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S. R. WiNANS, Jr. 



Sidney Elizabeth LvoN.Of'jEFFERSONviLLE, Ind. 


Louise Lyon Johnson, of Minneapolis, Minn. 

A. B. Lyons, M. D., of Detroit, Mich. 


Press or William Graham Printing Co. 







Two Copies Received 

SEP 16 1907 

CoDynght tntry 

cuss 4 ' XXc, No. 
OCPr A. 

Copyright 1907 
By Sidney Elizabeth Lyon, jEFFERSONViLLt, Ind 


Publisher's Note 

Three years ago the first prospectus appeared of a "Lyon Memorial." 
The object sought by its editors was a modest one. They proposed only 
to place on record the available historical data relating to the several 
Lyon families that settled in New England in the early colonial 
days. It was expected that the material thus "readily accessible" 
would fill a volume of about 500 pages. It was soon found, however, 
that a single volume would not contain the records already in hand. 
The complete Memorial fills three such volumes. One, relating to 
the Massachusetts families, has already been given to the public. 
This includes the descendants of William Lyon of Roxbury, about 
3,000 names, Peter Lyon of Dorchester, about 400 names and George 
Lyon of Dorchester, 135 names. 

The present volume deals with three closely related families, 
whose progenitors, Thomas, Henry and Richard, appeared almost 
simultaneously in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The editor of this 
volume accepts as historical facts certain family traditions for which 
documentary evidence has not yet been found. For this she assumes 
individual responsibility. "Whether or not these three brothers came 
to America directly from Scotland, is not "a vital question. There 
can be no doubt that they, as well as the Lyons who settled in 
Massachusetts had a common ancestry with the Scotch noble Lyon 
family — now Bowes-Lyon. The volume will perhaps prove the most 
interesting reading of the series, and is of especial importance in 
that it deals in a thorough and painstaking way with an historical 
subject presenting unusual difficulties, owing to the destruction during 
the Revolutionary War of many important records. It comprises the 
full family histories only of Henry Lyon of Milford, Fairfield and 
Newark, and Richard Lyon of Fairfield. 


The third volume of the series is devoted wholly to the family 
history of Thomas Lyon of Stamford, Fairfield and Rye. This history 
is unusually full, and is largely the work of Robert B. Miller, a 
descendant of Thomas Lyon, and an accomplished and accurate 

The writer of this note, who, in the midst of a life of strenuous 
and multifarious activities, has brought to a conclusion his self 
imposed task commends the completed Memorial to his numerous 
American kinsfolk in the trust that his gratuitous labor may find its 
adequate reward in the kindly welcome it shall receive. 


Detroit, February 1st, 1907. 


To the descendants of Henry, Thomas and Richard Lyon, notwith- 
standing its imperfections, the second volume of the Lyon Memorial will 
be "a good book which is opened with expectation and closed with 
profit." Nevertheless they should determine among themselves to 
gather materials for a more satisfactory history of the Scotch branch 
of the Lyon family of America. In the States that were the old 
Colonies, in Scotland and in England, there are public records and 
private papers awaiting whoever will interest himself or herself so 
far as to seek these data in person or employ experienced genealogists 
to do the necessary work for them. 

Another thing. Doubt should not reject in toto the vague stories 
of forefather lore. Life was more serious than death to our 
Covenanter and Puritan sires. They were not given to vain-glorious 
statements. Whatsoever is attributed to one of them is worthy of 
investigation. Oraf cestimony, after two centuries of reminiscential 
mention, has lost accuracy. Still there is a likelihood of discovering 
documental foundations for many of these handed-down recollections. 
Errors may have been grafted on the vine of any tradition, but it 
sprang from the root of truth. What Moses related to Joshua, what 
Joshua transmitted through the Elders and the Prophets is Holy writ. 

"Some Old World Lyons" and "Some New World Lyons" give the 
history of the Lyon family as far as it could be gathered from acces- 
sible records and as far as it has been narrated incidentally by the 
historians. An amplification of a series of events is history as it is 
written and understood. Bare facts with appurtenant dates do not 
appeal to the human mind. Out of countless fragments the imagina- 
tion must reconstruct and visualize the past. This has been attempted 
by the author of the two sketches herein referred to. The "Lyons 
Farms" sketch and map, contributed by Professor S. R. Winans of 


Princeton, N. J., will add greatly to the historical value of the present 
volume of the Lyon Memorial. 

An especial acknowledgement is due Mr. C. C. Gardner, genealogist, 
of Newark, N. J., and to Mrs. Mary Lyon Hoe and Miss Amelia Lyon 
Hoe of New York City, for procuring copies of many of the colonial 
records in the archives at Trenton. Mr. Gardner, too, loaned private 
papers, and his acute judgment settled several points that were in 
dispute. Mr. W. E. Harrison of Fort Madison, Iowa, generously con- 
tributed all the Lyon data that he obtained at home and abroad, while 
collecting official records for a Harrison Family History. Mr. John 
Charles Lyon of East Orange, N. J., and Mrs. Nora Harris Badgley of 
New York City were indispensible co-workers, who made extracts from 
the Colonial history "authorities" in the Newark Library and in the 
Lenox Library and the Astor Library of New York City. And thanks 
are due to Mr. M. M. Crane of Elizabeth, N. J., for early Elizabeth- 
town records, to Mr. C. S. Taylor of Cincinnati for pioneer records; 
to Miss Anna J. Cleveland of Minneapolis for foreign research and 
early Elizabethtown records; to Mr. J. P. Crayon, genealogist, of 
Rockaway, N. J., for early Morristown records; to Miss Hannah Lyon 
Wilbur of Newport, who placed the Rhode Island Lyon families among 
the descendants of Henry Lyon, the emigrant of Fairfield and Newark, 
and to Mrs. Laura Butler Taylor of Louisville, Ky., for her intelligent 
and faithful services. 


The Octagon, 1906. 
Jeffersonville, Indiana. 


If faith is the evidence of things not seen, history is the evidence 
of things half linown. The contemporary chronicler depended on 
hearsay particulars and individual impressions for the consecutive 
incidents in the romance of quaint narration. He recounted the pomp 
and triumph of his liege as a bard sang of the prowess of his own 
Lord, as a Provincal poet sang of the beauty of his own lady. But 
he was on his own ground and familiar with current matters. The 
historian takes the say-so of his predecessors in compiling remote 
events, gleaning from every accessible source, however, making 
deductions here and trusting to psychological instinct there, seeking 
for the spirit as well as the letter of the times. The public records, 
with their contradictory dates can be partially trusted, though one 
remembers how Dugdale of the Baronage declared in 1675, referring 
to the Roll of Battle Abbey — "There are great errors or rather falsities 
in most of these copies — such hath been the subtile of some monks 
of old." 

The history of a family, especially of the Lyon family, as it goea 
from the chapter of one century to the chapter of the next, in its 
mysterious reality, has the fascination of fiction. Heredity gives every 
human a certain sense of remoteness, which is soul retrospection. We, 
ourselves, have been a part of all this tragedy and death. 

Godfrey Louvein or Lowen, Duke of Brabant, was doubtless the 
head of the Leonne family of Leon, or Lyons in Normandy. His 
daughter, Adelecia, the Fair Maid of Brabant, after the young Prince 
William was lost in the wreck of the "Blanche Nef" 1120, was married 
to the widowed Henry I. in the hope of another direct heir to the 
English Crown. This alliance gave rise to the use of the lion in the 
royal arms. The Castle of Lyons near Rouen was a residence which 
the Anglo-Norman monarch took much delight in. It was his death- 
place, too. After a hard day's hunting in the Forest of Lyons, the King 
ate heartily of his favorite dish, stewed lampreys, and died of "surfeit" 
seven days later. At the time of the expedition against Harold, the 
Saxon King of England, 1066, one of the Leonne, an adventurous 
personage, with his followers, joined the banners of Duke William of 
Normandy. This de Leonne, the progenitor of the Lyon family of 
England and Scotland, held a considerable command in the invading 


army. Perhaps he espoused the cause through Galtic sentiment, or 
through Fitz Osborn's coercive example or through a liking for 
fighting as a diurnal occupation, or for what he expected to get out 
of it. An eye to the main chance through an aboriginal understanding 
of meum et tuum, was eleventh century common sense, and to take 
your chances was eleventh century philosphy. 

The foreign project was not a popular measure with Duke 
William's people, as it would cost blood and money. But the chivalry 
of France, picturesque gentlemen, armed cap-a-pie in close-fitting ring 
armor and nasal conical helmets, with a gonfalon streaming from their 
lances, who made war a diversion, accommodatingly accepted the story 
that Harold had been sent by Edward the Confessor to give the 
Crown to his verbally appointed heir. By the same right that Robert 
le Diahle's son was heir to the throne of the Saxon Usurper, they, his 
knights, were heirs to splendid preferment and splendid spoils, if they 
risked their lives to get them. Morally justified, they were going 
to their rightful heritage, these mail-clad warriors of William, sur- 
named the Bastordes, the best soldier and the best politician of the 
Middle Ages. Edward, the Saint, had loved the home of his childhood, 
the learned and pious prelates and monks of its churches and monas- 
teries, and its shrewd and daring Knighthood. It was theirs by royal 
gift. All the crown lands, the vast estates of Harold and his brothers, 
the folkland, every rod of England, except the sacred property of the 
Ecclesiastical corporations, would pass to the new king, to be granted 
away to those who served him best. 

The Leonne of the armament, who followed the blood-red flag 
of the Mora from St. Valleri to Pevensly; who sang the war song of 
Rollo at Hastings and did much battle, realized his opulent anticipa- 
tions, for he remained in England, and brought over to patrimonial 
expectation his son, Sir Roger de Leonne, born in France 1040, 

Sir Roger de Leonne furthered the fortunes of the family in an 
adopted country. War was a profitable pastime, and to go to the 
rescue of King Edgar, the son of Malcolm Canmore, a righteous piece 
of errantry. So he donned his harness and rode with Atheling into 
Scotland to depose Donald Bain. For this good and faithful service, 
in 1091 he obtained from King Edgar certain lands in Perthshire, to 
which he gave the name of Glen Lyon — the Glen Lyon of today, extend- 
ing from Fortingal about twenty-four miles, a vast cul-de-sac, flanked 
by steep lofty mountains traversed from end to end by the river Lyon, 



rushing down in torrents and cataracts from Loch Lyon. It is a 
strong defensible pass like Killikrankie, Glenlochy and Glenogle. 

The Romans built a camp at its entrance, such a station as com- 
manded the passes of the Grampians throughout Perthshire. It was 
a stronghold of the aboriginal tribe of Venricones, who possessed 
territory between the Tay on the South and the Carron on the North, 
comprising Gowrie, Strathmore, Stromont and Strathardle in Perth- 
shire, the whole of Angus and the larger part of Kincardineshire, with 
their chief town at Orrea on the Tay. 

Sir Roger de Leonne stood by his Scottish possessions, and retained 
the friendship of the Scottish Monarch, for he was witness in a 
charter of King Edgar to the monastery of Dumfermline, dated 1105. 
His son, Sir Paganus de Leonne or Leonibus, was born in England 
about 1080. For his soul's health, and the highest christian duty, this 
Norman Englishman accompanied Geoffrey Plantagenet, Duke of 
Anjou to the Holy Land. On his return from the Crusade, he settled in 
England, where he did some fighting for Henry I. in the family difficulty 
with Duke Robert of Normandy, and in the campaign against the 
Welsh. He claimed lineage from the ancient Kings of Leone as 23rd 
in descent from King Ataulphus, the Visgoth, successor of Alaric, who 
took and sacked Rome in 409 — Ataulphus, who married Placida, sister 
of Honorius, Emperor of the East, the son of the great Theodorius. 

His son, Hugo de Leonibus, born about 1120, was seized of lands 
In the county of Norfolk, England, in the time of Henry II., and he 
was defendant m a plea of lands in the time of Richard Coeur de 
Lion, 1149. 

Ernald de Leonibus, born in Norfolk, about 1150, son of Hugo 
de Leonibus, claimed against Robert Briston, William de Grancut and 
Walter de Grancut, one third part in certain lands in Kettleston in the 
county of Norfolk in the time of King John I. 1199. When the con- 
queror stumbled headlong upon Sussex soil, grasping the sand he 
gathered as he fell, he exclaimed, with prophetic joy, "See Seigneurs! 
by the splendor of God I have seized England in my two hands." The 
same land greed was a passion with his knights, and it besets their 
descendants even to this day. 

The heir of Ernald de Leonibus, was John de Leonibus, alias 
Lyon, born about 1175, the first instance of our name being ortho- 
graphically simplified as it has come down to us. He had two sons, 
Pagan de Leonibus, alias Leon, born in Norfolk about 1200, and Walter 
de Leonibus, born about 1205. Walter de Leonibus had two sons, — 


Sir Henry Lyon and William de Lyon; both died without issue. Pagan 
de Leonibus, of Norfolk, England, married Ivette de Ferres, daughter 
and heiress of William de Ferres of Cambridge. His two sons were 
Sir John de Lyouns, Knight, born in Norfolk about 1225, and Thomas 
Lyouns, who was of Woodward in Essex in the time of Edward I. 

Sir John de Lyouns, first son of Pagan de Leonibus, was sum- 
moned to perform military service against the Scots 1294, when 
Edward subdued Scotland and imprisoned King John Baliol. He 
married Marjory, daughter and co-heir of Simon de Ackle of Ackle in 
the county of Northampton, and died 1316 in the reign of Edward II. 
Some of his descendants received the estate of Simon de Ackle, 
for in 1638 from Northamptonshire came John Lyne and Henry Lyne, 
his son, to America, and they were among the founders of New Haven. 

The sons of Sir John de Lyouns were John de Lyon, Feudal Baron 
of Forteviot, born in Norfolk, England about 1250, and Sir Adam Lyon, 
Knight, born about 1255, and died without issue. 

Perthshire was included in the kingdom of the Southern Picts. 
Their capital was removed to Forteviot from Abernathy. Later, when 
Forteviot was burnt by the Northmen, the chief royal residence was 
at Scone. Perth was the third seat of Government, but was abandoned 
in the reign of James II. in favor of Edinburgh. 

John de Lyon, Feudal Baron of Forteviot, first son of Sir John 
de Lyons of Norfolk, England, had three sons*: 1. Sir Adam Lyon, 
Knight, born in Norfolk about 1285, who had two sons, Sir John Lyon, 
Knight, born about 1320, and Adam de Lyon, born about 1325. 2. 
Richard Lyon, born in Norfolk about 1287, who had three daughters, 
co-heirs, Isabella, born 1336, Cecilia born 1338 and Christina born 
1345. 3. Sir John de Lyon, Knight, born in Norfolk, England, about 
1290, who had a son. Sir John Lyon, who became the head of the Lyon 
family of Scotland. 

The district of Glen Lyon in Perthshire had been in the possession 
of the Lyon family since 1091. 

Malcolm Canmore, in being educated at the Court of Edward, the 
Confessor, was strongly pro-Norman, and his son King Edgar I. owed 
his throne to such valiant men as Sir Roger de Leonne. In the days 
of David I. other Anglo-Normans and Flemings settled in Scotland. 
David had been trained in the Court of his brother-in-law, Henry I. 
"that he might be polished from the rust of Scottish barbarity." He 

•See Welles "American Family Antiquity." 


married Maude, daughter of Walthe, Earl of Northumberland, by- 
Judith, niece of William the Conqueror. When he came to his throne 
1124, he was followed by a thousand Anglo-Normans and Flemings, 
upon whom he bestowed favors and lands, and most of the illustrious 
families of Scotland have their origin from the French Englishmen 
favorites of Edgar I. and David I., descendants of the Norman Knights 
who came to England at the time of the Conquest. The life appealed 
to a mediaeval imagination, where every district was an independent 
state, with its own system of government, a sort of hereditary dukedom, 
allowed by the consent of each community, or clan, in the person of 
their chief. It was a stirring dramatic existence. Year in and year 
out predatory warfare and clan warfare were matters of gain and 
matters of strife. The strange garb of the Highland people, their 
weapons, their wild music, the power of the headship, and the fealty 
of the clansmen was a fascinating ensemble. Every clan had its 
place of rendezvous, and every clansman answered in person the 
summons of his chief. The "tarie," the fiery cross, two pieces of wood, 
one end of the horizontal burnt^ and a bit of white cloth stained with 
blood, tied to the other, was given to two runners who sped in opposite 
directions, to deliver the "tarie" in turn to fresh runners. In 1215 
the bearers of the fiery cross went round Loch Tay, a distance of 
thirty-five miles, and that same evening, five hundred men assembled 
under command of the Laird of Glen Lyon, to join the Earl of Mar. 

The Lyons of Glen Lyon remained in high favor with the Scotch 
Court, for in 1372, a hundred and eighty years after the advent of 
Sir Roger de Leonne in Scotland, one of his descendants, John Lyon, 
a grandson of John de Lyon, Feudal Baron of Forteviot, was son-in- 
law and Secretary of King Robert II, the first Stewart, and the 
founder of that dynasty. "He was a young man of very good parts 
and qualities, a very graceful and comely person, and a great favorite 
with the King." Lyon King-at-Arms, who was a conspicuous figure 
at the coronation, 1371, must have been this John Lyon, pattern of 
superior excellences. When this dignity was constituted is lost from 
Court Annals. That the heraldic office was instituted as a preferment 
for a favorite courtier is more probable than that it took its name Lyon 
rex armorum, from the lion on the royal shield. The Princess Jean, 
youngest daughter of Robert II. fell in love with the handsome, suc- 
cessful John Lyon, and in 1379, he received her hand in marriage. 

After the death of her first husband, she consoled herself with a 
second husband. Sir James Sunderlands of Calder. She was a daughter 


by the first wife of Robert High Stewart of Scotland, Elizabeth 
daughter of Sir Adam More of Powallen. A question as to the legiti- 
macy of this lady, made a public declaration necessary at the accession 
of Robert II. and the crown was settled on John, Earl of Garrick. Two 
years later a more explicit settlement was made on the King's sons 
by Elizabeth More, — John, Earl of Garrick, Robert, Earl of Fife, and 
Alexander, Lord Badenoch; falling them, on the sons of the second 
wife, Euphemie Ross, — David, Earl of Strathearn, and Walter, his 

John Lyon, by his marriage with the lady Jean Stewart, was 
brought into the reigning family. Wise in world-craft, he had nicely 
dominated the King whom Froissart represents as "not valiant, with 
red, bleared eyes, who would rather lie still than ride," for by a 
charter dated March 13th, 1372, he received the lands and Thanedom 
of Glamis, a charter which says: "pro laudabili et fideli servitio con- 
tinuis laborius." 

The title of Thane of Glamis is an old one. Malcolm II. (1005- 
1034) had two daughters. One of them married Crymin, Lord of the 
Isles and of Western Scotland, and was the mother of King Duncan, 
the successor of her royal father. The second daughter married Sinel, 
Thane of Glamis, and was the mother of Macbeth, also the mother-in- 
law of that psychological mystery. Lady Macbeth. Glamis Castle, until 
it passed to John Lyon (on his marriage to the Princess Jean) had 
been a royal residence for a line of Kings that date back to Kenneth I. 
850, A. D. 

This hoary pile, historically famous, stands in the fertile vale 
of Strathmore, in Forfarshire, not far from Dundee, with the Sedlaw 
Hills to the South, and the lofty Grampians to the North. The glamour 
of feudal times is all round about it, from its base to the summit of 
its towers that rise a hundred and fifteen feet above the ground, and 
the great dead dwell there in invisible life through the remembrance 
of their deeds. It is claimed that the huge blocks of red sandstone 
of the earliest portion of the structure have been standing since 1016, 
the eleventh year of the reign of Malcolm II., father-in-law of Sinel, 
Thane of Glamis. Patrick Lyon, first earl of Strathmore* and third of 
Kinghorn, made extensive restoration and improvement about 1605. 

Sir Walter Scott lamented over the disappearance of the walled 
eourt yards, and the moat, the defensive boundaries of the huge old 

♦Glamis Castle, a residence of the present Earl of Strathmore and 


Tower of Glamis, when he revisited the Castle after the devastation 
of a ruthless, capricious architect. Within the storied walls King 
Duncan was done to death by his ambitious cousin-german, Macbeth. 
It was the death-place of Malcolm II. from the wounds treacherously 
given by Kenneth V. an event of blood made authentic by the early 
chroniclers. The Commonwealth soldiers prayed long prayers and 
sang loud psalms in that house of murder, and the Pretender pined 
and plotted there for a brief season. 

Gossip has spread a tale of a mysterious grisly something, a secret 
not a substance, that is master of the Earl. When his eldest son 
becomes of age, this ghost of a wrong that must be righted is disclosed 
to still another Lyon, and the thing dogs him till the hour of his 
death, making him of the past and guilty of a crime that calls for 
reparation. This gives a White-Lady-Banshee sort of mystery to the 
awesome old castle. 

Besides the lands and Thanedom of Glamis, the King bestowed 
upon his son-in-law, John Lyon, the Loch of Forfar, and the land of 
Kinghorn, and through his marriage came the right to carry the double 
tressure fleuried and counter-fleuried in the bearing of the family*. He 
rose to be High Lord Chamberlain of Scotland and Ambassador to 
England. This increasing power excited the envy of Sir James Lind- 
Bay, and he fell in a duel provoked by this Judas friend at the Moor of 
Balhall in 1383. He and his royal consort were interred at Scone, the 
coronation place of the Kings of Scotland, destroyed during the 
Reformation. There still exists an indenture, dated 1433, between his 
son, John Lyon, Knight of Glamys, and the Abbot of Scone, confirming 
a grant of forty shillings annually made by his late father for masses 
for the repose of the souls of Sir John Lyon and Lady Jean, his 

Sir John Lyon, Knight of Glamys, who fifty years after the death 
of his father still continued the pious custom of paying for masses 
for the souls of his illustrious parents, married the Lady Elizabeth 
Graham, daughter of Patrick, Earl of Strathern, by Euphemia, Countess 
Palatine of Strathern, a granddaughter of Robert II. His young man- 
hood was spent in tumultuous times. Disorders were rife in the 
Highlands, and the feuds of the clans were augmented by Alexander 

*Arms. Arg. A lion rampant az. armed and langoied, with double 
tressure — flowered and counter-flowered gu. Crest. A lady holding in 
her right hand the Royal Thistle enclosed in a circle of laurel (an allusion 
to the alliance with the daughter of the King.) Motto. In te Domlne 


Badenoch, the fourth son of Robert II., whom his indolent father had 
constituted Lieutenant Governor, from the limits of Moray to Pentland 
Frith. The Wolf of Badenoch was the uncle of Sir John Lyon, Knight 
Lord of Glamys. He seized the lands of Alexander Bard, Bishop of 
Moray, and was excommunicated for this outrage. 

In a frenzy of vengeance, he descended from the heights and burnt 
Forres, May, 1390, with the church and the Manse of the Archdeacons, 
and in June of the same year he burnt Elgin, the church of St. Giles, 
the hospital of Maison Dieu, the Cathedral, a splendid ecclesiastical 
pile, and the houses of the canons and chaplains in the College of Elgin, 
plundered the churches and carried off the sacred utensils and 
vestments. For this sacrilege against a See of Rome, the Lord of 
Badenoch was compelled to make full reparation, and was then absolved 
by Walter Trail, Bishop of St. Andrews, in the church of the Black 
Friars in Perth, in the presence of his brother. King Robert III. and 
the nobility of Scotland. 

Sir John Lyon, Knight of Glamys, was succeeded by his son, Sir 
Patrick Lyon.* He, too, saw turmoil and tragedy. On March 28th, 
1424, he was delivered up to the English as one of the hostages for the 
ransom of James I. and not released till June, 1427. Doubtless 
he loved the monarch of advanced ideas and elegant accomplishments, 
and the horror of the midnight regicide in the Monastery of the 
Dominicans at Perth came to him as the blackest deed in his country's 
sombre chronicles. But Patrick Lyon had sustaining ambitions, for 
this feudal chief was made a peer of Parliament as Lord Glamis in 
1445, the eighth year of the reign of James II. and was appointed 
Master of the King's household in 1452. He married Isabel, daughter 
of Alexander Ogilvy, and had three sons and a daughter, — Alexander, 
2nd Lord Glamis, John, 3rd Lord, William Lyon, Master of the Lyons 
of Easter Ogil of County Forfar, and Elizabeth, who married Alexander 
Robertson. Patrick Lyon first Lord Glamis, grandson of Sir John 
Lyon and the Princess Jean, died 1459. 

His eldest son, Alexander Lyon, had died without issue, and the 
Barony devolved upon the second son, John Lyon, 3rd Lord Glamis, 
who was Privy Councillor to James IV, and Justice General of Scotland. 
He married Elizabeth daughter of Sir John Scrimguor of Dunlope, 
Constable of Dundee, and died 1494, and was succeeded by his son 
John Lyon, fourth Lord Glamis, who was succeeded twelve years later 
by his eldest son by Emily, daughter of Lord Gray, George Lyon, fifth 

*Burke's Peerage. 


Lord Glamis. He died unmarried, and the title passed to his bi'other 
John Lyon, sixth Lord Glamis. 

John Lyon, third Lord Glamis, John Lyon, fourth Lord Glamis, 
George Lyon, fifth Lord Glamis; and John Lyon, sixth Lord Glamis, 
lived in the reign of James IV., a reign of twenty-five years. Battle, 
murder and execution are absent from the annals of the Monarch who 
loved chivalrous display, tournaments and martial exercise. A season 
of peace blessed the land that had been harrowed for ages by private 
wars and civil wars. 

The Ceurt was merry, but far from moral. Leniency was for 
one and all. Gifts and favors made loyal subjects, and the chiefs of 
the Highlands shared the largess with the barons. The two raids 
across the border in behalf of the impostor, Perkin Warbeck, were 
mere incidents of Arms, and there was not a real cloud of threatening 
on the political horizon of Scotland till after the marriage of James 
IV. and Margaret Tudor in 1502. The death of Henry VII. changed the 
friendly relations between England and Scotland. 

Henry VIII. did not like the marriage of his young sister, and 
refused to deliver a legacy of jewels left to the Queen by her royal 
father. Mutual privateering and border fray increased the bad feeling, 
and the continental policy of Henry in regard to the struggle in Italy 
between Louis XII. and Pope Julian I. easily provoked a war. James 
renewed his alliance with the King of France 1513. The herald who 
brought the declaration was the Scotch Lord Lyon, another Lyon 
King-at-Arms or Lion-King-at-Arms one of the Perthshire courtiers, or 
an Earl Marschal, keeper of the heraldic beasts of the royal shield. 
The largest army ever raised in Scotland met the English at Flodden 
Field. Among the 12,000 dead in that "no quarter" massacre was the 
King; the nobility was almost decimated, and many families lost all 
their sons. The mortality was terrible in an age when the Temple 
of Janus was always open. Dugdale of the "Baronage" says: "For 
of no less than 270 families touching which this first volume doth 
take notice, there will hardly be found above eight which do to this 
continue, and of those not anj' whose estates — compared with what 
their ancestors enjoyed — are not a little diminished, — nor of that num- 
ber — I mean 270 — above twenty-four who are by any younger male 
branch descended from them, for aught I can discover."- 

Of the gentry of Berkshire he continued, "It is remarkable that 
there is not one family descended in the male line from any of the 
gentry ennumerated in the above list, now left in the country." The 


males of either kingdom were born to be battle-slauglitered. The 
mothers spared the grief of losing all their sons were fevv'. 

John Lyon, sixth Lord Glamis, was not among the slain at Flodden, 
but lived to fight another day. He married Janet Douglas, a woman 
of rare beauty, daughter of George, Master of Angus, and grand- 
daughter of the great Earl of Angus (Bell-the-Cat), and had a son, 
John Lyon, seventh Lord Glamis. In the struggle between Angus 
and Arran in the rising of the Highlands to uphold the claim of 
Macdonald to the Lordship of the Isles, Glamis supported Angus" in 
the hostilities that went on for several years, till it ended in a fight 
in the streets of Edinburgh, where the victorious Angus drove Arran 
out of the town and seized the castle. In 1525 Angus, with Beaton, 
obtained possession of the person of the boy King James V. to govern 
in his name in a regency that lasted till 1528, the year of the death 
of John Lyon, sixth Lord Glamis. 

His widow, the beautiful Janet Douglas, took as her second hus- 
band, Archibald Campbell of Kepneith. Another Campbell fell in 
love with his kinsman's fair wife, and to revenge a repulse, gave in- 
formation to the authorities that she and her husband, her young son 
John Lyon, seventh Lord Glamis, John Lyon a relative, and an old 
priest were conspiring against the life of the King by poison and 
witchcraft. They were tried for high treason and condemned on the 
evidence of a perjurer, and sentenced to be burned at the stake. 
Campbell attempted to escape, but was dashed to pieces on the rocks 
below the window of his prison. But Lady Glamas died publicly by 
fire on the Castle Hill of Edinburgh, July 12th, 1537. Owing to his 
tender years, John Lyon, seventh Lord Glamis, was spared the horrible 
fate of his unfortunate mother, notwithstanding he had been convicted 
of treason, July 10th, 1537, of being "art and part of concealing and 
not revealing of the conspiring and imagination in the destruction of 
King James V. by poison, imagined and conspired by Janet, Lady 
Glamis, his mother, to which he consented and was art and part with 
her." He was returned to prison, and the sentence suspended till he 
should come of age. 

The accuser of Glamis and his mother, on his death-bed, a prey 
to remorse (some authorities say "one Lyon") avowed his crime of 
swearing away the life of Lady and her son. The young 
Lord Glamis was given his freedom, and being a minor was placed 
under the care of his uncle Alexander Lyon. His estates were for- 
feited to the Crown by an act of Parliament, December 3rd, 1540. In 


January, 1542-3, he instituted a summons of redemption of forfeiture 
and was rescinded. The following March he was restored to his 
estates and honors by Parliament. He came into favor after the heart 
of James V. was broken by the treacherous desertion of the nobles. 

During the regency of Arran and Mary of Guise, when the "orphan 
lass," Mary Stuart, was Queen of Scotland, he had charters for various 
lands in Aberdeenshire in 1543-4, and of the Barony of Kinghorne for- 
feited by James Kirkaldy of Grange 1548. His death occurred in 1558, 
twenty-one years after the terrible death of his innocent mother. 

John Lyon, seventh Lord Glamis, married Janet Keith, sister of 
William, fourth Earl of Marishal, and had two sons, John Lyon, 
eighth Lord Glamis, and Hon. Sir Thomas Lyon, known to fame as the 
Master of Glamis. 

Before the death of the seventh Lord Glamis, the Reformation had 
been gradually spreading in Scotland, but he may have held aloof 
from the religious movement that was paramount during the life of 
his sons. In 1548 Mary Stuart as the betrothed of the Dauphin, had 
been sent to the Court of France to be brovight up with the children 
of Henry H. and Catherine ae Medici. The Queen Dowager, Mary of 
Guise, a master of tact and craft, had gained the nobles by her gracious 
promises, and the people by tolerating the Reformation so ' far that 
only one disagreeable incident had occurred, the execution of "a simple 
but over zealous man for the new doctrine." After the death of 
Edward VI. 1553, the Scottish adherents of the Reformation who had 
taken refuge in England had to go abroad or return home to escape 
the persecution of Mary Tudor. The powerful preachers, Harlow and 
Whitlock and Knox organized the church in Scotland and the ministers 
of the Congregation were planted. Knox received Edinburgh for his 
charge," and Perth and Sterling were committed to the Congregation. 
A bond drawn up in 1557 by Argyle, Morton, Lome and Erskine "to 
defend the whole Congregation of Christ and every member thereof 

against Satan and all wicked powers," was the first Covenant. 

When the Regent, Mary of Guise, deserted by the Scottish nobility, 
came to die, to conform had become general. The Parliament of that 
year (1560), the great Reformation Parliament, was attended by the 
nobles, bishops, lesser barons, landed gentry, and representatives. On 
August 10th the Confession of Faith was sanctioned by the estates, 
and on August 24th an act was passed prohibiting the rites by the 
church of Rome. Athole, Summerville, Caithness and Bothwell alone 
of all the nobles voted against the Confession, and the power of the 


State was in the hands of the party of the Reformation. If but four 
of the nobles voted against the Confession, then the sons of John 
Lyon, seventh Lord Glamis, John Lyon, eighth Lord Glamis, and the 
Thomas Lyon, Master of Glamis, must have stood in line with the 
times through an evolution of opinion, and accepted the new order of 
things in active approbation. 

The wheel of history was making some dizzy revolutions in 
Scotland, carrying the Lyon family onward in a rush of peculiar 
events. The widow. Queen Mary, had come home from France to a 
career of capers and intrigues, of conspiracies and crimes, and the 
thunder-bolts of John Knox could not frighten her back from destruc- 
tion. Her ill-advised marriage with her cousin, Lord Darnley, the 
birth of her son, the heir to the throne, the murder of David Rizzio, 
the retaliatory murder of Darnley, and the suspicion of the Queen's 
consent to the death of her husband, Bothwell's indecent wooing when 
the royal dead was just buried. Queen Mary's mad marriage with 
the Black Earl, the rebellion of her outraged subjects, the surrender 
at Carbary Hill, and the escape from Lochleven Castle were the 
extraordinary happenings of seven years of Scottish history. 

The Lyons drew near together while their giddy sovereign achieved 
ner own ruin, distrustful of the spinster daughter of Henry VIII. 
and remembering the few that came home from Flodden Field, put 
their own house in order with a prayer that one might be spared. In 
a charter dated April 23rd, 1567, John Lyon, eighth Lord Glamis, made 
an entail of his estates of Glamis, Towndyce and Baky in Forfarshire, 
Cullan, Buttergask, Langforyard and Irchture in Perthshire, Bethelvic, 
Ardendracht, Collistown, Coustertown and Drumgowan in Aberdeen- 
shire, on himself and the male heirs of his body, Thomas Lyon, his 
brother, John Lyon of Haltown of Esse, James Lyon of Easter Ogill, 
John Lyon of Culwalogy, and the heirs of their bodies, respectively, 
which failing, to his own nearest heirs male whatsoever bearing the 
name and Arms of Lyon. This charter gives the headship of five 
prominent branches of the Lyon family of Scotland in 1567, John Lyon, 
eighth Lord Glamis; Thomas Lyon, Master of Glamis; John Lyon of 
Haltown of Esse; James Lyon of Easter Ogill, and John Lyon of Cul- 
walogy, all lineal descendants of the Feudal Baron John de Lyon of 

The eighth Lord Glamis had a charter of the Barony of Balky to 
himself and his wife, Elizabeth Abernathy, daughter of Lord Salton, 
dated 2nd July, 1569, the sixth month of Moray's Regency. During 
the Regencies of Lenox, Mar, and Morton, he rose to prominence. He 


was sworn a Privy Councillor and constituted an Extraordinary Lord 
of the session, 30tli September, 1570, held it till 24th October, 1573, and 
in 1575 was promoted to the office of High Chancellor of Scotland. In 
the meantime, Moray and Lenox had died by violence, and Mar by 
foul play. The death of John Knox, and the Massacre of St. Bartholo- 
mew had been simultaneous events. 

In March, 1578, John Lyon, Lord of Glamis, was deputed to signify 
to the Earl of Morton, Regent of Scotland, that the King had now 
resolved to take the administration of the national affairs in his own 
hands. The 27th day of the same month the eighth Lord Glamis was 
killed at Sterling in an accidental encounter between his own followers 
and those of the Earl of Crawford. He was counted one of the ablest 
men of his own party, and Douglas took pride in mentioning that 
John Lyon had a correspondence with Beza, the French reformer 
and Calvanistic theologian, on the subject of church polity and the 
doctrines of the Prophet of Geneva. 

He had one son, Patrick Lyon, ninth Lord Glamis and two 
daughters, the Hon. Jean Lyon, who married; 1st Robert Douglas, 
the younger of Lochleven; 2nd 1586 Archibald, eighth Lord of Angus, 
and 3rd Alexander, Lord Spynie, and the Hon. Elizabeth Lyon who 
married Patrick, seventh Earl Gray. 

The Hon, Thomas Lyon, designated Master of Glamis as presump- 
tive heir to the title, increased his estates in the short tenure of the 
death-shadowed Regents, Lenox, Mar, and Morton. He had charters 
to "Thomas Lyon, brother of John, Lord Glamis" of Seragesfield, 18th 
September, 1571; of the Dominical lands of Balumbu. also the lands 
of Gogar, and Grugar in the counties of Edinburgh and Air, to "Thomas 
Lyon of Balkouky, Master of Glamis and Agnes Gray, Lady Home, 
his wife, 20th June, 1579, of the Barony of Melgownd," etc., in Forfar- 
shire, to them 6th May, 1586. 

Morton, in 1581, was accused in the Council of Holyrood for com- 
plicity in the murder of Darnley. He was tried and on his own 
confession that Bothwell had revealed to him the plot to kill the 
Queen's husband, was convicted as an accomplice in the crime. 

The management of the affairs of the realm passed to Lenox and 
Stewart. One had been created a Duke, and the other received the 
Earldom of Arran. These two ambitious personages in 1582 were in a 
plot to associate Mary Stuart with her son in the Government, to 
renew the league with France, and through a breach with England 
to restore the church of Rome. Bribes won even many of the nobility 


to this hazardous scheme The Presbyterian ministers were not 
approachable, and an illegal banishment of the clergy was expedient. 
A proclamation for an Extraordinary Chamberlain Air — an itinerant 
Court of Justice — to be held at Lenox, precipitated the Raid of Ruthvan. 
where the Master of Glamis was one of the principal agents in the 
seizure of the person of the King. James was on a visit to the Earl 
of Cowrie at the Castle of Hunting Tower near Perth. During the 
absence of Lenox and Arran, the Master of Glamis, with some others, 
surrounded the Castle with armed men, and with Gowrie made James 
VI. a prisoner. The King, trusting none and fearing all, started 
toward the door in an impulse of flight, but the Master of Glamis 
stayed his going. The apprehensive James in his alarmed agitation 
burst into tears, exclaiming "No matter, better children weep than 
armed men," and surrendered to these new enforced guardians. Arran, 
on his return to Perth, was cast into prison by this other band of 
conspirators, and Lenox took refuge in Dumbarton Castle, and soon 
fled to France. 

The tutelage of the Protestant nobles was disagreeable and irri- 
tating to the royal youth, and at length he escaped from Falkland to 
St. Andrews. The Raid of Ruthvan was declared high treason. The 
Earl of Gowrie was taken and executed for his political crime. But 
the Master of Glamis fled to England to review the situation and re- 
adjust his plans. In May of the same year, Thomas Lyon returned to 
Scotland, and with the Earls of Angus and Mar, seized Sterling Castle 
and assumed the Government. But they were presently obliged to fly 
across the border. The following year the Master of Glamis and the 
other banished nobles came north, bringing a great force with them. 
They invaded the Palace and compelled Stewart, Earl of Arran, to quit 
the royal presence. This high-handed disloyalty was graciously for- 
given, and they were restored to favor. Thomas Lyon received the 
prodigal's ring and embrace in being appointed Captain of the King's 
Guards in the place of Arran, and was made high treasurer of Scotland. 
He was also constituted an extraordinary Lord of the Session, held the 
position for six years, then was re-appointed and sat till May 28th, 

The nobility and landed gentry were spoilsmen and quick 
to take advantage of the King's privilege to grant feus of church 
lands annexed to the Crown. The Master of Glamis, the prime mover 
In the Raid of Ruthvan, must have rated his second treason of the 
seizure of Sterling Castle and the person of James VI. as a service 


rendered to his sovereign. By force of argument of a Calvanistic turn, 
he may have appeased the sombre yet fickle conscience of an unfilial 
son in the days of fretful remorse or religious excitement after Mary 
Stuart expiated her follies on the block at Fortheringay. James had 
needs to lean upon a character of tremendous strength, and nothing 
daunted Thomas Lyon. Tomorrow was seen through a veil of sickening 
uneasiness. It might be his turn next. Out from the dank crypt of 
history came a grisly procession of Scottish Kings to point to their 
wounds and remind him that the divinity that hedged him 'round 
would not save him from the swords of the lawless Barons. The 
headless ghost of his crown-robbed mother lurked behind the hangings 
of his chamber. He did not remember her fair face, and he had been 
told that she was a baggage who had sinned many sins. But he had 
sided against the woman who bore him, for a woman who delivered 
her royal person to the heads-man. 

An axe-blow could sever the stem of his own neck, if his terrible 
cousin in the ruff and farthingale had him within her borders. And 
while the miserable young Monarch, haunted by horrors that had 
come to pass, and horrors that were yet to be, fretted over the Govern- 
ment of a turbulent and fearful people, the few near his person, 
by indulging his humors, reaped much benefit. Thomas Lyon received 
a charter of Tullock and Crawquhy in Forfarshire, August 19th, 1587, 
"to Thomas Lyon of Baldoukie, His Majesty's treasurer. Master of 
Glamis, of Corstown, and of the Barony of Dod in Forfarshire, to 
him and Eufamia Douglas, his wife, November 7th, 1589," adding sub- 
stantially to his estate. 

The King in 1585, "was become a brave prince in bodie and 
ptature, so well exercised in reading that he could perfitlie record all 
things he had either heard or read. Therefore that noble King Frederic 
II. of Denmark, who had then twa daughters, was willing (gif it suld 
please our King) either to give him the choice of thaim, or that he 
would accept the one of thaim as it suld please the father to bestow 
guhilk suld be maist comely, and the best for his princelie content- 
ment." To Danish Anna fell the honor of being the royal bride. After 
a long proxy courtship, a romantic marriage, and a honeymoon spent 
at Upslo, the Danish princess was brought home to Scotland, and her 
coronation took place within the Abbey of Holyrood on the 17th of 
May, 1590. "Twa high places were appointed there, one for the 
King and the other for the Queen. The King's procession, having en- 
tered the Abbey, that of the Queen, preceded by several Danish nobles, 


magnificently dressed, with diamond chains about their necks, then 
came the Scottish nobles and heralds; Lord Lion, King-at-Arms, ushered 
Lord Thirlstone bearing between his two hands the Queen's Crown, then 
follov/ed the Queen herself in royal robes." The company and the cere- 
mony were splendidly imposing as described in a contemporary chron- 
icle. Here, as at the coronation of Robert II., Lion-King-at-Arms was a 
striking feature of an historical pageant. Princely revelry on that May 
Sunday, frightened the Holyrood ghosts back to the shades. On Tuesday 
the Queen, in a gilded coach, the King and the Court, had a street par- 
ade in Edinburgh, and the festivities were prolonged even into the 
month of June. Thomas Lyon, Master of Glamis, was Knighted while 
the coronation rejoicing was in progress. On May 27th, 1590, the Scot- 
tish statesman and soldier knelt before the royal pair and was dubbed 
Sir Knight. He was still among the King's advisers and held the impor- 
tant office of high treasurer of Scotland till 1595. 

After 1571 he had married Agnes Gray, Lady Howe, third daughter 
of the fifth Lord Howe, widow of Sir Robert Logan, and of Alexander, 
fifth Lord Howe; and for a second wife, he married Lady Eufamia 
Douglas. There was another charter granted to him April 6th, 1594, "to 
Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, Knight, and Euphemia Douglas his wife." 
From the return of the banished Lords in 1585, he had remained in 
favor with the King, faithful to the best interests of his sovereign, 
and when death ended his eventful life James \i. of Scotland and I. of 
England said: "The boldest and hardest man of my dominion is 
dead." But two of his children are on record, a daughter, Mary Lyon, 
who married Robert Semphell of Bellars, and a son, John Lyon, who, 
August 6th, 1608, served as heir to his father, Sir Thomas Lyon, 
Knight, in the Barony of Melgund lands of Auldbar, etc., etc. But 
he may have had other sons forgotten by an absentee King and 
omitted in the family annals. John Lyon of Auldbar married a 
daughter of George Gladstone, Archbishop of St. Andrews. He must 
have died before 1617 without issue, or lost favor through some 
political blunder and forfeited his estates, involving all other descend- 
ants of Sir Thomas Lyon, Knight. At any rate, Anne Murray, Countess 
of Kinghorne, and her son, John Lyon, second Earl of King- 
horne, August 8th, 1617, had a charter to the Barony of Auldbar 
in Forfarshire. The lands of Auldbar had been given by Earl Patrick 
to his second son, Hon. James Lyon, who died without issue, and this 
estate reverted to the family. The next Lyon of Auldbar, after a lapse 
of three generations, was John Lyon, Esq., of Brachin in North Britain, 


a great grandson of the famous Master of Glamis, Sir Thomas Lyon. 

Patrick, ninth Lord Glamis, being a minor at the time of the 
death of his father, John Lyon, eighth Lord, in 1578, was placed under 
the tuition of his uncle. Sir Thomas Lyon, who was afterward (1585) 
high treasurer of Scotland. He served as heir in general of his grand- 
father, John Lyon, seventh Lord Glamis, January 29th, 1600. Through 
his rank he received a remission under the great seal, dated 15th of 
September, 1601, of penalty for a transgression of violence to him and 
his five servants, for the slaughter of Patrick Johnstown in Haltown 
of Belhelote, slain on the 6th of September, accidental homicide, 
justifiable homicide and incidental homicide, misfortunate matters 
too common with the nobility and the gentry not to be easily pardoned. 
In 1604, Lord Patrick Lyon was sworn a privy councillor of James VI, 
and chosen by Parliament as one of the Commissioners to treat of 
the Union with England. 

Favors continued to be heaped upon him. He had charters of 
Ardwork in Forfarshire 8th of August, 1605, of Kingseat in Aberdeen- 
shire 17th June, 1606, and by a patent dated 10th July, 1606, was raised 
to the dignity of Earl of Kinghorne, Lord Lyon and Glamis. He and 
his wife, Anne Murray, and their second son, James Lyon, had charter 
of Wester Drynic in Forfarshire, 20th May, 1608, of the Isle of Inch 
Keith and right to the patronage of Kinghorne, 10th June, 1609, of the 
Barony of Farnadic the following year and of the dominical lands of 
Hurley in 1613. His death occurred December 19th, 1615, and he was 
succeeded by his eldest son, John Lyon, second Earl of Kinghorne. He 
had also a daughter, Anne, who married the Earl of Errol, and a 
third son, Hon. Fredrick Lyon, who got from his father the lands of 
Brighton and was the ancestor of the Lyons of Brighton. John Lyon, 
tenth Lord Glamis and second Earl of Kinghorne, was a minor when 
he came into his lands and titles. In 1603, at the succession of King 
James VI., Scotland had become a part of England, the home of the 
elder branch of the Lyon family. 

Sir Adam Lyon, first son of John de Lyon, Feudal Baron of 
Forteviot, the descendant of the Norman de Leonne who fought at 
Hastings with the Conqueror, was of Norfolk, England, at the time 
his brother John de Lyon, married the Princess Jean, daughter of 
Robert High Stewart of Scotland.* Sir Adam Lyon, Knight, had two 
sons, — Sir John Lyon born about 1320, who was Knighted by Edward 

*Welles "American Family Antiquity." 


III. and Adam de Lyon born about 1325. Sir John Lyon, Knight of 
Norfolk, had three sons, — Sir Richard Lyon born about 1350, and Sir 
John Lyon born about 1353, both Knighted by Edward IV. and Henry 
Lyon born about 1355. Henry Lyon of Rystippe, Middlesex, born in 
Norfolk about 1355, great grandson of John de Lyon, Feudal Baron of 
Forteviot, had a son, John Lyon, born at Rystippe about 1380. He was 
with the army of Henry V. that invaded Normandy, and was at Agin- 
court, amid the splendid pageantry of a war that made England heir to 
the Crown of France, and was present at the famous battle. He had a 
son, Henry Lyon, born at Rystippe about 1410, the second of a name 
which became a heritage among the Lyons. Jotm was a favorite pre- 
nomen with the English as well as the Scotch Lyons. Thomas and 
William were also baptismal names repeated from generation to gener- 
ation. The name of Adam came in use in 1225, that of Richard 1350 and 
that of Henry in 1355. Henry Lyon of Rystippe, born about 1410, had 
four sons all born at Rystippe, Henry born about 1440, John born about 
1450, Thomas born about 1455 and William born about 1508, who died 
without issue. Henry Lyon of Rystippe, Middlesex, England (1410), the 
third of the name, had two sons, — 1st John, born about 1470, and 2nd, 
William, born about 1475. 

John Lyon (1450), second son of Henry of Rystippe, had a son, 
John Lyon of Preston, Midulesex County, born 1500, who was the 
founder of the famous English school of Harrow-on-the-Hill, ten miles 
from London. This philanthropic yeoman of Preston yearly set aside 
the sum of twenty marks for the education of the poor children of 
Harrow. The school of Harrow was founded 1571. Queen Elizabeth 
granted the charter. But the statutes were drawn up by the founder 
in 1590. However, the first building was not completed till 1611. A.t 
his death, October 3rd, 1692, he settled two-thirds of his property on 
the school, and left the other third for the maintenance of a high- 
road between Harrow and London. John Lyon and his widow, Jean 
Lyon, who died August 30th, 1608, are buried at Harrow. They had — 
Mary, born at Preston 1540, buried at Harrow December 13th, 1568, 
Jean, born at Preston 1545. buried at Harrow, May 13th, 1559, and 
Zachery, born at Preston 1560, died without issue, and was buried at 
Harrow, May 11th, 1583. It is a pleasing coincidence that Mary Lyon, 
the American Educator, Founder of Mount Holyoke Seminary (now 
College), for the higher education of women, should have borne the 
name of the eldest daughter of John Lyon, founder of the great school 
of Harrow-on-the-Hill. 



Thomas Lyon (1455) of Perefore Middlesex County, third son of 
Henry Lyon of Rystippe, had two sons. The first of these was Sir 
John Lyon, born about 1490, who was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth. 
In 1550 he was made an Alderman of London and High Sheriff and in 
1554 was Lord Mayor. By his wife Alicia he had a son, John Lyon, 
born about 1550 and died without issue 1620. The second son of 
Thomas Lyon (1455), was Henry Lyon of Roxley in Lincolnshire. By 
his wife Dorothy, he had two sons, Richard Lyon of West Twyford, 
Middlesex County, born about 1532, and Henry Lyon of Harrow-on- 
the-Hill, born about 1550, who died October 16th, 1590. Richard Lyon, 
of West Twyford 1532, by his first wife Agnes, had a son Henry Lyon 
of Roxley in Lincolnshire, born about 1655, who married Catherine 
Rithe, and had issue, also issue by his second wife, Mabilla, daughter 
of Adam Dornell of Thornhohn, Lincolnshire. By his second wife, 
Isabella Millet, Richard Lyon of Twyford had three children, John 
Lyon born about 1560, died without issue, Dorothy Lyon, born 1565, 
married Humphrey Hyde of Northeste, Berkshire, had issue, and 
Catherine Lyon, born 1570, married William Gifford of Northeste, 
Middlesex County, and had issue. 

John Lyon of Rystippe, the third, first son of Henry Lyon (1440), 
was born there 1470. He married Emma Hedde, and had four sons, 
Henry Lyon, born 1500, Thomas, born 1503, Richard, born 1505, and 
John, born 1510. It is a singular fact that of the fifteen Lyons who came 
to the American Colonies between 1638-1683, twelve of them bore the 
distinctive family names of these sons of John Lyon of Rystippe, the 
exception being William of Roxbury, and Peter and George Lyon of 
Dorchester. However, William was a name that begun with the William 
Lyon who was born at Rystippe 1640 and continued in favor. 

John Lyon of Little Stanmer, Middlesex County, first son of John 
Lyon of Rystippe, was born at Rystippe 1510. His wife, Jean Lyon, 
died April 5th, 1535, just a hundred years before her great grandson, 
William Lyon of Heston, landed at Boston September 11th, 1635, a lad 
of fourteen, who sailed in the ship "Hopewell," with Capt. Babb. No 
doubt he was under the care of Isaac Heath a fellow passenger, who 
brought his own family with him, drifting on the westward tide of 
Puritan emigration from a King-ridden, clergy-ridden country to the 
Land of Hope. John Lyon of Little Stanmer, and his wife, Jean, had 
three children, William born 1540, Elizabeth born 1545, died 1606, and 
Thomas born 1550. Thomas Lyon (1550), had a son William Lyon, 
born 1575, died 1624. This William Lyon was called the Marquis of 


Southwold, and he was owner of the forefather ship "Lyon," which 
brought many a cargo of precious souls to New England. Among her 
passengers was Rev. John Eliot the non-conformist minister of Roxbury 
church, the Apostle of the American Indians, and Roger Williams, 
the Apostle of Civil Liberty. 

William Lyon of Stanmer Parva, Middlesex County, first son of 
John Lyon of Little Stanmer, who was born at Little Stanmer 1540, 
was buried at the place of his nativity September 17th, 1624, the year 
before the death of King James I. He was twice married, first to 
Isabella, daughter of William Wightman, Esq., second to Audry Deer- 
ing, by whom he had three sons, William, born at Stanmer Parva, 1580, 
Thomas, born 1585, (he had issue) ; and Robert, born 1590. His con- 
temporaries among his kindred of the Scottish branch of the Lyon 
family were: John Lyon, Eighth Lord Glamis, Patrick Lyon, who was 
first Earl of Kinghorne, and Thomas Lyon, Master of Glamis. 

William Lyon, born at Stanmer Parva, 1580 was William Lyon 
of Heston, Middlesex County. He resided at Heston, but was buried 
at Little Stanmer, November 17th, 1634. He married at Harrow-on-the- 
Hill, July 17th, 1615, Anne Carter, and they lived together for nineteen 
years. She did not long survive her husband, and was buried at 
Little Stanmer Feb. 18th, 1638. The children of William of Heston 
were: Catherine, baptised at Heston August 25th, 1616, John, baptised 
June, 1619, and William, baptised December 20th, 1620.t 

When William Lyon of Heston died in 1634, John Lyon, tenth Lord 
Glamis, and second Earl of Kinghorn, was head of the Lyon family 
of Scotland. The Nation through political evolution, had fallen upon 
evil times. The taint of a democratic tendency in the North had 
spread across the border, and the absolutism of the Tudor Kings ended 
with the expiring breath of the man-minded Elizabeth. The crown 
made by the cold fingers of the dying Sovereign, had given her domin- 
ion to her Scotch cousin. But the mantle of her greatness fell apart 
and crumbled away when her coflin was borne from Richmond, to be 
deposited in Westminster. Elizabeth was long-headed, tactful and 
liberal, and the destruction of the Spanish Armada was one of the 
glories of her reign. James was purblind, bad-tempered and narrow, 
and the Gunpowder Plot completely addled his confused judgment. 
When the monarch who styled himself King of Great Britain, uttered 

t It was this William Lyon who came to America in 1635 and settled 
in Roxbury, Mass. A full account of his descendants is contained In the 
"Lyon Memorial, Massachusetts Families." 


his rash threat at the Conference of Hampton Court with the leading 
Puritan clergy, and the leading bishops, "I will make them conform, 
or I will harry them out of the land," he threw down the gage of 
battle to a militant people, whose army had been gathering from 
among tradesmen, artisans, yoemen, and nobles since the note of 
personal freedom was sounded by the divine trumpet of the Reforma- 
tion two centuries before. 

In the fatality that attended the fortunes of the Stuarts, he 
contaminated his son by the bad teaching of his despotic example, and 
when he came to die, after years of misgovernment, the heritage 
of his evasions, blunders, and disasters brought the ruin of a madly 
rash course and a death on the block to his unhappy successor. 

The Covenanters were tenacious, the Puritans were heroic. These 
fanatical religionists were but biding their time, while Charles I. as if 
fate-driven was destroying the very fabric of the State. Long ago, as 
far back as 1618, the dragon's teeth of a religious war had been 
sown by the adoption of the five articles of Perth, and the fertile North 
had grown a lusty crop of determined rebellers. The Scots, armed with 
spear and sword, of religious and political instinct were ripe for a revo- 
lution. The Nobles and landed gentry were alienated from the King. 
The removal of the Court had robbed them of prestige and profit. 
Those near the royal presence were promoted and flattered, those 
afar were neglected and despised. Furthermore, his peculiar policy 
meant ruin for those of his native land. A petition of protest was put 
into private circulation against thirty-one acts "hurtful to the liberty 
of the subject," passed by a Parliament where Charles had presided. 
A copy of this document was found in the possession of Lord Balmoral. 
He was tried for sedition, received a capital sentence, which was 
afterward modified to imprisonment. The Scots were astir with a 
secret resentment which became open revolt when the use of the 
liturgy at St. Giles Church in Edinburgh and at Greyfriers in Perth 
occasioned riots. 

Montrose received a commission from the Tables, a board of 
representatives chosen by the nobility, country gentry, clergy, and 
inhabitants of the burghs, to raise troops for the service of the 
Covenanters, which he proceeded to embody with extraordinary power. 
Within a month he collected some three thousand foot and horse from 
Perth, Forfar and Fife, and put them under military discipline. 
Joined by forces under General Leslie, the rebel army marched upon 
Aberdeen which the Marquis of Huntley abandoned at their approach. 


It was "upon morn, being Saturday, they came in order of battell, 
weil armed both, on horse and foot, all horsemen having five shots at 
least with one carabine in his hand, two pistols by his sydes and two 
others at his saddle toir. The pike men in their ranks, with pike and 
sword, the musketiers in their rank with musket stuffe, bandelier, 
sword, power match ilk company, both foot and horse had their 
Captain, Lieutenants, Ensigns, Sergeants and other officers and com- 
manders all for the most part in buff coats and in goodly order. 
They had five colors of ensigns, whereof the Earl of Montrose had 
one having this motto: 'For religion, the Covenant and the Countrie,' 
the Earl Marischell had one, the Earl of Kinghorn had one, and the 
town of Dundee had two." 

This Earl of Kinghorn was John Lyon, tenth Lord of Glamis, a 
descendant in the third generation from John Lyon, who was tried 
and convicted for "being art and part of concealing and not revealing 
of the conspiring and imagination in the destruction of King James 
V. by poison imagined and conspired by Janet, Lady Glamis, his 
mother." The unlaid ghost of the woman who died by fire on the 
Castle Hill of Edinburgh made every Lyon the hereditary enemy 
of every Stuart King. However, the second Earl of Kinghorn voted 
in the Parliament against the delivery of King Charles L up to the 
English, an act of tardy loyalty to a faithless Monarch avenged by 
Cromwell when he made a barrack of Glamis Castle for his Round- 
head soldiery. The King declined to do battle with Leslie and Mont- 
rose, and the Scottish army disbanded. 

By the pacification of Berwick it was agreed that all ecclesiastical 
matters should be regulated by an assembly to be held at Edinburgh 
and all civil matters by Parliament and other legal Courts. And the 
Earls went home with their foot and horse, to await the next move 
of destiny in the crowned Beelzebub, who was liege of the United 
Kingdom. They remembered the signing of the National Covenant in 
Greyfriers Church that bleak March day, when the Nobles and the 
gentry, three hundred ministers and a great multitude of people, 
pledged themselves before Almighty God to maintain the Presbyterian 
doctrine and polity as the sole religion of their country, to the 
exclusion of Prelacy and Popery. Copies of this heaven-inspired docu- 
ment had been dispatched — a veritable "tarie" — the length and breadth 
of Scotland. And this great clan of an outraged Nation would 
answer the summons of their Chief in the heavens. The Lord God 
of Sabbaoth. And the day of doom grew nearer and nearer. The 


Covenant of Iboo was as dear to the Scots as the Magna Charta was to 
the English. In 1641 the Parliament met at Edinburgh. The King 
was in attendance, unscrupulous, insincere, complying with the bold 
demands of his rebellious subjects and he hoped to corrupt the leading 
Covenanters by favors and promises. But the pleasing compromises 
of a protestant tainted with Rome by no means propitiated a people 
familiar with his trickery in politics. They did not love a Stuart and 
it behooved a distrustful King to realize his limitation. Macauley 
shows the quality of the fealty of these feudal chieftains. "They 
butchered James I. in his bedchamber, repeatedly they were in arms 
against James II., they slew James III. on the field of battle, broke the 
heart of James V., deposed Mary and led her son into captivity, and 
virtually sold her grandson for a price." North of the border there 
was an unmentioned equality between Monarch and Noble. They had 
little respect for the authority of James VI. of Scotland, when he 
assayed to rule them from the English throne. Charles Stuart 
might be their Sovereign by the Grace of God, but the laird, the 
patriarchal headship of a clan was a King by rights as old as tradition. 
They, and all that subscribed the Covenant, saw him as a bishop-ruled, 
queen-ruled despot, who would pull down Jehovah's temple of the 
Kirk with his episcopacy and deliver the Scots to a Babylon captivity, 
where the liturgy and the canons would bind them in perpetual 

They stood by him v/hen the tidal wave of fire of the Civil War 
left him helpless. Still they had no pity for him. His regnal years 
had been a never-ended battle betwixt an idee fixe of an hereditary 
opinion and an idee fixe of religious liberty. Wyclifs' tracts and 
texts in the South and John Knox's sermons in the North had given 
Great Britain a fitter King, and all the slain at Naseby and Marston 
Moor "died for the cause of freedom and the truth in Christ." 

But in the end, the North and the South were equally blood-guilty 
in his death. The Scots had their pieces of silver,' furthermore, they 
washed their hands of the deed. The South was waging a holy 
war like unto the wars of David against the idolaters, believing a 
free and pious Commonwealth could be build on the ruins of a 
Monarchy. These austere warriors were not mercenaries from across 
the Channel, nor the yokels of the country, nor the riff-raff of the 
towns. The parliamentarian army was composed of men of d"ecent 
station and men of rank. The very best of England met the very 
best of Scotland at Marston Moor, and the descendants of John de 


Lyon, Feudal Baron of Fortevoit, fought on either side in that battle 
of kindred, those of the North for a King they despised, and those 
of the South for public liberty. He provoked his destiny. Defeat and 
flight, imprisonment and death were written in crimson letters across 
his policy with his subjects, Puritan and Covenanter. He held them 
in equal hatred with no choice between them. "I am not without 
hope that I shall be able to draw either the presbyterians or independ- 
ents to me for the extirpating of the one or the other that I shall 
be easily King again,' expresses his attitude to his people. He would 
not realize his danger. Moral and physical cowardice were not among 
his weaknesses. They dared not, this Round-head Court, that 
arraigned their Sovereign in Westminster Hall. He embodied feudal- 
ism; and through the nightmare hours of the seven days' trial he sat 
in majestic composure, eyeing Bradshaw, in his scarlet robe and high 
hat; eyeing the bewildered spectators; eyeing Cromw^ell half expecting 
at some shout of God Save the King! the armed force and the nervous 
populace that packed the hall would turn upon his self-appoiuted 
judges. Then the headsman's arm would be wea,ry of swinging the 
axe, and those that died for this treason would be a multitude. 

His sentence was passed in the midst of confusion. "Justice! 
Execution!" was the cry that followed him from the court of the 
regicides to Whitehall; from Whitehall to St. James, to the Banquet- 
ing House at Whitehall, that bitter mid-winter day. 

But when he passed through the window at the further end of 
the Banqueting Hall to the scaffold raised in the street, no voice was 
lifted in mockery or malice. Dense masses of soldiery were far and 
near, the mournful cries of the populace in the distance were borne 
weirdly to him by the low wind. And the great pack of Puritan war- 
riors waited in breathless expectancy while the King adressel his 
last speech to Bishop Tuxon and Colonel Tomlinson, inside the window. 
He spoke with the executioner. He put his flowing hair under a cap. 
He threw off his coat and gave his "George" to the Bishop saying, 
"Remember," a word of mystery, of significance. He stood in profound 
meditation, whispered a brief prayer, and knelt at the block, the altar 
of expiation, and with one blow his royal head was severed from his 
body. As if from the hill of Golgotha when the Son of Man gave up 
the ghost, a simultaneous groan broke from that vast assembly, from 
the armed Puritans and from the crowded people who neither heard 
nor saw. 


It was consummated. And they wrapped him in the ermine of his 
rank and called him a martyr. Troops of horse dispersed the crowd 
and night rung down the curtain on the greatest drama of English 

Note: — Agnes Strickland says in her "Lives of the Queens of England," 
to establish the date of the execution; "It was found, withal, that 
no inscription had been placed on the royal coffin. One of the 
gentlemen present supplied this want by simple but effectual 
expedient. A band of sheet lead was procured, and they cut out of 
it with pen knives spaces in the form of large letters so that the 

could be read, the leaden band was then lapped round the coffin." 
"Many absurd tales regarding the disposal of the corpse of Charles 
I. were circulated among the enemies of Monarchy in the course of the 
last century. These were all set at rest by the accidental discovery 
of the vault containing his remains and those of Henry VIII. and 
Jane Seymour, which were equally forgotten. King George IV. on the 
evening of the funeral of his aunt, the Duchess of Brunswick, 1813, 
went, attended by Sir Henry Halford and several Noblemen, and 
assisted personally at the opening of Charles I.'s coffin, when the corpse 
was satisfactorily recognized." Narrative by Sir Henry Halford. 


Henry, Thomas and Richard Lyon, Lyons of Glen Lyon in Perth- 
shire, soldiers in Cromwell's army, were on guard before the Ban- 
queting House at Whitehall on January 30th, 1648, and they witnessed 
the execution of Charles I. A tremendous reaction followed the regi- 
cide, and many a Puritan and Covenanter patriot of the insurgent 
army disappeared from London in the confusion of the horror of the 
days the headless corpse of the Monarch remained at St. James 
Palace, till it was deposited in the vaults of the Chapel at Windsor. 
The King was dead — long live the King! After an interregnum of a 
few tomorrows another Stuart would come to the throne, and the 
years of his regent-ruled minority would be a sorry reckoning for 
those who bore arms against his discrowned and dishonored sire. 

The Scots never acted as an integral body. Every clan was an 
independent force that withdrew at the discretion of its chieftain. 
The three Lyon hrothers from Glen Lyon, took advantage of a national 
privilege. They had kinsmen in Middlesex and Norfolk counties who 
may have kept them in concealment pending a departure of a ship for 
the Colonies across the sea. Over there they had kindred in the new 
Fatherland of Freemen. 

It is a rational supposition that Henry, Thomas and Richard 
Lyon landed at New Haven. There lived John Lyne of Badby, North- 
amptonshire, England, one of that opulent company of two hundred 
fifty persons who came from London on the ship "Hector" January 
12th, 1638, with Theophilus Eaton and Edward Hopkins as their 
directors and the Puritan divine, John Davenport, as their spiritual 
guide, to plant an independent colony on the Connecticut Coast. And 
when the Plantation Covenant was signed, June 4th, 1638, John 
Lyne affixed his signature among names that became historic when 
the story of New England was told. They were an anti-Monarchal 
people strongly in sympathy with the Parliamentarian party. To 
their hospitable protection came the Regicides, Goffe and Whalley, 
in later troublous times. The young Scots from Perthshire were 
sure of a welcome. Their news was waited for in every town and 
settlement. But it would be detailed in whispers behind barred doors. 


Other Lyon emigrants had preceded the three who stood beneath 
the scaffold at Whitehall, when the second executioner, the grey-beard 
mask, lifted the bleeding head and announced, "This is the head of a 

Colonel John Lyon of the Scottish Guards of Henry IV. of 
France, had a son William Lyon, who was denounced as a heretic at 
the time of the massacre of St. Bartholemew, 1572. He escaped to 
Holland, and finally came to America with his three children.* The 
next to come to a remote world were the orphan sons of William and 
Anne Lyon of Heston, in Middlesex County, England. John Lyon, the 
eldest, aged 18 years, came in the ship "Hopewell," Captain Babb, Feb- 
ruary 12th, 1634. The following year his brother, William Lyon, aged 
14 years, came in the "Hopewell," September, 1635. John Lyne of Ne\» 
Haven from Badby, Northamptonshire, England, is the fourth on record. 
With him was his son, Henry Lyne or Lyon. Henry Lyon married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Richard Harrison of West Kirby, Cheshire, England, 
the same Richard Harrison who removed from New Haven to Bran- 
ford, and came with the Branford Colony to Newark, New Jersey, 1666, 
as one of its founders. Elizabeth Harrison, widow of Henry Lyon, 
became the third wife of Mr. John Morris,* who was one of the 
signers of the New Haven Plantation Covenant, and he was one of the 
Milford Colony that planted Newark. On June 18th, 1668, he and his 
wife were appointed guardians of Hopestill Lyne, a minor. In the New 
Jersey archives is a certificate, "that Hopestill Lyne, 6 to 7 years old,, 
the daughter of Henry Lyne of New Haven, the son of John Lyne of 
Badby, Northamptonshire, which Henry died January 14th, 1662, and 
had child Hopestill by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Har- 
rison of West Kirby, Cheshire, England, is still alive, as sworn to by 
Richard Harrison, Thomas Johnston, William Meeker and Ellen John- 

Henry Lyne doubtless spelled his name Lyon. 

The sixth on the list of emigrants, is John Lyon, who was at 
Salem from 1638 to 1648. The seventh is Peter Lyon, probably from 
Middlesex, England, who was at Dorchester, as a proprietor, 1639, was 
a freeman 1649 and died before 1694. Then came another English 
Lyon, Thomas Lyon from Yorkshire, who appeared on Byram River 
1640, antedating the advent in that locality of the Scotch Thomas 
Lyon by thirty-three years. (?) The ninth is Richard Lyon of Cam- 

*His descendants not placed. 

•Miswrltten Thomas Morris in the copy of the agreement, signed by 
the Milford Colonists of Newark. 


bridge, who was sent from England by Sir Henry Mildmay as a tutor 
for his son William, at Harvard, 1644. He was co-adjutor of Presi- 
dent Demster in improving the New England version of the Psalms. 
Another John Lyon was at Marblehead, 1648. In 1648 came Henry, 
Thomas and Richard Lyon, Lyons of Glen Lyon. The last of the list is 
George Lyon of Dorchester, 1666 a freeman, 1669. In 1678 he joined 
the church at Milton, Mass. He may have been a brother of Peter 
Lyon of Dorchester. 

There may be duplications in the foil of first-comers, and the 
identity of others lost in the mystery of meagre information. I have 
found no trace of the descendants of William Lyon, the heretic son of 
Colonel John Lyon of the Scottish Guards of Henry IV. of France. 
But there may be those in the female line who will make themselves 
known. John Lyon of Salem, 1638-48, may be the John Lyon of Heston 
who came in the "Hopewell" 1635, and Thomas Lyon of Yorkshire, 
who, it is said, was at Byram Point in 1640, may have been confused 
with the Thomas Lyon of Fairfield, whose immediate descendants 
were so much in evidence from the "Liberty of North Castle," around 
Byram Point, and along the River and in the White Plains, "named 
for the balsam which grew there." This asserted early arrival of the 
Lyon family at either side of the Connecticut and New York line may 
be an error of tradition. 

