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Full text of "The Lowell directory : containing the city record"

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- ■ \ 

, : BY liDAMSr 8;,M/S0i\. & (^0.. 

I • • 

CASH CArTAL 4'^I) STTF^- :% $15D,000. 
resell Omce; 23 1-2 Jeh^v^f'y ' ji . • , Middle Strco., 

(lIRSt FLOOIl, OLf P<*»T ^F> JL BI'Ti.. tNG.) 

yxoRS. — Nathan Allen, Stt-pben Cashing, Arth..r P. Bonney, Joshua W, Daniels, ^anii:eJ Jur- 
iraim Brown, Josiah G. Abbotv. V,'u;r.i W -is^:, Jo;m Avery, Caleb M. Marvel, fle'.rv r Ho -e 
Read, Lowell; Alonzo A. Miner, llt^njajt a h . Batea. Abraham T. L v-^, \^ ( 1- -'-^ 
Demmon, Boston. ' 

DANIEIjS, Sec. & Treas. 

NATHAN ALLEN, President. 





Books iTvade to order, Paper ruled ^ any r ittern. Bookbinding ir cve-^ style.* 


Wr 'rs A.\D REIAIL DEALER^ ^^ 


. ^•- steam. Gas, and Water; 

STEA.I AND G.'.S ITTINGS, of all kind<? and sizvt^'; iTEAld 
C iVUlSTLES AND GALGES, and all Fixtures general!,' u.-ed blTKugi- 

neers. (Jontracior ibr Iluating Buildings by Stain and Lii^btingiv O ,. 
__ A :ar-e assortment of GAS-FJXTUREti, of the late.«s «t>led, cofii-taui 
- on hand. BRASS-FINISHING, in all its branchee, executed ii.Ti .^n,^ 

and faitbful manner Ly competent workmen. f ^^ 

b. 10 Howe Street, > 

. 8 Central S.roet,vf*^^'^^^^'^'^! 

{.,' iim 




1 JC^^^I^OrganizGd, DecJ9,18683r5fc^^^|^J^ 

^;7i, i«'M«i«ti«i«7iiM| 
MiHitiieiiiniOMsii I [| 




Furnished with every requisite at short notice and with punctuality. 


JOHIV E. CRAIVE, Proprietor. 

Patterns for Machinery, of every description, made at short notice, and 
in the best possible manner. Particular attention given to the manufacture of 

^MMMB m mwmmn iiii mmw mmw. 




^oMs of suitable st^e for t^e f atcnt ©ffice, 

Or for representation (however complicated or simple), will be made, to the 
entire satisfaction of parties interested in the same. 

Now used by many of the Cotton Manufactories throughout the Manufactu- 
ring States. 

State, County, or Individual Rights can be procured by applying to the 



I» H. E 3VI I XT ikac 

id iillV JJ/mU Ou/lJilkio^ 

Constructed on correct scientific principles — proved by experience — 
of the BEST MATERIALS, and in the most faithful manner. 

At our warehouse may constantly be found a complete assortment of weigh- 
ing apparatus of every description, and adapted to all kinds of business, as 
out wheels ; COUNTER SCALES, with tin, brass, and copper scoops. 

Butchers' Scales; "Wheelbarrow Scales; Family Scales; Druggists' 
Scales; Apothecaries' Scales; Jewellers' and Bankers' 
Scales; Spring Balances; Brass and Iron Beams ; 
Brass, Zinc, and Iron "Weights; Copper, Tin, 
and "Wood Measures; and every ar- 
ticle of Store Furniture. 

FMIMIS k Bill 

118 Milk St., Boston. 




Chilson's Patent Cone Furnace. 

This truly superior Furnace (repre- 
senting a large cluster of cones or ta- 
pering radiators, standing over a broad 
fire-pot) has proved itself, in the use of 
upwards of three thousand Furnaces, 
to be far superior to any other mode 
of heating buildings, vnth fresh, health- 
ful heat, free from the scorching, disa- 
greeable odor common to the usual 
hot-air furnaces (emitted h'om their 
red-hot cylinders, cracked pots, and 
broken joints). The superior merits 
of this Furnace for heating churches, 
school buildings, dwellings, stores, 
&c., will commend them to all per- 
sons upon examination ; and the espe- 
cial attention is desired of those hav- 
ing large first-class dwellings that re- 
quire a very superior heating appara- 
tus, as well as large public buildings 
that require an extra powerful Fur- 
nace. Sizes in variety to suit all 
classes of buildings. 



The highly satisfactory testi- 
mony received from the large num- 
ber of these Ranges in use in the 
past three years, should certainly 
induce those in want to examine 
this Range, which is entirely new 
in principle, and different from any 
other before k)iown. It has baen 
got up very perfect and substan- 
tial, so that it commends itself at 
once to the purchaser, in prefer- 
ence to anything else of the Range 
kind in this country. 

Its gr. at economy in the use of 
fuel, its quick and even baking 
overs, its nice arrangement of fines 
— without the usual vexatious 
complication of dampers — its cast 
iron flue plates, preventing any 
loss of heat in the brick-work, its 
nice arrangement for roasting 
meats, in the ventilated ovens, 
&c., will be appreciated by every 
housekeeper. Sizes in variety for 
dwellings, hotels, &c., with or 
without Water-Backs for heating 
water for bathing. &c.. Hot Clos- 
ets, and Hot-Air Fixtures for heat- 
ing additional rooms. 


CMlson's Patent Trio Portable Furnaces, Eegisters, Ventilators, Stoves, &c. 

(Foundry at Mansfield, Mass.) «-AKI>XEK, C lIItSOlT. 

The above articles may be obtained in LOWELL of Messrs. WIIiDER «fc DANA, 
authorized agents for the sale of this Furnace and Range in Lowell. ^^ 




No. 32 Central Street. 

Dr. L. was awarded the first premium for 
the best specimens of Dentistry by the Mid- 
dlesex Mechanic Association, 1851, also in 




I A^ ^ ® ® 'if § 






Also, constantly on hand and for sale, a large assortment of the various kinds of 

ll^gfill ILIMII 



Also, an assortment of 


Manufacturer of 


Also, Dealer in 

Cutlery, Shooting and Fishing Tackle of every description, 

I'owder, Shot, Percussion Caps, &c. Fishing Rods Made to Order. Guns and 
Pistols, of all kinds, repaired in good stvle. 


. i:,0"\VEI^Ii, MASS. 

9 ^' 

y.. ■ ^Q ^' 


^f^oals, Cljurtljes, "^anlis, Sorietks, €tc., 












Entered according to Act of Congress, In the year I860, by Adams, Sampson, & Co., in the Clerk's 
Office of tlie District Court of tiie District of Massachusette. 

Dambell k MoOKE, Printeri, 16 DeTODsbire Street, Boston. 


The twenty-first number of the Lowell Directory is now offered to the ruhlic. 

As the remark is sonietiuies made, that, after a Directory has once been printe(5, its 
yearly compilation must be a comparatively easy task ; and as occasionally an individual 
whose name has not been reported, and which, therefore, of cou^^^e does not appear in 
the book, expres«cs great surprise that Lis name is not printed just as it was the previous 
year, — it f eems proper to Ftate, that, in preparing the information for the Directory, every 
house and store in the city is annually visited, and such other means as can be relied on 
are taken adrantago of to collect as full and accurate a list as possible ; and the names so 
obtained, together with such others as are brought in to the oflHce, are printed, but no 
others. This is believed to be the only correct course to pursue; for, although Lowell 
may compare[favorably with other manufacturing cities in the permanence and stability 
of its population, still there is, of coutse, no surety that any one individual remains the 
same to-day that he did even yesterday. 

The handsome increase of about ISOO names in the general directory orer the last 
issued, or about 7 per cent per year, gives gratifying proof of the growth of Lowell in 
population and business. 

In compiling this number of the Directory, 3210 names have been erased that appeared 
in the Directory of 3858 ; while, of the 5500 nan)es that have been continued from that 
Directory to this, only about 25C0 remain in all respects the same, the other 3000 having 
made some change either in business, place of business, or residence. In this number 
of the Directory, 4450 new names also appear, giving, as f tated before, about 1300 increase. 

The publishers renew their thanks for the readiness with which the nef-essary informa- 
tion has been furnished by those who have been calJed npon for it, and especially to those 
who, as advertisers or otherwif e, have encouraged the work by substantial aid. 


Page. I 

Abbreviations, 16 ; 

Advertising foMnws page 296 

Almanac for 1861, 6 

Bandof Masic, 278 ; 

Banks, 273 

Boston and Lowell Railroad, 2S4 

Business Directory, 2'I7 

City Government, 1860, 263 

Chronology of Lowell, 289 

Churches, 287 

Clergymen, 250 

Commissioners of other States. 282 

Coroners, 280 

County Commissioners, 280 

Counsellors, 251 

Counting Room Almanac, 7 

Court Sessions, 280 

Kxpresses, 2H7 

Fire Department, 269 

Hotels 255 

Halls, Buildings &c., 14 

In^urance Companies, 275 

Justices of the Peace, 281 

Lean and Fund Associations, 276 

Lowell and Lawrence Railroad, 285 


Manufacturing Companies, 270 

Masons, 278' 

Masters in Chancery. 280 

Middlesex County Officers, 279 

Military, 282 

Names of Inhabitants, 17 

Nashua and Lowell Railroad, 285 

Newspapers, 278 

Notaries Public 280 

Odd Fellows,... 278 

Physicians, 258 

Post Office 282 

Police Court, 282 

Railroads 284 

Salem and Lowell Railroa J, 286 

Saving? Panks, 274 

Schools and Teachers 266 

Sheriffs and Deputies, 279 

Srcietits and Companies, 276 

Stages 286 

State Gorernment, 1861, 291 

Stony Brook Railroad, 285 

Streets, Courts, and Places, 8 

Telegraph Office, 261 

Ward Boundaries, IS 


i>-^:e>ee, -vir-A-i^EiioxjSE. 





(Opposite the old Post Office Corner,) 
L O •\;V ELL, 3VC -A. S S- 

[O' Agent of the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company. XD 




Protected Solution of Protoxide of Iron. 


© I^ JE3 I^ S I -A., 

Affections of the Liver, Dropsy, Neuralgia, 

Bronchitis, Consumptive Tendencies, 

Boils, Scurvy, and Piles, 


And all Disorders arising from Impoverished and Impure Blood. 

The proofs of its efficacy are so numerous, so well authenticated, and of 
such peculiar character, that sufferers cannot reasonably hesitate to receive 
the proffered aid. 

The Peruvian Syrup does not profess to be a cure-all; but its range is ex- 
tensive, because many diseases, apparently unlike, are intimately related, and, 
proceeding from one cause, may be cured by one remedy. 

The class of diseases for which the Syrup provides a cure is precisely that 
which has so often baffled the highest order of medical skill. The facts are 
tangible, the witnesses accessible, and the safety and efficacy of the Syrup 

^TT NOTICE. — It is well known that the medicinal effect of Protoxide 
of Iron is lost by even a brief exposure to air, and that to maintain a solution 
of Protoxide of Iron, without further oxidation, has been deemed impossible. 

In the Peruvian Syrup, this desirable point is attained by combination in 
a way before unknown ; and this solution may replace all the proto-carbonates, 
citrate, and tartrates of the Materia Medica. A. A. Hayes, M. D., 

Assay er of the State of Mass., 16 Boylston Street, Boston. 

N. B. — Pamphlets giving further information of the Syrup can be had 
on application to 






i I Xji -^ 3ES rt - -W-A. 




And Agent for the AMERICAN WATCHES for Lowell and vicinity. 

The largest assortment of JEWELRY and SILVER-PLATED 
WAKE to De found in Nevv England, out of Boston, 


Manufactured to order, and at very low prices. 

Fine Watches and Jewelry neatly repaired and warranted. 
Engraving of every variety executed in the very best style. Also, 
sole proprietor and manufacturer of 



An instrument/ar siiperior in all respects to the common Barometer, 
and as accurate as a $40 instrument, and at only OLe-fourth the 





Gentlemen visiting Boston are invited to visit my new location, 


(The Store recently vacated by CHICICEBING & SON, Piano-Forto Manufacturers.) 
Here you will find a fine assortment of 








Susp ender s , 

Handkercliiefs , 

Hose, ^c. 



Of all the VARIOUS styles, which are peculiar to this establishment, 


This establishment has become celebrated for reasonable prices to cash 
customers. Please call, and try once. 









^ g 




(J 7 
13 14 

•27 28 

15 W 17 18 
>2>23 24h25 

3 4 


■29 30 31 








•2li-22 23 

28 29,30 


4 51 6 
11 I2il3 

18 19 20 
25 26 27 





■29 30 :::: 
:::::::: ] 
61 7 8 
1314 15 
•20 2122 
27 28 ^29 

4 5 

10 1112 

181 19 
25 26 

3 4 5 
10 11 12 
17 18 19 
24 25 26 

I 2 3 

8 9 10 
15 1() 17 

29i30 3l 

2 3 









b ^^ 

o m 
i ^ 



^^n^^ ^ Moo, 









Abbott, from 292 Central to Lawrence 

Adams, from Salem, Adams Block, to Fletcher 

Adams place, from Lowell, near Lowell place 

Adams square, from Middlesex, near Walker 

Alder, from 136 East Merrimac, nearly opposite Nesmith, to 2 Stackpole 

Ames, from 266 Central to Lawrence 

Amory, from Bridge street, by the Boott canal, to Kirk 

Andover, from Concord river, south bridge, to Tewksbury line 

Anne, from Merrimac, at the St. Anne Church, to French 

Appleton, from Gorham, St. Peter's Church, to Thorndike 

Arch, from Howard to Middlesex, near Northern depot 

Ash, from East Merrimac to 22 Chestnut 

Auburn, from 150 Gorham to 145 Chapel 

Austin, ifrom 351 Merrimac to Ford 

Ayer's New City, south-western part of the city 

Baldwin's court, from 21 Fayette 

Bartlett, from High street square to Alder 

Bay State avenue, from 187 Central 

Beacon, from Pawtucket to Bowers 

Beacon, from Mount Vernon to Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Belvidere, east of Concord river 

Bennett, from Mount Vernon to B?acon, Centralville 

Bleachery, from Moore, northerly, to the Lowell Bleachery 

Boott, from Gardner to the Canal 

Bow, from Coburn to Pearl, Centralville 

Bowditch, from Jackson to Middlesex 

Bowers, from Fletcher, opposite Whiting, and crossing School 

Branch, from Middlesex, crossing School to Middlesex 

Brewery court, from 11 Thorndike, near the depot 

Bridge, from Merrimac over Central bridge through Centralville 

Broadway, from Fletcher to Pawtucket 

Brown, from East Merrimac, opposite Howe 

Brown's Avenue, from 1 94 Gorham 

Brown's Court, from River, Centralville 

Butterfield, from 137 Fletcher to School 

Cabot, from northwest coiner of the Lawrence Corporation to Lowell 

Cady, from 252 Central (Chapel Hill) to Lawrence 

Cambridge, fiom Hale, near Chelmsford 

Canada, from Tanners to Quebec, Ayer's New City 

Canal, from Merrimac, near the canal, to Bridge 

Carlton, from 278 Middlesex to East Pine 

Carney (now Mount Washington), from Pawtucket 

Carolin's place, from 29 Fayeite 

Carpet lane, from Gardner, rear 110 Market 

Carter, from Gorham, south of Hale's Mills, to Bleachery 

Cedar, from Third to Sixth, Centralville 


Cedar, from Keene, near Gorham, to Central 

Central, from Merrimac to Gorham, at Davis's corner 

Centralville, north of Merrimac river 

Centre, from 227 Central to Chapel 

Chapel, from 14 Union, and runs southerly to Central 

Chapel Hill, from Wamesit Falls, westwardly to Chapel 

Charles, from Lawrence to Gorham 

Chelmsford, from Thorndike, near Middlesex, to Chemsford line 

Chestnut, from Fayette to Park 

Christian, from Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Church, from Central, at Washington House, to Bfclvidere 

City avenue, from 9 Middle to City Hall avenue 

City Hall avenue, from Merrimac, near City Hall, to 77 Middle 

Clark, from Common, near Salem, to Fletcher 

Clark's court, from 136 Lawrence 

Clay, from 51 Andover, east of High, to Oak 

Coburn, from 67 River to Old Road, Centralville 

Colburn, from 237 Merrimac, to Merrimac yard 

Commercial square, on Central, opposite Market 

Common, from Clark to Cross, east side North Common 

Common avenue, from Lowell to Cross 

Concord, from Merrimac to Massachusetts Mills 

Congress, from Thorndike to Gorham 

Cottage, from 237 Central to Chapel 

Court avenue, from Chapel to Linden 

Crosby, from 344 Central, opposite Cedar, to Whipple's Mills 

Crosby's court, opens 230 Central 

Cross, opens on Sufiblk, and runs westerly to 215 School 

Cross lane, from 150 Lowell to Adaoas 

Cummiskey's alley, from 103 Lowell 

Gushing, from Willie, south of Rock, easterly to Fletcher 

Dane, from Salem, near Pawtucket to Fletcher 

Dane street court, from Dane 

Davidson, from 17 East Merrimac to Howe 

Davidson's lane, north side of Davidson 

Davis, from 25 Summer to 34 Appleton 

Davis court, from 9 Davis 

Dearborn's court, from Andover, west of Water 

Decatur, fiom 388 Merrimac to Salem 

Dempsey's Yard, 44 Salem 

Dodge, from Race to 1 70 Suffolk 

Dummer, from west of Worthen, southerly to Mechanic [to Willie 

Datton from Merrimac Corp., crossinsr Merrimac street at the depot, 

Dutton square, on Dutton street, at Swamp Locks 

East Merrimac, from Merrimac, at Concord river, through Belvidere 

East Pine, from Carlton to Nichols 

Edgerly's court, from 28 Charles, east of Lenton 

Eighth, from 71 Bridge, Centralville 

Elliott, from Appleton, opposite the Stone Church 

Elm, from 245 Central to South 

Elm, from Third to Sixth, Centralville 

Essex, from East Merrimac, opposite Davidson, to Brown 


Everett, from Fayette to 49 Hi^h 

Fairmoimr, from Mansur to the Reservoir 

Parson's court, from 133 Middlesex 

Favor, from 100 Appleton to 81 Summer 

Fayette, from 90 Andover, opposite ^Vate^, to East Merrimac 

Fellows court, from 14 Iii:»h-street square 

Fenwi k, from 132 Lowell to Suffolk 

Fifh, from 51 Bridge to 16 Myrtle, Centralville 

First, from Bridnre, near the Bridge, Centralville 

Fletcher, from Thorndike to Pawtucket, near Stone House 

Floyd, from Central, opposite ropewalk 

Ford, from 40 Cabot, westerly, beside the Canal 

Forrest (now Westford) 

Fourth, from 47 Bridge, to 10 Myrtle Centralville 

Franklin, from 45 Willie, easterly to Fletcher 

Franklin square, between Suffolk, Adams, and Lagrange streets 

French, from Kirk to Bridge 

Front, from River, along the banks of the river, Centralville 

Fulton, from Merrimac, above Worthen to Lowell 

Fulton, from Coburn, Centralville 

Gardner, from 110 Market to Lowell Counting Room 

Garnet, from 106 Middlesex to 81 Appleton 

Gates, from Marshall, near Westford to Chelmsford 

Geor;ie, from Tyler to Warren 

Gold, from School, north of Varney, easterly 

Gore, from Race to Cabot, on Suffolk Corporation 

Gorham, from 123 Central, by Hale's Mills, to Tewksbury line 

Goward place, from 84 Appleton 

Grand, from Middlesex, by Westford, to Hale 

Gray place, from 16 Church to Tyler, near Central 

Green, from Washington square to George 

Green's cout-t, from 114 East Merrimac 

Hale, from Thorndike, near the jail, to Chelmsford 

Hall, from the north end of Tilden to Cabut 

Hampshire, from Coburn to Centralville 

Hancock, from Merrimac, opposite Prescott Counting Room 

Hancock avenue, from 26 Salem to Clark 

Hanover, from Lowell, crossing at 279 Alerrimac and Moody 

Harris, from Coburn, Centralville 

Harrison, from 63 Andover, east from Clay, to Oak 

Hi^h, from 113 East Merrimac to Nesmi h 

High street square, opens northsideof East Merrimac 

Hiiihland, from South, at Washiuiiton S.;liool-house to Thorndike 

Holbrook's court, trom Andover to Water 

Howard, from Mid'-ilesex, near depot, to Hale 

Howe, from East Merrrimac, southerly to the Flannel Mills 

Hudson, from 298 Central 

Hunt's court, from 120 East Merrimac 

Hurd, from 106 Central to Warren 

Jackson, from 89 Central to 145 Middlesex 

James's court, from East Merrimac, east of Grammar School-house 

Jetlerson, from Lowell, near Railroad House, to Lewis 


Jefferson square, between Jefferson, Lewis, and Little 

John, from 61 Merrimac northerly, to the Boott, Counting Rooms 

John street avenue, from west side of John, to Kirk 

Joiner, from 138 Lawrence, to the River 

Keene, from 168 Gorham to Central 

Kemp, from Walker to Wilder, near railroad crossing 

Kidder, from Gorham to Crosby, near Hale's mills 

King, from Middlesex to Jackson, near Round House 

Kirk, from French, to Merrimac, east of St. Anne's church 

Kirk avenue, from 27 Kirk, between Merrimac and Lee 

Knowles place, opens on the southwest corner of Davidson street 

Korner's court, from 80 Middlesex to 15 Spring 

Lagrange, from Suffolk, near stone arch bridge, to Fletcher 

Lagrange court, from Lagrange street 

Landing, from Market, west end of Market House, to the canal 

Lane court, from 125 Middlesex 

Lawrence, from Church, southerly to Moore, near the Bridge 

Lawrence street court, opposite 62 Lawrence 

Lawson,from School, above Branch to Queen 

Leather, now called Lincoln, at Ayer's New City 

Lee, from John, westerly to 17 Kirk 

Lenton, from 36 Charles 

Lewis, from Lowell, east side Western Canal to Mechanic 

Liberty, from Chelmsford at the Pound, to Chelmsford line 

Liberty Square, junction Fletcher and Adams 

Lincoln, from Chelmsford to Gorhim, Ayer's New City 

Linden, from Union, near Court House, to Auburn 

Little, from Lewis to Dummer 

Livermore, from 22 Bartlett to 20 Stackpole 

Livinjiston, from Carter,, northerly and westerly 

Llewellyn street, from Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Locke, from Gorham to South 

London, Ayer's New City, to Gorham, near race course 

Loudon court, from 183 Central 

Lowell, from Button, opposite Market, to Salem, corner Cabot 

Lowell place, from 147 Lowell 

Luther's court, from 177 Central 

Lyman, from Race to Cabot, on the Suffolk Corporation 

Ljon, from 338 Central 

Madison, from Gorham to Thorndike, near junction 

Maiden lane, from 214 Merrimac to 35 Lowell 

Main, from Border to Plain 

Manchester, from Gorham to Tanner 

Mansur, from Nesmith to Fairmount 

Manufacturers, from Short to Plain 

Marion, from Cross, between Suffolk and Adams, to Lagrange 

Market, from 47 Central to Dutlon 

Marshall, from Grand to Carlton 

Marshall court, from 11 Howard to Arch 

Mason's court, from 201 Central, between Charles and Union 

Mc Carry's CDurt, from Cross, opposite Marion 

McFarlin, from Pawtucket, near School, to Bower 


MciFarlin avenue, from Pavvtucket 

Mclntire, from 268 Middlesex to Marshall 

Mechanic, from SulFolk to Dutton, opp. Machine Shop C. R. 

Merriam's court, from 29 Ilijrh to 39 Fayette 

Merrimac, irom Concord River Bridge, westerly to Pawtucket 

Merrimac square, from Merrimac to Tremont 

Merrimac court, from 31 High 

Merrill, from 182 Lawrence, crosses Taylor near the river 

Merrill's court, opens 13 Chapel, opposite Centre 

Methuen Road, from Mount Pleasant street to Dracut line 

Middle, from 25 Central to Shattuck 

Middlesex, from Gorham and Central, to Chelmsford line 

Middlesex place, opens n. the Howard House, on Middlesex street 

Mill, from Lawrence, near Richmond's Mills, westerly to Central 

Molloy's court, from 24 Summer 

Montreal, from Quebec to Tanners 

Moody, from Merrimac, opposite Merrimac House, to Pawtucket 

Moore, opens on Gorham, near Railroad bridge, and runs easterly to 

Tewksbury line 
Morse's lane, from Dane to Pawtucket 
Mount Pleasant, continuation of Tenth from Centralville 
Mount Vernon, from Liberty to Westford 
Mount Vernon, from Pawtucket to Rock 
Mount Vemon, from Third to Sixth, Centralville 
Mount Washington, from 59 Pawtucket to Broadway 
Myrtle, from Third to Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Narrow, from River to Front, Centralville 

Nesmith, from East Merrimac, opposite Alder, to Tewksbury line 
New, from Salem to Clark 
Nichols, from 16 Branch to Westford 
Ninth, from 75 Bridge, to Tenth, CentralvilUe 
North, from 49 Lawrence to 236 Central 
North Franklin court, from north side Franklin street 
Oak, from 102 High to Nesmith 
Old Road, from Bridge to Dracut line 
Oliver, from 250 School, westerly 
Paige, from Bridge, westerly to Kirk 
Park, from Andover, northerly to E ist Merrimac 
Parker, from Chelmsford to Chelmsford line 
Pawtucket, from Austin to Chelmsford line 
Pawtucket avenue, from Pawtucket 
Pearl, from 100 Middlesex to 75 Appleton 
Pearl, from Coburn to Old Road, Centralville 
Perkins, from Suffolk, near Lawrence C. R. to Cabot 
Perrin, from School, oppos-ite Gas Works 
Pme, from Westford to Liberty 
Plain, through Ayer's New City to Chelmsford line 
Plains, in Centralville 

Pleasant, from Andover, between High and Water 
Pleasant, on the Plains from 109 River, Centralville 
Pleasant court, from 18 Winter 
Pollard's avenue, from 24 John 


Pond, from Pleasant, westerly to Concord river 

Poplar, from 156 School, near the Gas Works 

Poplar, from Quebec to Machinist 

Powell, from Liberty, southerly to Chelmsford 

Prescott, from Merrimac to Central 

Prince, from Merrimac Bleachery to Moody 

Prospect, from Kidder 

Putney's court, from 68 Gorham 

Quebec, from Canada to Plain 

Queen, from Middlesex, by old burying ground, to Westford 

Race, from 319 Merrimac to Hall 

Railroad alley, from Shattuck, between Middle and Market 

Railroad street, from Hale, side of the Railroad 

Read, from First to Tenth, Centralville 

Reed's court, from 18 Charles 

Richardson, from Mount Vernon, Centralville 

River, from Bridge, near the Bridge, Centralville 

Robinson, from Congress to the Railroad 

Rock, from Fletcher to School, at Gas Works 

Rolfe, from Broadway, near Pawtucket 

Salem, from Cabot and Adams to Pawtucket 

Salem place, Salem 

Sawtell place, from 136 School 

School, from Pawtucket Bridge to Liberty 

Second, from Bridge to Read, Centralville 

Seventh, from 65 Bridge, Centralville 

Shattuck, from 164 Merrimac to Market 

Short, from Chelmsford above Liberty to Hyde 

Sidney, from Branch to Chelmsford 

Simpson, from First to Third, Centralville 

Sixth, frooL Bridge, Centralville 

Smith, from 24 Branch, southerly to Liberty 

Smith's court, from 29 Hanover 

Somerset, from School, north of Lawson, to Queen 

South, from 56 Middlesex, by S. Grammar School-house, to Gorham 

South Franklin court, from south side Franklin street 

South Highland, from Thorndike opposite Hale to Gorham 

Spalding, from Chelmsford to Liberty, across 147 Broadway 

Spring, from 19 South, westerly to 6 Pearl 

Stackpole, from Alder to Brown 

Stevens, from Parker to Chelmsford near town line 

Suffolk, from Lawrence C. Room, crossing Merrimac at 281, to Adams 

Suffolk court, from 332 Merrimac to 139 Lowell 

Suffolk square, both sides of Merrimac, between Suffolk and Cabot 

Summer, from 81 Gorham to Thorndike 

Swamp Locks, on Button, Worthen, and Mechanic streets 

Swift, from 181 Lawrence 

Tanners, at Ayer's New City along the Railroad 

Taylor, from 154 Lawrence to the river 

Taylor's court, from Mill street 

Tenth, from opposite 80 Bridge 

Third, from Bridge, Centralville 


Thorndikc, from Diitton, near northern depot, to Gorham 

Tilden, from 241 Merrimac to Hall 

Tilden court, from 10 Tilden 

Tremont, from 251 Merrimac to Hall 

Tremont Mall, between Tilden and Tremont 

Tyler, from Central, next south of Church, to Lawrence 

Union, from 203 Central, across Gorham to South ^ 

Union, from Seventh to Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Union court, from 133 Lowell 

Varney, from School, near Butterfield, to Fletcher 

Varnum, from Sixth to Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Waldo, from Quebec to Eaton 

Wall, from Davidson to Concord river, thence to Davidson again 

Walker, from Middlesex, west of School, to Pawtucket 

Walnut, from 154 Gorham to 287 Central 

Wamesit, from Central, Chapel Hill, and runs southeasterly to Lawrence 

Wamesit court, from Gushing to Dutton, near Wamesit Mills 

Wanalancit, from opposite 53 Pawtucket to Broadway 

Warren, from 90 Central to Church 

Warren court, termination of Warren St., from Church opp. Warren 

Washington, from Warren to Anduver 

Washington .-quare, between First Universalist church and Church st. 

Water, from Andover, opposite Fayette 

Webster, from Jackson to Middlesex 

Webster, from 74 Bridae to Hampshire, Centralville 

West, on the Plains, Centralville 

West's court, from 248 Middlesex 

Western avenue, from Fletcher, westerly to School [line 

Westford, from Chelmsford, near Tborndike, westerly to Chelmsford 

Whipple, from Moore, northerly by Stone House, to Lawrence 

Whiting, from 86 Salem to Fletcher 

Wilder, from Pawtucket, south to Westford 

William, from Central, north of Green, to 5 George 

Willie, from Salem across Fletcher, n. the Common, southerly to Dutton 

Willie avenue, from 20 Salem to Clark 

Willow, from 58 Andover to East Merrimac 

Willow place, from 354 Merrimac 

Winter, from 6 1 Gorham to Davis 

Worthen, from Merrimac C. R., crossing Merrimac at 190, to Dutton 

Wyman, from Nesmith, opposite Oak, to Tewksbury line 


Aldrich's Block, Appleton, opposite Garnet 

Aldrich's Block, Middlesex 

American House Block, adjoining American House 

Appleton Block, 94 Central, corner AVarren 

Arcade Block, 1, 3, and 5 East Merrimac, near Canal 


Banjzs Block, Railroad street 

Barry's Block, Suffolk near Lowell 

Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot, Dutton, corner Merrlmac 

Buttrick's Block, East Pine 

Canal Block, Central, opposite American House 

Carleton Block, 152 Merrimac 

Carolin's Block, 27 Fayette 

Castles Block, Lowell, near Lewis 

Central Hall, in Museum Buildinjr 

City Hall Building, Merrimac, corner Shattuck 

City Hay Scales, rear City Market 

City Market, Market street 

Concert Hall, 82 Merrimac 

Court House, Gorham, corner Elm 

Donahoe's Block, Suflolk, near Broadway 

Eagle Block, Merrimac, near Suffolk 

Evans Block, Railroad street 

Fellows Block, Middle 

French's Hall, 35 Central 

Gas Works, on School 

Goward's Block, Appleton, opposite Garnet 

Hale's Mills, Gorham, near junction, Thorndike 

Huntington Hall, in Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot 

Jackson Hall, in Boston and Lowell Railioad Depot 

Jail, Thorndike, opposite S. Common 

Knowles Block, Congress 

Livingston Block, Appleton, near Thorndike 

Manahan's Block, Cushing 

Mansur's Block, Central, corner Market 

Market Hall, in City Market 

Masonic Hall, Nesmith's Building, John street 

Maywards Block, Dummer, near Lowell 

Mechanics' Building, Dutton, near Merrimac 

Mechanics' Hall, in Mechanics' Building 

Mechanics' Mills, Dutton, near Western avenue 

Merrimac Hall, near Merrimac House 

Museum Building, Merrimac, opposite Central 

Nesmith's Block, Merrimac, corner John 

O. Allen's Mills, Middlesex, near Northern depot 

Odd Fellows' Hall, Appleton Block 

Northern Railroad Depot, Middlesex, neir Thorndike 

Parker's Block, corner Bridge and River, Central ville 

Police Court, Rooms in West End Market House 

Police Station, West End Market House 

Prescott Block, Merrimac, between Central and the Canal 

Reading Room, Mechanics' Hall 

Repair Shop, Middlesex, corner Thorndike 

Reservoir, on Belvidere Heights 

Saving Bank Bi:ilding, Shattuck corner Middle 

Short's Block, Jefferson, corner Lewis 

Spalding's Block, Middlesex 

Tyler'ft Block, Central, corner Market 


Wamesit Bank Buildinji, Middlesex, corner Thorndike 

Wamesit Steam Mills, Dutton, corner Willie 

Welles's Block, Merrimac, corner Kirk 

Welles's Hall, in Welles's Block 

Went worth's Buildinjr, IMerrimac, corner Shattuck 

Wentworth's Hall, VVentworth's Building 

Wheelock's Block, Charles, near Gorham 

Williams Block, on Canal Bridge 

Wood Market, rear City Building, Market street 


Ward 1. Beginning at a point in Merrimac river on a line -with the middle of the 
Merrimac canal ; thence southerly along the middle of said canal to the Pawlu.ket canal ; 
thence westerly along said Pawtucket canal to the mouth of the Western canal; thence 
northwardly along the middle of said Western canal to Merrimac river; thence easterly 
down said river to the point of beginning. 

Ward 2. Beginning on Merrimac river on aline with the middle of the Merrimac canal ; 
thence southerly along the middle of said canal to the middle of Pawtucket canal ; thence 
easterly along the middle of said canal to the middle of Concord river ; thence northerly 
along the middle of said Concord river to Merrimac river; also, all that territory lying on 
the northeasterly side of Merrimac river annexed to the city of Lowell from the town of 

Ward 3. Beginning In Central street at the bridge over Pawtucket canal ; thence run- 
ning southerly along the middle of said street to Gorham street; thence along the middle 
of Gorham street to Davis's Corner (so called), thence along the middle of the county 
highway from Lowell to Billerica to the boundary to the city of Lowell ; thence east 
following said boundary line to Concord river; thence down the middle of said river to 
the Pawtucket canal ; thence up the middle of said canal to the point of beginning. 

Ward 4. Beginning at the bridge on Central street over the Pawtucket canal; thence 
westerly following the middle of said canal to the bridge of Nashua and Lowell Railroad 
over said canal; thence westerly along said railroad to the boundary line between Lowell 
and Chelmsford ; thence along said line southerly and easterly to the county road from 
Lowell to Billerica; thence northerly along the middle of said road, Gorham and Central 
streets, to the point of beginning. 

Ward 6. Beginning at a point in Merrimac river on a line with the middle of the West- 
ern canal; thence southerly along the middle of said canal to Pawtucket canal; thence 
westerly along the middle of said Pawtucket canal to the Nashua and Lowell Railroad 
bridge ; thence along said railroad to the boundary line between Lowell and Chelmsford ; 
thence northerly on said boundary line to Merrimac river ; thence easterly down said river 
to the point of beginning. 

Ward 6. All that part of the city of Lowell lying easterly of the head of Concord 


Merr.Corp., Merrimac Corporation ; Merr., Merrimac street ; Mass. Corp., Massachusetts 
Corporation; Corp., Corporation; S. L., Swamp Locks; C. R., Counting Room; L. M. S., 
or Lowell M. S., Lowell Machine Shop; Merr. P. W., Merrimac Print Works; F. Sq., 
Franklin square; h. house; b. boards; c. corner; opp. opposite; ft. foot; fr. from; n. 
near; r. rear; st. street; pi. place; ct. court; sq. square; 1. lane; (B.), Boston; (Cal.), 

After the name of the street, the word street is omitted ; the name of a Corporation 
occurring immediately after the name of a person signifies the place of business of that 


AARONS CORNELIA, second-hand clotliing, 121 Middlesex, 

house do. 
Abair Isaac, Lawrence, boards 70 Lawrence Corporation 
Abair John, Lawrence, house 27 Tremont Corporation 
Abair Wilbour, Lawrence, house 27 Tremont Corporation 
Abbot Juhan, counsellor, 81 Central, boards 15 Hurd 
Abbott Albert H. blacksmith, house 112 Middlesex 
Abbott Charles, overseer Lawrence Corporation, house 64 do. 
Abbott Charles C. machinist, house 83 School 
Abbott Charles H. clerk, 78 Merrimac, house 3 Willie 
Abbott Charles H., L. M. S. house Middlesex, c. Mclntire 
Abbott Charlotte Mrs. house 11 Suffolk Corporation 
Abbott David A. shoecutter, 41 Merrimac, boards 52 Paige 
Abbott Deborah Mrs. boarding house, 29 Suffolk Corporation 
Abbott Dorcas Mrs. boarding house, 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Abbott Dwiglit, foundry, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 
Abbott Franklin, Lawrence, boards 11 Lawrence Corporation 
Abbott George W. Hamilton, h. 57 Hamilton Corp., Gorham 
Abbott Hannah S. Mrs. house 230 Central 
Abbott Herman, Lawrence Corporation, house 42 do. 
Abbott Isaac M. clerk, 46 Merrimac, boards 13 Central 
Abbott James C. counsellor, Tyler's Block, 43 Central, boards 

Merrimac House 
Abljott Joseph, blacksmith, boards 14 Warren 
Abbott Josiali G. counsellor (42 Court, Boston), h. 12 Stackpole 
Abbott J. M. house 13 Lagrange court 
Abbott Mary, boardinghouse, Perrm, near School 
Abbott Misses, house 1 Union, Centralville 
Abbott Rogers A. boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Abbott Rufus K. machinist, house 56 Merrimac Corporation 
Abbott Samuel, dentist, 15 Central, house do. 
Abbott Sarah, widow, house 13 Lagrange court 
Abbott William P., Hamilton, h. 58 Hamilton Corp., Gorham 
Abbott William W. machinist, boards 21 Hamilton Corp. 
Abbott Ziba, house 241 Central 
Ackley Ezra, at S. Converse's, b. 6 Merrimac Corporation 


Adixms Abel P. pattern maker, house 69 Fletcher 
Adams Adolph, clothing, 20 Central, house 11 Alder 
Adams Augustus, tinsmith, house 1G4 Moody 
Adams Charles A. shoccutter, house 27 Chestnut 
Adams Charles E. clerk, IGG Merrimac, b. at Smith Adams's 
Adams Curtis, machinist, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Adams Cyrus P. at Cushing & Mack's, house 47 Fayette 
Adams Dolly Miss, nurse, house Bowers, corner Beacon 
Adams Enos II. (Moultou 4' Adams), boots and shoes, 35 Merri- 
mac, and shoe manufacturer, Prescott, corner Merrimac, 
house 134 East Merrimac 
Adams Ezra B. clerk, 7 Central, house 84 Church 
Adams George S. boards at Smith Adams's 
Adams George W. painter, house 6Q High 
Adams Hannah B. house 148 Jackson 
Adams Henry, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Adams (Horace J.) & North ( William L.), furniture, feathers, 

and carpets, 28 Merrimac and 7 Central, h. 49 Tyler 
Adams James, overseer, Lowell, house 1 Mechanic 
Adams Joel, counsellor and president Prescott Bank, 49 Central, 

house at Chelmsford 
Adams -lohn, mason, house 378 Merrimac 
Adams John Mrs. house 70 High 
Adams John H. painter, boards 70 High 

Adams Jonathan, overseer Merrimac P. W. h. 31 Merr. Corp. 
Adams Joseph R. miller, at Locks and Canal Mill, French, opp. 

Anne, house 42 Dummer 
Adams Judith and Mary S. house 52 Paige 
Adams Julius, Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Adams Nicholas, Lowell M.S. boards 5 Thorndike 
Adams Rlioda E. Mrs. house 36 Cabot 
Adams Samuel E. R., Middlesex, house 62 Fayette 
Adams Smith, tripedealer. Walker, n. Middlesex, house do. 
Adams vSylvanus, Hamilton, boards -23 Hamilton Corporation 
Adams Theodore, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 45 Chestnut 
Adams Thomas B. ( Whitmarsh Sf Adams), h. 169 Moody 
Adams William H., iMassachusetts, h. 21 Massachusetts Corp. 
Addie John, machinist, boards 101 Central 
Aiken Daniel F. dry goods, 94 INIerrimac, b. Merrimac House 
Aiken James Mrs. house 67 Salem 

Aiken John F. clerk, 94 Merrimac, b. 50 Massachusetts Corp. 
Ainsworth Squire, felt-manufacturer, boards 202 Merrimac 
Ainsworth William L., Middlesex, house 5 Tyler 
Akers Benjamin M. house 13 Grand 
Alcot Abigail, widow, house Dane, corner Salem 
Alden Mary A. boarding, liouse 35 Massachusetts Corp. 


Alden Stephen, Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 

Alden ^Vm. H. Rev. boards 27 Tyler 

Aldrich Milton, wooden screw manufacturer, at O. Allen's IVIills, 
house Branch, second above School 

Aldrich Samuel, nightpolice, house 3 Nesmith 

Aldrich Warren, machineshop, r. 103 Middlesex, h. 93 Appleton 

Alexander Edward, sawmill hand, house 1 Willie 

Alexander George, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Alexander John, Lowell, boards 7 Cady 

Alger Edwin A. (Brown S)- Alger), counsellor, 55 Central, house 
106 High 

Alger Hiram A. counsellor, house 11 Water 

Allen Alanson G., Merrimac, b. 138 Merrimac Coqioration 

Allen Alvin B. clerk, 43 East Merrimac, boards 12 Fayette 

Allen Arthur A., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Allen Augustine M. fish, 43 East>. Merrimac, b. 12 Fayette 

Allen Charles A. shomaker, house 92 East Merrimac 

Allen Edward, house 51 Salem 

Allen George F. haraess maker, boards 5 Jackson 

Allen George S. shoemaker, boards 20 Hurd 

Allen Hanson W., Hamilton, house 9 Hamilton Corporation 

Allen Hervey W. apothecary, Merrimac, corner Suffolk, house 
360 Merrimac 

Allen James, laborer, house Hanover, near Lowell 

Allen James M. macliinist, house 15 Hamilton Corporation 

Allen Jolm, saloon, boards 30 Willie 

Allen John, provisions, Water, c. Andover, h. at Tewksbury 

Allen John, boards 14 Tremont Corporation 

Allen John G. boardinghouse, 5 Jackson 

Allen Joseph 0., Merrimac, house 98 Merrimac Corporation 

Allen Levi, Lowell M. S., boards 146 Jackson 

Allen Lizzie, boardinghouse, 4 Appleton Corporation 

Allen Lucy C. Mrs. house 14 High 

Allen Mary A. widow, house 4 Goward place 

Allen Mrs. house 19 Moody 

Allen Nathan, physician, 12 Hurd, house do. 

Allen Nathaniel, harness maker, house 20 Hurd 

Allen Nicholas, Suffolk, house 20 Adams 

Allen Norris, Merrimac Print Works, h. 105 Merrimac Corp. 

Allen Otis, lumber dealer, and manuf. of packing boxes, Middle- 
sex, near the Northern depot, house 373 IVliddlesex 

Allen Otis L. trunk and variety store, 114 Merrimac, house 1 
Myrtle, Centralville 

Allen Patrick, laborer, house 8 McCarry court 

Allen Rufus, Merrimac Corporation, house 138 do. 

Allen Sumner, bootmaker, 35 Merrimac, boards Hurd 


Allen Thomas, laborer, house rear 114 Suffolk 
Allen Thomas O. clerk at O. Allen's, house 380 Middlesex 
Allen William II. Mrs. house 4o Fletcher 
Allor T. at Norcross Sawmill, house 290 Middlesex 
AUyn Rachel II. female physician, 188 Central, house do. 
Almy George L., Lowell Repair Shop, h. 8 Lowell Corp. 
Alvin Wilham, laborer, house rear 109 River, Centralville 
Ambrose Adam, Merrimac Corporation, house 29 Central 
Ambrose Michael, laborer, house 16 Adams 
American Bolt Co. (Geo. C. Smith, J. 3Ieadowcroft, D. S. Sher- 
man, and Jonathan Hope), manufacturers' bolts, screws, &c. 
210 Lawrence 
Ames Jacob, machinist, house 10 Fifth, Centralville 
Ames Lorenzo, painter, boards 26 Chapel 
Ames Moses B. carriage trimmer, house 51 Church 
Ames Patty Mrs. house 16 Salem 

Amidown Edward, Merrimac, b. 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Amidown Rufus, bootmaker, house 5 High 
Amsden George M. bookkeeper H. B. Smith's, house 36 Rock 
Amsden Hiram, Mass. boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Amsden Hiram, Mass. house 59 Merrimac Corporation 
Amsden Stephen C. variety store, 17 Merrimac, house do. 
Anderson Alexander, gardener, house Carney 
Anderson Alfred, painter, boards 53 Boott Corporation 
Anderson Charles L. bookkeeper, foundry, h. 15 S. L., Dutton 
Anderson George, engineer, house Thorndike, c. Madison 
Anderson Hugh, Lowell, house 15 Hancock avenue 
Anderson James, carpet w^eaver, b. Thorndike, c. Madison 
Anderson James, carpet weaver, boards 119 Central 
Anderson Peder, treasurer Baldwin Manuf. Co. h. 109 Gorham 
Anderson Peter, laborer, house 34 Suffolk 
Andrews Aaron, machinist, house 8 Tremont Corporation 
Andrews Charlotte A. house 2 West court 
Andrews John, Middlesex, house 1 Abbott 
Andrews John, Stott's Flannel Mill, house 17 Alder 
Andrews John, Suffolk, house 15 Suffolk Corporation 
Andrews Stephen, teamster, boards 76 Middlesex 
Andrews William, house 5 Abbott 
Antes Elizabeth, widow, house 57 East Merrimac 
Anthony Isaac, contractor, Lowell M. S. h. 77 Cross, n. Willie 
Appleton Frank P. agent Lowell Bleachery, house Moore 
Appleton James P. doorplates, &c. 50 Merrimac, h. 67 do. 
Arlen Abigail W. Mrs. house 60 Bartlett 
Arlen John W. mason, house 60 Bartlett 
Arlin John, hostler, boards 325 Merrimac 
Arlin John F. fireman's saloon, 12 Middle, boards 30 Willie 


Arlin Sarali, widow, house 325 Merrimac 

Arlin Stephen N. house 18 Nesmith [Mechanics' Hotel 

Armstrong Christopher, livery stable, 278 Merrimac, boards 

Arthur Andrew, weaver, h. Bridge, c. Old Road, Centralville 

Ash Bartholomew, laborer, house rear 114 Suffolk 

Ashley Henry S., Boott Corporation, boards 54 do. 

Ashton Hezekiah, gardener, house 76 Middle 

Ashton Joseph D. boiler maker, house 47 Fletcher 

Ashton Peter, boiler maker, house 35 Cushing 

Ashton Stephen, boiler maker, Dutton, b. 375 Middlesex 

Ash worth George, ( Sager Ashivorth ^ Co.)^ h. 67 Fletcher 

Ash worth John, cardmaker, boards 86 Market 

Ashworth Sager & Co. ( G. Ashivorth), filecutters, Fletcher, 

near Dutton, house 22 Rock 
Aspinwall William, dyer, Lowell, boards rear 40 Charles 
Astle Abel, physician, Moore, house at Tewksbury 
Astle George, physician, Moore, house do. 
Athei-ton Abel T. bookkeeper, 84 Middle, boards 27 Clay 
Atherton Ehzabeth Mrs. house 67 Fayette 
Atherton Thomas, machinist, 84 Middle, house 27 Clay 
Atherton William (heirs of), machinist, Howe street 
Atkins Lucy, widow, house 25 George 
Atkins Willis B. Appleton, house 3 Appleton Corporation 
Atkinson Benjamin F. machinist, b. 69 Boott Corporation 
Atkinson Deha, widow, house 55 Lawrence Corporation 
Atkinson James V. house 69 Boott Corporation 
Atkinson Richard P. machinist, house 29 High 
Atkinson Sally, house 29 LLigh 
Atwell A. J., Lawrence Corporation, house 14 do. 
Atwell Richard, clerk, house 14 George 
Atwood Benjamin E. carpenter, house 50 Union 
Atwood Benjamin F. teamster, house Wamesitt court, c. Dutton 
Atwood Charles C. carpenter, boards 50 Union 
Atwood Daniel, boards 48 Prescott Corporation 
Atwood David, boardinghouse, 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Atwood David F. boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Atwood James B. clerk, 52 Merrimac, boards 38 John 
Atwood Joseph W., Boott, house 1 1 Boott Corporation 
Atwood Stephen W. Avatchmaker, 80 Central, b. 3 Mass. Corp. 
Austin Aurelia A. boarding house, 44 Boott Corporation 
Austin Azro, driver, boards 44 Boott Corporation 
Austin George H. file manufacturer, rear 71 High, house 71 do. 
Austin Geo. W., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 177 Merrimac Corp. 
Austin Isaac, file manufacturer, rear 71 High, house 71 do. 
Austin James, saloon, 66 Central, house do. 
Austin Maria H. house 279 Middlesex 


Austin Norman I., Lowell Corp. boards 177 Merrimac Corp. 

Austin Sarah JNIrs. house 2 Fayette 

Austin 8eth, Merrimac, boartls 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Averill Orin, blacksmitli, boards 3o Massachusetts Corporation 

Averj Alfred, wood yard, Pawtucket, house at Dracut 

Avery Clara, widow, house 54 Lawrence Corporation 

Avery Franklin S. mason, house Bridge, c. Tenth, Centralville 

Avery Harriet C. dressmaker, Gorliam,'c. Middlesex, h. 28 Linden 

Avery John, agent Hamilton Manufacturing Co. h. 27 Appleton 

Avery John, Lawrence, house 52 Lawrence Corporation 

Avila Manuel G. barber, American House 

Ayer (Abel M.) & Brown (Francis), painters, 200 Middlesex, 

house East Pine, corner Carlton 
Ayer Bethiah, widow, house G Appleton Corporation 
Ayer Charles H. clerk, boards 2 Ash 
Ayer Edward, machinist, boards 208 Merrimac 
Ayer Frank, Merrimac, boards 133 Moody 
Ayer Frederick (J. C. Ayer ^ Co.), h. Pawtucket, c. School 
Ayer James C. & Co. (Frederick Ayer), cherry pectoral and 

cathartic pills, 105 Market, h. Pawtucket, opp. Fletcher 
Ayer James H. B., Locks and Canals, h. Worthen, c. Mechanic 

Ayer , student, boards 13 Central 

Ayers Elias C, Prescott Corporation, house 40 do. 

Ayers Robert, laborer, boards 3 Adams 

Ayers Sarah C. widow, house 2 Ash 

Ayers Thomas, laborer, house 3 Adams 

Ayling Augustus D. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, b. Central, c. Abbott 

Ay ling Margaret Mrs. house 292 Central 

BABBINGTON THOMAS, Flannel Mills, house 21 High 

Babbitt B. F. shoemaker, room over 57 Central 

Babbitt Wibur F. painter, house 16 Rock 

Babcock Alonzo J., Lowell, house 2 Ford 

Babcock Harry E., Lowell, house 2 Ford 

Babcock Harvey M. clerk, 149 Central, boards 19 Warren 

Babcock Joseph M., Lowell, house 19 Warren 

Bachelder Abram & R. G. hosiery, gloves, &c. 110 Merrimac, 

house 3 Alder [Middlesex, h. 92 Ploward 

Bachelder Asahel G. patent tool and carriage manufacturer, 134 
Bachelder Daniel, teamster, house Carleton, corner Pine 
Bachelder Elizabeth L. widow, house 166 Moody 
Bachelder John Mrs. house 1 6 Appleton 
Bachelder Joseph, carpenter, house 62 Mass. Corporation 
Bachelder Leroy, painter, boards 113 Central 
Bachelder Roscoe G. (A. Sf B. G. Bachelder), hosiery and gloves, 

110 Merrimac, boards 9 Elm 


Bacheller David S., Merrimac Print Works, h. 1 1 Mass. Corp. 
Bacheller Nathaniel J. N. printer, " Vox Populi " office, house 41 
Bacon Clovis S. machinist, house 9 Tremont [Branch 

Bacon Levi (DurriU, Bacon, &; Go.), tanners and curriers, Ayers 

New City, house 26 Thorndike, corner Apple ton 
Badger Frank O. clerk, 78 Merrimac, boards 3 Boott Corp. 
Badger Franklin S., Massachusetts, house 29 Mass. Corporation 
Badger. John, Mass. boards 25 Market 
Badger Lewis, blacksmith, house 203 Middlesex 
Badger Stephen, painter, house 3 Boott Corporation 
Badger Willard F. bleachery, house 9 do. 
Bagley Charles, carpenter, house 19 Alder 
Bagley Ellen, widow, house rear Dummer, corner Little 
Bagley John, spinner, house rear Dummer, corner Little 
Bagley John (Cal.), house 3 Dempsey's Yard 
Bahan Patrick, teamster, house 16 Adams 
Bailey Alvah W. farmer, house 67 Bridge, Centralville 
Bailey Anson (Rice S^ Bailey), provisions, 131 Central, house 29 

Bailey Benjamin F. carpenter, 60 South, house 88 Appleton 
Bailey Calvin, Suffolk, boards 17 Suffolk Corporation 
Bailey Charles A., Prescott, boards 29 Willow 
Bailey Gardner, provisions, 66 East Merrimac, h. 29 Willow 
Bailey George E., Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Bailey George E. sash and blind maker, house 29 Willow 
Bailey George P., Hamilton, boards 5 Cady 
Bailey Gustavus A.,Mer. Print Works, h. 2Q Third, Centralville 
Bailey Isaiah W. bookkeeper, at Buttrick & Co.'s, h. 26 Bartlett 
Bailey James H., Appleton, house 146 Jackson 
Bailey John, boiler maker, house Oliver 
Bailey Joshua H. shoemaker, boards 48 Church 
Bailey Leonard, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Bailey Manasseh, shoemaker, 6 Warren, house 46 High 
Bailey Romanzo C. painter, boards 1 Willow place 
Bailey Squire, watchman, boards 5 Appleton Corporation 
Bailey Tliomas D. mason, house 51 Hanover 
Baity Alexander, blacksmith, boards 16 Marsliall 
Baker Andrew K. clerk, 108 Central, boards 44 Boott Corp. 
Baker Frederick W. machinist, house 76 Merrimac 
Baker George W. house 2 Read, Centralville 
Baker James, machinist, boards 152 Middlesex 
Baker John C. clerk, 12 Merrimac, house 4 Sixth, Centralville 
Baker Joseph H., Lowell, house 12 Franldin square, Adams 
Baker Lucy Miss, nurse, house 297 Central [8 WilHe 

Baker Richard W. civil engineer, city government building, house 
Baker Stephen, carpenter, house 6 Abbott 


Balch Eliza, widow, house 125 East Merrimac 

Balch Perley, principal Edson school, house 245 Central 

Balcom Henry, blacksmith, house 2 Evans 

Baldwin Benjamin, Boott Coi'poration, Jiouse 71 do. 

Ball Benjamin, house 49 Charles 

Ball Benjamin W. editor (B.), house 59 Fletcher 

Ball Charles C. machinist, boards 49 Charles 

Ball Henry C. machinist, boards 49 Charles 

Ball James, machinist, Howe, house 42 Water 

Ball John S., LoAvell, boards 37 South Locks, Worthen 

Ballantine Jane ]Mrs house 1 North 

Bamfbrd James T. clerk, Merrimac House 

Banagan Mary Mrs. house 83 Charles 

Bancroft George, Hamilton, boards 13 Hamilton Corporation 

Bancroft John, file grinder, house 9 Andover 

Bancroft Selwin, grocer, Merrimac, c. Prescott, h. 102 High 

Bancroft Thos., Hamilton Print Works, h. Pleasjint, n. Andover 

Banfill Joel, collector, boards 3 Hamilton Corporation 

Banfbrd James S. roll coverer, Suffolk, house Salem, c. Dane 

Bangs Brothers (Isaac W. ^ Dean Bangs), stoves and tin ware, 

105 Central 
Bangs Dean (Bangs BrotJiers), house Summer, near Thorndike 
Bangs Isaac W. (Bangs Brothers), house Summer, n. Thorndike 
Barbour C. H. Mrs. house Sixth, Centralville [n. Somerset 

Barclay Cyrus P. carpenter, Middlesex, cor. Howard, h. Quee,n 
Barker Abby Mrs. house 255 Central 
Barker Alfred D., Suffolk, house 41^ Tremont 
Bai'ker Horace R. steam and gas pipe fittings and fixtures, 8 

Central, house 255 do. 
Barker Joseph O. carpenter, house Pine, near Liberty 
Barker Moses D. moulder, hou^e 35 Suffolk 
Barker Nathan, driver icewagon, boards at Abel Carkin's 
Bai'ker Ora, butcher, house Middlesex, near the line 
Barker Wilham K., Massachusetts, house 60 Massachusetts Corp. 
Barnard Benjamin F. billiards, 125 Central, h. 50 Mass. Corp. 
Barnard Charles, boarding, house 43 and 44 Mass. Corporation 
Barnard David, Prescott, boards 23 Prescott Corporation 
Bai-nard David W. painter, L. M. S. h. 31 South Locks, Worthen 
Barnard George W. at Cushing & Mack's, house 113 Merrimac 
Barnard George W. hackman, 84 Central, house 11 Charles 
Barnard Hirani K. mason, house 33 Mass. Corporation 
Barnard John, boards 23 Prescott Corporation 
Barnard Tristam, carpenter, house 22 Massachusetts Corporation 
BaiTiard William, Merrimac, house 126 Merrimac Corj-oration 
Barnes Charles C, Mass. boards 59 Mass. Corporation 
Barnes Charles E. machinist, house 72 Appleton 


Barnes Daniel, Middlesex, house 326 Central 

Barnes Emily R. Mrs. tailoress, 40 Central 

Barnes Emma Mrs. house Water, near Pond 

Barnes Heniy, blockprinter, house 25 High 

Barnes Henry H. (Dean &> Barnes), clothing and furnishing 

goods, 5 Canal block, house 174 East Merrimac 
Barnes Horace B. painter, house 15 Common 
Barnes Michael, tanner, house rear 41 Chapel 
Barnes Patrick, mason, boards 12 Church 
Barnes Richard, house 80 River, Centralville 
Barnes Samuel J. M. clerk, house 59 Bartlett 
Barnes S. M. (K Packard S, Co.), fur store, 122 Merrimac 
Barnes Thomas J. (Cal.), house Appleton, corner South 
Baron Alice Mrs., Franklin House, 58 Moody 
Baron Augustus, Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Baron Christopher, carpenter, house Middlesex, near the hue 
Baron Frederick, druggist, Merrimac, corner Worthen, boards 

Franklin House 

Baron George, pattern maker, house 28G Middlesex 

Baron Jacob, carpenter, house 64 Merrimac Corporation 

Baron Lord, at Franklin House, 58 Moody 

Barr Andrew, clothing, 6 Prescott block, house 16 Bartlett 

Barr Andrew jr., Middlesex Corporation, boards 16 Bartlett 

Barr Isaac, Lowell Corporation, h. Ehn, n. Sixth, Centralville 

Barrett Charles, Lawrence Corporation, boards 67 do. 

Barrett Edward, laborer, house rear Suffolk, corner Marion 

Barrett Hannah, widow, house 57 East Merrimac 

Barrett Isaac, overseer, Boott, house 68 Boott Corporation 

Barrett James, laborer, house 26 North 

Barrett Joanna, widow, house 127 Lowell 

Barrett Michael, grocer, 25 William, house do. 

Barrett Patrick, laborer, house Front, Centralville 

Barrington Honora, widow, house 40 South 

Barrows Charles L. machine shop, boards 62 Worthen 

Barry Daniel, grocer, house 114 Suffolk 

Barry Daniel S. wheelwright, house Beacon, near Pawtucket 

Barry Edward, grocer, 86 Lowell, house do. 

Barry Edv/ard, laborer, house Green, near George 

Barry Edward, variety store, 284 Merrimac, boai'ds 98 Lowell 

Barry Hannah, widow, house 15 Cady 

Barry John, Appleton, house 28 Appleton Corporation 

Barry John, IMiddlesex, boards 15 Cady 

Barry IMichael, moulder, house 96 Adams 

Barry Patrick, blacksmith, house 108 Lowell 

Barry Richard, Merrimac P. W. house 76 River, Centralville 

Barry William, Merrimac, house 3 Marion 


Barth Daniel W. liainlresser, 4 Central, house 67 Lawrence 

Bartli Jarob, liouse ()7 Lawrence 

Bartlett Dinsmore, laborer, Railroad, boards 8 Grand 

Bartlctt D. Bradford, paymaster Lowell Gas Light Co., Middle, 

corner Shattuck, liouse 140 East Merrimac 
Bartlett Ebenezer N., Merrimac, house 116 Merrimac Corp. 
Bartlett Edward, painter, Bleachery, house 11 do. 
Bartlett Edward T., Lawrence, boards Franklin House 
Bartlctt George L. clerk, Boott C. R. boards 11 Boott Corp. 
Bartlett Hannah D. boardinghouse, 111 Central 
Bartlett Horace E. variety store, house 156 Suffolk 
Bartlett Oren, Lawrence, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 
Bartlett Ozro M., Tremont, house 21 Tremont Corporation 
Bartlett Robert, vegetables, house Railroad street 
Bartlett Stephen, Lawrence, house 85 Lawrence Corporation 
Bartlett Sylvanus, liouse 40 Dummer 

Bartlett Sylvanus ( Cnshing ^ Co.), mineral water, 52 Middle- 
sex, liouse 2 Tyler 
Bartlett Tilden, farmer, house 5 Evans block 
Bartlett Wellington, Lawrence, boardri 68 Lawrence Corp. 
Bartlett Wise, carpenter, house Bridge, cor. Third, Centralville 
Bascom Timothy, grocer, 214 Merrunac, house 388 Merrimac, 

corner Decatur 
Bascom Wallace, Merrimac, house 119 Merrimac Corporation 
Bascom William, boots, shoes, and furs, 162 Merrimac, boards 

388 Merrimac, corner Decatur 
Bass (Joseph P.) & Woods (Charles R.), dry goods, 132 Mer- 
rimac, boards 100 Appleton 
Bass William, physician, Central, cor. Middlesex, h. 6 Tyler 
Bass William E. sashmaker, boards 41 Appleton 
Bassett Charles H., Suffolk Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Bassett Frederick, Suffolk, boaixls 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Bassett James, shoemaker, house 34 Common 
Bassett Jesse N. at Richmond's pa])er mill, house 2 Merrill 
Bassett Joseph, Suffolk Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Bassett Martin L. at Richmond's paper mill, liouse 2 Merrill 
Bassett Newland M., Lawrence Coi-]:>oration, h. 2 Tilden court 
Bassick Josiah, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Baston Edward H. machinist, boards at George F. Colllns's 
Batchelder Sarah B. liouse 88 East Merrimac 
Batchelder Henry L. baker, boards at Bradt's, Whiting street 
Batchelder AYilliam S., Tremont Corporation, house 20 Race 
Bateman Samuel E. clerk, house 11 Race 
Bates Alfred B., Lav/rence, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 
Bates Dennis P., Merrimac Corporation, house 125 do. 
Bates William W., Gas Works, house 158 School, cor. Poplar 


Battey Charles, cardgrinder, house 37 Crosby 

Battey E. C. clerk, boards 38 Boott Coii^oration 

Battey Miles, Hamilton, house 199 Central 

Battles Charles F. agent, Tremont, house 383 Merrimac 

Battles Cyrus M. clerk, 36 & 38 Merrimac, house 34 Chestnut 

Battles Frank F. agent, Mass. Corporation, house 3 Kirk 

Baxter Andrew, laborer, house 4 Cedar 

Baxter Bridget, widow, house River, near Bridge, Centralvilie 

Baxter Dar^Yin D. dry goods, 5 Appleton block, boards 27 Cady 

Baxter George P. clerk, American Bolt Co. house 296 Central 

Baxter John J. Mrs. house 7 Chapel 

Baxter Lawrence, musician, house Green, near George 

Baxter Patrick, Boott, house 11 Davidson 

Beach Allen, agent, house 14 Adams 

Beahan Hugh, Middlesex, house 42 Appleton 

Beahan John, Merrimac, house 7 Suffolk court 

Beal Horace, moulder, boards 35 Suffolk 

Beal William, carpenter, 2 Adams, house do. 

Beals Edward F. machinist, house 9 Lee 

Bean Alvira Mrs. house 6 Salem 

Bean Caleb M., Merrimac, house 135 Merrimac Corporation 

Bean Charles E. bobbin maker, boards 135 Merrimac Corp. 

Bean Daniel, provision dealer, house 8 Lawrence 

Bean Daniel W., Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 

Bean David G., Merrimac, house 62 Merrimac Corporation 

Bean George W. secretary Lowell Mutual Lisurance Co. house 

at Tewksbury 
Bean Geo. W. M. teamster, 15 Prescott, boards 4 Mass. Corp. 
Bean James W. salesman, boards 10 Queen 
Bean Joseplms C, B. & L. R. R. house Andover, near Fayette 
Bean Margaret Mrs. house 10 Queen 
Bean Samuel, farmer, house 11 Spring 
Bean WilHam G. boards 196 Central 
Beard Alvin, machinist, house Railroad street 
Beard Mary A. Mrs. house 12 Pawtucket, corner Salem 
Beard Ithamar, student, boards 39 Nesmith 
Beard Ithamar A., Custom House (B.), house 21 Pawtucket 
Beard Ithamar W. counsellor, 49 Central, house 39 Nesmith, c. 

Beard Samuel, at Stott's, house 138 Lawrence 
Beaver AYallace B. macliinist, house 1 Middlesex place 
Beck Mahala, house 21 Moody 
Beck Samuel, house 428 Merrimac 

Beckett Alexander, Lowell Corporation, house 1 65 Broadway 
Beckwith Emeline, boarding house, 3 i\Ierrimac Corporation 
Bedee Moses V. stonecutter, house Mt. Vernon, near "VVestford 


Bedell Adam, clerk, 174 Merrimac, h. 13 Merrimac Corporation 

Bedlow Artemas, variety store, 88 Gorham, house 86 Charles 

Bedlow George W. bookkeeper, house 8 Ash 

Bedlow Josei)h, superintendent, Lawrence, h. 87 Lawrence Corp. 

Beggs James, mason, house 47 Cliapel 

Beggs Maurice, carpenter, house 322 Merrimac 

Behan Patrick, laborer, liouse 09 Adams 

Belden Charles F., Suffolk Corporation, house 3 Cabot block 

Bell Ann M. Mrs. boardinghouse, 27 Suffolk Corporation 

Bell Mary & Margaret, house 13 River, Centralville 

Bell Mary P. Mrs. house 77 High, near Andover 

Bell Samuel, house 77 High 

Bellows Samuel M. clerk. Post Office, house 16 Cabot 

Bement Samuel, teacher N. Grammar School, house 89 Salem 

Bemis Henry S. mason, house 29 Cady 

Bemis Sarah, boardinor house, 62 Middlesex 

Benchley A. P. Mrs. house 248 School 

Benden Frederick, tailor, house Hale, near Chelmsford 

Bennett (Frank E.) & RodlifFf/T. H.), wood and coal, Moody, 

corner Tremont, house 69 Appleton 
Bennett George, carpenter, boards 152 Middlesex 
Bennett George, Lowell, house 2 Mason's court 
Bennett George A. carpenter, house 111 Appleton 
Bennett Horace W., Merrimac Corporation, house 3B do. 
Bennett James W. carpenter, 224 Middlesex, h. Ill Appleton 
Bennett John, civil engineer, house 60 Appleton 
Bennett John A. printer, " Vox Popuh " office, h. ^1 Appleton 
Bennett John C. carpenter, boards 18 Lagrange 
Bennett M^lry Mrs. boarding, house 13 Plamilton Corporation 
Bennett Wilder, mason, house 35 Bartlett 

Bennett William S. merchant tailor, 11 Central, h. 59 Andover 
Benson Daniel, Middlesex, house 1 Edgerly's court 
Benson Levi, laborer, house 38 Willow 
Benson Margaret, widow, liouse 1 Edgerly's court 
Benson Margaret, widow, house 27 North 
Benson Simon, Suffolk Corporation, house 83 Salem 
Benson Thomas, Middlesex, house 66 Church 
Benson Wilham, carpenter, house foot of Joiner 
Bentley Samuel, machinist, house 10 Marshall 
Bergoyne Charles, laborer, house rear 322 IMerrimac 
Bergoyne Patrick, Middlesex, house rear 26 William 
Berich Edward H. at Norcross's, house 35 Branch 
Berrian Ellen, widow, house Green, near George 
Berrian John, laborer, house 46 Union 
Berrian Patrick, laborer, house 94 Gorham 
Berrian Rose, house 94 Gorham 


Berrigan Patrick, blacksmith, house 1 Putney's court 
Beny Bridget, widow, house 19 Moody 

Berry Charles C, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Berry Charles R. shoemaker, h. 383 Merrimac, above Austin 
Berry James, miller at W. E. Livingston's, house 23 Howard 
Berry Theophilus D. carpenter, h. Stevens, n. Chelmsford line 
Besse Joseph V. variety store, l-l Tilden, house do. 
Bickford Abby C. boardinghouse, 1-4 Hamilton Corporation 
Bickford Allen P. carpet weaver, house 8 Cady 
Bickford Curtis I., Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Bickford Isaac, Hamilton, boards 12 Hamilton Corporation 
Bickford Nathaniel, machinist, b. 45 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Bickford Richard H. beltmaker at J. Gates's, house 30 Frank- 
lin square, Suffolk 
Bickford Selwyn E. clerk, 5 Central, house 24 Bartlett 
Bickford Simon, watchman, Boott, house 61 Bartlett 
Bickford WilUam H. blacksmith, house Go Pawtucket 
Bicknell Jolm, farmer, house 19 Prescott Corporation 
Bicknell John S., Prescott, house 37 Prescott Corporation 
Bidwell John N. scalemaker, house 29 Adams 
Bidwell Willard, carpenter, boards 3 Hamilton Corporation^ 
Bigelow Benjamin, teacher, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Bigelow Elwin, Lawrence, boards 55 Lawrence Corporation 
Bigelow John, Merrimac, boards 1 2 Merrimac Corporation 
Billings Abby Mrs. dressmaker, 148 Suffolk street 
Billings John, clerk, 126 Central, house 159 do. 
Billings John T. apothecary. Central, c. Jackson, b. 12 Hurd 
BilUngs Samuel D. overseer, Hamilton, house 22 Hurd 
Bills Charles R. plasterer, boards 81 Appleton 
Bingham (George) & Cheney (George S.), grocers, 255 Mer- 
rimac, house 24 Common 
Bmks Benjamin J. gardener, house rear 81 Market 
Bird Amanda Mrs. house 1 6 Tyler 
Bird Patrick, Mass. boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Bird , operative, house rear 43 River, Centralville 

Birmhigham Bernard, Hamilton, house 5 Putney's court 

Birmingham Bridget, house 19 High 

Birmingham Samuel T., Lidian doctor, h. Tanners, n. Robinson 

Bisbee Ira, at Wm. Goding's, house INIt. Yernon, Centralville 

Bishop Henry, Middlesex, boards 1 George 

Bishop Joseph, tailor, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 

Bishop Joseph, laborer, house rear 75 Lowell 

Bissell Archibald, watchman, house 6 Swamp Locks, Dutton 

Bissell Charles L., Machine Shop, b. 6 Swamp Locks, Dutton 

Bissell Dasel, at Allen's saw mill, boards 248 Middlesex 

Bissell George, Suffolk, house 119 Moody 



Bixby Joseph, hoatmiin, liouse 6 Willow place 

Bixby Jo.-^epii Y., IJoott Cor])()r:ition, boards G Willow place 

Bixby Oliver II. clerk, ;3G8 Mei-rirnac, boards 18 Cabot 

Black Abner M. painter, house G Ford 

Black Angus, Lowell, boards 1 Ilurd 

Black James, Lowell, boards 2 Jackson 

Black Patrick, dyer, house 4 Court avenue 

Black Peter, Ijleachery, house 4 Court avenue 

Black Stephen, grocer, lol Lowell 

Black William, Lowell, boards 2 Jackson 

Blackburn Ann, widow, house IG Summer 

Blackington Daniel, blacksmith, house 20 Franklin sq., Adams 

Blackmer Warren A. painter, house 228 School, opp. Cross 

Blair Enoch R. grocer, Broadway, corner School, h. 215 School 

Blair Joseph, machinist, boards 1 Middlesex place 

Blaisdell Adeline S. widow, house 7 Prescott Corporation 

Blaisdell Charles R. counsellor, 6 Canal block, house 32 Church 

Blaisdell David, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 

Blaisdell Deborah F. Mrs. dressmaker, house 110 Central 

Blaisdell George C, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corp. 

Blaisdell Harrison G., Tyler's block. Central, house 44 Tyler 

Blaisdell Hiram W. bookkeeper, 138 Central, house 9 Favor 

Blaisdell Lewis, Massachusetts, boards 59 Mass. Corporation 

Blaisdell Newton, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Blaisdell S. B. bobbin maker, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 

Blaisdell William F., Merrimac, boards G8 Merrimac Corp. 

Blake Edward F. driver icewagon, house 2 McFarhn avenue 

Blake George, machinist, house 14 Marshall 

Blake Ira, patent leather worker, boards at Hannah Mile's 

Blake James, Middlesex, house rear 134 Lawrence 

Blake Jesse (Hubbard Sf Blake), house London 

Blake John, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 73 Middle 

Blake John F. at J. C Ayer's, boards 10 IMyrtle, Centralville 

Blake Joseph P. carriage maker, b. at Joel Jenkins's [33 Willie 

Blake Lyman, wood dealer, Dutton, n. Mechanics Mills, house 

Blake Simon, leather finisher, house Leathers 

Blake Stephen, Boott, boards 1 1 Boott Cor])oration 

Blake Thomas, laborer, house Willie, near Hancock avenue 

Blake Thomas C. paperhanger, house Howard, corner Middlesex 

Blake , Lawrence, boards G8 Lawrence Corporation 

Blanchard Abel, sashmaker, house 25 Slarshall 
Blanchard Alexis R., Massachusetts, boards 2 Ash 
Blanchard Amos Rev. house 8 Kirk 
Blanchard Amos jr. clerk (B.), boards 8 Kirk 
Blanchard Amos A. clerk at Lowell Manufacturing Co. house 
118 East Merrimac 


Blanchard Arthur C. teller Prescott Bank, house 120 East Mer- 

Blanchard Cadwallader F. (Jacob Coggin Sf Co.), house Paw- 
tucket, comer Fletcher 
Blanchard E. C. Mrs. house 149 IMoody 
Blanchard Emerson, Merrimac, boards 75 INIerr. Corporation 
Blanchard George, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Blanchard Joseph, Lowell, boards 19 Lowell Corporation 
Blanchard Roswell, Tremont Corporation, house 15 do. 
Blanchard Samuel, 3Ierrimac, boards 138 IMerrimac Corporation 
Blanchard Samuel P., Suffolk Corporation, b. Franklin House 
Blanchard Wm. D., Lowell M. Shop, house 48 S. L., Worthen 
Blanche Winefred, widow, house 31 Worthen 
Blessin Hugh, house 55 Lowell 
Bliss Ira A. hostler, house rear 91 Appleton 
Blodget Walter M. overseer, Appleton, h. 1 2 Appleton Corp. 
Blodgett Eben K. bobbin maker, house 28 Franklin 
Blodgett Orlendo, house Chelmsford road, near the line 
Blood Amariah, house 22 Fifth, Centralville 
Blood Andrew, house 25 Boott Corporation 
Blood Benjamin A. & Cyrus, provisions, Adams, corner Suffolk, 

house Wilder, near Broadway 
Blood Charles C. teamster, boards at E. A. Hill's 
Blood Cyrus (B. A. Sf C. Blood), house 15 Franklin sq., Adams 
Blood Emily, widow, house 71 High 
Blood George, Lowell, boards 13G Merrimac Corporation 
Blood Joseph, at Adams & North's, house Water 
Blood Joseph, teamster, house 4 AYater 

Blood Martin L. machinist, boards G8 South Locks, Mechanics 
Blood Orford R. clerk, Tilden, near Merrimac, house at Dracut 
Boardman James, boiler maker, boards 43 S. Locks, Worthen 
Boardman Langley IL boots, shoes, &c. 34 Central, h. 7 Willow 
Boardman William E., Boott, liouse 32 Boott Corporation 
Boden Michael, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 77 High 
Bodfish Francis B. tinsmith, Datton, c. Fletcher, h. 29 Fletcher 
P-odwell C. F. Mrs. boardinghouse, 7 Merrimac Corporation 
Bogue James, laborer, house 111 Market 

Bohonan jMorrill M. & Co. (David C. G. Field), grocers, Ayer's 
New City, house Lincoln [18 Merrimac 

Bohonon Carlos E. hack driver, Merrimac St. stage office, boards 
Bohonon Mark, laborer, house Lincoln 
Boker Sted, Lowell, house 4 Middlesex place 
Bold Nathan, at Otis" Allen's, boards 16 Franklin square 
Bolduc Oliver, marble carver, house 48 Charles 
Bolduke Joseph, engraver, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Bonham J. W. Rev. house Tyler 


Bonhoiinon George AV. saslimaker, b. 13 Franklin sq., Adams st. 
Bonney {Arthur P.), & Marshal (/. N.), counsellors, Tyler's 

block, 43 Central, house Bridij^e, opp. Third, Centralville 
Bonney Seth, printer, "Vox Populi " office, boards 107 Appleton 
Boody Thomas, Boott, house 1 Knowles place 
Hooker John H. travelHng agent, house 162 Gorham 
Boorn Samuel, Middlesex, house 16 Warren 
Boorn Samuel S., Middlesex, boards 16 Warren 
Booth Alfred, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 41 Bartlett 
Booth llobert, currier, house 22 Smith 
Bootman Augustus, house 31 East Merrimac 
Bosca Anadore, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Bosca Michell, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Bosidy Ellen, widow, house 21 North 
Boucher Samuel, carpet printer, house 344 Central 
Bouhan Ellen, widow, house 8 Jefferson 
Bouhan Mrs. widow, house 5 Mc Carry court 
Boui'beau P. widow, house 82 Moody 
Bourk Catharine, widow, house Davidson's lane 
Bouthialler Micher, house 28 Tremont Corporation 
Bouthieller Wilham, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Bow Peter, Tremont, house 15 East Merrimac 
Bowden Ernest, Hamilton Print Works, house 56 Lawrence 
Bowden James, Middlesex, house 3 Gray's place 
Bowden William B., Boott, boards 13 Boott Corporation 
Bowen George F., Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Bowen James, laborer, house rear 28 Fenwick 
Bowers Alexander, machinist, house 3 Salem 
Bowers Charles, engineer, boards 24 Pawtucket 
Bowers Edwin, moulder, boards 94 Middlesex 
Bowers James, house 26 Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Bowers John, Lawrence, house 55 Lawrence Corporation 
Bowers Jonathan Mrs. house 70 Pawtucket, near Walker 
Bowers Jonathan, carriage maker, 65 Pawtucket, house 70 do. 
Bowers Martin, carpet weaver, boards 7 Summer 
Bowers Thomas, laborer, house 27 North 
Bowker Caleb, police officer, house 88 Merrimac 
Bowker Oren, Lawrence, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 
l^owman James A., Merrimac, house 120 Merrimac Corporation 
Bowman William, Middlesex, house 29 Charles 
Bowman William jr. moulder, boards 29 Charles 
Boyd Hugh, Lowell, house 12 Charles 
Boyd James, carpenter, house 25 Fayette 
Boyd James, stonecutter, boards 59 Appleton 
Boyd John, clock repairer, 56 Central 
Boyd John, shoemaker, Howe, house 66 Fayette 


Boyd Joseph, machinist, house Pleasant, near Audover 
]>ojden Erastus, Massachusetts, house 4 Pre^cott Corporation 
Boyle Daniel, fireman, house 17 Union 
Boyle Dora, house Front, Centralviile 
Boyle Duke, house Railroad, near Robinson 
Boyle James, blacksmith, house 253 Middlesex 
Boyle John, laborer, house 21 Spring 
Boyle John, Boott, house Coburn, near River, Centralviile 
13oyle John F., Massachusetts, house Bow, n. Pearl, Centralviile 
Boyle Michael, Boott, house Front, Centralviile 
Boyle Michael, laborer, house 35 Summer 
Boyle Owen, laborer, house rear G3 Middle 
Boyle Patrick, house 5 Gorham 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, house 31 Tremont 

Boyle Teresa, widow, house rear 25 Middle [Centralviile 

Boynton Amos R. physician, Wentworth's buildinir, house River, 
Boynton Benjamin F. overseer, Lowell, h. School, n. Bowers 
Boynton Charles, driver ice wagon, boards at Abel Carkin's 
Boynton Frank P. clerk, 32 Middlesex, boards 1 Union 
Boynton George, pattern maker, Ijoards 4 Franklin square 
Boynton James M. hack driver, Merrirnac House stage office, 
house 228 Middlesex [Sixth, Centralviile 

Boynton James W. coal and wood. Brown, h. Mt. Yernon, near 
Boynton Jane, widow, house 1 Union 
Boynton J. Frank, tinsmith, house 5 Chestnut 
Boynton Mark C. butcher, house Chelmsford, above Parker 
Boynton Osman, Appleton, house 5 Appleton Corporation 
Boynton Samuel, boardinghouse, rear 1 Tilden 
Boynton Sylvanus G. clerk, Brown st., house 43 Prescott Corp. 
Brabrook Joseph A. harness maker, 45 Market, house 27 Tyler 
Bracewell John, Merrimac, boaids 144 Merrimac Corporation 
Brackett Albert W., Massachusetts, boards 230 Central 
Brackett Henry, cooper, American Bolt Co. house rear 16 ISIill 
Brackett Ira T. painter, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Brackett Shadrach R. carpenter, Howe, h. 152 East Merrimac 
Bradbury George, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Braddock Warren, pressman, boards 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Bradford Charles M. clerk, house 109 East Merrimac 
Bradford James W. painter, house 16 Rock 
Bradford Mrs. house 9 River, Centralviile 
Ih-adley Ambrose E. shoemaker, house 29 High 
Bradley Bridget Mrs. house 73 Charles 
l>radley Daniel P. house 11 Third, Centralviile 
Bradley Ehzabeth, widow, house 28 Fayette 
Bradley Harriet, house 35 George 
Bradley Harriet, teacher, house First, Centralviile 


Bradley Ilonitio, ticket agent, 182 Merrimac, boards 7o do. 

Bradley James, ]\[errlinae, house 15 Duiumer 

Bradley L. Mrs. house First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Bradl<\y ]\lary, house 73 jMerrimac 

Bradley JMiehael, Ilaniilton, house 21 Union 

Bradley Miranda W. t(>acher, house First, Centralville 

Bradley Patrick, INIerriniae, house 94 Adams 

]>radley Patrick, Boott, house 5 Pleasant, Centralville 

Bradley Patrick, laborer, house 3G William 

Bradley Peter, laborer, boards 9 George 

Bradley Rosanna, widow, house 36 William 

Bradley William, IMerrimac, house 92 Merrimac Corporation 

Bradley Wm. II. })hysician, house First, n. Bridge, Centralville 

Bradley William T. at E. B. Patch's, house 40 Lawrence 

Bradshaw John A. machinist, house rear Chelmsford, near Hale 

Bradt David & G. J. bakers, Whiting, house do. 

Bradt Garrett J. {D. ^ G. J. Bradt), house Whiting 

Bradt Henry, baker, boards Whiting 

Brady Ann, boardinghouse, 40 Paige 

Brady Bernard A., Lowell, house Summer, corner Gorham 

Brady Francis, shoemaker, 83 Lowell, house do. 

Brady James, tanner, house 1 Short 

Brady James, Middlesex, house 26 High 

Brady John, Lowell, house 28 Dummer 

Brady John, machinist, boards 76 Middlesex 

Brady John, machinist, house 7 Water 

Brady Patrick, house 19 Keene 

Brady Patrick, laborer, house 13 Hurd 

Brady Patrick, laborer, house 13 Fenwick 

Brady Patrick, laborer, house 27 Keene 

Brady Peter, jobwagon, house 309 Central 

Brady Rose, house 18 Keene 

Brady Thomas, gardener at Thomas Nesmith's Park 

Brady Thomas, laborer, house 24 Keene 

Bragdon Albion K. moulder, house 12 Lagrange court 

Bragdon George, Merrimac, house 33 Anne 

Bragg Maynard, Lowell M. Shop, house 76 S. L., Mechanic 

Bramhall John, Hamilton, h. 64 Hamilton Corporation, Gorham 

Brand Henry H., Appleton, boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 

Brandon Philip, machinist, boards 29 Cushing 

Braun Chesley, carpenter, house 9 Race 

Braun John S. carpenter, house 9 Race 

Bray Joseph, laborer, house Green, near George 

Brayton William, Massachusetts, h. 80 River, Centralville 

Brazer Charles E. clerk at W. P. Brazer's, b. 102 Appleton 

Brazer Ellen, house 136 East Merrimac 


Brazer William P. hats, caps, and furnishing goods, 47 Central, 

corner Market, house 136 East Merrimac 
Breed Henry K. provisions, 52 Church, house do. 
Breen Bridget, widow, house 50 Middle 
Breen Charles, Merrimac, house reai" 245 Merrimac 
Breen Charles, Hamilton, boards rear 37 Middle 
Breen Ellen, widow, house 34 South 
Breen Francis, Mass. house 49 River, Centralville 
Breen James, boards 34 South 
Breen Jane, house 25 Middle 
Breen John, Mechanic's Mills, house 13 Union 
Breen John, laborer, house rear 27 Middle 
Breen John, Lowell, boards 30 Lowell 
Breen Patrick, bleachery, house rear 23 Cedar 
Breen Thomas, Massachusetts, b. 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Breen Thomas, operative, house rear 25 jNIiddle 
Breen Thomas, soapmaker, house rear 59 Middle 
Brennan Ellen, widow, house 292 Merrimac [5 High 

Brennan James, tinsmith and stovedealer, Warren, n. Central, h. 
Brennan James, 2d, laborer, house Kirk avenue 
Brennan James, laborer, house 22 Kirk avenue 
Brennan John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 98 Adams 
Brennan Lawrence, laborer, house 7 Wall 
Brennan Michael, dry goods, 56 Merrimac, house 396 do. 
Brennan Patrick, at C. B. Richmond's, house 9 JNlill 
Brennan Thomas, operative, house River, Centralville 
Brennan Thomas, Massachusetts, house 61 River, Centralville 
Brennan Thomas, Lowell, house 13 Green 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, house Water, near Pond 
Brennan Thomas, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 1 Carpet lane 
Brennan Major, physician, 112 Merrimac 
Brent Eli, varietystore, 75 Church, house do. 
Breslin James, fireman, Merrimac House 
Brewster Charles L., Lawrence, b. 68 Lawrence Corporation 
Brewster George H., Lawrence, h. 59 Lawrence Corporation 
Brewster John L. woodsawyer, house 25 Cabot 
Briar William, farmer, house Westford, opposite Queen 
Brick Catherine, widow, house rear 29 Fenwick 
Brick Mary, widow, house 24 Fenwick 
Brickett Henry W. telegraph and western ticket agent, Merrimac 

street depot, house 160 Moody 
Bridge William, machinist, boards Charles E. Brown's 
Bridges Joseph, laborer, house 130 Suffolk 
Brierton Edward, provisions, 88 Lowell, house do. 
Briggs Franklin W., Merrunac Corporation, house 73 do. 
Brigham Charles W. clerk, boards 94 Pawtucket 


Brigliam Harriet, house 330 Merrimac 

Brigliam Lucy Mrs. house 12r> JNIiddlesex 

Brigham Sarah Mrs. house 1 Union 

Brigham Warren, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 88 Appleton 

Brigham William F. overseer, Massachusetts Corp. h. 41 do. 

Briggs Francis, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 

Briggs George, Hamilton, house 45 Plamilton Corporation 

Briggs John jr., Merrimac Corjioration, house 44 do. 

Briggs Sumner, carpenter, boards 13 Hamilton Corporation 

Briggs Walter, Suffolk, boards 20 Suffolk Corporation 

Briley Edmund, carpenter, boards 341 Merrimac 

Briley Henry, Merrimac, house 2 Smith's court 

Brmimer Elizabeth Mrs. house 31 East Merrimac 

Brittell Charles, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Britton Charles, Massachusetts, house 34 Fayette 

Britton Preston IL, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 273 Middlesex 

Broderick James, Hamilton, house 23 North 

Broderick Thomas, Hamilton, house 42 Fayette 

Brogan Bridget, boarding, house 48 Lawrence Corporation 

Brogan Edward, trunkmaker, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 

Brogan Martin, laborer, boards 48 Lawrence Corporation 

Brogan Michael, mason, boards 48 Lawrence Corporation 

Brogan Peter, house 109 Moody 

Brogden James, clerk, boards 19 Kirk 

Brogden James B. clerk, 17 Central, b. Mansur, c. Fairmount 

Bronn Jacob P. carpenter, house 3 Mechanic 

Brooks Artemas L., lumber. Mechanics IMills, Fletcher 

Brooks Charles N. carpenter, house 111 Central 

Brooks Daniel, gunsmith, house 54 Massachusetts Corporation 

Brooks Daniel, canal tender, house School, near Pawtucket 

Brooks David B. mason, house 6 Ford 

Brooks Firth, Hamilton, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 

Brooks George, musician, 18 Market, house 42 Lagrange 

Brooks James, machinist, house 10 Middlesex place 

Brooks James W., Hamilton, house 32 Chapel 

Brooks Mary Y. varietystore, 338 Merrimac, house G Ford 

Brooks Sager, filecutter, boards 10 Middlesex place 

Brooks Stillman, Lawrence, house 81 Lawrence Corporation 

Brooks Thomas, machinist, boards 33 Hamilton Corporation 

Brooks WilHam C. house 75 Cross, near Willie 

Brophy Catherine, boarding, house 51 Lowell 

Brophy Edward, hatter, house 2 1 6 Central 

Brophy Martin, machinist, boards 51 Lowell 

Brothers Ephraim, Middlesex, house 26 Clay 

Brothers Henry, machinist, house 27 Suffolk 

Brothers Joseph, Middlesex, house 33 Charles 


Brow John, blacksmith, house 2 Livingston block, Appleton 

Brown A. G. Mrs. dressmaker, Nesmith's build'g, b. 124 Central 

Brown Aaron, Lawrence, house 3 Lawrence Corporation 

Brown Ahce, varietjstore, 97 Central, house 247 do. 

Brown Allen IL house 20 Franklin square, Adams 

Brown (Alpheus R.) & Alger {E. A.), counsellors, 55 Central, 

house 9 Kirk 
Brown Ammi, locks and canals, h. 31 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Brown Amos F. building mover, house 21 Queen 
Brown Amos S. teamster, house 12 Smith 
Brown Ann Mrs. house Tremont, corner Merrimac 
Brown Benjamin, house 398 Middlesex 
Brown Bradbury D. boarding, house 4 and 5 Mass. Corp. 
Brown Charles E. foreman at T. B. Comins, house Varney, opp. 

Mount Washington 
Brown Charles H. moulder, boards 119 Central 
Brown Charles S. gas-fitter, house 5 Harrison 
Brown Darius C. reed and power-loom harness maker, Warren, 

near Middlesex Mills, house 89 Church 
BroAvn David, blacksmith, boards 192 Middlesex 
Brown Deliverance P. locks and canals, house 48 Dummer, cor- 
ner Mechanic 
Brown Edward, macliinist, boards Tremont, corner Merrimac 
Brown Eliza, widow, boards 29 Cedar 

Brown Ephraim, patent alarm-locks, Howe, h. 35 Chestnut 
Brown Francis (Ayer Sf Broivn), painter, 200 Middlesex, 

house 42 Howard 
Brown Francis, overseer, Middlesex, house 92 High 
Brown Frank, Lowell Machine Shop, b 10 S. Locks, Dutton 
Brown Frank J. printer, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, b. 9 Lawrence 
Brown Hannah Mrs. house 247 Central 
Brown Hiram, wood and coal, 53 Appleton, house do. 
Brown Hiram J. machinist, house 131 Middlesex 
Brown James Mrs. intelligence office, 119 Market, house do. 
Brown James, gardener, house 84 Gorham 
Brown James, laborer, house John street avenue 
Brown James, machinist, house 21 East Merrimac 
Brown Jane, house 3 High 
Brown Joel, mason, house 9 Lawrence 
Brown John, machinist, boards 26 Appleton Corporation 
Brown John, shoemaker, boards 23 John 
Brown John H. bootmaker, 35 Merrimac, boards John 
Brown J. Barnard, millwright, house First, Centralville 
Brown John P. teamster, boards 31 Summer 
Brown Jonas Mrs. carpet maker, house 131 Middlesex 
Brown Joseph F. tailor, boards 101 Central 


Brown Joseph S. dry jioods, 54 Merrimac, h. 18 Stackpole 
Brown Josej)h AY., Lowell, boards 1 Lowell Corporation 
Brown Josiah W. machinist, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 
Brown Leonard, reporter " Citizen and News," 44 Central, h, 

154 East JMerrimac 
Brown Levi, police, house 143 Gorham 
Brown Levi E. bobbin maker, boards 1 Lagrange court 
Brown Louisa, tailoress, Nesmith's new building 
Brown Lyman H. IVIiddlesex, house 5 Lawrence 
BroAvn Martha J. house 4 Franklin square, Adams 
Brown Martin J. 143 Central, boards 9 Lawrence 
Brown jMary Mrs. boarding house, 3 Lowell Corporation 
Brown Mary Mrs. dressmaker, boards 124 Central 
Brown Michael, laborer, house 13 Davis 
Brown Myron C. sawfiler, 52 Gorham, h. 57 E. Merrimac 
Brown Otis J. Suffolk, house 17 Suffolk Corporation 
BroAvn Patrick J. laborer, house 31 Summer 
Brown Perry, carpenter, boards 3 Massachusetts Corporation 
Brown Pebecca Mrs. house 110 Appleton 
Brown Robert, boards 7 Ganiet 
Brown Robert, soapmaker, house 299 Middlesex 
Brown Samuel A. counsellor, 75 Central, house 426 Merrunac 
Brown Samuel T. house G7 Third, Centralville. 
Ijrown Sarah, house 45 Adams 
Brown Stephen, carpenter, house 165 Broadway 
Brown Wallace, carjoenter, boards 3 IMassachusetts Corporation 
Brown Willard & Co, (Willard A. Brown), leather dealers, 9 

Market, house 65 Fayette 
Brown Willard A. (Wt'IIard Broivn S^ Co.), h. 15 Charles 
Brown William, superintendent, Prescott, house 65 Andover 
Brown William, provisions, 201 Central, house 13 Auburn 
Brown William H. machinist, b. r. Chelmsford, near Hall 
Brown William H. jr. machinist, h. r. Chelmsford, n. Hall 
Brown William S. seaman, house 154 East Merrimac 
Brownell Francis L. boards 25 Lawrence 
Brownell George, house 25 Lawrence 
Bruce Henry C. Merrimac, house 8 Coburn 
Bruce WilKam G. Mrs. house 32 Rock 
Bryant Asahel M., Merrimac, boards 69 Lawrence 
Bryant Daniel, grocer, 108 Middlesex, house Westford 
Bryant Frank, Mas^chusetts, boards 3 Read, Centralville 
Bryant Hosea B. house 41 South 

Bryant James, machinist, boards 69 Lawrence Corporation 
Bryant J. Hervey, overseer, Appleton Corporation, h. 22 do. 
Bryant Lydia, house 69 Lawrence Corporation 
Bryant Lyman P., Hamilton, boards 41 South 


Bryant Mertoun C. agent Lowell Gaslight Compaaj, office Mid- 
dle, corner Shattuck, house 41 Kirk 
Bryant Solon, Appleton, house 172 Gorham 
Bryant Theron A. clerk, Appleton C. R. h. 22 Appleton Corp. 
Buchanan Jesse, milhner, 75 Market, house do. 
Buckland John, overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 1 do. 
Buckley Dennis, laborer, house 5 Cross 
Buckley Edmund, boards 210 Merrimac 
Buckley Hannah, Avidow, house 38 Lewis 
Buckfey Jeremiah, Middlesex, house rear 20 North 
Buckley Mary A. widow, house 44 Salem 
Buckley Maurice, laborer, house 30 Lewis 
Buckley Patrick, Middlesex, house 20 North 
Buckley William, laborer, house 35 Fenwick 
Buckman George W., Prescott, h. 28 Prescott Corporation 
Buckman Peter, laborer, house r. 109 River, Central ville 
BufFor John, house 118 Middlesex 
Bugbee Charles H. painter, boards rear 29 Cushing 
Bugbee Worcester, cistern and block maker, h. r. 29 Cushing 
Bulger John, Massachusetts, h. rear 23 River Centralville 
Bulger Mary, widow, house 114 East Merrimac 
Bullard George F. (Custom-house, Boston), house 32 Cabot 
Bullard Otis (Boston) house 32 Cabot 

BuUens Joseph M., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 375 Middlesex 
Bulmar George, boarding house, 62 Lawrence Corporation 
Buhner Robert, carpenter, house 17 Spring 
Bumpus Ephraim, Massachusetts, boards 17 Austin 
Bumpus Frank L., Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corp. 
Buncher Frank, clerk, 80 Merrimac, b. G3 IMerrimac Corji. 
Buncher James, engraver, JMerrimac, house G3 Merrimac Corp. 
Burbank Abby C. Mrs. boards 113 Merrimac 
Burbank Andrew J., Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corp. 
Burbank Augustus, machinist, boards 192 Middlesex 
Burbank Augustus F. machinist, house 88 Apjdeton 
Burbank Charles H. house 35 Anne, corner French 
Burbank (Samuel), Chase (John K j, & Co. (F. W. Sargent ^ 
H. B. Shattuck), clothing and hardware, 5 Central, house 
35 Anne, comer French 
Burbank Thomas AY., Api)leton, house 73 Appleton street 
Burbank William P., Appleton, boards Qti] South 
Burch John, mason, house 42 Prescott Corporation 
Burgeron Lewis (Holt 4' Bergeron), carriage manuflicturer, 

Arch, house 203 Middlesex 
Burgess Ebenezer, harness maker, 38 Central, house 12 Ash 
Burgess Horatio G., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 3 S. L., Button 
Burgess Rufus, Suffolk, boards 20 Sullolk Corporation 


Burgess Tlioinas F., Lowell Machine Shop, b. 3 S. L., Dutton 
l:)urgess Washnigton C. clerk, 253 Merrimac, house 174 Suffolk 
Burgess William, Suffolk, boards lUl Central 

Burgess , machinist, house 11 Cedar 

Burgin Alonzo, machinist, boards 29 Massachusetts Corp. 

Burgin John, Hamilton, house 38 Hamilton Corporation 

Burke Alice, widow, house 5 Ciunmiskey's alley 

Burke Bridget, widow, house 52 Moody 

Burke Bridget, house 10' Taylor's court 

I3urke James, laborer, house 15 Adams 

Burke John, machinist, boards 51 Lowell 

Burke IMaiy, widow, house 84 Moody 

I5urke Mary, widow, house 40 Lawrence 

l:5urke Patrick, Merrimac, house 62 Middle 

Burke Peter, laborer, house rear 20 Howe 

Burke Thomas, Stott's mills, house 28 Fayette 

Ikirke Useb, Norcross's saw mill, house 183 Middlesex 

Burke William, Lowell Machine Shop, house 2 Reed's court 

Burke William A. agent Lowell Machine Shop, house 27 Anne 

Burkly Charles, carpenter, boards 92 Middlesex 

Burley Robert, gardener for Benjamin F. Butler 

Burnap Charles E. clerk, 15 Middle, boards at Ethan Burnap's 

Burnap Ethan, house 17 Tyler 

Burnett James, Lowell, house 1 Hurd , 

Burnham Aaron C, B. & L. R. R. house Hale, near Howard 

Burnham Albert W. at S. L. & W. G. Ward's, b. 15 Prescott 

Burnham Alfred W., Middlesex, house 22 Andover 
Burnham Eleazer, B. & L. R. R. house Hale, near Cambridge 
Burnham Julia Mrs. house 5 Lawrence [do. 

Burnham L. C. Miss, lace and trimmings, 122 Merrimac, h. 404 
Burnham Mary Mrs: house 15 Prescott Corporation 
Burnham Norman, B. & L. freight depot, h. Westford, n. Grand 
Burnham Philetus, Massachusetts, house 22 Prescott Corp. 
Burnham Roswell S. teamster, house 31 Fletcher 
Burnham Roxanna M. widow, house 408 Merrimac 
Burnham Walter, physician. Central, cor. Middlesex, house do. 
Burnham William J. clerk, Mass. C. R. b. 15 Prescott Corp. 
Burns Catharine, widow, house 2 Cummiskey's alley 
Burns David, Hamilton, boards 19 River, Centralville 
Burns Edward, Hamilton Corporation, house 132 Central 
Burns Elias, Massachusetts, house 7 Massachusetts Corporation 
Burns Elizabeth, widow, house 7 High 
Burns Francis, Middlesex, house 17 Union 
Burns Henry, laborer, house Front, Centralville 
Burns James, lal>orer, house 86 Middlesex 


Burns James, nailor, house 55 Market 

Bums John, Prescott, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Burns John, machinist, boards 32 Union 

Burns John, Middlesex, house rear 19 River, Central ville 

Bums John, laborer, house 20 Adams 

Bums Mary, widow, house rear 59 Button 

Bums Patrick, house 284 Merrimac 

Burns Patrick, Foundry, house 37 Salem 

Burns Thomas, at Smith Adams's 

Bums William, house Water 

Burns William, shoemaker, house 13 River, Central ville 

Burpee Baron, Prescott, boards 51 Massachusetts Corporation 

Burr Joseph C. Merrimac, house 85 Merrimac Corporation 

Burrage Hamilton, clerk at bleachery, boards 180 Gorman 

Burrill David M. clerk, 54 Merrimac, boards 52 East Merrimac 

Burrill John, machinist, house 32 Willie 

Burrill S. Dexter, Merrimack, boards 138 Merrimac Corporation 

Burroughs David N. carriage manufacturer, opp. 67 Bridge, 

house Pine Hill 
Burrows Henry, agent, Merrimac P. W. h. Worthen, c. Merrimac 
Burrows Wilham, designer, Hamilton, house 32 Appleton 
Burtnett Thomas, Hamilton P. W. house 15 River, Central ville 
Burton Alexander P. hairdresser, 156 Central, house 90 High 
Burton Betsey, widow, house River, Central ville [gent's 

Burtt Adolphus S. at Sargent & Co.'s Express, b. at E. M. Sar- 
Burtt George N. clerk, house 115 Gorham 
Burtt Joseph M. Rev. house Oak, opposite Clay 
Bush Francis J. ropemaker, house 15 Flo}'d 
Bush Jane Mrs. house rear 13 River, Centralville 
Bush Joseph, wool finisher, h. Quebec, Ayer's New City 
Bushee Stillman, overseer, Hamilton, house Elhott 
Buss Francis F. on railroad, boards 246 Middlesex 
Butcher John, iron and steel, 17 Middle, h. Broadway, c. Willie 
Butcher Robert II. machinist, boards at John Currier's 
Butcher Robert J. Merrimac P. W. b..89 Merrimac Coi"p. 
Butcher William, Merrimac Print Works, h. 89 Merruiiac Coi-p. 
Butler (Benjamin F.) & Webster ( William P.J, counsellors, 4 

& 6 Museum building, house Andover 
Butler Bridget, widow, house Dummer, near Little 
Butler David C. (McNish ^ Butler), manufacturers woodwork- 
ing machinery, 84 Broadway, boards 4 Butterfield 
Butler Ellen, widow, house 36 Lewis 

Butler Henry, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 
Butler Robert, Middlesex, boards 58|- Fayette 
Butman Ehzabeth, widow, house 7 Favor 
Butman Evander M. farmer, house 34 Bartlett 


Biitman Samuel L. harness maker, 196 Middlesex, h. 7 Favor 
Biitterfield Frank, clerk, boards 105 Thorndike 
Butterficld Frank O. clerk, Registery of Deeds, b. 24 Appleton 
Butterlield Frederick V. clerk, boards 24 Appleton 
Butterfield George F. (Locejoy 4" B.), house 29 Franklin 
Butterfield Joseph, deputy sheriff, 55 Central, house 24 Appleton 
Butterfield Luther H. sashmaker, house 130 Cross 
Butterfield Reuben, house 59 Howard 
Butterfield Spalding S. teamster, house 18 Smith 
Butterfield Stephen, shoemaker, house 3 West's court 
Butterfield Theodore Mrs. house Hale, near Chelmsford 
Butterworth Benjamin S. boltmaker, house 202 Lawrence 
Butterworth George, Lowell, house 21 Lowell Corporation 
Butterworth John, machinist, house 229 Middlesex 
Butterworth John, shoemaker, 300 Central, house 298 do. 
Butterworth Wm. boltmaker, h. head of Lawrence street court 
Buttrick (Ahner W.) & Co. (A. B. Buttrich ^ B. N. Webber), 
grocers, 20 Market, next Market House, house 1 Highland, 
near school house 
Buttrick Alden B. (Buttrich ^ Co.), house 14 Tyler 
Buttrick James G. bookkeeper (B.), boards 9 Grand 
Buttrick John, carpenter, 19G Middlesex, house 9 Grand 
Buttrick John A. treasurer City Listitution for Savings, Apple- 
ton Block, house 2 Highland, near school house 
Buttrick John H. cashier Wamesit Bank, Middlesex, corner 

Thorndike, boards 9 Grand 
Buttrick Nathan, at Norcross's, house Westford, cor. School 
Buttrick Samuel P. carpenter, 49 Prescott, house 169 Gorham 
Buxton George W. teamster, house 328^ Central 
Buzzell Eleazer B., Hamilton, house rear 189 Central 
Buzzell Oliver A. bookseller, paper hangings, &c. 29 Central, 

house 8 Read, Centralville 
Byam Ra}Tnond S. milkman, boards 85 Thorndike 
Byrne Michael, Middlesex, house Green, near George 
Byrne Thomas, laborer, house 20 Wilham 
Byrne Thomas, house 23 Green 

CADEN THOMAS, house 14 Davis 

Cadieu (Charles H.) & Gass (Samuel J.), gent's furnishing 

goods, 74 Central, house at Salem . 
Cadwell Adin, LaAvrence Corporation, house 54 do. 
Cadwell Linas, Suffolk Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Cadwell William D., Merrimac, house 84 Merrimac Corporation 
Cady Frederic, stonecutter, house 91 Howard 
Cady George L. machinist, Mechanics Mills, boards 12 Cady 
Cady Lyman, mason, house 12 Cady 


Cady Ransom E., Hamilton, house 22 Hamilton Corporation 

Cady Samuel, mason, boards 42 HoAvard [Central 

Cady William R. general agent for patent medicines, house 242 

CafFrey Bernard, Bleachery, house 5 Hale, near Thorndike 

CafFrey Terrence, laborer, house 44 Lowell 

Calialan Mary, widow, house 17 Dummer 

Cahan Hannah, widow, house 23 Adams 

Cahill Ann, widow, house 64 Charles 

Cahill Charles S. cigar maker, house 46 Bartlett 

Cahill EHzabeth, widow, house 11 Kidder 

Cahill John, laborer, house 22 Fenwick 

Cahill Michael, laborer, house 41 East Merrimac 

Cahill Peter, Lawrence, house 13 Jefferson 

Caig Thomas, laborer, boards 51 Lowell 

Cain Catharine, widow, house Front, Central ville 

Cain James, Merrimac Print Works, house 39 Tremont 

Cain Jane, widow, house 4 rear South, opposite Spring 

Cain John, laborer, house 52 Moody 

Cain John, boardlnghouse, 18 Suffolk Corporation 

Cain Richard, grocer, 5 Davidson lane 

Cain Thomas, laborer, house 84 Middlesex 

Cain Thomas, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Calder John, Tremont, house 20 Race 

Caldwell Charles, farmer, house rear 63 Salem 

Caldwell Clarissa Mrs. house 67 Pawtucket 

Caldwell John A., Boott, house 50 Boott Corporation 

Calef Andrew J. carpenter, house 9 Fourth, Centralville 

Calef Asa F. engineer, house rear 7 Goward place 

Calef George W. clerk. Mechanics' Hotel 

Calef Nancy Miss, boarding, house 36 Boott Corporation 

Calef Oliver, at O. Allen's, house 215 Middlesex 

Calef Oliver S. job-wagon, house 70 Appleton 

Call Alvin F. Boott, house 26 Boott Corporation 

Call Royal, house 225 Middlesex 

Callaghan Charles, farm laborer, house Quebec 

Callaghan Daniel, mule spinner, house Quebec 

Callahan Charles, Boott, house 45 River, Centralville 

Callahan Daniel, laborer, house 53 River, Centralville 

Callahan Daniel (Robinson ^ Co.), charcoal, Whipple's mills, 

house 151 Lowell 
Callahan Dennis, painter, house 3 Lee 

Callahan James, saloon. River, n. Bridge, house do. Centralville 
Callahan John, grocer, 23 East Merrimac, house do. 
Callahan Michael, Hamilton, house 1 Davis court 
Callahan Murtagh, laborer, house River, Centralville 
Callahan Patrick, Massachusetts, boards 38 Paige 


Calliiluui Rose, widow, house River, near Bridge, Centralville 

Callan Bridget, widow, house 47 Adams 

Callary INIary, widow, house 5 Dummer 

Callcuy Michael, laborer, house 23 Green 

Galley Richard T. carpenter, house 282 Middlesex 

Calnan Dennis, laborer, at Gas Works, house rear 17 Cross 

Calnan Timothy, currier, house 26 Cross 

Calvert Francis A. machinist, house Pawtucket, opp. Fletcher 

Cambridge Arthur A. moulder, house 124 Cross 

Cambridge Ciiarles, house 124 Cross 

Cambridge Edward, at Market Hotel, house Dane street court 

Cambridge Joseph L. agent, house 26 School, near Pawtucket 

Camell James, house 4 Knowles's place 

Cameron Keziah, house 26 Prescott Corporation 

Camfield Catharine, house 23 William 

Campbell Abel M. bleachery, house 31 do. 

