East Merrimac- 
Pillsbury Ilarlin, physician, 24 Kirk, house do. 
Pillsbury James, Merrimac, house 174 Merrimac Corporation 
Pillsbury John D. physician and surgeon, 21 Central, h. Wil- 
low, near East Merrimac 
Pillsbury John D. variety store and dressmaking, Middlesex, 

opposite Appleton Mills, house do. 
Pillsbury John G. insurance agent, office 17 Appleton Block, 

house Walnut, near Chapel 
Pillsbury Richard C. house Suffolk, near Merrimac 
Pillsbury Sally, Mrs. dressmaker, h. Suffolk, cor. Merrimac 
Pillsbury William C. boards at W. Bartlett's 
Pillsbury Wm. C, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Pinceloap Amede, Lowell, boards at J. J. Fontarive's 
Pinder Catherine, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Pinder Eliza A. widow of Joseph, house Clay 
Pinder James, laborer, house Suffolk 
Pinder Joseph, at Stott's Mills, boards at Mrs.E. Finder's 
Pinder Joseph D. overseer, Mass. house 10 Prescott Corp. 
Pinkham James N., Lowell, house 2o Charles 
Finney Alden, carpenter, house Middlesex, near the line 
Finney Samuel C, Massachusetts, house Centralville 
j Finnock John C, Lowell M. Shop, boards 3 Appleton Corp. 
i Piper Cornelius, Prescott, boards 42 Prescott Corporation 
: Piper George, hackman, house Wall [American House 

I Piper Horace H. bonnets and millinery, 65 Central, boards 
I Piper Jacob, at Fiske & Xorcross's, bds. at A. Frescott's 
! Piper Lewis, coachman, boards at J. Russ's 
! Piper William, machinist, bds. Appleton, n. Thorndike 
I Pitt John, carpenter. West, Centralville 

Place Isaac, doors, sash and blind manufacturer, Mechanics' 
I Mills, house Fletcher, corner Butterfield 

Flaisted Charles E., Lowell M. S. house 15 Trull's Block 
Plaisted Charles E. machinist, b. 3 Aldrich's Bl'k, Middlesex 
Flaisted George P. expressdriver, boards at E. S. Rand's 
Flaisted Rufus L. teamster, at P. 0. Richmond's, boards at C. 

G. Durgin's 
Flaisted William E., Lowell M. S. h. 40 Swamp L., Worthen 
Flanche Henry, harnessmaker, at J. A. Brabrook's, boards at 

J. M. Goodrich's 
Plant Robert, laborer, house 17 Adams [100 Merrimac 

Plastridge Charles, fruit, &c. at Patch's auction room, boards 
Flastridge Salmon, fruit, &c. at S. C. Shapleigh's, h. Ford, n. 

Piatt Ann, Mrs. house Centre, Centralville 


Piatt George, carpetprinter, house Chestnut 

Piatt James, blacksmith, house Centre, Centralville 

Piatt Joseph, Middlesex, boards at Jlrs. Ann Piatt's 

Plumado Francis, shoemaker, boards at Harvey Bancroft's 

Plumado Oliver, house Mount Yernon, near Pine 

Plummer James, mason, house Cashing 

Plummer John W. bootmaker, 112 Central, h. Oak, opp. Clay 

Plummer Samuel, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 

Plumtor Thomas, machinist, boards at G. C. Smith's 

Plunkett Patrick, Tremont, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Plunket Robert J., Hamilton, house Gorham, near Central 

Plympton Edward B, at Henry Plympton's 

Plympton Henry, farmer, Tenth, Centralville 

Plympton Samuel, Boott, boards at Mrs. R. P. Hardy's 

Pollard Gorham L, baker, Paige, house do. 

Pollard John {Colbij &; Pollard), boards at Amos Colby's 

Pollock Thomas, variety store, 4 John 

Poison David, carpetweaver, house Union, near Chapel 

Pomfred James, Courier office, h. Gorham, opp. Appleton 

Pond Henry B., Middlesex, house High, near Chestnut 

Pond John H., Massachusetts, boards at Miss Jane T. Wing's 

Pond Nancy, tailoress, boards 32 Central 

Pond Sereno H. clerk, 57 Central, house Walnut 

Voo\q {Benjamin) & Sweetser {T. TL), counsellors, 3 Canal 

Block, house Chestnut, near Willow 
Poole Geo. H., Suffolk, house 17 Suffolk Corporation 
Poole Samuel (Stinson Cy Poole), h. 3 Race, near Merrimac 
Poole Wm.F. clerk, at Wilder & Hunt's, boards 4 Market 
Pooler Seth, teacher, h. E. Merrimac, cor. High st. square 
Poor Almanzar, Suffolk, house 22 Suffolk Corporation 
Poor Charles, carpenter, boards 8 Suffolk street 
Poor Eliza C. house Nesmith's Block 
Poor Henry, clerk, Belvidere Co. house Everett 
Poor Valruvius, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Poor William, Lowell, boards at Mrs. William Leighton's 
Pope (John M.) & Wilder (E. F.J, tinplate workers, Fletcher, 

corner Adams, house do. [Mrs. T. Hardy's 

Pors William A. student at law, at Judge Crosby's, boards at 
Porter David K., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 95 Central 
Porter Edwin, insurance agent, 62 Central, house Centre, 

Centralville [Worthen 

Porter Jonathan F. contractor, Lowell M. Shop, house 53 S. L., 
Porter Nathan, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at E. Andrews's 
Potter Adah, house 67 Merrimac Corporation 
Potter Daniel F. harnessmaker, at J. A. Brabrook's, bds. J. M. 
Potter George, machinist, boards 43 Appleton [Goodrich's 

Potter James, mason, house Market 
Potter Robert, Middlesex, house William, near George 


Powell Azro, Treraont, boards 27 Tremont Corporation 
Powell Andrew J., Tremont, house 27 Trcniont Corporation 
Powell James C, Tremont, house 2 Tremont Corporation 
Powers George, Middlesex, house Water 

Powers Hannibal, overseer, Mass. house 46 Mass. Corporation 
Powers John, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. at Mrs. Ann Gibby's 
Powers Joel, librarian, Mechanics' Hall, house Marshall 
Powers Matthew, shoemaker, house Castles Block, Lowell 
Powers Michael, farmer, house Chestnut 

Powers Priscilla, laundress, h. r. Middlesex, opp, steam mills 
Powers Richard, laborer, house Salem 
Powers Kichard, jr. laborer, boards at R. Powers's 
Pownell Jeremiah, Hamilton, boards 1 Garnet 
Pratt Abigail, Mrs, house S. R. Deane's 

Pratt George, jr. shoemaker, 7i Merrimac, boards at G. Pratt's 
Pratt Hayden, carpenter, boards 10 South 
Pratt Joseph W., Mass. house 30 Prescott Corporation 
Pratt Marshall, machinist, boards 8 South 
Pratt Matthew, tin peddler, boards at C. P. Whitten's 
Pratt Melvina A., Mrs. house Merrimac, nearly opposite Suffolk 
Pratt Samuel C. Rev. house Nesmith, near AVyman 
Pratt Thomas, stair builder, house Rock 

Pratt William S., Merrimac Print Works, h. 35 Merrimac Corp, 
Pray David, City Express, house Middlesex, corner Mclntire 
Pray John J. mason, house Alder 
Pray Joseph, shoemaker, house Merrimac, near Race 
Prentiss Alexander, baker, house Charles, near Gorham 
Prentiss Benjamin, livery stable, E, Merrimac, rear City Hotel 
Prescott Aaron S., Tremont, boards 28 Tremont Corporation 
Prescott Calvin L., Mass, house Fifth, Centralville 
Prescott Chase, at J. Gates's, house Market 
Prescott Charles, planemaker, 2 Green, house do, 
Prescott Dorothea E, boarding house, 13 Central 
Prescott George, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Prescott Henry A, boards at B. F, Lesure's 
Prescott James O. mason, boards 144 Central 
Prescott Jonathan, house Third, near Bridge, Centralville 
Prescott Marian, dressmaker, Cabot, house do, 
Prescott Mary, widow, house rear Union, near Central 
Prescott Nathan, house Howard 

Prescott Oliver C. stuccoworker, boards at J. M, Gibbs's [sit 
Prescott Peter, carriage maker, 17 Market, h. Central, c, Wame- 
Prescott Samuel D,, Bleachery, house 30 do, 
Prescott Mrs. house Andover, corner Fayette 
Presho Isaac H, clerk at Manahan & Currier's, b. 8 Dodge 
Presho Sullivan, mason, house 8 Dodge 

Pressey Thomas W. constable, 61 Central, house Chapel, cor. 
Merrill's court 


Preston Asa, carpenter, boarding house, 12 Middlesex, opposite 
Preston Erasmus D. shoemaker, house 18 Adams [Mclntire 
Preston Samuel W. at J. Keyes's, house Decatur 
Prevancha George, Lowell, house Willie [Machine Shop 

I Priest Charles H. physician, 11 Middle, h, r. Middlesex, opp. 

! Priest Henry W. variety goods, shop and house 1 Tildeu 
Priest Mary S. house High, near East Merrimac 
Priest Nancy J., ISIrs. boarding house, 20 Lawrence Corporation 
Prike John, Merrimac, boards at "William Frike's 
Prike William, Merrimac, house Lee 

Prince Edward, Merrimac Print Works, boards at J. D. Prince's 
Prince Francis, foundry, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Prince James, Merr. Print Works, h. Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 
Prince James H. at J. C. Ayer's, boards 9 Prescott Corp. 
Prince John D. superintendent Merrimac Print Works, house 

Merrimac, corner Worthen 
Prince John D. jr. ink & blacking, Moody, h. Merr. n. Decatur 
Prince Martha, Mrs. boarding house, 9 Prescott Corporation 
Prince Robert, Merr. Print Works, h. Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 
Proctor B. F. dressmaker, house 1 Tilden 
Proctor Charles B. carpenter, house Gorhara, corner Charles 
Proctor E. Miss, boarding, 2 Merrimac Corporation 
Proctor Heman, Lowell Machine Shop, house 68 Mechanic 
Proctor James, carpenter, 143 Central, house Loudon court 
Proctor James H., L. M. Shop, house 12 Swamp Locks, Diitton 
Proctor John S. carpenter, house Howard, corner Chelmsford 

I Proctor Jonas 11. teamster, house Parson's block, Middlesex 
Proctor Joseph W. boarding, 11 Meriimac Corporation 
Proctor William B. cabinetmaker, 108 Central, b. J. S. Proctor's 
Prouty (TFm.), Day (Joseph M.), & Co. steel wire manufac- 
turers, Whipple's mills, house Centi-al, corner Walnut 
Puffer Abigail, Mrs. boarding house, 14 Hamilton Corporation 
Puffer Asahel D. grocer. Church, opp. Lawrence, h. Lawrence, 
Puffer Farwell, house Tyler, near Lawrence [cor. Tyler 

! Puffer James F. {Smith % Puffer), boards 14 Hamilton Corp. 

IPugsley Henry, boards al Seth Delano's 

iPullen Hiram, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

[Pullen John, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

I Pulcifer Hervey, at Brooks & Tyler's, h. Appleton, n.Thorndike 

jPulsifer Henry, Merrimac, house 38 Merrimac Corporation 
Pulsifer John B. carpenter, boards at Elizabeth Craig's 

{Purcell James, laborer, house LeAvis, near Lowell 
Purcell Joseph, at Horace Howard's, h. Suffolk, near Fenwick 
Purcell Thomas, Lowell, house Dummer 
Putnam (Adam) & Currier {John), soap and candle maauf. 

Lenton, rear Charles, house Lawrence, near Tyler 
Putnam Alonzo, Massachusetts, bds. at Mrs, Eliza Putnam's 


Putnam Alonzo E., Prescott, boards 20 Pre«cott Corporation 
Putnam Augustus A. clothing and furnishing goods, 2 Ameri- 
can liouse Block, house Lawrence, near Church 
Putnam Edward, carpenter, h. Howard, sotith of Chelmsford 
Putnam Eliza, Mrs. house Centre, near Bridge, Centralville 
Putnam Francis, Hamilton, boards 2-5 Hamilton Corporation 
Putnam Francis, Hamilton, boards 38 Hamilton Corporation 
Putnam George L. machinist, house Hanover 
Putnam Henry L. blacksmith, house Howard 
Putnam Horace B. machinist, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Putnam Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house o Swamp Locks 
Putnam Perry, carpenter, house 17 North Franklin court 
Putnam Timothy T., Hamilton, house 22 Hamilton Corp. 

! Putnam William S., Lowell M. S. h. r. Howard, n, Chelmsford 

! Putney John, house Tyler 

[Putney Jonas K. watchman, liouse "West's court, Middlesex 
Putney Lyman, watchman, boards 27 Appleton Corporation 
Pyer Alfred G., Merrimac, boards 71 Mcrrimac Corporation 
Pyer Charles, Merrimac Corporation, boards 75 do. 
Pyer Charles, Merrimac, house 5 Race 
Pyer Luman'G., Merrimac, boards "to Merrimac Corporation 

QUACKENBUSH DANIEL P. carriage and sign painter, 

Middle, nearly opposite Post Office 
Quant George, carpenter, boards at J. Thome's 
Quiety Patrick, at D. R. Kimball's, house Hummer 
Quigley.Edward, house Lowell 

Quigley John, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Quigley Margaret, Mrs. house Adams 
Quill Margaret, Mrs. house Howe 

Quimby Enoch, Tremont, house 36 Tremont Corporation 
Quimby E. S, Mrs., Young Ladies' Seminary, Wentworlh's 

Block, house 17 Kirk 
Quimby James, painter, boards at George C. Morey's 
Quimby Sarah, boarding house, 38 and 40 Boott 
Quinlan Cornelius, laborer, McEvoy's Block, Suffolk 
Quinn Ann, Mrs. boarding house. Green, near Central 
Quinn {George H.) & Burton, {A. P.), hairdressers, 1 Me- 
chanics' Building, house Fayette 
Quinn James, laborer, liouse Gorham, opposite Appleton 
Quinn Neally, laborer, house rear Gorham, opp. Appleton 
Quinn George, hairdresser, boards at 3Irs. M. E,. Thomas's 
Quinn James, Middlesex, house William 
Quinn John, laborer, house Adams 
Quinn John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Quinn John, merchant tailor, 4 Williams Block, h. 7 Hurd 
Quinn Maurice, laborer, house 9 Adams Block, Adams 


Quinn Maurice, laborer, house 8 Adams Block, Adams 

Quinn Owen, laborer, house Dummer, near Lowell 

Quinn Owen, carpenter, boards Cedar, near Central 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, house Davidson 

Quinn Patrick, shoemaker, house Gorham, opposite Appleton 

Quinn Thomas, blacksmith, house Lowell, corner Worthen 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 9 Adams Block, Adams 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, house Adams 

Quint Henry A., B. & L. R. R. house Middlesex, near depot 

Quirety Patrick, laborer, house Dummer, corner Little 

Quirk John, laborer, house Dummer 

RAFFERTY JOHN, Bleachery, house Livingston 
Rafferty Patrick, Middlesex, house Green, near Central 
RafFerty Patrick, dyer, house Cedar, near Central 
Ragan Cornelius, Lowell, house Little 
Ragan Mary, widow, house Suffolk 
Railton Thomas, carpet weaver, boards at J. Taylor's 
Rail Miles, Merrimac Print Works, house Jefferson 
Rail Rose, widow, house East Merrimac 
Ramsay Mehemiah S. machinist, boards at Mrs. M. Shaw's 
Rand David C, Gas Works, house Cross, near School 
I Rand Ebenezer H. constable, office City Market, h. Mclntire 
Rand Enoch S., Boston Express, 150 Merrimac, house Moody 
Rand James H. (M. S. Webster 8; Co.), house Andover 
Rand Jeremiah, farmer, house on the plain, Centralville 
Rand Oliver P. superintendent Gas Works, h. School, c. Rock 
Rand Ruth E. Mrs. boarding house, 14 Appleton Corporation 
Rand Samuel, at Brooks & Ty^^r's. t)ds. at R. A. Underwood's 
Randlett George, Tremont, house Moody, rear J. Kidder's 
Randlett Henry A., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Randlett Mortimer B., Tremont, boards 46 Cabot 
Rankin William, at Fiske & Norcross's, house 4 Branch 
Ranlett Newell A. at E. B. Patch's, boards American House 
Ranney Orphia, house rear Dodge 
Ray Charles, at Fiske & Norcross's, house East Pine 
Ray Jesse W. stonemason, house 42 Church 
Ray John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Mrs. P. Hill's 
Ray John, machinist, boards South, near Middlesex 
Ray John T. laborer, house Adams 
Ray Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick 
Ray William H. cabinet maker, house Oak 
Raymond Cephas O. printer, Advertiser office, b. 104 Merrimac 
Raymond Daniel, hair manufacturer, 58 Merrimac, b. 100 do. 
Raymond Frank, stonecutter, boards with William Howes 
Raymond Hannah, widow, house East Merrimac 
Raynes Joseph, jewelry, 43 Central, h. Lawrence, opp. Charles 


Kea Charles W. carpenter, boards at Mrs. H. S. Parker's 

Read Betsey & Hannah, Misses, boarding, h. 17 Merr. Corp. 

Read George G. stone cutter, house Forest 

Read Jonas II., Bleachery, house Congress, near Gorham 

Read Robert, grocer. Bridge, h. Fourth, c. Read, Centralville 

Read Robert L. clerk, at Robert Read's, boards do. 

Read William W. merchant, 31 Appleton Block, h. Read, cor. 

Reader E. agent, house Oak [Fifth, Centralville 

Ready William, contractor, house Hanover, near Moody 

Reardon John, at S. Horn's, boards at L. W. Carter's 

Reardon Lawrence, gardener, house Dummer, c. Mechanic 

Reardon Patrick, laborer, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Reardon Patrick, paper maker, house Gorham 

Rearnard John, laborer, house Castles Building, Lowell 

Reche Peter, Boott, boards at Mary Parker's 

Record Elisha, teamster, house Pawtucket 

Record Hartshorn, Lawrence, boards 46 Law. Corporation 

Reddy James, Short's Building, Gorham 

Redford Thomas, hairdresser, 242 Merrimac, house do. 

Redding Timothy, Lowell M, Shop, boards at David Foss's 

Redman Ann, house 8 South Franklin court 

Reece Thomas, blacksmith, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 

Reed Andrew J, wheelwright, boards at J. Jenkins's 

ReedC. M., Tremont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 

Reed Elbridge G. trader, house Bartlett 

Reed Everett, Boott, boards at William Reed's 

Reed Frank, engraver, Merrimac Co. boards American House 

Reed George W. L. painter, house at Mrs. M. Reed's 

Reed John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards Union House 

Reed Mary, Mrs, house next stone church, Appleton 

Reed Mary C. Mrs. house Castles Block. Lowell 

Reed Ransom, grocer, 98 Central, house Tyler, corner George 

Reed Rufus, conductor, L. & L. R. R. house Gates 

Reed Samuel, Bleachery, house 24 do. 

Reed Sarah, widow, house 4 Worthen 

Reed Sarah A. Mrs. house 33 Lawrence Corporation 

Reed Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, near J efFerson 

Reed Willard B., Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Reed William, Lowell Corporation, boards 24 do. 

Reed William, machinist, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 

Reed William, overseer, Boott, house 77 Boott Corporation 

Reeves William F. contractor, boards at Washington House 

Reid Thomas, carpet weaver, at J. McDonald's, h. 11 South 

Reilley Francis, Bleachery, boards at James Reilley's 

Reilley James, Bleachery, house Central 

Reinewald Henry, wigmaker & hairdresser, 17 Middlesex h. do. 

Remick John, Lawrence, boards at Almond A. Swazey's 


Renkel Henry, color maker, house Hanover, near Moody 

Reveneus William, Lowell, house Fayette 

Reynolds Amasa N. carpenter, house 9 Walnut 

Reynolds James, laborer, house William 

Reynolds Mary, variety store and house, Howe 

Rhodes John, Middlesex, house 15 Hurd 

Rice Duane L. carpenter, boards at A. Joslin's 

Rice Edward, clerk, 22 City Market, h. Nesmith, n. E. Merr. 

Rice Eugene, clerk, boards at L. Rice's 

Rice George W. carpenter, boards 77 Central 

Rice George W., Middlesex, house 60 Church [Elm 

Rice Henry M. & J. butchers, 22 City Market, h. Gorham, opp. 

Rice Jonathan (//. M. ^J. Rice), house Elm, near Central 

Rice Lawson, boarding house, E. Merrimac, c. James's court 

Rice Mary J. Mrs. house Centre, near Central 

Rice Mary M. Mrs. house 49 Merrimac Corporation 

Rice Moses, Middlesex, house 34 Hamilton Corporation 

Rice Orin S. clerk, 134 Merrimac, boards at John Ritchie's 

Rice Walter, carpenter, boards 77 Central 

Richards James, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 

Richards John, Merrimac, house 57 Merrimac Coiporation 

Richards Leonard J. mason, house High, near Chestnut 

Richards Martin C, Boott, house River, Centralville 

Richards Nelson, carpenter, boards 77 Central 

Richards Sarah P. house Third, Centralville 

Richardson Abel, at Merrill Richardson's 

Richardson Abial G. carpenter, house 10 Merrimac Corp. 

Richardson Abijah, stone mason, house Bridge, Centralville 

Richardson Albert, Boott, boards at Andrew Lord's 

Richardson Andrew, clerk, at J. Coburn's, b. Mrs. B. Herbert's 

Richardson Asa, farmer. Fair lane, Centralville 

Richardson Benjamin, mason, boards at J. Worthley's 

Richardson Benjamin F. teamster, at O. Allen & Co's, house 

10 Middlesex, opposite Mclntire 
Richardson Charles W., Lowell M. S. house 36 S. L., Worthen 
jRichardson Charles, carpenter, house 14 LaGrange 
Richardson Cynthia, house Kelly's Block, Middlesex 
jRichardson Daniel L. grocer, Middlesex, near depot, house 

Middlesex, corner Walker 
Richardson Dolly and Deborah, house Third, Centralville 
Richardson D. S. & William A. counsellors, f)0 Central, house 

Lawrence, corner Tyler 
Richardson Elbridge G., Hamilton, house 10 Hamilton Corp. 
Richardson Ephraim, house Bridge, Centralville 
Richardson Ephraim W. tailor, house Cushing, near Willie 
Richardson George F. student at law, 55 Central 
Richardson George, Lowell M. Shop, house 35 S. L., Worthen 


Richardson Henry C, Hamilton, boards at Nancy Fogg's 
Richardson Jasper, Massachusetts, boards at N. Sabin's 
Richardson Jeremiah, mason, boards at G. W. Lewis's 
Richardson Joel, house on Plain, Centralville 
Richardson John B clerk, at H. Howard's, Prescott, house 4 

South Franklin court 
Richardson John M., Merrimac P. W. b. Merrill Richardson's 
Richardson Joseph C. barber, Middlesex, b. Colony House 
Richardson Joseph R. at L. B. Richardson's, b. 1 Aldrich's B. 
Richardson Lewis B. jeweller, 1 Aldrich's Block, Middlesex, 

house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Richardson Merrill, farmer, Centralville 
Richardson Nehemiah, carpet, house John 
Richardson Nehemiah, variety, 99 Merrimac 
Richardson Obadiah, carpenter, house Centre, Centralville 
Richardson Obadiah W., Lowell, boards at M. S. Dickerman's 
Richardson Oliver A. gumsmith, house Middle 
Richardson Samuel, farmer, at Asa Richardson's 
Richardson Sullivan, oysters, &c. 16 Merrimac, house Third, 

corner Walnut, Centralville 
Richardson Sumner, grocer, Centralville, house do. 
Richardson Thomas J. boards at H. Pulsifer's 
Richardson Thomas L. overseer, Lawrence Corp. house 47 do. 
Richardson William, Mather's carpet works, house Livingston 
Richardson William, teamster, boards at S. K. Pickering's 
Richardson William A. (D. S. ^ W. A. Richardson), counsel- 
lors, 55 Central, house Merrimac, corner Decatur 
Richmond Alanson J. batting and wadding manuf. and ins. agent, 

18 Appleton Block, house South, near West Union 
Richmond Perez O. paper and wadding manufacturer, Lawrence 

house do. opposite Charles 
Ricker Aaron D., Lowell Corporation, house 20 do. 
Ricker Alonzo W. cigar maker, boards 13 Charles 
Ricker Ebenezer, mason, house Chapel, near Merrill's court 
Ricker Frederick Wm. machinist, boards at J. Taylor's 
Ricker George, Lowell, boards 120 Middle 
Ricker John S. carpenter, boards at J. W. Johnson's 
Ricker William, sign painter. East Merrimac, near Alder 
Riddle George, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at Moses Rowell's 
Riden Margaret, Mrs. house Cedar 

Ridgeway John, Merrimac P. W. boards at Margaret Kerinal's 
Ridley Matthias, house Ford 
Rigby Eli, at Norcross's, house Nichols 
Riley Charles, carpet, boards 120 Middle 
Riley Charles, tanner, house rear Water 
Riley Daniel, tailor, house Fenwick 
Riley Hannah, widow, house Suffolk 


I Riley James, at John Russell's livery stable, h. Knowles's place 

i Riley James, laborer, house Dummer, corner Little 

1 Riley John, Merrimac Print Works, house Maiden lane 

Riley John, soap maker, house Middlesex, near Branch 

Riley John, laborer, house Maiden lane 
j Riley John, jr. Middlesex, house rear Water 
j Riley Marcella, widow, house between Merrimac and Middle 

Riley Margaret, widow, house Dummer 
! Riley Margaret, widow, house Jefferson, near Lewis 

Riley Mary, Mrs. house Knowles's place 

Riley Michael, house Winter, corner Pleasant court 
j Riley Michael, laborer, house Kidder 
i Riley Michael, Hamilton, house William, near Central 

Riley Michael, laborer, house Howe 

I Riley Peter, laborer, house alley between Merrimac & Middle 
] Riley Peter, Lowell, house Green, near George 
; Riley Thomas, laborer, house Winter 

Riley Thomas, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at A. Sippet's 
[Riley Thomas, laborer, house rear Merrimac, east of John 

Ring Dennis, laborer, house Cross lane 

Ring Dennis, laborer, house Lewis 

Ring Henry W., Middlesex, boards at B. T. Chamberlain's 
I Ring John, Prescott, house Howe 
[Ripley Thomas, Lowell, house Pine, near Queen 
; Ripley William, Tremont, house 1 Tremont Corporation 

Ripley William F., Tremont Corporation, house 26 do. 

Ritchie John, police officer, house 13 Franklin square, Adams 

Ritchie Joseph, woodwharf, Salem, boards at H. Bancroft's 
jRix Benjamin F. music teacher, boarding house, 3 Merr. Corp 

Rix Hiram, Lowell Machine Shop, house Summer, near South 

Rix James, painter, boards at David Gracey's 

Rix Susan E. Mrs. boarding house, 89 Central 
! Roach James, laborer, house Bangs's Block, Middlesex 
[Roach John, laborer, house Suffolk, near Fenwick 
[Roach Michael, sexton, house Adams 
i Roach Patrick, laborer, house Summer 
[Roach William, in saw mill, house rear Davis 
!Roark Henry. Appleton, house 2 Bay State avenue 
jRoark John, blacksmith, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Roark John, engineer, house rear Howard, near Chelmsford 

Roark Mary, Mrs. house Fenwick 

Roark Michael, house Lowell, near Lewis 

Roark Miles, Middlesex, house Middle 

! Roark Patrick, tailor, house William [ford 

i Roark Patrick, at Brooks & Tyler's, h. r. Howard, n. Chelms- 
I Robbins Benjamin F., Appleton, house 16 Appleton Corporation 
iRobbins David, mason, house High, near Andover 


Robbins Gardiner F., musician, house Gorham, near Central 
Robbins George, L. M. Shop, h, 36 Swamp Locks, "Worthen 
Robbins Horace T., Massachusetts, house 41 Mass. Corporation 
Robbins Jacob, secretary Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Com- 
pany, 4G Central, house East Merrimac, n. opp. Ash 
Robbins John D. stabler, house Race, near Merrimac 
Robbins Joseph P. livery stable, Middlesex, near depot, house 

Marshall, near Grand 
Robbins William A. clerk, 42 Merrimac, boards 89 Central 
Roberts Charles, Middlesex, house Fayette 
Roberts Charles, trader, boards at C. W. Kimball's 
Roberts Daniel, Middlesex, boards 27 Church 
Roberts Eben A., Merrimac, house 67 Merrimac Corporation 
Roberts George W. miller, house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Roberts Joshua, superintendent Boston & Lowell R. R. office 

at depot, Merrimac, boards at Merrimac House 
Roberts William, clerk, at S. N. Wood's, bds. 3 Market 
Roberts William H. shoemaker, boards 6 Church 
Roberts Wm. S., Mechanics' Mills, h. Middlesex, n. the line 
Robinson Alex. H. paymaster, Appleton. h. Lawrence, n. Tyler 
Robinson Benj. clerk, 108 Merrimac, h. E. Merr. cor. High 
Robinson Benjamin, jr. carpenter, house Favor 
Robinson Benjamin W. stoves, &c. 145 Central, and fancy 

goods, 8-5 Merrimac 
Robinson Betsey, Mrs. house r. Lawrence, n. Richmond's 
! Robinson Charles, bookbinder, h. E. Merrimac, opp Ash 
Robinson Elizabeth, Mrs. h. Merrimac, Eagle Block, n. opp. 

Robinson Frederick W. bonnets, ribbons, and millinery goods, 

50 Merrimac, house Kirk, corner Lee 
Robinson George C. clerk, 50 Merrimac, boards 13 Central 
Robinson James, Lowell Corporation, house 24 do. 
Robinson James, painter, Merrimac Corporation, h. 117 do. 
Robinson James H. house Walnut 

Robinson James W., Merrimac, b. 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Robinson Justus S. carpenter, house Rock, near Willie 
Robinson Sullivan, powder mill, house Merrill, n. Taylor 
Robinson William S. publi.sher Lowell American, 23 Appleton 

Block, house Abbott 
Robinson Wm. W., Prescott, bd5. 32 Prescott Corporation 
Roby Augustus, Merrimac, house 88 Merrimac Corporation 
Roby Charles, Locks and Canals, boards at B. B. Ferrin's 
Roby Levi, Locks and Canals, house Dummer, n. Mechanic 
Rock Edward, Middlesex, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Rockwood Sumner, boards at Roxa Lilley's 
i Roddan Charles, laborer, house Lewis 
RodlifF Ferdinand, Hamilton, house 26 Hamilton Corporation 


Roe Mary, widow, house Lewis, near Lowell 

Rogan Michael, tinsmith, boards at Mrs. Nancy Rogan's 

Rogan Michael, in Dye House, house Davis 

Rogan Nancy, Mrs. house Lowell, near Cabot 

Rogan Peter, copperplate printer, boards at Mrs. N. Rogan's 

Rogers Benjamin P. farmer, house High, near Nesmith 

Rogers Charles F. porter, boards Colony House 

Rogers David, livery stable, 136 Central, house Central, opp. 

Centre [b. 15 Hurd 

Rogers D. S. Miss, teacher of private school, Nesmith's Block, 
Rogers Eunice, widow of Amos, house 29 Charles 
Rogers (Fraw^ Z>.) & Moore {Cummmgs), grocers, Fletcher, 

corner Adams, house Adams, corner LaGrange 
Rogers Henry B. shoemaker, at M. K. Wellington's, house 

Merrimac, near Cabot 
Rogers Hugh, Middlesex, house Green, near George 
Rogers Jacob {J. F. 4f •/• Ropers), b. at J. F. Huntington's 
Rogers James, laborer, house Lowell, near Jefferson 
Rogers James M., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Rogers John F. & J. hardware. Savings Bank Block, boards 

at J. Bancroft's 
Rogers John G., Lawrence, boards 54 Lawrence Corporation 
Rogers Joseph P. farmer, house High, near Nesmith 
Rogers Philip, at P. C. Richmond's, house Lawrence, opp. 

Richmond's Mills 
Rogers Rufus, overseer, Lawrence, h. 69 Lawrence Corp. 
Rogers Thomas, laborer, house Lowell 
Rogers Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick 
Rogers William, Bleachery, boards at A. F. Saunders's 
Rogers William, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Rogers Zadock, police officer, house High, near Nesmith 
Rolf Abiel, station agent, Nashua and Lowell R. R. office 

freight depot, house Howard, near Arch 
Rolfe Henry, at Brooks & Tyler's, h. Rock, near Fletcher 
Rolfe Isaac, house Ford 
Rolfe John H, clerk, at Dr. Scribner's 

Rolfe Louisa G. Mrs. boarding, 33 Massachusetts Corporation 
Rolfe Samuel, Advertiser office, h. Cabot, corner Merrimac 
Rollins Benjamin B., Lowell M. Shop, house 55 Worthen 
Rollins David B, moulder, boards at D. B. Colby's 
Rollins Eliphalet S. watchman, Merrimac, and police officer, 

house 120 Merrimac Corporation 
Rollins George A. moulder, boards at D. B. Colby's 
Rollins Joel, teamster, house 13 South, near Winter 
Rollins John, mason, boards Union House 
Rollins John L. carpenter, boards at J. R. Melvin's 
Rollins Levi D. house 12 Walnut 


Rollins S. S., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Romney James, Boott, boards at Charles Maloy's 
Roper Edward, overseer, Middlesex, h. Bridge, Centralville 
Roper Francis, Middlesex, house 18 Warren 
Roper George W. machinist, house Willie 
Rose Caleb H. laborer, house Willie, near Cross 
Rose George, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Rose Gilbert, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Rose Maria, Mrs. dressmaker, house Kirk 
Ross Amaziah, Hamilton Print Works, b. W. Hudson's 
Ross Ozias, coffin warehouse, Market, house opp. do. 
RothwcU John, painter, house 9 Water 

Rothwell Thomas, Merrimac Corporation, house 103 do. [ville 
Roundy George C, Water Cure Establishment, Sixth, Central- 
Rourk John, Middlesex, house William, near Central 
Rourke Bridget, Mrs. house Castles Building, Lowell 
Rourke Nathaniel. Merrimac, house 4 Merrimac square 
Rourke Terrenee, Fitzpatrick's Building, Lowell 
Rowe Charles, clerk, boards at Mary Parker's 
Rowe James, Merrimac, house 176 Merrimac Corporation 
Rowe Mrs. house Lee 

Rowell L. sash and blind maker, boards at W. F. Barker's 
Rowell Moses, trader, house Middlesex, near Grand 
Rowell William, at J. B. Eaton's, boards at M. Rowell's 
Rowland William, Middlesex, house 2 Edgerly's court 
Rowley John, musician, house Willow 
Royl Charles, Boott, boards at Miss R. P. Hardy's 
Ptugg Amos, paymaster, Prescott, boards 18 Chapel 
Rugg Chester W. at B. H. Shepard's, house Bartlett 
Rugg Samuel S., Suffolk, house Moody, corner Race 
Ruggles Calvin P. at P. 0. Richmond's, house 10 Chapel 
Ruggles Edwin, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Rumney Isaac, machinist, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Runals {Robert K.) & Co. {J. W. Colby), W. I. goods, Merri- 
mac, corner Race, house Merrimac, corner Cabot 
Rundlet M., Tremont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 
Runnels Robert, house Moody, corner Merrimac 
Runnels Thomas, laborer, house rear Gorhara 
Rushworth Benjamin, Middlesex, house Ames 
Rushworth John, Middlesex, house rear La^vrence, near North 
Russ Andrew J. proprietor R. R. Exchange, Middlesex 
Russ Charles B. grocer, East Merrimac, corner Howe, boards 

at City Hotel 
Russ Isaac G. at R. R. Exchange, boards do. 
Russ John, proprietor City Hotel, East Merrimac 
Russ Nathan, at Prentiss's stable, boards at City Hotel 
Russell Albert J. 6 Central, boards 56 Church 


Russell Catharine, Mrs. house 40 Summer 
Russell Electa L. dressmaker, East Merriraac, near the canal 
Russell Frances A. Mrs. dressmaker, h, Middlesex, opp. Apple- 
Russell Hannah, Mrs. boarding, 29 Lawrence Corporation [ton 
Russell Hiram, house 19 Church 

Russell James, Appleton Corporation, house 6 do. [Andover 
Russell James S. teacher High School, house Nesmith, near 
Russell James W., Middlesex, house Andover 
Russell Joe, machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, b. Union House 
Russell John, peddler, house 1 Worthen 
Russell John W. stone cutter, boards Summer, c. South 
Russell Joseph J. machinist, house Middlesex, opp. Appleton 
Russell Joseph L. printer, 27 Central, house rear of Elm 
Russell Josiah, mason, house Cottage 
Russell Leonard M., Middlesex, boards 19 "Warren 
Russell Marie L. millinery, 105 Merrimac, b. at Josiah Russell's 
Russell Rufus, carpenter and bellhanger. Middle, house An- 
dover, opposite Clay 
Russell Sidney S. & Co., (C. K. Russell), West India goods, 

Merrimac, corner Suffolk, house 7 Dodge 
Russell Cyrus K. {S. S. Russell ^ Co.), h. Suffolk, n. Merr. 
Rutherford Thomas, laborer, house Water 
Ruthven Frederick, sash and blind maker, b. at Mrs. S. Jaques's 
Ruyter John, watchman, boards 27 Appleton Corporation 
Ruyter Frederick, watchman, boards 27 Appleton Corporation 
Ryan Barney, Hamilton, house North 
Ryan John, laborer, house Adams, near Salem 
Ryan John, Lowell, boards at Bridget Connell's 
Ryan John, Gorhara street, Bakery Shop 
Ryan Julia, Mrs. house 48 Church 

Ryan Margaret, Mrs. seamstress, Short's Block, Jefferson 
Ryan Mary, widow, house Lewis, near Lowell 
Ryan Matthew, grocer, Suffolk 
Ryan Patrick, grocer, house Lowell 
Ryan Patrick, laborer, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Ryan Philip, Lawrence, house Adams, near Lowell 
Ryan Thomas, laborer, house Cross lane 
Ryan Thomas, tin plate worker, house Merrimac, c. Hanover 
Ryan Thomas, boarding house. Summer, near Gorhara 
Ryerson Jane, Mrs. house Spring, near Pearl 

SABEN JOSIAH, grocer, Central, Chapel Hill, house Central, 

corner Cady 
Sabens Charles A. stabler (B.), house 24 Charles 
Sabins Nathaniel, Massachusetts, house 53 Mass. Corporation 
Sackeld James, machinist, boards 117 Middlesex 
Sadler John, Hamilton, house Gorham 



Sage Thomas, Suffolk, boards 16 Suffolk Corporation 
Salisbury Henry, agent, house Fayette, corner Chestnut 
Sails Harriot M. Mrs. boarding, h.'l3 Middlesex, opp.McIntire 
Salmon Francis S., Lowell, house Tyler 

Salmon William F. paymaster, Lowell Manufacturing Com- 
pany, boards at F. S. Salmon's 
Salter John, house 43 Tremont 
Sampson Nancy, Mrs. house Pawtucket 

Sanborn Albert J., Merrimac, house 174 Merriraac Corporation 
Sanborn Ambrose H. machinist, house "Water 
Sanborn Amos, watches, jewelry, and plate, and manufacturer of 

silver ware, 25 Central, c. Middle, h. High, n. E. Men. 
Sanborn Benjamin F. machinist, boards 7 Market 
Sanborn Ebenezer G. foundry, house Marshall, near Grand 
Sanborn Edward, Massachusetts, 4 Mass. Corporation 
Sanborn Edward F. watchman, Hamilton and Appleton, and 
police officer, boarding house, 20 Hamilton Corporation 
Sanborn Edwin, Merrimac, house 41 Merrimac Corporation 
Sanborn E, A. overseer, Massachusetts Corporation, h. 25 do. 
Sanborn E. K. physician, 162 Merrimac 

Sanborn George F., Lawrence, boards 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Sanborn George W. city Avatchman, house 2 Carpet lane 
Sanborn Heniy, foundry, Jackson, house Middlesex, c. Carlton 
Sanborn Jacob, house Appleton, corner Garnet 
Sanborn John, whitewasher, house Suffolk, near Merrimac 
Sanborn Lyman J. carpenter, b. at Mrs. H. Ingalls's, John 
Sanborn Page, shoemaker, house Methuen road, Centralville 
Sanborn Reuben P., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 11 Swamp Locks 
Sanborn Seth J., Lowell M. Shop, h. Appleton, cor. Garnet 
Sanborn Stephen C, Hamilton, h. 18 Hamilton Corporation 
Sanborn Theodore, mason, house Austin, corner Moody 
Sanborn True B. carpenter, house Cushing 
Sanborn William F. mason, house Clay, near Oak 
Sands David, laborer, house Adams 

Sands James, overseer, Appleton, h. 9 Appleton Corporation 
Sands James, Merrimac, house Lowell, near Lewis 
Sanford Lewis P. boards at Mrs. M. A. Sanford's 
Sanford Maria A. Mrs. house Tyler, near George 
Santry Arthur, laborer, house Low^ell, corner Fenwick 
Santry James, laborer, h cuse Fenwick, corner Lowell 
Sargeant Benjamin C. {Watso7i S; S.), house 9 Church 
Sargeant Samuel D. paymaster, Middlesex, b. at B. Walker's 
Sargent Albert, bedstead maker, boards at A. Jackson's 
Sargent Albert P. cabinetmaker, boards 13 Charles 
Sargent Abraham W. clerk, at J. Pearson's, b. 77 Central 
Sargent Asa, carpenter, h. Tremont, Centralville [Bowers 

Sargent Charles G. {Marvel, Sargeiit, 4- Co.), house School, c. 


