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' '•^'^'v<V!W^y^Tjiif^^^ViSffV''^^p^'''-' 








aa^m ^H 


mI^^^^^H^HI' ' ^ 


A (.. 



President's Message 




1 ! 

Message from Vice President 
Total Giving 


Thank You from Annual Fund 


List of Donors 


At Lycoming 


America's Oldest Worker 

Started at Lycoming College 


Alumni Happenings 


Class Notes 

This issue was produced by the 

Office of College Relations (570) 321-4037 

Director of Alumni Programs: Katie Wuestner Bell '00 

Editor: Molly Costello Daly 

Editorial Assistants: Sandra Jansson 

Sports Editor: Robb Dietrich 

Glass Notes: Patricia Karschner 

Designer: Murray Hanford 

Production Credits: Printing • Aconi Press 

To Call The College: 

Office of Alumni and Parents Programs: (570) 321-4036 

Office of Admissions: 1-800-345-3920 or (570) 321-4026 

College Infonnation: (570) 321-4000 

Molly Costello Daly 
Lycoming College 
700 College Place 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

Iraqi Freedom 

Are you serving or 
have you served with 
the military during the 
most recent Gulf War? 

If you have served in 
military or in another 
capacity in Iraq or 
elsewhere in the Middle 
East during the past year 
and are willing to share 
some of those stories for 
an upcoming issue of the 
Lycoming College 
Magazine, please email 
the editor: 




Our story on Tanya Garcia's 
teaching experience at Pine Ridge 
Indian Reservation mis-stated some 
facts about reservation life. Since 
the 1970s, govemment-built homes 
have improved the housing 
situation. Most families now, in fact, 
have electricity, telephones, heat and 

Tanya moved back to Williamsport this summer and is 
now looking for a teaching position in the area. Several 
alumni responded to her story with interest in helping the 
reservation school. If you would like more information 
about Pine Ridge Reservation, you may contact her at 75 
Harvest St., Linden, PA 17744 or by e-mail at 

Reach us by e-mail. You can correspond with 
the alumni office and send class notes by e-mail. 

Lycoming College Magazine (ISSN No. 0887-2902) is published four times a year by 
Lycoming College, 700 College Place, Williamsport. PA 17701-5192. It is disttibuted 
at no charge to alumni of record, contributors to the College, and friends. Periodicals 
Postage Paid at Williamsport. 

Editor: Molly Costello. Lycoming 
College. 700 College Place. 
Williamsport. PA 17701-5291 

Number printed: 12,400 

Free distribution by mail: 1 1,566 

Free distribution outside the mail: 580 
Total ft-ee distribution: 1 1,946 

Office copies not distributed: 454 

Total: 12.400 


rom my office window I can see the new 
54,000 square-foot Recreation Center 
rising behind Lamade Gymnasium. New 
construction always adds a note of excitement 
to the campus, and I am pleased to report that 
our students will be able to enjoy this needed 
facility in January of 2004. 
The 2002-3003 academic year was an excellent 
one for the College. This past May we welcomed 
the Class of 2003 into the ranks of Lycoming 
alumni. When we opened in late August, our 
Convocation speaker. Dr. Shannon Keane '94, 
joined us in greeting both the members of the Class 
of 2007 and our new transfer students. 

The Lycoming model of small classes conducted 
by superior faculty continues to prepare our students 
well. Many recent graduates are attending graduate 
or professional schools, while others have begun 
new jobs. Michael Mohms "03 was one of only 52 
students nationwide to receive a Phi Kappa Phi 
fellowship for graduate study, and Adam Makos, 
also a member of the Class of '03. received an 
entrepreneurial award for his work in establishing 
and editing the national, historical military 
magazine. Ghost Wings. There are many other 
wonderful stories to tell. 

Four astronomy and physics majors, Nicole 
Gugliucci "05, Adrienne Horvath "04, Erin 
Mastrantonio "04 and Christina Nestlerode "04 spent 
the summer of 2003 doing research at MIT, the 
University of Georgia, the University of Wyoming 
and the University of Oklahoma under a highly 
competitive National Science Foundation program 
for outstanding undergraduates in the sciences. We 
also had students this past summer working and 
studying at Lycoming's own archeological dig in 
Cyprus, while others participated in internships in 
England and learned about international business 
issues in the United Kingdom, Finland and Russia. 

BBIB/.V'. "■''", 



These and other oppoitunities for our 
students were made possible in great part by 
your response to our 2002-2003 Annual Fund 
appeal. We take our commitment to the good 
stewardship of your gifts very seriously. We 
try to maximize the benefit of every dollar 
given by focusing on Lycoming's students. 
To serve that mission well, the College must 
remain financially strong and healthy. One 
measure of the College's financial health is 
our bond rating of A- from Standard and Poor, 
an unusually high rating for an educational 
institution. We take Standard and Poor's 
assessment as high praise for the enrollment 
and financial strengths of the College. 

As the College's reputation continues to 
grow and more and more students want to 
attend, we are faced with the difficult task of 
constraining costs while retaining the quality 
of the instructional programs that have 
propelled Lycoming ahead. Keeping 
Lycoming's gates open to all qualified 
students, regardless of their ability to pay, may 
well be our most difficult financial challenge 
ahead. BaiTon's assessment of Lycoming's 
academic quality vis-a-vis the cost of 
attendance again affirmed Lycoming as a 
"Best Buy in Higher Education." Yet, over 
90% of our students need some measure of 
financial aid in order to enroll. To continue to 
give our current and future students the 
opportunities available at Lycoming, we must 
increase both the Annual Fund goals and the 
College's total endowment. Now that 
Lycoming has been designated as a National 
Liberal Arts College, your continued support 
is needed even more to help us compete in the 
larger and more demanding national arena. 

I know you share with our trustees, staff 
and faculty our goal of continuing to provide 
excellent educational opportunities for all our 
students. Thank you for your support and 

( J' * James E. Douthat 




. This past year, 1 have had the 

pleasure of experiencing Lycoming 

College both as a parent of a student 

and as a College administrator. My 

son, Peter, is a sophomore this fall. 

The opportunities and resources 

available to him, and every student, 

are tremendous. I have seen him 

mature both academically and socially. 

My wife and 1 couldn't be happier as 

-Lycoming College parents. 

As an administrator, 1 also view a side of Lycoming 

that few students, parents, or even alumni see. The 

College is managed carefully by every financial 

yardstick, making certain that each and every gift from 

alumni and friends is appropriately used to benefit the 


During a year when many institutions saw 

philanthropic support drop, Lycoming experienced 
growth. Total giving to the College rose by more than 
14%. The Lycoming Annual Fund alumni participation 
rate increased from 21% to 23%. Financial support 
also increased from our friends, parents, past parents 
and other constituencies. 

1 am particularly impressed by our young alumni 
who are "giving back" so that others may have similar 
experiences as they did. Their spirit of responsibility 
and commitment to the value of education and 
Lycoming is heartening and suggests a wonderful 
future for the College. 

Lycoming College is on the move, and our future 
has never been brighter. Alumni and friends have 
helped us to meet our current needs. Our primary 
challenge remains the same this coming year - to raise 
the level of voluntary financial support equal to or 
greater than other nationally recognized liberal arts 
schools. We each have an opportunity to play a part in 
the future of Lycoming College. Thank you again for 
gifts this past year. Your continued generosity and 
commitment are deeply appreciated. 


Thomas L. Ruhl 

Vice President for College 



'-'y^rffr^y^,, • • «f 


:002 - 2003 

Lycoming Annual Fund 

All Giving 



Donors Amount 


























Matching Gifts 


































^ gra 


Under the leadership of Julie Hottle Day "88. LycpniiTig~-^I5mni an3~Friends joined 
kiycther to raise $735,207 tor ihc 200^ Lycoming Annual Fund. The College is 
grateful to Julie and to the other volunteer committee members who helped achieve 
this rcct)rd dollar amount. We raised over $23,000 more than last year and exceeded 

number of alumni donors over last year by 304, raising our alumni participation 2 
percentage points. 