Baird states this date is years too early. The late Mr. R. M. 
Lush,* a descendant of Thomas Lyon of Fairfield, who was familiar 
with every foot of the district occupied by these pioneers, said the 
claim that Thomas Lyon and John Banks voyaged to their new 
possessions in a row boat, 1649, was now rejected by the Lyon families 
identified with that locality. A small water vehicle was an inadequate 
means of transportation for a large party. Thomas Lyon had a wife 
and children, and some of his children were adults. The year before 
the transplanting of the household, his daughter, Abigail, had married 
John Banks at Stamford, a wedding that occurred on April 3rd, 1672, 
for Mr. Lush places the date of the emigration as 1673. Perhaps, 
too, there were other families from Fairfield and from Stamford, a 
goodly company that traveled through a pleasant land, witff their 

•Mr. Lush made extensive Lyon research. He left his notes and 
papers to the Westchester Co., New York, His. See. but they have never 
been classified. [The data contained in them relating to the Lyon family 
have, however, been transcribed, through the courtesy of the custodians 
of the collection, and will be found in subsequent pages of the Lyon 
Memorial. — A. B. L.]. 


chattels and flocks and herds. He left considerable estate behind him, 
as he shared in all the land divisions of Fairfield Township after 1654. 
However, on Nov. 1st, 1675, he sold his home lot to Daniel Frost, but he 
retained the rest of his realty. At the time of his death he was a large 
land holder at Fairfield and Greenwich, and he owned the Mill at 
Rye, and several acres of land at White Plains. Both Thomas Lyon 
and his son Thomas, were among the inhabitants of Rye in 1683. 
Lyon's Point, a promontory on the east side of Byram River, extending 
out into Long Island Sound, now a part of Port Chester, was named 
for the elder Thomas Lyon. Baird, Mead, and Bolton all agree that 
the Lyon families from Fairfield were Scots, a belief that has never 
been questioned by the descendants of Thomas, Richard, and Henry 
Lyon, the emigrants. 

The will of Thomas Lyon is dated Dec. 6th, 1689. He appointed 
his wife, Mary Lyon, executrix and his sons, John and Samuel execu- 
tors of his estate. John, the eldest son, as if by the right of primo- 
geniture, was given a double portion of the estate, the Mill at Rye, and 
several acres of land at White Plains. Thomas^ was given the home lot 
on the Byram River, other lands and the weaver's loom. Samuel 
received several pieces of land at Greenwich, Joseph received his 
father's dwelling house, barn and home lot on the northward part of 
the orchard, and a pasture on the eastward side of a big highway 
that goes into the Neck, all his rights and privileges in all divided 
and undivided lands at Greenwich, Rye, and Fairfield. His five daugh- 
ters, Mary, Abigail, Elizabeth, Deborah and Sarah, were given portions 
in money. He also remembered his grandson, Thomas, son of John 

John Lyon, son of Thomas,^ increased his estate at Rye. On Feb. 
27th, 1698-9, at a meeting of the Proprietors of the town, it was 
agreed "that we doe impower the aforesaid men (Hecaliah Brown, 
Deliverance Brown, John Merritt, Robert Bloomer and John Stock- 
ham) to bargain with and sell unto John Lyon a certain tract of land 
lying up Byram River, if they shall see good and convenient soe to 
doe," and to John Lyon was confirmed "a parcel of land lying against 
the Mill Creek between the cartway down into the Neck and the Mill 
Creek bounded up the said Creek by John Hoit's meddow and to run 

§ For descendants of Thomas Lyon, etc.. see Baird's "Hist, of Rye" 
and Bolton's "Hist, of Westchester." [A full account of this family, 
edited by Robert B. Miller, of Brooklyn, genealogist, will form the subject 
of the third volume of the Lyon Memorial. — A. B. L.] 


down the said Creek till it comes to John Boyd's meddow provided 
the said John Lyon doe not praidice the cartway into the Neck, nor 
the way to the Mill, neither shall hee hinder any parson from settin 
up thare field fence if they have occasion." Another record that 
conecrns John Lyon is dated Rye, Sept. 20th, 1697. "At a towne meet- 
ing Capt. Theall, John Horton, Joseph Purdy, Hecaliah Brown, John 
Lyon, Thomas Merrit, and Isaac Denman, are chosen as a Commity 
for the Management and carrying on of the worke of building a meet- 
ing house for the town of Ry, and also for the appointing of a place 
where it shall set, and the above meeting house shall not acsed above 
thirty square feet." 

The seating space of this place of worship speaks for the size 
of the congregation, which doubtless comprised every family in the 

The undivided White Plains Purchase was under the watchful 
protection of the men of Rye. In April, 1699, "John Lyon and Isaac 
Denman were chosen to laye out a road to White Plains, beginning at 
the head of Capt. Theall's land and so to run to the caseaway 
(causeway) brook." On the 17th of that month it is on record that, 

"The town hath past an act that the Rode shall continue Up to 

the White Playnes, where John Lyon and Isaac Denman have marked 
It out, and the said road shall be 3 rods in breadth." 

John Lyon was living at Greenwich in 1710. He had a son 
Thomas, who was mentioned in the will of his grandfather, Thomas 
Lyon, Sen., and a son John Jr., who married the widow, had a mill 
on Blind Brook Creek, 1719. This was the grist mill mentioned in 
the Royal Patent for Budd's Neck (Rye). The patent was subse- 
quently divided among the following proprietors: James Gadney, 102 
acres; Daniel Purdy, drummer of Rye, 40 acres; John Carpenter, a 
portion joining Mamaroneck River; Mr. William Browness of Rye, 2 
acres; that portion called the gusset to Jos. Ogden; a second of 30 
acres to Joseph Lyon; Daniel Purdy, 3 acres; Monmouth Hart, 15 acres; 
James Wood, 5 acres; Archibald Tilford, 18 acres; the residue to John 

John Lyon was the ancestor of the Lyons of North Castle. Among 
the North Castle Lyons was Capt. Roger Lyon of the Westchester 
Militia, and Capt. Gilbert Lyon, of the Continental Army. 

Richard Lyon, emigrant and soldier in Cromwell's army, from 
Glen Lyon in Perthshire, Scotland, appeared at Faidfleld, Conn., as early 


as 1648, the year of the regicide. His house and home lot of 2 acres, 
was recorded Jan., 1653. He was made freeman 1664, the year that 
his brother Henry returned to Milford. In 1673, the year that his 
brother Thomas went to Byram River, he received 5 acres of land 
at Barlow Plains and sixteen and a half acres on the Rocks was 
granted to him for a building lot, bounded N. W. and N. B. by the 
highway. Five years later he died, the first of the three brothers to 
go to another afar New World, a World Celestial, none of the three 
destined ever to return to their "ain countrie." From the tenor of his 
will, dated April 12th, 1678, it is surmised that Margaret Lyon was his 
second wife, and that he had two sets of children, Moses, Richard* 
(a minor), William, and Hester forming one group; and Joseph and 
Samuel (both minors), forming another. It would appear that he had 
little faith in the staying qualities of Margaret's grief, when he dis- 
criminated against her by giving her only a widowhood tenure in his 
estate. She must have been young and comely, and to leave her a 
fee simple portion was making a wedding gift to her second husband. 
However, there is no record at Fairfield to disclose that she relin- 
quished her dower to assume another name. To son Moses he gave one- 
third of the length of the homeward side of his land at Pequonock, 
one-fifth the length of the long lot on the S. W. side of the lands, his 
gun, his rapier, his biggest pewter platter, and confirmed lands already 
given to this son. 

Richard^ when of age, was to have one-third of the Pequonock 
land, 150 acres of the length of the long lot East of Moses' part, and 
other lands; William received one-third of the land at Pequonock, one- 
fifth of the length of the long lot East of Richard^'s share, other 
lands, his long gun, back sword and belt. (This is another evidence 
that in Colonial wills children are not mentioned in sequence of birth). 
To his wife, Margaret Lyon, Richard^ gave £60, his house and home 
lot, while she remained unmarried, and the use of Joseph's and Sam- 
uel's land during their minority. Samuel and Joseph were to have 
the homestead when they came of age and one-fifth of the long lot 
was to be divided between them. Hester, the eldest daughter, wife of 
Nathaniel Perry, received £i, and her husband and her son Joseph 
Perry, were to have £2 in carting and plowing. Three minor daughters, 
Betty, Hannah, and Abigail, were to have ii each when they came 
of age. A cousin, Mary Fitch, was remembered with a gift of £7. 
And each portion of his estate was entailed on the survivors, if any 
child died. 


Richard had been at Fairfield twenty-seven years, and was prob- 
ably born 1623. 

Moses^ son of Richard' Lyon, died before 1696. He had a wife 

Mary . The baptism of no child of his appears on the Fairfield 

Parish records. 

Richard^ son of Richard' Lyon, had Samuel, Ebenezer and Sarah 
baptized April 5th, 1696; Daniel, Oct. 3rd, 1699; Nathan, Feb. 13th, 
1703, and Jonathan, June 1st, 1708. 

William^ son of Richard' Lyon, had Nathaniel, baptized Sept. 9th, 
1694; William^ Feb. 16th, 1698; Benjamin, Sept. 8th, 1700. Eunice, 
baptized Sept. 1st, 1776, and Tabitha, Jan. 22d, 1720, were probably 
children of William.^ 

SamueP, son of Richard' Lyon, of Fairfield, and Greenfield Hill, 
had a wife, Susanna. He had Samuel, James, John and Margaret 
baptized Mar. 12th, 1704; Abigail, May 12th, 1706; Ephraim, Sept. 27th, 
1708; Anne, Aug. 6th, 1710; Jeremiah, April, 1713. 

Joseph,^ son of Richard' Lyon, had wife Mary, nee Jackson. He 
had Joseph, baptized July 28th, 1695; David, June 27th, 1697. This 
family settled at Pequonock, Greenfield Hill, and Green Farms. 

Ephraim' Lyon, baptized Sept. 27th, 1708, son of Samuel Lyon and 
grandson of Richard' Lyon, had a son Ephraim, born 1737, who was 
a soldier in the War of Independence. Later this second Ephraim* 
was a lawyer in the town of Ashford, Conn. He married Esther 
Bennett, and died 1798. Among the nine children of Ephraim and 
Esther Lyon was Amasa Lyon, born Nov. 19th, 1771, died April 11th, 
1842. He married Keziah Knowlton and among their nine children was 
Nathaniel Lyon (General Nathaniel Lyon), born July 14th, 1818, who 
died at the battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri, Aug. 10th, 1861.* 

*Dr. Woodward, in his Life of General Lyon, states that Ephraim 
Lyon of Ashford was the third Ephraim in lineal descent, but does not 
trace his lineage more definitely, although he states that he was of Scotch 
descent. He served May 5 to Nov. 1, 1758, under Capt. Jedediah Fay, of 
Ashford, in the French and Indian war. He married in Ashford in 1762; 
wife Esther Bennett: the births of his nine children are recorded in Ash- 
ford, indicating- continuous residence there from 1763 to 1784, and he died 
there 1798. There were living in Ashford descendants of William Lyon, of 
Roxbury; it is natural to suppose that Ephraim was also of that family, 
and this the Woodstock Lyons firmly believe. It is hardly possible that 
the Ephraim Lyon of Fairfield, wife Ann Adams, appointed Lieutenant In 
a company of militia in North Fairfield in May. 1774 (Conn. Colonial Rec), 
and who was a militia captain, called out in the New Haven alarm July, 
1779, was the Ephraim of Ashford. — A. B. L. 

♦For Gen. Nathaniel Lyon see Lyon Memorial, Massachusetts Families, 
p. 136. 


During the American Civil War, Sidney S. Lyon, Major of Engi- 
neers, the father of the writer, made the acquaintance of Gen. 
Nathaniel Lyon. Their name called for genealogical exchanges, and 
kinship was established. Each had the identical tradition, viz: 
Three brothers Lyons of Glen Lyon in Perthshire, Scotland, at the time 
of the Civil War in England were soldiers in Cromwell's army. The 
day of the execution of Charles I. these three were on guard at the 
scaffold before the Banqueting House at Whitehall on Jan. 30th, 1648, 
and witnessed the regicide. Immediately after the execution they fled 
to the Colonies. One brother settled in Conncticut, one went to New 
York and the third removed to New Jersey. Dr. Woodward, who 
some years ago wrote the "Life of Gen. Nathaniel Lyon," must have 
obtained from a brother or a sister of the dead soldier that the 
Ashford Lyon family was descended from Scottish ancestry. A be- 
lief is entertained that Thomas, Richard and Henry Lyon descended 
in a direct line from the Master of Glamis. Douglas's Peerage gives 
but one son of Sir Thomas Lyon, John Lyon of Auldbar, who served 
as heir Aug. 6th, 1608, and died without issue. He may have had sons 
and grandsons of whom no record is preserved, soldiers who were 
slain in the Civil War or fled into life-time exile beyond the sea. 
But there were other branches of the Lyon family of Scotland. 

When John Lyon, eighth Lord Glamis made an entail of his 
estates of Glamis, Towndyce, and Baky in Forfarshire; Cullen, Butter- 
gask, Longforgard and Inchture in Perthshire; Bellelvic, Ardendracht, 
CoUistown, Coustertown and Drumgowen in Aberdeenshire, besides 
himself and the male heirs of his body, he gave those eligible through 
lineage, as Thomas Lyon, his brother; John Lyon of Haltown of Esse; 
James Lyon of Easter Ogill; John Lyon of Culwalogy, and the male 
heirs of their bodies respectively, which failing, to his own nearest 
heirs, male, whatsoever bearing the name and arms of Lyon, by 
Charter dated 23rd of April, 1567. This was but eighty-one years 
before Thomas, Richard and Henry Lyon appeared in Connecticut in 
1648. They belonged to one of these flve families descended from John 
de Lyon, Feudal Baron of Fortevoit, but the name of their Scottish 
ancestor is lost out of tradition. But such research as has gone into 
the compilation of the "Lyon Memorial" may disclose the names that 
will connect the New World Lyons of New England, New York and 
New Jersey, with the Old World Lyons of England and Scotland. 

To return to the third of the Lyon brothers from Glen Lyon, 
Henry Lyon, to outline his eighteen years in New England. 


In 1639 a company of religious disputants, a split-off from 
Wethersfield Church, joined with a few families from other places, 
fifty-four souls in all, bought a tract of land down on the coast of 
Long Island Sound, and planted Milford. Thomas Tibabls, who, 
tradition says, led the party through the Connecticut wilderness, 
selected a favorable site, and the new settlement was destined to 
become a sea-port. Ships, after a long ocean voyage came up the 
Sound and dropped anchor in the safe harbor below the Mill dam, to 
land home-seekers and supplies, and after a time a ship industry 
added to the prosperity of the hamlet, and sloops were built for the 
long-shore traffic. 

It is not positively known just who were the first comers at 
Wepowang. Lambert's "History of New Haven County" gives a list 
of Milford Planters, with numbers of home lots attached said to 
have been made Nov. 29, 1639. There are sixty-six names on this list, 
but there are no records at Milford to bear out the impression this 
would give that the company from Wethersfield and neighborhood 
settlements was several hundred strong. An unmarried man was a 
suspicious stranger and the annual baby did more for the Connecticut 
census than the emigrant additions to the population. Of the fifty-four 
souls that trudged through the wilderness to the new purchase, two- 
thirds of the foot-tired travelers were women and children. 


1. John Ashwood 16. John Birdseye 

2. Richard Baldwin 17. Edward Harvey 

3. Benjamin Heme 18. John Lane 

4. Samuel Cooley 19. William East 

5. John Peacocke 20. Thomas Lawrence 

6. Henry Stonehill 21. Thomas Sandford 

7. Nathaniel Baldwin 22. Timothy Baldwin 

8. James Prudden 23. Alexander Breyan 

9. John Sherman 24. Jasper Gunn 

10. Thomas Barker 25. Thomas Howe 

11. Stephen Freeman 26 Henry Lyon 

12. John Fletcher 27. John Stream 

13. John Baldwin 28. William Slough 

14. Francis Bolt 29. James Preine 

15. Micah Tompkins 30. Thomas Read 


31. Robert Denison 49. Roger Tyrrell 

32. Zachariah Whitman - 50. Nicholas Camp 

33. Thomas Welch 51. John Fowler 

34. Thomas Wheeler 52. Joseph Baldwin 

35. Edmond Tapp 53. Thomas Tibbals 

36. Thomas Buckingham 54. Widow Martha Beard 

37. Robert Plum 55. Thomas Campfield 

38. Richard Piatt 56. Thomas Ford 

39. Thomas Tapping 57. William Roberts 

40. Mr. Peter Prudden 58. John Smith 

41. Mr. William Fowler 59. Thomas Bailey 

42. Thomas Lawrence 60. William Brooks 

43. George Clarke, Jr. 61. John Brown 

44. John Burwell 62. Nathaniel Briscoe 

45. Henry Botsford 63. Edward Riggs 

46. John Smith 64. Andrew Benton 

47. John Rogers 65. George Clarke, Sen. 

48. Philip Hallery 66. George Hubbard 

Lambert's list was certainly made from the town plat drawn at a 
subsequent period. The men that bought Wepowang and took posses- 
sion of their purchase in August, were not keeping a Town Book in 
November. Cabin-building, stockade-building and how to provide for 
the nearing winter were the only matters that engaged these work- 
weary folk in an Indian land. 

The original records have been sacredly preserved, and the present 
Town Book is an accurate transcription from the worn, time-browned 
records begun in 1649, which is the earliest date shown on any Milford 
document, outside of the Church records, a positive proof that a 
Town Book was a long-felt want before a book appropriate for this 
purpose was obtained. 

Newark could not procure a book to record lands and town 
expenses for several years after the Passiac settlement was planted, 
which was fully thirty years after the first Wepowang cabin was under 
roof. The cost was great, and money scarce and these London-bound 
volumes were not to be had by every hamlet within a month's journey 
of Boston. 

Someone may have had an Ink-horn, geese were common fowl, and 
quills were the pens of long ago, but the fly-leaf of a Bible was per- 
haps the only bit of paper at hand to serve as a register of mar- 
riages, births and deaths. Each man stepped off his own town lot. 


SO many paces to the acre, and established his own lines by witness 
trees till Robert Treat, the young surveyor, got the leisure to inspect 
imaginary metes and bounds and drove corner stakes, as witness 
stones, for the several planters, who need be none too particular if his 
homestead tract contained more than 300 square rods. They were so 
few, and as far as the eye could reach was theirs. When William 
Fowler built a grist mill on the banks of the little river he was 
given thirty acres of land and perpetual use of the stream. And why 
not, in this miles wide country that God had given to the chosen of 
Israel, just as he gave Canaan to the hosts of Moses. 

The General Court, November 24, 1640, changed the name of the 
settlement to Milford, a befitting designation when mills were few and 
far between. Then it was a decent supercedence of an ungodly Indian 

To this growing community, in 1648, came Henry Lyon, the 
youngest of the three brothers from Glen Lyon. He was a young man, 
born, perhaps about 1625. When he came to die in 1703, he had minor 
children and his will excites no suspicion of approaching senility. A 
generous and cordial welcome must have been accorded to the stranger 
Scot, a Round-head soldier. 

He brought the verification of the rumor of terrible happenings at 
home, and the tales he told to his breathless listeners were tremen- 
dous National facts that make the most astounding pages in English 

Robert Treat, the chief amongst them, the first town clerk, the 
first Justice of the Peace, was doubtless the foremost interrogator. 
The vital question was the supremacy of the Parliament over the 
Colonies. Nature, as a birthright, had given this man the qualifica- 
tions of a soldier and a statesman, which he proved when he led the 
Milford militia at the battle of Bloody Brook, and as Governor of 
Connecticut, when Sir Edmund Andros essayed to wrest from the 
Province the charter, which Wadsworth saved, under the cover of 
darkness, and concealed in the historic oak. 

He had neither name nor fame when Henry Lyon reviewed the 
recent past and impending possibilities. The spirit of civil inde- 
pendence was the soul of Puritanism. The Power that created the 
heaven and the earth, and divided the waters that were under the 
firmament, had placed a raging sea between a monarchal despotism 
and those who were capable of self-government. The Great I Am 
was their liege Lord, and the Bible their Magna Charta. Hope looked 


for a riddance of King-supremacy and King-oppression. Their head- 
ship was a governor who should proceed from their midst, provided 
out of all the people. The throne was toppled and the crown broken 
asunder. Their hearts beat time to the measures of Miriam's song, 
and the song of Deborah. They were out of bondage, and Sisera had 

Cromwell and Hampden were the heroes of heroes to these 
democratic, theocratic folk of Milford. But there were minor heroes, 
units in the tremendous sum of Puritan effort and Puritan achieve- 
ment. Here was one who had stood below the scaffold when the Stuart 
tyrant paid the debt of his sins against the people. So they bade the 
young man to stay with them, to share all their rights and privileges, 
to build himself a house, and to bring up a family. The Town Book 
shows "That Henry Lyon hath for his home lott three acres, be it 
more or less, bounded with a highway west, the comon east, John 
Stream s's south, Thomas Hines' north," and that "Henry Lyon hath 
two acres of meadow, bee it more or less, lying in the Calves Pen 
Meadow, bounded with the comon north and west, with John Stream's 
east, and Thomas Hines' south." 

The first mention of Henry Lyon at Milford is in the records of 
the First Church. Among "Persons added to the church, Feb. 24th, 
1649," was Henry Lyon. This was during the ministry of the Rev. 
Peter Prudden, who was ordained pastor April 18th, 1640, and con- 
tinued in that office till his death in July, 1656. It was a twelvemonth 
between the flight from London an'd this admission to Milford Church. 
Church fellowship was a requisite qualification for a person who 
desired to be Free Planter. But it was the age of Old Testament 
religion, when not to be a member in good standing meant social 
ostracism. And Henry Lyon kept the faith from the day he entered 
Milford meeting house in 1649 till he entered into everlasting rest at 
Newark, 1703. 

He built a home on the land set out to him by the Proprietors' 
Committee, for he not only retained his "home lott," beyond the 
required two years, but other estate was partitioned to him: 
"Henry Lyon hath for his Second Division of Land three acres and a 
halfe, and for his halfe Division of Land one acre and three roods, and 
to Equall it to other Land one Rood and twelve pole, in all five acres 
and a halfe, and twelve pole, bee it more or less, lying on bare hill 
bounded with a highway Bast, with John Streams' North, with the 
Comon West, with Thomas Hines' South. Also for satisfaction to 


Equall his meadow, he hath halfe an acre, be it more or less, lying in 
the Calves Pen Meadow — bounded with a creek north, and west with 
the Comon, and Thomas Hines' east, with Richard Piatt's south." (Note 
this halfe acre of meadow and twelve pole of upland on bare hill is 
not to be charged with rates). 

As with the home lot, there is no date to show when Henry Lyon 
became owner of these additional acres lying on the bare hill, too 
poor to be charged with rates. His sojourn at Milford was so short he 
had no prominence in its public affairs, therefore it is difficult to out- 
line his course in the little seaport, the very world's end to a soldier 
and an exile in a land of exiles. There must have been bright and 
handsome girls among the daughters of the Milford planters, and the 
bachelor Scott could have found a wife, as was expected of him, 
if he had gone a-wooing. Fairfield was not far off, and it had other 
attractions besides being the place of in-dwelling of Richard Lyon — 
attractions that dimmed the eyes of Henry Lyon to the graces of the 
Milford damsels, and dulled his ears to the sweetness of their singing, 
at the wheel and at the loom. 

To that plantation, about 1650, came Mr. William Bateman. He 
had been in the colonies for some years, probably came in the fleet 
with Winthrop in 1630. It is said that he was entitled to a coat of 
arms. At Boston he took the oath, and was made freeman on May 
18th, 1631. Seven years later he was at Charlestown, and may have 
removed to Chelmsford before coming to Fairfield. Mr. Bateman had 
a daughter Elizabeth, who must have been born after her parents 
left England. When Henry Lyon went to visit his brother he met 
the Bateman family, and in May of 1652 he married Elizabeth Bate- 
man. On the 4th of May of that year he was granted a homestead 
and home lot at Fairfield. It is not probable that he took his young 
wife to Milford to live in the log cabin on home lot number 26 in 
the Calves Meadow at the foot of the bare hill. 

On May 28th, 1654, he was dismissed from Milford Church to 
Fairfield Church, thus severing his connection with his first home in 
America; a Milford planter for so brief a time he left no record of 
his name there but his admittance to the church, February 24th, 1649, 
the description of lands he received, and his dismissal to Fairfield 
Church, May 28th, 1654. His brothers, Thomas and Richard Lyon, 
are mentioned in connection with the last record. Henry Lyon is 
the only Lyon who lived at Milford previous to the emigration to 
New Jersey in 1666. 


In addition to the home lot southwest of Sealey's Neck, Henry 
Lyon acquired other property at Fairfield. February 4th, 1654, he 
purchased of William Bateman a home lot and dwelling house, lying 
northeast of the New Town Square. Five or six children were bom to 
him in the house southwest of Sealey's Neck and in the house near 
the New Town Square. In the latter house his father-in-law must 
have died, a widowed man who lived with his only daughter. William 
Bateman, in his will, dated March 24th, 1656, admitted to probate 
October 20th, 1658, says in part: "That for what estate shall be left 
after my decease The one-half I bequeath unto my son, Thomas Bate- 
man, now of Concord, And the other half that Doth remayn I give unto 
my Son-in-law, Henry Lyon, except five pounds which I give Unto 
my grandchild, Joseph Middlebrooke, to be payd when he cometh to 
eighteen years of age. And in case the seyd Joseph Middlebrooke 
Shall Dye before he come to the Sayd Age, then my Will is that the 
sayd five pounds Shall be equally Divided between my sayd sonn 
Thomas and Henry. 

"And further my will is that my Sayd Sonn Henry Lyon shall be 
my executor of this my last will and testament." 

This document gives proof of the esteem and confidence Henry 
Lyon inspired in the father of his wife. 

There is no baptismal record of any child of Henry Lyon and 
Elizabeth Bateman in their old Connecticut home. When Fairfield 
was burned by the British in 1779 many pages of Fairfield history 
were effaced forever. The names of the children of Richard Lyon's 
sons, and the children of Thomas Lyon's son, John Lyon, appear on 
the Church Book, the earliest date of a Lyon baptism being that of 
Nathaniel Lyon, September 9th, 1694, a son of William Lyon and a 
grandson of Richard Lyon. 

Elizabeth Bateman, wife of Henry Lyon, was not admitted to Mil- 
ford Church, and her eldest son, Thomas Lyon, was not christened by 
the Rev. Peter Prudden. Her first and last sojourn there, if she was 
ever there at all, was during the preparation for the removal to New 
Jersey. The little ships that carried the Passaic Pilgrims may have 
anchored at different points along the Long Island Sound to pick up 
families with their goods and their cattle. 

For eighteen years Henry Lyon had lived in Connecticut, four 
or five years at Milford and thirteen or fourteen years at Fairfield. 
Treat may have talked him into making a change with the other 
prognostic planters of New Haven Colony, incensed by the absorption 


of their lesser commonwealth by the stronger colony. It was an almost 
desperate undertaking. A transplanted people did not always prosper. 
They were leaving known vexations and trials for unknown troubles 
and perils. Sadness and uncertainty made a raven's nest in the hearts 
of the home-seekers. First one black thought, then another, croaked 
a lament or a foreboding. Home was the dear habitation they had 
forsaken for a shelter of logs that were yet to be hewn. They were 
leaving beloved ones for a life-long absence. Every new settlement 
was a place of graves. The heroism of political conviction sustained 
the men. But the women and children wondered how one King couI3 
differ from another, stilly complaining to themselves of the robbery 
committed against them in this separation from kindred and friends 
and in the loss of their own familiar dwelling. And the salt waves 
mocked these helpless creatures of unuttered mourning, of little under- 
standing of Human Progress in the Divine Scheme. 


Cromwell's death was calamitous to the peace of mind of the 
people of the colonies. Charles I. was too harassed with home troubles 
for a harsh and arbitrary supervision of his trans-Atlantic subjects, 
and the Lord Protector was too wise in his government to disturb the 
communal rule in the Puritan Settlements over sea. The accession 
of Charles II. brought dismay to every town and plantation in New 
England. Long ago the loyalty of the absentee English, Scotch, and 
Welshmen had ceased to be a subservient habit of necessity. Their 
children had never been taught to serve and reverence any king but 
Jehovah God. A locust-cloud blackened their horizon. Nothing but 
the direst tribulation was to be expected from a sovereign whose 
memory of the regicide was attended with a meditated avengement 
of the murder of his royal father, to be visited upon all connected 
with the crime, directly or indirectly, and upon their children and 
grandchildren. They knew their own helplessness. A strenuous con- 
science makes no compromises. Most reluctantly these aggressive 
republicans, in 1661, acknowledged the Stuart "to be the lawful king 
of Great Britain, France and Ireland, and all other territories thereto 
belonging." But it was traitorous submission. When a price was 
set upon the heads of Goffe and Whalley, New Haven and Milford 
received the Roundhead Generals as their very own, when Edward 
Whalley was Cromwell's cousin and Hampden's cousin, and William 
Goffe's wife, Whalley's daughter, was Cromwell's kinswoman. A 
migratory impulse beset the apprehensive planters, and measures were 
taken to find a new home. But a secret negotiation with the Dutch 
authorities ended without results. This was resumed in 1663, after 
Governor John Winthrop, Jr., in 1662, through personal influence, had 
obtained a Royal Charter for the consolidation of the two colonies in 
Connecticut, without the knowledge and consent of New Haven, Mil- 
ford, Branford, Guilford and Stamford. These towns were in a fer- 
ment. Milford, in the end, advised by Robert Treat, accepted an 
inevitable where every male was a freeman, in the church or out of it. 
Branford would have "neither part nor lot" in these unrighteous con- 


This year, 1665, Philip Carteret arrived from England in the ship 
"Philip" to take possession of certain lands transferred by the Duke of 
York to Lords Berkeley and Carteret. Previous to this time, a company 
from Long Island had received a grant from Governor Nicholls of 
New York for a tract beyond Achter Col (a stretch of country back of 
the bay and south of Manhattan Island), and four families had set- 
tled at what is now the City of Elizabeth. The Englishman had come 
to stay, to develop an ambition of building up a petty kingdom of his 
own. Emigrants were desired to dispossess the savages and to people 
the fairest acreage on earth, and persuasive agents were sent to the 
New England Colonies with certain "concessions" bound to entice the 
New Haven Colony Congregationalists. Milford saw an answer-to- 
prayer opportunity for relief, and a committee, headed by Treat, went 
down to New Jersey on a tour of inspection. Several sites were con- 
sidered. But after an interview with Carteret, the site on the Passaic 
was selected, and the committee went home to report of the fine grass 
lands along the river, and of the pine forest between the Passaic and 
the Hackensack* . 

In the spring of 1666 several small vessels, bearing the first little 
band of Passaic Pilgrims, set sail from Milford harbor below Fowler's 
Mill for a new world to establish a lasting theocracy. They weathered 
the Hell Gate in safety, passed through New York Bay and Kill Van 
Kull, and entered the Passaic River, hope-elated by the sight of the 
"rich meadow land and the timber on the hills," eager to land their 
chattels and their kine and begin life anew under free and happy con- 
ditions. But it was not that day that Lieut. Samuel Swaine's daughter, 
Elizabeth, set foot on Jersey soil, the first woman colonist to leave the 

Under the "concessions" the lands were to be taken up by war- 
rants from the Governor. This was a clear title, if Treat had chosen 
to think so, as red men's immemorial rights to planting grounds and 
hunting grounds were seldom respected. He must have talked of a 
quit-claim from the aboriginal owners, for Carteret gave the Puritan 
of exact conscience a letter to the Sachem which was supposed would 
give peaceable and immediate possession to the tract. The paleface 
intruders were warned off by hostile demonstrations, and made a hur- 
ried retreat to their ships without attempting to parley with the In- 
dians. A messenger was sent to the Governor, and Carteret sent Sam 

♦For a graphic account of the emigration from Connecticut to New 
Jersey, see W. A. Whitehead's "Settlement of Newark." 


Edsal up from Bergen Neck to interpret at a pow-pow and arrange a 
second purchase of the lands, if Treat and his company chose to pay 
twice for their plantation. The Captain and several of the Milford 
men went up the Hackensack for a conference with the dusky pro- 

Treat left an account of the transaction: "One Perro laid claim to 
the said Passaic lands which is now called Newark, and the result of 
our treaty was that we obtained of a body of said Indians to give us 
a meeting at Passaic, and soon after they came, all the proprietors, viz., 
Perro and his kindred with the Sagamores that were able to travel — 
Oraton being very old, but approved of Perro's acting, and then we 
acted by the advice, order and approbation of the said Governor (who 
was troubled for our sakes), and also our interpreters, the said 
Governor approving of them [one John Capteen, a Dutchman, and 
Samuel Edsal] and was willing and approved that we should purchase 
a Tract of Land for a Township." 

The following is the Bill of Sale: 

"July 11, 1667. Wee the Indians Wapamuk, Wamesane, Peter, Cap- 
tamin, etc., doe sell, alienate, make over and confirm all our Rights, 
Titles and Interest of us, our heirs and successors forever, unto the 
said Lands to Mr. Obediah Bruen, Mr. Samuel Kichell, Michael Tomp- 
kins, John Brown and Robert Denison, townsmen and agents for the 
English Inhabitants of Passayak, to have, hold and dispose of without 
claim, Let or Molestation from ourselves." 

For this land, which extended to the Orange Mountains, the 
settlers from Connecticut agreed to give "50 double hands of powder, 
100 bars of lead, 20 axes, 20 coats, 10 guns, 20 pistols, 10 kettles, 10 
swords, 4 blankets, 4 barrels of beere, 10 paire of breetches, 50 knives, 
20 bowes, 850 Fathoms of Wampum, 2 ankors of Licquers or something 
equivalent, and 3 trooper's coats." 

Gold and silver they had none. In a traffic of exchange of articles 
the "red devils" got so many weapons and so much ammunition for so 
many acres of meadow, woods and uplands. While the negotiation 
was in progress with the deliberate tribes, the first town meeting of 
Newark was held on board one of the small ships anchored in the har- 
bor. When the Milford men met together with the agents sent from 
Guilford and Branford, to ask on behalf of their undertakers and 
selves with reference to a township or allotments, "It was agreed 
that the Connecticut emigrants would form one town, if consent was 
received, between this and the last of October next issueing, according 


to fundamentals mutually agreed upon; do desire to be of one heart 
and consent, through God's blessing with one hand they may endeavor 
to carry on spiritual concernment, also civil and town affairs." At a 
meeting in Branford the two fundamental agreements were framed 
and signed. Its authors may have been the Rev, Abraham Pierson and 
Mr. Jasper Crane, one the minister and the other the captain of the 
Branford Colonists, "able men, men of truth" — a document where one 
may read between lines of the strong and godly stuff our theocratic 
forebears were made of: 

October 30th, 1666. 

"At a meeting touching the Intended design of many of the Inhabi- 
tants of Branford, the following was subscribed: 

1st. That none shall be admitted freemen or free Bur- 
Deut 1-13 gesses within our Town upon Passaick River in the 

Exod. 18:21. Provence of New Jersey, but such Planters as are 

eu . xvu. . members of some or other of the Congregational 
Churches, nor shall any but such be chosen to magistracy or to carry 
on any part of said Civil Judiciature, or as deputies or assistants to 
have power to Vote in establishing Laws and making and Repealing 
Jerem. 30:21. them, or to any Chief Military Trust or Office. Nor 
shall any But such Church Members have any Vote in any such elec- 
tion. Tho all others admitted to be Planters have Right to their proper 
Inheritance, and do and shall enjoy all other Civil Liberties, Privileges, 
according to all Laws, Orders, Grants, which are or hereafter shall be 
made for this Town. 

"2nd. We shall with Care and Diligence provide for the mainte- 
nance of the purity of Religion professed in the Congregational 

Whereunto subscribed the Inhabitants from Branford: 

♦The figures indicate the numbers of home lots. 

"Take ye wise men and understanding, and known among your tribes, 
and I will make them rulers over you." Deut. i., 13. 

"Moreover, thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such 
as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them 
to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and 
rulers of tens." Exod. xviii., 21. 

"Thou Shalt in any wise set him King over thee whom the Lord thy 
God shall choose; one from among thy brethren shalt thou set King over 
thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother." 
Deut. xvii, 15. 

"And their nobles shall be of themselves, and their governor shall 
proceed from the midst of them." Jer. xxx, 21. 




Jasper Crane§ 


Abra. Pierson 


Sam'l Swaine 


Laurence Ward 


Thomas Blacthly 


Samuel Plum 


Josiah Ward. 


Samuel Rose. 


Thomas Pierson 


John Warde 


John Catling. 

12. Richard Harrison 

13. Ebenezer Camfield 

14. John Ward, Senior 

15. Ed. Ball 

16. John Harrison 

17. John Crane 

18. Thos. Huntington 

19. Delivered Crane 

20. Aaron Blacthly 

21. Richard Laurence 

22. John Johnson 
23. Thomas (his mark) Lyon 

The agreement was then sent to the New Milford in New Jersey 
(afterwards re-named Newark as commemorative of Mr. Pierson's 
years at Newark in England when studying for the ministry), and at 
a meeting on June 21st, 1667, after the coming of the Branford folk, 
the Milford people affixed their signatures to the historic document: 

21. Geo. Day 

22. Thomas Johnson 

23. John Curtis 

24. Ephraim Burwell 

25. Robert (his mark) Denison 

26. Nathaniel Wheeler 

27. Zechariah Burwell 

28. William Campe 

29. Joseph Walters 

30. Robert Dalglish 

31. Hanns Albers 

32. Thom. Morris* 

33. Hugh Roberts 

34. Eph'm. Pennington 

35. Martin Tichenor 

36. John Browne, Jr. 

37. Jona. Seargeant 

38. Azariah Crane 

39. Samuel Lyon 

40. Joseph Riggs 
Stephen Bond 

•Thomas Morris presumed to be John Morris, an error made when th« 
•Id town book was transcribed. 


Robert Treat 


Obediah Bruen 


Mathew Camfield 


Samuel Kitchell 


Jeremiah Pecke 


Michael Tompkins 


Stephen Freeman 


Henry Lyon 


John Browne 


John Rogers 


Stephen Davis 


Edward Rigs 


Robert Kitchell 

- 14. 

J. (his mark) Brooks 


Robert (his mark)Lymens 


Francis (his mark ) Linle 


Daniel Tichenor 


John Bauldwin, Sr. 


John Bauldwin, Jr. 


Jona. Tompkins 

41. Ste 


It is doubtful if Henry Lyon Bfought his family with him the 
first year. He was in Connecticut in the spring of 1667, either win- 
tered at Fairfield or Milford, or returned to bring his wife and chil- 
dren to their new home in New Jersey, for "At a gathering at Derby 
to divide the land, John Brownell sold his right to Thomas Hone, who 
sold his right to Henry Lyon, who finally sold to Henry Botsford, 
whose name and right appears on the first map of ownership of home 
lot of 11/2 acres and upland of 4 acres." 

Lads of fourteen were included with adult males in land distribu- 
tions. Young Thomas Lyon's name appears among the Branford men 
as receiving home lot 23, and young Samuel Lyon's name appears 
among the Milford men as receiving home lot 39. 

Property was in abundance, and childhood was sadly abbreviated 
in a place where there was no school. In winter the children were 
mother-taught or father-taught to read the Bible. It was the only 
book possessed by most families, and to be familiar with the Laws 
and the Prophets, the Gospels and the Epistles was a liberal educa- 
tion. Play-time was a sinful waste of daylight to these religion-awed, 
task-weary boys and girls. 

Some of the planters were college-bred men (their minister, Rev. 
Abraham Pierson, was a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge), and 
but few of them were untaught. They realized the importance of 
having their children, their sons especially, instructed in the rudi- 
ments. But after the stipend of eighty pounds was collected for the 
pastor there was no money to pay a schoolmaster, if these work-tired 
lads could be spared from farm labor. 

A sense of insecurity stayed with the planters, with their wives 
and children. The meeting-house was fortified against a sudden 
attack, and the men in the fields and the clearing went armed, and 
the "look-out" was a child that kept watch through the sowing and 
tilling and reaping, and while the fuel was cut for winter. They 
meant to keep faith with the tribes, and by fair dealing earned them- 
selves the after title of "The Doers of Justice." But constant nerve- 
trying, heart-trying vigilance went with their kindness to the savages. 
Intrusion could not be repulsed nor trespass punished. 

Carteret looked with disapproving suspicion on this friendly atti- 
tude with the Indians and remembered the ridiculous Bill of Sale. 
In buying the land outright from its natural owners, these Puritan 
planters might decline to pay the half penny per acre on their patents, 
which fell due on March 25th. When the time neared, a letter was 


sent to the Newarkers reminding tliem of their quit-rents to the pro- 
prietors. After an exciting town meeting, a dignified reply was 
returned to the Governor, "That they do hold and possess their Lands 
and Rights in the said Town, both Civil and Divine Rights as by 
their Legall purchase and Articles do shew. As for the payment of 
the half penny per acre for all our allotted Lands, according to our 
Articles and Interpretation of them, you assuring them to us. We are 
ready when the time comes to perform our Duty to the Lords and 
their assigns." 

It was decided at the town meeting "that Henry Lyon and others 
should take and receive every Man's Just Share and proportion of 
Wheat for his Land — the summer wheat at 4s. per Bus'l and the Winter 
wheat at 5s., according to the order and Time Perfixed to them to Bring 
it to Johnson's House before the day be over, or if they fail they are to 
double the quantity, which Corn the said Lyon and Johnson is tomor- 
row to Carry to Elizabeth Town, and made a tender Thereof to the 
Governor upon the account of the Lords Proprietors rent for the Land 
we make use of." 

Henry Lyon, Newark's first Treasurer, held the office for five con- 
secutive years, from 1668 to 1673. He was custodian of the public 
funds. It fell to him and Thomas Johnson, the first town constable, 
to receive the tax wheat of the planters, to measure each man's pro- 
portion as the sacks were emptied and to convey the wains to Elizabeth 
Town and deliver the grain to the Governor. There was exhilaration 
in the triumph of the first payment. But the public-spirit promptitude 
of the planters diminished considerably by the March of 1670, when 
at the Town Meeting preceding the 20th of that month, "It was agreed 
that Henry Lyon and Thos. Johnson shall goe to our Governor in 
Behalf of the Town, make a Tender to Him in Good Wheat of their 
Half Penny pr. Acre to Him for the Lords Proprietors, in like manner 
as they did the Last Years. Appointed in Case that he will Accept the 
same — that then they are fully empowered to give Notice by the 
Warners of the Town, for every one to Bring in his proportion of 
Corn to the Constable's House the Morning of the Day appointed by 
7 or 8 O'clk. That they may send it to their Governor, and take a 
discharge of Him for the same; and they are at least to Bring as 
Much as they did Last Year, and More if they see Cause.*" 

Under existing conditions Henry Lyon was a public slave rather 
than a public servant. Money was not expected in the settlement of 
debts and taxes. Produce stood for pence and pounds. To keep the 


records of the receipts and expenditures of a town of weights and 
measures was drudgery of mind and drudgery of body for the Town 

There were two rates in use, the minister's rate and the town 
rate. Mr. Pierson was to receive eighty pounds a year for his stipend, 
and a hundred and sixty pounds were required for the town expenses. 
One of the duties of the Constable was "to Collect and Gather up the 
Town Rate." Every planter was assessed according to the value of 
his estate. The expense of bringing their pastor from Connecticut had 
to be met, and Mr. Pierson's "living" assured. Then there was the 
rate "for the Payment of Every Man's Share of the Purchase." 
Where the coin was to come from must have perplexed every house- 
holder in Newark, abridged his sleep and made the discipline of denial 
the rule in every family there. 

Not one penny of the levy was for a salary for the treasurer or for 
any other town officer. Then, besides a lack of ad'equate emolument, 
there was the tyrannic supervision and comment of the town fathers, 
trying to the Scotch temper and Scotch pride of Henry Lyon. 

However, he was vested with a peculiar authority which made him 
one of the foremost at Newark. On September 10th, 1668, "It was 
agreed that Henry Lyon and others shall have the sole Power to 
hear every Man's reason for his or their Absence, Late Coming or dis- 
orderly departing or withdrawing from any of our Town Meetings, 
having Legall Warning thereto; and thereupon to Aquit them, or 
Return the names of them that they release not, but are by the order 
signed unto the Constable or such officer as the Town shall appoint 
to receive them, for the use of the said Town." To preserve propriety 
of speech and manner in the plantation assembly, and to visit personal 
wrath and personal penalty on the obstreperous Newark taxpayers 
gave the Treasurer a degree of despotic control over his fellow planters. 

In the third year of the New Jersey theocracy Mr. Camfield and 
Thomas Johnson were appointed as a "Committee to be adjoined to the 
Treasurer to heare and determine what and how much shall pass 
upon account of Men's demands for this year past. And it is to be 
agreed that all accounts before that hath not been allowed already shall 
not be admitted to account Hence Forth." Later another committee was 
formed "to make inquiry into the old Treasurer's Accounts, and what- 
they find to rectify if they can." 

"If any one stood indebted to the Town in the Treasurer's Book" 
beyond a certain number of days, that official was expected to inspect 


the smoke-house and barn of the delinquent planter to see if "he hath 
neither Meat nor Corn to pay." If there was neither bacon nor grain 
in store, then "the Treasurer should engage him in a Way to pay their 
Debt with Timber — but if they will not pay the reckon, then the 
Constable shall come with a Warrant to distract it." 

For five years Henry Lyon bore the heat and burden of the day as 
a public duty to the plantation he had helped to plant. He carried out 
the agreements of the Town Meeting with intelligent thoroughness, and 
his honesty was exact to the last kernel of the tax wheat. It was irk- 
some and arduous where there were planters who got behind-hand with 
their grain, and planters who had to be constable-compelled to bring 
in their proper proportion of the taxes. Such Newarkers as Mr. Jasper 
Crane, Thomas Huntington, Lieut. Samuel Swaine, Nathaniel Wheeler, 
Jonathan Sargeant, were prompt in their several tax obligations. But 
there were family-burdened widows, farmers who made but a half 
crop, and shiftless farmers who were many bushels short year after 
year. Furthermore, there were planters who must have disputed with 
the Treasurer over a shrinkage in quantity of their asserted full pro- 
portion of the rate, for in 1671 every man in the Passaic Plantation 
was compelled by a town meeting edict to bring his half bushel measure 
to Henry Lyon and Joseph Waters "to have them Tryed and Sealed 
when made fit with Mr. Crane's, which for the present is the Standard — 
they (Henry Lyon and Joseph Waters) shall have two pence per piece 
for sealing with the Small Town Brand, or N." 

This two pence was a poor compensation for wearisome days devoted 
to the common good of the community. Hard feeling had to be borne 
from those who would not pay and from those who could not pay. It 
took character to sustain a man under such difficult circumstances, the 
nicest tact or a dominant sternness. At any rate, Henry Lyon was 
chosen for his fitness from among the colonists of New Haven, Milford 
and Branford, for the same reason that he was made Keeper of the 
Ordinary. In the latter position, none but the most approved in any 
settlement was appointed to this authoritative responsibility. 

A mill and a church were built as indispensable edifices, one almost 
as necessary for the well-being of these Puritan folk as the other. 
As they increased in numbers and their limits extended, Robert Treat, 
who was their first Town Clerk, was directed to make an official record 
of all incorporated lands. The Treasurer was ordered "to do his best 
endeavor to procure a Book for the Records of the Lands." When 
and where Henry Lyon got it and what Newark paid for it is lost from 


local history, but if it took the best endeavor to secure it, books of 
this kind were not to be had in the Province of New Jersey. Doubtless 
it was imported from "home." At a Town Meeting July 5th, 1673, the 
following item became a matter of record: "Henry Lyon and others 
are chosen to agree with Mr. Delevall about Money to send a Mes- 
senger to England, and as they did agree with him, it should be 
paid by the Town." This very messenger may have brought over the 
"Book for the Records of the Lands;" if not some other trusty agent 
was dispatched on this errand by the Newark government. 

The Town Meeting planters depended on their Treasurer, expecting 
the miracle of whatsoever they required of him. His judgment must 
have been of great value. On March 30th, 1668-9, it was agreed that 
"the matter of Captain Bollen's Demands in his Letters shall be wholly 
referred and left with Mr. Camfleld, Swain, Henry Lyon, and Thomas 
Johnson, to act and do as they shall see Cause." 

Henry Lyon was Newark's first inn-keeper, too. The strangers 
within their gates were not all God-fearing men of peace. A stalwart 
presence was an outward visible importance for his second position. 
When it was recorded in the January of 1668 that "The Town hath 
chosen Henry Lyon to Keep an Ordinary for the entertainment of Trav- 
ellers and Strangers," and desired him to prepare for it as soon as he 
can, they might have added to the minutes of the meeting a brief 
summary of his especial qualifications for dealing with law-defying 
new-comers and keeping them in order. 

Hospitality had been imposed on, or it had its limits at Newark. 
It was to be a hostel "where they might be entertained so that it 
would not be necessary for the people to put themselves to the incon- 
venience of providing for the Comfort of those who were prospecting 
for a place for Settlement." 

Mistress Elizabeth Bateman Lyon must have sighed over the cares 
thrust upon her. The sanctity of her home was invaded and her young 
children were deprived of her watchful attention. But the helpmate 
of pioneer days was a selfless woman, not pampered with much cher- 
ishing, and her gravestone should have been marked, "She hath done 
what she could." 

Two years after Henry Lyon opened a public house, the "Town 
chose Thomas Johnson to keep an Ordinary in the town for the 
entertainment of strangers — prohibiting all others from selling any 
Strong Liquors by Retail under a gallon, unless in case of Necessity, 
and that by License from the Magistrate." 


It is certain that a money-making privilege once given to the 
Town Treasurer would not have been taken away from him in favor 
of the Town Constable. Wine may have been served as a table bever- 
age, but it is doubtful if brandy-drinking and rum-drinking went on in 
Henry Lyon's house. However, total abstinence was not a moral 
obligation with our God-serving ancestors, and there was no town ordi- 
nance against indulging in intoxicating drinks. Mr. Jasper Crane, a 
gentleman, the headship of the Passaic Pilgrims from Branford and 
New Haven, Treat's equal in importance in the community, the magis- 
trate of the town, destined to be president of the Town Court, and 
delegate time after time to the Provincial Assembly, was the next 
to profit by the sale of spiritous fluids. On February 28th, 1672, it 
became a part of the Newark records "that Mr. Jasper Crane having 
Liquors for six shillings a gallon, and one shilling and six pence a 
Quart, they paying wheat for it, hath Liberty to sell Liquors in the 
Town till the Country Orders alter it." Nothing was said in regard 
to selling in small quantities to be drank on the premises. 

It is to be presumed that the planters were temperate people, and 
the dram-drinking stranger was brought to decent moderation by the 
moral discrimination of Henry Lyon, Thomas Johnson and Mr. Jasper 

The contract to build the first church was awarded to Deacon 
Warde, Sargeant Richard Harrison and Edward Riggs, who bargained 
for the "sum of seventeen pounds to Build the same meeting-house 
36 feet square, with doors and windows, and Pine Boards at the Gable 
ends." But the money was not forthcoming and the sacred edifice 
was not begun before 1668. The floor was not laid till 1670, and in 
1678 the settlers agreed "that the meeting-house should be seated in 
convenient time for our Convenience and meeting together for God's 

Did that pious congregation, every Lord's Day from 1670 to 1678, 
remain standing through the hours-long sermon of Preacher Pierson, 
the gray-haired fathers and mothers in Israel, men that had toiled 
without ceasing the six week days through, mothers of nursing babies, 
care-aged little ones and youths and girls that hacked a consumption 
cough, an irritating interruption from the text to the long-deferred — 
"and finally?" 

Maybe Henry Lyon's eldest daughter, Mary, who married John 
Ward, Jr., was one of these girls with a hectic flush on her fair 
cheeks, for her days were not long. 


The little community had struggled on for ten years, when it was 
voted at a town meeting in 1676 that "the Town's Men have Liberty 
to see if they can find a competent number of scholars, and accommo- 
dations for a schoolmaster within our Town." Those to whom this 
important business was entrusted were Samuel Kitchell, John Ward, 
Samuel Plum, Thomas Huntington, Joseph Waters, Azariah Crane and 
William Camp. One of this colonial school board was an ancestor of 
the writer, and a feeling of pride goes with the knowledge that Thomas 
Huntington was connected with the first educational movement in "Our 
Towne on the Passaick." But it was 1677 when the village fathers 
voted that "the Town's Men have liberty to compleat the Bargain with 
the School Master. They knowing the Town's mind." 

One of themselves took charge of the school, John Catlin, probably 
a lawyer by profession, for he was town attorney for two years. He 
may have taught the three Rs. to pupils of various ages, in day classes 
and night classes, till he and his wife, Mary, in 1684, sold their home 
lot, Number 11, of the Branford allotment, to Henry Lyon, and 
removed to Deerfield, where Mrs. Catlin and her sons, Joseph and Jona- 
than, were killed in the assault of the French and Indians, Feb. 29th, 

None of Henry Lyon's children went to Catlin's school in that 
long-disappeared log bam, with a dirt fioor, to drone lessons in the 
common sing-song of shy maidens and bashful lads. Before the first 
term began the Lyon family had removed to Elizabeth Town, and 
shortly after the Dutch conquest Henry Lyon took the oath there, and 
rapidly became one of the leading men in political and commercial 

November 8th, 1675, he was a member of the General Assembly. 
February 4th, 1681, he was made one of the Judges of Small Causes. 
February 28th, 1681, he became a member of the Governor's Council. 
August 1st, 1681, he was appointed Justice of the Peace, which during 
the Colonial period was equivalent to that of Judge of the Supreme 
Court. December, 1682, he was appointed Commissioner to lay out 
and appoint all necessary highways, bridges, passages, landings and 
ferries for the County of Essex. November 26th, 1684, he was a 
Representative in the Council of the Governor. May 1st, 1686, his 
commission to the Judgeship. 

Furthermore he was one of the Town Associates and the fore- 
most in commercial enterprises. Scotch thrift, integrity and fore- 
eight had made his fortune. Besides having ISOi/g acres of land 


within, the limits of Newark, he owned 306 acres at Elizabeth Town. 
The ancestral habit of accumulating property was strong in him. 

*His house and home lot, containing 7 acres, was bounded east 
by Henry Morris, south by Hurr Thompson and north by a byway; 
also had 16 acres of upland adjoining the north site of his home lot, 
with Henry Morris on the east and Benjamin Parkhurst on the north; 
also 24 acres on the "Long Neck," a triangle between Benjamin 
Price, Sen., and Isaac Whitehead, Sen.; also 90 acres of upland "Lying 
by the Lyne of Elizabeth Town and Newark, having the boggy 
meadow on the east and unsurveyed land, the highway to Newark to 
go through it, since known as Lyon's Farms,f a part of the Borough of 
Elizabethtown; also 4 acres of meadow on the Elizabethtown creek; 
7 acres of boggy meadow on the "Cove"; 18 acres on the Bay, and 20 
acres on the creek, formerly old John Ogden's. March 13th, 1677-8, he 
purchased Vauquellin's house and grounds for £60. November, 1674, 
he purchased of John Martin, Captain Bollen's property. However, on 
May 1st, 1675, Henry Lyon and Elizabeth, his wife, of Elizabeth Town, 
sold to the Honorable Philip Carteret, Governor of the Provence of 
New Jersey, for a consideration of £30, a dwelling house formerly occu- 
pied in tenure of Captain James Bollen. 

The year before he had a peculiar transaction with Governor 
Carteret. "December 8th, 1674, Henry Lyon of Elizabeth Towne, Prov- 
ence of New Jersey, to Governor Philip Carteret of the same provence: 
A lease for four years of 2 acres of land within aforesaid towns. 
Consideration — said Henry Lyon to receive yearly 1,000 good and 
merchantable Bucks." 

A few years later we read that "in the 1699-1700 assignment of lots 
of 100 acres each, Henry Lyon received No. 174, Joseph No. 63, Natha- 
niel No. 95, Benjamin No. 84, and Ebenezer No. 66." 

Life must have been easier for Elizabeth Bateman Lyon than 
when she was mistress of Newark's first Ordinary. Servants were to 
be had, seventeenth century luxuries, and perhaps the London fashions. 
She lived to see her ambitious husband among the honored of the 

♦Hatfield's "History of Elizabethtown, New Jersey." 

tSubdivisions of the townships — "For a period of one hundred and 
twenty-eight years from the date of the original settlement the township 
remained undivided, the town laws and regulation and the authority of 
the magistracy extending over ^he whole area. At an early date, however, 
various hamlets and clusters of farm houses gradually sprang up in 
different localities. The facilities for navigation and the attraction of 
water privileges drew quite a number of early settlers to the banks of the 
Rahway River. Another group of planters, mostly of one family, gave 
the name to the neighborhood known as Lyons Farms." 


provence. Her older sons married early — courtships, weddings arid 
grandchildren were happy family happenings before her chair was 
put against the wall and the days went by without her. Violent grief 
was sinful self-indulgence to the Puritan way of thinking. The Scotch 
are stern-natured, and bear aflBiction with decorous resignation. The 
stricken husband was a church-going fatalist. Foreordination timed 
the last heart beat of every mortal and wrote the day and the hour with 
every name entered in the Life Book. 

His second marriage must have occurred in 1689 or 1690, for 
Mary and Dorcas, the second wife's daughters, were minors when their 
father wrote his will, 1702. No doubt she was a Newark woman and 
influenced her husband's return to the town he had helped to found. 
It was going home when he returned to the few remaining friends of 
the long ago, who had passed the fiftieth anniversary of their coming 
into the land the Lord God had given to His people of the New 
Haven colony. At Elizabeth Town his had been the largest subscrip- 
tion for the support of the pastor. Rev. Harriman. Nevertheless, he 
retained his church privileges at Newark, for July 24th, 1680, some 
years after his removal, it was voted "that Henry Lyon hath a right 
to, and shall have a seat in the meeting house, paying proportion, 
ably with his neighbors." 

He had fought the good fight from youth to age, and his time 
was shortening as a shadow when the noon nears. His first-born, 
Thomas, had died in 1694, and John had followed his elder brother. 
Nathaniel passed on in 1696. His fellow pilgrims, one by one, put out 
the candle of life to go to sleep, till but few were left of the comrades 
that climbed the hill of hope together. New friends are but favorite 
acquaintances. "Loving wife" Mary readily got her will. At Newark 
there were others of the long-gone who had New Haven, Branford 
and Milford recollections in common, and who could exchange mem- 
ories of Scotland and England. 

Great Britain had made some tremendous history since the three 
Lyon brothers took shipping for the New World. Cromwell had held 
thrall over the United Kingdom for nine years. The General of the 
Puritan hosts had broken the shackles of feudalism, and the emancipa- 
tion of all humanity had begun its slow progression toward liberty 
of conscience and liberty of speech. Charles II. had flittered away a 
regnal term of devil-delighting tyranny and profligacy. James II. had 
ended in the banishment and death of one who would be last of the 
Stuart dynasty. William of Orange and Mary had gone to their graves. 


Killiekrankie had shaken all Scotland. These remarkable epochs had 
left their imprint on human progress since the day those masked execu- 
tioners decapitated the King. The colonies had grown in numbers 
and riches and promise. There was easier breathing when William 
and Mary reigned, and since Anne was queen, but the espionage was 
felt as of old. These colonial yeomen who had been Roundhead 
soldiers were English subjects, and, as such, discretion became their 
tongues. But in private their voices were loosened and Naseby and 
Dumbar experiences, and what they knew of the secreting of Goffe 
and Whalley was recounted in excited whispers. It did not do to 
gossip of the Great Civil War and of the London culmination of the 
trial and execution of Charles Stuart. But in the sanctuary of home, 
Thomas and Richard and Henry Lyon told their children of how they 
had been soldiers in Cromwell's army; of how they were on guard 
before the scaffold at Whitehall and witnessed the regicide, and of 
their flight when the historical tragedy was consummated. 

This impressive tradition, and that the three brothers were Lyons 
of Glen Lyon in Perthshire, Scotland, is common to the broad-scattered 
descendants of Thomas, Richard and Henry Lyon. The Connecticut, 
the New York and the New Jersey branches have preserved the 
knowledge of their Scottish origin. 

General Nathaniel Lyon and Major Sidney S. Lyon, men of broad 
intelligence and flawless integrity, accepted these traditions. Their 
ancestors were Lyons of Glen Lyon, and the presence of Thomas, Rich- 
ard and Henry Lyon at the execution of Charles L was made authentic 
by oral transmission from father to son in the three direct lines, 
widely divided by time and place. Richard Lyon's great-great-great- 
grandson spoke for the traditions of the Fairfield Lyons. The descend- 
ants of Thomas Lyon of Westchester County, New York, gave their 
origin as Scottish to the historians, Baird and Bolton. James Lyon 
of Ohio brought these family traditions across the mountains when 
he came from Lyons Farms with his wife and children, 1791. Pride 
of birth was innate in his grandson, my father, a deep-in consciousness 
of race never mentioned save in some fire-lit talk when his thoughts 
reached back into the past, and he told his children of the three young 
Scots from Glen Lyon, and the part they played in the terrible drama 
of 1648. 

In his later Newark days, Henry Lyon must have related his Old 
World reminiscences to his two young children and his grandchildren, 
for the old grow confidential with the young, getting sympathy and 


comprehension from minds unoccupied with personal act and personal 

Benjamin' Lyon was ten years old when his venerable grandfather 
Henry Lyon, the emigrant, sicliened, put his temporal and spiritual 
affairs in order, then died. Benjamin' Lyon was the grandfather of 
James' Lyon of Ohio. There is no break in the transmission of the 
tradition that gave the nationality of Thomas, Richard and Henry 
Lyon and their connection with the regicide. 

Henry Lyon had lived two separate and eventful lives, but his 
years were not much beyond the allotted time of man when Elizabeth- 
town and Newark were called upon to mourn for one who had been 
a leader among them since the landing of the colony from Connecticut 
in 1666. 

Biblical longevity was not unusual for an iron constitution that 
had withstood the toil and troubles of pioneer young manhood. If he 
was twenty-five when he appeared at Milford in 1648, he was not 
yet eighty when Elizabethtown and Newark assembled to do honor 
to the dead. One of the mighty had fallen. The long eulogistic 
sermon above this coffin, and the interment in the old burying ground 
of the founders of Newark must have been remembered as a local 
happening of impressive importance. But of the many that followed 
Robert Treat and Jasper Crane to plant "our Towne upon the Pas- 
eayak" there is none whose grave can be located but that of my 
ancestor, Nathaniel Wheeler, of the Milford colonists, in the ancient 
Presbyterian cemetery in Orange. God's acre at Newark was "vacated," 
and the time-worn stones that marked the last resting-place of the his- 
toric dead removed and destroyed. 

The "Lyon Memorial" will be a lasting monument to Henry Lyon 
of Milford, Thomas and Richard Lyon of Fairfield, and their kindred: 
William Lyon of Roxbury, Peter Lyon and George Lyon of Dorchester, 
and of every descendant of these "first-comers" enrolled in this book. 

Of Henry Lyon's personality nothing is known. His life describes 
the man as one of physical and mental vigor, and one of physical 
and moral bravery. He was of "good understanding and memory" 
when he wrote his will — here given in full, that his posterity may know 
him through his own words: 

"Whereas I, Henry Lyon, Senior of Newark, in ye provence of 
East New Jersey being weak in body yet of good understanding and 
memory — Do make this my Last Will & Testament (hereby making 


all other wills and testaments at any time by mo made voyd and null) 
in manner and form following: 

"first, I bequeath my Soul into ye hands of Almighty God hoping 
for Salvation from ye Riches of his grace by ye atonement of Jesus 
Christ & through faith in his blood. Also I commit my body to the 
Earth Decently to be buried & there to Rest untill the Resurrection 
of ye Just. And for my Worldly Estate bothe Real & personal I dis- 
pose of as followeth — 

"Imprimis: I will & bequeath to my Loving Wife Mary Lyon 
Eighty pounds & I give unto my two Daughters Dorcas & Mary Lyon 
to each of them Eighty pounds & also my will is yt my house & other 
buildings & Land & Meadow in Newark shall be kept for ye bringing up 
of my Daughters Dorcas & Mary Lyon untill they be eighteen years 
of age & Also my will is yt my wife Mary Lyon & my Daughters 
Dorcas & Mary Lyon shall pay unto my four sons (viz.) Samll Lyon, 
Joseph Lyon, Benjamin Lyon and Ebenezer Lyon twenty pounds out 
of my living in Newark when my Daughters Dorcas & Mary Lyon shall 
be eighteen years of age, & if my wife Mary Lyon do leave this house 
then my two Daughters afore'sd shall repay unto my wife what she 
payd of ye sd twenty pounds unto my four sons afore'sd. 2ndly, My 
will is & I do will & bequeath unto my two Daughters Dorcas & 
Mary Lyon to them their heirs & assigns for Ever my house Land & 
Meadow in Newark after my wife's decease. 

Srdly My will is yt if any one of my Daughters Dorcas or Mary 
Lyon shall dy before they come of age to enjoy ye aforesd Legacy of 
Eighty pounds & other things belonging to them my will is yt ye sur- 
viving Daughter shall enjoy it. 

4thly I will & bequeath to my Grandchild John Ward twenty 
•hillings, unto my Daughter Elizabeth Lyon relect of my son Thomas, 
to her & her children twenty shillings. Also I give to my Daughter 
Mary Lyon, Alias Potter, Relect of my son Nathaniel Lyon to her & 
her children five shillings. 

5thly My will is & I do will & bequeath unto my son Samuel 
Lyon a double portion of ye twentie pounds yt to be payd out of this 
my living in Newark. 

6thly My will is & I do will & bequeath to my Grand-Children 
Mary & Elizabeth Lyon Daughters of my son Nathaniel Lyon of Eliza- 
bethtown, to them & their heirs & assigns for Ever a certain piece 
or parcell of upland in Elizabethtown at my farm being in length 


forty rodds & in breadth twenty rodds containing five acres to be more 
or less bounded by a highway S. East; S. West by Nathaniel Lyon's 
land partly & partly by ye orchard & N. E. by Joseph Lyon as also one 
half of my orchard it is now already divided by Estimation being one 
acre & one rodd be it more or less bounded N. West by Joseph Lyon 
& S. West by highway & S. East by Nathaniel Lyon & N. Eas€ by 
Sd five acres aforesd & I give my son Joseph Lyon of Elizabeth- 
town to him & his heirs & assigns for Ever free Egres & Regres 
into ye well of water in Sd Land and I give unto my Grand Children 
aforesd ye Daughters of my son Nathaniel Lyon a piece of meadow by 
ye bound Creek. Beginning at a stake standing by said Creek from 
thence running South West to ye upland to a stake. Thence along ye 
upland thirty two rodds to a stake, from thence Bast half a point 
Northerly to sd bound Creek, bounded N. West & S. East by Benjamin 
Lyon, N. East by ye bound Creek, South West by Joseph Lyon and 
one more acre of meadow beginning at a stake by ye bound Creek 
from thence running twelve rodds Southerly from ye stake running 
fourteen rodds Easterly from thence to ye bound Creek to ye first 
mentioned place and if there be any crop of corn or grain upon ye 
land at my decease my will is yt it shall return unto my wife, she 
paying rent for ye land after my decease. 

7th My will is yt funerall charges just debts being payd & also all 
those Legacye's before named yt then a true estimation being made of 
ye Remainder of my estate my will is yt my wife Mary Lyon, my sons 
Samll Lyon, Joseph Lyon, Benjamin Lyon, Ebenezer Lyon & my 
Daughters Dorcas Lyon & Mary Lyon shall have each of them an 
equal part. 

Sly My will is yt my Loving wife Mary Lyon shall be sole executrix 
of this my Last will & Testament. 

91y My will is & do desire my loving friend Mr. John Treat & 
my son Benjamin Lyon to be overseers of this my Last Will & testa- 
ment & I desire them to be assistants to my wife in gathering any 
debts also in paying debts where they are justly due. dated this 
ninth day of February, 1702 alias 3 and in ye first year of ye Reign 
of our Sovereign Lady Anne &c Queen &c. 



Signed & sealed in ye presence of us 

Joseph Johnson, Abraham Pierson, Zopher Beach. 

Zopher Beach & Abraham Pierson, two of ye subscribing witnesses 
to ye wthin written Instrument came before me underwritten dele- 
gated for taking the probate of all Last Wills & testaments wthin 
ye sd province of East New Jersey & did Solemnly depose upon ye holy 
Evangelists of Almighty God yt they did see wthin named Henry 
Lyon sign seal & publish & declare ye wthin written Instrument to be 
his Last Will & Testament & yt he was of sound mind & memory. 
Jurat nono die aprilis Anno Dom. 1703. Coram me, 

Thomas Gordon (Ex.) 
Liber H. of Deeds, folio 140 &c. 
Office of Sec. of State, Trenton, New Jersey. 

Certified Copy made by me. 

1904. Anna M. North, Genealogist. 

"Loving friend, Mr. John Treat," was the son of the Captain of 
the Milford Company. In 1672, Robert Treat returned to New England, 
but was not dismissed from the Church of Christ at Newark to Milford 
Church till 1675. May 11th, 1665, he was commissioned Captain of the 
Milford Militia, and in King Philip's War, was Commander-in-Chief of 
the Connecticut Troops. 

In 1676 he was Deputy Governor, and in 1683 he was Governor 
of Connecticut and served in that capacity for fifteen years. His son, 
John Treat, Esq., was "a Justice to Keep the Peace in the County 
of Essex." 

In 1709 he was Representative of Essex in the Assembly when one 
qualification was 1,000 acres of land and £500 in personal estate. 

Of the witnesses of the will, Zopher Beach was of the second 
emigration, but Joseph Johnson (he beat the drum, morning and 
evening in the town in 1688) was the son of Constable Thomas Johnson 
who helped to measure the half bushels of tax wheat when Henry Lyon 
was first town Treasurer of Newark. Abraham Pierson was the 
grandson of the Rev. Abraham Pierson, the beloved pastor, who, with 
Jasper Crane, brought the Branford families to the Passaic settle- 

Loving wife Mary, must have been as a beloved and dutiful 
daughter to her husband in the time of his infirmity. But while he 
waited for the Christ, the other, the wife of his youth, was the 
thought in his heart. He was back in Fairfield days in his Passaic 


Plantation days with Elizabeth Bateman, sonl of his soul, strong of 
courage, strong of faith, all truth, all goodness. We, her sons and 
daughters of today may have inherited some of her finest qualities, as 
our best deeds be prompted by the never-dying characteristics of our 
fore-mother, this Colonial gentlewoman, just as our family strength of 
purpose, moral uprightness and religious tendency are heritages from 
that tried and true Scot of Glen Lyon, our fore-father, Henry Lyon of 


The "Octagon" in Clerksville, near Jeffersonville, Indiana. 
December, 1904. 

