Sargent Curtis B., Boston & L. R. R. house 4 Middle 
Sargent Daniel M. reedmaker, boards at L. Whitcher's 
Sargent {Eben D.) & Wiggin (A.), fish, 23 City Market, house 

16 Chapel 
Sargent Ebenezer, at Crosby & Comin's, house Everett 
Sargent Elhanan \V., Boott Corporation, house 18 do. 
Sargent E. M., Boston Express office, Boston & Lowell depot, 

h. Andover, near High 
Sargent Francis, tanner, boards at J. Greenleaf's 
Sargent Frederick, at Sargent's Express office, boards at E. M 

Sargent Fred. W. {Burbank, Chase &; Co.), house Oliver 
Sargent Henry A. tailor, at Burbank & Chase's, h. Varnum 

Centralville [at Mrs. J. McKenzie's 

Sargent Henry "W. harnessmaker, at J. A. Brabrook's, boards 
Sargent Isaac, Merrimac, house 149 Merrimac Corporation 
Sargent John, cabinetmaker, boards Union House 
Sargent John, Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. Brigham's 
Sargent John C, Appleton, boards at "W. H. Turner's 
Sargent Levi, teamster, house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Sargent Mason, teamster, boards at C. Peirce's 
Sargent Naomi, Mrs. house Oliver, near School 
Sargent Phineas L. machinist, Lawrence, bds. 11 Austin 
Sargent Reuben, farmer, house Tremont, Centralville 
Sargent Samuel N. tanner, boards at J. Greenleaf's 
Sargent Stephen P., Tremont, house 39 Tremont Corporation 
Sargent Sylvester H. house South, corner West Union 
Sargent Wm. H. harnessmaker, boards Union House 
Saunders Alfred S., Merrimac, house Fourth, Centralville 
Saunders Artemas F., Middlesex, house Cedar 
Saunders Benjamin, Tremont, house 20 Tremont Corporation 
Saunders Caleb, laborer, house 40 Appleton 
Saunders Edward, laborer, house Suffolk 
Saunders Edwin, watchman, Bleachery, bds. at G. Parker's 
Saunders Joel, at L. S. Cheney's, house School 
Saunders John C. cigarmaker, b. Farmers and Mechanics' Ho. 
Saunders Mary A. Mrs, house 2 Worthen 
Saunders Thomas S. boots, shoes, &c. 26 Central, house do. 
Saunders Thomas, at S. Moore's, house Pine, corner School 
Saunders Wm. S. fruit and variety, 5 Merrimac, house do. 
Savage Daniel, Lowell M. S., bds. 74 Swamp L., Mechanic 
Savage E., Merrimac, boards at William Sutcliffs 
Savage Robert, blacksmith, house 1 Middlesex place 
Savage Simeon, contractor, Lowell M. Shop, b. at M. Bragg's 
Savory Charles A. physician, Kirk, nearly opp. Paige, 
Sawtell Calvin, machinist, b. 10 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Sawtell George F. overseer, Boott, h. 17 Boott Corporation 


Sawtell Henry I., Lowell M. S. house 38 Swamp L., Worthen 

Sawtell John'N. house 37 Hamilton Corporation 

Sawtell Josiah, carpenter, School, house do. 

Sawtell Jobiah A. engineer, house near School 

Sawtell Mortimer G. engineer, house School, n. Middlesex 

Sawtell Sextus, pianist, boards at J. Sawtell's 

Sawtell AVilliam H. overseer, Suffolk, house 10 Cabot Block 

Sawyer Aaron, painter, boards at John P. Sawyer's 

Sawyer Abram, house Snell's Block, Moody 

Sawyer Barnard, carpenter, house 133 Central 

Sawyer Dorotha, Mrs. boarding, 54 Boott Corporation 

Sawyer John A. painter, boards at John P. Sawyer's 

Sawyer John P. carpenter, house Tenth, Centralville 

Sawyer Mitchell, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Sawyer Silas W., Lawrence Corporation, house 34 do. 

Sawyer Warren A. gunsmith, boards 32 Central 

Saxton Mary, Mrs. house 4 Suffolk court 

Sayles Nancy, Mrs. boarding house, 115 Merrlmac Corporation 

Scadding Aaron, at Day & Conrers's, h. Lawrence, opposite 

Warn es it 
Scafe George, laborer, house Kirk avenue 
Scale Lucius, mason, boards Union House 
Scales Aaron, Boott Corporation, house 9 do. 
Scales Francis R. foundry, house 2 Coward's Block 
Scales Isaac, boards at John Scales's 
Scales John, laborer, house Lowell 
Scales Royal, Merrimac, boards at H. P. "Wilson's 
Scales S. A. foundry, house rear Howard, near Chelmsford 
Scanlan Maurice, laborer, house Adams 
Schnabel P. F. house 106 Merrimac Corporation 
Schofield Samuel, machinist, house 11 N. Franklin court 

Schovell , house Willow 

Schultz William, Lowell, boards 27 Church. 

Scobey Jane D. Mrs. house Merrimac, near Cabot 

Scolfield Thomas, laborer, house r. Lawrence, near North 

Scolley Betsey, widow, Gorham, opposite Church 

Scolley William, house Fenwick, near Suffolk 

Scotchburn Robert G. ropemaker, boards at T. Scotchburn's 

Scotchburn Thomas, ropemaker, house Central, c. Chapel 

Scott Alfred, boarding stable, Middlesex, near depot, house 

Howard, near Middlesex 
Scott Elhanan W. pattern maker, Middle, house 86 Central 
Scott George C. silversmith, at A. Sanborn's, b, 174 Merrimac 
Scott James, shoemaker, house Keene 
Scott Rufus P., Lowell M. Shop, boards 10 Swamp Locks 
Scott Thomas, laborer, house Keene 
Scott Thomas, Middlesex, house Pleasant, near Andover 


Scott William, LoAvell Machine Shop, house Button 
Scribner Amos P. (/. C. Lunt &^ Co.), boards at J, C. Lunt's 
Scribner Isaac W. physician and apothecary, Merrimac, corner 

Hanover, boards at Merrimac House 
Scribner Louisa, Mrs. boarding house, 6 Lawrence Corporation 
Scripture Andrew J. butcher, boards 41 Appleton 
Scripture Isaac, Mrs. house Central, corner Centre 
Scripture Isaac F. baker. Central, Chapel Hill, h. do. c. Centre 
Seabring Mary A. Mrs. nurse, boards at J. V. Atkinson's 
Searl Edwin T. job wagon, house r. Central, opp. school house 
Searl John H. (Colburn &; S.J, house 11 Waluut 
Searle Charles J. house 2 Garnet 
Searle Frederick A. teamster, house Howard 
Searle John P. shoemaker, house 2 Garnet 
Searles Edwin, shoemaker, at Joshua Hovey's, b. I. F. Stowe's 
Sears Mary, house Suifolk 

Sears Mary, widow, house 8 Adams's Block, Adams 
Seaver Charles, saw filer, 15 Cabot, house do. 
Seaver Alanson, carpenter, house Adams 
Seaver Daniel, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation* 
Seaver George L. at J. F. & J. Rogers's 

Seaver John, coach driver, boards Farmers & Mechanics' Hotel 
Seaver Lewis H., Merrimac, house 40 Merrimac Corporation 
Seaver Mary A. house Moody, near Austin 
Seaver Thomas, Suffolk Corporation, house 17 do. [Howard 
Seaver William, Boston & Lowell Railroad, h. Middlesex, cor. 
Seaver Wm. jr. at Fiske & Norcross's, house 14 Middlesex, 

near Branch 
Seavey Hiram, Middlesex, boards at B. H. Morse's 
Seavey Stephen S. merchant, boards at Merrimac House 
Segar Stillman, Middlesex, boards at Jennette Gordon's 
Semple Parlin, Prescott, house 21 Massachusetts Corporation 
Sevey Alden, Lawrence, house Moody, corner Cabot 
Sewall Margaret, Mrs. house Merrimac, nearly opp. Suffolk 
Sewall Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house Water 
Seward Charles B., Prescott, house 57 Massachusetts Corp. 
Seward George H., Bleachery, house Abbott 
Sexton Edmund, house Centre, Centralville 
Sexton Jeremiah, laborer, house Fenwick 
Shackford Geo. S. clerk, at B. T. Hardy's, b. 76 Boott Corp. 
Shackford John L. boards at John Whitney's 
Shall John, laborer, house Merrimac, nearly opposite Suffolk, 

(Eagle Block) 
Shandley James, brewer, house Gorham, opposite the church 
Shandley John, laborer, house Adams 
Shandley John, Middlesex, boards with William Hughes 
Shandley John, jr. laborer, boards at James Shandley's 


Jshandley Michael, Merrimac P. W. house Castles Block 
, Shanlcy rotor, Lowell, house 2 Reed's court 
Shanahun Mary, Mrs. house Adams 
Shapleigh Samuel C. auctioneer and commission merchant, 3, 
I 4 and o Commercial square, house 10 Kirk, opp. Paige 

Shapleigh William T. clerk, at S. C. Shaplcigh's, boards do. 
Shaikey Thomas, laborer, house 7 Carpet lane 
•Sharpies Elizabeth, Mrs. house 19 Moody 
jShattuck Charles, Lowell, house Hampshire, Centralville 
Shattuck Edward II. cigarmaker, at G. D. Fowler's, b. 6 Hard 
Shattuck George, agent, house Pleasant 
Shattuck George W. teacher, house Salem, near Hospital 
Shattuck Horace B. {Burbcmk, Chase § Co.), house Marion, 

corner LaGrange 
Shattuck Sewall, mei-chant tailor, 5 Williams Block, h. Favor 
Shaughnessey William, Merrimac Corporation, house Market 
Shaw Adrian, machinist, house rear Lawrence, near North 
Shaw Edwin, machinist, house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Shaw Francis, foundry, house Smith 
Shaw Henry, house 8 Middlesex place 
Shaw Jacob N. foundry, house Smith 
Shaw James AV. B. clerk, 44 Merrimac, boards 9 Central 
Shaw John, laborer, house Eagle Block, Merrimac 
Shaw Lorenzo L. overseer, Mass. house 37 Prescott Corp. 
Shaw Mary, boarding house, 10 East Merrimac 
Shaw Richard P. teamster, house 2 Charles 
Shaw Sally, Mrs. boarding house, 6 Lowell Corporation 
Shaw Thomas S., Lowell^M. Shop, house .39 Swamp Locks 
Shaw William, Hamilton, house rear Charles, n. Lawrence 
Shay Daniel, laborer, house Adams 
Shay Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 
:Shay Jeremiah, laborer, house Lowell, near Dummer 
Shay John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Shay Patrick, laborer, house Fenwick 
Shea Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick 
Shea Francis, laborer, house rear Winter 
Shea Jeremiah, brakeman, Stony Brook R. R. house Cross, 

corner Suffolk 
Shea Jeremiah, house on the Plain, Centralville 
Shea John, laborer, house Fenwick 
Shea John, Hamilton, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Shea Peter, blacksmith, house Keene 
Shed Charles N. laborer, boards at L, Wood's 
Shed Edwin L. city marshal and constable, office City Market, 

boards American House 
Shedd George W. at 0. M. Whipple's, h. Lawrence, n. Abbott 
Shed Hosley, boards at A. Fisk's 


Shed James F. clerk, boards at J. Shed's 

Shed John, meat, 12 City Market, house Alder, near Bartlett 

Shed Josiah B. clerk, Hamilton C. Room, boards at Z. Shed's 

Shed Mary, widow, house Fletcher, corner LaGrange 

Shed Mary, widow, house Lowell, corner Suffolk 

Shed Varnura A. overseer, Lawrence, house 57 Lawrence Corp. 

Sked William G. shoemaker, boards at J. Shed's 

Shed Zaccheus, coroner and constable, 3 Canal Block, house 

Gorham, near Summer 
Sheehan Edward, laborer, house Fenwick 
Sheehan James, laborer, house Knowles's place 
Sheehan Margaret, widow, house Suffolk 

Sheldon Abial W., Lawrence, house 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Sheldon Charles, IBoott, boards at Parker Winn's 
Sheldon John, plumber, house on Plain, Centralville 
Sheldon Xancy, widow of Ezra, house Howard 
I Shepard Allen, Lawrence, house 11 Lawrence Corporation 
! Shepard Alonzo, mason, boards at Edwin Manley's 
I Shepard Benjamin, Hamilton, bds. at Abby M. Slade's 
Shepard Benjamin H. umbrellas, &c. 77 Merrimac, house 

Gorham, near Cedar 
Shepard John, Merrimac P. Works, h. 90 Merrimac Corp. 
Shepard Noah, at W. T. Whitten & Go's, h. Chestnut, c. High 
Shepard Oramel, painter, boards at Ardelia Hadley's 
Shepard Richard, teamster, boards 6 Warren 
Shepherd Jacob, blncksmith, L. & L. R. R. h. Prospect 
Shepherd Joseph, Middlesex, boards at R. Shepherd's 
Shepherd Nancy, Mrs. boarding house, 140 Merrimac Corp. 
Shepherd Robert, house 3 Water [Wood's 

Shepherd Thomas, clerk, at Wood & Noyes's, boards at G. W. 
Shepherd William, at J. B. Eaton's, h. Perrin, near School 
i Sheppard Edwin, proprietor Park Garden, Chestnut, corner 
I Nesmith, house Andover, nearly opposite Clay 

' Shepperd John, at StoU's, house Howe 
: Sherburne Andrew J., Tremont, boards 6 Race 
Sherburne A. J., Tremont, boards 13 Tremont Corporation 
; Sheridan Edward, blaeksmath, house Adams 
j Sheridan Robert, laborer, house o McCarry's court 
j Sherlock Edward, harnessmaker, house Cross, corner Suffolk 
Sherlock John, carpenter, house Cross 
Sherlock Mary, widow, house Cross 
Sherlock Patrick, laborer, house Cross 
Sherman Aaron H. overseer, Lowell, house Carney 
Sherman Calvin G., Lowell, boards at A. H. Sherman's 
Sherman Charles, machinist, boards 120 Middle 
Sherman Charles A. clerk, Appleton Bank, b. at M. Parkhurst's 
Sherman Charles H., Lowell, boards at A. H. Sherman's 


, Sherman Edward, Suffolk Corporation, house 20 do. 

I Sherman Edward F. counsellor, Wentworth's Block, h. Fifth, 

I Sherman Thomas, stovefinisher, boards 95 Central 
I Sherman Wm. F. overseer, Middlesex, h. Clay, corner Oak 
Sherman "Wm. W. paymaster, Lowell M. Shop, h. 3 Button 
I Sherry James, Merrimac, house Lowell, corner Suffolk 
j Sherwin Alden, Rev. house 2 Willow place 
: Sherwin Charles, Suffolk, house Cabot, corner Moody 
: Sherwood Ludbee, Lowell, house Abbott 
Shcvlin Peter, fireman, house Middlesex, opp. Steam Mills 
I Shields Joseph, shoemaker, boards at M. Quinn's 
I Shields Michael, Merrimac, house Hanover, n. Merrimac 
1 Shipley Frederic K. bootmaker, 34 Central, boards 32 do. 
I Shipley George, Appleton, house Kirk avenue 
I Shipley Samuel D. carpenter, boards at A. Foss's 
I Shipley Thomas, Merrimac P. Works, boards at E. Adams's 
Shirley Charles, jobwagon, house School, near Middlesex 
Shirley John, Merrimac, house 146 Merrimac Corporation 
: Shirley Samuel, painter, house South, near Middlesex 
Shirley Samuel H. printer. Courier office, boards South 
Shirley Sarah, Mrs. boarding, house South, near Middlesex 
Shirley Silas G., Merrimac, boards at H. P. Wilson's 
Sholes Charles H. {Bouncy ^ S.), boards at H, D. Fisk's 
Shores Lyman L., Bleachery, house 20 do. 

j Shorey John, cabinetmaker, 4 Middle, bds. at R Bachelder's 
: Shorey Oliver C. cabinetmaker, boards at M. R. Bachelder's 
Shorey Xathan, at Fiske & Norcross's, house School, near 

Short Catherine, house Gorham, Short's Building 
j Short Charles N. house Lewis, near Jefferson 
; Short Edward, Bleachery, house rear Hale's Mills 
I Short James, at J. Siner's, boards at Foster Brown's 
i Short Josiah E. conductor Boston c<: L. R. R. house Grand 
Short J. Emerson, jr. clerk, at Nashua freight depot, boards 
j at J. E. Short's 

j Short William, hostler, at J. Hadley's, h. Worthen, c. Lo-well 
Shorter James S. hairdresser, Merrimac House, house River, 

Shurtliff Amasa, teamster, boards atWm. McFarlin's 
Shute Alonzo, house Lawrence, corner Richmond 
Shute Michael, carpenter, h. Lawrence, corner Richmond 
Sias Oilman, Lowell Corporation, boards 6 do. 
Sikes Richard M. boards at Mrs. Hannah Ingalls's 
Silver Amos, Lowell M. S boards 5 Appleton Corporation 
Silver Elvira, Mrs. boarding house, o Massachusetts Corp. 
Silver Frederick A., Boston & L. R. R.b. at Mrs. E. Silver's 


Silver Harvey, machinist, h. Thorndike, corner Appleton 
Silver James B. cabinetmaker, at A. Hull's, b. 5 Mass. Corp. 
Silver Sullivan, teamster, h. 13 Middlesex, opp. Mclnlire's 
Silver (TFm. R.), Howe (Lambert), & Mead {Geo. G.), painters 

and paper hangers, 131 Central, h. Crosby's court 
Silvester Albert H. daguerrean artist, 50 Merrimac, boards 9 

Simmons Tristram, Merrimac, b. 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Simonds Arad, house Salem, opposite Willie 
Simonds Calvin, stonecutter, house Dearborn's court 
Simonds George S. laborer, house Chestnut, corner Willow 
Simonds George W. clerk, at A. Wheeler's, b. A. Simonds's 
Simonds Heman, mariner, boards at Mrs. S. Smith's 
Simonds Joseph, Lawrence, house 62 Lawrence Corporation 
Simonds Samuel B. bookbinder, 6 Merrimac. h. Bartlett 
Simonds William C, Lawrence, house 44 Lawrence Corp. 
Simpkins William, Middlesex, house 52 Church 
Simpson Andrew J. daguerreotypist, Wyman's Exchange, h. 

East Merrimac, corner Willow [ville 

Simpson Francis I. hairdresser, 60 Central, h. Centre, Central- 
Simpson John, machinist. Button, h. Charles, n. Lawrence 
Simpson Joseph L. m.achinist, h. Chelmsford, n. Liberty 
Simpson Lucinda, Mrs. boarding, 30 Massachusetts Corp. 
Simpson Samuel A., Massachusetts, h. 26 Prescott Corp. 
Simpson Sarah, Mrs. house Charles, near Lawrence 
Simpson Thomas, house Liberty, corner Chelmsford 
Simpson Yrasnow, boards at John A. Stearns's 
Sinclair Daniel H. house Gorham, near Summer 
Siner James, carpet manufacturer, Whipple's Mills, house 

Central, near Walnut 
Siner AYilliam, carpetweaver, house Prospect 
Sippet Albert, mariner, house Donohoe's Block, Suffolk 
Sisson Alexander, apothecary, 79 Central, house Gorham 
Sisson Alex. G. clerk, 79 Central, house Gorham [North 

Sisson Rodolphus W. apothecary, 79 Central, h. Lawrence, n. 
Skelton Benjamin, physician, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Skillings David G. carriagcniaker, house Fifth, Centralville 
Skinner Abner, Middlesex, boarding house, 14 Central 
Skinner Benjamin, shoemaker, house Clark, corner Willie 
Skinner David, tailor, house Clark, corner Willie 
Skinner Smith, Middlesex, house 5 Market 
Slack Betsey, Mrs. boarding house, 9 Lawrence Corporation 
Slade Abby M. boarding, 4 Boott Corporation 
Slade John, laborer, house Water 
Slade Michael, house rear Winter 
Sladin Mary, widow, house 9 Water 
Slager Daniel, machinist, boards 1 South 


Slater Alexander, coppersmith, at D, Dana's, b. Union House 

Slattery John, shoemaker, Charles, house Gorham, n. Charles 

Slattery Patrick, Bleachery, house Gorham 

Slavin Catherine, widow, house 13 Trull's Block 

Sleeper Hiram, machinist, house Middlesex, corner Garnet 

Sleeper John, stage driver, house Centralville Yard 

Sleeper Margaret, Mrs. house 31 Church 

Sleeper Nalhan S. carpenter, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Slocum John P., Merrimac, house 96 Merrimac Corporation 

Slocum Samuel, Boott, boards at E. Winchester's 

Slowey Caroline, widow, house Castles 

Small Charles G. coachman, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 

Small Paul D., Middlesex, boards 2 Green 

Smart Mary J. Mrs. house Union, cor. Chapel 

Smiddy Margaret, house Fenwick 

Smiley John, at Marvel, Sargent & Co's, boards 3 Market 

Smith Aaron, blacksmith, house Middlesex, n. Allen's Mills 

Smith Alexander, dyer, house McEv" ' .lock, Suffolk 

Smith Alonzo N. book agent, boards u Church 

Smith Amasa, house Centre, Centralville 

Smith Andrew, Hamilton Print Works, house 12 Cady 

Smith Andrew M. botanic physician, 82 Central 

Smith Aurelia N. Mrs. boarding house, 23 Appleton Corp. 

Sraith Austin S., Massachusetts, boards at Mrs. S. L. Smith's 

Smith Barnard, grocer, house Lowell 

Smith Benjamin, house "Winter 

Smith Betsey, Mrs. house Appleton, corner Gorham 

Smith Bridget, Mrs. house Howe 

Smith Caroline A. Mrs. house Merrimac, near Hanover 

Smith Charles, Appleton, boards 1 Pearl 

Smith Charles, machinist, boards Union, near Central 

Smith Charles, overseer, Tremont, house Race 

Smith Charles W., Mass. boards at Mrs. Lucinda Simpson's 

Smith Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 7 Market 

Smith Clarissa T. Mrs. boarding, house 174 Merrimac 

Smith Cochran, Boott, boards at Phineas Jones's 

Smith Daniel, Lowell, house rear Lawrence, near North 

Smith Daniel E., Mechanics' Mills, boards at B. Hubbard's 

Smith Dorcas, Mrs. house 2 High 

Smith Dudley H. house 59 Merrimac Corporation 

Smith Edward, Merrimac P. W. house Centre, Centralville 

Smith Elbridge, boards at Mrs. D. Smith's 

Smith Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding, 16 Hamilton Corporation 

Smith Francis, shoemaker, Paige, near John, b. at R. G. Bell's 

Smith Francis, carpenter, house Cross, corner Marion 

Smith Frederic S., Lawrence, boards 4-5 Lawrence Corporation 

Smith George, carpenter, boards at L. J. Gilbert's 


Smith George (J. ^ G. Smith), boards at John Smith's 
Smith (George C.) 8c Meadowcroft (/J, screwbolt manufac- 
tory, Whipple's Mills, house Floyd 
Smith George H., Middlesex, house 10 Water 
Smith George H., Steam Mills, boards at Miss N. A. Smith's 
Smith George W. at Aldrich, Tyng & Go's, house Summer, 

near Gorham 
Smith George W., Lowell Machine S. boards at R. Tarbell's 
Smith George W. jr. machinist, boards at G. W. Smith's 
Smith Henry & Co. (TF. F. White), country produce, Market, h. 

Moody, corner Hanover 
Smith Henry, Repair Shop, house Howard, near Miildlesex 
Smith H. B. & Co. {Michael Comstock and Charles A. Durgin), 

machinists, Fletcher, n. Button, b. Howard House 
Smith Henry H. machinist, at Aldrich, Tyng & Co's, boards at 

G. W. Smith's 
Smith Henry H. grocer, 54 Church, boards at Hosea Smith's 
Smith Hosea, boarding house, George, opposite William 
Smith Isaac, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 19 Swamp Locks 
Smith Isabella, Mrs. widow, house Button 
Smith Jacob, Lawrence Corporation, boards 46 Cabot 
Smith James, carpenter, house 8 Cady 
Smith James, at Stott's, house Everett 

Smith , physician, boards at R. G. Bell's 

Smith James, laborer, house Cummiskey's Block, Lowell 

Smith James, Merrimac, house 101 Merrimac Corporation 

Smith James C. baker, house Pawtucket, corner Salem 

Smith James Wheaton, Rev. boards Fletcher, corner Varney 

Smith Jerome, at Counting Room of Freight Depot 

Smith Jesse, Prescott, boards at B. Bryant's 

Smith John, laborer, house Gorham, near Appleton 

Smith John, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Smith John, stone mason, house Kirk avenue 

Smith John, laborer, house Central, corner Tyler 

Smith John, stone mason, house Keene 

Smith John, laborer, Fenwick, near the church 

Smith John, cutler, 22 Central, house do. 

Smith John, hairdresser, at J. L. Harran's 

Smith John, carpenter, house Butterfield, near Fletcher 

Smith John, soap boiler, Middlesex, house do. above Walker 

Smith John & George, dry goods, 294 Merrimac, house Lowell, 

corner Cabot 
Smith John C, Merrimac, house 83 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith John C, Boott, boards at Miss R. P. Hardy's 
Smith John F. painter, 17 Market, boards 120 Middle 
Smith John R. bootmaker, 112 Central, house at Tewksbury 
Smith John W., Merrimac, house 26 Merrimac Corporation 


Smith Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 19 Swamp Locks 

Smith Joseph C. carpenter, boards at L. J. Gilbert's 

Smith Joseph V. moulder, boards 77 Central 

Smith Josiah L. soap dealer, house School, near Liberty 

Smith Justus S. blacksmith, house Race 

Smith Kilbourn, musician, Wentworth's Building, h. Union, 

near Gorham 
Smith Levi, house 3 Merrimac square 
Smith Luther, house Middlesex, near marble works 
Smith Luther M., Prescott, house 63 Massachusetts Corp. 
Smith Manuel B. carpenter, house Marshall, corner Mclntire 
Smith Maria, widow, house Wall 

Smith Mary M. widow, house Treraont, near Merrimac 
Smith Matilda C. tailoress, house Adams, corner Salem 
Smith Michael C, Bleachery 

Smith Nancy A. boarding, house Appleton, opposite Garnet 
Smith Nathaniel, machinist, boards at Mrs. M. Shaw's 
Smith Owen, laborer, house Middle 
Smith Owen, laborer, house Howe 

Smith 0. Pomroy, clerk, 50 Central, boards 38 Boott Corp. 
Smith Patrick, Merrimac Print Works, house Dummer 
Smith Pelatiah, at G. L. Pollard's, boards Mrs. Mary Parker's 
Smith Philander, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Smith Philip A. shoemaker, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Smith Philip, Lowell Machine S. boards 60 S, L., Worthen 
Smith Richard, variety store, 198 Merrimac, house do. 
Smith Richard, Massachusetts, boards 1 Pearl 
Smith (Robert W.) & Puffer {James F.), furniture and feathers, 
stoves and crockery ware, Gorham, corner Middlesex, 
boards 14 Hamilton Corporation 
Smith Salome, Mrs. widow, house East Pine 
Smith Samuel, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Smith Samuel C. fruit, &c. 5.^ Canal Block, b. Nancy A. Smith's 
Smith Sarah L. widow, house High street square 
Smith Stephen B. carpenter, house Willie, near Salem 
Smith Stephen T., Lowell M. Shop, house 19 Swamp Locks 
Smith Theophilus, machinist, house 29 Franklin sq. Suffolk 
Smith Thomas, Merrimac, house Dummer 
Smith Thomas, Hamilton, boards at F. Hayden's 
Smith Thomas B., Middlesex, house 19 Warren 
Smith Thomas D. & Patterson, copper roller engraver, Hamil- 
ton, house LaGrange, corner Suffolk 
Smith Warren F. boarding house, Merrimac, near Hanover 
Smith Wm. counsellor, 1 Welles's Block, h. Third, Centralville 
Smith William B. house Middlesex, opposite Carlton 
Smith William M. superintendent of streets and police oiRcer, 
house 60 Middlesex 


Smith William W., Lowell, boards at Hosea Smith's 
Smothers Jonathan, Merriraac Print Works, h. 64 Merr. Corp. 
Snell Alden, Massachusetts, boards 6 Prescott Corporation 
Snell Everett, shoemaker, 34 Central, h. Ninth, Centralville 
Snell George W., Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Sneli Libbeus B. boarding house, 59 Mass. Corporation 
Snell Orlando, carpenter, 9 Prescott, h. Willow, n. E. Merr. 
Snell William, carpenter, house Smith, near Branch 
Snow Benjamin, house rear Gorham, near Thornkike 
Snow Harvey, machinist, 20 Market, h. Gorham, c. Auburn 
Snow S. farmer, house Merrill's court 
Snow AVilliam H,, Lawrence, house 2 Dodge 
Soils Fred, morocco manufacturer, Ayer's New City, h. do. 
Somers John, painter, boards at Wm. Sweetser's, Pearl 
Somes Wm. E. baker, at G. L. Pollard's, h. Paige, n. Bridge 
Soule George H., Middlesex, boards 21 Prescott Corporation 
Southwick David, Treinont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 
Southwick Franklin, machinist, boards 30 Tremont Corp. 
Southwick John R., Tremont, house 32 Tremont Corporation 
Southwick Royal, agent Wilton Manufacturing Co. house 

Salem, corner Whiting 
Southworth William S. agent Lawrence Corporation, house 

Merrimac, near Hospital 
Spalding Addison, toll h. Central bridge, h. Bridge, Centralv'e 
Spaulding Alpheus, jr. fruit and vegetables, 17 and 18 City 

Market', house Willow, near East Merrimac 
Spalding AmasaM., B. & L. R. R. house Howard, near Hale 
Spalding Charles H. clerk, 30 Merrimac, b. C. W. Spalding's 
Spalding Charles W. carpenter, house Merrimac, opp. Colburn 
Spalding Fitzhenry, clerk, at App. C. R. b. Haskell Spalding's 
Spalding F. shoemaker, boards at JohnB. Melvin's 
Spalding Franklin, machinist, boards at E. Butterfield's 
Spalding George F. trader, house Bridge, c. Sixth, Centralville 
Spalding Harriet, teacher, boards 15 Hurd 
Spalding Haskell, house E. Merrimac, opposite James's court 
Spalding Henry, blacksmith, boards at C. Coburn's 
Spalding {Ira) & Page {Jonathan), carpenters, Lenton, house 

Central, corner Mill 
Spalding James, shuttle maker, boards 104 Merrimac 
Spalding Joel, city physician, 4 Welles's Block, boards at 

Jonathan Spalding's 
Spalding Jonathan, farmer, house Pawtucket, corner School 
Spalding Jonathan T. clerk, boards at Jonathan Spalding's 
Spalding Leonard F. shoemaker, at Keyes's, b. J. B. Melvin's 
Spalding Noah, farmer, house Liberty 
Spalding Rufus, farmer, house Fourth, Centralville 
Spalding Samuel, Boott, house Centre, Centralville 


Spalding Simeon, gardener, house Walker, corner Broadway 
Spalding Sidney, farmer, house Middlesex, near Walker 
Spalding W. C. writing master, 128 Merrimac, house Chestnut, 

corner Willow 
Spalding Weld, house Central, corner Centre 
Spalding William W., B. & L. R. R. b. at A. M. Spalding's 
Sparlin Arthur, teamster, at Aldrich & Tyng's, boards 3 

Aldrich's Block, Middlesex 
Spear William A., Lawrence Corporation, house 63 do. 
Spearing Hiram, boarding, house 8 South 
Spears John, machinist, house Jackson, near Middlesex 
Spellisy George, Bleachery, house Union 
Spencer Edward, laborer, house Knowles's place 
j Spencer Frank, boards at Mrs. M. A. Alden's, Mass. Corp. 
Spencer George AV., Middlesex, boards 37 Church 
Spencer James, house next Joshua Swan's, rear Gorham 
Spencer Joanna, Mrs. house rear Tilden. 
Spencer Sarah, widow, house Pleasant 
Spencer Thomas, laborer, house Congress 
Spencer William, superintendent Hamilton Print Works, 

house Appleton, near Gorham 
Sperry Charles, teamster, house Somerset, corner Queen 
■Sperry Charles, jr. Suffolk, house 3 Dodge 
{Spofford Abram, house Common, near Cross 
'SpofFord Charles, boarding house, 62 Merrimac Corporation 
' Spofford David, clerk, 1 Appleton Bl'k, house James's court 
! Spofford Frederick A., Boott, house 63 Boott Corporation 
Spofford Moses, house Willie, near Cross 
'Spotswood Ann, Mrs. house Cummiskey's Building, n. Merr. 
Sprague Charles, carpenter, boards at Mrs. Hannah Ingalls's 
Sprague George, clerk, 4 Central, boards 36 Ckurch 
Spragne {Hetvy E.) & Hartwell (E.), provisions, Middlesex, 
I near depot, house Middlesex, near Walker 

Sprague John M. at Tuck & Co's, boards at E. Tuck's 
'Sprague Lousia D. house Merrimac, near Cabot 
Sprague N. Mrs. house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Sprague Thomas, house Howard, near Chelmsford 
Springer Andrew, house 21 Suffolk Corporation 
Springer George, dyer. Carpet, house 2 Merrimac square 
[Springer James F. teamster, house Gushing, near Willie 
Springer John S. carpenter, boards 7 Lawrence Corporation 
Stackpole Emilius, blacksmith, boards Middlesex, near Garnet 
Stackpole Nathan, blacksmith, house Howard, near Middlesex 
Stackpole Samuel, Middlesex, boards 52 Church 
'stackpole Simon, machinist, boards at J. Stevens's 
j Stacy Lucian P. hats, caps, clothing and furnishing goods, 33 

Central, boards at Benjamin Robinson's 


Stacy Mary, Mrs. boardinsc, 4 Suffolk Corporation 

Stacy Olive, dressmaker, East Merrimac, near Canal 

Stacy Seth, Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 

Stafford "William, overseer, Hamilton, house 1 Hamilton Corp. 