Volunteers played a vital role in the success of the Annual Fund this year. 
Members of the Lycoming Annual Fund National Committee, the Alumni Association 
Executive Board, and the Board of Tnistees made phone calls encouraging support for 
this year. A special thank you goes to the following people who wrote letters on 
behalf of the Lycoming Annual Fund: Julie Hottle Day '88, Jim Scott "70, Linda Porr 
Sweeney "78, Noel Faddis "58, Ray Radomicki "78, Coach Frank Girardi, Tom 
Pietrzak "87, Joseph Gillespie "91, Karin Plummer Botto "93, and Erik and Anne 
Miller (2005 parents). For these efforts, we are truly grateful and believe that this 
year's success is a result of increased volunteer activity. 

Congratulations to the Class of 1970 for increasing their annual fund gifts totaling 
$42,297. It was the largest increase by any class this fiscal year. Reunion giving for 
the Class of 1978 marked an 8% increase in participation in the Lycoming Annual 
Fund. The Class of 2003 raised money for their Senior Class Project by saving change 
in piggybanks provided by M & T Bank. The project was a great success with 35% of 
the class participating. While the dollar amount is important, alumni participation is 
equally important to the success of 
the Annual Fund and has a direct 
impact on the College's ability to 
secure funding from large 
corporations and foundations. 

Lycoming will be expanding the 
Annual Fund program in 2004 to 
allow for some general designations 
within the fund. Donors will have 
the opportunity to designate their 
gifts to fiinds for academic programs, 
financial aid, and student life. 
Unrestricted dollars continue to be 
critical to the College and have a 
direct impact on the cunent students. 
Gifts to the Annual Fund allow the 
college to enhance the Lycoming 
experience each year 

Thank you to all donors of the 
2003 Lycoming Annual Fund. Your 
efforts make a difference each year. 
Your continued support combined 
with new support from alumni, 
parents, and friends will fuel 
Lycoming with the funds necessary to 
provide an outstanding experience to 
the students we serve. 

Jeiinijer DesiiiunJ Wilson 
Director of Annual Giving 

2003 Lycoming 
Annual Fund 
National Committee 


Julie Hottle Day '88 

\ ice Chairs 

Judith Fry Calistri '56 

Raymond '68 and 

Gwendolyn (Gehman) '71 

Linda Porr Sweeney '78 
Michael Charles '96 
Erik and Anne Miller 

Parents '05 

Trustee Chair 

Carolyn-Kay Miller 
Lundy '63 

Corporate Chairs 

Daniel and William Ertel 
R & J Ertel, Inc. 


Katie Wuestner Bell 
'00 Named New 
Alumni Director 

Katie Wuestner Bell '00 

has been named the new 
director of Alumni and 
Parent Programs, replacing 
Sue Bingaman McCormick 

'60 who retired this past 

Katie is a magna cum 
laude graduate with a major 
in financial and marketing 
management. She was the 
recipient of the Class of 
1907 Prize, the John G. 
Hollenbach Award, the 
Marketing Management 
Award and the Senior 
Management Award. She 
was previously a special 
projects coordinator with the 
Industrial Modernization 



At Lycoming 

Center in Williamsport. She 
is also a part owner of Julie's 
Coffee in Williamsport. In 
her spare time, she is active 
in Habitat for Humanity and 
in the Volkswagens in 
Pennsylvania Club. 

Katie is married to 
Gregory Bell '99 and they 
live in Williamsport. 
Welcome Katie. 

New Rec Center Nears 

In a time-honored tradition 
in the construction trade, 800 
tons of steel were topped off 
with an American tlag in a 
small ceremony on August 
12. The person laying in the 
last piece of structural steel 
was Larry Allison '96 
whose father owns Allison 
Crane & Rigging, one of the 
sub contractors. 

J.B. Construction, the 
general contractor, and 
Reynolds Iron Works were 
part of the celebration. 

Students should be able to 
use the facility beginning in 
January. ,,JS- 

Ricky Vitcinuvec '03 (in mask) 
scares Julieii Melissas in The Nerd. 

Summer Theatre 

This summer 
marked Lycoming 
College's 42nd 
season of 
bringing live 
theatre to the 
community. It 
also marked the 
first season with 
Dr. N. J. Stanley, 
a new member of 

the theatre faculty, as artistic 

The season began with 
-JTftFFy^Shue's rollicking farce 
called The NenI directed by 
David Murray Jaffe, June 5-7 
and June 12-14. Bob Berry's 
comedy-thriller Murder 
Among Friends, directed by 
N.J. Stanley, followed on 
June 19-21 and June 26-28. 
And those infamous Little 
Sisters of Hoboken held court 
for the final production of the 
season in Dan Goggin's 
Nunsense. directed by Jerry D. 
Allen, July 9- 1 2 and July 16- 

The 2003 season also 
marked the inauguration of 
the Lycoming Summer 
Theatre Company, which was 
composed of 12 of the 
College's best theatre 
students. Members of this 
company were responsible for 
all aspects of the production, 
from scenery and costume 
construction to light- and 

Jason Eller '03 in. I conicmplalcs 
the murder of Wesley Speaiy '04 
and Sarah Virkler '03 a! left. 


Larry Allison '96 lai left) helps lo secure the last piece of striicliiral steel on 
the Rec Center. 

From left: Kale McPhee. Kait Laiet '04. Sarah Virkler '03. Ann Ciccarelli '04 
and Heather Myers '99 portrayed the little sisters of Hoboken in Nunsense 



sound-board operators and. 
of course, actors. This new- 
structure of a summer-stock 
company is intended to 
provide Lycoming students 
with a distinctive, semi- 
professional theatre 

Welcome Class of 2007 

Three hundred and eighty 
brand new members of the 
Class of 2007 passed 
through the David Sykes 
Gate on their way to New 
Student Convocation on 
August 22. Dr. Shannon 
Keane '94 interrupted her 
fellowship in geriatrics in 
Phoenix, Arizona, to return 
to campus to serve as the 
Convocation speaker. The 
incoming class includes 1 7 
high school valedictorians or 
salutatorians. Some 43 
members of the class already 
have Lycoming College 
family connections; 14 have 
siblings currently at the 

Dr. Shtmiioii Keane '94 

Here are the alumni 
connections with the class of 

Dr. James Skillington, Jr. 
'36 (grandson Joshua 
Skillingon); Rev. Charles 
Snyder '66 (grandaughter 
Cori and Tami Amron): 
Douglas Banks '68 (son 
David Banks);Martin 
Hargas '69 (cousin Laum 

Paich); Barbara Allis 

Orshal '70 (daughter Amy 
Oishal): Mary Jane Horner 
Krotzer '71 (grandson Ira 
Nienhueser. II); Douglas 
Pownall '74 (daughter 
Melissa Pownall) Daniel 
Wright '74 (niece Ashley 
Adams); Rick Gonzalez '75 
(son Justin Gonzalez); Diane 
Morgan Gonzalez '75 (son 
Justin Gonzales); Karen 
Shafer Green '75 (daughter 
Elizabeth Green); Daniel 
Confer '76 (daughter Kristin 
Confer); Preston Keller '77 
(son Matthew Keller); 
Michael Glennon '77 
(daughter Kelly Glennon); 
David Gonzalez '78 
(nephew Justin Gonzalez); 
Karen Rohrs Glennon '78 
(daughter Kelly Glennon); 
Harold Shaw, Jr. '78 
(daughter Katie Shaw); 
Larry Kinn '79 (daughter 
Abigail Kinn); Richard 
Matchett '78 (neice Melissa 
Pownall) Ann Pownall 
Matchett '80 (neice Melissa 
Pownall); Faith Duryea '81 
(daughter Shannon Town); 
Donald Byerly '82 (nephew 
Micahel Byerly); Becky 
Meredith Wright '88 
(nephew Marshall Winters); 
Richard Snyder '88 
(nephew Thomas Daub 11); 
Jason Mover '92 
( stepbrother Howard Moyer, 
11); Holly Donhauser- 
LaMonica Hollada '93 
(daughter Amanda 
LaMonica); John Telesz '94 
(cousin Robert Telesz); 
Tracey Havvkins-Rebuck 
'97 (sister Jacqueline 
Hawkins); Sarah Banks '99 
(brother David Banks); Jodi 
Hebel '03 (cousin Cynthia 
Smith); Jamie Smith '03 
(sister Cynthia Smith) Stacy 
Hovverter '02 (cousin Joshua 
Williard); Kevin Kile '02 
(sister Amy Kile); Erin 
Lubold '02 (cousin Joshua 
Williard); Ryan Rupprecht 
'02 (sister Katherine); 