Midway between the cities of Elizabeth and Newark, the two oldest 
English settlements in New Jersey, lies a small hamlet of nearly equal 
age, which for more than two hundred years has had 

"a name of its own 

and a certain use in the world no doubt" 

Lyons Farms, so named from Henry Lyon and his sons, whose 
plantations, acquired by initial associate rights or by early purchase, 
covered the greater part of this area. In early history, in manners 
and customs and civic life, Lyons Farms simply formed a part of the 
larger communities on whose overlapping borders it was situate. 
Having access to the sea and the world of trade only through the 
towns, it has remained true to its name, an agricultural community, 
scarcely doubling its population, while year after year its sons have 
gone forth, some into the cities, more as pioneers and up-builders of 
the West. Bonds, Meekers, and Lyons were the first settlers. They 
and their fellows were of Puritan stock; men of sturdy character, 
of strict principles, broadly intelligent, and God-fearing. Their com- 
munal ideal was a theocracy, administered by the democratic town- 
meeting. Lyons Farms was a bit of transplanted New England, and 
long remained true to type. 

The tract East of the trap ridge of the Orange Mt. is a drift deposit 
of shale, gravel, sand and yellow clay. Towards Elizabeth the land 
slopes gradually to sea-level, forming "the plain." Nearer Newark 
the drop is more abrupt with steep, rounded hills, with gullies and 
depressions, some having no outlet, all formed by the swirling waters 
of a geologic era. In some of these pockets the vegetable matter accu- 
mulating through the ages has found the right conditions for con- 
version into peat. Lyons Farms has several acres of peat bog or "turf 
meadow," mostly on a Lyon tract. In the first part of last century, 
apprehensive of the exhaustion of the wood supply, the people of this 
section dug turf, burning this rather smoky fuel in their "ten plate 
stoves." Eastward of Lyons Farms lay the great marsh, a mile long, 
known from earliest times as the Cove, with its sluggish stream, the 


upper waters of Bound Creek (all now converted into a beautiful lake) ; 
a neck of low upland, and then the broad salt marshes to Newark 

On Sunday, Sept, 6th, 1609, a boat's crew from Henry Hudson's 
Half Moon, anchored at Sandy Hook, passed through the Narrows and 
thence West through the kill into the broad but shallow waters of 
Newark Bay, manifestly not the sought for passage to the Pacific. 
From the forest girt and sedgy shores came "very sweet smells," 
uncontaminate of factory smoke and oil refineries; and westward 
across the wide stretch of salt meadows their eyes rested on the fair 
hills of Newark and Lyons Farms. 

Fifty years passed before a settlement was made in this Achter 
Kol, rear bay region. Negotiations between certain English of Long 
Island and the Dutch were held up by Gov. Stuyvesant's unwilling- 
ness to concede the full measure of local self-government demanded. 
When in 1664 the English supplanted the Dutch, Gov. Nicolls favored 
the enterprise, giving all desired assurances. At once representatives 
of the new colony met certain Indian sagamores on Staten Island, 
and purchased from them a large rectangular tract, bounded South by 
the Raritan River, East by the Sound and the Bay as far North as 
"the first river which setts westward,*" and to run inland for a dis- 
tance double the length of its East or shore line. Entry was made 
that same Autumn, a settlement effected the following year, and on 
Feb. 19, 1665 (i. e. 1666 N. S.) we have an official list of 65 men taking 
the formal allegiance oath at Elizabeth, out of the "80 Associates" con- 

The original house-lots, of six acres each, formed a cluster on 
either side of the Elizabeth River at the head of tide and of sloop 
navigation three miles from its mouth. In the common land each 
Associate held rights amounting to a single, a double, or a triple share, 
«.nd he received an allotment accordingly when the successive par- 
titions were made. The house lots stopped at Brackett's Brook (now 
vanished), where Salem Ave. forks from the Newark road, the "North 
End." Beyond this, between the road and the river on the West 
the stretch of level land was long held as a "Common." Further 
North, in the Lyons Farms region there were several early allotments. 

The success and prospects of the Elizabeth Colony at once led 
to the planting of a second and a third town. North and South. The 

•Named the Pechclesse (Passaic) in Heermans' earlier similar but 
•bortive concession. 


original settlers were not grasping of land; they had more than they 
needed, and they were eager for neighbors in the wilderness, but 
neighbors who should live in separate communities, self-contained and 
self-governing like themselves. Hence in 1666, with full welcome by 
the Elizabeth people there came into the Passaic, a body of settlers, 
some of them old neighbors and friends, expecting to take possession 
of the land on the basis of the Elizabethtown purchase. The local 
Indians denied any sale. Indian titles were largely factitious, and the 
original Chiefs had doubtless sold more than they had any power to 
convey. The Newark people were constrained to make a new formal 
purchase with the customary ankers of rum, lead, gunpowder, and 
wampum. The same year the Elizabethtown people sold the tract 
South of the Rahway River to a company from Massachusetts, settling 
the town of Woodbridge. These too later found it expedient to make 
further Indian payment to secure peaceful control of the Western part 
of their tract. Indian purchase quieted the natives; the significant 
title lay in the confirmation and grant of the first large tract by Gov. 
Nicolls, acting for the Duke of York, the King's Concessionary. 

Meanwhile the Duke had already himself conveyed away the terri- 
tory between the Hudson and the Delaware to Lords Berkeley and 
George Carteret, to be called henceforth New Jersey, after Carteret's 
native isle. In 1665, Captain Philip Carteret came out as Governor, 
and finding an accomplished grant, Indian sale, and settlement, with- 
out questioning its validity, he proceeded to purchase for himself 
Associate rights. The Lords divided their ownership into twenty-four 
"proprieties," which were soon sub-divided and were transferred like 
stock. Hence there was a double claim to ownership, — the source of 
century long friction and legal strife, extinguished at last only by the 
Revolution, the long land quarrel having had much to do with arousing 
a spirit of antagonism and alienation in this middle colony. The Propri- 
etary Government very soon demanded that those already settled should 
obtain patents for their lands from them, pay a trifling but significant 
annual quit-rent as fee-farmers, and so relinquish all claim to further 
land-partition, and hereafter purchase of the Proprietors. Wood- 
bridge submitted (1669), and Newark with reluctance (1675); Eliza- 
beth stubbornly resisted, took out patents only under threats of con- 
fiscation (1676) and never relinquished her claims to the undivided 
lands of the original purchase. There was dispute as to how far on 
the Bay Elizabeth's purchase really extended, this affecting the reach 
of her inland claim; dispute also as to the position and direction of 


the Elizabeth-Newark partition line. The tidal creek, called by tha 
Indians Weequahick, extending Westward to the upland and there 
issuing from the Cove, formed a natural boundary; and ever since 
Newark's settlement has been Bound Creek.* 

The Newark people in their Indian deed described the South 
bound of their purchase as Bound Creek "io f7ie head of the Gove," 
thence West to the foot of the mountain, the point aimed at being the 
mountain end, a course nearer Northwest. The description covered 
more than the Elizabeth people were willing to concede; in fact, they 
had already apportioned some land above such a line. Accordingly 
.we find commissioners appointed from each town, who amicably fixed 
upon a "little round hill" nearer the Northern end of the Cove, in 
line with the general course of Bound Creek in the meadows, to be 
forever the pillar of partition, the line to run thence Northwest to the 
mountain. (May 20th, 1668). This "Divident Hill," consecrated by 
prayer, we are told, is easily identified today; and on a strict North- 
west line from it is now a road, Lyons Ave., long ago opened on the 
"line," which is mentioned as a boundary of the lands on either side 
in patents of 1676. The position of the hill in relation to the Cove is 
clearly described also in the affidavit of an aged man in 1741 (Et. Bill). 
This determination of the line was duly entered in the town Records 
(Nk. Rec. p. 10). Oral tradition stated that there was an understand- 
ing that the Elizabeth people should assist those of Newark in acquir- 
ing the Neck between the Passaic and Hackinsack Rivers as a species of 
compensation. This project failing, Newark pressed her original claim 
(1675), and from that time down to 1754 there are notices of no less 
than seven attempts to settle the boundary. As late as the land 
partition of 1699, Elizabeth disposed of land adjacent to the old line 
at the mountain. Newark finally secured from the government in 
her town Charter of 1713 the coveted line, starting from "an oak 
tree in Joseph Lyon's field, above the head of the Cove." This 
point, later mistakenly associated with "Divident Hill," is recog- 
nized in the creation of Union Township out of Elizabeth in 1808. 
When Union County was set off from Essex in 1857, Essex retained a 
tract East of the Cove which was originally no part of Newark; while 
to the Westward the old town line of tradition was rehabilitated. 
The points assumed, however, whether from mistaken data or as 
representing some early compromise, produced a zig-zag. An effort by 

*It may be here recorded that In the early part of the last century 
this creek was navigable for "pettiaugers" with freight quite up to the 


Essex County twenty years ago to rectify the frontier failed, the 
courts confirming the de facto line of 1857. See map. 

The Lyon tracts lay largely in and near this zone of dispute. 
Most of the lands of Henry Lyon and his sons can be identified. 
Patient research could locate nearly all. The obstacles are the loss 
of Elizabeth's first town book in 1719, the disappearance of Liber A 
of Essex deeds, and the fact that many early deeds were left unre- 

Henry Lyon's Newark house lot was between Washington and 
High Streets, North of Kinney; in Elizabeth (1673-1700) his lot was 
on the Newark road near the "North End," and in that section he had 
several small farm tracts. Ebenezer had lands there, as well as some 
toward Rahway. Capt. David Lyon, 1745-1802, lived at the North End. 
John, Joseph, and Nathaniel in 1683 were living in Lyons Farms. 
In Elizabeth's bold partition of lands in 1699-1700, Henry, with his 
sons Benjamin, Ebenezer, Joseph, and Nathaniel, all appear as Eliza- 
bethtown Associates and receive 100 acres each: Henry, on the old 
line, West of Irvington; Benjamin on site of Fanwood; Ebenezer, 
center of Westfield; Joseph, a mile West of him; Nathaniel, a mil© 
Southeast of Netherwood. Besides the plantations indicated on the 
map, the Lyons had lands on Clinton Place and beyond Several tracts 
in the "Swamp," a mile or two Northwest. The patents from the 
Proprietors, now the earliest record, are for the first tracts of later 
date than the real acquisition. 

Lyons Farms was long famous for its apples. An orchard is 
mentioned in Henry Lyon's will (1702). Down to 1850 the crops were 
abundant and the several mills found ready market for cider and 
vinegar. Latterly on the original Henry Lyon tract the Wards have 
had notable success with pear culture. 

Before the days of machine-made footwear, the making of shoes 
was carried on by bodies of journeymen in small places. At Lyons 
Farms, among others, Benjamin' Lyon and his brother Abraham had 
large shops for shoe manufacture. In certain gardens today, are to 
be found the remains of the scrap heaps, not wholly decayed after a 



ACCD Samuel Lyon 65A pat. 1673. 

AFED Henry Lyon 65A pat. 1673. 

GHIK Henry Lyon "lOOA" (125) pat. 1676 

LNOP Henry Lyon 90A pat. 1676. 

Land at QRSVU is traced from Benjamin^ Lyon (No. 8) [possibly], 
to Benjamin* (No. 40), to Benjamin* (No. 94), by will in 1758 to Ben- 
jamin" (No. 382). Later it passed to Ichabod Grumman, whose wife 
Bethia is thought to have been a daughter of Ebenezer- Lyon (No. 9). 
At the death of Ichabod Grumman, Jr., in 1794, the tract was repur- 
chased by Benjamin" Lyon, who sold parts: Q, David" Lyon (No. 306); 
R, Amos" (No. 311); SV, the homestead of Benjamin" later passing 
to his sons, Benjamin' (No. 559) and Abraham'. LP was of Aaron 
Grumman, wife Abigail" Lyon (No. 317). 

Bl and B2 were early Bond Tracts; M, an original Meeker Tract. 
In 1742 X and Y belonged to Joseph* (No. 32) and Benjamin* (No. 40) 
Lyon; W, to Nathaniel Thompson, and D2 to Thomas and Daniel 
Thompson, whose mother was a daughter of NathanieP Lyon (No. 6); 
M2, M3, was of Daniel Meeker (1742). Sayres (intermarried with 
Lyons) also had lands in that region; and there were Browns and 
Chandlers west of the old road. Zl, Z2, land of Moses' Lyon (No. 
100). TTT, turf pits. Evergreen Cemetery now covers M2, Z2 and 
most of D2. 

1. Baptist Church. 

2. Old Stone School House. 

3. Presbyterian Church. 

4. Elder Joseph Lyon. 

5. Old Meeker (Grumman) House. See illustration. 

6. Old house site on Benjamin Lyon tract. 

7. Old Chandler house. 

8. Lehigh Valley Railroad Station. 

9. The "Corner," Village Centre. 


Wagon and carriage making has been steadily carried on in a 
modest way, a century ago by the Thompsons (Lyon descent), and 
since by the Williamsons (mother a Lyon). 

In the days of stage coach travel, one of the chief lines. New 
York to Philadelphia (about 1780) oddly had its headquarters off the 
main road on a Lyon farm (6) then occupied by the proprietor, Ichabod 
Grumman, Jr. There are traditions of the fifty horses kept there, of 
his coaches (springless wagons) named the Swift Sure and the 
Speed Well, and an old stage book is preserved. The starting point 
was at first Elizabeth, reached from New York by ferry to the Point; 
later the route was from Paulus Hook (Jersey City) via Newark. 

The earliest school at Lyons Farms was one taught by Mrs. 
Hannah (Bruen) Grumman on the same old place (6). In 1784 Joseph 
Lyon deeded to trustees the Southeast corner of the Henry Lyon 
plantation (2) for a school. Here was built — from one great boulder, 
tradition has it — the Stone School House; an interesting relic with its 
worn door step, its pine desks rudely carved and stained only by the 
umber of human contact, still standing beside its loftier modern 

"Three-story larnin's pop'lar now; I guess 
We thriv ez wal on jes' two stories less." 

The "Old Red Schoolhouse" on another Lyon tract (at P) in a 
niche by the roadside, was more recent, itself displaced in 1873 by 
Hillside Hall on another site. 

In church life the people of Lyons Farms were connected with the 
old church at Elizabeth, at first independent and later Presbyterian; 
and in the graveyard surrounding it, most of the early generations 
rest. Henry Lyon, in a list of 1694, is seen to have made the largest 
single contribution to the minister's support, and his grandson, Joseph, 
was long an honored elder, followed by his son Joseph. 

In 1769 a Baptist Society was formed at the Farms. Among its 
twelve founders the first name is Ezekiel Crane (grandson of Joseph 
Lyon) with his wife Abigail (daughter of Nath'l Baldwin) ; the second 
name Ichabod Grumman, the sole deacon up to 1785, whose deceased 
wife had been Bethia, nee Lyon) ; Joseph Meeker, and Mary Meeker. 
The first building on the present site was begun in 1792. 

The churchyard has not a few graves, dating some of them before 
1800. Rev. Peter Bryant, an Englishman, was one of the notable 
early pastors (1792-1807). His admirably kept church records furnish 
valuable historical material. 


The Presbyterian Church at the Farms was dedicated in 1849. 
The long pastorate of Rev. George C. Pollock, 1864-1882, is remembered 
with special affection. 

Evergreen Cemetery, incorporated in 1853, and since enlarged 
to about 100 acres, occupies largely Lyon lands (Benjamin^ and 
Moses*, Northeast and Southeast) ; a well kept and beautiful city 
of the dead. 

Lyons Farms was made a post oflBce in 1854; Alexander McKirgan 
was the first Postmaster. His wife was Julia Lyon [Zopher^]. 

Lyons Farms has some Revolutionary traditions: of a surprise 
of British oflBcers in the old Meeker house (5) ; of men who saw service, 
and of some — as Tappan° Lyon — who died in the prison ship pest 
hole. Ichabod Grumman, Jr., was an enlisted Express Rider. A clear 
tradition has come down that he brought from Philadelphia North, the 
first news of Cornwallis' surrender, in mad gallop "riding one horse 
all the way." The visit of Lafayette fifty years later (1825) was long 
remembered, his passing down the old highway escorted by the light 
horse, among them several Lyons Farms men. Old Lyons Farms long 
had its Militia and its training days. A number served in the War 
of 1812; among them Moses Thompson and S. R. Winans. Men now 
living can recall how no Fourth of July picnic was complete without 
Col. William Brown on his prancing horse, in full uniform aglitter 
with brass. In the Civil War a dozen men enlisted, among them 
Wm. Lyon and Wm. Winans (whose mother was Mary Lyon, daughter 
of David", Samuel*). 

Lyons Farms, for a small place, has had a creditable number of 
college bred and professional men: beginning with Joseph Lyon, who 
graduated at Princeton in 1763, afterward reading theology; three min- 
isters — one. Rev. Lewis Bond (1795-1885) for thirty years a pastor at 
Plainfield, New Jersey; more recently, four physicians, Dr. Joseph 
Ward, J. E. Winans, J. C. Johnson, Wm. Ward; several college trained 
teachers, as S. R. Winans, Jr., Professor of Greek at Princeton, Wm. E. 
Pollison, H. L. Winans, Masters in important schools. William and 
Joseph Grumman were expert surveyors— the latter an inventor of 
improvements in surveyors' chains, and City Surveyor of Brooklyn 
when he enlisted in the Civil War to fall in battle. Chancellor 0. S. 
Halsted lived his later life in Lyons Farms. The village seems to have 
produced no lawyers. It did have however representatives of the old 
time ideal type of country Justice; who wrote the deeds and wills, 
settled the estates, was referee and arbitrator, served his neighbors 


iu countless minor offices, trusted and honored. Such was Squire 
David Lyon (1760-1845); and such his friend and successor, Squire 
Samuel R. Winans, who died in 1887 in his 91st year. He was twice 
in the Legislature, held many offices, and settled some forty estates. 
Governor Franklin C. Murphy's paternal grandmother was a daughter 
of Benjamin^ Lyon, born in Lyons Farms at (6). Rev. James Lyon 
should probably be credited to Lyons Farms: graduated at Princeton 
in 1759; poet, musician and notable preacher; he died in 1794, at 
Machias, Me. 

Lyons Farms has a few interesting relics of the past: old bound- 
aries unshifted since the 17th century surveys, old house sites and 
old wells, like that at (6), deep and cavernous, with a huge native 
stone for a cap, belonging to the earliest period. A Chandler house 
preserved as a relic (7) is over a century old; while the old Meeker 
house (5), still used, is something rare. It shows three parts, one 
having the extended roof slope on the North and low stone wall, 
forming the ancient cool, above-ground, store-room; its original cedar 
shingle siding is weathered thin and feathery; an excellent type, 
among few remaining, of the houses built at the first settlement, 
before 1700. 

Old Lyons Farms is passing. The main line of the Lehigh Rail- 
road bisects the village, and electric tram-cars shuttle through its 
ancient highway. Newark's city limits now come down to the County 
line. When ere long Elizabeth's city bounds are extended North a 
little, the village will be swallowed up, and the historic name, which 
has persisted so long against cheap modern substitutes proposed, will 
be of the past. Here will be an attractive residence quarter for 
those whose business is in the great metropolis. The place has had 
simple annals, a clean record, and has generated worthy sons. It has 
always had mosquitoes, but tolerated no saloons. Newark, in develop- 
ing her magnificent park system has converted the old Cove marsh into 
a lake, and is bringing out the natural beauties of the rugged hills and 
glens at the Cove Eead, once Lyon land. 

Possibly some prospered son of the name may some day here place 
a memorial to Henry Lyon, the pioneer and patriarch of a far-spread 
and not unworthy race. S. R. WINANS. 


There is reproduced below the signature of the will of Samuel 
Winans, Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co., New Jersey, dated June 13, 
1744, interesting to readers of the Lyon Memorial because of the 
accompanying seal. The impression is in red wax, beautifully sharp, 
enlarged somewhat in the reproduction. Without question it is an 
ancient Lyon seal. Samuel Winans was a brother-in-law of Ebenezer* 
Lyon of Lyons Farms. Benjamin Bounel, who seems to have perma- 
nently borrowed this seal, was one of the witnesses of Samuel Winan's 
will. He wrote wills and used the Lyon crest several times. The 
early scrivener stuck on his own seal, or any other, till after the second 
generation, when paper seals came in. This lion rampant may well 
have been taken from the earliest recorded Lyon arms, those which 
Baron John exhibited at the tournament at Duncastle 1314. "Monsr. 
John de Lyonnes arms d'argent un lyon rampant de goules." 

i^-^*^^^^^0$U^rta^ .^fej 



Family History compiled by Sidney Elizabeth Lyon. 

HENRY LYON, one of the Lyons of Glen Lyon In Perthshire, 
Scotland, came to the Colonies with his two brothers, Thomas and 
Richard Lyon, in 1648. These three Scotch soldiers in Cromwell's 
army were on guard before the Banqueting House at Whitehall, Jan. 
31, 1648, and witnessed the execution of King Charles L Immedi- 
ately after the regicide, they fled to America. Henry Lyon went to 
Milford, Conn., where he is first on record, Feb. 24, 1649, when he was 
admitted to Milford Church. He married in 1652, Elizabeth, daughter 
of William Bateman, of Fairfield, Conn., and was granted a home lot 
there. May 28, 1654, he was dismissed from Fairfield to Milford 
Church. In 1666 he came to Newarli, N. J., as one of its founders, 
with the Milford Colonists. 

At Newark he was the first Treasurer and first Keeper of the 
Ordinary. In 1673-4 he removed to Elizabethtown, where he was a 
large land owner and a merchant of extensive interests. Nov. 5, 
1675, he was a Member of the General Assembly. August 11, 1681 
he was appointed Justice of the Peace, in the Colonial period equiva- 
lent to Judge of the Supreme Court. February 4, 1861, he was Judge of 
the Small Causes; February 28, 1681, a Member of the Governor's 
Council; December, 1682, Commissioner; November 26, 1684, Repre- 
sentative in the Council of the Governor, etc., etc. Among his lands 
was 100 acres of upland, since known as Lyons Farms. He married 

a second wife, Mary — ~ , about 1689-90. Returned to Newark, 

1696, and died there in 1703. 

Children of Henry and Elizabeth (Bateman) Lyon: 

•2. I. Thomas; b. 1652-3, Fairfield, Conn. 

*3. II. Mary; b. 1654-5, Fairfield, Conn. 

•4. III. Samuel; b. 1655-6, Fairfield, Conn. 

*S. IV. Joseph; b. 1658-60, Fairfield, Conn. 

•6. V. Nathaniel; b. 1663-4, Fairfield, Conn. 

♦7. VI. John; b. 1G65-6, Fairfield, Conn. 

•8. VII. Benjamin; b. 1668. Newark, N. J. 

•9. VIII. Ebenezer; b. 1670, Newark, N. J. 

Children of Henry and Mary ( ) Lyon: 


10. IX. Mary; b. 1690-91, EUzabethfown, N. J. 

11. X. Dorcas; b. 1692-3, Elizabethtown, N. J. 

No record has been found of the descendants of Mary and Dorcas, who were 
minors in 1703. 

2. II. 1. THOMAS2 LYON [Henryi] was born in Fairfield, 
Conn, about 1652-3. When he took the oath at Elizabethtown in 1673, 
he was twenty years of age. On Oct. 30, 1666, he signed the "funda- 
mental agreement" with the men of the Branford Colony, and re- 
ceived home lot No. 23, in the land division of Newark. In 1688-9 
he had a deed from Henry Lyon of Elizabethtown for "house lot 
where Thomas Lyon now lives, and upland." He married Elizabeth 

. His death occurred in the fall of 1694, and he died intestate. 

On Nov. 21, 1694, an inventory was made of the estate of Thomas 
Lyon, of Essex County, deceased (personal estate, £43 3s. 9d.) and 
on Jan. 29, 1694-5, Elizabeth Lyon, widow of Thomas, took out letters 
of administration. She died April 2, 1717. Her will was dated 
April 2, 1717 and probated March 31, 1729. It mentions children: 
Thomas, Isaac, Penelope wife of Thomas Thompson, Elizabeth and 
Annas; home lot of five acres on the highway adjoining Zopher Beach; 
six acres of meadow between Williani Camp, Mathew Camfield, 
Joseph Johnson, George Day and Nathan Foster. Executors: John 
Cooper and daughters Elizabeth and Annas. Witnesses: Thomas 
Warne, Thomas Gordon, Mary Warne, Jannet Gordon and Dan'l 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth ( ) Lyon: 

•12. I. Isaac; b. 1691. 
*13. II. Thomas; b. 1692. 

14. III. Annas; m. Mills. 

15. IV. Penelope; m. Thomas Thompson. 

16. V. Elizabeth; unm. ; will, 1731, names brothers Thomas, Mattaniah and 
laaac, and sister, Annas Mills. 

♦17. VI. Mattaniah. 

3. II. 1. MARY^' LYON (WARD) [Henryi] was born in Fair- 
field, Conn, about 1654-5, and died before 1684. She was the first 
wife of John Ward, son of Lieut. John Ward, born at Fairfield, April 
10, 1649. John Ward, Jr., came to Newark, N. J. from Branford with 
his father in 1666. His second wife was Abigail, daughter of Samuel 
and Elizabeth (Wakeman) Kitchell, born Aug. 10, 1661, at New Haven. 
By his second marriage John Ward had three children: I. Jonathan; 
2. David, born 1686, died Dec. 14, 1768; 3. Mary. By his first marriage 
he had a son, John, to whom was bequeathed twenty shillings in the 


will of his grandfather, Henry Lyon. In 1669, Henry Lyon deeded 
to this same John Ward, "son of his deceased daughter," six acres of 
valuable land at Lyons Farms. This home lot Lemuel Ward, great- 
grandson of Henry Lyon, afterward deeded to Benjamin Coe. The 
will of John Ward of Newark, New Jersey, dated May 2, 1695, pro- 
bated September 20, 1695, mentions wife Abigail (2nd wife); 
eldest son John, who received "the land where I live," etc., etc., sons 
Jonathan and David, to receive each "one half of my lands at Newark 
when 21 years of age, and daughter Mary, to receive two-thirds of 
movable estate when 18 years of age. Mentions also "father-in-law, 
Mr. Henry Lyon who had given land to my former wife, which land I 
give to my eldest son." "I give to my eldest son John (who evidently 
was son of that former wife) my great musket when he is of age. 
Executrix, "my wife;" overseers: brothers, Nathaniel Ward and 
Joseph Harrison; witnesses: John Curtis, John Browne, Robert Young. 

Children of John and Mary (Lyon) Ward: 

18. I. John; b. about 1676-7; m '■ and had a son, Iiemuel, whoso 

wife, Hannah Ward, administered on his estate. 

4. II. 1. SAMUEL2 LYON [Henryi] was born about 1655-6, 
in Fairfield, Conn. He married first Sarah Beach, born 1654, daughter 
of Zopher and Sarah (Piatt) Beach of New Haven, Conn. [Sarah 
Piatt was daughter of Deacon Richard Piatt of Milford.] Samuel 
Lyon married second Hannah, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Harri- 
son) Pierson. [Mary Harrison was daughter of Richard Harrison, 
who was from West Kirby, Eng. Thomas Pierson was married at 
Branford, Nov. 1662.] In the distribution of home lots at Newark in 
1666, Samuel Lyon received No. 39. He signed the "fundamental 
agreement" with the Milford Colonists June 24, 1667, although at that 
time he was a mere lad. Feb. 25, 1683-4 the town of Newark allowed 
Samuel Lyon to sell two acres of land to Zopher Beach. His will was 
dated Aug. 20, 1703; probated at New York, Feb. 26, 1707. It men- 
tions wife Hannah; children of first marriage: Samuel, Henry, Joseph, 
Mary and Sarah; children of second marriage, John, James and 
Hannah. Executor, brother Benjamin Lyon; overseers: brother 
Joseph Lyon and Mr. Samuel Roberts; witnesses: Thomas Low, John 
Cooper, Thomas Pierson. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Beach) Lyon: 
•20. I. Samuel. 

*21. II. Henry; b. 1682; m. Mary Roberts; died Aug. 9, 1735. 
•88. III. Joseph; m. Mary Pierson. 


23. IV. Mary. 

24. V. Sarah. 

Children of Samuel and Hannah (Plerson) Lyon: 
•25. VI. John; m. Elizabeth Rlggs. 

*26. VII. James; b. Oct. 5, 1700; d. Newport. R. I., Nov. 16, 1775. 
27. VIII. Hannah. 

5. II. 1. JOSEPH-^ LYON [Henry^] was born in Fairfield, 
Conn, about 1658-60, and died at Newark, N. J. in 1726. He married 
first (?) Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Harrison) Pierson, and 
second (?) Sarah, daughter of Joseph Brown (1652-1694). Will of 
Joseph Lyon of Newark, yeoman, dated Feb. 15, 1726-7, probated Feb. 
27, 1726-7, mentions wife Sarah; children: Joseph (a minor), Abigail, 
widow of Joseph Crane, and Mary, wife of Nathan Foster; sons-in- 
law, Samuel and Daniel Sayres. Real and personal estate. Exe- 
cutors: Ebenezer Lyon and Stephen Brown. Witnesses: John Cooper, 
Christopher Wood and Benjamin Lyon. May 12, 1729 administration 
of the estate of Joseph Lyon of Cohanset, Salem Co., N. J., was granted 
to Thomas Jones of Cohanset and Richard Hubbell of Fairfield, Conn. 

Children of Joseph and (?) Mary (Pierson) Lyon: 
•28. I. Abigail; m. Joseph Crane, Esq. 

29. II. Mary; m. Nathan Poster. 
*30. III. Elizabeth; m. Daniel Sayres. 

31. IV. Daughter; m. Samuel Sayres. 
Son of Joseph and (?) (Sarah (Brown) Lyon: 
•33. V. Joseph; b. 1711; m. Sarah (?) Cook. 

6. II. 1. NATHANIELS LYON [Henryi] was born at Fair- 
field, Conn, about 1663-4. He was living in 1696, at which time Henry 
Lyon deeded six acres of land to his grand-son, John Ward, but he died 

previous to 1702. He married Mary . As a widow, she 

married Potter, and is mentioned in the will of her father-in- 
law, Henry Lyon, as "Mary Lyon, alias Potter." The will of Nathaniel 
Lyon of Elizabethtown, Essex Co., dated Dec. 20, 1700, probated Feb. 
13, 1716-7, names wife Mary, daughters Elizabeth and Mary Lyon, both 
minors; wife sole executrix, with brothers Benjamin and Joseph Lyon 
as overseers. Witnesses: John Curtiss, Abigail Lyon, Annah Hatfield 
(called in the jurat Phebe Hatfield). 

Children of Nathaniel and Mary ( ) Lyon: 

33. I. Elizabeth. 
•34. II. Mary; m. Thomas Thompson, Jr. 

7. II. 1. J0HN2 LYON [Henryi] was born at Newark, N. J. 
about 1665-6. In 1692 he was elected to the General Assembly of 


Elizabethtown. He married Hannah . The will of John 

Lyon of Elizabethtown, "now at Burlington, sick and weak," is dated 
Oct. 23, 1694. It mentions wife Hannah and "my fower children" 
and a prospective child. Executrix, wife Hannah Lyon. Witnesses, 
Thomas Peacher, John Pettey and James Hill. "Made at Burlington 
in ye Provence of New Jersey." Probated Nov. 2, 1694 at Trenton, 
N. J. Inventory of personal estate returned Dec. 21, 1694; £123. 7s. 
lid., by Richard Townley and Isaac Whitehead. 

Descendants not traced. 

8. II. 1. BENJAMIN2 LYON, Esq. [Henryi] was born about 
1668 in Elizabeth township, New Jersey, after his parents had be- 
come prominently identified with this place. His name is given in a 
list, 1694, of subscribers to the support of the Rev. John Harriman of 
the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth. In the re-survey and 
allotment of the township, which from the first was the leading one in 
New Jersey, Benjamin Lyon was chosen assistant "to lay out, divide 
and equally assize all the lands and meadows within the whole bound 
and purchase of Elizabethtown, to every one interested therein, by 
right of purchase under the Hon. Richard Nicolls, their several re- 
spective parts, and of the whole."t 

"They entered upon their work December 26, 1699, and com- 
pleted it March 5, 1700. The ground surveyed comprised 17,000 
acres. Benjamin Lyon was chosen 1708-9 by the Borough of Elizabeth 
as a member of the Assembly, was appointed 1711-12 a Justice of the 
Peace§; served 1717 on County Committee of Highways. "These ap- 
pointments, embracing a period of about ten years, serve to show who 
were of the second generation chosen to office, and were looked upon 
as men of activity and influence by their townsmen. In almost every 
instance they were the sons or grandsons of the old planters whose 
names were still represented in the town."t 

Benjamin Lyon married Bethia Condit, sister of John Condit, 
whose will, dated March 15, 1709-10, names "brothers Benjamin Lyon 
and Matthew Williams" as overseers. The following is the text of 
the will of Benjamin Lyon: — 

In the Name of God Amen: The Eighteenth Day of ffebuary 
Anno, one thousand Seven Hundred and Nineteen I Benjamin Lyon of 
Newark in the County of Essex & Eastern Devision of New Jersey 

tElizabethtown Book. 

5 In New Jersey the appointment of Justice of the Peace was equivalent dur- 
ing the Colonial period to that of Judge of the Supreme Court. See Eligibility 
list of New Jersey Society of Colonial Dames of America. 

JHlstory Union and Essex Counties, N. J. 


Yeoman being sick and weak in Body but of Sound and perfect mind 
and memory thanks be Given unto God: Therefore Calling unto mind 
the Mortallity of my Body and Knowing that it is appointed unto all 
Men once to Dye Do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testa- 
ment: That is to say first and principally I Recommend my Soull into 
the hands of God that Gave it hoping and Trusting through ye alone 
Merritts of Jesus Christ to have Eternall Life and my Body I Recomend 
to ye Earth from whence it was Taken to be buryed in Decent Christian 
Maner at ye Discretion of my Executors hereafter named nothing 
Doubting but at the Generall Resurrection I shall Receive the same 
again through the Mighty Power of God: and as Touching such worldly 
Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this Life I 
Give Bequeath and Devise In Maner and form following: Imprimis 
I Give bequeath and Devise unto my Dearly Beloved wife Bethyah 
by name the one Bquall half with my Son Benjamin of my Homestead 
where I now Dwell that is to say ye Home I now Dwell In witli the 
Improvement of one half of both Sellers & Kitchen ye Barn Gardens 
plowland Moing Grass Orchard the whole homestead to be Improved 
between her and my Son Benjamin Equally and Also I Give to her ray 
sd wife ye use and Improvement of my Lott of Meadow in ye Neck 
Commonly Called & Known by ye Name of my Salt meadow Lott Lying 
by ye fishing place, together with ye Liberty & privillidge of Cutting 
firewood & fenceing Timber for her use on this Plantation on any part 
of my out Land all which Improvements & privillidges Shee Shall have 
and Enjoy So long as Shee Shall Remain my widow and one Equall 
third part of all my Moveables Estate after Just Debts & funerall Ex- 
pences be paid and Discharged I Give and bequeath to her and her 
heires and Assignes for Ever. 

I will & bequeath unto my loveing Son Benjamin Lyon ye use & 
Improvement of ye other half of my Homestead houses, Cellers Barnes 
Pasures Plowland, Orchards untill ye Death Or Remarying of my s^ 
wife at which time he my sd Son shall have possess and Enjoy the 
whole thereof to his own Proper use and behoofe. Item I Give to 
my s^ Son all that Lott of Land and Meadow Called & Known by ye 
fresh Meadow Lott according to ye Sirveigh together with ye Adjacent 
additionall peices I bought adjoining to it: Also that Lott of Land 
Called ye Neck Lott Containing about Twelve Acres together with all 
the Meadow Lying in the said Neck I Give to him my s^ Son Ben- 


jamin as also my Lott of Salt Meadow Meadow Lying on both Sides 
a Creek Commonly Called & Known by ye Name of Georges Creek also 
one Equall third part of my Meadow Lying at the head of ye Cove 
bounded by ye Land of Thomas Sayr Deceased also that Lott of Land 
Called the Pond Lott the Improvment of ye one half thereof Imme- 
diately after my Decease & ye Improvement of ye other half thereof I 
Give to my wife so Long as Shee Shall Remain my Widow and when 
Shee Ceaseth so to be then the whole of it I Give to my s^ Son to be 
possessed & Enjoyed by him also all my out Land that is not hereafter 
otherwise Disposed of to my Daughters I Give & bequeath unto 
him together with Twenty Pounds acquivilent to money out of my 
Personall Estate all the aboves^ Tracts of Land & Meadow together 
with ye sJ Twenty Pounds before Mentioned I Give bequeath and 
Devise to him and to his heires and Assignes for Ever. 

I Give, Bequeath and Devise unto my Daughter Anne Canfield a 
certain Tract of Salt Meadow Scittuate Lying & being In Newark 
Meadows Lying by the Bound Creek that Tract I bought of Jonathan 
Tichenor as may appear by Deed of Saill for ye same Reference being 
thereunto had also one Third part of my fresh Meadow In the Cove 
Bounded upon ye Land of Thomas Sayer Deceased also the one Equall 
half of fifty Acres of my outland being part of a Tract called the Great 
Swamp Land the said fifty acres to begin at the South East End and 
the s<i fifty acres to be Equally Divided between her ye s<i Anne & her 
Sister Joana Prudden. Item I Give to my s<i daughter Anne fifteen 
Pounds in money or Acquivilent thereunto to be paid to her by my Son 
Benjamin and Shee to have ye use & Improvement of one Third part of 
ye Neck Lott of Land & Meadow with my Son Benjamin untill ye s^ 
fifteen Pounds be paid & No Longer I Give unto my s^ Daughter 
Anne one Equall half of ye Remaining part of my Moveable Estate that 
is not as Yett otherwise Dispossed of the Same to be both Reall & 
personall before Mentioned to her heires & Assignes for Ever. 

I Give Bequeath & Devise unto my daughter Joanna Prudden one 
certain Tract of Salt Meadow Lying in Newark Meadows as may appear 
by Deed of Saill Reference being thereunto had, also one Equall third 
part of my fresh Meadow In the Cove Bounded with the Land of 
Thomas Sayer Dece<i. Also ye one Equall half of fifty Acres of my out- 
land being a part of a Tract Called ye Great Swamp Land the s<i fifty 


acres to begin & be taken off at the South East End and to be Equally 
Devided between her y^ s<i Joanna & her Sister Anne Canfield. 

I Give to my s^i Daughter Joanna fifteen pounds In money or in 
that which is Equivilent to be paid to her by my Said Son Benjamin 
& She to have ye use and Improvement of one Third part of the Neck 
Lott of Land & Meadow with my Son Benjamin & my Daughter Anne 
untill the s«i Sum of fifteen Pounds be paid and no longer Also I Give 
unto my s^i Daughter Joanna one Bquall half of ye Remaining part of 
my moveable Estate that is not as Yet otherwise Disposed of all which 
bequests both Reall and personall I Give unto her my Said Daughter 
& to her heires and Assignes for Ever. 

There is two Nufseries of Apletrees upon my homestead: the one 
behind my house I Give to my said Two Daughters to be Equally Devid- 
ed between them to be Taken & Removed by them the next Spring and 
the other I Give to my Son Benjamin. 

My Will is that whosoever Accounts In Writeing or any other 
A.cct3 for or against any of my children Shall be hereafter utterly void 
& not be Accompted for by my Executors but Shall be for Ever 
A-cquitted & Discharged. 

And it is Intended by me and I Do hereby Declare that, that Land 
& Meadow mentioned that my Daughters should Improve with their 
Brother Benjamin in the Neck is only the upland with the Coue 
Meadow adjoining to it. 

And I Do hereby Authorise and appoint ordain and Constitute my 
beloved wife Bethyah and my Loveing Son Benjamin Joint Executors 
of this my Last will & testament and Do hereby Revoke Disanull and 
make void all and every other will and Wills bequest and bequests 
heretofore by me heretofore made & Executed or Executors by me in 
any wise named Rattifying and holding for firm and Effectual this 
and no other to be my Last Will and Testament. In Wittness where- 
of I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seall ye Day and Year first above 

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced and Declared by ye s<i Ben- 
jamin Lyon to be his Last Will & Testament In the Presence of us ye 
Subscribers ^""^ xy 

V c^^- 


And I Do Request my Loveing Brothers Joseph Lyon and Ebenezer 
Lyon to take Care that this my Will be Duly Executed according to ye 
True Meaning & Intent thereof 
Jonas Wood 
thomas tomson 
Jno Cooper 

Memorandom that on the seventh day of April 1720 John Cooper 
one of the Subscribing Evidences to ye within Instrument came before 
John Barclay Surrogate Authorized to talie the Probate of Last Wills 
& Testaments who being solemnly sworne on the Holy Evangelist of 
Almighty God Deposed that he saw ye within named Benjamin Lyon 
Signe, Seale, publish, pronounce & declare ye same As his Last Will & 
Testament and at ye same he was of Sound Memory & Judgement to 
the best of his Knowledge, and yt he Also saw ye other two Evidences 
Subscribe their names as witnesses to ye Same In presence of ye s<i 
Testator Sworn ye day & year Aboves<J before me 

John Barclay Surrogate. 

Memorandom yt on ye Day & year Abovesd, Benjamin Lyon within 
mentioned one of the Executors In ye within Last Will & Testament 
Named Appeared Also before John Barclay Surrogate and was Due 
Sworne to the Execution thereof Sworne the Day & year Abovesd be- 
fore me John Barclay Surrogate 

Letters of Administration was Accordingly Granted By His Honour 
ye President As Above named unto the Executor In ye s<i Last Will & 
testament Named and Sealed Aprile ye 9th 1720 Barclay Dpt-Scr. 

Essex Box of Original Wills— 1711-1723. 

Office of Secretary of State, Trenton, New Jersey. 

A true copy from Original Will 

Made by me — Anna M. North. 


Children of Benjamin and Bethia (Condit) Lyon: 
•40. I. Benjamin; b. 1690. 
*41. II. Jonnna; m. Joseph Prudden. 
*42. III. Abigail; m. Canfleld; descendants r -t traced. 

9. II. 1. CAPTAIN EBENEZER2 LYON [Henryi], was born 
at Newark, N. J. in 1670, and died at Elizabethtown, March 13, 1739. 
He married Elizabeth, baptized In N. Y. City Dutch Reformed Church, 


March 28, 1671, daughter of John and Susannah (Melyn) Winanst, 
who was born 1668, and died July 1, 1739. They were both buried 
in the churchyard of the old First Presbyterian Church at Elizabeth- 
town. Ebenezer Lyon was Captain of the sloop "Three Sisters," from 
Amboy, N. J. to Boston, Mass. 1723-25, and of the sloop "Dove" 1726-33. 
In 1694, he was one of the Associates of Elizabethtowu. He was a 
soldier in the Albany Expedition, 1698. The will of Ebenezer Lyon 
of Elizabethtown, N. J. is dated Jan, 22, 1738-9. It mentions wife 
Elizabeth (bequest of £50, etc., etc.); children: Elizabeth, wife of 
Ephraim Clark; Darkis, wife of Ebenezer Stebbens; Susanna, wife 

of David Morehouse; Ebenezer Lyon, and , wife of John 

Thompson; grand-children: Peter Lyon, Ebenezer Wade, Bethia 
Winans, Samuel and David Man, Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Darkis, 
Henry, Riderous, Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark, Elizabeth and Hannah 
Thompson, David and Joanna Morehouse and Cornelius, Abigail and 
Jacob Stebbens. Executors; friends, David Ogden, Attorney-at-Law, 
Thomas Longworth, Isaac Lyon, Benjamin Clark, and Joseph Lyon 
(all of Newark) and Joseph Tuttle of Hanover, N. J. Witnesses: Ben- 
jamin Meeker, Samuel Meeker and Thomas Jackman. Probated 
March 17, 1738-9. 

Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Winans) Lyon: 

*43. I. Phebe; m. John Thompson. 

*44. II. Elizabeth; m. Ephraim Clark. 

*45. III. Darkis [Dorcas?]; m. Ebenezer Stebbens. 

*46. IV. Susannah; m. David Morehouse. 

♦47. V. Ebenezer. 

48. VI. Daughter; m. Man [Mann]; two sons: 1. David, 2. 

Samuel. She died bfefore Jan. 1739. 

49. VII. Daughter; m. Wade; a son, Ebenezer. She died before 

Jan. 1, 1739. 

*50. VIII. Bethia; b. 1713; m. 1st John Winans; d. 1766. 

12. III. 2. ISAACS LYON [Thomas2, Henryi], was born in 
Newark, N. J. in 1691, and died Feb. 3, 1764; buried at Newark. He 

tJohn Winans was born about 1640 and died Dec. 1694. He married In 1664 
at New Haven, Conn. Susannah (bapt. 1643), daughter of Cornelius Melyn (1602 — 
about 1663), patroon of Staten Island 1646-1659; leader of the popular party In 
New Amsterdam against Governor Pieter Stuyvesant. John Winans, a Dutchman, 
was a man of prominence and education. His inventory shows a number of books 
(rare enough at that time to be significant), and gold and silver plate. He had 
a coat of arms. His business was weaving. By Susannah Melyn he had: John, 
born 1665, died 1674, Susannah, born 1667, Elizabeth, born 1669, Samuel, born 
1671, John, born 1673, Joanna, born between 1675 and 1678, Conrad, born 1680, 
Jacob, born 16S2 and Isaac, born 1684. By a second wife, Ann Robertson, he had: 
William, born 1694. Susannah Winans married Hendrlck Baker; his mother, 
Margaret Stuyvesant, half sister to the testy Governor Pieter Stuyvesant, who had 
raged to hang his brother's father, Cornelius Melyn. A granddaughter of Melyn 
married Rev. Jonathan Dickinson. 


married Hannah, daughter of Rev. Abraham and Abigail (Clark) 
Pierson. The will of Isaac Lyon of Newark, Essex County, N. J., 
dated Nov. 17, 1763, mentions wife Hannah; children: Abigail, Jane, 
John, Eliphalet and Mattaniah; grand-child, Lucy Pierson. Items: 
wife Hannah received four large silver spoons; Abigail, teaspoons 

marked E and £60; Jane £40. Executors: sons John, 

Eliphalet and Mattaniah. Witnesses: Elijah Bruen, Joseph Hayes, Jr., 
and Samuel Hayes. Probated Feb. 28, 1764. 

Children of Isaac and Hannah (Pierson) Lyon: 

*51. I. John. 

*52. 11. Mattaniah; b. 1724. 

•53. IIL EUphalet; b. Sept. 7, 1727. 

64. IV. AbigaU. 

65. V. Jane. 

36. VI. Daughter; m. Pierson; had a daughter, Lucy. 

13. III. 2. TH0MAS3 LYON [Thomas2 Henryi] was born In 
Newark in 1692, and died there in 1758. He married Hannah, 
daughter of John and Lydia (Harrison) Baldwin; born 1690, died Nov. 
18, 1746; buried in the Newark cemetery. 

The will of Thomas Lyon of Newark Township, yeoman, dated 
Dec. 13,' 1758, mentions children "Daniel and all of my children;" son- 
in-law, Samuel Bond. Son David is mentioned; then scratched out. 
Executor, "my youngest son Daniel Lyon, and son-in-law, Samuel 
Bond." Witnesses: Nicholas Purcell, William Briant and Joshua 
Horton. Probated Jan. 1, 1758-9. 

Children of Thomas and Hannah (Baldwin) Lyon: 
*67. I. Thomas. 

68. II. Daughter; m. Samuel Bond. 

69. III. David; b. before 1722. 
•60. IV. Daniel; b. about 1723. 

17. III. 2. MATTANIAH3 LYON [ThomasZ, Henryi]. Defi- 
nite records have not been found of the family of Mattaniah. He 
Is believed to have been the father of: 

•61. L Abel; b. about 1725. 

20. III. 4. SAMUBL3 LYON [Samueiz, Henryi]. Of this 
Samuel nothing seems to be known, except that he had a son Samuel. 

Son of Samuel and Lyon: 

•62. I. Samuel; b. 1714. 

21. III. 4. CAPTAIN HENRYS LYON [Samueiz, Henryi] was 
born in 1682, and died August 9, 1735. He married Mary Roberts, a 


sister of Samuel Roberts (born 1688), whose will mentions "father 
Wood, brother Christopher Wood, sister Mary Lyon, and brother-in- 
law Henry Lyon." Mr. Samuel Roberts was one of the overseers of 
the will of Samuel Lyon of Newark, which was dated Aug. 20, 1706. 

Children of Henry and Mary (Roberts) Lyon: 

63. I. David; m. Phebe ; no children; will 1742. 

•64. II. Nathaniel. 

•65. III. Josiah. 

•66. IV. Zopher. 

♦67. V. Jonathan; b. Newark, 1719; died 1784. 

•68. VI. Henry. 

22. III. 4. JOSEPHS LYON [Samuel2, Henryi] was born in 
Essex County, New Jersey, in 1676. He married Mary (born 1683), 
daughter of Rev. Abraham Pierson, "first rector of ye College of Con- 
necticut" (1646-1757), and of Abigail (Clark) Pierson his wife, (1653- 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Pierson) Lyon: 
•69. I. Joseph; b. 1700. 
•70. II. (?) Abraham. 

25. III. 4. JOHN3 LYON [Samueiz, Henryi] married Eliz- 
abeth Riggs, daughter of Edward and Mary Riggs; descended from 
Edward Riggs, who came to Boston with his family in 1633. Nothing 
has been ascertained about the descendants of this John. He may 
have been the father of: 

♦71. I. Joseph. (No record has been found of the parentage or birth of this 
Joseph, who is believed, however, to have been a grandson of Samuel Lyon, 
No. 4). 

26. III. 4. LIEUTENANT JAMES^ LYON [Samuel*, Henryi] 
was born at Lyons Farms, N. J., Oct. 5, 1700. He removed to New- 
port, R. I., as a young man, but was of Newark in 1722, as his com- 
mission in the Essex Co. militia will testify: 

"William Burnet, Esq., Capt. Generall and Governour In Chief 
of the Provinces of New Jersey, New York and Territories thereon 
depending in America and Vice Admiral of the same &c. 

To Lieut. James Lyon, Esqr., Greeting: Reposing special Trust 
and Confidence as well in the Care diligence and Cirsumspectlon as in 
the loyalty, Courage and Readiness of you to do his Majesty good and 
faithfull Service, I have Nominated Constituted and appointed & I do 
by the Virtue of the power and authority to me given by his Majesty 


tiereby Nominate, Constitute and appoint you the said James Lyon Esqr. 
to be Lieutenant of the Company of Militia in Newark, in the County 
of Essex, — whereof Nathaniel Wheeler Esqr. is Capt, You are there- 
fore to take the said Company into your Charge and Care as Lieutenant 
thereof, duly to Exercise both the officers and Soldiers of the said 
Company in Arms, and as they are hereby Commanded to Obey you as 
their Lieutenant so. are you likewise to Observe and follow such orders 
& directions from time to time as you shall receive from your Cap- 
tain or any other Superior officer or officers according to the Rules and 
discipline of War. In pursuance of the Trust hereby Reposed in you 
and for so doing this shall be your Commission. Given under my 
hand and seal this at Perth Amboy, this first day of May in the 
Eighth year of his Majesty's Reign Anno Domini 1722. 
By his Excell. Command. 

Mich. Kearney D. Sec. W. Burnet. 

(A true copy of the original which is in possession of Hannah Lyon 

In the proceedings of the General Assembly held for the Colony 
of R. I. and Prov. Plantations at Newport the 30th day of April, 1734, 
he was admitted freeman. 

The marriage of Lieut. James Lyon to Ann Hookey is not on 
record at Newport and he may have been a married man when he 
left New Jersey for Rhode Island. At Trinity Church in Newport his 
fourth child, Samuel Lyon, was baptized July 1739, and his last child, 
Joseph Lyon in 1754. The Trinity Church record also shows his 
second marriage to Mary [Mercy] Oliver on Jan. 30, 1747-8. James 
Lyon, widower the second time, married July 17, 1765, widow Sarah 
Sweet. James Lyon died at Newport, R. I., Nov. 16, 1775. 

ChUdren of James and Ann (Hookey) Lyon, born In Newport, R. I.: 

72. I. James; b. Aug. 8, 1730; d. Aug. 20. 1730. 

73. II. Ann; b. April 19, 1734; d. June 15, 1736. 

74. III. Henry; b. Feb. 12, 1735; m. Dec. 30, 1756, Sarah BUss. 

75. rv. Samuel; b. June 15, 1738; bapt. Trinity Church, July 6, 1739; died 
May 21, 1739. 

76. V. Ann; b. April 26, 1741; m. June 17, 1759, John Sherman. 

77. VI. Mary; b. Feb. 21, 1743; m. Nov. 10, 1762, Robert Taylor, Jr. 
Children born of James and Mary (Oliver) Lyon: 

78. VIL Oliver; b. March 24, 1749; died Sept. 17. 1749. 
•79. Vin. William; b. May 28, 1750; d. Sept. 27, 1819. 

80. IX. Sarah; b. Jan. 23, 1752; m. Trinity Church, Jan. 5, 1772. Peter 
Smyth (b. 1752). 

•81. X. Joseph; b. Jan. 20, 1753; d. May 19, 1828. 


28. III. 5. ABIGAILS LYON (CRANE) [Josepha, Henryi] 
married Joseph Crane, Esq., who was born in 1676 and died in 1726: 
buried at Newark, N- J. He was son of Jasper^ and Joanna (Swaine) 
Crane. Jasper^ Crane was born at East Haven, Conn., April 2, 1657, 
and died at Newark, March 6, 1712. Joanna Swaine, daughter of 
Capt. Samuel Swaine, was born in 1659, and died Sept. 16, 1720. Will 
of Joseph Crane of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman, dated Aug. 2, 1726, 
proved May 24, 1726-7. Wife Abigail. Children : Benjamin, Ezekiel, 
Israel, Isaac, Josiah, Joseph, Abigail, Joanna. Brothers: Jonathan, 
Elihu and David Crane, all sons of Jasper. Home farm bought 
of father-in-law Joseph Lyon; land bought of Capt. Issac Whitehead 
and Benjamin Ogden; land bought by father from Mr. Wilson and the 
Proprietors; land, 700 acres, bought of Lewis Morris. Personal estate. 
Executors: John Cooper, Joseph Bonnel, Jonathan Crane, Robert 
Ogden and Stephen Brown. Witnesses: Jonathan Dickinson of Eliz- 
abethtown, Clericus, Joseph Webb and John Thompson. 

Children of Joseph and Abigail (Lyon) Crane: 

82. I. Benjamin; b. 1705; m. Sarah ; d. July 13, 1777. 

♦83. II. Isaac; b. Oct. 8, 1709; m. Kezia Baldwin. 

•84. III. Ezekiel; b. May 8, 1711; d. 1794. 

•85. IV. Israel; b. Jan. 2, 1713; d. Aug. 1, 1785. 

♦86. V. Josiah; b. Jan. t, 1716; died Dec. 15, 1785. 

87. "VI. Joseph; b. Sept. 8, 1718; m. Elizabeth Johnson. 

♦88. VII. Joanna; b. 1719. 

•89, VIII. AbigaU; b. 17 ; m. Samuel Lyon (No. 62); d. Oct. 20. 1768. 

29. III. 5. MARY3 LYON (FOSTER) [Joseph2, Henryi] 
married Nathan Foster. 

Son of Nathan and Mary (Lyon) Foster: 

•89a. L Joseph; d. Aug. 18, 1742; will dated 1739. 

30. III. 5. ELIZABETHS LYON (SAYRES) [Joseph2, Henryi] 
married Daniel Sayres [or Sayre] of Elizabethtown, N. J. 

Son of Daniel and BUzabeth (Lyon) Sayres: 
•90. I. Ephraim. 

32. III. 5. CAPTAIN JOSEPHS LYON [Joseph2, Henryi] 
was born in Newark, N. J., in 1711, and died August 26, 1772; buried 
at Elizabethtown, N. J. In 1735 he was Captain of the sloop "Arran" 
from New York to Perth Amboy, N. J. He married Mary Cook, 

daughter of Obediah Cook of , L. I., and lived at Lyons Farms, 

N. J. 

He was Elder in the Presbyterian Church at Elizabeth as early 
as 1759. 

(Children of Joseph and Mary (Cook) Lyon: 
•91. I. Joseph; b. 1740; d. Elizabethtown, 1821. 
•92. II. AbigraU. 


34. III. 6. MARY3 LYON (Thompson) [Nathanieiz, Henryi] 
was a minor when her father died in 1719. She married Thomas Thomp- 
son Jr. After her death he married Sarah and had Thomas, 

David, Sarah and Joanna. His will is dated Feb. 11, 1731, proved 
April 13, 1731. It leaves "plantation lying at a place commonly called 
Lyons farms to wife until son Nathaniel comes to 21, then to him." 
This land to him by his first wife, who was daughter of Nathaniel 
Lyon, deceased, and the same land "is undivided and in common with 
Stephen Brown." 

Children of Thomas and Mary (Lyon) Thompson: 
82a. I. Mary. 
93b. II. Nathaniel. 

40. III. 8. BENJAMINS LYON [Benjamin, Esq.2, Henryi] was 
born at Elizabethtown, N. J., in 1691, and died at Lyons Farms Jan. 
7, 1748; and is buried in the Newark Cemetery. His first wife was 

Mary , the mother of all his children. After 1740 he married 

a second wife, Martha, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Sargeant) 
Day, the widow of Samuel Lum, of Elizabethtown, whose will is dated 
Feb. 28, 1739. 

The will of Benjamin Lyon, of Lyons Farms, Elizabeth Borrough. 
Essex Co., East New Jersey, yeoman, "sick and weak," dated Dec. 28, 
1747; probated Jan. 18, 1747-8; wife Martha to have the use of the 
homestead, etc., etc. Son Benjamin to have the Plantation adjoining 
John Tunis, etc, etc. Sons Samuel and Moses to receive each £20, 
etc, etc., when twenty-one years of age, and lands described. Sons 
Matthias and Daniel were, when twenty-one years of age, to receive 
lands described. To grand-son Rufus Crane, son of Jonas Crane, was 
given £20. Four daughters are mentioned, Rachel, Mary, Sarah and 
Martha; the first two were married. Mention is also made of "my 
wife's two daughters, Mary Lum, wife of my son Benjamin, and 
Hannah Lum." Executors: son Benjamin Lyon, Joseph Lyon and son- 
in-law, Amos Day. Witnesses: Stephen Morehouse, John Perry, 
Charles Holt. Inventory taken Jan. 28, 1747-8 by Christopher Wood 
and Benjamin Crane, appraisers. 



Children of Benjamin and Mary (Condlt) Lyon: 

•93. I. Rachel; b. Dec, 24, 1717; m. Joseph Meeker. 

•94. II. Benjamin; b. 1719; m. Mary Lum. 

•95. III. Hannah; b ; m. Jonas Crane. 

♦96. IV. Mary; b. July 24, 17 24; m. Amos Day. 

97. v. Sarah; descendants not traced. 

•98. VI. Martha; m. Col. Cornelius Ludlow; d. Oct. 9, 1790. 

•99. VIL Samuel; b. June 29, 1727, d. Feb. 9, 1780; m. Phebe Chandler. 

•100. VIII. Aloses; b. 1731; d. March 27, 1813; m. Mary Harris. 

•101. IX. niatthias; b. 1738, m. Clark. 

•102. X. Daniel; ra. 1761 Eunice Pitz Randolph. 

41. III. 8. JOANNAS LYON (PRUDDEN) [Benjamin, Esq.*, 
Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms. She married Joseph Prudden. 
born 1692, son of Rev. Johns Prudden [Rev. PeterZ, Rev. Johni] who 
was born at Milford, Conn., Nov. 4, 1645, grad. Harvard College, 1668, 
settled as pastor at Jamaica, L. I., May 24, 1672, removed to Newark, 
1674, returned to Jamaica 1676; again called to the First Church at 
Newark, Aug. 1692; pastor of that Church until June 1699; in 1706 
and after he took scholars night and day; he died at Newark, Dec. 11, 

Joseph Prudden and his wife were both communicants at settle- 
ment of Dr. Johns 1742. He was a deacon as early as July 15, 1744, 
an elder in 1748, and died Sept. 25, 1776. His negro servant, Judy, 
became a communicant at Morristown, Aug. 31, 1744; and the fol- 
lowing children of this servant were baptized there, — Violet, March 27, 
1743; Oliver, Jan. 15, 1744; Titus, April 10, 1747; Lois, June 25; 1749; 
Daniel, June 21, 1751; and Tabitha, July 29, 1753. Joanna Prudden 
died before her husband, for she is not mentioned in his will. Two 
of her children, Boice John and Joanna, wife of Demas Lindsley, also 
are not mentioned. 

Children of Joseph and Joanna (Lyon) Prudden: 

103. I. Rachel; b. 1718; m. Benjamin Coe. 

•104. II. Boice John. 

•105. in. Peter; b. 1722, died April 21, 1777. 

•106. rv. Adoniram; b. 1727; d. 1776. 

•107. V. Joseph; b. Sept. 1729; died March 1816. 

•108. VI. Benjamin. 

•100. VII. Moses; b. 1732. 

•110. VIIL Isaac; b. 1738. 

•111. IX. Sarah; m. Capt. Benjamin Halsey. 

•112. X. Joanna; m. Demas Lindsley. 

118. XI. Kezlah; b. 1746; not m. 


43. III. 9. PHEBE3 LYON (THOMPSON) [Ebenezer2, Henryi] 
married John Thompson. She died after 1738-9. 

Children of John and (Lyon) Thompson: 

114. I. Elizabeth. 

115. II. Hannah. 

44. III. 9. ELIZABETHS LYON (CLARK) [EbenezerZ, Henryi] 
married Ephraim Clark. She died after 1738-9. 

Children of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Lyon) Clark: 

116. I. Elizabeth. 

117. II. Ephraim. 

118. III. Hannah. 

119. IV. Darkis. 

120. V. Henry. 

121. VI. Kiderous. 

122. VII. Nathaniel. 

123. VIII. Ichabod. 

45. III. 9. DARKIS3 LYON (STEBBENS) [EbenezerZ, Henryi] 
married Ebenezer Stebbens. She died after 1738-9. 

Children of Ebenezer and Darkis (Lyon) Stebbens: 

124. I. Cornelius. 

125. II. Abigail. 

126. III. Jacob. 

46. III. 9. SUSANNA3 LYON (MOREHOUSE) [EbenezerZ, 
Henryi] married David Morehouse. She died after 1738-9. 

Children of David and Susanna (Lyon) Morehouse: 

127. I. David. 

128. II. Joanna. 

47. Ill, 9. EBENEZER3 LYON [Ebenezer2, Henryi] married 
. He was living in Jan. 1739. 

Son of Ebenezer Lyon: 

•129. L Peter; b. 1722; d. 1784. 

50. III. 9. BETHIA3 LYON (WINANS) [Ebenezer2, Henryi] 
married her cousin John Winans who was born 1708 and died 1733, 
son of Jacob2 Winans [1682-1722]. Her daughter Bethia is mentioned 
in the will of Ebenezer Lyon 1739, but evidently died young as she is 
not mentioned in the will of her grandmother Winans (then Wood) 
1746 with the other grandchildren. After the death of John Winans, 
there is reason to believe that Bethia Lyon married Joseph* Foster 
[Mary3 Lyon, Joseph2, Henryi], who made his will 1739. He had then 
no children, but made provision for such not because sick or weak but 
on account of his relation to his father's estate. He died Aug. 18, 


1742, leaving a widow and two sons, Joseph, Jr. and Jacob. Widow 
Bethia Foster, Benjamin Crane and uncle Joseph Lyon were named 
executors in his will; witnesses: Samuel Beolt, Israel Crane and 
Nehemiah Grumman. The will mentions "land purchased by my 
father from Ebenezer Lyon." Bethia Foster married Ichbod Grum- 
man, Sr.t He was a blacksmith and owned a house lot a quarter of 
a mile south of the bridge; the modern extension of Broad Street now 
passes through it. He signed the answer to the Bill in Chancery, 
1750. He was living in Lyons Farms as early as 1756. Icabod's aged 
mother was buried 1784. Bethia Grumman was born 1713 and died 

Children of John and Bethia (Lyon) Wlnans: 

12»a. I. Bethia; b. 1733; d. before 1746-7. 

Children of Joseph and Bethia (Lyon, Wlnans) Foster: 

129b. I. Joseph, Jr.; b. 1740. 

129c. II. Jacob; b. 1743; d. 1814. 

Children of Ichabod and Bethia (Lyon, Wlnans, Foster) Grumman: 

•129d. I. Ichabod, Jr.; b. 1755; d. Oct. 29, 1794; m. Hannah Bruen. 

129c. II. Aaron; b. 1757; d. Aug. 20, 1801; m. Abigail (No. 317), dau. of 
Hoses Lyon; no children. 

129f. III. Daughter; burled 1769. 

51. IV. 12. JOHN* LYON [Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi]. No 
record has been found of the family of this John. 

The following are probably among his children: 
•130. I. Bphraim; b. 1740. 
•131. II. John; b. about 1750. 

52. IV. 12. MATTANIAH4 LYON [Isaacs, ThomasZ, Henryi] was 
born in Essex Co., N. J. in 1724. For a time he lived in Fairfield, 
Conn., the old abiding place of his great-grandfather, Henry Lyon, the 
"emigrant." Later he was of Newark, but he and his descendants 
are especially identified with Morris County, N. J. He and his wife 
Mary both received letters at Morristown Church. Mattaniah Lyon 
died "of decay," Feb. 4, 1794. He survived his wife, for she is not 
mentioned in his will. The beneficiaries were his sons, John, Isaac, 
Moses and Aaron, and a grand-daughter, Mary. 

Children of Mattaniah and Mary ( ) Lyon: 

*132. I. John. 

•133. II. Isaac; b. about 1747. 

tThomas Grumin, of French Huguenot stock, a grandson probably of John 
Grumln; d. 1675, came to Newark from Pairfleld district, Conn., but died soon 
after 1714. He was succeeded by his brother Joseph, one of whose sons was 
Ichabod, 1723-1789 (Dec. 16). 


134. III. Henry. 

135. IV. Jacob. 

*136. V. Moses; b. 1757. 

137. VI. Hannah; bapt. In Morrlstown Church, April 28, 1763; died August 

18, 1763; buried at Morristown. 

138. VII. Stephen Smith; bapt. Morrlstown, Nov. 24, 1764; died suddenly 
May 10, 1790; buried at Morristown. 

189. VIII. Thomas; b. 1766. 

140. IX. Hervah (Harvey); bapt. Morrlstown, Dec. 11, 1767; died (of con- 
sumption) Sept. 24, 1791, burled at Morristown. 
»141. X. Aaron; b. 1769; d. Sept. 5, 1854. 

53. IV. 12. ELIPHALET4 LYON [Isaacs, ThomasZ, Henryi] was 
born in Essex Co., N. J., Sept. 7, 1727. He married Sarah, daughter 
of Jonah Hinman (1700-1758), born Sept. 12, 1727. 

Children of EUphalet and Sarah (Hinman) Lyon: 

143. I. Jonas; b. Dec. 4, 1756. 

144. II. Polly; b. April 4, 1758. 

•14S. III. John; b. May 10, 1762; died Falrhaven, Vt., before 1812. 

146. IV. Eliphalet; b. Nov. 9, 1764. 

147. V. Hannah; b. Jan, 13, 1767. 

148. VI. Samuel; b. Aug. 15, 1770. 

149. VII. James; b. Aug. 4, 1773; bapt. Morrlstown, Sept. 12, 1773. 

150. VIII. Betsey Harrison. 

57. IV. 13. TH0MAS4 LYON [Thomas3, ThomasZ, Henryi] was 
born in Newark, N. J., date not ascertained. He died in 1785. He 
married Temperance, daughter of Deacon Bbenezer Baldwin. His 

will, dated 1785, mentioned wife Temperance; children: 

Sarah (eldest), Elijah, Steven, Benjamin, Moses, Enos and John (a 

Children of Thomas and Temperance (Baldwin) Lyon: 

161. I. Sarah. 

•162. II. Steven [Stephen]; b. about 1736. 

•153. IIL Enos; b. 1748. 

164. IV. Benjamin. 

•165. V. Moses; b. 1762. 

•156. VI. Elijah; b. 1763; died Sept. 24. 1828. 

•167. VII. Levi. 

168. VIII. John. 

60. IV. 13. DANIEL* LYON [Thomas3, Thomas2, Henryi] was 
born at Newark, N. J. about 1723, and died at Springfield in 1796. He 
married Mrs. Unice [Eunice] Stephens, who survived him. She may 
have been a second wife. His will, dated March 2, 1796, names wife 
Unice, daughters: Crecy, Sarah, Phebe, Joanna and Anna, and sons: 
Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Daniel and Aaron Lyon, also John Stephens 



"my wife's son." Executors, wife, Unice and friend Elijah Lyon. 
Witnesses, Robert Earl, Sarah Earl and Abner Ball. 

Children of Daniel and Sunlce (- 

-) Lyon; not in order of age: 


I. Crecy. 


II. Sarah. 


III. Phebe. 


IV. Joanna. 


V. Anna. 


VI. Abraham 


VII. Joseph. 


VIII. Jacob. 


IX. Daniel. 


X. Aaron. 

61. IV. 17. ABEL4 LYON [Mattaniahs (?), Thomas^, Henryi] 

married at Morristown about 1750, Sarah . They both had 

letters to Morristown Church, 1766. 

-) Lyon; all baptized "on wife's 

Children of Abel and Sarah ( 


169. I. Joanna; bapt. Aug. 18, 1751. 

170. II. Jacob; bapt. Sept. 30, 1753. 

171. III. Jotm; bapt. Aug. 1, 1756. 
178. IV. Joseph; bapt. Sept. 6, 1761. 

62. IV. 20. SAMUEL* LYON [SamueP, Samuel2, Henryi] was 
born in 1714, and died in Morris Co., N. J., June 1, 1770. He married, 
Jan. 22, 1749, Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Lyon) Crane 
(No. 89), born in 1713; died Oct. 20, 1768. 

Children of Samuel and Abigail (Crane) Lyon: 

173. I. Daniel. 

174. II. David. 
•175. III. Rachel. 

176. IV. £zekiel. 

These four children of Samuel Lyon were baptized "on wife's 
account," Jan. 22, 1749. On that date also Abigail (Crane) Lyon 
"received the covenant" in Morristown Church. 

64. IV. 21. NATHANIEL* LYON [Capt. HenryS, Samuel*, 
Henryi] married Rebecca, daughter of Jonathan and Joanna (Ward) 
Pierson. Jonathan Pierson (son of Theophilus) was born 1689, and 
died Sept. 14, 1772. His will mentions Nathaniel, David and Joanna 
Lyon, children of daughter Rebecca, deceased. 

Children of Nathaniel and Rebecca (Pierson) Lyon: 

177. I. Nathaniel. 

•178. 11. David; b. Feb. 26, 1766; d. July 24. 1797. 
179. III. Joanna. 


65. IV. 21. J0SIAH4 LYON [Capt. Henry', Samuel2, HenryiJ 

married Mary , who was born Aug. 30, 1710, an4 died Sept. 

23, 1786. His will is dated 1760. 

Children of Joslah and Mary ( )Ijyon: 

♦180. I. David. 