Campbell Bridget, widow, house 26 Fenwick 

Campbell David, bowling saloon. Pollard's avenue, h. 18 Paige 

Campbell Fanny, widow, house 4 Lowell place 

Campbell Francis, Bleachery, house 34 Crosby . 

Campbell George, machinist, house 275 Middlesex 

Campbell Hannah, widow, house 18 Summer 

Campbell Hugh, gardener, house 8 Lee 

Campbell James, JVIerrimac, house 39 Fifth, Centralville 

Campbell James, Prescott, boards 23 George 

Campbell John, house 38 William 

Campbell John, Lowell, house 48 Tyler 

Campbell Mary Jane, dressmaker, 18 Paige 

Campbell Mathew R. sashmaker, house 25 Willie 

Campbell Patrick P. physician, 27 Market, house do. 

Campbell Philip, laborer, house 1 Fenwick 

Campbell Reuben, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Campbell Wm., Lone Star Saloon, 242 Merr. h. 18 N. Frankhn ct. 

Campbell William H. wood dealer, house 1 Common 

Canaley John, Appleton, boards 70 Middlesex 

Canfield Rebecca Mrs. house Linden, corner Court avenue 

Caniston Henry, teamster, rear 25 Congress 

Capron Darius, at Bleachery, house 25 Floyd 

Carey Michael, laborer, house 94 Gorham 

Carey Wilson W. boards 147 Broadway 

Cargill William, carpenter, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 

Carkin Abel, iceman, house rear Pawtucket, near Walker 

Carkin Dexter, teamster, boards 6 Prescott Corporation 

Carkle John, batting mill, house 17 High 

Carle Margaret, widow, house 36 William 

Carleton Alice, house 25 Anne 


Carleton George W. physician, house 25 Anne 

Carleton Mary D. Mrs. house 25 Anne 

Carleton & Hovey (Charles), apothecaries, City Hall, 164 Merr. 

Carleton, see Carlton 

Carley James M., Bleachery, house 19 do. 

Carley John D. variety store, 8 John, house do. 

Carlin John, Merrimac, boards 11 Davidson 

Carlin Michael, Merrimac, house 51 Market 

Carll Francis, carpenter, house Railroad 

Carll Henry, carpenter, boards 4 Church 

Carlton Albert M. stonecutter, boards 59 Appleton 

Carlton Amos, Merrimac, house 172 Merrimac Corporation 

Carlton Eli B. 77 Merrimac, boards 159 Central 

Carlton Eli B. musician, house 14 Central 

Carlton George H. boardinghouse, 12 Merrimac Corporation 

Carlton Isaac, carpenter, house 100 Middlesex 

Carlton Moses, marble worker, house 5 Goward place 

Carlton Phineas H., Boott, house 77 Boott Corporation 

Carlton Sarah Mrs. house 18 Chapel 

Carlton WiUiam, mason, house 276 Middlesex 

Carlton William P. bookkeeper, boards 276 Middlesex 

Carlton, see Carleton 

Carlyle Lawrence, bookkeeper, boards 32 Suffolk 

Carmichael James, laboi-er, house 75 Adams 

Carmichael John, porter at American House, house 83 Gorham 

Carmichael Lawrence, porter at American House, h. 51 Salem 

Carmody Daniel, blacksmith, house 80 Charles 

Carnes Peter, Massachusetts, house Coburn, Centralville 

Carney Asa, Lowell, bds. 70 Lowell Corporation 

Carney Bridget, variety store, 280 Merrimac, house do. 

Carney Geo. J. assistant treas., Savings Bank, b. 25 Pawtucket 

Carney James, Appleton, boards 34 South 

Carney James, tanner, house alley, rear 17 Union 

Carney James G. treasurer Savings Bank, house 25 Pawtucket 

Carney John, laborer, house foot of Joiner 

Carney John, Merrimac Print Works, house 4 Lee 

Carney Mary A. widow, house Maiden lane 

Carney Rose, widow, house rear 13 River, Centralville 

Carolin Thomas, grocer, 8 Howe, house do. 

Carpenter Benedict O., Massachusetts, house 5 Sixth, Centralvile 

Carpenter Bridget, widow, house 1 Lov/ell place 

Carpenter Edward, Suifolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 

Carpenter Joseph Mrs. boarding, house 23 Mass. Corporation 

Carr Alvah, Lawrence, boards 56 Lawrence Corporation 

Carr David, at J. C. Ayer's, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 

Carr David B. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 43 Appleton 


Carr George, Cowley's mills, house 36 Crosby 

Carr Gilbert C, Massachusetts, house 32 Massachusetts Corp. 

Carr Hiram, produce, house 33 Adams 

Carr James, Appleton, house 115 Middlesex 

Carr James, Middlesex, house Water, near Pond 

Carr John, laborer, house 15 William 

Carr Mary A. widow, house 10 William 

Carr Richard, Boott, house 63 River, Centralville 

Carrigan Edward, Hamilton, house 160 Central 

Carrigan William, Hamilton, house 160 Central 

Carrigg Ann, widow, house 10 Taylor's court 

Carroll Bridget, widow, house GG Gorham 

Carroll Catharine, widow, house 43 Gorham 

Carroll David, Lawrence Corporation, house 150 Lowell 

Carroll George, house rear 56 Middle 

Carroll John, Lowell, house 12 Howe 

Carroll Martin, laborer, house 25 Worthen 

Carroll Owen, grocer, GQ Gorham, boards do. 

Carroll Patrick, laborer, house 22 Fenwick 

Carroll Patrick, sexton St. Mary's Church, house 2 Suffolk court 

Carroll Sylvester, Lowell, house rear 55 Market 

Carroll Thomas, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 

Carroll Thomas, laborer, house Fenwick, near the church 

Carsley John, saw miller, house foot Joiner 

Carson Joseph, moulder, house 65 South Locks, Worthen 

Carter Abel, house 153 Moody 

Carter Daniel, farmer, house 304 Gorham 

Carter Eliza E. W. boardinghouse, 4 Boott Corporation 

Carter Francis C. overseer, Hamilton, boards 100 Appleton 

Carter George, at J. C. Ayer's, house 217 Middlesex 

Carter George C. clerk, 255 Merrimac, boards 162 Moody 

Carter George H. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house r. 91 Appleton 

Carter Henry P., Appleton, house 304 Gorham 

Carter Horace A., Merrimac, house 176 Merrimac Corporation 

Carter John, sashmaker, house 2 North Franklin court 

Carter John T. stencil cutter, boards 304 Gorham 

Carter John W. overseer, Appleton, house 19 Appleton Corp. 

Carter Joseph, house 4 Boott Corporation 

Carter Stephen, Middlesex, boards 14 Massachusetts Corporation 

Carter Stillman, painter, boards 101 Central 

Carter Wm. C. grocer, Pawtucket, c. School, house 309 School 

Carter William F., Lawrence Corporation, house 70 do. 

Carty Lucy, boarding, house 24 Hurd 

Carvle Daniel, Merrimac, house 46 Middle 

Car well Mary, widow, house rear 66 Moody 

Cary Catharine, widow, house Front, Centralville 


Carj Edwin, farmer, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 

Cary Michael, laborer, house 51 River, Centralville 

Caryl Edwin F. moulder, house 14 Queen 

Casey Andrew, laborer, house 109 Lowell 

Casey Catharine, widow, house 10 Jefferson 

Casey Catharine Mrs. house 14 Winter 

Casey Margaret, widow, house 8 Lewis 

Casey Michael, foundry man, house Cross, near Mc Carry court 

Casey Sarah Mrs. house River, Centralville 

Casey Thomas, Suffolk, house 96 Moody 

Casey William, Hamilton, house 13 Summer 

Casey William, laborer, house rear 136 Lowell 

Cashman Bartholomew, carpenter, house 61 Lowell 

Caskin Edward, Middlesex, house 4 Green 

Cass Chandler, stone mason, house 9 Andover 

Cass Daniel, laborer, house 3 Union 

Cassidy Catharine, widow, house 1 Knowles's place 

Cassidy Catharine, widow, rear 216 Central 

Cassidy James, Lawrence, house 39 Salem 

Cassidy James, boards 17 Hurd 

Cassidy John E. grocer, 6 Lowell, house do. 

Cassidy Margaret, widow, house 39 Salem 

Cassidy Mary, widow, house 18 Dummer 

Cassidy Michael, Merrimac, house rear 66 Moody 

Cassidy Patrick, grocer, 310 Merrimac, house 1 Suffolk court 

Cassidy Patrick, clerk, 6 Lowell, boards 18 Dummer 

Cassidy Robert, Lowell Machine Shop, house 17 Hurd 

Cassily Charles, Bleachery, house 237 Gorham 

Castles Jeremiah, Suffolk Corp. house 33 Common 

Castles Julia, widow, house 5 Dummer, near Lowell 

Castles Peter, Suffolk, house 32 Salem 

Castles Stephen jr. house 72 Bartlett 

Caswell Alden, baggage master, boards 51 Appleton 

Caswell Alonzo F., Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 

Caswell Clark R. conductor L. & L. R. R. boards 51 Appleton 

Caswell James, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5 Jackson 

Caswell Michael B. police, house 106 Moody 

Caswell Oscar, engineer, L. & S. R. R. house 63 Fletcher 

Cate Joseph W. painter, house 43 Tremont Corporation 

Cater Joseph, Appleton, house 21 Appleton Corporation 

Cato William, boiler maker, boards 43 South Locks, Worthen 

Caton John, laborer, O. M. Whipple's, house rear 38 Crosby 

Caulfield John, Merr. P. W. house Hampshire, Centralville 

Caulfield Orange S., Merrimac P. W. h. Hampsliire, Centralville 

Caulfield Patrick, foundry, house 49 Union 

Cavanaujrh Joseph, Lawrence, house 1 Adams 


Ctivanaugh Joseph, Middlesex, house 67 Charles 

Cavanaugh I'atrick, laborer, house 30 Fayette 

Cavanaugh Thomas, Bleachery, house 173 Gorham 

Cavender Chas. printer, '' Vox Popuh," office, b. 192 Middlesex 

Caverly Ira, carpenter, house Elm, Centralville 

Caverly Robert B. counsellor. Post Office building, house Third, 

corner Cedar, Centralville 
Cawsey Andrew, at Stott's Mill, house 7 Chestnut 
Cawsey John, Stott's Mill, boards 7 Chestnut 
Chaffi^e Washington, teamster, house 3 Mclntire 
Chamberlain Calvin T. undertaker, 23 Prescott, b. 5 Decatur 
Chamberlain Cornelius W. engineer, boards 68 S. L., Worthen 
Chamberlain John R., Hamilton, boards 18-1 Central 
Chamberlain L., Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Chamberlain Parker, teamster, house 5 Pearl 
Chamberlin Burleigh T., Appleton, house 28 Appleton Corp, 
Chamberlm Joseph, carpejiter, house 152 Gorham 
Chambers Agnes, widow, house rear 52 Moody 
Chambers Cyrus, silk dyer, Hale's Mills, house 276 Gorham 
Chambers Edward G. bookkeeper, 134 Merrimac,h. 276 Gorham 
Chambers Wilham C. clerk (Boston), boards 276 Gorham 
Champlin George W. painter, house rear 15 Howard 
Chandler Ezra, Lawrence, house 71 Lawrence Corporation 
Chandler Harvey, currier, house Leather 
Chandler Lysander,. physician, 8 Hurd, house do. 
Chandler Moses F. shoemaker, 41 Merrimac, boards 202 do. 
Chandler Susan, widow, house 4 High street square 
Chapin Elizabeth, widow, house 62 Merrimac Corporation 
Chapin Samuel, Merrimac Corporation, house 62 do. 
Chapin Silas T., Suffi^lk, house 7. SuffiDlk Corporation 
Chaplin Wiseman W. teamster, house 17 Suffolk Corporation 
Chapman George W. machinist, boards 35 Suffolk 
Chapman John, Merrimac, house 75 Lawrence " Corporation 
Chapman Stephen, Boott, house 35 High 

Chapman Warren L., Appleton, house 19 South [Corp. 

Chapman Willard W. pattern maker, 20 Middle, house 42 Mass. 
Charlton James, Hamilton, house 13 William 
Charnley Thomas, house 382 Merrimac 
Charters Oliver A. house 8 High street square 
Charters Sarah, house 8 High street square 
Charters Silas C. seaman, house 12 Nesmith 
Charters Ward, carpenter, h. Bridge, cor. Seventh, Centralville 
Charters William, laborer, house 12 Nesmith 
Chase Abel C. Hamilton, house 21 Charles 
Chase Abiel H., Prescott, house 28 Prescott Corporation 
Chase Charles B., Massachusetts, boards 59 Massachusetts Corp. 


Chase Charles C. principal High School, house 9 Nesmith 
Chase David, bookkeeper at C. B. Coburn's, h. Mt. Washington, 

corner Varney 
Chase Ezra, Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 
Chase George, farmer, house 80 Pa^vtucket, corner AYalker 
Chase George F. physician, house 118 Middlesex 
Chase George H. machinist, house 44 Lagrange 
Chase George R. house Fulton, Central ville 
Chase Jacob, Lawrence, house 8 Lawrence Corporation 
Chase John K. (Barbank, Chase, ^ Go.), 5 Central, h. 31 Nesmith 
Chase Joseph, Merrimac, house 21 Merrimac Corporation 
Chase Julia A. widow, house 83 Appleton 
Chase Lorenzo, shoe store, 7 Tilden, house do. 
Chase Olive, widow of SulHvan D. house 18 Bartlett 
Chase Samuel A. teacher, house 50 Bartlett 
Chase S. Milton, printer at B. H. Penhallow's 
Chase Warren E. peddler, boards 30 Auburn 
Chase William W., Massachusetts, house 35 Prescott Corp. 
Chatterton Robert, Hamilton, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Cheever Benjamin, boardingliouse, 54 Boott Corporation 
Cheever Benjamin W. carpenter, boards 54 Boott Corporation 
Cheever Edw'd B. printer, " Vox Populi " office, h. 254 Central 
Cheever Henry, machinist, house 151 Broadway, near School 
Cheever Moses, house 3 Union 

Cheever Silas W mason, boards 54 Boott Corporation 
Chenery Lowell, engineer, Bleachery, house 10 do. 
Cheney Charles, turner, boards 101 Central 
Cheney Daniel P., Wamesit Steam Mill, house 144 Jackson 
Cheney David J., Merrimac, house 52 Merrimac Corporation 
Cheney Eliphalet, variety store, 9 John, house do. [Hale 

Cheney Franklin, boots and shoes, 193 Middlesex, h. Grand, n. 
Cheney George S. (Bingham 8^ Gheney), 255 Merrimac, house 

1G2 Moody 
Cheney Israel E. repairer of musical instruments, h. 12 Branch 
Cheney John L. supt. Merrimac Corj^oration, house 28 do. 
Cheney Luther S. house 2 Branch 

Chesley George, engineer, Merrimac Print Works, b. 51 High 
Chesley Isaac, Merrimac Print Works, house 80 Moody 
Chesley John T. bowling saloon, 39 Merrimac, house 60 Fayette 
Chick Henry, farmer, house 40 Fayette 
Chick Winfield S. machinist, boards 40 Fayette 
Child Linus, agent Boott, house 1 Kirk, corner French 
Cliilds George, saw miller, b. 9 North Franklin court 
Chilton Thomas, machinist, boards 3G Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Chipman Willard W. at J. E. Crane's, house 42 Mass Corp. 
Chisholm John, Lowell, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 


Choate Asa, stone mason, house 133 Moody 

Clioate George, overseer, JMiddlesex, house 49 Church 

Choate George, sashmaker, house 1 Frankhn square, Adams 

Christie Ellen, widow, house Pleasant, near Andover 

Christie Ivohert, INliddlesex, house AYater, near Pond 

Christie WiUiam, ]\liddlesex, house 80 Church 

Church Henry C. house 121) Gorham [18 Appleton block 

Church Joseph (Geo. Ripley 4* Co.), cotton batts and wadding, 

Church Lemuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house 122 Cross 

Church Leonard ( Geo. Ripley S^ Co.)^ cotton batt manufacturer, 

18 Appleton block 
Churchill Addison, grocer, 13 John, house 167 Moody 
Churchill Charles, grocer, 251 Merrimac, house 173 Moody 
Churchill Daniel, grocer, Middlesex, cor. South, house Mount 

Vernon, near Westford 
Churchill James M. clerk, Middlesex, c. South, house 24 South 
Churchill IMargaret B. house 141 Merrimac Corporation 
Churchill Moses, stonecutter. Rock street, near the Gas Works, 

house Hale, near Howard 
Churchill Nathaniel, grocer, 13 John, house at Exeter 
Churchill Richard F., Middlesex, house 66 High 
Churchill Samuel, Merrimac Corporation, house 122 J do. 
Churchill vSheldon W. clerk, Middlesex, cor. South, boards D. 

Cimmor Christopher, gunsmith, house 1 West court 
ClafFy Thomas, cigars, boards 42 Lawrence 
ClafFy Thomas, at batting mill, house 10 Union 
Clancey Francis, laborer, house 26 Winter 
Clancey Patrick, at Richmond's, house 119 Lawrence 
Clancey Patrick, Bleachery, house 11 Kidder 
Ciapp Clark, livery stable, 159 Middlesex, house 18 Grand 
Clapp Richard M. marble worker, boards 5 Abbott 
Clapp Walker, Lawrence, house 68 Lawrence Corporation 
Clark Abner G. harness maker, 38 Central, b. 24 Hamilton Corp. 
Clark Abner K. carpenter, h. Thomdike, opp. Common, n. R. R. 
Clark Arvilla C. boardinghouse, 32 Bleachery 
Clark Asa D. blacksmith, house 18 Boott Corporation 
Clark Asahel P. clerk, boards 50 Church 
Clark Bridget, w^idow, house 21 William 
Clark Catharine, widow, house rear 109 River, Centralville 
Clark Charles, Appleton, boards 28 Appleton Corporation 
Clark Charles E. laborer, house 25 Massachusetts Corporation 
Clark Charles F. salesman, 201 Middlesex, house 3 Mam ban's 

block. Gushing 
Clark Coleman, Massachusetts, boards 38 Paige 
Clark Daniel, Foundry, boards 22 Hamilton Corporafion 


Clark David, house 3 Willie 
Clark David, at O. Allen's, boards 30 Howard 
Clark Dustin, carpenter, house 12 Queen 

Clark Edwin A. insurance agent and collector. Post Office build- 
ing, house 106 Howard 
Clark Edwin R. student, 1 & 2 Museum build'g, b. 106 Howard 
Clark Eleazer, marble worker, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Clark Elias (Elliot ^ C), oysters, &c. 112 Central, b. 101 do. 
Clark Francis N., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Clark George, mason, boards 10 Lowell 
Clark Hannah M. house 13 Union 
Clark Hugh, Middlesex, boards 76 Warren 
Clark James Mrs. 103 Merrimac, house do. 
Clark James, fruit and confectionary, 103 Merrimac, house do. 
Clark James, laborer, house rear 109 River, Centralville 
Clark Jas. M. hairdresser, 6 Merrimac, b. 62 River, Centralville 
Clark Jason, sashmaker, boards 31 Cushing 
Clark Jeremiah, contractor, L. M. S. h. 36 Suffolk, c. Lagrange 
Clark John, Hamilton, house 4 Davis's court 
Clark John, carpenter, house 59 Hamilton Corporation, Gorham 
Clark John, laborer, house Green, near George 
Clark Joseph, Hamilton Corporation, house Auburn, c. Linden 
Clark Joseph, shoes, 9 East Merrimac, house do 
Clark Joshua, laborer, house 31 Cushing 
Clark Julia A. Mrs. house 1 High street square 
Clark Margaret, widow, house 29 Cabot 
Clark Nicholas, carpenter, boards 140 Merrimac Coi-poration 
Clark Oliver P., Lawrence, house 51 Lawrence Corporation 
Clark Rebecca Mrs. variety store, 1 Tilden, house do. 
Clark Samuel A., Suffolk, house 14 Suffolk Corporation 
Clark Silas D. periodicals, J 40 Central, house 5 Chapel 
Clark Solomon, Merrimac Print Works, house 24 Cabot 
Clark Susan Mrs. house 5 Chapel 

Clark Thomas, Merrimac, house 46 Merrimac Corporation 
Clark Thomas, laborer, house rear 109 River, Centralville 
Clark Thomas, house 61 East Merrimac 
Clark Thomas, blacksmith, house 37 Lowell 
Clark William, police, boards 22 Lowell Corporation 
Clark William, machinist, Boott, house 24 Boott Corporation 
Clark- William H. cigar dealer, 54 Central, house 29 Cabot 
Clark WiUiara L., Lowell, house 1 9 Lowell Corporation 
Clark William P. clerk, 109 Market, boards 156 Suffolk 
Clark William R. Rev. house 36 Tyler 
Clarke Abby, widow, house 398 Merrimac 
Clarkin Peter, bookkeeper, house 192 Gorham 
Clary Bridget, widow, house Carter, near Goi ham 


Clary Michael, Bleacheiy, house 36 do. 

Clary Patrick, Bleacheiy, house 2 Livingston 

Clay John H., Mcrrimac, house 87 Merrimac Corporation 

Clay Sarah, dressmaker, Nesmith building, corner John 

Clay Stephen B. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 27 Grand 

Clayton Edmund B. bookkeeper, boards 279 Middlesex 

Clayton Edwin, bobbin shop, boards 25 Appleton Corporation 

Clayton George, spindle maker, boards 95 Market 

Cleaveland John P. Rev. house 120 Appleton 

Cleaves Charles H. carpenter, boards 248 Gorham 

Cleaves Ebenezer, carpenter, house 48 Boott Corporation 

Cleaves Nathan, carriage maker, boards 248 Gorham 

Cleaves Willard, carriage maker, boards 248 Gorham 

Clemence Abram, Middlesex, house G2 Fayette 

Clemence Robert G., Middlesex, house G2 Fayette 

Clemence Wm. H. special mail agent for New England States, 

house 23 Willow 
Clement Alpha, teamster, boards 4 Franklin square 
Clement Elizabeth Miss, teacher, FrankUn School, b. Chelms- 
ford, corner Howard 
Cleworth Aaron, Hamilton, house 199 Central 
Cle worth William, reedmaker, house 69 Church 
Clifford Alden, Lawrence, boards 16 Lawrence Corporation 
Chfford Alonzo P. carpenter, house Grand, near Hale 
Clifford Arthur L., Lowell Machine Shop, house 223 Middlesex 
Clifford George W. teamster, boards 339 Middlesex 
Chfford L., B. & L. R. R. boards Howard House 
Clifford Warren, dyer, house 72 Fayette 
Chfford Weare, silk dyer, 2 & 4 Andover, house 72 Fayette 

Clifford , beltmaker, boards 56 Massachusetts Corporation 

Climie Robert, engineer, boards 7 Water 

Chnk Richard, house 80 High 

Clinton James, clerk, 310 Merrimac, boards 3 Suffolk court 

Clinton Rose V. Mrs. house 3 Suffolk court 

Cloggston Daniel, IMassachusetts, boards 26 Mass. Corp. 

Close John J., Suffolk, boards 50 Moody 

Clough Cynthia, house School, corner Gold 

Clough Henry P. overseer, Boott, h. 82 Bridge, Centralville 

Clough Ira ( Gore, Cutler, ^ Co.), house 1 4 Clark, next North 

Grammer School 
Clough Lucy, widow, house 10 Willow 
Clough Mrs. house 136 Suffolk 

Clough Nathan, overseer, Boott, house 64 Boott Corporation 
Clough Stillman (Riuiah, Clough, S^ Co.), stonecutt(^r, house 77 

Cloujrh Thomas H. blacksmith, house rear 18 Grand 


Cloiigli Ward, shoemaker, house 82 River, Centralville 

Chme Edward, laborer, house rear 101 Gorham 

Clune Peter, Bleachery, house 4 Livingston 

Coats L. M. carpenter, boards 4 ^Massachusetts Corpor'^tion 

Cobb John, farmer, house 2G Frankhn square, Suffolk 

Cobb WiUiam S. farmer, b. 26 Suffolk, Franklin square 

Coburn Abiah, widow, house First, Centralville 

Coburn Alonzo L., Lowell, house First, Centralville 

Coburn Charles B. paints, oils, &c. 4 and 5 Mechanics block, 

Dutton, house Colburn, corner Merrimac 
Coburn Charles H. clerk at C. B. Coburn's, boards Col- 
burn, corner Merrimac 
Coburn Edward C. carpenter, house 1 Garnet 
Coburn Edward W. mason, house Old road, Centralville 
Coburn Eleanor D. Mrs. house 271 Merrimac 
Coburn Fordyce, overseer repairs, Bleachery, house 1 8 do. 
Coburn Franldin, clerk at C. B. Cqbiu'n's, house 375 Merimac 
Cobum Frederic V. shoemaker, house 68 Moody 
Coburn Henry, shoemaker, boards 260 Merrimac 
Coburn Henry A. farmer, house Chelmsford, near the line 
Coburn Henry R. mason, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Coburn James, carpenter, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Coburn James M. hostler, house 15 Cabot 

Cobum Jas. V. cardmaker, at Howe & Goodhue's, h. 50 Appleton 
Coburn John H. house First, Centralville 
Coburn Joseph B. V. carpenter, h. Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Coburn Joseph B. V. jr. boarding, h. 140 Merrimac Corp. 
Coburn Lewis, hairdresser, house 19 Chestnut 
Coburn Newton, farmer, h. Bridge, n. Old road, Centralville 
Coburn Orville D. doormaker, boards 39 George 
Coburn Otis A. painter, boards 12 Salem 
Coburn Prescott, boards at Josiah Gates's. 
Coburn Samuel jr. Lowell, house 39 George 
Cobum Stephen A. fiirmer, house Chelmsford, near the line 
Coburn William, Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 
Cochran David, house 6 Dodge 

Cochran Dennis, laborer, house rear Cross, corner INIarion 
Cochran Edward L. P. laborer, house Pine, near Carleton 
Cochran Henrj^, house 41 Chapel 

Cochran Henry H., Lowell Machine Shop, h. r. 41 Chapel 
Cochran Jeremiah, sawmill-hand, li. Broadway, n. Mt. Vernon 
Cochran Silas D., Appleton, boards 12 Hamilton Corporation 
Cochran Thomas, blacksmith, h. r. 13 River, Centralville 
Cochran William, house 5 Tremont 
Coffee Bridget, widow, house 99 Suffolk 
Coffee John, operative, house 4 Suffolk court 


Coffey Corneliujs, labonM-, }ioii^:e 39 Fenwk'k 

Cofl'ey William, <i;roccr, G8 Gorham, liouse do. 

Coffin Deborah C. varietystore, 5 East Merrimac, house do. 

Cof'ian Siijsan, widow, house 10 Race 

Cogan Peter, Middlesex, hou.e 9 George 

Cogeshall Elizabeth L. widow, house 94 High 

Coggin Jacob & Co. ( C F. Blanchard)^ flour commission mer- 
chants, Fletcher, c. Western avenue, h. at Tewksbury 

Coggin Luther, flour and grain, 356 Merrimac, b. 22 Cabot 

Coggswell Lorenzo D., Merrimac Corporation, h. 12 Fifth 

Cogswell Charles, veterinary surgeon, house 26 Walnut 

Cogswell John, engraver and copperplate printer, Nesmith's 
building, Merrimac, house 14 Chapel 

Colbath Hosea, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 

Colburn Jonas W. house 236 Central 

Colburn L. hairdresser, 1 9 Middle 

Colby Albert, jeweller (Boston), house Adams court 

Colby Amos, pump and block maker, Howe, h. 15 Fayette 

Colby Amos W. hackdriver, boards 35 Massachusetts Corp. 

Colby Colman, shoemaker, house 45 Andover 

Colby Dorothy INIrs. boardinghouse, 142 Merrimac Corporation 

Colby Francis M., Boott Corporation, house 49 do. 

Colby Isaac C. clerk at T. Wing's, b. 38 Boott Corporation 

Colby Louisa and Julia A. Misses, h. 34 Tremont Corporation 

Colby Lucius, Merrimac, house 119 Merrimac Corporation 

Colby Mary Mrs. boardinghouse, 20 Boott Corporation 

Colcord Ann, widow, house 2 Ganiet 

Cole Andrew, clerk, Middlesex, c. Thorn dike, boards 21 Market 

Cole Andrew P. clerk, Merrimac, c. Central, b. 21 Market 

Cole Asa, foundry, house 15 Thorndike 

Cole Charlotte, widow, house 13 Prescott Corporation 

Cole (Danville), Nichols (Albert F), & Wilson ( William), iron- 
founders, Thorndike, near the jail 

Cole David W. machinist, Bleachery, house 21 do. 

Cole E. Lyman, botanic j^hysician, house 32 High 

Cole Lydia, widow% house b'2 Union 

Cole Nancy T. widow, house 32 High 

Cole Samuel G. carpenter, house 136 School 

Cole Thomas, Middlesex, boards 24 Hurd 

Cole W. P., Lowell, boards 21 Market 

Coleman Dominick, Prescott, boards 33 Middle 

Coleman Jeremiah, laborer, house 104 LoweU 

Coleman John, Hamilton, house 33 Middle 

Coleman Joshua J., Massachusetts, b. 43 Tremont Corporation 

Coleman Michael J., Hamilton, house 15 Union 

Coleman Patrick, at O. M. Whipple's, house 183 Lawrence 


Coleman Patrick, house 82 Market 

Colgan Richard, laborer, house oQ Middle 

Colgrove Adonirara J. teamster, house 34 Marion 

Colley George, patent-leather worker, house Leather 

Colley John, at Norcross's, boards 129 Middlesex 

C'olligan Henry, Suffolk, boards 8 Race 

Collinge Sarah, widow, house rear 338 Central 

Collins Benjamin F. millinery, 92 Merrimac, house Merrimac, 

near Pawtucket 
Collins Cornelius, laborer, house rear 48 Fenwick 
Collins Daniel, laborer, house 31 Adams 
Collins David M., Merrimac, house 23 Merrimac Corporation 
Collins Edward B. foundry, house 73 S. L., Mechanic 
Collins Geo F., L. & L. R. R. h. Thorndike, opp. South Common 
Collins James, clerk, 125 Lowell, bouse 13 Broadway 
Collins Joanna, widow, house 1 8 Howe 
Collins John, clerk, boards 32 Suffolk 
Collins John, switchman, N. & L. R. R. house 150 School 
Collins John, Massachusetts, house 1 6 George 
Collins Josiah T. shoemaker, 149 Middlesex, house at Dracut 
Collins Lucy B. boardinghouse, 5 Merrimac Corporation 
Collins Lydia & Susan, house 51 Bridge, c. Fifth, Centralville 
Collins Martin, Foundry, boards 107 Appleton 
Collins Mary, widow, house 107 Lowell 
Collins Mrs. house 7 High 

Collins Patrick, mason, house rear 328 Merrimac 
ColHns Patrick, laborer, house 28 William 
Collins Patrick, blacksmith, house rear 134 Lawrence 
Collins Patrick, provisions, 139 Lowell, house 8 Suffolk court 
Collins Patrick, shoemaker, house 132 Central 
Collins Thomas, stonecutter, house 251 Middlesex 
Collins Thomas, laborer, house rear 18 William 
Collins Timothy, batting mill, house rear 18 Dummer 
Collins William, mason, house rear 17 Union 
Colquhoun John, carpet weaver, house rear 134 Lawrence 
Colson Delia, boardinghouse, 134 Merrimac Corporation 
Colton Catharine, widow, house 44 William 
Colton John .J. teacher, high school, house Pawtucket, n. School 
Combs Elizabeth, boardinghouse, 6 Massachusetts Corporation 
Comerford Garrett, grocer, 28 Lowell, boards 30 do. 
Comerford John J. at G. Comerford's, boards 10 Dummer 
Comei-ford Richard, Merrimac Print Works, house 46 Adams 
Comerford Wilham H. painter, house 90 East Merrimac 
Comins George T. clerk at T. B. Comins's, boards 1 Salem 
Comins Thomas B. bedstead and furniture manufacturer, Broad- 
way, corner Mount Vernon, house 1 Salem 


Comstock Miles H. maelihiist, house 71 Fletcher 

Conaiit Abel, lawyer, boards G3 AV'orthen 

Conant Abel E., Northern Express R. R. Depot, house 9 Smith 

Conant Andrew, farmer, house Methuen road 

Conant Frank E. clerk, 51 Central, boards at H. Wright's 

Conant Henry A., Suffolk, boards 24 Lawrence Corporation 

Conant Horace J. boards G3 Worthen 

Conant John, overseer, Lawrence, house 24 Lawrence Corp. 

Conant John jr., Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 

Conant Joshua L. Mrs. house Methuen road 

Conant Noah, overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 23 do. 

Conant Oliver, painter, 243 Merrimac, house at Dracut 

Conboy Peter, saw miller, house rear 78 Lowell 

Concannon Patrick, Boott, house rear 57 River, Centralville 

Concannon Patrick, house Union court 

Condon Mary, widow, house 4 Adams, near Lowell 

Condrey Patrick, laborer, house 328 Merrimac 

Condy John, machinist, house rear 7 Marshall 

Congdon .Joanna, v/idow, house rear 44 Salem 

Conihie Orlando F., Merrimac, house 11 Race 

Coniliie William, Merrimac, house 19 Merrimac Corporation 

Conlan Allen H., Middlesex, house 7 Water 

Conlan John S., Middlesex, house 7 Water 

Conley Francis, laborer, house 3 Hancock avenue 

Conley Hannah, widow, house 32 Union 

Conley Hugh, stonemason, house rear 17 Union 

Conley John, Middlesex, house 15 Union 

Conley Margaret, w^idow, house 3 Cummiskey's alley 

Conley Peter, laborer, house 5 Hancock avenue 

Conley Wilham, at O. Allen's, house Queen, corner Middlesex 

Conlon John, Merrimac Corporation, house 45 Adams 

Connell Bridget, "widow, house 1 Lee 

Council James, Merrimac, boards 1 Lee 

Connell Mary, widow, house rear 12 Dummer 

Connell Mary, w^idow, house 117 Lowell 

Connell Maurice, Merrimac, house John street avenue 

Connell Timothy, liamilton, boards 8 Hamilton Corporation 

Connelly Bernard, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Connelly Joanna Mrs. house 5 Suffolk court 

Connelly John, house 5 Suffolk court 

Connelly Maurice, grocer, 5^ Summer, house 5 do. 

Connelly Thomas, shoemaker, 224 Merrimac, house Davidson 

Connelly Thomas, Middlesex, house 32 Water 

Connolly Michael, laborer, house 7 Dummer 

Connolly Terrence, laborer, house 22 Lowell 

Connolly William T. clerk (Boston), boards 7 Franklin square 


Connolly William Mrs. house 7 Franklin square 

Conner Frederick C. machinist, house Railroad street 

Conner George W., Massachusetts, house 39 Mass. Corporation 

Conners Bridget, house 51 River, Centralville 

Conners Ellen, widow, house 274 Merrimac 

Conners Margaret, widow, house 1 Swift 

Conners Michael, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 

Connery Catharine, house 6 Appleton 

Connery James, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Connolly John, Bleachery, house 38 do. 

Connor Anna, widow, house Front, Centralville 

Connor Bernard, house 17 Alder 

Connor Jeremiah, laborer, house Green, near George 

Connor Michael, laborer, house Green, near George 

Connor William P., Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 

Connors Barney, machinist, house rear 92 Gorham 

Connors James, laborer, house o Hancock avenue 

Connors Michael, laborer, house 35 Fenwick 

Connors Philip, teamster, house 2 vShort 

Connors Sarah Mrs. house 88 Gorham 

Conrey George F. screw maker, house 8 Pine 

Conroy James, laborer, house 77 East Merrimac 

Convers George H. clerk, at S. Convers's, boards do. 

Convers Samuel, carriage manufacturer, 163 Central, h. 7 Tyler 

Convers Samuel E. at S. Convers's, house 9 Tyler 

Conway Joseph, Hamilton, house 179 Central 

Conway Michael, mason, house rear 47 Market 

Coogan William, Middlesex, boards 1 Green 

Cook Albert G. trav. agent for J. C. Ayer & Co. b. Wash. Ho. 

Cook Benjamin L. lather, house 6 Pearl 

Cook Catharine, variety store, 1G4 Suffolk, house 1G6 do. 

Cook Charles M., Middlesex, house 43 Willow 

Cook Electa, widow, house 119 Moody 

Cook George G. dry goods, boards 166 Suffolk 

Cook Gilman G. dry goods, 103 Central, house 166 Suffolk 

Cook Haven P. tailor, 11 Central, house 14 Willow 

Cook Henry, Hamilton, house 38 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

Cook Henry, house 28 Linden 

Cook Isaac & Co. ale, 5 Middle [rimac, opp. Park 

Cook James, insurance agent, 17 Central, house 180 East Mer- 

Cook James, teamster, house Davidson's lane 

Cook Mark H. laces and embroideries, 116 Merrimac, h. 120 do. 

Cook Peter A. carpenter, 27 Howard, house do. 

Cook Thomas, gardener, house Pleasant, near Andover 

Cook William, painter, house River, near Bridge, Centralville 

Cook William G., Merrimac Print Works, h. 147 Merr. Corp. 


Cook A\^illiain P. cari)cnter, house 27 Howard [Ceiitralville 

Cooke Homer A. editor "Journal and Courier," house 10 Read, 

Cooledge Franklin S., IMerrimae, house 132 Merrimae Corp. 

Cooledge Jacob JS. machinist, house 166 Moody 

Cooledge Michael, laborer, house 5 Hancock avenue 

Coolidge Catharine, widow, house 287 Middlesex 

Coolidge Daniel, machinist, house 1 South Franklin court 

Coolidge William S. tailor, 34 Merrimae, boards 87 Central 

Coombs Joanna, widow, house 16 Fourth, Central ville 

Cooney Daniel, laborer, house 33 Fenwick 

Cooney John, stonemason, house rear 13 Summer 

Cooney John, laborer, house 54 Fenwick 

Cooney Margaret, widow, house 20 Broadway 

Cooney Simon, Hamilton, house 18 Winter 

Cooney William, shoemaker, house Wheelock block, Charles 

Cooper George, Merrimae, boards 136 Merrimae Corporation 

Cooper Henry C. clerk, boards 1 Law^-ence Corporation 

Cooper Isaac, overseer, Lawrence, house 1 Lawrence Corporation 

Cooper Sarah Mrs. house 133 Lowell 

Cooper W. Allen, machinist, boards 45 Appleton 

Cooper William H. express messenger, Northern Depot, house 

Copeland Polly, house 9 Tremont 97 Appleton 

Copps Marcus W. clerk, 46 Merrimae, boards 50 Moody 

Coran Michael, Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 

Corbett John, Middlesex, house 76 Warren 

Corbett John, teamster, house 266 Middlesex 

Corbett John C, Bleachery, house foot of Bleachery street 

Corbett Josiah L. teamster, house 6 Pine 

Corbett Michael, Middlesex, house 21 Pond 

Corbett Michael, Lowell, house 27 Union 

Corcoran John, Hamilton, house 19 Summer 

Corcoran John, Hamilton, house 71 Gorham 

Corcoran Margaret, widow, house 49 Union 

Corcoran Samuel C, Boott, h. First, Centralville 

Corcoran William, Hamilton P. W. house 15 Spring 

Corcoran William, Middlesex, house 21 Pond 

Corey Abel Mrs. house 25 George 

Corey Alvin, carpenter, house 86 High 

Corey Charles, house 10 Paige 

Corliss Florella Mrs. house So South 

Corliss Horatio G. F. counsellor, 17 Museum building, boards 

53 Pawtucket 
Corliss John L. at Lowell Gaslight Co. li. 53 Pawtucket 
Corliss Susan, widow, house 323 Merrimae 
Cormier Luretta, boardinghouse, 113 Merrimae Corporation 
Corner John, clerk, 308 Merrimae, house 68 Moody 



Corner Joseph, carpet weaver, house J. McDonald's, 4 Hale 
Corner Josiah, grain and flour store, 308 Merrunac, house 160 
. Suffolk 

Corner Robert, clerk, 308 Merrimac, boards 160 Suffolk 
Cornock James, shoemaker, h. Thorndike, c. Madison 
Cornock James, baker, 261 Merrimac, house do. 
Corn well Caroline, widow, house 32 Willie 
Corr John, Bleachery Djehouse, house 2 Prospect 
Corr Patrick, house 110 East Merrimac 
Corr Thomas, at Am. Bolt Co. boards 2 Prospect 
Corrigan Sarah, widow, house 48 Gorham 
Corser Elizabeth, widow, house 6 Race 
Corwin David, house 51 Charles 

Corwin William, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 51 Charles 
Cory William M. overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 28 do. 
Cosgrove Catharine, widow, house 1 Lowell place 
Cosgrove John, grocer, 272 Merrimac, house h. 274 do. 
Cosgrove Peter, laborer, house 6 Davis court 
Cosgrove Sarah Mrs. house 49 River, Centralville 
Cosgrove Thomas, saloon keeper, 199 Middlesex, b. do. 
Coson Maria E. widow, boards 195 Central 
Costellow Bridget, widow, 54 River, Centralville 
Costellow Daniel, Merrimac, house 47 Adams 
Costellow Edward, grocer, 45 Gorham, house do. 
Costellow James, Middlesex, house 54 River, Centralville 
Costellow Margaret, widow, house 12 Paige 
Costellow Michael, Middlesex, house 58-|- Eayette 
Costellow Robert, Mrs. house 70 Gorham 
Costellow Thomas, tinsmith, at Bangs Brothers, h. 70 Gorham 
Costellow Thomas, Middlesex, boards 58|- Fayette 
Costy John, laborer, holise 6 Appleton 
Cotta Brino, sawmiller, boards 248 Middlesex 
Cotter Edward J. nails, 5 Middle, house First, near Bridge, 

Cotter Mary, widow, house 84 Suffolk 
Cotter Thomas, moulder, house 171 Gorham 
Cotter Timothy, laborer, house rear 30 William 
Cotter William Mrs. house 179 Gorham 
Cotton Neal (Sargent S^ Cotton), fishmarket, rear 57 Central, 

house 2 Hunt's court 
Coughlan Catherine, widow, house 51 Fenwick 
Coughlan Ellen, widow, house 106 Suffolk 
Coughlan Honora, widow, house 133 Lowell 
Coughlan Jeremiah, laborer, house 50 Common • 
Coughlan John, laborer, boards 141 Lowell 
Coughlan Maurice, laborer, house 5 Fenwick 


Coughlan Sarah, widow, house 27 Charles 

CoiiilUard Leaiider A. house 1 1 Howard 

Coulson Joseph C. grocer, 60 Gorham, house 30 Union 

Coulson Samuel, house 30 Union 

Coulson Thomas, grocer, house 30 Union 

Coulson Walter, house 30 Union 

Courchaw Joseph, bobbin maker, house 412 Merrimac 

Coursay Thomas, Stott's Mills, house 21 Chestnut 

Coursay William, Stott's Mills, house 24 High 

Courser Charles H. moulder, house Pine, near Nichols 

Courser David, painter, house 1 1 Chapel 

Courtney Patrick, house 94 Suffolk 

Courtney William, Middlesex, house 9 Carolin's place 

Coveney John, Lowell Machine Shop, h. Cross, opp. Marion 

Coward Jacob B. blackmith, house 39 Charles 

Cowdry Melissa Mrs. house 41 Church 

Cowell William, carpet printer, house 13 Kidder 

Cowen Daniel, Middlesex, h. Water, c. Holbrook's court 

Cowen John B., Merrimac, b. 12 Merrimac Corporation 

Cowen William, Middlesex, house Water, near Pond 

Cowley Aaron, house 154 Lawrence 

Cowley Charles, counsellor, 75 Central, b. 154 Lawrence 

Cowley John & Co. woollen goods manufacturers, Whipple's 

Mills, boards 154 Lawrence 
Cox James, painter, house 3 East Merrimac 
Cox James, Lowell, house East Merrimac, corner Brown 
Cox Julia, widow, house 2 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Cox Nelson, real-estate agent, house 158 Moody 
Cox Patrick, house Front, Centralville 
Cox Patrick, Boott, house 4 Carolin's place 
Cox Simon, clerk, house Front, Centralville 
Coye Mary, widow, house rear 61 Lowell 
Coyle Phihp, Middlesex, house 30 Fayette 
Crafts B. Frank, clerk, Merrimac, c. Worthen, b. 88 Merrimac 
Crafts Henry C, Suffolk, house First, Centralville 
Crafts Nathan F. librarian Mechanics' Library, h. 74 Mechanic 
Craggy Thomas, Prescott, house 2 High -street square 
Craig Alexander, Lowell, house rear 16 Appleton 
Craig Charles, machinist, boards 53 Boott Corporation 
Craig Lucy, widow, house 9 Lee 
Craig Mrs. house 82 Charles 

Craig Thomas, Lowell, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Cramer Honora, widow, house 42 Adams 
Crane Alanson, machine broker, house School, c. Liberty 
Crane Ebenezer, overseer, Appleton, h. 20 Appleton Corp. 
Crare Georgre, Middlesex, house 66 Warren 


Crane John, laborer, house 44 Salem 

Crane John E. pattern and model maker, 20 Middle, and milli- 
nery, 69 Merrimac, house 2 Franklin square, Adams 
Crane John J. travelUng agent, house 19 Smith 
Crawford James, blacksmith, 76 Charles, house 73 do. 
Crawford Maiy, widow, house rear 37 Middle 
Crawford Thomas, Conant's Express, house Smith 
Creighton James, carpet weaver, house 62 Church 
Creighton Peter, carpenter, house Lewis, corner Jefferson 
Cressy Samuel G. bookkeeper, house 5 Oak 
Crilley Margaret, grocer, 65 River, h. 63 do. Centralville 
Crilley Susan, widow, house 35 Fayette 
Crimmins Mrs. widow, house 137 Lowell 
Crisfield Sarah, widow, house Holbrook's court 
Critchett George F., Lowell, boards 37 Charles 
Critchett Nathaniel Mrs. house 37 Charles 
Crocker Henry W. laborer, h. Button, c. Wamesit court 
Crockett Alonzo D., Hamilton, house 283 Central 
Crockett Amos F., Bleachery, house 283 Central 
Crockett Hannah Mrs. house 283 Central 
Crockett Henry C, Hamilton, h. 32 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Crockett John, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton 
Crockett Julia E. Mrs. house 283 Central 
Crockett Leander F. machinist, house 144 Jackson 
Crombie William, house 9 Lagrange 

Crombie Wm. A. freight clerk B., L., & L. R.R. b. 49 Cushing 
Cronan John, laborer, house Cross lane 
Cronan John, laborer, house 16 Jefferson 
Crooker Abel F. painter, house Carleton, corner Pine 
Crooker AmeHa Mrs. boardinghouse, 32 Lawrence Coi'p. 
Crooker Calvin B., Bleachery, house 172 Gorham 
Crooker Joel, Bleachery, house 4 do. 
Crosby Caleb, mason and stucco worker, South, corner Elm, 

house 133 Gorham 
Crosby Eben, raftsman, boards 80 Pawtucket, c. Walker 
Crosby Elizabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 23 John 
Crosby Ephraim, furniture manuf. Wamesit Mills, h. 54 Tyler 
Crosby George, woodturner, Wamesit Mills, house Varney, 

near Mount Vernon 
Crosby Judah, paymaster, Massachusetts, house Park, corner 

East Merrimac 
Crosby Nancy J. dressmaker, 11 Nesmith building 
Crosby Nathan, judge Police Court, office City Market, house 

Crosby Sylvester, bobbin maker, house Railroad 
Crosby Warren, plasterer, boards 133 Gorham 


Crosby AYarren A. clerk at A. W. Dow's, boards do. 

Cross Andrew, carpet weaver, house 156 Lawrence 

Cross Charles A. carpet weaver, house 85 Church 

Cross Frank, shuttle maker, boards 8 Boott Corporation 

Cross Gershom 11., Bleachery, house 3 do. 

Cross Jane, widow, house 35 Fayette 

Cross John, carpet weaver, house 1 68 Lawrence 

Crossett Jane, widow, house 22 Davidson 

Crossley Robert, peddler, house rear 136 Lawrence 

Crowe Connor, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 

Crowe John, house foot of Joiner 

Crowell Jeremiah, hd^orer, house 1 2 William 

Crowell Lorenzo, grocer, house 104 East Merrimac 

Crowell Zenas, Lawrence, h. 29 Lawrence Corporation 

Crowell Zenas A. paper carrier, house 29 Lawrence Corp. 

Crowley Bartholemew, laborer, house 3 Green 

Crowley Bridget, widow, house 13 Sumner 

Crowley Charles, laborer, house 53 Lowell 

Crowley Daniel, clerk at Post Office, house 27 Marion 

Crowley Daniel, laborer, house 93 Adams 

Crowley Daniel, laborer, house rear 29 Fenwick 

Crowley Dennis, laborer, house Broadway, near Suffolk 

Crowley Ellen, widow, house 38 Lewis 

Crowley Jane E. Mrs. millinery goods, 118 Merrimac 

Crowley John, machinist, house Cross, corner Common 

Crowley Mary, widow, house 19 Moody 

Crowley Peter, Merrimac, house 118 Suffolk 

Crowley Timothy A. machinist, house 27 Marion 

Crowley Timothy, laborer, house Marion, near Cross 

Crown George AV., Tremont, house 18 Tremont Corporation 

Crowther Thomas, blacksmith, house 13 Prescott Corporation 

Croxford J. Frank, clothing and furnishing goods, 33 Central, 

house 47 Summer 
Crudden Peter Rev. house 12 Appleton 
Cruikshanks Thomas, peddler, house River, Centralville 
Cryan Michael, confectioner at A. B. French's 
Cuff James, boai'ds 151 LoAvell 
Cullen Bridget, widow, house 16 Dummer 
Cullen James, Hamilton, house 66 Church 
Culley Charles, Middlesex, house 54 High 
Cullinan James, laborer, house 55 Gorham 
Cummings Andrew J., Merrimac, boards 138 Merrimac Corp. 
Cummings Benjamin C. job-wagon, house 67 Church 
Cummings Calvin T. laborer, house rear Hale, near Thorndike 
Cummings Catharme, house 100 Howard 
Cummings Charles S. coachman, house 16 Clay 


Cummings Daniel, Boott, boards 58 Boott Corporation 

Cummings George F., Tremont, boards 150 Suffolk 

CLimmings George G., Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corp. 

Cummings George W. tea and coffee, 6 John, house 6^ do. 

Cummings Hannah, house 150 Suffolk 

Cummings John., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 86 Market 

Cummings Joseph S. clerk, Lowell M. S. C. R. b. 107 Appleton 

Cummings Margaret, widow, house 14 Lewis 

Cummings Martha, widow, house 148 Suffolk 

Cummings Mary, widow, house 17 Cross 

Cummings Nicholas, laborer, house 9 Jefferson 

Cummings Patrick, blacksmith, boards 85 Broadway 

Cummings Phoebe M. house 150 Suffolk 

Cummings WiUiam, Massacliusetts, boards 86 Market 

Cummings William, at Cowley's Mill, boards 195 Central 

Cummiskey A. M. Miss, millinery, 288 Merrimac 

Cummiskey Catharine, house 8 North 

Cummiskey Edward, baker, boards 34 Paige 

Cummiskey Hugh, house 288 Merrimac 

Cummiskey Patrick, provisions, 39 Market, house 70 Bartlett 

Cummiskey Rose Ann, widow, house 20 Gorham 

Cummiskey William, carpenter, house 85 Adams 

Cumnock Alexander G., Boott, house 75 Boott Corporation 

Cunningham Catharine, house 59 East Merrimac 

Cunningham James, tanner, house 38 Lowell 

Cunningham James, laborer, house 55 Gorham 

Cunningham John, house rear 25 Lowell 

Cunninghajn John, Hamilton, house 50 Middle 

Cunningham John, carpenter, boards 90 Appleton 

Cunningham Patrick, laborer, house 284 Merrimac 

Cunningham Patrick, laborer, house rear 245 Merrimac 

Cunningham Patrick, currier, house rear 25 Lowell 

Cunningham Patrick, Middlesex, house 21 Pond 

Cunningham Thomas, machinist, house 90 Appleton 

Curley Dewey, painter, house 12 Middlesex place 

Curley John, clerk. Water, cor. Andover, h. at Tewksbury 

Curley Richard, Merrimac, boards 10 Lowell 

Curley Thomas, laborer, house Webster, Centralville 

Curran Ann, widow, house 20 Jefferson 

Curran Ann, widow, house 24 Broadway 

Curran Ann Mrs. house 4 Winter 

Curran Bernard, laborer, house 18 Davis 

Curran Bernard, blacksmith, house rear 16 Mill 

Curran James, Appleton, house 10 vSummer 

Curran James, Lawrence, boards 23 Hanover 

Curran John, dyer, house 6 Carolins' place 


Cnrnin Patrick, JMerrimac, house 126 Lowell 

Curnm Patrick, dyer, house Quebec 

Curran Patrick, porter at American House 

Currier Charles M. musician, house 346 Merrimac 

Currier Ephraim, boardinghouse, 33 Hamilton Corporation 

Currier Frances D. house 28 Race 

Currier George W., Hamilton, boards 62 Lawrence 

Currier Henry M. (Stevens Sf Currier)^ blacksmith, Fletcher, 

near Adams, house 33 Hamilton Corporation 
Currier Jacob B. barometer maker, 27 Central, h. 61 Bartlett 
Currier Jeremiah M., Tremont, house 28 Race 
Currier John, stone mason, house 62 Lawrence 
Currier John (Putnam ^ Currier), soap manufacturer, Lenton, 

house Broadway, near Wilder 
Currier John A., Plamilton, house 56 Hamilton Corp., Gorham 
Currier Mary D. house 162 Suffolk 
Currier Rhoda L. Miss, house 28 Race 

Currier Willoughby H., Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
Curry Ann, house 13 Hanover 
Curry Bridget, w^idow, house rear 76 Lowell 
Curry John, Bleachery, house 15 Cedar 
Curry Mary, widow, house 40 South 
Curry Michael, laborer, boards 24 Hurd 
Curry Patrick, Bleachery, house 13 Cedar 
Curry Patrick, Bleachery, house 352 Central 
Curry Patrick, Boott, house 73 Adams 
Curry William, Bleachery, house 230 Central 
Curtin Patrick, Middlesex, house Water, near Andover 
Curtis James, farmer at William Wyman's 
Curtis Mary, fancy and dry goods, 164 Central, h. 47 Charles 
Curtis Thomas H. locksmith, 129 Central, boards 197 do. 
Curtis William, sawyer, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Curtis William W. Mrs. variety store, 197 Central, house do. 
Cushing (Daniel) & Mack ( Sewall G.), stove dealers, 123 & 125 

Market, corner Shattuck, house 28 Pawtucket, n. Fletcher 
Cushing D. Webster, clerk, Appleton Bank, b. D. Cushing's 
Cushing Edward, at O. Allen's, house 254 Middlesex 
Cushing George S. & Co. brewers, 52 Middlesex, b. 159 Central 
Cushing John H. (Cashing S^ Co.), brewer, 52 Middlesex, house 

82 Appleton [168 East Merrimac 

Cushing Oliver E. civil engineer, 7 Savings Bank building, h. 
Cushing Stephen, house 29 Anne 

Cutler David M. G. carpenter, 1 Lenton, house 9 Ames 
Cutler Herbert W. milkman, house Pawtucket 
Cutler James A. tanner, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Cutler Otis, bootmaker at N. M. Wright's, house 132 School 


Cutler Sylvester P. ( Gove, Cutler, ^ Co.), li. Westford, n. Grand 
Cutter Abijah, gunsmith, 16 Middle, house 33 Smith 
Cutter Charles S. painter, house Fletcher, cor. Broadway 
Cutter fAS'^e/>/^e?^ J & Walker (George W.), shoulder braces, 48 

Central, boards 221 do. 
Cutting (Clark T.) & Rand (Jas, B.), dry goods, 42 Merrunac, 

house 28 Third, Central viile 

DACY CATHARINE, widow, house 117 Lowell 

Dacy Daniel, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 

Dacy James, laborer, house 117 Lowell 

Dacy John, laborer, house 24 Fayette 

Dacy Timothy, laborer, house 34 Suffolk 

Dacy Yvllliam, laborer, house 106 Lowell 

Dadmun Almira Mrs. house 1 Livingston block, Appleton 

Dadmun Henry H. clerk, 30 Merrimac, b. 1 Livingston block 

Daggett Andrew J. carpenter, boards 85 Howard 

Daggett Harry C, Merrimac P. W. h. Mt. Vernon, Centraiville 

Dailey Daniel, laborer, house 86 Middlesex 

Dailey Michael, laborer, house Green, near George 

Dailey Michael, Massachusetts, h. 7 Pleasant court 

Dailey Robert, laborer, house 157 Lowell 

Daily Bridget, widow, house 50 Lowell 

Daily Cornelius, moulder, house 55 Union 

Daily Hugh, Lowell Machine Shop, house 17 North 

Daily Isabella, widow, house 45 Middle 

Daily James, Hamilton, house Green, near George 

Daily John, laborer, house 11 Dummer 

Daily John, laborer, house 48 Lowell 

Daily John, laborer, house rear 7 Jefferson 

Daily Margaret, widow, house 157 Lowell 

Daily Maurice, Merrimac, house 157 Lowell 

Daily Michael, laborer, house 157 Lowell 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 35 Adams 

Daily Patrick, laborer, liouse Cross, corner Common 

Daily Patrick, Middlesex, house rear 21 North 

Daily Patrick, Hamilton, house 25 North 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 3 Crosby 

Daily William, laborer, house 27 North 

Dalton Charles H. at R. F. Yeaton & Co.'s, h. 77 High 

Dalton Mary, widow, house Adams, near Cross 

Dalton Michael, Merrimac P. W. h. r. 26 Bridge, Centraiville 

Dalton Michael, shoemaker, 89 Charles, h. 80 Gorham 

Daly Zebedee, seacaptain, house 25 Adams 

Dam John C. machinist, house 19 Swamp Locks, Dutton 

Dam Lorenzo C, Hamilton, house 26 Middlesex 


Dame Emery, fruit and confectionary, 139 Central, h. 32 Walnut 

Dame Loren L. student, house 100 East Merrimac 

Dame Samuel, mason, house 100 East Merrimac 

Damon Joseph B. shoemaker, house rear 394 INIerrimac 

Dana Andrew J. painter, Merrimac Corporation, h. 160 do. 

Dana David ^Mrs. house 14 High-street square 

Dana George E. ( Wilder Sf Dana), Jackson, opposite Hamilton 

Print Works, house 14 High-street square 
Dana Louisa W. E., private school, h. 14 High-street square 
Dana Mary E. teacher, house 14 High-street square 
Dane Charles E. peddler, boards at George Dane's 
Dane George, blacksmith, Dane, house do. 
Dane George A. engineer at O. Allen's, h. 387 Middlesex 
Dane Henry J. at George Dane's 
Dane Richard Galen, sawmiller, house rear 18 Grand 
Danforth Andrew J., Lawrence, h. 75 Lawrence Corp. 
Danforth Charles XL, Massachusetts, boards 5 Cady 
Danforth Levi, bobbin maker, h. 2 Livingston block, Appleton 
Daniels Joshua W. secretary and treasurer Howard Eire Insur- 
ance Co., Central, c. Middle, house 23 Bartlett 
Daniels Samuel, Middlesex, house 10 Eloyd 
Danley James, laborer, house Eront, Central ville 
Darcey Julia, widoAV, house rear 81 Lowell 
Darling Harriet Mrs. house 10 Third, Centralville 
Darlington Samuel, engraver, house Pearl, Centralville 
Darracott James R. (Boston), house Merrimac, n. Pawtucket 
Darvin Michael, tailor, house 7 Carpet lane 
Dascomb Moody K. watchman, Middlesex, h. 19 Cady 
Davenport Elijah, Tremont, h. 35 Tremont Corporation 
Daverin Ellen, widow, house 75 Lowell 
David Duport, butcher, house 239 School 

Davidson Charles, variety store, 302 Merrimac, h. 3 Cabot bl'k 
Davidson David, Lowell Machine Shop, house Carleton 
Davidson Isaac N., Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Davis Alonzo S. cap manufacturer, 6 Canal block, house Sixth, 

Davis Andrew J., Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis Asahel, magnetic-electro machines, Wamesit Mills, house 

88 Church 
Davis Bartlett, carpenter, house 300 School 
Da^as Benjamin E. fancy goods, house 69 Third, Centralville 
Davis Betsey, widoAV, house 160 Moody 
Davis Betsey, widow, house 26 Eranklin 
Davis Betsey Miss, house 148 Suffolk 

Davis Caroline S. Mrs. fancy goods, &c. 51 Merrimac, boards 
69 Third, Centralville 


Davis Charles, Wamesit Mills, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Davis Daniel C. stonecutter, house 95 Howard 

Davis David, Lowell Machine Shop, house Carleton, corner 

Davis Eliakim S. signpainter, house Lincoln, Ayer's new city 
Davis Elisha, farmer, house 230 Gorham, corner Central 
Davis Elisha L. paper carrier, 21 Central, h. 1 Fellows court 
Davis Emerson, travellino; aj:irent, boards 53 Howard 
Davis Eunice P. Mrs. house 198 Central 
Davis Franklin, at L. J. Fames & Co.'s, boards 230 Gorham 
Davis George, stonecutter, house 8 South Franklin court 
Davis George E. boards 230 Gorham 

Davis George P., Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis Gilman, at Otis Allen's, boards 246 Middlesex 
Davis Hannah J. house Middlesex, near Howard Plouse 
Davis Henry, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis Hosea Q. machinist, house 26 Frankhn 
Davis James, laborer, house Green, near George 
Davis James, laborer, house 71 Adams 
Davis James D. student, house 47 Bridge, Centrahille 
Davis John, lawyer, boards Thorndike, corner Westford 
Davis John, student, 55 Central, boards at E. F. Watson's 
Davis John M. baker, house Green, near George 
Davis Joseph B. Rev. h. 47 Bridge, c. Fourth, Centralville 
Davis Judith, boardinghouse, 58 Lawrence Corporation 
Davis Nathaniel (Runels, Cloiigh, 4' Co.), house 54 Howard 
Davis Oliver, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Davis Oliver T. musician, boards 42 Lagrange 
Davis Paul S. at D. Roger's, house 1 Union 
Davis Reuben P. carpenter, house AYestford, near Grand 
Davis Samuel G. overseer, Middlesex, house 36 Hurd 
Davis Sidney, mason, house 208 Central 
Davis Stephen C. house 20 IMarshall 

Davis Sturgis J., Lawrence, house 7 Lawrence Corporation 
Davis Thomas, Merrimac Corporation, house rear 71 Adams 
Davis Thomas J. printer, " Citizen" otiice, house 11 AYillow 
Davis William P., Tremont, house 44 Lawrence Corporation 
Davison Wilham, express messenger, house 19 Clay 
Davy Martin, laborer, house rear 9 .Jefferson 
Day Charles, Conant express, house 11 Smith 
Day George, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Day James T. carpenter, house 24 Paige 
Day John, Bleachery, boards 15 Cedar 
Day Orrin, tinsmith at Wilder & Dana's, house 34 Walnut 
Day Patrick, laborer, house 3 Brewery court 
Dav Silas, teamster, house 12 Hudson 


Day Thomas J. physician, house 06 Bartlctt 
Day William D. carriage maker, boards 246 Central 
Day AYiliiam L. Mrs. house 24G Central 

Dean {Daniel IL) & Barnes (Henry H.), merchant tailors, 5 
Canal Block, Central, h. 172 E. Merrimae [E. IMerrimac 
Dean Horace C. sewing machine agent, 35 Prescott, house 127 
Dean Jacob, Hamilton, boards 32 Hamilton Corporation 
Dean Samuel, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Dean Susan Mrs. boardinghouse, 13 Central 
Dean Wilham P. draughtsman, boards 13 Central 
Dearborn Charles, boardinghouse, 57 and 58 Mass. Corp. 
Dearborn Charles H. clerk, 134 Merrimae, bds. 58 Mass. Corp. 
Dearborn Elbridge, boots and shoes, 232 Merrimae, h. 38 Cabot 
Dearborn Maria, widow, house 38 Cabot 
Dearborn Sarah, widow, hous3 8 Dodge 
Dearborn W. F. mason, house 1 G Third, Centralville 
Dearden John, bleachery, boards 33 Summer 
Dearden William, china, crockery, cutlery, and glass, 80 Merri- 
mae, house 37 Chapel 
Deary Susan, widow, house 99 Adam 
Death James, machinist, house foot of Pond 
Deblois John B. clerk, Tremont C. R. house 33 Tremont Corp. 
De Castro William, Bleachery, boards 28 Bleachery street 
De Coster S. Kimball, clerk at 8 Central, house 2G8 Central 
De Coster Susan Mrs. house 268 Central 

Dcderick William H. blacksmith, boards 35 S. Locks, Worthen 
Deering Edward, shoemaker, house rear Pleasant 
Deering William, house rear Pleasant 
Degnan Dominick, Hamilton, boards 7 George 
Degnan Patrick, laborer, house 27 Keene 
Degnan Rose, widow, house 1 Baldwin's court 
Delaney John, painter, boards 7 S'-mimer 
Delaney Thomas, tailor, 53 Central, boards 22 Lowell 
Delano Orlando, painter, boards 21 John 
Delante Joseph, Boott, house 19 River, Centralville 
De Lara E. I. engraver, Mei'rimac Print Works, house 150 do. 
Delmore Catharine, widow, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Delmore Margaret, widow, house .9 Middle 
Deming Isaac, Tremont, house 40 Tremont Corporation 
Deming J. Francis, boards 40 Tremont Corporation 
Demond Albert A. bowling saloon, 2 Hurd 
Dempsey Christopher, Lowell M. S. house rear 20 Mill 
Dempsey Daniel, laborer, house 20 Dummer 
Dempsey Michael, hatter, 30 Centi-al, boards American House 
Dempsey Patrick, grocer, 47 Lowell, house 40 Salem 
Dempsey Walter, laborer, house Suffolk, near Cross 


Denahan Margaret, widow, house 69 Adams 

Dennett Albert M. clerk, 132 Merrimac, boards 110 Appleton 

Dennett Erastus, machinist, boards 41 Appleton 

Dennett Hiram, tailor, 5 Central, house 110 Appleton 

Dennis James, machinist, house 420 Merrimac 

Dennis Richard Mrs. house 71 Appleton street 

Dennison Jeremiah, Middlesex, boards 12 Church 

Dennison Mary, widow, house rear 43 River, Centralville 

Densmore Ira, Middlesex, house 34 Church 

Denton Alfred M". brassfounder, boards 10 South Highland 

Denton John A. brassfounder, house 10 South Highland 

Derby George, Appleton, boards 18 Appleton Corporation 

Derby Henry ^Y. machinist, boards rear 1 Tilden 

Derby John, foundryman, house 99 Howard 

Derbyshire George, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Derbyshire Thomas, Hamilton, house 50 Hamilton Corporation 

Derbyshire Wm., Print Works, house 94 Merrimac Corporation 

De Salle Boswell, laborer, boards 248 Middlesex 

Desmond Ellen, widow, house 130 Lowell 

Desmond John, house 10 Jefferson 

Desmond John, Lawrence, boards 130 Lowell 

Desmond Timothy, laborer, boards 27 Marion 

Desmond WiUiam, Merrmiac, house Cross, opposite Marion 

Desmore , at Norcross's, boards 248 Middlesex 

Devine Bridget, widow, house 7 Malloy's court 

Devine Dennis, operative, house 4 Green 

Devine Edward, painter, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Devine James, laborer, house rear 55 Market 

Devine John, laborer, house 30 Lewis 

Devine John, Middlesex, house 26 Hurd 

Devine Patrick (Smith S) Co.), grocers, 14 Lowell, house do. 

Devine Patrick, grocer, Water, near Andover 

Devine Philip, operative, house 4 Green 

Devlin James, grocer, 22 Gcrham, house 24 do. 

Devlin John, laborer, hou!-:e 7 River, Centralville 

Devlin Joseph, Lowell, house 18 William 

Devhn Mary, house 35 Fayette 

Devno Peter, Appleton, house 170 Gorham 

Devno Peter, Hamilton, boards 7 Hamilton Corporation 

Dcvoll Andrew J. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 12 Hurd 

Dewhurst James K. blockcutter, house 340 Central 

Dewhurst William, blacksmith, house 23 Floyd 

Dewire "V\"iliiam, shoemaker, house GQ Bartlctt 

Dewsnap Robert, Middlesex, house 56 Lawrence 

Dexter Edwin S. carpenter, h. 71 Fietclier [h. 5 Yv^illow pi. 

Dexter (PaA'pr }V.) & Ward {Josiah P.), provisions, 366 JMer. 


Dexter S. King, elerk, 3 Gorliam, boards Middlesex 

Diamond George, jiaiiiter, boards 1 Goward place 

Diamond IMargaret, widow, house 1 Goward place 

Dibbey JMary, house rear River, Centralville 

Dickerman George M., Tremont, boards opposite 18 Tilden 

Dickerman Manly S. carpenter, house opposite 18 Tilden 

Dickey Benjamin F. fruit, 2G2 Merrimac, house 408 do. 

Dickey Hanover, physician, 15 Hurd, house do. 

Diggles Harriet, widow, house 287 Middlesex 

Dike Morrill H. house Oak, near High 

Dillingham Artemas, Lawrence, h. Bridge, c. Sixth, Centralville 

Dillingham Edward, blacksmith, boards 154 Suffolk 

Dillingham Paul, mason, house Elm, Centralville 

Dillingham Seth, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Dillon David, at 0. M. Whip})le's, house 181 Lawrence 

Dimock Dwight L. farmer, house Methuen road 

Dinnine William, Hamilton, house G4 Gorham 

Dinsmore Robins, " Advertiser " office, house 227 Middlesex 

Dinsmore Tobias P. clerk, 181 Central, house 33 Union 

Dislier Elizabeth, widow, house 7 Cabot 

Ditson George II. driver, 84 Central, boards American House 

Ditson IMinot, teamster, boards Cabot, opposite Lyman 

Dix Daniel, Merrimac, house 49 Merrimac Corporation 

Dix (Jolm A.) & Wilson (11. N.), wool, coal, &c. 26 Paige, h. 

28 Paige 
Dixon Joseph, Middlesex, boards rear 53 Charles 
Dixon Mary, widow, house 118 Middlesex 
Dobbin Michael, laborer, house Merrill, near Taylor 
Dobbin Wilham, boiler maker, house 282 School 
Doble Dianna Mrs. house 3 Pearl 
Dobson Robert, IMiddlesex, house alley, rear 17 Union 
Dobson Thomas, Middlesex, house alley, rear 17 Union 
Dodd Mary Mrs. house Front, Centralville 
Dodge Chas. W. dry goods, 123 Central, c. Gorham, h. 27 Chapel 
Dodge David M. Mrs. house 39 Tyler 
Dodge Edward P., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Dodge Eliza Mrs. boardinghouse, 14 Boott Corporation 
Dodge Fideha O. Mrs. house 39 Tyler 
Dodge Hosea, beltmaker, boards 44 Boott Corporation 
Dodge Joseph M. Mrs. house 19 Tyler 
Dodge Luke C. junk, 54 Dutton, house 52 High 
Dodge jSTancy Mrs. house 15 Market 

Dodge Richard, machinist, boards 3 Hamilton Corporation 
Doe Ezra W. stonemason, house 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Doe Louisa J. boardinghouse, 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Doe William K. carpenter, house 59 Merrimac Corporation 


Doherty Andrew, Bleachery, house 85 Charles 

Doherty Cathanne Mrs. house 49 Middle 

Doherty Charles, tanner, house Kidder, near Gorliam 

Doherty Dudley, laborer, house Main street 

Doherty John, soapmaker, house School, corner Lawson 

Doherty John, meat stall, Lowell, corner Lewis 

Doherty John, laborer, house 2 Water 

Doherty John, watclunan, house 62 Charles 

Doherty John, laborer, house 44 AVilliam 

Doherty Joseph, laborer, house Suffolk, corner Broadway 

Doherty Mary A. widow, house 8 North 

Doherty Michael, laborer, house River, Centralville 

Doherty Michael, tanner, boards 16 Summer 

Doherty Stephen, laborer, house rear •58 Dutton 

Dohoney Catharine, widow, house 75 Lowell 

Dolan Alice, widow, liouse 8 Davidson 

Dolan Ellen, widow, house 148 Central 

Dolan John, Prescott, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Dolan John, Boott, house 14 Paige 
Dolan Margaret, widow, house North 

Dolan Mary, widow, house 3 George 

Dolan Rose, house 1 Putney's court 

Dolan Thomas, marble worker, boards 24 Hurd 

Dolan Thomas, Lowell, house 37 William 

Dolan T. S. showman, boards 95 Market 

Dolan William, Massachusetts, boards 11 Davidson 

Dolbier Sullivan, carpenter, house 49 Hamilton Corporation 

Dole Thomas, wheelwright, house 144 Fletcher 

Dollard James, spinner, house 15 Davis 

Dolloff James, musician, boards 43 Prescott Corporation 

DoUoff William B. carpenter, Mass. bds. 57 Mass. Corporation 

Donahoe Daniel, Lawrence, house 4 Dempsey yard 

Donahy John, laborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

Donaldson Hugh, Hamilton, house 37 Floyd 

Donegan Ellen, widow, house 22 Davidson 

Donelly Bernard, laborer, house 23 Winter 

Donley James P., Merrimac, house 100 Merrimac Corporation 

Donnegan Margaret Mrs. house rear 7 Decatur 

Donnelly Edward, fireman, Hamilton, house 21 Winter 

Donnelly Edward, clerk, house Lee 

Donnelly Joanna, widow, house Davidson's lane 

Donnelly John, laborer, house alley, rear 17 Union 

Donnelly Joseph, Middlesex, house 23 River 

Donnelly Joseph, Middlesex, house 12 Paige 

Donnelly INIargaret Mrs. house 6 Appleton 

Donnellv IMarv. widow, hou>e Lee 


Donnelly JMicliacl, Middlesex, house 23 Union 

Donnelly Owen, Lowell IMachine Shop, house 18 Summer 

Donnelly Patrick, gardener at O. M. Whipple's, house 38 Crosby 

Donnelly Thomas, Foundry, house 15 Summer 

Donohoe Andrew, laborer, house rear 22 Winter 

Donohoe Bartholomev/, foundryman, h. 6 McCarry court 

Donohoe Bridget, widow, house rear 25 Lowell 

Donohoe Daniel, Lawrence, house 4 Dempsey yard 

Donohoe James, Merrimac, house 18 Dummer 

Donohoe John, Merrimac, house 10 Little 

Donohoe Joim, at American Bolt Co. house rear 180 Lawrence 

Donohoe John, Lawrence, house 42 Salem 

Donohoe John, Lawrence, house 47 Adams 

Donohoe Martin, house 25* Davidson 

Donohoe jMary, widov%^, house 43 Union 

Donohoe Michael, laborer at Gas Works, h. Adams, n. Cross 

Donohoe Michael, farmer, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralvilie 

Donohoe Patrick, laborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

Donahoe Patrick, laborer, house 50 Lowell 

Donahoe Patrick, farmer, house Mount Pleasant, Central ville 

Donahoe Patrick, at American Bolt Co. house 350 Central 

Donahoe Patrick, Gas Works, house Adams, near Cross 

Donahoe Thomas, house 57 River, Central ville 

Donovan Bridget, widow, house 97 Adams 

Donovan Catharine, widow, house 117 Lowell 

Donovan Catharine, widow, house 12 Chapel 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, house rear 50 Fen wick 

Donovan Jeremiah, Merrimac, house 90 Moody 

Donovan John, laborer, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 

Donovan John, freight house, house 4 McCarry court 

Donovan IMatthew, painter, Broadway, c. Marion, h. opp. do. 

Donovan Pichard, laborer, house rear Cross, near Marion 

Donovan Thomas, machinist, boards 54 Lewis 

Donovan Timothy, laborer, house rear 48 Fenwick 

Donovan Timothy, Lawrence, house 90 Moody 

Donovan William, laborer, house 4 Little 

Donovan William, laborer, house rear 347 IMerrimac 

Dooley Edvrard, block printer, house 344 Central 

Dooley Margaret, widow, house 11 Wall 

Dooley JMichael, provisions, house Common, near Cross 

Dooley Robert, block printer, house 8 Prospect 

Doonan John, laborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

Dopp Joseph Mrs. fancy goods, 66 Merrimac, house 31 Charles 

Doran IMary, house rear 37 Middle 

Dorgan Patrick, Middlesex, house 31 Fenwick 

Doris Mary Ann, widow, house 4 Mechanic 


Dorr (lllchard H.) k, Geny, dentists, 24 Central, h. 11 Fourth, 

Dorr William H. carpenter, house First, Centralville 
Doton Elizabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 10 Merrimac Corporation 
Douglass Erastus, house Worthen, corner Mechanic 
Douglass John, Boott, boards 25 Boott Corporation 
Douglass Thomas G. mason, house Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Doulan Daniel, laborer, house 33 Fenwick 
Doulan Thomas, house 18 Lewis 
Dove John, machinist, house 15 River, Centralville 
Dow Charles, blacksmith, Lowell Corporation, h. 301 Middlesex 
Dow George W. blacksmith, boards 301 Middlesex 
Dow Jeremiah F. clerk, 64 Merrimac, house 14 Hi^i 
Dow John, Hamilton Print Works, house 238 Central 
Dow John, stonecutter, boards 86 Market 
Dow Nancy F. widow, house 11 Third, Centralville 
Dow Timothy ¥. boards 11 Third, Centralville 
Dowall John, Hamilton, house opp. 19 South 
Dowd Anthony, house Davidson's lane 
Dowd John, laborer, house 27 Worthen 
Dowd William, Merrimac, house rear 78 Lowell 
Dowdell Arthur, Hamilton, house 64 Charles 
Dowell Thomas, Merrimac, house 90 Lowell 
Dower Thomas, sawmiller, house 78 Charles 
Dowlin William M., Merrimac, house 6 Ford 
Downes Horatio B., Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Downes S. P. machinist, house 9 Cabot 
Downey Mary, widow, house rear 76 Lowell 
Downing (Daniel R.) & Rose (Gilbert)^ fruit and vegetables, 

133 Central, house 15 Auburn 
Downing Jonathan, painter, house Lawson, near School 
Downing Judith P. dressmaker, house 4 Adams, c. Broadway 
Downing Moses G. carpenter, house 4 Adams, c. Broadway 
Downing Thomas, carpenter, house 76 Lowell 
Downs Almira, dressmaker, 58 Middlesex, b. 12 Hamilton Corp. 
Downs John E., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 14 S. L., Dutton 
Downs Rollin, machinist, house Christian, Centralville 
Dows Amos W. botanic medicines, 185 Central, house do. 
Dowse John, botanic medicines, 19 East Merrimac, house do. 
Dowser William M. Mrs. house 90 East Merrimac 
Doyle Bartholomew, 0]->erative, house 47 Market 
Doyle James, at A. J. Richmond's, house Central, comer Cedar 
Doyle James, laborer, house 5 Edgerly's court 
Doyle James, laborer, house 1 Pearl 
Doyle James C. " Citizen " office, house 5 Edgerly's court 
Doyle John, laborer, house Auburn, near Linden 



Doyle John, Merrimac, house 13 Fenwick 

Doyle Margaret, widow, house 3 Smith's court 

Doyle iVIary, boards 113 Merrimac 

Doyle Michael, teamster, house 3 Court avenue 

Doyle INIoses, tailor, loG JMerrimac, house 92 Gorham 

Doyle Patrick, Middlesex, boards 27 Summer 

Doyle Stephen, laborer, house rear 41 Chapel 

Doyle William, dyer, house 83 Church 

Doyle William, at Clifford's dye house, house 73 Church 

Drake Harriet, widow, house Oak, near High 

Drake Hiram, Massachusetts, house 1 Massachusetts Corporation 

Draper Isaac, Lawrence, boards 5Q Lawrence Corporation 

Draper John, turner, house 46 Howard 

Draper John, laborer, house 283 Middlesex 

Draper Joshua L. carpenter, house 14G Middlesex 

Draper Thomas, planer, house 29 Tremont 

Drasclie Joseph, Appleton, house 7 Spring 

Dresser Henry W. marble worker, 1 65 Middlesex, b. 47 Merr. 

Dresser Micah A., Suiix>lk Corporation, house 8 do. 

Dresser Peter O. watchman, boards 60 Bartlett 

Dresser Samuel T. prop. Market Hotel, 14 Market 

Dresser Wilham, teamster, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Drew Charles, carpenter, boards 58 Boott Corporation 

Drew Charles W. clerk, 3 Welles's block, house 20 Ash 

Drew Henry C. clerk, 36 and 38 East Merrmiac, boards 8 

Hamilton Corporation 
Drew Silas S. clerk, 64 Merrimac, boards City Ilotel 
Driscoll Daniel, house 6 Little 
DriscoU Daniel, laborer, house rear 347 Merrimac 
Driscoll Dennis, carpet weaver, house 7 Kidder 
Driscoll Jeremiah, laborer, house Cross, near Suffolk 
Driscoll Mary, widow, house Union court 
Driscoll Michael, laborer, house 4 Baldwin's court 
Driscoll Sarah, widow, house alley, rear 17 Union 
Driscoll Timothy, laborer, house 78 Charles 
Driscoll Timothy, laborer, house 50 Fenwick 
Driscoll Timothy, Lowell, house rear 55 Market 
Drown Amos B. mason, house 106 Middlesex 
Drown John, carpenter, house 298 Central 
Drum James, Boott Corporation, h. rear 43 River, Centralville 
Drum Patrick, Boott, house 40 River, Centralville 
Drury Thomas, painter, house 79 Charles 
Duaing George, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Duaing Michael, boiler maker, house 21 Spring 
Dubois John, hair dresser, boards S. A. Lewis's 
Duckies Thomas, carpenter, house 7 Fourth, Centralville 


Due J James, gawmiiler, boards 24 Adams 

Ducy Patrick, Merrimac, house 4 Smith's court 

Ducj Thomas, Merrimac, house 21 Davison 

Ducy Thomas, laborer, house 115 Lowell 

Dudley Albion J. clothing, 50 Central, house 7 Everett 

Dudley Dennison, house 192 Central 

Dudley Else Mrs. house 45 Fayette 

Dudley George, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 184 Central 

Dudley Gilman, Merrimac, house 81 Merrimac Corporation 

Dudley Josiali P. carpenter, house Lincoln, corner Chelmsford 

Dudley Mary J. dressmaker, 7 John, house do. [Village 

Dudley Wiilard, grocer, Merrimac, cor. Tilden, h. at Middlesex 

Dudley Wilham A. boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 

Dudley William C. foreman at R. Kitson's, house 10 Lagrange 

Duffee Rose, Avidow, house 38 AVilliam 

Duffy Bridget, widow, house 1 Putney's court 

Duffy Bridget, widow, house rear 4 Livingston 

Duffy Enzabeth, widow, house 45 River, Centralville 

Duffy James, peddler, house 34 Davidson 

Duffy James, machinist, boards 40 Paige 

Duffy James, carpenter, house 10 Cross 

Duffy Michael, at Wood's provision store, house 34 North 

Duffy Thomas, house rear 20 Summer, 

Duffy Thomas, at Cowley's mill, house 3 Crosby 

Dufrene Joseph, house 183 ]Middlesex 

Dugdale James, saloon, 81 Market, house do. and worsted manu- 
facturer, AYhippite's Mills 

Dugdale William, machinist, house 11 Fayette 

Duliig Jeremiah, laborer, house 10 Cross 

Dumas Levi, bookbinder at Joshua Merrill's, house 13 Ash 

Dunbar John, Boott, boards 44 Boott Corporation 

Duncan Alice, widow, house 19 George 

Duncan Bridget Miss, house rear 65 Market 

Duncan John H., Merrimac, boards 133 Moody 

Duncan Wilham W. apothecary, Wamesit Bank Building, Mid- 
dlesex, corner Thorndike, boards Appleton 

Duncklee Granville, bobbin maker, hoards oQ Lawrence Corp. 

Dunham Leander G., Prescott, house rear 52 Stackpole 

Dunham Samuel, gunmaker, boards 208 Merrimac 

Dunlap L'a W., Bleachery, house 13 do. 

Dunlavy George, house 36 Adams 

Dunlavy James, laborer, house School, near Broadway 

Dunlavy John (CaL), house 37 Fenwick 

Dunlavy John, laborer, house 35 Adams 

Dunn Catliarine, widow, house 53 Middle 

Dunn ]\Lirv, widow, house 15 Wilb'nm 


Dunn IMaiy, widow, house rear 55 Market 
Dunn Tliomas, at Ciishing & ]Mack's, boards 39 Tremont 
Dunn Thomas, batting mill, house Thorndike, near cor. Hale 
Dunn William, variety store, 04 Dutton, house do. 
Dunnigan Bridget, widow, house 28 Walnut 
Dunnigan John, currier, boards 44 Rock 
Dunning Thomas, laborer, house 3 Putney's court 
Dunphy Bridget Mrs. house 26 North 
Dunton Roswell, Lowell Machine shop, boards 62 Worthen 
Dupee Job W. machinist, boards 35 Marion 
Durant Ann M. Mrs. boardinghouse, 50 Moody, near Tilden 
Durant Augustus M. clerk, 78 Merrimac, b. 7 Third, Centralville 
Durant Charles W. boardinghouse, 3 Tremont Corporation 
Durgin Amos S. clerk, 18 Central, boards 42 Mass. Corporation 
Durgin Cyrus C. Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Durgin Cyrus W., Lowell, h. 75 Bridge, c. Ninth, Centralville 
Durgin Dearborn B. shoemaker, house 43 Fayette 
Durgin Horace, bobbin maker, boards Thorndike, cor. Westford 
Durgin John H. jr. Merrimac, house 149 Merrimac Corporation 
Durham Michael, laborer, house 28 Davidson 
Durrell David M. salesman, 54 Merrimac b. 51 E. Merrimac 
Durrell Frank, Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Durrell (Moses T.J, Bacon (Levi), & Co. (James L. Bates) tan- 
ners and curriers, Ayer's New City 
Durrell Joseph H. gunmaker, boards 208 Merrimac 
Durrell Laura J. widow, house 7 Ash 

Dustin Alfred, carriage maker, house 174 Merrimac Corporation 
Dutton George W. boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Duxbury James, Merrimac, house 148 Merrimac Corporation 
Dwinnell Amos H., Prescott, boards 18 Prescott Corporation 
Dwyer Timothy, laborer, house 57 Fenwick 
Dwyer Martin, laborer, house 28 Gorham 

Dyar Warren H. looking-glasses, clocks, and musical instru- 
ments, 39 & 41 Central, house 8 Chapel 
Dyer Looman H., Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Dyson Humphrey, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 

EACOTT MATTHEW, Lowell, h. 3 Lawrence court 
Eacott WilUam, peddler, house 30 Water 
Fames Henry A. currier, boards 105 Thorndike 
Eames Luther J. & Co. ( G. D. B. Kelley), grocers, 113 Thorn- 
dike, house 105 do. 
Eames L. Mrs. house 105 Thonidike 
Earle John, farmer, house 3 Read, Centralville 
Early Catharine, widow, house River, Centralville 
Earlv Charles, peddler, house 267 Middlesex 


Early Charles, sawmill, house 13 Hurd 

Early James, laborer, house 64 Church 

Early James, clerk, boards 40 Salem 

Early Martin, laborer, house 22 Fen wick 

Early Michael, operative, house 57 River, Central ville 

Earnshaw John, Lowell, house head of Livingston 

Easter Samuel, Hamilton, boards 7 Warren 

Eastman Daniel, livery stable, Prescott, house 54 Stackpole 

Eastman Daniel, saloon, 187 Central, house do. 

Eastman Edmund, machinist, house rear 124 School 

Eastman Gardner K. & Wm. D. stonecutters. High, h. 58 do. 

Eastman George M. clerk, 241 Merrimac, b. 5 Suffolk Corp. 

Eastman Isaac C. city treas.. City Hall, house 28 Appleton 

Eastman James D. bobbin maker, boards 53 Howard 

Eastman John C, Massachusetts, boards 46 Prescott Corp. 

Eastman Nelson Q. bobbin maker, house 53 Howard 

Eastman Robert ( Orcmge S; E.), dry goods, 84 Merrimac, house 

55 Chestnut 
Eastman Sarah, widow, house 23 Common 
Eastman Susan F. boardinghouse, 5 Suffolk Corporation 
Eastman True, stonecutter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Eastman Uriah D. at J. C. Ayers, house 5 Parson's court 
E&ton Alvin S., Railroad, house 4 Evans's block 
Eaton Daniel A. clerk at Adams & North's, house 1 1 Ames 
Eaton Daniel C. clerk, 28 Middle, house 10 Lagrange 
Eaton Frances, widow, house 383 Merrimac 
Eaton George, shoemaker, house 3 Middlesex place 
Eaton Henry, carpenter, boards 90 Middlesex 
Eaton Horace L., Foundry, Jackson, house 22 Clay 
Eaton Jeremiah B. carriage manufacturer, 24 Dutton, corner 

Worthen, house do. 
Eaton Job S. grocer, 368 Merrimac, house 13 Cabot 
Eaton Joseph A. cigar maker, boards 4 Chapel 
Eaton S. B. Mrs. books and stationery, 115 Central, b. 12 Hurd 
Eaton Samuel C. popcorn, house 107 Howard 
Eaton Sherburn B. student, boards 383 Merrimac 
Eaton Wilham G. machinist, house 109 Appleton 
Eaton Worcester, provisions, 41 Market, house 81 Salem 

Eaton ■, carpenter, house 125 Cross 

Eayrs Charles G. A. dentist, 43 J Merrimac, boards 13 Central 

Ebert George, Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 

Edds Jeremiah S., Prescott, house Pollard avenue 

Edds John H. shoemaker, house Pollard avenue 

Edds Judith A. widow, house Pollard avenue 

Edes Alvira, widow, house 12 Race 

Edes Charles E., Prescott, boards 5 Prescott Coi-poration 


JLdgell Levi, J^ia^^8;lC'lu^setts, boardd 41 Prescott Corporation 
Eil_L^oll Sa-niiel, clerk, oO Merriiuac, boards 41 Frescott Corp. 
Edgell Williiim, liousu 41 Trcscott Corporation 
Eagerly Jo;iatlian, lioiise 4 Edgerly's court 
Ediiiands James, operative, house Front,. Centraiville 
Edson Theodore Rev. house Andover 

Edson , boards 3 Massachusetts Corporation 

Edwards George C. clerk, 221 Central, boards 58 South 

Edwards Ivory, Appleton Corporation, house .58 South 

Edwards Jabez, Merrlniac, house 29 Merrimac Corporation 

Egan Joim, Boott, house 33 Fayette 

Egan Patrick, Middlesex, house 58J Fayette 

Egati Tliomas, Merrimac Print Works, house 44 Adams 

Ela Horace, clerk, 206 Lawrence, boards 207 Central 

Ela Theodore, house 207 Central 

Elbridge George, carpenter, boards 20 Suffolk Corporation 

Eldridge Joshua S. painter, house 49 High 

Eidridge Samuel, carpenter, boards 65 Eutterfield 

Eldridge Samuel R., Mass. boards 21 Suffolk Corporation 

Eidridge Wilham, bobbin maker, boards 43 Lawrence Corp. 

Elkins Sherman, M;issachusetts, b. 59 Massachusetts Corp. 

Ellenwood Gayton P., Appleton, house 98 East Merrimac 

Ellenwood John S., Merrimac, house 73 do. 

Elliott Charles, cooper, house Main street 

EUiott Edmund, machinist, house 24 Chestnut 

Elliott Estlier Mrs. house Broadway, near Guard Locks 

Eihott George M. clerk at gas office, b. B'dway, n. Guard Locks 

Elliott John P. soap manuf. 29 Chapel, house do. 

Elliott Richard A. salesman, 138 Merrimac, house 103 Prince 

Elliott Richard A. miUinery, 83 Merrimac, house do. 

WiViott (Russell B.).& Clavk (Mias), oj&ters, &c. 112 Central, 

boards 101 do. 
Elliott Thomas, carpenter, boards, at Mrs. E. Elliott's 
Elliott Thomas H. carpenter, b. Broadway, n. Guard Locks 
Elliott Wintlrt'op F., Suffolk, house rear 5 Decatur 
Ellis Adelia L. teacher, boards 12 Hurd 
Ellis Caroline Mrs. house rear 1 25 Middlesex 
Ellis Jacob, stonecutter, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 
Ellis Nancy, widow, house 44 Elm 
Ells Hannah E. Mrs. house 15 John 

Elvin Charles, carpet weaver, house 56 River, Centraiville 
Elwell Mary E. boardinghouse, 26 Massachusetts Corporation 
Ely Jos. H. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, h. First, n. Bridge, Centralv'e 
Emerson Alvin, overseer, Bleachery, house 17 do. 
Emerson Archibald, Bleachery, house rear 31 Cedar 
Emerson Charles, TTamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corp. 


Emerson Daniel F. (A. Waldo ^- Co.), grocer, 2vjl jMulcllesex 

Emerson David jr., Lawrence Corporation, house 82 do. 

Emerson David G. cigars, 128 Suffolk, house 24 Common 

Emerson Elizabeth Mrs. house 152 Middlesex 

Emerson Frank, clerk, boards 156 Suffolk 

Emerson Herbert H. at A. B. French's, boards do. 

Emerson James, cigar dealer, house 15 Walnut 

Emerson John F. clerk, 251 Merrimac, boards 15f) Suffolk 

Emerson Luther, grocer, 8 East Merrimac, house 15 Alder 

P:^merson Moses C. shoemaker, 224 Merrimac 

Emerson Nathan, painter, 39 East Merrimac, house 18 Clay 

l^]merson Philip H., thread store, 71 Merrimac, house 21 Kirk 

Emerson Rhodusca R., Middlesex, boards 48 Church 

'Emerson Richard, moulder, house 84 Howard 

Emerson William 1>. clerk, 15G Merrimac, b. 19 Kirk 

Emerson William R. cigar manufacturer, Chapel, corner Wahiut, 

house 16 Abbott 
Emery George, coachdriver, boards 101 Central 
Emery George, hackman, boards 32 Hamilton Corporation 
Emery Henry, proprietor Merrimac House, Merr. c. Dutton 
Emery Hiram E., Appleton Corporation, house 2 do. 
Emery Josephus, driver of meatcart, boards 35 Suffolk 
Emery Lewis F. baggage master, house 10 Mclntire 
Emery Samuel T. popcorn dealer, boaids 107 Howard 
Emmett John, engraver, Merrimac, h. 91 Merrimac Corporation 
Emmons Benjamin, bootmaker, house 2 Second, Centralville 
Emmons John S., Prescott, house 64 High 
Emmott James, engraver, boards at Mrs. Mary Emmott's 
Emmott Mary Mrs. house Hall, near railroad crossing 
p]ngland Elizabeth, widow, house 54 Merrimac Corporation 
England Thomas, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Eno Joseph, at A. L. Brooks's, house 230 Middlesex 
Eno William F. overseer, Massachusetts, b. at A. Wctherbee's 
Enright James F., Merrimac, boards Willie, c. Clark 
Enright Margaret iNlrs. house Willie, corner Clark 
Enright IMichael, laborer, house 25 Union 
Enright Yfiiiiam J. boards WiFlie, corner Clark 
P>skine David M. Capt. house 410 Merrimac 
Erskine Hannah, widow, house 408 Merrimac 
Estes George, foundryman, boards 192 Middlesex 
Esty Asa F., Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Evans Benjamin, carpenter, boards 6 Massachusetts Corporation 
Evans Charles, Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Evans James T. (Iloives ^ Evans), daguerreotypes, 112 Merri- 
mac, boards 23 Prescott Corporation 
Evans Joseph, ni W. Kelky's, Inuse Westford, c. Grand 


Evtuis Josiah F. clothing and furnishing goods, 175 Middlesex, 

house Thorndike, corner Highland 
Evans Mary INI. boardinghouse, 1 Lowell Corporation 
Everest Henry ISL, Massachusetts, b. rear 52 Stackpole 
Everett Lewis, designer, Middlesex, b. Washington House 
Ewan Robert, watchman, enghiehouse, house 4G South 
Ewing John, boardinghouse, oO Willie 
EAving Samuel, peddler, house 1 Water 

FAGAN MICHAEL, laborer, house 14 Howe 

Faharty Ann, widow, house 5 Carpet lane 

Faharty Patrick, laborer, boards 5 Carpet lane 

Fahey Bernard, teamster, 196 Gorham 

Fahey John, laborer, house 77 Market 

Fahey John, laborer, house 5 Carolin's place 

Fahey Mary A. widow, house 93 Lawrence 

Fairbank George D. clerk, 45 Central, boards 16 Fourth, 

Fairbank Woodbury, Boott, house 16 Fourth, Centralville 
Fairbrother Elhanon, Merrimac, boards 64 IMoody 
Fairbrother Harrison, Merrimac, b. 138 Merrimac Corporation 
Fairgreive George, Lowell, house Pleasant, near Andover 
Fales Horace, Merrimac, b. 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Fales Willis, Merrimac, b. 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Fall Sylvester, machinist, boards 98 Middlesex 
Fallon Andy, painter, house 39 Salem 
Fallon Maria, house rear 10 Little 
Fallon Michael, JMiddlesex, house 03 Lowell 
Fallon Michael, laborer, house rear 135 Middlesex 
Fallon i\[ichael, Appleton, boards 7 Summer 
Fallon Owen, gardener, house 199 School, near Broadway 
Fallon Patrick, laborer, house Thorndike, corner Hale 
Fannon Michael, laborer, house rear 143 Moody 
Farley Bernard, gasfitter, house 51 Salem 
Farley Catharine, widow, house rear 20 Howe 
Farley James, Lowell, house 7 Wall 
Farley James, undertaker, house 157 Lowell 
Farley Lavrrence, Lowell, house 73 East Merrimac 
Farley iMary, widow, house 13 East Merrimac 
Farley IMary, Avidow, house 38 LoAvell 
Farley IMichael, laborer, house 8 Wall 
Farley Michael, shoemaker, 69 Middle 
Farley Owen, Hamilton, house 74 Gorham 
Farley Patrick, laborer, house rear 1 5 Jefferson 
Farley Thomas, grocer, Suffolk, c. Lowell, h. 17 Willie 
Farmer Albert E. restaurant, 75 Middlesex 


Farmer ^George, butcher, house rear 192 Middlesex 
Farmer Susan JMrs. house Salem, corner Decatur 
Farnham George B. cai'penter, house 5 Bang's block, Eailroad 
Farnham George W. at Gas Works, house 154 School 
Farnham Wm. L. carpenter, house Main, corner Leather 
Farnsworth Chas. H. writing master, house 161 Moody 
Farnsworth David W., Lawrence, h. 9 Lawrence Corporation 
Farnsworth David W. jr. Lav.'rence, b. 9 Lawrence Corporation 
Farnsworth James, lumberman, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Farnum Geo. H., B. & L. R.R. house 49 Gushing 
Farnum Grin L. machinist, boards 93 Appleton 
Farnum ilufus G. machinist, house 3G Marion 
Farr Alpha B. constable, 3 Canal block. Central, h. 22 Stackpoh- 
Farrar Sarah L, (Gibson ^ Farrar), icecream saloon, 130 jMer- 
rimac, house 128 do. [bds. 12 Tyler 

Farrar William E. (J. P. Thompson ^ Co,)^ clothing, 57 Central, 
Farrell Catherine, widow, house 3 Crosby court 
Farrell James, Hamilton, house 51 Union 
Farrell Jane Mrs. house 22 Howe 
Farrell John, Bleacliery, house rear 101 Gorham 
Farrell John, laborer, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 
Farrell Margaret, widow, house rear 101 Gorham 
Farrell Maria, widow, house 51 Market 
Farrell Michael, laborer, house 48 Middle 
Farrell OAven, peddler, house 125 Lowell 
Farrell Peter (Cal.) house 7 Hurd 
Farrell Richard, Hamilton, house 51 Union 
Farrell Rose A. widow, house rear 19 Summer 
Farrell Susan, widow, house 3 Davis court 
Farrell Thomas, Hamilton, boards 79 INIarket 
Farrell William, Merrimac, house 52 Lewis, near Little 
Farrington Amos W. clerk, boai'ds 12 Appleton Corporation 
Farrington DeWitt C. furniture, stoves, and housekeeping goods, 

1 and 2 Prescott, house 25 Tyler 
Farriter Mary, v/idow, house 35 Adams 
Farrington Charles, Middlesex, house 7 George 
Farrington Daniel, hats, clothing, and furnishing goods, 108 Cen- 
tral, house 98 High 
Farrington Ebenezer, machinist, house 37 Fletcher 
Farrington George G. clerk at D. W. C. Farrington's, boards 

American House 
Farrington Isaac, treasurer Chelmsford Co. house 12 Tyler 
Farrington Michael, laborer, house rear 22 Winter 
Farrington Grin G. overseer Batting Mill, h. 155 E. Merrimac 
Fa -rington Southwell, baggage master, B. & L. Railroad depot, 
lionse 7 Tromont 


FaiTlngtou William, clerk, C. B. Cobiirn's 

Farringtoii , machinist, boards Go Massachusetts Corp. 

Farris John K. butcher, house Water, corner Broadway 

Farry Thomas, laborer, house Davidson's lane [Broadway 

Farson James, painter, 29 Fletcher, c. Adams, h. 25 Willie, cor. 

Farson Samuel, painter, 135 Middlesex, house at Chelmsford 

Farwell Albert B. tailor, boards 23 John 

Farwell Jeriel, clerk, house 54: High 

Farwell William, copperplate printer, house 4 Chapel 

Farwell William A. trader, house Bridge, n. Third, Centralville 

Faulkner James, Appleton, house 15 Appleton Corporation 

Faulkner William, Fresco tt, house rear 15 Dummer 

Faunce A. B. mason, 170 Ivlerrimac 

Favor Francis, boards 129 Middlesex 

Favor Horace, Middlesex, house 37 George 

Favor James A., Middlesex, house 5G Church 

Favor Nathaniel B. &; Son (N. P. Favor), duor, sash, and blind 

manufacturers, Wamesit Steam IMills, house 81 Summer 
Favor Nathaniel P. (K B. Favor 4- Son), Wamesit Mills, boards 

81 Summer 
Favor Rufus, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Favour Elvira Mrs. laundress, house 23 G Central 
Favour Jacob, policeman, house 88 Merrimac 
Fay Charlojtte K. widow, house 49 Chestnut 
Fay George E., Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Fay James, Massachusetts, house 8 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Fay Margaret, widow, house G7 East Merrimac 
Fay Patrick, laborer, house 19 Davidson 
Fay Roxanna, variety store, 12 Tilden 

Fay Samuel, agent Lowell Manuf. Co. h. Moody, c. Pawtucket 
Fay Thomas, blacksmith, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Feeney John, cook, Merrimac House, house rear Dummer 
Felch Charles, in foundry, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Felker Henry, carpenter, boards 21 Charles 
Felker Silas, shoemaker, Fletcher, n. Dutton, b. r. 29 Fletcher 
Felker William, carpenter, boards 21 Charles 
Fellows Andrew J., Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Fellows James K. house Andover, near Park 
Fellows Samuel, house lOG East Merrimac 
Fenton Patrick, laborer, house 29 Fenwick 
Ferguson James, Middlesex, house Pleasant 
Ferguson John Q. A. at J. C. Ayer's, boards 15 G Suffolk 
Ferguson Levi, Lowell, house 24 Stackpole 
Ferguson Sarah, widow, house Pleasant 

Fernald (Nathaniel G.) & Rollins (John L.), carpenters, 23 
INIiddle, house School, corner Varney 


Ferntild Oliver, machinist, house 2 Willow place 

Ferrin Silas, at Allen's box shop, h. Carleton's, near Middlesex 

Ferring Catharine Mrs. house 115 Gorham 

Ferris Job T. filecutter, house 71 High 

Ferris Robert H. mason, house 58 West Union 

Ferson Levi, Bleachery, house 2 Robinson, near Raikoad 

Ferson Levi O., Bleachery, boards 2 Robinson 

Ferson Rodley, Tremont Corporation, house 2 do. 

