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Full text of "The Lowell directory, for the year 1876"

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MAY & CO. „",?: 

\**N, »R VI EU8 

iJf j , TOOLS, and KETA 








I? 12: Centra' a.ju 3 and 4 jarkson £ , Novell, Mass. 

Spec'al attention given f> Hanging B oom rapers and Win( ' -■ ->' hades. 

£ c Ust Hema?!/ } >r General V^iliti), the foge-runtoerT>f nearf( 
every t J i»eo*''- hat afflicts the human rcue, is 


Taken in seu.^tu - sure Ilestoratice +<> Health. 

j^-THE HI-. l*h ■ KKCOM.MI^D IT. U::H 

THOMAS G. GERRISH, Prop,, 69 Haverhill ?• fcySTO }.. 

SOLD BY DEALERS 'X MEI'h W*' J?n>.. >'■ ' - ' 









pa's ifa aiiifatt-Prif MC^ii-'*" ^ •ud-Roofiiif, 

• « 

\«r Stall for Horses. 

u., ^wm, mast,. ; 

W ' 1 

Ed J 

LOWELL ^v Ala Aiv 


. BARKER & CO., 



am and Gas Fittings and Fixtures \ 

OF EVERT iiEscuirnox. 
^ft>/s /or Heaihig Baihlings bg Steam, J ■■'"/ #«s, \ 

Or Fitl'iUi, for Water. 

/orks, 92 MIDDLE ST., Store, 8 and WCEf* 



■^ Society Elections. 

Within a few days the annual and ! 
semi-annual elections of officers of nu- 
merous local organizations have occur- 
red, and we subjoin the lists so far as ' 
they have come to our knowledge.— 


Monomake Encampment, No. 4: Chief! 
Patriarch. O. R. Nnfp • Hi^Priu^t nraiJ 
liam I 
urer, J 

I Samue 
IS. W., 
I Byam ; 

;p. Bu 

j than P 


I P., En 



F. S., 


do Sar 
T., SI 

C. W. 
S., G. 

E. Poc 
A. Gil: 
A. AM 

M., S. 
P. G., 
T., E. 

on Hal 

shall ; 

H.Rlcharctson ; r. S., W.W. Tuttle ; T., J 
S. Hovey ; D. on Hall, E. E. Reed ; Trus. 
C. R. Lavalley, A. S. Young, II. M. Pot 


Lowell Lodge, No. 24 : Chal 
;ommander, Major A. Shaw; Vice| 
'lor, Horace D. Woodbury; 
."sirles A. Cross; Master of Excl 
gjfcjel H. Weaver; Master of F| 
bi Stackpole ; Keeper of 
j^«l"^(ial, Edgar A. Newell; Mas 
yArms, William Kenney ; Trusteel 



^tott; Vice Dictator, Horace DJ 
yy; Assistant Dictator, Sainu) 
Jje ; Reporter, Arnold S. 
\\e, Ueorge W. E. Hood; 
vi?rter, Edward W. Thomas ;| 
^xJohnWood ; Chaplain, Jamc 
l^Gaardian, Pliny Rollins; 
Pq\ Flanders; Trustee, IIo| 
A 0& rary; Representative to 
^ Lodge, Frank M. Merrill. I 


^ o 

1875-6. ^ 

k4 -< 




Office, 155 Franklin Street, Boston. 




LZsjs Entered according- to Act of Congress, in the year 1875, by SAMrsOB, DAVENPORT 

e^_w) c» in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 


. i/ j^eiiuuu. 


Advertising Department, 481 to 592 

Banks, 48 1 to 488 

Business Directory, 367 

Churches and Clergymen, 384 and 403 

City Government, 1875 453 

Commissioners to qualify civil officers, 478 

Coroners, 479 

Corporations, 22 

County Officers, Middlesex, 477 

Court Sessions, 478 

Expresses, 395 and 521 

Fire Department, 457 

Gas Light Company, 489 

Grand Army of the Republic, 475 

Halls, Blocks, and Buildings, 20 

Horse Railroad Company, 470 

Insurance Companies, 508 to 510 

Justices of the Peace, 479 

Knights of Pythias, 474 

Lawyers, 410 

Library (City) 456 

Manufacturing and Incorporated Cos.,.. 476 and 489 to 505 

Masonic, v 472 

Military, 476 

Newspapers, 516 to 519 

Notaries Public, * 479 

Odd Fellows, 474 

Physicians, 424 

Police Court and Department, 456 

Post Office, 477 

Railroads 514 and 515 

Savings Banks 481 to 488 

Schools and Teachers (Public), 459 

Schools and Teachers (Private), 440 

Sheriff and Deputies, 477 

Societies, Associations, &c, 465 

Streets, Courts, and Places, 10 

Telegraph Offices 441 

Temperance Societies, 475 

United States Internal Revenue, 477 

Ward Boundaries (New), 23 

Young Men's Christian Association, 466 

Names in Directory of 187-4, - - 13,923 

Names erased in preparing Directory of 1875-6, ----- 3,638 

Names added in preparing Directory of 1875-6, ----- 6,005 

Total number of Names in Directory of 1875-0, ----- 16,290 

Increase of Names over 1874, --------- 2.367 


Abbott A. H. & J. H. 358 and SCO Middlesex. . 528 

Adams Joseph II., Boston 580 

Adams Smith, 62 Walker 572 

Aldrich Milton, Mechanics' Mills 549 

Allen Otis & Son, 320 Middlesex front colored 

American Powder Co. , Boston 55-1 

Ames John, Post-office box, 08 Lowell 503 

Appleton Company, Jackson street 4117 

Appleton Nat'l Bank, 6 Appleton block 482 

Ashworth Sager & Co. 7 and 9 Fletcher 523 

Bachelder A. & Co., Mt. Vernon, n. B'way.. 537 

Bacheller, Dumas, & Co. 130 Central 524 

Bagshaw W. II. G and 10 Fletcher 553 

Bancroft & Boyden, Boston back colored 

Barker H. K. & Co. 8 and 10 Central.. front cover 

Barnes T. P. & Sons, Boston 583 

Bartlett Solon, 52% Merrimack 565 

Bartlett Sylvauus, 76 Middlesex 531 

Bartlett S. &E. W. 99 Worthen 634 

Barton Samuel, 224 Central 549 

Batchelder A. G., Arch street 511 

Bay State Electrotype Foundry, Boston 591 

BeechingB. & Co., Boston 581 

Beggs JohnF. 272 Merrimack 564 

Belle-Isle O. J. 53 East Merrimack 565 

Benedict &Bumham .Uanuf. Co., Boston.... 585 

Bennett J. C. 61 Dutton 534 

Bennett J. W. 292 Middlesex front cover 

Bennett & RodlhT, 63 Moody 547 

Berry C. F. 61 Central and 53 Market, .front col'd 

Blackington Daniel, 24 Fletcher 550 

Boott Cotton Mills, Amory, foot of John 498 

Boston & Lowell & N. & L. Railroad 514 

Boston, Clinton, & Fitchburg Kailroad 515 

Boston Daily Globe, Boston opp. page 24 

Boston Nickel Plating Co., Boston 589 

Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co., Boston.... 488 

Boston Type Foundry, Boston 589 

Bradt G. J. & D., Whiting street 558 

Brady Patrick F. 125 Chapel 573 

Brooks, Bancroft, & Co., Boston 582 

Brophy James, 52 Sutfolk 567 

Brown D. Arthur & Co., Concord, N. 11 586 

Brown & Carter, 252 Middlesex 539 

Brown & Chase, 18 Shattuck 520 

Brown Ephraim,27 Howe 55i> 

Bufford's J. H. Sons, Boston opp. page 367 

Burbank C. H. & Co. 53 Central 520 

Burke A. C. ic Co., Worthen, cor. Fletcher. . 528 

Butler F. H. & Co. 141 Central 532 

Butterworth S. D. 27 Middle 543 

Buttrick & Co. 20 Market 568 

Cady George L. 257 Middlesex 556 

CauheldF. P., Boston 586 

Cardell Elias L. 49 Central, .front cover, and 508 

Cai ey & Harris, 190 Broadway 507 

Carter J. T. & Co.,Dutton street 533 

CassidyJ. W. 56 Merrimack 524 

Caswell A. F. 3 to 7 City Hall ave... front colored 

Central Savings Bank, 43 Merrimack 486 

Chandler F. H., Pawtucketville 569 

Chase & Sargent, 5 Central 557 

Cheney Charles W. 5 Middle front colored 

Cheney & Tallaut, 9 Market 538 

Cherrington k Cherrington, 28 Central 534 

Chilson Gardner, Boston front colored 

Church H. C. 23 Central inside back cover 

Citizen and News, 44 Central 517 

City Institution for Savings, Appleton block. 482 


Clark Jeremiah, 106 and 108 Middle 505 

Clark M. C. 23 East Merrimack 575 

Cleworth William fc Sou. 90 Middle 553 

Clifford & Downs, 224 Middlesex 565 

Clifford Russell S. 156 Merrimack.. .front colored 

Clifford Warren, 2 and 4 Andover 5o0 

Clough & Sweatt, School street 545 

Coburn C. B. & Co. 51 Market front cu.oied 

CoburnE. W. 17 Fifth 546 

Coburn, Lang, & Co., Boston 590 

Codman & Snurtlefr, Boston 579 

Coffey Brothers, 78 Suffolk 573 

Coggin, Kidder, & Co., Fletcher, cor. Dutton. 563 

Colby Saran A., Boston 590 

Cole & Nichol6, 10 Willie, corner Dutton 529 

Cole W. H. 1 Music Hall building.. back colored 

Collins T. F., Boston back colored 

Conaut J. E. 182, 184, and 186 Central 560 

Conner llichard F. 124 Central 530 

Cook James, 49 Central 5U8 

Cupeland C. C. 205 and 207 Middlesex doi) 

Coibett M. 65 Gotham 566 

Courier, Museum building 516 

Courtney John, 84 Suffolk 573 

Courtney P. 270 Merrimack 567 

Cowley Charles, Dutton street 505 

Crosby & Gregory, Boston 581 

Crosby Warren C. 247 Gorham flout colored 

Crossnmii E. J. 22 Central 515 

Crowley D. 106 and 108 Merrimack 530 

Cully Samuel, 102 Merrimack back cover 

Cummiskey P. 83 and 85 Market 566 

Currier J. B. 19,21, and 23 Prescott 564 

Curtis T. H. 15 Middle ayj 

Cushiug Daniel & Co. 218 Middlesex 529 

Davis Asahel, 20 Middlesex 575 

Davis & Sargent, 275 Middlesex 541 

Deiupsey P. 165 Market 572 

Dennison & Co., Boston back colored 

Dodge (J. H., Suffolk, corner Moody 524 

Doherty John, 61 Middle bl'i 

Dolan Thomas, Pawtucketville 5lw 

Donovan Brothers, 140 Market 572 

Downie, Trainer, & Co., Boston back colored 

Downing W. F. 132 Middlesex 561 

Drake Alfred, rear 257 Middlesex 553 

Drew & Harper, 37 Central front colored 

Durgin John H. jr. 278 Middlesex 559 

Duston Harlow, 4 and 5 Prescott block 525 

Eacott Matthew, 77 Bridge 570 

Elliott Tliomas H. 48 Central front cover 

Elliott & Co. 3 Cusfiing 557 

Embree E. E. 24 Marshall 548 

Emerson Alvin, 57 ±.ast Merrimack 559 

Emerson & Wright, 14 Market 569 

larnau Patrick, 187 Gorham 573 

Farson Samuel, 159 Middlesex 539 

Favor N. B. & Sou, W'amesit Steam Mills 542 

First National Bank, Central, cor. Middle 487 

Fisher L. H. 113 Merrimack 532 

1'iske William, 7 Cushing 555 

Fiske Sl Spaldiug, l2l Ceutral front cover 

Fletcher diaries H. 130 Moody 526 

Floy d Warren L. 18 Shattuck 540 

Foote W. S. & Co. 275 Merrimack 532 

Fowler James P., Worthen, near Fletcher.... 534 

French Abram & Co., Boston 577 

French Brothers, 233 Central 570 

French & Puffer, 131 Central 557 

;eant-at-anns, Hubert Denaut. 

<jf I 

•• ^V v 
7 ■ ■• * • 7 *, 

f~^7 1a.OOB NICHOLS, 



Feathers, Mattresses, Stoves, Iron and Tinware, 



The Best in the World. 



CALENDAR. 1876. 


Sii. Ho.1 TnJWc. Tli. Fri 

2 31 41 5 6 7 

9 10 11 121314 

16 17 18,19 20 21 22 

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 

3031].. I .. I •• I ■■ I.. 


Su.Mo. Tu. ffe 'Th. Fri. 

1 2 31 4 5 
61 7 8 9 10 1112 
13 14 15 16 17 38 19 
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 
27 28 29!.. ...... 


Bn. Mo. Tu. ffo. Tli. Fri. Sat, 

.12 3 4 

51 6 7! 8 9 10 11 
32 13 14 15 16 17 18 
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 
26 27 28 29 30 311 .. 

.. i .. ! .. .. i ..I .. I .. 


Su. Mo. Tu. We. Tli. Fri. Sat 

2 3 

9 10 
16 17 

4 5 6 7 

11 12 1314 

18 19 20 21 22 

23 24 25,26 27 28 29 

30i ..|..|..j..|..|.. 


Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fri. 

1 2 31 4 5 6 

7 8 9 10 1112113 

141516 17 18 19 20 

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 

28 29 30 311.. I .. .. 


Su. Ho. Tu We. ThJFri JSat 

18 19 
25 26 

1 2 3 
6| 7 8 9 10 
13 14 15 16 17 
20 21 22 23 24 
27 28 29 30 .. 
.. ..|.. .. .. 


Su. Mo. Tu We. Th. Fri. Sat 


3 4 5 6 7 8 
10 11|12 13 14 15 
17 18 19 20 2122 
24 25 26 27 28 29 
31 .......... 


Mo. Tu. We. Tli. Fri. Sat 

12 3 4 5 

6 7 8 9 10 11 13 

1314 15 16 17 18 19 

20 2122 23 24 25,26 

27 28 29 30 31j .. .. 



1 .2 

3 4! 5 61 7 8 9 
10 1 11] 2 13 14 15 16 
17il8 19 20 21|22 23 
24 25 26 27,28i29 30 
..f.. ........ .. 



1 2 8 4 5 6! 7 

8 9 10,1112 13 14 

15 16 171819 20 21 

22 23 2425 26 27,28 

29,30,31 .... .. .. 


Su. Mo. Tn. We. Th.lFri 

1 2 3 4 

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 
12 1314 151617 18 
19 20 21 22 23 2425 
26 2728 29 301 ..I.. 

..I.. |.. I.. I. .... 


Sit.lIe.lTrt.MVe. Th. Fri. .Sat 

3 4 5 6 7 
101111213 14 
17 18 19 20 2122 23 
124 35 26 27 28 29 30 

Bl|.. ........ .-. 




Commander, Charles H. Ilichar 

Commander, Unarlcs Ji. Uicuar ,- // 1 

Senior Vice Commander, E. W. TV L^T . / 3 
son j Junior Vice Commander, W. F^ ( 

anagh; Officer of the Day, II. A. Wj,,], a MpT^ JP 
Quartermaster, Charles F. Can- .° f ^\. X JL CSJ 
of the Guard, W. L/txoss; Sui _. 
H. Butler; Chaplain, Foster ^.acturers of 

Charity Committee, C A. Ball^ _.__ -r^-a- T -ftTT\ri 
Bennett, G. W. Merrill, A. F., ril , r C\\ TIT PftTTlV 

F. Tilton, J. S. Grush, M. H. M* ^OJl .DJjlIN \j\J% 

H.Kavanagh; Trustees of ChariJ jmc f N/ - fcJ ' J B " 

William O. Fiske, J. A. G. RicV Dnc 
J. P. Thompson, F. H. Butlei/ . TTfTTM'nftW^ 
Prescott; Delegates to Departing. L«YV llNi^W VY Mj 
vention, C. H. Richardson, J. A. G Rich- 
ardson, G. W. Huntoon, E. W. Thomp-rxr tji-r ATV/nTIS 
son, F. B. Peabody, I. B. Pendergast, C. vv £ xvxxivxxjw, 
F. Tilton; Alternates, C. H. Frost, F. _ r 

H. Butler, Charles A. Stott, W. O. Fiske, Chestnut ailtt Oak Veiieei'S. 
A. Thompson, D. M. Prescott. . . „ . n p;„ inl , 


President, Edward F. Slattery; JJ^'all kinds of 

President, P. J. McCaffrev ; Clerk, IT c -»«■;•«* 

O'Brien; Collector, Wm. M. f^& NORTHERN LUMBER, 

Treasurer, James McLaughlin; L^',^ 

^Tv^H^TjoiX^ ^ 1 ^ LathS > mC - ■ 

SSft.tffK^ lisi^S MILLS, DUTTON ST, 

T. F. Maguire, James Ball, Jaraefi 

Grew ; Auditing Committee, Will; ^ WLM « cc 

Downing, J. P. Campbell, J. C. Fu^l". ■ ■« «*»»■ 




President, Jeremiah Crowley; Vice 
Pres : dent, Martin O'Hearn; Spiritual 
Director, Rev. M. O'Brien ; Treasurer, 
James Marren ; Financial Secretary, John' 
McCloskey; Recording Secretary, Jere- gAXE 
mlah O'Dwyer; Executive Committee, 

Fergus McOsker. Moran Riley ; Standing i t ^""> T%T TFTj T^ ^5j j 3 
Committee, Hugh Riley, John Rourke, " ■*- , ^-^ J - 
Patrick Kelley, Daniel W. Redin, Patrick ) — 
Allen; Sick Committee, John McGuire, _^_^ 
Patrick Fay, John Hickson ; Stewards;^ jH^Jj^ j^5 . 
William Ring, John Murray. 


President, Timothy H. Brennau ; T il 
/.'resident, Dennis J. Leary; Record 1 IUIACC 
Secretary, Thomas J. Duffy; Corua 1 -' """^V- 

& „Sr Se SS y '£r h p n byf &££> '» -** "™- * » d * * 

Charles F. Keyes; Marshal, Charles ^iture of 

Keyes; Board of Directors, D. J. Crow 

ley, J. J. Grant, Thomas Farnan, JohnF.S T" 

Holland, Thomas J. Duffy. »J y ' 


Captain, John S.Donohue; President' LJUllGr UaKc. 
William S. Courtney; Vice Presided 

N. Murphy; Secretary, James Smit 7 , Scalloped, Stewed, or Raw, on the most 
Treasurer, P. Costello; Trustees, nded to. 
Keefe, P. Fox, H. Sullivan. /, c f res hments at every hour of the day. 


President, Frank T. Geoffroy/^'4— 
president, M. Giroux; directors . f f 
Aubertin ; assistant, Victor M&' ( 
secretary, Wilfred Paradis ; asl/i;, 
George E. Denis; treasurer, L. .{, * 
cotte; standing committee, S. P. x *u\* 
H. Beaugrand, Dr. A. W. Lavign ^tte 
geant-at-arms, Hubert Denaut. 

Stench Trap. 


Cement, Drain, Sewer, Culvert, 


3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, & 24 inch bore. 

The only Pipe manufactured, combining all the qualities (such 

as hardness, durability, with perfect smooth bore, straight and 

without ridges) so necessary for a perfect drainage. 


"Well Pipe. 

Chimney Top. 

i-re-^ed G&uxuaey Top: 

Manufactory, 247 Gokham Street, 





PACKING CASES of all kinds made to Order. 

Especial attention given to the manufacture of the 



We have also unsurpassed facilities for making ItOVIXG CABS, and all kinds 
of Boxes used by Manufacturers. 


In the best manner and at short notice. A supply of Matched Boards, 
Cutting- Up Boards, and Vlnoring, always on hand. 









Machinery Castings, 

House Work, Furnace Grates, Window 

Weights, Lamp and Hitching Posts, 

Sewer and Water Works, 

Castings, &c. 

Also sole Builders of the PEVEY CUPOLA. 


(Successors to Milton & Tenney,) Dealers in 

, «« ■&,, GROCERIES, 
Country Produce, 

SPICES, &.c. 

247 ItallOce St., 

-OWELL, • - MASS. 

»» ,!.B. Tenney. F. H.Pnrker. 

&a$ %&*$■ M& Ortl^tiSi, 


8 f . Hill 5 , &MdM 

MR. BERRY would inform his friends and the public in general that — having 
secured a sufficient number of experienced Musicians, both in the city and from 
abroad — he is now prepared to furnish any number of pieces (WITH NEW uni- 
forms AND MUSIC,) on all occasions where a good Military Baud or Orchestra is 

0rchr gaoh nt m*P*'f @ tM »9 **"*> 61 §c n tml J/., 

Where all Orders for both Brass Band or Orchestra will be promptly 
attended to. 

S. E. STRONG, Agent, 82 Moody Street. 



411 illfilMII 

3, 5, and 7 City Hall Avenue, 

LOWELL, - _- -_ - - MASS. 

A. ¥. CASWELL,, PvopnetoY. 

83J™ CATERING done for the public, or for private parties and balls, on the premises, in the best 
manner, at reasonable terms, and at short notice. 

Connected with this Saloon is a DRESSING ROOM, where ladies will find every convenience for 
arranging their toilet, making it one of the most desirable places in the city for taking meals. 

Also Lessee and Proprietor of the following first-class Halls : The " Urban," " Russian," " Banquet," 
and " Highland." These halls are very desirable for dancing, balls, private parties, suppers, &c, &c. 




(With New and Important Improvements of 1875, for Warming Buildings of all classes.) 

Special .attention is called to my 

hxtie^w GiL.iisrK:Ei?,iL,Ess grate. 

My thorough practical experience in Furnace making for nearly forty years — in all their various forms, of 
Cast and Wrought Iron — has enabled me to know how a Furnace should be made to accomplish the best re- 
sults. No pains nor expense will be spared in keeping up the high reputation this Furnace has attained. 
Nearty Thirty Thousand are now in use. In addition to the above, my new 


is now out, to which I would ask the attention of all in pursuit of the Best Wrought-Iron Furnace in the mar- 
ket. This also has my New Clinkerless Grate. 


New and Splendid Brick Set Cooking Ranee, the AHLIJfGTOST. All in want of the most 
splendid and thoroughly-made BRICK RANGE ever seen in any Kitchen, are invited to examine this Range. 
The latest and best Improvements have been adopted to make it complete, especially for Water and Air heating. 


Entirely New and greatly Improved (Sept. 1875,) ARLHtOTOlf PORTABLE RANGE. 
I would call the special attention of those using PORTABLE RANGES, to a thorough examination, inside and 
out, of this, the most splendid Range ever made. It has all the modern Improvements and Conveniences, in- 
cluding my new CLINKERLESS GRATE. No one in want of good work should fail to see this Range. The 
old pattern Arlington Range that has had such a great run and perfect success for the past four years is 
still being manufactured. 

PARLOR STOVE, ore stilt the leading Stoves. 

CHIESON'S CONE RISK STOVE, for warming Railroad Cars, Stores, Halls, Factories, 

School Rooms, &c. 

Special attention given to putting up Furnaces and Ranges, and the Ventilation of Buildings in any part of the 
country. mS~ Nothing but what is strictly first-class work is manufactured by me. 


H. H. T^HEX^DEIfc Ac CO., Agents, 




Teas, Tobaceo,Ci|»*ar s, 



Crosse & Blackwell's Potted Meats, Sauces and Pickles ; Scotch and 

English Ales and London Porter of all kinds. Also, 

Berlin Lager, and Read P'arm Cider. 

A choice stock of WINES and LIQUORS constantly on hand 
for FAMILY and MEDICINAL use. 

No. 5 Middle Street, .... Lowell, Mass. 



Gas Fixtures, 








Warerooms, 547 Washington treet. 


(Formerly with H. M. Ordway,) 


b H. M. Ordway,) 

Practical Optician, 

156 Merrimack St., (City Government Building,) 

This is the Cheapest place in Zoivell to Buy Watches, Clocks, 
and Jewelry. 




Boston, Halifax, & Prince Edward's Island 

Sailing from T Wharf every Saturday at 12 M, 


• [See Daily Papers.] .S3 

Boston and Savannah Steamship Line, 

Sailing from T Wharf, 


Through Bills of Lading given for all the Principal Points in 



WILLIAM H. RIWG, 18 T Wharf, 

Or E. If. ADAMS, 219 Washington SU, Boston 

F. NICKEES01T & CO., Agents. 

C. B. COBURN & CO., 



Paints, Glass, and Varnishes, 

Sperm, Whale, Lard, Kerosene, Coal, Olive, 
and Linseed OILS, 

Potato, Wheat, & Corn Starch, Manufacturers' 

— AND — 


51 Market Street, . . Lowell, Mass. 





mm i it 


Solid Silver and Silver Plated Ware, French Clocks, 
Bronzes, Table Cutlery* Spectacles, &c. 


Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Masonic Jewels & Regalia. 





Fuller, Dana, & Fitz, Boston . . .over index 

Fuller S.W., Boston 580 

Gage Daniel, opp. 244 Pawtucket 570 

Garity T. K. & Co. 3 and 5 Frescott back cover 

Gates Josiah & Sons, 4 and Mechanics' b!dg., 

Dutton inside front cover 

Gay Aaron R. & Co., Boston 584 

Gerrish Thos. G. 69 Haverhill, Boston, resi- 
dence, 126 Pawtucket, Lowell front cover 

Gibson Brothers, 8 Bridge 568 

Glover W.B. 145 Central 549 

Guiding & Co., Boston 581 

Green Amos, opposite 47 Fletcher 528 

Green Joseph, 12 Hale 553 

Griffin, Lake, & Gordon, Dutton street 535 

Grosvenor J. P., Mechanics' Mills 529 

Haggerty P. P. 77 Chestnut 532 

Hale B. S. & Son, South Canal, at Lawrence. 554 

Hall Lemuel W. 3 Gorham 571 

HallL. C, Dutton street 571 

HamL. M. & Co., Boston 576 

Hamblet Gilbert, 24 Middle 541 

Hamilton F. D.52% Merrimack 5&i 

Hamilton Manuf. Co., Jackson street 496 

Hanavor & McDermott, 48 Gorham 564 

HapgoodE. &Son, 79 High 555 

Harrington Brothers, 27 Shattuck 520 

Harris George \V., Coolidge, corner Hall 507 

Hart J. W. & Co., Whipple's Mills 538 

Hatch & Littlefield, 3 Warren 576 

Hayes A. L., Boston 585 

Hayward J. Clark, 49 Chestnut 557 

Hebert Louis, 204 Middlesex 575 

Hebert S. P. 17 Adams 575 

Higgins, Snow, & Co., Boston 591 

Hill Albert £. 4 Central 562 

Hill Asa V. 129 Central 532 

Hill Joshua, 9 and 11 Middle 533 

Hi 11 Lucy A. 126 Worthen 562 

Hill Nathaniel, 3 and 4 Appleton blk 592 

Hiscox File Manuf. Co., at West Chelmsford 522 

Hollings R. & Co., Boston front colored 

Hood A. K. 69 Rock 540 

Horn Samuel &Co., School, nearMiddlesex.. 550 

Home D. W. 224 Middlesex 547 

Howe Horace F., Second street 534 

Howe Lorenzo G. 6S Middle 535 

Howes & Burnham, Dutton street 540 

Hunt Brothers, 12 Middle 519 

Hunt George F. 28 Central 509 

Huntoon Geo. L. 206, 208, and 210 Middlesex. 526 

Huntoon George W. 62 and 64 Market 561 

Jaques J. S. & Co., Whipple's Mills 506 

Jessop William & Sons, Boston 580 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton, Boston 560 

Kelty James F. 155 Market 549 

Kendall Jonathan, 91 and 93 Market 506 

Kimball Charles W. 389 Chelmsford 542 

Kimball J. S. 184 Middlesex 549 

Kitson Machine Co., Dutton street 503 

Kiltredge A. L. 100 Central back cover 

Knapp&Morey, 44 Central 517 

Knowles' Steam Pump Works, Boston. back col'd 

Lamothe L. P. 17 Cushing 557 

Lane William H. 384 Middlesex 576 

Latham J. & Co., Boston 577 

Lawrence Manuf. Co., north end Suffolk.... 493 

Lawson Peter, 1 Mt. Vernon 512 

Leary Timothy, at Dracut 573 

Leeman Wilder, 47 East Merrimack 541 

Lennon J. 108 and 110 Market 561 


Libbey M. V. B. 5Warren 526 

Lindsay J. N. & Co., Boston 583 

Livingston A. J. 213 Middlesex 569 

Livingston William E. 27 Thorndike 544 

Logan D W. 100 Merrimack 555 

Lombard & Co., Boston 580 

Lovejoy Daniel & Son, Rock, cor. Cushing.. 523 

Lovejoy J. & Sons, Boston 591 

Lovejoy William S., Boston 582 

Lovett John, 284 Merrimack 574 

Lowell Bleachery, Bleachery street 501 

Lowell Boiler and Steam Press Works, Dut- 
ton street 505 

Lowell Card Co. 127 Market 511 

Lowell Felting Mills, Pawtucket street 552 

Lowell File Works, 7 and 9 Fletcher 523 

Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank, Merrimack, 

corner John 483 

Lowell Gas Light Co. 23 Shattuck 489 

Lowell Hosiery Co., Mt. Vernon, n. B'waj-.. 504 
Lowell Institution for Savings, 18 Shattuck.. 481 

Lowell Machine Shop, Dutton street 502 

Lowell Manuf. Co., Market street 494 

Lowell Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 49 Central 508 

Lowell Steam and Gas Pipe Works... front cover" 

Lowell Worsted Jlills, 72 Willie 505 

Lynch P. 43 and 45 Market 506 

Mack S. G. & Co. 121 and 123 Market 551 

Malcolm A. H. 32 Middlesex 536 

ManningD. W. 133 Adams 574 

Manning William, 228 and 230 Broadway.... 531 

Marcott Victor, 9 Centre 539 

Marden & Rowell, Museum building 516 

Margot Brothers, Boston , 590 

Marren James, 116 Market , .. 575 

Marston & Prince, 90 Merrimack back cover 

Martin & Strong, 174 and 176 Middlesex 549 

Mass. Cotton Mills, between Bridge and Mer- 
rimack streets 499 

Mass. Mutual Insurance Co., Boston 584 

Masta Joseph A. 38Varney on map opp. title 

May & Co., Boston front cover 

Mayer J. & Co., Boston 588 

May nard & Noyes, Boston 9 

McCarty John J. 62 Middle 572 

McDufi'ee Thomas J. 50 Middlesex 577 

McKearney P. 11 Charles .• 573 

McKechnie F. A., Boston 584 

McLarney William & Co. 312 Middlesex 549 

McSorleyA.88 Middle 573 

Meadowcroft J. L. 72Willie 50.5 

Meaney M. 64 Dutton 554 

MeanyE. F., Boston 5S9 

Mechanics' Savings Bank, 130 Merrimack... 484 

Mehan Owen, 25 Prescott 533 

Merchants' National Bank, 43 Merrimack.... 486 

Merrill Joshua & Son, 37 Merrimack 

back colored, and 510 

Merrill Otis A. 224 Middlesex 521 

Merrimack Manuf. Co., north end Dutton.. . 492 
Merrimack River Savings Bank, Middlesex. . 485 

Meyer Charles E. & Co., Boston 581 

Middlesex Co., Warren street 500 

Monty A. W. & Co. 139 Market 554 

Moody Frank P., Dutton, corner Fletcher... 565 

Moore Albert M. 49 Central 510 

Morris Martin, 42 Paige 558 

Morse Brothers, at Canton, Mass. ...back colored 

Morse H. O., Monument square 527 

Moulton John L. 64 First 543 

Munroe & Lawrence, 246 Middlesex 571 


Murphy Edward, 72 Suffolk 573 

Murphy James, 2 and 4 Water 575 

Murray Thomas, 238 Lawrence 546 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. 37 Merrimack.. 510 

Nashua* Lowell Railroad 514 

New England Trust Co., Boston 488 

Nichols Jacob, Dutton, c. Market. .over calendar 

Nichols ScHutchins, 93 to 97 Merrimack 531 

Nickerson F. & Co., Boston front colored 

Nonotuck Silk Co., Boston 585 

Normand E. 302 Merrimack 558 

North Charles H. & Co., Boston.... back colored 

O'Donoghue James, 137 Adams 567 

Offutt & Whitaker, 33 and 35 Market 533 

O'Grady Charles, 75 Market 506 

Old Lowell National Bank, 18 Shattuck 487 

Osgood Atis, 25 Queen 534 

O'Sullivan James, 194 Merrimack 557 

Owens James, 47 Gorham 572 

Paige I. Henry, 49 Central : 510 

Paige W. D, Mrs. 113 Merrimack 532 

Patch E. B. & Co. 1 Commercial square 511 

Patterson S. M. 37 John 480 

Peabody J. G. & Sons, Wamesit Steam Mills. 541 

Pearson George W. 18 Shattuck 535 

Peet Valve Co., Boston 585 

Penniman & Co., Merrimack-st. and North- 
ern depots 521 

Perkins Daniel F. 264 Merrimack 548 

Pettingell John & Son, Dutton street 534 

Pevey Brothers, Walker street front colored 

Pratt M. C. & Co., Wamesit Steam Mills, .ft. col'd 

Prescott D. M. & Co. 185 Central 542 

Prescott Mills 499 

Prescott National Bank, 20 and 28 Central... 483 

Proctor J. W. 78 Dutton, near Fletcher 536 

Proctor S. N. rear 199 Central 534 

Props, of Locks and Canals, 22 Broadway... 491 

Putnam & Son, 96 to 102 Central back cover 

Rafter P. H. 189 Market 570 

Railroad National Bank, 128 Merrimack 484 

Ramsdell E. L. jr. 339 Merrimack 565 

Randall L. V. 118 Merrimack back cover 

Ranlett & Plaisted, 69 Dutton 568 

Raynes Joseph & Co. 43 Central.... back colored 

Regan Timothy F. 91 Middle 531 

Rice, Kendall, &Co., Boston 588 

Rice&Co. 16 Middle 548 

Richardson John B. 1 Liberty square 570 

Richardson J. A., Boston 5S2 

Richardson & Cutter, 60 Central 548 

Robinson J. R., Boston 590 

Rogers Gorham & Co., Boston 580 

Rogers Jacob & Co. 166 and 168 Merrimack.. 

back cover, and 521 

Rogers & Lord, 137 Market 563 

Rollins & Sargent, 61 Central 545 

Rugs C. W. 75 and 77 Merrimack 510 

Runels, Davis, & Foster, 83 Congress 545 

Russell A. L. 45 Branch 568 

Sampson, Davenport, & Co., Boston.. back col'd 

Sanborn Amos & Co. 25 Central front colored 

Sanborn N. C. 50 Merrimack front cover 

Sanborn S. II., Boston 588 

Saunders C, W. & Co. 351 to 371 Middlesex.. 560 

Sawyer & Taylor, 212 and 214 Middlesex 527 

Scripture S. A. & Co. 275 Central 558 

Sharpe William, 112 Moody 557 

Shattuck II. B. 34 Central and 14 Prescott.... 525 
Sheppard Edwin, 224 Fairmount 574 


Shorey John & Co. 20 Middlesex 519 

Simpson O. A. 42 West Fourth 543 

Simpson Robert, 414 Central 562 

Singer's Improved Sewing Machines, 74 Mer- 
rimack back cover 

Slattery Edward F. 80 Fenwick 575 

Smith C. L. & Co. 251 Middlesex 553 

Smith E. A. &A.T. 128 Central 538 

Smith S. C, Harris' Mills, Broadway 556 

Smith & Lovett, Boston outside edge and 587 

Smith & Co. 112 Appletou 509 

Snow Brothers, Boston back colored 

Spaulding Henry A. 31 Salem 547 

Spear E. D. Dr., Boston 578 

Spencer A. U., Boston 584 

Spurr J.M.62 Market 530 

Staples N. T. & Sons, School, n. R.R. crossing 513 

Stearns A. T. & Sons, Boston 583 

Stewart D. H. 106 Market 5(3 

Stiles, Rogers, & Co. 41 Market 521 

Stockwell W. S. 9 Howe 539 

Stone, Iluse, & Co. 130 Central 518 

Straw & Judge, 82 Dutton 528 

Sutcliffe Hamlet, 90 Bridge 525 

Talbot C. P. & Co., Market House building.. 550 

Taylor & Barker, Whipple's Mills 520 

Teague Patrick, 200 and 208 Merrimack 567 

Teuney & Parker, 247 Thorndike — front colored 

Thompson Alvin, 285 Merrimack 556 

Thompson C. C, Western avenue 527 

Thompson II. M. agent, Pawtucket 552 

Thompson M. E. 222 Merrimack 565 

Times, 12 Middle , 519 

Torsey J. M. & Co., Bachelder & Co.'s Mills. 537 
Traders' & Mechanics' Ins. Co. 27 Central — 509 

Trees F. G. 245% Merrimack 563 

Tremont and Suffolk Mills, Suffolk street 495 

Tripp John, Massachusetts corporation 5U 

True W . H. 75 Conant 546 

Trumbull & Rice, 26 Gorham 536 

Turner Joseph, 172 Broadway 529 

Union Stone Co., Boston 682 

Varnuin Charles F. 25 Westford 510 

Viles Jesse A., West Sixth, corner Coburn... 526 

Vox Populi, 130 Central 518 

Wallingford & Callaghan, 247 Merrimack 525 

Walsh John, 265 Middlesex 552 

Wamesit National Bank, 189 Middlesex 4S5 

Weavers. II. & Son, 250 Middlesex 538 

Wentworth & Nutting, 52X Merrimack 524 

Weed, Sewing Machine Co 555 

Wheeler Homer S. 27 East Merrimack 570 

Whitaker Charming, 128 Merrimack 490 

Whiting & Co., Shattuck, corner Middle 550 

Whitney George T. 309 Bridge 571 

Whitney & Co. 254 Middlesex 527 

Whittemore & Homans, 239 Broadway 569 

Whittet Alexander, 25 Hanover avenue 557 

Wiggin William H., Willie, corner Franklin, 

and 58 Rock 535 

Wight J. &Co. 20 Middlesex 556 

Wilby William, 62 and 64 Market 553 

Wilcox A. B. 76 High 552 

Wilder II. H. & Co. 127 Central.. inside b'k cover 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co., Boston 583 

Williams Henry W.& Co., Boston 591 

Wing L. C. 74 Merrimack back cover 

Wood Almon, 909 Middlesex 559 

Worthen & Cobum, 141 Market 569 

Wright & Potter, Boston 589 




Tin Plates, Sheet Iron, Metals, 

IROiN", STEE L, Etc. 

Wrought Iron Beams, etc., for Buildings. Agents for the sale of The " Burden 
Best" Iron, Tensile Strength 78,000 lbs. Union Iron Mills' Own Patent 
Beams, Channels, Etc. Patent Cold Boiled Shafting. Lukens Boiler Plate. 
The Celebrated Bessemer Steel. Brown's Original Concord Axles. The Salem 
Lead Co.'s Lead Pipe. Morris, Tasker, & Co.'s Lap Welded Boiler Tubes. 
Swedish, "Norway," American anti Scotch Iron. Russia. Sheet Iron. 
FULLER, DANA, & FITZ'S Price List on application. 



Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

Coburn, Lang, & Co 590 


Fuller Seth W 580 


Gerrish Thomas G front cover 

Artificial Stone. 

Union Stone Co 582 

Asbestos Boiler Covering. 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Asbestos Cement. 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Asbestos Paints. 
Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Asbestos Rooting. 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Asbestos Steam Packing. 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Atomizing 'Tubes. 

Codman & Shurfleff 579 

Axle Manufacturers. 

Brown D. Arthur & Co., Concord, N.H 586 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Racon Works. 

North Charles II. & Co back colored 

Rank Vaults. 

HamL.M. & Co 576 


Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co 488 

New England Trust Co 488 

Rell Hanger. 

Fuller SethW 580 

Ritters Manufacturer. 

Gerrish Thomas G front cover 

II lack Lead. 
Morse Brothers, at Canton, Mass. . .back colored 

Ham L. M. & Co 576 

Blacksmiths' Tools. 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 

Blank Book Manufacturers. 

Collins T. F back colored 

Gav Aaron R. & Co 584 

Sanborn S. H 688 

Boiler Iron. 

Fuller, Dana, &Fitz over index 

Boiler Tubes and Rivets. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Bonds, Oralis, Checks, Etc. 
Bufford's J. H. Sons opp. page 367 

15 o ok hinders. 

Collins T. F back colored 

Sanborn S. H 588 


Coburn, Lang, & Co 590 

Box Manufacturers (Paper). 

Dennison & Co back colored 

Brakes (Automatic). 

CanfieldF. P 586 

Brass Manufacturers. 

Benedicts: Burnham Mauuf. Co 58.5 


Coburn, Lang, & Co 590 

Bronze Statuary. 

Hollings R. & Co front colored 

Building Blocks. 

Union Stone Co 582 

Rogers Gorham & Co 580 


Lovejoy J. & Sons 591 

Carvers' Tools. 
Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 


Union Stone Co 582 

Chain Cables. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 


French Abram & Co ">77 

Jones, McDutt'ee, & Stratton 500 

China Decorators. 

French Abram & Co 577 

Cliromo Lithographers. 
Bufford's J. II. Sons opp. page 307 


Latham J. & Co 577 

Commission Merchants. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Nickerson F. & Co front colored 

Rogers Gorham & Co 5S0 




Copper Sealers. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Copper Plate Printers. 

Bufford's J. II. Sons opp. page 367 

Copper Rivets and lSurs. 

Benedict & Burnham Mantif. Co 685 

Copying Presses. 

Golding & Co 581 

Cork Cutters. 

BeechingR.fc Co 581 

Cork Matiufg. and Importers. 

BeechingR.& Co 581 


French Abram & Co 577 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton 560 

Carers of ISacon. 

North Charles II. & Co back colored 

Cutlery and Table Ware. 

Barnes T. P. & Sons 583 

French Abram & Co 577 

Lindsay J.N. & Co 583 

Dentists' Materials and Instrn. 

Codman & Shurtleff'. 579 

McKechnie F. A 584 

Downic's Aladdin Spindle Oil. 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Downic's Hyper Sperm Oil. 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Drapery Curtaias. 

Bancroft & Boyden back colored 


Maynard & Noyes 9 

Sating; Saloons. 

Lovejoy William S 582 

Elastic Stockings. 

Codman & Shurtleff 579 

Electric Annunciators. 

Fuller SethW 580 

Clcctric Dells. 

Fuller SethW 580 

Electro-Silver Platers. 

Lindsay J. N. & Co 5S3 

Electro typers. 

Bay State Electrotype Foundry 591 

Boston Type Foundry, John K. Rogers, agt. 589 

Elevators (Hand). 

CanfleldF.P 58fi 

Embossed Tickets. 

Dennison & Co back colored 

Embossing Stamps. 

Golding & Co 5S1 

Emery, and Emery Paper and 

Union Stone Co 582 

Wilkinson A. J. Hi Co 583 

Emery Wheels (Solid). 

Union Stone Co 582 

Engineer (Consulting). 

Robinson J. It 590 

Engineer (Mechanical). 

Robinson J. R 590 

Engineer (Steam). 
Robinson J. R 590 


Bufford's J. II. Sons (Stone, Steel, and Cop- 
per) opp. page 367 

Margot Brothers 590 

McKechnie F. A 584 


Latham J. & Co 577 


Golding & Co 581 

Expert in Patent Cases. 

Spencer A. H 584 

Fancy Goods. 

French Abram & Co 577 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton 560 

Feather Dusters. 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton 500 


North Charles H. & Co back colored 

Fire Engines (Stationary). 

Knowles Steam Pump Works back colored 

Fishing Tackle. 

Barnes T. P. & Sons 583 


Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 

Freestone and Limestone. 

Lombard & Co 580 

Meany Edward F 589 

Furnaces and Ranges. 

Chilson Gardner front colored 

Furniture Jllanufs. and Dealers. 

Bancroft & Boyden back colored 

Gas Durners. 

Rollings R. & Co front colored 

Gas Duriiing Improvements. 

Holliugs R. & Co front colored 

Gas Fittings, Etc. 

Hollings R. & Co front colored 

Gas Globes. 

Holliugs R. & Co front colored 

Gas Pipe Fitters. 

Hollings R. & Co front colored 

Gas Stoves. 

Hollings R. & Co front colored 

Gilders of Picture Frames. 

Meyer Charles E. & Co # . 581 

Ginger Ale. 
Coburn, Lang,& Co 590 

Glass (Importers of Plate). 

Bancroft & Boyden back colored 

Meyer Charles E. & Co 581 

Glass Ware Dealers. 

French Abram & Co 577 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton 500 

Glue Manufacturers. 

North Charles H. & Co back colored 


Lombards Co 580 

Union Stone Co 582 

Gum Labels. 

Dennison & Co back colored 

Golding & Co 581 


American Powder Co 554 

Barnes T. P. & Sons 583 

Nichols & Fletcher, agents American Powder 
Co. 168 and 170 Central, Lowell 554 

Gutters and Conductors. 

Stearns A. T. & Sous (wholesale and retail).. 533 



Hardware and Cutlery. 

Barnes T. P. & Sons 583 

Mav .t Co front cover 

Wilkiuson A. J. & Co 583 

Hand Stamps. 

Golding& Co 581 

Hobson's Choice Steel. 

"Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 

Hogs (Live and Dressed). 

Nortli Charles H.& Co back colored 

Holiday Goods. 
Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton 560 


Union Stone Co 582 

Hoop Iron. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Horse Shoes, F.te. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Hotel Annunciators. 
Fuller SethW 580 

House Furnishing Articles. 

French Abram & Co 577 

Hyatt's Sidewalk lights. 

Smith & Lovett front edge, and 587 

Ink (Indelible). 

Golding & Co 581 

Ink (Writing). 

Maynard & Noyes 9 

Instruments (Dental A- Surgical). 

Codmau& Shurtleff. 579 

Insurance (Fire). 

Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Co 584 

Iron Huilding *V Hridge Manufs. 

HamL. M. & Co 576 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Iron Castings. 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Iron Columns. 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Iron Fence Builders. 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Iron Founders. 

Brown D. Arthur & Co., Concord, N.H 586 

Chilson Gardner front colored 

Iron Fronts. 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Iron Furniture. 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Iron and Steel. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Jessop William & Sons 58(1 

Wilkinson A.J. & Co 58S 

Iron "Vaults and Doors. 

HiraL.lI. & Co 576 

Smiyi & Lovett 587 

Iron Workers. 

HamL.M.S; Co 576 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Jewelers' Findings. 

Brooks, Bancroft, & Co 582 

Deunison & Co .back colored 

Job Printers. 

Wright & Potter 589 

Kerosene Burners A" Trimmings. 

Rollings R. & Co front colored 

Labels (Adhesive). 

Dennison & Co back colored 

Golding & Co 581 

Lamps and Chandeliers. 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton 560 

Lard and Tallow. 

North Charles H. & Co back colored 

Lead Pipes. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Life Preservers. 

BeechingR. & Co 581 

Linens and Dundee Goods. 

Rogers Gorham & Co 580 


Bufford's J. H. Sons opp. page 367 

Mayer J. & Co 588 

Lithographic Printing and De- 

Bufford's J. H. Sons opp. page 367 

Mayer Julius & Co 588 

Lock Manufacturers (Prison). 
HamL. M. & Co 576 

Looking Glasses and Picture 

Meyer Charles E. & Co 581 


Stearns A. T. & Sons 583 

Lumber Pencils. 

Morse Bros., at Canton, Mass back colored 

Machinery and Tools. 

Union Stone Co 582 

Machine Twist. 

Nonotuck Silk Co 585 


Brown D. Arthur & Co., Concord, N.H 586 

Canfield F. P 586 

HamL. M. & Co 576 

Machinists and Blacksmiths. 

Smith & Lovett 587 

Machinists' Supplies. 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 

Maps and Charts. 

Bufford's J. H. Sons opp. page 367 

Marble Worker. 

Meany Edward F 589 

Mechanical Expert. 

Spencer A. H 584 


Spear E. D 578 


Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 


Benedict & Burnham Manuf. Co 585 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

May & Co front cover 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 

Millstone Cement. 

Union Stone Co 582 

Mineral "Water. 

Coburn, Lang & Co 590 

Mouldings (Gilt). 

Meyer Charles E. & Co 581 

Mouldings (Wood). 

Mever Charles E. & Co 581 

Stearns A. T. & Sons 583 


Taylor Charles H. (Daily Globe). ..opp. page 24 

BTickel Platers. 

Boston Nickel Plating Co 589 

Oil Cloths. 
Lovejoy J. & Sons 591 

Oil (Hyper Sperm). 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 


Oil CLard and Stearine - 

North Charles H. & Co back colored 

Paper Bags. 

Higgins, Snow, & Co 591 

Paper Box Manufacturers. 

Dennison & Co back colored 

Paper Makers' Materials. 

Rice, Kendall, & Co 588 

Paper Ruler. 

Collins T. F back colored 

Paper Stock. 

Rice, Kendall, & Co 588 

Paper Warehouses. 

Higgins, Snow, & Co 591 

Rice, Kendall, & Co 588 

Paraffine Oils. 

Downie, Trainer, & Co back colored 

Patents (Solicitors of). 

Adams Joseph II 586 

Crosby & Gregory 581 

Hayes A. L 585 

Spencer A. II 584 

Williams Henry W. St. Co. (also foreign) 591 


Colby Sarah A. (female) 590 

Spear E. D 578 

Picture Frames, Etc. 

LathamJ.& Co 577 

Meyer Charles E. fc Co 581 

Pig Iron. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Pipes, Valves, and Hydrants. 

Richardson J. A 582 

Planing Mills. 

Stearns A.T. & Sons 583 

Platers (Nickel). 

Boston Nickel Plating Co 589 

Polish Manufacturers (Stove). 

Morse Bros., at Canton, Mass back colored 

Pork Packers. 

North Charles II. & Co back colored 


American Powder Co., Boston 554 

Nichols & Fletcher, agents, American Powder 
Co. 168 and 170 Central, Lowell 554 

Printers (Book and Job). 

Wright & Potter 589 

Printers' Rollers. 

Golding & Co 581 

Printers (Lithographic). 

Bufford's J. II. Sons opp. page 367 

MayerJ.&Co 588 

Printers' Materials. 

Boston Type Foundry, John K. Rogers, agt. . 589 
Golding &Co 581 

Printing Presses. 

Boston Tvpe Foundry, John K. Rogers, agt. . 589 
Golding & Co 581 

Provision Dealers (Salt). 

North Charles II. & Co back colored 

Publishers of Pictures. 

Bufford's J. II. Sons opp. page 367 

Pumps (Steam). 
Knowles Steam Pump Works back colored 

Railroad Iron. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Railroad Spikes. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 


Boston, Clinton, & Fitchburg 515 

Boston & Lowell & Nashua & Lowell 514 


Chilson Gardner front colored page 

Ratchet Brills. 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co 5S3 

Registration of Prints «fc Labels. 

Adams Joseph H 586 


Lovejoy William S 582 

Rubber Mouldings. 

Snow Brothers back colored 

Rubber Printing Stamps. 

Golding & Co 581 

Safe Beposit Company. 

Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co 4S8 

Sawing and Planing Mills. 

Stearns A. T. & Sons 5S3 

Screen Boors. 
Snow Brothers back colored 

Seal Presses. 
Golding & Co 581 

Sewing Machine Thread A- Silk. 

NonotuckSilk Co 585 

Sewing Silk Manufacturers. 

Nonotuck Silk Co 585 

Shafting, «fcc. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Sheet Iron. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Shipping Tags. 

Dennison & Co back colored 

Golding & Co 581 

Show Cards. 

Bufford's J. II. Sons opp. page 367 

Silver Plated Goods. 

French Abram& Co 577 

Lindsay J.N. & Co 583 

Silver Platers. 

Lindsay J. N. & Co 583 

Silver Ware. 

Lindsay J. N. & Co 583 


Barnes T. P. & Sons 583 

Soap Stone Register Frames, Htc. 

Union Stone Co 582 

Solicitors of Patents. 

Williams Henry W. & Co. (also foreign).... 591 

Speaking Tubes. 

Fuller SethW 580 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Sporting Goods. 

Barnes T. P. & Sons 583 


Golding & Co 581 



State Printers. 

Wright& Potter 5S9 

Stationary Engines (Fire). 

Knowles Steam Pump Works back colored 


Gay Aaron R. & Co 5S4 

Steam Pumps. 

Knowles Steam Pump Works back colored 

Steam Valves. 

Peet Valve Co 585 

Steamship Agents. 

Nickerson F. & Co front colored 

Steel Letter Cutters. 
Golding & Co 581 

Steel Manufacturers. 

Jessop William & Sons 580 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 


Bay State Electrotype Foundry 591 

Stone Cutters and Sealers. 

Meany Edward F 589 

Stove Manufacturer. 

Chilson Gardner front colored 

Stove Polish. 

Morse Bros., at Canton, Mass back colored 

Stoves, Ranges, Tinware, Etc. 

Chilson Gardner front colored 

Codman & Shurtleff 579 

Surgical «fc Dental Instruments. 

Codman & Shurtleff 579 

Codman & Shurtleff. 579 

Table Cutlery. 

Jones, McDuffee, & Stratton 560 


Brooks, Bancroft, & Co 582 

Dennison & Co back colored 

Golding & Co 581 

Tin Plate. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Tinners* Tools. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Tinsmith .V Sheet Iron Worker. 
Chilson Gardner front colored 

Barnes T. P. & Sons 583 

May i Co front cover 

Wilkinson A. J. & Co 583 


Codman& Shurtleff 579 

Trust Companies. 

Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co 4SS 

New England Trust Co 488 


Dennison & Co back colored 

Higgins, Snow, & Co 581 

Type and Stereotype Foundry. 

Boston Type Foundry, John K.Rogers, agt.. 589 

Bancroft & Boy den back colored 

Upholstery Goods. 
Bancroft & Boyden back colored 


Peet Valve Co 585 

Wagon Axle Manufacturers. 

Brown D. Arthur & Co., Concord, N. H 5S6 

Watch Case and Glass Manufs. 

Margot Brothers 590 

Watch Makers and Repairers. 

Margot Brothers 590 

■Water and Gas Gates. 

Feet Valve Co 585 

Water Works Contractor. 

Richardson J. A 582 

Water Works and Materials. 

Richardson J. A 582 

Weather Strips. 

Snow Brothers back colored 

Window Screens. 

Snow Brothers back colored 

■Wire Sealers. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 

Wire Screens. 
Snow Brothers back colored 

Wood Engraver. 

McKechnieF.A 584 

*Wrought Iron Beams, Etc. 

Fuller, Dana, & Fitz over index 


Fuller, Dana, S: Fitz v over index 



For Stfiools, Colleges, and Business Purposes generally, 




Abbott, from 322 Central to 149 Lawrence 

Abbott place, from River, n. foot of Pleasant, Centralville 

Adams, from end of Market to Fletcher, Liberty square 

Adams court, from 4? Church, to opp. 35 George 

Adams square, from 535 Middlesex, near Walker 

Agawam, from opp. 300 Lawrence, to nearly opp. 133 Moore 

Aiken, from 39 Cheever to Perkins 

Albion, from W. Third to 36 W. Fifth, Cent. 

Alder, from 126 East Merrimack to 146 Stackpole, Bel. 

Ablrich court, from 60 Branch 

Ames, from 288 Central to 81 Lawrence 

Amory, fr. Bridge, by the Boott canal, to Kirk, Boott corp. 

Andover, fr. Concord River, south bridge, Bel., to Tewks- 

bury line 
Andrews, from Lawrence, at Whipple's mills, to 126 Moore 
Angle, from Lincoln, near the river, Meadow Brook 
Anne, from Merrimack, at St. Anne's church, to French 
Appleton, from 165 Central to 54 Thorndike 
April, from Twelfth, Centralville 
Arch, from 14 Howard to 244 Middlesex 
Arlington, from Bowers, near School, to 108 Pawtucket 
Ash, from 135 East Merrimack to 38 Chestnut, Bel. 
Auburn, from 166 Gorham, to 81 Chapel 
Austin, from 351 Merrimack to 54 Ford 
Ayer's City, south-west part of the city 
Babcock, from Chambers to Livingston 
Bachelder's place, from opp. Ill Walker 
Baldwin, from 900 Middlesex 

Bartlett, from Fayette, Bel. near the lTospital, easterly 
Bassett, from 16 Whipple 
Bay State avenue, from 213 Central 

Beacon, from First to junction Mt. Pleasant and Tenth, Cent. 
Beech, from 74 Third to Tenth, Centralville 
Belvidere, east of Concord River 
Bennett, from Vernon to Christian, Centralville 
Billerica, from 469 Lawrence, south to Tewksbury lino 


Birch, from opp. 259 Fairmount, Bel., easterly 
Blanchard place, from 1 08 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Bleachery, fr. the Lowell Bleachery, southerly, across Moore 
Blossom, from 451 Gorham, near fair grounds, west 
Boott, from Gardner to the canal, Lowell corporation 
Bowden, from Gorham, opposite the cemetery 
Bowditch, from Jackson to Middlesex, Hamilton corp. 
Bowers, from Fletcher, opp. Whiting, to Wannalancit, near 

Boyle's court, from 24 South 
Boynton, from 15? Iiildreth to Bridge, Cent. 
Bradley, continuation of First, Centralville [dlesex 

Branch, from 360 Middlesex, crossing School, to 529 Mid- 
Brewery court, from 33 Thornkike, near Northern depot 
Bridge, from 3 Merrimack, over Central bridge, through 

Broadway, from Dutton, opposite machine shop, to Paw- 
tucket, near N. & L. Railroad crossing 
Brook, from Watson, near Lawrence, to Hale's brook 
Brown, from East Merrimack, opp. Howe, to Stackpole, Bel. 
Brown's court, from 32 River, Centralville 
Burns, from 11 Madison to South Highland 
Butterfield, from 138 Fletcher to 123 School [to Market 

Cabot, from north-west corner of the Lawrence corporation 
Cady, from 280 Central to 67 Lawrence 
Cambridge, from 154 Chelmsford 
Canada, from Tanner to Quebec, Ayer's City 
Canal, from Merrimack to Bridge, Massachusetts corp. 
Carlton, from 342 Middlesex to Marshall 
Carolin's court, from 97 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Carolin's place, from opp. 66 Fayette to 41 High, Bel. 
Carpet lane, from Gardner, rear 80 Market, Lowell corp. 
Carter, from 354 Gorham to Lowell Bleachery 
Cedar, from 9 Keene to Central 
Central, from 26 Merrimack to 262 Gorham 
Centralville, north-east of Merrimack River 
Centre, from 269 Central to 42 Chapel 
Chambers, from 296 Gorham to Whipple's mills 
Chapel, from 27 Charles, southerly, to Central 
Charles, from 33 Lawrence to 90 Gorham 
Chase, from Swift to Whipple [of canal 

Cheever, from Cabot, opp. Lyman, to Pawtucket, north side 
Chelmsford, fr. Thorndike, n. Middlesex, to Chelmsford line 
Chestnut, from Concord River, at Stott's mills, to Park, Bel. 
Christian, from 78 Tenth, Centralville [bridge 

Church, from 166 Central, at Washington House, to Stone 
City avenue, from 9 Middle to City Hall avenue 
City Hall avenue, from 138 Merrimack to 99 Middle 


City Landing-, from 20 Market 

Clark, from Common, near Salem, to West Clark 

Clark's court, from 152 Lawrence 

Clay, from 65 Andover, east of High, to opp. 21 Oak, Bel. 

Coburn, from 83 River to 81 Ilildreth, Centralville 

Coburn lane, fr. Chelmsford, south of Forrest, to Stevens 

Colburn, from 237 Merrimack to Merrimack yard, Merri- 
mack corporation 

Commercial square, at 54 Central, opposite Market 

Common, fr. 14 Salem to Cross, east side of No. Common 

Conant, fr. about 140 Methuen to Dracut line, Cent. 

Concord, from Merrimack, near Concord River, to Massa- 
chusetts mills 

Congress, from 223 Thorndike to 321 Gorham 

Coolidge, from 19 Cheever 

Coral, from 62 Branch to 83 Westford 

Cottage, from 281 Central to 60 Chapel 

Court, from Linden to Gorham, north of Court House 

Court avenue, from 39 Chapel to 24 Linden 

Crosby, from 414 Central to Whipple's mills 

Cross, from Suffolk, westerly, to nearly opp. 118 School 

Cummiskey's allej 7 , from 203 Market 

dishing, from Willie, south of Rock, easterly, to Fletcher 

Dane, from 96 Salem, near Pawtucket, to Fletcher 

Dane-street avenue, from 2 Dane 

Davidson, from 21 East Merrimack to Howe, Bel. 

Davis, from 43 Summer to 52 Appleton 

Davis court, from 13 Davis 

Dearborn's court, from Andover, west of Water, Bel. 

Decatur, from 388 Merrimack to 35 Salem 

Decatur-strect alley, from Decatur, westerly 

Dempsey's place, from 36 Salem 

Dodge, from 38 Race to 140 Suffolk 

Donahoe's yard, from Marion to 52 Suffolk 

Dover, from opp. 529 Middlesex to opp. 120 Westford 

Dumrner, from 140 Market, southerly, to Broadway 

Durant, from 77 Third to Beacon, Centralville 

Dutton, from Merrimack corporation, crossing Merrimack 
street at 176, to Willie 

East Merrimack, fr. Merrimack, at Concord River, through 
Belvidere, to Tewksbury 

East Pine, from 11 Carlton to 6 Nichols 

Eaton, from Lincoln to Plain, Ayer's City 

Edgerley's court, from 91 Charles 

Eighth, from 159 Bridge to 15 Methuen, Centralville 

Eleventh, from junction Bridge and Ilildreth, Cent., east to 
Methuen road 

Elliott, from Appleton, opp. stone church, to 62 Middlesex 


Elm, from 295 Central to 160 Gorham 

Elm, Pawtucketville, changed to Riverside 

Emerson's alley, from 37 Cedar 

Everett, from 109 Fayette to 83 nigh, Belvidere 

Fairmount, from Mansur to Nesmith, at Tewksbury line, Bel. 

Fairview, fr. 58 Fairmount, Bel., near the reservoir, easterly 

Farson's court, from 133 Middlesex 

Faulkner, from 312 Gorham to Faulkner's mills 

Favor, from 140 Appleton to 99 Summer 

Fay, from 542 Gorham, easterly 

Fa} r ette, from Stackpole, n. the hospital, to 28 Andover, Bel. 

Fellows' court, from 12 High-st. square, Bel. 

Fenwick, from 218 Market to 68 Suffolk 

Fifth, from 127 Bridge to 26 Myrtle, Centralville 

First, from Bridge, near the bridge, east, Centralville 

Fletcher, from Thorndike, near Middlesex, to Pawtucket, 

near stone house 
Floyd, from 382 Central to Kinsman 
Ford, from 144 Suffolk to Pawtucket 
Forrest, from opp. 464 Chelmsford to opp. 445 Stevens 
Fourth, from 115 Bridge to Myrtle, Centralville 
Fourth avenue, from Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Franklin, from near Lowell Worsted mill, Willie street, 

easterly, to opp. 51 Fletcher 
Franklin square, bet. Suffolk, Adams, and Lagrange streets 
Fremont, from 82 Third to Sixth, Centralville 
French, from Anne to Bridge 

Front, from River, along the banks of the river, Centralville 
Fruit, from Marshall road, n. Plain-st. R. R. crossing, A. C. 
Fulton, from 113 River to West, Centralville 
Fulton, from Mt. Vernon to Willie, bet. Ruck and Broadway 
Gardner, from 80 Market to counting room Lowell Corp. 
Garnet, from 146 Middlesex to 95 Appleton 
Gates, fr. foot of Marshall, crossing Westford,to Chelmsford 
George, from 28 Tyler to Warren 

Gold, from Mt. Vernon, n. Varney, to 139 School, easterly 
Gore, from Race to Cabot, on Suffolk corporation [line 

Gorham, from 141 Central, by Hale's mills, to Chelmsford 
Goward place, from 112 Appleton 
Grand, from 292 Middlesex to 89 Hale 
Gray place, from Church to Tyler 
Green, from 154 Central to George 
Griffin, from 64 Andrews to Whipple 
Grove, from 36 School to 8 Loring 
Guard Locks, 373 Broadway, near Walker 
Hale, from Thorndike, near jail, to Chelmsford, n. the pound 
Hall, fr. the north end of Tilden to Cabot, on Suffolk corp. 
Hampshire, from 39 Jewett to 266 Bridge, Centralville 


Hancock, from Merrimack, opposite Prescott counting room, 

Massachusetts corporation 
Hancock avenue, from 28 Salem to Clark 
Hanover, from 223 Market, crossing 279 Merrimack and 

Moody [southerly 

Hanover avenue, from Andover, Bel., on Tewksbury line, 
Harrison, from 81 Andover, south, to 38 Oak, Belvidere 
Hastings, from 156 Liberty to 92 Westford 
High, from 117 East Merrimack to Nesmith, Belvidere 
High-street square, from north side of East Merrimack, near 

the church, to Bartlett, Bel. 
Highland, from South, by South Common, to Thorndike, 

opposite the jail 
Highland, Pawtucketville, changed to Mammoth 
Hildreth, from 206 Bridge to Dracut line, Centralvillc 
Holbrook's court, from 13 Andover to Water, Belvidere 
Hollis, changed to West Third, Centralville 
Horn, from opposite 104 Smith to 28 Lane 
Horn's court, from 68 School 

Hosford square, between Central, Elm, and Wamesit 
Howard, from 264 Middlesex, west of depot, to Tanner 
Howard's avenue, from 10 Davidson, Belvidere 
Howe, from 75 East Merrimack, southerly, to Stott's mills, 

Hudson, from 334 Central to 151 Lawrence 
Hurd, from 118 Central to Warren, near St. Paul's church 
Jackson, from 109 Central to 155 Middlesex 
James, from Ford to 201 Moody 
Jefferson, from 160 Market to 34 Lewis 
Jewett, from Coburn to Bridge, Centralville [room 

John, from 61 Merrimack, northerly, to the Boott counting- 
John-street avenue, from west side of John to 31 Kirk 
Joiner, from 158 Lawrence to the river 
June, from Twelfth to Dracut line, Centralville 
Keene, from 194 Gorham to 125 Chapel 
Keelan's place, from 53 Fayette, Belvidere 
Kelty's court, from 123 Worthen 

Kemp, from 80 Walker to Wilder, near railroad crossing 
Kidder, from 286 Gorham to Crosby 
King, from 155 Middlesex to Jackson, near round house 
Kinsman, from Chambers to 45 Whipple, opp. Swift 
Kirk, from Merrimack to French, east of St. Anne's church 
Kirk avenue, from 13 Kirk 
Knowles place, from 21 Davidson, Belvidere 
Korner's court, from 106 Middlesex 
Lagrange, from 32 Suffolk to Fletcher 
Lagrange court, from Lagrange street, between Adams and 

Fletcher, to 53 Fletcher 


Lane, from 97 Liberty to 74 Westford 

Lane court, from 125 Middlesex 

Laroy street, see LeRoy street 

Laughlin's court, from 68 Fayette, Belvidere 

Laurel, from junction of Nesmith and Fairmount, easterly 

Lawrence, from 83 Church to Tewksbury line 

Lawrence-street court, from 61 Lawrence 

Lawson, from 35 School to 47 Queen 

Lee, from 10 John to 23 Kirk 

Lenton court, from 81 Charles 

LeRoy, from opp. 14 Coral, west, to 20 Loring 

Lewis, fr. 206 Market, east side western canal, to Broadway 

Liberty, from 215 Chelmsford to 62 Pine 

Liberty square, junction Fletcher and Adams 

Lincoln, from Chelmsford, at Lincoln sq., through Ayer's 
City, to Gorham 

Lincoln place, from 238 Central 

Lincoln square, junction of Chelmsford, Hale, Lincoln, and 

Linden, from Union to 64 Auburn 

Linden avenue, from Varnum ave. near Pawtucket sq., Paw. 

Little, from 41 Dummer to 60 Lewis . 

Livermore, from 32 Bartlett to 96 Stackpole, Bel. 

Livingston, from 40 Carter, northerly 

Llewellyn, from 31 Bennett to First, Centralville 

Locke, from Gorham to South, south of West Union 

London, from Tanner, Ayer's City, to 435 Gorham 

Loring, from 76 Branch to 95 Westford 

Loudon court, from 183 Central 

Lowell, now Market street 

Lowell place, from 245 Market [streets 

Lowell Highlands, south of Middlesex, and west of School 

Luther's court, from 193 Central 

Lyman, from Race to Cabot, on the Suffolk corporation 

Lyon, from 396 Central, to Kinsman 

Lyon's court, from 69 High, Belvidere 

Madison, from 231 Gorham to 198 Thorndike 

Maiden lane, from 214 Merrimack to 151 Market 

Main, from Canada to Plain, Ayer's City 

Mammoth, from Pawtucket sq., north, to City line, Paw. 

Manchester, from 461 Gorham to Tanner 

Mansur, from 114 Nesmith, past foot of Fairmount, Bel. 

Manufacturers, from Short to Plain 

Maple, from Gorham, near railroad bridge, west 

March, from opp. 266 Bridge, Centralville 

Marion, from Cross, betw. Suffolk and Adams, to Lagrange 

Market, from 47 Central to Salem, corner Cabot 

Marshall, from 19 Grand to 1 Gates [line 

Marshall road, fr. Plain, n. L. & F. R. R. crossing, to City 


Mason's court, from 233 Central 

May, from August to Dracut line, Centralville 

McCarry's court, from Cross, opposite Marion 

McFarlin avenue, from opposite 244 Pawtucket 

McGovern's court, from 99 River, Cent. 

Mclntire, from 330 Middlesex to 29 Marshall 

Mead, from 20 Floyd 

Meadowcroft, from opp. 108 Moore to the railroad 

Mechanic, changed to Broadway 

Mellen's court, from 100 Fayette, Belvidere 

Merriam's court, from 57 High, Belvidere 

Merrill, from 206 Lawrence, across Taylor, near Concord 

Merrill's court, from 14 Chapel to 34 Linden 

Merrimack, from Concord River, North bridge, west to 

Merrimack square, from Merrimack to Tremont 
Methuen, from 36 Seventh to Dracut line, Centralville 
Middle, from 23 Central to 22 Shattuck 
Middlesex, from 139 Central to Chelmsford line 
Middlesex place, from 229 to 251 Middlesex 
Middlesex Village, western part of the city 
Mill, from 91 Lawrence to Central 
Molloy's court, from 24 Summer 
Montreal, from Quebec to Tanner, Ayer's City 
Monument square, junction of Merrimack, Moody, and 

Moody, fr. Merrimack, opp. Merrimac House, to Pawtucket 
Moore, from 386 Gorham, east to Lawrence, n.the cemetery 
Moran's yard, from 39 Fenwick 
Morris court, from Cross to St. Patrick's church 
Mt. Grove, from Third avenue, Pawtucketville 
Mt. Hope, from Riverside, near Pawtucket square, Paw. 
Mt. Pleasant, from 79 Tenth to Bradley, Cent. 
Mt. Vernon, from 88 Pawtucket to 98 Rock 
Mt. Vernon square, at junction of Third and Vernon, Cent. 
Mt. Washington, from 80 Pawtucket to 11 Varney 
Myrtle, from 64 Third to 30 Tenth, Centralville 
Navy Yard, at Dracut 

Nesmith, from 159 East Merrimack, Bel. to Tewksbury line 
New, from 44 Crosby to Lyon 
Newhall, from 57 Whipple to Chambers 
Nichols, from 16 Branch to 51 Westford 
Ninth, from 167 Bridge, Centralville 
Noble's court, from 130 Broadway 
North, from 49 Lawrence to 258 Central 
North Chapel, from the end of Chapel to Charles 
North Common, abutting on Fletcher, Cross, Clark, and 

North Franklin court, from opposite 26 Franklin 


Oak, from 152 High to 95 Nesmith, Bel. [east 

Old Meadow road, from Varnum ave. Pawtucketville, north 

Old Middlesex road, from Ayer's City to Chelmsford line 

Oliver, from 146 School to Wannalaucit 

O'Malley's court, from 48 Charles 

Orange, from Chambers to Crosby 

Paige, from 8 Bridge to Kirk 

Park, fr. Andover, northerly, to opp. 160 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Park Garden, abutting on Chestuut, Park, Andover, and 

Nesmith, Belvidere 
Parker, from 327 Chelmsford to Chelmsford line 
Pawtucket, from north side of the canal to Middlesex 
Pawtucket square, junction of Mammoth, Varnum ave. and 

Riverside, Pawtucketville 
Pawtucketville, north-west of the Merrimack river 
Pearl, from 130 Middlesex to 87 Appleton 
Pearl, Centralville, changed to Jewett 

Pentucket, from opposite 270 Andover, Bel. [yond Cabot 
Perkins, from Suffolk, near Lawrence counting room, to be- 
Perrin, from School, opposite gas works, southerly 
Pine, from 94 Westford, crossing Westford, to opposite 95 

Plain, from opposite 37 Parker to burial ground, Ayer's City 
Plains, north end of River, Centralville 
Pleasant, from opposite 38 Andover to Roger's farm, Bel. 
Pleasant, on the Plains, from 137 River to West, Cent. 
Pleasant court, from 20 Winter 
Pollard's avenue, from 19 John 
Pond, from Concord river to 65 High, Bel. 
Poplar, from School, opposite the gas works, southerly 
Porter, from 133 Pine to opp. 599 Middlesex 
Powell, from 96 Liberty, southerly, to Chelmsford, cor. Plain 
Prescott, from 2 Merrimack to Central 
Prince, from Merrimack Print Works to Moody 
Princeton, from 54 Wilder to Porter 
Prospect, from 39 Kidder to Kinsman 
Proud, changed to Princeton 
Putney's court, from 68 Gorham 

Quebec, from Canada to Plain, Ayer's City [to Westford 
Queen, fr. opposite 383 Middlesex, by old burying ground, 
Quigley's alley, from 174 Market 
Race, from 319 Merrimack to Hall, on Suffolk corp. 
Railroad, from 53 Hale, side of the railroad, to 94 Howard 
Read, from 48 First to 24 Seventh, Centralville 
Redmond, Pawtucketville, changed to Riverside 
Reed's court,. from 99 Charles 

Reservoir, from Christian to Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Richardson, from Vernon to Beacon, Centralville 
Richmond, from School, between Perrin and Broadway 


River, from Bridge, near the bridge, west to Dracut line, 
Centralville [Dracut line 

Riverside, from Mammoth, Pawtucketville, north-east, to 
Robinson, from near 35 Congress to the railroad 
Robinson court, from 15 Robinson [gas works 

Rock, from junction of Cushing and Fletcher to School, at 
Roger's Farm, south end of High street, near the cemetery, 

Rolfe, from Broadway to opposite 347 Pawtucket 
Salem, from Cabot and Adams to Pawtucket 
Sawtell place, from 76 School 

School, from opposite 120 Liberty to Pawtucket bridge 
Second, from 81 Bridge to Read, Centralville 
Second avenue, from Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Seventh, from 147 Bridge to Varnum, Centralville 
Shattuck, from 164 Merrimack to Market 
Short, from 256 Chelmsford to opposite 60 Lincoln 
Simpson, from First to 71 Third, Centralville 
Sixth, from 135 Bridge to Christian, Centralville 
Smith, from 24 Branch, southerly, to Powell 
Smith's court, from 38 Hanover 
Somerset, from 37 School to 43 Queen 

South, fr. 84 Middlesex, by South Common, to 175 Gorham 
South Common, abutting on Summer, South, Highland, and 

South Franklin court, from opposite 27 Franklin 
South Highland, from Thorndike, opp. Hale, 'to 209 Gorham 
Spalding, from Merrimack to Moody, between Pawtucket 

and Austin 
Spencer, from Gorham, opposite the fair grounds, to old 

Middlesex road 
Spring, from 25 South, westerly, to 8 Pearl 
Stackpole, fr. 8 E. Merrimack, Bel., easterly, along the river 
Stedman, from Westford to Chelmsford line 
Stevens, from opp. 133 Pine to 650 Chelmsford 
St. Hyacinth, from south end of Howard 
Suffolk, from Lawrence counting room, across 281 Merri- 
mack, to Adams 
Suffolk court, from 332 Merrimack, to 239 Market 
Sullivan's court, from 179 Lawrence 
Sullivan's yard, from 39 Fenwick 

Summer, from — Gorham to Thorndike, by the so. Common 
Swan, from Gorham, below the cemetery, west 
Swift, from 187 Lawrence to 41 Whipple 
Talbot, from 32 Fairmount. Bel. easterly 
Tanner, from Railroad to Plain, Ayer's City 
Taylor, from 174 Lawrence to the Concord river 
Tenth, from 179 Bridge, Centralville 
Third, from 103 Bridge to 105 Beacon, Centralville 


Third avenue, from Mammoth, Pawtucketville 

Thorndike, from Dutton, near Mechanics' Mills, to opposite 

262 Gorham, corner Central 
Tilden, from 241 Merrimack to Hall 
Tilden court, from 75 Tilden 

Totman, from Varnnm avenue, north, Pawtucketville 
Tremont, from 251 Merrimack to Hall 
Tremont mall, between Tilden and Tremont 
Tyler, from 184 Central to 13 Lawrence 
Union, from 241 Central to 98 Gorham 
Union court, from 233 Market 
Varney, from 158 Fletcher to opposite 140 School 
Varnum, from 41 Sixth to 19 Tenth, Centralville. 
Varnnm avenue, from Pawtucket sq., westerly, to City line, 

Varnum's alley, from Fulton to Pleasant, near River, Cent. 
Vernon, from Richardson to 105 Sixth, Centralville 
"Walker, from 107 Westford to Pawtucket, opposite- Lowell 
Felting Mills [Davidson again 

Wall, from 29 Davidson, Bel. to Concord river, thence to 
Walnut, from 180 Gorham to 353 Central 
Walnut Hill, Varnum avenue, Pawtucketville [rence 

Wamesit, from Central, Chapel Hill, south-east, to 139 Law- 
Wamesit court, from opposite 37 Cushing to Dutton 
Wannalancit, from opposite 179 Pawtucket to Oliver 
Warren, from 98 Central to 85 Church 
Warren court, from 85 Church 
"Washington, from 164 Hale, near Chelmsford 
Washington square, Central street, opp. Washington House 
Water, from 27 Andover, opp. Fayette, Bel., to Roger's farm 
"Watson, from 203 Lawrence, near Hale's brook, to Whipple 
Webster, from Jackson to Middlesex 
Webster avenue, from Eighth to 7 Tenth, Centralville 
Weed, from nearly opposite 595 Gorham, easterly 
"West, on the Plains, from 144 Coburn, Centralville 
West Clark, from Clark to Fletcher, near the north Common 
West Fifth, from 122 Bridge, westerly, Centralville 
West Fourth, from 110 Bridge to Jewett, Cent. 
West Ninth, from 172 Bridge, Centralville 
West Sixth, from 136 Bridge to West, Centralville 
West Third, from 92 Bridge to Coburn, Centralville 
West Union, from 107 Gorham to 90 South 
West's court, from 302 Middlesex 

Western avenue, from 3 Thorndike, near the bridge, west- 
erly, to School, near railroad crossing 
Westford, from 19 Chelmsford, near Thorndike, westerly to 

Chelmsford line 
Whipple, from 348 Central to Wamesit Power Company 
Whipple, from Lawrence, near Chase Mills, to 152 Moore 


Whiting, from 86 Salem to Fletcher 

Wiggin, from 98 Rock to Willie, opp. Wamesit Steam Mills 
Wilder, from near 244 Pawtucket, south to Pine 
William, from 136 Central to George 
Willie, from near 138 Fletcher, south to Dutton 
Willie avenue, from 24 Salem to 9 Clark 
Willow, from 149 E. Merrimack to 78 Andover, Bel. 
Willow place, from 354 Merrimack 
Wilson, from 142 Chelmsford to Grand, near Hale 
Winter, from 61 Gorham to 12 Davis 
Wood, from Middlesex to Westford 

Wood and Hay Market Stand, rear Market House building 
Woodward, from Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Worthen, from Merrimack corporation, crossing 190 Merri- 
mack, to Fletcher 
Wright, from Woodward, near Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Wyman, fr. 98 Nesmith, opp. Oak, Bel., to Tewksbury line 


Albro's Block, opposite 57 Gushing street 

Aldrich's Block, Appleton, opp. Garnet 

Alms House, or City Farm, Chelmsford, near City line 

American House Block, Central, adjoining American House 

Appleton Block, from 100 Central, bet. Warren and Hurd 

Armory Buildings, Market House Building, Market, and 

64 to 70 Middle 
Austin's Block, Coolidge street 
Bang's Block, 46 Railroad 
Banquet Hall, 5 City Hall avenue 
Banisters' Hall, Central, corner Merrimack 
Blair's Block, Broadway, near School 
Boston & Lowell Railroad Depot, Merrimack, cor. Datton 
Boston & Maine Railroad Depot, 136 to 144 Central 
Brennan's Block, Central, corner Hudson 
Brown's Block, near foot of Marshall, opp. Carlton 
Cabot Block, Cabot, corner Moody 
Canal Block, from 63 to 77 Central 
Chase's Block, near Chase Mills, Lawrence 
City Government Building, 156 to 164 Merrimack 
City Hay Scales, rear of City Market building 
City Stables, Western avenue 
Concert Hall, 82 Merrimack 
Corey's Block, Coolidge, near Hall 
Costello's Block, 151 Central 
Court House, opp. 151 Gorham, corner Elm 
Downing's Block, 83 to 89 Broadway 
Eacott's Cottage, rear Water, corner Pond, Bel. 
Eagle Block, 311 Middlesex 


Evans Block, 64 Railroad 

Farson's Block, rear 125 Middlesex 

Faulkner's Block, Faulkner, opp. Faulkner's Mill 

Fay's Block, 51 and 53 Common 

Gas Works, School, corner Rock 

Good Templars' Hall, 18 Middle 

Grand Army Ball, 131 Central 

Hale's Mills, Gorham, near junction Thorndike 

Hamilton Block, Gorham, corner Middlesex 

Harris Mills, Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon 

Elighland Hall, 5 City Hall avenue 

Highland Hall, 61 Branch 

Hills' or Herrick's Block, 5 Dodge 

Huntington Hall, over Boston & Lowell Railroad Depot 

Industrial Halls, 218 Middlesex, and 27 Prescott 

Jackson Hall, over Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot 

Jail, Thorndike, south-west corner of South Common 

Livingston's Block, 145 Appleton 

Lynch's Block and Hall, 43 and 45 Market 

Mansur Building, 7 to 21 East Merrimack, Belvidere 

Mansur's Block, 47 Central, corner Market 

Marin's Block, 15 Aiken 

Market House Building, 24 to 30 Market 

Masonic Temple, 66 to 72 Merrimack 

Mechanics' Bank Block, 124 to 132 Merrimack 

Mechanics' Building, Dutton, near Merrimack 

Mechanics' Hall, in Mechanics' Building 

Mechanics' Mills, Dutton, corner Fletcher 

Merchants' Bank Building, 43 Merrimack 

Monka Block, Cheever, corner Aiken 

Moore's Block, Central, corner Charles 

Morrison's Block, William street 

Museum Building, Merrimack, opp. Central 

Music Hall Building, Dutton, near Merrimack 

Music Hall, Dutton, near Merrimack 

Nesmith's Block, Merrimack, corner John 

Northern Railroad Depot, Middlesex, near Thorndike 

Odd Fellows' Block, 134 to 138 Merrimack 

Police Court, room in Market House building, Market st. 

Police Station, west end of Market House building 

Post Office Building, Merrimack, nearly opp. Central 

Prescott Block, Merrimack, between Prescott and the canal 

Public Library, 70 Merrimack 

Pythian Hall, 84 Merrimack 

Reading Room, Mechanics' Hall, Dutton 

Reservoirs, on Belvidere heights, and at Centralville 

Russell's Block, Merrimack, corner Suffolk 

Savings Bank Building (old), 16 to 20 Shattuck 

Shaw's Block, 37 East Pine 


Simpson's Block, Merrimack, corner Bridge, Cent. 

Starbird's Block, 26 Smith 

Steyens' Block, Merrimack, corner Prescott 

Stott's Block, Middlesex, corner Thorndike 

Suffolk Hall, Suffolk, near Market 

Swan's Block, opposite 61 Congress 

Templars' Hall, 18 Middle 

Theatre Block, Market, near Worthen 

Thompson's Block, Cheever, corner Aiken 

Times Building, 12 Middle 

Turner's Block, Hall, near Cabot 

Tyler's Block, 45 Central 

Tyler's Block, Front, Centralville 

Tyler's Halls, 8 and 18 Middle 

Urban Block, 3 to 7 City Hall avenue 

Wamesit National Bank Building, 189 Middlesex 

Wamesit Steam Mills, Button, corner Willie 

Water Works Engine House, junct. West Sixth, Hampshire, 

and Pearl streets, Centralville 
Welles' Block, Merrimack, corner Kirk 
Welles' Hall, in Welles' Block 

Wellman's Block, Merrimack, cor. Bridge, Centralville 
Wentworth's Building, 170 Merrimack, cor. Shattuck 
Wheelock's Blocks, Charles, corner Chapel 
Whipple's Mills, now Wamesit Water Power Company 
AVilliams Block, on Canal Bridge, Central 
Wills Block, Race, corner Ford 
Wing's Block-, John, corner Lee 
Witherell's Hall, 183 Middlesex 
Wyman's Exchange, Merrimack, corner Central 
Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, Barristers' Hall 


Appleton Company, Jackson street 
Boott Cotton Mills, Amory, foot of John street 
Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Jackson street 
Lawrence Manufacturing Company, north end Suffolk street 
Locks and Canals (proprietors of), office, 22 Broadway 
Lowell Bleachery, Bleachery street, south part of the city 
Lowell Hosiery Company, Mt. Vernon, near Broadway 
Lowell Machine Shop, Dutton street, near Broadway 
Lowell Manufacturing Company, Market street [streets 

Massachusetts Cotton Mills, between Bridge and Merrimack 
Merrimack Manufacturing Co., north end Dutton street 
Middlesex Company, Warren street 
Prescott Mills, Merrimack street, near Concord river 
Tremont and Suffolk Mills, Suffolk street, below Moody 
Wamesit Power Co., Lawrence street, near Whipple 



Ward 1. Beginning at a point in Merrimack River on a 
line with the middle of the Merrimack Canal ; thence south- 
erly, along the middle of said canal, to tho Pawtucket Canal ; 
thence westerly, along the middle of said Pawtucket canal, 
to the middle of the bridge across said canal, at or near the 
junction of Thorndike and Fletcher streets; thence northerly, 
along the middle of Thorndike and Fletcher streets, to Adams 
street; thence northerly, along the middle of Adams street, to 
Salem street ; thence easterly, along the middle of Salem 
and Market streets, to Cabot street ; thence northerly, along 
the middle of Cabot street, to Perkins street ; thence west- 
erly, along the middle of Perkins street, to a point opposite 
the westerly wall of the Lawrence Manufacturing Compa- 
ny's yard ; thence northerly, along said wall, to Merrimack 
River ; thence southeasterly, down said river, to the point 
of beginning. 

Ward 2. Beginning in Merrimack River, on a line with 
the middle of the Merrimack Canal ; thence southerly, along 
the middle of said canal, to the middle of Pawtucket Canal ; 
thence easterly, along the middle of said canal to the mid- 
dle of Concord River ; thence northerly, along the middle 
of said Concord River, to Merrimack River; thence north- 
westerly, along the middle of Merrimack River, to the 
point of beginning; also all that territory lying on the 
northeasterly side of Merrimack River, easterly of the mid- 
dle of Beaver Brook. 

Ward 3. Beginning at Central street, with its intersec- 
tion with Gorham street; thence along the middle of Central 
street, southerly, to Wamesit street; thence along the middle 
ofWamesit street, southeasterly, to Lawrence street; thence 
crossing Lawrence street, to Taylor street ; thence easterly, 
along the middle of Taylor street, to the middle of Concord 
River; thence southerly, along the middle of Concord River, 
to the line between Lowell and Chelmsford; thence westerly, 
along said line, to Chelmsford street; thence northeasterly, 
along the middle of Chelmsford street, to its junction with 
Thorndike street; thence southerly, along the middle of 
Thorndike street, to Summer street ; thence easterly, along 
the middle of Summer street, to Gorham street ; thence 
northerly, along the middle of Gorham street, to the point 
of beginning. 

Ward 4. Beginning at the bridge on Central street, over 
the Pawtucket Canal ; thence westerly, along the middle of 
said canal, to the bridge of the Nashua and Lowell Railroad, 
over said canal, near Walker street ; thence westerly, along 


said railroad, to whore it crosses Pawtucket street ; thence 
northerly, to the middle of Merrimack River ; thence west- 
erly, along said river, to the westerly boundary line between 
Lowell and Chelmsford ; thence following said boundary 
line, to Chelmsford street; thence northeasterly, along the 
middle of Chelmsford street, to its junction with Thorn- 
dike street; thence southerly, along the middle of Thorn- 
dike street, to Summer street ; thence easterly, along the 
middle of Summer street, to Gorham street ; thence along 
the middle of Gorham and Central streets, to the point of 

Ward 5. Beginning in Merrimack River, on a line with 
the westerly wall of the Lawrence Manufacturing Compa- 
ny's yard ; thence following said wall, northerly, to Perkins 
street; thence easterly, along the middle of Perkins street, 
to Cabot street; thence southerly, along the middle of Cabot 
street, to Market street ; thence westerly, along the middle 
of Market and Salem streets to Adams street ; thence south- 
erly, along the middle of Adams street, to Fletcher street ; 
thence southerly, along the middle of Fletcher and Thorn- 
dike streets, to the middle of the bridge over the Pawtucket 
Canal, at or near the junction of Fletcher and Thorndike 
streets ; thence westerly, along the middle of said canal, to 
the bridge of the Nashua and Lowell Railroad, over said 
canal, near Walker street; thence westerly, along said rail- 
road, to where it crosses Pawtucket street; thence northerly, 
to the Merrimack river; thence down the middle of said 
river to the point of beginning ; also all that territory lying 
on the northerly side of Merrimack River, westerly of the 
middle of Beaver Brook. 

Ward 6. Beginning in the Concord River, on a line 
with the middle of Pawtucket Canal; thence westerly, along 
the middle of said canal, to the bridge over said canal, on 
Central street; thence southerly, along the middle of Central 
street to Wamesit street; thence southeasterly, along the 
middle of Wamesit street, to Lawrence street; thence cross- 
ing Lawrence street to Taylor street, and easterly, along 
the middle of Taylor street, to the middle of Concord River; 
thence northerly, along said river, to the point of beginning ; 
also all that territory lying easterly of Concord River, and 
southerly of Merrimack River. 






Of Newsdealers, 3 Cents a Copy. 
By Mail, $8 per annum, 
$4 for Six Months. 
$2 for Three Months. 

Globe Publishing Co., 



rfn tt 

it \i 

Dr. 6K0RSK 1 LODK, Airlcultiral Editor. 

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\ i>i>k i -;-i^ 





Abbreviations: — A. C, for Ayer's City; Appleton, Appleton Manuf. Co.; 
av., avenue ; (B.), Boston; b. or bds., boards; blk., block; Bel., Belvidere ; Boott, 
Boott Cotton Mills; B. & L. K. It., Boston & Lowell Railroad; B. & L. & N. & L. 
K. R., Boston & Lowell & Nashua & Lowell Railroad; B. & M. R, R., Boston & 
Maine Railroad; Cent., Central vllle; cor., corner; corp., corporation ; et., court; 
F. & L. R. R., Framingbam & Lowell Railroad; l'r., from; ft., foot; h., house; 
Hamilton, Hamilton Manuf. Co.; la., lane; Lawrence, Lawrence Manuf. Co.; 
L. G. L. Co., Lowell Gas Light Co. ; L. H. C, Lowell Hosiery Co. ; L. H. R. R., 
Lowell Horse Railroad; Lowell, Lowell Manuf. Co.; L. M. S., Lowell Machine 
Shop; L.W. W., Lowell Water Works; L. & C, Locks and Canals; L. &L.R. R., 
Lowell & Lawrence Railroad ; L. & S. R. R., Lowell & Salem Railroad ; Merri- 
mack, Merrimack Manuf. Co.; M:\ss., Massachusetts Cotton Mills; Mid. vil , 
Middlesex village; M. P. W., Merrimack Print Works ; n., near; opp., opposite ; 
Paw., Pawtucketville; pi., place; P. O., Post Office; r., rear; st., street; sq., 

ABARE WILBUR L. overseer, Lawrence, h. 21 do. corp. 

Abbot Julian, counsellor, 87 Central, boards 11 Tyler 

Abbott Albert II. & James II. carriage manufs. 358 Mid- 
dlesex, corner Branch, house 1 Fruit 

Abbott Allen, machinist, boards 69 L. M. S. corporation 

Abbott A. R. Mrs. widow, house 12!) Moody 

Abbott Benjamin F. operative, boards 72 Ford 

Abbott Catharine, seamstress, house 23 Cady 

Abbott ( Charles H.), Ames ( Geo. H.), & Co. ( G. T. Gut- 
ling), dry goods, 66 and 68 Merrimack, h. 25 Walker 

Abbott Charles M. student, boards 15 Ilurd 

Abbott Charles W. machinist, Merrimack, h. 43 do. Corp. 

Abbott Chauncy L. machinist, boards 19 Cabot 

Abbott Clarence A. clerk, 172 Merrimack, h. 84 High, Bel. 

Abbott Clerentine, operative, boards 72 Ford 

Abbott Cyrus, carpenter, h. 122$ Prince, Merrimack corp. 

Abbott Eunice Miss, house 7 Race 

Abbott Frank A. clerk, 172 Merrimack, h. 59 Chestnut, Bel. 

Abbott F. Alfred, clerk, bds. 128 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Abbott George W. carpenter, Rock, cor. Willie, house 15 

Abbott Hannah, seamstress, house 23 Cady 


Abbott Hannah F. widow, house 23 Cady 

Abbott Henry, farmer, house 2 Fruit 

Abbott Henry F. clerk, 43 Merrimack, bds. 84 High, Bel. 

Abbott Henry M., Boott, house 32 First, Cent. 

Abbott James C. counsellor, 45 Central, h. 18 Fairmount, Bel. 

Abbott James H. (A. H. & J. H. Abbott), 358 Middlesex, 

house 2 Fruit 
Abbott Joel A. auctioneer, 172 Merrimack, h. 84 High, Bel. 
Abbott Jolin W. carpenter, house 134 Middlesex 
Abbott J. H. R. picture frames, &c, 316 Merrimack, h. do. 
Abbott Mattie K. Miss, dressmaker, boards 22 Church 
Abbott Samuel Mrs. house 30 Church 
Abbott Sarah, widow, boards 123 Howard 
Abbott Sarah A., dressmaker, 106 Suffolk, house do. 
Abbott Soliman A. tinsmith, 259 Broadway, h. 164 Cross 
Abbott William, carpenter, house 72 Dummer 
Abbott Ziba, house 285 Central 

Abbott , painter, boards 262 Middlesex 

Abel Desera, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 

Abels Alexander M. 3 Welles block, bds. 22 Second, Cent. 

Abels ( Charles) & Son (Sampson Abels), gloves, hosiery, 

&c. 3 Welles block, house 22 Second, Cent. 
Abels Sampson (Abels & Son), 3 Welles block, house 22 

Second, Centralville 
Achorn Charles F. (Curtis & Achom), Wiggin, house 69 

Adams Abby A. widow, house 2 Branch 
Adams Abner S. 7 Central, boards 49 Tyler 
Adams Alexis, engineer, Appleton, house 29 do. corp. 
Adams Alfred, spinner, boards rear 17 River, Cent. 
Adams Andrew, operative, house 44 Chestnut, Bel. 
Adams Anson, doormaker, house Appleton 
Adams Charles, mason, boards 1 Aiken 
Adams Charles, paper hanger, bds. 2 r. 39 Willow, Bel. 
Adams Charles, tin peddler, house 58 W. Sixth, Cent. 
Adams Charles E. hardware, 228 Middlesex, b. 108 Appleton 
Adams Charles E. beltmaker, 20 Shattuck, house 112 Cross 
Adams Charles R. paper hanger, boards 70 Dutton 
Adams (Enos H.) & Byam { S. A.), boots and shoes, 70 and 

72 Merrimack, house 124 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Adams Ezra B. (Adams & Co.), 7 Central, h. 25 Bartlett, Bel. 
Adams Frank A. shoemaker, 70 Merrimack, boards 124 East 

Adams George W. fancy goods, 42 Merrimack, boards 65 

Boott corporation 
Adams George W. painter, 39 E. Merrimack, Bel., house at 

Adams George W. S. carpenter, house 70 Dover 
Adams Hannah, widow, boards 7 1 Westford 


Adams Henry, boards 36 Appleton block 

Adams [Horace J.) & Co. [E. B. Adams and H. G. Cooper), 

furniture, &c. 28 Merrimack and 7 Central, h. 49 Tyler 
Adams Ira 0. [Eaton & Adams), house 22 N. Franklin ct. 
Adams I. P. engineer, B. & M. R. R., rooms 12 Wellman's 

Adams James, machinist, house 21 No. Franklin court 
Adams James R. machinist, house 71 Willie 
Adams James W. carpenter, boards 128 Middlesex 
Adams John, house 378 Merrimack 
Adams John Q. clerk, house Adams square 
Adams Judith Miss, house 66 Paige 

Adams Julius T. cabinet maker, house 1 Merriam's court 
Adams Landon, clerk, Lowell Manuf. Co., h. 100 Market 
Adams Lewis, bobbin maker, boards 107 Middlesex 
Adams Luke, moulder, boards 208 Broadway 
Adams Mary Mrs. at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Adams Mary S. Miss, house QQ Paige 
Adams Mitchell, Lowell corp. boards 17 Market 
Adams Mitchell, stone cutter, boards 24 Chapel 
Adams Rhoda E. Mrs. house 48 Cabot 
Adams Rufus 0. wood, 15 Prescott, house 28 Willow, Bel. 
Adams Samuel E. R. carpenter, house Varnum, near Dracut 

line, Pawtucketville 
Adams Sarah A. Mrs. house 35 Fifth, Centralville 
Adams Smith, tripe dealer, 62 Walker, n. Middlesex, h. do. 
Adams Theodore, house 25 Grand 
Adams William, beltmaker, house 24 Chapel 
Adams William H. machinist, house 21 Mass. corp. 
Adie Miles, laborer, house rear 14 William 
Adle George W. cigars and liquors, 32 Merrimack, house 4 

Russell's block 
Adsit Alvairo, operative, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Aggot Moses, machinist, house 86 Hall 
Aham Abbie L. operative, boards 112 Merrimack 
Aiken Samuel, boarding house, 32 and 33 Lawrence corp. 
Akers Benjamin M. foreman, house 31 Branch 
Akers Thomas, fruit, 105 Middlesex, bds. 208 Broadway 
Alcott Albert G. shoemaker, 256 Merrimack, boards 136 

Alcott Arabella G. Miss, dressmaker, 136 Suffolk, h. do. 
Alcott Gilman Mrs. house 136 Suffolk 
Alden Charles E. music and musical instruments, 12 Central, 

boards 66 Westford 
Alder Harriet, widow, house 51 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Aldrich Daniel W. baggage master, F. R. R , h. 57 Hale 
Aldrich Ezra E. variety store, 53 Dutton, house do. 
Aldrich E. B. physician and surgeon, Merrimack, c. John, 

and furnaces, 127 Market, house 6 Coral 


Aldrich E. True, wood screw maker, boards 60 Branch 

Aldrich Levi M. carpenter, rooms 29 Washington 

Aldrich Milton, wood screw manuf., Mechanics mills, Dut- 

ton, house 60 Branch 
Aldrich Warren, machinist, house 111 Appleton 
Aldrich William K. foreman at M. Aldrich's, h. 37 Branch 
Alexander Francis, carpenter, house 31 Andover, Bel. 
Alexander Geo. B. sashmaker, house 72 Branch 
Alexander Loring C. paper maker, h. 16 Lagrange court 
Alexander Milo F. carpenter, rear Russell's block, house 

112 Suffolk 
Alexander William A. carpenter, bds. 26 Suffolk corp. 
Alger Mary J. Miss, teacher, primary No. 71, bds. 7 Oak, 

Allar Judson G. (S. R. Brackett & Go.), lumber, Poplar, 

house 132 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Allard Isaac, second hand, Hamilton, house 15 do. corp. 
Allard Jean Baptiste, laborer, house 12 Middlesex place 
Allard Moise, laborer, house 6 River, Centralville 

Allard — ; Mrs. house rear 125 Middlesex 

Allen Ann, widow, boards 21 Cheever [Cent. 

Allen Charles II. horse boots, 49 Central, boards 11 Third, 
Allen Charles Herbert ( Otis Allen & Son), 320 Middlesex, 

house 438 do. 
Allen Charles II. baggage master, B. L. & N. R. R. boards 

264 Middlesex 
Allen Charles H., Hamilton, house 1 Goward place 
Allen Chester, overseer, Hamilton, house 18 do. corp. 
Allen David 0. (Cowley (b Allen), counsellor, 5 Barristers' 

Hall, house 91 Durant, Centralville 
Allen Edward, house 44 Fayette 
Allen Ellen, widow, house 17 Union 
Allen George B. cashier, First National Bank, house 1 

Myrtle, Centralville 
Allen George W. farmer, house Mt. Hope, Pawtucketville 
Allen Hanson W., Hamilton, house 46 do. corp. 
Allen Hervey W. & Co. ( Geo. G. Osgood), apothecaries, 

Merrimack, cor. Suffolk, house at Framingham 
Allen James, laborer, house 65 Appleton 
Allen James, cook, 118 Central 
Allen James, elastic weaver, house 159 Lincoln 
Allen James M. house 135 Appleton 
Allen James W. tinsmith, house 5 Lawrence corp. 
Allen John G. harness and trunk maker, 46 Central, house 

11 Third, Centralville 
Allen Joseph II. curtain fixtures, boards 169 Central 
Allen Joseph 0., Merrimack P.VV. bds. 135 Merrimack corp. 
Allen M. Leslie Miss, draftist, 128 Merrimack, boards 1 


Allen Nathan, physican, 12 Hurd, house do. 

Allen Nathaniel, foreman, house 51 dishing 

Allen Nicholas, laborer, house 4 Laughlin's court, Bel. 

Allen Otis & Son ( G. H), box manufs. and lumber dealers, 

320 Middlesex, house 409 do. 
Allen Otis L. Mrs. house 1 Myrtle, Central ville 
Allen Patrick, laborer, house rear 114 Adams 
Allen Peter V. house 39 Lawrence corp. 
Allen Richard, clerk, 53 Gorham, boards 51 do. 
Allen Rufus, boarding house, 24 Appleton corp. 
Allen R. A. Miss, house 33 Church 
Allen Thomas, city, house rear 63 Salem 
Allen T. E. express 'messenger, S. B. R. R., Merrimack st. 

depot, boards 23 Lawrence corp. 
Allen Warren W. farmer, house Mt. Hope, Paw. [Cent. 

Allen William S. harnessmaker, 46 Central, bds. 11 Third, 
Allen Robert, weaver, boards 300 Lawrence 
Alloi 1 John, blacksmith, house 116 Suffolk 
Allyn R. H. physician, 33 Church, house do. 
Alms House or City Farm, Chelmsford street, n. City line 
Alpine Bartholomew, machinist, house 60 Suffolk 
Alton John, laborer, house 34 Agawam 
Alverson Charles B. carpenter, house 60 Vernon, Cent. 
Ambrose Adam, house 119 Market , 

Ambrose Adam Mrs. millinery, 119 Market, house do. 
Ambrose John, laborer, house 7 Franklin square 
Ambrose Joseph M. moulder, boards 7 Franklin square 
Ambrose Michael, machinist, boards 83 Middle 
Ambrose Michael Mrs. house 7 Franklin square 
Ambrose Mary Mrs. house 49 Moody 
Ambrose William, laborer, boards 7 Franklin square 
American Bolt Co., bolts, nuts, washers, etc., manufs., 270 

Ames Frank W. clerk at A. L. Brooks & Co.'s, boards 53 

Ames George II. {Abbott, Ames, & Go.), 66 Merrimack, h. 

72 Fletcher 
Ames Jacob, machinist, house 14 Fifth, Centralville 
Ames John, nurseryman, River, n. Dracut line, h. at Dracut 
Ames John H. bookkeeper, 48 Central, house at Dracut 
Ancdoer Rudolph, mule spinner, house 87 Willie 
Anderson Alexander, gardener, house Mt. Washington, near 

Anderson Alexander, brassfinisher, 92 Middle, house 76 

Fayette, Belvidere 
Anderson Charles, house 62 Elm 

Anderson James, machinist, house 73 Merrimack corp. 
Anderson John W. bookkeeper, bds, Mt. Washington, near 



Anderson Joseph, planer, house Third av., Pawtucketville 
Anderson M. J. Mrs. house 81 Beacon, Central ville 
Anderson Peter Mrs. house 31 Anne [corp. 

Anderson Sarah A. Mrs. boarding house, 19 and 20 Trernont 
Anderson William, cotton spinner, bds. 40 L. M. S. corp. 
Anderson William H. counsellor, 1 Barristers' Hall, house 99 

Andrews Aaron, carpenter, house 8 Trernont corp. 
Andrews Allen B. cabinet maker, boards 58 Middlesex 
Andrews Anne, widow, house 7 Franklin square 
Andrews Charles, machinist, boards 36 L. M. S. corp. 
Andrews Charles II. marble worker, Thorndike, near depot, 

house 12 Madison 
Andrews Frank B. weaver, Merrimack Manuf. Co. 
Andrews George, laborer, boards 112 Market 
Andrews George H. machinist, boards 36 L. M. S. corp. 
Andrews James, mule spinner, bds. head of Stackpole, Bel. 
Andrews James E. moulder, boards 18 L. M. S. corp. 
Andrews John, machinist, house 36 L. M. S. corp. 
Andrews John, Middlesex, house 42 Walnut 
Andrews John, overseer, Stott's mill, house 3*7 Water, Bel. 
Andrews Luther M. painter, 31 Market, house 112 High, 

Andrews Susan M. teacher, Colburn School, boards 42 

Andrews William, marble and granite works, 47 Thorndike, 

near depot, house 126 Moore 
Andrews Wm. M. H. operative, boards 8 Trernont corp. 
Andruss Theodore, marble finisher, house 5 Middlesex pi. 
Angel! Andrew J. machinist, house 79 Charles 
Angello John, laborer, house 9 Mellen's court, Belvidere 
Angello Michael, laborer, house 67 River, Centralville 
Angluin David, laborer, house 28 Watson 
Annis John F. mason, boards 1 Aiken 
Annis Judson 0. painter, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Annis Nathaniel E. conductor, L. H. R. R. boards 137 Mer- 
rimack corporation 
Annis Rocell C. Mrs. house 2 Merrill's court 
Ansart Abel, laborer, house Varnum ave. Pawtucketville 
Ansart Atis, farmer, house Varnum ave. Pawtucketville 
Ansart George W. photographer, bds. Varnum ave. Paw. 
Ansart James M. carpenter, house 16 No. Franklin court 
Anthony Geo. T. carpenter, house 32 Trernont corp. 
Anthony Isaac Mrs. house 96 Fletcher 
Applebee George W. watchman, house 63 Crosby 
Appleton Company, J. H. Sawyer, supt., Jackson street 
Appleton Frank P. agent, Lowell Bleachery, h. 108 Moore 
Appleton George B. watches and jewelry, 149 Central, h. 1 

Blanchard place 


Appleton George B. jr. clerk, Appleton National Bank, bds. 
1 Blanchard place 

Appleton Nathaniel W. boards 108 Moore 

Appleton National Bank, John F. Kimball, cashier, 6 Apple- 
ton block, Central 

Archer George, section hand carpets, bds. 45 L. M. S. corp. 

Archibald Charles, laborer, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 

Ardis James, card stripper, house 4 Faulkner 

Arlen Charles, hostler, house 5 North 

Arlen Chas. H. gasfitter, at gas office, house 19 Perrin 

Arlen John, mason, boards 172 Central 

Arlin Betsey, widow, house 35 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 

Arlin John F. bartender, Harris' Hotel, h. 9 Second, Cent. 

Arlin Stephen N. painter, house 18 Nesmith, Belvidere 

Armstrong Andrew, operative, house 91 High, Belvidere 

Armstrong David, carpenter, boards 32 Hamilton corp. 

Armstrong Edson, Hamilton, boards 56 Boott corp. 

Armstrong James, fish, 31 Shattuck, h. 28 Fifth, Cent. 

Armstrong William, laborer, house 64 Appleton 

Armstrong William, operative, house 74 Market 

Armstrong William, butcher, house 5 Knowles place 

Arnold Alfred, Suffolk, boards 26 do. corp. 

Arnold Charles, Lawrence, boards 135 do. corp. 

Arons Cornelia, widow, house 18 Merrill 

Aruda Frank D. hairdresser, 59 Gorham, house 197 do. 

Ash Betsey, widow, house 76 Suffolk 

Ash John, stonecutter, house 23 Robinson 

Ash Mary, widow, house 178 Adams 

Ashton Joseph D. steam boiler engineering, h. 37 Gushing 

Ashton Sarah, widow, boards 120 Hale 

Ashworth Charles, foreman, 7 and 9 Fletcher, h. 34 Rock 

Ashworth Dennis, Massachusetts, h. 91 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Ashworth George, boards 152 High, Bel. 

Ashworth George L. (S. Ashworth & Co.), 7 and 9 Fletcher, 
boards 25 Rock 

Ashworth James, dry goods, 19 Market, house do. 

Ashworth James, dresser, house 35 Union 

Ashworth Joshua, machinist, boards 28 Andover, Bel. 

Ashworth Michael, spinner, boards 19 Market 

Ashworth Moses, Boott, boards 11 do. corp. 

Ashworth Richard, section hand, boards 62 Tremont 

Ashworth Sager & Co., (Geo. L. Ashivorth), file manufs. 
7 and 9 Fletcher, cor. Worthen, house 25 Rock 

Ashworth Thomas, spinner, house 70 Kinsman 

Ashworth William, spinner, house 70 Kinsman 

Ashworth William Mrs. boarding house, 70 Kinsman 

Ashworth William E., Sterling, house 26 Watson 

Ashworth William E. house 70 Kinsman [Clay, Bel. 

Atherton Abel T. ( Whitehead & Atherton), Howe, house 39 


Atherton Israel, laborer, boards 100 Market 

Atherton Ruth M. Mrs. house 18 No. Franklin court 

Atherton Samuel, machinist, boards 130 High, Bel. 

Atkins Henry T. carpenter, boards 60 Merrimack corp. 

Atkins Nancy Miss, house 25 Austin 

Atkinson Alfred 0. carriage maker, 384 Middlesex, boards 

125 Wanalancit 
Atkinson Bedelia C. widow, boarding house, 35 Mass. corp. 
Atkinson R. A. printer, "Courier" office, boards 35 Mass- 
achusetts corp. 
Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Co., B. & M. R. R. depot, 

Central, corner Church 
Atwell Andrew J. overseer weaver, Lawrence, house 19 

do corp. 
Atwood Alinira S. widow, boarding house, 13 Hamilton 

Atwood Charles C. carpenter, house 136 Cross 
Atwood Charles W. carpenter, house 16 Oliver 
Atwood Daniel W. carder, house 57 Boott corp. 
Atwood David, farmer, house 15 Methuen, Centralville 
Atwood J. W., Massachusetts, house 9 Third, Cent. 
Atwood William P. boards 13 Hamilton corporation 
Aubertin Henry, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Aubertin M. A. salesman, 48 Merrimack, house 9 Pearl 
Aubrey Stephen, blacksmith, house 71 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Austin Albert M. insurance, 120 Central, bds. 52 Church 
Austin Aurilla Mrs. house 13 Grand 
Austin Azro, house 13 Grand 
Austin Albon M. farmer, house 1 Aiken 
Austin Charles H. carpenter, house 29 Fifth, Cent. 
Austin Frank, cardmaker, boards 18 Lyons 
Austin George W. Mrs. house 5 Third, Centralville 
Austin John W. belt maker, 20 Shattuck, bds. 11 Dodge 
Austin Samuel G. spinner, house 21 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Austin William H. painter, 20 Middle, boards 68 Lawrence 
Austin William W. broker (Boston), house 48 Howard 
Averill Orrin E. blacksmith, house 332 Central 
Avery A. W. Mrs. physician, 179 Bridge, Cent. 
Avery Ebenezer C. flagman, B. & M. R R. h. 24 Billerica 
Avery George, clerk, 98 Merrimack, boards 27 Cabot 
Avery Lorenzo B. teamster, boards 6 Butterfield 
Avery William C. agent Middlesex Co , h. 55 Nesmith, Bel. 
Ayer Ann E. Miss, house 9 Ash, Bel. 

Ayer Azro C. farmer, h. Varnum ave. at Dracut line, Paw. 
Ayer Frederick (J. G. Ayer & Go.), house 151 Pawtucket 
Ayer Frederick F. house Pawtucket, opp. Fletcher 
Ayer Henry S. boards Pawtucket, opposite Fletcher 
Ayer James C. & Co. (F. Ayer and A. G. Gooh), medicines, 
98 Middle, house Pawtucket, opp. Fletcher 


Ayer James H. harness maker, 49 Market, h. 26 Third, Cent. 

Ayers E. C. engineer, house 11 Aiken 

Ayers, see also Eayrs 

Aylvvard William W. carpenter, house 14 Marshall 

Ayotte Joseph, Lawrence Hosiery, bds. 271 Merrimack 

BABB JOHN W. clerk, 110 Merrimack, house 15 Hudson 
Babbington Amos, shuttle maker, house 21 Floyd 
Babbitt Harry, Massachusetts, house 60 do. corp. 
Babbitt Susie, widow, boards 23 Mass. corp. 
Babbitt Wilbur F. foreman, Parker & Cheney's, b. 49 Central 
Bachelder Abram & Co. (J. G. Bachelder), bung manufs. 

also moulding and planing mills, Mt. Vernon, near 

Broadway, house 128 Cross 
Bachelder Harry B. bookkeeper at A. Bachelder & Co.'s, 

boards 128 Cross 
Bachelder I. P. 16 Middlesex, house 58 Fletcher 
Bachelder Joseph C. (Abram Bachelder & Go.), bung man- 
ufacturer, also moulding and planing mills, Mt. Vernon, 

near Broadway, house 79 Westford 
Bacheller Albert L. principal Colburn School, b. 11 Bridge 
Bacheller David S. house 11 Massachusetts corp. 
Bacheller, Dumas, & Co. (N. J. N. Bacheller and Levi 

Dumas), blank book manufs., 130 Central 
Bacheller Nathaniel J. N. (Bacheller, Dumas, £ Co.), and 

(Stone, Huse, & Go ), 130 Central, house 12 Grove 
Bacheller, see also Batchelder 
Bacon C. H. machinist, boards 46 Middlesex 
Bacon George L. teamster, boards 15 Adams 
Bacon Henry M. (.4. Sanborn & Go.), jewelry, 25 Central, 

boards American House 
Bacon Horace B. (A. Sanborn & Go.), watchmaker, 25 

Central, house 599 Middlesex 
Badger Esther Miss, seamstress, boards Stevens, near Pine 
Badger Frank S. wood-worker, house 333 Broadway 
Badger George W. checker, B. & L. freight depot, house 49 

Badger Olive Anna Mrs. house 344 Middlesex 
Badger Samuel E. machinist, house 4 Grove 
Badminton Amos, operative, house 21 Floyd 
Bagley George W. carpenter, 17 Middle, bds. 14 Franklin 
Bagley John Mrs. boards 31 Marion 
Bagley Martin, laborer, house 5 Little 

Bagley , widow, house 48 First, Cent. 

Bagshaw Frederick, grinder, house 18 Walnut 

Bagshaw Mary, widow, house rear 48 Cedar 

Bagshaw Walter H. machine card clothing in wood, 

Mechanics mills, 6 and 10 Fletcher, house 43 Summer 


Bailey Allen (Frost & Bailey), 176 Central, boards 25 
Hamilton corp. 

Bailey Anson Mrs. widow, house 68 Chapel 

Bailey (Charles A.) & Colby (Reuben), provisions, 79 East 
Merrimack, house 37 Bartlett, Bel. 

Bailey Curtis, boarding house, 25 Hamilton corp. 

Bailey Elijah B. machinist, house 18 Fifth, Cent. 

Bailey Ella A. teacher, Varnum, house 30 Third, Cent. 

Bailey Esther Miss, boards 42 Howard 

Bailey Frederick (F. & E. Bailey & Co.), apothecary, Mer- 
rimack, cor. John, house 19 Third, Cent 

Bailey Frederick G. house 18 Ash, Bel. 

Bailey F. & E. & Co. (Frederick Bailey and Charles W. 
Brown), apothecaries, Merrimack, cor. John 

Bailey George, operative, Boott, house 2 Varney 

Bailey George E. gasfitter, 92 Middle, boards 278 Central 

Bailey George E. carder, house 45 Massachusetts corp. 

Bailey George E. clerk, 79 East Merrimack, boards 90 Bart- 
lett, Bel. 

Bailey Gustavus A. overseer, Merr. Print Works, house 32 
Third, Centralville 

Bailey Henry B., B. L. & N. R. R. house 116 Cross 

Bailey Hiram, Hamilton, house 14 do. corp. 

Bailey Ira, clerk, 118 Chelmsford, house 278 Central 

Bailey James, house 19 Third, Centralville 

Bailey James E. machinist, boards 137 Grand 

Bailey James II. Mrs., house 137 Grand 

Bailey James E. boards 82 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Bailey John C. carder, boards 137 Grand 

Bailey Joshua H. (McMaster, Bailey, & Co.), 224 Middle- 
sex, house 51 Branch 

Bailey J. Alfred, mason, house 171 Moody 

Bailey Lucinda G. Mrs. house 30 Wilson 

Bailey Priscilla, widow, house 25 Church [near James 

Bailey Ruth B. assistant, Green school, house 200 Moody, 

Bailey Sarah Miss, boards 42 Howard 

Bailey Sarah E. teacher, Moody school, bds. 88 High, Bel. 

Bailey Squire L. police, city marshal's office, h. 31 Church 

Bailey S. G. coal, Fletcher, cor. Western av. h. 124 Walker 

Bailey Thomas D. mason and chimney cap manuf., 241 
Merrimack, house 200 Moody, near James 

Bairstow Abraham, machinist, house 66 London 

Baker Allen, stone layer, house W. Ninth, n. Bridge, Cent. 

Baker Andrew K. clothing, 4 Canal block, house 3 do. 

Baker C. E. Mrs. hats, caps, and fnrs, 3 Canal block, h. do. 

Baker Francis X. carpenter, house 3 Middlesex 

Baker Frederick A. clerk, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 72 


Baker Frederick W. machinist, house 98 Sixth, Cent. 
Baker George W. house 98 Sixth, Centralville 
Baker Hugh, Boott, house 5 do. corp. 
Baker James, engineer, house 308 Middlesex 
Baker James, cabinetmaker, boards 128 Middlesex 
Baker James, card grinder, boards 56 Stackpole, Bel. 
Baker Jane Mrs. dressmaker and dress trimmings, 308 Mid- 
Baker John A., Lowell Machine Shop, h. 72 do. corp. 
Baker Joseph II. overseer, Lowell, house 34 Adams 
Baker J. T. civil engineer locks and canals, house 55 Merri- 
mack corp. 
Baker Maria, widow, house 37 George 
Baker Mary A. widow, boards 23 Suffolk corp. 
Baker Nellie F. teacher, primary No. 21, boards 34 Adams 
Baker Richard W. civil engineer, 128 Merrimack, house at 

Baker Samuel II. overseer, Lawrence, house 86 Cabot 
Baker Smith Rev. house 47 Mount Vernon 
Baker Stephen, carpenter, house 17 South Highland 
Baker S. Chandler, house 293 Middlesex 
Baker Timothy, operative, house 27 Front, Centralville 
Baker Wallace, rooms 2 Coolidge 
Baker William S. moulder, boards 78 Grand 

Baker , carpenter, boards 27 Cushing 

Balch Albert B. house 133 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 
Balch Eliza A. widow, house 133 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Balch Elizabeth A. teacher, primary No. 31, boards 133 East 

Merrimack, Belvidere 
Balch Mary A. teacher, Edson school, boards 8 Favor 
Balch Perley, principal, Franklin school, house 8 Favor 
Balcom Orlando M. at freight depot, house 242 Broadway 
Baldwin Benjamin C. weaver, house 24 Tremont corp. 
Baldwin John Dexter S. iron moulder, bds. 24 Tremont corp. 
Baldwin Maria C. widow, house 8 Everett, Belvidere 
Baldwin Wellington W. expressman, house 181 Central 
Baldwin William H. teamster, 435 Gorham, house do. 
Bales James, clerk, 132 Middlesex 
Ball Charles C. machinist, house 33 Sixth, Centralville 
Ball James, painter, 121 Central, house 97 Gorham 
Ball John, laborer, house 64 West Union 
Ball Mary, widow, house 208 Moody 
Ballantyne Jane, widow, house 52 North 
Ballard Clara J. Miss, tailoress, boards 25 Myrtle, Cent. 
Ballard Martha M. widow, house 25 Myrtle, Cent. 
Ballou George, machinist, house rear 205 Central 
Bambrick Thomas, porter, 123 Market, house 121 Adams 
Bamford William, expressman, Merrimack-st. depot, boards 
19 East Merrimack, Bel. 


Bancroft George, loom fixer, h. foot of W. Ninth, Cent. 
Bancroft George A. carpenter, h. 5 Varnum's alley, Cent. 
Bancroft Jefferson, deputy sheriff and special coroner, 9 

Barristers' Hall, house 42 Appleton 
Bancroft John J. inspector, L.W.W. 39 Merrimack, house 

12 Alder 
Bancroft Selwin Mrs. house 66 Andover, Belvidere 
Bangs Hovey J. laborer, boards 256 Middlesex 
Barber Abby L.Mrs, house 23 West Fourth, Cent. 
Barber Gilbert W. twine harnessmaker, 4 First, Cent. 
Barber Joseph, spinner, house 93 Worthen 
Barber William, weaver, at Thorndike Manuf. Co. 
Barbour William, weaver, boards 12 Taylor 
Barclay Cyrus P. carpenter, house 120 Smith 
Barclay Edgar P carpenter, boards 120 Smith 
Barclay George E. carpenter, bds. rear Smith, c. Liberty 
Barclay Oscar R. carpenter, house 1 9 School 
Barclay Thos., designer, Lowell Manuf. Co. h. 180 School 
Bardsley Geo., machine printer, Merrimack, b. 112 Market 
Baril 0. E. at J. C. Ayer's, house 90 Tremont 
Barker Abbie Mrs. house 110 High, Belvidere 
Barker Alfred D. carpenter, house 46 Tremont 
Barker Alfred Y. law student, 56 Central, bds. 46 Tremont 
Barker Caroline H. Mrs. house 166 School 
Barker E. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 46 Tremont, house do. 
Barker George F. machinist, boards 46 Tremont 
Barker Helen J. boarding house, 43 Boott corporation 
Barker Horace R. & Co. (A. W. Sherman), steam and gas 

pipe fittings and fixtures, 8 and 10 Central, and 92 

Middle, house 26 Eleventh, cor. Methuen, Cent. 
Barker Joseph, designer, boards \'l Orange 
Barker Roxanna W widow, house 13 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Barker R. Mrs. house 14 Central 
Barker Thomas C. [Taylor & Barker), manuf g chemists, 

head of Lawrence, boards 3 James 
Barlow Frederick, bobbinmaker, house 8 Marshall 
Barnard Benjamin F. mason, house 18 Railroad 
Barnard Charles E. boards 44 Massachusetts corp. 
Barnard Charles H. Mrs. house 44 Massachusetts corp. 
Barnard Cora V. teacher, Moody school, b. 43 Mass. corp. 
Barnard David B. boarding house, 22 Mass. corp. 
Barnard George W. hackman, house 86 Appleton 
Barnard Hiram E. cutter, 158 Merrimack, b. 24 Second, 

Barnard John, mason, boards 44 Massachusetts corp. 
Barnard John, carriagemaker, house 71 Church 
Barnard John L. laborer, boards 14 First, Centralville 
Barnard J. H. & Co. dry and fancy goods, 110 Merrimack, 

boards 408 do. 


Barnard Maria J. Miss, house 26 Smith 

Barnard Virgil G. bookkeeper, 51 Market, house 24 Second, 

Barnard William, tinsmith, house 131 Merrimack corp. 
Barnard William F. mason, boards 44 Mass. corp. 
Barnes Caroline Miss, boards 293 Central 
Barnes Catharine, widow, house 127 Merrimack corp. 
Barnes Charles C. fur dealer, 114 Merrimack, house 31 Co- 

nant, Centralville 
Barnes Charles E. house 102 Appleton 
Barnes Charles 0. pressman, boards 102 Appleton 
Barnes Cuinmings M. carpenter, house 287 Lincoln 
Barnes Emily R. Mrs. tailoress, 40 Central, house do. 
Barnes George, carpenter, boards 90 Rock 
Barnes George II. car inspector, house 2 Quebec 
Barnes Henry, block printer, house 55 High, Belvidere 
Barnes Henry H. merchant tailor and woollen goods, 5 Ca- 
nal block, Central, h. 152 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Barnes Henry W. clerk, 5 Canal block, house 152 East Mer- 
rimack, Belvidere 
Barnes Herbert F. engineer, boards 344 Middlesex 
Barnes Horace B. painter, 241 Merrimack, h. 76 Common 
Barnes James, Merrimack, house 124 River, Cent. 
Barnes James, operative, boards 51 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Barnes Levi, paperhanger, boards 45 Museum building 
Barnes Richard, Merrimack, house 114 River, Cent 
Barnes Samuel T. clerk, Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank, 

boards 152 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Barnes Sarah A. Miss, nurse, house 245 Middlesex 
Barnes Sarah J. fancy goods, HE. Merrimack, b. 150 do. 
Barnes Thomas, finisher, house 29 Floyd 
Barnes William, clerk, 31 Shattuek, bds. 28 Fifth, Cent. 
Barnes William A. mason, house 29 Austin 
Barnett George, operative, boards 122 Middlesex 
Barnett George B. carpenter, boards 47 Church 
Barney Alfred, wooden ware, 18 Jackson, h. 139 Howard 
Baron Christopher, farmer, house 681 Middlesex 
Baron George, pattern maker, house 352 Middlesex 
Baron Jacob, pattern maker, house 344 Middlesex 
Baron Thomas, boards 86 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 
Barr Isaac, blacksmith, house 39 Beech, Centralville 
Barrett Charles, painter, boards 52 Charles 
Barrett Edward, laborer, house 59 Salem 
Barrett Isaac, overseer, Boott, house 75 do. corp. 
Barrett James, spinner, house 7 Andover, Belvidere 
Barrett John, carpet weaver, house 143 Worthen 
Barrett John, painter, boards 13 Adams 
Barrett Joseph, laborer, house 5 Howard av. Belvidere 
Barrett Margaret, widow, house 36 William 


Barrett Mark, card grinder, house 7 Mellen's court, Bel. 

Barrett Patrick, file cutter, house 14 Watson 

Barrett Patrick, laborer, boards rear 15 River, Cent. 

Barrett Sarah Mrs. house 7 Marshall 

Barrett Thomas, laborer, boards rear 15 River, Cent. 

Barris James, blacksmith, 92 Middle, house 74 Chapel 

Barrows Charles Dana, clergyman, house 162 Fletcher 

Barrows Edward, agent, house 509 River, Centralville 

Barrows John, Middlesex, boards 1 George 

Barrus George H. mechanical engineer, 128 Merrimack, 

house at Reading 
Barry Catharine, widow, house 90 Suffolk 
Barry Daniel, laborer, house 92 Suffolk 
Barry David, bar tender, boards 202 Market 
Barry David, operative, house 20 Howe, Belvidere 
Barry Edward, grocer, 182 Market, house do. 
Barry James, butcher, house 652 Middlesex 
Barry Joanna, widow, house 92 Smith 
Barry John, spinner, house 31 Front, Centralville 
Barry John jr. spinner, house 5*7 Front, Centralville 
Barry John M. copper plate printer, h. 41 Water, Bel. 
Barry Mary, widow, house 8 Pollard's avenue 
Barry Maurice, laborer, house 4 Laughlin's court, Bel. 
Barry Michael, moulder, house 64 Broadway 
Barry Patrick, blacksmith, house 202 Market 
Barry Patrick, operative, boards 17 Abbott 
Barry Richard, spinner, house 110 River, Centralville 
Barry Robert, tinsmith, boards 110 River, Centralville 
Barry Stephen F. teamster, boards rear 31 Austin 
Barry Thomas, operative, boards 110 River, Centralville 
Barry William, spinner, house rear 15 River, Cent. 
Barry William, hostler, boards 202 Market 

Barry , travelling salesman, house 12 Howard 

Bartelle Albion W. carpenter, house 128 Moody 
Barth Daniel W. hairdresser, 48 Central, h. 74 Third, Cent. 
Bartlett Alonzo M. overseer, Boott, house 77 do. corp. 
Bartlett Artemas P. carpenter, house 20 Third, Cent. 
Bartlett Charles E. at bleachery, house 11 Bleachery 
Bai'tlett Charles E. A. cashier and treasurer, B. & L. R. R. 

house 8 Willow, Belvidere 
Bartlett Daniel B. H. fireman, B. & M. R. R. h. 158 High, 

Bartlett D. Bradford, paymaster, Lowell Gas Light Co. 22 

Shattuck, house 159 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 
Bartlett Edward T. machinist, boards 67 Vernon, Cent. 
Bartlett Edwin W. (S. & E. W. Bartlett), 99 Worthen, bds. 

273 Fletcher 
Bartlett Erastus A. foreman, 228 Broadway, h. at Chelms- 


Bartlett Flora E. dressmaker, 20 Third, Centralville, h. do. 
Bartlett George, boards 41 Methuen, Centralville 
Bartlett George F. carpenter, boards 20 Third, Centralville 
Bartlett George H. (Fielding & B.), hardware and agricul- 
tural implements, 128 Central, house 12 Lawrence 
Bartlett Helen J. fancy gouds, 114 Merrimack, house 41 

Methuen, Centralville 
Bartlett Horace E. Mrs. & Co. (Nellie M. Cook), variety 

and fancy goods, 138 Suffolk, house 126 do. 
Bartlett John, second hand, house 31 Tremont Corp. 
Bartlett Levina Miss, dressmaker, 260 Gorham, bouse do. 
Bartlett Nathaniel, farmer, house 64 Baldwin, Middlesex 

Bartlett Orrin, expressman, h. Third av., cor. Mt. Grove, 

Bartlett Robert G, produce, house 59 Wilder 
Bartlett Rodney R. second hand, bds. 31 Lawrence corp. 
Bartlett Samuel, laborer, house 134 High, Belvidere 
Bartlett Samuel, painter, boards 70 Dutton 
Bartlett Sarah L. dressmaker, 20 Third, Centralville, h. do. 
Bartlett Solon, physician, 52^ Merrimack, house do. 
Bartlett Stephen & E. W. carpenters, 99 Worthen, house 

273 Fletcher 
Bartlett Stephen E. carpenter, bds. 26 Mt. Washington 
Bartlett Sylvanus, mineral water manuf., 76 Middlesex, h. 

81 Summer 
Bartlett Walter E clerk, boards 81 Summer 
Bartlett William N., Merrimack, house 36 do. corp. 
Bartlett Wise Mrs. house 41 Methuen, Centralville 
Barton Herbert W. engineer, house 62 Lincoln 
Barton Samuel, sawfiler, 224 Central, house do. 
Bascom James, operative, house 2 Pond, Belvidere 
Bascom Timothy, house 388 Merrimack 
Bascom William, furdealer, 162 Merrimack, h. 115 Bridge, 

Bascom William, jr. boards 115 Bridge, Centralville 
Bashaw Calix, blacksmith, house 29 Howard 
Bashaw John, laborer, house HE. Pine 
Bass William, physician, 137 Central, cor. Middlesex, h. 33 

Bassett Cyrus Mrs. house 81 Fayette 
Bassett Frederick H. carpenter, house 126 Walker 
Bassett Gershom C. carpenter, house 305 Lincoln 
Bassett James, shoemaker, and variety store, 244 Market, 

house do. 
Bassett Jesse N. carpenter, house 22 Whipple 
Bassett Johanna, widow, house rear 28 North 
Bassett John S. carpenter, house 38 Walnut 
Bassett Martin L. carpenter, house 8 Merrill 


Bassett Patrick, mule spinner, house 68 Lawrence 

Bassett Patrick H. machinist, boards 244 Market 

Bassett Ralph E. carpenter, boards 70 Button 

Bassidy Patrick, spinner, house 68 Lawrence 

Bassidy Richard P., Middlesex, boards 68 Lawrence 

Bastien Geoffroy Mrs. house 97 Worthen 

Batchelder Asahel G. paper cop tube manufacturer, Arch, 

near Northern depot, house 102 Howard 
Batchelder A. E. clerk, 75 Merrimack, boards Vernon, cor. 

Bennett, Centralville 
Batchelder Benjamin F. house 30 Tyler 
Batchelder Foster S. carriage painting, rear 78 Bridge, h. 

75 do. Centralville 
Batchelder Frank, operative, boards 184 Moody 
Batchelder George VV. bookkeeper, A. Batchelder & Co.'s, 

house 180 Fletcher 
Batchelder Wesley R. {Whittled & Co.), foot Howard, and 

29 Merrimack, house 96 Howard 
Batchelder William house 25 Robinson 
Batchelder, see also Bacheller 

Bately Thomas, laborer, house rear 15 River, Centralville 
Bateman Alfred P. house 104 Smith 
Bateman J. Fairfield, foreman at A. Batchelder & Co.'s, h. 

7 Bachelder's place 
Bateman Robert, laborer, house 16 Linden 
Bates Adelaide E. Mrs. boards 31 Chapel 
Bates Clara L. Mrs. house 72 School 
Bates Dennis P. overseer, Merrimack, house 47 do. corp. 
Bates Frederick A. lamplighter, boards 90 Rock 
Bates James A. Rev. house 10 Varnuin, Pawtucketville 
Bates Joseph A. knitter, L. II. mills, boards 72 School 
Bates Phoebe Mrs. house 17 Buttei field 
Bates Wilbur L. [Lancaster & Bates), 110 and 112 Central, 

cor. Hurd, house 25 Fifth, cor. Read, Centralville 
Bates William, Boott, boards 59 do. corp. 
Bates Wdliam, operative, boards 28 Madison 
Bates William W. teamster, gas works, h. 18 Richmond 
Baton Margeret, widow, house 10 Howard 
Battles Charles F. Mrs. house 384 Merrimack 
Battles Frank F. agent Massachusetts Cotton Mills, house 

39 Kirk 
Battles James M. clerk, L. W. W., 39 Merrimack, house 

7 Grove 
Battye Miles II. overseer, Hamilton, house 48 do. corp. 
Battye Uriah, Hamilton, boards 12 do. corp. 
Baudry Joseph X. physician and apothecary, 356 Merri- 
mack, house do. 
Bauer Seraphino, L. M. S., house 27 Common 
Baxter Andrew, laborer, house 4 Cedar 


Baxter Andrew jr. carpenter, boards 4 Cedar 

Baxter Charles, house 28 Abbott ' 

Baxter George P. clerk, American Bolt Company, house 246 

Baxter James, machinist, house 24 Bartlett, Bel. 
Baxter James, Middlesex, house 56 Bridge, Cent. 
Baxter James I. book keeper, 72 Willie, b. 208 Lawrence 
Baxter Margaret Miss, house 6 River, Centralville 
Baxter William, operative, house 33 Water, Bel. 
Beal Benjamin, machinist, house 164 Merrimack corp. 
Beals C} T rus M. overseer yard, Prescott, h. 16 do. corp. Bel. 
Beals James, watchman, Merrimack, h. 114 Merrimack corp. 
Beals James G. clerk, boards 4 Keelan's place, Bel. 
Beaman James, moulder, house 8 Howard 
Bean Abby, widow, boards 110 School 
Bean .\ndrew, baggage master, house 62 Ford 
Bean Caleb M., Merrimack, house 9 Clark 
Bean Charles, operative, boards 81 Cabot 
Bean Charles S. produce, 76 Dutton, h. 119 Bridge, Cent. 
Bean Charles S. machinist, h. Chelmsford, opp. Parker 
Bean Charles W. watchman, Boott mills 
Bean Edwin II. carpenter, h. 96 Baldwin, Middlesex village 
Bean Frank W. stableman, house 316 Chelmsford 
Bean Fred E. carpenter, house Chelmsford, opp. Parker 
Bean [Fred H.) & Blanchard (Alphonso L.), harness, trunks, 

&c, 214 Merrimack, house at Nashua, N. H. 
Bean George L. watchman, house 323 Central 
Bean James W. clerk, boards 12 Queen 
Bean Jane E. widow, boards 112 Merrimack corp. 
Bean Jesse, second hand, house 14 Suffolk corp. 
Bean John, Appleton, house rear 158 Middlesex 
Bean John R. watchman, Lawrence corp. 
Bean John W. (Cal.), house 5 Cady 
Bean Levi, laborer, boards 36 Hanover 
Bean Louis, boot and shoemaker, 6 Suffolk, house do. 
Bean Margaret A. Mrs. house 12 Queen 
Bean Moses, laborer, house 36 Hanover 
Bean Sylvester, painter, 20 Middle, h 20 Read, Cent. 
Bean William M. sawyer, boards 182 Moody 
Bean Willis H. sash and blind maker, boards 6 Howard 
Beane Andrew J. express, house 78 Tenth, Cent. 
Beard Albion W. cabinet maker, boards 135 Central 
Beard Alfred, freight agt. F. & L. R. R. h. 12 Nesmith 
Beard Alvin, machinist and engineer, h. 100 Westford 
Beard Henry, operative, boards 39 Merrimack corp. 
Beard Mary A. Mrs. teacher, No 36 Primary school, house 

14 Grove 
Beard Samuel, house 133 Lawrence 
Beattie Catherine Mrs. house 10 Davis 


Beauchemin Theophile, laborer, house 7 Middlesex pi. 
Beaudette Kruily Mrs. nurse, 19 Cabot, house do. 
Beaudreau E. watchmaker, 220 Middlesex, bds. 9 Pearl 
Beaugraiid II. publisher "La Republique," 12 Middle 
Beaulieu M. Leon, Merrimack, house 202 Duttori 
Beauregard Charles, laborer, house 13 Middlesex place 
Beauregard Charles jr. boards 13 Middlesex pi. 
Beauregard Frederic, boxmaker, house 3 Mclntire 
Beausoleille Joseph, fireman, house 5 Howe st ave., Bel. 
Bechard Calix (Fay & Bechard), blacksmiths, &c. 1 Suffolk, 

corner Liberty square, house 29 Howard 
Beck Peter, watchman, P. & L. R. R. house 29 Camden 
Beck Samuel, stoves and tinware, 265 Merrimack, house 

165 Moody 
Beckett Alexander, woolcolorer, h. 333 Broadway [corp. 
Beckford Lucretia, Sarah and Delia, Misses, h. 30 Suffolk 
Beckwith Emeline S. boarding house, 23 Appleton corp. 
Beckwith Louisa, widow, house 19 Lee 
Bedeay Prank, operative, boards 72 Ford 
Bedell Adam, salesman, 100 Central, house 19 Church 
Bedell Joseph, teamster, boards 40 Arlington 
Bedlow Artemas Mrs. house 381 Central 
Bedlow Joseph, house 8 Ash, Bel. 
Beebe Charles L. house 10 Merrill's court 
Beede Moses V. stone cutter, house 15 Lane 
Been Fred., Hamilton, house 41 South 
Beggs John P. grocery and liquors, 272 Merrimack, house 

9 Salem 
Beggs J. M. Miss, dressmaker, 17 John, house do. 
Be^ley Patrick, laborer, boards 20 Duminer 
Behan Edward, spinner, boards 19 Kirk avenue 
Behan John, operative, house 14 Cabot 
Beharell Prank E. carpenter, bds. 28 Wellman's block 
Belanger Charles, Hamilton, house 29 Howard 
Belcher William, porter, 80 Merrimack, h. 4 Lincoln sq. 
Belden Charles P. overseer, Suffolk, house 6 Cabot block 
Belenger Thomas A. groom, fair grounds, boards do. 
Bell Ann, widow, house 23 John 
Bell Edwin P. brass moulder, house 21 Butterfield 
Bell George E. machinist, house 34 L. M. S. corp. 
Bell Granville, machinist, house 54 Franklin 
Bell Mary P. Mrs. house 115 High, Belvidere 
Bell Samuel M. painter, house 115 High, Belvidere 
Bellamy Matthew, provisions, 118 Chelmsford, h. 122 do. 
Belle Isle Oliver J. apothecary, 53 E. Merrimack, house do. 

Bellerive Joseph, mason, house 11 Suffolk hall 
Belleville Isaac, laborer, house rear 18 Grand 
Belleville Izias, laborer, house 12 Suffolk hall 


Belleville Michael, laborer, house 12 Suffolk hall 

bellows Samuel M. clerk, post office, house 22 James 

Belvidere Woollen Manufg. Co., Howe street 

Bement Gerard, boards 428 Merrimack 

Bement Samuel, principal, Bartlett school, h. 428 Merrimack 

Bemis H. J. fancy goods, 116 Merrimack, house at Boston 

Benden Frederick, tailor, 99 Hale, house do. 

Bennenger Charles II., Hamilton, house 63 Elm 

Benner Arthur II. clerk, 138 Central, house 34 Linden 

Benner Brothers {M. A. and E. J.), furniture, 138 and 140 

Benner Burnham C. (Boston), house 36 Conant, n. Dracut 

line, Centralville 
Benner B. Ros, physician, 16 John, boards 36 Conant, near 

Dracut line, Centralville 
Benner Edwin J. {Benner Brothers), 138 and 140 Central, 

house 2 Ash, Belvidere 
Benner Frank T. student, boards 36 Conant, Centralville 
Benner Myrick A. {Benner Brothers), 138 and 140 Central, 

house 14 Varney 
Bennett Annie, widow, boards 82 Merrimack corp. 
Bennett Carlos A. painter, house 20 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Bennett {Frank E.) & Rodliff( J ff. H.), wood and coal, 63 

Moody, cor. Tremont, house 46 Appleton 
Bennett George, blacksmith, boards 143 Worthen 
Bennett George A. roofer, 299 Middlesex, h. 9 Marshall 
Bennett George II. hairdresser, 215 Middlesex, h. 67 Willie 
Bennett James W. carpenter and gravel roofer, and lamp- 
black manufr. 292 Middlesex, cor. Grand, bds. Howard 
Bennett John A. Mrs. house 135 Moody 
Bennett John C. hardware, etc. 61 Dutton, h. 8 Lagrange 
Bennett Joseph S. musician, house 2 Hill's block 
Bennett Julia, teacher, High school, Anne and High streets 
Bennett J. S. Mrs. millinery, 144 Suffolk, house 2 Hill's 

block, Dodge 
Bennett Mary Mrs. house Princeton, near Wilder 
Bennett Nancy G. Mrs. boarding house, 262 Middlesex 
Bennett Orin 0., Prescott, boards 33 do. corp., Belvidere 
Bennett Richard, Hamilton, house 60 Charles 
Bennett ( Wilder) & Moulton {J. L.), contractors, 5 Wil- 
liams' block, house 3 Nesmith, Bel. 
Bennett William J. clerk, Dresser House, boards do. 
Bennett Wm. S. merchant tailor, 11 Central, h. 60 Chestnut, 

Bennett Woodbury, conductor, B. & M. R. R. boards 125 

Benoit Maguire, laborer, house 86 Merrimack corp. 
Benson Daniel, fuller, house 70 Lawrence 


Benson Daniel, hostler, house 109 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Benson Frank, operative, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 

Benson Isabella M. widow, boards 69 Cashing 

Benson James, spinner, boards 70 Market 

Benson James XV. bootmaker, house 11 Water, Belvidere 

Benson John, hostler, bouse 23 High, Belvidere 

Benson Samuel \V. hairdresser, 2 Prescott block, boards 47 

Benson Thomas, operative, house 152 Lawrence 
Benson William, carpenter, house Merrill 
Benson Wm. overseer, Faulkner's mills, h. 152 Lawrence 
Bent Charles E. shoemaker, house 24 Smith 
Bent Israel, card clothing, &c, 77 Market, house 34 Smith 
Bent William II. counsellor, 56 Central, boards 98 Walker 
Beredean Moses, house 15 Appleton corp. 
Bergeron Charles, at sawmill, house rear 18 Grand 
Bergeron Leon, miller, boards 48 South 
Bergeron Louis & Co. (A. MoKenzie and G. Gharron), 

blacksmiths, 14 and 16 Rock, house 12 Cabot 
Bergeron Louis N. grocer, 10 Cabot, house 12 do. 
Bergeron Mary, widow, house 48 South 
Bermingham Bridget, widow, house 46 Fayette, Belvidere 
Bermingham John J. clerk, 78 Central, boards 46 Fayette, 

Bermingham Michael, lather, boards 4 6 Fayette, Belvidere 
Bermingham William 11. grocer, 48 Fayette, h. 46 do., Bel. 
Bernard John S. carriage builder, rear 1 Russell's block, 

Merrimack, house Church, cor. Lawrence 
Berne James, nailer, house 4 Carpet lane 
Bero Amanda, widow, boards 25 Aiken 
Bero George, glass blower, house 315 Middlesex 
Bero Gilbert, bricklayer, house 29 Howard 
Bero John, carpenter, house 315 Middlesex 
Berrard Gregoier, jr., lath maker, house 315 Middlesex 
Berrard Jean B. carpenter, house 311 Middlesex 
Berrard Joseph, mason, house rear 117 Market 
Berrian John, laborer, boards 326 Gorham 
Berrian Mary, widow, house 113 Gorham 
Berrigau Bridget, widow, house 1 Marion 
Berringer D. A., Boott, boards 23 Kirk 
Berrington Eonora, widow, house 68 Agawam 
Berriton Moses, house 15 Appleton corp. 
Berry (Jinnies A. clerk, Fletcher, cor. Dutton, house 15 

Lagrange court 
Berry Charles C. sash and blind maker, house 73 Fletcher 
Berry Charles E. watchman, Merrimack Manuf. Co., boards 

139 Merrimack corp. 
Berry Charles F. prop. Beiry's brass band and orchestra, 61 

Central and 53 Market, house 17 Lee 


Berry Charles II. fireman, L. R. R. boards 16 Market 

Berry Charles R. shoemaker, 304 Merrimack, h. 383 do. 

Berry E. P. 180 Middlesex, boards Howard House 

Berry Frederick, clerk, 260 Middlesex, boards 62 Rock 

Berry George N. P. painter, boards 383 Merrimack 

Berry James, miller, Livingston's, house 62 Rock 

Berry John, iceman, boards 13 McFarlin avenue 

Berry John Beaman, carpenter, house 13 Appleton corp. 

Berry Martha M. Mrs. rooms 1 Cabot block 

Berry Theophilus D. carpenter, house 513 Chelmsford 

Berry Thomas, laborer, house 7 Suffolk hall 

Berry Warren, Suffolk, house 30 Tremont corporation 

Berry William M. musician, boards 17 Lee 

Bertram Joseph II. tinsmith, 123 Market, h. 356 Central 

Bertrand Arthur, cutter, 5 Central, boards 29 Cabot 

Bertrand Evariste, clerk, 56 Merrimack 

Bertrand Isaac, Suffolk, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 

Bertrand Joseph, blacksmith, house 50 Church 

Bertrand Peter D., Merrimack, house 360 Merrimack 

Besse Francis, variety store, 81 Tilden, house do. 

Besse Iluldah P. widow, house 81 Tilden 

Bethune Ann, widow, house 10 Dodge 

Bethune Duncan, second hand, Lawrence hosiery, boards 

15 Lawrence corp. t 

Betty Hannah Miss, house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Betty William, laborer, house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Bevan Daniel, laborer, house 5 Front, Centralville 
Bickford Abby C. boarding house, 13 and 14 Merrimack c. 
Bickford Allen P. police, house. 54 Charles 
Bickford Edwin S. overseer, Lowell Manuf. Co. house 11 

do. corporation 
Bickford F. M. Miss (Gray & Bickford), 206 Central, bds. 

54 Charles 
Bickford Harriet, widow, house 65 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Bickford Ilartwell II., Appleton, house 17 do. corp. 
Bickford Henry II. carpenter, h. Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Bickford John D. butcher, house 59 Andover, Bel. 
Bickford Joseph S. machinist, house 165 London 
Bickford Plummer C. clerk, 255 Merrimack, h. 54 Pawtucket 
Bickford William II. Mrs. house 23 June, Cent. 
Bickford William H. wire worker, boards 23 June, Cent. 
Bicknell John Mrs. house 19 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Biganne Michael, machinist, house 21 Union 
Bigelow George W., Merrimack, boards 49 do. corp. 
Biggs James, mason, house 13 Howard 
Biggs John, carpenter, 68 Middle, house 158 Baldwin, 

Middlesex village 
Bigonnesse Charles A. clerk, 74 Central, h. 67 Warren ct. 
Billings Abby, widow, house 32 Austin 


Billings Frank D. clerk, Washington House, boards do. 

Billings Fred. M. clerk, boards 19 Ames 

Billings Samuel D. house 19 Ames 

Billings Walter, boxmaker, boards 76 Rock 

Billings William F. boards 28 Tremont corp. 

Billingsley Alexander, variety store, 33 Andovcr, house 
do. Belvidere 

Binns Henry, overseer, Lowell, house 60 Water, Bel. 

Binns Thomas, wool washer, boards 1 Agawam 

Bird Robert P. laborer, house 82 Chapel 

Birdseye John C. treas. Tremont and Suffolk Mills, boards 
151 Pawtucket 

Birkenhead Thomas, shoe lining cutter, h. 47 Willow, Bel. 

Birnbaum Davis, tailor, 167 Central, house 181 do. 

Birnbaum W. L. tailor, 167 Middlesex, house Westford, 
corner Dover 

Birtwistle Joseph, house 28 Merrill 

Bisbee Charles D. blacksmith, 47 Davidson, house Main, 
corner Cook 

Bisbee Charles D. jr. carriagesmith, bds. Main, cor. Cook 

Bisbee Ira W., Merrimack, boards 28 Read, Cent. 

Bisbee Leauder B. stonecutter, house 48 School 

Bisbee Zilpha, widow, house 28 Read, Centralville 

Bishop Cyrus H. weaver, house 25 Eleventh, Cent. 

Bishop Edward, machinist, house 110 School 

Bishop Nathaniel jr., Boott corp. house 73 do. 

Bishop Wilbur, machinist, boards 25 Eleventh, Cent. 

Bishop William, Middlesex, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Bishop William H. scale maker, boards 110 School 

Bissell Archibald, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 
49 do. corporation 

Bissell George W., L. M. S. house 46 do. corp. 

Bissett M. E. Miss, dress and cloak maker, 3 Canal block 

Bissonnette Hubert, Appleton, house 9 Pearl 

Bissonnette Hubert, jr. painter, house 148 Middlesex 

Bissonnette Isai, widow, house 332 Merrimack 

Bissonnette Louis, painter, boards 9 Pearl 

Bixby Albert J. foreman, L. M. S. house 53 do. corp. 

Bixby Charles, Lowell corp. boards 7 do. 