Stanchfield Abner, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Stanchfield Sarah, teacher of drawing, Wentworth's Block, 

boards 16 Merrimac Corporation 
Stanchfield T. Mrs. house High, corner East Merrimac 
Stanchfield William, Suffolk, boards 28 Suffolk Corporation 
Standish William, clerk, at B. F. Butler's office 
Stanfield James, Merrimac, boards at Mrs. Ann Piatt's 
Stanford "Wrantslow, Merrimac, house 70 Merrimac Corp. 
Staniels Edward A. apothecary, 99 Central, b. Mrs. R. G. Bell's 
Staniels Edward L. boards American House 
Stanley George W., Massachusetts, house 15 Mass. Corp. 
Stanley Phineas, Merrimac, house 172 Merrimac Corporation 
Stanley Stephen T., Merrimac, house 161 Merrimac Corp. 
Stansfield James, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Stanton Henry B. at D. Dana's, house Chestnut, near Ash 
Stanwood Alexander, Boott, boards at Mrs. Mary Parker's 
Stanwood Hannah, Mrs. house Gorham, corner Walnut 
Stanwood Richard L. at O. L. Allen's, house 8 Walnut 
Stanwood Samuel H. carpenter, house 31 Charles 
Staples Benjamin L. mason, house Franklin, corner Willie 
Staples Edwin A. {O. A. <§■ E. A. Staples), house E. Merrimac, 

near Moody school house 
Staples E. H. house East Merrimac, corner James court 
Staples Joseph W. boards at Mary Staples's 
I Staples Mary, house Merrimac, nearly opposite Suffolk 
Staples Nathaniel T. mason, house Willie, near Fletcher 
: Staples Orson A, & E. A. boots, shoes, &c. 3 Prescott Block, 

house^Ford, near Austin 
Staples Peter, Merrimac, boards at Mary Staples's 
Staples Theodore, Boott, house 1 Boott Corporation 
Starbird Benjamin, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corp. 
Starbird James, Boott, house 39 Boott Corporation 
Starbird Moses, Suffolk Corporation, boards 24 do. 
'Stark Ethan A. overseer, Middlesex, boards 77 Central 
jStarkey William, bootmaker, boards at David Lamb's 
Starret John, Merrimac, house 156 Merrimac Corporation 
I Stearns Amos, laborer, house Putney's court 
Stearns Catharine, Mrs. milliner, boards at W. L. North's 
Stearns Charles, machinist, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 
Stearns Charles, turner, boards at Andrew Lord's 
[Stearns Charles, Merrimac, house 177 Merrimac Corporation 
[Stearns Charles C. carpenter, boards at Joshua Convers's 
1 Stearns Charles W. machinist, boards 177 Merrimac Corp, 


Stearns Eliza, Mrs. house Summer, near Gorliam 
Stearns Erastus, carpenter, house Fayette 
Stearns John, shoemaker, at J. Austin's, b. at B. Coleman's 
Stearns John A. painter, house Third, Centralville 
Stearns Mary, Miss, house Moody, near Cabot 
Stearns Nathaniel, overseer, Middlesex, house Andover, op- 
posite Harrison 
Stearns Winslow B. shoemaker, boards at "William Cram's 
Stebbins William, Boott, house 41 Boott Corporation 
Stebbins William C. clerk, at S. Kidder jr. 's, b. 41 Boott Corp. 
Steele George B., Hamilton Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Steiner Joakim, Middlesex, house AndoTer 
Steiner Leopold, boards at J. Steiner's 
Steiner Simon, boards at J. Steiner's 
Stevens Alonzo B. shoemaker, boards at Amos Colby's 
Stevens Alcey, teacher, boards at Mrs. D. M. Dodge's 
Stevens Alexander, moulder, h. 65 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Stevens Alpha & S. power-loom harnessmakers, Fletcher 

corner "Western avenue, house Fletcher, c. Varney 
Stevens Benjamin, boarding house, 12 Merrimac Corporation 
Stevens Benjamin F. machinist, Allen & Co's Mills, boards 

5 Hamilton Corporation 
Stevens Charles E. clerk, 46 Merrimac, bds. James Stevens's 
Stevens Charles N. shoemaker, boards at Amos Colby's 
Stevens Charles, "W. I. goods, Middlesex, n. depot, house 2 

Spaulding's Block 
Stevens ©aniel F., Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Stevens Dearborn, Boston & L. R. R. h. 2 Middlesex place 
Stevens Edmund, farmer, house Stevens [Willow 

Stevens Elizabeth F. dressmaker, oo Merrimac, c. John, b. 1 
Stevens Henry, mason, house High, near East Merrimac 
Stevens Hiram, house East Merrimac, corner Fayette 
Stevens Horace, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Stevens James, house Cross, corner School 
Stevens John, laborer, house rear Little 
Stevens Jonas, carpenter, house 29 Massachusetts Corp. 
Stevens Joseph, house South, near Summer 
Stevens Joseph, house Central, corner Charles 
Stevens Joseph H. steam mill, boards at Miss N. A. Smith's 
3tevens Joseph S. B. botanic physician, boards at A. Wirt's 
Stevens Lettis, Mrs. house Charles, near Gorhara 
Stevens Levi B. mason, h. 1 Middlesex place [South, h. do. 
Stevens Mary, Mrs. millinery and dressmaking, Middlesex, cor. 
Stevens Orin, house East Merrimac, near Nesmith 
Stevens Otis, at Wm. Kittridge's, boards 5 Hamilton Corp. 
Stevens Salmon, bell hanger, Merrimac, corner Maiden lane, 
house Richardson, Centralville 


Stevens Salmon H. clerk, 4 Canal Bl'k, b. at Salmon Stevens's 
Stevens Samson, jr. {Cummings S^ S.),h.. Willow, n. Andover 
Stevens Saul S. physician, 82 Central 
Stevens Solon {A. ^ S. Stevens), house Howard 
Stevenson Cushman, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Stevenson Robert, Merrimac, house 97 Merrimac Corporation 
Steward James, machinist, house 12 Franklin square, Adams 
Steward Gardner W. cigar store, 31 Central, house South, n. 
i Appleton 

[Stewart Charles, boards 135 Central 
I Stewart Lydia, Mrs. house 25 Appleton Corporation 
Stewart Margaret, Mrs. house 1 Franklin square, Adams 
Stickney Benjamin, police officer, house 59 Lawrence Corp. 
Stickney Daniel {Wheeler S; Stickney) 
Stickney Ira, shoemaker, boards at Abijah Richardson's 
Stickney James, Stott's Mills, boards City Hotel 
Stickney Jeremiah, jr. card maker, house 3 Mechanic 
Stickney Jonathan, h. Lawrence, near Richmond's Mills 
[Stickney Samuel W. cashier, R. R. Bank, h. Kirk, opp. Paige 
'Stickney Thos. M. at T. J. Barnes's, b. at Mrs. S. Brigham's 
i Stickney Wm. carpenter, h. Lawrence, n. Richmond's Mills 
'Stiles Alvah G. clerk, boards 5 Willow place 
i Stiles Jesse, Tremont, house 37 Tremont Corporation 
Stiles John, Merrimac, boards 47 Merrimac Corporation 
Stiles John P., Massachusetts, b. 4 Massachusetts Corp, 
Stiles Lewis, machinist, boards 5 Willow place 
Stiles Richard, carpenter, boards 43 Appleton 
Stiles Sarah, Mrs. house 5 Willow place 
Stiles William, jobwagon, house School, near Middlesex 
Still James B., Bleachery, house rear 35 Chapel 
Still Olive, widow, house rear 35 Chapel 
Stillings Joseph F. mason, house Austin, corner Moody 
Stilson Charles, Prescott, boards 34 Prescott Corporation 
Stimson Charles M. moulder, h. Appleton, near Garnet 
Stimpson D., Massachusetts, house 21 Prescott Corporation 
Stiner Joachim, Middlesex, house 18 Warren 
Stiner Samuel, shoemaker, boards at J. Stiner's 
Stinson Isaac, lumberman, h. Franklin, near Willie 
Stinson {Wm.) & Poole (8.), blacksmiths. Middle, boards 

13 Market 
St. Ledguer Patrick, Hamilton, house William 
Stockwell Cyrus, tinsmith, boards at C. P. Whitten's 
Stockwell Bei^ajah, jr. clerk, Post Office, boards at Hugh 

Kelsey's [Corp. 

Stockwell Henry, at Norcross's lumber yard, bds. 6 Hamilton 
Stockwell James, house Howard 
Stockwell John W. at Fiske & Norcross's, h. East Pine 


Stockwell Sylvester M. carpenter, house Moody, n. Austin 
|Stod(ler Thomas G. engineer, S. & L. R R. h. 9 Middlesex 
j Stone Alba C. laborer, house 2 Arcade Block 
Stone Edw. at G. S. Hatch's, h. Lawrence, corner "VVamesit 
, Stone George, laborer, boards at Rachel Cheever's 
j Stone Geo. II. painter, h. Centre, n. Front, Centralville 
jStone [George H.) & Towne {Horatio), watches and jewelry, 

34 Merrimac, boards at Mrs. S. Hosmer's 
Stone George U. physician, house Centre, Centralville 
I Stone Henry A, clerk, 92 Central, boards at S. Stone's 
[Stone James, watchman, boards 21 Suffolk Corporation 
j Stone Mary A. Mrs. boarding house, 29 Suffolk Corporation 
I Stone Samuel, boots, shoes and trunks, 92 Central, house 23 
I Church 

j Stone Samuel, carpenter, h. Centre, n. Bridge, Centralville 
i Stone Zina E. printer, Yox Populi, house Bartlett 
j Story Mary, widov/, house E. Merrimac, near Canal 
.Stott Charles, proprietor Belvidere Flannel Mills, h. Chestnut, 

corner High 
Stott Sarah, widow of James, house 29 Charles 
Stott Thomas, Carpet, house Central, corner Cady 
I Stover Archibald, scalemaker, boards at Isaac Kelly's 
Stowe Aaron, boards at I. F. Stowe's 
Stowe Ithamar F. house Third, Centralville 
Stowell Belcher, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Strack Louis, teacher of music, Savings Bank Block, boards 

American House 
Stratton Elisha, fruit, 31 Merrimac, house do. 
Stratton George W. carpenter, boards 216 Merrimac 
Stratton Jesse H. machinist, house 14 Appleton 
Stratton Jonas, millwright, h, Lawrence, opp. Wamesit 
Straw Alvah J. in box factory, boards at F, S. Avery's 
Straw John B. {Sican <^ Straio), b. at Mrs. M. B. Straw's 
Straw Levi H. {Merrill § Straw), h. E. Merrimac, c. High 
Straw Mark W. beltmaker, house Howard, near Arch 
Straw Miriam B. Mrs. boarding house, 37 Boott Corporation 
Streeter Harrison W. at Samuel Horn's, h. Branch, n. Queen 
Streeter Holland, house Liberty, opposite School 
Streeter Leander R. agent, house Plarrison 
Strickland Robert, shoemaker, house George, near Tyler 
Strong William, at David N. Burrows's 
Strout Moses, carpenter, house Pine 
Stuart Benjamin N. house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Stuart Charles T. proyisions, 71 Central, b. at A. P. Lesure's 
Stuart Moses {Hxonphrey §• S.), house 5 Trull's Block 
Stuart Philip, house Gorham, corner Cedar 
1 Sullivan Bridget, Mrs. house Fenwick 


Sullivan Catherine, widow, house rear Dummer 

Sullivan Catherine, house Adams Block, Adams 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house Cross 

Sullivan Daniel, house Pleasant, Centralville 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house Union court 

Sullivan Daniel, Middlesex, house Yv^illiam 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house Fenwick, near Lowell 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house Fenwick 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house "Wall 

Sullivan Dennis, Locks and Canals, house Lowell, n. Suffolk 

Sullivan Edward, Merrimac Print AYorks, house Adams 

Sullivan Ellen, house Putney's court 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house Fenwick 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house East Merrimac 

Sullivan James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house Adams 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house Suffolk 

Sullivan Joanna, widow, house Cross, corner Marion 

Sullivan Joanna, Mrs. house Lowell, opposite Lewis 

Sullivan Joanna, Mrs. house Worthen, corner Lowell 

Sullivan Joanna, widow, house rear Dummer 

Sullivan John, at 0. M. Whipple's, house rear Cedar 

Sullivan John, laborer, house Hanover, near Lowell 

Sullivan John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Sullivan John, batting mill, house Davidson 

Sullivan John, laborer, house Fenwick 

Sullivan Joseph, laborer, house 8 Adams Block 

Sullivan Margaret, Mrs. house Fenwick 

Sullivan Margaret, Mrs. house Howe 

Sullivan Margaret, Mrs. house Summer, near Davis 

Sullivan Margaret, Mrs. house Bennett's Block, Lowell 

Sullivan Mary, house Lowell 

Sullivan Mary, widow, house rear Dummer 

Sullivan Matthew, laborer, house Fenwick, near Lowell 

Sullivan Matthew, laborer, house Fenwick, near Suffolk 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, house Adams 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, house 17 Adams 

Sullivan Michael, foundry, house Castles Block, Lowell 

Sullivan Michael, Merrimac, house Dummer 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, boards at John Ryan's 

Sullivan Richard, laborer, house rear Fenwick 

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, house Moore 

Summers John J., Lowell M. Shop, b. at Mrs. S. M. Annan's 

Sumner Mary, Mrs. boarding house, 33 Lawrence Corporation 

Sumner William, machinist, house 6 Middlesex place 

Sutcliff William, Merrimac Corporation, house 38 do. 

Swain John M. painter, boards 43 Merrimac Corporation 


Swain N. II. dentist, 106 Merrimac, house do. 

Swain Taylor G., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 

Swan {Charles A. F.) & Straw {J. B.), civil engineers, 3 Canal 
[ Block, house Broadway, corner Willie 

Swan Daniel, shoe store, 41 Nesmith's Block, Merrimac, house 
[ Bartlett, 2d door from High street square 

Swan Edwin, La\\Tence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 

Swan Edwin, clerk, boards at Mrs, Mary Parker's 

Swan Ezekiel, carpenter, house Fayette 

Swan Joshua, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Swan Nancy, widow, house New 

Swan Willitim A. house "Willie, near Cross 

Swaney James H., Hamilton, boards 28 Hamilton Corporation 

Swapp Alexander W., Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 

Swapp Andrew, Lowell, boards at Mrs. I. Swapp's 

Swapp AndrcAV F., Lowell, boards at Mrs. I Swapp's 

Swapp Isabella, Mrs. house Middle 

Swasey Geo. W. painter, Hamilton Corp. b. atN. G. Swasey's 

Swasey Naaman G. painter, house Grand 

Swasey Orman D. carpenter, house Suffolk, near Merrimac 

Swazey Almond L., Lawi-ence, house Moody 

Sweatt Samuel, stonecutter, boards at C. Coburn's 

Sweeney Dennis, foundry, house Suffolk, corner Fenwick 

Sweeney Eliza, widow, house Adams 

Sweeney Hugh, works at F. Webster's, Union 

Sweeney James, laborer, house Fenwick 

Sweeney John, boards 113 Merrimac 

Sweeney John L., Middlesex, boards 11 East Merrimac 

Sweetser Joseph, pastry baker, Pawtucket, house do. 

Sweetser Nathaniel, house Howard, near Chelmsford 

Sweetser Theodore H. {Poole S<; S.), counsellors, 3 Canal Bl'k, 
boards at J. Sweetser's, 'Pawtucket 

Sweetser William, jr. house Andover, near the bridge 

Sweetser William, carpenter, house Pearl 
:Swett Daniel, jr. machinist, house Stackpole 
;Swctt Edmund, wheelwright, boards at W. L. Swett's 

Swett John, carpenter, house 15 Church 
jSwett John, jr. at J. Jenkins's, boards at W. L. Swett's 

Swett William L. carriage maker, h. Wilelancit, n. Pawtucket 

Swift John H. at O. M. Whipple's, house Stone House 
j Swift Joseph, laborer, house 7 Carpet lane 
j Swift Peter, Bleachery, house Cedar, near Gorham 

Swinnegan Margaret, widow, house Salem, near New 
^Sykes William D. boards 12 George 

Sylvester Edwin J. boards at H. Lakins's 

Sylvester Ezekiel J., Lawrence, house 48 Lawrence Corp. 

Sylvester Geo. B. carpenter, Market, h. Chestnut, n. High 


Sylvester Richard, mason, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Sylvester Samuel C, Boott, house 57 Boott Corporation 

TABER JOHN S. clerk, 51 Central, boards at W. H. Taber's 

Taber Wing H. planemaker, 20 Market, house Fayette 

Tabor Benaiah, Hamilton Print W. house 3 Goward Block 

Tabor Luther, boarding house, 32 Central 

Taft Henry C. house Richardson, n. Mt. Vernon, Centralville 

Taft Roxanna S. Mrs. dressmaker, boards 77 Central 

Tagan Henry, laborer, house Lowell, near Dummer 

Taisey Robert (Hatch &; Taisey), house Cushing, n. Fletcher 

Talbot Charles P. & Co. {T. Talbot), drugs and dye stuifs, 

City Market, house Chestnut, near Park 
Talbot George AV., Middlesex, house High, corner Chestnut 
Talbot Thomas (C. P. Talbot &; Co.), house at Billerica Mills 
Taliant Samuel B., Appleton Corporation, house 15 do. 
Tapley David, bookkeeper, house Bartlett 
Tapley Gustavus D. clerk, A. D. Puffer's, h. George, c. Green 
Tapley Jesse, pump logs, house Branch, near School 
Tapley Joseph, at Norcross's Mills, house 13 Church 
Tapley Joseph W. clerk, at William Colcord's, b. J. Tapley's 
Tarbell Reuben, Mrs. house Garnet 

Tarbox Andrew, shoemaker, house 13 Middlesex, opp. Mclntire 
Tarbox Elizabeth, Mrs. boarding house, 22 Tremont Corp. 
Tarbox Thomas C, Massachusetts, boards at Jacob O. Hill's 
Tarbox W. K. tailoress, 12 Tilden 
Tarbuck John, carpenter, house Floyd 
Tarr George J. dry goods, house Tyler 
Tarr Josiah M. {Lamson 4 Tarr), house 9 Suffolk 
Tasker Charles, shoemaker, boards at R. G. Bell's 
Tatem John D., Lowell Machine Shop, house 2 Swamp Locks 
Tay Sullivan, shoemaker and police officer, house Methuen 

Road, Centralville 
Tayler Amos A. counsellor, 1 Welles's Block, b. Dennis Nay's 
Taylor Chauncey S. jeweller, 15 Merrimac, b. Mrs. L. Davis's 
Taylor David, jr. at Fiske & Norcross's, b. Miss L. W. Merrill's 
Taylor George, painter, boards at Charles Clark's 
Taylor George H. physician, at Water Cure, Centralville 
Taylor Ivers, Massachusetts, house 27 Prescott Corporation 
Taylor Jeremiah L. fruit, &c. 61 Central, house do. 
Taylor John, carpet weaver, house Dutton 
Taylor John, at W. Livingston's, house Middlesex, c. Howard 
Taylor John, bobbin maker, house Appleton, n. Thorndike 
Taylor Joseph S., Boott Corporation, house 31 do. 
Taylor Levi S. milkman, house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Taylor Lewis, Lowell, house 14 Pleasant 
Taylor Lucius E. clerk, Howard House 


Taylor Nancy, Mrs. house Moody 

Taylor Robert, farmer, house rear Lawrence, near Abbott 

I Taylor Stephen, laborer, house Clark, corner Willie 

I Taylor Susan P. house Taylor's court 

! Taylor Thomas, Boott, house 5 Coward's Block 

I Taylor Warren, house East Merrimac, corner Ash 
Taylor William, machinist. Repair Shop, bds. 31 Ham. Corp 

'Tcague Bernard, at Morning News, house Knowles's place 

'Tebbetts J. H. physician, house Court avenue, near Linden 
Tebbetts LcAvis B. house Merrimac, near Decatur 
Tebbetts Temple (Dalion ^ Tebbetts), house 22 Warren 

iTeel George, city crier, office and house Market, next to 

I Cushing & Mack's 

iTeel Geo. S. bootmaker, 34 Central, h. Clay, n. Andover 

JTem.ple Frar.cis, Middlesex, boards 3 Warren court 
Temple Thomas W. mason, house Summer, near Gorham 

|Tenney Paul, Mrs. house Middlesex, corner Garnet 

JTenny Sylvester, clerk, Middle, corner Shattuck, hoards at 

I Mrs. D. W. Blanchard's 

ITewksbury Henry, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 

! Thatcher George, house Tremont, Centralville 
Thatcher George L. clerk, at City Hotel, East Merrimac 
Thayer Cyrus B. clerk, 34 Merrimac, boards Joshua Convers's 
Thayer Richard F. shoemaker, boards at P. A. Smith's 
Thayer Thomas B. Rev. house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Thissell Chas. A., Merr. Print Works, boards Merrimac House 

iThissell Charles E. at Joshua Thissell's 

iThissell Daniel V., Merrimac Print Works, h. 95 Merr. Corp. 

! Thissell John F. shoemaker, house Tenth 

I Thissell Joshua, farmer, house Tenth 

[Thomas Carlos, Tremont, house 27 Tremont Corporation 

; Thomas Cyrus W. carpenter, house Stackpole 
Thomas Darius, machinist, house Charles, near Gorham 
Thomas Edmund, laborer, house Dodge 
Thomas John, Middlesex, house Dearborn's court 
Thomas Joseph W., Tremont Corporation, boards 13 do. 

I Thomas Marcus A., Merrimac, house 39 Merrimac Corp. 
Thomas Mary M. Mrs. house Ford 
Thomas Mary R. house Fayette 
Thomas William, Merrimac Print Works, house 11 Cabot 

[Thompson Abel H., B. & L. R. R. house Middlesex, n. depot 

! Thompson Artemas, watchman, Bleachery, b. at S. Moore's 

'Thompson Alvin, boarding, house 4 Lowell Corporation 
Thompson Bethuel T. millinery and fancy goods, 91 Merri 

mac, boards 113 do. 
Thompson Charles, machinist, house Gushing 

Thompson Charles E., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 23 Worthen 


Thompson Charles E, at Norcross's, boards at A. Prescott's 
Thompson Charles, overseer, Bleachery, house 2 do. 
Thompson Daniel I. mason, boards at H. M. Bean's 
jThompson George, machinist, boards at Charles W. Wilkins's 
'Thompson Gershom R., Merrimac, boards 135 Merrlmac Corp. 
iThompson Gustavus, machinist, b. at Mrs. Dorothy Sawyer's 
jThoUipson Harriet A. Mrs. house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
jThompson Henry B., Boott. house 7 Boott Corporation^ 
I Thompson Ira, Merrimac, house 17-5 Merrimac Corporation 
Thompson Isaac, Lowell Machine Shop, b. 60 S. L., Worthen 
Thompson James, at Railroad Exchange, boards do. _ 
Thompson John D. shoemaker, boards at David Keniston's 
Thompson Joseph, Mrs. house William 

[Thompson Joseph P. clerk, 2 American House Blk., 77 Central 
(Thompson Josiah {Ward § T.), house Chestnut, n. Willow 
jThompson Lucius, jeweller, at A. Sanborn's, house Chestnut, 

near High 
Thompson Marshall E. botanic physician, Merrimac, opposite 

Tilden, boards at Ann M. Durant's 
Thompson Mary Mrs. house Adams, corner LaGrange 
Thompson Neal, Carpet, house Centre, Centralville 
Thompson Robert, overseer, Lowell, house 26 Lowell Corp. 
Thompson Roxanna, Mrs. house 1 Garnet 
Thompson Samuel, engineer, house High, near Chestnut 
jThompson Simon 1). boards 55 Church 
jThompson Sylvester, machinist, boards at R. Farbell's 
JThompson Sylvester, at D. Dana's, house Clark 
JThompson Syrene, boarding house, 125 Merrimac Corporation 
Thompson Thomas, Lowell, house Willie 
Thompson Thomas H. house Central, corner Charles 
Thorn Eli, boards at Mrs. S. Stott's 
j Thome James, machinist, Merrimac, house 7 Water 
jThorning Henry C , Bleachery, boards at L. Thorning's 
JThorning John, at Fiske & Norcross's, h. Middlesex, n. Branch 
jThorning Leonard, boarding house, 2S Bleachery 
Thornton Bernard, Merrimac, house Duraraer, near Lowell 
Thornton Henry R., Bleachery, house 23 do. 
JThornton John, Merrimac, house Suffolk 

iThurston Benjamin, proprietor Washington House, Central, 
I corner Church 

Thurston Elijah C. tinsmith, house Ford, near Cabot 
Thurston Nathaniel, physician, house Varnum, Centralville 
Tibbetts Benjamin, Middlesex, house 37 Church 
Tibbetts Charles G., Mass. boards at Mrs. A. P. Nudd's 
Tibbetts Edward, machinist, boards 13 Lawrence Corporation 
Tibbetts Joseph R. house Tenth, Centralville 
Tibbetts Sarah A. dressmaker, boards 37 Church 


JTicehurst James, machinist, house 19 Adams 
JTicknor David, laborer, house Dodge 
jTierney James, tanner, house Pleasant court 
jTicrney IMargaret, Mrs. house Winter 
Tierney Michael, Bleachery, boards at P. Tierney's 
Ticrney Peter, Bleachery, boards at P. Tierney 's 
JTierney Patrick, laborer, house 40 Charles 
JTierney Patrick, at P. O. P.ichmond's, house Merrill 
jTierney Patrick, Middlesex, house "William 
iTighe Edward, blacksmith, house Adams 
Tighe James, Hamilton, boards at Lawrence Tighe's 
Tighe Lawrence, teamster, house Davidson 
Tighe Patrick, laborer, house High street square 
Tighe Philip, Lowell Machine Shop, house Jefferson 
Tinker Henry W. harness maker, at J. A. Brabrook's, b. do. 
Tilden Charles L. agent, Tremont, h. Cabot, n. Lawrence Mills 
Tilden Edwin C. , Lowell, house Fayette 
Tilton Abraham, Lawrence, house 74 Lawrence Corporation 
Tilton Abram "W. house 74 La%7rence Corporation 
Tilton Adams K. carpenter, boards at A. Foss's 
Tilton John, painter, house Richardson 
Tilton Joseph, carpenter, at O. M. Whipple's, h. 4 Stone H. 
Tilton Luke S., painter, Merrimac, near Suffolk, house Rich- 
ardson, Centralville 
Tilton Luther, carpenter, house 4 Walnut 
Tilton Sabrina, Mrs. house 50 Merrimac Corporation 
Timmons Peter, Massachusetts, house rear Fayetfe 
Tinker Joseph, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Titcomb Benjamin, L. & L. R. R. h. Thorndike, opp. Common 
Titus Charles D. engineer, house 6 Franklin square, Adams 
Tober Dennis, at Fiske & Norcross's, house East Pine 
Tobin Matthew, laborer, house Little 
Todd Jehlel, Middlesex Corporation, 28 Hurd 
Tolman Charles, cigar maker, boards 7 Market 
Tolman John C. overseer, Suffolk, house 4 Cabot Block 
Tomlinson Robert W., Merrimac, b. at Elizabeth Yeoman's 
Toohey Elizabeth, house rear Lowell 
Toole Bridget, widow, house Suffolk 
Toomy Jeremiah, at Courier office, house Winter 
Toothaker Charles, physician, 4 Hurd, house do. 
Toothaker Francis B. variety store, house do. 
Toppan Abner, Mrs. house Cabot, corner Merrimac 
Touhay Martin, Lowell Machine Shop, house rear do. 
Tower James, house Merrimac, near Cabot 
Tower Millicent & Lucinda, tailoresses, house 4 Charles 
Towle Joseph, bootmaker.. Central, near rope walk, house do. 
Towle Truman, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 


Towne Henry, currier, house rear Salem, near New 

Towne Horatio (Stone § Toicne), boards at Mrs. S. Hosmer's 

Towne Joseph H. Eev. house High, corner Andover 

Townsend Abel D., Lawrence, house Gorham, Hale's Mills 

Townsend Francis, clerk, at B. T. Hardy's j 

Townsend James, Merriraac, house 166 Merrimac Corporation 

Townsend Samuel, carpet weaver, h. Suffolk, opp. Mechanic 

Townsend Thomas, Carpet, boards at Mrs. Eleanor D. Coburn's 

Townsend William, clerk, at J. H. Kimball's 

Tracy Catharine, Mrs., Castles Block, between Lowell & Merr. 

Tracy Thomas, house Centre, Centralville 

Tracy Timothy, Hamilton, house 2 Pearl 

Trasic Henry H. machinist, house Middlesex, corner Jackson. 

Trask Isaac', Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Trask James, house Pleasant, corner West, Centralville 

Trask James T. at Brooks & Tyler's, house Brewery court 

Trask Joseph H. teamster, house Middlesex, opp. Mclntire 

Trask Joshua, Middlesex, boards 32 Church 

Traver Abram, Tremont, boards 30 Treraont Corporation 

Traverse Calvin, turner, boards at N. T. Keyes's 

Trayver Jacob, Tremont, boards 30 Tremont Corporation 

Treadwell John C. at Cushing & Mack's, h. Adams, c. LaGrange 

Treadwell Wm, P. machinist, h. Parker's Block, Centralville 

Tremble Matthew, at P. 0. Richmond's, house Merrill 

Tremlet R. T., Cherry Pectoral office, b. American House 

Trevett Samuel M. botanic electrician, 133 Central, house do. 

Tripp Charles, silversmith, at A. Brastow's, b. 21 App. Corp. 

Tripp John, overseer, Appleton Corporation, boards 21 do. 

Tripp Nancy G. house 25 Appleton Corporation 

Tripp Osmond H., Appleton, boards 25 Appleton Corporation 

Trott Joseph F. paymaster, IBoott, house Tyler, near George 

Trotter George, laborer, house Gorham, corner Putney's court 

Trow Thomas C. & Co., Central market, 115 Central, house 

at Tewksbury 
Trowbridge George X. carpenter, house Moody 
Trowbridge John, carpenter, house Clark 
Trowbridge Phineas, farmer, house 44 Church 
Trowbridge Reuben, at S. Horn's, boards at L. W. Carter's 
True Chapman, Suffolk, boards 15 Cabot 
True Hannah, Mrs. boarding house, 6 Tremont Corporation 
True Horace, Lawrence, boards 45 Lawrence Corporation 
True Levi, carpenter, house Nichols 
True Lucinda E. teacher, house William North's 
Truell Brooks, Mrs. 26 Lowell Corporation 
Truell David, overseer, Lowell, house 22 Lowell Corporation 
Trueworth Gilbert, Merrimac, boards at H. P. Wilson's 
Trueworthy James B., Merrimac, house 53 Merrimac Corp. 



Tiull David, house Bridge, corner Eighth, Centralville 
Trull John, stonemason, boards 17 Trull's Block 
Tuck Andrew J., Mcrrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Tuck Corridon D. stair builder, boards at L. W. Currier's 
Tuck {Edward) & Co., Boston and Lowell Express, office at the 

Lowell R. R. depot, house Sixth, Centralville 
Tucker Amasa, Hamilton, house 50 Hamilton Corp., Middlesex 
Tucker Gordon F. clerk, 42 Merrimac, h. Third, Centralville 
Tucker Jane, widow, nurse, house Union, near Chapel 
Tucker Michael, farmer, house Branch, near School 
Tucker Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson 
Tufts Edward, paymaster, Merrimac Print "Works, house 

Moody, corner Worthen 
Tuite Simon P., Boott, beards atW. W. Folsom's 
Tukey Thomas P., Trernont Corporation, house 23 do. 
TuUock Robert N. silversmith, at A. Sanborn's, house Cen- 
tral, corner Cady 
Tully Bridget, Mrs. house Gorham, corner Putney's court 
Tully Hugh, laborer, house Putney's court 
Tully John, at "Wyman Bailey's 
Tully Michael, laborer, house Moore 
Tully Philip, at Wyraan Bailey's 

Tumelty Charles, Bleachery, house Gorham, n. Hale's Mills 
Tumelty Felix, bootmaker, 34 Central, h. Ninth, Centralville 
Tumelty Patrick, Bleachery, house rear Gorham, n. J. Swan's 
Turner Alfred, Trernont, boards 13 Trernont Corporation 
Turner Benjamin F. newspaper carrier, house 232 Merrimac 
Turner Betsey, widow, house Water 
Turner Henry "W. painter, boards 77 Central 
Turner James H., Middlesex, boards 10 Warren 
Turner John, spinner, house High, near East Merrimac 
Turner Jonathan G. overseer, Appleton Corp. house 6 do. 
Turner Margaret, widow, house Dummer 
Turner Osborn, farmer, boards at Miss L. W. Merrill's 
Turner William, Lawrence, boards 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Turner William H., Appleton, house South, corner Summer 
Turner William O., Merrimac, house 82 Merrimac Corporation 
Tuttle Ann C. Mrs. house Gushing 
Tuttle Franklin, carpenter, house Central, near Chapel 
Tuttle Gilman, mason, house 22 Chapel 
Tuttle John B. mason, house Elm, corner Linden 
Tuttle John W., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 5 Coward's Block 
Tuttle Samuel J. {Herrick ^ Tuttle), masons, h. Central, c. Elm 
Tuttlot Josiah, at Fiske & Norcross's, b. at S. K. Pickering's 
Tuxbury Moses, house Bridge, corner Third, Centralville 
Tuxbury Thomas L. clothing and furnishing store, 50 Central, 
house Bridge, corner "Third, Centralville 


Tweed Emmons, house School 

Tweed Timothy G. butcher, 164Merr. h. Tremont, n. Moody 

Twichell Stillman, machinist, house Union, near Chapel 

Twichell William, overseer, Middlesex, house 47 Church 

Twigg Jeremiah, laborer, house Lewis, near Lowell 

Twiss Benjamin P. {Marti7i ^ T.), boards at Spencer Dodge's 

Twiss Putnam A. bedstead maker, h. E. Merrimac, n. High 

Twombly Isaac H. fruit, &c, Tilden, corner "Worthen, house do. 

Twombly Joshua, carpenter, house corner Gorham and Walnut 

Twombly Lucinda P. saleswoman, 72 Merr. house 16 Tilden 

Twombly Sophia C. variety store, 14 Tilden, house do. 

Tyler A. Frances, teacher of penmanship, Wentworth's Block, 

boards 8 Race 
Tyler Albert M. carpenter, house Central, corner Charles 
Tyler Artemas S. cashier Prescott Bank, 49 Central, boards at 

Silas Tyler's 
Tyler Azro, Massachusetts, boards at Mrs. M. Shaw's 
Tyler David L. painter, house River, Centralville 
Tyler Frederick, blacksmith, boards at F. Bragg's 
Tyler Ignatius {Brooks ^ Tyler), house Button, n. Fletcher 
Tyler Jane S. R. Mrs. boarding house, 136 Merrimac Corp. 
Tyler Jonathan, house Park, corner Andover 
Tyler Joseph H. student at law, at Abbott & Brown's 
Tyler Rynaldo H., Lowell M. S. house 58 S. L., Worthen 
Tyler Silas, office Lowell depot, house 22 Church 
Tyler Silas, jr. clerk, freight depot, boards at Silas Tyler's 
Tyng Levi B. {Aldrich, Ti/ng ^ Co.), house Howard 

ULMAN WILLIAM F. teacher of music and dealer in piano- 
fortes, Wentworth's Block, boards at Mrs. Jane York's 
Underhill Jeremiah, Boott Corporation, boards D. Sawyer's 
Underwood Charles H. tinsmith, boards at R. A. Underwood's 
Underwood Merrill D. {Blmichard ^ U.), house Linden 
Underwood Rebecca A. widow, house Willie, near Franklin 
Underwood Sardies D. cleik, at S. N, Wood's, house 10 Cady 
Underwood W. G. carpenter, house Paige, near Bridge 
Unsworth Henry, paper hanging manufacturer, Hale, corner 

Thorndike, house do. 
Unsworth Henry, jr. at H. Unsworth's, Hale 
Upham Amos, carpenter, house Oliver, near School 
Upham William, house Middlesex, near Grand 
Upton Alpheus A. upholsterer, boards at H. Upton's 
Upton Henry, upholsterer, house Hunt's avenue 
Upton Joseph S. overseer, Lawrence, b. 50 Lawrence Corp. 
Upton {Re ub 671 A.), & Besse {11. T.), provisions, &c., Merri- 
mac, under Museum, house Fairmount 
Upton S. Mrs. boarding house, 13 Market 
Upton Samuel D. baker, G. L. Pollard's, b. at Wm. E. Somes's 


VAILE LUCY M. teacher, house Chestnut, near Ash 

Yallely Terrence, Bleachery, house Livingston 

Valley Joseph, Middlesex, boards 55 Church 

Vance William, moulder, house 12 Merrimac 

Vance William, Lawrence, house 11 Austin 

Vanderford James, Massachusetts, house 7 Mass. Corporation 

Van Vronker, Mrs. house Chapel, near Elm 

Varner Hugh, laborer, house rear Water 

Varney John, carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Varney Mary A. Mrs. house Central, near Charles 

Varney Robert, house Water 

Varney Samuel J. publisher of the Journal and Courier, 27 

Central, corner Middle, house Nesmith, near Chestnut 
Varnum B. F. Mrs. house Varnum, Centralville 
Varnum Franklin, carpenter, boards at Mrs. B. F. Varnum's 
Varnum George W., Lowell Corporation, boards 8 Suffolk 
Varnum George W. painter, boards at James S. Welch's 
Varnum H. C. boards at Mrs. B. F. Varnum's 
Varnum Joshua, house Centre, Centralville 
Varnum Lucy, Mrs. house 3 Spring 
Varnum Sarah, Miss, boarding house, 3 Spring 
Vasley John, Bleachery, boards 28 do. 
Vernon Thomas, variety store, Merrimac, near Hanover 
Vesper John, machinist, boards 1 Colby's Block, Middlesex 
Vickery Alfred, Massachusetts, house 33 Prescott Corporation 
Vickery Josiah P. painter, house 13 Prescott Corporation 
Vieux Luke, baker, boards at D. Bradt's 
Vieux Peter, at D. & G. J. Bradt's, boards at D. Bradt's 
Viles Albert, machinist, house Pleasant, Centralville 
Vinall George A. W. dentist, 28 Central 
Vinall William D. dentist, 28 Central, house do. 
Vincent Allen, at O. Allen's, boards at Mrs. Salls's 
Vincent James, blacksmith, Middlesex, house Water 
Viney William, overseer, Lowell, boards 113 Merrimac 
Vinton Horace, Lowell, house Willow, near East Merrimac 
Virgin Edwin H. painter, at Adams & North's, house Chapel 
Voodrey Cordelia, tailoress, boards 135 Central 

WACHENFELT GUSTAFF, boards at E. Tuft's 

Wade Elizabeth, dressmaker, house South, corner Summer 

Wade Greenleaf G., Lowell Corporation, b. at C. P. Hatch's 

Wade Henry C, Appleton, boards at F. Graham's 

Wade James, house Lowell, corner Cabot 

Wade S. Otis, Merrimac, house 130 Merrimac Corporation 

Wadleigh Alanson P., Lawrence, house 61 Lawrence Corp. 