Fessenden Frank, currier, house Main, near Leathers 

Field Alpheus D. mason, boards 17 Market 

Field Chester Rev. house 17 Kirk 

Field David C. G. (31. M. Bohonan S,^ Co.), grocers, Ayer's New 

City, boards at M. M. Bohonan's 
Field Margaret, widow, house 7 Carolin's place 
Field Silas C, Suffolk, house 30 Suffolk Corporation 
Field Simon C. carpenter, house 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Field Thomas, Middlesex, house 3 Wall 
Fielden Fielden, cabinet maker, house 106 Market 
Fielding Crossley, machinist, boards 37 Chestnut 
Fielding David, laborer, house 103 Gorham 
Fielding George W. machinist, house 6 Goward place 
Fielding Henry A. (J. B. Fielding ^ Co.), house 11 Elm 
Fielding Joseph, Hamilton, house 23 Wamesit 
Fielding Josiah B. & Co. {H. A. Fielding), paper hangings and 

paintings, 99 Central, house 9 Elm 
Fielding Mary, widow, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Fielding Stephen K. 99 Central, house 7 Elm 
Fields David, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 72 Mechanics 
Fife Elizabeth, widow, house rear 53 Charles 
Fife Hugh, at American Bolt Co. house rear 180 Lawrence 
Fife James, Lowell, boards rear 53 Charles 
Fifield Ann G. Mrs. house 196 Central 
Fifield (Edward) & Phmpton (A. B.), carpenters, Wamesit Steam 

Mills, house 136 Fletcher, corner Butterfield 
Fifield Joseph C, Lowell, house 17 Lowell Corporation 
Fifield Sarah, widow, house 70 Fayette 
Fifield William A. carpenter, house 35 Charles 
Files Allen, Lowell, house 14 Lowell Corporation 
Files Sargent S. carpenter, house 22 Marshall 
Fillmore John W. variety store, 13 East Merrimac, house do. 
Fillmore Theodore, Merrimac P. W. h. 66 Bridge, Centralville 
Finn C. S. Mrs. millinery, 306 Merrimac, house do. 
Finn Mary, variety store, 29 East IMerrimac, house do. 
Finnan Patrick, laborer, house 22 Winter 
Finneck Thomas, hostler, house 10 Howe 
Finnegan Bridget, widow, house 17 George 

8-i LOWELL [ |-(^ ] DIRECTORY. 

Finnegaii Daniel, laborer, house rear 40 Feiiwick 

P^innegaii James, house 1'33 Lowell 

Fiiinegan John, jMerrimac Print \7orks, house rear 8G Lowell 

Finnegan iNIargaret, Avidow, house 44 Salem 

Finnegan AVillJam, laborer, house 6 Lowell place 

Finnellj Michael, laborer, house 45 Adams 

Finning Patrick, printer, " Vox Populi " office 

Finton William, laborer, house alley, rear 17 Union 

Fish Charles E., Merrimac, house 48 Merrimac Corporation 

Fish George, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corp.oration 

Fisher A. W. house 98 Gorham [Centralville 

Fisher Cyrus, thread and hosiery, S9 Merrimac, h. 39 Third, 

Fisher Frederick S. student, boards 98 Gorham 

Fisher John, Middlesex, house 82 Gorham 

Fisher Martha Mrs. variety store, 219 Middlesex, house do. 

Fisher Nelson H. painter, boards Gl East Merrimac 

Fislier Samuel S. machinist, house Suffolk, corner Broadway 

Fisher Sumner, shoemaker, boards 68 Appleton 

Fisher Susan Mrs. house 4 Pollard's avenue 

Fisher S. Homer, 182 Merrimac, boards Broadway, cor. Suffolk 

Fisher Thomas, at Locks and Canals, house Broadway, between 

Suffolk and Marion 
Fisher Walter, at Wamesit Mill, boards 13 Franklin sq., Adams 
Fisk George, boardinghouse, 35 Boott Corporation 
Fisk John, clerk, boards 35 Boott Corporation 
Fisk John L. salesman, boards at George Fiske's 
Fiske Amos, Lov/ell, house 34 Cabot 
Fiske Charles il. machinist, house 31 Chapel 
Fiske George W. & Co. (JV?n. Fish), nkanufacturers eave- 

troughs. Mechanics' Mills, house 100 Appleton 
Fiske Levi, boarding] louse, 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Fiske William, fa JV. Fiske S; Co.), house 39 Adams, near 

Fiske William O. commission merchant (Boston), bds. 39 Adams 
Fitts Charles IL, Lawrence, boards 150 Suffolk 
Fitts Isaac N. millwright, house 7 Willie, near Fletcher 
Fitzgerald Catharine, widow, house 55 Union 
Fitzgerald David, Middlesex, house Water, near Andover 
Fitzgerald Eliza, widow, house 40 Fenwdck 
Fitzgerald Ellen r>Irs. house Marion, corner Lagrange 
Fitzgerald Garrett, laborer, house 118 Lowell 
Fitzgerald Jeann ette Mrs. house 5 Cabot 
Fitzgerald Jolm, laborer, house 32 Salem 
Fitzgerald Maria, house 8 Appleton 
Fitzgerald Maurice, Low^ell, house 28 Gorham 
Fitzirerald Michael, chvrk at ^Y. H. Dvar's 


Fitzgerald Robert, Lowell, house rear 55 Market 
Fitzgerald Thomas, at Norcross's, house 269 Middlesex 
Fitzliarris Barbara, widow, River, n. Coburn, Centralville 
Fitzharris Daniel, house River, corner Coburn, Centralville 
Fitzharris John, laborer, house River, Centralville 
Fitzpatrick Daniel, mason, house 59 Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Martin, machinist, house 15 Marshall 
Fitzpatrick Michael, bootmaker, 74 Merrimac, boards 86 Mai'ket 
Fitzpatrick Nicholas, house 75 Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Peter, Lowell, house 8 Lowell place 
Fitzpatrick Peter, Boott, house rear 25 Lowell 
'Fitzpatrick Susan, widow, house 52 River, Centralville 
Fitzsimmons Mary, widow, house 6 Decatur 
Fitzsimmons Michael, at Cushing & Mack's, house 6 Decatur 
Fitzsimmons Owen, laborer, house rear 57 River, Centralville 
Fitzwilliams Edward, carpet weaver, house 5 Crosby 
Flack James, Merrimac, house rear Qb Market 
Flagg Jere, Hamilton, boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 
Flagg Josiali F. hydrauhc engineer, boards 29 Tyler 
Flagg William H. overseer, Boott, house 72 Boott Corporation 
Flaherty Daniel, laborer, house 39 Fen wick 
Flaherty Ellen, widow, house 19 Adams 

Flaherty Joanna, widow, house Coburn, c. River, Centralville 
Flaherty TVilham, boardinghouse, 2 Green 
Flanagan John, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Flanagan Michael, watchman, Am. Bolt Co. house 33 Floyd 
Flanagan IMichael, laborer, boards 13 Davis 
Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house 61 Lowell 
Flanders Catharine R. Mrs. house 83 Salem 
Flanders Daniel, Middlesex, boards 184 Central 
Flanders Josiah, mason, boards 44 Boott Corporation 
Flanders Lyman L. carpenter, house 1 Tiiden court 
Flanders Moses T., Hamilton, house 102 Middlesex 
Flanders Peter, bonnet bleachery, 96 Merrimac, house 386 do. 
Flanders Phanuel, farmer, house 233 Gorham 
Flanders Sybil, house Bow, Centralvile 

Flanders Yfm. G., Massachusetts, house 31 Mass. Corporation 
Flanders Yv^illiam L., Middlesex, house 184 Central 
Flanders William M. L., Suffolk, house 83 Salem 
Flanders William W., Lawrence, house rear 2 Dodge 
Flavin Catharine, widow, house 49 Middle 
Fleer George, Middlesex, boards 5 Lawrence 
Fleetwood Thomas, bookkeeper, house 252 Central 
Fleming Charles H. student, boards 6 Hamilton Corporation 
Fleming James, foundry, boards 16 Summer 
Fleming John, carpet weaver, hou^c 70 Warren 


Fleming Mrs. house Front, Centralville 

Fleming Kicharcl, laborer, house 2 Cummiskey's alley 

Fletcher Charles G. house 25 Fifth, Centralville 

Fletcher Edmund Mrs. house 212 Central [212 do. 

Fletcher Edmund D. (Nichols Sf Co.), grocer, 144 Central, house 

Fletcher Horatio, lumber dealer, Fletcher, corner AVestern ave. 

house 140 Fletcher, corner Varney 
Fletcher Horatio R. clerk, Suffolk C. R. house Fletcher 
Fletcher Isaac A. grocer, 126 Central, house 28(5 do. 
Fletcher Lemuel (Cal.), house 26 Bridge, Centralville 
Fletcher Luther J. Rev. house Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Fletcher Noyes II. hostler, house rear 63 Salem 
Fletcher Oliver, Lowell, house 25 Charles 

Fletcher Orrin A., Merrimac, house 127 Merrimac Corporation 
Fletcher Simon T. clothing dealer, house 42 Chapel 
Fletcher Warren, bobbin maker, h. 3 Manahan's block, Cushing 
Fletcher William, farmer, house Liberty, near cor. Chelmsford 
Flint Albert G., Lawrence, house 22 Lawrence Corporation 
Flint Albert G. jr., Suffolk, boards 2'?, Lawrence Corporation 
Flint Charles L., Suffolk, house 9 Cabot block, Cabot 
Flint George W. hackdriver, boards 15 Cabot 
Flint Henry E. hostler, boards 15 Cabot 
Flint Martin R. tin peddler, house 5 Chestnut 
Flint Oliver S. in livery stable, house 21 Race 
Flint Oliver W. livery stable, 112 Moody, house 15 Cabot 
Flood Ann, widow, house 112 East Merrimac 
Flood Edward, Lawrence Corporation, boards 67 do. 
Flood Henry, painter, house 164 Lowell 
Flood Henry, provisions, 63 Dutton, house do. 
Flood Jane, widow, house 3 Fayette 
Flood John, Prescott, house 6 Cross lane 
Florence John, at A. L. Brook's, house 263 Middlesex 
Flowry Simon, at Norcross's, house head of Perrin 
Flynn Ann, widoAv, house 30 High 
Flynn Bridget, widow, house 148 Central 
Flynn Catharine, widow, house 5 Cummiskey's alley 
Flynn Catharine, widow, house 26 Adams 
Flynn Dennis, house Front, Centralville 
Flynn James, Bleachery, boards 8 Cedar 
Flynn Joanna, widow, house Front, Centralville 
Flynn John, laborer, house 8 Cedar 
Flynn John, house 352 Central 
Flynn John, peddler, house Davidson, comer Howe 
Flynn ]\Iichael, Lowell, house 116 Middlesex 
Flynn Michael, book agent, house 2, opp. 31 Fayette 
Flynn Miles, laborer, house 5 IMolloy's court 


Flynn Patrick, machinist, house 147 Lowell 

Flynn Patrick, tailor, house foot of Joiner 

Flynn Patrick, Hamilton, house 16 Green 

Flynn Philip, laborer, house Broadway, near Marion 

Flynn Rebecca, widow, house 5 Warren 

Flynn Thomas, Bleachery, house 36 do. 

Flynn WilHam, laborer, house 12 Keene 

Fody John, laborer, house 69 Gorham 

Fogerty Julia, widow, house 55 Lowell 

Fogg Mary, widow, house 8 Grand 

Fogg Nancy Miss, boardinghouse, 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Fogg Sarah, widow, house 78 River, Centralville 

Folan Mary, widow, house 65 Lowell 

Foley Dennis, laborer, house 40 Adams 

Foley John, laborer, house 84 Suffolk 

P'oley Peter, laborer, house 9 George 

Foley Peter, Appleton, boards 34 South 

Foley Thomas, house 20 Lowell 

Follansbee Albert S. currier, house 150 Middlesex 

Follansbee Charles, currier, b. 35 Swamp Locks, AVorthen 

Follansbee Daniel S. painter, 245 ]Merrimac, house at Dracut 

Folsom Alanson, mason, house Cambridge 

Folsom Alexander, tinsmith, boards 14 Church 

Folsom Ira N., Lowell M. S. h. 5 Chelmsford, n. R. R. bridge 

Folsom James, Foundry, house 102 Middlesex 

Folsom Jeremiah S. general insurance agent, 23 Central, house 

22 Chapel 
Folsom Jonathan P. dry goods, 78 Merrimac, house 48 High 
Folsom Lorenzo A. insurance agent, 162 Gorham 
Folsom Mary, widow, house 19 Cady 
Foote Charles C. machinist, house 47 Gushing 
Foote Irvin A. pianoforte tuner, 275 Merrimac, b. W. S. Foote's 
Foote James D. (J L. Foote ^ Co.), house Pine 
Foote James L. & Co. (J. D. Foote), stoves and tin ware, 277 

and 279 Merrimac, house Liberty, near Pine 
Foote Sanford J. at D. & G. J. Bradt's, h. Fletcher, cor. Dane 
Foote Warren S. music teacher and piano fortes, 275 Merrim.ic, 

house 145 Fletcher 
Forbush Wm. B. clerk at P. O. boards Willow 
Ford Bridget, widow, house 30 WiUiam 
Ford Charles, machinist, house 3 Reed's court 
Ford John, Middlesex, house 2 Lawrence 
Ford John, laborer, house 96 Suffolk 

Ford Lydia N. Mrs. variety store, 344 Merrimac, house do. 
Ford jMartin W. milkman, house Chelmsford, near Powell 
Ford Peter A7., Middlesex, house 1 Edgerly's court 

■ 88 LOWELL [ 1<^ ] DIKECTOKY. 

Ford Prudence Miss, house 53 Fawtuckct 

Ford Tlieodore, Foundry, house 118 JMiddlesex 

Ford Thomas, Middlesex, liouse 81 Church 

Foren James, hiborer, liouse Coburn, Centralville 

Forrest Bridget, widow, house rear 90 Appleton 

Forrest Williain, tin peddler, boards 98 Middlesex 

Forristell William, Middlesex, house 7 Knowles' place 

Forsberg Oscar A. grocer's clerk, GS Dutton, boards at Charles 

E. Brown's 
Forsythe John, driver ice wagon, boards 3 McFarlin avenue 
Fortier Thomas, Hamilton Print Works, boards 46- Charles 
Fosdick Amos, machinist, boards 32 Chestnut 
Fosdick Lucian G. provisions, 3 Gorham, h. Stevens, n. the line 
Fosdick John F., Suffolk, house 32 Chestnut 
Foss Albert W. house 19 Grand 
Foss Alphonzo, foundryman, boards 229 Middlesex 
Foss Augustus B. policeman, house 28 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Foss Benjamin F. house 127 Moody 
Foss David, iron foundry, boards 113 Central 
Foss George, Middlesex, boards 5 Lawrence 
Foss George Vf., Hamilton, house 55 do. Gorham 
Foss Jacob, blacksmith, house 124 Central 
Foss James, Merrimac, boards 138 Merrimac Corporation 
Foss Otis, at O. Allen's, boards 30 Howard 
Foss Warren D. watchman, boards 5 Appleton Corporation 
Foster Abigail Mrs. boardinghouse, 26 Appleton Corporation 
Foster Amos H., Foundry, house 27 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Foster Amos P. machinist, boards 3 High street square 
Foster Benjamin O. variety store, 9 Tilden, house do. 
Foster Charles, carpenter, house 71 Adams 
Foster Charles, shoemaker. River, house do. Centralville 
Foster Charles H. painter, house 31 High 
Foster Christopher C. carpenter, boards 14 Salem 
Foster Eden B. Rev. house 21 Anne 
Foster Enoch J. carpenter, boards 14 Salem 
Foster Frank A., Lowell, house 13 Lowell Corporation 
Foster Henry, Lawrence Corporation, boards 17 do. 
Foster Isaac N. tinsmith, boards 202 Merrimac- 
Foster James, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Foster James, overseer, Lawrence, house 84 Lawrence Corp. 
Foster Jesse, carpenter, 15 Salem, house 14 do. 
Foster John, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Foster John W. carpenter, boards 138 Merrimac Corporation 
Foster Loring, Tremont, house 32 Tremont Corporation 
Foster L. Mrs. house 25 Charles 
Foster INIai-k, machmist, boards Pleasant, near Andovrr 


Foster Samuel W., Lowell, house 9 Lowell Corporation 

Foster Sewall, shoemaker, house Richardson, Centralville 

Foster Silas, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Foster Willard, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Fouday "William, Lawrence, house 1 Tremont 

Fowler George D. blacksmith, house 78 Market 

Fowler Henry S. harness maker, boards 24 Cabot 

Fowler John, Middlesex, boards 82 Church 

Fowler John E. shoemaker, house 24 Fifth, Centralville 

Fowler Joseph M. daguerreotypist, 28 Merrimac, house 129 East 

Fowler Sarah R. widow, house 69 Bridge 
Fox Adeline, house 66 Moody 

Fox Amanda M. Mrs. boardinghouse, 45 Boott Corporation 
Fox Bridget, widow, house 22 Lowell 
Fox George I. carpenter, boards 45 Boott Corporation 
Fox Henry, painter, boards 90 Middlesex 
Fox Jesse, house 49 Thu-d, Centralville 
Fox John, beltmaker, house 5 Middlesex place 
Fox Thomas, Bleachery, house 37 do. 
Foy Charles, Bleachery, boards 13 Cedar 
Francis James, machmist, boards at James B. Francis's 
Francis James B. agent locks and canals, house Worthen, near 

Baptist church 
Franklin AYiUiam B. overseer, Lawrence, house 25 Lawrence* 

Franklin Willis, cigar maker, boards 24 Cabot 
Eraser Alexander, blacksmith, house 1 1 Marion 
Frawley John, Bleachery, boards 14 Mill 
Frawley Margaret, widow, house 12 JMill 
Frawley Michael, locksmith, 2 East Merrimac, house do. 
Frawley Peter O. C. grocer, 55 Gorham, house Bleachery, 

corner Moore 
Frazier Andrew, foundry, boards 76 Middlesex 
Frazier John, Merrimac, house 2 Tremont 
Frederick Ellen, widow, house 94 Adams 
Freeman Abigail Mrs. house 33 Branch 
Freeman Charles, clerk, 33 Middlesex, house Broadway 
Freeman Charles J. sashmaker, house 286 Middlesex 
Freeman Henry, Bleachery, house Livingston, c. Carter 
Freeman Isaac S. D., Merrimac, h. 96 Merrimac Corporation 
Freeman John, Bleachery, house Livingston, c. Carter 
Freeman Lyman, j^olicc, house 154 Broadway 
Freeman Samuel J. carriage painter, Arch, house 33 Branch 
Freeman Shnon A. clerk, Merrimac, corner Worthen, boards 

rear 242 Sudbury 


F^-eeman Thomas, Bicacherj, house Livmgston, c. Carter 

Freeman William, LoAvell, house 17 Clay 

French Abram, clothing, 92 Central, house 388 Middlesex 

French Amos, Lowell, house 346 Merrimac 

French Amos B. confectionary, icecream and oyster saloon, 37 

Central, house 35 do. 
French Andrew, at A. B. French's, boards do. 
French Augustus C. clerk, G4 Merrimac, house 37 Fourth, Cen- 

French Augustus J. C, Merrimac Corporation, house 77 do. 
French Benjamin F. Mrs. house 13 Anne [Worthen 

French Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, house 32 Swamp Locks, 
French Charles, Merrimac, house 37 Franklin square, Lagrange 
French Cyril, house 7 Chapel 

French Elvin, musician, 170 Merrimac, house 2 Baldwin court 
French Everett W., Middlesex, house 85 Church 
French Franklin, clerk, 82 Merrimac, house 26 Austin 
French Henry, Merrimac Corporation, house Marion, corner 

French Horace B., Boott Corporation, house 47 do. 
French Horace E. clerk, 92 Central, boards 388 Middlesex 
French James, at J. C. Ayer's, b. 17 Lawrence Corporation 
French John B., Lowell Corporation, house 69 Fletcher 
French Josiah B. house Chelmsford, near railroad bridge 
French Mary Mrs. house 3 Luther's court 
French Reuben, felt, house 1 High street square 
French William, fruit, &c. 57 Market, house do. 
French William, Merrimac, house 21 Merrimac Coi;poration 
French William C. student, boards 346 Merrimac 
French William H. apothecary, 2 Central, c. Merrimac, boards 

21 Merrimac Corporation 
Freniere Rose, widow, house 324 Merrimac 
FrizeU Joseph P. civil engineer, boards 102 Appleton 
Frost Abigail, variety store, 362 Merrimac, house do. 
Frost Abner, surveyor of lumber and dealer in bark, h. 1 4 West- 
ford, near Grand 
Frost Benjamin W. clerk, Washington Market, b. 66 Appleton 
Frost Charles, Tremont Corporation, house 14 do. 
Frost George W. carpenter, house 16 Salem 
Frost Hannah, widow, house 195 Central 
Frost Harlan P., Hamilton, boards 16 Hamilton Cor^^oration 
Frost Lyman J., Middlesex, house 41 Church 
P'rost Richard, house G(j Appleton 

Fry John, student at R. B. Caverly's, boards 257 Central 
Frye Abby Mrs. house 257 Central 
Frye Ellsworth, Belvidere Woollen Mills, h. 53 IMass. Corp. 


Frye Francis Mrs. house 41 Chapel 

Frye Frederic, mason, house 50 Andover 

Frye George, mason, house 23 Kirk 

Frye John, clerk, boards 357 Central 

Frye John L. shoemaker, boards 238 Merrimac 

Frye Laura Mrs. house 191 Gorham 

Frye Reuben, mason, house 128 Merrimac 

Fuller Artemas, clockmaker, house 3 Pearl 

Fuller Charles A. W. machinist, house 7 Ford 

Fuller Edward R. carpenter, house 5 South Highland 

Fuller Edwin A., Lowell, h. 12 High street square 

Fuller Harrison H. constable, office City Market, house 12 

High street square 
Fuller Jason, milkman, house Pawtucket 
Fuller Margaret E. dressmaker, 85 Central, b. Appleton 
Fuller Perez, tailor, Post-office building, house 11 Tyler 
Fuller William T. carpenter, house 54 Union 
Fullerton George W. boardinghouse, 63 Massachusetts Corp. 
Fulsom Catharine B. millinery, 73 Merrimac, house do. 
Fulton James, Boott, house Pleasant, Centralville 
Fulton John, Middlesex, boards 148 Central 
Furbush Wm. B. clerk Post-office, house 35 Willow 
Furlong Henry, tinsmith, boards 5 High 
Furnivall William, Middlesex, house 21 East Merrimac 
Fussell Benjamin F., Middlesex, house 9 Water 
Fussell Joseph N., Middlesex, house 9 Water 
Fuzzard Mary, widow, house 34 Bartlett 

GAFFNEY JAMES, mason, house 98 Adams 

Gaffney John, Merrimac Print Works, house 63 Lowell 

Gaffney Terrence, laborer, house Coburn, Centralville 

Gage Ann, laces, &c. 101 Merr. house 26 Fourth, Centralville 

Gage Daniel P. physician, 43^ Merrimac, house 11 John 

Gage George B. clerk, 52 Merrimac, boards 21 Market 

Gage Isaac N. marble worker, boards 156 Suffi)lk 

Gage Isaac T., Merrimac Corporation, house 129 J do. 

Gage Jas. U. dry goods, 52 Merrimac, h. Beacon, n. Pawtucket 

Gage Lydia Mrs. boardinghouse, 22 Tremont Corporation 

Gage Seth, butcher, house Bridge, near Dracut hne 

Gahalgan Bridget, widow, house 7 Davidson 

Gale Allen A., Suffialk, house 8 Race 

Gale John A. machinist, house 17 North Franklin court 

Gale Lovica Mrs. house 8 Race 

Gale William, stonecutter, boards 11 Middlesex place 

Gallaghan Mary, widow, house Pollard avenue 

Gallao;her Alice, widow, house 33 Middle 


Gallagher Bridget, widow, house rear 17 Summer 

Gallagher Catharine, widow, house 8 William 

Gallagher Daniel, maehine printer, house 18 G Gorham 

Gallagher Daniel, Appleton, boards 70 Middlesex 

Gallagher Ellen Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Race, house do. 

Gallagher James, watchman, Appleton, house 18 Summer 

Gallagher James, laborer, house 36 South 

Gallagher James, blacksmith, house 28 Walnut 

Gallagher James, laborer, house Pollard avenue 

Gallagher James, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 

Gallagher John, laborer, house alley, rear 17 Union 

Gallagher John, house 63 Lowell 

Gallagher John, Middlesex, house 2 Lee 

Gallagher John, djehouse, house 7 Davidson 

Gallagher Joseph, dyehouse, boards 7 Davidson 

Gallagher Margaret, widow, house rear 75 Lowell 

Gallagher Martin, Stott's Flannel Mills, house 23 High 

Gallagher Mary, widow, house 7 Davidson 

Gallagher Mary, house Lee 

Gallagher Michael, laborer, house High, corner Chestnut 

Gallagher Nicholas, Bleachery, house 1 Merrill 

Gallagher Owen, house 18 John street avenue 

Gallagher Robert, porter at American House 

Gallagher Thomas, jack spinner, house 10 North 

Gallagher Thomas, laborer, house 1 John street avenue 

Gallan Hugh, Middlesex, house 30 Fayette 

Gallemore Elizabeth, house rear 53 Charles 

Gallery Joseph, Lawrence Corporation, boards 17 do. 

Gallon Isabella, widow, house 85 Charles 

Galloup Daniel P. teacher Varnum School, house Sixth, near 

Myrtle, Centralville 
Galvin Mary, widow, house 20 Broadway 
Galvin Patrick, at C. B. Richmond's, house Merrill 
Gannett Edward, carpenter, 13 Worthen, n. Merrimac, h. 11 do. 
Gannon Barney, house 26 Cedar 
Gannon Dennis, Boott, boards 11 Boott Corporation 
Gannon James, Bleachery, house 10 Keene 
Gannon John, laborer, house 2 Cedar 
Gannon Jolm, Merrimac, house 31 Worthen 
Ganson Yernum, teacher of dancmg, Wentworth Hall, h. 8 Lee 
Gara Bernard, Boott, house 7 High 
Gara Patrick, laborer, house 15 Iligh 

Garabed Hetchadore, machinist, boards 58 Mass Corporation 
Gard William, Lawrence, house 146 Suffolk 
Gardner Almon B. carpenter, house 212 Central 
Gardner Charles C. provisions, 100 Middlesex, house do. 


Gardner Franklin, painter, boards 101 Central 

Gardner George, City Auditor, City Hall, house Fletcher, near 

corner Broadway 
Gardner James E. painter, house 10 Franklin square, Adams 
Gardner James M. watchman at O. M. Whipple's 
Gardner Mary C. house 25 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Gardner Robert Mrs. house 54 Bartlett 
Gardner Rufus B., Tremont Corporation, boards 3 do. 
Gardner William S. (Sweetser Sf Gardner), counsellors, Tyler's 

block, Central, house 54 Bartlett 
Garey Grin C. carpenter, house 74 Lawrence Corporation 
Garland George W. blacksmith, house 158 Central 
Garland George W. clerk, 2 Central, boards 133 E. Merrimac 
Garland Jeremiah, house 133 East Merrimac 
Garland Joseph H., Tremont, house 1 6 Tremont Corporation 
Garland Joseph P. milkman, house Wilder 
Garland Mary Mrs. boardmghouse, 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Garland Nathaniel, house 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Garland Owen-, job wagon, house alley, rear 17 Union 
Garland Samuel Mrs. house 127 East Merrimac 
Garland Sarah, widow, house 2 Pleasant, Centralville 
Garland William W., Merrimac, house 175 Merrimac Corp. 
Garmon Aaron, Merrimac, house 50 Merrimac Corporation 
Garmon Joseph Y. stonemason, house 278 Middlesex 
Garrahan Christopher, Boott, house 73 River, Centralville 
Garrahen Daniel, Middlesex, house 5 Edgerly's court 
Garrahen Daniel, boards 33 William 
Garrahen Margaret, widow, house 33 Wilham 
Garrett Henry L., Prescott, house 45 Fayette 
Garrett Patrick, laborer, house 30 Lewis 
Garrett Robert J., Prescott, house 25 Prescott Corporation 
Garrett William A., Massachusetts, boards 25 Prescott Corp. 
Garrigan Bridget, widow, house 2 Crosby court 
Garrigan Frank, boards 2 Crosby court 
Garrigan Henry, chair painter, house 3 Crosby court 
Garrigan James, Middlesex, house 22 North 
Garrigan Mary, widow, house rear 44 Lowell 
Garrigan Philip, blacksmith, house 37 Fayette , 

Garrity Ann, house 37 North 
Garrity Bartholomew, house 21 North 
Garrity John, cigar store, 51 Market, house do. 
Garrity Michael, millwright, house 29 North 
Garrity Michael, Lawrence, house 31 Tremont 
Garrity Mrs. house 21 Church 
Garrity Peter, cooper, house 25 Lowell 
Garrity Thomas, Bleachery, house Livin^ton, cor. Carter 


Garvey INIargaret, widow, house 48 Lowell 

Garvey Thomas, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Garvin Jolm, laborer, house 32 Gorhai:gi 

Garvin John, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac 

Garvin John T. watchman, Boott, boards 26 Boott Corporation 

Garvin Seth, teamster, boards 33 Willie 

Gately John, house Chelmsford, corner Short 

Gately Patrick, laborer, boards 13 Davis 

Gately William, house 11 Crosby 

Gates Ehhu, machinist, house 33 Suffolk 

Gates Jeremiah, physician and surgeon, 6J Hurd, house do. 

Gates Josiah, belt and roll manufacturer, 6 Mechanics' block, 
Dutton, house Gates 

Gates Luther F. shoemaker, 34 Central, house at Chelmsford 

Gates Noah F. house 117 Gorham 

Gates Samuel I. dentist, house 16 Franklin square, Adams 

Gates Stephen F., Lowell Machine S. h. 7 Westford, n. Grand 

Gawn Elvira Mrs. house 43 South 

Gay Chauncey D. boardinghouse, 72 Lawrence Corporation 

Gay Nathaniel, Suffolk Corporation, house 32 Race 

Gay ton James, laborer, boards 51 Lowell 

Gee William, Merrimac, house 154 Merrimac Corporation 

Geer Frederick F. S. bookkeeper, at J. & J. M. Pearson's, h. 

20 Adams 
Gellery Joseph, Lawrence, house 6 Suffolk Corporation 
George Amos S. machinist, house 2 Lawrence Corporation 
George Daniel, watchman, boards 45 Fletcher 
George Edward C. house 2 Goward place 
George Edwin, machinist, house 44 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
George Michael R. shoemaker, house Liberty, near the line 
Germain William, Middlesex, boards 60 Church 
Gerrish Thomas G. paymaster, Merr. h. School, c. Pawtucket 
Gerry Gustavus A. (Dorr ^ Gerry), dentist, 24 Central, h. do. 
Gerry John, Middlesex, house 2 Gray place 
Getchell Byron W., Tremont Corporation, house 25 do. 
Getchell Seth, tinsmith, boards 166 Suffolk 
Gibbs Oscar, Appleton, house 17 Appleton Corporation 
Gibbs Phebe, widow, house 40 Third, Centralville 
Gibbs Warren P. painter, house 85 School 
Gibby Samuel J. (Parsons ^ G.), house 87 Thorndike 
Giblon James, Middlesex, house 17 Summer 
Giblon Martin, umbrella repairer, 55 Market, house do. 
Giblon Michael, peddler, house 3 Carpet lane 
Gibson (B. G.) & Farrar (Sarah L.), ice cream and oysters, 
130 Merrimac, house 128 do. [Fifth, Centralville 

Gibson James, clerk, at Buttrick & Co 's, house 26 Read, cor. 


Gibson Richard H. dyer, house 229 Middlesex 
Gibson Thomas, farmer^ house Broadway, near School 
Gibson WilHam H. teamster, house 142^ Merrimac Corporation 
Gilford Leonard G. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house Jackson, 

near Round House 
Gilbert Alfred P. carpenter, house 24 Austin 
Gilbert Carlos, carpenter, boards 5 Jackson 
Gilbert Jerome B., Appleton, house 2 Bang's block 
Gilchrest David, at Brook's sawmill, boards 339 Middlesex 
Gilchrest George C. daguerreotypist, 92 Merrimac, house 16 

Myrtle, corner Fifth, Centralville 
Gilchrest Margaret Mrs. house 55 Market 
Gilchrest Robert, Lowell, house 4 Chapel 
Gilcreast Amos, farmer, house Pearl, Centralville 
Gilday Michael, laborer, house 78 Middle 
Gilday Owen, laborer, house 10 Howe 
Gilday Philip, Prescott, house 78 Middle 
Gildee John, Bleachery, house 1 Carter 
Gildee Michael, Bleachery, house 35 do. 
Gildee Thomas, teamster, 55 Gorham, house 44 South 
Giles Joseph B. Mrs. boardinghouse, 51 East Merrimac 
Giles Moses, woodsawyer, house 18 Fayette 
Giles Thomas J., Merrimac, house 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Giles William A. teamster, house 2 Manahan's block, Cushing 
Gilkey Edward, painter, boards 1 George 
Gill John, variety store, 250 Merrimac, house do. 
Gillan Henry, Merrimac, house 4 Dummer 
Gillen John, Merrimac, house 1 Tremont 
Gillespie John W. barber, 70 Central, boards 21 Market 
Gillis Abby Mrs. boardinghouse, 7 Appleton Corporation 
Gillogly James, house 23 Summer 
Gillogly John, laborer, house rear 40 Appleton 
Gillogly Patrick, mason, house 29 Keene 
Gllman Aaron W. engineer, house Wamesit court, n. Dutton 
Gilman Alfred, clothing and furnishing goods, 156 Merrimac, 

house 266 Central 
Gilman Caleb M. travelling agent, h. East Pine, n. Carleton 
Gilman Caroline, widow, house Pine, near Carleton 
Gilman Charles, machinist, boards 38 Massachusetts Corporation 
Gilman David E., Lowell Machine Shop, house 55 Church 
Gilman George E., Boott Corporation, house 10 do. 
Gilman Hiram, restaurant, Middlesex, house rear 15 Howard 
Gilman HoUis M. fish, 320 Merrimac, house 316 do. 
Gilman John H. clerk at M. E. Thompson's, 268 Merrimac 
Gilman Margaret, variety store, 316 Merrimac, house do. 
Gilman Newell G. watchman, house 2 Auburn 


Oilman R. A. IVIrs. house 54 Middlesex 

Gilman Sarah L. boardinghou-^e, 12 Cabot, 

Gilinore Charles F. printer, " Citizen " office, boards 43 Bartlett 

Gilmore Gilbert, Bleachery, house 25 Cedar 

Gihnore John, machinist, boards 43 Massachusetts Corporation 

Gilpatrick Benjamin, carpenter, house 5 Lawrence Corporation 

Gilpatrick John ( Woodsum &; G.), hairdresser, 130 Central, 

boards 54 Massachusetts Corporation 
Gilpatrick Joseph G., Lawrence Corporation, boards 15 do. 
Gilpatrick Moses G. daguerreotypist, house G5 Bartlett 
Gilpatrick Nathan, Merrimac Corporation, house 174 do. 
Gilpatrick Stillman A., Lawrence, boards Lawrence Corporation 
Gilroj Bernard, dyer, house 64 Suffolk 
Gilroy Michael, laborer, house 105 Lowell 
Gilroy Patrick, house 12 William 
Gilson Albert, teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Gilson LTarlow, Prescott, house 19 Prescott Corporation 
Gilson Kendall, shoemuker, 228 Middlesex, house do. 
Gilson Lucy D. nurse, house 4 Walnut 
Gilson Samuel S. quarryman, 4 Lagrange court 
Ginty Catharine, widov^^, house 1 Pearl 

Giroux Thomas C, Lawrence, house 78 Lawrence Corporation 
Givens Thomas, laborer, house 20 Fenwick 
Givney Thomas, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Gladwin Silas F. dentist, 128 Merrimac, house 430 do. 
Glancy Catharine, widow, house 4 Carolin's place 
Glancy Hugh, Lowell, house rear 19 William 
Glancy Thomas, umbrella repairer, house 6 Mc Carry court 
Gieason Augustus, overseer, Hamilton, house 2 Hamilton Corp. 
Gleason Clarissa, widow, house 16 Prescott Corporation 
Gieason George, Boott, boards 54 Boott Corporation 
Gleason George, engineer, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Gieason John, 4 Massachusetts, house 22 Prescott Corporation 
Gleason Patrick, Massachusetts, boai'ds 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Glidden Nathaniel A. foundry, house 83 Howard 
Glidden Olive Mrs. boardinghouse, 3 Suffolk Corporation 
Ghnes Amos, at Cushing & Mack's, boards 50 Moody 
Glines George S. machinist, house 311 Middlesex 
Glines William, machinist, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Glover Wilham B. house 38 Chapel 
Glynn Patrick, flagman, R. R. house rear 11 Thorndike 
Goddard Alfred, Lawrence Corporation, house 13 do. 
Goddard Benjamin, house Liberty, corner Powell 
Goddard Charles T. clerk, at S. N. Wood's, house Mount Ver- 
non, near Westfbrd 
Goddard Samuel B. machinist, boards 80 Lawrence Corporation 


Godfrey Eliza, variety store, 117 Market, house do. 

Godfrey George, Bleacliery, house 33 do. 

Godfrey William, carpenter, house 117 Market 

Goding George, house Wahiut, corner Chapel 

Goding William & Son ( W. If. Goding J, picker factory, 82 

Middle, house 25 Church 
Goding Wm H. ( Wm. Goding S; Son), house 27 Church 
Goggin Catharine, widow, house Broadway, near Suffolk 
Goggin Edward, Mcrrimac, house rear 140 Lowell 
Goggin Ellen, widow, house 3 McCarry court 
Goggin John, laborer, house 3 McCarry court 
Goggin Thomas, sawmiller, house 199 School, near Broadway 
Goggle William, laborer, house 92 Suffolk 
Going Charles, proprietor American House, 84 Central 
Going John, B. & L. R. R. boards 5 Thorndike 
Golaher Susan, widow, house 46 Davidson 
Golding Edward, Massachusetts, house 59 East Merrimac 
Golding E<lward, Boott, boards 26 Massachusetts Corporation 
Golding Eliza, widow, house 33 Lowell 
Golding Hugh, house 86 Chaides 
Golding James, laborer, house 15 Davidson 
Golding Jane, widow, house 28 Fayette 
Golding John, house 112 East Merrimac 
Golding Luke, laborer, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Golding Owen, laborer, house Ayer's New City, on R. R. 
Golding Patrick, laborer, house 42 William 
Golding Patrick, laborer, house River, Centralville 
Golding Patrick, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Golding Thom"as, laborer, house 38 William 
Golding William, 3 Knowles's place 
Goldsmith Hubbard L., Middlesex, house 24 Cady 
Goldsmith Thomas, tailor, 1 Appleton's block, house Pleasant, 

Good George F. jeweller, 218 Merrimac, house 82 High 
Good George F. jewelry, 82 Central 
Goodale Aaron, baker, house 41 Appleton 
Goodale Amos, trader, house 129 Middlesex 
Goodale Orange S. stage agent, 84 Central, boards American Ho. 
Goodale Proctor F., Bleachery, boards 41 Appleton 
Goodale William, tinsmith, at Bangs Bros, house 78 Cross 
Goodale William H. printer, " Vox Populi " office, bds. 78 Cross 
Goodale William W., Bleachery, house 63 Lawrence 

Goodale , laborer, house River, Centralville 

Goodell Harlan P. clerk, at Wm. P. Brazer's, b. 102 Appleton 
Goodell Jotham, Merrimac Print Works, house 26 Cabot 
Goodhue Charles, shoemaker, house 11 Fifth, Centralville 



Goodhue David II. nii^lit ])olice, boards 406 Merrimac 
Goodliue Eli, laborei-, liouse rear G3 Salem [42 Bartlett 

Goodhue Isaac N. (Swan 4* G.) counsellor, 3 Canal Block, house 
Goodhue Jason ( Hoive ^ Goodhue), 92 Market, house 82 Third, 

Goodhue John W. laborer, house 107 River, Centralville 
Goodhue Sumner A. shoemaker, house rear 18 Middlesex 
Gooding George, sawmiller, boards 5 Thorndike 
Gooding Stephen, sawmiller, boards 5 Thorndike 
Goodrich Edward, boards 25 Appleton Corporation 
Goodrich Emily Mrs. boardinghouse, 24 Hamilton Corporation 
Goodrich Samuel S. B. teacher of penmanship, house 18 Adams 
Goodrue John, laborer, house 7 Cabot 

Goodspeed Sylvanus P. clerk, 134 Merrimac, house 154 Suffolk 
Goodwin Benjamin W. moulder, house i)9 Howard 
Goodwin Clarendon, carpenter, boards 195 Central 
Goodwin George P. clerk, 48 Merrimac, house 4 Tyler 
Goodwin John A. editor, house 44 Bartlett 
Goodwin Joseph, at Buttrick & Co.'s, boards 25 Market 
Goodwin Leonard, shoemalier. Front, house River, Centralville 
Goodwin Milton, shoemaker, house River, Centralville 
Googins Benjamin L. carpenter, h. 62 Hamilton Corp., Gorham 
Gorden Jeannette Miss, boardinghouse, 3 Massachusetts Corp. 
Gordon Allen D., Prescott, house 11 Prescott Corporation 
Gordon Ann, w^idow, house 66 Church 
Gordon Daniel H. carpenter, boards 13 Boott Corporation 
Gordon David S. blacksmith, house 98 Fletcher 
Gordon George W. peddler, house 12 Cady 
Gordon James, painter, boards rear 19 River, Centralville 
Gonue Peter, house 183 Middlesex 

Gordon Louisa L. wndow, house 11 Prescott Corporation 
Gordon Silas D., Merrimac, house 159 Merrimac Corporation 
Gordon Stetson L., Lowell, house 35 Fifth, Centralville 
Gordon Sylvanus, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Gordon Washington, fanner, house First, Centralville 
Gorman Bernard, tailor, house 29 Cedar 
Gorman Daniel, fireman, house 48 South 
Gorman James, Suffolk, boards 24 Adams 
Gorman James, machinist, house 116 Middlesex 
Gorman Margaret, house rear 10 Dummer 
Gorman Mary, widow, house 116 Middlesex 
Gorman Michael, laborer, house rear 75 Low^cU 
Gorman Thomas, laborer, house 6 Edgerley 
Gormley Ann, widow, house 78 Lowell 
Gormley Bridget, wddow, house rear 26 Lowell 
Gormley Bridget, widow, house 94 Gorham 


Gormley Felix, laborer,hoiise 13 River, Central ville 

Gormley John, teamster, house 33 North 

Gormley Patrick, variety store, 342 Merrimac, house do. 

Gormley Patrick, laborer, house 94 Gorham 

Gorton Daniel, house 4 Stackpole 

Goss Samuel T. ( Gadieu Sf Goss), gent.'s furnishing goods, 74 

Central, house at Salem 
Gotham Henry, house High, near Andover 
Gould Andrew F. carpenter, house 2 Manahan's block, Cushing 
Gould Dudley F. currier, house Lincoln 
Gould George, driver ice wagon, boards at Abel Carkin's 
Gould George ¥j. watchman, Nashua & Lowell Railroad, boards 

3 Massachusetts Corporation 
Gould George P. boardinghouse, 11 Tremont Corporation 
Gould HolHs, fireman, B. & L. R. R. h. Sawtell pi. r. 138 School 
Gould Israel, Boott, house 7 Boott Corporation 
Gould Jarel, house 83 Lawrence Corporation 
Gould Jarel, overseer, Lawrence, h. 83 Lawrence Corporation 
Gould John, farmer, house Pollard avenue 
Gould Jonathan, depot master. Northern Depot, h. 103 Howard 
Gould Richard R. bobbin maker, house G3 Cushing 
Gould Robert, moulder, house 15 Queen 
Goulden Thomas, Mass. house rear 43 River, Centralville 
Goulden Thomas, Lowell, house 21 Lowell Corporation 
Goulding Bernard, Bleachery, boards 34 South 
Goulding Owen, Bleachery, boards 34 South 
Goulding Robert, slater, house 2 IVIason's court 
Gove Dana B. provisions, 166 Merrimac, h. 8 Merrimac Corp. 
Gove David, grocer, 225 Central, house 16 Mill 
Gove (Jacob)^ Cutler (S. P.), & Co. (Ira Clough), curriers, 

Ayer's New City 
Gove Morrill C. at J. C. Ayer's, house 46 Hamilton Corporation 
Gove Winthrop, carpenter, house Oak, corner Nesmith 
Goward Francis, machinist, house 1 Goward place 
Goward Zephaniah, house 104 Middlesex 
Gowdey Sarah Mrs. house 39 Church 
Gracie Henry R. sashmaker, house 345 Merrimac 
Grady Ellen, widow, house 13 River, Centralville 
Grady James, Bleachery, house 17 Cedar 
Grady John, foundry man, house 15 Jefferson 
Grady Joseph, Middlesex, boards 12 Church 
Grady Michael, laborer, house rear 52 Fen wick 
Grady Patrick, butcher, 139 Lowell, house 41 Salem 
Grady Patrick, laborer, house 39 Fenwick 
Gratfin Charles, teamster, house 322 Merrimac 
Graffum Samuel, Lawrence, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 


Graham Frederick, founder, house Liberty, near Town line 

Graham George, Ilamihon, house 1 Edgerley's court 

Graham James, Boott Corp. house 3 Brown's court, Centralville 

Graham Mary, dressmaker. South, corner Middlesex, house do. 

Graham Terrence, house rear 37 Middle 

Grande Leon, Lawrence, house 27 Austin 

Grann Hugh, carpenter, boards 37 Fayette 

Grannott Carl, Hamilton, house 68 Church 

Grant Aaron R., Lowell Machine Shop, house 4 S. L., Button 

Grant Charles H. machinist, boards 70 Swamp Locks, Mechanics 

Grant Farnum, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Grant John E. boots and shoes, 75 Central, house 87 Howard 

Grant Levi, overseer, Suffolk, house Cabot, opposite Lyman 

Grant Lorenzo D. house 25 Charles 

Grant Patrick, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Grant Phihp B. (Cal.), house 70 Swamp Locks, Mechanics 

Grant Thomas, machinist, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Grattan , at Norcross's sawmill, boards 339 Middlesex 

Graves Charles S. conductor Stony Beach R. R. h. 84 Howard 

Graves John W. physician, office and house 14 Hurd 

Graves Mary W. Mrs. boardinghouse, 12 Hurd 

Graves Orville, clerk, 222 Merrimac, house 14 Common 

Graves Simeon IL, Lawrence Corporation, house 51 do. 

Gray Albert, moulder, boards 248 Gorham 

Gray Albert, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 

Gray Andrew, laborer, house rear 14 Winter 

Gray Charles, machinist, boards 70 South Locks, Mechanics 

Gray Daniel S. provisions, 205 Central, house Liberty, n. Smith 

Gray Erastus H., Suffolk, boards 26 Suffolk Corporation 

Gray Hannah Mrs. house 30 Hurd 

Gray Hanson, Massachusetts, boards 59 Massachusetts Corp. 

Gray Irving, stonecutter, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 

Gray James, at O. M. Whipple's, house 6 Swift 

Gray Joseph Rev. boards 74 Suffolk 

Gray Joshua M. grocer, 22 Cabot, house do. 

Gray Keziah, widow, house 22 Cabot 

Gray N. M. engineer, boards rear 1 Tilden 

Gray Peter, laborer, house 185 Lawrence 

Gray William C. house 6 Chuich [Corporation 

Gray Wm. D. (Eastman 4' G'rryJ, stonecutters, house 5 Prescott 

Gray William H. boardinghouse, 26 Suffolk Corporation 

Greeley John, house rear 76 Middlesex 

Greeley John E. at A. B. French's, boards do. 

Green Amos, Merrunac, house 58 Merrimac Corporation 

Green Andrew, provisions, 75 Charles, house do. 

Green Benjamin, Hamilton, house 56 Lawrence 


Green Charles, Middlesex, house 20 Davidson 

Green Charles, Boott, house 4 Pleasant, Centralville 

Green Charles, Lowell Machine Shop, 10 Swamp Locks, Button 

Green Charles, tin peddler, boards 5 Dane 

Green E. D. printer, house rear 48 Church 

Green George T., Hamilton, house 63 Hamilton Corp., Gorham 

Green Geo. W. clothing manufacturer, Prescott, c. E. Merrimac, 

house 97 Salem 
Green Hannah Mrs. house 74 Middlesex 
Green Henry, machinist, boards 44 Boott Corporation 
Green Hugh, laborer, house River, Centralville 
Green Isaac, brewer, house 4 West Court 
Green James H., Prescott, house 12 Prescott Corporation 
Green Jane, widow, house 22 Davidson 
Green Joanna Mrs. house 18 Howe 
Green Job W., Middlesex, house oQ High 
Green John, gardener, house 21 Willie, corner Cross 
Green John, overseer Hamilton Print Works, h. Elliott 
Green John O. physician, office Savings Bank building, house 

23 Pawtucket 
Green John O. jr. student, boards 23 Pawtucket 
Green Joseph, carpet weaver, house 4 Hale 
Green Leonard W., Suffolk, boards Franklin House 
Green Levi P. tailor, at Dean & Barnes's, house 11 Cady 
Green Lydia Mrs. house 266 Merrimac 
Green Mary J. boardinghouse, 14 Little 
Green Michael, grocer's clerk, 40 Gorham, boards do. 
Green Patrick, hostler, at D. Rogers's, house 23 North 
Green Peter, laborer, house 6 Cross 
Green Richard, painter, house 60 River, Centralville 
Green Robert, Suffolk Corporation, house 4 Cross 
Green Rufus K., Bleachery, house 24 do. 
Green Samuel S. machinist, house 45 Lawrence Corporation 
Green Sylvia, boardinghouse, 112 Merrimac Corporation 
Green Watson L. machinist, boards 45 Lawrence Corporation 
Green William, woolsorter, house Merrill, rear 1 80 Lawrence 
Greenhalgh WilHam, Merrimac, house 32 Merr. Corp., Dutton 
Greenlaw Moses W. clerk, 77 Merrimac, boards 33 Willow 
Greenleaf Daniel G. constable, 3 Canal block, house 34 High 
Greenleaf John, carpenter, house London, Ayer's New City 
Greenleaf Nathan S. at Walker & Cutter's, house 24 Chapel 
Greenleaf Thomas McDonough, Merrimac, house 169 Merrimac 

Greenwood Frank W. printer, " Vox Populi " office, house 145 

Greer James, Boott, house 59 River, Centralville 



[ (j ] DIRECTORY. 

Gregg George G. turner, boards at Milton Aldricli's 

Gregg Jaeob, farmer, house 59 Adams 

Gregory Joseph, saloon, 19 Prescott, house do. 

Greiner Oscar, musician, boards 38 Prescott Corporation 

Grelet Francis, Lawrence, house 46 Lawrence Corporation 

Grennott Carl, Hamilton, house 68 Church 

Gribben John, laborer, house Holbrook's court 

GrilFeth Merrick, overseer, Prescott, h. 2 Prescott Corporation 

Griffin Alvah J. dry goods (Boston), house Merrimac, near 

Griffin Arric M. sashmaker, boards 32 Rock 
Griffin Catharine, widow, house 4 Cross lane 
Griffin Chas., Massachusetts, b. 57 Massachusetts Corporation 
Griffin Charles A. at E. Brown's, boards 26 Willow 
Griffin Dawin, Massachusetts, boards 26 AVillow 
Griffin Ellen, widow, house 118 Middlesex 
Griffm George, carpenter, house 36 Frankhn 
Griffin John, Lowell, boards 96 Lowell 
Griffin Joseph, stonemason, house 159 Broadway 
Griffin Joseph, boots and shoes, 99 Merrimac, h. 288 School 
Griffin Josiah, pumpmaker, house 26 "Willow 
Griffin Margaret, wadow, house rear 52 River, Centralville 
Griffin Patrick, at the Tannery, house 4 Livingston 
Griffin Samuel P. & Co. fancy goods, 70 Merrimac, b. 3 Alder 
Griffith John (Rugg ^ Griffith)^ umbrella and music store, 77 

Merrimac, house 40 Bartlett 
Grimes Andrew, grocer, house 99 Suffolk 
Grimes Edwin, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 248 Middlesex 
Grimes Edwin J. boiler maker, boards 246 Middlesex 
Grimes John, foundry, house 22 Le^wis 
Grimes Samuel W. dentist, boards 47 Fletcher 
Grimes William, Hamihon Print Works, house 32 North 
Grisim John, Middlesex, house 87 Church 
Griswold Henry D. C. jew^eller, 218 Merrimac, h. 20 Bartlett 
Griswold John, machinist, boards 50 Moody 
Groom James, Lowell, house rear Suffi^lk, near Marion 
Groom John, Lowell, house 91 Adams 
Grosvenor Jonathan P. patentee, house 59 Butterfield 

Groton , at Norcross' Mill, boards 339 INIiddlesex 

Grout Frank, crossing tender, N. & L. R.R. boards 8 Grand 
Grover Ari^ton, letter cutter, Fletcher, near Button, house 52 

Grover David S. overseer, Prescott, h. 1 Prescott Corporation 
Grover Josiah, fruit and confectionary, 47 Merrimac, house do. 
Grover William (Lowe ^ Grover)^ Fletcher, near Bowers, 

boards 5 Thomdike 


Groves Robert, sawmiller, boards 5 Thorndike 

Grusli Joseph S. peddler, house Hale, neai- Howard 

Guild Henry C. dry goods, 222 Merrimac, house 400 do. 

Guild James W. house 4 Livingston's block, Appleton 

Guild P. K. physician, house 28 Central 

Guiton Patrick, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 1 Derapsey's yard 

Gulliland Alexander M., Merrimac, h. Coburn, Ceutralville 

Gunnison Isaac, restaurant, 199 Middlesex 

Guptill William, lumber, house 28 Linden 

Gurdy Levi, foundry, boards 91 Appleton 

Gurdy William P., Lawrence, boards 106 Moody 

Gutry Andrew, laborer, house 126 Lowell 

HACKETT PATRICK, laborer, house 3 Davis's court 

Hadley Elias IL, Merrimac, house Wilder 

Hadley John, livery stable, AYorthen, rear Mechanics' Hall, 

house 23 Lowell, c. Worthen 
Hadley John L. boardinghouse, 51 Boott Corporation 
Hadley John W. (J. IF. ^ J. 3L Hadley), carpenter, Fletcher, n. 

Adams, house Lincoln 
Hadley Joshua, carpenter, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Hadley Joshua M. (J. W. Sf J. 31. Hadley), carpenter, Fletcher, 

near Adams, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Hadley Samuel P. jr. counsellor and clerk Police Court, house 

Sixth, near Myrtle, Ceutralville 
Hadley Simeon Mrs. house Merrimac Corporation 
Hagan John, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 
Hagan Joseph, Boott, house 52 River, Ceutralville 
Hagan Mary, widow, house 94 Moody 
Hagen John, tailor, house 15 East Merrimac 
Haggerty Mrs. widow, house rear 5 Jefferson 
Haggerty Peter, counsellor, 75 Central, boards AYashington Ho. 
Haggerty Philip P. clerk, Post Office, house Mount Pleasant, 

Haggerty William, laborer, house rear 36 Appleton 
Hagget John H., Middlesex, boards 18 Charles 
Ilaggett Albert A. clerk, Middlesex, house 8 High 
Ilaggett Allen Mrs. house 8 High 

Haggett John, at Putnam & Currier's, house 18 Charles 
Hague Joseph, filegrinder, house 67 Charles 
Haight Chester, dyer, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Haines Franklin A. job wagon, house 21 Walnut 
Haines George W. job wagon, house 73 Church 
Hale Bernice S. & Son (James B.), silk-covered wire manufac, 

Whipple's Mills, house 18 Abbott 
Hale Charles, Boott, boards 25 Boott Corporation 


Hale Charles M. restorator, Northern Depot, house Parker, 

corner Slevens 
Hale Frances W. Mrs. house Front, Centralville 
Hale Isaac, paver, house 3 Tiiird, Centralville 
Hale James B. (B. S. Rale 4- Son), boards 18 Abbott 
Hale Mary B. widow, house 25 Boott Corporation 
Hale Mary H. boardinghouse, 23 Appleton Corporation 
Hale Thomas J. bobbin maker, house 4 Bang's block 
Hale William, Boott, house Mount Vernon, Centralville 
Haley .VndreAv, Hamihon, house 4 George 
Haley James, hostler. Mechanics' Hotel stable, house Dummer 
Haley James, Merrimac yard, house 29 Worthen 
Haley James, laborer, house 9 Dummer, near Lowell 
Haley Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 270 Merrimac 
Haley Wilham, Middlesex, boards 29 Worthen 
Hall Albert B. ( Hartshorn ^ Hall), dry goods, 138 Merrimac, 

house 31 Chestnut 
Hall Albert P. grocer, boards 11 Lawrence 
Hall Alfred J. carpenter, boards 9 1 Appleton 
Hall Arthur S. carpenter, house 91 Appleton 
Hall Asa (Cal.), house 31 Chestnut 
Hall Betsey, widow, house 332 Merrimac 
Hall Calvin, grocer, 77 Church, house 11 Lawrence 
Hall Carlos W. bar tender, Market Hotel, house 32 Charles 
Hall Christopher C. job wagon, house 258 Merrimac 
Hall Crowell C, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Hall Ebenezer, blacksmith, house Broadway, near Mt. Vernon 
Hall Elislia, Appleton, house 15 Appleton Corporation 
Hall George W. 5 Central, boards 31 Chestnut 
Hall Gorham 0. machinist, boards 17 Lowell Corporation 
Hall Harriet M. variety store, 95 Merrimac, house do. 
Hall Hiram N., Hamilton, house 35 Hamilton Corporation 
Hall James, Boott, house John street avenue 
Hall James C, Middlesex, boards 19 Warren 
Hall Jeremiah S. house 31 Chestnut 
Hall John, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Hall John C, Middlesex, house 186 Central 
Hall Martin S., Appleton, house 17 Appleton Corporation 
Hall Robert L. cabinet maker, house School, c. Butterfield 
Hall Samuel, moulder, house 79 Church 
Hall Sarah, widow, house 14 Winter 
Hall Terrence, Hamilton, boards 8 Hamilton Corporation 
Hall William, Middlesex, house 3 Abbott 
Hall Winthrop, lumberman, boards G7 Lawrence Corporation 
Hall Youngson, moulder, house 16 Marshall 
Hallett Marsena, shoemaker, 6 Warren, house 11 do. 


Hallett Milo G. salesman, 153 Central, boards 1 1 Warren 

Hallinan Charles, provisions, 76 Gorham, house do. 

Hallowell Albert, machinist, house 45 Fayette 

Hallowell Charles E., Boott, house G5 Boott Corporation 

Hallowell Samuel G. farmer, house Bridge, near Draeut line 

Halpin Alice, widow, house Holbrook's court 

Halpin Bernard, dyer, house Wall 

Halpin Mary Mrs. house 309 Central 

Halpin Nicholas, tanner, house Holbrook's court 

Halpin Patrick, jr. laborer, house 118 JMlddlesex 

Halpin Patrick, laborer, boards 118 Middlesex 

Hiilpin Patrick, Middlesex, house 23 George 

Halstead Robert, Stott's mill, house 25 High 

Halsted Henry, boltmaker, house 23 Floyd 

Ham Daniel A. machinist, boards C8 S. L., Mechanics 

Flam Henry, driver ice wagon, boards at Abel Carkins's 

Ham Isaac L. stonemason, house 133 Lawrence 

Ham John G. mason, h. Seventh, n. Bridge, Centralville 

Ham Joseph P., Merrimac, house 41 Merrimac Corporation 

Hamer John W. machinist, house 37 Chestnut 

Hamer Micah, Stott's mills, house 66 Lawrence 

Hamblet Charles A. mason, house 46 Third, Centralville 

Hamljlet Gilbert, carpenter, 49 Prescott, house 8 Ford 

Hamblet John P. Mrs. millinery, 33 Merrimac, house 24 Third, 

Hamblet William W. boxmaker, house 115 Middlesex 
Hamilton Edward, laborer, house Broadway, corner School 
Hamilton Ellen, widow, house 102 Moody 
Hamilton Patrick, operative, boards 90 Moody 
Hamlet Benjamin S. engineer, house Wamesit court, n. Cushing 
Hammond A. G. (George Ripley ^ Co.), cotton batts, &c., 

18 Appleton block 
Hammond James, machinist, boards Franklin House 
Hanafin William, laborer, house 56 Adams 
Hanaford George G., Hamilton, house 39 Appleton 
Hanaford Mary L. Miss, house Marion, corner Lagrange 
Hanchett Joshua, house rear 2 Dodge 
Flancock Daniel, house 19 Floyd 

Hancock Horace, brakeman. Stony B. R.P. house Railroad 
Hancock Levi, produce agent, house Varnum, Centralville 
Hancock Sarah G. Mrs. house 2 Dodge 
Hand George J., Merrimac, house 4 Willow place 
Hand George AY. stonemason, house Pawtucket, above Walker 
Hcindley Abram, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Handley George, Suffolk Corporation, boards 4 do. 
Handley Patrick, Lowell, house 1, rear 13, Summer 


Handy Thomas, house rear 43 Chestnut 
Ilauii^an Peter, laborer, house 5G Gorhani 
Hanks Stedman W. Rev. house G Kirk 

Hanley , hxborer, house 10 North 

Hauley Jerrold, harness maker, house 9 Union 

Hanley John, IMerrimac, house 15 River, Centralville 

Hanley Margaret, widow, house 12 Howe 

Hanlien James, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Hannaban Thomas, house 1 Putney's court 

Hannaford William, Suffolk Corporation, house 1 do. 

Hannahan IMartin, laborer, house Hanover, near Lowell 

Hannen Wilham, Middlesex, boards 12 Church 

Hanover Terrence, undertaker, house 46 Union 

Hanra'ian Margaret, widow, house 21 Summer 

Hanrahan John, grocer, 85 East Merrimac, house do. 

Ilansbury Martin, house rear 31 Worthen 

Hanscom Benjamin F. machinist, boards 33 South 

Hanscom Charles, machinist, boards 41 Appleton 

Hanscom Mary, widow, house 42 Boott Corporation 

Hanscom Susan Mrs. boardinghouse, 6 Tremont Corporation 

Hansell Hannah, widow, house QQ Andover 

Hanson Benjamin T., Lawrence Corporation, house 70 do. 

Hanson Ephralm, at O. Allen's, house 257 Middlesex 

Hanson Enos, bobbin maker, house 28 Franklin 

Hanson George, farmer, Parker, near Chelmsford line 

Hanson Martha G. house 287 Central 

Hanson Nathan, house 19 Queen 

Hanson Richard R., Prescott, house 36 Prescott Corporation 

Hanson Thomas L. bobbin maker, house 3 Lagrange court 

Hanson Wm. H. door and blind maker, h. UN. Franklin court 

Hapgood Edwin, carpenter, house 49 High 

Hapgood Ephraim, junk, 43 High, house 49 do. 

Hapgood Harry W. hairdresser, 184 Merrimac, boards 260 do. 

Hapgood James, house 57 Church 

Hapgood John, boards 57 Church 

Hapgood William E. vS. painter, house 74 High 

Hard Charles F. contractor Lowell M. S. house 9 S. L. Button 

Harding David, Merrimac, house 124 Merrimac Corporation 

Harding John (Cal.), house 22 Fourth, Centralville 

Harding Joshua, machinist, boards 94 Middlesex 

Harding Nathaniel, Merrimac, house 116 Merrimac Corporation 

Harding Oliver M., Boott, house 76 Boott Corporation 

Harding Sarah, widow, house 124 Merrimac Corporation 

Hardman William, Merrimac P. W. house 83 Merrimac Corp. 

Hardy Alexander, machinist, boards 20 Adams 

Hardy Alonzo, Massachusetts, boards 202 Merrimac 


Hardy Daniel H. jj^nitor, Huntington Hall, house 71 Middle 

Hardy Edward, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 73 Middle 

Hardy Harvey, saslimaker, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 

liardy Hollis A., Lowell, boards 202 Merrimac 

Hardy James M. teamster, house 29 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

Hardy James T. saloon, house 73 Middle 

Hardy James W. tablet maker, boards 75 Middle 

Hardy Jonathan E., Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corporation 

Hardy Joseph W. watchman, house 61 Worthen 

Hardy Philip, overseer, Boott, house 79 Boott Corporation 

Hardy Sarah Mrs. house 35 Cushing 

Hardy Sophia, widow, house 5 Cady 

Hardy William H. house 202 Merrimac 

Haren .Jonathan, watchman, boards 38 Boott Corporation 

Harford Michael, laborer, house 34 Elm 

Harkins EHzabeth, widow, house 96 Lowell 

Harkins John, Lowell M. S. house 100 Lowell 

Harlow Edwm, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 

Harlow Noah K. surveyor, house 71 Mechanics 

Harmon Abram B. machinist, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 

Harmon Ansel A., Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 

Harmon Byron R. gunsmith, house 98 Fletcher 

Harmon Charles L., Massachusetts, boards 41 Prescott Corp. 

Harmon James M. physician, 29 Kirk, house 31 Union 

Harmon John M. sawmiller, house 81 School 

Harmon Marietta R. widow, house 98 Fletcher 

Harn Bridget, widow, house 38 "William 

Harnden Edwin, at Sargent & Co.'s, house 30 Cabot 

Harnden Samuel, coachman at J. Nesmith's, house Pleasant, 

near Andover 
Harney Catharine, widow, house 4 Swift 
Harney John, American Bolt Co. boards 4 Swift 
Harper Alexander, at A. B. French's, boards do. 
Harper Henry, painter, house 1 Lawson 
Harper James, Massachusetts, house 20 Fifth, CentralviUe 
Harper John, laborer, house 97 East Merrimac 
Harper Mary Mrs. house 67 Market 

Harper , house 97 East Merrimac 

Harrahan James, laborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

Harren Jonathan, Boott, boards 16 Corporation 

Harriden Richard, Lawrence, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 

Harrigan Ann, widow, house 92 Suffolk 

Harrigan John, laborer, house 18 Abbott 

Harrigan John, at E. B. Patch's, house rear 92 Gorham 

Harrigan Michael, porterhouse, house 84 Suffolk 

Harrigan Patrick, Merrimac, house rear 78 Lowell 


flarrimjin Aloiizo I)., Tremont, house 21 Tremont Corporation 

flarriiiian Charles L., Lawrence, liouse 17 Wilhe 

Harriman Charles M. painter, house Wamesit court, n. Gushing 

Ilarriman Gilbert, stationery, house 21 Chestnut 

Harriman Naomi P. Mrs. liouse 2 GO Merrimac 

Harriman Otis, founder, house First, Centralville 

Harrington Ann, widow, house Howe 

Harrington Ann, widow, house 16 Davidson 

Harrington Chauneey, carver, boards 39 Fletcher 

Harrington Daniel, laborer, house 12 Howe 

Harrington Daniel, house 70 Gorham 

Harrington George, junk, house rear 55 Gorham 

Harrington Henry, at Norcross's, boards 246 Middlesex 

Harrington Henry, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 

Harrington Henry, JMassachusetts, h. 2 Merriam's court, High 

Harrington James, laborer, boards 9 George 

Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house 2 Wall 

Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house 43 Lowell 

Harrington John, house 41 Davidson 

Harrington John, battingmill, house 27 Congress 

Harrington Julia, widow, house alley, rear 17 Union 

Harrington Lyman, produce, house 69 Adams, near Fletcher 

Harrington Margaret, widow, house rear 81 Lowell 

Harrington Margaret, Avidow, house 1 Wall 

Harrington Mary, widow, house 11 Kidder 

Harrington Mary, widow, house 10 Davidson 

Harrington Mary, widow, house 1 6 Davidson 

Harrington Mary, widow, house 55 Lowell 

Harrington Nelson Mrs. house 45 Union^ 

Harrington Patrick, house Green, near George 

Harrington Patrick, laborer, house rear 17 Union 

Harrington Patrick, laborer, house rear 18 Dummer 

Harrington Thomas; tanner, house 4 Davidson lane 

Harrington Timothy, farmer, house 69 School, corner Lawson 

Harrington William, laborer, house 1 3 Winter 

Harrington William, house 39 Fletcher 

Harrington , provision dealer, boards 5 Jackson 

Harris Edward, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Harris Eliza A. Mrs. house 120 Merrimac 

Harris George, variety store, 113 Middlesex, liouse do. 

Harris George L. overseer, Lawrence, house 163 Moody 

Harris George L. machinist, boards at N. J. Wier's 

Harris Harriet L. Mrs. house 182 Lawrence 

Harris John, Bleachery, house 2 Swift 

Harris John S. painter, house 94 East Merrimac 

Harris Mary, -wndow, house 18 Fayette 


Harris Newman, house 40 Marion 

Harris Newton, Lawrence, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 

Harris Onias, Lowell Machine Shop, house 47 Swamp Locks, 

Harris Wilham, house Pearl, near Bow, Centralville 

Harrison Isaac, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Harrison James, music teacher, house 27 Kirk 

Harrison Joseph, Prescott, house 21 Prescott Corporation 

Harrison Levi, Hamilton, house 3 Mason's court 

Harrison William, grocer, 1 Carolin's Block, Fayette, house do. 

Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house 21 Clay 

Hart Charles F., Tremont, house 43 Hanover 

Hart Cornelius, laborer, house 50 Fenwick 

Hart Daniel, laborer, house 124 Lowell 

Hart Edward, Lowell, house 2 Water 

Hart James, sashmaker, house 6 South Franklin court 

Hart John J. painter, 7 Central, house 9 Fifth, Centralville 

Hart Michael, currier, boards 5 1 Lowell 

Hart Nancy F. dressmaker, Nesmith's Build'g, b. 36 Mass. Corp. 

Hart Patrick, laborer, house 3 Carohn's place 

Hart Rufus, moulder, house 64 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

Hart Thomas, house 33 Adams 

Hart Thomas A. seaman, boards 64 Moody 

Hart William, laborer, boards 52 Fenwick 
Hartford Hiram, lumberman, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Hartford Mark, bobbin maker, house 330J Merrimac 
Hartley Henry, tea peddler, house 21 Warren 
Hartley Henry A. clerk, 7 Central, boards AVqrren 
Hartley James, currier, boards 5 Thorndike 
Hartley Wilham, American Bolt Company, house 185 Lawrence 
Hartshorn (Edivard) & Hall (Albert B.), dry goods, 138 Merri- 
mac, house 46 Tyler 
Hartson Jonathan, at Dr. Wood's, h. 69 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Hartwell Cephas L. clerk, at B. &. L. and N. & L. R. R. freight 

depot, boards 49 Cushing 
Hartwell Ira, Suffolk, house 9 Suffolk Corporation 
Hartwell James D. 251 Merrimac, house IGO Moody 
Harvey Abner, clerk, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Harvey Alice, widow, house rear 42 Appleton 
Harvey Augustus, Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Harvey Charles H. clerk, 30 Merrimac, boards 21 Boott Corp. 
Harvey Hugh, Bleachery, house 90 Charles 
Harvey John, house 11 William 

Harvey Wilham Mrs. boardinghouse, 21 Boott Corjioration 
Harwood David S., Massachusetts, house 17 Mass. Corporation 
Harwood Isaac, Tremont Corporation, house 23 do. 



Harwood James, carpet weaver, boards Tliorndike, c. Madison 
Harwood John H. physician, boards 21 John 

Harwood , teamster, boards 339 Middlesex 

Hasehine George W. sup't public buildings, house 88 South 

Ilaseltine Mary IMrs. house 299 Central 

Hasey Edward W. teamster, house Pine, near Westford 

Hasey Henry, at O. Allen's, boards 248 Middlesex 

Haskell Charles T. cutler and locksmith, house Merrimac, corner 

Maiden lane 
Haskell Edwards L. boards C. T. Haskell's 
Haskell Job H. stencil cutter, 13 Middle, boards 38 Chapel 
Haskell Lorenzo, Lowell, boards 14 Warren 
Haskell Lucy J. dressmaker, 54 Merrimac, boards 21 John 
Haskell Theodore B. machinist, house 63 Worthen 
Hassell Abby E. dressmaker, boards 113 Merrimac 
Hasset Patrick, house rear 21 North 
Hastin John, Merrimac, house 38 Lewis 
Hastings Alexander, farmer, at Rev. L. J. Fletcher's 
Hastings Patrick, machinist, house rear 90 Appleton 
Hatch Albert, Merrimac, boards 149 Merrimac Corporation 
Hatch Alfred A. clerk, 5 Prescott Block, boards 10 AYillow 
Hatch Ballard, paper carrier, house 10 Warren 
Hatch Ebenezer L. shoemaker, house Piver, Centralville 
Hatch Ebenezer L. shoemaker, 116 Middlesex, house do. 
Hatch E. S., Lowell, house 14 Lowell Corporation 
Hatch Francis, Prescott, boards 18 Prescott Corporation 
Hatch Fred A. clerk, Merrimac, boards 10 Willow 
Hatch George S. harness maker and carriage trimmer, 46 Cen- 
tral, house 38 High 
Hatch Hannah, widow, house 38 High 
Hauver Jacob, carpenter, boards 42 Grand 
Hauver Levi, carpenter, house 4 Livingston block, Appleton 
Haviland Patrick, sexton St. Patrick's Church, h. 11 Jefferson 
Hawes Daniel, blacksmith, house Auburn, corner Linden 
Hawes William T. reedmaker, house 69 Church 
Hawkes Andrew N. shoemaker, house 12 Hudson 
Hawley Emily, house 11 Dodge 

Haworth Thomas, Merrunac, house 175 Merrimac Corporation 
Hawthorne Thomas, Merrimac, house 117 Merrimac Corporation 
Hawthorne William, laborer, house 34 River, Centralville 
Hay Wellington, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Hayden Alfred P. painter, house Coburn, n. River, Centralville 
Hayden Ephraim F. baker, house Fletcher, corner Dane 
Hayden Rufus N. at L. J. Eames & Co.'s, house Thorndike, cor. 

Hayden Thomas, Boott, house 3 Pleasant 


Hajes Dexter, teamster, house 111 East Merrimac 

Hayes John, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Hayes John, laborer, house G6 Suffolk 

Hayes Joseph R. apothecary, 12 Central, house 10 Nesmith 

Hayes Lawrence, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Hayes George D. at Gushing & Mack's, boards 1 Chapel 

Hayes Mary, widow, house rear 50 Fenwick 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house rear 15 Dummer 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house rear Cross, near Marion 

Hayes William, house 1 Chapel 

Haynes Alvin, Hamilton, house 50 Charles 

Haynes Anna, widow, house 1 6 Third, Centralville 

Haynes George, Merrimac, house 62 Merrimac Corporation 

Haynes Gilbert, Massachusetts, boards o6 Prescott Corporation 

Haynes Henry S. crockery, china, glass, britannia, and plated 

ware, 45 Merrimac, boards 7 High street square 
Haynes James, machinist, boards 94 Middlesex 
Haynes John M. W., Middlesex, boards 38 Charles 
Haynes Joseph, machinist, boards 29 Cushing 
Haynes Lydia, widow, house 64 Massachusetts Corporation 
Haynes Stillman, student, Tyler's block, Central, b. City Hotel 
Haynes Thomas G. shoemaker, boards 16 Third, Centralville 
Hay ward Amos B. principal Franklin school, boards 12 Hurd 
Hayward Clark, painter, house 49 East Merrimac 
Hayward G. M. Mrs. di-essmaking and fancy goods, 49 E. Merr. 
Hayward S. H. boots and shoes, 26 Central, b. 51 E. Merrimac 
Hazcltine Royal T. carpenter, house 56 Boott Corporation 
Hazen Carlos, at Person Noyes's, house 43 Fayette 
Hazen Daniel C. physician, 143 Middlesex, boards AVamesit 

Hazen Elijah B., Prescott, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Head Luther, machinist, boards 56 Worthen 
Head Mary Mrs. house 8 Charles 
Head Thomas, blacksmith, boards 8 Charles 
Heald Ai, laborer, boards Cushing, comer Wamesit court 
Heald Ai W. teamster, house Cushing, corner Wamesit court 
Heald Jeremiah W. box maker, boards 30 Hamilton Corporation 
Heald Nelson L. carpenter, house Cushing, corner Wamesit ct. 
Heald Sumner B. photographist, 89 Merrimac, boards 37 Andover 
Heald Timothy, Massachusetts, boards 61 Massachusetts Corp. 
Healey David, house 19 Fourth, corner Read, Centralville 
Healey David jr., IMerrimac Print Works, boards at D. Hcaloy's 
Healey George, blacksmith, house 1 Union 
Healey Henry, engraver, Merrimac, house 45 Merrimac Corp. 
Healy James, block printer, house 20 Fayette 
Healy Joseph, Merrimac, house 55 Merrimac Corporation 


Mearn Hariy, liouse rear 114 Middlesex 

Heath Elbridge G., Lowell Machine Shop, house 4 Pearl 

Heath William, Lawrence Corporation, boards 56 do. 

Heathwood Thomas, Lafayette House, Middlesex, near Walker 

Heaton Solomon, Boott, boards 21 Market 

Hedge Levi, chief clerk Post OtHce, boards American House 

Hedrick George, pianofortes, 3G Central, liouse GO Audover 

Heenan IMichael, Middlesex, boards 24 Hurd 

Heffern AVilliam, mason, house 2 Davidson lane 

Heffernan Mary, widow, house 162 LoAvell 

HefFren Margaret, house 75 Lowell 

Hegan Michael, laborer, house 33 Lowell 

Helan James, blacksmith, house 29 William 

Heland Hannah, widow, house 24 Adams 

Heland John H. groceries, 24 Adams, house do. 

Hemenway Benjamin F. board inghouse, 119 Central 

Hemenway Joseph H. cigar maker, boards 52 Bartlett 

Hemenway Marshall, clerk, 32 Middlesex, house 125 Gorham 

Hemenway RoUin F., Lawrence, house 71 Lawrence Corp. 

Hemingway Joseph H. cigars, 31 Central, boards 52 Bartlett 

Heminway Francis, laborer, house 142 Suffolk 

Henbury Martin, baker, house rear 177 Central ' 

Hench William, laborer, house 3 Salem 

Henderson Alexander, produce, house 39 Andover 

Henderson George, carpenter, house Water, corner Andover 

Henderson John, at C. B. Richmond's, house 166 Lawrence 

Henderson Lizzie R. widow, house 49 High 

Henderson William, Lowell, house Auburn, corner Linden 

Hendrick Lawrence, laborer, house Stevens, n. Chelmsford line 

Hcnessey Catharine, widow, house 5 Cross 

Henessey Ellen, widow, house rear 2 Fenwick 

Henessey John, laborer, house 60 Adams 

Henessey William, foundryman, boards 5 Cross 

Henright James T. printer, " Advertiser " office, house 42 South 

Henry Daniel E. carpenter, house 84 Church 

Henry James E. printer, house 42 South 

Henry John B., Massachusetts, house 42 Massachusetts Cor[). 

Henry Michael, laborer, house 16 Little 

Herbert Andrew, mason, house 6 Knowles place 

Heron Patrick, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Herrick Andrew J. paper carrier, boards Tremont, c. Merrimac 

Herrick Sarah Miss, house 65 Worthen 

Herrick William M. 3 Appleton block 

Hersey Amos J. (California), house 2 Garnet 

Hersey Hiram, boardinghouse, house 37 Boott Corporation 

-Heslin Peter, coachman, house 31 Fayette 

LOWELL [ H ] • r>niECTORY. 113 

Hession Michael, laborer, house 41 River, Centralville 
Hibbert Charles, machinist, house 67 Gushing 
Hibbert George, bobbin maker, house rear 70 Button 
Hickey James, laborer, house 53 Fen wick 
Hickey John, ballaster (Boston), house 2 South Highland 
Hickey Michael, bootmaker, boards 144 Suffolk 
Hickey Patrick, canaler, house 186 Lowell 
Hicks Benj. H., Massachusetts, house 29 Prescott Corporation 
Hicks Gustavus, machinist, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Higgins Ellen, widow, house 1 Andover 
Higgins Frank, laborer, house Green, near George 
Higgins Honora, widow, house reai' High, near Chestnut 
Higgins John, at O. M. Wliipple's, house 181 Lawrence 
Higgins William, Merrimac, house 8 Wilham 
Higgins William, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Eight Clark C, Middlesex, boards 5 Tyler 
Hilborn WilHam H. hostler, Washington House, h. 21 Church 
Hildreth Albert G. farmer, house First, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Hildreth Charles L., Lowell Machine Shop, house 89 Howard 
Hildreth Ephraim, farmer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Hildreth (F. A.) & Hunt (Charles), pubhshers of " Lowell Ad- 
vertiser," and " Lowell Patriot and Advertiser," 48 Central 
Hildreth Fisher A. postmaster, office Merrimac, head of Central, 

house Sixth, corner Myrtle, Centralville 
Hildreth Henry A. wire worker, 10 Central, liouse 14 do 
Hildreth Jane H. Mrs. variety store. Bridge, corner Second, 

house do. Centralville 
Hill Abel T. carpenter, boards 6 Tilden 
Hill Ann, widow, house rear 248 Merrimac 
Hill Archelaus M. machinist, boards 59 Appleton 
Hill Asa v., Boott, boards 33 Chestnut 
Hill Benjamin C, Suffolk, house 16 Suffolk Corporation 
Hill Bridget, widow, house 4 Knowles's place 
Hill Calvm B. house 114 Central 
Hill Charles, barber, 5 Central, boards 21 Market 
Hill David, clerk, 31 Merrimac, boards 59 Appleton 
Hill David, house 118 Appleton 
Hill David L. machinist, house 158 Suffolk 
Hill Ehza, dressmaker, boards 76 Church 

Hill Epaphras A. wood, Middlesex, c. School, h. Pine, n. Westf'd 
Hill Franklin, teamster, boards 29 Cushing 
Hill George E. carpenter, boards 59 Appleton 
Hill George F. at S. Convers's, boards 101 Central 
Hill George W. machinist, house 13 Tilden 
Hill Hosea B. carriage maker, boards 101 Central 
I Hill Jacob O. stonecutter, house 59 Appleton street 


Hill Job Mrs. house 154 Suffolk street 

Hill John, operative, house 16 Green 

Hill John B., Boott, house 56 Boott Corporation 

Hill Joseph, carpenter, Merrimac, house 93 Merrimac Corp. 

Hill Joshua, upholsterer, 7 Central, boards 95 Market 

Hill Lawrence M. grocer, house rear 44 Salem 

Hill Lydia Mrs. house 114 Central 

Hill Martin V. B. clerk at R. B. Randall's, boards 59 Appleton 

Hill Nathaniel, Locks and Canals, house 40 Worthen 

Hill Paul, superintendent water works, Locks and Canals, house 

Worthen, near Mechanic 
Hill Peter W., Massachusetts, house 33 Chestnut 
Hill Rebecca, nurse, house 2 Boott Corporation 
Hill Rufus F. machinist, house 8 Branch 
Hill Thomas, Massachusetts, house 3 Jolm street avenue 
Hill William, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5 Jackson 
Hill William C, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Hill William E. joiner, house 19 Franklin square 
Hill Wright L. carriagesmith, house- 164 Gorham 
Hills Eliphalet, house 8 Adams 

Hills George D. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 3 Hunt's court 
Hills George H. flour, 15 Lowell, house 20 Tyler 
Hills Paul, carpenter, house 122 Moody 
Hills Prudence Miss, house 122 Moody 
Hilton Albert, Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Hilton Benjamin F. watchman, Mass. boards 59 Mass. Corp. 
Hilton George H. machinist, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Hilton Hoyt W. dry goods, 134 Merrimac, house Bridge, cor. 

Fourth, Centralville 
Hilton Lucius W. clerk, 134 Merrimac, b. H. W. Hilton's 
Hilton Moses, conductor, boards 72 Mechanics 
Hilton P. R. printer, " Vox Populi " office, b. 38 Boott Corp. 
Hilton Robert V., Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Hinckley Albert 'L., Lowell, house 22 Lowell Corporation 
Hinckley Frederick Rev. h. Tliird, c. Mt. Vernon, Centralville 
Hinckley Isaac, agent Merrimac, house Merrimac, cor. Kirk 
Hines Ann, widow, house 38 Appleton 
Hird Wilham, Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 
Hirsch Wilham E. engineer, boards 5 Thorndike 
Hiscox Andi-ew J. filecutter, house 71 High 
Hiscox John, Boott, boards 71 Warren 

Hissop Frank, blacksmith, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Hixon Lloyd W. medical student, boards Nesmith, c. Wyman 
Hoahn Ernest, machinist, house 167 Merrimac Corporation 
Hoar Bridget, house 88 Suffolk 
Hoar Ellen, widow, house 83 Fenwick 


Hoar John, Hale's mills, house Congress, rear Hale's mills 

Hoar Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house 58 Adams 

Hoar Maurice, laborer, boards 28 Fenwick 

Hoar Michael, grocer, 106 Suffolk, house do. 

Hoar Thomas, laborer, boards 28 Fenwick 

Hobbs James, house 40 Thkd, Centralville 

Hobbs Joseph, bobbin maker, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 

Hobbs Morrill, riverman, boards 56 Lawrence Corporation 

Hobbs Ruth A. variety store, 17|- Merrimac, house 40 Tliird, 

Hobbs Stephen, lumberman, house 45 Cushing 
Hobson George, Hamilton, house 24 Linden 
Hodgdon Alvin, Bleachery, b. foot Bleachery street 
Hodgdon Joseph M., Boston & Lowell R. R. h. 123 Middlesex 
Hodgdon Samuel G. cai'penter, house 1 Manahan block, Cushing 
Hodge David C. shoemaker, boards 4 Tilden court 
Hodge Henry, Appleton, house 109 Middlesex 
Hodge John M. boots and shoes, 47 East Merrimac and 10 Til- 
den, house 4 Tilden court 
Hodge Joseph A. machinist, house 34 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Hodge Lyman, clerk, 47 East Merrimac, b. 4 Tilden court 
Hodge William A., Lawrence, house 8 Lawrence Corporation 
Hodgins Samuel, Lowell, boards rear 53 Charles 
Hodgkin Stephen, sawfiler and carpenter, 302 Merrimac, h. do. 
Hodgkins Samuel S., Appleton, house 1 60 Gorham 
Hodgman Abel G. carriage maker, 224 Middlesex, house 58 

West Union 
Hodgman Benjamin, bookkeeper, 45 Central, h. 133 Lawrence 
Hodgman Isaac, Merrimac, house 56^ Merrimac Corporation 
Hodgman Simon T. roofer, house 23 Smith 
Hodgman William, Tremont, house 330 Merrimac 
Hodgson Asa H. hairdresser, 184 Merr. b. 41 Merr. Corp. 
Hoey Thomas, laborer, house 38 Crosby 
Hogan Charles, foundry, boards 89 East Merrimac 
Hogan James H. lumberman, house 14 Queen 
Hogan James, block printer, house 5 Prospect 
Hogan John C. cigar maker, house Gorham, near Moore 
Hogan Michael, Lowell Machme Shop, house 20 Adams 
Hogan Michael, lumberman, boards 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Hogan Patrick, laborer, house 4 Winter 
Hogan Thomas, Lowell, house 29 Marion 
Hogan Thomas, Lowell Corporation, house 45 Prescott Corp. 
Hogan William, laborer, house 4 Winter 
Hogan William, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Hogan Wilham, laborer, house rear 17 Cross 
Holbrook Abraham S. carpenter, house 21 Andover 


Ilolbrook Adin, house 13 Kirk 

llolbrook Frederick A. clerk, 36 Merrimac, b. 51 E. Merrimac 

Ilolbrook Geo. E. at J. C. Ayer's, house 390 Merrimac 

Ilolden Alice, widow, house 82 Moody 

liolden Almeda Mrs. house 53 Charles 

Holden Artemas, house 39 Pawtucket, opposite Beacon 

Ilolden Eliza W. boardinghouse, 20 Tremont Corporation 

Holden Frederick A. at Locks and Canals, Dutton, c. Merrimac, 

house 30 Race [30 Race 

Holden Horace G. water measurer, Locks and Canal Co. house 
Holden Peter, Tremont, house 88 Moody 
Holden Roxanna Mrs. house 53 Salem 
Holden Rufus, trader, house 28 Howard 
Holland Jane, widow, house rear 252 Merrimac 
Holland John, blacksmith, house 93 Adams 
Holland John, Merrimac, house rear 16 Dummer 
Holland John W. overseer, Merrimac, house 30 Merrimac Corp. 
Holland Levi G., Merrimac Corporation, house 122 do. 
Holland Lewis K. (Knowles Sf Holland) grocer, Lowell, corner 

Worthen, boards 30 Merrimac Corporation 
Holland Michael, Suffolk, house 249 Merrimac 
Holland Michael, tailor, house 247 Merrimac 
Holland WiUiam, laborer, house 8 Cross 
Hollihan Patrick, laborer, house rear 21 North 
HolUnger Daniel, milhnery, 107 Merrimac, house do. 
Hollis James, Hamilton, house 48 Appleton 
Hollis Levi F. milkman, house 85 Thorndike, near Hale 
Hollis Mary A. Miss, variety store, 189 Central, house 78 South 
Hollowell Tempest, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house Pawtucket 

street bridge 
Holman Abner C. in bobbin shop, house 78 Church 
Holman John, Merrimac, house 176 Merrimac Corporation 
Holmes Betsey, widow, house Water, neai* Pond 
Holmes Edward, Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Holmes Lyman, stonecutter, boards 2 IMiddlesex place 
Holmes Mark, at T. B. Comins's, boards head of Perrin 
Holmes Nancy P. house 148 Suffolk 

Holmes Sarah Mrs. boardinghouse, 27 Massachusetts Corp. 
Holmes Stillman, Lowell, boards 35 Hamilton Corporation 
Holmes WilUam, turner, house Broadway, corner School 
Holston John C, Massachusetts, house 34 Prescott Corporation 
Holt (Ahiel) & Kittredge (Luther), wood and coal dealers, 

Middlesex, near Gorham, house Broadway, corner Willie 
Holt Abraham, hairdresser, house 38 Water 
Holt Albion, bookkeeper, Howe, house 8 Chestnut 
Holt Asa, Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 


Holt Daniel, carpenter, Howe, house 20 Nesmith, near Chestnut 

Holt Daniel, physician, 15 John, house do. 

Holt Francis D. counsellor, house 20 Nesmith 

Holt George F. fruits and confectionery, 52 Central, b. 101 do. 

Holt Henry A. sawanill, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 

Holt James, Stott's Mills, house 38 Water 

Holt John, patent press dyer, Howe, house 1 6 Nesmith 

Holt Joseph S. paymaster, Tremont Corp. house 172 Suffolk st. 

Holt Levi, machinist, house 38 Water [Howard 

Holt (Luther) & Burgeron (Lewis), carriage manuf. Arch, h. 34 

Holt Paul, house 14 Race 

Holt Sarah Mrs. house 1 Tilden court 

Holton Frederick, house 24 Pawtucket, neai' Fletcher 

Homan Charles C. sea captain, boards 5 Moore 

Homer Charles W. Rev. house 15 Kirk 

Honey Sophia, boardinghouse, 38 Lawrence Corporation 

Hood Abraham K. carpenter, Willie, corner Rock, house 164 

Hood Elizabeth, widow, house 80 Church 
Hood George, machinist, boai'ds 254 Merrimac 
Hood Gilman A., Appleton, house 17 Appleton Corporation 
Hood James W. machinist, boards 46 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Hood Jeannette, widow, house 46 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Hood WilUam F. clerk, at J. T. Billings's bds. Appleton Corp. 
Hooke Henry M. physician, Welles's Block, house Merrimac, cor. 

Hoole John H., Merrimac, house 53 Merrimac Corporation 
Hoole William, Hamilton, house foot of Pond 

Hoole , Merrimac, boards 11 Boott Corporation 

Hooper John, cook, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 

Hooper Lois Mrs. house 13 Suffolk Corporation 

Hope Henry, Merrimac, house 144 Merrimac Corporation 

Hope Jolin, house 137 Lowell 

Hope John jr. tinsmith, house 137 Lowell 

Hope John E. tinsmith, boards 137 Lowell 

Hope Jonathan ( American Bolt Co.), house 291 Central 

Hope Mary, widow, house 144 Merrimac Corporation 

Hopkins Frank, carpenter, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 

Hopkins Freedom D. photographs, Carieton Block, house 105 

East Merrimac 
Hopkins James, deputy sheriff, 55 Central, house 343 Merrimac 
Hopkins James A. boards 343 Merrimac 
Hopkins John W. clerk, 166 Merrimac, boards 202 do. 
Hopkins LaFayette, mason, boards 248 Gorham 
Hopkins Payson, machinist, boards 5 Jackson 
Horn Alfred, boards 54 Smith 


Horn Benjamin, machinist 14 Lagrange court 

Horn Cliarles C. C. machinist, boards 13 Lagrange court 

Horn Frank C, N. & L. freight dopot, house 297 Middlesex 

Horn Sam'l, house 54 Smith 

Horn Winifred Mrs. house rear 37 Middle 

Home C. Miss, dressmaker, Nesmith's new Buildmg, 43 Merri- 

mac, boards 52 Chestnut 
Home Daniel W. & Co. ( George W. Home), roofers, Western 

avenue, house G South Highland 
Home George W. (D. W. Home ^ Co.) h. r. 6 So. Highland 
Homer William, Middlesex, house 2 Abbott 
Horton John F. carpenter, 13 Prescott, house 52 Tyler 
Horton Mary Mrs. house 47 Chapel 

Hosford Hocum, dry goods, 46 Merrimac, house 260 Central 
Hosmer Edward S. provisions, 87 E. Merrimac, h. 1 Livermore 
Hosmer Nathan D. clerk, 87 E. Merrimac, boards 1 Livermore 
Hosmer Stephen, house 1 Livermore 

Houghton William S., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 44 Lagrange 
Hovey Augustus, boardinghouse, 14 Massachusetts Corporation 
Hovey Charles ( Carleton &; Hovey), apothecaries. City Hall 

Building, house Park, opposite Chestnut 
Hovey Cyrus, silversmith. Bridge, near River, house 4 Sixth, 

Central ville 
Hovey Joseph, house 34 Fourth, Central ville 
Hovey Joseph jr. at R. Read & Son's, h. 34 Fourth, Centralville 
Hovey Joshua & William, grocers and shoe manufacturers. 

Bridge, near River, house 2 Fifth, CentralviUe 
Hovey William (J. ^ W. Hovey), house 8 Fourth, Centralville 
Howard Bridget, widow, house 8 Summer 
Howard Ebenezer, Merrimac, house rear 3 Dodge 
Howard Edward D. boards 55 Lawrence Corporation 
Howard Elbridge G., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 1 Parson's court 
Howard Horace, lumber, coal, and wood, Western avenue, house 

Chelmsford, corner Liberty 
Howard Horace jr. clerk, boards at H. Howard's 
Howard James, wood and coal, 15 Prescott, house 45 Summer 
Howard James, Bleachery, house 84 do. 
Howard John, laborer, house 1 6 Adams 
Howard Lewis, proprietor Howard House, 211 Middlesex 
Howard Martin, Lawrence, boards 1 6 Adams 
Howard Martin V. B. teamster, boards rear 3 Dodge 
Howard Patrick, laborer, house 16 Adams 
Howard Patrick, Merrimac, house 72 Market 
Howard Peter, Bleachery, house Carter, corner Livingston 
Howarth Thomas, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Howe Abraham, at Howe & Goodhue's, house 40 High 


Howe Albert, carpenter, house 37 Branch 

Howe Alfred, foundry, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 

Howe Anthony, laborer, house 22 South 

Howe Augustus J. clerk, 126 Central, boards Oak, c. Nesmith 

Howe Charles F. counsellor, 6 Canal block, boards 47 Lawrence 

Howe Charles M. house 7 Warren 
Howe Clarissa, widow, house 360 Merrimac 
Howe Edward, boxmaker, house 16 Marshall 
Howe (Edward B.) & Goodhue (Jason), card manufacturers, 92 

Market, house 68 Andover, corner Nesmith 
Howe Elizabeth, widow, house 63 Lowell 
Howe Freeman W. laborer, house 29 Bartlett 
Howe George W. mason, house 10 Hamilton Corporation 
Howe George ^. student, boards 22 Third, Central ville 
Howe Henry C. & J. F. carpenters, at 0. Allen's mills, house 

Summer, corner Thorndike 
Howe Horace F. carpenter, 9 Third, house 20 do., Central ville 
Howe Ivory H. fruits, &c. o7-J Central, house Oak, c. Nesmith 
Howe James, Lowell, house 18 Lowell Corporation 
Howe James A. student, boards 22 Third, Central ville 
Howe James M. carpenter. Second, near Bridge, house 17 Third, 

Centralville . 
Howe Jane Mrs. house rear 10 Thii'd, Centralville 
Howe Jeroboam, city scales, rear City Market, house Oak, 

corner Nesmith 
Howe Joanna, widow, house rear 61 Middle 
Howe John F. (H. G. ^ J. F. Howe), h. Summer, c. Thorndike 
Howe Josiah S. carpenter, Second, near Bridge, house 7 Third, 

Howe J. Munroe, Lowell, boards 136 jMerrimac Corporation 
Howe Levi, 30 Market, boards 9 Central 

Howe Lorenzo G. carpenter. First, c. Read, h. 22 Third, Cent' ville 
Howe Lydia, widow, house 29 Bartlett 
Howe Patrick, Hamilton, boards 22 South 
Howe Sarah B. boardinghouse, 47 Lawrence Corporation 
Howe Sylvia, boardinghouse, 9 Central 
Howe AYarren, clerk, boards 17 Tliird, Centralville 
Howe "William E., Boott, house 2 Boott Corporation 
Howe William G. carpenter, house 10 Myi'tle, Centralville 
Howes Benjamin F. at Lampson & Rogers's, h. 26 Lagrange 
Howes Lucius, painter, house 29 Cushing 
Howes (Samuel P.) & Evans (James F.), portrait painters and 

daguerrean artists, 112 Merrimac, house 35 Walnut 
Howes Wilham, grocer's clerk, house 35 Cushing 
Hoyle Abraham, Hamilton Print Works, house 8 Charles 


Hoyle Samuel, stable, 70 Charles, house 77 do. 

Hoyt Abigail Mrs. house IGo Moody 

Hoyt Alfred, Suffolk, house 1 1 Suffolk CorporatioiT 

Hoyt Andrew J. house 96 East Merrimac 

Hoyt Baron S. Hmnilton, house 90 Gorham 

Hoyt Charles B. F., Suffolk Cori^oration, h. 7 Cabot block 

Hoyt Charles C. clerk, 12 Tilden, boards 50 Moody 

Hoyt Charles E. painter, 158 Suffolk, boards 224 Middlesex 

Hoyt Daniel S. mason, house 32 Auburn 

Hoyt Don Carlos, N. & L. Freight Depot, h. 136 School 

Hoyt EH W. clerk at E. A. Staniels & Co.'s, b. 102 Appleton 

Hoyt George B. carpenter, house rear 61 Church 

Hoyt Jane, widow, house 15 East Merrimac 

Hoyt Jane B. widow, house 30 Suffolk Corporation 

Hoyt Levi, Lowell, boards 58 Massachusetts Corporation 

Hoyt Nancy S. widow, house 58 Fayette 

Hoyt Eoyal H. Merrimac, house 120 Merrimac Corporation 

Hoyt Saloma, widow, h. 11 Suffolk Corporation 

Hoyt William C. painter, house 158 Suifolk 

Hoyt William H. contractor, Lowell Macliine Shop, house 

Gates, corner Westford 
Hubbard Benjamin, in sawmill, boards 56 Massachusetts Corp. 
Hubbard Charles, carpenter, Wamesit Mills, h. 147 Broadway 
Hubbard Horace S. teamster, house 4 Goward place 
Hubbard John E. jr. Rev. house 248 Central 
Hubbard Josephme, boards 26 Massachusetts 
Hubbard Josiah, real estate broker, 3 Canal blk. h. 31 Bartlett 
Hubbard (J. Q, A.) &, Blake (Jesse), pat. leather manufactory, 

Ayer's New City, house 5 Chelmsford 
Hubbard Owen, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Huckins Charles W. blacksmith, house W^amesit court, corner 

Huckins Dana, carpenter, house 12 Third, Centralville 
Huckins David, blacksmith, boards Wamesit court, c. Dutton 
Huckins William, blacksmith, house 39 Branch 
Hudson James, machinist, boards 30 Rock 
Hudson William Mrs. boardinghouse, 12 Hamilton Corporation 
Hughes Edward, Bleachery, house Gorham, near Railroad 
Hughes Francis, Bleachery, boards Gorham, corner London, 

near the Raikoad 
Hughes John, Bleachery, house 3 Livingston 
Hughes John, Boott, house rear 23 River, Centralville 
Hull Amos, coffin warehouse, 23 Prescott, house 243 Central 
Hull Henry, at G. W. Norris's, house 243 Central 
Hull Thurbcr, house 105 East Merrimac 
Hulme James, Hamilton, house 21 South 


Humphrey George A. carpenter, house 2 Farson's court 
Humphrey John, coffee mills, Howe, house at Chelmsford 
Humphi-cy Otis M. physician, boards 121 Central 
Hunnewell Alden, lumberman, house Pawtucket, n. Walker 
Hunt Aaron, shoemaker, 194 Middlesex, house 52 Stackpole 
Hunt Ambrose S., Hamilton, house 10 Hamilton Corporation 
Hunt Charles (Hildreth 4' Hunt), publisher " Lowell Patriot and 

Advertiser," 48 Central, boards 132 East Merrimac 
Hunt Dennis, Merrimac, boards 152 Merrimac Corporation 
Hunt Edward S. bookseller, 17 Central, boards Mansur, 

corner Fairmount 
Hunt Edwin R. Massachusetts, boards 52 Stackpole 
Hunt Ehhu S. ( Wilder ^ Hunt), house Fairmount, c. Mansur 
Hunt Elisha, sawmilier, house 12 Warren 
Hunt George F. clerk at Howard Fire Insurance Company, 

boards 23 Bartlett 
Hunt Hiram, clerk, 216 Merrimac, house 159 Moody 
Hunt Jenny, widow, house 57 Boott Corporation 
Hunt John B., Hamilton Corporation, house 43 do. 
tlunt Jonathan, shoe peddler, house 137 Moody 
Hunt J. Livingston, printer, " Advertiser " office, boards 132 East 

Hunt Mary Mrs. house 21 Moody 
Hunt Michael, laborer, house 82 Middlesex 
Hunt Phebe, widow, house 15 Willie 
Hunt Rebecca, widow, boards 11 Butterfield 
Hunt Sarah Mrs. house 132 East Merrimac 
Hunt William, laborer, boards 24 Adams 

Hunt Wm. H. printer, "Advertiser" office, b. 132 E. Merrbnac 
Hunter Gilman, job wagon, house 135 Lawrence 
Hunter John C. marble worker, boards 30 Appleton Corporation 
Hunter Johnson C. marble worker, house 19 Prescott Corporation 
Hunter Lucina, widow, house Gorham, near burying ground 
Hunter Margaret, widow, house 244 Merrimac 
Hunter William, Hamilton, house 44 Hamilton Corporation 
Huntington Elisha, physician, office and house 31 Tyler 
Huntington Heman, Lawrence Corporation, house 46 do. 
Huntmgton James T. boardinghouse, 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Huntington Lucius W. student, 55 Central, boards 74 Worthen 
Huntington Oscar, Lawrence, boards h^ Lawrence Corporation 
Huntley Curtis, Boott Corporation, boards 29 do. 
Huntley Erastus J. milhnery, 1 Welles's block, house 51 Church 
Huntley John, Boott, house 290 Merrimac 
Huntley John H., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 84 Church 
Huntley JNIatthew, machinist, boards 290 Merrimac 
Hunton D. Fletcher, counsellor, 4 Museum build, house 18 Clay 


Himton Herman A., Massachusetts, house 62 Mass. Corporation 

Huntoon Alpheus, shoemaker, house 1 Madison 

Huntoon George L. grocer and provisions, Fayette, c. Andover, 

house 11 Buttertield 
Huntoon George W. macliinist, boards 1 1 Butterfield 
Huntoon George W. machinist, boards 321 Merrimac 
Huntoon James W. physician, 28 Central, liouse do. 
Huntoon {Moses (7.J.& Kent ( James ),\)Oois and shoes, 224 Mer- 
rimac, house 406 do. 
Huntoon Oren, boardinghouse, 14 Merrimac Corporation 
Huntoon Warner, laborer, house 27 Howard 
Huntoon Mrs. house 76 Church 

Huntress .John S. boardinghouse, 21 Hamilton Corporation 
Hurd Charles, lumberman, boards 135 Merrimac Coji'poration 
Hurd George W. clerk, 48 Merrimac, house 54 East Merrimac 
Hurd James, messenger at Court House, house 135 Gorham 
Hurd John, Merrimac P. Works, house 102 Merrimac Corp. 
Hurd William B. house 22 Appleton 
Hurlbut John F. carpenter, house 5 Clark 
Hurley Cornelius, house rear SuiFolk, corner Marion 
Hurley John, marble worker, 74 Gorham, house do. 
Hurley Margaret, groceries, house 122 Lowell 
Hurley Mary, widow, house 137 Lowell 
Hurley Michael, laborer, house 14 Lewis 
Hurlihy Ellen, widow, house 1 Korner's court 
Hurney IMartin, laborer, house rear 63 Middle 
Husbards William, Suffolk Corporation, house 17 Adams 
Huse Elizabeth, widow, house 16 Green 
Huse George, house 25 George 

Huse Jesse, truant commissioner, office City Market, h. 36 Common 
Huse J?)hn, teamster, C. B. Coburn's, boards 138 Merr. Corp. 
Huse Mrs. house 34 Fayette 
Huse Orlando N. shoemaker, boards 36 Common 
Huse Richard P. gunsmith, house 58 Broadway 
Huse Stephen W. (Stone 4^ Huse), publishers " Vox Populi " and 

"Journal and Courier," 21 Central, house 34 Willow 
Hussey George, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Hussey George R., Prescott, house 21 Prescott Corporation 
Hussey Joseph C. sawfiler, house Pawtucket, aboA^e Walker 
Hussey Joseph F. sawmill hand, boaixls 300 School i 
Huston Andrew J. shoemaker, house 5 Parson's court 
Hutching Isaac, Lawrence, house 71 Lawrence Corporation 
Hutchins Hamilton W. clerk, 3 Welles's block, bds. 19 Appleton 

Hutchins Llenry D. Mrs. boards 119 Central 
Hutchins Jacob N. fancy goods, &c. 117 Central, h. 17 South 


Hiitchins Royal W., Massachusetts Corjjoratioii, house 48 do. 
Hutchins Warren, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Hutchinson Edward, Merrimac P. W. boards 432 Merrimac 
Hutchinson Edward M. on Raih^oad, house 340 Merrimac 
Hutchinson Henry, carpenter, house 195 Central 
Hutchinson Reuben, music teacher, boards 432 Merrimac 
Hutchmson Reuben M., Merrimac P. W. house 432 Merrimac 
Hutchinson Rufus F. carpenter, house 110 Howard 
Hutchinson Samuel K. builder, house 21 Nesmith 
Hutchinson Susan, widow, house 195 Central 
Hutchinson Wilham, boss on Railroad, house 101 Howard 
Hyde Amos, macliinist, house Marion, corner Lagrange 
Hyde David, ins. agent, 23 Central, house Pawtucket, c. Beacon 
Hyde Jolm H. hostler, house 97 East Merrimac 
Hyde Joseph, Hamilton, house 199 Central 

ILSLEY ADDISON, mason, house 9 Queen 

Ingalls Charles, painter, house 6 Farson's court 

Ligalls Charles F. boards 25 Race 

Ingalls Enoch, Suffolk, boards rear 3 Dodge 

Ingalls George, laborer, house Quebec, Ayer's New City 

Ingalls HannahMrs. house rear 3 Dodge 

Ingalls Oliver W. refreshments, 172 Merrimac, house 25 Race 

Ingalls Thomas, watchman, house Bridge, Centralville 

Ingalls Wilham W. saslmiaker, boards 260 Merrimac 

Ingallsby Maiy, widow, house 1 Maiden lane 

Ingham Richard, currier, boards 101 Central 

Ireson Benjamin S., Merrimac, house 70 Merrimac Corporation 

Ivers Bridget, widow, house 3 MoUoy's court 

Ivers George, moulder, house 3 Molloy's court 

Ivers Jolm, Lowell, boards 80 Middle 

JACK ALEXANDER, designer, h. Hampshire, CentralviUe 
Jack Ii^a, Suffolk, boards 20 Suffolk Corporation 
Jackson Benjamin F. counsellor, house 14 Third, Centralville 
Jackson James, Hamilton P. W. house rear 136 Lawrence 
Jackson James D. physician, house 60 Massachusetts Corp. 
Jackson John, carpenter, boards 25 Appleton Corporation 
Jackson John, carpenter, house rear 125 Middlesex 
Jackson Marshall Dexter, mason, house 59 Merrimac Coi^o. 
Jackson Nancy Mrs. ftouse 3 Dodge 
Jackson Ohver, machinist, boards 145 Middlesex 
Jackson Samuel, machinist, house 16 Keene 
Jackson William E. physician, house 13 Andover 
Jacobs Amos ( Taylor , Jacobs, Sf Co.), grocers, Merrimac, cor. 
Prescott, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 


Jacobs Frank, Tremoiit Corj)oration, boards 3 do. 