Bixby ( Charles H.) & Read ( Win. A.), dry goods, 52 Mer- 
rimack, house 14 Willow, Belvidere 

Bixby Charles M. carpenter, boards 149 Cross 

Bixby Daniel Mrs. house 14 Willow, Belvidere 

Bixby Everett, overseer, Lawrence, rooms 10 Dodge 

Bixby Everett L. overseer, Lawrence, house 140 Suffolk 

Bixby E. L. Mrs. dressmaker, 140 Suffolk, house do. 

Bixby Julia A. teacher, boards 14 Willow, Belvidere 

Black Abner B. painter, house 116 Suffolk 

Black Abner M. Mrs. boards 116 Suffolk 


Black Benjamin, machinist, house 20 Rock 

Black Benjamin W. machinist, boards 20 Rock 

Black Jane M. widow, boards 112 Suffolk 

Black Martha Miss, boards 114 Suffolk 

Black Patrick, moulder, house 8 Floyd 

Black Robert, house 1 June 

Black Sumner, carpenter, boards 9 Central 

Black T. Wilson, drug clerk, Hamilton, h. 45 Hamilton c. 

Black William, liquors, 290 Merrimack, house do. 

Blackburn Ann, widow, house 16 Summer 

Blackburn James, machinist, house 74 South 

Blackington Daniel, machine blacksmith, 24 Fletcher, cor. 

Cushing, house 2 S. Franklin court 
Blackmer Warren A. painter, house 44 Liberty 
Blackwood William, machinist, boards 56 Franklin 
Blair Enoch R. house 115 School 
Blair George F. clerk, boards 115 School 
Blair Lewis, carpenter, house 325 River, Centralville 
Blaisdell Adeline S. Mrs. house 2 rear 39 Willow, Bel. 
Blaisdell Charles A. 3 Canal block, Central 
Blaisdell Charles C. machinist, house 299 Broadway 
Blaisdell Charles E. carder, house 130 Merrimack corp. 
Blaisdell Charles R. counsellor and claim agent, 3 Canal 

block, 69 Central, house at Tewksbury 
Blaisdell Harriet S. widow, boards 18 Merrimack corp. 
Blaisdell Hiram W. salesman (Boston), house 114 South 
Blaisdell Judson, spinner, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Blaisdell Theo. moulder, boards 88 Chapel 
Blaisdell Theophilus C. capt. night police, house 88 Chapel 
Blaisdell Wm. F. second hand. Merrimack, h. 40 do. corp. 
Blake Benjamin M. driver ice team, boards 244 Pawtucket 
Blake Charles, laborer, boards 12 Willie av. 
Blake Charles E. machinist, boards 64 L. M. S. corp. 
Blake Charles G. painter, house 64 L. M. S. corp. 
Blake C. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 52^ Merrimack, house do. 
Blake David L. boards 18 Myrtle, Centralville 
Blake Eben F. painter, Pawtucket square, Pawtucketville, 

house Riverside, do. 
Blake Edward F. foreman, at ice house, h. 244 Pawtucket 
Blake E. Otis, fancy goods, 18 Shattuck, house 21 Kirk 
Blake F. Willis, ice man, boards 13 McFarlin ave. 
Blake G. Frank, clerk, 48 Merrimack, boards 14 Third 
Blake Harriet F. widow, house 57 Durant, Centralville 
Blake Ira S. japauner, house 134 London, Ayer's City 
Blake James, laborer, boards 8 Cross 
Blake James D. finisher, house 158 Lawrence 
Blake James N. section hand, house 28 Tremont corp. 
Blake John n. belt maker, Lawrence corp. h. 84 Cabot 
Blake Laura E. widow, boards 34 Boott corp. 


Blake Margaret Mrs. house 12 Willie av. 

Blake Mary A. variety store, 54 Dutton, house do. 

Blake Mary E. dressmaker, boards Stevens, near Pine 

Blake Thomas C. Mrs. house 42 Dummer 

Blake Wm. 0. 98 Middle, house 115 Walker 

Blakeley Wm. H. hairdresser, 203 Middlesex, house 10 

Blakeslee Geo. C. pump maker, 47 Davidson, bds. 51 Massa- 
chusetts corporation 

Blakeslee , house 181 Central 

Blanchard Aaron, timekeeper, L. M. S. house 2 Lagrange 
Blanchard Alexander, Hamilton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Blanchard Alphonzo L. {Bean & Blanchard), 214 Merri- 
mack, boards Tremont House 
Blanchard Amos Mrs. house 44 Kirk 
Blanchard Amos A. paymaster, Lowell Manuf. Co. house 

98 Market 
Blanchard Carlos II. carpenter, house 29 Lawrence corp. 
Blanchard Charles F. & Co. (Alfred Livingston), apotheca- 
ries, 230 Middlesex, house 18 Arlington 
Blanchard Elbridge A. carpenter, house 55 Bartlett, Bel. 
Blanchard E. Miss, boards 134 Appleton 
Blanchard Frederick, clerk, Prescott National Bank, house 

16 Varney 
Blanchard George, fireman, boards 189 Middlesex 
Blanchard Geo. H. clerk, 60 Merrimack, boards 33 Kirk 
Blanchard John, cook, Harris' Hotel, boards 41 South 
Blanchard John II. cutter, 53 Central, bds. 125 Gorham 
Blanchard Judson D. carpenter, boards 118 Suffolk 
Blanchard Mary C. Mrs. house 32 Fairmount, Bel. 
Blanchard Wm. D. contractor, L. M. S. house 21 Westford 

Blanchard , laborer, house 256 Middlesex 

Blaney Daniel, shoemaker, house 64 Lawrence 
Blaney Robert B., Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Blaney William, machinist, boards 64 Lawrence 
Blinkhorn John, Boott, house 11 do. corp. 
Blessington Ann Mrs. house 27 Charles 
Blethen Bartell B. teamster, boards 9 Smith 
Bliss A. E. house 89 Bridge, Centralville 
Bliss Edwin R. clerk, 44 Merrimack, h. 88 High, Bel. 
Bliss Everett J. sewing machine agent, boards 15 Kirk 
Bliss Pliny C. machinist, boards 10 Lagrange 
Blodgett Charles A. machinist, house 60 Andrews 
Blodgett Orlando, butcher, house 427 Chelmsford 
Blodgett Walter M. second hand, house 74 Railroad 
Blood Alfred, boards 28 Cabot 
Blood Andrew, policeman, boards 53 Chapel 
Blood Benjamin, house Varnum ave. Pawtucketville 
Blood Cyrus Mrs. house 36 Mt. Vernon 


Blood Cyrus F. clerk, boards 36 Mt. Vernon 

Blood Frank A. salesman, 100 Central, house 343 do. 

Blood George A. R. boards 203 Central 

Blood Jane R. Mrs. boarding house, 203 Central 

Blood John C. detective, house 75 Third, Centralville 

Blood Joseph, teamster, 7 Central, house 93 High, Bel. 

Blood Josiah C. boards 26 Hamilton corporation 

Blood Josiah S. house 26 Hamilton corp. 

Blood Martin L. machinist, boards 56 L. M. S. Corp. 

Blood Orford R. forwarder, 98 Middle, house Riverside, Paw. 

Blunt Isaac 0. freight agent, B. & M. R. R. h. 30 Hurd 

Boardman George H. (Shaw, Hight, & Boardman), 134 

Merrimack, house 18 Butterfield 
Boardman Harry K. clerk, 51 Central, bds. 9 Willow, Bel. 
Boardman Henry W. counsellor, house Mt. Vernon square, 

Boardman John E. carpenter, house 17 Andover, Bel. 
Boardman Langley H. (Hapgood, Wright, & Co.), boots and 

shoes, 51 Central, house 9 Willow, Belvidere 
Boardman Moody, bookkeeper, house 13 First, Cent. 
Boardman S. M. bookkeeper, 180 Middlesex, h. 13 First, 

Boardman William W. milkman, house 200 Middlesex 
Boddy Thomas, mule spinner, bds 27 River, Centralville 
Bodwell Austin, clerk, 168 Central, house 3 Union 
Bodwell (the Misses), house Riverside, Pawtucketville 
Bogue James, bolt maker, boards 132 Lawrence 
Bohan Patrick, laborer, boards 72 Ford 
Bohonan Carlos E. hack driver, 174 Merrimack, house 55 

Beech, Centralville 
Bohonan John, laborer, house 9 Carolin's place, Bel. 
Bohonan Martin, laborer, house 3 Carolin's place, Bel. 
Bohonan Morrill M. (Boston), house 63 Chestnut, Bel. 
Boisseau Henry, printer, 12 Middle, bds. 288 Merrimack 
Boivin Moise, laborer, house 58 Bridge, Cent. 
Boivin Vremies, laborer, house rear 25 Aiken 
Boland Michael, laborer, house 306 Middlesex 
Boland William, laborer, house 78 Market 
Boles William C. driver, 173 Market, bds. 93 Gorham 
Bolger Christopher, coachman, house 3 Everett, Bel. 
Bolger John, painter, boards 31 Water, Bel. 
Bolton Joseph, wool sorter, bds. 28 Andover, Bel. 
Bolton Michael, harness maker, 49 Market, h. Fayette, Bel. 
Bolton Thomas, house 27 West Fifth, Cent. 
Bolton Thomas M. harnessmaker, bds. 83 Fayette, Bel. 
Bombarie Treffle, laborer, house 110 Moody 
Bond Harriet Mrs. widow, bds. 408 Merrimack 
Bond Josephine C. widow, boards 21 Tremont corp. 
Bonn Peter, card grinder, house 9 Wall, Bel. 


Bonner Daniel, laborer, house 12 First, Cent. 

Bonner James, at Josiah Gates & Son, boards 52 Moody 

Bonner Lewis H. saloon, 11 and 13 Shattuck, h. 155Gorham 

Bonney Arthur P. counsellor, Tyler's block, 45 Central, and 
president First National Bank, house 355 Merrimack, 
cor. Austin 

Boodry Pauline, widow, house 39 Davidson, Bel. 

Boodry William A. watchman, B. L. & N. R. R., house 125 

Boomhower John Z. photographist, Barrister's Hall, Cen- 
tral, cor. Merrimack, house Westford, cor. Nichols 

Boorn Samuel, house 29 Warren 

Booth Elizabeth A. Mrs. house 15 Crosby 

Booth Ellen, widow, house 2 Lawrence-st. ct. 

Booth Henry M. carpenter, boards 41 Boott corp. 

Booth John, grocer, 22 Charles, house do. 

Booth Joseph T. clerk, bds. 2 Lawrence-st. ct. 

Booth M. M. widow, house 29 L. M. S. corp. 

Booth Robert ( Gonant & Booth), 19 Branch, h. 22 Smith 

Boott Cotton Mills, A. G. Cumnock, agent, Amory, foot of 

Borden Richard, hairdresser, 37 Shattuck, boards 63 East 
Merrimack, Bel. 

Borroux Theophile, bricklayer, house 41 South 

Bosca Anadora B. second hand, Prescott, house 43 do. 
corporation, Bel. 

Bosca Joseph, section hand, Prescott, b. 53 Mass. corp. 

Boshure , laborer, house 20 Suffolk hall 

Boss John, mule spinner, house 39 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Boswell James C. variety store, G3 Market, house do. 

Bothwell Samuel, stone cutter, b. 1 Brown's bl'k, Marshall 

Bothwell William, stone cutter, b. 1 Brown's bl'k, Marshall 

Bouchard A. telegrapher, boards 120 Willie 

Boucher Joseph, carpenter, house 24 Winter 

Boucher Thomas E. clerk, bds. 28 W. Fifth, Cent. 

Boucher T. operative, house 28 West Fifth, Cent. 

Bouchier Samuel, painter, house 25 London 

Boudreau Thomas, laborer, house 10 Branch 

Bouleau Francis, shoemaker, house 11 Middlesex pi. 

Bourassa Moses, teamster, house 56 Massachusetts corp. • 

Bourbon David, upholsterer, house Austin's bl'k, Coolidge 

Bourbon Elagie, widow, house 16 Cabot 

Bourne Charles S. machinist, 20 Middlesex, house 8 La- 
grange court 

Boutwell William W. clerk, 114 Central, rooms Nesmith 

Bowden Frank, carpenter, boards 38 Chestnut, Bel. 

Bowden George, farmer, house 90 Bowden 

Bowden John, Hamilton, house 3 Holbrook's ct. Bel. 


Bowen George F. foreman, house 80 Ford 

Bowen Hibbard T. scale builder, house 65 Jewett, Cent. 

Bowen John W., Lowell Hoisery, bds. 208 Broadway 

Bowen Martha, widow, house 48 Walnut 

Bowen Michael, finisher, boards 312 Lawrence 

Bowers Arthur E. hats, caps and gent's furnishing goods, 

33 Central, house 76 Howard 
Bowers Edwin S. Mrs. house 21 Queen 
Bowers George, civil engineer, City Government building, 

boards Wood, Middlesex village 
Bowers Helen A. teacher Edson school, house 56 Tyler 
Bowers James Mrs. house 80 Pawtucket 
Bowers James A. machinist, house 22 Oliver 
Bowers James L. Mrs. house 78 Salem 
Bowers John, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 
Bowers Jonathan, house Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Bowers Joseph, watchman, Mass. cotton mills 
Bowers Joseph, farmer, boards at Sewall Bowers, Mid. vil. 
Bowers Julia A. dressmaker, boards 281 Central 
Bowers Martha A. Mrs. house 56 Tyler 
Bowers Mary P. widow, house 111 Salem 
Bowers Sewall, farmer, house Wood, Middlesex vil. 
Bowers Walter, clerk, 75 E. Merrimack, boards 56 Tyler 
Bowker James, Merrimack, house 66 do. corp. 
Bowker Levi, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 

Bowker Mrs. house 66 Merrimack corp. 

Bowles Charles P. boards 63 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Bowles William, driver, boards 93 Gorham 

Bowman Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, 33 Church, h. do. 

Bowman William P. clerk, 69 Dutton, house 128 Walker 

Boyd Henry, wool sorter, house 205 Lawrence 

Boyd James, furniture painter, 7 Central, b. 38 Pond, Bel. 

Boyd James, carpenter, house 68 Fayette, Bel. 

Boyd John, U. S. Bunting Co., house 11 Mead 

Boyd Joseph, painter, house 146 Chelmsford 

Boyd Martha, widow, house 48 Walnut 

Boyd Mary J. widow, house 38 Pond, Bel. 

Boyden Erastus, supt. Prescott mills, house 48 Kirk 

Boyers Henry, mule spinner, boards 47 River, Cent. 

Boyle Campbell, Prescott, boards 24 Albion, Cent. 

Boyle Catharine, widow, house 79 Common 

Boyle Catharine Mrs. house 21 Chapel 

Boyle Dora, widow, house 49 River, Cont. 

Boyle Duke, foreman section, house Howard, n. Tanner 

Boyle Edward, truckman, house 49 River, Cent. 

Boyle Henry, operative, house 55 River, Cent. 

Boyle James, carder, house 78 South 

Boyle James, blacksmith, at C. W. Saunders & Co.'s, house 

279 Middlesex 


Boyle John, carpenter, house 3 Suffolk court 

Boyle John, laborer, house rear 109 River 

Boyle John, house 28 South 

Boyle John B. 76 Middlesex, boards 28 South 

Boyle Michael, at Bleachery, house 306 Lincoln 

Boyle Michael, Merrimack, house 130 River, Cent. 

Boyle Michael, operative, house 157 River, Cent. 

Boyle Michael, laborer, boards 35 Sumner 

Boyle Michael, furniture finisher, boards 28 South 

Boyle Patrick, house 12 Gorham 

Boyle Sarah, widow, house Brennan's block, Common 

Boyle Thomas, laborer, at St. John's Hospital, bds. do. 

Bojde Thomas, bar tender, Merrimack House, bds. do. 

Boyle Thomas, laborer, boards 1 Worthen 

Boyle Thomas, Lowell corp. boards 7 do. 

Boynton Augusta, widow, bds. 18 Merrimack corp. 

Boynton Benjamin F. Mrs. house 149 School 

Boynton (Edgar L.) & Chapman ( Win. A.), grocers, 243 

Merrimack, boards 85 Tremont 
Boynton Frank F. (Boston), boards 149 School 
Boynton Fred. J. clerk, Prescott Nat. Bank, b. 181 Moody 
Boynton Henry, driver, Steamer No. 2, bds. 278 Middlesex 
Boynton James M. farmer, house 278 Middlesex 
Boynton James S. hostler, house 33 Cheever 
Boynton J. W. Mrs. house 181 Moody 
Boynton Mark W., B. & M R. R. boards Hamilton corp. 
Boynton Samuel, clerk, house 46 Ford 
Boynton Thomas, boxmaker, h. 16 Hildreth, Centralville 
Boynton Thomas, overseer, M. P. W., house Centralville 

Boynton , wool sorter, boards 221 Central 

Boyson Alfred, machinist, house 20 Linden 
Brabrook Joseph A. harnessmaker, 49 Market, h. 27 Tyler 
Brackett Charles E. machinist, house 122 Appleton 
Brackett Shadrach R. & Co. (J. G. Allar), lumber, Poplar, 

house 132 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Brackin J. F., Appleton, house 16 do. corp. 
Brackley Enoch A. carpenter, 292 Middlesex, h. 14 Carlton 
Braconier (F. L.) & Thomasson (Andrew), druggists, 260 

Central, house do. 
Bradbury J. Y. ( W. E. Potter & Co.), 29 Merrimack, house 

38 Albion, Centralville 
Bradford Albert P. machinist, house 184 Moody 
Bradford Etta, widow, house 5 Cady 
Bradford George F. painter, boards 6 Grove 
Bradford James W. painter, 252 Middlesex, house 6 Grove 
Bradford John, sawyer, boards 300 Middlesex 
Bradford Ruth, widow, house 235 Middlesex 
Bradford Sarah W. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 235 Middlesex 
Bradford William W. machinist, house 123 School 


Bradley Ambrose E. shoemaker, house 23 Alder, Belvidere 
Bradley Charles F. clerk, 23 Market, bds. 23 Alder, Bel. 
Bradley Felix, operative, boards 43 Fayette, Belvidere 
Bradley Harriet, teacher, Varnum school, house 38 Fourth, 

Bradley James, house 25 Dummer 

Bradley James, painter, 138 Central, boards 40 Water, Bel. 
Bradley John, machinist, house Fourth av., Pawtucketville 
Bradley John F. clerk, M. P. W\, boards 25 Dummer 
Bradley Louisa W. Miss, house 38 Fourth, Oentralville 
Bradley Martha, dressmaker, 52| Merrimack, h. 145 Bridge 
Bradley Mary, widow, house 40 Water, Belvidere 
Bradley Mary, widow, house Bleachery, near the depot 
Bradley Miranda W. teacher, Varnum school, h. 38 Fourth, 

Bradley M. L. Miss, dressmaker, 29 High, h. do., Bel. 
Bradley Patrick, house 202 Thorndike 
Bradley Sarah, teacher, Varnum school, Bridge 
Bradley Thos., boarding house, 77 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 
Bradley William, hostler, at 6 High-street square 
Bradley William T. furniture, &c, 23 Market, house Sixth, 

cor. Bridge 
Bradshaw J. A. machinist, 21 Wilson, house do. 
Bradt David (G. J. & I). Bradt), bakers, Whiting, h. do. 
Bradt David H. bookkeeper, house 28 Mt. Washington 
Bradt Gerritt J. & D. bakers, Whiting, house do. 
Bradt G. J. 2d, baker, boards Whiting 
Bradt J. 0. Mrs. house 16 Fifth, Oentralville 
Bradt Peter P. clerk, 44| Merrimack, boards Whiting 
Brady Ann, widow, house 27 Keene 
Brady Bernard, laborer, boards 27 Keene 
Brady Bridget, widow, house 21 Keene 
Brady Brothers (Thomas 'and Luke), woodturners, Mechan- 
ics' mills, Dutton , 
Brady Catherine, widow, house 377 Central 
Brady Eliza, widow, house 1 Summer 
Brady Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Keene 
Brady Frank ( Green & Brady), 42 Central, boards Tremont 

Brady Hugh, laborer, house 17 Paige 
Brady James, Lawrence, house 60 Moody 
Brady James, dyer, house 52 High, Belvidere 
Brady James, Lowell, house 50 Lewis 
Brady John, plasterer, boards 21 Keene 
Brady John, provisions, River, cor. Front, house do. 
Brady John J. laborer, boards 27 River, Oentralville 
Brady Luke [Brady Brothers), house 65 Union 
Brady Michael, laborer, house 13 Green 
Brady Michael, laborer, boards 88 Tremont 


Brady Patrick, chairmender, 69 Appleton, h. 132 Lawrence 

Brady Patrick, laborer, house Coolidge, near Hall 

Brady Patrick F. grocer and liquor dealer, 125 Chapel, h. 

121 do. 
Brady Peter, laborer, boards 45 Gorham 
Brady Thomas [Brady Brothers), Mechanics' mills, house 65 

Brady Thomas, paver, boards 43 Fayette, Belvidere 
Brady William G. farmer, house 39 Pawtucket, Belvidere 
Bragdon George, house 33 Anne 
Bragg Lester, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 
Brainard Bartholomew, Mass., boards 4 do. corp. 
Brainard Cyrus G. laborer, boards 1 Noble's court 
Brainard Theophilus, carpenter, house 1 Noble's court 
Bramhall John, overseer, Hamilton, house 9 Coral 
Brannan Margaret, widow, house 131 Worthen 
Bratton Henry, bolt maker, boards 300 Lawrence 
Bratton William, machinist, house 40 Coburn, Centralville 
Brault John Baptiste, Merrimack, boards 32 Cabot 
Brawn Hiram F. carpenter, house 67 Howard 
Bray Maggie M. Mrs. house 3 Carolin's court, Belvidere 
Bray Margaret, widow, house 7 North 
Bray Mary, widow, house 71 Church 
Bray Richard, carpenter, house 5 Lawrence 
Brazer Ralph F. clerk, 47 Central, boards 126 E. Merrimack 
Brazer William P. & Co. (H. P. Goodell), hats, caps, and 

furnishing goods, 47 Central, h. 126 East Merrimack, 

Breault Eloi, clerk, 93 East Merrimack, house 39 High 
Breault Suplien, farmer, house rear 13 E. Pine 
Breed Caroline K. Mrs. house 51 Church 
Breed John H. hairdresser, 79 Central, boards 51 Church 
Breen Bridget, widow, house Whipple, cor. Moore 
Breen Bridget, widow, house 3 Putney's court 
Breen Bridget, widow, house 56 Gorham 
Breen Catharine, widow, house 48 Middle 
Breen Catharine, widow, house 54 River, Centralville 
Breen Eliza, widow, house 33 Fenwick 
Breen Hugh, gardener, boards 24 Lawrence 
Breen James, mule spinner, bds. 137 Merrimack corp. 
Breen Jane Miss, house 29 Middle 
Breen John, laboi'er, house 48 Middle 
Breen John, coachman, house 537 Broadway 
Breen John, oiler, Massachusetts, house 57 Middle 
Breen John, baker, 42 Paige, boards 29 John 
Breen Joseph, laborer, at J. M. G. Parker's, 41 Tenth, 

Breen Owen, Merrimack, house rear 22 Paige 
Breen Patrick, laborer, house 44 Newhall 


Breen Patrick, driver, boards 35 Mass. corporation 
Breen Patrick, operative, boards 17 Chestnut, Bel. 
Breen Patrick, feeder, L. H. R. R. stable, house 35 E. Mer- 
rimack, Belvidere 
Breen Thomas, house rear 71 Charles 
Brennan B. Mrs. widow, house 49 Gorham 
Brennan Bridget Miss, dressmaker, 10 Appleton, h. do. 
Brennan Catharine Mrs. house rear 158 Middlesex 
Brennan Cecilia, widow, house -44 Dummer 
Brennan Ellen, widow, house 3 Laughlin's court, Bel. 
Brennan James, painter, house 8 Pleasant, Centralville 
Brennan John, laborer, house 10 Pearl 
Brennan John P. paper maker, house 22 Mill 
Brennan Malachi, boards 16 Mill 

Brennan Martin, laborer, house 4 Knowles place, Bel. 
Brennan Mary Miss, house 112 Fayette, Belvidere 
Brennan Michael, house 15 Read, Centralville 
Brennan Michael, laborer, house rear 36 Gorham 
Brennan Michael, mason, house 112 Fayette, Belvidere 
Brennan Miles, boltmaker, boards 16 Mill 
Brennan Owen, laborer, house 43 High, Belvidere 
Brennan Patrick Mrs. house 16 Mill 

Brennan Patrick, blacksmith, house 91 Fayette, Belvidere 
Brennan Simon, bleachery, house 254 Lincoln 
Brennan Thomas, woolsorter, house 79 Crosby 
Brennan Thomas, machinist, house 257 Market 
Brennan Thomas, Hamilton, boards 31 do. corp. 
Brennan Thomas, bobbin maker, house rear 50 Charles 
Brennan Thomas, card grinder, house 3 Laughlin's court 
Brennan Timothy H. clerk, 158 Market, boards 257 do. 
Brennan William, boltmaker, house 87 Chapel 
Bresnan Patrick, laborer, house 29 Crosby 
Brewer Lydia Mrs. operative, house 1 Carpet lane 
Brewster J. L., Merrimack, house foot of Tilden 
Briar Charlotte Mrs. at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Brickett Edmund, boarding house, 10 Suffolk corp. 
Brickett Edward C. boards 422 Merrimack 
Brickett Elisha P. carpenter, house 70 Railroad 
Brickett Henry W. telegraph and western ticket agent, Mer- 

rimack-st. depot, house 422 Merrimack 
Bride Charles A. machinist, boards 64 Chelmsford 
Bridge Ellen A. Miss, teacher, No. 24 Primary, boards 281 

Bridge Christian Mrs. house 12 Varney 
Bridge William, 10 Merrimack, house 28 First, Centralville 
Bridges Alouzo, laborer, house 62 Congress 
Bridges Charles, carpenter, house 3 Lagrange 
Bridges Edward, carpenter, boards 208 Broadway 
Bridges James F. mason, boards 55 Tilden 


Bridges Laura J. widow, house 57 Tilden 

Bridges Nellie M. Miss, boards 48 Branch 

Bridges Russell G. lumberman, boards 256 Middlesex 

Bridges Thomas J., Lawrence Hosiery, boards 57 Tilden 

Briertun Edward, provisions, 199 Market, house do. 

Briery Joseph, hairdresser, boards 26 Paige 

Briggs Addie M. Mrs. boards 4 Tyler [block 

Briggs Arthur F. clerk, City govt, building, bds. 2 Brown's 

Briggs Franklin W. weaver, house 158 Merrimack corp. 

Briggs Hannah H. widow, house 2 Brown's block, Marshall 

Briggs Sumner, carpenter, house 287 Broadway 

Brigham Charles W. (Albert Wheeler & Co.), 93 Tilden, h. 

17 Mt. Washington 
Brigham George A. house 47 Fifth, Centralville 
Brigham Harriet 0. Miss, house 52 Read, Centralville 
Brigham Mary Miss, bookkeeper, 70 Merrimack 
Brigham Mary A. Miss, house 46 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Brigham Oramel A. depot master, Middlesex depot, h. 94 

Third, Centralville 
Brigham Walter, machinist, boards 78 Appleton 
Brigham William F. overseer, Mass. repairs, house 4 Pres- 

cott corporation, Belvidere 
Bright Joseph W. carpenter, house 53 Boott corp. 
Brinkerhoff Benjamin F. plasterer, house 64 Meadowcroft 
Briscoe Henry, bootmaker, house 16 Seventh, Centralville 
Briscoe John, laborer, boards 43 Tremont 
Briscoe Michael, operative, house rear 15 River, Cent. 
Britton Preston H., L. M. S. foundry, h. 295 Middlesex 
Britton Rucl F. grocer, 141 Middlesex, boards 295 do. 
Brizzy Cynthia, widow, house 3 Luther's court 
Brizzy John H. house 3 Luther's court 
Brocher Enos, watchman, house 10 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Brock Ann, widow, house 18 Cedar 

Brock George S. clerk, 12 John, house 12 Mammoth, Paw. 
Brock Greenleaf C. apothecary, 63 Bridge, cor. First, Cen- 
tralville, house 76 First, do. 
Brock Harrison, clerk, 137 Market, bds. 252 Merrimack 
Brock Peter, carpenter, boards 18 Cedar 
Brock Sarah N. dry goods, 109 Central, boards 31 Chapel 
Broderick James, fireman, house 24 North 
Broderick Thomas, Lowell, house 26 North 
Brogan Bridget, boarding house, 48 Lawrence corp. 
Brogan John, laborer, house 98 Cabot 
Brogan Martin, boarding house, 49 Lawrence corp. 
Brogan Michael, mason, boards 48 Lawrence corp. 
Bromley Edwin, weaver, Thorndike Manuf. Co. 
Brooks Artemas L. & Co. (A. B. Wvvdworth), lumber deal- 
ers, and boxes, Mechanics' mills, Dutton, house 84 


Brooks Charles M. carpenter, boards 20 Loring 

Brooks Charles W. blacksmith, house 20 Loring 

Brooks Daniel Mrs. house Varnum avenue, Pawtucketville 

Brooks David, Suffolk, house 112 Suffolk 

Brooks Edwin H. fireman, B. & L. R. R. h. TO Westford 

Brooks Frank E. marble worker, boards 66 Lawrence corp. 

Brooks Henry C. second hand, house 15 Boott corp. 

Brooks Henry D. musician, house 51 Bartlett, Bel. 

Brooks James S. clerk, 251 Merrimack, h. 151 Moody 

Brooks James W. coffin warehouse, 17 Prescott, house 18 

Fourth, Centralville 
Brooks John H. (Boston), house 46 Willow, Belvidere 
Brooks Nicholas, stableman, house 166 Hale 
Brooks Oliver, shoemaker, 176 Central, h. 20 Suffolk hall 
Brooks Samuel, gardener, boards 149 Westford 
Brooks Sarah J. Mrs. house 107 High, Belvidere 
Brooks Simon, carpenter, house 68 Hall 
Brooks Stillman, overseer, Lawrence, house 66 do. corp. 
Brooks Wilkins, laborer, b. Timothy Coburn's, Pawtucket'le 
Brooks William F. hairdresser, 328 Merrimack, house rear 

Harris' harness shop, Coolidge 
Brophy Catharine Mrs. boarding house, 169 Market 
Brophy James, provisions and groceries, 52 Suffolk, h. do. 
Brophy Michael B. boards 169 Market 
Brothers Charles, woolsorter, h. 47 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Brothers Charlotte E. Mrs. house 102 High, Belvidere 
Brothers George W. clerk, Gas Co. 22 Shattuck, house 15 

Beech, Centralville 
Brothers Henry C. apothecary, 260 Middlesex and (JV. F. 

Whitney & Go.), boards 66 Charles 
Brothers Joseph, machinist, house 66 Charles 
Brothers Joseph, carpenter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Brothers Rhoda, widow, house 32 Clay, Belvidere 
Broulette Felix, laborer, house 45 River, Cent. 
Broulette Mary, widow, house 45 River, Cent. 
Brown Aaron, overseer yard, Mass. h. 2 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Brown Alexander, papermaker, boards 150 First, Cent. 
Brown Alexander, laborer, house 30 Davidson, Bel. 
Brown Alfred, carpenter, house 30 Oak, Belvidere 
Brown Alfred, carpenter, house Riverside, Pawtucketville 
Brown Alice, fancy goods, 117 Central, boards 287 do. 
Brown Allen H. Mrs. house 33 Adams 
Brown Almira G. Mrs. dress maker, 19 East Merrimack, 

house do. Belvidere 
Brown Ambrose, Hamilton, house 12 do. corp. 
Brown Ammi, water gauger, house 158 Fletcher 
Brown Amos F. building mover, house 117 Middlesex 
Brown Amos S. wood dealer and teamster, 10 Smith, h. do. 
Brown Benjamin G. teamster, 56 Westford, house do. 


Brown Bernard, laborer, bds. 1 Johnson's block, Merrimack 
Brown Bridget and Maria Misses, dressmakers, 98 Fayette, 

Brown Bros. (J. B. and J. W.), small wares, 218 Merrimack 
Brown Charles, watchman, Mass. Cotton Mill 
Brown Charles A. agent city directory, 37 Merrimack, bds. 

Merrimac House 
Brown Charles E. woodworker, house 12 Varney 
Brown Charles H. carpenter, house 27 Oak, Belvidere 
Brown Charles H. blacksmith, house 123 Howard 
Brown Charles W. (F. & E. Bailey & Go.), Merrimack, 

cor. John, boards 87 Andover, Belvidere 
Brown Charlotte Miss, house 89 Mai'ket 
Brown Daniel VV. cabinetmaker, house 133 School 
Brown Darius C. manuf. wire heddles, &c, Warren, corner 

Church, house Fairview, near the reservoir, Bel. 
Brown Ebenezer, clerk, 18 Middlesex, b. 170 Merrimack 
Brown Edgar J. foreman, house rear 244 Middlesex 
Brown Edward L. machinist, house 120 Merrimack corp. 
Brown Elvira L. Mrs. house 66 First, Cent. 
Brown Emma Mrs. house 10 Massachusetts corp. 
Brown Ephraim, cabinet lathe manuf. 27 Howe, house 55 

Chestnut, Belvidere 
Brown Eugene M. teamster, 61 Liberty, house do. 
Brown (Francis) & Carter (M. P.), painters and paper 

hangers, 252 Middlesex, house 126 Howard 
Brown Francis, overseer, Middlesex, house 147 High, Bel. 
Brown Frank, clerk, Warren, cor. Church, boards Fairview, 

near the reservoir, Belvidere 
Brown Frank, section hand, R. R. h. rear 288 Middlesex 
Brown Frank E. clerk, 62 Middlesex, boards 20 Eliott 
Brown Frank J. scalemaker, house 25 Burns 
Brown Frank K. clerk (Boston), boards 147 High, Bel. 
Brown Frank P. machinist, boards 38 Rock 
Brown Frank W. clerk, 166 Merrimack, bds. 66 First, Cent. 
Brown Frederick A. stonecutter, boards Pawtucket square, 

Brown Frederick S. clerk, 246 Middlesex, b. 126 Howard 
Brown George E. machinist, boards 55 Chestnut, Bel. 
Brown George 11. teamster, 20 Smith, house do. 
Brown George P. jig sawyer, boards 9 Bachelder's place 
Brown George W. clerk, 213 Middlesex, bds. 70 Howard 
Brown George W. boards 390 Merrimack 
Brown Harriet M. widow, house 249 Thorndike 
Brown Harry A. boards 426 Merrimack 
Brown Hiram, wood, Chelmsford, near Hale, h. 135 Hale 
Brown Hiram J. machinist, house 91 Chapel 
Brown Hiram L. teamster, house 18 Cambridge 
Brown Horace W., Mass. house 184 Fletcher 


Brown Iban F. laborer, 169 Chelmsford, boards do. 

Brown James & Co. (E. G. Spalding), shuttle manufs., 

Western avenue, house 41 Prospect 
Brown James, gardener, house 90 South 
Brown James, laborer, house rear 66 Appleton 
Brown James, wool sorter, Lowell Worsted Mills, boards 

38 Franklin 
Brown James W. (Brown Bros.), 218 Merrimack, house 

11 Oliver 
Brown Jane, widow, boards 122 Chelmsford 
Brown Jerome, freight conductor, boards 36 Adams 
Brown Jerome B. wood moulder, h. 9 Bachelder's place 
Brown John, shoemaker, 132 Adams, house do. 
Brown John, base ball player, boards 10 Dutton 
Brown John A. bleachery, house 12 Bleachery 
Brown John B. jr., Hamilton, h. 3 Brown's blk., Marshall 
Brown John B. (Brown Bros.), 218 Merrimack, boards 31 

Museum building 
Brown John S. overseer, boards 20 Boott corp. 
Brown Jonas E. hairdresser, 149 Middlesex, b. 53 Branch 
Brown Joseph F. pressman, boards 135 Central 
Brown (Joseph S.), Hardy (F. H.), & Goodwin ( G. P.), 

dry goods, 54 Merrimack, h. 30 Myrtle, Cent. 
Brown Josiah W. foreman, L. M. S., house 98 Rock 
Brown Julia E. clerk, 3T^ Merrimack, boards 40 Stackpole 
Brown J. Barnard, millwright, h. 109 Coburn, Centralville 
Brown Leah C. widow, h. 154 Baldwin, Middlesex village 
Brown (Leonard) & Chase (S. 31.), printers, Savings Bank 

building, 18 Shattuck, house 7 Durant 
Brown Levi, police, house 116 Smith 
Brown Lottie E. teacher, Primary No. 26, h. 158 Fletcher 
Brown Louisa R. boarding house, 20 Boott corp. 
Brown Mary, widow, boards 19 Tremont corp. 
Brown Mary Mrs. house 19 Water, Belvidere 
Brown Mary, widow, house 15 Myrtle, Centralville 
Brown Mary Mrs. house 61 Fayette, Belvidere 
Brown Mary M. widow, house 91 Chapel 
Brown Michael, jack spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 
Brown Michael F. machinist, house 63 Cushing 
Brown Myron C. carpenter, house 162 First, Centralville 
Brown Nellie M. teacher, Primary No. 43, h. 158 Fletcher 
Brown Nelson, wire heddle maker, house 104 Chui-ch 
Brown Nicholas P. laborer, house 11 Common 
Brown Otis J. carpenter, house 2 Cabot block 
Brown Patrick W. machinist, house 1 Johnson's block, 

Brown Philip P. teamster, 12 Dempsey's court 
Brown Priscilla, widow, boards 10 Seventh, Centralville 
Brown Richard, laborer, bds. 1 Johnson's blk., Merrimack 


Brown Robert E. Mrs. house 10 Branch 

Brown Rome H. clerk, 218 Merrimack, b. 31 Museum bldg. 

Brown Samuel, boxmaker, house 76 Rock 

Brown Samuel A. Mrs. house 426 Merrimack 

Brown Samuel T. house VI Third, Centralville 

Brown Sarah G. Miss, nurse, house 29 Powell 

Brown Stephen F. painter, boards 150 Central 

Brown Thomas, machinist, house 29 Water, Belvidere 

Brown Thomas, spinner, house 59 Lawrence 

Brown Valentine, laborer, house 5 Dnmmer 

Brown Walker C. laborer, house 10 Seventh, Centralville 

Brown Walter, lather, boards 9 Central 

Brown Willard, house 105 Fayette, Belvidere 

Brown Willard A. leather dealer, house 390 Merrimack 

Brown William, house 87 Andover, Belvidere 

Brown William, provisions, 1 Bachelder's place, house do. 

Brown William D. clerk, Tremont and Suffolk mills, 2 Cabot 

Brown William E. clerk, 166 Merrimack, bds. 66 First, Cent. 
Brown William 11. machinist, boards 21 Wilson 
Brown William II. milkman, boards 26 Suffolk corp. 
Brown William L. musician, rooms 42 Lawrence Corp. 
Brown William M. peddler, house 6 East Fine 
Brown William 0. carpenter, L. M, S. house 43 do. corp. 
Brown William F. carpenter, house 72 Grand 
Brown William J. mattress maker, boards 74 Andover, Bel. 
Brown, see Browne, also Brawn 
Browne II. II. physician, Merrimack, cor. John, house 30 

Third, Centralville 
Brownell Hiram, porter, Dresser House, boards do. 

Brownell , painter, Hamilton, boards Church 

Brownley Sarah, widow, boards 7 Merrimack corp. 
Bruce Charles, painter, house 13 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 
Bruce Daniel A. operative, house 16 Coolidge 
Bruce Marshall It. house 157 Merrimack corp. 
Bruce William G. Mrs. house 38 Rock 

Brummet Arthur, sash and blind maker, boards 67 Cushing 
Brunell Elie, laborer, house 175 Merrimack corp. 
Brunell Fred, laborer, house 175 Merrimack corp. 
Brunell Orville W. carpenter, house 22 Queen 
Brunette John, printer, house 49 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Brush J. H. gasfitter, boards 1 Russell's block 
Bryan John, second hand, boards 24 Watson 
Bryan Rebecca, house 24 Watson 

Bryant Charles, driver, L. H. R. R. boards 103 East Merri- 
mack, Belvidere 
Bryant Charles A. civil engineer, City Govt, bldg., boards 1 

Russell's block 
Bryant Cyrus, cabinetmaker, house 97 Charles 


Bryant Daniel, house 79 Summer 

Bryant Dennis L. watchman, Merrimack Manuf. Co. 

Bryant Elisha, spinner, house 5 Sullivan court 

Bryant E. Pierce, carriagemaker, boards 120 Middlesex 

Bryant George E. musician, 41 Central, and foreman, 16 

Middle, house 82 Charles 
Bryant Mary A. widow, house 22 Adams 
Bryant J. II. Mrs. house 12 Howard 

Bryant Otis H. hairdresser, 3 Adams, h. 1 Lagrange court 
Bryant Ralph W. boards 19 Summer 
Bryant Susan Mrs. house 30 Massachusetts corp. 
Bryant Wm. R. laborer, house "70 Dumrner 

Bryant , house 83 Church 

Bryerton Edward, house 199 Market 

Buchannan James II. cabinetmaker, house 8 Grove 

Buchannan Margaret, house 52 Read, Centralville 

Buchannan John, police, house 53 Pleasant, Belvidere 

Buchannan John, watchman, house near Stirling mills 

Buck Benjamin, laborer, house 8 Swift 

Buck Charles M. baggage master, B. & M. R. R. h. 59 W. 

Fourth, Centralville 
Buckingham Rose Mrs. physician, 120 Merrimack, bds. do. 
Buckland Marion Mrs. boarding house, 113 Merrimack corp. 
Buckle Edmund Rev. house Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Buckley Anne, widow, house 2 Quigley's alley 
Buckley Bartholomew, laborer, house 24 Davidson, Bel. 
Buckley Edward, blacksmith, house 18 Howe, Belvidere 
Buckley George, foreman, house 19 Wamesit 
Buckley Hannah Miss, house 131 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 
Buckley James, carpet weaver, house 1 Hurd 
Buckley Maurice, moulder, house 11 Donohoe's yard 
Buckley Maurice, laborer, house 22 Salem 
Buckley Michael, wood dealer, Gorham, cor. Union, house 

54 South 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, house IT Winter 
Buckly JohnF. clerk, 199 Middlesex, house 11? Smith 
Buckman George P. carpenter, Boott corp. house 5 do. 
Buckman Peter, carpenter, h. W. Ninth, below Bridge, Cent. 
Buckmaster John, cardstripper, h. 66 Kinsman 
Buckmaster Patrick, shoemaker, h. 66 Kinsman 
Buckmaster Patrick, jr. second hand, house 66 Kinsman 
Buckmaster Wm. second hand, boards 66 Kinsman 
Buckminster Allen, house 30 Mt. Vernon 
Buell W. P. overseer, Lawrence corp. house 18 do. 
Bugbee Charles II. painter, house 255 Middlesex 
Bugbee {George L.) & Kimball (Leroy S.), harness makers, 

27 Shattuck, boards 135 Central 
Bugbee P. F., Boott, house 59 do. corp. 
Bugbee Worcester, boarding house, 255 Middlesex 


Billiard Otis, police, house 42 Cabot 

Bullens Joseph M. contractor, L. M. S. h. 10 L. M. S. corp. 

Bullens Stephen A. machinist, house 31 L. M. S. corp. 

Bullock Elisha 0. cabinet maker, bds. 35 Lawrence corp. 

Bulmar George, laborer, house 12 Seventh, Cent. 

Bulmer Sarah J. widow, variety store, 94 Middlesex, h. do. 

Bumps William G. expressman, Merrimack st. depot, bds. 
67 Merrimack 

Bunker William, building' mover, house 128 High, Bel. 

Burbank A. J. operative, boards 10 Suffolk corp. 

Burbank Calvin W. principal, Edson school, house 4 Coral 

Burbank Charles H. & Co. drapers and tailors, 53 Central, 
house 35 Anne 

Burbank John J., Massachusetts, house 2 do. corp. 

Burbank Leonard, boards Riverside, Pawtucketville 

Burbank L. E. Miss, millinery goods, 71 Merrimack 

Burbank Percival P., Appleton, house 72 Appleton 

Burbank Thomas W. painter, house 133 Grand 

Burch John & Co. ( W. W. Kelley), locksmiths, 324 Merri- 
mack, house 20 Hanover 

Burfee Charles, Boott, boards 54 do. corp. 

Burgess Augustus D. blacksmith, house 262 Middlesex 

Burgess C. W. house 44 Nesmith block 

Burgess Ebenezer, house 30 Bartlett, Bel. 

Burgess Henry C. Mrs. house 48 Tyler 

Burgess Horatio G. draughtsman, h. 19 W. Fifth, Cent. 

Burgess James, watchman, M. P. W. 

Burgess James, watchman, bds. 21 Lowell corp. 

Burgess Lucy Mrs. house 1*7 Llarrison, Bel. 

Burgess Nellie E. ( Wilson & Burgess), 21 John, h. do. 

Burgess Washington C. teamster, bds. 28 Suffolk corp. 

Burgoyne Patrick, spinner, house 55 Water, Bel. 

Burke Alfred C. & Co. (Luke O' Gonnell), horse shoers and 
jobbers, Wortlien, cor. Fletcher, house 90 Broadway 

Burke Anne, widow, boards 9 Merrimack corp. 

Burke Catharine, widow, house 111 River, Cent. 

Burke Daniel, laborer, house 28 North 

Burke Edward, house 259 Market 

Burke Edward, jr. harnessmaker, boards 259 Market 

Burke Edward N. boards 148 Nesmith, Bel. 

Burke Hannah, house 15 River, Cent. 

Burke James, plumber, 5 Prescott, house 421 Fayette 

Burke James, plumber, house 15 Chestnut, Bel. 

Burke John, laborer, house 78 Adams 

Burke John, operative, boards 27 River, Cent. 

Burke John, operative, house 330 River 

Burke John Baptiste, stone cutter, bds. 302 Middlesex 

Burke J. Mrs. house rear 22 Winter 

Burke Mary, widow, house 170 Adams 


Burke Mary, widow, house 24 Abbott 

Burke Michael, laborer, house 27 River, Cent. 

Burke Michael, laborer, house 303 River, Cent. 

Burke Michael, clerk, house 1 Brown's court, Cent. 

Burke Patrick, M. P. W. bds. 139 Merrimack Corp. 

Burke Patrick, house 3 Carolines place, Bel. 

Burke Patrick, spinner, house rear 187 River, Cent. 

Burke Susan, widow, house 15 Chestnut, Bel. 

Burke Thomas, operative, boards 27 River, Cent. 

Burke William, house rear 74 South 

Burke William A. treas. (60 Devonshire, Boston), house 
148 Nesmith 

Burke , operative, boards 6 ITamilton corp. 

Burley Stewart H. plasterer, house 105 Appleton 

Burnell James, laborer, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 

Burnett John F. sash and blind maker, bds. 10 Mclntire 

Burnham Aaron C. Mrs. house Westford 

Burnham Albert W. (S. L. & W. G. Ward & A. W. Burn- 
ham), dentist, 5 Savings Bank building, h. 11 Varney 

Burnham Charles, machinist, boards 69 L. M. S. corp. 

Burnham Charles F. teamster, boards 72 Grand 

Burnham Crawford (Howes & Burnham), lumber, Dutton, 
n. Wamesit steam mills, house 269 Fletcher 

Burnham David H. card clothing cleaner, 77 Market, boards 
120 Merrimack 

Burnham Eleazer, yard master, Northern depot, house 129 

Burnham Eva L. teacher, bds. 22 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Burnham Frank, Lowell corp. boards 7 do. 

Burnham Fred I. clerk, 166 Merrimack, bds. 22 Stackpole 

Burnham Geo. N. clerk, freight depot, house 116 Salem 

Burnham James W. carder, house 9 Massachusetts corp. 

Burnham John, carriage smith, house 71 Church 

Burnham Joseph, belt maker, boards 7 Lowell corp. 

Burnham Mary J. widow, house 29 Fourth, Cent. 

Burnham Norman, depot master, B. & L. freight depot, h. 
24 Westford 

Burnham Philetus, paymaster, Prescott mills, house 22 Pres- 
cott corp. Bel. 

Burnham Theodore, belt maker, boards 7 Lowell corp. 

Burnham Walter, physician, 1 Middlesex, c. Central, house 
31 Tyler 

Burnham Walter E. 3 Middlesex, house 16 Cady 

Burns Alexander & Son (James W.), brewers, 4 Hale, h. 

Burns Ann, widow, house 13 Pleasant, Centralville 

Burns Bernard, M. P. W. boards 135 Merrimack corp. 

Burns Charles, Lawrence, boards 335 Merrimack 

Burns C. Mrs. variety store, 14 River, house do. Cent. 


Burns David, mule spinner, bouse 113 Davidson 

Burns Edward, carpenter, house 6 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Burns Edward, night porter, Merrimack House, bds. do. 

Burns Edward, wool sorter, boards 7 Hudson 

Burns Elias, overseer, Prescott mills, house 7 Mass. corp. 

Burns Elizabeth, widow, house 33 Front, Centralville 

Burns George, teamster, 84 Suffolk, house 27 Marion 

Burns George, Lawrence, boards 74 Moody 

Burns James, laborer, house 22 George 

Burns James, slater, house 8 Davidson 

Burns James, slater, house 130 Market 

Burns James, laborer, house 80 Middle 

Burns James, boards 95 Middle 

Burns James, fireman, Merrimack House, boards do. 

Burns James, machinist, house 72 Warren court 

Burns James, Merrimack, house 187 River, Centralville 

Burns James, laborer, house 13 Somerset 

Burns James W. (Alex. Burns & Son), 4 Hale, house 185 

Burns John, laborer, house 6 Garnet 
Burns John, machinist, house 40 Auburn 
Burns John H. carpenter, house 14 River, Centralville 
Burns John H. carver, boards 8 Mclntire 
Burns J. Edward, clerk, 4 E. Merrimack, bds. 6 do. Bel. 
Burns Joseph, laborer, house rear 62 Middle 
Burns Julia, widow, house 33 Cheever 
Burns Malachi, spinner, house 7 Hudson 
Burns Mary, widow, house 76 Warren court 
Burns Mary, widow, house 143 Adams 
Burns Mary Ann Mrs. house rear 56 Middle 
Burns Michael, cabinet maker, house 287 Gorham 
Burns Michael, laborer, house 41 Gorham 
Burns Michael, laborer, house 61 Payette 
Burns Michael J. cabinetmaker, boards 8 Mclntire 
Burns Miles P. shearer, boards 368 Central 
Burns Owen, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 
Burns Patrick, gardener, boards 36 Dummer 
Burns Patrick, teamster, house 22 Spring 
Burns Patrick, spinner, boards 53 Front, Centralville 
Burns Patrick, oiler, house 4 Varnum's alley, Pleasant, Cent. 
Burns Peter, loom fixer, house 64 West Union 
Burns P. P. Mrs. house 61 Chestnut, Bel. 
Burns Richard, cabinetmaker, house 8 Mclntire 
Burns Sarah, widow, house 128 Middlesex 
Burns Thomas, laborer, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Burns Thomas, engineer, at Smith Adams', h. Adams sq. 
Burns Thomas, machinist, house 56 South 
Burns Thomas, painter, bds. 13 Pleasant, Centralville 
Burns Thomas, Middlesex, house rear 29 Middle 


Burns Timothy, laborer, house 10 Garnet 
Burns William, carpenter, boards 62 Mass. corp. 
Burns William, shoemaker, house 109 Llewellyn, Cent. 
Burns, see also Byrne, O'Beirne and O'Byrne 
Burpee Achsah Mrs. house 84 Jewett, Centralville 
Burpee Hiram A. laborer, boards 84 Jewett, Centralville 
Burrage Hamilton, paymaster, Bleachery, h. 348 Gorham 
Burrill Ellen, assistant, Green school, h. 1 Lawrence corp. 
Burrill John F. assistant librarian, Masonic Temple, boards 

1 Lawrence corporation 
Burroughs Amelia A. widow, house 17 Andover 
Burrows Edward W. clerk, 53 Gorham, house 49 do. 
Burrows Henry, supt. Merrimack Print Works, h. Worthen, 

corner Merrimack 
Burrows Henry, spinner, boards 52 Market 
Burrows Margaret E. Mrs. dressmaker, 49 Gorham, h. do. 
Burrows Valentine, grocer, 53 Gorham, house do. 
Burrows Wm. overseer, Sterling mills, boards 70 Kinsman 
Burrows Wm., M. P. W. house 148 Merrimack corp. 
Burton Alexander P. hairdresser, Odd Fellows' block, 136 

Merrimack, house 13 Auburn 
Burton Frank, Merrimack, house 11 Lee 
Burton Henry W. carpenter, 17 Middle, bds. 17 Kirk 
Burton Simon J., Suffolk, house 18 Tremont corp. 
Burton Stephen H. carpenter, house 175 Cross 
Burtt Charles H. carpenter, house 16 First, Cent. 
Burtt Fraucis E. produce com. merchant, 66 Market, h. 65 

Chestnut, Belvidere 
Burtt J. Albert, provisions, 44 Middlesex, h. 33 Clay, Bel. 
Buse Henry, mat weaver, boards 2 Hale 
Bush Francis J. Mrs. house 377 Central 
Bush Jane, widow, house 21 Watson 
Bush William H. clerk, Middlesex, cor. Thorndike, boards 

172 Church 
Bushee Joseph, carpenter, house rear 22 Winter 
Bushey John T. painter, house 7 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Bushman Joseph, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 
Buss Herman Mrs. house 30 Tenth, Centralville 
Buswell Albert, homoe. physician, 16 Central, house do. 
Butcher Aaron W. clerk, 21 Middle, h. 403 Merrimack 
Butcher John, iron and steel, 21 Middle, h. 441 B'way 
Butcher Robert H. (Am. Bolt Co.), 270 Lawrence, house 

Broadway, opp. Rolfe 
Butcher Robert J. overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 

54 Wilder 
Butcher William, M. P. W., house 144 Merrimack corp. 
Butler Benjamin F. counsellor, 14 Museum building, house 

Andover, near Tewksbury line 
Butler Charles W. clerk, 20 Market, h. 200 Bridge, Cent. 


Butler Daniel, currier, house 15 Green 

Butler Edward J. hairdresser, 215 Middlesex, boards 67 

Butler Elizabeth, widow, house 37 Fenwick 
Butler Ellen, widow, house 182 Adams 
Butler Freeman H. & Co. (John H. Buttrick), apothecaries, 

141 Central, house Varnum avenue, Pawtucketville 
Butler George D. clerk, 168 Central, boards 172 do. 
Butler Hannah, widow, boards 67 Market 
Butler John, laborer, house 2 Lowell place 
Butler John, boards 33 Hamilton corporation 
Butler John, laborer, house rear 109 Gorham 
Butler John, laborer, boards 41 Dummer 
Butler John, coffinmaker, boards Globe House 
Butler Josiah, cotton and woolen waste, also ( 0. D. Spof- 

ford & Co.), 297 aud 299 Gorham, house 31 Lane 
Butler Mary Mrs. house 37 Fenwick 
Butler William, bobbinmaker, house 8 Farson's court 
Butler William D. curtain fixture maker, house 144 Cross 

Butler , shoemaker, rooms 10 Wellman's block 

Butman Edward E. (Hawes, Butman, & Co.), 10 Merrimack 

House, house at Boston 
Butman Elizabeth Mrs. house 1 Lawson 
Butman Sam'l L. harnessmaker, 250 Middlesex, h. 3 Lawson 
Butman Vaughn, boarding house, 23 and 24 Hamilton corp. 
Butterfield Abner A. stonecutter, house 10 Merrill's court 
Butterfield Arthur D. printer, boards 12 Arlington 
Butterfield Howard A. stableman, 25 Second, Cent., house 

rear 312 Middlesex 
Butterfield Clara Mrs. boards 950 Middlesex 
Butterfield Edwin G. clerk, 166 Merrimack, b. 12 Arlington 
Butterfield Frank O. student, at C. A. F. Swan's, Barristers' 

Hall, house 49 Central 
Butterfield John C. machinist, house 41 Merrimack corp. 
Butterfield Lucius, wireworker, 150 Bridge, Cent., house at 

Butterfield Lucy A. dressmaker, 12 Arlington, house do. 
Butterfield Stephen S. teamster, house rear 50 Congress 
Butterfield Stillman A. stableman, house 8 Smith 
Butterfield Theodore Mrs. house 33 Howard 
Buttermore John, laborer, house 48 Agawam 
Butters Charles F. clerk, boards 205 Fairmount, Bel. 
Butters Frederick, Massachusetts, boards 15 do. corp. 
Butters George, carpenter, boards 40 Museum building 
Butters George S. livery and sale stable, 20 Church, house 

205 Fairmount, Belvidere 
Butters George S. jr. student, boards 205 Fairmount, Bel. 
Butterworth Hugh, overseer, Middlesex Co. h. 28 Warren 
Butterworth John J. laborer, boards 8 rear 48 Cedar 


Butterworth Mary, widow, house 27 North 

Butterworth Samuel D. plasterer and stucco worker, 27 
Middle, house 113 Moore 

Button Mary W. Mrs. house 70 Railroad 

Buttrick Abner W. Mrs. house 68 Chestnut, Bel. 

Buttrick Abner W. physician, 16 John, h. 32 Highland 

Buttrick Alden B. boards 77 Nesmith, Belvidere 

Buttrick Fred. A. clerk, City Institution for Savings, boards 
32 Highland 

Buttrick James G. treas. Thorndike Manuf. Co. h. 1 1 Grand 

Buttrick John Mrs. house 9 Grand 

Buttrick John A. treas. City Institution for Savings, Apple- 
ton block, house 32 Highland 

Buttrick John H. (F. H. Butler & Co.), apothecaries, 141 
Central, Tower's Corner, boards 9 Grand 

Buttrick Nathan Mrs. house 76 Westford 

Buttrick & Co. (B. N. Webber, G. T. Goddard and P. P. 
Stiles), grocers, 20 Market 

Buzzell Azuba, widow, house 29 Appleton block 

Buzzell Daniel J. laborer, house 35 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Buzzell Susan Mrs. house 4 Bay State avenue 

Byam Henry S. cabinet maker, boards 13 Pearl 

Byam Stillman, machinist, house 13 Pearl 

Byam Sumner A. (Adams & Byam), 70 and 72 Merrimack, 
house 61 Chestnut, Belvidere 

Byington Mark, mason, house 75 London 

Byrne Anne, widow, house 62 Moody 

Byrne James, operative, house 56 South 

Byrne John, wool sorter, house 69 Charles 

Byrne John, whitener, &c. house 13 Salem 

Byrne Patrick, Middlesex, house 48 Charles 

Byrne Thomas, laborer, house 23 Green 

Byron Edward, laborer, house rear 27 Summer 

Byron Michael, tanner, house off Short 

Byron Patrick, laborer, house 1 Edgerley's court 

Byron Thomas F. boots and shoes, 17 E. Merrimack, Belvi- 
dere, house Short 

CABOT SAMUEL, boards 125 Gorham 

Caden Bryan, house 113 Adams 

Caden James, blacksmith, boards 113 Adams 

Caden John, blacksmith, 5 Warren, boards 113 Adams 

Cadwell Adin, machinist, house 54 Tremont 

Cadwell Linus M. carpenter, house 31 Fletcher 

Cady Frances Miss, dressmaker, Masonic Temple, boards 

22 Tyler 
Cady Frederick, stone cutter, houre 12 Robinson 
Cady George L. wire goods and machinists' tools, 257 Mid- 
dlesex, house. 7 5 Summer 


Cady Lyman, house 9 Cady 

Cady Samuel, mason, boards 12 Robinson 

Cady Samuel B. stonecutter, boards 12 Robinson 

Cady William R. soda apparatus (33 Bowker, Boston), h. 

261 Central 
Caffrey Bernard, blcachery, house 408 Central 
Caffrey Michael, machinist, boards 408 Central 
Caffrey Terrence, house 38 Lewis 
Cahill Bernard, mule spinner, house 82 Church 
Cahill Charles S. eigarmaker, 83 Central, house 58 Bartlett, 

Cahill Edward (0. Cahill & Son), 75 Market, b. 28 Marion 
Cahill George, laborer, house 41 Gorham 
Cahill James, Lawrence, house 4 Quigley's alley 
Cahill Joanna Mrs. house rear 86 Suffolk 
Cahill John, spinner, house 132 Market 
Cahill John, gardener, house Cross, near Suffolk 
Cahill John, laborer, boards 219 Market 
Cahill John J. tailor, 27 Central, house 39 Marion 
Cahill Maria A. saleswoman, 60 Merrimack 
Cahill Mary, widow, house 16 Davidson, Belvidere 
Cahill Matthew F. seaman, boards 16 Davidson, Bel. 
Cahill Michael, horse shoer, boards 28 Marion 
Cahill Owen, horse shoer, 50 Gorham, house 84 Chapel 
Cahill Patrick J. moulder, boards 18 Jefferson 
Cahill Peter, laborer, house 18 Jefferson 
Cahill Peter, upholsterer, boards 16 Davidson, Bel. 
Cahill Peter, upholsterer, 9 Prescott, house 32 Appleton 
Cahill Sarah H. Miss, millinery, 17 Merrimack House blk. 

house 61 Beech, Centralville 
Cahill William, operative, house 75 River, Cent. 
Cahill William C. moulder, house 28 Marion 
Cain John, laborer, house 64 Newhall 
Cain John, house 128 London, n. R. R. crossing, A. C. 
Cain John, jr. laborer, boards 64 Newhall 
Cain Joseph, at Kitson's, boards 274 Merrimack 
Cain Mary, widow, house 4 Jefferson 
Cain Moses A. blacksmith, boards 249 Middlesex 
Cain, see also Kain and Kane 
Calanan Thomas, laborer, house 55 Gorham 
Calder John H. machinist and boarding house, 135 and 137 

Merrimack corp. 
Calderwood William, cigar manuf. and dealer, also produce, 

33 Merrimack, house 45 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Caldren Laurence, laborer, house 171 Market 
Caldwell Albert, painter, boards 94 Rock 
Caldwell Charles S. packer, boards 38 Mt. Vernon 
Caldwell Edwin B. carpenter, house 171 School 
Caldwell Henry, painter, boards 94 Rock 


Caldwell Homer E. bookkeeper, 251 Middlesex, boards 15 

Caldwell John, beltmaker, boards 85 Tremont 
Caldwell (Philip) & Co. (Michael Smith), grocers, 139 

Lawrence, house do. 
Caldwell Pliny W. tinsmith, house 38 Mt. Vernon 
Calef Andrew J. (Merrill & Galef), carpenter, 26 Middle- 
sex, house 102 First, Central ville 
Calef Susan Miss, boarding house, 38 Boott corp. 
Calin Matilda, widow, boards 32 Cabot 
Call Alvin F. travelling agent, house Bachelder's place 
Call Jere C. foreman, Parker & Cheney's, h. 91 Chelmsford 
Callaghan John ( Wallincford & Callaghan), 247 Merrimack, 

boards 41 Tremont 
Callahan Bernard, saloon, 13 River, house do., Centralville 
Callahan Chas., carder, house 2 Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan Charles, jr. operative, bds. 2 Brown's court, Cent. 
Callahan Charles, carpenter, h. 6 Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan Charles, grocer, 50 and 52 River,h. do. Centralville 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, boards 11 Abbott 
Callahan Daniel, house 5 Fenwick 
Callahan Dennis, mule spinner, house rear 41 Middle 
Callahan Hugh, blacksmith, h. 17 Richardson, Centralville 
Callahan James, clerk, 50 River, Cent., boards 2 Brown's 

court, do. 
Callahan John, laborer, house 48 Dummer 
Callahan John, police, house 4 Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan John, clerk, 50 River, boards do., Centralville 
Callahan John, laborer, house 149 Lawrence 
Callahan Michael, Hamilton, house Gorham 
Callahan Michael, jr. boltmaker, boards Gorham 
Callahan Patrick, Boott corp., house 53 River, Centralville 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, house 218 Market 
Callahan Peter, operative, house 21 Front, Centi'alville 
Callahan Rose, widow, house 38 River, Centralville 
Callahan Thomas, carpenter, house 3, rear 26 Coburn, Cent. 
Callahan Thomas, operative, house 5 River, Centralville 
Callahan Thomas, moulder, house 20 Winter 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 21 North 
Callahan William, carpenter, house 11 Abbott 
Callan John J. Mrs. dressmaker, 105 Central, house do. 
Callary Peter, laborer, house 51 South 
Callen Thomas, dyer, boards 11 Dodge 
Calnan Dennis, house 14 Dummer 
Calnan James, teamster, 45 Market, boards Cross 
Calvert Frank, machinist, Jackson, opp. Lowell Foundry, 

boards 34 Oak 
Calvert Frank E. machinist, boards 53 Tilden 
Cambridge Ellen M. widow, house 21 Queen 


Cambridge Fernando U. picture frame maker, Dutton, near 

Merrimack, boards 333 Merrimack 
Cambridge Fletcher H. carpenter, boards 309 Broadway 
Cambridge 0. L. picture frames, Dutton street, under Mer- 
rimack House, house 11 Dodge 
Cameron Benjamin, shoemaker, house 13 Salem 
Cameron Hugh, house 12 Howard 
Cameron James, foreman, 214 Middlesex 
Cameron John J. harnessmaker, house 5 Wamesit 
Cameron Roger, machinist, house 27 Floyd 

Cameron , widow, house 13 E. Merrimack, Belvidere 

Campbell Abel M. at bleachery, house 23 Bleachery 

Campbell Andrew, laborer, house 166 Gorham 

Campbell Charles, painter, house 5 Court avenue 

Campbell Charles E. fireman, house 46 Market 

Campbell Delia, widow, house 14 Seventh, Centralville 

Campbell Edward J. painter, 7 Central, house 67 Church 

Campbell Fanny, widow, house 87 Common 

Campbell Francis, laborer, house 69 Whipple 

Campbell George, laborer, boards 62 Fenwick 

Campbell Hugh, house 18 Lee 

Campbell Hugh, jr. machinist, boards 18 Lee 

Campbell James, shoemaker, boards 335 Merrimack 

Campbell James, Prescott, boards 1 1 Massachusetts corp. 

Campbell James, painter, boards 87 Common 

Campbell James P. law student, 5 Barristers' hall, boards 

18 Lee 
Campbell John, Lawrence, boards 90 Merrimack corp. 
Campbell John, laborer, house rear 43 Summer 
Campbell John, house 38 William 
Campbell John, operative, house 46 Charles 
Campbell John H. harnessmaker, 27 Shattuck, boards 259 

Campbell John P. marble carver, house 54 West Fourth 
Campbell Joseph, painter, boards 18 Lee 
Campbell Michael, Merrimack, boards 169 Market 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, house rear 19 Winter 
Campbell Peter, Suffolk, boards 26 do. corp. 
Campbell Robert R. designer, Lowell corp. bds. 46 Charles 
Campbell Thomas, machinist, house 66 Smith 
Campbell Thomas, machinist, boards 56 Dutton 
Campbell Thomas, operative, house 22 John-street avenue 
Campbell William, painter, boards 87 Common 
Campion Bernard, bleachery, house 215 Gorham 
Campon Edward, laborer, boards 144 Adams 
Campon John, at Kitson Machine Co., boards 142 Adams 
Campon Patrick, laborer, house 144 Adams 
Cancannon Julia, house 237 Market 
Cannon Luke, card stripper, house rear 26 William 


Cannon Mary, dressmaker, 49 Dutton, boards do. 
Canny Eleanor, dressmaker, 123 Central, house do. 
Canty Owen, L. M. S., house 8 Water, Belvidere 
Canty Thomas, L. M. S., house 10 Water, Belvidere 
Canty Timothy, L. M. S., boards 10 Water, Belvidere 
Capen Charles F. overseer, Middlesex yard, h. 40 Church 
Carbo Joseph, carpenter, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Carbo Nicholas, machinist, boards 56 Fletcher 
Cardell Elias L., insurance agent, 49 Central, h. 37 School 
Carey Frank, laborer, house 36 Dummer 
Carey John, Middlesex, boards 8 Hurd 
Carey Mary, widow, house 45 Water, Belvidere 
Carey Mary, widow, house 29 Kidder 
Carey Michael, laborer, house 8 Hurd 
Carey Michael, laborer, house rear 59 River, Centralville 
Carey Michael, laborer, house 19 Keene 
Carey Patrick, Lawrence, house 52 do. corp. 
Carey Patrick, laborer, house 113 Lincoln 
Carey Thomas, house 13 Wamesit 
Carey William, laborer, boards 25 Newhall 
Carey William, laborer, house 19 Fenwick 
Carey William, plasterer, house 16 Abbott 
Carey ( Wilson W.) & Harris {George W.), wood working 
machinery, 190 Broadway, cor. Mount Vernon, house 
41 Butterfield 
Carey, see also Cary 

Carkill John, Merrimack Manufacturing Co. 
Carkill Thomas, coachman, at 176 Nesmith, Belvidere 
Carkin Dexter, city teamster, house 23 Perrin 
Carle Asa B. carpenter, 68 Middle, h. 6 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Carle Hattie A. teacher, boards 6 Prescott corp., Belvidere 
Carle Michael, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
Carleton Amos M. Mrs. variety store, 47 Tilden, house do. 
Carleton Edward W., L. M. S., house 180 School 
Carleton Ellen J. Miss, teacher, boards 42 Chapel 
Carleton E. J. Mrs. widow, boards Read, near First 
Carleton George H. Mrs. house 25 Anne 
Carleton George W. physician, house 25 Anne 
Carleton Lucy F. teacher, No. 4 primary school, boards 42 

Carleton Lydia A. Mrs. house 94 Rock 
Carleton Mary F. teacher, Edson school, boards 42 Chapel 
Carleton Nettie E. teacher, Green school, bds. 42 Chapel 
Carleton Oren C. carpenter, house 20 Fourth 
Carleton Sarah Mrs. house 42 Chapel 

Carleton & Hovey ( Ghas. Hovey and T. G. Tiveed), apothe- 
caries, 164 Merrimack 
Carley James M. machinist, house 19 Bleachery 
Carley Mary Mrs. boarding house, 67 Lawrence corp. 


Carlin James, teamster, boards 103 Cross 

Cailin Patrick, laborer, house 25 Front, Centralville 

Carll Francis, carpenter, house I "7 Westford 

Carll Henry, carpenter, house 83 Westford 

Carlston John, spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 

Carlton Eli B. clerk, house 104 Westford 

Carlton Elizabeth, widow, boards 115 Merrimack corp. 

Carlton Oram, carpenter, house 18 First, Centralville 

Carlton Phineas II. carpenter, house 51 Mount Vernon 

Carlton Robert, Hamilton, boards 31 do. corp. 

Carlton, see also Carleton 

Carmichael James, machinist, house 23 Common 

Carmichael James, Hamilton, boards 65 Charles 

Carmichael Jane, widow, house 120 Adams 

Carmichael Lawrence, vvoolsorter, house 35 Salem 

Carmichael Mary S. 105 Merrimack, boards 120 Adams 

Carmody Daniel, blacksmith, house 21 Charles 

Carney Daniel, laborer, house 164 Market 

Carney George J. treas. Lowell Inst, for Savings, house 213 

Carney Henry, laborer, house 121 River, Centralville 
Carney James, hackman, 49 Middle 
Carney James, Appleton, house 8 Auburn 
Carney John, Middlesex, house 10 Jefferson 
Carney John, Laborer, house Merrill, corner Taylor 
Carney John, house 18 Merrill 
Carney John, plasterer, house 21 South 
Carney Maurice, dyer, house 45 Agawam 
Carney Michael, laborer, boards 62 Walker 
Carney Patrick, spinner, boards 52 Market 
Carney William J. painter, boards 21 South 
Carolin Thomas, grocer, 8 Howe, h. 97 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Carpenter Benedict O. overseer, Mass. h. 25 Prescott Corp., 

Carpenter Charles, spinner, h. Austin's block, Coolidge 
Carpenter Cynthia Mrs., Washington House 
Carpenter James, mason, boards 20 Boott corp. 
Carpenter .Joseph, spinner, h. Mammoth, near Dracut line, 

Carpenter .Joseph, house Austin's block, Coolidge 
Carpenter .Joseph, Massachusetts, house 15 do. corp. 
Carpentier Joseph B. laborer, house 322 Merrimack 
Can- Benjamin F. {Carr Bros.), 51 Merrimack, house 31 

Boott corp. 
Carr Brothers (Betij. F. and Wm. A.), boots and shoes, 51 

Carr Charles F. clerk, Merrimack Manuf. Co., house 121 do. 

Carr Charles W., Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 



Can* David, cabinetmaker, house 12 Nichols 

Can- Ellen, widow, house 114 Middlesex 

Carr Francis, stonecutter, house 23 George 

Carr Gilbert C. machinist, house 25 Mass. corp. 

Carr Hannah M. house 31 Boott corp. 

Carr James, laborer, house 159 Lawrence 

Carr James, tailor, boards 36 Water, Belvidere 

Carr James M. teamster, house 15 Smith 

Carr John, tailor, boards 36 Water, Belvidere 

Carr John, stonecutter, house 8 Lawrence 

Carr John W. operative, house 13 Holbrook's court, Bel. 

Carr Joseph, operative, house 110 Middlesex 

Carr Margaret, widow, house 20 Water, Belvidere 

Carr Mary A. Miss, house 10 William 

Carr Michael, teamster, house 8 Lawrence 

Carr Patrick, carpet weaver, house 415 Central 

Carr Patrick, loom harnessmaker, boards 2 Dodge 

Carr Sarah, widow, house 31 Boott corp. 

Carr Susan Mrs. house 265 Gorham 

Carr William A. (Carr Brothers), 51 Merrimack, house at 

Morrison, 111. 
Carrane James, M. P. W., boards 120 Market 
Carrigg Patrick, bleacher, house 6 River, Centralville 
Carrigg Patrick, Middlesex, house 31 Union 



Andrew, tailor, house 113 Adams 
Catherine, widow, house 33 Summer 
Charles, teamster, house 32 Church 
David, operative, house Lewis 
Poster P. carpenter, boards 24 Elliott 
Francis, machinist, house 36 Lewis 
Frank, laborer, house rear 22 Winter 
George Mrs. house 56 Middle 
Henry L. carpenter, house 21 Elliott 
II. II. Mrs. bds. 63 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
James, grocer, 107 Gorham, house do. 
James, laborer, boards 13 Fen wick 
James, carpenter, house 1 Lyons ct. Bel. 
John, provisions, 11 River, house do. Cent. 
John, laborer, boards 27 River, Cent. 
John, tanner, house 113 Lincoln 
John, dyer, house 22 Howe, Bel. 
John, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 
John, laborer, house 74 Gorham 
John II. operative, bds. 22 Howe, Bel. 
J. Frank, laborer, boards 56 Middle 
.Mary, widow, house 35 Duramer 
Owen Mrs. house 18 Lagrange 
Rosanna, widow, house 37 Salem 
Sylvester, laborer, house 82 Middle 


Carroll Sylvester jr., Hamilton, boards rear 72 Middle 

Carroll Thomas, laborer, house 13 Fenwick 

Carroll Thomas, clerk, Dutton, cor. Market, h. 117 Worthen 

Carroll Thomas, wool sorter, boards 33 Summer 

Carroll, see also Carle and Caryl 

Carson George, moulder, boards 11 Warren 

Carson James Mrs. house 181 Moore 

Carson Margaret Mrs. house Smith, near Horn 

Carter Albert D. wool scouring, Whipple's mills, Lawrence, 

house 451 Gorham 
Carter Alexander, quarryman, h. 1 Ilowe-st. ave. Bel. 
Carter Chas. E. apothecary, 251 Thorndike, h. 861 Middlesex 
Carter Edgar J. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Prescott, bds. Oliver 

cor. Wanalancit 
Carter Eliza E. W. house 70 L. M. S. corp. 
Carter E. B. Mrs. millinery, 50 Central, bds. 10 Dodge 
Carter Fred., L. M. S. boards 70 Dutton 
Carter George II. house 16 Kurd 

Carter George W. painter, boards 128 Middlesex 

Carter Gilbert J. house 96 Andrews 

Carter Henry P. (Brown & Garter), 252 Middlesex, house 
73 Appleton 

Carter Horace A. carpenter, and variety store, at H. R. R. 
station, 130 Pawtucket, house 176 School 

Carter John Mrs. widow, house Walker, n. Pawtucket 

Carter John M. laborer, house rear Westford, opp. Coral 

Carter John T. & Co. (J. Welch and W. Kavanaugh), cabinet 
makers and furniture manufacturers, Wamesit steam 
mills, house 154 Lincoln 

Carter John W. foreman, at A. Bachelder & Co.'s, house 
65 Wanalancit 

Carter Joseph, house 105 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Carter Joseph, machinist, boards 10 Suffolk corp. 

Curler Lorenzo D. blacksmith, bds. 248 Middlesex 

Carter Lyman C, Massachusetts, house 46 Race 

Carter Mills O. apothecary, Merrimack, cor. Bridge, boards 
24 Grove 

Carter R. A. Mrs. boarding house, 16 Hard 

Carter Stanley, machinist, house 344 Middlesex 

Carter William F. machinist, Lawrence corp. h. 64 do. 

Carter William H. (Livingston, Garter, & Co.), 25 Thorn- 
dike, house 119 Walker 

Cartingham Michael, laborer, boards rear 52 Lawrence 

Cartmell Isaac, teamster, house 41 Pine 

Caruther Thomas, stamper, house 31 Bleachery corp. 

Cary Bridget, widow, house 16 Cabot 

Cary, see also Carey 

Caryl Edwin F. weaver, house 27 Appleton corp. 

Caryl, see also Carle and Carroll 


Case Darius N. hose maker, house 6 Dodge 

Casey Dauiel, laborer, house 21 Dummer 

Casey Daniel, laborer, house 6 Sullivan's yard 

Casey George, glovemaker, bds. 30 Bartlett, Bel. 

Casey James, laborer, house 166 Market 

Casey James, operative, boards 98 Gorham 

Casey Joseph, stonemason, house 191 Gorham 

Casey Michael, laborer, house 6 Pleasant ct. 

Casey Thomas, laborer, house 7 Sullivan's yard 

Casey Thomas, Massachusetts, house 85 Moody 

Cash Joseph, fireman, boards 344 Middlesex 

Cashman Bartholomew, carpenter, house 36 Chapel 

Cashman Daniel, Lawrence, house 1 Cummiskey's alley 

Cashman Ellen, widow, house 25 North 

Caskin Prank, house 71 Whipple 

Caskin James, teamster, house 26 Watson 

Casley Thomas, second hand, Hamilton, h. 6 Davidson, Bel. 

Casor John, laborer, house 5 Suffolk hall 

Cass Elsie C. widow, house 182 Moody 

Cass Isaac N. shoemaker, house 18 Whipple 

Cass Rose, widow, house 3 Boyle's ct. 

Cassidy Ann, widow, house 1 Ford 

Cassidy Catherine, widow, house 6 Ilowe-st. ave. Bel. 

Cassidy Charles, house 27 Newhall 

Cassidy James W. dry goods, 56 Merrimack, h. 109 Moody 

Cassidy John Mrs. house 71 Whipple 

Cassidy John, mule spinner, boards rear 87 Moody 

Cassidy John, carpenter, boards 71 Whipple 

Cassidy John II. plasterer, house 2 Boyle's ct. 

Cassidy John J. boards 3 Davis court 

Cassidy Margaret, widow, house 63 Fayette, Bel. 

Cassidy Mary, widow, boards 18 Lagrange 

Cassidy Michael, Appleton, house 3 Davis court 

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, house 377 Central 

Cassidy Patrick, Merrimack, boards 60 Middle 

Cassidy Patrick, Hamilton, boards 31 do. corp. 

Cassidy Patrick J., Kitson Machine Co. h. r. 66 River, Cent. 

Cassidy Peter, operative, house 32 Dummer 

Cassidy Peter, clerk, 133 Adams, boards 131 do. 

Cassidy Richard, laborer, house Riverside, near Dracut line, 

Cassidy Terrence, bookkeeper, 50 River, h. 10 River, Cent. 
Cassidy Thomas, Kitson Machine Co. house 132 Adams 
Cassidy Thomas, Hamilton, house 6 Davidson, Bel. 
Cassidy William, laborer, house rear 15 River, Cent. 
Castleman Nelson, Lawrence, house 3 do. corp. 
Castles Henry, operative, house 1 Hancock avenue 
Castles Stephen, laborer, house 15 Common 
Castles Stephen, jr. finisher, house 38 Adams 


Caswell Alden Y. ticket agent, B. & L. R. R. h. 132 Cross 
Caswell Alonzo F. proprietor Urban hall and restaurant, 3, 

5 and 7 City Hall ave house do. 
Caswell Clark R. conductor, L. & L. R. R. h. 125 Appleton 
Caswell Frank L. boards 53 Chapel 
Caswell Horatio G. house 53 Chapel 
Caswell Michael B. Mrs. house 16 Race 
Cates Alfred T. carpenter, house 27 Washington 
Cates Clara E. saleswoman, 138 Merrimack, boards 82 East 

Merrimack, Bel. 
Cates John A. weaver, boards 118 Salem 
Cates William II. expressman, Merrimack-st. depot, house 

250 Merrimack 
Caton James C. section hand, Mass. house 39 Mass. corp. 
Caton Jeremiah, laborer, house 154 Adams 
Caton John, driver, house Dempsey's place 
Caton Terrence, Merrimack, boards 117 Worthen 
Caton Thomas, weaver, boards 39 Frescott corp. Bel. 
Caufield Mary, widow, house 254 Lincoln 
Cangh Mary Mrs. h. Eacott's Cottage, Water, c. Pond, Bel. 
Caulfield John, machinist, house 13 Hampshire, Cent. 
Cavanaugh Augustus, loomfixer, house 51 Lawrence corp. 
Cavanaugh Bartholomew, farmer, h. 30 Llewellyn, Cent. 
Cavanaugh Edward, Hamilton, house 42 Andover, Bel. 
Cavanaugh John, section hand, house 34 Wall, Liel. 
Cavanaugh John, carpenter, boards 6 Pollard's avenue 
Cavanaugh Margaret, widow, house 14 Lee 
Cavanaugh Michael Mrs. house 36 Bleaehery corp. 
Cavanaugh Patrick, house 51 Fayette, Belvidere 
Cavanaugh Peter Mrs. house 136 Broadway 
Cavanaugh Thomas, file cutter, boards 46 Middlesex 
Cavanaugh, see also Kavanagh 
Cavendish Annie J. widow, house 6 Floyd 
Caverly Daniel D. house 37 Branch 
Caverly Ira, house 33 Moody 
Caverly John II. paymaster, Merrimack Manuf. Co. house 

33 do corp. 
Caverly Robert B. counsellor, 11 Barristers' Hall, house 4 

Fremont, Centrolville 
Cawley Chase S. mason, house 168 Cross 
Cawlcy Luther B., B. & L. R. R. boards 25 Robinson 
Cawley William, operative, boards 168 Cross 
Cawsey William, Stott's mill, house 88 Fayette, Bel. 
Cawthorne Frank D. express messenger, U. S. & C. house 

23 Howard 
Cazzo John, operative, house 19 Aiken 

Central Savings Bank, Sam'l A. Chase, treas. 43 Merrimack 
Cliadwick Alexander, spinner, h. Mt. Hope, Pawtucketville 
Chadwick Alfred M. clerk, 166 Merrimack, bds. 14 Hurd 


Cliadwick John^mule spinner, Mass. boards 53 do. corp. 
Chadwick Samuel, cabinetmaker, boards 300 Middlesex 
Cliadwick Win. watchman, Suffolk, boards 10 do. corp. 
Chaillin Paul Mrs. widow, house 86 Bridge, Cent. 
Chaillin Sylvester, machinist, boards 86 Bridge, Cent. 
Chalifoux Antoine, laborer, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Chalifoux J. L. clothing, 20 Merrimack, boards 23 Kirk 
Chalmers John, carpenter, house 131 Moody 
Chamberlain Benjamin R., Merrimack, house 88 do. corp. 
Chamberlain Charles F. wheelwright, h. 82 Appleton 
Chamberlain Charles L., Lowell, boards 15 Cady 
Chamberlain Christiana, widow, bds. Austin's blk., Coolidge 
Chamberlain John A. tinsmith, boards 211 Central 
Chamberlain Lysander, carpenter, house 15 Cady 
Chamberlain Orrin R. bobbinmaker, bds 304 Middlesex 
Chamberlain Orrin S. clerk, 351 Middlesex, house 3 Living- 
ston's block, Appleton 
Chamberlain Willie, bobbinmaker, boards 304 Middlesex 
Chamberlin Burleigh T. machinist, Appleton corp. h. 28 do. 
Chamberlin Calvin T. coffin warehouse, 45 Prescott, h. 388 

Chamberlin Chas. blacksmith, 388 Middlesex, h. 26 Dover 
Chamberlin Chester L. clerk, boards 345 Central 
Chamberlin Cornelius W. machinist, house 103 Rock 
Chamberlin George E. wcod, house 567 Pawtucket 
Chamberlin Loammi, house 345 Central 
Chamberlin Richard II. clerk (Boston), boards 345 Central 
Chambers John, house 104 Fayette, Belvidere 
Chambers Stephen, laborer, house 29 Summer 
Champlin Edward, painter, boards 340 Middlesex 
Champlin George W. painter, house 340 Middlesex 
Chandler Charles E. farmer, h. Middlesex, Livingston's farm 
Chandler Charlotte Mrs. house 128 Merrimack corp. 
Chandler David, spinner, boards 72 Ford 
Chandler Francis II. grocer, Pawtucket sq., Pawtucketville, 

house 38 School 
Chandler Frank N. boards 62 Central 
Chandler George H. asst. supt. Merrimack Manuf. Co. h. 

28 Merrimack corp. 
Chandler George R. clerk, boards 28 Merrimack corp. 
Chandler Hermon, physician, 263 Gorham, house do. 
Chandler Lysander, physician, 62 Central, house do. 
Chandler Mary C. Mrs. house 27 Keene 
Chandler Simeon C, Suffolk, house 3 Goward place 
Chandler Susan C. widow, house 86 Fayette, Belvidere 
Chaoone William, carpet weaver, boards 71 Dutton 
Chapin Arthur B. operative, house 24 Austin 
Chapin Elizabeth, widow, house 37 Tremont corp. 
Chapin Samuel, overseer, Tremont, house 37 do. corp. 


Chaplin Silas T. engineer, B. & L. R. E. h. 141 Appleton 
Chaplin Wiseman W. carpenter, house 121 Mood}' 
Chapman Alexander, plumber, house 50 Chambers 
Chapman Alfred J. mattress maker, house 1 Everett, Bel. 
Chapman Christopher Mrs. boarding house, 25 Newhall 
Chapman Eben, operative, boards 35 Fayette, Belvidere 
Chapman John, house rear 30 Summer 

Chapman William A (Boynton & Chapman), 243 Merri- 
mack, boards 85 Tremont 
Chappie Betsey Mrs. house 20 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Chappie William, machinist, boards 20 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Chaquet Jeremie, Lawrence, house 5 Dempsey's place 
Charalan Joseph, house 330 Middlesex 
Charles Andre, engineer, 92 Middle, boards Crosby 
Charles Patrick, laborer, house 2 Knovvles place, Bel. 
Charlesworth Thomas, spinner, house 198 Thorndike 
Charlton William, mason, 11 Tilden court 
Charnley Richard, machinist, Lawrence corporation, and 

boarding house, 31 do. 
Charron Charles {Bergeron & Co.), blacksmiths, 14 and 16 

Rock, house 1 Salem 
Charron Edmond, carpenter, house 10 Middlesex place 
Charron Eugene, Merrimack Manufacturing Co. 
Charters .Jane M. Miss, house 36 High, Belvidere 
Charters William, house 23 Hampshire, Centralville 
Chanters William A. liquors, 330 Merrimack, h. 17 Austin 
Charters Willie A. roll coverer, boards 23 Hampshire, Cent. 
Chase Abel C. watchman, house 30 Appleton block, Central 
Chase Abial II. gate tender, Pawtucket canal, house 208 

Chase Albert E. gardener, house 59 Andover, Belvidere 
Chase Amos B. Mrs. house 33 Cheever 
Chase Aquilla, engineer, boards 358 Merrimack 
Chase Celestia P. teacher, Mann school, boards 61 Tilden 
Chase Charles, lather, house rear 241 Central 
Chase Chas. A. clerk, 253 Merrimack, h. Mammoth, Paw. 
Chase Charles C. principal, High school, house 11 Nesmith, 

Chase Charles IT. variety store, 93 Bridge, h. do. Cent. 
Chase Charles V. fireman, house 24 Mass. corp. 
Chase Clara A. Miss, saleswoman, 110 Merrimack 
Chase David, city auditor, City Gov't building, house 15 

Fourth, Centralville 
Chase David E. house 163 Fairmount, Belvidere 
Chase Ezra A. painter, house 67 Common 
Chase Francis N. clerk, at Old Lowell National Bank, 

house 6 Arlington 
Chase Fred M., Merrimack, boards 20 do. corp. 
Chase George, machinist, boards 29 Marshall 


Chase George A. carpenter, house rear 572 Middlesex 
Chase George A. (Boston), house 163 Pairmount, Bel. 
Chase George A. tinsmith, Boott, house 22 Fourth, Cent. 
Chase George F. physician, 166 Middlesex, house do. 
Chase George W. glazier, Willie, cor. Gushing, also gents' 

furnishing, 169 Middlesex, boards 7 Lincoln 
Chase Ira M. provisions, 253 Merrimack, house Mammoth, 

Chase Jacob, carpenter, Suffolk, house 24 do. corp. 
Chase Jennie Miss, saleswoman, 102 Merrimack, boards 24 

West Fifth, Cent. 
Chase (John K.) & Sargent (F. W.), tailors and clothiers, 

5 Central, house 41 Nesmith, Belvidere 
Chase Joseph, belt maker, Merrimack, house 20 do. corp. 
Chase Lorenzo, shoe dealer, 61 Tilden, house do. 
Chase Lucian H. carpenter, house 19 Robinson 
Chase L. S. Miss, ladies' furnishing, 85 Merrimack, boards 

68 L. M. S. corporation 
Chase Mills, Lawrence, below Whipple's mills 
Chase Nelson, dresser, house 14 Tremont corp. 
Chase Olive Mrs. house 29 Marshall 
Chase Philander H. farmer, house 7 Cady 
Chase Riley, M. P. W. boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Chase Samuel A. treas. Central Savings Bank, house 62 

Bartlett, Belvidere 
Chase Samuel M. (Brown & Chase), printers, 9 Savings 

Bank building, 18 Shattuck, h. 47 Andover, Bel. 
Chase Samuel P. flagman, B. & M. R. R. house 62 Church 
Chase Sarah A. widow, house 227 Middlesex 
Chase Stephen K. clerk, 253 Merrimack, h. 91 Tremont 
Chase Warren E. peddler, boards 36 Church 
Chase William G. carpenter, h. 24 West Fifth, Cent. 
Chase William II., M. P. W. boards 143 Merrimack corp. 
Chase William K. clerk, 5 Central, house 66 Sixth, Cent. 
Chase William M. telegraph operator, Merrimack-st. depot, 

boards 37 Central 
Chase William W. machinist, Merrimack, h. 143 do. corp. 

Chase Mrs. rooms 8 Dodge 

Chatfield Benjamin, driver, boards 200 Middlesex 
Chatterton Robert, spinner, house 131 Lawrence 
Cheatham William, weaver, house 34 Coburn, Cent. 
Cheever Appleton, Hamilton, house 1 Goward place 
Cheever Henry Mrs. house 321 Broadway 
Cheever James P. blacksmith, 294 Middlesex, h. 300 do. 
Cheever Joel B. laborer, house 3 Tilden's court 
Cheever Kirk, printer, " Courier" office, bds. 24 Elliott 
Cheever William II. blacksmith, boards 300 Middlesex 
Chenery Albion E. clerk, boards 10 Bleachery 
Chenery Loring W. engineer, bleachery, h. 10 Bleachery 


Cheney Carl, Boott, boai'ds 18 do. corp. 

Cheney Charles W. fancy groceries, 5 Middle, bds. Howard 

Cheney Charles W. house 8 Chapel 
Cheney Cleveland J. supt. Locks and Canals, house 142 

Cheney Daniel P. Mrs. house 25 Madison 
Cheney David L., Merrimack, house 116 do. corp. 
Cheney Edwin A. clerk, 176 Middlesex, house 20 Liberty 
Cheney {Franklin) & Tallant (Samuel B.), concrete pavers, 

9 Market, house 115 G orb. am 
Cheney Frank M. spinner, boards 12 Lawrence corp. 
Cheney George A. milkman, boards 175 Gorham 
Cheney George S. (Russell & Cheney), 281 Merrimack, 

house 201 Moody 
Cheney Ira D. overseer, Lawrence, boards 12 do. corp. 
Cheney John L. (Parker & Cheney), bobbin manuf. Wamesit 

steam mills, h. 31 Chelmsford, cor. Westford 
Cheney Joseph, house 12 Lawrence corp. 
Cheney Sarah E. widow, house Quebec, cor. Manchester 
Cheney Walter, iron moulder, boards 29 Rock 
Cheney Warren, 5 Middle, boards 27 Appleton block 
Cherebro Elihu, mule spinner, Mass., boards 53 do. corp. 
Cherrington Prank W. ( Cherrington & Cherrington), 28 

Central, house 2 West Third, Cent. 
Cherrington LeRoy J. ( Cherrington & Cherrington), 23 Cen- 
tral, house 4 West Third, Centralville 
Cherrington & Cherrington (F.W. and L. J.), architects and 

landscape gardeners, 28 Central 
Cherron John, blacksmith, house Salem, cor. Cabot 
Chesley J. T. Mrs. boarding house, 91 Willie 
Chesley H. Warren, carpenter, house 14 Cambridge 
Cheswick Mary, widow, house 17 Kirk avenue 
Chick Henry S. stonecutter, boards Agawam, n. Lawrence 
Chickering John, carder, house 11 Harrison, Belvidere 
Chickering Sally, widow, house 11 Harrison, Belvidere 
Childs John, laborer, house 174 Adams 
Childs Nathan, pattern maker, Lowell Machine Shop, house 

40 Howard 
Chilton John, moulder, boards 22 Linden 
Chisholm George E. machinist, Lawrence corp., h. 97 Moody 
Choate Asa, stonemason, house 174 Merrimack corp. 
Choate Emma J. bookkeeper, 62 Merrimack 
Choate George, house 64 Andover, Belvidere 
Choate James A. clerk, boards 64 Andover, Belvidere 
Choate James F. house Laroy, near Loring 
Choate Mattie A. Mrs. dressmaker, 9 Centre, house do. 
Choate William 11. clerk, boards 64 Andover, Belvidere 
Christie James, machinist, house 75 Church 


Christie John S. plumber, house 71 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Christie William, weaver, house 75 Church 

Church Henry C. insurance, also paper, batting-, and wad- 
ding, 23 Central, cor. Middle, house 172 Fletcher 

Church Henry W. clerk, 23 Central, boards 172 Fletcher 

Church Herbert L. iron moulder, boards 158 Cross 

Church Julius H. carpenter, house 220 Central 

Church Lemuel, iron moulder, house 158 Cross 

Church Waldo B. boards 91 Willie 

Churchill Addison, travelling- salesman, house 74 Dover 

Churchill B. Frank, boards 49 dishing 

Churchill Charles Mrs. house 420 Merrimack 

Churchill Daniel, house 89 Hale 

Churchill George L. roll coverer, 27 Shattuck, boards 24 
Chestnut, Bel. 

Churchill George S. clerk, Merrimack, cor. John, boards do. 

Churchill George W. stonecutter, house 56 School 

Churchill J. & Co. (R. L. Read), suspender manufs., First, 
opp. Read, Cent., house 7 Fifth, Centralville 

Churchill Kate Mrs. house 24 Winter 

Churchill Ludlow D. clerk, 319 Merrimack, house 110 Third, 

Churchill Moses, stonecutter, h. Riverside, Pawtucketville 

Churchill Nathaniel, agent, house 88 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Churchill Richard F. second hand, house rear 26 Bartlett 

Churchill Sarah J. widow, boards 41 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Churchill Sheldon W. grocer, 82 Middlesex, boards 89 Hale, 
corner Grand 

Churchill William J. carpenter, house 265 Broadway 

Chute Charles A. carpenter, 26 Middle, boards 278 Central 

Cilley Edward L. machinist, house 32 L. M. S. Corp. 

Cilley Edwin, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 

Cilley George E. carpenter, house 6 East Pine 

City Hotel, Alvin Emerson, 57 East Merrimack, Belvidere 

City Institution for Savings, 6 Appleton block, Central, cor. 

City Stables, Western avenue 

Clarlin James M. wool sorter, h. Riverside, at Dracut line, 

Clancy James, Mass., boards 14 do. corp. 

Clancy Mary Mrs. boards rear 119 Market 

Clancy Patrick, bleacher, house 247 Lincoln 

Clancy Timothy, laborer, h. Riverside, n. Dracut line, Paw- 

Clapp Betsey Mrs. house 12 Whipple 

Clapp Charles, horse dealer, house 39 Willow, Belvidere 

Clark Asa D., bolt manuf. (Cambridgeport), house 28 Lane 

Clark A. D. Mrs. boarding house, 74 Lawrence corp. 

Clark Benjamin F. (Boston), house 46 Chapel 


Clark Carrie Mrs. variety store, 121 Middlesex, house do. 
Clark Charles A. second hand, Lawrence, house 16 do. corp. 
Clark Charles D. operative, Lowell Manufg. Co. 
Clark C. Martin, second hand, Merrimack yard, house 156 

do. corp. 
Clark David, engineer, Lowell, house 10 do. corp. 
Clark Dustin, house 20 Elliott 
Clark Edward; laborer, boards 10 Suffolk 
Clark Edward D moulder, house 161 Liberty 
Clark Edward W. clerk, 75 East Merrimack, Bel,, house at 

Clark Edwin A. Mrs. house 147 Howard 
Clark Edwin M. watchmaker, 43 Central, boards 70 First, 

Central ville 
Clark Eliza M. widow, boards 3 Tremont corp. 
Clark Elizabeth S. Mrs. house 329 Merrimack 
Clark Emma Mrs. boarding house, 29 and 30 Hamilton corp. 
Clark Ezra, Merrimack, house 36 do. corp. 
Clark Fannie M. teacher, Franklin school, b. 377 Middlesex 
Clark George, cabinetmaker, boards 76 Westford 
Clark George, watchman, Lawrence corp. 
Clark George, boards 20 Lane 
Clark George, Mass., boards 37 do. corp. 
Clark George L. second hand, Lawrence, b. 22 do. corp. 
Clark George M., M. P. W. boards 156 Merrimack corp. 
Clark George M. tinsmith, house 110 High, Belvidere 
Clark George P. teamster, house Wamesit, n. Lawrence 
Clark Hannah F. nurse, h. 35 Second, Centralville 
Clark Harriet F. Miss, dressmaker, 15 Central, house do. 
Clark Herman, fireman, boards Branch 
Clark Hiram E. teamster, house I Dodge 
Clark Hiram F. shoemaker, 60 Tremont, house do. 
Clark Hugh J. painter, Arch, boards 14 diaries 
Clark H. Delia, 109 Central, boards 332 do. 
Clark James Mrs. variety store, 71 Tilden, house do. 
Clark James, stonecutter, house 6 Molloy's court 
Clark James, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Clark James G. boards 71 Tilden 
Clark Jane Mrs. variety store, 195 Central, house do. 
Clark Jeremiah, machinery dealer, 106 and 108 Middle, h. 

32 Suffolk 
Clark John, laborer, house 3 Knowles place, Belvidere 
Clark John A. clerk, 131 Central, boards 172 do. 
Clark Joseph, section hand, h. 1 McGovern's court, Cent. 
Clark Joseph, carpenter, house 13 Aiken 
Clai'k Lucy, dressmaker, house 16 John 
Clark Lydia, widow, boards 24 Branch 

Clark Maria T. Miss, variety store, 73 Tilden, h. Pawtucket 
Clark Martha, widow, house 87 Hildreth, Cent. 


Clark Mary, widow, boards 128 Chelmsford 

Clark Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, house 3 Willow place 

Clark Matthew Mrs. house 14 Charles 

Clark Matthew, laborer, boards 5 Wall, Bel. 

Clark Michael, laborer, house 12 Lewis 

Clark Michael C. grocer, 23 E. Merrimack, h. 25 do., Bel. 

Clark Michael F. painter, boards 14 Charles 

Clark Nathan W. (Swett & Clark), wheelwrights, Arch, h. 

142 Middlesex 
Clark Oliver G. grocer, 48 Race, h. 74 Lawrence corp. 
Clark Otis E boards 332 Central 
Clark Robert, shoemaker, boards 53 High, Bel. 
Clark Rufus, stonecutter, house 146 London 
Clark Sabra P. widow, boards 38 Mount Vernon 
Clark Sarrel E. operative, Lawrence, h. 22 Austin 
Clark Patrick II. sashmaker, boards 76 Charles 
Clark Thomas, blacksmith, house 212 Central 
Clark Vara L. saleswoman, 62 Merrimack, bds. 329 do. 
Clark William, shoemaker, boards 53 High, Bel. 
Clark William, pattern maker, h. 33 West Fifth. Cent. 
Clark William, machinist, L. M. S. house 40 do. corp. 
Clark William, laborer, house 3 Lagrange court 
Clark William B. yard hand, Tremont 
Clark William B. engineer, house 46 First, Cent. 
Clark Wdliam H. cabinetmaker, h. 60 Water, Bel. 
Clark William PI. painter, house 324 Gorham 
Clark William J. stonecutter, Gorham, n. Maple, house 374 

Clark William L. police, house 85 Durant 
Clark William W. weaver, house 40 Mass. corp. 

Clark , hackman, boards 43 George 

Clarke John C. carriage trimmer, 214 Middlesex, house 161 

Claskey William II. weaver, house 34 Albion, Cent. 
Cla} r Caroline A. Mrs. house 9 Race 
Clay Henry, house 9 Race 
Clay John H. house 33 Butterfield 
Cleary Bridget, widow, house 14 Carter 
Cleary Daniel, plasterer, boards 192 Lawrence 
Cleary Dennis, laborer, house 23 Merrill 
Cleaiy Edward M. bricklayer, house Swift, near Whipple 
Cleary John, plumber, 5 Prescott, boards 164 Lawrence 
Cleary Michael, fireman, Bleachery, house 192 Lawrence 
Cleary Patrick, finisher, house 2 Livingston 
Cleary Patrick, laborer, house 1 Mellen's court, Bel. 
Cleaves Eben, carpenter, house 43 Durant, Cent. 
Cleaves Willard G. carpenter, Merrimack, house 64 High 
Clee John, weaver, house 36 West Fifth, Cent. 
Clee John, jr. weaver, boards 36 West Fifth, Cent. 


Clegg George W. laborer, h. 10 Brown's block, Marshall 

Clegg Thomas, painter, house 17 Union 

Olemence William II. city marshal, Market House building, 

boards Merrimac House 
Clement Alpha, engineer, B. & L. R R. house 5 Grove 
Clement Daniel W. trader, house 35 School 
Clement Eleanor D. Mrs. house 21 Fletcher 
Clement Elizabeth W. Miss, matron, Old Ladies' Home, 68 

Clement Ezekiel A. provisions, 306 Merrimack, house 119 

Coburn, Centralville 
Clement Ilazen, driver, boards 121 Ilildreth, Cent. 
Clement Murray D. clerk, gas office, boards 10 Lagrange 
Clements Charles E. carpenter, boards 11 Dodge 
Clements Prank B. carpenter, 3 Franklin square 
Clements Owen, card stripper, b. Brophy's bldg., Dummer 
Clements Robert J. second hand, house 24 Walnut 
Cleveland Frank E. machinist, house 23 John 
Cleveland Henry II. machinist, house 7 Dodge 
Cleveland Mary J. widow, house 65 Mass. corp. 
Cleworth Allan, printer, "Courier" office, bds. 29 Anne 
Cleworth David, reedmaker, 92 Middle, boards 29 Anne 
Cleworth Edwin, reedmaker, 92 Middle, boards 29 Anne 
Cleworth John ( William Cleworth & Son), reedmaker, 92 

Middle, boards 29 Anne 
Cleworth Walter, foreman, " Courier " office, h. 40 Walnut 
Cleworth William & Son (John), reedinakers, 92 Middle, 

house 29 Anne 
Clifford Abbie, widow, boards 72 Cabot 
Clifford Arthur I. clerk, Lovejoy & Rand's Express, boards 

28 Howard 
Clifford Arthur L. contractor, house 28 Howard 
Clifford Charles A. operative, house 54 Mass. corp. 
Clifford ( Charles T.) & Downs ( W. H), dentists, 224 Mid- 
dlesex, boards 408 Merrimack 
Clifford Fanny C. Mrs. house 54 Massachusetts corp. 
Clifford George W. foreman, house 142 Broadway 
Clifford Margaret, widow, house 172 Adams 
Clifford Russell S. watchmaker and jeweler, 156 Merrimack, 

house 11 Arlington 
Clifford Simeon S. Mrs. house 56 Ford 
Clifford Warren, silk dyer, 2 and 4 Andover, house 102 

High, Bel. 
Clifford William, janitor, police court, h. 35 Second, Cent. 
Clifford William II. teamster, boards 255 Middlesex 
Clogston Geo. E. machinist, house 48 Bowden 
Clough Chase, carpenter, house 37 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Clough Ella F. dressmaker, boards 114 Chapel 
Clough Henry II. overseer, Tremont, house 2 do. corp. 



Clough LTenry P. Mrs. house 186 Bridge, Cent. 

Clough Ilerschel P. G. clerk, boards 186 Bridge, Cent. 

Clough Ira, house 186 Moody 

Clough Ira A. crockery, house 34 Arlington 

Clough John, shoemaker, 4 Charles, house at Tewksbury 

Clough Marshall H. city librarian, Masonic Temple, house 

24 Seventh, Cent. 
Clough Mercy, widow, boards 5 Lowell corp. 
Clough Nathan, house 43 Third, Centralville 
Clough Rosa F. Mrs. house 114 Chapel 
Clough (Slillman) & Sweatt (Samuel), stone contractors, 

rear Lowell gas works, house 816 Middlesex 
Clough Thomas, watchman, boards 53 South 
Clough Thomas II. house 96 Chapel 
Clough Walter S. house 41 Cambridge 
Cloutman L} r dia Mrs. house 1*70 Merrimack 
Cluer Arthur, harness maker, boards 135 Central 
Cluky Henry, laborer, boards 135 Merrimack corp. 
Cluin Edward, hostler, L. H. R. R. stables, h. 79 High, Bel. 
Cluin John J. conductor, L. II. R. R. bds. 79 Payette, Bel. 
Clune Michael, laborer, house 71 Gorham 
Clune Peter, tailor, 53 Central, house 52 YV. Union 
Clune Peter, bleachery, house 12 Livingston 
Clynick Arwed M. operative, boards 78 Moody 
Coan Catherine Mrs. house 31 Davidson 
Coates Mary, widow, boards 11 Wilson 
Coates William, carpenter, house 24 Davidson, Bel. 
Cobb (Frank H.) & Hilton (L. W.), dry goods, 36 and 38 

Merrimack, boards 408 do. 
Cobb Merritt, plumber, boards 23 Wamesit 
Cobb Thaddeus S. clerk, 108 Middle, h. Laroy, n. Coral 

Cobb , stonecutter, boards 78 Appleton 

Coburn Abel, mail carrier, house Varnum ave. Paw. 
Coburn Addie A. Miss, bds. Riverside, n. City line, Paw. 
Coburn Addison, boards 63 Massachusetts corp. 
Coburn Albert E. watchmaker, 86 Merrimack, boards 267 

Hildreth, Cent. 
Coburn Alonzo A. cashier, Prescott Nat. Bank, 26 Central 

house 18 Gold 
Coburn Alonzo L. belt maker, house 24 First, Cent. 
Coburn Andrew J. overseer, Boott, house 76 do. corp. 
Coburn Anfort, farmer, house Varnum ave. Paw. 
Coburn Charles, insurance, 28 Central, h. 75 Andover, Bel. 
Coburn Charles Mrs. house 109 Appleton 
Coburn Charles A. cabinet maker, house 109 Appleton 
Coburn Charles B. & Co. ( Charles H. and E. F. Coburn), 

paints, oils, &c, 51 Market, h. Colburn, n. Merrimack 
Coburn Charles C. real estate, 8 Museum building, house 

65 Myrtle, Cent. 


Coburn Charles F. machinist, house 261 Tlildreth, Cent. 
Co-burn Charles II. (Charles B. Coburn & Co.), paints, oils, 

&c. 51 Market, house 393 Merrimack 
Coburn ( Clarence G.) & Smith (Caleb L.), grocers, 251 

Middlesex, house 1 Grove 
Coburn Daniel, mechanical engineer, Chapel, cor. Walnut, 

house 43 Walnut 
Coburn Edward C. Mrs. milliner, house 128 Grand 
Coburn Edward F. (C. B. Coburn & Co.), 51 Market, house 

39 Oak, Bel. 
Coburn Edward W. mason and builder, 17 Fifth, Cent. h. do. 
Coburn Eugene F. machinist, house 113 Lawrence 
Coburn Florence D. Miss, teacher, bds. Peter S. Coburn's, 

Coburn Fordyce, overseer, Bleachery, house 62 Moore 
Coburn Frank ( Geo. W. Coburn & Son), 2 Nesmith block, 

house 4 Arlington 
Coburn Frank, overseer, Chase mills, house at Dracut 
Coburn Franklin, clerk, 51 Market, house 375 Merrimack 
Coburn Frederick V. shoemaker, 14 Middle, house 25 W. 

Fifth, Cent. 
Coburn George A. farmer, boards 650 Chelmsford 
Coburn George F. ( Worthen & Coburn), 141 Market, cor. 

Worthen, house 21 Church 
Coburn George W. & Son (Frank), insurance, 2 Nesmith 

block, house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Coburn Harry W. dentist, boards 17 Fifth, Cent. 
Coburn Henry, watchmaker, 109 Chapel, house 107 do. 
Coburn Henry Adams, farmer, house 519 Stevens 
Coburn Henry Albeit, farmer, house 666 Chelmsford 
Coburn Horace B. house 151 Andover, Belvidere 
Coburn James M. teller, Railroad Nat. Bank, house Linden 

avenue, Pawtucketville 
Coburn John H. Mrs. house 13 First, Centralville 
Coburn John M. farmer, house Varnum avemie, Paw. 
Coburn Joseph V. B. Mrs. house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Coburn J. B. V. carpenter, house 100 Hildroth, Cent. 
Coburn J. B. V. Mrs. boards 78 Tenth, Centralville 
Coburn Laurens VV. variety store, Pawtucket square, Paw- 
tucketville, boards 144 Cross 
Coburn Lyman M. mason, house 71 Jewett, Centralville 
Coburn Nathaniel B. farmer, house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Coburn Nellie J. Mrs. dressmaker, 19 E. Merrimack, house 

do. Belvidere 
Coburn Orville D. overseer, house 19 Burns 
Coburn Othnen D. roll coverer, 27 Shattuck, boards Harris 

Coburn Otis A. painter, 252 Middlesex, house 14 Grove 
Coburn Peter S. house Varnum avenue, Pawtucketville 


Coburn Rebecca, widow, house 121 Hildreth, Cent. 
Coburn Sarah J. widow, house 36 Austin 
Coburn Sliuttle Co., First, opp. Read, Centralville 
Coburn Stephen A. farmer, house 650 Chelmsford 
Coburn Susan Mrs. house Riverside, Pawtucketville 
Coburn Sybil A. Miss, house 154 Baldwin, Middlesex vil. 
Coburn Timothy, farmer, house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Coburn Walter, supt. Lowell Wadding and Paper Company, 

house 407 Merrimack 
Coburn Willard, house Varnum avenue, Pawtucketville 
Cochran George W. clerk, 9 Middle, house 144 Moody 
Cochran John, Merrimack, house 21 High 
Cochran John, laborer, house 11 Donahoe's yard 
Cochran John, ^yer, house 46 Agawam 
Cochran John C. weaver, house 31 Abbott 
Cochran John S. wire worker, house 50 Read, Cent. 
Cochran Josiah, polisher, house 74 Andover, Belvidere 
Cochran Julia A. boarding house, 12 Boott corp. 
Cochran Mary, widow, house rear 25 Cross 
Cochran Michael, Locks and Canals, h. Donahoe's yard 
Cochran Patrick, mason, house 20 Elm 
Cochran Peter, laborer, house 10 New 
Cochran William, spinner, house 8 Swift 
Cockered Henry, weaver, Lawrence 
Cody Michael, variety store, 72 Tremont, house do. 
Coe Stanley S. teamster, house 111 Howard 
Coffee Cornelius, laborer, house 65 Fenwick 
Coffee John, laborer, house 162 Adams 
Coffey Bridget, widow, house 78 Suffolk 
Coffey Bros. (J. J. and T. F.), provisions, 78 Suffolk 
Coffey Cornelius, laborer, house Fenwick 
Coffey James J. {Coffey Brut.), 78 Suffolk, house do. 
Coffey John H. clerk, 78 Suffolk, house do. 
Coffey Timothy F. {Coffey Bros.), 78 Suffolk, house do. 
Coffin Edward A. {C. B. Richmond & Co.), 118 Lawrence, 

house 190 Andover 
Coffin James, painter, house 6 Goward place 
Coffin John, machinist, house 66 Dummer 
Cogan Peter, Middlesex, house 43 Water, Belvidere 
Cogan William, operative, house 45 Water 
Cogger Frank, laborer, house Fourth avenue, Paw. 
Coggeshall Elizabeth Mrs. widow, house Old Ladies' Home, 
68 Moody [Lyon 

Coggeshall Fred. II. accountant, 40 Merrimack, boards 6 
Coggeshall Frederick P. bookseller and stationer, 40 Merri- 
mack, house 6 Lyon 
Coggeshall John H. bookkeeper, 10 Central, bds. 6 Lyon 
Coggin {Jacob), Kidder {D. O.), & Co. {J. F. Harvey), 
Hour and grain, Fletcher, cor. Dutton, h. at Tewksbury 


Cohen Isaac S. cigars, house 116 High, Belvidere 

Cohen Stephen, Hamilton, boards 172 Central 

Colber F. laborer, house 322 Merrimack 

Colburn Elias 11. carpenter, house IS Pine 

Colburn John, painter, house 45 Hamilton corp. 

Colburn .John W. clerk, 219 Middlesex, house 18 Grand 

Colby Amos Mrs. house 96 Andrews 

Colby Anna P. widow, house 1(3 Seventh, Centralville 

Colby Benj. F. (G. W. Pease & Co.), 136 Merrimack, bds. 

192 Moody 
Colby Daniel IS., Appleton, boards 7 Decatur 
Colby Daniel S. & Son (J. H.), provisions, 146 Middlesex, 

'house 377 do. 
Colby Edward, boards 46 Middlesex 
Colby Edwin A. student, 170 Merrimack, bds. 96 Adams 
Colby Geo. E2. sashmaker, boards 16 No. Franklin court 
Colby John, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Colby John I), pattern maker, h SI B. Merrimack, Bel. 
Colby John II. (D. S. Colby <£• Son), 146 Middlesex, bds. 

377 do. 
Colby John S. journalist, " Vox Populi," 130 Central, h. 

30 Willow', Belvidere 
Colby John W. house 192 Moody 

Colby J. brakeman, 13. & M. R. R. bds. Washington House 
Colby Reuben M. {Bailey & Colby), 79 E. Merrimack, bds. 

37 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Colby Sumner A. tinsmith, 123 Market, h. 46 Middlesex 
Colcord R. dudson, sash and blind maker, house 41 Willow, 

Cole Arthur L. operative, boards 116 Central 
Cole Chas. B. blacksmith, house 300 Middlesex 
Cole (Danville) <fe Nichols (Albert F.), iron and brass foun- 
ders, 10 Willie, cor. Dutton, house Mt. Vernon, bet. 

Varney and Bowers 
Cole George 1 1, clerk, house 01 W. Fourth, Centralville 
Cole Gustavus II., foundry, house 55 L. M. S. corp. 
Cole Harriet, widow, house 109 Bridge, Centralville 
Cole Marcus 1). house Mt. Vernon, between Varney and 

Cole Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, house 821 Merrimack 
Cole (Miranda) & Bingham (Fanny), boarding house, 23 

Mass. corp. 
Cole Mowers, carpenter, house 21 Read, Centralville 
Cole Nellie C. Miss, boards '_' Lincoln square 
Cole Ruby Miss, boards 10 Hurd 

Cole Ruel, watchman, Mass., boards 185 Merrimack corp. 
Cole Sarah A. widow, house 55 L, M. S. Corp. 
Cole Thomas, gigger, house 27 North 
Cole Willard L. printer, boards 21 Read, Centralville 


Cole William, overseer, Lowell Water Works, h. 100 Salem 
Cole William II. confectionery manufr. 1 Music Hall bldg. 

house 25 Market 
Coleman Dominick, Boott, house 57 West Union 
Coleman Jeremiah, laborer, house 198 Market 
Coleman John Mrs. house 9 Abbott 
Coleman John B. clerk, L. II. R. R. house 92 Suffolk 
Coleman Joseph, watchman, B. & M. R. R. boards 250 

Coleman Martha, widow, house 19 Union 
Coleman Michael, laborer, house 28 William 
Coleman Michael, machinist, house 110 Middlesex 
Coleman Owen, laborer, boards 113 Worthen 
Coleman Patrick, laborer, house 32 Swift 
Coleman Patrick, at Kitson Machine Co. house 10 Suffolk 
Coleman Walter, Boott, house 11 do. corp. 
Coleman William J. house 157 Middlesex 
Colgan Richard, laborer, house 12 Lee 
Collette John, hostler, boards 4 Suffolk corp. 
Colley Henry A. painter, house rear 415 Central 
Colley James, Mass. boards 4 do. corp. 
Collins Andrew, machinist, house rear 53 Dutton 
Collins Anne M. Miss, nurse, house 148 Merrimack 
Collins Barney, farmer, house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Collins Benjamin F. (Lynn), house 133 Wanalancit 
Collins Bridget, widow, house 174 Market 
Collins Catharine, widow, house 85 Broadway 
Collins Catharine, widow, house 229 Broadway 
Collins David M. overseer, Merrimack, house 23 do. corp. 
Collins Dennis, carpenter, boards 85 Broadway 
Collins Dennis P. house 1 Lyons court, Belvidere 
Collins Dennis W. hostler, house 21 Lagrange 
Collins Dennison D. spinner, house 3 Lawrence corp. 
Collins Edward B. moulder, house 73 L. M. S. corp. 
Collins Ellen, widow, house Donahoe's yard 
Collins Ellen, widow, house 210 Market 
Collins Enos, dresser, boards 260 Merrimack 
Collins Fred. B. messenger, 98 Middle, boards 133 Wan- 

Collins Frank G. (Washington, D. C), boards 133 Wan- 

Collins George F. engineer, h. Varnum av., Pawtucketville 
Collins Hamlin E. machinist, boards L. M. S. corp. 
Collins Hannah, variety store, 58 Dummer, house do. 
Collins James, grocer, 162 Market, house do. 
Collins James, bobbin maker, boards 13 Adams 
Collins Jane Miss, house 40 Methuen, Centralville 
Collins John, laborer, house 85 Adams 
Collins John, machinist, house 152 Market 


Collins Joseph, stone cutter, house Crosby, near Kinsman 

Collins Josiah T. variety store, 126| Suffolk, h. 19 Race 

Collins J. T. Mrs. dressmaker, 19 Race, house do. 

Collins Lucy B. boarding house, 5 and 6 Merrimack corp. 

Collins Mary, widow, house Castle block, Jefferson 

Collins Mary, widow, house 4 Reed's court 

Collins Mercy, widow, house 49 L. M. S. corp. 

Collins Michael, gardener, house 84 Andrews 

Collins Michael, operative, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 

Collins Moses I. blacksmith, bds.Varnum av.,Pawtucketville 

Collins Patrick, laborer, house 3 Sullivan's court 

Collins Patrick, laborer, house rear 146 Market 

Collins Patrick, machinist, house 13 Willie 

Collins Patrick, moulder, boards 85 Broadway 

Collins Sarah, operative, house 19 Charles 

Collins Susan, house 125 Bridge, Centralville 

Collins Thomas, overseer, Lowell, house 15 do. corp. 

Collins Thomas, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Collins Thomas, laborer, house rear 26 William 

Collins Timothy, machinist, boards 210 Market 

Collins William, bobbin maker, boards 10 Dutton 

Colliston Alexander, machinist, boards 16 Summer 

Colliton John, laborer, house 72 Church 

Colton John J. (Boston), h. 5 Varnum av., Pawtucketville 

Combs Mary Miss, boards 94 Wilder 

Comerford Garrett, house 134 Market 

Commerford Edward, M. P. W. boards 145 Merrimack corp. 

Commerford James, printer, house 89 Merrimack Corp. 

Commerford Richard, overseer, Merr. Print Works, h. 145 
Merrimack corp. 

Commerford Richard H., M. P. W., boards 6 Tremont corp. 

Comptois Louis, soap maker, 85 Charles, house 41 Tyler 

Conant Abel Mrs. house 9 Lagrange 

Co'nant Abel E., U. S. and Canada Express, Northern depot, 
house 9 Smith 

Conant Andrew, carpenter, house 53 Methuen, Cent. 

Conant Arthur P. clerk, 4 East Merrimack, boards 10 Liv- 
ermore, Belvidere 

Conant Charles F. teamster, boards 9 Smith 

Conant Charles II.' (Stevens & Conant),! Barristers' Hall, 
house 20 Nesmith, Belvidere 

Conant Charles P. carpenter, boards 273 Fletcher 

Conant Edmund B. bookkeeper, 100 Central, bds. 17 Elm 

Conant George W. teamster, boards 9 Smith 

Conant (G. P.) & Booth (Robert), provisions, 19 Branch, 
house 9 Smith 

Conant Henry A. clerk, Tremont House, b. 260 Merrimack 

Conant Horace J. janitor and carpenter, 52| Merrimack, h. do. 

Conant John II., Tremont, house 9 do. Corp. 


Conant Julius E. livery stable and auctioneer, 182 and 184 

Central, house 17 Elm 
Conant Noah, teas, coffees, spices, &c. house Wannalancit, 

corner Bowers 
Condon Catharine, widow, house rear 181 Market 
Condon Catharine, widow, house 14 Suffolk hall 
Condon James, laborer, house 18 Jefferson 
Condon Mary, widow, house 143 Adams 
Condon Mary Mrs. house 4 Franklin square 
Condon Patrick, laborer, house 154 Adams 
Coniff John, spinner, house 25 Whipple 
Conihie William, overseer, Merrimack, house 25 do. corp. 
Conington Michael, card grinder, house 6 Dempsey's place 
Conlan Cormick, laborer, boards 74 Gorham 
Conlan Cormick, drain pipe maker, boards 268 Gorham 
Conlan Elizabeth Mrs. widow, house 9 Third, Cent. 
Conlan James, laborer, house 131 Lawrence 
Conlan James, laborer, house 58 West Union 
Conlan Margaret, widow, boards 25 Lyon 
Conlan Mark, plasterer, house rear 54 South 
Conlan Patrick, Hamilton, house 114 Middlesex 
Conlan Patrick, mason, boards 58 West Union 
Conlan Sarah, widow, house 113 Gorham 
Conlan Warren J. machinist, boards 39 Clay, Bel. 
Conley Catharine, widow, house 47 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Conley Cornelius, machinist, boards 88 South 
Conley Frank Mrs. house 3 Hancock avenue 
Conley George, student, boards 5 Hancock avenue 
Conley Henry, laborer, house 14 Front, Cent. 
Conley Johannah, widow, house Cross, corner Willie 
Conley John, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Conley Leander, Lawrence, rooms 97 Moody 
Conley Nancy, widow, house 47 Cross 
Conley Patrick, machinist, house rear 34 Lewis 
Conley Peter Mrs. house 5 Hancock avenue 
Conley Peter, mason, boards 3 Hancock avenue 
Conley Peter, mason, house rear 5 Hancock avenue 
Conley Peter, mason, boards 5 Hancock avenue 
Conley Thomas, spinner, house 4 Pond, Belvidere 
Conley Thomas, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 
Conley T. II. theatrical agent, boards Merrimac House 
Conliff Wellington, Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 
Connaughton Dennis, Tremont, boards 3 do. corp. 
Connaughton Eugene, Merrimack, boards 3 Tremont corp, 
Connell Eugene, laborer, house 24 Dummer 
Connell George, laborer, house 115 Worthen 
Connell John, pressman, house 6 Loring 
Connell Mary, widow, house 24 Dummer 
Connell Mary, widow, house 19 Cross 


Connell Maurice, at carpet works, house 224 Market 

Connell Michael, house 15 Green 

Connell Michael, liquors, 17 Davidson, house do. Bel. 

Connell Nancy, widow, house 11 Mill 

Connell Thos. II. carpenter, h. 1 Riverside, Pawtucketville 

Connell , sewing machine agent, bds. 36 High, Bel. 

Connelly Eliza, widow, house 8 Carolin's place, Bel. 
Connelly Helena, widow, house 235 Broadway 
Connelly James, operative, house 19 Front, Cent. 
Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, house 83 Broadway 
Connelly John, operative, boards 77 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Connelly Margaret, widow, house 27 Jefferson 
Connelly Michael, machinist, boards 83 Broadway 
Connelly Michael, varnisher, house 107 School 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, house 72 Gorham 
Connelly Thomas, at J. C Ayer's, boards 27 Jefferson 
Conner Joseph B. operative, house 58 Boott corp. 
Conner Richard F. merchant tailor, 124 Central, boards 

Dutton, corner Fletcher 
Conners Philip, teamster, house 11 Short 
Connerton Patrick, spinner, house Cross, cor. Suffolk 
Connerton Patrick, operative, boards 57 Middle 
Conniton Bridget, widow, house 43 Summer 
Connolly John, laborer, house 28 Carter 
Connolly Thomas F. laborer, boards 28 Carter 
'Connolly William Mrs. house 42 Mt. Vernon 
'Connor Charles, cutter, 5 Central, house 2 Molloy's court 
Connor George, Massachusetts, bds. 21 W. Fourth, Cent. 
'Connor J. II. clerk, 230 Middlesex, boards 11 Centre 
Connor Sarah, widow, boards 3 Middlesex 
■Connor William, pressman, 5 Central 
Connors Jeremiah, laborer, house 145 Lawrence 
Connors John, laborer, boards 10 Suffolk 
Connors John, moulder, house 8 Howard 
Connors John, laborer, house 7 Fen wick 
Connors Mary, widow, house 64 South 
Connors Michael, carder, house 29 Cross 
Connors Michael, Lawrence, house 237 Market 
Connors Michael, laborer, house 13 Common 
Connors Michael, laborer, house 53 Common 
Connors Patrick, pressman, house 2 Molloy's court 
Connors Patrick, wool scourer, boards 300 Lawrence 
Connors Patrick, Massachusetts, boards 60 Middle 
Connors Thomas, laborer, house George, corner Green 
Connors Thomas, at G. W. Walker's, 115 Summer 
Connors William, watchman, house 14 Short 
Connorton Patrick, mule spinner, house 16 Cross 
Conole Bridget, widow, boards 70 Adams 
Conole Cornelius, machinist, house 70 Adams 


Conroy Bridget, widow, house 105 Charles 
Conroy Edward, carder, boards 312 Lawrence 
Conroy Frank, mason, house 157 Lawrence 
Conroy James, spinner, house 63 Front, Contralville 
Conroy Patrick, Hamilton, house 35 Wamesit 
Conroy Patrick, spinner, boards 70 Market 
Considine James, laborer, house rear 106 Adams 
Constantineau Ambroise, laborer, house 110 Moody 
Constantineau David Mrs. house 243 Market 
Constantineau Henri, carpenter, house 33 Austin 
Constantineau Nelson, carpenter, house 14 Merrill 
Consterdine David, paperhanger, house 245 Gorham 
Convers George II. carriage and harness manuf. 173 Cen- 
tral, boards 187 do. 
Convers Samuel, house 187 Central 
Convers Samuel E. boards 187 Central 
Conway Bartholomew, spinner, house 53 Front, Cent. 
Conway Bernard, shoemaker, house 8 Cross 
Conway Edward, operative, house 146 Market 
Conway Elizabeth, widow, house Coburn, n. River, Cent. 
Conway Ellen, widow, house 11 Coburn, Cent. 
Conway James E. moulder, boards 292 Gorham 
Conway John, tanner, house 5 Pearl 
Conway Joseph, carpenter, boards 135 Moody 
Conway Joseph, engraver, Hamilton, house 68 South 
Conway Michael, laborer, house 1 Merrill 
Conway Michael, laborer, house rear 180 Market 
Conway Patrick, laborer, house 42 William 
Conway Patrick, boards 63 Front, Cent. 
Conway Patrick, at Kitson Machine Co. house 29 Middlesex 
Conway Thomas, laborer, house 36 Canada 
Conway Thomas, engraver, Hamilton, house 68 South 
Conway Thomas, laborer, house 23 Abbott 
Cook Albert G. (J. G. Aijer & Co.), 98 Middle, house 129 

Pawtucket, corner Arlington 
Cook Amos L. house Cook, corner Main 
Cook Bridget, widow, house 23 South 
Cook Catharine, widow, house 30 Crosby 
Cook Charles, operative, boards 17 Andover, Bel. 
Cook Charles O. bobbin maker, boards 39 Adams 
Cook Charles S. lather, house 7 Garnet 
Cook Charles W. printer, house 59 Tilden 
Cook C. M. Mis. boarding house, 6 Howard 
Cook Edward, clerk, P. O., house 24 Read, Cent. 
Cook Elbridge G. tanner, Lincoln, Ayer's City, house Mt. 

Washington, cor. Bowers 
Cook E. L. Mrs. dressmaker, 59 Tilden, house do. 
Cook Frank, weaver, boards 49 Church 


Cook (Gilman G.), Taylor (Albion C), & Co. (31. Little), 
dry goods, 48 Merrimack and 125 Central, boards 
American House 
Cook Hugh, Lowell Manuf. Co. bds. 31 Hamilton corp. 
Cook James, secretary and treasurer, Lowell Mutual Fire 
Insurance Co. 49 Central, h. 158 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Cook James, teamster, house 4 Howard ave. Bel. 

Cook James G. spinner, house 7 Carpet lane 

Cook John, Hamilton, boards 32 do. corp. [Cent. 

Cook Mark II. bootmaker, 14 Middle, house 52 W. Fourth, 

Cook Nellie M. Miss (H. E. Barllett & Co.), 138 Suffolk, 
house 126 do. , 

Cook Orville W. tanner, bds. Mt. Washington, c. Bowers 

Cook Revilo F. leather measurer, bds. Mt. Washington, cor. 

Cook Sophronia A. widow, house 7 Garnet 

Cook Susan Mrs. fruit and variety store, 59 Tilden, h. do. 

Cook William, painter, house 7 River, Cent. 

Cooledge Franklin S. overseer, Lawrence corp. h. 1 do. 

Cooley Mary Ann Miss, house 18 River, Cent. 

Coolidge Catharine, widow, house 317 Middlesex 

Coolidge Martin J. liquors, 221 Middlesex, bds. 317 do. 

Coon Mrs widow, house 7 Dodge 

Cooney James, laborer, house 8 Spring 

Cooney John, clerk, 50 River, boards do. Cent. 

Cooney Michael W. coachman, at E. Merrimack, opp. Wil- 
low, Bel. 

Cooney Patrick, variety store, 35 Charles, house 37 do. 

Cooney Simon, house 26 Winter 

Cooney Simon, jr. machinist, house 41 South 

Cooper Alexander, painter, bds. 137 Merrimack corp. 

Cooper Charles F. police, house 35 Willow, Bel. 

Cooper Henry C. (Adams & Co.), 7 Central, h. 38 Clay, Bel. 

Cooper Isaac, house 38 Clay, Bel. 

Cooper Samuel G. {Corner & Cooper), 120 Fletcher, house 
172 Hale 

Cooper Sarah G. widow, boards 172 Hale 

Cooper William H. mail messenger, Stony Brook R. R., h. 
8 Coral 

Cooper W. II., Bay State Laundry Co. 117 Gorham 

Cope Edwin, farmer, house 140 Baldwin, Middlesex village 

Copeland Charles C, Franklin House, 207 Middlesex 

Copeland Edward W. house 9 Carleton 

Copeland Frances L. 74 Merrimack, boards 9 Carleton 

Copp Luther C. city express, 6 Dodge, house do. 

Corbett Charles L. at Lowell Felting Mills, b. 347 Pawtucket 

Corbett Clarence E. musician, boards 347 Pawtucket 

Corbett John, clerk, 65 Gorham, house 61 do. 


Corbett John C. engineer, Lowell Felting Mills, house 347 

Corbett Michael, provisions, 65 Gorham, house do. 
Corbett William, machinists boards 169 Market 
Corbett William, laborer, house rear 68 School 
Corcoran Daniel, laborer, house 42 Gorham 
Corcoran Dennis, at foundry, house 13 Jefferson 
Corcoran Henry, machinist, house 28 Kidder 
Corcoran James, laborer, house 74 Middlesex 
Corcoran James, laborer, house rear 17 Union 
Corcoran John, operative, boards 100 Llewellyn, Cent. 
Corcoran Patrick, stone cutter,* house 111 Fayette, Bel. 
Corcoran Peter, laborer, house Crosby, n. Kinsman 
Corcoran Peter, coachman, at 114 Nesmith, Bel. 
Corcoran Peter, mason, boards 74 Church 
Corcoran, see also Cochran 

Corey Alvin, fireman, house 53 Merrimack Corp. 
Corey Clarence, machinist, bds. 53 Merrimack corp. 
Corey Frank W. bookkeeper, at Cole & Nichols, 10 Willie, 

cor. Dutton, house at Chelmsford 
Corey Wallace A. civil engineer, 128 Merrimack 
Corey, see also Cory 

Corliss Ammi L. iron moulder, house 349 Broadway 
Corliss Charles 0. carpenter, house 5 Mill 
Corliss Elijah Mrs. widuw, house 810 Middlesex 
Corliss John L. farmer, house 179 Pawtucket 
Corliss Joseph II., L. M. S., boards 53 South 
Cormier John B., Hamilton, house rear 202 Button 
Cornell Robert, Hamilton, boards 172 Central 
Corner John, coke and charcoal, 38 Hanover, house do. 
Corner [Joseph H.) & Cooper (Samuel G.), copper stamp 

makers, house 12 Hale 
Corner Josiah, house 4 Willow place 
Corner Josiah T. painter, house 6 Willow place 
Cornock Edwin, boot maker, house 38 Pond, Bel. 
Cornock Frank A. baker, house 80 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Cornock Frederick II. baker, 261 Merrimack, house Bartlett, 

corner Livermore 
Cornock James, shoemaker, 117 Fayette, h. 113 do. Bel. 
Cornock James Mis. baker, 261 Merrimack, house do. 
Cornock Martin N. clerk, 261 Merrimack, bds. do. 
Corr Daniel, at Bleachery, house 25 Lyon 
Corr John, at Bleachery, house 25 Lyon 
Corr John, jr., machinist, house 18 North 
Corr Patrick, at Stott's mills, house 16 Crosby 
Corr Patrick F. moulder, house 410 Central 
Corr Peter J. saloon, 19 Crosby, boards 25 Lyon 
Corr Thomas, blacksmith, boards 25 Lyon 
Corrigan Anthony H. fish dealer, house 33 Livingston 


Corrigan Patrick, laborer, house 19 Summer 

Corrigan Thomas, laborer, house rear 26 Winter 

Corson Frank W. weaver, house 60 Merrimack corp. 

Corwick John, laborer, house rear 68 Fenwick 

Cory George, wire worker, house 38 Albion, Cent. 

Cory William M. ( Currier & Cory), 255 Merrimack, h. do. 

Cory, see also Corey 

Cosgrove Owen, laborer, house 12 Summer 

Cosgrove Susan, house 74 Middlesex 

Costello Bridget and Kate Misses, h. r. 66 River, Cent. 

Costello Catharine, widow, house 76 Gorham 

Costello Edward, clerk, house 65 Adams 

Costello James ( T. Costello & Co.), stoves and tinware, 126 

Central, house 151 do. 
Costello James L. house rear 61 Whipple 
Costello John, at Kitson Machine Co. boards 29 W. Fifth, 

Costello Patrick, cashier, 50 River, boards do. Cent. 
Costello Patrick, laborer, house rear 29 Fenwick 
Costello Thomas & Co. (J. Costello), stoves and tinware, 126 

Central, house 26 Elm 
Cote Aimee, clerk, 122 Merrimack, boards 70 Hall 
Cote Clara Mrs. boarding house, 322 Merrimack 
Cote Frank, carriage painter, boards 5 Jackson 
Cote Henry, Lawrence Hosiery, boards 288 Merrimack 
Cote Kate Mrs. dressmaker, 112 Middlesex, house do. 
Cote Louis, carpenter, house 5 Howard 
Cote Michael, at Batchelder's, boards 288 Merrimack 

Cottell , watchman, Boott, house 53 do. corp. 

Cotter Thomas, foundry man, house 195 Gorham 

Cotter Timothy, house 3 Howard ave. Belvidere 

Cottingham Patrick, M. P. W. house Castle block, Jefferson 

Cotton Neal, watchman, house 20 Fourth, Cent. 

Cotton Warren B. shipping clerk, boards 20 Fourth, Cent. 

Cottrell Richard, cooper, house rear 128 Chelmsford 

Coughlan Bridget Miss, house 15 Austin 

Coughlan Daniel, laborer, house 175 Lawrence 

Coughlan Ellen F teacher, primary No. 32, house 15 Austin 

Coughlan Francis, ale and cider, 56 Suffolk, house do. 

Coughlan Hannah, widow, house 157 Adams 

Coughlan Jeremiah, laborer, house 73 Fenwick 

Coughlan Jeremiah, laborer, boards 7 Dummer 

Coughlan Jeremiah, switchman, house 19 Common 

Coughlan Jeremiah, saloon, 57 Whipple, b. 11 Summer 

Coughlan John, laborer, boards 19 Common 

Coughlan John, operative, house 33 Front, Cent. 

Coughlan John, laborer, house rear 175 Market 

Coughlan John, operative, house 12 Agawam 

Coughlan John, laborer, house 33 Common 


Coughlan Mary, widow, house 27 Dummer 
Coughlan Mary, widow, house 28 Summer 
sCoughlan Mary, widow, house 68 Agawam 
Coughlan Mary, widow, house 7 Dummer 
Coughlan Michael, L. M. S. house 56 Suffolk 
Coughlan Michael, laborer, house 8 Donahoe"s yard 
Coughlan Thomas, carpenter, house 32 William 
Coughlan William, periodicals, house 220 Middlesex 
Coughlin Catharine, widow, house 4 Sullivan's yard 
Coughlin Catharine, widow, house 13 Fenwick 
Coughlin Edward C. operative, house 32 Winter 
Coughlin Thomas, laborer, house 9 Willie 
Couillard Joseph, blacksmith, house 21 Fletcher 
Couillard William, hostler, 210 Middlesex 
Coulam William II. carpenter, house 134 Hale 
Coulombe Antoine, laborer, house 2 Dempsey's place 
Coulson Samuel, grocer, 54 Gorham, house 56 do. 
Courcy Darby, laborer, house 65 Middle 
Courcy William, spinner, house 88 Fayette, Belvidere 
Coursay John, spinner, house 23 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Courser Margaret Mrs. dressmaker, 94 Moody, house do. 
Courser William H. teamster, house 94 Moody 
Court Robert Rev. house 15 Coral 

Courtemanches Peter, hairdresser, 268 Middlesex, h. 201 do. 
Courtney Dana S. machinist, boards 35 Fletcher 
Courtney Francis, laborer, house 65 River, Cent. 
Courtney John, grocer, 84 Suffolk, house do. 
Courtney Patrick, grocer, 2T0 Merrimack, h. 73 Salem 
Courtney William, provisions, 64 River, h. 60 do. Cent. 
Courtney William, teamster, house 297 Broadway 
Courtney William F. clerk, 64 River, bds. 60 do. Cent. 
Couture Celeste, widow, house 7 Howe-st. avenue, Bel. 
Couture David, watchmaker, 100 Suffolk, house do. 
Couture Joseph, carpenter, bds. 11 Middlesex place 

Couture Mrs. house 16 Suffolk hall 

Coveney John A. liquors, 48 Dutton, b. 21 Butterfield 

Covill , telegraph repairer, boards 16 Ilurd 

Coward Jacob B. blacksmith, house 60 Charles 

Cowdrey Burnham, overseer planing, C. W. Saunders & 

Co. house rear 572 Middlesex 
Cowdrey Charles, house 2 Livingston block, Appleton 
Cowell William II. shuttle maker, house 292 Gorham 
Cowen Edward D. printer, 27 Shattuck, b. 186 Lawrence 
Cowen Henry, teamster, house Thomdike, near Gorham 
Cowen James, operative, boards 77 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Cowen Melvin T. house 49 Tilden 
Cowen William, Middlesex, boards 6 George 
Cowen William Mrs. house 186 Lawrence 
Cowen William E. track master, T. & S. mills, b. 56 Ford 


Cowley ( Charles) & Allen (David 0.), counsellors, 5 Bar- 
risters' Hall ; also prop. Lowell Boiler and Steam Press 
Works, Dutton street, house 178 Lawrence 

Cowley Eliza, teacher, No. 18 primary school, boards 118 

Cowley John, boards 118 Lawrence 

Cowley John, L M. S. house 13 Hancock avenue 

Cox Edward, house 44 First, Centralville 

Cox Edward, laborer, house 86 Gorham 

Cox Fayette B. machinist, house 34 Butterfield 

Cox James, house 11 Church 

Cox James, shoemaker, house 10 Davidson, Bel. 

Cox James B. machinist, boards 41 Marion 

Cox James Mrs. house 48 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Cox James Mrs. house 24 Smith 

Cox John, B. & L. R. R. house 21 Union 

Cox John C. clerk, boards 48 Prescott corp. Belvidere 

Cox Mary, widow, house 114 Lawrence 

Cox Michael, L. M. S. boards 8 Appleton corp. 

Cox Orson, laborer, boards 35 Fletcher 

Cox Owen W. machinist, bds. 48 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Cox Patrick Mrs. house 13 Green 

Cox Patrick, house 44 First, Centralville 

Cox Philip E. operative, boards 48 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Cox Simon, shoemaker, 224 Merrimack, house 29 Church 

Cox Thomas, laborer, house 21 North 

Cox , Merrimack, house 8 Boott corp. 

Coyne James, laborer, house Cummiskey's alley 

Coyne Maria, widow, house 10 Donahoe's ysivd 

Coyne Michael, laborer, house Third avenue, Paw. 

Coyne Peter, laborer, house 15 River, Cent. 

Crafts Henry C. weaver, house 1 Massachusetts corn. 

Craig James, flagman, Merrimack-st. crossing, boards 81 

Craig John, laborer, house 30 Watson 

Craig John, operative, house 15 Watson 

Craig Julia, widow, house 166 Market 

Craig Lucy, widow, boards 116 School 

Craig Patrick, laborer, house 16 Church 

Craig Thomas, teamster, house 111 Market 

Craigie Benjamin, machinist, boards 233 Broadway 

Craudall Alonzo VV. carpenter, house 35 Franklin 

Crandall Annie Mrs. boards 21 Lowell corp. 

Crandall R. sewing machine agent, boards 66 Westford 

Crane Daniel, police, house 324 Central 

Crane Daniel, laborer, house 164 Adams 

Crane George Mrs. house 154 School 

Crane Joanna, widow, house 164 Adams 

Crane John, boards 8 Franklin square 


Crane John E. solicitor of patents (46 Court, B.), and 20 

Museum building, house 41 Sixth, Centralville 
Crane Philena T. Mrs. house 89 Bridge, Centralville 
Crane Thomas, at Locks and Canals, bds. 208 Broadway 
Crane William, boxmaker, 3 Warren, boards 8 Franklin sq. 
Crane William R. boards 41 Sixth, Centralville 
Craven John 11. overseer, Chase mills, bds. 312 Lawrence 
Craven (Michael) k Goodwin (0. 11. ), tailors, 88 Merri- 
mack, house at Springfield, 111. 
Crawford David, Mass. boards 31 do. corp. 
Crawford Henry E. conductor, L. & F. R. R., boards 73 

Crawford John, clerk, L. & F. R. R. freight, boards 13 

Crawford Julia, widow, house rear 25 Winter 
Creahin John, laborer, house 26 Marion 
Creese Henry, tanner, house 40 Pond, Belvidere 
Cregg Patrick, blacksmith, house 122 River, Cent. 
Creighton John, laborer, house 14 Cabot 
Creighton Peter, Merrimack, boards 104 Market 
Creighton Timothy, at foundry, house Cross, n. Suffolk 
Cressey Samuel G. collector, house 11 Oak, Belvidere 
Crewar Richard, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Cribbie Charles, blacksmith, boards 249 Middlesex 
Crimmins John, tailor, 69 Market, bds. Edgerley's court 
Cristy Frank, machinist, boards 41 Gorham 
Cristy Robert, operative, house rear 12 River, Cent. 
Critchett James, stonelayer, house 16 Jewett, Cent. 
Critchett James, laborer, house 216 River, Cent. 
Critchett M. B. sewing machines, 145 Central, house at 

Concord, N. II. 
Crocker Charles W., Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 
Crocker Harrison, house 67 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Crocker P. machinist, boards 248 Middlesex 
Crockett Charles, L. M. S. boards 78 Appleton 
Crockett John G. overseer, Hamilton corp. h. 76 Appleton 
Crockett John J. mason, house 121 Moody 
Crockett Leander F. machinist, house 74 Maple 
Crockett Seldou L. machinist, house 107 Moody 
Crombie William, house 23| Lagrange 
Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, house 13 Swift 
Cronan Jeremiah, farm laborer, house 73 Broadway 
Cronan John, teamster, 85 Market, house 114 Fletcher 
Cronan John, Tremont, boards 73 Broadway 
Cronan Patrick, laborer, boards 13 Swift 
Cronan Patrick J. stonecutter, house 54 Railroad 
Cronan Timothy, laborer, house 7 Little 
Cronin Esther, widow, house Chase block, off Lawrence 
Cronk Charles, porter, City Hotel, boards do. Bel. 


Cronk William, belt maker, house 2 Mass. Corp. 

Crook William, Boott, boards 6 Prescott Corp., Bel. 

Crooker Abel F. painter, house 10 Nichols 

Crooker Calvin B. bleachery, h. Bleachery, n. R. R. station 

Crooker Charles W. loom harnessmaker, boards 10 Race 

Crooker Orren, carpenter, house rear 18 Marshall 

Crosby B. Frank, mason, house 98 Andrews 

Crosby Caleb Mrs. house 151 Gorham 

Crosby Charles T. [Marshall & Crosby), cabinetmaker, rear 

269 Middlesex, house '18 Branch 
Crosby Elizabeth Mrs. widow, boards 38 Franklin 
Crosby Furniture Co. (Daniel S. Kimball and Wm. Taylor), 

furniture manufacturers, Mechanics' Mills, warerooms 

60 and 62 Fletcher 
Crosby George Mrs. house 146 Appleton 
Crosby George E. beef, 21 Shattuck, house 4 Grove 
Crosby Hannah G. Mrs. house 144 Stackpole, Bel. 
Crosby Harry G. machinist, boards 144 Stackpole, Bel. 
Crosby Jason W. machinist, boards 19 Wilson 
Crosby John, tanner, boards 113 Lincoln 
Crosby Lawrence G. lithographer, bds. 144 Stackpole, Bel. 
Crosby Louisa Miss, boards 11 Wilson 
Crosby Lucy Miss, boards 11 Wilson 
Crosby Mary, widow, house 41 Middle 
Crosby Nathan, justice police court, Court House, Market, 

house 176 Nesmith, Bel. 
Crosby Sarah J. Miss, teacher, Colburn school, boards 151 

Crosby Sylvester, house 19 Wilson 
Crosby Warren C. drain-pipe manuf. 24*7 Gorham, near 

Madison, house 254 Gorham 
Crosby William D. Mrs. boards 130 Howard 
Cross Andrew Mrs. house 17 Lowell Corp. 
Cross Augustus T. sewing machine agent, house 19 East 

Merrimack, Belvidere 
Cross Charles A. overseer, Lowell, house 17 do. corp. 
Cross Charles E. marble worker, house 54 School 
Cross George W., Middlesex, house 11 Lawrence 
Cross Gershom R. cloth roller, house 3 Bleachery 
Cross John, overseer, house 294 Central 
Cross Lydia M. widow, house 192 Moody 
Cross Peter, laborer, house 1 Davidson 
Cross William, bobbin maker, house 223 Gorham 
Crossland Samuel, operative, house 9 Suffolk Corp. 
Crossley Robert, independent missionary, h. 6 Clark's ct. 
Crossman E. J. gen'l agent, F. & L. R. R. 22 Central, house 

54 Highland 
Crotty James, operative, house 27 Lee 
Crowe Cornelius, dyer, house rear 149 Market 


Crowe John Mrs. house 3 Joiner 

Crowe John, Lawrence, house 257 Market 

Crowe Martin, shoemaker, 79 Gorham, house do. 

Crowe Michael, Merrimack, house rear 149 Market 

Crowe Michael, Lawrence, house rear 347 Merrimack 

Crowe Susan, widow, house 257 Market 

Crowe Patrick, bleachery, house 18 Agawam 

Crowell Albert, clerk, 139 Central, boards 19 Ames 

Crowell Zenas A. machinist, house 162 Merrimack corp. 

Crowell Z. Mrs. house 41 Third, Cent. 

Crowfoot D. Arthur, Hamilton, boards rear 86 Charles 

Crowfoot Elizabeth, widow, house rear 86 Charles 

Crowley Ann, widow, house 93 Gorham 

Crowley Bartholomew, house 45 Water, Bel. 

Crowley Bridget, widow, house 15 Summer 

Crowley Bridget, widow, house rear 34 Lewis 

Crowley Bridget and Mary, house 2 Johnson's bl'k, Mer. 

Crowley Catharine, widow, house 35 Fenwick 

Crowley Cornelius, laborer, house 61 Adams 

Crowley Daniel, laborer, house rear 11 Cross 

Crowley Daniel, house 21 Chestnut, Bel. 

Crowley Daniel, furniture, 106 Merrimack, and millinery, 

108 do., house Wilder, near Broadway 
Crowley Daniel S. carpenter, boards 180 Lawrence 
Crowley Dennis, Lowell Hoisery, bds. 13 Fenwick 
Crowley Ellen Mrs. house 23 Marion 
Crowley James, police, house 5 Fenwick 
Crowley Jeremiah, counsellor, 81 Central, h. 10 Bowers 
Crowley Joanna, widow, house 7 Sullivan's } r ard 
Crowley John, laborer, house 7 Suffolk court 
Crowley John, laborer, house Riverside, Pawtucketville 
Crowley Mary, widow, house 56 Suffolk 
Crowley Michael, laborer, house 142 Adams 
Crowley Michael, dresser tender, house 180 Lawrence 
Crowley Michael, operative, house 6 Carolin's pi. Bel. 
Crowley Michael, laborer, house 17 Summer 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, house rear 232 Market 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, boards Riverside, Paw. 
Crowley Patrick, painter, boards 35 Fenwick 
Crowley Robert E. machinist, house 76 Gorham 
Crowley Thomas F. machinist, house 324 Gorham 
Crowley Timothy, laborer, house 69 Broadway 
Crowley William, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 
Crown Cyrus II. sheet iron worker, boards 46 Adams 
Crown George W. machinist, house 1 Tremont corp. 
Crowther Charles II. billiards, 183 Central, bds. do. 
Crowther Thomas, blacksmith, house 11 Prescott corp. 
Crowthers Thomas, at Bleachery, house 31 Bleachery 
Crudden Peter Rev. house 27 Appleton 


Crumb , glove maker, bds. 6 Presoott Corp. Bel. 