•181. II. Abraham. 

183. III. JoBiah. 

183. IV. Ann. 

184. V. Phebe; m. Silas Halsey; had a dau. Sarah. 

185. VI. Mary; m. Ogden. 

♦186. VII. Lydla; b. 1745; m. Caleb Parkhurst; d. Aug. 15, 1785. 

66. IV. 21. Z0PHER4 LYON [Capt. HenryS, Samuel2, Henryi] 

married Mary . He died in 1744. His widow Mary Lyon 

administered on his estate. 

Daughter of Zopher and Mary ( ) Lyon: 

187. I. Phebe; b. May, 1733; d. Aug. 3. 1734. 
187a. II. James; b. July 1, 1735; see No. 2172. 

67. IV. 21. JONATHAN* LYON [Capt. HenryS, Samuel2, Henryi] 
was born in Newark, in 1719, and died in 1784. He married Mary, 
daughter of Nathaniel Baldwin, who was born in 1690, and died Aug. 
13, 1750. They, were childless, at least had no surviving children at 
the time of the death of Jonathan Lyon. The will of Jonathan Lyon 
of Essex Co., New Jersey, was written Oct. 10, 1782. He mentions 
wife Mary; niece Phebe Halsey (No. 184) was to have £400; 
nephews, Abraham and David Lyon, (Nos. 180, 181) each £25; niece 
Lydia Parkhurst (No. 186) £5; niece Mary Ogden (No. 185) £5; 
nephew Zopher Lyon (No. 193), and great-nephews Stephen Lyon, 
Zopher Lyon and Henry Lyon, sons of nephew Henry Lyon, deceased, 
were to have £50 divided amongst them. Jonathan Lyon, son of 
nephew Henry Lyon, deceased (No. 189), and Sarah Halsey, daughter 
of my niece Phebe Halsey, to have the rest of the estate. Executors: 
Charles Camp and Silas Halsey. Witnesses: William Ramsden, Job 
Harris and Silas Halsey. The will of Mary Lyon, widow of 
Jonathan Lyon, of Lyons Farms, Essex Co., N. J., was dated Feb. 1, 
1797; probated April 10, 1797; bequeathes to brother Jonathan Bald- 
win, of Newark, £60; to Abigail Crane, daughter of Samuel Crane, of 
Newark, £40; to Sarah Fairchild, daughter of Timothy Pierson, £20; 
to Mary Arnold, Rachel Freeman and Abigail Leonard, daughters of 
Joseph Pierson, deceased, of Morristown, each £20; to Elias Crane and 
Joanna Vreeland children of sister Abigail, each £10; to Samuel 
Crane, Jr., Timothy Crane and Ester [Esther] Riggs, children of sister 


Kezia, each. £10. Executors: nephew Elias Crane and David Tichnor. 
Witnesses: Caleb Camp, Samuel Foster, Jacob Foster, Jonathan Lyon. 

68. IV. 21. HENRY* LYON [Capt. Henry3, Samuel2, Henryi] 
married Hannah, daughter of Capt. Christopher and Phebe (Johns) 
Wood; Henry Lyon died before 1771. The will of his father-in-law, 
who died 1759, mentions grand children, James, Henry and Hannah 
Lyon, and the will of his brother-in-law, Elias Wood, 1771, mentions 
"Nephews James, Jonathan, Stephen, Zopher and Henry Lyon, children 
of Henry Lyon, deceased." See also will of Jonathan Lyon, fore- 

Children of Henry and Hannah (Wood) Lyon; the first three born before 1759, 
the others between 1759 and 1771. 






Henry; d. 1773 












■ Zopher. 

69. IV. 22. JOSEPH* LYON [Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] married 
Rebecca, daughter of David Littell. 

Children of Joseph and Rebecca (Littell) Lyon: 
194. I. Joseph; m. Barbara . 

*195. II. Kebecca; m. Thomas Clark. 

196. III. James; m. Susannah Smith. 

197. IV. Samuel; m. Hannah 

198. V. Thomas; m. Anna 

199. VI. John; m. Sarah Hatfield. 

200. VII. William; m. Hannah . 

201. VIII. Abigail. 

202. IX. Sarah; m. John Strain. 

203. X. Mary; m. Abraham Kimberland. 

70. IV. 22 (?). ABRAHAM* LYON [Joseph (?)3, Samuel^, 
Henryi] was born Aug. 30, 1710, and died Sept. 23, 1786; buried at 

Newark, N. J. 

Son of Abraham and ( ) Lyon: 

*204. I. Abraham; an officer in the Revolutionary army. 

71. IV. 25 (?). CAPTAIN JOSEPH* LYON [ ^ Sam- 

uel2, Henryi] of Lyons Farms, married Hannah Crane. It may have 
been this Capt. Joseph Lyon who drove the mail coach to Pittsburg 
after the death of Ichabod Grumman, Jr., 1794. 


Children of Joseph and Hannah (Crane) Lyon: 

205. I. William; m. Betsy Hathaway; res. Lyons Farms; had a son Wil- 
liam and other children. 

206. IL Thomas; unm. 

207. III. Joseph; married ; children: 1. Josephine; 

2. EUza. 

208. IV. Joanna; m. George W. Walte, of Lyons Farms; children; 1. Joseph; 
2. Robert; 3. Sophia. 

209. V. Mary A; m. Capt. William Van Dalsem, of Lyons Farms; children: 
1. Hannah; 2. Catherine; 3. Thomas; 4. Mary A.; 5. Henrlette; 6. Sarah St. 

79. IV. 26. WILLIAM* LYON [James3, Samueiz, Henryi] was 
born at Newport, R. I., May 28, 1750, and died there Sept. 27, 1819. He 
married, Sept. 20, 1771, Hannah, daughter of James and Sarah Lang- 
worthy. She was born Aug. 2, 1749, and died Oct. 18, 1814. 

Children of William and Hannah (Langworthy) Lyon: 

210. I. Mercy; b. March 29, 1773; m. Oct. 7, 1792, James Casey. 

•211. IL Sarah; b. Sept. 12, 1774; d. Jan. 9, 1843. 

212. III. James; b. Sept. 6, 1776; d. Charlestown, S. C, April 24, 1799. 

213. IV. Mary; b. March 10, 1779; m. 1795, Aaron Dove. 

214. V. John; b. Nov. 2, 1781; d. Sept. 1783. 

215. VL Anna E.; b. Dec. 15, 1783. 

216. VIL John; b. Feb. 26, 1786. 

217. VIIL Hannah; b. March 22, 1788. 

' 218. IX. AbigaU; b. Jan. 28, 17 — ; d. April 25, 1796. 

81. IV. 26. JOSEPH* LYON [ James', Samuel*, Henryi] was 
bom at Newport, R. I., Jan. 28, 1753; bapt. Trinity Church, Feb. 25, 
1753-4, and died May 19, 1828. He married, June 1776, Mary Under- 
wood, born Jan. 20, 1757; died Jan. 20, 1826. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Underwood) Lyon, born in Newport, R. I.: 

219. I. Nicholas; b. April 18, 1777; d. Sept. 12, 1778. 

•220. II. William; b. Oct. 31, 1779; died May 20, 1808. 

231. IIL Joseph; b. Aug. 16, 1781; d. Oct. 12, 1782. 

222. IV. Amy; b. Dec. 20, 1782; m. Edward Hammett; d. April 14. 1880. 

♦223. V. Joseph; Jr.; b. Nov. 9, 1784, d. Sept. 23, 1859. 

224. VI. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 20, 1786; m. (?) Burroughs; d. Jan'y 

8, 1858. 

225. VII. Sarah; b. Jan. 9, 1788. 

226. VIII. Nicholas U.; b. July 16, 1789. 

227. IX. John B.; b. May 2, 1791; d. Oct. 27, 1836. 

228. X. Mary Ann; b. Jan. 16, 1793; d. July 18, 1808. 
829. XI. Harriet; b. March 14, 1795; d. July 21, 1795. 

•230. XII. Harriet; b. Feb. 7, 1797; m. at Newport, Nov. 6, 1822, John 
Davis of Brandon, Vt.; died May 8, 1840. 

231. XIIL James; b. Nov. 24, 1798; d. Feb. 19, 1828; (?) m. at Newport, 
Oct. 26, 1822, Sophia Pool of Tlsbury. 

232. XIV. Edward; b. July 24, 1802. 


83. IV. 28. ISAAC^ CRANE§ [Abigail* (Lyon), Josepll^ Henry^] 
was born Oct. 8, 1709. He married Kezia, daughter of Natlianiel2 Bald- 
win [John Sr.i]. 

Children of Isaac and Kezia (Baldwin) Crane: 
332a. I. Samuel. 
232b. II. Timothy. 

233c. III. Esther; m. . 

232d. IV. Isaac; b. 1767. 

84. IV. 28. EZEKIEL4 CRANE [Abigail (Lyon), Josephz, 
Henryi], was born May 8, 1711. He married Abigail, daughter of 
Nathaniel Baldwin. He died in 1794, but his will is dated 1787. 

Children of Ezekiel and Abigail (Baldwin) Crane: 

233. I. Joseph; b. 1733; d. before 1787; his widow, Elizabeth Crane, m. Paul 
Day; her will is dated 1785. 

234. II. Elias; b. 1734-5. 

235. III. Joamia; b. 1736-7; m. Joseph Plum. 

236. IV. Rachel; b. 1738-9; m. Joseph Lyon. A. B. (No. 91). 

237. V. Phebe; b. 1740; m. Deacon John Ball. 

238. VI. ^ Sarah; b. 1742; m. Crane. 

239. VII. Jonathan; b. Dec. 23, 1749; d. Feb. 1785. 

85. IV. 28. ISRAEL* CRANE [Abigails (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] 
was born in Newark, N. J., Jan. 2, 1713, and died Aug. 1, 1785. He 
married Abigail . 

Children of Israel and Abigail ( ) Crane: 

240. I. Israel, Jr. 

241. II. Rachel; m. Nathaniel Camp. 

242. III. Mary; m. Woodruff. 

243. IV. L,acy; m. James Clizbe. 

244. V. Esther; m. Eagles. 

86. IV. 28. CAPTAIN JOSlAH* CRANE [Abigail (Lyon), 
Joseph2, Henryi] was born at Newark, N. J., Jan. 7, 1716, and died 
Dec. 15, 1785. He was a soldier in the revolutionary war. He 
married first, in 1740, Jerusha Cook, born 1722; died Oct. 10, 1777, 
a sister of Mary Cook, who married Capt. Joseph Lyon (No. 32). He 
had a second wife Phebe, who survived him. 

Children of Josiah and Jerusha (Cook) Crane: 

245. I. Sarah; b. Jan. 16, 1741. 

246. II. Lois; b. Aug. 12, 1742. 

247. III. Mary; b. Sept. 10, 1744; d. young. 

§Isaac Crane (No. 83) had a grandson Isaac, b. 1767, who married 

Muchmore and had three sons, Moses, Samuel and Isaac and two daughters; 
Moses lived in Madison, Morris Co., N. J., and had a son Joseph who had several 
sons: Samuel married Joanna Woodruff, No. 1021, q. v. 


248. IV. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 19, 1746. 

249. V. Mary; b. July 5, 1749. 

250. VI. Joanna; b. June, 1751. 

251. VII. Jdsiah; b. July 21, 1753; a revolutionary soldier. 
•252. VIII. Obediah; b. March 10, 1756; died 1833. 

253. IX. Jabez, b. May 14, 1758. 

254. X. Elias; b. Aug. 14, 1760. 

255. IX. Jenisha; b. Aug. 1764. 

88. IV. 28. J0ANNA4 CRANE (CONGAR, CAMP) [Abigaili 
(Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] was born at Newark, N. J., in 1719. She 
married first Samuel Congar, born 1715; died Dec. 14, 1752. She 
married second Joseph Camp. 

Children of Samuel and Joanna (Crane) Congar: 

256. I. Stephen. 

»257. II. David; b. Oct. 8, 1740. 

258. III. Jonathan. 

259. IV Samuel, Jr. 

Daughter of Joseph and Joanna (Lyon, Congar) Camp: 
•260. I. Joanna; b. after 1752; m. Elias Beach. 

89a. IV. 29. JOSEPH* FOSTER [Mary3 (Lyon), Joseph2 
Henryi] married Bethia (Lyon) Winans, (No. 50), daughter of Ebenezer 
and Elizabeth (Winans) Lyon. For full record see No. 50. 

90. IV. 30. EPHRAIM* SAYRES [Elizabeths (Lyon), JosephZ, 
Henryi] married . 

Children of Ephralm Sayrest: 

261. I. Ephraim; b. 1738; d. July 22, 1804; m. Mary (b. 1740; 

d. Aug. 7, 1797 in Madison, N. J.) 

262. II. David; b. 1739; m. Dec. 20, 1766, Rachel Rosse; d. Oct. 3, 1781. 

263. III. Daniel; b. ; m. Anne, daughter of Richard Runyon; 

children: 1 James; (m. Jan. 30, 1796, Deborah, dau. of John Dunham, of Madison, 
N. J.); 2. Elias; (m. Miss Hatfield, of Elizabethtown, N. J., and had a son, 
Thomas D. Sayre). 

264. IV. Son; m. , and removed to Virginia; had son William, 

who married Phebe Canfleld, and removed from Virginia to New Jersey. 

265. V. William; m. 1st, Esther, dau. of John High; m. 2nd, Anna, widow 
of Jona Acken. 

91, IV. 32. JOSEPH* LYON, A. B. [Capt. Josephs, Joseph2, 
Henryi], of Lyons Farms, was born in 1740, and died May 14, 1821. 
He is buried with his father, Capt. Joseph Lyon, in the churchyard of 
the First Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown, N. J. He was mar- 
ried first, Nov. 19, 1766, at Morristown by Rev. Timothy Johnes, to 

tEzekiel Sayre, a grandson (?) of Ephraim above, married , and 

removed to Hamilton Co. O. His children were: 1. lievi; bapt. Jan. 31, 
1768; 2. John; bapt. Oct. 29, 1777; 3. Hnldah; married in Hamilton Co. O., 
John "Wallace; 4. Pierson; 5. Benjamin; 6. Kachel. 


Rachel (No. 236), born 1739; died , daughter of Bzekiel and 

Abigail (Baldwin) Crane. He was married second, April 30, 1892, at 
New Brunswick, by Rev. Dr. John Cross, Bishop of New Jersey, to 
Sarah, daughter of Blihu Crane, born 1768; died May 30, 1844; buried 
at Bloomfield. She was a cousin of the first wife, and was a child- 
less woman. Joseph Lyon was a graduate of Princeton College 1763. 
For thirty years he was an 'elder in the First Presbyterian Church In 
Elizabethtown, and became a minister. He was a member of a 
literary society formed there in 1792, of thirty select persons. He 
and his first wife were both descendants of Joseph^ Lyon, her descent 
being EzekieP Crane, AbigaiP Lyon, Joseph^ Henry^ 

Children of Joseph and Rachel (Crane) Lyon: ' 

•266. I. Sarah; b. Lyons Farms, 1769; m. Joseph Wilbur; d. May 28, 1817. 

*367. II. Mary; b. Lyons Farms, 1778; m. Abraham Cook; d. Hanover, 

New Jersey, March 1818. 

368. III. Kachel; b. 1783; d. Feb. 28, 1802; buried in churchyard of First 

Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown. 

92. IV. 32. ABIGAIL* LYON (HALSTEAD) [Capt. Josephs, 
Joseph2, Henryi] married May 1, 1776, Dr. Caleb Halstead, of Connect! 
cut Farms, N. J. 

Children of Caleb and Abigail (Lyon) Halstead: 

269. I. Mary Cook; m. Isaac Andrews, of Newark, N. J. 

270. II. Joseph Lyon; b. April 1779; d. Oct. 1779. 

271. III. Phebe Roberts; b. 1781. 

272. IV. Joseph Lyon; b. 1783. 

273. V. Caleb Stockton; b. Dec. 11, 1787. 

93. IV. 40. RACHEL4 LYON (MEEKER) [Benjamin^ Ben- 
jamin, Esq.2, Henryi] was born Dec. 24, 1717. She married Joseph 
Meeker, who was born Nov. 4, 1717. 

Children of Joseph and Rachel (Lyon) Meeker: 

274. I. Phebe; b. Dec. 1, 1740. 

275. II. Mary; b. Sept. 5, 1742; d. Jan. 12, 1763. 

276. in. Rachel: b. Oct. 24, 1744. 

277. IV. Azubah; b. Jan. 12, 1746; m. Aug. 18, 1784, Thomas Miller. 
878. V. Joseph Stephens; b. June 10, 1749; d. Oct. 22, 1753. 

279. VI. Hannah; b. July 18, 1751. 

280. VII. Rhoda; b. May 22, 1754; d. March 28, 1768. 

281. VIII. Joseph; b. Feb. 28. 1757. 

282. IX. Benjamin; b. Jan. 1, 1760. 

283. X. Sarah; b. Jan. 11, 1763. 

94. IV. 40. BENJAMIN* LYON [Benjamins, Benjamin, Esq.z, 
Henryi] was born in 1719 at Lyons Farms. He married at Morris- 


town, N. J., Nov. 18, 1747, his step-sister, Mary Lum, daughter of Sam- 
uel and Martha (Day) Lum. The will of Benjamin Lyon, yeoman, of 
the Borough of Elizabeth, East Essex, New Jersey, dated April 10, 
1758, names wife Mary; children: Benjamin, Mary and Martha; father 
Benjamin Lyon, deceased; brothers: Moses, Nathaniel and Daniel Lyon. 
Executors: wife Mary; brother Samuel Lyon, and brother-in-law Amos 
Day. Witnesses: Timothy Harrison, Joseph Jayger, and Joseph 
Crane. Probated Aug. 6, 1758, at Trenton, N. J. 

Benjamin Lyon died July 31, 1758, and is buried in the churchyard 
of the First Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Lum) Lyon: 
*284. I. Benjamin; b. 1754; d. Dec. S, 1803. 

285. II. Martha. 

286. III. Mary. 

95. IV. 40. HANNAH* LYON (CRANE) [Benjamins, Benjamin, 
Esq.2, Henryi] married Jonas* Crane [John3, Azariah2, Jasperi] born in 
1718. Hannah (Lyon) Crane and her husband, Jonas Crane, died Jan. 
26, 1745, and were buried together. 

Son of Jonas and Hannah (Lyon) Crane: 
•287. L Kufus; b. 1744; died 1804. 

96. IV. 40. MARY* LYON (DAY) [Benjamin^ Benjamin, Esq.2, 
Henryi] was born in Newark, N. J., July 24, 1724. She was married 
on Wednesday, June 6, 1744, to Deacon Amos* Day [Josephs, Paul2, 
Georgei] who was born in Newark in 1719, and died at Connecticut 
Farms, N. J., Dec. 28, 1802. Mary (Lyon) Day and her husband are 
both buried at Connecticut Farms. The will of Amos Day, dated 
1802, names children, Joseph, Aaron, Amos and Phebe Day. 

Children of Amos and Mary (Lyon) Day, the first two born at Newark, the 
rest at Connecticut Farms! ; 

288. I. Joseph; b. April 27, 1746. 

289. II. Martha; b. Oct. 30, 1747. 

290. III. Phebe; b. Feb. 8, 1750. 

291. IV. Aaron; b. Sept. 15, 1752. 

292. V. Isaac; b. Nov. 3, 1754. 

293. VI. Salome; b. Sept. 14. 1756. 

294. VII. Mary; b. June 21, 1758. 
*295. VIIL Amos; b. Feb. 11, 1760. 

296. IX. Joseph; b. Oct. 30. 1763. 

fRecord from the Bible of Deacon Amos Day In the possession of Day Meeker, 
of Irving-ton, N. J. 


98. IV. 40. MARTHA4 LYON (LUDLOW) [Benjamins, Ben- 
jamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms about 1727, and died 
Oct. 9, 1790. She married after 1746, Col. Cornelius Ludlow, born 
1729; died April 27, 1812; son of Jeremiah Ludlow (b. 1697). Col. 
Ludlow was a widower. His first wife was Catherine, daughter of 
Daniel and Gracef (Runyon) Cooper. They had one son, John Ludlow, 
res. Long Hill, N. J. 

Children of Cornelius and Martha (Lyon) Ludlow: 
*297. I. Agnes. 
298. II. Martha; m. "William Remsen. Descendants not known. 
*299. III. Benjamin; b. 1763; d. Jan. 27, 1817. 
•300. IV. Israel. 
*301. V. EUzabetb. 
*302. VI. WiUiam. 

tGrace was daughter of Peter and Providence (Blaclcford) Runyon (son of 
Vincent Runyon, the French Hugenot refugee). 

99. IV. 40. SAMUEL4 LYON [Benjamins, Benjamin, Esq.2, 
Henryi] ^as born at Lyons Farms June 26, 1729, and died there Feb. 
9, 1780. He married Phebe Chandler, born Nov. 21, 1730, died March 
14, 1781, daughter of Samuel Chandler, of Elizabethtown, whose will, 
dated Oct. 1770, probated Jan. 1771, mentions wife Phebe and daughter 
Phebe, wife of Samuel Lyon. Samuel and Phebe (Chandler) Lyon 
are buried in the churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church at 
Elizabethtown, N. J. 

Children of Samuel and Phebe (Chandler) Lyon: 

*303. I. Samuel, Jr.; b. Sept. 1753; died In Sugar House prison, N. Y. Dec. 
3, 1776; soldier in Revolutionary "War. 

304. II. Tappan; b. Feb. 15, 1756; d. in Sugar House prison, N. T., Dec. 
1776; soldier in Revolutionary "War. 

305. IIL Phebe; b, Oct. 14, 1758; d. Dec. 10, 1821; m. Dec. 9, 1797, Andrew 

*306. IV. David; b. Dec. 19, 1760; d. May 24, 1845. 

307. V. Ann; b. Oct. 27, 1763; d. Jan. 20, 1840. 

308. VI. Aaron; b. Sept. 7, 1766; d. Oct. 31, 1768; buried in churchyard of 
First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown. 

309. VII. Joanna; b. Dec. 2, 1769; d. Oct. 11, 1791; burled in churchyard of 
First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown. 

•310. VIIL Caleb; b. Sept. 29, 1771; d. Schenectady, N. T., Dec. 28, 1854. 

*3H. IX. Amos; b. Sept. 28, 1775; d. Dec. 28, 1823. 

100. IV. 40. M0SES4 LYON [Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.*, 
Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, N, J., in 1731, and died there March 
27, 1813. He married Mary Harris, who was born in 1732, and died 
June 2, 1809. They were lifelong members of the First Presbj^erlan 
Church of Elizabethtown, N. J., and are buried In the old churchyard. 



Mary Harris was a daughter of Mr. James Harris, who came to Eliz- 
abethtown in 1725, from Bristol, Eng. He was born in 1700, and died 
April 6, 1763; buried in the old St. John's Churchyard of Elizabethtown. 
He married Miss Boleyn, or Bollin, perhaps a daughter of James 
Bollen, son of Capt. James Bollen, who came to the Province of New 
Jersey with Governor Philip Carteret in 1665. Capt. James Bollen was 
Secretary of the Province in 1669, and died in 1683, intestate. On 
May 12, 1683, Samuel Moore and Nathan Fitz Randolph of Woodbridge 
were made administrators of the estate of Capt. James Bollen and 
guardians of his children, James and Anna Bollen. 

Moses Lyon was a revolutionary soldier and served as a private 
in Capt. Abraham Lyon's Company, second Regiment, Essex County, 
New Jersey Militia, during the revolutionary war. His sons, James 
Henry and Nathaniel, aided the cause of American Independence, the 
first two as artificers, and the third as private in the second Regiment, 
Essex County Militia and Continental Line. His son Moses was a 
drummer boy in the same regiment. The will of Moses Lyon of New- 
ark, Essex County, New Jersey, was dated March 18, 1800; probated 
April 2, 1813. To wife Mary he gave £100, a horse and chair, and use 
of one-third of real estate; to three daughters, Hannah, Abigail and 
Mary, each £10 "in 40 days after my death;" to five sons, James, 
Henry, Moses, Obediah and Richard, the balance of the estate, equally 
divided. Executors: sons Henry and Obediah. Witnesses: Jonathan 
Meeker; David Lyon Jr., Denman Meeker. Inventory April 2, 1813; 
amount $7346.66; appraisers David Lyon, Joseph Wilbur. 


Children of Moses and Mary (Harris) Lyon: 

312. I. Hannah; b. about 1752; d. aged 90 years; m. (2nd wife) Abraham 
Harrison who was b. 1751 and d. Aug. 30, 1832; no children. 

♦313. II. Mary [Polly]; b. about 1753. 

•314. III. James; b. Aug. 31, 1755; d. Sept. 20, 1841, Cincinnati, O. 

*315. IV. Henry; b. 1756; d. May 19, 1824. 

•316. V. Nathaniel; b. July 3, 1759; d. Sept. 1833. 

•317. VI. Abigail; b. 1760; d. Sept. 4, 1828. 

318. VII. Moses; b. 1761; d. May 5, 1763; buried in churchyard 

of First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown. 

*319. VIII. Moses; b. Dec. 21, 1763; d. May 2, 1823. 

•330. IX. Harris; b. at Lyons Farms; d. 1798. 

•321. X. Obediah; b. 1765; d. Sept. 6. 1847. 

•322. XL Richard; b. 1766; d. New York City, Dec. 18 21. 

101. IV. 40. CAPTAIN MATTHIAS* LYON [Benjamins Ben- 
jamin, Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms in 1738, and died 
Nov. 11, 1797. He is buried in the churchyard of the First Presby- 
terian Church at Elizabethtown. Matthias LyonJ was an officer in the 
revolutionary war being Captain in Colonel Philip Van Courtlandt's 
Battalion, Brig. General Nathaniel Heard's Brigade, State troops, June 
4, 1776, engaged in the Long Island campaign; discharged Dec. 1, 1776; 
also Captain in Second Regiment, Essex County Militia, by return 
dated Oct. 25, 1777, to June 2, 1778. He participated in the battle of 
Monmouth June 28, 1778. 

He married Clark (?) who died July 9, 1767. 

Children of Matthias and (Clark) Lyon. 

•323. I. Matthias Clarlt; b. about 1760; d. Nov. 1816. 
•324. IL Joseph; b. 1762. 

102. IV. 40. DANIEL* LYON [Benjamin^ Benjamin"" Esq.2, 
Henryi] married Eunice Fitz Randolph, who was born in 1735, daughter 

of Jeremiah* and Ruth ( ) Fitz Randolph [Josephs and Rebecca 

Drake, Joseph2 and Hannah Conger, Edgari, the "emigrant" 1635, and 

tAmong Essex County Probate records is found the following: Jan. 1797 

Nathaniel Wood. Essex County, New Jersey, died intestate. Administration on 
estate granted Jan. 31. 1797. to Elihu Bond and David Lyon, Jr., both of Essex 
County; bondsman, Matthias Lyon of Essex County; inventory taken Jan. 31, 
1797; appraisers, Matthias Lyon and Joseph Lyon. 

Nathaniel Wood was a son of Mary, daughter of Robert (2) Bond, widow of 
Robert (3) Bond, who married Elias Wood. Her two sons by her second 

marriage, Nathaniel and Christopher, were mentioned in the will of their father, 
date 1771. Nathaniel married Elizabeth (Betsey) Taylor, who resigned her 

right to administer on the estate of her husband. Elihu Bond, one of the admin- 
istrators, was a half brother of Nathaniel Wood, being a son of Mary Bond by 
her first husband. He was born May 20, 1756. The bondsman. Matthias Lyon 

and his son Joseph, the second appraiser, were connections of both Bond and Wood 
families, through repeated intermarriages with the Lyon family. 


Elizabeth Blossom). Daniel Lyon was a soldier of the revolutionary 
war, a private in Capt. Marsh's Troop of Light Horse. 

Children of Daniel and Eunice (Fitz Randolph) Lyon: 

325. I. Benjamin; b. Sept. 23, 1763. 

326. II. Daniel; b. Nov. 2, 1765. 
827. III. Sarah; b. Nov. 8, 1766. 
328. IV. Rhoda; b. Dec. 3, 1768. 

*329. V. Matthias; b. Aug. 28, 1771. 

830. VI. Mary; b. July 22, 1774. 

*331. VII. Simeon; b. April 2, 1777. 

332. VIII. John; b. Nov. 5, 1786. 

104. IV. 41. BOICB JOHN* PRUDDEN [Joanna' Lyon, Benjamin 

Esq.2, Henryi], married Sarah . She married second, March 

7, 1751, Samuel Munson. 

Children of Boice John and Sarah ( ) Prudden: 

333. I. Boice John, Jr.; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Baldwin, and is men- 
tioned in the will of his father-in-law. 

334. II. Amos; bapt. at Morristown, Jan. 27, 1745; m. Damaris HarrlBon; d. 
Sept. 22, 1799. 

335. III. John; m. Jan. 18, 1770 (?) Abigail Riggs. 

105. IV. 41. PETER* PRUDDEN [Joannas (Lyon), Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 1722. He was received at Morristown 
Church by letter Feb. 16, 1746, with his first wife, Joanna. He married 
second, Feb. 6, 1763. Rhoda, daughter of Peter Condit, born 1731; died 
April 10, 1818. He died April 21, 1777. 

Children of Peter and Rhoda (Condit) Prudden. 

836. I. Peter; bapt. Aug. 5, 1764; m. Nov. 14, 1782, Esther, dau. of Adonl- 

ram Prudden (No. 106); she b. 1762; d. Dec. 6, 1827; he d. Feb. 5, 1838. 

337. II. Rhoda; bapt. March 23, 1766. 

338. III. Joanna; bapt. July 10, 1768; m. Eleazer Byram. 

339. IV. Phebe; b. March 20; bapt. May 17, 1772. 

106. IV. 41. ADONIRAM4 PRUDDEN [Joanna3 (Lyon), Benjamin 

Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 1727. He married Mehitable , 

born 1746; died Aug. 3, 1811. He died In 1776. 

Children of Adonlram and Mehitable ( ) Prudden: 

310. I. Apollos. 

841. II. Sarah; bapt. July 10, 1757; m. John Oliver. 

342. III. Elijah; bapt. Oct. 14, 1759; d. after 1776. 

343. rv. Esther; b. 1762; m. Peter Prudden (No. 336). 

344. v. Abigail; m. Oct. 18, 1787, Jacob Lindsley. 

346. VI. Mary (Polly); b. Nov. 2, 1772; m. Edward Condit. 

346. VII. Jemima; m. May 28, 1797, William Shelley of Littleton. 

107. IV. 41. JOSEPH* PRUDDEN [Joanna' (Lyon), Benjamin 


Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 1729. He married in 1769 Esther Ayra, 
born July 1749; died June 1837. He was an elder and a deacon Dec. 
1783, and died March, 1816. 

Children of Joseph and Esther (Ayrs) Prudden: 

347. I. Joanna; b. Sept. 25, 1781; d. Jan. 1807. 

348. II. Stephen Ayrs; b. April 5, 1784; m. 1st, June 1806, Nancy Guerln, 
(b. Nov. 1785; d. Sept. 17, 1830); m. 2nd, Oct. 12, 1831, Nancy Chlpps (widow, b. 
1S04; d. July 1840); m. 3rd, Nov. 4, 1841, Lydla (King) Slater, ( b. June 3, 1807; 
d. Oct. 27, 1886); he died Dec. 29, 1869. 

349. III. Jane; b. Aug. 17, 1786; m. John B. Ayres. 

350. IV. Joseph; b. Oct. 6, 1789; m. Hannah Brown; d. June 1830. 

108. IV. 41. BEN JAMIN4 PRUDDEN [Joannas (Lyon), Benjamin 

Esq.2, Henryi] married first Latou. They both renewed the 

covenant at Morristown Church May 1, 1757. He married second, 
Jan. 30, 1774, Eunice Baldwin, born 1740; died Aug. 24, 1780. He 
married third, March 16, 1783, Elizabeth, widow of Abel Tompkins. 
He removed to Redstone, Pa. 

Children of Benjamin and (Latou) Prudden: 

351. I. Benjamm; m. Miss Drake; lived and died at Medham, N. J. 

352. II. Eunice; bapt. May, 1757. 

109. IV. 41. M0SES4 PRUDDEN [Joanna3 (Lyon), Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 1732, and died Jan. 11, 1777. He married 
Mary Morris. 

Children of Moses and Mary (Morris) Prudden: 

353. I. AbigaU; bapt. Aug. 1, 1756; d. before 1765. 

354. II. Joanna; bapt. Aug. 7, 1757; m. July 29, 1787, John House. 

355. III. Phebe; bapt. April 15, 1759; d. before 1777. 

356. IV. Mary; bapt. Aug. 2, 1761; d. before 1777. 

357. V. Samuel; bapt. June 5, 1763; m. April 15, 1784, Sarah Oliver. 

358. VI. Abigail; bapt. Sept. 22, 1765; d. Sept. 1776. 

359. VII. Ruth; bapt. July 19, 1767; d. Sept. 1776. 

360. VIII. Mizabeth; bapt. June 25, 1769; m. Aug. 24, 1783, John Hlnes 

361. IX. Theodosia; bapt. 7, 1771; m. Usnal Condit. 

362. X. Moses; bapt. Jan. 31, 1773; m. 1st, Bethia Miller, who died 1799; 
m. 2nd, Lydla Guernig (b. April 21. 1779; d. March 28, 1850); he died AprU 1826. 

363. XI. Nancy; bapt. July 23, 1775; d. Sept. 1776. 

364. XII. Daniel; b. Aug. 5, 1777; m. Oct. 1798, Elizabeth Freeman. 

110. IV. 41. ISAAC* PRUDDEN [Joannas (Lyon), Benjamin Esq.«, 
Henryi] was born in 1738. He married first, Oct. 25, 1769, Hannah, 
daughter of Deacon Matthew Lum, born 1743; died Oct. 26, 1776. He 
married second, July 8, 1778, Sarah, daughter of Capt. James Keen. 
(She married second, March 26, 1803, Jonathan Hathaway). 


Children of Isaac and Sarah (Keen) Prudden: 

365. I. Isaac; b. Oct. 16, 1780; m. July 5, 1803, Nancy Miller. 

866. II. James; b. July 24, 1782; m. Aug. 15, 1801, Sally Halsey. 

367. III. Jacob; b. April 9, 1784. 

368. IV. Hannah; b. Jan. 1, 1786; m. Elias P. Howell. 

369. V. Josiah; b. Dec. 27, 1787; d. Dec. 1809. 

370. VI. David; b. Dec. 1, 1789; went West. 

371. VII. Samuel; b. Sept. 12, 1791; d. 1795. 

372. VIII. Keen; b. Dec. 2, 1795; m. Hannah Miller. 

373. IX. Peter; b. Sept. 2, 1797; went West. 

111. IV. 41. SARAH4 PRUDDEN (HALSEY) [Joanna3 (Lyon), 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Jan. 16, 1747, Capt. Benjamin Halsey, 
Judge and County Collector in the Revolution. He married second 
Bethia Youngs, and third, Sarah (Rainor) Lindsley, Widow of Capt. 
John Lindsley, of Morristown, N. J. 

Children of Benjamin and Sarah (Prudden) Halsey: 

374. I. Deborah; b. Nov. 6, 1747; m. David Day. 

375. II. Joseph; b. Oct. 23, 1749; d. Sept. 30, 1750. 

376. III. Joanna; b. May 20, 1751; m. Isaac Miller. 

»77, IV. Ezra; b. May 6, 1753; Captain in war of Revolution; m. Sarah 
Johnson; d. Jan. 1821. 

378. V. Joseph; b. Feb. 13, 1755; m. Jerusha Wood; d. May 1811. 

379. VI. Samuel; b. May 20, 1756; d. 1758. 

380. VII. Ruth; b. May 20, 1758; m. her stepbrother, John Lindsley. 

112. IV. 41. JOANNA* PRUDDEN (LINDSLEY) [Joanna' 
(Lyon), Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Demas, son of John Lindsley. 
Removed from Mendham, N. J. 1780 to Morris Township, Penn. 

Children of bemas and Joanna (Prudden) Lindsley: 

381. I. Zenas;.b. April 4, 1756. 

382. II. Daniel; b. April 24, 1759. 

383. III. Joseph; b. May 11, 1760. 

384. IV. Jacob; grad. Princeton College; became a Presbyterian minister, 
and was for thirteen years President of Athens College, Ohio. 

129. IV. 47. PETER* LYON [EbenezerS, EbenezerZ, Henryi], 
lived on Stoney Hill, nearly south of Littell's Bridge. He married 
Joanna Clark, (b. Dec. 28, 1726 O. S.) half sister of Elias Clark of 
Stoney Hill. Peter Lyon died intestate, and on Oct. 14, 1784, Ben- 
jamin Lyon (No. 284) administered on his estate. , 

Children of Peter and Joanna (Clark) Lyon: 
•385. L Ebenezer; b. April 29, 1746. 
•386. II. Benjamin; m. 1780. 

387, III. David; removed to Virginia. 
•888. IV. Bethia; m. May 20, 1770, John4 Potter [Amos3, Danlel2, Samuell]. 

889. V. Joanna; b. 1762; m. John Blackford; d. Oct. 12, 1783. 


•390. VI. Nathaniel; m. Mary Wilcox (?). 
•391. VII. Susan; m. April 1790, John Cory. 
♦393. VIII. Phebe; m. Jonas Clark. 

129d. IV. 50. ICHAB0D4 GRUMMAN [BethiaS (Lyon), Capt. 
Ebenezer2, Henryi] was born 1755 at Lyons Farms. He was a weaver, 
an express rider in the war of the Revolution, and a U. S. Government 
Mail Contractor. He married Hannah, born 1756, daughter of Timothy 
Bruen, Sr. Icabod Grumman, Jr., died Oct. 29, 1794. His widow 
died Dec. 13, 1835. They are buried in the churchyard of the old 
Baptist Church at Lyons Farms. ^ 

Children of Ichabod and Hannah (Bruen) Grumman: 
393a. I. Isaac; m. March 31, 1799, Jemima Price; among their children 

were: Isaac, William and a daughter, who m. Bratton; he succeeded 

his father in the stage and mail business. 

*392b. II. Mary; b. 1779; d. March 16, 1818; m. July 16, 1800, Timothy 

392c. III. AbigaU; b. 1781; d. Nov. 17, 1811; m. Joseph Wilson; one dau. 
Abigail, who never married. 

892d. IV. Sarah; b. 1785; d. July 26, 1843; unm.; burled in the church- 
yard of the Baptist Church at Lyons Farms. 

•392e. V. William; b. 1787; d. Oct. 17, 1859; m. Phebe Meeker. 

*392f. VI. Phebe; b. 1793; d. April 2, 1872; m. Timothy Woodruff, 2nd wife. 

130. V. 51 ?. EPHRAIM^ LYON [ \ Isaac^ Thomas^ 

Henryi] was born in 1740 and died in August 1776. He married at 
Morristown, N. J., April 8, 1764, Hannah Morris, who "renewed the 
covenant" at Morristown Church, Aug. 1775, As a widow, Hannah 
(Morris) Lyon married at Morristown, June 21, 1778 Ichabod Cooper. 
Ephraim Lyon died intestate, and Hannah Lyon, July 15, 1777, admin- 
istered on his estate. , 

Children of Ephraim and Hannah (Morris) Lyon (baptized on wife's account 
at Morristown church, Aug. 3, 1775): 

393. L Rebecca; b. Sept. 3, 1764. 

394. IL Isaac; b. Nov. 20, 1766. 

895. III. Ezeklel; b. Feb. 17, 1769. 

896. IV. Samuel; b. Nov. 27, 1773; d. Dec. 9, 1788, ae. 15 years. 

897. V. Mary; b. March 12, 1775. 

131. V. 51. JOHNS LYON [John^, Isaacs Thomas2, Henryi] was 
born in Essex Co., N. J., and died in Ogdensburg, N. Y., dates not ascer- 
tained. He married, March 17, 1775, Rachel Reeves of Morristown, 
N. J. They both "renewed the covenant" in the First Church (Morris 
County's First Church, 1738-40, was the First Presbyterian Church). 
Rachel (Reeves) Lyon died of consumption June 28, 1780, aged 23 
years; buried at Morristown. John Lyon married second Martha 
Babbitt, and removed to Ogdensburg, N. Y. 



Children of John and Rachel (Reeves) Lyon, born In Morristown, N. J. 
398. L Mary; b. April 18, 1778; bapt. Oct. 17, 1779. 
899. II. Rachel; b. Feb. 10, 1780; bapt. June, 1780; m. Thomas Lee, Jr.t 

Children of John and Martha (Babbitt) Lyon: 
400. III. Aaron. 
♦401. IV. Lewis; b. March 4, 1790; d. July 28, 1834. 

402. V. Sally. 

403. VI. John. 

•404. VII. Stephen Smith. 

405. VIII. Elizabeth. 

132. V. 52. JOHNS LYON [Mattaniah*, Isaac3, Thomas2. Henryi] 

married Esther . Both had letters to Morristown Church in 

1766; afterwards moved elsewhere. 

Children of John and Esther ( ) Lyon: 

406. I. Sarah; bapt. Morristown, May 15, 1768. 

407. IL Isaac; b. Feb. 24, 1770; bapt. April 8, 1770. 
[Record no doubt incomplete]. 

133. V. 52. ISAACS LYON [Mattaniah*, Isaacs Thomas2, HenryiJ 
was born about 1747. He married July 5, 1779, at Morristown, 
Rebecca* Condit [Joseph^, Peter2, Peteri]. Isaac and Rebecca Lyon 
"renewed the covenant" at Morristown Church May 15, 1783. He 
was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. 

Children of Isaac and Rebecca (Condit) Lyon: 

408. I. Mattaniah; b. Dec. 12, 1780; bapt. (on mother's account) May 15, 

409. II. Cyrus; b. Nov. 29, 1782; bapt. (on mother's account) May 15, 1783. 

410. III. Rhoda; b. Nov. 20, 1789; bapt. June 6, 1790. 

136. V. 52. M0SES5 LYON [Mattaniah*, Isaac^, ThomasZ, 
Henryi] was born in 1757. He married Esther, daughter of John and 
Sarah Warren, born 1759; d. Dec. 28, 1793. He was a soldier in the 
Revolutionary war, and served as an artificer in Capt. Joseph Lindsley's 
Company of Artificers, Continential army; enlisted at Morris, Morris 
Co., March 17, 1776, for one year, aged 19; reinlisted in Morris County, 
New Jersey, Dec. 26, 1776; he was present at the battle of Trenton, 
Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777; discharged at Morristown, March 17, 1777; 
reinlisted June 1777 for the war as an express rider in Capt. Jeremiah 

tThomas Lee, Jr., was a son of Thomas (and Dinah Perrine) Lee, wl^o was 
baptized July 1, 17 28, in St. George's Church, Hemstead, Long Island, a'nd died at 
Hanover, N. J., Jan. 7, 1803. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. In 1810 
Thomas Lee, Jr. and his wife, Rachel (Lyon) Lee were living at Ogdensburg, N. 
T., and had two children — so says an ancient letter written by Major William 
Lee of Hanover to his brother, Peter Lee, of North Bend, Ohio. They were 

brothers of Thomas Lee, Jr., of Ogdensburg. 


Dunn's Troop of Express Riders, Continental army (afterwards com- 
manded by Capt. John Asgill, and by Capt. Robert Dunn); discharged 
at the close of the war. Moses Lyon made application for pension on 
Sept. 25, 1832, at which time he was 75 years of age, and residing at 
Aurelius, N, Y., and his pension was allowed for two years actual ser- 
vice as Express Rider, Revolutionary war, "enlisted at Morris, Morris 
Co., N. J., and served under Gen. Thomas Mifflin." 

Children of Moses and Esther (Warren) Lyon: 

411. I. Moses; b. Sept. 1791; d. Jan. 26, 1792. 

412. II. Richard; res. MasonviUe, N. Y. ; 1832 Moses Lyon, Revolutionary 
patriot was living with him there. 

Perhaps there were other children. 

141. V. 52. AAR0N5 LYON [Mattaniah*, Isaacs, Thomas2, 
Henryi] was born 1769; died Sept. 5, 1854. He married Joanna 

, b. 1770, died Oct. 30, 1845. Both buried in churchyard of 

First Presbyterian Church in Elizabethtown, N. J. 

Some of the following may have been sons of Aaron Lyon; at any rate, thoy 
are believed to have been grandsons of his father, Mattaniah Lyon: 

♦413. I. Asher. 

•414. IL Isaac; b. June 19, 1791; d. at MlUbrook, N. J., Dec. 3, 1865. 

*415. III. Samuel; b. 1781, therefore certainly not son of Aaron; d. 
Stockholm, N. J., June 23, 1862. 

145. V. 53. JOHNS LYON [Eliphalet*, Isaacs, ThomasZ, Henryi] 
was born May 10, 1762. He was married at Morristown, March 30, 
1788, by Rev. Timothy Johnes to Jemima Smith, who was born Sept, 
29, 1785, and died Feb. 27, 1830; buried at Parsippany, N. J. She was 
a sister to Phebe Smith who married Aaron Edwards. John Lyon died 
at Fairhaven, Vt., before 1812. 

Children of John and Jemima (Smith) Lyon: 

*416. L Stephen; b. Nov. 22, 1788; d. Dec. 29, 1872. 

•417. IL Elizabeth; b. April 9, 1790; d. June 9, 1856. 

418. IIL Sarah; b. 1791; d. Feb. 11, 1819. 

419. IV. Mary; b. May 3, 1793; d. Aug. 6, 1810. 
•420. V. Samuel; b. Aug. 2, 1794. 

•421. VI. John; b. May 24, 1796. 

•422. VII. Smith; b. July 18, 1798; d. Feb. 1833. 

•423. VIII. Sylvester; b. Sept. 30, 1800; d. Sept. 13, 1865. 

•424. IX. Clarissa; b. Feb. 19, 1802; d. Jan. 22, 1829. 

•425. X. Abiather Dodd; b. March 30, 1803; d. Feb. 24, 1888. 

•426. XL Hinman; b. March 5, 1805; d. Feb. 13, 1877. 

•427. XIL Archibald; b. May 6, 1807; d. May 23, 1887. 

428. XIIL Samantha; b. Oct. 19, 1809; m. David Sanford; children: 1. 

Ann; 2. George. 


152. V. 57. STEPHENS LYON [Thomas*, Thomas3, ThomasZ, 
Henryi] was born about 1736. He married in Morristown, N. J. in 
1757, Anguish . 

Children of Stephen and Augulsh ( ) Lyon, baptized In Morristown 

on wife's account: 

429. I Joseph; bapt. Aug. 19, 1759. 

430. II. David; bapt. Aug. 19, 1759. 

431. III. John; bapt. March 23, 1760. 
433. IV. Mary; bapt. April 5, 1762. 

433. V. £zekiel; bapt. Oct. 2, 1763. 

153. V. 57. EN0S5 LYON[Thomas4, Thomas^, ThomasZ, Henryi] 
was born in 1748. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and was 
granted a pension May 13, 1818, for service as a private in the New 
Jersey line. He married Naomi, daughter of Cornelius and Joanna 
(Harrison) Jones, who was born 1769, and was baptized at the First 
Presbyterian Church at Orange, N. J. in Nov. 1774. Naomi Lyon was 
granted a widow's pension in 1841, at which time she was living at 
Manchester, Passaic Co., N. J. 

Son of Enos and Naomi (Jones) Lyon: 

434. I. John. 

155, V. 57. MOSES5 LYON [Thomas*, ThomasS, Thomas^, 
Henryi] was born in 1762 and lived at Short Hill, N. J. He was a 
soldier of the Revolutionary war, and was granted a pension in 1840 
for military service. At this time he was living at Madison, Delaware 
Co., N. Y. The name of his wife has not been ascertained. 

Son of Moses and ( ) Lyon: 

•435. I. Samuel (of Short Hill). 

156. V. 57. ELIJAHS LYON [Thomas*, Thomas', Thomas', 
Henryi] was born March 1763 and died Sept. 24, 1828. He married, 
Dec. 19, 1784, Phebe Dean, born 1765; died Dec. 1, 1822; burled with 
her husband at Springfield, N. J. 

Children of Elijah and Phebe (Dean) Lyon: 
•436. 1. Mary; b. Dec. 19, 1785; d. in Ohio, May 13, 1860; m. David Denman. 

436a. II. Sarah; b. Aug. 1787. 

436b. III. Caleb; b. March 1789. 
*436c. IV. Isaac; b. Aug. 1790. 

436d. V. I^uther; b. April 1792. 

436e. VL John S.; b. Jan. 1796. 

436f. VIL Eunice M.; b. Dec. 1797. 

436g. Vin. Elizabeth G.; b. 1799. 

436h. IX. Fannie D.; b. 1801. 

436i. X. Charlotte W.; b. 1804. 

4S6J. XI. Malissa Bond; b. 1807. * 


157. V. 57. LEVIS LYON [Thomas*, ThomasS, ThomasZ, Henryi] 
married Martha, daughter of Cornelius and Joanna (Harrison) Jones* 
who was baptized April 1, 1776, and d. in Oct. 1832, at Elizabethtown, 
N. J. She was a member of the old First Presbyterian Church of that 

Children of Levi and Martha (Jones) Lyon: 

437. I. Samuel; m. and removed to Canada. 

438. II. Kobert; not m. 

439. III. Henry. 

440. IV. Joanna; m. Smith. 

441. V. Ann; b. 1810; not m. ; d. Osage, 111., Feb. 15, 1847; burled church- 
ya'rd of First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown. 

442. VI. Eliza; m. Peter Vincent; a son William Vincent, of Roseville Ave. 
Presbyterian Church, Newark, N. J. 

443. VII. Hannah; twin sister of Eliza; m. 1st Edwards; (m. 2nd 


444. VIII. Almira; went to Canada; m. Savage. 

445. IX. Cyrus; said to have lived at cor. of Grove and Main Sts., East 
Orange; married and had sons, Samuel and John; perhaps other children. 


3, Thomas2, Henryi] married at Morristown, N. J. May 16, 1772, 

Joseph Casterline. He was born June 10, 1730. His second wife was 
Peninah Searing, whom he married March 24, 1790. Peninah Searing 
had ten children; Susanna Lyon had eleven children. 

Children of Joseph and Susannah (Lyon) Casterline: 
446. I. Daniel; m. Elizabeth . 

447. II. £zekiel. 

448. III. Levi.. 

449. IV. Joseph. 

450. V. James. 

451. VI. John; m. Oct. 12, 1810, Nancy, daughter of William Kirk; died 
March 7, 1812. 

452. VII. Sarah. 

453. VIII. Susan; m. Stephen Freeman. 

454. IX. Hannah; m. 1st Tompkins; m. 2nd Harris. 

455. X. Phebe. 

456. XI. Huldah. 

175. V. 62. RACHELS LYON (ARMSTRONG) [SamueH, 
Samuels, Samuel2, Henryi] married Dec. 24, 1775, Nathaniel Armstrong, 
born 1742; died Oct. 23, 1822. She died Jan. 14, 1817. [Rachel 
Lyon's mother, Abigail Crane (No. 85) was also a descendant of Henry 

Children of Nathaniel and Rachel (Lyon) Armstrong: 

457. I. Nathaniel; bapt. April 2, 1769; d. 1803. 

458. II. Silas, b. Jan. 12, 1771; d. Jan. 9. 1794. 

459. III. Phebe; b. Feb. 9, 1773; d. Nov. 27. 1775. 


460. IV. Isaac; b. Feb. 23, 1777; d. Jan. 8, 1778. 

461. V. Bhoda; b. Dec. 13, 1778; d. Jan. 1779. 

462. VI. Samuel; b. Aug. 21, 1779; d. 1780. 

463. II. Hannah; b. March 10, 1783; m. Ellas Pierson. 

464. VIII. John; b. June 21, 1786; m. Rhoda Norrls (?). 

178. V. 64. DAVIDS LYON [Nathaniel*, Capt. Henrys, Samuel', 
Henryi] married . 

Daughter of David Lyon: 

*465. I. Kachel; m. Samuel Ogden. 

180. V. 65. DAVIDS LYON [Josiah*, Capt. Henry', Samuel', 

Henryi] of Orange, Essex Co., N. J., was the oldest son of Josiah Lyon. 

He married . 


466. I. Daniel. 

467. II. Moses. 
•468. III. Henry. 

469. IV. Sarah. 

181. V. 65. ABRAHAMS LYON [Josiah*, Capt. Henry', Samuel', 
Henryi] married . 

Son of Abraham Lyon: 

♦470. I. Abraham; b. 1749; d. March 1848. 

186. V. 65. LYDIA5 LYON (PARKHURST) [Josiah*, Capt. 
HenryS, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in 1745, and died Aug. 15, 1785. 
She married Caleb Parldiurst. 

Children of Caleb and Lydla (Lyon) Parkhurst: 

471. I. Jabez. 

472. II. Henry Lyon. 

473. III. Hannah; m. Wilson. 

474. IV. Esther; m. Clark. 

475. V. Lydia. 

476. VI. Nehemiah. 

477. VII. Caleb. 

478. VIII. Abby; m. Lyon. 

189. V, 67. HENRYS LYON [Henry*, Capt. Henry', Samuel', 

Henryi] married Hannah ; died 1773. His will names wife 

Hannah Lyon; children: Jonathan, Stephen, Zopher and Henry, and 
brother James. 

Children of Henry and Hannah ( ) Lyon: 

•479. I. Jonathan; b. March 1764; d. Aug. 8, 1852. 

480. 11. Stephen; b. about 1766; living In 1782. 
•481. III. Zopher; b. 1769; d. June 30, 1844. 

482. IV. Henry; b. about 1770; living In 1782. 


195. V. 69. REBECCAS LYON (CLARK) [Joseph*, Josephs, 
Samuel2, Henryi] married Thomas Clark. 

Children of Thomas and Rebecca (Lyon) Clark: 

490. X. Joseph; m. Mary Smith. 

*491. II. William; res. Somerset Co., N. J.; m. Hannah Smith. 

^'^492. III. James; m. Susan Smith. 

493. IV. Thomas; m. Anna Stout. 

494. v. Abigail; m. William Stover. 

495. VI. Sarah; m. John Straw. 

496. VII. Elizabeth. 

497. VIII. Mary; m. William Moore. 

498. IX. Samuel; m. Mary . 

499. X. Rebecca; m. James Thomas. 

•500. XI. John Lyon; b. Jan. 20, 1770; d. 1838. 

204. V. 70. CAPTAIN ABRAHAMS LYON [Abraham*, Joseph 
(?)3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newark, and lived there. He was 
an officer in the Revolutionary war; Captain in Fourth Battalion, New 
Jersey Continental Line, first establishment, Nov. 28, 1776. He was 
in the battle of Short Hills, N. J. June 26, 1776; the battle of Brandy- 
wine, Del., Sept. 7, 1777; the battle of Germantown, Pa., Oct. 4, 1777, 
the battle of Monmouth, N. J., June 28, 1778; retired as a super- 
numerary officer Feb. 11, 1779.f The will of Abraham Lyon of New- 
ark, dated Jan. 29, 1793, mentions daughters Sarah Brant and Elizabeth 
Pierson, and grand-children Abraham, David, Samuel, William, Isaac 
and Jacob Brant. 

V. (?). ABRAHAM LYON, of Newark, born 1760; 

died March 21, 1799; was no doubt of the same branch of the family 
as the foregoing, though possibly of the sixth generation. He mar- 
ried Hannah, daughter of Elihu and Elizabeth (Price) Ogden, but no 
further record has been found. 

tOn the 7th of December, 1774, the planters at Newark held a town meeting 
at the Court House to evince their loyalty to the Colonies. A committee of obser- 
vation was appointed from among them whose duty It was "to see how the people 
acted on the question of the General Congress," to publicly advocate active oppo- 
sition to the mother country, and to see that certain sens of Belial, the Tories 
in their midst, were duly ostracized. The men of influence In this committee 
were Joseph Allen, Garrabrant Garrabrant, Caleb Camp, Bethuel Plerson. Solo- 
mon Davis, John Range, Samuel Pennington, Joseph Hidden, Jr., Samuel Condlt, 
John Peck. Joseph Lyon, Thomas Cadmus, Jr., James Wheeler, Abraham Lyon, 
Ichabod Harrison. Jonathan Sayre, Robert Johnson and Robert Nell, Jr. Two of 
these patriots In the cause of American Independence, Joseph Lyon and Abraham 
Lyon (probably No. 204) were descendants of Henry Lyon of Newark. 


211. V. 79. SARAH5 LYON (DYRB) [William*, Lieut. James', 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Sept. 12, 1774, and died 
Jan. 9, 1843. She was married, June 7, 1795, to Aaron Fisher Dyre 
(Dyer), son of Joseph and Mary (Tomlins) Dyre. He was born Dec. 
28, 1769, and died Jan. 30, 1822. 

Children of Aaron F. and Sarah (Lyon) Dyre: 

501. I. John; b. June 1, 1796; d. Sept. 29, 1797. 

602. II. John; b. Feb. 25, 1798. 

503. III. James L.yon; b. May 20, 1800; d. Oct. 10, 181& 

504. IV. Joseph; b. May 6, 1802; d. July 18, 1817. 

505. V. Mary Ann; b. April 10, 1804; d. Sept. 20, 1805. 
*506. VI. Mary Ann; b. May 8, 1806. 

507. VII. Sarah; b. April 22, 1810. 

608. VIII. William Lyon; b. July 26, 1812. 

609. IX. Hannah Lyon; b. April 16, 1815. 

220. V. 81. WILLIAMS LYON [Joseph*, Lieut. James3, Samuel^, 
Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Oct. 31, 1779, and died May 20, 
1808. He married, March 1, 1801, Lucy Dunham, daughter of Robert 
and Elizabeth (Spooner) Dunham. She was born Dec. 19, 1781, and 
died March, 1867. William Lyon was a master mariner in Newport. 

Son of William and Lucy (Dunham) Lyon: 

*510. I. William; b. Newport, R. L, Nov. 1, 1803. 

223. V. 81. JOSEPHS LYON, JR. [Joseph*, Lieut. James', 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Nov. 9, 1784, and died 
Sept. 23, 1859. He married Phebe, daughter of Joseph Mumford, born 
March 21, 1792; died Sept. 3, 1859. 

Children of Joseph and Phebe (Mumford) Lyon: 

*511. I. Mary Ann: b. March 27, 1810; m. Henry C. Chase; d. 1887. 

•512. IL Henry; b. Sept. 20, 1812; d. July 28, 1882. 

♦513. III. Elizabeth Mumford; b. Jan. 8, 1814; m. Robert Taylor; died 1884. 

514. IV. Joseph Mumford; b. Jan. 16, 1816; unra.; d. June 18, 1892. 

*515. V. Emily; b. May 16, 1818; m. J. T. Bush; d. Nov. 1887. 

516. VI. Angeline; b. Aug. 16, 1820; unm. ; d. Aug. 20, 1889. 

*517. VII. Nicholas Underwood; b. March 10, 1822; d. Feb. 15, 1902. 

518. VIII. Sarah L; b. Jan 18, 1824; died Aug. 4, 1826. 

*519. IX. Jfimes Wheaton; b. Oct. 8, 1826; d. Oct. 6 [or 13] 1894. 

♦520. X. John Edward; b. Oct. 4, 1828. 

521. IX. Sarah Elmer; b. Nov. 19, 1831; d. Oct. 1832. 

♦522. XIL Maria Louisa; b. Aug. 30, 1833; m. John M. Holt; died July 1898. 

230. V. 81. HARRIETS LYON (DAVIS) [Joseph*, Lieut. James3, 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Feb. 7, 1797, and died 
May 8, 1840. She married John W. Davis of Brandon, Vt. He died 
May 23, 1840. 


Children of John W. and Harriet (Lyon) Davis: 
523. I. George Edwin; d. Jan. 7, 1842. 
624. II. Charles; res. Brandon, Vt. 
525. III. James; went to the Mexican war, and was among the missing. 

626. IV. Son; res. Brandon, Vt. 

627. V. EUzabeth Lyon; d. Jan. 8, 1858. 

252. V. 86. 0BEDIAH5 CRANE [Josiah*, Abigail' (Lyon), 
Josephz, Henryi] was born March 10, 1756, and died in 1838. He mar- 
ried Martha Taylor, born 1753; died Jan. 16, 1802. 

Children of Obedlah and Martha (Taylor) Crane: 

628. I. Cornelia Walton; m. Woodruff; d. Feb. 8, 1813. 

629. II. Elizabeth; m. Jan. 3, 1808, Job Meeker (b. 1784; d. June 11, 1841); 
she died Sept. 26, 1862. 

Obediah Crane had several other children. 

257. V. 88. DAVIDS CONGAR [Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), 
Joseph2, Henryi] of New Windsor, N. Y.; married in 1759 Mary 

, b. June 10, 1741; died at New Windsor, Aug. 1820. He 

died Oct. 8, 1840. 

Children of David and Mary ( ) Congar: 

*530. I. Joseph; b. March 31, 1761. 

•531. II. Josiah; b. Dec. 21, 1763. 

532. III. Sarah; b. March 17, 1766. 

•533. IV. Obediah; b. June 27, 1768; d. Sept. 22, 1845. 

*634. V. Stephen; b. Sept. 10, 1770. 

635. VI. Mary; b. Feb. 4, 1779. 

636. VII. Margaret; b. March 24, 1782; m. 1st David Hudson, m. 2nd Rev. 
Silas Riggs. 

260. V. 88. JOANNAS CAMP (BEACH) [Joanna^ (Crane), 
Abigail^ (Lyon), Josephs, Henryi] married Elias Beach, born in Med- 
ham, Morris Co., N. J., son of Joseph and Eunice (Baldwin) Beach. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution. He moved from Morris Co. to 
Newark about 1770. 

Children of Ellas and Joanna (Camp) Beach: 
637. I. David. 

538. II. Caleb. 

539. III. Ephraim; b. 1781; d. 1837; had a dau. Caroline who ra. Horace 
Beach Gardner, grandfather of C. C. Gardner, of Newark, N. J. 

640. rv. Eunice. 

541. V. Phebe. 

642. VI. Rachel. 

543. VII. Mary. 

644. VIII. Elizabeth. 

266. V. 91. SARAHS LYON (WILBUR) [Joseph, A. B.*, Capt. 
Joseph^, Joseph2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms in 1769, and died 


May 28, 1817. She married Joseph Wilbur, who was born in 1755, 
and died Feb. 15, 1830. Both are buried in the churchyard of the First 
Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown. Joseph Wilbur was an elder 
in the Church. He was a merchant residing in Newark, but doing 
business in New York City. 

Children of Joseph and Sarah (Lyon) Wilbur: 

545. I. Backus; b. 17S9; grad. of Princeton College; entered the ministry 
and In 1818 was called to the First Presbyterian Church in Dayton, but death 
closed his ministry after a pastorate of four months; died Sept. 29, ^1818. 

546. II. Elizabeth; b. 1792; m. "Wilbur Price, son of Daniel and Phebe 
(Thompson) Price of Elizabethtown; d. Sept. 5, 1832. 

547. III. Bachel; m. J. H. Lamdin. She was a widow many years; a 
daughter, Mary Wilbur Lamdin, was b. Aug. 1823; died Jan. 17, 1827. 

548. IV. Jeremiah; res. Newark; was a merchant In New York; In 1830 suc- 
ceeded his father in the firm of Wilbur and Fish. 

549. V. Joseph; b. 1797; d. May 30, 1798. 

550. VI. Joseph Lyon; b. 1802; d. Nov. 23, 1826 (killed In a run-away). 

551. VIL Erastus; b. 1813; d. July 18, 1817. 

267. V. 91. MARY5 LYON (COOK) [Joseph*, Capt. Josephs, 
Joseph2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms about 1778, and died March 
1818, at Hanover, N. J., where she had lived seventeen years. She 
married 1800-1, Abraham Cook, Esq., b. Feb. 3, 1775 at Southampton, 
L. I.; died March 31, 1841, near New Carlisle, O. He was a son of 
Stephenf and Sarah (Havens) Cook. Abraham Cook was a Justice of 
the Peace, and a merchant at Hanover. In 1719, with his second wife 
and his children (all by his first wife) he removed from New Jersey to 
Fairfield, O., where he died March 31, 1841. Previous to his emigra- 
tion he married, 1719, Jane Joyce, who died at Fairfield 1821-2. He 
had a third wife, Sarah Hingley, from Somerset Co., N. J. 

Children of Abraham and Mary (Lyon) Cook: 

552. I. Eliza Lyon; b. 1801-2. d. in Ohio, about 1889. 

563. II. Harriet Havens; b. May 29, 1804; m. at Fairfield, December 21, 
1821, John Cox, (b. Sept. 16, 1800; d. April 9, 1883), son of Judge John* and 
Sarah (Clark) Cox [Isaac3, b. 1743; Philip2, b. 1677; Isaacl, a London merchant, 
who came to Elizabethtown about 1685]. John Cox No. 1314 was a descendant 
of Henry Lyon in the eighth generation, through his mother. Sarah7 Clark (Wil- 
liam6, Rebeccas, (Lyon), Joseph4, Joseph3, Samuel2, Henryi); Harriet died Aug. 
15, 1874. 

•554. III. Mary; b. 1806; m. Jacob Mozler; d. In Forest City, Wis., 1895. 
♦555. IV. Phebe; b. 1808; m. Hugh Andrews of Fairfield, O.; died in Dela- 
ware County, Ind. about 1875. 

tStephen' Cook was a son of Abraham* [Abiel', Ablel' Ellis*] and Slbel 
(Burnett) Cook. Sarah Havens, born 1753. was a daughter of Constant Havens 

(b. 1713) and his second wife, Elizabeth Hopkins (b. 1718) [William*, b. 1661; 
Giles', b. 1605; Stephen'; b. 1583; came in the Mayflower 1620]. 


*656. V. Stephen; b. 1810; m. Sarah Caldwell; d. Hill grove, O.. 1870. 
»557. VI. Sarah; b. July 12, 1812; m. George Rockey; d. July 18, 1901. 
558, VII. Adrian; b. about 1815; died 1820. 

284. V. 94. BENJAMINS LYON [Benjamin*, Benjamin^ Ben- 
jamin Esq.2, Henryi] Seignoir of Lyons Farms, was born in 1754, and 
died Dec. 8, 1803. He married Phebe Clark Crane, who was born in 
1759, and died May 3, 1815. Both were buried in the churchyard of 
the First Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown, N. J.§ 

Children of Benjamin and Phebe C. (Crane) Lyon: 

*559. I. Benjamin; b. about 1777; m. Mary (Polly) Bond. 

560. II. Martha; b. 1778; m. Caleb, son of Samuel and Phebe (Chandler) 
Lyon, (born 1771; d. 1854). 

660a. III. Abraham Claris. 

*560b. IV. Sarah [SaUy]; m. William Murphy. 

660c. V. James. 

560d. VI. Joseph. 

560e. VIL Charles; d. about 1816. t 

560f. VIII. John. 

287, V. 95. RUFUS5 CRANE [Hannah* (Lyon), Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms 1744, and died in 
1804. He was precentor of music in the First Presbyterian Church at 
Newark at the age of nineteen. Rufus Crane was a soldier of the 
Revolutionary war, a private in Col. Philip Van Courtland's Second 
Essex Regiment. He married first Mary* Plum [John^, John2, Sam- 
ueli], who died after 1774. He married second Charity, daughter of 
John and Rebecca (Baldwin) Campbell. 

50n March 16, 1805 the widow of Benjamin Lyon (No. 284) mortgaged her 
place of 16 3-4 acres to Moses Baker for $250, "beginning at corner of land that 
Benjamin Lyon purchased of Benjamin Lyon, deceased." The eastwardly bound- 
ers were Jonathan Meeker, Hampton Harrison, Stephen Foster, Joseph Lyon, 
Moses Thompson, Samuel Lyon. David Edwards and Robert Brown. The wit- 
nesses were James Lyon and Charles Lyon. Cancelled Oct. 5, 1826. On Aug. 3, 
1816, Sally C, James, Joseph and John Lyon quitclaimed to Abraham C. Lyon 
14 acres of land. A part of the tract had been laid off for Charles. The 
bounders on the southeast were Ezekiel Ogden, Elihu Bond and others. The deed 
was signed by Sally C, James and Joseph. John did not sign. Benjamin Lyon 
was the one witness. (Recorded June 14, 1819). John quitclaimed three acres, 
March 10, 1821, to Jonathan and Samuel "Wlnans. On April 6, 1819, Abraham C. 
and wife Hannah mortgaged 14 acres to Moses Baker for $250. Cancelled Oct. 
6, 1826. 

tCharles Lyon died after Dec. 21, 1814, the date of his mother's will (proved 
July 3, 1815), and before Aug. 3, 1816, when his land-strip, already set off, as a 
bound, is "of Charles Lyon, deceased." It is likely that he died In the sum- 
mer of 1816. 


Children of Rufus and Mary (Plum) Crane: 

561. I. Jonas; b. Jan. 26, 1767; bapt. March 26. 

562. II. Joaima; b. Jan 21, 1769; bapt. February 19, 1769. 

563. III. John; b. Feb. 5, 1772; bapt. April 5, 1772, In First Presbyterian 
Church. New York City. 

564. IV. John; b. Oct. 23, 1774; bapt. Oct. 29, 1774. 

Children of Rufus and Charity (Campbell) Crane: 

565. V. Jonas; b. April 22, 1780. 

566. VI. Betsey; b. Sept. 9, 1782. 

567. VII. Abigail; b. March 5, 1785. 

568. VIII. Abbie; b. July 19, 1787. 

569. IX. WUIiam; b. May 6, 1790. 

570. X. Ira; b. Oct. 29, 1792. 

571. XI. Rebecca; b. Aug. 6, 1794. 

*572. XII. Richard Montgomery; b. July 10, 1799; d. July 7, 1880. 
573. XIII. James C; b. Sept. 7, 1803. 

295. V. 96. AM0S5 DAY [Mary* (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born Feb. 11, 1760. He married Mary Genneuy. 

Children of Amos and Mary (Genneuy) Day: 

♦574. I. Samuel; b. 1785; d. Oct. 11, 1823. 

575. II. Nancy; b. 1790; d. April 27, 1794. 

576. III. WiUlam; b. Dec. 27, 1794; d. Sept. 6, 1854. 

577. IV. Mary. 

•578. V. William Frederick; b. Dec. 10, 1806; d. Aug. 2, 1854. 

579. VI. Joseph; b. Sept. 20, 1810; m. Mary Northum; d. Dec. 21, 1844. 

580. VII. Frances Cornelia; d. June 29, 1S35. 

297. V. 98. AGNES5 LUDLOW (PIERSON) [Martha* (Lyon), 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Oct. 15, 1774, Jonathan 
Pierson of Newark and removed to Butler Co., O. 

Children of Jonathan and Agnes (Ludlow) Pierson: 
*581. I. Jonathan. 

♦583. II. Mary; m. Gen. Solomon Doty [Doughty] of Long Hill, N. J. 
♦583. III. Elizabeth; m. Col. Solomon Boyle. 
584. IV. Sineus; d. a young man. 