Jacobs Franklin, house 3 Tilden court 

James Eben (Kimball ^ Co.), box maker, 162 Merrimac, house 

66 Moody 
James Sarah B. widow, house 83 Church 
James WilHam, foundry, boards 21 Summer 
Jameson Charles E. sashmaker, boards 1 Garnet 
Jameson Fanny, widow of Thomas, house 1 Garnet 
Jameson Harriet P. Mrs. boardinghouse, 27 Boott Corporation 
Jameson Thomas G. W. boards 1 Garnet 
Jansen John C. clerk, boards 105 Gorham 
Jaques John C, Lowell M. S. house 1 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Jaques John S. shuttle manuf. 82 Middle, h. 166 East Merrimac 
Jaquith James jr. boardinghouse, 254 Merrimac 
Jeffers Margaret, widow, house 53 Lowell 
Jefferson Peny M., Scott (Alfred) & Co. ( Cyrus G. Pickering), 

soap manufacturers. School, corner Middlesex 
Jeffries Thomas, baker, 346 Central, house do. 
Jeffry Joseph, shoemaker, boards 1 Union 
Jefts William Henry, moulder, house 87 Appleton 
Jenkins Benjamin F. currier, house Main, near Leathers 
Jenkins Joel, carriage builder. Arch, house do. 
Jenkins Jonathan L. Rev. house 6 Kirk 
Jenkins Lydia N. Mrs. house 38 Chapel 
Jenkins Noah, hairdresser, house 285 Central 
Jenkinson Edward W. hairdresser, 64 Central, house 62 do. 
Jenkinson Joseph, hairdresser, 70 Central, house 11 Clay 
Jenkinson Noah, barber, 70 Central, house 285 do. 
Jenness Jacob Mrs. house 143 East Merrimac 
Jenness L. Wellman, physician, 55 Merrimac, corner John, h. 
64 Andover [Westford 

Jennings Tillotson L. fish dealer. City INiarket, house Gates, near 
Jepson John C. & Co. grocer, 189 Middlesex, house 23 Third, 

Jepson Thomas, house 33 Summer 

Jerry Isaiah, farmer, house Bridge, cor. Second, Centralville 
Jessamine Henry, clerk, boards 48 Church 
Jewell Leonard, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Jewett Andrew F. counsellor, Went worth's bid. b. 113 Merrimac 
Jewett Francis, butcher, house Middlesex, near the line 
Jewett Frank E., Merrimac, boards 65 Meftimac Corporatio;n 
Jewett Jeremiah P. physician, office and house, 22 Kirk 
Jewett John, carpenter, house 105 Lawrence • 

Johnson Albert T. dentist, Wentworth's building, boards Mer- 
rimac House 
Johnson Albion, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 


Jolinson Alonzo, L. & N. R. R. boards at C. F. Clark's 

Johnson Andrew E. at bobbin shop, house 63 Gushing 

Johnson Andrew J. moulder, house 38 Grand 

Johnson Angehne, nurse, boards 15 Elm 

Johnson Charles, teamster, house rear 18 William 

Johnson Charles W., Merrimac Corporation, h. School, n. Gold 

Johnson Cjrus P. gasfitter, house School, opposite Gold 

Johnson Daniel, house 54 Stackpole 

Johnson Daniel, Merrimac, house 47 Adams 

Johnson David, Merrhnac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Johnson David, laborer, house 6 Green's court 

Johnson Eleanor, boardinghouse, 50 Lawrence Corporation 

Johnson Francis, shoemaker, boards 10 Race 

Johnson George F. bookbinder, house 325 Merrimac 

Johnson Henry H. at O. Allen's, house 81 School 

Johnson James, laborer, house 69 Adams 

Johnson Jolm, laborer, house 15 Adams 

Johnson Jonathan, watclunaker and optician, 168 Merrimac, h. 

Austin, corner Merrimac 
Johnson Joseph, M. D., Lawrence Corporation, house 2 do. 
Johnson Joseph, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Johnson Margaret, widow, house 40 Fenwick 
Johnson Martha D. & AdeUa M. Misses, house 128 Merrimac 
Johnson Morris, laborer, house 62 Adams 
Johnson Moses A. agent Lowell Felting Mill, r. 105 Middlesex, 

house 11 Nesmith 
Jolmson Nancy, widow, house 325 Merrimac 
Johnson Richard, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 
Johnson Robert, Lawrence, house 90 Suffolk 
Johnson Sarah Mrs. house 44 Hamilton Coi'poration 
Johnson Thomas, machinist, boards 70 S. L., Mechanics 
Johnson Thomas V. restorator, 164 Merr. h. Worthen, c. IMerr. 
Johnson William A., Lawrence, house Oliver, near School 
Johnson William H., Merrimac, boards 12 Merrunac Corp. 
Johnston Brent, house 16 Fifth, Central ville 
Johnston Brent jr. boards 16 Fifth, Centralville 
Johnston James R. book agent, house 62 Massachusetts Corp. 
Johnston Thomas B., Lowell, boards 16 Fifth, Centralville 
Jones Albert F. cook, 130 Merrimac, boards 128 do. 
Jones Charles, Boott, house 57 Boott Corporation 
Jones Charles E., Massachusetts, boards 25 Market 
Jones Charles H. painter, house Branch, first above School 
Jones Charles M. grocer, 53 Gorham, house 12 Summer 
Jones Edward, chaise trimmer, house 65 Church 
Jones George, Lowell, boards 1 George 
Jones Gilman, coachman at B. F. Butler's 


Jones Ileniy, IMassachusetts, boards 4 JMassachusetts Corp. 
Jones John, Boott Corporation, boards 1 1 do. 
Jones Joseph B., Massachusetts, house 28 Prescott Corp. 
Jones Lemuel H., Boott Corporation, house 59 do. 
Jones Lorenzo, carpenter, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, at Bleachery, house 7 do. 
Jones Nathaniel, Middlesex, house 62 Fayette 
Jones Newall, Middlesex, boards 14 Massachusetts Corporation 
Jones Phineas, Boott, house 66 Boott Corporation 
Jones Sylvester A., Tremont Corporation, h. 27 Tremont Corp. 
Jones Thomas S. house 113 Appleton 
Jones William, Middlesex, boards 62 Fayette 
Jones William, blacksmith, house 113 Appleton 
Jones William, barber, house 2 Prescott 

Jones William, watchman, Lowell, boards Lowell Corporation 
Jordan George, Massachusetts, boards 26 Massachusetts Corp. 
Jordan John, Boott, house 19 Fayette 

Jordan Nathan B., Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Jordan Orin, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Jordan William, laborer, house Suffolk, near Cross 
Jordon True P., Lawrence Corporation, house 53 do, 
•Jornan Augustin, house rear 322 Merrimac 
Joyce Edward, Merrimac, boards rear 13 Dummer 
Joyce Maria, widow, house rear 25 Lowell 
Joyce Mary, widow, house 18 Davidson 
Joyce Patrick, house 24 Worthen 

Judge James, at Wilder & Dana's, house rear 20 William 
Judkins Joseph J. bookseller, 3 Jolm, house Cedar, near Tliird, 

KAINE DOMINICK, laborer, house 87 Broadway 
Kalery Michael, tailor, 2 Warren, house do. 
Kalery Michael, Bleachery, house 45 Chapel 
Kane James, machinist, house 15 Marshall 
Kark Frank, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 
Karpler Frank, Hamilton, house 19 Spring 
Kavanagh Edward, grocer, 149 Central, house do. 
Kealey Maurice, bootmaker, house Front, Centralville 
Kealey Wilham, penny-post, boards Wilhe, near Clark 
Kean Thomas, painter, house Broadway, near Suffolk 
Kearney William, currier, Ayer's New City 
Kearns James, laborer, house rear 15 Dummer 
Kearns Patrick, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Kearse Robert, engineer, boards 67 Market 
Keating Bridget, widow, house 10 Salem 
Keefe Bridget, widow, house 20 Adams 


Keefe Dennis, laborer, house rear 11 Thorndike 

Keefe Ellen, widow, house rear Suffolk, corner Marion 

Keefe Ellen, widow, house 26 North 

Keefe John, Merrimac, house 26 North 

Keefe Michael, Middlesex, house SlnSIarket 

Keefe Michael, laborer, house rear 13 River, Centralville 

Keefe Patrick, laborer, house 327 Cedar 

Keegan Bridget, widow, house rear 65 Market 

Keegan Michael, porter, house 31 North 

Keen Grenville H. foundry, boards 229 Middlesex 

Keen Thomas^ shoemaker, 118 Middlesex, house do. 

Keenan James, laborer, house rear 55 Market 

Keenan John, laborer, house 79 Charles 

Keenan John, laborer, house 47 Chapel 

Keenan William, at A. & J. Cowley's, house 46 Union 

Keese Levi, house Chelmsford, nearly opposite Howard 

Kehoe James, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 

Keinan Margaret, widow, house 19 River, Centralville 

Keith Marcus W., Lowell, boards 107 Moody 

Keith Philip C, Boott, boards 11 Boott Corporation 

Keilaher Catharine, widow, house rear 15 River 

Kelland John, Merrimac, house 70 Warren 

Kelley Andrew, house 29 Suffolk 

Kelley Andrew K. book agent, house 16 Queen 

Kelley Bernard, laborer, house rear 38 Appleton 

Kelley Bridget, widow, house 5 Wall 

Kelley Carlton H. butcher, house Middlesex, near Walker 

Kelley Catharine Mrs. house 48 South 

Kelley Catharine Mrs. house 5 Knowles place 

Kelley Daniel, house rear 18 Wilham _ 

Kelley Daniel, Merrimac, house rear of River, Centralville 

Ifelley Edward, laborer, house 5 Hancock avenue 

Kelley Geo. D. B. (L. J. FMmes ^ Co.), grocers, 113 Thorndike 

Kelley George W. teamster, boards at B. S. Hamlet's 

Kelley Grace, widow, house 59 Gorham 

Kelley Hannah, Appleton, house 24 Worthen 

Kelley Hiram, carpet weaver, boards 29 Suffolk 

Kelley Jacob, butcher, house Middlesex, above Walker 

Kelley Jane Mrs. house 86 Market 

Kelley Jane, widow, house rear 135 Middlesex 

Kelley John, laborer, house 2 Swift 

Kelley John, painter, boards 2 Lowell place 

Kelley John, machinist, boards 8 Charles 

Kelley John, laborer, house 84 Lowell 

Kelley John A., Suffolk, house 25 Suffolk Corporation 

Kelley Julia, widow, house 99 Lowell 


Kelley JMari^aret, widow, house 2 Lowell place 

Kelley Margaret, widow, house 94 Lowell 

Kelley Marj, widow, house 84 Lowell 

Kelley IMary Jane, widow, house 8 Cabot 

Kelley Michael, Bleachery, house 10 North 

Kelley Michael, laborer, house 24 Winter 

Kelley Michael, laborer, house 5 Wall 

Kelley Michael, laborer, house rear 81 Market 

Kelley Michael, shoemaker, house 21 Union 

Kelley Owen, Boott, house 7 Knowles place 

Kelley Patrick, Tremont, house 155 Lowell 

Kelley Patrick, grocer, 1 Adams, house do. 

Kelley Patrick, shoemaker, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Kelley Sarah, widow, house 155 Lowell 

Kelley Sewall, watchman Print Works, boards 4 Hamilton Corp. 

Kelley Shepard A. watchman, Massachusetts, house 13 Marshall 

Kelley Thomas, Lawrence, boards 23 Hanover 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, house 102 Moody 

Kelley Thomas, Middlesex, house 23 Summer 

Kelley Thomas, house 1 rear 13 Summer 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, house Davidson's lane 

Kelley Timothy, house 118 Middlesex 

Kelley Timothy, house 64 Gorham 

Kelley William, laborer, house 5 Lowell place 

Kelley William, sash and door maker. Mechanics' Mills, house 

Mt. Washington 
Kelley William, overseer, Lowell, house 29 Suffolk 
Kelley William A. gardener, house Methuen Road, Centralville 
Kellighan John, Appleton, house 265 Middlesex 
Kelsey Hugh, botanic medicines, house 11 Walnut 
Kelsey Jeremiah, painter, boards 12 Race 

Kelton Jonas P. saloon, 82 Merrimac, house 89 Market « 

Kelty Luke, cooper, 41 Lowell, house do. 

Kemp Calvin A. coach trimmer, Boston, h. Broadway, c. Walker 
Kemp Elbridge G. butcher, house Walker, corner Kemp 
Kempton Orrin, baggage master, Boston & Lowell Railroad, 

Northern Depot, house 31 Adams 
Kendall Charles A. clerk, Prescott Bank, boards 2 Cabot block 
Kendall George M. boards 2 Cabot block 

Kendall Jonathan, overseer, Suffolk, h. 2 Cabot block, Cabot st. 
Kendall Sarah B. widow, house 7 Oak 
Kendall Timothy D. clerk at American House 
Kendall William, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
Kendall Wilham P. (N. C. Sanborn ^ Co.), photographs, 50 
Merrimac, boards 14 Prescott Corp. [American House 

Kendrick Thomas C. insurance agent, 18 Appleton block, boards 


Kennedy Alfred, Wamesit Mills, b. at Miss Marj Abbott's 

Kennedy Anastasia, widow, house 2 Union court 

Kennedy Anna Mrs. house rear 17 Union 

Kennedy Bernard, laborer, boards 1 William 

Kennedy Catharine, widow, house 53 Fenwick 

Kennedy Charles, Merrimac, house 136 Merrimac Corporation 

Kennedy Cornelius, laborer, house 49 Fenwick 

Kennedy Edward, Tremont, house 25 Tremont Corporation 

Kennedy Francis, laborer, house rear 17 Summer 

Kennedy John, coffin maker, house 125 Lowell 

Kennedy John, laborer, house 1 Dempsey's yard 

Kennedy John, wireworker, 10 Central, boards 57 Massachusetts 

Kennedy John Edson, house 5 Decatur 
Kennedy John T. currier, house Leather 
Kennedy Margaret, house rear 29 Fenwick 
Kennedy Michael Mrs. house 39 Fenwick 
Kennedy Michael, house rear 29 Fenwick 
Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house 6 Lewis 
Kennedy Thomas, house 4 Luther's court 
Kennedy William, laborer, house 83 Lowell 
Kenney Charles, farmer, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 
Kenney Heniy, carpenter, house First, Centralville 
Kenney Honora, widow, house 17 Cedar 
Kenney James, provisions, 50 Lowell, house do. 
Kenney John, operative, boards 13 Davis 
Kenney Patrick, laborer, house 30 Cedar 
Kenney Kiel, Bleachery, house rear 338 Central 
Kenney Stephen, Lawrence Corporation, house 7 Tremont 
Kenney William, laborer, house 17 High 

Kennison Charles W., Merrimac, house 76 Merrimac Corporation 
Kennison Jefferson J., Middlesex, boards 46 Dummer 
Kennison Samuel, Merrimac, house 118 Merrimac Corporation 
Kenniston Henry, teamster, house rear 109 River, Centralville 
Kent Betsey Mrs. house 1 Garnet 
Kent James (Huntoon Sj- Ke7it), boots and shoes, 224 Merrimac, 

house Merrimac, near Pawtucket 
Kent Michael, Bleachery, house 241 Gorham 
Kent William C. locks and canals, boards 40 Worthen 
Kenyon Daniel K. laborer, house rear 394 Merrimac 
Keogh Ann Mrs. house 30 Cedar 
Kernes Bernard, laborer, house 34 Common 
Kenies Robert, Prescott, boards 38 Paige 
Kerr George Mrs. house 300 School 
Kerrigan Mary Mrs. house rear 52 Moody 
Kershaw Abram, Lowell, house rear 33 Gushing 


Kersliaw James W. bootmaker, 26 Central, bds. 22 Mass. Corp. 

Kerwin Michael, Bleaehcry, house 27 Bleachery street 

Keyes Catharine, widow, house 158 Lowell 

Keyes David R. boards 154 Suffolk 

Keyes Henry F. variety store, 286 Merrimae, house do. 

Keyes Joseph B. counsellor, 49 Central, h. 121 Gorham 

Keyes Joshua, boards 62 Lawrence Corporation 

Keyes (Julian V.) & Trecker (Gordon F.), dry goods, 3 and 5 

Wellcs's block, house 50 Third, Centralville 
Keyes Marcus, scythe maker, house 50 Chestnut 
Keyes Margaret, widow, house rear 26 Lowell 
Keyes Patrick, grocer, 92 Lowell, house do. 
Keyes Salome Mrs. 1 Court avenue 
Keyes Thomas, laborer, house 85 Lowell 
Keyser Charles W. engineer, house rear 16 Mill 
Keyser Rudolph, cabinet maker, house 45 East Merrimae 
Kibbee Charles H. blacksmith, boards 62 Massachusetts Coi^p. 
Kidder Isaac, wheelwright, house 3 JMcLitire 
Kidder Jeremiah, jeweller and uitelligence office, 60 Central, 

boards Washington House 
Kidder John, machinist, house 3 Lawrence Corporation 
Kidder John, Merrimae Print Works, house 143 Moody 
Kidder .John H., Appleton, house 11 Mclntire 
Kidder John M. wheelwright, boai'ds 3 Mclntire 
Kidder Moses W. physician. Post Office building, h. Ill Gorham 
Kidder Rachel S- Mrs. house 111 Gorham 

Kidder Samuel, house 49 Chestnut [Xesmith 

Kidder Samuel, jr. apothecary, Merrimae, corner John, house 27 
Kidder Wilham H., Appleton, boards 1 1 Mclntire 
Kiely John, house 3 Salem 
Kiernan JMary, widow, house 20 Jeffisrson 
Kilcreen Mary, widow, house 6 Davidson 
Kileski Henry, clerk, 20 Central, house 53 Bartlett 
Kileski Phineas, boards 1 1 Alder 
Kiley Lawrence, house 6 Lewis 
Kiley Roger, laborer, house 141 Lowell 
Kilkenny John, laborer, house 9 Dummer, near Lowell 
Killduff Ann Mrs. house Pleasant, near Andover 
Killgore Thomas, Prescott, boards 59 Massachusetts Corporation 
Kilt Jane, widow, house 9 Davidson 
Kimball Charles, high sheriff and jailor, Thorndike 
Kimball Charles A. city hbrarian, City Hall, b. 122 Central 
Kimball Charles G. coachman, house 40 Charles 
Kimball Charles H. clerk, 55 Central, boards 27 Middlesex 
Kimball Charles R. apothecary, Merrimae, comer Central, 

boards 137 Gorham 


Kimball Charles W. at the tannery, house Tanners, c. Plain 
Kimball Daniel S., Lawrence Corporation, house 16 do. 
Kimball David T. boardmghouse, 22 Boott Corporation 
Kimball Dennison J., Lawrence, house 406 Merrimac 
Kimball Durrell, Hamilton Corporation, house 27 do. 
Kimball Eben, clerk (Boston), boards at G. Kimball's 
Kimball Elbridge, carpenter, house 35 Elm 
Kimball Gilman, physician, Merrimac, corner Worthen, house 

at Hospital, 434 Merrimac 
Kimball (Gilman D.) & Co. (Eben Jaines), paper-box makers, 

162 Merrimac, house at Hospital, Merrimac 
Kimball Hannah Mrs. house 137 Gorham 
Kimball Hartley, Merrimac, house 169 Merrimac Corporation 
Kimball Isaac, Merrimac, house 118 Merrimac 
Kimball Isaac, carpenter, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Kimball John F. cashier Appleton Bank, h. Pawtucket, c. Beacon 
Kimball John H. boards at Dr. G. Kimball's 
Kimball Joseph D. clerk, 319 Merrimac, house 95 Salem 
Kimball J. ChelHs, counsellor, 1 and 2 Museum Building, boards 

American House 
Kimball Laura A. Miss, boardinghouse, 1 and 2 Merrimac Corp. 
Kimball Leonard, provfcion dealer, house 47 Myrtle, Central ville 
Kimball Mary, house 54 Paige 

Kimball Moses F., Massachusetts, house 43 Chestnut 
Kimball Nathan Mrs. house 36 High 

Kimball Wm. P. clerk at E. Brown's, b. 47 Myrtle, Centralville 
Kimball Wilson, Merrimac, house 130^ Merrimac Corporation 
Kincaid Alonzo, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Kincaid Samuel, Hamilton, boards 8 Hamilton Corporation 
King Ann Mrs. house 41 William 

King Ephraim S., N. & L. R. R. house Railroad, near Hale 
King Godfrey B. machinist, house Richardson, Centralville 
Kmg G. W. clerk at B. & L. and N. & L. R. R. freight depot, 

boards at G. B. King's 
King Hugh, laborer, house 41 William 
Kmg John, shoemaker, house 28 Davidson 
King Mary Mrs. house 19 Third, Centralville 
King Patrick, laborer, house 11 Union 
King Stephen, shoemaker, 110 Market, house do. 
King Sylvester, gunmaker, boards 208 Merrimac 
King S. Mrs. house 25 Willow 

Kingman , pattern maker, Lowell M. S. b. 72 Mechanics 

Kingsley Enos O., Lawrence, house 26 Lawrence Corporation 
Kinman Samuel, moulder, boards 100 Appleton 
Kinsman Simon, Whipple's Mills, house 5 Moore [tralville 

Kirby David R. brakeman, B. & L. R. R. h. Richardson, Cen- 


Kirby Honora, widow, house 286 Merriraac 

Kirk Horace, bo})bin maker, house 1 Lagrange court 

Kitchen Charles B. at Gas Works, 32 Middle, house 156 School 

Kitchen Stephen R., Lowell, boards 41 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

Kitson Richard, needle-pointed card manufacturer, head Worthen, 

near Dutton, house Worthen, corner Mechanic 
Kittredge Abner, painter, 22 Middle, house First, near Bridge, 

Kittredge Albert, stonecutter, house 16 Adams [Centralville 
Kittredge Daniel, boots and shoes, 14 Middle, house 80 Bridge, 
Kittredge Edmund F. physician, 52 Tyler, 
Kittredge George, Hamilton, boards 13 Hamilton Corporation 
Kittredge George Mrs. boardinghouse, 30 Hamilton Corporation 
Kittredge Henry, stonemason, boards 278 Middlesex 
Kittredge Jeduthan, painter, paper-hangings and roofing, 24 

Prescott, house 50 Elm 
Kittredge Luther, (Holt 4' Kittredge), wood dealer, house 4 But- 

terfield, near Fletcher 
Kittredge Rebecca N. Mrs. house 13 Charles 
Kittredge Simon, Middlesex, house 18 Paige 
Kittredge Solomon, stonemason, house 10 Thii'd, Centralville 
Kittredge Wilham, wood and coal, 28 Middle, house 178 East 

Merrimac, above Alder 
Kittredge Zephaniah, Boott, house 55 Boott Corporation 
Knapp Charles F. house 19 Massachusetts Corporation 
Knapp ( Chauncey L.), & Morey (George F.) publisher of 

" Citizen and News," 44 Central, house 153 Moody 
Knapp Freeman, Merrimac, boards 1 2 Merrimac Corporation 
Knapp George G. overseer, Massachusetts, house 19 Mass. Corp. 
Knapp Joel, Merrimac, boards 68 IMerrimac Corporation 
Knapp Russell, Merrimac, house 162 Merrimac Corporation 
Knectle Mary F. widow, house' 5 Dane 
Kneeland Calvin, teamster, boards 59 Adams 
Kneeland John, watchman, B. & L. R. R. b. 9 N. Frankhn ct. 
Kneeland Wilham, Boott, house 7 Wall 

Knowles Charles H. clerk, 114 Merrimac, boards 100 Appleton 
Knowles Elbridge G., Massachusetts, house 120 Moody 
Knowles Ellen, Mrs. house 3 Spring 

Knowles George Henry, Suffolk, house 14 Suffolk Corporation 
Knowles Hiram S., Suffolk, boai'ds 20 Suffolk Corporation 
Knowles Horatio, Suffolk, house 14 Suffolk Corporation 
Knowles Jacob L. house 60 Moody 
Knowles James, Middlesex, house 9 Abbott 
Knowles (Jefferson A.) &, Holland (L. K.), grocers, Lowell, 

comer Worthen, boards 21 Kirk 
Knowles John, Suffolk, boards 20 Suffolk Corporation 


Knowles John, Lawrence Coi'poration, house 59 do. 
Knowles (John A.) & Varnum, (A. G.), counsellors, 14 Apple- 
ton Block, house 94 South 
Knowles Jonathan, laborer, house Congress, near Hale's JMills 
Knowles Samuel, Hamilton, boards 3 Spring 
Knowles Samuel B. shoemaker, boards 154 Suffolk 
Knowlton George W., Lowell, h. 38 Franklhi square, Lagrange 
Kooss Peter, gardener, house 5 Pleasant 
Korner John, whitewasher, house 2 Korner's court 
Kuhann Dennis, laborer, house 263 Middlesex 
Kyle Amos M. real estate agent, house 16 Appleton 

LABARE , Lawrence, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 

LaBaron Christopher, shoemaker, boards 23 Hamilton Corp. 

Labounty Leonard J., Appleton, house 54 Union 

Ladd Calvin B. dentist, house 23 Race 

Ladd George W. clerk, 42 Merrimac, house 6 Third, Centralv'e 

Ladd Isaac, house 25 Suffolk 

Ladd Isaac, Mrs. house 190 Gorham [E. Merrimac 

Ladd Jonathan, counsellor. Canal Block, 63 Central, house 131 

Ladd Samuel G., Tremont Corporation, house 7 do. 

Ladd Solomon H. carpenter, house Varney, near School 

Laflum M. cardmaker, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 

Laforme Isaac, boiler maker, house 4 Farson's court 

Lahany Catharine, widow, house 18 Howe 

Lahave Timothy, Tremont, boards 3 Cummiskey's alley 

Lahave William, laborer, house 10 Summer 

Lahey Catharine, widow, house 4 Winter 

Lahey Jeremiah, laborer, house 132 Lowell 

Lahey John, laborer, house 132 Lowell 

Lahey Michael, farmer, house rear 34 River, Centralville 

Laidlaw James, Wliipple's Mill, house 235 Gorham 

Laighton George K., Merrimac, h. 95 Merrimac Corporation 

Laighton, see Leighton 

Lake Amasa, carpenter, house Quebec, corner Manchester 

Lake Warren, at Otis Allen's, boards 192 Middlesex 

Lakin Abel, cooper, house 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Lakin John H. sashmaker, boards 202 Merrimac 

Lakin Samuel, Boott, house 33 Fourth, Centralville 

Lamb WilUam Mrs. house 5 Prospect 

Lamb Wm. A. accountant at C. P. Talbot & Co.'s, h. 22 Tyler 

Lambert Patrick, confectioner at A. B. French's 

Lambord Frederick, operative, house 120 Middlesex 

Lamere Anson, variety store, 15 Merrimac, house do. 

Lamkin Albern A. carpenter, 26 Prescott, h. Pearl, Centralville 

Lamont Gregory, physician, 170 Merrimac, boards 13 Central 


Lampliere Wm. N., Merrimac, boards 138 Merrimac Corp. 
Lamson (Edivin) & Rogers (John G.), flour, &c. Ill Market, 

house 263 Central 
Lamson Francis, jeweller, 98 Merrimac, boards 35 Tyler 
Lamson Nathan G. clerk, Lowell Lis. for Savings, b. 66 Chestnut 
Lamson Nathaniel M., Tremont Corporation, house 38 do. 
Lamson Samuel, clerk, 51 Central, boards 1 Elm 
Lamson T. L. P. paymaster, Lawrence, house QQ Chestnut 
LanLson William, watchman, house 1 Elm 
Lamson Wilham jr. (R. W. Smith Sf Co.), furniture, &c. 10 

Prescott, house 31 Elm 
Lamson Wm. H. carpenter, Middlesex, n. Central, h. 135 Moody 
Lancaster (Samuel T.) & Totman (S), clothing and furnishing 

goods, 104 and 106 Central, house 10 Ash 
Landers Maurice, Merrimac, house 60 Adams 
Landers Moses, Bleachery, house Bleachery, near Moore 
Landers Mrs. house 5 Dempsey's yard 
Landers Thomas, moulder, boards 70 Mechanics 
Landry Edward, carpenter, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Lane Daniel, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Lane David, machinist, r. 105 Middlesex, h. Favor, c. Summer 
Lane Jacob W. machinist, boards 3 High street square 
Lane Joanna, widow, house 18 Lewis 
Lane John, mariner, house 76 Middlesex 
Lane John, Merrimac, house rear 15 Dummer 
Lane Jonathan, carpenter, house 8 Dodge 
Lane Joseph D., Lowell M. S. house 6 Swamp Loc^ks, Dutton 
Lane Louisa C. apothecary, 79 Merrimac, house do. 
Lane Martin, laborer, house 5 Fayette 
Lane Michael, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Lane Patrick, Lowell, house 88 Market 

Lane Preston P. clerk, 281 Merrimac, b. Suffolk, cor. Moody 
Lane Rufus K. clerk, 281 Merrimac, house 400 do. 
Lane Samuel, carpenter, house 152 Suffolk, corner Moody 
Lane Stephen H., Lawrence, boards 152 Suffolk 
Lane S. boards 5 Prescott Corporation 

Lane , mariner, house 12 Third, Centralville 

Laneghan Matthew, boiler maker, house 43 S. L. Worthen 

Laney Isabella, widow, house 14 Charles 

Lang Beniah, Boott, house 9 Massachusetts Corporation 

Lang David G. paymaster, Hamilton, house at Tewksbury 

Lang Edward, machinist, house 107 Appleton 

Lang George, Lowell, boards 42 Lawrence 

Lang Roger, house 42 Lawrence 

Langan John M. painter, house rear 42 Appleton 

Lansran Michael, laborer, house rear 76 Lowell 


Langdell James A., Tremont, C. R. boards 17 Tremont Corp. 
Langdell Mary, widow, house 17 Tremont Corporation 
Langlej Ansel, Bleacliery, boards 32 Bleachery street 
Langley Clark M., Cherry Pectoral office, house 97 Market 
Langley George, carpet weaver, boards 1 Hudson 
Langley Geo. E. carpet weaver, boards rear 53 Charles 
Langley Solomon & William, junk dealers, 24 IVIiddle, house 90 

East Merrimac 
Langley Wm. (S. S^ W. Langley), 24 Middle, h. 102 E. Merr. 
Langmaid George S., Suffolk, house 11 Austin 
Lanktree James, carpenter, boards 158 Central 
Lannan Dennis, provisions, Lowell, corner Hanover, h. Salem 
Lannan James, trader, house 52 Lowell 

Lannan Patrick, provisions, Lowell, c. Hanover, house 85 Salem 
Lannen Dennis, provisions, 62 Gorham, house do. 
Larey Betsey, widow, house rear 76 Middlesex 
Larges Moses, Appleton, boards 17 Appleton Corporation 
Larkin James, blacksmith, house rear 101 Gorham 
Lary Lewis D. Mrs. house 5 Garnet 
Latham Cyrus, civil engineer, 54 Merrimac, house 'd^ Fourth, 

Centralville [West of Fletcher 

Latham Cyrus H. bookkeeper at A. L. Brook's, h. Cross, first 
Latham Thomas M. Rev. house Coburn, Centralville 
Lathe Philena Mrs. house Bridge, c. Second, Centralville 
Laughler Redmond, Middlesex, boards 35 William 
Laughlin John, IVIiddlesex, house 20 North 
Laughlin John, bleacher,,house 3 Carolin's place 
Laughlin Mary, widow, house 26 William 
Laughlin Michael, Am. Bolt Co. boards 7 Crosby 
Laughlin Michael, hostler, house 1 Gray's place 
Laughton Abel A. tailor, 5 Central, house 41 Willow 
Lavin James, Middlesex, house Green, near George ^ 

Lavine Alexander, laborer, house rear 322 Merrimac 
Law R. J. Mrs. house 2 Middlesex place 
Law Samuel, farmer, house River, Centralville 
Lawler James, Middlesex, house 11 Green 
Lawler William, at Wilder & Dana's, house 63 Church 
Lawless Ann, house 25 Worthen 
Lawn Charles, machinist, house 113 Market 
Lawrence Allen C, Lowell, house 11 Lowell Corporation 
Lawrence Alvin, watchmaker, 73 Central, h. Gorham, n. the line 
Lawrence Alvin, Lowell M. S. house rear 23 High 
Lawrence Ambrose, M. D. dentist and manufacturer of mineral 

teeth, 11 John, corner Lee, house do. 
Lawrence Benjamin (Smith Sj- Lawrence), Mt. Vernon, corner 

Broadway, house 101 Cross, corner Mt. Vernon 


Lawrei;ce Charles H. produce dealer, h. Liberty, above School 
Lawrence David P. house in Aj^ricultural Fair Grounds 
Lawrence George T., Prescott, house 6 Pearl 
Lawrence George W. machinist, house 11 John 
Lawrence Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 324 Merrimac 
Lawrence Jonathan G. overseer, Lowell, house 10 Lowell Corp. 
Lawrence Lewis W. Mrs. house 31 Chapel 
Lawrence Samuel, dentist, 32 Central, house do. 
Lawrence Wilham F. farmer, house Parker, n. Chelmsford line 
Lawry Charles B., Lowell, house Broadway, near Marion 
Lawry Charles B., Lowell, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Laws Rufus, Lawrence, house 52 Lawrence Corporation 
Lawson Francis, Lowell Machine Shop, house 192 Middlesex 
Lawson James W. machinist at O. M. ^Vliipple's, h. 328 Central 
Lawson John, carpenter, boards 22 Third, Central ville 
Lawson Peter, house Pawtucket, corner Mt. Vernon 
Lawson Thomas B. artist, 9 and 10 Savings Bank Building, h. 

63 Andover, corner Harrison 
Lawton James, sup't Mass. house 24 Prescott Corporation 
Lawton John, laborer, house 42 Salem 
Lawton Reuben, Hamilton, house 7 South Franklin court 
Lazarus Lewis, sawmiller, house 7 Middlesex place 
Leach Betsey Mrs. house Bowers, corner Beacon 
Leach George, sawmill, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Leach Isabella, house River, near Coburn, Centralville 
Leach Ivory, Wamesit, boards 35 Suffolk 
Leach Moses, brakeman, boards 45 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Leach Robert, Merrimac, house River, Centralville 
Leach WilHam, boardinghouse, house 8 Prescott Corporation 
Learned Daniel, teamster, house 85 School 
Learned John, at O. Allen's, house 3 Goward place 
Leary Catharine, widow, house 141 Lowell 
Leary Daniel, laborer, house 81 Lowell 
Leary EUen, widow, house 127 Lowell 
Leary James, teamster, house 127 Lowell 
Leary Jeremiah, laborer, house 115 Lowell 
Leary John, laborer, house 148 Lowell 
Leary Mary, widow, house 10 Howe 

Leary Richard, Cooley's mill, lious^ Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Leary Timothy J. cigar maker, boards 141 Lowell 
Leathe Lurena, house 62 Broadway 
Leathers Hiram, Boott, boards 11 Boott Corporation 
Leathers John, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Leathers Nathan, stone cutter, house rear Pine, near Liberty 
Leathers Samuel, milkman, house 263 Centred 
Leavitt Aaron L. shoemaker, boards rear 12 Tilden 


Leavitt Aaron L. daguerreotypist, 28 Merrimac, b. 11 Tilden 

Leavitt Ann M. Mrs. boardhigliouse, 5 Thorndike, n. the depot 

Leavitt Daniel G. livery stable, 32 Prescott, h. Gold, n. School 

Leavitt Edwin, teamster, boards 33 Willie 

Leavitt Erasmus D. teaming, house 9 High street square 

Leavitt George C, Merrimac, house 143 Merrimac Corporation 

Leavitt George R. house 9 High street square 

Leavitt Jane, widow, house 143 Merrimac Corporation 

Leavitt Michael, prof, of gyninastics, 13 Middle, bds. Mechanics' 

Leavitt William A. machinist, house 9 High street square 
Leavitt William B. shoemaker, 17 Moody, b. 208 Merrimac 
LeBell Joseph, Massachusetts, house 65 Mass. Corporation 
LeClair Harriet, widow, house 248 Middlesex 
Le Clair William, shoemaker, Middlesex, corner Howard 
Lecuyer Francis, Tremont, boards 28 Tremont Corporation 
Ledden Patrick, Hamilton, house 10 Summer 
Lederer Jacob, Merrimac P. W~. house 71 Third, Central ville 
Lee Bernard, laborer, house 52 Common 
Lee Charles, Middlesex, house 5 Water 
Lee Daniel, Middlesex, boards 101 Central 
Lee David, teamster, at O. M. Whipple's, house 181 Lawrence 
Lee James, Middlesex, boards 148 Central 

Lee James A., Middlesex, house 73 Warren [Fayette 

Lee James H. & John T. blacksmiths, Andover, c. Pleasant, house 
Lee John, house 42 Fayette 
Lee John T. (J. H. ^ J. T. Lee), blacksmith, Andover, house 

68 Fayette 
Lee Michael, grocer, 71 East Merrimac, house do. 
Lee Michael, Tremont, house High street square 
Lee Michael, laborer, house 8 Davidson 
Lee Patrick, carpet weaver, house 1 Keene 
Lee Patrick, at C. B. Richmond's, house 119 Lawrence 
Lee Peter, laborer, house 9 Molloy's court 
Lee Simon, at Stott's, hous^ll Cady 
Lee William G. machinist, boards 3 High street square 
Leeman Wilder, painter, house 323 Merrimac 
Lefiam J. laborer, house rear 322 Merrimac 
Legate Clarinda, boardinghouse, 17 Lawrence Corporation 
Leighton Andrew, overseer, Bleachery, house Central, c» Lyon 
Leighton Nancy Mrs. house 20 Moody 
Leland Thomas, carpet printer, house 3 Prospect 
Leland William, block cutter and stencil maker, opp. Matthew's 

Mills, house head of Livingston 
Lelime Andrew, house 7 Middlesex place 
Leman William, carpet maker, boards 25 Hamilton Corporation 



Lennon Catharine Mrs. house 30 Lowell 

Lennon John, grocer, 34 Lowell, house Clark, corner Willie 

Leonard Abel W. clerk at A. B. French's, house 25 Kirk 

Leonard Catharine, widow, house 49 Salem 

Leonard Dennis, moulder, boards 49 Salem 

Leonard E. G. moulder, boards 111 Central 

Leonard George, machinist, 288 Central, house do. 

Leonard George E., Boott, house 38 Boott Corporation 

Leonard Hugh, laborer, house 49 Salem 

Leonard Ira, machinist, house Merrill, near Taylor 

Leonard James, Merrimac, house 37 Merrimac Corporaticai 

Leonard Jolm R. farmer, house Old Road, Centralville 

Leonard Owen, Merrimac, boards 49 Salem 

Leonard Sarah Mrs. house 37 Merrimac Corporation 

Leonard Sylvester B., Merrimac Corporation, house 41 do. 

Leonard Terence, laborer, house rear 347 Merrimac 

Leonard William, sawmiller, house Chapel, above Charles 

LesHe Charles, painter, house rear 26 Bridge, Centralville 

LesHe Edwin C. tailor, 34 Merrimac, house 13 Alder 

Leslie George G. painter, boards rear 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Leslie Sarah S. boardinghouse, 29 Boott Corporation 

Lester John, laborer, house rear 58 Button 

Lesure Ansel P. undertaker and coffin warehouse^ 11 Prescott, 

house 159 Central 
Leversee Wesley, Merrimac, house 75 Merrimac Corpcaration 
Lew Osmon, farmer, house 9 Hurd 
Leweny Daniel, Merrimac, house 131 Lowell 
Lewis Ann, widow, house 28 Franklin square, Lagrange* 
Lewis C. house rear 73 River, Centralville 
Lewis Clark K. ticket agent, 182 Merr. h. at Providence, R. I. 
Lewis Ehzabeth, widow, house 64 River^ Centralville 
Lewis Franklin, machinist, house 42 Lawrence Corporation 
Lewis George W. boardinghouse, 13 Boott Corporation 
Lewis Hayden H., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do, 
Lewis Jeremiah, hairdresser, house r^ar 47 Chapel 
Lewis John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 2 Jackson 
Lewis John, laborer, house Broadway, near Suffolk 
Lewis John, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Lewis Joseph jr., Bleachery, house 26 Bleachery street 
Lewis Joseph, farmer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Lewis L. I. Mrs. house 62 River, Centralville 
Lewis Nancy, widow, house River, Centralville 
Lewis Pai'son B. boards 1 40 Merrimac Corporation 
Lewis Rufus S. h. Third, c. Read, Centralville 
Lewis Samuel A. hairdresser, 1 Mechanics' building, h. Fletcher, 

between Broadway and Cross 

.OWELL r X.. 1 DIRECTORY. 139 

Lewis Theodore W. hairdresser, 185 Middlesex, h. 62 Eiver, 

Lewis Walker, barber, h. 64 River, Centralville 
Libbee Geo. F. clerk at A. L. Yv^aite's, boards 53 Charles 
Libbee Betsey, widow, house 53 Charles 
Libbej Benjamin F. brakeman, boards 160 Pawtucket 
Libbey Benjamm F. shoemaker, 56 Central, h. 30 Branch 
Libbej Eben F. carpenter, house 64 High 
Libbey George W. sashmaker, house 27 Adams 
Libbey Isaac, watchman, Middlesex, b. 101 Central 
Libbey Isaac H. sawfiler, 249 Merrimac, h. 27 Cabot 
Libbey Joseph V. Suffolk, b. 21 Suffolk Corporation 
Libbey Martin V. blacksmith, boards 13 Franklin sq. Adams st. 
Libbey Susan D. widow, boards 175 Central 
Libbey William, Middlesex, boards 5 Lawrence 
Liddell Andrew, Boott, boards 70 Moody 
Liddell Catharine, widow, house 70 Moody 
Liddell Charles W. boards 70 Moody 
Lilley Roxa, widow, house 121 Moody 
Lincoln Abigail T. house 71 Fayette 
Lincoln Levi E. house 22 Andover 

Lincoln Marshall, Merrimac, b. 138 Merrimac Corporation 
Lindley Mary J. Mrs. variety store, 157 JMiddlesex, h. do. 
Lindsey William, Bleachery, h. Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Linnell EHzabeth, boardinghouse, 21 Suffolk Corporation 
Linney James, Hamilton, house 31 Fayette 
Linney Randall, house 27 Willow 

Linsey Edward, machinist, b. 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Lirrigo John, machinist, house 80 Market 
Litchfield Josiah, boardinghouse, 19 Suffolk Corporation 
Little Charles, Merrimac Corp. h. 90 Merrimac Corp. 
Little Henry, laborer, house 45 Gorham 
Little James M. carpenter, house 71 Fayette 
Littlefield Jason, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. "* 

Littler Charles R. printer, dyer, and finisher, Whipple's Mills, 

house 281 Central 
Livermore Albert W., Lowell, house 84 High 
Livermore EHzabeth Miss, house 4 Stackpole 
Livesey Adam Mrs. house Perrin, near School . 
Livingston Benjamin, teamster, b. at Mrs. F. Livingston's 
Livingston Benjamin F. machinist, h. 37 S. L. Worthen 
Livingston Caleb, house 7 Chelmsford 
Livingston Daniel, clerk, 9 Thorndike, h. 34 Branch 
Livingston Daniel, Lowell Corporation, b. 7 do. 
Livingston Fanny Mrs. house Westford, c. Chelmsford 
T^ivingston James H. variety store, 105 E. Merrimac, h. do. 

140 LOWELL [Ij] directory. 

Livingston John O. conductor, S. & L. R.U. house 280 Gorham 
Livingston Sarah Mrs. house 5 Chehnsford 
Livingston William Mrs. h. Thorndike, c. Chelmsford 
Livingston William E. grain, flour, wood, coal, lumber, &c. 

9 Thorndike, house 7 do. 
Lobi James, lumberman, house 8 Middlesex place 
Locke Anna M. widow, house 56 Union 
Locke Jewitt J. painter, Mass. h. 14 Fourth, Centralville 
Locke Mary Mrs. house 33 Andover 
Locke Samuel W. (E. B. Worthen ^ Co.), grocer, 216 Merrimac, 

house 393 Merrimac 
Locke William M., Massachusetts, house 31 Prescott 
Lockling Jonathan, Lawrence Corporation, house 54 do. 
Lockwood Francis, machinist, b. 70 Mechanic 
Lockwood Samuel, gilder, at W. H. D jar's, b. 113 Central 
Loftis Mary, widow, house 146 Suffolk 

Logan Andrew J. watchmaker, 29 Merrimac, b. 141 E. Merr. 
Logan James, Middlesex, house 34 William 
Logan John, boards 141 East Merrimac 
Logan John, Lowell Corporation, house 21 do. 
Logan Michael, at G. H. Hill's, house 2 Carpet lane 
Londow Clemence, at Brooks's sawmill, h. 293 Middlesex 
Long Charles, laborer, house 87 Moody 
Long Francis, Hamilton, house 44 Gorham 
Long John, laborer, house 5 Mc Carry court 
Long Patrick, tailor, house 3 Pleasant court 
Long Roxanna, boardinghouse, 17 Merrimac Corporation 
LongstafF Thomas, Middlesex, house 15 Ames 
Loomis Charles, barometer maker, b. 1 Union 
Looney Michael, Merrimac, house 74 Lowell 
Lord Abby, widow, house 17 jMarket 
Lord Ann Mrs. house rear 61 Salem 
Lord Arvene, Lawrence, b. 43 Lawrence Corporation 
Lord Augustus, wheelwright, h. 50 Howard 
Lord Charles P. book agent, b. 74 IMerrimac Corporation 
Lord Charles W. Boott, boards 17 Market 
Lord Henry, Lawrence, b. 43 Lawrence Corp. 
Lord Henry A. turnkey at Lowell jail 
Lord John, machinist, boards 342 Central 
Lord John P. clerk, b. 98 Middlesex 
Lord Margaret, widow, house 53 Hanover 
Lord Mary F. Mrs. house 92 Gorham 
Lord Randolph C. sashmaker, boards 17 Market 
Lord Samuel N. harness maker, house 88 High 
Lord Thomas W., Lawrence, h. 30 Lawrence Corporation 
Louffee Sarah A. Mrs. boardinshouse, 6 Hamilton Corp. 


Louger Sophia TV. Mrs. boardinghouse, 7 Lawrence Corp. 
Longer William F. Lawrence,- b. 7 Lawrence Corporation 
Loughran eTames, counsellor, 48 Central, b. 15 Hurd 
Lovejoy Charles, tanner, b. 117 Middlesex 
Lovejoy (Daniel) & Buttei'field ( G. F.), blacksmiths, Cashing, 

c. Rock, h. 27 Frankhn 
Lovejoy Edwin, clerk, Fayette, c. Andover, h. 87 Church 
Lovejoy (Fred.) & Morse (Henry 0.), livery stable, E. Merr. 

near City Hotel, h. Gates, n. Marshall 
Lovejoy Frederick, city marshall, office City Market 
Lovejoy Henry AV. clerk, Wasliington House, house Andover, 

corner Clay 
Lovejoy Ira A. driver at A. B. French's, b. do. 
Lovejoy Jacob, overseer, Hamilton, h. 46 Hamilton Corp. 
Lovejoy John, Merrimac, h. 22 INIerrimac Corp. 
Lovejoy John, carpenter, b. 43 Cashing 
Lovejoy Jonathan W. paperbox maker (Boston), house 122 

Lovejoy Moses, shoemaker, house 12 Read, Centralville 
Lovejoy William, house 90 Middlesex 
Lovejoy William W. machinist, b. 68 Moody 
Lovering Eh, Appleton, boards 5 do. 
Lovett George, Tremont, house 28 Tremont Coi'poration 
Lovett John M. pattern maker, boards 5 6 Union 
Lovett Stephen, shoemaker, house 3 Ford 
Lovett Thomas, carjDenter, house 56 Union 
Lovett William, laborer, house 25 Union 
Levis Milton, canaller, boards at D. S. Barry's 
Lovrien Almira S. Mrs. house 18 Prescott Corporation 
Lovrien John R. fish and oysters, 127 Central, house 30 Auburn 
Lovrien Luke W. oysters, t^c, 137 Middlesex, house do. 
Lovrien Samuel J. N. fishman, boards 30 Auburn 
Lovrien William F., Prescott, boards 18 Prescott Corporation 
Low Edward B. clerk, 109 Central, boards 78 South 
Low George W., Hamilton, house 59 Chapel 
Low Hannah Mrs. house 78 South 
Low John, Middlesex, house 17 William 
Low John K., Merrimac, house 168 Merrimac Corporation 
Low Nehemiah, Lowell Machine Shop, house Nichols 
Lowe (Joseph) & Grower ( William), stone quarriers, Fletcher, 

near Bowers, house Pawtucket, near Salem 
Lowell John R., Lowell Co. house 4 Ninth, Centralville 
Lowery James G. fancy goods, 79 Central, boards 2 Jackson 
Lowney Bridget, widow, house 24 Lowell 
Lowney Cornelius, at Norcross's, house 20 Summer 
Lowney Ellen, widow, house 168 Gorham 


Lowiiey Owen, batting mill, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Lowney Patrick E. block cutter, boards 1G8 Gorliam 
Lucas Thomas, dry goods, G2 and 64 Merrimac, house 5G Tyler 
Luce David A. copi)ersmith, house 27 Suffolk [Chestnut 

Lufkin Merchant II. photographist, 100 Merrimac, house 32 


Lumbert , teamster, boards 138 Merrimac Corporation 

Lund Ephraim, teamster, house Mount Vernon, near Westlbrd 

Lund Noah D. house Wilder street 

Lunt Ezekiel, laborer, house 13 Somerset 

Luscomb Cyrus E. painter, house 3 Boott Corporation 

Luscomb John W. overseer, Boott, house 22 Common 

Luscomb WiUiam H. painter, house 23 Common 

Luther Thomas, Hamilton Corporation, house 28 do. 

Lyford John B. produce, 150 Middlesex, house do. 

Lyford Willard G. (Cal.) house 408 Merrimac 

Lyford Wright, produce dealer, house Chelmsford, near Powell 

Lyford Zebulon, drover, house 18 Alder 

Lyman Roland, watchmaker, 128 Central, house 36 Chapel 

Lynch Alonzo K. carriage painter, boards 159 Central 

Lynch Bridget, widow, house Andover, corner Water 

Lynch Catharine, widow, house 2 Davidson's lane 

Lynch Christopher, block printer, boards 2 Hale 

Lynch Dennis, clerk, boards 14 Fayette 

Lynch Edward, Tremont, house 2 Cross lane 

Lynch James, in foundry, house 39 Davidson 

Lynch James, Bleachery, house Kirk avenue 

Lynch James, foundryman, boards 148 Central 

Lynch James, Lawrence, house 77 Adams 

Lynch Jeremiah, clerk, 125 Lowell, house rear Cross, c. Marion 

Lynch John, grocer, 10 Adams, house do. 

Lynch John, laborer, house 35 Adams 

Lynch John, laborer, house 109 Lowell 

Lynch John, laborer, house 101 Lowell 

Lynch Lawrence, Lowell Machine Shop, house 4 Little 

Lynch Martin, laborer, house 29 Fayette 

Lynch Mary, widow, house 13 Hurd 

Lynch Mary Ann, Massachusetts, house rear 81 Market 

Lynch Matthew, painter, house 53 Summer 

Lynch Michael, Lawrence, house 33 Common 

Lynch Michael, laborer, house 31 William 

Lynch Michael, Middlesex, house 148 Central 

Lynch Michael, Bleachery, house rear 4 Livingston 

Lynch Patrick, provisions, 67 Gorham, house do. 

Lynch Patrick, Lawrence, house 10 Salem 

Lynch Patrick, grocer, 125 Lowell, house 26 Adam^ 


Lynch Patrick, Lowell Machine Shop, house 10 Lowell 

Lynch Patrick M. laborer, house 4 Lee 

Lynch Philip, clerk, 67 Gorham, house Water, corner Andover 

Lynn Ann S. widow, house 2 1 Queen 

Lynn Matthew, Stotts Mills, house 42 Fayette 

Lyon Harriet Mrs. boardinghouse, 49 Lawrence Corporation 

Lyon J. H. machinist, boards 13 Boott Corporation 

Lyon Pliny, machinist, boards 107 Appleton 

Lyons Bernard, peddler, boards 51 Lowell 

Lyons Edward, lecturer, boards 39 Boott Corporation 

Lyons John, house 101 Lowell 

Lyons Murtagh, laborer, house 115 Lowell 

Lyons Thomas, gardener, house 88 Middlesex 

Lyons Thomas, Middlesex, house 83 High 

Lyons Thomas, gardener, house 285 Middlesex 

MACK OWEN, Middlesex, boards 33 William 

Mack Sewall G. ( Cushing ^ Mack), 125 Market, h. 392 Merr. 

Mackay Ann, widow, house 7 Jefferson 

Mackay David, machinist, house 30 Franklin 

Mackeller David,, woolsorter, house Oliver, near School 

Mackie Giles, house 10 Tilden 

Mackie James, laborer, house rear 15 River, Centralville 

Mackie James, Merrimac, boards 10 Tilden 

Mackin Hugh, foundry, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Madden John, laborer* house 39 Fenwick 

Madden John, laborer, house 48 Davidson 

Madden Martin, Middlesex, house 1 Merrill 

Madden Mary, widow, house 10 Cross 

Maddock Samuel, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 

Maddocks Elizabeth Mrs. house 70 Dutton 

Maddocks WilHam H. slater, house 70 Dutton 

Madigan Michael, shoemaker, 116 Middlesex 

Magee Dea, Massachusetts, house 64 Massachusetts Corporation 

Maguire Andrew, shoemaker, 43 Middle, house do. 

Maguire George, dry goods peddler, house 40 Franklin 

Maguire James J., Custom House (B.), house 12 Walnut 

Maguire Patrick, sawmiller, house 251 Middlesex 

Mahan Bridget, widow, house 61 Charles 

Mahan Patrick, Middlesex, house 73 Charles 

Mahan Rose, widow, house 75 Lowell 

Mahaney Timothy, laborer, house 31 Adams 

Mahar Catharine, widow, house 4 Cmnmiskey's alley 

Maher Patrick, fireman, L. &. L, R. R. house 44 South 

Mahon Michael, peddler, boards 51 Lowell 

Mahon Owen, house 1 Crosby 


Mahoney Daniel, laborer, house 6 Cross 

Mahoney Elizabeth, widow, house 15 Broadway 

Mahoney Ellen, widow, house 84 Suffolk 

Mahoney Florence, Lowell, house 90 Suffolk 

Mahoney Jolin, laborer, house Suffolk, near Cross 

Mahoney Julia, widow, house 43 Adams 

Mahoney Margaret, widow, house 3 Cross lane 

Mahoney Mary, widow, house 6 Jeffegk>n 

Mahoney Patrick, laborer, house 269 middlesex 

Mahoney Timothy, Bleachery, house 1 8 Cedar 

Mallai'd Albert, overseer, Lawrence, house 77 Lawrence Coi'p. 

Mallou Michael, laborer, house 6G River, Central ville 

Mallon Patrick, porter, Merrimac House 

Malone James, machinist, house 29 Summer 

Malone Patrick, Middlesex, boards 24 Hurd 

Malone Thomas, foundiyman, boards 3 Brewery court 

Maloney James, Appleton, boards 19 Spring 

Maloney John, laborer, house River, Centralville 

Maloney Michael, Bleachery, house 36 do. 

Maloney Patrick, tanner, house 3 Short 

Maloney Patrick, Appleton, house 19 Spring 

Maloney Patrick, at O. M. Whipple's, house Whipple 

Maloy George, laborer, house 3 Lee 

Maloy Mathew, Bleachery, boards 40 South 

Maloy Michael, blacksmith, house 2 South Highland 

Maloy William, Middlesex, house Water 

Maloy , widow, house Union court 

Malt Wilham, laborer, house Coburn, corner River, Centralville 

Manahan Cornelius, laborer, house rear 38 Crosby 

Manahan John F. real estate agent, 19 Appleton block, house 

Branch, above School 

Manahan Ku-k, clerk, 149 Central, boards 71 Bridge 

Manahan Mark, Massachusetts, house 71 Bridge, Centralville 

Manahan Owen, laborer, house 2 Fen wick 

Manahan Samuel T. house 87 Salem 

Manchester Delos W. carpet weaver, house 12 Little 

Maudes Charles M. hairdresser, American House, b. 13 Central 

Mangel Edward, Bleachery, house 23 Cedar 

Mangen Thomas, laborer, house 182 Gorham 

Manice Edward, laborer, house 286 Merrimac 

Manice Elizabeth Mrs. house 296 Merrimac 

Manice John, dyer, house 28 Summer 

Mank Gilbert, blacksmith, boards 2Q Appleton Corporation 

Manley Emma Mrs. house 13 JPleasant 

Mann Lydia, widow, house 36 Cabot 

Mann Rufus, boots and shoes, 339 Merrimac, house 36 Cabot 
— 5 


Manning Albert A. shoemaker, house 113 Central 

Manning Daniel, clerk, 114 Suffolk, boards do. 

Manning Dennis, grocer, 30 Adams, house do. 

Manning Jerome F. law student, boards 105 Gorham 

Manning John, Merrimac, house 34 Adams 

Manning Michael, laborer, house 2, rear 13 Summer 

Manning Nancy Mrs. house 105 Gorham 

Manning Nancy Mrs. house 46 Fen wick 

Mansfield Albert F., Lowell Machine Shop, house 295 Middlesex 

Mansfield Charles F. painter, boards 44 Grand 

Mansfield Gardiner S., Lawrence, house 3 Dane 

Mansfield George, M. D. dentist, office and house IG Central 

Mansfield George E. carpenter, 14 Willie 

Mansfield Jonathan, fancy goods, 61 Central, house 1 Oak 

Mansfield Michael, Merrimac, house 30 Adams 

Mansfield Ryan, turner, house 44 Grand 

Mansfield Stanley, at J. C. Ayer's, house 49 Summer 

Mansur Aaron Mrs. house 39 Nesmith, corner Andover 

Mansur Benjamin K. clerk, 136 Central, boards at S. Mansur's 

Mansur Charles^, clerk, 136 Central, boards at S. Mansur's 

Mansur David, Lowell, house 8 Third, Centralville 

Mansur Elijah H. machinist, boards 29 Massachusetts Corp. 

Mansur George, teamster, boards at Ai W. Heald's 

Mansur George N. clerk, 136 Central, boards at S. Mansur's 

Mansur Horace, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 236 Central 

jMansur Rodney, Massachusetts, house 8 Third, Centralville 

Mansur Stephen, hardware, agricultural tools, and seeds, 136 

Central, house Nesmith, near Wyman 
Mansur William B., Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Mansur WiUiam G. clerk, 144 Central, boards at S. Mansur's 
Manuel Albert, house 48 Chapel ^ 

Manuel James, hairdresser, 2 Prescolt 
Many on Patrick, laborer, house 20 Lowell 
Marble Charles H. painter, house 330 Merrimac 
Marble Charles H. wheelwright, house 64 Moody 
March Maurice, Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 
Marden Daniel G. machinist, boards 62 Worthen 
Marden Joseph, carpenter, 198 Middlesex, house 313 do. 
Marin Samuel P. clerk, 3 Welles block, boards 112 Colburn 
Mariner George, carriage painter, boards 159 Central 
Markham Jane Mrs. house rear 12 Little 
Marks James, laborer, house rear 5;^ River, Centralville 
Marks John E., Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 
Marony Margaret, widow, house 38 Appleton 
Marr Charles, at freight depot, boards 35 Suffolk 
Marren John, Custom House (Boston), house 50 Lewis 


Harriot Charles, carpenter, boards 92 Middlesex 
Harriot John jr. truiikmaker, 68 Central, house 19 Andover 
Marrs ]\Iary, house 41 Salem 
Harsh Elias P., Tremont, house 151 Moody 
Marsh John jr. marketman, house rear 22(3 School, opp. Cross 
Harsh Sumner, overseer yard, Boott, h. 78 Boott Corporation 
Harshall Addie A. boardinghouse, 11 AYorthen 
Harshall Avery, farmer, house Parker, near Chelmsford line 
Harshall Bradley, Appleton, house 13 Appleton Corporation 
Harshall Charles, machinist, boards 27 AYillie 
Harshall Henry, laborer, house rear 23 Cedar 
Harshall Hezekiah, farmer, house Parker, near Chelmsford line 
jMarshall Isaac N. clerk, 189 Hiddlesex, boards Pine 
Harshall John H., Appleton, boards 17 Appleton Corporation 
Marshall John J. wool sorter, boards rear 3 Dodge 
Harshall Joseph, veterinary surgeon, 1 Howard, house Hount 
Vernon, near Westford [house 9 Ilai-rison 

Harshall Joshua N. (Bonney Sf Jll.), counsellor, 19 Tykr's blk. 
Harshall Josiah, laborer, house 19 Hoibrook's court 
Harshall Hoses H. house 27 Willie • 

Harshall Nathan J. clerk at G. TV. Young's, boards with dr. 
Harshall Otis, teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Harshall Thomas W., Hassachusetts, house 19 Prescott Corp. 
Harston Andrew B., Herrimac, house 56|- Merrimac Corp. 
Harston Charles S. clerk, 30 Central, boards City Hotel 
IMarston Jonathan C, Tremont Corporation, house 14 do. 
Harston Shubael C. 37 East Herrimac, house 158 Gorham 
Harston Susan, dressmaker, 114 Central 
Hartain Susan R. widow of ^Ym. C. h. r. 107 E. Herrimac 
Hartimes Smith, Boott, house 42 Boott Corporation 
Hartin Albert, hostler, boards 23 Lowell 
Hartin Bernard, mason, house 1 Willie 

Hartin Daniel, Lowell Hachine Shop, house Cross, n. Hr r"on 
Hartin Edward, carpenter, house 27 North 
Hartin Edward, mason, house Broadway, corner Adams 
]\Iartin Frankhn, tin peddler, house 2 Dane 
Hartin George L. variety store, 1 1 Herrimac, house do. 
Hartin Henry, at O. Allen's, house 53 Howard 
Martin James, shoemaker, 11 Tilden, house 121 Mooly 
Hartin James H. painter, house 323 Herrimac 
iNIartin John, laborer, house rear 9 Jefferson 
Hartin John, house 70 Suffolk, corner Cross 
Hartin John, blacksmith, house 58 Hiddle 
Hartin Hary, house rear 67 Hiddle 
Hartin Hary S. house 67 Mechanic 
Hartin Hichael, house Front, comer River, Centralville 


Martin Sarah, clothing manuf. P. O. building, b. 67 Mechanic 
Martin Thomas, tailor, boards 9 George ^ 
Martiniis John, Boott, house 7 Boott Corporation 
Martland William, Lowell, house 15 Hancock avenue 
Marvel Bradford ( C. M. Marvel 4- Co.), house 141 Fletcher 
Marvel Caleb M. & Co. (Bradford Marvel)^ machinists, Willie, 

house 141 Fletcher 
Maskell Henry, house 52 Button 

Maslin Joseph, marble worker, boards 68 S. L., Worthen 
Mason Alvin, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 
Mason Asa Mrs. house 428 Merrimac 
Mason Frank, carpenter, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Mason John M. machinist, boards 1 Mason's court 
Mason Nancy M. Miss, dressmaker, boards 50 Button 
Mason Sarah J. widow, house 54 High 
Mason Sarah Mrs. house 11 Middlesex place 
Mason Sylvester M., Bleachery, house 1 Bleachery street 
Mason Thomas, wool washer, house London, n. Gorham 
Mason William, machinist, house 1 Mason's court 
Masta Joseph A., Lidian physician, 8 Middle, h. 241 School 
Masters Jane, widow, house 8 Wall 
Masterson Ann, widow, house 341 Central 
Masterson John, house 5 Lowell place 
Masterson John, dyer, house AYall 
Masterson Michael, Boott, boards 52 Button 
Masure Judson J. boxmaker, boards 59 Adams 
Mather Joshua, cotton bocking manufacturer, Hale's Mills, house 

141 Gorham 
Mather Joshua, at Hale's Mills, boards 1 Madison 
Mathews Abraham, carpenter, house Westford, near Grand 
Mathews Gideon, variety store, 119 Middlesex, house do. 
Mathews Sarah, house Leathers, corner Quebec 
Matthews Catharine, widow, house rear 1 Crosby court 
Matthews Henry, hairdresser, boards 276 Merrimac 
Matthews Lott W. scale builder, house 4 Goward place 
Matthews Mathew, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Matthews Samuel, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Maxfield James G. medical student, boards 68 Lawrence Corp. 
Maxfield Jared P., Lawrence, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 
Maxfield Rufus A., Lawrence Corporation, house 40 do. 
Maxfield Stephen C, Lawrence, house 68 Lawrence Corporation 
Maxwell Thomas, laborer, house 131 Lawrence 
May Charles P. O. painter, house 31 High 
Mayberry Benjamin B. apothecary, 68 Middlesex, house 60 do. 
Mayberry Eliza, variety store, 60 Middlesex, house do. 
Maynard Andrew W. boards 90 Appleton 


JMajnard Beriah JNIrs. boarding house, 8 Hamilton Corporation 

]\[aynard Charles A. machinist, boards 28 Hamilton Corporation 

jMaynard C. I. W. fancy goods, 7G Merrimac, house 237 Central 

IMaynard Elizabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 16 Hamilton Corp. 

Maynard John M. house 49 Button, near Lowell 

Maynard John T. painter, house 90 Appleton 

Maynard Stearns, at Norcross & Saunder's, house 339 Middlesex 

Maynes James, bootmaker, 34 Central, house 20 Keene 

Mayo Adaliza T. & iVdalinda A. house 2 Pollard avenue 

Mayo Gardner Gr. mason, house 67 Warren court 

Mazuzan John, fruit, &c. 145 Central, boards 41 Church 

McAlear Joseph, machinist, house 3 George 

jMcAleer John, fireman, Hamilton, house 71 Gorham 

McAleer Patrick, laborer, house Green, near George 

McAlhiny William, house 38 Appleton 

McAlister Henry, Massachusetts, house 15 Massachusetts Corp. 

McAlleny William, laborer, house 28 Water 

McAloon Arthur, soap manuf. Pleasant, h. 51 River, Centralville 

McAloon Bridget, widow, house 21 William 

McAloon Charles, Middlesex, house 21 Wilham 

McAloon Edward, firem^an, Merrimac, house 17 Lee 

McAloon Hannah, widow, house 40 Paige 

McAloon Michael, Boott, Boott, boards 4 Massachusetts Cor[3. 

McAloon Michael, Boott, house John street avenue 

McAloon Nancy, widow, house rear 26 William 

McAloon Paul, laborer, house Front, near River, Centralville 

McAlpine Peter, at George Naylor's, house 204 Central 

McAlpine Thomas, Lowell, boards 204 Central 

McAlpine William, wheelwright, boards 204 Central 

McAlvin Granville, clerk, boards 89 Hamilton Corporation 

McAlvin John, overseer, Hamilton P. W. h. 39 Hamilton Corp. 

McAlvin John B. paymaster, Suffolk, house 1 Cabot Block 

McAlvin John H. city clerk. City Hall, h. 24 Fourth, Centralville 

McAnabb Thomas, laborer, house 20 Lee 

McAnelly Frank, cardmaker, boards 86 Market 

McAnerny Bridget, widow, house 16 Green 

McAntee Patrick, Lowell, boards 40 Paige 

McAnulty Charles, laborer, house 34 Middle 

McAuulty Francis, silversmith, boards 5 Hurd 

McAnulty James, Hamilton, house 53 Gorham 

McAnulty John, grocer, 3 Hurd, house 5 do. 

McAnulty John, Hamilton, house 12 Green 

McAnulty Margaret, widow, house rear 42 Gorham 

McAnulty Margaret, widow, house 19 Winter 

McAnulty Mary, widow, house 6 xJolloy's court 

McAnulty Patrick, laborer, house 37 William 


McAnulty Peter, Hamilton, house 44 Gorham 

Mc Arthur Nancy P. widow, house 29 FrankUn square, Suffolk 

McArthur Roxanna, nurse, house 20 Charles 

Mc Arthur TVilliam, foundry, house 41 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

McAveny John, Massachusetts, house 4 Brown's ct., Centralville 

McAvey Daniel, house rear 18 William 

McAvey John, Middlesex, house 69 Gorham 

McAvey Michael, house 2Q William 

McAvoy Andrew, laborer, house 1 Cummiskey's alley 

McAvoy E & J. milliners, 81 Merrimac, house 30 Paige 

McAvoy James, carpenter, house 54 South 

McAvoy James, house 30 Paige 

McAvoy John, laborer, house 1 Cummiskey's alley, 

McAvoy John, variety store, 33 East Merrimac, house do. 

McAvoy Joseph, Merrimac, house 3 Davidson's lane 

McAvoy Lucy, house 31 Middle 

McBride Owen, Boott, h. River, n. Brown's court, Centralville 

McCabe Alexander, laborer, house Maiden lane 

McCabe Daniel, Lawrence, boards 51 Lowell 

McCabe Daniel, currier, house Short, 

McCabe Ellen, widow, house 97 Lowell 

McCabe Ellen, widow, house 42 Middle 

McCabe Hugh, boards 74 Gorham 

McCabe Hugh, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

McCaJDC James, in tannery, house rear Hyde, near Chelmsford 

McCabe James, Lowell, house rear 61 Lowell 

McCabe James, Middlesex, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 

McCabe Thomas, laborer, house 2 William 

McCafferty James, laborer, house rear 17 Summer 

McCafferty James, Boott, house 6 1 River, Centralville 

McCaffly Peter, laborer, house 22 Summer 

McCaffrey Patrick, Tremont, house 59 Middle 

McCagy Thomas, porter, American House 

McCahey Hugh, Lowell, house Auburn, corner Linden 

McCahey Phihp, Bleacliery, house 27 Summer 

McCahey Thomas, cook, house 32 Charles 

McCann Arthur, grocer, boards 40 Gorham 

McCann Catharine, widow, house rear 25 Middle 

McCann Francis, Merrimac, house 27 Middle 

McCann James, grocer, boards 40 Gorham 

McCann John, grocer, 40 Gorham, house do. 

McCann Neil, Middlesex, house 10 WilHam 

McCann Owen, laborer, house 16 Wilham 

McCann Patriek,Jabor, house 9 River, Centralville 

McCann Patrick, boards 40 Gorham 

McCann Robert, city crier, house rear 117 Market 


JMcCanna Michael, Prescott, house E. Merrimac, corner Brown 

^IcCanna Patrick, JMiddlesex, house 13 Pleasant 

McCanna Sarah, widow, house 42 Adams 

Mc Cannon John, machinist, house rear 90 Appleton 

McCaren Terrence, coffin maker, 88 Market, house 90 do. 

McCaren Terrence, Boott, house 3 John street avenue 

McCarey Jolm, house Adams, near Cross 

McCarney Thomas, house 16 Winter 

Mc Carroll Ellen, house rear 270 Merrimac 

McCarroU John, laborer, house 284 Merrimac 

McCarron Ellen, widow, house 45 Union 

McCarron James, Hamilton, house 167 Gorham 

McCarron John, Boott, house rear 31 Middle 

McCarty Andrew, laborer, house rear 55 Lowell 

McCarty Ann Mrs. house 33 Lowell 

McCarty Catharine, widow, house 58 Middle 

McCarty Charles, laborer, house Cross, opposite Marion 

McCarty Charles, jack spinner, house 19 Keene 

McCarty Daniel, teamster, house 87 Adams 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, house rear 71 Adams 

McCarty Daniel C. cutter, 53 Central, house 102 Market 

McCarty David, laborer, house 134 School 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 

McCarty Dennis, Merrimac, house 5 Cross 

McCarty Elizabeth, widow, house 9 North 

McCarty George, shoemaker, house 12 Willie 

McCarty Hannah, widow, house 132 Lowell 

McCarty Hannah, widow, house 24 Davidson 

McCarty Hannah, house 94 Suffolk 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 42 Adams 

McCarty Jeremiah, Lowell M. S. house Broadway, c. Marion 

McCarty Jeremiah, painter, house 32 Lowell 

McCarty Jeremiah, Middlesex, house Water, near Andover 

McCarty Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 22 North 

McCarty Johanna, widow, house 17 Adams 

McCarty John, grocer, 58 Middle, house do. 

McCarty Jolm, laborer, house rear 29 Fenwick 

McCarty John, shoemaker, house 12 WilUe 

McCarty John, laborer, house 106 Lowell 

McCarty John, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 

McCarty John, laborer, boards 51 Lowell 

McCarty John, Hamilton, house 19 William 

McCarty Margaret, widow, house rear 137 Lowell 

McCarty Mary, widow, house 108 Lowell » 

McCarty Mary, widow, house 3 Cross lane 

McCarty Mary, widow, house 53 Lowell 


McCarty Michael, laborer, house 2 Lee 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house 14 Lewis 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house 66 Suffolk 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house 282 Merrimac 

McCarty Michael, house 138 Lowell 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 27 Fenwick 

McCarty Patrick, Bleachery, house 28 Dummer, near Mechanic 

McCarty Patrick, currier, house rear 104 Suffolk 

McCarty Patrick, Hamilton, house 25 North 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 3 Marion 

McCarty Patrick, Middlesex, boards 9 North 

McCarty Thomas, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corporation 

McCarty Thomas, Hamilton, house 14 Davidson 

McCarty Thomas, confectioner, at A. B. French's, h. 68 Gorham 

McCarty Thomas, Middlesex, boards 9 North 

McCarty Timothy, laborer, house 43 Fenwick 

McCauley Margaret, Mrs. house 291 Middlesex 

McCauley William, scalemaker, 20 Fletcher, boards 53 Dutton 

McCausland Clement, bootmaker, 26 Central, boards 21 Kirk 

McCausland Joseph, Merrimac, bds. 139 Merrimac Corporation 

McCauslane Pamelia, teacher of drawing, 62 Central 

McCaveney Patrick, laborer, house rear 75 Market 

McCloskey Ann, widow, house Hanover, near Lowell 

McCloskey Michael, Hamilton, house 12 Green 

McCloskey Richard, house 5 Brown's court, Central viUe 

McClusky John, sawmiller, house 48 Adams 

McCollom Frederick, house 30 Church 

McComb William, operative, house Gray's place 

McConnor Mary, widow, house 11 Davis 

McConnor Patrick, Massachusetts, house 42 Paige 

McCoon Lawrence, laborer, house River 

McCormick Hugh, Hamilton Print Works, house 10 Green 

IMcCormick James, Hamilton Print Works, h. 10 MoUoy's court 

McCormick John, Lowell, house 3 Carpet lane 

McCormick Mary, widow, house rear 55 Market 

McCormick Margaret, widow, house River, Centralville 

McCormick Nathaniel, carpenter, house 26 Water 

McCormick Phihp, carpenter, house 49 Market 

McCormick Thomas, laborer, house rear 114 Suffolk 

Mc Court James, Middlesex, house 2 Pleasant court 

Mc Court Philip, foundry, house 15 Summer 

McCoy Alexander J., police, house 7 Merrill's court 

McCoy Arthur, Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 

McCoy Charles, moulder, house 53 Swamp Locks, AYorthen 

McCoy Charles C. lockmaker, Cobum street, Centralville 

McCoy James, provision, Adams, corner Fletcher, h. 42 Rock 


McCoy James M. insurance agent, house 71 Appleton 
McCoy John, moulder, boards 70 Mechanic 
McCrai'ken Agnes, widow, house rear 50 Tyler 

McCrellis , Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 

McCrillis N. A. Mrs. house 238 Merrimac 

McCue Hugli, laborer, house 71 Button 

McCue John, foundryman, house rear 71 Button 

McCue Joim, Prescott, house 12 Bavidson 

McCue Patrick, house 51 Gorhajn 

McCue Patrick, foundry, house 5 Adams 

McCue Peter, dry goods, 65 Market, house do. 

McCullough Elizabeth, dressmaker and fancy goods, 83 Central, 

boards 207 do. 
McCullough Frank, house 42 Paige 
McCullough Patrick, laborer, house Leather, near Main 
McCurdy John T. G., Merrimac, house 6 Fifth, Centralville 
McCurdy Wilbur, Bleachery, boards 1 Bleachery street 
McCurdy William B., Merrimac, boards 6 Fifth 
McCusker Michael, Merrimac Print Works, house 10 Green 
McCusker Owen, Middlesex, house Water, near Pond 
McCusker Terrence, boards 148 Central 
McBaniels John, gunsmith, house Butterfield, near Fletcher 
McBaniels John, Merrimac, house 82 Merrimac Corporation 
McBermott Andrew, Gas House, boards head of Poplar 
McBermott Andrew, Merrimac, house rear 55 Middle 
McBermott Ann, widow, house 140 Lowell 
McBermott Bridget, widow, house 50 Middlesex 
McBermott Bominick, house 59 Union 

McBermott Francis, Appleton, boards 70 Middlesex , 

McBermott Francis, Gas House, house head of Poplar 
McBermott George, Gas House, boards head of Poplar 
McBermott James, laborer, house 6 Bavidson 
McBermott James T. Rev. house 74 Suffolk, near Cross 
McBermott John, Suffoik, house 324 Merrimac 
McBermott Julia, widow, house 29 Summer 
McBermott Matthew, Merrimac, house 25 Tremont 
McBermott Michael, Hamilton, house 22 Winter 
McBermott Owen, laborer, house 21 Bavidson 
McBermott Patrick, laborer, house 3 Keene 
McBermott Patrick, Gas House, boards head of Poplar 
McBermott Peter, Suffolk, house 62 Middle 
McBermott Thomas, Lowell Machine Shop, house 5 Jefferson 
McBermott Thomas, Merrimac, house 6 Bavidson 
McBonald Alexander, Lowell, boards 25 East Merrimac 
McBonald Ann, widow, house 7 Jefferson 
McBonald Ann, widow, house 3 East Merrimac 


McDonald Ann, Avidow, liouse 2 Knowles place 

McDonald Catharine, widow, house 87 Charles 

McDonald Farrell, laborer, house Common, corner Cross 

McDonald Hugh, Lowell, house 87 Charles 

McDonald James, carpet weaver, house Thorndike, c. Madison 

McDonald James, house Green's court 

McDonald James, Lowell, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 

McDonald James, Lowell, house Dempsey's yard 

McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 11 Thorndike 

McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, house 26 Common 

McDonald John, tinman, house 32 Water 

McDonald John, house 2G7 Middlesex 

McDonald John, engraver, Merrimac, house 101 Merrimac 

McDonald John, carpet manufacturer, 10 Hale, house do. 
McDonald John, laborer, house 59 Lowell 
McDonald Margaret, widoAV, house High street square 
McDonald Matilda Mrs. house 339 Middlesex 
McDonald Michael, laborer, house Davidson's lane 
McDonald Patrick, harness, house 17 Summer 
McDonald Patrick, harness maker, house rear 19 Summer 
McDonald Peter, mason, boards 2 Knowles place 
McDonald Susan, widow, house 131 Middlesex 
McDonald Thomas, currier, house Leather 
McDonald Thomas, laborer, house High street square 
McDonald Walter, Hale's mills, house 6 Congress 
McDonnell John, house 104 Suffolk 
McDonnell Mary, widow, house 92 Suffolk 
McDonough John, laborer, house rear 51 Middle 
McDonough Michael, laborer, house 15 William 
McDonough Thomas, Hamilton, h. r. South, opp. Spring 
McDool Patrick, Boott, house 58 River, Centralville 
McDowell Hannah P. Mrs. physician, 1 Willow place 
McDuffee Jonas, Lowell, house 70 Lawrence 
McDuffee Thomas J., Hamilton, h. 48 Hamilton Corporation 
McElholm Wm. shoemaker, 7 Hanover, house 9 do. 
McElroy Esther, widow, house 16 Jefferson 
McElroy James, Lawrence, house rear 66 Moody 
McEnroe James, Lowell, house 85 East Merrimac 
McEntee Catharine, widow, house 3 Marion 
McEtee Patrick, laborer, house 3 Madison 
McEvoy Hugh, clothing and furnishing goods, 53 Central, house 

Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
McEvoy John F. counsellor, 3 Canal bl'k, b. at Hugh McEvoy's 
McEvoy John W. (ToUn Sf McUvoy), 71 Market, boards 114 

East Merrimac 


McFarhind James, laborer, house 37 Salem 

McFarliii George R., Boott, boards 88 I5oott Corporation 

McFarlln Luke ( William ^' Luhe McFarliti), boai'ds at William 

McFarliii AV^illiam & L. wood and ice, 94 Pawtucket, house do. 
McGarey John, waiter, Merrimac House 
McGarey Patrick, laborer, house Water, corner Pond 
McGee David, Middlesex, house Front, Central ville 
McGee John, Lowell, house 3 Lee 
McGilan Patrick, Middlesex, house 15 Green 
McGinness James, laborer, boards 7 Summer 
McGinnis Mary, widow, house 31 East Merrimac 
McGlinchey John, hostler, boards 148 Central 
Me Glynn Elizabeth, widow, house rear 80 Moody 
McGourty Daniel, laborer, house rear 31 Worthen 
McGovering Mary, widow, house 43 William 
McGovering Michael, laborer, house Howe 
McGovering Patrick, house 66 River, Centralyille 
McGovering Patrick, Hamilton, house 37 William 
McGovering Philip, laborer, house 322 Merrimac 
McGovering Wilham, Hamilton, house 34 William 
Mc Govern Francis, upholsterer, 1 East Merrimac, house dc. 
Mc Govern James, laborer, house 13 Somerset 
Mc Govern Peter, laborer, house 2 Garnet 
McGowen Dennis, carpenter, house 43 Lowell 
McGowen Owen, laborer, house 7 High 
McGowen Thomas, laborer, house rear 270 Merrimac 
McGowen Wilham, laborer, house 32 Wilham 
Mc Grade James, laborer, house rear 26 Wilham 
Mc Grade John, Prescott, house 26 Hurd 
Mc Grade William, house rear 26 William 
McGrade William, tinsmith, boards 26 Hurd 
McGrath Bridget, widow, house Cross, corner Common 
McGrath Henry, laborer, house 29 North 
McGrath John, laborer, house 59 Gorham 
McGregor James, carpet weaver, house 2 Clark's court 
McGuane John, grocer, 69 Gorham, house do. 
McGuire Ann, widow, house 13 Fen wick 
McGuire Catherine, widow, house 32 Lewis 
McGuire Catherine, widow, house 3 Davidson's lane 
McGuire Catherine, widow, house 37 Middle 
McGuire Francis, at Bleaehery, house 10 Keene 
McGuire Hugh, laborer, house 67 East Merrimac 
McGuire Hugh, Suffolk, house rear 63 Middle 
McGuire James, Merrimac, house 9 Wall 
McGuire James, house 13 Somerset 


MeGuire James, boards 4 Kidder 

McGuire James, house Green, near George 

McGuire John, laborer, house 30 William 

McGuire John, at Bleachery, house Kidder, near Gorham 

McGuire John, Merriniac, house 6 Lowell 

McGuire Martin, Bleacher j, house rear 31 Cedar 

McGuire Mary Mrs. house rear 117 Market 

McGuire Mary Mrs. house 5 Cross 

McGuire Michael, porter Merriniac House, house 38 Lewis 

McGuire Michael, Lowell Machme Shop, h. 20 Fen wick 

McGuire Patrick, Merrimac, house 6 Little 

McGuu-e Thomas, tanner, house Manchester, Ayer's New City 

McGuire Thomas, Hamilton Print Works, h. 15 Winter 

McGuirk James, laborer, house rear 15 Jefferson 

McGuirk Patrick, grocer, Suffolk, near Lagrange, house 32 do. 

near Broadway 
McGurn Thomas, Boott, house Coburn, n. River, Centralville 
McHugh James, clock establishment, 49 Market, house do. 
McHugh Peter, dry goods, Q5 Market, house do. 
McHugh Thomas F. clock repairer, 294 Merrimac, house do. 
Mclntire Daniel, Lawrence, house 4 Lawrence Corporation 
Mclntire Elbridge, butcher, Wilder, house do. near Raih-oad 
Mclntire Ira, painter, house 256 Central 
Mclntire Oren, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
McLitire Winifred, widow, house rear 22 Howe 
Mcintosh James, Lowell Corporation, house 7 do. 
Mcintosh Mary A. Mrs. house 109 Merrimac Corporation 
McKay Peter, laborer, house 15 High 

McKean Ed^^ard, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 158 Central 
McKearnan Margaret, widow, house 43 Gorham 
McKearnan Thomas, laborer, house 22 Summer 
McKee Alexander, Lowell, house 4 Mechanic 
McKee Ehzabeth, widow, house 55 River, Centralville 
McKee James, shoemaker, house 5 Wall 
McKee John, Lowell, house 26 Lowell Corporation 
McKee John, Hamilton, house 55 River, Centralville 
McKee Michael, Lowell, house 5 Wall 
]McKee Michael, laborer, house Fulton, Centralville 
McKeen Edward, machinist, boards 24 Hamilton court 
McKeever John, laborer, house rear' 27 Middle 
McKeever Michael, laborer, house rear 111 Market 
McKeever Nancy, widow, house 6 1 Worthen 
McKenna Mar}^, widow, house 80 Lowell 
McKenna Patrick, laborer, house 19 Winter 
McKenna Patrick, laborer, house rear 248 Merrimac 
McKennedy James, laborer, house 10 Howe 


McKenney Eben O. blacksmith, b. 56 Swamp Locks, Wortlien 

McKenncy John, hiborei*, house 48 Gorham 

iVIcKeniiey John H., Lawrence Corporation, house 30 do. 

McKenney Mary, widow, house 43 Gorham 

McKenzie Angus, tanner, boards at Wm. McKenzie's 

xMcKenzie Jane S. Mrs. house 39 Church 

McKenzie Wilham, patent leather worker, house Leather 

McKeown John, bootmaker, 34 Central, house 76 Church 

McKeown Lawrence, house River, cor. Coburn, Central ville 

McKeown Timothy, house 48 South 

McKeown William, Middlesex, house 5 Pleasant 

McKillick Ann, widow, house 1 Knowles place 

McKimm William, Middlesex, house 4 George 

McKinley John, Hamilton, house 48 Gorham 

McKinley Robert, machinist, house rear 90 Appleton 

McKinney Thomas, carpet weaver, house 10 Cedar 

McKissock Robert, shoemaker, 18 Central, h. Front, Centralville 

McKnight James, at J. C. Ayer's, boards 204 Central 

McKnight Mary, widow, house 204 Central 

McLannen Thomas, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

McLarney William, Hamilton, house 3 North 

3IcLaughlin Bernard, laborer, house 3 Swift 

McLaughlin Bernard, laborer, house 28 Salem 

McLaughlin Charles, painter, boards 119 Central 

McLaughhn Charles, Gas Works, house 68 Suffolk, cor. Cross 

McLaughlin Daniel, laborer, house 7 North 

JMcLaughlin Dennis, operative, boards 11 Hanover 

McLaughlin Edward, laborer, house 182 Gorham 

McLaughlin Ellen, widow, house 92 East Merrimac 

McLaughlin Francis, Merrimac, house 20 Kirk avenue 

McLaughlin James, laborer, house 8 North 

McLaughlin John, laborer, house 2 Maiden lane 

McLaughlin Margaret, v/idow, house 12 Little 

McLaughlin Mary, widow, house 9 North 

McLaughlin Michael, Middlesex, house 64 Church 

McLaughlin Michael, Lowell Machine Shop, house 69 Gorham 

McLaughlin Michael, shoemaker, house 11 Gorham 

McLaughhn Michael, clerk, 272 Merrimac, house 274 do. 

McLaughlin Michael, Stott's Mill, house 18 High 

McLaughlin Philip, laborer, house 47 Gorham 

McLaughlin Susan, wddow, house 1 John street avenue 

cLaughlin Timothy, house 68 Suffolk, corner Cross 
McLeary Daniel, laborer, house 324 Merrimac 
McLennan John C, Lowell, house Gold, corner School 
McLucas Abram, machinist, boards 44 Mass. Corporation 
McMahan Daniel, Middlesex, house 1 Howe 


McMalian John, Bleacheiy, house 1 Prospect 

McMahan Mary, widow, house 28 Gorham 

McMahan Patrick, IMiddlesex, boards 11 Green 

McMahan Peter, laborer, house 36 Middle 

McManaman Bernard, laborer, house Thorndike, near Hale 

McManaman Bridget, widow, house 13 William 

McMann Francis, Boott, house Kiver, Centralville 

McMann Henry, laborer, house River, Centralville 

McMann James, Bleacher j, house 13 Winter 

McMann James, Boott, house River, Centralville 

McMann James, shoemaker, boards 95 Market 

McMann John, laborer, house rear 17 Union 

McMann John, batting mill, house 6 Carolin's place 

McMann John, laborer, house River, Centralville 

McMann Thomas, Bleachery, house Carter, cor. Livingston 

McManus James, laborer, house 13 River, Centralville 

McManus John, house 24 Davidson 

McManus John, Merrimac, boards 6 Lowell 

McManus John Mrs. house 12 William 

McManus Mary, widow, house Davidson, corner Howe 

McManus Mary, widow, house 9 Dummei* 

Mc^Manus Michael, clerk, 134 Central, house rear Hurd 

McManus Patrick, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 

McManus Patrick, laborer, house 26 Davidson 

McManus Thomas, Boott, house 22 Howe 

McManus Thomas, shoemaker, 67 Market, house do. 

McManus Thomas, Boott, house rear 15 River, Centralville 

McManus William, hostler, boards 10 Dummer 

McManus William, laborer, house rear 15 River 

McMarty Hannah, widow, house 24 Davidson 

McMas'ter John, Massachusetts, house 55 Mass. Corporation 

McMeekin Andrew, blacksmith, boards 8 Grand 

McMeekin William F. blacksmith, house rear 18 Marshall 

McMillen Alexander, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

McMillen Kenneth, Lowell, house 18 Lowell Corporation 

McMonagle Stephen, Boott, house Hampshire, Centralville 

McMorrow Jaaies, laborer, house 86 Market 

McMorrow James, laborer, house 116 East Merrimac 

McMuUen Bridget, house 2 Carolin's place 

McNabb John, Hamilton, house Broadway, corner Adams 

McNabb John, Lowell, house 58 Middle 

McNabb Robert, Massachusetts, house 3 Davidson's lane 

McNabb Thomas, Bleachery, house rear 38 Crosby 

McNamara Anthony, laborer, house Maiden lane 

iMcNamara James, Boott, house rear River, Centralville 

McNamara Owen, clerk, 4 Museum Ijuilding, house 2 Court ave. 


McNamara Michael, Middlesex, house 36 William 

McNamara INIichael, laborer, house rear 13 Dummer 

IMcNamara Patrick, laborer, house 15 Summer 

McNamee John, tinsmith, 16 Gorham, house 71 Charles 

IMcNeill Mary, house 12 Union 

McNeill William T. carpenter, house 7 Fourth, Centralville 

McNish (Henry L.) & Butler (David C), woodworking ma- 
chinery, 84 Broadway, boards 4 Butterlield 

McXulty Bridget, widow, house 148 Central 

McNiilty Frank, silversmith, at A. Sanborn's, boards 21 Aldrich 
block, Appleton 

McNulty John, Lowell, house 59 Button 

McNulty Patrick, house George, corner Church 

McOsker Fergus, sashmaker, house 5 Summer 

McPhetres Betsey, widow, house 5 AYarren 

McPhetres Samuel A. reporter 21, boards 5 W^arren 

McQuade Andrew, Appleton, liouse 38 Paige 

McQuade Ann, boardinghouse, 1 Green 

McQuade Bernard, Lowell, boards 38 Paige 

McQuade Bridget, widow, house 148 Central 

McQuade Bridget, widow, house 12 George 

McQuade Catharine, widow, house 23 Cedar 

McQuade Ellen, grocer, bb Middle, house do. 

McQuade Francis, machinist, house rear 49 Middle 

McQuade Francis, Hamilton, house rear 8 William 

McQuade James, laborer, house rear 9 Summer 

McQuade James, house 270 Merrimac 

McQuade James, laborer, house 17 William 

McQuade James, Ayer's New City, rear Engine House 

McQuade James, Merrimac, boards 38 Paige 

McQuade Joseph, Bleachery, boards 9 Summer 

McQuade Margaret, widow, house rear 65 Middle 

McQuade Matthew, Middlesex, house 41 William 

McQuade Michael, house 178 Gorham 

McQwade Murtagh, Merrimac, boards 38 Paige 

McQuade Murtagh, roller turner, house Mt. Vernon, n. Liberty 

McQuade Owen, liouse 9 Summer 

McQuade Patrick, machinist, house 51 Middle 

McQuade Patrick, trader, boards 'Merrimac House 

McQuade Terrence, Merrimac, boards 38 Paige 

McQuade Thomas, laborer, house 44 Middle 

McQuade Thomas, shoemaker, house 27 William 

McQuaid John, peddler, house 270 Merrimac 

McQueide Francis, house 33 Marion 

McQuesten John, clerk, 84 Merrimac, boards 1 Merr. Corp. 

INIcQuestion Luther, A])]deton, boards 4 Appleton Coi-poration 


McSiiatirej John, currier, house Hancock avenue, corner Clark 

McShea John, house Coburn, corner River, Centralville 

McShea John, Hamihon Print Works, house 13 Winter 

McShea Mary, widow, house Coburn, corner River, Centralville 

McShea Owen, house rear 5 Decatur 

McSoley Alexander, grocer, 80 Middle, house do. 

McSoley John, mason, house 47 Prescott Corporation 

McSoley Patrick, mason, house 47 Prescott Corporation 

McSoley Terrence, Tremont, house 80 Middle 

McSoley Terrence, at J. C. Ayer's, house 3 Lee 

McSwegan Patrick, house 32 William 

McTeathe Robert, Massachusetts, house 21 East Merrimac 

McWade Melissa, boardinghouse, 80 Merrimac Corporation 

McWilharas John, Bleachery, house 15 Summer 

Mc Williams Thomas, Bleachery, house 15 Summer 

Mc Williams William, Bleachery, house 15 Summer 

Mead Francis, laborer, house Prescott, near Kidder 

Mead George G. painter, house 74 Church 

Mead John, tailor, house 38 Lowell 

Mead Matthias, agent, stoves & tinware, 118 Central, h. 16 Alder 

Mead Mathew, tailor, house Broadway, corner Adams 

Mead Patrick, pressman, at J. F. Evans's house 28 Salem 

Mead Ransom L. tanner, boards 74 Church 

Mead Thomas, house 42 Appleton 

Mead Thomas, tailor, boards Broadway, corner Adams 

Mead William, Cooley's mill, house Congress, rear Hale's mill 

Meacham Samuel, loom harness maker, house 4 Austin 

Meadowcroft James (American Bolt Co.), 210 Lawrence, house 

50 Chapel 
Mealey Edward, provisions, 12 Lowell, house 108 Market 
Meany Margaret, widow, house 19 Union 
Meany Michael, house 1 Market 

Mears Charles H. boardinghouse, 61 Lawrence Corporation 
Mears David, Merrimac, house 82 Merrimac Corporation 
Mears Henry A. stonecutter. 6 Merrill court 
Meehan Jolm, clerk, at D. W. C. Farrington's, house Webster, 

Meehan Mary, widow," house Webster, Centralville 
Meehan Patrick, clerk, at D. W. C. Farrington's, house Ando- 

ver, corner Water 
Meehan Thomas, painter, house Hampshire, Centralville 
Meenan Patrick, Middlesex, house 36 Davidson 
Megin James H., Boott, house 58 Boott^Corporation 
Mehan Owen, tinsmith, boards 37 Fayette 
Mehegan Catharine, widow, house 41 , Fenwick 
Meheo-an IMichael, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 


Mehegan Thomas, laborer, house rear 14 Winter 

Meikle James J. block printer, house 39 Crosby 

Meikle John, carpet colorer, house 1 Madison 

Melard James, cigar maker, boards 119 Central 

Meldrum Robert, chemist, house School, opposite Gold 

Mellen Andrew J. milkman, house Pawtucket 

Mellen Bernard, laborer, house 57 Middle 

Mellen Hugh, house 2 Wmter 

Mellon Dorcas, widow, house 22 Third, Centralville 

Mellon Lawrence, laborer, house rear 272 Merrimac 

Mellor Oliver, shoemaker, house 102 Moodj 

Meloj John, tailor, house 282 Merrimac 

Melvin Benjamin, laborer, house 83 Appleton [Centralville 

Melvin Benj. F. bootmaker, 3 Pi'escott Corp. house 51 Coburn, 

Melvin Benjamin F. bootmaker, house 21 Adams 

Melvin Charles F., Lowell Machine Shop, boards at D. Melvin's 

Melvin Dawes, contractor, Lowell M. S. h. 50 S. L., Worthen 

Melvin Dustin B. machinist, house 31 Marion 

Melvin EUza Mrs. house 62 Andover 

Melvin Eliza A. widow, house 62 Andover 

Melvin Goodman B. bootmaker, boards 51 Coburn, Centralville 

Melvin Harriet G. widow, house 20 Lowell Corporation 

Melvin H. L. Mrs. house 381 Merrimac, above Austin 

Melvin James, clerk, 33 Central, house Marshall 

Melvin Jerome B. salesman, house 160 Gorham 

Melvin Joshua, botanic physician, house 65 Fletcher 

Melvin Lucy, widow, house 47 Summer 

Melvin Mary E. house 2 Second, Centralville 

Melvin Mary E. Mrs. 1 Merrimac Corporation 

Melvin Orison, machinist, house 86 Merrimac Corporation 

Melvin Eufus, house 76 Third, Centralville 

Mercer George F. A. boards 19 Hamilton Corporation 

Mercer Richard|P. overseer, Hamilton, h. 19 Hamilton Corp. 

Meriam Darius, Lawrence Corporation, house 20 do. 

Meriam Josiah H., Lawrence, boards 20 Lawrence Corporation 

Merriam^ Albert M. chair manuf. at Otis Allen's mills, house 396 

Merriam Amos, house 7 High street square 
Merriam Jacob A. carpenter, house 6 Austin 
Merriam Mary A. Mrs. house 6 Austin 
Merrill Alphonzo, teamster, house 4 Sixth 
Merrill Bartlett C. salesman, at J. Merrill's, house 21 Chapel 
Merrill Benjamin, Merrimac, house 121 Merrimac Corporation 
Merrill Benjamin J., Wamesit House, 187 Middlesex 
Merrill Betsey, boardingliouse, 37 Lawrence Corporation 
Merrill Darius, shoemaker, house 70 Moody 


Merrill Edwin, shoemaker, house 20 High 

Merrill EHzabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 13 Suffolk Corp. 

Merrill Farnuin, trader, house 48 Elm 

Merrill Gardner B. designer and engraver, 21 Central, house 8 

Merrill Horatio N., Merrimac, house 50 Merrimac Corporation 
Merrill John F. Lawrence Corporation, house 65 do. 
Merrill Joshua, shoemaker, boards 48 Church 
Merrill Joshua, bookseller and publisher, 23 Central, house 23 

Merrill Marcellus R. piledriver, b. 50 Merrimac Corporation 
Merrill Mehitable, widow, h. South, c. Middlesex 
Merrill Osborn, job wagon, house Seventh, opposite Reed, 

Merrill Rebecca, widow, house 47 Myrtle, Centralville 
Meiy'ill Samuel N. attorney and counsellor at law, 27 Central, 

boards Merrimac House 
Merrill William B. boards 59 Massachusetts Corporation 
Merrill Wm. P., Massachusetts, house 45 Massachusetts Corp. 
Merriman James, salesman, house 23 Marshall 
Merriman Joseph, sashmaker, boards 56 Lawrence Corporation 
Merrin Peter, Merrimac, b. 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Merrity Rose, widow, house 9 CaroUn's place 
Meserve Elvira, house rear 39 Fayette 
Messenger Enoch, Middlesex, house 71 Warren 
Messer Abiel, stonemason, house 58 East Merrimac 
Messer Henry L. clerk, 65 East Merrimac, house 58 East 

Messick Joseph, Appleton, house 17 Appleton Corporation 
Metcalf David S., Lowell, h. Beacon, n. Third, Centralville 
Metcalf Edgar, bootmaker, 26 Central, boards 154 Suffolk, 

corner Moody 
Metcalf Enoch, house Andover, on Tewksbury line 
Metcalf George E. Lowell, boards at David S. Metcalf 
Metcalf Greenleaf W. carpenter, house 42 Lagrange 
Metcalf Isaac N. teacher of music, house Andover, on Tewks- 
bury hue 
Metcalf Martin L., Middlesex, house 13 Charles 

Metcalf , Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Micks Charles D. mason, boards Franklin House 

Midgley Thomas, Belvidere Woollen Mills, house 18 Ash 

Mignault Deodat, physician, house 87 Gorham 

Miles Freeman, foreman at Darrell, Bacon, & Co.'s, h. Lincoln, 

Ayer's New City 
Miles Hannah Mrs. house Leather 
Miles Sarah, widow, house 25 Davidson 


Miles William, Massachusetts, house 25 Massachusetts Corp. 

IVIilett Thomas, house 4 Molloy's court 

Miller David, Lowell, house 11 Worthen 

Miller George, engraver, Merrimac, house 107 Merrimac 

Miller Henry W. machinist, house 288 Central 

Miller Joseph, carpenter, house 3 Willie avenue 

Miller Samuel, Stott's, house 13 Andover 

Miller Sumner P. teamster, boards 31 Fletcher 

Millett Edward, house 87 Moody 

Milliken Frank J. clerk, 2 Central, boards 13 do. 

Mills Benton, machinist, boards 101 Central 

INIills EUza Mrs. house 218 School 

Mills Hiram F. engineer, boards 29 Tyler 

Mills Martin, at J. F. PuiFer's, house 3 Union 

Minassian Simon G. medical student, 14 Hurd, boards 57 
Massachusetts Corporation 

Minehan Michael, laborer, house 62 Adams 

Miner Abram, hostler, 159 Middlesex, boards 18 Grand 

Miner Chas., Merrimac, house 120 Merrimac Corporation 

Miner Wilham, Appleton, house 104 Moody 

Mitchell Daniel F., Lowell, house Varney, corner Mount 

Mitchell Edmund, Merrimac, boards 12 Merrimac Corporation 

IVIitchell George E. photographist and daguerreotypist, 89 Mer- 
rimac, house 37 Andover 

Mitchell James M. macliinist, house r. 109 River, Centralville 

Mitchell Loring, machinist, boards 35 Suffolk 

Mitchell Wilham, Merrunac yard, hoiise 22 Broadway 

Moar vStephen, Merrimac, house 25 Merrimac Corporation 

Moar Stephen C. house 25 Merrimac Corporation 

MofFatt James, Hamilton Print Works, house 44 Gorham 

Mohan Mary, house 16 Davis 

MoUour Joseph A. sashmaker, boards 6 South Franklin court 

Molloy George, trunk manufacturer, 61 Market, h. 59 do. 

Monagan Ann and Ellen, h. E. Merrimac, c. Brown 

Monagan Arthur, laborer, house rear 270 Merrimac 

Monagan John, Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 

Monaghan Henry, house Lee 

Monahan John, laborer, house 24 Jefferson 

Montague James, clerk, house 49 Bartlett 

Montay Albert, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 

Montay Wellington, Lawrence, b. 68 Lawrence Corporation 

Montcalm Anthony W. botanic pliysiciau, h. 219 Central 

Montcalm Emeline H. dressmaker, boards 219 Central 

Moody Alphonzo F. painter, house 22 Warren 


Moody Amos P., Massachusetts, house 61 Massachusetts Corp. 

Moody Andi-ew, boards Merrunac House 

Moody Daniel, house 5 Dodge 

Moody Daniel jr. Lawrence Corporation, house 4 do. 

Moody David J. house Nesmith, corner Wyman 

Moody Frederick, machinist, boards 94 Middlesex 

Moody Job, teamster, house 65 Butterfield 

Moody Joseph D., Indian doctor, house 6 Chapel 

Moody Mahala, boardinghouse, 2 Suffolk Corporation 

Moody Paul Mrs. house Nesmith, corner Wyman 

Moody Sarah, house 133 Merrimac Corporation 

Mooney Benjamin G. farmer, house Chelmsford, near the line 

Mooney Bridget, widow, house 6 Wall 

Mooney Christopher, beer and mineral water manufacturer, 116 

Middlesex, house 6 Wall 
Mooney Henry, painter, house 6 Bang block 
Mooney Jolm C. carpenter, house 83 Howard 
Mooney Lawrence, boards 6 Wall 
Mooney Michael, laborer, house rear 22 Winter 
Mooney Patrick, Bleachery, house 8 Congress 
Mooney Peter, Prescott, boards 27 Massachusetts Corporation 
Mooney Samuel, Lawrence, house Oliver, c. School 
Mooney Thomas, Massachusetts, house 11 Wall 
Moor James R. house 36 Church 
Moore Albert M. boards 30 Clay 

Moore Alonzo P. clerk, 42 Merrimac, boards 48 Church 
Moore Ann, house 6 Race 
Moore Azubah, widow, house 61 Union 
Moore C. B. Mrs. dressmaker, house 134 Suffolk 
Moore Charles C. & Co. grocers, 12 Merrimac, house 394 do. 
Moore Edwin F. shoemaker, house 141 Moody 
Moore Ephraim S. engineer, house 138 School ^ 
Moore Francis L. house Gorham, near Railroad 
Moore George F., Lowell Corporation, boards 13 Central 
Moore Harriet Mrs. boardinghouse, 2 Jackson 
Moore Horatio N. overseer, Lawrence, h. 87 Lawrence Corp. 
Moore Horatio N. manuf. of milHnery goods, 40 Rock, h. do. 
Moore Humplirey F., Merrimac, house 174 Merrimac Corp. 
Moore Ira, at J. M. Washburn & Son's, boards 21 Market 
Moore James M. overseer, Middlesex, house 30 Clay, cor. Oak 
Moore James M. machinivSt, boards 10 Cabot 
vloore John, iceman, boards 61 Union 
Moore John G., Middlesex, house 24 Wamesit 
Moore John L. shoemaker, boards 38 Cabot 
Moore John N. bootmaker, 193 Central, house do. 
IMoore Joseph, Engineer, Mechanics' Mills, house 14 Rock 


Moore Lucius B. cigar manufacturer, Gorham, corner Moore, 

house Moore 
Moore Mary G. Mrs. house ] Suffolk Corporation 
Moore Nicholas, house 4 Reed's court 

Moore Salathiel, shoecutter, 232 Merrimac, house rC8 Middlesex 
Moore Susan, widow, house 141 Moody- 
Moore Susan Mrs. house 4 Moore 
Moore Tliomas, house 62 Church 

Moore , spinner, Middlesex, boards 7 Lawrence 

Moors Albert, farmer, house Stone House, Moore street 

Moors Augustus P. produce, house Moore street 

Moors James A. Mrs. house 31 Fletcher 

Moors Simeon Mrs. house Stone House, Moore street 

Moran Bernard, painter, house 1 Howe 

Moran Celia, house 74 Lowell 

Moran Hugh, laborer, house 26 North 

Moran James, laborer, house rear 37 Fen wick 

Moran James, laborer, house 37 Lowell 

Moran James, laborer, house River, Centralville 

Moran John, saloon, 32 John, house 14 Massachusetts Corp. 