Cry an James, Merrimack, house 193 Market 

Cryan Michael, spinner, house 121 Worthen 

Cryan Thomas, fireman, Merrimack, h. 50 Merrimack corp. 

Cryan Timothy, laborer, house 19 Dummer 

Cuddily John, bleachery, house foot of Merrill 

Cuddy James, laborer, house 36 Floyd 

Cuddy John, L. M. S. boards Lee 

Cuddy John Mrs. house 75 River, Cent. 

Cue James, operative, bds. 20 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Cuff James, laborer, house 29 Adams 

Cuff Martin, foundry, house Brophy's building, Dummer 

Cuff Richard, spinner, house 10 Agawam 

Cull Edmund, laborer, house 34 Winter 

Cnllen James, operative, house rear 02 Appleton 

Cullen Peter, operative, hoards 13 Tremont corp. 

Cull en , peddler, house 24 North 

Culley Benjamin, fireman, bds. 139 Merrimack corp. 

Culley Charles, laborer, house Agawam, n. Lawrence 

Cullinan Thomas, laborer, house 8 Livingston 

Cullington John, plumber, house 103 Charles 

Cullison William, laborer, boards 72 Ford 

Cull if on William J. hostler, 130 Moody, house do. 

Cully Samuel, dry and fancy goods, 102 Merrimack, house 

120 Bridge, Cent. 
Cummings Caleb, shoemaker, house 106 Suffolk 
Cummings Charles, driver, L. II. II. R. boards 103 E. Mer- 
rimack, Bel. 
Cummings Charles E. drug clerk, 190 Merrimack, corner 

Worthen, house do. 
Cummings Dennis, laborer, house 61 Adams 
Cummings James, laborer, house 26 Jefferson 
Cummings John, watchman, house 25 Cross 
Cummings John, laborer, house 85 Willie 
Cummings Lawrence, printer, "Citizen" office, b. 61 Adams 
Cummings Joseph, Merrimack, house 84 Broadway 
Cummings Martha, widow, house 134 Merrimack corp. 
Cummings Mary, house 52 Read, Cent. 
Cummings Nicholas, laborer, house 26 Jefferson 
Cummings 0. S. machinist, 92 Middle, house 6 John 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, house 112 Adams 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, house 52 W. Union 
Cummings Phebe M. Mrs. house 145 Jackson 
Cummings Philip, butcher, house Adams' square 
Cummiskey Mary Miss, house 14 Union 
Cummiskey Patrick, liquors, 83 and 85 Market, house 138 

Cumnock Alexander G. agent, Boott Cotton Mills, house 
41 Kirk 


Cumnock James W. overseer, Boott, boards 50 Kirk 
Cumnock Walter, machinist, boards 69 Boott corp. 
Cunniff Patrick, Merrimack, house 112 Adams 
Cunningham Caleb, boards 23 Kirk 

Cunningham Charles D., L. II. R. R. boards 58 E. Mer- 
rimack, Bel. 
Cunningham Edward, gas fitter, 5 Prescott, h. 29 Church 
Cunningham James, laborer, house 181 Thorndike 
Cunningham James, Middlesex, boards 25 George 
Cunningham James, cabinet maker, house 92 Cabot 
Cunningham John, file cutter, house 12 Andrews 
Cunningham John, Tremont, house 83 Common 
Cunningham John, house 26 Wamesit 
Cunningham John, " Vox Populi," house 14 ITale 
Cunningham John F. tinsmith, boards 26 Wamesit 
Cunningham Mary, dressmaker, 26 Wamesit, house do. 
Cunningham Michael, Lawrence, house 15 Austin 
Cunningham Patrick, teamster, Middlesex, h. 25 George 
Cunningham Patrick, plasterer, boards 25 George 
Cunningham Patrick, currier, boards 10 Market 
Cunningham Robert, superintendent, L. II. R. R. 1 Museum 

building, house 58 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Cunningham Thomas, Middlesex, boards 25 George 
Cunningham William, boards 37 Central 
Curby Louis, cook. 20 Jackson, boards 117 Middlesex 
Curley Patrick, laborer, house 15 Salem 
Curley Thomas, laborer, house 3 West Sixth, Cent. 
Curley Thomas, operative, house 106 Gorham 
Curns Elizabeth, widow, house rear 29 Summer 
Curran Ann, widow, house 8 Franklin square 
Currau Barney, Lawrence, house 127 Adams 
Curran Barney Mrs. house 11 Winter 
Curran Catharine, widow, house 234 Mai'ket 
Curran Mary, widow, house 10 McGovern's court 
Curran Miles, at carpet works, house 159 Market 
Curran Patrick, laborer, house 42 Keene 
Curran Thomas, teamster, house 8 Franklin square 

Curran Mrs. house rear 76 Suffolk 

Currier Ann Mrs. dressmaker, 23 John, house do. 

Currier Edwin M. clerk, 150 Bridge, b. 4, rear 41 Willow, 

Currier George W. manuf. house 241 Central 
Currier (//. W.) & Cory (William M.), grocers, 255 Merri- 
mack, board 1 Russell's block 
Currier Jacob B. coffin warehouse and picture frames, 19 to 

23 Prescott, house 16 Ash, Bel. 
Currier James II. laborer, house 4, rear 41 Willow, Bel. 
Currier Joea Mrs. house 241 Central 
Currier John, house Broadway, opp. Rolfe 


Currier John, house 12 Howard 

Currier John, laborer, boards 164 Hale 

Currier Lucien S. clerk, B. & L. R. R. house 36 Howard 

Currier Margaret S. widow, house 36 Howard 

Currier Mary D. Miss, house 128 Suffolk 

Currier Rlioda L. and Frances D. Misses, h. 36 Race 

Curry Bartholomew, boards rear 101 Gorham 

Curry Bridget, widow, house 1 Quigley's alley 

Curry Catharine Miss, house 13 North 

Curry Daniel, Lowell corp. boards 16 Marion 

Curry Hugh, laborer, boards 23 George 

Curry John, bleachery, house foot of Joiner 

Curry John, laborer, boards rear 101 Gorham 

Curry Michael H. printer, 98 Middle, h. Fourth ave. Paw. 

Curry Patrick, laborer, house 174 Lawrence 

Curry Patrick, laborer, house rear 101 Gorham 

Curry Thomas, house 30 Lane 

Curry Thomas F. printer, house It Market 

Curtice John M. pattern maker, boards 110 School 

Curtin John, laborer, house 49 Summer 

Curtin Patrick, jackspinner, house 79 Church 

Curtin Richard, hairdresser, American House, b. Summer 

Curtin William, blacksmith, house 45 High, Bel. 

Curtis Alphonso, carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Curtis (Andrew J.) & Achorn (Charles F.), wood and job 

teaming, Wiggin, h. 3 South Franklin court 
Curtis Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, boards 8 Cedar 
Curtis Michael, wood dealer, 8 Keene, house 8 Cedar 
Curtis Robert, wool sorter, carpet factory, house 36 Marion 
Curtis Rose M. Mrs. variety store, 229 Central, house do. 
Curtis Thomas II. locksmith, &c. 15 Middle, h. 229 Central 
Curtis William, laborer, house 243 Gorham 
Curtis William H. watchman, Middlesex, h. 27 Warren 
Curtis William W. Mrs. house 197 Central 

Curtis , widow, house 16 Mass. corp. 

Cusack John, prop. Globe House, 386 Gorham 
dishing Charles W. law student, boards 84 Pawtucket 
Cushing Daniel & Co. ( Geo. W. Smith, Franklin Smith, and 

Joseph L. Cushing), cornices, window-caps, &c. 218 

Middlesex, house 84 Pawtucket 
Cushing Daniel W. (Boston), boards 60 Thorndike 
Cushing Edward, sawyer, house 27 Howard 
Cushing Frank E. operative, boards 27 Howard 
Cushing George S. selling agent, Thorndike Manuf. Co. h. 

9 Tyler [16 Bowers 

Cushing Henry G. dep. sheriff, 10 Barristers' Hall, house 
Cushing Israel, stonecutter, house 8 Middlesex place 
Cushing Joseph L. (Daniel Cushing & Co.), 218 Middlesex, 

house Mount Washington, near Pawtucket 


Cashing Mary, widow, house 41 Front, Cent. 

Cushing Oliver E. agent, Lowell Gas Light Co. 22 Shattuck, 
house 99 School 

Cushman George F. carpenter, boards 27 Church 

Cushman William W. insurance, 120 Central, b. 42 Church 

Custy Ann, widow, house 70 West Union 

Custy Frank C. boards 70 West Union 

Custy George, baker, house 30 Walnut 

Custy Joseph H. Mrs. house 41 South 

Custy Patrick, tinsmith, 2 Prescott, boards 15 Willie ave. 

Cutler Arthur S. draughtsman, 18 Shattuck, b. 79 Coburn 

Cutler David M. G. Mrs. house 9 Ames 

Cutler James II. shoemaker, house 247 Middlesex 

Cutler Mary, dressmaker, 39 Merrimack 

Cutler N. pl^sician, Welles' block, house do. 

Cutter Abijah (Richardson & Gutter), gunsmith, 66 Central, 
house 25 Smith 

Cutter Ann Miss, house 27 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Cutter Frank, civil engineer, boards 25 Smith 

Cutter Frank H. (Arthur Marston & Co.), 205 Central, bds. 
115 Summer 

Cutter Stephen (Gutter & Walker Manvf. Co.), 180 Middle- 
sex, house 117 Summer 

Cutter & Walker Manuf. Co. shoulder braces, suspenders, 
&c. 180 Middlesex 

Cutting Charles F. hairdresser, 79 Central, bds. 51 Church 

Cutting Clark T. (Abbott, Ames, & Co.), 66 Merrimack, h. 
273 Bridge, Central ville 

Cutting Dimick, laborer, at 98 Bridge, boards do. 

Cyr Aubian, carpenter, house 282 Merrimack 

DACEY JAMES, operative, boards 72 Ford 
Dacey Jeremiah, at gas house, house 13 Common 
Dacey John, grocer, 66 Fayette, Belvidere, house do. 
Dacey Mary, widow, house 66 Fayette, Belvidere 
Dacey Timothy, gate tender, house 86 School 
Dacey William, cloth presser, bds. 66 Fayette, Belvidere 
Dadmun Girard P. clerk, 121 Central, boards 134 Appleton 
Daggett Harry C. carpenter, house 32 Mass. corp. 
Dagnan Patrick, laborer, house rear 17 Union 
Daigle John, whitener, etc., house rear 318 Merrimack 
Daily Bartholomew, spinner, house 145 Lawrence 
Daily Catharine, widow, house 34 Charles 
Daily Catahrine, widow, house 49 Fayette, Belvidere 
Daily Cornelius, moulder, house 75 West Union 
Daily Cornelius, seaman, house 59 Fenwick 
Daily Daniel, spinner, house 49 Fayette, Belvidere 
Daily George, boards 52 Middle 
Daily George II. upholsterer, boards 34 North 


Daily ITugh, blacksmith, house 34 North 

Daily Isabella, widow, house 52 Middle 

Daily James, weaver, Hamilton, house 151 Lawrence 

Daily John, laborer, house 11 Little 

Daily John, laborer, house 24 George 

Daily Margaret, widow, house 59 Fenwick 

Daily Maurice, operative, house 16 Salem 

Daily Owen, laborer, house 164 Adams 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 135 Adams 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 

Daily Timothy, laborer, house 6 Pleasant court 

Daily, see also Daly 

Dain William II. porter, 51 Market, bds. 2 Middlesex pi. 

Dale Ilosea R. carpenter, house 57 Andover, Belvidere 

Dale Richard, spinner, boards 202 Market 

Dale William II. lather, boards 57 Andover, Bel. 

Daley Catharine, widow, house 45 Moody 

Daley Jeremiah A. bookbinder, 130 Central, bds. 17 Church 

Dallagher James, operative, house rear 17 River, Cent. 

Dallagher James, operative, house 88 Bartlett, Bel. 

Dalton Charles, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 

Dalton Charles H. shuttle maker, house 5 Prescott corpora- 
tion, Belvidere 

Dalton Charles M. clerk, Mass. Cotton Mills, bds. 5 Prescott 
corporation, Belvidere 

Dalton James, Lowell corp. boards 7 do. 

Dalton Margaret, widow, house 90 Tremont 

Dalton Michael, shoemaker, house 19 Madison 

Daly Charles, machinist, h. Scribner's block, 48 Dummer 

Daly Cornelius A. apothecary, 86 Suffolk, house do. 

Daly Elwood S. machinist, boards rear 128 Chelmsford 

Daly Frank W. S. letter carrier, house 15 Queen 

Daly Isaac S. Mrs. house 10 Mclntire 

Daly Isaac S. music teacher, boards 10 Mclntire 

Daly James, wool sorter, Lowell, house 32 Warren 

Daly James, laborer, boards 75 Willie 

Daly James, physician, 86 Suffolk, house 30 Gorham 

Daly Jeremiah, laborer, house 5 Moran's yard 

Daly John, weaver, house 10 Howard 

Daly Michael, laborer, house Crosby 

Daly William, plasterer, house 3 Joiner 

Daly William, boards 20 Floyd 

Daly Zebedee S. shoemaker, house rear 128 Chelmsford 

Daly, see also Daily 

Dam Charles A. overseer, Lowell Hosiery Co. house 240 

Dam John C. machinist, house 122 Chelmsford 

Dam Melvin E. carpenter, house 128 Chelmsford 

Dame Charles E. mason, house 114 First, Centralville 


Dame Emery, boards 18 Wamesit 
Dame Henry, clerk, 264 Middlesex, boards 87 Willie 
Dame Samuel, house 90 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Damon Charles II. clerk, 20 Market, house 427 Middlesex 
Damon Edwin II carpenter, house rear 10 Lagrange 
Damon J. Warren, postmaster, Middlesex Village, h. 901 

Damon Oliver, watchman, Lawrence corp. 
Dana Andrew J. painter, Merrimack, house 77 do. corp. 
Dana Andrew J. jr. machinist, bds. 77 Merrimack corp. 
Dana Augustus, carpenter, house Baldwin, near Westford 
Dana Samuel L. Mrs. house 118 Wanalancit 
Danahy Daniel, Lawrence, house 58 do. corp. 
Danahy Thomas, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 
Dane Ai, painter, boards 17 Harrison, Belvidere 
Dane Herman, bobbin maker, house 15 Lane 
Dane Charles F. peddler, house 645 Middlesex 
Dane Elma L. Mrs. house 25 Austin 
Danforth Albert W. draughtsman, Lawrence Manuf. Co. 

boards 11 Sixth, Cent. 
Danforth Cynthia H. Miss, house 25 Market 
Danforth George A. clerk, 51 Central, boards 200 Bridge 
Danforth John, operative, boards 3 Tremont corp. 
Danforth Levi, bobbinmaker, house 27 Mt. Washington 
Danforth Nellie S. teacher, primary 55, bds. 11 Sixth, Cent. 
Danforth Samuel II. Mrs. house 58 L. M. S. corp. 
Danforth Sarah II. widow, house 11 Sixth, Cent. 
Daniels Alfred, shoemaker, 176 Central, h. 258 Merrimack 
Daniels Mary G. Mrs. nurse, house 8 Merrill's court 
Darby William, wool sorter, house 13 Swift 
Darling Granville D. painter, house 15 Marshall 
Darracott C. J. Mrs. teacher dancing, bds. 60 Pawtucket 
Darracott William E. boards 60 Pawtucket 
Darragh John, operative, house 20 Pleasant 
Davenport Esther, widow, house 20 Hanover 
David Duport Mrs. house 148 School 
David John, laborer, house 7 Knowles' place, Belvidere 
David Philias, painter, house 332 Merrimack 
David Philias, painter, house 236 Market 
David Narcisse, laborer, house 10 Howe, Belvidere 
Davidson Richard I. plumber, house 66 River, Cent. 
Davin Michael, tailor, house 2 Carpet lane 
Davis Albert A., Hamilton, house 35 do. corp. 
Davis Alfred, miller, boards 335 Merrimack 
Davis Anna J. Mrs. house 20 Coburn, Centralville 
Davis Asahel, machinery and fancy wood-box manuf. Hill's 

block, 20 Middlesex, house 85 Church 
Davis Bartlett, carpenter, 178 School, house 176 do. 
Davis Caleb, mason, house Broadway, near Dummer 


Davis Catharine, widow, house 35 Green 

Davis Charles B. blind maker, boards 91 Willie 

Davis Charles II. painter, house 295 Broadway 

Davis Charles 0. clerk, II. Whitney & Co.'s, h. 2 Browns 

block. Marshall 
Davis Cornelia M. teacher, primary No. 13, bds. 40 Rock 
Davis Charles II. carpenter, house 32 Broadway 
Davis Cornelia Miss, teacher, Sherman school, boards 32 


s Daniel E. watchman, Suffolk, boards 26 do. corp. 

s Eben L. machinist, house 346 Middlesex 

s Edgar S. operative, house 17 Andover, Bel. 

s Edmund S. civil engineer, boards 40 Rock 

8 Edward, carpenter, boards 172 Central 

s Edward E. clerk, 251 Merrimack, boards 23 Race 

s Edwin L. engineer, boards 116 Central 

s Elisha, house 266 Gorham 

s Elisha L. 130 Central, house 89 Moody 

s Eliza A. widow, house 40 Rock 

s E. S. Mrs. hair worker, 17 Andover, Bel. 

s Erancis Mrs. boards 16 Tremont 

s Frank, Merrimack, house 123 do. corp. 

s Frank, foundryman, boards 269 Merrimack 

s Frank, mule spinner, boai'ds 7 Water, Bel. 

s Franklin, clerk, house 181 Central 

s George, Boott, boards 24 Church 

s George, Massachusetts, boards 37 do. corp. 

s George E. agent and supt. Lowell Frear Stone Co. 

Central, junction Gorham, boards 266 Gorham 

Davis George II. iron moulder, house 258 Merrimack 

Davis George R. watchman, Middlesex Co. 

Davis Helen M. Miss, dressmaker, boards 23 Race 

Davis Henry, mason, house 7 Water, Bel. 

Davis Henry, piper, 92 Middle, boards 203 Central 

Davis Henry A. 291 Wilder 

Davis Henry J. machinist, Merrimack, house 61 do. corp. 

Davis Henry J. letter carrier, P. 0., house 35 Branch 

Davis James F. carder, boards 12 Orange 

Davis Jennie E. Mrs. house 136 Moody 

Davis John, counsellor, 49 Central, boards Chelmsford, cor. 

Davis John Mrs. house 23 Race 

Davis Lovicy A. Mrs. house 154 School 

Davis Lydia, widow, house 46 Willow, Bel. 

Davis Marcellus F. second hand, Bleachery, b. 312 Lawrence 

Davis Nathaniel, house 58 Howard 

Davis Natt A. (Eunels, Davis, & Foster), 83 Congress, bds. 
58 Howard 

Davis Newell J. machinist, boards 40 Rock 


Davis Oliver J. cabinet maker, house rear 312 Middlesex 

Davis Paul S. coachman, house 478 Broadway 

Davis Reuben P. Mrs. house 19 Westford 

Davis Riley, carpenter, house 25 Mt. Washington 

Davis Ruth W. Mrs. boarding house, 30 Boott corp. 

Davis Samuel G. house Branch, corner Dover 

Davis Sidney, supt. city scales, h. 153 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Davis (Stephen G.) & Sargent ( B. F ), lumber and box man- 
ufacturers, 275 Middlesex, house 43 Westford 

Davis Summer H. carder, Merrimack, house 114 do corp. 

Davis Thomas J. printer, 130 Central, h. 11 Willow, Bel. 

Davis Watts E. carpenter, house 289 Chelmsford 

Davis William, stone layer, bds. 35 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Davis William II., L. M. S. boards 41 Marion 

Davitt James, finisher, house 25 Pleasant, Bel. 

Davitt Thomas, Hamilton, house 23 Charles 

Davy Margaret, widow, house 40 Summer 

Davy Martin, mason, house 42 Salem 

Dawson Edward, house 170 Bridge, Cent. 

Dawson Firth F. machinist, boards 49 Central 

Dawson John, wool sorter, house 3 Chambers 

Dawson Robert, watchman, Lowell Hoisery Co., also fancy 
goods, 32 Lee, house 20 do. 

Day Albert, machinist, boards 56 Franklin 

Day Alfred, police, city marshal's office, bds. 172 Central 

Day Alphonso II. sash and blind maker, boards 39 Adams 

Day Amanda W. widow, house 46 Adams 

Day A. II. sash maker, house 25 Adams 

Day Charles E. cloth finisher, boards 66 School 

Day Charles G. painter, house 45 Willow, Bel. 

Day Charles II. house 166 School 

Day Charles J. tinsmith, boards 37 Lawrence corp. 

Day Frank L. clerk, 259 Central, boards 274 do. 

Day James, carpenter, boards 64 Bridge, Cent. 

Day John, laborer, house 63 Crosby 

Day Lucretia A. Miss, teacher, primary No. 37, boards 274 

Day Norris P. painter, boards 92 Willow, Bel. 

Day Orrin, tinsmith and boarding house, 37 Lawrence corp. 

Day Samuel, overseer, house 66 School 

Day Sarah E. Miss, house 274 Central 

Day Thomas, laborer, house 5 Wall, Bel. 

Day Thomas J. physician, house 42 Willow, Bel. 

Day William D. carriage maker, house 57 Lawrence 

Day son Daniel, laborer, house 73 Adams 

Deackes Sarah A. dressmaker, 16 Central, house do. 

Dean Benjamin C. lawyer (Boston), house 7 Tyler 

Dean Daniel II. Mrs. house 150 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Dean Henry J. cutter, Central, c. Hurd, bds. 172 Central 


Dean Jennie Mrs. house 118 Salem 

Dean Michael T. laborer, boards 251 Market 

Dearborn Alphonso D. B. painter, boards 54 Charles 

Dearborn Chas. 0., B. &. L. freight depot, boards 137 Mer- 
rimack corp. 

Dearborn Daniel F. crockery, &c. 45 Merrimack, boards 22 

Dearborn Elbridge, boots and shoes, 256 Merrimack, house 
218 Moody 

Dearborn George F. boards 60 Andover, Bel. 

Dearborn II. II. & Co. bankers and brokers, 28 Central, bds. 
60 Andover, Bel. 

Dearborn Lafayette, machinist, boards 255 Middlesex 

Dearborn Sarah, widow, house 125 Moody 

Death James, boot and shoemaker, 27 Fletcher, h. r. 39 do. 

Deboll Andrew J. water inspector, 39 Merrimack, house 
118 Pawtucket 

Decelle Octave, painter, house 1 Davidson, Bel. 

Decker Clinton, Boolt, house 139 Moody 

Decker Edgar, weaver, boards 57 Boott corp. 

Decker Sarah H. Mrs. house 139 Moody 

Decoigne Horace J. clerk, 212 Merrimack, boards 331 do. 

Deeds Martha A. widow, house Whiting 

Deering Catharine, widow, house 51 Water, Bel. 

Deering James, spinner, house 275 Lincoln 

Deery Susan, widow, house 1 Common 

Defo Edward D. laborer, house 4 Middlesex place 

Defo John, blacksmith, boards 319 Middlesex 

Defo Joseph, express driver, house 319 Middlesex 

Degnan Patrick, laborer, house rear 151 Lawrence 

Degrosse Clara W. Mrs. house 120 Moody 

Deikert Alfred, Appleton, boards 14 do. corp. 

Deikert Joseph, operative, boards 14 Appleton corp. 

Dejardon F. carpenter, house 82 Hall 

Delahanty John, carpenter, boards 8 Appleton corp. 

Delahanty Michael, operative, boards 66 River, Cent. 

Delaney Bernard, tailor, 43 East Merrimack, Bel., h. do. 

Delaney Brine, tailor, boards 93 Market 

Delaney Derby, tailor, house rear 67 Market 

Delaney John, painter, 101 Central, house 14 Merrill 

Delaney Mary, widow, house 201 Market 

Delaney Michael, laborer, house 29 West Fifth, Cent. 

Delaney Patrick, card grinder, house 5 Suffolk court 

Delaney Stephen, laborer, house 81 Market 

Delaney Thomas, tailor, 69 Market, house 93 do. 

Delaney , laborer, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 

Delano Charles E. box maker, boards 76 Rock 

Delano Cyrus, box maker, boards 33 Adams 

Delano Lucinda, widow, boards 7 Merrimack corp. 


Delano Nathaniel W. hairdresser, 55 E. Merrimack, boards 

City Hotel, Bel. 
DeLara Etienne Stephen, overseer engraving dept., Merri- 
mack Print Works, house at Chelmsford 
Delay John, laborer, house rear 70 Adams 
Delmore Catharine, widow, house 233 Market 
Delorme James 0. miller, Livingston's, h. 92 Fletcher 
Delude John, laborer, house 7 Salem 
Delworth Dennis, operative, b. 77 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Demack Edwin, spinner, house 9 Suffolk corp. 
Demack Robert, spinner, house Third ave. Paw. 
Demerett James, laborer, house 60 River, Cent. 
Demers Peter, engineer, house Coolidge, near Hall 
Deming Charles W". (Boston), boards 36 Butterfield 
Deming Isaae, house 36 Butterfield 
Dempsey Ann, widow, house 200 Market 
Dempsey Arthur, laborer, house 3 Donahoe's yard 
Dempsey Daniel, gate keeper, Market-st. crossing, house 42 

Dempsey James, laborer, house 10 Cross 
Dempsey Michael, laborer, house 15 Donahoe's yard 
Dempsey Patrick, grocer, 165 Market, house 84 Salem 
Dempsey Timothy, laborer, house 45 Salem 
Denby John, second hand, Lowell, house 21 Adams 
Deneau John Baptiste, laborer, house 53 Bridge, Cent. 
Denneen Michael, stonecutter, house 415 Central 
Dennett Alvinus M. spinner, Mass. corp. b. 23 Boott corp. 
Dennett Hiram Mrs. house 126 Fairmount 
Dennett Moses B. second hand, Boott corp. house 23 do. 
Denney Henry, bar tender, boards City Hotel, Bel. 
Dennis Edward P. machinist, Kitson Machine Co. boards 

130 Appleton 
Dennis James, machinist, boards 74 L. M. S. corp. 
Dennis James Mrs. house 418 Merrimack 
Dennis John, supt. Weston's, Arch, house 30 Railroad 
Dennis Richard Mrs. house 73 Appleton 
Dennison Mary A. widow, house 17 Hurd 
Denow Peter, machinist, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Densmore Ira Mrs. house 35 Church 
Denton John A. brassfounder, house 361 Central 
Depo Edward, laborer, house rear 96 Moody 
Derby Andrew J. clerk, 5 Middle, boards American House 
Derby Charles, Boott, boards 54 do. corp. 
Derby John, shoemaker, house 109 Howard 
Derby John, mule spinner, house 13 Dummer 
Derby Lucius A. carpenter, boards 35 Oak, Bel. 
Derby Sarah E. Miss, boards Princetown, Wilder 
Derby Wellman, farm laborer, house 3 Quigley's alley 
Derby Mrs. widow, house 58 Paige 


Derbam Talford, sewing machines, house 52 School 

Derkin J. A. house 51 West Third, Cent. 

Derman William J. stonemason, house 37 Whipple 

Deny Dominique, laborer, house 12 Middlesex place 

Deny Eugene, laborer, house 164 Adams 

Deny Joseph, carpenter, house 12 Middlesex place 

Desjadous Francois, carpenter, house 83 Hall 

Desjadous Hilaire, laborer, house rear 27 Aiken 

Desjardin Joseph, laborer, boards 7 Middlesex place 

Desmazes Eliza A. Mrs. house 20 Cambridge 

Desmazes William F. finisher, boards 20 Cambridge 

Desmond Charles, Lawrence, house rear 230 Market 

Desmond Daniel, Merrimack, house 13 Dummer 

Desmond Ellen, widow, house 62 Dummer 

Desmond Ellen, widow, house .243 Market 

Desmond John, laborer, house 73 Fenwick 

Desmond John, laborer, house rear 73 Fenwick 

Desmond Michael, laborer, at gas works, house 16 Marion 

Desmond Timothy, mule spinner, boards 32 Marion 

Desmond William, laborer, house 13 Donahoe's yard 

Devany John, spinner, house 74 River, Cent. 

Devei Dominique, mason, house 12 Middlesex place 

Devei Joseph, carpenter, house 12 Middlesex place 

D'Evelyn John S. house 105 Sixth, Centralville 

Devcr Catharine Mrs. house 18 Water, Bel. 

Devere Harry, Suffolk, house 16 Coolidge 

Devett John, Mass. boards 38 do. corp. 

Devine David, operative, house Castle block, Jefferson 

Devine Dennis, house 75 West Union 

Devine James, laborer, house 143 Market 

Devine John, laborer, house 34 Lewis 

Devine John, laborer, house 39 Wamesit 

Devine John, grocer, 90 Church, house do. 

Devine Mary, widow, house 23 Front, Cent. 

Devine Owen, laborer, house 200 Grorham 

Devine Patrick, machinist, boards 57 Broadway 

Devine Patrick J. grocer, Whipple, cor. Newhall, house 63 

Devine Philip, moulder, house 73 West Union 
Devine Thomas J. reporter, " Times," bds. 72 Lawrence 
Devine William, laborer, boards 34 Lewis 
Devitt Howard J. blacksmith, boards 29 Rock 
Devlin Catharine, widow, house 2 Carotin's court, Bel. 
Devlin Charles, operative, boards 2 Carolin's court, Bel. 
Devlin Frank, operative, house rear 22 Paige 
Devlin Ellen, widow, house 18 William 
Devlin James, Middlesex, boards 72 Church 
Devlin James, saloon, 7 Appleton, house 22 Gorham 
Devlin John, Middlesex, house Chase's blk. off Lawrence 


Devlin Michael, boards 17 Chestnut, Belvidero 

Devlin Michael, operative, boards 2 Carolin's ct., Bel. 

Devlin Patrick, laborer, boards 30 Ooburn, Cent. 

Devlin Peter, 98 Middle, house 44 William 

Devlin William II. fireman and janitor, h. 47 Common 

Devno John, carpenter, house 133 Worthen 

Devno Peter, carpenter, house 200 Lawrence 

Devoll Andrew J. water inspector, house 118 Salem 

Dewar David, clerk, 98 Middle, h. 9 Fourth, Cent. 

Dewey Thomas F. cigar maker, 62 Market, bds. William 

Dewhurst James K. Mrs. house 398 Central 

Dewhurst William Mrs. house 22 Hale 

Dewyer John, laborer, boards 6 Middlesex place 

Dexter Edwin S. carpenter, house 9 Nichols 

Dexter llollis F., Hamilton, house 40 do. corp. 

Dexter Solomon K. wholesale produce, 222 Middlesex, 

house 66 Linden 
Dick James, dry goods, 163 Middlesex, boards 42 Charles 
Dickerman Alphonso T. boards 139 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Dickey Benjamin M , Tremont, house 30 Suffolk corp. 
Dickey David, house 50 First, Centralville 
Dickey E. II. Mrs. boards 113 Merrimack 
Dickey George, boxmaker, boards 20 Marshall 
Dickey John B. saloon, 159 Central, boards 20 Gorham 
Dickey Joseph B. carpenter, house 17 Marshall 
Dickinson Daniel, lampblack maker, h. Plain, n. F. & L.R.R. 

Dickinson Edward, clerk, boards 29 Market 
Dickinson Frank E. clerk, 7 Central, b. 7 Lowell corp. 
Dickinson Frederick II. travelling salesman, h. 7 Grove 
Dickinson W. A. (clothing, Boston), house 80 Branch 
Dike Elijah J. laborer, house 109 Middlesex 
Dike Morrill II. Mrs. house 10 Oak, Belvidere 
Dike Seth, laborer, boards 109 Middlesex 
Dillingham A. machinist, house 131 Bridge, Cent. 
Dillingham S. F. Miss, teacher, Varnum school, house 131 

Bridge, Centralville 
Dillon Richard, boxmaker, boards 40 Coburn, Cent. 
Dillon Thomas, operative, house 62 River, Cent. 
Dillon Valentine P. physician, 159 Worthen, house do. 
Dimock Dwight L. leather and findings, 60 Market, house 

at East Chelmsford 
Dimon Chas. A. R. agt. U. S. Cartridge Co. h. 60 Andrews 
Dimon Franklin, Merrimack, boards 139 do. corp. 
Dinelle Isaac, house rear 119 Market 
Dinneen Margaret, widow, house 62 Dummer 
Dinneen Patrick, laborer, house basement, 62 Suffolk 
Dinsmore Charles, painter, house 35 River, Cent. 
Dinsmore Charles, Tremont, boards 22 do. corp. 


Dinsmore Horace, carpenter, house 27 Clay, Bel. 

Dinsmore Minnie Mrs. dressmaker, boards 9 Central 

Dinsmore, see also Densmore 

Dion Felix, laborer, boards 300 Merrimack 

Ditson Minot M. carpenter, boards 15 Adams 

Ditson Reuben II. driver, 13 Market, boards 16 do. 

Dix Daniel, carder, Merrimack, house 49 do. corp. 

Dixon A. J. weaver, boards 40 Lawrence corp. 

Dixon John, glazier, boards 91 Willie 

Dixon Mary, widow, boards Grand, corner Hale 

Dixon Thomas 0. painter, boards 200 Thorndike 

Dixon William, B. & L. R. R. boards 44 Appleton 

Doak Horace, overseer, Merrimack, house 19 do. corp. 

Doane Margaret Mrs. house 112 Merrimack 

Dobbins George R. boilermaker, house 27 Cushing 

Dobbins Michael, scissors-sharpener, house 4 Merrill 

Dobbins Richard, foreman, Lowell Boiler Works, Button, h. 

37 Cushing 
Dobbins Wm. Mrs. house 18 Beech, Centralville 
Dockett Henry, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 
Dockham Alonzo, fireman, house 4 Branch 
Dockham Lucian G. supt. Chase mills, house 94 High, Bel. 
Dodge Allen, overseer, Lawrence corp. yard, b. 31 do. corp. 
Dodge A. Eliza Mrs. house 01 Chapel 
Dodge Annette Miss, dressmaker, 52 J Merrimack, h. do. 
Dodge Charles S. cabinetmaker, house 8 Walker 
Dodge Edward P. carpenter, house 29 Washington 
Dodge Eliza Mrs. house 33 Boott corporation 
Dodge Eveline Miss, house 48 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Dodge Henry S. painter, house 07 Common 
Dodge John, machinist, house 52 Railroad 
Dodge Luke C. junk dealer, 55 Dutton, h. 90 High, Bel. 
Dodge Lyman F. blacksmith, house 37 Quebec 
Dodge Mary J. Miss, house 02 Paige 

Dodge Orlando II. fancy goods, Suffolk, cor. Moody, h. do. 
Dodge Ralph E., Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 
Dodge Samuel, machinist, boards 11 Lawrence corp. 
Dodge William, shoemaker, 92 Moody, house do. 
Doe Frank, watchman, house 20 Bleachery 
Doherty Alice, widow, house 30 William 
Doherty Ann, widow, house 02 Dutton 
Doherty Anthony, laborer, house 5 Mellen's court, Bel. 
Doherty Bartley, laborer, house 58 River, Cent. 
Doherty Catharine, widow, house 17 Howe, Bel. 
Doherty Charles, laborer, house 10 North 
Doherty Edward, weaver, boards 120 Merrimack 
Doherty Henry, watchman, Merrimack Print Works, house 

55 Broadway 
Doherty Hugh Mrs. house 33 Summer 


Doherty James, operative, house 125 River, Cent. 

Doherty James, clerk, 54 Central 

Doherty James, laborer, house 15 Mill 

Doherty James J. boards 61 Middle 

Doherty John, laborer, boards 62 Dutton 

Doherty John, teamster, 51 Market 

Doherty John, grocer, 61 Middle, house do. 

Doherty John, laborer, boards 311 River, Cent. 

Doherty John B. machinist, house 21 Cheever 

Doherty Mary, widow, house rear 28 William 

Doherty Mary, widow, house 18 Charles 

Doherty Michael, laborer, house 1 Davidson, Belvidere 

Doherty Patrick, laborer, house 311 River, Cent. 

Doherty Stephen, stone mason, house 52 Adams 

Doherty, see also Dougherty 

Dolan Betsey, widow, house 3 Hancock avenue 

Dolan David, laborer, house 50 Congress 

Dolan James, laborer, boards 7 Spring 

Dolan James, mason, boards 70 Market 

Dolan James H. billiards, 24 Central, house 41 High, Bel. 

Dolan John, laborer, house 9 George 

Dolan John, laborer, house 1 Molloy's court 

Dolan John, laborer, house 24 William 

Dolan John, laborer, house Chapel, near Charles 

Dolan John, operative, house 19 Coburn, Centralville 

Dolan John, at Print Works, boards 28 Dummer 

Dolan John J. teamster, house 30 Coburn, Centralville 

Dolan Michael, Hamilton, house 145 Lawrence 

Dolan Patrick, laborer, house 91 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Dolan Patrick, saloon, 17| Merrimack, boards 112 Central 

Dolan Patrick, tanner, boards 36 Canada, A. C. 

Dolan Peter H. oysters, etc. 219 Gorham, house do. 

Dolan Terrence, bleachery, house 5 Kidder 

Dolan Terrence, laborer, boards 18 Marion 

Dolan Thomas, milkman, house 20 Lewis 

Dolan Thomas, marble worker, house 15 Keene 

Dolan Thomas, card grinder, Suffolk Manufacturing Co. 

Dolan Thomas, house 72 River, Centralville 

Dolan Thomas, liquors, oysters, etc. Mammoth, n. Vara urn 

avenue, Pawtucketville, house do. 
Dolan Timothy, laborer, house 542 Gorham 
Dolan William, operative, boards 53 Front, Cent. 
Dolan William, machinist, boards 18 Dummer 
Dolbier Sullivan, carpenter, house 44 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Dole George M. carriage painter, house 66 Grand 
Dole Thomas, wheelwright, 51 Middle, house 66 Grand 
Dole William T. clerk, boards 149 Westford 
Doleman John F. section hand, house 78 E. Merrimack, Bel. 


Dnllard James & Son (William), fish, etc. 31 Gorham, house 

11 Davis 
Dollard William (J. Bollard & Son), fish, etc. 31 Gorham, 

boards 1 1 Davis 
Dolley Rosa, widow, boards 31 Hamilton Corp. 
Dolloff John II. house 55 Lawrence 
DollofF Melissa, widow, house 16 Central 
Dolloff Orrin, car inspector, boards 25 Adams 
Dolloff William P. carpenter, house 25 Adams 
Donaghey David, grocer, 87 Lawrence, house do. 
Donahoe Bartholomew, laborer, house GO Broadway 
Donahoe Bridget, widow, house 14 ICeene 
Donahoe Catharine, widow, house 141 Adams 
Donahoe Charles, moulder, boards 39 Common 
Donahoe Charles A. carpets, house 12 Donahoe's yard 
Donahoe Cornelius, laborer, house 80 Suffolk 
Donahoe Daniel, laborer, house 42 Water, Belvidere 
Donahoe Daniel, Lawrence, boards 58 do. corp. 
Donahoe Daniel, laborer, house 65 West Union 
Donahoe Daniel, laborer, house 7 Fenwick 
Donahoe Hannah, widow, house 6 Dummer 
Donahoe Hugli Mrs. house 1 1 Little 
Donahoe James, grocer, 66 Gorham, house 68 do. 
Donahoe Jeremiah, laborer, boards 60 Broadway 
Donahoe Joanna, widow, house 141 Adams 
Donahoe John, laborer, house 185 Lawrence 
Donahoe John, laborer, house 18 Keene 
Donahoe John, trader, boards 79 Tenth, Cent. 
Donahoe John, weaver, house 82 Bridge, Cent. 
Donahoe John, colorer, house 372 Central 
Donahoe John, laborer, house 15 Little 
Donahoe John, laborer, house 1 Theatre block 
Donahoe John, file grinder, house 189 Lawrence 
Donahoe John T. variety store, 2 Bridge, house do. 
Donahoe Kate Mrs. house 145 Appleton 
Donahoe Mary Mrs. house 85 Middle 
Donahoe Mary E. dressmaker, 82 Bridge, h. do. Cent. 
Donahoe Michael, operative, house 148 Lawrence 
Donahoe Michael, laborer, house 39 Common 
Donahoe Michael, farmer, house 79 Tenth, Cent. 
Donahoe Patrick, at American Bolt Co.'s, h. 420 Central 
Donahoe Patrick, laborer, gas works, house 51 Common 
Donahoe Patrick, wood, 69 Appleton, house 71 do. 
Donahoe Patrick, laborer, house 4 Moran's yard 
Donahoe Patrick, laborer, house 29 Agawam 
Donahoe Peter, spinner, boards 17 Watson 
Donahoe Philip, machinist, house 56 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Donahoe Philip, clerk, 33 Market, h. 1 rear 41 High, Bel. 


Donahoe Ricker, laborer, house 23 Abbott 

Donahoe Thomas, tinsmith, 2 Prescott, house 1*7 "Watson 

Donahoe Tliomas, machinist, boards 39 Common 

Donahoe William, laborer, boards 60 Broadway 

Donlan Bernard, currier, boards 76 Lincoln 

Donlan James, operative, boards 76 Gorham 

Donlan James P. fireman, M. P. W. h. 102 Merrimack corp. 

Donlan John, laborer, boards 76 Gorham 

Donlan Martin, laboi'er, house 12 Kidder 

Donlan Matthew, lather, boards 76 Gorham 

Donlan Michael, fireman, M. P. W. h. 103 Merrimack corp. 

Donlan Patrick, shoemaker, 176 Central, house 76 Gorham 

Donlan Patrick, bleacher, boards 215 Gorham 

Donlan Thomas, peddler, house 16 Front, Cent. 

Donnell A. J. clerk, 119 Central, boards 79 Coburn, Cent. 

Donnell E. J. Mrs. house 79 Coburn, Cent. 

Donnelly Ann, widow, house 42 Andover, Bel. 

Donnelly Charles, laborer, boards 202 Market 

Donnelly Edward, Hamilton, house 17 Davis 

Donnelly Edward, Hamilton, boards 17 Davis 

Donnelly Francis, Merrimack, boards 60 Middle 

Donnelly George, machinist, boards 13 Adams 

Donnelly James, laborer, house 32 Pleasant, Cent. 

Donnelly Jeremiah, fireman, B. & M. R. R., Central 

Donnelly John, boots and shoes, 57 Gorham, h. 74 South 

Donnelly John J. blacksmith, 5 Warren, house 188 Gorham 

Donnelly John J. clerk, house 54 South 

Donnelly Joseph, painter, house 12 Albion, Cent. 

Donnelly Margaret Miss, house 32 Winter 

Donnelly Michael, spinner, house 39 Hudson 

Donnelly Michael, laborer, boards 16 Summer 

Donnell}' Owen, weigher, house 144 Adams 

Donnelly Patrick, laborer, house 2 New 

Donnelly Patrick, shoemaker, house 42 Andover, Bel. 

Donnelly Patrick, Hamilton, house 68 W. Union 

Donnelly Thomas, Lowell, house 40 Lewis 

Donnelly Timothy, Hamilton, boards 31 do. corp. 

Donovan Bros. [John J. and Daniel J.), provisions, 140 

Donovan Catharine, widow, house 27 North 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 35 Fenwick 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, boards 182 Market 
Donovan Daniel J. (Donovan Bros.) provisions, 140 Market, 

house 1 Dummer 
Donovan Dennis, house 1 Dempsey's place 
Donovan Jeremiah, carder, boards 218 Market 
Donovan Jeremiah, card setter, boards 106 Fletcher 
Donovan Jeremiah J. cardmaker and bread store, 100 Broad- 
way, house 106 Fletcher 


Donovan Joanna, widow, house 3 Jefferson 

Donovan John, laborer, house 2 Sullivan's yard 

Donovan John, laborer, house rear 70 Fenwick 

Donovan John, at gas works, boards 86 Broadway 

Donovan John, laborer, house 6 Cross 

Donovan John J. (Donovan Bros.), provisions, 140 Market, 

house 1 Dumrner 
Donovan (John J.) & Co. grocers, 266 Central, h. 11 Centre 
Donovan Mary, widow, house 218 Marshall 
Donovan Matthew, restaurant, 14 Merrimack, h. 353 Central 
Donovan Michael, laborer, boards rear 149 Market 
Donovan Patrick, operative, house 34 Lewis 
Donovan Patrick, Lawrence, boards 218 Market 
Donovan Patrick, butcher, house Mammoth, near Varnum 

avenue, Pawtucketville 
Donovan Richard, watchman, house 16 Donahoe's yard 
Donovan Richard H., B. & L. R. R., b. 16 Donahoe's yd. 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, house 1 Dempsey's place 
Donovan Timothy, moulder, house 6 Franklin 
Donovan William, teamster, house 106 Fletcher 
Donovan Winifred, widow, house 41 Salem 
Doolan Edward, laborer, house 16 William 
Doolan Michael, laborer, boards 70 Tremont 
Dooley David, laborer, house 50 Congress 
Dooley Edward, variety store, 411 Central, house 413 do. 
Dooley James, file cutter, house 3 Jewett, Cent. 
Dooley Robert Mrs. boards 35 Union 
Doore James, carpenter, house 15 Lincoln 
Dore Louis, laborer, house 12 Howard avenue, Bel. 
Dorman Peter, file grinder, house 52 Adams 
Dorr Amy P. house 17 Lagrange 
Dorr Frank, mason, boards 208 Broadway 
Dorr Henry, sash and blind maker, bds. Smith, c. Liberty 
Dorr Walter H. clerk, 9 Adams, boards 16 L. M. S. corp. 
Dorr William II. machinist, house 16 L. M. S. corp. 
Dorsey Edward, Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 
Dorval Tailored, Lawrence, boards 340 Merrimack 
Doucatt Francis, laborer, house Suffolk, near Market 
Doucette Charles E. fish peddler, house 54 School 
Dougherty Bridget, widow, house 79 River, Cent. 
Dougherty Charles, laborer, house 10 North 
Dougherty James, clerk, boards 59 W. Union 
Dougherty John, police, house 59 West Union 
Dougherty John, soap maker, house 40 Kemp 
Dougherty John, machinist, house 21 Cheever 
Dougherty Joseph H. boards 59 West Union 
Dougherty William, Middlesex, house rear 59 W. Union 
Doughty Rachael Miss, variety store, 219 Central, house 

Edgerly's court 


Douglas Edward W. painter, boards 389 Broadway 

Douglas Frederick C. machinist, boards 389 Broadway 

Douglas Neil, Hamilton, house 34 Andover, Bel. 

Douglas Thomas G. mason, house 389 Broadway 

Douglass John, machinist, house 304 Middlesex 

Dow Albert F. glazier, house 42 London 

Dow Charles, overseer, Lowell corp. house 329 Middlesex 

Dow Charles A. mason, boards 86 First, Centralville 

Dow Charles E. boilermaker, house rear 29 dishing 

Dow Frank B. clerk, 128 Central, boards 50 Charles 

Dow Fred. II. machinist, boards 56 Franklin 

Dow George E. Mrs. house 43 School 

Dow George W. carpet, house 41 Clark 

Dow John D. carpenter, house 50 Charles 

Dow J. F. Mrs. boarding house, 13 Boott corp. 

Dow Lizzie, widow, boards 104 Middle 

Dow Martha E. widow, house 11 Walnut 

Dow Myra Mrs. house 43 School 

Dow Thomas E. carpenter, house 18 Third, Cent. 

Dowd Andrew, laborer, house 5 Ilowe-st. ave. Bel. 

Dowd Anne, widow, house 30 Dummer 

Dowd Frank, weaver, boards 300 Lawrence 

Dowd Michael, laborer, boards 30 Dummer 

Dowd Patrick, laborer, house 51 Broadway 

Dowe Jennie Miss, variety store, 104 Cabot, house do. 

Dower Thomas, L. M. S. house 29 South 

Dowland Edwin, musician, house 39 Water, Bel. 

Dowling Ellen, widow, house 217 Gorham 

Dowling Jane Mrs. house 12 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Dowling John, starcher, house 217 Gorham 

Dowling John Mrs. variety store, 217 Gorham, house do. 

Dowling Thomas S. Mrs. house 13 Massachusetts corp. 

Downey John, laborer, house 7 Spring 

Downing A. J., Lowell Hoisery Co. boards 4 Mass. corp. 

Downing Moses G. Mrs. house 213 Broadway 

Downing Sherman R. stone cutter, boards 21 Robinson 

Downing Thomas, carpenter, house 94 Broadway 

Dowming William, gardener, house 83 Adams 

Downing William F. provisions, 132 Middlesex, house 94 


Downing , painter, house 30 Smith 

Downs Horatio B. carpenter, Hamilton, house 47 do. corp. 

Downs John, laborer, house 17 Abbott 

Downs Michael, operative, house 2 Kelty's court 

Downs Thomas, laborer, boards 2 Kelty's court 

Downs W. H. ( Clifford & Downs), 224 Middlesex, house 

53 Appleton 
Dows Amos W. & Co. (Eugene Hamblet), apothecaries and 

botanic druggists, 213 Central, house 58 Highland 


Dows B. W. &. Co. (7^. B. Fullerton), apothecaries, 68 
Bridge, house 13 Third, Cent. 

Dowser William Mrs. house 105 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Doyle Dennis, laborer, house 14 Andrews 

Doyle Eliza, widow, house 12 John-st. ave. 

Doyle John, laborer, house 23 Willie avenue 

Doyle John jr. Merrimack, boards 23 Willie avenue 

Doyle John, laborer, house 207 Market 

Doyle John, laborer, house rear 77 Adams 

Doyle John, Massachusetts, boards 57 Middle 

Doyle John, blacksmith, house 24 Keene 

Doyle John, shoemaker, house 30 Pleasant, Bel. 

Doyle Joseph, machinist, house 117 Adams 

Doyle Margaret, variety store, 294 Merrimack, house do. 

Do}de Michael, soap dealer, house 66 South 

Doyle Michael M. laborer, boards 66 South 

Doyle Michael, Merrimack, boards 23 Willie avenue 

Doyle Patrick, saloon, 4 Pearl, house do. 

Doyle Peter, Merrimack, boards 23 Willie avenue 

Doyle Thomas, laborer, house 23 Willie avenue 

Doyle Thomas, blacksmith, house 22 Marion 

Doyle Thomas, laborer, house 98 Cabot 

Dozier Charles, card oiler, boards 30 Willie 

Dozois Alexander, machinist, boards 28 Rock 

Dozois Alfred, clerk, 155 Middlesex, house 28 Rock 

Dozois Charles, operative, house Willie 

Dozois Hilaire, machinist, house 28 Rock 

Dozois Narcisse, operative, house 48 Merrimack corp. 

Drach Joseph, blacksmith, house 68 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Drach Louisa Miss, house 68 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Drake Alfred, gill pins manuf., r. 257 Middlesex, house 35 

Drake Harriet L. widow, house 28 Cabot 

Drake Samuel, watchman, Lowell corp. 

Drape Alexander, Boott, boards 28 do. corp. 

Draper Alonzo H. moulder, house 92 Willie 

Draper Charlotte E. teacher, High school, bds. 150 Worthen 

Draper Margaret E. widow, house 7 Wamesit court 

Dresser A. M. Miss (E. A. Kimball & Go.), 17 Market, h. 
367 Central 

Dresser Eben W. clerk, 266 Central, house 367 do. 

Dresser Eugene, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 

Dresser Samuel T. prop., Dresser House, 171 to 177 Mid- 

Drew Alfred, watchman, boards 135 Merrimack corp. 

Drew Charles, machinist, Hamilton, boards 11 do. corp. 

Drew Charles W. clerk, 80 Merrimack, h. 5 Willow, Bel. 

Drew Charles W. clerk, 49 Central, boards 135 Appleton 

Drew Henry C. boards 41 Willow, Belvidere 


Drew Holman H. doormaker, Wamesit steam mills, house 

169 Central 
Drew Jesse II. house 41 Arlington 
Drew John, carpenter, boards 260 Merrimack 
Drew John, porter, Mcrrimac House, boards do. 
Drew (John) & Tibbetts (Henry W.), horse shoers, rear 78 

Bridge, house at Dracut 
Drew (John V.) & Harper (A IP.), caterers and confec- 
tioners, 37 Central, house do. 
Drew Lydia Miss, boards 150 Moody 

Drew Mary E. teacher, No. 27 primary, boards 28 Wamesit 
Drew Pamelia S. widow, house 28 Wamesit 
Drew Perry, blacksmith, boards 172 Central 
Drew Samuel, clerk, boards 408 Merrimack 
Drewett Jacob, Middlesex, house 121 Fayette 
Drewett James, operative, boards 121 Fayette, Bel. 
Drewett Sidney, paper hanger, 116 Fayette, Bel. house do. 
Drinan George, Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 
Driscoll Ann Mrs. house 17 Common 
Driscoll Catharine, widow, house 153 Adams 
Driscoll Daniel, stonecutter, boards 157 Middlesex 
Driscoll Daniel D. carver, Wamesit steam mills, house 

Mammoth, near Varnum ave., Paw. 
Driscoll Dennis, carpet weaver, house 39 Kidder 
Driscoll Honora, widow, house 194 Market 
Driscoll Jeremiah, laborer, house 19 Marion 
Driscoll John, spinner, house 7 Mellin's court, Bel. 
Driscoll John, at J. C. Ayer's, house 17 Common 
Driscoll Joseph, finisher, boards 221 Central 
Driscoll Julia, widow, house rear 175 Market 
Driscoll Mary, widow, house 374 Merrimack 
Driscoll Michael, laborer, house 62 Broadway 
Driscoll Patrick, laborer, boards 154 Market 
Driscoll Patrick, stonecutter, boards 157 Middlesex 
Driscoll Timothy, laborer, house 13 Dummer 
Driscoll Timothy, laborer, boards 18 Marion 
Driver James, worsted spinner, house 83 Lawrence 
Driver Stephen P. (pianos, Boston), house 101 Third, Cent. 
Drohan Margaret, widow, house 21 Spring 
Drohan Peter, porter, Merrimac House, boards do. 
Drolet Antonie, carpenter, house 1 Shaw's block 
Dronan Edward, laborer, house rear 14 William 
Drum Francis, Hamilton, house 184 Lawrence 
Drum Patrick, fireman, house rear 5 Front, Cent. 
Drury Ellen J. Mrs. house 94 Howard 
Drury James F. cigars, 31 Central, boards 79 Charles 
Drury John, plumber, 126 Central, house 107 Charles 
Drury Thomas, machinist, house 16 Charles 
Drury Thomas Mrs. house 22 Winter 


Drury Thomas, Middlesex, boards 14 Mass. Corp. 

Duaue Dennis, laborer, house 181 Market 

Ducharme Francis, grinder, Cashing, cor. Rock, house 10 

M iddlcsex place 
Ducharme Joseph, loom harness operative, house Coolidge, 

near Hall 
Ducharme Pierre, laborer, house Quinn's block, Salem 
Ducharme Rose, widow, house rear 17 Salem 
Duckies Thomas, carpenter, house 25 Fourth, Cent. 
Duckworth dames, asst. supt. Merrimack Print Works, house 

31 Merrimack corp. 
Duckworth [John) & Knowles ( William), lilecutters, rear 30 

Middlesex, boards 112 Central 
Duckworth Ormerod, overseer, M. P. W., boards 155 Merri- 
mack corp. 
Duckworth Thomas, M. P. W., boards 155 Merrimack corp. 
Ducey Margaret, widow, house 22 Wall, Belvidere 
Ducy Patrick, mason, house 112 Fletcher 
Dudley Albion J. overseer, at Belvidere Woollen Manuf. Co. 

house 152 High, Belvidere 
Dudley Charles E. clerk, boards 198 Central 
Dudley Dermison, travelling agent, house 198 Central 
Dudley Edward W. clerk, 169 Middlesex, boards 7 Lincoln 
Dudley George, wire worker, 150 Bridge, boards 94 East 

Merrimack, Belvidere 
Dudley Josiah P. Mrs. house 7 Lincoln 
Dudley M. E. & Co. ladies furnishing goods, 91 Merrimack, 

house 94 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Dudley Ward S. carpenter, house 7 South Franklin court 
Dudley William, machinist, house 49 Hamilton corp. 
Dudley William C. engineer, house 26 Franklin 
Ducks Catharine Mrs. house 35 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Duff Charlotte Mrs. provisions, 17 River, h. 25 Eleventh, 

Duff John, operative, house 9 Charles 
Dull John, house 33 Common 
Duff Stanislas, carpenter, house 27 Aiken 
Duff Stanislas, jr. machinist, boards 27 Aiken 
Duffy Ann, widow, house 10 Cross 
Duffy Charles, clerk, 140 Market 
Duffy Dominick, Middlesex, house 23 Union 
Dully Ellen, widow, house 56 West Union 
Dully James, junk, house 62 Middle 
Dully James, fireman, house 167 Merrimack corp. 
Duffy James, Applcton, house 8 Pearl 
Duffy James, laborer, house rear 19 Winter 
Duffy James, iron moulder, boards 208 Broadway 
Dully James, watchman, house 40 Chestnut, Bel. 
Duffy James, operative, house 8 Edgerly's court 


Duffy John, laborer, house 16 Jefferson 

Duffy John, laborer, house 37 Fulton, Cent. 

Duffy Mary, widow, house 104 River, Cent. 

Duffy Matthew, laborer, house 115 Lawrence 

Duffy Michael, laborer, house 191 Market 

Duffy Thomas, laborer, boards 191 Market 

Duffy Thomas, B. & L. R. R. car house 

Dully William, book agent, house 153 Bridge, Cent. 

Duffy William, card stripper, house 62 Moody 

Duffy William, boards 153 Bridge, Cent. 

Dugau Hugh F. carpenter, boards 83 Fayette, Bel. 

Dugan Patrick, laborer, house 83 Fayette, Belvidere 

Dugan Patrick II. porter, boards 83 Fayette, Bel. 

Dugan Peter, Merrimack, boards 112 Market ' 

Dugan Peter, dresser, house 153 Lawrence 

Dugan Thomas, operative, boards 62 West Union 

Duganne Hiram C. clergyman, Free Chapel, h. 121 Gorham 

Dugdale Edward, overseer, Naylor's Mill, h. 313 Lawrence 

Dugdale Edwin A. (Boston), house 15 Mt. Washington 

Dugdale James, agt. Lowell Worsted Mills, 72 Willie, h. 

88 Lawrence [78 Willie 

Dugdale James P. engineer, Lowell Worsted Mills, house 
Dugdale Robert, wool sorter, house 62 Meadowcroft 
Dugdale Samuel, carpenter, boards 208 Broadway 
Dugdale William, machinist, house 63 Boott corp. 
Duhamel Alphonse, clerk, house 47 Salem 
Duhig Margaret, widow, house 10 Cross 
Duignan Dominick, laborer, house 62 Appleton 
Dulagan Charles, laborer, house 32 Agawam 
Dumas Levi (Bacheller, Dumas, & Co.), bookbinders, 130 

Central, house 15 Ash, Belvidere 
Dumas Simon, laborer, house 15 Suffolk hall 
Dumphy Joanna, widow, boards 19 Tremont corp. 
Dunbar Bion, carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
Duncan John G. Mrs. house 94 Merrimack corp. 
Duncan William W. apothecary, Wamesit Bank building, 

house 138 Appleton 
Dunham Leander G. teamster, Suffolk, house 23 do. corp. 
Dunlap Frank, bleachery, boards 15 Blcachery 
Dunlap Ira W. overseer, at bleachery, house 15 Bleachery 
Dunlavy Dennis, harness maker, boards 127 Adams 
Dunlavy George, laborer, house 127 Adams 
Dunlavy George F., Lawrence, house 16 Cabot 
Dunlavy James, laborer, house 299 River 
Dunlavy James, iron puddlcr, house 69 Fenwick 
Dunlavy Maurice A. laborer, boards 127 Adams 
Dunlavy Nancy, widow, house 3 Donahoe's yard 
Dunlavy Thomas F. gate keeper Market-st. crossing, house 

Donahoe's yard 


Dunlay TTugh, cloth shearer, house 12 Agawam 

Dunlay Patrick, foreman currier, Fulton, house 9 Davis 

Dunley Patrick, currier, house 9 Davis 

Dunn Ann Mrs. house IT Davidson, Belvidere 

Dunn Bernard, carpenter, house 114 Adams 

Dunn Dennis, butcher, house Fourth ave. Pawtucketville 

Dunn Francis, shoemaker, house 92 River, Cent. 

Dunn Jeremiah, blacksmith, house 5 Little 

Dunn Maria, widow, boards 33 Walnut 

Dunn Michael, moulder, boards 324 Central 

Dunn Rebecca, widow, house off Varnum ave., Pawtuck'le 

Dunn Robert, laborer, house 92 River, Cent. 

Dunn Sarah, widow, house 324 Central 

Dunn Thomas, laborer, house 226 Central 

Dunn Timothy, farmer, house Varnum ave. Pawtucketville 

Dunn William, machinist, house 7 Little 

Dunn William A. watchman, B. & M. R. R. 

Dunn Wm. C. machinist, h. off Varnum ave. Pawtucket'le 

Dunn Wm. A. special police, B. & M. R. R. house rear 
354 Middlesex 

Dunphy Bridget Mrs. house 214 Central 

Dunphy James, laborer, house 26 Jefferson 

Dunphy Joseph, plumber, boards 214 Central 

Dunphy Thomas, laborer, house 237 Broadway 

Dupee George, machinist, boards 8 Suffolk 

Dupee Job W. foreman, at Whitehead & Atherton's, house 
28 Clay, Belvidere 

Dupleas Francis, laborer, house 6 Howe-st. ave. 

Dupre Misael, cabinetmaker, house 30 Willie 

Dupuis Charles, boots and shoes, 144 Suffolk, house do. 

Dupuis Edmund L. house 131 Middlesex 

Duquett Nelson M. blacksmith, W. Third, n. Bridge, Cent, 
house 21 VV. Fourth, do. 

Durant Adolphus M. clerk, 124 Merrimack, h. 29 Fourth, 

Durant Ann M. Mrs. boarding house, 52 Moody 

Durant Charles W. jr. engraver, 25 Central, h. 58 Chapel 

Durant Charlotte M. Miss, variety store, 79 Tilden, h. do. 

Durant Fred, mason, boards 35 Second, Cent. 

Durant (George) & Simonds (Thomas), wood, 12 Middle- 
sex, house 77 Chapel 
Durant John, sawyer, boards 6 Howard 
Durant Joseph A. painter, boards 33 Adams 
Dureau Uger, Appleton, house rear 202 Dutton 
Duren Edwin, wood, house 804 Middlesex 
Duigan Harriet, widow, boards 7 Merrimack corp. 
Durgin Cyrus W. Mrs. house 17 Alder, Belvidere 
Durgin Horace T. foreman, at E. F. Watson's, house 136 


Durgin John II. jr. prop. Tremont House, 278 Merrimack 

Durgin Oscar, liostler, 210 Middlesex 

Durham Michael, laborer, house 18 Howe, Belvidere 

Durham Tolford, machinist, house 22 Queen 

Durkee Charles, laundryman, house 84 Cabot 

Durkee Elsie Miss, house 39 Adams 

Durkee William II. II. farmer, house off Varnum ave. Paw. 

Durning John, Middlesex, house 112 Lawrence 

Durrell Calvin P. machinist, house 30 Museum building 

Durrell Joseph A. painter and glazier, boards 33 Adams 

Durrough John, carpet weaver, house 24 Mill 

Dustin John, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 

Dustin Susan, widow, house rear 261 Merrimack 

Dustin , boards 58 Stackpole, Belvidere 

Duston Harlow, stoves and tinware, 4 and 5 Prescott block, 

house 86 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Dutton Geo. W. carpenter, L. M. S. house 121 Fairmount, 

Dutton John N. carpenter, house 63 Willie 
Dutton Samuel S. house 46 Race 
Dwinell Charles S. mason, house 64 Linden 
Dwyer John, laborer, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Dwyer John, carpet works, boards 154 Adams 
Dwyer Martin, bleacher, house 37 Crosby 
Dwyer Michael, laborer, house 154 Adams 
Dwyer Michael, house 18 Wall, Belvidere 
Dwyer Michael, operative, boards 44 South 
Dwyer Patrick, pressman, 218 Middlesex, bds. 10 Suffolk 
Dwyer, see also O'Dwyer 
Dyar P. L. Miss, fancy goods, 162 Merrimack, house 171 

Dyer Alphonso, carpenter, boards 22 Hamilton corp. 
Dyer John, laborer, house 39 Fenwick 
Dyer Joseph S. harness maker, 2 Russell's block, boards 72 

Dyer William, yard hand, boards 91 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Dyon Henry, teamster, house 18 Smith 

EACOTT BENJAMIN C. clerk, 77 Bridge, boards 8 Third, 

Eacott Henry J. clerk, 77 Bridge, boards 8 Third, Cent. 
Eacott Matthew, provisions, 77 Bridge, Centralville, house 

8 Third, do. 
Eacott William, grocer, 28 Water, house 32 do. Bel. 
Eagan Frank, laborer, boards 18 Summer 
Eagan James, operative, boards 4 Carolin's place, Bel. 
Eagan Joanna, widow, house 4 Carolin's place, Bel. 
Eagan Patrick, laborer, house 81 Chapel 
Eagan Patrick, jr. bleachery, house 81 Chapel 


Eagan Richard, laborer, house 12 Agawam 
Eagan Thomas, laborer, house 71 Fenwick 
Eagan Thomas, grocer, 113 Gotham, house do. 

Eagan , widow, house 193 Lawrence 

Eager George, operative, boards 8 Appleton corp. 

Eames Luther J. house 218 Moody 

Eames Melvin, bobbin maker, boards 19 Cabot 

Earl William D. jeweller, house 179 Pawtucket 

Earle Frank H., Middlesex corporation 

Earle Mary A. Mrs. house 6 Putney's court 

Earley Frank, at carpet works, house 114 Adams 

Early Charles, laborer, house 19 River, Cent. 

Early James, operative, house Faulkner 

Early Martin, laborer, house 85 Willie 

Earnshaw John, Lowell, house 107 Chapel 

Easter Samuel, B. & L. R. R. house 9 Garnet 

Eastman Adelia Mrs. dressmaker, house 39 Willow, Bel. 

Eastman Alphonso, machinist, boards rear 70 School 

Eastman Asa B. M. carpenter, house 148 Middlesex 

Eastman Benjamin, carpenter, house 7 Race 

Eastman Charles C. expressman, Merrimack-st. depot, house 

156 Liberty 
Eastman Charles J. insurance, 3 Museum building, house 49 

East Merrimack 
Eastman Charles W. L. contractor, L. M. S. h. 3 do. corp. 
Eastman Edmund, machinist, bouse rear 70 School 
Eastman Enoch, house 156 Liherty 
Eastman George M. carpenter, house 80 Ford 
Eastman Isaac C. Mrs. house 31 Chapel 
Eastman Mercy Mrs. boards 18 Merrimack corp. 
Eastman Philip, house 7 Butterfield 

Eastman Philip II. foreman, L. M. S. boards 7 Butterfield 
Easton James, boards 19 Tremont corporation 
Eaton Abial & Son [Frank A.), furniture dealers, 9 Prescott, 

house 19 Cheever 
Eaton Charles II. machinist, house 163 Cross 
Eaton Charles W. cashier, Merchants National Bank, house 

38 Oak, Bel. 
Eaton Daniel A. (Osgood & Eaton), insurance agents, 27 

Central, house 14 Cady 
Eaton D. C. Mrs. house 18 Arlington 
Eaton Edwin R. physician, 16 John, house 1 Coral 
Eaton Ephraim, boards 19 Cheever 
Eaton Fanny Mrs. house 383 Merrimack 
Eaton Frank A. (A. Eaton & Son), 9 Prescott, bds. Cheever, 

cor. Coolidge 
Eaton (George A.) & Adams (Ira 0.), lounge and chair 

frames, etc. at grain elevator, Western ave. b. 94 Rock 
Eaton George W. tanner, house 19 Mt. Washington 


Eaton Harriet II. assistant teacher, primary, No. 3, Kirk, 
boards 7 Favor 

Eaton Jeremiah B. carriage manufacturer, h. 106 Appleton 

Eaton Job S. grocer, 61 Common, house 65 do. 

Eaton John P. clerk, City Farm 

Eaton Joseph G. (U. S. N.), h. Mammoth, Pawt. 

Eaton M. clerk, 5 Prescott, boards 5 Favor 

Eaton Rodney W., B. & L. R. R. house 87 Thorndike 

Eaton Samuel C. pop corn dealer, house 135 Howard 

Eaton Simeon, painter, house 39 Wamesit 

Eaton Thomas, spinner, house rear 79 Market 

Eaton Willis D. foreman, machinist, house rear 17 Howard 

Eaton Willis G. foreman, paper department, L. M. S. house 
7 Favor 

Eaton Worcester, provisions, 364 Merrimack, h. 87 Salem 

Eaton , Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 

Eayrs Sarah, widow, boards 29 Cheever 

Ebert George M. carpenter, house 177 Merrimack corp 

Ebert Horace F. harness maker, 49 Market, boards 177 Mer- 
rimack corp. 

Eccles William H. weaver, house 62 Tremont 

Eckhardt Hermann jr. clerk, freight house, F. & L. R. R. 
boards 73 Methuen, Cent. 

Eddystone William, card grinder, boards 53 Tilden 

Edgell Levi Mrs. boards 49 Merrimack corp. 

Edgell Nellie Miss, house 100 High, Bel. 

Edgell William, house 100 High, Bel. 

Edgerly Jonathan, house 4 Edgerly's court 

Edgerly Lydia H. Mrs. house 105 Howard 

Edmunds Ira, ice man, boards 13 McFarlin avenue 

Edmunds Lawrence, boards 221 Central 

Edney James, painter, boards 39 Jewett, Cent. 

Edson Charles M. E. nurse, house 126 Broadway 

Edson Theodore Rev. rector, St. Anne's Church, h. Merri- 
mack, corner Kirk 

Edwards Benjamin (Litchfield <& Co.), Dutton, opposite Me- 
chanics Mills, house 148 Hale 

Edwards Elizabeth Mrs. house 9 Hurd 

Edwards Harriet, widow, house 981 Middlesex 

Edwards Jabez, overseer, Merrimack, house 27 do. corp. 

Edwards Jerome, Appleton, boards 7 do. corp. 

Edwards Joseph, boards 148 Hale 

Edwards Walter S. (Boston), house 230 Nesmith, Bel. 

Edwards William P. moulder, house 89 Porter 

Egan David, boards 67 Charles 

Egan Henry, hostler, boards 67 Charles 

Egan James, laborer, boards 67 Charles 

Egan Mary, widow, house 67 Charles 

Egan Thomas, gardener, house 119 Adams 


Ekengren John, clerk, boards 50 Tyler 

Ekstrom Charles W. box maker, boards 255 Middlesex 

Ela (Horace) & Page (Henry Ii.), grocers, 36 Middlesex, 
house 101- Chapel 

Elder Frederick E. carpenter, house 111 High, Bel. 

Eldridge Joshua S. painter, house 4 Wilder 

Elkins Iliram VV. roll coverer, house *T4 Andover, Bel. 

Elkius William, Suffolk, boards 4 do. Corp. 

Ellery David, mule spinner, house 8 Lawrence Corp. 

Ellery Patrick, laborer, house rear 68 Lawrence 

Ellingwood Edward, clerk, boards 98 Last Merrimack, Bel. 

Ellingwood Clayton P. Mrs. house 98 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Ellingwood George B. wire worker, boards 98 East Merri- 
mack, Bel. 

Ellinwood John S. contractor, house 150 School 

Elliott Albert F*. farmer, boards Vamuin ave. Pawt. 

Elliott Charles II. painter, boards 95 High, Bel. 

Elliott Edmund, variety store, 83 Bridge, house do. Cent. 

Elliott Ephraim (Elliott & Co.), milled machine screw man- 
ufacturers, 3 Gushing, house 101 Lincoln 

Elliott George M. insurance agent, 48 Central, house 36 
Third, Centralville 

Elliott Henry, Appleton, boards 8 do corp. 

Elliott James G. overseer, Appleton, house 20 do. Corp. 

Elliott John P. painter, house 95 High, Bel. 

Elliott Llewellyn D. coachman, at Jonathan Tyler's, 38 Park, 

Elliott Nellie Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corporation 

Elliott Sum, farmer, boards Varnum avenue, Pawt. 

Elliott, Thomas II. real estate agent and publisher of Lowell 
" Real Estate Journal," 48 Central, h. 280 Broadway 

Elliott Winthrop, fanner, house Varnum avenue, Pawt. 

Elliott & Co (Ephraim Elliott), milled machine screw man- 
ufacturers, 3 dishing 

Ellis Albert J. machinist, house 8 Orange 

Ellis Betsey B. boarding house, 18 and 19 Lowell corp. 

Ellis James W. carpenter, house Second avenue, Pawt. 

Ellis John, laborer, house 28 Watson 

Ellis Nellie M. Mrs. boards 130 Howard 

Ellis William, milk dealer, house 84 Conant, Cent. 

Ellison Samuel, stonecutter, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Ells Hannah E. Mrs. matron, Young Woman's Home, 10 
John, corner Lee 

Ells Samuel, hostler, 20 Church, house 'JO Charles 

Ellsworth Andrew B. farmer, house oil' Varnum ave. Pawt. 

Ellsworth Alice Miss, dressmaker, boards 219 Middlesex 

Elwell Alonzo P. fireman, B. & M. R. R. bds. 20 Wellman's 

Elwell J. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 49 Central, boards do. 


Ely George W. book keeper, Merchants National Bank, 

boards 122 Stackpole, Belvidere 
Ely Joseph II. Mrs. house 122 Stackpole, Bel. 
Embree Edgar E. wood, 24 Marshall, house 92 Howard 
Emerson Alvin, proprietor City Hotel, 57 East Merrimack, 

Belvidere, house do. 
Emerson Archibald, carpenter, house 240 Gorham 
Emerson Charles A. loom harness maker, boards 14 Race 
Emerson ( Charles F. ) & Wright (Frank B.), grocers, 14 

Market, house 176 Gorham 
Emerson Charles L. (L. Emerson & Son), grocers, 8 East 

Merrimack, house 35 Bartlett, Bel. 
Emerson Clara A. teacher, primary, No. 35, boards 84 An- 

dover, Belvidere 
Emerson Cyrus B. baggage master, house 8 Coral 
Emerson Daniel, mason, house 76 Fayette, Bel. 
Emerson David G. cigar man uf. -348 Merrimack, h. 8 Decatur 
Emerson Etta Mrs. dressmaker, 15 Kurd, boards do. 
Emerson Prank, moulder, boards 46 Middlesex 
Emerson Frank \V. cutter, 88 Merrimack, boards 17 Church 
Emerson George P. boards 84 Andover, Bel. 
Emerson Henry C. clerk, boards 262 Middlesex 
Emerson John D. conductor, B. & L. R. R. house at Green- 
field, Nil. 
Emerson Louisa, widow, house 42 Howard 
Emerson Luther & Son ( Charles L. Emerson), grocers, 8 

East Merrimack, house 84 Andover, Bel. 
Emerson Moses C. boots and shoes, 59 Dutton, house 396 

Emerson Moses W. photographer, 21 Central, h. 30 Mount 

Emerson Nathan, painter, house 22 Clay, Belvidere 
Emerson Samuel T. watchman, house 18 Cabot 
Emerson Warren, boarding house, 5 and 6 Hamilton corp. 
Emerson William, carpenter, boards 240 Gorham 
Emerson William R. cigar manuf. 144 Jackson, house do. 
Emery Annie E. bookkeeper, 131 Central, b. 38 Chestnut, 

Emery F. II. carpenter, house 35 Fourth, Cent. 
Emery George, hackdriver, house 38 Chestnut, Bel. 
Emery Henry, house Merrimac House 
Emery Merrill, iceman, boards 13 McFarlin avenue 
Emery Roswell B. operative, house 31 West Fourth, Cent. 
Emery Sarah B. widow, boards 16 Suffolk corporation 
Emery Stillman S. house 259 Gorham 
Emery ( Wm. H.) & Nute (A. S.), props. Merrimac House, 

Merrimack, corner Dutton 
Emmctt Robert, loom fixer, house 213 Lawrence 


Emmons Benjamin, bootmaker, 14 Middle, house 20 Webster 
avenue, Centralville 

Emmons Benjamin F. cook, 7 City Hall avenue, house 125 
Coburn, Centralville 

Emmons Frank, cook, house 125 Coburn, Cent. 

Emmons Sarah, widow, boards 19 Tremont corp. 

Emmott Mary Mrs. house 36 Hale 

Emmott Theodore W. second hand, house 13 Lowell corp. 

Engel George, house 4 Quebec 

England George W. machinist, house 49 Tilden 

England James P. machinist, house 6 Orange 

England Thomas, carpenter, house Billerica st. at Tewks- 
bury, on city line 

English Charles G. plumber, 5 Prescott, boards 13 Church 

English John, Kitson Machine Co. boards 10 Suffolk 

English Patrick, Middlesex, house 25 Charles 

Eno George, operative, house 84 Hall 

Eno Peter, lumberman, house 8 Grand 

Eno Teddy, laborer, house Shaw's block, East Pine 

Eno William F. Mrs. boards 23 Kirk 

Eno Win. P. civil engineer, locks and canals, bds. 23 Kirk 

Enright Elizabeth A. dressmaker, 6 Varney, boards do. 

Enright Fanny, milliner, house 6 Varney 

Enright James, plumber, 5 Prescott, boards 21 Summer 

Enright James F. carpenter, house 6 Varney 

Enright John, machinist, boards 33 Summer 

Enright John, at gas house, house 16 Marion 

Enright John, baker, house 16 Salem 

Enright Margaret Mrs. house 6 Varney 

Enright Michael, laborer, house 6 Charles 

Enright Michael, laborer, house 23 Jefferson 

Enright Michael, laborer, house 25 North 

Enright Thomas, laborer, house 9 Cross 

Enright William J. clerk, boards 6 Varney 

Enright, see also Henright 

Entwistle John 11. operative, boards 49 Hudson 

Entwislle William, carpenter, house 49 Hudson 

Enwright Cornelius, painter, house 23 Cheever 

Enwright William, clerk, 125 Central, boards 35 Summer 

Erdis (H. W.) & Co. (Neal McCarthy), fruit and confection- 
ery, 3 Merrimack, boards 65 Charles 

Erdis John, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

Ernshaw , boards 12 Orange 

Erskine Ellen, widow, house 88 Anclover, Bel. 

Erskine Hannah, widow, house 22 Third, Cent. 

Ervin Andrew, house 26 Walnut 

Erwin Samuel, watchman, Lowell, house 3 Carpet lane 

Erwin Thomas, watchman, Lowell corporation 


Estabrook George L. boards 28 Andover, Bel. 

Estabrook Louise Mrs. house 28 Andover, Belvidere 

Estabrook William II. mason, house 112 Suffolk 

Estabrook William W. mason, boards 358 Merrimack 

Estes Albert M. carpenter, house 28 East Pine 

Estes Cyrus S. teamster, boards 200 Middlesex 

Estes Dennis M. blacksmith, house 60 L. M. S. Corp. 

Estes George, overseer carder, Appleton, house 87 do. 

Estes G. Frank, fruit, 72 Central, boards 87 Appletou 

Estes Henry B., Appleton, boards 87 do. 

Esty Asa Frank, police, house 106 Appleton 

Esty Joseph E. boards 355 Pawtucket 

Esty Lot, house 355 Pawtucket 

Ethier Margaret, widow, house rear 25 Aiken 

Evans Allura W. widow, house 3 Union 

Evans Frederick, marble worker, house 70 Church 

Evans George E. city civil engineer, City Government bldg. 

house 420 Merrimack 
Evans James, machinist, house 68 Church 
Evans John, laborer, boards 70 Market 

Evans Joseph, foreman at William Kclley's, h. 16 Westford 
Evans J. T. Mrs. house 1 Russell's block 
Evans Mary, fancy goods, 68 Church, house 66 do. 
Evans Walter, driver, H. R R. boards 8 Everett, Bel. 
Evans William, house 66 Church 

Eveleth Charles A. clerk, 20 Shattuck, b. Lincoln, c. Hale 
Everett Joey, finisher, boards junction Adams and Suffolk 
Evert on Rupert E. paper hanger, 257 Central, house do. 
Ewan Robert, laborer, B. & L. R. R. house 62 South 
Ewing Betsey Mrs. house 7 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Ewing John Mrs. house 7 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Ewing John, flannel finisher, boards 35 Water, Bel. 
Ewing Samuel Mrs. house 35 Water, Bel. 

FAGAN JOHN, spinner, house 64 Agawam 
Fagan Michael, laborer, house 64 Agawam 
Fagan Thomas, file grinder, house 34 Cedar 
Fahey Andrew, watchman, house 21 Howe 
Fahey Ann Mrs. house 12 Davidson, Belvidere 
Fahey James, laborer, house rear 22 Winter 
Fahey John, laborer, house 12 Davidson, Bel. 
Fahey John, spinner, boards 90 Church 
Fahey Mary A. widow, house 90 Church 
Fahey Thomas, spinner, boards 90 Church 
Fairbrother Charles L. painter, house 123 Merrimack corp. 
Fairbrother William A., L. M. S., bds. 123 Merrimack corp. 
Fairgrieve Agnes, widow, house 1 Lagrange 
Fairgrieve George W. auctioneer, office 3 Canal block, sales- 
room 9 and 11 Middle, house 38 Suffolk 


Fairgrieve James, boots and shoes, 21 Market, h. 38 Suffolk 

Falcon Joseph, farmer, house Gorham, near Manchester 

Falconer John, clerk, 102 Merrimack, house 27 Congress 

Fales John W. clerk, 247 Thorndike, boards 15 Robinson 

Fales Oliver, laborer, boards 64 Appleton 

Fall John, bleachery, house 31 Crosby 

Fallon Andrew, painter, house 31 Meadowcroft 

Fallon James, laborer, house 3 Jefferson 

Fallon Michael, card grinder, Appleton, house 77 Gorham 

Fallon Michael, laborer, house 35 Dummer 

Fallon Michael, watchman, house 104 Merrimack corp. 

Fallon Owen, foundry man, house 105 School 

Fallon Patrick, laborer, boards 12 Taylor 

Fanning John, mule spinner, boards 60 Middle 

Fannon Michael, farmer, house Varnum ave., Paw. 

Fannon Patrick, laborer, boards 253 Market 

Farley Bernard, laborer, at gas works, house 52 Lewis 

Farley Catharine, widow, house 101 Gorham 

Farley Catharine, widow, house 24 Howe, Belvidere 

Farley Charles, dyer, boards 43 Fayette, Belvidere 

Farley Charles II. carpenter, boards 11 Hudson 

Farley II. B. baker, house 11 Hudson 

Farley James, washer, boards 56 Market 

Farley James II. tinsmith, Dutton, cor. Market, h. 21 Cross 

Farley Jane, widow, house 16 Wall, Belvidere 

Farley John P. machinist, house 259 Market 

Farley Kate, dressmaker, 2 Coburn, house do., Cent. 

Farley Lawrence, dyer, house 26 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Farley Lawrence, carpenter, house 55 West Union 

Farley Mary, widow, house 3 Carolin's court, Bel. 

Farley Michael, laborer, house 9 Charles 

Farley Michael, laborer, house 221 Broadway 

Farley Owen, grocer, 78 Gorham, house do. 

Farley Owen, yard hand, Hamilton, house 7 Wall, Bel. 

Farley Randolph W. clerk and telegrapher, F. and L. freight 

office, house at Nashua, N. II. 
Farley Terrence, dyer, house 24 Howe, Belvidere 
Farley Terrence, operative, boards 101 Gorham 
Farley Thomas, finisher, house 86 Fayette, Belvidere 
Farmer David P. farmer, house 149 Westford 
Farnan Patrick, groceries and provisions, 187 Gorham, b. do. 
Farnan Richard, house 187 Gorham 
Farnham George B. carpenter, Mt. Vernon, n. Broadway, 

house 18 Buttcrfield 
Farnham George W. at gas works, house 14 Richmond 
Farnham Levi E. civil engineer, 128 Merrimack, boards 

Robinson, near the railroad 
Farnham Win. L. carpenter, house 28 Robinson 
Farnuni Clarisa, widow, boards 10 Branch 


Farnum Rufus G. house 34 Marion 

Farr Alpha B., Custom House (Boston), house 94 Stack- 
pole, Bclvidere 

Farr Edmund II. carpenter, house 163 School 

Farrar Mary E. Mrs. boarding house, 248 Middlesex 

Farrar VV. E. conductor, B. & L. R. R., bds. Merrimac House 

Farrell Alice, widow, house 322 Gorham 

Farrell Anne, widow, house 9 Gorham 

Farrell Catharine, widow, house 48 Fulton, Cent. 

Farrell Ellen, widow, house 14 William 

Farrell Henry, house 33 Liberty 

Farrell John, Lawrence, house 18 Adams 

Farrell John, laborer, house 232 Market 

Farrell John, stone cutter, boards 232 Market 

Farrell Joseph, clerk, 165 Market, boards 104 do. 

Farrell Kate, widow, house 223 Gorham 

Farrell Mary, widow, house 70 Fenwick 

Farrell Michael, laborer, house 11 Holbrook's court, Bel. 

Farrell Michael, moulder, house 5 Common 

Farrell Owen Mrs. house 213 Market 

Farrell Patrick, Lawrence, house 18 Adams 

Farrell Patrick, laborer, house 8 Davis 

Farrell Rosanna, widow, house 8 Davis 

Farrell Thomas, laborer, house 9 Union 

Farrell Thomas, laborer, at 110 Bridge, Centralville 

Farrell Thomas, L. M. S., house 11 Common 

Farrell Thomas, spinner, house 150 Market 

Farrell William, foreman, baker, house 102 Fletcher 

Farrell William, carpenter, boards 104 Market 

Farrell William, plumber, 5 Prescott, boards Liberty 

Farrington Bridget, widow, house 51 River, Cent. 

Farrington Charles E., Hamilton, house 28 do. Corp. 

Farrington Daniel, carpenter, house 70 Ford 

Farrington DeWitt C. treasurer, U. S. Bunting Company, 
Whipple's mills, house Stone cottage, Andover, Bel. 

Farrington {Ebenezer) & Pierce [Frank W.), provisions, 
2 Liberty sq., and Adams, house 61 Fletcher 

Farrington Henry, police, house 14 School 

Farrington Isaac, treas., Hillsboro Mills, Wilton, N. H., h. 
12 Tyler 

Farrington John A. baker, boards 282 Central 

Farrington M. C. Mrs. boarding house, 135 Central 

Farrington Southwell, overseer, Tremont and Suffolk yard, 
house 9 Cabot block 

Farrington William P. police, house 140 Moody 

Farrington Willis, U. S. Bunting Co. boards Stone cottage, 
Andover, Belvidere 

Farris Leonard T. overseer, at City yard, h. 102 Fletcher 

Farson Frederick E. painter, boards 144 Appleton 


Farson Samuel, painter, 159 Middlesex, h. 144 Applcton 

Farwell Joseph R. clerk, 96 Central, house 86 Charles 

Farwell Lewis E. clerk, 96 Central, boards 86 Charles 

Faulkner Edward F. grocery and provisions, 86 Adams, h. 
89 Broadway 

Faulkner Frederick [Luther W. Faulkner & Son), house 1 

Faulkner John, clerk, house 27 Congress 

Faulkner John A. clerk, Faulkner's mills, bds. 1 Faulkner 

Faulkner Luther W. & Son (Frederick), woolen mauufs. 
Faulkner, near Lawrence, house at Billerica 

Faunce Emma, widow, nurse, house 6 Favor 

Favor Chauncey 0. at Wamesit steam mills, h. 71 Wilder 

Favor Frank II. machinist, boards 57 L. M. S. Corp. 

Favor Jacob G. deputy city marshal, Market House build- 
ing, house 5 Nichols 

Favor James A. house 7 Nesmith's block 

Favor Nathaniel B. & Son (N. P. Favor), door, sash, and 
blind manufacturers, Wamesit steam mills, house 119 

Favor Nathaniel P. (N. B. Favor & Son), Wamesit steam 
mills, house 57 Tenth, Centralville 

Favor William A. civil engineer, City Government build- 
ing, boards 5 Nichols 

Fay Bernard, teamster, house foot of Fay 

Fay Charlotte K. widow, house 33 Ncsmith, Belvidere 

Fay Edgar L. engraver, boards 64 Merrimack Corp. 

Fay Frank, mason, house rear 23 Swift 

Fay Frederick T. clerk, 164 Merrimack, house 153 Moody 

Fay Henry J. clerk, 23 Market, boards 64 Merrimack corp. 

Fay James L. engraver, Merrimack Print Works, house 64 
do. corp. 

Fay John, boltmakcr, house 177 Lawrence 

Fay Margaret, widow, house 56 Fayette, Belvidere 

Fay Patrick, laborer, house 5 Wall, Bel. 

Fay Patrick, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 

Fay Peter, laborer, house rear 8 Howe, Belvidere 

Fay Peter, card stripper, boards Brophy's bldg., Durnmer 

Fay Roxanna Mrs. house 2 Coolidge 

Fay Samuel, treasurer, Lowell Manuf. Co. house Walnut 
Hill, Varnum avenue, Paw. 

Fay ( 'Thomas F. ) & Bechard ( Galix), horse shoers and job- 
bing, Suffolk, cor. Liberty square, h. 124 First, Cent. 

Fazy William, weaver, house 31 West Fifth, Cent. 

Fecteau Alexis L. grocer, 11 Adams, house 92 Broadway 

Fee Francis, tailor, 60 Button, house do. 

Fee Thomas, tailor, house 32 Marion 

Feely Bernard, laborer, house 7 Wall 

Feely Mary, widow, house 5 Wall 


Feoly Patrick, house 5 Wall, Belvidere 

Feeney Frank, clerk, 116 Market, boards 18 Dummer 

Feeney John, cook, Merrimac House, house 18 Dummer 

Felch Charles, painter, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 

Felch Stephen A. house 356 Middlesex 

Felch Win. B. wheelwright, house r. Smith's, cor. Liberty 

Fellows E. N. Mrs. house 33 Church 

Fellows George L. plasterer, 61 Central, boards 268 do. 

Fellows James K. president, Lowell Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
49 Central, house 140 Andover, Belvidere 

Fellows Samuel, house 96 East Merrimack, Belvidere 

Fenderson Charles II. machinist, boards 140 Middlesex 

Fenderson Edward J. machinist, boards 140 Middlesex 

Fenderson Geo. S. foreman, L. M. S. house 21 do. corp. 

Fenneff Napoleon, moulder, L. M. S. 

Fenton Abram, shoemaker, 98 Merrimack, b. 46 Middlesex 

Fenton William, spinner, house 37 Walnut 

Ferguson Furgus, Boott, boards 51 do. corp. 

Ferguson James, liquors, 120 Market, house do. 

Ferguson James, laborer, house 46 Whipple 

Ferguson John, Middlesex, house 28 Chapel 

Ferguson John Q. A. 98 Middle, house 151 Westford 

Ferguson Keziah, widow, house Suffolk 

Ferguson Levi, overseer, Lowell Manufacturing Company, 
house 100 Stackpole, Belvidere 

Ferguson Sarah, widow, house 30 Watson 

Fernald Henry, Merrimack, boards 23 Race 

P^ernald Mark Mrs. widow, house 66 Westford 

Fernald, see also Furnald 

Fender William, wool washer, house Willow, n. Dugdale 

Fernlcy Edwin, machinist, boards 61 Willie 

Fernley Joseph, operative, boards 61 Willie 

Fernley Thomas, Boott, house 26 do. corp. 

Fernley William, wool scourer, house 61 Willie 

Ferrin Elizabeth K. widow, boards 158 Baldwin, Middle- 
sex village 

Ferrin Eugene, painter, house 99 Howard 

Ferrin Eugene F. clerk, 174 Mprrimack, b. 821 Middlesex 

Ferrin George, laborer, house 5 Ilolbrook's court, Bel. 

Ferrin Silas, overseer, 275 Middlesex, house 108 Smith 

Ferris Job T. filecutter, house 50 Chambers 

Ferry Harrison C. mason, house 127 Fairmount, Bel. 

Ferson Clarentine E. blacksmith, house 28 Robinson 

Ferson George, 141 Hildreth, boards do. Cent. 

Ferson Levi Mrs. house 28 Robinson 

Field David S. contractor, L. M. S. house 23 do. corp. 

Field George W. machinist, house 323 Central 

Field Jabez, overseer, Lowell Manuf. Co. 


Field Joseph, engineer, house 33 Bowden 

Field Osmond L. apothecary, 190 Merrimack, c. Worthen, 

boards 119 Walker 
Field Simon 0. carpenter, house 140 Moody 
Field, see also Fields 

Fielding Frederick A. clerk (Boston), bds. 34 Lawrence 
Fielding {Henry A.) & Bartlett (George H.), hardware, 128 

Central, h. 34 Lawrence 
Fielding Joseph, spinner, house 26 Watson 
Fielding Josiah B. Mrs. house 26 Highland 
Fields Harry, Lowell corp. boards 29 Market 
Fields John, carpenter, house 9 Lee 
Fields Oliver, laborer, boards 64 Appleton 
Fields Thomas, overseer, Middlesex, h. 49 Water, Bel. 
Fields, see also Field 

Fife Elmore R. carpenter, house 39 School 
Fife Hugh, boltmaker, house 44 Merrill 
Fife Jane Miss, house 20 Lowell corp. 
Fife John, operative, house 6 Wamesit court 
Fife Margaret, widow, house 6 Wamesit court 
Fife Michael, operative, house 201 Gorham 
Fiffe Wdliam, baker, boards 11 Hudson 
Fifield Edward, house 11 Wilson 

Fifield Frank, carpenter, house Bowers, cor. Arlington 
Fifield George, operative, boards 26 Suffolk corp. 
Fifield Geo. W. dealer in machinery, 28 Fletcher, b. 45 do. 
Fifield Henry, second hand, boards 26 Suffolk corp. 
Fifield John, laborer, house rear 65 Middle 
Fifield William A. carpenter, house 41 Clark 
Fifield William II., Appleton, house 9 do. corp. 
File Zebulon, carpenter, house 85 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Files Allen Mrs. house 13 Fourth, Cent. 
Fillmore Amos B. (Johnson & Fillmore), provisions, 335 

Merrimack, house 182 Fletcher 
Fillmore Matilda, widow, house 8 Union 
Fillmore Theodore, carpenter, boards 33 Dover 
Finacom Julius, painter, house off Mammoth, near Dracut 

line, Pawtucketville 
Findley George, section hand, boards 52 North 

Fineuf Mrs. house 37 Salem 

Finley Jacob, Hamilton, house 38 North 

Finley Michael, laborer, house 142 Adams 

Finley Michael, laborer, house 87 Christian, Cent. 

Finley Thomas, operative, house 29 Agawam 

Finn Catharine S. Mrs. house 25 Kirk 

Finn Margaret, widow, house 51 Prescott corp., Bel. 

Finnan Edward, operative, house rear 22 Paige 

Finnan Patrick, at " Vox Populi " office, h. rear 19 Winter 

Finnegan Bridget, widow, house 80 Church 


Finnegan James, laborer, house 5 Lawrence 

Finnegan James H. clerk, Hard, c. Central, b. 80 Church 

Finnegan James W. operative, boards 143 Adams 

Finnegan Joseph, laborer, boards 143 Market 

Finnegan Martin, shoemaker, 197 Lawrence, h. 15 Watson 

Finnegan Mary, widow, house 6 Lowell place 

Finnegan Michael, laborer, house 7 River, Cent. 

Finnegan Michael, laborer, house 11 Mill 

Finnegan Peter B. hairdresser, American House, house 43 

Finnegan Peter J. laborer, house Maiden lane 
Finnegan Philip, moulder, boards 61 Chinch 
Finnegan Thomas, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 

96 Merrimack corp. 
Finnick Thomas, laborer, house 42 Keene 
Finnocchiano Oratie, hairdresser, house 11 Spring 
Finton Patrick, laborer, house 27 Fenwick 
First National Bank, George B. Allen, cashier, Central, 

corner Middle 
Firth John, operative, boards 9 North Franklin court 
Firth Thomas, blacksmith, h. 9 North Franklin court 
Fisette Louis, laborer, house 900 Middlesex 
Fish Charles T. clerk, 48 Central 

Fish , operative, rooms 2 Coolidge 

Fisher A. W. Mrs. house 55 Wilder 

Fisher Charles, spinner, house 114 Moody 

Fisher Edgar S. confectioner, boards 200 Bridge, Cent. 

Fisher George 0. carpenter, house 40 London 

Fisher John, spinner, house 35 Pond, Belvidere 

Fisher John, machinist, boards 57 Broadway 

Fisher Leon II. music teacher, 113 Merrimack, boards do. 

Fisher Martha Mrs. variety store, 241 Middlesex, h. 239 do. 

Fisher Mary, widow, house 57 Broadway 

Fisher Samuel S. machinist, house 9 Grove 

Fisher Sumner, milkman and variety store, 231 Broadway 

Fisk Albert L. principal, Green school, Merrimack, house 

126 Fairmount, Belvidere 
Fisk Allen C. hairdresser, 47 Dutton, house 49 do. 
Fisk Cyrus M. physician, 46 Kirk, house 33 do. 
Fisk Joseph B. shoemaker, boards Broadway Hotel 
Fisk Margaret Mrs. house 126 Fairmount, Bel. 
Fiske Amos, overseer, Lowell, house at Tewksbury 
Fiske Charles H. machinist, house 174 Gorham 
Fiske George Mrs. widow, house 61 Chapel 
Fiske George W. house 134 Appleton 
Fiske Henry B. boards 134 Appleton 
Fiske Oliver, variety store, 9 E. Merrimack, h. do. Bel. 
Fiske Sarah C. teacher, No. 17 primary school, boards 134 




Fiske Sarah M. Miss, clerk, boards 61 Chapel 

Fiske William, comfortable and hosiery manuf. 7 Cushing, 

house 30 Tliorndike 
Fiske ( William 0.) & Spalding ( William H.), paper hang- 
ings and painting, 121 Central, and 3 and 4 Jackson, 
boards 26 Highland 
Fitton Joseph, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 
Fitts Frank E. (Boston), house 114 Willie 
Fitts Isaac N. millwright, house 114 Willie 
Fitz Alice C. Miss, boards 7 Riverside, Pawtucketville 
Fitzgerald Andrew, clerk, 45 Market, house 71 Adams 
Fitzgerald Catharine, widow, house rear 84 Suffolk 
Fitzgerald Charles 11. wood dealer, h. Stevens, c. Parker 
Fitzgerald David, house 10 Linden 

Fitzgerald David, coachman, at 156 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Fitzgerald Edmond, watchman, h. Manchester, cor. Main, 

Ayer's City 
Fitzgerald Joanna, house 3 Fenwick 
Fitzgerald George, spinner, boards 87 Market 
Fitzgerald James, spinner, Boott corp. 
Fitzgerald James E. moulder, boards 291 Middlesex 
Fitzgerald Jeanette, widow, boards Old Ladies' Home, 68 

Fitzgerald Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Fenwick 
Fitzgerald Joseph, laborer, house rear 25 Cross 
Fitzgerald Margaret, house 36 Auburn 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house 19 Cross 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house 33 Fenwick 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house 7 Cross 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house 124 Adams 
Fitzgerald Maurice, laborer, house rear 84 Suffolk 
Fitzgerald Patrick, sawyer, house 10 Garnet 
Fitzgerald Richard, dyer, house rear 177 Market 
Fitzgerald Thomas, saw filer, house 291 Middlesex 
Fitzgerald William, laborer, house 62 Meadowcroft 
Fitzgibbon Patrick, bootmaker, 225 Gorham, house do. 
Fitzgibbon William, laborer, house 225 Gorham 
Fitzpatrick Daniel, Boott, house 44 do. corp. 
Fitzpatrick Ellen, widow, house 37 Salem 
Fitzpatrick Margaret, widow, house 21 Winter 
Fitzpatrick Michael, L. M. S. boards 8 Spring 
Fitzpatrick Michael, laborer, house 41 North 
Fitzpatrick Mary, widow, house 43 Davidson 
Fitzpatrick Owen, moulder, house 135 Chapel 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, porter, 41 Market, house 135 Chapel 
Fitzpatrick Peter, laborer, house 9 Floyd 
Fitzpatrick Peter, machinist, house 10 Albion, Cent. 
Fitzpatrick Peter, house 117 River, Cent. 
Fitzpatrick Simon, laborer, house 125 River, Cent. 


Pitzpatrick Susan Mrs. dressmaker, house 368 Central 
Fitzpatrick Terrence, Massachusetts, boards 11 do. corp. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, carriage painter, 285 Merrimack, house 

at Billerica 
Fitzsimmons John Mrs. boards 13 Tremont corp. 
Fitzsimmons Mary, widow, house 69 River, Cent. 
Fitzsimmons Michael, at S. G. Mack's, bds. Tremont House 
Flagg Jerry L. carpenter, Hamilton, house 38 do. corp. 
Flagg Win. H. overseer, Boott corp. house 72 do. 
Flagg Wm. N. foreman, at D. dishing & Co.'s, 218 Middle- 
sex, boards 72 Boott corporation 
Flaherty James, laborer, house 81 Market 
Flaherty John, laborer, house 71 Church 
Flaherty John, machinist, boards 81 Market 
Flaherty John J. machinist, boards 59 Adams 
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, boards 251 Market 
Flaherty Patrick J. loom harness, house 12 Hancock 
Flaherty Thomas, mule spinner, house 2 Noble's court 
Flaherty William, hiborer, house 6 Carpet lane 
Flahvau Michael, stoves, etc. 11 Prescott, house 59 Middle 
Flanagan Cornelius, laborer, house 101 Gorham 
Flanagan Honora, widow, house 77 Adams 
Flanagan John, stonecutter, house 18 Pond, Bel. 
Flanagan Margaret, widow, house 43 High, Bel. 
Flanagan Martin, laborer, boards 46 Fayette, Bel. 
Flanagan Michael, flagman, B. L. & N. R. R. h. 1 Westford 
Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house 5Cummiskey's alley 
Flanagan Patrick, operative, boards 1 George 
Flanagan Patrick, operative, house rear 119 Market 
Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house 326 Gorham 
Flanagan Thomas, laborer, house 9 Carolin's place, Bel. 
Flanagan Thomas, Boott, boards 35 Massachusetts Corp. 
Flanders Aaron S. tea dealer, 9 John, house 17 Hudson 
Flanders Adelia M. Mrs. teas, etc. 9 John, h. 17 Hudson 
Flanders Albert, watchman, Boott, boards 19 Filth, Cent. 
Flanders Catharine R. widow, house 56| Merrimack corp. 
Flanders Charles F. hostler, house 11 Howard 
Flanders Charles II. at gas works, house foot of Poplar 
Flanders Charles R. bleacher, 96 Merrimack, h. at Dracut 
Flanders Daniel G. watchman, Middlesex Co. h. 11 Warren 
Flanders Edward, Hamilton, boards 53 South 
Flanders Elverton P. clerk, 228 Middlesex, boards 20 Mt. 

Flanders George A. laborer, boards 275 Gorham 
. Flanders George T. clergyman, house 62 Andover, Bel. 
Flanders Henry C. operative, boards 36 South 
Flanders Henry N. salesman, boards 20 Mount Washington 
Flanders Henry R. clerk, 92 Middlesex, house 36 South 
Flanders Lyman L. Mrs. house 46 Race 


Flanders Lyman L. knitter, boards 46 Race 

Flanders Mary F. widow, pastry cook, 197 Middlesex, h. 

297 Broadway 
Flanders Moses T. boards 125 Gorliam 
Flanders Nathan F. knitter, boards 46 Race 
Flanders Peter (Boston), house 20 Mt. Washington 
Flanders E. C. Mrs. house 275 Gorham 
Flanders Sarah Miss, house 5 Merrimack 
Flanders Win. G. overseer, Mass. corp. house 19 do. 
Flanders Wm. M. T., Merrimack, house 56| do. corp. 
Flanders Wm. S. machinist, house 30 Albion, Cent. 
Flanders Wm. S. jr. wire worker, boards 30 Albion, Cent. 
Flanley Thomas, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Flannary James, mason, house 4 Livingston 
Flavin James, Lawrence, house rear 12 L Adams 
Flavin John, card stripper, house 84 Adams 
Flavin Michael, operative, boards 61 Middle 
Flavin Michael, tinsmith, boards 59 Middle 
Fleck Patrick T. carpenter, house 421 Gorham 
Fleming James, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Fleming James M. clerk, 84 Middlesex, bds. 125 Gorham 
Fleming John jr. dyer, house 55 West Fourth, Cent. 
Fleming John, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Fleming John, carpenter, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Fleming John, operative, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 
Fleming Joseph, dyer, boards 55 West Fourth, Cent. 
Fleming Michael, spinner, house 68 Kinsman 
Fleming Patrick, laborer, house 197 Market 
Fleming Richard, laborer, house 104 Moody 
Fleming Patrick, laborer, house 211 Market 
Fleming Wm., Lawrence, house Castle's block, Jefferson 
Fleming Win. J. hostler, house 15 Marshall 
Flemings Frederic J. paper dealer, house 204 Central 
Fletcher A. stone cutter, boards 12 Orange 
Fletcher Charles II. stable, 130 Moody, house 118 do. 
Fletcher Clarence W. clerk, boards 35 Butterfield 
Fletcher Edmund D. (Nichols (k Fletcher), grocers, 168 and 

170 Central, corner Church, house 220 Central 
Fletcher Edward W. moulder, boards 92 Willie 
Fletcher Eliza, widow, house 33 Willow, Bclvidere 
Fletcher George II. laborer, boards 11 Marshall 
Fletcher Henry II. (Boston), house 33 Elm 
Fletcher Horatio, intelligence office, 84 Central, house 126 

East Merrimack, Bclvidere 
Fletcher Horatio R. bookkeeper (Boston), house 43 Moore 
Fletcher II. F., Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 
Fletcher Isaac A. clerk, Central, cor. Church, h. 20 Wamesit 
Fletcher John S. machinist, boards 384 Central [School 

Fletcher Miles J. (S. B. Puffer do Co.), 18 Middlesex, h. 56 


Fletcher Oliver, overseer, Lowell, house 22 Chestnut, Bel. 

Fletcher Orra A. weaver, house 129 Merrimack Corp. 

Fletcher Richard, laborer, house 11 Marshall 

Fletcher Shuah 11. widow, boards 26 Liberty 

Fletcher Silas W. (J. W. Hart & Co.), door, sash and blind 

manufs., Whipple's mills, house 10 Merrill 
Fletcher Simon T. clothing 1 , 317 Central, house; do. 
Fletcher Stephen R. carpenter, house 303 Broadway 
Fletcher Thomas A. police, Boott, house 66 do. corp. 
Fletcher Warren, janitor, Huntington Hall, h. 35 Butterfield 
Pleteher Wellington, slasher tender, bds. 38 Prescott Corp., 

Fletcher Win. farmer, house 26 Liberty 
Flint Albert G. house 58 Pawtucket 
Flint Almy J. treas., Merrimack River Savings Bank, house 

652 Middlesex 
Flint Charles L. Mrs. house 380 Merrimack 
Flint Frederick L. clerk, 45 Branch, boards 142 Liberty 
Flint George, carpenter, house TO Westford 
Flint George W. saloon, 30 Prescott, h. 375 Bridge, Cent. 
Flint John, machinist, boards 208 Broadway 
Flint Joseph K. patternmaker, 20 Fletcher, h. 142 Liberty 
Flint Oliver's, foreman, 130 Moody, h. 18 Ilildreth, Cent. 
Flood Ann, widow, house 54 High, Belvidere 
Flood Barney 11. clerk, City Hotel, Belvidere, boards do. 
Flood Bridget, widow, house 36 Wall, Belvidere 
Flood Edward, carder, house 4 Lawrence corp. 
Flood Edward, machinist, boards 51 Massachusetts corp. 
Flood Elizabeth, widow, house 319 River, Cent. 
Flood Henry F. painter, house 5 Lowell place 
Flood John, machinist, house Fourth avenue, Paw. 
Flood Joseph, wire worker, house 319 River, Cent. 
Flood Patrick II. cigar manuf. 62 Market, house at Boston 
Flood Peter, cigar manuf. 62 Market, house do. 
Flora Darnas, Suffolk, boards 20 do. corp. 
Floyd 'Byron B. carpenter, house 230 Thorndike 
Floyd Diana, widow, house 525 Pine 
Floyd Warren L. architect and builder, room 4 Savings 

Bank bldg., 18 Shattuck, house 21 Clay, Bel. 
Flynn Alexander, dyer, boards 27 Davidson, Bel. 
Flynn Ann Mrs. house 52 Paige 
Flynn Catharine, widow, house 9 Dummer 
Flynn Catharine, widow, house 28 Suffolk 
Flynn Daniel J. tender, card room, boards 233 Broadway 
Flynn Delia E. Miss, dressmaker, 124 Dodge, house do. 
Flynn Ellen, widow, house 172 Adams 
Flynn James, currier, boards 5 Molloy's court 
Flynn James, cooper, house 85 Lawrence 
Flynn John, laborer, boards 221 Market 


Flynn John, Lawrence, boards 20 Suffolk corp. 

Flynn John, at J. C. Ayers, boards 52 Paige 

Flynn John, chair bottomer, 422 Central, house do. 

Flynn John II. driver, 272 Merrimack, house 48 Suffolk 

Flynn Loring, boards 35 Boott corp. 

Flynn Margaret, widow, house 48 Suffolk 

Flynn Mary Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corp. 

Flynn Michael, machinist, L. M. S. house r. 1 Chelmsford 

F'lynn Michael, operative, house 233 Broadway 

Flynn Miles, laborer, house 5 Molloy's court 

Flynn Patrick, house 50 West Union 

Flynn Patrick, bleachery, house 62 Elm 

Flynn Patrick, plumber, boards 52 Paige 

Flynn Simon, machinist, boards 221 Market 

Flynn Thomas, laborer, house 19 Whipple 

Flynn Thomas, laborer, boards 269 Merrimack 

Flynn Thomas, Boott, house 61 Fenwick 

Flynn Thomas, liquors, 221 Market, house do. 

Flynn Wm., Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5 Molloy's ct. 

Flynn William, sash and blinds, boards 48 Suffolk 

Fogarty Daniel, laborer, house 44 North 

Fogarty Johanna, widow, house 13 Howard av., Bel. 

Fogg A. C. Miss, dressmaker, 137 Central, boards do. 

Foley Bartholomew, spinner, house 106 Fayette, Bel. 

Foley Charles D. carpenter, boards 31 Newhall 

Foley Ellen, widow, house 92 Suffolk 

Foley Hannah, widow, house 6 Lewis 

Foley Michael, operative, house 31 Newhall 

Foley Michael, operative, boards 17 Dummer 

Foley Patrick, laborer, house 17 Dummer 

Follamsby James S furniture finisher, bds. 262 Middlesex 

Follansby Jacob, carpenter, house 1 Riverside, Paw. 

Follansby Nell Mrs. liquors, 51 East Merrimack, Belvidere, 

house do. 
Follen Patrick, watchman, house 292 Gorham 
Follis John, dresser, house 62 Water, Belvidere 
Folsom Alanson, mason, house 67 Cambridge 
Folsom Arthur C. clerk, Appleton National Bank, boards 

200 Nesmith, Belvidere 
Folsom Catharine B. Mrs. millinery, 73 Merrimack, h. do. 
Folsom Fanny M. saleswoman, 49 Merrimack, boards 139 

Folsom Henry II. machinist, house 40 Adams 
Folsom Ira N. foreman, L. M. S. house 43 Chelmsford 
Folsom James, designer, boards 63 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Folsom Jeremy B. carpenter, house 34 Fourth, Cent. 
Folsom Jonathan P. dry goods, 44| Merrimack, house 200 

Nesmith, Belvidere 
Folsom Lorenzo A. agent, house 139 Appleton 


Folsom Mary Mrs. widow, house 92 Walker 
Fnlsom Mary F. teacher, private school, 73 Merrimack 
Folsom Sarah, widow, boards 60 Lawrence. corp. 
Fondagraaf Margaret, widow, house 18 Merrill 
Foote Charles C. machinist, 92 Middle, 'h. 130 Suffolk - 
Foote F. C. importer and dealer in hair goods, 109 Merri- 
Fcote George L. tinsmith, house 19 Arlington 
Foote Irvin A. pianoforte tuner, 275 Merrimack (also W. S. 

Foote & Co.), house 121 Wannalancit 
Foote James D. (J. L. Foote & Co.), house 99 Pine 
Foote James L. & Co. (James D. Foote), stoves and tin- 
ware, 211 and 279 Merrimack 
Foote James L. Mrs. house 166 Liberty 
Foote John, laborer, house 35 Front, Centralvillo 
Foote Sanford J. confectioner, 37 Central, house 89 Salem 
Foote Walter C. sash and blind maker, boards 105 Moody 
Foote Warren S. & Co. (Irvin A. Foote), pianofortes, 275 

Merrimack, house 113 Wannalancit 
Forbes Abner, stencil plates, house 33 Cheever 
Forbes James, plumber, 5 Prescott, b. June, n. Mcthuen 
Forbes James C. plumber, boards 15 June, Cent 
Forbes Walter, section hand, boards 31 Tremont corp. 
Forbes William ( T. R. Garity & Co.), 5 and 7 Prescott, h. 

15 June, near Methuen, Centralville 
Forbes William H. tinsmith, boards 15 June, Cent. 
Forbush Ichabod G. watchman, Suffolk, h. 144 Suffolk 
Ford Abbie Miss, house 7 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Ford Bartley, operative, house 2 McGovern's ct., Cent. 
Ford Charles, clerk, boards 333 Merrimack 
Ford Charles W. clerk, 46 Merrimack, b. 13 Wing's block 
Ford David A. house 5 Butterfleld 

Ford John, fireman, C. W. Saunders & Co.'s, b. 277 Mid- 
Ford John T. liquors, 10 Ilurd, house 13 Church 
Ford Lydia N. Mrs. house 5 Butterfleld 
Ford Michael, laborer, house 277 Middlesex 
Ford Michael, teamster, house 4 So. Franklin court 
Ford M. W. watchman, Lowell Manuf. Co. 
Ford Patrick, laborer, house 15S Lawrence 
Ford Sarah A. widow, house 7 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Ford Stephen, carpenter, house 34 Charles 
Forrest William, wheel tender, Mass. h. 41 Prescott corp. 

Forrester V. D. Mrs. house 57 Appleton 
Forrist.all William J. marble worker, house 10 Davidson, 

Forsaith John, house 295 Wilder 
Forsaith John, house 59 Willie 


Forsyth Arthur, clerk, 116 Merrimack 

Fortie Henry, operative, boards 20 Suffolk corp. 

Fortier David, carpenter, house 164 Middlesex 

Fortin Mary, widow, house 10 Molloy's court 

Fosberg Oscar A. overseer, U. S. Cartridge Co. house 20 

Fosdick Amos S. machinist, house 61 High, Bel. 
Fosdick Lucien G. grocer, 322 Central, house 318 do. 
Foss Augustus B. police, house 5 Nichols 
Foss Caroline, widow, lrouse 26 Charles 
Foss Charles S. operative, Tremont corp. boards 28 do. 
Foss Frank L. (W. A. Ingham & Co.), 187 Middlesex, bds. 

189 do. 
Foss Frank P. painter, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Foss George W., L. M. S. house 6 Middlesex place 
Foss George W. mason, 61 Central, house 26 Charles 
Foss Jacob K. carpenter, house 13 Grand 
Foss [John F.) & Pevey (John J\L), machinists, Howe, near 

Belvidere woolen mills, house 43 Chestnut, Bel. 
Foss Justin E., Appleton, house 102 Middlesex 
Foss Luther B. locksmith, etc. Dutton, near Fletcher, house 

6 Middlesex place 
Foss Mary Miss, at Old Ladies Home, 68 Moody 
Foss Nancy, widow, house 93 High, Belvidere 
Foss Walter, printer, boards 249 Middlesex 
Foss Warren D. overseer, Appleton yard, house 21 Apple- 
ton corp. 
Foss William, section hand, R. R. house 244 Middlesex 
Foss W D. carpenter, house 77 Cabot 
Foster Abigail Mrs. house 27 Church 
Foster Abigail F. Mrs. house 132 Colburn 
Foster Addison, Boott, boards 3 Lagrange 
Foster Albert M. foreman, job room, " Citizen and News," 

house 105 Howard 
Foster A. D., Locks and Canals, boards 56 Dutton 
Foster A. R. machinist, boards 90 Appleton 
Foster B. F. boards 2 Brown's block, Marshall 
Foster Charles F. 45 Prescott, house 15 Lagrange court 
Foster Charles W. (Runels, Davis, & Foster), 83 Congress, 

house 24 South Highland 
Foster Eden B. Rev. house 38 Filth, Centralville 
Foster Edwin E. printer, " Courier " office, bds. 27 Church 
Foster Frank E. stone cutter, boards 24 South Highland 
Foster George H. belt maker, house 83J Merrimack corp. 
Foster George II. belt maker, Merrimack, h. 132 Colburn 
Foster George M. produce, boards 27 Church 
Foster Halsey J. carpenter, boards 10 Lagrange 
Foster Henry S. fish and oysters, 310 Merrimack, house 

Wright, near Woodward, Pawtucketville 


Foster Isaac, tinsmith, 2 Prescott, house 65 Bridge, Cent. 
Foster Jesse Mrs. house 27 Butterfield 
Foster Jesse II. teamster, house 35 George 
Foster John T. painter, house Riverside, Paw. 
Foster Loring Mrs. house 32 Tfemont corp. 
Foster Lucinda, widow, house 3 Lagrange 
Foster Lydia, widow, house Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody- 
Foster Mary C. Mrs. house 134 Merrimack corp. 
Foster 0. F. Mrs. widow, house 116 Appleton 
Foster Rodney B., Boott Cotton Mills, boards 3 Lagrange 
Foster Samuel W. overseer, Lowell, house 9 do. corp. 
Foster Willard M. draughtsman, 128 Merrimack, boards 132 

Col burn 
Foster Win. II. (Boston), office 32 Merrimack 
Fountain, see Fontaine 

Fowler Edwin S. cook, 16 Merrimack, house 30 Fifth, Cent. 
Fowler George L. carpenter, 248 Broadway, house do. 
Fowler Helen R. widow, house 104 Gorham 
Fowler James, laborer, house 105 Adams 
Fowler James E. painter, house 5 Clark's court 
Fowler James E. painter, house off Varnum ave. Paw. 
Fowler James P. carpenter, Worthen, near Fletcher 
Fowler John E. Mrs. boards 116 Salem 
Fowler Maria, widow, house off Varnum ave. Paw. 
Fowler Thomas, machinist, house 52 West Union 

Fowler , painter, Hamilton, boards 35 Church 

Fowles Sarah, widow, house 11 Arlington 

Fox Amanda M. Mrs. boarding house, 45 Boott corp. 

Fox Bridget, widow, house 90 River, Centralville 

Fox Daniel B. shoemaker, boards 45 Boott corp. 

Fox Edward, spinner, house 7 Faulkner 

Fox James, plasterer, house 21 Chapel 

Fox John, laborer, B. & L. R. R. h. 18 Summer 

Fox Lorenzo S. physician, 2 Wells' block, house 127 East 

Merrimack, Belvidere 
Fox Michael, Middlesex, house 30 William 
Fox Patrick, Hamilton, house 30 Gorham 
Fox Patrick, laborer, house 23 Newhall 
Fox Peter, painter, house 90 River, Centralville 
Fox Ralph, fanner, h. off Varnum ave., Pawtucketville 
Fox Richard H. machinist, boards 109 Appleton 
Fox Thomas, laborer, house 97 Congress 
Fox Thomas, laborer, house 78 Adams 
Fox Warren, boards 93 Summer 

Fox Mrs. widow, house 14 First, Cent. 

Foy Charles, laborer, house 136 Broadway 
Foy Charles II. farmer, house 359 Pine 
Foy Robert, stonecutter, house 42 Railroad 
Foy William P. painter, boards 90 Willie 


Fraizer Mary Miss, house 30 Marion 
Francis Frederick, house 9 Somerset 
Francis James, asst. engineer, Locks and Canals, house 11 

Alder, Belvidcre 
Francis James B. agent, Locks and Canals, house 148 

Andover, Belvidere 
Francis John, brick layer, house head of Mansur, Bel. 
Franklin Edgar II. clerk, 48 Merrimack, house 13 East 

Merrimack, Belvidere 
Franklin Martha A. teacher, No. 8 primary school, boards 

67 Vernon, Centralville 
Franklin Mary A. Mrs. boards 24 Austin 
Franklin William B. house 67 Vernon, Cent. 
Frappy Charles, wire worker, house 26 Davidson, Bel. 
Frappy Louis, laborer, house 36 Davidson, Bel. 
Frappy Louis, jr. wire worker, house 36 Davidson, Bel. 
Fraser Alexander, engraver, boards Trcmont House 
Fredenberg William, spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 
Frederick A. A. clerk, 125 Central 

Frederick William, Locks and Canals, house 12 Lagrange 
Freeman Benjamin S. machinist, house 36 Railroad 
Freeman Bridget, widow, house 20 Carter 
Freeman Charles VV. carpenter, house 53 Boott corp. 
Freeman Charles W. teamster, boards 56 L. M. S. corp. 
Freeman Elenora Mrs. house 1 Oliver 
Freeman Ellen M. Miss, telegraph operator, Northern depot, 

house 144 Grand 
Freeman Henry, blcachery, house 37 Bleachery corp. 
Freeman Henry, jr. bleachery, boards 37 Bleachery corp. 
Freeman John Mrs. house 22 Carter 
Freeman Lucretia B. widow, house 82 Chapel 
Freeman Lyman, building mover, 252 Broadway, house do. 
Freeman Maria T. widow, house 144 Grand 
Freeman Marshall, carriage painter, boards 33 Branch 
Freeman Mary E. Miss, milliner, boards 33 Branch 
Freeman Mary J. widow, house 14 Dodge 
Freeman Samuel J. carriage painter, house 33 Branch 
Freeman Samuel It. Mrs. house 244 Middlesex 
Freeman Thomas, bleachery, house 19 Prospect 
Freeman Willard, operative, boards 113 Merrimack 
Freeman William, dyer, house 21 Clay, Bel. 
French Abbie E. teacher, Bartlett school, bds. 40 Marion 
French Abram, insurance and real estate, h. 444 Middlesex 
French Amos, machinist, house 35 Cabot 
French (Amos B.) & Puffer (F. W.), crockery and glass 
ware, 131 Central, h. 263 Bridge, n. Dracut line, Cent. 
French Augustus C. insurance, 120 Central, b. 52 Church 
French Brothers ( Geo. 0. E. and Luther A.), fish, oysters, 
etc. 233 Central 


French Charles Mrs. boards 8 Lagrange 

French Charles A. carpenter, boards 35 Fourth, Cent. 

French David F. carpenter, boards 17 Church 

French Everett W. constable, 49 Central, h. 34 Linden 

French Fannie, boards 88 Merrimack 

French Franklin, lather, house 39 Varnum, Cent. 

French Franklin 0. printer, house 9 Cady 

French Geo. W. upholsterer, 138 Central, bds. 43 School 

French George 0. E. (French Bros.), fish, etc. 233 Central, 
house 78 Charles 

French Henry, Merrimack, house 36 Marion 

French Henry Mrs. variety store, 252 Merrimack, h. do. 

French Henry P. clerk, 125 Market, house 252 Merrimack 

French John W. painter, 30 Bridge, boards 9 Central 

French Joseph, harnessmaker, 214 Middlesex, boards 137 
Merrimack corp. 

French Josiah B. house 28 Chelmsford 

French Luther A. (French Bros.), fish, etc. 233 Central, 
house at Boston 

French Moses, machinist, house 13 Somerset 

French Sally Mrs. house 31 Chapel 

French Sarah E. Miss, teacher, Franklin school, boards 2 

French William, machinist, house 39 Varnum, Cent. 

French Wm. C. clerk (Boston), h. 2 Mt. Washington 
French Wm. H. house 39 Varnum, Cent. 

Freniere George, laborer, boards 30 Broadway 

Freniere Rose, widow, house 30 Broadway 

Frost Abner, variety store, 45 Tilden, house do. 

Frost Ashley, expressman, Merrimack-st. depot, b. 11 Ford 

Frost Channing A. expressman, Merrimack-st. depot 

Frost Charles H. blind broom maker, 37 High, Belvidere, 

house 37 Branch 
Frost Charles H. groom, fair grounds, boards do. 
Frost Charles II. salesman, 94 Central, boards 49 do. 
Frost Elizabeth W. teacher, Colburn school, b. 38 Bartlett 
Frost (Lyman J. ) & Bailey (Allen), boots and shoes, 176 

Central, house 120 Walker 
Frost M. E. Mrs. dressmaker, 5 Kirk, house Branch 
Frothingham Charles, machinist, house 52 Merrimack corp. 
Frye Abby S. Mrs. house 309 Central 
Frye Alice L. teacher, primary No. 30, boards 33 Tanner 
Frye Daniel, moulder, boards 71 Bridge, Cent. 
Frye Daniel R. foreman, Tanner, cor. Lincoln, b. 33 Tanner 
Frye (Frederick) & Kittredge (Luther and Luther F.), ma- 
sons, Western ave. house 68 Pawtucket 
Frye George, mason, house 28 Second, Cent. 
Fiye George II. mason, boards 28 Second, Cent. 
Frye George W. weaver, boards 126 Merrimack corp. 


Frye Helen C. Mrs. boards 309 Central 

Frye John F. counsellor, 49 Central, house 307 do. 

Frye Laura Mrs. house 69 Andover, Belvidere 

Frye Louisa E. Mrs. house 15 Clay, Belvidere 

Frye Marshall, currier, house 34 Railroad 

Frye Nathan VV. contractor, Cook's tannery, A. C. house 33 

Frye S. E. Mrs. fancy goods, 69 Bridge, Cent, house do. 
Frye Weston E. chirk, boards 15 Clay, Belvidere 
Fuller Charles A. W. machinist, house 58 Ford 
Fuller Charles H. lather, boards 53 Chestnut, Bel. 
Fuller Charles J., Lawrence, boards 58 Ford 
Fuller Dennis F. carpenter, boards 41 Marion 
Fuller Edward R. ale, etc., Dutton, corner Wamesit court, 

house 14 Burns 
Fuller Edwin A. Mrs. boards 53 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Fuller Frank II. marble cutter, boards 6 Howard 
Fuller Frederick E. carpenter, house 42 Hamilton corp. 
Fuller George, Hamilton, boards 15 do. corporation 
Fuller Harrison H. police and coroner, city marshal's office, 

house 53 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Fuller Isaac, boot and shoe maker, 298 Gorham, house do. 
Fuller Jason, grocer, 15 E. Merrimack, h. 10 Nesmith, Bel. 
Fuller John B. cabinet maker, Mechanics' mills, h. 6 Howard 
Fuller Joseph F. trader, house 63 Bartlett, Bel. 
Fuller Mary Miss, house 122 Suffolk 
Fuller Samuel S. house 20 Suffolk 
Fuller William T. carpenter, 7 Walker, house do. 
Fullerton Benjamin B. (B. W. Daws & Co.), 68 Bridge, h. 

Fullerton George W. engineer, 98 Middle, h. 5 Mass. corp. 
Fullerton Mary, widow, boards 5 Massachusetts corp. 
Fullerton Thomas, harnessmaker, house 18 First, Cent. 
Fullerton William, hairdresser, 161 Central, boards 20 First, 

Fullington Clarence, L. M. S. boards 8 Appleton corp. 
Fulton James R. overseer, house 48 Boott corporation 
Fulton Lizzie Miss, house 13 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Fulton Robert, boards 23 Hampshire 
Furber George D. house 41 Grand 
Furber George W. photograph finisher, Merrimack, c. John, 

boards 44 Grand 
Furber Isabella, widow, house 133 Merrimack corp. 
Furbish (Anna A.) & Home (E. A.), millinery, 83 Merri- 
mack, house 11 Willow, Bel. 
Furbish Charles A. clerk, boards 92 Cross 
Furbish Joshua J. clerk, 2 Merrimac House block, house 27 

Kirk [27 Kirk 

Furbish J. J. Mrs. manager Holly Tree Inn, 16 Shattuck, h. 


Furlong John C. iceman, house 9 McFarlin avenue 
Furlong' Margaret, widow, house 3 McGovern's court, Cent. 
Furlong Patrick II. tinsmith, house 11 JJempsey's court 
Furnald Frank (Boston), house 20 Mount Washington 
Furnald Nathaniel G. Mrs. house 18 Mount Washington 
Furnald, see also Fernald 
Furnivall William, spinner, house 83 Chapel 
Fury Thomas, laborer, house 79 Manchester 

GADBOIS TIIEOPIIILE, laborer, house 116 Gorham 

Gaffney Bridget Miss, dressmaker, 144 Market, house do. 

Gaffney James, mason, house 100 Walker 

Gaffney James, operative, boards 45 Gorham 

Gaffney John, laborer, house 107 Merrimack corp. 

Gaffney John, painter, house 49 Gorham 

Gaffney Patrick, laborer, house 6 Theatre block 

Gaffney Terrence, laborer, house 69 Church 

Gage Daniel, ice, opp. 244 Pawtucket, house 136 Bridge, c. 

West Sixth, Centralville 
Gage Daniel P. physician, house 122 Bridge, Cent. 
Gage Edward A. boards 146 Appleton 

Gage George B. clerk, 48 Merrimack, bds. 56 Bartlett, Bel. 
Gage Isaac T. second hand, Merrimack, h. 129| do. corp. 
Gage 1 James U. house 107 Salem 

Gage Lydia Mrs. boarding house, 111 Merrimack corp. 
Gage William II. Mrs. millinery, Odd Fellows' block, 136 

Merrimack, house 415 do. 
Galbraith William, boarding house, 300 Lawrence 
Gale Benjamin W. blacksmith, house 4 Gates 
Gale Frank A. engineer, boards 71 Dutton 
Gale George M. painter, house rear 60 Branch 
Gale Jay M. salesman, house 25 Canada 
Gale Moses M. boards 52 Massachusetts corporation 
Gale Nancy Mrs. house 45 South 
Gale Seneca, house 7 Somerset 
Galipu Alexis, laborer, house 12 Davidson, Bel. 
Galipu Alexis, jr. engineer, boards 12 Davidson, Bel. 
Gallagher Ann, widow, house Manchester, corner Railroad 
Gallagher Arthur, Lowell, boards 87 Market 
Gallagher Catharine, widow, house 98 Gorham 
Gallagher Charles, junk dealer, house 41 River, Cent. 
Gallagher Daniel, calico printer, house 216 Gorham 
Gallagher Dennis, laborer, boards 42 Lewis 
Gallagher Edward, calico printer, house 56 Paige 
Gallagher Ellen Mrs. house 70 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Gallagher Ellen, widow, house 56 Paige 
Gallagher Farrell, Hamilton, boards 16 Summer 
Gallagher Hannah, widow, house 64 Bridge, Cent. 
Gallagher Hugh, hostler, L.H.R R. stables, b. 41 River,Cent. 


Gallagher James, laborer, boards 56 Paige 
Gallagher James, operative, house 1 Boyle's court 
Gallagher James, operative, boards 12 Summer 
Gallagher James E. moulder, boards 12 Summer 
Gallagher Joanna, widow, house 42 Lewis 
Gallagher John, laborer, house rear 110 Adams 
Gallagher John, laborer, house 6 Cedar 
Gallagher John, laborer, house 7 Theatre block 
Gallagher John, operative, house 2 Dodge 
Gallagher .Maria Mrs. house 39 Wamesit 
Gallagher Martin, jack spinner, house 25 Water, Belvidere 
Gallagher Mary, widow, house 10 Howard avenue, Bel. 
Gallagher Mary, widow, house 9 Andover, Belvidere 
Gallagher Michael, laborer, house 10 Howard ave., Bel. 
Gallagher Michael, operative, house 65 River, Ceutralville 
Gallagher Nellie M. Miss, principal, Mann grammar, house 

70 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Gallagher Owen, machinist, house 70 River, Ceutralville 
Gallagher Patrick, cloth printer, Merrimack Print Works 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, boards 112 Market 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, house 10 Howard ave , Bel. 
Gallagher Robert, cigars, etc., 8 Gorham, house 11 do. 
Gallagher Sarah, widow, house rear 110 Adams 
Gallagher Susan, widow, house 38 Bleachery corp. 
Gallagher Thomas, laborer, house 43 Charles 
Gallagher Thomas, cloth printer, house 85 Fayette, Bel. 
Gallagher Thomas, laborer, house 105 River, Ceutralville 
Gallagher William, clerk, 8 Gorham, boards 172 Central 
Gallivan John, machinist, boards 9 Durnmer 
Gallivan Philip, laborer, house 36 Lewis 
Gallogley James, laborer, house 190 Market 
Galloupe Daniel P. principal, Varnum school, house 84 

Methuen, Ceutralville 
Galvin Ann, widow, house 16 Davidson, Belvidere 
Galvin Bridget, widow, house 6 Merrill 
Galvin Ellen, widow, house 85 Broadway 
Galvin John, card stripper, boards 12 Taylor 
Galvin Michael, F. & L. R. R. house rear 124 Adams 
Galvin Michael, operative, boards 77 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Galvin Patrick, Lowell, house 101 Gorham 
Gammell Pliny F. machinist, house 72 Church 
Ganda Joseph, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 
Gandro Fred., Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 
Ganley John, laborer, house 15 Durnmer 
Ganley John, teamster, house 19 Winter 
Ganley Robert, house 20 Keene 

Gannon Annie M. dress and cloak maker, 5 Merrimack, b. do. 
Gannon Bell Mrs. house 149 Lawrence 
Gannon Bernard, clerk, 7 Canal block, house 68 Kinsman 


Gannon Charles, laborer, house 20 Summer 

Gannon Dennis, spinner, house 7 Front, Centralville 

Gannon Derinott, house 28 Cedar 

Gannon James, bleachery, house 410 Central 

Gannon James, laborer, house 105 Charles 

Gannon John, laborer, house 9 Hudson 

Gannon John, laborer, house 2 Cedar 

Gannon John, Boott, boards 63 Front, Cent. 

Gannon John II. shoemaker, 7 Canal blk., bds. 68 Kinsman 

Gannon Martin, mule spinner, house 11 Mellen's ct., Bel. 

Gannon Maurice, laborer, house rear 57 Gorham 

Gannon Michael E. salesman, 100 Central, boards 172 do. 

Gannon M. E. Miss, dressmaker, 129 Central, house do. 

Gard William, laborer, house 69 Adams 

Gardner Abbie J. dressmaker, 52| Merrimack, house do. 

Gardner Calvin, machinist, Boott, house 50 do. corp. 

Gardner Ella E. teacher, primary No. 22, Mann school, h. 4 

Mt. Washington 
Gardner Frederick, loom fixer, boards 312 Lawrence 
Gardner George Mrs. house 4 Mt. Washington 
Gardner Hamlin S. moulder, house 25 L. M. S. corp. 
Gardner John, laborer, house 5 Water, Belvidere 
Gardner Mary Churchill, dressmaker, 52| Merrimack, h. do. 
Gardner Mary C. Miss, house 4 Mt. Washington 
Gardner Mary C. widow, house 25 L. M. S. corp. 
Gardner Theodore F. furniture, 331 Merrimack, house 26 

Gardner Uriah, watchman, Merrimack corp. 
Gardner Willis, special police, Merrimack, h. 115 do. corp. 
Garen John, laborer, house 408 Central 
Gargan James, laborer, house 1 Sullivan's court 
Garin Andrew Rev. house Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Garity Stephen, plumber, 5 Prescott, boards 80 Church 
Garity T. R. & Co. ( Wm. Forbes), plumbers, gas and steam 

fitters, 5 and 7 Prescott, house 312 Central 
Garnett George, boards 6 Appleton corp. 
Garland Alfred Iv. law student, bds. 102 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Garland Fred, at Lawrence hosiery, boards 9 Clark 
Garland Frederick J. overseer, Hamilton, house 26 do. corp. 
Garland Jeremiah Mrs. house 143 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Garland Joseph P. milkman, h. 184 Wilder 
Garland Julia Mrs. house 19 Charles 
Garland Samuel Mrs. house 135 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Garland William, grocer, 161 Lawrence, house do. 
Garland William W., Merrimack, house 118 do. corp. 
Gannon Aaron, house 4 Hamilton corp. 
Garmon Joseph A. house 35 Rock 
Gannon Rox Mrs. boarding house, 4 Hamilton corp. 
Garner Edward, overseer, Hamilton, house 19 do. corp. 


Garner George, operative, boards 120 Middlesex 

Garnett George, boards 6 Appleton corp. 

Garnett Mary E. house 18 River, Cent. 

Garra Bernard, watchman, house 43 High, Belvidere 

Garra Morgan, soap maker, house 1 Laughlin court, Bel. 

Garrett Frank R. clerk, 80 Merrimack, house 11 Second, Cent. 

Garrett Robert J. Mrs. house 80 Walker, corner Kemp 

Garrett Mrs. widow, house 17 Second, Cent. 

Garrigan John, d3 r er, boards 25 Newhall 

Garrigan Michael, spinner, house 18 Jefferson 

Garrigan Patrick, Merrimack, house 33 Walnut 

Garrigan Patrick, blacksmith, house 22 Bartlett, Bel. 

Garrigan Philip, house 22 Bartlett, Bel. 

Garrihan Malachi, operative, house 142 Lawrence 

Garrison Alfred, hair worker, 245 Middlesex, house do. 

Garrison Henry, police, house 47 Pleasant, Bel. 

Garrisy William, Suffolk, boards 20 do. corp. 

Garrity Alice, widow, house 133 Worthen 

Garrity Bridget Mrs. house 42 High, Belvidere 

Garrity Catherine, widow, house 43 Davidson, Belvidere 

Garrity Frances E. teacher, Moody school, b. 42 High, Bel. 

Garrity Michael, carpenter, house 18 North 

Garrity Michael, operative, house 50 Merrimack corp. 

Garrity Peter, laborer, house Chase's block, off Lawrence 

Garrity, see also Garity 

Garsed Stephen, spinner, boards 1 Agawam 

Garside William, laborer, house 1 Lawrence court 

Garvey Hannah, widow, boards 14 Jefferson 

Garvey Margaret, widow, house 48 Dummer 

Garvey Margaret, widow, house 27 Fenwick 

Garvey Margaret, house 242 Market 

Garvey Michael, laborer, house rear 78 Suffolk 

Garvey Michael, gasfitter, house 83 Moody 

Garvey Michael, house 27 Fenwick 

Garvey Thomas, laborer, house 27 Fenwick 

Garvin Charles W. travelling agent, house 3 Goward place 

Garvin James, mason, boards 26 Massachusetts corp. 

Garvin Seth, farmer, house Middlesex, cor. Mclntire 

Gassey Alex, carpenter, house 13 East Pine 

Gately James, machinist, boards 78 Chapel 

Gately John, laborer, house 78 Chapel 

Gately Patrick J. stone cutter, house 21 Gorham 

Gately William, watchman, house 54 Chambers 

Gates Abbie D. teacher, primary No. 54, boards 15 South 

Gates Frederick II. machinist, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Gates F. J. B. operative, rooms 186 Moody 
Gates George W. operative, boards 249 Middlesex 


Gates Josiah & Sons (J. Emery, Prescott G. and Royal W.), 
belt and hose manuis. 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 
Dutton, house 25 Gates 
Gates J. Emery (Josiah Gates & Sons), belting manuf. 6 

Mechanics' building, house 137 High, Bel. 
Gates Prescott C. (Josiah Gales & Sons), belting manuf. 6 

Mechanics' building, boards 156 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Gates Royal W. (Josiah Gates & Sons), 6 Mechanics' build- 
ing, house 25 Gates 
Gates Sarah L. teacher, primary No. 53, bds. 139 Gorham 

Gates , operative, rooms 186 Moody 

Gaudette Augustine Rev. h. Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Gaudette Anatase ( Gaudette Bros.), 264 Middlesex, house 

13 Middlesex place 
Gaudette Bros. (G. and A.), grocers, 264 Middlesex 
Gaudette Cleophas (Gaudette Bros.), 264 Middlesex, house 

27 Hastings 
Gaudette Lictor E. stone cutter, house 227 Broadway 
Gaunt William, spinner, house 26 Merrill 
Gay Emma Miss, tailoress, house 239 Middlesex 
Gay Nathaniel, watchman, Tremont and Suffolk, house 42 

Gay Philina Miss, milliner, house 239 Middlesex 
Gayalle Peter, laborer, house rear 145 Middlesex 
Gay nor John, laborer, boards 60 Middle 
Gearin Cyrus, wood worker, house 13 Davidson, Bel. 
Geary James, Merrimack, house 4 Cummiskey's alley 
Geary John Mrs. house 14 North 
Geary Katie Miss, dressmaker, 14 North, boards do. 
Geary William H. mason, boards 14 North 
Geddes Samuel H. carpenter, house 16 Lane 
Gee Charles E. machinist, boards 208 Broadway 
Gee George S., M. P. W. boards 154 Merrimack corp. 
Gee William, sketchmaker, house 154 Merrimack corp. 
Geer Frederick S. clerk, 20 Shattuck, house 35 Marion 
Geer Henry E. sewing machine agent, house 7 Lagrange 
Geir Richard, Hamilton, house 52 Middle 
Gelineau Cesaire, tanner, house 18 Howe, Bel. 
Gelineau Gilbert, laborer, house 24 Howe, Bel. 
Gelineau Ones, Tremont, boards 329 Merrimack 
Gendron Clement, sawyer, house 108 Fletcher 
Gendreau Ceriac, operative, house 3 Howe-st. ave. Bel. 
Gendreau Joseph, wire worker, house 17 Howe, Bel. 
Gennery George L. sawfiler, house 27 Lee 
Gentle Joseph, variety store, 102 Cabot, house 17 Salem 
Geoffroy F. V. clerk, 138 Merrimack, boards 88 do. 
George Amos S. carpenter, house 45 Moody 
George Caroline L. Mrs. widow, house Chelmsford, corner 



George Edward C. boarding house, 200 Middlesex 
George Samuel, knitter, house 65 Lawrence corp. 
George Samuel, overseer, Appleton, house 10 do. corp. 
Gerrard Joseph P. spinner, house 74 Andover, Bel. 
Gerrish Charles 0. second hand, M. P. W. yard, boards 135 

Merrimack corp. 
Gerrish Thomas G. architect (69 Haverhill, Boston), house 

126 Pawtucket 
Gerrish Thomas G. jr. clerk (Boston), bds. 126 Pawtucket 
Gerry (Edwin A.) & Gray (Frank), provisions, 167 Cen- 
tral and 2 Appleton, house 18 Marshall 
Gerry Gustavus A. dentist, Merrimack, cor. John, house 41 

Third, Centralville 
Gerry J. laborer, house 328 River, Centralville 
Gerry William J. clerk, 10 Merrimack, boards 2 North 
Getchell Benjamin, foreman, boards 18 Suffolk corp. 
Getchell Joseph L. contractor, L. M. S. house 87 Agawam 
Getchell Joseph L. jr. L. M. S. boards 224 Middlesex 
Geurrin John, machinist, boards 4 Appleton corp. 
Gibbons Richard F. hostler, house 122 Chapel 
Gibbs Oscar, second hand, Boott corp. boards 49 do. 
Gibbs Thomas J. machinist, house 5 Mason's court 
Gibby Samuel J. house 82 Hale 
Giblin Catharine Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corp. 
Giblin James, laborer, house rear 17 Summer 
Giblin James, jr. painter, boards rear 17 Summer 
Giblin Martin, liquors, 65 Market, house do. 
Giblin Michael, peddler, house 78 Market 
Giblin Michael J. grainer, house 4 Carpet lane 
Giblin Thomas, bookkeeper, boards 104 Market 
Gibney Michael, filecutter, boards 71 Gorham 
Gibson Brothers (J. and M.), grocers, 8 Bridge, c. Paige 
Gibson Everett G. draughtsman, L. M. S. house 30 do. corp. 
Gibson James ( Gibson Brothers), house 123 Bridge, Cent. 
Gibson John, iceman, boards 13 McFarlin avenue 
Gibson Martha Miss, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Gibson Moses ( Gibson Brothers), house 255 Bridge, cor. 

Thirteenth, Cent. 
Gibson Phineas S. foreman, at Parker & Cheney's, house 

166 Hale 
Gibson Thomas, laborer, house 287 Broadway 
Gibson Thomas, grocer, 155 Middlesex, house 93 Westford 
Gilford Alden I. master mechanic, B. & L. R. R. house 132 

Gifford Frank A. engineer, B. & L. R. R. roundhouse, h. 

346 Middlesex 
Gifford Frederick F. machinist, house 346 Middlesex 
Gilford William, carpenter, boards 35 Fletcher 
Gilbay M., Appleton, boards 14 do. corporation 


Ibay Victor, Appleton, boards 14 do. corporation 

lbeau Elmira, widow, house 182 Common 

lbeau Isaac, laborer, boards 182 Common 

lbeau Joseph, laborer, boards 182 Common 

lbeau Napoleon, laborer, boards 182 Common 

lbert (Alfred H.) & Hutchinson (Eldridge), pictures, 179 

Central, boards 181 do. 
lbert Alfred P. carpenter, house 28 Prescott corp. Bel. 
lbert Cyrus C. moulder, boards 78 Grand 
lbert Jerome B. police, house 78 Grand 
lbert Oscar J. clerk, 147 Central, house 19 Elm 
lbert Rosa B. widow, boards 86 Iiall 
lbert Wolford N. weaver, house 29 Cheever 
Ichrest George C. photographist, 92 Merrimack, house 26 

Myrtle, Centralville 
Ichrest George E. photographist, 88 Merrimack, house do. 
Ichrest John, laborer, boards 120 Market 
Ichrest Robert A. weaver, house rear 33 Cushing 
Ichrist John, foreman, H. R. Barker & Co.'s, 92 Middle, 

house 42 Charles 
Ichrist William, belt maker, boards 29 Rock 
Ichrist William G. foreman, 127 Market, b. 31| Cushing 
lday Michael, machinist, house 77 Adams 
Idea Michael, bleacher, house 35 Bleachery corp. 
Idee Hugh, saloon, 286 Gorham, house do. 
Idee John, bleacher, house 227 Gorham 
Idee Thomas, bleacher, house 288 Gorham 
les Joseph B. Mrs. boarding house, 63 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
les J. Albert, carpenter, boards 9 Clark 
les Meldon S. boarding house, 50 Lawrence corp. 
les Oren A. meat carver, 16 Shattuck, boards 50 Race 
les S. R. watchman, Lowell corp. 
les Thomas J. watchman, house 109 Merrimack corp. 
11 Alexander, laborer, house 79 Adams 
11 Arsine, laborer, boards 79 Adams 
11 Charles, clerk, 132 Middlesex, boards 79 Adams 
11 Daniel, mason, house 30 Dummer 
11 Emile, laborer, boards 6 Willow place 
11 Thomas, Hamilton, house 25 Union 
11am Henry E., L. M. S. boards 2 W. Ninth, Cent. 
11am William, second hand, house 2 West Ninth, Cent. 
Hard Abram, cabinet maker, house 19 Beech, Cent. 
Hard Abram, jr. clerk, 93 Market, boards 19 Beech, Cent. 
Hard A. II. clerk, 75 Merrimack, boards 19 Beech, Cent, 
hard Fred W. clerk, 98 Middle, boards 19 Beech, Cent. 
Hard John R. carpenter, boards Bartlett, Bel. 
lien Hugh, printer, boards 114 Merrimack corp. 
lien John, repairs, Merrimack, house 114 do. corp. 
llespie Eliza, house 6 Middlesex 


Gilley John, laborer, house 87 Adams 

Gillcy Michael, L. M. S. house 39 Marion 

Gillian William, carpenter, boards 15 Second, Cent. 

Gillick Joseph, operative, house 80 Adams 

Gilligan Thomas, laborer, boards 7 Hudson 

Gillis Abby, widow, house 140 Middlesex 

Gillis John, blacksmith, house 122 Middlesex 

Gillogly John, tanner, house 25 Cedar 

Gillogly John, laborer, boards 5 Keene 

Gillogly Owen, machinist, boards 5 Keene 

Gillogly Patrick, stone mason, house 5 Keene 

Gillogly Patrick jr. mason, boards 5 Keene 

Gilman Albert I. house 14 East Pine 

Gilman Albion, painter, boards 122 Middlesex 

Gilman Alfred & Son (Alfred jr.), tailors, 156 Merrimack, 

house 290 Central 
Gilman Alfred jr. (A. Gilman & Son), 156 Merrimack, bds. 

290 Central 
Gilman A. H. carpenter, house 80 Grand 
Gilman Caleb M. grocer, 354 Middlesex, house 18 E. Pine 
Gilman Charles A. clerk, boards 80 Grand 
Gilman Frances A. widow, house rear 266 Central 
Gilman George H. carpenter, boards 91 High, Bel. 
Gilman Hiram C. machinist, boards 51 Boott corporation 
Gilman Hollis M. & Son (Wm. E.), blacksmiths, Varnum 

ave. Pawt. house 56 Pawtucket 
Gilman John H. physician, 8 Welles block, boards 108 

Gilman J. B. carpenter, house 202 Bridge, Cent. 
Gilman Lorenzo D. teamster, house 14 No. Franklin court 
Gilman 0. J. Mrs. insurance, 19 Appleton bl'k, b. 27 Church 
Gilman Richard Mrs. widow, boards 42 Branch 
Gilman Walter, painter, 20 Middle, house 70 High, Bel. 
Gilman Warren, carpenter, house 142 High, Bel. 
Gilman William E. (H. M. Gilman & Son), b. 56 Pawtucket 
Gilmore Charles E. bleacher, boards 11 Bleachery 
Gilmore Robert, boards 12 Taylor 

Gilpatrick Nehemiah, contractor, L. M. S. h. 12 do. corp. 
Gilroy Annie, meat cook, 16 Shattuck 
Gilroy Bernard, Lowell, house 4 Lowell place 
Gilroy Jane, widow, house 14 William 
Gilroy Michael, laborer, house 177 Market 
Gilson Catharine, widow, house 31 Davidson, Bel. 
Gilson Lewis G. wheelwright, 1 Suffolk, h. 122 Westford 
Gilson Lucy D. and Elizabeth Misses, house 8 Walnut 
Gilton Maurice, Merrimack, boards 117 Worthen 
Ginty Philip, slater, house 32 Marion 
Girard Franc, tailor, house 25 Willie avenue 
Girard Francis, stonecutter, house 31 Watson 


Girard John, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 

Girard Joseph, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 

Girard Lucien A. printer, "Times," 12 Middle, boards 57 

Massachusetts corp. 
Girard Sophia, boarding 1 house, 57 Mass. corp. 
Girdwood David, shuttlemaker, house 19 Walnut 
Giroux S. M. hairdresser, '203 Middlesex, house 28 South 
Gladeau Aloysius Rev. house Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Gladhill Peter, mule spinner, house 55 Salem 
Gladwin Silas F. boards Merrimac House 
Glancy Francis, laborer, house 13 Cedar 
Glancy Mary, widow, boards 110 Merrimack corp. 
Glancy Patrick, laborer, house 37 Chapel 
Glancy Patrick, bleachery, house 5 Sullivan's court 
Glancy Thomas, laborer, house 26 Winter 
Glancy Thomas, boards 110 Merrimack corp. 
Glanon John, machinist, house rear 104 Moody 
Gleason Charles A. bookkeeper, 66 Merrimack, house 23 

Oak, Belvidere 
Gleason Ellen, widow, house 18 Lexington 
Gleason Frederick W. clerk, 44£ Merrimack, boards 23 

Oak, Belvidere 
Gleason James EI. teamster, boards 18 Livingston 
Gleason Mark P. spinner, house 52 Hanover 
Gleason Mary, widow, boards 113 Merrimack corp. 
Gleason Michael, mason, house 42 Agawam 
Gleason Timothy, house 21 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Gleason Wyman Mrs. house 23 Oak, Belvidere 
Gleeson Jeremiah J. overseer, house Riverside, n. Dracut 

line, Pawtucketville 
Glendon Joseph, foreman, 15 Prescott 
Glidden Ada B. boarding house, 139 Merrimack corp. 
Glidden Alva M. clerk, 281 Merrimack, house 70 Dummer 
Glidden Nathaniel A. books and fancy goods, 174 Central, 

house 98 South 
Glidden Paulina, widow, house 17 Water, Belvidere 
Glidden Seth, carpenter, Mammoth, Pawtucketville, h. do. 
Glines Amos, blacksmith, 123 Market, h. at E. Chelmsford 
Glinn Patrick, house 197sThorndike 
Glogley James, laborer, hoTJlB^ear 22 Winter 
Glover Win. B. stencil cutter and engraver, 145 Central, h. 