Two representatives from the Class of 2007, Brian Melvin and Lauren 
McCrawIey. accept the Lamp of Learning from Dean John F. Piper. Jr Tlie 
lamp ceremony symbolizes the passing on of knowledge from one generation to 
the next- 

Joshua Cochran '03 

(brother Caleb Cochran); 
Adam Makos '03 (sister 
Erica Makos); Emily Mingle 
'03 (cousin Elizabeth 
Green); Brian Rockwell '03 
(brother Seth Rockwell); 
Jamie Smith '03 (sister 
Cynthia Smith); Rachael 
Cochran '04 (brother Caleb 
Cochran); Caroline Iglio '04 
(cousin Ashley 
Chamberlain); Sara Iglio 
'04 (cousin Ashley 
Chamberlain); Frank 
Loughran, Jr. '04 (brother 
Matthew Loughran); Eugene 
Melvin '04 (brother Brian 
Melvin); Todd Puderbach 
'04 (cousin Jason Smith); 
Jonathan Theis '04 
(brother, Jaron Theis); 
Laura Dillon '05 (sister 
Erin Dillon); Justin Follmer 
'05 (brother Joel Follmer); 
Matthew Gonzalez '05 
(brother Justin Gonzalez); 
Bethany Mingle '05 (cousin 
Elizabeth Green); Emily '05 
Lubold (cousin Joshua 
Williard); Vanessa Postaski 
'05 (sister Lindsay Postaski); 
Faith Welch '05 (cousin 
Christopher Knipe); Kelly 
Howerter '06( cousin Joshua 
Williard); Cara Kapson '06 
(sister Cassandra Kapson); 
Lindsay Keller'06 (brother 
Matthew Keller); Bryan 

Makos '06 (sister Erica 
Makos); Kristen Reese '06 
(sister Betsy Reese); Melissa 
Stubbs '06 (sister Shannon 
Stubbs); Jody Weir '06 
(cousin Heather Weller); 

Three Alumni to 
Receive Awards at 

Three alumni will be 
honored at Homecoming; 
October 1 8, 2003 for a variety 
of achievements. 

Special Achievement 
Award: Harry Perretta '78, 

coach of women's basketball 
at Villanova. Perretta ended 
this season w ith a record of 
22-5 overall and his team 
made it the Elite 8 in the final 
ESPN/USA Today poll. 

Dale V. Bower Service 
Award: Sue Bingaman 
McCormick '60, retiring 
alumni director, became one 

of Lycoming's foremost 
cheerleaders and a tireless 
leader of alumni. The Award 
is named for Dale V. Bower 

Angela V. Kyte Outstanding 
Alumnus Award: Rev. 
Miriam V. McAllister 
Lundgren '43, is a retired 
pastor and author who has 
had a number of careers. 



America's Oldest Worker 
Started at Lycoming College 

By Milton Loyer 

Editor's note: 

Last year in a ceremony 
in Washington DC. Dr Ray 
H. Crist was named 
"America's Oldest Worker " 
Born March 8. 1900. this 
former director with the 
Manhattan Project and 
friend of Albert Einstein s 
still puts in five days a week 
conducting research and 
mentoring students at 
Messiah College in 
Grantham Pa. 

A little-known fact about 
Dr. Crist is that his first full- 
time job was teaching 
science at Williamsport 
Dickinson Seminary, now 
Lycoming College. On July 
24. 2003. this 103-year-old 
chemist was interviewed by 
Milton Lover, archivist of the 
United Methodist collection 
at Lycoming's Snowden 

Dr. Ray Henry Crist is a 
man on the go. The 
interview in his chemistry 
lab was interrupted every ten 
minutes so that he could 
collect and label the liquid 
produced from a complex 
configuration of glass tubes 
and scientific equipment. 
Visitors must sit close in 
order to establish visual and 
auditory contact with Dr. 
Crist, but his enthusiasm for 
life tills the room as he talks 
of his own faith journey and 

Ray was raised on the 
family farm in Upper Allen 
Township, Cumberland 


Pa. From 

the start it 


apparent that 

he had a 

passion for 

learning. He 

attended the 

academy at 

Messiah Bible 

School, now Messiah 

College, because his father 

felt the local one-room 

school "didn't give enough 


In February 
1915 he 
joined the 
town United 
(now United 
which he 
credits for 
the spiritual 
that have 
carried him 
through life. 
At age 1 8 he 

was elected one of church's 
trustees. Though he was 
now commuting daily via 

Lycoming College 


Dr. Ray Crist 

and is proud that 

the nation's 

oldest worker got 

his start at 




train to carry a full load 
at nearby Dickinson College 
in Carlisle, he continued 
walking the two miles to 
Shepherdstown several times 
a week for church meetings 
and Bible 



with a 
degree in 
chemistry in 
1920, the 
president of 
told him of 
a vacancy in 
the science 
ment at 
Williamsport Dickinson 
Seminai-y (now Lycoming 
College) and provided the 

highly favorable 
recommendation which all 
but guaranteed him the 

Compared to the fanning 
community in which Ray 
was raised. Williamsport 
was a bustling metropolis. 

Ray "liked the place very, 
very much." There was 
daily chapel, and the 
students were "serious about 
their studies." He taught all 
the sciences - chemistry, 
biology, and botany. 

He lived in the dormitory 
with the male students and 
took his meals at the college 
dining hall. Although he 
had no official 
responsibilities as a 
dormitory supervisor, the 
students looked to him for 
guidance and more than 
once he rose to the occasion 
"in loco parentis." When 
the 1920 presidential 
election that swept Warren 
G. Harding into office 
generated interest on 
campus, the students were 
surprised to hear that their 
new teacher was not 
planning to vote - until he 
reminded them that he 
didn't meet the then voting 
age of 21. 

Things that Dr. Crist 
remembers about his days at 
Williamsport Dickinson 
Seminary? He recalls 
fondly that there were 
school "outings on the 
mountain south of 
Williamsport a couple of 
times each year." To keep in 
good physical condition, he 
"ran around the hill every 




fhotos counesi' ' 
Office ql_ E 
Piiblicatiom, . 

Dr. Crist (right) is still working on research projects in his own lab.. 

evening." In the days when 
Williamsport was expanding 
north from the river, the 
school was known as "the 
seminary on the hill" and the 
physical education building 
erected in 1923 (now the 
Fine Arts Building) was 
known as "Hilltop 

He recalls that the 
students were interested in 
religion, and many of the 
boys were planning to enter 
the ministry. Dr. Crist and 
many of the boarding 
students attended the 
Mulberry Street Methodist 
Church, which stood on 
the west side of the 
street between Third 
and Fourth. 

Dr. Crist also 
remembers the fine 
laboratory equipment at 
the school, which he 
could use after hours to 
conduct experiments of 
his own interest. While 
he enjoyed teaching, he 
felt a stronger calling to 
scientific investigation. 
After one year of 
teaching, therefore, he 
headed to Columbia 
University in the 
summer of 1 92 1 to see 
what opportunities 
might be available. 