Moran John, laborer, house Davidson, comer Howe 

Moran John, laborer, house 2 Fenwick 

Moran Mary, widow, house 3 Howe 

Moran Mary, house 24 Jefferson 

Moran Michael, at William Kittredge's, house 3 High 

Moran Michael, Boott, house rear 25 Lowell 

Moran Michael, Middlesex, house Howe, corner Davidson 

Moran Patrick, grocer, 128 Lowell, house 21 Tremont 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house 13 Fenwick 

Moran Peter, baker, house 2, Dane 

jMoran Thomas, foundry, house Smith, near Liberty 

Moran William, laborer, house rear 73 River, Centralville 

Moran William, laborer, house 2 Cummiskey's alley 

Moreton Hannah, house 23 Tremont Corporation 

Morey Charles C, Middlesex, boards 49 Massachusetts Corp. 

Morey Clara Mrs. house 13 Union 

Morey Dolly, widow, house 32 Bartlett 

Morey George C. painter, 75 E. Merrimac, house 10 Chestnut 

Morey George F. (Knapp ^ M.) publishers " Citizen and News," 

44 Central, house 9 Cabot Block, Cabot street 
Morey Sherman M., Lowell Machine Shop, house 22 Swamp 

Locks, Button 
Morey William, Merrimac, house 35 Tremont 
Morey WilHam, printer, " Citizen" office, house 32 Bartlett 
Morgan Ann, widow, house 75 Lowell 
INIorgan Betsey, widow, house 22 Fifth, Centralville 


Morgan Chi'istopher, Lawrence, house 36 Lawrence Corporation 
Morgan Ebenezer, employment office, 314 Merrimac, corner 

Suffolk, boards 36 Lawrence Corporation 
Morgan Henry, Middlesex, house 9 Union 
Morgan Luther S. watchmaker and jeweller, 60 Central, house 

112 Middlesex 
Morgan Pameha Mrs. boards 36 Lawrence Corporation 
Morgan Shapley, Tremont, boards 36 Lawrence Corporation 
Morgans Morgan, machinist, house rear 135 Middlesex 
Moriarty John, farmer, house at WilUam Wyman's 
Moriarty Maurice, Massachusetts, house River, Centralville 
Moi-rill Abner W. clerk, John, c. Merrimac, b. 26 Boott Corp. 
Morrill Amos, house 10 Prescott Corporation 
Morrill Charles, teacher. Green School, boards Merrimac House 
Morrill Ehzabeth, widow, house 126 Middlesex 
Morrill Ezra, carpenter, house 81 Broadway 
Morrill Hannah A. variety store, 93 Central, h. 126 Middlesex 
Morrill Jefferson, agent, house 82 Howard 
Morrill John L. machinist, house 1 6 Marshall 
Morrill Joseph, boardinghouse, 102 Moody 
Morrill Louisa B. boardinghouse, 10 Prescott Corporation 
Morrill Nathaniel W. painter, house 25 Walnut 
Morrill Sarah, house 120 Moody 
Morris James, Appleton, house 80 Middlesex 
Morris James, peddler, house Cross, opposite Marion 
Morris John, Appleton, boards 70 Middlesex 
Morris John, Massachusetts, boards 23 George 
Morris John, machinist, house 10 North Frankhn court 
Morris Martin, baker, 34 Paige, house do 
Morris Nancy, widow, house 59 Union 
Morris Owen, Hamilton, 5 Middlesex place 
Morrisey Michael, laborer, house rear 81 Market 
Morrison Charles, operative, house Button, corner Wamesit ct. 
Morrison Christopher, Prescott, boards 47 Middle 
Morrison Daniel, laborer, house 31 Worthen 
Morrison David, currier, house 10 Decatur 
Morrison Frank, Massachusetts, boards 47 Middle 
Morrison Hannah T. Mrs. boardinghouse, 4 Merrimac Corp. 
Morrison Hugh, house 116 Middlesex 
Morrison James, Merrimac, house 24 Worthen 
Morrison James, laborer, house 47 Middle , 

Morrison James, Boott, house 1 Gray's place 
Morrison James G., Middlesex, house 60 Church 
Morrison James L., Appleton, boards at John Morrison's 
Morrison John, overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 30 do. 
Morrison John F. music teacher, boards 30 Aj^pleton Corporation 


Mon'isoii Nathan, Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 

Morrison Richard, laborer, liouse 27 Worthen 

Morrison Robert H. job wagon, house 14 Floyd 

Morrison William, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Morrison William D. Mrs. house 45 Summer 

Morrow John, iron moulder, house 52 Chestnut 

Morrow Matthew, Bleachery, house 26 Cedar 

Morse Caroline X*. widow, house 29 Howard 

INIorse Charles, farmer, boards 8 Fifth, Centralville 

Morse Charles, watchman, house 16 Appleton Corporation 

Morse Charles. H. clerk, 146 Central, h. 6 Read, Centralville 

Morse Dolley, widow, house 8 Fifth, Centralville 

Morse Edwin L., Suffolk, house 50 Cushing 

Morse Elizabeth, widow, house Water, near Pond 

Morse Ezekiel R. expressman, house 48 Bartlett 

Morse Franklin G. grocer. Bridge, corner Sixth, Centralville 

Morse George H. boards 43 Summer 

Morse Henry O. (Lovejoy &; Morse), Yiyqtj stable, h. 20 Stackpole 

Morse (Isaac S.) & Stephens (George), counsellors, 49 Central, 

house 8 Stackpole, near Alder 
Morse Isaiah, Lawrence, house 18 Lawrence Corporation 
Morse James, Stott's Mills, house 14 Pleasant 
Morse James C. fruit, &c. 143 Central, house 14 Church 
Morse James E. machinist, boards 38 Lagrange 
Morse James N. at A. L. Wait & Co.'s, house 45 Willie 
Morse James W., Appleton, boards 43 Summer 
Morse John W., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Morse Joshua B. clerk, Lawrence C. R. h. 18 Lawrence Corp. 
Morse Luther B. physician, 55 Merr. c. John, h. 145 East Merr. 
Morse Nathan C. shoemaker, house 136 Suffolk 
Morse Nelson Mrs. house 5 South Frankhn court 
Morse Sarah M. Mrs. house 11 Tyler 

Morse Wilham, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 
Morse Wilham, at Stott's Mills, house Water, near Pond 
Morse Wilham G. overseer, Mass. house 46 Mass. Corporation 
Morse William W. loom harnessmaker, 4 Salem, house 8 Cabot 
Morse WilHs, house 43 Summer 

Mort James W. cigar manuf. 77 Central, house 52 Bartlett 
Morton Isaac, painter, 139 Central, house 23 Church 
Moses Isaac S. shoemaker, 12 Tilden, house rear do. 
Moses Joseph L., Lowell Machine Shop, house 54 Appleton 
Moshier David W., Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Moshier Stephen H., Lawrence Corporation, boards 67 do. 
Moss Joseph, overseer, Hamilton, house 36 Hamilton Corp. 
Moss William, Hamilton, boards 36 Hamilton Corporation 
Motley George, agent, Appleton, house 43 Nesmith 


Motley Robert, stonecutter, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 

Mott D. Rev. house 2 Stackpoie 

Moulton Charles N. clerk, 35 Merrimac, b. 20 Third, Centralville 

Moulton Ehza, house 35 South 

Moulton Ira Mrs. boardinghouse, 29 Hamilton Corporation 

Moulton Jeremiah, starcher, Bleachery, house Ayer's New City, 

near London street 
Moulton (John jr.) & Adams (Enos //.J, boot and shoemakers, 

35 Merrimac, house 20 Tliird, Centralville 
Moulton Jolm L. mason, house 4 Alder 

Moulton Mary C. widow, house Chelmsford, 3d above Howard 
Moulton Moses S., Lowell M. S. boards 29 Hamilton Corp. 
Moulton "Wyatt, machinist, house 6 Lagrange court 
IMowe Daniel, physician, 94 Middle, near Shattuck, house do. 
Mowe George S. prop. Mowe's Cough Balsam, 94 IVIiddle, h. do. 
Moxley Harvey, boards 6 Prescott Corporation 
iMoxley Philena E. widow, boardinghouse, 6 Prescott Corp. 
Mudgett Frank, painter, boards 1 George 
JMugford George, laborer, house 4 Keene 
Mulagh Margiiret, variety store, 11 East Merrimac, house do. 
Mulcahy Deborah, widow, house 3 Knowles place 
Mulcahy James P. painter, house 40 Lowell 
Muldoy Ann, widow, house Davidson's lane 
Mulhern Catharine, widow, house 63 River, Centralville 
Mulhern Owen, Prescott, house 20 William 
Mullen Ann, widow, house 12 Salem 
Mullen Catharine, house 11 East Merrimac 
Mullen Dennis, shoemaker, house 24 William 
Mullen Hugh, Hamilton, boards 15 Summer 
Mullen James, in Gas Works, house 9 Worthen 
Mullen James, machinist, house 265 Middlesex 
Mullen John, laborer, boards 51 Lowell 
Mullen John Mrs. house 14 Winter 
Mullen John, pressman, 34 Merrimac, house 118 Suffolk 
Mullen John, tailor, house 118 Suffolk 
Mullen Michael J., Stott's Mills, house 75 Charles 
Mullen Patrick, laborer, house rear 17 Summer 
Mullen Thomas, house 37 Tremont 
Mullen William, house 9 Winter 
MuUery Patrick, laborer, house rear 12 Little 
Mulroy Patrick, laborer, house 7 Mc Carry court 
Mulvaney Matthew, wool sorter, boards 11 Davidson 
Mulvey Jolm, labors house 74 Lowell 
Mulvey Peter, labor '^", Louse 76 River, Centralville 
Mungel Edward, laborer, house 22 WilHam 
Mungel Mary, widow, house 28 William 


Munn Charles II. painter, house 10 Fifth, Centralville 

Munn Francis D., Massachusetts Corporation, house 69 Bridge 

Munn Frederick, Prescott, house 16 Massaclui setts Corporation 

Munroe Charles, Massachusetts, house 32 High 

Munroe Lyman C. clerk, Railroad Bank, Carleton building, 

boards 32 High 
Munroe Robert, currier, boards 5 Thorndike 
Munsey Alfred T., Boott, house 2 John street avenue 
Murdock WilHam D. carpenter, house Howard, c. Middlesex 
Murkland George, printer, boards at Wm. Murkland's 
Murkland Wilham, overseer. Carpet Mill, h. Hancock avenue 
Murphy Alonzo, Merrimac, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 
Murphy Bridget, widow, house 40 Fenwick 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 49 Market 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 61 Lowell 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 106 Suffolk 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 53 Lowell 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 64 Gorham 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 15 Davis 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, house 20 Howe 
Murphy Cornelius, carpet weaver, house 16 Keene 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, house 21 Lewis 
MurjDhy Daniel, laborer, house rear 24 Lowell 
Murphy Daniel, house 16 Dummer 
Murphy Daniel, house Howe, near Davidson 
Murphy Edward, laborer, house rear 93 Gorham 
Murphy Ellen, widow, house 7 Andover 
Murphy Ellen, widow, house 294 Merrimac 
Murphy Florence, house Broadway, near Marion 
Murphy James, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Murphy James, Massachusetts, boards '24 Hurd 
Murphy James 2nd, Prescott, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, house 7 Andover [court 

Murphy Jeremiah, Merrimac Print Works, house 1 Smith's 
Murphy Jeremiah, carpet weaver, house 2 Swift 
Murphy Jolm, Hamilton, house 66 Charles 
Murphy John, tailor, 47 Market, house do. 
Murphy John, at C. B. Richmond's, house 132 Lawrence 
Murphy John, laborer, house 127 Lowell 
Murphy John, Lowell, house 50 Middle 
Muri^hy John, laborer, house 3 Jefferson 
Murphy John B. Mrs. house 40 Cabot 
Murphy Mrs., Lowell Carpet Mill, h. r. 53 Market 
Murphy Mrs. widow, house 20 Jefferson 
Murphy Margaret Mrs. house rear River, Centralville 
Murphy Mary, widow, house rear River, Centralville 


Murphy Mary, house Broadway, near Marion 

Murphy Mary Mrs. house 35 Lowell 

Murphy Mary Mrs. house 3 Jefferson 

Murphy Michael, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Murphy INIichael, Middlesex, house G8 Church 

Murphy Patrick, tailor, 5 Central, house 150 Lowell 

Murphy Patrick, Middlesex, house 11 North 

Murphy Patrick jr. tailor, house 150 Lowell [East Merrimac 

Murphy Patrick H. gardener, at Judge Crosby's, house 110 

Murphy Richard, currier, house 177 Central 

Murphy Thomas, house 20 Howe 

Murphy Timothy, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house 43 Fenwick 

Murphy Timothy, Prescott, house 24 Lowell 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house 23 William 

Murphy William, boardmghouse, 13 Davis 

Murphy William, in sawmill, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Murphy William, shoemaker, 248 Merrimac, house do. 

Murphy William, laborer, house 7 Mc Carry court 

Murray Andrew, Lowell, h. 9 Lagrange, near Suffolk 

Murray Catharine, widow, house 38 South 

Murray Francis, Meriimac, house Green, near George 

Murray John, laborer, house 70 Lowell 

Murray John, Prescott, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Murray John, Lawrence, boai'ds 56 Lawrence Corporation 

Murray John, Stott's Mill, house rear 20 Howe 

Murray John, laborer, house 2 Water 

Murray Mary, widow, house 41 East Merrimac 

Murray Michael, laborer, house 83 Lowell 

Murray Michael, laborer, house 330 J Merrimac 

Murray Patrick, junk, house 38 South 

Murray Patrick, laborer, house 8 Lewis 

Murray Patrick, fireman, Merrimac House 

Murray Patrick, Merrimac, house rear 52 Moody 

Murray Thomas, Lawrence, b. 56 Lawrence Corporation 

Murray Timothy, laborer, house rear 62 Adams 

Murray Timothy, stonemason, house Water, near Andover 

Murtagh James, Massachusetts, b. 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Murtle John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 3 Buttrick's block, 

East Pine 
Murtough Mary, widow, house rear 51 Middle 
Murtough Patrick, Bleachery, house 27 do. 
Mussey Bailey, Merrimac, b. 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Mussey Hiram C, Merrimac, b. 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Muzzey Asa 'A., Hamilton, house 65 Hamilton Corporation, 


_ - 


Muzzey S. Eugene, clerk, 77 Merrimac, bds. 65 Hamilton Corp. 
IMyers Ferdinand J. moulder, house 71 Mechanic 
Myers Ferdinand J. jr. machinist, boards 71 Mechanic 
Myers Henry L., Massachusetts, h. 55 Massachusetts Corp. 
Myers "William, moulder, house 33 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Myrick "Wilham, hairdresser, boards 5 Jackson 

NABOW GEORGE, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corp. 

Nary Daniel, Hamilton, house 3 Goward place 

Nary David, laborer, house 15 Summer 

Nash Eliza, widow, house 118 Lowell [Butterfield 

Nash James W. bookkeeper at Gushing & Mack's, house 5 

Nash William, house 3 Linden 

Nason Charles, sashmaker, boards 5 Jackson 

Nason Mary Miss, house 148 Suffolk 

Nason Phcebe, widow, house 22 Austin 

Nason Royal T., Lawrence, house 22 Austin 

Nawn John, Merrimac, h. 97 Merrimac Corporation 

Nawn Richard, Massachusetts, house 30 Fayette [17 Ames 

Nay lor George, carpet manufacturer, Whipple's Mills, house 

Neal Daniel F. pattern maker, house 52 S. L., Worthen 

Neal Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, house 85 Howard 

Neal Mrs. house 404 Merrimac 

Nealen Anthony, house 26 Winter 

Nealley Benjamin F. Mrs. boardinghouse, 12 Lawrence Corp. 

Needham Maria Mrs. house 15 Andover 

Neilon Bartholomew, tailor, house Spring 

Neilon Mary, widow, house rear 31 Cedar 

Nelson Francis, laborer, house Buttrick's block, East Pine 

Nelson Robert, Merrimac, b. 136 Merrimac Corporation 

Nerney Roger, laborer, house 39 River, Centralville 

Nesmith James I. machinist, h. 20 Hamilton Corporation 

Nesmith John, office 6 Nesmith's building, house 83 Andover, 

opposite Park 
Nesmith Thomas, house Park, nearly opposite Chestnut 
Nettle Alice, widow, house 44 Gorham 
Nevens Robert B. boxmaker, house 41 Summer 
Nevins Cliristopher, Hamilton P. W. house rear 103 Gorham 
Nevins Michael, Hamilton P. W. house rear 103 Gorham 
Newcomb Silas D., Massachusetts, house 30 Mass. Corporation 
Newell Lafayette, Boott, boards 9 Lee 
Newell IMary R. Mrs. house 404 Merrimac 
Newell Patrick, laborer, house rear 75 Market 
Newell William, mason, boards 17 Market 
Newhall Abby, widow, house 36 Bartlett 
Newhall Samuel, at O. Allen's, house rear 124 School 


Newhall Timothy, chairmaker, boards Howard House 

Newton Carlos, Tremont, house 26 Tremont Coqwration 

Newton Charles E. fruit, &c., Adams, c. Fletcher, house do. 

Newton Henry L. C. printer, " Citizen" office, house 13 Chapel 

Newton Sarah Mrs. house 13 Chapel 

Ney Elemer J. designer, Lowell, house 37 Walnut 

Nicholas Rolla, watchman. Railroad, house 38 Rock 

Nichols Alanson, clerk, W. E. Livingston's, house 16 Branch 

Nichols Albert F. {Cole, Nichols, Sf Wilson), iron founder, 

Thorndike, near Jail, house 92 Applet on 
Nichols Alfred E. ( Watson, Parker, 4* Nichols), bobbin manuf. 

Wamesit Mills, boards at Converse Nichols's 
Nichols Almon, carriage painter, house 80 South 
Nichols Charles, 146 Central, house 5 Tyler 
Nichols Charles C. cotton, twine, and loom harness manuf. 84 

Broadway, house 131 Cross 
Nichols Converse, blacksmith, 138 Middlesex, h. 92 Appleton 
Nichols David, marble manufacturer, 59 and 61 Dutton, near 
Lowell Depot, house 18 Kirk 

Nichols Edwin, clerk at Smith & Nichols's, boards 31 Hanover 

Nichols George H. salesman, 134 Merrimac, h. 119 E. Merr. 

Nichols Gilman N. (Smith ^ Nichols), produce, 109 Mai-ket, 
house 31 Hanover 

Nichols Hiram Mrs. house 23 Cabot 

Nichols Isaac, marble worker, house 12 Franklin court 

Nichols Jacob, furniture, stoves, &c. Dutton, corner Lowell, h. 
2*8 Worthen 

Nichols Levi, confectioner, boards at A. B. French's 

Nichols Mary Ann, widow, house 6 Branch 

Nichols Moses G. boards 18 Fayette 

Nichols Oldin, machinist, and manufacturer of the patent com 
cob and oat crusher, house 314 School 

Nichols (William) & Co. (K D. Fletcher), grocers, 142, 144, 
and 146 Central, cor. Green, house 47 Nesmith, n. Andover 

Nichols Mrs. house 45 Charles 

Noble Atwell, shoemaker, boards 35 High 

Noble Charles, Suffolk, boards ,64 Moody 

Noble Emeline,. widaw, house 64 Moody 

Nolan CorneHus, laborer, house 4 Davis' court 

Nolan Terrence, laborer, house 3 Davis' court 

Nolan William, Boott, house River, Centralville , 

Noon Michael, Lowell, house rear 15 Dummer 

Noonan Dennis, Bleachery, house 173 Gorham 

Noonan Elizabeth, widow, house 4 Davis' court 

Noonan James, Middlesex, house 1 Andover 

Noonan John, laborer, house 3 Cummiskey's alley 


Noonan John, Middlesex, house 9 George 

Noonan Michael, laborer, house 134 Lawrence 

Noonan Patrick, laborer, house 150 Lowell 

Noonan Robert, laborer, house Taylor's court, rear 16 Mill 

Noonan Robert, laborer, house 134 Lawrence 

Noonan Stephen, laborer, house 40 Appleton 

Noonan Thomas, laliorer, house Union court 

Noonan Thomas, laborer, house 13 Hanover 

Noonan William, Merrimac, house 26 Lowell 

Noonan , laborer, house rear 13 Dummer 

Nooney Michael, Merrimac P. W. house rear 320 Merrimac 
Norcross Christopher T. physician, 120 Merrimac, boards do. 
Norcross Edwin, at freight depot, house 37 Branch 
Norcross Frederick M. student, Tyler's block, Central 
Norcross Isaac W. (Norcross, Saunders, ^' Co.), house Middlesex, 

corner School 
Norcross Nicholas G. Mrs. house Andover [Norcross's 

Norcross Nicholas W. (Norcross, Saunders, S^ Co.), b. Mrs. N. G. 
Norcross, Saunders & Co. (I. W. Norcross, C. W. Saunders, M. 

E. Norcross, Sf N. W. Norcross), manufacturers and dealers 

in lumber, steam mills, IVIiddlesex 
Norman Rufus, Merrimac, house 48 do. 

Norris Alvah C. lace and trimmings, 93 Merrimac, b. City Hotel 
Norris Arthur F. L. counsellor, 3 Canal block, h. 113 Gorham 
Norris George B. watchman, Boott, h. old road, Centralville 
Norris George W. student, 3 Canal block, boards 30 Chestnut 
Norris George W. livery stable, Warren, house 32 Hurd 
Norris John, mason, house 4 Pleasant 
Norris True, house 30 Chestnut 

Norris Wm. B., Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 
North Frederick T., Middlesex, house 53 Church 
North William, Middlesex, house 35 Lawrence 
North William L. (Adams 4* North), furniture, &c. 7 Central, 

house 47 Tyler 
Northam George R., Merrimac, boards 80 Merrimac Corp. 
Northrup A., Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corp. 
Norton Ann, widow, house 6 Brown's court, Centralville 
Norton Bradford, Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Norton Charles, Lawrence, boards 40 Lawrence Corporation 
Norton Fordyce R. printer, boards 9 Lawrence 
Norton James, gasfitter, house 3 Lowell place 
Norton James F. tailor, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Norton Michael, machinist, house 8 Pearl 
Norton Sophia, house 72 Mechanic 
Norton Thomas, laborer, house 3 Lowell place 
Norwood Georire, shoemaker, house 35 High 


Nottage IVIi's. house Pleasant, Centralville 

Nourburn Alfred, machinist, house 28 Swamp Locks, Worthen 

Nourse Francis H. superintendent Salem and Lowell Railroad, 

and Lowell and Lawrence Railroad, office at Middlesex 

street depot, house 105 Appleton 
Nourse John A. carpenter, house 3 Edgerly's court 
Nourse John H. carpenter, boards 3 Edgerly's court 
No-^^ell Foster, Lowell, house 141 East Merrimac, c. Willow 
No well George F., Lowell, house 141 East Merrimac 
Nowell John, machinist, house 8 Lagrange court 
Noyes Benjamin A. house 12 Austin, corner Moody 
Noyes Benjamin C. stonemason, house 87 Moody 
Noyes Daphua, widow, house 54 Andover 
Noyes Edward J. clerk, boards 16 Church 
Noyes Enoch, Wamesit Mills, house head of Perrin 
Noyes Henry, baker, boards 93 East Merrimac 
Noyes James, blacksmith, house 98 Middlesex 
Noyes John F. carpenter, Middlesex, n. Gorham, h. 19 Charles 
Noyes Joseph L. livery stable. Church, n. Central, h. 1 6 Church 
Noyes Luther, clerk, 134 Merrimac, boards 16 Church 
Noyes Newton T. machinist, boards 12 Austin 
Noyes Olive, widow, house 45 Fayette 
Noyes Person, furniture, &c. 39 Market, house 174 Gorham 
Noyes Samuel, Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 
Noyes William M. machinist, house 265 Central 
Nudd Abby P. Mrs. boardlnghouse, 37 Mass. Corporation 
Nugent Michael, house Green, near George 
Nugent Sarah, widow, house 19 Davidson 
Nugent Thomas, Hamilton, house 42 WilHam 
Nute (Andrew T.) & Potter (E. S,), scale manufacturer, 20 

Fletcher, house 14 Elm 
Nute Sewall, teamster, house 20 Smith 
Nutter Alfred, millwright, house 26 Cady 
Nutter Luther P. shoemalvcr, 264 Merrimac, boards 260 do. 
Nutter Martha and Sarah Misses, house 20 Massachusetts Corp. 
Nuttle JameSj Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Nye Albert, carpenter, house 5 Lawrence 
Nye George William, carpenter, house 6 Branch 
Nye James W. sa^limaker, house 2 Buttrick's block. East Pine 
Nye Joseph, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 

OAKES JOHN, laborer, house 34 River, Centralville 
Gates Mary, widow, house 5 Dempsey's yard 
O'Beirne Bridget, widow, house 18 Dummer 
O'Beime James, laborer, house 18 Dummer 
O'Beirne Patrick, Middlesex, house 93 Gorham 


Ober Oliver, Middlesex, house 21 Charles 

O'Brien Christopher, Middlesex, house 1 Water 

O'Brien Daniel, laborer, house rear 18 Dumraer 

O'Brien Dennis, foundryman, boards William Pender's 

O'Brien Ellen, widow, house 43 Adams 

O'Brien James, carpenter, house 73 Charles 

O'Brien James, laborer, house 43 Adams 

O'Brien Joanna Mrs. house 36 Lewis 

O'Brien John Rev. house Fenwick, near the church 

O'Brien John, laborer, house Cross, near Suffolk 

O'Brien John, laborer, house rear 7 Jefferson 

O'Brien John, Middlesex, boards 148 Central 

O'Brien John, Lowell, house 1 Water 

O'Brien John, Massachusetts, h. Coburn, n. River, Centralville 

O'Brien Joseph, house 5 Spring 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 22 Lewis 

O'Brien Michael, grocer, 118 Lowell, house do. 

O'Brien Michael, stone mason, house 43 Davidson 

O'Brien Michael, laborer, house 28 Davidson 

O'Brien Owen, house 26 William 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house 5Q Adams 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house 24 Fenwick 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house Adams, near Lowell 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house 45 Adams 

O'Brien Richard, Merrimac, boards 86 Market 

O'Brien Terence, Bleachery, house 10 Taylor's court 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house 4 Putney's court 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house 64 Gorliam 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house rear 12 Little 

O'Brien Timothy, house 6 Adams, near Lowell 

O'Brien WiUiam, Merrimac, house Kirk avenue 

Ockington David, painter, house 5Q Andover' 

O'Connell Dennis, Bleachery, house Carter, comer Livingston , 

O'Connell Patrick, blacksmith, 41 Middle, house 32 North 

O'Connell Richard, carpenter, house 43 Gorham 

O' Conner John, fruit, &c., Dutton, corner Fletcher, house head 

Worthen, near Dutton 
O'Connor Bridget, widow, house 15 Adams 
O'Connor Edmund Rev. house Fenwick, near the church 
O'Connor John, Bleachery, house 194 Gorham 
O'Connor Thomas, marble worker, house 85 Moody 
O'Day Bridget, widow, house 59 Gorham 
O'Day Margaret, widow, house 28 Gorham 
O'Day Michael, laborer, house 184 Gorham 
O'Donnell Ann, widow, house 31 Fenwick 
O'Donnell James, laborer, house Front, Centralville 


O'Donnell John, laborer, house 2 Fenwick 

O'Donnell John, bleacher, boards 12 Paige 

O'Donnell Mary, widow, house 31 Fenwick 

O'Donnell Patrick, laborer, house rear 29 Fenwick 

O'Donnell Patrick, Prescott, boards 24 Kurd 

O'Donnell Patrick, Massachusetts, house 1 Wall 

O'Donnell Thomas, laborer, house 18 Little 

Offutt Charles, mattrass maker, house 14 Abbott 

OfFutt George, upholsterer, house 292 Central 

Oifutt George F. upholsterer, 137 Central, boards 292 do. 

Ogelvie N. J. variety store, 8 Tilden 

O' Grady Patrick, Bleachery, house Gorham, corner Congress 

O'Hare Bernard (T.^B, O'Hare), boots and shoes, 240 Mer- 

rimac, boards 244 do. 
O'Hare Francis, Bleachery, house 32 Crosby 
O'Hare James, laborer, house 24 Winter 
O'Hare James, shoemaker, house 244 Merrimac 
O'Hare John, Bleachery, house rear 14 Livingston 
O'Hare Julia, house 2, opposite 31 Fayette 
O'Hare Lucy, wido^v, house 65 Dutton 
O'Hare Mary, widow, house 244 Merrimac 
O'Hare 'Michael, painter, boards 244 Merrimac 
O'Hare Patrick, laborer, house rear 17 Summer 
O'Hare Peter, house 102 Lowell 
O'Hare Thomas & Bernard, shoe dealers, 240 & 242 Merrimac, 

house 244 do. 
O'Hare Thomas, Bleachery, house rear 17 Union 
O'Hearn James, laborer, house 54 Lewis 
O'Hearn Mrs. widow, house 10 Cross 

O'Hearn William, Hamilton, boards 34 Hamilton Corporation 
O'Keefe David, at C. B. Richmond's, house 13 North 
O'Keefe John, gardener, house 31 East Merrimac 
O'Keefe Michael, house 54 South 
Olcott James S. botanic physician, 2 Adams, house do. 
Oldham Isaac, boardinghouse, 10 Suffolk Corporation 
Olmstead Leverett, machinist, boards 62 Broadway 
O'Malley Austin, Middlesex, house 16 William 
O'Malley Edward, machinist, boards at Miss Mary Abbott's 
O'Neil Catharine, widow, house 1 Hurd 
O'Neil Charles, peddler, house 39 Chestnut 
O'Neil Cornelius, machine shop, house 39 Fenwick 
O'Neil Daniel, laborer, house 75 Lowell 
O'Neil Dennis, Merrimac, house 97 Lowell 
O'Neil Elizabeth, widow, house rear 45 Middle 
O'Neil Francis, laborer, house 30 Summer 
O'Neil Francis, tanner, boards 28 Summer 


O'Neil Plugh, Lowell, house 22 Broadway 

O'Neil Hugh, laborer, house 2 1 8 School 

O'Neil Hugh, tailor, house 1 Ilurd 

O'Neil James, house rear 44 Salem 

O'Neil James, Massachusetts, boards 38 Paige 

O'Neil John, laborer, boards 148 Central 

O'Neil John, laborer, house 51 Middle 

O'Neil Margaret, widow, house 39 Lowell 

O'Neil Margaret, widow, house 34 River, Centralville 

O'Neil Margaret, widow, house 50 Lewis 

O'Neil Mary, dressmaker, 28 Summer 

O'Neil JVIichael, laborer, house 3 Davidson's lane 

O'Neil Michael, Hamilton, house 29 North 

O'Neil Patrick, laborer, house 5 Pleasant court 

O'Neil Patrick, house 27 Congress 

O'Neil Peter, house 13 Cedar 

O'Neil Terence, house 28 Summer 

O'Neil Thomas, Lowell, house rear 47 Middle 

O'Neil Thomas, laborer, house 6 Kidder 

O'Neill Bernai'd, grocer's clerk, 40 Gorham, boards 28 Summer 

Orange (Henry S.), & Eastman (Robert)^ dry goods, 84 Merrimac 

Ordway Alonzo, Lowell Corporation, house 1 do. 

Ordway Benjamin C. shoemaker, house Salem, corner Decatur 

Ordway Enoch, merchant, house 88 South 

Ordway Frank D. clerk, 132 Merrimac, bds. 9 Appleton Corp. 

Ordway Henry M. watchmaker, and jeweller, 86 Merrimac st. 

boards 5 Nesmith 
Ordway John L. cashier Lowell Bank, h. Liberty, near School 
Ordway Thomas Mrs. house 5 Nesmith 
Ordway William L. machinist, house 97 East Merrimac 
O'Reilly Thomas, teamster, house 40 Middle 
Orr Robert, Merrimac, house rear 19 River, Centralville 
Osborn Edmund E. at O. Allen's, boai'ds 246 Middlesex 
Osborne Louisa A. house 36 High 
Osborne Mary J. widow, house 16 Bartlett 
Osgood Asa C. clerk, 46 Merrimac, boards American House 
Osgood Augustus N. butcher, boards at Chas. F. Stiles's 
Osgood Caleb, picker shop, house 63 Bartlett 
Osgood Charles, farmer, house Gorham, opposite Moore 
Osgood George C. clerk, Merrimac, corner Suffolk, boards 360 

Osgood George N. painter 18 Middle, h. 11 Fourth, Centralville 
Osgood Isaac, Hamilton, house 43 Church 
Osgood Jacob N. butcher, boards Seth Gage's, Centralville 
Osgood Joseph C, Massachusetts, house 13 Fayette 
Osgood Levi, hackman, boards 11 Dodge 


Osgood Orrin F. clerk, 27 Central, boards Q5 Buttgrfield 

Osgood Otis, cliairmaker, house 42 Branch 

Osgood Samuel, overseer, Hamilton, boards 43 Church 

Osgood Sarah S. house 53 Butterfield 

Osgood Wilham F. surveyor, house 65 Butterfield 

Osmore Francis, stonecutter, boards 60 Merrimac Corporation 

Osmore Isaac, stonecutter, house 60 Merrimac Corporation 

Osterhoudt Simeon D., Lawrence Corporation, boai"ds 35 do. 

Otis John, lumberman, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 

Otis Silas D. teamster, at Bleachery, house 23 do. 

Otto John, clotliing, 4 Appleton's Block, boards 13 Central 

Owen Mathew, mason, house 4 Luther's court 

Owen William N. provisions, 77 East Merrimac, house 52 do. 

Owens Florence, laborer, house 3 Fayette 

Owens Francis N. clerk, 77 East Merrimac, boards 52 do. 

Owens Frank, machinist, boards 1 Green 

Owens Patrick, at D. R. Kimball's, house 10 Dummer 

Owler Charles B. printer, " Vox Populi" office, h. 297 Central 

Ozier Mitchell, sawmill hand, house 1 Wilhe 

PACKARD AMOS, hostler, house 8 Hurd 

Packai'd Charles, Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 

Packard Eh, carpenter, house 128 Cross 

Packard Francis, farmer, house 412 Merrimac 

Packard George, telegraph repairer, house rear 118 Middlesex 

Packard Lucius B., Lawrence Corporation, house 76 do. 

Packard Nahum & Co. (S. M. Barnes), fur store, 122 Merrimac, 

boards at Merrimac House 
Packard William, Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 
Packer Marcus M. clerk, at D. W. C. Farrington's 
Packer Marcus M. clerk. Central, boards 31 Hanover 
Page Abigail Mrs. boardinghouse, 89 East Merrimac 
Page Alonzo, laborer, boards 35 Suffolk 
Page Ann Mrs. house 14 Warren 
Page Charles, mason, house 154 Gorham 
Page Charles K., IMerrimac, house Hampshire, Centralville 
Page Charles M., Bleachery, boards 1 Bleachery street 
Pago George, Merrimac Corporation, house 46 do. 
Page George W. carpenter, house 106 Isliddlesex 
Page Henry I. boards at Isaac Page's 
Page Ira M., Lawrence Corporation, boards 67 do. 
Page Isaac, Guard Locks, Broadway, near School, house do. 
Page James Y. stoves and tinware, 265 and 267 Merrimac, house 

School, corner Bower 
Page Jonathan, carpenter, house 194 Central 
Page J. Frank, carpenter, boards 194 Central 


Page (Lemml), Puffer (A. D.)^ & Warren (A, li.), provisions, 
groceries, crockery, and glass, 32 Middlesex, and 181 Cen- 
tral, bouse 26 Appleton 
Page Moses C. mason, house 47 Hanover 
Page Rinaldo, locksmith and clockmaker, 214 Merrimac, corner 

Maiden lane, house do. 
Page Samuel, mason, house 17 Austin 
Page Sarah E. dressmaker, 1 2S Merrimac, house do. 
Page Thornton, house rear 394 Merrimac 
Page Wilson W. doormaker, house 15 N. Franklin court 

Page , machinist, boards 71 Mechanic 

Paige Abner K., Merrimac P. W. house 35 Merrimac Corp. 

Paige Benjamin O., Hamilton, house 37 Appleton 

Paine Almon R., Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Palfrey Frank, machinist, boards 90 Middlesex 

Palfreyman George R. civil engineer, boards 172 Suffolk 

Palfreyman John Mrs. house 172 Suffolk 

Palmer Albert, Massachusetts, house 38 Prescott Corporation 

Palmer Alfred S. clerk, boards C Merrimac Corporation 

Palmer Asa A. blacksmith, 13 Dummer, house Mount Vernon, 

near Cross 
Palmer Benjamin, laborer, house Water, near Andover 
Palmer Charles P. studeut at T. Pearson's, boards 37 Tremont 

Palmer Daniel, house Bridge, near the line, Centralville 
Palmer Edward A. clerk, 59 Central, boards 159 do. 
Palmer Henry, salesman, boards 159 Centre 
Pahner Henry W. music teacher, boards 21 John [tralville 

Palmer Horace T. building mover, boards Daniel Palmer's, Cen- 
Palmer Jacob, tailor, at B. Warren's, boards 52 Massachusetts 

Palmer James M. provisions, boards 3 Massachusetts Corp. 
Palmer John, Tremont, house 156 Moody 
Palmer John B. stonecutter, house 3 Hunt's court 
Palmer John F., Merrimac, house 81 Merrimac Corporation 
Palmer Susan Mrs. house 5 Spring 

Palmer Wesley G., Massachusetts, h. 24 Massachusetts Corp. 
Papps Jesse, house 52 Andover, opposite Clay 
Park Andrew H. teacher (Boston), house 31 Walnut 
Park John, at Comins's, house 17 Smith 
Parker Aiken Mrs. boardinghouse, 11 Boott Corporation 
Parker Asel, carpenter, boards 7 Hamilton Corporation 
Parker Benjamin, clerk, house 54 Paige 
Parker Charles L. boards 18 Appleton Corporation 
Parker Chase E. job wagon, house Pine, near Liberty 
Parker Daniel, chairmaker, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 


Parker David, house 219 Central 

Parker David, shoemaker, house Tanners, near the tannery- 
Parker Dustin M., Lowell Machine Shop, boards N. Low's 
Parker E. C. Mrs. boardinghouse, 13 Massachusetts Corporation 
Parker Ehza H. widow, house Tenth, n. Bridge, Centralviile 
Parker Frederick, machinist, boards 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Parker George A. clerk, boards Tenth, n. Bridge, Centralviile 
Parker George W., Boott, house 16 Boott Corporation 
Parker Granville, Bleachery, house 5 Bleachery street 
Parker Hazen, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 72 Mechanic 
Parker Hiram, physician, John, next John street church, h. do. 
Parker James, carpenter, house Cambridge 
Parker James C. tanner, house 19 Queen 
Parker Jane, widow, house 5 High 
Parker Jepthah, farmer, house Liberty, near Pine 
Parker Jeremiah, Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Parker Jesse H. clerk, 158 Merrimac, b. 13 Mass. Corporation 
Parker John M. G. clerk at Post-office, house at Dracut 
Parker John W. boardinghouse, 94 Middlesex 
Parker Joseph, boards 22 Tyler 

Parker Joseph V. machinist, house Kiver, Centralviile 
Parker Josiah, Wamesit Mills, boards Favor, near Thorndike 
Parker Lucy and Maria Misses, h. 16 Appleton Corporation 
Parker Maria Mrs. boardinghouse, 5 Tremont Corporation 
Parker Milan A., Bleachery, house 2 Bleachery street 
Parker Nancy L. boardinghouse, h. 18 Appleton Corporation 
Parker Perley, real estate broker and insurance agent, house 

Mount Pleasant, Centralviile 
Parker Rhoda A. Miss, variety store, 181 Gorham 
Parker Sarah Mrs. boardmghouse, 28 Suffolk Corporation 
Parker Sarah Mrs. house 6 Third, Centralviile 
Parker Sarah Mrs. house 2 Tilden court 
Parker Theodore E. grocer, 65 East Merrimac, house 106 do. 
Parker William C. blacksmith, house Broadway, near Walker 
Parker William H. ( Watson, Parker, ^ Nichols), bobbin manu- 

facturerj Wamesit Mills, house 15 Franklin square, Adams 
Parkhurst Ebenezer N. house 63 Butterfield 
Parkhurst Matthias, at Cutter & Walker's, house 3 Chapel 
Parkhurst Samuel S. 221 Central, boards 159 do. 
Parks Archibald, laborer, house 19 North Franklin court 
Parks George, painter, 173 Central, house 175 do. 
Parks John, sawmiller, house 293 Middlesex 
Parks Jonathan, at T. B. Comins's, h. 18 Franklin sq. Adams 
Parmelee Alfred S. salesman, 134 Merrimac, h. 6 Merr. Corp. 
Parmenter Alfred A. machinist, boards 10 Lawrence Corporation 
Parmenter Charles H. Lawrence, b. 10 Lawrence Corporation 


Farm enter Cliarles H. Lawrence Corporation, boards 17 do. 

Parmenter Harriet, house Nesmith's block 

Parmenter Horace, overseer, Lawrence, h. 10 Lawrence Corp. 

Parmenter Horace W. student, boards 10 Lawrence Corp. 

Parmenter John C. clerk, 84 Merrimac, boards 35 Mass. Corp. 

Parmenter Micah, house 45 Union 

Paro Peter, shoemaker, 242 Merrimac, house 27 Austin 

Parshley Henry, moulder, boards 229 Middlesex 

Parsons Albert, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 

Parsons Eliza Mrs. house 87 Moody 

Parsons James, farmer, boards 12 Chestnut 

Parsons John, Hamilton, house 37 Hamilton Corporation 

Parsons Joseph N. carpenter, house 20 Adams 

Parsons ( William) & Gibby (S. J.), copper stamp and block 

cutters, Thorndike, c. Gorham, house Hale, n. Cambridge 
Partlow Nelson, at Otis Allen's, boards 246 Middlesex 
Partridge Ellen, widow, house rear 20 Howe 
Partridge George W. overseer Hamilton, h. 11 Hamilton Corp. 
Partridge William, Merrimac, house 2 Smith 
Pasco Justus L. machinist, house 21 North Franklin court 
Patch Benjamin, Merrimac C. R. house 166 Merrimac Corp. 
Patch Ephraim B. auctioneer and commission merchant, 3, 4, 

and 6 Commercial square, h. Chelmsford, ,n. City Farm 
Patch Jolin W. clerk at E. B. Patch's, boai'ds 12 Hurd 
Pati-ick David, painter, house 12 Race 
Patrick Samuel C. cigar store, 58 Merrimac, house 6 Ash 
Pattee Delevan, blacksmith, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Pattee Livonia D. Mrs. boardinghouse, house 34 Mass. Corp. 
Patten Davis B., Merrimac, house 61 Merrimac Corporation 
Patten John, laborer, house rear 76 Lowell 
Patten Joseph A. overseer, Lowell, house 22 Lowell Corporation 
Patterson Charles J. shoemaker, house 54 Andover 
Patterson Elizabeth H. house 17 Walnut 

Patterson George W. overseer, Lawrence Corporation, h. 27 do. 
Patterson George W. machinist, boards 13 Central 
Patterson James, Lowell, house 380 Merrimac 
Patterson James, Lowell, house rear 46 Charles 
Patterson James H., Bleachery, house 2 Bleachery street 
Patterson Samuel M., Merrimac Coi^^oration, house 1 65 do. 
Pattno Francis, Lowell, house" 1 Willie 

Paul Albert G., Massachusetts, boards 59 Massachusetts Corp. 
Paul Anne Mrs. boards 8 Lowell Corporation 
Paul Cornehus C, Sargent & Co.'s Express, boards 33 Bartlett 
Paul George K. gas fixtures (B.), house Linden, corner Auburn 
Paul S. D. machinist, boards 101 Central 
Paul Thomas, at Mather's mills, house 19 Walnut 


Paul William, designer, Hamilton, house 5 Willow 
Peabody Amasa, pattern maker, house 5 Lagrange court 
Peabody Baldwin T. at Wamesit Mills, boards J. G. Peabody's 
Peabody Desdemona, widow, house 5 Tilden court 
Peabody George W., Tremont, house 314 Merrunac 
Peabody Isaac, Merrimac, house 5 Dodge 
Peabody Jas. M. dry goods, 36 & 38 Merr. h. 147 East Merr. 
Peabody John T. carpenter, house Railroad, near Hale 
Peabody Joseph, teacher, Moody School, house 119 Gorham 
Peabody Joseph A. sash, doors, &c., Mechanics' Mills, house 34 

Peabody Josiah G. doors, sashes, and blinds, Wamesit Steam 

Mills, house Wilder, comer Broadway 
Peabody Levina, widow, house 314 Merrimac 
Peacock Abigail Mrs. house 19 Queen 
Pead Samuel F., Merrimac, house 99 Merrimac Corporation 
Peaks Joseph P., Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Pearl Frank F. billiards, 1 Shattuck, house Hanover, c. Moody 
Pearl Isaac, foundry, house 13 Queen 

Pearson Ambrose, ticket master Northern depot, house Middle- 
sex, near Walker [Central 
Pearson Elizabeth B. dressmaker. Post Office Building, bds. 101 
Pearson Daniel, Suffolk, house 8 Cabot block 
Pearson Edwin P. carpenter, house 60 Andover, 
Pearson George W. carpenter, 70 Middle, house 16 Clay 
Pearson Hiram E. carpenter, boards 6 Massachusetts Corp. 
Pearson James M. (J. S^ J. M. Peg,rson), h. Pawtucket, n. Beacon 
Pearson John & James M. grocers, 3 Savmgs Bank Building, 

house Lincoln, corner Chelmsford 
Pearson Mehitable, widow, house 30 Bartlett 
Pearson Timothy, counsellor, 56 Central, boards 30 Bartlett 
Pearsons Nathaniel G. engraver at A. Sanborn's, house 23 Third, 

Pease Daniel, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Pease Lewis D. stonecutter, house 43 Branch 
Peaslee Arthur C. shoemaker, house 52 Stackpole 
Peaslee Eben L. boardinghouse, 4 Tremont Corporation 
Peaslee Sarah P. teacher, boards Thorndike, comer Summer 

Peaslee , carpenter, boards 5 Thorndike 

Peasley Orchard, fruit, &c. boards 5 Thorndike 

Peavey Jewett, machinist, boards 166 SuffiDlk 

Peck George A., Lowell Machine Shop, house 20 S. L., Dutton 

Peirce George L., Middlesex, house Pond, corner Pleasant^ 

Feirce John N. jr. cashier Merchants Bank, house 13 Harrison 

Peirce Leonard, Middlesex, house 13 Harrison 

Pekes Thomas J. millinery, 90 Merrimac, house 127 Moody 


Pelsue Isaiah W. Mrs. house 7 Pearl 
Pemberton Geor^^e W. slioemaker, boards 254 Merrimac 
Pender James, hiborer, house 19 Cross 
Pender John, foundryman, boards at William Pender's 
Pender Michael, Merrimac, boards at William Pender's 
Pender Thomas, machinist, boards 131 Middlesex 
Pender Thomas, boiler maker, bds. 43 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Pender William, laborer, house Suffolk, near Cross 
Pendergast Alice, widow, house rear 16 Dummer 
Pendergast Isaac, house 12 Charles 

Pendergast Peter, shoemaker, 34 Central, house rear 109 River, 
Centralville [h. 7 Fifth, Centralville 

Penhallow Benj. H. book and job printer, Wjman's Exchange, 
Penhallow L. E. Miss, house 11 Kirk 
Penn Charles H. peddler, house 3 Mason court 
Pennell Ada Mrs. house 29 Central 
Pennell Arthur, carriage maker, boards 113 Central 
Penniman Dean, wood dealer, 75 Salem, house do. 
Penniman Franklin H. teamster, boards 75 Salem 
Penniman George, fireman, B. & L. R. R. bds. 117 Middlesex 
Penniman Mary Miss, boardinghouse, 61 Boott Corporation 
Pennington Wm. F. fancy painter, Prescott, h. School, n. Westford 
Peple Antoine, teacher of French, 128 Merrimac, boards Merri- 
mac House 
Peple Henry, boards Merrimac House 
Percival Daniel, Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Perham Sarah, boardinghouse, 2 Lowell Corporation 
Perkins Apollos, Bleachery, house 180 Gorham 
Perkins Daniel F. billiard saloon, 14 Merr. h. 31 Boott Corp. 
Perkins David M., Boott, boards 33 Boott Corporation 
Perkins Francis S. machinist, house 86 Church 
Perkins George C, Hamilton, boards 21 Hamilton Corporation 
Perkins Henry P. paymaster, Lowell Bleachery, house 278 Gor 

ham, near Carter. 
Perkins James W. peddler, house 36 South 
Perkins John R., Merrimac, house 39 Merrimac Corporation 
Perkins Jonathan S. clerk at T. L. Jennings, house 139 Moody 
Perkins Major G., Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 
Perkins M. Gilbert, Tremont, house 31 Tremont Corporation 
Perkins Paul, overseer, Boott, house 33 Boott Corporation 
Perkins Solon A. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 180 Gorham 
Perkins Waldo A. foundry, house East Pine, near Nichols 

Perkins Mrs. house 72 Church 

Perley Enoch T. carpenter, house Yarney, corner Mt. Yernon 
Pero James, moulder, boards 70 Mechanic 
Pero Jerry, moulder, boards 70 Mechanic 


Perrin Lewis L. machinist, house 54 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Perrin Marcellus, on the Raikoad, house 1 Madison 
Perrin Mary J. di'essmaker, Middlesex, corner Thorndike, h. do. 
Perrm Willard, machinist, boards 1 Madison 
Perry Charles H., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. [ard 

Perry Jolm B. boarding stable, Middlesex, c. Howard, h. 10 How- 
Perry Oliver H., agent Middlesex Co. house at Andover 
Perry Oliver H. clerk at A. Putnam's, house 289 Central 
Persons Addison E. currier, rear C. M. Marvel & Co.'s, house 

44 Rock 
Persons Albert C, Lawrence, house 141 Moody [47 Merr. 

Persons John W. physician, 4 Nesmith's New Building, boards 
Persons Randolph (Cal.), house 30 Fourth, Centralville 
Peter Alexander C. botanic physician, house Tanner, n. Robinson 
Peters Lydia, house 6 Appleton Corporation 
Peterson Nelson, Hamilton, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 

Peterson Miss, house 8 Wamesit 

Pettegi'ow Stephen, Suffolk, house 6 Suffolk Corporation 
Pettes George W. corr. clerk. Dr. J. C. Ayer's house 10 Kirk 
Pettigrow John, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Pettingell John, carpenter and contractor, Mechanics' Mills, h. 

95 Appleton [Centralville 

Pevear James M. boots & shoes, 74 Merrimac, house 28 Fourth, 
Pevey Abial, overseer, foundry, house 8 Swamp Locks, Button 
Pevey George E., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 8 S. L., Button 
Pevey John M. moulder, house 26 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Pevey Merrill C. machinist, house 18 Swamp Locks, Button 
Phelan James D. fruit, house 9 Davis 
Phelan William H., Lowell Machine Shop, house 9 Davis 
Phelps Andrew J. blacksmith, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Phelps Ehzabeth, house Willie, near Franklin 
Phelps Francis, currier, boards 35 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Phelps Joel F. teamster, house 18 Franklin square, Adams st. 
Phelps Lorenzo, City Farm, Chelmsford, near the hne 
Philbrick Caleb, clerk, 12 Merrimac, boards 29 Union 
Philbrick Calvin, City Messenger, City Hall, house 29 Union 
Philbrick Charles H. clerk, 12 Merrimac, house 18 Race 
Philbrick John, Lowell Macliine Shop, \\. 10 S. L., Button 
Philbrick John E. painter, house 271 Merrimac 
Pliilbrick (iWoses E.) & Powell (J. C), provisions, 348 Merri- 

^ mac, house 125 Moody 
Pliilbrick Samuel H., Lowell, house 68 Warren 
Philbrook John W. painter, Lawrence Corporation, house 69 do. 
Philhps James C. machinist, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Phillips Jolm W. architect and civil engineer, 55 Central, house 

35 Salem 


Phippen Jonathan, Prescott, house 4 High street square 
Phipps AVilHam, laborer, house rear 109 River, Centralville 
Pickering Cyrus C. (P. M. Jefferson, Scott, Sf Co.), soap and 

candles, School, corner Middlesex, house 105 Howard 
Pickering Samuel K. jobwagon, house 192 Middlesex 
Pickering Theophilus, teamster, boards 192 Middlesex 
Pickman David, Middlesex, house 44 Water 
Pierce Abner, Lowell, boards 107 Moody 
Pierce Ashbel F. doormaker, house 46 Rock 
Pierce Charles, soapmaker, house rear 40 Charles 
Pierce Edmund, bootmaker, 26 Central, house at Chelmsford 
Pierce George, physician, house 128 Moody 
Pierce George, watchmaker, house 164 Gorliam 
Pierce James D., Appleton, house 29 Appleton Corporation 
Pierce James M. clerk, at Traders & Mechanics' Ins. Co. 27 

Central, house 264 Central 
Pierce Joseph B. painter, boards 107 Moody 
Pierce J. Warren, carpenter, h. 16 Franklin square, Lagrange 
Pierce Levi, machinist, boards 5 Thorndike 
Pierce Lewis, clerk, Middlesex, near Central, boards 46 Rock 
Pierce Lucetta, widow, house 107 Moody 

Pierce Olcott, shirt and collar manuf. 58 Lawrence, house 60 do. 
Pierce Samuel P. coppersmith, house 33 Walnut 
Pierce Stillman S. blacksmith, house head of Perrin 
Pierce Submit, widow, house rear 90 Merrimac 
Pierce William S. carpenter, house 17 Marshall 
Pighl Martin, dyer, boards 248 Gorham 

Pike Albert J. barber, Button, n. Fletcher, h. 3 S. Franklin ct. 
Pike Charles, clerk, house 381 Merrimac 
Pike Charles O. shoemaker, boards 381 JMerrimac 
Pike Daniel C. teamster, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Pike Henry William, blacksmith, boards 9 Worthen 
Pike Sarah Mrs. house 9 Worthen 
Pike Tryphena Mrs. house 381 Merrimac 
Pillsbury Harlan, physician, 24 Kirk, house do. 
Pillsbury Harlan H. physician, house 7 Kirk 
Pillsbury James, hostler, boards 18 Grand 

Pillsbury James B. at livery stable, 159 Middlesex, b. 18 Grand 
Pillsbury James M., Merrimac, house 123 Merrimac Corporation 
Pillsbury Lucy C. widow, house 10 Cabot 
Pillsbury Richard, at Otis Allen's, boards 339 Middlesex 
Pilsbury Benjamin P. printer, " Courier," house 74 Lawrence 
Pindar George J. clerk, 158 Merrimac, boards at J. D. Pindar's 
Pindar Joseph, house 29 Chestnut 

Pindar Joseph D. overseer, Massachusetts, house 29 Chestnut 
Pinder Charles, moulder, boards 7 Clay 


Finder Eliza A. widow of Joseph, house 7 Clay 

Finder Joseph, at Stott's Mills, house 7 Clay 

Fingree Henry B. house 26 Cabot 

Finney Alden, carpenter, house Middlesex, near the line 

Finney Samuel C, Massachusetts, house 45 Prescott Corp. 

Fiper Emerson M. painter, house 61 Church 

Fiper George W. machinist, Lowell, house 61 Church 

Fitkins Albert, machinist, boards 43 Frescott Corporation 

Fitkins George, Frescott, boards 43 Frescott Corporation 

Fitt John G. carpenter, house West, Centralville 

Fitts Luke, Lawrence, house 4 Ford 

Flace David, engineer, Wamesit Mills, house 34 Rock 

Flace Isaac, door, sash, and blind manufacturer, Wamesit Steam 

Mills, house 137 Fletcher, corner Butterfield 
Flaisted George F. express driver, 13 Austin 
Flaisted Leland, printer, boards 13 Austin 
Flaisted Rufus L. policeman. City Market, house 27 Walnut 
Flanche Henry, harnessmaker at J. A. Brabrook's, h. 101 Central 
Flastridge Charles A. fruit, &c. 2 Frescott, h. Elm, Centralville 
Flastridge Salmon, house 1 Ford 

Flatt James, Merrimac, house 104 Merrimac Corporation 
Flatt Joseph, Middlesex, house 7 Water 
Plimpton Albert B. (Fijield ^ Plimpton), carpenter, Wamesit 

Mills, house 6 Favor 
Flumado Oliver, barber, 19 Middlesex, h. Mt.Yernon, n. Westford 
Plummer Charles H. clerk, 45 Merrimac, boards 45 Hanover 
Plummer John A. butcher, house IVIiddlesex, near the line 
Plummer John W. bootmaker, house Oak, opposite Clay 
Plummer Samuel S. house 67 Salem 
Plunket Robert J., Hamilton, house 188 Gorham 
Flunkett Patrick, Tremont, house 146 Lowell 
Plympton Henry, farmer, house Mount Pleasant, Centralville 
Flympton Samuel, boardinghouse, 34 Hamilton Corporation 
Pollard Azro, Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Pollard Gorham L., Lowell Island House, house 31 AVillow 
Pollard Joseph S. city liquor agency. City Market, h. 17 Chapel 
Pollard Lucius, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Pollard Mary A. widow, house 1 5 Fayette 
Pollard R. B. Mrs. house 33 Chestnut 

Pollard Thomas, Merrimac, house 108 ^Merrimac Corporation 
PoUus Paul, cigar maker, boards 101 Central 
Pomfred James, pressman at " Vox Populi " office, house River, 

near Coburn, Centralville 
Pond Lovando S. & Co. ( Sereno H. Pond) clothing, 59 Central, 

boards 150 do. 
Pond Sereno H. (L. S. Pond ^ Co.) 59 Central, house 92 South 


Pooler Leander, Merrimac, boards 138 IVIerrimac Corporation 

Poor Charles E. caqienter, house 5 Everett 

Poor Eliza C. boardiiighouse, 52 Boott Corporation 

Poor Eveline L. Miss, boardinghouse, 4 Lowell Corporation 

Poor Henry Mrs. house 43 Prescott Corporation 

Pope John M. bookkeeper, house 89 Moody 

Postleton Ann, fruit, &c. 23 Tremont, house do. 

Postleton Thomas, boards 23 Tremont 

Potter Adah, house 67 Merrimac Corporation 

Potter Asa B. clerk, 51 Central, boards 30 Lawrence 

Potter Charles, Lawrence, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 

Potter Daniel F. harness maker, house 1 1 3 Appleton 

Potter E. S. (Nute Sf Potter) scale manufacturer, 20 Fletcher 

Potter Joseph, Suffolk Corporation, house 31 do. 

Potter Lucella Mrs. house 14 Adams 

Potter Mary, widow, house 79 IMarket 

Potter William, Suffolk, house 5 Cabot Block 

Powell James C. (Philhick ^ Powell) 348 Merrimac, house 34 

Tremont Corporation 
Powell John B. clerk, 348 Merrimac, boards 34 Tremont 
Powers Edward, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Powers Hannibal ( Streeter ^' Powers), grocers, John, cor. Merri- 
mac, house 22 Bartlett 
Powers Joel, house Dutton, near Wamesit Mills 
Powers John, Lowell, house 5 Carpet lane 
Powers John, handcart man, house rear 72 Market 
Powers John, Lowell, boards 55 Market 
Powers Margaret Mrs. house 22 North 
Powers Mary & Ann, house 30 Fayette 
Powers Matthew, house 18 Lowell 
Powers Michael, peddler, house rear River, CentralviUe 
Powers Michael, house 2 Livingston 
Powers Michael F. painter, boards 18 Lowell 
Powers Patrick, Merrimac, house rear 16 Dummer 
Powers Patrick, Merrimac, Print Works, house 24 Worthen 
Powers Peter, mason contractor, house 43 George 
Powers William, clerk, boards 212 Central 
Powers Wilham G. clerk, 144 Central 
Pratt Joseph W., Mass. house 30 Prescott Corporation 
Pratt Matthew C. planing and mouldings, Wamesit Mills, house 

Varney, near Mount Washington 
Pratt Reuben, machinist, boards 29 Suffolk [mac 

Pratt Samuel C. bookkeeper at J. Nesmith's, h. 156 E. Merri- 
Pratt Thomas, stair builder, 54 Cushing, house 1 Robinson 
Pray Charles B. clerk, 46 Merrimac, boards 260 Central 
Pray David, City Express, house 13 Smith 


Pray John J. mason, house 19 Third, Centralville 
Preble Austin D. watchman, Massachusetts, house 2 Massachu- 
setts Corporation 
Preble Jane, widow, house 21 Suffolk Corporation 
Prendergast Miles, operative, house 47 Market 
Prescott Charles, planemaker, house 13 Green 
Prescott Frank, carpenter, house 81 Appleton 
Prescott George W. at J. C. Ayer's, boards 61 Union 
Prescott James H., Merrimac Corporation, house 55 do. 
Prescott J. Harvey, clerk, 46 Merrimac, boards 50 Mass. Corp. 
Prescott Moody, stucco worker, 62 South, boards 14 Church 
Prescott Samuel D., Bleachery, house 30 do. 
Prescott Sylvester, machinist, boards 43 Boott Corporation 
Pressey George H. clerk, 12 Central, boards 217 do. 
Pressey Thomas W. constable, 55 Central, house 217 do. 
Preston Erasmus D. shoemaker, 18 Central, house 18 Third, 
Centralville [C. Whitney's 

Preston John, copper stamp maker, 186 Gorham, boards Mrs. 
Preston John, stencil cutter, boards 1 IMadison 
Preston John, Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Preston IMarcellus, Massachusetts, house 24 Mass. Corporation 
Preston Munroe A. millinery goods, 6 Welles Block, Merrimac, 

house 24 Tliird, Centralville 
Preston Samuel W. shoemaker, house 7 Decatur 
Price Ann, Merrimac, house 59 Button 
Price Moses S. farmer, house 30 Bridge, Centralville 
Pridey William, blacksmith, house Davidson's lane 
Priest Charlotte, fruits and confectionery, 76 Central, house do. 
Priest John C, MaSs£»chusetts, house 10 Mass. Corporation 
Priest jMary J. Mrs. boardinghouse, 30 Boott Corporation 
Priest Mary S. house 7 Suffolk Corporation 
Priest Nancy J. Mrs. boardinghouse, 60 Lawrence Corporation 
Prike William, Merrimac, house 26 Bridge, Centralville 
Prince Edward, boards 384 Merrimac 

Prince John D. Mrs. house 384 Merrimac [cor. School 

Prince John D. jr. chemical works, end of Pawtucket, house do. 
Prince Robert, boards 384 Merrimac 
Prius Peter, physician, boards 113 Merrimac 
Probert Richard (Taylor ^ P.), Mechanics' JNIills, h. 60 B'dway 
Proctor Fanny, widow, house 56 Worthen 
Proctor Heman, Lowell Machine Shop, house 2 S. L., Dutton 
Proctor Horace B. hairdresser, 6 Merrimac, house Sixth, corner 

Llewellyn, Centralville 
Proctor James, carpenter, 183 Central, house Loudon court 
Proctor James H^ Lowell M. S. house 12 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Proctor Joseph W., Merrimac, house 40 Merrimac Corporation 


Proctor Lizzie F. dressmaker, house 45 Hanover 

Proctor Mary, widow, house 322 Merrimac 

Proctor Patrick S. grocer, 68 Lowell, boards 32 Suffolk 

Proctor Seward N. carpenter, 183 Central, house Loudon court 

Proctor Sumner, porter at Washington House . 

Proctor William B. physician, Welles Block, house 4o Hanover 

Proper Abram, wood turner, boards 55 Lawrence Corporation 

Proper George, Lawrence, boards 55 Lawrence Corporation 

Puffer Asahel D. (Pa(/e, Puffer, Sf Warren), 32 Middlesex, 

house 13 Lawrence 
Puffer Farwell Mrs. house 54 Tyler 

Puffer Freeman W. clerk, 13 Market, boards 101 Central 
Puffer James F. furniture, crockery, and stoves, 13 Market, 

house Branch, near School 
Puffer Stephen, old metal dealer, boards Branch, near School 
Pulcifer Henry, Merrimac, house 163 Merrimac Corporation 
Pulcifer Hervey, at A. L. Brooks, house 111 Appleton 
Pullen Cyrus, clerk, South, c. Middlesex, boards 33 South 
Pullen John A. machinist, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Pullen Julius, lumberman, house 263 Middlesex 
Pullen Oren, at A. L. Brook's, boards 33 South 
Pullen Weston, provisions, 22 South, house 24 do. 
Pullen William, at A. L. Brooks's, house 33 South 
Pulvey Nancy, widow, house 6 Salem 
Purcell Catharine, widow, house 96 Lowell 
Purcell James, laborer, house rear 44 Lowell 
Purcell James, Boott, house rear Paige, near Bridge 
Purcell Jane, widow, house 47 River, Centralville 
Purcell John, plasterer, house 47 River, Centralville 
Purcell Thomas, laborer, house 3 Crosby 
Purcell Thomas, mason, house 37 Middle 
Pushaw James, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Putnam (Adam) & Currier (John), soap and candle manufac- 
turers, Lenton, rear Charles, house 12 Lawrence 
Putnam Addison, clothing warehouse, 45 Central, cor. Market, 

house Nesmith 
Putnam Alonzo, JNIassachusetts, boards 21 Mass. Corporation 
Putnam Edward, Boott, house 88 Howard 
Putnam Jacob D. grocer, 5 Prescott block, Merrimac, house 10 

Putnam John, Massachusetts, boards 21 Massachusetts Corp. 
Putnam Martha Mrs. house Salem, corner Decatur 
Putnam Perry, pattern maker, house 35 Lagrange 
Putnam Robert W. machinist, boards 39 Prescott Corporation 
Putnam Timothy T., Hamilton Corporation, house 10 do. 
Putney John, house 46 Tyler 


Putney Mary E. Mrs. house 36 Charles 

Putney , Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Putnode Joseph, baker, house 82 Moody 

QUANT GEORGE, carpenter, house 54 Merrimac Corp. 

Quigley Andrew, teanister, boards 3 Austin 

Quigley Dennis, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 

Quigley John, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 

Quigley John, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 

Quigley Margaret, widow, house 3 Austin 

Quill Margaret, widow, house 66 Bartlett 

Quimby Alonzo P. painter, 7 Thorndike, house 31 Lagrange 

Quimby Enoch, Tremont, house 36 Tremont Corporation 

Quimby James B. painter, house 10 Chestnut 

Quimby Sarah C. boarding house, 38 and 40 Boott Corporation 

Quinlan Cornelius, house 20 Dummer 

Quinlan James, laborer, house 65 Gorham 

Quinlan John, blacksmith, house 34 Elm 

Quinlan Michael, laborer, house rear High, near Chestnut 

Quinlan Michael, tailor, house 59 Gorham 

Quinlan Patrick, laborer, house rear High, near Chestnut 

Quinn Catharine, widow, house 10 Adams, near Lowell 

Quinn Charles, shoemaker, house 59 East Merrimac 

Quinn Edward, hostler, house 1 Crosby court 

Quinn Frank, laborer, house rear 13 Dummer 

Quinn Francis, laborer, house 27 Congress 

Quinn Francis, laborer, house 107 Lowell 

Quinn James, laborer, house 61 Lowell 

Quinn James (Tigh ^ Quinn), blacksmith, rear 39 Market, h. 

61 Lowell 
Quinn James, farmer, house «Cobui*n, n. River, Central ville 
Quinn John, laborer, house 10 Adams, near Lowell 
Quinn John, merchant tailor, 1 Appleton's block, house 7 Hurd 
Quinn Maurice, Lowell M. S. boards 62 Worthen 
Quinn Mrs. widow, house 13 Adams 
Quinn Neal, Hamilton, house rear 44 Gorham 
Quinn Owen, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Quinn Patrick, house 19 Union 

Quinn Patrick, boots and shoes, 116 Central, house 1 Hurd 
Quinn Peter, Hamilton, house 5 Pleasant court 
Quinn Peter, grocer, Adams, corner Salem, house do. 
Quinn Sarah, widow, house 27 jNliddle 
Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 12 Adams 
Quint Lorenzo, machinist, boards 98 Middlesex 
Quirk Patrick, blacksmith, house 6 Kidder 
Quirk Thomas, blacksmith, house 7 Crosby 


RACHE AZKO, clerk, boards 102 Moody 

RaiFerty John, Bleachcry, house 17 Keene 

Raiferty John, house 15 Winter 

Rafferty Patrick, dyer, Bleachery, house 28 Cedar 

Rafter James, laborer, house 44 Salem 

Ragan Charles, Appleton, boards 148 Central 

Ragan Daniel, Mather's Mills, boards 1 6 Keene 

Ragan Dennis, laborer, house rear 64 Adams 

Ragan John, laborer, house Thorndike, corner Hale 

Ragan Patrick, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 

Raiche Andrew, clerk, 64 Merrimac, boards 102 Moody 

Ramsdell W. H. machinist, boards 3 Hamilton Corporation 

Rand Ambrose, farmer, house 26 Water * 

Rand Charles W. boards 6 Prescott Corporation 

Rand David C, Gas Works, house 179 School 

Rand Eben H. policeman, office City M'k't, h. Union, Centralv'e 

Rand Enoch S. (Sargent 4* Co.), h. Merrimac, near Pawtucket 

Rand James B. ( Cutting ^ Rand), dry goods, 42 Merrimac, 

house 3 Read, Centralville 
Rand M. A. Miss, variety store, 37 Merrimac, b. Merrimac Ho. 
Rand Oliver P. house 33 Howard 
Rand Samuel, carpenter, house 9 Marshall 
Randall Jerome J. B. bookbinder, house 48 Paige 
Randall Jonathan, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Randall Robert B. clothing, hats, caps, &c. 31 Meri-imac, house 

59 Appleton 
Randlett David, clerk, 66 Middlesex, house 74 do. 
Randlett George K. city stable, h. Cushing, c. Wamesit court 
Randlett Mortimer B. fish dealer, ^^ Middlesex, house 23 Smith 
Ranlett Newell A. dry goods, 6 Central, boards 111 do. 
Rathery Joseph, laborer, boards 51 Lowell 
Rawlings Seva S., Lawrence Corporation, house 78 do. 
Ray Charles W. carpenter, house 282 Middlesex 
Ray Jesse W., Middlesex, house 7 Lawrence 
Ray John, house 10 Salem 
Ray Levi W., Middlesex, boards 7 Lawrence 
Ray Norman J., Sargent's Express, boards at E. M. Sargent's 
Ray Rose, dressmaker, 7 Lawrence, house do. 
Ray Thomas W. & Co. dry goods, 40 Merr. b. American Ho. 
Ray William H. cabinet maker, house 7 Oak 
Ray William H., Middlesex, boards 7 Lawrence 
Raymond Alfred F. hairdresser, house 49 Bridge, Centralville 
Raymond Daniel, hair manufacturer, 106 Merrimac, house do. 
Raymond Grosvenor, machinist, boards h^ Worthen 
Raymond Hannah, widow, house 70 Fayette 
Raymond Jeffisrson, Tremont, boards 21 Tremont Corporation 


Raymond Lewellyn, machinist, boards 56 Worthen 
Raymond Samuel E. clerk Gas Office, house 47 Andover 
Raynes George W. jeweller, 41 Central, boards 36 Lawrence 
Raynes Joseph, jewelry and manufacturer of silverware, 43 Cen- 
tral, house 36 Lawrence 
Read Elijah M. mason, *20 Prescott, house at Tewksbury 
Read George, shoemaker, boards 35 High 
Read George G. stonecutter, house Westford, near Grand 
Read Hannah, house 151 Moody 
Read John H., Merrimac, house 9 Race 
Read Michael, Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 
Read Robert & Son (Robert L.), grocers, 30 Bridge, and 

Bridge, c. Third, h. 20 Fourth, c. Read, Centralville 
Read Robert L. (Robert Read S^ Son), boards at R. Read's 
Read William, moulder, boards 42 Grand [Centralville 

Read William W. billiards, Post-office building, house 24 Read, 
Readdy Ambrose, teamster, house 51 Dutton 
Reader Edward, agent, house 9 Oak 
Reardon Mary, house 71 Adams 
Reardon Michael, machinist, boards 51 Lowell 
Reardon Patrick, laborer, house 138 Lowell 
Reardon Patrick, machinist, house rear 13 Dummer 
Reardon Susan, widow, house Dummer, near Mechanic 
Reardon Timothy, house 114 Middlesex 
Reardon William, laborer, house 36 Fenwick 
Redmond John, Boott, house Front, Centralville 
Redmond Lawrence, marble worker, house 329 Central 
Redmond Martin, laborer, house 4 Kidder 
Redmond Philip, Boott, house 52 Dutton 
Reed Ann Mrs. boardinghouse, 73 Lawrence Corporation 
Reed Charles, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Reed Daniel W. Bleachery, boards 22 Bleachery street 
Reed Edward E., Boott, house 73 Boott Corporation 
Reed Elbridge G. trader, house 43 Bartlett 
Reed Elizabeth, widow, house Bridge, near Dracut line 
Reed George, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Reed George N. currier, boards 12 Race 
Reed George W. L. bill poster, boards 170 Gorham 
Reed Gordon, machinist, house 50 Paige 
Reed Jonathan M. house Wilder 

Reed Joseph, engraver, Hamilton Print Works, house 78 South 
Reed Mary, widow, house 170 Gorham 
Reed Mary, widow, house River, Centralville 
Reed Mary A. dressmaker and boys' clothing, 109 Merrimac 
Reed Nathaniel K. bill poster, 21 Central, and periodicals, 79 
do. house 170 Gorham 


Reed Ransom, merchant (Boston), house 28 Tyler 

Reed Samuel, Bleachery, house 22 do. 

Reed Samuel, laborer, house 3 Tilden court 

Reed Sarah A. Mrs. boardinghouse, 23 Hamilton Corporation 

Reed Thomas C. farmer, house Westford, opposite Queen 

Reed William H., Appleton, house IG Appleton Corporation 

Reeve Horace, driver ice cart, boards at Abel Carkins 

Reeve William F. clerk, Washington House 

Reeves Samuel, peddler, house 14 Fayette 

Reid William, blacksmith, house Wamesit court, near Dutton 

Remick Andrew, painter, boards 32 Hamilton Corporation 

Remick Enoch M. millinery, 27 Merrimac, h. 113 E. Merrimac 

Remick Hannah B. milliner, 27 Merrimac, h. 113 E. Merrimac 

Rennstjena Lars ]\4i, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corp. 

Reynolds Amasa N. carpenter, house Railroad, near Hale 

Reynolds Bernard, grocer, 25 Summer, house do. 

Reynolds EdAvard, Stott's mills, boards 116 East Merrimac 

Reynolds Harrison H. machinist, boards at Aaron C. Burnham's 

Reynolds James, laborer, house 20 Winter 

Reynolds Mary, widow, house 116 East Merrimac 

Reynolds Michael, Massachusetts, house rear River, Centralville 

Reynolds Thomas, bootmaker, house rear 248 Merrimac 

Rhodes Jolm, overseer, Middlesex, house 15 Hurd 

Rial Rose, widow, house 8 Carolin's place 

Rice Clara J. Mrs. house 73 Middle 

Rice (Edward C.) & Bailey (Anson), Washington Market, 

131 Central, house 142 Lawrence 
Rice George W. painter, house 60 Church 
Rice Henry M. & J. butchers, 4 East Merrimac, h. 11 Auburn 
Rice Jonathan (H. M. ^ J. Rice), house 17 Auburn 
Rice Mary J. Mrs. house 265 Central 

Rice Moses, building mover, house South, corner Appleton 
Rich Susan, widow, house 26 Bartlett 
Richards George H. eatinghouse, 238 Merrimac, house do. 
Richards James jr. painter, house Front, Centralville 
Richards James C. W., Merrimac Corporation, boards 138 do. 
Richards John, Merrimac, house 57 Merrimac Corporation 
Richards Luther, wheelwright, house 17 Andover, near Water 
Richards Sarah, widow, house 17 Andover 
Richards Sarah, widow, house Front, Centralville. 
Richardson Abel, clerk, 9 River, boards at Merrill Richardson's 
Richardson Abijah, stonemason, house 12 Boott Corporation 
Richardson Abraham, boards at Sarah Richardson's 
Richardson Alden, stabler, house 40 Third 
Richardson Benjamin F. engineer, house 8 Mclntire 
Richai'dson Charles, carpenter, house 6 Franklin square, Adams 


Richardson Charles O. machinist, boards 11 Fifth, Centralville 

Richardson Cliarles AY., Lowell Machme Shop, house 50 Gushing 

Richardson Charles W. restaurant, 175 Middlesex, boards do. 

Richardson Cynthia Mrs. house 6 Chapel 

Richardson Daniel H. butcher, house Walker, corner Middlesex 

Richardson Daniel L. farmer, house Middlesex, corner Walker 

Richardson Dolly, house 22 Third, Centralville 

Richardson D. S. & G. F. counsellors, 55 Central, house 21 

Lawrence, corner Tyler 
Richardson Elbridge G. piano tuner, house 96 Gorham 
Richardson George, draughtsman, boards Merrimac House 
Richardson Geo. clerk, 18 Merrimac, b. Read, c. First, CentVille 
Richardson Geo. F. (D. S. ^ G. F. Richardson), counsellors, 55 

Central, house 180 East Merrimac 
Richardson Hannah, widow, h. Bridge, n. Old Road, Centralville 
Richardson Helen, widow, boards 23 Merrimac Corporation 
Richardson Howard A. clerk, 256 Merrimac, boards 21 John 
Richardson Licrease S. grocer, house Old Road, Centralville 
Richardson Ira G. currier, house 3 Common 
Richardson Joel, boards 8 Coburn, Centralville 
Richardson John A. clerk, 92 Central, b. Middlesex, c. Walker 
Richardson John B. groceries, Adams, corner Fletcher, house 4 

South Franklin court 
Richardson John M. farmer, boards Merrill Richardson's 
Richardson Jonathan, Tremont Corporation, boards 3 do. 
Richardson Josiah E. machinist, boards 7 Hamilton Corporation 
Richardson Lew^is B. broker, 80 Central, house 30 Willow 
Richardson Merrill, farmer, house Old Road, Centralville 
Richardson Nancy, house Old Road, Centralville 
Richardson Obediah, Lowell, house 11 Fifth, Centralville 
Richardson Obediah, house Bridge, near Old Road, Centralville 
Richardson Oliver A. gunsmith and sporting apparatus, 15 Middle, 

house Butterfield 
Richardson O. W. house 7 Butterfield 

Ricliardson Royal, Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 
Richardson Samuel M. at J. C. Ayer's, house 21 John 
Richardson Sarah Mrs. house Pleasant 

Richardson Sullivan, oysters and refreshments, 16 and 18 Merri- 
mac, house Read, corner First, Centralville 
Richardson Sumner, grocer, 9 River, boards at M. Richardson's, 

Richardson Susan, widow, house 21 John 

Richardson Thomas L. overseer Lawrence Corporation, h. Q(S do. 
Richardson William A. Judge of Probate and Lisolvency, 55 

Central, boards A. W. Buttrick's 
Richardson Wm. B. brass instrument maker, boards 96 Gorham 


194 LOWELL [ !{, ] DIRECTORY. 

Richardson Wm. C. overseer at J. Mather's, house 12 Floyd 

Richmond Cliarles B. paper manuf. office 21 Ames, h. Andover 

Richmond IMisses, house 38 Lawrence 

Rickards Lucy M. widow, house 113 East Merrimac 

Ricker Aaron, house 20 Suflblk Corporation 

Ricker Albert G. carpenter, boards 49 Massachusetts Corp. 

Ricker Charles, Merrimac, boards 138 Merrimac Corporation 

Ricker Charles E. machinist, boards 19 Cha})el 

Ricker Charles P. i)rinter, "Vox PopuU," boards 123 E. Merr. 

Ricker Ebenezer, mason, house 19 Chapel 

Ricker Sarah, boardmghouse, 20 Suffolk Corporation 

Ricker Timothy, foundry, house 11 Centre 

Riden Margaret Mrs. house 35 Crosby 

Riden Wilham, Bleachery, house 11 Crosby 

Rider James, painter, boards 24 Hurd 

Ridgway James, laborer, house 346 Central 

Riley Ann, widow, house rear 13 Charles 

Riley Bernard, wood yard, house 25 Davidson 

Riley Bernard, Stott's^ mills, house 17 Chestnut 

Riley Charles, machinist, boards 70 Swamp Locks, Mechanic 

Riley Daniel, tailor, house 25 Fenwick 

Riley Edward, foundry, boards 16 Summer 

Riley Ehzabeth, widow, house 267 Middlesex 

Riley Elizabeth, boardinghouse, 25 East Merrimac 

Riley Elizabeth, widow, house 54 Middle 

Riley Francis, Lowell, house 49 Adams 

Riley Hugh, laborer, house 3 Howe 

Riley Hugh, Lowell, house rear 54 Middle 

Riley Hugh, Boott, liouse 29 North 

Riley James, laborer, house 64 Adams 

Riley James, laborer, house 14 Chestnut 

Riley James, Lowell, house 87 Charles 

Riley James, grocer, 113 Market, house do. 

Riley James, house rear 15 River, Centralville 

Riley James Mrs. house 17 Cedar 

Riley Jeremiah, laborer, house 35 Summer 

Riley John, saloon, 52 Lowell, near Jeiferson, house do. 

Riley John, lalborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

Riley John, laborer, house 2 Buttrick's block. East Pine 

Riley John F., Middlesex, house 8 Water 

Riley Luke, laborer, house School, corner Lamson 

Riley Margaret, widow, house 41 Lowell 

Riley Mary, widow, house 35 Lowell 

Riley Mary, widow, house 2 Fenwick 

Riley Michael, wood yard, 15 Davidson, lioure do. 

Riley Michael, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 


Riley Michael, laborer, house 6 Suffolk court 
Riley IMichael, laborer, house 7 Carolin's place 
Riley Morgan, laborer, house 2 Brown's court, Centralville 
Riley Morgan, Appleton, house 7 Garnet 
Riley Patrick, j^eddler, house 48 Middle 
Riley Patrick, laborer, house 2 Fenwick 
Riley Peter, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 267 Middlesex 
Riley Peter, laborer, house rear 20 Wilh-am 
Riley Peter, Low^ell, house 54 Middle 
Riley Philip, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Riley Phihp, teamster, house 7 High 
Riley Thomas, at G. Naylor's, house 179 Lawrence 
Riley Wra. cotton batting maker, Whipple's IVIiU's, b. 3 "Whipple 
Rines John, clerk, Merrimac, boards 50 Moody 
Rines John, teamster, boards 339 Middlesex 
Rines John T. clerk, 46 Merrimac, boards City Hotel 
Ring Albert, overseer Hamilton Corporation, house 42 do. 
Ring Albert F., Hamilton Mill, boards 18 Merrimac 
Ring Charles G., Hamilton, house 90 Gorham 
Ring Dennis, laborer, house rear Cross, near Marion 
Ring Dennis, groceries, 102 Suffolk, house 100 do. 
Ring William, Lowell, house Cross, opposite Marion 
Riorden Patrick, paper maker, house 85 Gorham 
Ripley George & Co. (Joseph 4' Leonard Church ^ A. G. Ham- 
mond), manufacturer of cotton-batts, wadding, and paper, 18 
Appleton block, boards Merrimac House 
Ripley Joseph B. printer, 48 Central, house 3 Bangs block, 

Railroad street 
Ripley Thomas, farmer, house Westford, opposite Queen 
Ripley AVilliam F., Tremont Corporation, house 1 do. 
Ritchie John, teamster, house 13 Franklin square, Adams 
Ritchie John P. clerk, 50 Central, house 8 High street square 
Rix Benjamin F. music teacher, house 1 Hunt's court 
Rix James, painter, house 45 Charles 
Roach Catharine, widow, house 89 Adams 

Roach David W. Appleton, boards 29 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Roach Lawrence, Bleachery, boards 27 Bleachery street 
Roach Michael, laborer, at F. Holton's 
Roach Michael, laborer, house 64 Suffolk 
Roach Patrick, laborer, house 8 Molloy's court 
Roach Patrick, laborer, house 15 Green 
Roach WilHam, laborer, house 5 Davis's court 
Roark Farrell, laborer, house rear 245 Merrimac 
Robbins Charles H. mason, house 24 Chestnut 
Robbins Elijah, millwright, boards 192 Middlesex 
Robbins George, Lowell Machine vShop, h. 35 S. L., Worthen 


Robbiiis Geo. W., Lowell Machine Shop, house 2G6 JMiddlesex 
Kol)bins Hannah, widow, house AVillie, corner Franklin 
Robbins Henry, Lawrence Corporation, house 14 do. 
Robbins Jacob, house 182 East JMerrimac, opposite Park 
Robbins James A. at Wilder & Hunt's, boards 25 Market 
Roberts Charles, La^vrence Corporation, house 6 do. 
Roberts Eben A. currier, house 2-3 Suffolk 
Roberts George, clerk, 52 Merrimac, boards 3S John 
Roberts George E. at A. L. Brooks's, house 5 Mclntire 
Roberts Henry W., Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Roberts Horatio, Appleton, boards 8 Appleton Corporation 
Roberts John, Middlesex, house 12 Water 
Roberts John A. Lawrence Corporation, boards 75 do. 
Roberts John L. at A. L. Brooks, house 34 Franklin 
Roberts Merritt E., Appleton, house 8 Appleton Corporation 
Roberts Michael, house Suffolk, near Cross 

Roberts Natli'l, bootmaker, 35 Merrimac, h. 38 Third, Centralville 
Roberts Stephen B. box mill, house 19 N. Franklin court 
Roberts Thomas P. Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Roberts William, Boott, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Roberts , house First, Centralville 

Robertson James, clerk, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Robertson James, Lowell, house 18 Lowell Corporation 
Robertson Mrs. nurse, boards American House 
Robinson Alexander, Middlesex, boards G2 Fayette 
Robinson Alex. H. paymaster, Appleton, house 32 Lawrence 
Robinson Austin, Boott, boards 11 Boott Corporation 
Robinson Benjamin, clerk, 1 62 Merrimac, house 7 Harrison 
Robinson Chas. S., Prescott, house 65 Massachusetts Corporation 
Robinson Clarence W. clerk, boards 7 Harrison 
Robinson Don C. machinist, boards 101 Central 
Robinson Emeline Mrs. boardinghouse, 5 Boott Corporation 
Robinson Frederick W. bonnets, ribbons, and millinery goods, 61 

Merrimac, house 1 6 Kirk \ 

Robinson George C, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Robinson Harriet, boardinghouse, 19 Boott Corporation 
Robinson Jacob W. riding academy, 20 Paige, house 24 do. 
Robinson James, Boott, boards 1 1 Boott Corjwration 
Robinson James, Hamilton, house 68 Lawrence 
Robinson James, operative, house Pleasant 
Robinson James, Bleachery, house 3* Whipple street 
Robinson James II. variety store, 23 Market, house do. 
Robinson Jesse L. teamster, house Liberty, near the line 
Robinson (Joseph) & Co. (Daniel Callahan) charcoal and acid, 

Whipple's Mills, house at Billerica 
Robinson Joseph, driver ice cart, boards at Abel Carkin's 


Robinson Josiah. carpenter, house Robinson, near Congress 

Robinson Levi, Hamilton, boards 24 Hamilton Corporation 

Robinson Mary, widow, bouse 76 Lawrence Corporation 

Robinson Nancy Mrs. house 71 River, Centralville 

Robinson Nathan P., Hamilton, boards 254 Merrimac 

Robinson Robert, house oQ Lawrence 

Robinson Robert, Middlesex, house oQ Lawrence 

Robinson Washington, painter, boards 1 Robinson 

Robinson William, machinist. Mechanic's Mills, house 24 Rock 

Roby Augustus B., Merrimac, house 88 Merrimac Corporation 

Roby John B., Merrimac, boai'ds 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Roby Levi, Massachusetts, boards 25 Market 

Roby Solon S. fireman, Stonybrook & L. R. R., b. 19 Howard 

Rochford George, Merrimac, boards 152 Merrimac Corporation 

Rock William, laborer, house 66 Charles 

Rockwood William B. carpenter, house 16 Franklin sq., Adams 

Roddy James, Bleachery, house 20 Cedar 

Rodgers Thomas, carpet weaver, house 2 Keene 

RodlifF Ferdinand, superintendent, Hamilton, house 35 Appleton 

Rodliff Ferdinand jr. clerk, Hamilton C. R. boards 35 Appleton 

RodlifF Horatio H. (Bennett ^ Rodliff) wood and coal, Moody, 

corner Tremont, boards 35 Appleton 
Rogan Margaret, widow, house 7 Lowell place 
Rogan Nancy Mrs. house 149 Lowell 
Rogan Thomas, laborer, house 46. Lowell 
Rogers Albert, operative, house 111 East Merrimac 
Rogers Ardean, teacher, boards 113 Merrimac 
Rogers Benjamin P. farmer, house High, near Nesmith 
Rogers Bridget, widow, house 42 Lowell 
Rogers Caleb, boards 14 Warren 

Rogers David, livery stable, 170 Central, house 244 do. 
Rogers David, Appleton, boards 17 Appleton Corporation 
Rogers D. S. Miss, teacher of private school, Nesmith's Block, 

Merrimac, corner John 
Rogers Eunice, boardinghouse, 6 Merrimac Corporation 
Rogers Felix, peddler, house 67 Middle 
Rogers Hugh, laborer, house 12 William 
Rogers Hugh, house rear 99 Lowell 

Rogers Jacob, hardware, 166 Merrimac, boards Merrimac House 
Rogers James, Boott, boards 13 Boott Corporation 
Rogers John, trader, house 20 "Winter 
Rogers John, house 21 Lawrence Corporation 
Rogers John, boards 159 Central [South 

Rogers John F. cashier Railroad Bank, Carleton Block, house"86 
Rogers John G. (Lamson Sj- Rogers) flour, &c., Ill Market, bds. 

159 Central 


Rogers Joseph 1\ fanner, house High, near Nesmith 

Rogers Miehael, hiborer, house 48 Adams 

Rogers Rufus, overseer, Lawrence, house 21 Lawrence Corp. 

Rogers Sarah, widow, house 1 Hurd 

Rogers Susan, widow, house 17 Appleton Corporation 

Rogers Thomas, house rear 78 Lowell 

Rogers William N. watchman at Bleachery, house 2 Prospect 

Rogers Zadock, farmer, house High, near Nesmith 

Rogers Zadock Mrs. liouse High, near Nesmith 

Rolfe Abiel, transportation agent, B. & L. and N. & L. R. R. 

office freight depot, house Rolfe street 
Rolfe Charles F. painter, house First, Centralville 
Rolfe Ehza G. Mrs. house 40 Lawrence 
Rolfe Henry E., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 2 Jackson 
Rolfe Horace H. painter, house First, Centralville 
Rollins Eben D. sawmiller, house 144 School 
Rollins Horace H. boxmaker, boards 144 School 
Rollins James, Massachusetts, boards 3 High street square 
Rollins John L. (Fernald Sj- Rollins), house 6b Chapel 
Rollins Jonathan, mason, house 66 Appleton 
Rollins Pliny, Prescott, boards 3 High street square 
Rollins Sarah, widow, house 3 High street square 
Root George, Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Roper Caroline Mrs. house 15 Andover 
Roper Foster, chairmaker, boards rear 124 School 
Roper Francis, Middlesex, boards 11 Lawrence 
Roper George W., Appleton, house 13 Appleton Corporation 
Rose Caleb H. saw miller, house 42 Grand 
Rose Clark, Merrimac, boards 137 Merrimac Corporation 
Rose George W. depot master, B. & L. R. R. house 17 Charles 
Rose Gilbert (Downing ^ R.), fruit, &c. 133 Central, h. 15 Oak 
Rose John, Middlesex, house 81 Church 
Rose Maria Mrs. dressmaker, house 23 Kirk 
Rose Mary, wddow, house 30 Salem 

Ross Charles H. Massachusetts, house 54 Mass. Corporation 
Ross John, currier, house 4 Short 
Rothwell John, painter, house 10 Water 

Rothwell Thomas, Merrimac Corporation, house 77 Merr. Corp. 
Roundy Harvey, Lawrence, house 14 Lawrence Corporation 
Rourk John, laborer, house 21 Keene 
Rourke Cecelia, widow, house 28 Fayette 
Rourke Francis, Lowell, house 88 Market 
Rourke Francis, slater, house Maiden lane 
Rourke John, Lowell, house 35 Lowell 
Rourke John, laborer, house 75 Lowell 
Rourke Julia, boardinghouse, 12 Church 


Rourke Mary, widow, house Lowell 

Rourke Myers, laborer, house 74 Middle 

Rourke Peter, laborer, house 100 Lowell 

Rowan John P. grocer, 83 Gorham, house do. 

Rowe Elizabeth, widow, house 130 Suffolk 

Rowe Freeman, saw miller, boards 308 Central 

Rowe George A. watchmaker at J. Raynes's, b. 159 Central 

Rowe John, clerk, 38 Lowell, boards do. 

Rowe Richard, groceries, 38 Lowell, c. Dummer, house do. 

Rowell Moses, macliinist, house 30 Howard 

Rowell William A. carriage painter, Arch, house 22 Grand 

Rowen Robert, baker (Boston), house rear 9 Merrill's court 

Rozand Leon, clerk, 2 Welles's block, boards G Alder 

Rozand Leon, tailor, boards 13 Central 

Rugg Amos, paymaster, Prescott, boards 7 Kirk 

Rugg ( Chester W.) & Griffith (John), umbrella and music store, 

77 Merrimac, house Mt. Vernon, c. Bennett, Centralville 
Rugg Samuel S. machinist, house 16 Race 
Ruggles Abram A., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 10 Chapel 
Ruggles Calvin P. Mrs. house 10 Chapel 
Ruggles George P., Lowell, boards 10 Chapel 
Rumrill David, house Sixth, Centralville 
Runals Alonzo, clerk, 319 Merrimac, boards 166 Suffolk 
Runals Robert K. grocer, 319 Merrimac, h. 337 Merr. c. Cabot 
Runels (George), Clough ( Stillmcm), & Co. (Nathaniel Davis 
and Samuel Sivett), granite stone yard, Thorndike, c. Mid- 
dlesex, h. 99 Thorndike 
Runlett Charles, Lawrence Corporation, house 6 do. 
Rush worth Benjamin, Appleton, house 15 Ames 
Rush worth John, Middlesex, house rear 13 Charles 
Russell Andrew J. currier, house 1 Bangs block 
Russell Cyrus K. grocer, 281 Merrimac, house Dodge 
Russell Edwin F. (J. ^ E. F. Russell), mason, 21 Middle, house 

40 Charles 
Russell Electa L. boardinghouse, 27 Appleton Corporation 
Russell Emily H. Mrs. house 88 Gorham 
Russell George W. travelling agent, b. 73 Bridge, Centralville 
Russell Hannah Mrs. boardinghouse, 12 Suffolk Corporation 
Russell Henry H. travelling agent, boards 1 Union 
Russell Horace, Hamilton, house 41 Hamilton Corporation 
Russell James S. teacher High School, house 29 Nesmith 
Russell Josiah & Edwin F. masons, 21 Middle, h. 215 Central 
Russell Leonard M. machinist, h. 1 Manahan's block, Cushing 
Russell (Levi) & Stowell (James H.), coal and wood dealers, 

Fletcher, cor. Western avenue, house 4 Butterfield 
Rn^^-ell Lucinda, widow, house 90 East Merrimac 


Ru.^soll AYm. A. J. brassfinisher, boarfls oCj Bartlett 

Russffll Wm. W. boots and shoes, 75 Central, h. 38 Boott Corp. 

Riitlierford John, jNIiddlesex, house 7(3 Warren 

Rutherford Joseph II. watchmaker, 79 Central, b. 3 Mclntlre 

Rutherford Robert, Lowell, house 82 Churcli 

Rutherford Thomas, house 76 Warren 

Ryan James, carpenter, house 53 Button 

Ryan Jane Mrs. house 16 North 

Ryan John, laborer, house 77 Cliarles 

Ryan Julia, M'idow. house 25 Fenwick 

Ryan INIichael, laborer, house 3 Luther's court 

Ryan Mrs. widow, house 5 Hancock avenue 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house rear 52 Lowell 

Ryan Patrick, saw miller, house 253 Middlesex 

Ryan Patrick, painter, house 19 High 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 9 Wall 

Ryan Thomas, house 7 Summer 

Ryan Thomas, house 12 Davidson 

Ryan Thomas, Merrimac, house rear 18 Little 

Ryan William, laborer, house 16 Cedar 

Ryerson Henry J., Massachusetts, boards Prescott Corporation 

SABIN SCOTT, Boott, house 23 Boott Corporation 
Saddler John, house 17 Winter 

Sails Harriet M. Mrs. variety store, 95 Centi'al, boards 15 Hurd 
Salmon Charles H., Lowell, house 3 Harrison 
Salmon George F. machinist, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 Cady 
Salmon Martha S. Mrs. house 7 Cady 
vSalmon Patrick, laborer, house Gorham, corner Winter 
Salmon Wm. F. paymaster, Lowell Manuf. Co. h. 134 Market 
Salomon John, millinery, 2 Welles's block, house 6 Alder 
Salter John, carpenter, house 62 Moody 
Sampere Peter, currier, boards at Hannah Mills's 
Sampson Edward, boardinghouse, 1 George 
Sanborn A. carriage maker, at S. Convers's, boards 101 Central 
Sanborn Amos, watches, jewelry, and plate, and manufacturer of 
silver ware and barometers, 25 Central, c. Middle, h. 2 Kirk 
Sanborn Benjamin L., Boott, house 18 Boott Corporation 
Sanborn Betsey, boardinghouse, 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Sanborn Ebenezer G., Hamilton, house 4 Marshall 
Sanborn Edward P. mason, boards at Page Sanborn's 
Sanborn Edwin, at S. Convers's, house 26 Cady 
Sanborn Elon A. overseer, Prescott, house 3 Prescott Corp. 
Sanborn Franklin, machinist, house 72 Mechanic 
Sanborn Franklin B. machinist, boards 98 Appleton 
Sanborn Franklin L., Appleton, boards 17 Appleton Corporation 


Sanborn Frederick P. clerk, 3 John, boards Union, Centralville 

Sanborn George A. painter, lionse 75 Lowell 

Sanborn George W. boardinghouse, 32 Hamilton Corporation 

Sanborn George W. clerk, house 2 Kirk 

Sanborn Henry D, foundry, Jackson, house 280 Middlesex 

Sanborn Henry L., Hamilton, boards 18 Hamilton Corporation 

Sanborn Jacob Mrs. house 83 Appleton 

Sanborn Jacob W. at E. Fifield's, house o9 Butterfield 

Sanborn James, sashmaker, boards 59 Appleton 

Sanborn James P. repairer, Railroad, house Pine, c. Charleston 

Sanborn Laroy S. clerk, Wash, market, b. 18 Hamilton Corp. 

Sanborn Nathaniel C. & Co. ( W. P. Kendall), photographists, 50 

Sanborn Ohve W. dressmaker, 88 Merrimac 
Sanborn Page, shoemaker, house Methuen road, Centralville 
Sanborn Rhoda, widow, house 52 High 

Sanborn Stephen C. overseer, Hamilton, h. 18 Hamilton Corp. 
Sanborn Theodore A. mason, house 9 Myrtle, opposite Fourth, 

Sanborn William F. mason, house 23 Clay 
Sanborn Wm. H. bridge builder, boards 3 Middlesex place 
Sanders Edward, laborer, house 152 Lowell 
Sanderson OHver, laborer, house 63 Bartlett 
Sands David, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 
Sands James, overseer, Appleton, house 11 Appleton Corp. 
Sanford Lewis P. machinist, boards 29 Tyler 
Sanford Maria A. Mrs. house 29 Tyler 
Santry John, laborer, house rear 40 Fenwick 
Sargeant Benjamin C. bookseller and stationer. City Hall Build- 
ing, and mayor of the city, 158 Merrimac, house 37 Tyler 
Sargeant Samuel D. paymaster, Middlesex, house 28 Hurd 
Sargent (Men D.) & Cotton (JST.), fish, rear 57 Central, house 

16 Chapel 
Sargent Ebenezer, bedstead maker, house 29 Willie, c. Broadway 
Sargent Edward M. & Co. (U. S. Band), Boston Express office, 

Boston & Lowell depot, house 33 Andover, near High 
Sargent Elhanan W., Hamilton, house Pearl, Centralville 
Sargent Emmons B. clerk, boards 16 Chapel 
Sargent E., Appleton, boards 3 Appleton Corporation 
Sargent Frederick, house Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Sargent Frederick W. (Barhank, Chase, ^ Co.), 5 Central, house 

Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Sargent Groves, at Allen's saw mill, boards 339 Middlesex 
Sargent Henry W. harness maker at J. A. Brabrook's, house rear 

48 Church 
Sargent Herman W. carpenter, boards Reuben Sargent's 


Sargent Jeremiah A., Lawrence, liouse IGO Pawtucket 
Sargent John C, Massachu setts, house 18 Massachusetts Corp. 
Sargent Joseph L., Massachusetts, house 40 Massachusetts Corp. 
Sargent J. Hojt, Middlesex, house 71 High 
Sargent Levi, foundry, house 13 S. L., Button 
Sargent Maria II. Mrs. liouse 342 Central 
Sargent Nancy, widow, house 27 Tremont Corporation 
Sargent Reuben, farmer, h. Coburn, n. Old Road, Centralville 
Sargent Sarah, house 29 Massachusetts Corporation 
Sargent Stephen M., Boott, house 9 Boott Corporation 
Sargent Stephen P., Tremont, house 39 Tremont Corporation 
Sargent Sylvester H. machinist, house 80 South 
Sargent Willard S. C. teamster, house 190 Central 
Sargent William S. machinist, boards 71 High 
Sauls Harriet, widow, boards 12 Hurd 
Saunder Jacob, clerk, boards 8 Church 
Saunders Abigail C. widow, house 8 Church 
Saunders Alfred S., Merrimac, house 17 Fourth, Centralville 
Saunders Charles H. marble worker, boards 8 Church 
Saunders Charles W. (^orcross, Saunders, Sf Co.), h. 26 Church 
Saunders Dana, laborer, house Green, near George 
Saunders Edwin, laborer on the Railroad, boards at Mrs. Theo- 
dore Butterfield's 
Saunders Francis, Prescott, boards 12 Prescott Corporation 
Saunders George Alfred, machinist, b. 17 Fourth, Centralville 
Saunders Jacob, clerk, 4 East Merrimac, house 8 Church 
Saunders Mary Ann, widow, house rear 75 Market 
Saunders Thomas E. at F. Cheney's, house Westford, c. School 
Savage Ellery T., Merrimac, house 52 Merrimac Corporation 
Savage GofF, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Savage Owen, Tremont Corporation, house 10 do. 
Savage Robert, marble worker, house 227 Middlesex 
Savory Charles A. physician, house 62 Paige, corner Kirk 
Sawtell Calvin, machinist, boards 16 Swamp Locks, Dutton 
Sawtell Charles, 1 Shattuck, boards 25 Race 
Sawtell George F. overseer, Boott, house 62 Boott Corporation 
Sawtell Henry L, Lowell M. S., h. 30 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Sawtell John, carpenter, house 61 Cushing " 
Sawtell Josiah, carpenter, 136 School, house Sawtell place 
Sawtell Josiah A. engineer, house Sawtell place 
Sawtell Sextus, pianist, boards at J. Sawtell's 
Sawyer Aaron, painter, boards at John P. Sawyer's 
Sawyer Aaron C. carriage trimmer and harness maker, 161 and 

163 Middlesex, house Franklin, near Fletcher 
Sawyer Alford A. Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Sawyer Bernard H. carpenter, house 41 Fayette 


Sawyer Clarina, A. Mrs. boarding, 110 and 111 Merr. Corp. 
Sawyer Elizabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 25 Appleton Corp. 
Sawyer Frank, driver icewagon, boards at Abel Carkin's 
Sawyer Hamilton J. macliinist, at Smith & Lawrence's, house 

101 Cross, corner Mt. Yernon 
Sawyer Hannah C. fancy goods, 105 Merrimac, house do. 
Sawyer John A. painter, boards at John P. Sawyer's 
Sawyer John P, carpenter, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Sawyer Jonas H. hostler, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Sawyer Joshua, farmer, boards at John P. Sawyer's 
Sawyer J. J. proprietor Mechanics' Hotel, 278 Merrimac 
Sawyer Lucetta, house 54 Paige 
Sawyer Sophronia, widow, house 58 Andover 
Sawyer Thomas, carriage repository, 163 Middlesex, house at 

South Amesbury 
Sawyer AYesley, house 53 Chestnut 
Saxton Alexander, Middlesex, house Holbrook's court 
Saxton Daniel, laborer, house 49 Fenwick 
Sayers Margaret, widow, house 11 Adams 

Sayles Albert W., Lowell Machine Shop, house 7 S. L., Button 
Sayles Nancy Mrs. boardinghouse, 115 Merrimac Corporation 
Scadding Aaron, boardinghouse, 14 Appleton Corporation 
Scadding Alfred W. Appleton, boards 14 Appleton Corp. 
Scadding Charles B. hackdriver, house 7 Ford 
Scales Aaron W., Boott Corporation, house 9 do. 
Scales Duncan H. machinist, boards 5 Jackson 
Scales Francis R. moulder, boards 68 S. L., Mechanic 
Scales Sidney A. machinist, house 68 S. L.. Mechanic 
Scamman William F. printer, boards 63 Worthen 
Scanlan Cornelius, laborer, house rear 2 Fenwick 
Scanlan Maurice, laborer, house 40 Adams 
Scannell Mary Mrs. house 30 Lowell 
Scarlet Asa M., Tremont, boards 2 Tilden court 
SchofF WiUiam L. shoemaker, 56 Central 
Scholefield Samuel, machinist, house 84 Cross 
Scholfield Isaac, Lowell Felting Mill, rear 105 Middlesex 
Schollar John M., Boott, boards 13 Boott Corporation 
Scobie Jane, widow, house 345 Merrimac 
Scotchburn Thomas Mrs. house 309 Central 
Scotchburn Thomas, ropemaker, 311 Central, house 23 Walnut 
Scott Agnes, widow, house Fletcher, corner Rock 
S<iOtt Alfred (P. 3L Jefferson, Scott, 4' Co.), soap manufacturer, 

Middlesex, corner School, house do 
Scott Ann, widow, house 34 Water 
Scott Cyrus L. soapmaker, house 7 School 
Scott Elhanan W., patent agent, house Mt. Vernon, Centralville 


Scott Ellen, widow, house 8 Keene 

Scott Frank C. pattern maker, at J. E. Crane's 

Scott G. Clarence, boards 2o4: Merrimac 

Scott George C. silversmith, at A. Sanborn's, house 61 Bartlctt 

Scott Hugh, Middlesex, house 105 High 

Scott James, shoemaker, house 14 Keene 

Scott James, machinist, house 18 Keene 

Scott John, gardener at Chas. Hovey's, h. Pleasant, n. Andover 

Scott John, Bleachery, boards 8 Keene 

Scott Mary S. widow, house Pleasant, near Andover 

Scott Thomas, Bleachery, house 31 Cedar 

Scott Thomas, Middlesex, house Pleasant, near Andover 

Scott William, foundryman, house rear 44 Howard 

Scribner Charles, overseer, Lowell Machme Shop, house 66 

Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Scribner George F., Lowell Machine Shop, house 49 Swamp 

Locks, Worthen [Merrimac 

Scribner Isaac W. physician, Welles's block, boards 113 
Scribner James, machinist, boards 41 Appleton 
Scribner Louisa Mrs. boardinghouse, 35 Lawrence Corporation 
Scripture Isaac IMrs. house 227 Central 
Scripture Isaac F. baker, 231 Central, house 235 do. 
Scripture James O. teacher High School, boards 227 Central 
Scripture Sarah Mrs. house 246 Middlesex 
Scripture Stephen A. baker, boards 227 Central 
Scruton Charles W., Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corp. 
Scully Dennis, laborer, house 42 William 
vScully James, house 4 Cummiskey's alley 
Scully William, laborer, house 7 Fenwick 
Searl Edwin T. job wagon, house 10 Hudson 
Searl I. H. cigar maker, boards Howard House [do. 