299. V. 98. GENERAL BENJAMINS LUDLOW [MarthaM Lyon), 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, HenryiJ was born in 1763, and died Jan. 27. 
1817. He married Eleanor Harris, who was born 1771, and died Sept. 
4, 1819. Benjamin Ludlow was Major General of the New Jersey 
militia. Judge of Morris County Court, and several times member of 
the Legislative Council of the General Assembly of New Jersey. 

Children of Gen. Benjamin and Eleanor (Harris) Ludlow: 
•585. I. Cornelius; b. Nov. 24, 1836. 

586. IL Israel; b. 1769; unm. ; d. Dec. 21, 1819. 

587. III. Mary; m. Dr. John W. Craig, of Plalnfield, N. J.; no children; 
died 1846. 


588. IV. Martha; b. 1801; d. Nov. 17, 1802. 

589. V. Susan; b. 1803; unm.; d. March 27, 1823. 

590. VI. George Harris; b. 1805, Justice of Peace, Sheriff and County 
Clerk of Morris Co., N. J. 

591. VII. Martha; b. 1807; m. Nov. 17, 1840, George H. McCarter, her 
cousin; no children. 

592. VIII. Eliza; b. 1809; unm.; d. March 19, 1838. 

593. IX. Charlotte Chambers; b. 1810; unm.; d. July 22, 1830. 

594. X. Eleanor; b. 1812; unm.; d. March 4, 1849. 

595. XI. Benjamin; b. Aug. 8, 1812; d. Nov. 17, 1817 

300. V. 98. ISRAELS LUDLOW [Martha* (Lyon), Benjamins, 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Long Hill, N. J. He came to the 
Northwest territory after the Revolutionary war, with the emigrants 
from Elizabethtown, Newark, Trenton and Morristown, and settled 
near Fort Washington [Cincinnati]. He was one of the surveyors of 
Symmes' Purchase between the Miami Rivers; was one of the founders 
of Cincinnati, O., and one of the original proprietors of Dayton. Lud- 
low street in the latter city is named for him. He married Charlotte 
Chambers of Chambersburg, Pa., and lived in Cincinnati, O., and in 
Rising Sun, Indiana. 

Children of Israel and Charlotte (Chambers) Ludlow: 

*596. I. James C; res. Mill Creek Township, O. 

•597. II. Sarah Bella; m. 1st Jephtha D. Garrard; m. 2nd Judge John 

*598. III. Son; m. Miss Dudley. 

599. IV. Israel; m in Kentucky. 

301. V. 98. ELIZABETH LUDLOW (DAY) [Martha* (Lyon), 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Col. Israel Day of Chat- 
ham, N. J. 

Children of Israel and Elizabeth (Ludlow) Day: 
♦600. I. Benjamin Ludlow. 

♦601. II. Mahetabel; m. 1st John Colwell; m 2nd Stephen Cooper. 
603. III. Agnes; m. Dr. Ellas Runyon (b. 1784); no children. 

302. V. 98. WILLIAMS LUDLOW [Martha* (Lyon), Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Elizabeth Haines; removed to Hamil- 
ton Co., O.; later resided at Oxford. 

Children of William and Elizabeth (Haines) Ludlow: 

603. I. Israel. 

604. II. Samuel. 

605. III. Elizabeth. 

303. V. 99. SAMUELS LYON, JR. [Samuel*, Benjamin^, Ben- 
jamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Sept. 1753, and died Dec. 3, 1776. Sam- 


uel and his brother Tappan were soldiers in the American Revolution, 
They were captured by the British and died in the horrible Sugar 
House prison in New York. The following letter written by this Sam- 
uel who was a witness of the public demonstration in New York City 
at the time of the declaration of American Independence is of historic 
interest. The beginning of the letter is torn off: 

" immediately in that I wrote for some things to be left at 

Daniel Sayres' for John Stewart to fetch over on Friday, but I do not 
know whether he will come before Saturday. The things I wrote for 
was a thick jaccoot, woosted stocking and woolen ones, a knife, fork 
and spoon, and the reasons for my wanting them are in some measure 
removed, yet I want them still and if we shall go any where to en- 
camp (as I expect we shall) I should want them as much as ever. If 
you receive this or the other letter in time, I should be glad if you 
would send the things to Sayre's as it is uncertain wether I shall have 
another opportunity to get them. Our sick are all removed except 
two, who, I believe, will be sent home. You desired I should write 
how I get washing done. My washing is done very well at the follow- 
ing prices, vist.; for a shirt 6d., jaccoot or breeches 6d., stocking 2d. 
per pair; sock Id., handkerchief Id. It costs me for washing 1/9 per 
week, and board, if I get it at the tavern as some do, is 20 s. p'r week 
and however I have not learned to be so extravigant, & God grant I 
never may. 

Soon after our arrival today. Independence was proclaimed in this 
City by the Inhabitants at the City Hall, when the King's coat of arms 
engraved in a stone about five feet square was tumbled from the top 
of the hall and broken to pieces on the pavement, upon which a large 
crowd of people gave three cheers. Then they gathered the pieces 
and placed them on a fire prepared for the purpose & gave three cheers 
more and after which they soon dispersed. They likewise resolved 
that all the pictures of the King's coat of arms in all the Churches 
should be taken out and burned. 

Friday morning, 6 o'clock. Jonathan Pierson this morning 
obtained liberty of the General to go home so that if you send the 
things to his house he can fetch them over, and if you will send me a 
small cheese it will not be amiss, as there is neither butter nor cheese 
to be got here unless for very extravigant prices. I have been to 
Holt's and the year is up for news and they want the money. If you 



will send the money over I will pay him. My love to all Relations and 
inquiring Friends. Mr. Pierson is just going, no more at present but 

Your loving brother, 

Sam'U Lyon, Jun. 

King St., N. York. 

July the 19, 1776 (Frl.) 



Miss Phebe Lyon 

Lyons Farms. 



Israel Lyon 

Sam'll Lyon 
Phebe Lyon 
David Lyon 
Nancy Lyon 

Sally Ann Lyon 

Joan Lyon 
Henry L. Lyon. 
The above names were scribbled on the back of the old letter. 

306. V. 99. DAVIDS LYON, ESQ. [Samuel^ Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, Dec. 19, 1760; died. May 21, 
1845, and is buried in the churchyard of the First Presbyterian church 
at Elizabethtown. He married Mary, daughter of Moses and Comfort 
(Bond) Price, born 1759; died Oct. 25, 1833, a descendant of Roberti 

Children of David and Mary (Price) Lyon: 

*606. I. Samuel; m. 1st Susan Ogden; m. 2nd Mary Woodman. 

♦607. II. Tappan; m. Hannah Edwards. 

*608. III. Phebe; m. Matthias Woodruff. 

*609. IV. Joanna; b. 1792-3; m. James Lewis. 

*610. V. Mary; m. John Wlnans. 

310. V, 99. CALEBS LYON [Samuel*, Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms Sept. 29, 1771, and died at 
Schenectady, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1854. He married Martha Lyon (No. 560), 
daughter of Benjamin and Phebe Clark (Crane) Lyon. 

Son of Caleb and Martha (Lyon) Lyon: 

♦611. I. Charles Clark; b. Schenectady, N. T., 1813. 


311. V. 99. AM0S5 LYON [Samuel*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq2., 
Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, Sept. 28, 1775, and died Dec. 28, 
1823. He married Ctiarity, daughter of Matthew and Mary (Harrison) 
Lum, born Nov, 22, 1776, and died Feb. 18, 1853. As a widow she re- 
moved to Ohio with her children. Amos Lyon died intestate on Jan- 
uary 8, 1824. The administration of his estate was given to his widow 
and to his brother Squire David Lyon. 

Children of Amos and Charity (Lum) Lyon: 
*612. I. Nancy; b. Nov. 21, 1801. 

613. II. Julia Ann; b. June 21, 1803; m. Jan. 29, 1825 at Lyons Farms, 
David Baker of Irvington, N. J. ; 1 son and 1 daughter. 

614. III. Caleb; b. Aug. 16, 1805; d. June 14, 1807. 

*615. IV. Joseph Bronel; b. Oct. 12, 1807; d, Mt. Gilead, O., March 1899. 

616. V. Phebe; b. June 20. 1809 at Lyons Farms; m. Joshua Edwards, of 
Licking Co., Ohio; d. Aug. 16, 1868. 

617. VL Caleb; b. Aug. 12, 1811; m. Julia A. Rabb; d. Utlca, O., Dec. 8, 

618. VIL David; b. Oct. 1, 1813; d. April 4, 1836. 

619. VIII. Hannah; b. Jan. 31, 1816; d. May 6, 1829. 

620. IX. John; b. March 17, 1818; m. ; res. Broadway, 

C; died April 28, 1893. 

631. X. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 21, 1821; d. Dec. 25, 1821 at Lyons Farms, N. J. 

313. V. 100. MARY5 LYON (WHEELER) [Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq2, Henryi] was born about 1752 and died about 1842. She 
married first Capt. James Wheeler, who was born in 1740 and died 
March 12, 1777, a soldier of the Revolutionary war. She married 
second Abner Purcell. 

Children of James and Mary (Lyon) Wheeler: 

622. I. Stephen. 

623. II. James. 

624. III. Joseph. 
*625. IV. Phebe- 

By her second marriage she had five or six sons (Purcell). 

314. V. 100. JAMES5 LYON [Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, N. J., Aug. 31, 1755; died at 
Woodburn, near Cincinnati, O., Sept. 20, 1841, "full of years." As 
New Jersey was the battle ground of the American revolution, and the 
Lyons were of democratic principles, James Lyon inevitably took up 
arms against King George. A certificate of service shows that he "served 
as an artificer, Capt. Jeremiah Bruen's Company, Col. Jonathan Bald- 
win's artillery artificers Regiment, Continental army; enlisted July 
7, 1777, for three years, age 23, residence Elizabeth, N. J.; discharged 
at Morristown, N. J., July 7, 1780; expiration of term of service — 


during the Revolutionary war." James Lyon made an application for 
pension on Aug. 20, 1832, at which time he was 77 years of age and 
residing in Hamilton Co., Ohio. A pension was allowed "for three 
years' actual service as an artificer in the New Jersey State Troops. 
A part of the time he served under Captain Bruen and Colonel Bald- 
win" (Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C.) 

Two years after he left the army, James Lyon .married, April 21, 
1782, Elizabeth Williams of Elizabethtown, N. J. She was born May 
18, 1759, a daughter of Jonathan Williams and Joanna Williamst his 

Tradition says that Joanna Williams was a very beautiful woman, 
and a woman of autocratical disposition. They lived for a time in 
New York City, in Maiden Lane, and some of their children were born 
there. In 1791 James Lyon emigrated with his family to Hamilton 
County, Ohio and settled on Walnut Hills, in what is now a part of 

JElizabeth Williama was a descendant In the tenth generation of Mor- 
grani "Williams, Gentleman, born 1458, who married Elizabeth Cromwell, 
daughter of Walter Cromwell, and sister of Thomas Lord Cromwell, Earl of 
Essex. Sir Richard (2) Williams, alias Cromwell, was born in 1481; died 1556. 
sir Francis (3) Williams died 1598. Henry (4) Williams, born 1566, was 

of Hinchingford. Richard (5) Williams, Gentleman, was of Aberpyrgevny. 

Matthew (6) Williams was born In Glamorganshire, Wales, 1606; came to 
Massachusetts Colony 1635 from Watertown to Wethersfield, Conn, as one of 
Its founders (1636-7); he died before 1678, leaving a widow, Susanna Williams 
of Wethersfield. Samuel (7) Williams was born In Wethersfleld, Jan. 4, 1653; 
came to Essex County, N. J. 1680; was one of the memorialists of Elizabeth- 
town, 1700; died Oct. 1706; his second wife, mother of David (8) was Esther 
Wheeler, born in Milford, Conn. 1666; died at Elizabethtown before 1705. David 

(8) Williams was born in 1703; died 1781; his wife was Phebe Ogden, hia cousin; 
born 1703; died 1769. Jonathan (9) WiUlams was born In 1730; died 1789; his 
wife, Joanna Williams was born in 1729; died Feb. 12, 1818; buried In the 
churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethtown. 

Elizabeth Williams was also grand-daughter of David (2) Ogden, who died 
In 1691, son of John (1) Ogden from Northampton, Eng. He was at Stamford, 
Conn. 1641; Hempstead, L,. I. 1644; Southampton 1645; representative of first 
New Jersey Assembly 1568; married Jane, sister of Robert Bond. David (2) 
Ogden married Elizabeth Swain 2 (b. 1649; d. 1669). daughter of Capt. Samuel 
and Joanna Swaine, from London in the "Elizabeth and Anne" 1635; from Water- 
town to Wethersfleld; removed to Branford with Its founders 1647; represen- 
tative 1663; one of the founders of Newark 1666; representative to New Jersey 
Assembly 1668; died 1682. 

Elizabeth Williams was great-grand-daughter of Nathaniel (3) Wheeler, 
born at Concord, Mass. 1639; at Newark as one of Its founders 1666; married at 
Milford, Conn. June 22, 1665, Esther, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Botsford 
(born 1647; died 1732; buried at Orange, N. J. with her husband); Nathaniel died 
Oct. 1726; buried in the old cemetery of the "Mountain Society" at Orange. Lieut. 
Thomas (2) Wheeler, of Concord, New Haven and Milford was from Wales 
1635; freeman 1639; representative of Connecticut 1672; married Joanna, daughter 
of Mr. Robert and Alice Seabrook. 

Capt. Thomas (1) Wheeler, the Indian fighter, came from Wales with his 
family 1635; one of the founders of Concord; married Ann Wheeler, who died 


Cincinnati. Here he bought 1,000 acres of land of the Symmes' Pur- 
chase, at 37% cents an acre, and here he lived for the last fifty years 
of his life. 

Elizabeth (Williams) Lyon died Sept. 10, 1800. James Lyon mai 
ried second, Nov. 30, 1801, Mrs. Mary Hamel, who died Nov. 4, 1813. 
He then took for his third wife, Sept. 22, 1814, Mrs. Mary Williams, 
who was born June 22, 1763 and died Dec. 1834. She was the widow 
of Thomas Williams and a sister-in-law of the first wife of James 
Lyon. She had by her first marriage five children: Rezen, Columbus 
Samuel, Mary and Joanna. James Lyon had no children by his Becnn'J 
and third marriages. 

Children of Henry and Joanna ( ) Lyon: 

•626. I. Jonathan WiUiams; b. March 17, 1784 In New York City; d. Dec. 

20, 1871. 

•627. II. James; b. Oct. 30, 1784; d. Jan. 6, 1865. 

•628. III. OUver; b. Jan. 13, 1786, or 1787; d. Nov. 26, 1848. 

•629. IV. Joanna; b. Nov. 6. 1789; m. Elijah Norton; d. 1820. 

630. V. Moses; b. Feb. 24, 1792; d. July 3, 1793. 

•631. VI. Moses; b. April 22, 1794; d. Oct. 22, 1841. 

•632. VII. Elizabeth WUliams; b. June 14. 1797; m. Ist Lewia Huntington 
Lee; m. 2nd James Kelley; d. April 13, 1855. 

315. V. 100. HENRYS LYON [Moses,* Benjamin,' Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms in 1756, and died May 19, 

1824. He married Joanna , born 1766; died Oct, 1, 1859, 

at the advanced age of 91 years and nine months, having survived 
her husband 33 years. Four years previous to her death she was 
bereft of the last of her nine children, six of whom were victims of 
consumption, and died unmarried. Henry Lyon, a soldier of the Revo- 
lutionary war, served as an artificer in Capt. Caleb Bruen's Company 
of Artifwers, Essex County, New Jersey Militia; enlisted at Long 
Island, March 1776 for one year; discharged March 1777 at expiration 
of term of service; re-enlisted as an artificer in Capt. Jeremiah 
Bruen's Company, in Col. Joduthan Baldwin's Regiment of Artillery 
Artificers, Continental Army, for three years; discharged at Morris- 
town, N. J., expiration of term of service, during the Revolutionary 
war. In 1840 his widow was granted a pension, at which time she was 
living at Newark, aged 74 years. Henry and Joanna Lyon and their 
nine children are buried at Connecticut Farms, N. J. 

Children of Janiea and Elizabeth (Williams) Lyon: 

633. 1. Jotham; b. Feb. 24, 1784; d. Sept. 22, 1792. 

634. II. Israel; b. Oct. 30, 1789; d. Nov. 14, 1790. 


635. III. Joanna; b. April 19, 1792; d. Aug. 14, 1794. 

636. IV. Mary; b. 1793; d. Nov. 21, 1822, ae. 29 y. 

637. V. Phebe; b. 1795; d. Jan. 23, 1820, ae. 25 y. 

638. VI. Joanna; b. 1795; d. April 16, 1820, ae. 25 y. 

639. VII. Henry; b. 1797; d. March 27, 1830, ae. 23 y. 

640. VIII. Ann Elizabeth; b. 1800; d. Sept. 24, 1828; ae. 28 y. 

641. IX. Hannah; b. Jan. 1, 1808; d. April 11, 1853. 

316. V. 100. NATHANIELS LYON [Moses*, Benjamins, Benja- 
min Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, July 3, 1759, and died in 
Marion County, Indiana in Sept. 1833. He was a soldier of the Revo- 
lutionary war, a private in Capt. Daniel Wood's Company, First Regi- 
ment, Essex County Militia; enlisted in fall of 1776, and served two 
weeks, age 18; private Capt. Jacob Crane's Company, Eastern Bat- 
talion, Morris County Militia; enlisted Dec. 1776 for three months; at 
battle of Springfield, N. J., Dec. 17, 1776; private in Capt. Abraham 
Lyon's Company, Fourth Battalion, New Jersey Continental Line, Col. 
Ephraim Martin; enlisted May 30, 1778 for nine months; at battle of 
Monmouth, N. J., June 28, 1778; discharged Elizabeth, N. J., Feb. 1779; 
afterwards served in Militia to close of the Revolutionary war. He^ 
applied for a pension Sept. 11, 1832, at which time he resided in 
Montgomery County, Ohio. 

Nathaniel Lyon married near Elizabethtown, N. J., Nov., 1777, 

Mercy , b 1755; Mercy Lyon applied for a widow's pension 

Oct. 10, 1838 at which time she resided in Marion County, Ind. She 
died Dec. 4, 1849, and the pension was paid to her executor, William 
Holmes. See Nathaniel Lyon (No. 390). 

317. V. 100. ABIGAILS LYON (GRUMMAN) [Moses*, Benja- 
mins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, N. J., in 1760, 
and died Sept. 4, 1828. She married Aaron Grumman [Grumman is 
a corruption of Germmond, a French Huguenot family] b. 1756; died 
Aug. 20, 1803. Abigail (Lyon) Grumman and her husband are buried 
in the churchyard of the old Baptist Church at Lyons Farms, one of 
the oldest Baptist churches in New Jersey, established 1768. As a 
widow, Abigail returned to the home of her parents, Moses and Mary 
(Harris) Lyon, and remained with her aged father and mother until 
the close of their lives. She was a childless woman. Will of Abigail 
(Lyon) Grumman of Lyons Farms, probated 1828, mentions sister 
Hannah, wife of Abraham Harrison; bequests to niece Phebe Parsel, 
to Betsey, wife of Sammuel Bird, to Abby Barnet, to niece Abby, 
daughter of brother Obediah Lyon, to Abby Lyon, daughter of Samuel 


Baldwin. Remainder of estate "one-half to brother Obediah Lyon, 
and one-half to the children of my brothers and sisters." Witnesses: 
D. Lyon and Phebe Woodruff. [D. Lyon was doubtless Squire Lyon 
(No. 306), who probably wrote the will of his cousin Abigail Lyon 
Grumman. He lived just opposite in Lyons Farms.] 

319. V. 100. M0SES5 LYON [Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, N. J., Dec. 21, 1763, and 
died at Prattsburg, N. Y., May 2, 1823. He married. May, 1787, at 
Elizabethtown, N. J., Elizabeth Arnett, born at Elizabeth, N. J., April 
24, 1769; died at Prattsburg, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1822. She was a daughter 
of Dr. James3 Arnett [James2, Jamesi] and MaryS Bond [Robert*, Benja- 
mins, joseph2, Roberti]. 

Children of Moses and Elizabeth (Arnett) Lyon: 

♦643. I. James; b. Elizabeth. N. J. April 27, 1788; d. Canandalgua, N. T. 
March 15, 1864. 

*643. II. Moses H.; b. Elizabeth, Nov. 18, 1789; d. Prattsburg, N. Y. April 
21, 1863. 

•644. III. Mary Bowman; b. Elizabeth, April 15, 1791; m. William Woods; 
d. Bath, N. T., April 13, 1872. 

•645. IV. Elizabeth Arnett; b. Elizabeth, Feb. 10, 1793; m. Ebenezer Rice. 

•646. V. Abigail Grumman; b. Elizabeth, Nov. 28, 1794; m. Samuel Rice; d. 
Grand Blanc, Mich., Nov. 27, 1883. 

•647. VI. Robert Bond; b. Elizabeth, Sept. 27, 1796. 

♦648. VII. Abner Purcell; b. Whitestown. N. Y., Jan. 22, 1799; died March 
10, 1878. 

•649. VIII. Thomas Bowman; b. Whitestown, Aug. 19, 1801; d. Canandalgua, 

N. Y.. Dec. 18, 1878. 

650. IX. Sarah Gibbs; b. Whitestown, Feb. 26, 1803; m. Prattsburg, N. Y., 
May 1, 1822, Norman Town, who died, Batavia, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1881; no children; 
she died Batavia, May 6, 1884. 

651. X. Lewis SherUl; b. New Hartford, N. Y.. April 6, 1805; died Aug. 

♦652. XI. Jane Ann; b. New Hartford, Jan. 23, 1807; m. Norman Little; d. 
Saginaw, Mich., Jan. 31, 1864. 

'653. XII. Charles Proctor; b. New Hartford, Sept. 1, 1808; died Pratts- 
burg, N. Y., April 4, 1809. 

•654. XIII. Helen Raynette; b. Prattsburg, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1811. 

320. V. 100. HARRIS5 LYON [Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms about 1764. In young man- 
hood he removed from New Jersey to New Orleans, and was a merchant 
in that city. In 1798, while in New York City he died of yellow fever, 
and was buried in the old churchyard, Spring Street, near Bleeker. 
On Oct. 16, 1798, Richard Lyon administered on the estate of his 
brother, Harris Lyon, late of Essex County, New Jersey, who died 


321. V. 100. OBEDIAH5 LYON [Moses^, Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, N. J, in 1765. He lived on 
a farm half way between Newark and Elizabethtown, and died there 
Sept. 6, 1847. He married Sept. 13, 1788, Catherine Crane, who died 
June 13, 1789. He married as his second wife in 1791 Sally Meeker, 
born 1765; died March 12, 1852. Obediah Lyon and his wife, Sarah 
Meeker Lyon, and their son, Stephen Meeker Lyon are buried in the 
churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown. 

Children of Obediah and Sarah (Meeker) Lyon: 
655. I. Stephen Meeker; b. Oct. 1791; d. June 25, 1864. 
•656, II. David; b. July 1793. 

657. III. Betsey; b. June 1795; m. Brown. 

658. IV. Catherine C; b. March 1792; d. April 5, 1878; burled at Bllxa- 


659. V. Harris; b. Sept. 1799. 

*660. VI. AbigaU; b. Feb. 1808; m. David Johnson. 

322. V. 100. RICHARDS LYON [Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, near Elizabethtown, N. J., 
about 1766, the youngest child of Moses and Mary (Harris) Lyon. He 
died in New York City, Dec. 1821, intestate, on the 24th of that month; 
letters of administration on his estate were granted to his son, Richard 
Lyon. Letters were also granted in Essex County, N. J., Dec. 1822. 
Richard Lyon maried first Sarah Hendricks, who died Jan. 1, 1810, 
and was buried in the churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church at 
Elizabethtown. She was daughter of John Hendricks who came to 
Elizabethtown as early as May 1721 from Piscataway, where David and 
Jabez Hendricks, brothers, and Leonard Hendricks were numbered 
among the original settlers. The first of the name in New Jersey was 
a purchaser in 1667 of a large tract of the east side of Raritan River, 
which comprised the towns of Piscataway and Elizabeth. John Hen- 
dricks is found among the officers and men belonging to the Militia of 
Elizabethtown who entered on board the different shallops as volun- 
teers in order to take the ship "Blue Mountain Valley," Jan. 22, 1776, 
under command of Col. Elias Dayton. John Hendricks was a member 
of the Common Council of Elizabeth, Nov. 28, 1789, and a subscriber to 
the support of Rev. David Austin, May 7, 1804. 

At the time of the opening of the Northwest territory, Richard 
Lyon, with his wife and their three children, Abby, Sarah and Rich- 
ard, emigrated from New Jersey and settled at Osage, 111., a town 
planted by New Jersey men, among them several of the Lyons. 


Here in 1789, he lost his oldest child. This may have occasioned his 
return to Elizabethtown, where the remains of his first born were 
Interred in the churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church, with her 
kindred. On Feb. 13, 1811, Richard Lyon married a second wife, Effie 
Van Houten, of Bergen, N. J. 

Children ol Richard and Sarah (Hendricks) Lyon: 

661. I. AblgaU (Abby) Hendricks; b. Elizabethtown, Aug. 5, 1792; died 
Osage, 111., 1798. 

662. IL Sarah Hendricks; b. Dec. 10, 1794; m. Asa Prior; d. Feb. 4, 1880. 

663. III. Richard; b. Sept. 19, 1796; m. Martha Waldron; moved to Mich- 
igan, where he died. 

664. IV. Mary; b. Jan. 10, 1799. 

♦665 V. Moses; b. Feb. 25, 1802; d. New York City, Aug. 31, 1841. 

666. VI. John Joseph; b. Nov. 15, 1809; died at sea. 

Children of Richard and Effle (Van Houten) Lyon: 

667. VII. Mary Harris; b. Feb. 24, 1812. 

668. VIII. David Demerest; b. March 26, 1814. 

669. IX. Aaron Grumman; b. Feb. 9, 1816. 

670. X. Bacbel Demerest; b. Nov. 29, 1817. 

323. V. 101. DR. MATTHIAS CLARK5 LYON [Capt. Mathlas*. 
Benjamins, Benjamin •Esq.2, Henryi] born about 1760; was a physician 
in Newark, N. J. He married first Sarah Treat, who was born in 1772, 
and died April 10, 1802. She is buried in the churchyard of the First 
Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown. He married a second wife, 

Sarah , who survived him. She was a childless woman. He 

died Nov. 1816. 

Among the Essex County Wills, 1816, is found that of Matthias 
Clark Lyon, physician, of Newark, Essex Co., N. J. It Is dated Aug. 
10, 1816; probated Nov. 14, 1816; bequests: to wife Sarah, household 
goods, etc., besides her right of dowery; to eldest son Charles Clark 
Lyon, articles "which belonged to my former wife, his mother;" to 
son George Treat Lyon, also articles "belonging to my former wife, his 
mother," to these two sons to be equally divided between them, his 
house and lot on west side of Broad St., Newark, nearly opposite the 
house of William S. Pennington, Esq. etc., subject to wife's dower. 
Executors: brother Joseph Lyon of town of Jersey, Bergen Co., N. J., 
and friend Nehemiah Baldwin, of Newark. Witnesses: Jabez Bruen, 
Daniel Cooper, Isaac C. Tichenor. 

^':?^«^S-^ ^ 


Children of Matthias Clark and Sarah (Treat) Lyon: 

671. I. Charles Clark. 

672. II. George Treat. 

324. V. 101. JOSEPHS LYON [Capt, Matthias*, Benjamins, 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] of the town of Jersey, Bergen Co., N. J. was 
born in 1762, and was living in 1816. He was a soldier of the Revolu- 
tionary war, a private in Capt. Isaac Reeves' Company, Second Regi- 
ment, Essex Co. Militia, spring of 1779; served one month, age 17 
years; private Capt. John Ogden's Company, Second Regiment, Essex 
Co. Militia, 1779, served one month; private Capt. John Edward's Com- 
pany, Second Regiment, Essex Co. Militia, summer of 1779, served six 
weeks; private Capt. Squire's Company, Second Regiment, Essex Co.- 
Militia, April 1780, served one month; private Capt. Jarolomon's Com- 
pany, Second Regiment, Essex Co. Militia, July 1780, served one month; 
private Capt. Robert Nichol's Company, Second Regiment Essex Co. 
Militia, Sept. 1780, served one month; private Capt. Isaac Reeves' Com- 
pany, Second Regiment, Essex Co. Militia, Oct. 1780; served one month; 
private Capt. Thomas William's Company, Second Regiment, Essex Co. 
Militia, Nov. 1780; served 26 days; private Capt. Isaac Gillman's Com- 
pany, State Troops, Dec. 18, 1780; discharged Dec. 19, 1781 — during the 
Revolutionary war. Descendants not traced. 




329. V. 102. MATTHIAS5 LYON [Daniel*, Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born Aug. 28, 1771. He married Mary Elizabeth, 
daughter of Gilbert Fitz Randolph. 

Children of Matthias and Mary Elizabeth (Fltx Randolph) Lyon: 

673. I. GUbert Fitz Randolph; b. 1797. 

674. II. Charles W.; b. 1799. 

675. III. Mary; b. 1800. 

676. IV. Bhoda; b. 1802. 

677. V. Beulah; b. 1804; ra. Spalding. 

678. VI. Daniel; b. 1806. 

679. VII. Joel; b. 1807. 

680. VIII. Abel. 

681. IX. Sarah. 

331. V. 102. SIMEONS LYON [DanieH, Benjamin', Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born April 2, 1777. He married Aug. 19, 1805, 
Christiana Stuart, 

Children of Simeon and Christiana (Stuart) Lyon: 

682. I. Maria; b. Dec. 8, 1S06; m. Nov. 4, 1829, Morrlce Fitz Randolph; 
removed to Illinois. 

683. II. Sarah Ann; b. Feb. 15, 1808. 

684. III. John; b. Aug. 3, 1809. 

685. IV. Rebecca; b. Oct. 21, 1811 

686. V. James Madison; b. Aug. 8. 1812 
•687. VL Jacob; b. Feb. 15, 1814. 

688. VIL Daniel; b. Aug. 17. 1816. 

689. VIIL Eliza; b. March 16, 1818. 

690. IX. Joseph; b. Aug. 25, 1821. 

691. X. Margaret; b. Oct. 3, 1823. 

385. V. 129. EBENEZER5 LYON [Peter*, Bbenezer3, EbenezerZ, 
Henryi] was born April 29, 1746. He married first, Sarah Wilcox, 
born 1755; died Sept. 23, 1784; daughter of John Wilcox, Sr. He mar- 
ried second, Katie, daughter of Edward Drake, and third Mrs. Fanny 
Titus, who had a son, William Titus. 

Children of Ebenezer and Sarah (Wilcox) Lyon: 

•692. I. Elizabeth; m. Moses Tucker. 

♦693. II. Mary; m. James Brown 

*694. III. John; m. Tabitha Moore. 

•695. IV. Rachel; twin sister of John; m. Henry Moore. 

♦696. V. SaUy; m. John Ross 

697, VL Peter: m. Anne Miller. 

Children of Ebenezer and Katie (Drake) Lyon: 
.698, VII. Phebe; b. July 23. 1789; d. in Infancy. 

699. VIIL Phebe; b. Dec. 14, 1791; m. William, eon of Benjamin Alward; 
removed to French Creek, Tenn. 

700. IX. Mercy; b. May 21, 1795; m. Feb. 5, 1818, Squire, son of Samuel 
Pope of Mt. Bethel. 

701. X. Susan; twin sister of Mercy; unm. 


386. V. 129. BENJAMINS LYON [Peter*, EbenezerS, Bbenezerz, 
Henryi] married March 8, 1780, Joanna, daughter of Peter Wilcox Jr. 
He was a house builder and lived on Stoney Hill but sold out and re- 
moved to Green Co., Pa. where he married a second wife, Mrs. Ger- 
trude Rogers. 

Children of Benjamin and Joanna (Wilcox) Lyonr 

702. I. Betsey; m. Thomas Parmer. 

703. II. Phebe; m. George Cook. 

704. III. Sheba; ni. John Kinney. 
706. IV. Nancy; m. John KaufTman. 

706. V. Noah; not m. 

707. VI. Peter. 

Children of Benjamin and Gertrude ( ) (Rogers) Lyon: 

708. VII. William; m. Betsey Hathaway. 

709. VIII. Joanna; m. Ira French. 

388. V. 129. BETHIA5 LYON (POTTER) [Peter*, EbenezerJ, 
Ebenezerz, Henryi] married Nov. 20, 1770, John Potter. 

Children of John and Bethla (Lyon) Potter: 

710. I. Phebe; bapt. Nov. 20, 1775; m. Ezeklel Wright. 

•711. II. Bachel; m. Nathaniel Bond. 

712. III. Joanna; m. April 26. 1790, Allen Woodruff. 

•713. IV. Mary; m. James Morehouse. 

714. V. Daniel; m. 1st, Abigail Morehouse; m. 2nd. Elizabeth Drew. 

715. VI. Benjamin; m. a daughter of Thomas Dean. 
•716. VII. John; m. Christiana Potter. 

390. V. 129. NATHANIELS LYON [Peter*, EbenezerS, Ebenezer2, 
Henryi] married Mercy Wilcox, whose sister was wife of his brother 
Ebenezer (No. 385). Nathaniel Lyon died 1838. He emigrated to 
Ohio, then removed to Indiana. [It is possible that the foregoing 
items really relate to Nathaniel Lyon No. 316, whose wife's name was 
Mercy. Henry (No. 315), brother of that Nathaniel, had a son Jothara, 
the only one of the name found among the descendants of Henry Lyon 
unless Peter H. Lyon had a son Jotham]. 

Children of Nathaniel and Mercy (Wilcox) Lyon: 

717. I. Jotham; lived In Indiana on the Wabash Rlvor. 

718. II. Phebe; m. Joslah, son of Jacob MHler of Ohio. 

719. IIL Mary, 

391. V. 129. SUSANS LYON (CORY) [Peter*, Ebenezer3. Eben- 
ezer2, Henryi] married, April 1, 1790, John Cory, brother of Noah and 
Parkhurst Cory. 

Daughter of John and Susan (Lyon) Cory: 

720. I. Phebe; m. Cornelius, son of Noah Miller, of Westfleld, N. J.; re- 
moved to Indiana. 


392. V. 129. PHEBE5 LYON (CLARK) [Peter*, EbenezerS, 
Ebenezer2, Henryi] married Jonas, son of Jeremiah Clark of Rahway, 
N. J. 

Children of Jonas and Phebe (Lyon) Clark: 
^^-721. I. Peter. 

722. II. Jeremiah. 

723. III. PoUy. 

392b. V. 129d. MARY5 GRUMMAN (WOODRUFF) [Ichabod*, 
Bethias (Lyon), Capt, Ebenezer2, Henryi] was born at Lyon's Farms 
1779. She married July 10, 1800, Timotliy7 Woodruff [EnosS, Timothys, 
Timothy4, John3, John2, Johni]. She died March 16, 1818, and he after- 
wards married her sister Phebe. See below. 

Children of Timothy and Mary (Grumman) Woodruft: 
723a. I. Harriet; b. 1802. 
723b. II. Icbabod. 
723c. III. WUliam. 

723d. IV. Mary; m. Edward Bloomfleld and had a son Charles Timothy who 

is married and has children. 

723e. V. Ann; b. 1810; d. 1880; m. 1845 Samuel R. Wlnans and had two 
sons, James, b. 1846 and Samuel B., b. 1856. 
723f. VI. Charles; b. 1812. 

723gr. VIL Charles; b. 1814. 
723h. VIII. Carolhie; d. unm. 
7231. IX. Ezra; b. 1817. 

392e. V. 129d. WILLIAMS GRUMMAN [Ichabod*, Bethia' 
(Lyon), Capt. Ebenezer2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms 1787. He 
married Phebe, daughter of Josiah Meeker. He died Oct. 17, 1857. 

Children of "William and Phebe (Meeker) Grumman. 

723J. I. WUllam; no children. 

723k. II. Joseph; killed in the Civil war. 

7231. III. Son; drowned. 

723m. IV. Harriet; d. young; unm. 

392f. V. 129d. PHEBE5 GRUMMAN (WOODRUFF) [Ichabod*. 
Bethia3 (Lyon), Capt. Ebenezer2, Henryi] was born 1793 at Lyons 
Farms. She married, as his second wife, Timothy Woodruff. She 
died April 2, 1872. 

Son of Timothy and Phebe (Grumman) "Woodruff: 

723n. I. Enoch; b. 1825; d. 1896; m. and had: 1. William Q.; 

2. Anna (m. Dr. Camp; a son Henry dec.) 

401. VI. 131. LEWIS6 LYON [JohnS, John*, Isaacs, ThomasZ, 
Henryi] was born March 4, 1790, and died July 28, 1834. He married 
Abby L. Smith ("his former wife") born May 18, 1788; d. May 3, 1846. 


Son of Lewis and Abby L. (Smith) Lyon: 

724. I. Sidney A.; m. Mary Potter. She was a daughter of Amos (son of 
Jacob and Susannah (Clark) Potter) who m. Sept. 1, 1814, Phebe, daughter of 
Joseph and Catherine (Townley) Denman, of Springfield, N. J. 

404. VI. 131. STEPHEN SMITHS LYON [JohnS, John*, Isaac', 
Thomas2, Henryi] married Eliza Wheeler. 

Children of Stephen S. and Eliza (Wheeler) Lyon: 

726. I. Wmiam H.; b. 1818. 

726. n. James £.; b. 1820. 
•727. in. Isaac [Rev.]; b. March 9th, 1822. 

413. VI. 141. (?). ASHER6 LYON [AaronS, (?) Mattaniah*. 
Isaac3, Thoinas2, Henryi] married Charity, daughter of "William and 
Christiana (Darling) Smith of Shongom, N. J. 

Son of Asher and Charity (Smith) Lyon: 

•728. I, Joseph; b. Morrlstown, June 7, 1785; d. May 6, 1858. 

There were perhaps other children. 

414. VI. 141 (?). ISAACS LYON [AaronS, (?) Mattanlah*, 
Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi] -was born June 19, 1791, and died Dec. 3, 1865. 
He married Margaret, daughter of Jacob and Hannah Todd, who was 
born In 1795, and died April 19, 1862. Both are buried at Millbrook, 
N. J. 

Children of Isaac and Margaret (Todd) Lyon: 
•729. L John 8.; b. Dec. 18, 1815. 

730. II. Moses; not m. 

731. III. Nancy; b. Oct. 1823; m. Ellas L. Palmer (b. Oct. 21, 1808; d. Dec. 
9, 1853); she d. March 19, 1860; both burled at Rockaway, N. J. 

732. IV. Amy; m. Henry Struble; d. In Illinois. 

733. V. Jerusha; m. Nathaniel Anderson; d. In Illinois. 

734. VI. Julia; m. Job. A. Talmage (3rd wife) both burled at Hill Ceme- 

735. VII. Margaret Ann; m. Charles, son of William Smith. 

415. VI. 141 (?). SAMUELS LYON [Aaron (?)5, Mattanlah*, 
Isaac', Thomas2, Henryi] was born in 1781, and died at Stockholm, N. J., 
June 23, 1860; buried in the Lyon burying ground at Stockholm. His 
wife (name not ascertained) died March 18, 1863. 

Bon of Samuel and ( ) Lyon: 

•736. I. Halsey; b. 1804. 

416. VI. 145. STEPHENS LYON [Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaac', 
ThomasZ, Henryi] was born Nov. 22, 1788. He married, April 27, 1816, 
Densey Mulford, born March 16, 1795, died Dec. 27, 1827 (?). He died 
Dec. 29, 1872, at Pine Brook, N. J. 


Children of Stephen and Densey (Mulford) Lyon: 

•737. I. Mary Ann; b. Feb. 12, 1817; m. Swalne Llndsley; died June 28, 

738. II. John Stephen; b. May 24, 1818; m. Elizabeth Martin, removed to 

New York state. 

739. III. Harriet; b. Feb. 20, 1820; d. Oct. 6, 1827. 

740. IV. Jane Mulford; b. Oct. 22, 1822; d. March 11, 1826. 

741. v. Nancy Lockwood; b. Oct. 22, 1824; m. John S. Ferguson. 
•742. VI. Aaron; b. Dec. 26, 1825. 

743. VII. Sally Mulford; b. Nov. 16, 1827; d. July 21, 1831. 

744. VIII. Alfred; b. Dec. 6, 1829; m. Amanda ; res. In Kansas. 

745. IX. Jane Eliza; b. March 4, 1832; m. William H. Taylor or Newark; 
names of children not known; d. Feb. 4, 1852. 

746. X. Samantha; b. Sept. 11, 1833; m. Richard Tompkins (1st wife). 

747. XI. Phebe Caroline; b. Sept. 4, 1835; d. Jan. (?) 24, 1855. 

748. XII. Densy Mulford; b. Jan. 20, 1838; m. Richard Tompkins, (2nd 
wife); d. April 21, 1894. 

417. VI. 145. ELIZABETHS LYON (KYNOR) [Johns, Eliphalet*, 
Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born April 9, 1790, and died June 9, 1856. 
She married John Kynor, of Dover, N. J. 

Children of John and Elizabeth (Lyon) Kynor: 

749. I. £phraim. 

750. II. Sylvester. 
761. III. Samuel. 
752. IV. Theodore. 
763. V. Abiather. 

754. VI. Samantha. 

420. VI. 145. SAMUEL6 LYON [JohnS, Eliphalet*, Isaac', 
Thomas2, Henryi] was born Aug. 2, 1794. He married Mary Ann 

Children of Samuel and Mary Ann (Weaver) Lyon: 

755. I. KItcheU. 

756. II. Abraham; a physician. 
767. III. John. 

421. VI. 145. JOHNS LYON [Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaac^ ThomasZ, 
Henryi] was born May 24, 1796. He married Eliza Gaines Dixon. 

Children of John and Eliza Galnea (Dixon) Lyon: 

758. I. Fanny; d. ae. 40 years. 

759. II. Jesse; m. Estell. 

422. VI. 145. SMITHS LYON [Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaacs Thomas2, 
Henryi] was born July 18, 1798. He married, March 14, 1821, Nancy, 
daughter of Jesse and Sarah (Quimby) Tappan of Orange, N. J., born 
in Hanover, 1801; died, Hanover, April 3, 1872. The will of Smith 
Lyon, dated Feb. 20, 1833, probated Feb. 28, 1833, names children: 


Benjamin and Sarah; executor, Joseph Kitchell of Hanover, N. J.; 
witnesses: Sylvester Lyon and Abiather Lyon. 

Children of Smith and Nancy (Tappan) Lyon: 

760. I. Benjamin EJtcheU; bapt. Nov. 1823. 

761. II. Hiram Q; bapt. May 6, 1826. 

762. III. Sarah Ann; b. May 3, 1828; m. let Dec. 31, 1846, William Day; m. 

2nd Mr. Robinson; m. 3rd Abraham Morgan. 

423. VL 145. SYLVESTERS LYON [Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaacs, 
Thomas2, Henryi] was born Sept. 30, 1800; died Sept. 13, 1865. He 
married Hannah Baldwin, born May 27, 1799, died Nov. 27, 1842, Parsip- 
pany, N. J. 

Children of Sylvester and Hannah (Baldwin) Lyon: 






















424. VL 145. CLARISSAS LYON (DUNHAM) [Johns, Eliphalet*, 
Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Feb. 19, 1802, and died Jan. 22, 1829. 
She married David Dunham and went to Minnesota. 

Children of David and Clarissa (Lyon) Dunham: 

770. I. John. 

771. II. Margaret. 

425. VI. 145. ABIATHBR6 DODD LYON [Johns, Eliphalet*, 
Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born March 30, 1803, and died Feb. 24, 
1888. He married Sybil Cobb. 

Chldren of Abiather D. and Sybil (Cobb) Lyon: 

*772. I. Bbenezer Cobb; b. Parsippany, N. J., April 17, 1826. 

773. II. Kate. 

774. III. Elizabeth. 

775. IV. Clara. 

776. V. Mary. 

426. VI, 145. HINMAN6 LYON [JohnS, Eliphalet*, Isaac', 
Thomas2, Henryi] was born March 5, 1805, and died Feb. 13, 1877; 
buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, N. J. He married Anna B. 
Campbell; born Jan. 10, 1809, died Sept. 13, 1877. 

Children of Hlnman and Anna B. (Campbell) Lyon: 

777. L John Augrustus; b. April 20, 1829; d. Nov. 5, 1848. 

778. II. Mary Elizabeth; b. Oct. 25, 1830; d. June 7, 1849. 
•779. in. George Smith; b. May 7, 1832; d. March 25, 1899. 


780. IV. Charles Pitman; b. April 2, 1834; m. Eliza Ackerman; d. June 

781. V. Eunice Ann; b. March 20, 1836; d. Jan. 27, 1879. 

782. VI. Catherine Amelia; b. April 3, 1838; m. 1st Nathaniel Lyon; m. 
2nd John Ball. 

*783. Vll. Marinda Harrison; b, July 1, 1840; m. 1st Edward Scarlett; m. 
2nd Frank Steinbeck, m. 3rd Peter Hough. 

784. VIII. Jarvi8 Hinman; b. Sept. 12, 1842; m. Elizabeth WllUamB. 

785. IX. Harriet; b. April 17, 1845; m. Stephen Davis. 

•786. X. £mma Theresa; b. Aug. 3, 1847; m. Albert Horst; res. Newark, 
N. J. 

787. XI. Louis Van Zant; b. Feb. 28 (?) 1848; m. Ist Charlotte Greengrow; 
m. 2nd Ellen Pope. 

427. VI. 145. ARCHIBALDS LYON [Johns, Eliphalet^, Isaac', 
Thomas2, Henryi] was born May 6, 1807, and died May 23, 1887. He 
married Jane Nasey, born Jan. 15, 1811, died Jan. 10, 1892. Both are 
buried in Rosedale Cemetery. 

Children of Archibald and Jane (Nasey) Lyon: 

788. I. Harriet Louisa; b. Aug. 31, 1821; d. Jan. 29, 1833. 
Edward Gaines; b. June 16, 1833; d. Nov. 1836. 

Sarah Louisa; b. 1835; m. Abraham Courier; d. Nov. 1, 1855. 

Phebe; b. 1837; m. Peter De Hart, of East Orange, N. J. 
Mary; b. 1840; d. East Orange, N. J. 

Eudora; b. April 17, 1842; d. June 6, 1842. . 
. Fanny; m. Peter Rlker. 
I. George; b. 1847; d. March 11, 1877. 

Jennie; m. Israel Morehouse. 

435. VI. 155. SAMUBL6 LYON [MosesS, Thomas*, Thomas', 
Thomas2, Henryi] married Abby Littell. 

Children of Samuel and Abby (Littell) Lyon: 


















I. John. 


II. Mary. 


III. Sallle. 


IV. WUliam. 


V. Esther Caroline. 

436. VI. 156. MARY6 LYON (DBNMAN) [Elijahs, Thomas*. 
Thomas3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born in New Jersey, Dec. 19, 1785, and 
died in Ohio, May 13, 1860. She married David Denman, son of 
Matthias and Phebe (Baldwin) Denman, who was born Sept. 13, 1781, 
and died June 2, 1842. 

Children of David and Mary (Lyon) Denman (not In order of age): 
•802. L Aaron; b. April 19, 1806. 

803. II. Emma; married three times. 
•804. IIL Kodney Wilbur; b. Feb. 11, 1814. 
•805. IV. Charlotte Wilbur; m. Alonzo Ransom. 


•806. V. Anna Maria; b. Aug. 12, 1820; m. Rev. John D. Rich; d. Hastlnga, 

Minn., 1862. 

♦807. VI. Phebe Williams; m. Arnold Medbury. 

808. VII. Mary Ten Brook; b. Oct. 1813. 

•809. VIII. Samuel; m. Caroline Stuart. 

810. IX. Mary Louisa. 

•811. X. John Martin; b. Oct. 12, 1823; d. Jan. 15, 1882. 

436c. VI. 156. ISAAC6 LYON [Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas', 
Thomas^, Henryi] was born in August 1790. He married, June 2, 1810, 
Jane Edwards, daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail (Bedford) Edwards. 

Children of Isaac and Jane (Edwards) Lyon: 

811a. I. Mallssa B.; b. Jan. 1812. 

811b. II. Mary D.; b. April 1813. 

811c. III. Luthur K.; b. Sept. 1814. 

Slid. IV. Ann Eliza; b. 1816. 

811e. V. Abby Jane; b. 1826. 

465. VI. 178. RACHELS LYON (OGDEN) [Davids, Nathaniel*. 
Capt. Henry3, SamueP, Henryi] married Samuel Ogden, who was born 
Sept. 11, 1777, and died in 1841. 

Children of Samuel and Rachel (Lyon) Ogden: 

812. I. Aaron. 

813. II. PoUy. 

814. III. John. 

815. IV. Joseph. 

816. V. SaUy. 

817. VI. AbigaiL 

818. VII. Prudence. 

819. VIII. Samuel. 

468. VI. 180. HENRY6 LYON [Davids, Josiah*, Capt. Henry», 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Orange, N. J., date not ascertained. He 
married in 1808, Eunice, daughter of Thomas (1776-1844), and Nancy 
(Osborn) Harrison. He was a farmer, but later became a manu- 
facturer, and lived in the Lyon homestead at Orange. He was a 
soldier of the war of 1812, and received a pension for military service. 
At the time of his death he was 78 years of age. 

Children of Henry and Eunice (Harrison) Lyon: 

820. I. 8. S.; a physician in Newark. 

831. II. William; of Lyons Farms, N. J. 
•822. III. Thomas J.; b. June 20, 1816; of Port Jervls, N. T. 

823. IV. John W.; of San Francisco, Cal. 

824. V. Ann; m. Steele, Dayton, O. 

470. VI. 181. ABRAHAMS LYON [Abrahams, Josiah*. Capt. 
HenryS, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in 1749, and died March 1848 in 


Allen Co., O. He was a soldier of the war of the Revolution; enlisted 
at Elizabethtown, Nov. 15, 1775, for one year in the First Regiment, 
New Jersey Line, Continental Establishment, Captain Meeker, Colonel 
Winds; re-enlisted for one year, Dec. 1776, Second Regiment, New 
Jersey Line, Continental Establishment, Captain Squires, Col. DeHart, 
and was discharged at Elizabethtown, Dec. 1777. He applied for a 
pension May 4, 1818, at which time he was living in Muskingum County, 
Ohio. His descendants have not been tracedj. 

479. VI. 189. JONATHANS LYON [HenryS, Henry*, Capt. 
HenryS, Samuel2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, N. J., in March 

1764, and died there Aug. 8, 1852. He married first , and 

second Margaret Frazer, born 1791, died May 3, 1841. Both are buried 
in the churchyard of the old Baptist Church at Lyon's Farms. 

Children of Jonathan Lyon: 

825. I. Polly; m. L. Kennedy. 

826. II. Hannah; m. Israel Crane; removed to New Albany, Ind. 
♦827. III. Henry; b. 1798; d. April 3, 1868. 

♦828. IV. William; b. 1799. 

829. V. Jabez; b. 1802; married and had a son George. 

*830. VI. Oliver; b. 1806. 

831. VII. Phebe; b. 1810; m. John Baldwin. 

832. VIII. Mary; b. 1814; m. Charles Guerln. 

481. VI. 189. Z0PHER6 LYON [HenryS, Henry*, Capt. Henry', 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms, N. J. in 1769, and died 

there June 30, 1844. He married Rachel , born 1774, died 

May 19, 1850; buried with her husband and two children in the 
Baptist Cemetery at Lyons Farms. 

Children of Zopher and Rachel (- 

•833. I. Hervey; b. 1810. 

834. II. Hannah; b. 1812; d. 

835. III. Amelia; b. 1816; d. 

836. IV. David. 

837. V. Julia; m. Alexander McKlrgant. 

838. VI. Abby. 

839. VII. Caroline. 

( — 

) Lyon: 







tAbraham Lyon, a soldier In the Revolutionary War, had a son Simeon, 
who removed in 1805 from Essex Co., N. J., to Knox Co., O. Simeon had four 
sons and seven daughters most of them, born in Ohio. The sons names were: 
Daniel, born in New Jersey, 1798, Benjamin, Asher and 'William. Daniel had 
five children, the oldest A. J. Lyon, the youngest C. W. Lyon, now (1905) over 
sixty years old, and an old soldier. 

tAlexander McKirgan, Jr., son of Alexander McKlrgan, was the flsrt post- 
master at Lyons Farms. His son, William Henry McKirgan. made a competence 
In oil refining; an Elder in the Lyons Farms Church; lives (if still living) on 
the Newark road near the stone school house on the former house site of Joseph 


491. VI. 195. WILLIAMS CLARK [Rebeccas (Lyon) Joseph*, ' 
Joseph^, Samuel2, Henryi] married in 1771, Hannah Smith, and resided 
in Somerset Co., N. J. 

Children of "William and Hannah (Smith) Clark: 

*840. I. Susanna; b. Aug. 17, 1772; m, David Enyart. 

*841. II. Sarah; b. Oct. 11, 1773; d. Oct. 16, 1840; m. John Cox. 

*842. III. Jonathan; b. 1775; m. Elizabeth (Maxwell) Prior. _^ 

843. IV. Elizabeth; m. John Chandler. 

844. V. Henry. 

845. VI. WlUiam. 

500. VI. 195. JOHN LYONS CLARK [Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, 
Joseph^, Samuel2, Henryi] was born Jan. 30, 1770. He married Feb. 
14, 1798, Sarah, daughter of John and Phebe (Ross) Hatfield, of Eliz- 
abethtown, N. J., born Feb. 14, 1773. (John Hatfield was son of John 
Hatfield, Alderman, of Elizabethtown, N. J., and brother of Sarah, who 
married John Lyon (No. 199), uncle of John Lyon Clark). Between 
1805 and 1810, John Lyon Clark removed to Butler County, Ohio. He 
died Nov. 6, 1838. His wife died Sept. 29, 1827. 

Children of John L. and Sarah (Hatfield) Clark. 

846. I. Hiram; b. April 18, 1799; m. Elizabeth, daughter of Gideon Long. 

847. II. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 10. 1803; m. William, son of Judge Henry 
"Weaver of Butler Co., Ohio. 

*848. III. Mary; b. May 4, 1805; m. Silas Condlt Byram. 
»849. IV. Stephen Burnett; b. July 16, 1807. 

850. V. SuBan; b. Feb, 20, 1812; m. Robert Law, son of Francis and 

Catherine (Simpson) Law. 

851. VI. John; b. Aug. 25, 1814; removed to Michigan. 

852. VII. George; b. Oct. 16, 1816; m. Jane, daughter of Llndsley and 
Suean (Carman) Broadwell. 

506. VI. 211. MARY ANNS DYRE (WILBOUR) [Sarahs (Lyon), 
William*, James^, Samuel2, Henryi] was born May 8, 1806, and died 
Dec. 26, 1874. She married, July 16, 1826, Cornelius Briggs Wilbour, 
born April 27, 1804, died April 29, 1870. 

Children of Cornelius B. and Mary Ann (Dyre) "Wilbour: 


I. Mary Amelia. 


II. Sarah Elizabeth. 


III. Cornelius. 


IV. William Henry Lyon 


V. Samuel Clark. 


VI. Mary Ann. 


VII. John Aaron. 



860. VIII. Hannah Lyon Dyre; res (1904) 53 Washington St., Newport, R. I. 

861. IX. James. 

862. X. Edward. 

510. VI. 220. WILLIAMS LYON [Williams, Joseph*, James3, 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I. Nov. 1, 1803. He married 
March 8, 1829, Sarah A. A. Peckham, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth 
(Almy) Peckham. 

Daughter of "William and Sarah A. A. (Peckham) Lyon: 

836. I. Lucy M.; b. Jan. 27, 1830; m. Sept. 30, 1858, William S. N. Allen. 

511. VI. 223. MARY ANN6 LYON (CHASE) [Joseph^ Joseph*, 
James', Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I. March 27, 1810, and 
died in Portsmouth, R. I. in 1887. She married, June 9, 1837, Henry 
C. Chase of Portsmouth, R. I. 

Children of Henry C. and Mary Ann (Lyon) Chase: 

864. I. James; married and had children. 

865. II. Elizabeth; m. John M. Taylor. 

866. III. Henry; married; res. (1904) Hooperstown, 111. 

867. IV. Mary Mumford; m. Howard Smith; children: 1. Charles T.; 2. 
Marion McA.; 3. Annie H.; 4. Mary M. 

868. V. Emily Bush; d. April 1, 1903. 

869. VI. Joseph; married and had children. 

870. VII. David; married and had children. 

871. VIII. Helen Eudora; m. Philip Stevens; res. Newport, R. I. 
Also two daughters who died young. 

512. VI. 223. HENRYS LYON [Joseph^ Joseph*, JamesS, Sam- 
uels, Henryi] was born Sept. 20, 1812, and died July 28, 1882. He 
married in 1844, Julia Ann Wilbur, of Fall River, Mass. (born in Free- 
town, Mass.). Henry Lyon made his home in Fall River. 

Children of Henry and Julia Ann (Wilbur) Lyon: 

872. I. Margaret. 
♦873. II. William Henry; b. Dec. 23, 1846; res. (1905) Brookllne, Mass. 

874. III. Phebe. 

♦875. IV. Angeline; b. July 23, 1850; m. James M. Scott; res. Providence, 
R. I. 

•876. V. Julia Amanda; b. July 16, 1852; m. Henry Frank Lawton; res. 
Providence, R. I. 

[Josephs, Joseph*, James', Samueiz, Henryi] was born Jan. 8, 1814 and 
died in 1884. She married Robert J. Taylor, of Newport, R. I. 

Children of Robert J. and Elizabeth M. (Lyon) Taylor: 

877. I. Grant Perry; m. Kate Sterne; one son. Grant Sterne Ttylor. 

878. II. Caroline E. 


515. VI. 223. EMILY6 LYON (BUSH) [Josephs, Joseph*, James', 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I. May 16, 1816, and died 
Nov. 1887. She married Dec. 24, 1841, John T. Bush, of Newport, R. I. 

Son of John T. annd Emily (Lyon) Bush: 
879. I. Joseph L,yon. 

Joseph*, James3 Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. L, March 
10, 1822, and died Feb. 15, 1902. He married Maria L. Mowry. 

Children of Nicholas U. and Maria L. (Mowry) Lyon: 

880. I. Matilda; died young. 

881. II. Phebe; m. Byron K. Flsk (died). 

*882. III. 3Iarriette; m. William Bower, Brooklyn, N. T. 

519. VI. 223. JAMES WHEAT0N6 LYON [Josephs, Joseph*, 
James3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Oct. 8, 1826; and 
died Oct. 6, 1894. He married in Newport, R. I., Sept. 24, 1850, Harriet 
Frances Crandall, daughter of William Hazard and Harriet (Lewis) 
Crandall, of North Stonington, Conn. She was born in North Stoning- 
ton. Conn., Sept. 24, 1828, and died in Chicago, 111. Sept. 1 (or 2) 1889. 

Children of James W. and Harriet F. (Crandall) Lyon, born In Newport, R. I.: 

♦883. I. James Wheaton, Jr.; b. Sept. 18. 1851; d. Salem .Mass., Feb. 17, 1877. 

884. II. George Fenton; b. Aug. 4, 1853; a mechanical draughtsman; d. 
Salem, Oct. 2, 1877. 

•885. III. Phebe Miunford; b. May 3, 1856; m. Dr. George Oakes Welch. 

886. IV. Evelme Crandall; b. Nov. 12, 1859; grad. Drexel Institute Phila- 
delphia; now (1905) librarian of Hennepin Co. Medical Association Library at 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

887. V. Mary Ann; b. Sept. 30, 1864; died Newport, Nov. 1, 1865. 

888. VL WUliam; b. Sept. 25, 1867; d. Oct. 2, 1867. 

889. VII. Joseph; twin brother of William; d. Oct. 5, 1867. 

520. VI. 223. JOHN EDWARDS LYON [Josephs, Joseph*, James', 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Oct. 4, 1828. He mar- 
ried Oct. 4, 1855 Susannah, daughter of Joseph Andrews and Sally 
(White) Hall, of Taunton, Mass. 

Children of John E. and Susannah (Hall) Lyon: 

890. I. Amelia Hall; b. April 13, 1857; d. May 3, 1863. 

891. II. EUzabeth Taylor; b. April 11, 1859. 

892. III. Mary £udora; b. Jan. 9, 1864. 

893. IV. Annie Warren; b. April 18, 1866; m. June 14, 1893. Marshall H. 
SavUle; children: 1. Randolph Marshall, b. Jan. 29, 1897; 2. Winthrop Lyon, b. 
March 30. 1900. 

522. VI. 223. MARIA LOUISAS LYON (HOLT) [Joseph*, 
Joseph*, James3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Aug. 30; 
1833, and died in July, 1898. She married John M. Holt of Newport. 


Children of John M. and Maria Louisa (Lyon) Holt: 

894. I. Stella Louisa; died in infancy. 

895. II. Joseph Hammett; died in infancy. 

896. III. Mary S; b. March 18, 1866; m. G. Frank Langdon; res. Ipswich, 
Mass; children: 1. Harold Merritt, 2. , d. Infant. 

530. VI. 257. JOSEPHG CONGAR [Davids, Joanna*, (Crane), 
Abigails (Lyon), JoseptiS, Henryi] was born in New Windsor. N. Y., 
March 31, 1761. He married Hannah Van Riper, who was born In 
1765, and died Oct. 8, 1840, in Newarlt, N. J. Joseph Congar for many 
years was ruling elder in the First Presbyterian Church of Newark. 
The Church record says "sound, etc." He conducted a smilar business 
to that of the original Colgate (William) of New York, as the follow- 
ing letter, written by a prospective son-in-law will show: — 

"November, 1818. 
"Mr. Jos. Congar — 
Respected Sir: 

I have called agreeably to your wishes on my arrival in New York, 
this afternoon on Mr. Andrew Morris, and the lowest price he will sell 
15 boxes of dipt candles was 17 s., and soap 11 s. for a considerable 
quantity. He would sell at a discount of l-i/^ per cent. Mr. Robert 
Steel offered me the same price, 17 s. and 11 s. and no less. William 
Colegate asked me 17 s. for one box or 20, and for soap, 10 s. They 
all asked one price for candles. On my remarking to them they had 
advanced in their price, they simply observed that they were made of 
the best of American tallow and could not be offered for less. I think 
you may venture to ask the same advance in price as they have. 

Compliments to the family. 

Respt'ly yr. ob. st. 
R. B. 

Children of Joseph and Hannah (Van Riper) Congar: 
897. I. Lewis Le Conte; b Sept. 1789; d. Jan. 6, 1810, at Andover, Mass., 
a college student, and is buried there. 

»898. II. Abby; b. Oct. 3, 1789; m. Richard Butler; d. New Albany, Ind., 
Sept. 22, 1873. 

•899. IIL Deborah; b. Sept. 9, 1791. 

531. VI. 257. J0SIAH6 CONGAR [Davids, Joanna* (Crane), 
Abigails (Lyon), Josephz, Henryi] was born Dec. 21, 1763. He married 

Elizabeth , who died March 15, 1829. He was a hatter in 

Newark, and the "Si Cougar's" store was a land-mark there for many 

Daughter of Joslah and Elizabeth ( ) Congar: 

900. I. Mary; b. 1795; m. Abraham Miller; d. Sept. 10, 1833. 


533. VI. 257. OBEDIAH6 CONGAR [Davids, Joanna* (Crane), 
Abigail (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] was born June 27, 1768, and died Jan. 
17, 1852. He followed the sea, and was a man of considerable note, 
owned some sloops and was captain of several merchantmen. His 
diary from 1780 to 1850 was published after his death as "Memoirs of 
Capt. Obediah Congar." This was lost sight of for over fifty years, 
but recently has come into the possession of a great-grand-niece, who 
has also curios collected by him during his voyages. He organized 
the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, Fla., donated the ground 
and built the church. He was mayor of Jacksonville. 

534. VI. 257. STEPHENS CONGAR [David^, Joanna* (Crane), 
AbigaiP (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] was born Sept. 10, 1770. The name 
of his first wife is not known. His second wife was Rachel 
Hitchcockt. He was a maker of edged tools, and lived for years in or 
near Troy, N. Y. It is said that "he built the first frame house ever 
put up in that section of the country." Tradition tells that his father 
took him to see General Lafayette pass at one time. When the French 
patriot of the American war of the Revolution shook hands with David 
Congar, a soldier of the war, Stephen Congar exclaimed, "We licked 
'em, didn't we. General!" 

Children of Stephen Congar by first wife: 

901. I. £Ilison; m. and had a son Alfred; d. Nov. 25, ae. 78 

years. A daughter of Alfred m. Chester M. Whitney of Elizabeth, N. J.). 

902. II. Elmira. 

903. III. Mary. 

Children of Stephen and Rachel (Hitchcock) Congar. 

904. IV. L.a Fayette; m. as 2nd wife, Mary Ann Hitchcock; a daughter, 
Anna, ni. Montague; another daughter married George Thallmer. 

♦905. V. Stephen Marshall; b. April 16, 1815; d. Nov. 5, 1894. 

906. VI. Samuel. 

907. VII. James. 

908. VIII. Joseph Obediah. 

909. IX. WUllam. 

910. X. Robert. 

911. XI. Elvira; m. VP'llson. 

912. XII. Sarah; m. Nelson Andrews. 

913. XIII. Ann; m. James Meneeley. 

914. XIV. Catherine; m. Henry Thallmer; children: 1 Maria, m. 2nd D. 
Jennings; 2. George; m. a sister of Anna (Congar) Montague (daughter of Lafay- 

^According to a somewhat obscure record, Rachel Hitchcock, whose mother's 

given name was Meneeley, had a brother, Hitchcock, who was twice 

married. A daughter by the first wife married Quail. A daughter, 

Mary Ann, by the second wife, married Lafayette Congar, (No. 904) her cousin. 


815. XV. Harriet; m. Albert Woodruff. 
916. XVI. Amanda; m. Harry Hay ward. 

[Davids, Joanna* (Crane), AbigaiP (Lyon), Josephz, Henryi] was born 
March 24, 1782. She married first David Hudson, and second Rev. 
Ellas Riggst (Presbyterian Church) born at Medham, N. J., April 1, 
1770, died Feb. 25, 1825. 

Children of Ellas and Margaret (Congar) Rlggs: 

•917. I. Joseph Lewis; b. March 12, 1809; d. Aug. 20, 1865. 

•918. II. Ellas; b. Nov. 19, 1810. 

919. III. Mary; b. 1812; d. infant. 

•920. IV. Margaret; b. July 11, 1813; m. James M. Ray. 

•921. V. Hannah; b. Aug. 16, 1815; m. Joseph G. Monfort; d. May 24, 1897. 

•923. VI. Phebe; b. July 1817; m. Rev. Samuel Potter; res, Cincinnati, O. 

923. VII. David B.; b. 1819; d. an infant. 

•924. VIII. Elizabeth; b. Dec. 28, 1820; m. Antrim Robblns Forsyth. 

554. VI. 267, MARY6 COOK (MOZIER) [MaryS (Lyon), Joseph*, 
Capt. Josephs, Josephs, Henryi] was born in 1806, and died in Forest 
City, Wis., in 1895. She married Jacob Mozier, born 1800, brother of 
Solomon, who married Christian Cox, sister of John. 

Children of Jacob and Mary (Cook) Mozier: 
925. I. Juliana; m. Grant Louden. 

Jacob, Jr. ' 

Harriet; m. George McNulty. 
Stephen A.; d. young. 
Carrie; m. Edward Philips. 
All reside in Holt Co., Mo. 

555. VI. 267. PHEBE5 COOK (ANDREWS) [MaryS (Lyon), 
Joseph*, Capt. Josephs, Josephs, Henryi] ^as born in 1808, and died in 
Delaware Co., Ind., about 1875. She married Hugi Andrews of Fair- 
field, O. 

Children of Hugh and Phebe (Cook) Andrews: 

931. I Abraham; m. in Addison, O., 1902. 

932. II. Angeline; m. Levi Klrby. 











JElias Rigs was a descendant in the seventh generation of Edward (1) 
Rlggs who came from Lincolnshire, Eng., to the Colonies in 1633. He married 

1st Elizabeth , d. Aug. 1635, and 2nd , d. 1669. Edward 

(2) Riggs, son of Edward (1) and Elizabeth, was born in England about 1614, 
and married, April 5, 1635, Elizabeth Rnosa. Edward (3) Riggs was born about 

1636 and married Mary . Joseph (4) Rlggs of Newark, N. J., was born 

in 1675, and died at Orange, N. J., Sept. 11, 1744. Zebulon (5) Riggs was born 
Jan. 23, 1719, and died Dec. 12, 1780 ,in Morris Co., N. J. Preserve (6) Rlggs, 
the father of Elias, was born in 1746, and died April 5, 1821; married Puah 


933. III. Samuel; res. Delaware Co., Ind. 

934. IV. Eliza. 

935. V. WUbur. 

936. VI. Jane. 

556. VI. 267. STEPHENS COOK [MaryS (Lyon), Joseph*, Capt. 
Josephs, Joseph-, Henryi] was born in 1810, and died in 1870 at Hill- 
grove, O. He married Sarah Caldwell. 

Children of Stephen and Sarah (Caldwell) Cook: 

gSI. I. Mary Jane; m. Jason Kester, New Carlisle. O. ; children: 1. Ida, 

m. Charles Ellis, Dayton. O. ; 2. Clara; m. Bratten; 3. George; 4. 

Frances, m. Taylor, Dayton, O. ; 5. Harry. 

938. II. John Wesley. 

939. III. Chalmers; killed at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, Tenn., 1862. 

940. IV. Albert; wounded at Pittsburg Landing, 1862, brought home and 

941. V. liUcy; m. Rapp. 

943. VI. Angeline; m. Staner. 

843. VII. L,evi Klrby. 

557. VI. 267. SARAH6 COOK (ROCKEY) [MaryS (Lyon), Jos- 
eph*, Captain Joseph^, Joseph^, Henryi] was born July 12, 1812, and died 
July 18, 1901. She married George Hockey. 

Children of George and Sarah (Cook) Rockey: 

944. I. John; m. Victoria Singleton. 

945. II. £llen; m. Joseph Anderson. 

946. III. Jane; d. young. 

947. IV. Minerva; m. David Mound; children: 1. Wilbur; 2. Albert; 3. 

559. VI. 284. BENJAMIN" LYON [Benjamins, Benjamin*, Benja- 
mins, Benjamin, Es(i.2, Henryi] was born about 1775. He married at 
Lyons Farms, Nov. 1802, Polly [Mary], daughter of Elihu and Phebe 
(Price) Bond, of Elizabethtown, born Jan. 12, 1784; died Feb. 2, 1852; 
a descendant of Robert Bond, who was Governor Carteret's assistant 
at Elizabethtown, N. J., Jan. 26, 1667-8. 