With no money, no 
guarantee of admission to 
the University, and no 
promise of any employment 
to defray his educational 
expenses, Ray headed to 
New York City. He rapidly 
moved from "lecture 
demonstrator" to a full 
assistantship and earned a 
PhD in chemistry from 
Columbia in 1926 - where 
he taught for 24 years before 
being recruited for the 
Manhattan Project in 1941, 
a project that resulted in the 
first atomic bomb. 
Following World War II he 

worked for Union Carbide 
until his retirement in 1963. 

But Ray was not finished. 
He felt disappointed that 
science and technology 
seemed to more interested in 
"progress" than in human 
and environmental 
responsibilities and 
consequences. "What if," he 
often wonders, "all the 
minds assembled for the 
Manhattan Project had 
worked together on peaceful 
ideas." A firm believer in 
the liberal arts philosophy. 
Dr. Crist returned to his alma 
mater Dickinson College as 
a visiting professor from 
1963 until mandatory 
retirement in 1971. 

But Ray was still not 
finished. He returned to his 
first alma mater, now 
Messiah College, where he 
continues to conduct 
experiments and mentor 
advanced students. Since 
1990 his research has been 
published in 1 1 international 
journals, and he is currently 
preparing a paper on 
environmentally friendly 
methods for using certain 
plants to remove lead from 
the soil. 

Lycoming College 
salutes Dr. Ray Crist 
and is proud that the 
nation's oldest worker 
got his start at 
Williamsport Dickinson 
Seminary. More 
information about Dr. 
Crist is available on 
videotape in the award- 
winning documentary A 
Teacher and Student for 
Life produced as part of 
the Living Centiiiy PBS 

...There's away 
to help ftiture 

...There's a way 
to leave a legacy 
in your name for 
generations to 

...There's a way 
to avoid costly 
probate expenses 
and provide for 
your family and 

...There's a way 
to help Lycoming 
College serve our 
students and 

Let us suggest 

ways to plan your 

will and estate. 

A bequest to Lycoming 

College will qualify you 

for membership 

in the Tower Society. 

Ask for details. 

For more 


Keith Barrows 

at 570-321-4196. 


f'^^ HAP P E N I N G S 

& gatherings 

Crowd galhcrs for llic miniial Jiiincr lliculrc oiilmg 

Dinner and Theatre 
(June 27) 

More than 100 alumni 
and friends enjoyed dinner 
in the Wertz Student Center 
and a mystery /comedy 
called Murder among 
Friends in the Mary L. 
Welch Theatre. This annual 
event has become a 
wonderful Lycoming 

New England 
Clambake (July 12) 

"This was a real nice 
clambake" goes the song in 
Cat ousel. And so it was. . . 
as more than 35 New 
England alumni and friends 
cracked lobster claws at 
Chauncey Creek Lobster 
Pier in Kittery. Maine, for 
an old fashioned New 
England summer get- 
together. John "68 and Roni 
Bennett Trogner '69 made 
the trip from Pennsylvania. 

Carrie Torsch Grove '65 cms a special Lycoming culie. 


Alumni were oiil in force for the New England clambake. Standing from left: Ralph Turner '69, Joan PalmcpiisI Turner 
'69. Bonnie .Slanlev. Ron Stanley '69. Keith Barrows '90. Carol Thompson Barrows '89 and daughters Rebecca. Victoria 
and Su.san. Siizi Parker '68. Jim Pietrovito '71. Jim Scott '70. Donna Scott, Gail Gteason Beamer '75, Arthur Kelts '57, 
.Sylvia Kelts, Tom Beamer '74, John Trogner '68, Roni Bennett Trogner '69. Sealed Molly Costello Daly (editor of the 
alumni magazine). Boh Grove, Carrie Torsch Grove '65, and Wallev Brown '65. Not in photo: Jacquie Edwards Van 
Allen '48. 



Jim Scott 70, Jim Pielrorito '71 
and his wife Janet. 

making it all possible. Hey 
Lyco, did you know there are 
over 450 Lyco alums who 
live in New England? 

Lyco Team 
Timeout (July 19) 

It was "take me out to the 
ballgame" on July 19 when 
approximately 50 alumni and 
friends turned out at Camden 
Yards in Baltimore to mark 
the first annual Lycoming 
College Alumni Association 
Bull Pin Picnic. The 
ballgame was a huge 
success, and we're hoping to 
expand our numbers next 
year. The event, which 
included a pre-game picnic, 

was organized by 
the Baltimore and 
Washington DC 
alumni chapters. 
Final score: 8 to 4 
for the Orioles. 
Special thanks to 
Brenda Bowser 
■98, Elizabeth 
Gruse '98, Steve 
Simchak "99 and 
Annalise de 
Richemond '02 for 
putting the event 

Hoosier Outing 

(August 9) 

Historic Union Station in 
Indianapolis was the 
gathering spot for the second 
annual outing for the 
Midwest Alumni Chapter. 
Alumni had dinner with 
Lycoming College president 
Dr. James E. Douthat at the 
Crowne Plaza Hotel. 

Special thanks to Cheryl 
Spencer '70, Scott Coley 
'71, "Pete" Kline '51. Dr. 
Deanna Barthlow '96, 
Robert Siertle '81 and Bob 
Bender '59 for organizing 
the event. 

P bookstore ~ 



Note: Class notes are 
compiled from information 
submitted by alumni class 
scribes, newspaper clippings 
received through our press 
clipping sen-ice. and press 
releases and letters sent 
directly to the alumni office. 

Information received 
after May 1, 2003. will be in 
a foture issue of the 
Lycoming College Magazine. 

Send news to: 

Class Scribe or 
Alumni Office 
Lycoming College 
700 College Place 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

FAX; (570) 321-4337 

Congratulations to 
Elizabeth ( Harrison) and 
William L. Maule, Sr. on 

the observance of their 60"" 
wedding anniversary on June 
27, 2003. 

Class Scribes: 

Ralph Marion 

110 Roswell Farms Lane 

Roswell. GA 30075 

(678) 461-6040 (h) 

paparalph@earthlink. net 


Dick Dingle 

27 Bennett St. 

Williamsport. PA 17701 

(570) 322-5526 (h) 

50"' Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19, 2003 

Congratulations to Teresa 
and Charles L. Tice 
(mathematics) on the 

observance of their 50"' 
wedding anniversary on May 


45"" Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19,2003 

Congratulations to Judith 
(Little) and James D. Hart 

(psychology) who observed 
their 40"' wedding 
anniversary on June 8, 2003. 

Kermit B. Harry 

(history) recently retired 
after 43 years in retail 
grocery sales for the first 
H.J. Heinz Co., and later as a 
food broker. Kennit has just 
completed his first term on 
the Newport School Board. 
Newport, Pa., serving as its 
president and representative 
with the CAIU. 

40'" Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19.2003 

Class Scribe: 

Bill Lawiy 
6 Tolland Circle 
Simsbwy. CT 06070 
(860) 658-72 17(h) 
wlawrv(a>aol. com 

Bill Landau (biology) 
reports that after a number of 
years in education, twice as 
many in headhunting, much 
of the same time as an artist; 
he has returned to a 
workaday teaching life 

serving as Science Chair at 
Tuxedo Park School, a pre 
K-9 independent school. 
Living at the edge of a 
wooded 2,500 acre preserve. 
When that is not enough or a 
getaway is called for. Bill 
travels westward to his 
home/studio in Hankins, 
N.Y., near the Delaware 
River. His twin daughters 
will marry in 2003 and 2004. 