Searle John P. shoemaker and variety store, 70 Middlesex, h. 72 
Searls Frances, house 47 Chapel 

Searls , machinist, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Sears Joseph H. Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 

Seaver George W., Boston & Lowell R.R. boards 43 Howard 

Seaver Henry, machinist, boards 94 Middlesex 

Seaver John C. coachman, house 190 Central 

Seaver Joseph, teamster, house Mclntire 

Seaver Lewis H. machinist, house Elm, Centralville 

Seaver Minerva, widow, house 102 Merrimac Corporation 

Seaver William, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 43 Howard 

Seaverns John L., Lowell Machine Shop, b. Merrimac House 

Seavey Andrew J. clerk, 4 East Merrimac, house 14 Cady 

Seavey Charles, Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 

Seavey John, bobbin carrier, boards 29 Suffolk 


Seeiy Ann, dressmakeiv 23 Davidson 

Seerj William, house 23 Davidson 

Selfe John, Middlesex, house 2 Edscerly's court 

Senior George, boardinghouse, 95 Market 

Senter Charles, Lawrence, house 39 Lawrence Corporation 

Sevrens Herod T. at A. L. Brooks's, house 40 Branch 

Sewall Amariah F. carriage maker, house 40 Water 

Sewall Ammi R. clerk, boards 40 Water 

Sewall Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 40 Water, near Pond 

Sexton Ellen, widow, house 8 Congress 

Sexton Joanna Mrs. house 18 Gorham 

Sexton John, Hamilton, house 3 Baldwin's court 

Sexton Margaret, widow, house rear 18 Jefferson 

Sexton Mary, widow, house 181 Lowell 

Shackford Elbridge G. clerk, 80 Merr. h. at Middlesex village 

Shackford Nathaniel, Massachusetts, house 10 Mass. Corp. 

Shackleton Joseph, boards 342 Central 

Shaffer Obadiah W. cigar maker, boards 101 Central 

Shaffer William Mrs. house 256 Central 

Shanahan Daniel, Massachusetts, house 1 Howe 

Shanahan Mary, widow, house 10 Jefferson 

Shandley John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 56 South 

Shanley James, house Thorndike, corner Madison 

Shanley Maria, widow, house rear 76 Lowell 

Shanley Michael, shoemaker, house rear 117 Market 

Shanley Patrick, laborer, house 88 Charles 

Shanley Patrick, Lowell, house 45 Chapel 

Shanley Peter, Lowell, house 164 Lawrence 

Shannon Charles, junk dealer, house rear 59 Middle 

Shannon John, Lowell, house 10 William 

Shannon John, peddler, house 32 Davidson 

Shannon Thomas, Hamilton P. W. house 28 William 

Sharkey Patrick, laborer, house rear 76 Lowell 

Sharpies Elizabeth Mrs. house Tilden court 

Shattuck Direxa Mrs. house 8 Wamesit 

Shattuck George W. house 93 Salem [Salem 

Shattuck Horace B. ( Burhank, Chase, ^ Co.), 5 Central, h. 91 

Shattuck James W. 87 Market, boards do. 

Shattuck Mary B. widow, house 11 Nesmith 

Shattuck Oramel C. daguerreotypist, 19 Central 

Shattuck Polly Mrs. house 11 Walnut 

Shattuck Sewall, daguerreotypist, 19 Central, house do. 

Shattuck Wm. A. machinist, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 

Shaughnessy James, carpenter, house Cross, cor. Common 

Shaughnessy James, Boott, boards 4 Mass. Corporation 

Shaughnessy John, house River, Centralville 


Slmw Alvemdo, machinist, boards 76 Middlesex 
Shaw Benjamin F., IMassachusetts, house 16 Mass. Corp. 
Shaw Charles, macliinist, boards 76 Middlesex 
Shaw Daniel W. Lawrence, boards 31 Lawrence Corporation 
Shaw Oilman, farmer, house 56 Lawrence Corporation 
Shaw Ilenrj^ Hamilton, house 60 do., Gorham 
Shaw James, gas litter, house 34 Church 
Shaw John, Middlesex, house 1 Lawrence court 
Shaw John F. machinist, house 58 Worthen 
Shaw Joseph, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Shaw J. W. B. drj goods, 44 Merrimac, b. at Merrimac House 
Shaw Mary A. boardinghouse, oQ Lawrence Corporation 
Shaw Richard P. fruit, &c. 147 Central, house 20 Charles 
Shaw R. S. Mrs. variety store, 125 Middlesex, house do. 
Shaw Ruth Mrs. boardinghouse, 31 Lawrence Corporation 
Shaw Thomas S., Lowell M. S. h. 51 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Shaw William, Hamilton, house 1 Lawrence court 
Shay jMargaret Mrs. house 8 Adams 

Shea Bartholomew, Middlesex, house Water, near Andover 
Shea Daniel, laborer, house 12 Adams 
Shea Hannah Mrs. house 19 Winter 
Shea Julia, widow, house 16 Dummer 
Shea Margaret, widow, house 118 Lowell 
Shea Margaret, widow, house 14 Davidson 
Shea Mary, widow, house 20 Howe 
Shea Patrick, Lowell, house 20 Davidson 
Sheahan Edward, grocer, 28 Gorham, house do. 
Sheahan Patrick, emigrant ag't and bookseller, 28 Gorham, h. do. 
Shearer James, dyer, house 297 Central 

Shed Edwin L. deputy sheriff and coroner, Canal block, 63 Cen- 
tral, house 8 Lawrence 
Shedd John Mrs. house 94 High 
Shedd John S. tinsmith, 49 Prescott 
Shedd Geo. W. carpenter, house 49 Union 

Shedd Josiah B. F. clerk, Merrimac Print Works, house 145 do. 
Shedd Mary S. Mrs. boards 166 Lawrence 
Sheehan Catharine, widow, house 49 Fenwick 
Sheehan Charles, porter at American House 
Sheehan Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 17 Winter 
Sheehan John, foundry man, house 1 Putney's court 
Sheehan Maurice, laborer, house rear 2 Fenwick 
Sheehan Patrick, stone mason, house 18 Cedar 
Sheehan Peter, at Theodore H. Sweetser's, h. 13 Pleasant 
Sheffield Andrew, Appleton, house 15 South 
Sheffield James, Applefbn, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Sheldon Abial W., Lawrence, house 19 Lawrence Corporation 


Sheldon George, Lowell Machine Shop, house 35 Howard 
Sheldon John, plumber, house Fulton, on Plam, Centralville 
Shelden John jr. plumber, house 94 East Merrimac 
Sheldon Nancy M. widow of Ezra, house 35 Howard 
Sheldon William, Appleton, house Fulton, Centralville 
Shepard Frank, Massachusetts, boards 25 Market 
Shepard John, Merrimac P. Works, house, 154 Merrimac Corp. 
Shepard Luther E. student, Tyler's block, boards City Hotel 
Shepard William, chaise builder and harness maker, Arch, house 

Perrin, near School 
Shephard Abram, Middlesex, house 6 Water 
Shephard James, Stott's Mills, house 6 Water 
Shepherd Abby Mrs. boardinirhouse, 18 Merrimac Corporation 
Shepherd Allen (Snow ^ Shepherd), 253 Merr. h. 174 Suffolk 
Shepherd Benjamin, Hamilton, boards 292 Central 
Shepherd Jacob, B. & L. Railroad, house Prospect 
Shepherd John, blacksmith, boards ^b Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Shepherd Joseph, Stott's Mills, house Pond, corner Pleasant 
Shepherd Robert, house 292 Central 

Sherden Dennis, Prescott, boards 4 3Jassachusetts Corporation 
Sherden John, Prescott, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Sheriden Edward, blacksmith, house 96 Adams 
Sheriden Eunice, widow, house 6 Davidson 
Sherlock Edward, harness maker, house 2 Fenwick 
Sherlock iMichael, carpenter, house rear 17 Union 
Sherlock Patrick, Merrimac, house 12 Jefferson 
Sherman Aaron H. Mrs. house 118 Cross 
Sherman Alexander W. clerk, 8 Central, boards 118 Cross 
Sherman Calvin G. machinist, boards 118 Cross 
Sherman Charles H. machinist, house 118 Cross 
Sherman David S. (American Bolt Co.), house 44 Elm 
Sherman Edward F. counsellor, and secretary Traders & Me- 

chanios' Lis. Co. 27 Central, house 23 Nesmith 
Sherman Henry W., Mass. boards 20 Mass Corporation 
Sherman Lois S. Mrs. nurse at Lowell Hospital 
Sherman Marcus, mason, boards 21 Charlss 
Sherman William W. paymaster, Lowell Machine Shop, house 

1U8 Appleton 
Sherry James, Merrimac, house rear 15 Jefferson 
Sherwell Jesse K. loom harness maker, house 4 Branch 
Sherwin Charles, Suffolk, house 12 Cabot, corner Moody 
Sherwin John, cigar maker, boards 101 Central 
Sherwood Daniel. Massachusetts, house 33 Prescott Corporation 
Sherwood John, cigar maker, boards 101 Central 
Sherw^ood Ludbee S., Hamilton, house 7 Abbott 
Shields Elizabeth, widow, house 18 Davidson 


Shields John, Merriinai", house 2o Hanover 
Shields Michael, house 23 Hanover 
Shields Michael jr. painter, house 39 Cedar 

Shields , house rear 20 William 

Shinnick Mary, house alley rear 17 Union 

Shipley Samuel D. carpenter, house' 50 Rock 

Shirley Charles, boardinghouse, 113 Merrimac 

Shirley James, Lowell, M. S. house 11 Swamp Locks, Dutton 

Shirley Mary, widow, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Shirley Samuel H, printer, " Vox Populi " office, bds. 66 South 

Shorey Charles E. clerk, 5 Prescott Block, boards Bartlett 

Shorey John, pictures and frames, 83 Central, boards 159 do. 

Shorey Lorenzo W. painter, house 47 Bartlett 

Shorey Rachael, nurse, house 6 Prescott Corporation 

Shorey William, Massachusetts, boards 6 Prescott Corporation 

Short Charles E. grocer, 128 Lowell, boards 34 Lewis 

Short Charles M. grocer, house 34 Lewis 

Short Edward, Bleachery, house 2 Livingston 

Short J. Emerson, jr. clerk at B. & L. and N. & L. freight 

depot, house 11 Grand 
Shovenelle William, Lawrence, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 
Shovlin Margaret, widow, house 28 High 
Shovlin Winefred, widow, house 20 Rummer 
Shute Aleck, laborer, boards 248 Middlesex 
Shute Alonzo, Appleton, house 93 Lawrence 
Shute Michael, carpenter, house 93 Lawrence 

Shute , widow, house 7 Fayette 

Silcox Lazarus, Middlesex, house 2 Edgerly's court 

Silver Frederic A. stonecutter, house 93 Howard 

Silver Harvey, machinist, house 28 Thorndike, corner Appleton 

Simes Ira H. blacksmith, house 81 Appleton 

Simmons Volney T. baker, boards Whiting, near Salem 

Simmons WiUiam H. moulder, house 122 Central 

Simonds Edward, Merrimac, house 121 Merrimac Corporation 

Simonds George W. clerk, boards 50 Moody 

Simonds Samuel B. bookbinder, 36 Central, house 50 High 

Simonds William B., Boott, house 58 Boott Corporation 

Simpkins William, Middlesex, house 186 Central 

Simpson Abigail H. boardinghouse, 6 Boott Corporation 

Simpson Albert W. printer, 28 Merrimac, boards 38 Boott Corp. 

Simpson Andrew J. barometers, 27 Central, house 141 East 

Merrimac, corner Willow 
Simpson Benj. F. physician, house 59 Third, Centralville 
Simpson John, machinist, house Varney, cor. Mt. Vernon 
Simpson Joseph, machinist, house 300 Merrimac 
Simpson Odanathus, house Cedar, corner Sixth 


Simpson Samuel A., Massachusetts, house 26 Prescott Corp. 

Simpson Sai'ah Mrs. house 10 Charles 

Simpson Thomas, house Liberty, corner Chelmsford 

Simpson Thomas M., Tremont Corporation, house 10 do. 

Sinclair Daniel H. poHceman, house 106 Moody 

Sinclair Henry A., Suffolk C. R. boards 106 Moody 

Sinclair TVilliam, carpenter, h. Broadway, above Guai'd Locks 

Skelton Benjamin, physician, house 50 Tyler 

Skilhngs David G. carriage maker, Bridge, near River, house 37 

Fifth, Centralville 
Skinner Abner, Middlesex, boardinghouse, 67 Merrimac 
Skinner Arabella, laces and hosiery, 63 Merrimac, boards 67 do. 
Skinner David, peddler, house 332 Merrimac 
Skinner Smith, house 23 Market 
Sladen Joseph A. clerk, 29 Central, boards 8 Read 
Sladen Wilham B., Hamilton, house 2 Linden 
Slater Joseph, planer, house 1 1 Lagrange court 
Slater Thomas, coppersmith, house rear 19 River 
Slattery Dennis, laborer, house 60 Fenwick 
Slattery Michael, peddler, house 7 Carpet lane 
Slattery Patrick, Hamilton, house 42 South 
Slattery Patrick, Bleachery, house 184 Gorham 
Slavin Morris, mason, house 23 Cedar 
Sleeper Abraham A. sashmaker, boards 59 Ajipleton 
Sleeper Abraham F. house 13 Spring 
Sleeper Ada E. boards 26 Massachusetts Corp. 
Sleeper George, painter, boards 20 Prescott Corporation 
Sleeper John, stage driver, house First, Centralville 
Sleeper Mary, widow, house 76 Church 

Sleeper Nathan S., Hamilton, house 25 Hamilton Corporation 
Sleeper S. C, Massachusetts, boards 59 Massachusetts Corp. 
Shney John W., Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 
Slocum John P., house 29 Elm 
Slooey James, boiler maker, boards 22 Kirk avenue 
Slyne Ellen, widow, house rear 76 Lowell 
Small Chas. R. conductor, S. & L. R. R. house 62 Boott Corp. 
Small Paul D. sashmaker, boards 2 Lagrange court 
Smart Charles H. boards 14 Union 
Smart Haynes M. clerk, 84 Merrimac, house 9 Harrison 
Smart Mary J. Mrs. house 14 Union 
Smiley John, at C. M. Marvel & Co.'s, house 29 Willie 
Smith Almon, Lawrence, house 42 Lawrence Corporation 
Smith Alonzo N. bookkeeper, house 203 Middlesex 
Smith Andrew, Hamilton Print Works, house 20 Cady 
Smith Ann, widow, house rear 61 Lowell 
Smith Benjamin A. carjjenter, house 9 Third, Centralville 


Smith Betsey Mrs. house rear 125 Middlesex 

Smith Bridget Mrs. liouse 19 Fayette 

Smith Bridget, widow, house 9 Wall 

Smith Charles, overseer, Tremont, liouse 24 Race 

Smith Charles, clerk, 27 East Merrimac, house 9 Wall 

Smith Charles E. moulder, boards 119 Central 

Smith Charles E. shuttle manufacturer, house 16 Ash 

Smith Charles G. saw miller, house 3 Middlesex place 

Smith Christopher, Prescott, house 139 Lowell 

Smith Clarissa T. boardinghouse, 208 Merrimac 

Smith Daniel, Lowell, house head Lawrence street court 

Smith Dorcas Mrs. house 9 Merrill's court 

Smith Dudley H., Merrimac Corporation, house 75 do. 

Smith Edward, Merr. Print Works, house River, Centralville 

Smith Edward, tinsmith, boards 5 Jackson 

Smith Edward, Lawrence, house 47 Union 

Smith Edward F. house 10 Third, Centralville 

Smith Elbridge G. peddler, house 9 Merrill's court 

Smith EHzabeth, widow, house 72 Church 

Smith Ella M. house 97 East Merrimac 

Smith Francis, hosiery and laces, 49 Merrimac, house 21 Johrf, 

corner Pollard's avenue 
Smith Francis, laborer, house 28 Keene 
Smith Francis, carpenter, house 1 Marion 
Smith Frank, boards 16 Myrtle, Centralville 
Smith Freedom, Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 
Smith George, clothing, 256 Merrimac, boards 18 Bartlett 
Smith George B. in foundry, house Carleton, near Middlesex 
Smith George C. {Amej'ican Bolt Co.), 210 Lawrence, house at 

Smith George II. machinist, boards 56 Worthen 
Smith George H., Middlesex, house 31 Cady 
Smith George H. mason, house 2 Merriam's court 
Smith George Harrison, machinist, house 120 Cross 
Smith George T. carpenter, house 30 Rock 
Smith George W. machinist, house 6 Pine 
Smith George W. jr. machinist, boards 6 Pine 
Smith Hannah, house 46 Dummer 
Smith Henry, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 21 Market 
Smith (Henry) & Nichols ( G. N.), produce, 109 Market, house 

at Middlesex Village [b. American House 

Smith Hezekiah B. wood working machinery. Mechanic's JNIills, 
Smith Horace, carpenter, house 3 Hamilton Corporation 
Smith Hosea ^Irs. Iwardinghouse, 48 Church 
Smith Hugh, laborer, house rear 76 Lowell 
Smith Isabella Mrs. widow, house 58 Dutton 


Smith James, laborer, house rear 6 Decatur 
Smith James, carpenter, house Hale, near Grand 
Smith James, Merrimac, house 13 G Memmac Corporatmo 
Smith James, Lowell, house 9 Davidson 
Smith James, Stott's Mills, house 36 Water 
Smith James, Middlesex, boards 1 William 
Smith James C. baker, house 1 2 Pawtucket, corner Salem 
Smith Jane, widow, boards 64 Charles 
Smith Jeannette Mrs. house 49 Market 
Smith Jesse C. variety store, 19 Merrimac, house do. 
Smith John, house Kirk avenue 
Smith John, laborer, house rear 52 Moody- 
Smith John, at Kitson's Machine Shop, boards 53 Dutton 
Smith John, junk, house 81 Market 
Smith John, laborer, house 309 School 
Smith John, house 13 Common 

Smith John C, Boott Corporation, house 26 Chestnut 
Smith John H. house 54 High 

Smith John P. shoemaker, house Thomdike, near Hale 
Smith John W., Merrimac, house 26 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith Joseph V. moulder, foundry, house 99 Appleton 
Smith Justus S. refreshments, 155 Middlesex, house 153 do. 
Smith Kilburn, billiard room, 13 Middle, house 41 Chestnut 
Smith Luther, surveyor of lumber and wood, 9 Thorndike, house 

148 Middlesex 
Smith Manuel B. carpenter, house 29 Marshall 
Smith Margaret, Avidow, house 4 SuiFolk court 
Smith Mary F. widow, house 3 Ford 
Smith Mary M. widow, house Tremont, corner Merrimac 
Smith Mary N. boardinghouse, 28 Boott Corporation 
Smith Matilda C. tailoress, house 1 Adams 
Smith Michael, laborer, house 12 Front, Centralville 
Smith Michael, Lowell, house 2 Baldwin's court 
Smith Patrick, laborer, boards 51 Lowell 
Smith Patrick, operative, house 4 Suffolk court 
Smith Patrick, Lowell, house 7 Wall 

Smith Patrick, laborer, at O. M. Whipple's, boards 37 Floyd 
Smith (Patrick) & Co. (Patrick Devine), grocer, 14 Lowell, 

house do. 
Smith Patrick, laborer, house 18 William 
Smith Patrick, Merrimac, house 40 Lowell 
Smith Peter S. groceries, 27 East Merrimac, boards 9 Wall 
Smith Philip A. shoemake-', 328 Merrimac, house do. 
Smith Rhoda Mrs. bcardinghouse, house 48 Church 
Smith Bichard S. hairdresser, 276 Merrimac, house do. 
Smith Robert, blacksmith, house rear 63 Salem 


Smith (Robert W.) <fc Co. (William Lamsoa)^ luniiturc, <fcc. 01 

Prescott, boards 101 Central 
Smith Rose, widow, house 14 Front 
Smith Salome Mrs. house East Pine, near Nichols 
Smith Samuel, sashmaker, boards head of Lawrence st. court 
Smith S. C. steel letter cutter, 123 Cross, house do. 
Smith (Samuel C.) & Lawrence (Benjamin), machinists, Mount 

Vernon, corner Broadway, house 123 Cross 
Smith Samuel F. moulder, house 119 Central 
Smith Stei^hen B. carpenter, house River, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Smith Stephen B. carpenter, Tremont, house 16 Pawtucket, near 

Smith Theophilus S. overseer, house 82 South 
Smith Thomas, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corporation 
Smith Thomas, cutter, 156 Merrimac, house 39 Bartlett 
Smith Tliomas, laborer, boards 2 Crosby's court 
Smith Thomas B. Mrs. house Marion, corner Lagrange 
Smith William, Prescott, house 7 Wall 
Smith William D. cigar maker, boards 9 Merrill's court 
Smith AYm. D. shoemaker, house 8 Third, Centralville 
Smith William F. saw miller, house Perrin, near School 
Smith William F. cook, Howard House 
Smith William H. beltmaker, boards 53 Boott Corporation 
Smith William H. painter, house 3 Livingston block, Appleton 
Smith William M. supt. of Lowell Cemetery, house opposite do. 

near Tewksbury line 
Smith William N. gardener, house 2 Garnet 
Smith William S. gas fitter^ boards 54 Boott Corporation 
Smith William W., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 2 West court 
Snell David, mason, house 24 Austin 
Snell George W., Merrimac Corporation, house 51 do. 
Snell Henry Irving, surveyor, house Fulton, Centralville 
Snell Libbeus B. Mrs. boardinghouse, bQ) Massachusetts Corp. 
Snell Sarah Elizabeth, teacher, boards 115 Gorham 
Snow Benjamin, carpenter, boards 64 Butterfield 
Snow Benjamin jr., Massachusetts, boards 21 Suffolk Corp. 
Snow Daniel, Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Snow Frank H. clerk, 10 Prescott, b. 18 Third, Centralville 
Snow George H. carpenter, boards 64 Butterfield 
Snow Henry, carpenter, boards 21 Suffolk^ Corporation 
Snow Laura, widow, house 61 Union 
Snow L. D. boards 21 Hamilton Corporation 
Snow Mahlon, farmer, house 115 Gorham 
Snow Maria, widow, house 18 Third, Centralville 
Snow ( WilUa;m H.) & Shepherd (Allen), provisions, 253 Merri- 
mac, house at Dracut 


Sohner Patrick, Hamilton, house West Union 

Somes William E. baker, 1 Fayette, house 93 East Merrimac 

Soper Joseph E. moukler, house 17 Swamp Locks, Dutton 

Soper ]Mrs. house 131 Moody 

Soule Hatfiekl N. book agent, house 250 Mifldlesex 

Soule Virgil M. shoemaker, rear 101 Howard 

Southmaid John K. variety store, 37 Merrimac 

Southwick John R., Tremont, house 42 Tremont Corporation 

Southworth Wilham S. agent, Lawrence Corporation, house 385 

Merrimac, near the Hospital [ Central ville 

Spalding Addison, artificial legs, h. Bridge st. next to the Bridge, 
Spalding Charles, stone mason, house 2 Goward place 
Spalding Ira Mrs. house 270 Central 
Spalding Joel, physician, office, Savings Bank building, boards 

at Jonathan Spalding's 
Spalding Jonathan, farmer, house Pawtucket, corner School 
Spalding Jonathan T. clerk, boards at Jonathan Spalding's 
Spalding Lucian, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Spalding Noah, farmer, house Liberty, near Pine 
Spalding Rhoda Mrs. house Walker, corner Broadway 
Spalding Rufus, farmer, house 12 Fourth, Centralville 
Spalding Sydney, President L. & L. R. R. house 417 Middlesex 
Spalding Weld, house 1 Centre 

Spalding Wm. H. ticket master, B. & L. R. R. b. 270 Central 
Spaleni August, Lawrence, house 59 Lawrence Corporation 
Sparks Catharine, widow, house rear 347 Merrimac 
Sparks John, blacksmith, boards rear 347 Merrimac » 

Sparks Richard H. painter, house rear 347 Merrimac 
Spaulding Alpheus jr. house 13 Willow ' 

Spaulding Amasa M., B. & L. Railroad, house Cambridge 
Spaulding David S., Suffolk, house 40 Lawrence Corporation 
Spaulding F. Martin, clerk, 5 Central, boards 42 Bartlett 
Spaulding James W. shuttle maker, house 5 Goward place 
Spaulding Josiah, watchman, house Cambridge 
Spaulding Parker P., Lawrence Cor})oration, house 39 do. 
Spaulding Sophronia A. Miss, house 23 Appleton Corporation 
Spaulding Sumner A. clerk, Adams, c. Fletcher, h. 41 Adams 
Spear Thomas, boardinghouse, 46 Prescott Corporation 
Spearin Hiram, machinist, house Appleton, near Thorndike 
Spencer Dudley, house 330 Merrimac 
Spencer Ethan N., Boott Corporation, house 1G3 Moody 
Spencer James, laborer, house 78 Charles 
Spencer Joanna, widov^^, house 62 Middle 
Spencer TJiomas, foundryman, house alley, rear 1 7 Union 
Spencer William, supt. Hamilton P. W. house 17 Appleton 
Sperry Charles, sand and stone, house vSomerset, cor. Queen 


Spofford Abram, machinist, house 35 Common 

Spofford Charles, Merriniac, house GG IMerrimac Corporation 

SpotFord Frederick A., lioott, house G3 Boott Corporation 

Spotwoods Ann, widow, house Broadway, near ]Marion 

Sprague Henry D. macliinist, house rear 347 Merrimac 

Sprague Levi, contractor, house Nesmitii, near Oak 

Sprague Nabby Mrs. house rear 44 Howard 

Sprague Thomas, foundry, house 97 Howard 

S[)rague WilHam H. clerk, 46 Merrimac, boards 49 Nesmith 

Spread Charles, teamster, boards 24 Broadway 

Spread Hannah, widow, house 24 Broadway 

Springer James F. grocer. Liberty square, house 73 Cushing 

Springer John W. pattern maker, h. G7 Swamp L., Mechanic 

Springer Joshua, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 14 Warren 

Spurr Joseph, Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 

Stackpole Andrew J. counsellor, Tyler block, Central, boards 

City Hotel 
Stackpole Dominicus, Boott, house 39 Boott Corporation 
Stackpole Emelius, blacksmith, house 16 Adams 
Stackpole James, Prescott Corporation, house 27 do. 
Stackpole Samuel, overseer, Middlesex, house 35 George 
Stacy Lucian P. bookkeeper (Boston), house 7 Harrison 
Stafford Mary J. dressmaker, 12 Nesmith's new block 
Stafford Mary M. dressmaker, Welles block, boards 113 Merr. 
Stafford William, overseer, Hamilton, house 1 Hamilton Corp. 
Stainer William, bobbin maker, house 283 Middlesex 
Stanchfield Benj. F. carpenter, house 28 Chestnut 
Stanchfield Benj. S. student, 4 Museum building, b. Chestnut 
Stanchfield Tamson E. widow, house 28 Chestnut 
Standish Sarah, dressmaker, house 45 Charles 
Stanford Albert, Lawrence, boards 17 Lawrence Corporation 
vStanford Freeman S. machinist, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Stanford Loring G., Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Staniels Edward A. & Co. apothecary, 123 Central, b. 121 do. 
Stanley Emily, widow, house 20 Kirk 

Stanley George W., Massachusetts, h. 13 Third, Centralville 
Stanley Phineas, Merrimac, house Wilder, near Pawtucket 
vStanley Stephen T., Merrimac, house 161 Merrimac Corporation 
Stanley William C. carriage painter, house 18 Elm 
Stanton Chas. P. clerk, 128 Suffolk, b. Mechanics' Hotel 
Stanton George F. student, boards 18 Walnut 
Stanton Henry B. at Wilder & Dana's, house 18 Walnut 
Stanton Patrick, laborer, house 38 Appleton 
Stanwood Richard L. clerk, boards 45 Appleton 
Stanwood Sarah, boardinghouse, 28 Mass. Corporation 
Staples Albert H. grocer, 76 Church, house 10 Congress 


Staples Benjamin L. mason, house 38 Franklin 

Staples E. H. (Cal.), house 98 East Merrimac 

Staples George, Massachusetts, boards 1 George 

Stai)les George W., Massachusetts, boards 59 Mass. Corp. 

Staples Nathaniel T. mason, house 31 Willie 

Staples Robert H. mason, boards 31 Wilhe 

Staples Stephen, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton 

Staples Theodore, Boott, house 1 Boott Corporation 

Starbird Charles D. machinist, house 59 Worthen 

Starbird Isaac S., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Starbird James, Boott Corporation, house 41 do. 

vStearns Amos, laborer, house 4 Garnet 

Stearns Charles, hghtning-rods, boards 105 Gorham 

Stearns Charles, Merrimac, house 177 Merrimac Corporation 

Stearns Charles A. planer at Favor's, house Mount Vernon, near 

Stearns Charles C, Suffolk, house 4 Cabot block, Cabot street 
Stearns Charles E. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 33 South 
Stearns Erastus, carpenter, house 34 Fayette 
Stearns George W., Suffolk, house 3 Willow place 
Stearns Lydia, widow, house 24 Lowell Corporation 
Stearns Nathaniel, overseer, Middlesex, house 76 Bridge, 

Stearns Samuel, Suffolk, house 43 Hanover 
Stearns Simon, machinist, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 
Stebbins Charles, harness maker, boards 5 Jackson 
Steele George P., Merrimac, house rear 12 Tilden 
Stephens Alexander, grocer, 68 Button, house 24 Smith 
Stephens John W., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 265 Middlesex 
Stevens Alonzo B. bootmaker, boards 137 Merrimac Corporation 
Stevens Amraphel S. millinery, 27,. Merrimac, house 113 East 

Stevens Benjamin F. machinist, Allen's Mills, h. 51 Howard 
Stevens Elizabeth F. dressmaker, 55 Merrimac, corner John, 

boards 143 East Merrimac [IMerrimac 

Stevens Elmira, dr'essmaker, Nesmith's building, bds. 143 East 
Stevens Ezra B., Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Stevens George (Alorse S^ Stevens), counsellor, 49 Central, house 

9 Willow 
Stevens Herbert, machuiist, boards 62 Middlesex 
Stevens Horace H. (Cal.), house 3 Franklin square 
Stevens Joel P. at stone yai'd, house 80 Howard 
Stevens Jonas, Massachusetts, house 39 Mass. Corporation 
Stevens (Joseph) & Currier (H. 3f.), blacksmiths, Fletcher, n. 

Adams, house 5 Franklin square 
Stevens Lettis, widow, house 5 Appleton Corporation 


Stevens Levi B. mason, house Walker 

Stevens Maiy E. Mrs. millinery and fancy goods,' 54 Middle- 
sex, house do. 
Stevens Mehitable S. widow, boards Hale, corner Grand 
Stevens Solon, power-loom harnesses and reeds, Fletcher, corner 

Western avenue, house 47 Howard 
Stevens Solon W. clerk, boards 47 Ho-\vard 
Stevens Warren, teamster, at A. L. Waite's, b. 80 Howard 
Stevens Wilham, Merrimac, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Stevens William, Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Stevenson Alexander, Merrimac, boards 151 Merrimac Corp. 
Stevenson Cushman, Lowell, house 15 Lowell Corporation 
Stevenson David, sashmaker, boards 56 Lawrence Corp. 
Stevenson Hiram, Merrimac, boards 136 Merrimac Corp. 
Stevenson James, Lowell, house 11 Lowell Corporation 
Stevenson Robert, Merrimac, house 151 Merrimac Corp. 
Stewart Andrew, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Stewart Benjamin N. house 66 Warren 
Stewart Franklin, Hamilton, house 6 Goward place 
Stewart John, Lowell, house 15 Hancock avenue 
Stewart Joseph, Hamilton, house 6 Goward place 
Stewart Levi D. foundryman, house 4 Buttrick's bl'k. East Pine 
Stewart Maria, widow, house 122 Cross 
Stewart Moses, Merrimac, boards 12 Merrimac Corporation 
Stewart Robert, carpenter, house 16 Salem 
Stewart Scott, Hamilton, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Stewart Zachariah, Suffolk, boards 20 Suffolk Corporation 
St. Francis Alfred, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac Corporation 
St. Francis Mary A. Mrs. house 135 Merrimac Corporation 
Stickney Daniel ( Wheeler S^ Stickney), grocer, Tilden, house 

171 Moody 
Stickney Edward, Suffolk, boards 20 Suffolk Corporation 
Stickney La, shoemaker, house 9 Fifth, Centralville 
Stickney James O. tanner, house 36 High 

Stickney John E. shoemaker, boards 2 Jackson [opp- Paige 

Stickney Samuel W. president Railroad Bank, house 12 Kirk, 
Stickney Thomas M. watchmaker and jeweller, 153 Central, 
boards 47 Charles [Hanover 

Stiles Alba G. cl«rk, at J. Coggin & Co.'s, house 53 
Stiles Charles F. butcher, house Chelnisford, near Powell 
Stiles Jesse, Tremcnt, house 37 Tremont Corporation 
Stiles Jolm, clerk, 12 Tilden, house 162 Suffolk 
Stiles Joseph, painter, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 
Stiles Lewis, machinist, house 5 Lawrence Corporation 
Stiles Perry P. clerk, Merrimac, corner Tilden, house Oliver, 
near School 


Stiles Sarah P. Mrs. house 162 SufFolk 

Stiles William, job wagon, house 144 School 

Stillings Joseph F. mason, house 4 Austin 

Stimpson Daniel, Massachusetts, house 47 Massachusetts Corp. 

Stimpson Lucius S. cigar maker, house 18 Adams 

Stimson William A. machinist, house 11 Cabot 

Stinson Charles W. Merrimac, boards 56 Lawrence Corporation 

St. Ledger Patrick, Hamilton, house Green, near George 

Stockman Edward, at Norcross's, house 39 Branch 

Stockwell James Mrs. house Westford, near Gates . 

Stockwell John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 3 Howe 

Stoddard Thomas G. engineer, Salem & Lowell E-ailroad, house 

32 Howard 
Stokes Josiah H. police, house 8 Merrill's court 
Stokes Warren J., Bleachery, house 20 Bleachery street 
Stone Aaron C, Lowell Machine Shop, house 252 Middlesex 
Stone Abel H., SufFolk, house 15 SufFolk Corporation 
Stone Ambrose, jeweller, boards 119 Central 
Stone Asaph, pattern maker, at J. E. Crane's, house 68 Appleton 
Stone Charles W. H. laborer, house rear 63 Salem 
Stone Eben, tanner house Leathers 

Stone Edward, at Samuel Convers's, house 6 Clark's court 
Stone George, liquor dealer, h. 17 Clark, near the School4iouse 
Stone George W. ale depot, 99 Market, boards Wamesit House 
Stone George W. physician, house 1 Chapel 
Stone Henry A. clerk, 120 Central, boards 49 Andover 
Stone Mary A. Mrs. boardinghouse, 15 Mei-rimac Corporation 
Stone R. liquor dealer, house 17 Clark, near the School House 
Stone Rufus H. machinist, boards 59 Adams Andover 
Stone Samuel, boots, shoes, and trunks, 120 Central, house 49 
Stone (Z. Eugene) & Huse (Slej>lien W.), pubhshers " Vox Po- 
puh" and "Journal & Courier," 21 Central, h. 51 Chestnut- 
Stone , machinist, boards 129 Middlesex 

Storrer Newman W. clerk at Otis Allen's, boards 19 Kirk 
Stott Charles, agent Belvidere Flannel Mills, house 16 Chestnut, 

corner High 
Stott Charles A. clerk, Belvidere Flannel Mills, h. 40 Chestnut 
Stott John, Middlesex, house 81 Church 

Stott John, overseer Stott's Mill, house 3 Water, corner Pond 
Stott WilHam C. laborer, house Front, Centralville 
Stover Lucy A. Mrs. house 48 Paige 
Stover Pamelia, widow, house 5 Garnet 

Stowe Aaron, shomaker, boards Bridge, n. the Bridge, Cent'ville 
Stowe Ithamar F. shoemaker, Bridge, near the bridge, Central- 
ville, house do. [avenue, b. 4 Butterfield 
Stowell James H. (Russell 4- Stoivell), coal, Fletcher, c. Western 
IP — — - 


Stowell Jonas, Hamilton Print Works, house 148 Central 

Stratton George W. carpenter, boards 22 Warren 

Stratton Herbert, carpenter, house 22 AYarren 

Stratton Jesse H. machinist, house 125 Middlesex 

Stratton Jonas, millwriglit, house 140 Lawrence 

Stratton L. shoemaker, boards 46 Prescott Corporation 

Stratton Lyman B. shoemaker, boards 6 East Merrimac 

Stratton Torrey, llaiiiilton, house 61 Hamilton Corp., Gorham 

Straw Meriam B. Mrs. house 11 Ash 

Straw Mary E. teacher, house 11 Ash 

Straw Worcester (California), house 6 Race 

Street Owen Rev. house 38 Bartlett 

Streeter (Harrison W.) & Powers (Hannihal), grocers, John, 

corner JVEerrimac, house AYestford, near School 
Streeter Holland, wood measurer, house Liberty, opp. School 
Streeter Hollis, blacksmith, boards 192 Middlesex 
Streeter Leander R. house o7 Bartlett 
Strout Frank, Lowell, boards 14 Hamilton Corporation 
S trout George W., Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Stuart Ebenezer M. chair maker, house rear 124 School 
Studley George R. machinist, house bo Worthen 
Sturtevant Joseph E. carpenter, ^boards 16 North Franklin court 
Sturtevant Zopher W. boots and shoes, 18 Central, house 18 Mill 
Sugden John, worsted spinner, house Whipple street 
Sugden Williaii*^ Lowell, house 14 Charles 
Sughrue Charles, laborer, house 12 Lewis 
Sughrue Margaret, dress maker, 12 Lewis, boards do. 
Sullivan Ann, widow, house 48 Lewis 
Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, house 19 Winter 
Sullivan Catherine, widow, house Salem, corner Adams 
Sullivan Catharine, widow, house rear 2(j Lowell 
Sullivan Catherine, widow, house 20 Little 
Sullivan Cornelius, hostler, house 3 Andover 
Sullivan C-omelius, Tremont, house 6 Adams 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house rear 270 Merrimac 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 124 Lowell 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 8 Pearl 
SuUivan Daniel, laborer, house Suffolk, near Cross 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 12 Dummer 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 39 Fenwick 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 53 Lowell 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 252 Merrimac 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Sullivan Dennis, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Sullivan Edward, laborer, house 12 Cross 
Sullivan I'^dward, Merrimac Print Woi-ks, house 80 Salem 


Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 21 River 

Sullivan Eugene, Lov>ell, house rear 10 Little 

Sullivan Eugene, laborer, house 60 Adams 

Sullivan Florence, lalx)rer, house 284 Merrimac 

Sullivan Hannah, widow, house 10 Davidson 

Sullivan Isabella, widow, house 12 Summer 

Sullivan James, laborer, house 23 Adams 

Sullivan James, laborer, house 100 Howard 

Sullivan James, shoemaker, house lo Adams 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, boards 14 Adams 

Sullivan Jeremiah, harness maker, 38 Central 

Sullivan Jeremiah, house 3 Andover 

Sullivan Joanna, widow, house 12 Cross, corner Marlon 

Sullivan John, at O. M. Whipple's, house 183 Lawrence 

Sullivan John, laborer, house 18 Cross 

Sullivan John, batting mill, house Davidson 

Sullivan John, laborer, house 32 Lewis 

Sulhvan John, laborer, house 127 Lowell 

Sullivan John, Lawrence Co. house 11 Adams 

Sullivan John, laborer, house rear 48 Fen wick 

Sullivan John, Hamilton, house 20 Summer 

Sullivan John D. grocer, 104 Suffolk 

Sullivan Joseph, laborer, house 11 Adams 

Sullivan Julia, widow, house 12 Dummei* 

Sullivan Julia, widow, house 19 Winter 

Sullivan Julia, Mrs. house 21 Pond 

Sullivan Lawrence, laborer, house 58 Adams 

Sullivan Margaret, widow, house 12 Davidson 

Sullivan Margaret Mrs. house 150 Lowell 

SulUvan Margaret, widow, house rear 117 Market 

Sullivan Margaret, widow, house rear 10 Little 

Sulhvan Margaret, widow, house 109 Lowell 

Sullivan INIartin, laborer, house rear 78 Lowell 

Sullivan Mary, widow, house- 16 Dummer 

Sullivan Mary, widow, house 252 Merrimac 

Sullivan Mary Mrs. house 92 Suffolk 

Sullivan Matthew, laborer, house 9 Fenwick 

Sullivan ^Michael, mason, house 70 Church 

Sullivan Michael, foundry, house 70 Suffolk 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, house rear 44 Lov»^ell 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, house 19 Adams 

SulHvan Michael, house 104 Suffolk 

Sullivan Owen, laborer, house 3 Putney's court 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house 252 Merrimac 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house 43 Adams 

Sullivan Patrick, INIerrimac, house 20 Lewis 


Sullivan Richard, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house 4 Davis's court 
Sullivan Timothy, Lowell, house 66 Suffolk 
Summers Samuel, Boott, boards 71 Warren 
Sumner Maly Mrs. house 4 Fifth, Centralville 
Sutclitfe James, Stott's Mills, house 2 Fellows Court 
Sutclilfe John, at American Bolt Co. house 287 Central 

Sutherland , Prescott, boards 12 Prescott Corporation 

Swain Asa M. machinist and water-wheel manufacturer, 84 

Broadway, house 57 Butterfield 
Swain Cyrus teamster, boards 1G6 Suffolk 

Swain George W., Lawrence, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 
Swain John M. painter, house 60 Merrimac Corporation 
Swan ( Charles A. F.) & Goodhue (Isaac N.), counsellors, 3 

Canal Block, boards 1 2 Hurd 
Swan Daniel, shoe store, 41 Merrimac, house 25 Bartlett 
Swan Edward P. machinist, boards 18 Clay [Dummer 

Swan James S. & Co. brokers and jewellers, 73 Central, house 44 
Swan Joseph C, Massachusetts, boards 51 Bridge, Centralville 
Swan Joshua, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 
Swapp Andrew F. color maker, house 39 Lagrange 
Swapp Isabella Mrs. house 52 Middle 

Swasey George S., Lawrence Corporation, house 12 Dodge 
Swazey Almond L., Boott, house 32 Race 
Sweatt Samuel (Runals, Glough, Sf Co.), house 85 Appleton 
Sweatt Simeon H. stonecutter, house 86 Howard 
Sweeney Catharme, widow, house rear 50 Fenwick 
Sweeney Dennis, foundry, house Suffolk, near Cross 
Sweeney Hugh, laborer, house 31 Floyd 
Sweeney Hugh, laborer, house 10 Wall 
Sweetser Hannah Mrs. house 50 Howard 
Sweetser L. Sylvester, shoemaker. East Merrimac 
vSweetser Sylvanus, shoemaker, boards 46 Prescott Corporation 
Sweetser (Theodore H.) & Gardner ( W. S.), counsellors, Tyler's 

Block, 63 Central, house Nesmith [from Mt. Vernon 

Swett Daniel, jr. stencil cutter, 28 Merrimac, house Varney, 3rd 
Swett John, carpenter, house 38 Charles 
vSwett John F. moulder, house Pine, corner Carleton 
Swett John H. at J. Jenkins's, boards 29 Llamilton Corporation 
Swett Nathaniel F., Boott, boards 9 Lee 
Swett Samuel, sea captain, house 341 Merrimac 
Swett William L. carriage maker, h. Wanalancit, n. Pawtucket 
Swift James, porter, at D. AV. C. Farrmgton's, house 1 Green 
Swift James, laborer, house 8 William 
Swift John, Massachusetts, house 56 Middle 
Swift John H., Bleachcry, house 25 do. 

LOWELL [ ''f ] DIRECTORY. 221 

Swift Peter, Bleachery, house 34 Crosby 
Sykes Harriet, widow, house 344 Central 
Sykes Richard R., Hamilton, boards rear 3 Dodge 
Sykes Robert A., Hamilton, house 13 Chapel 
Sykes Thomas, painter, boards 152 Middlesex 
Sylvester Edward J., Boott, house 67 Boott Corporation 
Sylvester George B. carpenter, 2 Salem, house Gold 
Sylvester Samuel C, Boott, house 17 Boott Corporation 

TAAFE MARGARET, widow, house 2 Putney's court 

Taber Wing H. planemaker, 19 Market, house do. 

Tabor Benaiah, Hamilton Print Works, house 46 Charles 

Tabor Frank, clerk, 253 Merrimac, boards 166 Suffolk 

Tabor John, machinist, boards 46 Charles 

Taft Nelson, clerk, 52 Merrimac 

Taft Nelson F. salesman, 54 Merrimac, boards 105 Gorham 

Taggett Leander, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrunac Corporation 

Tague Patrick, boards 7 Davidson 

Taisey Jesse, house 11 Franklin square, Adams 

Taisey Lydia, dry goods, Gorham, corner Middlesex, boards 12 

Hamilton Corporation 
Taisey Robert, country produce, 76 Dutton, house do. 
Talbot Charles P. & Co (T. Talbot), drugs and dye stuffs, City 

Market, house Chestnut, near Park 
Talbot Curtis A. engineer, house Leather • 
Talbot Matthew, machinist, house 36 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Talbot Thomas ( C. P. Talbot ^ Co.), house at North Billerica 
Tallant Samuel B. (Cal.), house 5 Appleton Corporation 
Tanner James, Boott, boards 25 Boott Corporation 
Tapley Alfred A. clerk, 264 Merrimac, boards 358 do. 
Tapley David, boots and shoes, 264 Merrimac, house 358 do. 
Tapley Eben N. clerk at J. Tapley's, boards 37 Church 
Tapley Jesse, timber dealer, house 44 Branch 
Tapley Joseph, wood, Jackson, near Roundhouse, h. 37 Church 
Tarbell George, clerk, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Tarbell George W. clerk, 3 Central, boards 43 Cushing 
Tarbell Reuben Mrs. house 7 Garnet 

Tarr George J. & Co. dry goods, 48 Men-imac, house 43 Tyler 
Tasker Charles C. music teacher, house 21 Kirk 
Tasker Jeremiah, Boott, house. 42 Boott Corporation 
Tay SulUvan, shoemaker, house Methuen road, Centralville 
Taylor Adam, Middlesex, house 2 Lawrence court 
Taylor Albert H. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, b. 7 High-street square 
Taylor Albion C. fruits, &c. 109 Central, b. American House 
Taylor Alfred, Middlesex, house 41 Chapel 
Taylor Catharine Mrs. house 8 Franklin square, Adams 


Taylor Charles (Taylor^ Jacobs, Sf Co.), grocer, Merrimac, cor- 
ner Prescott 
Taylor Charles, Merrimac, boards 135 Merrimac CpriDoration 
Taylor Charles I. sashmaker, boards 8 Franklin square, Adams 
Taylor Cliarles S. boards 29 School 

Taylor Cliarles W. carpenter, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Taylor (David), Jacobs (Amos), & Co. ( Chas. Taylor), grocers, 

Merrimac, corner Prescott, house 29 School 
Taylor Edward, Massachusetts Corporation, b. 14 Lagrange ct. 
Taylor Edwin, carpenter, boards 2b Massachusetts^Corporation 
Taylor Edwin L., Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Taylor James S. house 167 Merrimac Corporation 
Taylor John, Lawrence Corporation, house 55 do. 
Taylor John, at W. E. Livingston's, house 3 Brewery court 
Taylor John F. carpenter, boards 134 Merrimac Corporation 
Taylor Joseph, Hamilton, house 68 Lawrence 
Taylor Luke, Lowell, boards 71 AV^arren 
Taylor L. H. watchman, Massachusetts, b. 59 Mass. Corp. 
Taylor jMarcia, wddow, house 48 Paige 
Taylor Melvin B. Suffolk, house 25 Suffolk Corporation 
Taylor Nancy Mrs. house 167 Merrimac Corporation 
Taylor Nathan, Prescott, boards 61 Massachusetts Corporation 
Taylor Paris, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Taylor Rufus P., Lowell Co. boards 8 Franklin sq. Adams st. 
Taylor Samuel, Tremont, house 37 Tremont Corporation 
Taylor (Samuel) & Probert (Richard), sewing-machine needle 

manufacturers. Mechanics' Mills, house 218 School 
Taylor Samuel W., Merrimac Corporation 
Taylor Stephen K., Tremont Corporation, house 12 do. 
Taylor William E. at Lovejoy & Butterfield's, house Yarney, 
near Fletcher . [Central 

Taylor Wilham R. harness maker, at Samuel Convers, bds. 101 
Teaboe Joseph, lumberman, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Teague Hugh, laborer, house 39 Lowell 
Tebbetts Chas. G., Massachusetts, b. 56 Massachusetts Corp. 
Tebbetts Joseph R. farmer, h. Mt. Pleasant st. Centralvilie 
Tebbetts Temple, pattern maker, house 47 Third, Centralvilie 
Teel George S bootmaker, house Quebec, corner Manchester 
Teeman Silva, variety store, 75 Adams, house do. 
Temple Charles, teamster, boards 13 Franklin square 
Temple Emery, 0]:>erative, house 7 Cabot 
Temple Thomas W. mason, house 3 Garnet 
Tenny William C. Rev. house 20 Chapel 
Terrell Joseph, Prescott, house rear 47 River, Centralvilie 

Terrill , Tremont, boards 3 Tremont Corporation 

Tetherlv Jc^lin, farmer, at 59 Third, Centralvilie 


Tetreau Cyprian L. clerk, at A. Putnam's, b. at A. Putnam's, 

Nesmith street 
Tetro Adolph, at Norcross's mill, house 287 Middlesex 
Thatcher George, bell-hanger and clock repairer, 98 Merrimac, 

house Cobum, Centralville 
Thajer Emeline P. dressmaker, 10 John, b. 51 Mass. Corp. 
Thayer Lorenzo R. Rev. house 36 Worthen 
Thissell Chas. A., Merrimac, house 103 Merrimac Corporation 
Thissell Charles E. farmer, boards Joshua Thissell's 
Thissell Daniel, carpenter, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Thissell Earl Amri, Suffolk, boards 51 Bridge, Centralville 
Thissell Frank, Merrimac, house 1 6 High 
Thissell John F. shoemaker, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Thissell John W. farmer, house Varnum, Centralville 
Thissell Joseph W. farmer, house 1 7 Marshall 
Thissell Joshua, farmer, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Thistle Philip, wheelwright, boards at WiUiam L. Swett's 
Thomas Christopher, Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corp. 
Thomas Elisha A. watchman, house 17 Floyd 
Thomas James, painter, house 53 Salem 

Thomas Marcus A., Merrimac, house 72 Merrimac Corporation 
Thomas Mary, house rear 12 Tilden 
Thomas Richard, laborer, house 10 Adams 

Thomas Wilham, Merrimac Print Works, house 11 Cabot, cor- 
ner Moody 

Thomas , Merrimac, boards 74 Merrimac Corporation 

Thompson Abel H. engineer, railroad, boards at S. Crosby's 
Thompson Albert H. machinist, boards 35 Marion 
Thompson Alvm, Merrimac, boards 12 Merrimac Corporation 
Thompson Artemas, Bleachery, house 6 Bleachery street 
Thompson Bethuel T. milhnery and fancy goods, 91 Merrimac, 

boards 13 Central 
Thompson Charles, miller, boards 5 Thomdike 
Thompson Charles, carpenter, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Thompson Charles, miller, house Pleasant 

Thompson Charles, yarn dyer, Whipple's Mills, h. 248 Gorliam 
Thompson Doras, carpenter, boards 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Thompson Fanny, widow, house 28 Charles 

Thompson liarriet A. Mrs. house Chelmsford, third from Howard 
Thompson Henry, Suffolk Corporation, house G2 Moody 
Thompson Ira, machinist, boards 13 Boott Corporation 
Thompson James, physician, 10 Hurd, house do. 
Thompson James G. shuttle maker, house 41 Fayette 
Thompson James P. carpenter, house 16 Queen 
Thompson John, Hamilton, house 53 Union 
Thom]ison John A. salesman, 45 Central, boards 113 Merrimnr' 


Thompson Joseph P. & Co. ( William E. Farrar)^ clothing, 57 
Central, boards 150 do. [rimac, h. Tilden, c. Moody 

Thompson JMarshall E. botanic physician and druggist, 268 Mer- 
Thompson Nancy, house 82 Church 

Thompson Oliver, stone cutter, house 2 Suffolk Corporation 
Thompson Richard, Hamilton, house 69 Fayette 
Tliompson Rinaldo R. gasfitter, 8 Central, boards 119 do. 
Thom^^son Robert, machinist, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Thompson Robert, Merrimac, house 89 Broadway 
Thompson Roxanna, house 50 Paige 

Thompson Samuel, engineer, house 1 Merriam's court. High 
Thompson Thomas, Middlesex, house Pleasant 
Thompson Wilham K. saloon, 25 Prescott, h. at W. Chelmsford 

Thompson , carpenter, boards 300 School 

Thorn EH, mason, boards 39 Charles 

Thorn Samuel, mason, boards 39 Charles 

Thorne George H. mason, house 39 Fayette 

Thorne James, machinist, Merrimac Corporation, house 106 do. 

Thorning Cyrus H., Bleachery, boards at Mrs. L. Thorning's 

Thorning J. Francis, Bleachery, boards Mrs. L. Thorning's 

Thorning Leonard Mrs. boardinghouse, 28 Bleachery 

Thorning Leonard, house 28 Bleachery street 

Thornton Bernard, laborer, house Dummer, near Lowell 

Thornton Chas. H. patent leather finisher, boards Walnut 

Thornton Edward, Merrimac, house 15 River 

Thornton Ellen, widow, house 10 River 

Thornton Francis, saloon, 134 Central 

Thornton Plenry R., Bleachery, house 29 Walnut 

Thornton James, Merrimac, house John street avenue 

Thornton Olive Mrs. house 45 Charles 

Thorpe James, Hamilton Print Works, house 69 Fayette 

Thurber Royal P. G. bookkeeper at Robert Taisey's, b. do. 

Thurlow Martha, widow, house rear 26 Bartlett 

Thurston Benj. prop'r Washington House, Central, c. Church 

Thurston Charles W., Lowell M. S. boards 26 Appleton Corp. 

Thurston Elijah C. at Cushing & Mack's, house 2 Ford 

Thurston Joel M., Lowell, house 30 Smith 

Tibbetts Charles, Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 

Thibbetts Charles G., Massachusetts, boards 56 Mass. Corp. 

Tibbetts Henry, blacksmith, house 6 Marshall 

Tibbetts John, Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 

Tibbetts John W., Prescott, house 44 Prescott Corporation 

Tibbetts Wm. B. phrenologist and teacher, h. Sixth, Centralville 

Tibbetts Wilham H. dentist, boards 260 Merrimac 

Tibbitt Luther, shoemaker, house Bower, near Beacon 

Ticehurst James, machinist, house 15 South 


Ticknor David jr. shoecutter, 232 Merrimac, house 8 Race 

Ticknor Lyman, Merrmiac, house 26 Austin 

Ticknor , carpenter, boards 1 o8 Merrimac Corporation 

Tiernan Bridget, widow, house 20 Summer 

Tierney Margaret Mrs. house 28 Gorham 

Tierney jNIichael, Bleachery, house 4 Livingston 

Tierney Patrick, laborer, house 103 Gorham 

Tighe Henry, at Norcross's, house rear 20 Summer 

Tighe James, teamster, house 59 River, Centralville 

Tighe John, Lowell, house 7 Wall 

Tighe Lawrence, teamster, house 11 David^^on 

Tighe (Lawrence) & Quinn (James), blacksmiths, rear 39 Mar- 
ket, house 77 Adams 

Tighe Lawrence, house 7 Wall 

Tiglie Mary, widow, house 6 Jefferson 

Tiglie Michael, foundry, house 12 Jefferson 

Tigiie Patrick, laborer, boards 11 Daddson 

Tighe Patrick, laborer, house High-street square 

Tighe Philip, Gas House, house 1 1 Davidson 

Tighter Elizabeth, widow, house 337 Central 

Tilley William, wool sorter, boards 95 ^larket 
• Tillotson Lyman, Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 

Tilton Abraham, Lawrence, house 88 Lawrence Corporation 

Tilton Albert, carpenter, house 50 Church 

Tilton Charles H., Lawrence, house 88 Lawrence Corporation 

Tilton David B. at S. Kidder's, boards 21 BoDtt Cori)oration 

Tilton Joseph, carpenter at O. M. Whipple's, house 308 Central 

Tilton Ruth, widow, house 21 Kirk avenue 

Tilton Sabrina Mrs. house 11 Dodge 

Timaly Mary, widow, house 85 East Merrimac 

Tingley John, Hamilton, house 118 Middlesex 

Titcomb Benjamin, N. & L. Railroad, house 175 Middlesex 

Title Catharine, variety store, 58 Gorham, house do. 

Titus Samuel, Mass. boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Tobin Catharine, widow, house 10 Lewis 

Tobin Dennis, house 1 Fen wick 

Tobin John, Boott, boards 19 River, Centralville 

Tobin John, laborer, house rear 11 Thorndike 

Tobin (Patrick J.) & McEvoy (John W.), grocers, 71 Market, 

house 114 East Merrimac 
Tobin William, laborer, house 36 Lewis 
Toby Henry, stucco worker, boards 25 Market 
Todd Lewis L. painter, 112 Merrimac 
Todd Lucy C. widow, house 1 6 Cabot 
Tolan Mary, widow, house rear 37 Middle 
I Tolman Charles, c'gar maker, house 10 Lagrange court 


Tolman'John C. overseer, Suffolk Corporation, h. 336 Merrimac 

Tolmaii N. i\L Mrs. variety store, 334 Merrimac, house 336 do. 

Toney Adolplius, liair dresser, house rear 47 Chapel 

Toney James A. hairdresser, boards 1 Chapel 

Tomierrie Francis, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 4 Luther's court 

Toohey Elizabeth, widow, house Union court 

Toohey Patrick, Bleachery, house rear 41 Chapel 

Toohey Thomas, operative, house 53 Market 

Toole James, laboi-er, house Front, Centralville 

Toomey Dennis, IMerrimac, house rear 16 Dummer 

Toomy Mary, widow, house 5 Water 

Toothaker George, Lawrence, boards 67 Lawrence Corporation 

Toothaker Mary E. Mrs. house 61 East Merrimac 

Toper Dole, laborer, boards 64 Moody 

Toppan Abner Mrs. house 14 Cabot 

Torsey James M. fruit, &c. house 35 Suffolk 

Torsey James M. upholsterer, h. Fletcher, Mechanic Mills 

Totman Stark (Lancaster ^ Totman), tailor, 7 Appleton* block, 

104 Central, house 108 East Merrimac 
Tower James, house 209 Central 
Tower Millicent, tailoress, house 48 Charles 
Tower Thomas T. house 209 Central 
Towle Andrew, Tremont Corporation, house 15 do. 
Towle Frank, Tremont, house 25 Tremont Corporation 
Towle Laura, widow, boards 36 Massachusetts Corporation 
Towle Munroe, saw mill, boards 29 Hamilton Corporation 
Towle Simon, daguerreotypes, &c. 88 Merrimac, boards 16 Myr- 
tle, Centralville 
Towle Thomas, Merrimac, house Coburn, Centralville 
Towler Henry, restorator, 93 Market, house do. 
Towne Henry, currier, house Mt. Vernon, near Liberty 
Townsend Abel D., Lawrence, house 242 Gorham 
Townsend James, Merrmiac, house 173 Merrimac Corporation 
Townsend Mary, variety store, 244 Gorham, house do. 
Toye William, operative, house 57 East Merrimac 
Tracy Dennis, Middlesex, boards 23 George 
Tracy John, Middlesex, boards 23 George 
Tracy Webster, beltmaker, house 13 North Franklin court 
Trainor Michael, house 1 6 George 
Trainer Peter, laborer, house 11 Hancock avenue 
Trainor Thomas, in foundry, house 39 Davidson 
Trask Daniel, farmer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Trask Isaac, Lowell Corporation, house ] 6 do. 
Trask James, boardinghouse, 33 Lawrence Corporation 
Trask James T. at A. L. Brooks's, house 32 Branch 
Trask Joseph H. teamster, house 8 Bleachery 


Trask Joshua, Massachusetts, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 

Trask Oliver H. P. stonecutter, boards at Moses Churchill's 

Traver Abraham, Suffolk Corp. boards 12 Tremont Corp. 

Traver J. Henry, Tremont Corporation, house 12 do. 

Trescott Hannah M. boardinghouse, 34 Lawrence Corporation 

Tresihan Jonas, blacksmith, house 85 Broadway 

Tribou Henry, machmist, boards 157 Mernmac Corporation 

Trimble Matthias, house 3 Crosby's court 

Trinque Nelson, laborer, house rear 118 Middlesex 

Tripp John, roll coverer, house 13 4 Market 

Trott Charles P. mariner, boards 30 Tyler 

Trott Joseph F. paymaster, Boott, house 30 Tyler 

Trott Joseph F. jr. mariner, boards 30 Tyler 

Trout Abby Miss, house 14 Central 

Trow Elizabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 38 Massachusetts Corp. 

Trowbridge John, carpenter, house 4 Clark 

Trowbridge Phineas P. shoemaker, house 281 Middlesex 

True Chapman H., Suffolk, house 7 Cabot Block 

True Charles S. house 149 Moody 

True Emmons T., Merrimac, boards 12 Merrimac Corporation 

True Henry, carpenter, boards 64 Massachusetts Corporation 

True Levi, carpenter, house 280 Middlesex 

True "William, mason, boards 44 Boott Corporation 

Truell Brooks, Massachusetts, house 13 Suffolk Corporation 

Trueworthy James B., Merrimac Corporation, house 42 do. 

Trumbull James W. sawfiler, house 48 Prescott Corporation 

Trumbull Thomas, peddler, boards 5 1 Lowell 

Tryon James, Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 

Tuck Andrew J., Merrimac, house 71 Merrimac Corporation 

Tuck Edward, broker, house 6 Sixth, Centralville 

Tucker Benjamin P., Bleachery, house 12 Bleachery street 

Tucker Dolly, widow, house 122 Merrimac Corporation 

Tucker George W. machinist, boards 14 Lagrange court 

Tucker Gordon F. (Kei/es ^ T.), dry goods, 3 and 5 Welles's 

Block, boards City Hotel 
Tucker Joel, tin peddler, house 56 Church 
Tucker John, teamster, boards 6 Prescott Corporation 
Tucker Michael, farmer, house 289 Middlesex 
Tucker Patrick, laborer, house 3 Hancock avenue 
Tuckerman Edward G. house 18 Hurd 

Tuckerman Edward G. jr. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, b. 18 Hurd 
Tufts Eben, boards Washington House 

Tufts Edward, paymaster, Merrimac P. W. house 33 Moody 
Tufts William, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Tuite Simon P., Boott, house 69 Boott Corporation 
Tukey Thomas P., Tremont Corporation, 24 do. 


Tiilloek Robert N. silversmith, at A. Sanborn's, house 14 Cabot 

TuUy Catharine, widow, house rear 25 Lowell 

Tully Cornelius, laborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

TuUy Huf>;h, house 6 Cedar 

Tully James, IMerrimac Print Works, house 326 Merrimac 

Tully John, IMassaehusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corporation 

Tully iVIichael, laborer, at O. M. Whipple's, house 36 Crosby 

Tully Thomas, laborer, house 274 Merrimac 

Tumelty Charles, Bleachery, house 34 Cedai* 

Tumelty Felix, bootmaker, 138 Central, boards 10 Dummer 

Turner Ansel H. job wagon, house First, Centralville 

Turner Benjamin F. newspaper carrier, house 260 Merrimac 

Turner Elizabeth, widow, house 33 High 

Turner George, clothes cleaner, 13 Prescott, house do. 

Turner Isaiah, mason, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 

Turner Jonathan G. overseer, Appleton Corporation, house 9 do. 

Turner Thomas M. carpenter, boards 26 Chapel 

Turner William H., Lawrence Corporation, house 43 do. 

Turrell John, laborer, house rear High, near Chestnut 

Turrell William, laborer, house rear 25 Lowell 

Tuthill Augustus, hairdresser, house 62 River, Centralville 

Tuttle Abel C. clerk, 32 Middlesex, boards 46 Elm 

Tuttle Ann C. Mrs. house 41 Gushing [n. Livingston 

Tuttle Franklin, overseer, Bleachery Dye House, house Carter, 

Tuttle John B. mason, house 46 Elm 

Tuttle John W. dry goods (B.), house 21 Fourth, Centralville 

Tuttle Samuel J. mason, house 249 Central 

Tuttle William O. clerk, 54 Merrimac, boards 4 Clmrch 

Tuxbury Moses M. Mrs. house 37 Bridge, c. Third, Centralville 

Tuxbury Thomas L. paper-box manufacturer, 15 Middle, house 

Richardson, Centralville 
Tweed Timothy G. provisions, 6 Cabot, house 123 Moody 
Tweed Timothy G. jr. clerk, 164 Merrimac, house 123 Moody 
Twichell Stillman, machinist, house 9 1 Moody 
Twiss Benjamin P., Lawrence, house 13 Lawrence Corporation 
Twiss T. W. Rev. house 107 Gorham 
Twitchell Andrew S., Suffolk Corporation, house 12 Dodge 
Twitchell James, laborer, house Front, Centralville 
Twitchell William A. machinist, boards 91 IMoody 
Twombly Isaac H. variety store. Moody, c. Tilden, house do. 
Twombly Joshua, carpenter, Bleachery, house 14 do. 
Twombly Judith, widow, house 27 Prescott Corporatio.i 
Tyler Albert M. carpenter, house 193 Central 
Tyler Artemas S. cashier Prescott Bank and treasurer Five Cent 

Savings Bank, 49 Central, house 170 East Merrimac 
Tyler Daniel B., Hamilton, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 


Tyler George S. engineer, Stonybrook & L. R. R. h. 1\) Ilowai'd 

Tyler Hiram, boards 36 Cabot 

Tyler Jane S. R. Mrs. boardingbouse, 9 Merrimac Corporation 

Tyler Jonathan, house Park, corner Andover 

Tyler Levi, painter, boards 192 Middlesex 

Tyler Levi, Middlesex, boards 62 Middlesex 

Tyler Lucian C, Lowell, boards 36 Cabot 

Tyler Rynaldo H., Merrimac, house 17 Cady 

Tyler Silas, house 28 Church 

Tyler Silas jr. clerk, 27 Central, house 20 Kirk 

Tyler William Mrs. house 57 Howard 

Tyne John, Bleachery, house 62 Charles 

Tyng Levi B. machinist, house 36 Howard 

UNDERBILL ERVIN, express agent, office Northern depot, 

house 66 Howard 
Underwood Charles H. at Cushings & Mack's, h. 31 Lagrange 
Underwood Japheth, house 7 Lowell Corporation 
Underwood Mary A. J. Mrs. boardinghouse, 7 Lowell Corp. 
Underwood Myron, machinist, boards Howard House 
Underwood William G. carpenter, house 25 Adams 
Uns worth" Henry, block cutter, house Thorndike, corner Hale 
Unsworth Henry jr. laborer, at H. Unsworth's, 2 Hale 
Upham Amos, carpenter, house Oliver, near School 
Upham Andrew, Suffolk, boards 4 Suffolk Corporation 
Upham Henry B., Boott, boards 29 Boott 

Upham James F. wire worker, 10 Central, boards 53 Boott Corp. 
Upham William, boardinghouse, 53 Boott Corporation 
U[)ton George W., Boott, house 55 Boott Corporation 
Upton Henry, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 24 Branch 
Upton Isaac J. house 28 Suffolk 
Upton Joseph, carpet weaver, house 78 High 
Upton Joseph S. overseer, Lawrence Corporation, house 79 do. 
Upwood John, laborer, house rear 16 Appleton 
Upwood Thomas, Hamilton, house 6 Cady 
Ural Patrick, machinist, boards rear 38 Appleton 
Ural Rose, widow, house rear 36 Appleton 
Urann Cliarles F., Hamilton, boards 4 Hamilton Corporation 
Usher Samuel, Middlesex, boards 71 Warren 
Uttin Ann, dressmaker, 170 Merrimac 

VAILE LUCY M. Mrs. teacher, house 45 Chestnut, c. Willow 

Vaile Lucy R. music teacher, house 45 Chestnut 

Valenti P. merchant tailor, clothing made to order in a superior 

manner, 4 Canal block, boards Merrimac House 
Vallely Sarah, house 15 Keene 


Valley Joseph, Middlesex, house 184 Central 

Vaiiee Abby, boarding;house, 18 Merriinac 

Vance Shubael B. 18 Merrimac 

Vance AVilliam, jeweller, boards 31 Hamilton Corporation 

Vance William jr., Lawrence, house 6 Dodge 

Vance Wm G. jcAveller at A. Sanborn's, b. 31 Hamilton Corp. 

Van Valkinburgh George H., Tremont Corporation, bds. 43 do. 

Van Vronker Lucinda Mrs. house 48 Chapel 

Vamer Hugh, house 14 Pleasant 

Varner Robert, house 21 High 

Varney Daniel, machinist, house 74 Middlesex 

Varney Samuel J. Mrs. house 14 Ash 

Varnum Atkinson C. (Knowles S,- Vanm?n), counsellor, 14 Ap- 

pleton block, house at Dracut 
Varnum Caroline B. Mrs. house Varnum, Centralville 
Varnum Emma O. dressmaker, boardinghouse, 12 Fayette 
Varnum Geo. brakeman, Boston & Lovrell R. R. b. 59 Appleton 
Varnum George AY. conductor, B. & L. R. R. house 158 Gorham 
Varnum George AY. painter, house 12 Chestnut 
Varnum Henry C. house Varnum, Centralville 
Varnum John H. house Varnum, Centralville 
Varnum Joshua, house 109 River, Centralville 
Varnum Joshua B. farmer, boards 109 River, Centralville 
Varnum Sarah and Jane, house 3 Union 
Varnum AYilliam, macliinist, boards 5 Thorndike 
Veo Francis, at O. Allen's, boards 1 AYillie 
Veo Frank, laborer, boards 1 AYillie 
Veo Luke, baker, house 1 AA^illie 
Veo Peter, baker, house 15 AYillie 
Vickary David A. carpenter, house 3 Mechanic 
Vickery Alfred, Massachusetts, house 14 Prescott Corporation 
Vickery Dorothy, widow, house 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Vickery George L., Lawrence, boards 53 Lawrence Corporation 
Vickery Josiah P. painter, house 11 Prescott Corporation 
Viles Albert, machinist, house Coburn, Centralville 
Vincent James N. blacksmith, house Holbrook's court 
Viney Asa, carpenter, house Hale, corner Howard 
Vmey C. Augusta Miss, teacher, boards 22 Tyler 
Viney William, overseer, Lowell, boards at Franklin House 
Viney William H. physician, boards 16 Tyler 
Vining Ezra, Merrimac Corporation, house 40 do. 
Vinton Horace, Lowell, house 11 Willow 
Vinton Michael, laborer, house rear 75 Lowell 
Vinyard Thomas, at A. L. Brook's, boards 5 Thorndike 
Virgin Charles K., Massachusetts, boards 3 High-street square 
Virgin Edward H. painter, 7 Central, boards 14 Central 


WADDLE CATHARINP:, widow, house rear 53 Mieldle 

Wade Elizabeth, house 43 South 

Wade Henry C. hatter, boards 17 Hamilton Corporation 

Wade Leander A. clerk, 44 Merrimac, boards 35 Suffolk 

Wade S. Otis, Merrimac, house 131 Merrimac Corporation 

Wadleigh Alanson P. Mrs. house 35 Tremont Corporation 

Wadleigh Joseph, shoemaker, house 6 Alder 

Wadleigh Newell, house 8 Alder 

Wadleigh WilUam P. shoemake", boards 8 Prescott Corporation 

Wagner William, Lowell, house 4 Middlesex place 

Waite Aldis L. & Co. produce commission merchants, Dutton, 

opp. Mechanic's Mills, house Chelmsford, near Parker 
Waite Betsey, widow, house 13 Tilden 

Waite Daniel S. fancy goods, Central, c. Jackson, h. 52 Union 
Waite Hanover P. house 23 Hamilton Corporation 
Waldo Allen & Co. (D. G. Emerson), grocers, 201 Middlesex, 

house 268 do. 
Waldron Charles, at J. C. Ayer's, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Waldron James, at J. C. Ayer's, boards 5 Prescott Corporation 
Waldron Mary A. milliner, 108 Merrimac, boards 113 do. 
Walkden Thomas, at Bangs Bros, boards 8 Charles 
Walker Aaron jr. teacher, house 153 East Merr. near Nesmith 
Walker Alexander, Lowell, house 42 Lawrence 
Walker Andrew J. salesman, 48 Merrimac, house 8 Willow 
Walker Benj. paymaster, Hamilton Print Works, h. 20 Appleton 
Walker Benjamin F. carpenter, house 20 Prescott Corporation 
Walker Elizabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 6 Lowell Corporation 
Walker George W. (Cutter ^ Walker), shoulder braces, &c. 48 

Central, house 221 do. 
Walker Joshua M., Boott, boards %0 Prescott Corporation 
Walker Mary, widow, house 3 Garnet 

Walker Philo T. macliinist, house 129 Merrimac Corporation 
Walker Ruel J., Suffolk, house 10 Cabot block 
Walker William, carriage maker, boards 35 Suffolk 
Wall James, house 4 Carpet lane 
Wall Mary, widow, house 95 Gorhara 
Wall Patrick, blacksmith, house oQ South 
Wallace Daniel R., Boott Corporation, house 34 do. 
Wallace James, Lowell, house 23 High 

Wallace Lucinda Mrs. boardinghouse, 7 Hamilton Corporation 
Wallace Stephen, mason, house 4 Church 
Wallingford Lyman J. tinsmith, house 152 Gorham • 
Wallis WilHam L. paper carrier, house 81 Howard 
Walter Horace, shoemaker, house rear 5 Decatur 
Walter Martha Mrs. house 18 Tremont Corporation 
Walton Calvin D., Bleachery, boards 78 Church 


Walton Daniel, variety store, 49 Gorliam, house do. 

Walton Samuel, maeliinist, house 52 Charles 

Walton Whiting L., Lowell, boards 42 S. L., Worthen 

Walton AVilliani, L. & L. R. R. house 61 Howard 

W'ard Ann, widow, house 8 North 

Ward Charles, carpenter, boards 68 JMerrimac Corporation 

Ward Frank, laborer, house 16 Green, near George 

Ward Guy, Ibundryman, boards 18 North FrankUn court 

Vizard John D. barometer maker, at A. Sanborn's 

Ward John H. moulder, house 49 Lawrence [126 Cross 

Ward Josiah P. (Dexter ^ Ward), provisions, 366 Merrimac, h. 

Ward Julia Mrs. house 3 Reed's court 

Ward Patrick, laborer, house 37 North 

Ward Sullivan L. & W. G. dentists. Savings Bank Building, h. 

143 Fletcher, near Beacon 
Ward Terence, laborer, house 45 Gorliam 
Ward Thomas, clerk, 53 Central, house Broadway, c. Suffolk 
Ward Thomas E. machinist, boards 3 Reed's court 
Ward William G. (S. L. ^ W. G. Ward), dentist. Savings Bank 

building, boards at S. L. Ward's 
Wardwell George H. machinist, h. School, near Butterfield 
Ware James, sashmaker, house 28 Rock 
Ware Lyman P. machinist, house 35 Marion 
Ware Michael, laborer, house 38 South 
Warner Eliza F. boardinghouse, 16 Merrimac Corporation 
Warner James J. P. watchmaker, boards 80 Howard 
Warner James J. clerk, 86 Merrimac [50 Church 

Warren Aaron R. (Page, Puffer, ^ Warren), 30 Middlesex, h. 
Warren Augustus, carpenter, boards 101 Central 
AYarren Benjamin, clothing mf nufacturer, Prescott st. h. 4 Ash 
Warren Edward, mason, boards 33 Union 
Warren Emily M. teacher, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Warren Ezra Perry, butcher, house Branch, first above School 
Warren George K. daguerrean and ambrotype artist, 100 Mer- 
rimac, boards 46 Boott Corporation 
Warren John (Custom-House, Boston), house 33 Union 
WaiTcn John B. overseer, Boott, house 46 Boott Corporation 
Warren John N., Merrunac, house 53 Merrimac Corporation 
Warren Rachel Mrs. house 27 Cady 

Warren Wilham W. boards 33 Union [b. 25 do. 

Washburn Chas. (J. 31, Washburn S; Son), produce, 31 Market, 
Washburn John M. & Son (Charles Washburn), produce, 31 

Market, house at Tyngsborough 
Washburn John N. JMiddlesex, house 12 Warren 
Washburn Thomas S. house 5 Austin 
Washburn William C, Lawrence, h. 40 Lawrence Corporation 


Washburn Zalmuna, Massachusetts, h. 15 Massachusetts Corp. 
Waterhouse Andrew H. Mrs. house 35 South 
Waterhouse Benjamin, restorator, 186 Middlesex, house 188 do. 
Waters Daniel A. clerk, 5 Central, boards 13 Central 
Waters James, boards 42 Paige 

Watkins John C. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 4 Dodge 
Watson Alden B., Merrimac Corporation, house 157 do. 
Watson Dudley L. carpenter, house 41 Hamilton Corporation 
Watson (Edward F.), Parker ( Wm. H.), & Nichols, (Alfred 
E.), bobbin manufacturers, Wamesit Mills, house Chelms- 
ford, near Thorndike 
Watson Edward P. bobbin maker, boards 88 Appleton 
Watson Hiram, overseer, Hamilton, house 36 Summer 
Watson Hiram T., Hamilton, boards 36 Summer 
Watson James, overseer, Merrimac Corporation, house 31 J do. 
Watson James, mason, house Merriam's court 
Watson James H. moulder, boards 67 Cushing 
Watson John, Lowell, house rear 19 River, Centralville 
Watson Lycurgus K., Hamilton, boards 36 Summer 
Watson Mary L. variety store, 2 Tilden, house do. 
Watson Nancy, widow, house 5 Tilden court 
Watson Patrick, Hamilton, house 19 Summer 
Watson Rankin, Hamilton, house 38 Appleton 
Watson Samuel W. carpenter, house 42 S. Locks, Worthen 
Watson Shepard, market gardener, house Ninth, Centralville 
Watson Thomas W. boiler maker, house 73 Cushing 
Watson WilHam, Lawrence Corporation, house 41 do. 
Watts Thomas H., Merrimac Corporation, house 49 do. 
Waugh Archibald, slater, boards 51 Worthen 
Waugh John, slater, Mechanic, house 5 1 Worthen 
Waugh William, slater, boards at J. Waugh's 
Way Charles, clerk at R. F. Yeaton's, house 25 Market 
Waymoth George W. carpenter, house Coburn, Centralville 
Webb John E , Merrimac, house 38 Merrimac Corporation 
Webber Amory, sashmaker, boards 139 Merrimac Corporation 
Webber Benj. N. (Bitttrick ^ Co.), 20 Market, h. 25 Chapel 
Webber Henry P. clerk, Merchants' Bank, boards 159 Central 
Webber Mary A. Mrs. house 16 Appleton 
Webster Abel, Appleton, house 8 Sprmg 
Webster Abigail Mrs. house 47 Appleton 
Webster Caleb, milUnery goods, 43 Merrimac, Nesmith's block, 

house 3 Fifth, Centralville 
Webster Calvin, teamster, house Pine, near Nichols 
Webster Charles G. at Norcross's sawmill, house 32 Smith 
Webster David, at Norcross's sawmill, boards 32 Smith 

Webster Ebenezer D., Prescott, house 39 Prescott Corporation 


Webster Elihu, saloon, 133 Middlesex, house 3 Farson's court 

Webster Enoch, Merrimac, boards 92 Middlesex 

Webster Franklin, farmer, house Methuen road, Centralville 

Webster George, carpenter, h. 73 Bridge, c. Eighth, Centralville 

Webster Joanna, house 4 Fifth, Centralville 

Webster Lydia, boardinghouse, 92 Middlesex 

Webster Solon S. machinist, boards 26 Franklin 

Webster AVilliam JM. saloon, 92 Middlesex, house 112 do. 

Webster William P. (Butler Sf W.) counsellor, 4 and 6 Museum 

Building, house Myrtle, corner Sixth, Centralville 
Wedgewood Edwin S., Merrimac Corporation, boards 123 do. 
Wedgewood James M., Merrimac, house 123 Merrimac Corp. 
Weed Benjamin M. clerk at W. H. Dyar's, boards 113 Central 
Weeks George, Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 
Weeks Jonathan, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 43 Appleton 
Weeks Samuel D. house Smith, near Liberty 
Weeks Sophia A. widow, house 141 Merrimac Corporation 
Weir Ann, widow, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Welch Bartholomew, Hamilton, house rear 20 Summer 
Welch Catharine, widow, house 38 William 
Welch Charles A., Merrimac, house 69 Merrimac Corporation 
Welch Clark, Merrimac Corporation, house 67 do. 
Welch David, carpenter, house River, Centralville 
Welch Edmund, at batting mill, house 9 Chapel 
Welch Elizabeth B. widow, house 321 Merrimac 
Welch Ezra B. fancy goods, 85 Merrimac, house 120 do. 
Welch Frederick, Boott, boards 53 Boott Corporation 
Welch George, Merrimac, boards 68 Merrimac Corporation 
Welch Hannah, widow, house 92 Suffolk 

Welch Horatio N. teamster, at Putnam & Currier's, h. 15 Elm 
Welch James, Massachusetts, boards 25 East Merrimac 
Welch James, Boott, house Front, Centralville 
Welc-h James, canaller, boards 24 Adams 

Welch James S. clerk, Wamesit Bank, house Linden, c. Auburn 
Welch John, shoemaker, 48 Fenwick, house do. 
Welch John, Merrimac, house 40 Adams 
Welch John, at Am. Bolt Co.'s shop, house 6 Swift 
Welch John, butcher, boards 60 Gorham 
Welch John, laborer, house 179 Lawrence 
Welch John, laborer, house 12 Cross, corner Marion 
Welch Mandana Mrs. variety store, 15 Tilden, house do. 
Welch Margaret, widow, house 38 Adams 
Welch Mary Mrs. house 86 Market 
Welch Mary Mrs. house 18 Keene 

Welch Michael, Massachusetts, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 
Welch Michael, Bleachery, house 14 Mill 


Welch Michael, Merrimac, boards 38 Adams 

Welch Michael, laborer, house rear 52 Moody 

Welch Patrick, laborer, house foot of Pond 

Welch Patrick, laborer, house Pollard avenue 

Welch Patrick, laborer, house Adams, near Cross 

Welch Pierce, sexton St. Peter's Church, house 27 Union 

Welch Richard, laborer, house 35 Worthen 

Welch Samuel F., Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 

Welch Thomas, machmist, house 48 Fenwick 

Welch Thomas, laborer, house 14 Adams 

Welch Willard C, Merrimac, house 24 Merrimac Corporation 

Welch William, laborer, house 23 Union 

Welch William, teamster, house 129 Moody 

Welcome Francis, house 146 Suffolk 

Welden Thomas, laborer, house 2 Green 

Weldon Patrick, laborer, house 2 Davis court 

WeUington Marshal K. shoemaker, boards 142 Suffolk 

Wellman Charles P., Massachusetts, h. 8 Massachusetts Corp. 

Wellman George, inventor of self cord stripper, house 19 Lee 

Wellman George H. machinist, house 21 Lee 

Wellman Lucy, widow, house 8 Dodge 

Wells Chas. D. machinist, house 14 Third, Centralville 

Wells David, physician, Welles Block, boards Merrimac House 

Wells Mary A. widow, house 18 Moody 

Wells Nancy L. Mrs. house 314 Merrimac 

Welton William, laborer, house rear 13 Dummer 

Wentworth Daniel G. mason, house 35 Fourth, Centralville 

Wentworth John R. machinist, house 10 Lawrence 

Wentworth Mary E. variety store, 236 Merrimac, house 260 do. 

Wentworth Merrill J. carpenter, boards 4 Massachusetts Corp. 

Wentworth Prudence S. dressmaker, 1 Tilden [Lawrence 

Wentworth Tappan, counsellor, AVentworth's Block, house 24 

Wentworth Warren, Hamilton, house 104 Middlesex 

Werden Samuel D. book agent, boards 119 Central 

Wesley , designer, boards 2 Hale 

West Daniel, house 41 Charles 

Westhall John E. painter, house 26 Chapel 

Westhall Solomon, filecutter, boards 26 Chapel 

Weston A. Judson, clerk, 356 Merrimac, boards 38 Boott Corp. 

Weston Charles H. pattern maker, house 46 Howard 

Weston Jesse K. card clothing, house 198 Central 

Weston Mary H. variety store, 97 Merrimac, house do. 

Weston Ruel L. boarding house, 43 Boott Corporation 

Wetherbee Asa, carpenter, 13 Prescott, h. 19 Kirk, corner Lee 

Wetherbee Charles L. house 40 Central 

Wetherbee John, carpenter, house 35 Salem 


Wetherbee Oliver (Cal.), house 94 East Merrimac 

Wetherbee Polly, house 94 East Merrimac 

AVetherbee -Sarah, widow, house 8 Cady 

Wetherbee Sophia P. teacher, house 19 Kirk 

Weymouth Augustus, foundry, boards 9 Prescott Corporation 

Weymouth Frank H. machinist, boards 9 Prescott Coi-p. 

Weymouth Harrison G. O. foundry, bds. 9 Prescott Corp. 

Weymouth Levi, Tremont, boards 8 Dodge 

Weymouth Sarah C. boardinghouse, 9 Prescott Corporation 

Wheeler (Albert) & Stickney (Daniel), grocers, Tilden, house 

382 Merrimac 
Wheeler Albert C. carpenter, house Branch, 4th above School 
Wheeler Anson, Lowell, house 12 Lowell Corporation 
Wheeler Artemas, house 8 Decatur 

AVHieeler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence, house 63 Lawrence Corp. 
Wheeler Harriet Mrs. teacher of music, house 51 E. Merrimac 
Wheeler James, carpet weaver, house 1 Hudson 
Wheeler Jane Mrs. house 24 Appleton Corporation 
Wheeler Joseph, stone mason, house '1 Union 
Wheeler Joseph A. clothing, 174 Merrimac, house 99 Salem 
Wheeler Moses F. machinist, boards 154 Suffolk 
Wheeler Sanford S., Appleton, house 73 Appleton 
Wheeler Thomas J. fireman, boards 300 School 
Wheelock Andrew C. real estate agent, 222 Central 
Wheelock Olive A. boardinghouse, 12 Massachusetts Corp. 
Whelan Edward, Bleachery, house 45 Chapel 
Whelan Edward, Hamilton, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Whelan Misses, house Front, Centralville 
Wlielan PhiUp, laborer, house 5 Carolin's place 
Whelton William, dresser, house River, Centralville 
Whipple Aaron, house 41 Tremont Corporation 
Whipple Calvin, Lidian physician, house 57 Fletcher 
Whipple Oliver M. house Moore, corner Wliipple 
Whitcher Anna Mrs. house 8 Pine 

Whitcher Henry D., Merrimac, house 77 Boott Corporation 
Wliitcomb A. D., Merrimac, boards 138 Merrimac Corporation 
Wliitcomb Calvin, Merrimac, boards 138 Merrimac Corporation 
Whitcomb Charles, Merrimac, boards 138 Merrimac Corp. 
Whitcomb Foster H. machinist, h. 24 Swamp Locks, Wortlien 
Whitcomb James M. tinsmith at Wilder & Dana's, h. 9 Walnut 
Whitcomb Pratt, machinist, boards 44 Boott Corporation 
Whitcomb Valentine, pattern maker, 20 Middle, house 19 Frank- 
lin square, Adams 
White Calvin, chainnaker, boards Howard House 
White Daniel jr. turner, h. 8 Adams, n. Broadway [Lagi*ange 
White Edwin, wood turninjjr, Mechanics' Mill, Dutton, house 1 r» 


\Yliite Frederick, boards 17 Smith 

White George E. bracemaker, house 51 Bartlett 

White Hannah, Sarah J. and Ehza F., Misses, house 23 Charles 

White Henrj G. clerk, boards 101 Gorham 

White James, laborer, house 36 Common 

White James, laborer, house Salem, near Decatur 

White John, Merrimac, boards 12 Merrimac Coi'poration 

White Josiah, clothing, 3 Central, house 64 Lawrence 

White Mary A. JVIi-s. house 47 Appleton 

White Mary A. millinery, 332 Merrimac, house do. 

White Mary E. house 62 Worthen 

White Philip T. Mrs. house 101 Gorham 

White Randall II. carpenter, boards 3 Massachusetts Corp. 

White Sumner A. hackman, 84 Central, boards 5 Ford 

White Thomas, variety store, 234 Merrimac, house do. 

White William, carpenter, boards 36 Cabot 

White William, Lowell, house 5 Knowles place 

White William, Lowell, house Old road, Centralville 

Whitehead James, Merrimac, house 23 Wamesit 

Whitehead Joseph, Hamilton P. W. boards rear 53 Charles 

Whitehouse Mrs. house Front, Centralville 

Whitely Joseph, boots and shoes, 68 Merrimac, house 81 Market 

Whiteside Johnson, Middlesex, house 10 Cady 

Whithed Darius, grocer, Middlesex, n. Central, h. 31 Grand 

Whithed Marshall, boards 31 Grand 

Whithed Solon S. at J. C Ayer & Co.'s, boards 31 Grand 

Whiting Joseph, tailor at B. Warren's, boards 38 Boott Corp. 

Whiting Moses, cardmaker, house 5 Clark 

Whiting Pliineas, farmer, house Mt. Vernon, near Pawtucket 

Whiting Samuel, farmer, house 86 Moody 

Wliitman A. P. milhnery goods, 206 Merrimac, boards 260 do. 

Whitman Christopher, house Walker, near Broadway 

WlAtmsiYsh ( Wm. JI.) & Adams (Thos. B.), belt manuf. and 

roll coverers. Savings Bank building, house 1 67 Moody 
Whitmore William, stencil cutter, 28 Merrimac, house Varney, 

near Mt. Vernon 
Wliitney A. B. Mrs. boardinghouse, 30 Tremont Corporation 
Whitney Abel, bookseller, 87 Merrimac, house 84 South 
Whitney Ambrose, shoemaker, house 9 Fourth, Centralville 
Whitney C. & D. jr, lumber dealers, Western avenue, h. Fletch- 

. er, corner Willie 
Whitney Charles, house Willie, corner Fletcher 
Whitney Charles H clerk, 13 John, boards 43 Boott Corp. 
Whitney David, lumber dealer, house 139 Fletcher 
Whitney D. jr. (G.^D. Whitney jr.), (Troy, Mich.) 
Whitney Hananiah, produce, John, c Merr. h. 36 Mass. Corp. 

238 LOWELL [ \\r ] DIRECTORY. 

Whitney Harriet P. widow, house 31 Nesmith 

Whitney James, moulder, boards 94 Middlesex 

Whitney James S. carriage maker, house 59 Chapel 

Whitney John, overseer, Ap})leton, house 33 South 

AVhitney John A. clerk, 87 Merrimac, boards 84 South 

Whitney John L. printer, house 62 Middlesex 

Whitney Nathaniel, hostler, house 203 Middlesex 

Wliitney Stephen M. machinist, house Congress, r. Hale's Mill 

Whitney William M., Hamilton, boards 33 South 

Whiton William, painter, boards 26 Chapel 

Whiton William H., Lowell, boards 7 Lowell Corporation 

Whittaker James, Hamilton, house rear 19 William 

Whittaker Orman A., Middlesex, boards 10 Cady 

Whittemore Isaac W. grocer, 17 E. Merrimac, house 121 do. 

Whittemore Samuel, L. M. S. house 21 Swamp Locks, Dutton 

Whittemore William F. clerk, 17 East Merrimac, b. 121 do. 

Whitten Abel B., Massachusetts, boards 59 Mass. Corp. 

Whitten Charles P. stoves and golden salve, 37 East Merrimac, 

house 104 High 
Whitten John M., Prescott, house 17 Fayette 
Whitten Robert, Middlesex, house 11 Andover 
Whitten William T. glass, tin, and brittannia ware. High, corner 

Andover, house 9 Everett 
Whittier Daniel V. at box shop, house 8 Marshall 
Whittier Laura A. Mrs. house 101 Gorham 
Whittier Lewis E. box maker, house 45 Cushing 
Whittier Moses, overseer, Boott, house 74 Boott Corporation 
Whittier Sarah Mrs. house 43 Cushing 

Whittlesey Ira P. printer, at " Citizen & News," b. 43 Bartlett 
Whittlesey James G. sash maker, boards 13 Frankhn sq., Adams 
Whitton Frank, Hamilton, boards 15 Hamilton Corporation 
Whitty Andrew, carpenter, house 48 Gorham 
Whitworth William, American Bolt Co. boards 248 Gorham 
Whooley Michael, foundry man, house rear 12 Little 
Wier John, carpenter, house 52 Dutton 
Wier Newton J. & Co. stoves, tin, iron, and wooden ware, 198 

Merrimac, house 5 Austin 
Wierty Patrick, laborer, house 2 Water 
Wiggin Andrew J., Merrimac, house 139 Moody 
Wiggin Caleb M. bootmaker, at N. M. AYright's, house 76 High 
Wiggin George W. clerk, 45 Central, boards at A. Putnam's 
Wiggin John W. carpenter, house 36 Merrimac Corporation 
Wiggin Noah L. painter, house 11 Prescott Corporation 
Wiggins Charles, job wagon, boards 1 6 Prescott Corporation 
Wiggins William H. carpenter, 58 Rock, h. Willie, c. Franklin 
Wight George H. machinist, boards at James Wight's 


Wight James, house 15 Third, Centralville 

Wi^ht Nancy Mrs. house 25 Nesmith 

Wight WilUam H., Massachusetts, boards at James Wight's 

Wilbur WiUiam, breadseller, house 157 Central 

Wilby Benjamin, boots and shoes, 109 Thorndike, house do. 

Wilcox Alexander B. trader, boards 29 Tyler 

Wilcox Silas C. confectioner, house 6 Merrill court 

Wilde Benjamin, house 16 Clark, near Grammar school 

Wilde James, Boott, boards 3 Boott Corporation 

Wilder Ambrose S., Bleachery, house 4 Moore 

Wilder ( Charles H.) & Hunt (E. S.), wholesale provision deal- 
ers, 96 Market, house Middlesex, near the line 

Wilder Edmund F. tinsmith, Button, c. Fletcher, h. 97 Howju-d 

Wilder Elias F. provisions, 90 Middlesex, boards 94 do. 

Wilder (Henri/ H.) & Dana (George E.), coppersmiths and 
plumbers, Jackson, opp. Hamilton P. W. house 84 Tyler 

Wiles Henry, laborer, house 38 Adams 

Wiley Alvin, clerk, 64 Merrimac, boards 60 Middlesex 

Wiley John, Boott, house 58 Boott Corporation 

Wiley Life W. moulder, house 105 Middlesex 

Wiley Robert F. refreshments, 105 Middlesex, house 107 do. 

Wiley Samuel F. carpenter, Howe, house 12 Chestnut 

Wiley Stephen P., Boott, house 7 Boott Corporation 

Wiley William I. clerk, house 107 Middlesex 

Wilkins Andrew J. shoemaker, house 11 Abbott 

Wilkins Charles, moulder, boards 94 Middlesex 

Wilkins Charles, overseer, Lawrence, house 11 Lawrence Corp. 

Wilkins Charles W. carpenter, house 129 Middlesex 

Wilkins George, Middlesex, boards 52 Church 

Wilkins Harrison, machinist, house 31 Adams 

Wilkins Henry, jeweller, 98 Merrimac, house 70 Merr. Corp. 

Wilkins Henry, Merrimac Corporation, house 158 do. 

Wilkins Henry K. at Rufus Wilkins's 

Wilkins Josiah W. sash maker, house 63 Adams 

Wilkins Rufus, salt provisions, 37 Prescott, house Gorham, near 
Hale's Mills 

Wilkins Sylvester, books and stationery, 32 Merrimac, boards 
Merrimac House 

Wilkins S. watchman, Middlesex, boards 5 Lawrence 

Wilkins Tracey, tinsmith, boards 60 Church 

Wilkins Zadock, painter, house 10 Race 

Willard Gardner L. machinist, house 158 Moody 

Willey Charles, Hamilton, house 14 Cady 

Willey George F. music teacher. Central, corner Jackson, house 
Gates, near Westford 

Willey James, Hamilton, boards 22 Hamilton Corporation 


Willey James, mason, boards 20 Suffolk Corporation 
Willey John ¥., Massachusetts, ^louse 25 Massachusetts Corp. 
Willey Rufus, watchman, house 17 Prescott Corporation 
Willey Samuel, Prescott, house 17 Prescott Corporation 
Willey William A. printer, " Citizen " office, boards 43 Cushing 
Williams Albert, Lawrence, boards 68 Lawrence Corporation 
Williams Benjamin J. counsellor, house 61 Andover 
WilUams Charles, currier, boards at Hannah Miles' 
Williams Charles M. counsellor, boards 61 Andover 
Williams George Henry, 48 Central, boards 61 Andover 
Williams George W. carpenter, house 58 River, Centralville 
Williams Gilbert T. watchmaker, and jeweller, 29 Merrimac, h. 

15 Chapel 
Williams Henry L. real estate agent, 48 Central, h. 61 Andover 
Williams Isaiah, wire worker, 10 Central, house 26 Fayette 
Wilhams James, Lowell, house 177 Central 
WilUams John, operative, house 39 Fayette 
Williams John, Hamilton, house foot of Pond 
Williams Joseph, laborer, house 1 Swift 

Wilhams Lament D., B. & L. Railroad, boards 175 Middlesex 
Williams Rufus, harness maker, h. 3 Livingston block, Appleton 
Wilhams Samuel M. at American Bolt Co. house 123 Gorham 
Williams Thomas A. painter, house 65 Lawrence 
Williamson Margaret, house 79 Church 
Willis Eliza Mrs. house 152 Merrimac Corporation 
Willis George, in periodical store, boards 152 Merr. Corp. 
Willis George, clerk, 78 Central, boards 152 Colburn 
Willis Joshua T., Merrimac, boards 152 Merrimac Corporation 
Willis Joshua T. periodicals, 78 Central, boards 152 Colburn 
Willis Mrs. widow, house 6 Middlesex place 
Willis Simon, carpenter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Willis William, foundry, boards 14 Hamilton Corporation 
Willoughby John, miller, at Wliipple's Mills, house 1 Hudson 
Willoughby Mary, boardinghouse, 13 Tremont Corporation 
Wills Daniel M., Lawrence Coq:)0ration, house 32 Cabot 
Wilmot James, Appleton, house 117 Middlesex 
Wilmot Willard W. painter, boards 12 Chestnut 
Wilson Charles, in foundry, boards 7 Hamilton Corporation 
Wilson David, carpenter, house 1 Bow, Centralville 
Wilson David W. carpenter, Webster, near Bridge, h. 49 Bridge, 

near Fourth, Centralville 
Wilson Dolly Miss, Boott, house Nesmith Building 
Wilson Edwin T., house 82 South 

Wilson EHhu, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 62 Worthen 
Wilson Foster, Merrimac, house 130 Merrimac Corporation 
Wilson George, machinist, boards 20 Appleton Corporation 


Wilson Gerrj, Merrimac Print Works, house 146 Merr. Corp. 

Wilson Henrj J. clerk, boards 26 Cabot 

Wilson Harvey J. Lowell Machine Shop, boards 62 Worthen 

Wilson Horace A. farmer, house 24 Cabot 

Wilson Horace N. (Dix Sf Wilson), 26 Paige, house at Rutland 

Wilson Hubbard, Hamilton, house 66 Hamilton Corp., Middlesex 

Wilson Huldah P. house 73 Merrimac Corporation 

Wilson James, Bleachery, house 29 do. 

Wilson James, designer, house rear Chelmsford, near Hale 

Wilson James jr. machinist, house Hale, corner Grand 

AVilson Jane Mrs. house 1 Linden 

Wilson John, variety store, 212 Merrimac, house 210 do. 

Wilson John, Lowell, house 20 Lowell Corporation 

Wilson John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 25 S. L., Worthen 

Wilson John, Lawrence Corporation, house 39 do. 

Wilson John, Middlesex, house rear Pleasant 

Wilson John C. machinist, house 321 Merrimac 

Wilson Jos. A. confectionery and variety, 170 Suffolk, h. 168 do. 

Wilson Joseph A., Boott, boards 44 Boott Corporation 

AV^ilson Levi, carpenter, house 66 Bridge, Centralville 

Wilson L. Hv house 24 Cabot 

Wilson Matthew A. watchmaker, at A. Sanborn's, b. City Hotel 

Wilson Robert, Middlesex, house 105 High 

Wilson Rufus W. machinist, boards 1 29 Middlesex 

Wilson Sophia Mrs. boardinghouse, 52 Massachusetts Corp. 

Wilson Theodore F. shuttle maker, boards 51 Mass. Corp. 

Wilson Thomas, Middlesex, house 10 Water 

Wilson Thomas, laborer, house Chelmsford, comer Liberty 

Wilson Thomas, in foundry, house 24 Clay 

Wilson William, Massachusetts, house 51 Mass. Corporation 

Wilson William ( Cole, Nichols, ^ Wilson), iron foundry, r. Jail, 

house 97 Thorndike 
Wilson William A. machinist, house 7 Garnet 
Wilson William B. designer, house 26 Fayette 
Wilson Wilham H. shoemaker, 64 Middlesex, house do. 
Wilson William W., Bleachery, boards 29 do. 
Wilton Joanna, house 4 Cross lane 
Winchester George W. machinist, house 139 Gorham 
Winchester Samuel, blacksmith, Kidder, house 63 Lawrence 
Wing Alpheus G. provisions. Bridge, n. Second, house 5 Fifth, 


Wing Alpheus J., Bridge, near Second, house First, Centralville 

Wing Benjamin F. blacksmith, boards 5 Fifth, Centralville 

Wing Benjamin F. cigar maker, boards Mechanic's Hotel 

Wing Edwin, Middlesex, boards 1 George 

Wing Gancelo, machinist, boards 56 Worthen 

____ - 


Wing Jane T. variety store, 3 John, house 5 Fifth, Centralville 

Wing John C, Middlesex, house 1 1 Charles 

Wing True, provisions, John, n. Merrimac, house at Tewksbury 

Winn Charles E. boxmaker, house 11 Lagrange court 

Winn Daniel K. medicines, fruit, &c., 1 1 Middle, boards 4 Massa- 
chusetts Corporation 

Winn George W., Boott, house 8 Boott Corporation 

Winn Parker, house 47 Fayette 

Winn Patrick, laborer, house rear 52 Moody 

Winn Peter, laborer, house rear 30 William 

Winn Robert, Massachusetts, house 8 Appleton 

Winnck William G. tailor, 7 Appleton Block, house 1 Nesmith 

Winsby Sarah, nurse, boards 15 Elm 

Winslow George L. photographist, &c., 28 Merrimac, h. 45 Bartlett 

Winter Daniel S. marble worker, house Westford, near Grand 

Winter John B. mai-ble worker, 155 Central, house 61 Fletcher 

Winter Thomas A. pressman, boards 23 John 

AVinterbottom James, house Manchester 

Winton John, Middlesex, house 67 Church 

Wirt Amos, house 61 Church 

Wise Mary Mrs. boards AValnut, corner Chapel 

Wise William G., Merrimac C. R. house 27 Merrimac Corp. 

Wltham Levi B., Lowell Corporation, boards 7 do. 

Witham William, peddler, house 332 Merrimac 

Witham , Lowell, boards 6 Tilden 

Witherell George F. marble cutter, boards 47 Charles 

Witherell George S. house 47 Charles 

Witherell William H., Tremont, house 9 Tremont Corporation 

Witherhead James, Massachusetts, house 32 Prescott Corp. 

Withey James, Massachusetts, boards 1 George 

Withington George W., Massachusetts, boards 4 Mass Corp. 

Withington Nathan, Merrimac, boards 140 Merrimac Corp. 

Wolcott Samuel E. sashmaker, house 2 Lagrange court 

Wolkden Thomas, tinsmith, at Bangs Bros, boards 8 Charles 

Wolstenholme Francis E. farmer, house West, Centralville 

Wood Charles, overseer, Boott, house 70 Boott Corporation 

Wood Daniel, stonecutter, house 188 Central 

Wood George, carpenter, boards 95 Market 

Wood George E. pattern maker, house 67 Warren 

Wood George F. machinist, boards 30 Chai'les 

Wood Hiram D., Boott, house 23 Boott 

Wood Horace E. Suffolk, Corporation, house 24 do. 