57 Church 
Glynn Ellen, widow, house 101 Gorham 
Glynn Wm. spinner, house 213 Lawrence 
Gochie Louis, house 2 West's court 
Gochie Peter, laborer, house 9 Middlesex place 
Goddard Benjamin, house 96 Liberty 

Goddard Benj. F. house 11 Coral [Middlesex 

Goddard Charles T. (Butlric/c & Go.), 20 Market, house 450 


Goddard Peter, helper, house 55 dishing 

Goddard Samuel B. machinist, house 80 Cabot 

Godfrey G. Alton, suspender maker, boards 3 Bleachery 

Godfrey James, laborer, house rear 158 Middlesex 

Godfrey Sarah A. widow, house 3 Bleachery 

Godfrey William, carpenter, house 98 Merrimack corp. 

Goding Betsey Mrs. house 55 Walnut 

Goding Elbridge G. mason, house 55 Walnut 

Godkin John, house rear 31 Austin 

Godluc Etienne, carpenter, boards 48 Walnut 

Goggin Edward, laborer, house 224 Market 

Goggin John, laborer, house 86 Common avenue 

Goggin Thomas, laborer, house 305 Middlesex 

Going Charles, prop. American House, 86 Central 

Going Charles Frank, clerk, American House, boards do. 

Going George F. clerk, American House, boards do. 

Golden Bernard, at bleachery, house 81 Chapel 

Golden James, mason, boards 28 Wall, Belvidere 

Golden James H. carpenter, house 2 Coburn, Cent. 

Golden John, laborer, house 90 Suffolk 

Golden John, laborer, boards 2 Howard avenue, Bel. 

Golden John B. operative, boards 15 Davidson, Bel. 

Golden Joseph, laborer, house rear 228 Market 

Golden Luke, carder, house 17 Hurd 

Golden Margaret, widow, house 28 Wall, Belvidere 

Golden Martin, operative, house IT Davidson, Belvidere 

Golden Rebecca, widow, house 2 Howard avenue, Bel. 

Golding Hugh, laborer, house rear 74 Church 

Golding Hugh, operative, house 109 River, Cent. 

Golding Joseph, baker, 37 Central 

Golding Mary, widow, boards 109 Merrimack corp. 

Golding Owen, operative, house 85 Middle 

Golding Patrick Mrs. house rear 55 River, Cent. 

Golding Patrick, laborer, house 32 William 

Golding Thomas, laborer, house 53 River, Cent. 

Golding, see also Goulding 

Goldsmith George T. machinist, boards 32 Chapel 

Goldsmith Thomas, cutter, 5 Canal block, h. 32 Chapel 

Goodale Aaron Mrs. house 21 Robinson 

Goodale Frank C. clerk, 141 Central, boards 67 Lawrence 

Goodale Frank T. clerk, 17 Branch, boards 5 Clark 

Goodale George B. clerk, P. 0. house 6 Race 

Goodale George T. machinist, boards 32 Chapel 

Goodale Irving K. groceries, 17 Branch, boards 15 do. 

Goodale Oal, marble works, Dutton, near Fletcher, house 21 

Goodale Proctor F. cloth measurer, boards 21 Robinson 
Goodale William, tinsmith, 123 Market, house 5 Clark 
Goodale William W. machinist, house 67 Lawrence 


Goodall Samuel, foreman, Taylor & Barker, h. 52 Chambers 

Goodall William, knitter, boards 289 Broadway 

Goodell Harlan P. ( William P. Brazer & Co.), 47 Central, 

house 44 Walnut 
Goodell Jotham, laborer, house 32 Cabot 
Goodhue Charles W. machinist, house 23 June, Cent. 
Goodhue David H. police, house 163 School 
Goodhue Jason, house 110 Third, Centralville 
Goodhue Joseph, carpenter, boards 11 Middlesex place 
Goodhue Ozias, carpenter and cooper, house Mammoth road, 


Goodhue Mrs. widow, house 86 Hall 

Goodnow Wallace, teamster, rooms 62 Branch 

Goodrow Alfred, laborer, house 2 Suffolk hall , 

Goodrow Charles S. laborer, h. Austin's block, Coolidge 

Goodrow Lucy, widow, boards Austin's block, Coolidge 

Goodrow Mary, widow, house 90 Broadway 

Goodrich Alson S. boarding house, 72 Ford 

Goodspeed Calvin, car inspector, B. L. & N. R. R. house 1 

Goodwin Alvin, Suffolk, boards 11 Dodge 
Goodwin Burt 0. sashmaker, house 13 Westford 
Goodwin Clarendon, carpenter, house 79 Dover 
Goodwin Edwin, house 79 Dover 
Goodwin Frank, police, house 29 Appleton corp. 
Goodwin George P. (Brown, Hardy, & Goodwin), 54 Merri- 
mack, house 137 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Goodwin Jane S. widow, house 38 Mt. Vernon 
Goodwin John, Merrimack, boards 104 Market 
Goodwin John A. treasurer, II. R. R., Museum building, h. 

75 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Goodwin Joseph B. boots and shoes, 119 Central, house 133 

Goodwin Millard F. printer, 130 Central, bds. 79 Dover 
Goodwin Oscar R. (Graven & Goodwin), 88 Merrimack, h. 

212 Thorndike 
Goodwin Peter, laborer, house rear 41 Dummer 
Goodwin Rebecca A. widow, house 35 Fletcher 
Goodwin Susan J. Mrs. boards 206 Central 
Goodwin Thomas N. tea dealer, 87 Bridge, Centralville, h. 

23 West Filth, do. 
Goodyou John W., Middlesex, boards 190 Central 
Googins Benjamin L. overseer, Hamilton, house 28 South 

Gook Louisa, widow, house 83 Adams 
Gookin Charles II. carriage trimmer, boards 175 Central 
Gookin Daniel, carriage maker, house 175 Central 
Gookin Frank L. carpenter, boards 16 Marshall 
Gookin James, machinist, boards 87 Market 


Gookin Jerome, stone cutter, boards 16 Marshall 

Gookin Michael, teamster, 25 Prescott, boards 87 Market 

Gookin Nathaniel Mrs. house 16 Marshall 

Gookin Patrick, liquors, 57 Dutton, house 56 do. 

Gookin Robert, boards 87 Market 

Gordon Allen D. machinist, house 9 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Gordon Charles, laborer, boards 227 Market 

Gordon Charles A. clerk, 33 Merrimack, cor. Paige, boards 
172 Central 

Gordon Daniel II. levigated soap, 23 Prescott, house 88 E. 
Merrimack, Belvidere 

Gordon Edward, operative, house 87 Bruadway 

Gordon Ellen Miss, house 130 Suffolk 

Gordon George A. 98 Middle, house 23 Fremont 

Gordon Gibson, house 7 Brewery court 

Gordon James, overseer, Boott, house 68 do. corp. 

Gordon Jcanette II. Miss, boarding house, 26 Paige 

Gordon Joseph, laborer, boards 227 Market 

Gordon Julia, widow, house 233 Market 

Gordon Margaret, widow, house rear 50 Market 

Gordon Mary, widow, house 227 Market 

Gordon Mary, widow, house rear 103 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Gordon Nelson, laborer, boards 227 Market 

Gordon Urville C. machinist, house 365 Central 

Gordon Peter, laborer, house 227 Market 

Gordon Sarah A. Mrs. variety store, 140 Suffolk, h. do. 

Gordon Silas D. spinner, house 159 Merrimack corp. 

Gordon Stetson L. machinist, house 31 Fifth, Cent. 

Gordon True II., Lawrence, house 28 do. corp. 

Gordon William L. {Griffin, Lake, & Gordon), stair build- 
ers, house 21 School 

Gordon William S. blacksmith, house 71 Westford 

Gorey Edward, mason, house 191 Gorham 

Gorman Bernard Mrs. house 15 Mill 

Gorman Bryan, tailor, 5 Canal block, house 76 Charles 

Gorman Daniel, fireman, B. & L. R. R. house 64 South 

Gorman James, machinist, house 93 Gorham 

Gorman James, mason, boards 56 Market 

Gorman Joshua, boards 25 Newhall 

Gorman Margaret, widow, house 15 Swift 

Gorman Margaret Miss, house 25 North 

Gorman Michael, laborer, house 25 Jefferson 

Gorman Patrick, laborer, house 285 Middlesex 

Gorman Thomas, clerk, house 56 Water, Belvidere 

Gormley Bernard, laborer, house 29 Summer 

Gormley Catharine, widow, house 10 Davis court 

Gormley Charles, spinner, boards off Mammoth, Paw. 

Gormley Frank, section hand, h. off Mammoth, Paw. 

Gormley John, laborer, boards 306 Middlesex 


Gormley John, laborer, house 113 Gorham 

Gormley Patrick, shoemaker, house 92 Tremont 

Gormley William, laborer, house 18 North 

Gorton Daniel Mrs. house 144 Stackpole, Bel. 

Goshen Alfred, Suffolk, boards 20 do. Corp. 

Goss Alfred, laborer, rooms 71 Cabot 

Goss Charles P., Merrimack, house 55 do. corp. 

Goss Joseph, house 2 Appleton corp. 

Goss William L. painter, house 2 Appleton corp. 

Gosselin Gregorie, carpenter, house 117 River, Cent. 

Gotham Annie, house 12 First, Centralville 

Gotham Charles II. Mrs. house 130 High, Bel. 

Gotham Henry, millwright, house 103 High, Bel. 

Gotham Nathan, carpenter, boards 99 Congress 

Gott Glen, upholsterer, 9 Prescott 

Gould Almira J. Mrs. house 115 High, Bel. 

Gould Andrew F. switchman, house 84 School 

Gould Charles, carpenter, 70 Branch, house do. 

Gould Charles E. stone cutter, house 144 Suffolk 

Gould Clarence A., L. M. S. boards 57 Fletcher 

Gould C. L. Mrs. house 10 First, Cent. 

Gould George II. expressman, Merrimack-st. depot, boards 

124 Worthen 
Gould George P. spinner, house 57 Fletcher 
Gould Henry, stonecutter, boards 78 Appleton 
Gould Israel, Boott, house 18 do. corp. 
Gould James, machinist, house 24 Mass. corp. 
Gould Laura J. Miss, teacher, Varnum ave. mixed school, 

Pawtucketville, boards Abel Coburn's, do. 
Gould Lizzie E. Miss, saleswoman, 138 Suffolk, bds. 126 do. 
Gould Summer S. treas. Lowell Card Co. 127 Market, also 

foreman, L. M. S. corp. house 71 do. 
Gould Warren F. machinist, house 12 Lawrence corp. 
Gould William C. watchman, M. P. W. 
Goulding Robert, slater, 56 Dutton, house 225 Broadway 
Goulding William II. slater, 56 Dutton. b. 225 Broadway 
Goupil Thelesphore, laborer, house 69 Fayette, Bel. 
Gouthier Charles, carpenter, house 5 Middlesex place 
Gove David, house 281 Central 

Gove Edith A teacher, Baitlett school, b. 11 Appleton c. 
Gove Frank W. clerk, 28 Central, boards 48 Oak, Bel. 
Gove Horace F. printer, boards 48 Oak, Belvidere 
Gove Morrill C. overseer, 98 Middle, house 74 Baldwin, 

Middlesex village 
Gove Winthrop, patternmaker, house 48 Oak, Bel. 
Goward Francis, real estate agent, 89 Summer, house do. 
Goward Frank D. clerk, 77 .Central, boards 89 Summer 
Goward Perley F. watchman, Boott Mills 
Goward Zephaniah, real estate agent, house 152 Appleton 


Gowdy Sarah C. widow, house 154 Lincoln [125 Gorham 
Gowen Charles S. civil engineer, Locks and Canals, boards 
Gowing Sarah Miss, house 1 Albro's block, Cushing 
Goyette Louis A. clerk, 54 Merrimack, boards 243 Market 
Grace Lorenzo, carpenter, house 27 Cheever 
Grady Abbie, widow, house 262 Middlesex 
Grady James, carpenter, house 41 Livingston 
Grady James, Lawrence, house 54 do. corp. 
Grady Joanna, widow, house rear 122 Adams 
Grady John, clerk, 230 Market, boards do. 
Grady Michael, mule spinner, house 8 Union 
Grady Patrick, butcher, 230 Market, house do. 
Grady William, painter, boards 43 Cedar 
Grady William, machinist, boards 43 Walnut 
Grady William II. plasterer, boards 12 Livingston 
Graffan Stephen J. carder, house 33 Water, Bel. 
Grafton Clara, widow, house 158 Middlesex 
Grafton Isaac M. machinist, house 18 Washington 
Grafton Nancy, widow, house 18 Washington 
Graham Frederick, moulder, house 9 Wiggin 
Graham Patrick, laborer, house 8 River, Cent. 
Graham Thomas, Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 
Graham William W. provisions, boards 9 Wiggin 
Grandmond Horace, printer, 12 Middle, b. 288 Merrimack 
Grandy Forrest, baker, boards 104 Gorham 
Granger Edwin L. brakeman, B. L. & N. R. R b. 23 Perrin 
Granger George, conductor, B. & L. R. R. b. 138 Central 
Granger James, baggage master, boards 4 Russell's block 
Granger Jane C. widow, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Granger Joseph, laborer, house rear 12 Cabot 
Granger Leon, house 72 Hall 

Grant Aaron R. overseer yard, Boott mills, b. 51 do. corp. 
Grant Alexander, machinist, house 2 Boott corp. 
Grant Alexander, jr. Boott, boards 2 do. corp. 
Grant Catharine, widow, house 4 Jefferson 
Grant Daniel, helper, boards 27 Lee 
Grant Elijah M., Boott, house 46 do. corp. 
Grant James, painter, house 34 Cedar 

Grant James R. brakeman, B. & L. R. R. h. 51 Boott corp. 
Grant John, Lowell, house 18 Abbott 
Grant John, teamster, house 85 Willie 
Grant Mary A. boards 21 Robinson 
Grant Oscar I. machinist, boards 145 School 
Grant Sarah P. widow, boards 810 Middlesex 
Grant Thomas, machinist, house 87 Willie 
Gratton Alexander, Lawrence, house 4 do. corp. ' 
Gratton Patrick, laborer, house 11 Little 
Graves Agnes J. Miss, teacher, Pawtucketville primary 
school, boards Linden avenue, do. 


Graves Charles B. boards 12 Dodge 

Graves Charles S. conductor, Stony Brook R. R. house 108 

Graves George, cabinetmaker, boards 16 Suffolk corp. 
Graves Marshall E. clerk, 23 Salem, house 60 Willie 
Graves Nathan W. carpenter, boards 6 Howard 
Graves Orville D., Hamilton, house 332 Central 
Graves Simeon H. clerk, house 12 Dodge 
Graves Thomas, boards 30 First, Centralville 
Gray ( Addie M. Mis*) & Bickford (F. M. Miss), dress and 

cloak makers, 206 Central, boards 38 Chestnut 
Gray Alanson, clerk, 237 Central, boards 78 Liberty 
Gray Albert, agent, Am. Knife Co. house 143 Appleton 
Gray Albert M. clerk, boards 78 Liberty 
Gray Alfred John, teamster, house 81 Market 
Gray Bridget, widow, house 45 Whipple 
Gray Catharine, widow, house 38 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Gray Catharine, widow, house rear 193 Central 
Gray Charles, carriage painter, boards 118 Market 
Gray Charles 0. cabinetmaker, house 2 Loring 
Gray Daniel S. provisions, 237 Central, house 78 Liberty 
Gray Ellen, widow, house rear 26 Winter 
Gray Frank ( Gerry & Gray), 167 Central, and 2 Appleton, 

house 27 Cady 
Gray George, spinner, house 46 Middle 
Gray George, driver, ice team, boards 244 Pawtucket 
Gray Harry, clerk, 237 Central, boards 78 Liberty 
Gray Hattie A. Mrs. fancy goods, 69 Branch, h. 1 Loring 
Gray James, soapmaker, house 46 North 
Gray James, laborer, house 18 Swift 
Gray John, watchman, house 122 Suffolk 
Gray John W. prop. Manchester House, 81 Market, h. do. 
Gray Joseph P. boards 78 Liberty 
Gray Michael, Hamilton, boards 46 North 
Gray Patrick, operative, house rear 26 Winter 
Gray Patrick, carpenter, boards 154 Market 
Gray Patrick, laborer, house 75 Front, Cent. 
Gray Peter, grocer, 195 Lawrence, house 191 do. 
Gray Richard, operative, boards 32 Coburn, Cent. 
Gray Susan, widow, house 38 Tremont corp. 
Gray S. E. Mrs. milliner, 60 Middlesex 
Gray Terrence, laborer, house 191 Market 
Gray Thomas, laborer, house 17 Madison 
Gray William C. house 7 Church 

Gray William M. clerk, 46 Merrimack, b. 10 Lawrence c. 
Gready Robert, shoemaker, house 191 River, Cent. 
Greaney Hannah, widow, house 177 Lawrence 
Greaton John B. boards 200 Middlesex 
Greathead Benjamin, machinist, L. M. S. house 45 do. corp. 


Greeley James, second hand, house 54 Lawrence corp. 

Greeley Martha A. widow, house 37 Fifth, Centralville 

Greeley Mary, widow, house 19 Willie avenue 

Greeley Michael, Lawrence, boards 43 do. corp. 

Greeley Patrick, spinner, house 69 Fenwick 

Greeley Pell M. weaver, house 20 Massachusetts corp. 

Green Albert P. clerk, 32 Tilden, bds. 93 Fifth, Cent. 

Green Albert T. carder, house 18 Tenth, Centralville 

Green Amelia F. Miss, milliner, 108 Merrimack 

Green Amos, overseer, Merrimack, house 24 Tenth, Cent. 

Green Amos, carriage manuf. Franklin, c. Fletcher, h. do. 

Green Anna Mrs. house 61 Appleton 

Green Annie E. Miss, milliner, 108 Merrimack 

Green Bridget, widow, house 62 Button 

Green Byron, hostler, house 118 Suffolk 

Green Charles, operative, house 12 New 

Green Charles A. peddler, house Varnum avenue, Pawt. 

Green Charles C. spinner, house 55 Massachusetts corp. 

Green Charles B., L. M. S. house 76 Moody 

Green Christopher, carpenter, boards 52 Tyler 

Green Cynthia, widow, boards 118 Suffolk 

Green Daniel, laborer, boards 132 Lawrence 

Green Bavid, spinner, boards 51 Hudson 

Green Elizabeth, widow, house 63 West Union 

Green George, boltmaker, house 31 North 

Green George W. house 400 Merrimack 

Green Hiram E. machine printer, house 69 Bartlett, Bel. 

Green Hugh, laborer, house 237 River, Cent. 

Green James, house 9 Bavis court 

Green James, carder, house rear 15 River, Cent. 

Green James II. Mrs. house 55 Massachusetts corp. 

Green James W. second hand, boards 51 Hudson 

Green Jane, widow, house 207 Lawrence 

Green John, operative, boards 27 Water, Bel. 

Green John, laborer, house rear 15 River, Cent. 

Green John, laborer, house 102 Fayette, Bel. 

Green (John) & Brady (Frank), restaurant, 42 Central 

Green John & Co. manuf of Green's pills, 36 Adams, h. do. 

Green John C. stone cutter, house 1 Middlesex place 

Green John II. hairdresser, boards 207 Lawrence 

Green John J. gents' furnishing goods, 78 Central, boards 

125 Gorham 
Green John 0. physician, 18 Shattuck, house 91 Pawtucket 
Green John R. blacksmith, house Varnum avenue, Pawt. 
Green Joseph, mats and rugs, 12 Hale, house do. 
Green Joseph II. painter, house 49 Lawrence 
Green Joseph S. engineer, house 41 School 
Green Lydia Mrs. house 74 Bover 
Green L. Agnes Mrs. house 140 Hadley 


Green L. P. Mrs. house 13*7 Cross 

Green Margaret, widow, house 6 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Green Mary, widow, house rear 71 River, Cent. 

Green Mary, widow, house 12 Paige 

Green Michael, hostler, house 11 Union 

Green Patrick, laborer, house 149 Market 

Green Peter, hostler, house 6 Cross 

Green Phebe E. Miss, boarding house, 45 Lawrence Corp. 

Green Richard, spinner, house 51 Hudson 

Green Richard, wool sorter, house 76 River, Cent. 

Green Ruins K. second hand, Bleachery, house 7 do. Corp. 

Green Samuel J. machinist, house 7 Tremont corp. 

Green Sarah, widow, house 50 West Sixth, Cent. 

Green Sarah M. E. Miss, carpet maker, house 76 Chapel 

Green Stella Miss, dressmaker, boards 30 Third, Cent. 

Green Sylvia B. Miss, house 32 Fifth, Centralville 

Green Webster N., Lawrence, house 9 do. corp. 

Green William, sashmaker, boards 29 Rock 

Green William, wool sorter, house 32 Merrill 

Green William L. tinsmith, 154 Central, bds. 7 and 8 Ham- 
ilton corporation 

Greene John M. Rev. house 14 Coral 

Greene Willie II. clerk, 51 Central, boards 137 Cross 

Greenerd Carl, tin peddler, house 102 Jewett, Cent. 

Greenerd Richard C. machinist, house 62 Merrimack corp. 

Greenhalge Frederick T. counsellor, 55 Central, house An- 
dover, corner Nesmith, Belvidere 

Greenhalge Lillie J. teacher, Mann school, primary, No. 41, 
boards 6 Ash, Belvidere 

Greenleaf Charles, clerk, 47 Merrimack, b. 11 Tremont corp. 

Greenleaf Charles A. house 49 Tilden 

Greenleaf Daniel G. constable, 75 Central, h. 72 nigh, Bel. 

Greenleaf George E. clerk, boards 116 Appleton 

Greenleaf James L. card clothier, boards 40 Mass. corp. 

Greenleaf John, carpenter, house 167 London, A. C. 

Greenleaf Nathan S. foreman, 180 Middlesex, house 116 

Greenleaf Nathaniel B. carpenter, h. 46^ Merrimack corp. 

Greenleaf Rose Miss, house 60 Paige 

Greenleaf Wellington T. Mrs. boards 167 London, A. C. 

Greenleaf William P. clerk, boards 57 Church 

Greenough John W. laborer, house 320 Central 

Greenough Samuel, carpenter, boards 320 Central 

Greenwood Brothers ( Othello, Randolph, and Marcella), 
grocers, 217 and 219 Lawrence 

Greenwood James, mason, house rear 25 Aiken 

Greenwood Marcella ( Greenwood Bros.), boards 53 Hale 

Greenwood Othello ( Greenwood Bros.), boards 53 Hale 

Greenwood Randolph {Greenwood Bros.), h. 221 Lawrence 


Greenwood Samuel, manufacturer, house 53 Hale 
Gregaire Gregory, bobbin maker, house 5 Dempsey's pi. 
Gregg Abigail P. widow, house 321 Merrimack [block 

Gregg Edward, barkeeper, 32 Merrimack, boards 4 Russell's 
Gregg James, book agent, house 150 First, Cent. 
Gregg Thomas, operative, house 55 Middle 
Gregg William L. machinist, house 321 Merrimack 
Gregoire Jacob A. clerk, 66 Merrimack, boards 90 Willie 
Gregoire John, travelling salesman, house 144 Moody 
Gregoire Joseph, fireman, house 90 Willie 
Gregoire Julia, widow, house 9 Middlesex place 
Gregoire Samuel, wire weaver, 16 Middle 
Gregson Benj. wheelwright, house 36 Water, Belvidere 
Gregware J. P. salesman, 62 Merrimack 
Gregware William M. clerk, 80 Merrimack, h. 56 Fletcher 
Grenier Emerance, widow, house 302 Middlesex 
Grenier Jean Baptiste Mrs. house 25 Aiken 
Grenier Jean Baptiste, machinist, house 25 South 
Grenier Oscar, musician, boards 12 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Grey John W. overseer, Tremont, house 38 Tremont Corp. 
Griffin Addison W. machinist, house 3 Lowell corp. 
Griffin Alvah J. house 399 Merrimack 
Griffin Arrick M. sashmaker, house 90 Rock 
Griffin Bridget, widow, house 98 River, Cent. 
Griffin Catharine, widow, house 31 Cheever 
Griffin Charles, machinist, Mass. house 53 do. corp. 
Griffin Charles, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
Griffin Charles A. shuttlemaker, house 19 Burns 
Griffin Charles H. 222 Middlesex, house 176 Gorham 
Griffin Daniel, hairdresser, 6 Merrimack, house 31 Cheever 
Griffin Darwin, second hand, house 34 Prescott corp., Bel. 
Griffin Dennis, spinner, house 7 Hudson 
Griffin Edward, laborer, house 24 Keene 
Griffin Elizabeth Mrs. nurse, boards 150 Moody 
Griffin Frank, carpenter, 13 Howe, Bel., bds. at Tewksbury 
Griffin Frank H. clerk, 13 John, boards 63 High, Bel. 
Griffin ( George), Lake (Amasa), & Gordon ( Win. L.), stair- 
builders, Wamesit steam mills, Dutton, h. 149 Cross 
Griffin George E. clerk, boards 149 Cross 
Griffin James, laborer, house 51 Summer 
Griffin Jeremiah, wool sorter, house rear 73 Fenwick 
Griffin John, laborer, house 22 Griffin 
Griffin John, loom fixer, boards 7 Hudson 
Griffin John, laborer, house 23 Prospect 
Griffin Joseph Mrs. house 327 Broadway 
Griffin Joseph B. 13 John, house 63 High, Belvidere 
Griffin Joseph W. boots and shoes, 13 John, bds. 21 Varney 
Griffin Josiah, wheelwright, house Old Middlesex road, near 
City line 


Griffin Josiah E. carpenter, 13 LTowe, h. at Tewksbury 

Griffin Margaret E. widow, house 238 Market 

Griffin Mary, widow, house 57 Fen wick 

Griffin Mary Mrs. house IV Davidson, Bel. 

Griffin Maurice, laborer, house 14V Adams 

Griffin Michael, laborer, house 78 Fen wick 

Griffin Samuel P. supt. Lowell Water Works, house 29 Xes- 

mith, Belvidere 
Griffin Stephen, currier, house 75 Willie 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 46 Lewis 
Griffith John, wire worker, house 15 Harrison, Bel. 
Griffiths David C. spinner, house Hudson, near Lawrence 
Grimes Andrew, provisions, 212 Market, house do. 
Grimes James, iron moulder, boards 293 Broadway 
Grimes John, foundry, house 26 Lewis 
Grimes Lj'dia S. widow, house 109 Salem 
Grimes Patrick, at Print Works, house 44 Dnmmer 
Grimes Peter, iron moulder, house 293 Broadway 
Grimes William, dyer, house 19 Gorham 
Grimord N. laborer, house 2 Dempsey's place 
Grimwood Wm. gardener, h. 97 Baldwin, Middlesex village 
Grinnell Enoch N. carpenter, house Mammoth, Paw. 
Grinrod Edward, spinner, boards Kinsman, n. Chambers 
Griswold Annie E. saleswoman, 60 Merrimack 
Griswold Edward R. spinner, boards 46 Merrimack corp. 
Griswold Henry D. C. Mrs. house 46 Merrimack corp. 
Grogan Mortimer J. clerk, house 148 Hale 
Grogan Wm. E. painter, Lowell, boards 120 Merrimack 
Groggin Michael, moulder, boards 143 Worthen 
Groom James, laborer, house 70 Adams 
Groom John, laborer, house 61 Broadway 
Gross Arthur, machinist, boards 52 West Fourth, Cent. 
Grosvenor Horace P. machinist, boards 32 Varney 
Grosvenor Jonathan P. wood working machinery, Mechanics' 

Mills, house 32 Varney 
Grover Ariston, steel-letter cutter, 218 Middlesex, house 14 

Clay, Belvidere 
Grover Josiah, house 59 Third, Cent. 
Grover Lurana A. restaurant, 16 and 18 Merrimack, house 

59 Third, Cent. 
Grover Wm. R. machinist, house 61 Mass. corp. 
Groves James, blacksmith, Pawtucketville, b. 123 Worthen 
Groves William, laborer, house 3 Hancock avenue 
Grow Paschal & H. B. Locke, produce, 240 Dutton, house 

201 Middlesex 
Grush Cora P. Miss, bookkeeper, boards 76 Hale 
Grush Joseph S. house 76 Hale 

Grush J. Granville, bookkeeper, Novelty Plaster Works 
Guard Locks, near 373 Broadway 


Guernsej' Frederick A. clerk, 45 Branch, boards 49 do. 

Guerrin Dell, dressmaker, 22 South, house do. 

Guerrin Levi, Mass. boards 16 Prescott Corp., Belvidere 

Guerrin Lucy Miss, house 22 South 

Guertin Theophile, laborer, house 5 Garnet 

Guicen Patrick, B. & L. R. R. house 195 Market 

Guild Albert S. clerk, Old Lowell Nat. Bank, b. 7 Austin 

Guild Alonzo J. carder, boards 51 Massachusetts corp. 

Guild Charles W. bill poster, 87 Central, b. 2 Goward pi. 

Guild Henry C. & Co. suspenders, 18 Middle, h. 7 Austin 

Guild Henry T. clerk (Boston), boards 7 Austin 

Guild Jennie, boards 148 Cross 

Guild John II. machinist, house 28 Tremont corp. 

Guild Mary B. Mrs. house 2 Goward place 

Guillet J. II. constable, 56 Central, boards 288 Merrimack 

Guillet Joseph II. constable, boards 288 Merrimack 

Guinan John, laborer, house rear 57 Gorham 

Guinan Patrick, painter, house 39 Charles 

Guinan William, laborer, house 19 Kirk avenue 

Guiney William, clerk, 108 Market, boards 104 do. 

Guirne Michael, laborer, house 8 Molloy's court 

Gulline Robert, engraver, M. P. W. bds. 146 Merrimack 

corporation [corp. 

Gulline Stewart, designer, M. P. W. house 146 Merrimack 
Gumb John 0. stone cutter, boards 21 Robinson 
Gumb Louis D. granite dealer, Gorham, cor. Maple, house 

11 Robinson 
Gunn James, shuttle maker, house 41 Newhall 
Gunn Malcolm, Massachusetts, boards 26 do. corp. 
Gunston Robert, blacksmith, house 157 Merrimack corp. 
Gunston William, watchman, Lawrence corp. 
Guptil George E. teamster, boards 52 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Gurdy William P. carpenter, house 16 Race 
Gustafson M. C. W. box maker, boards 249 Middlesex 
Guthrie Jane, widow, house 8 Summer 
Guthrie John, card grinder, house 6 Putney's court 
Guthrie Patrick, laborer, house 12 Summer 
Guy Sarah, dressmaker, 62 Paige, house do. 
Guy William, paper maker, boards 24 Abbott 
Guj^otte Peter, laborer, house Dempsey's place 
Guyton Patrick, machinist, house 10 Dempsey's place 
Guy ton Patrick II. liquors and wines, 94 Suflblk, boards 10 

Dempsey's place 

HACKETT AMELIA, widow, house 267 Hildreth, Cent. 
Ilackett George, house 36 Cedar 
Hackett Martin, tea dealer, 88 Gorham, house do. 
Ilackett Michael, carpenter, house 2 Madison 
Ilackett Sumner S. carpenter, house Mammoth, Paw. 


Hadfield Joseph, clerk, 81 Market, boards do. 
Hadley Addison, wood turning 1 , house 95 Westford 
Hadley Amanda M. teacher, primary No. 33, h. 281 Central 
Hadley Charles S. student, 3 Barristers' Hall, b. Chambers, 

near Gorham 
Hadley Charles S. boards 95 Westford 
Hadley Edmund M. weaver, Merrimack, h. 73 do. Corp. 
Hadley Elias H. overseer, Merrimack, house 280 Wilder 
Hadley James A. driver, h. Mammoth, near Pawtucket sq. 

Hadley John, house 387 Merrimack 
Hadley John E. salesman, boards 387 Merrimack 
Hadley John L. pop corn and corn candy, h. 21 Adams 
Hadley Joshua M. carpenter, 64 Lincoln, house do. 
Hadley Lizzie M. teacher, primary No. 42, b. 86 Tremont 
Hadley Mary, widow, house 38 Lincoln 
Hadley Samuel P. counsellor, and clerk police court, house 

954 Middlesex 
Hadley Thomas D. painter, house 346 Merrimack 
Hadlock Eliza, pastry cook, 16 Shattuck, house 81 Chapel 
Haeffely Frederick, striker, house 7 New 
Hagan James, second hand, house 3 Union 
Hagan Thomas, laborer, house 111 River, Cent. 
Hagar Dinah, widow, boards 5 Lowell corp. 
Hagerty Margaret, widow, house 5 Cross 
Haggerty Daniel, laborer, house 10 Front, Cent. 
Haggerty James, boards 17 Abbott 

Haggerty Philip P. music teacher, house 77 Chestnut, Bel. 
Haggerty Mary, widow, house 45 Summer 
Haggett Albert A. paymaster, Middlesex Company, house 

28 Hurd 
Haggett Allen Mrs. house 28 High, Belvidere [Charles 

Haggett Frank P. clerk, Railroad National Bank, boards 80 
Haggett Helen A. teacher, Moody school, b. 28 High, Bel. 
Haggett John, soapmaker, house 80 Charles 
Haggett John H. finisher, boards 80 Charles 
Haggett S. Augusta, teacher, primary No. 14, boards 28 

High, Belvidere 
Hagin Joseph, operative, house 88 Broadway 
Haines Eugene S. overseer, U. S. Cartridge Co. 
Haines Fred. E. boards 259 Fairmount, Belvidere 
Haines George W. teamster, house 259 Fairmount, Bel. 
Haines Oliver B. fireman, boards dishing, near Willie 
Haines Winfield S. engineer, house Cushing, near Willie 
Haines, see also Haynes 

Hakey Albert, clerk, 138 Central, boards 21 Kirk 
Halberstad Leonard, clothing, 113 Middlesex, h»use do. 
Hale Bernice S. & Son (J. B. Hale), silk covered wire and 

laid line manufacturers, South Canal, at Lawrence 


Hale B. F. conductor, B. L. & N. R. R. h. 10 Marshall 

Hale Charles E. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 32 Lane 

Hale Fitz II. spinner, boards 88 Tremont 

Hale Frank, Dresser House, boards do. 

Hale Frank A. clerk, house 39 Westford 

Hale Isaac, paver, house 5 Varney 

Hale James B. (B. S. Hale & Son), So. Canal, at Lawrence 

Hale Mary J. restaurant, Northern depot, bds. 4 Marshall 

Hale William, house 70 Sixth, Centralville 

Haley Andrew, Merrimack, house 81| Merrimack Corp. 

Haley Andrew, wool drawer, house 56 Congress 

Haley Edward, laborer, house 14 Pond, Belvidere 

Haley Hugh, laborer, house 8 Taylor 

Haley James, laborer, house 6 Crosby 

Haley James, Lowell corp. boards 7 do. 

Haley John, wool sorter, house 43 Floyd 

Haley Mary A. cashier, 16 Shattuck 

Haley M. M. Miss, saleswoman, 80 Merrimack, boards 96 
East Merrimack 

Haley Nancy, widow, house rear 62 Congress 

Haley Thomas, Lowell corp. boards 7 do. 

Haley, see also Healey 

Ilalgrove Bridget, widow, boards 1 Lowell corp. 

Hall Albert B. (Boston), house 25 Westford 

Hall Albert P. ( G. & A. P. Hall), 40 Andover, bds. 7 Ev- 
erett, Belvidere 

nail Alfred J. carpenter, house 95 Appleton 

Hall Ann S. Mrs. house 142 Suffolk 

Hall Calvin & A. P. grocers, 40 Andover, h. 7 Everett, Bel. 

Hall Charles O. butcher, boards 218 Moody 

Hall Dyer, second hand, bleachery, h. 33 Bleachery corp. 

Hall Eben K. weaver, Boott corp. boards 34 do. 

Hall Eli W. fruit, 52 Central, house 38 Third, Cent. 

Hall Eugene S. carpenter, boards 37 Rock 

Hall Ezekiel, teamster, boards 62 Branch 

Hall George, carpenter, boards 91 Willie 

Hall George P. glove maker, house 41 Bartlett, Bel. 

Hall Harriet G. widow, boards 33 Tanner 

Hall Henry, photograher, 21 Central, boards 13 Water 

Hall Hepsa M. music teacher, boards 13 Butterfield 

Hall Hiram N. salesman, 131 Central, house 7 Elliott 

Hall James, laborer, house 26 Albion, Cent. 

Hall James H. painter, house 80 Moody 

Hall John, laborer, house 41 Auburn 

Hall Joseph; laborer, house 4 Corey's block, Coolidge 

Hall J. B. Mrs. widow, house 13 Butterfield 

Hall Lemuel W. provisions, 3 Gorham, house 13 Butterfield 

Hall Leroy C. country produce, Dutton, near Mechanics 
Mills, house at Dracut 


Hall Levi B. house 118 Coburn, Centralville 

Hall Lucretia, widow, house 442 Middlesex 

Hall Luther B. victualler, 152 Middlesex, house do. 

Hall Mary A. physician, 17 Kirk, house do. 

Hall Sarah A. Miss, house 7 Race 

Hall S. B. butcher, 141 Hildreth, house do., Cent. 

Hall S. J. Miss, millinery, 5 Welles' block, boards 23 Kirk 

Hall Thalles P. (K C. Leslie & Co.), 158 Merrimack, house 

35 Read, Cent. 
Hall Wm. S. butcher, house 118 Coburn, Cent. 
Hall Zachariah D. overseer Boott, house 78 do. corp. 

Hall , widow, house 16 River, Cent. 

Hallacy Jeremiah, cardstripper, house 25 Fenwick 

Hallard Helen, widow, house rear 125 Middlesex 

Hallaren Jane, widow, house 51 Butterfield 

Hallett Marsena, house 222 Central 

Hallett Milo G. jeweller, 131 Central, boards 222 do. 

Hallett Sarah, boards 222 Central 

Hallinan Charles, finisher, house 24 Crosby 

Halloran Daniel, carpenter, house 260 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Hallowell Albert, machinist, house 258 Bridge, Cent. 

Hallowell Chas. E. machinist, Boott corp. house 65 do. 

Hallowell Enoch, boatmaker, house 175 Lincoln, cor. 

Hallowell Frederick, Tremont, boards 5 Dodge 

Hallowell William, Tremont, boards 5 Dodge 

Hallsey John, laborer, house 49 Cross 

Halpin Alice, widow, house 51 Water, Belvidere 

Halpin Ann Mrs. house 3 Carolin's court, Belvidere 

Halpin Bernard, dyer, house 33 Wall 

Halpin Catharine, widow, house 27 Davidson, Bel. 

Halpin Frank, Middlesex, boards 53 Water, Belvidere 

Halpin Patrick, laborer, house 22 William 

Halpin Patrick, house 8 Union 

Hals.tead George T. painter, boards 21 Alder, Bel. 

Halstead Henry, boltmaker, house 39 Whipple 

Halstead James W. cloth presser, boards 21 Alder, Bel. 

Halstead John R. block cutter, 9 Fletcher, b. 21 Alder, Bel. 

Halstead Robert, block printer, house 21 Alder, Belvidere 

Halstead Wm. H. wool sorter, house 2 rear 12 Iligh-st. sq. 

Ham Helen L. Miss, asst. teacher, High school, boards 9 

Seventh, Centralville 
Ham Hiram, operative, rooms 151 Moody 
Ham Jennie Mrs. boards 19 Lowell corp. 
Ham John G. mason, house 9 Seventh, Cent. 
Ham Lucerne R. carpenter, boards 151 Moody 
Hamblet Albert, mason, boards 48 Tenth, Cent. 
Hamblet Augustus T. carpenter, boards 115 Appleton 
Hamblet Charles E. watchman, Mass. cotton mills 
Hamblet Daniel, teamster, 5 Fulton, Cent. 


Hamblet Daniel V. carpenter, house 424 Middlesex 
Hamblet Eugene (A. W. Dows & Co.), 213 Central, house 

30 Cady 
Hamblet Gilbert, carpenter, 24 Middle, house 62 Ford 
Hamblet Jesse It. boarding house, 72 Lawrence corp. 
Hamblet John, laborer, boards 1 Hill's block, Dodge 
Hamblet John P. house 424 Middlesex 
Hamblet Joseph, carpenter, house 115 Appleton 
Hamblet Martin L. lawyer, 3 Barrister's Hall, h. 16 Westford 
Hamblet Mary Miss, house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Hamblet Peleg B. stone layer, h. Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Hamblet Theodore, farmer, h. Varnurn ave., Pawtucketville 
Hamblet Viola A. teacher, boards 424 Middlesex 
Hamblett Arthur, mason, house rear Bridge, Cent. 
Hamblett Joseph M. engineer, Livingston's mill, house 

Wright, cor. Woodward, Pawtucketville 
namblin Royal L. watchman, Boott mills 
Hamel Michael, wheelwright, house 2 Albro block, dishing 
Hamell Alexander, ship carpenter, house 221 Middlesex 
Hamer Geo. F. machinist, Weston's Arch, b. 72 Appleton 
Hamer John, designer, Lowell, boards 15 Kirk 
Hamer John W. machinist, Weston's Arch, h. 72 Appleton 
Hamer Micah, leather trimmer, house 59 High, Belvidere 
Hamill Mary Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corp. 
Hamill Mary Ann Miss, teacher, boards 2 Lowell corp. 
Hamilton Amasa S. express messenger, boards 11 Dodge 
Hamilton Franklin D. agent Weed Sewing Machine Co. 

52| Merrimack, house 43 Bartlett, Bel. [street 

Hamilton Manufacturing Co., 0. H. Moulton, supt. Jackson 
Hamilton Mary H. Mrs. music teacher, 389 B'way, b. do. 
Hamilton Patrick Mrs. house 216 Lawrence 
Hamlin Albert, mason, house Tenth, near Beacon 
Hamlin Levi, spinner, boards 6 Willow place 
Hamlin Paul, Suffolk, boards 6 Willow place 
Hammond Elizabeth, widow, house 290 Lincoln 
Hammond John, house 32 Willie 

Hampson William, mule spinner, bds. 137 Merrimack corp. 
Hampton Richard, Lawrence, house 54 Lawrence corp. 
Hanafin John, laborer, h. off Pine, Middlesex village 
Hanaford Clara A. teacher, Varnum school, house 30 Third, 

Hanaford G. Mrs. dressmaker, 19 E. Merrimack, Bel. h. do. 
Hanaford Martha, boards 32 Church 
Hanavor (Terrence) & McDermott [James), undertakers, 

48 Gorham, house 326 do. 
Hanbury John, blacksmith, 5 Warren, house 27 Dummer 
Hanbury Martin, baker, house 26 Chapel 
Ilance William, piper, house 12 Front, Cent. 
Hanchett Joshua, tinworker and boarding house, 29 Rock 


Hancock Geo. N. (L. Hancock & Son), house 15 First, Cent. 

Hancock John, machinist, hoards 22 Suffolk 

Hancock L. & Son ( G. N.), produce, 125 Market, house 15 

First, Centralville 
Hand George J. engineer, B. L. & N. R. R. h. 11 Carlton 
Hand George W. stone mason, house 78 School 
Hand Henry M. V. B. engineer, B. & L. R. R. h. 47 Fletcher 
Hand Michael, clerk, provisions, house 21 Fenwick 
Hand Peter, Bleachery, house 11 Court avenue 
Handley Margaret, widow, boarding house, 60 Middle 
Handley Patrick, laborer, house 18 Abbott 
Hanley James, laborer, house 10 Albion, Centralville 
Hanley Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 30 Summer 
Hanley Mary, widow, house 50 Newhall 
Hanley Patrick, Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 
Hanley Samuel, boilermaker, house 71 West Union 
Hanlon Edward, laborer, house 25 North 
Hanlon Francis, laborer, house 1 Jewett, Cent. 
Hanlon James, machinist, house 238 Market 
Hanlon John, laborer, house rear 54 Dutton 
Hanna Margaret, compositor, boards 203 Central 
Hannafin John, laborer, house 166 Adams 
Hannafin John, laborer, house rear 63 Salem 
Hannafin Mary, widow, house rear 63 Salem 
Hannafin Maurice, laborer, house 32 Maple 
Hannafin Thomas, laborer, house 166 Adams 
Hannaford Martha Miss, boards 256 Middlesex 
Hannaford William, machinist, Suffolk, house 1 do. Corp. 
Hannaford William, laborer, house 35 Clark 
Hannaford William N. carpenter, house 35 Pond, Bel. 
Hannahan Margaret, widow, house 2 Laughlin's ct. Bel. 
Hannahan Mary, widow, house 45 Summer 
Hannan John Dennis, junk, house 17 Coburn, Cent. 
Hannan Michael, plasterer, house 19 Davidson, Bel. 
Hannigan Michael, hostler, boards 104 Gorham 
Hannigan Owen, laborer, house rear 113 River, Cent. 
Hannigan Peter, Middlesex, house 65 West Union 
Hanover James, clerk, boards 326 Gorham 
Hanrahan Margaret, widow, house 35 Summer 
Hansbury James, blacksmith, house 47 Water, Bel. 
Hansbury John, blacksmith, house rear 27 Dummer 
Hansbury Martin Mrs. house 42 Dummer 
Hansbury Patrick J. clerk, 20 Central, h. r. 152 Lawrence 
Hansbury see also Hensbury 

Hanscom Alvin A. clerk, 2 Canal block, house 88 Charles 
Hanscom Francis, telegrapher, B. & M. R. R. depot, house 

17 Austin 
Hanscom Mary, widow, house 17 Austin 
Hanscom Susan Mrs. house 59 Chestnut, Bel. 


Hanson Benjamin F. express, house 41 Rock 

Hanson Charles, teamster, house 39 Rock 

Hanson Charles H. express, 39 Rock, house do. 

Hanson Charles W. bookkeeper, 98 Middle, h. 26 Arlington 

Hanson Eliza Miss, house rear 52 Middle 

Hanson Emily Miss, house 255 Central 

Hanson Enos II. operative, house 41 Merrimack corp. 

Hanson George, stone cutter, house 3 Albro block, Cushing 

Hanson James S. collector, boards 39 Rock 

Hanson John S. teamster, freight depot, house 8 Brown's 

block, Marshall 
Hanson Joseph, machinist, house 7 Mason's court 
Hanson Martha G. Mrs. house 343 Central 
Hanson Nellie E. Mrs. house 121 Moody- 
Hanson Sarah E. dress maker, b. 1 Brown's bl'k, Marshall 
Hanson William II. doormaker, h. 1 Brown's bl'k, Marshall 
Hanson Wyman 0. carpenter, house 2 Lagrange court 
Hapgood Charles II. clerk, boards 82 Moody 
llapgood Edgar (E, Hapgood & Son), 77 and 79 High, Bel. 

boards 83 do. 
Hapgood Edwin D. foreman, 77 and 79 High, house 28 

Bartlett, Belvidere 
Hapgood Ephraim & Son [Edgar), mattress manufs. 77 and 

79 High, Belvidere 
Hapgood Frank W. machinist, boards 82 Moody 
Hapgood Harriet A. Mrs. house 83 High, Bel. 
Hapgood James, machinist, boards 82 Moody 
Hapgood Wm. E. S. Mrs. house 82 Moody 
Hard Charles F. (Charles I. Taylor & Co.), 20 Middlesex, 

house 19 Grand 
Hard Wm. H. clerk, L. M. S. foundry, house 51 do. corp. 
Harding Amos P., Lawrence, house 77 Cabot 
Harding Anna A. widow, house 81 Merrimack corp. 
Harding David, overseer, Merrimack, house 78 do. corp. 
Harding Esther, widow, house Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Harding Nathaniel, spinner, house 19 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Harding Oliver M. overseer, Boott, house 79 do. corp. 
Hardisty Thomas, laborer, house 326 Lawrence 
Hardman Frances E. teacher, Moody grammar school, bds. 

158 Stackpole, Belvidere 
Hardman Mary E. teacher, Moody grammar school, boards 

158 Stackpole, Belvidere 
Hardman William Mrs. house 158 Stackpole, Bel. 
Hardy Albeit M. salesman, house 52 School 
Hardy Alonzo, fruit, etc. 129 Market, b. 29 Tremont corp. 
Hardy Charles, laborer, boards 300 Middlesex 
Hardy Daniel E. clerk, Dresser House, h. 161 Middlesex 
Hardy Elvira, widow, boards at Sewall Bowers', off Middle- 
sex, near city line 


Hardy Frank, laborer, boards 68 Hall 

Hardy Frank, operative, house rear 33 Middle 

Hardy F. fl. (Brown, Hardy, & Goodwin), 54 Merrimack, 

house 157 Gorham 
Hardy George, cloth printer, house 34 Andover, Bel. 
Hardy Henry P. machinist, house 43 Cambridge 
Hardy Ida T. Miss, teacher, boards 140 Grand 
Hardy James M. foreman, L. M. S. yard, house 4 do. corp. 
Hardy John, Hamilton, boards 31 do. corp. 
Hardy Joseph W. fireman, L. M. S. house 140 Grand 
Hardy Joshua M. constable and auctioneer, 11 Museum 

building, house do. 
Hardy Thomas, stone cutter, boards 208 Broadway 
Hardy William, grocer, 1 Prescott block 
Hardy William H. paymaster, Chase's Mills, b. 312 Lawrence 
Harkins Margaret, house 190 Market 

Harley James B. overseer, color shop, Hamilton, h. 48 Elm 
Harley William, supt. Print Works, Hamilton Manuf. Co., 

house 133 Gorham 
Harlin Sarah, widow, house 55 Tilden 
Harlow Ann L. Miss, boards 96 Liberty 
Harlow Annie S. teacher, No. 2 primary, h. 23 Pawtucket 
Harlow James H. civil engineer, house 22 Mt. Washington 
Harlow Noah R. paymaster, Locks and Canals, house 23 

Harlow William, second hand, house 25 Tremont corp. 
Harmon Abram B. house 105 Moody 
Harmon Albert N. frame maker, 90 Merrimack, boards 164 

Bridge, Centralville 
Harmon Ansel A. card maker, house 29 Tremont corp. 
Harmon Charles E. weaver, boards 333 Merrimack 
Harmon Charles L. (Lowell Card Go.), 127 Market, h. 100 

High, Belvidere [Tremont corp. 

Harmon Edward P. harnessmaker, 7 Howe, Bel., boards 29 
Harmon Ernest J. stamper, house 151 Moody 
Harmon Hannah, widow, house rear 78 Suffolk 
Harmon Ivory L. carpenter, boards 97 Middle 
Harmon James M. physician, room 6, Welles' block, house 

96 Stackpole, Belvidere 
Harmon Moses M. carpenter, 87 Middle, house 97 do. 
Harmon Pearl, upholsterer, 264 Merrimack 
Harnden Daniel B. clerk, 69 Dutton, boards 68 Fletcher 
Harnden Edwin, depot master, B. & M. R. R. h. 211 Central 
Harnden Mary A. Mrs. house 40 Cabot 
Harnden Samuel, house 52 Water, Belvidere 
Harney Catharine, widow, house Keene, cor. Chapel 
Harnois Pascal, carpenter, house 47 High, Belvidere 
Harper Alexander W. (Drew & Harper), caterers and con- 
fectioners, 37 Central, house do. 


Harper Henry, painter, house 11 Crosby- 
Harper James, overseer, Massachusetts, h. 25 Sixth, Cent. 
Harper Martha II. saleswoman, 60 Merrimack 
Harper Thomas, weaver, house 57 West Fourth, Cent. 
Harper William, boards 17 Crosby 

Harrigan John, bill poster, 2 Commercial sq. h. 8 Linden 
Harrigan John, farm laborer, house 3 Common 
Harrigan Patrick, laborer, house 197 Market 
Harrigan Thomas, laborer, house 66 River, Cent. 
Harrigan Thos. J. salesman, 100 Central, boards 8 Linden 
Harrirnan George W. watchman, house 36 Central 
Harriman James 0. hairdresser, 47 Dutton, boards do. 
Harriman Josiah, weaver, house 31 Prospect 
Harriman Mark B. engineer, boards 71 Dutton 
Harriman Mary A. widow, house 70 Cabot 
Harriman Sarah A. Miss, boards 16 Cambridge 
Harriman William D. blacksmith, house 35 Fourth, Cent. 

Harriman Mrs. house 11 Wellman's block 

Harrington B. boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Harrington Bros. (Daniel J. and John H.), printers, 27 

Harrington Clara Mrs. house 89 Bridge, Cent. 
Harrington Daniel J. (Harrington Bros.), 27 Shattuck, bds. 

83 Church 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, house 108 Merrimack corp. 
Harrington Daniel G. wheelwright, house 15 Adams 
Harrington Daniel J. tailor, 97 Bridge, h. 98 River, Cent. 
Harrington Dennis, laborer, house 48 Middle 
Harrington Francis, dyer, house 408 Central 
Harrington Henry, bobbinmaker, house 299 Broadway 
Harrington Henry, painter, boards 9 Clark 
Harrington Henry 0. carpenter, boards 20 Rock 
Harrington Humphrey, laborer, house 136 Adams 
Harrington James, Lowell corp. boards 7 do. 
Harrington James, Hamilton, house 34 William 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house 17 Chestnut, Bel. 
Harrington Jeremiah, at Print Works, boards 71 Broadway- 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 64 Congress 
Harrington Jeremiah, stonecutter, house 198 Gorham 
Harrington John, wool sorter, boards 12 Orange 
Harrington John II. (Harrington Bros.), 27 Shattuck, boards 

83 Church 
Harrington Margaret, widow, house 18 Jefferson 
Harrington Margaret, widow, house 83 Church 
Harrington Mary, widow, house rear 64 Congress 
Harrington Michael, laborer, house 5 Maiden lane 
Harrington Michael, laborer, house 178 Adams 
Harrington Michael, Merrimack, house 3 Carpet lane 
Harrington Murtagh, teamster, Thorndike, house 17 Spring 


Harrington Thomas, teamster, house 36 Winter 
Harrington Thomas, dyer, house 6 Clarices court 
Harrington Timothy, Appleton, house 71 Broadway 
Harrington Timothy, laborer, house 45 Davidson, Bel. 
Harrington Timothy, operative, house 77 Fayette, Bel. 
Harrington Timothy, stonecutter, house 214 Gorham 
Harrington William, laborer, house rear 86 Suffolk 
Harris Arthur W. clerk, 121 Central, boards 34 Tyler 
Harris A. T. Mrs. dressmaker, 9 Stevens building, h. do. 
Harris Charles A., Thorndike Mfg. Co., house 14 Liberty 
Harris Edward, clerk, boards 168 Bridge, Cent. 
Harris Eugene A. bleachery, house 9 Bleachery corp. 
Harris Francis M. bleachery, house 48 Newhall 
Harris Frank B. prop., Harris Hotel, 21 Merrimack, h. do. 
Harris George, Middlesex, house 21 Blossom 
Harris George L. overseer, Lawrence corp. h. 197 Moody 
Harris George W. loom harness, Coolidge, cor. Hall, near 

Lawrence corp. also ( Carey & Harris), wood working 

machinery, 190 Broadway, cor. Mt. Vernon, house 148 

Harris Henry, tinsmith, boards 260 Merrimack 
Harris H. H. Mrs. boarding house, 26 Mass. corp. 
Harris James, operative, boards 17 Kirk avenue 
Harris Mary A., Carrie M., and Helen S. Misses, house 148 

Harris M. Clement, loom harnessmaker, boards 148 Moody 
Harris {Otis S.) & Smith (Frank W.), fruit, 47 Merrimack, 

also 287 do. house Mt. Vernon, near Bowers 
Harris Samuel N. carpenter, house 7 Tenth, Cent. 
Harris Sarah A. Mrs. house 34 Tyler 
Harris Sarah P. Mrs. boards 197 Moody 
Harris Simon B. police, house 188 Wilder 
Harris Thomas W. Mrs. boards 34 Tyler 
Harris William, painter, house 57 Jewett, Cent. 
Harris William, foreman, boilermaker, house 282 Lincoln 
Harrison Adolphe J. clerk, 139 Central, house do. 
Harrison Bertram, teacher writing, house 15 Arlington 
Harrison Joseph, overseer, Belvidere Woolen Co. house 356 

Harrison Joseph, overseer, Prescott, h. 46 do. Corp., Bel. 
Harrison Joseph, spinner, Boott corp. boards 60 Middle 
Harrison Samuel W. physician and surgeon, 55 Central 
Harrold Hugh, operative, boards 159 River, Cent. 
Hart Almira Mrs. boarding house, 56 Fletcher 
Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house 29 Clay, Belvidere 
Hart Bridget, widow, house 49 Cross 
Hart Catharine, widow, boards 5 Keene 
Hart Cornelius, laborer, house 1 Lowell place 
Hart Daniel, laborer, house 5 Union court 


Hart Daniel, laborer, house 214 Market 

Hart Daniel, machinist, boards 208 Broadway 

Hart Edward, at U. S. Cartridge Co. house 71 Lawrence 

Hart Henry, watchman, Boott, house 3 do. corp. 

Hart James, weaver, Lowell Manufacturing Company, bds. 

20 Marion 
Hart James Mrs. house 14 Lagrange 
Hart James W. & Co. (Silas \V. Fletcher), door, sash, and 

blind manufacturers, at Whipple's mills, house 136 

Smith, corner Liberty 
Ilart Jane, widow, house 275 Lincoln 
Hart John, laborer, boards 84 Fenwick 
Hart John, laborer, house 20 Marion 
Hart John, mule spinner, house 61 Newhall 
Hart .Michael, stone cutter, boards 157 Middlesex 
Hart Patrick, laborer, house 93 Congress 
Hart Patrick, carpenter, boards 20 Marion 
Hart Peter, machinist, house rear 41 Middle 
Hart William, laborer, house 3 Sullivan's yard 
Hart William, teamster, boards 52 West Fourth, Cent. 
Hartford Daniel, house 46 Railroad 
Hartford Dudley, boards 5 Mill 

Hartford George A. clerk, 80 Merrimack, b. 100 Applcton 
Hartford George H. bobbin maker, boards 81 Applcton 
Hartford James T. carpenter, house 257 Gorham 
Hartford Mark, bobbin maker, house 8 1- Applcton 
Hartigan Thomas, laborer, house 36 Bleachery corp. 
Hartley Henry, tea dealer, 30 Warren, house do. 
Hartley Joseph II. liquors, 33 Middle, house do. 
Hartley Maurice, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Hartley William, laborer, house 66 Elm 
Hart man John, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Hartshorn Edward, clerk, 80 Merrimack, house 46 Tyler 
Hartwell Clarinda T. dressmaker, 12 Nesmith bl'k, h. do. 
Hartwell Ira, house 22 Varney 

Hartwell James I). (Hartwell & Go.), house 137 Moody 
Hartwell & Co. (James D. Hartwell), grocers, 251 Merri- 
Hartwell Louisa B. widow, house 137 Moody [mack 

Hartwell , Mrs. house 12 Nesmith block 

Harvey Amanda M. widow, house 124 Worthen 
Harvey Augustus, teamster, M. P. W. house 141 Merri- 
mack corporation 
Harvey Charles II. clerk, B. & L. F. depot, h. 124 Worthen 
Harvey James, boots and shoes, bds. Prescott corp. Bel. 
Harvey James A. (Harvey & Go.), 7 Canal block, house E. 

Merrimack, Bel. 
Harvey Jane, widow, house 9 Little 

Harvey J. Franklin (Go<j<ji,ix, Kidder, & Go.) r Fletcher, c. 
Dutton, house 8 Loring 


Harvey Kate Mrs. boarding house, 70 Dutton 

Harvey Moses C. boarding house, 3 and 4 Tremont corp. 

Ilarvey Nelson, carpenter, house 54 Dutton 

Ilarvey Sarah L. Mrs. house 6 Boott corp. 

Ilarvey William Mrs. house 124 Worthen 

Harvey & Co. (James A. Ilarvey), boots and shoes, 7 Canal 

block, Central 
Harwood Charles A. teamster, boards 10 Pine 
Ilarwood Clara W. bookkeeper, house 82 High, Bel. 
Harwood Isaac, machinist, house 24 Race 
Ilarwood Rufus, teamster, house 10 Pine 
Hase William M. carpenter, house 48 Adams 
Haseltine George W. carpenter, house 108 South 
Hasey Edward W. teamster, 29 Smith, house do. 
Hasey Henry P. job wagon, house 128 Smith 
Haskell Elias, house 92 Jewett, Centralville 
Haskell Eugene M. foreman, Foss & Pevey, house 160 High, 

Bel vide re 
Haskell Job II. locksmith, rear 61 Central, h. 46 Jewett, 

Haskell J. Frank, counsellor, 8 Museum building, boards 160 

High, Belvidere 
Haskell Theodore, machinist, house 9 Lagrange 
Haskell William G. Rev. house 50 Cabot 
Haslam Dennis, laborer, boards 154 Market 
Haslam William C. foreman, L. M. S. house 20 Lyon 
Hassett James, laborer, house rear 106 Market 
Ilassett John B. laborer, house 1 Donahoe's yard 
Hastings Albert M. 3 Central, boards 37 Bartlett, Bel. 
Hastings Alexander, carpenter, house 88 Jewett, Cent. 
Hastings Edward, house opp. Park Garden, Belvidere 
Hasty John, laborer, house 96 Moody 
Hasty Thomas, operative, house rear 50 Charles 
Hatch Albert, house 134 Suffolk 

Hatch ( Charles F.) & Littlefield (Charles), paper box man- 
ufacturers, 3 Warren, house 297 Central 
Hatch Edward C. operative, house 25 Warren 
Hatch George S. house 80 High, Belvidere 
Hatch George S. Mrs. house 27 Oak, Belvidere 
Hatch Henry, laborer, house 80 Church 
Hatch Mehitable A. widow, house 17 Warren 
Hatch William G. P. carpenter, house 23 Church 
Hatfield George, carpenter, boards 4 First, Cent. 
Hauver Jacob, carpenter, house 16 Liberty 
Hauver Levi, carpenter, 17 Middle 
Ilavland John, machinist, boards 19 Common 
Hawes David, boards 35 Jewett, Cent. 
Ilawes F. B. house 18 Suffolk 
Hawes Ira M. boards 35 Jewett, Cent. 


Ilawes M. J. Mrs. house 35 Jewett, Cent. 

Hawes William II. sash and blind maker, b. 35 Jewett, Cent. 

Hawes ( W. G.), Batman (E.), & Co., fancy goods, 10 Mer- 
rimac House block, house at Reading 

Hawkes Andrew N. shoemaker, Hudson, near Lawrence, 
house 25 Whipple 

Hawkes Mackerness N. shoemaker, house Manchester, cor. 

Haworth Thomas, weaver, house 333 Merrimack 

Haworth Thomas C. clerk, Northern depot, b. 333 Merrimack 

Hawthorn Thomas, painter, house 50 London 

Hayden A. Henry (Sullivan & Hayden), produce, Dutton, 
boards 17 Church 

Hayden Charles P. stone cutter, house 55 London 

Hayden Ephraim F. baker, house 32 Mt. Washington 

Hayden Margaret, widow, house 130 River, Cent. 

Hayden Sarah, widow, house 64 Linden 

Hayes Daniel M. police, house 64 Suffolk 

Hayes Edward, Hamilton, house 48 South 

Hayes Hannah, widow, house 7 Sullivan's yard 

Hayes Henry F. clerk, 125 Central, boards 222 Lawrence 

Hayes James, operative, boards 48 South 

Hayes Jeremiah, laborer, house 33 Fenwick 

Haj'es Jeremiah, laborer, boards 243 Market 

Hayes John, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Hayes John II. carpenter, house 4 Pond, Bel. 

Hayes John F. tinsmith, boards 66 Andover, Bel. 

Hayes Joseph F. packer, house 5 Bleachery 

Hayes Joseph R. apothecary, 18 Central, house 116 Stack- 
pole, Belvidere 

Hayes Lawrence, teamster, 47 Market, house 5 Abbott 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 13 Floyd 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 243 Market 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house 44 Dummer 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house 224 Lawrence 

Hayes Sarah A. widow, boards 7 Lowell corp. 

Hayes Thomas, clerk, 69 Gorham, house 66 Lawrence 

Hayes Timothy, laborer, house 153 Adams 

Hayes William II. I. restaurant, 145 Middlesex, house do. 

Haynes Alvin F. machinist, house 30 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Haynes Edward C. civil engineer, City Govt, building, bds. 
137 Colburn 

Haynes Frank II. driver, 95 Merrimack, boards do. 

Haynes Henry C. civil engineer, b. 137 Merrimack corp. 

Haynes Levina Mrs. dressmaker, house rear 126 Suffolk 

Haynes Phineas R. machinist, house 413 Central 

Haynes Richard W. butcher, 535 Middlesex, house do. 

Hayton Anthony, wire grinder, boards 35 Congress 

Hayward J. Clark, painter, 49 Chestnut, Bel. house do. 


Hayward John, machinist, house 57 Water, Bel. 

Hayward Lydia W. widow, house 28 Austin 

Hazelton Harriet E. widow, house 55 Salem 

Hazen Carlos (8. G. Mack & Co.), 121 and 123 Market, 

house 43 Fourth, Centralville 
Hazzard William W. gardener, house Pawtucket sq. Pawt. 
Head Mary, widow, boards 80 Lawrence 
Head Thomas, upholsterer, house 17 Wamesit 
Heaffley Frederick E. blacksmith, house 4 Quebec 
Heald Ai W. job wagon, house 131 Coburn, Cent. 
Heald B. F. dentist, 52J Merrimack, house at Tewksbury 
Heald Charles E. carpenter, house Mt. Hope, Paw. 
Heald Frank W. clerk, 22 Middlesex, bds. 5 Butterfield 
Heald Jeremiah W. Mrs. boards 7 Everett, Bel. 
Heald John Mrs. house 32 Paige 

Heald Samuel M. carpenter, and boarding h. 78 Appleton 
Healey Alice M. teacher, No. 23 primary, b. 20 Princeton 
Healey Daniel, spinner, house 15 Coburn, Cent. 
Healey David, overseer repairs, Merrimack Print Works, 

house 20 Princeton 
Healey David jr. clerk, Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank, 

house Bowers, near Mt. Washington 
Healey Eliza II. house 156 Cross 
Healey George E. clerk, Appleton National Bank, boards 

20 Princeton 
Healey Henry, engraver, M. P. W. h. 45 Merrimack corp. 
Healey James, hostler, house 159 Market 
Healey John, Lowell, boards 7 do. corporation 
Healey Joseph C. carpenter, Merrimack, house 173 do. corp. 
Healey Julia M. teacher, Mann school, house 45 Merri- 
mack corporation 
Healey Patrick, laborer, boards rear 101 Gorham 
Heaney John, laborer, house 263 Bridge, Cent. 
Heaney William, house 11 Court avenue 
Heany John, house 97 Lawrence 
Heaps Margaret, widow, house 121 River, Cent. 
Heath Augustus M. carpenter, house 6 First, Cent. 
Heath Charles II. beltmaker, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Heath Elbridge E. machinist, house 103 Howard 
Heath Joel H. stone mason, house 2 Goward place 
Heath John R. boarding house, 249 Middlesex 
Heath Newell, machinist, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Hebberd De Witt C. brass finisher, 20 Middlesex, house 

168 Bridge, Cent. 
Hebert Desire, laborer, house 147 Middlesex 
Hebert Hilaire, laborer, house Brown's block, East Pine 
Hebert Louis, grocer and provision dealer, 204 Middlesex, 

house 202 do. 
Hebert Louis, shoemaker, house 227 Middlesex 


Hebert Peter, Lawrence, house 1 Dempsey's place 

Ilebert Samuel P. provision dealer, 17 Adams, cor. Suffolk, 

house 147 Middlesex 
Hedge Levi Mrs. house 283 Central 

Iledrick Geo., piano fortes, 36 Central, h. 88 Andover, Bel. 
Iledrick Geo. Mrs. pres. Old Ladies' Home, h. 88 Andover, 

Hedrick George C. bookkeeper, house 31 Oak, Belvidere 
Heelon John, laborer, house rear 9 Little 
Heelon John, laborer, house 67 Whipple 
Heffernan Joseph, mason, boards 56 Dutton 
Heland Patrick, farmer, house 342 Central 
Hellewell Tempest, overseer, U. S. Bunting Co. house 139 

River, Centralville 
Hemenway Edson Mrs. house 76 Moody 
Hemenway L. F. Mrs. boards 116 Suffolk 
Hemenway Marshall, grocer, 259 Central, h. 139 Gorham 
Hemingway Joseph H. 83 Central, b. 101 Methuen, Cent. 
Hemphill Hannah R. Mrs. house 94 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Hemsworth Catharine, widow, house 108 Adams 
Henaghan James II. liquors, 214 Merrimack, bds. 16 Cabot 
Henchley James H., Lawrence, house 63 do. corp. 
Henderson Alden W. student, boards 2 Lowell corp. 
Henderson Alice, boards 88 Merrimack 
Henderson Geo. W. driver ice team, h. 1 McFarlin ave. 
Henderson James, carpet weaver, boards 132 Lawrence 
Henderson Robert, operative, boards 116 Fayette, Bel. 
Henderson Sarah J. boarding house, 2 Lowell corp. 
Henderson Shepard F. house 72 Moody 
Henderson Solon, Boott corp. house 55 do. 
Henderson William, laborer, house 32 Appleton 
Hendry Robert, carpenter, house 4 Wamesit 
Heneault Thad, log driver, house 4 Shaw's block 
Hennessy Daniel, house 126 Market 
Hennessy Daniel, jr. Merrimack, boards 126 Market 
Hennessy James, brick layer, boards 7 Edgerley's court 
Hennessy John, laborer, house 6 Suffolk court 
Hennessy John, variety store, 149 Market, house do. 
Hennessy John, laborer, house 105 Adams 
Hennessy John, laborer, house 10 Taylor 
Hennessy Martin, mason, house 33 Charles 
Hennessy Maurice, plumber, 5 Prescott, house 6 Hudson 
Hennessy Thomas, laborer, house 7 Edgerley's court 
Hennessy Thomas, spinner, house 22 Watson 
Hennessy Timothy, brick layer, boards 7 Edgerley's court 
Hennessy William, operative, boards 90 Suffolk 
Hennessy William, carpenter, house 90 Suffolk 
Hennigan Patrick, Hamilton, house rear 25 Cross 
Henotte Constant, physician, 330 Merrimack, house do. 


Henry John, laborer, house 185 River, Cent. 
Henry John C. carriage maker, house rear 60 Branch 
Henry Michael, laborer, house 62 Dutton 
Henry Richard, operative, house rear 125 River, Cent. 
Henry Thomas, operative, house rear 125 River, Cent. 
Henshaw John E. sculptor, 11 Smith, house do. 
Henwright Thomas, Massachusetts, boards 15 do. corp. 
Henwright, see also Enwright 

Herbert Patrick, operative, house 60 West Fourth, Cent. 
Herbert Warren W. carpenter, house Wright, near Wood- 
ward, Pawtucketville 
Heren Paul, laborer, house 15 Charles 
Herlihy John, laborer, house 63 Fenwick 
Hernshaw Robinson, loomfixer, house 15 Mead 
Herren Patrick, laborer, house rear 69 Whipple 
Herrick Albert S. physician, 192 Merrimack, h. 18 Railroad 
Herrick Edward S. variety store, 359 Central, h. 357 do. 
Herrick John A. clerk, 38 Central, house 34 Chapel 
Herrick Sarah Miss, boards Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Hersey Amos T. machinist, house 56 Stackpole, Bel. 
Hersey Hiram, baker, 31 Central, boards 61 Charles 
Hersey Hiram Mrs. house 61 Charles 
Heshen Bernard, laborer, house rear 16 Paige 
Hessin Jeffrey, blacksmith, boards 152 First, Cent. 
Hetu Peter, laborer, house Shaw's block, East Pine 
Ileugh Thomas, helper, house 55 Gushing 

Heywood , widow, house Luther's court 

Hibbard George, blacksmith, boards 95 High, Bel. 

Hibbert Charles, machinist, house 67 Gushing 

Hibbert Charles S. machinist, foreman, 257 Middlesex, h. 

39 Branch 
Hibbert George Mrs. house 59 Howard 
Hibbert Samuel E. sashmaker, house 59 High, Belvidere 
Hickey James, blacksmith, house 71 Fenwick 
Hickey James, laborer, house 18 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Hickey John, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 
Hickey John, house 86 South 
Hickey John, jr. spindlemaker, boards 86 South 
Hickey Margaret, widow, house 18 Pleasant, Bel. 
Hickey Michael, bootmaker, 256 Merrimack, h. 125 Moody 
Hickey Patrick II. machinist, house 84 Fenwick 
Hickey Rose, widow, dressmaker, house 86 Hall 
Hickey Thomas, spinner, house 6 Kinsman 
Hickey Walter, city teamster, house 68 Fenwick 
Hickey Walter II. machinist, house 82 Fenwick 
Hicks Adolphus P. carpenter, house 2 Corey's blk. Coolidge 
Hicks Benjamin H. oils, etc. 395 Gorham, house do. 
Hicks Joseph, overseer, Chase Mills, house 212 Thorndike 
Hicks J. A. Mrs. house 42 Merrimack corp. 


Hickson John, Tremont, boards 56 Dutton 
Hide Ellen Miss, house rear Washington, near Leverett 
Higgins Alexander, machinist, 92 Middle, bds. 16 Market 
Higgins Archibald, gasfitter, house 86 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Higgins Bridget, widow, house 27 Lee 
Higgins Francis, currier, house 3 Putney's court 
Higgins George, driver, H.R.R. boards City Hotel, Bel. 
Higgins James, laborer, house 145 Lawrence 
Hisfeins John Mrs. house 187 Lawrence 
Higgins Patrick, tanner, boards 36 Canada 
Higgins Patrick, hostler, boards 104 Market 
Higgins Samuel, spinner, house head of Stackpole, Bel. 
Higgins William, machinist, house 198 Stackpole, Bel. 
Higgins William, spinner, house 15 Floyd 
Higginson Thomas, laborer, house 3 Putney's court 
Higham Lemuel, mule spinner, house 1 Dane-st. ave. 
Higham Samuel, mule spinner, boards 1 Dane-st. avenue 
Hight Hanson H. (Shaw, Hight, & Board-man), 134 Merri- 
mack, house 183 Moody 
Hight Randall S. fish, 326 Merrimack, h. 12 Suffolk corp. 
Hiland James, laborer, house 21 Newhall 
Hiland John, foundryman, house 1 Putney's court 

Hiland Mrs. boards 63 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Hilborn William II. steward, Washington House 
Hildreth Albert, wheelwright, boards 58 Church 
Hildreth Charles L. foreman, L. M. S. house 2 do. corp. 
Hildreth Fisher A. Mrs. house 64 Sixth, Cent. 
Hildreth George, painter, house 14 Lagrange court 
Hildreth George E. carpenter, house 14 Lagrange court 
Hildreth Henry A. house 98 Bridge, Centralville 
Hildreth Mary E. Mrs. house 103 Appleton 
Hildreth Nancy A. widow, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 

Hildreth , carpenter, boards 335 Merrimack 

Hill Abraham J. C. clerk, 9 Middle, boards 173 Lawrence 

Hill Albert E. confectionery, 4 Central, h. 140 High, Bel. 

Hill Alva F. suspender maker, boards 14 Liberty 

Hill Annie I. boards 168 Middlesex 

Hill Asa V. music teacher and musical instrument dealer, 

129 Central, house 46 Fairmount, Bel. 
Hill Belle C. accountant, Lowell Institution for Savings, b. 

7 Cabot block 
Hill Benjamin C. machinist, house 7 Cabot block 
Hill Benjamin F. painter, house 44 Chestnut, Bel. 
Hill Bros. (Z>. L. and H. B.), carriage manufs. 20 Middlesex 
Hill Carlos F. laborer, rooms 256 Middlesex 
Hill Catharine Mrs. house 7 Hancock avenue 
Hill Charles A. carpenter, boards 145 Howard 
Hill Charles Haven, carriage maker, h. Chelmsford, opposite 


Hill Charles II. printer, boards 13 Smith 
Hill David, machinist, boards 52 Chambers 
Hill David L. (Hill Brothers), 20 Middlesex, h. 128 Suffolk 
Hill Delia Miss, boards 41 Museum building 
Hill Dora G. Mrs. house 52 Tyler 

Hill Ed rick E. clerk, 118 Merrimack, boards 18 Grove 
Hill Eliza Miss, house at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Hill Emeline W. Mrs. house 41 Myrtle, Cent. » 
Hill Epaphras A. wood, 383 Middlesex, house 375 do. 
Hill George, plumber, 126 Central, boards 119 do. 
Hill George F. carriage manuf. 192 Middlesex, h. 188 do. 
Hill George W. plumber, boards 52 Tyler 
Hill Hosea B. (Hill Bros.), carriage maker, 20 Middlesex, 

house 65 Charles 
Hill Ida A. Miss, assistant, Green school, house 7 Cabot 
Hill James E. bowling saloon, Ilurd, corner Central, house 

11 Bassett 
Hill John, overseer, Lowell Manuf. Co. house 18 Grove 
Hill John, operative, house 44 First, Centralville 
Hill John B. machinist, house 25 Boott corporation 
Hill John II. carpenter, boards 52 Tyler 
Hill Joseph, piper, house 100 Gorham 

Hill Joseph, overseer, M. P. W. house 63 Merrimack corp. 
Hill Joshua, furniture and housekeeping goods, 9 and 11 

Middle, house 173 Lawrence 
Hill J. Gilbert, supt. Lawrence Manuf. Co. h. 87 do. Corp. 
Hill Katie A. teacher, 126 YVorthen, house do. 
Hill Louisa M. Mrs. house rear 261 Merrimack 
Hill Lucy A. teacher private school, 126 YVorthen, h. do. 
Hill L. T. Miss, dressmaker, 7 Lee, bds. 8 Merrimack corp. 
Hill Marietta, teacher, primary No. 16, Fayette, boards 46 

Fairmount, Bclvidere 
Hill Mary A. Miss, weaver, house 33 Cheever 
Hill Mary L. teacher, No. 44 primary school, boards 126 

Hill Nathaniel, draftsman, 3 and 4 Applcton blk. house 19 

Hill Nathaniel Mrs. house 126 Worthen 
Hill Nathaniel M. Mrs. boarding house, 13 Tremont corp. 
Hill Nellie D. saleswoman, boards 52 Tyler 
Hill Peter, laborer, house rear 72 Fenwick 
Hill Rufus F. blacksmith, house 13 Smith 
Hill Sewall E. baggage master, L. & N. R. R. house 256 

Hill Thomas, wool sorter, house 83 Chapel 
Hill William Y. wire worker, boards 41 Myrtle, Cent. 
Hill Wright L. carriage smith, 173 Central, h. 140 High, 

Hill Wyman, watchman, Lowell corporation 


Ililliard Daniel W. carpenter, and hoseman Steamer 3, 72 

Middle, house do. 
Hills Eliphalet, wood turner and pattern maker, Mechanics' 

mills, office 48 Central, house 67 Fletcher 
Hills George D. bookkeeper, 98 Middle, house 122 Worthen 
Hills William F. clerk, 166 Merrimack, boards 12*2 Worthen 
Hillsgrove William, Hamilton, house 42 Chestnut, Bel. 
Hilt Dana, wood worker, boards 168 Middlesex 

Hilt , machinist, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 

Hilton Carrie C. Mrs. house 83 Cross 

Hilton Elbridge G. engineer, U. S. Bunting Co. h. 3 Mead 

Hilton Lucius W. (Cobb & Hilton), 36 Merrimack, house 15 

Fifth, Centralville 

Hilton Mrs. house 263 Gorham 

Hinchcliffe Alfred, spinner, house 283 Lincoln 

Hinchcliffe George, second hand, Mass. h. 36 Prescott, Bel. 

Hinchcliffe Jane, widow, house 160 Merrimack corp. 

Hinchcliffe John, operative, house 15 Coburn, Cent. 

Hinchcliffe Thomas, spinner, Merrimack, h. 160 do. corp. 

ILinchey John, at bleachery, house 12 Ford 

Hinchey Martin, laborer, house 67 West Union 

Ilinchey Martin, laborer, house 29 Union 

Hinckley Albert L. carpenter, house 264 Broadway 

Ilindle David, slasher, Prescott, boards 53 Mass. corp. 

Hines Alexander, machinist, boards 64 Appleton 

Hines Ann, widow, house 64 Appleton 

Hines Chester G. hat raanuf. 170 Merrimack, house do. 

Hines Michael, machinist, house 172 Lawrence 

Hiney Edward, jack spinner, boards 25 Newhall 

Hird Samuel, clerk, John, cor. Merrimack, bds. 123 Chapel 

Hird William, wool sorter, house 142 Broadway 

Hirshfield Henry, clerk, 20 Central, house 63 Charles 

Hirshfield Herman, clothing, 20 Central, h. 72 Bartlett, Bel. 

Hirshfield Philip, cigar dealer, 20 Central, house 94 Dover 

Hirst Benjamin, weaver, house Third avenue, Paw. 

Hirst Thomas, laborer, boards 143 Worthen 

Iliscox Andrew J. pres. Iliscox File Manuf. Co. at West 

Chelmsford, house 89 Appleton 
Iliscox File Manuf. Co., at West Chelmsford 
Iliscox John, Middlesex, house 2 Lawrence 
Histen Michael, bleachery, house 206 Gorham 
Hitchcock Isabella, widow, house 9 Lagrange 
Hoar Honora, widow, house 426 Central 
Hoar John, laborer, house 19 Cross 
Hoar John, laborer, boards rear 136 Broadway 
Hoar Martin, bleachery, boards 68 Agawarn 
Hoar Maurice, laborer, house rear 78 Suffolk 
Hoar Michael, Merrimack, boards rear 78 Suffolk 
Hoar Michael, grocer, Dutton, n. c. Market, h. 153 Worthen 


Hoar Patrick, laborer, boards rear 78 Suffolk 
Hoar Samuel, machinist, house 15 Branch 
Hoar Thomas, grocer, 424 Central, house do. 
Hoar Wm. M. physician, Welles' block, bds. 153 Worthen 
Hobart Anna L. clairvoyant. 4 Middlesex, house do. 
Hobart George W. carriagesmith, 15 Arch, h. 4 Middlesex 
Hobart William, operative, boards 61 Appleton 
Hobart William D., Hamilton, house 74 Appleton 
Hobbs Frank G., B. & M. R. R. house 30 Oak, Belvidere 
Hobbs Lewis C. teamster, boards 41 Rock 
Hobson George, chief engineer fire department, office, Gov- 
ernment building, house 24 Linden 
Hobson Geo. H. bookkeeper (82 State, B.), b. 24 Linden 
Hodgdon Alvin, fireman, house 37 Prescott corp., Bel. 
Hodgdon Daniel, teamster, boards 29 Rock 
Hodgdon George, carpenter, house 112 Middlesex 
Hodgdon Samuel G. carpenter, house 43 Cushing 
Hodge Allen T. carpenter, house 46 First, Cent. 
Hodge Betsey Miss, house 107 Middlesex 
Hodge Henry, teamster, house 14 Carlton 
Hodge John M. shoemaker, 7 Riverside, Paw. house do. 
Hodge John M. jr., Lowell, h. Mammoth, n. Pawtucket sq., 

Hodge Mary, widow, house 9 Dummer 
Hodge William, bleacher, house 6 Dummer 
Hodges Frank, carpenter, boards 273 Fletcher 
Hodges Michael, laborer, house rear 177 Market 
Hodgman Abel Goodrich, wheelwright, 6 Decatur, h. do. 
Hodgman Amos EL. painter, house 2 Jackson 
Hodgman Benj. hats, caps, and clothing, 38 Central, h. 77 

Hodgman Charlotte, widow, dressmaker, h. 44 Railroad 
Hodgman Osgood II. sash and blind maker, b. 94 Rock 
Hodgman Wm. S. laborer, house 525 Pine 
Hodgson George, laborer, house rear 21 Cheever 
Hodgson William, slasher, boards 31 Tremont corp 
Hodgson William, file cutter, house 59 Fletcher 
Hogan Eliza, widow, house 16 Davidson, Belvidere 
Hogan James, house 17 Aiken 

Hogan James, operative, boards 16 Davidson, Belvidere 
Hogan James H. carpenter, house 55 Willie 
Hogan John, Massachusetts, house 13 Gorham 
Hogan Martin Mrs. house 79 Middle 
Hogan Mary, widow, house Austin's block, Coolidge 
Hogan Mary J. widow, house rear 177 Adams 
Hogan Matthew, laborer, house rear 30 Paige 
Hogan Michael, operative, house 84 Hall 
Hogan Michael, laborer, B. & L. R. R. house 283 Gorham 
Hogan Patrick, laborer, house 21 Dummer 


Ilogan Patrick, weaver, house Austin's block, Coolidge 

Ilogan Thomas, watchman, house 1 Ford 

Ilogan Thomas P. moulder, boards 1 Ford 

Ilogan William, L. M. S. house 44 Dummer 

Iloisington Charles F. tinsmith, boards rear 261 Merrimack 

lloisington Clarence L. telegraph operator, boards rear 261 

Iloisington Lyman, laborer, house rear 261 Merrimack 
Holbrook Caroline M. Miss, clerk, 27 Central, boards 129 

East Merrimack, Bel. 
Holbrook Elisha A. billiards, 23 Merrimack, house 38 First, 

Holbrook Frank, Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 
Holbrook George, machinist, boards 29 Rock 
Holbrook Sarah Mrs. house 60 Andover, Belvidere 
Holbrook William II. moulder, house 8 Howard 
Holden Ann B. widow, house 131 Pawtuckct 
Ilolden Charles A. letter carrier, house 17 Blossom 
Holden Edward D. agent, Stirling mills, h. 46 Lawrence 
Holden Ellen M. Miss, teacher, bds. Riverside, Paw. 
Ilolden Frederick A. overseer, house 38 Race 
Holden Henry, Prescott, boards 26 Massachusetts corp. 
Holden Horace G. explosive material, h. 21 Mt. Washington 
Holden Isaac, nurseryman, house Riverside, Paw. 
Ilolden James F. farmer, house 503 Pine 
Ilolden Josephus, machinist, boards 19 Adams 
Ilolden Patrick, laborer, house 4 Union court 
Ilolden Peter, laborer, house 41 Salem 
Ilolden Richard, house 2 Hale 

Hole Owen R. machinist, house 163 Merrimack corp. 
Holgate William H. overseer, Stirling mills, h. 32 Lyon 
Holian Michael, laborer, house 7 Howe-st. ave., Bel. 
Holland Ann, widow, house rear 55 Middle 
Holland Hugh, laborer, house 61 Church 
Holland James, boards 58 Dummer 
Holland James, Middlesex, house 18 Pleasant, Bel. 
Holland James B. carriage trimmer, house 13 Cady 
Holland John, painter, Lowell Machine Shop 
Holland John, laborer, boards 274 Merrimack 
Holland John, operative, house 13 Salem 
Holland John, laborer, house 168 Adams 
Holland John J. bottler, 91 Middle, boards QQ Dummer 
Holland John W. Mrs. house 21 Walker 
Holland Lewis K. clerk, house 21 Walker 
Holland Margaret, widow, house rear 53 Dutton 
Holland Margaret, widow, house 3 Prescott block 
Holland Michael, spinner, house 5 Hudson 
Holland Susan, widow, house 171 Market 
Holland Thomas, laborer, house 4 Carolin's pi., Bel. 


Holland Timothy, laborer, house 23 Lagrange 

Holland William, spinner, house rear 15 River, Cent. 

Holland William, L. M. S. boards 41 Marion 

Hollinger Daniel, travelling agent, house 89 Merrimack 

Hollinger H. Mrs. & Daughter, dressmaking, 89 Merrimack 

Hollis James W. teamster, house 37 Hamilton corp. 

Ilolloran David, laborer, house 20 Appleton 

Ilolloran Dennis, machinist, boards 88 S'mth 

Hollowwood Patrick, finisher, house 23 Swift 

Holly Tree Inn, 16 Shattuck 

Holman Alfred M. painter, 252 Middlesex, h. at Chelmsford 

Holman Charles C, Merrimack, boards 130J do. corp. 
Holman John C. machinist, house 130| Merrimack corp. 
Holman Lewis Mrs. house 190 Cei tral 
Holmes Annie Mrs. boards 27 Trcmont corp. 
Holmes Ezra T. machinist, boards 256 Middlesex 
Holmes Helen, widow, house 35 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Holmes Hiram B., Tremont, house 14 Suffolk corp. 
Holmes Lucien G., Chase mills, boards 312 Lawrence 
Holmes L. C. Miss, dressmaker, 74 Andover, Bel. 
Holmes Mark, cabinetmaker, house 33 Pine 
Holmes Mark, jr. wood turner, house 115 Adams 
Holmes Nelson N. fireman, house 30 West Sixth, Cent. 
Holmes Ozias, boarding house, 12 Orange 
Holmes Patrick, mule spinner, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Holmes Stillman D. painter, house 53 South 
Holmes Thomas C. boards 12 Orange 
Holmes William, carver, house 139 School 
Holroyd Mary Mrs. house 70 Market 
Holt Abial Mrs. house 92 Willie 
Holt Abial P. Mrs. house 52 Lawrence corp. 
Holt Almira G. Mrs. house 37 Fletcher 
Holt Benjamin, tailor, 82 Central, house 268 Broadway 
Holt Caroline E. teacher, Bartlett school, h. 430 Merrimack 
Holt Charles A. foreman, B. & L. R. R. h. 39 Butterfield 
Holt Daniel, physician, 18 John, house 4 Park, Bel. 
Holt George P. show cards, house 70 High, Belvidere 
Holt John, bunting manufacturer, Howe, house 16 Nesmith, 

Holt Joseph S. bookkeeper, Western avenue, house 430 

Holt Luther, house 182 School 

Holt Susan, widow, house 3 Massachusetts corporation 
Iloltham Joseph, butcher, house 206 Bridge, Cent. 
Holton Frederick, house 78 Pawtucket 
Homans El bridge, teamster, boards 41 Marion 
Ilomans G. Frank ( Whittemore & Homans), grocers, 239 

Broadway, boards 92 Fletcher 


Hones Charles, laborer, boards 143 Market 

Hones Francis, laborer, boards 143 Market 

Hones Hugh, laborer, boards 143 Market 

Hones James, laborer, boards 143 Market 

Hones Patrick, laborer, house 143 Market 

Honey Alden A. door maker, house 37 Rock 

Honey Sarah Miss, house Colburn 

Hood Abraham K. carpenter, 69 Rock, cor. Willie, h. 258 

Hood Charles II. machinist, house 63 L. M. S. corp. 
Hood Charles I. & Co. (Stai-k Tofman), apothecaries, Mer- 
rimack, cor. Central, boards 28 Hard 
Hood Elsie and Rosetta Misses, house 91 Charles 
Hood George, Hamilton, house 7 Lagrange 
Hood George A. carpenter, boards 258 Broadway 
Hood George W. E. machinist, house 33 L. M S. corp. 
Hood Gilbert A. painter, house 122 Appleton 
Hood John, machinist, house 30 Wilson 
Hooke Henry M. Mrs. house 415 Merrimack 
Hoole Edward II. clerk, boards 117 Merrimack corp. 
Iloole Edward P. dry goods, 47 Moody, h. VVestford, opp. 

Coral [corp. 

Iloole John H. second hand, spinner, house 117 Merrimack 
Hoole Sophia L widow, house 17 Washington 
Hoole William, Stott's, house 73 Warren court 
Hooper John H., Lawrence, boards 64 do. corp. 
Hooper Joseph T. printer, " Times," 12 Middle 
Hope Jonathan (American Bolt Co.), 270 Lawrence, house 

169 Chelmsford 
Hope Sarah Mrs. widow, house 63 Fayette, Belvidere 
Hope William C. H. overseer, American Bolt Co. h. 301 

Hopkins Bridget, widow, house rear 125 River, Cent. 
Hopkins George W. clerk, boards 65 Andover, Bel. 
Hopkins James, coroner and constable, 27 Central, house 65 

Andover, Belvidere 
Hopkins James A. (Cal.), boards 65 Andover, Bel. 
Hopkins Levi, Massachusetts, boards 16 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Hopkins Seth E. machinist, house 17 Lawrence corp. 
Hopkins William, house 41 Fourth, Centralville 
Horan Michael, saloon, 45 Market, house 25 Lee 
Horan Patrick, paper maker, house 7 Howe-street ave. Bel. 
Horan Patrick, laborer, house 104 Moody 
Horn Alfred S. (S. Horn & Co.), soap, etc. School, corner 

Middlesex, house 566 Middlesex, comer Wilder 
Horn Asa P. farmer, boards Riverside, Paw. 
Horn Benjamin, machinist, house 92 Bartlett, Bel. 
Horn Eben F. peddler, house rear 34 Fulton, Cent. 
Horn John, laborer, house 190 Gorham 


Horn Mary, widow, house 54 Andover, Bel. 

Horn Samuel & Co. [Alfred S. Horn), soap and candle 
manui's., Middlesex, cor. School, house 74 Smith 

Horn William W. moulder, boards 1 Hill's block, Dodge 

Horn Wm. W. roll coverer, 27 Shattuck, bds. 5 Suffolk Corp. 

Hornby James, L. M. S., boards 37 Union 

Hornby Mary, widow, house 37 Union 

Home Clara, dressmaker, house 70 Chestnut, Bel. 

Home Daniel W. coal, 224 Middlesex, and Hale, near How- 
ard, house 16 South Highland 

Home Emma A. (Furbish & Home), millinery, 83 Merri- 
mack, house 70 Chestnut, Bel. 

Home Patrick, operative, house 32 Crosby 

Horner William, house 8 Abbott 

Horocks Charles H. plaster maker, house 122 Chapel 

Horrax James, boards 6 Lowell corp. 

Horrax Mary, widow, boards 6 Lowell corp. 

Horrax , Mrs. house 191 Central 

Horton John F. carpenter, house 101 Appleton 

Horton Lizzie Miss, boards 44 Museum building 

Hosford Ilocum & Co. (A. G. Pollard), dry goods, 80 ai.d 
82 Merrimack, house 288 Central 

Hosmer Cyrus, Lawrence, house 70 Ford 

Hosmer Edward S. (H. M. & J. Rice & Co.), 4 East Merri- 
mack, house 12 Livermore, Bel. 

Hosmer Edwin, mason, house 25 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Hosmer Mary E. widow, house 10 Mass. corp. 

Hosmer Samuel (Saml. F. Hosmer & Son), 196 Merrimack, 
house 116 Salem 

Hosmer Samuel F. & Son (Samuel Hosmer), provisions, 196 
Merrimack, house 180 Moody 

Hosmer Stephen, trader, house 10 Livermore, Bel. 

Hosmer Willie H. clerk, 60 Merrimack, bds. 10 Livermore, 

Houde Antoine, insurance agent, 120 Central, h. 50 Church 

Houggart John, laborer, boards 251 Market 

Hough Andrew J. designer, Hamilton, house 135 Appleton 

Hough George W. machinist, house 16 Lagrange 

Houghton Ella Miss, house 5 Merrimack 

Ploulihan Bridget, widow, house 39 Gorham 

House T. J. B clergyman, house 15 Eighth, Cent. 

Housler John, laborer, house 217 Hildreth, Cent. 

Houston J. & W. boots and shoes, 73 Bridge, Cent., boards 
24 Albion, Cent. 

Houston Nathaniel, section hand, house 24 Albion, Cent. 

Houston William (J. & W. Houston), 73 Bridge, Cent., bds. 
24 Albion, do. 

Hovey Augustus, boarding house, 14 Mass. corp. 
Hovey Augustus V. weaver, house 30 Mass. corp. 


Ilovcy Charles (Carleion & Hovey), apothecary, 164 Merri- 
mack, house 14 Park, Bel. 
Hovey Cyrus, silverplater, 86 Merrimack, boards 50 Fourth, 

LTovey Edwin, packer, Middlesex, boards Dracut 
Ilovcy E. B. bookkeeper, house 50 Fourth, Cent. 
Hovey Harriet C. teacher, boards 12 Fourth, Cent. 
Hovey Henry E., Massachusetts, boards 14 do. corp. 
Hovey James S. cashier, Railroad Nat. Bank, house 37 

Conant, Cent. 
Hovey Joseph, house 50 Fourth, Cent. 
Hovey Joshua, shoe manufacturer, 74 Bridge, house 129 do. 

Hovey William, shoe manufacturer, 74 Bridge, house 12 

Fourth, Cent. 
Howard Allen, joiner, house 151 Moody 
Howard Charles, police, house 34 Livingston 
Howard Clara W. Mrs. bookkeeper, 33 Market 
Howard Elbridge G. overseer, Lawrence, house 11 do. corp. 
Howard Everett, boards Talbot, Bel. 
Howard Frank, salesman, 94 Central 
Howard Frank, sash and blind maker, house 20 Rock 
Howard George B. medical student, Middlesex, cor. Central, 

boards 49 Church 
Howard George E. bobbin maker, boards 1 Horn 
Howard George S. painter, Lawrence, boards 11 do. corp. 
Howard George S. painter, house off Mammoth, Fawt. 
Howard Harriet, house 151 Moody 
Howard Henry E. painter, boards 38 Chestnut, Bel. 
Howard Horace Mrs. house Talbot, Bel. 
Howard James, bookkeeper, Dutton, cor. Fletcher, house 13 

Howard James, gardener, house 33 Livingston 
Howard James, jr. folder, house 4 Bleachery corp. 
Howard Jennie Mrs. house 35 Congress 
Howard John F. foreman, L. M. S. h. 11 do. corp. 
Howard John 11. clerk, M. C. Pratt & Co.'s, h. 6 Nichols 
Howard John S. G. billiards, 183 Middlesex, h. 32 School 
Howard Josiah, teamster, boards 1 Oliver 
Howard L. Frank, clerk, 9 Central, boards 35 Congress 
Howard Martin, Lawrence Hosiery, boards 7 do. corp. 
Howard Martin V. B. teamster, boards 1 Oliver 
Howard Mary Miss, house 959 Middlesex 
Howard Michael, farmer, house 264 Ncsmith, Bel. 
Howard Otis, planter, h. 141 Baldwin, Middlesex village 
Howard Patrick, laborer, house 19 Winter 
Howard Peter, bleachery, house 40 Carter 
Howard Peter, bleachery, house 16 Agawam 
Howard Pliny A. painter, boards 11 Dodge 


TTowarth Abraham, wool sorter, house 28 Prospect 

Ilowarth Joseph, watchman, Stott's mill, house 28 Prospect 

Howarth Thomas, weaver, house 9 Basselt 

Ilowarth Thomas C. clerk, Northern depot 

Howe Alfred J. milkman, h. Varnum ave., Pawtucketville 

Howe Annie C. teacher, Green school, bds. 26 Third, Cent. 

Howe Anthony, laborer, house 4 Molloy's court 

Howe Augustus J. carpenter, house 35 Oak, Bel. 

Howe Amelia L. teacher, primary, No. 25, boards 166 

Stackpolc, Bel. 
IIowc A. P. house 79 Summer 
Howe Betsey M. Mrs. house 259 Fairmount, Bel. 
Howe Charles E. at Howes & Burnham's, h. 125 Summer 
Howe Charles E. repair shop, Boott, boards 6 do. corp. 
Howe Charles F. counsellor, 49 Central, house 119 Gorham 
Howe Charles W. carpenter, boards 20 Third, Cent. 
Howe Edward B. house 82 High, Bel. 
Howe Edwin A. letter carrier, house 274 Broadway 
Howe Elizabeth, widow, house rear 7 Queen 
Howe Frank W. student, boards 125 Summer 
Howe George E. painter, boards 32 Jewett, Cent. 
Howe Henry C. & J. F. carpenters, Wamesit steam mills, 

and [Howes & Burnham), Dutton, house 129 Summer 
Howe Horace F. carpenter, Second, house 26 Third, Cent. 
Howe James, spinner, house 69 Whipple 
Howe James E. laborer, boards rear 7 Queen 
Howe James M. carpenter, house 76 First, Cent. 
Howe Jeroboam, house 44 Oak, Belvidere 
Howe John, carpenter, house 327 Chelmsford 
Howe John F. (H. G. & J. F. Howe), Wamesit steam mills, 

and (Howes & Burnham), Dutton, house 127 Summer 
Howe J. W. shoemaker, house 42 Tremont, Cent. 
Howe Laura F. teacher, Mann school, h. 166 Stackpole, Bel. 
Howe Lorenzo G. carpenter, and supt. public buildings, 68 

Middle, house 28 Third, Cent. 
Howe L. G. jr. student, 170 Merrimack, b. 28 Third, Cent. 
Howe Martha W. widow, house 166 Stackpole, Bel. 
Howe Michael, stone cutter, boards 12 Orange 
Howe M. Ida, teacher, Bartlett school, h. 28 Third, Cent. 
Howe ( Nancy M. ) & Leathe (Lurena), periodicals and va- 
riety store, 344 Merrimack, house do. 
Howe Patrick, Appleton, house 4 Molloy's court 
Howe Robert, Lowell corporation, boards 7 do. 
Howe Roxanna, widow, house 6 Garnet 
Howe William, carpenter, boards 156 Cross 
Howe William C. carpenter, boards 20 Third, Cent. 
Howe William E. dresser, house 32 Jewett, Centralville 
Howe William G. carpenter, Myrtle, h. IS Myrtle, Cent. 
Howell John, shoemaker, house 40 Pond, Belvidere 


Howes George F. clerk, B. & L. freight depot, house 333 

Howes {Henry G. and John F. Howe) & Burnham [Craw- 
ford), lumber, Dutton, near Wamesit steam mills 
Howes Samuel P. artist, 112 Merrimack, h. 11 Robinson 
Howland John, moulder, boards Howard House 
Howland Waldo, bobbin maker, boards 29 Rock 
Howland William, operative, boards 38 Albion, Cent. 
Howley Bridget, widow, house 33 Charles 
Hoy Harriet J. widow, boards 63 Middle 
Hoyle Abraham, machinist, house 123 Chapel 
Hoyle Benjamin, spinner, house Second ave. Paw. 
Hoyle Fanny, widow, house Mt. Hope, Paw. 
Hoyle Henry, machinist, house Mt. Hope, Paw. 
Hoyle John, spinner, house Mt. Hope, Paw. 
Hoyle Robert, spinner, house Mt. Hope, Paw. 
Hoyle Thomas, spinner, boards Mt. Hope, Paw. 
Hoyt Alva, watchman, Mass. boards 14 Second, Cent. 
Hoyt Charles B. F. at gas company's shop, h. 16 Hanover 
Hoyt Daniel S. mason, house 45 South 
Hoyt Edward, Lawrence, boards 22 do. Corp. 
Hoyt Eli W. & Co. (F. B. Shedd), apothecaries, 139 Cen- 
tral, cor. Middlesex, house 244 Andover, Bel. 

Hoyt Frank, cigar maker, 33 Merrimack, boards 96 do. 

Hoyt Homer, machinist, boards 44 Boott corp. 

Hoyt Horace L. Mrs. boarding house, 44 Boott corp. 

Hoyt James II painter, house 169 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Hoyt Jane B. widow, boarding house, 26 Suffolk corp. 

Hoyt Janet Miss, house 117 Moody 

Hoyt John, boarding house, 62 Lawrence corp. 

Hoyt Lou F. Miss, dressmaker, 99 Moody, house do. 

Hoyt M. Edna Miss, waitress, 16 Shattuck 

Hoyt William II. contractor, L. M. S. h. 533 Middlesex 

Hoyt William W. overseer, Lawrence, house 22 do. corp. 

Hubbard Bridget, widow, boards 3 Lowell corp. 

Hubbard C. Franklin, teamster, house 14 Lowell corp. 

Hubbard George, carpenter, boards 3 Lawrence corp. 

Hubbard John Q. A. (Boston), house 46 Lincoln 

Hubbard John D. carpenter, house Porter, near Westford 

Hubbard Leavitt, house 36 Willow, Belvidere 

Hubbard Myra S. bookkeeper, 190 Broadway 

Hubbard, see also Hebbard 

Huber Louis, house 319 Middlesex 

Hubert Moses, painter, house 188 Middlesex 

Huckins Rufus F. wheelwright, 85 Howard, boards 300 

Hugh P., Lawrence, boards 31 do. corp. 

Hughes Catherine, widow, house 1"7 Davidson, Bel. 

Hughes David B. printer, " Times," 12 Middle, b. 21 Kirk 


Hughes Edward, carpenter, house 18 Pond, Belvidere 

Hughes Edward Mrs. house 13 Blossom 

Hughes George, operative, house 14 Front, Centralville 

Hughes James Mrs. house 50 South 

Hughes John, tea dealer, 5ft Market, house do. 

Hughes John, house 306 Lincoln 

Hughes Thomas A. carpenter, boards 213 Fletcher 

Hughes William, machinist, house 24 Salem 

Hull Frederick, engineer, at Kitson Machine Co. boards 8 

Hull Henry, baggage master, Northern depot, house 287 

Hull William H. furniture (42 Cornhill, Boston), h. Varnum 

avenue, Pawtucketville 
Hulme James H., Lowell Manuf. Co. boards 27 Hamilton 

Hulme J. H. Mrs. house 118 High, Belvidere 
Humphrey Patrick, machinist, house 7 Boott corp. 
Humphreys James C. operative, house 1 Carolin's pi., Bel. 
Hunnewell Andrew, boarding house, 18 and 19 Suffolk corp. 
Hunt A. A. Mrs. house 21 Hurd 
Hunt Brothers ( Charles and John L.), props. "Daily and 

Weekly Times," 12 Middle 
Hunt Burrett, watchman, Boott mills 
Hunt Carmi, laborer, boards 8 Hurd 
Hunt Caroline P. Mrs. house 15 Second, Centralville 
Hunt Charles, carpenter, boards 78 Appleton 
Hunt Charles, carpenter, boards 41 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Hunt Charles (Hunt Bros.), proprietors " Times," 12 Mid- 
dle, house 454 Middlesex 
Hunt Charles II. machinist, L. M. S. 
Hunt (Elihu S.) & Wilder ( Charles W.), wholesale provision 

dealers, 68 Market, house 6 Fairmount, Belvidere 
Hunt Elizabeth, widow, house 8 Hurd 
Hunt Frank S. boards 43 Hamilton corp. 
Hunt George F. insurance agent, 28 Central, h. 25 Myrtle, 

Hunt George W. foreman, machinist, 196 Broadway, house 

269 do. 
Hunt Irvine, stone cutter, boards 2 Franklin square 
Hunt John, Prescott, house 18 Massachusetts corp. 
Hunt John B. overseer, Hamilton corp. house 43 do. 
Hunt John L. (Hunt Bros.), proprietors " Daily and Weekly 

Times," 12 Middle, house 454 Middlesex 
Hunt John W. clerk, freight depot, house 5 Coral 
Hunt Leonard, watchman, Lawrence corp. 
Hunt Michael, laborer, house rear 67 Linden 
Hunt Patrick, Merrimack, house 131 Worthen 
Hunt Peter, Hamilton, house 6 Putney's court 


Hunt Reuben T. carpenter, boards 8 Ilurd 

Hunt Robert M. stone worker, house 21 Prescott Corp., Bel. 

Hunt Susan, widow, boards 33 Tyler 

Hunt William M. foreman, "Times" office, boards 454 

Hunt Willis C., Middlesex, boards 27 Warren 
Hunter Horatio M. homoeopathic physician, 170 Merrimack, 

house 44 Fourth, Cent. 
Hunter Lucina, widow, house 461 Gorham 
Hunter Roscoe, second hand, Lawrence Corp. h. 11 do. 
Hunter Sarah II. widow, house 28 Cady 
Huntington Ileman Mrs. boarding house, 46 Lawrence Corp. 
Huntington James T. Mrs. boards 48 Lawrence 
Huntington Lucius W. reporter " Courier," Museum build- 
ing, house 48 Lawrence 
Huntley Curtis, machinist, house 21 Third, Cent. 
Huntley John, variety store, 95 Moody, house 97 do. 
Huntley Matthew, variety store, 263 Broadway, h. 265 do. 
Hunton J. Granville, boarding house, 7 and 8 Appleton corp. 
Huntoon Adelbert M. clerk, 224 Merrimack, h. 422 do. 
Huntoon Alpha Mrs. house 28 Madison 
Huntoon David, foreman, 208 Middlesex, h. 23 Westford 
Huntoon Frank, operative, Prescott, boards 22 Mass. corp. 
Huntoon Frank D. machinist, 62 Market, h 15 Lagrange 
Huntoon George L. stable, 206 to 210 Middlesex, house 11 

Huntoon George W. machinist, 62 and 64 Market, h. 383 

nuntoon Herrick C. cabinetmaker, 29 Fletcher 
Huntoon Moses C. boots and shoes, 224 Merrimack, house 

406 do. 
Huntoon Roxey Miss, house 14 Dodge 
Huntress Ann, widow, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Huntress William, machinist, L. M. S. boards 41 Marion 
Ilurd Asa, Boott, boards 41 Merrimack corp 
Ilurd Erastus A. house Pawtucket, near Old Canal 
Ilurd Frank W. clerk, City Inst, for Savings, boards 90 

High, Belvidere 
nurd George W. (Haverhill), house 90 High, Bel. 
Ilurd George W. S. clerk, 98 Middle, house 127 High, Bet. 
Ilurd James, messenger, Court House, house 155 Gorham 
Ilurd John W. clerk, boards 125 Gorham 
Ilurd Jonathan, house 304 Middlesex 
Ilurd Joseph E. laborer, boards 139 Market 
Ilurd May S. Miss, bookkeeper, 46 Merrimack, boards 25 

Boott corporation 
Hurd Hansolier, weaver, Boott, house 5 School 
Hurd R. R. Mrs. dressmaker, and model dress chart, 128 

Merrimack, house 5 School 


Ilurd Samuel W. boards 123 Cliapel 

Ilurd, see also Hi id 

Hurlbut James J. expressman, house 13 Cabot 

Hurlbutt John F. carpenter, house 1G1 Cross 

Hurley Cornelius, house 63 Adams 

Hurley Cornelius Mrs. house 22 Floyd 

Hurley David J. stonecutter, bds. 0. H. P. Trask's, Varnum 

avenue, Pawtuckctville 
Hurley Dennis, laborer, house 48 Dummer 
Hurley Hannah, widow, house 48 Dummer 
Hurley James, laborer, boards Adams square 
Hurley John, Mass. house rear 153 Bridge, Cent. 
Hurley Michael, spinner, house 55 River, Cent. 
Hurney Frank, polisher, boards 30 Paige 
Hurney Martin, laborer, house 34 Paige 
Hurtmann Lizzie, widow, house 18 First, Cent. 
Hurtubise Alfred II. printer, 130 Central, h. 30 Wamesit 
Hurtubise John B. printer, 130 Central, h. 164 First, Cent. 
Husbands William, cardstripper, house 152 Adams 
Iluse Harriet G. boys clothing, 3 Canal block, h. 27 Conant 
Huse Hiram E. house 27 Conant 

Huse Jesse, truant officer. City Gov'mt. bldg. h. 127 Cross 
Huse Nathan, house 29 Third, Centralvillc 
Iluse Orlando N. shoemaker, boards 127 Cross 
Huse Stephen W. (Stone, Huse, & Co.), publishers " Vox 

Populi," 130 Central, house 34 Oak, Belvidere. 
Huson James A. sewirfg machine agent,. 74 Merrimack 
Hussey AJphonso, watchman, Lawrence, bds. 53 Tilden 
Hussey Charles R. clerk, N. T. Staples & Sons, bds. 37 

Pond, Belvidere 
Hussey Daniel, agt. Lawrence Manuf. Co. h. 361 Merrimack 
Hussey Eunice, widow, house 309 Broadway 
Hussey Eunice G. house 309 Broadway 
Hussey Frederick D. student, boards 361 Merrimack 
Hussey George R. moulder, house 37 Pond, Belvidere 
Hussey John, laborer, house 19 Winter 
Hussey Luther G. machinist, house 76 Lawrence Corp. 
Hussey Rebecca B. house 309 Broadway 
Hussey Walter, car repairer, house 170 Merrimack 
Hustwick George F. house 9 Hudson 
Hutchins Angie B. widow, house 65 Common 
Hutchins Caleb, farmer, house 8 Howard 
Hutchins Clark, baggage master, B. & M. R. R. boards 125 

Hutchins Elvira R. fancy goods, 133 Central, house do. 
Hutchins Jacob N. house 133 Central 
Hutchins James S. operative, boards 8 Howard 
Hutchins J. Woodbury, clerk, Merrimac House, bds. do. 
Hutchins Marshall F. weaver, boards 8 Howard 


Hutchins Melbourne F. (Nichols & Hutchins), 95 Merri- 
mack, house do. 
Hutchins Melvin F. clerk, 11 Shattuck, boards do. 
Hutchins Royal W. overseer, Massachusetts, h. 41 do. corp. 
Hutchinson Arthur, moulder, house 134 Howard 
Hutchinson Charles 0. treasurer, Mechanics Savings Bank, 

132 Merrimack, house 25 Nesmith, Bel. 
Hutchinson Clarence P. engineer, boards 229 Chelmsford 
Hutchinson Edward, boards 432 Merrimack 
Hutchinson Eldn'dge (Gilbert & Hutchinson), 179 Central, 

boards 78 Appleton 
Hutchinson Eugene 0. sash and blind maker, boards 229 

Hutchinson George, job wagon, house 301 Broadway 
Hutchinson Henry C. carpenter, house 82 Andover, Bel. 
Hutchinson Jerry, clerk, 222 Middlesex, h. 37 Auburn 
Hutchinson Mary J. boarding house, 27 Mass. corp 
Hutchinson Orren, section master, B. & L. R. R. house 229 

Hutchinson Reuben, musician, house 19 Mt. Washington 
Hutchinson Reuben M. house 433 Merrimack 
Hutchinson Samuel K. builder, house 127 Nesmith, Bel. 
Huxford S. V. R. carpenter, house 9 Aiken 
Hyde Henry, house 101 Salem 
Hyde K. J. draftsman, boards 9 Hurd 
Hyde Martin, stone cutter, house 36 Livingston 
Hyde Samuel, sewing machines, 9 Kurd, house do. 
Hyde Susie M. Miss, house 101 Salem 
Hyde William, spinner, house 42 Boott corporation 
Hylan Eugene S. boards 16 Nesmith, Bel. 

IBEY NELSON, driver, house 26 Fifth, Cent. 

lies George, carpenter, house 56 Railroad 

llsley Addison, mason, 11 Queen, house do. 

Ilsley J. Alden B. surveyor, boards 11 Queen 

llsley Philip II. carriage painter, boards 11 Queen 

Ineson Benjamin, section hand, house 233 Gorham 

Ingalls Charles, carpenter, house 14 Seventh, Cent. 

Ingalls Charles, painter, house 7 Lawson 

Ingalls Frank, croquet maker, boards 35 Fletcher 

Ingalls Gardner Mrs. house 135 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Ingalls Misses, house 80 Moody 

Ingalls Joseph, granite cutter, house Mammoth, Paw. 

Ingalls Joseph Mrs. house 328 Broadway 

Ingalls Oliver B. mason, boards 68 Paige 

Ingalls Oliver W. house 68 Paige 

Ingalls Sarah, widow, house 39 Merrimack corp. 

Ingalls Thomas, police, house 25 W. Fourth, Cent. 

Ingalls Thomas E. suspender maker, b. 25 W. Fourth, Cent. 


Ingalls William W. carpenter, Lawrence, liouse 18 do. corp. 
Ingham Helen Mis. house 42 Branch 
Ingham John, saloon, 76 Market, house 297 Middlesex 
Ingham Libbeus W. boarding house, 312 Lawrence 
Ingham William A. & Co. (Frank L. Foss), grocers, 187 

Middlesex, house 166 Thorndike 
Ireland Willard F. machinist, liouse 34 Water, Bel. 
Ireson Benjamin S. overseer, Lawrence, h. 10 do. corp. 
lreson Frank 0., Lawrence, boards 10 do. corp. 
Ireson William, clerk, 100 Central, bds. 10 Lawrence corp. 
Irish (John C.) & Weaver (John E.), physicians, Middlesex, 

corner Central, house 37 Tyler 
Irving John, pressman, 100 Central, house 1 Appleton blk. 
Irwin Mary, widow, house rear 180 Market 
Irwin Samuel, watchman, house 2 Wamesit court 
Ivers George, moulder, house 220 Gorharn 
Ivers James, watchman, house 82 Fayette, Bel. 
Ivory Nicholas, carpenter, house 46 Chambers 
Ivory Richard, machinist, boards 22 Suffolk 

JACKSON ANDREW, mason, house 8 Dodge 

Jackson Andrew, house Mt. Hope, Pawtucketville 

Jackson Charles W., F. &. L. R. R., h. 6 Dempscy's pi. 

Jackson Henry, loom harness maker, 1 Albro blk., Cushing 

Jackson John, wool sorter, liouse 284 Central 

Jackson J. Leurbourg, hairdresser, 136 Merrimack, house 

13 Jewett, Centralville 
Jacobs Aaron, carpenter, rear Mt. Vernon, n. Rock, house 

27 Congress 
Jacobs Amos, machinist, house 34 Cabot 
Jacobs Daniel, dry goods, 67 Bridge, house 65 do. Cent. 
Jacobs Thomas, pressman, 218 Middlesex, bds. 10 Suffolk 
James Willard C. grocer, house 3 Gates 
Jameson Charles F. contractor, h, M. S., bds. 128 Grand 
Jameson Fanny, widow, house 128 Grand 
Jameson James, machinist, house 30 Warren 
Jameson Samuel, at C. W. Saunders & Co.'s. house 4 Mid- 
dlesex place 
Jameson Susan Miss, boards rear 17 River, Cent. 
Jameson Thomas, laborer, house 16 Linden 
Janvrin Joseph A. sewing machine agent, 74 Merrimack, 

house 92 Jewett, Centralville 
Jaques Aaron T. dry goods, 62 and 64 Merrimack, boards 

Branch, corner Dover 
Jaques Frank T. (J. S. Jaques & Go.), house 49 An- 

dover, Belvidere 
Jaques Fred P. (Saunders & Jaques), 223 Central, house 

81 Charles 
Jaques John B. machinist, house 62 L. M. S. corp. 


Jaqncs John C. blacksmith, Lowell M. S. h. 1 do. corp. 
Jaques John L. (John S. Jaques & Co.), boards 37 Kirk 
Jaques John S. & Co. [Frank T. Jaques, Ohas. E. Smith, 

and John L. Jaques), shuttle nianufs. Whipple's mills, 

house 146 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Jaques Peter, operative, house 5 Jackson 
Jaquith Abbie A. Mrs. boards 74 Wilder 
Jardine Edward, boards 33 Hamilton corp. 
Jarratt George, weaver, boards 312 Lawrence 
Jarvis Anthony, stonecutter, house rear 235 Broadway 
Jarvis Frank, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Jean Auguste, Lawrence Hosiery, boards 288 Merrimack 
Jeffries Thomas, baker, 414 Central, house do. 
Jeffers James, saloon, 186 Market, house 8 Lowell place 
Jeffers J. Q. A. clerk, 51 Central, boards 125 Appleton 
Jeffers Margaret, widow, house 181 Market 
Jefferson Perry M. soap manuf. Lento n court, 85 Charles, 

house 261 Fletcher 
Jeffrey David F. machinist, house 52 L. M. S. corp. 
Jeffrey Frank, clerk, boards 9 Centre 
Jeffery Joseph, machinist, boards 14 Appleton corp. 
Jefts William H. moulder, house 47 L. M. S. corp. 
Jenkins Lydia M. widow, house 57 Church 
Jenkinson Noah, painter, house 291 Lincoln 
Jenness Hiram S. grocer, 273 Merrimack, h. 177 Moody 
Jenness L. Wellman, physician, 55 Merrimack, cor. John, 

house 540 Chelmsford, near City farm 
Jenness Samuel, stonecutter, boards 8 Mass. corp. 
Jennings John, at Lowell worsted mills, house 30 Newhall 
Jennings Mary, widow, house 32 Swift 
Jennings Patrick, laborer, house 15 Floyd 
Jennings Thomas, operative, house 32 Swift 
Jennings T. L. boards 36 Seventh, Cent. 
Jessop John, asst. 164 Merrimack, h. 254 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Jewell Charles L. spinner, boards 35 Beech, Cent. 
Jewell James, hairdresser, house 18 Front, Cent. 
Jewell Leonard F. spinner, house 35 Beech, Cent. 
Jewett Abner A. stable, 49 Middle, boards 657 Middlesex 
Jewett Alonzo W. carriage maker, house 96 Willie 
Jewett Andrew F. counsellor, 170 Merrimack, house 85 

Jewett Charles A. (Ross & Jewett), Willie, corner Cross, 

boards 64 Rock 
Jewett Francis, mayor of the city, office, City government 

bldg. house 657 Middlesex 
Jewett Frank E. butcher, 657 Middlesex, house do. 
Jewett Frank E. house 20 Eighth, Cent. 
Jewett Frank H. tin peddler, house 113 Coburn, Cent. 
Jewett George, carpets, boards 22 Suffolk 


Jewctt Ilorace, Merrimack, boards 137 do. Corp. 

Jewett Jeremiah P. Mrs. house 30 Kirk 

Jewett N. Taj'lor, varnisher, house 42 Cabot 

Jewett Walter, Lawrence, house 70 Ford 

Jewett Wm. flannel maker, house rear 36 Chapel 

Jockow George, carpenter, house 259 Gorham 

Jockow Julius C. blacksmith, 321 Gorham, h. 81 Agawam 

Jodoin Peter, laborer, house 27 South 

Johnes Thomas, carpenter, house 16 John 

Johns Peter, mule spinner, house 21 Bennett, Cent. 

Johnson (Albert G.) & Fillmore (A. B.), provisions, 335 

Merrimack, house 29 Cabot 
Johnson Albert T. dentist, 12 Wentworth's building, 170 

Merrimack, house 151 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Johnson Andrew L. travelling agent, house 7 Third, Cent. 
Johnson Archibald, operative, house 3 Mason's court 
Johnson Benjamin F. gardener, house 82 Chapel 
Johnson Charles, teamster, boards 10 Smith 
Johnson Charles Mrs. house rear 52 Middle 
Johnson Charles W. variety store, 51 Tilden, house do. 
Johnson Charles W. jr. clerk, boards 51 Tilden 
Johnson Clarence II. patent pad, 13 Merrimac House blk. 

boards 61 Pawtucket 
Johnson Coolidge R. bleacher, house 28 Oliver 
Johnson Daniel, farmer, house 1 Adams court 
Johnson Eliza, widow, house 210 Lawrence 
Johnson Elizabeth, widow, house 51 Prescott corp., Bel. 
Johnson Ellen, widow, house 126 Adams 
Johnson Frank, loomfixer, boards 210 Lawrence 
Johnson George, operative, boards 44 Boott corp. 
Johnson George H. painter, house 31 Water, Belvidere 
Johnson Henry II. carpenter, house 43 Queen 
Johnson II. M. machinist, boards 28 First, Cent. 
Johnson James, laborer, house 3 McCarry's court 
Johnson James, laborer, house 29 Front, Cent. 
Johnson James, Merrimack, boards 139 do. corp. 
Johnson Joanna, widow, house rear 79 Adams 
Johnson Joanna, widow, house 172 Adams 
Johnson John, laborer, house 321 Middlesex 
Johnson John, beltmaker, 139 Market, boards 26 Paige 
Johnson John B. ( G. G. Pike & Go.), 264 Central, h. do. 
Johnson John II. carpenter, h. 34 Pleasant, n. River, Cent. 
Johnson Jonathan, watchmaker and optician, 13 Merrimac 

House block, house 61 Pawtucket 
Johnson Joseph, clerk, 68 Market, house 89 Chapel 
Johnson Joseph, clerk, 189 Market, boards 31 Salem 
Johnson Joseph B., Merrimack, house 38 do. corp. 
Johnson Joseph M. D. boarding house, 1 George 
Johnson Julius C. foreman, 98 Middle, house 11 Lane 


Johnson Margaret, widow, house 24 Marion 

Johnson Mary J. Mrs. house 29 Water, Belvidere 

Johnson Moses A. Mrs. house 15 Nesinith, Belvidere 

Johnson Nancy, widow, boards 43 Walnut 

Johnson Otis C. carpenter, house 295 Broadway 

Johnson Richard, laborer, house 102 Adams 

Johnson Richard, operative, boards 50 Lawrence corp. 

Johnson Robert, laborer, boards rear "79 Adams 

Johnson Robert, groceries and provisions, 76 Suffolk, house 

74 do. 
Johnson Robert J. laborer, house 174 Adams 
'Johnson Samuel J. carpenter, house 76 Lawrence corp. 
Johnson Walter W. clerk, Merchants Nat. Bank, boards 15 

Nesinith, Bel. 
Johnson William A. travelling agent, h. 27 Trcmont corp. 
Johnston Brent Mrs. house 42 Adams 
Johnston Edward E. roll coverer, bds. 41 Fourth, Cent. 
Johnston E. R. Mrs. house 41 Fourth, Centralville 
Johnston Henry M. roll coverer, house 63 Mass. corp. 
Jones Arthur, bobbinmaker, boards 27 Mt. Washington 
Jones Charles, laborer, house 52 Hampshire, Centralville 
Jones Charles E. shoemaker, boards 57 Tenth, Cent. 
Jones Charles M. grocer, 92 Gorham, house 1 Charles 
Jones Charles W. boots and shoes, 207 Central, boards 125 

Jones Cynthia, widow, house 29 Massachusetts corp. 
Jones Edmund, dresser, Lawrence, house 40 do. corp. 
Jones Emma J. Miss, cloak maker, 134 Merrimack, boards 

Read, cor. Second, Cent. 
Jones Frances II. widow, milliner, house 58 Ford 
Jones Frank, clerk, Mass. corp. boards 61 Boott corp. 
Jones Frank P. fireman, L. & N. R. R. house 15 Lagrange 
Jones George, laborer, house 7 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Jones James II. coachman, h. rear 244 Andover, Belvidere 
Jones Joel C. carpenter, house 37 Filth, Cent. 
Jones John, carder, house 4 Quigley's alley 
Jones John, farmer, house 34 Pleasant, Cent. 
Jones John II. machinist, boards 44 Durnmer 
Jones Joseph L. fireman, house 27 Varney 
Jones Lemuel II. machinist, house 61 Boott corp. 
Jones Mary Mrs. house Varnum ave., Pawtucketville 
Jones Mary Mrs. house 129 School 
Jones Mary, widow, house 64 Railroad 
Jones Mary Miss, house 6 Cady 

Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, Bleachery, house 6 Floyd 
Jones Nathaniel B. foreman, F. & L. freight house, llale, c. 

Washington, house 164 Hale 
Jones Oliver M. farmer, at 251 Hildreth, Cent. 
Jones Sylvester A. engineer, house 98 Salem 


Jones S. LTenry, contractor, L. M. S. house 5 Gates 
Jones Thomas, Prescott, house 16 Massachusetts corp. 
Jones William, house 21 Mt. Washington 
Jones William, painter, boards 74 Railroad 
Jones William B. stonecutter, house 101 Branch 
Jones William M., B. & M. freight depot, house 80 Merri- 
mack corporation 
Jordan Charles, Lawrence, boards 31 do. corp. 
Jordan Edward A., Lawrence, boards 4 Lowell corp. 
Jordan Eliza Mrs. house 1 Middlesex place 
Jordan Ellen, widow, house 228 River, Cent. 
Jordan Frank, bobbinmaker, boards 33 Hamilton corp. 
Jordan Frank, carpet weaver, house 11 Lagrange 
Jordan John, laborer, house 156 Middlesex 
Jordan John II. machinist, house rear 47 Market 
Jordan Joseph W. card grinder, house 62 Mass. cor 
Jordan Mary Ann Mrs. house rear 56 Middle 
Jordan Susan, widow, house 142 Merrimack corp. 
Jordan Thomas, house 58 West Sixth, Cent. 
Jordan Thomas, machinist, boards 142 Merrimack corp. 
Jordan True P. Mrs. boarding house, 4 Lowell corp. 
Joslyn Mary Miss, rooms 124 Suffolk 
Jourcot Joseph, machinist, boards 14 Appleton corp. 
Jourdineau Edward, laborer, house 3 Marin's blk., Aiken 
Jourdounais Napoleon, laborer, boards 302 Middlesex 
Joy Alvan E., Merrimack, house 54 do. corp. 
Joy Benjamin A., Merrimack, house 54 do. corp. 
Joy William A., Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 
Joyal Belanie, carpenter, house 98 Cabot 
Joyce Ann, widow, house 44 Dummer 
Joyce Ellen, widow, house 2 Quigley's alley 
Joyce Frank, clerk, 50 River, house 43 Front, Cent. 
Joyce James II. moulder, house 11 Butterfield 
Joyce James R. silversmith, 62 Market, b. 31 Fourth, Cent. 
Joyce John, carder, boards 111 Lawrence 
Joyce John, laborer, house 42 Gorham 
Joyce John, laborer, house 5 Pleasant court 
Joyce John, L. M. S. boards 5 Jackson 
Joyce John, laborer, house 24 River, Centralville 
Joyce John, machinist, boards 44 Dummer 
Joyce John, mason, house 181 Gorham 
Joyce John, M. P W. house 93 Merrimack corp. 
Joyce John, jr. mason, house 181 Gorham 
Joyce Mary, widow, house 111 Lawrence 
Joyce Michael, bricklayer, boards 44 Dummer 
Joyce Patrick, overseer, Faulkner's mills, h. Ill Lawrence 
Jubb Jabez W. wool sorter, boards 92 Bartlett, Bel. 
Judge John, teamster, Hamilton, h. 34 North [Blossom 

Judge Richard, wool sorter, U. S. Bunting Co. boards 51 


Judge Robert (Straw & Judge), 82 Dutton, \ 65 Willie 
Judge Thomas, wool sorter, U. S. Bunting Co. house 51 

Judkins Charles J. H. clerk, 251 Merrimack, house 343 do. 
Judkius Edgar II. clerk, 70 Merrimack, house 18 Varney 
Judkins J. Judson, bookseller, 3 John, h. 43 Fifth, Cent. 

KALAHER MARGARET, widow, house 86 Broadway 

Kaler Wellington, overseer, Appleton, house 1 do. corp. 

Kaliher Patrick, laborer, house 197 Market 

Kallock Frederick B. machinist, boards 2 Middlesex pi. 

Kane Anne, widow, house 26 Marion 

Kane Bernard, machinist, house 9 Coburn, Cent. 

Kane Catharine, widow, house 32 Union 

Kane Henry, Prcscott, house 42 do. corp., Belvidere 

Kane James, laborer, house rear 66 River, Cent. 

Kane Jennie Miss, tailoress, house 170 Merrimack 

Kane Patrick, machinist, boards 8 Hamilton corp. 

Kane Patrick, laborer, boards 18 Marion 

Kane Patrick, laborer, house 22 North 

Kane Roger, laborer, house 53 West Union 

Kane Thomas, Middlesex, house 18 Mill 

Kane Timothy, machinist, house 72 Railroad 

Kane, see also Cain 

Kappler Frank, farmer, house 203 Lincoln 

Kasimatis Dimitri, fruit, 118 Middlesex, house do. 

Kasimatis John, clerk, 118 Middlesex, boards do. 

Katell Sandford, watchman, Boott mills 

Kately Ellen, widow, house 142 Merrimack corp. 

Kavanagh William (J. T. Garter & Co.), Wamesit Steam 

Mills, boards Lawrence corp. 
Kavanagh, see also Cavanagh 
Kaveny John, operative, house 197 River, Cent. 
Kavey Michael, laborer, house 3 Theatre block 
Kay Thomas N. carpenter, boards 169 Central 
Kayo Joseph, laundry man, rooms 2 Coolidge 
Kearane John, operative, boards 93 Gorham 
Kearnes Cornelius, laborer, house 26 Crosby 
Kearnes James, shuttle maker, house 17 River, Cent. 
Kearney Anne, widow, house 10 Taylor 
Kearney Bernard, operative, house 56 Church 
Kearney Matthew, laborer, house rear 228 Market 
Kearney Thomas, laborer, house rear 10 Taylor 
Keating Daniel, overseer, Middlesex, house 19 Warren 
Keating Edward J. machinist, house 32 E. Pine 
Keating Erasmus, butcher, boards 47 Hudson 
Keating Francis, weaver, house 47 Hudson 
Keating John, teamster, house 86 Broadway 
Keating John Mrs. house 7 New 


Keating Mary, widow, house 10 Davis 

Keating* Mary, widow, house 32 East Pine 

Keay Charles F. machinist, rooms IT Cabot 

Keddie Alexander, pattern maker, 90 Middle, h. r. 63 Salem 

Keefe Daniel, bleachery, house 27 Lyon 

Keefe Dennis, laborer, house 46 Lewis 

Keefe Ellen, widow, house rear 28 North 

Keefe John, Merrimack, house 19 Spring 

Keefe John, laborer, house rear 28 North 

Keefe John, laborer, house 94 Gorham 

Keefe John, mule spinner, house rear 11 Cross 

Keefe Joseph, harness maker, 70 Bridge, Cent. h. 21 Front, do. 

Keefe Mary, widow, house 1-1 Donahoe's yard 

Keefe Michael, switchman, house 50 Suffolk 

Keefe Sarah Miss, house 19 Charles 

Keefe, see also O'Keefe 

Keegan Patrick, carpenter, house 100 Gorham 

Keelan Michael, operative, house 53 Fayette, Bel. 

Keeler George S. plumber, 15 Middle, house 29 Walnut 

Keen John, Suffolk, house 106 Fayette, Bel. 

Keen Lyman M. watchman, Merrimack Manuf. Co. 

Keenan Bridget, widow, house rear 22 Charles 

Keenan James, mason, house 56 Middle 

Keenan John, laborer, house 5 Emerson's alley 

Keenan John, house 37 Cedar 

Keenan John H. carpenter, boards 5 Emerson's alley 

Keenan Patrick, Applcton, house 38 Gorham 

Keenan , widow, house 97 River, Cent. 

Keene Bridget, widow, house 1 Kelty's court 

Keene Lyman, watchman, Merrimack corp. 

Keese Levi, house 4 Richardson, Centralville 

Keith Frederick M. carpenter, boards 8 Appleton corp. 

Keith John, at Print Works, house 11 Lagrange court 

Keith Joseph, house 9 Dodge 

Keith Philip C, Merrimack, house 51 do. corp. 

Kellegher Michael, carder, boards 300 Lawrence 

Kelleher Daniel, clerk, 18 Middlesex, boards 21 Lagrange 

Kelleher James, L. M. S. boards 221 Market 

Keller Amasa, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 

Keller Charles, Applcton, boards 8 do. corp. 

Kellert William, laborer, house 175 Lawrence 

Kellery Michael J. shoemaker, house 77 Middle 

Kelley Andrew, machinist, house 57 Adams 

Kelley Andrew, jr. sash and blind maker, house 10 Coral 

Kelley Ann, boards 114 Moody 

Kelley Annie Mrs. variety store, 18 Charles, house do. 

Kelley Bernard, laborer, house 68 Appleton 

Kelley Bernard, currier, house Eaton, near Lincoln 

Kelley Bridget, widow, house 36 Wall 


K«'ll'-y Brothers (Simon and Michael) provisions, 08 Gorham 

Kelley Catharine, widow, house 12 William 

Kelley Catharine, widow, house 28 [Jnion 

Kelley Charles II mason, 129 School, house do. 

K el ley Clarence, machinist, boards 44 Massachusetts corp, 

Kelley Daniel, carpenter, house 54 Pleasant, Cent. 

Kelley Daniel, laborer, house 81 Walnut 

Kelley Edward, overseer, [T, 8. Bunting Co. h, 84 Auburn 

Kelley Edward, roofer, boards 82 Applcton corp. 

Kelley Edward VV. machinist, house 218 Gorham 

Kelley Edward W. jr. cleik, L46 Middlesex, bds. 218 Gorham 

Kelley Eliza, widow, house rear 22 William 

Kelley Ellen, widow, board* 10 Tremont corp, 

Kelley Ellen Mrs. house rear '20 William 

Kelley Frederick, teamster, boards 20 Cabot 

Kelley George A. sash and blind maker, \>< i H. ^7 Adams 

Kelley James, boiler maker, house 88 Adams 

Kelley James, Middlesex, boards 81 Summer 

Kelley James, painter, boardi 112 Market 

Kelley James, marble polisher, house 12 Agawam 

Kelley .John, machinist, house 442 Mi<l<ll< 1 

Kelley John, laborer, boards li Massachusetts corp. 

Kelley .John, llOUSfl I 7 Spring 

Kelley John, laborer, house rear li'i* Market 
Kelley .John, /mile, spinner, boards *'>'■'> Adams 
Kelley John, boards 6 Davidson, Bclvfdere 
Kelley .John, stone c utter, house 26 Merrill 

Kelley .John, Niaeli i li ist, horn e 80 hnWICIM'i! 

Kelley .John A. painter, board* 56 West Union 

Kelley Kawrenee I'', rn.'ich i n i; it, llOUSe 14 Cabot 
Kelley M :ir;< a i el,, widow, lionise '.', Chapel 
Kelley Mary, widow, llOUSO 72 Market 
Kelley Mary, widow, home I !> Spring 
Kelley Mary, widow, llOUSO rear \L'i William 
Kelley Mary, widow, house 6 Davidson, Bel. 

Keiiey Michael ( Kelley Dro*.), 68 Gorham, house 227 do. 

Kelley Michael, laborer, houso '2'A South 

Kelley Michael, clerk, 7 Davidson, bds. 40 Bartlott, Bel. 

Kelley Michael, laborer, house 50 Agawam 

Kelley Miehael, r;pi nner, |,oard:i II Kirk avenue 

Kelley Michael II. silversmith, 62 Markot, bds, .'Jl Walnut 

Kelley Nfori, widow, house 8 Charles 

Kelley Patrick, operative, house 88 Lewis 

Kelley Patrick, sawyer, house 40 Summer 

Kelley Patrick, police, hoUSO i) llairiion, I'elviderc 
Kelley Patrick, Hpinner, hoard;', 8 Cliai'lcS 
Kelley Patrick, lahorer, llOUSO 188 Market 
Kelley I *;i 1 1 j < 1-. , lahorer, boards 84 I'roadway 
Kelley J'alnck, llOUSO I Kirk uveiine 


Kelley Tat rick, trunk maker, 15 Market, boards 31 Walnut 

Kelley Patrick, Mrs. house Lawrence, comer Watson 

Kelley Peter, operative, house 12 William 

Kelley Peter, boiler maker, boards 63 Adams 

Kelley Robert, machinist, house S McCovern's court, Cent. 

Kelley Sarah, widow, house 79 Common 

Kelley Simon (Kelley Bros.), 63 Gorham, boards 227 do. 

Kelley Sylvester, operative, boards 172 Central 

Kelley Terrcnce, laborer, house 87 Broadway 

Kelley Thomas, weigher, house 37 Summer 

Kelley Thomas, house 1 , r > Hamilton Corp. 

Kelley Thomas, teamster, house 9 Davidson, Bel. 

Kelley Thomas, machinist, house 12 William 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, boards 1 I Church 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, house s Charles 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, house; 23 Swift 

Kelley Thomas A. wire worker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 

Kelley Thomas F. printer, " Times," 12 Middle, boards 213 

Kelley William, sash, door, and blind manufacturer, Me- 
chanics' mills, house 9 Mt. Washington 

Kelley William, spinner, house II Boott OOl'p. 

Kelley William, laborer, house 50 South 

Kelley William, driver, boards 107 Middlesex 

Kelley William, variety store, 10(5 Moody, house do. 

Kelley William, laborer, house (>. r > Fenwick 

Kelley William, painter, 19 Common, house do. 

Kelley William A. Mrs. house 20 Lane 

Kelley Winn W. (,/. Burch & Co.), locksmiths, 321 Merri- 
mack, boards 128 Walker 

Kelley Wyatt W. saloon, 73 Market, house do. 

Kelly George G. foreman, water works, h 8 Third, Cent. 

Kelly .lames, at J. C. Ayer's, house SO Adams 

Kelly Sarah, widow, house SO Adams 

Kelty James P. cooper, l. r >. r > Market, house do. 

Kelty Luke Mrs. house l. r >. r > Market 

Kemp Calvin A. gate keeper, Walker-st. R. R. crossing, h. 
3 10 Broadway 

Kemplield Frank 0. cotton dresser, house G Lawrence corp. 

Kendall Albert E., L. & P. R. II. boards 172 Central 

Kendall Charles A. clerk, 93 Market, boards 3 Mill 

Kendall George M. clerk, 03 Market, boards 270 Central 

Kendall Jonathan, paints, oils, etc. 91 and 93 Market, h. 
279 Central, Chapel Mill 

Kendall Timothy I), boards 14 Central 

Kendall William P. photographer, S9 Merrimack, house 43 
Fourth, Centralville 

Ken d rick Albert, provisions, boards II Lagrange 

Kenier Horatio, shoemaker, boards 135 Central 


Kenison Charles F. carpenter, house 86 Fourth, Cent. 

Keniston Elizabeth, widow, house 15 Water, Bel. 

Keniston Watson, teamster, house 15 Water, Bel. 

Kenna Hugh, cooper, boards 28 Lawrence corp. 

Kennedy Alexander Mrs. house 20 Swift 

Kennedy Brien, laborer, house 100 Cabot 

Kennedy Cornelius, house rear 180 Market 

Kennedy David, fireman, house 338 Central 

Kennedy David, Lawrence, boards 31 do. corp. 

Kennedy Elizabeth, widow, house 4 Lincoln square 

Kennedy James, laborer, house 188 Gorham 

Kennedy James, clerk, boards 49 W. Union 

Kennedy James, Lawrence, house rear 82 Suffolk 

Kennedy Jane, widow, house 22 Keene 

Kennedy John, laborer, house 53 Common 

Kennedy John, laborer, house 5 Union court 

Kennedy John, spinner, house rear 55 River, Cent. 

Kennedy John Edson, musician, house 34 Austin 

Kennedy John II. carpenter, house 26 Washington 

Kennedy Joseph, laborer, house off Short 

Kennedy Lawrence, mason, boards 56 Market 

Kennedy Margaret, house 3 Lowell place 

Kennedy Martin, laborer, house 6 Charles 

Kennedy Martin, blacksmith, 50 Gorham, house 33 Fenwick 

Kennedy Mary, widow, house 86 Suffolk 

Kennedy Melville, cabinet maker, boards 255 Middlesex 

Kennedy Mevina, cabinet maker, boards 255 Middlesex 

Kennedy Michael, laborer, house rear 347 Merrimack 

Kennedy Michael, Suffolk, boards 10 do. corp. 

Kennedy Michael, laborer, house 7 Cross 

Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house 3 Dempsey's place 

Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house 50 South 

Kennedy Peter J. clerk, 149 Central, house 192 do. 

Kennedy Sidney E. musician, boards 34 Austin 

Kennedy Thomas, Hamilton, house 49 VV. Union 

Kennedy Thomas, grocer, 24 Adams, house do. 

Kennedy Thomas J. boards 4 Lincoln square 

Kennedy William, laborer, house 120 Suffolk 

Kennedy William, laborer, house rear 11 Mill 

Kennedy William R. boards 4 Lincoln square 

Kenneson William T. clerk, boards 10 Hudson 

Kennett Frank, Merrimack, boards 139 do. corp. 

Kenney Charles, farmer, house rear 237 River, Cent. 

Kenney James, at foundry, house 57 Fenwick 

Kenney John R. photographer, house 22 Austin 

Kenney Mary, widow, house 7 Cabot 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, house 30 Newhall 

Kenney Thomas, Lowell Manuf. Co. house 20 Lowell corp. 

Kenney Thomas F. currier, house 76 Lincoln 


Kenney William, machinist, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Kennyon John, operative, boards 8 Jefferson 

Kent James, shoemaker, lionse 428 Merrimack 

Kent Marianni B. teacher, Bartlett school, b. 428 Merrimack 

Kenyon John, operative, house 255 River, Cent. 

Kerrigan Bernard, operative, house 41 Davidson, Bel. 

Kerrigan James, Appleton, house rear 224 Gorham 

Kerrigan Michael, laborer, house 8 New 

Kerrigton Patrick, operative, boards rear 62 Appleton 

Kershaw A brain, loom harness maker, house 39 Cushing 

Kershaw Edwin S sashmaker, boards 39 Cushing 

Kershaw Emma, widow, boards 17 Warren 

Kershaw George W. card cutter, boards 39 Cushing 

Kershaw Thomas, dyer, Hamilton, house 39 do. corp. 

Kershaw William, Lowell, boards 7 do. corp. 

Kershaw , operative, boards 83 Bridge, Cent. 

Kerswell William 11. soapmaker, boards 440 Middlesex 

Kerwin Edward D. gas fitter, house 82 Church 

Kettel Julia, widow, house 37 Bartlett, Bel. 

Kevill Patrick, laborer, house 59 Agawam 

Key John, spinner, boards 112 Market 

Keyes Bros. [Henry J. & Charles F.), grocers, 158 and 160 

Keyes Catharine, widow, house 238 Market 
Keyes Charles F. (Keyes Bros.), 158 Market, house 213 do. 
Keyes Elizabeth, widow, house 304 Middlesex 
Keyes Henry P. ( Welch & Keyes), provisions, 223 Market, 

house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Keyes Henry J. (Keyes Bros.), 158 Market, house 213 do. 
Keyes (Julian V.) & Wightman (H. W. B.), dry goods, 

124 and 126 Merrimack, house 64 Third, Cent. 
Keyes Margaret, widow, house rear 25 Cross 
Keyes Patrick, grocer, 215 and 217 Market, house 213 do. 
Keyes Sarah A. Miss, house 15 Boott corporation 
Keyes William, feltmaker, house 28 Davidson, Bel. 
Keyes William A., Boott, boards 38 Merrimack corp. 
Keyser Charles, blacksmith, boards 35 Second, Cent. 
Keyser Frederick R. A. cabinet maker, house 49 Whipple 
Kidder Alonzo E. blacksmith, boards 22 Seventh, Cent. 
Kidder Charles F. clerk, 164 Merrimack 
Kidder 1). Osgood (Goggin, Kidder, & Co.), Fletcher, cor. 

Dutton, house at Medford 
Kidder John, house 143 Moody 
Kidder John, Boott, house 22 Seventh, Cent. 
Kidder John IT. machinist, house 11 Mclntire 
Kidder John W. machinist, boards 22 Seventh, Cent. 
Kidder Mary 0. Miss, teacher, No. 38 primary school, bds. 

143 Moody 
Kidder Samuel, house 35 Nesmith, Belvidere 


Kidder Samuel P. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 1 Evans' 
block, 64 Railroad 

Kidney William, gardener, house 15 No. Franklin court 

Kieley Lydia Miss, house 9 Green 

Kilbride Patrick, spinner, house 51 Front, Cent. 

Kilburn Elizabeth A. widow, house 55 Water, Bel. 

Kilburn John M. ( While Brothers & Kilburn), 21 East Mer- 
rimack, Bel., house at Worcester 

Kileski Henry, clothing, 122 Central, house 33 Willow 

Kileski Louis II. law student, 55 Central, boards 33 Willow 

Kiley Lawrence Mrs. house 6 Lewis 

Kiley Roger, grocer, 245 Market, house do. 

Kilkeuney John, laborer, house 34 Keene 

Killeen Michael, laborer, house 64 West Union 

Killgore William, Tremont, house 25 Suffolk corp. 

Killoy Patrick, laborer, house Putney's court 

Kilpatrick A. R., Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 

Kilpatrick Charles, Merrimack, house 56| do. corp. 

Kilpatrick John W. loom fixer, Merrimack, h. 82 do. corp. 

Kilpatrick Willis. Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 

Kimball Betsey Mrs. house 345 Merrimack 

Kimball Bros. (E. G. and F. P.), photographers, 112 Mer- 

Kimball Charles, high sheriff and jailer, Thorndike, h. do. 

Kimball Charles E. bookkeeper, M. C. Pratt & Co.'s, bds. 
113 Howard 

Kimball Charles II. clothing, 2 Canal block, 67 Central, h. 
287 do. 

Kimball Charles R. apothecary, Merrimack, corner Central, 
house 48 Highland 

Kimball Charles W. gravel dealer, house 389 Chelmsford 

Kimball Daniel S. (Crosby Furniture Go.), furniture manu- 
facturer, Mechanics Mills, house 391 Merrimack 

Kimball David T. boarding house, 22 Boott corporation 

Kimball Dennison J. house 406 Merrimack 

Kimball Durell, Hamilton, house 27 do. corp. 

Kimball Elbridge C. (Kimball Bros.), photographer, 112 
Merrimack, house 254 do. 

Kimball Elizabeth, widow, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 

Kimball Emma F. Miss, draftist, 128 Merrimack, boards 22 
Boott corporation 

Kimball E. A. & Co. (A. M. Dresser), milliners, 17 Market, 
house 367 Central 

Kimball Frank P. (Kimball Bros.), 112 Merrimack, b. 254 do. 

Kimball Oilman, physician, 192 Merrimack, house 411 do. 

Kimball Horatio C. clerk, 27 Central, bds. 79 Myrtle, Cent. 