Children of Benjamin and Polly (Bond) Lyon: 

*948. I. Lewis; m. Mary Tucker. 

•949. II. LfOulsa; m. David Fitzgerald. 

950. III. William; d. an infant. 

*951. IV. Phebe; m. Moses Techenor. 

952. V. Charles; d. an Infant. 

♦953. VI. Henry. 

954. VII. Joseph; m. Adelaide Felt. 

•955. VIII. William; m. Anne Moore. 

560a. VI. 284. SARAHS LYON (MURPHY) [Benjamin^, Benja- 
min*, Benjamins, Benjamin, Esq.2, Henryi] married William Murphy, 


son of Robert Murphy Jr., who was a private in Bergen Co., N. J. 
Militia. They had a son William Hayes Murphy, who married Abby 
Elizabeth Hager and was father of Governor Franklin Murphy of New 

572. VI. 287. RICHARD M0NTG0MERY6 CRANE [RufusS, 
Hannah* (Lyon), Benjamins^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 
Newark, N. J., July 10, 1797, and died July 7, 1880. He married first 
Elizabeth Gardner, born June 23, 1802. She died Sept. 7, 1838. His 
second wife was Maria Coles, born June 15, 1810. She died Oct. 21, 

Children of Richard Montgomery and Elizabeth (Gardner) Crane: 

955a. I. Sarah Anne; b. Aug. 1, 1821. 

955b. II. EUzabeth; twin sister of Anne; d. Aug. 8, 1821. 

955c. III. David Jones; b. July 9, 1822; d. Dec. 29, 1822. 

955d. IV. Mary Elizabeth; b. Jan. 24, 1824; m. Robert Bruce Hattron. 

955e. V. Samuel Peace; b. Dec. 23, 1825. 

955f. VI. Caroline Amelia; b. May 9, 1827; m. Robert Hunter. 

955g. VII. George Washington; b. Feb. 22, 1829; d. March 13, 1835. 

955h. VIII. Catherine MatUda; b. Jan. 10, 1834; d. Nov. 20, 1875; m. John 
Mulford of Russell, N. J. 

9551. IX. Fanny Maria; b. Feb. 6, 1831; d. July 30, 1862; m. William 

Children of Richard M. and Maria (Coles) Crane: 

955j. X. Dennis; b. Aug. 16, 1841. 

955k. XI. Anna Rodgers; b. May 1, 1843; m. Rev. Adam Chambers. 

9551. XII. William Montgomery; b. Aug. 16, 1848; d. March 14, 1849. 

955m. XIII. Laura Stout; b. Sept. 2, 1850. 

955n. XIV. WUliam Montgomery; b. June 15, 1852. 

574. VI. 295. SAMUEL6 DAY [AmosS, Mary* (Lyon), Benjamins, 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 1785, and died Oct. 11, 1823. He 
married Elizabeth [Betsey] Lum, daughter of Israel and Betsey (Day) 
Lum, his consort daughter of Paul Day. Elizabeth (Lum) Day died 
May 11, 1832. She and her husband are buried at Connecticut Farms, 
N. J. 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Lum) Day: 
*956. I. Amos; b. Nov. 5, 1808; d. June 25, 1892. 

957. II. Harriet Newell; m. and went West. 

958. III. Nancy Pierson; b. 1812; m. Jonathan Faltoute; d. May 1, 1838. 

959. IV. Israel Lum; b. Jan. 3, 1812; m. 1st July 29. 1846, Sallie C. Burke; 
m. 2nd Marietta Miller; d. June 1, 1888. 

960. V. Mary. 

961. VI. Elizabeth. 

962. VII. Jane; d. June 18, 183 2, ae. 15 years. 


578. VI. 295. WILLIAM FREDERICKS DAY (AmosS, Mary4 
(Lyon), Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi) was born Dec. 10, 1806, 
and died Aug. 2nd, 1854. He married Oct. 7, 1807, Phebe Bonnell. 

Children of William P. and Phebe (Bonnell) Day: 

963. I. Joseph Bonnell; b. Sept. 20, 1810; d. Dec. 24, 1844. 

964. II. Joanna Bonnell; b. Oct. 17, 1813. 

965. III. WiUiam Edwin; b. Oct. 3, 1815; ^. Infant. 

966. IV. WUliam Edwin; b. Nov. 30, 1817. 

967. V. Charles; b. Oct. 22, 1820; d. Nov. 1, 1857. 

968. VI. Mary Genneny; b. Aug. 8, 18 23; d. Dec. 20, 1832. 

969. VII. Eliza Brant; b. Jan.- 4, 18 ; d. 1827. 

970. VIII. James; b. March 1, 1828; d. 1832. 

971. IX. Fredericli; b. 1829; d. 1831. 

973, X. Samuel Aug^ustns; b. Dec. 1, 1831; d. Feb. 1, 1859. 

973. XI. Mary Olivia; b. March 27, 1832; m. George Meeker. 

581. VI. 297. HON. JONATHANS PIERSON [AgnesS (Ludlow), 
Martha* (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] of Hamilton 
County, Ohio, Judge of the P. C. Court of Butler County; married 
Matilda Davis. 

Children of Jonathan and Matilda (Davis) Plerson: 

974. I. Nancy; m. Moses Kline; children: 1. James; 2. Matilda; 3. 

975. II. Theodore. 

976. III. Ellen. 

977. IV. Isabella; m. William Kain [Cain]. 

978. V. Joseph. 

582. VI. 297. MARY6 PIERSON (DOTY) [AgnesS (Ludlow), 
Martha* (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married General 
Solomon Doty [Doughty], son of Joshua Doty of Long Hill, N. J. 

Children of Solomon and Mary (Pierson) Doty: 

979. I. Agnes; m. John D. Jackson; children: 1. Edward E.; m 

Osborn; 2. Charlotte; m. Robinson; 3. Mary; m. Chandler; 

4. Dr. John Jr.; 5. Agnes; 6. l,anra. 

980. 11. Joshua; m. Susan, daughter of Isaac Southard, of Somerville, N. 
J.; children: 1. Louisa; 2. Sarah; 3. Mary; 4. John; 5. Joshua; 6. 

981. HI. Elizabeth Fierson; b. 1803; m. Dr. Charles H. Jackson; no chil- 
dren; d. July 28, 1S38. 

982. IV. Sineus Pierson; b. 1808; not m. ; d. Oct. 20, 1832. 

983. V. Sarah Maria; b. July 13, 1814; not m. ; d. July 25, 1838. 

984. VI. Eugene S.; m. Mrs. Elizabeth Underdunk. Somerville, N. J.; was 
member New Jersey Legislature 1850-1; one son Eugene Doty. 

583. VI. 297. ELIZABETHS PIERSON (BOYLE) [AgnesS (Lud- 
low), Martha* (Lyon), Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married 
Colonel Solomon Boyle. 


Daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth (Plerson) Boyle: . 

985. I. Mahetabel; m. John, son of Daniel Tunis, New Vernon; children: 1. 
Phebe Elizabeth; 2. Sidney Adolphus; 3. William Lindsley; 4. John Sineus. 

585. VI. 299. HON. C0RNELIUS6 LUDLOW [Benjamins, Mar- 
tha* (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.z, Henryi] was Judge of the 
Morris County Court. He married Julia Anne Disborough of New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

Children of Cornelius and Julia Anne (Disborough) Ludlow: 

986. I. George. 

987. II. Jane. 

And three other children. 

596. VI. 300. JAMES C.6 LUDLOW [Israels, Martha* (Lyon), 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi) lived in Mill Creek Township, 
Hamilton Co., Ohio, a farmer. He married Miss Clarkson. 

Children of James C. and (Clarkson) Ludlow: 

988. I. Sarah Bella; m. Hon. Salmon Portland Chase; d. June 13, 1852. 
989 II. James Dunlap. 

990. III. Charlotte Chambers; m. Charles A. Jones, Atty., New Orleans. 

991. IV. Reuhama. 

992. V. Benjamin. 

993. VI. Hadassa. 

LEAN) [Israels, Martha* (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.^, Henryi] 
married first Jephtha D. Garrard, Attorney, of Cincinnati, O. He died 
in 1836, and she married second Judge John McLean, U. S. Supreme 
Court. John McLean was born in Morris County, N. J., March 11, 
1785. His father removed to Warren County in 1799. Brought up as 
a farmer's boy, he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1807. 
He was a member of Congress in 1813-1816, and was a supporter of 
Madison's administration. From 1816 to 1822 he was Judge of the 
Supreme Court of Ohio; in 1823 he was Postmaster General; and in 
1830 became a Justice of the United States Supreme Court. In the 
Dred Scott case he dissented from the opinion of Chief Justice Taney. 
He died in Cincinnati, O., April 4, 1861. 

Children of Jephtha D. and Sarah B. (Ludlcw) Garrard: 

994. I. Israel; attorney. Cincinnati. O. 

995. IL Kennerl; b. Cincinnati, 1830; d. May 15, 1879. 

JKenner Garrard was a graduate of the U. S. Military Academy in 1851. He 
was an officer in the war for the Union: taken prisoner in Texas April 12. 1861; 
exchanged August 1862; served with marked distinction during the remainder 
of the war; was brevetted Major General, U. S. A. Nov. 9, 1866. 


996. III. Lewis. 

997. IV. Jephtha. 

Son of Hon. John and Sarah Bella (Ludlow, Garrard) McLean: 

998. V. Ludlow; d. young. 

598. VI. 300. 6 LUDLOW (Israels, Martha* (Lyon), 

Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi) married Miss Dudley. 

Daughter of and (Dudley) Ludlow: 

999. I. Louisa Dudley; m. John G. D. Burrows, Cincinnati, O. 

600. VI. 301. BENJAMIN LUDL0W6 DAY [Elizabeths (Ludlow), 
Martha* (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Harriet 

Children of Benjamin L. and Harriet (Klpp) Day: 

1000. I. Margaret. 

1001. II. Eliza. 

1003. III. Helen Kipp; d. Feb. 7, 1850; unmarried. 

[Elizabeths (Ludlow), Martha* (Lyon), Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, 
Henryi] married first John, son of Hugh Colwell of Long Hill, N. J. 
She married second Stephen, son of Daniel Cooper, Esq. 

Children of John and Mahetabel (Day) Colwell: 

1003. I. James; m. Martha, daughter of Ephraim High. 

1004. II. Hugh; d. a young man. 

1005. III. Israel Day. 

1006. IV. Elizabeth; not m. 

1007. V. Sarah Ann; m. William Cooper, her cousin, son of Peter Cooper. 

606. VI. 306. SAMUELS LYON [Davids, Samuel*, Benjamin^, 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married first Susan Ogden, and second, Mary 

Children of Samuel Lyon: 

1008. I. David; m. Jane Van Dyne. 

1009. II. Israel; m. Sarah Van Houten; 1 child and 5 grandchildren. 

1010. III. James. 

1011. IV. Henriette; m. Kenzie; 2 children. 

1013. V. Sarah; m. Donnington. 

1013. VI. William; m. Kenzie; 1 child. 

1014. VII. Theodore. 

607. VI. 306. TAPPAN6 LYON [Davids, Samuel*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Hannah Edwards. 

Children of Tappan and Hannah (Edwards) Lyon: 
♦1015. I. Sarah Ann; m. Thompson Price. 
1016. II. Joanna; m. James Berwick; one daughter, Anna (m. William 








Israel; m. Tbeodosia Van Dyne; 4 children. 
Theodore; m. Sarah Monroe; one son Frederick M. 
VViiliam; m. Margaret Miller. 

608. VI. 306. PHEBE6 LYON (WOODRUFF) [Davids, /Samuel*. 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 1787 and died in 1864. 
She married, about 1810, Matthias Woodruff, born 1787, died Sept. 10, 
1851, in Newark, N. J. 

Children of Matthias and Phebe (Lyon) Woodruff: 

1020. I. Rainette; b. 1812; d. 1832; m. Robert Withers; one dau. Mary, 
whose husband, an orticer, was killed in the Civil War. 

*1021. II. Joanna Lyon; b. Middletown, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1814; d. 1874; m. 
Samuel M. Crane. 

1032. III. David; b. 1816; d. 1857-8; m. Anna Bush; 3 children. 

1023. IV. Chauncy; b. 1819-20; d. 188-; m. Angeline ; one son, 

Jolin 'Ibomus. 

1024. V. Elizabeth; b. 1822; d. 1869; m. Daniel Burtt; ch.; 1. Charles, 
2. Spencer; 3. Isuineiie; 4. Pheiue. 

1035. VI. Horace; b. 1827; d. 1886; m. Margaret Beyrs; ch. : 1. Fred- 
erick; 2. Mary; 3. Laura. 

1026. VII. Lewis; twin bro. of Horace; d. 1863. 

1027. VIII. Caleb; b. 1829; killed at the second battle of Bull Run, In 

*1028. IX. Mary; b. 1837; d. 1880; m. Henry Price Badgley. 

609. VI. 306. JOANNAS LYON (LEWIS) [Davids, Samuel*, 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Joseph Lewis. 

Children of Joseph and Joanna (Lyon) Lewis; 
*1039. I. Susan; m. Hon. John Anderson. 

1030. II. David; m. Sallie Bunn. 

1031. III. Mary; m. John Miller. 

1032. IV. Harriet; m. Andrew McWilllams. 

610. VI. 306. MARY6 LYON (WINANS) [Davids, Samuel*, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Jan, 9, 1796 and died Oct, 29, 
1844. She married Jonathans Winans (1792-1884) [James*, Jonathans, 
Conrad2, Johni.] 

Children of Jonathan and Mary (Lyon) Winans: 

1033. I. Phebe; b. March 22, 1827; d. Feb. 5, 1877; m. Aaron Thompson; 
no chihaen. 

1034. II. William; b. Feb. 7. 1829; d. 1898; m. Anna Thompson. 

1035. III. Julia; b. Jan. 8, 1832; d. May 3, 1901; unm. 
No living descendants. 

611. VI. 310. CHARLES CLARK6 LYON [Calebs, Samuel*, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Schenectady, N. Y. in 
1813 and died at New Rochelle, N. Y. in 1883. He married Amanda 
Cogswell, born 1813, died 1883. 


Son of Charles Clark and Amanda (Cogswell) Lyon: 
•1036. I. WiUlam Scott; b. New Rochelle, 1844. 
1036a. II. Orleana; b. 1842; d. 1S45. 

612. VI. 311. NANCYS LYON (WILSON) [Amoss, Samuel*, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms Nov. 21, 
1801 and died at Elizabeth, N. J. Feb. 2, 1893. She married at Lyons 
Farms Dec. 12, 1820, John Wilson, of North Shields, England, born 
March 27, 1798, and died at Elizabeth, N. J. Feb. 12, 1857. He was 
the first son of John Wilson Esq., of Washington, County of Durham, 
England, by Frances Davison of Scotland, his wife; lived at Elizabeth, 
N. J. 

Children of John and Nancy (Lyon)" Wilson: 

1037. I. John, Jr., b. Sept. 16, 1821; not m. ; d. July 27, 1856. 

1038. II. Frances Almira; b. Jan. 28, 1824; m. May 2, 1847, Jesse Richards; 
moved to Mt. Vernon. O. ; no children; died March 25, 1904. 

1039. III. Henriette Bell; b. Feb. 14, 1828; d. Oct. 5, 1831. 

1040. IV. Hannah; b. Nov. 4, 1829; m. Feb. 1, 1854, George Bird; i 
children; d. Nov. 21, 1863. 

1041. V. Frederick Plummer; b. May 11, 1832; m. May 19, 1857, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Aaron and Rachel Lyon; 2 daughters. 

1042. VI. William Kinkade; b. Nov. 7, 1834; d. Aug. 10, 1854. 

1043. VII. Henriette Maria; b. Jan. 28, 1837; m. Jan. 2, 1861, J. C. Hill; 
res. Elyria, O. ; 5 children; d. IS . 

1044. VIII. James Henry; b. Dec. 11, 1839; m. Oct. 12, 1865. Margaret M. 
Simpson; one daughter, Maud Fdith Wilson. Jamea H. died July 30, 1869. 

•1045. IX. Anna Elizabeth; twin sister of James; m. John Williams Crane. 

1046. X. Mary Louisa; b. April 16, 1843; m. Oct. 5, 1864, Robert Sloan; d. 
March 30, 1865. 

615. VI. 311. JOSEPH BR0NEL6 LYON [Amoss, Samuel*, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -wras born Oct. 12, 1807, and died at 
Mt. Gilead, O. in March 1899. He accompanied his brother Caleb to 
Ohio, and settled at Utica, Union County. After an absence of two 
years he returned to New Jersey, and in 1828 united with the First 
Presbyterian Church of Elizabethtown, where he remained for several 
years. Again he went west and located at Mt. Gilead, O., where he 
married Sarah, widow of Abner Ustick. Their one child, a son, died 
aged 11 years. 

HEAD) [MaryS (Lyon), Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] 
married first, William Pennington, son of Samuel and Mary (Sanford) 
Pennington. He was of the same family as the William Pennington 
who was Governor of New Jersey, 1837, and Speaker of the House of 
Representatives, 1860. Phebe Wheeler Pennington married second, 
Asa Whitehead of Newark. 


Children of ■William and Phebe (Wheeler) Pennington: 

1047. I. Harriet; b. April 18, 1788; d. March 7, 1866 in Newark. 

1048. II. James W.; b. March 20, 1791; d. July 17, 1824. 

1049. III. Mary; b. March 20, 1791; res. Washington, D. C. 

1050. IV. Charlotte; b. Oct. 1, 1792; d. about 1843. 
Children of Asa and Phebe (Wheeler, Pennington) Whitehead: 

1051. I. Phebe; b. Nov. 15, 1794; d. May 15, 1846. 

1052. II. WUliam; b. May 4, 1796; d. Dec. 9, 1836. 

1053. III. Aaron; b. Jan. 17, 1800; d. Aug. 25, 1869. 

1054. IV. Louisa; b. 1803; d. 1811. 

626. VI. 314. JONATHAN WILLIAMS6 LYON (James5, Moses*, 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi) was born in New York City 
March 17, 1784, and died at his home on Plum St., Cincinnati, O., 
Dec. 23, 1871. His last recollection of the city of his nativity was see- 
ing General George Washington disembark from an eight-oared barge 
at Water Street when he came to be inaugurated first President of 
the United States. Then came the long journey across the mountains, 
then down the Ohio River from Pittsburg to Fort Washington to the 
strenuous life of the great Northwest. Indians with hostile intent 
were just beyond the settlement and an armed guard, man or woman, 
stood in the corners of the worm-fences while the fields were tilled. 
The little stream in Glen Lyon on the Jonathan Lyon estate, Cincinnati, 
got the sanguinary title of "Bloody Run" from a fight between set- 
tlers and the Indians that happened there. Among other reminiscences 
that he liked to dwell upon, was his first visit to Jeffersonville, Indiana, 
when he floated down the river on a keel boat to be the guest of hia 
kinsman, Major Hunter, who was in command of Old Fort Finney. 

Jonathan Lyon married at North Bend, O., Feb. 17, 1806, Melinda 
Gard Lee, who was born in Morristown, N. J., Oct. 8, 1786, and died in 
Cincinnati, O., July 27, 1875. She was a daughter of Peter Perrine 
Lee (soldier in Revolutionary war), born at Woodbridge, Courtland 
Manor, Westchester Co., New York, March 10, 1756, and died at North 
Bend, O., Sept. 22, 1848; and Ruth Huntington Gard, his wife, 
born at Morristown, N. J., Feb. 15, 1764, and died at North Bend, Jan. 
15, 1819; grand-daughter of Thomas Lee, (soldier Revolutionary war), 
born at Hempstead, Long Island, July 1, 1727; died at Morristown 
Jan. 7, 1805, and Dinah Perrine, his wife, born in Staten Island, 1731; 
died at Morristown 1791; great-grand-daughter of Joseph Lee of 
Hempstead, and Abigail Price, his wife. Joseph Lee was the son of 
Thomas Lee and Mary Marvin his wife, of Hempstead, who came to 
the Colonies in 1675 from near Nottingham, England (traditionally a 
eon of Robert Lee, son of John Lee, third Earl of Litchfield). 


Ruth Huntington Gard, mother of Melinda (Lee) Lyon, was a 
daughter of Captain Gershom Gard [La Garde] (soldier in Revolution- 
ary war), of Morristown, b. 1738; died at North Bend, O., 1818, who 
came to North Bend, with his family and the family of his son-in-law, 
Peter Lee, in 1791; grand-daughter of Jeremiah Gard of Morristown, 
born 1717, died 1783, and Elizabeth Gard, his wife, born 1716, died 
1776, (She was a French woman and known as Madame La Garde); 
great-grand-daughter of Joseph Gard, of Stonington, Conn.; bapt. Oct. 
3, 1707 (an adult), and Mary Gard, his wife, bapt. at Stonington, Aug. 
1, 1691. He was the son of John Garde, merchant of Boston, and 
Mary Fithery, his wife (from Devon, Eng.), who was son and heir- 
at-law of Roger Garde [La Garde] who came to America with Sir 
Georges, and was first Recorder and town clerk of Accomenticus 
(York) Maine. 

The grand-mother of Melinda (Lee) Lyon, Phebe Huntington, was 
born in Newark, 1738, and died in North Bend, daughter of Simon* 
Huntington of Morristown, born at Newark 1696, died 1770, and Thank- 
ful Huntington, his wife, born 1708, died 1774, Morristown. He was 
a son of SamueP Huntington, born 1667, Newark, died 1708, and Sarah 
Sargeant, his wife, born 1677, died 1757 [she married second Col. John 
Cooper] great-grand-daughter of Jonathan2 Sargeant, born 1640; bapt. 
at New Haven 1651; son of Jonathani Sargeant at New Haven 
1639, took the oath 1644, died at Branford, Conn. 1652. His wife died 
1651. SamueP Huntington was a son of Thomas2 Huntington, from 
Norwich, England, 1633, born about 1629, and died at Newark, N. J, 
1689, freeman of Conn. 1657, from Branford to Newark as one of its 
founders 1666, member of the General Court 1688; married first a 
daughter of Mr. William Swaine; married second, Hannah, daughter 
of Mr. Jasper Crane (she married second, John Ward); son of Simoni 
Huntington (descendant of Simon, Earl of Huntington), who died on 
the passage to the Colonies 1633, and Margaret Baret, his wife, daugh- 
ter of Christopher Baret, Mayor of Norwich, Eng. 1634. She was a 
member of Rev. John Eliot's Church at Roxbury, and was the fore- 
mother of Samuel Huntington, the "Signer." Her second husband 
was Thomas Stoughton of Dorchester, Mass. Mr. Jasper Crane, father 
of Hannah (Crane) Huntington, was born in England 1610, a younger 
son of Sir William Crane, who was Knighted for his honesty. He 
was in Boston 1630, but returned to England for his family and sailed 
from London April 26, 1639 in the "Arbella," the first ship to enter the 
harbor at New Haven. He was one of the founders of that town, and 


signed the fundamental agreement 1639; was freeman of Conn. 1644, 
one of the Committee of Safety 1665, deputy to the General Court and 
Assistant 1663-4, Representative of the United Colonies 1665; Repre- 
sentative from Newark to the General Assembly 1671. His was the 
fifth seat in the meeting-house at New Haven. He was the Captain 
of the Branford Colonists that settled at Newark 1666. His will Is 
dated 1678. His wife, Alice Crane, died before that date. 

Dinah Perrine, grand-mother of Melinda (Lee) Lyon was a 
daughter of Captain PeterS Perrine, of "The Troop," Staten Is. Militia, 
1701, died Nov. 13, 1756, and Mary Perrine, his wife, born 1700, and died 
Aug, 8, 1756; son of Daniel2 Perrine, born 1672, Staten Is. and died 

there (married 1699 at the Reformed Dutch Church ); 

son of Danieli Perrine French Huguenot (of the family of Count Per- 
rine), who sailed from the Isle of Jersey, ship "Philip" April 1665, in 
the train of Philip Carteret, and landed at New York July 29, 1665. He 
was married Feb. 12, 1666, by James Bollen, Justice of the Peace to 
Marie Thorel (French Huguenot) and the license, signed by Governor 
Philip Cartaret, is said to be the first issued at Elizabethtown, New 
Jersey. Daniel Perrine removed to Staten Island and died there 1688. 

Children of Jonathian Winiams and Melinda Gard (Lee) Lyon: 

•1065. I. Oliver Lee; b. Cincinnati, O. : March 10, 1809; d. Saluda, Indiana, 

•1056. II. Sidney Smith; b. Aug. 4, 1808; d. Jeffersonville. Ind., June 24, 

•1057. III. Julia Ann ; b. Sept. 5, 1810; m. Theodore Williams; died Cincin- 
nati, O., April 4, 1892. 

•1058. IV. Harriet Bnth; b. June 10, 1812; m. William Bryant; died Feb. 
27, 1844. 

•1059. V. Elizabeth Williams; b. April 24, 1814; m. Mahlen Robinson Tay- 
lor; d. March 14, 1904. 

1060. VI. James Harris; b. March 15, 1816; not m. ; lived many years In 
Liouisiana; d. 1897 in Cincinnati. 

1061. VII Mary Jane; b. April 8, 1818; d. July 25, 1819; burled Spring 
Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati. 

1062. VIII. William Parker; b. March 19, 1820; d. Aug. 24, 1821; burled 
Spring Grove Cemetery. 

♦1063. IX. Elvira Amelia; b. Jan. 6, 1823; m. Harvey Denman; died July 
31, 1889. 

•1064. X. Martha Jane; b. May 5, fB25; m. Charles S. Betts; res. Cincin- 
nati, O. 

1065. XI. Cornelia; b. March 13, 1827; d. Aug. 26, 1828; burled Spring 
Grove Cemetery. 

•1066. XII. Frances Cornelia; b. Jan. 17, 1829; m. William Fullerton; d. 
Cincinnati, June 13, 1871. 

•1067. XIII. Laura Augusta; b. May 19, 1831; m. James F. Rhodes; res. Lan- 
caster, Wis. 

1068. XIV. Clara Huntington; b. April 13, 1833; not m. ; d. Oct. 18. 1867; 
buried Spring Grove Cemetery; a devoted daughter and a woman of fine mental 
and moral qualities. 


627. VI. 314. REV. JAMES6 LYON (James5, Moses*, BenjaminJ, 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi) was born in Essex County, New Jersey, Oct. 

30, 1784, and died Jan. 6, 1865 in the old Lyon homestead near Cincin- 
nati, O. For a time he lived in Oldham County, Ky., but in 1834 re- 
turned to Hamilton County, O. He was a Baptist preacher for forty 
years. He married first, Feb. 6, 1812, Sarah Davis, who died April 11, 
1816. On Feb. 13, 1821 he married his second wife, Mrs. Maria 
(Carder) Ogg, who was born Oct. 18, 1786. 

Children of James and Sarah (Davis) Lyon: 

1069. I. James; d. an Infant. 

1070. II. Eliza; d. an Infant. 

1071. III. Jonathan; d. an Infant. 

Children of James and Maria (Carder) (Ogg) Lyon: 

♦1072. IV. Joanna; b. March 14, 1822; m. Joseph C. Langdon; d. May 19, 

1073. V. EUza; b. Feb. 2, 1824; d. young. 

•1074. VI. Mary Ann; b. April 10, 1825; m. John W. Crosley. 

•1075. VII. James Carder; b. Oct. 8, 1826; d. Springfield, O. June 18, 

•1076. VIII. Martha Jane; b. Jan. 25. 1829; m. Mark Langdon. 

628. VL 314. OLIVERS LYON (Jamess, Moses*, Benjamin^ Ben- 
jamin Esq.2, Henryi, was born in Elizabethtown, N. J., Jan 13, 1786; 
died Nov. 26, 1848, at the old Lyon homestead in Hamilton 
County, Ohio, now in "the City"; buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. 
He married, Jan. 8, 1810, Elizabeth Marsh, born Dec. 24, 1793; daughter 
of John Marsh who came to Ohio from New Jersey with his family 
1782. She survived her husband and died near Drewsbury, Ind., May 
19, 1868; buried in Otwell Cemetery, Butler Co., O. 

Children of Oliver and Elizabeth (Marsh) Lyon: 
1077. I. Hannah; b. Nov. 10, 1810; d. Dec. 18, 1812. 
•1078. II. Moses; b. May 18, 1814; m. Susan De Armond. 
1079. III. Phebe; b. March 27, 1817; m. James Snow; no children; died 
Aug. 20, 1844. 

•1080. IV. Joanna; b. Aug. 20, 1820; m. Peter Hollowell; d. Aug. 31, 

•1081. V. Melinda; b. July 22, 1823; m Andrew R. Blddlnger; d. Jan. 16, 

•1082. VI. Hannah; b. June 14, 1826; m. David Crosby; d. Nov. 20, 

•1083. VII. Martha Jane; b. Feb. 21, 1827; m. Matthew R. Shields. 

•1084. VIII. Elizabeth; b. Dec. 21, 1830; m. Joseph Hollowell; d. March 

31, 1862. 

•1085. IX. Lewis Lee; b. April 7, 1833. 
1086. X. Oliver Rufner; b. July 13, 1835; d. Nov. 1835. 


629. VI. 314. JOANNAS LYON (NORTON) [JamesS, Moses*. 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Nov. 6, 1789 and died in 
1820. She married Elijati Norton who was born in Nantucket, 1779, 
and died in Cincinnati, O., Dec. 11, 1860. "As a christian, a citizen, a 
husband and a father, he has well illustrated by example and precept 
those noble qualities that make a good man." 

Children of Elijah and Joanna (Lyon) Norton: 

1087. I James; d. young. 

1088. II. Joanna; m. Capt. Columbus Hawk, dec; d. Nov. 29, 1905, at 

1089. III. Elizabeth; m. 1st, Capt. Joseph Hall; m. 2nd, Joseph Stewart 
of Springfield, Ohio; no descendants living, 

631. VI. 314. M0SES6 LYON [JamesS, Moses*, Benjamins, Ben- 
jamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born April 22, 1794, Cincinnati; died Oct. 22, 
1841. He married in New York, Eliza Ross, born June 25, 1800; died 
Sept. 17, 1841, Cincinnati. 

Children of Moses and Eliza (Ross) Lyon: 

1090. L Ann Eliza; b. Nov. 13, 1818; d. July 27, 1840. 

•1091. II. Mary Jane; b. Oct. 6, 1820; m. James Evans; d. July 27, 1840. 

♦1092. III. James J.; b. Aug. 6, 1822; d. April 29, 1892. 

1093. IV. William Henry; b. Dec. 13, 1824. 

♦1094E. V. Susan Emily; b. May 14, 1827; m. John Wlltsee of Cincinnati. 

1095. VI. Isabella; b. Nov. 23, 1829; m. James Lupton. 

1096. VIL Georgiana; b. Oct. 28, 1838; d. June 18, 1839. 

(KELLEY) [Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -v^as 
born in Mill Creek Township, Hamilton Co., Ohio, June 14, 1797, and 
died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Perry, at New Castle, 
Ky., April 13, 1855. Eleven years later her remains were removed to 
Cincinnati to be interred with her kindred in Spring Grove Cemetery. 
She married first, Oct. 6, 1814, Lewis Huntington Lee, who was born 
Aug. 27, 1792, at North Bend., O. (His sister, Melinda Lee, had married 
Jonathan Lyon, No. 626, and his sister, Adeline Lee, Rezen Williams, 
step-brother of Elizabeth and Jonathan Lyon). Lewis Huntington Lee 
died of cholera Oct. 21, 1832, while heroically nursing the sick and bury- 
ing the dead during the great epidemic. He was an architect by pro- 
fession, a man of wealth, and one of the leading citizens of Cincinnati. 
When the old churchyard was vacated his remains were placed in 
Spring Grove. On Oct. 10, 1839, Elizabeth (Lyon) Lee was married 
by the Rev. E. B. Sehon to James Kelley of Warren Co., O. 


Children of Lewis H. and Elizabeth (Lyon) Lee: 
*1097. I. Caroline Brown; b. May 4, 1816; m. Dr. "William Alexander Perry; 
d. Marshall, Texas, Nov. 1, 1887. 

*1098. II. James Peter; b. Feb. 5, 1819; d. Sept. 5, 1894 In Texas. 

642. VI. 319. JAMESe LYON [MosesS, Benjamin*, Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Elizabeth, N. J., April 27, 1788, and died at 
Canandaigua, N. Y., March 15, 1864. He married at Canandaigua, 
Nov. 11, 1819, Lydia Moreley, who died Feb. 3, 1875; no children. 

643. VI. 319. MOSES H.6 LYON [MosesS, Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Elizabeth, N. J., Nov. 18, 1789, 
and died at Prattsburg, N. Y., April 21, 1863. He married Sept. 28, 
1814, Sarah Benton, who was born Nov. 27, 1790, and died Sept. 7, 1876. 
She was daughter of David Benton (a Revolutionary soldier) and 
Sarah Bingham. 

Children of Moses H. and Sarah (Benton) Lyon: 

1099. I. WUllam B.; b. Feb. 1, 1817; d. Jan. 1, 1835. 

♦1100. IL David B.; b. May 11, 1821; d. Nov. 23, 1893. 

•1101. IIL James; b. May 7, 1823; res. Bath, N. Y. 

*1102, IV. Robert M.; b. Dec. 3, 1825; d. June 12, 1903. 

644. VI. 319. MARY B0WMAN6 LYON (WOODS) [MosesS, 

Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Elizabeth, 

N. J., April 15, 1791; and died at Bath, N. Y., April 13, 1872. She 

married at Prattsburg, N. Y., Oct. 24, 1815, William Woods, born Nov. 

2, 1789; died Aug. 7, 1837. 

Children of William and Mary Bowman (Lyon) "Woods: 

1103. I. James; b. 1816; d. July 5, 1831. 

•1104. II. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 3, 1817; m. Lazarus Read; d. Sept. 29, 

•1105. III. Mary; b. June 1819; m. "WUllam A. Dutcher. 

1106. IV. WUliam Jr.; b. 1822; d. March 17, 1832. 

•1107. V. Pamelia Nelson; b. Feb. 7, 1823; m. Levi Carter "Whiting; 

d. July 29, 1847. 

•1108. VL David; b. April 9, 1829; d. Jan. 25, 1882. 

645. VI. 319. ELIZABETH ARNETT6 LYON (RICE) [Moses', 
Moses*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -^as born at Elizabeth, 
N. J., Feb. 10, 1793. She married, May 8, 1820, at Prattsburg, N. Y., 
Ebenezer Rice, son of Dea. Samuel Rice. Ebenezer died Jan. 8, 1843. 

Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth A. (Lyon) Rice: 

1109. I. Francis Pratt; b. March 20, 1822; not m. 

1110. II. Elizabeth. 

1111. III. Ebenezer; d. young. 

1112. IV. Thomas Bowman; b. Marcellus, N. Y. Sept. 20, 1825; m. Sept. B. 
1855, at Conneaut, O., Mary Elvira Fefleld (b. Jan IB, 1835 at Conneaut); no 
children; Thomas died Chicago, April 22, 1893. 


646. VI. 319. ABIGAIL GRUMMAN6 LYON (RICE) [MosesS, 
Moses*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi], was born at Elizabeth, 
N. J., Nov. 28, 1794, and died at Grand Blanc, Mich., Nov. 27, 1883. 
She married at Prattsburg, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1817, Samuel, son of 
Deacon Samuel Rice. 

Children of Samuel and Abigail Grumman (Lyon) Rice: 

1113. I. James. 
*1114. II. Sophia; b. March 19, 1822; m. John Burrington; d. Feb. 1, 1897. 

1115. in. Mary; b. 1827; m. 1883, Dr. Henry C. Fairbanks; res. Flint, Mich. 
♦1116. IV. Burrage; b. June 3, 1829; died near Richmond, Va. 1864. 

647. VI. 319. ROBERT BONDS LYON [MosesS, Moses*, Ben- 
jamin3, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Elizabeth, N. J., Sept. 27, 
1796, and died at Coneaut, O., Oct. 5, 1854. He married first, Oct. 28, 
1822 at Bath, N. Y., Catherine Bacon, born Jan. 8, 1800, at Bacon's Hill, 
N. Y., daughter of EbenezerS Bacon [Ebenezer*, SamueP, Nathaniel^, 
Nathanieli] and Mrs. Jane Berry Lewis, his wife. Catherine (Bacon) 
Lyon died Oct. 11, 1840 at Conneaut, O. Robert Bond Lyon married 
second, Jan. 16, 1841, at Kelloggsville, Ohio, Clarissa Kellogg, born Oct. 
12, 1819, at Kelloggsville, died May 4, 1896 at Chicago, 111., daughter of 
AmosS Kellogg (Abners, Morris*, Stephen^, Stephen2, Lieut. Joseph^) 
and Paulina Dean his wife. After his first marriage he lived in 
Ogdensburg, De Puyster and Canandaigua, N. Y. In 1831 he moved 
with his wife and three children to Salem (now Conneaut), Ohio, and 
opened a general store in partnership with Mr. John Reid, who had 
been his friend in Canandaigua. This business he continued, with a 
change in the name of the firm from Lyon & Reid to Lyon & Gould, 
and then to Robert Lyon, until shortly before his death. He never 
aspired to public office. Throughout the region where he lived, Robert 
Bond Lyon was noted for unusual business ability, the strictest 
Integrity, and for his readiness in forwarding any plan for the general 

Children of Robert B. and Catherine (Bacon) Lyon: 

1117. I. WUIiam Bacon; b. Aug. 15, 1823, Ogdensburg, N. T.; not m.; 
d. March 1855. 

♦1118. II. L,ydia Jane; b Sept. 21, 1826; m. George Smith Cleveland; res. 
1905, Minneapolis, Minn. 

•1119. IIL ^ohn Bacon; b. April 15, 1829, Canandaigua, N. Y.; d. Dec. 
20, 1904 at Chicago, 111. 

•1120. IV. Helen Mary; b. Aug. 9, 1832, Conneaut, O. ; m. Chauncey F. 

1121. V. Robert Woods; b. May 21, 1835, Conneaut. O.; killed in the 
war of the Rebellion, Sept. 16, 1S61. 

Children of Robert B. and Clarissa (Kellogg) Lyon, born at Conneaut, 


*1123. VI. Catherine; b. Nov. 26, 1841; m. Eber B. Ward. 

♦1123. VII. Clarissa; b. Oct. 26, 1843; m. James F. Wade. 

*1124. VIII. Paulina; b. Nov. 24, 1849; m. Justus Smith Stearns; d. 

Ludlngton, Mich.. May 3, 1904. 

•1135. IX. Thomas Kice; b. May 31, 1854; res. Chicago, 111. 

648. VI. 319. ABNER PURCELL6 LYON [MosesS, Moses^ Ben- 
jarainS, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Whitestown, N. Y., Jan. 

22, 1899, and died at Prattsburg, N. Y., March 10, 1878. He married 
first, Feb. 5, 1822, at Marcellus, N. Y., Helen Humphrey; who died May 
17, 1846; he married second, at Geneva, N. Y., Laura Sheldon, who died 
at Naples, N. Y., Oct. 27, 18'* 6. 

Children of Abner P. and Helen (Humphrey) Lyon: 
♦1126. I. Helen Ann; b. Prattsburg, N. Y. Dec. 4, 1825; m. John Shooman 
Lewis; d. Naples. N. Y.. June 17, 1897. 

*112'7. II. Benjamin Leonard; b. Prattsburg, N. Y., 1827. 

1128. III. Thomas; b. Lyonsville; d. ae. 6 years. 

1129. IV. Mary Elizabeth; b. Prattsburg; d. Bath, N. Y., ae. 20 years. 

1130. V. WUliam Woods; b. May 28, 1830; d. Jan. 7, 1863. 
*1131. VI. Sterne Humphreys; b. Prattsburg; m. Laura Strong. 

1132. VII. Sarah Jane; b. Lyonsville; m. C. Ward Watkins; no children. 

Children of Abner P. and Laura (Sheldon) Lyon: 
*1133. VIII. Harriet Honor; b. Lyonsville; m. Oren D. Lee; res. Kansas. 
*1134. IX. Laura Caroline; b. Lyonsville; m. S. Duane Lyon of Lyonsville. 

649. VI. 319. THOMAS B0WMAN6 LYON [MosesS, Moses«, 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Whitestown, N. Y., 
Aug. 19, 1801; died Canandaigua, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1878. He married 
Sept. 28, 1826 at Canandaigua, Diana Smedley. 

Son of Thomas B. and Diana (Smedley) Lyon: 

1135. I. James Smedley; b. Canandaigua, N. Y. ; 1727; d. May 5, 1864 In 
the battle of the Wilderness. He was shot in the head on the last day of 
the fight. A comrade found the last letter he had received from his father 
lying beside the dead soldier. James Smedley Lyon was a dutiful and affection- 
ate son. By kindred and friends he was greatly esteemed for his industry, 
integrity and amiable character. 

652. VI. 319. JANE ANNS LYON (LITTLE) [MosesS, Moses*, 
Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at New Hartford, Jan. 

23, 1807, and died at Saginaw, Mich., Jan. 31, 1864. She married, July 
22, 1828, at Canandaigua, N. Y., Norman Little, born East Avon, N. Y., 
March 27, 1806; died Saginaw, Mich., Nov. 8, 1859. 

Children of Norman and Jane Ann (Lyon) Little: 

1136. I. James Lyon; b. Canandaigua, N. Y.; d. Saginaw, Mich., Nov. 8, 

♦1137. II. Caroline £Iiza; b. East Avon, April 4, 1831; m. 1st James Hay- 
den; m. 2nd Josiah Pratt. 


1138. III. George Henry; b. Llttleville, N.Y., Oct. 2, 1833; d. 1839. 

1139. IV. Frances Shepard; b. Llttleville, Oct. IS, 1836; d. 1838. 

1140. V. William S. P.; b. May 15, 1837; not m.; d. Saginaw, Mich., 
March 8. 1881. 

*1141. VI. Helen Gansevoort; b. Sept. 23, 1839; m. Ist Benjamin P. Derby; 
m. 2nd Dr. George Lathrop; d. Nov. 22, 1875. 

1143. VII. Jane Elizabetli; b. Feb. 18, 1842: d. Saginaw, 1844. 

1143. VIII. Mary Lydia; b. Canandalgua, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1846; m. 1864; 
Seymour Frlzette; 3 children, all died young; she died 1891. 

1144. IX. Charles Norman; b. Jan. 12, 1848; d. Hopewell, N. T., 1848. 

[Mosess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at 
Prattsburg, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1811, and died at Bath, N. Y., April 21, 1886. 
She married, Oct. 14, 1828, Dr. Ten Eyck Gansevoort, of Albany, N. Y., 
born 1803; died Sept. 28, 1844, at Bath, N. Y. 

Children of Ten Eyck and Helen Raynette (Lyon) Gansevoort: 

*1145. I. Catherine Elizabeth; b. 1833; m. 1st, Duncan Stuart Magee; 
m. 2nd, Benjamin F. Angel. 

1146. II. Conrad; b. 1836; m. Caroline Maria Fenn, of Ohio, who d. 
Rochester, N. Y. 1887; no children. 

1147. III. Mary Woods; b. 1839; m. John Nelson Hungerford, at Corning, 
N. Y. 

1148. IV. Ten Eyck; b. 1842; not m. ; d. at Watklns, N. Y. 1867. 

656. VI. 321. DAVIDS LYON [Obedlahs, Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born July 1793, near Elizabethtown, N. J. 
He married Ann Cooper. 

Children of David and Ann (Cooper) Lyon: 

1149. I. Euphemia. 

1160. II. Sarah. 

1161. III. Eliza Ann. 

1162. IV. Caroline. 

1163. V. HarrU. 

1154. VI. WiUlam Cooper. 

660. VI. 321. ABIGAILS LYON (JOHNSON) [Obediahs, Moses*, 
Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -was born near Elizabethtown, N. 
J., June 1795. She married David Johnson of Elizabethtown, 

Children of David and Abigail (Lyon) Johnson: 
•1166. I. Harris Lyon; b. July 18, 1837; d. Elizabeth, N. J.. March 30, 1898. 
1166. II. Edward B. 

665. VI. 322. M0SES6 LYON [Richards, Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Feb. 25, 1802, and died In New York 
City Aug. 31, 1841. He married, Sept. 25, 1823, Catharine Wright, who 
was born 1805, and died June 29, 1885. 


Children of Moses and Catharine (Wright) Lyon: 

1157. I. Sarah Hendricks; b. July 14, 1824; m. April 17, 1844, William 
H. Cornell; d. July 9, 1892. 

1158. II. EUzabeth Wright; b. Feb. 16, 1826; m. Robert H. Syms: d 
Sept. 10, 1892. 

♦1159. III. Mary Frances; b. Dec. 12, 1827; m. Alfred C. Hoe; res. New 
York City. 

1160. IV. Moses; b. Oct. 8, 1829; m. Aug. 26, 1864, Cornelia Grlswold; d. 
Nov. 12, 1896. 

1161. V. James Wright; b. Nov. 27, 1831; m. Jan. 1859, Amelia Demarest; 
d. July 31, 1895. 

1162. VI. Catharine Hendricks; b. April 23, 1831; d. young. 

1163. VII. Martha Jane; b. Jan. 2, 1836. 

1164. VIII. Asa Prior; b. Dec. 11, 1837; m. Oct. 2, 1861, Mary J. 

1165. IX. Catherine A.; b. Feb. 4, 1840; m. June 11, 1862, David W. Drlggs. 

1166. X. John Hendricks; b. Feb. 14, 1842; m. Sept. 5, 1866, Mary A. 

692. VI. 385. ELIZABETHS LYON (TUCKER) [EbenezerS, 
Peter^, EbenezerS, Ebenezerz, Henryi] married Moses, son of John and 
Catherine Line (Lyon) Tucker. 

Children of Moses and Elizabeth (Lyon) Tucker: 

1167. I. Sarah; m. John Wilcox. 

1168. II. Clarissa; m. John Bryant; children: 1. Joel; 2. ApoUos B.; 
3. Anne £. 

1169. III. Abigail; m. David B. Jolly; children: 1. Richard, m. Mary M. 
Fisher; 2. Robert; 3. John. 

1170. IV. Elizabeth; m. Levi Clark; children: 1. Frances; 2. Emeline. 

1171. V. Mary; m. David Cole; one daughter, Mary. 

1178. VI. Bnsan; m. Asa W. Ridge; children: 1. Mary A.; 2. Susan E.; 
3. Sarah F.; 4. Theodore; 5. John H.; 6. Moses W. 

693. VI. 388. MARY6 LYON (BROWN) [EbenezerS, Peter^, 
Ebenezer3, Ebenezer2, Henryi] rnarried James, son of John Brown who 
came to Elizabethtown from England and married Nancy daughter of 
George Badgeley. 

Children of James and Mary (Lyon) Brown: 

1173. I. John; b. 1799; m. Elizabeth Radley; children: 1. Fanny; 2. 
Mary Ann, b. 1822; 3. Jonathan; 4. Eliza; 6. James; 6. Maria; 7. John 
Lyon; 8. Eliza Jane. 

1174. II. Aaron. 

1175. III. Sarah; m. William Mulligan; children: 1. John; 2. Mary; 
3. Jane; 4. William Ellis; 5. George H. 

1176. IV. Nancy; m. Wlllam Koyer; children: 1. William; 2. Henry; 3. 
Maria; 4. Sarah; 5. Peter. 

1177. V. Maria; d. ae. 18 years. 

1178. VI. Henry; m. Lockey Moore; children (Brown): 1. Henry; 2. 
Albert; 3. Margaret; 4. William; 5. Isaac; 6. Jeremiah. 

1179. VII. Peter; m. Sarah Hemmingway; children (Brown): 1. John 
Lever; 2. Margaret; 3. Hetty; 4. Charlotte; 5. Thomas; 6. William. 


694. VI. 385. JOHNS LYON [Ebenezers, Peter*, EbenezerS, Eben- 
ezer2, Henryi] married Tabitha Moore. 

Daughter of John and Tabitha (Moore) Lyon: 
•1180. I. Sarah; b. 1809; m. Dayton Badgeley. 

695. VI. 385. RACHEL6 LYON (MOORE) [EbenezerS, Peter*, 
Ebenezer3, Ebenezer2, Henryi] twin sister of John Lyon, married Henry 
Moore, presumably brother of John's wife. 

Children of John and Rachel (Lyon) Moore: 

1181. I. Henry Jr.; m. Sally Ann, daughter of Gideon Allen. 

1182. II. Amos; m. Charity, daughter of James Compton. 

1183. III. Peter; m. Rebecca, daughter of John Bird. 

1184. IV. Sarah; m. Benjamin, son of Archibald Coddingrton. 
1186. v. John; m. Eliza Frazer. 

1186. VI. Jane; ni. Henry, son of John Bird. 

1187. VII. Harriet; m. George, son of William Coddlngton. 

696. VI. 385. SALLY6 LYON (ROSS) [EbenezerS, Peter*. Eben- 
ezer3, Ebenezer2, Henryi] married John (or Jonathan) Ross. 

Children of John and Sally (Lyon) Ross: 

1188. I. Elizabeth. 

1189. II. Peter. 

1190. III. John. 

1191. IV. David. 

1192. V. James. 

1193. VI. William. 

1194. VII. Mary. 

1195. VIII. Phebe. 

711. VI. 388. RACHEL6 POTTER (BOND) [BethiaS (Lyon), 
Peter*, EbenezerS, Ebenezer2, Henryi] married Nathaniel Bond. 

Children of Nathaniel and Rachel (Potter) Bond: 

1196. I. John; m. Eliza Crowell; children: 1. Julia; 2. Ellas; 3. Na- 
thaniel; 4. Crowell; 5. Mary J.; 6. Henry; 7. Ezra. 

1197. II. Joseph; m. Lavisy Osborn; children: 1. Caroline; 2. Benjamin; 
3. Alfred; 4. Squire; 5. Milton. 

1198. III. Anna; m. Squire Osborn; children: 1. Rachel; 2. Sarah. 

713. VI. 388. MARY6 POTTER (MOREHOUSE) [BethlaS 
(Lyon), Peter*, EbenezerS, Ebenezer2, Henryi] married James More- 

Children of James and Mary (Potter) Morehouse: 

1199. I. Joanna. 

1200. II. Esther; m. Joel Kennedy. 

1201. III. Amos. 

1202. IV. Elizabeth. 


1203. V. Aaron. 

1204. VI. Moses. 

1205. VII. Nancy. 

716. VI. 388. J0HN6 POTTER [BethiaS (Lyon), Peter4, Eben- 
ezer3, Bbenezer2, Henryi] married Christiana Potter. 

Children of John and Christiana (Potter) Potter: 



John ChatSeld. 



Samuel Beboot. 









Isaac W. 



Henriette A. 

722. VII. 425. EBENEZER C0BB7 LYON [Abiathar D.6, Johns, 
Eliphalet^ Isaac^, Thomas2, Henryi] was born April 17, 1836 at Parsip- 
pany, N. J. He was a soldier in the 2nd Regiment New Jersey 
Volunteers in the Civil war. He married Sarah E. Fitz Patrick of 
Montreal, Canada. He has been for forty years in business in Boonton, 
Morris Co., N. J., where he still resides (1906), on Lake Avenue. He 
has a daughter, Lena Irene Lyon who has made an exhaustive study of 
the history of the descendants of Eliphalet Lyon, No. 53. 

727. VII. 404. REV. ISAACS LYON [Stephen Smiths, John^ 
John*, Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi] ^as born at Ogdensburg N. Y., March 
9, 1822. He was educated in Union College (valdictorian) and Prince-, 
ton Theological Seminary, and became a Presbyterian minister. He 
lived successively in Chicago, 111., Detroit, Mich., and Redlands, Cal. 
He died at Redlands Jan. 2, 1901. He married, June 12, 1885, at 
Clayton, N. Y., Maria, daughter of Eldridge G. and Jane (Fowler) 
Merrick. In Michigan he engaged successfully in the lumber busi- 
ness; in California he, with his son Eldridge, were partners in a large 
orange plantation. 

Children of Isaac and Maria (Merrick) Lyon: 

1212. I. Jennie; b. Sandusky, O., June 9, 1852. 

•1213. II. Eldridge Merricli; b. Nov. 14, 1853. 

1214. III. Leiand; b. Chicago, 111., Oct. 19, 1857; d. Redlands, Cal., Oct. 
19, 1901. 

728. VII. 413. J0SEPH7 LYON [AsherS, AaronS (?), Mattanlah*, 
Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born at Morristown, N. J., June 7, 1785, 
and died May 5, 1858. He married, March 30, 1815, Betsey, daughter of 
John Hill, of Franklin, born Dec. 13, 1796, died Aug. 13, 1868; both 
buried at Rockaway, N. J. 


Children of Joseph and Betsey (Hill) Lyon: 

1215. I. Sarah L.. ; b. Dec. 15, 1815; m. John Wilson; removed to western 

New York; d. June 11, 1847. 

1216. II. John Hill; b. Sept. B, 1817; m. 1842, Mary Fordyce (born March 

18, 1817, d. Sept. 22, 1893). 

1217. III. Phebe Jane; b. Sept. 22, 1820; d. Aug. 30, 1851. 

1218. IV. Alice; b. Oct. 3, 1823; m. Sept. 3, 1845 (fourth wife) Job Allen 
Talmage; d. July 28, 1887. 

1219. V. Jacob L.; b. Jan. 25, 1827; m. Anna Crane; removed to St. 
Louis, Mo. 

1220. VI. Nancy K.; b. April 28, 1829; m. May 22nd, 1858, Ellsha Meeker, 
of MlUbrook, N. J. (b. 1837, d. March 29, 1900). 

1221. VII. Philip Edward; b. Feb. 11, 1832; m. Anna Voss; removed to 
Scranton, Pa., and died there. 

729. VII. 414. JOHN SJ LYON [Isaacs, AaronS (?), Mattaniah*. 
Isaac3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Dec. 18, 1815, and died Feb. 11, 
1890. He married Mary E. Meeker. 

Children of John S. and Mary E. (Meeker) Lyon: 

1222. I. Julia Ann; b. 1837; m. David Ayres, who died 1897; d. May 9, 

1223. II. Joanna; m. Charles Hulbert; both buried at Mt. Freedom. 

1224. III. Hulda B.; m. David Hathaway, Dover, N. J. 

1225. IV. Elizabeth; m. Albert B. Talmage, Dover, N. J. 

1226. V. John Wesley; d. young. 

•1227. VI. Isaac; m. Nancy (Fordyce) Hill. 

736. VII. 415. HALSEY7 LYON [Samuels, AaronS (?), Matr 
tanlah*, Isaac^, ThomasZ, Henryi] was born in 1804, and died Feb. 14, 
1871. He married Harriet Denman. Halsey and his wife are buried in 
the Lyon Cemetery at Stockholm, N. J. 

Children of Halsey and Harriet (Denman) Lyon: 

1228. I. Mary A.; m. July 6, 1857, William D. Rockafellow; moved west 

1229. II. Jonathan; b. June 8, 1837; m. Aug. 3, 1864, Maria E. Lyon; 
moved to Ohio. 

1230. IIL Amos; b. July 1, 1837; d. Dec. 31, 1863. 

1231. IV. Margaret; b. July 30, 1843; m. Nov. 10, 1864, John Nelson Kim- 
ble; removed to Ohio. 

737. VII. 416. MARY ANN^ LYON (LINDSLEY) [Stephen«, 
Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaacs, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Feb. 12, 1817, and 
died June 28, 1899. She married Oct. 3, 1836 Swaine Lindsley of 
Orange, N. J., born 1816, died 1890. 

Children of Swaine and Mary Ann (Lyon) Lindsley: 

1232. I. Harriet; m. Samuel Taylor, Newburgh, N. Y. 

1233. II. Lucy Ann; m. Feb. 1, 1866. William N. Ferrer, Cleveland, O. 

1234. III. James B.; m. Nov. 1, 1869, Kate O. Woodruff, Orange, N. J. 


742. VII. 416. AAR0N7 LYON [Stephens, JohnS, Eliphalet*. 
Isaacs, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Dec. 26, 1825. He married, Oct. 31, 
1848, Abby Harrison, born April 1, 1825. 

Children of Aaron and Abby (Harrison) Lyon: 

1235. I. William Lewis; m. Annie Erwln. 

1336. II. Aaron Oscar; m. Mary Martin. 

1237. III. Calvin Dodd; m. Maggie Ryan. 

1238. IV. Raymond Harrison; m. Lydla Cole. 

1239. V. Emily Margaret; m. Charles W. Smith. 
•1240. VI. Pbebe Caroline; m. William Samuel Mills. 

1241. VII. Abby Caroline; m. George Law. 

1242. VIII. Bertha Virginia; m. Gilbert Taylor. 

779. VII. 426. GEORGE SMITH7 LYON [HlnmanS, John», 
Elipbalet^, Isaac^ Thomas2, Henryi] was born May 7, 1832, and died 
March 25, 1899. He married Susan Annette Smith. 

Children of George S. and Susan A. (Smith) Lyon: 

1243. I. Frederick. 

1244. II. Clyde. 

1245. III. Delbert. 

[HinmanS, JohnS, Eliphalet*. Isaac^ Thomas2, Henryi] was born July 1, 
1840. She married 1st, Edward T. Scarlett; second, Frank Steinbeck, 
and third, Peter Hough. 

Children of Edward T. and Marlnda H. (Lyon) Scarlett: 
1846. I. Susie A.; b. April 1860; d. March 26, 1864. 

1247. II. Nellie; b. Feb. 21, 1864; d. March 19, 1865; both children buried 
In Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, N. J. 

786. VII. 426. EMMA THERESA7 LYON (HORST) [HinmanS, 
Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaacs, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Aug. 3, 1847. Sho 
married Albert Horst, and lived in Newark, N. J. 

Children of Albert and Emma Theresa (Lyon) Horst: 

1248. I. Mabel Louise; b. Dec. 22, 1877. 

1249. II. Bertha FuUerton; b. Dec. 19, 1881. 

796. VII. 427. JENNIE7 LYON (MOREHOUSE), [Archibald", 
Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaacs Thomas2, Henryi] born about 1849; married 
Israel Morehouse, West Orange, N. J, 

Children of Israel and Jennie (Lyon) Morehouse: 

1250. I. Mary. 
1261. II. Howard. 


802. VII. 436. AAR0N7 DENMAN [Mary6 (Lyon), Elijahs, 
Thomas^, Thomas3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born April 19, 1806. He 
married, Nov. 16, 1828, Eliza Ann, daughter of Moses and Lydia Condit, 
of Orange, N. J. 

Children of Aaron and Eliza Ann (Condit) Denman: 
*1852. I. David Francis; b. April 15, 1830. 
1253. II. George. 
1354. III. Matthias. 

804. VII. 436. RODNEY WILBUR7 DENMAN [MaryC (Lyon)» 
Elijahs, Thomas^, Thomass, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Feb. 11, 1814. 
He married, March 12, 1834, Maria Theresa Taylor. 

Children of Rodney W. and Maria Theresa (Taylor) Denman: 

1255. I. Hanibal. 

1256. II. James M. 

1257. III. SImira D. 

1258. IV. James Arthur. 

1259. V. David A. 

1260. VI. Theodore F. 

1261. VII. Sarah T. 

1262. VIII. Olive Theresa. 

1263. IX. Eugene Wilbur. 

[Maryfi (Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas^, Thomas2, Henryi] married 
in 1837, Alonzo Ransom. 

Children of Alonzo and Charlotte W. (Denman) Ransom: 
♦1264. I. Anna M.; b. July 12, 1838; m. Ezra H. Lynds. 

1265. II. Mary Lyon; b. Aug. 1840; m. 1860, Dr. O. C. Farquhar; a son 
Harry Farquhar, b. IS 65. 

1266. III. Weltha Lyon; b. 1853; m. J. J. Rose; she died 1876; a daugh- 
ter Charlotte Ransom. 

1267. IV. Charles Edwin; b. 1856; m. Elsie Smith; children: 1. Harry 
Lyon; 2. Charles Edwin, Jr. 

806. VII. 436. ANNA MARIA7 DENMAN (RICH) [MaryS (Lyon), 
Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Aug. 12, 1820, 
and died at Hastings, Minn, in 1862. She married Rev. John D. Rich, 
who died at Denver, Colo, in 1862. 

Children of John D. and Anna Maria (Denman) Rich: 
♦1268. I. Mary Alma; b. June 6, 1847; m. Charles Wesley Johnson. 
1269. II. Denman Whittield; b. Jan. 23, 1849. 

[Mary6 (Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, ThomasS, Thomas2, Henryi] married 
Arnold Medbury. 


Children of Arnold and Phebe Williams (Denman) Medbury: 

1270. I. Charles; b. Dec. 1856. 

1271. II. Edwin; d. in early manhood. 

1272. III. Marcia; b. March 15, 1837; m. 1st her cousin, Samuel Denman, 
who died 1871; m. 2nd Joseph Workman Dwyre; died 1899. 

*1273. IV. Caroline Denman; b. Nov. 21, 1841; m. Veleseo J. Knapp. 

1274. V. Mary; b. April 23, 1847; m. S. L. Hoover; one daughter, Ctaris- 
tabel Hoover. 

809. VII. 436. SAMUELr DENMAN [MaryS (Lyon), Elijahs, 
Thomas^, Thomas3, Thomasz, Henryi] married, March 8, 1851, Caroline 

Children of Samuel and Caroline (Stuart) Denman: 
*1275. I. Carlos Lyon; b. April 9, 1854. 
•1276. II. Mary; m. Joseph Maxwell. 

811. VII. 436. JOHN MARTIN? DENMAN [MaryS (Lyon), 
Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomass, Thomas2, Henryi] was born Oct. 12, 1823, 
and died Jan. 15, 1882. He married, April 29, 1847, Gloria Smith. 

Children of John M. and Gloria (Smith) Denman: 

1277. I. Charles Stnart; b. Aug. 15, 1848; d. Aug. 1849. 

1278. II. Mary E.; b. 1850; d. an infant. 

•1279. III. Ella M.; b. Oct. 25, 1853; m. John Hack. 

1280. IV. CamUIa Ida; b. Sept. 12, 1856; d. • 

1281. V. Carlos Leslie; b. Aug. 4, 1861; m. April 9, 1884, Kittle Hagana. 

811c. VII. 436c. LUTHER K.7 LYON [Isaacs, Elijahs, Thomas*, 
Thomas3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born in September 1814. He married 
in December 1840, Martha Ransley. 

Children of Luther K. and Martha (Ransley) Lyon: 
1282a. I. Fanny; b. Jan. 1844. 

1282b. IL Isaac E.; b. 1841; m. and had 1. Fred W.; 2. 

Elsie; 3. Alice and 4. Florence. 

1282c. III. Marcus Ward; b. Jan. 1849; m. ; children: 1. 

Marcus Ward, Jr., b. Feb. 1875; 2. Henry S., b. Sept. 1878; 3. WUbur J., b. 
Oct. 1882. Marcus W. Lyon was formerly a Captain in the U. S. A. 


[ ^ s^ 4^ ^3, Thomas2, Henryi] married 

Ira Wheelock. 

Son of Ira and Louisa Agusta (Lyon) Wheelock: 
•1282. I. George Hale; b. Ogdensburg, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1845. 

822. VII. 468. REV. THOMAS JJ LYON [HenryS, DavldS, 
Josiah*, Capt. HenryS, Samuel2, Henryi] was born June 20, 1816. He 
was a Methodist preacher, afterwards a lawyer. In 1869-70 he was 
elected assemblyman from Orange County. On Dec. 31, 1840, he mar- 


ried Jemima Westfall of Deer Park. He married second, Miriam 

Chlldrel of Thomas and Jemima (Westfall) Lyon: 
1383. I. Sarah A. 

1284. II. Annie M.; m. E. A. Browne, Newburg, N. Y. 

1285. III. John W. 

Children of Thomas J. and Miriam (Osterhaut) Lyon: 

1286. IV. Thomas J. 

1287. V. Wallen. 

1288. VI. £dvvm F. 

1289. VII. Mary B. 

827. VII. 479. HENRY7 LYON [Jonathans, HenryS, Henry*. Capt. 
Henry3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms in 1798. He mar- 
ried first, Sarah Several, born 1799; d. Feb. 2, 1827. He married 

second, Hannah , b. 1796, died Aug. 8, 1864. Henry Lyon died 

April 3, 1868, and he and his two wives are buried in the graveyard of 
the old Baptist Church at Lyons Farms. 

Children of Henry and Sarah (Several) Lyon: 

1290. I. George; b. 1820; d. June 6, 1825; burled at Lyons Farms. 

1291. II. Janette; b. July 14, 1822; m. Rev. B. Straight; d. March 8, 
1865; burled in the Baptist graveyard at Lyons Farms. 

828. VII. 479. WILLIAM7 LYON [Jonathans, HenryS, Henry*, 
Capt. Henry3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms in 1799. 
He married there, March 31, 1823, Thankful Rich. 

Children of William and Thankful (Rich) Lyon: 

1292. I. Margaret Anne; m. James Williamson. 

1293. II. Jonathan. 

1294. IIL Charles. 

1296. IV. Thankful; m. Stewart. 

830. VII. 479. OLIVERS LYON [Jonathans, HenryS, Henry*, 
Capt. Henrys, Samuel2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms in 1806. 

uairieu - 

Children c 

)f Oliver Lyon: 



















836. VII. 481. HERVEY7 LYON [ZopherS, HenryS, Henry*, Capt. 
Henry3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born at Lyons Farms in 1810. He and 


his wife Elizabeth were members of the old Presbyterian Church at 
Elizabethtown. He removed with his family to Michigan about 1850, 
and in 1873 he was a deacon in the church at Essex, Clinton Co. Two 
of his sons, Hervey and Charles, were in the Civil war in 1864. They 
removed to Kansas. He has also a son Theodore, perhaps other sons, 
and two daughters, Rachel and Emma. 

840. VII. 491. SUSANNA7 CLARK (ENYART) [Williams, 
Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph^, Samuel2, Henryi] was born Aug 17, 
1772. She married David, son of Benjamin Enyart, who came to 
Butler County, Ohio about 1800. 

Children of David and Susanna (Clark) Enyart: 
*1302. I. Johanna; m. David Taylor. 

1303. II. Sarah; m. Daniel Llebee. 

1304. III. Daniel Clark; m. Mratha Ann, daughter of William and Sarah 
(Skinner) Whlttaker, Butler County, Ohio. 

•1305. IV. WUliam; m. Eliza Yeager. 

•1306. V. Vincent; m. Elizabeth Campbell. 

•1307. VI. Benjamin; m. Margaret . 

•1308. VII. Hannah; m. Absolom Dearth. 

1309. VIII. Samuel; d. without Issue. 

1310. IX. Bachel. 

841. VII. 491. SARAH7 CLARK (COX) [Williams, Rebecca* 
(Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] was born Oct. 11, 1773, and 
died Oct. 16, 1840, at Fairfield, Ohio; buried at Cox's Cemetery at 
Osborn, Ohio. She married in 1794, in Somerset County, New Jersey, 
John Cox, who was born Jan. 6, 1774, and died April 24, 1821, at Fair- 
field, Ohio. John Cox was a son of Isaac Cox$ (born 1743) and 
Sarahs Sutton, who emigrated from New Jersey 1797. He was in 
Washington County, Pa., afterwards in Virginia, and came to Fairfield, 
Ohio, in 1801. Judge John Cox (of the Green County Court, Ohio) 
was one of the first settlers of Mad River Valley, which was settled by 

tThe line of Isaac" Cox; Philip' (1709-1787) and Joanna Trembly his wife; 
Philip^ (1680-1736) and Dorcas Graves (daughter of Capt. Phineas Graves of Eng. 
Navy and Elizabeth Carteret); Isaac', b. about 1650 in London, Eng., settled at 
Elizabethtown, N. J., about 1685; wife Sarah Sutton, grand-daughter of Lord John 
Berkeley, b. 1606; Philip^, and Anna Irving Moore; Isaac^ and Elizabeth Clinton. 
This Isaac was grand-son of John Cox 1530, educator, descended from Sir Richard 
Cox, 1499-1583. 

The line of Sarah« Sutton; Daniel', John*, ■William* (of New Jersey), John' 
(of Mass.), Thomas' (of England). 

The line of Johanna Trembly: Peter' and Hannah Wlnans, his wife, John' 
and Mary Noe, his wife. Marquis George*, and Elizabeth Carteret. Mary Noe 
above, was daughter of Peter and Margaret (Clark) Noe. Isaac Cox was a 
soldier of the Revolutionary War. 



New Jersey families. He built the first brick house at Fairfield. 
This pioneer homestead is still standing. 

Children of John and Sarah (Lyon) Cox: 

*1311. I. David Sutton; b. Bridgewater, N. J., May 4, 1795; d. Fairfield, 
Ohio, in 1870. 

*1312. II. Elizabeth; b. In New Jersey, 1796; m. Joseph Allen; died In 
Ohio. 1859. 


died April 


III. Sarah; b. Jan. 7, 1798; m. John Haddlx. 

*1314. IV. John; b. Sept. 16, 1800, In Harrison County, Va. 
9, 1883. 

V. Isaac; b. Fairfield, O., 1802; m. Lydla Cosad; d. 1823. 

VI. Mary; b. Fairfield, O., 1804; m. Jonathan Martin. 

VII. Christina; b. Fairfield, O., 1807; m. Solomon Mozler. 

♦1318. VIII. James M.; b. 1809; m. Jane Woodward; d. 1839. 

♦1319. IX. MatUda; b. Fairfield, O., 1811; m. 1st George Alnsworth; m. 2iid 
Price Wilkerson; died Dayton. Ohio. Jan. 18S9. 

•1320. X. Martha; b. Fairfield, O., 1813; m. Othlas McGowen. 

842. VII. 491. JONATHAN^ CLARK [Williame, Rebeccas 
(Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in 1775. He 
married Elizabeth (Maxwell) Prior. 

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Maxwell, Prior) Clark: 

•1321. I. WUliam; m. Elizabeth Soubry. 

1332. II. Samuel Maxwell; m. ; children: Jonathan and 


1323. III. Jonathan. 

1324. IV. Moses. 
•1325. V. Jeremiah M, 
•1326. VI. Charles B. 

848. VII. 500. MARy CLARK (BYRAM) [John6, Rebecca? 
(Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph^ Samuel2, Henryi] -ypas born May 4, 1805. 
She married April 7, 1831, Silas Condit Byram, born Sept. 2, 1809, son 
of Ebenezer and Mary (Littell) Byram; res. Hillgrove, Ohio. 