Paul R. Mamolen 

(accounting) has recently 
qualified for the Million 
Dollar Round Table, an 
international standard of 
sales excellence in the life 
insurance and financial 
sei"vices industry. With more 
than 35 years of experience 
in the financial services 
industry, Paul is currently 
chief operating officer of 
Comprehensive Financial 
Group and vice president of 
Jersey Shore State Bank. 

35"' Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19,2003 

James Symmons 

(theatre) continues his 
romantic affair with the play 
Lion in Winter at Main Street 
Theater in Quakertown, Pa. 
His love of the play began 
when he first staged it at 
Lycoming College during his 
senior year in 1969. He has 
since performed the role of 
Henry twice and directed the 
play three times. The play 
Lion in Winter makes 
reference to the Greeks, 
Romans, the Middle Ages 
and the Renaissance. It is 
required reading in his 
Theatre History course. Jim 

recently traveled lo Ireland 
with 1 2 students from Penn 
State University (DELCO) 
for nine days for a course in 
Contemporary Irish Drama 
and the Abby Theatre. He 
will be going to France 
during spring break 2004 as 
part of a course. Theatre and 
Politics: The French 

Class Scribes: 

Linda (Burton) Kochanov 
34 Jefferson Avenue 
Danbuiy. CT 06810 

Class Scribes: 

Virginia (Ginny) Shamlian 

P.O. Box 240 

Mt. Tabor NJ 07878 

(908) 295-4553 (c) 



Sherrie Burton Smith 

103 S. Cheny Grove Ave 

Annapolis MD 21401-3629 

(410) 280-9086 


30'" Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19,2003 




Class Scribe: 

Sheny L. MacPberson 
P.O. Box 167 
Shiloh, NJ 08353 
(856) 451-4976 

James LaRocca 

(accounting) has joined 
Schaedler Yesco Distribution 
Inc., Harrisburg, as 
controller. With 21 years of 
experience in local 
distribution industry, he will 
manage the company's 
finance and human resource 
functions. James is a 
member of the Pennsylvania 
Institute of Certified Public 

Congratulations to Linda 
and Daniel P. Wright 
(history) on the observance 
of their 25"' wedding 
anniversaiy on July 22, 

Joe Montagnino 

(political science), a Lt. Col. 
in the U.S. Marine Corps 
Reserve was called to active 
duty with the First Marine 
E.xpeditionary Force during 
Operation Iraqi Freedom 
where he served as the 
supply officer. "It wasn't 
easy," says Joe. After 
spending four months in the 
Persian Gulf, he has returned 
to Southern California where 
he is director of operations 
for a food processing 
company. After 30 years in 
the Marine Reserves, he will 
be retiring in a few months. 

David C. Raker 
(political science) serves as 
controller for Lycoming 
County, a position to which 
he was first elected in 1987. 
He is currently seeking 
reelection to that position in 
the November 2003 election. 

David Raker '76 and sou. 
Chri.slaphcr David. S monlhs old 

As the Lycoming County 
Controller, Dave, an 
attorney, earned many 
awards and recognitions for 
the County and has held 
positions of leadership 
among county controllers 
statewide, including 
president of the 
Pennsylvania State 
Association of County 
Controllers. Dave celebrated 
Father's Day as a new father 
with his wife. Kathleen, and 
son, Christopher David. 
Dave enjoys spending time 
on his family's farm, which 
has been in the Raker family 
since 1837, and making 
maple syrup. 

25'" Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19,2003 

David Gonzalez 

(English) has received the 
Schenectady County 
Community College 
Foundation Award for 
Excellence in Professional 
David joined Saratoga Count 
Community College in 1988 
as athletic director and 
admission's office recruiter. 

Previously, he served as 
head coach of the college's 
men's basketball team and 
continues to conduct local 
basketball clinics. He has 
been instrumental in the 
enhancement of SCCC's 
athletic fields and programs 
through the Faculty Student 
Union Association and 
Student Government 
Association. David resides 
in Clifton Park, N.Y., with 
his wife, Sandra, and two 

Class Scribe: 

Jolin Piazza 
416 Pine Street 
Williamsport, PA 17701 
(570) 321-1818 

Joan Schreibeis 
Mansfield (sociology), 
having completed her 
teaching certificate at Cal 
State Long Beach in 1989, 
has recently received a 
master's of teaching arts 
from Grand Canyon 
University in Phoenix. Ariz. 
Joan's brother, Robert 
Schreibeis '75 (business 
administration), as well as 
her parents and children, 
were in attendance at the 
graduation ceremony. She 
has been teaching the gifted 
children in the second grade 
for 1 3 years at Perry 
Elementary School in 
Huntington Beach, Calif 
Joan's daughter, Andrea, is 
1 5 and a sophomore at 
Huntington Beach High 
School where she plays 
Softball and travelball; son. 
Robert. 9, plays baseball on 
the Fountain Valley League. 
Email can be sent to: 

Class Scribe: 

Roy Crowe 

305 North Rd 

Garden City. NY 11530 


Caspar Rodriguez 

(Spanish) was inducted into 
Noitheast Catholic's 
Wrestling Hall of Fame on 
March 18. 2003. Gaspar and 
his wife, Maxine, reside in 
Malvern, Pa., and are the 
parents of two children. 

Michael Caffrey 

(business administration) has 
joined First Susquehanna 
Bank and Trust in Sunbury. 
Pa., as senior vice president 
and senior lender. With 20 
years of banking experience, 
Michael will be responsible 
for overseeing the bank's 
commercial lending and 
business activities. 
Previously, he was a vice 
president and senior lender 
for Northern State Bank in 

20'" Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 1 7-19, 2003 

Class Scribe: 

Tlieo Glide Truck 
5 Farm Ridge 
Maiildin. SC 29622 
(864) 676-0675 

Deborah J. Banfield, Esq. 

(political science) has 
become a partner in the law 
firm of Morgan. Melhuish, 
Monaghan, Arvidson, 
Abrutyn & Lisowski in 
Livingston, N.J. Deborah 




resides in Bridgewater, N.J., 
with her husband, Joseph 
Rebetje, daughter, Sarah, 6, 
and twin boys, Jeremy and 
Nicholas, 2. 

Davin D'Ambrosio 

(business administration) has 
been promoted to treasurer 
for Suburban Propane 
Partners L.P. Suburban 
Propane Partners L.P. is a 
publicly traded Master 
Limited Partnership on the 
New York Stock Exchange, 
headquartered in the 
Whippany, N.J. area. 

Class Scribe: 

Tina Miiheim 
32 Summit Ave 
Pool i PA 19301 
(215) 92S-S436 (w) 

Class Scribe 

Cindy Smith Snydennan 
3 Edwin Miller Drive 
Glen Mills. PA 19342 
(610) 558-0998 (h) 
15"' Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19, 2003 

Class Scribe: 

Wendy Park Myers 
10 Yorktown Drive 
Shamong NJ 08088 
(609) 268-5458 (h) 

Class Scribe: 

Coiirtenay Wells Arendt 
633 Oak Farm Court 
Lutherville MD 21093 
(410) 561-0909 

Class Scribe: 

Malena DeMore Pearson 

407 Winthrop St. 

South Williamspori. PA 


(570) 320-7370 

Class Scribe: 

Julie Makatche 
Alpharetta, GA 30005 
335 Mulbeny Manor Court 
(770) 753-1474 
Jmakatch(§),kcc. com 

Julie Makatche 

(communications) has been 
promoted to district manager 
of the St. Louis division of 
Kimberly-Clark. Julie 
fonnerly was capability 
development manager of the 
Central Region of Kimberly- 
Clark located in Roswell, 

Class Scribe: 

Karin Plummer Botto 
1022 Cardinal Rd 
Audubon. PA 19403 
(610) 660-1995 (w) 
10'" Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19, 2003 

Beth Walmer Wagers 

(biology) is practicing 
optometry in both Lititz and 
York. Her practice in Lititz 
is her own while she works 
with an ophthalmology 
practice in York. She and 
husband, David Wagers, just 
had a son. (See new 

Class Scribe: 

Michele ( Wawroski) Hogan 
445 Central Avenue 
Needham. MA 02494 
(781) 444-2254 (h) 
shell] •hogan(^yahoo. com 

Amy Luckenbill 

(psychology) has just 
received her master's degree 
in social work with honors 
from Marywood University. 
She is currently working for 
Berks County Children and 
Youth Services in the 
Placement Unit. Amy 
recently purchased her first 
home in Blandon, Pa. 