Wadleigh Edward, carpenter, Putney's ct. b. T. C. Blaisdell's 

Wadleigh Lorenzo, Hamilton, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 


Wadleigh Lovinia, Mrs. boarding house, 3 Massachusetts Corp- 

Wadleigh Newell, house Centre, Centralviile 

Wadleigh Sarah, Mrs. house Centre, near Bridge 

Wait Daniel S. fancy goods. Central, c. Jackson, h. 146 Central 

Waite Aldis L. {Hancock ^ W.), boards at George W. Fisk's 

Walch Ebenezcr, Prescott, house 12 Prescott Corporation 

Walch Ephraim, laborer, house Fayette 

Walch James, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Fletcher, c. LaGranp:e 

Walch Stephen, boots, shoes, & trunks, 62 Merrimac, h. Austin I 

Waldo Allen, painter, house Smith, near Branch I 

Waldron George P. counsellor, 56 Central, house Third, corner i 

Mount Vernon, Centralviile I 

Waldron James R. machinist, boards at Mrs. D. Sawyer's 
Waldron Mary A. milliner, 56 Merrimac, boards 9 Central 
Waldron Silas, at Brooks <fc Tyler's, boards 135 Merrimac Corp, 
Walkden Thomas, carpenter, "Merrimac, house Water 
Walker Aaron, jr. teacher, house High, near Chestnut 
Walker Abial, restorator, house 27^ Charles 
Walker Abigail, Mrs. house Middlesex, near Walker 
Walker Benjamin, paymaster, Hamilton, house 1 Appleton 

block, Appleton 
Walker Benjamin F., Middlesex, house 1 Middlesex Corporation 
Walker Caroline F. house 3 Lyman 

Walker Comfort, carpenter, boards 7 Appleton Corporation 
Walker George W., Appleton, house Central, Chapel Hill 
Walker James P. bookseller, 61 Merrimac, c. John, b. American 
Walker Jacob, at I. Leonard's, h. Central, c. Wamesit [House 
Walker Justin E., box maker, at Allen & Co's, house Howard, 
Walker Lucinda, Mrs. 18 Moody [near Hale 

Walker Philo T. bobbin maker, house 19 N. Franklin court 
Walker Richard H., Boott, house Centre, Centralviile 
Walker Ruel J., Suffolk, h. 15 Suffolk Corporation 
Walker Susan, Mrs. boarding house, 7 Merrimac Corporation 
Wall Mary, Mrs. house Centre, Centralviile 
Wallace Daniel R., Boott, house 56 Boott Corporation 
Wallace Ephraim G., Merrimac, house 172 Merrimac Corp. 
Wallace James, Lowell Machine Shop, boards at J. Taylor's 
Wallace Patrick, house 46 Church 
Wallace Stephen, mason, boards at H. M. Bean's 
Wallie Henry, Middlesex, house 8 Water 
Wallingford Lyman J. at M, Mead's, house Abbott 
Wallingford Winthrop W., Middlesex, house Fifth, Centralviile 
Wallis Ann, Mrs. house Cady, corner Central 
Wallis William L. paper carrier, boards at A. Prescott's 
Walsh Ardis, clerk, at R. & E. Gardner's, house Salem 
Walsh James, Bleachery, boards at R, Walsh's 
Walsh Richard, Bleachery, house near Hale's Mills 


Walsh Stephen, house 6 Austin 

Walton Charles A., Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Walton Daniel, grocery, Gorham 

Walton Iliram, at O. M. Whipple's, boards at T. Neally's 
Walton Isaiah, Lowell Corporation, boards 6 do. 
Walton Samuel, machinist, b. 37 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Walton William, L. & L. R. R. h. Grand, nearly opp. Forest 
Wanlock James, founder, boards at David Cohorn's 
Ward {Charles) & Thompson (Josiah), dry goods, 91 Merri- 
mac, and 2 John, house Chestnut, near Willow 
Ward Francis, laborer, house Davis [A. W. Parker's 

Ward Franklin W. printer, at Courier office, boards at Mrs. 
Ward Geo. W. dentist, Savings Bank Building, h. Fletcher 
Ward James, Lowell Machine Shop, house Dummer 
Ward Josiah P. carpetweaver, house 1 Union 
Ward Josiah S. carpenter, house 22 N. Franklin court 
Ward John, Lawrence, house Tremont, near Moody 
Ward John II., Merrimac, house Moody 

Ward Julia, Mrs. house 3 Reed's court [n. Beacon 

Ward Sullivan L. dentist. Savings Bank Building, h. Fletcher, 
Ward Thomas, grocer, Lowell, boards at M. Furling's 
Ward Thomas, Hamilton, house Merrimac, opp. Tremont 
Ward Wm. L. G. dentist, boards at S. L. Ward's 
Ward Z. Henry, tailor, 27 Central, boards Merrimac House 

Wardsworth , clerk, boards 174 Merrimac 

Wardweil Joseph W. grocery, Gorham, h. Central, Chapel Hill 
Wardwell Lorenzo H. sawyer, boards at I. Stinson's 
Wardweil Zenas C. shoemaker, at G. W. Clark's, bds. at Mrs. 

Susan Moore's 
Ware Lyman P. machinist, house Adams, c. LaGrange 
AVarland John H. editor Journal and Courier, b. American H. 
Warner James H. ornamental painter, h. 12 N. Franklin ct. 
Warren Aaron R., Lowell Corporation, b. at Mrs. A. Puffer's 
Warren Emily M. teacher, h. Chelmsford,! corner Howard 
Warren Ezra P. butcher, house Centre, Centralville 
Warren George K. daguerrian artist, 128 Merrimac, boards 46 

Boott Corporation 
Warren Jeremiah, laborer, house Cross, corner Marion 
Warren John, clerk, at P. O. Richmond's, house Union, near 

Warren John B. overseer, Boott, house 46 Boott Corp. 
Warren Margaret, Mrs. house 51* Church 
Warren Samuel, carpenter, Tremont, opposite Gasometer 
Warren Theodore, marble yard, Middlesex, boards 15 Hurd 
Warren Wm. W. clerk, 46 Merrimac, bds. at J. Warren's 

Warren , carpenter, boards at Mrs. Mary Parker's 

Washburn Thomas S., Lowell Machine Shop, h. r. Charles, n. 


Washburn Judson, Lawrence, bds. at Manly S. Dickerman's j 
Waterhouse Andrew H., Hamilton, house Linden 
j Waterhouse Benjamin, boarding, house 3 Appleton Corp. 
Waterhouse Benj. W. musician, b. 3 Appleton Corporation 
Waterhouse Charles, carpenter, boards at N. T. Keyes's 
Waterman Thomas, Lav.-rence, boards 28 Suffolk Corp. 
Waters Edward, house Knowles's place 
Waters Hugh, Tremont, house Jefferson, near Lewis 
Waters Samuel A. foundry, house 76 Mechanic 
Waters Samuel T. painter, house Middlesex, cor. Pearl 
Waters Thomas, house Middlesex, corner Pearl 
Watkins Rugbies S. Mrs. house Moody, opp. ink factory 
Watson {Abijah) & Sargeant {B. C), booksellers and station- 
ers, 142 Merrimac, house Kirk, corner Paige 
Watson Albert, machinist, boards 4 Middle 
Watson Alden B., Merrimac Corporation, house 72 do. 
Watson Benjamin, grocer, 12-5 Central, h. Lawrence, c. North 
Watson Edward F. carpenter, Allen & Co's Mills, h. Chelms- 
ford, n. Thorndike 
Watson Hiram, overseer, Hamilton, h. South, c. Summer 
Watson James, Merrimac Corporation, house 20 do. 
Watson John, Hamilton, house Gray place 
Watson Michael, house Lowell 
Watson Michael, Middlesex, house William 
Watson Shepard, gardener, house Ninth, Centralville 
Watson William, Lawrence, house Common 
Watts Thomas, at Wood& Nute's, bds. at N. Prescott's 
Waugh Archibald, slater, h. r. City Crier's office, Market 
Waugh John, slater, Button, house Wortheu 
Waugh John, jr. boards at John AVaugh's 
Waugh Patrick, house North, near Central 
Waugh William, slater, boards at J. Waugh's 
V^ay Benjamin, Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
'Way Charles, provisions, 13 City Market, house opp. do. 
Way Lorin, 13 City Market, h. Seventh, Centralville 
Waymoth Geo. W. carpenter, Howe, h. Tremont, Centralville 
Wead Norman, watchman, Bleachery, boards at T. Moore's 
AVeaver & Brother (/. ^ C. G. Weaver), furniture, feathers 

and carpets, 7 Central, and 28 Merrimac 
Weaver Benjamin K. at Weaver & Brother's, h. Chestnut, n. 

Weaver Caleb G. {Weaver S^ Brother), h. Nesmith, c. Chestnut 
Weaver Charles, carpenter,' house Mclntire, c. Middlesex 
Weaver Geo. W. carpenter, b. 3 Aldrich's Bl'k, Middlesex 
Weaver John {Weaver ^ Brother), 7 Central 
Webb A. teamster, boards at Samuel Norris's 
Webb Henry E. clerk, at Maynard's, boards at J. B. Giles's 


Webb John E., Mcrrimac, house 37 Merrimac Corporation 
Webber Benjamin N. {Buttrick &; Co.), house 21 Chapel 
Webber Henry P., Merr. H. stage office, b. at J. P. Webber's 
Webber Job P., Merrimac House stage office, house Central 

corner Elm 
Webster Alexander, boards at Mrs. Sally Blaisdell's 
Webster Alvah, at Jacob E. Webster's, Middlesex, boards at 

William Webster's 
Webster Calvin, B. & L. R. Pv. h. School, near Pawtucket 
Webster Charles, SufFolk, boards 6 Race 

i Webster Caleb, millinery goods, 43 Mcrrimac, Nesmith's B'lk 

j Webster Ebenezer D., Suffolk, house Hanover 
Webster Elihu, boards 41 Appleton 

j Webster Franklin, carpenter, house Union, Centralville 

i Webster George, carpenter, h. Biidge, c. Eighth, Centralville 

j Webster Horace, blacksmith, house Beacon 

j Webster Jacob E. variety, &c., Middlesex, b. at Wrn. Webster's 
"Webster James, Suffolk, boards 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Webster John, Merrimac, boards at Mrs. Mary Parker's 

I Webster Moulton S. & Co. (/. H. Rand), door, sash, and blind 

I manufactory, Fletcher, near Button, b. at J. B. Leavitt's 

j Webster William, house Middlesex, near the Northern depot 

''■ Webster William P. {Butler &; IF.), counsellor, Wyman's Ex- 

j change, boards at B. F. Butler's 

I Webster William W, apothecary, Middlesex, near new depot, 

I house Forest, near Grand 

Wedgewood Andrew J., Merrimac Corporation, boards "5 do. 
Weeks Andrew, physician, boards 216 Merrimac 
Weeks Augustus W. clerk, 110 Central, boards 34 Mass. Corp. 
Weeks George L., painter, at Adams & North's, h, 4 George 
Weeks Jonathan, Middlesex, house 4 George 
Weeks Joshua L., Merrimac, house 35 Merrimac Corporation 
Weeks Samuel D. at S. Moore's, house Howard, near Hale 
Weeks Timothy, boarding house, 34 Massachusetts Corporatioa 
Weeks William J., Bleachery, house Crosby 
Weir Catharine, house Fayette 
Weir Daniel, blacksmith, boards at D. A. Coburn's 
Weir N. J., house Merrimac, near the Hospital 
Welch Archelus, shoemaker, house Centre, Centralville 
Welch Charles A., Merrimac, house 8o Merrimac Corporation 
Welch Clark, Hamilton Corporation, boards 23 do. 
Welch David, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lowell 
Welch Edward, farmer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Welch Edward, at R. Lang's, house 4 Green 
Welch Ellen, Mrs. house Gorham 

Welch Ellen, Mrs. house rear Centre, near Bridge, Centralville 
Welch George B., Middlesex, boards 87 Central 


AYelch Horatio N. teamster, at Putnam & Currier's, house Elm, 
near Chapel [street, Centralville 

Welch James S. clerk, Post Office, house Third, near Bridge 
Welch John, shoemaker, Fenwick, near Lowell, house do. 
Welch John, laborer, house Fenwick, near Suffolk 
Welch Lcttice, h. Parker's block, opp. toll house, Centralville 
Welch Mary, Mrs. house Centre, Centralville 
Welch Michael, B. & L. R. R. h. Mount Vernon, n. Liberty 
Welch Michael, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's 
Welch Otis, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Welch Patrick, laborer, house John street avenue 
Welch Patrick, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's 
Welch Pierce, house Lowell, near Button 
Welch liobinson, shoemaker, boards at Archelus Welch's 
Welch Thomas, laborer, house Adams 
Welch Thomas, Lowell, boards at Pierce Welch's 
Welch Willard C, Merrimac, house 24 Merrimac Corporation 
Welch William, at P. 0. Richmond's, h. Gorham, opp. Winter 
Welch William, Middlesex, house Hif^h, corner Chestnut 
Welch William, laborer, house Chapel, corner Union 
Weldon Patrick, laborer, house rear Davis 

Wellington Marshall K. boots & shoes, 200 Merrimac, h. Kirk 
Wellman C. P., Massachusetts, house 8 Mass. Corporation 
Wellman George, Merrimac, house 124 Merrimac Corporation 
Wellman J. T. painter, house Moody 

AVells Daniel A., Lawrence, boards 14 Lawrence Corporation 
Wells David, physician, Welles's Block, b. at Merrimac House 
Wells John H., Lawrence Corporation, house 14 do. 
Wentworth Asa G. at O. M. Whipple's, h. Lav/rence, n. Abbott 
Wentworth Daniel, machinist, boards 43 Appleton 
Wentworth George, publisher Wentworth's Waverley, 48 Cen- 
tral, boards at American House 
Wentworth John, Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Wentworth John, Middlesex, boards Pearl 
Wentworth John R. house Merrimac, near Decatur 
Wentworth Levi, Merrimac, boards at E. Winchester's 
Wentworth Mark A., Lawrence, boards 46 Cabot 
Wentworth Nathan, mason, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Wentworth Tappan, counsellor, Wentworth's Block, house 

Lawrence, opposite Tyler 
Wentworth Warren, B. & L. R. R. house 11 Middlesex place 

Wentworth , machinist, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

West Daniel, dry goods, 46 Merrimac, house 12 Charles 
West Lovey, Mrs. boarding house, 13 Merrimac Corporation 
West Luther, Lawrence, boards 50 Lawrence Corporation 
Westcott Daniel, machinist, house rear South, near Middlesex 
Westcott Joseph, laborer, house rear Gorham 


"Weston Jacob, book agent, house High 

"Weston Jesse K. variety store, 121 Central, h. Central, c. Charles 
Weston Porter, shoemaker, at G. "W. Clark's, h. Bridge, Cen- 
"Weston liuelL., Boott, house -56 Boott Corporation [tralville 
"Wetherbee Asa, carpenter, 4 Prescott, house Kirk, c. Lee 
"Wctherbee Oliver, bowling saloon, museum, house atMethuen 
Wetherbee Sarah M. Mrs, nurse, house rear "Union, n. Central 
Weymouth Deborah, Mrs, boarding house, 134 Merr. Corp, 
Weymouth Stephen, watchman, house Spring, near South 
Whalan Michael, Middlesex, house 1 Luther's court 
Whelan Timothy, house Paige [then's 

Wheeler Ai, machinist, at Aldrich & Tyng's, b. 39 S. L., Wor- 
"Wheeler (Albert) & Stickney {Daniel), Tilden, house Merri- 

mac, opposite Austin 
Wheeler A. C. carpenter, house Bartlett, corner Alder 
Wheeler Anson, Lowell, house 14 Lowell Corporation 
, Wheeler Artemas, blacksmith and iron dealer, 17 Market, house 
j Decatur 

Wheeler Augustus, Lawrence, boards 45 LawTence Corporation 
! Wheeler Cambridge, foundry, boards 8 Swamp Locks 
I Wheeler Cyrus, Merriraac P. W, boards at Susan Wheeler's 
'Wheeler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence, house 26 Lawrence Corp, 
Wheeler Franklin, boards at Susan Wheeler's 
[Wheeler Joseph A., house Decatur 

.Wheeler Josiah K., Hamilton, house Summer, near South 
Wheeler Joseph, stonemason, house Union, corner Central 
"Wheeler Nathaniel S. painter, Lawrence, b. 50 Law, Corp. 
I Wheeler Sanford S., Hamilton Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Wheeler Susan, Miss, house Moody, corner Tremont 
I Wheeler Thomas S. shoemaker, boards at Nelson S. Brown's 
Wheeler William W., Merrimac, boards at R. Long's 
I Wheelock Andrew C, boards American House 
Whipple Aaron, Tremont, house 41 Tremont Corporation 
I Whipple Lyman W. boards at M. D. Whipple's 
Whipple Milton D., Middlesex Counting Room, house Tyler 
[Whipple Oliver G, boards at 0. M, Whipple's 
;V/liipple Oliver M. powder manufactory, Lawrence, house 

Moore, corner Whipple 
Whipple Thomas B. at Brooks & Tyler's, h. Oliver, n. School 
Whitcher Benjamin F, moulder, h, Appleton, n. Goward's B. 
Whitcher Joseph, stonecutter, boards at G. Abbott's 
I Whitcher Lorenzo, Middlesex, house 14 Warren 
! Whitcher Lydia, widow, house Oak 

Whitcher Rowland J, coachman, boards 3 Appleton Corp. 
Whitcomb James M. tin worker, house Walnut 
j Whitcomb Samuel, laborer, boards at Lyman Harrington's 
j Whitcomb Samuel, laborer, house Middlesex, opp. Machine S, 


Whitcomb William H. Mrs. house Race, near Bridge 

White Alonzo, Merrimac, boards at Pearson Noyes's 

White Calvin, mason, house Central, corner Abbott 

White Christopher, slater, house Mill 

White Daniel, turner, house Adams, near Cross 

White Dan'l, jr. turner, Fletcher, n. Button, h. Adams, n. Cross 

White Hannah, Mrs. house 12 Suffolk 

White Henry, sash and blind maker, _b. W. H. Barker's 

White Henry K. clerk, at Y/ashington House 

White Henry J., Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 

White James, house Adams, near Salem 

White John, Hamilton, house Green, near George 

White John Q. A., Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 

White Joseph, agent Massachusetts, boards Merrimac House 

White Joseph B., Lowell Corporation, house 26 do. 

White Josiah, painter, house 120 Middle 

White Josiah, proprietor Howard House 

White Julia, widow, house 5 Pleasant court 

White Misses, house rear Fayette 

White Mary, Mrs. house Lowell 

White Philip T. house Gorham, opposite Union 

White Reuben, tinplate worker, house Ford, corner Austin 

White Samuel L., carpenter, 3 Dodge 

White Sumner A. boards at Enoch Colby's 

White William, Boott, boards at Mrs. Hannah Gilmore's 

White Winthrop F. {H. Smith § Co.), house Market 

Whitehorn , painter, at J, B. Fielding's, 75 Central 

Whitehouse Geo. W. carpenter, house Moody, opp. Gasometer 

Whitelaw Mary, house East Merrimac 

Whiteley John J., Lowell, house 40 Franklin square 

Whiteley Joseph, shoe store, 74 Merrimac, house Market 

Whiteman Joseph, watchman, boards at Archelus Welch's 

Whithed Darius, hats, caps, &c. 59 Central, house Howard 

Whithed George, clerk, boards at D. Whithed's 

Whiting- Henry, physician, Savings Bank Block, boards at Mrs. 

S. C. Whiting's 
Whiting Henry, machinist, boards at A. P. Dresser's 
Whiting Leonard, watchman, house 2 Mass. Corporation 
Whiting Moses, cardmaker, at Howe & Goodhue's, h. 94 Central 
Whiting Phineas, farmer, house Mt. Vernon, n. Pawtucket 
Whiting Sarah C. Mrs. house Pawtucket, corner School 
Whiting Sumner, clerk, at Post Office, house 36 Chapel 
Whitman Charles, machinist, bds. 13 Franklin square, Adams 
Whitman Chiistopher, clerk, 59 Central, h. Rock, n. Willie 
Whitney Abby E. millinery and fancy goods, 69 Merrimac 
Whitney Abel, bookseller, 35 Merrimac, h. South, n. W. Union 
Whitney Abigail, Mrs. house Central, opposite Elm 


Whitney Ambrose, shoemaker, at G. W. Clark's, house Alder 
Whitney Amos L. machinist, house 4 Franklin square, Adams 
Whitney Caleb, wheelwright, house Thorndike, n. Gorham 
Whitney Charles, at S. Horn's, house School, c. Middlesex 
Whitney Constant, Merrimac, boards 13o Merrimac Corporation 
Whitney David, clerk, boards at C. Whitney's 
Whitney F. A. clerk, at Churchill & Bingham's 
W^hitney Hannaniah, boarding, house 36 Mass. Corporation 
Whitney H. produce, 2^ Prescott Block, h. 36 Mass. Corp. 
Whitney Henry, Lawrence, boards 45 Lawrence Corporation 
Whitney Isaac {Farr ^ Whitney), house Ames 
Whitney John, overseer, Appleton, h. South, c. Appleton 
Whitney John L. printer, Daily Morning News, 44 Central, 

house Pawtucket, corner Fletcher 
Whitney Luke, Hamilton, house Appleton, near Elliott 
Whitney Norman, boards John Whitney's 
Whitney Norman K., Lowell M. Shop, boards 73 Mechanic 
Whitney Phineas, carpenter, house 21 Lawrence Corporation 
Whitney Samuel, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Whitney William M., Hamilton, house South, c. Appleton 
Whittaker David, Prescott, boards at Lucinda Simpson's 
Whittaker Lucy, widow, house Clay 
Whittaker Orman A. boards at Lucy Whittaker's 
Whiiien Charles P. {Whitten, Iiapffood S; Co.), house High, 

opposite Oak 
Whitten James, tin peddler, house Hi ^ near Oak 
Whitten James O. tinsmith, boards at o. P. Whitten's 
Whitten John, Prescott, boards 19 Prescott Corporation 
Whitten Joseph, stovesmith, boards at W. R. Whitten's 
Whitten Robert, Middlesex, house Water, near Andover 
Whitten {JViinaoi T.), Hapgood {£.),& Co. (C. P. Whitten), 

stoves, East Merrimac, house Everett 
Whitteraore Charles B. clerk, 46 Merrimac, b. 14 Ham, Corp. 
Whittemore Eleanor, Mrs. house High, near Chestnut 
Whittemore Isaac W. clerk, at Jacob Jenness's, house High, 

near Chestnut 
Whittemore Samuel, Lowell Machine S. house 68 Mechanic 
Whittier Bartlett J,, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corp. 
Whittier Charles B. cloth room. Carpet, boards 100 Merrimac 
Whittier Charles C. stonecutter, boards at J. Phelps's 
Whittier Cordelia J. Mrs. boarding house, 68 Merr. Corp. 
Whittier Daniel, at Fiske's bobbin shop, h. Pine, n. Liberty 
Whittier Daniel V. in bobbin shop, boards 13 South 
Whittier Howard, at O. Allen & Co's, boards at D. Stevens's 
Whittier Moses, overseer, Boott, house 74 Boott Corporation 
Whittier Phineas, shoemaker, house 12 Chapel 
Whittier Robert R. clerk, 5 Welles's Block, house Third, op- 
posite Chesnut, Centralville 


Whittier Richard B. boarding, house 10 Swamp Locks 
"VVhittier Wyatt B. stonecutter, boards at J. Pi^elps's 
Whittle Alfred, Bleachery, house Gorham, near Thorndike 
Whittle James, Hamilton, blockprinter, boards at A Whittle's 
Whitton Ruel A., Lowell M. S. house 8 LaGrange court 
Whitty Andrew, carpenter, house Union, opposilte Chapel 
Whitty John, Appleton, boards at B. Lynch's 
Wiemerth Peter, tailor, house James's court 
AVier Newton J. pattern maker, boards at Mrs. P. Hill's 
Wiggin Andrew {Sargent &; W.), house Bartlett, near Alder 
Wiggin Andrew J., Lowell, house Moody 
Wiggin Augustus, Prescott, boards at Mrs. A. P. Nudd's 
Wiggin Caleb M. bootmaker, at N. M. Wright's, house Oak 
Wiggin John A. carpenter, house LaGrange 
Wiggin Sarah, Mrs. boarding, house Lowell, corner Cabot 
Wiggins William H. carpenter, Adams, house LaGrange 
Wigglesworth Charles H,, Lowell and Waltham stage propri- 
etor, boards at Miss N. A. Smith's 
Wight Irene C, boarding, 27 Massachusetts Corporation 
Wight James, house Third, Centralville 
Wight James, machinist, boards at J. II. Melvin's 
Wight Lucy O. millinery goods, 64 Merrimac, b. 14 Central 
Wight Mary, teacher, house 12 Hurd 
Wight Nancy, Mrs. house 12 Hurd 
Wilbur William, Middlesex, boards 40 Church 
Wilby Benjamin, shoemaker, house Crosby 
Wilcox Alexander B, writing master, Washington School, 

house Chapel, near Walnut 
Wild Benjamin, cooper, Dummer, c. Mechanic, house Clark 
AVilder {Charles H.) & Hunt {E. S.), provisions, Market, 

house Middlesex, near the line 
Wilder Edmund F. {Pope <Sr Wilder), house 18 Adams 
Wilder Henry H. clerk at David Dana's, h. Chapel, n. Union 
Wilder Nathan, at C. H. Wilder's, boards do. 
Wilder Robert, at C. H. Wilder's, boards do. 
Wilder Willis, teaming, house Middlesex, near the line 
Wiley John, Suffolk, house 23 Suffolk Corporation 
Wiley Martha, Mrs. house Dodge 
Wiley Nehemiah, clerk, at B. T. Hardy's 

Wiley Robert P. refreshments, 3 Colby's B., Middlesex, h. do. 
Wiley Samuel F. carpenter, 21 Middle, house Andover 
Wilkes George, blacksmith, house 5 Crosby 
Wilkins Andrew J. bootmaker, at G. W. Clark's, house rear 

Centre, Centralville 
Wilkins Augustus, painter, boards at Samuel Brock's 
Wilkins Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Summer, c. Davis 
Wilkins Charles, sashraaker, house 6 LaGrange court 


Wilkins Charles, overseer, Lawrence, house 56 Lawrence Corp. 

Wilkins Charles P. house 12 Water 

Wilkins Charles W., carpenter, house Kelley's B., Middlesex 

Wilkins George, Mcrrimac, boards at E. Iluse's 

Wilkins Edwin, blacksmith, boards at Samuel Brock's 

Wilkins Ilanison, machinist, house Adams, corner LaGrange 

Wilkins Henry, Merrimac Corporation, house 70 do. 

Wilkins John B. lather, boards 41 Appleton 

Wilkins Josiah, carpenter, boards at A Foss's 

Williams Rufus, pork, lard, &c., Prescott, house Gorham, n. 

Hale's Mills 
Wilkins Sylvester, clerk, 32 Merrimac, boards at American H, 
Wilkins Zadock, painter, house 5 Race 

Wilkins , Mrs., house rear Chesnut 

Wilkinson James A. blacksmith, b. 43 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

Willard G. H., Hamilton, boards 1 South 

Willard Lorenzo, Middlesex, house 7 Warren 

Willey George F. music teacher, house 34 Suffolk 

Willey John, Appleton, boards 10 South 

Willey Lyman, at O. Allen's, boards 4 E. Pine 

Willey William, sash and blind maker, boards at L. Howe's 

Williams Charles, Middlesex, house Andover 

Williams Charles H. police officer, h. Chelmsford, n. Howard 

Williams Chester, tin peddler, boards at E. F. Wilder's 

Williams (Ebenezer), Bacon (Levi), & Lund (Charles G.), 

curriers, tanners, and enamellers of leather, Ayer's New 

Williams 'George, moulder, house Branch, opp. school house 
Williams Henry L. house Walnut 
Williams Isaiah, Boott, house Fayette 

Williams Isaiah, watchman, Boott, house Centralville Yard 
W^illiams James L. roll coverer, boards at W. Williams's 
Williams John, Boott, house Centre, near Bridge, Centralville 
Williams Levi, Lowell M. S. house 60 S. L., Worthen 
Williams Lemuel, at Brooks & Tyler's, house Marshall 
Williams Peter, barber, boards at Peter B. Lewis's 
Williams Robert, Boott, boards at Mary Parker's 
Williams Robert, moulder, house Kelley's Block, Middlesex 
Williams Samuel M. laborer, house Chestnut, near Ash 
Williams Thomas A, painter, house Central, near Elm 
Williams Thomas G. watchmaker, at A. Brastow's, house 

Chesnut, near Ash 
Williams W. A. roll coverer, boards at W. Williams's 
Williams William, roll coverer, house 173 Merrimac Corp. 
Williams William, shoemaker, boards at Darius Merrill's 
Williamson John, Middlesex, boards at R. Yrilson's 
Willis Eliza, Mrs. house 8 Water 


Willis John, at A B. French's, 35 Central 

Willis Julia Ann, variety store, Aldrich's Block, Middlesex 

Willoby Benjamin L. at A. J. Richmond's, house Wamesit, 

corner Central 
Willock James, fancy sign painter, Dutton, house do, 
Willoughby Alonzo L. at A. B. French's, 37 Central 
Willoughby Edward K. carpenter, house Third, Centralville 
Willoughby John, miller, house Lawrence, near Abbott 
Willoughby Mary, widow, house 9 Middlesex place 
Wills Daniel M., Lawrence Corporation, house 33 do. 
Wilmot James, Appleton Corporation, house 6 do, 
Wilmot Silas, Boott, h. Bridge, n. Central Bridge, Centralville 

Wilson , carpenter, boards at Enoch Colby's 

Wilson Ann, widow, house Snell's Block, Moody 

Wilson C, Lovrell, house 20 Lowell Corporation 

Wilson David AV. carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Wilson Edwin T., Hamilton, house Appleton, near Elliott 

Wilson Ellen, widow, house Lowell, near Lewis 

Wilson E. S., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 3 Appleton Corp. 

Wilson Foster, Merrimac, house 130 Merriraac Corporation 

Wilson Gerry, Merrimac Print Works, h. 108 Merrimac Corp. 

Wilson George W. machinist, house 7 Austin 

Wilson Henry W. machinist, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 

Wilson Henry, at Fiske & Norcross's, boards 4 East Pine 

Wilson Hubbard, Hamilton, house Middlesex, corner Gorham 

Wilson Huldah P. boarding house, 73 Merrimac Corporation 

Wilson James, beer maker, house Thorndike, near Gorham 

Wilson James, designer, house rear Chelmsford, near Hale 

Wilson James, jr. contractor, L. M. Shop, h. Hale, c. Grand 

Wilson John, variety store, 256 Merrimac, house do. 

Wilson John, Lowell, house 22 Lowell Corporation 

Wilson John, Middlesex, house Water 

Wilson John, jr. dry goods, 38 Merrimac, b. at Merrimac House 

Wilson John S. carpet weaver, house Union, corner Central 

Wilson Joseph, at Brooks & Tyler's, house East Pine 

Wilson Joseph A. confectionery and variety, 14 Suffolk 

Wilson Joseph G., Lowell Machine Shop, b. at L. Whitney's 

Wilson Levi, carpenter, house Sixth, Centralville 

Wilson Peter H., Middlesex, house Andover 

Wilson Robert, Middlesex, house Pleasant, near Andover 

Wilson Rufus, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Y/ilson Sarah M. boarding house, 17 Appleton Corporation 

Wilson Sophia, Mrs. boarding house, 58 Massachusetts Corp, 

Wilson Thomas, foundry, house Clay 

Wilson Thomas A. bobbin maker, house Broadway, n. School 

Wilson William, moulder, house Thorndike, near Gorhara 

Wilson William, Massachusetts, house 21. Prescolt Corporation 


Wilson William B. carpet factory, house Fayette 
[Wilson William W., Lowell, boards 1 Union 

Winchester Elhanan, Boott Corporation, boarding house, 59 do. 
j Winchester George W., Boott, house Third, Centralville 

Winchester Hiram G., ]3oott, boards E. Winchester's 

WiTichcster Samuel, blacksmith, Kidder, h. Lawrence, n. Cady 
; Wing Jane T. Miss, boarding house, 26 Massachusetts Corp. 

Wing John C. watchman, Middlesex, boards 77 Central 
I Wing Orin, stonecutter, house lo North Franklin court 
I Wing True, butcher, hoiise near Nesraith, Belvidere 
j Winkley M. A. Mrs. house 117 Middlesex 

Winn Alonzo N., Boott, boards at Mrs. Mary Parker's 

Winn Abigail M. Mrs. boarding house, 19 Massachusetts Corp. 
I Winn Daniel K. botanic medicines, Middlesex, corner South, 
j house do. next the Chapel 

I Winn Parker, shoemaker, boarding, house 35 Boott Corp. 
i Winn Thomas S., Boott, house 3 Boott Corporation 
i Winnek Iliram, machinist, boards Appleton, corner Favor 
I Winslow George, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 4 Race 

Winslow Lewis R. round house, house Chelmsford, n. Howard 

Winslow Madison E., Lowell Machine Shop, b. 3 Swamp Locks 

Winter Samuel, mason, boards at H. M. Bean's 

Winterbottom William, Bleachery, house Kidder 
; Winterbottom William, laborer, house Adams 
j Winton John, Middlesex, house 1 Water 
I Wirt Amos, at Weare CliflFord's, house Dearborn's court 
'. Wise Lucinda, boarding house, 7 Hamilton Corporation 
I Wise William G., Merrimac C. R. house 27 Merrimac Corp. 
I Witherell George S. oysters & fruit, lOo Central, house Charles, 
} near Central 

I Witherell William H., Tremont, house 9 Tremont Corporation 

Witherhead James, Prescott, boards at Mrs. S. B. Lyscomb's 

Wolcott George, boards Middlesex, corner South 

Wolcott Rufus, machinist, boards 8 South 

Wood Charles, overseer, Boott, house 70 Boott Corporation 

Wood Daniel, teamster, house 28 Charles 

Wood Ellen, Mrs. house Floyd 

Wood George, Hamilton Corporation, boards 25 do. 

Wood George Freeman, machinist, house opposite 24 Charles 

Wood {George W.) & Noyes {T. J.), provisions, Thorndike, 
house Middlesex, near School 

Wood George W., Boott Corporation, house 58 do. 

Wood Horatio, Rev. office Free Chapel, Middlesex, house Li- 
berty, opposite School 

Wood John G. house opposite 24 Charles 

Wood John H. hatter, house Willow 

Wood Lorenzo, clerk, Chapel, corner Court avenue 


Wood Lucius, currier, house Adams, near LaGrange 

Wood Lydia, Mrs. variety store, 93 Central, h. Tyler, n. Central 

Wood Richard, at Fiske & Norcross's, house East Pine 

Wood R. Mrs. boarding house, 49 Massachusetts Corporation 

Wood Robert, veterinary surgeon, house Alder, c. Stackpole 

Wood Sally, Mrs. house 228 iSIerrimac 

Wood Samuel, grain store, 17 Market, h. Chapel, n. Union 

Wood Samuel N. flour, grain, &c. 17 Market, house Centre 

Wood Wentworth, Suffolk Corporation, boards 6 do. 

Wood William, machinist, house Union, near Central 

Wood William, Mrs. house 60 Boott Corporation 

Woodard Alexander, machinist, boards L. J. Woodard's 

Woodard James, overseer, Lowell, h. 1.5 Lowell Corporation 

Woodard Lindsay J. carpenter, house Lowell, corner Adams 

Woodard Lorenzo D. machinist, h. Butterfield, c. School 

Woodbridge George, machinist, boards 1 Garnet 

Woodbury Albert, Hamilton, house Gorham, near Middlesex 

Woodbury John, boarding house, 11 Tremont Corporation 

Woodbury John L. patternmaker, house Appleton, opp. Favor 

Woodbury Joseph, carpenter, house Grand 

Woodbury Mary, Miss, dressmaker, 40 Central, house do. 

Woodbury Peter, carpenter, house Branch, opp. school house 

Woodcock Gideon, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

WoodiesD. S., Boott Corporation, house 47 do. 

Woodman Horace, machinist, house 6 Chapel 

Woodman T. P., Lawrence, house 51 Lawrence Corporation 

Woodman AVatson, cabinet maker, house Abbott 

Woods David, carpenter, house West Union, corner South 

Woods Dorothy A. Mrs. house Common 

Woods George F., Massachusetts, house 25 Prescott Corp. 

Woods Granville, clerk, boards at H. E. Sprague's 

Woods John, printer. Courier office 

Woods John H. hatter, at Bent & Bush's, house "Willow 

Woods Judith, Miss, hause 9 Appleton Corporation 

Woods {Leonard) & Nute {A. T.), scalemakers, O. Allen & 

Co's Mills, house Tyler, near Lawrence 
Woods M. J. millinery, 107 Merrimac 
Woods Nancy, Mrs. house East Merrimac, corner Ash 
Woods Timothy N., Lowell, house Central, near Abbott 

WoodAvard , teamster, boards at R. Mack's 

Woodward Alfred G. clothing and furnishing goods, 30 Merri- 
mac, boards at Mrs. S. Hosmer's 
Woodward Catharine, widow, house 6 Carpet lane 
Woodward Catharine B. Mrs. house River, Centralville 
Woodward Charles B. clerk, 54 Merrimac, boards at L. Rice's 
Woodward Daniel, clerk, at S. Bancroft's, house 22 Charles 
Woodward David, painter, boards at Mrs. Harriet Parker's 

21 ~" ■ 


Woodward Deliverance, house 111 Merrimac Corporation 
Woodward Kliza Ann, dressmaker, house 2 Arcade Block 
Woodward Eliza B. house HI Merrimac Corporation 
Woodward Emily G. teacher, boards at S. Woodward's 
Woodward Gage P. carpenter, at Ayer's New City, h. Main 
Woodward Heman, restorator, Central, corner Market, house 

Charles, near Central 
Woodward James G. house Pine 
Woodward John C, Locks and Canals, house Kace 
Woodward JohnT. overseer, Appleton Corporation, h. 10 do. 
I Woodward Marcus E. el'k, at Jos. S. Brown's, b. at L. Rice's 
'Woodward Russell, Lowell M. Shop, house 17 Swamp Locks 
i Woodward Sylvester {Peabody <Sf IF.), house Middlesex, op- 
! posite Jackson 

:WoodworthThos.H. cl'k, 8 Central, b. Mrs. C. B. Woodworth's 
Worcester Daniel, bobbinmaker, boards 174 Merrimac 
! Worcester Daniel C. bobbinmaker, boards 19 Central 
[Worcester Leonard, cutter, 53 Central, h. Alder, c. Bartlett 
Worcester Sophia, boarding, house 27 Church 
j Worth Henry, laborer, house Lowell, opposite Adams 
'Worth John, Middlesex, house Abbott 

■ Worthen Darius B., Lowell M. Shop, boards at J. C. Jaques's 
; Worth en Ezekiel B. & Co. (S. W. Locke), grocers, 180 Merr. 
Worthen George W. engineer, h. Merrimac, n. the Hospital 
! Worthley James, shoemaker, boards 176 Merrimac 
iWorthley John, painter, house Suffolk, opposite Mechanic 
Wragg Robert, Merrimac, house 86 Merrimac Corporation 
Wright Alanson, carpenter, house Tremont, near Merrimac 
! Wright Alexander, Mrs. house Market, opposite Shattuck 
I Wright Alex. W. clerk, 48 Merr. h. Hunt's avenue, E. Merr. 
Wright Amos D., Lawrence Corporation, house 58 do. 
Wright Asahel Bliss, printer, house Appleton, opp. Garnet 
Wright Atwill F. provisions, Middlesex, opposite Hamilton 

Corporation, boards at S. S. Files's 
Wright Atwood, Stony Brook R. R. boards at S. S. Files's 
Wright Emery, clerk, boards at N. Wright's 
Wright Ezra P., Boott Corporation, house 15 do. 
Wright Ezra W. carpenter, house Butterfield, near School 
Wright Ebenezer, house River, Centralville 
Wright George {Blanchard, Wright^ Co.) 
Wright George, boots and shoes, 83 Central, b. at L. Rice's 
Wright George S. overseer Suffolk repair shop, h. 3 Cabot B. 
Wright George W., Boott, boards at Miss R. Hardy's 
Wright Hapgood, boots, shoes, and rubbers, 51 Central, house 

Gorham, near Court House 
Wright Harriet, Mrs. boarding, house Middlesex, opposite 
Appleton Corporation 


Wright Harwood N., B. & L. R. R. boards at S. S. Files's 
"Wright Herman, Lawrence Corporation, boards 54 do. 
Wright Jacob, shoemaker, house Decatur 
Wright James J. blacksmith, house Thorndike, near Gorham 
Wright John, agent, Suffolk, house Merrimac, near Decatur 
Wright Leverett D. confectionery, Centre, near Bridge, Cen- 

Wright Luther, stonemason, house Mason's court 
Wright Martin, boarding house, 112 Merrimac Corporation 
Wright Mary, Mrs. house East Merrimac [Union 

Wright N. M. boots, shoes, &c. 112 Central, house Gorham, near 
Wright Nathaniel, president Lowell Bank, Savings Bank Build- 
ing, house Pawtucket, corner School 
Wright Pelatiah, bedstead maker, boards at Abiel Messer's 
Wright Peter, overseer, Lowell, h, Stackpole, cor. Livermore 
Wright Sophronia, nurse, boards at D, Smith's 
Wright Stephen, Middlesex, house 17 Hurd 
Wright Walter, Merrimac, house Anne 
Wright William, Middlesex, house 4 Bay State avenue 
Wright William A., Merrimac Corporation, house 78 do. 
Wrigly Jonas, agent Boston newspapers, house Marshall 
AVyman Aaron E., Suffolk, boards 4 Lyman 
Wyman Archelus E. boot maker, house Rock, near Fletcher 
Wyman Augustus M. house Appleton, corner Favor 
Wyman Henry, tailor, 29 Central, boards at Z. Shed's 
Wyman John H. cabinet maker, house Elm, Centralville 
Wyman John S. house Tyler 

Wyman Leonard N., Suffolk, house 4 Cabot Block 
Wyman AVilliam, farmer, house Wyman 
Wyman William J. blacksmith, house Third, Centralville 
Wyman AVilliam W. office 106 Merrimac, house Wyman 

YALDING JONATHAN P., Merrimac Corporation, h. 55 do. 