Children of Silas C. and Mary (Clark) Byram: 

1327. I. Sarah; b. Feb. 7, 1832. 

1328. II. Mary E.; b. Aug. 29, 1834. 

1329. III. Amy Jane; b. March 8, 1837. 

1330. IV. Anne; b. April 9, 1839. 

1331. V. Eliza Maria; b. Sept. 10, 1841; d. Jan. 9, 1843. 

1332. VI. Harriet; b. Feb. 8, 1844. 

1333. VII. Susan; b. Sept. 17, 1847. 

849. VII. 500. STEPHEN BURNETT7 CLARK [Johns, Rebeccas, 
(Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] ^as born July 16, 1807. 
He married in Butler County, Ohio, Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew 


Daughter of Stephen B. and Elisabeth (Hamilton) Clark: 

1334. I. Catherine; m. Davla, eon of Stephen and Susan (Berry) Ball; 
removed to Michigan. 

873. VII. 512. REV. WILLIAM HENRY? LYON [HenryC, 
Josephs, Joseph*, James3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Fall River, 
Mass., Dec. 23, 1846. Present address (1905) Brookllne, Mass., 353 
Walnut St. He is a graduate of Brown University, 1868, and of Har- 
vard (Divinity) 1873, and received from Brown University an honorary 
degree in 1896. He is a Trustee of the Public Library in Brookline, 
and is a School Commissioner. He married in Boston, April 5, 1893, 
Louise Dennison, daughter of Eliphalet W. and Lydia Ann (Beals) 

Children of William Henry and Louise (Dennison) Lyon: 

1335. I. William Dennison; b. Feb. 17, 1894. 

1336. II. Ruth; b. Jan. 3, 1896. 

1337. III. Mary; b. May 30, 1897. 

875. VII. 512. ANGELINE7 LYON (SCOTT) [Henry6, Josephs, 
Joseph*, James3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Fall River, Mass., July 
23, 1850. Present address (1905) 445 Elmwood Ave., Providence, R. L 
She was married, Oct. 26, 1875, to James M. Scott. 

Children of James M. and Angellne (Lyon) Scott: 

1338. I. Mary Lyon; b. Feb. 4, 1877. 

1339. IL Henry Lyon; b. Oct. 26, 1878. 

1340. III. David Cook; b. July 15, 1884. 

876. VII. 512. JULIA AMANDA? LYON (LAWTON) [Henry«, 
Josephs, Joseph*, James3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Fall River, 
Mass. July 16, 1852. She was married, Nov. 28, 1872, to Henry Francis 
[Frank] Lawton, of Fall River. Address (1905) 71 Burnett St., Prov- 
idence, R. I. 

Children of Henry F. and Julia Amanda (Lyon) Lawton: 

1341. I. Edward; b. Feb. 5, 1873; d. July 27, 1874. 

1342. IL Edward S.; b. Jan. 1, 1875. 

1343. IIL Henry F., Jr.; b. Feb. 1, 1888. 

882. VII. 517. MARIETTE7 LYON (BOWER) [NicholasB, Jos- 
ephs, Joseph*, James3, Samuel2, Henryi] married William Bower, of 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children of William and Marlette (Lyon) Bower: 

1344. I. Nicholas. 

1345. II. Edward. 

1346. III. Raymond. 


883. VII. 519. JAMES WHEATON? LYON, JR. [Jamess, Josephs, 
^Joseph*, James3, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., Sept. 
18, 1851, and died in Salem, Mass., Feb. 17, 1877. He married in New- 
port, Nov. 9, 1874, Annie M. Thurston, daughter of George and 

Taggat [or Taggert] Thurston. 

Daughter of James W. and Annie M. (Thumton) Lyon: 

1347. I. Ruth Frances; b. Newport, Oct. V, 1875; died April or May 1877. 

885. VII. 519. PHEBE MUMF0RD7 LYON (WELCH) [JamesS, 
Josephs, Joseph*, James^, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Newport, R. I., 
May 3, 1856. She was married in Quincy, Mass., Sept. 28, 1882, to 
Dr. George Oakes Welch, having been, previous to her marriage, 
teacher in public schools in Newport, R. I. and Quincy, Mass. Dr. 
Welch was born in Boston (Charlestown), Aug. 9, 1860, son of Charles 
William and Angeline Nora (Hawes) Welch. 

Son of George O. and Phebe Mumford (Lyon) Welch: 

1348. L Geoffrey; b. Quincy. Mass.. Oct. 26. 1884. 

898. VII. 530. ABBY7 CONGAR (BUTLER) [Josephs, Davids, 
Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), Josephs, Henryi] was born in 
Newark, N. J., Oct. 3, 1789, and died in New Albany, Ind., Sept. 22, 
1873. She was married at Newark, Sept. 29, 1818, by Rev. James 
Richards, to Richard Butler$, born Dec. 12, 1788; died June 15, 1827, 
Louisville, Ky. 

Children of Richard and Abby (Congar) Butler: 

1349. I. Lucy Kainey; b. Nov. 12, 1819; m. Hon. James Shields of New 
Albany, Ind. ; no children. 

♦1350. IL Richard tewis; b. Jan. 28, 1822; d. In Florida In 1893. 

1351. III. Anna Holbrook; b. Nov. 23, 1823; d. Dec. 16, 1839. 
•1352. IV. Joseph Congar; b. Jan. 3, 1827; d. Jan. 13, 1893. 

899. VII. 530. DBB0RAH7 CONGAR (CAMPBELL) [Josephs, 
Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), Josephs, Henryi] was born 
Sept. 9, 1791. She married Sept. 1, 1810, Abner Campbell. 

JHe was a descendant of Richard Butler, the emigrant who came In 1648 to 
Cambridge, Mass., and thence to Hartford, Conn, (juror 1643-4; freeman 1634; 
grand juror 1666-7; deputy to General Court 1656-9). Richard (1) Butler mar- 
ried 1st — ■ — Banbury; he married Snd Elizabeth Eiglow. Samuel (2) 

Butler, born 1639, died Dec. 30, 1692; married Elizabeth (d. Oct. 12, 

1681). Jonathan (3) Butler, born 1678, died Jan. 5, 1755; m. 1726, Elizabeth Cald- 
well (widow of Jona Easton) born Dec. 5, 1689. George (4) Butler, born Nov. 17, 

1728; m. 1752, Mary (born May 18, 1728). Richard (5) Butler, born 

Hartford, Conn., June 30, 1756; m. Lucy Rainey (b. Cromwell, Conn., April 24, 
1762, d. Jan. 27, 1815; married May 3, 1786). Richard and Lucy were parents 
of the Richard above, who married Abby Congar. 


C3hlldren of Abner and Deborah (Congar) Campbell: ' 

1353. I. Lewis L« Conte; b. June 15, 1811; d. Oct. 27, 1842. 

1364. II. Mary C; b. Oct. 1, 1813. 

•1355. III. Abby H.; b. Newark. N. J., Oct. 1, 1815; m. Isaac P. Smith; 
d. New Albany, Ind., June, 1904. 

1356. IV. Sarah K.; died young. 

1357. V. Joseph C; b. Oct. 27, 1821. 

1358. VI. Catharine S.; b. Sept. 7, 1823; d. Oct. 9, 1897. 

1359. VII. Charles G.; b. Feb. 8, 1825. 

1360. VIII. Anna B.; died young. 

1361. IX. Eunice F. 

1363. X. Charlotte T. 

905. VII. 534. STEPHEN MARSHALL^ CONGAR [Stephen', 
Davids, Joanna* (Crane), AbigaiP (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] was born 
April 16, 1815 and died Nov. 5, 1894; married Catherine Whittemore, 
born Jan. 21, 1820; died Nov. 24, 1886. 

Children of Stephen M. and Catherine (Whittemore) Congar: 
•1363. I. WiUiam Harry; b. Jan. 25, 1838; d. Dec. 26, 1900. 

1364. II. Mary Augusta; b. April 22, 1842; d. March 3, 1852. 

1365. III. Frances Amelia; b. April 7, 1844; m. Nelson Hall. 

1366. IV. Stephen M.; b. 1845. 

1367. V. Charles Augustus; b. Feb. 28, 1848; m. Amelia Luddlngton; died 
April 24, 1885. 

1368. VI. David Nash; b. Nov. 28, 1849; d. Dec. 8, 1896. 

1369. VII. Stephen M.; b. May 22, 1851; m. Mary ; had a son 

Henry Congar. 

1370. VIII. Mary Augusta; b. July 20, 1853; died an Infant. 

1371. IX. James Whittemore; b. Aug. 2, 1855; died July 30, 1856. 

1372. X. Charlotte Augusta; b. April 21, 1857; m. George Coats; died 1900. 
1378. XI. Horace W.; b. May 1, 1859; died 1859. 

1874. XII. NeUie; b. March 3, 1865. 

917. VII. 536. REV. JOSEPH LEWIS? RIGGS [Margaret* 
(Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail^ (Lyon), Josephz, Henryi] 
was born March 12, 1809, and died Aug. 20, 1865. He married Eliz- 
abeth Anna Roosa. 

Children of Joseph L. and Elizabeth A. (Roosa) Rlggs: 

1375. I. Edward Hinman; b. March 13, 1845; m. Jan. 15, 1865, Ella Close; 
children: 1. Edith FuUer, b. Oct. 15, 1868; 2. L,ouis Joseph, b. Jan. 6, 1870. 

1376. II. WiUiam Congar; b. Aug. 26, 1847; m. June 15. IS 68, Adeline 
Ellrlch; children: 1. Elizabeth Jane, b. Sept. 4, 1869; 2. William Henry, b. 

March 8, 1873. 

1377. III. Mary Elizabeth; b. Sept. 25, 1852; m. Freeman Brewster; chil- 
dren: 1. Anna; 2. Herbert;. 3. Biggs; 4. Ford; 5. Freeman. 

1378. IV. Charles Bennet; b. Dec. 28, 1854; m. Ida Walker; children: 1. 
Clara; 2. Joseph Lincoln; 3. Arthur Walker; 4. Wilford. 

1379. V. Emma Catharine; b. July 20, 1857; m. David M. Lewis; children: 
1. David; 2. Stanley; 3. Marguerite. 

1380. VL Ellas Forsyth; b. July 21, 1860; m. March 1878, Elvira M. H. 
Newhouse; children: 1. Charles Albert; 2. Mabel Newhouse; 3. Ellas Stewart. 



918. VII. 536. REV. ELIAS7 RIGGS, D. D., LL. D. [Margaret* 
(Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigails (Lyon), Josephz, Henryi] 
was born Nov. 19, 1810. He married Martha Jane Dalzell. 

Children of Ellas and Martha Jane (Dalzell) Riggs: 

1381. I. Joseph; b. June 23, 1833; died 1835. 

1382. II. Samuel; b. Aug. 31, 1836; died Dec. 22, 1854. 

1383. III. Elizabeth; b. March 11, 1839; d. Nov. 25, 1858. 

1384. IV. Margaret; b. Oct. 18, 1841. 
1386. V. Edward; b. June 30, 1844. 

1386. VI. Emma iKtoisa; b. May 25, 1847; d. 1863. 
•1887. VII. James Forsyth; b. Oct. 4, 1852. 

1388. VIII. Charles WUson; b. Jan. 16, 1855. 

920. VII. 536. MARGARET? RIGGS (RAY) [Margarets (Con- 
gar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail^ (Lyon), Josephz, Henryi] was 
born July 11, 1813. She married James M. Ray. 

Children of James M. and Margaret (Rlggs) Ray: 

1389. I. Isabella; died an infant. 

1390. II. Henry Gurley. 

1391. III. Anna AxteU; m. Sylvester Strong. 

1392. IV. Harriet Martha; b. Aug. 30, 1846. 

1393. V. Lrouisa Alma; b. April 6, 1848; m. Robert Craighead. 

1394. VI. Clara Elizabeth; b. Dec. 2, 1852. 

921. VII. 536. HANNAH7 RIGGS (MONFORT) [Margarets 
(Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] 
was born Aug. 16, 1815, and died May 24, 1897. She married Joseph 
Glass Monfort. 

Children of Joseph G. and Hannah (Riggs) Monfort: 

1395. I. Ellas Riggs; b. March 2. 1842; m. Sept. 4, 1867, Emma Augusta 
Taylor; children: 1. Joseph Taylor, born April 3, 1870; 2. Hannah liOolsa, b. 
July 15, 187 2; m. Arthur Burtis; 3. Margaret M., b. Dec. 14, 1877; m. Leonard 
Barton Simrall. 

•1396. II. Francis Cassat; b. Sept. 1, 1844. 

1397. III. Margaret Congar; b. Oct. 6, 1846; m. M. H. Morehead. 

1398. IV. Sophia EUzabeth; b. Jan. 17, 1848; d. 1851. 

1399. V. Joseph Glass; b. Feb. 3, 1851; d. 1851. 

922. VII. 536. PHEBE7 RIGGS (POTTER) [Margarets, (Con- 
gar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), Josephz, Henryi] was 
born July 17, 1817, and died April 26, 1900. She married Rev. Samuel 
Potter; they lived in Cincinnati, O. 

Children of Samuel and Phebe (Riggs) Potter: 
•1400. I. Margaret Riggs; b. July 16, 1846; m. Charles Dixon. 
•1401. II. Joseph I^ewis; b. Feb. 22, 1848. 


•1408. III. Anna Abbie; b. Oct. 30, 1849; m. David G. Monfort. 

1403. IV. Elizabeth Bay; b. Oct. 30, 1851; m. Dr. Samuel S. L. S. Smith 
(No. 1839a). 

1404. V. Emma Malvina; b. Nov. 9, 1853. 
•1405. VI. Samuel Archibald; b. Feb. 4, 1856. 

1406. VII. Clara Amanda; b. May 18, 1858. 

1407. VIII. Stanley Lord; b. Feb. 9, 1861; d. Oct. 16, 1889. 

924. VII. 536. ELIZABETH^ RIGGS (FORSYTH) [Margarets 
(Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail^ (Lyon), Josephz, Henryi] 
was born Dec. 28, 1820. She married Antrim Robbins Forsyth. 

Children of Antrim R. and Elizabeth (Riggs) Forsyth: 

1408. I. Elias Riggs; b. Sept. 1, 1844. 

1409. II. William; d. young. 

1410. III. Edward. 

948. VII. 559. LEWIS7 LYON [Benjamins, Benjamin^, Ben- 
jamin*, Benjamins^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Mary Tucker. 

Children of Lewis and Mary (Tucker) Lyon: 

1411. I. Theresa Amanda; d. 

•1412. II. Marinda; m. George Mockbridge. 

1413. III. William; d. an infant. 

•1414. IV. Charles; m. Louisa Reese. 

1415. V. Wesley; d. 

1416. VI. Lewis Wesley. 

1417. VII. Benjamin; m. Cornelia Smith. 

1418. VIII. Elmina. 

1419. IX. William; m. Sarah A. Meeker. 

949. VII. 559. L0UISA7 LYON (FITZGERALD) [Benjamin^, 
Benjamin^, Benjamin*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married 
David Fitzgerald. 

Children of David and Louisa (Lyon) Fitzgerald: 

1420. I. Edwin; d. young. 

1421. II. Lysander; m. Louisa Frances. 

1422. III. WiUiam Henry. 

1423. IV. David P.; m. Sarah Beardsley. 

1424. V. Teressa. 

1425. VI. Phebe Eliza; m. William Beardsley. 

1426. VII. Edwin; m. Virginia Techenor. 

1427. VIII. Frank; d. 

1428. IX. Edwin (?); d. 

951. VII. 559. PHEBE7 LYON (TECHENOR) [Benjamin^, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Moses 

Children of Moses and Phebe (Lyon) Techenor: 

1429. I. Isaac. 



1430. II. Bvellne. 

1431. III. Josephine. 

1432. IV. Baxter. 

953. VII. 559. HENRY7 LYON [BenjaminB, Benjamin^, Benja- 
min*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married first, Sarah McCoy, 
and second, Hannali McCoy. 

Children of Henry and Sarah (McCoy) Lyon: 

1433. I. John. 

1434. II. Henry. 

Children of Henry and Hannah (McCoy) Lyon: 

1435. III. Fannie; m. George Smith. 

1436. IV. Clarence. 

1437. V. William. 

1438. VL Ida. 

1439. VII. Benjamin. 

1440. VIII. Florence. 

955. VII. 559. WILLIAM7 LYON (Benjamins, Benjamins, Benja- 
min*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi) married Anne Moore. 

Children of William and Anne (Moore) Lyon: 

1441. I. Edwin. 

1442. II. Frank. 

1443. III. WUliam. 

1444. rv. Charles; died In early manhood. 

1445. V. Edward. 

1446. VI. Jlinnie. 

1447. VII. David. 

1448. VIII. Ida. 

956. VII. 574. AM0S7 DAY [Samueie, Amos5, Mary* (Lyon), 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -vpas born Nov. 5, 1808, and died 
June 25, 1892. He married Sarah F. Brown, born July 27, 1818; died 
Aug. 11, 1895. 

Children of Amos and Sarah F. (Brown) Day: 

1449. I. Harriet NeweU; b. Nov. 13, 1836; m. Henry A. Whaley; died 
Sept. 2, 1856. 

1450. II. 







Mary Pierson; b. March 8, 1838; m. George B. Callen; son Harry 

Sarah Fraaure; b. Sept. 13, 1839; d. Sept. 13, 1864. 
Elizabeth; b. Oct. 17, 1841; m. Charles Davis. 
Amos; b. July 31, 1845; d. 1847. 
EmUy; b. 1846; d. 1847. 
Daniel; b. March 14, 1848; d. May 15, 1875. 
VIIL William Brown; b. 1853; d. 1854. 
IX. Caroline; b. Aug. 8, 1852; m. Theodore B. V?"ardwell; children: 1, 






Amos Day, d. in infancy; 2. Schuyler Day, b. 1888; 3. Dorothy. 

1458. X. Fannie Marsh [M. D.]; b. Sept. 28, 1854; d. Oct. 21, 1891, 
1469. XI. WUliam Nicholas. 


Israels, Martha* (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married, 
as his third wife, the distinguished statesman, Hon. Salmon Portland 
Chase. He was born in Cornish, N. H., Jan. 13, 1808, and died in New 
York City, May 7, 1873. His father, Ithmar Chase, was a descendant 
in the eighth generation of Thomas Chase of Chesham, Eng., and in 
the fifth of Aquila Chase, the emigrant, who came to Newbury, Mass., 
about 1640. His mother was Janette Ralston, of Scotch ancestry. Of 
his seven uncles, six were professional men, one Dudley Chase, be- 
coming a Senator, another. Philander, a Bishop of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College, 1826, 
admitted to the bar in 1829; settled in Cincinnati where his eminent 
abilities soon won for him distinction. He strenuously opposed all 
legislation favoring slavery. He was elected to the U. S. Senate in 
1840; Governor of Ohio in 1855-1859; was one of the founders of the 
Republican party in 1856; in 1861 became Secretary of the Treasury 
under President Lincoln, displaying great ability as a financier; in 1864 
was appointed Chief Justice of the United States in place of Judge 
Taney, deceased. 

He married first, March 4, 1834, Catharine Jane Garners, who 
died Dec. 1, 1835. His second wife was Eliza Ann Smith of Cincinnati. 
They were married Sept. 26, 1839. She had a daughter, Kate Chase, 
who married William Sprague, Governor of Rhode Island. Eliza Ann 
Chase died Sept. 29, 1845. Mr. Chase, still a young man, married 
as his third wife, Nov. 6, 1846, Sarah Bella Ludlow, who died June 13, 

Daughter of Salmon P. and Sarah Bella (Ludlow) Chase: 

1460. I. Jeanette Ralston; m. Hoyte. 

1015. VII. 607. SARAH ANN? LYON (PRICE) [TappanB, Davids, 
Samuel*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Thompson Price. 

Children of Thompson and Sarah Ann (Lyon) Price: 

1461. I. James; m. Jane Dick. 

1462. II. George; m. Sarah E. Bolton. 

1463. III. Henry; m. Harriet Hay ward. 

1019. VII. 607. WILLIAM? LYON [TappanS, Davids, Samuel*, 
Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Margaret Miller. 

Children of William and Margaret (Miller) Lyon: 

1464. I. lilinma; m. Isaac Curtis. 

1465. II. Frederick B. 

1466. III. Margaret Ann. 


1021. VII. 608. JOANNA LY0N7 WOODRUFF (CRANE) [PhebeS 
(Lyon), David", Samuel*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry^] was born 
In Middletown, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1814 and died in 1874. She married 
as his third wife Samuel Muehmore Crane, Jr., of Newark, N. J., born 
1794; died Oct, 1854, son of Samuel M. Cranef of Chatham, N. J. He 
belonged to the New Jersey Militia, Morris Brigade, 1st Battalion of 
1st Regiment, Feb. 11, 1811 to Feb. 12, 1821, and served in the war of 

Children of Samuel M. and Joanna L. (Woodruff) Crane: 

1466a. I. Mary Bainette; b. Oct. 3, 1849; d. May 11, 1881; m. ■ 

Jan. 1867; 1 ch. 

*1466b. II. Anna Amelia; b. July 30, 1851; M. Philip M. Marshall. 

1028. VII. 608. MARY' WOODRUFF (BADGLBY) [Phebe* 
(Lyon), David", Samuel*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry*] was born 
1831 and died in Newark, N. J., 1888. She married Henry Price 

Children of Henry P. and Mary (Woodruff) Badgley: 
1466c. I. Annie Foster; m. George Smythe. 
1466d. II. I,ewi8 Woodruflf; d. In infancy. 
1466e. III. Mary; unm. 
1466f. IV. Henry; d. ae. 47. 

1029. VII. 609. SUSAN7 LEWIS (ANDERSON) [Joannas (Lyon), 
Davids, Samuel*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^, Henryi] married John 
Anderson of Basking Ridge, N. J. 

Children of John and Susan (Lewis) Anderson: 
1466g. I. George; a Colonel in U. S. A. 
1466h. II. Jolin. 
1466i. III. Mary. 
1466J. IV. Susan. 

1036. VII. 611. WILLIAM SCOTT? LYON [CharlesG, Calebs, 
Samuel*, Benjamins, Benjamin, Esq.2, Henryi] was born at New 
Rochelle, N. Y., in 1844. He married Sarah C, Coulson, b. Mason, C, 
1857, daughter of Milton and Sarah (Le Fevre) Coulson. 

Daughter of William S. and Sarah C. (Coulson) Lyon: 
1467. I. Helen Le Fevre; b. Dec. 31, 1896. 

cy6 (Lyon), Amoss, Samuel*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -^^as 

tSamuel M. Crane was son of Isaac and (Muehmore) Crane and 

great grandson of Isaac Crane (No. 83). 


born Dec. 11, 1839. She married, Dec. 21, 1859, John Williams Crane, 
son of Moses Miller Crane and Phebe Williams, his wife. Res. Eliza- 
beth, N. J. 

Children of John W. and Anna Elizabeth (Wilson) Crane: 

1468. I. Moses MUler; b. Jan. IB, 1864. 

1469. II. Henry WUson; b. May 7, 1874. 

1055. VII. 626. OLIVER LEE7 LYON [Jonathan W.6, JamesS, Mos- 
es*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born March 10, 1806, in 
Cincinnati, in a farm house in that part of town that is now Fourth 
and Vine Streets; Pike's Opera House afterward occupied the site. 
He married Sarah Brown of Boston, Mass. He died in 1882 at the home 
of Hon. Daniel Monroe, at Saluda, Ind., and is buried in Spring Grove 
Cemetery, Cincinnati. Sarah (Brown) Lyon died in Boston. Her re- 
mains were taken to San Jose, Calif., to be interred by the grave of 
her youngest daughter. 

Children of Oliver L. and Sarah (Brown) Lyon, born in Cincinnati, Ohio: 

1470. I. Evelyn; b. 1840; d. 1896, at Fairbank, Fla. Her body was sent to 
Boston for cremation and her ashes were deposited in the grave of her father 
at Cincinnati. 

1471. II. Nellie; b. 1844; d. of consumption at San Jose, Calif., 1870. 

1472. III. Charles Oliver; b. 1846; took ship at Boston for China for a long 
voyage in pursuit of health, and was drowned in a wreck 1863, in Massachussetts 
Bay, the day he left home. 

1056. VII. 626. SIDNEY SMITH? LYON [Jonathan W.6, JamesS, 
Moses*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in Cincinnati, 
Ohio, Aug, 4, 1808. On St. John's Day the Associated Press made the 
following announcement: "Louisville, June 24, 1872; Major Sidney S, 
Lyon, formerly State Geologist of Kentucky, one of the most eminent 
of his profession, died of paralysis at his residence in Jeffersonville, 
Ind,, at 2:30 p. m." 

A short sketch of his life will be edited in part from what the 
Press had to say of him. "The home of Major Lyon, on the Falls of the 
Ohio, afforded him peculiar advantages for the prosecution of his fav- 
orite study. He devoted much time to the examination of Cninoidea, a 
branch of Paleontology that he made a speciality, and his collection 
of crinoids is considered equal to any in the world, with the exception 
perhaps of that of Prof. Wyville Tompson, of Belfast, Ireland, many of 
whose specimens are duplicates of those in the Lyon cabinet. Major 
Lyon contributed many articles and drawings of the new genera and 
specimens of crinoids found on the Falls here, to the Philadelphia 
Academy of Science, The larger portion of the Kentucky Geological 


Survey was also from his pen. The report of the Smithsonian In- 
stitute for 1870, contains a contribution from Major Lyon upon the 
ancient Mounds in Lyon County of this state (Kentucky). 

When the hostilities commenced between the North and the 
South, the United States Government secured the services of Major 
Lyon, and he was attached to the command of Gen. George W. Mor- 
gan, 9th Division of the Army of Ohio, as Chief of the Engineering 
Corps, and by his skill and his knowledge of the topography of Ken- 
tucky he rendered most efficient service in the first campaign of the 
war. On April 1st, 1862, he was commissioned Captain in the 4th Ken- 
tucky Cavalry, and in August 1863, was promoted to the rank of 
Major. However, he never saw his Regiment, being on detached duty, 
first with Brig. Gen. George W. Morgan; afterward with Major Gen. 
George L. Hartstuff ; Major Gen. A. E. Burnside; Gen. Manson and Gen. 
Foster, as acting Topographical Engineer, through Kentucky, at Cum- 
berland Gap, through Tennessee, at the Siege of Vicksburg, at Port 
Arkansas, etc., etc., building fortifications, and constructing military 

At Cumberland Gap he received injuries from which he never 
recovered and which eventually caused his death. It was the night of 
July 21, 1862, during an attack made by the Union forces under the 
command of Col. Carter upon a Flag of Truce in passing from Cumber- 
land Gap to Tezwell, Tenn. By this fatal blunder many of the prison- 
ers to be exchanged were killed, and several of the escort were 
wounded, among them Sidney S. Lyon. After some days of suffering 
he returned to duty and continued building the fortifications that he 
destroyed on the night of September 17, 1862. 

When Gen. Morgan's forces were surrounded, the enemy having 
cut off all communications with the rear preventing reinforcements 
and supplies from reaching his garrison, at a Council of War, Capt. 
Sidney S. Lyon of Gen. Morgan's staff, was consulted as to the pos- 
sibility of making a retreat toward Lexington if the Gap was vacated. 
He rejected this plan, which meant annihilation, but had another to 
suggest, and promised to save the army depending on his knowledge 
of the topography of Kentucky to achieve an almost Impossible feat. 
It was difficult to conduct a great body of men through a rough, wild 
country, where roads would have to be cut through impenetrable un- 
dergrowth; and there would be no victualling by the way. He further 
stated that they would have to cross "Big Devil River" and "Little 
Devil River" and "Hell for Sartaln Creek", small, turbulent streams 


that a sudden freshet turned into dangerous unfordable waters. 

But this Chapter of American History is best told through the 
personal recollections of Col. James KeigwinJ in 

The Escape of Morgan's Army. 
"Shut up like rats in a trap for thirty days until rations grew 
short, and hope of escape became less and less; shut up by Kirby, 
Smith and John Morgan in Cumberland Gap while Buell and Bragg 
were racing toward Louisville; that was the condition of Gen. George 
W. Morgan and the 12,000 officers and men under him in September 
1862. They could not fight their way out for the Confederates had 
treble the men on either side the mountain, ready to pounce upon the 
devoted little Union Army if it ventured out of the fastnesses of the 
Gap. Yet, come forth it must, sooner or later, for food was becoming 
scarcer and scarcer, and it was simply a question of starvation, sur- 
render, or fight to the death. Gen. Morgan and the Generals with him, 
Carter, Baird and Speers, looked at their position from all sides. To 
get out of the trap and get away, the army would have to come out 
by the way of Barboursville and Lexington, or to sneak over almost 
impassible paths through the mountains, and emerge upon the Ohio 
in Eastern Kentucky. By the first plan capture was certain; by the 
second, capture or starvation was possible, but the army might be 
saved. To remain in the Gap was to be caught without a stroke for 
liberty. Finally it was decided to march, or rather scramble, through 
the mountains. Then followed one of the most marvelous races to 
save an army which has ever been recorded in history. As soon as 
Morgan reached the decision of flight, the trunnions were cut from the 
seige guns, and the guns toppled over a precipice; the tents were cut 
to pieces, and the extra ammunition was thrown down an enormous 
well which provided the army with Water. In fact, what the men 
could not carry, and did not absolutely need, was destroyed. The two 
Hoosier regiments, the Forty-ninth under Col. James Keigwin, and 
the Thirty-third under Col. Coburn, were ordered to push ahead to 
Cumberland Ford, taking the cannon with them, "And for God's 
sake, Colonels, get to the Ford before morning" was the instruction 
from the General. They made the distance, but the men almost dupli- 
cated Napoleon's feat of crossing the Alps. Horses were useless, 
and the entire force had to tug at the ropes and get under the wheels 
to pull or lift the ordance over the path. 

t (Herman Rane). 


Meanwhile Morgan wanted to hear from his cavalry, which re- 
connoitered Stevenson's Division of the Confederates on the Tennessee 
side. And when they came in they brought the news that Stevenson 
had evidently discovered their intention and was moving. Then 
Morgan started. One man only remained behind. It was Captain 
Sidney S. Lyon, of Jeffersonville, one of Indiana's most gifted engin- 
eers. As the Federal army moved away, he sat down upon a rock 
and waited. Beside him lay a black, snake-like rope, the end running 
into the steep side of the mountain. It was a fuse. He had mined 
the mountain and lilled the hollow with all the powder the fleeing 
army could spare, and presently, when it was safe out of danger, he 
would light the fuse and then 

The Explosion of the Mine. 

The tramp of the marching died away; the commissary stores 
were burning and still he sat, as the night fell over the heights and the 
darkness filled the ravines. The solitary watcher in the deserted camp 
listened intently. Were the Confederates coming? He heard the faint 
hoof-beats, the rumble of a great force of men coming from the 
Tennessee side. It was time to fire the fuse. There was the sparkle 
of a match, the splutter of powder, and a man fleeing down the moun- 
tain toward Kentucky for his life then a death-like silence in 

the rocky wilderness Far away toward the Ford the Fed- 
erals were seeking escape, and every now and then looking back to- 
ward the mountain height from which they had descended. On the 
other side, with clink of spurs and sabre, the Confederates wer^ 

pressing forward, if possible to intercept the hurrying column 

Then there was a last splutter of the snake-like rope. It had crept 
into the mountain side like a serpent with a fiery head. A moment's 
silence. The man fleeing for his life looked back. The mountain open- 
ed. Flames shot up into the star-lit darkness; for miles and miles they 
lighted up the night; for miles and miles rumbled and crashed and 
thundered the voice of an awful explosion, shaking and rocking the 
solid earth. Then silence again, deep and dark. The Gap was block- 
aded by the opening of the mine, and the Federals gained a respite 
until the Confederates could find some means of getting guns and 
cavalry over the ruins. "Six miles away", said Col. Keigwin, "the 
earth trembled with the shock of the explosion." 

"The retreat through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky was a 
long and arduous one, the troops subsisting mostly on green corn 


during the entire march of two hundred and fifty miles, occupying 
seventeen days and nights of almost constant marching and fighting."t 

"The people from the Union hearing nothing from the apparently 
doomed army, gave it up for lost. But it toiled away toward the 
North, the men dragging the cannons and wagons, and bearing the 
siclf and wounded, and during brief rests, grating half ripe corn to 
make bread to be hastily and greedily swallowed. When the column 
emerged from the roughest part of the mountains, it found itself 
harassed in front, rear and on the flanks by John Morgan's cavalry, 
which tried to retard it until Kirby Smith and Humphrey Marshall 
could arrive and crush it." 

General Morgan's orders to Topographical Engineer Lyon were 
"to totally obliterate and blockade the roads." "To you," he said, 
"I entrust this important duty". Munday's Cavalry and the Third 
Kentucky Infantry constituted the advance guard. Heavy fatigue 
parties were constantly employed in front, making and repairing roads 
which were again blockaded by Capt. Lyon when the rear guard passed 
over. Trees were felled to close all avenues of approach, and bridges 
were destroyed. The country was cleared of what little provender 
there had been by the famished soldiers. By day and by night the 
march went on till Oct. 4, 1862, when at last the exhausted army 
reached Greenup in the extreme east of Kentucky, and below them 
flowed the waters of the Ohio. The men shouted for joy, for there 
was the Ford, and beyond the free North. The army was savedj. 

"The American nation owes him (Major Sidney S. Lyon) a debt 
which it has never fully paid, for it was his ingenuity, originality and 
daring which saved a Union Army from either destruction or capture, 
and possibly prevented the capture of Louisville by Bragg, by com- 
pelling the Confederate Armies to watch Cumberland Gap, and then to 
pursue the escaping Union Army of Gen. George W. Morgan." 

The man who planned and executed the retreat of the Twelve 
Thousand (called generally "the Retreat of the Ten Thousand") three 
months previous to the evacuation of Cumberland Gap and the retreat 
to the Ohio River, had suffered the injuries of a broken arm, a con- 
tused leg, and hurts about the breast and head. The Geological Survey 
of Kentucky had made him familiar with the country to be traversed. 
He alone could have brought the 7th Army Corps from the mortal 
peril into safety. 

tCol. James Kelgwln's Memoirs. 


In the seige of Vicksburg, the expedition against Arkansas Post, 
in Burnside's Expedition to Cumberland Gap, etc., etc., etc., Major 
Lyon served his country with splendid heroism and a remarkable skill 
in military affairs. But his laborious occupation, much exposure, and 
the effects of his injuries, had broken his health. 

It will be found in "War of the Rebellion — Official Records" that 
"it is a matter of regret that the age and failing health of this officer 
Impair to a certain extent his usefulness as a topographer, for which 
he has a wonderful talent." On Oct. 21, 1864, it became necessary 
on account of physical disability, for Major Sidney S. Lyon, Asst. 
Engineer, 23rd Army Corps, to tender his resignation and return 
to civil life. At the close of the war, in hope of healing a shattered 
constitution, he accepted an offer to go to Nevada to locate mines. 
When this fact became public, the Government at Washington sent 
him a quantity of books and maps, requesting as a favor, that his 
proposed work might be put on the records of the United States 
Survey. Atlas sheet S — 8 of the Geographical Survey, west of the 
100th meridian, shows that part of the continent, then virtually un- 
known, that was brought into knowledge by this expert topographer 
and geologist, who was a member of nearly all of the Scientific 
Societies of America. 

This resume has left unnoticed the early years of Sidney Smith 
Lyon. As a child he had shown an extraordinary aptitude for drawing. 
In 1836 the spirit of art, long dormant, was wakened to full activity 
by the companionship of Morgan, Beard, Crouch and the Frankenstines. 
The most distinguished men of Kentucky were subjects for his pencil, 
and such pictures as the "Entombment" and. the "Paralytic" exhibit 
his genius. Who taught the unschooled coterie of early Western 
artists drawing, color and technique? Experiment, mutual sug- 
gestion, and the progress of sustained endeavor was their Munich and 
their Paris. But unless ancestral transmission directs the trend of 
future men, a special Providence is the destiny of special lives. 

In 1829 Sidney S. Lyon became a citizen of Louisville, Ky., and 
married there, Nov. 8, 1831, Honora Vincent Lyons, who was born In 
the City of Cork Jan. 6, 1816, a daughter of John Lyons, Esq., and 
Mary Jackson, his wife, a young girl of rare beauty and culture, and a 
kinswoman of that giant of the English Parliament, O'Connell, the 
great Irish agitator. Her father came to Louisville after the "Declara- 
tion of Peace" to engage in business — something that his Old World 
position would not permit at home. After the arrival of his family 


in 1826, his house at the corner of Third and Market Streets be- 
came noted for its hospitality, and for the grace and intellectuality 
of its mistress. When she reached womanhood, Honora Lyons was a 
reigning belle. Charm was one of her gifts and attracted all who came 
near her — a gift that she retained all her long life through, just 
as she retained her beauty, which had only become the beauty of age, 
and her social qualities. As a wife, as a mother, as a friend, there 
was none like her, and she pleased her Master, for she loved her 
neighbor as herself. In 1847 she came to Jeffersonville, Ind., and she 
had lived for fifty years at her home "The Octagon", when, on Feb. 
22, 1900, she ceased to make happiness for others. Then it was said 
of her, "She was one of the most cultured and lovable women in the 
three Falls Cities, and to her last days took a lively interest in the 
affairs of the world, well abreast of its literary and political move- 
ments, a noble christian woman, whose life was full of the fragrance 
of good deeds. Death came to her, not as the King of Dread, but as a 
great white-winged Angel from the presence of God who bears the 
Palm of Peace." 

Children of Sidney S. and Honora Vincent (Lyons) Lyon: 

•1473. I. Mary Melinda; b. Louisville, Ky., Oct. 15, 1832; m. James W. 
Harris of New York City. 

*1474. II. Honora (Nora); b. Louisville, Oct. 14, 1834; m. 1st Capt. James 
N. "Wathen; m. 2ncl John Adlum. 

1475. IIL Sidney Morgan; b. Louisville, Oct. 18, 1836; d. July, 12, 1838 at 
the home of his grandfather, Jonathan W. Lyon, in Cincinnati, Ohio; buried In 
Spring Grove Cemetery. 

*1476. IV. Blanche; b. Louisville, May 23, 1839; m. Col. William "Wallace 

*1477. V. Mildred Cosby; b. Louisville, Dec. 8, 1841; m. Major George Dal- 
las Hand; res. (1907) Jeffersonville, Ind. 

1478. VI. Sidney Elisabeth; b. Louisville, June 19, 1846; Charter member 
of Ann Rogers Clark Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution; author of 
"For a Mess of Pottage," etc.; lives at her home "The Octagon," near Jeffer- 
BonvlUe, Ind. 

*1479. VII. Jolm Charles; b. Jeffersonville, Ind., Aug. 8, 1847; res. (1907) 
East Orange, N. J. 

♦1480. VIIX. Florence; b. Jeffersonville, Feb. 1, 1849; m. Charles Benjamin 
Stanton; res. (1907) Tacoma, "Wash. 

1481. IX. Lillian; b. Jeffersonville, March 5, 1851; d. Nov. 3, 1853; burled 
Walnut Ridge Cemetery. 

•1482. X. Victor Wathen; b. Jeffersonville, June 29, 1853; residence, Jeffer- 

1483. XI. Lncian Owen Harris; b. Jeffersonville, Aug. 4, 1S57, at the 
"Octagon"; d. Aug. 7, 1858; burled Walnut Ridge Cemetery near Jeffersonville. 

1057. VII. 626. JULIA ANN? LYON (WILLIAMS) [Jonathan W.6, 
Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 


Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 5, 1810, and died in that place, April 4, 1892. 
She married Theodore Williams of Cincinnati. 

Children of Theodore and Julia Ann (Lyon) WiUlama: 

1484. I. Henry. 

1485. II. Sidney. 

1486. III. Cornelia E.; m. Rev. W. Davis (Presb.). 

1487. IV. Theodore. 

1488. V. Clarence. 

1058 VII. 626. HARRIET RUTH? LYON (BRYANT) [Jonathan 
W.6, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi ] was born in 
Cincinnati, Ohio, June 10, 1812, and died Feb. 27, 1844; buried in Spring 
Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati. She married William Bryant of Cin- 

Son of William and Harriet Ruth (Lyon) Bryant: 

1489. I. Charles; m. Catherine Wymonds. 

[Jonathan W.e, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was 
born in Cincinnati, April 24, 1814, and died at her home in Kemper 
Lane, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, March 14, 1904. She married Dec, 1, 
1836, Mahlon Robinson Taylor, b. March 10, 1813; died March 30, 1879] 
Cincinnati, O. 

Children of Mahlon R. and EUsabeth WiHlams (Lyon) Taylor: 

1490. I. Roldan Gard; b. Dec. 24, 1837; d. May 22, 1845. 

1491. II. ComeUa Florence; b. Feb. 12, 1840; d July 26, 1841. 

•1492. III. Alice Viola; b. May 12, 1842; m. Rev. Daniel Bverette Blerce. 

1493. IV. Charles Telford; b. April 30, 1844; d. Feb. 16, 1845. 

1494. V. Clifford Stanley; b. Dec. 16, 1846; m. Mary Helen Holden; res. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

1495. VI. Woodley Gallatin; b. July 15, 1849; m. Ida Bingham; res. San 
Francisco, Calif. 

•1496. VII. Oakley Robinson; b. March 28, 1852; res. Greenville, S. Carolina. 
1497. VIII. Irwin Forrest; b. May 29, 1859; m. Mary Whitson Potter; 


1063. VII. 626. ELVIRA AMELIA? LYON (DENMAN) [Jona- 
than W.6, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi) was born 
in Cincinnati, O., Jan. 6, 1823, and died July 31, 1889, at Glendale, O. 
She married Harvey Denman of Cincinnati. 

Children of Harvey and Elvira Amelia (Lyon) Denman: 

1498. I. Edward. 

1499. II. Charles; d. . 

1600. III. Frances; died In young womanhood. 

1601. IV. WiUiam. 


1602. V. Edward. 

1603. VI. EUa; died In young womanhood. 

1604. VII. Lanra Alice. 

1064. VII. 626. MARTHA J ANE7 LYON (BETTS) [Jonathan ■W.s, 
Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in Cin- 
cinnati, O., May 5, 1825. She married in that city, Nov. 23, 1848, 
Charles S. Betts, born Nov. 10, 1819; died June 28, 1895. 

Children of Charles S. and Martha Jane (Lyon) Betts: 

1606. I. Dngrene Aubrey; b. Sept. 16, 1849; d. Feb. 9, 1854. 

1606. II. Charles Herbert; b. Dec. 20, 1851. 

•1507. III. Percy Lyon; b. March 7, 1854. 

•1608. IV. Ada Blanche; b. Sept. 27, 1857; m. William Wescott Lowe. 

1500. V. BnsseU Bishop; b. Nov. 3, 1859. 

•1510. VL Raymond Dare; b. Dec. 7, 1861. 

•1611. VII. Edward Everett; b. Aug. 30, 1863; res. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

1512, VIII. Florence Huntington; b. Aug. 20, 1866; D. A. R. ; res. Maple- 
wood, Mo. 

•1513. IX. John Sydney; b. March 31, 1868; res. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

[Jonathan Wfi, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was 
born in Cincinnati, O., Jan. 17, 1829, and died in that city June 13, 1871. 
She married William Fullerton of Boston, Mass. 

Children of "William and Frances C. (Lyon) Fullerton: 
1514. I. Henry Barry; res. Brookllne, Mass. 
1516. II. James Alexander; res. New York City. 

1616. III. Clarence; res. In Texas on a ranch. 

1067. VII. 626. LAURA AUGUSTA? LYON (RHODES) [Jona- 
than W.G, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born 
In Cincinnati, O., May 19, 1831. She married James F. Rhodes and 
removed to Lancaster, Wis. 

Children of James F. and Laura Augusta (Lyon) Rhodes: 

1617. I. Carey; killed by a falling tree when 17 years of age. 

1618. II. Howard; m. ; no children; res. Lancaster, Wis. 

1619. III. Clara; m. J. W. Buckner; children: 1. Linda and 2. Clara; 
res. Milwaukee, Wis. 

1620. IV. liinda Lee; res. Lancaster, Wis. 

1072. VII. 627. JOANNA? LYON (LANGDON) [JamesS, James', 
Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -^vas born March 14, 1822 
In Oldham County, Kentucky, and died May 19, 1904 in Cincinnati, 
Ohio. She married Joseph G. Langdon, who died July 10, 1898, In 



Children of Joseph G. and Joanna (Lyon) Langdon: 
•1521. I. William Marion; b. Nov. 16, 1840; d. Cincinnati, Feb. 29, 1904. 
1522. II. Myra E.; b. Sept. 24, 1844; res. Cincinnati. 
1623. in. Clara I-.; b. June 26. 1846; d. . 

1524. IV. EUa Maria; b. May 26, 1849; m. 1885 Adams; chil- 
dren: 1. Evelyn Lyon; 2. Karl L,.; Ella d. March 28, 1894. 

1525. V. Alvin M.; b. Nov. 25, 1854; m. Martha Kennedy, who d. Sept. 24, 
1890; one daughter Emma M.; b. April 30, 1888. 

1526. VI. Henry E.; b. Aug. 4, 1858; m. June 7, 1891, Helen S. Russell; 
children: 1. Gertrude B., b. Feb. 12, 1893; 2. Malcolm E., b. Jan. 1, 1895; 8. 
Harriet I.., b. May 17, 1896. 

1527. VII. Josephine E.; b. Sept. 20, 1861; d. March 12, 1867. 

1528. VIII. Mary E.; b. April 28, 1866; d. July 31, 1866. 

1529. IX. Herbert Arthur; b. Nov. 30, 1867; died July 1872. 

1074. VII. 627. MARY ANN^ LYON (CROSLEY) [James*, 
James', Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born April 10, 
1825. She married John W. Crosley of Cincinnati, Ohio. She died 
July 21, 1905, buried at Pleasant Ridge. 

Children of John "W. and Mary Ann (Lyon) Crosley: 

1530. I. Martha Cornelia; b. Dec. 23, 1846; not m.; d. Aug. 17, 1890. 

1531. IL John Albert; b. 1848; d. 1850. 

1532. III. William Sentney; b. Sept. 1864; not. m. ; d. Feb. 6, 1885. 

1075. VII. 627. JAMES CARDERS LYON [James6, JamesS, 
MosesS Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Oct. 8, 1826 in 
the home of his grand-father, James Lyon (from Lyons Farms) just 
outside of Cincinnati, and all of his own children were born in this old 
homestead. In 1870 he removed to Springfield, Ohio, and died there 
June 18, 1883. He married Amanda Jane Dunreth, who died in 
Springfield, O., in 1905. 

Children of James C. and Amanda J. (Dunreth) Lyon: 
•1533. I. Flora Carder; d. March 25, 1854; m. Edward L. Barrett. 

1534. II. Mary E.; b. May 23, 1857. 

•1535. III. Caroline Gertrude; b. Nov. 21, 1859; m. Theodore Hohl. 
•1536. IV. Harvey Clark; b. Feb. 4, 1864. 

1076. VII. 627. MARTHA JANE7 LYON (LANGDON) [James*, 
Jamess, Moses^. Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Jan. 25, 
1829. She married Mark Langdon, of Cincinnati. 

Children of Mark and Martha Jane (Lyon) Langdon: 

1537. I. Frank Elmore; b. March 20. 1852; m. ; children: 1. 

Elmore, b. 1881; 2. Edna Mary, b. 1888. 

1538. II. Mary; b. Oct. 17, 1854. 

1539. III. John Peat; b. Feb. 6, 1859; m. Florence Cole; children: 1, 
Elmer, b. 1881; 2. Gordon, b. 1883; 3. Edith May, b. 1887; 4. Morris, b. 
1892; 5. Clara, b. 1898. 

1540. IV. Fannie; b. May 2. 1866. 


1078. VII. 628. M0SES7 LYON [Olivers, JamesS, Moses*, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born May 18, 1814, and died near 
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. He married Susan De Armond. 

Children of Moses and SuBan (De Armond) Lyon: 

1641. I. Oliver; d. unmarried. 

1542. II. Elmer; d. leaving one child. 

1080. VII. 628. J0ANNA7 LYON (HOLLOWELL) [Olivers, 
Jamess, Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Aug. 20, 
1820. She married Peter Hollowell. She died Aug. 31, 1905, Harri- 
son, O. 

Children of Peter and Joanna (Lyon) Hollowell: 

1643. I. Samantha; m. Stansbury. 

1644. II. Elizabeth; m. Blddlnger. 

1546. III. Francis. 

1546. IV. Almira; m. Taylor. 

1647. V. Datus. 

1548. VI. Mortimer. 

1549. VII. Alice; m. Blddlnger. 

1650. VIII. Ida; m. Collins. 

1661. IX. Flora; m. Abrahams. 

1662. X. Clara; m. Oliver. 

1081. VII. 628. MELINDA7 LYON (BIDDINGBR) [01iver«, 
Jamess, Moses*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in But- 
ler County, Ohio, July 22, 1823, and died Jan. 16, 1880. She married 
Andrew R. Biddinger. 

Children of Andrew R. and Mellnda (Lyon) Blddlnger: 

1663. I. Isabella; m. Beard. 

1564. II. Lewis Lee; d. Feb. 12, 1901. 

1082. VII. 628. HANNAH7 LYON (CROSBY) [Olivers, jamesS, 
Moses*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -w^as born June 14, 1825, 
and died Nov. 20, 1844. She married David Crosby. 

Daughter of David and Hannah (Lyon) Crosby: 

1666. I. Alice Price. 

1803. VII. 628. MARTHA JANE7 LYON (SHIELDS) [Olivers, 
Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] ■vvas born Feb. 21, 
1827. She married Matthew R. Shields, Mt. Carmel, Ind. 

Children of Matthew R. and Martha Jane (Lyon) Shields: 
1556. I. Fdgar [M. D.]; res. Muncle, Ind. 

1667. II. Medill; unm. ; res. on a farm at Mt. Carmel, Ind. 
1658. III. Flora BeU. 

1669. IV. Matthew B.; d. ae. 6 years. 


1084. VII. 628. ELIZABETH7 LYON (HOLLOWELL) [Oliver*, 
Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Dec. 21, 
1830, and died Marcli 31, 1862. Slie married Joseph HoUowell. 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Lyon) HoUowell: 
1560. I. Charles; d. a young man. 

1661. II. OUve May. 

1085. VII. 628. LEWIS LEE7 LYON [Olivers, Jamess, Moses*, 
Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi]was born April 7, 1833. He mar- 
ried first, Adeline Bidlinger, who died Oct. 25, 1885. He married 
second, Mrs. Elizabeth Marsh (no issue). 

Children of Lewis L. and Adeline (Bidlinger) Lyon: 

1662. I. Calista L.; b. Feb. 24, 1855. 

1663. II. Martha; b. Nov. 4, 1856; m. Hudson; res. St. Joseph, 


1664. III. James Lewis; b. Sept. 2, 1858; d. a young man. 
1566. IV. Harvey Lester; b. July 7, 1860, res. Kansas. 

1666. V. Frederick B.; b. Sept. 8, 1863; res. St. Joseph, Mo. 

1667. VI. Lewis CUflford; b. Aug. 22. 1874; res. St. Joseph, Mo. 

1668. VII. Boy B.; b. May 20, 1879; died Oct. 25, 1880. 

1091. VII. 631. MARY JANE? LYON (EVANS) [MosesS, James", 
Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Oct. 6, 1820, and 
died July 27, 1840. She married James Evans of Cincinnati, born 
March 24, 1815. 

Children of James and Mary Jane (Lyon) Evans: 

1669. I. Ann Eliza; b. Feb. 17, 1851. 

1570. II. James Helster; b. March 31, 1853. 

1671. III. Susan Emily; b. Jan. 27, 1855. 

1678. rv. Mary Jane; b. May 1, 1857. 
1673. V. Edwin Lyon; b. Dec. 2, 1861. 

1092. VII. 631. JAMES JJ LYON [Moses6, JamesS, Moses*, Ben- 
jamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Aug. 6, 1822, and died April 
29, 1892. He married Oct. 23, 1843, Harriet Hull, b. April 6, 1824 (his 
own birthday) ; d. in Cincinnati, 1900. 

Children of James J. and Harriet (Hull) Lyon: 
•1574. I. Mary Frances; b. Oct. 4, 1844; m. Livingston H. Hopper. 

1575. IL Isabella; b. April 24, 1847; d. July 31, 1848. 

1576. IIL George Henry; b. June 23, 1849; d. Oct. 9, 1849. 
•1577. rv. John Robinson; b. Oct. 18, 1850. 

•1578. v. Sallle Burke; b. Jan. 10, 1855; m. John Henry Price. 

1679. VI. George Moses; b. March 5, 1864; m. Aug. 18, 1892, Minnie J. Gal- 
bralth; no children. 


1094. VII. 631. SUSAN EMILY? LYON (WILTSEE) [Moses8, 
Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born May 14, 
1827. She married John Wiltsee of Cincinnati. Both dead 1907. 

Children of John and Susan Emily (Lyon) Wlltsee: 

1580. I. John Albert; m. ; no children; d. . 

1581. II. Ada; m. ; no children; d. . 

1582. III. George; m. ; res. Cincinnati, O. 

1097. VII. 632. CAROLINE BROWN? LEE (PERRY) [Eliz- 
abeth W.e (Lyon), Jamess, Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] 
was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 4, 1816, and died at Marshall, Texas, 
Nov. 1, 1887. She was educated in Cincinnati and at Science Hill 
Academy at Shelbyville, Ky. On Oct. 25, 1835 she was married in 
Cincinnati by Bishop Hamilton to Dr. William Alexander Perry, who 
died June 19, 1897 in Grayson County, Texas. He descended from 
the Balls, Ballentynes, Montagues and Wallaces of Virginia, and was a 
typical Virginian of the best type. Until after the Civil War they 
lived at New Castle, Ky., and all their children were born there. Dr. 
and Mrs. Perry are both buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Marshall, 

Children of William A. and Caroline B. (Lee) Perry: 
•1583. I. rewis Marion; b. Sept. 1, 1836. 

♦1584. II. Frances Wallace; b. Oct. 13, 1S38; m. Charles McAlister Marshall. 
•1585. III. Leonora I>eslie; b. Oct. 23, 1840; m. Walter Lacy Boyd. 

1586. IV. Elizabeth Lee; b. Oct. 29, 1842; d. Nov. 1857. 

•1687. V. Caroline Augusta; b. Sept. 24, 1844; m. Thomas Merriwether 

Marks, M. D. 

•1588. VI. Mary Eleanor; b. Nov. 14, 1847; m. Thomas Lewis Mellen. 

1589. VII. WiUiam Summers; b. March 1850; d. July 1850. 

•1590. VIII. Flora Ambrosia; b. Dec. 17, 1853; m. Jasper B. Lewis. 

1591. IX. John Clarence; b. Dec. 17, 1853; d. June 4, 1879. 

1693. X. Alice; b. April 1, 1857; d. July 11, 1857. 

1593. XI. Ida; twin sister of Alice; d. June 1858. 

1098. VII. 632. JAMES PETER? LEE [Elizabeth W.6 (Lyon), 
JamesS, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Es(i.2, Henryi] was born at Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Feb. 5, 1819, and died Sept. 5, 1894 in Texas. He was 
blind from childhood as the result of an accident, and was educated at 
the schools for the blind at Boston, Mass., and Columbus, Ohio. He 
married first, Oct. 13, 1840, Sarah Pilsbury, of Boston, and second, 
Lucretia E. Cowdery. 

Children of James Peter and Sarah. (Pilsbury) Lee: 
•1594. I. Lewis Huntington; b. Aug. 16, 1841; m. LIbble M. Hoffman. 
•1696. II. Ada Joanna; b. Aug. 14, 1853; m. James Hayden Finch. 


Children of James Peter and Lucretia B. (Cowdery) Leo: 

1696. III. James William [Rev.]; b. Sept. 1, 1873. 

1697. IV. Bessie Mary; b. June 19, 1875. 

1698. V. George Herbert; b. Oct. 20, 1877. 

1100. VII. 643. DAVID BJ LYON [MosesS, MosesS, Moses*, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born May 11, 1821, and died Nov. 
23, 1893. He married, Sept. 22, 1846, Hopey Fry, born May 20, 1820; 
died Jan. 27, 1897. 

Children of David B. and Hopey (Fry) Lyon: 
•1599. I. Louisa; b. March 13, 1849; m. Winfield S. Shardlow. 
1600. II. Ella; b. Feb. 2, 1852; m. Nov. 9, 1871. Theodore R. Harris (b. 
July 21. 1842); Ella d. Aug. 27. 1894. 

•1601. III. George B.; b. Dec. 4, 1861; m. Jennie Freeman. 

1101. VII. 642. JAMES7 LYON [Mosess, MosesS, Moses*, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born May 7, 1823. He married 
first. May 12, 1846, Harriet A. Robie, born Aug. 26, 1826; died Dec. 30, 
1883. He married second, Oct. 21, 1885, Elizabeth Underbill, born 
Aug. 3, 1839; died Dec. 25, 1900. He lives in Bath, N. Y. 

Children of James and Harriet A. (Robie) Lyon: 

1602. L Sarah E.; b. Feb. 19, 1847; m. June 13, 1879, John Davenport (b. 
May 10, 1835; d. May 5, 1898). 

♦1603. II. Reuben Bobie; b. March 2, 1857; m. Emma L. Kemp. 

1604. III. Harriet N.; b. June 13, 1861; res. Bath, N. T.; Daughter of the 
American Revolution. 

1102. VII. 642. ROBERT M.7 LYON [Moses6, MosesS, Moses*, 

Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Dec. 3, 1825, and died 

June 12, 1903. He married, May 20, 1851, Rebecca Brothers, born 

April 2, 1830. 

Children of Robert M. and Rebecca (Brothers) Lyon: 
•1605. I. Anna P.; b. July 8, 1852; m. Casln B. Obert. 
•1606. II. Helen G.; b. Feb. 8, 1854; m. William S. Allen; res. Bath, N. T. 

1607. III. Moses H.; b. Dec. 25, 1855. 

1608. IV. Henry B.; b. Oct. 24, 1860; d. Sept. 2, 1865. 

•1609. V. Margaret S.; b. April 4, 1864; m. Thomas C. Wellman. 
1104. VII. 644. ELIZABETH^ WOODS (READ) [Mary B.« 
(Lyon), Mosess, Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born 
Sept. 3, 1817, and died Sept. 29, 1885. She married Lazarus Read, 
born July 9, 1815; died March 29, 1855. 

Children of Lazarus and Elizabeth (Woods) Read: 

1610. I. Mary Woods; b. April 15, 1839. 

1611. n. James; b. April 14, 1841; d. Sept. 11, 1842. 

1612. in. Hannab; b. Jan. 29, 1843. 

1613. IV. EUzabeth; b. Oct. 1, 1844; 4. July 11, 1845. 

1614. V. Catharine Elizabeth; b. May 10, 1846; m. Louis Boardman: on* 
daughter, Anna (m. L. H. Rice); Catharine died Nov. 1897. 


1105. VII. 644. MARY7 WOODS (BUTCHER) [Mary B.6 
(Lyon), MosesS, Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born 
June 1819. She married William A. Butcher. 

Children of William A. and Mary (Woods) Dutcher. 

1616. I. Mary W.; b. April 17, 1843; m. Ambrose Spencer Howell (b. 1822); 
children: 1. Jolm diagee; 2. Famella; 3. Ambrose Spencer; Mary died Feb. 
17, 1891. 

1616. II. WiUiam A.; b. 1845. 

1617. III. Pamelia b. 1847; m. 1st, John F. Shepard; children 1. Spen- 
cer HoweU; 2. Clarence; Pamelia married 2nd Frank Horey. 

1618. IV. Buloff. 

[Mary B.s (Lyon), MosesS, Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] 
was born Feb. 7, 1823, and died July 29, 1847. She married, Nov. 23, 
1842, Levi Carter Whiting, born Oct. 14, 1842, died April 10, 1861. 

Children of Levi C. and Pamelia N. (Woods) Whiting: 

•1619. I. Helena; b. Sept. 8, 1843; m. James Madison Baker; died April 11, 

1620. II. Mary A.; b. May 5, 1845; died 1847. 

♦1621. III. William Woods; b. May 26, 1847; d. Aug. 7, 1899. 

1108. VII. 644. DAVIB' WOODS [Mary B" (Lyon), Moses", 
Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born April 9, 1829, 
and died Jan. 25, 1882. He married Sept. 10, 1851, Olive Robie, born 
Nov. 23, 1830; died July 15, 1872. 

Children of David and Olive (Robie) Woods: 

1622. I. Wmiam; b. Feb. 1, 1854; m. Mary Dayton Pratt. 

1623. II. Benben Bobie; b. Aug. 3, 1858; d. Jan. 30, 1882. 

1114. VII. 646. S0PHIA7 RICE (BURRINGTON) [Abigail G.s 
(Lyon), Mosess, Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born 
March 19, 1822, and died Feb. 1, 1897. She married John Burrington. 

Children of John and Sophia (Rice) Burrington: 

1624. I. William. 

1626. II. Mary Elizabeth; m. Edward S. King; 1. daughter, Baby Grace. 

1626. III. Helen Grace; m. John Thompson. 

1627. IV. John Bice; m. Zebrlna Stagh; 2 children. 

1628. V. George Williams; m. Frances Weston; children: 1, Oaylord; 2, 
Caroline Alice; 3. Florence Sloise. 

1629. VI. Sarah Abigail; m. Horace Johns; a son, William Eugene. 

1630. VII. Jane Sophia; m. Robert F. Baker; children: 1. Abigail 
Blanche; 2. Horace Burrington; 3. Bobert Francis; 4. Herman Jenkins 5. 

1631. VIII. Caroline Alice. 

1632. IX. Frances Florence. 

1116. VII. 646. BURRAGE7 RICE [Abigail G.6 (Lyon), Moses5, 


Moses*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born June 3, 1829, and 
died near Richmond, Va., in 1864, presumably in the Union Army. He 
married Mary Smith. 

Children of Burrage and Mary (Smith) Rice: 

1633. I. Anna; m. George Roberts; one son, Hibbard Roberts. 

1634. II. Charles Samuel; m. Alma . 

1635. III. Mary; m. W. L. Cale. 

1118. VII. 647. LYDIA JANE? LYON (CLEVELAND) [Robert 
B.6, MosesS, Moses*, Benjamin^, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Sept. 
21, 1826. She married, Jan. 17, 1844, at Conneaut, O., George Smiths 
Cleveland [Oliver?, Josiahe, Olivers, Josiah*, Deliverance^ Edward2, 
Mosesi], who was born July 24, 1821 at Schuylersville, N. Y., and died 
Dec. 19, 1852, at Minneapolis, Minn. Mrs. Lydia Jane (Lyon) Cleve- 
land lives in Minneapolis. 

Children of George S. and Lydla Jane (Lyon) Cleveland, all but the laot 
born at Conneaut, O. 

1636. I. Catharine liyon; b. Jan. 21, 1845; d. Feb. 22, 1852. 
•1637. II. John BaU; b. Aug. 19, 1846. 

*1638. III. Helen Mary; b. July 3, 1848; m. Aaron Morley "Wilcox; res. 
Washington, D. C. 

1639. IV. Anna Jane; b. May 27, 1850; res. Minneapolis, Minn; Daughter 
of the American Revolution and Colonial Dame. 

1640. V. Robert Lyon; b. May 9, 1855; d. Conneaut, O., 1857. 

♦1641. VI. Liydia Jane; b. May 21, 1860; m. Thomas Sadler Roberts; re«. 

1642. VII. George Smith, Jr.; b. Oct. 5, 1861; d. April 26, 1895. 

1643. VIII. William liyon; b. near Franklin, La., Oct. 27, 1868; died May 
3, 1869. 

1119. VII. 647. JOHN BACON? LYON [Robert B.6, MosesS, 
Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born April 15, 1829 
at Canandaigua, N. Y., and died at Chicago, 111. Dec. 20, 1904. He 
married at Conneaut, O'., Feb. 9, 1852, Emily Wright, born Oct. 9, 1832. 
He settled in Chicago, where he was one of the founders of the Board 
of Trade. He was widely known in the commercial world, a man of 
great business sagacity and one whose name stood for the highest 
Ideals of integrity and fair dealing. 

Children of John B. and Emily (Wright) Lyon: 

1644. I. William Chauneey; b. Dec. 15, 1852; d. Sept. 24, 1900. 
•1645. II. Fanny Howes; b. Oct. 6, 1855; m. Calvin Cobb. 

•1646. III. Emily Wright; b. Jan. 10, 1861; m. William P. Congar. 
♦1647. IV. Jolm Bacon, Jr.; b. Nov. 18, 1863; m. Mary Howie. 
•1648. V. Catherine Bacon; b. Feb. 7, 1869; m. Robert Hamill. 


1120. Vn. 647. HELEN MARY7 LYON (BLAKESLEY) [Robert 
B.6, Mosess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Aug. 
9, 1832, at Conneaut, Ohio. She married in Conneaut, Jan. 31, 1854, 
Chauncey F. Blakesley; born April 26, 1826; died 1900. 

Daughter of Chauncey F. and Helen Mary (Lyon) Blakesley: 

1649, I. Clarissa Lyon; b. Nov. 29, 1857. 

1122. vn. 647. CARTHERINE7 LYON (WARD) [Robert B.6. 
Mosess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Con- 
neaut, Ohio, Nov. 26, 1841. She married first, March 11, 1869, Eber 
B. Ward, who died suddenly, Jan. 2, 1875. She married second, Alex- 
ander Cameron of Toronto, Ont. 

Children of Eber B. and Catherine (Lyon) Ward: 

1650, I. Eber B.; b. Nov. 26, 1870; m. Eugene Hugel; twin daughters: 
Hsinee and Phyllis were born to them In Paris, France, Feb. 10, 1890. 

1651, II. Clarissa Liyon; b. Feb. 17, 1873; m. Joseph de Careman Chiuray 
(b. July 4, 1868); children: 1. Marie, b. Paris, France, May 30, 1891; 2. Josepli, 
b. Paris, France, Aug. 1894. 

1123. VII. 647. CLARISSA7 LYON (WADE) [Robert B.6, Mosess, 
Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] -was born at Conneaut, O,, 
Oct. 26, 1843. She married, Feb, 27, 1866, James P,' Wade (Benjamin 
F.6, Jamess, Samuel*, Capt. Samuel^, Major Nathaniel2, Jonathani), 
Major General U. S. A. "James F. Wade was commissioned 1st 
Lieutenant 6th Ohio Cavalry 1861. He had the rank of Captain in 
1866, and rose by successive grades to the place of Major General in 
1903, commanding the Philippines. He was breveted Brig. General of 
Volunteers in Feb. 1865, and honorably mustered out April 15, 1865, 
At the breaking out of the Cuban war, he was made Major General 
of Volunteers and rendered valuable service in directing the evacuation 
of the Spanish troops from Cuba. To his son, Lieut. John P. Wade, a 
member of his staff was granted the privilege of raising the stars and 
stripes over Moro Castle," 

Children of James F. and Clarissa (Lyon) "Wade: 
•1662, L Benjamin F.; b. Nov. 30, 1866. 
1653, IL Bobert; b. 1868; d. 1869. 
•1654. III. Jolrn Parsons; b. May 14, 1872. 
•1655. rv. Clarissa tyon; b. Sept. 4, 1873; m. Lieut. John Murray Jenkins, 

1124. VII, 647. PAULINE^ LYON (STEARNS) [Robert B.6, 
MosesS, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in Con- 
neaut, O., Nov. 24, 1849, and died at Ludington, Mich., May 5, 1904. 


She married, March 4, 1868, at Conneaut, Justus Smith Stearns, bom 
April 17, 1845. He lives at Ludington. 

Son of Justus S. and Paulina (Lyon) Stearns: 
*1666. I. Robert Lyon; b. March 14, 1872. 

1125. VII. 647. THOMAS RICE? LYON [Robert B.6, Moses", 
Moses*. Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at Conneaut, 
Ohio, May 31, 1854. He attended school in Conneaut, later in Detroit, 
Mich. In 1872 he became cashier in the Ludington office of his 
brother-in-law, Eber B. Ward, and remained there until Mr. Ward's 
death. In 1878 he with his brother John and his sister Catherine 
Ward secured control of large lumber interests in Ludington, the 
management of the business being left in his hands. He became one 
of the most esteemed citizens of Ludington. In 1885 he was elected 
on the Board of School Trustees, and was for three years president of 
that board. He married in Ludington, Oct. 26, 1875, Harriet Wade 
Rice, born Jan. 24, 1856, daughter of Cyrus C. Rice. He now (1905) 
makes his home in Chicago, 111. 

Children of Thomas R. and Harriet Wade (Rice) Lyon: 

1667. I. Robert CyniB; b. Oct. 14. 1876; d. Dec. 14, 1876. 

•1658. II. Emily Clarissa; b. Oct. 11, 1878; m. John W. Gary. 

•1659. III. John KeUoggr; b. July 17, 1880. 

•1660. IV. Paollna Steams; b. April 12, 1882; m. Calvin Fentress. 

1661. V. Thomas Rice; b. May 6, 1886; d. Oct. 4, 1886. 

1662. VI. Harriet Rice; b. July 8, 1889. 

1126. VII. 648. HELEN ANN? LYON (LEWIS) [Abner ?.«, 
Mosess, Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born at 
Prattsburg, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1825, and died at Naples, N. Y., June 17, 
1897. She married John Shooman Lewis of Naples, N. Y. 

Children of John S. and Helen Ann (Lyon) Lewis: 

1663. I. Cutler Leonard; m. Esther A. Dunton; children: 1. Lena; 2. 
Minnie E., d. Aug. 1891; 3. Charles L., 4. Gordon, m. 1902, Bstelle James, [a 
son, James Leonard]; 4. Helen 6.; 5. Frances E. 

1664. II. Charles Clinton; m. Mary A. Serverson; children: 1. Anna 
Holmes; 2. James Ward. 

1666. HI. Frank Lyon; m. Emma Johnson; no children. 

1666. IV. Jacob Edward; m. Mary Wlnne; children: 1. Wlnne Lyon; t. 
Arthur Leonard. 

1667. V. Mary Helen; m. Denlson H. Maxwell; children: 1. Bessie 0.; 
3. Jennie S.; 3. Mary M.; 4. Helen L.; 6. Hiram. 

1663. VI. Clara Jane; m. CSiarles Smith; children: 1. Jennie A.; >. 

Marion A.; 3. Clara E. 

1669. VII. William James; m. Addle Potter; no children. 

1670. VIII. John Ward; of Naples, N. T.; unmarried. 


1127. VII. 648. BENJAMIN LEONARD? LYON [Abner P.6, 
Moses', Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^ Henry*] was born in Pratts- 
burg, N. Y., in 1827. He married first, Jane Hare, and second, Eliza- 
beth Nobles. 

Children of Benjamin L. and Jane (Hare) Lyon: 

1671. I. Benjamin L.eonard; d. in youth. 

1672. II. Abner Lester; d. In youth. 

1131. Vn. 648. STERNE HUMPHREYS? LYON [Abner P.', 
Mosess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born In 
Prattsburg, N. Y,, about 1833. He married Laura Strong. 

Children of Sterne H. and Laura (Strong) Lyon: 

•1673. I. Edward; m. Clara Pierce. 

•1674. II. Helen; m. William Parr". 

•1676. III. Jennie; m. Dana Hatch. 

1676. IV. Leonard; unmarried. 

1677. V. Mary Sophronla; m. George Smith. 
•1678. VI. Alice Laura; m. Arthur Putnam. 

1133. VII. 648. HARRIET HONOR? LYON (LEE) [Abner P.«. 
Mosess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born In 
Lyonsville, N. Y. She married Oren D. Lee. Residence, Kansas. 