Kimball Isaac, carpenter, house 67 Chelmsford 
Kimball James F. milkman, house 130 Broadway 

Kimball John F. cashier, Appleton Bank, h. 108 Pawtucket 


Kimball John S. steel letter cutter, 184 Middlesex, house 

100 High, Belvidere 
Kimball Joseph D. cleik, 319 Merrimack, h. 33 Fourth, Cent. 
Kimball Justin II. salesman, 66 Merrimack, boards 345 do. 
Kimball J. Chellis, counsellor, 56 Central, boards American 

Kimball Leonard, produce, house 79 Myrtle, Cent. 
Kimball Le Roy S. roll coverer, (also Bugbee & K.), 27 

Shattuck, house 139 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Kimball Lizzie Mrs. boards 17 Kirk 
Kimball Mary A. widow, boards 2 Lagrange 
Kimball Moses F. Mrs. house 139 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Kimball M. Frank Miss, artist, 112 Merrimack, bds. 254 do. 
Kimball Olin F. clerk, B. & M. R. R. bds. 67 Chelmsford 
Kimball Sarah, widow, house 142 Merrimack corp. 
Kimball Scldon, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 
Kimball Seldon, clerk, house 84 School 
Kimball William II. stairbuilder, house 155 Cross 
Kimball William II. clerk, 273 Merrimack, boards 100 High 
Kimball Willis C. clerk 100 Central, b. 33 Fourth, Cent. 
Kimball Wilson, mach "t, house 30 Merrimack corp. 
Kindlan James, piper, In. 7 Gorham 
Kindlan Lawrence, operative, house 97 Gorham 
King Gardner W. bookkeeper, Wm. E. Livingston's, house 

85 Westford 
King George, laborer, house 13 Chapel 
King Godfrey B. engineer, house 7 Richardson, Cent. 
King Hugh, beltmaker, boards 32 Warren 
King James, carpenter, boards 24 Abbott 
King James, fireman, house rear 22 Paige 
King John, boots and shoes, 31 East Merrimack, house 47 

Chestnut, Belvidere 
King John, operative, house 201 River, Cent. 
King John C. bookkeeper, at S. Horn & Co.'s, boards 47 

Chestnut, Belvidere 
King Joseph D. clerk, 10 Ilurd, boards 47 Chestnut, Bel. 
King Luthera Miss, house 32 Fifth, Cent. 
King Mary A. widow, house 54 Paige 
King Napoleon, laborer, house 57 Salem 
King Nassau, house 32 Salem 
King Russell S., L. M. S. boards 64 do. corp. 
King Thomas, machinist, house 31 North 
King William, shoemaker, 56 Fayette, Bel. house do. 
King Wm. machinist, house Pawtucket, north of Moody 
King William, operative, boards 23| Lagrange 
Kingsley Enos 0. overseer, Lowell Hosiery Co. h. 148 Cross 
Kingston George S. tinsmith, 126 Central, boards 203 do. 
Kinney Arial, engineer at Bleacheiy, house 13 Bleachcry c. 
Kinney Loren P. mason, house 36 Rock 


Kinsella James L. clerk, 85 Market, boards 138 Fletcher 

Kinsella John P. clerk, 27 Charles, boards do. 

Kirby David R. Mrs. house 19 Boott Corp. 

Kirby Honora Mrs. house 52 Hanover 

Kirby Sarah A. Mrs. house 40 Railroad 

Kirby George II. painter, boards 40 Railroad 

Kirby Stephen J. bookkeeper, boards 19 Boott corp. 

Kirk Joseph, operative, boards 10 Boott corp. 

Kirk Lucy, widow, boards 9 Merrimack corp. 

Kirwin John, weaver, boards 205 Lawrence 

Kirwin John, Merrimack, house 26 Wall 

Kirwin Kate Mrs. house 114 Middlesex 

Kirwin Patrick, woolsorter, boards 205 Lawrence 

Kirwin, sec also Kerwin 

Kitchen Chas. B. gasfitter, Gas Co.'s shop, h. 16 Richmond 

Kitchen Charlotte Miss, cook, City farm 

Kitchen Laroy, carpenter, house rear 37 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Kitson Machine Co., R. Kitson, pres., S. E. Stott, treas., 

cotton machinery, and card clothing manufactory, 

Dutton and Worthen 
Kitson Richard, pres. Kitson Machine Co., Dutton and 

Worthen, house 413 Merrimaek 
Kittredge Abner, painter, 10 Middle, house 7 First, Cent. 
Kittredge Abner L. paints, oils, etc. 4 Appleton block, 106 

Central, house 67 Myrtle, Cent. 
Kittredge Adna B. clerk, 132 Central, boards 94 Howard 
Kittredge Chas. W. clerk, 4 Appleton block, bds. 50 Elm 
Kittredge Daniel & Son (H. A.), boots and shoes, 14 Mid- 
dle, house 182 Bridge, Cent. 
Kittredge Eliza A. Miss, manuf. hair jewelry, 50 Elm, h. do. 
Kittredge Geo. Mrs. house 5 Butterfield 
Kittredge George B. mason, boards 33 Butterfield 
Kittredge George S. hosemaker, house 27 Boott corp. 
Kittredge Gilbert II. clerk, 131 Central, h. at Tewksbury 
Kittredge Henry Abner, clerk, 10 Middle, b. 7 First, Cent. 
Kittredge Henry Addison (D. Kittredge & <S'on),14 Middle, 

house 180 Bridge, Cent. 
Kittredge Horace V. stonemason, house 293 Broadway 
Kittredge Jcduthan Mrs. 81 Chapel, house 50 Elm 
Kittredge Luther (Frye r£- Kittredge), masons and drain 

pipe, Western ave. house 2 Butterfield 
Kittredge Luther F. (Frye & Kittredge), Western avenue, 

house 6 Butterfield 
Kittredge Timothy B. mason, house Mammoth, near Dracut 

line, Pawtucketville 
Kittredge William, coal and wood, 38 Middle, house 156 

East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Kittredge Wm. N. grocer, 22 Middlesex, h. 5 Butterfield 


Kittredge Zephaniah, nailer, at A. L. Brooks & Co.'s, house 
94 Howard 

Kivlan Geo. T. stonecutter, boards Riverside, Paw. 

Kivlan James II. stonecutter, house 22 Floyd 

Knapp B. F. E. boarding house, 135 and 136 Men*, corp. 

Knapp Charles F. house 34 Broadway 

Knapp Charles II. machinist, L. M. S. boards 114 Suffolk 

Knapp ( Chauncey L.) & Morey [George F.), publishers, 

"Citizen and News," 44 Central, house 157 Moody 
Knapp Daniel, house 69 Paw tucket 
Knapp Horace II. travelling agent, boards 35 Marion 
Knapp Joel, contractor, L. M. S. house 47 Westfbrd 
Knapp William, watchman, house 41 Lawrence corp. 
Kneeland John, laborer, house 63 Middle 
Knecland Mary, widow, house 75 Middle 
Knight Caleb, clerk, 20 Adams, boards 14 Lagrange 
Knight Eugene, engineer, B. & M. R. R. 
Knight Francis, watchman, Lawrence corporation 
Knight George, saloon, 286 Merrimack, house do. 
Knight John G. cabinet maker, house 12 Cambridge 
Knight Thomas W. (Boston), house 96 High, Bel. 
Knowles Brothers ( Charles H. and Jefferson A.), trunks and 

fancy goods, 45 Central and 7 Market 
Knowles Charles II. (Knoivles Brolhe?'s), 45 Central, house 

79 Andovcr, Belvidere 
Knowles Charles V. bookkeeper, house 79 Andover, Bel. 
Knowles C. C. millineiy, 101 Merrimack, house 386 do. 
Knowles Elbridge G. loom harness maker, house 35 Fourth, 

Knowles Emeline Miss, house 69 Chapel 
Knowles George, watchman, Massachusetts cotton mills 
Knowles Horatio, Boott, house 17 do. corp. 
Knowles James, file grinder, boards 41 Davidson, Bel. 
Knowles James, machinist, house 69 Lawrence 
Knowles James, operative, house 35 Fourth, Cent. 
Knowles Jefferson A. [Knowles Brothers), 45 Central, house 

81 Andover, Belvidere [South 

Knowles John A. counsellor, 17 Appleton block, house 118 
Knowles John A. jr. scale manuf., Mechanics' mills, 20 

Fletcher, house 127 Gorham 
Knowles Jonathan, farmer, house Farm road, near city line, 

Knowles Manlius, blacksmith, Cushing, corner Rock, boards 

137 Merrimack corporation 
Knowles Margaret, widow, house 41 Davidson, Bel. 
Knowles Thomas, grocer, 153 Lawrence, house do. 
Knowles Warren, Boott, boards 17 do. corporation 
Knowles William (Duckicorth & Knowles), rear 30 Middle- 
sex, house 279 Lincoln, Ayer City 


Knowlton Arthur, watchman, Lawrence Corp. 
Knowlton C. II. clerk, Pawtucket square, bds. do. Paw. 
Knowlton George II. engineer, house 18 Second, Cent. 
Knowlton George W. machinist, house 22 Butterfield 
Knowlton G. YVinfield, cashier, YVamesit Nat. Bank, 189 

Middlesex, house 22 Butterfield 
Knowlton Herman L. machinist, house 94 Appleton 
Knowlton Willard S. bookkeeper, boards 22 Butterfield 
Knox Jane Mrs. house 356 Middlesex 
Knox Sarah, widow, boards 3 Tremont Corp. 
Kohawn Dennis, carpenter, house 31 Willow, Bel. 
Kurtz Henry F. clothing, 135 Middlesex, house 1G8 do. 
Kurtz Solomon, clothing, 135 Middlesex, house 168 do. 
Kyes Benjamin F. teamster, house 140 Suffolk 
Kyle Amos M. real estate agent, house 21 Lawrence 
Kyle Oscar N. real estate agent, also treasurer Iliscox File 

Manuf. Co. house 51 Tyler 

LABARGE JEAN BAPTISTE, teamster, h. 156 Broadway 

Labarronne Frank, carpenter, boards 50 Lawrence corp. 

Labonnc David, door maker, house 8 Middlesex place 

Labounty Leonard J. overseer, Appleton, house 85 Appleton 

Labrie John, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 

Lacey Edward, tanner, house 25 Davidson, Bel. 

La Clierite Henry, house 8 Middlesex place 

Lackic David M. machinist, house 16 Seventh, Cent. 

Lackie Ellen, widow, house 6 Pleasant 

Laclairc John, laborer, house 5 Marin's block, Aiken 

Lacombe Desire, laborer, house 129 Middlesex 

Lacombe Desire, jr. laborer, house 129 Middlesex 

Lacombe Henry, carpenter, house 13 East Pine 

Lacombe John, Hamilton, house rear 54 South 

Lacroix C. A. clerk, 124 Merrimack, boards 340 do. 

Lacroix Emilien, clerk, 36 Merrimack, boards 340 do. 

Lacroix Francis, operative, house 2 Middlesex 

Lacroix Joseph, baker, house 12 Garnet 

Lacroix Thomas, special police, house 340 Merrimack 

Lacy John, stonemason, boards 46 Fayette, Bel. 

Ladd Aaron C. surveyor, boards 31 Varney 

Ladd Catharine, widow, boards 12 Tremont corp. 

Ladd Frank J. (Boston), oils, house 122 Fayette, Bel. 

Ladd Frank S. cabinet maker, boards 31 Varney 

Ladd Henry W. carpenter, house 84 Ford 

Ladd Iluldah, widow, house 4 Alder, Belvidere 

Ladd Jonathan, counsellor, 14 Museum building, house (old 

No.) 132, (new No.) 122, East Merrimack, Bel. 
Ladd Solomon II. cabinet maker, house 31 Varney 
Ladue Eugene A. weaver, house 33 Cheever 
Lafaille Matilda, widow, house 32 Cabot 


Laferriere Piorro, laborer, house 31 Andovcr, Bel. 

Laflamme Charles, box maker, boards 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme Ddima Mrs. dressmaker, 32 Cabot, house do. 

Laflamme Eliza, house 2 Massachusetts Corp. 

Laflamme Jean Baptiste, laborer, house 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme Jean Baptiste, jr. box maker, house 7 Mclntire 

Laflamme Joseph, box maker, boards 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme Joseph K. card maker, house 32 Cabot 

Laflamme Mary Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Market, boards do. 

Laflin Daniel, house 73 West Union 

Laflin James, overseer on dams, house 256 Middlesex 

Lafbne Moses, Suffolk, house rear 77 Adams 

La Fontaine Solomon, machinist, house 32 Salem 

Laf'orest Ann M. widow, boards 239 Middlesex 

Lafoy Mary, widow, boards 45 Lawrence corp. 

Lagrange Abram, carpenter, 90 Middle, boards 6 John 

Lahey James, laborer, house 59 Broadway 

Lahey Patrick, M. P. W. boards 135 Merrimack corp. 

Lahiff' Margaret, widow, house 101 Gorham 

Lahiff Mary, widow, house rear 57 West Union 

Laighton, see Leighton 

Lake Allen P. & Co. grocers, 9 Adams, house 69 Cushing 

Lake Amasa ( Griffin, Lake, & Gordon), Wamesit steam 

mills, house 31 Adams 
Lake Geo. R. stairbuilder, boards 31 Adams 
Lakin Priscilla, widow, house 120 Merrimack corp. 
Laking Samuel, cotton sorter, house 49 Fourth, Cent. 
Lally Michael, operative, house 61 Gorham 
Lalumiere Louis, laborer, house 17 Willie avenue 
Lama Napoleon, teamster, house 5, rear 26 Coburn, Cent. 
Lamb A. M., S. E., and M. C. Misses, house 129 Gorham 
Lamb James, Lowell, boards 7 do. corp. 
Lamb Patrick, laborer, house 32 Abbott 
Lambard Thomas II. loom harness maker, h. 335 Merrimack 
Lambert Bridget, widow, house rear 15 River, Cent. 
Lambert Bridget, widow, house 30 William 
Lambert Frederick, iceman, boards 13 McFarlin ave. 
Lambert Joseph, L. M. S. house 16 Willie avenue 
Lambert Margaret, widow, house 16 Willie avenue 
Lambert Meizel, laborer, house 1 Marin's blk., Aiken 
Lamberton David, laborer, house 44 Charles 
Lamero John, saloon, 62 Bridge, Cent, house do. 
Lamothe Henry, Suffolk, boards 340 Merrimack 
Lamothe L. P. baker, 17 Cushing, house 33 do. 
La Mountain John L. liquors, 212 Merrimack, house do. 
Lamoureux N. clerk, boards 4 Appleton corp. 
Lamson Alfred G. attorney, 49 Central, h. 54 Chestnut, Bel. 
Lamson Daniel B. L. clerk, 20 Market, h. 66 Tenth, Cent. 


Lamson Edwin (Coburn Shuttle Co.), First, Central ville, h. 

66 Tenth, do. 
Lamson Frank M. clerk, 34 Central, boards 15 Oliver 
Lamson Nathan G. bookkeeper, house 52 Third, Cent. 
Lamson Nathaniel M. watchman, Savings Bank building, 

house 27 Arlington 
Lamson Tobias L. P. paymaster, Lawrence Manuf. Co., h. 

54 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Lamson Willard C. watchmaker, 131 Central, b. 27 Arlington 
Lamson William Mrs. house 17 Oliver 
Lamson William, jr. Mrs. house 52 Branch 
Lamson William, watchmaker, boards 27 Arlington 
Lamson William G. bookkeeper, Wamesit Nat. Bank, house 

52 Third, Cent. 
Lamson William II. Mrs. house 15 Oliver 
Lancaster (Samuel T.) & Bates ( W. L.), tailors, 110 and 112 

Central, cor. llurd, house 142 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Lancaster Walter M. student, bds. 142 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Lanciau Joseph, operative, house 85 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Lanciau Louise, widow, house 85 Common 
Lander William C. carpenter, house 1 Davidson, Bel. 
Landers David, wool sorter, house 5 Agawam 
Landers Joanna, widow, house 121 Adams 
Landers Michael, Merrimack, house 121 Adams 
Landers Olin, watchman, Massachusetts Cotton Mills 
Landers Robert, operative, boards 72 Ford 
Landrie Louis, laborer, house 131 Middlesex 
Landry Edward, operative, house 202 Middlesex 
Landry Godfred, driver, house 2 Shaw's block 
Landry Godfroie, painter, house rear 30 Willie 
Landry Joseph, laborer, house 2 Shaw's block, East Pine 
Lane Albert A. photographer, 50 Merrimack, house 43 Wil- 
low, Belvidere 
Lane Benjamin C. moulder, house 13 L. M. S. corp. 
Lane Charles, carpenter, boards 6 Prescott corp. 
Lane Daniel W. clerk, boards 128 Middlesex 
Lane David, house 97 Liberty 
Lane D. Henry, boards 97 Liberty 
Lane Frank P. clerk, 98 Middle, boards 184 Moody 
Lane George W., Suffolk, boards 184 Moody 
Lane Joseph D., L. M. S. house rear 128 Chelmsford 
Lane Louisa M. widow, house 184 Moody 
Lane Martin Mrs. house 7 Carolin's place, Belvidere 
Lane Patrick, teamster, 47 Market, house rear 11 Mill 
Lane Sarah A. Mrs. house 128 Middlesex 
Lane Simon P. machinist, boards 163 Cross 
Lane Stephen, spinner, house Ilolbrook's court, Bel. 
Lane Stephen II. house 10 Dodge 
Lane William, painter, boards 22 Tremont corp. 


Lane William H. carriage manufacturer, 384 Middlesex, 

boards 13 Central 
Lang Ann, widow, house 72 Lawrence 
Lang Benaiah, painter, house 36 Massachusetts corp. 
Lang Bickford, truant officer, City Gov. bldg. h. 53 Forrest 
Lang Chas. T. stone cutter, house 59 Appleton 
Lang Edward, house 133 Appleton 
Lang James, laborer, house 41 Summer 
Lang William A. teacher, Reform school, Chelmsford, near 

almshouse, house do. 
Langdell Clarence A. clerk, 5 Lee, boards 32 Austin 
Langdell Mary, widow, house 32 Austin 
Langevin Pierre, laborer, house 48 Merrimack corp. 
Langevin Pierre, jr. laborer, boards 48 Merrimack corp. 
Langley Abigail G. widow, house 22 Moore 
Langley Alfred, loom harness sizer, house 98 Cabot 
Langley Amos C. hairdresser, 37 Shattuck, house 63 East 

Merrimack, Bel. 
Langley Ansell R. second hand, Bleachery, h. 22 Moore 
Langley Charles, upholsterer, 138 Central, boards 24 Moore 
Langley Charles C. police, boards 106 Appleton 
Langley Daniel W. second hand, Bleachery, h. 24 Moore . 
Langley James W. teamster, house 57 Bartlett, Bel. 
Langley Jennie M. Miss, 125 Central, boards 24 Moore 
Langley 0. II. painter, house 243 Gorham 
Langley Solomon & W. junk, paper stock, etc. 25 Middle, 

house 33 Cabot 
Langley Sylvester, painter, house 253 Middlesex 
Langley William (S. & W. Langley), 25 Middle, house 67 

Langlois J. E. Mrs. house 9 Third, Centralville 
Langmaid Susan Mrs. house 29 Austin 
Langinead Sarah, widow, boards 112 Merrimack corp. 
Langtin Antonio, laborer, house 13 Howard avenue, Bel. 
Langtry Michael, laborer, at 123 River, Centrlaville 
Lanigan Anne, widow, boards 123 Adams 
Lanigan Matthew, jack spinner, house 70 Kinsman 
Lanigan Winnefred, widow, house 39 Floyd 
Lank Roger J. dyer, boards 72 Lawrence 
Lankin Cornelius, painter, house 44 Fayette, Bel. 
Lannon Bridget, widow, house 151 Adams 
Lannon James, foundry, house 5 Howe, Belvidere 
Lansing Anthony, hairdresser, 2 Prescott block, boards 133 

Abbott place, Centralville 
Lansing David M. clothes cleaning, 47 Prescott, house 133 

River, Centralville 
Lantagne John, wood, 33 Davidson, house do. Bel. 
Lanthier Henry, wire worker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 
Lantier Joseph, laborer, house 85 East Merrimack, Bel. 


Lapham Edward P. clerk, 90 Middlesex, h. at Chelmsford 

Lapham Eugenie, widow, house 139 Jackson 

Lapierre Joseph S. baggage master, Northern depot, house 

1 1 Cabot 
La Point Frank, section hand, Suffolk, house 85 Treinont 
Laporte Peter, tailor, boards 36 Church 
I.appin Terrance, clerk, 11 Charles, boards do. 
Larabee Joseph, stone mason, house 36 Smith 
Larault Prosper, carpenter, house 14 Water, Bel. 
Lareau Joseph, laborer, house 193 Market 
Larkin James, blacksmith, house 8 Fenwick 
Larkin James, blacksmith, house 42 Gorham 
Larkley Sarah, widow, house 1 <>7 Charles 
Larkum Frank, machinist, boards 64 Rock 
Lame Narcisse \V. salesman, house 2 Albro bl'k, Cushing 
Laro Genevieve, widow, house 14 Water, Bel. 
Laro Prosper, carpenter, house 14 Water, Bel. 
Laroche Joseph, M. P. W. boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Laroche Joseph Mrs. house 322 Merrimack 
Laroche Sadl'roid, machinist, house Parson's court 
Larochelle Pierre, physician, 52 Paige, house do. 
Larochelle William, machinist, boards 52 Paige 
Larose Joseph, laborer, house 13 Marin's block, Aiken 
Larrabee John II. produce and provisions, 90 Middlesex, h. 

56 Branch 
Larrabee James B. clerk, house 4 Dodge 
Larran Wilfred, mason, house 6 Cabot 
Lary Eliza, widow, house 148 Middlesex 
Lary Jeremiah, laborer, house 185 Market 
Lary, see also Leary 

Laselle George, Massachusetts, boards 22 do. Corp. 
Latham Cyrus, civil engineer, house 52 Fourth, Cent. 
Latham Cyrus II. ( Wood, Sherwood, & Co.), 150 Bridge, h. 

35 Third, Centralville 
Latham Oliver, painter, house 48 Newhall 
Lathe Charles, operative, boards 18 Suffolk corp. 
Lathe Nathaniel, variety store, 99 Bridge, Cent, house do. 
Lathrop Martha A. Miss, dressmaker, h. 73 Andover, Bel. 
Lathrop Mary S. Miss, dressmaker, h. 73 Andover, Bel. 
Latour Israel, laborer, house 95 Worthen 
Latour Peter, laborer, house Corey's block, Coolidge 
Latour Peter, jr., Hamilton, boards 46 Lawrence corp. 
Laughlin Mary, widow, house 45 North 
Laughliu, see also Loughlin 
Laughton (Abel A.) & Thompson (A. G.), provisions, 113 

East Merrimack, Bel., house Andover, Tewksbury 
Lavalaviere John, blacksmith, boards 14 Appleton corp. 
Lavalle Andrew, weaver, house rear 320 Merrimack 
Lavalle Charles R. overseer, Lowell Hosiery, h. 150 Cross 


Lavallo Paul, laborer, house 227 Market 

Lavalle Pierre, laborer, house 2 Maiden lane 

Lavalley B. P., Appleton, house 19 do. Corp. 

Lavelle Edward, tinsmith, 154 Central, h. 71 Bridge, Cent. 

Lavelle Jules, baker, house 108 Fletcher 

Lavelle Tillis, hairdresser, house 12 Cabot 

Laventure Louis, laborer, house 30 Cabot 

Lavery Anthony, baker, 61 Market, house do. 

Lavery John, L. M. S. boards 54 Dutton 

Lavigne Alfred W. physician, 5 Welles' block, house do. 

Lavigne Lucy Mrs. house 3 Mclntire 

Laville John, card grinder, house 1 Davidson, Bel. 

Lavin John, laborer, house 2 Moran's yard 

Lavin John, blacksmith, boards 52 Tyler 

Lavvi Ambrose, laborer, house 114 Moody 

Lavvi Anafal, machinist, house Shaw's bl'k, East Pine 

Lawler John, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 

Lawler John, laborer, house 3 Theatre block 

Lawler Thomas, stone cutter, house Quebec, cor. Railroad 

Lawler Thomas C. hairdresser, house 18 Crosby 

Lawler William, flagman, B. & M. R. R. house 60 Church 

Lawler William, Hamilton, house rear 62 Church 

Lawless Catherine, widow, house 69 High, Bel. 

Lawley Samuel, beltmaker, boards 14 Boott corp. 

Lawrence Abbott, watchmaker, 114 Central, b. 74 Charles 

Lawrence Abby R. widow, house 58 Church 

Lawrence Allen C. boarding house, 20 Suffolk corp. 

Lawrence Alvin, watchmaker, 114 Central, h. 74 Charles 

Lawrence Benjamin, machinery manuf. Harris mills, 196 

Broadway, house 137 Cross 
Lawrence B. baker, boards 269 Merrimack 
Lawrence Charles, bartender, house 181 Central 
Lawrence Charles W. clerk, 30 Prescott, b. 13 Convers blk. 
Lawrence Chester A. boards 137 Cross 
Lawrence David (Munroe & Lawrence), 246 Middlesex, h. 

262 do. 
Lawrence David P. house 90 Westford 
Lawrence Emma P. dressmaker, b. Parker, n. Chelmsford 
Lawrence George P. (E. B. Patch dc Co.), real estate auc- 
tioneer, 1 Commercial square, boards 25 Lawrence 
Lawrence John S. clerk, 1 Commercial sq. h. 46 Howard 
Lawrence Manufacturing Company, Daniel Hussey, agent, 

north end Suffolk 
Lawrence Marshall, freight conductor, house 68 Railroad 
Lawrence Mary, widow, house 150 Market 
Lawrence Samuel, dentist, 32 Central, house do. 
Lawrence W. Frank, patent leather finisher, house Parker, 

near Chelmsford 
Lawry Peter, house 13 Somerset 


Lawson Charles, folder, house 20 Prospect 

Lawson Francis, foreman, L. M. S. house 28 Suffolk 

Lawson George L. boards 88 Pawtucket 

Lawson James W. Mrs. house 784 Gorham 

Lawson Joseph, operative, house 38 Water, Bel. 

Lawson Mary Ann, widow, house 115 Worthen 

Lawson Mitchell, wire worker, boards 784 Gorham 

Lawson Peter, patent composition drawing or roving can 
manuf. 1 Mt. Vernon, house 88 Pawtucket 

Lawson Thomas B. artist, 8 Savings Bank building, house 
104 High, Belvidere 

Lawson Walter U. clerk, Middlesex, boards 104 High, Bel. 

Lawson William J. machinist, house 14 Union 

Lawton Frederick, boards 24 Prescott Corp., Bel. 

Lawton George F. law student, 49 Central, house 24 Pres- 
cott corporation, Belvidere 

Lawton James, supt. Mass. Cotton Mills, h. 24 Prescott 
corp., Belvidere 

Lawson Mitchell, wireworker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 

Lawson Patrick, house 70 West Union 

Lawton Reuben, machinist, house 41 Hamilton corp. 

Lawton Wm. B. machinist, boards 41 Hamilton corp. 

Lay A. G. 98 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Leach Alice Mrs. house 64 Bridge, Centralville 

Leach Betsey Miss, house Bowers, corner Arlington 

Leach Charles W. baker, boards 13 Sixth, Cent. 

Leach Isabella, widow, house 29 Albion, Centralville 

Leach James, teamster, house 34 West Fourth, Cent. 

Leach John, driver, house 29 Albion, Cent. 

Leach Lucian K. carpenter, boards 13 Sixth, Cent. 

Leach Moses S. conductor, B. & L. R. R. house 40 Grand 

Leach William, boards 33 Westford 

Leahy Daniel, foreman, L. M. S. house 28 do. corp. 

Leahy Daniel, stone cutter, boards 71 Dutton 

Leahy Jeremiah, laborer, boards 14 Market 

Leahy John, laborer, house 237 Market 

Leahy Mary, widow, house 80 Suffolk 

Leahy Michael, laborer, house 11 Fenwick 

Leahy Michael, laborer, boards 17 Dummer 

Leahy Timothy, machinist, house 25 Lee 

Learned Daniel, teamster, boards 63 Branch 

Learned John, house 42 Branch 

Leary Daniel, laborer, house 3 Quigley's alley 

Leary Daniel, laborer, house 30 Jefferson 

Leary Daniel, machinist, house 57 Dutton 

Leary Dennis, operative, boards 211 Market 

Leary John, saloon, house 10 Lewis 
Leary John, laborer, house 9 Willie 
Leary John, at Kitson Machine Co., house 156 Adams 


Leary John, foreman, L. M. S. house 100 Cross 
Leary Julia, widow, house 35 Clark 
Leary Mary, widow, house 48 Suffolk 
Leary Michael, Merrimack, boards 209 Market 
Leary Patrick, operative, boards 17 Chestnut, Bel. 
Leary Timothy, cigar manufacturer, h. Navy Yard, Dracut 
Leathe Lurena [Howe & Leathe), periodicals, etc., 344 Mer- 
rimack, house do. 
Leavitt Daniel G. house 17 Gold 
Leavitt Edwin, teamster, house 76 School 
Leavitt Eugene, Hamilton, boards 28 do. Corp. 
Leavitt Ilaron D. carpenter, house 165 Gorham 
Leavitt Isaac, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Leavitt John B. Mrs. boarding house, 1 Worthen 
Leavitt John E. clerk, 5 Broadway, boards 1 Worthen 
Leavitt Joseph, weaver, boards 14 Appleton corp. 
Leavitt Michael, stone cutter, boards 12 Orange 
Leavitt Sarah, widow, house 28 Hamilton corp. 
Le Baron Christopher C. wire worker, h. 30 W. Sixth, Cent. 
Le Baron James, wire worker, boards 118 West 
Leblanc Alfred, grocer, 93 East Merrimack, Bel. h. 91 do. 
Leblanc Amenagillc, laborer, house 24 Howe, Bel. 
Le Blanc Felix, bobbin maker, boards 14 Appleton corp. 
Le Boeuf Alexander, laborer, house rear 25 Aiken 
Le Boeuf Damas B. wood turner, rooms 29 Cabot 
Le Boeuf Thomas, wood turner, boards 360 Merrimack 
Le Brun Boniface, operative, house rear 117 Market 
Le Clair Louis, expressman, house 110 Fletcher 
Le Clair Peter, laborer, house 110 Fletcher 
Lecompte Edwin A. clergyman, h. 104 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Lederer B. clothing, 74 Central, house 41 Tyler 
Ledger John, plumber, 126 Central 
Ledwick James, laborer, house 45 Middle 
Lee Bernard, operative, house 21 Common 
Lee Charles, carpenter, house 19 South Highland 
Lee Charles, Middlesex, house 6 Pond, Bel. 
Lee Charles W. clerk, Merrimack, cor. John, boards do. 
Lee Edward J. carriage painter, house 38 Andover, Bel. 
Lee Ellen, house 24 Marion 

Lee George, U. S. Bunting Co. house 20 Billerica, Bel. 
Lee Hugh, laborer, boards 11 Church 
Lee James Mrs. house 141 Grand 
Lee James, spinner, house 10 Mead 
Lee James W. dresser, boards 1 Lawrence-st. court 
Lee Jasper J. farmer, house off Mammoth, Pawt. 
Lee Joanna, widow, house 32 Winter 
Lee Joseph, machinist, house 21 Common 
Lee Laura E. teacher, primary, No. 56, boards 141 Grand 
Lee Michael, laborer, house 42 Salem 


Leo Michaol Mrs. house 113 Lawrence 
Lee Patrick, operative, boards 21 Common 
Lee Peter, laborer, house 9 Carpet lane 
Lee Rebecca, widow, house off" Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Lee Robert W. mason, 61 Central, boards 203 do. 
Lee Simeon, house 1 Lawrence-st. court 
Lee Stephen II. painter, house 8 Race 
Lee Thomas, Lowell Machine Shop, house 12 South 
,Lee William T. painter, boards 11 Dodge 
Lee William M. police, house 120 Cross 
Leeman Clarence M. painter, house 122 High, Bel. 
Leeman Frank W. painter, boards 86 Bartiett, Bel. 
Leeman Wilder, painter, 47 East Merrimack, house 86 Hail 

lett, Belvidere 
Lees John B., Middlesex, house 263 Lincoln 
Lees John M. machinist, h. 59 Lowell Machine Shop coip. 
Lefebvre John, clerk, 44 Middlesex 
Lefebvre J. Alaric Mrs. milliner, 108 Merrimack, house 5 

Legare Marcel, Tremont, house 94 Cabot 
Leggett John, stone mason, house 2-14 Broadway 
Leggett William, machinist, boards 244 Broadway 
Legro Eben, clerk, 144 Middlesex, house 6 Marshall 
Leighton Andrew, overseer, Bleachery, h. 18 Bleachery 
Leighton Charles H. clerk, 138 Market, b. 7 So. Franklin ct. 
Leighton Charles II. house 19 Abbott 
Leighton Gancelo, carpenter, boards 70 First, Cent. 
Leighton George, house 1 Holbrook's court, Bel. 
Leighton George II., M. P. W , boards 152 Merrimack corp. 
Leighton George K. printer, house 152 Merrimack corp. 
Leighton James E. lamp manuf. Western avenue, house 5 

South Franklin court 
Leighton Julia E. teacher, primary No. 50, b. 18 Bleachery 
Leighton Mary II. widow, boards 3 Bleachery 
Leighton Phila A. Mrs. house 17 Appleton corp. 
Leighton Walter II. physician, house 263 Bridge, Cent. 
Leighton William, laborer, house 110 Third, Cent. 
Leighton, see also Laighton 

Leland Clarence II. physician, 14 Central, h. 32 Mass. corp. 
Leland Thomas, embroidery stamping and dry goods, 296 

Gorham, cor. Chambers, house 12 Chambers 
Leland William, 296 Gorham, house 12 Chambers 
Lemay Leo, shoemaker, house 332 Merrimack 
Lemay V. Mrs. confectionery, etc. 332 Merrimack, h. do. 
Lemere Moses, laborer, house 10 Wall 

Lemere Moses, jr. wire worker, house 7 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Lemie Edward, laborer, house rear 228 Market 
Lemieux Fuscbe, painter, house rear 232 Market 
Lemire Adolphe, laborer, boards 7 Pearl 


Lemire Dalphire, laborer, house 7 Pearl 

Lemphis Lawrence, laborer, boards 806 Middlesex 

Lemphis Leroy, operative, boards 10 Suffolk Corp. 

Lennori Catharine, widow, house 134 Market 

Lennon Catharine T. widow, house 2 Livingston 

Lennon James II. machinist, house 5 Ilowe-st. ave. Bel. 

Lennon John, ale, 108 Market, house 4 Willie ave. 

Lennon John, laborer, house 114 Moody 

Leonard Abel W. house 74 Charles 

Leonard Ann, widow, house 15 Salem 

Leonard George E. draughtsman, house 314 Central 

Leonard Harriet M. widow, house 1 Coral 

Leonard Hugh, laborer, house 75 Adams 

Leonard James, overseer, Merrimack, house 13 1| do. corp. 

Leonard Jennie, widow, house rear 78 Moody 

Leonard John, laborer, house 60 Fayette, Bel 

Leonard Lawrence, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 

Leonard Mary, dry and fancy goods, 262 Merrimack, house 

75 Adams 
Leonard Michael, bleachery, house 15 Cedar 
Leonard Philcas, carpenter, house 40 Salem 
Leonard Refuse, blacksmith, boards 135 Central 
Leonard Sarah Mrs. house 22 Salem 
Leonard Sarah Mrs. house 120 Moody 
Leonard Susan F. Mrs. house 170 Merrimack 
Leonard Sylvester B. machinist, Merrimack, h. 170 do. corp. 
Lepene Andrew, teamster, house 12 Front, Cent. 
Lepene Erastus, laborer, boards 12 Front, Cent. 
Lepore R. M. printer, 130 Central 
Leport Peter, tailor, 82 Central, boards 36 Church 
Lero Napoleon, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Lescarbeau Joseph, laborer, house 116 Adams 
Leseur J. A. dentist, 50 Kirk, house do. 
Leseur Louis, laborer, house 63 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Leslie A. W. book agent, 107 Central, boards 24 Austin 
Leslie Edwin C. & Co. ( T. P. Hall), merchant tailors, 158 

Merrimack, house 17 Eleventh, Cent. 
Leslie H. G. ticket seller, B. & M. R. R. bds. 17 Eleventh, 

Leslie Peter P. house 9 Lawrence 
Lester Charles A., Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 
Lesure Ansel P. carpenter, house 169 Central 
Letour Alfred, at sawmill, house 271 Merrimack 

Lettis -, house 27 Hastings 

Lettrell James, machinist, house 82 Church 

Leverett Patrick, laborer, house 287 Middlesex 

Levingston Henry, house 96 Gorham 

Levitson John, loom harness maker, bds. 28 Andover, Bel. 

Lew Adrastus, farmer, h. Mt. Hope, off Riverside, Pa*^. 


Lew John II. felt maker, boards Mt. Ilope, Pawtucketville 

Lew Osmon Mrs. house rear 15 River, Cent. 

Lew William A. felt finisher, boards Mt. Hope. Pawtv. 

Lewis Albeit, marble worker, boards 11 Warren 

Lewis Charles T. waiter, house 7 Pleasant, Centralville 

Lewis Elizabeth Mrs. house 7 Pleasant, Centralville 

Lewis Esther, widow, house 84 Bridge, Centralville 

Lewis Frank, carpenter, boards 8 Everett, Bel. 

Lewis Freeman A. clerk, 18 Middlesex, house Second ave. 

Lewis George W. hairdresser, 2 Prescott block, house 129 

River, Centralville 
Lewis Jeremiah, hairdresser, boards 80 River, Cent. 
Lewis John T. hostler, 130 Moody, boards 5 Dodge 
Lewis Joseph Mrs. house 28 Cady 
Lewis J. T. hairdresser, boards 7 Pleasant, Cent. 
Lewis Loring W. farmer, house 171 River, Cent. 
Lewis L. I. Mrs. house 78 River, Cent 
Lewis Nancy, widow, house rear 90 River, Cent. 
Lewis Samuel A. hairdresser, 184 Merrimack, b. 7 Pleasant, 
Centralville [corp. 

Lewis Solomon B. watchman at Bleachery,house2 Bleachery 
Lewis Theodore W. hairdresser, house 78 River, Cent. 
Lewis Thomas, boards 65 Jewett, Cent. 
Lewis Walker, hairdresser, 296 Middlesex, h. 80 River, Cent. 
Lewis William, laborer, boards 47 Fayette, Belvidere 
Lewis William A. clerk, 52 Merrimack, b. 63 Bridge, Cent. 
Lewis Winslow S. carpenter, house 7 Prescott corp., Bel. 

Lewis , operative, boards 63 Bridge, Cent. 

Lewisson E. S. clerk, 122 Central, boards 14 Ilurd 
Leyden Patrick, mason, house 10 Summer 
Leyton Samuel, picker tender, boards 300 Lawrence 
Lezott John R. hairdresser, 48 Central, boards 85 Tremont 
Libbee George F. (H. H. Wilder & Co.), 127 Central, house 

14 West Sixth, Cent. 
Libbey Adeline C. Mrs. variety store, 43 Moody, h. do. 
Libbey Charles, Suffolk, boards 18 do. corp. 
Libbey Eliza Miss, house 11 Tyler 
Libbey Frank J. seating chairs, house 43 Moody 
Libbey Fred. L. hack driver, house 43 Moody 
Libbey Hattie E. Miss, saleswoman, 110 Merrimack, boards 

21 Dutton 
Libbey Isaac II. locksmith, Maiden lane, house 31 Cabot 
Libbey Isaac L. police, house 16 Queen 

Libbey Martin V. B. horse shoer, 5 Warren, h. 178 Chelms- 
ford, near Lincoln square 
Libbey William E. carpenter, house 523 Pine 
Libby Albert E. police, house 10 Richardson, Cent. 
Libby Amy Mrs. house 27 Sixth, Cent. 


Libby Benj. F. shoemaker, 119 Central, house 30 Branch 

Libby Charles, machinist, boards Moody, cor. Tilden 

Libby Frank V. cabinetmaker, boards 53 L. M. S. corp. 

Libby George F. produce, boards 21 Hamilton corp. 

Libby Isaac L. police, house 16 Queen 

Libby John F. scenic artist, boards 30 Branch 

Libby Wentworth R. cabinetmaker, house 53 L. M. S. corp. 

Libby William B., " Citizen " office, boards 105 Howard 

Libby William F. machinist, Merrimack, house 21 do. corp. 

Liddell Andrew, baggage master, B. L. & N. R. R. house 

22 Third, Cent. 
Light Leon, laborer, house 17 Willie avenue 
Light Louis, laborer, boards 17 Willie avenue 
Lilley Charles, machinist, house 83 Cabot 
Lilley Charles S. designer, at carpet mill, boards 83 'Cabot 
Lincoln Jefferson, Lawrence, boards 31 do. corp. 
Lincoln Levi C. clerk, 3 Gorharn, boards 13 Butterfield 
Lindsay George, jack spinner, house 17 Cady 
Lindsay Joseph, jack spinner, house 17 Cad}' 
Lindsay William, bleachery, house 62 Congress 
Lingo Thomas H. cook, 7 City Hall ave. b. 12| Merrimack 
Linnehan Catharine T. widow, boarding house, 60 Middle 
Linnell Edgar E. clerk, 41 Market, house 335 Merrimack 
Lippincott Charles T. currier, boards 128 Middlesex 
Lisbon Jeremiah, hairdresser, 37 Shattuck, boards 47 Fay- 
ette, Belvidere 
Litchfield Hiram, boards American House 
Litchfield Oliver C. Mrs. house 142 Chelmsford 
Litchfield (Paul F.) & Co. (B. Edwards), commission mer- 
chants, Button, opp. Mech. mills, h. 305 Chelmsford 
Little A., Lowell, boards 60 Charles 
Little Edwin J. machinist, house 83 Merrimack corp. 
Little Henry, wool sorter, house 1 Merrill 
Little James C. teamster, rooms 24 Grove 
Little John, at J. G. Sherburne & Co.'s, boards 24 Grove 
Little John, teamster, boards 221 Central 
Little Leonard P. carpenter, 68 Middle, house 67 Congress 
Little Marie Miss, saleswoman, 116 Merrimack, boards 69 

Little Mary J. widow, boards 141 Merrimack corp. 
Little Michael, laborer, boards 169 Market 
Little Moses ( Cook, Taylor, & Co.), 125 Central, h. 9 Elm 
Little Peter, operative, house 55 Front, Centralville 
Little William, operative, boards 81 Cabot 
Littlefield Charles (Hatch & Lilllefield), paper box manuf. 3 

Warren, house 27 Fifth, Cent. 
Littlehale Wilber, travelling agent, boards 125 Goi-ham 
Livermore Albert W. watchman, h. Mt. Pleasant, Cent. 
Livermore Elizabeth B. house 60 Bartlett, Belvidere 


Livermore Francis A. farmer, boards Mt. Pleasant, Cent. 
Livingston Alfred (Livingston, Carter, & Co.), and ( C. F. 

JUanchard & Co.), 230 Middlesex, and physician, 54 

Thorndike, house do. 
Livingston Alfred J. grocer, 213 Middlesex, h. 70 Howard 
Livingston Benjamin, teamster, boards 92 Willie 
Livingston Cornelius S. clerk, U. S. Bunting Co. boards 34 

Livingston Daniel, clerk, 27 Thorndike, house 34 Branch 
Livingston Ephraim D. printer, 130 Central, bds. 34 Branch 
Livingston Franklin E. clerk, 251 Middlesex, h.19 Westford 
Livingston Frederick P. clerk, boards 29 Franklin 
Livingston James H. house 109 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Livingston John 0. gardener, house 32 Howard 
Livingston William E. grain, flour, wood, coal, etc. 27 

Thorndike, house off Middlesex, near Pawtueket 
Livingston ( William E.). Carter ( William H), & Co. (Alfred 

Livingston), blankets and flannels, 25 Thorndike 

Livingston , house 94 Gorham 

Locke Horace, carpenter, house 42 Cabot 

Locke Horace B. (P. Grow and H. B. Locke), 240 Dutton, 

house 201 Middlesex 
Locke Izette J. Mrs. house 330 Broadway 
Locke J. Jewett, machinist, house 29 Chapel 
Locke Samuel W. (E. B. Worthen & Co.), 216 Merrimack, 

house 24 Mt. Washington 
Locke Wm. M. overseer, paint shop, Mass. h. 42 do. corp. 
Locklin A. S. & Co. boots and shoes, 35 Merrimack, boards 

Merrimac House 
Locklin Bernard, laborer, house 29 Meadovvcroft 
Locklin John A. Mrs. variety store, 75 Tilden, house do. 
Locks and Canals, proprietors of, 22 Broadway 
Loclere Peter, laborer, house Fletcher, near Broadway 
Lofthouse John, shoemaker, 8 Agawam, boards 1 do. 
Logan Bernard, mule spinner, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Logan David W. agent, Wheeler & Wilson new sewing 

machines, 100 Merrimack, house 43 Willow, Belvidere 
Logan James, teamster, house 34 William 
Logan Mary, widow, house 54 Paige 
Logan Michael, laborer, boards 54 Paige 
Logan Paul, machinist, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
Logan Paul G. painter, boards 37 Central 
Logan Thomas II machinist, house 27 Prospect 
Logue Barnabas, boots and shoes, 226 Middlesex, house 

130 Appleton 
Logue George II. clerk, 3 Gorham, boards 130 Appleton 
Loiselle J. L. 122 Merrimack, house 120 do. 
Loker Loring, laborer, house 64 Chelmsford 


Loker Wm. L. shoemaker, 21*7 Middlesex, b. 64 Chelmsford 

Lombard Oliver D. overseer, Tremont, house 39 do. Corp. 

Lombard Thomas H. loom harnessmaker, h. 335 Merrimack 

Londry Albert, house 4 West's court 

Long- James, attendant, St. James Hospital, boards do., Bel. 

Long Mary, widow, house 20 Summer 

Long Michael, laborer, house 160 Adams 

Long Roxanna, boarding house, 1 Merrimack Corp. 

Long William C. machinist, boards 141 Merrimack corp. 

Longee Susan, widow, house 25 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Lonkey , machinist, boards 211 Central 

Looby Thomas, cooper, house 150 Market 

Loomis Abner, painter, Suffolk, boards 40 Lawrence Corp. 

Loomis Milton C. shoemaker, Dutton, cor. Fletcher, house 

144 Moody 
Looney Daniel, stonecutter, boards 1 5*7 Middlesex 
Looney Michael, laborer, house 95 Merrimack corp. 
Loororn James, Middlesex, house 4 Luther's court 
Lord A. D. clerk, 125 Central, boards 32 Museum bldg. 
Lord Charles A. driver, Hose No. 1, 78 Middle, boards do. 
Lord Charles E. cutter, 11 Central, boards 28 Museum bldg. 
Lord Edwin 11. teacher, High school, b. 10 Nesmith, Bel. 
Lord Enoch, dresser, house 46 Agawam 
Lord Ephraim W. carpenter, boards 219 Middlesex 
Lord Frank, harnessmaker, boards 135 Central 
Lord Friend, laborer, boards 98 Jewett, Cent. 
Lord George W. teamster, house 241 Broadway 
Lord Henry A. clerk, 292 Middlesex, house 651 do. 
Lord Hester M. millinery, 25| Market, house 25 do. 
Lord John, fireman, house 336 Merrimack 
Lord John, machinist, house 76 Church 
Lord Oliver, boarding house, 408 and 410 Merrimack 
Lord Randolph C. (Rogers S Lord), 137 Market, house 23 

West Fifth, Cent. 
Lord Robert, machinist, house 98 Jewett, Cent. 
Lord William C. contractor, L. M. S. house 5 do. corp. 
Lothrop Dennis II. clerk, 93 Tilden, boards 52 Moody 
Lothrop Ilight, clerk, boards 52 Moody 
Lougee Joseph, at Lawrence Hosiery Co. house 226 Market 
Lougee Sarah A. Mrs. boarding house, 125 Gorham 
Loughlin Brothers (Michael Loughlin), boots and shoes, 11 

Merrimack, house do. 
Loughlin Edward, student, boards 7 Lawrence 
Loughlin John, laborer, house 22 Merrill 
Loughlin John, house rear 31 North 
Loughlin Michael, spinner, house 7 Lawrence 
Loughlin Michael (Loughlin Bros.), boots and shoes, 11 

Merrimack, house do. 
Loughlin Wm. II. counsellor, 49 Central, bds. 7 Lawrence 


Loughran James, counsellor, 3 Canal block, h. 58 Charles 

Love James, foreman, Western ave. boards 7 Lowell corp. 

Lovejoy Albert B. currier, house 60 Lincoln 

Lovejoy Charles II. weaver, house 49 Church 

Lovejoy Daniel & Son (E. W.), blacksmiths, 1 dishing, cor. 

Rock, house 27 Franklin 
Lovejoy Edwin, produce, 124 Middlesex, h. 23 Andover, 

Lovejoy Elwyn W. ( D. Lovejoy & Son), blacksmith, 1 dish- 
ing, cor. Rock, house 27 Franklin 
Lovejoy Emery W. foreman, paint shop, L. M. S. house 91 

Lovejoy Frank, painter, boards 208 Broadway 
Lovejoy (Frederick) & Rand (E. S.), express, B. & M. R.R. 

depot, house 36 Westford 
Lovejoy Frederick M. driver, U. S. mail, h. 8 Merrill's ct. 
Lovejoy George A. painter, boards 38 Middlesex 
Lovejoy George G. variety store, 27 John, house do. 
Lovejoy Jacob, overseer, Hamilton, house 2 do. corp. 
Lovejoy James A. house 165 Liberty 
Lovejoy Joseph, lather, boards 4 Goward place 
Lovejoy J. P. patternmaker, boards 208 Broadway 
Lovejoy Willard, carpenter, house 169 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Lovejoy William II. turnkey at jail, Thorndike street 

Lovering , operative, boards 8 Everett, Bef. 

Lovett Florence L. clerk, Bleachery, boards 29 Carter 

Lovett Frank E. painter, house 144 Suffolk 

Lovett George, carpenter, house Plain, near F. & L. R. R. 

Lovett George W. at bleachery, boards 29 Carter 

Lovett Hugh, laborer, boards 208 Market 

Lovett John, hairdresser, 284 Merrimack, house 70 Hall 

Lovett John M. patternmaker, Arch, boards 88 Howard 

Lovett Stephen, boots and shoes, 106 Middlesex, h. 50 Ford 

Lovett Stephen II. clerk, 34 Central, boards 88 Howard 

Lovett Thomas J. teamster, house 29 Carter 

Lovrien Charles E. sash maker, house 10 Lagrange court 

Low George, boards 172 Central 

Low George W. machinist, house 150 Merrimack corp. 

Low Nehemiah, moulder, house 3 Nichols 

Lowe Edward B. salesman, 100 Central, h. 98 Lawrence 

Lowe Hannah Mrs. house 96 Lawrence 

Lowe Joseph, stone mason, house 7 Fifth, Cent. 

Lowe Samuel, machinist, house 5 Water, Belvidere 

Lowe S. Lizzie Miss, teacher, No. 34 primary school, bds. 

3 Nichols 
Lowe William, machinist, boards 5 Water, Belvidere 
Lowell Bleachery, Frank P. Appleton, agt., Bleachery st. 
Lowell Boiler and Steam Press Works, Button, n. Mechan- 
ics' mills, Charles Cowley, proprietor 


Lowell Card Company, S. S. Gould, treas., machine card 

clothing, 127 Market 
Lowell Felting Mills, William II. Thompson, prop., Paw- 
tucket, opp. Walker 
Lowell File Works, S. Ashworth & Co. props. 7 and 9 

Fletcher, corner Worthen 
Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank, A. S. Tyler, treas., Merri- 
mack, corner John 
Lowell Foundry, Cole & Nichols, 10 Willie, cor. Dutton 
Lowell Gas Works, School, cor. Rock, office 22 Shattuck 
Lowell Hosiery Company, W. F. Salmon, manager, Mt. 

Vernon, near Broadway 
Lowell Institution for Savings, George J. Carney, treas., 18 

Lowell Machine Shop, George Richardson, supt., Dutton, n. 

Lowell Manufacturing Company, A. F. Swapp, supt., Mar- 
ket street 
Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 49 Central 
Lowell Water Works, office, 39 Merrimack 
Lowell Worsted Mills, James Meadowcroft, prop. 72 Willie 
Lowerre Maria N. widow, house 147 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Lowney Bridget, widow, house 30 Jefferson 
Lowney Cornelius, sawyer, house 196 Gorham 
Lowney tillen, widow, house 194 Gorham 
Lowney Hannah, widow, house 166 Market 
Lowney Jeremiah, laborer, house 166 Market 
Lowney John, Tremont, house 17 Madison 
Lowrey Emerson, L. M. S. boards 14 Tremont corp. 
Lubey Ilonora, widow, house 40 Dummer 
Lubey John, tin peddler, house 13 Floyd 
Lucas Levi M. variety store, 109 E. Merrimack, house do. 
Lucas William A. machinist, house 69 Howard 
Luce David A. tinsmith, 123 Market, house 28 Lagrange 
Lucier Adele, widow, house rear 27 Aiken 
Lucius Richard C. machine printer, h. 153 Merrimack corp. 
Lucouture Michail, bobbin maker, boards 108 Fletcher 
Ludlam Joseph S. supt. Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 

house 157 Andover, Bel. 
Ludlow James, laborer, house 3 Keene 
Ludwig Otis, foreman at cemetery, house 24 Griffin 
Luey Jane Mrs. variety store, 56 Middlesex, house at 

Lufkin Maria B. widow, boards 80 Willie 
Lugg William, house 4 Varney 

Lull Daniel C. overseer, Middlesex, house 127 Howard 
Lund Ephraim, teamster, house 17 Lane 
Lund Noadiah, teamster, house 267 Wilder 
Lundberg Alexis, cloth finisher, house rear 39 Whipple 


Lunt Edward, hack driver, boards 6 John 

Lunt Ezekicl, house Porter, corner Pine 

Lunt George W. operative, house 92 Cabot 

Lunt Warren, bar keeper, 7 City Hall avenue, boards 18 

Wentworth's building 
Lupton George, Boott, boards 54 do. corp. 
Lurvy Sarah A. physician, 5 Merrimack, house do. 
Luscomb Cyrus E. painter, 5 Riverside, house do. Paw. 
Luscomb John W. Mrs. house 71 Common 
Lussier Gilbert, blacksmith, house 228 Market 
Lussier Israel, laborer, house 95 Worthen 
Lussier Louis, Appleton, boards 14 Appleton corp. 
Lussier Noe, machinist, boarding house, 14 Appleton corp. 
Luther Charles, carpenter, boards 59 Mass. corp. 
Luther George W., Mass. boards 7 Prescott Corp. Bel. 
Luther John F. carpenter, boards 51 Mass. coip. 
Luther Thomas, machinist, house 4 Bachelder's place 
Lyford Asa B. overseer, Merrimack, boards 27 do. corp. 
Lyford Francis A. card grinder, house 59 Merrimack corp. 
Lyford John B. produce dealer, house 255 Fletcher 
Lyford Simeon G. agent, house 54 Appleton 
Lyman Alfred P. watchmaker, 113 Central, h. 18 Wamesit 
Lyman Edward, chief engineer, Merrimack mills, house 58 

do. corp. 
Lyman L. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 3 Canal block, Central, h. do. 
Lyman Moses, laborer, house 30 Davidson, Belvidere 
Lyman Roland Mrs. house 76 Chapel 
Lynch Abbie S. Mrs. widow, house 52 Dutton 
Lynch Andrew J. teamster, 45 Market, boards 156 Adams 
Lynch Bartholomew, operative, house 124 Adams 
Lynch Bernard, laborer, house 9 Dempsey's place 
Lynch Bros. (Patrick and Philip), grocers, 105 Gorham 
Lynch Charles, laborer, house 8 John-street avenue 
Lynch Daniel, laborer, boards 30 Jefferson 
Lynch Eugene S. variety store, 52 Dutton, house do. 
Lynch James, machinist, house 19 Wamesit 
Lynch James, card grinder, liouse 118 Adams 
Lynch James, laborer, house 38 Crosby 
Lynch James, gardener, liouse B. F. Butler's grounds, Bel. 
Lynch James, operative, Boott, house 69 do. corp. 
Lynch John, laborer, house 162 Adams 
Lynch John, upholsterer, 13' Market 
Lynch John, laborer, house 201 Market 
Lynch John, machinist, house 12 Davis 
Lynch John, laborer, house 7 Common 
Lynch John F. upholsterer, house 47 Water, Bel. 
Lynch John J. wire worker, 16 Middle, boards 27 Church 
Lynch Julia, widow, house 118 Adams 
Lynch Lawrence, blacksmith, house 66 Appleton 


Lynch Martin, house 8 Carolin's place, Belvidere 

Lynch Mary, widow, house 19 Newhall 

Lynch Mary, house 23 Common 

Lynch Mary A. Miss, house rear 29 Middle 

Lynch Matt, laborer, house 53 West Union 

Lynch Michael, laborer, house 5 Kidder 

Lynch Michael, driver, 34 Middle 

Lynch Michael, operative, boards 63 West Union 

Lynch Michael, Appleton, house 98 Gorham 

Lynch Michael J. laborer, house 262 Lincoln 

Lynch Murtagh, laborer, house 235 Gorham 

Lynch Patrick [Lynch Bros.), grocers, 105 Gorham, h. 230 

Tanner, Ayer's City 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, boards 215 Gorham 
Lynch Patrick, operative, house 118 Adams 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house 105 Adams 
Lynch Patrick, liquors, 43 and 45 Market, house 103 Cross 
Lynch Patrick H. teamster, house 88 Common ave. 
Lynch Pal rick II. bartender, 29 South, boards 1 Spring 
Lynch Philip [Lynch Bros.), 105 Gorham, house 86 Crosby 
Lynch Richard, laborer, house rear 61 Middle 
Lynch Thomas, at gas works, house 122 Adams 
Lynch Thomas, dyer, boards 86 School 
Lyon Clara II. Miss, saleswoman, 80 Merrimack, boards 108 

East Merrimack, Bel. 
Lyon Maria C. Mrs. house 1*76 Nesmith, Bel. 
Lyons Bridget, widow, house 27 Marion 
Lyons Daniel, laborer, house 28 Dummer 
Lyons Ellen, widow, house 182 Market 
Lyons Frank, Hamilton, boards 78 Appleton 
Lyons James, laborer, house 20 Dummer 
Lyons Joanna, widow, house 26 Dummer 
Lyons John, laborer, house 17 Dummer 
Lyons John, hostler, 159 Worthen, boards do. 
Lyons John II. clerk, 20 Middlesex, bds. 3 Lyon's ct. Bel. 
Lyons Mary, widow, house 74 Tremont 
Lyons Mary, widow, house 3 Lyon's court, Bel. 
Lyons Murtagh, laborer, house 3 Common 
Lyons Murtagh, laborer, house 58 Lawrence corp. 
Lyons Thomas, gardener, house 311 Middlesex 
Lyons Thomas, operative, rooms 224 Middlesex 
Lyons Thomas J. clerk, Dr. F. C. Plunkett's, bds. 3 Lyon's 

court, Belvidere 

MABON WELLINGTON, fruit, etc. 130 Middlesex, bds. 

122 do. 
Mabon William, Appleton, boards 122 Middlesex 
Macartney James, Massachusetts, bds. 62 Mass. corp. 
Macartney Robert J. bricklayer, boards 62 Mass. corp. 


Macdonald Helen M. dressmaker, 18 Shattuck, h. 17 Kirk 
Mack Joseph, gasfitter, 5 Prescott, boards 13 Church 
Mack Peter, laborer, house 12 Winter 
Mack Sewall G. & Co. ( G. Hazen and W. A. Mack), stoves 

furnaces, ranges, etc., 121 and 123 Market, house 392 

Mack Wm..A. {Sewall G. Mack & Co.), 121 and 123 Market, 

house 136 Ford 
Mackay David, machinist, house 40 Franklin 
Mackay William, ship master, boards 52 Rock 
Mackey H. Warren, carpenter, boards 37 Rock 
Mackie James, sawyer, house 30 Smith 
Mackin Patrick, laborer, house 84 Middle 
Mackley John, operative, house 2 Cob urn, Cent 
Macneil Charles B. clerk, 124 Merrimack, boards 113 do. 
Macneil W. J. clerk, 124 Merrimack, boards 113 do. 
Macomber Mary A. boarding house, 7 and 8 Merrimack corp. 
Macracken Agnes, widow, house 2 Pond, Belvidere 
Macready John 0. harness maker, house 35 Chestnut, Bel. 
Macurda William, agent, house 13 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Madden John, machinist, house 58 Church 
Madden John, boards 39 Chapel 
Madden John, painter, house 18 Pond, Bel. 
Madden John, laborer, house 20 Howe, Bel. 
Madden Martin, fireman, house 39 Chapel 
Madden Patrick, laborer, house 20 Howe, Bel. 
Madden Patrick, Merrimack, house 148 Market 
Madden Terrence, laborer, house 3 Little 
Maddocks George, machinist and engineer, Steamer No. 2, 

286 Middlesex, house do. 
Maddocks William, house Plain, near Tanner, Ayer's City 
Maddocks Wm. H., Lowell, house 50 Water, Bel. 
M&dle Sarah, widow, house 5 Lagrange 
Madle Wm. II. blacksmith, house 5 Lagrange 
Magee Deyea, machinist, house 135 School 
Magee Wm. II. sewing machine agent, 74 Merrimack, bds. 

408 do. 
Magoon Henry, boards 135 Moody 

Magoon William, carriage trimmer, bds. Broadway Hotel 
Maguire Andrew, shoemaker, 55 Middle, house do. 
Maguire Ann, widow, grocer, 15 Davidson, house do., Bel. 
Maguire Ann, widow, house 9 Franklin square 
Maguire Benjamin, clerk, 48 Dutton, boards 37 Dummer 
Maguire Edward, printer, 130 Central 
Maguire Elizabeth, widow, house 81 High, Bel. 
Maguire Franklin, finisher, boards 312 Lawrence 
Maguire George, clerk, 225 Central, boards 40 Chapel 
Maguire Henry F. operative, house 81 High, Bel. 
Maguire Hugh, whitewasher, house 28 Lewis 


Maguire John, laborer, house 33 Wall, Bel. 

Maguire Margaret, widow, house 11 Little 

Maguire Michael, Merrimack, house 97 Christian, Cent. 

Maguire Michael, laborer, house 34 Cross 

Maguire Patrick II. slater, boards 11 Little 

Maguire William, Lawrence, boards 358 Merrimack 

Maguire, see also McGuire 

Mahan Catharine, widow, house 72 Charles 

Mahan James, stonecutter, house 72 Charles 

Mahan James, engineer, house 29 Prospect 

Mahan Michael, operative, boards 312 Lawrence 

Mahan Owen, house 87 Chapel 

Mahan Patrick, wool sorter, house 72 Charles 

Mahan Patrick, laborer, house 4 Putney's court 

Mahan Thomas, mule spinner, house Putney's court 

Mahan Thomas, wool sorter, boards 87 Chapel 

Mahan Thomas, stonecutter, house 67 Linden 

Maher James, saloon, 81 Gorham, house 56 South 

Maher John, laborer, house 9 Andover, Bel. 

Maher John, operative, boards 5 Summer 

Maher Lawrence, painter, boards 56 South 

Maher Michael, laborer, boards 27 Walnut 

Maher Patrick, house 5 Summer 

Maher Patrick, carder, house 61 Front, Cent. 

Maher Patrick J. fireman, B. & L. R. R. house 56 South 

Maher William, moulder, boards 56 South 

Maher Winnifred, widow, house 27 Walnut 

Maher Mrs. widow, house 5 Summer 

Mahon James, spinner, boards 1 Aiken 
Mahon John, laborer, house 80 Adams 
Mahon Joseph, clerk, 204 Middlesex, bds. 10 Howard 
Mahoney Catharine, widow, house rear 21 Charles 
Mahoney Daniel, tanner, house 38 Tanner, Ayer's City 
Mahoney Dennis, M. P. W. boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Mahoney Florence, laborer, house 129 Worthen 
Mahoney Hannah, widow, house 136 Adams 
Mahoney Honora, widow, house 29 Davidson, Bel. 
Mahoney John, laborer, house 5 Donahoe's yard 
Mahoney John, wool washer, house 13 North 
Mahoney John, laborer, house 106 Merrimack corp. 
Mahoney John, Hamilton, boards 32 do. corp. 
Mahoney John P. clerk, 28 Central, house 65 Adams 
Mahoney Mary, widow, house 56 Suffolk 
Mahoney Michael, laborer, boards 44 Dumraer 
Mahoney Michael, L. M. S boards 135 Merrimack corp. 
Mahoney Michael, laborer, house 5 Donahoe's yard 
Mahoney Michael, iron moulder, boards 208 Broadway 
Mahoney Michael, laborer, house 19 Dummer 
Mahoney Patrick, fireman, house 65 Adams 


Mahoney Patrick, bleacher, boards rear 56 Congress 
Mahoney Thomas, variety store, 111 Adams, house 109 do. 
Mahoney Thomas, jr. boards 109 Adams 
Mahoney Timothy, laborer, house rear 56 Congress 
Mahoney Timothy, carpenter, house 402 Central 

Mahoney , stone cutter, boards 29 Rock 

Main Thomas A. carpenter, li. off Mammoth, near Dracut 

line, Pawtucketville 
Mains William V. machine printer, boards 27 Church 
Maitland (Alexander) & Watson (John), machine printers, 

Chambers, house 33 Prospect 
Makant William, machine printer, h. 11 Washington 
Maker ( George E.), Pearson (F. M.), & Co., dry goods, 44 

Merrimack, house 21 Luring 
Maker Jane, widow, house 21 Loring 
Makin William 11. spinner, boards 4 Massachusetts corp. 
Malcolm Albion 11. stoves, etc., 32 Middlesex, house 116 

Malcolm John, engraver, Merrimack, boards 15 Kirk 
Mallon Hugh, laborer, house 7 Chapel 
Mallory 0. E. Rev. house Gorham, junction of South 
Malloy Hugh, laborer, house 185 Market 
Malloy Mary, widow, house rear 181 Market 
Malone Thomas, machinist, L. M. S. boards 143 Worthen 
Maloney Catharine, widow, boards 214 Market 
Maloney Charles, wire worker, house 113 River, Cent. 
Maloney James Mrs. house Spring, near Pearl 
Maloney Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Dummer 
Maloney Joseph, Lowell, boards 37 Fayette, Bel. 
Maloney Michael, carpenter, house 28 Jefferson 
Maloney Patrick, teamster, house 69 Gorham 
Maloney Patrick, Laborer, house rear 20 Summer 
Maloney Sarah Mrs. house 37 Fayette. Bel. 
Maloon Annie B. widow, dressmaker, house 10 Dodge 
Maloy John A. police;, house 50 Walker 
Maloy Thomas, bootmaker, house Castle's bl'k, Jeflerson 
Manahan Charles F. clerk, house 12 Coral 
Manahan Henry, Merrimack, house 7 Donahoe'fl yard 
Manahan John, Lawrence, house 78 Fenwick 
Manahan John F. real estate dealer, house 84 Branch 
Manahan Mark, carpenter, house 157 Bridge, Cent. 
Manahan Samuel T, house 99 Salem 
Mauaman Michael, laborer, house 23 Q-reen 
Mancean Theresa Mrs. house 12 Howe, Bel. 

Mancean , laborer, boards 12 Howe, Bel. 

Manchester Leander C. rector, St. John's church, house 30 

Manchester Margaret, widow, house 9 Little 
Maney Catharine, widow, house 10 Charles 


Maney Martin, bleachery, boards 10 Charles 

Maney Edward, operative, house 9 Common 

Mangan Edward, bleachery, house 11 Cedar 

Mangan John, at J. C. Ayer's, boards 104 Market 

Mangan Patrick, machinist, house 253 Market 

Mangan Thomas, switchman, B. & L. R. R., h. 212 Gorham 

Mangin John, laborer, house rear 181 Market 

Mangin Joseph Rev. house Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 

Manley Catharine, widow, house 7 Water, Bel. 

Mauley Francis E. insurance agent, 87 Merrimack, house 

at Billerica 
Mann Hannah, widow, house 388 Merrimack 
Manning Bernard, laborer, house 121 Worthen 
Manning Daniel, operative, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 
Manning Daniel W. grocer, 133 Adams, house 131 do. 
Manning Dennis, mason, boards 70 Market 
Manning George II. clerk, 7 Central h. 17 VV. Fifth, Cent. 
Manning Henry, house rear 4 Dodge 
Manning Henry, conductor, house 12 Howard 
Manning James, bricklayer, boards 35 Summer 
Manning John, gardener, house rear 28 Winter 
Manning John, stone mason, house 35 Summer 
Manning John, Boott, boards 54 do. corp. 
Manning John, mason, house 27 Cohurn, Cent. 
Manning John, brakeman, house 80 Adams 
Manning John Mrs. house 129 Adams 
Manning Kate M. dress maker, 87 East Merrimack, Bel. 

house Summer, corner South 
Manning Mary, widow, house rear 72 Fenwick - 
Manning Michael, laborer, house rear 191 Gorham 
Manning Nancy, widow, house 115 Gorham 
Manning Patrick, Hamilton, boards 22 do. corp. 
Manning Patrick, laborer, boards 72 Ford 
Manning Thomas Mrs. house 94 Cabot 
Manning Walter T. engineer, B. & L. R. R. h. 74 Railroad 
Manning William, manufacturer of corn cake, 228 and 230 

Broadway, house at Chelmsford 
Manning William Wayland, clerk, 98 Middle, house 1079 

Middlesex, Mid. village 
Manscau Therisa Mrs. boarding house, 4 Suffolk hall 
Mansell Julia N. Mrs. dressmaking, 19 Cabot, house do. 
Mansfield Albert F. machinist, house rear 129 Howard 
Mansfield Frank, machinist, boards rear 129 Howard 
Mansfield George L. machinist, boards rear 129 Howard 
Mansfield Joseph II. Rev. house 30 Seventh, Cent. 
Mansfield Matthew, laborer, house 5 Common 
Mansfield Stanley, bookkeeper, house 28 Arlington 
Mansfield Win, H. clerk, boards rear 129 Howard 
Mausur David, blacksmith, house 12 Third, Cent. 


Mansur Frank, laborer, house 23 Hildreth, Cent. 
Mansur George, clerk, 31 Shattuck, h. 96 Fayette, Bel. 
Mansur II. Maria Miss, teacher, primary No. 52, boards 

High-street square, Belvidere 
Mansur William G. Mrs. h. Mansur, opp. Fairmount 
Manuel James, dispatch bearer, house 233 Broadway 
Mapleston R. S. teamster, boards 60 Andrews 
Marble Cliarles H. house 167 Moody 
Marble Edward D. paper hanger, boards 19 Summer 
Marble Willis H. clerk, 4 Cabot, boards 15 Varney 
March Mary L. widow, boards 7 Merrimack corp. 
Marcott Victor, painter, 9 Centre, house do. 
Marden [George A.) & Rowell (Edward T.), props. Lowell 

" Courier," Museum bldg., h. 106 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Marden , lawyer, house 16 Westford 

Mardin Joseph, saw filer, 343 Middlesex, h. do. 

Margison George, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 

Marin (Samuel P.) & McCormick (J. E.), dry goods. 138 

Merrimack, house 23 Mt. Washington 
Markham Frank, laborer, house 17 Winter 
Markham Martin, laborer, house 80 Gorham 
Marks James, laborer, house 36 Davidson, Belvidere 
Marks Lucy, widow, house 14 Tremont corp. 
Marks William Mrs. house 34 Coburn, Cent. 
Marland William, Boott, house 4 do. corp. 
Marony James, house 11 Swift 
Marony James, boards 37 Central 
Marr Thomas, laborer, house 64 Bridge, Cent. 
Marren James, grocer, 116 Market, house 31 Clark 
Marren Luke, house 31 Clark 
Marriner Charles E. carpenter, h. 17 Washington 
Marriott Charles W. carpenter, house 43 Branch 
Marriott John, jr., trunkmaker, 58 and 60 Central, house 25 

Andover, Belvidere 
Marritt William, foreman, Taylor & Barker's 
Mars Matthew, currier, house rear 301 Chelmsford 
Marsh George, teamster, house 65 Jewett, Cent. 
Marsh James R. cigarmaker, boards 66 Bartlett, Bel. 
Marsh James William Mrs. house 12 Race 
Marsh Jewell C. hairdresser, 2 Market, h. rear 76 Charles 
Marsh John, produce dealer, house 126 School 
Marsh M. A. Miss, hair jewelry, 70 Merrimack, bds. 113 do. 
Marsh N. B. Mrs. dressmaker, house 40 Central 
Marsh Orrin, watchman, Hamilton, bds. 21 Hamilton corp. 
Marshall Abner II. blacksmith, h. Riverside, Pawtucketville 
Marshall Alden, clerk, 5 Lee 

Marshall Alonzo D. cabinetmaker, house 20 Queen 
Marshall (Alvin) & Crosby ( Charles T.), cabinetmakers, 269 

Middlesex, house at Tewksbury 


Marshall Andrew, Middlesex, house 32 Pond, Belvidere 

Marshall Andrew, Suffolk, boards 10 do. corp. 

Marshall Arthur H. farmer, boards Varnum ave., Paw. 

Marshall Avery Mrs. house 130 Parker 

Marshall Bradley, machinist, house 13 Appleton corp. 

Marshall Charles, freight clerk, Merrimack-st. depot, house 

70 Railroad 
Marshall Charles, farmer, house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Marshall Charles E. farmer, house 485 Stevens 
Marshall Dorcas, widow, house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Marshall Greenleaf N. engineer at D.Lovejoy & Son's, house 

78 Willie 
Marshall Henry, private detective, house 464 Chelmsford 
Marshall Herbert, house Varnum ave., Pawtucketville 
Marshall Horace G. overseer, Lawrence, house 26 do. corp. 
Marshall Horatio C. farmer, house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Marshall James G. paymaster, Boott Cotton mills, house 8 

Marshall Jesse Mrs. house Totman, near Varnum ave., Paw. 
Marshall Joshua N. counsellor, 3 Barristers' Hall, house 414 

Marshall Josiah, laborer, 19 Ilolbrook's court, Belvidere 
Marshall Laura A. widow, boards 72 Cabot 
Marshall Lois Mrs. boards 32 Bleachery corp. 
Marshall Luther H. carriage manuf. Varnum ave., Paw- 
tucketville, house do. 
Marshall Mary, widow, house 222 Market 
Marshall Mary R. Mrs. house 26 Lawrence corp. 
Marshall Moses, machinist, house 27 Willie 
Marshall Moses R. clothing, 1 Canal block, house 30 Fourth, 

Marshall Otis W. teamster, house 61 Howard 
Marshall Patrick, B. & L. R. R., house 27 Summer 
Marshall Rufus W. laborer, boards 32 Bleachery corp. 
Marshall Thomas, Middlesex, boards 32 Pond, Belvidere 
Marshall Thomas, laborer, house rear 62 Appleton 
Marshall Walter, Lawrence, house 29 Cabot 
Marshall William, operative, boards 12 Suffolk corp. 
Marstela Mary Miss, house 121 Moody 
Marstin Charles, Suffolk, house 17 do. corp. 
Marston Andrew B. second hand, Merrimack, h. 76 do. corp. 
Marston Arthur & Co. [Frank H. Gutter), apothecaries, 

205 Central, boards 9 Ash, Bel. 
Marston Frederick A. house 10 Marshall 
Marston ( Geo. H.) & Prince (Geo. G.), booksellers and 

stationers, 90 Merrimack, house 207 Bridge, c. Eleventh, 

Marston J. M. Mrs. house 9 Ash, Belvidere 
Marston William, stone mason, boards 31 Fletcher 


Marston , mason, boards 29 Rock 

Martel John, Lawrence, house 15 Demp-^ey's place 

Martin Antoine, laborer, house 1 Marin's block, Aiken 

Martin Augusta Mrs. boarding house, 6 Mass. corp. 

Martin Bernard, mason, house 147 Merrimack corp. 

Martin Bernard F. laborer, boards 72 Adams 

Martin Charles, tanner, boards 128 London, Ayer's City 

Martin Edward, mason, house 76 Broadway 

Martin Edward, carpenter, house 22 North 

Martin Enoch M. carpenter, house 55 Willie 

Martin Frank, shoemaker, 272 Middlesex, house 11 Mid- 
dlesex place 

Martin (Franklin) & Strong (Isaac), tinware manufs. 174 
and 176 Middlesex, house 2 Dane 

Martin George E. foreman, L. M. S. house 15 do. corp. 

Martin George L. Mrs. house 12 Second, Cent. . 

Martin Geo. W. confectioner, 37J Merrimack, house 105 
Bridge, Centralville 

Martin Hannah, fancy goods, 180 Gorham, house do. 

Martin James, laborer, house 22 North 

Martin James, operative, boards Sixth, cor. Mt. Pleasant, 

Martin James, shoemaker, Broadway 

Martin Jennie E. widow, house 80 Moody 

Martin John, Lawrence, house 15 Salem 

Martin John D. house 121 Halo 

Martin (John D.) & Thompson (R. L.), provisions, 95 
Bridge, house 91 do. Cent. 

Martin Laurin, clerk, Lowell Institution for Savings, house 

217 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Martin Lawrence, mason, house 72 Adams 
Martin Margaret, variety store, 80 Broadway, house do. 
Martin Mary S. widow, house 67 L. M. S. corp. 
Martin Patrick, carder, house 3 Cummiskey's alley 
Martin Richard, house rear 1 Coburn, Cent. 
Martin Thomas T. clerk, 2 Suffolk, h. 11 Middlesex place 
Martin Touissaint, clerk, house 11 Middlesex place 
Martin Wm. T. supt. Lawrence Hosiery mill, h. 88 do. corp. 
Martindale Chester W. proprietor Broadway Hotel, 3, 5 and 

7 Broadway 
Martyn Nancy W. seamstress, boards 26 Smith 
Marvel Bradford, clerk, house 136 Pawtucket 
Marvel Caleb M. Mrs. house 136 Pawtucket 
Marvel Willis, clerk, boards 15 Vamey 
Mason Edward, section hand, Merrimack, boards 20 Cabot 
Mason Hiram II., Hamilton, house 86 Middlesex 
Mason John J. laborer, house 328 Middlesex 
Mason Joseph, laborer, boards 303 Middlesex 
Mason Joseph II., Boott, house 1 do. corp. 


Mason Louis, laborer, bouse 303 Middlesex 

Mason Maria, widow, boards 40 Tremont Corp. 

Mason Mary A. Miss, variety store, 24 Paige, house do. 

Mason Nellie G. Mrs. house 88 Merrimack 

Mason Robert, weaver, house 43 Hudson 

Mason Sarah, widow, house 129 Middlesex 

Mason Thomas, supt. house 27 West Fifth, Cent. 

Mason Thomas A. boxmaker, house 38 Franklin 

Mason William, section hand, Merrimack, boards 20 Cabot 

Mason William, boards 21 West Fifth, Cent. 

Mason Wm. R. driver, H.R.R. h. 90 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Massachusetts Cotton Mills, F. F. Battles, agent, between 
Bridge and Merrimack 

Masson Tuffield, bobbinmaker, boards 11 Middlesex place 

Masta Joseph A. eclectic physician, 38 Varney, h. do. 

Masterson Ann, widow, house 421 Central 

Masterson James, laborer, house rear 55 Middle 

Masterson Jane, widow, boards 16 Hudson 

Masterson Joseph, carpenter, boards 421 Central 

Masterson Thomas, mason, house rear 28 North 

Mathews Abraham, carpenter, 18 Westford, house do. 

Mathews Albert W. house 36 Kirk 

Mathews M. Breed, millinery and fancy goods, 2 Welles' 
block, house 36 Kirk 

Matthews Catharine, widow, house 49 Water, Bel. 

Matthews Michael, laborer, house Crosby 

Matthews Sarah, widow, house 51 Blossom 

Mattley William, mule spinner, Mass. boards 53 do. corp. 

Mavin Louis, laborer, house rear 158 Middlesex 

Maxell Thomas, hostler, boards 15 Marshall 

Maxfield Jared P. paymaster, Tremont and Suffolk mills, h. 
10 Cabot block 

Maxfield John II. bung maker, boards 65 Fletcher 

Maxfield Mary, widow, boards 1 Merrimack corp. 

Maxfield Stephen C. Mrs. boarding house, 68 and 69 Law- 
rence corporation 

Maxwell William II. section hand, house 30 First, Cent. 

May Thomas, laborer, house 27 Austin 

Mayberry B. B. variety store, 100 Middlesex, house 98 do. 

Mayell Moses, laborer, house 96 Moody 

Maynard Amherst S. planer, house 58 School 

Maynard Caleb I. W. lace and fancy goods, 76 Merrimack, 
house 30 Tenth, Cent. 

Maynard Eliza Miss, boarding house, 16 Hamilton corp. 

Maynard Stearns, sawfiler, at C. W. Saunders. & Co.'s, h. 
8 Walker 

Maynes James, operative, house 26 Keene 

Mayo Moses, confectioner, 37 Central, boards do. 

Mayrand Henri, shoemaker, house 5 Middlesex place 


McAdams Luke, watchman, Boott, boards 4 do. Corp. 

McAdams Matthew, Boott, house 4 do. Corp. 

McAdams Matthew, jr. Boott, house 32 Albion, Cent. 

McAleer Charles, cabinet maker, house 2 Reed's court 

McAleer John, fireman, house 77 Gorham 

McAleer Joseph, machinist, house 7 George 

McAleer Michael, Boott, house 27 Davidson, Bel. 

McAleer Michael, Lowell, house 57 Market 

McAleer Rose, widow, house 82 Bridge, Cent. 

McAllister George, driver, boards 40 Church 

McAloon Arthur, soap and chemical works, Pleasant, house 

do., Centralville 
McAloon James, Merrimack, boards 93 Middle 
McAloon Mary, widow, house 57 West Union 
McAloon Michael, carpenter, house 67 River, Cent. 
McAloon Nancy, widow, boards rear 22 Paige 
McAloon William, groceries and provisions, 73 and 75 Gor- 
ham, house do. 
McAlvin Henry J. asst. city treas. h. 26 Methuen, Cent. 
McAlvin John Mrs. house 26 Methuen, Cent. 
McAlvin John B. insurance agent, 120 Central, boards 12 

McAlvin John II. city treasurer and collector, City Govern- 
ment building, house 26 Methuen, Cent. 
McAnaney John, machinist, house 313 Middlesex 
McAndrew Catharine Mrs. house rear 82 Middle 
McAnulty Charles, house rear 41 Middle 
McAnulty Isabolla, widow, house 7 Hurd 
McAnulty Isabella V. teacher, No* 11 primary school, bds. 

7 Hurd 
McAnulty John, dyer, boards 22 Suffolk 
McAnulty Mary, widow, house 53 Water, Belvidere 
McAnulty Mary, widow, house 32 Union . 
McAnulty Matthias, Middlesex, boards 53 Water, Bel. 
McAnulty Michael, laborer, house rear 41 Dummer 
McAnulty Michael, laborer, boards 36 Canada 
McAnulty Neil, laborer, house 6 Putney's court 
McAnulty Patrick, Middlesex, house 46 North 
McAran Laurence, laborer, boards 48 Dummer 
McArdell Edward, Merrimack, house Albion, Cent. 
McArdell Edward, house 82 Common 
McArthur Nancy P. widow, house 114 Fourth, Cent. 
Mc Arthur Robert, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
McArthur William, sexton, house 14 Suffolk 
McArthur William II. wire worker, boards 14 Suffolk 
McAtee Margaret, widow, house 16 Madison 
McAvinnue Patrick, blacksmith, house 38 Dummer 
McAvoy John, operative, house 6 Davidson, Belvidere 
McAvoy John W. laborer, house 25 Davidson, Belvidere 


McBrayne "William S. variety store, 9 Merrimack, house 92 

Jewett, Cent. 
McBride Arthur, operative, house 125 River, Cent. 
Mc Bride Cornelius, boiler maker, house 33 Dummer 
McBride John, laborer, house 18 William 
McBride John, laborer, house 8 Swift 
McBriety James, second hand, boards 104 Gorham 
McCabe Alexander, laborer, house 51 Lewis 
McCabe Bernard, machinist, boards 54 Lewis 
McCabe Ellen, widow, house 219 Market 
McCabe John, marble cutter, house 197 Gorham 
McCabe Mary, saloon, 151 Market, house do. 
McCabe Patrick, mason, house 103 Charles 
McCabe William, Merrimack, boards 7 Boott corp. 
McCafferty James, overseer, Lowell, house 95 River, Cent. 
McCaffrey Dennis, Hamilton, boards 17 Gorham 
McCaffrey Andrew, Lowell, house 50 Middle 
McCaffrey James, laborer, house 64 West Union 
McCaffrey James, painter, boards 54 Middle 
McCaffrey James, laborer, house rear 54 Middle 
McCaffrey John F. police, house 54 Bartlett, Bel. 
McCaffrey John F. Mrs. dressmaker, h. 54 Bartlett, Bel. 
McCaffrey Owen, boards 54 Middle 
McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, house 54 Middle 
McCaffrey Patrick, Lowell, house 50 Middle 
McCaffrey Patrick 2d, laborer, house 34 Middle 
McCaffrey Rosanna, widow, house 294 Lincoln 
McCaffrey Terrence, dyer, house 42 Lewis 

McCaffrey , clerk, boards Walker, cor. Pawtucket 

McCalder Duncan, file cutter, house 52 Adams 

McCann Andrew, varnisher, boards 11 Dodge 

McCann Anna M. Mrs. nurse, h. 270 Andover, Bel. 

McCann Cclia, widow, house rear 347 Merrimack 

McCann Fred C. E., Merrimack, boards 11 Dodge 

McCann Michael, spinner, house 214 Gorham 

McCann Owen, laborer, house 25 Cedar 

McCann Patrick, laborer, house 200 Gorham 

McCann AVilliam, bleacher, house 50 Newhall 

McCanna James, laborer, house 42 William 

McCarron Ellen, widow, house 24 Wainesit 

McCarron Ellen Miss, house 179 Gorham 

McCarron Ellen, widow, boards 11 Tremont corp. 

McCarron James, picture frames, etc. 181 Gorham, house 

183 do 
McCarron John, Middlesex, house 70 South 
McCarron John, operative, boards 24 Wamcsit 
McCarron Nancy Miss, house 179 Gorham 
McCarter William, mason, house 61 Summer 
McCarthley Eugene, Lawrence, boards 10 Suffolk corp. 


McCarthy Daniel, laborer, house 1 Sullivan's court 

McCarthy Daniel, overseer, Stirling mills 

McCarthy David, flagman, R. R. house 539 Pawtucket 

McCarthy Joseph C. foreman, 118 Lawrence, house 136 do. 

McCarthy Mary, widow, house 210 Market 

McCarthy Patrick, section hand, R. R. house at the station, 

Middlesex village 
McCartney James, watchman, Mass. Cotton Mills 
McCarty Bridget, widow, house 13 Green 
McCarty Catharine, widow, house 63 Broadway 
McCarty Catharine, widow, house 124 Adams 
McCarty Charles, laborer, house 40 Salem 
McCarty Cornelius, Lowell, boards Lynch's block, Adams 
McCarty Daniel, teamster, house 199 Thorndike 
McCarty David, laborer, house rear 79 Adams 
McCarty Dennis, laborer, house 76 Adams 
McCarty Dennis, laborer, house 67 Broadway 
McCarty Eugene, laborer, house 62 Fenwick 
McCarty Eugene, house 3 Cuminiskey's alley 
McCarty Prank, operative, boards 7 llolbrook's court, Bel. 
McCarty Hannah, widow, house 154 Adams 
McCarty Ilonora, widow, boards 18 Jefferson 
McCarty Honora, widow, house 23 Dummer 
McCarty James, laborer, house Maiden lane 
McCarty James, finisher, boards 11 Abbott 
McCarty James J. machinist, boards 23 Dummer 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 8 Union 
McCarty Jeremiah, machinist, house 88 South 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 67 Merrimack corp. 
McCarty Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 6 Water, Bel. 
McCarty John, mason, house 85 Adams 
McCarty John, Middlesex, house 53 Water, Belvidere 
McCarty John, Middlesex, house 78 Church 
McCarty John, mason, house 14 Water, Bel. 
McCarty John, laborer, house 48 Lewis 
McCarty John J. grocer, 62 Middle, h. Walker, 2d from 

McCarty Julia, widow, house Walker, 2d from Pawtucket 
McCarty Margaret, widow, house 4 Sullivan's yard 
McCarty Mary Mrs. house 200 Market 
McCarty Mary, widow, house 240 Market 
McCarty Mary, widow, house rear 122 Adams 
McCarty Michael, Merrimack, boards 70 Market 
McCarty Michael, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 
McCarty Michael, dyer, house 102 Adams 
McCarty Michael, laborer, house 7 Union 
McCarty Patrick, bolt maker, house 11 Abbott 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 22 George 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 41 North 


McCarty Patrick, operative, boards 19 Fenwick 
McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 25 Fenwick 
McCarty Susan, widow, house 4 Theatre block 
McCarty Thomas, laborer, house 77 Broadway 
McCarty Thomas, confectioner, house 93 Gorham 
McCarty Thomas, laborer, house 17 Davis 
McCarty Thomas, jack spinner, house 44 North 
McCarty Timothy, laborer, house rear 136 Adams 
McCarty William, job wagon, house 261 Market 
McCarty William, operative, bds. 7 Holbrook's ct., Bel. 
McCauley Alice Miss, house Eacot's cottage, Water, cor. 

Pond, Belvidere 
McCauley Patrick, paver, house Eacot's cottage, Water, c. 

Pond, Belvidere 
McCauseland Joseph, watchman, Boott mills 
McClarence John, cloth printer, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 
McClean A. E. Mrs. boards 213 Moody 
McCleary Mary Miss, house 36 Middlesex 
McClure John, spinner, house 16 River, Cent. 
McClure Joseph, spinner, house 16 River, Cent. 
McClure Samuel, operative, house 339 Lawrence 
McCluskey Dennis, fireman, boards 312 Lawrence 
McCluskey Francis, machinist, house 34 Union 
McCluskey Hugh, Hamilton, boards rear 43 Summer 
McCluskey John, clerk, at C. Callahan's, h. 77 River, Cent. 
McCluskey John, laborer, house 14 Winter 
McCluskey Joseph, mule spinner, house rear 43 Summer 
McCluskey Margaret, widow, house 77 River, Cent. 
McCluskey Mary Mrs. house rear 17 Davidson, Bel. 
McConnell Mary, widow, house 13 Davis 
McCormick Catherine, widow, house 34 Pond, Bel. 
McCormick Edward, laborer, house 240 Lawrence 
McCormick James, blacksmith, house 6 Edgerley's court 
McCormick James, laborer, house 39 Charles 
McCormick James, mule spinner, house 20 Davidson, Bel. 
McCormick John, spinner, boards 70 Market 
McCormick John, laborer, boards 16 Summer 
McCormick John, Lawrence, boards 46 do. corp. 
McCormick John E. (Marin & McCormick), 138 Merrimack, 

house 208 Moody 
McCormick John II. boards 24 Bartlett, Bel. 
McCormick J. Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corporation 
McCormick Margaret, widow, house 24 Bartlett, Bel. 
McCormick Mary, widow, house 79 Middle 
McCormick Patrick, pressman, 158 Merrimack, h. 74 Church 
McCormick Thomas, house 41 Middle 
McCormick Thomas Mrs. house 208 Moody 
McCourt Charles, fireman, boards 43 Tremont 
McCourt John, printer, house 14 Pond, Bel. 


McCourt Mary, Margaret, and Ellen, dressmakers, house 36 

McCourt Micliael, machinist, L. M. S. house 39 do. corp. 
McCourt Sarah, widow, house 80 South 
McCourt William, tinsmith, boards 145 Jackson 
McCowan Bethiah D. widow, boards 244 Broadway 
McCoy Charles, L. M. S. house 13 Lagrange court 
McCoy Edward P. carpenter, h. off Mammoth, near Dracut 

line, Pawtucketville 
McCoy Frank, operative, boards 333 Merrimack 
McCoy Henry J. secretary, Y. M. C. A., Barristers' Hall, 

house 36 Hurd 
McCoy James, clerk, boards 21 Lane 
McCoy James E. wood turner, boards 13 Elm 
McCoy James M., private school, 60 Merrimack, house 146 

Stackpole, Belvidere 
McCoy John, moulder, house 75 L. M. S. corp. 
McCrae John, engraver, house 56 Gorham 
McCrane Thomas, machinist, house 56 Suffolk 
McCready John, carpenter, Merrimack, boards 20 Cabot 
McCue Ann, widow, house rear 29 Summer 
McCue Annie, widow, house 52 Middle 
McCue Bridget, widow, house 57 Dutton 
McCue Dennis, laborer, house 18 Cady 
McCue Edward II. machinist, boards 57 Dutton 
McCue John, core maker, house 5 Garnet 
McCue Michael II. moulder, boards 67 Adams 
McCue Miles, laborer, house 117 Lawrence 
McCue Patrick, moulder, house 67 Adams 
McCue Patrick, wool sorter, house 67 Linden 
McCue Thomas, mariner, boards 57 Dutton 
McCue, see also McIIugh 

McCullough Bridget Miss, house 43 Fayette, Bel. 
McCullough Bridget Mrs. house 15 Howe, Bel. 
McCullough Charles, driver, boards 15 Howe, Belvidere 
McCullough Michael, blacksmith, b. 43 Fayette, Bel. 
McCullough Patrick, currier, house Main, n. Lincoln 
McCullough Patrick, laborer, house 42 William 
McCumiskey Bernard, laborer, house 15 River, Cent. 
McCurdy John T. G. carpenter, house 10 Fifth, Cent. 
McCurdy Wilbur G. clerk, 20 Market, h. 51 Fourth, Cent. 
McCusker Hugh, hostler, boards Globe House 
McCusker James, laborer, house 39 Gorham 
McCusker Micliael, laborer, house 96 Gorham 
McDaniel Hugh, at gas house, house 4 Cross 
McDaniel William W., Suffolk, house 65 Common 
McDaniels Elizabeth, teacher, High school, boards E. Merri- 
mack, near Park, Bel. 
McDaniels Elizabeth Miss, house 164 Stackpole, Bel. 


McDaniels Ephraim, operative, Mass., house 64 do. corp. 
McDaniels Waller II. supt. U. S. Bunting Co., house 213 

East Merrimack, Bel. 
McDenough Laurence, Hamilton, boards 104 Market 
MoDermutt Andrew, laborer, house 98 Moody 
McDermott Bernard, laborer, house rear 113 Market 
McDermott Bridget, widow, house 322 Gorham 
McDermott Charles, Hamilton, house 7 Lawrence 
McDermott Francis, laborer, boards 33 Adams 
McDermott Francis, jr., L. M. S. boards 33 Adams 
McDermott Hugh, operative, boards 44 South 
McDermott James, fireman, house 37 Bleachery corp. 
McDermott James, Hamilton, boards 32 do. corp. 
McDermott James (Hanavor & McDermott), 48 Gorham, 

house 322 do. 
McDermott James, express hostler, house 112 Middle 
McDermott John, Lowell, house 139 Lawrence 
McDermott John, Merrimack, h. 53 West Third, Cent. 
McDermott John, laborer, house 56 Suffolk 
McDermott John, operative, house 21 Winter 
McDermott Mary, widow, house rear 26 Jefferson 
McDermott Michael, gigger, house 28 Chapel 
McDermott Michael, machinist, boards 322 Gorham 
McDermott Michael, stripper, boards rear 26 Jefferson 
McDermott Michael, card stripper, house 38 Wall, Bel. 
McDermott Owen T. machinist, boards 322 Gorham 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, house 1 Keene 
McDermott Patrick, tanner, boards 36 Canada 
McDermott Thomas, laborer, house 25 Cedar 
McDonald Ann, widow, house 28 Jefferson 
McDonald Bridget, widow, house 5 Davidson, Bel. 
McDonald Catharine, widow, house 121 Chapel 
McDonald Colin, carpenter, boards 244 Broadway 
McDonald Edward, watchman, Boott Mills 
McDonald Elizabeth, widow, house rear 8 IIoAve, Bel. 
McDonald Ellen, widow, house 27 North 
McDonald Ellen, widow, house rear 84 Suffolk 
McDonald George E. carpenter, h. Baldwin, n. Westford, n. 

Chelmsford line 
McDonald Helen, boards 17 Kirk 
McDonald James, boards 46 High, Belvidere 
McDonald James, laborer, house 2 Carolin's place, Bel. 
McDonald James, carpenter, boards 37 Museum bldg. 
McDonald James, laborer, boards 287 Broadway 
McDonald James, Hamilton, house 5 Edgerley's court 
McDonald James, operative, house 24 Marion 
McDonald James, saloon, 18 Gorham, boards do. 
McDonald James, sashmaker, boards 121 Chapel 
McDonald Jeremiah, teamster, house 110 Adams 


McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, house 57 Common 
McDonald John, laborer, boards 10 Webster ave., Cent. 
McDonald John, laborer, boards 182 Market 
McDonald John, engraver, house 84 Merrimack corp. 
McDonald John, mat manufacturer, 14 Hale, house do. 
McDonald John, mule spinner, house 106 Adams 
McDonald J. spinner, Hamilton, house 94 Gorhain 
McDonald Kate W. fancy goods, 14 Hale, house do. 
McDonald Margaret Mrs. house Mammoth, at Dracut line, 

McDonald Martin, spinner, house 10 Tremont 
McDonald Martin, laborer, house 61 River, Cent. 
McDonald Mary A. Miss, house 36 Davidson, Belvidere 
McDonald Michael, laborer, house rear 177 Market 
McDonald Nicholas, boards 37 Central 
McDonald Owen, laborer, house 43 Hudson 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, house rear 25 Summer 
McDonald Patrick II. student, boards rear 8 Howe, Bel. 
McDonald Peter, stone mason, house 16 Davidson, Bel. 
McDonald Thomas, farmer, house 46 High, Belvidere 
McDonald Thomas J. clerk, Pawtucket sq., h. at Dracut 
McDonald William, liquors, 309 Middlesex, boards Gates 

McDonald , widow, boards 166 Adams 

McDonough Catharine, widow, house 28 Charles 
McDonough Catharine Miss, house 47 High, Belvidere 
McDonough John 11. cigars, etc., 24 Charles, house 28 do. 
McDonough Margaret, widow, house 1 Noble's court 
McDonough Martin, painter, house 33 Summer 
McDonough Mary, widow, house 21 South 
McDonough Michael, laborer, house 71 Warren 
McDonough Peter, shoemaker, 112 Worthen, h. 4 Jefferson 
McDonough Thomas, laborer, house 33 Summer 
McDonovan K. operative, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 
McDowell Wilheuiina Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corp. 
McDuffee Thos. J. wood, 50 Middlesex, h. 58 Fairmount, 

McEchney James, section hand, house 340 Central 
McElhaney Joseph, spinner, house 26 Water, Belvidere 
McElhaney Margaret, widow, house 64 Appleton 
McElhaney William, section hand, boards 64 Appleton 
McElholm William, shoemaker, 18 Lewis, house do. 
McElroy Michael, boards 37 Central 

McEnaney Arthur B. moulder, h. Middlesex, at City line 
McEnaney Ellen, house 31 Fulton, Centralville 
McEnery John, picker tender, boards 300 Lawrence 
McEnnis Edward, grocer, 69 Middle, house do. 
McEnnis John, dresser, boards 312 Lawrence 
McEnroe Michael, laborer, house 2 Lyon's court, Bel. 
McEnroe Michael, teamster, 38 Middle 


McEntee Catharine, widow, house 1 Carpet lane 

McEvoy Dominick, shoemaker, house 149 Lawrence 

McEvoy G. A. boards 38 Tenth, Centralville 

McEvoy Henry, carpenter, boards 38 Tenth, Cent. 

McEvoy Hugh, house 38 Tenth, Centralville 

McEvoy James, mule spinner, house 48 Dummer 

McEvoy John, weaver, house 119 Lawrence 

McEvoy John, machinist, boards 143 Worth en 

McEvoy John, laborer, boards 202 Market 

McEvoy John, laborer, house 112 Adams 

McEvoy John, jr. laborer, boards 112 Adams 

McEvoy John P. counsellor, 45 Central, boards 38 Tenth, 

McEvoy Joseph, mason and whitener, 16 Lewis, h. do. 
McEvoy Joseph, plasterer, boards 112 Adams 
McEvoy Margaret E. widow, house 31 Davidson, Bel. 
McEvoy Michael, machinist, house 12 Dummer 
McEvoy William, laborer, boards 112 Adams 
McEwen John, spinner, house 32 Coburn, Cent. 
McFadden Andrew, carder, house rear 75 Adams 
McFadden Patrick, machinist, house rear 146 Market 
McFadden Sarah, widow, house Chase block, off Lawrence 
McFarland Bradford, 68 Market, house 39 Fifth, Cent. 
McFarland Charles, painter, boards 39 Fifth, Cent. 
McFarland George W. moulder, house 52 School 
McFarland John C. derrick builder, house 1 Noble's court 
McFarland 0. boarding house, 7 and 8 Hamilton corp. 
McFarland Willis, overseer, boards 35 Second, Cent. 
McFarlane Clarence, operative, boards 183 Thorndike 
McFarlane Reuben, shoemaker, house 183 Thorndike 
McFarlin Luke, house 40 Arlington 
McFayden Arthur, peddler, house rear 38 First, Cent. 
McGallagher Mitchell, machinist, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
McGann Thomas, peddler, house 50 North 
McGarey Ann, widow, house 53 Moody 
McGarey Charles, moulder, boards 324 Central 
McGarey John, laborer, boards 6 Pollard ave. 
McGarr John, junk, house 25 Front, Cent. 
McGarvey James, clerk, 73 Gorham, boards do. 
McGee Ann, widow, house 127 Lawrence 
McGee David, saddler, house rear 66 River, Cent. 
McGee Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Market 
McGee John, carpenter, house 127 Lawrence 
McGill Daniel Mrs. house 49 West Union 
McGill John, Merrimack, boards 57 Middle 
McGilley Patrick, Hamilton, boards 17 Gorham 
McGillian James, operative, house 17 Chestnut, Bel. 
McGillian John, laborer, boards 17 Chestnut, Bel. 
McGinnis Bernard, laborer, house 23 Union 


McGinnis Patrick, laborer, house 34 Floyd 

McGinnis William, laborer, house rear 21 William 

McGirr Edward, Merrimack, house 15 Gorham 

McGlaughlin Michael, saw filer, 40 Gorham, house do. 

McGlinchey James, laborer, house 196 Gorham 

McGlinchey John S. tinsmith, 123 Market 

McGlinn Bridget Miss, h. Christian, cor. Sixth, Cent. 

McGlinn Michael, laborer, house 35 Christian, Cent. 

McGlone Bridget, widow, house 35 Cedar 

McGlone Hugh, operative, house 75 Fayette, Bel. 

McGoon Dennis, carpenter, house 154 Market 

McGoon Patrick, laborer, house 211 Market 

McGorm John, Hamilton, boards 31 do. corp. 

McGosslyn Joseph, watchman, house 73 River, Cent. 

McGourty Daniel, laborer, house 54 Middle 

McGoverin Francis Mrs. fancy goods, 5 East Merrimack, 

Bel., house do. 
McGoverin Thomas Mrs. house 32 Warren 
McGovern Elizabeth, widow, house 13 Hancock ave. 
McGovern Edward, laborer, house 15 Little 
McGovern John, machinist, house 65 Church 
McGovern John, laborer, house 59 Church 
McGovern Mary, widow, house 15 John-st. ave. 
McGovern Mary Mrs. house 38 River, Cent. 
McGovern Patrick, fireman, Hamilton, house 62 Church 
McGovern Patrick, machinist, boards 59 Church 
McGovern Peter, teamster, house 10 Garnet 
McGovern William, laborer, house 81 Church 
McGowan Farrell, moulder, boards 11 Mass. corp. 
McGowan Felix Mrs. house 4 Mill 
McGowan Felix, jr., Faulkner's mills, boards 4 Mill 
McGowan Michael, laborer, house rear 149 Market 
McGowan Timothy, gardener, boards 11 Mass. corp. 
McGowan William, laborer, boards 36 Winter 
McGrade Ann Miss, house 56 Gorham 
McGrade Ellen, widow, house 3 Edgerley's court 
McGrade James, moulder, house 41 L. M. S. corp. 
McGrail Bridget, widow, house 66 River, Cent. 
McGrath Brian, machinist, boards 22 Suffolk 
McGrath James, Rev. house Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
McGrath John, weaver, house 32 Cedar 
McGrath Patrick, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 
McGrath Patrick, stonecutter, b. 1 Brown's block, Marshall 
McGrath Patrick, laborer, house 5 Front, Cent. 
McGrath William, weaver, boards 19 Tremont corp. 
McGrath William N., B. & L. R. R., house 1 Fruit 
McGraw Bridget, widow, house 47 Cross 
McGraw Michael, laborer, house 3 Reed's court 
McGreavy Michael, laborer, house rear 62 Appleton 


McGreevey John, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. Corp. 
McGrew Hannah Miss, house rear 20 Summer 
McGrew James, shoemaker, 76 Market 
McGrew James, laborer, house rear 20 Summer 
McGuan Michael, laborer, house 19 Winter 
McGuane John, machinist, house 10 Winter 
McGuigan Charles, spinner, house 1 Cummiskey's alley 
McGuiggin Henry, clerk, 47 Gorham, house 45 do. 
McGuiggin Owen, Hamilton, house 30 Charles 
McGuinu Catharine, widow, house 15 Common 
McGuinn Thomas, laborer, house 15 Common 
McGuinness John, Appleton, boards 5 Molloy's court 
McGuire Andrew, Tremont, boards 13 Hudson 
McGuire Ann, house 45 River, Centralville 
McGuire Anthony, peddler, house 13 Hudson 
McGuire Bernard, machinist, house 282 Middlesex 
McGuire Catharine, widow, house 9 Franklin square 
McGuij.-e Cornelius, variety store, 41 Summer, house do. 
McGuire Francis, laborer, house 15 Abbott 
McGuire Henry, Lawrence, house 42 do. corp. 
McGuire Henry, rooms 67 Lawrence corp. 
McGuire Honora, widow, house 101 Gorham 
McGuire Hugh, teamster, 38 Middle, house 81 do. 
McGuire James, laborer, house 27 Cross 
McGuire James, machinist, house 8 Grand 
McGuire James, teamster, house 21 Spring 
McGuire James, bleacher, house 17 Madison 
McGuire James, laborer, house 7 Queen 
McGuire John, laborer, house 50 Hanover 
McGuire John, bleachcry, boards 10 Mead 
McGuire John, laborer, house 12 Kidder 
McGuire Martin, bleachery, house 10 Mead 
McGuire Mary, widow, house 11 Cross 
McGuire Mary, widow, boards 40 Walnut 
McGuire Michael, cigar maker, 62 Market, bds. 10 Mead 
McGuire Michael, laborer, boards 7 Queen 
McGuire Michael, laborer, boards 101 Gorham 
McGuire Owen, boards 169 Market 
McGuire Patrick, laborer, house 51 Common 
McGuire Patrick, carpenter, boards 10 Mead 
McGuire Patrick, laborer, boards 101 Gorham 
McGuire Patrick, operative, house 106 River, Cent. 
McGuire Patrick, laborer, house 3 Brewery court 
McGuire Philip, laborer, house 104 Adams 
McGuire Rose, widow', house 37 Dumrner 
McGuire Thomas, dyer, house 25 Winter 
McGuire Thomas P. confectioner, bds. 368 Central 
McGuire, see also Maguire 

McGuirk James, laborer, house 90 Merrimack corp. 


McGuirk James, jr., M. P. W. bds. 90 Merrimack corp. 
McGuirk John, mason, house 8 Boott corp. 
McGuirk Patrick Mrs. grocer, also coal and wood, 42 Suf- 
folk, house 46 do. 
McGuirk Patrick, laborer, house 1 Laughlin's court, Bel. 
McGuirk Patrick, mason, boards 8 Boott corp. 
McGuirk Thomas, M. P. W. bds. 90 Merrimack corp. 
McGurn Cormack, laborer, boards 62 Appleton 
McGurn Michael, laborer, house 188 Market 
McGurn Thomas, operative, boards rear 62 Appleton 
McIIugh James, clock repairer, 59 Market, house do. 
Mcllugh John, fireman, M. P. W. h. 142|' Merrimack corp. 
McIIugh John, B. & L. R. R. house 110 Middlesex 
McIIugh John, laborer, boards rear 149 Market 
McIIugh John, farmer, house rear 27 Aiken 
McIIugh Martin, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 
McIIugh Patrick, wool sorter, house 67 Linden 
Mclntee Cormack, bobbin maker, house 9 Franklin square 
Mclntee Patrick, Lowell, house 54 Payette, Bel. 
Mclntire Amos B. farmer, house 264 Pine 
Mclntire Alexander, Lowell Manuf. Co. bds. 48 Market 
Mclntire Bryant, laborer, house 1 Jewett, Cent. 
Mclntire Elizabeth, widow, boards 35 Washington 
Mclntire Ellen, widow, house 56 Branch 
Mclntire George, machinist, house 17 Lawrence corp. 
Mclntire George W. farmer, house 489 Pine 
Mclntire Hiram, laborer, house 5 Jewett, Cent. 
Mclntire John, laborer, boards 45 Gorham 
Mclntire Josephine Miss, house 340 Middlesex 
Mclntire Martin W. farmer, house 510 Pine 

Mclntire , Lowell, boards 50 Market 

Mcintosh James, dyer, house 28 Chapel 

McKay Hugh, gardener, house 85 Thorndike 

McKay James, weaver, boards 150 First, Cent. 

McKay Jane Miss, house 57 West Union 

McKay Michael, Merrimack, house 58 Lewis 

McKay Michael, Middlesex, house 3 Wall, Belvidere 

McKearney Patrick Mrs. house 13 Charles 

McKearney Peter, provisions, 11 Charles, house do. 

McKechnie James, section hand, house 310 Central 

McKee Alexander, laborer, house 38 Broadway 

McKee David, harnessmaker, 12 Appleton, house rear 52 

River, Centralville 
McKee John, boilermaker, house 6 Wamesit court 
McKeever John, laborer, house rear 33 Middle 
McKeever Patrick, Merrimack, house 82 Lawrence 
McKellar David W. variety store, 117 Market, house do. 
McKellig Kate, widow, house 17 Summer 
McKenna James, mule spinner, house 122 Howard 


McKenna James, jr. mule spinner, boards 122 Howard 

McKenna John, laborer, house 64 Andrews 

McKenna Michael, laborer, house 2 Keelan's place, Bel. 

McKenna Michael, machine printer, house 194 Gorham 

McKenna Owen, variety store, 22 Paige, house 20 do. 

McKenna Patrick, operative, house 48 Water, Bel. 

McKenna Thomas, bleachery, house 10 Cedar 

McKenna William, laborer, boards 10 Cedar 

McKenney George, machinist, house 37 Walnut 

McKenney John 11. blacksmith, house 14 Railroad 

McKenney Patrick, hostler, boards 6 Cross 

McKenzie Angus (Louis Bergeron & Co.), 14 Rock, boards 

203 Central 
McKenzie Ann Mrs. house rear 33 Middle 
McKenzie John, Merrimack, boards 203 Central 
McKenzie John E. house rear 33 Middle 
McKenzie Mack, driver, rooms 4 Middlesex place 
McKenzie Peter, Merrimack, boards 139 do. corp. 
McKenzie William, currier, house 256 Chelmsford 
McKeon John, laborer, house 23 South 
McKeon John, dyer, boards 132 Lawrence 
McKeon John, spinner, house 115 Merrimack corp. 
McKeon Lawrence, house 159 River, near Pleasant, Cent. 
McKeown John, boots and shoes, 17 Central, boards 15 do. 
McKeown William, Middlesex, house 37 Willow, Bel. 
McKern Hannah, widow, house 189 Lincoln 
McKiernan Ann, widow, house 1 Spring 
McKiernan James, laborer, house 4 Taylor 
McKillop John, carpenter, boards 116 Central 
McKillop Neil (Erdis & Co.), 3 Merrimack 
McKim Robert, laborer, house 123 Worthen 
McKinney Anson, travelling agent, house 164 Hale 
McKinning Thomas, boilermaker, house 27 Cushing 
McKinnon Brothers (James and John), grocers, 199 Central 
McKinnon James (McKinnon Bros.), grocer, 199 Central, 

boards 203 do. 
McKinnon John (McKinnon Bros.), 199 Central, b. 203 do. 
McKissock Robert, shoemaker, 68 Central, h. 38 First, Cent. 
McKissock William, sash and blind maker, b. 38 First, Cent. 
McKoan John P. carpenter, house 90 Willie 
McKusick Freeman, laborer, house 68 Dumrner 
McLane James, laborer, house 36 Abbott 
McLane James, laborer, house 25 Cedar 
McLane Rebecca, boarding house, 22 Tremont corp. 
McLarney James A. tinsmith, 312 Middlesex, bds. 50 North 
McLarney John F. tinsmith, 312 Middlesex, bds. 50 North 
McLarney Wm. & Co. tinsmiths, 312 Middlesex, b. 50 North 
McLaughlin Abbie Mrs. boarding house, 12 Merrimack corp. 
McLaughlin Anthony, laborer, house 187 River, Cent. 


McLaughlin A. farmer, house 12 Merrimack corp. 
McLaughlin Bridget, widow, house 71 Middle 
McLaughlin Cclia, widow, house 10 Water, Belvidere 
McLaughlin Charles A. machinist, L, M. S. house 45 do. c. 
McLaughlin Dennis, variety store, 111 River, h. do. Cent. 
McLaughlin Edward, house 93 Middle 
McLaughlin Prunk, Middlesex, boards 93 Middle 
McLaughlin .James Mrs. boards 71 Middle 
McLaughlin .lames, painter, house 26 Crosby 
McLaughlin .lames, house 170 Stackpole, Belvidere 

McLaughlin John, laborer, house 151 Market, 

McLaughlin John, jr., Appleton, hoards 151 Market 
McLaughlin John, laborer, house 1) Mill 
McLaughlin .John, coninmaker, boards '292 Gorham 
McLaughlin John, spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 
McLaughlin Margaret, widow, house 170 Stackpole, Bel. 
McLaughlin Margaret, widow, house 101 Lincoln 
McLaughlin Margaret, widow, house 5 Little 
McLaughlin Martin, laborer, house 1x7 Liver, Cent, 
McLaughlin Mary, widow, house 4 Pleasant court 

McLaughlin Mary A. Miss, house 20 (birham 
McLaughlin Matthew, tailor, 88 Merrimack, 1>. 30 Summer 
McLaughlin Michael, laborer, house 62 Fenwick 
McLaughlin Michael, house 38 High, Belvidere 
McLaughlin Michael, gigger, house 234 Lawrence 
McLaughlin Patrick, cigar maker, boards 93 Middle 
McLaughlin Patrick, laborer, house 49 Front, Cent. 
McLaughlin Philip, Lowell, boards 50 North 
McLaughlin Philip, house; IS Summer 

McLaughlin Robert, mule spinner, house 38 Andover, Bel. 
McLaughlin Susan, house 8 Water, Bel. 
McLaughlin Thomas, laborer, house 07 Liver, Cent. 
McLaughlin Thomas, clerk, boards 170 Stackpole;, Bel. 
McLaughlin Thomas, horse trainer, lair grounds, bds. Globe 

McLaughlin Timothy Mrs. house 02 Suffolk 

McLaughlin William, M. P. VV. house lf). r > Merrimack corp. 

McLaughlin William, carriage painter, house 20 (Jorham 

McLaughlin William, Middlesex, house 32 Pond, Bel. 

McLean John II. carpenter, rear 1 L'ussell's block, rooms 2 

McLeary Daniel, laborer, house 188 Market 
McLellan Theodore, operative, boards 7s Andover, Bel. 
McLennan .John 0. Mrs. house 111 School 

McLenney Thomas, wool comber, house 71 Fletcher 

McLone Michael, at chemical works, boards Tremont Ileuso. 

McMahon Catharine, widow, house 42 Lewis 

McMahon Daniel, Slott's mills, house 10 Howe, Bel. 
McMahon Daniel, laborer, house 43 West Union 


McMahon Ellon, widow, house 32 Charles 
McMahon Frank, machinist, boards 32 Charles 
McMahon James, house 52 Lewis 
McMahon James, house 222 River, Cent. 
McMahon John, bleachery, house 22 Prospect 
McMahon John, operative, house 35 Crosby 
McMahon John, house 222 River, Cent. 
McMahon John, house 8 Carotin's place, Belvidere 
McMahon Mary, widow, house 66 River, Cent. 
McMahon Michael, operative, boards 26 Kidder 
McMahon Patrick, machinist, boards 1 Worthen 
McMahon Thomas, house 2 Livingston 
McMahon Thomas, laborer, house 26 Kidder 
McMahon Thomas, tailor, house 66 Elm 
McManamau Bernard, dyer, house 288 Gorham 
McManaman James, provisions, 39 Union, h. 108 Gorham 
McManamau Patrick, bleacher, boards 288 Gorham 
McMaun Mary, dressmaker, boards 88 Merrimack 
McMann Patrick, iceman, boards 13 McFarlin ave. 
McManus Bernard, boards rear 77 Adams 
McManus Bridget, house 4 Knowles place, Belvidere 
McManus Bridget Mrs. house rear 77 Adams 
McManus Catharine Miss, grocer, 28 Davidson, h. do. Bel. 
McManus Edward, laborer, house 4 Moran's yard 
McManus Hugh, laborer, house rear 18 William 
McManus James, laborer, house 10 Garnet 
McManus James, laborer, house 14 Winter 
McManus James, mason, house 51 River, Cent. 
McManus John, laborer, house 41 Davidson, Bel. 
McManus John, laborer, house I McGovern's court 
McManus John J. painter, boards 14 William 
McManus Margaret, widow, house 14 William 
McManus Margaret, widow, house 64 Bridge, Cent. 
McManus Michael, tailor, boards 43 Fayette, Bel. 
McManus Michael T. Rev. house 66 Suffolk 
McManus Neal, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 14 William 
McManus Owen, operative, house 20 Summer 
McManus Patrick, carder, house River, Cent. 
McManus Thomas, carder, house 4 Knowles place, Bel. 
McManus Thomas, mule spinner, boards 1 McGovern's ct. 
Mc Master John, carpenter, house 77 Dover 
McMaster (Lucas I.), Bailey (J. H.), & Co. (Thomas A. 
McMaster), ladies' boot and shoe mauul'rs. 224 Middle- 
sex, house 51 Branch 
McMaster Thomas A. (McMaster, Bailey, & Co.), 224 Mid- 
dlesex, boards 387 Merrimack 
McMenin James, M. P. W. house 56 Middle 
McMillcn Kenneth, fireman, house 74 Church 
McMonagle George, painter, boards 38 Hampshire, Cent. 


McMonagle John, machinist, house 29 Mass. corp. 
McMonagle Stephen, machinist, house 38 Hampshire, Cent. 
McMorrow Michael, wool sorter, house 89 Chapel 
McMulkin John, upholsterer, 7 Central, h. 80 Fayette, Bel. 
McMurray Felix, house 24 South 
McNabb Catharine, widow, house rear 9 Little 
McNabb Ellen, widow, house 36 Bleachery corp. 
McNabb James F. grocer, 32 Gorham, house 20 Ash, Bel. 
McNabb John, laborer, house 12 Lee 
McNabb John, machinist, house 81 Broadway 
McNabb Mary, widow, house rear 41 Davidson, Bel. 
McNabb Robert, operative, house 19 Pleasant/Bel. 
McNabb Rose, widow, house 179 Gorham 
McNabb Sarah, widow, house 20 Ash, Belvidere 
McNabb Thomas, machinist, boards 81 Broadway 
McNabb Thomas, wood, hi. Mammoth, n. Dracut line, Paw. 

McNabb , laborer, house 78 Market 

McNaboe George, periodicals, 5 Adams, house do. 
McNair David, pattern designer, Lowell, house Mt. Ver- 
non, near Bowers 
McNally James, blacksmith, house 8 Davis 
McNally John, Middlesex, house 157 Lawrence 
McNally Michael, stone mason, house foot of Meadowcroft 
McNally M. J. house 170 Merrimack 
McNally Peter, Appleton, boards do. corp. 
McNally Thomas, operative, boards 77 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
McNamara Ann, widow, house 41 Front, Cent. 
McNamara Bridget, widow, house 1 Reed's court 
McNamara Frank, slater, house 2 Maiden lane 
McNamara Henry, house 21 Front, Centralville 
McNamara James, laborer, house rear 41 Middle 
McNamara James, laborer, house 70 Fenwick 
McNamara John, fireman, boards 300 Lawrence 
McNamara John, at bleachery, house 40 Livingston 
McNamara Martin, laborer, boards 46 Fayette, Bel. 
McNamara Michael, laborer, house 34 Dummer 
McNamara Michael, teamster, house 41 High, Bel. 
McNamara Owen, counsellor, 81 Central, house 62 Charles 
McNamara Owen, painter, boards 1 Reed's court 
McNamara Patrick, laborer, house 138 Lawrence 
McNamara Patrick, carpenter, house 100 Gorham 
McNamara Peter, laborer, house 12 Winter 
McNamara Thomas, machinist, house 27 Newhall 
McNamara Thomas, Lowell, boards 7 do. corp. 
McNamee Francis, baker, house 41 Fayette, Bel. 
McNamce Frank, baker, 42 Paige, house 41 F'ayette, Bel. 
McNamee John, wireworker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 
McNamee John T. tinsmith, 123 Market, h. 8 Dempsey'spl. 
McNaughton Marion, widow, house 41 Chapel 


McNeil Charles B. clerk, 124 Merrimack, boards 113 do. 
McNeil W. J. clerk, 121 Merrimack, boards 113 do. 
McNeill Margaret, widow, house 80 Fayette, Bel. 
McNeill Mary Mrs. variety store, 56 Bridge, h. do. Cent. 
McNulty John, laborer, boards 41 Gorham 
McNulty John, wool sorter, house 15 Pleasant, Bel. 
McNulty John, laborer, house 5 Moran's yard 
McNulty Maggie Miss, house 41 Gorham 
McNulty Mary Mrs. boards 21 Lowell corp. 
McNulty, see also McAnulty 
McOsker Fergus, blind maker, house 7 Summer 
McOsker Hugh, clerk, 47 Gorham, boards 7 Summer 
McOsker James, clerk, 85 Market, boards 7 Summer 
McOsker Michael, house 11 South Highland 
McOwen Timothy, mason, house 88 South 
McPhetres Betsey Mrs. boards School, cor. Bowers 
MoPhetres Samuel A. city clerk, City Government building, 

house School, corner Bowers 
McPhillimy John, laborer, boards 34 Union 
McQuado Ann, widow, house 39 Gorham 
McQuade Arthur, iron moulder, house 49 Pleasant, Bel. 
McQuade Bridget, widow, house 49 Pleasant, Bel. 
McQuade Charles, machinist, boards 26 Union 
McQuade Christopher, laborer, boards 42 Gorham 
McQuade Edward, moulder, boards 14 Garnet 
McQuade Francis, stonecutter, house 294 Lincoln 
McQuade James, laborer, house 13 Summer 
McQuade James, laborer, house Manchester, near Eaton, 

Ayer's City 
McQuade James, jr. tanner, house 259 Lincoln 
McQuade James A. moulder, house 42 L. M. S. corp. 
McQuade John, machinist, boards 1 Worthen 
McQuade John, machinist, house rear 13 Summer 
McQuade John, currier, boards Manchester, n. Eaton, A. C. 
McQuade Joseph, Kitson Machine Co. boards 13 Summer 
McQuade Matthew, wool sorter, house 47 Front, Cent. 
McQuade Michael, carder, house 49 Pleasant, Belvidere 
McQuade Michael, laborer, boards 63 West Union 
McQuade Murtagh, Merrimack, house 14 Garnet 
McQuade Owen, laborer, house rear 13 Summer 
McQuade Patrick, at bleachery, house 44 Newhall 
McQuade Patrick, laborer, house 16 William 
McQuade Rose, widow, house 26 Union 
McQuaid Frank, police, house 14 William 
McQuaid John, house 11 Hanover ave., Belvidere 
McQeusten John, salesman, 66 Merrimack, bds. 64 Lincoln 
McQuillan James, boards 20 Paige 
McQuirk James, laborer, house 90 Merrimack corp. 
McShea John, laborer, house 5 Davis court 


McShca John, operative, boards 7 River, Cent. 

McShea Margaret, widow, house 185 Market 

McShea William, 83 River, house do., Cent. 

McSorley Alexander, grocer, 88 Middle, house 86 do. 

McSorley Catharine, widow, boards 86 Middle 

McSorley Charles, Merrimack, house rear 59 Market 

McSorley Christopher, saloon, 12 Merrimack, boards 66 

Fayette, Belvidere 
McSorley Edward, dyer, house 84 Middle 
McSorley John, packer, 98 Middle, boards 81 Market 
McSorley Mary, widow, boarding house, 87 Market 
McSorley Mary, widow, boards 93 Middle 
McSorley Patrick, liquors, 3 Bridge, h. 47 Prescott corp., Bel. 
McSwegan John, Middlesex, house rear 8 Taylor 
McSwiggin Thomas, Merrimack, boards 60 Middle 
McTague Ann, widow, house Austin's blk., Coolidge 
McTaguo Peter, jr. overseer, Hamilton, h. 70 Warren ct. 
McTeague Peter, operative, house 74 Church 
McVey Daniel, machinist, house 3 Molloy's court 
McVey John, butcher, 62 Gorham, house 26 Appleton 
McVey Thomas, stonecutter, house 66 Appleton 
McVicker Duncan, carpenter, boards 161 Middlesex 
McWade Betsey and Melissa, Misses, house 43 Tilden 
McWilliams Alice, widow, house 28 Union 
McWilliarns John, laborer, house 27 Summer 
McWilliams Michael, house 28 Union 
McWilliams William, bleachery, house 27 Summer 
Mead Artemus, shoe cutter, house 53 Bartlett, Belvidtre 
Mead Asa W. machinist, boards 53 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Mead Francis, laborer, house 41 Kidder 
Mead George G painter, house 39 George 
Mead Henry, Middlesex, boards 116 Fayette, Belvidere 
Mead John, tailor, house 178 Market 
Mead Martha, widow, house 39 George 
Mead Matthias, stoves and tin ware, 41 East Merrimack, 

house do., Belvidere 
Mead Patrick, tailor, 216 Middlesex, house 1 Clark 
Mead William II. spinner, Merrimack, house 115 do. Corp. 
Meadowcroft James, prop., Lowell Worsted Mills, 72 Wil- 
lie, house 157 Moore 
Meadowcroft John L., treas., Lowell Worsted Mills, 72 

Willie, house 133 Moore 
Mealey Anne, widow, house 59 Adams 
Mealey Frank, operative, house 72 South 
Mealey John J. block cutter, 9 Fletcher, h. 63 Adams 
Mealey Michael, second hand, house Luther's court 
Mealey Michael II. tea and coffee, 204 Merrimack, house 

62 Suffolk 
Mean William, cloth printer, Hamilton corp. 


Meancy Michael, tents, awnings, etc. 61 Dutton, house do. 
Mears David B. weaver, Merrimack, house 126 do. corp. 
Mears Patrick, laborer, boards 300 Lawrence 
Mears Porter, teamster, house 24 Bleachery corp. 
Mechanics' Savings Bank, C. C. Hutchinson, treas., 130 

ami 132 Merrimack 
Medina Emanuel J. ornamental hair work, 94 Merrimack, 

house 36 School * ' 

Medley Anna, widow, house 66 River, Cent. 
Medley John, spinner, house 71 Fletcher 
Medley Win. II. mule spinner, house 34 Coburn, Cent. 
Meehan Daniel, at bleachery, house 8 Agawam 
Meehan James, Hamilton, boards 23 do. corp. 
Meehan Mary, widow, house 32 Crosby 
Meehan Patrick, laborer, house 113 Worthen 
Meek R. Louis, carpenter, house 255 Central 
Meerau Bridget, widow, house 62 West Union 
Mehan Edward J. boards 32 Andover, Belvidcre 
Mehan John, salesman, 9 Middle, house 32 Andover, Bel. 
Mehan Mary, widow, boards 7 Merrimack corp. 
Mehan Owen, stoves, etc. 25 Prescott, house 54 Church 
Mehan Owen F. operative, boards 32 Andover, Bel. 
Mehan Patrick, laborer, house 4 Noble's court 
Mehan Thomas, painter, Dutton, c. Market, h. 15 Hampshire 
Meigs Josiah V. inventor of firearms, U. S. Cartridge Co., 

house 12 Walnut 
Meldrurn Robert, Middlesex, house 27 Alder, Bel. 
Melia Ann, widow, house 11 Jefferson 
Mellen Bernard, house 61 Summer 
Mellon Charles B. cabinetmaker, house 12 Carlton 
Mellen Ellen Miss, grocer, 113 Lawrence, house do. 
Mellen James, shoemaker, 11 Fletcher, house at Chelmsford 
Mellen John, spinner, house 31 Union 
Mellen John L. glove cutter, house 40 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Mellen Lawrence, laborer, house rear 79 Market 
Mellen Michael, laborer, house rear 61 Middle 
Mellen Patrick F. provisions, 100 Fayette, house do., Bel. 
Mellen Robert, house 40 West Fourth, Cent. 
Melley Austin, weaver, house 12 Agawam 
Mellor Samuel, operative, house 65 High, Bel. 
Meloy Annie II. widow, house 45 Salem 
Mcloy Edward, gas fitter, house 80 Fayette, Bel. 
Meloy John, plumber, 5 Prescott, boards George, a Kurd 
Meloy John A. police, house 56 Walker 
Meloy William, carringesmith, house 45 Summer 
Melvin Albert A. carpenter, boards 76 Moody 
Melvin Alonzo L., Suffolk, house 21 Pawtucket 
Melvin Benj. machinist, house 38 L. M. S. corp. 
Melvin Benj. F. Mrs. house 132 Coburn, Centralville 


Melvin Charles F. boards 50 L. M. S. Corp. 

Melvin Charles T. carpenter, house 112 Bridge, Cent. 

Melvin Dawes Mrs. house 50 L. M. S. corp. 

Melvin Dustin B. machinist, house 29 Marion 

Melvin Elgin B. machinist, boards 29 Marion 

Melvin Goodman B. wire worker, house 118 West, Cent. 

Melvin Harriet L. Mrs. house 381 Merrimack 

Melvin Jerome B. patent rights, 49 Central, h. 17 Westford 

Melvin Joshua, plaster maker, house 55 Walnut 

Melvin Marietta, teacher, High school, b. 381 Merrimack 

Melvin Stillman W. carpenter, boards 120 Merrimack 

Menemy Michael, weaver, house 38 River* Cent. 

Mercer Richard P. Mrs. house 103 Appleton 

Merchant J. Gilman, engineer, house 35 Rock 

Merchants National Bank, Charles W. Eaton, cashier, 43 

Mercier Alarie, variety store, 288 Merrimack, house do. 
Mercier Francois, Lawrence, house 68 Hall 
Mercier Jean jr. Mrs. house 98 Cabot 
Mercier Jean Baptiste, laborer, house 98 Cabot 
Meredith Edward, carriage painter, 113 Central, house 54 

Fayette, Belvidere 
Meriam J. II. grocer, house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Merriam Eliza, teacher, primary No. 12, house 129 Moody 
Merriam Emma Mrs. boards 172 Central 
Merriam Jacob A. Mrs. house 28 Austin 
Merriam Timothy, Lawrence, boards 46 do. Corp.. 
Merrill Alfred B. operative, boards 121 Coburn, Cent. 
Merrill Almira B. Mrs. house 18 Cabot 
Merrill.Alonzo N. farmer, house 100 Hildreth, Cent. 
Merrill Alphonso, job wagon, house 29 Fifth, Centralvillo 
Merrill Augustus, travelling agent, boards 34 llurd 
Merrill Austin T. laundry, 90 Cabot, house 131 Moody 
Merrill A. A. & Co. {George W. Merrill), boots and shoes, 

6 Central 
Merrill Bartlett C. supt. Thorndike Manuf. Co., h. 55 Chapel 
Merrill Charles M. house 431 Stevens 
Merrill Charles M. jr. farmer, house 96 Forrest 
Merrill Daniel Mrs. house 18 Tyler 
Merrill Edwin, house 53 Branch 

Merrill Elizabeth P. Mrs. dressmaker, boards 346 Merrimack 
Merrill Filo, 95 Merrimack, boards do. 
Merrill Frank, woodworker, boards 214 Broadway 
Merrill Frank M. (Joshua Merrill & Son), booksellers, 37 

Merrimack, house 68 Sixth, Centralville 
Merrill Fremont, telegraph operator, boards 34 llurd 
Merrill F. Mortimer, mason, house 112 Suffolk 
Merrill George, wool sorter, boards 34 Hard 
Merrill George, hack driver, boards 96 Merrimack 


Merrill George E. boards 53 Branch 

Merrill George E. 90 Cabot, boards 5 Suffolk corp. 

Merrill George VV. (^4. A. Merrill A Co.), boots and shoes, 
6 Central, bouse 110 Bridge, Cent. 

Merrill George W., Boott, bouse 122 Suffolk 

Merrill Isabella A. Miss, bouse 122 Suffolk 

Merrill Jobn E., Suffolk, boards 25 Lawrence corp. 

Merrill Jobn F. overseer, Lawrence, bouse 25 do. corp. 

Merrill Josbua & Son (Frank 31.), booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 37 Merrimack, bouse 56 Tentb, Mt. Pleasant 

Merrill Mary L. widow, house 127 Coburn, Cent. 

Merrill Nancy C. saleswoman, 62 Merrimack 

Merrill Natban D. bouse 58 Cburch 

Merrill Osborn, carpenter, house 359 Stevens 

Merrill Otis A. architect, 224 Middlesex, room 18, bouse 
73 Wannalancit 

Merrill Samuel II. machinist, Arch, house 102 Westford 

Merrill Walter F. job printer, 24 and 26 Barristers' Hall, 
boards 170 Bridge, Centralville 

Merrill (William P.) & Calef (A. J.), carpenters, 26 Mid- 
dlesex, house First, near Simpson, Centralville 

Merrimac House, Emery & Nute, props., Merrimack, cor. 

Merrimack Manufacturing Company, J. S. Ludlam, supt., 
north end of Dutton 

Merrimack River Savings Bank, Almy J. Flint, treasurer, 
189 Middlesex 

Merrin diaries, shoemaker, house 269 Merrimack 

Merritt Wesley M. Mrs. boarding house, 11 Dodge 

Merritt William, laborer, bouse 216 Lawrence 

Meserve Eben, depot master, Merrimack-street depot, house 
44 Appleton 

Meserve (Harry) & Co., express, house 22 Marshall 

Messenger Enoch, house 53 Pleasant, Belvidere 

Messer Abiel, house 90 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Messer Almira D. dressmaker, 52| Merrimack, boards 90 
Bartlett, Belvidere 

Messer Frank, Massachusetts, house 17 Ilurd 

Messer Rose E. Mrs. boards 90 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Messer Sally S. widow, house 316 Central 

Messer Samuel B. knife polisher, house 14 Franklin 

Messer , driver, boards 35 Cburch 

Messex Sybel Mrs. house 17 Ilurd 

Metcalf David S. farmer, house 81 Beacon, Cent. 

Metcalf George E., Massachusetts, house 61 Vernon, Cent. 

Middlesex Company, William C. Avery, agent, Warren, 
foot Ilurd 

Midgeley Thomas Mrs. house 384 Central 

Miles Alexander, provisions, 55 Fayette, Belvidere, h. do. 


Miles Francis N. police, boards 56 Walker 

Miles Freeman, currier, at J. Grates & Son's, h. 59 Appleton 

Miles Thomas, laborer, house 45 Charles 

Miller Allen J', foreman, A. Bachelder & Oo.'s, li. 57 Liberty 

Miller Alton, moulder, boards 37 Fletcher 

Miller Andrew J. periodicals, SO Central, house 09 Chapel 

Miller Anson S. tanner, boards .'55 Fayette, Belvidere 

Miller Asa J*, confectioner, house Beech, n. Sixth, Cent. 

Miller Brothers ( //. and W.), grocers, 103 Bridge, corner 
Third, Central ville 

Miller Dallon, carpenter, boards 8 Liberty square 

Miller Eliphalet, boarding house, 4 and 5 Suffolk corp. 

Miller Frederick C. carpenter, house 21 Race 

Miller George, blacksmith, boards 290 Lincoln 

Miller Ceo. W. freight cashier, P. & L. It. R. h. 92 Hale 

Miller Henry (Miller Broa.), 103 Bridge, cor. Third, house 
101 do., Centralville 

Miller Henry, tanner, house 35 Fayette, Belvidere 

Miller Henry J. machinist, house 225 Ilildreth, Cent. 

Miller James, mulespinner, house 59 Boott corp. 

Miller James M. laundry and wood, 86 Cabot, house Aus- 
tin's block, Ooolidgo 

Miller John, overseer, white room, Hamilton corp. h. 44 do. 

Miller John, jr. machinist, boards 44 Hamilton corp. 

Miller Joseph, house; 7 Willie avenue 

Miller Joseph, bookkeeper, 275 Middlesex, b. 44 Ham. corp. 

Miller Joseph F. knitter, boards 24 Suffolk 

Miller Mary, widow, house '28 West Fifth, Cent. 

Miller Oliver, shoemaker, 14 Middle, h. 9 Hancock avc. 

Miller Peter, mulespinner, Boott, boards 59 do. corp. 

Miller Saul, Lawrence Hosiery, boards 74 Moody 

Miller William {Miller Bros.), 103 Bridge, house 28 West 
Fifth, Cent. 

Miller , gasfitter, 8 Central, boards 90 Merrimack 

Milliken Albert H. carpenter, house 80 Merrimack corp. 

Mill ikon Frank J. clerk (Boston), house 47 Chapel 

Milliken Joshua R. driver, ice team, house '211 Pawtucket 

Mills Charles, teamster, boards 15 Adams 

Mills Eliza, widow, house 118 School 

Mills Emcline Mrs. bouse Merrimack, corner Worthen 

Mills Emma A. waitress, 10 Shattuck 

Mills Hugh, moulder, house '22 Fast Pine 

Mills .John F. boards 21 First, Cent. 

Mills Martin V. Mrs. house 56 Ford 

Mills Moses, house 237 Broadway 

Mills Walter II. printer, "Times," 12 Middle, boards 254 

Mills W. Andrew, clerk, boards 118 School 

Miluer Levi, dresser, h. Riverside, n. Drucut line, Paw. 


Milliner John, stonecutter, bouse 70 Crosby 
'Minahan John, laborer, house 78 Fcnwick 
Minan John, weaver, house NO Hall 
Miner Abram, porter, 207 Middlesex, boards do. 
Minkler Mary, widow, house 1 Marin's block, Aiken 
M inter James (American Boll Company), 270 Lawrence, 

house 8 Roll'c 
Mitchell Clara Mrs. house 205 Merrimack 
Mitchell Daniel F. provisions, house 9 Varney 
Mitchell Ezra Mrs. house 47 dishing 
Mitchell George B. brakeman, B. & L. R. R. h. 34 Howard 
Mitchell George E. plaster manuf. , Elm, house 45 do. 
Mitchell Hannah P. Mrs. boarding house, 21 Lowell corp. 
Mitchell Henry, driver, boards WJlitillg 
Mitchell Henry G., Appleton, house 1 li do. corp. 
Mitchell Henry W. driver, 41 Market, house I Dane-st. av. 
Mitchell John, spinner, house 1'.).') River, Cent. 
Mitchell J. W. overseen', Lawrence, house 78 do. Corp. 
Mitchell M. carpenter, house 378 Central 
Mitchell Samuel, carriage painter, house 07 Warren court 
Mitchell William, Kitson Machine Co. hoards II) Suffolk 
Mitchell William, watchman, L. M. S. house I Goward pi, 
Mitten Anthony, blacksmith, boards L52 First, Cent. 
Mitten George, house 152 First, Centralville 
Mixer Elijah, shoemaker, boards 63 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Mixer Lyman, 15] .Middlesex, boards 63 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Moar John, machinist, Lowell Machine Simp 
Moar Stephen, house; 386 Merrimack 
Moffat William, teamster, boards 53 High, Bolviderc 
Moilit Lorenzo li. variety store, 217 Central, house do. 
Mogan John, bleachery, house 260 Lincoln 
Moland Mary, widow, house 2 Maiden lane 
Molighan Patrick, laborer, house 25 Union 
Mollahan Bros. (P. and F.), grocers, 27 Charles, and coal, 

,408 Gorham 
Mollahan Francis {Mollahan Bros.), boards 27 Charles 
Mollahan Patrick, flagman, boards Li Cedar 

Mollahan Peter (Mollahan Br08.), grocers, 27 Charles, h. do. 

Molleur .lean Baptiste, blacksmith, house 7 Mclntire 

Molleur Jean B. wire worker, 10 Middle, h. 21 Willie avc. 

Molleur Pascal, carpenter, house 21 Willie ave. 

Molloy Ann, widow, house 38 William 

Molloy Ann II. widow, house 45 Salem 

Molloy George, trunk maker, 15 Market, house 100 South 

Molloy John, operative, house; '28 Lewis 

Molloy T. F. clerk, 87 Gorham, boards 100 South 

Molton Touson, clerk, house II Middlesex place 

Monahan Ann Miss, house 49 High, Belvidcrc 

Monahan Cornelius, carpenter, boards 55 W. Third, Cent. 


Monahan C. fishmonger, house 55 W. Third, Cent. 
Monahan Frank, hairdresser, 216 Merrimack, h. 274 do. 
Monahan Hannah, widow, house 13 Mead 
Monahan James, laborer, house 5 Brown's court, Cent. 
Monahan James II. boards 11 Dodge 
Monahan John, Lawrence, boards 202 Market 
Monahan John, Chase mills, house 14 Floyd 
Monahan Michael, operative, house 18 Agawam 
Monahan Patrick, laborer, boards 49 High, Belvidere 
Monahan Peter, blacksmith, 50 Gorham, house 45 do. 
Monahan Richard, fresco painter, boards r. 212 Merrimack 
Monahan Terrence, house rear 272 Merrimack 

Monahan Mrs. house 42 Hanover 

Monette Francis, mason, house 8 Middlesex place 

Mongan Mary, widow, house 7 Gorham 

Mongovan Mary, widow, house 19 Summer 

Mongovan Patrick, mason, house 58 Ford 

Monk Luther S. carpenter, house rear Smith, cor. Liberty 

Monroe Frank J. clerk, 5 Central, house 2 Merrill's court 

Monroe L. Mrs. house 2 Merrill's court 

Monroe Margaret, widow, house 8 Lowell corp. 

Monroe Mary E. widow, house 17 Howard 

Monroe Sarah J. widow, house 12 Paige 

Monroe William C. overseer, Lowell, house 8 do. corp. 

Monroe, see also Munroe 

Monso Joseph, laborer, house rear 27 Aiken 

Montague James, boards Tremont House 

Monteith Robert, blacksmith, house 3 Dane-st. ave. 

Montferrand Louis T. dry and fancy goods, 122 Merrimack, 

house 120 do. 
Montreuil George, currier, house 58 Whipple 
Monty Albert W. & Co. leather dealers, 139 Market, house 

44 Fifth, Centralville 
Moody Amos P. Mrs. house 108 Appleton 
Moody Anderson, watchman, boards Lawrence, n. Chase 

mills [corp. 

Moody Betsey W. boarding house, 15 and 16 Merrimack 
Moody Delana, widow, house Plain, near F. & L. R. R. 
Moody Frank L. bleachery, boards 97 Moore, Bel. 
Moody Frank P. apothecary, Dutton, cor. Fletcher, boards 

108 Appleton 
Moody Horace E. clerk, Lowell Bleachery, bds. 97 Moore 
Moody Isaac, overseer, bleachery, house 97 Moore 
Moody Job, janitor, High school, house 248 Merrimack 
Moody John, house 305 River, Cent. 
Moody Joseph D., Indian physician, Manchester, c. Main, 

Ayer's City, house do. 
Moody Mary, dressmaker, 248 Merrimack, house do. 
Moody M. A. Miss, variety store, 142 Suffolk, house do. 


Moody Samuel S. machinist, house 15 L. M. S. Corp. 
Moody William A. watchman, Lowell Bleachery 
Moon William, Hamilton, house rear 50 W. Union 
Mooncy Albert G., Lawrence, house 27 Cheever 
Mooney Alice, music teacher, boards 29 High, Bel. 
Mooney Ann, widow, house 10 Jefferson 
Mooney Benjamin G. police, house 29 Willie 
Mooney Christopher, grocer, 7 Davidson, h. 49 Bartlett, Bel. 
Mooney Ellen, widow, house 6 Davidson, Bel. 
Mooney Jeremiah, laborer, house 40 Dummer 
Mooney Jerusha, widow, house 24 Chestnut, Bel. 
Mooney John, laborer, house 4 Howe-street ave., Bel. 
Mooney John, house 18 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Mooney John C. carpenter, boards rear 15 River, Cent. 
Mooney Lawrence, operative, house 49 Summer 
Mooney Lawrence, laborer, house 9 Davidson, Bel. 
Mooney Maria Miss, seamstress, City Farm 
Mooney Owen, saloon, 160 Middlesex, house do. 
Mooney Patrick, bleacher, house 56 Agawam 
Mooney Peter, slasher tender, house 18 Mass. corp. 
Mooney Philip, clerk, 11 Davidson, boards 14 Wall, Bel. 
Mooney Thomas, provisions, 11 Davidson, h. 14 Wall, Bel. 
Mooney Willie R. sash maker, boards 161 Cross 
Mooidie Edward, machinist, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
Moore Albert M. counsellor, 49 Central, house 3 Gates 
Moore Archibald, combmaker, house 14 Walnut 
Moore Asa, operative, boards 122 Middlesex 
Moore Azubali, widow, house 9 Church 
Moore Charles, engineer, Thorndike Manufacturing Co. 

house 12 School 
Moore Daniel M. house 58 School 
Moore Eddie, carpenter, house 37 East Pine 
Moore Edwin B. clerk, 73 Dutton, house 120 Cross 
Moore Ephraim S. engineer, house 283 Pine 
Moore Francis, blacksmith, 358 Middlesex, boards 442 do. 
Moore George, house 13 Water, Belvidere 
Moore George E. jig sawyer, house 442 Middlesex 
Moore Jesse Mrs. house 73 Moore 

Moore John, watchman, lumberyard, b. 137 Merrimack corp. 
Moore John, clerk, 272 Merrimack, boards 274 do. 
Moore John G. overseer, Middlesex corp., boards 20 Tyler 
Moore John R. blacksmith, boards 9 Church 
Moore Joseph, farmer, house Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Moore Lucius B. house 73 Moore 
Moore Martha Miss, dressmaker, house 67 Church 
Moore Mary G. Mrs. house 28 Hanover 
Moore Parmilla C. botanic physician, 13 Water, house do. 
Moore Patrick II. clerk, 272 Merrimack, house 27 4 do. 
Moore Robert, laborer, house Suffolk 


Moore Salnthicl, bootmaker, house 14 Ash, Belvidere 

Moore William, cook, 37 Central, boards 71 Button 

Moore, see also Moar 

Moors Albert, second hand, bleachcry, house 80 Moore 

Moors James S. bookkeeper, 80 Merrimack, bds. 80 Moore 

Moors Simeon Mrs. house 80 Moore 

Moran Ann, widow, house 2 Maiden lane 

Moran Bridget, widow, house 114 Fayette, Belvidere 

Moran Ellen, widow, house 43 Crosby 

Moran John, spinner, house 16 Lee 

Moran John, machinist, house 105 Merrimack corp. 

Moran John, Middlesex, house 54 Davidson, Belvidere 

Moran John, carder, house 29 Front, Cent. 

Moran John, spinner, boards 70 Market 

Moran John, fireman, house 56 South 

Moran John, laborer, house 3 Coburn, Cent. 

Moran John, Hamilton, house 133 Middlesex 

Moran John, operative, house 97 River, Cent. 

Moran John F. carpenter, house 43 Crosby 

Moran Martin, spinner, house 47 River, Cent. 

Moran Mary, widow, house 34 Broadway 

Moran Michael, Merrimack, boards 34 Broadway 

Moran Michael, coachman, house 264 Nesinith, Belvidere 

Moran Michael, laborer, house 58 Fayette, Belvidere 

Moran Michael, laborer, house 6 Howe-street, ave., Bel. 

Moran Michael, laborer, house 40 Middle 

Moran Michael, Massachusetts, boards 57 Middle 

Moran Michael, Middlesex, house 15 Howe, Belvidere 

Moran Patrick, peddler, house rear 29 Middle 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house rear 31 North 

Moran Patrick, assistant street supt. house 136 Moody 

Moran Thomas, wire dresser, L. M. S. house 1 Horn 

Moran Thomas, fireman, house 77 Lincoln 

Moran Thomas, Lawrence, house 62 Fenwick 

Moran Thomas E. marbleworker, house 12 Suffolk 

Moran William, laborer, house 15 Whipple 

Morehead Richard B. machinist, boards 33 Adams 

Morency Ilulbert, laborer, house rear 232 Market 

Morey Dolly P. widow, boards 42 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Morey George F. (Knapp & Morey), publisher, " Citizen 

and News," 44 Central, house 380 Merrimack 
Morey Loney F. widow, house 42 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Morey Mclvin W. carriage painter, boards 295 Broadway 
Morey Stephen, bobbinmaker, Wamesit mills, boards 255 

Morey William, foreman, printer, " Citizen " office, house 

42 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Morgan Charles C. harnessmaker, 250 Middlesex, b. 262 do. 
Morgan Christopher, piper, house 58 Railroad 


Morgan Christopher, overseer, Lawrence, house 36 do. corp. 
Morgan Ebcnezer, real estate agent and employment office, 

314 Merrimack, boards 36 Lawrence corp. 
Morgan Ebenezer, 2d, prop. Howard House, 231 Middlesex 
Morgan George F. overseer, Tremont, bds. 18 Suffolk corp. 
Morgan Jane, widow, house 141 Merrimack corp. 
Morgan Shapley, boiler works, Gorham, opp. Bleachery, h. 

155 Hildreth, Cent. 
Morgan Walter, clerk, 197 Middlesex, boards 65 Summer 
Morgan William, machinist, Merrimack, house do. corp. 
Moriarty Cornelius, laborer, house 62 Congress 
Moriarty Henry, stone cutter, house 6 Howe-st. ave., Bel. 
Moriarty Joanna, widow, house 143 Adams 
Moriarty John, bleachery, house 206 Gorham 
Moriarty John, teamster, boards 62 Congress 
Moriarty John, Appleton, house 36 Middlesex 
Moriarty Michael, painter, house 23 River, Cent. 
Moriarty Michael, gardener, boards 72 Ford 
Moriarty Patrick, Lawrence, boards 20 Suffolk corp. 
Moriarty Thomas, laborer, house 80 Suffolk 
Morley Patrick, laborer, house rear 180 Market 
Morrill Charles, supt. public schools, City Government bldg., 

boards 428 Merrimack 
Morrill David, overseer, Tremont, house 16 do. corp. 
Morrill Elizabeth W. widow, house 49 Nesmith, Bel. 
Morrill Eugene N. paper hanger, house 23 Burns 
Morrill Ezra, carpenter, house 133 Cross 
Morrill Frank L. photographer, Merrimack, c. John, house 

43 Fourth, Cent. 
Morrill II. T. (Penniman & Co.), Merrimack-st. depot, house 

at Nashua, N. H. 
Morrill Nathaniel W. paperhangings, 243 Gorham, house 

11 Burns 
Morris Bridget, widow, boards 84 Middle 
Morris Edward, carpenter, house 74 Dummer 
Morris Frank, Hamilton, house 28 Union 
Morris Henry P. machinist, house 71 West Union 
Morris James, blacksmith, house 6 Donahoe's yard 
Morris James, laborer, house 66 Warren court 
Morris James, peddler, house 71 Broadway 
Morris John, moulder, house 22 Linden 
Morris John E. painter, house rear 245 Merrimack 
Morris Margaret Mrs. house 34 Cabot 
Morris Margaret A. Miss, millinery and fancy goods, 28 

Paige, boards 29 John 
Morris Martin, baker, 42 Paige, house 29 John 
Morris Michael, farmer, house rear 347 Merrimack 
Morris Milly F. widow, house Main, cor. Cook 
Morris Patrick, L. M. S. house 10 Charles 


Morn's Thomas Mrs. house 42 Paige 

Morris Thomas F. baker, house 73 River, Cent. 