Yeaton Robert O. boards Appleton, opposite Favor 

Yeoman Elizabeth, house Tremont, opposite Gasometer 

Yeoman William H., Merrimac Print Works, h. 99 Merr. Corp. 

York James, Bleachery, house 14 do. 

York Jane, Mrs. house Tyler, near Central 

York John, at Fiske & Norcross's, h. 15 Middlesex, n. Branch 

York Joseph, Hamilton, house 4 Garnet 

York S. D. physician, 55 Merrimac, corner John, h. Centralville 

Young Aaron B., Merrimac, house 162 Merrimac Corporation 

Young Adaline W. Mrs. boarding house, 28 Mass. Corporation 

Young Albert T. principal Wash. School, b. at E. W. Young's 

Young Albert, laborer, house rear Keene 

Young Alexander, bill poster, house John street avenue 

Young Ann, washing, house rear Davis 


Youn^ Artemas S., Merrimac Corp. b, at Mrs. A. W. Young's 

Young Charles, Massachusetts, boards at Nathaniel Young's 

Young David, house East Pine 

Young Delia M. teacher, boards at A. B. Wilcox's 

Young Frank W. boards at Mrs. A. W. Young's 

Young Ephraim W. teacher High School, h. Central, c. Union 

Young George, house High, near East Merrimac 

Young George W., Union Store, Fletcher, corner Rock, house 

Central, near Elm 
Young Jacob, machinist, boards at Mrs. Esther Drew's 
Young James, barkeeper. Exchange Coffee House 
Young Lewis A., Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Young John, driver, house Middlesex, near Branch 
Young Jonathan, lather, boards at Thomas Gate's 
Young Jonathan F., Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Young Joseph, Massachusetts, boards at Nathaniel Young's 
Young Lafayette, machinist, house rear Appleton, n. Garnet 
Young Nathaniel, Massachusetts, house 16 Mass. Corporation 
Young Otis, jr. clerk, at T. Lucas's, boards at Mrs. A. Lord's 
Young Robert, confectionery, boards South, corner Middlesex 
Young Samuel, Merrimac, boards 71 Merrimac Corporation 
Young Sarah H. shoe store, 47 Merrimac, house do. 
Young Stephen L., Tremont, boards at Manly S. Dickerman's 
i Young Wesley, Massachusetts, boards at Nathaniel Young's 
Youngman Nicholas, laborer, house New, near Salem 

ZAPF MATTHIAS, house rear 1 Green 

Zotman Josiah A., Lowell, boards at Mrs. S. DeCoster's 





Agricultural Tools. 

Burbank, Cha?e & Co., 5 Central 
Elliot George P. & Son, 46 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
Rogers J. F. & J. 2 & 5 Savings 
Bank, block 


Allen Curtis L., E. Merrimac 
Allen H. W., Merrimac, c. Suffolk 
Ayer J. C. & Co., Cen. c. Jackson 
Bacon Frederick, Merr. c. Worthen 
Bush Edward, Central, corner Mer- 
rimac, under the Church 
Carleton & Ilovey, City Hall 
Colby M. D. 4 Canal block 
Eastman C. S. & Co., Central, cor- 
ner Merrimac 
Grosvenor Aaron P., Bridge, corner 

Centre, Centralville 
Hale B. S. & Co., E. Merrimac 
Hayes Joseph R. 12 Central 
Kidder Samuel jr.. Merr. cor. John 
Maynard John, 170 Merrimac, agent 

for selling liquor 
Norcross A. B., Merr. c. Bridge 
Scribner I. W., Merr. c. Hanover 
Sisson R. W. 79 Central 
Staniels Edward A. 99 Central 
Toothaker Charles, 4 Ilurd 
Webster Wm. W., Middlesex, near 
new depot 


Bean Daniel G. 4S Central 
Rand James H., Andover 

Hardy Dexter, 6, 7 & 8 Market 
Patch E. B. 6, 7 & 8 Commerc'l sq. 
Philbrick John, 42 Central (books) 
j Shapleigh S. C. 3 Commercial sq. 

BradtD. & G. J., Whiting 
Cornock A. B., East Merrimac 
Pollard Gorham L., Paige 
Scripture I. F., Central, Chapel Hill 
Sweetser Jos., (pastry) Pawtucket 

Besse Joseph T.. Market 
Emery Henry, Merrimac House 

Bedstead Manufactories . 

Cro.sbys & Comins, Howe 

White Dan"l jr., Fletcher, n. Dutton 

Beer Manufactory. 

Melvin James, Middlesex, c. South 

Bell Hanger. 

Stevens Salmon, Maiden lane 

Belt and Roll Manufactory. 

Gates Josiah, 6 Mechanics' block 

Cheever J. P., Andover, c. Pleasant 
Coburn David A., Arch 
Dane G., Dane 

Eaton J. B., Dutton, c. Worthen 
Garland G. W., Middle 
Hill John, Central, near Xorth 
Hill Lawrence, Dummer 
Holt Luther, near Pawtucket Falls 
Jenkins Joel, Arch 
Lovejoy L., Fletcher, c. Cushing 
Lovejoy D., Dutton, near the jail 
Nichols, Charles 
Smith & Meadowcraft, Whipple's 

Stinson & Poole, Middle 
Winchester Samuel, Kidder 
Wheeler Artemas, 17 Market 



j Boarding Houses. 

Annan S. M. 41 Appleton 

I Austin Sarah, 1 Pearl 
Boynton Amos, 19 Central 
Bradley Martha, 87 Central 
lllanchard Janette, 7 Market 
Brigham Sarah, Market 

'Brown Mary M., Fayette 
i'omb3 Joanna, Fletcher 
Craig Elizabeth, 3Ir3., Lee 
Copgrove John, 208 Merrimac 

1 Cain John, 3 George 
Crisp G. n. Mrs. 13 Charles 
Dean Susan, Mrs. 104 Merrimac 
Duesbury Caroline, 113 Merrimac 

I Durant Ann M., Til den, c. Moody 
Dickerraan M. S., Moody 
Ellsworth Calista B. 41 Cabot 
Foster Sarah, Mrs. 9 Central 
Greenleaf Lo\yell, 2 Green 
Hemenway E. R. 77 Central 
Hersey Hiram, 120 Merrimac 
Hills Prudence, Marion, c. LaGrange 
Mace Oliver, 32 Church 
Needham Esther, Lee 
Page Hannah Mrs. 216 Merrimao 
Parker H. S. 2 Colby's block 
Prescotfc D. E. 13 Central 
Quinn Ann, Green 
Rix Susan E. Mrs. 89 Central 
Smith C. T. Mrs. 174 Merrhnac 
Smith W. F., Merrimac, n. Han. 
Skinner A. 14 Central 
Yance Charlotte, 26 Ilurd 
AVright Harriet, Middlesex 


Brown H. Mrs., 4 

Butterfield E. M. Mrs. 8 

Curtis Svlvia, 18 
; Perley Mary E. 27 

Peters Daniel C. 26 
; Rand Ruth E. 14 

Smith Aurelia X. 23 
j Waterhouse B. 3 

j Calef Nancy, 30 

Currier Rhoda L. 26 

Colbv Mary Mrs. 20 

Dodge Eliza, 14 

Doton E. Mrs. 19 

Drew Esther, 43 
j risk George, 22 

Fox Amanda M. 45 
Folsom Ward W. 12 
Gage Lvdia Mrs. 2S 
Hardy Rebecca P. 53 
Harvey William Mrs. 21 
Jameson Harriet, 27 
Kempton Obed, 51 
Lewis George W. 13 
Lulkin Martha, 44 
Leslie Sarah S. 29 
Parker Mary, Mrs. 11 
Penniman Mary, 61 
Quimby Sarah, 38 & 40 
Straw Miriam, 37 
Sawyer Dorothy, 54 
Slade Abby M. 4 
Winn Parker, 35 
Winchester E. 59 


Abbott D. Mrs. 17 
Besse Warren, 3 
Clough E. M. Mrs. 5 
Durgin J. H. 4 
Derby Maria, 32 
Fogg Nancy, 31 
Fifield John, 33 
Garland J. P. 24 
Goodhue J. 23 
Hall Christopher C. 29 
Jones M. C. 21 
Kittredge G. Mrs. 30 
Moore M. G. 15 
Osgood Isaac, 12 
Puffer Abigail, 14 
Rice Moses. 34 
Sanborn E. F, 20 
Smith E. Mrs. 16 
Sanborn Moses, 6 
Wise Lucinda, 7 


Blake B. R. Mrs. 38 
Clough C. H. 10 
CuiTier Martha D. 19 
Foss John, 55 
Hall Nancv, 32 
Hill E. Mrs. 3 
Howe S. B.18 
Harris C. F. 28 
Honey Solomon, 4 
Keyes Zoa Ann, 27 
Kendall E. Mrs. 40 
Lamson Wilham, 8 
Legate Clarinda, 50 
Longer Sophia, 60 

Lyon Ilarriet, 16 
Locke M. Miss, 17 
Maxfield S. C. 45 
Morgan P. Mrs. 5 
Martin Mary, 7 
Packard Jason, 31 
Priest Nancy J. 20 
Russell II. Mrs. 29 
Slack B. Mrs. 9 
Stickney Benjamin, 59 
Sumner Mary Mrs. 33 


Boyden Harriet, 7 
Brown Mary, 3 
Cook H. P. 5 
Hixon Roxanna, 1 
Jaquith E. 2 
Shaw Sally, 6 
Thompson Alvin, 4 


Thorning Leonard, 28 Bleachery 
Abbott Deborah,_14 
Alden Mary A. 35 
Barnard Jona. 61 
Barstow Henry, Mrs. 13 
Blaisdell Sally, Mrs. 6 
Brown Bradbury, 4 
Currier Francis D. Mrs. 12 
Downes M. 20 
Fillmore T. 62 
Farmer Lydia A. 17 
Hill J. 0. 22 
Holbrook Eunice Mrs. 37 
Lyscomb Sarah B. 43 
Moody Caroline, 52 
Nudd A. P. 44 
Nutter Margery, 38 
Pike Tryphena, 51 
Rolfe Louisa G. 33 
Silver Elvira, 5 
Simpson Mrs. Lucinda, 30 
Snell L. E. 59 
Wadleigh Lovina, 3 
Weeks Timothy, 34 
Whitney H. 36 
Wight Irene C. 27 
Wilson Sophia, Mrs . 58 
Wing Jane T. 26 
Winn Abigail N. 19 
Wood R. Mrs 49 
Young A. Mrs. 28 

Bartlett Hannah D. 14 
Bartlett Nathaniel, 11 
Bixby Hannah, 15 
Brack Lucy, 8 
Colby Dorothy, 133 
Crawford Lucy, 16 
Charles B. Mrs. 113 
Clapp Clark, 109 
Chamberlin S. B. 6 
Crawford Ellen, 15 
Davis Mary, 9 
Eaton Jonathan, 114 
iisk Levi, 79 
Flanders B. C. 137 
Green Mary, 60 
GilletB.F. laS 
Haines Mary, 4 
Hoyt Mary, 18 
Huntington J. T. 74 
Johnson Eleanor, 110 
Kimball Laura A. 1 
Leathe Lureua, 142 
Leighton H;iuu:ih, 71 
Leonard Sally, 71 
Lewis Loring, 5 
McQuade Melissa, 80 
Murray Ruth, 141 
Proctor Esther, 2 
Proctor Joseph W. 11 
Read Betsey & Hannah, 17 
Kichaidson A. G. 10 
Sayles Nancy, 115 
Shepherd Nancy, 140 
Stevens Benjamin, 12 
.^poLlorU Ci);«i'ieS, b2 
Thompson Syrene, 135 
Tyler Jane S. R. 136 
Walker Susan, 7 
West Lovey, 13 
Weymouth D. 134 
AVlutticr Cordelia J. 68 
Wilson Huldah P. 73 
Woodward E. B. Ill 
Wright Martin, 112 

Collins Mercy, 45 
Dean Jemima, 5 
Uriffin Charles, 41 
Hamblet Julia D. 11 
flolston John C. 34 
Prince Martha, 9 




Bragdon L. E. 27 
Kastuian Susan F. 26 
Ma2;oun Marj', 6 
Mooilv M. Mrs. 2 
Merrill E. Mrs. 13 
Os.icooa S. S. xMiss, 10 
Parker Sarah, 28 
Stacy Mary, 4 


Barnard E. 19 
Clifford B. 4 
Edgerly B. Mrs. 21 
Foss Sarah B. 30 
FifieldE. 29 
Fuller II. P. 5 
Gowdy Sarah C. 12 
Johnson Harriet, 3 
Tarbox E. Mrs. 22 
True Hannah, 6 
Woodbury John, 11 

Boat Builder. 

Bowers Jonathan, Pawtucket 

Bonnets So Millinery Goods. 

Go ward Z. 88 Ivlerrimac 
Piper II. II. 65 Central 
Robinson F. W. 50 Merrimac 
Wight Lucy 0. 64 Merrimac 

Bonnet Bleachery. 

Bradshaw J., Hale 

Flanders Peter jr. 88 Merrimac 

Thompson B. T. 91 Merrimac 

Bobbins and Shuttles. 

Coburn J. H., Middle 

Fiske G. W., Mechanics' Mills 

Book Binders. 

Merrill & Straw, 23 Central 
Simonds S. B. 6 Merrimac 
Watson & Sargeant, 142 Merrimac 

Booksellers So Stationers. 

Bracket Joshua, 67 Merrimac 
Davis John W. 68 Merrimac 
Dayton N L. 32 Merrimac 
Mirch Oliver, 91 Central 
Merrill & Straw, 23 Central 
i Pease Benjamin W. 20 Central 
I 'liilbrick ..ohn, 42 Central 
IW^atson & Sargeant, 142 Merrimac 
v\"aiker James P. 61 Merr., c. John 

Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers. 

Bacon 11. 17 Merrimac 
Berry Alfred, 114 Merrimac 
Bascom William, 132 Merrimac 
Bowker Walter L., Tilden 
r.oardman L. H. 34 (,'entral 
Chase Lorenzo, 7 Tilden 
Cheney C. U. B. 60 Merrimac 
Clark G. W., Middle 
Critchett Nathaniel, 136 Merrimac 
Farr & ^Vhituey, 123 Central 
Gladwin & Cochran, 188 Merrimac 
Gleason H. C. 117 Merrimac 
Hall E J. 2-54 Merrimac 
Keyes James, Merrimac, cor. Cabot 
Kinuiston L. Clarke, 60 Merrimac 
Ladd Sampson, Adams, n. Fletcher 

Lunt J. C. & Co. 17 
McLanathan H. L. S. 102 Merrimac 
McLanathan S. 116 Merrimac 
Merrill Joseph, 7 Canal block 
3Ioore Salathiel, Middlesex, n. depot 
McKenzie Jane S., Central, c. Green 
Smith Francis, Paige, (ladies') 
Stone Samuel, 92 Central 
Swan Daniel, 41 Merrimac 
Saunders T. S. 26 Central 
Staples 0. A. & E. II. 3 Prescott b'k 
Walch Stephen, 62 Merrimac 
Wellington M. K. 200 Merrimac 
Whitely Joseph, 74 Merrimac 
Wright George, 88 Central 
Wright Ilapgood, 51 Central 
Wright N. M. 112 Central 
Young Sarah H . 47 Merrimac 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Butterworth John, Howe 

Brady John, Lowell, near HanoTer 

Colby C. 36 Central 

Davis Aaron, Rock, c. Fletcher 

Hawley George, 134 Central 

Hayden Isaac J., Market 

Hunt Aaron, Howe 

Hodgdon W. H. 50 Merr. (ladies') 

Kealey M,, Middle 

King Oliver, Stackpole 

Lunt J. C. & Co., 17 Central (ladies') 

Maguire Andrew, Market 

Mooney & Carter, Thorndike 

Moore John X., Central, c. Charles 

Murphy WiUiam, 192 Merrimac 

Newton C. E., Fletcher, c. Dutton 



Nelligan Maurice, Fenwick, near 
Smith Pliilip A., Suffolk [Lowell 
Slattery John, Charles 
AYelch John, Fenwick, near Lowell 

Botanic Medicines. 
Dbws Amos. 149 Central 
Winn Daniel K., Middlesex, c. South 

Botanic Physicians. 
Allen John, 82 Central 
Bryant N. 2 Cady 
Cole E. L., High, corner Chestnut 
Craigue James, Middlesex, c. South 
Curtis W. W. 77 Central 
Dowse John, Merrimac, c. Cabot 
Melvin Josh., Fletcher, n. LaGrange 
Montcalm A. W., Middlesex, n. the 

Free Chapel 
Olcott James S. 4 Adams block 
Smith A. M. 82 Central 
Stevens J. S. B. at A. Wirt's 
Trerett S. M. 133 Central 

Bowling Saloons. 

Lucas Albert B., Central, c. Ilurd 
Hazleton B. C, basement 31useum, 
Merrimac, opp. Central 

Box Makers. 

Allen 0. & Co., Middlesex 
Brooks & Tyler, Mechanics' Mills 

Brass Founders. 
Dana Dayid, Jackson 
Myrick F. II., Jackson 


Davidson William, 128 Merrimac 
Fowler Henry L. 18 Merrimac 
Hyde David, 23 Central 
Marvell II. W. 58 Central 
Olmstead E. 54 Central 

Brush Manufacturer. 

Fellows Charles F,, Market 

Cabinet Maker. 

Shorey John, 4 Middle 

Camphene and Fluid. 
Brown & Merriam, 45 Merrimac, 

and 9 John 
Dearden W. 80 Merrimac 


Cap Makers. 

Bent & Bush, 30 Central 
Davis Alonzo S., 62 Central 

Card Manufacturers. 
Howe & Goodhue, Market 
Kitson R., Marion 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Atwood Benj. E., Union, n. South 

Baker A., Summer, near Davis 

Barclay C. P., Salem 

Benson Samuel, Howe 

Brackett Shadrach R., Howe 

Cole Samuel G., School 

Dodge Joseph M., Tyler 

Dustin Wm. L., Howe 

Emerson Francis P. 6 Prescott 

Fifield & Peabody, Mech. Mills 

French Elias S., Howe 

Harmon M. M., Middle 

Haseltine G. W., South, n.W.Union 

Hood Abram K., South, n. Summer 

Howe H. C. & J. F., Middlesex, c. 

Lamkin A. A. 6 Prescott [Grand 

Lovett Thomas, Summer 

Mathes A., Forest 

Noyes Joseph, Cedar 

Peabody & Woodward, Middlesex, 

west of depot 
Pettingell & Bruce, Mech. Mills 
Proctor James, 143 Central 
Russell R , Middle 
Sanborn Lyman J., John 
Sawtell Josiah, School 
Snell Orlando, 9 Prescott 
Spalding & Page, Lenton 
Sylvester G. B., Market 
AVadleigh Edward, Putney s court 
Watson Edward F., 0. Allen & Co'8 

Mills, Middlesex 
Waymouth Geo. W., Howe 
Wetherbee Asa, 4 Prescott 
Wiggins William H., Adams 
Wiley Samuel F. 21 Middle 


Adams & North, 108 Central 
AVeaver & Brother, 7 Central & 28 

Carpet Manufacturers. 

Lang Roger, Whipple's Mills 
Mather J., Hale's Mills [dike 

McDonald John jr.. Hale, n. Thorn- 
Siner J., Whipple's Mills 



Carriage Manufacturers. 
Bovrers Jonathan, Pawtucket 
Coburn David A., Arch 
Day & Conver.s, 137 Central 
Eaton J. B., Dutton, c. Worthen 
Hatch George S-, [trimmer,) Mid- 
Jenkins Joel, Arch [die, n. P. 0. 
Prescott Peter, 17 Market 


Fletcher H., Fletcher, cwr. Western 

Cherry Pectoral. 

Ayer J. C, Jackson 

China, Glass, &-c. 
Brown & Merriam, 45 Merrimac & 

9 John 
Dcarden "William, 80 Merrimac 
Lesuer Benj. F. 85 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
Page, Fay & Co. 1 & 3 Appleton 

block [sex 

Smith & PuCfer, Gorham, c. Middle- 
Cigar Manufacturers. 
Fowler Geo. D. 5 Coburn's block 
Mason Allen, Suffolk 
Mooi-e L. B., Moore 
Mort J. W. 63 Central 
Steward G. W. 31 Central 

Barry TTm., Cliesnut, opp. Park G. 
Berick Francis H., Moody 
Blanchard Amos, Kirk 
Brewster Wm. H., High street sq. 
Burnap Uzziah C. Appleton 
Child Willard, Merrimac, c. Austin 
CoUyerl. J. P., Worthen, n. Lowell 
Cox G. F. 11 Church 
Crudden Peter, Appleton 
Dennis J. S., Merrimac 
Eddy D. C, Chipel, opp. Cottage 
Edson Theodore, Andover 
Hanks Stedman W., Kirk 
Haskins David G.,b. at A. Stevens'! 
Hawkes Philo, Mt. Yernon, n. Pine 
Howe Sereno, First, Centralville 
McDemiott J. T., Suffolk 
Merrill Joseph, Centralville 
Miles Henry A., Lawrence 
Moulton A. K.) Centralville 
O'Brien John, Fenwick 

• >'l rien Timothy, Fenwick 
Pratt Samuel C.. Nesmith 
Shcrwin Alden, 2 Willow place 
Smith James W., Fletcher 
Thayer Thomas B., Appleton, near 

Towne J. H., High, c. Andover 
Wood Horatio, Liberty 

Clock Eepairers. 

Hale Joshua, Merr. c. Maiden lane 
Molloy George, Middle 

Clothes and Carpet Cleaner. 

Myers N. 3>^ Prescott block 

Clothing &/ Furnishing Goods. 

Burbank, Chase & Co., 5 Central 
Colby D. D. 27 Central 
Connolly Thomas, 81 Central 
Critchet N. 136 Merrimac 
Dean H. C, 3 Central 
Evans Josiah F. . Middle«ex, op. dep. 
Farrington D., 150 Merrimac 
Farrington Isaac, 57 Central 
Gilbert A. jr., 1 Canal block 
Gould P., 2 Canal block 
Griffith P. T., 34 Merrimac 
Hayward Asa E., 80 Central 
McEvoy Hugh, 53 Central 
Nichols Hiram, 222 Merrimac 
Putnam A. A., 2 Amer. House block 
Packard N., 126 IVlerrimac 
Quinn John. 3 Williams block 
Stacy L. P., 34 Central 
Tuxbury Thomas L., 50 Central 
Woodward Alfred G., 30 Merrimac 

Coal and Wood. 

Fletcher H., Fletcher, c. W. avenue 
Howard Horace, Western avenue & 

Johnson L. C, Dutton, c. Worthen 
Kittredge W., Middle, n. P. O. 
Livingston William, Thorndike 
Mc Farlin W. & L., Pawtuckefc 
Penniman D., Salem 

Coffee Grinders. 

Humphrey & Stuart, West's block, 

Coffin Warehonses. 

Hull Amos, Prescott 
McCaren Terrence, 40 JIarket 



Proctor James, 143 Central 
Ross 0., Market 
Sylvester G. fi., Market 


Alger Daniel M., 55 Central 
Chellis E., 35 Merrimac 

Commission Merchants. 
Blanchard, Wright & Co., Fletcher, 

c. Button 
Coburn & Mixer, Button 
Curtis Nathaniel, Bancroft's block 
Hatch & TaisHj^, Western avenue 
Smith H. & Co., Market 
Wilder & Ilunt, Market 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Bell Elizabeth, 220 Merrimac 
Bickford John G.. East Merrimac 
Clark James, 103 Merrimac 
Crocker S. P., Central, c. Warren 

French A. B. 37 Central 
Ilobbs E. R. Mrs.. Merr. c. Prescott 
Leonard A. W., 130 Merrimac 
Smith S. C, 5 1-2 Canal bloclt 


Ilolden Artemas, Pawtucket 
Keelty & Garrity, Lowell 

Frasier & Angus, 145 Central 

Abbott & Brown, 61 Central 
Adams Joel, 49 Central 
Adams John T. K., 49 Central 
Alger U. A.. 12 Appleton block 
Batchelder Geo. ^V , 6 Canal block 
Beard & Howe, 61 Central 
BlaisdtU & Abbott, 3 Canal block 
Bonney A. P., 19 Appleton block 
Brown & A^er, 55 Central 
Butler & ^\ebster, Wyman Ex. 
Cass Andrew J., 27 Central 
Caverly & Adams, 56 Central 
Caverly Z. B , 49 Central 
Conant Abel, High, c. Chestnut 
Corliss II. G. F., 48 Central 
Bean & Dinsmoor, 27 Central 
Farr A. W., 6 Canal block 
Farr & Batchelder, 6 Canal block 
Jackson B. F., 62 Central 
Knowles John A., 14r Appleton bl'k 

Ladd Jona, 3 Canal block 
Loughran James. 20 Appleton blk. 
Morse Isaac S., 49 Central 
Pearson & Andrews, 56 Central 
Poole & Sweet.«er, 3 Canal block 
Richardson B. S. & W. A., 55 Cen. 
Sherman E. F, Wentworth's block 
Smith Wm., 1 Welles"s block 
Taylor A. A., Welles's block 
Waldron Geo. P., 56 Central 
Wentworth T., Wentworth's block 


Bixby Thomas, Middlesex, n. School 
Morrison Bavid, Salem, c. Willie 
Williams, Bacon & Lund, Ayers 
New City 

Smith John, 22 Central 
Daguerrian Artists. 

Bailey Morris, 83 Merrimac 
Bradburj- C, .50 Merrimac 
Gilchrest George C, 92 Merrimac 
Howes Samuel P., 112 Merrimac 
Miller R. A., 6 Canal block 
Simpson A. J., Wyman"s Exchange 
Warren George K., 128 Merrimac 


Abbott Samuel. 15 Central 
Baigneau Bon Pedro, 297 Merrimac 
Johnson A. T , Wentworth's block 
Ladd Calvin B., 21 Ceotral 
Lawrence Ambrose, John, c. Lee 
Lawrence Samuel, 24 Central 
Mansfield Geo.. 16 Central 
Swain N. II., 106 Merrimac 
Yinall Wm. D , 28 Central 
Ward S. L., Savings Bank block 

Door Plates. 

-Appleton J. P., 153 Central 
Doors, Blinds and Sashes. 

Benson Samuel, Howe 
Favor & Hatch, Mechanics' Mills 
Fifield & Peabody, Mechanics' Mills 
Fiske & Norcross, Middlesex 
Kelley AVm.. Mechanics' Mills 
Kendall G. & J., Ayer"s New City 
Place Isaac, Mechanics' Mills 
Webster M. S. & Co., Mech. Mills 


Abbott Matilda II., 8 Tilden 



Allen & Eaton, 19 Merrimac 
Butler C. M., 412 John 
Cochran H. \V. Mrs., IGO Central 
Curtis Mary, Middlesex 
Dixie L. A.^ 92 Merrimac 
Downing Judith P., Adams, c. La- 
Gran gw 
Dunn Maiia, E. Merrimac 
Emerson Jane, 36 Central 
Gallagher Ellen, Market 
George S. E.,4 Kurd 
Graham Mary, Middlc^^ex, c. South 
Hart Nancy F., Nesmith's block 
Hayes S. L., School, cor. Somerset 
Uiukley L. Maria, 88 Merrimac 
Marston S., 86 Central 
Morse Joanna C.-, 2 Arcade block 
Munroe R. A. at C. Munroe's 
Page Sarah, 50 Merrimac 
Parker Lucy, 81 Merrimac 
Pearson E. B., South, c. Middlesex 
Pillsbury J. D., Middlesex 
Piper H. H., 6-5 Central 
Rose Maria, Kirk 
Russell E. L., East Merrimac 
Stacy 0., Ea'rt Merrimac 
Stevens E. F.,55 Merrimac, c. John 
Stevens Mary, Middlesex, c. South 
Taft R. S. Mrs., 7^ Central 
Woodbury Mary, 40 Central 
Woodward E. A., 2 Arcade block 

Dry Goods. 

Battles A. L., 40 Merrimac 
Baxter D. D., 5 Appleton block 
Benthall & Hilton, 42 Merrimac 
Bradt & Orange^ 84 Merrimac 
Brennan Michael, 70 Merrimac 
Brown Joseph S., 54 Merrimac 
Cummings & Stevens, 4 App. block 
Davis Wm. J., 8 Central 
Dodge C. W., 101 Central 
Drew Chas. W.,3 Welles's block 
Folsom J. P. & Co., 44 Merrimac 
Griflfin A. J., 94 Merrimac 
Hardy B. T.,2 Welles-g block 
Hildreth I. C. & Co., 6 Central 
Hosford II. & Co.. 86 Merrimac 
Kendall A. C. 36 Merrimac 
Kimball & Bro'her, 110 Merrimac 
Lovett N. G., 18 Central 
Lucas T., 120 Merrimac 
Morrison A. B. , 5 Welles's block 
Peabody James M., 48 Merrimac 
Smith John & George, Merrimac 

Ward & Thompson, 91 Merrimac & 

2 John 
West Daniel, 46 Merrimac 
Wilson John, jr., 3S Merrimac 

Dyewoods, Drugs, &/C. 
Talbot C. P. & Co. City Market 

Chambers C, near Hale's Mills 
Clifford Weare, Andover, n. bridge 
Crowther Henry, Whipple's Mills 
Holt John, Howe, (Patent Press 

Elderberry Wine. 

Melvin E. Mrs., Thorndike 
Engineers and Surveyors. 

Bennett John, 55 Cen. & Appleton 
Chase Josiah G., 5 Welles's block 
Gushing Oliver E., 7 Savings Bank 

Newell J.. Savings Bank block 
Swan & Straw, 3 Canal block 

Fancy Goods. 

Bascom William, 132 Merrimac 
Berry Alfred, 114 Merrimac 
Gove L. & Co., 6 Tilden 
McLanathan II. L. S., 102 Merrimac 
Mo wry N. B.. 69 Central 
WaitD.S.,69A Central 


Ashworth Sager, Rock 
Austin Isaac, Ayer's New City 


Jennings T. L., City Market 
Sargent & Wiggin, City Market 

Flour and Grain. 
Blanchard, Wright & Co., Fletcher, 

c. Button 
Coburn J., 8 Merrimac 
Corner Josiah, 2C6 Merrimac 
Hills C. F., 1 & 6 Savings B'k block 
Livingston William, Thorndike 
Wood Samuel N . 17 Market 

Fruit, &LC. 
Clark James, 103 Merrimac [Hall 
Cheney & Dickey, basement City 
O'Connor J., Dutton, c. Fletcher 
Mclntire & Campbell, 20 City Mar. 
March John Mis., 7 Williams bl'k 
Taylor J. L., 64 Central 



Furniture and Feathers. 

Adams & North, 108 Central 
Farringfon D. W. C. 1 & 2 Com'l sq. 
Offutt George, 7 Conmiercial sq. 
Nichols & IvOgan, Dutlon, c. Lowell 
Smith & Putfer, Gorham, corner 

Weaver & Brother, 7 Central & 28 


Bent & Bush, 30 Central 
Brazer \Vm. P., Market, c. Central 
Gilbert A. jr., 1 Canal block 
Packard Nahum , 126 Merrimac 

Ashtonir., Middle 
Gas Engineer, and Gas and 

Steam Fixtures. 

Darracott George jr., 1 Williams b'k 

Grist Mills. 

Coburn J., near Bleachery 
Livingston William, near Brewery 

Harding Joseph, Middle 

Barth Daniel W.. 3 Am. II. block 
Booth N., Central, c. Church 
Brinsley Fredk. Middle, op. depot 
Brooks Wm. F., 20 Merrimac 
Grush Joseph S., Middlesex 
Lew P. B , 12 ]Merrimac 
Lewis S. A.. 234 Merrimac 
Lewis J.. ]Middle. nearShattuck 
Phipps Samuel, Washington House 
Bedford Thomas, 242 Merrimac 
Reinewald Henry, 17 Middlesex 
Raymond Dan'l, 58 Mer. (chair work) 
Quinn & Burton, 1 Mechanics' bid. 
Harran J. L., 2 Williams block 
Simpson F. I., 60 Central 
Shorter J. S., Merrimac House 

Hardware &/ Mechanics' Tools. 

Burbank, Chase & Co., 9 Central 
Mansur Stephen, 110 Central 
Rogers J. F. & J., Savings B. block 

Harness Makers. 

17 Market, 

I Brabrook Joseph A. 
! """ ;Market House 

opp. -> 
j Burgess Ebeneze 

r, Prescotfc 

Bridge Charles, Arch 
Day & Convers, 137 Central 
Eaton J. B., Button, c. Worthen 
Hatch Geo. S., Middle, near P. 0. 

Hats, Caps and Furnishing 

Bent & Bush, 30 Central [ket 

Brazer Wm. P., 47 Central, c. Blar- 
Farrington Isaac, 57 Central 
Gilbert A. jr., 1 Canal block 
Gould P., 2 Canal block 
Merrill Joseph, 7 Canal block 
Stacy L.P., 33 Central 
Tuxbary T. L., 50 Central 
Whithed Darius, 59 Central 
Woodward A G., SO Merrimac 

Hosiery, Gloves, 6oc. 

Bachelder Abram, 110 5Ierrimac 
Cook M. H., 101 Merrimac 
Davis E. P. & Co.. 49 Merrunac 
Fisher Cyrus, 63 Merrimac 
Mo wry N. B., 69 Central 

Ice Dealers. 

McFarlin Wm. & Luke, Pawtucket 

Ink and Blacking-. 

Chambers Cyrus, near Hale's Mills 

Insurance Agents. 

Adams Joel, 49 Central 
Dinsmoor .Tames, 27 Central 
Ladd Jonathan, 3 Canal block 
Merrill Joshua, 23 Central 
Parker Frederick, 21 Appleton bl'k 
Pill.«bury John G., 17 App. block 
Porter Edwin, 62 Central 
Richmond A. J., 18 Appleton block 
Stickney S. W., Savings Bank block 

Intelligence Offices. 

Davidson Wm., 128 Merrimac 
Morgan Ebenezer, 272 Merrimac 

Iron Dealer. 

Wheeler Artemas, 17 Market 

Iron Fence Builders. 
Cushing & Mack, Market, c. Shat 
Nichols & Co., Middle [tuck 

Iron Foundries. 

My rick F. H. , Jackson 
Odiorne C W. & Co., Middle 



Jewelry and Watches. 

Adams Henry D., 43 Central 
Appleton George B., 17 Central 
Brastow Addison, 129 Central 
Fellows J. K. & Co., 134 Merrimac 
Griswold 11. D. C, 182 Merrimac 
Hale David It., 90 Merrimac 
Johnson Jona, Welles's Block 
j Lamson & Tarr, 98 Merrimac 
I Lyman Roland. 100 Central 
Morgan L. S , 79 Central 
Pierce George, 58 Central 
Raynes Joseph, 43 Central 
Richardson L. B., 1 Aldrich's block 
Sanborn Amos, 25 Central^ c. Mid- 
dle (manufactureT and loholtsale 
Stone & Towne, 34 Merrimac 
Taylor C. S., 15 Merrimac 

Lace Stores. 

Bebby J. H., 52 Merrimac 
Cassidy I. Mrs., 118 Merrimac 
Cook M. II., 101 Merrimac 
Davis E. P. & Co., 49 Merrimac 
Fisher C, 63 Merrimac 
Maynard C. I. W., 76 Merrimac 

Leather Dealers. 

Bixby Thos. 2 Middle, n. op. P. 0. 
Brown AVillard, Market 
Williams, Bacon & Lund, Ayer's 
New City 

Letter Cutters. 

Grover A., 15 Middle 
Hastings George, 17 Market 


City Library, City Hall 
March Oliver, 91 Central 
Mechanics', Mechanics' building 


Fletcher H., Fletcher, c. W. avenue 

Livery Stables. 

Emerson J. F., Charles 

Flint Oliver U'., Moody 

Iladlcy John, Worthen, n. Lowell 

Kimball D. R., Merr.,cor. AVorthen 

Lesure Ansell P., I'rescott 

Norris G. W., Warren 

Noyes & Bean, rear Wash. Hovise 

Pearl & Huntress, Middle, c. Shat. 

Prentiss B.E., Merrimac 
Kobbins J. P., MiJdlosex, n. depot 
Rogers David, 13') Cen. n. Tyler 
Scott Alfred, Middlesex 


George S. D., 107 Central 

Looking Glasses. 

Dyar AV. H., 39 & 41 Central * 
Weaver & Brother, 7 Central & 28 

Loom Harnesses. 

Bro-wn D. C. & Co.. Warren 
Stevens A. & S., Thorudike 

Loom Picker Manufacturer. 

Goding Wm., Middle 

Allen Otis & Co., (jmcking boxes.) 

Brooks & Tyler, Button 
Fiske & Norcro.*, Middlesex 
Fletcher Horatio, Fletcher, c. W. av. 
Howard Horace, Western av. 
Livingston Wm., Thorndike 

Aldiich, Tyng & Co., Middlesex 
Atherton Wm , Howe 
Beal Wm., Lowell, c. Adams 
Buck James I.. Ayer's New City 
Grover A., 15 Middle 
Heneage & Abbott, Howe 
Hastings George. 17 Market 
Kimball N. G., Middle, AVest's bid. 
Lowell Machine Shop, William A. 

Burke, agent, Button 
Marvel, Sargent & Co., Willie, n. 