Wood Horatio Rev. office Free Chapel, Middlesex, house Lib 

erty, opposite School 
Wood Horatio jr. boards Horatio Wood's 
Wood John C. cloth printer, Stott's Mills, house 33 High 

LOWELL [ ^j^ ] DIRECTORY. 243 

Wood John G. machinist, house 30 Charles ' 

Wood Lorenzo, clerk, 32 Middlesex, house 89 Appleton 
Wood Lydia Mrs. variety store, 204 Merrimac 
Wood Nelson, boardinghouse, 59 Massachusetts Corporation 
Wood Relief Mrs. boardinghouse, 49 Massachusetts Corporation 
Wood Robert, Uvery stable and veterinary surgeon, Merrimac 

corner Worthen, house 150 Dutton 
Wood Robert C, Lowell, house 2 Appleton 
Wood Samuel, grain store, 43 Market, house 2 Chapel 
Wood Samuel N. flour, grain, &c. 43 Market, house 9 Centre 
Wood Thomas, laborer, house 55 Howard 
Wood Thomas W. engraver, house 254 Central 
Wood WiUiam, overseer, Boott Corporation, house 60 do. 
Wood WiUiam, bedstead maker, house 215 Middlesex 
Woodard Russell, Lowell M. S. h. 39 Swamp Locks, Worthen 
Woodbridge Levi, Appleton, boards 4 Appleton Corporation 
Woodbury Albert, Hamilton Corporation, house 47 do. 
Woodbury Horace D., Boott, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Woodbury Hugh, overseer, Boott, house 60 Boott Corporation 
Woodbury John L. pattern maker, house 101 Appleton 
Woodbury Joseph (Cal.), h. Willie, opposite Machine Shop 
Woodbury Joseph P. carpenter, house 31 Branch 
Woodbury Mandane, boardinghouse, 1 1 Merrimac Corporation 
Woodbury Mary Miss, dressmaker, 40 Central, house do. 
Woodies Daniel S., Boott Corporation, house 48 do. 
Woodman Geo. D. student, Tyler's block. Central, b. City Hotel 
Woodman James, file forger, boards 71 High 
Woodman Thomas P., Lawrence, h. 16 Lawrence Corporation 
Woodman Watson, carpenter, house 108 Howard 
Woods Charles, dry goods, Merrimac, b. 3 Mass. Corporation 
Woods Charles R. (Bass S^ Woods), dry goods, 132 Merrimac 
Woods Edward P. at J. C. Ayer's, house 37 Bartlett 
AVoods Ellen, widow, house 18 Jefferson 
Woods Henry S. boards 34 Massachusetts Corporation 
Woods Jolm, printer, " Vox Populi " office, house 61 Lowell 
Woods John, printer, house rear 78 Lowell 
Woods John, Hamilton, house Green 
Woods Juha Mrs. house alley, rear 17 Union 
Woods Leonard, house 41 Tyler 
Woods Mary, house 3301 Merrimac 
Woods Mary J. widow, house 10 Congress 
Woods Rose, tailor, boards 113 Merrimac 
Woods Sidney D. roll coverer, boards 47 Boott Corporation 
Woodsum (Charles S.) & Gilpatrick (John), hairdressers, 130 

Central, boards 13 Boott Corporation 
Woodward Alexander, boxmaker, house 7 Lagrange court 


Woodward Alfred G. clothing and furnishing goods, 30 Merri- 

mac, house 14 Stackpoie 
Woodward C. B. dressmaker, 4 John, house do. 
Woodward David, agent panorama, h. 39 Bridge, Centralville 
Woodward Deliverance, boardinghouse, 114 Merrimac Corp. 
Woodward George, boxmaker, boards 7 Lagrange court 
Woodward Heman B. restorator, 42 Central, house 39 Bartlett 
Woodward Henry M. mason. School, corner Gold 
Woodward John C, Locks and Canals, house 26 Race 
Woodward John T. overseer, Appleton Corporation, h. 10 do. 
Woodward Lorenzo, carpenter, house 21 Mass. Corporation 
Woodward Mersilva, widow, house 325 Merrimac 
Woodward Sylvester, carpenter, 258 Middlesex, h. 109 Howard 
Wood worth Albert C, Boott, house 39 Boott Corporation 
Worcester Leonard, cutter, 34 Merrimac, house 62 Bartlett 
Worcester Wm. H. bootmaker, 35 Merrimac, b. Mass. Corp. 
Worledge William, boardinghouse, 57 Lawrence Corporation 
Worth John C. batting manuf., Whipple's mills, h. 2 Merrill's ct. 
Worthen Darius, machinist, house 57 Worthen 
Worthen Ezekiel B. & Co. (S. W. Loche), grocers, 216 Merri- 
mac, house Marion, corner Lagrange 
Worthen George W. engineer, house 398 Merrimac 
Worthen Libby E. operative, boards 76 Middlesex 
Worthen Mathew, machinist, house 51 Cushing 
Worthing Almira, widow, house 67 Adams 
Worthley Daniel, boards 18 Fayette 
Worthley Lewis, boards 18 Fayette 
Wren Edward, laborer, boards 1 William 
Wright Alanson, carpenter, house 9 Tremont 
Wright Amos D., Lawrence Corporation, house 9 do. 
Wright Andrew C. police officer, house 28 Willow 
Wright Ann, widow, house 34 North 

Wright Asahel Bliss, Register of Deeds, house 75 Summer 
Wright Atwill F. & M. provisions, 195 Middlesex, boards Ho- 
ward House [lett 
Wright Elbridge G. musical instrument maker (B.), h. 33 Bart- 
Wright Ezra P., Boott Corporation, house 15 do. 
Wright Ezra W. Locks and Canals, h. 60 Butterfield, n. School 
Wright Franklin D. painter, house 6 Evans 
Wright George, boots and shoes, 94 Central, b. American House 
Wright George E. machinist, boards 4 Centre 
Wright Hapgood, boots, shoes, and rubbers, 51 Central, house 

30 Lawrence 
Wright James J. blacksmith, house 2 Madison 
Wright John, teamster, boards 67 Bridge, Centralville 
Wright John, agent, Suffolk, house 355 Merrimac, cor. Austin 


Wright John F. clerk, Dutton, cor. Lowell, house 3 Oak 
Wright John G. clerk, Lowell Machine Shop, b. 50 E. Merrimac 
Wright John J. boards 5 1 East Merrimac 
Wright Joseph N. carpenter, boards 1 Willow place 
Wright Leverett D., Merrimac, house 39 Merrimac Corporation 
Wright Lewis, Lawrence, boards 43 Lawrence Corporation 
Wright Luther, stone mason, house Centre 
Wright Lyman W. variety store, 6 Tilden, house do. 
Wright Merrill S. (A. F. Sf M, ^nyA^j, provisions, 195 Middle- 
sex, boards 118 Appleton 
Wright Mary Mrs. house 4 Ford 

Wright Mary P. Mrs. physician, house 1 Willow place 
Wright N. M. boots, shoes, &c. 138 Central, house 239 do. 
Wright Peltire, bedstead maker, house 129 Cross 
Wright Sabra Mrs. house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Wright Sheffield H. machinist, house bo Butterfield 
Wright Stephen W., Hamilton, house 52 Andover 
Wright Varnum, bedstead maker, house 127 Cross 
Wright Walter, house 31 Anne 
Wright William, farmer, house 4 Ford 
Wright William A., Merrimac Corporation, house 128 do. 
Wrigly Jonas, agent Boston newspapers, house Hale, near Rail- 
road bridge 
Wyman Augustus Mrs. house 102 Appleton 
Wyman George W. Mrs. house 35 Suffolk 
Wyman Henry, tailor, 72 Central, house 34 Hurd 
Wyman John H. watchman, house 11 Austin 
Wyman John H. cabinet maker, Howe, ho ise 23 Fayette 
Wyman John S. machinist, house 18 Tylei- 
Wyman Leonard N., Suffolk, house 6 Cabot block, Cabot street 
Wyman William, farmer, house Wyman 
Wyman William W. house Third, corner Cedar, Centralville 

YEATON ELBRIDGE L. sawmiller, h. 9 N. Frankhn court 

Yeaton Reuben F. provisions, Merrimac, c. Prescott, h. 15 Oak 

Yeaton Richard B., Merrimac, house 51 Merrimac Corporation 

Yeoman Elizabeth Mrs. house rear 5 Decatur 

Yeoman Robert T. shoemaker, house 5 Ford, corner Austin 

Yeoman William H., Merrimac Print Works, h. 43 Tremont 

Yore Ann, widow, house Green's court 

York James M., Lawrence Corporation, house 15 do. 

York Polly, widow, house 65 Lawrence Corporation 

York Simeon D. physician, Welles block, house at Windham 

Young Aaron B., Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation 

Young Artemas S., Merr. Corp. house 37 Bridge, Centralville 

Younor Charles H. machinist, house 123 East Merrimac 


Young Enoch, Merrimac, boards 81 Merrimac Corporation 

Young George, laborer, house rear 27 Congress 

Y^oung George W. provisions, Middlesex, opposite Depot, house 

Middlesex, corner Wilder 
Young Isaac, Hamilton, boards 12 Hamilton Corporation 
Young James, lace store, 102 & 126 Merrimac, house 128 do. 
Young James, penny-post, house 48 Union 
Young Jaines, laborer, house 125 Lowell 
Young Jonathan F., Prescott, boards 44 Prescott Corporation 
Young LeAvis A., Merrimac, boards 75 Merrimac Corporation 
Young Lydia Ann, house 9 Middlesex place 
Y^'oung Michael, laborer, house 57 Fenwick 
Y^'oung Samuel, Merrimac, boards 79 Merrimac Corporation • 
Young Sarah H. physician, 128 Merrimac 
Young William, Merrimac, house 117 Merrimac Corporation 
Young William, box maker, boards 113 Merrimac 
Young Wilham H. A. machinist, boards 23 Hamilton Corp. 

ZIMMER CHRISTOPHER, gunsmith, 15 Middle ' 






PRICE, $10. 







Acid {PyroUgneous). 
Robinson & Callahan, near Whipple's 

Agents {Real Estate). 
Hubbard Josiah, 3 Canal Block 
Manahan J. E. 19 Appleton Block 
Williams H. L. 48 Central 

Agricultural Tools. 

tral (see adv. department, page 2) 
Mansur Stephen, 136 Central 
Rogers Jacob, 166 Merrimac 


Stone G. W. 99 Market 

Ambrotypes and Photographs. 

MITCHELL GEO. E. 89 Merrimac 
(see adveitising department, p. 3) 

SANBORN & CO. 50 Merrimac (see 
advertising department, page 6^ 


Allen H. W. Merrimac, c. Suffolk 
Baron Frederick, Merr. c. Worthen 
Billings John T. Central, c. Jackson 
Carlton & Hovey, City Hall, Merr'm'c 
Dows A. W. 185 Central 
Dowse John, 19 East Merrimac 
Duncan W. W., Middlesex, c. Thorn- 
French Wm.H. 2 Central, c.Mer'm'c 
Hayes Joseph R. 12 Central 
Herrick Wm, M. 3 Appleton block 

c. John (see advertising dept. p. 1) 
corner Central (see advertisement, 
back colored pnge) 
LANE L. C. 79 Merrimac (see adver- 
tising department, page 1) 
May berry Benj. B. 68 Middlesex 
Staniels Edward A. & Co. 123 Central 
Thompson M. E. 268 Meriimac 


PHILLIPS JOHN W. 55 Central 
(see adv. back colored page) 


LawsonThos.B., Savings Bankbld'g. 

Artists' Materials. 

Fielding J. B. & Co. 99 Central 


Patch E. B. 3, 4, 5, &:6 Comm'l sq. 


Bradt D. & G. J. Whiting 
Cornock James, 261 Merrimac 
Jeffries Thomas, 346 Central 
Morris Martin, 34 Paige 
Scripture I. F. & C >. 231 Central 
Somes William E. 1 Fayette. 

Barometer Manufacturer. 

Sanborn Amos, 25 Central 


Emery Henry, Merrimac House 

Bedstead Manufactory. 

COMINS T. B., Broadway, cor. Mt 
Verncn (^see adv. front col'd page) 

Beer Manufactories. 

Cushing & Co. 52 Middlesex 
Mooney Christopher, 116 Middlesex 

Bell Hangers. 

Libbey Isaac il. 249 Merrimac 
Thatcher George, 98 M^rimac 

Belt Hooks. 

CADY GEORGE L., Mechanics' 
Mills (see adv. dept. page 17) 

Belt and Boll Manufactory. 

GATES JOSIAH, 6 Mechanics' block 
Dutton (see adv. department p. 15) 

WHITxMARSH .<- ADAMS, Savings 
Bank building (see adv. dept. p. 14) 

Bill Poster. 

Reed N. K. 21 Central 

Billiard Saloons. 

Barnard B. F. 125 Central 
Pearl F. P. 1 Shattuck 
Smith Kilburn, 13 Middle 


Crawford James, 76 Charles 

Currier & Stevens, Fletcher, n. Adams 



Dane G. Dane 

Eaton J. B. Dutton, cor. Worthcn 

Holt & Hurgeron, Arch 

Jenkins Joel, Arch 

Lee J. H. & J. T. Andover, c. Pleasant 

Lovejoy & Butterfield, Fletcher, cor. 

Nichols; Converse, 138 Middlesex 
O'CONNELL P. 41 Middle (nee ad- 

vertisinji: department, page 4) 
Palmer Asa A. 13 Duramer 
Ti^he & Quinn. rear 39 Market 
Winchester Samuel, Kidder 

Boarding Houses. 

Bartlett H. D. Ill Central 
Bemis S. 62 Middlesex 
Boynton Samuel, rear 1 Tilden 
Brophy Mrs. 51 Lowell 
Crosby E. Mrs. 23 John 
Dean Susan Mrs. 13 Central 
Durant Ann M. 50 Moody 
Ells H E. 15 John 
Giles J. B. over 51 East Merrimac 
Oilman Sarah L. 12 Cabot 
Hill J. O. 59 Appleton 
Howe Sylvia, 9 Central 
Jacquith J. jr. 254 Merrimac 
Leavitt Ann M. 5 Thorndike 
Marshall A. A 11 VVorthen 
Noyes Delia h, 98 Merrimac 
Pa^e A. Mrs. 89 East Merrimac 
Parker John W. 94 Middlesex 
Rowell Moses, Howard 
Sampson E. 1 George 
Shirley Chirles, 113 Merrimac 
Skinner A. 67 Merrimac 
Smith Clarissa T. 208 Merrimac 
Smith Samuel F. 119 Central 
Turner Benjamin F. 260 Merrimac 
Varnum Emma O. 12 Fayette 
Webster Lydia, 92 Middlesex 

Boat Builder. 

Bowers Jonathan, Pawtucket street 

Bobbins and Shuttles. 

Jacques John S. 82 Middle (shuttles) 
Watson, Parker, & Nichols, Wamesit 
Steam Mills 

Boiler Maker. 

ASHTON STEPHEN. Dutton, near 
Mechanics' Mills (see advertising 
department, page 16) 

Bolt and Screw Manufacturers. 

. rence (see advertising dept. p. 14) 

Bonnet Bleacheries. 

Flanders Peter jr. 88 Merrimac 
Remick H. B. 27 Merrimac 

Robinson F. W. 61 Marrimac 
Thompson B. T. 91 Merrimac 

Bonnet "Wire. 

Hale B. S. & Son, Whipple's Mills 

Bonnets and Millinery Goods. 

[See Millinery G ods.] 
Robinson F. W. 61 Merrimac 
Thompson B. T. 91 Merrimac 

Book Binders. 

MERRILL JOSHUA,23 Central (see 
advertisement, back cover) 

SAR'iEANT B. C, City Hall build- 
ing (see advertisement front cover) 

Simonds S. B. 36 Central 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

BUZZELL O. A. 29 Central (see ad- 
vertising department, page 2) 

Eaton S B. 115 Central 

HUNT EDWARD S. 17 Central (see 
advertising department, page 2) 

JUDKINS J. JUDSON, 3 John (see 
advertising department, page 4) 

MERRILL JOSHUA, 23 Central (see 
advertisement, back cover) 

SARGEANT B C, City Hall build- 
ing, 1-58 Merrimac (see advertise- 
ment, front cover) 

Whitney Abel, 87 Merrimac 

Wilkins Sylvester, 32 Merrimac 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Adam E. H., Prescott, c. Merrimac 
B iiley M. 6 Warren 
Boyd John, Howe 
Buttervvorth John, 300 Central 
Collins Josiah T. 149 Middlesex 
Goodwin Leonard, Front, Centralville 
Grant J. E. 75 Central 
Hallett M. 6 Warren 
Hovey J. & W., Bridge, Centralville 
Hunt Aaron, 194 Middles(x 
King Stephen, 110 Market 
Maguire Andrew, 43 Middle 
Martin James, 11 Tilden 
McElholm Wm., Hanover, n. Lowell 
Melvin B. F. 3 Prescott block 
Moses Isaac S. 11 Tilden 
Moulton & Adams, 3') Merrimac 
Russell William W., 75 Central 
Searle J. P. 72 Middlesex 
Smith Philip A. 328 Merrimac 
Welch John, 48 Fenwick 

Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers. 

Allen Otis L. 114 Merrimac 
Bascom William, 162 Merrimac 
Boardman L. H. 34 Central 
Chase Lorenzo, 7 Tilden, (ladies') 
Cheney F. 193 Middlesex 



Clark J. 9 East Merrimac 
Dearborn E. 232 Merrimac 
Grant John E. 75 Central 
Griffin Joseph, 99 Merrimac 
Hayward S. Henry, 23 Central 
Hodge John M. 47 East Merrimac and 

10 Tilden 
Huntoon & Kent, 224 Meriimac 
Kittredge Daniel, 14 Middle 
Leavitt William B. 17 Moody 
Mann Rufus, 339 Merrimac 
Moullon & Adams, So Merrimac 
O'Hare T. & B. 240 Merrimac 
Quinn P. 116 Central 
Stone Samuel, 120 Central 
Sturtevant Zapher W. 18 Central 
Swan Daniel, 41 Merrimac 
Tapley David, 264 Merrimac 
Whiteley Joseph, 68 Merrimac 
Wilby Benjamin, 109 Thorndike 
Wright George, 94 Central 
Wright Hapgood, 51 Central 
Wright N. M. 138 Central 

Botanic Medicines. 

Cady W. II. 242 Central (mustang lini- 
Kelsey H. 11 Walnut 

Bowling Saloon. 

Demond A. A. 2 iiurd 

Box Makers. 

Allen O., Middlesex 
Brooks A. L. & Co. Mechanics' Mills 
Davis Asahel (fancy), Wamesit Mills 
Middlesex (see adv. front col'd page) 

Brass Founders. 

WILDER & DANA, Jackson, near 
Central (see adv. dcpt. page 15) 


Cook Isaac & Co. 5 Middle 


Hubbard J. 3 Canal block 
Richardson L. B. 80 Central 

Building Materials. 

Livingston William E. 9 Thorndike 

Camphene and Fluid. 

Dearden W. 80 Merrimac 
Nichols & Co. 146 Central 

Gap Maker. 

Davis Alonzo S. 6 Canal block 

Card Manufacturers. 

HOWE & GOODHUE, 92 Market 
(cotton and wool), (see advertise- 
ment, back colored page) 

KITSON R. head of Worthen, manu- 
facturer of cotton machinery, and 
needle pointed card clothing, for 
cardmg flax, hemp, jute and manilla 
(see advertising department, p. 16) 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Atwood Benjamin E. 50 Union 

Bailey B. F. 60 South 

Barclay C. P., Middlesex, c. Howard 

Bennett J. W. 224 Middlesex 

Berry T. D., Stevens, near Chelmsford 

Brackett Shadrach R , Howe 
Braun Chesley, 9 Race 
Braun John S. 9 Race 
. uttrick John, 196 Middlesex 
Buttrick S. P. 49 Prescott 
Cole Samuel G. opposite 136 School 
Cook P. A. 27 Howard 
Cutler D. M. G., Lenton 
Fernald & Rollins, 24 Middle 
Fitield & Plimpton, Wamesit S. Mills 
Foster Jesse, 15 Salem 
Gannett Edw. 13 Worthen, n. Merr. 
Hadley J. W. & J. M., Fletcher, near 

Hamblet Gilbert, 49 Prescott 
Haseltine G. W., Central, c. Chapel 
Hodgkin S. 302 Merrimac 
Holt Daniel, Howe 
HOOD ABRAM K., Willie, cor. Rock 

(see adv. department, page 21) 
Horton John F. 13 Prescott 
Howe H. C. & J. F. at O. Allen's 

Howe H. F. 9 Third, Centralville 
Howe James M., Second, near Bridge 
Howe J. S., Second, near Bridge 
Howe L. G., First, corner Read 
Kimball E. 35 Elm 
La^nkin A. A. 26 Prescott 
Lamson Wm. H., Middldsex, n.Cent'l 
Lane S., Moody, corner Suffolk 
Lovett Thomas, 56 Union 
Mardin Joseph, 196 Middlesex 
Noyes John F., Middlesex, n. Gorham 
Peabody J. A., Mechanics' Mills 
Peabody J. G., Wamesit Steam Mills 

(see advertising department, p. 22) 
Pettingell John, Mechanics' Mills 
Pratt Thos., Gushing (stair builder) 
Proctor James, 183 Central 
Sawtell Josiah, School 
Sylvester G. B. 2 Salem 
Tyler Albert M. 193 Central 
Wetherbee Asa, 13 Prescott 



Wiggins William H. 58 Rock 
Wiley Samuel F., Howp street 
Woodward S. 258 Middlesex 

Carpet Manufacturers. 

Mather J. (cotton bocking) Hale's 

McDonald John, Hale, n. Thorndike 
Naylor George, Whipple's Mills 


Adams & North, 7 Central & 28 Merr. 
Farrington D. W. C. 1 & 2 Prescott 
Smith R. W. & Co. 10 Prescott 

Carpet Yarn Manufacturer. 

Cowley John & Co. Whipple's Mills 

Carriage Manufacturers. 

Bachelder A. G. 134 Middlesex 
Bowers Jonathan, 65 Pavvtucket 
liurrouuh D. N. opposite 07 Bridge 
CONVERS SAMUEL, 163 Central 
(see advertising department, p. 24) 
Eaton J. B., Button, cor. W' rthen 
Hodgman Abel G. 224 Middlesex 
Holt & Burgeron, Arch 
JENKINS JOEL. Arch (see adver- 
tising department, page 18) 
SAWYER A. C. 163 Middlesex (see 

advertising department, page 23) 
Shepard William, Arch 
Skillings David G. 22 Bridge, Cent'le 

Carriage Trimmer. 

BUTMAN S. L. 196 Middlesex (see 
advertising department, page 23) 

Cement, Lime, and Brick. 

Boynton James W., Brown 

Dix & Wilson, Paige, and Tremont, 

corner Moody 
Fletcher H., Fletcher, corner Western 

Howard H., Western avenue 
Livingston VVm. E. 9 Thorndike 

Chair Manufacturer. 

Merriam Albert M. 237 Middlesex 

Charcoal Burners. 

Robinson & Callahan, n. Whipple's 

Chemical Works. 

Prince J. D. jr. end of Pawtucket 

Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic 

Ayer J. C. & Co. 105 Market 

China, Crockery, Glass, &c. 

Dearden William, 80 Merrimac 

HAYNES H. S. 45 Merrimac (see 

adv. back colored page) 
Nichols J., Dutton, corner Lowell 
Page, Puffer & Warren, 32 Middlesex 

and 181 Central 
Puffer James F. 13 Market 
Smith R. W. & Co. 10 Prescott 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Clark W. H. 5 Coburn block, Central 

Emerson David G. 128 Suffolk 
Emerson Wm. R., Chapel, c. Walnut 
Hemingway J. H. 31 Central 
Moore L. B., Gorham, corner Moore 
Mort J. W. 77 Central 
Patrick S. C. 58 Merrimac 

Cistern Builder. 

Pettengill J., Mechanics' Mills 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors. 

BAKER R. W., City Hall building 

(see advertising dept. page 62) 
Bennett John, 60 Appleton 
Gushing Oliver E. 7 Savings Bank 

Latham Cyrus, 54 Merrimac 
Osgood William F. 65 Butterfield 
PHILLIPS JOHN W. do Central (see 
advertisement, back colored page) 


Alden William H. 27 Tyler 

Blanchard Amos, 8 Kirk 

Bonhani J. W., Tyler 

Burtt J. M., Oak, opposite Clay 

Cleveland John P, 120 Appleton 

Crudden Peter, 12 Appleton 

Davis Joseph B. 47 Bridge, c. Fourth, 

Edson Theodore, Andover 
Field C. 17 Kirk 
Foster Eden B. 21 Anne 
Hanks Stedman W. 6 Kirk 
Hinckley Fred'k, Third, c. Mt. Vernon 
Horner Charles W. 15 Kirk 
Jenkins Jonathan L. 6 Kirk 
Latham Thos. M., Coburn, Centr'vlle 
McDermott J. T., Suffolk 
O'Brein John, Fenwick 
Steele George M. 3G Tyler 
Street Owen, 38 Bartlett * 
Tenny William C. 20 Chapel 
Twiss T. W. 107 Gorham 
Wood Horatio, Liberty 

Clock Repairers. 

Hodgkin S. 302 Merrimac 
Libbey I. H. 249 Merrimac 
Molloy George, 61 Market 
McHugh James, 49 Market 
McHugh T. F. 296 Merrimac 



Page R. 1 Maiden lane 
Thatcher George, 98 Merrimac 

Clothing and Furnishing Goods. 

Aarons C. Mrs. 121 Middlesex (sec- 
ond hand) 
Adams Adolph, 20 Central 
Barr Andrew, 6 Prescott block 
tral (see adv. dept. page 2) 
Cadieu & Goss, 74 Central 
Croxford J. Frank, 33 Central 
Dean & Barnes, 5 Canal block 
Dudley A. J. 50 Central 
Evans Jos. F., Middlesex, op. depot 
Farrington Daniel, 108 Central 
French Abram, 92 Central 
Gilman Alfred, City Hall building 
Lancaster & Totman, 104 Central 
McEvoy Hugh, 53 Central 
Otto J. 4 Appleton block 
Pond L. S. & Co. 59 Central 
Putnam A. 45 Central, c. Market 
Quinn J. 11 Appleton block 
RANDALL R. B. 31 Merrimac (see 

advertising department, page 4) 
Thompson J. P. & Co. 55 Central 
Wheeler Joseph A. 174 Merrimac 
White Josiah, 3 Central 
Woodward Alfred G. 30 Merrimac 

Clothing Manufacturer. 

GREEN GEO. W., Prescott, c. East 

Merrimac, (see adv. dept. pase 5) 
Martin Sarah, Post Office building 
Warren B., Industrial Hall, Prescott 

Coal and Wood. 

(See Wood.) 

Bennett & RodlifF. Moody, c. Tremont 

Blake Lyman, Button, n. Mechanic's 

Boynton James W., Brown 

Dix & Wilson, 26 Paige 

Fletcher H,, Fletcher, cor. W, avenue 

Holt & Kittredge, Middlesex, near 

Howard Horace, Western avenue 

Howard James, 15 Prescott 

Kittredge W. 28 Middle 

dike (see adv. dept. page 23) 

McFarlin W. & L., Pawtucket 

Russell & Stowell, Fletcher, corner 
Western avenue 

Coffee Mills. 

adv. dept. page 21) 

Coffm Warehouses. 

Hull Amos, 23 Prescott 
Kennedy John, 125 Lowell 

Lesure Ansel P. 11 Prescott 
McCaren Terrence, 88 Market 


CLARK EDWIN A., Post Office 
building (see adv. dep. page 12) 

Commission Merchants. 

Coburn ChaWes B. 4 & 5 Mechanics' 

building, Dutton 
COGGIN JACOB & CO., Fletcher, 

c. Western ave. (see adv. dep. p. 20) 
Patch E. B. 3, 4, 5 & 6 Comm'l sq. 
TAISEY ROBERT, 76 Dutton (see 

advertising department, page 2u) 
Waite A. L. & Co., Dutton, opposite 

Mechanic's Mills 
Wilder & Hunt, 96 Market 

Confectionery, Fruit, &c. 

FRENCH A. B. 37 Central (see ad- 
vertisement, front colored page) 

GIBSON & FARRAR, 130 Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 19) 

Wilson J. A. 170 Suffolk 


Kelty Luke, 41 Lowell 

Copperplate Printer. 

COGSWELL JOHN, 43^ Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 18) 


WILDER & DANA, Jackson, near 
Central (see advertising dep. p. 15, 
and front colored page) 

Cotton Openers and Cleaners. 

KITSON RICHARD, head Worthen 
(see advertising department, p. 16) 


Abbot Julian, 81 Central 
Abbott James C. 43 Central 
Adams Joel, 49 Central 
Alger H.A. house 11 Water 
BEARD ITHAMAR W. 49 Central 

(see advertising department, p. 12) 
Blaisdell C. R. 6 Canal block 
Blaisdell H. G., Tyler block, Central 
Bonney & Marshall, 43 Central 
Brown S. A. 75 Central 
Brown & Alger, 55 Central 
Butler & Webster, 4 & 6 Museum big. 

building (see adv. dept. page 12) 
Corliss H. G. F. 17 Museum buildinfi 

(see advertising department, p. 13) 
Hadley S. P. jr. Police Court 
Haggerty P. 75 Central 



Howe Charles F. 6 Canal block 
Huiiton D. F. 4 Museum building 
Jackson B. F. 14 Third 
KEYES J. B. 49 Central (see adver- 
tising department, page 12) 
Kimball J. C. 1 <ft 2 Museum building 
Knowles & Varnum, 14 Appleton blk. 
Ladd Jonathan, 63 Central 
Loughran James, 48 Central 
McEvoy J. F. 3 Canal block 
Morse & Stevens, 49 Central 
Norris A. F. L., Canal block 
Pearson Timothy, 56 Central 
Richardson D. S. & G. F. 55 Central 
Sherman E. F. 27 Central 
Stackpole A. J., Tyler block 
Stevens George, 49 Central 
Swan & Goodhue, 3 Canal block 
Sweetser & Gardner, 43 Central 
Wentworth & Jewett, Wentworth's 


Gove, Cutler & Co. Ayer's New City 
Persons A. E., Willie, rear C. M. Mar- 
vel & Co. 

Curtains and Fixtures. 

Fielding J. B. & Co. 99 Central 

Daguerrian Artists. 

Gilchrest George C. 92 Merrimac 

Howes & Evans. 112 Merrimac 

mac (see advertising depart, p. 3) 

Page A. J. 112 Merrimac 

SANBORN N. C. & Co. 50 Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 6) 

Shattuck Sewall, 19 Central 

Towle S. 88 Merrimac 

WARREN GEORGE K. 100 Merri- 
mac (see adv. front colored page) 

Winslow George L. 28 Merrimac 


Abbott Samuel, 15 Central 
Burnham A. W., Savings Bank b'ld'g. 
Dorr & Gerry, 24 Central 
Eayers C. G. A. 43 ^ Merrimac 
Gladwin S. F. 128 Merrimac 
Johnson A. T., Wentworth's building 
Lawrence Ambrose, 11 John, c. Lee 

(see adv. front colored page) 
Mansfield George, 16 Central 
Perry Richard P., Wentworth's block 
Ward S. L. & W. G., Savings Bank 


Door Plates. 

Appleton J. P. 50 Central 

Doors, Blinds, and Sashes. 

Favor & Son, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Fifield & Plimpton, Wamesit Steam 

Kelley William, Mechanics' Mills 
JSorcross, Saunders & Co. Middlesex 
PEABODY JOSEPH A., Mechanics' 
(see advertising department p. 23) 
Peabody J. G., Wamesit Steam Mills 
Place Isaac, Wamesit Steam Mills 


Avery H. C, Gorham, cor. Middlesex 

Billings Abby, 148 Suffolk 

Blaisdell D. F. 110 Central 

Brown A. G. Mrs., Nesmith's build'g 

Campbell M. J. Mrs. 18 Paige 

Clay Sarah, Nesmith's building 

Crosby Nancy J. 11 Nesmith's build'g 

CuUough Elizabeth, 83 Central 

Downs A. 58 Middlesex 

Dudley Mary J. 7 John 

Fuller Margaret, 85 Central 

Gallagher Ellen, 17 Race 

Graham Mary, South, cor. Middlesex 

Hancock Sarah G. 2 Dodge 

Hart Nancy F,, Nesmith's block 

Haskell L. J. 54 Merrimac 

Hayward G. M. Mrs. 49 E. Merrrimac 

Hill Eliza, 3 Union 

Horn C. Miss, Nesmith's New block 

Marston S. 114 Central 

Messer A. D. 58 East Merrimac 

Montcalm Emeline H. 219 Central 

Moore C. B. 134 Suftblk 

Page Sarah E. 128 Merrimac 

Perrin Mary J., Middlesex, c. Th'n'ke 

Proctor Lizzie F. 45 Hanover 

Reed M. A. 109 Merrimac 

Rose Maria, 23 Kirk 

Sanborn Olive W. 88 Merrimac 

Seery A. 23 Davidson 

Stafford M. J. 12 Nesmith's New blk. 

Staff"ord Mary M., Welles's block 

Stevens E. 55 Merrimac, cor. John 

Sughrue Margaret, 12 Lewis 

Thayer Emeline P. 10 John 

Uttin Ann, 170 Merrimac 

Varnum Emma O. 12 Fayette 

Wentworth P. S. 1 Tilden 

Weston Mary H. 97 Merrimac 

Winn Eliza, 47 Fayette 

Woodbury Mary, 40 Central 

Woodward C. S. 4 John 

Dry Goods. 

Aiken D. F. 94 Merrimac 
Bachelder A. & R. G. 110 Merrimac 
Bass & Woods, 132 Merrimac 
"Baxter D. D. 5 Appleton block 
Brennan M. 56 Merrimac 
Brown Joseph S. 54 Merrimac 
Cook Gilman G. 103 Central 



Cutting & Rand, 42 Merriraac 

Dodge C. W., Central, cor. Gorham 

Folsom J. P. 78 Merrimac 

Gage James U. 52 Merrimac 

Guild H. C. 222 Merrimac 

Hartshorn & Hall, 138 Merrimac 

Hilton H. W. 134 Merrimac 

Hosford H. 46 Merriraac 

Keyes & Tucker, 3 & 5 Welles's block 

Lucas T. 62 & 64 Merrimac 

McHugh P. 65 Market 

Orange & Eastman, 84 Merrimac 

Peabody James M. 36 & 38 Merrimac 

Ranlet N. A. 6 Central 

Ray T. W. 40 Merrimac 

Shaw J. W. B. 44 Merrimac 

Taisey L., Gorham, corner Middlesex 

Tarr George J. 48 Merrimac 


Chambers C. near Hale's Mills 
CLIFFORD WEARE, 2 & 4 Ando- 

ver (see adv. back colored page) 
Holt John, Howe (Patent Press Dye- 
Littler Charles R., Whipple's Mills 
Thompson Charles, Whipple's Mills 

Dyewoods, Drugs, &c. 

TALBOT C. P. & Co., City Market 
(see advertising department, page 1) 

Eave Troughs. 

Fiske Geo. W. & Co., Mechanics* Mills 

Electric Machines. 

Davis Asahel, Wamesit Mills 

Embroidery Stampers. 

Leland William, Gorham, opp. Hale's 

Parsons & Gibby, 111 Thorndike 
Pierce Olcott, 58 Lawrence 
Preston John, 185 Gorham 

Emigrant Office. 

Sheehan Patrick, 28 Gorham 


Merrill G. B. 21 Central (wood) 

Fancy Goods. 

Allen O. L. 114 Merrimac 
Curtis Mary, 164 Central 
Davis C. S. Mrs. 51 Merrimac 
Dopp Joseph Mrs. 66 Merrimac 
Griffin S. P. 70 Merriraac 
Hutchins J. N. 117 Central 
Lowery James G. 79 Central 
Mansfield Jonathan, 61 Central 
Maynard C. I. W. 76 Merrimac 
McCoy William, 35 Merrimac 
Sawyer Hannah C. 105 Merrimac 
Waite D. S., Central, corner Jackson 

Welch E. B. 85 Merrimac 
Weston M. H. 97 Merriraac 


Lowell Felting Mill, rear 105, Middle- 
sex, Moses A. Johnson, agent 


er, n. Dutton, (see adv. dept. p. 17) 
Austin Isaac, 71 High 


Allen A. M. 43 E. Merrimac 
Oilman H. M. 320 Merrimac 
Jennings T. L., City Market 
Lovrien J. R. 127 Central 
Randlett M. B. 66 Middlesex 
Sargent & Cotton, rear 57 Central 

Flour and Grain. 

COGGIN JACOB & CO., Fletcher, c. 

Western ave. (see adv. dep. p. 20) 
Coggin Luther, 356 Merrimac 
Corner Josiah, 308 Merrimac 
Hill George H. 15 Lowell 
Lamson & Rogers, 111 Market 
LIVINGSTON W. E. 9 Thorndike 

(see advertising department, p. 23) 
Wood Samuel N. 43 Market 

Fruit, &c. 

Clark James, 103 Merrimac 
Dame Emery, 193 Central 
Dickey Benjamin F. 262 Merrimac 
Downing & Rose, 133 Central 
Grover Josiah, 47 Merrimac 
Holt George F. 52 Central 
Hutchins J. B. 117 Central 
Mazuzan John, 145 Central 
Morse J. C. 143 Central 
Newton C. E. Adams, near Fletcher 
O'CONNOR J., Dutton, cor. Fletcher 

(see advertising department, p. 21) 
Pearson J. & J. M. 3 Savings Bank 

Plastridge C. A. 2 Prescott 
Priest Charlotte, 76 Central 
Sargent E. D. 57 Central 
Shaw R. P. 147 Central 
Smith & Co. 10 Prescott 
Whitney H., John, corner Merrimac 

Fur Goods. 

Bascom William, 162 Merrimac 
Packard Nahum & Co, 122 Merrimac 

Furniture and Feathers. 

Adams & North, 7 Cent'l & 28 Merr. 
COMINS THOMAS B., Broadway, 

cor. Mt. Vernon (see advertisement, 

front colored page) 
Farrington D. W. C. 1 & 2 Prescott 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, corner 

Lowell (see adv. dept. page 52) 



Noyes Person, 39 Market 
Patch E. B. 3, 4, 5 ik 6 Comm'l sq. 
Puffer James F. 13 Market 
SMITH R. W. & CO. 10 Prcscott (see 
advertising department, page 7) 


Ashton H. 76 Middle 

Gas and Steam Pipe & Fixtures. 

(see advertising department, p. 18) 

(see advertisement, front cover) 

Grist Mills. 

Livingston William E. near brewery 
Locks & Canal Co., French, op. Anne 
Wood S. N., Whipple's Mills 


American Bolt Co. 206 Lawrence 
Bancroft S., Merrimac, cor. Prescott 
Barry Daniel, 114 Suffolk 
Bascom Timothy, 214 Merrimac 
Bingham & Cheney, 255 Merrimac 
Blair E. R., Broadway, corner School 
Bohonan M. M. & Co., Ayer's New 

Bryant D. 108 Middlesex 
Buttrick 8i Co. 20 Market 
Callahan John, 23 E. Merrimac 
Carolin T. 8 Howe 
Carrol Owen, 66 Gorham 
Carter W. C, Pawtucket, cor. School 
Cassidy John E. 6 Lowell 
Cassidy P. 310 Merrimac 
Churchill A. 13 John 
Churchill C. 251 Merrimac 
Churchill D., Middlesex, cor. South 
Churchill Nathaniel, 13 John 
Coffey William, 68 Gorham 
Comerford Garrett, 28 Lowell 
Cooney William, 74 Charles 
Coulson Joseph, 60 Gorham 
Cosgrove John, 272 Merrimac 
Cutter & Walker, 221 Central 
Dempsey Patrick, 47 Lowell 
Dudley W., Merrimac, corner Tilden 
Eames L. J. & Co. 113 Thorndike 
Eaton Job S. 368 Merrimac 
Emerson Luther, 8 East Merrimac 
Farley Thomas, Suffolk, near Lowell 
Fletcher Isaac A. 126 Central 
Frawley P. O. C. 55 Gorham 
Gove David, 225 Central 
Gray J. D. W.,22 Cabot, n. Merrimac 
Hall C. 77 Church 
Hanrahan J. 85 East Merrimac 
Harrison William, 1 Carolin's block, 

Heland John H. 24 Adams 
Hoar Michael, 106 Suffolk 

Hovey J & W., Bridge, near River, 

Huntoon Geo. L., Fayette, c. Andover 
James Charles M. 53 Gorham 
Jepson J. C. & Co. 189 Middlesex 
Kavanagh Edward, 149 Central 
Kelley Patrick, 1 Adams 
Keycs Patrick, 92 Lowell 
Knowles & Holland, Lowell, corner 

Worth en 
Lee Michael, 71 East Merrimac 
Lennon John, 34 Lowell 
Lynch Patrick, 129 Lowell 
Mace Sarah, 189 Central 
McAnulty John, 3 Hurd 
McCann John, 40 Gorham 
McCarty John, 58 Middle 
McGuirk P., Suffolk, near Broadway, 

and Lowell, corner Jefferson 
McSoley Alexander, 80 Middle 
Moore C. C. 12 Merrimac 
Moran Patrick, 128 Lowell 
Morse F. G., Bridge, corner Sixth 
NICHOLS & CO. 146 Central, corner 

Green (see adv. department, p. 20) 
Page, Fay & Puffer, 32 Middlesex 
Parker T. E. 65 East Merrimac 
Pearson John & James M. 3 Savings 

Bank building 
Putnam Jacob D. 5 Prescott block 
Quinn P., Salem, corner Adams 
Read Robert & Son, Bridge, corner 

Third, and 30 Bridge, Centralville 
Reynolds Bernard, 25 Summer 
Richardson Jno. B.,Adams,c. Fletcher 
Richardson Sumner, 9 River, Cent'lle 
Ring Dennis, 102 Suffolk 
Roane John P., Gorham, c. Summer 
Rowe Richard, Lowell, cor. Dummer 
Runals R. K. 319 Merrimac 
Russell C. K. 281 Merrimac 
Smith Peter S. 27 East Merrimac 
Smith & Co. 14 Lowell 
Springer J. F. Liberty square 
Staples A. H. 76 Church. 
Stephens Alexander, 68 Dutton 

Merrimac (see adv. dept. page 20) 
Sullivan John D. 104 Suffolk 
Taylor, Jacobs & Co., Merrimac, 

corner Prescott 
Tobin & McEvoy, 71 Market 
Waldo A. & Co. 201 Middlesex- 
Wheeler & Stinkey, Tilden 
Whithead D., Middlesex, head of 

Hamilton block 
Whittemore I. W. 17 East Merrimac 
Worthen E. B. & Co. 216 Merrimac 


Cutter Abijah, 15 Middle 
RICHARDSON O. A. 15 Middle (see 
advertisement, front colored page") 




Barth Daniel W. 4 Central 
Burton A. P. 156 Central 
Colburn L. 19 Middle 
Hapgood H. W. 184 Merrimac 
Jenkinson Edward, 64 Central 
Jenkinson Joseph, 70 Central 
Lewis S. A. 1 Mechanics' building 
Lewis T. W. 185 Middlesex 
Mandes C. M., American House 
Pike Albert J., Button, n. Fletcher 
Proctor Horace B. 6 Merrimac 
Raymond Daniel, 106 Merrimac (hair 

Smith Richard S. 276 Merrimac 
Woodsum & Gilpatrick, 130 Central 

Hardware & Mechanics' Tools. 

tral (see advertising dept. page 2) 
Mansur Stephen. 136 Central 
Rogers Jacob, 166 Merrimac 

Harness Makers. 

(see advertising department, p. 18) 

Burgess Ebenezer, 38 Central 

BUTMAN S L. 196 Middlesex (see 
advenising department, page 23) 

CON VERS SAMUEL, 163 Central 
(see advertising department, p. 24) 

Eaton J. B., Dutton, corner Worthen 

Hatch George S. 46 Central 

Sawyer Aaron C. 163 Middlesex 

Shepard William, Arch 

Hats, Caps, Furs, and Furnish- 
ing Goods. 

BRAZER WM. P. 47 Central, corner 
Market (see adv. back colored page) 
Dempsey Michael, 30 Central 
Randall Robert B. 31 Merrimac 
Woodward A. G. 30 Merrimac 

Hosiery, Lace &c. 

Bachelder A. & R. G. 110 Merrimac 
Burnham L. C. 122 Merrimac 
Cook M. H. 116 Merrimac 
Emerson P. H. 71 Merrimac 
Fisher Cyrus, 39 Merrimac 
Gage Ann, 101 Merrimac 
Gordon E. 116 Merrimac 
Skinner Arabella, 63 Merrimac 
Smith Francis, 49 Merrimac 
Young James, 126 Merrimac 


American House, Charles Goinsr. 84 

Colony House, Middlesex, opp. depot 
Franklin Home, Mrs. A. Baron, 

Moody, corner Tremont 

HOWARD HOUSE, Lewis Howard, 
211 Middlesex (see adv. dept. p. 8) 

La Fayette House, Middlesex, near 

Market Hotel, Samuel T. Dresser, 14 

Mechanics' Hotel, J. J. Sawyer, 278 

Merrimac House, Henry Emery, Mer- 
rimac, corner Dutton 

Wamesit House, B. J. Merritt, 187 

Washington House, B. Thurston, 
Central, corner Church 

Ice Dealers. 

McFarlin Wm. & Luke, 94 Pawtucket 

Insurance Agents. 

Adams Joel. 49 Central 

BEAN GEORGE W. 49 Central (see 
advertisement, back cover) 

CLARK EDWIN A.,PostOffice build- 
ing (see advertising dept. page 12) 

COOK JAMES, 17 Central (see ad- 
vertisement, back colored pas^^e) 

DANIELS J. W. 23.^ Central (see ad- 
vertisement, front cover) 

Folsom J. S. 23 Central 

Hunton D., Fletcher, 4 Museum bldg. 

Hyde David, 23 Central 

Kendrick T. C. 18 Appleton's block 

Merrill Joshua, 23 Central 

Walker George W. 48 Central 

Intelligence OiBces. 

Brown James Mrs. 119 Market 
KIDDER J. 60 Central (see adver- 
tising department, pa'j,e 8) 
Morgan Ebenezer, 314 Merrimac 

Iron and Steel. 

Butcher John, 17 Middle 

Iron Fence Builders. 

CUSHING & MACK, 123 and 125 
Market, corner Shattuck (see adver- 
tising department, page 14) 

Iron Foundry. 

Cole, Nichols & Wilson, Thorndike, 

rear the jail 
Lowell Machine Shop, Wm. A. Burke' 

agent, Dntton 

Jewelry and Watches. 

Good George F. 82 Central 
Griswold H. D. C. 218 Merrimac 
Johnson Jonathan, 168 Merrimac 
KIDDER JERE, 60 Central (see ad- 
vertising department, page 8) 
Lamson Francis, 98 Merrimac 
Lvman Roland, 128 Central 



Morsan L. S. 60 Central 

Ordway H. M. 80 Merriinac 

Raynes Joseph. 43 Central 

SANBORN AMOS (manufacturer and 
wholesal*> dealer) 25 Central, corner 
Middle (see adv. dept. page 5) 

Stickney 'ihomas M. 153 Central 

Swan J. S. & Co. 73 Central 

Williams G. T. 29 Merrimac 

Jnnk Stores. 

Dodge L. C. 54 Button 
Hapgood Ephraim, 43 High 
Langley S. & W. 24 Middle 

Laces and Embroideries. 

HAMBLET J. P. Mrs. 33 Merrimac 

(see advertising department, p. 6) 
Maynard C. I. W, 76 Merrimac 
Norris Alvah C. 93 Merrimac 
Young James, 102 and 126 Merrimac 


Favour Elvira Mrs. 236 Central 

Leather Dealers. 

Brown Willard & Co. 94 Market 
Durrell, Bacon & Co., Ayer's New 

Letter Cutters. 

GROVER ARISTON, Fletcher st. 

(see advertising dept. page 17) 
SMITH SAMUEL C. 123 Cross (see 

advertising department, page 1) 
SWETT DANIEL, JR. 28 Merrimac 

(see advertising department, p. 1) 


City Library, City Hall 
Eaton S. B. 91 Central 
Mechanics', Mechanics' building 

Livery Stables. 

(See Stables.) 

Locks (Patent Alarm.) 
Brown Ephraim, Howe street 

Locksmiths and Saw Filers. 

Frawley Michael, 2 East Merrimac 
Hodgkin S. 302 Merrimac 
Page R. 1 Maiden lane 

Looking Glasses. 

Adams & North, 28 Merrimac and 7 

Dyar W. H. 39 and 41 Central 

Loom Picker Manufacturer. 

dle (see advertising dept. p, 15) 


Allen Otis, Middlesex, near the depot 

(packing boxes) 
Brooks A, L. Button 
Fiske William, Mechanics' Mills 
Fletcher Horatio, Fletcher, c. W. av. 
Howard Horace, Western avenue 
LIVINGSTON WM. E. 9 Thortidike 

(see advertising department, p. 23) 

Middlesex (see advertisement, front 

colored pages) 
WHITNEY C. & B., Western avenue 

(see advertising department, p. 22) 


Aldrich Warren, 103 Middlesex 

(see advertising department, p. 18) 

Howe (see advertising dept. p. J7J 
Brown Ephraim, Howe 
CABY GEO. L., Mechanics' Mills 

(see advertising department, p. 17) 
LANE BAY IB, rear 105 Middlesex 

(see advertising department, p. 17) 
Lowell Machine Shop, Wm. A. Burke, 

agent. Button 
Marvel C. M. & Co., Willie, near 

McNish & Butler, 84 Broadway 
Robinson William, Mechanics' Mills 
Smith H. B., Fletcher, near Button 
SMITH & LAWRENCE, Mechanics' 

Mills (see advertising dept. page 18) 
Stevens B. F., Allen's^Mills 

Magneto-Electric Machines. 

Bavis Asahel, Wamesit Mills 

Marble Workers. 

Bresser H. W. 165 Middlesex 

Hurley John, 74 Gorham - 

Nichols Bavid, 59 Button, and 144 

Winter John B. 155 Central 


Adams John, 378 Merrimac 

Cady Lyman, 12 Cady 

Cady Samuel, 42 Howard 

Crosby Caleb, South, corner Elm' 

Bavis Sidney, 208 Central 

Hutchinson S. K. 21 Nesmith 

Ilsley A. 9 Queen 

Messer Abiel, 58 E. Merrimac (stone) 

Page Charles, 154 Gorham 

Read E. M. 20 Prescott 

Russell J. & E. F. 21 Middle 

Sanborn W. F. 2 ! Clay 

Snell B 24 Austin 

Stillings J. F. 4 Austin 



Tuttle John B., Elm, corner Linden i 
Tuttle S. J. 249 Central 

Millinery Goods, 

Crane John E. 69 5lerrimac 
Crowley J. E. Mrs. 118 Merrimac 
Curaraiskey A. M. 288 Merrimac 
Elliott Richard A. 83 Merrimac 
Finn C. S. Mrs. 306 Merrimac 
Fulsom C. B, 73 Merrimac 
Gage Ann, 101 Merrimac 
HAMBLET J. P. Mrs. 33 Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 6) 
Hollinger Daniel, 107 Merrimac 
Huntley E. J. 1 Welles block 
McAvoy E, & J. 81 Merrimac 
Pekes T. J. 90 Merrimac 
Preston M. A. 6 Welles block 
Remick Hannah B. 27 Merrimac" 
Robinson F. W, 60 Merrimac 
Stafford Mary J. 12 Nesmith's bldg. 
Stevens Mary E. 54 Middlesex 
Taisey L., Gorham, cor. Middlesex 
Thompson B, T. 91 Merrimac 
Waldron Mary A. 108 Merrimac 
Webster C. 43 Merrimac 
White Mary A. 332 Merrimac 
Whitman A. P. 206 Merrimac 

Musical Instrument Kepairer. 

Cheney I. E. 12 Branch 

Needle Manufacturers. 

TAYLOR & PROBE RT, Mechanics' 
Mills (see advertising dept. p. 21) 

Notary Public. 

Knowles John A. 14 Appleton block 


Adams Dolly, Bowers, corner Beacon 
Baker Lucy, 297 Central 
Gilson Lucy A. 4 Walnut 
Hill Rebecca, 2 Boott Corporation 
Johnson Angeline, 15 Elm 
McArthur Roxanna, 20 Charles 
Shorey Rachael, 6 Prescott Corp. 
Wetherbee Mrs. 6 Cady 
Winsby Sarah, 15 Elm 


Johnson Jona, 168 Merrimac 



Ayer 8c Brown, 200 Middlesex 
Conant Oliver, 243 Merrimac 
Donovan Matt., B'dway, ror. Marion 
Emerson Nathan, 39 E. Merrimac 
FARSON JAMES, 29 Fletcher (see 

advertising department, page 8) 
Farson Samuel, 135 Middlesex 

Fielding Josiah B. &. Co. 99 Central 
FoUansbee Daniel S. 245 Merrimac 
Gardner J. E 65 Adams 
Kittredge Abner, 22 Middle 
Kittredge Jeduthan, 24 Prescott 
Morey George C. 75 East Merrimac 
Morton Isaac, 139 Central 
Osgood George N. 18 Middle 
Parks George, 173 Central 
Quimby Alonzo P. 7 Thorndike 
Vickery J. P. 10 Merrimac 

Bowers Jonathan, 65 Pawtucket 
Eaton J. B. 24 Dutton, cor. Worthen 
Freeman S. J., Arch 
Rowell W. A., Arch 

Miniature, &c, 
Howes Samuel P. 112 Merrimac 
Lawson Thomas B. 9 and 10 Savings 

Bank block 

Sign, &c. 
Davis E. S., Lincoln, Ayer's New City 
FARSON JAMES, 29 Fletcher (see 

advertising department, page 8) 
Kittredge A. 24 Middle 
Pennington William F., Prescott 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 

Coburn C. B. 4 Mechanics' building, 
Dutton /"manufacturers' supplies) 

FARSON JAMES, 29 Fletcher (see 
advertising department, page 8) 

Fielding J. B. & Co. 99 Central 

Paper Box Makers. 

BUZZELL O. A. 29 Central (see ad- 
vertising department, page 2) 
Kimball & Co. 162 Merrimac 
Tuxbury T. L. 15 Middle 

Paper Hangings. 

BUZZELL 0. A. 29 Central (see ad- 
vertising department, page 2) 
FARSON JAMES, 29 Fletcher (see 

advertising department, page 8 
Farson S. 135 Middlesex 
Fielding J. B. & Co. 99 Central 
Kittredge Abner, 22 xMiddle 
Kittredge Jeduthan, 24 Prescott 
MERRILL JOSHUA, 23 Central (see 
advertisement back cover, and p. 3) 
Morey Geo. C. & Co. 75 E. Merrimac 

Paper Maker. 

Richmond C. B. 17 Ames 

Passage and Exchange Offices. 

MoUoy George, 61 Market 
Sheahan P. 28 Gorham 

Patent Agency. 

Ladd W. M. 3 Coward's block 



Patent and Enamelled Leather. 

Durrell, Bacon & Co., Ayer's New 

Pattern Maker. 

CRANE JOHN E. 20 Middle (see ad- 
vertisement, front colored pages) 

Periodical Depots. 

Clark S. D. 140 Central 
Reed N. K. 79 Central 
Williams G. T. 29 Merrimac 
Willis J. T. 78 Central 


Metnhers of Massachusetts Medical and 
Middlesex District Medical Societies 
are designated by an asterisk (*). 
*Allen Nathan, 12 Hurd 
Allyn Rachel H. 188 Central 
Astle Able, Moore 
Astle George, Moore 
Boynton Amos R., Wentvrorth hldg. 
*Bradley William H., First, n. Bridge, 

Brennan M., 112 Merrimac (botanic) 
Burnham Walter, Middlesex, corner 

*Campbell Patrick P. 21 Market 
Carroll A., Welles block 
Chandler L. 8 Hurd 
Chase George F. 118 Middlesex 
Cole E. L. 32 High 
*Dickey Hanover, lo Kurd 
Dows Amos W. 185 Central (botanic) 
*Gage Daniel P., Lee, corner John 
Gates Jeremiatj, 6 Hurd 
♦Graves John W. 14 Hurd 
*Green John O., Savings Bank block 
Harmon J. M. 29 Kirk, and 31 Union 
*Harwood J. H. 21 John 
Hazen D. C. 143 Middlesex 
*Holt Daniel, \5 John (homco.) 
*Hooke H. M., Welles block 
♦Huntingdon Elisha, 31 Tyler 
*Huntoon James W. 28 Central 
Jackson J. D. 60 Mass. Corporation 
Jackson William E. 13 Andover 
Jenness L. W. 55 Merrimac, c. John 
*Jewett J. P. 22 Kirk 
♦Kidder Moses W. Ill Gorham 
♦Kimball Gilman, Merr., c. Worthen 
♦Kittredge Edmund F. 52 Tyler 
♦Lamont Gregoiy, 170 Merrimac 
♦Mansfield George, 16 Central 
Masta J. A. 8 Middle (botanic) 
McDowell Hannah P. Mrs. 1 Willow 

Melvin Joshua. 65 Fletcher 
Mignault D. 87 Gorham 
Montcalm A. W. 2i9 Central (botanic) 
Moody J. D. 6 Chapel (Indian) 

♦Morse L. B. 55 Merrimac, cor. John 
*Mowe Daniel, 94 Middle 
Norcross C. T. 120 Merrimac 
Olcott Jawes S. 2 Adams (botanic) 
♦Parker Hiram, 17 John 
Peirce Georye, 128 Moody 
♦Persons J.'W. 4 Ncsmilh's New big. 
♦Pillsbury Harlin, 24 Kirk 
♦Pilli^bury H. II. 7 Kirk 
♦Prius P. 113 Merrimac 
♦Proctor William B. Welles block 
♦Savory Chas. A. 62 Paige, cor. Kirk 
♦Scribner I. W., Welles block 
Simpson B. F. 59 Third 
♦Skelton Benjamin, 50 Tyler 
♦Spalding Joel, Savings Bank build'g 
Stone George W. 1 Chapel 
Thomp^^on James, 10 Hurd 
Thompson M. E. 268 Merr. (botanic) 
♦Wells David, Wellf s block 
♦Whipple Calvin, 57 Fletcher 
Wright Mary P. Mrs. 1 Willow place 
York S. D., Welles block 
Young Sarah H. 128 Merrimac 

Piano Fortes. 

DYAR W. H. 41 Central (see adver- 
tising departmrnt. page 7) 

Foote Warren S. 275 Merrimac 

Hedrick Georjze, 36 Central 

RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 13) 

Pictures and Frames. 

DYAR W. H. 41 Central (see adver- 
tisit g department, page 7) 

RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 13) 

Shorey John, 83 Central 

Plane Makers. 

Taber Wing H. 19 Market 

Plaster Ornaments, and Stucco 

Crosby Caleb, South, corner Elm 
Prescott Moody, 62 South 


WILDER & DANA, Jackson, near 
Central (see advertising dept.p. 15) 

Power Loom Harness Manuf. 

Brown D. C, Warren, near Church 
Morse W. W., Salem, opp. Adams 
Nichols C. C. 84 Broadway 
STEVENS S., Fletcher, c. Western 
avenue (see advertising dept. p. 16) 

Print Block Maker. 

Pettengill J., Mechanics' Mills 




COGSWELL JOHX (copperplate), 
43^ Merrimac (see adv. dept. p. 18) 

HILDRETH & HUNT, 48 Centr^il 
(see advertising department, p. 11) 

JUDKINS J. J. 87 Merrimac (see ad- 
vertising department, pace 4) 

KNAPP & MOREY, 44 Central (see 
advertisinp: department, page 9) 

PEN HALLOW B. H., Wyman's Ex- 
change (see advertising dept. p. 1) 

STONE & HUSE, 21 Central (see ad- 
vertising department, page 10) 

Produce, &c. 

Smith & Nichols, 109 Market 

TAISEY ROBERT (wholesale), 76 
Dutton (see advertising dept. p. 20) 

Waite A. L. & Co., Dutton, opposite 
Mechanics' Mills 

WASHBURN J. M. & SON, 31 Mar- 
ket (see advertising dept. page 19) 

Whitney H., John, cor. Merrimac 


Allen John, Water, cor. Andover 

Bailey Gardner, 66 E. Merrimac 

Brown William, 201 Central 

Blood B A & C, Adams, c. Suffolk 

Breed Henry K. 52 Church 

Collins P. 139 Lowell 

Dexter & Ward, 364 Merrimac 

Eaton W. 41 Market 

Fosdick L. G. 3 Gorham 

Gardner C. C. 100 Middlesex 

Gove Dana B. 166 Merrimac 

Grav D. S. 20o Central 

Hosmer E. S. 87 East Merrimac 

Huntoon George L., Fayette, corner 

Lannaa P., Lowell, corner Andover 
Lannen D. 62 Gorham 
Lynch Patrick, 67 Gorham 
McCoy James, Adams, cor. Fletcher 
Mealey Edward, 12 Lowell 
Owen Wiliiam N. 77 East Merrimac 
Page, Puffer & Warren, 32 Middlesex 
Philbrick & Powell, 348 Merrimac 
Pullen Weston, 22 South 
Rice H. M. & J. 4 East Merrimac 
Rice & Bailey, 131 Central 
Snow & Shepherd, 2o3 Merrimac 
Tweed Timothy G. 6 Cabot 
Whitney H., John, cor. Merrimac 
Wilder E. F. 90 Middlesex 
Wilder (!fe Hunt,96 Market, (wholesale) 
Wilkins R. (salt) 37 Prescott 
Wing Alpheus G., Bridge, n. Second 
Wing True, John, near Merrimac 
Wright A. F. & M. 195 Middlesex 
Yeaton R. F., Merrimac, c. Prescott 
Young G. W., Middlesex, opp. depot 

Pump Maker. 

COLBY AMOS, Howe (see advertis- 
ing department, page 21) 

Reed and Harness Manufs. 

Brown Darius C, Warren, n. Church 
Morse Wm. W. 4 Salem (harness) 

Refreshments, Oysters, &c. 

Arlin J. F. 12 Middle 
Elliott & Clark, 112 Central 
FRENCH A. B. 37 Central (see ad- 
vertisement, front colored) 
GIBSON & FARRAR, 130 Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 19) 
Gunnison Isaac, 199 Middlesex 
Hale C. M., Northern Depot 
Ingalls O. W. 172 Merrimac 
Johnson Thomas V. 194 Merrimac 
Lovrien L. W. 187 Middlesex 
Richard George H. 238 Merrimac 
Richardson S. 16 Merrimac 
Smith Justus S. 165 Middlesex 
THOMPSON W. K. 25 Prescott (see 

advertising department, page 24) 
TowUr Henry, 93 Market 
Webster Elihu. 133 Middlesex 
Wcod Robert, 2 Appleton 
Woodward H. 42 Central 

Riding School. 

Robinson J. W. 20 Paige 


HORNE D. W. & CO., Western ave. 
(see advertising department, page 8) 

Rope Maker. 

Scotchburn T., Central, cor. Chapel 


Sperry Charles, Somerset, cor. Queen 

Sawing and Planing. 

Allen O., Middlesex, near depot 
Brooks A. L. & Co., Mechanics' Mills 
Howard Horace, Mechanics' Mills 

Middlesex (see adv. opp. title) 
Pratt M. C, Wamesit Mills 

Scale Maker. 

Chase, & Co., Agents),5 Central (see 
advertisement, front colored pages) 

Nute & Potter, Mechanics' Mills, 

Screw Bolt Manufactory. 

Am. Screw Bolt Co. 210 Lawrence 

Screw Manufacturer. 

Cady George L., Mechanics' Mills 



Sewing Machine Needle Manufs. 

TAYLull & PRO BERT, Mechanics' 
Mills (see advertising dcpt. p. 21) 

Sheriffs. (Deputy.) 

H0PK1N6 James, 55 Ctntral (see 
advertising department, page 1'2) 

SHED EDWIN L, Canal Block, Cen- 
tral (see advertising dept. p. 12) 

Shirt and Collar Manufacturers. 

Pierce Olcott, 58 Lawrence 

Shoulder Brace Manufactory. 

CUTTER & WALKER, 48 Central 
(see advertising department, page 7) 


JAQUES J. S. 82 Middle (see adver- 
tising department, page 16) 


Hovey C, Bridge, n. lliver, Cent'lle 

Silver Ware Manufactory. 

SANBURN AMOS, 25 Central, cor. 
Middle (see advertisement, page 5) 


Waugh John, Mechanic 

Soap and Candles. 

Elliott J. P. (chemical) 29 Chapel 
Jefferson P. M., Scott & Co., Middle- 
sex, corner School 
PUTNAM & CURRIER, Lenton, n. 
Charles (see adv. dept. page 20) 

Soda Manufacturers. 

Carleton & Hovey, City Hall 


Armstrong Christopher, 278 Merrimac 
Clapp Clark, 159 Middlesex 
Flint Oliver W. 112 Moody 
Hadley John, Worthen, n. Lowell 
Hoyle Samuel, 70 Charles 
LEAVITT DANIEL G. 32 Prescott 

(see advertising dept. page 25) 
Norris G. W., AVarren 
Noyes J. L. rear Washington House 
Perry J. B., Middlesex, c. Howard 
Rogers David, 170 Central 
WOOD R., Merrimac, cor. Worthen 

(see advertising department, p. 8) 

Stair Builder. 

Pratt Thomas, 54 Cushing 

Stamp, Stencil, and Steel let- 
I ter Cutters. 

GROVER A., Fletcher, near Dutt.on 
' (see advertising department, p. 17) 
I Haskell Job H. U Middle 

Leland William, opposite Hale's Mill 

Parsons & Gibby, 111 Thorndike 

Preston John, 185 Gorham 

SMITH S. C. 123 Cross (see advertis- 
ing department, page 1) 

SWETT DANIEL, JR. 28 Merrimac 
(see advertising department, p. 1) 

Whitmore William, 28 Merrimac 

Steam and Gas Pipe Fittings. 

BARKER H. R. 8 Central (see ad- 
vertisement, front cover) 

Stonecutters and Dealers. 

Churchill Moses, Rock, n. Gashouse 
Eastman & Gray, High, n. Chestnut 
Lowe & Grover, Fletcher, n. Bowers, 

Runals, Clough, & Co., Middlesex, c. 

Sperry Charles, Somerset, cor. Queen 

Stoves, Grates, Tin Ware, &c. 

Bangs Brothers, 105 Central 
Beck S. 428 Merrimac 
Bodfish F. B., Dutton, cor. Fletcher 
Brennan James, Warren, n. Central 
CUSHING & MACK, 123 and 125 
Market, corner Shattuck (see adver- 
tising department, page 14) 
Farrington D. W. C. 1 and 2 Prescott 
Foote J. L. & Co. 277 and 279 Merr. 
Mead Matthias, 118 Central 
Nichols Jacob. Dut'on, cor. Lowell 
Page J. Y. 265 and 267 Merrimac 
Puffer James F. 13 Market 
Smith R. W. & Co. 10 Prescott 

Merrimac (see adv. dept. p. 21) 
WIER N. J. & CO. 198 Merrimac (see 
advertisement, back cover) 


CUTTER & WALKER, 48 Central 
(see advertising department, p. 7) 


Durrell, Bacon & Co., Ayer's New 

Gove, Cutler & Co., Ayer's New City 


Barnes Emily R. 40 Central 
Tower M. 48 Charles 

Tailors and Drapers. 

Bennett William S. 11 Central 
tral (see adv dept. page 2) 
Dean & Barnes, 5 Canal block 
Evans Josiah F. 175 Middlesex 
Kalery Michael, Warren, n. Central 
Lancaster & Totman, 104 Central 
Leslie E. C. 34 Merrimac 



McEvoy Hugh, 53 Central 
Murphy John, 47 Market 
O'Brien Daniel, 57 Market 
Quinn John, 1 Appleton's block 
VALENTI P. 4 Canal block (see ad- 
vertising department, page 5) 
Warren B., Prescott 
Wyman Henry, 72 Central 

Tea and Coffee Store. 

CUMMINGS G. W. 6 John (see ad- 
vertising department, page 19) 


Ganson V., Wentworth's building 

McCausland P. 62 Central 
Robinson J. W. 20 Paige 

Foote "W. S. 275 Merrimac 
French E. 2 Baldwin court 
Harrison James, 27 Kirk 
Hutchinson Reuben, 432 Merrimac 
Metcalf I. N., Andover 
Wheeler H. Mrs. 51 East Merrimac 
Willey Geo. F., Central, cor. Jackson 

Farnsworth Charles H. 161 Moody 

Young Ladies' Seminary. 
Rogers D. S. Miss, Nesmith's build'g 


McNamee John, 16 Gorham 

Tin Ware Manufacturers. 

Whitten W. T., High, cor. Andover 
WILDER & DANA, Jackson, near 
Central (see advertising dept. p. 15) 

Telegrapli Office. 

Vermont and Boston Line, Merrimac 
street depot, H. W. Brickett, Agent 

Ticket Agents. 

Bradley Horatio, 182 Merrimac 
Brickett H. W., Merrimac st. depot 
Frawley P. O. C. 55 Gorham 
Lewis C. K. 182 Merrimac 

Tool Manufacturer. 

Bachelder A. G. 92 Howard 

Tripe Dealers. 

ADAMS SMITH, Walker, n. Mid- 
dlesex (see adv. dept. page 20) 

Trunks, Umbrellas, &3. 

Allen Otis L, 114 Merrimac 
Bascom William, 162 Merrimac 

MARRIOT JOHN, JR. 68 Central 

(see advertising department, p. 6) 
Molloy George, 61 Market 
Stone S. 120 Central 
Tapley David, 264 Merrimac 

Twine Manufacturer. 

Nichols C. C. 84 Broadway 


Brooks M. Y. 338 Merrimac 
RUGG & GRIFFITH, 77 Merrimac 
(^see advertising department, p. 13) 


McGovern Francis, 1 East Merrimac 

Variety Stores. 

Allen Otis L. 114 Merrimac 
Amsden Stephen C. 17 Merrimac 
Bedlow Artemas, Gorham, c. Charles 
Besse J. V. 14 Tilden 
Brent Eli, 75 Church 
Brown Alice, 97 Central 
Carney Bridget, 280 Merrimac 
Clark J. 103 Merrimac 
Clark R. 1 Tilden 

Coffin Deborah C. 5 East Merrimac 
Cook C 166 Suffolk 
Curtis William W. Mrs. 197 Central 
Davidson Charles, 302 Merrimac 
Dunn William, 64 Dutton 
Fay Roxanna, 12 Tilden 
Fillmore John W. 13 East Merrimac 
Finn Mary, 29 East Merrimac 
Fisher M. Mrs. 219 Middlesex 
Ford L. N. 344 Merrimac 
Foster B. 0. 9 Tilden 
Frost Abigail, 362 Merrimac 
Gilman Margaret, 316 Merrimac 
Gilson Susan, 58 Middlesex 
Godfrey Eliza, 117 Market 
Hall Harriet W. 95 Merrimac 
Hanrahan John, 85 East Merrimac 
Harris George, 113 Middlesex 
Hayward G. M. Mrs. 49 E. Men. 
Hill D. Mrs. 158 Suffolk 
Hobbs Ruth A. 17^ Merrimac 
Hollis M. A. Miss, 189 Central 
Huntley John Mrs. 290 Merrimac 
Hutchins J. B. 117 Central 
Lamere A. 15 Merrimac 
Lindley Mary J. 157 Middlesex 
Livingston James H. 105 E. Merrimac 
Martin George L. 11 Merrimac 
Mathews G. 119 Middlesex 
Mayberry E. 60 Middlesex 
McAvoy John, 33 East Merrimac 
McGovern F. 1 East Merrimac 
Morrill H. A. 93 Central 
Mulagh Margaret, 11 East Merrimac 
Ogilvie N. J. 8 Tilden 
Parker R. A. 181 Gorham 



Robinson James H. 23 Market 
SrtUs H. M. 9o Central 
Searle J. P. 70 Middlesex 
Shaw R. S. Mrs. 12o Middlesex 
Simpson J. Mr-^. 300 Merrinaac 
Smith J. C. 19 Merrimac 
Southmaid John K. 37 Merrimac 
Tolman N. M. 334 Merrimac 
Townsend Mary, 244 Gorham 
Twombly Isaac II., Tilden, c. Moody 
Walton D. 49 Gorham 
Watson Marv L. 2 Tilden 
Welch M. 15 Til don 
Wentworth M. E. 236 Merrimac 
White Thomas, 234 Merrimac 
Wiley R. F. 105 Middlesex 
Wilson John, 212 Merrimac 
Wilson Joseph A. 170 Suffolk 
Wing J. T. Miss, 3 John 
Wood Lydia, 204 Merrimac 
Wright L. W. 6 Tilden 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Cogswell Charles, 26 Walnut 
Marshall Jos., Middlesex, c. Walker 
WOOD ROBERT, Merrimac, corner 
Worthen (see adv. dept. p. 8) 

Wadding and Batting Mannfs. 

Ripley Geo. & Co. 18 Appleton block 
Wortii John P., Whipple's Mills 

Watch Makers. 

[See Jewellers.] 
Atwood S. W. 80 Central 
Johnson Jona. 168 Merrimac Joseph, 41 Central 
SANBORN AMOS, 25 Central (see 
advertisement, page 5) 

Water Wheels. 

SWAIN A. M. 84 Broadway (see ad- 
vertising department, page 22) 

West India Goods. 

[See Grocers.] 

Wire Mannfactnrers. 

Hale B. S. & Son, Whipple's Mills 


Hildreth H. A. 10 Central 


Brown H. 53 Appleton 
Hill E. A., Middlesex, cor. School 
LIVINGSTON W. E. 9 Thorndike 
(see advertising department, p. 23) 
Penniman D. 75 Salem 
Riley Michael, 15 David<;on 
Russell & Stowell, Fletcher, c. W. av. 
Tapley J., Jackson, at round house 


Crosby George, Wamesit Mills 
White Edward, Mechanics' Mills 

Wood Working Machinery. 

Smith H. B., Fletcher, near Button 

Wooden Screws. 

Aldrich M. at O. Allen's Mills 

Woollen Goods, Yams, &c. 

Crowley John & Co., Whipple's Mills 






"V7":Ea:oi-.ES-A.XjE ide-A.IjEI^S- 

PRICE, $10. 





Municipal Election Second Monday in December. 

City Government Organized First Monday in January. 

Mayor, — BENJ. C. SARGEANT. Salary, $1,200. 

Edward F. Watson 
Lorenzo G. Howe . 
James Watson. 
Wm. G. Morse. 


Henry H. Wilder. 
Abner Frost. 
Saml. T. Manahan. 
Wm. S. Gardner. 


William F. Salmon, President. 

Ward 1. — Benj. S. Ireson, John P. Slocum, Enoch Quimby, Amos H. 

Ward 2. — Henry P. Clough, Wm. F. Salmon, Alfred S. Saunders, 

Joseph L. Sargent. 
Ward 3. — Geo. Hobson, Henry P. Perkins, Joslah B. Fielding, 

Hoeum Hosford. 
Ward 4. — Caleb Crosby, Geo. W. Partridge, Morrill B. Bohonan, 

George W. Young. 
Ward 5. — Josiah G. Peabody, "George F. Morey, Sullivan L. Ward, 

Wm. H. Larason. 
Ward 6. — Saml. T. Lancaster, Foster Nowell, Chas. A. Stott, William 


City C/er^. — John H. McAlvin. Salary, Si, 000. Chosen in Conven- 
tion of the City Council on the first Monday in January. 

Clerk of Common Council. — Geo. Gardner. Salary, $200. Chosen 
on the first Monday in January. 

Messenger — Calvin Philbrlck. Salary, $600. Appointed on the first 
Monday of January, by Mayor and Aldermen. 



Treasurer and Collector. — Isaac C.Eastman. Salary, ?ia, 000. Trea- 
surer chosen in Convention of the City Council, in January. Col- 
lector chosen by concurrent vote, or appointed by resolution, in 
January or February. 

Auditor of Accounts. — Geo. Gardner. Salary, S700. Chosen by con- 
current vote, in January. 

Assessors. — Amos Merriam, Wm. Lamson, Jr., Noah F. Gates, J. B. V. 
Coburn, Benj. Goddard. Salary, — Chairman, $700 ; others, $550 
each, and $150 lor Clerk hire. Chosen by concurrent vote, in 

Solicitor. — Theo. H. Sweetser. Salary, $900. Chosen by concurrent 
vote, in January. 

City Physician and Superintendent of Burials. — John W. Graves. 
Salary, $600. He to furnish all the medicine pertaining to said 
office. Chosen by concurrent vote, in January. 

Surveyors of Highways. — The Mayor, and Aldermen Manahan and 

Superintendent of Streets. — Wilder Bennett. Salary, $900. Chosen 
by concurrent vote, in January. 

Superintendent of City Sccdes. — Jeroboam Howe. Salary, 60 per cent 
of Fees received by him. All articles for the city to be weighed 
free of charge. Appointed by Mayor and Aldermen, in January 
or February. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures. — Daniel Gushing. Appointed by 
Mayor and Aldermen, in January or February. 

City Marshal. — Frederick Lovejoy. Salary, $1,200. Chosen by con- 
current vote, in January. 

Deputy Marshal — Eben" H. Kand. Compensation, $2.25 per day. 
Appointed by Marshal, and approved by Mayor and Aldermen. 

Agent for Sale of Liquors. — Joseph S. Pollard. Salary, $750. Ap- 
pointed by Mayor and Aldermen, in May. 

Constalles. — Thomas W. Pressey, Daniel G. Greenleaf, Frederick 
Loveioy, Alpha B. Farr, Calvin Philbrick, Josiah Hubbard. 

Police Officers. — Andrew J. McCoy, Captairi of the Night Police, Har- 
rison H. Fuller, Lyman Freeman, Warren D. Foss, Augustus B. 
Foss, Squire L. Bailey, Caleb Bowker, Michael B. Caswell, John 
Dougherty, TheopLilus C. Blaisdell, Peter O. Dresser, Levi Brown, 
David H. Goodhue, Jacob G. Favor, Jesse Huse, Thomas Ingalls, 
David Morrison, Asa D. Clark, Eben H. Rand, Rufus L. Plaisted, 
Thomas J. Sauborn, Geo. W. Sanborn, Josiah H. Stokes, Daniel H. 
Sinclair, Frank T. Thlssell, Rufus N. Willey. 

Supernumeraries. — Charles P. Bowles, Wm. L. Clark, John B. 
Carley, Wm. D. Gray, Isaac Kimball, Henry Marshall. 

Compensation : $2 per day for those employed in the Police 
Office. Captain of the Ni<:ht Police, $2 per day. $1.50 per day for 
others. Appointed by Mayor and Aldermen. 

Police Officers not paid by the City. — Eleazer Burnham, Wm. H. 
Clemeuce, Wm. L. Clark, Nathan F. Crafts, Wm. F. Eno, Lewis F. 
Emery, Wm. B. Furbush, Southwell Farrington, James M. Gardner, 
Danl. H. Hardy, Bickford Lang, Milton Leathers, Isaac Page, Geo. 


VV. Partridge, George W. Rose, VVm. M. Smith, Thomas S. Shaw, 
Benj. Tit-omb. Joel M. Thurston, EUsha Thomas, Alfred Yickery, 
A. B. Watson, John VVilloughby, Jonathan Gould, George E. 
Gould, William Lamson, Isaiah Morse, Horatio N. Merrill, Alfred 
Vickery, William Chenery. 

Watchmen. — All the City Police. Appointed by the Mayor and Al- 
dermen, in January. 

Civil Enfjineer. — Richard W. Baker. Salary, $600. Chosen by con- 
current vote, in January. 

Health Commissioner. — Frederick Lovejoy. 

Truant Commissioners. — Eben H. Rand, Jesse Huse, Frederick Love- 

Tythingmen. — The Marshal and all the City Police. Ten or more 
chosen by concurrent vote, commencing in the Board of Aldermen, 
in January or February. 

Surveyors of Lumber. — Abner Frost, Lorenzo G. Howe, Aaron R. 
Grant, Stephen C. Davis, James Howard, Joshua M. Hadley, Luther 
Smith, James M. Howe, Four or more chosen by concurrent vote, 
commencing in the Board of Aldermen. 

Measurer of Wood and Baric. — Holland Streeter. Salary. $600. 

Surveyors of Plasterinr/ and Painting. — Sam el K Hutchinson, J. M. 
tiadley, Samuel J. Tuttle, Luther Smith, John W. Phillips. 

Measurer of Upper Leather. — Willard Brown. Appointed by Mayor 
and Aldermen, in April. 

Superintendent of Street Lamps. — Samuel K. Pickering. Salary, $900. 
Chosen hv concurrent vole, in January. 

Inspector of Bale or Bundle Hay. — Jeroboam Howe. Appointed by 
M^yo^ and Aldermen. 

Weigher of Hay and other Articles. — Horatio Fletcher. 

Fence- Viewers. — Jeroboim Howe, Isaac Page. Josepb Hovey. Chosen 
by concurrent vote, commencing in the Board of Aldermen, in 

Field-Drivers. — Samuel K.Pickering, Gardner K. Eastman, Perley 
Parker, Jr., Geo. Chase, Daniel Barry, Franklin Webster, A. W. 
Bailey, Bickford Lang. Chosen by concurrent vote, commencing 
in the Board of Aldermen, in January. 

Pound-Keeper. — Edwin Saunders. Chosen by concurrent vote, com- 
mencing in Board of Aldermen, in January. 

Undertakers of Funerals. — Calvin T. Chamberlin, Ansel P. Lesure, 
Terrence Hanover, James Farrelly. Appointed by Mayor and 

Crier. — Amos Packard. Licensed by Mayor and Aldermen. 

Overseers of the Poor. — The Mayor; Aldermen Manahan and Morse; 
Messrs. Ireson, Sargent, Hosford, Partridge, Morey, and Lancaster. 
Tl)e regular meetings are held at the Almshouse, on the first day of 
each month. If the first day be Sunday, the meetinir i^ on the Sa- 
turday preceding. Secretary of the Board, Francis H. Nourse. 


Ward 1. — Warden, John H. Durgin. Clerk, Lucius W. Hunting- 
ton. Lispectors, Marshall E. Thompson, John Warren, 
Samuel Young. 



Ward 2. — Viardcn^ Josepli 13. V. Cobuin. Cleric, Chas. A. Kimball. 

Inspectors, Wm. T. McNeill, Paul Perkins, Curtis 

Ward 3. — Warden, Henry lluW. Clerk, 'Wm. A. Lamb. Inspect- 
ors, Samuel N. Wood, Ziba Abbott, Fordyce R. Norton. 
Ward 4. — Warden, Hubbard W^ilson. C/er^, Josiah E. Short, Jr. 

Insjjectors, John B. Hunt, A. L. AValte, John Pettingell. 
Ward 5. — Warden, Cyrus H. Latham. Clerh, Horatio R. Fletcher. 

Impectors, David Tapley, Jonathan Kendall, John 

Ward 6. — Warden, Albion J. Dudley. Clerh, Cliarlcs H. Salmon. 

Inspectors, Geo. E. Dana, Edward B. Howe, Luke C. 



The Mayor and President of the Common Council, ex-offic'ds, and 
the following gentlemen, chosen in the Wards, at the meeting on the 
second Monday in December : — 



FOR 1S59 

James C. Abbott. 
Linus Child. 
William North. 

AND 1860. 


4. Benj. Walker. 

5. Odin Nichols. 

6. Geo. Stevens. 

FOR 18G0 AND 1861. 



Erastus Douglass. 
Wm. P. Webster. 
Joshua Merrill. 


4. Moses W. Kidder. 

5. Henry M. Hooka. 

6. Owen Street. 

Secretary. — J. H. Mc Alvin. 
The regular meetings of the School Committee are held at the Com- 
mittee Eoom, on the last Saturday of each month, at 2 o'clock, r. m. 


Directors. — The Mayor and President of the Common Council, 
ex-officiis, and the following persons, chosen by concurrent vote : — 


1. Wm. G. Wise. 

2. Amos Blanchard. 

3. Nathan Allen. 
Librarian. — Charles A. 

current vote, in January. 

I Ward. 

4. Hubbard Wilson. 

5. Frederick Holton. 
I 6. Erastus Boyden. 

Kimball. Salary, $G00. Chosen by con- 


(Between Anne and Kirk Streets.) 

Principal. — Charles C. Chase. 

Teacher of Mathematics. — J. S. Russell. 

Teacher of Natural Sciences. — J. J. Colton. 

Assistants. — James O. Scripture, Mary F. Eastman, Agnes A. Gil 


Edson. South Street. 

Principal. — Perley Balch. 

Assistants. — E. J. Eaton, F. S. Manahan, M. F. Carleton, M. A. 
Webster, Mary F. Dana, F. M. Hemenway, Mary F. Lovejoy, L. E. 

Bartlett. Clark Street. 

Principal. — S. Bement. 

Assistants. — H. M. Cooper, M. E. Pike, C. E. Holt, Marietta Melvin, 
Mary C. Gardner, M. A. B. Kent, S. P. Wetherbee, S. E. Woodward. 

Franklin. Middlesex Street. 

Principal. — A. B. Hey wood. 

Assi'iiants. — E. J. Butterfield, E. W. Clement, Orrissa J. Churchill. 

Mann. Lewis Street. 

Principal. — S. A. Chase. 

Assistants. — E. A. D. Tapley, M. A. Tapley, L. F. Howe. 

Moody. East Merrimac Street. 

Principal. — Joseph Peabody. 

Assistants. — D. M. Huntoon, E. A. Battles, C. A. Vinal. 

Green. Middlesex Street. 

Principal. — Charles Morrill. 

Assistants. — M. E. Wight, E. S. Toppan, E. T. Hunton. 

CoLBURN. Lawrence Street. 

Principal. — A. Walker, Jr. 

Assistants. — C. A. Woods, F. O. Dodge, L. E. True. 

Varnum. Myrtle Street. 

Principal. — D. P. Galloup. 

Assistants. — Alcey Stevens, Harriet Bradley, P. C. Coburn, S. A. 
Professor of Writing. — Charles H. Farnsworth. 

No. 1. Lewis Street. M. E. Pearson, Principal. A. B. Wright, 

No. 2. East Merrimac Street. Lucy M. Vaile, Principal. S. E. 
Bailey, Assistant. 

No. 3. Middle Street. A. L. Ellis, Principal. F. E. Lawson, 



No. Location. TeacJiers. 

INIiddle Street, Antoinette Wijiht. 

School Street, Lucy Anne Hill. 

Paige Street, Lucy A. Farrington. 

Centre Street, Lucy F. Carleton. 

Hamilton Corporation, Elizabeth A. Stearns. 

Hamilton Corporation, Jennie H. Dennis. 

Chapel Street, Harriet W. Moore. 

Worthen Street, E S Dickerman. 

Church Street, Martha S. Williams. 

Race Street, Martha A. Neale. 

Cross Street, Ann M. Murphy. 

Tiklen Street, Eliza Merriam. 

Carter Street, E. W. Frost. 

Andover Street, Adaline Rea. 

Adams Street, 

Cabot Street, C. A. Brewster. 

Middlesex Street, H. H. Currier. 

Central Street, Eliza Cowley. 

Charles Street, Laura J. Pindar. 

Charter Street, E. L. Snell. 

Chapel Street, Sarah L. Gates. 

Adams Street, A. R. Fisher. 

Tilden Street, Eliza T. Braley. 

Howard Street, Ellen A. Bridge. 

Chestnut Street, 

Salem Street, C. A. Manahan. 

Church Street, Charlotte S. Kaimes. 

Grand Street, Emily M. Warren. 

Middle Street, Jane E. Horner. 

Mill Street, 

Powell Street, Abby D. (^ates. 

Adams Street, Ellen S. Coughlan. 

Lawrence Street, Maria Osgood. 

Middlesex Street Lizzie L. Lowe. 

East Merrimac Street, Aurelia L. Howe. 

Moody Street, Mary A. Beard. 

Fayette Street, Eliza M. Straw. 

Cabot Street, Harriet J. Ward. 

Charles Street, E. A. Calef. 

Rock Street, Sarah P. Peaslee. 

Fayette Street, Mary E. Way. 

Lawrence Street, EHza A. Noyes. 

Cross Street, Ann M. Cummiskey. 

Cross Street, M. L. Hill. 

Cross Street, 

Rock Street, A. M. Eaton. 

Myrtle Street, ^Miranda W. Bradley, 

Tremont Street, Abby J. HilU 


































































































No. Location. Teacher. 

No. 49. Fourth Street Caroline A. Pafje. 

No. 50. Middlesex Street, Antoinette J. Baker. 

No. 51. Eliot Street, O. B. Bean. 

The Bartlett, Edson, and Yarnum are graded schools. Principal, 
$1,000. Assistant: $250, 1st year; $275, 2d year; $300, 3d year. 


High aSc^ooZ. — Principal, $1,400. Three Male Assistants, $1,000 
each. Two Female Assistants, $600 and $500. 

Grammar Schools. — Principal, $1,000. Female Assistant: 1st year, 
$225 ; 2d year, $250; 3d year, 275. 

Intermediate Schools. — Principal, $350. Assistant : 1st year, $200 ; 
2d year, $225 ; 3d year, $250 ; 4th year, $275. 

Primary Schools. — Teacher: 1st year, $250; 2d year, $275; 3d 
year, $300. 

Teacher of Penmanship and Bookkeeping. — C. H. Farnsworth. 
Salary, $1,050. 


Appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen, on the first Wednesday in 

Chief Engineer. — Asahel D. Pufier. Salary, $300. 

Assistant Engineers. — Joesph Tilton, A. II. Foster, H. L. Eaton, 
James Sands, C. H. Arlen. Compensation, $50 each, and $12 extra to 
the clerk. 

Clerk of the Board, — William 11. Lamson. Salary, $62. 


Excelsior, No. 1. Foreman^ C. G. Luscomb ; Assistant Foreman, 
Abraham Shephard. Clerk, Charles E. Ricker. 

Wamesit, No. 3 (Steam Engine). Foreman, ^ohn C.Hall; -4s- 
sistant Foreman, Levi Ray ; Clerk, Leonard Brown ; Engineer, Frank 
S. Perkins; Assistant Engineer, George Austin; Fireman, Henry 

Merrimac, No. 4. Foreman, William Barnard ; Assistant Fore- 
man, John H. Durgin ; Clerk, John H. Clay. 

Tiger, No. 5. Foreman, Samuel D. Shipley ; Assistant Foreman, 
George W. Barnard ; Clerk, Charles R. Brittell. 

Mazeppa, No. 10. Foreman, Gilbert C. Carr; Assistant Foreman, 
William E. Howe ; Clerk, Charles P. Lord. 

Torrent, No. 12. Foreman, S. K. Pickering; Assistant Foreman, 
George Sm th ; Clerk, John C. Blood. 

Deluge, No. 14. Foreman, Ira W. Dunlap; Assistant Foreman, 
A. Campbell ; Clerk, James Melvin. 


Hook and Ladder Company. Foreman, Amos B. Drown; As- 
sistant Forejuan, Stephen Kcnney ; Clerk, Joseph W. Pratt. 

Hydrant Hose Co. Foreman, Samuel W. Taylor; Assistant 
Forewa/i, William S. Prescott ; ^ " ~ 



Foot of Dutton St. Incorporated in 1822. Capital, $2,500,000. 

Number of Mills, 6, and Print Works. Spindles, 85,840 ; looms, 
2,400. Females empbyed, 1428 ; males, 700. Yards made per week, 
400,000. F. B. Crowningshield, Treasurer ; office in Boston, 5 Tre 
mont Street. Isaac Hinckley, Agent. T. G. Gerrish, Paymaster. 
Hrnry Burrows, Superintendent Print Works. Edward Tufts, Pay- 
muster, P. W. 


Jackson Street. Incorporated in 1825. Capital, $1,200,000. 
Number of Mills, 4, and Print Works. Spindles, 48,328 ; looms 
1,382. Females employed, 850 ; males, 400. Yards made per week. 
235,000. William B. Bacon, Treasurer ; office in Boston, 5 Tremont 
Street. John Avery, Arient. D. G. Lang, Paymaster. William 
Spencer, Superintendent Print Works. B. Walker, Paymaster. 

APrJLEToiir coMi»A.arY. 

Jackson Street. Incorporated in 1828. Capital, $600,000. 
Number of Mills, 3. Spindles, 19,872; looms, 707. Females em- 
ployed, 400 ; males, 120. Yards made per week, 160,000. William 
B. Bacon, Treasurer ; office in Boston, 5 Tremont Street. George 
Motley, Agent. A. H. Robinson, Paymaster. 


Market Street. Incorporated in 1828. Capital, $2,000,000. 
Number of Mills, 3, — one spinning, one carpet, and one cotton. 
Spindles, 7,016 wool, 8,050 cotton; looms, 21 J power carpet, 205 cot- 
ton. Yards of carpet made per week, 25,000, besides 100,000 other 
goods. Females employed, 800 ; males, 500. Israel Whitney, Trea- 
surer ; office in Boston, 28 State Street. Samuel Fay, Agent. William 
F. Salmon, Paymaster. 

M:i»I>i,ESEX COMI»A.]!irY. 

Warren Street. Incorporated in 1830. Capital, ?$500,000. 
Number of Mills, 4, and 3 Dye-Houses. Spindles, 16,340; looms, 
200 broadcloth, 200 cassimere. Females employed, 730 ; males, 575. 
Yards of broadcloth made per week, 3,000 ; narrow, 24,000. Richard 
S. Fay, Jr., Treasurer; office in Boston, 69 Federal Street. O. H. 
Perry, Agent. S. D. Sargeant, Paymaster. 


Suffolk Street. Incorporated in 1830. Capital, $1,500,000. 
Number of Mills, 5. Spindles, 58,624 ; looms, 1,852. Females em- 


ployed, 1,300; males, 300. Yards made per week, 360,000. Henry 
V. Ward, Treasurer; office in Boston, 39 Kilby Street. William 8. 
Southworth, Agent. T. L. P. Lamson, Paymaster. 

SUFFOI.K M;A.]!lfirFiLCTUJKl]!ir& CO. 

Suffolk Street. Incorporated in 1830. Capital, $600,000.] 

Number of Mills, 3. Spindles, 21,986 ; looms, 800. Females em- 
ployed, 533 ; males, 120. Yards made per week, 154,000. Henry V. 
Ward, Treasurer ; office in Boston, 39 Kilby Street. John Wright, 
Agent. John B. McAlvin, Paymaster. 

, tjsjb: pi&oprietobs of the trfmoxt ai:ii.i.s. 

Tremont St. Incor. in 1830. Capital, $600,000. 

Number of Mills, 2. Spindles, 20,448 ; looms, 760. Females em- 
ployed, 550 ; males, 150. Yards made per week, 230,000. Henry V. 
Ward, T-easwer ; office in Boston, 39 Kilby Street. Charles F. 
Battles, Agent. Joseph S. Holt, Paymaster. 

In soutliern section of the city Inc. in 1832. Cap. $300,000. 

Mills, Bleachery, and Dye-House. Females employed, 40 ; males, 
360. Samuel G. Snelling, Treasurer; office in Boston, 4 Liberty 
Square. F. P. Appleton, Age7it. Henry P. Perkins, Paymaster. 

BOOTX coxToir ]iiii.r,s. 

On Amory Street. Incorporated in 1835. Capital, $1,200,000. 

Number of Mills, 5. Spindles, 54,936; looms, 1,534; cards, 392. 
Females employed, 870; males, 262. Yards made per week, 300,000. 
T. Jefferson Coolidge, Treasurer ; office in Boston, 60 State Street. 
Linus Child, Agent. J. F. Trott, Paymaster. 


Merrunac, near Concord Kiver. Inc. in 1829. Cap. $1,800,000. 

Number of Mills, 6. Spindles, 58,440; looms, 1,971. Females 
employed, 1,300 ; males, 400. Yards made per week, 540,000. Homer 
Bartlett, Treasurer; office in Boston, 60 State Street. Frank F. 
Battles, Agent. J. Crosby, Paymaster. 


On Merrimac Street, near Concord River. 

Homer Bartlett, Treasurer ; office in Boston, 60 State ^ Street. 
William ViYovfn, Agent. Amos Rugg, Paymaster. [The statistics of 
these Mills are embraced in those oi the Massachusetts, and the Mills 
are owned by that Company.] 


Howe Street. Organized in 1853. Capital, $75,000. 

Woollen Machinery, 6 sets. Number yards Domestic Flannels made 
per week, 12,000. Walter Farnsworth, President. Charles Stott, 
Agent. Charles A. Stott, Paymaster. 



Button Street. Incorporated in 1845. Capital, $600,000. 

Four Shops, Smithy, and Foundry. Males employed, from 400 to 
1,000. J. Thomas Stevenson, Treasurer ; office in Boston, at Boston and 
Lowell Depot. William A. Burke, Agent. William W. Sherman, 


Average -wages of females, clear of board, per week $2 00 

Average wa2;es of males, clear of board, per day 80 

Medium produce of a loom, No. 14 yarn, yards per day 45 

Medium produce of a loom. No. 30 yarn, yards per day 33 

Average per spindle, yards per day 1^ 

Recapitulation. Total amount of capital employed by the above 
Mills is Si 3,400,000. Number of Mills, 54. Number of spindles, 
400,390. Number of looms, 12,139. Number of females employed, 
8,771. Number of males employed, 4,250. The total number of 
yards manufactured in one week is as follows: — Cotton Cloth, 2.397,- 
000; Woollen Cloth, 30,000; Flannels, 12,000; Carpers, 25,000; 
number of Rugs, 50 ; Cotton consumed per week, 842,0<)0 pounds ; 
Wool, 75,000 pounds. Yards dyed and printed, 15,574,000. 

The annual consumption of anthracite coal is 30,850 tons; charcoal, 
27,750 bushels; wood, 1,620 cords. Also, 58,917 gallons oil; 20,000 
gallons lard ; 1,601,000 pounds of starch, and 1,385 barrels of flour. 

The mills are warmed by steam, and lighted with gas. 

The Middlesex Company make use annually of 2,000,000 teasels, 
1,200,000 lbs. fine wool, 20,000 lbs. glue, $15,000 worth of dye-stuffs, 
and Si 3,000 worth of soap. 

In addition to the above, the Merrimac Manufacturing Company use 
1,900,000 lbs. of madder, 150,000 do. copperas, 170,000 do. alum-, 
160,000 do. sumac, 40,000 do. soap, 20,000 do. indigo per annum. 

The Lowell Bleachery use 40,000 lbs. indigo, and S30,000 worth of 
other dyeing material per year. 

»f^C RIV£K. 

Incorporated, 1792. 
James B. Francis, Agent. J. H. B. Ayer, Paymaster. 


Capital, $200,000. 

Capacity of works, 150,000 cubic feet per day. Commenced light- 
ing January 1st, 1850. John Wright, President. I). B. Bartfett, 
Clerk. John F. Rogers, Treasurer. John Wnght, Wm. A. Burke, 
Levi Sprague, John Avery, James B. Francis, Sewall G. Mack, Isaac 
(y. Hinckley, Directors. i\Iertoun C. Bryant, Agent. D. B. Bartlett, 
Paymaster. George M. Elliott, Clerk. Office, Middle Street, corner 



Annual meeting in October. Dividends declared first Monday in 
April and October. 

Ai»n.ETO]sr s^xK. 

Appleton Block, 102 Central, corner of Hurd Street. 
Incorporated, 1847. Capital, $200,000. Par value of share, $100 

John A. Knowles, President. John F. Kimball, Cashier. John A. 
Knowles, J. B. French, Isaac Farrington, W. L. North, A. Putnam, 
C. B. Richmond, George Bragdon, John Nesmith, A. W. Buttrick, 
Directors. D. W. Cushing, Clerk. 

Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. Bank hours, 9 to 12, A. M., 
and 2 to 4, p. m. ; closed Saturday afternoons. 

Savings Bank Building. 
Incorporated, 1828. Capital, $200,000. 

John O. Green, President. J. L. Ordway, Cashier. Nathan G. 
Lamson, Clerk. Joshua Bennett, Edward Tuck, Pbineas Whiting, 
Joel Spalding, Frederick Ayer, John Waugh, W. H. P. Wright, John 
O. Green, Cyril French, Directors. 

Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. Bank hours, from 9 till 12, A. M., 
and from 2 till 4, p. M. ; closed Saturday afternoons. 

Nesmith's Building, Merrimac Street. 
Incorporated, March 28, 1854. Capital $150,000. 

R. Southwick, President. J. N. Pierce, jr.. Cashier. Isaac S. Morse, 
Asa Hildreth, Hocum Hosford, Thomas Nesmith, Royal Southwick, 
Jonathan Tyler, Daniel Swan, W. W. Wyman, Albert Wheeler, 
Joseph Bedlow, D. W. C. Farrington, Directors. Henry P. Webber, 

Bank hours, 9 to 12, A. m., and 2 to 4, P. M. ; closed Saturday 
afternoons. Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 


49 Central Street. 
Incorporated, 1850. Capital, $200,000. 

Joel Adams, President. Artemas S. Tyler, Cashier. Samuel Bur- 
bank, Charles B. Coburn, Daniel S. Richardson, Edward F. Sherman, 
Elijah M. Reed, of Tewksbury, Charles Scott, J. L. Cheney, J. A. 
Brabrook, Joel Adams, Silas Tyler, jr., Benjamin Adams, North 
Chelmsford, Directors. Charles A. Kendall, Teller. 

Bank hours, 9 to 12, a. m., and 2 to 4, p. m. ; closed Saturday, p. m. 

Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 


lCJLIl.ROAI> ba]vk:. 

Carleton Block, Merrimac Street. 
Incorporated, 1831. Capital, $600,000. Par value of share, S75. 

S. W. Stiekney, President. John F. Rogers, Cashier. L. C. Mun- 
roe. Clerk. 8. \V. Stieknev, Homer Barlt-tt, William A. Burke, 
Linus Child, Charles L. Tilden, Charles Hovey, Sewall G. Mack, 
George Motley, John Wright, Directors. 

Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. Bank open from 9 till 2 ; on 
Saturdays, from 9 to 12. 


Middlesex Street, near the Depot. 

Incorporated, 1853. Capital, $150,000. 

Wm. A. Richardson, President. John H. Buttrick, Cashier. Wm. 

A. Richardson, Chas. H. Wildes, Jacob Kelley, Ignatius Tyler, Abiel 

Rolfe. Josiah Gates, Samuel Horn, Alpheus R. Brown, Henry C. Howe, 

Directors. James S. Welch, Clerk. 

Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. Bank hours, from 9 to 12, A. m., 
and from 2 to 4, p. m. 


Savings Bank Building. 
Incorporated, 1829. 

Theodore Edson, President. John O. Green, EUsha Huntington, 
John Avery, Vice Presidents. Amos Blanchard, Samuel L. Dana, 
William S. Southworth, George Motley, Daniel Gushing, Stephen 
Gushing, Albert Mallard, William North, Charles A. Savory, Trus- 
tees. James G. Carney, Treasurer. George J. Carney, Assistant 
Treasurer. Nathan G. Lamson, C/erk. 

Office open Tueslays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 2 till 4 o'clock 
in the afternoon, and from 6 till 9 o'clock in the evening. 


Office at Appleton Bank. 
Incorporated, 1848. 
Nathan Allen, President. Horace Howard, William North, J, G. 
Abbott, Vice-Presidents. Jonathan Tyler, Stephen Mansur, George 
Bragdon, John Mixer, J. B. French, Jacob Robbins, Abner W. But- 
trick, Charles H. Wilder, A. L. Brooks, Abram French, James B. 
Francis, Trustees. John A. Buttrick, Treasurer. 

Open afternoons, and Thursday and Saturday evenings. 


Incorporated, 1854. 

Receives deposits in sums from Jive cents to one thousand dollars, 
and pays interest semi-annually, at the rate of five per cent per annum, 
with an extra dividend of profits every three years. 

Located at the Prescott Bank, corner of Central and Market Streets. 


Open every Tuesday and Saturday eveninjrs, from 7 to 9 ; and every 
afternoon, from 2 'o 4 o'clock, except Saturday. 

Horatio Wood. Presitfent. Hon. Linus Child, Hon. Jonathan Hart- 
well, Litrleton, Hon Natban Crosby, Rhv. E. B. Foster, Samuel W. 
Sfickney, Vice-Presidents. John \V. P. Abbott, Jos. A. Brabrook, 
Sewall G. Mack, Benjamin Adams, Samuel Burbank, Isaac S. Morse, 
Jo-1 A<lams, Thomas Talbot, William A. Richardson, C. B. Coburn, 
Samuel Fay, iL^natius Tyler, Frank F. Battles, John F. Kimball, Hap- 
good Wright, Trustees. Artnmas S. Tyler, Treasurer. Joel Adams, 
Samuel Burbank, John F. Kimball, William A. Kichardson, Hapgood 
Wright, Board of Inveslment. 


Howard Fire Insurance Company (Lowell). Office, 2.*^^ Cen- 
tral. N. Allen, President. J. W. Daniels, Secretary and Treasurer. 
Nathan Allen, Walter Wright, Samuel Burbank, Stephen Cushing, 
C. M Marvel, J. W. Daniels, Henry C. Howe, Ephraim Brown, 
J. G. Abbott, John Avery, Arthur P. Bonney, E. M. Read, Lowell; 
A. A. Miner, Benjamin E. Bates, A. T. Lowe, Leister M. Clark, 
Reuben E. Demmon, Boston, — Directors. 

Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Office, 49 Cen- 
tral Street. James K. Fellows, PreAdent. George W. Bean, Secretary. 
Jonathan Tyler, John Nesmith, Ransom Reed, Stephen Mansur, A. R. 
Brown, I. S. Morse, Wm. Fiske, Josiah S. Howe, Jonathan Page, Wm. 
P. Brazer, J. H. B. Aver, VV. H. Wiggin, Abr. French, J. K. Fellows, 
A. B. Buttriok, Direcfort. 

Traders and Mechanics* Insurance Company (Lowell). 
Office, 27 Central Street. C. B. Coburn, President. E. F. Sherman, 
Secretary. Charles B. Coburn, Thomas Nesmith, L. G. Howe, Levi 
Sprague, S. W. Stickney, Isaac Place, Edward Tuck, D. S. Richard- 
son, Hocum Hosford, E. F. Sherman, Directors. 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Concord, 
Mass.). Joel Adams, Agent y 49 Central Street. 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company (Newark, N. J.). 
Joshua Merrill, Agent. 

New England Mutual Life Insurance Company (Boston). 
S. W. Sticknoy, Agent. Office, Railroad Bank. 

Thomas C. Kendrick, 18 Appleton Block, 94 Central Street, is 
Agent for the following Companies : — 

^tna Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn. 

Charlestown Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Charles- 

Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn. 

North American Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn. 

Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Spring- 

Western Massachusetts Insurance Company, Pittsfield. 



Lowell Mutual Loan and Fund Association. John W. 
Graves, President. J. F. Manahan, Secretary. Office, 19 Appleton 

Merrimac Mutual Loan Fund Association. Caleb Crosby, 
President. J. F. Manahan, Secretary. Office, 19 Appleton Block. 



This Library now contains more than twelve thousand volumes, 
and is open every afternoon from two to five, and every evening, 
except Wednesday, from seven to nine o'clock (holidays excepted). 
Any citizen of Lowell can take out books, on application to the 
librarian, by paying fifty cents a year to the librarian, and ex- 
pressing a willingness to be governed by the rules and regulations of 
the library. The library is in the third story of the City Government 
building. Frederick Hoi ton, B. G. Sargeant, W. F. Salmon, Wm. G. 
Wise, Kev. Amos Blanchard, Nathan Allen, Hubbard Willson, Erastus 
Boyden, Directors. Charles A. Kimball, Librarian. 


Incorporated in 1825. Rooms, Mechanics' Building, Button Street. 

Sewall G. Mack, President. Jeremiah Clark, Vice-President. Wm. 
F. Salmon, Secretary. John W. Smith, Treasurer. Horatio G. Bur- 
gess, Caleb Crosby, Oliver E. Gushing, Ferdinand RodHfi", William A. 
Richardson, Paul Hill, Charles Wilkins, H. W. B. Wightman, Trustees, 
Nathan F. Crofts, Librarian. Sewall G. Mack, ex-officio^ Eiisha Hunt- 
ington, Wm. Hardman, Mertoun C. Bryant, Andrew Moody, Stephen 
F. Gates, Samuel P. Hadley, Jr., Directors of the Library and Reading 

The Association owns Mechanics' Building, on Button Street ; has 
a Library of upwards of 8,000 volumes, and a spacious Reading Room, 
where may be found the most desirable papers and periodicals of the 
day. It has also a valuable Cabinet of Natural History, &c., which 
forms what is called the " Whipple Department." In the Hall are 
highly finished paintings of Washington, Webster, Kirk Boot, Patrick 
T. Jackson, Abbott Lawrence, Nathan Appleton, and John A. Lowell. 
The present number of members is about 950, including females, who 
are entitled to the privileges of the Library. Price of membership, 
$6. Annual assessments, $>1 for males and 50 cents for females. 
Meetings of the Association are held on the first Thursday of April, 
July, October, and January. The annual meeting for the choice of 
officers is on the first Thursday of April. 


O. M. Whipple, President. John F. Rogers, Clerh and Treasurer 
Joshua Merrill, Jonathan Tyler, L. K. Hutchinson, Edward F. Watson, 


Stephen Gushing, Charles Hovey, Samuel Burbank, Paul Perkins, 
S. W. Stickney, John L. Cheney, Andrew Moody, William A. Burke, 
Trustees. Wm. M. Smith, Superintendent. Price of Lots, $35. 

Hospital, Merrimae, corner Pawtucket. 