Class Scribe: 

Boh Martin 
2467 Route 10 East 
Building 6 Unit 1-B 
Morris Plains. NJ 07950 
(973) 401-1983 (h) 
Martin 180(a)aol. com 

Ensign Paul Keller 

(criminal justice) is serving 
as an intelligence specialist 
aboard the USS Bonhomme 
Richard. Previously, Paul 
served aboard the aircraft 
carrier, USS Abraham 
Lincoln, when it was 
deployed to the Persian Gulf 
following the bombing of the 
USS Cole in August 2000. 

Class Scribe: 

.Amy J. .Ambrose 
105 Nathaniel Rd 
Newark. DE 19713 
(302) 479-9159 
ajaO 7(a)hotmail. com 


Audra Marsh (English- 
literature) completed 
teachers' certification in 
health and physical 
education at East 
Stroudsburg University in 
December 2002. Audra is 
currently a long-tenn 
substitute teacher for the 
Stroudsburg Area School 

Tiffany Lee Snopkosky 
Seidita (psychology/criminal 
justice) received her master 
of science degree in special 
education from Marywood 
University on May 18, 2003. 

Class Scribes: 

Lauren Kolaya 
1081 Oakland Avenue 
Plainjield NJ 07060-3411 
(908) 755-5710 or 
(908) 962-0816 


Kirsten Schwalm Miller 
122 Bressler St. 
Sayre PA 18840 
(570) 888-6486 


Elissa Totin (biology/ 
Spanish) earned her master's 
in botany from the 
University of Georgia in 
2002. Elissa is currently 
project manager for the 
Pennsylvania Center for 
Environmental Education, 
Sli]ipery Rock University in 
Slippery Rock, Pa. 

Class Scribe: 

Brenda Bowser 

22 1 1 Greenery Lane, #T-2 

Silver Spring, MD 20906 

(3 01)946-4321 


5"' Reunion 
Homecoming 2003 
October 17-19,2003 



Kelly Edwards 

(psychology) is teaching the 
4"' grade and is the 
technology lead teacher, 
along with webmaster, at 
Stafford County Public 
Schools in Fredericksburg, 
Va. Kelly also volunteers as 
a junior and cadette Girl 
Scout Troop Leader. 

Class Scribe: 

Cinrell Falls Gamberling 
RR 1 Box 456 
Millmont. PA 1 7845 
(570) 922-1044 
coweU52@hotmaU. com 

Darren Hengst (theatre) 
is one of nine graduate 
students from the University 
of Illinois Department of 
Theatre's Professional Actor 
Training Program invited to 
participate in the "New 
Leagues Showcase" 
auditions in May 2003 in 
New York City. The New 
Leagues Showcase is 
considered the major source 
of new talent for the New 
York theatre, film and 
television industries, {file 

Joseph M. Keane 
defended his doctoral work 
at the University of Virginia 

>, in June 2003. In September, 
he began a one-year post as a 
visiting assistant professor of 
chemistry at Colgate 

Jerry Moran (criminal 

» justice) graduated in May 
2003 with a master's degree 
in criminal justice from Saint 
Joseph's University in 
Philadelphia, Pa. He was the 
recipient of the 2003 
Graduate Criminal Justice 
Award and inducted into the 
honor society. Alpha Epsilon 
Lambda, in recognition of 
achieving a perfect grade 
point average. Jerry has 

accepted a position working 
with the State of New Jersey 
Superior Court. 

Class Scribe: 

Amanda Petermaii clalla 


115 Carpenter St. 

Miincy. PA 17756 

(570) 546-9440 

arp@larsondesigngroitp. com 

Katie Wuestner Bell 

management) is the new 
director of alumni and family 
programs at Lycoming 
College as well as a part- 
owner of Julie's Coffee in 
downtown Williamsport. 

Alison Shaffer 
Broughton (business- 
marketing management) was 
recently promoted to loan 
officer/assistant cashier at 
Citizens & Northern Bank in 
Wellsboio, Pa., after being a 
management trainee for 10 

Emily Rose Latten. 7 months 
old. daughter ofDr James 
and Kelly (Engel) '00 Latten. 
"sporting" her Lyco t-shirt. 

Class Scribe: 

Shaiina McQiiillen 
2219 B Center Ave. 
Charlottesville VA 22903 
(434) 295-4478 
mcqshau(g),hotmail. com 

Keith Essig (criminal 
justice-corrections) an 
intelligence specialist, is a 
crew member aboard the 
USS Nassau, an amphibious 
assault ship, currently 
overseas. Keith completed 
basic training from Recruit 
Training Command, Great 
Lakes, 111., in March 2002, 
went to Dam Neck, Va., for 
A School and was deployed 
from Norfolk, Va., in August 

Nicolle Slapikas 
(criminal justice) has been 
promoted to community- 
release director at the Berks 
County Prison Society. In 
her new position, Nicolle 
will be responsible for 
planning, organizing and 
directing community release 
program activities and 
supervision of the program 

Class Scribe: 

Sharon Rogers 
218 69th St. 
Giittenberg. NJ 07093 
(201) 679-2611 

Deanna Andreoli 

(biology) is living in 
Philadelphia and working for 
Cardinal Health PTS. Inc. as 
a Clinical Returns 
Coordinator. She says she is 
actually working with a 
Lycoming grad from '95. 

Ellen Burns (sociology- 
human services) is currently 
working as a loan officer for 
CitiFinancial in Brook 
Haven, Pa. She resides in 
Rosemont, Pa. (Working 
there for 2 years) 

Michael Controvich 
management) is cunently 
working as a supervisor for 
GruGeen Land 

Care in White Marsh, MD. 
He resides in Baltimore. 

Joshua Diehl (biology) is 
a graduate student at The 
Pennsylvania College of 
Optometry in Philadelphia. 

Donna Mongiello (art) 
has taken a position at The 
Country Children's Center in 
Cross River, N.Y., and is 
residing in nearby North 
Salem. Donna has just 
returned from a six-month 
stay in New Zealand and has 
also toured Australia. 

Shevon Morris 
(psychology) has accepted a 
first grade teaching position 
at The Wilson School in 
Mountain Lakes, N.J.. and is 
residing in Denville, N.J. 

Sharon Rogers (English) 
is beginning her second year 
as a kindergarten teacher at 
Anna L. Klein Elemental^ 
School. Sharon resides in 
Guttenberg, N.J. 

Matt Staffaroni 
management) has been 
promoted to agent channel 
manager with Allegiance 
Telecom in Philadelphia and 
resides in Rosemont. Pa., 
with roommate Joe Feerrar. 

Andrea Tinsley 
(psychology) has taken a 5"' 
grade teaching position at 
Vare Middle School in South 
Philadelphia and resides in 
Folsom, Pa. 

Class Scribe: 

Charlene Bartolotta 
4317 Fiirman Avenue 
Bronx. NY 10466 
char26lene@bolt. com 

Stephen Sharp (religion) 
interned this summer with 
the Speaker of the 
Pennsylvania House, John 
Michael Perzel (R). 


R R I A G 

Cheryl R. Peters '91 and 
Brian E. Koontz '91 were 
married on May 3, 2003, in 
Media, Pa. Heather 
(Calhoun) Rothwell '92 
served as matron of honor 
and James Rothwell '92 
served as a groomsman. The 
Rothwells children, Joshua 
and Kaitlyn, were the ring 
bearer and flower girl. 