Nichols 0. & Co., Middle {patent 

corncob and oat crushers) 
Scott E. AY., Middle, {pattern man- 
Snow H., 20 Market 
Simpson'John, Mechanics' Mills 
Smith H. B. & Co., Fletcher, near 

Marble and Grave Stones. 

Day Ben j., 101 Salem 
Nichols David, Dutton 
A\''arren Theodore, Middlesex 



Adams John, Merrimac, n. Cabot 
Cady L., 6 Cady 
Colcord \y., Lawrence 
Crosby Caleb, Gorham 
Herrick & Tuttle, Central, c. Elm 
Hutchinson S. K , Nesmith, corner 

Chestnut (builder) 
Messer Abie), Fayette 
Page Charles, Gorham 
Parker Dexter, Moody 
Sanborn W. F., Clay, n. Oak 
Tuttle John B., Elm, c. Linden 

Millinery Goods. 

Abbott Matilda H., 8 Tilden 
Billings S M.,36 Merrimac 
Bradley H. A., 75 Merrimac 
Brown Martia, 87 Merrimac 
Clifford Mary A. 89 Merrimac 
Cummiskev A. M., Merr., op. Trem. 
Frost M., 23 Merrimac 
Gray Cynthia, 79 Merrimac 
Hawley A., 72 Merrimac 
Hussey S. H., 93 Merrimac 
Marshall L. M., 83 Merrimac 
Maynard D. & P., 78 Merrimac 
Piper H. H., 65 Central 
Robinson F. W., 50 Merrimac 
Russell M. L., 105 Merrimac 
Stevens Mary, Middlesex, c. South 
Thompson B. T., 91 Merrimac 
Waldron Mary A., 56 Merrimac 
Webster C, Nesmith's block 
Wight Lvicy 0., 64 Merrimac 
Woods M. J., 107 Merrimac 
Whitney Abby E., 69 Merrimac 

Morocco Manufactory. 

Soils F., Ayer's New City 

Dvar W. H., 39 & 41 Central 
Metcalfl. N., 23CentrU 
Shepard B. H , 77 Merrimac 


Baker Lncv, Central, n Chapel 
Davis Elizabeth W., 15 Middlesex 
Gilson Lucy, Walnut, n. Gorham 
Leach Rersev, Bowers, c. Beacon 
McKenzie Ellen, Union House 
SeabringMiry A.,at J. Y. Atkinson's 
Tucker Jane, Union, n. Chapel 
Wetherbee S. M., r. Union, n. Cen. 
Wright Sophronia, 2 High 

Painters (house.) 

Ayer Abel M.. 290 Merrimac 
Burnap & Carr, Prescott 
Clark Geo. W., 9 Prescott block 
Conant 0. J., Merr. near Tremont 
Emerson Nathan, East Merrimac 
Farson Samuel, 90 Middlesex 
Farson James, Adams, n. Fletcher 
Fielding Josiah B., Central [depot 
Howes & Harper, Middlesex, near 
Kittredge Abner, 19 Middle 
Kittredge Jeduthan, Prescott 
Martin & Twiss, Sal^m 
McAuslan Alex., 119 Central 
Morey Geo. C & Co., E. Merrimac 
Parks Geo., Central, opp Tyler 
Silver, Howe & Mead, 131 Central 
Tilton L. S., Merr., c. Suffolk 


Bowers Jonathan, Pawtucket 
Dickenson B. P., Arch 
Eaton J. B., Dutton, c. Worthen 
Freeman S.'j., Arch 
Quackenbush D. P., Middle 


Howes Samuel P. 112 Merrimac 
Lawson Thomas B. 9 & 10 Sav. 
ings Bank Block. 

SIGX, &c. 
Iledrick Geo. 36 Central 
Kittredge A. 15 Middle 
Pennington Wm. F. 17 Middle 
Quackenbush D. P., Middle 
Smith J. T. 17 Market 
Willock James. Dutton 

Paints, Oil and Glass. 

Burnap & Carr, Pre-co't 

Coburn & Mixer, Dutton (^naniif.) 

Paper Maker. 
Richmond P. 0., Lawrence 
Papar Hangings. 

Burnap & Carr, Prescott 
Fielding J. B. 75 Central 
Kittredge Geo. H., Prescott 
March Oliver, 91 Central 
Merrill & Straw, 23 Central 
Morey Geo. C. >'t Co. 13 E. Merr. 
Unsworth H., Hale, n. Tborndike 

Pattern Makers. ' 

Chipman W. W. 8 Middle 



Crane John E. 8 Middle 
Scott E. \V., Middle 

Patent Medicines. 

Davis J. W. (!8 Merrimac 

M-nihfrs of 3Iussachiiselts Medical 
and Middlesex District Medical 
Allen Nathan, 12llurd 
Blake Jereniinh, E. MeiT. c. Fayette 
r.lake J. n. 106 Merrimac 
Bradley Wm. H.. Centralville 
Boynton Amos II., Wcntworth's Bl'k 
Campbell Patrick P., Market 
Dalton J. C, Dutton, c. Lowell 
Davis Chas. A., 20 Plurd 
Dickey Ilauovcr, 15 Hard 
Graves John W., 16 Ilurd 
Green Jno. 0., Savings Bank Bl'k 
Holt Daniel, John, n. the chh. 
Huntington Elisha, 14 Kurd 
Hocke II. M., Welles's Block 
Jewett J. P., 22 Kirk 
Kidder Mo.-^es, opp. Hale's MiUs 
Kimball Gilman, Merr. c. Worthen 
Kittredge F. G., Tyler, n. Lawrence 
Leach J. T. G., Lee, cor. John 
Mansfield Geo , 16 Central 
Morse L. B. 55 Merrimac, c. John 
Mowe Daniel, Middle, n. Shattuck 
Merrill Sidney, Ne5mith's Block 
Moore Ira L. 18 Hurd 
Parker Hiram, John, n. the chh. 
Perham Otis, 22 Hurd 
Pierce Geo., Moodv, c. Austin 
Pillsbnry Ilarlin, 24 Kirk 
Pillsbury Jno. D. 21 Central 
Sanborn E. K. 162 iMerrimac 
Savory Chas. A., Kirk 
Scribner I. W., Merr. c. Hanover 
Skelton Benj., Tyler, n. Lawrence 
Spalding Joel. 4*\VeIles"s Block 
StevensS. S., at R. G.Bell's 
Wells David, Welles's Block 
Whiting Henry, Savings Bank Bl'k 


Bumham Walter, Middlesex, c. 

Burnham Z. P., John. c. Lee 
Churchill Geo. W., Cabot 
Fitch V. H. 21 Central {(clectic) 
Jenness L. W. 55 Merr. c. John 

McDowell F. A. 1 Willow place 
Miles James, 128 Merrimac (fci^ciic) 
Olcott Jas. S. 4 Adams Block 
Thomp.son M. E.,Merr , opp. Tilden 
Toothaker Charles, 4 Hurd 


Astle A , Moore 
Andrew A., School, c. Somerset 
Bryant N. 2 Cady 
Coleman J. S., Fletcher 
Fitzsimmons T. lO Adams Block 
Harmon J. M., Lee, c. Kirk 
Masta J. A., Walnut 
Morrill Frederick, 11 Middle 
Person Jno. W., Welles's Block 
Stone G. U., Centralville 
Tebbetts J. H., Court avenue 
York S. D. 55 Merrimac, cor. John 

Periodical Depots. 

Davis J. W. 6S Merrimac 
McDonald E. S. 6 Williams Block 
Melvin J. B. 2S6 Merrimac 

Piano Fortes. 

Hedrick Geo. 36 Central 
Ulman Wm. F., Went worth's Block 
Weaver & Brother, Wyman's Ex 

Plane Makers. 

Fish Ansel, Howe 
Prescott C. 2 Green 
Taber Wing H., 20 Market 

Plaster Ornaments and Stucco 
' Workers. 

Crosby C., Gorham 
McCartyJ. 15Middle 


Dana David, Jackson 
Frasier & Angus, 145 Central 

Pocketbook Manufactory- 
Packard B. H. 15 Middle 

Po-wder Manufactory. 
Whipple Oliver M., Lawrence 


Brown Leonard, 56 Central 
Bellows S. M. 48 Central 



Cheslej^ J. T.21Central 
Judkins J. J. 35 Merrimac 
Reach, Emery & Co. 4i Central 
Knapp Chauncey L. 23 Ap. Block 
'Nellie Mary, (copper-plate,) 2- Lee 
Penhallow B. 11., Wyman's Ex. 
Varney Samuel J. 27 Central 
Wentworth Geo. 48 Central 

Produce, &;C. 

Bancroft H., Cabot 
Curtis Nathaniel, Bancroft's Block 
Downing D. R. 14 City Market 
Hatch & Taisey, Western avenue 
Hancock & Waite, Fletcher, corner 

Magoon & Clement, Merr., c. John 
Mooney & Carter, Thorndike, near 

Nangle Thomas, Lowell, n. Lewis 
Smith H. & Co., Market 
SpaulJing A. jr. 17 City Market 


Ayer Alonzo, Middlesex 
Bancroft H., Cahot 
Bell & Brown, 16 City Market {but- 
ter, ifc. ) 
Betty Thomas, Lowell, c. Hanorer 
Blood Benj. A , Adam^, c. Fletcher 
Breed Henry K. 36 Church 
Bright & Carter, East Merrimac 
Bryant D., Middlesex, c. Garnet 
Colburn & Searl, Central, c. Ma- 
son's court 
Dalton & Tebbetts, East Merrimac 
Froiit Richard, South, opp. Spring 
Garland & Leathers, ^Vash. Market 
George Edward C. 25 Franklin sq. 
Goodwin & Cook, Parker's Block, 

HoUis Z., Merrimacj-op. Mechanics' 

Lannon Patrick, Lowell, c. Lewis 
Manahan & Currier. Merrimac, c. 

Martin N., Market 
Owen Wm. N. 14 East Merrimac 
Rice H. M. & J. 22 City Market 
Shed John, 12 City Market 
Sprague & Uartwell, Middlesex, n. 

Stuart Charles T. 71 Central 
Trow T. C. 115 Central 

Tweed T. G. 164 Merrimac 
Upton & Besse, Merr. n. Museum 
Way Lorin, 13 City Market 
AVhifney H. 2| Prescott Block 
Wilder & Hunt, Market, (pork) 
Wilkius Rufus, Prescott. (ivholesale 
Wood & Noyes, Thorndike 
Wright A. F., Middlesex 

Public Houses. 

American House, Joseph Hutchins 

City Hotel, John Russ, East Merr. 

Colony House, Walter K. Manning, 
Middlesex, opp. Depot 

Howard House, Josiah White, Mid- 
dlesex, c. Middlesex place 

Lawrence House, W. Bailey, Cen 

Merrimac House, Henry Emery, 
Merrimac, c. Button 

Railroad Exchange, A. J. Russ, Mid- 
dlesex, opposite depot 

Union House, Central, c. Green 

Washington, B. Thurston, 
Central, corner Church 

Pump Makers. 

Clark Richard, 41 Market 
Colby & Pollard, Howe 

Reed Manufacturers. 

Batcheller S., Whipple's Mills 
Brown Darius C. & Co., Middle 

Kefreshments, Oysters, ^i-c. 

Brinsley Fred., Middlesex, c. Arch 
Cheney Luther S., ba.sement of City 

Cook A. F., Middle, c. Central 
French A. B. 37 Central 
Hale C. M , Northern Depot 
Leonard A. W. 130 Merrimac 
Leeman II. N. 5 Coburn's Block 
Marston J. M , Merr., c. S hat tuck 
Richardson Sullivan, 16 Merrimac 
Woodward H., Central, c. Market 

Rope Maker. 

Scotchburn T., Central, c. Chapel 
Sa-wing and Planing-. 

Allen 0. & Co., Middlesex 
Brooks & Tyler, Mechanics' Mills 
Fi^ke & Norcross, Middlesex 
Howard Horace, Mechanics' Mills 



Scale Makers. 

Fairbanks's Scales, 5 Ocutral 
Woods & Nuto, Livingston & Ca- 
lefs Mills, Middlesex 

Screw Bolt Manufactory. 
Smith & Meadowcrafc, Whipple's 

Shoe Blacking. 

Baker Wm. K., Chapel, c. AYalnut 

Shuttle Manufactory. 
Coburn John 11., West's building, 

Silk Printers, 
j Littler & Dewhursii, Whipple's Mills 

Silks and Shawls. 
Kimball John H., Middle, over the 
Post Office 

Silver Ware Manufacturers. 

Holt & Ilovey, 20 Market [dlesex 
Sanborn Amos, 25 Central, c. Mid- 
Waugh John, Button 

Soap and Candles. 

French A., Middlesex 
Horn S., Middlesex, c. School 
Putnam & Currier, Lenton, near 

Soda Manufacturers. 

Eastman C. S. & Co., Pentucket 

Stamp and Stencil Cutters. 

Dewhurst R. J., n. Hale's Mills 
Hall James, opp. Hale's Mills 
Leland Wm., Hale's Mills 

Steel Wire. 

Burbank, Chase & Co. 5 Central 
Prouty, Day & Co., Whipple's Mills 

Eastman G. K., Western avenue 
.Tones T. W., Middlesex, n. Pv. R. 

Stoves, Grates, fee. 
Bangs I. W. & D. 113 Central 

Bean W. P. 2 Prescott 

Cashing & Mack, Market, corner 

Dana David, Jackson 

Farrington D. W. C. 1 & 2 Commer- 
cial sq. 

Gillpatrick B. 102 Central 

Pope & Wilder, Adams, c. Fletcher 

Littlefield D. G. 166 Merrimac 

Mead Matthias, 90 Central 

Nichols & Logan, Dutton, comer 

Robinson B. W. 14-5 Central [sex 

Smith & Puffer, Gorham, c. Middle- 

Whitten, Hapgood & Co., E. Merr. 

Tea and Coffee Store. 

Bonney & Sholes, ^ Merrimac 


Abbott Fanny Mrs. 1 Aldrich's Bl'k 
Barnes Emily R. 40 Central 
Fowler S. R. 112 Merrimac 
Tower M. & L. 4 Charles 


Kendall B., (private school,) Nes- 

mith's Building 
Quimby E. S. Mrs., Wentworfh's 

Block (young ladies^ seminary) 


Harrison James, Kirk 
Hutchinson Reuben, at R. M. 

Metcalf I. N. 23 Central 
Strack Louis, Savings Bank 
Ulman Wm. F., Wentworth's Block 
Willey Geo. F. 34 Suffolk 


Stanchfield Sarah, Wentworth's 

Block (draiving) 
Spalding & Gilman, 128 Merrimac 
Tyler A. Frances, Wentworth's Bl'k 


Ganzon V. 89 Central 

Telegraph Offices. 

Bain's Temiont & Bo,*ton Lino, J. 

W. George, Agent, Lowell R, R. 

House's Line, J. Johnson, Agent, 

Kirk, c. Merrimac 



Trips Dealers. 
Adams Smith & Elisha, Walker, n. 

Tailors and Drapers. 

Barnes II. II. 5 Canal Bloc'c 

Bennett Wm. S. 11 Central 

Burbank. Chase & Co. 5 Central 

Colby D. D. 27 Central 

Dean D. 11. 5 Canal Block 

Dean Horace C. 3 Central 

Evans Josiah F., Middlesex, corner 

Fuller P., Went worth's Building 
Gold.-^mith Thomas, 3 Williams 

Gordon S. P., Prescott 
Hastiugs S. II. 7 Appleton Block 
Kalery Thomas, 66 Central 
Kimball J. B. 29 Central 
Leslie E. C. 184 Merrimac 
McEvoy Hugh, 53 Central 
Quinn John, 4 Williams Block 
Shattuck Sesvall, 5 Williams Block 

Allen Otis L. 114 Merrimac 
Barnes T. J., 52 Central 
Berry Alfred, 114 Merrimac 
Cheney C II. 11. 66 Merrimac 
Hay ward Wm. P. 15 Prescott 
McLanathan II. L. S. 102 Merrimac 
McLanathan S. 116 Merrimac 
Smith Francis, Paige, n. John 
, Stone S. 92 Central 
I Walch Stephen, 62 Merrimac 


1 Jennings M. 27 Market 
Shepard B. H. 77 Merrimac 


■ Cassidy Michael, Appleton, near 
' Gorham 

Eames L., Gorham, n. Hale's Mills 
' Hull Amos, Prescott, and Central, 
Chapel Hill 

Variety Stores. 

Allen Otis L. 114 Merrimac 
lArlen Abigail, 3 Arcade Block 
;Bedlow Artemas, Gorham, n. Sum. 

Brown James, Adams, c. Salem 
i Button Pv. K.,Tremont 
I Clark J. 103 Merrimac 

Cook Thomas, 298 Merrimac 
Curtis Wm. W. 248 Merrimac 
Depp ,To.=eph, 1 Arcade Block 
Dutton Wm., Button 
Eastman J. B., Paige, c. John 
Emerson P. H. 71 Merrimac 
Filmore .John W., E. Merrimac 
Hale C. M. Mrs., 71| Central 
Hanrahan John, E." Merrimac 
Harris John, 9t Mprrimac 
Hawley Almira, 72 Merrimac 
Hiland Maria, Suffolk, c. Cross 
Johnson G. T. 8 John 
Knowles Emeline, Thorndike, cor, 

Knox Mary W. 73 Central 
Livingston James H., E. Merrimac 
Maher P. 292 Merrimac 
McCann Robert, Market 
Melvin John B. 286 Merrimac 
MoUoy G., Middle, (clocks, S(c.) 
Parmenter Harriet, 47 Merrimac 
Pollock J., 4^>4' John 
Priest H. W. 2 Tilden 
Richardson Kehemiah, 99 Merr. 
Smith Richard, 198 Merrimac 
Toothaker F. B. 4 Ilurd 
Twombly Sophia E. 14 Tilden 
Vernon Thomas, Merr., n. Hanover 
Willis Julia Ann, Middlesex 
Wilson John, 256 Merrimac 
Wilson Jo.sepli A. 14 Suffolk 
Wood Lydia, 93 Central 

Varnish Manufacturers. 
Gardner R. & E., Market {copal) 

Veterinary Surgeon. 
Wood Robert, Aider 

Wadding &/ Batting Manuf. 
Richmond A. J. & Co. 18 Ap. Bl'k 

Water Cure. 
Roundy G. C, Sixth, Centralville 

West I. Goods &u Groceries. 

Armstrong Chris., To well, n. Adams 
Barker S. jr. 178 Merrimac 
Bmcroft Selwin, Market 
Blan chard & Underwood, Middle, 

corner Shattuck 
Bonney & Sholes, 5 Prescott Bl'k 

and 37 Merrimac 
Bohonan & Pearson, Ayer's N. City 



Buttrick & Co., Market [Gorham 
Carle & Partridge, Middlesex, uear 
Carolin T., Howe 
Churchill & Bingham, Merrimac, 

cor nor Tremont 
Churchill Wat. 13S Central 
Coburn Franklin, Central, c. Mark't 
Colcord Wm., IMarket, c. Shattuck 
Deuipsey Patrick, Lowell 
Downing Thomas, Lowell 
Dudley D. G Merrimac 
Dudley W., Merrimac, cor. Tilden 
Eaton Job S. , Cabot 
Emerson Luther, East Merrimac 
Ilarnden A., Andover, c. Pleasant 
Hayden Kufus N., llale's Mills 
Holt II. F. & Co. 2 Merrimac 
Jenness .Jacob, East Merrimac 
Kelley Patrick, Adams bl'k, Adams 
Ljnch Joseph, Lowell 
McGuirk Patrick, Lowell, c. Jeffer- 
Mahon Owen, 6 Gorham [son 

McLaughlin & Coulan, Suffolk 
Morrill C. K. & Co., John, c. Merr. 
Nealley Benj. F., Lowell, c. Worthen 
Nichols & Co., Central, cor. Green 
Page, Fay & Co. 1 & 3 App. Block 
Pearson John, Savings Bank Block 

{fruit) [then 

Plimpton J. D., Merrimac, c. Uor- 
Puffer A. D., Church, op. Lawrence 
Reed R. 98 Central 
Read Robert, Bridge [Depot 

Richardson Daniel L., Middlesex, n. 

Rogers & ^loore, Fletcher, c. Adams 
Ruuals & Co., Merrimac, c. Race 
Ifu.'^s C. B., Howe, c. E. Merrimac 
Russell S. S. & Co., Merr., c. Sntr.,lk 
Sabin Josiah, Central, Chapel Hill 
Stevens Chas., Middlesex, n. Depot 
Ward Thomas, Lowell 
Watson Benjamin, 125 Central 
Wheeler & Stickney, Tilden 
Union Stores, No. 71, Central, near 
Centre, No. 64, Fletcher, c. Rock 
Worthen E. B. & Co. 180 Merrimac 

Barry Daniel, Lowell 
Coburn D. A., Arch 
Dole Thomas, South, n. Summer 
Jenkins Joel, Arch 

Whip Manufacturer. 
Barnes Thomas J. 52 Central 


Greenleaf Gorh;im, Nesmith's BFk, 
John, near Merrimac 

Wood, Lime, Stone, &/C. 

Sperry C, Somerset, c. Queen 

Wood Turners. 
Crosbys & Comins, Howe 
White Daniel, jr., Fletcher, near 


Waed 1. Edward C. Johnson, Warden. Charles A. Welch, Clerk. 
Charles Wilkins, John B. Southwick, Stephen Moar, Inspectors. 

Ward 2. Hannibal Powers, Warden. Joseph A. Patten, Clerk. Alfred 
S. Saunders, Otis L. Allen, David Truell, Inspectors. 

Ward 3. Thomas P. Kellett, Warden. Fred. T. North, Clerk. Samu- 
uel K. Tuttle, Jameson Hardy, Elisha Davis, Inspectors.' 

Ward 4. Benjamin Goddard, Wardfn. Alanson Nichols, Clerk. Hub- 
bard Willson, Joseph S. Grush, Samuel D. Weeks, Inspectors. 

Ward 5. Henry M. Hook, Warden. Joseph S. Holt, aerk. Ezekiel I. 
Sylvester, A. Merrill Ayer, Hiram Nichols, Inspectors. 

Ward 6. Siba Abbott, Warden. Levi H. Straw, Clerk. Charles B. 
Russ, Alpha B. Farr, Charles S. Eastman, Inspectors, 




Incorporated a city, 

1836. City Election second Monday in 

City Council 
SEWALL G. MaCK, Mayor, 

E. Huntington, 
S. K. Hutchinson, 
Joseph White, 

Jos. B. V. COBURN, 


Salary 51,200. 
Ira Spalding, 
Jos. M. Bullens, 
Alpha Stephens, 
1^ Stephen Mansur. 

Common Council. 

"Ward 1.— Rufus Rogers, John C. Smith, Marcus A. 
Thomas, James Cook. 

2. — Paul Perkins, Milton Bonney, George G. Bum- 
pus, George W. Stanley. 

3. — Michael B. Caswell, Calvin Philbrick, Leon- 
ard Brown, Henry H. Wilder, 

4. — Abram French, Henry C. Howe, Joseph S. 
Grush, Samuel K. Pickering. 

5.— George W. Patterson, William A. Richard- 
son, Patrick Conlan, Jonathan Bowers. 

6.— Caleb G. Weaver, William C. Parker, George 
F. Woods, C. F. Blanchard. 

[For Ward OfiELcers, see preceding page.] 



City C/er/c— Thomas Ordway, Salary, ^800 

Messenger and Keeper of City Hall — Daniel G. Greeuleaf,. . .625 

Clerk of Common Council — William Lamson, Jr., 200 

Treasilrer — John F. Kimball, l/)0 i 

Collector— ioYiTi F. Kimball, lOoO 

Auditor of Accounts — William Lamson, Jr., 600 

Assessors — Hazen Elliott, Matthias Parkhurst, Benjamin 

F. Holden, 1500 

For clerk hire, 50 

Solicitor — Isaac S. Morse, ..■ 200 

City Physician S^ Superintendent of Burials — Joel Spalding. .450 
Registrar — Thomas Ordway. 

Surveyors of Highways— Eiisha. Huntington, Joseph Bed- 
low, Joseph B. V. Coburn. 

Superintendent of Streets — William M. Smith, 1000 

Superintendent of City Scales — Benjamin Mather. 
Superintendent of the City Market and Market House build- 
ing — Jonathan W. Lovejoy 300 

Sealer of Weights and Measures — Oliver A. Richardson. 

City Marshal— Bd\s in L. Shed, .1000 

Constables — Zaccheus Shed, Joseph Butterfield, Edwin L. 
Shed, Samuel Meserve, Thomas W. Pressey, Samuel Miller, 
Eben H. Rand, H. H. Fuller, Benjamin ,G. Mooney, Daniel G. 

Police Officers. — Jonathan W. Lovejoy, John Frye, Luther 
Eames, Olcott Pierce, Eben Meserve, James S. Hancock, John 
Ritchie, Thomas Jefferson, Edward F. Sanborn, David Morri- 
son, Benjamin Stickney, William Lamson, Eliphalet S. Rollins, 
Zadoc Rogers, Ira Caverly, William McFarlin, Amos Hull, 
Joseph M. Dane, Smith Adams, Phanuel Flanders, Wm. M. 
Smith, Moses G. Howe, Hargreaves Lord, Sullivan Tay, and 
all the City Watchmen. 

Watchmen. — William H. Mitchell, Captain, Theophilus C. 
Blaisdell, Oliver Moulton, Baruch C. Floyd, Calvin T. Cham- 
berlin, Augustus B. Foss, Edmund Hurlbiirt, Josiah E. Hamb- 
let, Geo. W. Sanborn, Geo. W. Derby, James INI. L ttle, Peter 
O. Dresser, Levi Brown, Daniel Martin, Charles H. Williams, 
William Campbell, George W. Moore, Uriah Goodwin, Abel 

Siqjermimeraries. — Stephen Weymouth, Wm. Hudson, James 
C. Boston, George Hurlburt, Warren D. Foss, Jonas K. Putney. 


Watch?7ie7i, not paid by the citij. — Benjamin Stickney, "Wm. 
Lamson, Edward F. Sanborn, David Morrison, John Ritchie, 
Thomas Jefferson, Eliphalet S. Rollins. 

Surveyors of Lumber. — J. H. B. Ayer, Stephen Carlton, David 
TV. Grimes, Josiah A. Sawtell, Abner Frost, Levi Wilson, James 

Measurers of Wood and Bark. — Hazen Elliott, Artemas 
Holden, Seth Chellis, Edmund Fletcher, Stephen Carlton, 
Abner Frost, John Maynard. 

Surveyors of Plastering and Painting. — Hazen Elliott,Stephen 

Measurer of Upper iea^/«e?'.— Nathaniel Morrison. 

Lispector of Bale or Bundle Hay. — Benjamin Mather. 

Fe7ice Reviewers. — Eiisha Davis, Simeon Moors, Jereboam 

Field Drivers. — Simeon Moors, Daniel Barry, Samuel K. Pick- 
ering, Charles H. Williams, Charles Sperry, William Stickney, 
Perley Parker, Joseph Griffin. 

Pound Keeper. — Reuben Butterfield. 

TJndei-iakers of Funerals. — Amos Hull, Luther Eames, Michael 
Cassidy, Michael Roche. 

Keeper of City Hall. — Daniel G. Greenleaf. 

Crier. — George Teel. 

Overseers of the Poor. — The Mayor, Aldermen North and 
Varney ; Messrs. Smith, Bonney, Twichell, Streeter, Kendall, 
and Jaquith. 

Alms House Keeper. — Bickford Lang, Chelmsford street. 

House of Reformation for Juvenile Offenders — near the Aims- 
House. — Bickford Lang, Superintendent. 

School Committee for 1853. — The Mayor and Aldermen, ex 
officiis ; and the following gentlemen chosen in the Wards, at 
the meeting on the second Monday in December. 


1. William G. Wise, 4. Walter Burnham, 

2. Joseph Merrill, 5. Geo. W. Shattuck, 

3. Rev. Daniel C. Eddy, 6. H. G. Blaisdell. 

The regular meetings of the School Committee are held at 
the Aldermen's Room, on the last day of each month, at 2 


o'clock, r. M. If the last day of the month comes on Sunday, 
the meeting is held on the preceding Saturd^iy. 

Citij School Library. — Directors. — The Mayor and President 
of the Common Council, ex officiis, and the following persons, 
chosen by concurrent vote: Benjamin F. French, Charles L. 
Tildenj Josiah G. Abbott, Nathan Crosby, Jonathan Kimball. 
Librarian. — Josiah Hubbaid, salary ^450. 


Chief Engineer, Horace Howard, salary, 5^'50- Assist- 
ants, Fordyce Coburn, Christopher Morgan, Josiah G. Pea- 
body, Lucius A. Cutler, Weare Clifford, Lorenzo G, Howe, 
James Watson. Salary, ^36. James Watson, Secretary. 
Salary, ^12. 


Excelsior, No. 1. House, Ames street. J. L. Rollins, 

Foreman. John B. Melvin, Seco7id Foreman. J. Farnsworth, 

Foreman of Hose. H. N. Welch, Steicard. Sydney Davis, 
Clerk and' Treasurer. 

Wamestt, No. 3. House, Warren street. Asahel D. 
I Puffer, Foreman. Lorenzo Wood, Assistant Foreman. Leon- 
[ard Brown, Foreman of Hose. Isaac Hosmer, Steward and 
Treasurer. , Clerk. 

Merrimac. No. 4. House, Merrimac Yard. Thomas W. 
Oliver, Fore7nan. Samuel M. Patterson, Assistant Foreman. 
David Batchelder, Foreman of Hose. Asa A. Murray, Stew- 
ard. Silas D. Gordon, Treasurer. Martin E. Parker, Clerk. 

Tiger, No. 5. House, Dane street. Charles H. Arlin, 
Foreman. J. H. Southwick, Assistant Foreman. Alanson P. 
Wadleigh, Foreman of Hose. Nathaniel Ball, Treasurer. 
Henry Towne, Steward. Wm. A. Hodge, Clerk. 

Mazeppa, No. 10. House, Fayette street. Geo. W. Way- 
mouth, Foreman. George S. Hatch, Assistant Foreman. Jos. 
Sargent, Foreman of Hose. John Pollard, Steward. Albert 
Day, Clerk and Treasurer. 

Water Witch, No. 11. House, Worthen street. Edward 
C. Johnson, Foreman. Sumner Hylan, Assistant Foreman. 
A. H. Foster, Foreman of Hose. E. B. Hayward, Steward. 
Ephraim Andrews, Treasurer. J. B. Fish, Clerk. 

Torrent, No. 12. House, Middlesex street. Adam C. 
Holt, Foreman. True P. Jordan, Assistant Foreman. Sam'l 


K. Vickering, Forema7i of Hose. Thomas Saunders, Steicard. 
Joel Jenkins, Treasurer. Samuel J. Freeman, Clerk. 

Deluge, No. 14. House, Carter street. AndreAV Leighton, 
Foreinan. Luther Tilton, Assista?if Foreman. Jeremiah 
Moulton and Franklin Moody, Steicards. Amos F. Crockett, 
Treasurer. Albert Moors, Clerk. 

Franklin Hook and Ladder Company. House, Middle 
street. James Sands, Foreinan. Warren Fletcher, Assistant 
Foreman. Abijah Cutter, Steicard. Geo. AV". Norris, Treas- 
urer. Benjamin B. Twiss, Clerk. 

City Hose Company, No. 1. House, "Warren street. 
Oliver C. Prescott, Foreman. Seward Proctor, Assistant Fore- 
man. Charles B. Proctor, Steioard. Frederic Hayden, Clerk. 

The Engine Companies have 41 men each, except No. 11, 
which has 50 men. Hook and Ladder Company, 40 men. 
City Hose, 10 men — paid by salary, ^20 each. 

Location of Ward Rooms. — "Ward 1, Mechanics' Building, But- 
ton street. Ward 2,Market Hall, Market street. Ward u, Church 
street. Ward 4, South street. Ward 5, Race, corner Merri- 
mac street. Ward 6, Fayette street, over Engine House. 


Ward 1. Beginning at a point in Merrimac river on aline 
with the middle of the Merrimac canal ; — thence southerly 
along the middle of said canal to the Pawtucket canal ; thence 
westerly along said Pawtucket canal to the mouth of the 
Western canal ; thence northwardly along the middle of said 
Western canal to Merrimac river; thence easterly down said 
river to the point of beginning. 

Waed 2. Beginning on Merrimac river on a line with the 
middle of the Merrimac canal, thence southerly along the mid- 
dle of said canal to the middle of Pawtucket canal ; thence 
easterly along the middle of said canal to the middle of Con- 
cord river ; thence northerly along the middle of said Con- 
cord river to Merrimac river ; also, all that territory lying on 
the northeasterly side of Merrimac river lately annexed to the 
city of Lowell from the town of Dracut. 

Ward 3. Beginning in Central street at the bridge over 
Pawtucket canal, thence running southerly along the middle 
of said street to Gorham street, thence along the middle of 
Gorham street to Davis's Corner, (so called ) thence along the 
middle of the county highway from Lowell to Billerica to the 
boundary line to the city of Lowell, thence east following said 



boundary line to Concord river; thence down the middle of 
said river to the Pawtucket canal, thence up the middle of said 
canal to the point of beginning. 

Ward 4. Beginning at the bridge onf-Central street over 
the Pawtucket cannl, thence westerly following the middle of 
said road to the bridge of Nashua and Lowell Railroad over 
said canal, thence westerly along said Railro<\d to the boundary 
line between Lowell and Chelmsford; thence along said line 
southerly and easterly to the county road from Lowell to Bil- 
lerica ; thence northerly along the mid^lle of said road, Gorham 
and Central streets, tothe point of beginning. 

Ward 5. Beginning at a point in Merrimac river on a line 
with the middle of the Western canal, thence southerly along 
the middle of said canal to Pawtucket canal; thence westerly 
along the middle of said Pawtucket canal to the Nashua and 
Lowell Railroad bridge; thence along said Railroad to the 
boundary line between Lowell and Chelmsford; thence north- 
erly on said boundary line to Merrimac river; thence easterly 
down said river to the point of beginning. 

Ward 6. All that part of the city of Lowell lying easterly 
of the thread of Concord river. 



Kirk street. Male Department, C. C. Chase, Principal. Fe- 
male Department, Jonathan Kimball, Principal. Elizabeth T. 
Wright, Assistant. Males 161, females, 220. J. S. Russell, 

Teacher of Mathematics. . Teacher of Lmujuages. 

E. W. Young, Teacher of Natural Scioices. C. H. Farns- 
worth, Teacher of Penmanship and Bookkeeping. I. N. Met- 
calf, Teacher of Vocal Music. 


Edsox, South street. Perley Balch, Principal. Adelaide 

A. Morgan, Sarah E. Boyden, and Arabella C. Morgan, Assis- 
tants. A. B. Wilcox, Writing-Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher 
of Vocal Music. Males, 183; females, 136. 

Hancock, Lowell street. John P. Fisk, Principal. Julia 
M. Fletcher, M. E. Pike, and Eliza A. Warren, Assistants. J. 

B. Giles, Writing-Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher of Vocal 
Music. Males, loO ; females, 194. 

Washington, South street. A. T. Young, Principal. T. 
Hayward, J. Ordway, and J. C. Ward, Assistants. A. B. "Wil- 
cox, Writing-Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher of Vocal Miisic. 
Males, 145: females, 118. 


Franklix, Middlesex street. A. B. Heywood, Principal. 
E. J. Butterfield, M. E. Colcord, and E. W. Crcment, Assis- 
tants. J. M. McCoy, Writ i7ig- Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher 
of Vocal Music. Males, 134 ; females, 132. 

Manx, Lewis street, George W. Shattuck, Principal. S. E 
Tapley, E. A. D Tapley, and J. Dow, Assistants. J. Coggs 
well, Writing-Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher of Vocal Music 
Males, 174 ; females, 16-5. 

Adams, Lowell street. S. Bement, Principal. S. A. Weth 
erbee, S. S. Bridge, and S. P. Wetherbee, Assistants. J. B 
Gles, Writing- Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher of Vocal Music 
Males, 161 ; females, 193. 

Moody, East Merrimac, S. Pooler, Principal. 0. P. East 
man, L. M. Vaile, and Lucy A. Robbins, Assistants. W. C 
Spalding, Writing -Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher of Vocal 
Music. Males, 173 ; females, 184. 

Green, Middle street. C. Morrill, Principal. M. E 
Wight, S. Tappan, and M. Bedlow, Assistants. J. M. McCoy 
Writing -Master. I. N. Metcalf, Teacher of Vocal Music. Males 
179; females, 220. 

CoLBURN, Lawrence street. A. Walker, Principal. Mary 
E. Fletcher, Mary P. Norton, Lucinda E. True, and Phidelia 
O. Dodge, Assistants. W. C. Spalding, Writing Master. I 
N. Metcalf, Teacher of Vocal Music. Males, 176 ; females 

Varnum, Chestnut street. A. W. Boardman, Principal. E 
Calef, Assistant. J. Cogswell, Writi7ig- Master. I. N. Met 
calf, Teacher of Music. Males, 70; females, 76. 


No. 1, Lewis street. L. A. Legate, PHncipa^. S. V. Legate, 
Assistant. Males, 146; females, 94. 

No. 2, East Merrimac street. Mary Gillis, Priiicipal. L. A. 
Bartlett, Assistant. Males, 8o ; females, 61. 

No. 3, Middle street. Mary A. Beard, Principal. J. A. 
Edwards, Assistant. Males, 70 ; females, 67. 

Salaries of Teachers —iJi^A School. Principal, $1,100. Teacher of 
Languages, S800 ; Mathematics, $800 ; Natural Sciences, ^CO. Female 
Principal, $600. Assistant, $350. Teacher of Pennianship and Book- 
keeping, $600 ; Teacher of Music, $160. 

Grammar Schools. Principal, $800. Female Assistant, $225. Writing 
Master, $500. Teacher of Music, $800. 

Intermediate Schools. Principal, $300. Assistant, $200. 

Primary Schools. Teacher, $250. 




No. 1, 

No. 2, 
No. 3, 
No. 4, 
No. 5, 
No. C, 
No. 7, 
No. 8, 
No. 9, 
No. 10, 
No. 11, 
No. 12, 
No. 14, 
No. 15, 
No. 16, 
No. 17, 
No. 18, 
No. 1.9, 
No. 20, 
No. 22, 
No. 23, 
No. 25, 
No. 2fi, 
No. 27, 
No. 28, 
No. 29, 
No. 30, 
No. 31, 
No. 3-', 
No. 33, 
No. 34, 
No. 35, 
No. 36, 
No. 37, 
No. 38, 
No. 39, 
No. 40, 
No. 41, 
No. 42, 
No. 43, 
No. 44, 
No. 45, 
No. 4fi, 
No. 47, 
No. 48, 
No. 49, 
No. 50, 






One vac 



.Middle Street,.. 
.School street,... 