* This Association was organized in 1840, by the several manufactur- 
ing companies in Lowell, for the convenience and comfort of persons 
employed by them respectively, when sick. The charges are $4 
per week for men, and $3 for women. If the patients are able, 
they are to pay the Superintendent ; if not able, the corporations from 
which they go are responsible, and the patients are then responsible to 
the corporations. Relatives or friends of patients may be admitted to 
visit them any day in the week, except Sundays, from 10 to 12, and 2 
to 4, p. M., and at other times, if necessary, with a special permit from 
one of the Trustees, or from the Physician or Surgeon of the Hos- 
pital. Also, arranjicments have been made by which patients not con- 
nected with the corporations may be admitted, by special agreement 
with the Superintendent. 

Officers. — John Avery, Chairman ; F. F. Battles, Secretary ; Linus 
Child, Treasurer ; William Spencer, Samuel Fay, Jr., George Motley, 
John Wright, Isaac Hinckley, F. F. Battles, John AVhite, William S. 
Southworth, William A. Burke, J. B. Francis, John Avery, Henry 
Burrows, Trustees ; Gilman Kimball, M. D., Physician and Superin- 


Established and incorporated in 1836, for the purpose of furnishing 
medicine and medical advice to the poor, gratis. 

James G. Carney, Chairman of Board of Managers. J. L. Ordway, 
Secretary and Treasurer. Physicians: Dr. David Wells, Northern 
District ; Dr. Hanover Dickey, Southern District. Consulting Physician, 
Dr. John O. Green. 


Formed in 1843. Office, Free Chapel, Middlesex Street. 

Open every day from 4 to 5 o'clock, p. m., except in the month of 
August. During the winter season, a female assistant is in attendance 
from 2 to 5, p. m. Any cases of poverty submitted to her judgment 
or investigation will be attended to as promptly as possible. Order 
box at the office door. 

Officers, 1 85 7. — John Avery, President. Frederick Hinckley, John 
Nesmith, A. R. Brown, N. M. Wright, Charles B. Coburn, William C. 
Tenney, F. H. Nourse, Directors. William G. Wise, Treasurer. Hap- 
good Wright, Secretary. Rev. Horatio Wood, Minister at Large. 
Matthias Parkhurst, Collector. 


Lady Superior^ Sister Diseree. Teachers, Sisters Constantina, Sta- 
nislaus, Gertrude, M. Rose, Rose, Maria, M. Theresa, Ursula, Xavier, 


Francisca, Ann Lomse, Cecelia, M. Agathe, M. Josephine, M. Antony. 
School located on Adams Stieet, near Cross. 

Rooms in Nesmltli's Block, John Street. 

Pilgrim Encampment Knights Templar. Instituted, October, 
1855. C. F. Bl^nchanl, Grand Com.; William S. Gardner, General- 
issimo; Jos. Bfdlovv, Capt. General; Edward Tuck, Treasurer; Geo. 
W. Bedlow, Recorder. Meetings, Wednesday evening after full moon. 

AiiAsuKRus Council of Royal and Select Masters. Re- 
organized, Dec 23, 1856. Officers elected, October, 1857. Joseph 
Bedlow, T. I. G. M. ; Maynard Bragg, R. I. G. M. ; Benjamin Ball, 
/. G. M.; S. K. Hutchinson, M. o/C.; William North, M. of Ex.; 
Geo. W. Bedlow, R. 

Mount HoKEB Royal Arch Chapter. Chartered, 1826. Jona- 
than^ P. Folsooi, //. P.; Geo W. Bedlow, K. ; H. Hosford, S. ; Thos. 
G. Gerrish, C of H.; Edw'd Tuck, Treas. ; Josiah E. Short jr. Sec. 
Meetings in Masonic Hall, Monday evening on or before each full moon. 

Pentuckkt Lodge. Instituted, 18u5. Wm. North. W. M. ; H. 
N.Hall, S. Wa-d.; Thomas G. Gerrish, .7. Ward.; Albert Mallard, 
IVeas.; S. E. Bickford, 5ec. Meetings in Masonic Hall, Thursday 
evening on or before full moon. 

Anci^:nt York Lodge. Instituted. 1852. William F. Salmon, 
W. M. ; Geo. W. 1 Jed low, S. Ward. ; John A. Goodwin, /. Ward ; 
Wm. Lamson, Treas.; Wm. J. Buridiam, Sec. Meetings in Masonic 
Hall, Wednesday evening on or before full moon. 

For further information, see page 288. 

iari>Ei»E:iri>EXT okser of oi>i> FEt,r.oTrs. 
Rooms in Appleton Block, on Central Street. 

Merrimac Lodge, No. 7, Monday evenings. 

Mechanics' i^odge. No. 11, Friday evenings. 

Oberlin Lodge, No. 28, Tuesday evenings. 

Monomake Encamp'nt, No. 4, '2d and 4th Thursdays in the month. 

Plymouth Rock Lodge, No. 1. Organized, March 2, 1859. Meet- 
ings every Saturday evening. Officers chosen in May and November 
of each year. 


Equality Division, S. of T., No. 182. 
Passaconaway Division, S. of T., No. 158. 
Pawtucket Division, S. of T., No. 64. 
Wamesit Division, S. of T., No. 24. 


Lowell Brigade Band. — George Brooks, Leader; Charles N. 
Cnvr'iQv, Director and Clerk; William K. Doe, Treasurer. Office at 
Rugg & Griffith's, 77 Merrimac Street. 


Lowell Daily Journal and Courier. Established in 1824. Office, 21 
Central Street. Terms, S5 per annum. Stone & Huse, Proprietors. 

Lowell Weekli/ Journal and Courier. Office, 21 Central Street. 
Proprietor and Publisher, the same as the " Daily Journal and Courier." 
Terms, $2 per year. 


Lowell Advertiser (Demo -rahc). Established in 1834. Daily. Terms, 
S3 per year. Office, Spaulding's Building, 48 Central Street. Hil- 
drefh & Hunt, Pufdishers. 

Lowdl Patriot and Adverti><er (Democratic). Established in 1834. 
Weekly. Office and Publishers, same as the *' Advertiser." Terms, 
$1 per annum. 

Lowell Daily Citizen and Neioa (American Republican). Estab- 
lished, June 4, 1851. Published by Knapp & Morey, 44 Central 
Street. C. L Knapp, Editor. Terms, S4 per annum. 

American Citizen. Established, May, 1854. Published every Friday 
in connection with the " Daily Citizen and News." Terms, $2 per 

Vox Populi (Neutral). Established in 1841. Published weekly, by 
Stone & Huse, an 21 Central Street. Terms, $2 per annum. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency. — Wm. A. Richardson, Lowell. 

Register of Probate and Insolvency. — Joseph H. lyler, East Cam 

Assista7it Register of Probate and Insolvency. — Isaac F. Jones, East 

Clerk of the Courts. — Benj. F. Ham, East Cambridge. 

Assistant Clerk. — Marshall Piesron, Lexington. 

Registers of Deeds. — Caleb Harden, East Cambridge ; A. B. Wright, 

County Treasurer — Amos Stone, Charlestown. 

Overseers of House of Curt ection. — William Parmentcr, Cambridge ; 
Jdn es M. Usher, Mc'lfbrd; Samuel Chandler, Lexing on. 

Master of House of Correction. — Charles J Adams, Cambridge. 

Sheriff. — Chas. Kimball, Lowell 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Brighton^ Bnnjamin F'.bes. Cambridge., East., Samuel W. Richard- 
son. Cambridgiport, Hosea Jewell. Ciiarlesiown., John B. Dearborn. 
Concord, John B. Moore. Dracut, JetTt rson B^ncroff. Framingham, 
Joseph G. Bannister. Groion, Andrew Kobb ns. Groton Junction., 
E S.Clark. //'>/j^//7^o«, Jonathan Whitemore. Zoi6''e//, Joseph But- 
terfield, Edwin L. Shed, James Hopkins. Maiden, Aug. L. Barrett. 
Marlborough, Edward A. Gay. Medfrnl, John T. White. ISIatick, 
Ephraim 11 Brigham. Sioneham, H zen Whitcher. Townsend, Ben- 
jamin F. Le^vis. Waliham, lOben W. Fisk. . Woburn, Horace CoUa- 
mjie Reading, Daniel B. Lovejoy. 


Cambridge, Chailes J. Adams. Concord, Samuel Staples. Lowell, 
ChariCS Kimb.di. 


Times and Places of holding Probate Courts. 

Probate Courts are holden at Cambridge^ on the 2d and 4th Tues- 
days of January, 2d and 4th Tuesdays of February, 2d and 4 th Tues- 
days of March, 2d and 4th Tuesdays of April, 2d Tuesday of May, 2d 
Tuesday of June, 2d and 4th Tuesdays of August, 2d Tuesday of 
September, 2d Tuesday of October, 2d and 4th Tuesdays of Novem- 
ber, 2d and 4th Tuesdays of December. 

At Lowell, on the 1st Tuesday of February, 1st Tuesday of April, 
1st Tuesday of June, 1st Tuesday of September, and 1st Tuesday of 

At Concord, on the 1st Tuesday of January, 1st Tuesday of March, 
1st Tuesday of May, and 1st Tuesday of October. 

At Framingham, on the 4th Tuesday of June, and 4lh Tuesday of 

At Groton^ on the 4th Tuesday of May, and 4th Tuesday of Sep- 

Times and Places of holding Insolvency Courts. 

At Cambridge, on the 1st Monday; at Concord, on the 2d Monday; 
and at Lowell, on the 4th Monday of each month. 

County Commissioners. 

Paul H. Sweetser, South Reading, Chairman. Leonard Huntress, 
Tewksbury; Edward K. Collins, Newton. 

Special Commissioners. 
B. K. Haven, Framingham; John Fletcher, Acton. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At Cambridge on the 2d Tuesday of 
January, at Concord on the 1st Tuesday of June, and at Lowell on 
the 1st Tuesday of September. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Lowell, Luther J. Fletcher ; Waltham, Josiah Rutter ; Natick, John 
W. Bacon. 

Masters in Chancery. 

A. P. Bonney, William S. Gardner. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Alpheus R. Brown, Nathan Crosby, John W. Graves, S. W. Stick- 
ney, Nathaniel Wright. 

Notaries Public, 

Edwin A. Alger, James G. Carney, John A. Knowles, David Hyde, 
Joseph H. Ely, Isaac S. Morse, Samuel VV. Stickney, Abel Whitney. 


Josiah B. French, Edwin L. Shed, J P. Jewett, Joel Spaulding, 
I Walter Burnham, Thos. W. Pressey. 


Justices of the Peace and Quorum throughout the 

Homer Bartlett, EHsha Huntington, Josiah G. Peabody, Isaac S. 
Morse, Wm. A. Richardson, Benj. F. Butler, Chauncy L. Knapp. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum. 

Josiah G. Abbott, Edwin A.- Alger, Jefferson Bancroft, Samuel A. 
Brown, Joseph Butterfield, Robert B. Caverly, Linus Child, Homer A. 
Cooke, H. G. F. Corliss, Nathan Crosby, VVilliam S. Gardner, John 
W. Graves, Samuel P. Hadley, Jr., John A. Knowles, Joseph B. 
Keyes, Sewall G. Mack, Edward F. Sherman, Theodore H. Sweetser, 
George Stevens, Ephraim B. Patch, Benj. Poole, Wm. P. Webster, 
Tappaa Wentworth. 

Justices of the Peace. 

James C. Abbott, Julian Abbott, Edwin A. Alger, Otis Allen, John 
Avery, J. H. B. Aver, James C. Ayer, Frank F. Battles, Geo. W. Bean, 
I. W. Beard, John'Bennett, Chas. 11. Blaisdell, H. G. B^aisdell, Wright 
A. Bliss, Andrew Blood, Arthur P. Bonney, Amos R. Boynton, Erastus 
Boyden, A. W. Buttrick, John A. Buttrick, Walter Buraham, Alpheus 
R. Brown, Joseph L. Cambridge, George H. Carleton, Josiah G. 
Chase, Jeremiah Clark, James S. Coleman, Jo.^hua Converse, James 
Cook, Isaac Cooper, Charles Cowley, Alanson Crane, William 
Davidson, Robins Dinsmore, Erastus Douglas, Joshua W. Daniels, 
David Dana, Alpha B. Far r, James K. Fellows, Luther J. Fletcher, 
James B. Francis, Abner Frost, Abram French, Josiah B. French, 
Harrison H. Fuller, Robert J. Garrett, Noah F. Gates, Gustavus A. 
Gerry, Isaac N Goodhue, John A. Goodwin, Peter Haggerty, Philip 
Hardy, Asa Hildreth, Eliphalet Hills, Paul Hill, Frederick' Holton, 
James M. Howe, Lorenzo G. Howe, Charles F. Howe, James 
Hopkins, Horace Howard, Samuel K. Hutchinson, D. Fletcher 
Hunton, Daniel Hurd, Benjamin F. Jackson, Andrew F. Jeweit, 
Jeremiah P. Jewett, Joseph J. Judkins, Jonathan Kendall, John 
F. Kmiball, J. Cheliis Kimball, Jonathan Ladd, Ambiose Law- 
rence, Samuel Lawrence, Cyrus Latham, Bickford Lang, David G. 
Lang, James Loughran, James J. M^iguire, John F. Manahan, Albert 
Mallard, Stephen Alansur, Joseph W. Mansur, Joshua jNI. Marshall, 
Darius Merriam, Joshua Merrill, Samuel N. Merrill, Samuel Meserve, 
Wm. G. Morse, John B. McAlvin, John H. McAlvin, Hugh McEvoy, 
John F. McEvoy, John Nesmith, Arthur F. L. Norris, VVm. North, 
Francis H. Nourse, Oldin Nichols, Thomas Ordway, Wm. F. Osgood, 
Ephraim B. Patch, Timothy Pearson, Paul Perkins, Albert B. Plimp- 
ton, Sam'l C. Pratt, Thos. \V. Pressy, Peter Powers, James A. Rand, 
Daniel S. Richardson, Geo. F. Richardson, John F. Rogers, Stephen P. 
Sargent, Benj. C. Sargent, Geo. F. Sawtell,AVm. F. Salmon, E.VV. Scott, 
Edward F, bhermau, Sidney Spaldinji, A. J. Stackpole, Samuel W. 
Stickney, Holland Streeter, Chas. A. F. Swan, Joshua Swan, Abraham 
Tilton, Joseph Tilton, Edward Tuck, Thomas P. Tukey, Samuel J. 
Tuttle, Artemas S. Tyler, William D. Vinal, Edward F. Watson, 
Samuel A. Waters, William P. Webster, Jona. Weeks, Abel Whitney, 
Fred-itick A. Whitney, M. Bradford White, Hubbard Wilson, John 

13 "" 


Willousbbv, Andrew C. Wright, Ashael B. Wright, llapgooi Wright, 
John Wright, Walter Wright. 

Police Court. 

Court Room in City Market. 

Nathan Crosby, Justice ; George Stevens, Special Justice; S. P. 
Hadley, Jr., Clerk. 

Commissioners of other States, residing in Lowell. 

California. — Wm. A. Richardson. 

Connecticut. — Jonathan Ladd. 

Indiana. — Jonathan Ladd. 

Illinois. — Jonathan Ladd. 

loioa. — Jonathan Ladd. 

Maine — S. A. Brown, R. B. Caverly, Samuel Lawrence, Ithamar 
W. Beard, W. A. Richardson. 

Michigan. — Jonathan Ladd, AVm. A. Richardson. 

]\linnesota. — Jonathan Ladd. 

New Hampshire. — Ithamar AV. Beard, A. R. Brown, J. C. Kimball, 
Jonathan Ladd, Samuel Lawrence, A. F. L. Norris, Wm. A. Richard- 
son, W. P. Webster. 

New York. — William A. Richardson. 

Ohio. — Jonathan Ladd. 

Vermont — A. R. Brown, Jonathan Ladd, Wm. P. Webster. 

Wisconsin. — Jonathan Ladd, Wm. A. Richardson. 


Merrimac, Head of Central. 

Fisher A. Hildreth, Postmaster. Levi Hedge, Chief Clerk; 
Philip P. Haggerty, Samuel M. Bellows, Daniel Crowlt-y, J. M. G. 
Parker, Assistant Clerks. William Kealey, Wm. B. Foibush, James 
Young, Penny Postmen. 

The office is opened at 7, a. m., and closed at 8^, p. M., every even- 
ing, except Saturday evening, when it is closed at 8. 

Mails sent to Boston three times daily ; to Nashua, Manchester, 
and Concord three times daily ; to Salem twice a day ; and to Wor- 
cester twice, and to Fitchburg once a day, over the Stony Brook 

To Pelham and Windham, N. H., and to Concord, Mass., on Mon- 
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To Lawrence twice daily. 

Letters are de ivered by the penny post at one cent each. Drop 
letters, one cent each. 


Second Division Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. 

William Sutton, Salem, Major General. Lieut. Col. Daniel Perkins, 
Salem, Division Inspector. Wm. Saunders, Salem, Division Quarter- 


Master. Maj. Alfred A. Abbott, South Danvers, Judge Advocate. 
Maj. Jairus W. Perry, Salem, Wm. C. Presoott, Jr., Salem, Aldes-de- 
Camp. Maj. David Moore, Salem, Engineer. 

Third Brigade. 

Benj. F. Butler, Lowell, Brigadier General. William H. Clemence, 
Lowell, Brigade Inspector. Samuel E. Convers, Lowell, Aide-de-Camp. 
T. J. Porter, Woburn, Quarter-Mazier. Peter Haggerty, Lowell, 

Sixth Regiment Infantry. 

Edward F. Jones, Lowell, Colonel. Walter Shattuck, Groton, 
Lieut. Colonel. B. F. Watson, Lowell, Major. Alpha B. Farr, Low- 
ell, Adjutant. James Monroe, Cambridiie, Quarter-Master. Rufus L. 
Plaisted, Lowell, Paymaster. Norman Smith, Groton, Surgeon. John 
Q. A. McCallister, Groton, Surgeon's Alate. Samuel W. Shattuck, 
Groton, Sergeant Major. AVm. H. Whitmore, Boston, Quarter-Master 
Sergeant. Kev. Charles Babbidge, Pepperell, Chaplain. 

Company A. — Lawrence Cadets. 

Armory, City Market. 

Josiah A. Sawtell, Captain. Andrew F. Johnson, l.s/ Lieutenant; 
Andrew C. Wrifiht, 2d Lieutenant; Geo. W. Whitehouse, 3// Lieu- 

CoMPANY C. — Lowell Mechanic Phalanx. 

Armory, City Market. 

Albert S. Follmsbee, Captain. George H. Pearson, \st Lieutenant ; 

Samuel D. Shipley, 2d Lieutenant ; , ^d Lieutenant; 

, Lieutenant. 

Company D. — Lowell City Guards. 
Armory, City Market. 

James W. Hart, Captain. Charles E Jones, \st Lieutenant ; Lysan- 
der Chandler, 2d Lieutenant ; Samuel C. Pinney, Zd Lieutenant ; 
Llwellyn L. Craig, Ath Lieutenant. 

Company H. — Watson Light Guards. 
Armory, City Market. 

Jona,Ladd, Captain. John F. Noyes, \st Lieutenant; George E. 
Davis, 26? Lieutenant ; Benjamin Warren, Zd Lieutenant ; Andrew F. 
Jewett, Lowell, Uh Lieutenant. 




View of New Depot in Boston, on Causeway Street. 

The Boston and Lowell and Nashua and Lowell Eailroads operate the 
Stony Brook and Wilton, Lowell and Lawrence, and Salem and 
Lowell Railroads. 

George Stark, Manager. John B. Winslow, Superintendent. Offices 
at the Depot in Boston. Abiel Rolfe, Freight and Passenger Agent, 

Incorporated, June, 1830. Open for travel, June, 1835. New Depot 
at Lowell, corner of Merrimac and Dutton Streets. 

Season tickets between Lowell and Boston, not transferable, and 
payable in advance, are given for three months, for i$25 ; six months, 
$50 ; and one year, $100. They are not to be used on express business, 
and entitle the bearer to carry nothing but strictly personal baggage, 
or such parcels as may be taken in the hand, without incommoding 
other passengers. Other articles, or merchandise, are not to be 
taken as baggage, except at the discretion of the conductor, and by 
paying extra. 

Season tickets may be used in any regular train, and allow any 
number of daily passajies, and are half-price for children under twelve 
years of age, and persons attending school. 

Lowell to Miles. 

Billerica Mills, 4^ 

Billerica and Tewksbury, 7 .... 

Wilmington, 11 .... 

North Wobum, 14^ 

East Woburn, 16^ 

Winchester, 18 

Medford, 21 

Boston, 26 

No charge for children under four years of age. 
Lowell, second-class fare, 50 cents. The above 
less than the fare when taken in the cars. 


Between Boston and 
rates are five cents 




View of Northern Depot, in Lowell, on Middlesex Street. 

United with the Boston and Lowell Railroad, connects at Nashua 
with the Wilton Railroad, and with the Concord Railroad. 

Incorporated, June 23, 1835. 
Opened for travel, October 8, 18 

Depot, Middlesex Street, Lowell. 


Connecting with the Nashua and Lowell Railroad at North Chelms- 
ford, and terminating at Groton. 

Incorporated in 1845. Capital Stock, $300,000. Opened for travel, 
July 1, 1848. Depot, Middlesex Street. 

Officeus. — George Stark, Manager. J. B. Winslow, General 
Superintendent. F. H. Nourse, Local Superintendent^ Lowell. i 


Incorporated, March 27, 1846. Annual meeting, first Monday in 
January. Capital, S3u0,000. 

F. H. Nourse, Local Superintendent^ Treasurer^ and Clerk. Office, 
Middlesex Street Depot. 

From Lowell* to Distances. Prices. 

Mace's 3 12 

Tewksbury Centre, 5 15 

Shed's Cross'g,! or Aims-House Station, 6 15 

Hagget's Pond, 10 30 

Lawrence,! 13 40 

* Connects with Nashua and Lowell Railroad. 

t Cfinnects with Lowell and Salem KHilroal. 

i Connects with 15oston and Maine Railroad, and Manchester and Lawrence Railroad. 


Season Tickets between Lowell and Lawrence, three months, $12 ; 
six months, S2-4 ; nine months, $36 ; twelve months, $18. 

Season Tickets between Lowell and Tewksbury, three months, $6 ; 
six months, $12 ; nine months, $18 ; twelve months, $24. 


Incorporated in 1848. Opened, August 1, 1850. Capital, $400,000. 

Annual meeting on Tues(3ay after first Monday of January. 

Officers. — George Stark, Manager. J. B. Winslow, General 

Superintendent. F. H. Nourse, Local Superintendent^ Clerk, and 


From Lowell to Distances. Fares. 

Whipple's Crossing, 1 

Tewksbury, 5 15 

Shed's Cross'g, or Aims-House Station, 6 15 

Burt's Mills, 8 20 

AVilmington Junction, 9 25 

Wilmington, 10 30 

North Reading, 14 45 

Paper Mills, 16 50 

Phelps Mills 18 55 

Proctor's Corner, 20 60 

South Danvers, 22 70 

Carltonville, 23 75 

Salem, 24 75 



Connecting with the Fitchburg Railroad at Concord, and with the 
Boston and Worcester Railroad at Framingham. 

The U. S. Mail Stage leaves Lowell at 9 o'clock, a. m., Mondays, 
Wednesdays, and Fridays ; passes through Chelmsford, Carlisle, Con- 
cord, Acton Powder Mills, Assabet, Sudbury, Saxonville, Framingham, 
and arrives at South Framingham at 4 o'clock, p. m. 

Returning, leaves South Framingham at 9 o'clock, a. m., Tuesdays, 
Thursdays, and Satur<lays, and arrives in Lowell at 3 o'clock, p. m. 

Boaks kept at the Stage Offices. 

J. Sleeper, Pioprietor and Driver. 

Leaves Lowell Sundays, at 9, a. m. Fare 50 cts. John Sleeper, 


Leaves Lowell Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Charles 
Going, Agent. 

American House Stage Office. Chas. Goixg, Agent. 


TTZmmTm sakgent & co.'S lowell and 


From each place four times daily. 

Offices in Lowell, at Uppel- and Lower Railroad Depots. 

Principal Office, in the Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot, Lowell. 

Office in Boston, 33 Court Square. 

Run in connection with Wells, Fargo, & Co/s California Express, 
and Harnden & Co.'s and Kinsley & Co.'s New York and Southern 
Expresses. Also, with Thouipson & Co.'s Western Express. 

All orders entrusted to the care of Sargent & Co.'s Express will re- 
ceive the most eareful attention, and will be executed in an expeditious 
manner. Thankful for the generous favors the public have hitherto 
bestowed upon this line, it will be the aim of the proprietors to show 
their gratitude by endeavoring to merit a continuance of the same. 

Goods called for and delivered at any part of the city. 

Two trips daily. 
Office In Lowell, at Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot ; in Salem, 
at Railroad Depot. 


Three trips daily. 
Office in Lowell, at Upper and Lower Railroad Depots. 
Office in Lawrence, at 3 Lawrence Street. 


Three trips daily. 
Office in Lowell, at Upper and Lower Railroad Depots. 
E. M. Sargent. E. S. Rand. 


St. Annk's Church (Episcopal), Merrimac Street. Organized, 
February 26, 1824. Rev. Theodore Edson, D.D., Rector. 

Kirk Street Church (Orthodox). Organized, May 21, 1855. 
Rev. Amos Blanchard, Pastor, 

Appleton Street Church (Orihodox). Organized, December, 
1830. Rev. John P. Cleaveland, D D., Pastor. 

First Consrecationalist Church (Orthodox), Merrimac, 
above Worthen Street. Organized, 1826. Rev. Jonathan L. 
Jenkins, Pastor. 

John Street Congregational Church (Orthodox). Organ- 
ized, May 9, 1839. Rev. E. B. Foster, Pastor. 


First Baptist Church (Baptist)^ Church Street. Organized, 
February 8, 1826. Kev. W. H. Alden, Pastor. 

WoRTHEN Street Baptist Church (Baptist). Organized, 
1831. Rev. G. F. Warren, Pastor. 

Third Baptist Church (Baptist)^ John Street. Organized, 
August, 1840. Rev. John Hubbard, Pastor. 

First Free-AVill Baptist Church (Free-Will Baptist)^ Paige 
Street. Organized, 1833. Rev. Darwin Motte, Pastor. 

Worthen Street Methodist Episcopal Church (Methodist 
Episcopal). Organized, 1841. Rev. Lorenzo R. Thayer, Pastor. 

Central Methodist Episcopal Church (Methodist Episcopal), 
corner of Merrimac and Central Streets. Organized, April, 1854. 
Rev. Chester Field, Pastor. 

Sr. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church (Methodist Epis- 
copal), Hurd Street. Organized, 1839. Rev. W. R. Clark, 

Free Chapel, Middlesex Street. Rev. Horatio Wood, Minis- 
ter at large. 

High Street Church (Orthodox). Organized, 1846. Rev. 
Owen Street, Pastor. 

First Universalist Church (Universalist), corner of Central 
and Green Streets. Organized, July, 1827. Rev. J. J. Twiss, 

Second Universalist Church (Universalist), corner of Market 
and Shattuck Streets. Organized, 1838, Rev. L. J. Fletcher, 

Church of the First Unitarian Society (Unitarian), 
Merrimac Street. Organized, 1832. Rev. Frederic Hinckley, 

Lee Street Church (Unitarian). Organized, Aug. 2, 1846. 
Rev. William C. Tenny, Pastor. 

St. Mary's Church (Roman Catholic), Suffolk, near Lowell 
Street. Organized, 1847. Rev. James T. McDermott, Pastor ; 
Assistant Minister, Rev. J. C. Gray. 

St. Patrick's Church (Roman Catholic), Fenwick Street. Rev. 
John O'Brien, PtLstor ; Assistant Ministers, Rev. Edward O'Con- 
nor and Rev. Meliano. 

St. Peter's Church (Roman CathoHc), corner of Gorham and 
Appleton Streets. Rev. Peter Crudden, Pastor. 

St. John's Church (Episcopal), Gorham Street, north of the 
Court-House. Organized, 1860. Rev. Charles W. Homer, 



1605. July 17, Samuel Champlain discovers Merrimac River. 

1644. June 12, Passaconaway, Sachem of all the Indians on Mer- 
rimac River, submits to Governor Winthrop. 

1648. John Eliot preaches to the Indians at Wamesit. 

1655. Town of Chelmsford incorporated. 

1660. Passaconaway resigns his Sachemship to Wannalancet. 

1675. November 15 (during King Phihp's war), white men from 
Chelmsford attack the wigwams at Wamesit, kill one Indian, and 
wound others. 

1686. Jonathan Tyng purchases the lands reserved to the Indians 
at Wamesit, and the Indians retire. 

.1726. Wamesit is annexed to Chelmsford. 

1774. First bridge built across Concord River, near its mouth. 

1792. Proprietors of locks and canals on Merrimac River incor- 
porated. First bridge built across Merrimac River, at Pawtucket 

1797. Pawtucket Canal completed for the passage of rafts, &c., 
around Pawtucket Falls. 

1801. Carding Machines run in Chelmsford, by Moses Hale. 

1804. Middlesex Canal completed. 

1813. Cotton is manufactured in Chelmsford, by P. Whiting and 
J. Fletcher. 

1817. Francis C. Lowell, from whom Lowell was named, dies, 
aged 43. 

1818. Powder is manufactured in Chelmsford, by Moses Hale ; 
flannels, by Winthrop Howe ; and satinets, by Thomas Hurd. 

1820. East Chelmsford (now Lowell) contains two hundred 

1822. The Merrimac Manufacturing Company is incorporated. 

1823. The first mill of the Merrimac Manufacturing Company is 
put into operation. 

1824. June 18, Ezra Worthen dies. The " Middlesex Journal" 
(now the " Lowell Journal and Courier ") is established. The first 
church (now St. Anne's Church) and the first school (now the Bartlett 
Grammar- School) are organized. 

1825. Hamilton Manufacturing Company and Middlesex Mechanic 
Association incorporated. Phalanx Military Company organized. 

1826. Town of Lowell incorporated. Edward Everett elected 
Representative in Congress from the Lowell District. Central Bridge 

1828. Appleton and Lowell Manufacturing Companies, and Lowell 
Bank, incorporated. 

1829. Fire Department established. Lowell Institution for Savings 

1830. Population of Lowell, 6,477. Town Hall (now City Hall) 
built. Middlesex, Tremont, and Suffolk Manufacturing Companies, 
and Boston and Lowell Railroad, incorporated. 

1831. July 7, Paul Moody dies. Lawrence Manufacturing Com- 
pany, and Railroad Bank, incorporated. 



1832. Lowell Bleachery incorporated. District School system 
abolished in Lowell. 

1833. Police Court estab'islied ; Joseph Locke, judjie. President 
Jackson visits Lowell. JBartlett and Edson Grammar School Houses 

1834. Belvidcre annexed to Lowell. Belvldere T^Ianufacturing 
Company incorporated. " Lowell Advertiser" establithed. 

1835. Boston and Lowell Ixailroad completed. Boott Cotton Mills 
and Nashua and Lowell R. R. incorporated Aims-House established. 

1836. April 11, Kirk Boott dies, aged 48. City of" Lowell incor- 
porated; Eiisha Bartlett, Mayor. Lowell Dispensary established. 
Richmond's Batting Mills estabii?hed. 

1837. Eiisha Bartlett, Mayor. Market House erected. 

1838. Luther Lawrence, Mayor. 

1839. April 17, Luther Lnwrence, Mayor, dies, aged 61. Eiisha 
Huntington succeeds him in the mayoralty. Lowell Hospital estab- 
lished. Massachusetts Cotton Mills incorporated. 

1840. Eiisha Huntington, Mayor. North and South Commons laid 
out. Museum established. 

1841. Eiisha Huntington, Mayor. Lowell Cemetery dedicated. 
City Guards organized. ** Vox Populi" established. 

1842. Nathaniel Wright, Mayor. 

1843. Nathaniel Wright, Mayor. Lowell Missionary Association 
established. President Tjler visits Lowell. 

1 844. Ehsha Huntington, Mayor. City Library established. 

1845. Eiisha Huntington, Mayor. Lowell Machine Shop and 
Stony Brook Railroad incorporated. 

1816. Jefferson Bancroft, Mayor. Whipple's Mills established. 
Lowell and Lawrence Railroad incorporated. Nathan Crosby ap- 
pointed Jud-e of Police Court. 

1847. Jefferson Bancroft, Mayor. Patrick T. Jackson dies. Apple- 
ton Bank incorporated. Cemetery Bridge built. Northern Canal 
completed by James B. Francis. President Polk visits Lowell. 

1848. Jefferson Bancroft, Mayor, City Listitution for Savings and 
S lem and Lowell Railroad incorporated. 

1849. Josiah B. French, Mayor. 

1850. Josiah B. French, Mayor. Prescott Bank incorporated. 
Gas introduced into Lowell. 

1851. James H. B. Ayer, Mayor. Watson Light Guard organized. 
" Citizen and News" established. 

1852. Eiisha Huntington, Mayor. INIay 6, Kossuth visits Lowell. 

1853. Sewall G. Mack, Mayor. Wamesit Bank incoiporated. 
Huntington Hall built. November 10, Judge Locke dies. 

1854. Sewall G. Mack, Mayor. Merchants Bank and Five-Cent 
Savings Barik incorporated. 

1855. Ambrose Lawrence, ISIayor. Lawrence Cadets organized. 

1856. Eiisha Humington, Mayor. 

1857. Stephen Mansur, Mayor. Financial crisis. One-half the 
mills stopped. Jail t rected. East Merrimac Street Bridge built. 

1858. Eiisha Huntington, Mayor. Church Street Bridge built. 

1859. James Cook, Mayor. 

1860. Benjamin C. Sargeant, Mayor. 



Elected, November 6, 1860. 

JOHN A. ANDREW, of Boston, Governor. 

Jonx Z. Goodrich, of Stockbridge, Lieutenant-Governor. 

Olivkr AVarner, of Northampton, Secretary of the Commomcealth. 

Hkxky K. Oliver, of Lawrence, Treas. and Receiver Gen. 

Levi Reed, of Abin<iion, Auditor of Accounts. 

D WIGHT Foster, of VVorcester, Attorney- General. 

THE c-ouafciL. 

District 1. Jacob Slt^eper, of Boston. 

" 2. John L Baker, of Beverly. 

" 3. James M. Shute, of Somcrville. 

" 4. Hugh W. Greene, of Northfield. 

" 5. Joel Hayden, of Williamsburg. 

" G. J«mes Ritchie, of Roxbury. 

" 7. Oakes Ames, of Easton. 

" 8. E. C. Sherman, of Plymouth. 


Arthur P. Bonney, of Lowell. 


Middlesex District 23 {Wards 1,2, and b, of Lowell). — Stephen 
P. Sarjent, David Nichols, Jeremiah Clark. 

Middlesex District 24 (Wards S, i, and G, of Lowell). — Hapgood 
Wright, M. B. Favor, John W. Goodwin. 


Thomas D. Eliot. 

Dist. 7. 


James Buffinton. 

" 8. 


Cha<!. Francis Adams. 

" 9. 


Alexander H. Rice. 

" 10. 


AVilliam Appleton. 

« 11. 


John B. Alley. 


Elected, November 6, 1860. 

Dist. 1. Thomas D. Eliot. Dist. 7. Daniel W. Gooeh. 

Charles R. Train. 
Goldsmith F. Bailey. 
Charles Delano. 
Henry L. Dawes. 


Chosen, November 6, 1860. 

At Large. — George Morey, of Boston; Reuben A. Chapman, of 

District 1. Alfred Macy, of Nantucket. 2. James H. Mitchell, of 
East Bndgewater. 3. John M. Forbes, of Milfon. 4. Charles B. Hall, 
of Boston. 5. Peleg W. Chandler, of Boston. 6. John G. Whit- 
tier, of Ame.sbury. 7. Gerry W. Cochrane, of Methuen. 8. John 
Nesmith, of Lowell. 9. Amasa Walker, of North Brookfield. 
10. Charles Field, of Athol. 11. Charles Mattoon, of Greenfield. 




James Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, President. 

John C. Breckenridge, of Kentucky,* .Vice President. 

Lewis Cass, of Micliigan, Secretary of State. 

Howell Cobb, of Georgia, Secretary of the Treasury. 

John B. Floyd, of Virginia, Secretary of War. 

Isaac Toucey, of Connecticut, Secretary of the Navy. 

Jacob Thompson, of Tennessee, Secretary of the Interior. 

Jeremiah S. Black, of Pennsylvania, . . . Attorney-General. 
Joseph Holt, of Kentucky, Postmaster- General. 


Under the Federal Constitution, Adopted March 1, 1789. 





1— George Washington, 


8 years. 

30 April, 1789. 

2 — John Adams, 


4 " 

4 March, 1797. 

3 — Thomas Jefferson, 


8 •♦ 

4 " 1801. 

4 — James Madison, 


8 '« 

4 " 1809. 

5— James Monroe, 


8 " 

4 " 1817. 

6 — John Quincy Adams, 


4 " 

4 «• 1825. 

7— Andrew Jackson, 


8 " 

4 " 1829. 

8 — Martin Van Buren, 

New York. 

4 " 

4 " 1837. 

9— «Wm. Henry Harrison. 


1 month. 

4 " 1841. 

10— John Tyler, 

11 — James Knox Polk, 


3 yrs. 11 mos. 

4 April. 1841. 


4 years. 

4 March, 1845. 

12— *Zachary Taylor, 
13— Millard Fillmore, 


I year 4 mos. 

4 " 1849. 

New York. 

2 years 8 mos. 

9 July, 1850. 

14 — Franklin Pierce, 

N. Hampshire. 

4 years. 

4 March, 1853. 

15 — James Buchanan, 


4 " 1857. 


1 — John Adams, 




2— Thomas Jefferson, 




3— Aaron Burr, 

New York. 



4 — George Clinton, 

New York. 



5— Elbridge Gerry, 




6— Daniel D. Tompkins, 

New York. 



7— John C. Calhoun, 

South Carolina. 



8— Martin Van Buren, 

New York. 



9— Richard M. Johnson, 




10— John Tvler, 


1 month. 

11— George M. Dallas, 


4 years. 

12— Millard Fillmore, 

New York. 

I year 4 mos 

13— *William R. King, 


I month. 

4 — John C. Breckenridge, 



Died in ofBce. 


Agricultural Implements. 

A. C. Bowditch, 32 

Burbank, Chase, & Co 2 

Hovey & Co., 31 


George E. Mitchell, 3 

Sanborn & Co., 6 

Warren, opposite title 


Samuel Kidder, jr., 1 

Charles R. Kimball, back colored 

L. C. Lane, 1 


Frederic H. Moore, 28 

J. W. Phillips back colored 

Artists' Materials. 
M. J. Whipple & Co 40 


A. Sanborn, 3d p. from preface 

Bell Han gers- 

A. E. Ro we & Co 47 

p. O'Connell 4 

Boiler Makers. 

Stephen Ashton, 16 

J. Henry Norton 51 

Bolts and Nnts. 

American Bolt Co., 14 


Adams, Sampson, & Co., 48 

O. A. Buzzell 2 

E.S. Hunt 2 

J. J. Judkins 4 

Joshua Merrill, back cover an.l page 3 

B. C. Sargeant, front cover 


Harrington & Gardner, 35 

Brass Founders. 

Wilder & Dana, 15 

J. Kidder 8 

Brown's Bronchial Troches. 

John I. Brown &, Son, ..back outside cover 

Burnettized Lumber. 

Norcross, Saunders, & ("o. , opp. title 

Burning Fluid. 

H. S. Haynes, hack colored 

Candles. (Paraffine.) 

Parafflne Coal Oil Works, 43 

Card Clothing. 

Howe & Goodhue back colored 

Carpenters and Builders. 

A. K. Hood 21 

George W. Pearson, 22 

Carriage Manufacturers. 

Samuel Convers, 24 

Joel Jenkl s 18 

Aaron C. Sawyer 23 

Carriage Smiths. 

P, O'Connell 4 

Samuel Convers, 24 

Joel Jenkins 18 

Carriage Trimmer. 

Samuel L. Butman, 23 


C. p. Talbot & Co 1 

China and Crockery. 

H.S. Haynes, back colored 


W. B. French 31 

Daniel J. Carruth 33 

Civil Engineers. 

R. W. Baker 52 

J. W. Phillips, back colored 


George W. Green (man>tf.) 5 

Macullar, Williams, <fc Parker, 42 

E. F. Miller, jr. {boys') 50 

George N. Nichols opp. C. H. Almanac 

Robert B. Randall 4 

Coadi Fainter. 
Samuel Convers 24 

Coal and Wood. 

Wm. E. Livingston 23 

Coffee Mills. 

John Humphrey 21 


E.A.Clark 12 

Commission Merchants. 

J. Coggin «fc Co 20 

Robert Taisey, 20 

Confectionery, Fruit, &c. 

John OConner 21 

A. B. French inside front cover 

Mrs. Gibson & Miss Farrar 19 


Samuel H. Allen 43 

Wilder &; Dana 15 

Cotton Openers and Cleaners. 

Richard Kitson (patent), 16 

David Lane, 17 

Cotton Warps. 
Taylor& Churchill 40 

Crockery, Glass, &/C. 

R.W. Smith & Co., 7 


Burhank, Chase, & Co 2 

H. S. Haynes back colored 

Oliver A. Richardson, opp. title 

S. Lawrence, opp. title 


Stephen Smith, 37 

Directory Publishers. 

Adams. Sampson, & Co., 48 

Dove-Tailing Machines. 

( Wtston''s.) 
Smith &, Lawrence 18 

Dye Woods. 

C. p. Talbot & Co 1 




Weare Cliffoi-d, back coloreil 

A. Levvanilo, 34 

Engineer. ( Mechan.ical ) 

J. Henry Norton, 51 


Ericher cfe Russell (wood), 33 

N. S. Dcart)orn, 32 

Jolm Cogswell, 18 

Kilhurn * Mallow (wood.) .51 

J. F. Xasli (tcood), 50 

Taj-lor «fc Adams (wood) 39 

Feathers and Beds. 

11. TV. Smitli cfc Co., 7 

Felt and Composition Ecofing. 

Boston Roofing Co 41 

D. W.Horne&Co., 8 


A. C. Bowditch, 32 

Hovey & Co., 31 

Files and Hasps. 

S. Ashworth& Co. 17 

Fishing Tackle. 

Oliver A. Richardson, opp. title 

Flour and Grain. 

J. Coggin <fe Co 20 

Wra. E. LivinKSton, 23 

Fruit Trees. 

A. C. Bowditch, 32 

Hovey & Co 31 

Furnajes and Ranges. 

Gardner Chilson, ft-ont colored 


Thomas B. Comina, front colored 

J. M. Holden 44 

Jacob Nichols 52 

R. W. Smith & Co., 7 

Stephen Smith 37 

Gas Cooking Stoves. 

N. J. Wier & Co back cover 

Gas Fixtures and Pipes. 

Horace R. Barker, front cover 

J. Henrv Norton 51 

S. A. Stetson & Co 35 

Gas Heaters. 

Horace R. Barker, front cover 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Locke's 41 

Macullar, Williams, & Parker 42 

George N. INichols, opp. C. H. Almanac 

Robert B. Randall 4 

P. Valentl , 5 


D. K. Batchelder 46 

Glass. (Stained nnd Cut.) 

J. M. Cook 48 

Glass Ware. 

H. S. Haynes, back colored 

Gloves and Hosiery. 
Wm. P. Brazer, back colored 


Wm. Coding & Son 15 

Golden Salve. 
C. P. Whitten 21 


Nichols * Co., 20 

Strceter & I'owers 20 

Guns, Riflss, and Pistols. 

Oliver A. Richardson, opp. title 

Hardware, Tools, and Metals. 

May & Co .V2 

Harness Makers. 

J. A. Mrabrook 18 

Samuel Ti. Batman 23 

Samarl Convers, 24 

A. C. Sawyer 23 

Hats and Caps. 

William p. Brazer, back colored 

Robert B. Randall 4 

Hocks. {All kinds.) 

George L. Cady, 17 

Horse Power. (Patent.) 

Joel Jenkins 18 

Horse Shoers. 

p. O'Connell, 4 

Joel Jenkins, 18 


Howard House, 8 


Maynard &. Noyes, back colored 


James Cook, back colored 

E. A. Clark 12 

Dorchester Fire Ins. Co , 49 

Howard Fire Co front cover 

Lowell Mutual Fire, back cover 

Joshua Merrill (Fire) back cover 

Intelligence Office. 

J.Kidder 8 

Iron House Trimmings. 

Cushing & Mack 14 

Iron Railing. 

Cashing & Mack 14 

A. Sanborn 3d p. from preface 

Laces and Emhroideries- 

Mrs. J. P. HamMet, 6 


H. S. Havnes back cover 

S. A. Stetson & Co 35 

Lathes. (Engine and Hand.) 

Smith & Lawrence, 18 


Ithamar W. Board, 12 

R B. Caverlv, 12 

Charles Covvlev, 10 

Joseph B. Kcyes, 12 

Leather Belting-. 

A. N.Clark & Co 2S 

Josiah dates, 15 

Solon .Stevens 1<> 

Whitinarsh & Adams, 14 

Lime, Cement, Plaster, &c. 

Wm. E.Livingston 23 

Looking Glasses. 
W. IL Dvar, 7 



Loom Harnesses and Heeds. 

Solon Stevens, IC 

Loom Pickers. 

Win. Goding <fc Son, 15 


Wm. E. Livingston, 23 

Nurcross, Saunders, & Co opp. title 

C. Jt D. Wliitney, Jr 22 

Machine Broker. 

D. A.Taylor, 34 


Thomas Atherton 18 

William Atherton 17 

S. E. Chubbnck & Son Iih- k colored 

John E. Crai.e, from colored 

David Lane, 17 

Smith ct Lawrence, 18 

Machinists' Tools. 
Smith & Lawrence, 18 


Thomas li. Comins, front colored 

11. W. Smith & Co 7 


J. CoggincfcCo 20 

Millinery Goods. 

Mrs. J. P. Hamblet, 6 

Model Makers. 

Edward C. Clay, 48 

John E. Crane, front colored 

Monrning Goods. 

Mrs. J. P. Hamblet, 6 

Music Stores. 

W. H. Dvar 7 

Rugg & GrilTfith 13 


Da '17 Citizen & News, 9 

Daly Courier & Journal, 10 

Lowell Week ly Journal, 10 

Lowell Advertiser, 11 

Patriot and Advertiser, 11 

Real Estate Register, 26 

\ (. -x. I'opuli, 10 


E. F. Jones & Whitmore, 30 

Farafline Coal Oil Works, 43 


A. B. French, inside front cover 

Mrs. Gibson & Miss Farrar, 19 

Painters and Glaziers. 

James Farson, 8 

Paper Hangings. 

0. A. Buzzell, ; 2 

James Farson 8 

S. H. Gregory & Co 29 

Joshua Merrill, back cover and page 3 

Patent Agency. 
Samuel Cooper, 38 

Pattern Makers. 

John E. Crane, front colored 

A. M. Swain, 22 

Edward C. Clay, 48 

Pens. (Gold.) 

F. W. Snow, 49 

Peruvian Syrup. 
J. p. Jewett & Carter, 2d p. from pref. 


George E. Mitchell, 6 

Sanborn & Co 3 

Warren's, opposite title 


W. H. Dvar 7 

John E. McNeil, 45 

KuggA: Griffith, 13 

Picture Frames. 

D. K. Batchelder 46 

Rugg & Gritnths, 13 

Pipe. (Drain, Water, (fc.) 

J. F. Banister, 34 

S. P. Taylor, 44 

Planers' Drills. 

Smith & Lawrence, 18 

i laning and Sawing. 
C. &D. Whitney, Jr 22 

Plated Wares. 

H. S. Ilayncs, back colored 


Sam uel II. Allen, 43 

Wilder .k Dana, 15 


John Cogswell (copperplate), 18 

N. S. Dearborn, 32 

IliUlre th & U unt, 11 

J. J. JuUkins (card), I 

Knapp & Morey 6 

B. II. Penhallow, 4 

Stone <k Huse, 10 


Robert Taisev 20 

JuhnM. Washburn ck Son, 19 


D.A. Taylor, 34 

Pump and Block Maker. 

Amos Colby 21 


A. B. French, inside front cover 

Mrs. Gibson <fc Miss Farrar, 19 

I. siamson, 29 

William K. Thompson, .' 24 

Rheumatic Compound. 

C. F. Gardiner, , 36 


Boston Roofing Co 41 

D. W. Home i^ Co 8 


S. p. Taylor, 44 

Sashes, Doors, and Blinds. 

Joseph A. Peabody, 23 

Scales and Balances. 

Burbank, Chase, & Co front colored 

Fairbanks .k Brown, frontcolored 

Screws. ( Coach or Lag.) 

American Bolt Co 14 


A. C. Bowditch, 32 

llovey it Co 31 

Nichols & Co 20 


L. A. Bigelow, 39 

Sewing-Machine Needles. 

Taylor & Probert, 21 




MesslngerA Bro 40 


Thomas Atherton, 18 

"William Atherton, 17 

David i,ane 17 

Smith «fc Lawrence, 18 

Sheriffs. (Deputy.) 

James Hopkins 12 

Edwin L. Shed, 12 

Shirt Depot. 
Locke's, 41 

Shuttles. (Power Loom.) 
John S. Jaques, 16 

Silk, Cotton, and Woollen Dyer. 
"Weare Clifford , back colored 

Silk Goods. 
Mrs. J. P. Hamblet, 6 

Soap, Candles, &c. 

Putnam & Currier, 20 

Stahles. (Livery.) 

Daniel G.Leavitt, 25 

Robert Wood, 8 

Stained Glass. 
J. M. Cook 48 


O. A. Buzzell, 2 

E. S. Hunt, 2 

Joshua Merrill, back cover and page 3 

B. C. Sargeant, front cover 

Steam and Gas Pipe. 

Thomas Atherton, 18 

Horace R. Barker, front cover 

J. H. Norton, 51 

Steam Engines and Boilers. 

Stephen Ashton 16 

S. E. Chubbuck & Son, back colored 

Stencil and Steel Letter Cutters. 

Ariston Grover, 17 

S. C. Smith 1 

Daniel Swett, Jr 1 

Stoves and Hollow Ware. 

Gardner Chilson, front colored 

Gushing «fc Mack, 14 

Jacob Kichols, 52 

C. P. Whitten 21 

N. J. Wier & Co back cover 

Suspenders and Shoulder Braces. 

Cutter & Walker, 7 


Dennlson, 30 

Tailors and Drapers. 

Burbank, Chase, & Co 2 

Macullar, Williams, and Parker, 42 

George N. Kichol*, 6 

P. Valenti, 6 

Tea Store. 

G. W. Cummlngs, 19 

Tin Plate Workers. 

N.J. Wler & Co back cover 

Wilder* Dana, 15 

Tobacco and Snuff. 

DanlelJ. Carruth 33 

Tripe, Pig's Feet, &/C. 

Smith Adams 20 

Trunks and Valises. 

0. A. Buzzell, 2 

John Marriot, Jr 6 


Cutter (fcWalker 7 

Twines, &/C. 

Ta3'lor «fe Churchill, 40 

Umbrellas and Parasols. 

W.H.Dyar 7 

Joseph Lyons 42 

Rugg& Griffith la 

Upholstery Goods. 

J. M. Holden, 44 

Veterinary Surgeon. 

Robert Wood 8 

Watches, &c. 

A. Sanborn, 3d p. from preface 

Water Wheels. (Turbine.) 

A.M. Swain, 22 

Window Frames and Mouldings. 

Joseph A. Peabody, 23 

Window Shades. 

William Horkheimer, 47 

Writing Plates. 
Daniel Swett, Jr 1 

JIIA.SO]!iriC (Confinued from page 278). 


Sov. Grand Consistory, S. P.R. S. 32°--Wm. S. Gardner, of Lowell, J?;. 
Commander in Chief; N. B. Shurfleff, M. D. of Boston, 1st Lieut. Comman- 
der; Aaron P. Hughes, of Nashua, N. H., 2d Lieut. Commander ; Chas. A. 
Davis, M. D. of Chelsea, Mass., Gr. Sec. ; Joel Spalding, M. D,, of Lowell, 
Gr. Treas. , , 

Sov. Chapter or Rose Croix, 18° — Chas. A. Davis, M. D., of Chelsea, 
Mass., M. W. and P. Master. 

Raymond Council of Princes of Jerusalem and Raymond Grand 
Lodge of Perfection are also duly organized, and in a flourishing condition. 
These bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Rite are the only ones established 
in Massachusetts, and are under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Grand Coun- 
cil of Sov. Inspectors General, 33°, for the northern jurisdiction of the United 
States, which embraces fourteen Northern States. The Grand Council sits 
annually, in the month of May, at Boston. 





Merrimac and John Streets, 


Family Medicines and Physicians' Pre- 
scriptioiis put up at all hours, day and 


Chemicals, Perfumery, &c., 
79 Merrimac Street, Lowell. 

Particular attention paid to the compounding 
of Phi'sicion."' Prescriijticiis, and the dispensing 
of Family ^Icdieines. A full assortment of 
Drugs and Medicines, including all the latest 
preparations, constantly on hand. 

C. £». TALBOT & CO., 


Chemicals and Dye Woods, 


C. P. Talbot, 

Dyers' Drugs and Manufacturers' Articles 

Thomas Talbot 


Wyman's Exchange, 

28 Merrimac St., cor. of Central St., 

Manufacturer of plain and fancy Writing Plates. 
Also, tiie Roman Letters in Scroll, Fancy, and 
Plain Styles, with Indelible Ink, for marking 
Clothing, Books, Cards, &c., &c. 

Also, all kinds of Door Plates, Branding Irons, 
Business Plates, Alphabets, and Figures, for 
Merchants, Manufacturers, and others, made to 
order. Metcalf 's Indelible Ink, for sale at whole- 
sale and retail. Also, Ink and Brushes for Busi- 
ness Plates. Orders, by Express or otherwise, 
will receive prompt attention. Agents supplied. 




? 9KSI STiii? e"j??sa, 

A'pliaWts and Figures for Jlacbinists' Use. 

Names and Fancy Stamps cut on the 
best of stock, and warranted. 

A liberal discount made to Agents. 


123 Cross Street, Lowell, Mass., 



Wyman's Exchange, cor. Merrimac and Central Sts., 

By a judicious system of management, my office is always new, and furnished with the very 
BK ST material, includmg hand and power presses, for the execution of eV£KV DESCuirriON of 
LETTER- PRESS PRixXTiNG, in a Superior manner. 

U(;#- My standard of charging is, not according to what can be obtained, but according to what 
I deem just to others, and sufficiently remunerative to myself— that 1 may thereby be enabled to 
pay my honest debts on call. 



Unrljant Cailors, 


Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings. 


No. 5 Central Street, . . . Lowell. 






Pipe, Pumps, Agricultnral Tools, &c. 


No. 5 Central Street, . . . Lowell. 

C®- Agents for Fairbanks's Scales. «ggJ 


Sheet Music, Musical Works, 


No. 17 Central Street, . . . Lowell, 

Bookbinding of all descriptions promptly executed. Blank Books made to order. 





Writing-Desks, Work-Boxes, and Fancy Goods, 


Also, a large and well-selected stock of 


KT/* Orders from tbe country will receive prompt and satisfactory attention. .=0 







Thompson's Building, 89 Merrimac Street, 

(On the same side of the Street with the Post OflB.ce,) 

Ee^-WllcL Miss. 

Likenesses of the sick taken at their residences, or Photographs made from 
old Daguerreotypes of deceased persons, colored in Oil or Water Colors, or 
finished in India Ink, in a manner not surpassed by any other Photographing 
Establishment in New England. 

Clubs and Schools furnished with Pictures, in every style of the art, on as 
favorable terms as at any other place where the same class of work can be 

Mr. Mitchell wishes it to be particularly understood that ^oor and cheap 
work is not in his line of business, an.l he intends in future, as in times past, 
to make none but the very best of Pictures, and expects only a fair re- 
muneration for his services. His standard of charging is not according to 
what can be obtained, but according to what he deems just to others, and suffici- 
ently remunerative to himself, that he may thereby be enabled to pay his 
honest debts on call. 

M. B. — This is the only Photographing Establishment in this city where 
Photographs are colored in Oil or Water Colors, and also finished in India Ink. 


^^^.us CE«r«,, ^^^^ 

No. 31 Merrimac Street, next to the Post-Office. 



Constantly on hand, at the lowest cash prices. 



STo. 3 (John Street, L.owelI. 

Also, School Books, Stationery, &c., &c. 






All work clone in a faithful manner and 
at a fair price. 


' No. 4 a^B /|W Canal Block, 

Central Street, J ] |^^_^ LOWELL. 

Cutter, from Paris, ]L.ondoii, Wew York, aud Boston. 

Garments made to order in the best manner. Having had experience in cutting and making up, 
all garments will be made in tlie latest style, and warranted to fit. Having travelled extensively in 
Europe and the United States, his facilities for buying Foreign and American Goods are equal to 
any establishment in the country. 

Overcoatings, Black Cloth, Black and Fancy Doeskins, and the most fashionable Foreign and 
American Goods constantly on hand. Also, dealer in Gent's Furnishing Goods. A share of the 
public patronage is solicited. 

Cutter, from Paris, London, New York, and Boston. 
'Xo. 4 Canal Block, Central Street, JLofvell, Mass. 



C loth: I INTG 


Prescott Street, corner of East Merrimac, 

1^^ Sewing done in a superior manner, by the mo^t approved Sewing- 
Machines ; and all work done at this establishment warranted to give perfect 







No. 33 Merrimac Street, under Central Hall, Lowell. 

Bleaching and Pressing done in the most satisfactory manner, at usual prices. 


Photographs from the smallest to Life Size, finished in India Ink or Water Colors, with 
neatness and dispatch, at prices that defy competition. 
Messrs. S. & Co. are the only parties in this city who make the Patent Ambrotypes. 


CrnnhB, llalis^s, 


ALL kinds' OF 


Or Neatly Repaired 




Umbrella and Parasol, Portrait and Picture Frame, 

Looking-Glass and Clock Manufactory 

and Repair-Shop. 

39 and 4=1 CENTRAL STREET. 


The undersigned would respectfully call the attention of the public to the fact that 






Adapted to the wear of either Ladies or Gentlemen, being alike beneficial to the heal h 
and comfort of both, are superior in style, beauty of finish, and durability, to all other 
Braces heretofore offered for sale. 

Dr Cutter's Ladies' Skirt-Sdpporters are far ahead of all other Skirt-Supporters in 
the market, as any lady will testify who has had the good fortune to wear them. 

We are the inventors and sole manufacturers of the world-renowned Eureka Suspenders, 
which are allowed by evfry one who has worn them to be the best and cheapest Suspenders 
ever offered for sale. They are so constructed that they cannot fall from a man's shoulders, 
lee his occupation he ever so laborious; neither do they pull the pants together behind, 
but allows them to hang quite natural. They do not crease the shirt bosom, as do th*- 
common Elastic Suspenders, by always slipping and falling from the shoulders; having 
very little elasticity in the web that goes over the shoulders, but sufilcient behind to m ike 
them the mo.«t comfortable suspenders ever manufactured. 

Dr. Cutter's Abdominal-Supporters are the be>t in use. The trade supplied at manu- 
facturers' prices. Public patronage is most respectfully solicited. 


N. B.— Shoulder-Braces, Trusses, Supporters, and Suspenders repaired in the best manner. "We 
also keep for sale Suspender-Ends of various kinds; Elastic and Dn-Elastic Webs, Buckles, Clasps, 
Machine-Silk and Needles ; also, the best quality of English Satin Jeans. 

C@- Boots and Shoes stitched in the bett manner. 


BTo. lO Prescott Street, . . . r.owell, Mass. 

R. ^W. SMITH & CO. 

Keep constantly on hand a good assortment of FURNITURE AND 
HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, consisting of a great variety of Chairs, 
Tables, Bureaus, Secretaries, Sofas, Lounges, Bedsteads, Sinks, 
Toilets, Tea-Poys, Wash-Stands, Clocks, jNIirrors, Window-Shades, 
Shade-Fixtures. &c. Also, Feathers, Feather-Beds, Mattresses, and 
all kinds of Bedding usually kept in the market. 

Crockery, Glass, and Tinware; and a complete assortment of 
Kitchen Furniture, which will be sold at prices that cannot fail to 
suit the purchaser, both in quality and price. Cash and the hishest 
price paid for second-hand Furniture. Upholstering done at short 
notice, and warranted to give satisfaction. 







Office and Manufactory, Western Ave., near ( ity Stable, Lowell. 


[Ct^To the Public. — We would invite the attention of Architects, and all interested 
in building, to this Roofing, as being an article found by actual experience to be superior 
to any Roofing now in use, both for durability and service, as it is perfectly fire and 
WATER PROOF. Samples may be seen by calling at our shop. AU orders promptly attend- 
ed to, and perfect satisfaction assured. 

D. W. nORNE. G. W. HORNE. 





liyeplY stable, 

^^^ g Cor. Merriraac and Worllien Sts., Lowell, Mass. 

Near Northern Depot, I.OWEl.DC.. 



Having leased this Honse, the proprietor be?s 
leave to inform the public that he will ;ilwa3's bo 
ready to attend to the wants of all those who 
may have occasion to visit the city. He hopes, 
hy paying strict attention to the comfort of 
Btriingers, to merit a share of public patronage. 

G3- Baggage conveyed to and from the Depot 





Glazed Sash, Doors, and Blinds, of all 
dimensions; also, a good assort- 
ment of Paper Hangings. 

29 Fletcher Street, liberty Sq., 

I^OW^Eff.I., MASS. 

^iwmMk^mmim B^wmm^ 

k: I r) 33 B i^. 

8ie)iii i^i® ^ 



"Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry Repaired. 





This is not surpassed by any office in New England for its means of 
executing all kinds of 

For Plain or Colored Posters it has the largest sized Hand Press 
in New England. 



And has the largest Subscription List of any daily paper in Middlesex County 
It is " American Republican " in politics. 


And is of the largest size, having more reading matter than any other paper 
in New England. Postage free in Middlesex County. 

KKAPP & MOREY, Publishers and Proprietors. 

No. M Central, nearly opposite Middle Street. 

Chaitncey L. Knapp. Geo. F, Moret. 



EST^A^BLilSHEID, 1825. 

IVo. 21 Central Street (comer of Mitldle), Lowell. 

In April, 1860, the Courier establishment was purchased by Messrs. 
Stone & Huso, and the business of the oflace united with that 
of Vox Populi. By combining the two ofllces, the pro- 
prietors have one of the largest establishments in 
New England, which gives them numerous 
advantages not possessed by those 
who are conducting business 
on a smaller scale. 

with every material necessary for the PROMPT, NEAT, and ECONOMICAL 
execution of 


Having an office stoclied with all the most MODERN TYPES AND 
PRESSES in use, the Proprietors feel ass\ired that they can compete success- 
fully with any other establishment in the PROMPT and NEAT execution of 
all work entrusted to them, at as low prices as can be offered anywhere. 

Sooks, Pamphlets, Sermons, A.ddresses, Catalogues, Xown Keports, 

S^ewspapers, Court I>ockets, By-l^atvs and Constitutions of 

Societies, Slammotli Posters. 

Always on hand, a ^ood stock of all kinds of Card Board and Stationery 
adapted to every description of work. 


Is Published at $5.00 per annum, $4.50 in advance. 



Is Published every Friday at $2.00 per annum, or $1.50 in advance. 


A large independent weekly journal, established 1841, distinct from either of 
the above-named Papers, 

Is riiblished eycry Friday at $2.C0 per annnm. 
Z. E. STONE & S. W. HUSE, Proprietors. 





iiLly M 

Ko. 48 Central Street, Lowell, 






Hand-Bills, Bill-Heads, 

Programmes, Bills of Fare, 

Posters, R. R. Tickets, 

Shop-Bills, Billets, 

Auction-Bills, Blanks, 


Executed with neatness, and at short notice, at the lowest Prices. 


Is published at the above office, Daily, at $3.00 per annnm, in adyance: 


Is also published at the same office every Friday Morning, at $1.50 in advance, or 

^2.00 if nrt pnid till the end of the year. The Advertiser, and Patriot and 

Advertiser are Democratic Hlpers, advocating I emocratic Measures and 

Democratic Principles. 

\^j^ Advertisements inserted in the above papers at customary rates. 

HILDRETH & HUNT, Publisliers. 






No. 49 Central Street, - - - Lowell, Mass. 


No. 49 Central Street, - - L.owell, Mass. 





For the States of MAINE, NEW 
YORK, and IOWA. 

Office, Cobnrn Block, 56 Central Street, 



§mxiil Insnrante §lgtnt, 



No. 6 Post Office Euilding, Merrimac St., 

i.o\FEt,i., ]ir^ss. 



93- All business by mail or otherwise entrusted to him will be promptly executed. ...Sa 



Office, Canal Block, Central St. ; Rlsidence, 8 Lawrence St., 


Bills for service will be rendered on the first of .Tuly and January. 
(CT^ Orders by Express or Mail promptly atteaded. to, and particular attention given to 
criminal business. 



TlflCXJSIO STOEt 353. 





Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Umbrellas, Parasols, Walking Oanes, Picture-Frames, 

^Ijeet Pusit, glitsical pertljanbise, ^ahtthtgs, 


[nr°" Sole agents for Ilallet, Davis, & Go's Premium Grand ani Square Pianos, and 
Prescott Bro^he^s' Melodeons. Instruments of all kinds to let, — also, Tuned and Re- 
paired. Umbrellas and Parasols re-covered and repaired. Ornamental Frames made to 
order. Gilding and re-gilding done. Canes mounted, &c., &c. 





( Directly. Opposite llie American House,) 




Oak and Hemlock Tanned Stretched 

Sayings Bank Building, 

Particular attention paid to Top Rollers, Iron Pulleys, and Loom Strapping. 



Manufacturers of 



Also, Galvanized aud Cast-iron Cornices and Gutters, 



Basement* 2d Universalist Church, 

Nos. 123 and 125 Market Street, 







George C. Smith. ) $?• ^- '^'"■-'^^/'*'- 

Jambs Meadowcuoft. S i Jonathan Hoi"E. 





OPPOSITE XHi: iiiiu:ii.xoiir piturx icorks. 



Opposite Boston and Lowell R. R. Depot, 




Top Boll Covering, Roller Cloths, Calf Rollers, Sheep Rollers 

Baling Twine, Harness Twine, Lacings, Cotton Spin- * 

nine: Banding, Card Leather, Sole Leather, Belt 

Leather, Loom Straps, Belt Hooks, Belt 



Every article warranted of the very best material and workmanship, and will 
be sold at the Lowest Cash Prices. 








Head of l¥ortlien Street, l.owell, ITIass., 

Respectfully invites the attention of Cotton Manufacturers to his 

Patent Cotton Openers and Cleaners, 

"Which are now in successful operation at the following Mills : 

Suffolk Co., Lawrence Co., Tremont Co., Prescott Co., Appleton Co., Lowell, Mass.; 
Chicopte Falls Co. Chicopee, Mass. ; Atlantic Mills, Pacific Co., Pemberton Mills, 
Laurence, Ma.«s. ; Cocheco Mills, Dover, N. H. ; Salmon Falls Mills, Salmon Falls, N. H. ; 
Belknap Mills, Laconia, N. H. 

Also, English Lappers, Rag-Pickers, and Patent Waste INrachines for opening Eoving; Needle- 
Pointed Card-Clothing for Flax, Tow, Hemp, Jute, and Manilla, machine-work oenbr.\lly. 

STEPHEN ASHTON, Proprietor, 





f otoer-ITaom ^Ijuttlts, 



(Successor to A.& S. Stevens,) 



Harnesses and Reeds, 



Corner of FIclclicr St. and Western Avenae, 







steel Stamps, Alphabets and Fisures, Stencil 
Plates and Dies, of any size, cut to order. Also, 
will furnish Branding Irons, Door Plates. Door 
Numbers, Stencil Paste and Brushes, Indelible 
Ink for marking Clothing, &c. 

^?- All orders will be promptly answered, and 
work warrranted if properly used. 


asd manufacturer of 


All kinds of Jobbing Vi'ork done to order. 
Howe Street, Belvidere. 

Orders promptly attended to. 



"Wool and Rag Pickers, Hydro-Extractors ; Self-Operating Jacks, 
Nowell's Patent ; Condensing Rubbers, Nowell's Patent; Bur- 
ring Pickers, large size, from the latest improved patterns. 
All kinds of Worsted Machinery, Combing Machines, 
for coarse or fine work, known as the W. E. Combing 
Machine ; FJaxand Hemp Machinery, generally; 
Cotton Openers; Pipe Cutting Machines; 
Shafting, Gearing, and Machine Work 


Shop between Middlesex and Jackson Streets, 

I. O W E I. L. 


Loom Harness Hooks and Eyes ; Screw Eyes and Screw Hooks, for Picture 
Prames and Glasses; Jack Hooka; Strap Hooks ; Thread Oruides' 
Meat Hooks ; Gate Hooks and Eyes, &c„ of bright Iron ' 
Wire; and Hooks and Eyes made to order. 




Mechanics' Mills, Fletcher Street, Lowell, Mass. 

N. B. — The best Cast-Steel Files constantly on hand, for sale cheap. 





THO]?IAS ATHERTON, Proprietor, 

MACHINIST, and wholesale and retail dealer in WROUGHT-IRON 
STEAM AND GAS PIPE, Brass and Iron Fittings of all kinds, Maleable 
Iron Fittings, Safety Valves, Steam Whistles, and all articles appertaining to 
Steam, Gas, and Water. Also, sole agent, for Lowell and vicinity, for Judson's 
" Patent Improved Governor Valve," and Fitts's '* Patent Boiler Feeder and 
Globe Gates." Steam Engines constantly on hand, and made to order. 
Piping for Steam, Gas, or Water, put up with neatness and despatch. 

At Lowell Bedstead Manufactory, Mt. Vernon, corner Fulton St., lowell, Mass., 





Also, Shafting: and all kinds of Machinery made to order. Planing. Screw-Cutting, and 

all kinds of Jobbing anil Repairing promptly nttended to. Authorized to Manufacture 

Orders solicited and promptly executed. 



Copper-Plate Printing 





Cards, Watch Papers, &c., furnished at 
short notice. 


No. 45 Market Street, 
Harnesses, Whips, Fly-Nets, 

Horse Blankets, Brushes, Currycombs, 
Cards, Sponge, Neatsfoot Oil, &c. 











gutter, ^\^mty ICarJr, flour, Ccjgs, ©ranges, 


Cranberries, Vegetables, Domestic Fruits, & Produce 



G. Av. o u ]vr m: I N a s, 







Particular attention given to the Manufacture of Ice Creams, Jellies, Wedding and other 

Parties supplied with OYSTERS, — Scolloped, Stewed, or Raw, — on the most liberal 
terms Orders promptly executed. 





"Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


142, 144, & 146 CENTRAL STREET, 

Corner of Green Street, 
Wm. Nichols. LOWELIj, MASS. E. D. Fletchee. 


(Formerly Taisey k Clark,) 

And Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of 


0pp. J. Cogrgin & Co.'s Flour Store, 

Orders solicited and promptly attended to. 







Choice brands of Flour, Extra Butter, Fine 
Teas, &c., kept constantly on hand, with 
every other article usually found in a first- 
class Grocery Store. 

John, corner of Merrimac St., 

JC O WljlJl^X^ , SIX' A s^. 

J. coGaiN & CO., 



Commission Merchants, 





SUP. CiEES. I mi. 


Lenton St., rear 40 Charles St., 






T .A^ X. H. O -\^y 


Walker, n. Middlesex St., Lowell. 

Orders for butchering Hogs attended to at 
short notice. 




Believed to be the 

BEST es:teoei:\^ai. hemedt 

In the known world. 


37 East Merrimac Street. 


Tin Ware, and Kitclien FurnisliiDg Goods. 



Howe Street, Lowell. 

All kinds of Coffee at Wholesale. 

Also, a superior quality put up in 
packages to suit customers. 




Sewing- Machine Needles 


0=-All kinds of SEWING-MACHINES REPAIRED. Orders, by Mail or otherwise, 

promptly attended to. 

S. Taylor. r. Probert. 


Fruit and Eefreshments 

Of all descriptions, and of the best, at his 

Button, cor. Fletcher St., 

1.0¥F£I.I^, MAlSS. 

Also, an as?ortroent of Fancy Goods. 

Howe Street, Lowell. 


^. K. HOOD, 




Shop, comer of Eock and Willie Sts., Lowell. 

[0=" Personal attention given to all orders, by mail or otherwise, for job work, and 
attended to with promptness and dispatch. 




For Manufacturers, Millers, Sawyers, and Farmers, 

No. 84 Broadway (Second Floor), Lowell, Mass. 

Drawings, Patterns, Estimates, and Specifications for all kinds of Machinery, Mill- 
Work, and Gearing. 

C. & D. WHITNEY, JR., 


WESTERN, mm, m northern lumrer, 


^gim, &u\M, M\nmt, mil ^umlul J^litigto, 



Western Ave., nearly opp. Wamesit Steam Mills, 

Planing, Sawing, and Matching done to order. 

Charles Whitney. David WnrrNET, Je 






IT" Contracts for erecting Private Dwellings, Public Buildings, &c., taken on liberal terms. 
Jobbing of all kinds done ta order with neatness and despatch. 






Over Brooks's Steam Mill, near the Northern 
Kailroad Depot, 


OS- Brackets, and all kinds of House Finish 
sawed and worked. Particular attention given 
to Circular-Work. Orders solicited and proinptlv 
attended to. Also, Patentee of Peabody's Bknd- 
Morticing Machine. 







Dealer in Whips, 

Cards, Brusnes, 


And all Goods found 
. in a first-class Es- 
'c^&aol.'^ AJ •?» tablishment. 

No. 19C Middlesex St., LOWELL. 





Hay, Oraiu, Floiir, etc. 


Opposite Boston Freight Depot, 







Repairing of all kinds done pronjptly, K'c 
and at reasonable prices. 

i\os. 161 and 16:3 Middlesex Street, .... LOWELL, MASS. 








]¥o. 163 CEI¥TRAl. STREET, 


Every branch of the Carriage Manufacturing business is combined in this 

Carryalls, Buggies, Chaises, and Wagons, 

On hand for sale, or made to order at short notice. 

Done in the best manner, and on reasonable terms. All work warranted to 
give perfect satisfaction. 

4 ^ M ^^y 



Would respectfully inform his patrons and the public generally that he has thoroughly iitted up this 
new stand, and is now prepared to serve his patrons with the best of eatables, at a moment's notice. 
Epicures are particularly requested to call and test his stock of Ali;, Pokter, Cioars, etc., all 
wtijoii have been selecttil with great care; and it is believed that finer brands are not to be found 
in this city. He has ulso been at great expense in fitting up new BOWLING ALLEYS, where this 
liealthful exercise can in future be enjoyed in a quiet and retired manner. 



lilVMi oell/iljiii i^iAoiilk) 


The subscriber having, in connection with his large stable at the old stand, 
leased the stable formerly occupied by Chas. G. Fletcher on Prescott Street, 
is now prepared, with his increased facilities, to furnish teams of all descrip- 
tions connected with the livery business, 

From a One-Horse Buggy to a Six-Horse Team. 

And flatters himself that he can accommodate all who may favor him with 
their patronage with as good " turn-outs " as can be found at any establish- 
ment in New England. His stock comprises some of the finest horses, select- 
ed with great care expressly for the business ; and families can depend on 
having safe and reliable horses, together with good carriages of any and every 
description. Prominent among his livery stock are twenty-two fine dapple 
greys, of good style and speed. 

aiisiiM, m-MQ, ©a mwm imm ?mnm, 

Can be furnished with vehicles at a few moments notice. Persons wishing 
Hacks for Funerals, Weddings, &c. cannot fail to be suited. Carriages are 
always in readiness to convey passengers to and from the cars, or to any other 
part of the city. 

Thanking the public for past favors, he will endeavor to please all who may 
favor him with a call. 

I^° In all cases charges as low as at any other stable. 



91 Washington 8treet, Boiston. 



"Would respectfully invite all who wish to purchase Farms, Houses, Stores, 
Building-Lots, &c., to call at his office and examine, free of charge, his 
large and extensive LOTS OF REAL ESTATE, which is the fullest and 
most complete record of 

Farms, Houses, House-Lots, &c.. For Sale, 



istt ssfif s wm mil 

He would say that his facilities for the sale of property of this description are 
unsurpassed by those of any one in the State ; and persons having Real Estate 
of any kind, which they would like to dispose of, will please call on him, or for- 
ward to his O&ce, full, accurate, atid correct descriptions of the property, which 
will be entered on his books. No charge will be made for the entry; but, if a 
sale is effected, he will charge a fair commission. If owners wish to have 
their property advertised, and extra pains taken to dispose of the same, it 
will be punctually attended to, on the most reasonable terms. 

The most comprehensive and perfect paper of its kind in the United States, is 
published at this office every Saturday. Terms, Two Dollars per annum. 

In addition to its value as the best medium between buyers and sel- 
lers OF Real Estate, it commends itself to all business interests as a m<>s% 
valuable and useful publication ; many features being introduced peculiar to 
it, and not to be found in any other paper in the country. 



:bo&t ON 


A. N. CLARK & CO., 





SlliHTER IMTHEll fflTIi\(i, 


Also, constantly supplied witti extra quality Lace-Leather, Flax 
Packing, Belt Rivets and Punches, Belt Hooks and Clasps. 

Our Belts are thoroughly stretched, and made from stock of the best tannage, — none 
but the solid and thick, partti bting used. 


We call particulir attention to the 


It having proved entirely satisfactory to our customers, and possesses many advan- 
tages over the common twisted round beliiug. 


Plans, Drawings, and Specifications, 






3sro- SS5 •vsT'-A.siacinsra-TOisr sti^^eet, 









The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has 
opened a 


At the above place, where the public can be accommodated in the best manner. 

Separate Dining-Rooms for Gentlemen and Ladies, or for select parties, as 
may be desired. 

In connection with the above, are a number of excellent Lodging-Rooms, 
which will be furnished to transient Lodgers, or by the week. 


No Wines, L^'quors, or Cigars are used on the premises. 

(Formerly of the Franklin and Webster Houses.) 



T A- G^ S 



















i>.A.Da.A.misrE j^:tTjD co-a-x.. 


GtE«t)0« coal Otl COMFANVt 

Corner of Kilby and Central Streets, 


E F. Jones. 

W. H. Whitmore. 





.i t\ 


Mr. P. removes MOLES, "WAKTS, WENS, and TUMORS; cures 


extracts CORNS in a few minutes, 

without pain. 


The subscribers offer for sale an unrivalled stock of 



Strawberries, Currants, Raspberries, Gooseberries ,■ 

All the standard and new varieties of 



Also, the largest collection of 


Of every description to be found in this country. 

Purchasers -will find at this Establishment every desirable variety of Seeds, Trees, and Plants 
necessary for the Farm or Garden; Catalogues of which will be furnished gratis, on appUcation 

The best Peruvian Guano, Super-Phosphate of Lime, Bone Dust, and other fertilizers, constantly 
for sale, at lowest prices. 






Executed in the first style of the art. 
Cards printed from old Plates at one hour's notice. 

On hand and for sale. A large assortment of Cake Boxes, Envelopes and Note Paper. 

Initials Embossed on Note Paper at short notice. 





74 Tremont Street, opposite Tremont House, Boston, 

An extensive collection of all kinds of Vegetable, Agricultural, and Flower Seeds; Fruit 
and Ornamental Trees ; Shrubs; Plants; Bulbous and Tuberous Flower Boots; &c., &c. 

The collection of Vegetable Seed is extensive, and of the best kinds. Also, Superb 
Flower Seeds, assortments of Double Balsams, Double German Asters, Double Stocks, 
Pinks, Phlox, Picotees, &c., &c. Also, Gardening, Botanical, Agricultural, and other 
Books. Garden Tools of every description. Fruit of all kinds. 

DCT^ Catalogues may be had on application. 

Decorations for the Table ; baskets of Flowers for all occasions ; Flowers for evening or 
Bridal Parties, made up to order in the best manner. FLOWERS FOR FUNKRAI.S also 
furnished and arranged at short notice. Orders by Express or Telegraph promptly 
attended to. FERTILIZERS, — Peruvian Guano, Super-Phosphate of Lime, Ground 
Bone. Whale Oil Soap, Seed Potatoes, &c. 


74 Tremont Street, opposite Tremont House, Boston. 
Funeral Wreaths and Flowers preserved, tastefully arranged, and neatly framed. 





Book Illustrations, Portraits, Views of Buildings, Machinery, &c. Business 

Cards, Bank Checks, Billheads, Seals, Labels, &c., engraved to 

order in the best style. 



Orders by mail or otherwise will receive prompt attention. 








Ko. 133 Commercial Street, Boston. 


miw MAIN vmn, 


ftab ani Stern |orte lunigs, Jadorg |om fumjs, 



Lead, Gutta-Percha, Iron, and Galvanized Iron Tipe, Hose Couplings, Pipes, &c. Also, 







N. B. — Repairing dtne at the shortest possible notice. 

H. ELLIOTT, Master MacMnist. 



CLAY m mm mm m water pipe, 

The cheapest and best article now in use for Drains, Sinkf^, and for con- 

veying Soil from Water Closets. 
Hearth, Fhie, and Oven Tile, Horse-Shoe and Sole Tile. Also, Pipes from 
various other ruanufacturers can be had in any quantity of 

J-_ -F. B.A.3SriSTEI^, 

No. 358 Federal treet, corner Mt. Washington Ayenue, Boston. 

J^. L E TS^ ^ N D O; 



iS T lES .A. 3S^ & G O TJ JEL :Ei H, 

No. 150 Washington Street, .... Boston. 


Nos. 350 & 352 Washington Street, 



GAS-CONDUCTING PIPE put into Buildings in the most thorough 
and substantial manner. 
GAS-STOVES, for heating and cooking, of the most approved patterns. 










A certain, safe, and speedy cure for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, and Salt Rheum, in their 
worst forms. It is an Internal Remedy, driving out and entirely eradicating the disease. 

The undersigned hereby certify that they have used " Gardiner's Rheumatic and Neu- 
ralgia Compound," for the cure of Rheumatism and Neuralgia, and have in every case 
found immediate and permanent relief. We have full confidence in its healing qualities, 
and would recommend it to all who are afflicted with these harassing diseases, as one of 
the safest and best medicines ever offered to the public. 

S. Hancock, Jr , 20 South Market Street, Boston ; Henry A. Fuller, 18 South Market 
Street, Boston ; VV. H. Allen, Boston; Capt. Chas. G. Dolliver, Boston; Abram Weeks, 
Webster Street, Elast Boston ; Henry D. Gardiner, Webster Street, East Boston ; George 
H. Plummer, 1 Maverick Square, East Boston ; Samuel Wales, Jr., City Hotel, Boston. 

The best medicine for the disease I ever saw. 

CHARLES A. SMITH, No. 1 Old State House, Boston. 

Have been afflicted with Rheumatism in its worst form, and was entirely cured by the 
use of one bottle. 

A. W. BRYER, Mathews' Building, Commercial Street, Boston. 

" Gardiner's Neuralgia Compound " has entirely relieved me from suflFerings of several 
years' standing. 

W. E. HODGKINa, No. 1 Old State House, Boston. 

After suffering with Rheumatism for twenty years, and being confined to my bed 
several weeks last spring, I was entirely cured by the use of two bottles of " Gardiner's 

NORMAN T. AYERS, 75 Franklin Street, Boston. 

Having suffered from Neuralgia for eighteen months, the most excruciating pain, and 
gettiug no permanent relief from the numberless remedies used, I was induced to try 
'' Gardiner's Rheumatic and Neuralgia Compound." I have used but one bottle, and am 
entirely well. 

D. D. BAXTER, Dry Goods dealer. No. 5 Appleton Block, Lowell. 

I have been afflicted with Salt Rheum in its worst form for a long time, and tried a great 
number of remedies without receiving any benefit until I tried " Gardiner's Rheumatic 
and Neuralgia Compound." 1 have taken but one bottle, and can honestly say I believe 
myself entirely cured. 

JOHN A. MERDO, Pearl Street House, Boston. 

The Rheumatic and Neuralgia Compound has been taken by hundreds of 
people for Scrofulous Humors with great benefit. It may be given to children 
with perfect safety. 


l^'For sale by Apothecaries generally throughout the United States. ,^^ 


None genuine unless signed by CHARLES F. GARDINER, to whom all 
orders should be addressed. 







Desks of all descriptions, 

Constantly on hand, and made to order, and warranted. 



Kos. 51 & 53 CORXHILL, BOSTOJf. 




Room) No. 11 Webster Bank Biiildiiigf, 




Procures Patents in this and Foreign Countries. 

His long; official connection with the Patent Office has rendered him fami- 
liar with its rules and practice, and with the history of invention in this and 
other countries ; and this experience, with the frequent visits which he pro- 
poses making to the Patent Office, justifies him in saying that his Agency 
will offer to inventors all the advantages of one located in Washington, and, 
in addition, those which result from a residence in the midst of mechanical 
and manufacturing industry. 

Advice given upon all matters relating to the validity, &c., of patents, the 
novelty and patentability of inventions. Specifications and drawings pre- 
pared ; caveats filed ; reconsiderations procured of applications that have 
been rejected upon imperfectly prepared papers; cases of interference, and 
applications for extension and re-issue prosecuted ; and in general all busi- 
ness connected with the Patent Office transacted with care and promptness. 

British and other foreign patents procured, through prompt and confiden- 
tial agents in London and Paris. 

Persons residing at a distance may obtain all necessary information, and 
have their business transacted, by writing to the subscriber, without the 
trouble or expense of a visit to Washington. 

He begs leave to refer those unacquainted with him to the following testi- 
monial : 

From tlie Don. Cliarles Mason, Commissioner of Patents. 

U. S. PATENT OFFICE, Feb. 28, 1855. 

I take great pleasure in stating, that, during the time I have been acting as Commis- 
sioner of Patents, Samuel Cooper, Esq., of Boston, has been engaged as Solicitor, and has 
been, in that capacity, in constant correspondence and intercourse with the Office. He has 
evinced a thorough acquaintance with the Patent Law, and with the rules and practice of 
the Office ; a close attention to the interests of his clients ; and a mnrked candor and 
courtesy that have rendered the transaction of business with him a pleasure. I bare no 
hesitation in stating that I regard him as one of the very best agents for the transaction of 
business with this Office with whom 1 am acquainted. 

CHARLES MASON, Commissioner. 

Samuel Cooper. T. R, Roach. 







Buy one that is simple, strong, and durable. 

Buy one which makes a strong, elastic, and beautiful stitch, that will not rip. 

Puy ore that u.«es the thread airectly from the spools, without re-windiog. 

Buy one that will sew as ivell with the treartle-ivheel going backwards as forwards. 

Buy one that u>es a straight needle, runs the easiest, and makes the least noise. 

Buy one wiiere the workmansnip is good., and where each and all the parts are 
made in exact duflicates, so that, in the event of an accident to the machine, any part 
can be immediately replaced, at a very trifling cost. 
7th. Buy the new and lately improved 



Which is duly authorized by E. Howe, Jr., and the Grover & Baker Sewing-Machine 
Company, and sold at the low price of 

Every machine warranted and kept in repair for one year. Agents wanted everywhere. 

L. A. BIGELOW, Agent, 43 Tremont Street, Boston. 

wmm m mRi» 

o isT "w^ o o r>. 


N E ^V S P A P E RS-, 




Executed on reasonable terms, in a 
most satisfactory manner, by 


29 Joy's Euildin?, 
81 Washington Street, 

p. S. — Personal attention given 
to all orders sent by mail or ex- 



Imperial Cords, Lines, & Twines, 

Cod, Mackerel, and other Fish Lines ; Fancy and Plain Silk, Flax, 

and Cotton Lines and Twines ; Window, Curtain, and Awning 

Lines, df the most perfect qualities, and superior to 

any other Lines in the market, on hand or made 

to order. 


SlliS f WHS ii» mB MISS, 

To which articles the attention of consumers and the trade is respectfully 


TAILOR & CHURCHILL, Itfaimfacturers, 

A. A. Taylor. G. A. Churchill. 


Manufacturers of and Dealers in Black and Colored 

Twist, Saddlers', Embroidery, Frina^e, and Floss Silks^ 



Office, No. 19 MILK STBEET (Second Story), BOSTON". 





And all other articles required by Painters in Oil [Colors. 







Bailey's ImproTed Felted Cloth and Cement Rooffing. 

Keflned and Crude Benzole and Naptha, Light Oil, Dead Oilj 
Cumole Iron Varnish, &c., &c. 

Office, 36 Broad street, Boston. 

D. W. BAILEY, Proprietor. 

Laboratory, — Middlesex, near Highland Street, Chelsea, Mass, 


177 Washington Street, near Milk Street, Boston. 

Shirts, Collars, and Stocks, of every variety — the largest assortment in 
the United States — at the lowest prices, wholesale and retail. 

Fine Shirts made to order, to fit, at short notice. Gentlemen's Furnishing 
Goods, of every description. 


oN^pntcE ctoTHtno eronH. 



Fine Clothing and Furnishing Goods. 


iQS ■v^-A.sia:i3srG}-T03sr sti^eet, eostohst, 

DC7* Store Formerly Occupied by Geo. "W. "Warren &, Co. «^ 

TO T^IE! llij^lDI3E23. 

Your attention is invited to my large 

assortment of 


Compri.-ing all the latest styles of Double- 
Frilled, Friuged, and Kxteu- 
siou Parasols. 



OF THE BEST <aXJ-A.IjIT'"52', 


May also be obtained here. 

GENTLEMEN in want of a good article would do well to examine our Silk Um- 
brellas, which unite, in a remarkable degree, strength and durability with lightness 
and elegance. 



pAnaFFmn coat ott wohks. 





W. D. PHILBRICK, Owner. WM. LINCOLN, Agent. 



No. 38 School street, 

Opposite City Hall, 

IB O JS T o 3xr- 

Orders from any part of the city or country for fitting up Bathing 

Rooms, "Wash Basins, Shower Baths, WTash Trays for hot and 

cold water, Bath Boilers, Water Closets, Force Pumps, 

Marble Slabs, Repairing, &c., or for the purchase 

of any article in the Plumbing line, wiU be 

promptly and faithfully attended to. 

Cask paid for Old Copper and Composition. 




Having taken the Store 

]\0. 464 WASei]\GTOI¥ STREET, 


For the general transaction of the Furniture and Upholstery Business, I would respect- 
fully invite an inspection of my Stock, consisting of rich and medium-priced Parlor, 
Drawing-Room, and Chamber Furniture ; a large and select assortment of Brocatelles, 
Lastings, Damasks, and Plushes. Also, Black Walnut and Gilt Cornices, Lace and 
Muslin Curtains, Window Shades, Italian Awnings, &c. 

J. M. HOLDEI^r, 

P. S. — All kinds of Drapery, Carpet Work, and Interior Decorating promptly and 
faithfully attended to. 



The only Genuine "WILDER PATENT SAFE in the New 
England States. Also, second-hand Safes cheap. 

J¥0. 11 ]?IERCHA]yT8 R01¥, BOSTOJ¥. 


Vitrified Stone Drain and Water 

All sizes, and at the lowest manufacturers' prices. Also, Cement 
Pipe, Sole and Horse-Shoe Drain Tile, Chimney Tops, &c., &c. 

SIMEON P. TAYLOR, Manufacturers' Agent, 




Wonderful Improvement in Piano-Fortes ! 


Invites the attention of Musical Professors, Artists, and the puhlic in general, to his Piano-Fortes, 
in which he has made a very important improvement, by adopting an invention of Mr. I.ouis H. 
Browne, by which the power of an ordinary sized instrument is more than doubled, while the 
quality of the tone is much superior, accordmg to competent judges, to any thing ever yet heard in 
a Piano-Forte. The instruments I now offer to the public contain all the latest and best improve- 
ments of this inventor, made in every style, and warranted of the best workmanship and material, 
at moderate prices. I have had fifteen years' practice in business, and guarautce satisfaction. 



rli/iulluiili uililJlklii 

Would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that he has 
taken Store, 


Where he will continue the manufacture of 



House, Ship, and Oar Mouldings and Decorations. 




Estimates for work made at residences by sending address. 
And, by strict attention to business and good work, I sliall endea- 
vor to merit your patronage. 


A. E. ROWE & CO., 


Silver, Glass, and other Knobs. 

BELLS of every description for Steamboats, Hotels, Factories, Depots, and Private Dwell- 
ings. SPEAKING TUBE, with and witliout Patent Alarm Wnistle, put up. 




Hotels, Boarding-Houses, and Private Dwellings. 

Using but ONE BELL for any numlier of rooms, and costing but a trifle more than the 

old-fashioned unsightly collection of common bells. Warranted in every particular. 

Orders solicited from all parts of the country, and all work warranted in every 


150 Hanover Street, Boston. 




Winnow ia4®is. 

Landscaped, Lettered, and Bordered. 
*■ Plain, Gilt, and Fancy Lettering. 


Opposite Adams House —entrance on Norfolk Place. 




No. 125 Congress Street, Boston, Mass. 

Side Lights, Ship Windows, Shades, Entry Lanterns, Door Plates, Coach 
and Lantern Lights ; Ground, Enamelled, Flock, and Stained Glass, whole- 
sale and retail. Church and other ornamental Windows to order. Lead and 
Metal Sashes made to order, at the lowest prices. Window Glass of all kinds. 






Electro-Magnetic, and other Delicate Machinery made 
in the best manner. 





Manufacturers and the Principal Merchants. 

We shall publish, about the middle of the year, a work of the abore title, containing, 
it is estimated, 175,000 names, classified in the same mannsr as the New Eugland 
Directory. Quarto, 1200 pages. Price, f 10. 

Subscriptions received and advertisements inserted if addressed as follows : — 





Casli Capital, $100,000. 

Insures ISuildiugs, Mechanics' Risks, Miercliaudise, and Personal 
JProperty generally. 


Insures Dwellings, Churches, Stores, and other First-Class 

JSnlldlugs. ^Iso, Household Furniture, and 

Farm JProperty. 

(TT^No Mills. Carpenters' Shops, Public Srables, or other extra-hazardous property, 
will be insured in the Mutual Company at any rate. 


CHARLES A. WOOD, General Agent. 

References, bt PERMissiorf. — A. & A. Lawrence & Co.; Dana, Farrar, & Hyde; Peters, 
Chase, & Co.; Martin L. Bradford & Co.; Bowker & Phipps; Wm. Sohier, Esq.; Chas. L. Gibson, 
Esq.,— Boston. Alpheus Hardv, Esq.; Daniel Denny, Esq.; Walter Baker & Co.; Henry J. 
Gardner,— Dorchester. R. B. {"orbes, Milton. Ezra W. Sampson, Dedham. O. Ames & Sons, 
Easton. Lovett Morse, Taunton. 

Losses honorably adjusted and promptly paid at the Boston Office, 

No. 1 Phoenix Building, rear of Wo. 27 State Street. 






Is the place to buy Garments, well made, of good material, 
and at low price. 


At the shortest notice, and in the best manner. "We have a large stock of 
Piece Goods to select from. 

E- F. 3VEIIL.3L.EI^3 JE,.^ 

Successor of Geo, "W. Ijeach & Co., 


^m^MmMim& mm w®©^s? 

^^ ^atctt .=^ifleet^ c^od^fo^. 


For Newspaper Advertisements, Business Cards, Circulars, &c., 
executed promptly and cheaply. 

Qr?=" A small Engraving of Hotel or Store, with an Eleotrotvpe, furnished for 
Five Dollars. 





Oo Particalar attention paid to Engrav- 
ing for Color-Printing, 


Designed and Engraved in colors, 


Than those executed by Lithographic or any 
other process. 


Executed in the highest style of the art. 





Decidedly the neatest, cleanest, cheapest, and best ventilated 
arrangement now in use for heating Dwelling Houses, 
Hotels, and Churches. Also, High-Pressure Steam "Works, 
Works for all places with Cast, "Wrought, and Galvan- 
ized Iron Pipes, of all sizes; Brass and other Me- 
tallic Fittings for "Water, Steajn, and Gas Appar- 
atus; Steam Boilers; Safety-"Valves ; Pumps; 
Steam and Fire Regulators; and Steam 
and "Water Gauges, &c., promptly- 
supplied in any quantities. 

1^^ Particular attention given to Plumbing of all kinds. Also, Gas-Works, 
Coal and Rosin, of any size, built to order. 



MESSRS. E. & T. FAIRBANKS & COMPANY St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

J. H. N. manufactures a patent Pipe-Cutter, for cutting any sized pipe, at 
very moderate prices. Please call and examine. 






Stoves, China, Glass, and Earthen "Ware, and Housekeeping 
Goods of every description. 

Dutton, corner Lowell Street, opposite Railroad Depot. 



TTo. 1 Broad Street, corner of State Street. 

TIIT PLATE; American, Enelish, and Russian SHEET-IRON"; Corrugated Sheet- 
Iron : Galvanized Sheet-Iron, Rods, and Hoops; 
IRON "WIRE ; Brass, Copper, and Steel Wire ; Tinned and Annealed Wire'; Brass and 

Copper TUBING; Sheet Brass, Copper, and Zine; 
Round, Square, Plat, and Sheet CAST STEEL; German and Blistered Steel; Block 

Tin; Bar Tin; Lead; Spelter; Antimony; Babbit Metal; 

Bismuth; Nickel ; Aluminum; Crocus ; Quartz ; Pattern Letters; Emery and Emery 

Cloth: Sandpaper; Glue; Crucibles; 

Anvils; Vises; Portable Forges; Smiths' Shears and Bellows; 

Files and Rasps; Nuts and Washers; Bolts; Screws; Rivets; 

Screw-plates; Lathes; Scroll Chucks; Chains; Tenter Hooks; 

Belt Rivets ; Hooks and Clasps ; Comb-plate ; Card Clearers ; Card Clamps ; STUBB'S 

STEEL and Steel Wire; STUBS'S FILES and Tools; 

Pinion Wire; Scotch Stone; Carriage Bolts ; Tire Bolts; 

Pump Augers; Patent Bits; Millsaws; Brass Kettles. 

Macliinists' and Manufacturers' Supplies. Tinners' Tools, 
Machines, and Stock in variety. 

No. 1 Broad St., comer of State St., . . . Boston. 

K. W. baker' 


Surveys of all kinds accurately made. 

City Government Building, Merrimac, corner Shattnck Street, 












PRICE, $10. 





2 and 4 AndoTer Street, Lowell. 



WILL DYE and FINISH in the best manner, — Broadcloths, Cassimpres, &c. ; Satins, 
Lustrings, Crape, Plush. Lace Veils, Silk and Cotton Velvet, Sewing Silk, Silk Crape, 
Worsted and Cotton Shawls, Yarn and Worsted {high colors for lace work, carpets, &c.), 
Italian and French Crapes, Leghorn and S'raw Bonnets, Gloves, Hosiery, Ribbons, &c. ; 
also, Ladies' Dresses of every description, Gentlemen's Coats, Pants, Vests, &c. CLEANSE 
and FINISH Gentlemen's Coats, Pants, and Militarj' Garments, Merino Shawls, Carpets, 
Table Cloths, &c. MILDEWS and STAINS removed from Linen and Cotton Goods. 




Tremoot St, uear Boston Line, Roxbury, Mass. 



Of all sizes and patterns, which we warrant to run as economically 
and be as durable as any manufactured. 

This cut represents a compact Portable O-othlc Engrlne 
and Soiler, of our pattern, which is peculiarly adapted for driv- 
ing all kinds of light machinery. 

Shafiiugr made, Pulleys and Hangers famished, 

from the most approved patterns. Also. Machinery of all kinds, 
of all kinds done in a thorough and workmanlike manner. 


Fitted complete with all the modern Machinery, Engines, and Ful- 
ling-Mills, Elevators, Railways, Tanning- Wheels, Rolling and Split- 
ting Machine ; also. Pumps for hot and cold liquor. 


Furnished with Engines, Boilers or Horse Power, Mash-Tubs, Malt- 
Mills, Pumps, Piping, &c., &c. 


Particular attention will be given to the construction and putting 
up of Steam-Heating Apparatus in Hotels, Factories, and Dwelling- 
Ilouses, all of whicn we will warrant to give perfect satisfaction. 
This apparatus is self-regulating, therefore it requires no practical 
engineer. In dwelhngs it can be managed by any domestic with per- 
fect safety. Having had a long experience in building, putting up, 
and arranging machinery, we feel confident that all work entrusted 
to us will eive entire satisfaction. Works on XKEarOHfX SX., 
near Chickering & Sons' Piano Forte Manufactory. 

S. E. CHITBBUCK (late of Chubbuck & Campbell), 

All calls will be attended to in person for the examination and al- 
teration of Steam-Engines and Machinery: also, the arranging and 
putting up of Steam-Heating apparatus. 
^ ^ '^ ^ ^*^ S. E. CHUBBUCK. 




'estimony of Parties who have used it for more than a Quarter of a Century. 

Registry of Deeds Office, Boston, Jan. 10, 1859. 
Messrs. Maynard & Notes : Gentlemen.^ — I am glad that longer use of your Writing- 
Ik enables me to repeat the testimony given in its favor many years ago. I have used it 
this office thirty-seven years, and my oldest records are as legible and black as when first 
itten. This rare quality for permanence renders it invaluable for State and County 
l;ords, and all mercantile purposes where it is important that the writing should remain 
Irble and unchanged in color by the lapse of time. 

Henry Alline, Register of Deeds. 

BowDoiN Public School, Boston, Jan. 7, 1857. 

lessrs. Maynard & Notes: Gentlemen, — I have used your Ink in the Writing De- 

paiment of this School the past thirty years, and take great pleasure in renewing my tes- 

I timuial of its superior quality. It flows freely from the pen, its color is brilliant and 

pernanait, and it combines all the necessary and desirable qualities of good Ink. 

I James Robinson, Writing- Master. 

The following extract of a letter from a well-known and long-established 
Bookseller in Dover, N. H., is like many others often received, and will be 
found to express the opinion and correspond with the experience of a large 
number in the business : — 

After trying various kinds of Ink, most of my customers come back to yours. I am 
tired of the miserable compounds ofifered every little while pretending to be superior to all 
other inks, and will have nothing further to do with them. I have used your Ink on my 
books over twenty -six years, and my customers can see how it stands against time. En- 
tries made in 1832 are as fresh as those made during this year. 

DovjSR, N. H., Oct. 16, 1858. E. J. Lane. 

The following testimonial from Dr. Chilton is added as a supplement to any 
of his previous tests : — 

From experiments instituted by me in 1855 and 1856, and repeated within the past six 
months, I am fully satisfied that Maynard & Noyes' Writing-Ink Is entitled to the pre- 
eminence it has always sustained for legibility and permanence of color. 

New YoaK, May 11, 1858. James R. Chilton, M. D., Chemist. 


This Ink yields a copy as distinct and perfect as the original. It also com- 
bines all the properties of our Writing-ink, for which it can be substituted. 


This article is a beautiful red or crimson color, and surpassingly brilliant 
and rich. It is free from sediment, and will not mould, fade, or turn dark by 
exposure to the air. 

The above popular Inks, together with Blue, Red, IndeUble, and Stencil Ink, 
Chemical Writing-Fluid, Ink-Powder, &c., are for sale by the manufacturers, 

Nos. 51 and 53 Water Street, Boston, Mass. 




ail iihuli^ 


Railroads, Streets, Building Lots, Farms, &c., surveyed; Artificers' Works 
measured ; Plans, Specifications, and Estimates for Railroads, Dwelling Houses, 
Churches, and other Public Buildings prepared; and all other business apper- 
taining thereto correctly and promptly executed. Due attention given to all/ 
orders out of the city. 




Family Medicines and Physicians' Prescriptions put up at all hours, day and 



^,\^M P- B/?/i 



fats, Cap, dloks, CraDats, aniJ Imbrellas. 

Using a French Conformator, Mr. B. is enabled to take the form of your heart, and make Hats 
fitted to it. , . ^ 

A supply of Beebe & Co.'s famed Hats always in store. 
Sole Agent in Lowell for Draper's celebrated Plymouth Gloves. 




I» IL. .A. T E ID, 



"^ tC.LO*£tt' 




t»@W&tih.i MASS, 




Net Assets, July 1, 1859, $1,825;642.86. 


NeTer contested a case. Every loss has been paid promptly. 


CASH CAPITAL, ^250.000. CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, $325,698.04. 


CASH CAPITAL, $150,000. ASSETS, $264,944.82. 
DIr" No assessments in any case in the above Companies. 


CASH ON HAND, $10,000. AVAILABLE ASSETS, $90,000. 
Never made an assessment. Paying 25 per cent dividend. 


CASH ON HAND, .$15,000. AVAILABLE ASSETS, $135,000. 
Incorporated, 1828. Paying 40 per cent dividend. 


^CF" Policies issued on most classes of property, and at reasonable rates 
promptly and equitably adjusted. Trustees of Churches and Academies, Executors of 
Estates, Mortgagees, Merchants, Manufacturers, and all persons setkinK undoubted 
security in insurance, are directed to this Agency. 


At I. N. Metcalfs New Book, Stationery, and Music Store 

V mi 

X. O -VT" E X. I-. 

• iis'coi{jpoti.^^ti±:d, i)~32- w 



-A.VA.IlliA.BlliE aA.I»ITA.L, $70,000- 


DiRECTOns: — J. II. B. Aver, Jona. Tvler, Ransom Reed, Stephen Mnnsur, A. R. Brown, John Nesm 
S. M<irfi«, William Fiske. Wni. H. Wip^-in", Abrniii French, J. K. Fellows, Aldon B. Buttrick, Josiah S. Ho 
than Vufi<\ Wm. P. Brn/.er. 
• CH:«t. W. IlEAUr, secretary. *9. l^. FEI^l^OKTS, i^iesldeni 

• i,u r,,n,pnn\ ,-o*inues to insuic the safer class of property in the Citv of Lowell oui^.^ B^ !.?.^ "!."?: J ^A^ 

class of property in the Citv of Lowell ouiv. Uv so floin|f, tuey 
itape; therefore no risks taken j>y Ar-.nts, but all under tne per 
ild losses occur, they are within tJic knoM'ledgc of every nitin; 

•ty, no travelling expenses, no postaji-. . - , , 

iipr«.val of the Directors. Should losses occur, they are within tiic knowledge ot every 



filler 3m^f. ^or^tr;^, §hrli §DOfe$. ^t., ft. 

y^lrihk Books rvled to Oiaei. ard P".per ruled to a.-y pattern. Bookbindirg doiip/ 

neatnejss and n.fepatch. < 



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• L'GHs. CoT.DS, HOARSENESS and Infi^itexza, Irritation, Soreness, or ^^ 
of the Thsoat, CUUED; the iJACKiNU Cocgh in Conslmptio.^-', P.f oncii> . 
Whooping-Cough, Artha. A, Catarrh, KKLIEVED,— b> *^ 



Dr. G F. B I OELOW, Boston. 

"Beneficial when compelled to sp'-a, . 

Cold." Rev. S. 0. •' 

suixihitta Hoxi-setrc"." ■ '■'Efectualinr amoving HoarsPMf^&i an<: 

Rev. Daviel Wise. ' Throat, so common with Speakers an/J - 

, ,iK fp Public Speakers." I Prof. M. Stacy Joh.vson. Uv 

Rev. E. H. Ch apin. New York, i Teacher of Music, Southern 

■Wrjdi (for uhhh tl" " Troches "isa\ " Great benefit when taken bejore and a 

, e .-ir'tenanwre vMsperer." \ they pre r 'ft Hoarseness. From t/icir jf 

iS'. P. Willis. I thevv-illu of permanent a<h-n»t"(ie to m< 

.'I BsoycniTiS." i Rev. E. Kowlei, A. M., Piesident a: 

S. Seigfeied, Morristown, Ohio. 

Sold by all I>rf.~ar?«t8 at »5 cents per l»os.. 
!VE Troches, - C- 'fir-'uc Lozenf/es, for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Const \ 
/iilious AfffiCtiotis, &;c.