Tara L. Taniser and 
Thomas M. Keppel '95 

were mairied on September 
14, 2002. at Our Lady of 
Perpetual Help Catholic 
Church in Bethlehem, Pa. 

Melanie A. Engle '96 

and David R. Zembrzuski 
were married on March I , 
2003, at the Oakmont United 
Methodist Church. 

Amy Renae Thompson 
and George O. Gilbert, Jr. 

'96 were married on October 
5, 2002, at First Lutheran 
Church in Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Christa M. Zimmerman 

'98 and Mark L. Anderson 
were married on October 5, 
2002, at St. Jerome's 
Catholic Church in Tamaqua. 

Kimberly D. Kutlick '00 

and Todd A. Czech were 
man'ied on November 8. 
2002, at St. Martha's Church 
in Point Pleasant, N.J. 

Joy Laughrey '00 and 

Scott David White were 
married June 7, 2003, at 
Faith Wesleyan Church in 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Yunita Permatasari and 
Freedian Marpaung '00 

were manied on December 
22, 2002. 

Alison Shaffer '00 and 
Ryan Broughton '00 were 
maiTied on June 29, 2002. in 
Lake Ariel, Pa. Members of 

the wedding party were: 
Katie (Wuestner) Bell '00, 
Holly (Mayshock) Andretta 
'98, Eric Broughton '00 
and Jason Zerbe '00. Amy 
(Mayshock) Bortz '00 did a 
reading during the ceremony. 

Devin M. Lahr '01 and 

Donald B. Hetrick were 
married on February 1, 2003, 
at St. Paul's United Christian 
Church in Hemdon, Pa. 

Jennifer L. Ranck '01 

and Denny L. Harer were 
manied on April 26. 2003. at 
Christ Lutheran Church in 
Montgomery, Pa. 

Julie Laughrey '02 and 
Weslee Todd Delker '00 

were married May 1 8, 2002, 
at the Marantha Bible 
Church, Cogan Station, Pa. 

Melissa M. Strohecker 
and Andrew J. Gutkowski 

'03 were married on April 5, 
2003, at St. Paul's United 
Church of Christ in Urban. 

Ashley D. Peck '03 and 

John C. Lauchle, Jr. were 
married on May 24, 2003. 
Wedding party included; 
Heidi LaBelle '03. Melissa 
Wert '03 and Carol 
Richardson '03. 

From left. Miiniv Williams. .4ngie McClo.skcv. Dlu\\ Schnng. Jenny Cruniiier. 
Joy Laughrey '00. Julie Laughrey Delker '02 and Weslee Delker '00. 
Rfi;un Tlioma.s. Jii.sliti Niklaiis. Aaron DIker L. Rasheem Garrison. Eric 
Laughrey '98. Brian Driscoll. and Seth Sehring.. 




,;3^;:.;:,, .-. . ^HifpBW 

|p^l«qP'W««.'V^«» ^ 


From left: Andrea Laird. Christy Kozzi. .lenny Cranmer. Julie Lair^hrey 
Delker '02. Joy Laughrey If'hite '00. Seoti White. Brandon White. Jeremiah 
Alien. Seth Griener and Eric Laughry '98 In front T.J. Hostrander arid Emily 

Lveoming .-iliimni present at 
Townsend/Bennett wedding. Seated 
(I to r): Sue (Anthony) ]'an4llen 
'94, Gina (Means) Reid '94, Susan 
(Burke) Derine '66. First Row 
Standing (I lo r): Heather (Takach) 
Bennett '9H, Megan (Townsenil) 
Bennett '96 (hride), Ronald 
Menello '95, Tina (Bennett) Henry 
'98, Christopher G Bennett '95 
(groom), Slacey (Shaffer) Bray '96, 
Scott Bray '92. Back Rotf Standing 
(I to r): Cathy (Geisinger) Hahn 
•94, Leonard Hahn '94. Wendy 
(Boyton) Dohiynio '94. Scott 
Dohrynio '94, John S. Trogner, Jr. 
'68, Roni (Bennett) Trogner '69, 

Megan Townsend '96 
and Christopher Bennett 

'95 were married on June 29, 
2002, at St. John's Episcopal 
Church in Carlisle, Pa. 


A son, Christopher David 
Raker, to Kathleen and 
David Raker '76, October 6. 

A daughter, Ohvia 
Chapman, to Andrea and 
David Turner '82, March 
28, 2003. 

A daughter, Gabrielle 
Raina. to Jill (Alpert) '87 

and Randy Miller, April 2, 

A daughter, 
Lauren Taylor, to 
(Bernard) '88 

and David Wallis, 
May 27, 2003. 
She joins a 
brother, Scott, 2. 

A son, 
Jonathan, adopted 

by Michele Jonathon Konic 

(Fetterolf) '88 

and Dan Kornegay. Bom 
September 18,2002, in 
Guatemala. Arrived in the 
USA on March 28, 2003. 

A daughter, Alana Faye, 
to Debra (Willits) '88 and 

Keith Davis, October 14, 

A son, Gregoiy Ryan, to 
Melina (Scherer) '90 and 

Lawrence Shiner, March 12, 

A son, Luke Benjamin, to 
Kathleen (Ely) '91 and 

Richard Lybarger, March 2, 
2003. He joins a big sister, 
Olivia, 2. 

A son, Zachary Richard, 
to Kristine (Ely) '91 and 

Edward Moore, December 
12,2002. He joins a sister, 
Allison 1 1/2. 

A daughter. Savannah 
Lee. to Heather (Harris) 
'93 and Michael MacGill, 
October 11,2002. She joins 
a brother, Dakota, 4. 

A son, Zachary Thomas, 
to Angela (Miller) '93 and 

Thomas Cleckner, May 24, 

A son, Jacob Adam, to 
Beth Walmer '93 and David 

Wagers, June 24, 2003. 

A daughter, 
Laura Morgan, 
to Jill 

'94 and Dan 
December 2 1 , 

A son, Samuel 
Wayne, to Julie 
(Sheets) '95 and 

Scott Moore, May 
He joins a brother. 


8, 2003. 
Seth, 3. 

A daughter, Morgan 
Olivia, to Tiffany 
(Snopkosky) '96 and Mark 
Seidita, April, 29, 2003. 

Emily Claire, 
to Denielle 
(Burke) '97 
and Shawn 
Bade, May 

A son, 
Michael, to 
'97 and 
Michael S. 
Kutney, June 
2, 2003. 

The Shipman Twins 

A daughter, Kayleigh Ann 
to Kirsten (Schwalm) '97 
and Brian Joseph Miller 
'95, April 30, 2003. 

Twins, Jacob Robert and 
Laurel Elizabeth, to Sarah 
(Rabb) '98 and Michael 
Shipman, March 28, 2003. 

A daughter, Payton 
Ashley, to Raven (Reasner) 
'98 and Jeffrey R. Cooley 
'98, April 29, 2003. 

A son, Matthew Stephen, 
to Ellen 
'99 and Ron 

Sechler, May 

A daughter, 
Emily Ord, to 
(Walter) '99 

and Eric 
Wetzel, April 
24, 2003. 

EiiiiIy L'hiiiv Builc 

M O R I A M 


Margaret E. Hill of 

Lexington, Md. died on 
February 3, 2003, at the age 


Albert V. Osman of 

Miffiinbiirg, Pa., died on 
June 12, 2003, in the 
Evangelical Community 
Hospital in Lewisburg, Pa. 
He is survived by his wife, 
Geraldine, and two 


Mary Ellen Crumbling 

Epier of Wiiliamsport, Pa., 
died on June 9, 2003. There 
are no immediate survivors. 