.Sarah J. DaA'idson, 

.Lucv Anne Hill 

Mules. Jt 
.. C3 
.. 24 




, J. M. 

.KUen U. .Sari;ent 

. . cy 

.Centre street,.. 
.Hamilton corp. ,. 
.Hamilton Corp.,. 
.Hamilton Corp., 
.Mechanic street 
.Ciuirch street, . 
.Kuce street, 

.Emilv (1. Woodward, ... 
.Hannah C. Kitlredge,.. . 

.Mary A. Dennis, 

..losephine Soiile, 

.. 04 

... 70 
.. 52 

.Harriet A. Dow, 

Susan I'j. IJovden, 

... 70 
.. 51 

.Martha A. Neal, 

... 48 
... 42 

Tililen street 

Eli/a Merriam 


.Andover street, . 
.Adams street,... 
.Ca'oot street,... 
.Middlesex street 
.Central street,. 
.Cliarles street,. 
.Carter street, .. 
.Adams street,.. 
.Tilden street, ... 
.Chestnut street, 
.Lowell street,.. 
.Church street, . 
.C4rand street,... 
.Middle street, .. 
.IMill street, 

.Adeline Kay 

.Sarah A. Wheeler, 

... 57 
... 40 

.Nancv Jane Raymond,... 

.Diancy R.Taylor, 

Delia M. Yuunjr, 

... 34 
... 37 
... 74 

.Leona E. R. Foster, 

Marv D Chellis, 

... 43 
... 50 

.Ann Friell 

... 50 

IMartha A Merriil .. 


.R. Francina Priest, 

... 52 
... 5.') 

Sarah A. Chase, 

.. 46 

.Emily jM. Warren, 

.Harriet K. Spalding, 

.Eliza A Noves, 

.Sarah L. Gates,., 

.. 58 
... 84 
..50 . 
.. 17 

.Powell street,.. 
.Adams street, . . 
.Church street, . 
.MMdlesex street 
.E. :Merrimac St., 
.Moody street,.. 
.Fayette street,. 

.Cahot street, 

.Charles street, . 

.Maria Osgood, 

.Anna Maria Dennis, 

.AureliaL. Howe, 

Lorenza Havnes, 

.. 56 
.. 47 
.. 61 
... 55 

.Miranda W. Bradly, 

Harriet J. Ward, 

... 70 
... 32 

Alcev Stevens 

. . 60 

.Margaret R. Kittredge,... 

.. 42 
... 67 

'.'.'. 75 

... 58 

.Favette street,. 
.Lawrence street 

.Sarah P. Peaslee, 

.Sophia L. Ober 

.Cross street,... 
.Cross street,... 
.Rock street,.... 
.Chestnut street, 
.Tremont street,. 
.Fourth street,.. 

)le number of M 
>le number of Fe 


Bridget Finegan 

.Catharine Callaghan, 

Faiinv S Hudson, 

.. 63 
... 47 

.Miss Wright, 

.AbbyJ Hill 

... 72 
... 61 

.Stella L. Bumham, 



. 4449-- 
. 4.550 -- 



S. Fletcher 

iinsou, AVm 

F. Butler, Caleb 
L. B. Morse, Joi 


Cro.sby, Luther Eames. J. 
lathan Page, Wm S. Rol 




Episcopal Church, (St. Anne's,) Merrimac — organized in 
1824. Theodore Edson, D. D., Rector. J. H. B. Ayer, George 
H. Carleton, Wardens. Charles Hovey, Treasurer. Dennis 
Fay, Benjamin F. French, John O. Green, Walter Wright, I 
Cvril French, Win. A. Burke, Vestrymen. John O. Green,! 
Clerk. I 

First Baptist Church, corner of Church and George — organ-: 
ized in 1826. Daniel C. Eddy, Pastor. | 

First Concjregational Church, Merrimac — organized in 1826.: 
Willard Child, D. D., Pastor. Wm. Davidson, Clerk. Joseph 
S. Holt, Treasurer. 

First Universalist Church, corner of Central and Green — 
organized in 1826. Rev. T. B. Thayer, Pastor, Samuel Con- 
vers, Treasurer. 

St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church — organized in 1836. 
Church on Hurd street. Rev. G. F. Cox, Pastor. H. J. 
Adams, J. E. Short, G. W. Partridge, S. K. Fielding, Wm. 
North, Ferdinand RodliflF, J. B. Carle, J. L. Foot, Trustees. 
., Appleton Street Church, (Congregationalist,) corner of Ap- 
pre-ton and Davis — organized in 1830. , Pastor. 

SoUkh Congregational Charch, (Unitarian,) Merrimac — or- 
ganized in 1830. Henry A. Miles^ Pastor. 

Worthen Street Baptist Church — organized in 1830. Rev. 
James W. Smith, Pastor. Lemuel Porter, Wm. Carlton, 
S. P. Sargent, Committee. 

First Free Will Baptist Church, Prescott street — organized in 
1834. Rev. A. K. Moulton, Pastor. H. W. Hilton, Treasurer.] 
John Marshall, Secretary. E. K. Willoby, Sexton. 

Second Universalist Church, corner of Market and Shattuck 
— organized in 1836. Rev. J. S. Dennis, Pastor. Wm. Coai- 
hie. Clerk. 

John Street Congregational Church — organized in 1840. Stcd- 
man W. Hanks, Pastor. J. Thompson, Clerk of the Church. 
Sullivan Bancroft, Treasurer of the Society. 

Third Baptist Church, John street — -.organized in 1840. Rev. 
Sereno Howe, Pastor. Wm. Goding, Samuel Mclntire, S. 
Shattuck, Samuel Abbott, W. W. Sherman, Committee. Sam'l 
B. Chamberlain, Treasurer. P. H. Emerson, Collector. John 
A. Buttrick, Clerk. 

Worthen Street Methodist Episcopal Church — organized in 
1811. Rev. Isaac J. P. Collyer, Pastor. John C. Smith, 
Secretary. Stephen Ashton, Treasurer. John L. Brewster, 

Second Wesleyan Methodist Church, Merrimac, corner of 
Central — organized in 1843. Wm, H. Brewster, Pastor. 


Kirk street Church, (Orthodox,) — orfranized in 184-5. Rev. 
Amos Blanchard, Pastor. Scwnll G. Mack, Samuel W. Stick- 
ney, James Buncher, Nathaniel Bartlett, Deacons. James G. 
Coburn, Superintendent Sabbath School. J. F. Rogers, Treas- 
urer. David Hyde, Clerk. 

High Street Church, (Orthodox,) High street square — organ- 
ized in 184). Rev. Joseph H. Towne, Pastor. Amos Mer- 
riam. Clerk. Leonard Worrester, Treasurer. 

Lee Street Church, (Unitarian,) Lee street — organized in 
184o. Rev. Wm. Barry, Pos/o?-, Wm. Lamson, jr. 'C/<'>-Z;. Al- 
bert Mallard, Treas2irer. Isaac Cooper, G. J. Bradt, Isaac 
Doming, Staiiding Committee. Hazen Elliott, Erastus Doug- 
lass, John Morrison, Financial Committee. 

St. Peter's Church, (Roman Catholic,) Gorham, corner Ap- 
pleton — organized in 1841. Rev. Peter Crudden, Pastor. 

St. Patrick's Church, (Roman Catholic,) Fenwick street — 

organized in 1831. Revs John and Timothy O'Brien, Pastors. 

St. Mary's Church, (Roman Catholic,) Suffolk, near Lowell 

street—organized in 1847. Rev. James T. McDermott, Pastor. 

John Masterson, Sexton. 

Ministry at Large, Free Chapel, Middlesex — organized in 
1844. Rev. Horatio Wood, Mi?iister. Office (east door), open 
every day from 8 to 9 o'clock, A. M., and from 4 to 5 o'clock, 


Annual meeting in October. Dividends declared first Mon- 
day in April and October. 

Savings Bank Building. 
Incorporated in 1828. Capital, ^200,000. 
Nathaniel Wright, Presiderit. J. L. Ordway, Cashier. Ed- 
ward Ordway, Clerk. Directors, Joshua Bennett, G. H. Carle- 
ton, John O. Green, Stephen Cushing, Thomas Nesmith, Cy- 
ril French, Harlin Pillsbury, James G. Carney, Nathaniel 

Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. Bank hours, from 9 
till 12 A. M , and from 2 till 4 P. M. 

Savings Bank Building. 
Incorporated in 1829. m 

Theodore Edson, President. John O. Green, Elisha Hun- 
tington, John Avery, Vice-Preside7its. Thomas Ordway, Geo. 
H. Carleton, Amos Blanchard, Samual L. Dana, William S. 


Southworth, George Motley, Charles L. Tilden. Joseph 
White, Isaac Hinckley, Trustees. James G. Carney, Treasurer. 

Office open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday afternoon 
and evening. 


Savings Bank Building. 

Incorporated in 1831. Capital ^600,000. Par value of share, %lo 

Benjamin F. French, President. S. W, Stickney, Cashier 
Arthur C. Blanchard, Clerk. Homer Bartlett, B. F. French 
Linus Child, David Dana, Charles Hovey, Sewall G. Mack 
George Motley, ^yilliam A. Burke, John Wright, Directors. 

Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. Bank open from 9 till 2: 
on Saturdays, from 9 till 12. 


Appleton Block, Central, corner Hurd street. 

Incorporated in 1847. Capital ^loO.OOO. Par value of share ^100. 

"John A. Knowles, President. John A. Buttrick, Cashier. 
John A. Knowles, Sidney Spalding, J. B. French, Isaac Far- 
rington, Ransom Reed, J. W. Graves, George Bragdon, John 
Nesmith, A. W. Buttrick, Directors. Charles A. Sherman, J. 
N. Peirce, Jr., Clerks. ' 

Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. Bank hours, 9 to 12, A. 
M., and 2 to^4, P. M. ; closed Saturday afternoons. 

49 Central Street. 
Incorporated 1850. Capital ^ 150,000. 
Joel Adams, President. Saumel Burbank, Charles B. Coburn, 
Dan'l S. Richardson, Artemas L. Brooks, Andrew C. Wheelock, 
James H. Rand, Elijah M. Reed, of Tewksbury, Joshua Con- 
verse, I. W. Scribner, Thomas Talbot, of Billerica, Joel 
Adams, Directors. Artemas S. Tyler, Cashier. Crawford 
Burnham, Clerk. 
Bank hours, 9 to 12, and 2 to 4. Closed Saturday P. M. 
Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Office at Appleton Bank. Incorporated in 1848. 
Henry A. Miles, President. U. C. Burnap, D. C. Eddy, S. 
W. Hanks, Vice Presidents. Jonathan Tyler, Aaron Mansur, 
John Nesmith, Oliver M. Whipple, Stephen Mansur, William 
Livingston, Horace Howard, John Mixer, J. B. French, Jacob 
Bobbins, Abner W. Buttrick, Charles H. Wilder, Trustees. 
John A. Buttrick, Treasurer. 

Open afternoons, and Thursday and Saturday evenings. 



FREDERICK PARKER, office 21 Appleton Block, is i 
Agent for the following; Companies : 

American Insurance Coynjximj, Providence, R. I. 

Atlantic Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Providence, R. I. 

Merchants' aiid Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 

National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society, London. 

A. J. RICHMOND, 18 Appleton Block, is Agent for the 
following Companies : 
JEtna Fire Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn. 
Hartford Fire Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn. 
Hartford Life hisurance Company, of Hartford, Conn. 
North Western Fire Insiirance Company, of New York. 
Protection Fire hisurance Company, of Hartford, Conn. 

JONATHAN LADD, No. 3 Canal Block, is Agent for the 
following Companies : 

Springfeld Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Springfield, Mass, 
Merrimac Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Andover, Mass. 
Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Georgetown, Mass. 
The People's Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Boston, Mass. 
The People's Equitable Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Taunton, Mass. 

Hotcard Fire Insurance Company, (Lowell.) N. Allen, Presi- 
dent; Frederick Parker, Treasurer ; J. W. Daniels, Secretary. 
Office, 17 Appleton Block. 

Loivell Mutual Fire Insurance Company. J, B. French, Presi- 
dent. Jacob Bobbins, Secretary. 

Lowell Traders and Mechanics' Mutual Fire Insurance Com- 
pany. James Dinsmoor, Secretary. Office, 27 Central street. 

Middlesex Mictual Fire Insurance Company, (Concord, Mass.) 
Joel Adams, Agent, 49 Central street. 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company, (Newark, N. J.) 
Joshua Merrill, Agent. 

New England Life Insurance Company, (Boston.) S. AV. 
Stickney, Agent. 


Office, over City Market. 

Are prepared to furnish music for any appropriate occasion) 

at short notice and on reasonable terms. Apply at the office) 

or to J. N. Sawtell, Clerk ajid Treasurer, No. 38 Hamilton 





Foot of Duttnn St. Incorporated in 1822. Capital, 52,500,000. 
Number of Mills, 6, and Print Works. Spindles, 70,720; 
looms, 2,108. Females employed, 1,614; males, 645. Isaac 
Hinckley, Agent. John D. Prince, tiuperintendent Print 
Works. T. G. Gerrish, Paymaster. 

On Jackson, near Central Street. Incorporated in 1825. 
Capital, 51,200,000. 
Number of Mills, 4, and Print Works. Spindles, 45,232 ; 
looms, 1,321. Females employed, 950 ; males, 350. John 
Avery, Agent. D. G. Lang, Paymaster. William Spencer, 
Stq)erintendent of Print Works. B. Walker, Paymaster. 


On Jackson Street, above Hamilton Corporation. Incorporated 

in 1828. Capital, 5600,000. 

Number of Mills, 3. Spindles, 17,920 ; looms, 600. Females 

employed, 400; males, 120. George Motley, Agetif. A. H. 

Robinson, Paymaster. 

Entrance South side Market Street. Incorporated in 1828- 
Capital, 52,000,000. 
Number of Mills, 3 — one spinning, one carp it, and one cot- 
ton. Spindles, 4,200 wool, and 7,142 cotton : iooms, 220 cotton, 
196 carpet, and 30 fancy check. Females employed, 890 ; males, 
450. Samuel Fay, Agent. AVm. S. Salmon, Paymaster. 

On Warren St. Incorporated in 1830. Capital, 51,000,000. 
Number of Mills, 4, and 3 dye houses. Spindles, 16,340; 
looms, 75 broadcloth, 328 cassimere. Females employed, 730; 
males, 575. Joshua Humphrey, Agent. S. D. Sargeant, Pay- 

Foot of Suffolk Street. Incorporated in 1830. Capital* 
Number of Mills, 5. Spindles, 44,800; looms, 1,382. Fe- 
males employed, 1,200 ; males, 200. William S. Southworth, 




On Suffolk St. Incorporated in 1830. Capital, ^600,000. 
Numberof Mills, 3. Spindles, 17,528; looms, 590. Females 
employed, 400 ; males, 100. John Wright, Agent. 

On Suffolk and Tremont Streets. Incorporated in 1830. Cap- 
ital, ,^600,000. 
Number of Mills, 2. Spindles, 16,608; looms, 620. Females 
employed, 400; males, 100. Charles L. Tilden, Agent. Charles 
Battles, Paymaster. 


In Southern section of the city. Incorporated in 1832. Capital, 


Mills, a bleachery and dye house. Females employed, 25; 

males, 275. Charles A. Ba'bcock, Agent. Henry H. Carroll, 


On Amory St. Incorporated in 1835. Capital, ^1,200,000. 
Number of Mills, 5. Spindles, 49,434 ; looms, 1,432. Females 
employed, 870; males, 262. Yards made per week, 300,000. 
Linus Child, Agent. J. F. Trott, Paymaster. 


Junction of Merrimac and Concord rivers. Incorporated in 

1839. Capital, ^1,800,000. 

Number of Mills, 6. Spindles, 45,720 ; looms, 1,556. Females 

employed, 1,250 ; males, 250. Joseph White, Age?it. J. Crosby, 



On Merrimac Street, near Concord river. 
Frank F. Battlts, Agent. Amos Rugg, Paymaster. [The sta- 
tistics of these Mills are embraced in those of the Massachusetts, 
and the Mills are owned by that Company.] 

Button St. Incorporated in 1845. Capital, ,§^600,000. 

Two shops, smithy and foundry. Males employed, 700. Wm. 
A. Burke, Agent. Wm. Cotter, Paymaster. 

Average wages of females, clear of board, per week, 52-00. 
Average wages of males, clear of board, per day, 5O.8O. Medium 
produce of a loom. No. 14 yarn, yards per day, 45. Medium 
produce of a loom, No. 30 yarn, yards per day, 33. Average 
per spindle, yards per day, 1 1-8. 

Pay Days. On the Appleton, Bleachery, Machine Shop, 
Suffolk, Lowell, Tremont, Boott, and Locks and Canals, week 
after the last Saturday in each month. Hamilton, week after 


last Saturday but one. Massachusetts and Prescott, week after 
the third Saturday. Merrimac, Saturday before 16th. Middle- 
sex, Friday and Saturday after each month. Lawrence, week 
after second Saturday. 

Recapitulatiox. Total amount of capital employed by the 
above Mills is ^13,362,400. Number of Mills, 50. Spindles, 
325,500 ; looms, 9,906. Females employed, about 9,000 ; males 
3,702. The total number of yards manufactured in one week is 
2,234,477, as follows :— Cotton cloth, 2,190,000; Woollen, 20,- 
477; Carpets, 24,000; number of rugs, 100. Weekly consumption 
of cotton, 575,400 pounds ; wool, 69,000 pounds. Annual con- 
sumption of anthracite coal, 28,220 tons ; charcoal, 25,000 bush- 
els ; wood, 2,270 cords ; oil and lard, 107,517 gallons ; starch, 
1,395,000 pounds ; flour, 1,640 barrels. The Mills are lighted 
with gas, and warmed with steam. 

The Middlesex Co. make use annually of 6,000,000 teasels, 
1,716,000 lbs. fine wool, 80,000 lbs. glue, ^60,000 worth of dye 
stuffs, and ^17,000 worth of soap. They also own the Wamesit 
Carpet Mill, on the Concord river, where are consumed, an- 
nually, 93,600 lbs. coarse wool, and 36,400 lbs. of worsted yarn, 
producing 91,000 yards Ingrain Carpeting. 

In addition to the above, the Merrimac Manufacturing Co. 
use 1,000,000 lbs. of madder, 380,000 do. copperas, 60,000 do. 
alum, 50,000 do. sumac, 40,000 do. soap, 45,000 do. indigo, per 

The Lowell Bleachery use 40,000 lbs. indigo, and ^25,000 
worth of other dyeing materials per year. 

Ot^her manufactures are produced in the city, than those 
specified above, of a value of ^1,500,000, employing a capital of 
" 000, and about 1,500 hands. 

On Merrimac river. Incorporated in 1792. 
Average number of hands employed, 150. James B. Francis, 
Agent. A. Mason Hyde, Paymaster. 



Capital, ;gl60,000. Capacity of Works, 150,000 cubic feet 

per day. 

Commenced lighting January 1st, 1850. 

John Wright, President. George H. Carleton, Treasurer. 

John Wright, George H. Carleton, John Avery, James B. 

Francis, Sewall G. Mack, Joseph White, Directors. Charles 

Hovey, ClerA: Mertoun C. Bryant, Agent. Office, No. 2 

Lowell Savings Bank Building. 



The Gunpowder Works were established in 1818 by Moses 
Hale and Oliver M. Whipple, of Chelmsford (now Lowell), 
and William Tileston, of Boston. The amount of powder man- 
ufactured in 1820 was about 80,000 lbs. The works have been 
constantly increasing in capacity since they were put into 
operation, giving employment to a large number of persons. 
The amount of powder manufactured in 1849, was 900,000 lbs. 
A large amount of this powder is exported. Number of hands 
employed, 41. 

In 1821. Moses Hale disposed of his interest in the concern 
to David Hale of Boston, who left the concern -in 1827, and 
commenced his career in New York as Editor of the Journal of 

W^illiam Tileston disposed of his interest in 1829, since which 
time the business has been continued by the subscriber. 

Oliver M, Whipple. 

Incorporated in 1825. Rooms, Mechanics' Building, Dutton St. 

Andrew Moody, President. Josiah G. Coburn, Vice-Presi- 
dent. Charles French, Secretary. John W. Smith, Treasurer. 
Jonathan Kendall, Amos Sanborn, Hannibal Powers, Jona. 
Page, George H. Holden, Abial W. Sheldon, Richard Dennis, 
Trustees. S. W. Stickney, Isaac Hinckley, James Dinsmoor, 
W. S. Southworth, B. C. Sargeant, Library and Reading 
Room Committee. Joel Powers, Librarian. 

The Association have a valuable Library, containing upwards 
of 6,000 volumes, with a spacious Reading Room, where may 
be found the most valuable papers and periodicals of the day. 
They have also an extensive Philosophical Apparatus, Cabinet 
of Natural History, &c. The Exhibition Hall contains a num- 
ber of highly finished Paintings of some of our most distin- 
guished men. 

The Institution is in a flourishing condition. 


William Spencer, President. Joel Powers, Secretary and 
Treasurer, at Mechanics' Hall. 

O. M. Whipple, Preside7if. John F. Rogers, Clerk and 
Treasurer. David Dana, Daniel S. Richardson, Joshua Mer- 
rill, Jonathan Tyler, John Nesmith, U. C. Burnap, Cyril 
French, Stephen' Gushing. Daniel Gushing, Charles Hovey, 
Walter Wright, Samuel Burbank, Trustees. Luther Eames, 


Hospital, Merrimac, cor. Pawtucket. 

This Association was organized in 1840, by the several manu- 
facturing companies in Lowell, for the convenience and comfort 
of persons employed by them respectively, when sick. The 
charges are ^4.00 per week for men, and 53.00 for women. If 
the patients are able, they are to pay the superintendent ; if not 
able, the corporations from which they go are respon ible, and 
the patients are then responsible to the corporations. Relatives 
or friends of patients may be admitted to visit them from 12 to 
1 o'clock on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 
and at other times, if necessary, with a special permit from one 
of the Trustees,, or from the Physician or Surgeon of the Hos- 

Officers. — John D. Prince, Chairman. Charles L. Tilden, 
Secretary. Linus Child, Treasurer. William Spencer, Samuel | 
Fay, Jr., Joshua Humphreys, George Motley, John Wright, 
Isaac Hinckley, Joseph White, Wm. S. Southworth, William 
A. Burke, J. B. Francis, John Avery, Trustees. Oilman Kim- 
ball, M. D., Physician and Siqjerintenclent. 


Established and incorporated in 1836, for the purpose of 
furnishing medicine and medical advice to the poor, gratis. 

James G. Carney, Chairman of Board of Managers. J. L. 
Ordway, Secretary ajid Treasurer. Physicians — Dr. L. B. 
Morse, Northern District ; Dr. Henry Whiting, Southern 

Consulting Physicians, Dr. John O. Green and Dr. John C. 

Beni. F. French, President. Directors — Ward 1, Wm. David- 
son, William G. Wise. W^ard 2, Linus Child, J. F. Ro2:ers. 
Ward 3, John W. Graves, Elisha Huntington. W^ard 4, David 
Dana, H. Wood. Ward 5, J. C. Dalton, John Mixer. Ward 6, 
Sewall G. Mack, Wm. S. Southworth. Horatio Wood, Agent. 
John L. Ordway, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Formed in 1843. Oilice, Free Chapel, Middlesex Street. Open 

from 8 to 9 o'clock, A. M., and from 4 to 5 o'clock, P. M. 

Rev. Wm. Barry, President. John A. Knowles, John 
Nesmith, J. F. Kimball, Hapgood Wright, G. J. Bradt, 
Directors. Wm. G. Wise, Secretary and Treasurer. Rev. 
Horatio Wood, Minister at Large. 


Lnchj Superior, Disoree. 
Teacher, Mary Honorine, ^ 

" Fraiicps Honorine, C Sisters. 

** Rose Honorine, J) 
School located on Adams street, near Cross. 


Corner of Central and Middle Streets. 
Alfred Oilman, Postmaster. 

The office is opened at 7 A. M. and closed at 9 P, M. through- 
out the year. 

Mails sent to Boston three times, daily; to Nashua, Man- 
chester and Concord three times, daily ; to Salem, once a day ; 
and to Worcester, twice, and to Fitchburg, once a day, over 
the Stony Brook Railroad. 

To Windham, N. H. and to Concord, Mass., on Tuesdays, 
Thursdays, and Saturdays. 

To Lawrence, twice, daily. 

Letters are delivered by the penny post at one cent each. 
Drop letters, one cent each. 


Lowell Daily Journal and Courier. Established in 1824 — • 
Whig. Office, 27 Central. Terms $^ per annum. S. J. Var- 
ney, Publisher. John H. Warland, Editor. 

Lowell Weekly Journal and Courier. Office, Publisher, and 
Editor, the same as the Daily Courier. Terms %1. ' 

Lowell Advertiser, Dpmocratic. Established in 1834; tri- 
weekly; published Tu^-days, Thursdays, and Saturdays. — 
Changed to a Daily, Sep'ember, 1852. Terms ^3 per annum. 
Office, Spaulding's Bui.ding, 48 Central street. Samuel M. 
Bellows, Publisher. 

Loioell Patriot and Reptihlican, Democratic. Established in 
1834 ; weekly. Office and Publisher same as the Advertiser. 
Terms, ^1.50 per annum. 

Loioell Atnerican, Anti-Slavery. Established in 1849. Wm- 
S. Robinson, Publisher, 23 Appleton Block, Central street- 
Terms : — the weekly is published every Saturday morning at 
52.00 ; and the tri-weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Satur- 
days at 5300 per annum. 

Daily Morning Neics. Established June 4, 1851. Indepen- 
dent. Keach, Emery & Co., Publishers, 44 Central street. E. 
Emery and A. Keach, Editors. Terms, ^3.00 per annum. 


Vox Populi, Neutral. Established in 1841 ; Published weekly 
by J. T. Chesley, at 21 Central street. Terms ^2.00 per annum. 

Spindle City and Middlesex Farmer. Published every Thurs- 
day by Keach, Emery & Co., 44 Central. Terms, ^2.00 per 
annum. L. H. Hildreth, of Westford, Agricultural Editor. 

The Christian Era, Baptist. Published weekly by J. M. 
Burtt, 27 Central street. S. J. Varney, Printer. 

Wentworth's Waverley. Established October, 1852. Literary. 
Published every Saturday by George Wentworth, No. 48 Cen- 
tral street. Terms, ^1.50 per annum. 


Second Division, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. 
William Sutton, Salem, Major General. 

Lieut. Col. Daniel Perkins, Salem, Division Inspector. * 

Maj. Henry B. Groves, Salem, Division Quarter Master. 
51aj. Alfred A. Abbott, Danvers. Judge Advocate. 
Maj. Benjamin Barstow, Salem, ) . • , , 
aiaj. Stephen Osborne, Salem, j -^^^fes-de-cawp. 

James Jones, jr., Lincoln, Brigadier General. 
Josiah G. Chase, Lowell, Brigade Inspector. 
Reuben Frye, Lowell, Aide-de-camp. 
George Tuttle, Lexington, Quarter Master. 

First Regiment Artillery. 
John S. Keyes, Concord, Colonel. 
William Gibbs, Waltham, Lieut. Colonel. 
Charles Prescott, Groton, Major. 
T. II. Lord, Concord, Adjutant. 
Richard Bennett, Concord, Paymaster. 
George Ueywood, Concord, Quarter Master. 
Seth W. Bannister, Carlisle, Chaplain. 
Edwai'd Mulliken, Stowe, Surgeon. 
Henry Mulliken, Waltham, Surgeon's Mate. 

Fourth Regiment Infantry. 
James D. Green, Cambridge, Colonel. 
Horace Williams, Roxbury, Lieut. Colonel. 
IMoses G. Cobb, Charlestown, Major. 
Josiah Porter. Cambridge, Adjutant. 
Samuel J. Ladd, Waltham, Paymaster. 
Henry A. Barrett, Concord, Surgeon. 

Fifth Regiment Infantry. 
B. F. Butler, Lowell, Colonel. 
Alden Lawrence, Pepperell, Lieut. Colonel. 
Edmund A. Parker, Pepperell, Major. 
George F. Sawtell, iowell, Adjutant. 
H. Streeter, Lowell, Quarter Master. 


W. A. Fisher, Lowell, Paymaster. 

Dr. L. B. Morse, Lowell, Sur;^eon. 

Dr. Joel Spalding, Lowell, SurgfO)i''s Mate. 

llev. T. Edson, D. D., Lowell, Chaplain. 

Armory, Middle Street. 
Thomas G. Farmer, Captain ; Charles S. Hopkins, Ist Lieutenant ; John 
R. Melvin, 2d Lieutenant; J. Bowers Kimball, Zd Lieutenant; William 
N. Bennett, ^th Lieutenant. 

Samuel Lawrence, Captain; Benson C. Hazelton, 1st Lieutenant; J. 
Sumner Coleman, 2d Lieutenant; Seth Sawtell Stacy, 3cZ Lieutenant; 
Andrew R. Wright, ^th Lieutenant. 

Of Lowell. Armory, Middle Stre^. 
Henry* A. Sargent, Cajytain; G. E. Davis, 1st Lieutenant; A. Mason 
Hyde, 2d Lieutenant; Benj. W. Frost, 3d Lieutenant; Charles H. Ro<lli£F, 
^th Lieutenant. ' 



Supreme Judicial Court, Laic Term. — At Cambridge, on the 
third Tuesday next after the fourth Tuesday in September. 

JSisiPrius Term. — At Lowell, on the second Tuesday in April. 
I Court of Common Pleas. — At Concord, on the second Mon- 
'dayin March and June. At Lowell, on the first Monday in 
[September. At Cambridge, on the second Monday in December. | 
1 Criminal. — At Concord, on the fourth Monday in June. At; 
Lowell, on the third Monday in October. At Cambridge, on 
the second Monday in February. 

I Probate Court. — At Cambridge, on the second Tuesdays of 
j January and June ; on the third Tuesdays of March, May, No- 
jvember, and December; on the first Tuesday of September, and 
'on the second Tuesday of October. AtConcord, on the second 
Tuesdays of February, April, August, and November, At 
Charlestown, on the third Tuesdays of February and August. 
I At Framingham, on the last Tuesdays of June and October. 
At Groton, on the first Tuesdays of May and November. At 
Lowell, on the first Tuesdays of March, June, and December, 
I and on the third Tuesday of September. At Woburn, on the 
j fourth Tuesday of April. 

Police Court of Loic ell. — Nathan Crosby, /^^s^jce Joel Adams, 
\Special Justice. This Court sits three diys, commencing on 
every other Monday, for the entry and trial of Civil Cases ; andj 
every d^iv at 10 o'clock, A. M., Sundays excepted, for the trial 
of Criminal Cases. Court Room, over City Market. 



Judge of Probate, Samuel P. P. Fay, Cambridge. 

Register of Probate, Alonzo V. Lynde, Stoneham. 

Clerk of the Courts, Seth Ames, Cambridge ; Assistant Clerk, 
M. Preston, Lexington. 

Register of Deeds, Caleb Hayden, E. Cambridge. 

County Treasurer, Stedman Buttrick, Concord. 

Crier of Courts, Levi Parker. 

Jailers, Chas. J. Adams, Catnbridge ; Samuel Staples, Co7i- 
cord; Samuel Meserve, Loxoell. I 

Overseers of House of Correction, "William Parmenter, Cawi-j 
bridge; Samuel Chaiidler, Lexington; Fisher A. Hildreth, 

Master of House of Correction, Chas. J. Adams. 

Sheriff, Fisher A. Hildreth, Loicell. 
Deputy Sheriffs. 

Cambridgeport, Josiah W. Cook ,- Charlestoxcn, Perez R. 
Jacobs, Richard Nichols; Concord, Aaron A. Keisey; East 
Cambridge, lje\i Parker; FramingJiam, iohn Clark; Groton, 
A. S. Lawrence ; Hopkinton, Levi P. Coburn ; Lou-ell, Wm. 
H. Clemence, Ithamar A. Beard, James Hopkins ; Maiden, N. 
W. Holden ; Medford, John T. White ; Natick, Ebenezer 
Hanchett ; Nercton, Adolphus Smith ; Pepperell, S. P. Shat- 
tuck ; South Reading, Daniel Norcross ; Toicnsend, Benj. F. 
L^wis ; Waltham, E. W. Fiske; Woburn, Sherman Converse ; 
Wayland, Charles Sherman. 

, Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 
Alpheus R. Brown, John W. Graves, William Livingston, 
Joseph Locke, Nathaniel Wright. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum. 

Lowell, Josiah G. Abbott, Joel Adams, S. P. Adams, Edwin 
A. Alger, Samuel A. Brown, Jefferson Bancroft, Benj. F. 
Butler, Alpheus R. Brown, Robert B. Caverly, H, G. F Cor- 
liss, Nathan Crosby, Asa W. Farr, John W. Graves, Elisha 
Huntington, John A. Knowles, Isaac S. Morse, Tappan Went- 

Justices of the Peace. 

Loioell, James C. Abbott, Julian Abbott, Hiram A. Alger, 
Wm. H. Andrews, Otis Allen, John Avery, Daniel Ayer, J. 
H. B. Ayer, Benj. W.Bali, Homer Bartlett, Ithamar A. Beard, 


Ithamar W. Beard, John Bennett, 11. G. Blaisdell, Arthur P. 
Bonney, Artemas L. Brooks, Ethan Burnap, Benjaman F. 
Butler, John A. Buttrick, George H. Carlton, Z. B. Caverly, 
Joshua Converse, H. G. F. Corliss, Alanson Crane, William 
Davidson Robins, Dinsmore, James Dinsmoor, Erastus 
Douglas, Jesse E. Farnsworth, Jas. K. Fellows, Cyril French, 
Benjamin F. French, Abram French, Josiah B. French, Thos. 
P. Goodhue, Asa Hildreth, Lorenzo G. Howe, Moses G. Howe, 
Anson Huntington, Benj. Hutchinson, William Kittridge, 
Chauncy L. Knapp, Jonathan Ladd, Samuel Lawrence, Wm. 
Livingston, Sewall G. Mack, James Maguire^John F. Mana- 
han, George Mansfield, Stephen Mansur, Hugh McEvoy, Da- 
rius Merriam, Joshua Merrill, Samuel Meserve, Willard Minot, 
John Nesmith, Thos. Ordway, Frederick Parker, Ephraim B. 
Patch, Josiah G. Peabody, Henry D. Phelps, Benjamin 
Poole, James H. Rand, Abel Richardson, Daniel S. Rich- 
ardson, William A. Richardson, Augustus B. Roby, William 
Roby, S. S. Seavey, Edward F. Sherman, Sidney Spalding, 
Edward Sparhawk," Samuel W. Stickney, Holland Streeter, 
Joshua Swan, Theodore H. Sweetser, Abraham Tilton, Geo. 
P. Waldron, William P. Webber, Oliver M. Whipple, John 
Wright, Nathaniel Wright, Walter Wright. 

Notaries Public. 
Loicell, Edwin A. Alger, James G. Carney, John A. Knowles, 
David Hyde, S. W. Stickney. 

Lowell, James Fisher, Josiah B. French, Zaccheus Shedd. 


William Livingston. Lowell, Presidejit. Sidney Spalding, 
Otis Allen, Frederick Parker, Horace Howard, Isaac Farring- 
ton, Abner W. Buttrick, William Livingston, Directors. Fred- 
erick Parker, Clerk. John A. Knowles, Treasurer. F. H. 
Nourse, Superintendent. 

From Lowell* to Miles. Prices. 

Mace's, 4. . . ^o* 10 

Tewksbury Centre, o 15 

fShed's Crossing, ...6 15 

Haggefs Pond, 10 25 

tLawrence, 12^ 30 

♦Connects with Nashua and Loi'-ell R. R. 
tConnects with Salem and Lowell R. R. 

Coiin.^cts with Boston and Maine R. R., and Manchester and Law- 
rence R. R. 





Annual Meeting on Tuesday after first Monday of January. 
STEPHEN C. PHILLIPS, of Salem, President. 
William Livingston, of Lowell, ^ 
Sidney Sfalding, " 

JOSIAH B. FBENCH, " I n,v-./„„, 

J. WiLLARD Peele, of Salcm, \ Directors. 
Jacob Coggis, of Tewksbury, 
Charles F. Flikt, of Keadinp. ) 
Stephen H. Phillips, of Salem, Clerk. 
2s athaniel B. Pekkiks, of Salem, Treasurer. 
Francis H. Kovrse, of Lowell, Superintendent. 
This road connects at Salem with the Eastern Railroad ; at South 
Danvers with the South Reading Branch and Essex Railroads ; at Wil- 
mington Juiictiuii with the Boston and :\Iaine Railroad ; at Tewkslmry 
Junction with the Lowell and Lawrence Railroad; and at Lowell with 
the Nashua and Lowell, and Wiltun and Stony Brook Railroads. Trahis 
are run in connection with trains passing in each direction on Boston 
and Maine Railroad, so that passengers may proceed between Lowell 
and intermediate stations on Salem and Lowell Railroad, and Boston 
and intermediate stations on Boston and Maine Railroad; and between 
Salem and intermediate stations on Salem and Lowell Railroad, and 
Andover, Lawrence and Eastern stations on Boston and Maine Railroad. 
Passenger and freight cars all run through regularly between Lowell 
and Boston. 





Station Agents. 

C Phillips Wharf, 

Salem, < Forrester Street, 

( Carltonviile, 



James W. Chever. 

South Danvers, 



David Marston. 



W^est Danvers, 



Middleton, (Oak Dale,) 



North Reading, 



Charles A. Foster. 




Wilmington Junction, 
Burtt's Mill, 



Levi Swain. 



Tewksbury Junction, 



J. Livingston. 

Tewksburv Centre, 






George W. Barker. 

B2r During the summer all passenger trains proceed to and from 
Phillips Wharf in Salem, connecting with the steamboat which runs 
regularly between the wharf and Lowell Island. 

Freight trains are run between Salem and Lawrence, as well as be- 
tween Salem and Lowell. 

The freight station at Salem is Phillips Wharf, vrhere goods trans- 
ported on the railroad are landed and shipped free of wharfage, and also 
without charge for truckage, freight cars being loaded and unloaded 
alongside vessels and stores. The wharf affords good berths for a large 
number of vessels, and being situated at the mouth of the harbor, can 
be reached without obstruction (from bridges or other cause) and with- 
out dela„v. The detention of vessels in loading and unloading is much 
less than is usual elsewhere. The harbor may be entered by vessels of 
the largest class in any state of the wind or tide. 





Incorporated, June, 1830. Open for travel, June, 1835. 
New depot at Lowell, corner of Merrimac and Button streets- 

Siiperinteiident, J. Roberts. E. Hills, Clerk. E. Meserve, 
Dejiiot Master. 

Season tickets between Lowell and Boston, not transferable, 
and payable in advance, are given for three months for ^lo; 
six months, 545 ; and one year, ^80 ; and are not to be used 
on Exjyress business, and entitle the bearer to carry nothing but 
strictly personal baggage, or such parcels as may be taken in 
the hand, without incommoding other passengers. Other 
articles, or merchandise, are not to be laken as baggage, ex- 
cept at the discretion of the conductor, and by paying extra. 