Morrison Adelaide, widow, house 17 Howe, belvidere 

Morrison Benjamin, butcher, house Mammoth, Paw. 

Morrison Charles, Hamilton, boards 116 Central 

Morrison David, currier, house 21 Smith 

Morrison George, laborer, boards 77 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Morrison Hugh, laborer, house 9 George 

Morrison Hugh, real estate, 106 Gorham, house do. 

Morrison James, laborer, house 119 Worthen 

Morrison James B. boards 287 Middlesex 

Morrison James F. blacksmith, house Donahoe's yard 

Morrison James G. mechanical supt. Middlesex Co. house 

41 Elm 
Morrison James H. grocer, 162 Gorham, b. 287 Middlesex 
Morrison James L. boards 30 Appleton corporation 
Morrison John, house 287 Middlsex 
Morrison John, Lawrence, boards 4 Suffolk corp. 
Morrison John, overseer, Appleton, house 30 do. corp. 
Morrison John F. music teacher, boards 30 Appleton corp. 
Morrison Mary Mrs. house 9 Wall, Belvidere 
Morrison Miranda, rooms 14 Wellman's block 
Morrison Richard, watchman, Merrimack Print Works, h. 

101 do. corp. 
Morrison Samuel, carpenter, boards 61 Merrimack corp. 
Morrison Tliomas, Boott, house 24 Albion, Cent. 
Morrison Thomas, spinner, boards b2 Market 
Morrison Thomas W. teamster, 52 Market, h. 2 Carpet lane 
Morrissey Ellen Mrs. boards 17 Gorham 
Morrissey Thomas, Merrimack, house 80 Suffolk 
Morrow Hugh, house 44 South 
Morrow John, painter, house 67 Merrimack corp. 
Morrow William, laborer, boards 64 Appleton 
Morse Alexander, operative, bds. 24 Pleasant, Bel. 
Morse Alfred H. watchman, Lowell Manuf. Co. 
Morse Arthur E. ( William W.Morse & Son), 61 Central, 

boards 94 Bartlett, Bel. 
Morse Bela H. house 60 Willie 

Morse Charles, cloth printer, house 57 Davidson, Bel. 
Morse Charles, engineer, B. & M. R. R. 
Morse Charles E. carpenter, house 16 Appleton corp. 
Morse Charles J. polisher, 7 Central, bds. 24 Pleasant, Bel. 
Morse Edwin L., Massachusetts, house 60 do. corp. 
Morse Elizabeth A. widow, house 68 Fletcher 
Morse Ezekiel R. laborer, house foot of Gates 
Morse Franklin G. gardener, house 10 Webster ave., Cent. 
Morse Fred N. clerk, at Howes & Burnham's, b. 56 Willie 
Morse George, machinist, boards 22 Suffolk 


Morse Granville A. watchman, Lowell Manuf. Co. boards 
20 do. corp. 

Morse Henry 0. livery stable, Monument sq., 182 Merri- 
mack, house 148 Worthen 

Morse Horace E. counsellor (School, Boston), bds. 52 Elm 

Morse Horace W. clergyman, house 52 Elm 

Morse James C. Mrs. house 15 and 17 Church 

Morse James N. bookkeeper, at C. W. Saunders & Co.'s, h. 
56 Willie 

Morse James W. foreman, L. M. S. house 66 Grand 

Morse Jane M. widow, house 24 Pleasant, Bel. 

Morse John W., Lowell Manuf. Co. house 20 do. corp. 

Morse Joshua B. clerk, Lawrence counting" room, house 
12 Varnum ave., Pawtucketville 

Morse J. Decatur, weaver, house 15 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Morse L. Chauncey, clerk, 72 Dntton, bds. 15 Lagrange 

Morse Nathan 11. teamster, house 312 Middlesex 

Morse Robert, L. M. S. boards 85 Tremout 

Morse Rose, widow, house 39 School 

Morse Sarah E. Mrs. dressmaker, 170 Merrimack, h. do. 

Morse S. Oscar, carpenter, boards 49 Willow, Bel. 

Morse S. Warren, millinery, 103 Merrimack, h. 386 do. 

Morse Webster W. weaver, house 49 Willow, Bel. 

Morse William, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 

Morse W. E. watchman, Lowell Manuf. Co. 

Morse William W. & Son (Arthur E.), clothing, 61 Central, 
house 94 Bartlett, Bel. 

Morse Miss, boards 16 John 

Morse Mrs. widow, house Varnum ave., Paw. 

Mort James W. cigar manufacturer, 83 and 136 Central, h. 
101 Methuen, Centralville 

Morton Gilbert P. fireman, Boott. house 32 Albion, Cent. 

Morton Israel R. stonecutter, h. Pawtucket sq., Paw. 

Morton True, scale maker, house 8 South Franklin court 

Morton Mrs. widow, house 23 Adams 

Moseley George, clerk, 153 Lawrence, boards 8 Taylor 

Moseley Patrick, file cutter, boards 12 Taylor 

Moses Stephen T. city express, house 32 First, Cent. 

Mosher Daniel W. tinsmith, h. 3 Blanchard pi. Bel. 

Mosher James L. hairdresser, boards 185 Thorndike 

Mosher John S. blacksmith, house 185 Thorndike 

Mosher , carpenter, boards 17 Kirk 

Mossey Charles, weaver, boards 30 Lawrence corp. 

Mossman Alva 0. wireworker, boards 8 Third, Cent. 

Motley George, house 61 Nesniith, Bel. 

Motley George S. student, boards 61 Nesmith, Bel. 

Mottrom James H. loom fixer, boards 156 Central 

Motts John S. machinist, boards 49 Tilden 
Moulton Charles, laborer, house 8 Short 


Moulton Charles E. asst. foreman L. M. S., h. 19 do. corp. 

Moulton Enoch I. clerk, boards 124 Appleton 

Moulton Frederick, machinist, boards 29 Rock 

Moulton Ilattie A. saleswoman, boards 67 Chelmsford 

Moulton Ira, Mrs. house 124 Appleton 

Moulton James II. house 1 Carpet lane 

Moulton John, section hand, Appleton, house IT Howard 

Moulton John L. (Bennett & Moulton), masons, 5 Wellman's 

block, house 64 First, Centralville 
Moulton Joseph, machinist, house 22 Linden 
Moulton J. II. house 1 Carpet lane 
Moulton Oliver II. agent, Hamilton Manuf. Co. house 95 

Nesmith, corner Oak, Belvidere 
Moulton William H. operative, house 11 Coburn, Cent. 
Mountfbrd Claude W. house 34 Bartlctt, Bel. 
Mountford William, leather parer, boards 37 Chestnut, Bel. 
Mowatt Robert, reedmaker, house 136 High, Bel. 
Mowbray Horace, cochman at B. F. Butler's, Bel. 
Mowbray Richard, coachman, at 119 Nesmith, Bel. 
Mowe Daniel Mrs. house 104 Middle 

Mowe George S. manuf. Mowe's Cough Balsam, 104 Mid- 
dle, house 86 Dover 
Moxley Philena C. Miss, embroidery stamping, 441 Central, 

house 260 Gorham 
Moxley Philena E. Mrs. house 260 Gorham 
Moynilian Peter, blacksmith, boards 45 Gorham 
Mulock James E. clerk, bds. 89 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Mulcahy Debora II. widow, house 5 Davidson, Bel. 
Mulcahy James P. painter, house 170 Market 
Mulcahy John, operative, house 77 Fayette, Bel. 
Mulcahy Mary A. Miss, millinery and fancy goods, 114 

Market, boards 170 do. 
Mulcahy Patrick, laborer, house 8 Lewis 

Mulcahy , blacksmith, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 

Muldoon Michael, laborer, house 28 North 
Muldoon Patrick, Lowell, house rear 19 Summer 
Muldoon Thomas, liquors, 67 Market, house do. 
Muldoon Thomas, Hamilton, house 46 South 
Mulhern John, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Mulherrin Bridget, widow, house 84 Gorham 
Mulherrin Thomas, laborer, house 84 Gorham 
Mulholland John, card grinder, house 234 Market 
Mulholland Michael, carder, boards 219 Market 
Mullane John, spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 
Mullaney John, laborer, house 4 Cross 
Mullaney James, laborer, boards 113 Worthen 
Mullaney Patrick, laborer, house 56 Hanover 
Mullen Barney, currier, house 176 Tanner, A. C. 
Mullen Bernard, fireman, house 65 Linden 


Mullen Bridget, widow, house 27 Winter 

Mullen Chase, M. P. W., boards 135 Merrimack Corp. 

Mullen Daniel, Hamilton, boards 3 Spring 

Mullen Dominick, plasterer, boards 3 Spring 

Mullen Dominick, laborer, boards 65 Linden 

Mullen Dominick, F. & L. R. R., house 27 Winter 

Mullen Edward, laborer, house 3 Spring 

Mullen Hugh, B. & L. R. R., house 68 West Union 

Mullen James, operative, boards 56 Middle 

Mullen James, laborer, house rear 16 Jefferson 

Mullen James, laborer, house 3 Spring 

Mullen Johanna, widow, house 92 Suffolk 

Mullen John, currier, house 2 Kidder 

Mullen John, laborer, house 68 West Union 

Mullen John, plasterer, 61 Central, house 3 Spring 

Mullen John, 150 Bridge, house 12 Fifth, Centralville 

Mullen Joseph, laborer, house 37 Salem 

Mullen Michael, painter, house 87 Merrimack corp. 

Mullen Mitchell J. carpenter, boards 11 Warren 

Mullen Patrick, spinner, boards 47 River, Centralville 

Mullen Rebecca, widow, house 26 L. M. S. corp. 

Mullen Thomas, operative, house 60 Fayette, Bel. 

Muller John, blacksmith, house 7 Mclntire 

Mullett Susan J. Miss, dressmaker, house 80 Andover, Bel. 

Mulligan James, laborer, house 4 Jefferson 

Mulligan Owen, clerk, 73 Gorham, house 27 Summer 

Mulligan Patrick, coachman, house 38 Pleasant, Bel. 

Mulligan Thomas, laborer, house 38 Lewis . 

Mullins Henry, laborer, boards 169 Market 

Mullins William, laborer, boards 169 Market 

Mullowney Michael, painter, house 129 River, Cent. 

Mullowney Patrick, teamster, house 71 Gorham 

Mulno Robert, teamster, house Whipple, cor. Moore- 

Mulranen Martin, house 68 Appletou 

Mulray Patrick, laborer, house 59 Broadway 

Mul ready Mary, widow, house 191 Gorham 

Mulready Thomas, teamster, house 72 Adams 

Multighe Ilonora, widow, house 75 Fayette, Bel. 

Mulvaney Matthew, wool sorter, boards 26 Bartlett, Bel. 

Mulvey Mary, widow, house 28 Kidder 

Mulvey Michael, painter, house 15 North 

Mulvey Patrick, laborer, house 21 West Sixth, Cent. 

Mulvey Peter, laborer, house 40 Jewett, Cent. 

Mungovy Mary, widow, house 39 Dummer 

Munn Charles E. clerk, 77 Market, bds. 157 Bridge, Cent. 

Munn Francis D. & Son (F. D.jr.), grocers, 12 John, house 

157 Bridge, Centralville 
Munn Francis D. jr. (F. D. Munn & Son), 12 John, boards 

32 Methuen, Centralville 


Munn Frederick, overseer spinner, Prescott, h. 8 Mass. Corp. 

Muim Jane Mrs. house 26 Read, Central ville 

Munn Robert, operative, house 31 Davidson, Bel. 

Munroe Charles, carpenter, 28 Howe, house 70 High, Bel. 

Munroe [George L.) & Lawrence (David), provisions, 246 
Middlesex, house Westford, corner Nichols 

Munroe Julia, widow, house 110 School 

Munroe Louis, laborer, house 1 Carolin's court, Bel. 

Munroe William, section hand, carpet weave room, boards 
22 Suffolk 

Munroe, see also Monroe 

Muusell John, machinist, Lawrence, house 53 do. corp. 

Munsey Edgar S. city teamster, house Porter, cor. Pine 

Murch J. I. clerk, boards 49 Central 

Murdock John, Tremont, house 74 Fenwick 

Murkland Archibald, hoseinaker, at Josiah Gates & Sons, 
house 7 Hancock avenue 

Murkland James, foreman, Josiah Gates & Sons, house 16 

Murkland James II. mason, house 17 Alder, Bel. 

Murkland John, section hand, house 7 Lagrange 
Murkland John jr. Mrs. widow, boards 141 Grand 
Murkland John YV. patternmaker, Western avenue, house 

67 Fletcher 
Murphy Annie Miss, dressmaker, 89 Market, boards do. 
Murphy Bernard, laborer, boards 192 Market 
Murphy Bernard, laborer, boards 51 South 
Murphy Bridget, widow, house 11 Union 
Murphy Catharine, widow, house 138 Adams 
Murphy Cecilia, widow, house 192 Market 
Murphy Cornelius, papermaker, house foot of Joiner 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, house 34 Jefferson 
Murphy Daniel, grocer, 68 Suffolk, house 48 Lewis 
Murphy Daniel, house 54 Congress 
Murphy Daniel jr. clerk, house 32 Dummer 
Murphy Daniel J. ale, 76 Dutton, house do. 
Murphy Daniel J. boards 32 Dummer 
Murphy David, Hamilton, boards 74 Church 
Murphy Dennis, picture dealer, house 89 Charles 
Murphy Dennis A. travelling agent, house 8 Pleasant, Cent. 
Murphy Edward, gardener, house 37 Salem 
Murphy Edward, grocer, 72 Suffolk, house 70 do. 
Murphy Elizabeth, widow, boards 15 Marshall 
Murphy Ellen, widow, house 48 Lewis 
Murphy Ellen, widow, house 2 Quigley's alley 
Murphy Ettie, widow, house 20 Summer 
Murphy George A. expressman, boards 130 Howard 
Murphy Henry, loom fixer, boards 25 Newhall 
Murphy Hugh, Merrimack, boards 63 Front, Cent. 


Murphy James, operative, boards 72 Cabot 

Murphy James, grocery and liquors, 66 Broadway, h. do. 

Murphy James, mason, house rear 77 Middle 

Murphy James, Appleton, house 4 Goward place 

Murphy James, grocer, 2 and 4 Water, house 6 do. Bel. 

Murphy James II. overseer, Tremont and Suffolk 

Murphy James S. shoemaker, 80 Bridge, house do. Ceut. 

Murphy Jeremiah, house 7 Swift 

Murphy Jeremiah, gardener and grocer, 11 Andover, 

Belvidere, house do. 
Murphy John, laborer, boards 251 Market 
Murphy John, operative, boards 157 Middlesex 
Murphy John, laborer, house 32 Summer 
Murphy John, house 182 Adams 
Murphy John, laborer, house 22 Jefferson 
Murphy John, cloth shearer, boards 312 Lawrence 
Murphy John, tailor, 82 Lawrence, house do. 
Murphy John, overseer, Middlesex Co. house 37 North 
Murphy John Mrs. house 52 Cabot 
Murphy John II. machinist, boards 22 Suffolk 
Murphy John J. machinist, house 190 Gorham 
Murphy John W. moulder, house 63 Fenwick 
Murphy Joseph II. driver, bake cart, house 277 Lincoln 
Murphy Julia, widow, house 29 Davidson, Bel. 
Murphy Lowell a Miss, boards 4 Marshall 
Murphy Margaret, widow, house 10 Orange 
Murphy Margaret, widow, house 60 Dummer 
Murphy Mary, widow, house rear 180 Market 
Murphy Mary, house 74 Suffolk 
Murphy Mary, widow, house 30 Jefferson 
Murphy Mary, widow, house 7 Holbrook's court, Bel. 
Murphy Mary Ann, widow, boards 144 Adams 
Murphy Matthew, weaver, house 4 Dempsey's place 
Murphy Matthew, carpenter, boards 81 High, Bel. 
Murphy Michael, spinner, house 63 Church 
Murphy Michael, operative, house 3 Chapel 
Murphy Michael, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Murphy Michael, machinist, boards 11 Andover, Bel. 
Murphy Michael J. operative, boards 7 Holbrook's ct. Bel. 
Murphy Michael M. saloon, 51 Dutton, house 50 do. 
Murphy Owen, operative, house 59 West Third, Cent. 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, house 9 Cross 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, house 7 Davis court 
Murphy Patrick, hostler, boards 63 Middle 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, boards 84 Adams 
Murphy Patrick, loom fixer, boards 300 Lawrence 
Murphy Patrick, spinner, house 42 North 
Murphy Patrick J. plasterer, house 232 Market 
Murphy Philip, laborer, house 19 Jefferson 


Murphy Thomas, boilermaker, house 24 Lewis 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, boards 46 Market 

Murphy Thomas, blacksmith, house 9 Floyd 

Murphy Timothy, baker, house 366 Central 

Murphy Timothy, laborer, house 1, rear 41 High, Belvidere 

Murphy Timothy Mrs. house rear 62 Congress 

Murphy William, can maker, house 84 Adams 

Murphy William, laborer, house 43 Bowden 

Murphy William, laborer, house 6 Moran's yard 

Murphy William J. operative, boards 7 ITol brook's ct. Bel. 

Murphy Mrs. widow, house 11 Court avenue 

Murray Andrew, shader, Lowell Manufacturing Company, 

house 6 Lagrange 
Murray Bridget, widow, house 40 Crosby 
Murray Charles, carpenter, boards 60 Rock 
Murray Dennis, bleachery, house 187 Lawrence 
Murray James, teamster, house 15 Sweet 
Murray James, dyer, boards 23| Lagrange 
Murray James, laborer, house 19 Marion 
Murray James, laborer, house 57 Common 
Murray James T. clock repairer, boards 118 Market 
Murray Jeremiah, laborer, boards 187 Lawrence 
Murray John, laborer, boards 16 Agawam 
Murray John, teamster, house 152 Adams 
Murray John, operative, house 4 Howard avenue, Bel. 
Murray John, gardener, house 3 Noble's court 
Murray John, dyer, house 51 High, Belvidere 
Murray John, Hamilton, house 212 Gorham 
Murray John, cabinet maker, boards 36 Church 
Murray John, operative, boards 135 Merrimack corp. 
Murray John, laborer, house 194 Market 
Murray Joseph, laborer, house 37 Salem 
Murray Margaret Mrs. house 98 Fayette, Belvidere 
Murray Mary, widow, house 9 Davidson, Belvidere 
Murray Patrick, boards 41 High, Belvidere 
Murray Patrick, laborer, boards 96 Moody 
Murray Patrick, laborer, house 5 Spring 
Murray Patrick, mason, house rear 111 Gorham 
Murray Patrick, laborer, house rear 230 Market 
Murray Thomas, laborer, house 4 Howard avenue, Bel. 
Murray Thomas, saloon, 318 Gorham, house 320 do. 
Murray Thomas, mason and plasterer, 238 Lawrence, h. do. 
Murray Thomas Mrs. variety store, 238 Lawrence 
Murtagh James, finisher, boards 27 Carter 
Murtagh Patrick, finisher, house 27 Carter 
Murtagh Peter, Middlesex, house 7 Court avenue 
Murtagh Thomas, woolen finisher, b. 46 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Murtagh William, house 112 Merrimack 
Murtha John, operative, boards 67 W. Union 


Murtha Lucy, widow, house 67 West Union 

Mnzzey Eugene S. clerk. 48 Merrimack, b. 40 Arlington 

Myers Anna E. house 26 Mt. Washington 

Myers Elizabeth A. house 53 Dutton 

Myers J. carpenter, Highland, opp. the church, Dracut 

Myers William, loom fixer, house 28 Prospect 

Myers William R., Hamilton, house 15 Mead 

Myott Peter, teamster, boards 16 Crosby 

Myron John, carpenter, house 8 East Pine 

NAGLE JAMES, laborer, house 254 Chelmsford 

Nally John, Lawrence, house 85 Adams 

Namack Thomas, laborer, house 35 Auburn 

Narney Roger, house 73 River, Cent. 

Nash James W. clerk, 20 Market, house 9 Central 

Nash John C. harnessmaker, 250 Middlesex, boards 18 Ap- 

pleton corporation 
Nason Mary, Massachusetts, house 15 do. corp. 
Nason Mary Miss, house 118 Suffolk 
Navin Patrick, laborer, house 25 Winter 
Nawn John, M. P. W. house 97 Merrimack corp. 
Naylor Charles, clerk, boards 1 Edgerley's court 
Naylor George, carpet manufacturer, Wamesit Power Co. 

house 81 Fairmount, Belvidere 
Naylor Joseph, woolen carder, house 1 Edgerley's court 
Naylor Walker, machinist, house 26 Lagrange 
Neal Aurclia C. widow, house 14 Dodge 
Neal Charles II. laborer, house 10 Seventh, Cent. 
Neal Franklin P. carpenter, boards 3 Wiggin 
Neal George D., Boott, boards 58 Church 
Neal Joseph Mrs. house 99 Howard 

Neal Joseph P. upholsterer, 9 Prescott, boards 99 Howard 
Neal Lizzie C. Mrs. house 4 Russell's block, Merrimack 
Neal Martha A. teacher, No. 10 primary school, boards 14 

Ncalley Benjamin F. mattress maker, house 61 Agawam 
Ncalley B. F. Mrs. house 19 Howard 
Nealon James, operative, boards 54 Water, Bel. 
Neal on John, boards 54 Water, Bel. 
Nealon Mary, widow, house 54 Water, Bel. 
Nean John, laborer, house 15 North 
Neilon Martin, bleacheiy, house 60 Maple 
Neaphcn Daniel, spinner, house 94 River, Cent. 
Neaphen Patrick, spinner, house rear 55 River, Cent. 
Nelson Augustus, policeman, L. M. S. house 71 Common 
Nelson Carver C. carpenter, house 41 Arlington 
Nelson Charles, Lawrence, house rear Washington, on 



Nelson Clarence II. carpenter, boards 76 High, Bel. 
Nelson I). Forrest, Massachusetts, bds. 139 Merrimack corp. 

Nelson Everett M. dentist, 84 Merrimack, bds. 42 Willow 

Nelson Henry E. carpenter, boards 41 Arlington 

Nelson James, operative, house 73 Front, Cent. 

Nelson James, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 

Nelson James, Lawrence, boards 335 Merrimack 

Nelson John, operative, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 

Nelson John, Hamilton, boards 57 Middle 

Nelson John E. boards 41 Arlington 

Nelson William, junkman, house 13 Howard ave. Bel. 

Nesmith James E. house Andover, cor. Nesmith, Bel. 

Nesmith Jenny M. Miss, teacher, Middlesex mixed school, 

boards Middlesex village 
Nesmith John Mrs. house Andover, cor. Nesmith, Bel. 
Nesmith Thomas, house Park, opp. Park Garden, Bel. 
Nester John, house 77 River, Cent. 
Nester John, laborer, house 40 River, Cent. 
Nester Patrick, laborer, house rear 71 River, Cent. [Cent. 
"Nester Stephen, liquors, etc. 17 Merrimack, house 77 River, 
Nettle Ernest, second hand, Lawrence, house 7 do. corp. 
Nevens Robert B. travelling agent, house 10 Merrill's ct. 
Nevers Charles W. 2 Prescott, house 11 Third, Cent. 
Nevins Edward, operative, house 24 Suffolk 
Nevins John L. cloth printer, house 67 Bartlett, Bel. 
Nevins (John Ii.) & Sleeper (Abrani A.), carpenters, 90 

Middle, boards 66 Warren court 
Nevins Michael, house rear 111 Gorham 
Nevins Patrick Mrs. house 66 Warren court 
Nevins Thomas, at Boott mill, house 238 Market 
Newell Ashley E. overseer, Prescott, h. 33 do. corp. Bel. 
Newell Edgar A. machinist, boards 46 Middlesex 
Newell Mary R. widow, 181 Moody 
Newhall George L. laborer, house 335 Pine 
Newhall Henry L. clerk) h. Riverside, n. Dracut line, Paw. 
Newhall Patrick, Hamilton, house 29 Union 
Newhall Samuel, surveyor, house 32 Lane 
Newshaw Thomas, tailor, house 131 Lawrence 
Newton Angeline, widow, house 11 Broadway 
Newton Carlos, carpenter, house 123 Moody 
Newton Eliza M. widow, house 13 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Newton Erastus, painter, 24 Middle, and variety store, 9 

Broadway, house 11 do. 
Newton James, clerk, 45 Merrimack, boards Mansur's bl'k 
Ncylan Daniel, hairdresser, 6 Merrimack, b. 189 Middlesex 
Nicholas Rolla, flagman, Middlesex crossing, house 52 Rock 
Nichols Alanson Mrs. house 16 Branch 
Nichols Albert F. (Cole da Nichols), iron and brass foundry, 
10 Willie, cor. Dutton, house 160 Appleton 


Nichols Cemantha- R. teacher, Bartlett school, boards 399 

Nichols Charles, clerk, 168 Central, house 34 Hard 

Nichols Charles, jr. tea, Merrimack, cor. Prescott, house 
LeRoy, near Coral 

Nichols Charles E. freight, B. L. & N. R. R. h. 76 School 

Nichols Charles R. clerk, 168 Central, house 5 Tyler 

Nichols Converse, house 126 Appleton 

Nichols David, house 3 James 

Nichols E. (G. N. & E. Nichols), 11 Market, house 20 Tyler 

Nichols Elmira C. widow, house 53 South 

Nichols Prank, Middlesex, boards 53 South 

Nichols Frank, printer, 97 Merrimack 

Nichols Prank A. boards 74 Smith 

Nichols G. N. & E. 77 Market, house 30 Hanover 

Nichols Henry C. house 183 Beacon, Cent. 

Nichols Henry J. baker, boards 101 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Nichols Ira Edwin, salesman, Dutton, c. Market, boards 216 

Nichols Jacob, furniture, etc., Dutton, cor. Market, h. 216 

Nichols Jesse, wireworker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 

Nichols John, 95 Merrimack, boards do. 

Nichols John A book agent, boards rear 8 Grand 

Nichols John H. city messenger, City Government build- 
ing, house 266 Bridge, Centralville 

Nichols John Q. salesman, Dutton, cor. Market, boards 216 

Nichols Joseph Mrs. house 28 Madison 

Nichols Leonard N. machinist, house 37 Chestnut, Bel. 

Nichols (Levi) & Hutchins (31. F.), restaurant, and confec- 
tioners, 93 to 97 Merrimack, house 101 Westford 

Nichols Lewis, machinist, boards 28 Madison 

Nichols Moses G. baker, house 318 Bridge, Cent. 

Nichols Philip, B. & M. R. R., Central, corner William 

Nichols Thomas, boards 69 Nesmith, Belvidere 

Nichols Wallace Z. switchman, B. & M. R. R. h. 6 Pond, 

Nichols ( William) & Fletcher (Edmund D.), grocers, 168 
and 170 Central, cor. Church, h. 69 Nesmith, Bel. 

Nichols William, weaver, boards 62 Tremont 

Nicholson A. B. cutter, under Merrimac House, boards 408 

Nicholson William, M. P. W. boards 139 Merrimack corp. 

Nickerson Franklin, physician, 18 Shattuck, h. 165 Moody 

Nickles George II. painter, 37 Market 

Nickels, see also Nichols 

Niles Sarah, widow, house 3 Willow place 
Nimo Thomas, machinist, boards 1 Agawam 


Nivin Robert B. calico printer, boards 16 llurd 

Nixon James, teamster, house 53 High, Belvidere 

Nixon Kate, widow, boards 104 River, Cent. 

Noble George II., L. M. S. house 18 Ilildreth, Cent. 

Noble Henry, moulder, boards 60 Middle 

Noble John, Hamilton, house 12 do. corp. 

Noblett Robert, overseer, Lawrence, house 82 do. corp. 

Nolan Cornelius, laborer, house 9 Winter 

Nolan Kate, widow, boards 408 Merrimack 

Nolan Michael, liquors, etc. Ill Lawrence, house do. 

Nolan Timothy, laborer, house 1 Curolin's court, Bel. 

Nolte Justus, hatter, house 467 Pino 

Nolte Matilda A. Miss, seamstress, boards 467 Pine 

Noon Charles II. loomfixer, house 22 First, Cent. 

Noon Michael, cabinet maker, house 37 Common 

Noonan Charles, Middlesex, boards 1 George 

Noonan James, Middlesex, house 108 Payette, Bel. 

Noonan James, cardgrinder, house rear 107 Adams 

Noonan John, gigger, house 9 George 

Noonan John, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 

Noonan John, slashertender, boards 26 Bartlctt, Bel. 

Noonan Mary, widow, house rear 28 North 

Noonan Michael J. bleacherv, house 25 Whipple 

Noonan M. C. clerk, 230 Middlesex, boards 25 Whipple 

Noonan Patrick, peddler, house 56 Lewis 

Noonan Patrick, laborer, house 21 Walnut 

Noonan Richard J. machinist, house 36 Broadwaj 7 - 

Noonan Thomas, laborer, house 33 Crosby 

Noonan Thomas, painter, house 9 Chapel 

Noonan Thomas, laborer, house 157 Lawrence 

Norcross Albert G. second hand, Mass. house 38 Prcscott 

Corp., Belvidere 
Norcross Nicholas W., IT. S. dep. collector int. revenue, 27 

Central, house 33 Third, Cent. 
Norman Rufus, carpenter, house 165 Merrimack corp. 
Normand Eusebc, baker, 302 Merrimack, house 9 Cabot 
Norris Franklin G. carpenter, house 93 Wilder 
Norris George B., Boott corp. house 132 Coburn, Cent. 
Norris George G. S., M. P. W. house 92 Merrimack corp. 
Norris George W. livery stable, Warren, near Central, h. 

32 11 m d 
Norris Jacob, mason, house 5 Lagrange 
Norris John, mason, house 230 Gorharn 
Norris John, jr. mason, house 11 Madison 
Norris John W. painter, Merrimack, house 176 do. corp. 
Norris Proctor, knitter, house 66 Lawrence corp. 
North Frederick T. Mrs. house 35 Lawrence 
North William L. house 47 Tyler 


Norton Charles F. blacksmith, boards 249 Middlesex 

Norton James F. gasfittcr, lionse 97 High, Belvidere 

Norton John, laborer, at gas house, house 66 Appleton 

Norton Michael, laborer, house rear 69 Market 

Norton Sophia Mrs. house 27 Adams 

Nottnge Mary F. widow, house rear 7 Dodge 

Nourbourn Alfred ( W. Robinson <& Co.), Mechanics' mills, 

22 Fletcher, house 18 Franklin 
Nourbourn James F. wheelwright, house 33 Varney 
Nowell Geo. F. clerk, 41 Central, b. 149 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Nowell Foster, manufacturer, h. 149 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Noyes Amos B. machinist, boards 47 Bartlett, Bel. 
Noycs Ann D. widow, house 10 Lagrange 
Noyes Benjamin A. carpenter, house 47 Bartlett, Bel. 
Noyes Edward J. (J. L. & E. J. Noyes), 17 Church and 15 

Prcscott, house Wyman, Bel. 
Noyes Frederick P. clerk, boards 1 Auburn 
Noyes Gilman C. produce, house 38 Fulton, Cent. 
Noyes Harrison II. teamster, house 28 Smith 
Noyes Henry II. cigars, etc. 155 Central, house 172 do. 
Noyes Iluldah C. widow, house 39 Clark 
Noycs II. A., Lowell, house Nesmith block 
Noyes James G. boards Wyman, Belvidere 
Noyes John F. carpenter", 153 Central, house 175 do. 
Noyes Joseph L. & E. J. stable, 17 Church, and 15 Pres- 

cott, house Wyman, Belvidere 
Noyes Person (47 India, Boston), house 1 Auburn 
Noyes William M. machinist, house 39 Carter 
Nudd Alvin F. teamster, house 148 Middlesex 
Nudd David P. painter, house 8 Howard 
Nudd Sarah P. Mrs. house 29 Cabot 

Nugent Bernard, watchman, B. & L. R. R. house 86 South 
Nugent Bridget, boards 14 North 
Nugent Mary, house 14 North 

Nugent Michael, operative, house 5 Pollard's avenue 
Nugent Thomas, laborer, house rear 86 Suffolk 
Nugent Win, II. laborer, house 287 Middlesex 
Nute Addison S. {Emery & Nute), props. Merrimac House 
Nute Andrew T. house 14 Elm 
Nute Orin S. house 14 Elm 
Nuttall Barker, weaver, boards 42 Boott corp. 
Nuttall George W. clerk, 20 Jackson, house 93 Howard 
Nuttall James, spinner, boards 42 Boott corp. 
Nutter Alfred, millwright, house 11 Ames 
Nutter Elias, Middlesex, boards 20 Holbrook's ct., Bel. 
Nutter Lewis, painter, house 2 Franklin square, Adams 
Nutter Mary, widow, house 20 Holbrook's court, Bel. 
Nutter Michael, painter, boards 20 Holbrook's ct., Bel. 
Nutter Robert J. boards 20 Holbrook's court, Bel. 


Nutting Edward, machinist, boards 156 Cross 
Nutting George II. papermaker, house 416 Central 
Nutting R. L. ( Wentworth & Nulling), 52£ Merrimack, bds. 

139 Appleton 
Nutting VV. E. clerk, 9 Merrimack, boards at Dracut 

OBER OLIVER, overseer repairs, Merrimack, h 79 do. corp. 

O'Brien Andrew P. operative, house 41 Hudson 

O'Brien Bartholomew, servant, 28 Chelmsford, boards do. 

O'Brien Catharine, widow, house rear 60 Middle 

O'Brien Daniel, laborer, boards 141 Adams 

O'Brien David VV. plasterer, house 31 Marion 

O'Brien Dennis, clerk, Dutton, cor. Market, b. 104 Market 

O'Brien Edward, moulder, boards 82 South 

O'Brien Ellen, widow, house 146 Adams 

O'Brien James, operative, boards 56 Middle 

O'Brien James, laborer, house 62 Fayette, Bel. 

O'Brien James, laborer, boards 3 Brown's ct Cent. 

O'Brien James, carpenter, house rear 69 Charles 

O'Brien James, operative, house 211 Market 

O'Brien James, operative, house 55 Middle 

O'Brien James, laborer, house 108 Adams 

O'Brien John A. machinist, boards 29 Rock 

O'Brien John J. laborer, boards 43 Common 

O'Brien Marcus, moulder, house 21 Marion 

O'Brien Margaret, widow, house rear 129 River, Cent. 

O'Brien Martin, spinner, boards 93 VVorthen 

O'lirien Martin Rev. house 66 Suffolk 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 6 Pearl 

O'Brien Mary Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corporation 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 141 Adams 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 18 Davidson, Bel. 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house rear 226 Central 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 82 South 

O'Brien Michael Rev. house 66 Suffolk 

O'Brien Michael, sexton, St. Patrick's church, b. 66 Suffolk 

O'Brien Michael, laborer, house 40 Lewis 

O'Brien Michael, machinist, house 18 Mill 

O'Brien Michael, laborer, house 12 Charles 

O'Brien Owen, tinsmith, boards 29 Rock 

O'Brien Patrick, clerk, house 12 Gorham 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 

O'Brien Patrick, jack spinner, house 21 YVamesit 

O'Brien Patrick, tea dealer, 70 Gorham, house do. 

O'Brien Patrick, operative, house 13 Lawrence corp. 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house 4 Union court 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house 70 Adams 

O'Brien Philip, laborer, house 60 Middle 

O'Brien Terreuce, bleachery, house 292 Gorham 


O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house 84 Lawrence 

O'Brien Thomas, machinist, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

O'Brien Thomas, bleacher, boards 215 Gorham 

O'Brien Thomas, Lawrence, house 51 do. corp. 

O'Brien Thomas, bleachery, house 60 Gorham 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house 180 Adams 

O'Brien Timothy, laborer, house 5 Common 

O'Brien William Rev. house 66 Suffolk 

O'Brien William, spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 

O'Byrnes Michael, operative, house 35 Green 

O'Callaghan Thomas, emigrant agent, 23 Gorham, house do. 

Ockington David Mrs. house 156 High 

O'Connell Bridget, widow, house 224 Gorham 

O'Connell Bridget Mrs. house 125 River, Cent. 

O'Connell Daniel, laborer, house 146 Adams 

O'Connell Dennis, laborer, house 78 Gorham 

O'Connell James, Merrimack, house 85 do. corp. 

O'Connell John, dyer, house 11 Mead 

O'Connell John, operative, house 26 Prospect 

O'Connell Luke (A. G. Burke & Co.), horse shoers, etc., 

Worthen, cor. Fletcher, house 228 Gorham 
O'Connell Michael, laborer, house 61 Gorham 
O'Connell Patrick, carder, boards 61 Gorham 
O'Connell Patrick, house 227 Central 
O'Connell Patrick, laborer, house 17 Union 
O'Connell Richard, tinsmith, 260 Middlesex, b. 224 Gorham 
O'Connell Richard, carpenter, house 26 Walnut 
O'Connell Simon, plasterer, boards 224 Gorham 
O'Connell William, operative, boards 13Tremont corp. 
O'Conner John, fruit, etc., Dutton, c. Fletcher, house do. 
O'Conner John, hostler, boards 138 Fletcher 
O'Connor Ann, widow, house rear 59 West Union 
O'Connor Bernard, provisions, 83 and 85 Gorham, house 

82 South 
O'Connor Bridget, widow, house 142 Adams 
O'Connor Elizabeth, widow, house 44 Salem 
O'Connor Johanna, widow, boards 8 Charles 
O'Connor John, laborer, house 29 Wamesit 
O'Connor John, grinder, boards 98 Gorham 
O'Connor Michael, plasterer, house 38 Pleasant, Bel. 
O'Connor Patrick, Boott, house 8 Charles 
O'Connor Patrick, laborer, house 18 Appleton 
O'Connor Peter, laborer, house 5 River, Cent. 
O'Connor Thomas, laborer, house 3 Howard ave. Bel. 
O'Connor William, pressman, house rear 59 W. Union 
O'Dea Margaret, widow, house 53 W. Union 
Odette John, laborer, house 12 Howe, Bel. 
O'Donald Patrick, operative, boards 11 Mass. corp. 
O'Donald John B. Rev. house 27 Appleton 


O'Donnell Charles II. clerk, 73 Gorham, boards 43 Charles 
O'Donnell Constantine, clerk, 102 Merrimack, b. 87 Market 
O'Donnell Ellen J. dry goods, 280 Merrimack, house 88 

O'Donnell John, dyer, house 12 Charles 
O'Donnell John, laborer, house 88 Broadway 
O'Donnell John, overseer, Middlesex, house 21 Warren 
O'Donnell Margaret, widow, variety, 89 East Merrimack, 

Bel. house do. 
O'Donnell Patrick, operative, house 17 Howe, Bel. 
O'Donnell Patrick, Lowell, boards 7 do. corporation 
O'Donnell Thomas, overseer, Faulkner's mills, h. 19 Whipple 
O'Donnell Thomas, B. & M. R. R., house 24 George 

O'Donnell , laborer, house 49 Summer 

O'Donoghue James, liquors, etc. 137 Adams, house do. 

O'Donovan James, dyer, boards 104 Market 

O'Donovau Patrick, L. M. S. house 27 Summer 

O'Dwyer Catharine, widow, house 402 Central 

O'Dwyer Jeremiah J. operative, house 3 Hill's blk., Dodge 

O'Dwyer Martin, bleachery, house 37 Crosby 

O'Dwyer Thomas P. operative, bds. 3 Hill's block, Dodge 

O'Dwyer, see also Dwyer 

Offutt Augusta Mrs. house 46 Chestnut, Belvidere 

Offutt David P. upholsterer, Dutton, cor. Market, house 29 

Offutt George, upholsterer, house 29 Market 
Offutt ( Geo. F.) & Whitakcr (David), housekeeping goods, 

33 and 35 Market, house 29 do. 
O'Flavin James, operative, boards 13 Tremont Corp. 
O'Gara Hannah, widow, house 46 Whipple 
Ogg Joseph, blacksmith, house 70 Church 
Ogle Isaiah, tinsmith, 123 Market, house 24 Merrill 
O'Grady Bridget Miss, variety store, 199 Gorham, boards 

rear 69 Agawam 
O'Grady Charles, general house repairer, etc. 75 Market, 

boards Harris' Hotel 
O'Grady James, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
O'Grady John, liquors, 109 Gorham, house do. 
O'Grady Patrick, laborer, house rear 79 Adams 
O'Grady William, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
O'Hagan Christopher, house 14 Salem 
O'llagan James, machinist, boards 14 Salem 
O'Hagan John, Lawrence, boards 14 Salem 
O'Hagan Peter, machinist, boards 14 Salem 
O'llara Bridget, widow, house 51 Water, Belvidere 
O'Hara John W. mason, boards 51 Water, Belvidere 
O'llara Michael, file grinder, boards 1 Agawam 
O'llara Patrick, stone cutter, b. 1 Brown's blk., Marshall 
O'Hare John, laborer, house 330 Middlesex 


O'TTrtvo John Mrs. house 17 Prospect 

Hare John, blcachery, house 238 Gorham 

Hare Lucy, widow, house 110 Adams 

Hare Michael, laborer, house 3 Hudson 

Hare Michael, laborer, house 34 Floyd 

Hare Peter, house 37 Union 

Hare Thomas, laborer, house 5 Putney's court 

Hare Thomas, watchman, house 22 Livingston 

Hearn Bartholomew, laborer, house 26 Dummer 

Ilearn Cornelius, grocer, 208 Market, house do. 

Hearn Ellen, widow, house 102 Adams 

Ilearn James, house 37 Floyd 

Hearn John, mason, house 84 Market 

Hearn John, laborer, house 57 Broadway 

Ilearn Martin, mason, boards 112 Fletcher 

Ilearn Martin, mason, boards 56 Market 

Ilearn Mary, widow, house 60 Lewis 

Hearn Michael, teamster, house 82 Suffolk 

Hearn Michael, painter, boards 60 Lewis 

Ilearn Patrick, mason, boards 56 Market 

Ilearn Thomas, Hamilton, house 9 Wall 

Ilearn William, laborer, house 15 Summer 

llman Peter, Suffolk, house 8 do. corp. 

ilson Peter, dyer, U. S. Bunting Co., h. 24 Billerica 

Iloro John II., Hamilton, boards 32 do. corp. 

Keefe George, laborer, boards 118 Market 

Keel'e John, teamster, boards 4 Willie avenue 

Keefe Michael, grocer, 34 Gorham, house do. 

Keefe Michael, hairdresser, Washington House, bds. 36 

Keefe Michael, mason, house 8 Front, Cent. 
Keefe, see also Keefe 

Laughlin Mary, widow, grocer, 87 Fayette, h. do., Bel. 
Laughlin Michael, bleachery, house 27 Charles 
cot Betsey, widow, boards 5 Franklin square 
d Lowell National Bank, C. M. Williams, cashier, Savings 

Bank building 
droyd Robert, operative, boards 46 Water, Belvidere 
droyd Thomas Mrs. widow, house 46 Water, Belvidere 
droyd Thomas, machinist, house 46 Water, Belvidere 
iver Andrew, jr. teacher, boards 11 Tyler 
iver John, florist, Mammoth, n. Varnum ave., Paw., h. do. 
lofe John, bobbin maker, house 12 Middlesex place 
ney Emery, bobbinmaker, house 139 Jackson 
ney Wm. II. lampblack manuf., Plain, cor. F. &L.R. R., 

Ayer's City, house 12 Quebec 
Loughlin Berty, laborer, house 55 Gorham 
Loughlin Bryan, operative, house 40 River, Cent. 
Loughlin Michael, variety store, 43 Gorham, house do. 


O'Loughlin Michael, laborer, house 4 Winter 

O'Loughlin Patrick, laborer, boards 41 Gorham 

Olsson Peter, dyer, house 24 Billerica 

Olsson Svvei), carpenter, house rear 37 Whipple 

Olwell James, carpenter, house 42 Maple 

O'Malley Austin, house rear 50 Charles 

O'Malley Edward, sewing machine agent, 74 Merrimack, 



ouse 31 Perrin 

1 Annie, housekeeper, house 23 Jefferson 

1 Bernard, laborer, house 82 Church 

1 Catharine, widow, house 1 Kurd 

1 Charles, whitewasher, house 11 Pleasant, Bel. 

1 Daniel, spinner, house 16 Winter 

1 David, laborer, house 42 Suffolk 

1 Dennis, blacksmith, house 211 Market 

1 Dennis, clerk, 206 Merrimack 

1 Dennis, laborer, house 8 Agawam 

1 Dennis Mrs. house 211 Market 

1 Edward, operative, boards 4 First, Cent. 

1 Edward, laborer, house 185 Market 

1 Henry, finisher, house 56 Agawam 

1 Hugh, tailor, house 257 Lincoln 

1 Hugh, sawyer, house 12 Suffolk 

1 James, machinist, boards 2 Quigley's alley 

1 James, mule spinner, boards 219 Market 

I Jeremiah, farmer, house foot of Weed 

1 Jeremiah, clerk, boards 10 Willie avenue 

1 John, Merrimack, boards 139 do. corp. 

1 John, machinist, boards 154 Market 

1 John, laborer, boards 2 Quigley's alley 

1 John, boards 12 Suffolk 

1 John, loom fixer, house 16 Cross 

1 John, moulder, house 37 L. M. S. corp. 

I Katie A. Miss, house 317 Central 

1 Margaret, widow, house 2 Quigley's alley 

1 Margaret, widow, house 58 River, Cent. 

1 Margaret, widow, house 44 Lewis 

1 Maggie T. Miss, house 317 Central 

1 Mary, widow, house rear 50 Middle 

1 Mary Miss, house 28 Summer 

1 Mary, widow, house rear 29 Middle 

1 Mary, widow, house 20 Keene 

1 Michael, laborer, house 26 North 

1 Michael, belt maker, boards 13 Central 

1 Patrick, laborer, house 89 Gorham 

1 Patrick, Massachusetts, bds. 4 do. corp. 

1 Patrick, laborer, house rear 50 Suffolk 

1 Patrick, bleachery, boards 402 Central 

1 Patrick, machinist, house 74 Tremont 


O'Neil Patrick, laborer, house 65 Linden 

O'Ncil Paul, machinist, boards 154 Market 

O'Neil Thomas, bleachery, house 296 Gorham 

O'Neil Timothy, laborer, house 10 Willie ave. 

O'Ncil Timothy, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 

O'Neil William, moulder, boards rear 29 Middle 

Orcott Sarah A. Miss, boards 14 Coral 

Ordway George W. sashmaker, house 5 Grove 

Ordway Henry M. watchmaker, 86 Merrimack, house 5 

Nesmith, Bel. 
O'Reagan Jeremiah, mason, house 42 Keene 
O'Reilly Bernard, grocer, 86 Church, house 88 do. 
O'Reilly Bridget, widow, house 11 Davidson, Bel. 
O'Riley Frank, laborer, boards 149 Market 
O'Riley Patrick, house 149 Market 

O'Riordon Daniel, Rev. house Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Ormond Patrick, stone mason, house 10 Floyd 
Ormond Patrick C. stone mason, boards 10 Floyd 
Ormond Thomas, shipcarpenter, boards 10 Floyd 
O'Rourke Andrew, liquors 287 Gorham, house do. 
O'Rourke Daniel, machinist, boards 169 Merrimack corp. 
O'Rourke Daniel, machinist, boards 169 Colburn 
O'Rourke Farrell, whitewasher, house 169 Merrimack corp 
O'Rourke Farrell, jr. tinsmith, boards 169 Merrimack corp. 
O'Rourke Francis J. machinist, house 168 Merrimack corp. 
O'Rourke Hugh, saloon, 80 Market, house do. 
O'Rourke John, laborer, house 8 Front, Cent. 
O'Rourke Mary, widow, house 7 Coburn, Cent. 
O'Rourke Michael, operative, boards 169 Merrimack corp. 
O'Rourke Patrick, provisions, 175 Market, house do. 
O'Rourke Thomas, machinist, boards 168 Merrimack corp. 
On* Agnes Mrs. house 111 Lawrence 
Orr Joanna, widow, house 111 Lawrence 
Orr William, jeweller, 25 Central, house 31 Varnum, Cent. 
Ort Adam, blacksmith, house 30 Marion 
Orvis Robert, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 
Osborn Edmund II. sashmaker, house 86 Appleton 
Osborne Louisa Miss, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Osgood Albert, clerk, boards 135 Central 
Osgood Albert E. clerk, 43 Merrimack, boards 361 Gorham 
Osgood Asa C. salesman, 80 and 82 Merrimack, boards Mcr- 

rimac House 
Osgood Atis, civil engineer, 25 Queen, house do. 
Osgood Charles, farmer, house 361 Gorham 
Osgood Charles, Massachusetts, house 154 First, Cent. 
Osgood Daniel, Suffolk, boards 12 do. corp. 
Osgood Dorcas Miss, house 361 Gorham 
Osgood Frederick C. clerk, 63 Central, bds. 35 Westford 
Osgood Frederick W. machinist, boards 30 Grove 


Osgood George C. physician, and (E. W. Allen & Co.), 
Merrimack, cor. Suffolk, house 31 Arlington 

Osgood George N. house 6 School 

Osgood Henry S. student, boards 361 Gorham 

Osgood Isaac Mrs. house 44 Church 

Osgood Maria Miss, house 345 Central 

Osgood May E. widow, house 345 Westford 

Osgood ( Orin F.) & Eaton (D. A.), insurance agents, 21 
Central, house 49 Butterfield 

Osgood P. painter, boards 29 Rock 

Osgood Samuel, overseer, Massachusetts, house 30 Grove 

Osgood William F. surveyor, house 49 Butterfield 

O'Shea Dennis, blacksmith, house 76 Adams 

O'Shea Michael, L. M. S. boards 54 Middle 

O'Sliea Pierce, operative, house 43 Summer 

Osterhout Alzoa M. Mrs. boarding house, 38 Lawrence Corp. 

O'Sullivan Humphrey, printer, boards 235 Broadway 

O'Sullivan James, boots and shoes, 194 Merrimack, house 
235 Broadway 

Otis Silas D. overseer, at bleachery, house 16 Bleachery 

O'Toole Ann, widow, house 90 South 

O'Toole John, clerk, house 22 Gorham 

O'Toole Sarah and Margaret, house 12 Gorham 

O'Toole Thomas, laborer, house rear 26 Coburn, Cent. 

Ouellette Norbert, Rev. house Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 

Owen Francis N. clerk, 46 Merrimack, house 54 East Mer- 
rimack, Bel. 

Owen George E. clerk, boards 52 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Owen Walter E. musician, boards 52 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Owen William N. provisions, 50 E. Merrimack, h. 52 do. Bel. 

Owen W. Alonzo, musician, 6 John, b. 52 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Owens Frank, operative, boards 143 Market 

Owens Hugh, house 56 River, Centralville 

Owens James, grocer, 41 Gorham, house 45 Walnut 

Owens Patrick, operative, boards 143 Market 

Owens Peter, operative, boards 35 Summer 

Owler James, conductor, house 12 First, Cent. 

PACKARD JOSEPH, sash and blinds, house 1 Lagrange 
Packard L. B. Mrs. house 36 Kirk- 
Packard Sarah S. Miss, house 41 Tyler 
Packard William II. second hand, house 15 Suffolk corp. 
Packer E. H. homoeopathic physician, Mechanics Bank 

block, 128 Merrimack, boards Merrimac House 
Paddock William, boards C. N. Totman's, Pawtucketville 
Page Abram & Son (Charles A.), oyster saloon, 118 Cen- 
tral, house 14 Ames 
Page Alonzo J. police, house 31 Lincoln 
Page Calvin S. sashmaker, house 31 Rock 


Page Charles, operative, Lawrence corp. 

Page Charles A. (A. Paged: Son), 118 Central 

Page Charles F. machinist, boards 333 Merrimack 

Page Clara E. 10 Merrimac House block, bds. 112 Suffolk 

Page Edward II. mason, house Second ave., Pavvtucketville 

Page Frank W. harnessmaker, 250 Middlesex, b. Willow pi. 

Page Henry R. {Ela & Page), 36 Middlesex, b. 33 Nesinith, 

Page Hiram, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Page Ira M. rooms 4 Cabot block 
Page James C, B. & L. R. R. house 214 Middlesex 
Page John, milkman, boards 208 Broadway 
Page Jonathan, boards 86 First, Cent. 
Page Jonathan & Co. {J. F. Page), carpenters, 83 Charles, 

house 200 Central 
Page J. Frank (J. Page & Co.), 83 Charles, b. 200 Central 
Page Mary, widow, house 2 Livingston's block, Appleton 
Page Moses C. mason, house 86 First, Cent. 
Page Orange Mrs. house 44 Adams 
Page Rose, widow, house 67 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Page Samuel, mason, 21 Austin, house do. 
Page Samuel S. mason, house 23 Austin 
Page Sarah A. widow, house 25 Austin 

Page Mrs. widow, house 33 Cheever 

Paige Almina Mrs. house 159 Lincoln 

Paige Alonzo F. machinist, Merrimack corp. 

Paige Anna M. Miss, copyist, Register of Deeds, Court 

House, boards Broadway 
Paige Charles E. agent, B. & L. & N. & L. railroad, office 

Northern depot, house 22 YVestford 
Paige Elijah F. overseer, Appleton, house 23 Westford 
Paige Isaac, house 313 Broadway 

Paige I. Henry, insurance agent, 49 Central, b. 313 B'way 
Paige YV. D. 113 Merrimack, boards do. 
Paige YV. D. Mrs. dressmaking and patterns for garments, 

113 Merrimack, house do. 
Paine James, laborer, house 8 Theatre block 
Paine Patrick, mule spinner, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Painter J. P. physician, 158 Central, house do. 
Palateau Pierre, laborer, house 20 Austin 
Palmer Albert, machinist, house 12 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Palmer Daniel Mrs. house 250 Bridge, Cent. 
Palmer Elder) L. carpenter, boards 72 Ford 
Palmer Hannah, widow, boards 7 Lawson 
Palmer Horace T. building mover, house 64 Charles 
Palmer Jacob, tailor, house 36 Hampshire, Cent. 
Palmer James M. boards 26 John 
Palmer John F., Merrimack, house 119 do. corp. 
Palmer Kate F. Miss, dressmaking, 97 Merrimack, h. do. 


Palmer Levi, house 58 Moody 

Palmer Mary, widow, boards 91 Willie 

Palmer Percy W. ( Boston), boards 6 Fairmount, Bel. 

Paquette Ceprie, laborer, house 4 Cory's block, Coolidge 

Paquette Jean, laborer, house rear 58 Stackpole, Bel. 

Paquin Peter, laborer, house 5 Tilden's court 

Paradis Aurlie Mrs. boarding house, 302 Middlesex 

Paradis Wilfred, clerk, 204 Middlesex, boards 302 do. 

Pardee Mary E. and Sarah E. Misses, h. 52 Merrimack corp. 

Parent Jerry, spinner, house 41 Lawrence corp. 

Parent Octavia Mrs. dressmaker, house 41 Lawrence corp. 

Park Dexter, wire worker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 

Park James, house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 

Park John, foreman machinist, 190 Broadway, h. 28 Pine 

Park Robert, mason and contractor, h. Varnum ave. Paw. 

Parke Persis Mrs. house 151 Pawtucket 

Parker Albert, house 125 Middlesex 

Parker Artemas, grocer, 62 Middlesex, house 20 Elliott 

Parker Arthur W. driver, boards 55 Appleton 

Parker Charles A. painter, W. Third, near Bridge, Cent. 

house 11 Second, do. 
Parker Charles L. wool sorter, house 66 Lawrence 
Parker Charles W. teamster, house 80 Congress 
Parker Daniel, physician, 7 Barristers' Hall, h. at Billerica 
Parker David, bootmaker, Thorndike, cor. Middlesex, house 

166 Middlesex 
Parker Elbridge G. wood dealer, house 45 Agawam 
Parker Elizabeth A. widow, boards 112 Merrimack corp. 
Parker E. Granville, produce, boards Plain, cor. Parker 
Parker E. W. clerk, Harris Hotel, boards do. 
Parker Frank, moulder, boards 1 1 Mass. corp. 
Parker Frank II. clerk, house Plain, corner Parker 
Parker Frank T. clerk, 27 Merrimack, bds. 43 Mass. corp. 
Parker Fred, carpenter, boards 273 Fletcher 
Parker Fred. II. (Tenney & Parker), 247 Thorndike, bds. 

395 Gorham 
Parker George E. foreman, at Parker & Cheney's, house 15 

Parker George W. spooler, house 87 Ilildreth, Cent. 
Parker Henry E. farmer, boards 99 Pine 
Parker Hiram, physician, house 86 Third, Cent. 
Parker II. S. Mrs. fancy goods, 11 John, house 23 do. 
Parker Israel, painter, house 77 Church 
Parker Jeptha, farmer, house 96 Pine 
Parker Jesse II. moulder, boards 251 Central 
Parker John, laborer, boards 18 Dummer 
Parker John B. clerk, 9 Merrimack, boards 52 Mass. corp. 
Parker John C. clerk, boards 47 Branch 
Parker John M. G. house 41 Tenth, Cent. 


Parker Joseph, Thorndike Manuf. Co. house 55 Appleton 

Parker J. Dunreath, printer, boards 52 Mass. Corp. 

Parker Mary E. Miss, house 25 Market 

Parker Moses G. physician, 9 First, n. Bridge, Cent. h. do. 

Parker Nancy L. boarding house, 18 Appleton Corp. 

Parker Nathan, jr. teamster, house 10 Grove 

Parker Robert, laborer, boards 17 Dummer 

Parker Samuel, lawyer, house 939 Middlesex 

Parker Samuel G. (Boston), boards Merrimac Ilouse 

Parker Sarah Miss, house at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 

Parker Sarah H. Mrs. house 21 Eleventh, Cent. 

Parker Theodore E. house 94 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Parker Thomas, weaver, house rear 292 Middlesex 

Parker ( William H.) & Cheney (John L.), bobbin manufs. 

Wamesit steam mills, Dutton, house 21 Varney 
Parkhurst K. B. Miss, millinery goods, 10Y Merrimack, 

boards 95 do. 
Parkhurst Leroy J. hats and furnishing goods, 63 Central, 

boards 35 Westford 
Parkhurst Matthias, house 25 Chapel 
Parkhurst Walter, farmer, house 54 Forrest 
Parkin John, Massachusetts, boards 135 Merrimack corp. 
Parkman Alva, wood turner, boards 1 Aiken 
Parks George, painter, house 191 Central 
Parks John, carpenter, boards 2 Lincoln square 
Parks Josephine Mrs. house 10 Wamesit 

Parks Mrs. widow, house 81 Ilildreth, Cent. 

Parmenter Harriet Mrs. house 27 Methuen, Cent. 

Parmenter Horace, house 63 Dover 

Parmenter Horace W. stenographer, house 16 James 

Parmenter Lurena II. Mrs. clairvoyant, house 74 Railroad 

Parmenter Micah, house 74 Railroad 

Parr William, worsted apron manuf. 62 Market, h. 5 Lawson 

Parsons Absalom, blacksmith, Arch, house 106 Westford 

Parsons Albeit L., Merrimack, house 39 do. corp. 

Parsons Charles W., Lawrence, house 14 do. corp. 

Parsons Edward, Lawrence, house 17 Salem 

Parsons Edward II. overseer, Lawrence, house 23 do. corp. 

Parsons Floris E. operative, house 10 Pleasant, Bel. 

Parsons Frank D. mason, house 5 Summer 

Parsons Harriet E. Mrs. house 10 Pleasant, Belvidere 

Parsons Harry E. clerk, boards 10 Pleasant, Belvidere 

Parsons Joshua, prop., Shades Ilouse, 48 and 50 Market 

Parsons Sanborn, Merrimack, boards 56 Tyler 

Parsons William & Co. copper stamp and block cutters, 9 

Fletcher, house 120 Hale 
Partington Charles, Hamilton, house 51 Summer 
Partlow Horatio N. house 8 Suffolk 
Parus Alexander, groceries and provisions, 184 Adams, h. do. 


Patch Benjamin, house 16 Walker 

Patch Ephriam B. & Co. ( George P. Lawrence), auctioneers 

and commission merchants, 1 Commercial square, house 

25 Lawrence 
Patch Frederick, clerk, Merrimack, cor. Dutton 
Pateneaud Albeit, house 85 Common 
Pateneaud Duffy, laborer, boards 1 Tilden court 
Pateneaud John, operative, house 98 Cabot 
Pateneaud Joseph, laborer, house I Tilden court 
Pateneaud Onesime, grocer, 320 Merrimack 
Patnaud Clavis, laborer, house 7 Tilden court 
Patnaud Joseph, grocer, 328 Merrimack, house 52 Cabot 
Patnaud Moses, grocer, 96 Suffolk, house do. 
Patrick Samuel C. cigar manufacturer, 34 Merrimack, house 

66 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Patten Davis B. machinist, house 125 Merrimack corp. 
Patten George W. florist, house 56 Third, Cent. 
Patten Joseph A. overseer, Lowell, house 56 Third, Cent. 
Patten Marcella M. teacher, primary 49, b. 56 Third, Cent. 
Patten Marcellus A. florist, West Fourth, n. Bridge, h. 56 

Third, Cent. 
Patten VV. II. clerk, 223 Central, house 172 do. 
Patterson Alexander I. stone cutter, house 30 Lyon 
Patterson Charles J.Mrs, boarding house, 21 Hamilton corp. 
Patterson David N. student, boards 102 Coburn, Cent. 
Patterson Eugene, carpenter, boards 75 Common 
Patterson George W. house 102 Coburn, Cent. 
Patterson James T. Mrs. house 4 Lowell corp. 
Patterson Lewis A. Mrs. house 89 Moody 
Patterson Samuel M. practical decorator, 37 John, h. do. 
Patterson Wellington, harnessmaker, 49 Market, boards 22 

Tremont corp. 
Patterson William, carpenter, house 75 Common 
Pattridge William, laborer, house 317 Middlesex 
Paid Charles, laborer, house rear 15 Spring 
Paul Charles T. clerk, Prescott Nat. Bank, h. 469 Lawrence 
Paul Cornelius C. shoe machinery, 200 Broadway, house 22 

Paul George K. Mrs. widow, house 57 Linden 
Paul George S. boards 57 Linden 
Paul Sarah Mrs. widow, house 48 Highland 
Paul Thomas, supt., Lowell cemetery, house 469 Lawrence 
Paulding B. Mrs. medical medium, boards 9 Central 
Paulint Catharine M. Miss, dressmaker, Wamesit Bank 

bldg., Middlesex, boards 89 Westford 
Paulint Josephine A. teacher, Edson school, b. 89Westford 
Paulint Julius J. marble worker, house 89 Westford 
Paulint Lucius F. clerk, 23 Central, boards 89 Westford 
Paulint Kozilla, widow, house 89 Westford 


Payne Henry L., Boott, house 5G Merrimack Corp. 

Payne James, operative, boards 18 iSuffolk 

Payne John, mason, house rear 26 Jefferson 

Payson Frank P. correspondent, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, 98 Mid- 
dle, boards Merrimac House 

Payson James II. door and sash maker, house 64 Rock 

Payton Robert, dresser, house 62 Water, Belvidere 

Pcabody Amasa, pattern maker, house 10 Cambridge 

Peabody Anna P. teacher, primary No. 6, h. 152 Appleton 

Peabody Asa N. teamster, house 22 Elliott 

Peabody Baldwin T. (J. G. Peabody & Sons), house Mt. 
Vernon, cor. Bowers 

Peabody Benjamin II. wood, 25 First, house 40 do., Cent. 

Peabody Dean, clerk, 70 Merrimack, boards 152 Appleton 

Peabody Elizabeth, widow, boards 114 Willie 

Peabody Frank B. (J. G. Peabody & Sons), Wamesit steam 
mills, house 60 Rock 

Peabody Ilartwell, machinist, Lowell Machine Co. house 
13 Washington 

Peabody Isaac, M. P. W. boards 137 Merrimack corp. 

Peabody John T. carpenter, 4 Burns, house do. 

Peabody Joseph, principal, Moody school, b. 152 Appleton 

Peabody Josiah G. & Sons (B. T., M. N. and F. B.), door, 
sash, and blind makers, Wamesit steam mills, Button, 
house 230 Wilder, corner Broadway 

Peabody Louisa B. widow, house 31 Chapel 

Peabody Morton N. (J. G. Peabody & Sons), house 44 Mt. 

Peabody Oliver T. farmer, house 3 Arlington 

Peabody Orville W. clerk, Litchfield & Co.'s, h. 23 Adams 

Pead John, draughtsman, boards 316 Bridge, Cent. 

Pead Samuel F. carpenter, M. P. W. h. 316 Bridge, Cent. 

Peake Alathea Miss, h. Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 

Peako Joseph, spinner, boards 93 Worlhen 

Peakes William S. gasfitter, house 170 Merrimack 

Pearl Charles E. moulder, house 6 Nichols 

Pearson Elizabeth B. dressmaker, 145 Central, h. 172 do. 

Pearson Frank, chemist, Merrimack, boards 34 Moody 

Pearson Frank M. {Maker, Pearson, & Co.), 44 Merrimack, 
boards 96 Pawtucket 

Pearson Frank Plummeiy chemist, Merrimack Print Works, 
house 34 Moody 

Pearson George F. travelling salesman, boards 94 Wilder 

Pearson George W. architect and builder, office, 18 S hat- 
tuck, shop, 17 and 19 Middle, house 94 Wilder 

Pearson Huldah, widow, house 35 Wilder 

Pearson James M. (J. & J. M. Pearson), h. 96 Pawtucket 

Pearson John, machinist, boards 74 Railroad 

Pearson John, laborer, boards 152 Moore 


Pearson John & J. M. grocers, 20 Shattuck, h. 10 Lincoln 

Pearson John W. physician, Merrimack, cor. Worthen 

Pearson Laura W. widow, house 251 Ilildreth, Cent. 

Pearson Mercy A. dressmaker, house 22 Fourth, Cent. 

Pearson Nicholas, dyer, house rear 37 Whipple 

Pearson Prescott, house 57 Appleton 

Pearson Wilbur F. 37| Merrimack, boards W. IT. Pearson's, 

Pearson William II. confectionery, 37| Merrimack, house 
Mammoth, Pawtucketville 

Pease Frank, carpenter, boards 90 Rock 

Pease Frederick, Massachusetts, bds. 135 Merrimack corp. 

Pease George W. & Co. (B. F. Colby), paper, 136 Merri- 
mack, house 59 Chapel 

Pease John, laborer, house 8 Pearl 

Pease Luther D. foreman at Clough & Sweatt's, boards 109 

Peasley Eben B. machinist, house 120 Suffolk 

Peasley Edwin N. farmer, h. Riverside, n. Dracut line, Paw. 

Peck George A. contractor, L.M.S., h. 20 L.M.S. corp. 

Peck Warren D. clerk, 225 Central, boards 172 do. 

Pcckham William, painter, boards 41 Fifth, Cent. 

Pedrick John, Hamilton, boards 11 do. corp. 

Peel John, mule spinner, house 52 Market 

Peet Frederick, baker, boards 221 Central 

Peirce Charles, operative, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 

Peirce Edward B. machinery dealer, 28 Central, house 29 
Alder, Belvidere 

Peirce John N. house 52 Bartlett, Belvidere 

Peirce John N. jr. (New York), house 19 Harrison, Bel. 

Peirce Leonard, house 17 Harrison, Belvidere 

Peirce Olive, widow, house 16 Lagrange court 

Peirce, see also Pierce 

Pells Leslie, iceman, boards 13 McFarlin avenue 

Peltier Jennie L. Miss, dressmaker, Central, cor. Jackson 

Pendergast Andrew, machinist, house 31 Fulton, Cent. 

Pendergast Garrit, laborer, house 41 Dummer 

Pendergast Isaac B. carpenter, house 127 Merrimack corp. 

Pendergast Peter, shoemaker, house rear 129 River, Cent. 

Pendergast Richard, house 97 Durant, Cent. 

Pendexter Almon, iceman, boards 13 McFarlin avenue 

Pendexter Samuel R. iceman, boards 13 McFarlin avenue 

Penhallow Lucy E. Miss, house 50 Appleton 

Penn William II. carpenter, house 185 Lincoln, A. C. 

Pennell Ada Mrs. house 16 Market 

Penney Albert G. boards 51 Fayette, Belvidere 

Penney George, house 51 Fayette, Belvidere 

Penny Loren, machinist, boards 10 Lagrange 

Penniman Dean Mrs. house 79 Salem 


Penniman Franklin H. teamster, house 69 Salem 
Penniman George F. & Co. (H. T. Morrill), Boston Ex- 
press, Merrimack-st. and Northern depots, house 12 
Penniman Hannah Miss, house 79 Salem 
Penniman Isaac, mason, boards 69 Salem 
Penniman Mary Miss, house 43 George 
Penniman Robert, gardener, house 34 Bleachery corp. 
Pennington Wm. F. fancy painter, house 20 Mill 
Peple Henry, chemist, boards 7 City Hall avenue 
Percival Maria Miss, house 14 Third, Cent. 
Pcrham Elizabeth C. Mrs. house 28 Chelmsford 
Peril am Foster, bookkeeper, 47 Market, h. Riverside, Paw. 
Perham Frank S. carpenter, boards 35 Fifth, Cent. 
Perham Haven C. bookkeeper, 166 and 168 Merrimack, bds. 

35 Fifth, Cent. 
Perkins Appollus Mrs. house 208 Gorham 
Perkins Charles N. machinist, boards 159 Central 
Perkins Daniel F. furniture, etc. 264 Merrimack, h. 254 do. 
Perkins David M. overseer, T remont, house 8 Cabot block 
Perkins Edgar R. painter, house Riverside, Pawtueketvillo 
Perkins Francis S. machinist, 12 Fletcher, house 37 Adams 
Perkins Frank G. machinist, house 19 Adams 
Perkins (Frank J.) & Reed (H. Ii.), grocers, 46 Merri- 
mack, boards 16 Hurd 
Perkins Henry P. (Boston), house 19 Tyler 
Perkins Isaac, box maker, boards 306 Middlesex 
Perkins James W. house 47 South 

Perkins Jonathan S. clerk, 130 Pawtucket, house 109 Salem 
Perkins Major G. house 18 Varney 
Perkins Susie J. Miss, teacher, primary, No. 20, boards 208 

Perley Edward K. clerk, Appleton National Bank, boards 

13 Varney 
Perley Enoch T. Mrs. house 13 Varney 
Perley Thomas J. mason, 61 Central, h. 16 Farm, Cent. 
Perreault Andre, carpenter, house 58 Bridge, Cent. 
Perrin Catharine E. widow, house 8, rear 48 Cedar 
Perrin George W. machinist, house 22 L. M. S. corp. 
Perrin Gilbert B. (J. P. & G. B. Perrin), 35 Shattuck 
Perrin Jahal P. & Gilbert B. file cutters, 35 Shattuck, bds. 

79 Summer 
Perrin Lewis L. contractor, L. M. S. house 9 do. corp. 
Perry Andrew, cabinet maker, house 284 Middlesex 
Perry Charles, shoemaker, house Varnum ave., Paw. 
Perry Charles, jr. farmer, boards Varnum ave., Paw. 
Perry Frank, Lawrence Hosiery, house 64 Moody 
Perry George, wire worker, boards Varnum ave., Paw. 
Perry Henry K. milkman, house 821 Middlesex 


Pony John B. livery st.'ible, 11 Howard, also wood dealer, 

168 Middlesex, house 14 Howard 
Perry Merrill, hack man, boards 140 Suffolk 
Perry 0. II., jr., Middlesex Co. boards 28 Ilurd 
Perry Silas 0. moulder, house 26 L. M. S. corp. 
Persons Albert C. roll coverer, 32 Butterfield, house do. 
Perusse Cyrille, laborer, house 111 Fayette, Bel. 
Peters Eva A. bookkeeper, 74 Merrimaek, boards 143 East 

Merrimack, Bel. 
Peters Frances A. Mrs. dressmaker, 13 Central, boards do. 
Peters Mary, widow, boards 11 Tremont corp. 
Peterson Augustus, box maker, boards 306 Middlesex 
Petrick David, mule spinner, house 87 Willie 
Petrick Malcolm, mule spinner, house 87 Willie 
Pettengell William, clerk, boards 256 Middlesex 
Pettengill Harry B. teamster, L. M. S. house 46 do. corp. 
Pettengill Byron T., L. M. S. house 56 do. corp. 
Pettigrew Lyman, carpenter, boards r. Wcstford, opp. Coral 
Pettigrew Stephen G. travelling salesman, house 68 Branch 
Pettingell Anne C. widow, house 5 Willow, Bel. 
Pettingell Edwin P. winder, Mass. house 12 Third, Cent. 
Pettingell John & Son ( W. J. Petlingell), manuf's sup- 
plies, office Mechanics' mills, Dutton, shop Rock street, 

house at Salisbury 
Pettingell Walter J. (J. Petlingell & Son), chimney caps, 

manuf's supplies, etc., Mechanics' mills, Dutton, house 

126 Fairmount, Bel. 
Pettis Harriet, widow, house 28 Faj r ette, Bel. 
Pettit Robert, painter, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 
Pevey Abiel, engineer, house 8 L. M. S. corp. 
Pevey Brothers ( Geo. E., Franklin S., and James A.), iron 

founders, Walker, at railroad crossing 
Pevey Emma L. asst. Green school, house 8 Dutton 
Pevey Franklin S. (Pevey Bros.), house 41 Branch 
Pevey George E. (Pevey Bros.), house 115 Walker 
Pevey Gilbert A. A. lawyer (Boston), boards 115 Walker 
Pevey James A. (Pevey Bros.), Walker, house 70 Branch 
Pevey John M. (Foss & Pevey), Howe, near Belvidere 

Woollen Co. boards Merrimac House 
Pevey Lyman A. painter, house 16 Summer 
Phanuff Napoleon, moulder, house rear 145 Middlesex 
Phazey William, weaver, house 31 W. Fifth, Cent. 
Phelan Arthur Q. apothecary, 87 Gorham, house do. 
Phelan John, plumber, 5 Prescott, house 36 Appleton 
Phelps Albro, operative, boards 136 Merrimaek corp. 
Phelps diaries, leather purer, house 132 High, Bel. 
Phelps Chester R. carpenter, house 6 Nichols 
Phelps C. A. operative, boards 52 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Phelps Henry, watchman, Lawrence corp. 


Phelps Joel F. teamster, house 53 Branch 

Phelps Lorenzo, supt. City Almshouse, Chelmsford, h. do. 

Phelps Major T. watchman, Merrimack corp. 

Phelps William, leather parer, house 34 Bartlett, Bel. 

Phelps William P. painter, 16 Prescott, h. 204 Bridge, Cent. 

Phetteplace Marshall R., Rev. h. opp. 309 Bridge, Cent. 

Philbrick Albion, dresser, house 23 Tremont corp. 

Philbrick Caleb, truckman, house 63 Chapel 

Philbrick Calvin, boards 63 Chapel 

Philbrick Charles II. concrete paver, h. Hale, c. Washington 

Philbrick Charles S. operative, boards Hale, c. Washington 

Philbrick Charles YV. (Boston), h. 36 Seventh. Cent. 

Philbrick Fred. G. clerk, 51 Market, boards 26 Austin 

Philbrick George, teamster, boards 47 Branch 

Philbrick George A. clerk, 21 Middle, boards 26 Austin 

Philbrick Gilman, teamster, house 28 East Pine 

Philbrick Leon, clerk, 66 Middle, h. rear 42 Andover, Bel. 

Philbrick Moses E. clerk, house 26 Austin 

Phillips Frank, operative, boards 67 Lawrence corp. 

Phillips Hannah, house 65 Massachusetts corp. 

Phillips Henry, laborer, City Almshouse 

Phillips Herman, driver, boards Whiting 

Phillips John, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 

Phillips Joseph, wool sorter, boards 25 Newhall 

Phillips Josiah S. mailing clerk, 98 Middle, h. 327 Broadway 

Phillips Lydia, widow, house 13 Elm 

Phillips Mary, widow, boards 65 Massachusetts corp. 

Phippen John, machinist, house 50 Fayette, Bel. 

Phlynch Patrick, laborer, boards 208 Broadway 

Pickering Cyrus C. (Goburn Shuttle Co.), h. 133 Howard 

Pickles Nathan, Lowell Manuf. Co. boards 70 Market 

Pickman David, machinist, Middlesex, h. 10 Water, Bel. 

Pickman John J. lawyer, 3 Canal block, 69 Central, boards 

1 Water, Belvidere 
Pierce Ashbel F. doormaker, house 48 Rock 
Pierce Charles A. machinist, U. S. Cartridge Co. house 45 

Willow, Bel. 
Pierce Charles E. wireworker, boards 29 Pond, Bel. 
Pierce Edwid F. bookkeeper, Wamesit steam mills, house 74 

Bartlett, Bel. 
Pierce Frank M. carpenter, boards 150 Moody 
Pierce Frank W". (Farrington & Pierce), provisions, 2 Lib- 
erty square and Adams, boards 6 Lagrange • 
Pierce George E. milkman, boards 29 Pond, Bel. 
Pierce George L. machinist, house 29 Pond, Bel. 
Pierce Henry M. carpenter, house 91 Tremont 
Pierce James A. sashmaker, house 14 Franklin 
Pierce James M., Merrimack, house 150 Moody 
Pierce John, shoemaker, house 289 Hildreth, Cent. 


Pierce J. Warren, machinist, house 6 Lagrange 

Pierce Lewis A. clerk, express office, Northern depot, house 

69 Branch 
Pierce Mary Mrs. dressmaker, house 91 Tremont 
Pierce M. Beatrice Mrs. dressmaker, 45 Willow, h. do. Bel. 
Pierce Nicholas, farmer, City Farm, Chelmsford 
Pierce William S. carpenter, house IT Marshall 
Pierce, see also Peirce 

Pierson Joseph B. carpenter, house 3 Wiggin 
Pigeon Charles Jules, hairdresser, 2 Prescott block, boards 

57 Massachusetts corporation 
Pigeon Cyrille, laborer, house 8 Marin's block, Aiken 
Piggctt Jennie II. bookkeeper, 217 Lawrence, b. 215 do. 
Piggott Sarah A. Mrs. house 215 Lawrence 
Pihl Carl G. & Co. [John B. Johnson), boots and shoes, 

264 Central, house do. 
Pihl Martin S. miller, house Fay, near Gorham 
Pike Albert J. hairdresser, Wamesit Bank building, house 

79 Wcstford 
Pike D. Clark, teamster, house 48 Queen 
Pike Eliza E. Miss, house 250 Merrimack 
Pike E. M. Mrs. rooms 8 Well man's block 
Pike Henry C. carpenter, house 114 Merrimack corp. 
Pike Mary E. teacher, Bartlett school, bds. 53 Third, Cent. 
Pike Mary J. house 53 Third, Centralville 
Pike Samuel P. grocer and produce dealer, 20 Adams 
Pike William, blacksmith, house 21 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Pillsbury Florence M. saleswoman, 42 Merrimack, boards 

169> Central 
Pillsbury George II. physician, 26 Kirk, house 28 do. 
Pillsbury Harlin, physician, house 28 Kirk 
Pillsbury James B. carpenter, boards 44 Chestnut, Bel. 
Pillsbury Lawrence J. painter, house 120 Middlesex 
Pillsbury Richard C. carpenter, house 21 Oak, Bel. 
Pillsbury Sally, widow, house 21 Oak, Belvidere 
Pindar James II. asst. post master, Post Office, house 128 

East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Pindar Joseph D. Mrs. house 35 Tyler 
Pindar Laura J. teacher, Moody school, boards 35 Tyler ' 
Pindar Mary, widow, house 15 Donahoe's yard 
Pinder Albert, police, house 181 Fairmount, Bel. 
Pinder Calvin, carpenter, boards 17 Oak, Belvidere 
Pinder Catharine, widow, house 4 Cummiskey's alley 
Pinder Eliza A. Mrs. house 17 Oak, Belvidere 
Pinder John, laborer, house 13 Jefferson 
Pinder Joseph, overseer dyer, Belvidere Woollen Manuf. 

Co., house 9 Clay, Belvidere 
Pinder Philip, laborer, house 3 Front, Centralville 
Pingree Amy B. Miss, waitress, 16 Shattuck 


Pingree TTenry B. painter, house 18 Rock 

Piukerton Thomas, carpenter, house 31 Pond, Bel. 

Pinkham George E. physician, 129 Central, h. 2 Tyler 

Pink ham James N. overseer, Lowell, house 10 Clay, Bel. 

Pinkham William G. clerk, 4 Cabot, house 26 Oliver 

Pinney Frederick A. machinist, boards 161 Middlesex 

Pinney Samuel C. carpenter, house 157 Cross 

Piper Ann M. Mrs. house 38 Lincoln, Ayer's City 

Piper Daniel, machinist, boards 56 Franklin 

Piper George VV. machinist, house 21 Church 

Piper Isaac B. house 4 Ash, Beividere 

Pitt E. J. Mrs. boards 32 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Pitt Mary, widow, house 7 Hampshire, Cent. 

Place David, engineer, house 70 Rock 

Place Isaac Mrs. house 142 Fletcher 

Plaisted Asa R. tinsmith, house 48 Franklin 

Plaisted Ira H. (Ranlelt & Plaisted), 69 Button, house 48 

Planche Henry Mrs. boarding house, 172 Central 
Plastiidge Charles A. house 29 Beech, Cent. 
Plastridge Salmon, fruit, 18 Merrimac House bl'k, h. 44 Ford 
Piatt James Mrs. house 12 Dodge 
Piatt Thomas, painter, house 37 Abbott 
Plimpton Albert B. sash and blind maker, house 6 Favor 
Plimpton Arthur B. clerk, boards 377 Middlesex 
Plimpton Betsey Mrs. boarding house, 20 Hamilton corp. 
Plimpton Edwin II. C. boards 6 Favor 
Plimpton Henry A. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Central, boards 

20 Webster 
Plufe Anton, laborer, house rear 158 Middlesex 
Plumado Laura A. Mrs. nurse, house 19 Lane 
Plummer Elbridge B. machinist, h. 10 Brown's bl'k, Marshall 
Plummer George M. fancy goods, 49 Merrimack, boards 87 

Andover, Beividere 
Plummer John A. butcher, house 647 Middlesex 
Plummer John W. boots and shoes, 68 Central, house 33 

Sixth, Centralville 
Plunkett Charles, Tremont, boards 228 Market 
Plunkett Frances, widow, house 159 Worthen 
Plunkett Francis C. physician, 159 Worthen, house do. 
Plunkett John, M. P. W., boards 135 Merrimack corp. 
Plunkett Joseph, apothecary, Dutton, cor. Market, house 

159 Worthen 
Plunkett Patrick, card grinder, house 228 Market 
Plunkett Patrick jr. laborer, boards 228 Market 
Plunkett Robert J. house 218 Gorham 
Plunkett William, weaver, boards 21 Suffolk corp. 
Pollard Arthur G. (H. Hosford & Co.), 80 and 82 Merri- 
mack, house 37 Elm 


Pollard Charles, carpenter, Ihhiso 19 Fifth, Cent. 

Pollard John, weaver, boards 312 Lawrence 

Pollard Joseph S. (Custom House, Boston), house 44 Elm 

Pollard Mary, widow, house 96 Andrews 

Pollard Sylvester, spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 

Pollard Thomas, Merrimack Print Works, h. 16 Third, Cent. 

Pollard. Walter, weaver, house 39 Lawrence corp. 

Pollock Louisa, widow, house Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 

Poison James, moulder, boards 96 Fayette, Belvidere 

Pomfred James, " Citizen and News " office, house 17 

River, Centralville 
Pond Edwin M. painter, 37 Market, b. Johnson's bl'k, Tilden 
Poole Augusta Mrs. house 240 Central 
Poole Betsey D. widow, house 22 Suffolk corp. 
Poole George E., Suffolk, house 22 do. corp. 
Poor Charles E. carpenter, house 41 Pond, Belvidere 
Poor Fred. II. baker, boards 41 Pond, Belvidere 
Poor Lydia II. nurse, house 41 Pond, Belvidere 
Poor Thomas, boards 56 Branch, near School 
Poore Eliza C. boarding house, 52 Boott corp. 
Poore George W. clerk, First Nat. Bank, boards 2, rear 

12 High-street square, Belvidere 
Poore Lucy Mrs. house 2, rear 12 High-street square, Bel. 
Pope Craig, operative, boards 11 Dodge 
Porter Calvin, carpenter, house 170 Merrimack 
Porter Irving S. counsellor, 170 Merrimack, boards 4, rear 41 

Willie, Belvidere 
Porter S. K. physician, 68 Bridge, h. 24 W. Fifth, Cent. 
Potter Henry, gasfitter, house 22 Race 
Potter Hubert, shuttlemaker, house 14 Second, Cent. 
Potter Hiram J. clerk, Boott mills, bds. 20 Nesmith, Bel. 
Potter James, shuttlemaker, house 65 Whipple 
Potter John, printer, 130 Central, house 57 Chestnut, Bel. 
Potter Joseph W. machinist, house 52 Ford 
Potter Mary Mrs. house 53 Fayette, Bel. 
Potter Sewell A. stone cutter, boards 39 Adams 
Potter William, overseer, Appleton, house 83 Appleton 
Potter W. E. & Co. (J. Y. Bradbury), real estate, 29 Merri- 
mack, house 25 West Fifth, Cent. 
Pouller Joseph, house 156 Middlesex 
Powell William, watchman, house 83 Chapel 
Powers Charles D., Merrimack, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Powers Edward, laborer, house 6 Laughlin's court, Bel. 
Powers Ellen, widow, house 118 Market 
Powers Hannah, widow, house 28 Fayette, Bel. 
Powers Hannibal Mrs. house 48 Chestnut, Bel. 
Powers James, painter, house 10 Dummer 
Powers Joel, house 8 Grove 
Powers John, laborer, house 3 Carpet lane 


Powers John, operative, boards 06 River, Cent. 

Powers John, machinist, house 44 Dummer 

Powers John II. boarding house, 120 Market 

Powers John L. mason, house rear 255 Merrimack 

Powers Margaret, widow, house 6 Laughlin's court, Bel. 

Powers Mary, widow, house 81 Merrimack Corp. 

Powers Michael F. laborer, house 12 Charles 

Powers Morris, laborer, house 18 Jefferson 

Powers Patrick, laborer, boards 118 Market 

Powers Patrick, laborer, house 82 River, Cent. 

Powers Richard, fireman, house 8 Donahoc's yard 

Powers Thomas, blacksmith helper, boards 44 Dummer 

Powers Thomas, mason, house 107 Gorharn 

Powers William, operative, house 82 River, Cent. 

Powers William C. machinist, house 30 Lawrence corp. 

Powers William M. hairdresser, 79 Market, house 118 do. 

Prairie Frank, Lawrence, boards 13 Cabot 

Prairie Isaac, stone cutter, house 13 Cabot 

Pratt Abbie II. tailoress, house 248 Middlesex 

Pratt Amasa (31. G. Pratt & Co.), planing, etc. Wamesit 

steam mills, house 10 Butterfield 
Pratt A. F. actor, boards 11 Robinson 
Pratt Caroline, widow, house 940 Middlesex 
Pratt Charles G. (Boston), boards Merrimac House 
Pratt Frank, harnessmaker, boards 11 Dodge 
Pratt John A. loom fixer, Merrimack, house 40 do. corp. 
Pratt Joseph W. machinist, house 10 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Pratt Marshall, farmer, house 946 Middlesex 
Pratt Matthew C. & Co. (Amasa Pratt), planing and mould- 
ing, Wamesit steam mills, Dutton, h. 918 Middlesex 
Pratt Samuel C. Mrs. house 80 Andover, Bel. 
Pratt Thomas, staiibuilder, house 8 Robinson 
Pratt Thomas F. staiibuilder, house Congress, n. Robinson 
Pray George E. mason, boards 27 Lawrence corp. 
Pray John J. mason, house 164 Bridge, Cent. 
Pray Samuel 0. porter, Merrimac House, boards do. 
Precourt Joseph, laborer, house 34 Hanover 
Pre mo Martin, hairdresser, 2 Museum building, house 115 

East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Prentiss Morris, carpenter, house 78 Andover, Bel. 
Prentiss P. Wesley, carpenter, house 78 Andover, Bel. 
Presby Mason W. police, house 188 School 
Prescott Alfred, bobbin maker, boards 319 Middlesex 
Prescott Augustus L. overseer, Boott, house 64 do. corp. 
Prescott Charles, wood worker, h'ouse 24 Church 
Prescott Charles II. moulder, boards 24 Church 
Prescott D. Moody & Co. plasterers and stucco- workers, 185 

Central, house 117 Moore 
Prescott Frank C. J. machinist, boards 05 Merrimack corp. 


Prescott Frank P. 25 Second, boards 13 Sixth, Cent. 
Prescott James II. machinist, house 65 Merrimack corp. 
Prescott James Y. livery stable, 25 Second, house 13 Sixth, 

Central ville 
Prescott John II. engineer, L. & F. R. R. h. 23 Howard 
Prescott John II. cabinetmaker, house 30 Grove 
Prescott J. Albeit, house 41 Fifth, Cent. 
Prescott J. M. engineer, B. & L. R. R., boards 29 Marshall 
Prescott Lucy S. Mrs. house 117 Moore 
Prescott Mills, Erastus Boyden, supt., junct. Merrimack and 

Concord Rivers 
Prescott Nancy A. Mrs. botanic physician, house 16 Lane 
Prescott National Bank, A. A. Coburn, cashier, 26 Central 
Prescott Orville C. soap maker, house 18 Queen 
Prescott Rose, widow, boards 8 Tremont corp. 
Prescott Samuel D. folder, house 30 Bleachery corp. 
Presho Mary, widow, house 7 Elm 

Presho Phineas A. section hand, Merrimack, h. 38 Adams 
Presscy E. L. Mrs. house 102 Jewett, Cent. 
Pressey Howard R. fireman, house 253 Middlesex 
Pressey James, produce, house 118 Coburn, Cent. 
Pressey Martha A. Miss, dressmaker, 251 Central, h. do. 
Pressey Thomas W. Mrs. house 251 Central 
Preston Asa, carpenter, house 128 Smith 
Preston Ellen, widow, house 5 Howard ave., Belvidere 
Preston Hiram L. at bleachery, house 25 Bleachery corp. 
Preston John Mrs. house 245 Thorndike 
Preston Joseph, baker, house 13 Ames 
Preston Luther, Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 
Preston Samuel W. shoemaker, 98 Merrimack, h. 7 Decatur 
Prevost Baptiste, laborer, house 6 Howard ave., Bel. 
Prevost Richard, mason, boards 6 Howard ave., Belvidere 
Price Ann, widow, house 34 Andovcr, Belvidere 
Price Charles D. blacksmith, house rear 954 Middlesex 
Price L. S Mrs. house 289 Hildreth, Cent. 
Priest Charles F., Hamilton, boards 40 do. corp. 
Priest Fred. H. driver, house 358 Merrimack 
Priest Mary S. widow, house 358 Merrimack 
Priest R. M., Merrimack, boards 20 Cabot 
Priest Sophronia Mrs. house 14 Merrimack corp. 
Prince George C. (3Iarston & Prince), 90 Merrimack, house 

Simpson, cor. First, Cent. 
Pringle David, Lawrence, house 65 do. corp. 
Pringle Robert D. shoemaker, house 181 Central 
Prior John, Middlesex, house Manchester, n. Fair grounds 
Proctor Celia Miss, house 4 Tilden court 
Proctor Edgar W. carpenter, boards rear 203 Central 
Proctor Fred. W. manuf. extracts, etc. 122 Walker, h. do. 
Proctor George W. driver, 69 Dutton 


Proctor Reman, blacksmith, house 2 L. M. S. Corp. 
Proctor Henry B. carpenter, house 68 L. M. S. corp. 
Proctor Horace B. hairdresser, and bath rooms, 2 Market, c. 

Central, house 77 Durant, Cent. 
Proctor James Mrs. widow, house rear 203 Central 
Proctor Joseph W. gasfitter and fixtures, 78 Dutton, house 

295 Wilder 
Proctor Seward N. carpenter, rear 199 Central, fa. r. 203 do. 
Proctor William E. loom fixer, house 24 Griffin 
Proctor William R. laborer, house 4 Tilden court 
Proper Abram R. 78 Merrimack, house 15 Cabot 
Proper S. A. Mrs. ladies' furnishing, 78 Merrimack, h. 15 

Proprietors, Locks and Canals, office, 22 Broadway 
Proudrnan Henry, machinist, house 240 Central 
Prouty Charles, L. H. R. R. boards City Hotel, Bel. 
Prouty Lyman C. conductor, L. H. R. R. house 103 East 

Merrimack, Bel. 
Prow Charles, Hamilton, boards 12 do. corp. 
Pucell John W. plasterer and stucco worker, house 59 

River, Centralville 
Puffer Asahel D. (Boston), house 62 Highland 
Puffer Frederic A. (Boston), boards 62 Highland 
Puffer Freeman W. (French & Puffer), 131 Central, house 

44 Andover, Belvidere 
Puffer James F. & Son (James F., jr.), furniture, 9 to 17 

Market, house 97 Coburn, Cent. 
Puffer James F., jr. (Jas. F. Puffer & Son), 9 to 17 Market, 

house 93 Coburn, Cent. 
Puffer Louisa Mrs. house 54 Tyler 
Puffer Stephen B. & Co. (Miles J. Fletcher), provisions, 18 

Middlesex, house 424 do. 
Pugh Daniel, machinist, house 39 Davidson, Bel. 
Pugh William, machinist, house 57 Front, Cent. 
Puirier Mary, widow, boards 16 Cabot 
Pulcifer Hervey, house 137 Appleton 
Pulcifer John C. sign painter, house 95 Appleton 

Pulland Mrs. widow, house 176 Bridge, Cent. 

Pullen John A. machinist, Merrimack, house 161 do. corp. 

Pulman John F. Mrs. house 15 Robinson 

Purcell Anastasia, widow, house 118 Market 

Purcell Dennis, operative, boards 182 Adams 

Purcell James, spinner, house 44 First, Cent. 

Purcell Joseph W. saloon, 10 Merrimack, house 16 Hudson 

Purcell Margaret, widow, house 182 Adams 

Purcell Margaret, widow, house 42 First, Cent. 

Purcell Thomas, mason, house 42 First, Cent. 

Purcell Thomas, laborer, house 46 Davidson, Bel. 

Purinton Joshua K. Mrs. house 420 Merrimack 


Pushor C. W. weaver, house 20 Prescott corp Bel. 

Putnam (Addison) & Son (F. P.), clothing- warehouse, 96, 
98, 100, and 102 Central, house 130 Nesmith, Bel. 

Putnam Addison, jr. boards 130 Nesmith, Belvidere 

Putnam Frank E. clerk, 8 Bridge, Cent., boards 17 Church 

Putnam Frank P. (Putnam & Son), 96 to 102 Central, house 
14 Tyler 

Putnam Frederick, clerk, 33 Central, boards 10 Willow, Bel. 

Putnam Hiram, Washington House 

Putnam Jacob D. (So. Lyndeboro, N. II.), house 10 Wil- 
low, Belvidere 

Putnam John Mrs. house 263 Gorham 

Putnam Perry, pattern maker, 190 Broadway, h. 140 School 

Putney Almore, machinist, boards 5 Willow place, Belvidere 

Putney Mary E. Mrs. house 73 Cushing 

Pyne John, Hamilton, house 62 Lawrence 

QUA HENRY, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 

Qua Lester, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 

Quant George, carpenter, house 124 Merrimack corp. 

Quant John, gardener, house 214 Fairmount, Belvidere 

Quarteer William, tin peddler, house 5 Howard 

Quigg Hannah, dressmaker, 248 Merrimack, house do. 

Quigley Catharine, widow, house rear 41 Middle 

Quigley James, L. M. S. house 61 Broadway 

Quigley John, mason, house rear 79 Adams 

Quigley Margaret, widow, house 87 Common 

Quigley Patrick, liquors, 298 Merrimack, house do. 

Quigley William, laborer, house 77 Common 

Quill Francis, laborer, house 13 Kidder 

Quimby Alonzo P. painter, 200 Dutton, h. 392 Chelmsford 

Quimby Byron G. teamster, boards 130 Broadway 

Quimby Darius E. watchman, house 41 Cushing 

Quimby George, operative, boards 5 Lawrence corp. 

Quimby Louis, janitor, boards 76 Duinmer 

Quimby Seth B. painter, boards 40 Merrimack corp. 

Quinan Patrick, teamster, boards 84 Salem 

Quinlan Bridget, widow, boards 21 Common 

Quinlan James, laborer, house 14 Winter 

Quinlan James, laborer, house 16 Cedar 

Quinlan Jolm, laborer, house 85 Lawrence 

Quinlan John, machinist, boards 6 Carol in's place, Bel. 

Quinlan Murtagh, mason, house 14 Winter 

Quinlan Patrick, laborer, house 6 Carolines place, Bel. 

Quinn Ann, widovy, house 37 Pleasant, Belvidere 

Quinn Austin, laborer, boards 14 Mass. corp. 

Quinn Catharine, widow, house 2 Carolin's place, Bel. 

Quinn Charles, shoemaker, house 8 Davidson, Bel. 

Quinn Daniel, Boott, house 53 W. Third, Centralville 


Quinn Ellon, widow, house 4 McGovern's court, Cent. 

Quinii Ellen, widow, house 100 Moody 

Quinn Felix, Merrimack, boards 54 Middle 

Quiun Frank, farm laborer, house 3 Jefferson 

Quinn Honora, widow, house 170 Adams 

Quiun Henry F. operative, boards rear 43 Summer 

Quinn Hugh, card grinder, boards 54 Middle 

Quinn James, blacksmith, house 2 Theatre block 

Quinn James, boards 4 McGovern's court, Cent. 

Quinn James, mason, house 50 Hanover 

Quinn James, tinsmith, 126 Central 

Quinn James F. machinist, house 14 Jefferson 

Quinn John Mrs. house 5 Wamesit court 

Quinn John, Lawrence, house 51 Market 

Quinn John, laborer, boards 120 Suffolk 

Quinn John, Merrimack, boards 63 Front, Cent. 

Quinn John, clothing, 54 Central, house 92 Westford 

Quinn Maurice, Boott, boards 4 McGovern's ct. Cent. 

Quinn Maurice J. stone mason, boards 208 Broadway 

Quinn Maurice J. variety store, 1 76 Adams, house 141 do. 

Quinn Michael, variety store, 59 Fayette, h. r. 41 High, Bel. 

Quinn Michael, laborer, boards 8 Jefferson 

Quinn Michael, laborer, house 24 Kinsman 

Quinn Michael, laborer, house rear 70 Fenwick 

Quinn Neal, Hamilton, house 11 Winter 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, house 106 Adams 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, house rear 15 River, Cent. 

Quinn Peter, grocer, 11 Salem j house 9 do. 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 168 Adams 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 67 Whipple 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 14 Lee 

Quinn Timothy, machinist, house rear 48 Suffolk 

Quint Theodore, iron roller, house 83 Bridge, Cent. 

Quirk Ellen, widow, house Broadway, cor. Cross 

Quirk John, laborer, house 144 Adams 

Quirk John P. blacksmith, 5 Warren, house 13 Mead 

Qairk Patrick, laborer, house rear 11 Little 

RABB1TT JOnN, laborer, house 9 Mill 

Rabbitt Patrick, laborer, house 8 Floyd 

Racicot II. Alphonso, carriage painter, 358 Middlesex, h. 

198 do. 
Racicot Louis, laborer, house 318 Merrimack 
Racklifle II. M physician, 224 Middlesex, house do. 
Rafferty Patrick, second hand, Bleachery, house 30 Cedar 
Rafferty Patrick, file cutter, boards 25 Newhall 
Rafter Patrick II. grocer, 189 Market, house 131 Walker 
Rafter Sarah, widow, house 131 Walker 
Ragan Jeremiah, laborer, house 56 Congress 


Railey Hester R. Miss, boards 136 Moody 
Railey James W., Lawrence Hoiscry, house 136 Moody 
Railey John W. wood turner, rooms 42 Lawrence corp. 
Railroad National Bank, J. S. Ilovey, oashier, 128 Merrimack 
Ralls Catharine, widow, boards 72 Lawrence 
Ramsdell Daniel VV. job wagon, boards 111 Wilder 
Ramsdcll Edward L. clerk, 339 Merrimack, house 337 do. 
Ramsdell Edward L. jr. apothecary, 339 Merrimack, boards 

337 do. 
Ramsdell James S. house 8 Bleachery 
Ramsdell Joseph S. packer, house 57 Moore 
Ramsdell William Harry, machinist, house 2 Varney 
Ramsey Hannah Mrs. house 1 Keelan's place, Bel. 
Ramsey William, currier, house 128 Powell 
Rand Edward S., Boston Express, B. & M. R. R. depot, b. 

405 Merrimack 
Rand Enoch S. (Lovejoy & Band), Boston Express, B. & M. 

R. R. depot, house 405 Merrimack 
Rand M. Abbie, fancy goods, 76 Central, house do. 
Rand Samuel, carpenter, house 293 Middlesex 
Rand Victor P. iron moulder, boards 322 Broadway [bury 
Randall George M. salesman, 30 Merrimack, h. at Tewks- 
Randall Helen, widow, boards 157 Merrimack corp. 
Randall L. V. boots and shoes, 118 Merrimack, b. 424 do. 
Randall Robert B. salesman, 30 Merrimack, h. atTewksbury 
Randlett Albert S. clerk, 219 Middlesex, h. 30 East Pine 
Randlett Charles, Boott, boards 63 do. corporation 
Randlett Frank, blacksmith, house 262 Lincoln 
Randlett M. B. fish, etc. 48 Thorndiko, house 13 School 
Randlett Smith, carpenter, house 10 Railroad 
Randlett William II. 48 Thorndike, house do. 
Randolph Harry, planer, house Manchester, n. Quebec 
Ranger Elias II. carriagemaker, house 58 Middlesex 
Ranlett Newell A. auctioner, house 51 Third, Cent. 
Ranlett ( Orrin B.) & Plaisted (Ira H.), grocers, 69 Dutton, 

house 52 Moody 
Ranscoff Alphonse, painter, house 188 Middlesex 
Ranscoff Maurice, operative, house 22 South 
Rasico Louis, laborer, house rear 318 Merrimack 
Rathbun Frank P., Appleton, house 11 do. corp. 
Rawlins Charles T. clerk, 217 Lawrence, boards 5 Wamesit 
Rawlins Thomas, woolsorter, house 5 Wamesit 
Rawlinson Samuel, house 84 Andrews 
Rawson Frank L. clerk, 195 Central, boards 334 do. 
Rawson George Mrs. house 334 Central 
Ray Charles, laborer, house 28 Lewis 

Ray George II. upholsterer, 37 Prescott, bds. 13 Oak, Bel. 
Ray Mary, widow, house 182 Adams 
Ray William II. cabinetmaker, 27 Prescott, h. 13 Oak, Bel. 


Raymer , boards 39 Jewett, Cent. 

Raymond Austin B. clerk, boards 63 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Raymond L. Cutter, operative, house 174 Merrimack corp. 
Raymond Jane Mrs. dressmaker, 188 Central, house do. 
Raymond John B. boarding house, 4 Appleton corp. 
Raymond John B. jr. operative, house 30 Tremont corp. 
Raymond Joseph, laborer, at 127 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Raymond Joseph, laborer, boards 47 Fayette, Bel. 
Raymond Marcellus, teamster, house 58 Whipple 
Raymond Samuel E. clerk, gas office, boards 63 East Merri- 
mack, Belvidere 
Raymond William II. shoemaker, 44 Race, bds. Pawtucket, 

north of Moody 
Raynes George W. (J. Raynes & Co.), 43 Central, house 44 

Third, Centralville 
Raynes Harry (J. Raynes & Co.), 43 Central, b. 36 Lawrence 
Raynes James, section hand, house 78 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Raynes Joseph & Co. ( G. W. and Harry Raynes), jewellers, 
andmanufs. of silver ware, 43 Central, h. 36 Lawrence 
Rea Frederick Mrs. farmer, h. junction Nesmith and Fair- 
mount, at Tewksbury 
Read Elijah M. mason, house Audover street, near Lowell 

line, at Tewksbury 
Read George G. stone cutter, house 26 Westford 
Read George G. jr. clerk, 168 Central, bds. 26 Westford 
Read Hannah and Betsey Misses, house 153 Moody 
Read Henry, house 417 River, Cent. 

Read Mary, widow^ house rear 66 River, Cent. 

Read Mary B. Mrs. waitress, house 16 Shattuck 

Read Robert, house 26 Fourth, Centralville 

Read Robert L. (J. Churchill & Co.), First, -opp. Read, b. 
26 Fourth, Centralville 

Read William A. (Bixby & Read), 52 Merrimack, house 74 
First, Centralville 

Read William W. house 74 First, Cent. 

Read, see also Reed and Rej,l 

Reader Arvilla L. teacher, Colburn school, h. 106 Appleton 

Reader Edward, agent, house 14 Ilurd 

Ready Ambrose L. junk, 65 Dutton, house 118 Walker 

Ready Darby, laborer, house 422 Central 

Ready James, Hamilton, house 16 North 

Ready James, bleachery, house 198 Gorham 

Ready John, laborer, house 29 dishing 

Ready Margaret, widow, house 1 Brewery court 

Ready Michael, Hamilton, house 195 Gorham 

Ready Patrick, card stripper, boards 98 Gorham 

Ready — , widow, house rear 31 Austin 

Reagan Dennis, operative, house 145 Adams 

Reagan Dennis, laborer, house 3 Jefferson 


Reagan Dennis, laborer, house 6 Moran's yard 
Reagan Honors, widow, house 7 Sullivan's yard 
Reagan John, Middlesex, house 23 Green 
Reagan John, ale, etc. 122 Market, house do. 
Reagan John, laborer, house 10 Cross 
Reagan John, L M. S. boards 23 Lagrange 
Reagan Julia, widow, boards rear 119 Market 
Reagan Mary, widow, house 7 Sullivan's yard 
Reagan Michael, laborer, house rear 199 Market 
Reagan Michael, laborer, boards 2 Quigley's alley 
Reagan Patrick, laborer, house 2 Moran's yard 
Reagan Patrick J. machinist, boards 32 Appleton 
Reagan Thomas, variety store, 229 Market, house do. 
Reagan, see also Regan and Ragan 
Reardey George, laborer, house 67 Church 
Reardon Daniel, laborer, house 84 Adams 
Reardon Dennis, operative, boards 61 Middle 
Reardon Ellen, widow, house 84 Adams 
Reardon Ellen, widow, house 13 Donahoe's yard 
Reardon John, fireman, house 104 Adams 
Reardon John, Tremont, boards rear 53 Dutton 
Reardon Patrick, machinist, house Second avenue, Paw. 
Reardon Patrick, laborer, boards 41 Dummer 
Reardon Susan, widow, house 64 Dummer 
Reardon Thomas, laborer, boards 41 Dummer 
Reardon William, laborer, house 15 Cross 
Reardon William, laborer, house 8 River, Cent. 
Reardon William, laborer, boards 13 Donahoe's yard 
Reault Louis, Hamilton, house rear 202 Dutton 
Records Thomas, stone cutter, house 62 Appleton 
Redin Daniel W. operative, boards 13 Tremont corp. 
Redman John J. file cutter, house 36 Walnut 
Redmond James, laborer, house 3 Brown's court, Cent. 
Redmond John, laborer, house 45 Front, Cent. 
Redmond Joseph J. clerk, 165 Market, boards 402 Central 
Redmond Lawrence, marble polisher, house 402 Central 
Redmond Martin, bleacher, house 49 Kidder 
Redmond Silas 11. carriage painter, 9 Arch, h. 68 Railroad 
Reed Almira II. Mrs. house 121 School 
Reed Bird C, Lawrence, boards 97 Moody 
Reed Charles, Suffolk, boards 26 do. corp. 
Reed Charles, clerk, 187 Middlesex, bds. 35 High, Bel. 
Reed Edward E. overseer, Boott, house 74 do. corp. 
Reed George W. spinner, Merrimack, house 57 do. corp. 
Reed Henry, house 373 River, Cent. 
Reed Henry, laborer, house rear 5 Hancock avenue 
Heed Henry M. carpenter, house 10 No. Franklin court 
Reed II. Richmond (Pei'kins & Heed), 46 Merrimack, bds. 
35 Tyler 


Reed Jesse, house 57 Merrimack corporation 

Reed John, M. P. W. boards 97 Merrimack corp. 

Reed John W. counsellor, 4 Barristers' Hall, house 1 Nes- 
mith, Bclvidere 

Reed Jonas, house 416 Merrimack 

Reed Marion B. sashmaker, boards 121 School 

Refd Mary, widow, house 64 Paige 

Reed Mary Mrs. house 23 John 

Reed Mary J. widow, house 63 High, Bel. 

Reed Melissa J. Mrs. nurse, house 97 Moody 

Reed Michael, carder, house 10 Coburn, Cent. 

Reed M. Jennie, saleswoman, 60 Merrimack 

Reed Orrin, driver, boards 309 Bridge, Cent. 

Reed Owen, operative, boards 6 Hamilton corp. 

Reed Ransom Mrs. house 28 Tyler 

Reed Rebecca Miss, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 

Reed Samuel, winder, house 22 Bleachery 

Reed, see also Read and Reid 

Reeney Patrick, currier, house 201 Gorham 

Reenstjerna Gotthard, shader, Lowell Manufacturing Co. 
boards 128 Cross 

Reeve VV. F. clerk, Washington House 

Regan Cornelius, driver, 91 Middle, house 1 Little 

Regan Dennis, laborer, house 6 Sullivan's yard 

Regan Dennis F. stone cutter, house 41 Newhall 

Regan John, house 95 Middle 

Regan Michael, driver, 91 Middle, house 1 Little 

Regan Patrick, variety, 1 Little, house do. 

Regan Patrick, laborer, house 156 Market 

Regan Thomas, stone cutter, house 39 Newhall 

Regan Thomas, variety, Suffolk hall, house do. 

Regan Timothy F. soda and mineral water manuf.,91 Mid- 
dle, house 66 Dummer 

Regan, see also Reagan and Ragan 

Regnier Gabriel, laborer, house 62 Fayette, Bclvidere 

Regnier Jules, baker, 15 Aiken, house 5 Marin's block 

Reid, see Read and Reed 

Reilley Peter E. machinist, house 43 Buttcrfield 

Reilly Bernard, grocer, 86 Church, house 88 do. 

Reilly Charles E. liquors, 308 Merrimack, house do. 

Reilly James, clerk, 86 Church, boards 88 do. 

Remington Phoebe Miss, house 142 Merrimack corp. 

Reno Antoine, wire worker, 16 Middle, h. 7 Willie ave. 

Rexford Win. II. fireman, Suffolk, house 8 do. corp. 

Reynolds Amasa N. carpenter, house Central, n. Thorndike 

Reynolds Bridget, widow, house 37 Summer 

Reynolds Charles, bobbinmaker, boards 70 Dutton 

Reynolds Daniel, janitor, house 24 East Pine 

Reynolds Daniel II. machinist, house 48 Adams 


Reynolds Edward C. piper, boards 51 Fourth, Cent. 

Reynolds Francis, Lowell, house 29 Adams 

Reynolds George, laborer, boards 27 River, Cent. 

Reynolds Hamilton E. carpenter, house 58 Middlesex 

Reynolds Jane, widow, house 97 River, Cent. 

Reynolds John, laborer, boards 181 Market 

Reynolds Mary, widow, house 23 Wamesit 

Reynolds Patrick, umbrella repairer, house 181 Market 

Reynolds Patrick, laborer, house 181 Market 

Rhinehart Patience Miss, boards 16 Central 

Rhodes John, overseer, Middlesex Co. house 19 Hurd 

Rhodes John, jr. boards 19 llurd 

Rhodes S. J. Mrs. dressmaker, 27 Central, house do. 

Ricard Jean Baptiste, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 

Rice Clara Mrs. house 6 Livingston's block, Appleton 

Rice Cortis N. (Trumbull & Rice), locksmiths and bell 

hangers, 26 Gorham, house 22 Whipple 
Rice D. Hall, counsellor (Boston), h. 102 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Rice Edward C. provisions, 147 Central, and 4 Gorham, h. 

299 Central 
Rice Eilen F. Miss, saleswoman, 80 Merrimack, boards 17 

Rice E. M. Mrs. house 2 Tyler, cor. Central 
Rice (Frank E.) & Company, manuf. wire goods, 16 Middle, 

house 57 Vernon 
Rice F. E. dentist, house 57 Vernon, Cent. 
Rice Harriet N. Miss, house 24 Third, Cent. 
Rice Harry R. reporter, " Citizen and News,"b. 115 Gorham 
Rice Henry M. & J. & Co. (Edward 8. Homner), provisions, 

4 East Merrimack, Bel., house 11 Auburn 
Rice John S. farmer, house off" Varnum avenue, Paw. 
Rice Jonathan (H. M. & J. Rice & Go.), 4 East Merrimack, 

Bel., house 17 Auburn 
Rice Mary J. widow, house 2 Tyler 

Rice Mrs. widow, house off Varnum avenue, Paw. 

Rich Jonathan M. lahorer, house 33 Church 
Rich William T. driver, 41 Market, house Second av., Paw. 
Richard Henri, mason, house 293 Middlesex 
Richard Jean Baptiste, laborer, house 293 Middlesex 
Richard Michel, mason, house 293 Middlesex 
Richard Mitchell, carpenter, boards 269 Merrimack 
Richard Mitchell, jr. painter, boards 269 Merrimack 
Richards Amos J. F. painter, house 26 Smith 
Richards Edwin W., B. & M. R. R. house 46 Walnut 
Richards John, overseer yard, Merrimack, h. 37 do. corp. 
Richards J. C. W. card grinder, Merrimack, h. 51 do. corp. 
Richards Leonard J. (L. & L. J. Ricliarda), building movers, 

house 138 High, Bel. [do., Bel. 

Richards Luther & L. J. building movers, 21 Andover, h. 


Richardson Abel, fanner, boards 61 Ilildreth, Cent. 
Richardson Albert, house opp. 309 Bridge, Cent. 
Richardson Albert, moulder, boards 109 Middlesex 
Richardson Alden B. house 93 Summer 
Richardson Anna E. assistant, Green school, house 399 

Richardson Charles, carpenter, house 35 Adams 
Richardson Charles, stonecutter, house 3 Robinson 
Richardson Charles II. overseer, Lawrence, h. 27 do. corp. 
Richardson Charles II., Boston Express, Merri mack-street 

depot, house 18 Second, Cent. 
Richardson Charles II. milk dealer, house Andover, at 

Richardson Charles II. clerk, 27 Central, boards 10 Dutton 
Richardson Charles S. operative, house 236 Central 
Richardson Charles YV. W. restaurant, 197 Middlesex, house 

33 Thorndike 
Richardson Daniel II. Mrs. house 535 Middlesex 
Richardson Daniel L. Mrs. house 491 Middlesex 
Richardson Daniel S. & G. F. counsellors, 55 Central, also 

pres. Prescott Nat. Bank, house 98 Nesmith, Bel. 
Richardson David M. machinist, house 142 Middlesex 
Richardson Elbridge G. piano-tuner, house 21 Sixth, Cent. 
Richardson Ellen, widow, house 23 Merrimack corp. 
Richardson Eugene II. lawyer, boards 491 Middlesex 
Richardson Frank L. & Co. (George Bichardson) , brokers, 

114 Central 
Richardson George, superintendent, Lowell Machine Shop, 

Dutton, house 27 Anno 
Richardson George, house 69 Summer 
Richardson George (F. L. Bichardson & Co.), 114 Central, 

house 78 Charles 
Richardson George F. (D. S. & G. F. Bichardson), counsel- 
lor, 55 Central, also city solicitor, h. 114 Nesmith, Bel. 
Richardson George II. letter carrier, h. 11 Methuen, Cent. 
Richardson George L. draughtsman, L.M.S. boards 27 Anne 
Richardson George W. carpenter, house 8 Everett, Bel. 
Richardson Hannah, widow, house 41 Sixth, Cent. 
Richardson Henry, house 38 Cedar 

Richardson I. Sumner, grocer, 55 Ilildreth, h. 61 do. Cent. 
Richardson Jas. B. boarding house, 9 and 10 Merrimack c. 
Richardson John, laborer, house 23 Front, Cent. 
Richardson John, bootmaker, 6 Prescott block, house 23 

Front, Cent. 
Richardson John A. G. provisions, 199 Middlesex, house 

Branch, corner Dover 
Richardson John B. ( Win. W. and J. W. Bichardson), gro- 
cers, 1 Liberty square, house 122 Willie, cor. Fletcher 
Richardson John M. farmer, house 61 Ilildreth, Cent. 


Richardson John P. carpenter, boards IT Church 
Richardson John W. (John B. Richardson), 1 Liberty sq. 

boards 122 Willie, cor. Fletcher 
Richardson Joseph II. painter, Louse 19 Smith 
Richardson Joseph L. painter, bds. 92 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Richardson Julian A. oyster and lunch room, 20 Jackson, 

house 529 Middlesex 
Richardson Lafayette, storekeeper, L.M.S. h. 27 do. corp. 
Richardson Lora S. fancy goods, 115 Merrimack, boards 63 

East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Richardson Lorenzo, sash and blind maker, h. 118 School 
Richardson Margaret Mrs. house 11 Met linen, Cent. 
Richardson Mary Miss, house 2 Dane-street court 
Richardson Mary E. Mrs. house 235 Thorndikc 
Richardson Oakley E. D. carpenter, h. 212 Bridge, Cent. 
Richardson Obadiah W. tin peddler, h. Mt. Pleasant, oppo- 
site Reservoir, Centralville 
Richardson ( Oliver A.) & Cutter (Abijah), gunsmiths, 66 

Central, house 92 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Richardson Oliver A. jr. boards 92 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Richardson Samuel, painter, house 9 Merrill's court 
Richardson Sybil Miss, house 137 Gorham 
Richardson (Sylvester) & Smith (D. B.). wood dealers, 49 
Salem, and (Peabody & Richardson), Button, near Me- 
chanics' mills, house School, cor. Bowers 
Richardson S. M. Miss, 115 Central, bds. 399 Merrimack 
Richardson Thomas L. Mrs. house 399 Merrimack 
Richardson William B. machinist, house 18 Lyon 
Richardson William C. overseer weaver, Stott's mills, house 

34 Pond, Belvidere 
Richardson William W. (John B. Richardson), 1 Liberty sq. 

boards 122 Willie, corner Fletcher 
Richmond Charles B. & Co. (E. A. Coffin), paper manufs. 

118 Lawrence 
Richmond C. B. Mrs. house 190 Andovcr, Belvidere 
Richmond Ilattie Miss, boards 14 Central 
Richmond James, operative, house rear 14 William 
Richmond Lucia Miss, house 40 Lawrence 
Rick Joseph, hairdresser, 49 Wamesit, house do. 
Rickcr Charles, overseer boiler house, M. P. W. house 15 

Ncsmith's block 
Ricker Ebenezcr Mrs. house 49 Chapel 
Ricker Fanny Mrs. boarding house, 28 Boott corp. 
Ricker Frederick F. designer, Lowell Manuf. Co. 
Rickcr George A. hoards 49 Chapel 
Ricker George S. Rev. house 140 Cross 
Ricker Josiah, fireman, and boarding house, 60 Lawrence c. 
Ricker Louisa M. Miss, boarding house, 114 Suffolk 
Riden William, painter, house foot of Meadowcroft 


Riddall William IT. hostler, house 11 Howard 

Riddle John, mule spinner, house 46 Newhall 

Rigby Richard. Massachusetts, hoards 37 do. corp. 

Rigg William E. hostler, house 18 Walnut 

Rigney Sarah, widow, house 13 Winter 

Rigney Michael, laborer, house 16 Keene 

Rignier Louis, laborer, house 9 Cabot 

Riley Ann, widow, boards rear 79 Market 

Riley Bartholomew, laborer, house 1 Wall, Bel. 

Riley Bernard, wood and coal dealer, Western avenue, cor. 

Fletcher, house 7 Fulton, Ceutralville 
Riley Bernard, laborer, boards 7 Court avenue 
Riley Bridget, widow, house 23 Fenwick 
Riley Catharine, widow, house rear 72 Fenwick 
Riley Catharine, widow, house 33 River, Cent. 
Riley Catharine, widow, house 4 Dempsey's place 
Riley Charles, finisher, boards 44 High, Belvidere 
Riley Charles, laborer, house rear 113 Gorhain 
Riley Daniel, wool sorter, house 51 Gorham 
Rile} 7 Daniel, weaver, house 338 Central 
Riley Dorcas, widow, house 197 Thorndike 
Riley Ellen, widow, boarding house, 221 Central 
Riley Ellen, widow, house 14 Keene 
Riley Ellen, widow, house 14 William 
Riley Francis, operative, house 64 Suffolk 
Riley Fred, operative, boards 25 Hamilton corp. 
Riley Hugh, spinner, house 20 Floyd 
Riley Hugh, laborer, house 34 Wall, Bel. 
Riley Hugh, dyer, house rear 27 Dummer 
Riley James, carpenter, house 81 Chapel 
Riley James, laborer, at gas works, house 69 Broadway 
Riley James, Appleton, house 62 Congress 
Riley James, laborer, house 74 Fenwick 
Riley James, at freight house, B. L. & N. R. R. boards 4 

Dempsey's place 
Riley James, operative, house 14 Keene 
Riley James, umbrella repairer, house 48 Davidson, Bel. 
Riley James, operative, house 22 Congress 
Riley James, currier, house 41 Wamesit 
Riley James, operative, house 4 Theatre block 
Riley James E. operative, house 30 Middlesex 
Riley James E. Mrs. variety store, 30 Middlesex, h. do. 
Riley John, liquors, 11 Worthen, house do. 
Riley John, dyer, house 1 Davidson, Belvidere 
Riley John, laborer, house 289 Middlesex 
Riley John, fireman, house 25 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Riley John, laborer, house 18 Keene 
Riley John, Lowell Machine Shop, house 320 Gorham 
Riley Joseph, weaver, house 18 Water, Belvidere 


Riley Lawrence, laborer, boards 184 Gorham 

Riley Margaret, widow, house 1 Davidson, Belvidere 

Riley Margaret Miss, boards 22 Lowell corp. 

Riley Mary, widow, boards 95 Middle 

Riley Mary, widow, house rear G5 Middle 

Riley Matthew, clerk, 27 Charles 

Riley Michael, laborer, boards 197 Thorndike 

Riley Michael, operative, house 1 Wall, Belvidere 

Riley Michael, laborer, house 209 Market 

Riley Michael, carpet dye house, house 85 Adams 

Riley Michael, operative, house rear 11 Little 

Riley Michael, mason, house rear 224 Gorham 

Riley Michael, operative, house rear 44 First, Cent. 

Riley Morgan, bleachery, house 36 Livingston 

Riley Owen, blacksmith, house G Cross 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house 11 Church 

Riley Patrick, teamster, boards 48 Lewis 

Riley Patrick, machinist, house 35 River, Central ville 

Riley Patrick, marble worker, h. 4 Dempsey's place 

Riley Patrick, spinner, house 1 Court ave. 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house 91 Merrimack corp. 

Riley Patrick, junk gatherer, house 4 Coburn, Cent. 

Riley Patrick, operative, house 28 Albion, Cent. 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house 54 Middle 

Riley Patrick, laborer, boards 18 Jefferson 

Riley Peter, laborer, house Sixth, cor. Mt. Pleasant, Cent. 

Riley Peter, laborer, house 2 Keene 

Riley Peter, laborer, boards 2 Keene 

Riley Peter, laborer, house 40 Lewis 

Riley Peter, machinist, house 47 Butterfield 

Riley Philip, bleachery, house 15 Cedar 

Riley Philip, teamster, 38 Middle, house 44 High, Bel. 

Riley Simon, laborer, house 325 Gorham 

Riley Terrence, stonecutter, boards 101 Gorham 

Riley Thomas, laborer, house 2(5 Davidson, Bel. 

Riley Thomas, laborer, boards 62 Walker 

Riley William, painter, house 46 Race 

Riley William, at Lowell Iloisery Co. house 114 Adams 

Riley William, machinist, house 198 Stackpole, Bel. 

Riley William, operative, house 28 Albion, Cent. 

Riley William M. overseer Lowell Hosiery Co. h. 114 Adams 

Riley, see also Reilly and O'Reilly 

Rines Amos II. blacksmith, house 225 Ilildreth, Cent. 

Rines George W. weaver, house 54 Mass. corp. 

Rines John S. dresser, house 4 Cabot block 

Ring James, laborer, house 84 Broadway 

Ring John II. policeman, house 28 Lagrange 

Ring Margaret, widow, house 24 Lewis 

Ring Michael W. grocer, 27 Cross, house do. 


Ring Patrick, freightman, house 15 Common 

Ring Patrick, laborer, boards 251 Market 

Ring Thomas F., Merrimack P. W. h. 84J Merrimack corp. 

Ring William, operative, house 25 Common 

Rinn Annie, widow, boards 3 Lowell corp. 

Riordan John, machinist, house 249 Lincoln 

Riorden Cornelius, pressmann, 156 Merrimack, b. 91 Gorham 

Riorden Patrick Mrs. house 91 Gorham 

Ripley Allen, iron moulder, boards 49 Dutton 

Ripley Augustus C. engineer L. & A. R. R., h. 1 14 High, Bel. 

Ripley Edward E. bookkeeper, at Taylor & Barker's, boards 

6 Ash, Belvidere 
Ripley Edwin, carpenter, Suffolk, house 145 School 
Ripley Sarah T. Mrs. house 39 Branch 
Ripley Thomas, farmer, house 68 Westford 
Ritchie Franklin G. bookkeeper, boards 33 Varney 
Ritchie John P. clerk, 1 Canal block, house 36 High, Bel. 
Ritchie Joseph, carpenter, house 33 Varney 
Ritchie Sarah R. widow, house 15 Chestnut, Bel. 
Rivers Frank, mason, house 34 Albion, Cent. 
Rivers Henry, laborer, house 45 Moody 
Rives Louis, stonecutter, house 38 Railroad 
Rix Frank R. student, bds. 12 Wing's block, Lee, cor. John 
Rix George W., B. L. & N. R. R. 
Rix Mary E. dressmaker, 52| Merrimack, house do. 
Roach Ann, widow, house rear 27 Summer 
Roach Charles, machinist, boards 35 Merrimack corp. 
Roach Henry A. paymaster, M. P. W. bds. 35 Merrimack 

Roach John, plasterer, boards 74 Church 
Roach Julia, widow, house 20 Keene 
Roach Lawrence, painter, 11 Market, h. 45 Gorham 
Roach Lawrence, machinist, house 92 South 
Roach Michael, bleachery, house 27 Union 
Roach Morris, shoemaker, house 8 Lawrence 
Roach Patrick, M. P. W. house 35 Merrimack corp. 
Roach Thomas, Lawrence, boards 124 Suffolk 
Roach Thomas, laborer, house 15 Bassett 
Roach Thomas, Lowell, house 110 Middlesex 
Roan George, turner, boards 38 Davidson, Bel. 
Roan James, jack spinner, boards 300 Lawrence 
Roane James, watchman, Boott mills 
Roark Andrew, blacksmith, house 219 Market 
Roark Daniel, weaver, boards 96 Lawrence 
Roark Edward, machinist, house 2 Boyle's court 
Roark Francis, bleachery, boards 10 Agawam 
Roark Frank, laborer, house 211 Market 
Roark Frank E. operative, house 82 Middle 
Roark James, clerk, 130 Market, boards do. 


Roark John, house 30 Agawam 

Roark John, furniture painter, 25 Prescott, boards 33 Adams 

Roark Jolin, laborer, house 203 Market 

Roark John, laborer, house rear 181 Market 

Roark Lawrence, operative, house 115 Merrimack corp. 

Roark Mary, widow, boards 110 Merrimack corp. 

Roark Mary, widow, house 23 Lee 

Roark Mary A. Miss, house 82 Middle 

Roark Michael, butcher, 130 Market, house do. 

Roark Michael, stonecutter, house 45 Crosby 

Roark Patrick, laborer, boards 128 Market 

Roark Patrick, laborer, house 15 Dummer 

Roark Patrick, shoemaker, house 150 Market 

Roark Patrick, tailor, 69 Market, house 7 Fenwick 

Roark Patrick, clerk, 76 Dutton, boards do. 

Roark Patrick J. machinist, house 39 Marion 

Roark Peter, laborer, house 196 Market 

Roark Terrence, laborer, house 128 Market 

Roark Terrence, carpenter, house 13 Hancock ave. 

Roark Thomas, provisions, 74 Adams, house do. 

Roark Thomas, laborer, house 137 River, Cent. 

Robbins Charles A. machinist, boards 38 Rock 

Robbins Charles II. mason, house 196 Bridge, Cent. 

Robbins George, blacksmith, house 35 L. M. S. corp. 

Robbins Hannah, widow, house Willie, cor. Franklin 

Robbins Henry, carpenter, house 4 Loring 

Robbins Horace T. house 165 Pine 

Robbins II. M. Miss, saleswoman, 49 Merrimack, boards 44 

Willie, corner Franklin 
Robbins Jacob, house 160 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Robbins John, mason, house 22 First, Centralville 
Robbins Luther M. carpenter, house 21 Austin 
Robbins Martin, wheelwright, house 21 Arch, n. the depot 
Robbins William, musician, house 10 Appleton 
Robergc James, carpenter, house 22 Grand 
Roberge Joseph, carpenter, "house 164 Middlesex 
Roberge Joseph, jr. operative, boards 164 Middlesex 
Roberts Abraham, Merrimack, house 123 Worthen 
Roberts Adelaide N. Mrs. house 55 Moore 
Roberts Arpha, widow, house 103 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Roberts Charles, machinist, house 10 Tremont corp. 
Roberts Curtis B. painter, boards 346 Merrimack 
Roberts Cyrus F. mason, boards 21 Prescott corp., Bel. 
Roberts Frances, widow, house 21 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Roberts Helen C. Mrs. house 18 Kurd 
Roberts Henry, mason, boards 21 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Roberts James P. engineer, Lowell water works, boards 21 

Third, Cent. 
Roberts John, machinist, house 70 Lawrence corp. 


Roberts John C. carpenter, house 36 Austin 

Roberts John L. foreman, Dulton, cor. Fletcher, house at 

Roberts Joseph, stone cutter, boards 143 Worthen 
Roberts Levi II. machinist, house 60 Railroad 
Roberts Michael, house 60 Lewis 
Roberts Nathaniel, bookmaker, 6 Prescott block, house 12 

Richardson, Cent. 
Roberts Richard, Merrimack, house 60 Broadway 
Roberts Samuel, boards 33 Hamilton corp. 
Roberts Sidney, fireman, F. & L. R. R. boards 172 Central 
Roberts Sylvester F. printer, 98 Middle, h. 39 Westford 
Roberts William, card clothing' maker, house 269 Broadway 
Roberts William, express, house 144 Coburn, Cent. 
Roberts Willard L. stationary engineer, house 269 Broadway 

Roberts , fireman, B. &. M. R. R., bds. 169 Central 

Robertson James L. gasfitter, house 16 Lowell corp. 
Robertson James Y. student, 170 Merrimack, house do. 
Robertson John G. porter, C. P. Talbot & Co.'s, house 1, 

rear 63 Chestnut, Bel. 
Robertson Thomas S. physician, 170 Merrimack, boards 

Merrimac House 
Robey Versil E. teamster, 138 Porter, house do. 
Robie Mary F. widow, house 100 High, Belvidere 
Robie Solon S. engineer, B. & L. R. R. h. 170 Merrimack 
Robinson Alexander, finisher, house 74 Chapel 
Robinson Alexander H. paymaster, Appleton mills, house 

32 Lawrence 
Robinson Andrew M. carpenter, b. 84 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Robinson Annie L. saleswoman, 62 Merrimack 
Robinson Anstrus Mrs. house 73 Fletcher 
Robinson Benjamin, operative, house 6 Lawrence-street ct. 
Robinson Benjamin Mrs. house 13 Harrison, Bel. 
Robinson C. F. carpenter, boards 190 Central 
Robinson Clarence W. clerk, with C. P. Talbot & Co. house 

16 Cottage 
Robinson Don Carlos, police, Market House building 
Robinson Edwin A. weaver, Boott, house 46 do. corp. 
Robinson Elijah, mule spinner, boards 60 Middle 
Robinson Frank, Merrimack, house 133 do. corp. 
Robinson Fanny R. widow, house 853 Middlesex 
Robinson George F. laborer, house opp. 130 Parker 
Robinson Henry 0. weaver, boards 46 Boott corp. 
Robinson James, spinner, house 41 Hudson 
Robinson James, laborer, at E. P. Woods', 23 W. Sixth, 

Robinson James E. painter, boards 27 Warren 
Robinson John, laborer, house 8 Pollard's avenue 
Robinson John, polisher, boards 71 Appleton 


Robinson John A. Mrs. house 52 Charles 
Robinson John W. carpenter, house rear 572 Middlesex 
Robinson Leander Mrs. house 14 Third, Cent. 
Robinson Pamelia Mrs. confectionery, etc. 243 B'way, h. do. 
Robinson William, clerk, boards 49 West Union 
Robinson William II. machinist, boards 30 Rock 
Robinson William & Co. (A. Nourkourn), machinists, Me- 
chanics' mills, 22 Fletcher, house 30 Rock 
Robinson William F. yard hand, Boott, house 39 do. corp. 
Roby Augustus B. machinist, Merrimack, h. 74 do. corp. 
Roche Bernard, stone cutter, house 322 Gorham 
Roche E. M. Mrs. dressmaker, house 322 Gorham 
Rock Charles A. clerk, 3 Gorham, boards Walnut 
Rock Simon, weaver, boards 1 Marin's block, Aiken 
Rock William W. watchman, U. S. Bunting Co., house 48 

Roddy James, bleachery, house 198 Gorham 
Rodery Hannah, widow, house 1 Carpet lane 
Rod! iff Clarence A. painter, 138 Central, house 8 Cady 
Rodliff Ferdinand, supt., Hamilton Manufacturing Com- 
pany, house 49 Appleton 
Rodliff Ferdinand, jr., paymaster, Hamilton Manufacturing 

Company, house 74 Wilder 
Rodliff Horatio II. {Bennett & Rodliff), 63 Moody, cor. Tre- 

mont, house 105 Salem 
Rodway Edwin, tailor, boards 51 Pleasant, Belvidere 
Rogan Bridget M. Miss, house 2 Dodge 
Rogan Michael, laborer, boards 5 Molloy's court 
Rogers Arthur E. jeweller, 25 Central, boards 16 Gates 
Rogers Benjamin, boarding house, 28 and 29 Suffolk corp. 
Rogers Bridget, widow, house 26 William 
Rogers Caleb, clerk, 31 Market, house 11 Fifth, Cent. 
Rogers David Mrs. house 272 Central 
Rogers Elizabeth Miss, house 290 High, Belvidere 
Rogers Emily Miss, house 290 High, Belvidere 
Rogers Eunice, widow, boards 98 Howard 
Rogers Harriet A. widow, house 53 Third, Cent. 
Rogers Hugh, Middlesex, house 85 Fayette, Belvidere 
Rogers Hugh, Lawrence, house 82 Hall 
Rogers Jacob & Co. {Frederic Taylor), hardware, etc. 166 

and 168 Merrimack, house 99 Pawtucket 
Rogers John, foundryman, boards rear 202 Dutton 
Rog<;rs John, rag gatherer, house 15 Bassett 
Rogers John G. {Stiles, Rogers, & Co.), 41 Market, house 

186 School 
Rogers Margaret Miss, house 259 Lincoln, Ayer's City 
Rogers Martha Mrs. widow, house 32 Fairmount, Bel. 
Rogers Mary, widow, house rear 67 Market 
Rogers Michael, blacksmith, boards 19 Cedar 


Rogers Michael, laborer, house 115 Adams 

Rogers Patrick, wire worker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 

Rogers Patrick, bleachery, boards 19 Cedar 

Rogers (Rufus) & Lord (R. G.), hay and grain, 137 Market, 

house 16 Gates 
Rogers Thomas, laborer, house 19 Cedar 

Rogers Miss, teacher, boards 48 Appleton 

Roland Charles T. clerk, 217 Lawrence 
Rolfe Abiel, freight agent, at Lawrence, house 37 Rolfe 
Rolfe Henry A. section hand, Boott, h. 93 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Rollason Alfred, overseer, Thorndike Manuf. Co., house 161 

Rollason Nathaniel, boards 161 Gorham 
Rolleston George, Boott, boards 44 do. corporation 
Rollins C. G. Mrs. house 30 Tyler 

Rollins David B. foreman, at Cole & Nichols, h. 10 Wiggin 
Rollins George S. (Deny, N. EL), h. 171 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Rollins Henry C. painter, 20 Middle 

Rollins (Jonathan) & Sargent ( Warren), masons, and stuc- 
co workers, 61 Central, house 40 Linden 
Rollins Joseph S. shoemaker, 326 Middlesex, house do. 
Rollins Lizzie L. Miss, boards A. B. Ellsworth's, Paw. 
Rollins M. D. L. painter, house 120 Appleton 
Rollins Pliny, spinner, house 17 Massachusetts corp. 
Rollinson William, spinner, house 66 River, Cent. 
Romain Octave P. machinist, house 4 Lagrange ct. 
Rondeau Joseph, laborer, house 7 Tilden's court 
Rooks George W. (Ryder & Rooks), house 17 Hudson 
Rooney Alice, widow, cook, 207 Middlesex, boards do 
Rooney Ann, widow, h. rear Middlesex Hotel, Mid. vil. 
Rooney John, Hamilton, house 43 Summer 
Root George B. clerk, 51 Market, house 21 Third, Cent. 
Roper Edward Mrs. house 1 Oak, Belvidere 
Roper Francis, operative, house 2 Pond, Belvidere 
Roper George A. bookkeeper, Willie, cor. Franklin, house 

36 Walker 
Roper George W. machinist, house 25 Marshall 
Rosander Charles, sawyer, house rear 17 Howard 
Roscoe Maurice, carpenter, Hamilton corporation 
Rose Ann, widow, house 289 Broadway 
Rose George, knitter, boards 289 Broadway 
Rose George W. boards 69 Lawrence 

Rose Gilbert, receiving clerk, freight depot, h. 365 Central 
Rose Joseph T. teamster, house 140 Middlesex 
Rose Maria Mrs. dressmaker, house 19 Kirk 
Rose Samuel, knitter, house 289 Broadway 

Rose , operative, house 7 Front, Centralville 

Ross (Charles A.) & Jewett ( G. A.), carriage manufs., 
Willie, cor. Cross, house 182 School 


Ross George, carder, house 32 Lyon 

Ross James F. hairdresser, Washington House, house 81 

Ross Robert C, L. M. S., boards 41 Marion 

Ross Thomas II. laborer, h. Riverside, n. Dracut line, Paw. 

Ross William, carpenter, boards 3 Tremont corp. 

Rosseter John, laborer, house 142 Market 

Rosseter Richard, laborer, house 83 Broadway 

Roth well George, hostler, boards 111 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Rothwell John, operative, house 3 Mellen's court, Bel. 

Rothwell M. C. Mrs. house 10 First, Centralville 

Rothwell Thomas W. clerk, house 12 Madison 

Rousseau Eleazer, sashmaker, house 2 Farsou's court 

Rowe Patrick, operative, house 236 Market 

Rowell Daniel, suspender maker, house 74 Appleton 

Rowell Edward T. (Harden & Rowell), prop., " Lowell Cour- 
ier," Museum bldg. also postmaster, b. 163 Bridge, Cent. 

Rowell Harriet C. Mrs. house 1 Lawson 

Rowland Charles T. clerk, 217 Lawrence, b. 5 Wamesit 

Rowland Peter, operative, house 32 Winter 

Rowland Thomas, wool sorter, house 5 Wamesit 

Roy Basilide, boots and shoes, 338 Merrimack, h. 202 do. 

Roy Martha, laundry, 25 High, house do. Bel. 

Roy Napoleon, laborer, house 95 Worthen 

Royal James J. harness maker, 49 Central, bds. 71 Bridge 

Ruddock Thomas W. correspondent, 98 Middle, house 219 

Rugg Amos, paymaster, Mass. Cotton mills, h. 40 Branch 

Rugg Charles, machinist, boards 119 Fayette, Bel. 

Rugg Chester W. Mrs. house Vernon, cor. Bennett, Cent. 

Rugg Horace D. carpenter, boards 167 Bridge, Cent. 

Rugg II. A. umbrella and music store, 75 and 77 Merrimack, 
boards Vernon, cor. Bennett, Centralville 

Rugg Irene, widow, house 442 Middlesex 

Rugg Judson E. clerk, 80 Merrimack, h. 167 Bridge, Cent. 

Rugg L. D. Mrs. house 167 Bridge, Centralville 

Rugg Samuel S. machinist, house 20 Race 

Rugg Winfield S. cabinet maker, boards 442 Middlesex 

Runals Robert K. grocer, 319 Merrimack, boards 408 do. 

Rundlett Frank G. letter carrier, P. O. house 11 Cottage 

Rundlett Kirk V. engineer, B. & L. R. R., house 224 Mid- 
dlesex, room 19 

Runels (Charles and Henry), Davis (Natt A.), & Foster 
(Ghas. IF.), granite dealers, 83 Congress, boards 233 

Runels Daniel, painter, boards 59 Appleton 

Runels George, president, Lowell water board, house 233 

Runels Henry (Runels, Davis, & Foster), h. 233 Thorndike 


Runels , stone cutter, boards 96 Appleton 

Rushlow Alexander J. marble cutter, b. 32 Hamilton Corp. 

Rushlow Thomas, shoemaker, 131 Middlesex 

Rushworth Benjamin, machinist, house 79 Lawrence 

Rushworth Charles B. machinist, boards 79 Lawrence 

Rushworth Charles L. upholsterer, 23 Market, house 21 
Warn es it 

Rushworth John W. gigger, house 5 Merrill's court 

Rushworth William, blacksmith, house 154 Chelmsford 

Russ Clara D. Mrs. boards 16 Hurd 

Russell Albert G mason, boards 249 Central 

Russell Alouzo, carpenter, boards 13 Lawrence corp. 

Russell Alonzo L. grocer, 45 Branch, cor. School, house 49 

Russell Ann, widow, house 122 Chelmsford 

Russell Annie, widow, house 61 Salem 

Russell Asa C. selling agent, Thorndike Manuf. Co., house 
55 Appleton 

Russell B. F. & C. E. grocers, 138 Market, cor. Dummer, 
boards 235 Middlesex 

Russell Charles, teamster, house 41 Floyd 

Russell Charles E. ( B. F. & G. E. Russell), 138 Market, 
corner Dummer, house 235 Middlesex 

Russell (Gyrus K.) & Cheney (Geo. S.), grocers, 281 Mer- 
rimack, house 377 do. 

Russell Cyrus VV. clerk, 281 Merrimack, boards 377 do. 

Russell Daniel, Lowell, boards 6 South Franklin court 

Russell David, spinner, house 9 Boott corp. 

Russell Elizabeth II. Mrs. boarding house, 58 Mass. corp. 

Russell Emily D. boarding house, 17 Merrimack corp. 

Russell Emily H. Mrs. house 3 Middlesex place 

Russell Frank, operative, boards 18 Salem 

Russell Hannah, widow, house 98 Salem 

Russell James, boards 55 Gorham 

Russell James B. boards 39 Nesmith, Belvidere 

Russell James C. overseer, Merrimack, house 68 do. corp. 

Russell James S. teacher, High school, h. 39 Nesmith, Bel. 

Russell Josiah, mason, house 249 Central 

Russell Leonard M. machinist, house 78 Howard 

Russell Martha Mrs. house 123 Middlesex 

Russell Michael, machinist, house 291 Middlesex 

Russell Mira Mrs. boards 17 Market 

Russell Richard, folder, house 351 Central 

Russell Sarah A. widow, house 6 South Franklin court 

Russell Sydney S. Mrs. house 25 Whipple 

Russell Warren, fireman, Merrimack, boards 124 Suffolk 

Russell Wm. A. J. brassfinisher, house 34 Bartlett, Bel. 

Rutherford George E. tinsmith, house 49 Tilden 

Rutherford Robert, loomfixer, house 9 Holbrook's ct.. Bel. 


Ryan Bridget Mrs. house rear 53 Dutton 

Ryan Bridget, widow, house 106 Adams 

Ryan Edward C boards 61 Lawrence Corp. 

Ryan Forbes W. grocer, 263 Broadway, house 1T5 Cross 

Ryan Jeremiah, plumber, boards 56 Dutton 

Ryan John, house 201 Market 

Ryan John, clerk, boards rear 53 Dutton 

Ryan John, house 9 Summer 

Ryan John, laborer, house 34 Broadway 

Ryan John, laborer, boards 11 Cross 

Ryan John E. grocer, 241 Goiham, house do. 

Ryan John P. laborer, house 3 Suffolk hall 

Ryan Julia II. widow, house 4 Suffolk court 

Ryan Martin, laborer, house 12 Union 

Ryan Mary, widow, house 11 Cross 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 49 Broadway 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 12 Lee 

Ryan Patrick, operative, house 5 Chapel 

Ryan Patrick, operative, house 61 Fenwick 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house rear 12 Fenwick 

Ryan Patrick, 147 Central, boards 11 Cross 

Ryan Sarah Miss, house 9 Summer 

Ryan Thomas, gasfitter, 5 Prescott, boards 13 Church 

Ryan William, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 

Ryan William F. machinist, boards 143 Worthen 

Ryan William, laborer, house rear 20 William 

Ryan William, Hamilton, house 5 Gorham 

Ryden George, painter, house 398 Central 

Ryden (John) & Rooks (G. W.), painters, 16 Whipple, 

house 15 Lyon 
Ryden Thomas, machinist, house 14 Newhall 
Ryder Chester, Lawrence, house 14 do. corp. 
Ryder James E. painter, 121 Central, house 351 do. 
Ryder Reuben, mariner, house 18 Willie [Belvidere 

Ryerson II. J. fancy gds. 29 Central, h. 138 E. Merrimack, 
Rylan Edwin, moulder, boards 143 Worthen 
Rylan J. Martin, carpenter, boards 143 Worthen 
Ryland William C. clerk, house 24 First, Cent. 

SABINE NATHANIEL, farmer, h. Varnum ave., Paw. 
Sabol Farenda, laborer, house 11 Hancock avenue 
Sadler Horace G. agent, house 41 Chapel 
Sadler John, painter, boards 63 West Union 
Sadler Margaret, widow, house 63 West Union 
Safford W. Augustus, druggist and bird dealer, 79 Merri- 
mack, house 32 Dutton 
Sager Amheivt E. carpenter, house 62 West, Cent. 
Sale J. A. carpenter, house 8 Fifth, Cent. 
Sail R. E. Miss, boards 240 Central 


Sails Edwin S. 115 Central, house 39 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Sails Harriet M. Mrs. variety store, 115 Central, house 39 

Bartlett, Belvidere 
Sails Reuben, sashmaker, house 8 Adams 
Salmon Arthur F. cleric, Lowell Hosiery Co. b. 69 Paw'ket 
Salmon Edward A. bleacher, house 38 Franklin 
Salmon George F. machinist, house 171 Cross 
Salmon Patrick Mrs. variety store, 3 Summer, house 5 do. 
Salmon William F. manager, Lowell Hosiery Co., Mt. Ver- 
non, near Broadway, house 69 Pawtucket 
Saltmarsh J. Frank, stonecutter, house 372 Gorham 
Sampier Mitchell, laborer, house 68 Hall 
Sampson Mary A. Mrs. house 36 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Samuels Frederic, Lawrence, boards 5 Tremont corp. 
Samuelson John, laborer, house 28 Lewis 
Sanborn Amos Mrs. house 37 Kirk 
Sanborn Andrew J. machinist, foreman, S. C. Smith's, house 

162 Cross 
Sanborn A. & Co. (H. B. and H. M. Bacon), watches, jew- 

clry, and manufactory of silverware, 25 Central 
Sanborn Byron C. boarding house, 208 Broadway 
Sanborn Caroline Mrs. house 97 Appleton 
Sanborn Ebenezer G. house 4 Marshall 
Sanborn Edward P. mason, house 50 Howard 
Sanborn Edwin, carriagemaker, Andover, cor. Pleasant, Bel. 

house 124 High, Belvidere 
Sanborn Elon A. overseer, Prescott, h. 3 do. Corp., Bel. 
Sanborn Frank B. clerk, 93 Market 
Sanborn George Washington, jr. section hand, boards 15 

Myrtle, Centralville 
Sanborn George W. silversmith, 62 Market 
Sanborn George W. house 15 Myrtle, Centralville 
Sanborn Henry L. spinner, boards 27 Cady 
Sanborn James, sash maker, boards 208 Broadway 
Sanborn John, overseer, spinning, Hamilton, h. 36 do. corp. 
Sanborn J. J. carpenter, house 375 River, Cent. 
Sanborn Laroy S. clerk, 147 Central, boards 27 Cady 
Sanborn Nathaniel C. photographer, 50 Merrimack, house 

108 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Sanborn Olivia W. fancy goods, 105 Merrimack, house do. 
Sanborn Orrin E. teamster, 69 Bartlett, Belvidere 
Sanborn Page, house 15 Lee 
Sanborn P. A. Mrs. nurse, house 6 Nichols 
Sanborn Stephen C. house 27 Cady 
Sanborn Theodore A. mason, house 17 Myrtle, Cent. 
Sanborn Thomas J. police, house 9 Everett, Bel. 
Sanborn Willis, carpenter, boards 6 Nichols 

Sancoinb Miss, dressmaker, 113 Merrimack 

Sandalls James, house 3 Bay State avenue 


Sandelman Rudolph, machinist, boards 13 Hamilton corp. 
Sanders Albert C. clerk, 113 E. Merrimack, bds. 105 High, 

Sanders Edward, house 251 Market 
Sanders Elizabeth Miss, house 889 Middlesex 
Sanders Harry B. clerk, 131 Central, boards 105 High, Bel. 
Sanders Orpha, widow, house 105 High, Bel. 
Sanders, see also Saunders 

Sanderson Charles, gas piper, house 257 Gorham 
Sanderson Charles C. laborer, boards 33 Cheever 
Sanderson George, carder, house 2 Edgerlcy's court 
Sanderson Nelson, carpenter, house 4 Mass. corp. 
Sanderson Oliver, laborer, house 33 Cheever 
Sanderson Samuel 0. carpenter, boards 33 Cheever 
Sandless James J. 3 Middlesex, boards 3 Bay State ave. 
Sands John, painter, boards 120 Middlesex 
Sanford Melissa, widow, house W. Ninth, n. Bridge, Cent. 
Sanford M. A. Mrs. boards 408 Merrimack 
Santry Catharine Miss, house 18 Marion 
Santry James, laborer, house 214 Market 
Sargent Abbie L. teacher, primary No. 39, boards 110 

Stackpole, Belvidere 
Sargent Anna A. teacher, Edson school, bds. 260 Gorham 
Sargent Alexis D. (J. L. Sargent & Go.), 4 Merrimack, bds. 

at Dracut [Branch 

Sargent B. F. (Davis & Sargent), 275 Middlesex, house 80 
Sargent Charles A. painter, house 68 Lawrence 
Sargent Eben D. & Son (E. B. Sargent), fish dealers, 92 

Middlesex, house 40 Chapel 
Sargent Edward M. expressman, house 41 Andover, Bel. 
Sargent Edward P. bookkeeper, U. S. Cartridge Company, 

boards 5 Gates 
Sargent Emmons B. (E. D. Sargent & Son), 92 Middlesex, 

house Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Sargent E. W. machinist, house 65 Sixth, Cent. 
Sargent Frank G. watches and jewelry, 220 Middlesex, h. 