James C. Arnold of Canton, 
Pa. died on May 19, 2003, at 
Troy Community Hospital. 
He is survived by a son and a 


Carl F. Kackenmeister of 

Wiiliamsport, Pa., died at his 
summer residence in 
Barbours. Pa., on July 3, 
2003. He is survived by his 
wife of 55 years, Bernice, 
two sons and a daughter. 

Walter W. Watkins died on 
June 5, 2003. He is survived 
by his wife, June, two 
daughters and a son. 


Word has been received of 
the passing of Herbert J. 
Kocher on October 28, 


Eugene E. Border, Sr. died 
on April 23, 2002, at the 
Wiiliamsport Hospital. He 
was the husband of the late 
Rita (Cioffi) Border '45, 

who preceded him in death, 
April 11,2003. Two sons 
survive, Eugene, Jr. and 

Ruth Morgan Kunes died 
on May 31, 2003, in the 
Hershey Medical Center, 
Hershey, Pa. She is survived 
by a sister. 

Carl F. Schweikle of 

Charlottesville, Va., passed 
away suddenly on June 1 1, 
2003, while fishing near his 
home. His wife, Barbara 
(Fite) '52, a son and a 
daughter survive him. 


Barbara Brown Debole 

passed away on May 22, 
2003, from complications 
from open-heart surgery. 
She is survived by her 
husband, Frank, sister, Janet 
Brown Johnescu '50, and 4 


Dr. Elenore L. Cole died on 
June 1, 2003, after a 17-year 
battle with breast cancer. 
She is survived by her 
daughter, Judith "Jo" 

Dr. Gerald L. Hawk died 
on June 9, 2003, at Dubois 
Regional Medical Center in 
Dubois, Pa. He is survived 
by a brother. 


Ann L. Hartman Ault of 

Montoursville, Pa., died on 
July 1,2003. She is 
survived by her husband, G, 
Keith, a son and a daughter. 


Dr. W. Cibbs McKenney '37, member of the 
Lycoming College Board of Trustees from 1964-1991, 
chaimian of the Board from 1970-1984. and Emeritus 
member from 1991 -present, died on Wednesday, August 
13,2003, in Baltimore. 

Dr. McKenney graduated from Dickinson Seminary in 
1937 and went on to receive a bachelor's degree from 
Dickinson College and a law degree from the University 
of Virginia. He was senior partner in the law firm of 
McKenney Thomsen & Burke in Baltimore. During his 
career, he was listed in the volume The Best Lawyers in 
America, Who's Who in the World and Who's Who is 

"Gibb McKenney's leadership, keen interest and 
strong support of Lycoming College served the interests 
of the College since his graduation in 1937. He devoted 
his time, talents and gifts to many charities and always 
remembered and served Lycoming College, his first alma 
mater," said Dr. James E. Douthat, president of Lycoming 

Under his chairmanship, the endowment of Lycoming 
College more than tripled. He was instrumental in 
putting the College's assets under professional 

The McKenney Board Room in Long Hall is named in 
his honor In 1984 he received an honorary doctorate 
from Lycoming College. He is survived by a daughter, 
Lynden King Burke, three grandchildren, G Gibbs, Kelly 
C, and Shannon Burke, several nieces and a sister-in-law. 

Q: What is the Lycoming 
Annual Fund? 

\: The Lycoming Annual 
Fund is the life blood of 
Lycoming College! Gifts 
provide an immediate 
impact on the College by 
helping meet the 
increasing costs of 
educating students, costs 
that tuition and other 
revenue alone cannot 

Please make checks 
payable to 

X Lycoming College 
700 College Place *i 
Williamsport, Pa 17701 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why does Lycoming 
need my money this 
year? I just gave last 

\; The Lycoming Annual 
Fund will never not need 
gifts. Funds that are 
raised this year support 
needs of this year. 
Dependable giving early 
in the fiscal year allows 
the Annual Fund staff to 
spend its time and budget 
most efficiently. 

Q: How can my modest 
gift make a difference? 

A: The gift that you choose 
to make is a statement 
saying, "Yes, I am proud 
to support Lycoming, and 
1 want to help current 
students make the most 
of their Lycoming 
experience." By making 
a gift, no matter what the 
size, you play an active 
role in the life of 
Lycoming, and at the 
same time help to raise 
essential participation 


Gifts may be made online: 

Q: How is the Lycoming 
Annual Fund goal set 
and what is the 
importance of reaching 
that goal? 

A: Currently 90% of students 
attending Lycoming 
receive some form of 
financial aid. If every 
student paid the full cost 
to attend Lycoming, it 
would still not be enough 
to cover the costs of 
running the College. As 
the costs rise by about 5- 
1 0% per year, so does the 
Lycoming Annual Fund 
goal. If every alumnus who 
supports the Lycoming 
Annual Fund increased 
his/her gift by 5-10% a 
year, goals would be met 
and costs would be 
covered on an annual basis. 

Gift/Pledge $ 

Name(s) . 




Class . 


Address . 

^, Home Phone . 


E-mail . 

Card # . 

Expiration Date 

Print Name 


My gift will be matched by 

C3 ffy C_^' n^y spouse's company 

Name of Company (Please include employer s Matching Gift Card) 

I would like to designate my gift to. . . 

C^ where needed most Q_) financial aid 
CD academic programs (^i student life 

I prefer to make 

payments of $ 

each by June SO'" 2004. 



WILLIAMSPORT, PA 17701-5192 

VOLUME 19 • NO. 1 

Periodical Postage 


Williamsport, PA 


C A L E^ 

e \L£i 

J^ D A R 

October 30 

Macabre Merriment, Concerts at Noon: 

A Halloween celebration of musical ghosts 

and goblins. Clarke Chapel. Free. 

October 4 

Admissions Science Saturday and Fine Arts 
Preview Day. Cal! 570-321-4026. 

October 7-11 ^^^ 

The Theatre Department presents Hedda 

Gabler by Henrik Ibsen, in the Mary L. 

Welch Theatre Director: N. J. Stanley. 

College Box Office : 321-4048. 

November 7 

Jazz Ensemble: "A Night of Salsa." 
8:00 p.m. Clarke Chapel. Free. 

November 8 

Admissions Open House. Call 570-321-4026 

October 14 

Fall Symposium "SPACE — A Revolution in 

Perspective": "The First Lady of Space - 

Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova" (dramatic 

autobiographical reading) 8:00 p.m. Mary 

L. Welch Theatre. Free. 

November 11 

Fall Symposium "SPACE" "Sing a Song of 

SETl" with Dr. H. Paul Shuch (aka Dr. SETI) 

7:30 p.m. G-11, Heim Bldg. Free. 

October 15 

Lecture. John R. Biggar "66. Executive Vice 

President and CFG, PPL Corporation, James 

W. Harding Executive Speaker Series. 

7:00 p.m. G-1 1. Heim Bldg. Free. 

November 14 

The Lycoming College Chamber Choir, 

directed by Fred Thayer. 8:00 p.m. Clarke 


November 18-23 

The Theatre Department presents Wait Until 

Dark by Frederick Knott. Director: David 

Murray Jaffe. The Mary L. Welch Theatre. 

College Box Office: 570-321-4048. 

October 17-19 


October 25 

Admissions Open House. Call 570-321-4026. 

November 20 

The Music of Brahmns, Concerts at Noon 
Series. Clarke Chapel Free. 

October 27 

"One History or Two?: Black and White 

Women in American History,'" lecture by 

Anne Firor Scott. 7:30 p.m., Barclay Lecture 

Hall (G-11), Heim Bldg. Free. 

November 22 

Concert Band: "By Popular Request". 

8:00 p.m. Clarke Chapel. Free. 

October 28 

Fall Symposium "SPACE" "Onward to the 
Red Planet - a Virtual Trip to Mars" 
7:30 p.m. G-11, Heim Bldg. Free. 

December 6 

Dedication of Lycoming Habitat House. 
1 1 :00a.m. 

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Calendar of events is