Season tickets may be used in any regular train, and allow 
any number of daily passages, and are half price for children 
under 12 years of age, and persons attending school 

Miles. Fares. 

East Woburn, 16^ . . . .45 

Winchester, 18 50 

Medford, 21 o5 

Boston, 26 65 

Lowell, Miles. Fares. 

Billerica Mills,.... 4i 15 

Billerica and 

Tewksburj-, 7 25 

Wilmington 11 30 

Woburn Watering 

Place, 16 45 

No charge for children under 4 years of age. Between Boston 
and Lowell, second class fare 45 cents. A discount of five cents' 
is made to persons buying tickets at the offices ; and the sanie' 
is allowed lo passengers taking the cars at stations where no 
tickets are sold. 


Merchandise generally to Boston, 51-25 per 2,000 lbs. 
'* by cargoes, ^I-IO " '• 

Pig Iron, Coal, Sand, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Slate, Dye 
Wood in the stick, Flour and Grain, Oil and Coarse Salt, in 
lots of three tons, at cargo prices. 



Between Merrimac, Button, Market, and Shattuck Streets. 
Commenced, July, 18o2. Finished, Feb. 1853. 

The new Railroad Depot erected on the site of the old one, is 
a substantial edifice, aSd reflects credit on both projectors and 
builders. The plan of the building is so well arranged that one 
is at a loss which most to admire, its general convenience orlts 
architectural beauty. For the outlines of its dimensions, we are 
indebted to Samuel K. Hutchixsox, Esa., under whose su- 
pervision the building has been erected. 

Length of building, 200 feet; width, 83 feet; height of walls, 
50 feet; height of tower, 73 feet; the tower is 22 feet square.! 

The first floor will be devoted to the business of the Railroad i 
Company, Express, and Telegraph offices. In the second| 
story, a spacious Hall, 30 feet high, and 127 feet long by 80 feet, 
wide, with convenient adjoining rooms, is appropriated. On, 
the northerly end of the building, rises a third story, in 
which a Hall, 20 feet high, and 70 feet long by 57 feet wide, is! 
to be finished. * I 

The material used in the building is chiefly brick. The; 
foundation is arched over the Merrimac Canal. Length of arch' 
267 feet; span, 32 feet; rise, 8 feet 5 inches. The wall of the 
arch is 18 inches thick, and is composed of brick and granite, | 
laid in cement. 

The mechanical workmanship is of the first order, and gives' 
the highest satisfaction to those most interested in the general, 
appearance and durability of the structure. } 

The plan of the building was designed by the Messrs. Cabot, 
of Boston, and annexed are the names of those to whom the' 
honor is due for its successful completion. 

Samuel K. Hutchinson, Superintending Builder. I 

Charles P. Herrick and Samuel J. Tuttle, Masons. 

Joseph M. Dodge and Edward F. Watson, Carpenters. 

The business locality of the building, and its proximity to a 
popular hotel, will make it a convenient and fashionable re- 
sort for public purposes. 




(Connects at Nashua with the Wilton Railroad, and with the 
Concord Railroad.) 

Incorporated June 23, 183o. Capital Stock, ^600,000. De- 
pot, Middlesex street, Lowell. Opened for travel, Oct, 8, 1838. 

Officers. — Robert Read, President. Charles F. Gove, Super- 
intendent — (Office, passenger station, Nashville.) 

Harrison Hobson, Treasxirer — (Office, passenger station, 
Nashville. Abiel Rolfe, Freight Agent at Lowell. A. Haggett, 
Ticket Age)it at Loxoell. 


Connecting with the Nashua and Lowell Railroad at North 
Chelmsford, and terminating at Groton. 

Incorporated in 1845. Capital Stock, ^300,000. Opened for 
travel, July 1st, 1848 Depot Middlesex street. 

Officers. — Tappan Wentworth, President — (Office, "Went- 
worth's Block.) Charles F, Gove, Superintendent. — (Office, 
Nashville.) Charles Hovey, Clerk and Treasure)'— (O&ce, 
Carleton & Hovey's store.) 


By connection, at Wilmington Junction, of Salem and Lowell and Bos- 
ton and Maine Railroads. 


From Lowell to Miles. Fares. 

Tewksbury Centre, . . 5. . . .15 

Tewksbury Junction, 6....I0 

Burt's Mill, 8.... 20 

Wilmington Junction, 9.... 20 

Wilmington, 12 25 

Reading, 15 .... 35 

South Reading, 17 41 

Greenwood, 18.... 47 


From Lowell to 31iles. Fares. 

Stoneham 19.... 47 

Melrose, 20. ...47 

Maiden, 22. ...53 

Edgeworth, 23 53 

Somerville, 25 60 

Charlestown, 26. . . .60 

Boston, Haymark't sq27. • . .60 



Tiick 8^ Co.'s Lowell and Boston Express. 

(Also stopping at Billerica, AVilmington, Woburn, "Winchester, 

and Medford.) 

Kun in connection with the Railroad, down and back three 
times a day. Express business in all its branches faithfully 
and promptly attended to. 

Drafts, notes, bills of exchange, &c., may be confidently en- 
trusted to their care, with the assurance that the business will 
be done in the most satisfactory manner. Goods called for and 
delivered at any part of the city free of extra charge. 

Office in Lowell, at the Boston and Lowell R. R. Depot. 
Office in Boston, Railroad Exchange, Court square. 

Tuck^ Co.'s Offices: 
S. Mansur's, 110 Central street. I Merrill & Straw's, 23 Central street. 

F. Coburn's, Central, c. Market st. S. Kidder, Jr.'s, Merr. c. John st. 
American Stage OfQce. | Carleton & Hovey's, Merrimac st. 

Sargenfs Lowell and Boston Express. 
From each place three times daily. 

OflSces in Lowell at 
Nichols & Co.'s, Central, c. Green st, 
xM. D. Colby, 4 Canal Block, Cen. st 
B. H. Shepard & Co.'s, Merrimac st 

Principal Office, /n the Boston and Loicell R. R. Depot. 

Office in Boston, 8 Court street. 

All orders entrusted to the care of Sargent's Express, will 
receiA-e the most careful attention, and will be executed in an 
expeditious manner. Thankful for the generous favors the 
public have hitherto bestowed upon this line, it will be the aim 
of the proprietor to show his gratitude by endeavoring to merit 
a continuance of the same. 

Goods called for and delivered at any part of the city. 

Conant <^ Rand's Eastern Express, 
Leaves the Stage Office, Merrimac street, near the Merrimac 
House, daily. 

Rand's Bosto7i and Lowell Express. 
Office, 150 Merrimac street. 

Cheney, Hill &; Co.'s Northern Express. 

Morrill <Sf Co.'s Nashzca and Wilton Express. 

Office, Telegraph Office, Boston and Lowell R. R. Depot. 

J. W. Brown's, Merrimac street. 
J. Johnson's, Merrimac, c. Kirk st. 



(^Connecting with theFitchburg Railroad at Concord, and with 
the Boston & Worcester Railroad at Framingham.) 
The U. S. mail stage leaves Lowell at 9^ o'clock, A. M., 
Tuesdays. Thursdays, and Saturdays, passes through Chelms- 
ford, Carlisle, Concord, Acton PowJer Mills, Assabet, Sud- 
bury, Saxonville, Franiingharn, and arrives at South Fram- 
ingham at 4 o'clock, P. M. 

Returning, leaves South Framingham at 9 o'clock, A. M., 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and arrives in Lowell at 
3 o'clock, P. M. Books kept at the Stage Otfices. 

Oliver W, Ixgalls, Proprietor and Driver. 

Fare 62^ cts. 
JoHX Sleeper, Proprietor. 
Leaves Lowell at 9 A. M., daily, via Dracut. 

A. Marion, Proprietor. 
Leaves Lowell at 3J P. M., daily, on Mondays, Wednesdays, 
and Fridays, via South Andover ; and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, 
and Saturdays, via the river road. 

JoHx Sleeper, Proprietor. 
Leaves Lowell at 9 A. M., Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur- 
days, and returns the same days, via Pelham and Dracut. 

A. Marion, Proprietor. 
Leave Lowell Sunday, at 4 P. M. 


— Accommodation Stage. — 
Leaves Lowell at 8^ o'clock, A. M., on Mondays, Wednes- 
days, and Fridays, via Billerica, Bedford, Lexington, Waltham, 
to Newton Upper Falls. 

Returning, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 
Lowell, Lawrence, and Haverhill, daily. 
Lowell and Boston, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. 
Stage Offices. 
American House.Stage Office, T. P. Goodhue, Agent. 
Menimac House Stage Office, J. P. Webber, Ayeiit. 
OMNIBUS conveyance between the Northern Railroad Depot 
and Lowell Cemetry, six times daily. Fare, 10 cents. 




Merrimack So John Sts. 

Family Medicines and Physicians' 
Prescriptions put up at all hours, 
Day and Night. 



No. nOK Merrimack Street. 

Prescriptions carefully prepared, 
and Medicines delivered at all hours 
of the day and night. 

Druggist & Apothecary, 



Chemicals, Ftrfumery and Fancy 



Merrimack &. Worthen Sts. 

Physicians' Prescriptions attended to 
with neatness and despatch, from pure 
unadulterated Medicines. 

A. W. DOWS, 

Successor to J. Dowse, Dealer in 

Roots, Herbs U Barks, 

Of every description. 
Seeds, Extracts, Ointments, &c., 
together with a general assortment 
of Botanic and Thomsonian Medi- 
cines Dr. Dowse's Premium EL- 
DERBERRY WINE, in Bottles, and 
by the Gallon. 

149 Central Street. 




Chemicals and Chemical Apparatus; 
Superior Mineral Teeth, from various 
Manufacturers; Gold Plate and Foil, 
Dental Instruments, and a general as- 
sortment of other Dental Articles. 

C. p. TALBOT & CO. 

Manufacturers of 


And AVholesale Dealers in DYERS' 

City Market House, Lowell. 



Wholesale and Retail 



— AND — 

Thompsoiiian Medicines. 






SSlFIifliilBY ilB iliij 

NC. 37 Central Street, Lowell, Mass. 

DC^ Particular attention given to the manufacture of Ice Creams, 
Jellies, Wedding and other CAKE. 

*,* Parties supplied with OYSTERS — Scalloped, Stewed or Raw, — 
on the most liberal terms. Orders promptly executed. 

0=" Strangers viiiting the city can find Refreshments at every hour 
of the day. 


The subscriber, thankful for past favors, would most respectfully an- 
nounce to his friends and the public, that he has re-opened that well- 


Corsier of I^Ierririaacli & SlaaUuck Sts. 

Constantly on hand, CORNED BEEF and COLD HAM, PIES, CAKE, 

rZF- FISH CHOWDER on Mondays and Fridays, and CLAM CHOW- 
DER every Saturday. 

Parties accommodated on reasonable terms as short notice. Families 
supplied to order. J. 31. MARSTOX. 


coHf iCTioiiaY & caee, 

ISO Merrtmaclc StE'eet. 


[C7=" Particular attention given to the manufacture of Ice Creams, 
Jellies, Wedding and other Cakes. 1 

[Cr* Parties supplied with OYSTERS — Scalloped, Stewed, or Raw — i 
on the most liberal terms. Orders promptly executed. 


Visiting this city, don't fail to visit 

2=» TJ "3? ^^ -A. :S/L ' & 

Great ClotMng Establishment, 


No. 2 Central St., under the American Rouse, Lowell. 

Nev7 Mode of Insurance. 


Mutual Fire Insurance 



The First Class consists of Dwelling Houses and Farmers' Property. 
The Second Class consists of Merchandise, and Property not extra 
hazardous. Each class being liable for its own losses. 
DIRECTORS. —Sewall G.Mack, President ; Thomas Xesmith, Edward 
F.Watson, Charles B. Coburn, A. C. Wheelock, Peter Powers, Joshua 
Converse, Thomas B. Comins, James H. Rand. James Dinsmoor, Secre- 
tary and Treasurer. 

Office, 27 Central, corner of Middle St. 

MALE AND FEMALE, if you are afflicted with Disease, God has pro- 
vided a Remedy, growing in the woods and open fields, Hundreds in 
the city of Lowell and neighboring towns, can testify to the speedy and 
permanent relief they have obtained under my treatment, in cases 
which had baffled the skill of some of our most eminent Physicians. 

HUMORS, particularly attended to. 

{n^ All cases of a delicate nature will be strictly confidentiaL Medi- 
cal advice gratis. Terms liberal. 

A. W. MONTCAIiM, Indian Petsicun. 

Office on Middlesex St., next door to the Free Chapel. 





Nos. 91 Merrimack and 2 
John Street, 

Unitarian Chuich. f LO W ShLL. 





No. 4 Appleton Block, 

Central Street, near Hurd St. 



PiiiBialiei' aBid Tin Plate l^^orker, 






No. 145 Central St., Lowell, 

COPPER PUMPS made to order. 
Particular attention given to Re- 
pairing Pumps. Terms reasonable. 

No. 62 Central Street, Lowell, 

Manufacturer of 

Whips, Dress Whalebones, 


Also, Dealer in the best and common 
quality Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valises ; 
and a general assortment of Robes, 
Horse lilankets. Nets, Horse and Car- 
riage Furnishing Goods. 


No. 88 I^errimack Street, Z<owell. 

Having one of the best skylights in the place, fitted up under my direc- 
tion, I am now prepared to take MINIATURES, Siiig^le or in 
Groups, ill a style not surpassed by any one. I would be pleased 
to receive calls from all who desire good likenesses of themselyes or 


Silk Goods k Shawl Wareliouse. 


Retailer and Jobber of 

Shawls, Silks, Bombazines, 

Alpacas, Thibets, &c. 
Over the Post Office, Loivell. 

N. B.— Piirchasera of Silks, Shawlg, and Stuff 
Good3 should bear in mind that this is the only 
Store in New England devoted esclusiyelj to the 
sale of these Goods. 



MI, mf, & ?ni 


Opposite the Post Office. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Bonnets, Ribbons, Laces, 

ArtiGcial Flowers, 

&c., &c. 

Nesmith Building. 


Merchant Tailor, 




Gents' Furnishing Goods, 

No. 7 &/ 8 Appleton Block, 


Dealer in 



At ^V^lolesale and Retail, 
No. 136 Merrimack Street, 

Opposite Kirk St., Loivell. 


Clothing & Furnishing Store. 

^1^50, constantly on hand, 

Trunks, Talises, Unbrelias, 

Rubber Goods, «&c., 

For sale at the lowest prices for 


50 Central & 2 Frescott Streets. 




Crockery, Glassware, Stoves, &c., 


Particular attention given to painting and repairing Furniture. Second-hand 
Fnmiture bought and sold. 





ladies' Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers ; Parasols, Umbrellas, 

Combs, Hair Work, Fancy Goods &/ Toys. 


Trunks, Umbrellas and Parasols covered and repaired. 


Dealer in 




i No. 47 Merrimack Street. 

Ladies', Misses' k CMMen's 


Of every description, custom made, 
and sold at the lowest cash prices. 


No. 117 Merrimack St., Lowell, 

Ladies' Fancy Goods, Dress Trim- 
mings, &c., by jNIrs. Gleason. 


Dealer in 



For Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses, 
and Children. 

No. 112^entraljtreet. 

Boots & Shoes manufactured to or- 
der. Repairing done at short notice. 

a. W. CLARE, 



2nd Door from Poxt Office. 

Particular attention paid to custom 

made work. Repairing done 

at short notice. 





Stoves, China, Glass and Earthen Ware, and Housekeeping Goods, 






On Middlesex Street, 



Large Engine Lathes for Locomotive Drivers, 

Also ten or more smaller sizes, mostly adapted for Railroad 
Repair Shops. 

piiiiii iiiBiiis f ai mm^ 

riace from 6 to 20 feet long, and from 2 to 4 feet -wide. 

Slotting Machines, Vertical Drills, Bolt Cutting Machines, 
and various other Tools for Machinist's use. 

£S i>a' G^ X INT :e: itj .a. t' :£k is & ^ 


For Surfacing Disks, and all kinds of Conical Work ; 









Railroad & Ice 



Agents, No. 5 Central Street. 



Cloths, Cassinieres, and Vestings. Also, 

Importers and Dealers in Foreign and 

Domestic HARDWARE, Cutlery, 

and Agricultural Implements. 


Samuel Burbank, 
John K. Chase. 
Fred. W. Sargent, 
II. B. Shattu 

bank, ") 
ise, f 
'gent, f 
ck. J 


5 Central St. 





For Cities, Towns, and Factories. lie -will also attend to Fitting of Fac- 
tories, Stores, Churches, Dwelling Houses, etc., with the necessary 

Office, 1 Williams Block, Central St. 

steam and Gas Pipes, Cocks, Talves, etc., of all sizes, constantly on 
hand, together with a large assortment of Fittings, which will be put up 
in the most substantial manner, and on correct principles. 



Agricultural &/ Horticultural 



AYooden Ware, Seeds, Baskets, 
Willow Ware, &c. 

46 Central &o 3 Prescott Sts. 






Agricultural Tools, &,c. 







No. 15 Middle Street, four doors atove Post OflBce, 

Steel Stamps, Letters and Figures, Stencil Work, Branding Letters, 

&c,, furnished at short notice. Metallic Stamps and Indelible 

Ink, for marking clothing, on hand and for sale. 

Particular attention paid to light Job Work. 

^O^ -All orders gratefully received and promptly executed 

Howe Street, Belvidere. 

All descriptions of work connected with this business done to order at 
short notice. ' 




From $8.00 to ^15. Ou per Set. 







and Letter Cutter, 
No. 17 Market Street, 

Opposite the Market House, 

Orders for Steel Letters, Stencil 
Plates, and Jobbing of all kinds 
promptly attended to. 



Carpenters' Planing Wheels, Ma- 
chines, Sash & Wheels, and all 
kinds of Machinery for Car- 
penters' Shops. 
Howe Street, Belvidere, 
Orders promptly attended to. 





And Mill Work generally, 


Button Street, 

(Near the Northern Railroad Depot) 

Central, corner of Elm Street. 

Contracts for Building solicited. 

All work done in the most substantial 
manner, on reasonable terras. 

Ranges and Furnaces, of all kinds, 
put up to order, and jobbing punctu- 
ally attended to. 



if IIP iiB if iiiiL iiiii, 


SUk and Carpet Pattern Designer, 


jflatlier's Mills, €}orIiaiM Street, 

[See Design on opposite page.] L@WELLj) ^H^SS^ 

„ J J. D. Prince, Esq., Merrimac Print-Works ; 

REFERENCES. | j jjather, Esq., Carpet Manufacturer, Lowell. 



(Near the Lowell Bleachery,) 

All kinds of Coach or Lag Screws, 
and Bridge Bolts, manufactured to 
order, at short notice. 



Ayer's New City. 

strict attention paid to recutting 
Files and Rasps. „ ^ ^ , 

Orders left at S. Mansur's, 110 Central 
St., will be promptly attended to. 




^ Opposite the Market House, LOWELL, MASS. 

"Where may be found a general assortment of Harnesses, "Whips, Flj'-Nets, Horse 

Blankets, Biushes, Currycombs, Cards, Sponge, Neatsfoot Oil, &c. 

Which will be sold on reasonaye terms. 




'Every Branch of the Carriage Manufacturing Business 

; is combined in this Establishment. 


On hand for sale, or made to order at short notice. 


Done in the best manner, and on reasonable terms. All work warranted 
to give perfect satisfaction. 



Carriage Trimming & Harness Making Work, 

Of all kinds, at his new and commodious shop on 

raiDIDILilS s^jmiBia^', 


On hand a general assortment of Harnesses, Saddles, Bridles, Nets, 
Coverings, Whips, and other articles, usuallj^ kept in his line of business. 

Military and Firemen's Belts and fixings neatly executed at short 
notice. Old Carriages and Harnesses oiled and repaired in a faithful 

Every effort will be made to render all work satisfactory ; a continuance 
of public patronage is respectfully solicited. 




Carriage Maimfactiirer, Bhicksmilli^ 

Horse and Ox Slioer, 

Arch Street, near Nasliua Depot. 

[C7*A11 work in the above branches executed in the most substantial 
manner, and promptly attended to, on reasonable terms. 


Manufacturer of 


Carriage-ironing and Horse-shoeing 
done at short notice. 

— ALSO— 

Patent Ox Yokes for sale. 


Near Nashua and Lowell R. R. Depot. 


Manufacturers of 


At Otis Allen & Co.'s Mills, 
MiddJesex Sts'oet, 

H. C. & J. F. HOWE, 
House Carpenters & Contractors, 

Near Chief and Livingston Steam Mills. 

[C7^ Jobbing of all kinds will be promptly attended to. 


wiii 1 mill 

— AND— 

Bedstead Manufacturers, 




Done in a superior manner. Koom 
and Power to Let. 


Manufacturer and Dealer in 

"Wholesale & Retail, 
No. 1 Mechanics' Mills, 

Dutton St., Lowell, Mass. 




Cairia^e Maker 

Head of Pawtucket Falls. 

Painting, Repairing and Wood Turn- 
ing done with neatness and despatch. 

Also, Harness and Saddle Trees made 
to order. Canal Barrows constantly on 


Middle Street. 

— ALSO — 


Done in all its Branches. 

A share of public patronage is respect- 
fully solicited. 





Done in all its Branches, in the Best Manner. 





Reeds and Harnesses of every description, made 
hj new and improved niaobinerj— by the best 
workmen and of the best materials. Also, MALLS 
for Carpet Looms. 

Repairing of all kinds done at Short Notice. 

Orders left at the American House Stage Office, 
or sent by Mail, vill be promptly attended to. 


Manufactures to order 


Cleats and Repairs Clocks, furnishes 
and hangs Door Bells. 

153 Central, cor. Charles St. 


^ ^ " "'"" A M^ §^ "' M IJ li Ii^5 """" 



PreSCOtt Street, (Near the Auction Stores,) Lowell, MaSS. 
GRAVE CLOTHS, of all kinds and qualities, furnished at reasonable prices. 


W E A r¥^ClTf F O R D, 

Silk, Cotton and Woolen Dyer, 

WILL DYE and FINISH in the best manner, — Broadcloths, Ca?si- 
meres, &c. ; Satins, Lustrings, Crape, Plush, Lace Veils, Silk and Cotton 
Velvet, Sewing Silk, Silk Crape, Worsted and Cotton Shawls, Yarn and 
Worsted (high colors, for lace work, carpets, &c.,) Italian and French 
Crapes, Leghorn and Straw Bonnets, Glores and Hosiery, Ribbons, &c. 
Also, Ladies' Dresses of every description. Gentlemen's Coats, Pants, 
Vests, &c. CLEANSE and FINISH Gentlemen's Coats, Pants, and Mil- 
itary Garments, Merino Shawls, Carpets, Table Cloths, &c. MILDEWS 
and STAINS removed from Linen and Cotton Goods. 

is*-^si.2s. Gr Jk. lEt. i:> :eii^ 9 

I Is beautifully located on 


I And occupies a Square, bounded bv ParV, Nesmith, Andover and Chestnut Sts. 
I EDWIN SHEPPARD, Proprietor, 

I Constantlv on hand a large and select variety of Green Hot-se and Garden 
I Plants and Seeds, Fruit and Ornamental TREE!^, Shrubs, and Grape Vines, of 
! both Foreign and Native Growth. BOQUETS, of all styles, made to order at the 
! shortest notice. The Saloons, during the Summer Season, are open for the recep- 
tion of S'isitors. day and evening, where mav be found FRUITS, ICE CREAMS 
AND COOLING BEVERAGES, of the choicest kind. 
N.B. — Gardens laid out and stocked on reasonable terms. 


j Proprietor of the 

f^ic^i f\x§^ Sil^^^?g & fV^^12 


Hoif e street, Helviderc. 

Woolen Goods Dyed by an entirely new process, the only one in the 
State, in any style and pattern desired. The figures are pressed by this 
new method, and are warranted fast colors. New patterns and styles pre- 
pared when desired. All Woolen Goods dyed and finished at short notice, 
in the best manner, on moderate terms. Orders respectfully solicited. 




— I)E VLEU IV — 


— ALSO — 

rcach-niountain & LackawanaCoal, 

IJricks, Laths, Lime, Cement, Ilair, 

Mortar, Stone and Sand. 


Cor, of Fletcher St. and Western Are. 


Manufacturers b Dealers In 



Cot, of Button &/ Fletcher Sts. 

DC?* Orders for Trunk Woods and 
Planing, executed with despatch. 


No. 6 Mcehasiics^ Buildings, Button St., 

Opposite Boston & Lowell Railroad Depot. 






Cutting, Shaving & Shampooing 


No. 60 Central Street. 



Curling, Shaving k Champooing 

No 20 Merrimac Street. 




Harnesses & Reeds 

And every description of 



Fletcher St. &o Western Av. 

Alpha Stevens, > , |~w,ei i 

Solon Stevens. < LOWELL. 


Siirveyor of Lumber, 


l^ef|3i(^ei^ of ^}oo^, 



Thorndike St., Lowell. 



f if ill & 1111111,111, 


Calf Skins & Split Leatlier, 






Bobbins & Spools, 

mechanics' steam MILIS, 

Button Street, near the Jail, 


— OF — 

DeLaines, Merinos, Alpacas, and IMus- 

. lin Goods ; also, Goods composed of 

Silk, Cotton and Wool, Woolen 

and Cotton Yarns, 

Whipple's Mills, Lowell. 

All small parcels, orders, &c.. left at Sargent & 
Co.'s Express, promptly attended to. 

Refbbknces.— John Nesmith, Lowell; J. C. 
Howe & Co., Boston ; G. Pattison & Co., New 
I York; Jphn Roiencraat, PLila. 



D. C. BPvOWN & CO. 

ISIanufacturers of 





' Orders solicited and promptly execufed. 


Glazier, and Paper Hanger, 

And Dealers in all kinds of 

Doors, Sashes, Window Blinds, 

Paints, Oils and Glass, 


All orders thankfully received, 
and promptly attended to. 



Paper Hanger and Glazier, 

No. 90 Middlesex St. 

For Sale, all kinds of Glazed Sashes, 

Window Blinds, Paints, 

Oils, Glass, &c. 



Of all patterns, and Dealer in 




[CT^Orders will receive prompt a ttent ion. .=0 


Glazier, and Paper Hanger, 

And Dealer in Doors, Sash, "Window 

Blinds, Paints, Oil and 


Adams, near Fletcher St. 

the most faithful manner. 




Arch St...near Nashua Depot. 

Varnishing and Polishing 

CS~ Eiecuted in the best manner, at -reasonable 
prices. Carriages Painted and Var- 
nished, a"t short notice. 




(Successors to Puffer & Howe,) 
Manufacturers of 

Uliicfjine, Striping t^^JticimoniJ ^mttH 


G. C. MOREY & CO. 

Painters, Graiiiers, 



Paints, Oil, Glass, Sash, Doors, 

Blinds, Paper Hangings, 

Door Plates, &c. 

13 East Merrimack Street, 



Sign &/ Ornamental 



119 Central St., I*ovrell, 



And Dealer in Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Teal, Lard, &c. 


Prescott Street, Near the Cliurcli, I.iOTvell. 

Particular attention paid to packing Pork for family use. Sausages 
manufactured to order at short notice. 

J. Mccarty, 



15 Middle Street, 

A few doors aboye the Post Office, 




makufacturer or 

And Grave Stones, 

Of all descriptions. 

Neat the North Grammar School Home. 







isf f iiwiLtiwSi iQf f iiiiiii 

©SIEIE @T7[L[lEI®[i[BS 


Feed Rolls and Shell for Cotton Cards, 







Commission Merch'ts, 


1 Fletcher Street, 

C. F. Blanchard, ) 

Walter Blanchard, LOWELL. 

George Wright. ) 




Country Produce, 



First building west N. Freiglit Depot 

Orders for Commission respect- 
fully solicited. 




MB Ik'L, 
Corn, Rye, Oats, Shorts, &c. kt 



Meal Ground every day, and furnished to order at short notice, on 





Beef, Pork, Lard, 

Bacon, Sausages, &c. 
Opposite Bancroft's Block, 


Charles H. Wilder, 
Elihu S. Hunt. 


Particular attention paid to putting 
tip provisions for families. 


And Dealers in 



Opp. Bancroft's Block. 





wi^T mm§^ mmj% 

Groceries, Butter, Cheese, Pork, Lard, &c. 

Glass and Crockery 'Ware, Country Produce and Wood, Choice Brands of 
Flour, received direct from the Mills in New York. 


MiDDLKSEX Street, just above Central St. 
at the head of Hamilton Corporation, 






Crockery and Glass, Flour, Butter, 

Chtese, Pork, Lard, Bacon, 

Beans, Dried Apples, Oil, 

Teas, Spices, <kc. kc. 


Under the ITniversalist Church, next 
door to Gushing & Mack's, 

Wholesale and BetaU Dealer in 


Oils, TeaB, Spices, Northern and West- ■ 
em Produce, Garden Seeds, &c. { 






O" Orders solicited and promptly attended to. ..O 



No. 115 Central St. 



1^- Constantly on hand, a large assort- 
ment of Meats, Vegetables, Eggs, 
and Fruits. Goods sent to 
any part of the city. 




Bcatsfoot Oil & Tallow, 

Wholesale and Retail. 

Walker, near Middlesex St. I 

Orders for butchering hogs attended to^ 
at short notice. 



PAGE, FAY &; CO., 

TVholeEale and Retail Dealers in 

W. I. Goods, Teas, Flour, 

— AXB — 


Atso,— Crockery, China, & Glass Wares; 

Cutlery; Camphcne ; Extra Pale Ale, 

Porter, and Native Wines. 




\Vliolesa!e 4 Retail Dealers in 



Cordage, Grass k Garden Seeds, 

Nos. 116 «fc 1 18 Central St. 

Corner of Green Street. 




Iron Fence, Verandas, Balustradss, 8cq. 
Bascmeut Second Universalist Church, Market St. 

Personal attention given to putting up Furnaces, Ranges, Fences, &c. 






Nos. 17 &/ 18 City Market. 

Goods sent to any part of the city with- 
out extra charge. 


— DEALER I^ — 



Smoked Beef, Tongues. Veal, Lamb, 

Mutton, Potatoes, Apples, Butter, 

Eggs, Beans, and all kinds of 

Adams, corner Fletcher gt. 


¥/. I, Goods & Groceries, 


liOwcll, cor. Worllicn St 

Wm. N. Hills, Clerk. 


Ayer's New Ci:y Market, 

Constantly on hand 



Goods delivered at any part of the city 




^Miolojalc and Retail Dealers in 

,W.f. Goods, Groceries, 


Market St., near City Market 

A. W. Rtittiick, > T-f , II 

B.N.Webber. > c-^w\,ii. 



W. I. Goods and Groceries, 

Teas, Spices and Country Produce, 
6 AND 7 Savings Bank Building, 
Corner of Shattuck and Middle Streets. 

tfS~ Goods delivered at any part of the dty free 
of cbarge. 

H. F. HOLT &/ CO. 




Choice Familj Grcceries, 

Nos. 2 & 4 Merrimack, corner 
of Prescott Street. 


■Wliolcsale and Rct'il Dealers in 

W. L Goods & Groceries, 

Foreign Fruits and Country 
Also Proprietors of the well-known 
Tea and Coffee t?tore. under the 
JIuseum. Goods purchased at ei- 
ther store will be delivered free of 
charge, in any part of the city. 



West India Goods, 

Crockery & Glass Ware. 




Goods delivered to orler without 
extra charjre. 





Middleaes Street, 

Near the 1 T.OWET.L 

Alercbandise Depot, ] Xj\J }\ CjIjU. 

Wliceler & Stickney, 




Choice Family Groceries. 



W.I. Goods, Groceries, 

Crockery ^ Glass V.'are, 

Fruit, Grain & PJeal, and a general 

assortment of Articles for 

family use. 


Near Northern R. R. Depot. 

Goods sent to any part of the city, 
without extra charge. 




No. 44 Central Street. 

This OfiSce is not surpassed by any outside of Boston in facilities for 
the execution of every description of 

|§1 fe fill 



The Presses are all of modern construction, includine the LARGEST 
HAND PRESS ever made and the latest patent of KUGGI.ES' PRINT- 
ING ENGINE, for Job and Card work, and a TUFTS' POWER PRESS. 
With these facilities, customers can depend upon having their orders 
promptly executed in the best style. 

The Stock of Type is of the newest patterns, selected with re- 
gard to their beauty of face andadaptedness to the work to be perfoimed, 
and additions are constantly being made, so that all kinds of work, from 
the Mammoth Postex* to the Miniature Address Card, 
can be turned out in a style equal to any in the State 

Prompt attention paid to all orders, and satisfaction guarantied. 

• [r7=- REMEMBER THE PLACE, .=0 


44 Central St., over PMlbrick's Auction Room, 



Coh]e^ of Stiitoi] qi]c) Iieicl]elr gf^ed^, 

FRUIT, PIES AND CAKE, of every variety, constantly on hand. 



No. 4§ Central Street, 


Books, Cards, Catalogues, Circulars, Hand-Bills, 

Programmes, Pamphlets, Posters, Shop-Bills, 

Labels, Auction Bills, Bill-Heads, Bills of 

Fare, Kailroad Tickets, Billets, Blanks, 


Executed with neatness, and at sh6rt notice, at the Loioest Prices. 


Is published at "the above office, at ^^.OO per annum in 


Is also published at the same office every FRIDAY MORN- 
ING, ^1.50 in advance, or ^2.00 if not paid till the end 
of the year. The Advertiser, and Patriot and 
Republican are Democratic Newspapers, 
advocating Democratic Measures 
and Principles. 

[IIr°Advertisement3 inserted in the above papers at customary rates. 

SAM'L M. BELLOWS, Publisher. 











The undersigned, Proprietor of the " TOX POPTJLI." has the Printing 
Department of his Establishment furnished with every descrip- 
tion of the best materials for Printing 

Large Posters, Show Bills, Shop Bills, Checks and 

Receipts, Programm3s, Pamphlets, Auction Bills, 

Bill Heads, Labels, Visiting Cards, Ball Cards, 

Business Caids, Blanks, Circulars, &a. 

All of which will be executed on the Clienp gcale of Prices, and to 

the entire satisfaction of "The People," whose patronage is solicited. 

No. 21 Central Street, Near the Post Office. 


Is published "Weekly, for '-The People," at ^3.00 a Year, payable in 
Advance. Ef^tablished 1841. Has now a local circulation larger 
than all the other Lowell papers combined. Advertise- 
ments inserted on reasonable terms. 




& filif Iffll PBHTElj 

Wyman's Exchacge, No. 28 Merrimac St. 

New Ttpe, of the most approved patterns, is constantly being added to the 
large assortment now on hand. 
All Orders will be promptly and satisfactorily executed, on the lowest 



No. 23 Appleton Block, Central Street. 






Office 33 Appleton Block. 

The Tri- Wee XLT is issued every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY, 

Morning. Terms, $.3.00 per Annum. 
The Webklt American, containing a large quantity of reading matter, is pub- 
lished every Saturday morning, at $2.00 per Annum. 


lei ill iIBi PBIMfEli 

No. 56 Central Street, 

(opposite the head of market street,) 



No. 27 Central, corner of Middle Street, 



A5D THE - 


This Office, being furnished with a superior assortment of 

A First Class Power Press, |i3'?S^ A Card Printing Press, 

A FAST KlfisJ^ ^^'15 THREE 


Possesses every desirable facility for the prompt and satisfactory execu- 
tion of every description of 


Is sent to subscribers for S5 a year. It has a good circulation, and pre- 
sents to the business public a superior ADVERTISING MEDIU3I. 


A paper of the largest size, for country circulation, is published on 

FRIDAY MORXING, at the low price of 81.50 a year in 

advance, or ^2 any time during the year. 



Office, 21 Applcton Block. 

American Insurance Company, of Providence, R. I. 

CAPITAL., ^150,000. 

W. HUMPHREY, Secretary. ALLEN 0. PECK, President. 

Atlantic Fire & Marine Insurance Co., of Providence, R. I. 

CAPITAL.. $150,000. 

B. STEVENS, Secretary. SUCHET MAURAN, President. 

Western Massachusetts Fire Insurance Co., of Pittsfield. 

CAPITAL., $100,000 

J. C. GOODRIDGE, Sec'y. CHAS. M. OWEN, Pres't. 

Merchants' & Farmers' Mutual Fire Ins. Co., of Worcester. 

C. L. PUTNAM, Sec'y. ISAAC DAYIS, Pres't. 

The above named Companies, which are among the very best and 
soundest in New England, will insure on property in Lowell and vicinity, 
on as favorable terms as other similar Companies. 

Detactied dwellings and Farmers' property insured for the term of five 
years, at very low rates of premium. 

Application for Insurance may be made to the subscriber, at No. 21 
Appleton Block, Central Street, Lowell. 
rREDERICK Parker, Agent for said Co mpanies. 


ON A CAPITAL OF $2,.500,000. 

jsTjaFi.:F*XjXJs;, 30so^3o-^. 

of LoNDO.v, England, conducting its business under Boards of Directors 
in the principal cities of Great Britain and the United States, affords to 
all assured the advautasre of entire reliance, with SAFE PROFITS AND 
NO ASSESSMENT ON'^POLICIES, and the most liberal system of Loans. 
' KI?" Tills Company has complied with the laws of the State of New 
York, and deposited with the Comptroller .^100,000 as a Guarantee Fund 
for the assured, which is always available, not only for the citizens of 
this State, but for the assured in the United States. The laws also of 
Massachusetts have been complied with by this company 

BosTOM Board op Directors. — G. M. Thacher, Esq., Hon. F. Dexter, 
Hon. B. Seaver, J. Whitney, E. A. Grattan, E. D. Brigham, and W. 
Elliott, Esqrs. 

For rates for Home, Sea and California Risks, see pamphlets, to be had 
gratis at No. 31 Appleton Block, on CENTRAL STBEET. 

Elisha Hdmixoton, M.D., Medical Examiner. 

FREDERICK PARKER, Agent for Lowell and vicinity. 




fill, if Mil, iiSMI, 

Mahogany, Cherry, Black Walnut, 


Anthracite, Bituminous and Charcoal, 








Samuel Preston, Job Denning, 

Mark Glidden, Nathaniel Abbott. 




"Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

No. 50 Merrimac Street, Up Stairs, 

[C?" Particular attention paid to making nice Silk Millinery and Mourn 
ing articles to order. 





K J 






—AND — 








(A few rods West of the Depot,) 

All orders for Work will meet with Prompt Attention. 




Soaps, Candles & Tallow, 



Near Charles Street, 


J. D. PRINCE, Jr. 




Liquid Blue, for Blueing Clothes, 

Paper Makers' Blue, Blue 

EULISG Ink, for Stationers, 

etc. etc. etc.