96 Wannalaneit 
Sargent Fred. M. roadmastcr, house 142 Grand 
Sargent Fred. M. mail messenger, boards 41 Andover, Bel. 
Sargent Frederick VV. (Chase & Sargent), 5 Central, house 

96 Wannalaneit 
Sargent Frederick VV". jr. clerk, 5 Central, h. 96 Wannalaneit 
Sargent George M. shoemaker, house 265 Gorham 
Sargent Herbert S. mason, 61 Central, house 19 Church 
Sargent Joseph L. & Co. (Alexis D. Sargent), provisions, 4 

Merrimack, house at Dracut 
Sargent L. A. Mrs. house 23 West Fourth, Cent. 
Sargent Maiy E. Miss, librarian, Middlesex Mechanics' As- 
sociation, boards 110 Stackpole, Bel. 


Sargent M. J. widow, boards 37 Tyler 

Sargent Stephen, tinsmith, house 9 Boott Corp. 

Sargent Stephen P. house 599 Middlesex 

Sargent Sumner, janitor, Middlesex Mechanics' Association 

reading-room, house 110 Stackpole, Bel. 
Sargent Timothy D. section master, house 18 Whipple 
Sargent Waldo, clerk, Bleachery, house 354 Gorham 
Sargent Wareham M. mason, house 121 Powell 
Sargent Warren (Iiollins & Sargent), 61 Central, house 57 

Sargent Willard S. C. engineer, house 23 Loring 
Sargent William W. clerk, 7 Central, house 65 Sixth, Cent. 
Sartell William, Tremont, boards Tremont House 
Sasservil Alford, moulder, house 4 Parson's court 
Saucier Henry, laborer, house rear 5 Hancock ave. 
Sauluier Alfred, carpenter, house rear 27 Aiken 
Sauls Rhoda Miss, dressmaker, house 240 Central 
Saunders Abigail C. Mrs. boards 61 Charles 
Saunders Alfred S. carriage manuf. 78 Bridge, Centralville, 

house 38 Methuen, Cent. 
Saunders Charles II. painter, house 340 Middlesex 
Saunders Charles N. (Cat.), boards 128 Stackpole, Bel. 
Saunders Charles W. & Co. (D. Saunders), lumber, 351 to 

371 Middlesex, house 128 Stackpole, Bel. 
Saunders Dana, laborer, house rear 29 Middle 
Saunders Daniel ( G. W. Saunders & Co.), h. at Lawrence 
Saunders Edward, laborer, house 251 Market 
Saunders Edward T., B. & M. R. R. depot, bds. 36 Church 
Saunders Elizabeth S. Miss, clerk, 275 Central, boards 54 

Saunders Elvira M. widow, house 56 Stackpole, Bel. 
Saunders Frank E. overseer, Hamilton, house 11 do. corp. 
Saunders George A., Merrimack, house 40 Methuen, Cent. 
Saunders (Jacob) & Jaqucs (F. P.), provisions, 223 Central, 

and 36 Charles, house 61 Charles 
Saunders James, laborer, house 43 Tremont 
Saunders John H. printer, 12 Middle, h. rear 63 Market 
Saunders Mary A. widow, house 63 Middle 
Saunders Robert, laborer, house 42 Tremont 
Saunders Thomas, laborer, at gas works, h. 72 Broadway 
Saunders Thomas E. shoemaker, 132 Central, h. 36 Church 
Saunders, see also Sanders 

Savage M. P. Mrs. dressmaker, house 250 Bridge, Cent. 
Savage Patrick, hostler, 49 Middle, h. Brophy's building, 

Savill Alfred, clerk, 42 Central, boards 192 do. 
Savory Charles A. physician, 46 Kirk, house do. 
Sawtell Appleton B. engineer, house 217 Chelmsford 
Sawtcll Culvm Mrs. house 6 Tremont corp. 


Sawtell D. M. carpenter, house 17 Suffolk corp. 
Sawtell Henry I. machinist, house 50 Franklin 
Sawtell Herbert II. machinist, h. 13 No. Franklin court 
Sawtell John B. clerk, 4 Merrimack, b. 6 Tremont corp. 
Sawtell Josiah A. bridge builder, 80 School, h. Sawtell pi. 
Sawtelle Abbott A. grocer (Billerica), house 29 Franklin 
Sawtelle N. Howard, clerk, 1 Gushing, boards 35 Adams 
Sawtelle Selden L. provisions, 68 D Litton, h. 33 Franklin 
Sawyer Aaron, painter, boards 48 Tenth, Cent. 
Sawyer (Aaron G ) & Taylor ( Geo. H.), carriages, sleighs, 

harnesses, etc. 212 and 214 Middlesex, Stott's block, 

house 51 Fletcher 
Sawyer Albeit L clerk, 251 Thorndike, bds 51 Fletcher 
Sawyer Alexander, Boott, boards 13 Central 
Sawyer Alfred A. clerk, 366 Merrimack, house Mammoth, 

Sawyer Charles, carpenter, house 63 Appleton 
Sawyer Emma A. Mrs. tailoress, bds. 82 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Sawyer Emma C. teacher, Colburn school, bds. 122 Bridge, 

Sawyer Francis A. teamster, house 58 Fletcher 
Sawyer Frank, conductor, B. & M. R. R. bds. Washington 

Sawyer Frank F. boards 63 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Sawyer F. II. clerk, Hamilton Manuf. Co. boards 63 

E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Sawyer Hamilton J. machinist, Harris mills, 200 Broad- 
way, house 42 Butterfield [land 
Sawyer Jacob H. agent, Appleton Company, h. 44 High- 
Sawyer James F. painter, house 26 Albion, Cent. 
Sawyer John A. painter, boards 48 Tenth, Cent. 
Sawyer Joshua, carpenter, house 13 Second, Cent. 
Sawyer Laura B. Mrs. h. at J. II. Sawyer's, 44 Highland 
Sawyer Luther D. house 189 Moody 
Sawyer Orrin A. operative, house 18 First, Cent. 
Sawyer Rupha YV. farmer, h. Varnum ave. Pawtucketville 
Sawyer Sarah, widow, house 48 Tenth, Cent. 
Sawyer Sophronia Mrs. house 17 W. Fifth, Cent. 
Sawyer Thomas C. carriage depository, 212 Middlesex, 

house at S. Amesbury [Cent. 

Sawyer Walter M. clerk, First Nat. Bank, h. 17 W. Fifth, 
Sawyer William E. mason, house 13 Second, Cent. 
Sayers John, laborer, house 174 Adams 
Sayers Thomas, laborer, house 18 Salem 
Sayles Albert W. contractor, L. M. S. h. last on Westford 
Scadding Aaron, house 164 Lawrence 
Scadding Alfred W. boards 164 Lawrence 
Scadding Charles B. hack driver, house 94 Marion 
Scales Edward A. carpenter, house 13 E. Merrimack, Bel. 


Scales Ellen F. widow, house 94 South 

Scales Margaret R. widow, house 57 Adams 

Scales Sally Miss, house 29 Sixth, Cent. 

Scales Sarah E. teacher, primary No. 40, house 94 South 

Scamhorn George, carder, boards 3 Tremout corp. 

Scanlan James, Lawrence, boards 123 Adams 

Scanlan Peter, laborer, boards 118 Market 

Scanlon Mary, widow, house 123 Adams 

Scanlon Jeremiah, laborer, house 7 Knowles place 

Scanlon John, laborer, house rear 23 Swift 

Scanlon Patrick, pressman, house 33 Front, Centralville 

Scanned Daniel, laborer, boards 216 Market 

Scannell Jeremiah, laborer, boards 216 Market 

Scanned Mary, widow, house 216 Market 

Scantlan John, mule spinner, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 

Scarlott James, blacksmith, house 82^ Merrimack corp. 

Schemmerhorn Nicolas, Merrimack, bds. 31 Hamilton corp. 

Schnell John F. operative, house 4 Farsou's court 

Schofield Joseph, boarding house, 1 Agawam 

Schoolcraft Ethan, watchman, Lawrence corp. 

Schoolcraft Ezro, laborer, boards 109 Middlesex 

Schoolcraft James, laborer, boards 18 Suffolk 

Scobey Jane D. widow, house 20 Austin 

Scollan Patrick, laborer, house 85 Willie 

Scotchburn Thomas, machinist, house 11 Lyon 

Scott Agnes Mrs. boarding house, 54 Boott corp. 

Scott Betsey, widow, house 43 Water, Bel. 

Scott Charles, boards 65 Bridge, Cent. 

Scott Frank, Boott, boards 54 do. corp. 

Scott George, I ravelling agent, boards City JJotel, Bel. 

Scott George C. 17 Prescott, boards 22 lioott corp. 

Scott Henry J. iron moulder, house 17 Ilolbrook's ct. Bel. 

Scott Hugh, wool-sorter, Middlesex, boards 27 Warren 

Scott Hugh, Middlesex, house 40 Pleasant, Bel. 

Scott James, shoemaker, 8 Madison, house 12 do. 

Scott James, contractor, L. M. S. boards 73 Appleton 

Scott James A. clerk, 34 Central, boards 64 High, Bel. 

Scott John, farmer, house Quebec, cor. Manchester, A. C. 

Scott John, overseer, Chase mills, boards 5 Agawam 

Scott John, foreman, L. M. S. locomotive dept. house 

9 Buttcrficld 
Scott John, gardener, at E. Shepard's, Fairniount, house 21 

Scott John, engineer, house 119 Lawrence 
Scott Marion A. teacher, primary No. 48, b. Eleventh, Cent. 
Scott Marshall, painter, house 20 Abbott 
Scott Thomas Mrs. house 18 Cedar 
Scott William, blacksmith, house 107 Chapel 
Scott William, moulder, house 23 Walnut 


Scribner Charles, house 136 Liberty 

Scribner George F. contractor, L. M. S. h. 6 do. corp. 

Scribner Louisa Mrs. boarding house, 35 Lawrence corp. 

Scripture Fanny, teacher, Edson school 

Scripture George E. 275 Central, house 269 do. 

Scripture Isaac Mrs. house 269 Central 

Scripture Sarah A. widow, house 57 Merrimack corp. 

Scripture Stephen A. baker, 275 Central, house 54 Chapel 

Scruton Charles W. brakeman, house 68 R;iilroad 

Scruton George L. shoemaker, house 118 Westford 

Scruton , boards 10 Wellman's block 

Scullin Ann, saloon, 39 Gorham, house do. 

Scully John, laborer, house 61 River, Centralville 

Scully Mary, widow, house 211 Market 

Scully William, laborer, house 9 Fenwick 

Scully William, laborer, house 43 Crosby 

Seabury Joseph B. Rev. pastor John-st. Cong. Church, 

house 28 Westford 
Searl Edwin T. Mrs. house 297 Central 
Searl Frances Mrs. house rear 90 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Searle Charles J. house 54 Merrimack corp. 
Searle Frank, painter, 158 Central, boards 61 Appleton 
Searle Frank II. asst. city cleik, boards 54 Merrimack corp. 
Searle Frank W. asst. city clerk, City Gov't bldg. boards 

54 Merrimack corp. 
Searle George F. sewing machines, 145 Central, b. 172 do. 
Searle George W. clerk, 44| Merrimack, boards 54 Rock 
Searle John P. boots and shoes, 217 Middlesex, h. 51 Rock 
Searle John S. counsellor, Central, cor. Jackson, boards 54 

Sears Daniel, carpenter, boards 19 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Sears Fred, carpenter, house 19 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
•Seaver George YV. Mrs. boards 43 Howard 
Seaver John C. coach driver, house 7 Goward place 
Seaver William, engineer, Hamilton, house 43 Howard 
Seavy John, painter, house 93 Bridge, Cent. 
Secor Elizabeth, house 40 Liberty 
Sedcrquist Norman II. carpenter, house 62 Railroad 
Seede John T. clerk, 266 Central, house 11 Centre 
Seede Sarah C. widow, boards 11 Centre 
Seer David, teamster, house 25 Aiken 
Seery Annie Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Gorham, house do. 
Sceton Robert B. brass finisher, 92 Middle, h. 16 Webster 

ave. Cent. 
Seger Jarvis M. sashmaker, house 67 Wilder 
Seiferth Franc, second hand, house 12 Taylor 
Self George, machinist, house 15 Water, Bel. 
Self John Mrs. house 49 Lawrence 
Sells C. carpenter, boards 42 Museum building 


Selvess Mary, widow, house 94 Cabot 
Semple Mary II. Mrs. house 15 Kirk 
Senior John, loom fixer, house 41 Prospect 
Sennott Martin, operative, boards 132 Lawrence 
Senter George, carpenter, boards 29 Lawrence Corp. 
Senter Harrison, Lawrence, house 118 Appleton 
Senter William, carpenter, house 29 Lawrence corp. 
Seucer Frank, laborer, boards rear 145 Middlesex 
Severance Byron, brakeman, B. L. & N. R. R. h. 33 Fletcher 
Severance Elizabeth B. nurse, house 142 Merrimack corp. 
Severance George W. bobbinmaker, house 170 Merrimack 
Severance John, Suffolk, boards 4 do. corp. 
Severance John L. watchman, Middlesex, house 58 Stack- 
pole, Belvidere 
Severance William II. painter, house 166 Cross 
Sevrens Herod T. Mrs. house 47 Branch 
Sewell Samuel, house 46 Oak, Belvidere 
Seward Josiah L. Rev. pastor, Unitarian Church, bds. Merri- 

mac House 
Sexton Bridget, widow, house 58 Charles 
Sexton Catharine, widow, house 19 Chapel 
Sexton Ellen, widow, house 97 Congress 
Sexton John, blacksmith, boards 97 Congross 
Sexton Martin, operative, house 222 Lawrence 
Sexton Patrick, carpet weaver, house 36 Floyd 
Sexton Stephen, hostler, house 2 Kelty's court 
Sexton Timothy, laborer, house 7 Winter 
Seymour Edward, carpenter, house Shaw's blk., East Pine 
Seymour Ernest, operative, boards 14 Appleton corp. 
Seymour Peter, laborer, house 70 Ilall 
Shacklbrd Charles J. clerk, 4 Canal block, house 13 Adams 
Shadduck George K. peddler, house 24 Chestnut, Bel. 
Shad rick Samuel, cabinetmaker, boards 300 Middlesex 
Shaley Mary, widow, house 342 Central 
Shambeau Estor, widow, house 23 Lee 

Shanahan Chas. T. flagman, B. & M. R. R., house 53 Church 
Shanahan Cornelius, Lowell, house 77 Adams 
Shanahan Daniel, laborer, house 43 Davidson, Belvidere 
Shanahan Jeremiah, laborer, house 82 Adams 
Shanahan John, laborer, house 65 Fenwick 
Shanahan John, laborer, house 15 River, Cent. 
Shanahan Patrick, laborer, house 6 Theatre block 
Shanahan Timothy, laborer, house 53 Church 
Shandley John, L. M. S. house 72 South 
Shandley Patrick, operative, house 70 South 
Shaning James, operative, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Shaning Sylvester, laborer, house 1 Suffolk hall 
Shanley Catharine Mrs. house 43 Cedar 
Shanley James, mason, house 100 Gorham 


Shanley John, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop 

Shauley Michael, Lowell, house 146 Market 

Shanley Patrick, Boott, house 21 River, Cent. 

Shanley Patrick, Lowell, house rear 146 Market 

Shannon Catharine, widow, boards rear 29 Middle 

Shannon James, laborer, boards 18 Marion 

Shannon John, laborer, house 69 Church 

Shannon Mary, widow, house Austin's block, Coolidge 

Shannon Robert, clerk, 36 Middlesex, house 134 do. 

Sharkey John, laborer, boards rear 32 Appleton 

Sharkey Michael, laborer, house 32 Appleton 

Sharp Gideon, operative, boards 53 Pleasant, Belvidere 

Sharp Jessie, widow, house 33 Cheever 

Sharp John, carder, boards 12 Orange 

Sharpe Henry, laborer, house rear 128 Chelmsford 

Sharpe William, dyer, 112 Moody, house do. 

Sharpies William, hairdresser, 161 Central, boards 112 do. 

Sharrow Frank, laborer, house 13 Somerset 

Shattuck Geo. YV. cashier, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, 98 Middle, 

house 131 Pawtucket 
Shattuck Henry, shoemaker, house 86 Middlesex 
Shattuck Horace B. hardware, 34 Central, and 14 Prescott, 

house 228 Andover, Bel. 
Shattuck Sewall, photographist, 19 Central, house 10 First, 

Shattuck William Mrs. rooms 63 Lawrence Corp. 
Shaughnessy John, mule spinner, bds. 11 Mellin's ct., Bel. 
Shaw Charles, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Shaw Charles, spinner, Prescott corp., house 6 Cabot 
Shaw Daniel W. second hand, Lawrence, house 53 do. corp. 
Shaw Eliza Mrs. house Grand, cor. Hale 
Shaw Francis E., proprietor, Washington House, Central, c. 

Shaw Howard D., Suffolk, house 8 do. corp. 
Shaw (James W. B.), Ilight (H. H.), & Boardman ( G. H.), 

dry goods, 134 Merrimack, house 150 Worthen 
Shaw Joseph, carpenter, house 110 School 
Shaw Major A. overseer, Mass., house 23 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Shaw Orlando, Lawrence, boards 31 do. corp. 
Shaw Richard P. Mrs. house 38 Chapel 
Shaw Richard W. machinist, boards 38 Chapel 
Shaw Robert, mule spinner, boards 39 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Shaw Ruth, widow, house 11 Prescott corp., Belvidere 
Shaw Ruth S. Mrs. variet3* store, 125 Middlesex, house do. 
Shaw Thomas P. student, house 351 Merrimack 
Shaw Thomas S. agent, Tremont and Suffolk mills, house 

351 Merrimack 
Shea Daniel, laborer, house 201 Market 
Shea Deunis, laborer, house 189 Market 


Shea Eliza, widow, house 43 Salem 

Shea James, laborer, house 155 Adams 

Shea Jeremiah, laborer, house at Chase's bone factory, Paw 

Shea Jeremiah, junk gatherer, house 21 Winter 

Shea Jeremiah, laborer, house 9 Molloy's court 

Shea Jeremiah, tailor, house 62 Fayette, Bclvidere 

Shea John, currier, boards 29 Kidder 

Shea John, laborer, house 9 Molloy's court 

Shea John, laborer, house 11 Jefferson 

Shea Mary, widow, house 174 Adams 

Shea Mary, widow, house rear 115 Market 

Shea Michael, laborer, house 1 Johnson's block, Merrimack 

Shea Michael G. clerk, 241 Gorham, boards do. 

Shea Patrick, laborer, house 164 Adams 

Shea Patrick, laborer, boards 30 Jefferson 

Shea Thomas, laborer, house rear 20 Summer 

Sheahan Edward, 26 Gorham, house 93 do. 

Shean Timothy, gas fitter, 5 Prescott 

Shearer Margaret, widow, boards 16 Suffolk 

Shedd Asenath Mrs. widow, house 252 Andover, Bel. 

Shedd Caroline F. widow, house 14 Howard 

Shedd Clarissa, widow, house 11 Warren 

Shedd Freeman B. (E. W. Hoyt & Co.), 139 Central, house 

252 Andover, Belvidere 
Shedd L. Jackson, butcher, boards 657 Middlesex 
Shedd Lydia C. widow, boarding house, 11 Warren 
Shedd Mary L. Miss, house 128 Suffolk 
Shedd Peter A. hostler, boards 23 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Shedd William II. boards 11 Warren 
Sheehan Bartholomew, laborer, house 13 Mead 
Sheehan Dennis, laborer, house 13 Willie avenue 
Sheehan Dennis, coachman, at 164 Nesmith, Bel. 
Sheehan Ellen, widow, house 2 Putney's court 
Sheehan Jeremiah, tailor, 53 Central, boards 74 Church 
Sheehan John, laborer, house rear 68 Appleton 
Sheehan John, L. M. S. house 38 William 
Sheehan John, at bleachery, house 40 Crosby 
Sheehan Patrick, stone mason, house 16 Cedar 
Sheehan Peter, gardener, house 274 Nesmith, Bel. 
Sheffield Andrew, roofer, house rear 33 School 
Sheffield James W. carpenter, house 50 School 
Sheldon Abiel W. provisions, 4 Cabot, house 15 Varney 
Sheldon Eleanor Mrs. house 120 Bridge, Centralville 
Sheldon George, machinist, house 35 Howard 
Sheldon Gertrude, teacher, 60 Merrimack 
Sheldon Henry, plumber, house 16 Fremont, Cent. 
Sheldon Ida, assistant, Green school, house 35 Howard 
Sheldon Nancy M. widow, house 35 Howard 
Sheldon Theodore, laborer, house rear 105 River, Cent. 


Shelvey Patrick, laborer, house foot of Tilden 

Shelvey Thomas, laborer, boards 11 Church 

Shepard Alby J. clerk, 4 5 Central, house 29 High, Bel. 

Shepard Charles, student, boards 107 Cross 

Shepard Elizabeth, widow, house roar 01 Charles 

Shepard G-. Frank Mrs. house 13 Hudson 

Shepard Henry, confectioner, '57 Central, house Mammoth, 

near Dracut line, Pawtucketville 
Shepard Harriet B. Mrs, boards 107 Cross 
Shepard Jacob, blacksmith, house .'55 Prospect 
Shepard .lames, painter, house I Jowe-street avenue, Bel. 
Shepard JameS, Operative, house 13 Wamesit 
Shepard James II. shuttlemaker, boards -50 Walnut 
Shepard Jesse II. engineer, boards 107 Cross 
Shepard John, overseer, Hamilton, house Hampshire, near 

West Sixth, Central ville 
Shepard Libbie Miss, hoards 02 Railroad 
Shepard Luther E. counsellor, 4 5 Central, h. 29 High, Bel. 
Shepard Orwin N. baker, 27.0 Central 
Shepard Rosa, widow, boards Mammoth, Pawtucketville 
Shepard William, stock and exchange broker, 28 Central, 

house 107 Cross 

Shephard Abraham', house 15 Hudson 
Shephard Benjamin, overseer, Stott's mills, h. Hudson 
Shephard Benjamin, setving machine agent, 74 Merrimack, 
house; 71 Bridge, Oentralville 

Shephard James, machinist, house '.'/.) Water, Bel. 
Shephard Robert) tailor, house 5 Brown's bl'k, Marshall 

Shephard Robert J. engraver, house 41 Water, Bel. 
Sheppard Edwin, florist, 224 Fair mount, Bel house do. 
Sheppard Edwin jr. florist, boards 224 Fairmount, Bel. 
Sheppard Lewis, florist, 224 Fairmount, Bel. 
Sheran Eliza, widow, house 27 River, Oentralville 
Sherburne John C. & (Jo., elevator, Western ave., h. 24Grove 
Sheridan Bridget, house H7 Adams 
Sheridan Dennis, blacksmith, house 27 Union 
Sheridan James, boltmaker, boards 8 Floyd 
Sheridan James, operative, house rear . r > I Market 
Sherlock Edward, M. P. W., hoards 185 Merrimack corp. 
Sherlock Edward, harnessmaker, 4 Market, h. 24 Marion 

Sherlock John, laborer, house '.'>'.'> Common 

Sherlock Michael, carpenter, house Chapel 

Sherlock Patrick, laborer, house 21 Cross 

Sherlock Patrick, harnessmaker, 40 Market, h. 71 Jewett, 


Sherman Adelia JVI . Mrs clairvoyant, 65 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Sherman Alexander W. (//. ft. Barker & Co.), steam and 
^■as pipe fittings, 8 and 10 Central, house 50 Mt. Ver- 
non, between Bowers and Varney 


Sherman Calvin G. machinist, house 155 Cross 

Sherman Charles F. student, 170 Merrimack, b. 29 Grand 

Sherman Charles N., Merrimack, boards 137 do. corp. 

Sherman Charles II. spinner, and boarding h. 7 Lowell corp. 

Sherman Cordelia Miss, house Manchester, n. Quebec 

Sherman Danfbrth, dresser, boards 11 Mass. corp. 

Sherman Edward F. Mrs. house 98 Pawtucket 

Sherman Eliza Mrs. house 10 Decatur 

Sherman George A. laborer, boards 513 Chelmsford 

Sherman J. Berry, carpenter, boards 98 Pawtucket 

Sherman Mary A. Mrs. house 33 Appleton block 

Sherman Pliebe Mrs. house 82 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Sherman Rebecca Mrs. house 98 Pawtucket 

Sherman William F. (Boston), house 29 Grand 

Sherman William \V. paymaster, Lowell Machine Shop, 

Button, house 8 do. corp. 
Sherwell E. Allen, operative, Boott, b. 52 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Sherwood Daniel (Woods, Slier wood, & Co.), 150 Bridge, 

house 55 Vernon, Cent. 
Sherwood Edwin L. carpenter, boards 32 Clay, Bel. 
Sherwood Selh, carpenter, house 7 Brown's bl'k, Marshall 
Sherwood William II. carpenter, house 99 Merrimack corp. 
Shields Bridget, widow, house 42 Hanover 
Shields Edward, spinner, house 09 River, Cent. 
Shields James, Lawrence, house 52 do. corp. 
Shields Jane, widow, boards Riverside, Pawtucketvillo 
Shields John, laborer, house Riverside, n. Dracut line, Paw. 
Shields John, painter, boards 42 Hanover 
Shields J. P. operative, boards Hamilton corp. 
Shields Michael, painter, house rear 118 Market 
Shine Jeremiah, machinist, boards 5 Fenwick 
Shinner Matthew, mason, house 25 Abbott 
Shinnick Michael, laborer, house 32 Winter 
Shipley Samuel D. sashtnaker, boards 128 Cross 
Shirley Charles II. boarding house, 51 Mass. corp. 
Shirley Eliza Mrs. house 51 Massachusetts Corp. 
Shirley Mary, widow, house 22 Cross 
Shirley Michael, laborer, house 22 Cross 
Shirley Samuel II. printer, 183 Middlesex, house 80 South 
Shirley Sarah Mrs. house 80 South 
Shores Joshua W. carpenter, house 6 Linden 
Shorey Charles E. & Co. grocers, 84 and 88 Middlesex, h. 

109 Charles 
Shorey John & Co. (0. G. Shorey), curtain fixtures and 

shade rollers, Hill's block, 20 Middlesex, h. 109 Central 
Shorey Lorenzo W. overseer paint shop, h. 9 Hamilton Corp. 
Shorey Moses W. carpenter and millwright, h. 97 Appleton 
Shorey Oliver C. (John Shorey <k Co.), 20 Middlesex", house 

32 Bartlett, Bel. 


Short Edward, bleachery, house 10 Kcono 

Short Josiah E. ticket agent, B. &. L. R, R., h. 29 Powell 

Short J. K., jr., general agent, B. & M. R. R., b. 29 Powell 

Short Richard II. clerk, house brophy's bldg., Dumrner 

Short William, butcher, boards 67 Common 

Short William E. house 14 Massachusetts corp. 

Short William E. Mrs. dressmaker, 14 Mass. corp. h. do. 

Shortall John, weaver, house 37 Merrill 

Shorties Robert, boilermaker, house 285 Lincoln, Ayer'sCity 

Shoitslevc George, piper, house 43 School 

Shufelt George A. carpenter, house 124 Coburn, Cent. 

Shufelt Philip, carpenter, boards 26 Paige 

Shurtleff Samuel S. carpenter, house 16 Adams 

Shute Alonzo, machinist, boards 329 Middlesex 

Shute Ann S. widow, house 16 Hudson 

Shute Annie Mrs. house 13 Spring 

Shute Michael, carpenter, house 66 High, Bel. 

Shy lock Edward, harnessmaker, house 22 Marion 

Sicard Charles, harnessmaker, 12 Appleton, h. 3 Farson's ct. 

Sicard Sophia, widow, house 69 Chapel 

Signoiy Julie, hcuse 5 Willow place, Bel. 

Silver Edward II. machinist, boards 60 Thorndike 

Silver Frederick A. stonecutter, house 52 Railroad 

Silver Frederick W. stonecutter, boards 52 Railroad 

Silver Harvey (Silver & Gay), machinist, North Chelms- 
ford, house 60 Thorndike 

Silver James B. cabinetmaker, 45 Prescott, boards do. 

Silver Mary, widow, house 13 Suffolk hall 

Silver Oren B. contractor, L. M. S. house Fairmount, opp. 
the reservoir, Bel. 

Simmons Wm. Henry, moulder, house 63 Howard 

Simms Mitchell B., Lowell, house 56 Water, Bel. 

Simonds Benjamin D. carder, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 

Simonds Daniel, laborer, boards 70 Kinsman 

Simonds Ephraim, overseer, at A. L. Brooks & Co.'s, house 
53 Fletcher 

Simonds Samuel B. bookbinder, 36 Central, h. 29 Willow, 

Simonds Thomas (Durant & Simonds), 12 Middlesex, house 
at Billerica 

Simoneau Joseph, laborer, house 71 Fayette, Bel. 

Simons Frank W. bill poster, 87 Central, h. 26 Fifth, Cent. 

Simons Herman, roofer, house rear 28 East Pine 

Simons Thcodosia, widow, house 111 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Simons Walter S. city bill poster, office 87 Central, house 52 

Simpson Abby II. house 48 Third, Cent. 

Simpson Albert W. wool sorter, house 119 Gorham 

Simpson Albion T. engineer, boards 23 Albion, Cent. 


Simpson Alvah 0. farmer, house near Catholic cemetery 
Simpson Andrew J. music and musical instruments, 41 Cen- 
tral, house 147 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Simpson Arthur, at Lowell coffee mills, house 416 Central 
Simpson Benjamin F. physician, house 67 Third, Cent. 
Simpson Benjamin P. driver, house 96 Pino 
Simpson Benjamin F. driver, house 63 Gushing 
Simpson David M. machinist, house 41 Marion 
Simpson Edward A. house 80 Baldwin, Middlesex village 
Simpson Lovercia A. saleswoman, 60 Merrimack 
Simpson Odanathus, carpenter, h. 43 Fremont, Cent. 
Simpson 0. A. teamster and contractor, 42 West Fourth, 

Ccntralville, house do. 
Simpson Robert, coffee manuf. 414 Central, house do. 
Simpson Thomas W. miller, house 23 Albion, Cent. 
Simpson William II. machinist, house 22 Coburn, Cent. 
Simpson's Quadrille Band, 5 City Hall ave. 
Sinclair Daniel II. police, house 22 Church 
Sinclair John, tailor, 88 Merrimack, boards 104 Market 
Sinclair Thomas, hairdresser, 96 Middlesex, h. 15 Jewett, 

Singaree Rachel, widow, house 226 Market 
Singleton Thomas, machinist, L. M. S. house 77 Crosby 
Singleton William, cigar maker, 83 Central 
Skene George, stonecutter, bds. 1 Brown's blk., Marshall 
Skiffington Michael, machinist, house 71 Appleton 
SkifHngton Patrick, machinist, house 87 Willie 
Shillings David G. blacksmith, house 26 Fremont, Cent. 
Skinner Abncr Mrs. house 8 Leo 

Skinner Adelbcrt C. thread and trimmings, 58 and 60 Mer- 
rimack, house 8 Lee 
Skinner Dyer B. carpenter, bds. 14 Hamilton corp. 
Slack John, weaver, Boott, house 53 do. corp. 
Sladc Leonard W. carpenter, h. Beech, near Sixth, Cent. 
Sladen II. E. Miss, fancy goods, 69 Merrimack, h. 19 Kirk 
Sladen James, house 416 Central 
Slater Charles F. operative, boards 22 Appleton corp. 
Slater Elizabeth, widow, house 45 Fayette, Bel. 
Slater John; 76 Middlesex, house 86 Suffolk 
Slater Joseph F. overseer, Appleton, house 22 do. corp. 
Slater Matthew, engineer, house 23 Pleasant, Bel. 
Slater Thomas, laborer, house 39 Hudson 
Slatford John, laborer, boards 119 Fayette, Bel. 
Slattery Dennis, laborer, house 76 Fenwick 
Slattcry Edward F. grocer, 80 Fenwick, house 76 do. 
Slattery James J. operative, house 3 Keelan's pi. Bel. 
Slattery Patrick, laborer, house 18 Madison 
Slavin Ann, house 99 Gorham 
Slavin Bridget, house 99 Gorham 


Slavin Edward J. stone mason, boards 342 Gorham 

Slavin James J. slater, boards 90 Gorham 

Slavin James S. stone mason, house 342 Gorham 

Slavin Marion, widow, boards 8 Loring 

Slavin Mary, widow, house 90 Gorham 

Slavin Peter, laborer, boards 191 Gorham 

Sleeper Abram A. (Nevins & Sleeper), 90 Middle, house 111 

Sleeper Charles W. house 345 Broadway- 
Sleeper John, hackman, house 11 Methuen, Cent. 

Sleeper Loring C. house 86 Tremont 

Sleeper Van Buren, overseer, Lowell, boards 22 Elliott 

Sline James, laborer, house 3 Moran's yard 

Sloan Joseph, operative, house 3 Hill's block, Dodge 

Sloan Samuel, stone cutter, house 30 Willie 

Slocum Horace F. bookkeeper, 150 Bridge, house 36 Sev- 
enth, Centralville 

Sly George, boarding house, 5 Lowell corporation 

Small Daniel, watchman, Merrimack Manufacturing Co. 

Small Elizabeth Mrs. house 65 Summer 

Small Frederick J. carpenter, house 84 Ford 

Small James, mason, house 12 Taylor 

Small Joseph, mason, house 312 River, Cent. 

Small Paul D. carpenter, house rear 60 Branch 

Smart Charles 11. bookkeeper, house 18 Union 

Smart George, teamster, boards 56 Westford 

Smart Mary Mrs. house 18 Union 

Smart Winthrop, laborer, house 251 Thorndikc 

Smiley Dora P dressmaker, boards 30 Bartlett, Bel. 

Smiley Henry, painter, boards 135 Central 

Smiley John, pattern maker, house 43 Butterfield 

Smiley Stephen J. moulder, house 29 L. M. S. corp. 

Smiley Sylvanus C. house 13 Washington 

Smith Abba Miss, house 853 Middlesex 

Smith Agnes M. Miss, house 19 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Smith Albert, sketchmaker, Hamilton, house 98 Wilder 

Smith Almira Mrs. dressmaker, house 48 Appleton 

Smith Alonzo N. shoulder brace manuf. 63 Cambridge, h. do. 

Smith Alphonso J. carpenter, boards 94 Staekpole, Bel. 

Smith Amasa II. foreman, L. M. S. house 98 Howard 

Smith Amos B. painter, boards 54 Charles 

Smith Amos T. {E. A. & A. T. Smith), concrete pavers, 
128 Central, boards 62 Branch 

Smith Andrew Mrs. house 21 Cady 

Smith Arthur, pattern maker, 90 Middle 

Smith Asa B. machinist, boards L. M. S. corp. 

Smith Austin, Massachusetts, boards 4 do. corp. 

Smith Benjamin A. carpenter, house 21 Pond, Bel. 

Smith Bridget Mrs. house 4 Keclan's place, Bel. 


Smith Caleb L. & Co. cop tube manufacturers, also ( Gob urn & 
Smith), 251 Middlesex, boards 666 Chelmsford 

Smith Caroline M. Mrs. dressmaker, 266 Merrimack, h. do. 

Smith Catharine, widow, house 73 Fayette, Bel. 

Smith Charles, grocer, 67 Fayette, house 40 Bartlett, Bel. 

Smith Charles Mrs. widow, house 30 Race 

Smith Charles B. 3 Middlesex, house 82 Chapel 

Smith Charles C. painter, house 9 Race 

Smith Charles E. (John S. Jaques <C Co.), shuttle manufac- 
turer, Whipple's mills, house 10 Whipple 

Smith Charles G. overseer, M. P. W. h. 149 Merrimack corp. 

Smith Charles II. letter carrier, house 171 School 

Smith Charles II. foreman, II. 0. Morse's, h. 96 Lawrence 

Smith Charles T. carpenter, boards 10 Adams 

Smith Charles VV. machinist, boards 92 Willie 

Smith Christopher, operative, house 49 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Smith Coburn S. carpenter, house 236 Thorndike 

Smith Daniel, spinner, house 22 Cady 

Smith Daniel B. (Richardson & Smith), 49 Salem, house 260 

Smith David, watchman, house 79 Crosby 

Smith David, machinist, house 79 Summer 

Smith David C. carpenter, boards 6 Lawrence corp. 

Smith Dorcas, widow, house 9 Merrill's court 

Smith Dudley II. carder, Merrimack, house 75 do. corp. 

Smith Edgar E. blacksmith, boards 95 High, Belvidero 

Smith Edward, laborer, house 112 River, Cent. 

Smith Edward, tinsmith, house off Mammoth, Paw. 

Smith Edwin F. yard master, F. & L. R. R. boards 25 Ham- 
ilton corporation 

Smith Elbridge G. trader, house 9 Merrill's court 

Smith Elias, carpenter, house 10 Adams 

Smith Ellen, widow, house 142 Market 

Smith E. A. & A. T. concrete pavers, 128 Central, house 
62 Branch 

Smith Francis, 60 Merrimack, house 66 Paige 

Smith Francis S. job wagon, house 119 Chapel 

Smith Frank, fruit, etc. house 2 Dane-street ave. 

Smith Prank I. (Smith rf ; Co.), 112 Appleton, b. 121 do. 

Smith Frank W. (Harris & Smith), confectionery, 47 Merri- 
mack, house 33 Oak, Belvidero 

Smith Franklin (D. Gushing & Co.), 218 Middlesex, house 
at Boston 

Smith G. B. Mrs. fancy goods, 243 Middlesex, h. 215 do. 

Smith George, merchant tailor, under Merrimac House, 
Merrimack, cor. Dutton, h. 93 Salem 

Smith George B. foreman, L. M S. foundry, house 247 

Smith George C. carpenter, house 1 Mead 


Smith George F. machinist, boards 91 Willie 

Srnitli George G. boards 90 Howard 

Smith George 11., L. M. S. boards 41 Marion 

Smith George P. machinist, house 118 School 

Smith George W. overseer, Faulkner's mills, h. 8 Faulkner 

Smith George W. (D. Cashing & Co.), 218 Middlesex, 

house at Boston 
Smith George W. machinist, house 41 Boott corp. 
Smith Hannah, widow, house 171 School 
Smith Hannah G. widow, house 130 Chelmsford 
Smith Henry, Holly Tree Inn, 8 Merrimack and 4 Middlesex 
Smith Henry, machinist, boards Howard House 
Smith Henry F. machinist, boards 76 L. M. S. corp. 
Smith Henry G. boards 13 Central 
Smith Henry L., Lawrence, house 03 do. corp. 
Smith Henry S. weaver, house 32 Cabot 
Smith Ilermon J. city physician, City Hospital, Merrimack, 

corner Pawtucket, house do. 
Smith Ilollis, barkeeper, house 170 Merrimack 
Smith Hugh, machinist, boards 169 Market 
Smith Hugh, laborer, house 34 Agawam 
Smith Irving W. cook, 37 Central, boards do. 
Smith Isaac II. farmer, house lane, rear 956 Middlesex 
Smith Isaac VV. foreman, at A. L. Brooks & Co.'s, house 

Mt. Grove, Pawtuckctville 
Smith Jacob R. teamster, house 19 Butterfield 
Smith James, Lowell, house 25 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Smith dames, 3d, carpenter, house 90 Hale 
Smith James, M. P. YV. boards 135 Merrimack corp. 
Smith James, Hamilton, house 16 North 
Smith James, L. M. S. house 7 Lowell place 
Smith James, teamster, 38 Middle, house 40 do. 
Smith James, clerk, 64 River, boards 60 do. Cent. 
Smith James, carpenter, boards 134 Market 
Smith James, tin peddler, house 911 Middlesex 
Smith James, dresser, Stott's mills, house 59 High, Bel. 
Smith James, Hamilton, house 14 Merrill 
Smith James, overseer, M. P. W. yard, house 201 Pino 
Smith James, engineer, house rear 28 North 
Smith James, boards 170 Merrimack 
Smith James, suspender maker, boards 333 Merrimack 
Smith James, machinist, boards 70 Market 
Smith James, laborer, house rear 8 Howe, Bel. 
Smith James A. mason, house 42 Agawam 
Smith James A. boards 37 Adams 

Smith James II. teamster, 46 Merrimack, house 20 Whipple 
Smith James M. house 21 Eleventh, Cent. 
Smith James \Y\, Merrimack, boards 26 do. corp. 
Smith Joel, boarding house, 113 Merrimack 


Smith John Mrs. house 15 Kirk avenue 

Smith John, laborer, house 13 Kirk avenue 

Smith John, boards Edward Smith's, Pawtucketvillo 

Smith John, operative, boards 333 Merrimack 

Smith John, boards Merrimac House 

Smith John, M. P. VV. boards 90 Merrimack corp. 

Smith John B. painter, house 63 West Union 

Smith John C. overseer, carpenter, Merrimack Print Wks. 

house 151 Ilildrcth, Cent. 
Smith John II. suspender maker, boards 7 Carpet lano 
Smith John II. waiter, 7 City Hall avenue, boards do. 
Smith John S. Mrs. boards 13 Merrimack corp. 
Smith John W. overseer, Merrimack, house 26 do. corp. 
Smith John W. saloon, 193 Central, house 334 do. 
Smith Joseph II. physician, house 12 High, Bel. 
Smith (Joseph V.) Si. Co. (Frank I. Smith), grocers, 112 

Appleton, house 121 do. 
Smith Joseph W. travelling salesman, house 853 Middlesex 
Smith Josiah L. operative, house 176 Merrimack corp. 
Smith J. L. Mrs. dressmaker, 5 Tyler, house do. 
Smith Kate, variety store, 111 Central, house 204 do. 
Smith (Kilbura) & Young ( W. 31.), billiards, Appleton blk. 

house 5 Merrimack 
Smith Lawrence J. operative, house 4 Keelan's pi , Bel. 
Smith Leroy, Hamilton, boards 31 do. corp^ 
Smith Lizzie, widow, house 24 Suffolk 
Smith Lizzie C. Miss, milliner, boards 114 Suffolk 
Smith Lizzie N. Miss, teacher, primary school No. 19, 

Charles, boards 74 Lawrence 
Smith Louis, teamster, house Whipple, corner Moore 
Smith Louisa Miss, house 3 Luther's court 
Smith Loyal, operative, boards 61 Appleton 
Smith Luther ( G. L. Smith & Co.), 200 Broadway, house 

1 Grove 
Smith Lydia A. Mrs. widow, house Old Ladies' Home, 68 


th Lydia B. widow, house 56 Stackpole, Bel. 
th Margaret, widow, house 134 Market 
th Margaret, widow, house 5 Theatre block 
th Martha, widow, house 53 Moody 
th Mary, widow, house 316 Gorham 
th Mary, saleswoman, 60 Merrimack 
th Mary J. dressmaker, 5 Merrimack, houso do. 
th Mary N. Mrs. house 90 Howard 
th Matilda C. tailoress, houso 118 Suffolk 
th Matthew, saloon, 13 Paige, boards Nesmith block 
th Melvin B. civil engineer, Locks and Canals office 
th Michael (Caldivell & Co.), grocer, 139 Lawrence, 
house at Tewksbury 


Smith Michael, laborer, house 6 LaugMin's court 

Smith Nathan M. blacksmith, house 52 Chambers 

Smith Obed A. conductor, F. & L. R. R. h. 130 Chelmsford 

Smith Olney, stonecutter, boards 435 Gorham 

Smith Orange V. machinist, boards 41 Boott Corp. 

Smith Patrick, machinist, boards 274 Meirimack 

Smith Patrick, operative, house 95 Middle 

Smith Patrick, laborer, house 63 River, Cent. 

Smith Patrick J. clerk, 25 Middle, house rear 32 Appleton 

Smith Paulina E. widow, house 38 Merrimack corp. 

Smith Peter, spinner, boards rear 32 Appleton 

Smith Philip A. shoemaker, 104 Suffolk, house 74 Common 

Smith Robert, laborer, boards 38 Massachusetts corp. 

Smith Robert Mrs. house 79 Payette, Belvidcrc 

Smith Ruth W. Mrs. house 76 L. M. S. corp. 

Smith Samuel A. machinist, boards 74 Lawrence 

Smith Samuel C. screw manuf. Harris' mills, Broadway, 

house 169 Cross 
Smith Samuel F. sawj-cr, house 9 Garnet 
Smith Stephen, Hamilton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Smith Stephen A. farmer, house rear 427 Chelmsford 
Smith Stephen B. Mrs. house 74 Lawrence 
Smith S. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 9 Nesmith blk., house do. 
Smith Thomas, machinist, house 187 Ilildreth, Cent. 
Smith Thomas, shoemaker, boards 56 Fletcher 
Smith Thomas, overseer, U. S. Bunting Co. house 8 Orange 
Smith Thomas, laborer, house 31 North 
Smith Warren D. (Boston), house 48 Appleton 
Smith William, mule spinner, house 16 Boott corp. 
Smith William, wool sorter, boards 28 Andover, Bel. 
Smith William, machinist, boards 74 Common 
Smith William A. harnessmaker, 49 Market, h. 74 Railroad 
Smith Wm. D. shoemaker, 44 Race, house Pawtucket, north 

of Moody 
Smith Wm. II. contractor, L. M. S., house 58 Dover 
Smith Wm. J. clerk, 47 Central, boards 30 Boott corp. 
Smith William M. house 1 Salem 
Smith William N. painter, house 9 Race 
Smith William N. gardener, house 7 Carpet lane 
Smith W. II. P. clerk, 31 Merrimack, b. 9 Merrill's court 

Smith , operative, boards 61 Appleton 

Snaddon William S. machinist, house 53 dishing 
Sncll Clara A. widow, house rear 32 Smith' 
Snell Ethan A. bookkeeper, boards 132 Ford 
Snell John S. machinist, boards rear 32 Smith 
Snell Ora M. carpenter, 26 Middle, boards 22 Elliott 
Snell Orlando, carpenter, 26 Middle, house 132 Ford 
Snell Rebecca, widow, boards 41 Arlington 
Snellgrovc Ilenry, machinist, Merrimack, h. 62 do. corp. 


Snow Edmund, carder, house 16 Second, Cent. 

Snow Edwin M. dresser, boards 23 Tremont corp. 

Snow Frank, carpenter, boards 10 Hamilton corp. 

Snow Frank II. machinist, house 103 Cross 

Snow Samuel, croquet maker, boards 248 Middlesex 

Snow Samuel E. mason, house 54 Ford 

Soderbery Robert A. foreman, finisher, 02 Fletcher, h. E.Pine, 
near Nichols 

Somcrs William E. teacher, house 78 Moody 

Somes Win. E. baker, 29 Fayette, h. 110 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

Soper E. D. Mis. house 32 Methuen, Cent. 

Soper (E. H.) & Tenney (31. K. ), hairdressers, under Mom- 
mac House, house 194 Central 

Soper Oilman E. clerk, 118 Chelmsford, b. 18 Washington 

Soper Isaac N. patternmaker, house 17 L.. M. S. corp. 

Soule Seth, operative, house 92 Cabot 

Soule Win. 0. second hand, Boott, house 37 do. corp. 

Southmaish John F. house 304 Gorham 

Southwick George W. house 49 Tilden 

Southwick John R. overseer, Tremont, house 40 do. corp. 

Southworth Win. S., Locks and Canals office, boards 408 

Spalding Algernon S. teamster, boards 27 Ilildrcth, Cent. 

Spalding Augustus E. wood and lumber, h. 25 Tyler 

Spalding Charles, stone mason, house 13 Marshall 

Spalding Charles P. boards 471 Middlesex 

Spalding Edwin G. (James Brown & Co.), shuttle makers, 
Western avenue, house 81 Crosby 

Spalding Frederic P. boards 471 Middlesex 

Spalding Ira Mrs. house 296 Central 

Spalding James W. shuttlemaker, house 5 Goward place 

Spalding Joel, physician, Savings Bank bldg., 18 Shattuck, 
house 165 Pawtucket 

Spalding Noah, farmer, house 41 Parker 

Spalding Samuel, laborer, house 27 Ilildrcth, Cent. 

Spalding Sidney Mrs. house 471 Middlesex 

Spalding Simeon Mrs. house 92 Walker 

Spalding Weld, house 1 Centre 

Spalding William B. boards 1 Centre 

Spalding William E. clerk, 20 Market, bds. 123 Central 

Spalding William II. (Ftske & Spalding), 121 Central, house 
385 Merrimack 

Spalony August, house 50 Chambers 

Sparks Clorinda, widow, boards 55 Nesmith, Belvidero 

Sparks John C. blacksmith, and variety store, 342 Merri- 
mack, house do. 

Sparks James, conductor, L. II. R. R., bds. 103 East Merri- 
mack, Belvidero 

Spaulding Addison Mrs. house May, cor. March, Cent. 


Spaulding Amasa M. switchman, B. & L. R. R., house 138 
Spaulding Charles E. clerk, 53 Central [Grand 

Spaulding David S. watchmaker, 3 Russell's block, house 

Mt. Grove, Pawtucketvillc 
Spaulding Edward G. house 4 Watson 
Spaulding George L. ^Boston), house 131 School 
Spaulding Henry A. beltmaker, Lowell, h. 26 Chestnut, Bel. 
Spaulding Henry A. wood dealer, 31 Salem, house 8 Dodge 
Spaulding Lizzie K. widow, house 42 Bartlett, Belviderc 
Spaulding Mary Miss, house 316 Central 
Spaulding Samuel V. boards 32 Dutton 
Spaulding Sumner A. house 64 First, Cent. 
Spear Adelia Mrs. boarding house, 50 Kirk 
Spear David II. clerk, 18 Jackson, house 10 Grove 
Spear Walter F. boards 123 Central 
Spears Fred, operative, boards 67 Lawrence 
Spearin Hiram, machinist, house 74 L. M. S. corp. 
Speed W. P. hairdresser, 79 Bridge, house do., Cent. 
Speers David, machinist, boards 29 Rock 
Speidell Charles, stone cutter, boards 21 Robinson 
Speirs James Mrs. house 22 Lowell corp. 
Speirs James A. Mrs. music teacher, bds. 12 Lowell corp. 
Speirs James A. patternmaker, boards 12 Lowell corp. 
Speirs John, Lowell, boards 15 do corp. 
Spellman James, house 136 Lawrence 
Spencer Ellen, widow, house 276 Lincoln, Aycr's City 
Spencer George, watchman, Middlesex Company, boards 

27 Warren 
Spencer George, boards 36 Middlesex 
Spencer Hannah Mrs. house 10 Prescott corp., Belviderc 
Spencer Henry F. silversmith, 62 Market, h. 37 Fourth, Cent. 
Spencer James, laborer, house 46 Maple 
Spencer John, machinist, house 15 Water, Belviderc 
Spencer Robert, moulder, house 44 L. M. S. corp. 
Spencer Sarah, widow, house 18 Franklin 
Spencer Thomas, track repairer, B. & L. R. R., house 271 

Lincoln, Aj'er's City 
Spencer Thomas II. stone cutter, boards 276 Lincoln, A. C. 
Spencer William Mrs. house 401 Merrimack 
Sperry Lydia Mrs. house 7 Somerset 
Spilane Michael, Lowell, boards 9 Jefferson 
Spilanc Thomas, house 9 Jefferson 
Spillane M. machinist, boards 90 Appleton 
Spillcr Ilamdcn, expressman, Mernmack-st. depot, house 

22 Grove 
Spofford Abram, machinist, house 113 Howard 
Spofford Charles, overseer, Merrimack, house 29 Sixth, Cent. 
Spofford Frederick A. (Sticknei/ & Spofford). grocer, 81 

Bridge, cor. Second, house 34 Fifth, Centralville 


Spofford Henry F. watchman, house 241 Lincoln, A. C. 
Spofford Otis D. & Co. (Jusiah Duller), cotton batting 

manufs. 297 and 299 Gorham, h. 11 Madison 
Spofford Sarah L. Mrs. house 7 Alder, Bel. 
Spooney Caspar, laborer, house 24 Wall, Bel. 
Spooney Ernst, blacksmith, boards 24 Wall, Bel. 
Spraguo Andrew I), boards 91 Cliapel 
Sprague Charles II. carpenter, house 16 Suffolk Corp. 
Sprague Clarence II. currier, boards 119 Howard 
Spraguo C. II. Mrs. fancy goods, 16 Merrimac House 

block, house 16 Suffolk Corp. 
Sprague Florence E. Miss, house 57 Appleton 
Sprague George, mason, boards 172 Central 
Sprague Henry D. Mrs. house 2 Adams court 
Sprague Henry E. express messenger, Merrimack-st. depot, 

house 144 Grand 
Sprague John Mrs. widow, house 60 Chapel 
Sprague John M. expressman, Merrimack-st. depot, house 

60 Cliapel 
Sprague Levi, prcs. Traders' and Mechanics' Ins. Co., 27 

Central, house Mansur, opp. Fairmount, Bel. 
Sprague Levi lv. boards Mansur, opp. Fairmount, Bel. 
Sprague Mary A. Mrs. house 8 Decatur 
Sprague Thomas Mrs. house 119 Howard 
Sprague Walter, bobbin maker, boards 208 Broadway 
Spring Frank, Lawrence, house 68 Hall 
Springer John W. patternmaker, house 67 L. M. S. Corp. 
Sproat Frank, second hand, Boott, house 3 do. corp. 
Sproule Aldana T. Miss, house 43 Bartlett, Bel. 
Sproule Cornelia W. Miss, saleswoman, 29 Central, house 

43 Bartlett, Bel. 
Spurr Charles, clergyman, house 27 London, Aycr's City 
Spurr Joseph M. shirt manuf. 62 Market, house 32 Raco 
Squires Charles, rooms 9 Wellman's block 
Squires John, rooms 9 Wellman's block 
Stack John, laborer, house 20 Appleton 
Stack Patrick, laborer, house 3 Putney's court 
Stack Thomas, laborer, house 66 Maple 
Stackpolo B. Frank, Prescott corp. house 62 Mass. corp. 
Stackpole C. II. periodicals, 85 Central 
Stackpole Edwin A. upholsterer, house 30 Water, Bel. 
Stackpolo James, overseer, Prescott, h. 27 do. corp. Bel. 
Stackpole James II. variety store, 85 Central, house 88 

Stackpole Joseph II. weaver, boards 27 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Stackpole Michael, bolt maker, house 33 Crosby 
Stackpole Samuel, overseer, Middlesex, house 4 Tyler 
Stacy Duane P. clerk, at C. P. Talbot & Co.'s, "house 13 

Sixth, Cent. 


Stacy He man G (Wright & Slacxj), carriage manuf. Willie, 

cor. Cross, boards 13 Trcmont corp. 
Stacy Lucian P. bookceper, 0. P. Talbot & Co.'s, boards 13 

Harrison, Bel. 
Stacy Olive A. Mrs. house 15 Central 
Stafford Ebon, Lawrence, house 40 do. corp. 
Stafford James, shoemaker, house 65 Appleton 
Stafford Martha Miss, boards 20 Lawrence corp. 
Stafford Orange, Lawrence, house 40 do. corp. 
St. Amant Isaac, laborer, house rear 94 Moody 
Stance D. A., Boott, boards 28 do. corp. 
Stanchfk'ld Moses, carpenter, house 90 Wcstford 
Standish Miles, watchman, boards 312 Lawrence 
Stanford James T. harnessmaker, boards 18 Cabot [corp. 
Stanford Wrautslow, boarding-house, 3 and 4 Merrimack 
Stanhouse George, tailor, house 15 Ilolbrook's ct. Bel. 
Stanley Alexander II. truukmaker, 58 Central, boards 248 
Stanley Charles, student, boards 29 Market [Middlesex 

Stanley David C. harnessmaker, house 18 Elm 
Stanley Eugene A. clerk, house 15 Third, Cent. 
Stanley Franklin M. carpenter, house 2 W. Ninth, Cent. 
Stanley George E. storage and forwarding agt. freight depot, 

house 105 Beacon 
Stanley George \V. overseer, Mass., house 15 Third, Cent. 
Stanley II. Emily Mrs. house 32 Kirk 
Staidey Jabez, currier, house 10 Cambridge 
Stanley James, tinsmith, house rear 86 Charles 
Staidey J. Miss, house 32 Kirk 

Stanley Pliineas, overseer, Merrimack, house 292 Wilder 
Stanle'y Richard, stone cutter, boards 435 Govhara 
Staidey Samuel, tanner, house 36 Bartlett, Bel. 
Stanley William S. teamster, house 13 McFarlin ave. 
Stanton Charles P. variety store, 4 Adams, house do. 
Stanton Mary J. widow, house 1 Ilurd 
Stanton Michael, hostler, house 14 Willie ave. 
Stanton Patrick, wool sorter, house 9 Newhall 
Stanton Richard, cook, American House, boards do. 
Stanwood Frank, salesman, boards 28 Mass. corp. 
Stanwood John A. clerk, 1 Merrimack, boards do. 
Stanwood Sarah A. Mrs. boarding house, 28 Mass. corp. 
Staples Arthur, mason, School, n. gas office, h. 39 Franldin 
Staples George W. clerk, 281 Merrimack, bds. 114 Suffolk 
Staples Henry A. boarding house, 56 Lawrence corp. 
Staples James, blacksmith, Lowell Machine Shop 
Staples Joseph, spinner, house 64 Massachusetts corp. 
Staples Joseph W. soap maker, house 18 E. Pine 
Staples Mary, widow, house 19 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Staples Nathaniel T. & Sons (11. II. and IK. H.), masons, 
School, near gas office, house 80 Willie 


Staples Robert II. (N. T. Staples & Sons), School, near gas 

office, house 33 Wcstford 
Staples Sidney, Mass. boards 64 do. corp. 
Staples Stephen, boards 107 Moody 
Staples William II. (N. T. Staples & Sons), School, n. gas 

office, house 40 Mt. Vernon 
Starbird Charles D. butcher, 92 Branch, house do. 
Starkey Eleanor Mrs. house 17 Third, Cent. 
Starkey Louis, Merrimack, boards 135 do. Corp. 
Starkey Osmond D., Merrimack, boards 22 Austin 
Starr George E. clerk, 17 Central, boards 40 Chestnut, Bel. 
Starr Hannah, widow, house 40 Chestnut, Bel. 
Starrs Nicholas, blacksmith, boards 21 Arch 
St. Clair Catharine, widow, boards William II. Pearson's, 

St. Dennis Joseph, laborer, house rear 25 Aiken 
Stearns Augustus C. cabinetmaker, house 286 Middlesex 
Stearns Charles, boards 115 Gorham 
Stearns Charles, grinder, house 177 Merrimack corp. 
Stearns Elizabeth A. teacher, boards 47 Tyler 
Stearns Erastus, carpenter, 21 High, house 6 Chestnut, Bel. 
Stearns Frank K. clerk, " Courier" office, bds. 176 Bridge, 

Stearns Mary N. tailoress, boards 119 Howard [Cent. 

Stearns Nathaniel, overseer, Middlesex Co. h. 176 Bridge, 
Stearns Samuel E. overseer, Lawrence, boards 85 do. corp. 
Stearns William K., Hamilton, house 14 do. corp. 
Stebbins Milo J. carpenter, 153 Central, b. 107 Middlesex 
Stedman George R. carpenter, boards Baldwin, near West- 
ford, near Chelmsford line 
Stedman John, carpenter, house Baldwin, near Wcstford, 

near Chelmsford line 
Stedman William, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 
Steele Leonard, Hamilton, boards 4 do. corp. 
Stceje Sylvanus A. machinist, house 21 Butterfield 
Steers James, Suffolk, boards 20 do. corp. 
Stephens Alexander, moulder, house 23 Walker 
Stephens Jane Miss, boards 23 Walker 
Stephens Sam'l G. clerk, Lowell Boiler Works, h. 23 Walker 
Stephenson Alexander W. hairdresser, 96 Middlesex, house 

47 Fayette, Belviderc 
Stephenson Elizabeth A. house 30 Lyon 
Stern Michael, pawn broker, 165 Middlesex, house do. 

Stetson , machinist, boards 24 First, Cent. % • 

Stevens Adelbcrt B. carpenter, house 16 Varney 

Stevens Alor.zo B. finisher, Lowell Hosiery Co., house 45 

Stevens A. A. Miss, 125 Central, boards 46 Middlesex 
Stevens Belinda II. Miss, boarding house, 18 Merrimack c. 


Stevens Benj. F. machinist, Arch, house 53 Howard 
Stevens Carlton II , Merrimack, house 12 Appleton block 
Stevens Charles B. stair builder, house 177 Cross 
Stevens Charles F. boards 38 Massachusetts corp. 
Stevens Charles L. carpenter, house 2 Lawrence corp. 
Stevens Daniel, laborer, house 12 North 
Stevens David, piper, house 21 Trcmont corp. 
Stevens Eben II. hairdresser, 6 Merrimack, house do. 
Stevens Elizabeth Mrs. house 1 Brown's block, Marshall 
Stevens Fannie E. Mrs. dressmaker, 268 Merrimack, h. do. 
Stevens Frank, Suffolk, house 53 Tilden 
Stevens Frank, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Stevens Frank, stationary engineer, h. 3 Albro blk., Cashing 
Stevens ( George) & Conant [Charles H.), counsellors, 1 

Barristers' Hall, house 90 Chestnut, Belvidere 
Stevens Henry M. overseer, U. S. Cartridge Co. boards 

139 Howard 
Stevens James F. engineer, house 3 Albro's blk., Cushing 
Stevens John W. helper, house 4 Wamesit court 
Stevens Jonas, machinist, Massachusetts, h. 38 do. corp. 
Stevens J. Tyler, boards 38 Park, Belvidere 
Stevens Lawrence, house 241 Broadway 
Stevens Levi B. city assessor, house 111 Walker 
Stevens Mattie Mrs. boards 121 Gorham 
Stevens Oliver, sawyer, house 6 Lagrange court 
Stevens Rodolphus, flagman, L. & A. R. R. h. 461 Gorham 
Stevens Royal, carpenter, house 14 Hamilton corp. 
Stevens Ruth E. widow, house 8 Hanover [hldg. 

Stevens Samuel, fireman, S. & L. R. R. h. Wamesit Bank 
Stevens Solon, power loom harness and reed manufacturer, 

3 Fletcher, cor. Western ave. house 46 Grand 
Stevens Solon W. teacher of music, 49 Howard, house do. 
Stevens Thomas, patternmaker, boards 24 Elliott 
Stevens Williams, clerk, 286 Merrimack, boards do. 
Stevens Wyatt M. mason, boards 39 Adams 
Stevenson Finley, bookkeeper (B.), b. 151 Merrimack corp. 
Stevenson Robert, machinist, house 151 Merrimack corp. 
Stevenson Sarah Mrs. boards 2 Lowell corp. 
Stevenson William C. draughtsman, b. 151 Merrimack corp. 
Stewart Albion R. carpenter, house 21 Tremont corp. 
Stewart Daniel II. clothes cleaner, 106 Market, house 3 

Varnum's alley, Cent. 
Stewart George, laborer, boards Anfort Coburn's, Paw. 
Stewart George, teamster, house 27 Charles 
Stewart John, overseer, Hamilton, boards 172 Central 
Stewart John W. tinsmith, house 40 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Stewart Levi D. cabinetmaker, house 270 Middlesex 
Stewart Maria, widow, house 118 Suffolk 
Stewart Nathaniel G. harnessmaker, boards 10 Adams 


Stewart Stacy, laborer, house 178 Adams 

Stewart, see also Stuart 

Stickney Alice Mrs. house 34 Fifth, Cent. 

Stickney Charles, clerk, 127 Central 

Stickney (Daniel) & Spofford (Frederick A.), grocers, 81 
Bridge, cor. Second, house 25 Third, Cent. 

Stickney Darius Mrs. house 34 Fifth, .Cent. 

Stickney Fred. W. (Boston), boards 25 Third, Cent. 

Stickney James 0. tanner, boards 56 Bartlett, Belvidcre 

Stickney Samuel W. Mrs. house 40 Kirk 

Stiles (Alba G.), Rogers (J. G.), & Co. flour, grain, and 
feed, 41 Market, house 25 Varney 

Stiles Charles F. produce peddler, house 8 Brown's block 

Stiles John Mrs. house 46 Walnut 

Stiles John & Co. (J. A. Stiles), grocers, 225 Central 

Stiles Julius A. (John Stiles & Co.), 225 Central, house 132 

Stiles Lewis, machinist, house 27 Cabot 

Stiles M. B. overseer, Tremont and Suffolk, h. 1 Suffolk c. 

Stiles Perry B. (Buttrick do Co.), 20 Market, h. 3 Varney 

Stiles Sarah F. widow, house 132 Suffolk 

Stiles Warren, shoemaker, house Leroy, near Coral 

Stiles Wilbur A. supt. Tremont and Suffolk, h. 1 Cabot blk. 

Stillings Ellen A. teacher, primary No. 5, bds. Ill Howard 

Stillings Joseph B. express messenger, Merrimack-street 
depot, house 56 Ford 

Stimpson Daniel, machinist, house 47 Mass. corp. 

Stimpson D. E. clerk, Appleton mills, bds. 47 Mass. corp. 

Stimpson Edwin, clerk, boards 47 Mass. corp. 

Stimpson Gustavus, clerk, Hamilton, boards 47 Mass. corp. 

Stimpson Thomas, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 

Stiuson Henry M. carpenter, house 21 Queen 

Stinson William, carpenter, boards 349 Middlesex 

Stirling Mills, E. D. Iloldcn, agent, Lawrence street 

St. James Joseph, laborer, house rear 26 William 

St. John Mark, clerk, 35 Merrimack, boards 78 East Merri- 
mack, Belvidere 

St. John Martin, laborer, house 108 Adams 

St. John Oliver, operative, house 2 Middlesex place 

St. John's Hospital, Sisters of Charity, 12 Bartlett, Iligh-st. 
" square 

St. Ledger Patrick, laborer, house rear 14 William 

Stockbridge J. C. Mrs. boards 140 Cross 

Stockbridge Silas, laborer, h. Fourth ave., Pawtucketville 

Stockman Edward, salesman, house 572 Middlesex 

Stockman W. Arthur (^4. F. Wright & Co.), 219 Middlesex, 
house 54 Branch 

Stocks Harry, printer, " Courier" office, bds. at Tewskbury 

Stockwell Alvin W. boxmakcr, boards 344 Middlesex 


Stockwcll A. B. Mrs. boarding house, 110 Merrimack corp. 
Stockwell William S. painter, 9 Howe, h. 61 High, Bel. 
Stoddard Ashman, operative, h. 20 Prescott Corp. Bel. 
Stokes Deborah Mrs. house 77 Church 
Stone Aaron C. machinist, house 54 L. M. S. corp. 
Stone Charles E. sashmaker, boards 13 Cottage 
Stone Charlotte L. Mrs. house 115 High, Bel. 
Stone Edward Mrs. house 13 Cottage 
Stone E. Z. Mrs. boards 46 Howard 
Stone Izoria V. widow, boards 13 Boott corp. 
Stone James C. clerk, 100 Central, boards 13 Cottage 
Stone John, machinist, house Steamer 1, Gorham street 
Stone Mary E. teacher, Edson school, bds. 13 Cottage 
Stone Reuben S. teamster, boards 1 Oliver 
Stone Samuel,, stone mason, house 14 Jefferson 
Stone Warren R. clerk, 80 Merrimack, bds. 100 Appleton 
Stone Winslow F. machinist, house 56 Church 
Stone (Zina R), II use (S. W.), & Co. (N. J. N. Bacheller), 
editors and publishers, " Vox Populi," 130 Central, h. 
71 Chestnut, Belvidcre 

Stone , machinist, house 117 Middlesex 

Stonehousc William, card grinder, house 202 Dutton 
St. Onge Cesaire C. photographer, 27 Central, house do. 
. St. Onge Joseph, wheelwright, house 30 Willie 
Storer Amos, mason, house Stevens, near Pine 
Storcr Everett R. mason, Stevens, near Pino, house do. 
Storer Herbert II. teamster, boards 57 Smith 
Story Jane, widow, house 4 Coburn, Cent. 
Stott Charles, Belvidere Woolen Manuf. Co. house 30 Chest- 
nut, Belvidere 
Stott Charles A. agent, Belvidere Woolen Manuf. Co. hbuse 

119 Ncsmith, Belvidere 
Stott George, overseer spinner, Stott's mills, h. 88 Fayette, 

Stott John, clerk, Belvidere Woolen Manuf. Co. house 76 

High, Belvidere 
Stott John, overseer, Belvidere Woolen Manuf. Co. house 

84 Charles 
Stott John, boarding house, 112 Market 
Stott Joseph II. blacksmith, boards 23 Perrin 
Stolt Joseph H. blacksmith, house 49 Tilden 
Stott Samuel E. treas. and agent, Kitson Machine Co., Dut- 
ton and Worthcn, boards 413 Merrimack 
Stott Thomas, supt. Kitson Machine Co. h. 207 Moody 
Stoughton Eugene E. clerk, 141 Market, b. 97 Howard 
Stoughton Lemuel, carpenter, house 97 Howard 
Stowell Alvin M. card grinder, house 56 Boott corp. 
Stowell Ellcry, civil engineer, Locks aud Canals, boards 408 


Stowoll Jonas, laborer, house 19 Abbott 

St. Peter Peter, laborer, boards T. D. Underwood's, Paw. 

Stratton Belinda Mrs. nurse, house 265 Gorham 

Stratton II. B. pattern maker, 90 Middle, boards 170 Mer- 

Stratton Jonas, millwright, house 162 Lawrence 
Stratton Torrey E. clerk, 121 Central, house 18 Ames 
Strauthers John, teamster, boards 56 Westford 
Straw (Charles A. J.) & Judge (Robert), carriage manuf's. 

82 Button, house 65 Willie 
Street Owen, clergyman, house 132 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Streeter Charles 0. bookkeeper, boards 120 Liberty 
Streeter Harrison \V. grocer, 3 and 5 Lee, h. 76 Branch 
Streeter Holland, carpenter, house 120 Liberty 
Stretch Loughland, stone mason, house 66 Elm 
Strickland Pamelia C. widow, house 29 Prescott Corp. Bel.' 
Strong Isaac (Martin & Strong), 174 and 176 Middlesex, h. 

84 Howard 
Strong Stephen, musician, house 82 Moody 
Strong William A. painter, boards 37 Central 
Strout A. D. M. watchman) Merrimack corp. 
Strout Frank, painter, boards 19 Church 
Stuart Edwin, watchman, house 37 George 
Stuart John C. overseer, Hamilton Manuf. Co. 
Stuart John L. M. loom harness maker, house 14 Race 
Stuart Sarah W. Miss, house 12 Ash, Bel. 
Stuart, see also Stewart 

Stiulley George, machinist, house 69 L. M. S. corp. 
Studlcy William S. Rev. house 43 Tyler 
Sturgeon Andrew P. machinist, 92 Middle, boards 31 Hamil- 
ton corporation 
Sturtevant Albert M. bookkeeper, at S. C. Smith's, house 

33 Clark 
Sturtevant Fred. K. iron moulder, boards 98 Fletcher 
Sturtevant Zophar W. carpenter, house 98 Fletcher 
Sturtevant Zophar W., jr. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Central, 

boards 98 Fletcher 
Sucy Jane Mrs. house 112 Merrimack 
Sucy Louis, laborer, house 112 Merrimack 
Sugdcu Thomas, pressed bagging manut'., Howe, house 76 

Sugden William, wool sorter, boards 1 Agawam 
Sullivan Ann, widow, house 10 Jefferson 
Sullivan Ann, widow, house rear 29 Middle 
Sullivan Ann, widow, house 72 Fenwick 
Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, house 3i Winter 
Sullivan Catharine and Annie Misses, house rear 59 Markel 
Sullivan Catharine, widow, house 138 Adams 
Sullivan Catharine, widow, house 23 Jefferson ^ 



Sullivan Cornelius, watchman, house 108 Fayette, Bel. 

Sullivan Cornelius, teamster, house 27 Jefferson 

Sullivan Cornelius, machinist, house 5 Quig-ley's alley 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, boards 182 Market 

Sullivan Danjel, house 21 Fenwick 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, boards 54 Lewis 

Sullivan Daniel, operative, boards 50 Lawrence corp. 

Sullivan Daniel, printer, "Courier" office, b. li 3 Merrimack 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 407 Central 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 168 Adams 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 212 Market 

Sullivan Daniel, Lowell, boards 7 do. corp. 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 22 Dummer 

Sullivan Daniel, foundryman, house 8 Cross 

Sullivan Daniel, Merrimack, boards 72 Fenwick 

Sullivan Daniel, operative, house 91 Fayette, Bel. 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 8 Fenwick 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 254 Chelmsford 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 40 Davidson, Bel. 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 64 Broadway 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 168 Adams 

Sullivan Ellen Mrs. house 15 Salem 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house rear 84 Suffolk 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 52 Lewis 

Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 104 Adams 

Sullivan Florence, laborer, house 43 Salem 

Sullivan Frank, laborer, boards Manchester, near R. R. 

Sullivan Hannah, widow, house 64 Fenwick 

Sullivan Humphrey, laborer, house 5 Cross 

Sullivan Humphrey, printer, " Courier" office 

Sullivan Humphrey, laborer, house 75 Front, Cent. 

Sullivan James, laborer, house 1 Kelly's court 

Sullivan James, operative, house 17 Ncsmith block 

Sullivan James, carpenter, house 32 Walnut 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house 11 Little 

Sullivan Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 9 Andover, Bel. 

Sullivan Jeremiah, operative, boards 45 Davidson, Bel. 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house 86 Suffolk 

Sullivan John, section hand, house 270 Lincoln, A. C. 

Sullivan John, at blcachery, house 200 Lawrence 

Sullivan John, laborer, house 46 Market 

Sullivan John, roofer, boards 108 Fayette, Belvidcro 

Sullivan John, laborer, house rear 16 Paige 

Sullivan John, laborer, house 25 Common 

Sullivan John, laborer, boards 64 Broadway 

Sullivan John, laborer, house 15 Green 

Sullivan John, Lowell, house 62 Fayette, Bel. 

Sullivan John, Lawrence, boards 10 Suffolk corp. 

Sullivan John, spinner, boards 104 Moody 


ivan John, laborer, house 25 Jefferson 
ivan John, laborer, boards 19 Jefferson 
ivan John M., Lowell, house 17 Common 
ivan John W. 0. machinist, house 20 Summer 
ivan Joseph, laborer, house 138 Adams 
ivan Julia, widow, house 25 Jefferson 
ivan Julia, widow, house 45 Davidson, Bel. 
ivan (Lawrence) & Ilaydcn (A. H.), country produce, 
Dutton, near Mechanics' Mills, boards 176 Church 
ivan Margaret, widow, house 22 Howe, Belvidore 
ivan Margaret, widow,- boards 46 Market 
ivan Margaret, widow, house 37 Dummer 
ivan Mary, widow, house 54 Lewis 
ivan Mary, widow, boards 19 Tremont corp. 
ivan Mary, widow, house 5 McGarry's court 
ivan Mary D. widow, house 16 Cross 
ivan Michael, laborer, house 146 Adams 
ivan Michael, laborer, house 123 Adams 
ivan Michael, laborer, boards 120 Market 
ivan Michael, operative, boards 51 Lewis 
ivan Michael, currier, house rear 84 Suffolk 
ivan Michael, laborer, house 96 Gorham 
ivan Michael, jack spinner, house 34 Agawam 
ivan Patrick, operative, house 16 Water, Bel. 
ivan Patrick, Lawrence, boards 64 Broadway 
ivan Patrick, at print works, house 19 Jefferson 
ivan Patrick, machinist, house 16 Jefferson 
ivan Patrick, bleacher, boards Blcachery R. R. station 
ivan Patrick, operative, house 170 Adams 
ivan Philip, stone cutter, boards 2 Franklin square 
ivan Richard, laborer, house 21 Fenwick 
ivan Richard, laborer, boards 104 Adams 
ivan Richard, laborer, house 216 Market 
ivan Sylvester, laborer, house 46 Market 
ivan Thomas, laborer, boards 64 Broadway 
ivan Timothy, laborer, house 68 Appleton 
ivan Timothy, M. P. W. boards 139 Merrimack Corp. 
ivan Timothy, machinist, house 48 Suffolk 
ivan Timothy, laborer, boards 100 Fayette, Bel. 
ivan Timothy, grocer, 206 Lawrence, house do. 
ivan Timothy, liquors, etc., 161 Market, house do. 
ivan Timothy, laborer, house 189 Market 
ivan Timothy, Merrimack, house 5 Cummiskey's alley 
ivan Timothy, Lowell, house 12 North 
ivan Timothy G. laborer, house 50 Lewis 
ivan William, baker, house 28 Salem 
ly Emily J. Miss, operative, house 1 Carpet lane 

Summers Samuel Mrs. house 51 Pleasant, Bel. 

Sumner Susan, widow, boards 72 Cabot 


Sunderland Mary, widow, house G2 River, Cent. 

Sutcliffe Hamlet, stoves, ranges, furnaces, etc., 90 Bridge, 

Centralville, house 88 do. 
Sutherland John, boards Howard House 

Sutherland , M. P. W., boards 137 Merrimack Corp. 

Sutlle George, florist, 51 Mansur, Bel. house do. 

Swain Oliver Mrs. house 133 Pine 

Swain Turbine & Manuf. Co., A. F. Nichols, treasurer, 10 

Willie, corner Dutton 
Swallow Asa Mrs. house 88 Andover, Bclvidere 
Swan Albeit G. farmer, house end of Swan, near City line 
Swan Albeit J. salesman, boards end of Swan, n. City line 
Swan Charles A. P. counsellor, 13 Banisters' Hall, house 

13 Methuen, Centralville 
Swan Charles 0. (Daniel Swan), 43 Merrimack, house 35 

Bartlett, Belvidere 
Swan Daniel (D. A. and G. G. Swan), boots and shoes, 

43 Merrimack, house 164 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Swan Daniel A. (Daniel Swan), 43 Merrimack, house 27 

Bartlett, Belvidere 
Swan Joseph C. overseer, Mass., h. 26 Prescott, corp. Bel. 
Swan Louisa, widow, house 48 Third, Centralville 
Swan Maria R. widow, house 35 Adams 
Swan M. C. R. teacher, Edson school, boards 35 Adams 
Swan Olive, widow, house 67 Congress 
Swann Betsey, house 31 Albion, Centralville 
Swann Frederic C. designer, Lowell Manuf. Co., house 31 

Albion, Centralville 
Swann Harry, weaver, boards 31 Albion, Cent. 
Swapp Andrew F. supt. Lowell Manuf. Co., h. 219 Moody 
Swapp Charles W. designer, Lowell Manuf. Co. boards 219 

Swasey George S. painter, house 50 Mass. corp. 
Swasey John A. livery stable, rear Tremont House, and 

boarding house, 2 Suffolk corporation 
Swazey Almond L. picker, house 16 Central 
Sweatt Ira, shoemaker, 70 Merrimack, h. r. 38 First, Cent. 
Sweatt Orrison F. watchman, house 54 Chambers 
Sweatt Samuel ( Glough & Sweatt), rear Lowell gas works, 

house 99 Appleton 
Sweatt, see also Swctt 
Sweeney Daniel, laborer, house 146 Adams 
Sweeney Daniel J. laborer, house 10 Cedar 
Sweeney Mary, widow, house 24 Pleasant, Bclvidero 
Sweeney Michael, laborer, at C. A. F. Swan's, 73 Methuen, 

Sweeney Patrick, operative, house rear 48 Cedar 
Sweeney Timothy, machinist, boards 63 Adams 
Sweeney William, bcltmaker, house 92 Broadway 


Sweet Samuel Mrs. house 8 Hanover 

Sweetser Adams N. carpenter, boards 19 Lincoln, A. C. 

Sweetser Betsey W. A. widow, house 19 Lincoln, A. C. 

Sweetser Charles II. operative, boards 19 Lincoln, A. C. 

Sweetser Theodore II. counsellor (Boston), house 164 Nes- 
mith, Belvidere 

Sweetser Thomas E., Mass. house 19 Prescott Corp., Bel. 

Swett Albion, carpenter, house 16 First, Cent. 

Swett Clarence, carpenter, boards 18 First, Cent. 

Swett Edmund, coffin maker, 23 Prescott, h. 394 Merrimack 

Swett Edmund, carpenter, house 950 Middlesex 

Swett Frank P. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Suffolk, boards 114 

Swett Franklin P. clerk, 41 Market, b. 335 Merrimack 

Swett Ira, shoemaker, house rear 38 First, Cent. 

Swett John, carpenter, house 58 Pine 

Swett (John H.) & Clark (Nathan W.), wheelwrights, 9 
Arch, house 8 Branch 

Swett Laura S. saleswoman, 36 Merrimack, boards 6 East 
Merrimack, Belvidere 

Swett Lois A. widow, house 16 First, Cent. 

Swett Mary and Maria Misses, dressmakers, house 45 B art- 
let t. Belvidere 

Swett William L. carriage maker, Pawtucket, n. old canal, 
house 125 Wannalancit 

Swett, see also Sweatt 

Swift John, weaver, house 59 Fenwick 

Swift John, dresser, house 204 Thorndike 

Swift Rose Mrs. house 3 Chapel 

Sykes James, sawyer, house 60 London, Aycr's City 

Sykes Jane, widow, house opp. 241 Gorham 

Sylvester George B. carpenter, 3 Mt. Wash'tn, h. 18 Gold 

Sylvester S. B. watchman, house 10 First, Cent. 

Sylvester Wilfred, machinist, boards 100 Appleton 

Sy mines Henry Mrs. house 18 L. M. S. corp. 

Syrnonds Benjamin, Hamilton, boards 4 do. corp. 

Symonds Dexter, constable, 49 Central, house 2 Lincoln sq. 

Syrnonds Edward, machinist, house Bowers, n. Arlington 

Syinouds Ephraim B., Tremont, house 29 Cheever 

TABER JOHN, house Riverside, Pawtucketville 

Tabor Burt, sign painter, house 16 Race 

Tabor Calvin, miller, house 39 Walnut 

Tabor George, operative, Lawrence corp. 

Tabor John Frank, clerk, 253 Merrimack, h. Riverside, Paw. 

Tacy Phoebe Mrs. house 75 Summer 

Tail' Christopher, laborer, house 118 Fayette, Bel. 

Taft Luther, weaver, house 21 Lagrange 

Taft Nelson F. Mrs. house 121 Gorham 


Taft Samuel II. machinist, boards 121 Gorham 

Taggart Charles L. watchmaker, house 44 Bartlett, Bel. 

Taggart Leander Mrs. house 44 Bartlett, Bel. 

Tague Ann, widow, house 153 Market 

Tague Frank, operative, house 64 Lawrence 

Tague Hugh, L. M. S. house 153 Market 

Tague James, boards 7 Gorham 

Tague Joseph, boards 136 Merrimack corp. 

Tainter Elbridge, overseer, Middlesex Co. h. 13 Warren 

Taisey Charles II. clerk, 51 Market, bds. 246 Merrimack 

Taisey Lydia, fancy goods, 34 Middlesex, house do. 

Talbot Charles C. engineer, Northern depot, h. at Salem 

Talbot Charles P. & Co. (Thomas and Julian Talbot), drugs, 

and dye stuffs, east end of Market House, house 94 

Chestnut, Bel. 
Talbot Francis, blacksmith, house 61 L. M. S. corp. 
Talbot Julian ( Charles P. Talbot & Co.), drugs and dye 

stuffs, east end of Market House, b. 94 Chestnut, Bel. 
Talbot Thomas ( Charles P. Talbot & Co.), drugs, east end 

of Market House, house at North Billerica 
Tallant Eben W. photographer, 245 Merrimack, boards 76 

Merrimack corporation 
Tallant Hamilton II. machinist, boards 7 Buttcrfield 
Tallant Samuel B. ( Cheney & Tallant), concrete pavers, 9 

Market, house 47 Church 
Talty Timothy, laborer, house 47 South 
Tanered John, machinist, house 57 Salem 
Tanner George, Middlesex, house 119 Fayette, Bel. 
Tapley Jesse, boards 40 Branch.. 
Taplcy Kate F. house 42 Churefif. 
Tapley Mary Mrs. house 40 Third, Cent. 
Taplin Lewis, conductor, house 2 Gates 
Tarbell George G. salesman, 100 Central, b. 2 Nesmith, Bel. 
Tarbell Reuben Mrs house 13 Washington 
Tarbox Daniel, Suffolk, house 117 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Tarbox Edwin, laborer, house 117 Middlesex 
Tarbox Edwin, jr. repairer of cane scat chairs, h. 45 Moody 
Taro David, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 
Tarr Edwin M., Trcmont, house 59 Dutton 
Tarr Eugene J. clerk, 44 Merrimack, bds. 98 Walker 
Tarr George J. Mrs. house 98 Walker 
Tasker John F. photographer, boards 268 Merrimack 
Tavernia Theodore, switchman, L. & F. K. R. house 3 

West's court 
Tay Sullivan Mrs. house 98 Methncn, Cent. 
Taylor Alhcrt, driver, boards 65 West Third, Cent. 
Taylor Albion C. (Cook, Taylor, & Co.), 48 Merrimack, 

and 125 Central, house 50 Bartlett, Bel. 
Taylor Alfred, operative, house 57 Water, Bel. 


Taylor Belle Mrs. liouse 22 Church 

Taylor Catharine Mrs. house 19 Read, Cent. 

Taylor Charles I. & Co. ( Charles F. Bard), furniture, 20 

Middlesex, house 19 Grand 
Taylor Daniel G. constable, 4 Barristers' Hall, house 112 

Taylor David, at C. W. Saunders & Co.'s, h. 11 School 
Taylor David B. boots and shoes, and umbrella repairer, 279 

Lawrence, house 92 Bartlett, Bel. 
Taylor Elmina F. Mrs. house 17 Harrison, Bel. 
Taylor Emery, machinist, house 14 Adams 
Taylor Frank L. moulder, boards 14 Race 
Taylor Frank L. foundry man, boards 18 Cabot 
Taylor Frederic (Jacob Rogers & Co.), hardware, etc. 166 

and 168 Merrimack, house 35 Kirk 
Taylor Frederick A. lather, boards 92 Bartlett, Bel. 
Taylor Geo. Frank, teamster, h. 12, rear 52 W. Fourth, Cent. 
Taylor Geo. IT. (Sawyer & Taylor), 212 and 214 Middlesex, 

house 7 Nichols 
Taylor George R. machinist, house 14 Prcscott Corp., Bel. 
Taylor Geo. VV. operative, house 65 Middle 
Taylor Geo. W. second hand, house 42 Lawrence corp. 
Taylor James F. bar tender, 330 Merrimack, b. 142 Suffolk 
Taylor James F. carpenter, boards 142 Suffolk 
Taylor James II. wool sorter, house 48 Agawam 
Taylor John, house 389 Broadway 
Taylor John, driver, boards 52 West Fourth, Cent. 
Taylor John, slasher, house 11 Basselt 
Taylor John A. carpenter, house 228 Thorndike 
Taylor John F. carpenter, house 12 Lagrange court 
Taylor John M. mason, boards 86 First, Cent. 
Taylor Lewis W. house 33 Fifth, Cent. 
Taylor Lizzie Miss, boards 415 Merrimack 
Taylor Luke B. house 3 Lawrence-st. court 
Taylor Luther, carpenter, boards 3 Boott corp. 
Taylor Martha, widow, house 65 West Third, Cent. 
Taylor M. Albeit, clerk, 335 Merrimack, house 29 Cabot 
Taylor Paris K. machinist, house 181 Moore 
Taylor Samuel W. carpenter, house 172 Merrimack corp. 
Taylor Sibilla Mrs. boarding liouse, 112 Merrimack corp. 
Taylor Thomas E. carpenter, liouse 137 Appleton 
Taylor Vernon 0. correspondent, 98 Middle, h. 109 Walker 
Taylor ( Wilfred P.) & Barker (T. C. ), manufacturers of 

chemicals, head of Lawrence, h. 130 E Merrimack, Bel. 
Taylor William ( Crosby Furniture Co.), Mechanics' mills, 

liouse 58 Fletcher 
Taylor William, blacksmith, boards 29 Rock 
Taylor William, laborer, house 140 Adams 
Taylor Zachanah, cook, Harris' Hotel, boards do. 


Taylor Z. boards 27 Oak, Belvidcrc 

Teague Daniel, operative, boards 12 Summer 

Teague Dennis, operative, boards 12 Summer 

Teague Lai i try, Middlesex, house 24 John-st. avo. 

Teague Owen, clerk, 50 River, boards do., Cent. 

Teague Patrick, liquors and cigars, 20C Merrimack, li. 208 do. 

Tearney Patrick, at Locks and Canals, boards 208 Broadway 

Teel George, driver, steamer No. 1, 78 Middle, house do. 

Temple Charles, clerk, 82 Middlesex, boards 43 Pine 

Temple Charles, laborer, boards 15 Adams 

Temple Druzilla, widow, house 171 School 

Temple Samuel, engineer, B. L. & N. R. R , h. 73 dishing 

Temple Thomas W. mason, house 43 Pine 

Templeton James, section hand, house 25 Eleventh, Cent. 

Tenney (Horace B. ) & Parker (Fred. H.), grocers, 247 

Thorndike, house 211 do. 
Tenney M. K. (Soper d; Tenner/), Merrimac House, and 

Harris' Hotel, boards 26 Paige 
Tctrcau A. Mrs. dressmaker, house 11 Cabot 
Thatcher Geo. bellhangcr, etc. 52£ Merrimack, house 101 

Coburn, Cent. 
Thayer Frank, house 158 Middlesex 
Thibeault Arsene, tinsmith, house 3 Farson's court 
Thissell Andre, farmer, house 28 First, Cent. 
Thissell Charles E. carpenter, house 28 First, Cent. 
Thissell Earl Amri ( Coburn Shuttle Co.), h. 125 Bridge, Cent. 
Thissell Frank T. police, house 72 Sixth, Cent. 
Thissell Fred. S. mason, house 41 Myrtle, Cent. 
Thissell John F. shoemaker, house 48 Tenth, Cent. 
Thissell Prudence G. widow, house GO Tenth, Cent. 
Thissell Wallace S. boards 72 Sixth, Cent. 

Thissell , wheelwright, boards 208 Broadway 

Thoits A. M. house 71 Dutton 

Thoits Charles R. dresser, house 71 Dutton 

Thomas Charles, Suffolk, boards 4 do. corp. 

Thomas Charles R. upholsterer, 7 Central, boards 135 do. 

Thomas David, teamster, boards 14 No. Franklin court 

Thomas Edmund, locktender, Guard locks, h. 373 Broadway 

Thomas Edward VV. draughtsman, L. M. S., b. 37 Cabot 

Thomas Elena M. widow, boards 18 Franklin 

Thomas Elisha A. watchman, house 18 Clay, Belvidcrc 

Thomas Francis, laborer, house 162 Adams 

Thomas Joseph, laborer, house 7 Davidson, Belvidcrc 

Thomas J. Barlow, baggage master, B. & M. R. R., boards 

72 Merrimack corp. 
Thomas Marcus A. overseer, Merrimack, house 72 do. corp. 
Thomas Mary R. widow, house 47 Fayette, Belvidcrc 
Thomas Peter, stone cutter, house 4 Brown's blk., Marshall 
Thomas Richard, laborer, house 170 Adams 


Thomas Robert, laborer, boards 1 TO Adams 

Thomas William, Merrimack Print Works, house 31 Cabot 

Thomas , watchman, Hamilton, boards 323 Central 

Thorn asson Andres (Braconier & Thomasson), 260 Central, 

house 262 do. 
Thomes Almon, Massachusetts, boards 9 Lee 
Thomes Amos, Massachusetts, house 9 Lee 
Thomes Mary, widow, house 11 Tilden court 
Thompson Alhcrt, boards 50 Lawrence corp. 
Thompson Albert G. (Laur/hton & Thompson), 113 E. Merri- 
mack, house 117 do., Belvidere 
Thompson Alice II. Mrs. house 128 Broadway 
Thompson Alvin, blacksmith, 285 Merrimack, house 1 Hill's 

block, Dodge 
Thompson A. homoeopathic physician, 14 Central, house 67 

Thompson A. M. Mrs. house 113 Howard 
Thompson Charles, switch tender, B. & L. R. R., h. 84 Hall 
Thompson Charles, carpenter, boards 4 Sullblk corp. 
Thompson Charles, laborer, boards 91 Willie 
Thompson Charles C. horse sheer, Western av., n. Fletcher, 

boards 18 Suffolk corp. 
Thompson Emilus, clerk, 138 Central, house 11 Tyler 
Thompson E. W. insurance agent, boards 49 Central 
Thompson George II. house 63 Read, Cent. 
Thompson George M. carpenter, house 14 Central 
Thompson Harriet A. Mrs. house 65 Chelmsford 
Thompson Henry M. foreman, at S. C. Smith's, h. 173 Cross 
Thompson Henry M. agt., Lowell Felting Mills, Pawtucket, 

opp. Walker, house Pawluckct, cor. Wannalancit 
Thompson James B. house 107 High., Belvidere 
Thompson Jane Mrs. house 7 Suffolk hall 
Thompson Jaquith, Suffolk, boards 18 do. corp. 
Thompson John, loom fixer, bruise 6 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Thompson John J. house 16 Paige 
Thompson Joseph, machinist, boards 70 Kinsman 
Thompson Joseph P. register of deeds, Court House, boards 

125 Gorhiim 
Thompson J. Bieck, carpenter, 17 and 19 Fletcher 
Thompson K. T. Mrs. house 16 Paige 
Thompson Marshall E. apothecary, 222 Merrimack, houso 

S9 Tilden 
Thompson Martin B. operative, bonrds 24 Austin 
Thompson Mary, widow, boards 7 Merrimack corp. 
Thompson Neil, laborer, house 451 River, Cent. 
Thompson Robert, M. P. W. boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Thompson Roxanna, widow, house 133 Merrimack corp. 
Thompson R. Leroy (Marliadi) Tliompson), 95 Bridge, Cent. 

boards 26 Mass. corp. 


Thompson Samuel, engineer, Holt's mill, h. 57 High, Bel. 
Thompson Samuel II. clerk, 14 Market, b. 57 High, Bel. 
Thompson Mary A. widow, house 7 Wamesit court 
Thompson William A. C. clerk, b. 7 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Thompson "William II. prop. Lowell Felting Mills, Paw- 
tucket, opp. Walker, house at Boston 
Thompson William K. saloon, house 9-1 South 

Thompson Mrs. house 43 Crosby 

Thomson James L. painter, house 26 Beech, Cent. 
Thomson Robert, machinist, boards 70 Charles 
Thomson Thomas, wool sorter, house 70 Charles 
Thorn Eli, mason, house 139 Fairmount, Bel. 
Thorn Samuel, mason, house 250 Merrimack 
Thoruby Joseph, spinner, house 65 High, Bel. 
Thorndike Manufacturing Co. 205 Thorndikc 
Thorning Charles A. section hand, h. 23 Hampshire, Cent. 
Thorning Cyrus II. folder, house 32 Bleachery corp. 
Thorning John F. at bleachery, house 26 Bleachery corp. 
Thornton Benjamin, laborer, house 2 Cross 
Thornton Bernard, diy goods, 113 Market, house do. 
Thornton Charles II. carpenter, boards 209 Gorhain 
Thornton Edward, Merrimack, house 100 Llewellyn, Cent. 
Thornton Harry, Appleton, boards 13 do. corp. 
Thornton Henry R. carpenter, bleachery, h. 209 Gorham 
Thornton James, operative, house 65 Front, Cent. 
Thornton John, Merrimack, boards 117 Worthen 
Thornton Patrick, gardener, house 58 Water, Bel. 
Thorp George, operative, house 1 Coburri, Cent. 
Thorp George, L. M. S. house 58 Suffolk 
Thorp George, jr. machinist, house 9 Franklin square 
Thorpe Frederick J. bobbin maker, house 47 Gushing 
Thurlow M. M. Miss, millinery, 2I3| Merrimack, h. 388 do. 
Thurlow Sidney W. clerk, 98 Middle, b. 9 Fourth, Cent. 
Thurston Albert E. clerk, gas office, boards 46 Ford 
Thurston Annie Miss, boards Washington House 
Thurston Charles XV. painter, etc. boards r. 272 Merrimack 
Thurston Ebon R. driver, house rear 32 Smith 
Thurston Edwin O. clerk, 48 Central, house 46 Ford 
Thurston Elijah 0. tinsmith, 123 Market, house 46 Ford 
Thurston Joel M. watchman, 275 Middlesex, h. 32 Smith 
Thurston Joel M. jr. painter, boards 32 Smith 
Thurston Joseph, boards 123 Central 
Thurston Rebecca, widow, house rear 272 Merrimack 
Thyng Charlotte G. Miss, house 38 Howard 
Tibbetts Charles G. boarding house, 33 Hamilton corp. 
Tibbetts 1). A. Mrs. dressmaker, 120 Central, house do. 
Tibbetts Eliza, widow, house 24 Suffolk 
Tibbetts Frank, painter, boards 39 Adams 


Tibbcfts Ilenry Llewellyn (//. Whitney & Co.), lumber, 

Wcsteni ave. house 244 Middlesex 
Tibbetts II. \\ r . {Drew & T.), rear 78 Bridge, house 67 

Sixth, Centralville 
Tibbetts John, carpenter, house 120 Central 
Tibbetts Joseph R. Mrs. house 18 Tenth, Cent. 
Tibbetts William 13. phrenologist, house 20 Second, Cent. 
Ticknor Henry L. carpenter, house 182 Moody 
Tickuor P. W. Mrs. house 5 Third, Cent. 
Tieruan Bridget, widow, house 32 Summer 
Tiernan John, laborer, boards 32 Summer 
Tierney James, operative, house 62 River, Cent. 
Tierney Margaret, widow, house 101 Gorharn 
Tierney Michael, laborer, house 7 Carol in ''6 place, Bel. 
Tierney Michael, grocer, 71 Gorham, house do. 
Tierney Patrick, house 42 Gorham 
Tierney Patrick, farmer, house 595 Gorham 
Tierney Patrick, laborer, boards 101 Gorham 
Tierney Patrick, blacksmith, house 195 Gorham 
Tierney Peter, clerk, 39 Union, house 108 Gorham 
Tiffany Richard, loom fixer, house 19 Lyou 
Tighe Ilenry, laborer, house 25 Charles 
Tighe Hugh, laborer, house 28 Jefferson 
Tighe James, laborer, house 38 Davidson, Bclvidere 
Tighe Lawrence, blacksmith, house 74 Broadway 
Tighe Michael, laborer, house 22 Jefferson 
Tighe Michael, operative, boards 48 Lawrence Corp. 
Tighe Michael, laborer, house 38 Wall, Bel. 
Tighe Patrick, laborer, boards 38 Davidson, Bel. 
Tighe Patrick, laborer, house 36 Wall, Bel. 
Tighe Patrick, laborer, house 10 Jefferson 
Tight! Philip, laborer, boards 22 Jefferson 
Tighe Philip, M. P. W. house 100 Merrimack corp. 
Tighe Thomas, laborer, boards 22 Jefferson 
Tillotson Mary Mrs. house 29 and 30 Hamilton corp. 
Tilton A. J. Mrs. house 30 Third, Cent. 
Tilton Charles P. clerk, P. 0. house 327 Central 
Tilton Edward N. machinist, house 46 Middlesex 
Tilton Eliza M. widow, house 52 Church 
Tilton 1'iank, machinist, boards 260 Merrimack 
Tilton George 1«\ machinist, house 40 First, Cent. 
Tilton George XV. miller, house 57 Walnut 
Tilton Herman N. police, house 12 Whipple 
Tilton .John W. police, house 10 Whipple 
Tilton Joseph, overseer, Wamesit Power Co. h. 344 Central 
Tilton Joseph 0. stone layer, boards 344 Central 
Tilton Lucy, boarding house, 21 Boott corp. 
Tilton Ruth Mrs. house 5 Franklin rij. 
Tilton Sarah Miss, house 124 Worthen 


Tilton T. L. Mrs. house 124 Worthen 

Timlin Patrick, planer, house 45 Wamesit 

Titian Eliza, widow, house 33 Charles 

Tine John, blacksmith, house 38 Bleachcry corp. 

Tinker Henry \V. clerk, house 73 Andover, Bel. 

Tinker Law, shoemaker, 3 Oady, house 282 Central 

Tinknam Scott, clerk, 213 Middlesex, house 262 do. 

Tipping 1 Thomas, driver, 33 Market, house 3 Lawrence ct. 

Tirrell Alexander, carpenter, house 100 Gorham 

Tirrell John, Lawrence, boards 46 do. corp. 

Tirrell William, Massachusetts, house 61 Church 

Tirrell, sec also Tyrrell 

Titer Henry, operative, house 32 Fayette, Bel. 

Tobin Catharine, widow, house 24 William 

Tobin Ellen, widow, house 70 Suffolk 

Tobin John, Hamilton, boards 70 Suffolk 

Tobin John, cigarmaker, 348 Merrimack, house 40 Adams 

Tobin John, baker, house 8 Linden 

Tobin Mary, widow, house 7 Dummer 

Tobin Michael, machinist, house 26 Marion 

Tobin Patrick J. house 54 Hanover 

Tobin Thomas, moulder, boards 143 Worthen 

Tobin William, house 26 Lewis 

Tobin William, marble polisher, house 6 Cabot 

Toby Richard B. teamster, at City farm 

Todd Edward, Hamilton, boards 236 Central 

Todd John, Merrimack, boards 139 do. corp. 

Togus Edward, house 39 Davidson, Bel. [Paw. 

Tolman John C. grocer, 366 Merrimack, h. Mammoth r'd, 

Tompkins Samuel, laborer, house rear 146 Market 

Toohey John, bootmaker, house 19 River, Cent. 

Toohey John, Mass. boards 9 Carpet lane 

Toohey Mary, widow, house rear 41 Middle 

Toohey Michael, laborer, house 8 Taylor 

Toohey Patrick, laborer, house 190 Lawrence 

Toohey Patrick, laborer, house 9 Carpet lane 

Toohey Timothy, operative, house rear 15 River, Cent. 

Toomey Dennis, laborer, house 16 Jefferson 

Toomcy Margaret, widow, house 142 Lawrence 

Toomouth James, teamster, house 41 Floyd 

Toper Samuel, operative, house 13 Third, Cent. 

Toppan Abner Mrs. house 91 Third, Centralville 

Tormey Thomas, soda water, 34 Middle, house do. 

Torsey James M. & Co. (A Bachelde.r <1L- 6V), boxmakers, 

Bachelder's mills, Mt. Vernon, house 76 Rock 
Totcrson Hans, laborer, at Dr. Jenness's, 510 Chelmsford 
Totman Calvin N. fanner, house Totman, off Varnum avc. 

Totman Frank II. leather cutter, house 27 Canada 


Totman Stark (Charles I. Hood & Co), Merrimack, corner 

Central, house 100 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Totten Thomas, operative, boards 26 Suffolk corp. 
Tower James, house 243 Central 
Towey George, Suffolk, boards 124 do. corp. 
Towle Frederick, operative, boards 8 Appleton corp. 
Tovvlc Simon, photographer, 92 Merrimack, bds. 2(3 Myrtle, 

Towler Harry & Co. ( Chas P. Welherbce), props. Bradford 

House, 71 and 73 Market 
Towne Edwin, planer, house 19 No. Franklin court 
Towne Henrietta Miss, boards 51 Branch 
Towne Horace, machinist, house 19 Smith 
Townsend Abel D. house 282 Gorham 
Townsend Denson A. painter, house 2 Jackson 
Townsend Francis, laborer, boards 70 Market. 
Townsend Frederick 0. carriagesmith, boards 17 Market 
Townsend George W. 95 Merrimack, boards do. 
Townsend Manley B. painter, house 18 Rock 
Townsend Mary B. widow, house 282 Gorham 
Townsend William S. clerk, 98 Middle, bds. 9 Fourth, Cent. 
Townson James, supt. Lowell Worsted Mills, house 310 

Townson Jeremiah P. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Central, boards 

310 Middlesex 
Tracy Barney, operative, house 44 William 
Tracy David, machinist, boards 19 Hamilton corp. 
Tracy James, mule spinner, Mass. boards 53 do. corp. 
Tracy John, Merrimack, boards 104 Adams 
Tracy John, spinner, house 20 Water, Bel. 
Tracy John, laborer, boards 18 Marion 
Tracy Webster, boards 7 Kirk 
Traders' & Mechanics' Ins. Co., E. M. Tucke, secretary, 27 

Trainer Lawrence, laborer, house 19 Charles 
Trainer Michael, fireman, house 54 Water, Bel. 
Trambley Hilaire, laborer, house rear 47 Salem 
Trask Diogenes E. boxmaker, boards 32 Branch 
Trask James T. expressman, house 32 Branch 
Trask Joseph II. teamster, house 6 Bleachery 
Trask Laurette Mis. boards 20 Marshall 
Trask Maria L. teacher, boards 30 Bartlett, Bel. 
Trask Oliver II. P. granite works, School, cor. B. L. & N. 

R. It. crossing, h. Varnum ave. Paw. 
Travcr Abraham, carder, Boott, house 67 do. corp. 
Travcr J. Henry, Boott, house 24 do. corp. 
Travers Thomas, laborer, house Fourth ave. Pawtucketville 
Travcrs William, carpenter, house 4 Ilowe-st. ave. Bel. 
Travcrsey Charles, laborer, boards rear 77 Adams 


Travcrscy George, machinist, boards rear 77 Adams 
Travcrscy Newell, boxmaker, boards rear 77 Adams 
Travcrscy William, broom maker, boards rear 77 Adams 
Travis Nancy M. widow, house 50 London, Ayer's City 
Trees Frederick G. dye house and laundry, 2i5| Merrimack, 

house do. 
Trcmont House, J. Durgin, jr. prop. 278 Merrimack 
Trcmoiit and Suffolk Mills, Thomas S. Shaw, agent, Suffolk, 

below Moody 
Trcnholm Charles II. boards 329 Merrimack 
Trcnholm C. II. Mrs. dressmaker, 329 Merrimack, house do. 
Tripp John, roll covcrer, loot of Hancock, Mass. corp. house 

10 Ash, Bel. 
Trombly Alfred, section hand, boards 11 Dodge 
Trombly William C. overseer, Trcmont and Suffolk, house 

35 Trcmont corp. 
Trolt Frederick, watchman, boards 103 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Trout Abbie Miss, boards 23 John 
Trowbridge George F. boards 81 Westford 
Trowbridge George N. house 81 Westford 
Trowbridge John, carpenter, house 7 Clark 
Trowbridge P. P. boards 29 Wellman's block 
Trudeau Euclid, laborer, house 9 Middlesex place 
Trudeau John B. laborer, house 9 Middlesex place 
True Chapman II., Mass. house 37 Jewctt, Cent. 
True Charles II. operative, boards 37 Jewctt, Cent. 
True David, dyer, house 300 Lincoln, Ayer's City 
True Henry C. watchman, Boott mills 
True Mitchell C, Suffoik, house 31 do. corp. 
True Robert F. clerk, 46 Merrimack, boards 16 John 
True William 11. mason, 75 Conant, Cent, house do. 
Truell Amos C. printer, " Courier " office, b. 30 First, Cent. 
Trucsdale Storrs, carpenter, boards 161 Middlesex 
Trucworthy Asa J. teamster, house 10 Hudson 
Trueworthy James B. boots and shoes, 98 Merrimack, house 

27 Sixth, Cent. 
Trull Cynthia, widow, house 89 Bridge, Cent. 
Trumbull Charles, machinist, boards rear 10 Lagrange 
Trumbull (James W.) & Rice (C. N.), locksmiths and bell- 
hangers, 26 Gorham, house 53 Appleton 
Trumbull Thomas, laborer, house 3 Howard's avc., Bel. 
Trumbull William J. machinist, house 96 Chapel 
Tryon James, house 21 Lane 
Tryon Wallis, laborer, boards 21 Lane 
Tuck Andrew J. machinist, house 9 Lagrange court 
Tuck Edward, president Old Lowell National Bank, and 

broker (Boston) 
Tucke Edward M. sect. Traders' and Mechanics' Ins. Co. 

27 Central, house 41 Tenth, Cent. 


Tuckc Thomas J. pattern maker, boards 23 Wcstford 

Tucker Christiana B. widow, house 23 Suffolk corp. 

Tucker Gordon F. 44£ Merrimack, house 39 Tyler 

Tucker Joel, wire worker, house 22 Webster avenuo 

Tucker Martin, laborer, house rear 177 Market 

Tucker Michael, teamster, house 332 Middlesex 

Tucker Reuben C, Lawrence, house 7 Aiken 

Tuckey F. S. variety store, 119 Middlesex, house do. 

Tukey Charles P., Suffolk, boards 4 do. corp. 

Tulip Joseph, driver, rooms 4 Middlesex place 

Tully Ann, widow, house 171 Market 

Tully James, stonecutter, boards 39 Crosby 

Tully John, laborer, house 9 Common 

Tully Mary, widow, house 1 Kurd 

Tully Mary, widow, house 43 Crosby 

Tully Michael, laborer, house 42 Crosby 

Tully Owen, stonecutter, house 39 Crosby 

Tully Patrick, marble dresser, at Wm. Andrews', house 39 

Tully Patrick, house 65 Fayette, Belviderc 
Tully Peter, Lowell, house 65 Fayette, Bclvklcro 
Tully Thomas, boot maker, Theatre block, h. Brophy's bldg. 
Tully Thomas, stone mason, house Brophy's bldg., Duramcr 
Tummclty Charles, machinist, house 9 Andover, Bel. 
Tummelly Felix, bootmaker, 68 Central, house 31 Winter 
Tummelty James, varnishcr, house 23 Waincsit 
Tupcn Louis, sawyer, house 4 Middlesex place 
Turcotte Isidor, machinist, house 5 Parson's court 
Turnbull Andrew, printer, "Times," boards 20 Cabot 
Turner Addie M. Mrs. house 189 Middlesex 
Turner Benjamin F. Mrs. boarding house, 260 Merrimack 
Turner Eli, wool sorter, house 77 Crosby 
Turner Fannie, widow, operative, house 4 Middlesex 
Turner Prank D. operative, house 21 Prcscott Corp., Bel. 
Turner George F. fruit, periodicals, and stationery, 149 

Central, boards 125 Gorham 
Turner Harrison P. operative, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Turner Jennie Mrs. operative, house 3 Middlesex 
Turner John, moulder, house 12 Railroad 
Turner John, boards 14 Hamilton corp. 
Turner John, overseer, 265 Middlesex, house 6 Jefferson 
Turner Joseph, jack screws, 172 Broadway, h. 110 Cross 
Turner Laroy M. clerk, 164 Merrimack, b. 44 Lawrence c. 
Turner Lizzie F. Mrs. house 5 John 
Turner Richard, machinist, boards 7 Mason's court 
Turner Wm. II. Mrs. boarding house, 43 & 44 Lawrence c. 
Tuttle Bcnvoice, Suffolk, boards 4 do. corp. 
Tuttle Frank P. packer, house 282 Lincoln, Aycr's City 
Tuttle Franklin, overseer at bleachery, h. 17 Blcachcry corp. 


Tattle George F. printer, " Citizen" office, boards 111 East 
Merrimack, Belvidero 

Tuttle John, laborer, boards 68 Agawam 

Tuttle John, Lawrence, boards 22 Davidson, Belvidcre 

Tuttle John 11. wire worker, house 10 Seventh, Gent. 

Tuttle Lyman, operative, house 43 South 

Tuttle Merari, picker, house 111 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Tuttle Sarah Mrs. house 22 Davidson, Bel. 

Tuttle Tripp Mrs. boards 73 Market 

Tuttle Woodbridge \V. at bleachcry, h. 21 Bleachery corp. 

Tuxbury Moses M. Mrs. house 105 Bridge, Cent. 

Tweed Emmons, clerk, 44 Middlesex, boards 47 Church 

Tweed George W. clerk, 161 Merrimack, boards 21 Anno 

Tweed Robert, operative, house 195 River, Cent. 

Tweed Samuel E. clerk, boards 51 Church 

Tweed Timothy (Carlelon & Huuey), apothecary, 164 Mer- 
rimack, house 21 Anne 

Twichell Stillman Mrs. house 91 Moody 

Twiss Benjamin P. carder, Mass. mills, house 445 Stevens 

Twiss Sarah, widow, house 64 Linden 

Twoinbly Joshua, bleachery, house 14 Bleachcry corp. 

Twombly, see also Trombly 

Tyler Albert M. carpenter, Putney's court, house 46 Tyler 

Tyler Artcmas S. treas. Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank, 
Merrimack, cor. John, house 148 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Tyler Charles A. clerk, 36 Middlesex, boards 46 Tyler 

Tyler Charles G. carpenter, house 14 First, Cent. 

Tyler David L. painter, house 168 Middlesex 

Tyler Jane S. R. widow, house 20 Cady 

Tyler Jonathan, house 38 Park, cor. Andover, Belvidcro 

Tyler Mary A. widow, house 861 Middlesex 

Tyler Nathan Mrs. house 899 Middlesex 

Tyler Rinaldo II. machinist, house 15 Warren 

Tyler Samuel Mrs. house 889 Middlesex 

Tyler Silas Mrs. house 32 Kirk 

Tyler Thomas, boards 67 Lawrence corp. 

Tyler William 0. farmer, house 861 Middlesex 

Tyng Levi \i. house opposite 128 Grand 

Tyng, see also Thyng 

Tyrrell Joseph, house 50 West Fourth, Cent. 

Tyrrell Joseph, mason, house 14 Pond, Belvidero 

Tyrrell Rosana Mrs. house 17 Davidson, Belvidero 

Tyrrell William B. junk, 14 Gorham, h. 50 VV. Fourth, Cent. 

Tyrrell, see also Tirrell 

UDALL CYRUS C. clerk, boards 95 Branch 
Umpleby John, laborer, house 29 South 
Underbill Ervin, overseer, 98 Middle, house 36 Hastings 
Underwood Charles Li. tinsmith, house 46 Adams 


Underwood Edwin R. clerk, 199 Middlesex, house 323 do. 

Underwood J. Prank, Tremont, boards 260 Merrimack 

Underwood Rebecca 0. dressmaker, b. 143 Merrimack corp. 

Underwood Thomas D. farmer, h. Varnum ave., Paw. 

Underwood Thomas J. farmer, bds. Varnum ave. Paw. 

Ungerman John, brick layer, house 7 Merrill 

Unsworth Frances, widow, house 49 Moody 

Uns worth Henry Mrs. house 2 Halo 

Unsworth Henry, jr. rug weaver, boards 2 Hale 

Unsworth John, roll coverer, boards 13 Central 

Upham Nathan G. carpenter, 3)0 School, house Totman, oft 

Varnum avenue, Pawtucketville 
Upham Sarah, widow, house 4 Dane-street avenue 
Upton Abiel, house 42 Fremont, Centralville 
Upton Clarence, boards 88 Merrimack 
Upton Frederick A. stone cutter, house 3 Robinson 
Upton George H. machinist, house 15 Lawrence corp. 
Upton Henry, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 24 Branch 
Upton Jacob, carpenter, boards 8 Suffolk 
Upton Jessie A. teacher, boards 3 Robinson 
Upton Joseph S. overseer dresser, Lawrence, h. 79 do. corp. 
Urann Charles F. stono cutter, house 290 Lincoln, A. C. 
U. S. Bunting Co., Whipple's Mills, Lawrence street 
U. S. Cartridge Co., Whipple's Mills, Lawrence street 
Usher Alden A. carpenter, tiouse 17 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Usher Henry, carpenter, house Goward's block 

VAILLANCOURT PETER MRS. house 330 Merrimack 

Vallencourt Jean Baptiste, laborer, house rear 54 South 

Valentine Benjamin F. machinist, boards 317 Central 

Valentine Eugene, weaver, boards 317 Central 

Valentine Susan A. Mrs. house 317 Central 

Valentine W. II. musician, 77 Merrimack, rooms 36 Kirk 

Vallerant Alphonse, laborer, house 129 Middlesex 

Vallerant Edward, laborer, house 129 Middlesex 

Vancoure Eugene, Appleton, house 27 do. corp. 

Vancourt William, miller, Livingston's, house 6 Ilovve-st. 

avenue, Belvidere 
Vanderpant Walter, baker, house 70 Church 
Vandette Syfroid, baker, house rear 318 Merrimack 
Van Deusen George, clerk, 2 Suffolk, house 56 Franklin 
Vanner Frank, carpenter, house 92 Tremont 
Vanslette Solomon, moulder, house 6 Goward's court 
Vansteeuberg Sande, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Van Tassell John, carpenter, house 175 Moody 
Van Valkenburgh Charles, shoemaker, 3 Prescott block, b. 

11 Fourth, Centralville 
Van Vronker Lucinda, widow, house 82 Chapel 

Van Zaudt , clerk, 98 Middle, boards 125 Gorham 



Varlcy Francis, laborer, house 84 Adams 

Varney Addison P. carpenter, house Plain, n. Chelmsford 

Varncy Charles, machinist, h. 2 Livingston's blk., Appleton 

Varney Charles, machinist, boards 2 Franklin square 

Varney Edward S. printer, " Citizen " oflBce, b. 12 Asb, Bel. 

Varnej' Samuel J. Mrs. house 12 Ash, Belvidere 

Varnum Atkinson C. counsellor, 55 Central, house 9 Varnum 

avenue, Pawtuckctville 
Varnum Benjamin F. Mrs. house Varnum, Dracut 
Varnum Cliailes F. carpenter, 25 Westford, boards 19 do., 

office 1 Canal block, Central 
Varnum Daniel, house Varnum avenue, Pawtuckctville 
Varnum Daniel II. teamster, boards 8 Appleton corp. 
Varnum Daniel II. real estate agent, h. 172 Bridge, Cent. 
Varnum Eliza M. widow, house 111 Salem 
Varnum Francis M. overseer, Lowell, h. 13 Fourth, Cent. 
Varnum Frank A. carder, Lowell, boards 13 Fourth, Cent. 
Varnum George W. beltmaker, house 18 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Varnum II. Clay, trader, house Myrtle, bet. Sixth aud Tenth, 

Varnum Jeremiah, farmer, house Varnum ave., Paw. 
Varnum Joseph, laborer, boards 8 Appleton corp. 
Varnum Joseph B. clerk, 81 Bridge, bds. 56 Bartlett, Bel. 
Varnum Joshua, house 135 Bridge, Centralville 
Varnum Joshua B. clerk, boards 135 Bridge, Cent. 
Varnum Leavitt R. J. real estate, house 135 Bridge, Cent. 
Varnum Lydia, widow, house Bridge, cor. Ilildreth, Cent. 
Varnum Mary P. widow, house Mammoth, Paw. 
Varnum Rebecca S. widow, house 56 Bartlett, Bel. 
Varnum Samuel, boards Varnum avenue, Pawtuckctville 
Varnum Thomas, farmer, house Varnum ave., Paw. 
Varnum William P. Mrs. house Highland, Dracut 
Varnum, sec also Farnham 

Vassey Ebenezer, Hamilton, boards 32 do. corp. 
Vaughan Melvin II. bricklayer, house 107 Appleton 
Vaughan Patrick, currier, house 254 Chelmsford 
Vaughan Thomas, laborer, house 254 Chelmsford 
Vaughn Dexter B. watchman, Merrimack, b. 140 do. corp. 
Vaughn James, carriage painter, house 218 Gorham 
Venars Frank, laborer, house Shaw's block, E. Pino 
Venuis Joseph, operative, house rear 18 Grand 
Veo Frank 11. clerk, Central, cor. Merrimack, b. 257 Fletcher 
Veo Luke, police, house 120 Willie 
Veo Pierre, baker, house 257 Fletcher 
Vickcry Abbie E. music teacher, boards 11 Sixth, Cent. 
Vickcry David A. wood worker, house 11 Sixth, Cent. 
Vigcant Frank, printer, M. P. W., b. 139 Merrimack corp. 
Viles Albert, market gardener, h. Coburn, cor. West Sixth, 



Viles Clarence A. student, 9 First, bds. W. Sixth, cor. 

Coburn, Centralville 
Viles Jesse A. veterinary surgeon, West Sixth, corner 

Coburn, Centralville, boards do. 
Vinal Thomas, teamster, house 332 Broadway 
Vinall Asa, carpenter, house 219 Thorndiko 
Vinall Edward G. clerk, 247 Thorndike, boards 219 do. 
Vinall G. A. W. dentist, 170 Merrimack, h. 100 Appleton 
Vinall Isabella T. teacher, primary No. 57, b. 219 Thorndiko 
Vincent A. Milton, house 18 Grand 

Vincent Miles, bobbinmakcr, boards 137 Merrimack corp. 
Vincour William, laborer, house 6 llowe-st. ave., liel. 
Vincy Melinda B. house 16 Tyler 
Viney William Mrs. boarding house, 9 Central 
Vining Alonzo II. carpenter, house Mammoth, Paw. 
Vining Ezra A. machinist, Merrimack, house 69 do. corp. 
Vining Hannibal II. harnessmaker, Pawtucket sq., h. Mt. 

Grove, Pawtucketville 
Vining Hiram, carpenter, house Fourth avenue, Paw. 
Vining James, carpenter, house 74 Moody 
Vining N. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 74 Moody, house do. 
Vinton Georgia Miss, teacher, Varnum, b. 32 Fourth, Cent. 
Vinton Horace Mrs. house 32 Fourth, Cent. 
Vinton Leroy, carpenter, boards 32 Fourth, Cent. 
Vinton Wilbur F. clerk, 100 Central, bds. 32 Fourth, Cent. 
Voren Benjamin, laborer, house Quiun's block, Salem 
Vosburg liuldah Miss, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Vose Thomas S. physician and test medium, 5 Merrimack, 

boards do. 
Vose William K. carpenter, house 48 Lawrence 

WADE CHARLES, watchman, Boott mills 
Wade Sncll 0. machinist, 92 Middle, house 25 Perrin 
Wade Snell 0. jr. stone cutter, boards 25 Perrin 
Wade William A. carpenter, boards 304 Middlesex 

Wade , house 181 Central 

Wadleigh II. E. Mrs. house lane, rear 956 Middlesex 
Watlleigh John D. shoemaker, boards 46 Race 
Wadleigh Julia A. Mrs. boarding house, 13 Central 
Wads worth Jonathan, bobbinmaker, boards 208 Broadway 
Wagner F. J. Rev. pastor, Worthen-st. M. E. Church, house 

34 Kirk 
Wagner William, laborer, boards 24 Walnut 
Wainc Bridget, widow, house 62 Broadway 
Waine Elizabeth, widow, house 56 Dutton 
Waine Patrick, Merrimack, boards 62 Broadway 
Wainwright Benjamin, engraver, house 125 Halo 
Wainwright William, Lowell, houne 230 Gorham 
Waite A. L. produce, boards 410 Merrimack 


Waitc, see also Weight 

Walby Louis, operative, boards 76 River, Cent. 

Walby William, operative, house 76 River, Cent. 

Walcli Eben, boarding house, 22 Hamilton corp. 

Walch Oriu S. weaver, house 74 Ford 

Waleh, sec also Walsh, Welch, and Welsh 

Walcott George, weaver, boards 12 Garnet 

Walcott Samuel, sash maker, boards 8 Adams 

Waldo Lucien II., Locks and Canals, h. 55 Merrimack corp. 

Walibrd Alfred, carpet weaver, boards 143 Worthcn 

Walkden James, machinist, house 13 Franklin 

Walkden Thomas, tinsmith, 126 Central 

Walker Alex, overseer, Lowell, house 130 Lawrence 

Walker Althia, operative?, house 1 Middiesex 

Walker Benj., Prescott, boards 22 do. corp., Bel. 

Walker Benj. correspondent, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, and 

treas., Lowell and Andover R. R., h. 40 Appleton 
Walker Charles, Suffolk, boards 9 Tremont Corp. 
Walker Charles E. farmer, h. 95 Baldwin, Middlesex village 
Walker Chas. II. ( Wm. Walker & Co.), woolen manuf. 118 

Lawrence, house 40 Tyler 
Walker Daniel A. fancy goods, 334 Merrimack, h. 323 do. 
Walker Daniel G. ( Wm. Walker & Co.), 118 Lawrence, h. 

'12 Tyler 
Walker Dora V. Miss, nurse, boards rear 60 Branch 
Walker Elizabeth Mrs. house 52 London, Aj-cr's City 
Walker Elizabeth Mrs. boarding house, 6 Lowell corp. 
Walker George P. soap manuf. 440 Middlesex, house do. 
Walker George W. (Culler & Walker Manuf. Co.), 180 

Middlesex, house 115 Summer 
Walker Harry F. clerk, B. & L. freight depot, boards 6 

Lowell corporation 
Walker Hugh, shuttle maker, boards 215 Lawrence 
Walker James, Lowell, boards 7 do. corp. 
Walker John S. sash and blind maker, boards 6 Howard 
Walker Mary, widow, house 341 Middlesex 
Walker Murray, L. M. S. house 8 Prescott corp., Bel. 
Walker Robert, machinist, boards 8 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Walker Roscoc B. carpenter, house rear 60 Branch 
Walker Ruel J. overseer, Boott, house 62 do. corp. 
Walker Silas L. C. roofer, house 341 Middlesex 
Walker William, house 46 Middlesex 
Walker William & Co. (D. G. and C. H. Walker), woolen 

manufs. 118 Lawrence, house 44 Tyler 
Wall Michael, operative, house 83 Middle 
Wall Patrick, laborer, house 50 Middle 
Wallace Daniel R. insurance agent, 4 Barristers' Hall, house 

20 Walker 
Wallace James, weaver, house 58 Jewett, Cent. 


Wallace Thomas, machinist, house 5 Mcllin's court, Bel. 
Wallace William, painter, house 92 Suffolk 

Wallace , Hamilton, hoards 24 Elliott 

Waller Julia, widow, house 61 Massachusetts Corp. 
Wallingford [Lyman J.) & Callaghan (John), furnaces, 

ranges, etc. 247 Merrimack, It. 83 High, Bel. 
Walnut Alexander, weaver, hoards 269 Merrimack 
Walsh Alexander, machinist, house 31 Pond, Belvidcro 
Walsh Alonzo G. engraver, hoards 16 Kurd 
Walsh Daniel E. furniture painter, 7 Central, house 23 High, 

Bel vide re 
Walsh James, cloth printer, house 141 Grand 
Walsh James, laborer, house rear 90 Suffolk 
Walsh James F. law student, 81 Central, hds. 255 Market 
Walsh John, worsted yarn manuf 265 Middlesex, h. 22 Rock 
Walsh John, jr. clerk/ 16 Middle, hoards 255 Market 
Walsh John A. tinsmith, 123 Market, house 149 Adams 
Walsh John W. clerk, house 4 Winter 
Walsh Lawrence, finisher, Blcachcry, house 36 Maple 
Walsh Michael-, driver, 123 Market 
Walsh M. Agatha Miss, house 4 Winter 
Walsh Richard, spinner, hoards 1 Aiken 
Walsh Thomas, overseer, Hamilton, house 120 Halo 
Walsh Thomas, police, house 149 Adams 
Walsh Thomas, tailor, 158 Merrimack, hoards 91 East Mer- 

rnack, Bel. 
Walsh William E. overseer, 265 Middlesex, bds. 22 Rock 
Walsh William II. machinist, house 44 Water, Bel. 
Walsh, sec also Walch, Welsh, and Welch 
Walshaw Joshua, second hand, Chase mills, boards 312 

Walton Andrew C. weaver, house 48 Mass. corp. 
Walton James Mrs. house 4 and 5 Ncsmith block 
Walton Lorenzo W. weaver, house 59 Mass. corp. 
Walton Sarah, widow, house 48 Mass. corp. 
Waltz Calvin, Hamilton, hoards 32 do. corp 
Walworth John, laborer, house 63 River, Cent. 
Walworth Jonas, wool sorter, house 49 Charles 
Wamesit National Bank, Charles Whitney, president, 189 

Wamesit Power Company, office, Whipple's Mills 
Warhurton John, operative, house 249 River, Cent. 
Warhurton Thomas, operative, hoards 249 River, Cent. 
Ward A. M. W. Mrs. house off Mammoth, Paw. 
Ward Catharine, widow, house 261 Market 
Ward Catharine J. Miss, house 99 Charles 
Ward Elwin J. machinist, rooms 2 Coolidgo 
Ward Frank, marhle worker, hoards 70 Church 
Ward James, moulder, house 74 School 


Ward John, machinist, house 5 Putney's court 

Ward John, moulder, house 92 Appleton 

Ward John, upholsterer, 23 Market, bds. 8 Appleton corp. 

Ward John E. carpenter, house 13 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Ward Josiah P. grocer, house 25 Walnut 

Ward Margaret, widow, boards 109 Merrimack corp. 

Ward Patrick, tailor, house rear 32 Appleton 

Ward Sullivan L. & W. G. & A. W. Burnham, dentists, 

5 and 6 Savings Bank building, house 178 Fletcher 
Ward Sumner, operative, house 33 Chcever 
Ward Terrance, laborer, house 32 Charles 
Ward Thomas E. foreman, Kitson Machine Co. h. 68 Fletcher 
Ward William G. (S. L. & W. G. Ward & A. W. Burnham), 

Savings Bank building, 18 Shattuck, house 1 James 
Ward William II. blacksmith, Pawtucket, n. old canal, h. do. 
Ward well James V. Mrs. house 30 School 
Ward well Luella A. Miss, teacher, Franklin school, boards 

30 School 
Ware Fred. N. second hand, Middlesex, boards 27 Warren 
Ware Lyman P. Mrs. house 47 Gushing 
Warner F. A. physician, 20 John, house do. 
Warner Mary Mrs. house 25 Bartlett, Bel. 
Warner Mary II. Mrs. house 25 Queen 
Warner William, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
Warren Charles F. clerk, 2 Merrimac House block, house 

Westford, corner Wilder 
Warren Charles II. provisions, 72 Dutton, cor. Broadway, 

house 114 Westford 
Warren C. Hubbard, provisions, 2 Merrimac House block, 

Dutton, house 21 Dover [Chelmsford 

Warren Emily M. teacher, No. 28 primary school, house 68 
Warren Ezra P. butcl»er, house 57 Branch 
Warren Frank, driver, boards 107 Middlesex 
Warren Frank P. wool sorter, boards 57 Branch 
Warren George, operative, house 49 Branch 
Warren Jesse F. painter, house 1 Donahoe's yard 
Warren John, bleachery, house 270 Lincoln, Ayer's City 
Warren Mary A. widow, house 441 Broadway 
Warren Oliver II. photographer, 19 Central, house do. 
Warren Oscar, Merrimack, house 49 do. corp. 
Warren Rachel Mrs. house 114 Westford 
Warren Robert, painter, boards 238 Market 
Warren Seth W. carriage painter, boards 57 Branch 
Warren William, watchman, Hamilton, bds. 1 Livingston's 

block, Appleton 
Warshing Fannie C. Mrs. house 4 Russell's block 
Washburn Charles, porter, American House, house 13 Lee 
Washburn Charles D. grocer, 31 Market, house 44 West 

Sixth, Centralville 


Washburn John M. photographer, 100 Merrimack, house 96 

Washington John, card stripper, b. 91 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Washington Michael, laborer, house 15 Green 
Wasley Frank, painter, house 150 Worthen 
Waterliousc Albert D. watchman, Merrimack corp. 
Waterhousc Anna, widow, boards 113 Forrest 
Waterhouse Benjamin, house 113 Forrest 
Waterliousc Benjamin W. musician, house 113 Forrest 
Waterman James, Appleton, house 17 do. corp. 
Waterman Levi M. overseer, Hamilton, house 10 do. corp. 
Watkins Abbie A. Miss, cloak cutter, 80 Merrimack 
Watson Abbie G. teacher, primary No. 3, Paige, boards 19 

Watson Charles E. F. bobbin maker, bds. 19 Chelmsford 
Watson Edwin F. bobbin inanuf. Mechanics' mills, house 19 

Watson George A. gardener, boards Porter, cor. Westford 
Watson Hiram, overseer, bleaching room, Hamilton, house 

87 Westford 
Watson James, overseer, Merrimack, house 31^ do. corp. 
Watson John, teamster, house 21 London, Ayer's City 
Watson John (Mailland & Watson), Chambers, near Gor- 

ham, house 393 Gorham 
Watson Joseph, clerk, boards 34 Lawrence corp. 
Watson Patrick, laborer, house 50 West Union 
Watson Peter, cabinet maker, house 5 Spring 
Watson Shepard, ketchup manufacturer, house Porter, cor- 
ner Westford 
Watson William, boarding house, 34 Lawrence corp. 
Watson William, jr. machinist, boards 114 Suffolk 
Watts Thomas, stonecutter, bds. 1 Brown's blk., Marshall 
Waugh Archibald, slater, house 37 Wamesit 
Waugh Frank, painter, rooms 40 Grand 
Waugh Waldo, operative, house 29 Austin 
Waugh William, slater, house 82 Walker 
Wave George, overseer, Lawrence, house 24 do. corp. 
Way Charles Mrs. house 22 Tyler 
Way Clarence J. foundry, house 55 L. M. S. corp. 
Way Mary E. teacher, Moody school, boards 22 Tyler 
Way William II music teacher, boards 22 Tyler 
Wayland Valentine, Mass. boards 37 do. corp. 
Weathered Celia, saleswoman, 102 Merrimack 
Weaver Frank L. (S. H Weaver & Son), b. 956 Middlesex 
Weaver Horace, carpenter, house 9 Clark 
Weaver John E. (Irish & Weaver), physician, Middlesex, 

cor. Central, boards 31 Tyler 
Weaver Samuel II. & Son (F. L.), roofers, 250 Middlesex, 

house 956 do. 


Webb Frank R. watchman, Boolt mills 

Webb Frederick, cook, 195 Middlesex, boards do. 

Webb George, operative, bouse 27 Water, Bel. 

Webb John E. wood worker, bouse 111 Merrimack corp. 

Webb Lucius C. dresser, Lawrence, bouse 7 do. corp. 

Webber Benjamin N. (Buttrick & Go.), 20 Market, house 

Highland, near Gorham 
Webber Henry P. teller, Merchants' National Bank, house 

293 Central 
Webber Job P. Mrs. house 293 Central 
Webber Nancy Miss, boards James Park's, Paw. 
Webber T. C. clothing and furnishing goods, 94 Central, h. 

37 Wcstford 
Webber W. VV. operative, boards 46 Middlesex 
Webster Albert, watchman, Boott mills 
Webster Anne, widow, h. Livingston's bl'k, 145 Appleton 
Webster Calvin, farmer, house 137 Lincoln, Aycr's City 
Webster Charles, M. P. W. house 32 Hanover 
Websfer Charles, teamster, boards 18 Suffolk corp. 
Webster Clarence A. currier, house rear 266 Central 
Webster Daniel, machinist, house 221 Lawrence 
Webster Ebenezer D. carpenter, house 8 Hanover 
Webster Frances, asst. teacher, Mann grammar school, h. 

45 Myrtle, Cent. 
Webster Franklin Mrs. house 45 Myrtle, Cent. 
Webster George, carpenter, house 163 Bridge, Cent. 
Webster George E. postal clerk, house 163 Bridge, Cent. 
Webster Henry A. forwarding department office, 98 Middle, 

house 347 Broadway 
Webster Herbert, operative, boards 120 Middlesex 
Webster Herbert E. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Central, boards 

8 Hanover 
Webster -lames E. police, house 23 Marshall 
Webster Joanna Miss, house 8 Fifth, Cent. 
Webster John F. driver, L. II. 11. R. boards 5 Knowles pi. 
Webster John G. painter, house 105 Moody 
Webster Joseph 11. carpenter, house 99 Congress 
Webster Mary Miss, dressmaker, boards 24 Smith 
Webster Mary A. teacher, High school, b. 45 Myrtle, Cent. 
Webster Peter T. card clothier, house 12 Pace 
Webster William A. millwright, house 425 Middlesex 
Wedgcwood Andrew J. weaver, Merrimack, h. 44 do. corp. 
Wedgewood Edgar, Merrimack, boards 44 do. Corp. 
Weed George A. clerk, 41 Central, house 8 Merrill's court 
Weed Mary A. Mrs. house 39 Jewett, Cent. 
Weed Sewing Machine Co. 52| Merrimack 
Weeks Augustus W. clerk, 38 Middle, h. 69 Andovcr, Bel. 
Weeks Cordelia I. boarding house, 34 Mass. corp. 
Weeks Elizabeth, widow, house 46 Tyler 


Weeks George C. sash and blind maker, b. Iloward House 

Weeks Malcomb, operative, boards 16 Coolidgo 

Weeks Samuel, house 24 Arlington 

Weeks Serlo B. bouts and shoes, 151 Middlesex, house 140 

Wclir George F., Applcton, house 3 do. corp. 
Wclir Melissa, widow, house 12 Adams 
Weight Henry J. machinist, house 51 Pleasant, Bel. 
Welch Arnold S. chemist, Hamilton, boards 11 Lyon 
Welch Bartholomew, Middlesex, house 30 William 
Welch Bartholomew, spinner, house 50 High, Bel. 
Welch Benjamin F. clerk, Lowell Manufacturing Company, 

boards 32 Button 
Welch Catharine, widow, house 15 Swift 
Welch Catherine, widow, house 20 Davidson, Bel. 
Welch Charles A. overseer, Merrimack, house 10 do. corp. 
Welch Dennis, shoemaker, house 3 Iloward ave., Bel. 
Welch Edward, hairdresser, 70 Central, house 171 Market 
Welch Edward, spinner, house 13 Andover, Bel. 
Welch Edward, laborer, boards 219 Market 
Welch Ezra B. dry goods, 362 Merrimack, house 18 Race 
Welch E. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 32 Button, house do. 
Welch E. B. Mrs. house 98 Biidge, Cent. 
Welch Frank C. tinsmith, house 135 Merrimack corp. 
Welch George II., Merrimack, house 53 do. corp. 
Welch Horatio N. teamster, house 19 Elm 
Welch Iluldah Mrs. house at Old Ladies' Home, 68 Moody 
Welch James, laborer, house 22 Davidson, Bel. 
Welch James, boards 170 Merrimack 
Welch James, law student, boards 255 Market 
Welch James, boards 226 Gorham 
Welch Joanna, widow, house 236 Lawrence 
Welch John, shoemaker, 76 Market, house 74 do. 
Welch John, laborer, house 2 McGovcrn's court, Cent. 
Welch John, clerk, boards 255 Market 
Welch John, dresser, house 6 Faulkner 
Welch John, mule spinner, house rear 87 Moody 
Welch John, laborer, house 226 Gorham 
Welch John, laborer, house 57 Fenwick 
Welch John (J. T. Garter & Co.), Wamesit steam mills, h. 

386 Central 
Welch John, mason, house 5 Hudson 
Welch John Mrs. house 255 Market 
Welch John II. cloth folder, house 85 Fayette, Bel. 
Welch (John W.) & Keyes( Henry F.), provisions, 223 Mar- f 

ket, boards T remont House 
Welch Joseph, carder, boards 3 Tremont corp. 
Welch Joseph R, police, house 20 Second, Cent. 
Welch Margaret, widow, house 129 Adams 


Welch Margaret, widow, variety store. 179 Lawrence, h. do. 

Welch Maria, widow, house 6 Pollard's avenue 

Welch Michael, painter, h. Riverside, n. Dracut line, Paw. 

Welch Michael, tinsmith, house Fourth ave. Pawtucketville 

Welch Michael, laborer, house 11 Pleasant, Bel. 

Welch Michael, hloaehcry, house 1 84 Lawrence 

Welch Michael E. hairdresser, 70 Central, hds. Ill Market 

Welch Patrick, operative, house 3 Dempscy's place 

Welch Patrick, mason, boards 56 Market 

Welch Redmond, laborer, house 38 North 

Welch Redmond, carpet weaver, house 185 Lawrence 

Welch Susan Miss, dressmaker, 3 Union, house do. 

Welch Thomas, boards 386 Central 

Welch Willard C. overseer, Merrimack, house 24 do. corp. 

Welch Willard C. jr. student, boards 24 Merrimack corp. 

Welch William, boards 386 Central 

Welch William, laborer, house 125 Adams 

Welch William, horse trainer, fair grounds, b. 368 Central 

Welch , house 41 Hudson 

Welch, see also Walch and Walsh 

Weld Chester F. engineer, 127 Middle, h. 210 Merrimack 

Weld Harvey gasfittor, 5 Prcscott, boards 8 Abbott 

Wei dun Henry P. bobbinmaker, house 35 Washington 

Well man David, jr. wool-sorter, house 2 Lawrence-st. court 

Wellrnau George II. agent, Wellman's patent card-stripper, 

house 110 Bridge, corner West Fourth, Cent. 
Wcllman Louisa II. widow, house 341 Merrimack 
Wellman, see also Willmau 
Wells Alphonso, carpenter, house 118 Cross 
Wells Betsey G. Miss, house 142 Merrimack corp. 
Wells David, physician, Welles block, b. Mertimac House 
Wells E. Ilolten, weaver, boards 18 Trernont corp. 
Wells Louisa M. Miss, house Varnum ave. Pawtucketville 
Wells Oliver B. second hand, house 9 Lawrence corp. 
Welton Daniel, machinist, boards 81| Merrimack corp. 
Wenden Gustavo, bleachery, house 27 Floyd 
Wcntworth Austin, carpenter, house 15 Eighth, Cent. 
Wentworth Charles W. machinist, house 66 L. M. S. corp. 
Wcntworth John, spinner, boards 312 Lawrence 
Wentworth John It. mill supplies, Howe, h. 10 Lawrence 
Wcntworth Lloyd W. clerk, Mechanics' Savings Bank, 

house 52 Branch, near School 
Wentworth Tappan Mrs. house 24 Lawrence 
Wentworth ( William F.) & Nutting (R. L.), rubber stereo- 
type stamps, 52^ Merrimack, boards 26 Church 
West Betsey, widow, house 14 Third, Cent. 
West Caroline M. Miss, house 260 Central 
West Harvey Mrs. house 202 Middlesex 
West Llewellyn, carpenter, boards 5 Mclntirc 


West Mary Mrs. boards 260 Central 

West Nancy T. widow, boards 1 Merrimack corp. 

West Thomas II. carpenter, house 5 Mclntire 

Weslall William E. clerk, 4 Appleton block, boards at J. C. 

Smith's, Dracut 
Western Union Telegraph Co., office Merrimack-st. depot 
Westgate George II. photographic printer, boards 43 Fourth, 

Centralville [h. 6 Branch 

Weston Charles II. steam press and jack screw manuf. Arch, 
Weston Henry R. painter, boards 35 Boott corp. 
Weston Ruel L. painter, house 35 Boott corp. 
Weston Sophia B. widow, house 206 Central 
Westovcr Oscar, conductor, boards 135 Central 

Westover , operative, house 16 John [do. 

Wetherbee Charles P. (H. Towler £ Co.), 71 Market, h. 
Wetherbec Henry M. machinist, boards 32 Church 
Wetherbee Sarah M. widow, at Old Ladies' Home, 68 

Wetherbee Sophia P. teacher, Bartlett school, b. 23 Kirk 
Wetherbee Susan and Nancy, house 23 Kirk 
Weymouth Alson, watchman, Mass. Cotton mills, boards 

* 50 Head, Cent. 
Weymouth Augustus, moulder, boards 13 Adams 
Weymouth Deborah, widow, house 78 Lawrence 
Weymouth Harrison G. 0. (Custom House, Boston), houso 

119 Appleton 
Weymouth Sarah C. widow, house 119 Appleton 
Whalon John J. hairdresser, 79 Market, boards 120 do. 
Whalen Patrick, laborer, house 2 Maiden lane 
Whalcy Dennis, carpenter, house 35 Clark 
Wheat Benjamin, boards Bowers, cor. Arlington 
Wheat Frank II. overseer, Tremont, house 34 do. corp. 
Wheat Maria S. widow, house Bowers, cor. Arlington 
Wheat Solomon, boards rear 415 Central 
Wheeler Abel, sewing machines and Butterick's patterns, 12 

Central, house 66 Westford 
Wheeler Albert & Co. ( Ghas. W. Rrigham and A. H. 

Wheeler), o TOC ers. 93 Tilden, h. 382 Merrimack 
Wheeler Albert II. {Albert Wheeler & Co.), 93 Tilden, bds. 

382 Merrimack 
Wheeler Albert N. painter, boards 16 Richmond 
Wheeler Anson, overseer, Lowell, house 12 do. corp. 
Wheeler Artemus, houso 17 School 
Wheeler Arthur II. foreign postage stamps, 174 Merrimack, 

boards 113 Salem 
Wheeler Charles, blacksmith, house 80 Howard 
Wheeler Charles 0. S. carpenter, house 135 School 
Wheeler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence, house 20 do. corp. 
Wheeler Daniel C. house 48 First, Cent. 


Wheeler Edward S. grocer and provision dealer, 23 Salem, 

house 09 YVaiinalaiicit 
Wheeler Ellsworth E. shulllemakcr, house 22 Read, Cent. 
Wheeler Euos II. stamper, house 5 Appleton corp. 
Wheeler Fannie R. saleswoman, 18 Merrimack, boards 21 

Andover, Bel. 
Wheeler Fernald Mrs. physician, house 66 Westford 
Wheeler Francis R. saleswoman, 78 Merrimack, bds. 21 

Andover, Bel. 
Wheeler George E. physician, 221 Middlesex, house do. 
Wheeler Horsey B. mail agent, L. & F. R. R. b 52 Moody 
Wheeler Hiram E. boards 185 Moody 
Wheeler Homer S. fish and oysters, 27 E. Merrimack, Bel. 

house 5 Lagrange court 
Wheeler Jesse 0. carpenter, house 6 Grove [bridge 

Wheeler John, engineer, Masonic Temple, house 55 Cam- 
Wheeler Joseph A. clothing, 174 Merrimack, h. 113 Salem 
Wheeler Lucy, widow, house 185 Moody 
Wheeler Sanfbrd S. Mrs. house 6 Appleton corporation 
Wheeler Spencer, house 10 Arlington 

Wheeler S. Frank, blacksmith, Tremont, house 36 do. corp. 
Wheeler YVillard A. carpenter, house 5 Bachelder's place 
Wheeler William, carpenter, boards 17 School 
Wheeler William, Merrimack repair shop, boards 43 Tildcn 
Wheelock Andrew C. real estate agent, 238 Central, house 

232 do. 
Whelan Daniel, laborer, boards 62 West Union 
Whelan Edward, laborer, house 212 Central 
Whelan John, stone mason, house 37 Pleasant, Belvidero 
Whelan John, marble cutter, boards 212 Central 
Whelan Mary Mrs. house 62 West Union 
Whelan Michael, watchman, house 22 Crosby 
Whelan Patrick, laborer, house 62 West Union 
Whelan William, laborer, boards 62 West Union 
Whiddcn Augustus F. station agent, B. L. & N. R. R., h. 

Bleachery station 
Whipple Daniel L. house 41 Rock 

Whipple Eugene E. watchman, Bleachery, bds. 49 Cushing 
Whipple E. A. Mrs. house 40 Kirk 
Whipple Ira J. watchman, Thornkikc Manuf. Co., boards 

30 Lyon 
Whipple Oliver M. Mrs. house 152 Moore 
Whipple Orissa M. millinery, 99 Merrimack, b. 49 Cushing 
Whipple Savrina Mrs. house 49 Cushing 
Whipple S. Foster, clerk, 77 Merrimack, boards 36 Kirk 
Whipple William V. clerk, boards 49 Cushing 
Whirley Timothy, Lawrence, boards 50 do. corp. 
Whitakcr Charming, mechanical engineer, Mechanics' Bank 

block, 128 Merrimack, house 42 Appleton 


Whitaker David ( Off all & Whilaker), 33 and 35 Market, 

boards 16 do. 
Whitaker Ormond A. boards 491 Stevens 
Whitchcr M. 13. Mrs. house 202 Middlesex 
Whiteomb Arthur K. asst. editor, Daily " Courier," boards 

36 Kurd 
Whiteomb Irving, confectioner, 37 Central 
Whiteomb James M. tinsmith, house 11 Walnut 
Whiteomb Nancy A. widow, house 46 Race 
Whiteomb Oscar, machinist, boards 23 Race 
Whiteomb Ruel K. sashmaker, house 128 School 
White Albert, printer, 130 Central, bds. 179 Bridge, Cent. 
White Alfred S. clerk, 37 J Merrimack 
White Brothers & Kilhurn (S. B.jr. and W. H. While, and 

J. M. Kilbum), glove manufs. 21 East Merrimack, fac- 
tory, Howe street, Bclvidere 
White Daniel, boards 98 Cross 
White Dennis, laborer, house 7 Ilowe-st. avc. Bel. 
White Ellen, widow, house 67 Charles 
White Ellen M. teacher, No. 45, primary school, boards 35 

Oak, Belvidero 
While Frances Mrs. house 34 Cabot 
White Frederick, engineer, L. & N. R. R. house rear 288 

White Frederick 0. mason, boards 35 Oak, Belvidero 
White George, blacksmith, boards 62 Water, Bclvidere 
White George W. boards 156 Central 
White G. Foster & Co., leather goods, 127 Market, house 

14 Gates 
White Henry G. clerk, 173 Central, boards 35 Oak, Bel. 
White James, hostler, house 102 Fletcher 
White John, moulder, house 95 Willie 
White John, job wagon, boards 98 Cross 
White John P. house Riverside, Pawtucketvillo 
White Joseph, assistant telegraph operator, B. & M. R. R. 

depot, boards Willie, cor. Cross 
White Josiah Mrs. house 78 Lawrence 
White Josiah W. clothing, 3 Central, h. 37 Bartlett, Bel. 
White Lydia Mrs. boards 4 Suffolk corporation 
White Mary, widow, house 98 Cross 
White Mary Ann, widow, house 39 George 
White Mary A. millinery and lace, 81 Merrimack, house do. 
White Michael, machinist, house 9 Davis 
White Michael, machinist, boards 123 Middlesex 
White Minerva, widow, house 69 Chapel 
White Nellie Mrs. house 78 Moody 
White Oliver, operative, house 17 Howe, Belvidero 
White Philip T. Mrs. house 35 Oak, Belvidero 
White Rollin, house 36 Rolfo 


White Roswell B. carpenter, boards 57 Applcton 

White Samuel A. (Boston), boards 133 Grand 

White Samuel B. jr. ( While Bros. & Kilburn), glove manuf. 

21 East Merrimack, house at Winchester 
White Sarah, widow, house 53 Moody 
White Sumner A. hackman, boards Tremont House 
White William, laborer, house Bridge, cor. River, Cent. 
White William II. ( While Bros. & Kilburn), glove manuf., 

21 East Merrimack, house 8 Livermore, Belvidere 
White William J. blacksmith, house 121 Howard 
White William T. carpenter, house 56 L. M. S. corp. 
Whitehead Daniel, spinner, house 27 Joiner 
Whitehead Edward, weaver, house 9 Bassett 
Whitehead Henry, machine grinder, house 30 Andover, Bel. 
Whitehead James, laborer, house 9 Bassett 
Whitehead John, blacksmith, house 37 Wamesit 
Whitehead Mary, widow, boards 7 Merrimack corp. 
Whitehead Peter, machinist, house 183 Moore 
Whitehead ( William E.) & Atherton (A. T.), machinists, 

Howe, Bel., house at Tewksbury 
Whitehorn William II. painter, Boott, house 71 do. corp. 
Whiteley John J. dresser, house 1 Mason's court 
Whitelcy Joseph, boots and shoes, 3 Prescott block, house 

11 Fourth, Centralvillo 
Whiteley Joseph, machinist, house 1 Mason's court 
Whiteknoct Henry W. shuttlcmaker, house 378 Central 
Whiteside Edward Mrs. house 19 Water, Belvidere 
Whiteside Edward J. dyer, boards 19 Water, Belvidere 
"Whiteside Johnson, overseer, Middlesex, h. 491 Stevens 
Whiteside Jonathan, variety store, 103 Central, b. Water, 

Whithcd (Darius) & Co. (W. B. Balchelder), coal, foot of 

Howard, office 29 Merrimack, house 24 Fifth, Cent. 
Whittled Darius, jr. clerk, house 120 Westford 
Whiting (Phineas) & Co. belt manufs. and curriers, 20 

Shattuck, cor. Middle, h. Mt. Vernon, n. Pavvtucket 
Whitman Christopher, farmer, house 93 Walker 
Whitman William, Lawrence, boards 30 Marion 
Whitmarsh William A. bobbinmaker, boards 88 Tremont 
Whitmarsh William II. 224 Middlesex, house 114 Cross 
Whitmore E. A. Mrs. house 171 Moody 
Whitmore Win. stencil cutter, 28 Merrimack, h. 424 do. 
Whitney Abbic, widow, house 28 Third, Cent. 
Whitney Abel, bookseller, 87 Merrimack, h. 145 Gorham 
Whitney Albert, house 139 Fletcher 
Whitney Albert, L. M. S., house CO do. corp. 
Whitney Charles II. teamster, house 23 Hildrcth, Cent. 
Whitney Charles, boards 66 Andover, Belvidere 
Whitney Charles, pros., Wamesit Nat. Bank, Middlesex 


Whitney Charles E. machinist, boards 152 Stackpole, Bel. 

Whitney Charles II. job wagon, house 15 Myrtle, Cent. 

Whitney David, house 833 Middlesex 

Whitney D. house 154 Fletcher 

Whitney Eben A. carpenter, house 6 Merrill 

Whitney Edgar E. dresser, boards 32 Prescott Corp., Bel. 

Whitney Fred, wire worker, boards 28 Third, Cent. 

Whitney Frederick W. operative, house 66 High, Bel. 

Whitney Geo. B. 309 Bridge, Cent., house at Dracut 

Whitney George B. driver, Steamer 3, and supt. fire alarm, 

"12 Middle, boards do. 
Whitney George T. provisions, 309 Bridge, Cent., h. do. 
Whitney Harriet P. widow, house 41 Nestnith, Bel. 
Whitney Ilirain & Co. (//. L. Tibbells), lumber dealers, 

Western avc., house 154 Fletcher 
Whitney Idris F. widow, house 54 Ford 
Whitney Isaac, agent, National Croquet Co., Western 

avenue, boards 94 Rock 
Whitney James S., U. S. Cartridge Co. house 101 Chapel 
Whitney John Mrs. house 26 Cady 

Whitney John A. clerk, 87 Merrimack, boards 145 Gorham 
Whitney John C. sawyer, house 50 Branch 
Whitney John D. boards 3 Blanehard place, Bel. 
Whitney John S. overseer, U. S. Cartridge Co. house 84 

Lawrence corporation 
Whitney Levi II Mrs. house 15 So. Highland 
Whitney Louis, loom fixer, house 60 L. M. S. corp. 
Whitney Mark C, L. M. S. boards 58 do. corp. 
Whitney [Nathaniel F.) &, Co. livery stable, 254 Middlesex, 

house rear 8 Grand 
Whitney Puifus B. house 10 Mammoth, Paw. 
Whitney Sarah B. widow, house 152 Stackpole, Bel. 
Whitney William S. boards 15 Nesmith, Bel. 
Whitney William W. spinner, house 32 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Whitstone Thomas, laborer, house 43 Kidder 
Whittaker Abraham, provisions, 123 Fayette, cor. Andover, 

Belvidere, house at Tcwkshury 
Whittaker Samuel, carpenter, house 80 Middlesex 
Whittetnore Frank A. groom, fair grounds, boards do. 
Whittemore Isaac W. grocer, 33 E. Merrimack, h. 129 do. 

Whittemore (Ichabod B.) & Ilomans (G. F.), grocers, 239 

Broadway, house 92 Fletcher [boards do. 

Whittemore M. C. Miss, teacher of vocal culture, 3 Gates, 
Whittemore Samuel D. foreman, L. M. S. house 70 do. corp. 
Whitten Charles L. tinsmith, boards 13 Cady jiLj 
Whitlen Charles P. golden salve inanuf. house 1M Cady 
Whitten Herbert, stoves etc. 154 Central, boards 44 Elm 
Whitten William, cooper, house 64 Bridge, Cent. 


Whitlet Alexander, florist, 25 Hanover ave. house do. Bel. 

Whittet James, carpenter, boards 49 dishing 

Whittier Charles, clerk, 354 Middlesex, boards 8 E. Pine 

Whittier Charles F. carpenter, boards 6 First, Cent. 

Whittier Daniel V. bobbin maker, house 8 E. Pine 

Whittier Henry F. twine manuf. boards 36 Kirk 

Whittier Lewis, boxniaker, house 154 Chelmsford 

Whittier Moses & Son, twine manufacturers, ioot of Con- 
cord, Mass. corp. house 38 Kirk 

Whittier Sarah, widow, boards 51 L. M. S. corp. 

Whittier S. rooms 135 Moody 

Whittingham Henry, mule spinner,* house rear 30 Paige 

Whitty John, grocer, 50 Market, house do. 

Whitworth William, overseer, American Bolt Company, h. 
1 1 Lyon 

Wier Newton J. & Co. stoves, tinware, etc. 2 Prescott, h. 
22 Fifth, Central villc 

Wiggin Andrew J. machinist, house 139 Moody 

Wiggin Dudley, house 35 Lawrence 

Wiggin Ervin L. clerk, 199 Middlesex, boards 25 Walnut 

Wiggin George W. 5 Central, house at Tewksbuiy 

Wiggin John W. carpenter, boards Willie, cor. Franklin 

Wiggin Lewis W. painter, house Leroy, near Loring 

Wiggin Mary B. widow, house 20 Marshall 

Wiggin 0. A. millinery and fane}' goods, 109 Merrimack, 
boards 50 Kirk 

Wiggin Ozro A. tailor, 139 Central, house 15 Auburn 

Wiggin Perley, laborer, boards 31 Lawrence corp. 

Wiggin Warren A. carpenter, house 137 Central 

Wiggin William II. carpenter, shop 58 Rock, office and 
house Willie, cor. Franklin 

Wiggin Williams, carpenter, Merrimack, h. 83| do. corp. 

Wiggins Sidney W. wireworker, bds. 6 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Wight Abbie, boards 17 Third, Cent. 

Wight Charles L., U. S. N. house 17 Third, Cent. 

Wight George II. (James Wight & Co.), 20 Middlesex, h. 
55 Durant, Centralville 

Wight James & Co. (George H. Wight), brass finishers and 
machinists, 20 Middlesex, house at Rockland, Me. 

Wight William II. lumber, house 17 Third, Cent. 

Wightman Henry W. B. (Keyes & WiglUman), 124 Merri- 
mack, house 107 Pawtucket 

Wigley George, operative, boards 1 Aiken 

Wigley John, overseer, mule spinner, h. Cabot, opp. Lyman 

Wilby Benjamin, shoemaker, 316 Gorhain, house do. 

Wilby William, leather belting manuf. 62 and 64 Market, h. 
Lagrange, cor. Suffolk [house do. 

Wilcox Alexander B. suspender manuf. 76 High, Belvidcre, 

Wilcox Alvin, clerk, boards 231 Central 


Wilcox Charles F. clerk, 141 Central, boards 46 Middlesex 

Wilcox Edward, operative, house 156 Adams 

Wilcox Silas C. confectioner, house 36 Jcwett, Cent. 

Wild Bridget, widow, house 18 Marion 

Wilde Jacob, shoemaker, house 740 Gorham 

Wilde James, overseer, Mass. h. 1 Prescott Corp., Bel. 

Wilde John, section hand, house Lawrence-st. court 

Wilder Charles 11. farmer, house 628 Middlesex 

Wilder Charles W. (Hunt & Wilder), 68 Market, boards 

106 Wilder 
Wilder Eiias F. provisions, 95 Branch, house do. 
Wilder Henry II. & Co. ( George F. Libbee), brass founders, 

furnace and range dealers, plumbers, tin and sheet iron 

workers, 127 Central, house 36 Tyler 






lder Robert 11. farmer, boards 628 Middlesex 

ldley Calvin, gate tender, Lawrence, boards 6 Dodgo 

ley Life W. moulder, house 18 L. M. S. corp. 

ley Martha W. widow, boards 49 Fourth, Cent. 

ley Nathan P. clerk, boards 53 Bartlett, Belvidero 

ley Samuel F. carpenter, 41 Chestnut, house 2 Mcrriam's 

court, Bclvidcre 
ley Walter P. carpenter, boards 96 Merrimack 
lkius Charles, operative, house 31 Andover, Belvidero 
lkins Charles, moulder, house 48 L. M. S. corp. 
lkius Charles E. machinist, house 62 L. M. S. corp. 
lkins Charles II. freight conductor, B. L. & N. R. R. 

boards 126 Howard 
lkins Christina W. widow, house 5 Dodgo 
lkins Frank, painter, boards 41 Merrimack corp. 
lkins George \V. patternmaker, boards 51 Church 
lkins Henry, house 75 Myrtle, Cent, 
lkins Henry It. carpenter, house 26 Hastings 
lkins Herbert E. clerk, 60 Market, bds. 75 Myrtle, Cent, 
lkins John, laborer, house 1 Lawrence court 
lkins Josiah, house 39 Pleasant, Belvidero 
lkins Orrcn T. tinsmith, house 92 Howard 
lkins P. G. clerk, 179 Middlesex, boards 107 do. [corp. 
lkinson Catharine Mrs. boarding house, 11 Merrimack 
lkinson Daniel, boards 11 Merrimack corp. 
lkinson John, card stripper, house 11 Andover, Bel. 
lkinson John, weaver, boards 62 Tremont 
lkinson Wm. Henry, spooler, house 9 Mass. corp. 
Hard Alvah F. machinist, house 65 L. M. S. corp. 
Hard Bertha E. cutter, 124 Mcriimack 
Hard Gardner L. steam fitter, 5 Prescott, house Riverside, 

Hard George A. machinist, boards 22 Lowell corp. 
Hard Henry, carpenter, house 22 Lowell corp. 
Hard Henry F. house 62 Chelmsford 


Willard James M. painter, house Lavoy, near Coral 

Willard John, macliinist, house 230 Thorndike 

Willard Oliver A. boards 122 Bridge, Cent. 

Willett George, cardgiinder, liouse 3 llowe-st. ave., Bel. 

Willey Albert, operative, house Austin's block, Coolidgo 

Willey Charlotte Mrs. house 2 Quebec 

Willey George F. music teacher, in public schools, house 

52 Appleton 
Willey John W. porter, 47 Market, boards 15 Elm 
Willey Samuel, machinist, house 13 Prescott Corp., Bel. 
Willey Walter R. clerk, 141 Central, boards 52 Appleton 
Williams Albert W. carpenter, house 44 Branch 
Williams Benj. J. counsellor, 56 Central, b. 49 Nesmith, Bel. 
Williams Caleb S. furnaces, 127 Market, house 6 Coral 
Williams Charles M. cashier, Old Lowell National Bank, 

Savings Bank bldg., 18 Shattuck, h. 136 Stackpole, Bel. 
Williams Christina Mrs. boarding house, 104 Market 
Williams Daniel A. blacksmith, house 70 Cabot 
Williams Edward L. wood worker, house 30 Butterfield 
Williams Frederick, carpenter, house 139 Jackson 
Williams George II. harnessmaker, house 159 Gorham 
Williams George II. boards 49 Nesmith, Belvidere 
Williams Gilbert T. jeweller, 31 Merrimack, h. 43 Chapel 
Williams Henry J. engineer, boards 56 Lawrence corp. 
Williams Henry L. real estate broker, 56 Central, house 49 

Nesmith, Belvidere [corp. 

Williams Isaiah, watchman, Tremont mills, b. 31 Suffolk 
Williams John, watchman, M.P.W. b. 137 Merrimack corp. 
Williams John, Appleton, boards do. corp. 
Williams John A. sawyer, house 20 Queen 
Williams Joseph, American Bolt Co. house 47 Wamesit 
Williams J. Frank, stonecutter, boards 2 Franklin square 
Williams Martha S. teacher, boards 176 Central 
Williams Patrick, laborer, house 7 Davis court 
Williams Randall, Massachusetts, boards 37 do. corp. 
Williams Sam'l M. clerk, 31 Merrimack, house 276 Central 
Williams Sarah A. widow, house 56 Lawrence corp. 
Williamson Kendall, engineer, Arch, house 119 Middlesex 
Willie Warren, boards 13 Elm 
Willis Annie, widow, house 60 Water, Belvidere 
Willis Augustus D. carpenter, boards 53 Lawrence corp. 
Willis Charles H. stocking legger, house 65 Gushing 
Willis George E., Lawrence, boards 53 do. corp. 
Willis Joshua T. machine printer, house 220 Merrimack 
Willis J. T. Mrs. variety store, 220 Merrimack, house do. 
Willis Mary, widow, boards 3 Hill's block, Dodge 
Willis Simon W. foreman, Dutton, corner Fletcher, liouse 

136 Middlesex 
Willis William, wireworker, 150 Bridge, Cent. 


Willis Wm. T. overseer, Lowell Hosiery mills, h. 82 Dover 

Willman John, wool sorter, house 15 Cady 

Willoughby B. L. 42 Merrimack, boards 65 Boott corp. 

Willoughby Edward 0. carpenter, h. 58 Stack pole, Bel. 

Willoughby John, miller, house 34 Third, Cent. 

Wills Daniel M. house 46 Cabot 

Wills Edward F. clerk, 48 Race, boards 56 Fletcher 

Wills John II. loreman, 180 Middlesex, boards 56 Fletcher 

Wilman David, woolsorter, house 23 Floyd 

Wilman David, jr. wool sorter, house 2 Lawrence court 

Wilmore James, laborer, house rear 181 Market 

Wilmot Augusta E. Mrs. house 66 Bartlett, Bel. 

Wilmot James, watchman, Mass. h. 31 Prescott corp. Bel. 

Wilmot VVillard VV. Mrs. boarding house, 20 Cabnt 

Wilson Agnes E. millinery, 27 Market, bds. 7 Robinson 

Wilson Alma, Lawrence, house 16 Coolidgc 

Wilson Andrew, operative, house 71 Cabot 

Wilson Annie D. Miss, dressmaker, boards 134 Halo 

Wilson Augustus II. teamster, house 61 Merrimack corp. 

Wilson B. L. carpenter, boards 22 VVellman's block 

Wilson Charles, Massachusetts, house 30 First, Cent. 

Wilson Chattaton II. knitter, Lawrence, house 71 Cabot 

Wilson Daniel, Lawrence, rooms 84 Cabot 

Wilson David, Lowell, house 22 Suffolk 

Wilson David, house 53 West Sixth, Centralvillo 

Wilson David 11. & Co. {John 0. Wilson), coppersmiths,, 

179 Central, house 68 Charles 
Wilson Edgar, Lawrence, house 7 1 Cabot 
Wilson Edwin T. machinist, house 104 South 
Wilson Eurydice P. Mrs. h. 6 Livingston's blk., Appleton 
Wilson Foster, overseer, Merrimack, house 22 do. corp. 
Wilson Foster, jr. clerk, 100 Central, b. 22 Merrimack corp. 
Wilson Francis T. (F. S. & F. T. Wilson), 80 Dover, h. do, 
Wilson Frank T. foreman, 1 dishing, h. 1 S. Franklin ct. 
Wilson Franklin S. & F. T. carpenters, 80 Dover, h. 29 do. 
Wilson George, Massachusetts, boards 53 do. corp. 
Wilson George VV. blacksmith, 51 Middle, and Franklin, 

corner Fletcher, house 52 Charles 
Wilson Gerry, house 77 Third, Centralvillo 
Wilson Greenleaf, patent belt hooks, house 236 Central 
Wilson Helen, widow, servant, at 130 Parker 
Wilson James, house 22 Wilson 
Wilson James, moulder, house 87 Willie 
Wilson James, weaver, Lawrence, house 81 do. corp. 
Wilson James, contractor, L. M. S. h. 102 Stackpole, Bel. 
Wilson James II. clerk, L. M. S., b. 7 Lincoln, Ayer's Citj 
Wilson Jane Mrs. house 18 Linden 
Wilson John, laborer, boards 117 Worthen 
Wilson John, comber, boards 83 Lawrence 


Wilson John C. (D. H. Wilson & Co.), 179 Central, house 
7 Robinson 

Wilson John L. machinist, house 166 Merrimack corp. 

Wilson John S. Mrs. house 41 Chapel 

Wilson Joseph, house Mammoth, Rawtuckctvillo 

Wilson Joseph, house 29 Cabot 

Wilson Joseph M. butcher, house Mammoth, Paw. 

Wilson Justus 13. machinist, house 122 Merrimack 

Wilson Laura J. widow, house 88 Howard 

Wilson L. E. & Co. millinery goods, 1 Welles' block 

Wilson Martha Mrs. house 7 Robinson 

Wilson (Mary B. Miss) & Burgess (AT. E.), variety store, 
21 John, house do. 

Wilson Richard, Middlesex, boards 1 George 

Wilson Rufus, machinist, boards 37 Chestnut, Bel. 

Wilson Samuel E. clerk, 166 Merrimack, bds. 88 Howard 

Wilson Sarah, widow, boards 33 Howard 

Wilson Thomas, farmer, house 134 Hale 

Wilson Thomas, moulder, house 30 Clay, Bel. 

Wilson Thomas E., Appleton, house 3 do. corp. 

Wilson William D. fanner, house Mammoth, Raw. 

Wilson William Henry, boots and shoes, 104 Middlesex, 
house do. 

Wilson , pressor, rooms 84 Ford 

Winchester Samuel, blacksmith, houso 67 Lawrcnco 

Wing Alpheus G. Mrs. house 25 Fourth, Cent. 

Wing Benj. F. shuttle maker, house 7 Second, Cent. 

Wing Bridget, widow, house 55 Gorham 

Wing & Co. {True, Edward T., & Willard 0. Wing), pro- 
visions, 14 and 16 John, and 1 Lee 

Wing Edward, laborer, house 20 Carter 

Wing Edward, bleacher, house 3 Livingston 

Wing Edward T. ( Wing & Co.), 14 John, boards 170 Fair- 
mount, Belvidere 

Wing Frank, restaurant, 19 Merrimack, h. 29 Museum bldg. 

Wing James, Appleton, boards 4 Dodge 

Wing Jane T. variety store, 7 John, house 25 Fourth, Cent. 

Wing John, boards 125 Middlesex 

Wing John C. dresser, house 77 Charles 

Wing John C. yardman, house 4 Livingston 

Wing Lingan C. agent Singer's improved sewing machines, 
74 Merrimack, house 18 Read, Cent. 

Wing True ( Wing & Co.), 14 John.h. 170 Fairmount, Bel. 

Wing Willard 0. (Wing & Co.), 14 John, boards 170 Fair- 
mount, Bel. 

Winn Bridget, widow, houso 22 Appleton 

Winn Charles II. machinist, house 17 Lee 

Winn Daniel K. physician, 7 Kirk, house do. 

Winn Dennis, boltinakcr, house 68 Appleton 


Winn Dennis, laborer, house 68 Appleton 

Winn Ellen, widow, house 34 Lane 

Winn Michael, laborer, house 22 Appleton 

Winn Parker, shoemaker, 14 Middle, house 17 Leo 

Winn Peter, laborer, house 24 William 

Winn Robert, boltmaker, house 22 Appleton 

Winn William P., Massachusetts, house 240 Central 

Wiuiick William G. merchant tailor, chambers Merrimack, 

corner John, house 205 Moody 
Winsby Sarah A. Miss, nurse, boards 19 Elm 
Winslow Edward, suspender maker, boards 33 Church 
Winslow George, machinist, house 11 Butterfield 
Winslow Hannah, widow, house 16 Second, Cent. 
Winslow James, dyer, and hoseman, Steamer 1, 78 Middle, 

house do. 
Winslow Mary A. Mrs. dressmaker, 88 Merrimack, house 

242 Central 
Winslow Nelson IT. boards 16 Second, Cent. 
Winter Fitz II. letter carrier, house 59 Read, Cent. 
Winter Samuel D. foreman, house 2 Blanchard place, Bel. 
Winton John 11. painter, 138 Central, house 192 do. 
Wirt Amos, dyer, house 1 Oak, Belvidere 
Wirt William, painter, house 1 Oak, Belvidere 
William Edward A. carpenter, boards 11 Sixth, Cent. 
Witham Levi II. police, house 27 Ilildreth, Cent. 
Withain William C. shoemaker, house 15 Wamesit 
Witherell Prank P. machinist, house 13 Coral 
Witherell George F. marble and granite dealer, 183 Mid- 
dlesex, house 129 Appleton 
Witherell Harvey, yard hand, house 15 Race 
Witherell John Albert, boards 19 Lowell corp. 
Witherell Lester E., Lawrence Hosiery, boards 29 Austin 
Witherell Nelson B. shoemaker, 81 Moody, h. 29 Austin 
Witherell 0. Herman, tinsmith, boards 29 Austin 
Witherell William II. overseer, Treinout, It. 33 do. corp. 
Witherhead James, overseer, Mass., house 46 do. corp. 
Wellington Charles, painter, house 98 Salem 
Wolstcnholme Francis E. moulder, It. 7 Hampshire, Cent. 
Wood Allen A. clerk, 125 Central, boards 46 Middlesex 
Wood Almon, prop., Middlesex House, 909 Middlesex 
Wood Arthur E. bookkeeper, 80 Merrimack, boards 70 Mer^ 

rimack corporation 
Wood Benjamin F. stone cutter, boards 15 Perrin 
Wood Charles, overseer, Boott, house 70 do. corp. 
Wood Charles E. clerk, F. & L. R. R. 22 Central, house 54 

Wood Cornelius, shoemaker, house 20 No. Franklin ct. 
Wood Edward N. (S. N. Wood & Sun), 47 Market, house 

190 Moody 


Wood Frank, printer, "Times," 12 Middle, b. 13 Central 

Wood Frederick II. clerk, 47 Market, boards 304 Central 

Wood George F. machinist, boards 98 South 

Wood George II. jewelry, 77 Central, house 13 Ash, Bel. 

Wood Grace Miss, music teacher, boards 124 Liberty 

Wood Harry, machinist, boards 46 Middlesex 

Wood Henry, wireworker, house 73 Third, Cent. 

Wood Henry, wireworker, house 51 Fourth, Cent. 

Wood Henry R. carpenter, house 33 Dover 

Wood Horatio Rev. house 124 Liberty 

Wood II. II. Mrs. house 38 Merrimack, Ncsmith block 

Wood James II. painter, house 116 Fayette, Bel. 

Wood Jarvis, second hand, Mass., house 39 do. corp. 

Wood John, cashier, B. L. & N. R. R. freight depot, house 

343 Broadway 
Wood John C. Mrs. house 52 Massachusetts corp. 
Wood John G. house 98 South 
Wood John S. watchman, Merrimack Manuf. Co. 
Wood Lorenzo, supt. gas works, School, house 15 Perrin 
Wood Maria, widow, boards 239 Middlesex 
Wood Mary J. Miss, boards 94 Howard 
Wood Relief Mrs. boarding house, 49 Mass. corp. 
Wood Robert, vet. surgeon, house 6 Iligh-st. square, Bel. 
Wood Samuel N. & Son (E. N.), flour, grain, etc. 47 Mar- 
ket, house 304 Central 
Wood Sidney C, Mass. corp. house 123 Cross 
Wood Thomas, house 87 Charles 
Wood William, overseer, Boott, house 60 do. corp. 
Wood William H. clerk, 38 Central 
Woodall William, machinist, boards 13 Adams 
Woodard Lorenzo D. carpenter, Massachusetts, house 45 

Prcscott corp. Belviderc 
Woodbury Albert, overseer, Hamilton, house 1 do. corp. 
Woodbury Charles F. operative, boards 141 Moody 
Woodbury Horace D. machinist, house 32 Boott corp. 
Woodbury Hugh, weaver, Boott, house 339 Broadway 
Woodbury Jcdediah C. clerk, 364 Merrimack, h. 141 Moody 
Woodbury John VV. clerk, freight depot, b. 339 Broadway 
Woodbury J. 11. chiropodist, 129 Central, house do. 
Woodhead James, base ball player, boards 70 Dutton 
Woodies D. S. Mrs. house 7 L. M. S. corp. 
Woodies Edward S. (Boston), house 7 L. M. S. corp. 
Woodies Fred, foreman, L. M. S. foundry, b. 28 Howard 
Woodman Freeman F. helper, boards 7 Bachelder's placo 
Woodman Watson, carpenter, house 130 Howard 
Woods Almira, widow, house 24 Third, Cent. 
Woods Charles 11. letter carrier, house 19 Eighth, Cent. 
Woods Charles L. clerk, " Times," 12 Middle, boards 254 


Woods Christopher, second hand, Massachusetts, house 35 

Prescott corporation, Belviderc 
Woods D. A. widow, house 71 Common 
Woods (Edward P.) Sherwood (Daniel), & Co. (G. H. 
Latham), fine wire goods, 150 Bridge, house 23 West 
Sixth, Centralville 
Woods Ellen, widow, house 9 Jefferson 
Woods Henry S. clerk, 18 Central, h. 17 Wentworth's blk. 
Woods James, mule spinner, boards 35 Prescott corp. Bel. 
Woods Luther S. operative, Boott, boards 44 do. corp. 
Woods Patrick, L. M. S. boards 9 Jefferson 
Woods Rebecca, widow, house 4 So. Franklin court 
Woods William, boarding house, 11 and 12 Tremont corp. 
Woodsum Ruth, widow, house 92 Branch 
Woodward Abbie F. Miss, teacher, Franklin school, boards 

73 Branch 
Woodward Alfred G. clothing. 30 Merrimack, house 157 E. 

Merrimack, Belvidere 
Woodward Carlos, clerk, 48 Thorndike, house do. 
Woodward C. S. dressmaker, 4 John, house do. 
Woodward David, sign painter, 47 E. Merrimack, Bel. h. 109 

Bridge, Centralville 
Woodward E. C. machinist, house 75 Lawrence corp. 
Woodward E. G. Miss, boards 2 Brown's block, Marshall 
Woodward Frank H. clerk, at A. Batchelder & Co.'s, bds. 

145 Howard 
Woodward George F. lawyer (Boston), boards 73 Branch 
Woodward George P. milkman, house 63 Branch 
Woodward George T. carpenter, house 33 Dover 
Woodward Helen Mrs. house 24 Fourth, Cent. 
Woodward Henry M. mason, house Woodward, near Mam- 
moth, Pawtucketville 
Woodward Isaiah F. carpenter, house 35 Wilder 
Woodward Jacob A. clerk, 84 Middlesex, li. Bridge, corner 

Sixth, Centralville 
Woodward Jennie P. teacher, primary school No. 29, bds. 

73 Branch 
Woodward John C. supt. of streets, city gov't bldg. house 

73 Branch 
Woodward Samuel M. clerk, 266 Central, boards 135 do. 
Woodward Sylvester Mrs. house 145 Howard 
Woodworth Anson V. overseer, Suffolk, house 5 Cabot blk. 
Woo .1 worth Aitemas B. (A. L. Brouks & Go.), Mechanics' 

mills, house 84 Fletcher 
Worcester Ebon C. watchmaker, 86 Merrimack, boards 76 

Bartlett, Bel. 
Worcester Frank, bobbinmakcr, house 33 Cushing 
Worcester Leonard, clothing manufacturer, 218 Middlesex, 
house 76 Bartlett, Bel. 


Worcester Leonard A. clerk, 218 Middlesex, h. 67 Bartlctt, 

Worcester W. Henry, Boolt, house 40 do. corp. 
Worden Charles II. clerk, 205 Middlesex, h. N. Chelmsford 
Worden Lizzie 0. widow, house 7 Last Merrimack, Bel, 
Work Augustus, watchman, Lowell Manuf. Co. house 1 do. 

Work William T. woolsorter, b. 312 Lawrence [village 

Worthen E. Bartlctt, trav. salesman, h. 150 Baldwin, Mid. 
Worthed Ezekiel B. & Co. (S. W. Locke), grocers, 216 

Merrimack, house at Chelmsford 
Worthen (George E.) & Coburn ( G. F.), grocers, 141 Mar- 
ket, cor. Worthen, house 123 Cross 
Worlhen George W. engineer, Lowell corp. house 398 

Worthen Russell, Appleton, boards 8 do. corp. 
Worlhington John D. painter, house 15 Race 
Worth ley Abbie R. teacher, primary No. 15, bds. 94 South 
Worthley Daniel E. grocer, 19 John, house 21 Canada 
Worthk-y Edwin T. carpenter, house 15 Chestnut, Bel. 
Worthley F. Ethan, weaver, Boott, boards 69 do. corp. 
Worthley Nelson L. watchman, house 281 Lawrence 
Wright Albert D. clerk, 132 Central, bds. 77 Nesmith, Bel. 
Wright Albert J. fireman, Stonybrook R.R. house 89 Dover 
Wright Albion L. machinist, 4 Gushing, bds. 20 Lowell corp. 
Wright Alexander, house 60 Pawtucket 
Wright Amos D. carpenter, house 185 Pawtucket 
Wright Andrew C. house 42 Willow, Bel. 
Wright Atwell F. & Co. ( W. A. Slocbnan), provisions, 219 

Middlesex, house 158 Appleton 
Wright Bridget, widow, house 114 Middlesex • 
Wright Charles A. stonecutter, house 177 Cross 
Wright Charles II. road master, B. L. & N. R. R. house 53 

Wright Charles S. sash and blind maker, boards 39 Adams 
Wright Daniel, Appleton, house 226 Tborndikc 
Wright Edward VV\ machinist, boards 40 Butterfield 
Wright Ezra W. Mrs. house 40 Butterfield 
Wright Frank B. (Emerson & Wright), 14 Market, house 
'57 High, Bel. [House 

Wright George, boots and shoes, 96 Central, b. Merrimac 
Wright George E. machinist, boards 13 Centre 
Wright George II. bookkeeper, 3 Middlesex, h, 45 South 
Wright Ilapgood & Co. ( L. H. Bodrdman), boots and shoes, 

51 Central, house 26 Lawrence 
Wright Helen W. Miss, teacher of drawing, 18 Shaltuck, 

house 60 Pawtucket 
Wright James, engineer, house 1 Wamcsit court 
Wright James, Merrimack, boards 135 do. corp. 


Wright (James J.) & Stacy (Heman G.), carriage makers, 

Willie, cor. Cross, house 278 Broadway 
Wright John F. clerk, Dutton, cor. Market, h. 7 Oak, Bel. 
Wright Joseph N. (Custom House, Boston), h. 1 Willow pi. 
Wright Levina F. widow, house 89 Dover 
Wright Lucius M. house 112 Smith 
Wright Luther Mrs. widow, house 13 Centre 
Wright Margaret Mrs. house 161 Middlesex 
Wright Mary Miss, house 125 Moody 
Wright Mary A. Mrs. house 2 Merrill's court 
Wright Mary J. widow, boards 72 Cabot 
Wright Mary J. Miss, waitress, 16 Shattuek 
Wright Mary P. Mrs. physician, house 1 Willow place 
Wright Millard F. poultry fancier, boards 32 Willow, Bel. 
Wright M. J. Miss, house 384 Merrimack 
Wright Nathan M. boots and shoes, 132 Central, house 77 

Nesmith, Bel. 
Wright Pelatiah J. doormaker, house 3 Bachelder's place 
Wright Richard B. peddler, house 33 Wamesit 
Wright Sahara Mrs. house 00 Pawtucket 
Wright Walter Mrs. house 397 Merrimack 
Wright William A. overseer, Merrimack, house 29 do. corp. 
Wright W. L. hackman, house 161 Middlesex 
Wrin Jeremiah, carpet weaver, house 34 Agawam 
Wylic John, laborer, house 4 Dodge 
Wylle Nathan P. clerk, Merrimack, cor. John, boards 53 

Bartlett, Bel. 
Wyman Dolly Mrs. boards 55 Walnut 
Wyman Frank, blcachery, boards 25 Hamilton corp. 
Wyman George J. stucco worker, boards 41 Fayette, Bel. 
Wyman George W. moulder, house 74 Rock 
Wyman Henry, tailor, 115 Fayette, Bel. house do. 
Wyman John IE. Mrs. house 41 Fayette, Bel. 
Wyman John II. wheelman, house 41 Tremont 
Wyman Moses, boarding house, 31 and 32 Hamilton corp. 
Wyman Samuel B. counsellor-at-law, office, 49 Central 
Wyman Stephen T. upholsterer, boards 41 Fayette, Bel. 
Wyman Weston W. machinist, house 1 Bleachery corp. 
Wynn James, laborer, boards 11 Jefferson 

YAR1NGT0N ALVIRA Mrs. house 49 Tildcn 

Yasinski William A. cigar maker, 62 Market, bds. 29 do. 

Yates David, mule spinner, house 57 Adams 

Yeaton John II., L. M. S. house 122 Appleton 

Yeobert Elaire, farmer, house rear 11 East Pine 

Yeoman Elizabeth R. widow, house 16 Ash, Bel. 

Yeoman Robert T. shoemaker, house 54 Tremont 

Yeoman William P. clerk, 222 Merrimack, bds. 54 Tremont 

You Oliver, laborer, house 65 Church 


York A. B. driver, II. R. R. boards City Hotel, Bel. 

York Charles A. letter carrier, P. 0. h. 61 Andover, Bel. 

York Edward, butcher, rooms 80 Baldwin, Middlesex village 

York Edward L. house 90 Appleton 

York Eugene L., Lawrence, boards 16 do. corp. 

York James M. carpenter, Lawrence, house 16 do. Corp. 

York Joseph B. 98 Middle, house 146 Appleton 

York Martha, widow, house 90 Appleton 

Yott Charles, painter, boards 135 Central 

Young Aaron B. overseer, Merrimack, house 42 do. corp. 

Young Adaline W. widow, house 131 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Young Albert P. moulder, house 79 Summer 

Young Alexander, hostler, boards 8 Hamilton corp. 

Young Artemas S. overseer, Tremont and Suffolk, house 3 

Cabot block 
Young Charles, Boott, boards 17 do. corp. 
Young Charles F. bookkeeper (Boston), bds. 501 Middlesex 
Young Charles II. machinist, h. 131 E. Merrimack, Bel. 
Young Charles M. teamster, house 25 Fulton, Cent. 
Young Edward, boltmaker, boards 15 Water, Bel. 
Young Emerson, operative, Boott, boards 17 do. corp. 
Young Enoch, Locks and Canals, house 39 Fletcher 
Young Eugene, Hamilton, boards 300 Middlesex 
Young Francis, laborer, house 115 Lawrence 
Young Frederick, conductor, II. R. R. bds. City Hotel, Bel. 
Young Freeman N. iron moulder, boards 322 Broadway 
Young George W. (Boston), house 561 Middlesex 
Young Hannah W. widow, house 40 Third, Cent. 
Young II. house 18 Wellman's block 
Young James, Lawrence, rooms 97 Moody 
Young John, house 16 Howe, Bel. 
Young John, peddler, boards 74 Gorham 
Young John, house 3 Coral 
Young John G. bootmaker, house 3 Coral 
Young Men's Christian Association, Central, c. Merrimack 
Young Robert S. printer, 98 Middle, boards 11 Dodgo 
Young Samuel, Merrimack, house 71 do. corp. 
Young Samuel M., Hamilton, house 9 Leo 
Young Sarah, widow, house 1 Common 
Young Stephen L. police, house 322 Broadway 
Young William, house 170 Merrimack 
Young William M. (Smith & Young), Appleton blk. h. do. 
Youngburg Peter, laborer, boards 135 Howard 

ZIMMER CHRISTOPHER, gunsmith, 66 Central, house 61 

Sixth, Centralville 
Zimmcr William, copper stamp maker, 120 Central, boards 

249 Middlesex 
Zimotis William, house 217 Middlesex 


Agricultural Implements. 

(See also Hardware.) 
ROGERS JACOB & CO. 166 and 168 Merrimack (see back 

cover and page 521) 
SHATTUCK II. B. 34 Central and 14 Prescott(sco p. 525) 

BARTLETT S. 76 Middlesex (sec page 531) 
BEGGS J. P. 272 Merrimack (see page 564) 
CHENEY CHARLES W. 5 Middle (English and American, 

see front colored page) 
COURTNEY P. 270 Merrimack (see page 567) 
CUMMISlvEY P. 83 and 85 Market (sec page 566) 
LENNON JOHN, 108 and 110 Market (see page 561) 
LYNCH P. 43 and 45 Market (see page 566) 
O'DONOGIIUE JAMES, 137 Adams (sec page 567) 
REGAN TIMOTHY P. 91 Middle (see page 531) 
SLATTERY E. P. 80 Fenwick (sec page 575) 
TEAGUE P. 206 and 208 Merrimack (see page 567) 


Allen II. W. & Co., Merrimack, cor. Suffolk- 
Bailey P. & E. & Co., Merrimack, corner John 
Bandry Joseph X. 356 Merrimack 

BELLE ISLE O. J. 53 East Merrimack, Bel. (sec p. 565) 
Blanchard C. F. & Co. 230 Middlesex 
Braconier & Thomasson, 260 Central 
Brock G. C. 63 Bridge, Centralvillo 
Brothers II. C. 260 Middlesex 
BUTLER P. II. & CO. 141 Central, Tower's Corner (seo 

page 532) 
Carleton & Ilovey, City Hall, 164 Merrimack 
Carter C. E. 251 Thorndike . 
Carter Mills O., Merrimack, corner Bridge 


Apothecaries — Continued. 
Daly Cornelius A. 86 Suffolk 
Dows A. \V. & Co. 213 Central 
Dows B. W. & Co. 68 Bridge, corner River 
Duncan \V. W., Wamesit Bank building, 191 Middlesex 
Field 0. L. 190 Merrimack, corner Worthen 
Hayes Joseph R. 18 Central 
Hood Charles I. & Co., Merrimack, cor. Central 
Iloyt Eli W. & Co. 139 Central 
Kimball Charles II., Merrimack, corner Central 
Marston Arthur & Co. 205 Central 

MOODY FRANK P., Dntton, cor. Fletcher (see page 565) 
Phelan Arthur Q. 87 Gorham 
Plunkett Joseph, Dntton, corner Market 
RAMSDELL E. L. Jr. 339 Merrimack, corner Cabot (see 

page 565) 
Safford W. A. 79 Merrimack 
THOMPSON M. E. 222 Merrimack (see page 565) 

CI1ERRINGTON & CI1ERRINGTON, 28 Central (sec p. 

FLOYD WARREN L. room 4, Savings Bank building, 18 

Shattuck (sec page 540) 
GERIUSH TIIOS. G. 69 Haverhill, Boston (sec fr'nt cov.) 
MERRILL 0. A. 224 Middlesex, room 18 (see page 521) 
PEARSON GEORGE W. office, 18. Shattuck, shop, 17 and 

19 Middle (sec page 535) 

Architectural Plans. 
HILL NATHANIEL, 3 and 4 Appleton block (sec last 
white page) 

Artists' Materials. 

FISKE & SPALDING, 121 Central, and 3, and 4 Jack- 
son (see outside front cover) 

KENDALL JONATHAN, 91 and 93 Market (sec p. 506) 

K1TTREDGE A. L., Appleton block, 106 Central (see out- 
side back cover) 

MERRILL JOSHUA & SON, 37 Merrimack (see back 
colored page) 


Abbott J. A. 172 Merrimack 

CON A NT J. E. 182, 184 and 186 Central (see page 560) 
FA1RGR1EVE GEOIIGE W. office, 3 Canal block, sales- 
room, 9 and 1 1 Middle (see page 533) 
Hardy J- M. 11 Museum building 

PATCH E. B. & CO. 1 Commercial square (see page 511) 
SAWYER & TAYLOR, 212 and 214 Middlesex, Stott's 
block (carriages, harnesses, etc., see page 527) 


Awnings and Tents. 
MEANEY M. 64 Dutton (see page 55±) 

Bagging Manufacturer. 

Sugden Thomas, Howe street, Belvidero 

BRADT G. J. & D., Whiting street (see page 558) 
Coniock James Mrs. 261 Merrimack 
Donovan J. J. 100 Broadway 
Jeft'ries Thomas, 414 Central 

LAMOTilE L. P. 17 Cushing, near Fletcher (see page 557) 
Laverv Anthony, 61 Market 

MORRIS MARTIN, 42 Paige, cor. John (sec page 558) 
Morris T. P. 7 1 River 

NORMAND EUSEBE, 302 Merrimack (see page 558) 
Regnier Jnlcs, 15 Aiken 

SCRIPTURE STEPHEN A. & CO. 275 Central (sec p. 558) 
Somes William E. 29 Fayette, Belvidero 

MASTA JOSEPn A. 38 Varncy, corner School (sec adv. 
on map opp. title page) 

Band Saws. 

CAREY & HARRIS, 190 Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon 
(see page 507) 

Bands of Music. 
Berry, leader and prompter, 61 Central and 53 Market 
(sec front colored page) 

APPLETON NATIONAL BANK, 6 Applcton block (see 

page 482) 
CENTRAL SAVINGS BANK, Merchants' Bank building, 

43 Merrimack (sec page 486) 

(see page 482) 
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Central, c. Middle (see p. 487) 

corner Middle (see page 481) 
MECHANICS' SAVINGS BANK, Mechanics' Bank block, 

130 and 132 Merrimack (sec page 484) 

building, 43 Merrimack (sec page 486) 

near Northern depot (sec page 485) 
PRESCOTT NATIONAL BANK, 26 and 28 Central (see 

page 483) 


Banks — Continued. 

RAILROAD NATIONAL BANK, Mechanics' Bank block, 
128 Merrimack (see pnc^e 484) 

mack, cor. John (sec page 483) 

cor. Middle (see page 487) 

near Northern depot (see page 485) 

Bath Rooms. 
Langley A. C. 37 Shattuck 
Proctor II. B. 2 Market (medicated) 

Bed Comforters. 
FISKE WILLIAM, 7 dishing (see page 555) 
HAPGOOD E. & SON, 79 High, Bel. (see page 555) 

HAPGOOD E. & SON, 79 High, Bel. (mattresses, flock 
beds, and pillows, see page 555) 

Bedstead Machinery. 
CAREY & HARRIS, 190 Broadway, cor. Mt. Vernon (see 
see page 507) 

Bell Hangers. 
CURTIS T. II. 15 Middle (see page 536) 
Thatcher George, 52| Merrimack 
TRUMBULL & RICE, 26 Gotham (see page 536) 

Belt Manufacturers. 
GATES JOSIAn & SONS, 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 

Dutton (see inside front cover) 
MONTY A. W. & CO. 139 Market (second hand dealers, 

see page 554) 
WHITING & CO., Savings Bank building, 20 Shattuck 

(see page 550) 
WILBY WILLIAM, 62 and 64 Market (see page 553) 

Billiard Saloons. 

Crowthcr Charles II. 183 Central 
Dolan J. II. 24 Central 
Howard J. S. G. 183 Middlesex 
Smith & Young, Appleton block 

Bill Pesters. 

Harrigan John, 1 Commercial square 

Simons Walter S., City bill poster, office, 87 Central 

Bird Cage Manufacturers. 
RICE & COMPANY, 16 Middle (see page 548) 


Bitter Manufacturers. 

GERRISII THOMAS G. 69 Haverhill, Boston (Lancaster 

Bitters, see outside front cover) 
MANNING D. W. 133 Adams (agent Life of Man Bitters, 

sec page 574) 

ABBOTT A. II. & J. II. 358 and 360 Middlesex (see page 

Bergeron Louis & Co. 14 and 16 Rock 
Bisbee C. 1). 47 Davidson, Belvidere 
BLACK1NGTON DANIEL, 24 Fletcher, comer Cushing, 

(machine, see page 556) 
BURK E A. C. & CO., Worthcn, cor. Fletcher (see page 528) 
Chamberlin Charles, 388 Middlesex 
Checver J. P. 294 Middlesex 
Drew & Tibbetts, rear 78 Bridge, Centralville 
Duquett N. M., YV. Third, near Bridge, Centralville 
Fay & Bechard, Suffolk, cor. Liberty square 
Oilman H. M. & Son, Varnum ave., Pawtucketvillo 
Jockow Julius C. 321 Gorham 
L1BBEY M. V. B. 5 Warren, near Central (horse sheer, see 

page 526) 
LOVEJOY DANIEL & SON, 1 Cushing, cor. Rock (see 

page 523) 
Parsons A., Arch street 
Ross & Jewett, Willie, cor. Cross 
Shea & Taylor, 82 Charles 

THOMPSON ALVIN, 285 Merrimack (see page 556) 
THOMPSON C. C, Western ave. near Fletcher (horse 

shoer, sec page 527) 
TURNER JOSEPH, 172 Broadway (jack screws, see page 

Ward W. II., Pawtuckct, near old canal 
Wilson G. W. 51 Middle 

Blank Book Manufacturers. 

BACIIELLER, DUMAS, & CO. 130 Central, opp. Jackson, 

(sec page 524) 
CHURCH 11. C. 23 Central (sec inside back cover) 
MERRILL JOSHUA & SON, 37 Merrimack (see back 

colored page) 

Bleachers (Rotary). 
ton, near Mechanics' Mills (see page 505) 

Bleaching and Dyeing. 
LOWELL BLEACIIERY, Frank P. Appleton, agent, 
Bleachery street (see page 501) 


Boarding Houses. 

Asliworth Wm. Mrs. 70 Kinsman 

Bennett N. G. Mrs. 262 Middlesex 

Blood J. R. Mrs. 203 and 209 Central 

Bradley Thomas, 77 E. Merrimack, Belvidcro 

Bropliy Catharine, 169 Market 

Bugboe Worcester, 255 Middlesex 

Carter R. A. Mrs. 16 llmd 

Chapman C. Mrs. 25 Newhall 

Chesley J. P. Mrs. 91 Willie 

Cook C. M. Mrs. 6 Howard 

Durant Ann M. 52 Moody 

Farrar Mary E. 248 Middlesex 

Farrington M. C. Mrs. 135 Central 

Galbraith William, 300 Lawrence 

Giles J. B. Mrs. 63 East Merrimack, Belvidcro 

Goodrich A. S. 72 Ford 

Gordon Jcanette, 26 Paige 

Hanchett Joshua, 29 Bock 

Hart Alrnira M. 56 Fletcher 

Harvey Kate Mrs. 70 Dutton 

Ileal d Samuel M. 78 Appleton 

Heath John R. 249 Middlesex 

Holmes Ozias, 12 Orange 

Holroyd Mary, 70 Market 

Ingham L. W. 312 Lawrence 

Lambard T. II. Mrs. 335 Merrimack 

Leavitt John B. Mrs. 1 Worthcn 

Linnehan & Ilandley, Misses, 60 Middle 

Lord Oliver, 408 and 410 Merrimack 

Lougce Sarah A. 125 Gorham 

McSorlcy Mary, 87 Market 

Mcrritt W. M* Mrs. 11 Dodge 

Morse J. C. Mrs. 15 and 17 Church 

Moulton Ira Mrs. 1 City Hall avenuo 

Page & Smith, 113 Merrimack 

Planch II. Mrs. 172 Central 

Powers John II. 120 Market 

Ricker Louisa M. 1 14 Suffolk 

Riley Ellen Mrs. 221 Central 

Sanborn Byron C. 208 Broadway 

Schofield Joseph, 1 Agawarn. 

Shcdd Lydia C. Mrs. 11 Warren 

Stott John, 112 Market 

Turner B. F. Mrs. 260 Merrimack 

Viney William Mrs. 9 Central 

Wad'leigh Julia Mrs. 13 Central 

Williams Christina Mrs. 104 Market 

Wilmot W. W. Mrs. 20 Cabot 


Corporation Boarding Houses. 
Allen R. 25 and 26 Appleton 

Bcckwitli Emiline S. 23 and 24 

Huiiton J. G. 6 and 8 " 

Lussicr Noc, 14 " 

Parker Nancy L. 18 " 

Raymond John B. 4 " 

Wheeler S. S. Mrs. 6 " 
Barker Helen J. 43 Boott 

Brown L. R. Mrs. 20 " 

Calef Susan Miss, 38 " 

Cochran Julia A. 12 " 

Davis Rulli VV. 30 » 

Dow J. F. 13 " 

Fox A. M. Mrs. 45 " 

Hoyt II. L. Mrs. 44 « 
Kimball David T. 22 
Kirby D. R. Mrs. 19 

Patterson Samuel M. 36 and 37 " 

Poore E. C. Miss, 52 " 

Ricker Fanny, 28 " 

Scott Agnes Mrs. 54 " 

Tilton Lucy, 21 " 

Weston R. L. 35 " 
Emerson W. 5 and 6 Hamilton 

Maynard Eliza Miss, 16 " 

McFarland 0. 7 and 8 «« 

Plimpton Betsey Mrs. 33 and 34 " 

Putnam V. G. 23 and 24 « 

Wyman Moses, 31 and 32 " 
Aiken Samuel, 32 and 33 Lawrence 

Brogan Bridget, 47 and 48 " 

Brogan Martin, 49 <« 

Carley Mary Mrs. 67 " 
Charnley R. 31 
Clark A. D. Mrs. 73 and 74 

Day Orrin A. 37 « 

Giles M. S. 50 « 

Green Phebc E. Miss, 45 «« 

Hamblett Jesse II. 72 <« 

Hoyt John, 62 <» 

Huntington Heman Mrs. 46 «« 
Maxfiuld S. C. Mrs. 58 and 69 

Morgan Christopher, 36 " 

Osterhout Alzoa M. Mrs. 38 " 

Ricker Josiah, 60 «< 

Scribncr Louisa Mrs. 35 «« 

Staples II. A. 56 « 

Turner W. H. Mrs. 43 and 44 " 


Corporation Boarding Houses — Continued. 
Watson William, 34 Lawrcnco 

Ellis Betsey 13. 18 and 19 Lowell 

Griffin Addison W. 3 

Ilenderson S. J. Mrs. 2 " 

Jordan True P. Mrs. 24 
Mitchell II. P. Mrs. 21 
Sherman C. II. 1 
Sly George, 5 

Walker Elizabeth Mrs. 6 " 

Willard Henry, 22 

Work Augustus, 1 " 

Atkinson B. C. Mrs. 35 Massachusetts 

Bacheller David S. 11 and 12 
Barnard 0. II. Mrs. 43 and 44 " 

Barnard D. B. 22 

Cole & Bingham, Misses, 23 " 

Dowling T. S. Mrs. 13 " 

Fullerton G. W. 5 " 

Girard Sophia, 51 
Griffin Charles, 53 
Harris II. II. Mrs. 26 
Holt Susan, 3 
Hovcy Augustus, 14 

Hutchinson Mary J. 27 " 

Johnston II. M. 63 

Lang Benaiah, 36 and37 " 

Martin Augusta, 6 
Sanderson Nelson, 4 

Shirley Charles II. 51 " 

Stan wood Sarah A. Mrs. 28 " 

Stevens J. 38 

Swasey George S. 50 " 

Weeks Cordelia I. 34 " 

Wood J. C. Mrs. 52 " 

Wood Relief Mrs. 49 " 

Bickford Abby C. 13 and 14 Merrimack 

Buckland Marion, 113 
Calder J. II. 137 and 138 

Collins Lucy B. Mrs. 5 and 6 " 

Gage Lydia, 111 " 

Giles T. J. 109 

Gliddcn Ada B. 139 and 140 " 

Knapp B. F. 135 and 136 " 

Long Roxana, 1 and 2 " 

Macombcr Mary A. Mrs. 7 and 8 " 

McLaughlin Abbie Mrs. 12 " 

Moody Betsey, 15 and 16 " 

Richardson James B. 9 and 10 " 



Russell Emily D. 17 Merrimack 

Stanford W. 3 and 4 

Stevens Belinda II. 18 

Stockwell A. B. Mrs. 110 

TaylorS. Mrs. 112 

Wilkinson Catharine, 11 

Carl Asa B. 6 Prescott 

Brickctt Edmund, 10 and 11 Suffolk 

Hight R. S. 12 and 13 " 

Hoyt Jane B. Mrs. 26 and 27 " 

Hunnewell A. 18 and 19 " 

Lawrence A. C. 20 and 21 " ' 

Miller Eliphalet, 4 and 5 " 

Rogers Benjamin, 28 and 29 " 

Swascy John A. 2 and 3 " 

Anderson S. A. 19 and 20 Trcmont 

Harvey Moses C. 3 and 4 " 

Hill N. M. 13 " 

McLanc Rebecca, 22 " 

Woods William, 11 and 12 " 

Bobbins and Shuttles. 

Coburn Shuttle Co., First, near Read 

JAQUES JOHN S. & CO., Whipple's Mills, Lawrence 

street (shuttles, see page 506) 
Parker & Cheney, Wamesit Steam Mills, Dutton 
Watson E. F., Mechanics Mills (bobbins and spools) 

Boiler Makers. 


Dutton, near Mechanics' Mills (see page 505) 
Morgan Shapley, Gorham, opposite the Blcachery 

Boiler Screw Punches. 

TURNER JOSEPH, 172 Broadway (see page 529) 

Boiler and Pipe Felt. 

LOWELL FELTING MILLS, H. M. Thompson, agent,- 
Pawtucket, opp. Walker (see page 552) 

Bolt Manufacturers. 

American Bolt Co. 270 Lawrence 

DAVIS ASA11EL, Hill's block, 20 Middlesex (see page 575) 
Dutton, near Mechanics' Mills (see page 505) i 

SHATTUCK H. B. 34 Central, and 14 Prescott (sec p. 525) i 

Bonnet Bleachery. 

Flanders C. R. 96 Merrimack 


Book Binders. 
BACHELLER, DUMAS, & CO. 130 Central, opp. Jackson 

(see page 524) 
MERRILL JOSHUA & SON, 37 Merrimack (see back 

colored page) 
Simonds S. B. 36 Central 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Coggeshall Frederick P. 40 Merrimack 

Glidden N. A. 174 Central 

Judkins J. Judson, 3 John 

MARSTON & PRINCE, 90 Merrimack (see top line back 

MERRILL JOSHUA & SON, 31 Merrimack (see back 

colored page) 
Whitney Abel, 87 Merrimack 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Bassett James, 244 Market 

Bean Louis, 6 Suffolk 

Brown John, 132 Adams 

Clark Hi ram F. 60 Trcmont 

Clough John, 4 Charles 

Conway Bernard, 8 Cross 

Cornock James, 1 1 7 Fayette, Bel. 

Crowe Martin, 79 Gorham 

Death James, 27 Fletcher 

Dodge William, 92 Moody 

Finncgan Martin, 197 Lawrence 

Fitzgibbon Patrick, 225 Gorham 

Fuller Isaac, 298 Gorham 

Hawkcs Andrew N., Hudson, near Lawrenco 

Hodge J. M. 7 Riverside, Pawtucketville 

Hovey J. & W. 74 Bridge, Centralvillc 

King John, 31 East Merrimack, Bel. 

King William, 56 Fayette, Belvidere 

Lolthouse John, 8 Agawam 

Loomis Milton C, Dutton, cor. Fletcher 

Maguirc Andrew, 55 Middle 

Martin Frank, 272 Middlesex 

McElholm William, 18 Lewis 

Mellon J. 11 Fletcher 

O'SULLIVAN JAMES, 194 Merrimack (sec page 557) 

Roberts N. 6 Prescott block 

Rollins J. S. 326 Middlesex 

Scott James, 8 Madison 

Smith P. A. 104 Suffolk 

Smith William D. 44 Race 

Tinker L. 3 Cady 

Tully Thomas, Theatre block, Market 


Welch John, 76 Market 
Whitcley Joseph, 3 Prescott block 
Wilby Benjamin, 316 Gorham 
Witherell N. B. 81 Moody 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. 

McMaster, Bailey, & Co. 224 Middlesex 

Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers. 

Adams & Byam, 70 and 72 Merrimack 

Berry Charles R. 304 Merrimack 

Bryan Thomas F. 17 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Carr Brothers, 51 Merrimack 

Chase Lorenzo, 61 Tilden 

Dearborn Elbridge, 256 Merrimack 

Donnelly John, 57 Gorham 

Dupuis Charles, 144 Suffolk 

Emerson Moses C. 59 Dutton 

Fairgrieve James, 21 Market 

Frost & Bailey, 176 Central 

Goodwin J. B. 119 Central 

Griffin Joseph W. 13 John 

Harvey & Co. 7 Canal block, Central 

Houston J. & W. 73 Bridge, Cent. 

Iluntoon Moses C. 224 Merrimack 

Jones Charles W. 207 Central 

King John, 31 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Kittredge Daniel & Son, 14 Middle 

Locklin A. S. & Co. 35 Merrimack 

Logue B. 226 Middlesex 

Loughlan Bros. 11 Merrimack 

Lovett S. 106 Middlesex 

McKeown John, 17 Central 

Merrill A. A. & Co. 6 Central 

O'SULLIVAN JAMES, 194 Merrimack (sec page 557) 

Pike C. G. & Co. 264 Central 

Plummer John W. (58 Central 

RANDALL L. V. 118 Merrimack (sec line on back cover) 

Roy Basilide, 338 Merrimack 

Searle John P. 217 Middlesex 

Swan Daniel, 43 Merrimack 

Taylor D. B. 279 Lawrence 

Trueworthy J. B. 98 Merrimack 

Wilson William II. 104 Middlesex 

Wright George, 96 Central 

Wright Hapgood & Co. 51 Central (wholesale and retail) 

Wright N. M. 132 Central 

Botanic Medicines. 

Dows A. W. & Co. 213 Central 



BARTLETT S. 76 Middlesex- (sec page 531) 
REGAN TIMOTHY F. 91 Middle (see page 531) 

Bowling Alley. 

Hill James E., Hurd, cor. Central 
Box Makers. 

ALLEN OTIS & SON, 320 Middlesex (packing, also lock 
cornered filling boxes, see front colored page) 

Brooks A. L. & Co., Mechanics' Mills 

DAVIS & SARGENT, 275 Middlesex (see page 541) 

TORSEY J. M. & CO., Bachelder's Mills, Mount Ver- 
non (see page 537) 

Box Makers (Paper). 
HATCH & LITTLEFIELD, 3 Warren (see page 576) 


BACHELDER A. & CO., Mount Vernon, near Broad- 
way (see page 537) 

GRIFFIN, LAKE, & GORDON, Wamesit steam mills, 
Dutton (see page 535) 

Brass Finishers. 

WIGHT J. & CO. 20 Middlesex (see page 556) 
Brass Founders. 

COLE & NICHOLS, 10 Willie, cor. Dutton (see page 529) 
WILDER II. II. & CO. 127 Central (see inside back 


Burns Alexander & Son, 4 Hale 

Brick Dealer. 
LIVINGSTON WILLIAM E. 27 Thorndike (see p. 544) 

Bridge Builders. 

Dutton, near Mechanics' Mills (iron bridges, see 
page 505) 

Sawtell J. A. 80 School 

SIMPSON O. A. 42 West Fourth, Cent, (sec page 543) 


CARDELL ELI AS L. 49 Central (insurance, see front 

{ cover and page 508) 
CHURCH II. C. 23 Central (insurance, sec inside back 

Dearborn U. H. & Co. 28 Central 


ELLIOTT TIIOMAS II. 48 Central (mortgage, and real es- 
tate, see outside front cover) 
HUNT GEORGE P. 28 Central (insurance, sec page 509) 
PAIGE I. HENRY, 49 Central (insurance, see page 510) 
Richardson F. L. & Co. 114 Central 
Shepard William, 28 Central (stock, etc.) 

Frost C. n. 37 nigh, Belvidere 

Builders' Battening and Sheathing Felt. 

LOWELL FELTING MILLS, II. M. Thompson, agent, 
Pawtucket, opp. Walker (see page 552) 

(See also Carpenters, also Masons.) 
BARTLETT S. & E. 99 Worthen (see page 534) 1 

BENNETT J. C. 61 Dutton (see page 534) 
BENNETT J. W. 292 Middlesex (see outside front cov.) 
COBURN E. W. 17 Fifth, Ccntralville (see page 546) ' 
FLOYD W. L. 4 Savings Bank building, 18 Shattuck (see 

page 540) 
FOWLER JAMES P., Worthen. n. Fletcher (see page 534) 
HAMBLET GILBERT, 24 Middle and 62 Ford (see p. 541) 
HOOD A. K. 69 Rock, cor. Willie (sec page 540) 
HOWE II. F., Second, Centralville (see page 534) 
HOWE L. G. 68 Middle (see page 535) 
MOULTON JOHN L. 64 First, Ccntralville (see page 543) 
MURRAY TIIOMAS, 238 Lawrence (see pace 546) 
PEARSON GEORGE W. office, 18 Shattuck^ shop, 17 and 

19 Middle (see page 535) ! 

PROCTOR SEWARD N. rear 199 Central (see page 534) 
ROLLINS & SARGENT, 61 Central (see page 545) ! 

SIMPSON 0. A. 42 West Fourth, Cent, (see page 543) i 
STAPLES N. T. & SONS, School, near gas works (see 

page 513) 
TRUE WM. II. order box, 19 John, residence, 75 Conant, 

Centralville (see page 546) 
VAftNUM C. F. office, 1 Canal block, Central, shop, 25 

Westford (see page 540) 
WIGGIN WM. II. office, Willie, cor. Franklin, shop, 58 

Rock (sec page 535) 

Building Materials. : 

LIVINGSTON WILLIAM E. 27 Thorndike (see p. 544) • 
SIMPSON O. A. 42 West Fourth, Cent, (see page 543) 
WIGGIN WILLIAM H. office, Willie, corner Franklin, 
6hop, 58 Rock (lumber, etc., see page 535) 

Building Movers. J 

Freeman Lyman, 258 Broadway 

Richards L. & L. G. 21 Andovcr, Belvidero 


Bung Manufacturers. 

BACIIELDER A. & CO., Mount Vernon, near Broadway 
(see page 537) 

Bunting Manufacturers. 

Holt John, Howe street, Belvidere 
U. S. Bunting Co., Whipple's Mills 

ADAMS SMITH, 62 Walker, n. Middlesex (see page 572) 
Blodgett 0. 427 Chelmsford 
Ilaynes R. W. 535 Middlesex 
Jewett Frank E. 657 Middlesex 
Starbird Charles D. 92 Branch 

Cabinet Lathe Manufacturer. 
BROWN EPHRAIM, 27 Howe, Belvidere (see page 556) 

Cabinet Makers. 

BROWN EPHRAIM, 27 Howe, Belvidere (cabinet lathe, 

see page 556) 
CARTER J. T. & CO., Dutton st. opp. A. L. Brooks & 

Co. and Wamesit Steam mills (sec page 533) 
Marshall & Crosby, 269 Middlesex 
Ray William 11. 27 Prescott 

Can Manufacturer. 

(Patent Composition, Drawing or Roving.) 
LAWSON PETER, Mt. Vernon, n. Pawtuckct (see p. 512) 

Card Clothing Manufacturers. 

BAGSHAW W. H. 6 and 10 Fletcher (steel pointed ma- 
chine in wood, see page 553) 

Bent Israel, 77 Market (cleaner) 

K1TSON MACHINE CO., S. E. Stott, trcas. and agent, 
Dutton and Worthcn (needle pointed, sec pngc 503) 

LOWELL CARD CO., S. S. Gould, treasurer, 127 Market, 
corner Shattuck (see page 511) 

MONTY A. W. & CO. 139 Market (second hand dealers, 
sec page 554) 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Alexander M. F. rear Russell's block 

BARTLETT S. & E. VV. 99 VVorthen (see page 531) 

BENNETT J. C. 61 Dutton (see page 534) 

BENNETT J. W. 292 Middlesex, comer Grand (see out- 
side front cover) 

Oarll Francis, 107 Wcstford 

Davis Bartlett, 178 School 

Farnham George B., Mt. Vernon, near Broadway 

FLOYD WARREN L. room 4, Savings Bank building, 18 
Shattuck (see page 540) 


Fowler George L 248 Broadway 

FOWLER JAMES P., Worthcn, n. Fletcher (sec p. 534) 

Fuller VV. T. 7 Walker 

Glidden Setli, Mammoth, Pawtucketvillc 

Gould C. 70 Branch 

Griffin Josiah E. 13 Howe, Belvidcrc 

Hadley J. M. 04 Lincoln 

HAM B LET G. 24 Middle and 02 Ford (see page 541) 

Harmon Moses M. 87 Middle 

Harris S. N. 7 Tenth, Centralville 

Hcald C. E., Mt. Hope, Pawtucketville 

HOOD A. K. 09 Ruck, corner Willie (see page 540) 

Howe II. C. & J. F., Wamesit Steam Mills 

HOWE II. F., Second, Centralville (see page 534) 

HOWE L. G. 08 Middle (see page 535) 

Howe William G., Myrtle, Centralville 

Jacobs Aaron, rear Mt. Vernon, near Rock 

Little Leonard P. 08 Middle 

Bathes A. 18 Wcstford 

Merrill & Calef, 20 Middlesex 

Munroe C. 28 Howe, Belvidcrc 

Myers J., Highland, Dracut 

Nov ins & Sleeper, 90 Middle 

Noyes John F. 153 Central 

Page Jonathan & Co., Lenton court, rear 87 Charles 

Peabody John T. 4 Burns 

PEARSON G. W. office, 18 Shattuck, shop, 17 and ^Mid- 
dle (see page 535) 

PROCTOR SEWARD N. rear 199 Central (see page 534) 

Shorey M. W. 97 Appleton 

Snell O. 20 Middle 

Stearns E. 21 High, Belvidere 

Sylvester George B. 3 Mt. Washington 

VARNUM C. F. office, 1 Canal block, Central, shop, 25 
Wcstford (see page 540) 

WIGGIN WILLIAM II. office, Willie, corner Franklin, 
shop, 58 Rock (see page 535) 

Wiley S. F. 41 Chestnut, Belvidcrc 

Wilson F. S. & F. T. 80 Dover 

Carpst Lining Pelt. 

LOWELL FELTING MILLS, II. M. Thompson, agent, 
Pawtucket, opp. Walker (see page 552) 

Carpet Manufacturers. 


superintendent, Market (sec page 494) 
McDonald John, 14 Hale 
Naylor George, Wamesit Power Co. 



Adams & Co. 7 Central 
Benncr Brothers, 138 and 140 Central 
HILL JOSHUA. 9 and 11 Middle (see page 533) 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, corner Market (sec top of cal- 
endar page) 

Carriage Manufacturers. 
ABBOTT A. II. & J. II. 358 and 360 Middlesex (see 

page 528) 
Bernard John S. rear 1 Russell's block 
CONANT J. E. 182 to 186 Central (see page 560) 
Convcrs George II. 173 Central 
GREEN AMOS, opposite 47 Fletcher, near Franklin (see 

page 528) 
Hill Brothers, 20 Middlesex 
Hill G. F. 192 Middlesex 

LANE WILLIAM II. 384 Middlesex (see page 576) 
Marshall L. II., Varnurn ave., Pawtucketville 
Ross & Jewett, Willie, cor. Cross 
Sanborn Edwin, Andover, corner Pleasant, Bel. 
Saunders A. S. 78 Bridge, Cent. 
Sawyer T. C. 212 Middlesex (depository) 
SAWYER & TAYLOR, 212 and 214 Middlesex (seep. 527) 
STRAW & JUDGE, 82 Dutton (see page 528) 
Swctt William L., Pawtuekct, near Canal 
THOMPSON ALVIN, 285 Merrimack (see page 556) 
Wright & Stacy, Willie, cor. Cross 

Carriage Trimmers. 

(See also Carriage Mamifs.) 
LANE WILLIAM II. 384 Middlesex (sec page 576) 


ABBOTT A. II. & J. II. 358 and 360 Middlesex (see p. 528) 

BURKE A. C. & CO., Worthen, cor. Fletcher (see p. 528) 

HobartG. W. 15 Arch 

Jockow J. C. 321 Gorliam 

LANE WILLIAM II. 384 Middlesex (see page 576) 

STRAW & JUDGE, 82 Dutton (see page 528) 

Swett William L., Pawtucket, near old canal 

Cartridge Manufacturers. 

U. S. Cartridge Company, D. VV. C. Farnngton, treasurer, 
Whipple's Miils 


CASWELL A. F., Urban Restaurant, 3, 5, and 7 City Hall 

avenue (see front colored page) 
DREW & HARPER, 37 Central (see front colored page) 
NICHOLS & HUTCI11NS, 93, 95, and 97 Merrimack (sco 

page 531) 


Cellar Builders. 

SIMPSON 0. A. 42 West Fourth, Cent, (sec page 543) 

Cement Drain Pipe. 
CROSBY WARREN C. 247 Gorham, near Madison (also 
sewer, culvert, well and chimney pipe, see front colored 

Cement, Lime, and Brick. 
LIVINGSTON WILLIAM E. 27 Thorndike (plastering hair 
and laths, see page 544) 

Chair Bottomers. 

Brady Patrick, G9 Appleton 
Fly im John, 422 Central 

Chalk Lines. 
HALE B. S. & SON, South Canal, at Lawrence, (sec page 

Chemical Manufacturers. 

TALBOT C. P. & CO., City Market House (see page 550) 
TAYLOR & BARKER, Whipple's Mills, head of Lawrence 
(see page 520) 

Chimney Caps (Patent Iron.) 
PETTINGELL J. & SON, Mechanics' Mills (sec p. 534) 

Chloride of Lime. 
KENDALL JONATHAN, 91 and 93 Market (sec p. 506) 

Church Decorator. 
PATTERSON S. M. 37 John (see page 480) 

Church Work, Pulpits, etc. 
CARTER J. T. & CO., Dutton, opposite A. L. Brooks & 
Co., and Wamcsit Steam Mills (see page 533) 

Cigar Dealers. 

A die George W. 32 Merrimack 

BRADY PATRICK F. 125 Cl.apcl (sec page 573) 

Caldcnvood William, 33 Merrimack 

CHENEY CHARLES W. 5 Middle (imported and domes- 
tic, see front colored page) 

Custv F. C. 55 Gorham 

DODGE O. II., Suffolk, cor. Moody (see page 524) 

Drury James F. 31 Central 

Gallagher Robert, 8 Gorham 

LEARY TIMOTHY, Navy Yard, at Dracut (manufacturer, 
see page 573) 

LYNCH PATRICK, 43 and 45 Market (see page 566) 

Noyes Henry II. 155 Central 

TEAGUE P. 206 and 208 Merrimack (see page 567) 


Cigar Manufacturers. 

Calderwood William, 33 Merrimack 

Emerson David G. 348 Merrimack 

Emerson W. R. 144 Jackson 

Flood Patrick II. 62 Market 

Flood Peter, 62 Market 

LEARY TIMOTHY, Navy Yard, at Dracut (sec page 573) 

Mort J. W. 83 and 136 Central 

Patrick S. C. 34 Merrimack 

Cisterns, Vats, & Tanks. 
PETTINGELL JOHN & SON, office, Mechanics' Mills, 
shop, Rock street (see page 531) 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors. 

Baker R. W., 128 Merrimack 

Evans George E., City Government building 

OSGOOD ATIS, 25 Queen (see page 534) 

Osgood 0. F. 49 Butterfield 

Osgood William F. 49 Butterfield 

Claim Agent. 

Blaisdcll Charles R. 3 Canal block 

(See also Churches on page 463.) 
Baker Smith (C. T.) 47 Mt. Vernon 
Barrows Charles D. (Orthodox) 162 Fletcher 
Bates J. A. (C. T.) Varnum ave., Pawtucketvillc 
Buckle Edmund (R. C.) Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Court Robert (Pies.) 15 Coral 
Crudden Peter (R. C.) 27 Appleton 
Dugannc II. C. 121 Gorham 
Edson Theodore (E.) Merrimack, corner Kirk 
Flanders George T. (Uv.) 62 Andovcr, Bel. 
Foster Eden B. (C. T.) 38 Filth, Centralville 
Garin Andrew M. (French R. C.) Fayette, c. Stackpole, Bel. 
Gaudette Augustine (R. C.) Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Gladu Aloysius (R. C.) Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Greene John M. (C. T.) 14 Coral 
Haskell William G. (Uv.) 50 Cabot 
House T. J. B. (B.) 15 Eighth, Cent. 
Lecomptc E. A. (B.) 104 E. Merrimack (Bel.) 
Mallory 0. E. (B.) Gorham, junct. South 
Mangin Joseph (R. C.) Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
Mansfield Joseph II. (M. E.) 30 Seventh, Centralvillo 
Manchester Leander C. (E.) 30 Linden 
McGrath James (R. C.) Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 
McManus M. (R. C.) 66 Suffolk 
Morse H. AV. 52 Elm 


O'Brien Martin (R. C.) 66 Suffolk 

O'Brien Michael (R. C.) 66 Suffolk 

O'Brien William (R. C.) 66 Suffolk 

O'Donald John B. (R. C.) 27 Applcton 

O'Rioidon Daniel (R. C.) Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 

Ouellette Norbert (R. C.) Fayette, cor. Stackpole, Bel. 

Ricker G. S. (F. B.) 140 Cross 

Seabury Joseph B. (Orthodox) 28 Wcstford 

Seward Josiah L. (Un.) Merrimac House 

Spun- Charles (M.) 27 London, Aycr's City 

Street Owen (C. T.) 132 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Studley William S. (M. E.) 43 Tyler 

Wagner F. J. (M. E.) 34 Kirk 

Wood Horatio, 124 Liberty 

Clock Repairers. 
CLIFFORD RUSSELL S. 156 Merrimack (sec front colored 

CURTIS T. II. 15 Middle (sec page 536) 
McILugh James, 59 Market 
TRUMBULL & RICE, 26 Gorham (see page 536) 

Clothes Cleaners. 
CLIFFORD WARREN, 2 and 4 Andover, Bel. (dyeing 

and cleaning, see page 530) 
Lansing D. M. 47 Prescott 
STEWART DANIEL II. 106 Market (sec page 563) 

Clothes Wringers and Washing Machines. 
BENNETT JOIIN C. 61 Dutton (see page 534) 


(See also Gents' Furnishing Goods; also Merchant Tailors.) 
Baker Andrew K. 4 Canal block, Central 
BURBANK C. 11. & CO. 53 Central (sec page 520) 
Chaliioux J. L. 20 Merrimack 
CHASE & SARGENT, 5 Central (see page 557) 
Fletcher Simon T. 317 Central 
Halberstad L. 113 Middlesex 
Ilirshfield Herman, 20 Central 
Huso II. G. Miss, 3 Canal block (boys') 
Kilcski Henry, 122 Central 
Kimball C. II. 2 Canal block 
Kurtz II. F. 135 Middlesex 
Kurtz Solomon, 198 Central 
Lederer B. 74 Central 
Marshall M. R. 1 Canal block 
Morse William W. & Son, 61 Central 
PUTNAM & SON, 96, 98, 100, and 102 Central (see out- 
side back cover) 


Clothing — Continued, 
Quinn John. 54 Central 
Stern M. 165 Middlesex (second hand) 
Webber T. C. 94 Central 
Wheeler Joseph A. 174 Merrimack 
White J. W. 3 Central 
Woodward Alfred G. 30 Merrimack 

Clothing Manufacturers. 

PUTNAM & SON, 96, 98, 100, and 102 Central (see out- 
side back cover) 
Worcester Leonard, Industrial Hall, 218 Middlesex 

Coal and Wood. 

Bailey S. G., Fletcher, cor. Western ave. 

BENNETT & RODLIFF, 63 Moody, cor. Tremont (see 

page 547) 
Corner John, 38 Hanover 
EMBREE E. E. 24 Marshall (see page 548) 
HORNE D. W. 224 Middlesex, and Hale, near Howard 

(see page 547) 
Kittredge W. 38 Middle 

LIVINGSTON Win. E. 27 Thornkikc (see pa^o 544) 
McDUFFEE THOMAS J. 50 Middlesex (seepage 577) 
Mollahan Bros. 408 Gorham 
Whithed & Co. 29 Merrimack and foot of Howard 

Cocoanut Corn Cake Manufacturer. 
MANNING WILLIAM, 228 and 230 Broadway, corner 
School (sec page 531) 

Coffee Mills. 
SIMPSON ROBERT, 414 Central (see page 562) 

Coffin Warehouses. 

CURRIER J. B. 19, 21, and 23 Prescott (sec page 564) 
HANAVOR & McDERMOTT, 48 Gorham (sec page 564) 


Cressey Samuel G. 11 Oak 

Comforter Manufacturer. 

FISKE WILLIAM, 7 Cushing (sec page 555) 

Commission Merchants. 
COBURN CHARLES B. & CO. 51 Market (sec front col 

ored page) 
COGGIN, KIDDER, & CO., Fletcher, cor. Dutton (whole- 
sale produce, see page 563) 
Litchfield & Co., Dutton, opp. Mechanics' mills 
PATCH E. B; & CO., 1 Commercial square (see page 511) 
STILES, ROGERS, & CO., 41 Market (sec page 521) 


Concrete Pavers. 

CIIENEY & TALLANT, 9 Market (see page 538) 
SMITH E. A. & A. T. 128 Central, and 62 Branch, corner 
Coral (see page 538) 

Concrete Stone and Gravel Bank. 

KIMBALL C. W. 389 Chelmsford, cor. Plain (see p. 542) 

CHENEY CHARLES W. 5 Middle (foreign and domestic, 
see front colored page) 

Confectionery, Fruit, Ac. 

(See also Fruit.) 

COLE WILLIAM II. 1 Music Hall building, Dutton (seo 

back colored page) 
DREW & HARPER, 37 Central (see front colored page) 
Erdis & Co. 3 Merrimack 
Harris & Smith, 47 Merrimack 
HILL ALBERT E. 4 Central (sec page 562) 
Lemay V. Mrs. 332 Merrimack 
NICHOLS & HUTCIIINS, 93, 95, and 97 Merrimack (seo 

page 531) 
O'Connor John, Dutton, cor. Fletcher 
Robinson Pamelia Mrs. 243 Broadway 
URBAN RESTAURANT, A. F. Caswell, prop. 3, 5, and 7 

City Hall avc. (sec front colored page) 

Confectionery Manufacturers, 
COLE WILLIAM II. 1 Music Hall building, Dutton (see 

back colored page) 
DREW & HARPER, 37 Central (see front colored page) 
HILL ALBERT E. 4 Central (see page 562) 
MANNING WILLIAM, 228 and 230 Broadway, corner 

School (corn cake, see page 531) 
NICHOLS & HUTCHINS, 93, 95, and 97 Merrimack (seo 

page 531) 


(See also Carpenters and Builders; also Masons.) 
MURRAY THOMAS, 238 Lawrence (see page 546) 

KELTY JAMES F. 155 Market (sec page 549) 

Cop Tube Manufacturers. 
BATCHELDER A. G., Arch, near Northern depot (see 

page 511) 
SMITH C. L. & CO. offico 251 Middlesex, factory 200 

Broadway (sec page 553) 


Copper Stamp Makers. 

Corner & Cooper, 120 Central 
Parsons William & Co. 9 Fletcher 

WILDER II. II. & CO, 127 Central (sec inside back cover) 
Wilson D. II. & Co. 179 Central 

KENDALL JONATHAN, 9L and 93 Market (sec page 506) 

Corn Cake Manufacturer. 

MANNING WILLIAM, 228 and 230 Broadway, c. School 
(see page 531) 

CUSIIINU D. & CO. 218 Middlesex (galvanized, see 

page 529) 
MACK S. G. & CO. 121 and 123 Market (sec page 551) 

(See also page 479.) 
CURRIER J. B. 19, 21, and 23 Prcscott (see page 564) 

Cotton Bats and Wadding. 

CIIURCII LI. C. 23 Central, cor. Middle (see inside back 

FISKE WILLIAM, 7 Cashing (see page 555) 
Spoflbrd 0. D. & Co. 297 and 299 Gorham 

Cotton Goods Manufacturers. 
APPLETON COMPANY, J. H. Sawyer, supt., Jackson 

(see page497) 
BOOTT COTTON MILLS, A. G. Cumnock, agent, Amory, 

foot of John (see page 498) 
HAMILTON MANUF. COMPANY, 0. H. Moulton, supt., 

Jackson (see page 496) 
LAWRENCE MANUF. COMPANY, Daniel Ilussey, agent, 

north end Suffolk (sec page 493) 
LOWELL HOSIERY COMPANY, W. F. Salmon, manager, 

Mt. Vernon, near Broadway (sec page 501) 
MASS. COTTON MILLS, F. F. Battles, agent, junction 

Merrimack and Concord Rivers (sec page 499) 

north end Dutton (see page 492) 

Suffolk, below Moody (sec page 495) 

Cotton Openers and Lappers. 

KITSON MACHINE COMPANY, S. E. Stott, agent, Dut- 
ton and Worthen (sec page 503) 


Cotton Machinery. 
KITSON MACHINE COMPANY, S. E. Stott, treas. and 

agent, Dulton and Worthcn (sec page 503) 
LOWELL MACIIINE SHOP, George Ricliafdson, supt., 

Dutton (see page 502) 

COTinsellers. (See Lawyers.) 

Crookery, China, Glassware, &c. 

Dearborn Daniel F. 45 Merrimack 
FRENCH & PUFFER, 131 Central (see page 557) 
HILL JOSHUA, 9 and 11 Middle (sec page 533) 
LIVINGSTON A. J. 213 Middlesex (see page 569) 
MEIIAN OWEN, 25 Prescott (sec page 533) 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, cor. Market (see top of calen- 
dar page) 
OFFUTT & WHITAKER, 33 and 35 Market (sec page 533) 
PERKINS D. F. 264 Merrimack (see page 548) 
RUSSELL A. L. 45 Branch (see page 568) 
WALL1NGFORD & CALLAGHAN, 247 Merrimack (see 
page 525) 

Croquet Manufacturers. 

National Croquet Co., I. Whitney, agent, Western avenue 


Fryc N. W., Tanner, cor. Lincoln, Ayer's City 
WHITING & CO. 20 Shattuck and Fulton, near Mt. Ver- 
non (see page 550) 

Curtains and Fixtures. 

BROWN & CARTER, 252 Middlesex (see page 539) 
FISKE & SPALDING, 121 Central (see outside front cover) 
K1TTKEDGE A. L., Applcton block, 106 Central (sec out- 
side back cover) 
SIIOREY JOHN & CO., Hill's block, 20 Middlesex (fix- 
tures, see page 549) 


CURTIS T. IT. 15 Middle (knives and scissors sharpened, 

see page 536) 
FRENCH & PUFFER, 131 Central (sec page 557) 
RAYNES JOSEPH & CO. 43 Central (see back colored 

ROGERS JACOB & CO. 166 and 168 Merrimack (seo 

outside back cover and page 521) 
SANBORN A. & CO. 25 Central, cor. Middle (see front 

colored page) 
SHATTUCK H. B. 34 Central, and 14 Prescott (see 

page 525) 
TRUMBULL & RICE, 26 Gorham (sec page 536) 



PATTERSON S. M. 31 John (for fairs, festivals, etc., see 
page 480) 


CLIFFORD & DOWNS, Stott's block, 224 Middlesex (seo 

page 565) 
Gerry Gustavus A., Merrimack, cor. John 
Heald B. 52£ Merrimack 

Johnson A. T. 12 Wentworth's building, 110 Merrimack 
Lawrence Samuel, 32 Central 
Le Seur J. A. 50 Kirk 
Nelson E. M. 84 Merrimack 
Vinall G. A. W. 170 Merrimack 
• Ward S. L. & W. G. & A. W. Burnham, 5 and 6 Savings 

Bank building, 18 Shattuck 

Desk and Office Furniture Manufacturers. 

CARTER J. T. & CO., Dutton, opp. A. L. Brooks & 
Co. and Wamesit Steam Mills (see page 533) 

Door and Bell Plates. 
CLIFFORD RUSSELL S. 156 Merrimack (see front col- 
ored page) 
GLOVER W. B. 145 Central (see page 549) 
TRUMBULL & RICE, 26 Gorham (see page 536) 

Door Numbers. 

GLOVER W. B. 145 Central (see page 549) 
TRUMBULL & RICE, 26 Gorham (sec page 536) 

Doors, Blinds, and Sashes. 

BACIIELDER A. & CO., Mount Vernon, near Broadway 
(sec page 537) 

Chase George W., Cushing, corner Willie 

PARSON SAMUEL, 159 Middlesex (see page 539) 

FAVOR N. B. & SON, Wamesit Steam Mills, Dutton 
(see page 542) 

HART J. W. & CO., Whipple's Mills, Lawrence (see 
page 538) 

Kelley William, Mechanics' Mills 

PEABODY J. G. & SONS, Wamesit Steam Mills, Dut- 
ton (see page 541) 

PRATT M. C. & CO., Wamesit Steam Mills, Dutton (see 
front colored page) 

Dove Tailing and Planing Machines. 

DAVIS ASAIIEL, Hill's block, 20 Middlesex (a specialty, 
see page 575) 


IIILL NATHANIEL, 3 and 4 Applcton block (see last 
white page) 

Drain Pipe. ' 

CROSBY WARREN C. 247 Gorham, near Madison (see 

front colored page) 
GAR1TY T. R. & CO. 3 and 5 Prescott (glass coated, 

see back cover) 
STAPLES N. T. & SONS, School, near the gas works 

(sec page 513) 

Drawing Cans. 

LAWSON PETER, Mount Vernon, corner Pawtucket (see 
page 512) 


(See also Millinery Goods.) 
Alcott A. G. Miss, 136 Suffolk 
Barker E. A. Mrs. 46 Tremont 
Bartlctt Misses, 20 Third, Centralville 
Beggs J. M. Miss, 17 John 
Bissctt M. E. 3 Canal block 
Bixby E. L. Mrs. 140 Suffolk 
Blake C. M. Mrs. 52* Merrimack 
Bowers Julia A. 281 Central 
Bowman Mary A. Miss, 33 Church 
Bradley M. L. Miss, 29 High, Belvidere 
Brcnnan Bridget, 10 Applcton 
Brown A. G. Mrs. 19 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Brown B. & M. Misses, 98 Fayette, Belvidere 
Burrows M. E. Mrs. 49 Gorhain 
Buttcrfield L. A. Mrs. 12 Arlington 
Cady Frances Miss, Masonic Temple 
Canney Eleanor, 123 Central 
Cannon Mary, 49 D niton 
Choatc Mattie, 9 Centre 
Clark 11. F. Miss, 15 Central 
Clark M. A. Miss, 2 Willow place, Bel. 
Coburn N. J. Mrs. 19 East Merrimack, Belvidere 
Collins J. T. Mrs. 19 Race 
Cooke E. L. Mrs. 59 Tilden 
Cote Kate Mrs. 112 Middlesex 
Courser M. M. Mrs. 94 Moody 
Cunningham Mary, 26 Wamesit 
Currier A. 23 John 
Curtis Mary, 8 Cedar 
Deacker Sarah II. 16 Central 
Dodge Annette Miss, 52£ Merrimack 


Dressm akers — Conlin ued. 
Donahoc Mary, 82 Bridge, CentralviUe 
Duffy Mary YY. 104 River, CentralviUe 
Eastman Adelia Mrs. 41 Willow, Belvidcro 
El well J. A. Mrs. 49 Central 
Emerson Etta Mrs. 15 Ilurd 
Enright E. A. Miss, 6 Varney 
Fitzpatrick Susan, 368 Central 
Flynn D. E. Miss, 124 Dodgo 
Fogg A. C. Miss, 137 Central 
Frost M. E. Mrs. 5 Kirk 
Gaffney Bridget Miss, 144 Market 
Gannon Annie M. 5 Merrimaek 
Gannon M. E. Miss, 129 Central 
Geary Katie, 14 North 
Gray & Bickford, 206 Central 
Guy Sarah, 62 Paige 
Ha'naford G. Mrs. 1 Garnet 
Harris A. T. Mrs. 19 East Merrimack, Belvidcro 
Hartwell C. T. Mrs. 12 Nesmith block 
Hill L. T. Miss, 7 Lee 
Hodgman Charlotte, 44 Railroad 
Ilollinger 11. Mrs. & Daughter, 89 Merrimack 
Holmes L. C. Miss, 14 Andovcr, Belvidcro 
Hoyt L. F. Miss, 99 Moody 

Hurd R. R. Mrs. 128 Merrimack (proprietor of the model 
dress chart) 

Laflamme D. Mrs. 32 Cabot 

Laflanime Mary Mrs. 17 Market 

Lathrop M. S. & M. A. Misses, 73 Andover, Bel. 

Lyman L. A. Mrs. 3 Canal block 

Macdonald Helen Marie, 18 Shattuck 

Manning Kate M. 87 East Merrimack, Belvidcro 

Mar.sell J. N. Mrs. 19 Cabot 

McCaffrey J. F. Mrs. 54 Bartlctt, Belvidcro 

Messcr A. D. 52^ Merrimack 

Moody Mary, 248 Merrimack 

Moore Martha Miss, 67 Church 

Morse Sarah E. Mrs. 170 Merrimack 

Murphy Annie, 89 Market 

PAIGE W. D. Mrs. 1 13 Merrimack (sec page 532) 

Palmer Kate F. Miss, 97 Merrimack 

Paulint C. Miss, Wamcsit Bank building 

Pearson Elizabeth B. 145 Central 

Peters Frances A. 13 Central 

Pierce Mary Mrs. 91 Tremont 

Pierce M. Beatrice Mrs. 45 Willow, Belvidcro 

Pressey Martha A. Miss, 251 Central 

Quigg Hannah, 248 Merrimack 


Raymond Jane Mrs. 188 Central 

Rhodes S. J. Mrs. 27 Central 

Rix Mary E. 52| Merrimack 

Roche E. M. Mrs. 322 Gorhuin 

Rose Maria Mrs. 19 Kirk 

Rose Mary A. Mrs. 140 Middlesex 

Sancomb Miss, 113 Merrimack 

Seery Annie Mrs. 17 Gorliam 

Smith Almira Mrs. 48 Appletnn 

Smith Caroline M. Mrs. 266 Merrimack 

Smith Mary J. 5 Merrimack 

Smith S. E 9 Nesmilh block 

Stevens P. E. Mrs. 268 Merrimack 

Swett M. & M. Misses, 45 Bartlett, Bel. 

Tctrean A. Mrs. 11 Cabot 

Tibbetts D. A. Mrs. 120 Central 

Trenholm C. II. Mrs. 329 Merrimack 

Vining N. M. Mrs. 74 Moody 

Welch E. A. Mrs. 32 Duttou 

Welch Susan, 3 Union 

Winslow M. A. Mrs. 88 Merrimack 

Woodward C. S. 4 John 

Dress Patterns. 

PAIGE W. D. Mrs. 1 13 Merrimack (see page 532) 
WING L. C. 74 Merrimack (see outside back cover) 


(See also Apothecaries.) 
BUTLER F. II. & CO., 141 Central, Tower's corner (see 
page 532) 

Dry and Mortar Stone. 

SIMPSON 0. A., 42 W. Fourth, Cent, (see page 543) 

Dry Goods. 

Abbott, Ames, & Co., 66 and 68 Merrimack 

Ashworth James, 19 Market 

Barnard J. II. & Co. 1 10 Merrimack 

Bixbv & Read, 52 Merrimack 

Brock S. N. 109 Central 

Brown, Ilardv, & Goodwin, 54 Merrimack 

CASS1DY JAMES \V. 56 Merrimack (see page 521) 

Cobb & Hilton, 36 and 38 Merrimack 

Cook, Taylor, & Co. 48 Merrimack, and 125 Central 

CULLY SAMUEL, 102 Merrimack (wholesale and retail, 

see outside back cover) 
Dick James, 163 Middlesex 
Folsom Jonathan P. 44| Merrimack 
Iloole E. V. 21 Moody 


Dry Goods — Continued. 
Ilosford II. & Co., 80 and 82 Merrimack 
Jacobs Daniel, 67 Bridge, Cent. 
Jaques A. T. 62 and 64 Merrimack 
Keycs & Wightman, 124 and 126 Merrimack 
Leland Thomas, 296 Gorham, cor. Chambers 
Leonard M. Mrs. 262 Merrimack 
Maker, Pearson, & Co. 44 Merrimack 
Marin & MeCormick, 138 Merrimack 
Montferrand L. T. 122 Merrimack 
O'Donnell Ellen J. 280 Merrimack 
Shaw, Ilight, & Boardman, 134 Merrimack 
Thornton B. 113 Market 
Welch Ezra B. 362 Merrimack 


CLIFFORD WARREN, 2 and 4 Andover, Bel. (sec p. 530) 
SIIARPE WILLIAM, 112 Moody (see page 557) 
TREES F. G. 245* Merrimack (see page 563) 

Dyewoods, Drugs, Etc. 
TALBOT C. P. & CO., City Market House (see p. 550) 

Eating Houses. 

NICHOLS & HUTCIIINS, 93, 95 and 97 Merrimack (sco 

page 531) 
URBAN RESAURANT, A. F. Caswell, proprietor, 3, 5, 

and 7 City Hall avenue (see front colored page) 

Edge Tools. 

niSCOX FILE MANUF. CO., at West Chelmsford (see 

page 522) 
LOVEJOY DANIEL & SON, 1 dishing, cor. Rock (sco 

page 523) 

Elastic Goods Manufacturers. 

Thorndikc Manufacturing Company, 205 Thorndiko 

Embroidery Stampers. 

Leland Thomas, 296 Gorham, corner Chambers 
Moxley P. C.Miss, Gorham, corner Thorndiko 

Engineers (Mechanical). 

HILL NATHANIEL, 3 and 4 Appleton block, Central (sco 

last white page) 
OSGOOD A. 25 Queen (see page 534) 
WII1TAKER CHANN1NG, Mechanics' Bank block, 128 

Merrimack (sec page 490) 


GLOVER W. B. 145 Centred (see page 549) 
RAYNES JOSEPH & CO., 43 Central (see back colored, 

SANBORN A. & CO., 25 Central (see front colored page) 
STONE, IIUSE, & CO. 130 Central (copper plate, see page 


Essences, Extracts, Etc. (Flavoring.) 

Proctor F. W. 122 Walker 

REGAN TIMOTHY F. 91 Middle (see page 531) 

Express Wagon Manufacturer. 

GREEN AMOS, opposite 47 Fletcher (sec page 528) 


(See also Teamsters.) 
Conant A. E. (U. S. &' Canada), Northern depot 
Lovojoy & Rand, B. &. M. R. R. depot 
PENN1MAN & CO.'S EXPRESS, via the Boston and Low- 
ell Railroad, offices, Merrimack st. and Northern depots 
(sec page 521) 

Fancy Goods. 

(See also Variety Stores.) 
Abells & Son, 3 Welles block- 
Adams George W. 42 Merrimack 
Barnes S. J. 11 East Merrimack, Belvidero 
Bartlett II. E. & Co. 138 Suffolk 
Bartlett II. J. 114 Merrimack 
Bcmis II. J. 116 Merrimack 
Blake E. 0. 18 Shattuck 
Brown Alice, 117 Central 
Brown Brothers, 218 Merrimack 
BUTLER F. II. & CO. 141 Central, Tower's Corner (see 

page 532) 
CnURCII II. C. 23 Central (sec inside back cover) 
CULLY SAMUEL, 102 Merrimack (wholesale and retail, 

see line back cover) 
Dawson Robert, 22 Lee 

DODGE 0. II., Suffolk, corner Moody (see page 524) 
Dyar P. L. Miss, 162 Merrimack 
Frye S. E. Mrs. 69 Bridge, Centralvillc 
Gray llattie A. Mrs. 59 Branch 
Hawes, Butman, & Co. 10 Merrimac House block 
Ilutchins Elvira R. 133 Central 
Knowles Brothers, 45 Central, corner Market 
Martin Hannah, 180 Gorliam 
Maynard C. I. W. 76 Merrimack 
McGoverin Francis Mrs. 5 East Merrimack, Belvidero 


Fancy Goods — Continued. 
MERRILL JOSHUA & SON, 37 Merrimack (sec back 

colored page) 
Moody M. A. Miss, 142 Suffolk 
Parker II. S. 11 John 
Plumnier G. M. 49 Merrimack 
Rand M. A. 76 Central 

RAYNES JOSEPH & CO. 43 Central (see back col'd p.) 
'Richardson Lora S. 115 Merrimack 
RUSSKLL A. L. 45 Branch (sec page 568) 
Sails II. M. 115 Central 

SANBORN A. & CO. 25 Central (see front colored page) 
Sanborn 0. W. 105 Merrimack 
Skinner A. C. 58 and 60 Merrimack 
Sladen II. E. Miss, 69 Merrimack 
Smith G. B. Mrs. 2 A3 Middlesex 
Spraguc C. II. Mis. 16 Merrimac House block 
Taisey Lydia, 34 Middlesex 

Felting Mills. 

LOWELL FELTING MILLS, II. M. Thompson, agent, 
Puwtucket, opposite Walker (see page 552) 


LIVINGSTON WILLIAM E. 27 Thorndikc (sec p. 544) 
Sherburne J. G. & Co., Elevator, Western avenue 

File Manufacturers. 

ASH WORTH SAGER & CO. 7 and 9 Fletcher, corner 
Worthen (see page 523) 

Duckworth & Knowles, rear 30 Middlesex 

ford (see page 522) 

Perrin J. P. & G. B. 35 Shattuck 

Fire Arms. 
RICHARDSON & CUTTER, 66 Central (see page 548) 

Fire Dep-irtment Supplies. 

GATES JOSIAII & SONS, 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 
Dutton (see inside front cover) 

Fish and Oyster Dealers. 

Armstrong James, 31 Shattuck 
Dollard J. & Son, 31 Gotham 
Foster II. S. 310 Merrimack 

FRENCH BROTHERS, 233 Central (sec page 570) 
Ilight R. S. 326 Merrimack 
Randlett M. B. 48 Thorndikc 
Sirgent E. D. & Son, 92 Middlesex 

WHEELER IIOMEIt S., 27 E. Merrimack, Belviderc (fresh, 
salt, and smoked, see page 570) 


Pish Lines. 

HALE B. S. & SON, South Canal, at Lawrence (seep. 554) 

Pishing Tackle. 
RICHARDSON & CUTTER, 60 Central (sec page 548) 

Flags, Hammocks, Etc, 
MEANEY M. 64 Dutton (see page 554) 


Oliver Jolin, Mammoth, near Varnnm avenue, Pawtuck'le 
Patten Marcollus A., West Fourth, Centralville 
SIIEPPARD EDWIN, 224 Fairmoiuit, Bel. (sec pag6 574) 
Sutllc George, 51 Mansur, Belvidere 

WI11TTET ALEXANDER, 25 Hanover avenue, Belvidere 
(see page 557) 

Flour and Grain. 

BUTTR1CK; & CO. 20 Market (see page 568) 
CHANDLER F. ][., Pawtucket sq., Paw. (sec page 569) 
COGG1N, KIDDER, & CO., Fletcher, cor. Duttun (whole- 
sale, see page 563) 
LIVINGSTON \V. E. 27 Thorndikc (sec page 514) 
LYNCH P. 43 and 45 Market (see page 566) 
MARREN JAMES, 116 Market (see page 575) 
RAFTER P. II. 189 Market (see page 570) 
ROGERS & LORD, 137 Market (see page 563) 
Sherburne J. G. & Co., Elevator, Western avenue 
STILES, ROGERS, & CO. 41 Market (see page 521) 
Wood S. N. & Son, 47 Market 

WORT LI EN & CO BURN, 141 Market, corner Worthcn 
(sec page 569) 

Fluid (Petroleum.) 

OFFUTT & WI1ITAKER, 33 and 35 Market (sec p. 533) 

Fret Saw Frames. 

BROWN EPIIRAIM, 27 Howe, Belvidere (sec page 556) 

Fruit, Etc. 

(See alio Confectionery.) 
Akcrs Thomas, 105 Middlesex 
Clement E. A. 306 Merrimack 

DOWNING WILLIAM F. 132 Middlesex (see pa^e 561) 
DREW & HARPER, 37 Central (see front colored^page) 
Esles G. Frank, 72 Central 
Hall E. W. 52 Central 
Hardy Alonzo, 129 Market 
Harris & Smith, 47 Merrimack 
Kasimatis Diinitri, 118 Middlesex 
MUNROE & LAWRENCE, 216 Middlesex (see page 571) 


Fruit, Etc. — Continued. 
O'Connor J., Dutton, corner Fletcher 
Plastridgo S. 18 Merrimac House block 
Turner George F. 149 Central, and 6 Gorham 
Whiteside Jonathan, 163 Central 

Fur Goods. 

Barnes C. C. & Co. 114 Merrimack (manuf.) 
Bascom William, 162 Merrimack (manuf:) 

Furnaces, Ranges, Etc. 

Aldrich E. B., Merrimack, cor. John 
MACK S. G. & CO. 121 and 123 Market (see page 551) 
MALCOLM A. II. 32 Middlesex (see page 536) 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, cor. Market (see top of calen- 
dar page) 
SUTCL1FFE HAMLET, 90 Bridge, Cent, (sec page 525) 
WILDER II. II. & CO. 127 Central (sec inside back cover) 

Furniture and Feathers. 

Adams & Co. 7 Central and 28 Merrimack 

Benner Brothers, 138 and 140 Central 

Bradley W. T. 23 Market 

CROWLEY DANIEL, 106 Merrimack (sec page 530) 

Eaton A. & Son, 9 Prescoit 

Gardner Theodore F. 331 Merrimack 

HILL JOSHUA, 9 and 11 Middle (new and secondhand, 
sec page 533) 

MEIIAN OWEN. 25 Prescoit (sec page 533) 

NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, corner Market (sec top of cal- 
endar pac^c) 

OFFUTT & WHITAKER, 33 and 35 Market (new and 
second hand, sec page 533) 

PERKINS DANIEL F. 264 Merrimack (sec page 548) 

Puffer James F. & Son, 9 to 17 Market 

Furniture Manufacturers. 

CARTER JOHN T. & CO., Dutton street, opp. A. L. Brooks 
& Co., and Wamcsit Steam Mills (see page 533) 

Crosby Furniture Co., Mechanics' Mills, warerooms, 60 and 
62 Fletcher 

Eaton & Adams, at grain elevator, Western avenue 

Gas and Kerosene Fixtures. 
BARKER n. R. & CO. 8 and 10 Central (see outside front 

FRENCH & PUFFER, 131 Central (see page 557) 
GAR1TY T. R. & CO. 3 and 5 Prescott (sec outside back 

PROCTOR J. W. 78 Dutton, near Fletcher (sec page 536) 


Gas, Steam, and "Water Pipe, and Fitters 

and Fixtures. 

BARKER II. R. & CO. 8 and 10 Central (see outside front 

GAR1TY T. R. & CO. 3 and 5 Prescott (see outside back 


ton, near Mechanics' Mills (see page 505) 
O'GRADY CHARLES, 75 Market (see page 506) 
PROCTOR JOSEPH W. 78 Button,' near Fletcher (sec page 

WIGHT J. & CO. 20 Middlesex (sec page 556) 

Gas Light Company. 
LOWELL GAS LIGHT CO., 22 Shattuck, cor. Middle (see 
page 489) 

Gas Machines. 
BARKER HORACE R. & CO., 8 and 10 Central (see out- 
side front cover) 

Gents' Famishing Goods. 

Baker Andrew K. 4 Canal block, Central 
Bowers A. E. 33 Central 
Brazer W. P. & Co. 47 Central 

BURI3ANK C. II. & CO. 53 Central (see page 520) 
Chase George W. 169 Middlesex 
CHASE & SARGENT, 5 Central (see page 557) 
Green John J. 78 Central 
Ilodgman B. 38 Central 
Kimball C. II. 2 Canal block 
Lcderer B. 74 Central 
Parkhust L. J. 63 Central 

PUTNAM & SON, 96, 98, 100, and 102 Central (see out- 
side back cover) 
Smith George, Merrimack, cor. Dutton 
Webber T. C. 94 Central 

WILCOX A. B. 70 High, Bel. (suspenders, sec page 552) 
Woodward A. G. 30 Merrimack 

Gills and Fallers. 
DRAKE ALFRED, Allen's Mills, rear 257 Middlesex (seo 
page 553) 

: . Glass Sealers. 

(See Paints, Oils, and Glass.) 

Glove Manufacturers. 

White Bros. & Kilburn, 21 East Merrimack, Bel. 

KENDALL JONATHAN, 91 and 93 Merrimack (sec page 


Granite Dealers. 
CLOUGII & SWEATT, at gas works yard, School street 

(sec page 545) 
RUN ELS, DAVIS, & FOSTER, 83 Congress, near Gorham 

(see page 545) 

Gravel Dealer. 
KIMBALL C. W. 389 Chelmsford, eor. Plain (see p. 542) 

Grist Mills. 

LIVINGSTON WM. E. 27 Tliorndikc (sec page 544) 

Sherburne J. G. & Co., Western avenue 

STILES, ROGERS, & CO. 41 Market (see page 521) 


Barry E. 182 Market 

BEGGS JOHN P. 272 Merrimack (see page 564) 

Bergeron Louis N. 10 Cahot 

Bermingliam W. II. 48 Fayette, Bel. 

Booth John, 22 Charles 

Boynton & Chapman, 243 Merrimack 

BRADY P. F. 125 Chapel (see page 573) 

Britton ft. F. 141 Middlesex 

BROPI1Y J. 52 Suffolk (see page 567) 

Burrows Valentine, 53 Gorham 

BUTT RICK & CO. 20 Market (wholesale and retail, sco 

page 56S) 
Caldwell & Co. 139 Lawrence 
Callahan Charles, 46 to 54 River, Ccntralvillc 
Carol in Thomas, 8 IIowc, Bel. 
Carroll James, 107 Gorham 

CHANDLER P. II., Pawtneket sq., Paw. (sec page 569) 
CI1ENEY CHARLES W. 5 Middle (fancy groceries, sco 

front colored page) 
Churchill Sheldon \V. 86 Middlesex 

CLARK MICHAEL C. 23 E. Merrimack, Bel. (sec p. 575) 
Clark 0. G. 48 Race 
Coburn & Smith, 251 Middlesex 
COFFEY BROTHERS, 78 Suffolk (sec page 573) 
Collins James, 162 Market 
Conlson Samuel, 54 Gorham 
COURTNEY JOHN, 84 Suffolk (see page 573) 
COURTNEY PATRICK, 270 Merrimack (see page 567) 
Currier &.Cory, 255 Merrimack 
Dacey John, 64 Fayette, Bel. 
DEMP3EY PATRICK, 165 Market (sec page 572) 
Devine John, 91) Church 
Dcvine Patrick J.. Whipple, cor. Ncwhall 
DOHEUTY JOHN, 61 Middle (see page 572) 
Donahue James, 66 Gorham 


Donnghey Daniel, 87 Lawrence 

DONOVAN BROTHERS, 140 Market (sec page 572) 

Donovan & Co. 266 Central 

DOWNING W. P. 132 Middlesex (sec page 561) 

Eacott William, 28 Water, Bel. 

Eagan Thomas, 113 Gorliam 

Eaton Job S. 65 Common 

Ela & Page, 36 Middlesex 

Emerson L. & Son, 8 East Merrimack, Bel. 

EMERSON & WRIGHT, 14 Market (wholesale and retail, 

see page 569) 
Farley Owen, 78 Gorham 

FARNAN PATRICK, 187 Gorham (sec page 573) 
Faulkner Edward F. 86 Adams 
Fecteau A. L. 11 Adams 
Fosdick L. G. 322 Central 
Fuller Jason, 75 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Gaudelte Brothers, 264 Middlesex 
GIBSON BROS. 8 Bridge, cor. Paige (sec page 568) 
Gibson Thomas, 155 Middlesex 
Gihnan C. M. 354 Middlesex 
Goodalc I. K. & Co. 17 Branch 
Gray Peter, 195 Lawrence 
Greenwood Brothers, 217 and 219 Lawrence 
Hall C. & A. P. 40 Andovcr, Bel. 
Ilartwell & Co. 251 Merrimack 
HEliERT LOUIS, 204 Middlesex (see page 575) 
Hcmenway Marshall, 259 Central 
Hoar Michael, Dutton, near Market 
Hoar Thomas, 424 Central 
Ingham W. A. & Co. 187 Middlesex 
Jenncss Hiram S. 273 Merrimack 
Johnson R. 76 Suffolk 
Jones Charles M. 92 Gorham 
Kennedy Thomas, 21 Adams 
Keycs Brothers, 158 and 160 Market 
Kcyes Patrick, 215 and 217 Market 
Kiley Roger, 245 Market 
Kittredge Win. N. 22 Middlesex 
Knowles Thomas, 153 Lawrence 
Lake Allen P. & Co. 9 Adams, Liberty square 
Leblanc Alfred, 93 East Merrimack, Bel. 
LIVINGSTON A. J. 213 Middlesex (see page 569) 
Lynch Brothers, 105 Gorham 
Maguire Ann Mrs. 15 Davidson, Bel. 
MANNING DANIEL W. 133 Adams (see page 574) 
MARREN JAMES, 116 Market (sec page 575) 
McAloon William, 73 and 75 Gorham 
McCARTY JOHN J. 62 Middle (see page 572) 


Grocers — Continued. 
McGuirk P. Mrs. 42 Suffolk 
McKinnon Brothers, 199 Central 
McMunus Catharine Mrs. 28 Davidson, Bel. 
McNabb James F. 32 Gorham 

McSORLEY ALEXANDER, 88 Middle (see page 573) 
Miller Brothers, Bridge, corner Third, Cent. 
Mollahan Brothers, 27 Charles 
Mooney Christopher, 7 Davidson, Bel. 
Morrison James II. 162 Gorham 
Munn F. D. & Son, 12 John 
Murphy Daniel. 68 Suffolk 

MURPHY EDWARD, 72 Suffolk (see page 573) 
Murphy James, 66 Broadway 
MURPHY JAMES, 2 and 4 Water, corner Andover, Bel. 

(see page 575) 
Murphy J. 11 Andover, Bel. 

Nichols & Fletcher, 168 and 170 Central, corner Church 
O'llearn C. 208 Market 
O'Laughlin Mary Mrs. 87 Fayette, Bel. 
OWENS JAMES, 47 Gorham (see page 572) 
Parker Artemas, 62 Middlesex, corner Elliott 
Parus Alexander, 184 Adams 
Patnaud Moses, 96 Suffolk 
Patnaud Oiiesirnc, 320 Merrimack 

Pearson J. & J. M. 3 Savings Bank building, 20 Shattuck 
Perkins & Reed, 46 Merrimack 
Pike S. P. 20 Adams 
Quinn Peter, 11 Salem 

RAFTER P. II. 189 Market (see page 570) 
RANLETT & PLAISTED, 69 Dutton (sec page 568) 
Reilly Bernard, 86 Church 
RICHARDSON J. B. 1 Liberty square, cor. Fletcher (see 

page 570) 
Richardson Summer, 55 Ilildreth, Ccntralvillc 
Ring M. W. 27 Cross 
Runols Robert K. 319 Merrimack 
RUSSELL A. L. 45 Branch (see page 568) 
Russell B. F. & C. E. 138 Market, corner Dummer 
Russell & Cheney, 281 Merrimack 
Ryan F. W. 263 Broadway, corner Mount Vernon 
Ryan J. E. 241 Gorham 
Shore* C. E. & Co. 84 and 88 Middlesex 
SLATTERY EDWARD F. 80 Fcnwick (sec page 575) 
Smith Charles, 67 Fayette, Belvidere 
SMITH & CO. 112 Appleton (see page 569) 
Stickney & Spofford, 81 Bridge, cor. Second, Cent. 
Stiles John & Co. 225 Central 
Strectcr II. W. 3 and 5 Lee 


Sullivan T. 206 Lawrence 

TENNEY & PARKER, 247 Thorndike (see front colored 

Ticrney Michael, 71 Gorham 
Tolman J. 0. 366 and 368 Merrimack 
Washburn Charles D. 31 Market 
Wheeler Albert & Co. 93 Tilden 
Wheeler E. S. 23 Salem 

Whittemorc I. W. 33 East Merrimack, Belvidcre 
WI11TTEMORE & IIOMANS, 239 Broadway (sec p. 569) 
Wliitty John, 56 Market 
Worthen E. B. & Co. 216 Merrimack 
WORTHEN & COBURN, 141 Market, cor. Worthen (see 

page 569) 
Worthley 1). E. 19 John 

Guns, Rifles, and Pistols. 

RICHARDSON & CUTTER, 66 Central (manufacturers 

and dealers, see page 518) 
ROGERS JACOB & CO. 166 and 168 Merrimack (dealers, 

see back cover and page 521) 

Hackle and Gill Pins. 
DRAKE ALFRED, Allen's mills, rear 257 Middlesex (see 
page 553) 


Aruda Frank D. 59 Gorham 

Barth Daniel W. 48 Central 

Bennett G. II. 215 Middlesex 

Benson S. W. 2 Prescott block 

Breed J. II. 79 Central 

Brooks W. F. 328 Merrimack 

Brown Jonas E. 149 Middlesex 

Bryant Otis II. 3 Adams 

Burton A. P. 136 Merrimack 

Courtemanches P. C. 268 Middlesex 

Delano N. W. 55 East Merrimack, Belvidcre 

Finnegan P. E., American House 

Fisk A. C. 47 Dutton 

Giroux S. M. 203 Middlesex 

Langley A. C. 37 Shattuck 

Lewis S. A. 184 Merrimack 

Lewis W. 296 Middlesex 

LOVETT JOHN, 284 Merrimack (see page 574) 

Monahan F. 276 Merrimack 

Parkhurst L. J. 63 Central 

Pike Albert J., Wamesit Bank building 

Powers William M. 79 Market 

Premo Martin, 2 Museum building 


Hairdressers — Continued. 
Proctor [I. B. 2 Market 
Kick Joseph, 49 Wamesit 
Ross J. F., Washington House 
Sharpies William, 161 Central 

Soper & Tenney, under Merrimac House and Harris' Hotel 
Speed \V. P. 79 Bridge, Centralvillo 
Stephenson A. W. 96 Middlesex 
Stevens E. II. G Merrimack 
Welch Edward, 70 Central 

Hair Jewelry. 
CLIFFORD RUSSELL S. 156 Merrimack (sec front colored 

Kittredgc Eliza A. 50 Flm 
Marsh M. A. Miss, 70 Merrimack 
Medina E. J. 94 Merrimack 


Adams George W. 42 Merrimack 
Burton A. P. 136 Merrimack 
Foote F. C. 109 Merrimack 
Garrison Alfred, 215 Middlesex 
Medina Emanuel J. 94 Merrimack 

Hall Decorators. 
PATTERSON S. M. 37 John (see page 480) 

Hand Screw Manufacturer. 
ALDR1CH MILTON, Mechanics' mills, Dutton (see p. 549) 

Hardware and Mechanics' Tools. 

Adams C. E. 228 Middlesex 

ASHWORTI1 S. & CO. 7 and 9 Fletcher (files and rasps, 

6cc page 523) 
Batcheldcr A. G. 102 Howard 
BENNETT J. C. 61 Dutton (see page 534) 
CURTIS T. II. 15 Middle (sec page 536) 
Fielding & Bartlett, 128 Central 
PEVEY BROTHERS, Walker, at railroad crossing (manuf. 

see front colored page) 
ROGERS JACOB & CO. 166 and 168 Merrimack (sec back 

cover and page 521) 
SnATTUCIv HORACE B. 34 Central and 14 Prescott (see 

page 525) 

Harness Makers. 

Allen J. G. 46 Central 
Bean & Blanchard, 214 Merrimack 
Brabrook Joseph A. 49 Market 
Bugbce & Kimball, 27 Shattuek 


Butman S. L. 250 Middlesex 

Convers George II. 173 Central 

Dyer J. S. 2 Russell's block 

Harmon E. F. 7 Howe, Belvidero 

Keefo Joseph, 70 Bridge, Centralville 

McKee David, 12 Applelon 

SAWYER & TAYLOR, 212 and 214 Middlesex (see page 

Yining II. II., Pawtucket square, Pawtucketville 

Hat Manufacturer. 

HINES C. G. 170 Merrimack (manufactures to order dress 
silk liats from new stock, or makes over old hats into 
fashionable style (see bottom of calendar page) 

Hats, Caps, Furs, Etc. 

Baker C. E. Mrs. 3 Canal block 

Bowers A. E. 33 Central 

Brazer William P. & Co. 47 Central 

HINES C. G. 170 Merrimack (hats, see bottom of calendar 

Hodgman Benjamin, 38 Central and 10 Prcscott 
Lederer B. 74 Central 
PUTNAM & SON, 96, 98, 100, and 102 Central (see out- 

side back cover) 
Webber T. C. 94 Central 
Wheeler J. A. 174 Merrimack 

LIVINGSTON WM. E. 27 Tliorndike (see page 544) 
ROGERS & LORD, 137 Market (see page 568) 
WIGGIN WILLIAM II., office, Willie, cor. Franklin, Hay- 
market sq., and 58 Rock (see page 535) 

Hides and Calf Skins. 
HORN SAMUEL & CO., School, near corner Middlesex 
(see page 550) 

Horse Boots. 

Allen C. II. 49 Central 

Horse Clipper. 

HUNTOON G. L. 206, 208, and 210 Middlescx(see page 526) 

Horse Clothing. 
SAWYER & TAYLOR, 212 and 214 Middlesex (see page 

Horse Dealers. 
CONANT J. E. 182 to 186 Central (see page 560) 
FLETCHER CHARLES II. 130 Moody (see page 526) 


Horse Shoers. 

(See also Blacksmiths.) 

ABBOTT A. H. & J. II. 358 and 360 Middlesex (see page 

BURKE A. C. & CO., Worthen, c. Fletcher (see page 528) 
Cahill Owen & Son, 50 Gorham, and 75 Market 
LIBBEY M. V. B. 5 Warren, near Central (see page 526) 
THOMPSON ALVIN, 285 Merrimack (see page 556) 
THOMPSON C. C, Western av., n. Fletcher (see page 527) 

Horse Stalls (Patent). 
BENNETT J. W. 292 Middlesex, cor. Grand (see outside 
front cover) 

Horse and Wagon Covers. 

MEANEY M. 64 Dutton (see page 554) 

Hose Manufacturers. 

COBURN C. B. & CO. 51 Market (dealers, see front colored 

GATES JOSIAH & SONS, 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 

Dutton (see inside front cover) 

Hoisery Manufacturers. 

FISKE WILLIAM, 7 Gushing (see page 555) 

north end of Suffolk (see page 493) 
LOWELL HOSIERY CO., VV. F. Salmon, manager, Mt. 

Vernon, near Broadway (see page 504) 


American House, Charles Going, 86 Central 
Bradford House, Harry Towler & Co. 71 and 73 Market 
Broadway Hotel, C. W. Martindale, 3, 5, and 7 Broadway 
CITY HOTEL, Alvin Emerson, 57 East Merrimack, Bel. 

(see page 559) 
Dresser House, 173, 175, and 177 Middlesex 
FRANKLIN HOUSE, C. C. Copeland, 205 and 207 Middle- 
sex (see page 559) 
Globe House, John Cusack, 386 Gorham 
Harris Hotel, Frank 11. Harris, 21 Merrimack 
Howard House, Ebenezer Morgan, 2d, 231 Middlesex 
Merrimac House, Emery & Nute, Merrimack, cor. Dutton 
MIDDLESEX HOUSE, Almon Wood, 909 Middlesex (see 

page 559) 
Shades House, Joshua Parsons, 48 and 50 Market 
TREMONT HOUSE, J. 11. Durgin, jr. 278 Merrimack (see 

page 559) 
Washington House, Frank E. Shaw, Central, cor. Church 


House Furnishing Goods. 
niLL JOSHUA, 9 and 11 Middle (sec page 533) 
ME II AN 0. 25 Prescott (see page 533) 
OFFUTT & WI1ITAKER, 33 and 35 Market (see page 533) 
ROGERS JACOB & CO. 166 and 168 Merrimack (see back 

cover, and page 521) 
SIIATTUCK II. B. 34 Central and 14 Prescott (see page 525) 
WILDER II. II. & CO. 127 Central (see inside back cover) 

House Renovator and Repairer. 
O'GRADY CHARLES, 75 Market (see page 506) 

Hydraulic Presses. 
ton, near Mechanics' Mills (see page 505) 

Ice Cream. 
NICHOLS & HUTCII1NS, 93, 95, and 97 Merrimack (seo 
page 531) 

Ice Dealer. 
GAGE DANIEL, opposite 244 Pawlucket (see page 570) 

Insurance Agents. 

Austin Albert M. 120 Central [508) 

CARDELL ELIAS L. 49 Central (see front cover, and page 

CHERR1NGTON & CIIERRINGTON, 28 Central (see page 

CHURCH HENRY C. 23 Central, corner Middle (see in- 
side back cover) 

Coburn Charles, 28 Central 

Coburn G. W. & Son, 2 Ncsmith block 

Cushman W. W. 120 Central 

Eastman Charles J. 3 Museum building 

Edwards Walter S. 230 Nesmith, Belvidere 

Elliott George M. 48 Central 

Gilman O. J. Mrs. 19 Applcton block 

Houde Antoine, 120 Central 

HUNT GEORGE F., Prescott National Bank building, 28 
Central (fire and life, see page 509) 

Manley F. E. 87 Merrimack 

McAlviti John B. 120 Central (life) 

MERRILL JOSHUA, 37 Merrimack (Mutual Benefit Life 
Insurance Co. of Newark, N.J., see page 510) 

Osgood & Eaton, 27 Central 

PAIGE I. HENRY, 49 Central (see page 510) 

Rogers Jacob, 128 Merrimack 

Thompson E. W. 49 Central 

TUCKE E. M. 27 Central (see page 509) 

Wallace Daniel R. 4 Barristers' Hall 


Insurance Companies. 

Cook, sec. and trcas. 49 Central, c. Middle (see p. 508) 

Tucke, sec. 27 Central, coiner Middle (see page 509) 

Intelligence Offices, 

Fletcher Horatio, 84 Central 
Morgan Ebcnezcr, 314 Merrimack 

Iron and Steel. 

Butcher John, 21 Middle 

Iron Fences, 
MACK S. G. & CO. 121 and 123 Market (see page 551) 

Iron Founders. 

COLE & NICHOLS, 10 Willie, cor. Dutton (sec p. 529) 
LOWELL MACHINE SHOP, George Richardson, super- 
intendent, Dutton (sec page 502) 
PEVEY BROS., Walker, at Railroad crossing (see front 
colored page) 

Jacks and Jack Screws. 

TURNER JOSEPH, 172 Broadway (see page 529) 
Weston C. 11., Arch street 

Jewelry and Watches, 

Applcton George B. 149 Central 

CLIFFORD RUSSELL S. 156 Merrimack (see front colored 

Coburn Henry, 109 Chapel 
HallcttM. G. 131 Central 
Ordway II. M. 86 Merrimack 
RAYNES JOSEPH & CO. 43 Central (manufs. and whole- 

sale dealers, see back colored page) 
Richardson F. L. & Co. 114 Central 
SANBORN A. & CO. 25 Central, cor. Middle (manufs. and 

wholesale dealers, see front colored page) 
Sargent Frank G. 220 Middlesex 
Williams G. T. 31 Merrimack 
Wood G. II. 77 Central 

Junk Dealers, 

Dodge L. C. 55 Dutton 

Langley S. & W. 25 Middle 

MARTIN & STRONG, 174 and 176 xMiddlesex (see p. 549) 

Ready A. L. 65 Dutton 

Tyroll William B. 14 Gorham 


Kitchen Furnishing Goods. 
BENNETT J. C. 61 Dulton (see page 534) 
DUSTON HARLOW, 4 and 5 Prescott block (see p. 525) 
MALCOLM A. II. 32 Middlesex (see page 536) 
MARTIN & STRONG, 174 and 176 Middlesex (see p. 549) 
MEIIAN OWEN, 25 Prescott, (see page 533) 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, cor. Market (see calendar p.) 
PERKINS D. F. 264 Merrimack (see page 518) 
ROGERS JACOB & CO. 166 and 168 Merrimack (sec out- 

side back cover, and page 521) 
SriATTUCiC II. B. 34 Central, and 14 Prescott (see p. 525) 
SUTCLIFEE HAMLET, 90 Bridge, Cent, (see page 525) 
WALLING FORD & CALLAGIIAN, 247 Merrimack (see 

page 525) 
WILDER II. II. & CO., 127 Central (see inside back cover) 

Knife Manufacturers. 
HISCOX FILE MANUF. CO., at West Chelmsford (see 

page 522) 
LOVEJOY DANIEL & SON, 1 Cushing, cor. Rock (see 

page 523) 

Lace Leather Manufacturers. 
GATES JOSIAII & SONS, 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 

Dutton (see inside front cover) 
WHITING & CO., Shattuck, cor. Middle (sec page 550) 
WILBY WILLIAM, 62 and 64 Market (see page 553) 

Ladies' Furnishing Stores. 

Bartlett n. J. 114 Merrimack 

Chase L. S. 85 Merrimack 

CULLY SAMUEL, 102 Merrimack (see line back cover) 

Dudley M. E. & Co. 91 Merrimack 

Proper S. A. Mrs. 78 Merrimack 

Lampblack Manufacturers. 

BENNETT JAMES VV. 292 Middlesex (see front cover) 
Olncy W. H., Plain, cor. F. & L. R. R. 

FRENCH & PUFFER, 131 Central (see page 557) 
K1TTREDGE A. L., Appleton block, 106 Central (sec out- 
side back cover) 

Landscape Gardeners. 
page 534) 

Lap and Picker Sticks. 
PETTINGELL JOHN & SON, office, Mechanics' Mills, 
shop, Rock street (sec page 534) 


Bay State Laundry Co. 117 Gorham 
Men-ill A. T. 90 Cabot 
Miller J. M. 86 Cabot 
Roy Martha, 25 High, Bel. 
TREES F. G. 245| Merrimack (see page 563) 


Abbot Julian, 81 Central 

Abbott James C. 45 Central 

Anderson W. II. 1 Barristers' Hall 

Bent William II. 56 Central 

Blaisdell C. R. 3 Canal block 

Bonney A. P., Tyler's block, 45 Central 

Butler Benjamin F. 4 Museum building 

Caverly Robert B. 11 Barristers' Hall 

Conant Charles II. 1 Barristers' Hall 

Cowley & Allen, 5 Barristers' Hall 

Crowley Jeremiah, 81 Central 

Davis John, 49 Central 

Frye J. F. 49 Central 

Greenhalge F. T. 55 Central 

Hadley S. P., Police Court 

Hamblet M. L. 3 Barristers' Hall 

Haskell J. F. 8 Museum building 

Howe Charles F. 49 Central 

Jewett Andrew F. 110 Merrimack 

Kimball J. C. 56 Central 

Knowles J. A. 11 Appleton block 

Ladd Jonathan, 14 Museum building 

Lamson A. G. 49 Central 

Loughlin William II. 49 Central 

Loughran James, 3 Canal block 

Marshall J. N. 3 Barristers' Hall 

McEvoy J. F. 45 Central 

McNamara Owen, 81 Central 

MOORE ALBERT M. 49 Central (see page 510) 

Pickman J. J. 3 Canal block, 69 Central 

Porter Irving S. 110 Merrimack 

Reed John W. 4 Barristers' Hall 

Richardson D. S. & G. F. 55 Central 

Searle John S., Central, corner Jackson 

Shcpard Luther E. 45 Central 

Stevens George, 1 Barristers' Hall 

Stevens & Conant, 1 Barristers' Hall 

Swan Charles A. F. 13 Barristers' Hall 

Varnum A. C. 55 Central 

Williams Benjamin J. 56 Central 

Wyman S. B. 49 Central 


Leather Belting. 
GATES JOSIAn & SONS, 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 

Dntton (see inside front cover) 
WHITING & CO., Shattuck, cor. Middle (see page 550) 
W1LBY WILLIAM, 62 and 64 Market (see page 553) 

Leather Dealers. 
Dimock D. L. 60 Market 
GATES JOSIAI1 & SONS, 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 

Dutton (see inside front cover) 
MONTY ALBERT W. & CO. 139 Market (scrap leather, 

see page 554) 
White G. P. 127 Market (straps, etc.) 
WHITING & CO., Shattuck, cor. Middle (see page 550) 

Leese Rods. 
PETTINGELL JOHN & SON, office, Mechanics' Mills, 
shop, Rock street (see page 534) 


City Library, Masonic Temple, 66 to 72 Merrimack 
Mechanics', Mechanics' building, Dutton street 

Line and Twine Manufacturers. 
HALE B. S. & SON, So. Canal, at Lawrence (see p. 554) 

Liquors and Wines. 
Adle George W. 32 Merrimack 
BEGGS J. F. 272 Merrimack (see page 564) 
Black William, 290 Merrimack 
Bonner L. II. 11 and 13 Shattuck 
BRADY PATRICK F. 125 Chapel (see pa^e 573) 
BROPHY JAMES, 52 Suffolk (see page 567) 
Casey J. 191 Gorham 

CASWELL A. F. 3 to 7 City Hall av. (see front col'd page) 
Charters William A. 330 Merrimack 
CHENEY CHAS. W. 5 Middle (see front colored page) 
CLARK M. C. 23 East Merrimack, Bel. (see page 575) 
Coolidge Martin J. 221 Middlesex 
Coughlan Francis, 56 Suffolk 
COURTNEY P. 270 Merrimack (see page 567) 
Coveney John A. 48 Dutton 

CUMMISKEY PATRICK, 83 and 85 Market (see page 566) 
DEMPSEY P. 165 Market (see page 572) 
Dickey John B. 159 Central 
DOHERTY JOHN, 61 Middle (see page 572) 
Dolan Peter II. 219 Gorham 
DOLAN THOMAS, Mammoth, n. Varnum av., Pawtucket- 

ville (Pawtucket Garden, sec page 567) 
Ferguson James, 120 Market 


Liquors and Wines — Continued. 
Flint G. W. 30 Prescott 
Flynn Thomas, 221 Market 

Follansby Noll Mrs. 51 East Merrimack, Belvidero 
Fuller E. R., Dutton, cor. Warncsit court, Belvidero 
Giblin Martin, 65 Market 
Gildee Hugh, 286 Gorham 
Gookin Patrick, 57 Dutton 
Gray John W. 81 Market 
Guyton P. II. 94 Suffolk 
Hartley J. II. 33 Middle 

IIEBERT LOUIS, 204 Middlesex (see page 5T5) 
Henahan James II. 214 Merrimack 
Horan Michael, 45 Market 
Ingham John, 16 Market 
Jeffers James, 186 Market 
Kelley W. W. 73 Market 
Knight George, 286 Merrimack 
La Mountain John L. 212 Merrimack 
LENNON JOHN, 108 and 110 Market (see page 561) 
LYNCH PATRICK, 43 and 45 Market (see page 566) 
Maher James, 81 Gorham 
MANNING D. W. 133 Adams (see page 574) 
McCARTY JOHN J. 62 Middle (see page 572) 
McDonald James, 18 Gorham 
McDonald William, 309 Middlesex- 
McSORLEY ALEXANDER, 88 Middle (see page 573) 
McSorlcy C. 12 Merrimack 
McSorley P. 3 Bridge, Centralville 
Muldoon Thomas, 67 Market 
Murphy Daniel J. 76 Dutton 
MURPHY EDWARD, 72 Suffolk (see page 573) 
MURPHY JAMES, 2 and 4 Water, cor. Andover, Bel. (see 

page 575) 
Murphy Michael M. 51 Dutton 
Nester Stephen, 17 Merrimack 
O'DONOGHUE JAMES, 137 Adams (see page 567) 
O'Grady John, 109 Gorham 
O'Rourke Hugh, 80 Market 
Parsons Joshua, 48 Market 
Purcell J. W. 10 Merrimack 
Quigley Patrick, 298 Merrimack 
Reillv Charles E. 308 Merrimack 
RICHARDSON JOHN B. 1 Liberty sq., cor. Fletcher (see 

page 570) 
Riley John, 111 Worthen 
Smith John N. J 93 Central 
Sullivan Timothy, 161 Market 
TEAGUE P. 206 and 208 Merrimack (see page 567) 


Thornton Bernard, 113 Market 
Towler Harry & Co. 71 and 73 Market 
URBAN RESTAURANT, A. F. Caswell, prop. 3, 5, and 7 
City Hall ave. (see front colored page) 

Livery Stables. (See Stables.) 

Locksmiths and Sawfilers. 

Burch John & Co. 324 Merrimack 

CURTIS THOMAS II. 15 Middle (sec page 536) 

Foss Luther B., Dutton, corner Fletcher 

Haskell Job II. rear 61 Central 

Libby I. II., Maiden lane 

McGlanghlin M. 40 Gorham 

TRUMBULL & RICE, 26 Gorham (see page 536) 

Locomotive Builders. 
LOWELL MACHINE SHOP, George Richardson, supt., 
Dutton (see page 502) 

Logwood Knives, 
HISCOX FILE MANUF. CO., at West Chelmsford (see 
page 522) 

Looking Glass and Picture Frames. 

CURRIER J. B. 19 to 23 Prcscott (see page 564) 
McCarron James, 181 Gorham 
RUGG II. A. 77 Merrimack (see page 510) 
Simpson A. J. 41 Central 

Loom Harness. 

(See also Heed and Harness.) 
Brown D. C, Warren, corner Church 
HARRIS GEO. W., Coolidge, corner Hall, Lawrence corp. 

and Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon (see page 507) 
Stevens Solon, 3 Fletcher, corner Western avenue 

ALLEN OTIS & SON, 320 Middlesex (see front col'd p.) 
Brackett S. R. & Co., Poplar street 
Brooks A. L. & Co., Dutton, corner Fletcher 
DAVIS & SARGENT, 275 Middlesex (see page 541) 
HOWES & BURNHAM, Dutton, near Wamcsit Steam 

Mills (see page 540) 
PRATT M. C. & CO., Wamcsit Steam Mills, Dutton (see 

front colored page) 
SAUNDERS C. W. & CO. 351 to 371 Middlesex, office, 

40 Water and 55 Congress sts., Boston (sec page 560) 
Spalding Augustus E. 25 Tyler 
Whitney II. & Co., Western avenue 
WIGGIN WILLIAM II., shop, 58 Rock, office, Willie, cor. 

Franklin (see page 535) 


Machine Forging. 

BLACKINGTON DANIEL, 24 Fletcher, comer Cushing 
(see page 556) 

Machine Knives. 
HISCOX FILE MANUF. CO., at West Chelmsford (see 

page 522) 
LOVEJOY DANIEL & SON, 1 Cushing, corner Rock (see 

page 523) 

Machinery Dealers. 
CLARK JEREMIAH, 106 and 108 Middle (see page 505) 
Peirce Edward B. 28 Central 

Machinery Manufacturers, 
CADY GEORGE L. 257 Middlesex (see page 556) 
CAREY & HARRIS, 190 Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon 

(sec page 507) 
DAVIS ASAI1EL, Hill's block, 20 Middlesex (see p. 575) 
Fifield George W. 28 Fletcher (and dealer) 
GROSVENOR J. P., Mechanics' Mills (wood working, 

sec page 529) 
HALE B. S. & SON, So. Canal, at Lawrence (see p. 554) 
KITSON MACHINE CO., S. E. Stott, treas. and agent, 

Dutton and Worthen (see page 503) 
LOVEJOY DANIEL & SON, 1 Cushing, corner Rock (see 

page 523) 
LOWELL MACHINE SHOP, George Richardson, supt., 

Dutton (see page 502) 
Paul C. C. 200 Broadway (boot and shoe) 


American Bolt Co. 270 Lawrence 

BARKER II. R. & CO. 8 and 10 Central (see outside front 

Bradshaw J. A. 21 Wilson 

BROWN EPIIRAIM, 27 Howe, Belviderc (cabinet lathe, 
see page 556) 

CADY GEORGE L. 257 Middlesex (see page 556) 

Calvert Frank, Jackson, opp. Lowell Foundry 

CAREY & HARRIS, 190 Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon 
(see page 507) 

Cummings O. S. 92 Middle 

Foss & Pevey, Howe, near Belviderc Woolen Co. 

DAVIS ASAIIEL, Hill's block, 20 Middlesex (see p. 575) 

DRAKE ALFRED, Allen's Mills, rear 257 Middlesex (see 
page 553) 

GROSVENOR J. P., Mechanics' Mills (wood-working ma- 
chinery, sec page 529) 

niLL NATHANIEL, 3 and 4 Appleton block, Central (de- 
signs and detail drawings, see last white page) 


HUNTOON GEORGE W. 02 and 64 Market (sec p. 561) 
Lawrence Benjamin, Harris' Mills, 196 Broadway 
LOVEJOY DANIEL & SON, 1 Gushing, corner Rock (see 

page 523) 
LOWELL MACHINE SIIOP, George Richardson, sup't, 

Dutton (see page 502) 
Perkins Francis S., Mechanics' Mills, 12 Fletcher 
PEVEY BROTHERS, Walker, at railroad crossing (see 

front colored page) 
Robinson William & Co., Mechanics' Mills, 22 Fletcher 
Sawyer II. J., Harris' Mills, 200 Broadway 
Stevens B. F., Arch 

TURNER JOSEPH, 172 Broadway (jack screws, see p. 529) 
Whitehead & Atherton, Howe street, Bel. 
WIGHT J. & CO. 20 Middlesex (see page 556) 
Wright A. L. 4 Cushing ^ 

Machinists' Tools. 
CADY GEORGE L. 257 Middlesex (see page 556) 
HUNTOON GEORGE W. 62 and 64 Market (see p. 561) 
LOWELL MACHINE SIIOP, George Richardson, sup't, 

Dutton (see page 502) 
PEVEY BROTHERS, Walker, at railroad crossing (see 

front colored page) 

Magneto Electric Machines. 
DAVIS ASAHEL, Hill's block, 20 Middlesex (for medici- 
nal purposes, see page 575) 

Manufacturers' Supplies. 

BAGSnAW W. II. 6 and 10 Fletcher (card clothing in 

wood, sec page 553) 
CADY GEORGE L. 257 Middlesex (see page 556) 
CLARK JEREMIAH, 106 and 108 Middle (see page 505) 
COBURN C. B. & CO. 51 Market (see front colored page) 
GATES JOS1AH & SONS, 4 and 6 Mechanics' building, 

Dutton (see inside front cover) 
KENDALL JONATHAN, 91 and 93 Market (see p. 506) 
PETTINGELL JOHN & SON, office Mechanics' Mills, 

shop Rock street (wood work, see page 534) 
ROGERS JACOB & CO. 166 and 168 Merrimack (see 

outside back cover, and page 521) 
SIIATTUCK II. B. 34 Central, and 14 Prescott (see p. 525) 
TALBOT CHARLES P. & CO., City Market House, Mar- 
ket (see page 550) 
TAYLOR & BARKER, near Whipple's mills, head of Law- 
rence (see page 520) 
WHITING & CO., Shattuck, cor. Middle (see page 550) 
WILBY WM. 62 and 64 Market (leather belting, see page 


Marble Workers. 

Andrews William, Thorndike, near Northern depot 
Goodale Oal, Dulton, near Fletcher 
Witherell George F. & Co. 183 Middlesex 

Masonic and Odd Fellow Decorator. 
PATTERSON S. M. 37 John (for fairs, festivals, etc., see 
page 480) 

Masonic and Society Regalia Manufacturers. 

RAYNES JOSEPH & CO. 43 Central (see back colored 


Bailey Thomas D. 241 Merrimack 

Bennett & Moulton, 5 Wellman's block 

COBURN E. W. 17 Fifth, Centralville (see page 516) 

Frye & Kittre^lge, Western avenue 

Gaffncy James, 100 Walker 

Hutchinson S. K. 127 Nesmith, Belvidcre 

Ilsley A. 11 Queen 

Kcllcy Charles II. 129 School 

McEvoy Joseph, 16 Lewis 

MOULTON JOHN L. 64 First, Centralville (see page 543) 

MURRAY THOMAS, 238 Lawrence (see page 546) 

O'GRADY CHARLES, 75 Market (see page 506) 

Page M. C. 86 First, Centralville 

Page S. 21 Austin 

ROLLINS & SARGENT, 61 Central (see page 545) 

SIMPSON 0. A. 42 W. Fourth, Cent, (stone, see p. 543) 

Slavin J. S. 342 Gorham 

STAPLES NATHANIEL T. & SONS, School, near gaa 

works (see page 513) 
Store r E. R., Stevens, near Pine 
TRUE WILLIAM II. order box, 19 John, residence, 75 

Conant, Cent, (see page 546) 
Woodward Henry M., Woodward, near Mammoth, Paw 

Mat and Rug Manufacturers. 
GREEN JOSEPH, 12 Hale (see page 553) 
McDonald John, 14 Hale 

Mattress Manufacturers. 

HAPGOOD E. & SON, 77 and 79 High, Bel. (sec page 555) 

Mechanical and Architectural Plans. 
HILL NATHANIEL, 3 and 4 Appleton block, Central (see 
last white page) 

Medicine Packing Felt. 
LOWELL FELTING MILLS, II. M. Thompson, agent, 
Pawtucket, opp. Walker (sec page 552) 



Ayer J. C. & Co. 98 Middle 

BELLE-ISLE 0. J. 53 E. Merrimack, Bel. (see page 565) 

BUTLER P. II. & CO. 141 Central, Tower's corner (see 

page 532) 
GERR1SII THOMAS G. 69 Haverhill, Boston (see outside 

front cover) 
Green John & Co. 36 Adams (pills) 
MASTA J. A. 38 Varncy, cor. School (see advertisement 

on map, opposite title page) 
Mitchell George E., Elm, near Gorham (plasters) 
Mowe G. S. 10-fc Middle (cough balsam) 
RAMSDELL E. L., Jr., Merrimack, cor. Cabot (cough 

balsam, see page 565) 
Southwick G. VV. 49 Tildcn 

Merchant Tailors. 

(See also Clothing.) 
Barnes Henry II. 5 Canal block (also woolens) 
Benden Fredrick, 99 Hale 
Bennett William S. 11 Central 
Birnbaum D. 177 Central 
Birnbanm W. L. 167 Middlesex 

BURBANK C. II. & CO. 53 Central (see page 520) 
CHASE & SARGENT, 5 Central (see page 557) 
CONNER R. F. 124 Central (see page 530) 
Craven & Goodwin, 88 Merrimack 
Delanc}' Bernard, 43 East Merrimack, Bel. 
Delaney Thomas, 69 Market 
Fee Francis, 60 Dutton 
Oilman Alfred & Son, 156 Merrimack 
Harrington D. J. 97 Bridge, Cent. 
Holt Benjamin, 82 Central 

Lancaster & Bates, 110 and 112 Central, cor. nurd 
Leslie E. C. & Co. 158 Merrimack 
Mead Patrick, 216 Middlesex 
Muiphv John, 82 Lawrence 

PUTNAM & SON, 96, 98, 100 and 102 Central (see out- 
side back cover) 
Smith George, Merrimack, corner Dutton 
Wiggin O. A. 139 Central 
Winuek W. G., Merrimack, corner John 

Military Decorator. 
PATTERSON S. M. 37 John (see page 480) 

Mill Engineer. 
WHITAKER CHANN1NG, Mechanics' Bank block, 128 
Merrimack (see page 490) 


Mill Plans. 

WHITAKER CnANNING, Mechanics' Bank block, 128 
Merrimack (see page 490) 

Mill Supplies. 

CADY GEORGE L. 257 Middlesex (see page 556) 
Wentworth John R., Howe street, Bel. 

Millinery Goods. 
Ambrose A. Mrs. 119 Market 
Bennett J. S. Mrs. 144 Suffolk 
Burbank L. E. Miss, 71 Merrimack 
Cahill S. II. Miss, 17 Merrimac House block 
Carter E. B. Mrs. 50 Central 
Coburn E. C. Mrs. 128 Grand 

CROWLEY DANIEL, 108 Merrimack (see page 530) 
Dudley Mary E. & Co. 91 Merrimack 
Folsom C. B. Mrs. 73 Merrimack 
Furbish & Home, 83 Merrimack 
Gage William II. Mrs. 136 Merrimack 
Gray S. E. Mrs. 60 Middlesex 
Hall S. J. Miss, 5 Welles' block 
Kimball E. A. & Co. 17 Market 
Knowles C. C. 101 Merrimack 
Lord II. M. 251 Market 
Mathews M. Breed, 2 Welles' block 
Morse S. Warren, 103 Merrimack 
Mulcahy M. A. Miss, 114 Market 
Parkhurst K. B. Miss, 107 Merrimack 
Thurlow M. M. Miss, 243| Merrimack 
Whipple O. M. 99 Merrimack 
White Mary A. 81 Merrimack 
Wiggin Oliver A. 109 Merrimack 
Wilson A. E. 27 Market 
Wilson L. E. & Co. 1 Welles' block 

Fitts Isaac N. 114 Willie 
Shorey M. W. 97 Appleton 
Stratton Jonas, 162 Lawrence 

Mineral Water Manufacturers. 
BARTLETT SYLVAN US, 70 Middlesex (see page 531) 
REGAN TIMOTHY F. 91 Middle (see page 531) 

Model Makers. 
(See Pattern and Model Makers.) 

Money Drawers. 
BROWN EPIIRAIM, 27 Howe, Bel. (sec page 556) 


Moulding Knives. 

IIISCOX FILE MANUF. CO., at West Chelmsford (see 
page 522) 

Moulding Machines. 
CAREY & HARRIS, 190 Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon 
(variety, see page 507) 

BACIIELDER A. & CO., Mt. Vernon, near Broadway (all 

kinds and styles, sec page 537) 
GRIFFIN, LAKE, & GORDON, Wamesit steam mills, 

Button (see page 535) 
PRATT M. C. & CO., Wamesit steam mills (see front 

colored page) 

Music Dealers. 
(Sheet Music, Instruments, Etc.) 
Aldcn Charles E. 12 Central 

RUGG II. A. 75 and 77 Merrimack (see page 510) 
Simpson Andrew J. 41 Central 

Music (Sheet). 

HILL ASA V. 129 Central (see page 532) 

Music (Military Bands, and Orchestras). 

American Band, 34 Barristers' Hall 

Berry, leader and prompter, office 61 Central, band 
room 53 Market (see front colored page) 

Bryant's Quadrille Band, 41 Central, and 34 Barristers' 

Simpson's Quadrille Band, 5 City Hall avenue 

Music Teacher (Vocal). 

(See also 'Teachers, 3Iusic.) 
HAGGERTY P. P. 77 Chestnut, Bel. (see page 532) 


DAILY CITIZEN AND NEWS, Knapp & Morey, 44 Cen- 
tral (see page 517) 

La Republiquc, II. Beaugrand, 12 Middle 

LOWELL DAILY COURIER, Maiden & Rowell, Museum 
building, Merrimack street (see page 516) 

LOWELL MORNING TIMES, Hunt Brothers, 12 Middle 
(see page 519) 

48 Central (see front cover) 

LOWELL WEEKLY JOURNAL, Marden & Rowell, Mu- 
seum building, Merrimack st. (see page 516) 


Neicspapers — Continued. 
LOWELL WEEKLY TIMES, Hunt Brothers, 12 Middle 

(see page 519) 
VOX POPULI, Stone, LTuse, & Co. 130 Central (see p. 518) 

Central (sec page 517) 

Notaries Public. 
(See page 419 in Miscellaneous Department.) 

AMES JOHN, address, Post-office box 68, Lowell (see 

page 563) 
SHEPPARD EDWIN, 224 Fairmount, Bel. (see page 574) 
WIHTTET ALEXANDER, 25 Hanover avenue, Bel. (see 

page 557) 


Barnes Sarah A. Miss, 245 Middlesex 

Beaudette Emily Mrs. 19 Cabot 

Brown Sarah G. 29 Lowell 

Collins Anne M. 148 Merrimack corp. 

Clark Hannah P. 35 Second, Centralville 

Daniels Mary G. Mrs. 8 Merrill's court 

Edson Charles M. E. 126 Broadway 

Gilson Lucy D. 8 Walnut 

Griffin Elizabeth, 150 Moody 

Merriam Emma Mrs. 172 Church 

Plumado L. A. Mrs. 19 Lane 

Poor Lydia H. 41 Pond, Bel. 

Reed Melissa J. Mrs. 97 Moody 

Sanborn P. A. Mrs. 6 Nichols 

Severance Elizabeth B. 142 Merrimack corp. 

Walker Dora V. Miss, rear 60 Branch 

Winsby Sarah A. 19 Elm 

Wyman Dolly Mrs. 55 Walnut 


ADAMS SMITn, 62 Walker, near Middlesex (neat's foot, 
see page 572) 

CO BURN C. B. & CO. 51 Market (whale, kerosene, lin- 
seed, etc., see front colored pago) 

KENDALL JONATHAN, 91 and 93 Market (whale, lard, 
lubricating, and other kinds, see page 506) 

CLIFFORD RUSSELL S. 156 Merrimack (see front colored 

Johnson Jonathan, 113 Mcrrimac House block 
RAYNES JOSEPH & CO. 43 Central (sec back coPd page) 
SANBORN A. & CO. 25 Central (see front colored page) 


Organs and Melodeons. 
FOOTE W. S. & CO. 275 Merrimack (see page 532) 
HILL ASA V. 129 Central (see page 532) 
RUGG H. A. 75 and 77 Merrimack (see page 510) 


DOLAN THOMAS, Mammoth, near Varnum avenue, Paw. 

(see page 567) 
FRENCH BROTHERS, 233 Central (see page 570) 
WHEELER HOMER S. 27 E. Merrimack, Bel. (seep. 570) 


Adams G. W. 39 East Merrimack, Bel. 

Barnes Horace B. 241 Merrimack 

Bean Sylvester, 20 Middle 

Blake E. F., Pawtucket square, Pawtucketville 

BROWN & CARTER, 252 Middlesex (see page 539) 

FARSON SAMUEL, 159 Middlesex (see page 539) 

F1SKE & SPALDING, 121 Central, and 3 and 4 Jack- 
son (see outside front cover) 

HAY WARD J. CLARK, 49 Chestnut, Bel. (see p. 557) 

Kelley William, 49 Common 

Kittredge Abner, 10 Middle 

KITTREDGE A. L., Appleton block, 106 Central (see out- 
side back cover) 

LEEMAN WILDER, 47 E. Merrimack, Bel. (see p. 541) 

Luscomb C. E. 5 Riverside, Pawtucketville 

Madden John, 18 Pond, Belvidere 

MARCOTT VICTOR, 9 Centre (see page 539) 

Mulcahy James P. 170 Market 

Newton E. 24 Middle 

Parker C. A., West Third, near Bridge, Cent. 

Quimby Alonzo P. 200 Dutton 

Rydeu & Rooks, 16 Whipple