Children of Oren D. and Harriet Honor (Lyon) Lee: 

1679. I. Ida; m. D. Waterous. 

1680. IL Caroline; d. aged 20 years. 

1134. VII. 648. LAURA CAROLINE? LYON (LYON) [Abner P.«, 
Mosess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born In Lyons- 
ville, N. Y. She married S. Duane Lyon of Lyonsville. 

(Children of S. Duane and Laura Caroline (Lyon) Lyon: 

1681. I. Arthur Abner. 

1682. II. Robert Simeon. 

1683. III. Irrlns Duane. 

(PRATT) [Jane Afi (Lyon), Mosess, Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born at East Avon, N. Y., April 4, 1831. She mar- 
ried first, Oct. 26, 1863, at Saginaw, Mich., James Hayden, and second, 
June 5, 1883, Josiah Pratt. 

Children of James and Caroline Eliza (Little) Hayden: 

1684. I. Norman Little; b. Oct. 21, 1854; m. 1st., Jan. 1879, Minnie Ford; 
m. 2nd, Jan. 1896, Grace Vail; one son, Norman little; b. May 16, 1904. 

1686. n. Catharine L. B.; b. Jan. 23, 1856; m. Sept. 25, 1879; WlUlam B. 
Doughty (b. Aurora, N. T.. March 14, 1850); a daughter, LesUe N. DouKhty; b. 
Saginaw, Mich., July 31, 1880; m. May 20, 1901, In San Diego, Calif., Frank 


(LATHRUP) [Jane A.* (Lyon), Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin 
Esq.2, Henryi] was born Sept. 23, 1839, and died Nov. 22, 1875. She 
married first, Benjamin P. Derby, and second, Dr. George Lathrup. 

ChUdren of Benjamin P. and Helen G. (Little) Derby: 

1686. I. WiUiam P.; b. July 25, 1862. 

1687. IL John Norman; b. July 10, 1867. 

1688. III. Mary C. 

(MAGEE) (ANGEL) [Helen R.6 (Lyon), MosesS, Moses*, Benjamin^ 
Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born in 1833. She married first, in 1852, 
Duncan Stuart Magee, of Bath, N. Y., and second, Benjamin F. Angel, 
Genessee, N. Y. 

Children of Duncan S. and Catherine E. (Gansevoort) Magee: 

1689. I. ArabeUa Stuart; b. Corning, N. Y., 1854; m. Alfred Lewis Edwards, 
Esq.; a daughter, Helen Gansevoort Edwards, m. 1896, Archibald Kennedy Mackay, 
New York. 

1690. II. Helen Gansevoort; b. Corning, 1855; m. Lewis Edwards, New 
York; children: 1. Mary Gansevoort Edwards, b. 1878; 2. Duncan Lewis 
Edwards; b. 1879. 

1155. VII. 660. HARRIS LYON? JOHNSON [Abigails (Lyon), 
Obediahs, Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born July 
18, 1837, and died March 30, 1898 at Elizabeth, N. J. He married, 
Oct. 16, 1861, Cornelia Drake, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Collins) 
Townley, born July 25, 1837. 

Children of Harris Lyon and Cornelia (Townley) Johnson: 

1690a. I. £mma Andrus; b. Aug. 8, 1864. 

1690b. II. Jennie; b. Jan. 7, 1868; m. Frederick Gourlie Cole. 

1690c. III. WiUlam Harris; b. Aug. 18. 1874. 

1690d. IV. Bessie Brown; b. Oct. 11, 1877; m. W^illiam Stockton Earl. 

1159. VII. 665. MARY FRANCES? LYON (HOE) [MosesB, 
Richards, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born Dec. 12, 
1827. She married, Aug, 26, 1849, Alfred C. Hoe, of New York City, 
who died Dec. 13, 1891. Mary Frances (Lyon) Hoe is a Daughter of 
the American Revolution. Present address (1905) 327 W. 14th St., 
New York City. 

Children of Alfred C. and Mary Frances (Lyon) Hoe: 

1691. I. Mary Frances; m. April 27, 1876, William G. Woodsworth, who 
died In New York City, April 30, 1891. She died Feb. 11, 1877, ae. 26 yeare. 

1693. II. Emma Augrusta; m. Dec. 7, 1880, Francis J. V7orcester. 

1693. III. Anna Virginia. 

1694. IV. Amelia Lyon; a Daughter of the American Revolution. 


1696. V. Ella Wright; d. Dec. 5, 1901. 

1696. VI. George Alfred. 

1697. VII. William James. 

The last three are triplets. 


1167. VII. 692. SARAH' TUCKER (WILCOX) [Elizabeth' 
(Lyon), Ebenezers, Peter*, EbenezerS, Ebenezer2, Henryi] married John 

Children of John and Sarah (Tucker) Wilcox: 

1698. I. George; m. May 16, 1848, Harriet Little; a son, George Wilcox, b. 
May 24, 1849. 

1699. II. Silas; m. Sarah A. Drake; children: 1. Sarah A.; 2. Jonathan; 
3. Hetty. 

1180. VII. 694. SARAH7 LYON (BADGLEY) [JohnS, Ebenezers, 
Peter*, Ebenezer3, Ebenezerz, Henryi] was born in 1809. She married 
Dayton Badgley. 

Children of Dayton and Sarah (Lyon) Badgley: 

1700. I. Mary; b. April 1836. 

1701. II. Ellen; d. aged 7 years. 

1702. III. Margaret. 

1703. IV. IsabeUa; b. 1841; d. 1848. 

1704. V. Eugene. 

1705. VI. Eliza. 

1706. VII. Harriet Meeker. 

1707. VIII. James. 

1213. VIII. 727. ELDRIDGE MERRICK8 LYON [Isaac^, Stephen 
S.6, Johns, John*, Isaacs, Thomas2, Henryi] was born in Chicago, 111., 
Nov. 14, 1853. He was graduated from Detroit High School, 1870, and 
from Yale College, 1875. It was the privilege of one of the editors of 
this memorial, Dr. A. B. Lyons, descendant of William Lyon, of Rox- 
bury, 1635, to "tutor" Eldridge Lyon in Homer, in preparation for enter- 
ing College. Eldridge M. Lyon is now a successful orange grower at 
Redlands, Calif. He married, Sept. 18, 1878, at Detroit, Mich., Clara 
S., daughter of John R. and Caroline (Chidsey) Grout. 

Children of Eldridge M. and Clara S. (Grout) Lyon: 

•1708. I. Alice Grout; b. Detroit, July 9, 1879; m. Donald Scott; res. Red- 
lands, Calif. 

1709. II. Buth; b. Detroit, Dec. 23, 1881; grad. Wellesley College, 1904. 

1227. VIII. 729. ISAACS LYON [John7, Isaacs, ^, Mat- 

taniah*, Isaac^ Thomas2, Henryi] married, Dec. 21, 1871, Mary 
(Fordyce) Hill, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Fordyce, and widow 
of Lewis Hill. They live at Franklin, N. J. 


Children of Isaac and Mary (Fordyce) (Hill) Lyon: 

1710. L Ida J.; b. Nov. 7, 1872; m. Frank Mains. 

1711. II. £dna Kate; b. July 4, 1876; m. Sept. 1, 1897, Edward Sturtevant. 

Stephens, Johns, Eliphalet*, Isaacs Thomas2, Henryi] married William 
Samuel Mills, of Farmington, Conn. 

Son of "William S. and Phebe Caroline (Lyon) Mills: 

1712. I. Frederick; m. Minnie, daughter of Walter Beach Plume, of Orange, 
N. J.; children: 1. £thel May; 2. Sadie; 3. Edward. 

1252. VIII. 802. DAVID FRANCIS8 DENMAN [Aaron^, Mary 
(Lyon) 6, Elijahs, Thomas*, ThomasS, Thomas2, Henryi] was born April 
15, 1830. He married, Oct. 18, 1855, Matilda Ward Whiting, born May 
24, 1835. 

Children of David F. and Matilda Ward (Whiting) Denman: 

1713. I. Clara Belle; b. July 14, 1857; m. July 26, 1882, Edward G. Olney; 
children: 1. Anna Belle, b. May 4, 1883; 2. Clara Dorothea, b. July 12, 1885; 3. 
Eleanor, b. Aug. 24, 1888; 4. Francis Denman, b. Feb. 8, 1860. 

1714. II. Alfred Whiting; b. Feb. 8. 1860; d. 

1715. III. Alida Mary; b. Jan. 14, 1861; d. Nov. 3, 1863. 

1716. IV. Fmma Lonisa; b. . 

1717. V. Herbert; b. Aug. 3, 1870. 

1718. VI. Matthias Whiting; b. Jan. 24, 1871; m. Emma Frances Pender- 

1264. VIII. 805. ANNA M.8 RANSOM (SYNDS) [Charlotte WJ, 
MaryB (Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas3, Thomas2, Henryi] was born 
July 12, 1838. She married Ezra H. Synds. 

Children of Ezra H. and Anna M. (Ranson) Synds: 

1719. I. WilUam Bictor; m. June 21, 1882, Hattle Beal; a son, William; 
b. Sept. 17, 1886. 

1720. II. Frank; b. 1857; d. . 

1721. III. Charles E.; 1861; d. 

1268. VIII. 806. MARY ALMA? RICH (JOHNSON) [Anna M.'' 
(Denman), Mary6 (Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas3, Thomas2, Henryi] 
was born June 6, 1847. She married, Sept. 25, 1867, Charles Wesley 
Johnson, who for twelve years was Chief Clerk of the United States 

Children of Charles W. and Mary Alma (Rich) Johnson: 

1722. I. Alma Morton; b. June 30, 1868. 

1723. II. Charles I.ewis; b. Oct. 7. 1870. 

1724. III. Denman F.; b. Dec. 1, 1873. 

[Phebe W.7 (Denman), MaryS (Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas', 


Thomas2, Henryi] was born Nov. 21, 1841. She married, Oct. 5, 1871, 
Velesco J. Knapp. 

Children of Velesco J. and Caroline D. (Medbury) Knapp: 
1735. I. Mary; b. Aug. 2, 1872. 

1726. 11. Edwin; b. Sept. 4, 1874. 

1727. III. Flora Marcia; b. 1879. 

1275. VIII. 809. CARLOS LYON' DENMAN [Samuer, Mary* 
(Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas^, Thomas2, Henryi] was born April 
9, 1854. He married Mary E. Hershman. 

Children of Carlos L. and Mary E. (Hershman) Denman: 

1728. I. Mary Edith. 

1729. II. Cliarles. 

1730. III. Heien. 

1276. VIII. 809. MARY8 DENMAN (MAXWELL) [SamueF, 
Mary6 (Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, ThomasS, Thomas2, Henryi] married, 
Sept. 27, 1876, Joseph Maxwell. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Denman) Maxwell: 

1731. I. William K. 

1732. II. Edith. 

1733. III. Stuart Denman. 

1279. VIII. 811. ELLA M.8 DENMAN (HACK) [John M.^ 
MaryS (Lyon), Elijahs, Thomas*, Thomas^, Thomas2, Henryi] married, 
June 5, 1872, John Hack. 

Children of John and Ella M. (Denman) Hacli: 


I. l.aura C; b. 1873. 


II. Henry Denman; b. 1875. 


III. Carlos L,.; b. 1877. 


IV. Martin; b. 1878. 


V. Eddie; b. 1880. 


VI. Edith G.; b. 1883. 


VII. Frank; b. 1885. 




(Lyon), - 

6, 5, 

4 , — , — 3 


Thomas2, Henryi] was 
born at Ogdensburg, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1845. He married at Indianapolis, 
Ind., Dec. 18, 1878, Kate R., daughter of John and Mary (Underwood) 
Murray. They had no children. George Hale Wheelock was edu- 
cated in the public schools. He was a soldier in the war of the Rebel- 
lion; enlisted at Ogdensburg, Feb, 1865; served with Company I, 1st 
Frontier Cavalry; was mustered out July 1st, 1865. By occupation he 
Is a grain dealer, and lives at Germania, Kossuth Co., Iowa. 


1302. VIII. 840. J0HANNA8 ENYART (TAYLOR) [Susanna' 
(Clark), Williams, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samueiz, Henryi] 
married David Taylor. 

Children of David and Johanna (Enyart) Taylor: 

1741. I. Parthenla; m. Wren, San Jose, Calif. 

1742. II. Snsan; m. Dr. Gunekle, San Jose, Calif. 

1743. in. Rachel; m. John Clark; res. Ohio. 

1744. IV. Sarah; res. Chicago. 

1745. V. Newton. 

1746. VI. David. 

1747. VII. Emma. 

1303. VIII. 840. SARAHS ENYART (LIBBEE) [Susanna' 
(Clark), Williams, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] 
married David Liebee. 

Children of David and Sarah (Enyart) Liebee: 

1748. I. Mary; m. Horace P. Clough, Middleton, O. 

1749. II. Susan. 

1750. III. Elvira; m. F. Stephens, Los Angeles, Calif. 

1751. IV. Catherine; m. William Armstrong, Columbus, O. 
1753. V. Jacob; m. Chadwick. 

1753. VI. Sarah. 

1305. VIII. 840. WILLIAMS ENYART [Susanna^ (Clark) 
Williams, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] married 
Eliza Yeager. 

Children of William and Eliza (Yeager) Enyart: 

1754. I. J. Homer; m. Susan ; res. (1902) Dayton, O.; children: 

1. Arthur D.; 2. Ethel E. 

1756. II. George. 

1756. III. WiUiam. 

1306. VIII. 840. VINCENT' ENYART [Susanna^ (Clark), 
Williams, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] married 
Elizabeth Campbell. 

Children of Vincent and Elizabeth (Campbell) Enyart: 

1757. I. Minerva; m. Domineck. 

1758. II. Rebecca; m. Gardner Phipps, Clncianatl, O. 

1759. III. Charles. 

1760. IV. Alexander. 

1307. VIII. 840. BENJAMINS ENYART [Susanna^ (Clark), 
Williams, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samueiz, Henryi] married 
Margaret . 


Children of Benjamin and Margaret ( ) Enyart: 

1761. I. Sasan Margaret. 

1762. II. Jeremiah. 

1764. IV. John. 

1765. V. Esther. 

1308. VIII. 840. HANNAHS ENYART (DEARTH) [Susannai 
(Clark), WilliamB, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] 
married Absolom Dearth, 

Children of Absolom and Hannah <.13nyart) Dearth: 

1766. I. Susan; m. 1st. Brookman; iv. 2nd, Linton. 

1767. II. Anker; m. Cottle, Wayu-isville, O. 

1311. VIII. 841. DAVID SUTTONS COX [Sarah7 (Clark), 
Williams, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] wa3 
born In Bridgewater, N, J., May 4, 1795, and died in Fairfield, O., in 
1870. He married first, Anna Tingley, and second, Mrs. Mary (Light) 

Children of David Sutton Cox: 

♦1768. I, John M.; b. 1820; m. EUzaoech Kii-kpatrlck. 

•1769. II. Daniel Y.; b. 1822; m. Cathex-lno Grissey. 

1770. III. Samuel; b. 1825; not m. ; d. in. 
♦1771, IV. Joseph W,; b. 1828; res. Miami County, O. ' 

1772. V. Sarah; b. 1832; m. William HensLon; rei. , Indiana. 
•1773. VI. Mary E.; b. 1834; m. Irvin Wrijl^y. 

1774. VII. Peter Light; b. 1836; d. 78 70. 

1775. VIII. William Henry; b. 1838; m Harriet Thome; removed from 
Miami County, Ohio, to Garden City, .<anjjs. 

1312. VIII. 841. ELIZABETHS COX (ALLEN) [SaraM (Clark), 
William6, Rebecca^ (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] was 
born in New Jersey in 1796, and died in Ohio 1859. She married 
Joseph Allen of Fairfield, Ohio. 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Cox) -Mien: 

1776. I. Esther; b. 1817; m. James L. Johnston; children 1. James Henry; 
2. a son; 3. a daughter. 

1777. II. John; b. 1819; m. 1st, Nancy Pa-nons; a son, James Allen, end 
other children; m. 2nd, ; res. Pelphl, Ind. 

1778. III. Henry; d. young. 

1779. IV. Mary J.; m. Dr. Brezellus V$arr; a son of same name; rea. 
Tremont, Ohio. 

1780. Y. Sarah A.; m. Gibbanq. 

•1781. VI. Bosetta B.; m. James F. Adair. 

1782. VII. Martha; d. a young woTiin. 

1313. VIII. 841. SARAHS COX (HADDIX) [Sarah7 (Clark). 
WllliamG Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] -w-aa 
born Jan. 7, 1798. She married in 1816, John Haddix. 



Children of John and Sarah (Cox) Hadd!^: 

♦1783. I. Melinda; b. 1817; m. George W. McCuUey; res. Fairfield, Ohio. 

1784. II. John Biley; m. Rachel Hall; no children. 

1785. III. Nimrod; d. a young man. 

*1786. IV. William Clark; m. Anna Lambert. 

•1787. V. Sarah E.; m. 1st, Dr. Bacon; m. 2nd, Dr. Charles G. Hartman. 

*1788. VI. George; m. Harriet Cosard. 

1314. VIII. 841. JOHNS COX [Sarah7 (Clark), Williams, Re- 
beccas (Lyon), Joseph^, Joseph^, Samuel2, Henryi] was born Sept. 16, 
1800, in Harrison Co., Va. His parents removed to Fairfield, O., the 
following year. He died April 9, 1883 at Osborn, Ohio. He married, 
Dec. 21, 1821, Harriet Havens Cook (No. 553), born May 29, 1804. 
She was also a descendant of Henry Lyon of Newark, through Joseph 

Children of John and Harriet Havens (Cook) Cox: 

♦1789. I. Mary MatUda; b. Oct. 15, 1822; m. William M. Johnston; d. March 
22, 1855. 

*1790. IL Jonathan Clark; b. Jan. 6, 1828; d. Aug. 19, 1897. 

♦1791. IIL Elizabeth; b. April 17, 1831; m. 1st, Edward Staat; m. 2nd, 
John "Wallace; res. Osborn, Ohio. 

♦1792. IV. Julia Ann; b. Nov. 24, 1833; m. Joseph B. "Worley; d. Jan. 
27, 1898. 

♦1793. V. WUliam Henry; b. Feb. 11, 1836; d. April 14, 1887. 

♦1794. VL John C; b. Aug. 2, 1841; res. Dayton, O. 

♦1795. VIL Theodore F.; b. April 10, 1846. 

1315. VIII. 841. ISAACS COX [Sarah7 (Clark), Williams, Re- 
beccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph^, Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Fairfield, 
O., 1802, and died in 1823. He married in 1822, Lydia Cosard. After 
his death she married Joseph Saxton, and became a U. B. preacher, and 
was known as Rev. Lydia Saxton. 

Son of Isaac and Lydia (Cosard) Cox: 
•1796. I. John Thomas; b. 1822; res. Kansas. 

1316. VIII. 841. MARY8 COX (MARTIN) [Sarah7 (Clark). 

Williams, Rebecca^ (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph^, Samuel2, Henryi] was 

born in Fairfield, Ohio, in 1804. She married about 1826, as his 

second wife, Jonathan Martin, born 1791. 

Children of Jonathan and Mary (Cox) Martin: 
♦1797. I. Harriet; b. 1827; m. Henry Conklin. 
♦1798. II. IsabeUa G.; b. 1829; m. "William M. Johnston. 

1317. VIII. 841. CHRISTIANAS COX (MOZIER) [Sarah? 
(Clark), Williams, Rebecca^ (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] 
was born in Fairfield, Ohio, in 1807. She married Solomon Mozier. 

Children of Solomon and Christina (Cox) Mozier: 


1799. I. Adam; res. Danville, 111. 

1800. II. John Cox. 

1801. III. William B. 

1802. IV. I^evI J. 

1803. V. Harriet A.; m. Daniel C. Demude; res. Chlckamauga; Park Super- 

1318. VIII. 841. JAMES M.8 COX [SaraM (Clark), Williame, 
Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] was born In 1809. 
He married Jane Woodward. 

Children of James M. and Jane (Woodward) Cox: 

1804. I. Adallne Woodward; b. Sept. 28, 1834; m. at San Francisco, Calif., 
Lewis G. Czapkay, Consul for Hungary at that port. 

1806. II. James; b. Nov. 18, 1837, Fairfield, O., removed to California, 1857. 

SON) [Sarah7 (Clark), Williams, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph*, 
Samuel2, Henryi] was born in Fairfield, O., in 1811, and died in Dayton, 
Ohio, Jan. 1889. She married first, George Ainsworth, and second, 
Price Wilkerson. 

Children of George and Matilda (Cox) Ainsworth: 
*1806. I. Sarah Elizabeth; b. 1833; m. John Needham; d. Jan. 1889. 
•1807. II. Lydia; m. Isaac Patterson. 

1320. VIII. 841. MARTHAS COX (McGOWEN) [Sarah7 (Clark), 
William^, Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] was 
born in Fairfield, Ohio, in 1813. She married Othias McGowen. 

Children of Othias and Martha (Cox) McGowen: 

1808. I. John; d. in the Union Army in Maryland. 

1809. II. Charles Swayne; res. Logansport, Ind. 

1321. VIII. 842. WILLIAMS CLARK [Jonathan7, Williams, Re- 
beccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] married Elizabeth 

Children of William and Elizabeth (Soubry) Clark: 

1810. I. Elizabeth M.; m. M. L. Jamieson; one son, Rev. Alexander Jamle- 
Bon, res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

1811. II. Sarah; m. Dennis Walsh; res. Texas. 

i;. III. George Soubry; m. • ; daughters: 1. Sarah; 

2. Mary. 

1813. IV. WiUiam MaxweU; m. Van Skark; a son, WiUlam M., 

res. Kokomo, Ind. 

1814. V. Clarissa D.; m. William Cook; a daughter, Elizabeth, m. 

Pierson; res. San Antonio, Texas. 

1815. VI. James B.; m. Minerva Weltxell; a son, James B., res. Albuquer- 
que, N. Mexico. 

1816. VII. Charles; d. unmarried. 

1817. VIII. Lucy. 


*1818. IX. Harry Van Tyle; m. Louisa Miller; res. Dayton. Ohio. 

1819. X. Challen; m. Anna . 

1325. VIII. 842. JEREMIAH M.8 CLARK [Jonathan^, WUllamB, 

Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] married • 

Children of Jeremiah M. Clark: 

1820. I. Jerome M.; res. Cincinnati, O. 

1821. II. Amelia E. ; res. Cincinnati, O. 

1822. III. Henry; m. ; children: 1. Moses P.; >. 

Iianra (m. Walter C. Buckingham; res. Lawrence, Kansas); Henry d. 1868. 

1823. IV. Pauline; m. Charles O. Lewis; a son, Charles H. Lewis, res. 
Cincinnati, O. 

1326. VIII. 842. CHARLES B.8 CLARK [Jonathan7, William*, 
Rebeccas (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs, Samuel2, Henryi] married 

Children of Charles B. Clark: 

1824. I. Samantha; m. Richard Jacobs; a daughter, Blanche Jacobs, m. 

Carter; res. Dayton. O. There were other children. 

1825. II. Adeline; m. James O. Davis; a daughter, Lionella Davis, m. 
Charles C. Spalding. 

1350. VIII. 898. RICHARD LEWIS8 BUTLER [Abby7 (Congar), 
Josephe, Davids, Joanna* (Crane), AbigaiP (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] 
of Columbus, Ga., was born Jan. 28, 1822, and died in Florida 1893. 
He married Elizabeth Holt. 

Children of Richard L. and Elizabeth (Holt) Butler: 

1826. I. Mary Sankey. 

1827. II. Lucy Shields; m. Danlell; res. Florida. 

1828. III. Martha Holt; m. John Lapsley; res. Alabam.a. 

1829. IV. Thaddens Good; d. young 

1830. V. Abby Congar. 

1831. VI. Richard Lewis; m. Kate Dozler, of Atlanta, Ga. 

1832. VII. Elizabeth A.; d. young. 

1352. VIII. 898. JOSEPH C0NGAR8 BUTLER [Abby7 (Congar), 
Joseph^, Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] 
was born Jan. 3, 1827, and died Jan. 13, 1893. He married Mary Pill- 
ing, born Nov. 22, 1827, at Bedford, Pa.; died May 3, 1890 in Louisville, 

Children of Joseph C. and Mary (Pilling) Butler: 
•1833. I. James GUlespie; b. May 27, 1849. 
1834. II. Mary L.; d. an infant. 
•1835. III. Laura Bell; b. Jan. 12, 1859; m. Glendy Burke Taylor. 
1836. IV. Anna Cornelia; b. April 11, 1862; m. July 6, 1893, Robert B. 


1837. V. Walter Pilling; b. Sept. 13, 1867; m. Jan. 22, 1896, Josephine 

1355. VIII. 899. ABBY H.8 CAMPBELL (SMITH) [Deborah^ 
(Congar), Josephs, Daniel^ Joanna* (Crane), Abigails (Lyon), Joseph2, 
Henryi] was born in Newark, N. J., Oct. 1, 1815, and died in New 
Albany, Ind., in June 1904. She married Major Isaac P. Smith, of 
Newark. He died in New Albany. 

. Children of Isaac P. and Abby H. (Campbell) Smith: 

1838. I. James B. W.; [Judge]; of Louisville, Ky. ; m. Anna Baldwin. 

1839. II. Edward; now dead. 

1839a. III. Samuel S. L,. S.; m. Elizabeth R. Potter (No. 1403). 
1839b. IV. Catharine; m. William H. Wade; now (1906) a widow; res. 
New Albany, Ind. 

1363. VIII. 905. WILLIAM HENRYS CONGAR [Stephen M.7, 
Stephens, Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigails (Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] 
was born Jan. 25, 1838, and died Dec. 26, 1900. He married, May 1856, 
Charlotte E. Black. 

Children of William H. and Charlotte E. (Black) Congar: 

1840. I. William Alexander. 

1841. II. Stephen M. 

1842. III. George H.; m. Alice . 

1843. IV. Frank W. 

1844. V. Charles J. 

1845. VI. Charlotte Catherine. 

1387. VIII. 918. REV. JAMES FORSYTH^ RIGGS D. D. [Ellas', 
Margarets (Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), Joseph2, 
Henryi] was born Oct. 4, 1852. He married in 1878, Isabella Brittin. 

Children of James F. and Isabella (Brlttln) Riggs: 

1846. I. Arthur Stanley. 

1847. II. James Forsyth. 

1848. III. Ethel Brittin. 

1849. IV. Elizabeth Trowbridge. 

(Riggs), Margarets (Congar), DavidS, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail (Lyon), 
Joseph2, Henryi] was born Sept. 11, 1844. He married May 17, 1871, 
Anna Hubbard, 

Children of Francis C. and Anna (Hubbard) Monfort: 

1850. I. Mary Esta; b. Feb. 20. 1872. 

1851. II. John Glass; b. Aug. 10, 1873; m. Nov. 27, 1901, Irene Patterson; 
a son, Francis Cassat Patterson, b. 1903. 

[Phebe7 (Riggs), Margarets (Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail' 
(Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] was born July 16, 1846. She married Aug. 
18, 1875, Charles Dixon. 


Children of Charles and Margaret R. (Potter) Dixon: 

1852. I. Abbie Ethelwyn Hall; b. Nov. 16, 1876; m. Francis Wynne. 

1853. II. Herbert. 

1401. VIII. 922. REV. JOSEPH LEWIS8 POTTER [Phebe^ 
(Riggs), Margarets (Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigails (Lyon), 
Joseph2, Henryi] was born Feb. 22, 1848. He married, Aug. 1, 1878, 
Harriet Riggs. For some years Dr. Potter was in Persia connected 
with the Presbyterian Mission. , 

Children of Joseph L. and Harriet (Riggs) Potter: 

1854. I. Albert Riggs; b. July 11, 1880; d. Aug. 1, 1903. 

1855. II. Phebe; b. July 24. 1885. 

1402. VIII. 922. ANNA ABBIE8 POTTER (MONFORT) [Phebe? 
(Riggs), Margaret^ (Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail* 
(Lyon), Joseph2, Henryi] was born Oct. 30, 1849. She married, Sept. 
8, 1889, David G. Monfort. 

Children of David G. and Anna Abble (Potter) Monfort: 

1856. I. Stanley Potter. 

1857. II. David P. 

(Riggs), Margarets (Congar), Davids, Joanna* (Crane), Abigail^ (Lyon), 
Josephs, Henryi] was born Feb. 4, 1856. He married Edith Chapman. 

Children of Samuel A. and Edith (Chapman) Potter: 

1858. I. Stanley. 

1859. II. Frank. 

1860. III. Arda. 

1412. VIII. 948. MARINDA8 LYON (MOCKBRIDGE) [Lewis?, 
Benjamins, Benjamins, Benjamin*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] 
married George Mockbridge. 

Children of George and Marlnda (Lyon) Mockbridge: 

1861. I. Mary Anne. 

1862. II. Sarah Ward. 

1863. III. Laura Greene. 

1864. IV. George. 

1865. V. Lewis. 

1866. VI. Henry. 

1414. VIII. 948. CHARLES8 LYON [Lewis?, Benjamins, Ben- 
jamins, Benjamin*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] married Louisa 


Children of Charles and Louisa (Reeves) Lyon: 

1867. I. Charles. 

1868. II. WilUam. 

1452. VIII. 956. ELIZABETHS DAY (DAVIS) [Amos?, Samuels, 
Amoss, Mary4 (Lyon), Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born 
Oct. 17, 1841. She married, March 29, 1865, Charles Davis. 

Children of Charles and Elizabeth (Day) Davis: 

1869. I. Bessie Clarli; b. Jan. 3, 1867. 

•1870. II. Charles Day; b. Aug. 25, 1869; res. Easton, Pa. 

[Joanna' (Woodruff), Phebe" (Lyon), David", Samuel*, Benjamin*, Ben- 
jamin Esq.^ Henryi] was born in Newark, N. J. July 30, 1851. She 
married in Newark, May 1, 1872, Philin M. Marshall, son of Rev. Jabez 
and Phebe (Mills) Marshall of Walsall, Eng., late of Long Branch, 
N. J. Present address (1907) 66 Nairn Place, Newark, N. J. 

Children of Philip M. and Anna A. (Crane) Marshall: 

1870a. I. Howard F.; b. March 17, 1873; educated for the ministry; m. 
Sept. 1894, Henrietta Brandenburg; d. in Liberty, N. T., Oct. 12, 1899. 
1870b. II. Edgar J.; b. June 16, 1874; d. Lee. 1874. 
1870b. IL Edgar J.; b. June 16, 1874; d. Dec. 1874. 
1870d. IV. Florence A. B.; b. Nov. 16, 1879. 
1870c. V. Phebe D. B.; b. Nov. 16, 1887. 
1870f. VI. Gladys C; b. Nov. 18. 1889. 

1473. VIII. 1056. MARY MELINDA8 LYON (HARRIS) [Sidney 
S.7, Jonathan W.g, JamesS, Mosesi, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] 
was born in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 15, 1832. She was married at the 
Lyon homestead, the "Octagon," West Riverside, near Jeffersonville, 
Ind., Jan. 19, 1857, to James W. Harris of New York City, who was 
born in Hodginsville, Ky., May 24, 1829, and died in New York City 
April 28, 1892. She resides (1906) in Chicago. 

Children of James W. and Mary Mellnda (Lyon) Harris: 

*1871. I. Paul Vincent; b. July 26, 1860, at the "Octagon." 

*1872. II. Ada Mary Parmelee; b. Dec. 28, 1862, at the "Octagon;" m. 

Edward Arthur James; res. Chicago, 111. 

1873. III. Nora Wathen; b. New York City, Nov. 19, 1865; Daughter of 

the American Revolution; m. at Chicago, June 25, 1889, Robert Tilghman Badg- 

ley of New York City; res. New York City; no children. 

1474. VIII. 1056. N0RA8 [HONORA] LYON (WATHEN) 
(ADAMS) [Sidney S.^ Jonathan W.°, James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin Bsq.^ Henry'] was born in Louisville, Ky., (cor. Third and Mar- 
ket Sts.) Oct. 14, 1834. She was married first at the Cathedral of 
the Assumption, Louisville, to Capt. James N. Wathen (U. S. N., Civil 


War) Jan. 28, 1852. He died Aug. 4, 1867. She married second, 
at the home of her sister, Blanche Lyon Caldwell, Indianapolis, July 12, 
1871, John Adams, who died March 23, 1901. Nora Lyon Adams died 
Dec. 26, 1903, Jeffersonville, Ind. She and Captain Wathen, and their 
children, are buried in Walnut Ridge Cemetery. John Adams is 
buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville. 

Children of James N. and Nora (Lyon) Wathen: 

1874. L Lillian MUes; b. Dec. 23, 1853; d. April 20, 1860. 

1875. II. Sidney Athenasins; b. July 13, 1856; d. Dec. 29, 1866. 

1476. VIII. 1056. BLANCHE** LYON (CALDVvELL) [Sidney S. 
Jonathan W.^, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was 
born in Louisville, Ky., May 23, 1839. She was married at the 
"Octagon," May 23, 1859, to William Wallace Caldwell who was born 
in Portsmouth, O., Aug. 3, 1834, and died in Chicago, Nov. 2, 1891. 
He was Captain in the 23rd Indiana Infantry, and Colonel of the 81st 
Indiana Infantry in the Civil War. Col. Caldwell is buried In the 
Walnut Ridge Cemetery. 

Children of "William W. and Blanche (Lyon) Caldwell: 

•1876. I. WUliam Lyon; b. Jeffersonville, Ind., April 20, 1860; res. Indian- 
apolls, Ind. 

♦1877. II. Jessie Mary; b. Jeffersonville, July 17, 18 ; m. 1st, BlI Shaw; 

m. 2nd, Michael Joseph Reis; res. East London, South Africa. 

1878. III. Mildred Downey; b. Indianapolis, Ind., May 3, 1873; d. Chlcagro, 
Sept. 26, 1898; burled Walnut RId&e Cemetery. 

1477. VIII. 1056. MILDRED COSBY« LYON (HAND) [Sidney S.'. 
Jonathan W.6, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was 
born in Louisville Ky., Dec. 8, 1841, and lives (1905) near Jefferson- 
ville, Ind., with her sister, Sidney E. Lyon, at the "Octagon." She 
was married March 4, 1862, at the "Octagon," to Capt. George Dallas 
Hand, of Allentown, Pa., born 1830; died Nov. 5, 1892. He was 
Captain in Lochiel Cavalry, Pa., and Major of Artillery in the Civil War. 

Daughter of George D. and Mildred Cosby (Lyon) Hand: 

*1879. I. Blanche Vincent; b. at the "Octagon," Aug. 19, 1867; m. Alex- 
ander H. Simmons; res. Chicago, 111. 

1479. VIII. 1056. JOHN CHARLES^ LYON [Sidney S.', Jon- 
athan W.6, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was born 
in Jeffersonville, Ind., Aug. 8, 1847, and lives (1905) at East Orange, 
N. J. He married at East Orange, Sept. 26, 1877, Amy Ellison Myers. 
He is a charter member of the Orange Chapter of the Sons of the 
American Revolution. 


Children of John Charles and Amy SUison (Myers) Lyon: 

1880. I. Charles Albert; electrical engineer; b. East Orange, N. J., Dec. 31, 
1878; grad. Princeton, 1901; in Cornell 1905; won distinction in athletics, but d. of 
diphtheria, March 26, 1907 in East Orange; buried at Rosedale Cem. 

1881. II. Harry Ellison [Henry]; b. East Orange, Jan. 26, 1880; grad. 
Princeton, 1901; In New York Law School 1905. 

1882. III. Natalie Vincent; b. East Orange, Feb. 18, 1881. 

1883. IV. Chester Myers; b. East Orange, Jan. 2, 1884; in Princeton Col- 
lege (1905). 

1480. VIII. 1056. FLORENCES LYON (STANTON) [Sidney SJ, 
Jonathan W.^, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was 
born in Jeffersonville, Ind., Feb. 1, 1849. She was married at the 
"Octagon," Jan. 18, 1870, to Charles Benjamin Stanton, of Winchester, 
Mass., who was born in New Orleans, La., Nov. 9, 1840. They lived 
formerly in Western Springs, Cook County, 111., but removed in 1906 
to Tacoma, Wash. The children of Florence Lyon Stanton were 
educated in Europe. 

Children of Charles Benjamin and Florence (Lyon) Stanton: 

1884. I. Mary Adelaide; b. Oct. 16, 1871, at the "Octagon." 

*1885. II. Helen Vincent; b. Jeffersonville, Ind. Nov. 7, 1873; m. 1st, Lorln 
A. Etter; m. 2nd, James Edward Breed; res. Western Springs, 111. 

1886. III. John Charles; b. at the "Octagon," Jan. 14, 1876; not married. 

1887. IV. Victor Burleigh; b. Chicago, Dec. 3, 1878; married in Chicago, 
June S, 1901, James Bertram Currie. 

1482. VIII. 1056. VICTOR WATHEN* LYON [Sidney S.', Jon- 
athan W.6, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] University 
of Michigan, Geologist, Palaeontologist and Civil Engineer, was born 
In Jeffersonville, Ind., June 29, 1853. Present address, Jeffersonville, 
cor. Pearl and Market Sts. He married at Jeffersonville, Nov. 26, 
1886, Gertrude Pettit. 

Children of Victor W. and Gertrude (Pettit) Lyon: 

1888. I. Mary Vincent; b. Aug. 5, 1888, at the "Octagon." 

1889. II. Mildred Florence; b. Jan. 13, 1890, at the "Octagon." 

1890. III. Sidney Peyton; b. Jan. 29, 1894, at Jeffersonville, Ind. 

1492. VIII. 1059. ALICE VIOLA* TAYLOR (BIERCE) [Eliz- 
abeth W.7, (Lyon), Jonathan Wfi, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin 
Esq.^ Henry'] was born in Cincinnati, O., May 12, 1842. She mar- 
ried in Cincinnati, Rev. Daniel Everette Bierce (Presbyterian Church), 
who died at Oxford, 1896. 

Children of Daniel E. and Alice Viola (Taylor) Bierce: 

1891. I. Harold. 

1892. II. Constance E.; ra. Charles W. Jayred, Cleveland. O. 

1893. III. Ernest. 

1894. IV. Everette 8. 


1496. VIII. 1059. OAKLEY ROBINSON* TAYLOR [Elizabeth 
W.' (Lyon), Jonathan Wfi, James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.', 
Henry'] was born March 28, 1852, and now (1905) lives in Greenville, 
S. Carolina. He married in Cincinnati, Oct. 16, 1873, Kate Celest 

Children of Oakley K. and Kate C. (Tanner) Taylor: 

•1895. I. AUce Louise; b. Cincinnati. Aug. 13, 1875; m. Robert Charlei 

•1898. II. Edith Sara; b. Cincinnati, Oct. 25, 1877; m. James Rose Rutledge. 

•1897. III. Helen Marie; b. Cincinnati, May 25, 1881; m. Samuel Edward 

1898. IV. Frank Gordon; b. Cincinnati, July 6, 1883. 

1899. V. Madge Gordon; b. Pleasant Ridge, O., July 8, 1885; m. at Green- 
ville, S. Carolina, May 28, 1904, Samuel Durand Adams. 

1900. VI. Grace Irwin; b. W^ilmington, Clinton Co., O., Feb. 8, 1893. 

1507. VIII. 1064. PERCY LYON^ BETTS [Martha J.' (Lyon), 
Jonathan W.e, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, Henryi] was 
born March 7, 1854. He married at Alton, 111., Feb. 1, 1881, Flora M. 

Matthews. ^ 

Children of Percy L. and Flora M. (Mathews) Betts: 

1901. I. Edith M.; b. Jan. 31, 1884. 

1902. II. Marjory; b. Sept. 25, 1891. 

1903. III. Elden; b. Oct. 18, 1893. 

1508. VIII. 1064. ADA BLANCHE" BETTS (LOWE) [Martha 
J.7 (Lyon), Jonathan W.e, James5, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, 
Henry'] was born Sept. 27, 1857. She married, Jan. 1884, William 
Wescott Lowe. 

Children of V7111iam W. and Ada Blanche (Betts) Lowe: 

1904. I. Gilbert Ames; b. July 16. 1887. 

1006. II. Raymond Betts; b. Sept. 7, 1893. 

1510. VIII. 1064. RAYMOND DARE' BETTS [Martha J.' 
(Lyon), Jonathan W.e, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, 
Henryi] was born Dec. 7, 1861. He maried at Woodlawn, Ala., Nov. 13, 
1888, Florence Wood. 

Children of Raymond Dare and Florence (Wood) Betts: 
1906. L Grace WUson; b. Nov. 21, 1889. 

1007. II. BusseU Wood; b. Oct. 9, 1891. 

1511. VIII. 1064. EDWARD EVERETT" BETTS [Martha J.' 
(Lyon), Jonathan W.g, JamesS, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Esq.2, 
Henryi] was born Aug. 30, 1863. His home is in Chattanooga, Tenn. He 
married in that place, April 10, 1889, Sarah Aull. 


Children of Edward E. and Sarah (AuU) Belts: 

1908. I. Clifford AiiU; b. March 4, 1890. 

1909. II. Katherine; b. June 4, 1892. 

1910. III. Edward Everett; b. Nov. 3, 1895. 

1513. VIII. 1064. JOHN SIDNEY' BETTS [Martha J.' (Lyon). 
Jonathan Wfi, Jamess, Moses*, Benjamins, Benjamin Bsq.2, Henryi] was 
born March 31, 1868. He married in Chattanooga, Tenn,, May 1, 
1891, Anna M. Johnson. Res. (1905) Chattanooga. 

Daughter of John Sidney and Anna M. (Johnson) Betts: 

1911. I. Helen Anderson; b. May 3, 1893. 

1521. VIII. 1072. WILLIAM MARION* LANGDON [Joanna' 
(Lyon), James", James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.*, Henry'] 
was born Nov. 16, 1840, and died in Cincinnati, Feb. 29, 1904. He 
served all through the Civil War, and was wounded at the battle of 
Shiloh. He married, Dec. 29, 1869, Maria Clark. 

Children of William M. and Maria (Clark) Langdon: 

1912. I. Stanley M.; b. June 26, 1873. 

1913. II. Helen C; b. Sept. 7, 1877; m. Frank C. Workman, Raleigh, N. 
C, one son, Chester li. Workman. 

1533. VIII. 1075. FLORA CARDER' LYON (BARRETT) [James 
C, James', James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^, Henry*] was 
born March 25, 1854. She married, April 29, 1875, Edward L. Barrett. 

Children of Edward L. and Flora Carder (Lyon) Barrett: 

1914. I. Nellie. 

1915. II. Arthur. 

1916. III. Herbert. 

1917. IV. Walter. 

1918. V. Mabel. 

1919. VI. Bertha. 

[James CJ, James', James', Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.'', Henry'] 
was born Nov. 21, 1859. She married, Oct. 10, 1889, Theodore Hohl. 

Children of Theodore and Caroline Gertrude (Lyon) Hohl: 
19S0. I. Russell Lyon: b. 1891. 

1921, II. Willard Hoffman [a daughter] ; b. 1893. 

1922. IIL Ruth; b. 1895. 

1536. VIII. 1075. HARVEY CLARK8 LYON [James CJ, JamesS, 
James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born Feb. 4, 
1864. At the age of six he came with his parents to Springfield, 
Ohio, where he made his permanent home. He married, Oct. 6, 1887, 
Sarah Clark. 


Children of Harvey C. and Sarah (Clark) Lyon: 
1933. I. Jessie Clark; b. July 12. 1888. 

1924. II. Amanda D.; b. Feb. 5, 1893. 

1925. III. Mary Crosley; b. 1896. 

1574. VIII. 1092. MARY FRANCES8 LYON (HOPPER) [James?, 

Moses', James^ Moses', Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry*] was born 

Oct. 4, 1844. She married, Jan. 9, 1866, Livingston H. Hopper, born 
1837, died 1885. 

Children of Livingston H. and Mary Prances (Lyon) Hopper: 

1926. I. Harry Livingston; b. April 15, 1867; m. Elizabeth Rouse; a 
daughter, Stella May, b. Dec. 26, 1890. 

1937. II. Harriet Elizabeth; b. Jan. 30, 1872; m. James Grler; children: 
1. Clara May, b. 1894; 2. Minnie Frances, b. 1897. 

1928. IIL Charles Weltard; b. Dec. 9, 1874. 

1929. IV. Minnie Alice; b. March 12, 1877. 

1930. V. Blanche May; b. March 12, 1877. 

1577. VIII. 1092 JOHN ROBINSON' LYON [James J.', Moses», 
James", Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^, Henry*] was born Oct. 18, 
1850. He married, July 21, 1875, Flora A. Brown, Cincinnati. 

Children of John R. and Flora A. (Brown) Lyon. 

1931. I. Frank Thompson; b. Sept. 3. 1876; d. April 16, 1877. 
1933. II. Flora Josephine; b. Sept. 7, 1878. 

1933. IIL Harriet EUiott; b. Nov. 28, 1880. 

1934. IV. Archibald J.; b. Sept. 27, 1884. 

1578. VIII. 1092. SALLIE BURKE' LYON (PRICE) [James J.', 
Moses', James', Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry*] was born 
Jan. 10, 1855. She married, Nov. 7, 1877, John Henry Price. 

Children of John Henry and Sallie Burke (Lyon) Price: 

1935. I. Hattie E.; b. Jan. 21, 1878. 

1936. IL Ethel Bay; b. Aug. 11, 18 83. 

1937. IIL Edna May; twin sister of Ethel. 

1938. IV. John Henry; b. Jan. 22, 1885; d. . 

1939. V. Myrtle Fay; b. Jan. 13, 1886; d. . 

1940. VL SaUie Burke; b. Aug. 15, 1888; d. 

1941. VII. Stanley Wright; b. Jan. 24, 1891. 

1583. VIII. 1097. DOCTOR LEWIS MARION' PERRY [Caroline 
B.'' (Lee), Elizabeth W." (Lyon), James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin 
Esq.=, Henry*] was born at New Castle, Ky., Sept. 1, 1836. He was 
married, May 19, 1874, by Rev. Mr. Moore, to his first wife, Catharine 
Latham Broadwell, born Jan. 1, 1858, died Dec. 14, 1883. He mar- 
ried for his second wife, at Lincoln, 111., June 28, 1888, Sarah Malvina 
Enlows, Rev. T. T. Holton performing the ceremony. She was born 
Feb. 13, 1865, at Green Ridge, Pettus Co., Mo. 


Children of Lewis M. and Catharine L. (Broadwell) Perry: 
1B42. I. WilUam Alexander; b. April 17, 1875; d. Dec. 10, 1875. 
1843. II. Lewis Marion; b. Sept. 9, 1876; d. Aug. 8, 1877. 

1944. III. Marion Lee; b. Sept. 16, 1877. 

1945. IV. Buth; b. Broadwell, 111., April 22, 1879; m. Dangerfleld, Texas, 
Aug. 8, 1897, Charles Whitaker Hazelton, of St. Louis, Mo.; a son. Perry Whltaker 
Hazelton, b. June 2, 1900. 

1946. V. Irvin Broadwell; b. Aug. 24, 1880; d. Aug. 1, 1896. 

1947. VI. Tliomas Mellen; b. March 10, 1882. 

1948. VIL Kittle; b. Dec. 12, 1883; d. Dec. 13, 1883 [her mother died the 
following day]. 

Children of Lewis M. and Sarah M. (Enlows) Perry: 

1949. VIII. Wallace Brown; b. Jan. 25, 1891. 

1950. IX. Bobert Boyde; b. Sept. 22, 1892. 

1951. X. Frederick Vernon; b. June 27, 1894. 

[Caroline B.' (Lee), Elizabeth W." (Lyon), James^ Moses', Benjamin', 
Benjamin Bsq.=, Henry'] was born at New Castle, Ky., Oct. 13, 1838. 
She was married, Jan. 1, 1861, by the Rev. Drummond Welburn, to 
Charles McAlister Marshall, son of General Humphrey Marshall of 

Children of Charles M. and Frances W. (Perry) Marshall; 

1952. I. Charles McAlister; b. Sept. 28, 1861; d. . 

1953. II. William Hamphrey; b. March 6, 1864. 

1954. III. Frances FUzabeth; b. 1867; d. . 

•1955. IV. Fleanor Perry [Nellie]; b. Feb. 1, 1870! m. James Joseph 

1585. VIII. 1097. LEONORA LESLIE* PERRY (BOYD) [Caro- 
line P.' (Lee), Elizabeth W.° (Lyon), James^ Moses', Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born in New Castle, Ky., Oct. 23, 1840. She 
was married, April 17, 1873, at Areola, 111., by Rev. Richard Deering, 
to Walter Lacy Boyd, Attorney-at-law, born July 3, 1839, Flemingsburg, 
Ky., son of Senator Wilson Porter Boyd of Kentucky. He died Jan. 
28, 1902, at his home in Sherman, Texas. 

Children of "Walter L. and Leonora L. (Perry) Boyd: 

1956. I. WiUiam Perry; b. Feb. 5, 1874; d. May 5, 1875. 

1957. II. Caroline Elizabeth; b. Sept. 25, 1875; d. Dec. 3, 1885. 

1958. III. Walter Lee; b. Aug. 13, 1876; d. Dec. 3, 1877. 

1959. IV. Mary; b. March 23, 1879, Sherman, Texas. 

1960. V. Anna; b. Sept. 2, 1887, Sherman, Texas. 

[Caroline B.' (Lee), Elizabeth W.' (Lyon), James", Moses', Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.% Henry'] was born at New Castle, Ky., Sept. 24, 1844. 


She was married, Feb. 24, 1881, by Rev. Dr. Black at Natchez, Miss, 
(the home of her parents), to Thomas Meriwether Marks, M. D., of 
Marshall, Texas, born July 2, 1832, Montgomery, Ala., died at Marshall, 
March 26, 1900, after forty years of arduous professional duty. He 
belonged to the 9th Louisiana Infantry, and took part in many of the 
battles of the Civil War. From Sept. 1863, he was one of the 
surgeons at the headquarters of General Robert E. Lee. 

Daughter of Thomas M. and CaroUne A. (Perry) Marks.J 

1961. I. Eleanor Montagrue; b. Nov. 3, 1885, at MarshaU, Texas. 

1588. VIII. 1097. MARY ELEANOR* PERRY (MELLEN) [Caro- 
line B.' (Lee), Elizabeth W.° (Lyon), James', Moses*, Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin Esq.^ Henry^] was born at New Castle, Ky., Nov. 14, 1847. She 
was married, July 16, 1872, by Rev. Richard Deering, to Thomas Lewis 
Mellen, Attorney-at-law, Natchez, Miss., born June 10, 1849. He 
became a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and at 
this date (1904) is Presiding Elder of the Southern District, Hathisburg, 

Children of Thomas L. and Mary Eleanor (Perry) Mellen: 

1962. I. Carol Frances; b. Fayette, Miss., April 27, 1873; m. June 6, 1904, 
Eugene Norrel Baldwin, Johnstown, Pa., b. March, 1875, Mississippi. 

•1963. II. Eleanor Perry; b. Natchez, Miss., June 19, 1875; m. Archibald 
Junius Sneed. 

1964. III. Annie Ambrosia; b. Natchez, Feb. 4, 1878. 

1965. IV. Perry Pepperrell; b. Nov. 6, 1881; d. Nov. 8, 1881. 

1966. V. Fredericli Davis; b. Natchez, Dec. 8, 1882. 

1967. VI. Leonora Lewis; b. Bolton, Miss., Jan. 7, 1886. 

line B.' (Lee), Elizabeth W." (Lyon), James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born at New Castle, Ky., Dec. 17, 1853. She 
was married at Natchez, Miss., Nov. 23, 1881, by Rev. Dr. Black to 
Jasper B. Lewis, born Jan. 1, 1851, in Carroll Co., Ky. His grand- 
father in 1800 came from Virginia to Kentucky and bought much land 
there. Jasper B. Lewis is a planter in Grayson Co., Texas. 

Children of Jasper B. and Flora B. (Perry) Lewis, b. Carroll Co., Ky. 

1968. I. r,ee Meriwether; b. Feb. 1, 1883; d. Feb. 7, 1885. 

JBy a former marriage, with Tooley Robertson, Dr. Marks had two daugh- 
ters: 1. Fannie Sue, b. Oct. 25, 1866; m. Oct. 21, 1891, by Rev. H. Scudday, to 
Clarence Robert CaWert of Louisville, Ky. (Their children: 1. Claud Hamilton; 
2. Thomas 3Iarks; and 3. Kuth Vincent); 2. Willie James, b. Nov. 5, 1868; 
m. July 12, 1892, by Rev. John Matthews, to Rev. Lucius A. Webb of East Texas 
Conference Methodist Episcopal Church South, born In North Carolina (their 
children: 1. Carolyn Perry;. 2. James Meriwether). 


1969. II. Hattie Davis; b. July 6, 18 84. 

1970. III. I/eonora Leslie Davis; b. Sept. 20, 1886. 

1594. VIII. 1098. LEWIS HUNTINGTON" LEE [James P.', 
Elizabeth W." (Lyon), James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.', 
Henry^] was born Aug. 16, 1841. He married at Galesburg, 111., May 
9, 1882, Libbie M. Hoffman, born Sept. 14, 1853. 

Children of Lewis H. and Libbie M. (Hoffman) Lee: 

1971. I. Grace Mary; b. Nov. 15, 1883; m. Feb. 16, 1902, Earl Snapp; d. 

March 9, 1903, Corslcana, Texas. 

1972. II. Roy James. 

1595. VIII. 1098. ADA JOANNA^ LEE (FINCH) [James P.', 
Elizabeth W.' (Lyon), James^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.*, 
Henry^] was born Aug. 14, 1853. She married, Jan. 1, 1880, James 
Hayden Finch, Freestone Co., Texas, born Sept. 26, 1849. 

Children of James H. and Ada Joanna (Lee) Finch: 

1973. 1. Clara; b. Sept. 29, 1880; m. Aug. 6, 1902, Charles ainton Hack- 
ney; d. Feb. 15, 1903. 

1974. II. Matt Scrugg; b. Oct. 9, 1883; d. Dec. 6, 1884. 

1975. III. Fannie Pauline; b. June 2, 1886. 

1976. IV. Sarah Edith; b. Aug. 23, 1889; d. Nov. 14, 1900. 

1599. VIII. 1100. LOUISA^ LYON (SHARDLOW) [DavId^ 
Moses", Moses', Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.", Henry*] was born 
March 13, 1849. She married, March 13, 1873, Winfield S. Shardlow, 
born March 15, 1851. 

Children of Winfred S. and Louisa (Lyon) Shardlow: 

1977. L Frederick C; b. Dec. 22, 1873. 

1978. IL George L,.; b. Oct. 22, 1875. 

1979. III. Louisa; b. Aug. 25, 1878; d. . 

1601. VIII. 1100. GEORGE B.' LYON [David', Moses". Moses', 
Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^, Henry*] was born Dec. 4, 1861. 
He married, Nov. 5, 1890, Jennie Freeman, born July 31, 1866. 

Children of George B. and Jennie (Freeman) Lyon: 

1980. I. Hope; b. Feb. 7, 1894; d. April 15, 1899. 

1981. 11. John Davis; b. March 12, 1900. 

1982. III. Ruth; b. March 14, 1902. 

1603. VIII. 1101. REUBEN ROBIE' LYON [James', Moses», 
Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^ Henry*] was born March 2, 
1857. He married, April 22, 1885, Emma L. Kemp, born Sept. 25, 


Children of Reuben Robie and Emma L. (Kemp) Lyon: 

1983. I. William Kemp; b. Aug. 22, 1886. 

1984. IL Harriet; b. March 28, 1894. 

1985. IIL James; b. Sept. 16, 1897; d. Jan. 16, 1899. 

1605. VIII. 1102. ANNA P.' LYON (OBERT) [Robert M.*. 
Moses^ Moses^ Moses*, Benjamin", Benjamin Esq.^ Henry^] was born 
July 8, 1852. She married, June 9, 1880, Casin B. Obert, bom Jan. 
25, 1847. 

Daughter of Casln B. and Anna P. (Lyon) Obert: 

1986. J. Louise L.; b. Sept. 16, 1888. 

1606. VIII. 1102. HELEN G.^ LYON (ALLEN) [Robert M.\ 
Moses®, Moses^ Moses^ Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born 
Feb. 8, 1854. She married, May 17, 1876, William S. Allen, born March 
9, 1850, died; Feb. 22, 1902. Residence, Bath, N. Y. 

Children of William S. and Helen G. (Lyon) Allen: 

1987. I. Henry 8.; b. Sept. 5, 1877. 

1988. IL Walter G.; b. Dec. 23, 1878. 

1989. III. Henriette G.; b. April 20, 1880; m. Aug. 3, 1904, James Henry 


1990. IV. Robert M.; b. Nov. 28, 1881. 

1991. V. Leila M.; b. July 19, 1885. 

1609. VIII. 1102. MARGARET S.^ LYON (WELLMAN) [Robert 
M.', Moses", Moses^ Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^*, Henry'] was 
born April 4, 1864. She married, June 28, 1888, Thomas C. Wellman, 
born Oct. 5, 1861. 

Children of Thomas C. and Margaret S. (Lyon) Wellman: 

1992. L Robert L,.; b. July 2, 1890. 

1993. IL Catliarine C; b. Oct. 29, 1892. 

1994. IIL Rebecca M.; b. March 30, 1895. 

1619. VIII. 1107. HELENA* WHITING (BAKER) [Pamelia' 
(Woods), Mary B.° (Lyon), Moses', Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq,', 
Henry'] was born Sept. 8, 1843. She married, Sept. 21, 1864, James 
Madison Baker, Pittsfield, Mass. She died April 11, 1889. 

Children of James M. and Helena (Whiting) Baker: 

1995. I. Olive Pamelia; b. July 7, 1866. 

1996. IL Sarali Elizabeth; b. Oct. 11, 1867. 

1997. IIL Helena Whiting; b. May 5, 1871; died May 28, 1873. 

1998. IV. Daisy; b. April 14, 1873; died Aug. 2, 1873. 

1999. V. Mary PhUips; b. March 10, 1875; m. Feb. 18. 1893, Harry Good- 
year Day of New Haven, Conn.; a daughter, Mary Baker Day, b. Feb. 6, 1904. 


1621. VIII. 1107. WILLIAM WOODS' WHITING [Pamelia', 
(Woods), Mary B." (Lyon), Moses^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.*, 
Henry'] was born May 26, 1847, and died Aug. 7, 1899. He married, 
June 4, 1873, Mary Read Spelman, of Albany, N. Y. Lived In Pitts- 
field, Mass. 

Children of William W. and Mary Read (Spelman) Whiting: 

2000. I. Ralph Spelman; b. May 5, 1894; m. April 15, 1903, Mrs. Bertha 
S. Lowe, of Brookline, Mass.; is an architect; address 100 Tremont St., Boston, 

2001. II. Clara Woods; b. Nov. 30, 1875; m. June 4, 1903, at Pittsfleld, 
Mass., William Sargeant, of Spuyten Duyvel, N. T. ; lives in Tonkers, N. T. 

1637. VIII. 1118. JOHN BALL' CLEVELAND [Lydia J.' (Lyon), 
Robert B.", Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^, Henry*] was 
born at Conneaut, Ohio, Aug. 19, 1848. He married at Butte, Mon- 
tana, Feb. 16, 1885, Annie Warfield. 

Children of John B. and Annie (Warfield) Cleveland: 

2002. I. Carlos Warfield; b. Dec. 21, 1889; died April 29, 1898. 

2003. II. Helen; b. May 19, 1895. 

[Lydia J.' (Lyon), Robert B.°, Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin 
Esq.^ Henry'] was born at Conneaut, Ohio, July 3, 1848. She mar- 
ried, April 24, 1873, at Minneapolis, Minn., Aaron Morley Wilcox. 
Residence, Washington, D. C. 

Children of Aaron M. and Helen Mary (Cleveland) Wilcox: 

2004. I. Aaron Cleveland; b. July 13, 1874; d. March 5, 1891. 
2006. II. Horace Wilder; b. Jan. 4, 1876. 

[Lydia J.' (Lyon), Robert B.', Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin 
Esq.=, Henry'] was born at Conneaut, Ohio, May 21, 1860. She mar- 
ried, Oct. 18, 1887, at Minneapolis, Minn., Thomas Sadler Roberts, 
M. D., born Feb. 16, 1858, Germantown, Pa. Residence, Minneapolis. 

Children of Thomas S. and Lydia Jane (Cleveland) Roberts, b. Minnea- 
polis, Minn. 

2006. I. Thomas Cleveland; b. Oct. 11, 1888. 

2007. II. Catharine Lyon; b. Jan. 24, 1890. 

2008. III. John CarroU; b. March 3, 1892. 

1645. VIII. 1119. FANNY HOWES' LYON (COBB) [John B.*, 
Robert B.', Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.*, Henry'] was 
born Oct. 6, 1855. She married, Feb. 7, 1878, at Chicago, 111., Calvin 
Cobb, born July 15, 1853. 



Children of Calvin and Fanny Howes (Lyon) Cobb, born In Chicago: 

2009. I. L,yon; b. Dec. 3, 1879. 

2010. II. Margaret; b. March 27, 1883. 

1646. VIII. 1119. EMILY WRIGHT* LYON (CONGAR) [John 
B.', Robert B.\ Moses^ Moses*, BenjamiIl^ Benjamin Esq.=', Henry*] was 
born Jan. 10, 1861. She married at Chicago, Jan. 22, 1885, William 
P. Congar, born Aug. 1, 1852; died Feb. 21, 1889. 

Daughter of William P. and Eimlly W. (Lyon) Congar: 

2011. I. Cornelia; b. Jan. 21, 1887. 

1647. VIII. 1119. JOHN BACON* LYON JR. [John B.^ Robert 
B.^ Moses^ Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born Nov. 
18, 1863. He married, June 22, 1893, at Boise, Idaho, Mary Howie, 
born 1875. 

Children of John Bacon and Mary (Howie) Lyon: 

2012. I. Robert; b. March 4, 1896; died Sept. 12, 1901. 

2013. II. Margaret; b. June 14, 1899. 

[John B.', Robert B.^ Moses\ Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ 
Henry'] was born Feb. 7, 1869. She married, June 23, 1892, at Chi- 
cago, Robert Hamill, born Dec. 8, 1863. 

Children of Robert and Catharine Bacon (Lyon) HamlU: 

2014. I. Robert Lyon; b. April 4, 1899. 

2015. II. Catharine L,yon; b. Jan. 9, 1901. 

2016. III. Emily; b. Nov. 8, 1902. 

2017. IV. Frances; b. March 30, 1904. 

1652. VIII. 1123. BENJAMIN F.* WADE [Clarissa' (Lyon), 
Robert B.*', Moses^ Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was 
born Nov. 30, 1866. He married Helen Thomas, born April 19, 1870. 

Children of Benjamin F. and Helen (Thomas) "Wade: 

2018. I. Benjamin F. Jr.; b. Jan. 13, 1892. 

2019. II. Helen; b. 1898. 

1654. VIII. 1123. JOHN PARSONS* WADE [Clarissa' (Lyon), 
Robert B.", Moses^ Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was 
born May 14, 1872. He was Lieutenant on the staff of Gen. Ben- 
jamin F. Wade, his father, during the war in Cuba, and was given the 
honor of being the person to raise "Old Glory" over Moro Castle. 
He married Maude Tracy, born Aug. 27, 1872. 

Daughter of John P. and Maude (Tracy) Wade: 

2020. L Tracy [a dau.] b. Sept. 14, 1898; d. 1902. 


issa' (Lyon), Robert B.', Moses", Moses*, Benjamin*, Benjamin Esq.*, 
Henry^] was born Sept. 4, 1873. Slie married in 1891, Lieut. John 
Murray Jenkins, Fifth Cavalry, U. S. A. He was born in South 
Carolina, Nov. 15, 1863. 

Children of John M. and Clarissa Lyon (Wade) Jenkins: 

2021. I. James; b. Oct. 1, 1892. 

2022. II. John Murray; b. 1893. 

2023. III. Wade; b. 1899. 

2024. IV. Robert; b. 1901. 

1656. VIII. 1124. ROBERT LYON' STEARNS [Pauline' (Lyon), 
Robert B.^ Mos•es^ Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was 
born March 14, 1872, He married in Nashville, Tenn., Feb, 2, 1898, 
Laura Freeman. Residence, Ludington, Mich. 

Children of Robert L. and Laura (Freeman) Stearns: 

2025. I. Paulina; b. March 3, 1900. 

2026. II. Robert. 

2027. III. Ross Freeman. 

1658. VIII. 1125. EMILY CLARISSA' LYON (GARY) [Thomas 
R.', Robert B.", Moses^ Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] 
was born Oct. 11, 1878. She married in Chicago, March 31, 1902, 
John W. Gary, born Aug. 8. 1859, 

Son of John W. and Emily Clarissa (Lyon) Gary: 

2028. I. Kellogg; b. Feb 28. 1903. 

1659. VIII. 1125. JOHN KELLOGG' LYON [Thomas R.', Robert 
B.', Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born July 
19, 1880. He married in Chicago, June 3, 1902, Adeline Richardson, 
born April 8, 1882. 

Children of John K. and Adeline (Richardson) Lyon: 
. 2029. I. £thel Richardson; b. Sept. 28, 1903. 
2029a. II. Harriet; b. Aug. 24, 1905. 

[Thomas R.', Robert B.', Moses", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.', 
Henry'] wsa born April 12, 1882. She married in Chicago, Jan. 14, 
1903, Calvin Fentress, born May 22, 1879. 

Children of Calvin and Paulina Stearns (Lyon) Fentress: 
2030. I. Thomas Lyon; b. Feb. 8, 1904. 
2030a. II. Mary; b. June 18, 1905. 

1673. VIII. 1131. EDWARD' LYON [Sterne H.', Abner P.*, 


Moses', Moses*, Benjamin*, Benjamin Esq.^ H-enry*] married Clara 

Daughter of Edward and Clara (Pierce) Lyon: 

2031. I. Yinnie Amanda. 

1674. VIII. 1131. HELEN* LYON (PARR) [Sterne H.», Abner 
P.', Moses', Moses*, Benjamin*, Benjamin Esq.*, Henry'] married 
William Parr. 

Son of William and Helen (Lyon) Parr: 

2032. I. Arthur. 

1675. VIII. 1131. JENNIE* LYON (HATCH) [Sterne H.', Abner 
P.*, Moses', Moses*, Benjamin*, Benjamin Esq.*, Henry*] married Dana 

Daughter of Dana and Jenne (Lyon) Hatch: 

2033. I. Alice. 

1678. VIII. 1131. ALICE LAURA* LYON (PUTNAM) [Sterne 
H.', Abner P.«, Moses', Moses*, Benjamin*, Benjamin Esq.*, Henry*] 
married Arthur Putnam. 

Daughter of Arthur and Alice Laura (Lyon) Putnam: 

2034. I. Laura. 

1708. IX. 1213. ALICE GROUT* LYON (SCOTT) [Eldridge M*', 
Isaac', Stephen S.», John', John*, Isaac*, Thomas*, Henry*] was born In 
Detroit, Mich., July 9, 1879. She is a graduate of Wellesley College, 
class of 1902. She was married, June 30, 1903, at Redlands, Calif., 
to Donald Scott. 

Son of Donald and Alice Grout (Lyon) Scott: 

2035. I. Alexander I-yon; b. Redlands, Calif., April 2, 1904. 

1768. IX. 1311. JOHN M." COX [David S.*, Sarah» (Clark), 
William', Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph*, SamueP, Henry*] was 
born in 1820. He married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick. 

Children of John M. and EHzabeth (Kirkpatrick) Cox: 

2036. I. Elizabeth J.; m. John H. Lampson. 

2037. II. David; res. Chicago. 

2038. III. WUiiam. 

2039. IV. James. 

2040. V. Amoetta; m. Leonard Halsey. 

2041. VL John C. 

All except David of Oregon. 


1769. IX. 1311. DANIEL Y.» COX [David S.\ Sarah' (Clark), 
William", Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', Samuel', Henry'] was 
born in 1822. He married Catherine Grissey. 

Children of Daniel T. and Catherine (Grissey) Cox: 

2042. I. Wlnfleld S. 

2043. II. Ellen Virginia. 

2044. III. Martha. 

2045. IV. David S. 

2046. V. Edmund James. 

2047. VI. George G., res. Chicago. 

2048. VII. Mary S. 

All except George, of Burlington, la. 

1771. IX. 1311. JOSEPH W." COX [David S.*, Sarah' (Clark), 
William", Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph\ Joseph^ SamueP, Henry^] was born 
in 1828. He lives in Miami County, Ohio. He married Julia A. 

Children of Joseph W. and Julia A. (Brown) Cox: 

2049. I. WiUiam; m. Amanda ; res. Dayton, Ohio. 

2050. II. Mary J.; res. Union City, Ind. 
2061. III. Samuel. 

2052. IV. OUver. 

2053. V. Charles. 

1773. IX. 1311. MARY B.' COX (WRIGLBY) [David S.», Sarah' 
(Clark), William", Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph^ SamueP, Henry'] 
was born in 1834. She married Irvin Wrigley. 

Children of Irvin and Mary E. (Cox) Wrigley: 

2054. I. Mary E.; m. J. B. Francis. 

2055. II. EUa R.; res. Springfield, Ohio. 

2056. III. Sarah C; m. Charles Knapp. 

1781. IX. 1312. ROSETTA B.» ALLEN (ADAIR) [Elizabeth* 
(Cox), Sarah' (Clark), William", Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph*, 
SamueP, Henry'] married James F. Adair. 

Children of James P. and Rosetta B. (Allen) Adair: 

2057. I. Emma; m. Alva Vanscoy: children: 1. Roy; 2. May. 

2058. II. Clara; m. Michael Moore; a son, Harry. 

2069. III. Mary; m. Frank J. Forth; a son, Frank J.; res LaFayette, Ind. 

1782. IX. 1313. MELINDA» HADDIX (McCULLEY) [Sarah* 
(Cox), Sarah' (Clark), William", Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', 
SamueP, Henry'] was born in 1817. She married George W. McCulIey, 
of Fairfield, Ohio. 


Children of George W. and Mellnda (Haddlx) McCuUey: 

2060. I. George W. 

2061. II. Thomas. 

2063. III. Sarah; m. Goff. 

2063. IV. James M. 

2064. V. Andrew. 

2065. VI. Charles. 

1786. IX. 1313. WILLIAM CLARK" HADDIX [Sarah' (Cox), 
Sarah' (Clark), William", Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Josephs Samuel*, 
Henry^] married Anna Lahibert. 

Children of William and Anna (Lambert) Haddix: 

2066. I. Sarah Alice; m. 1st George W. Kline, a son, William; b. 1868 
(res, Chicago); m. 2nd James D. Moates; children: 1. Harry, b. Dec. 1878 (m. 
Lola Lock; res. Dayton, Ohio); 2. Josie May, b. May 5, 1885; Sarah Alice died 
Sept. 1896. 

2067. II. Liaura; m. Frank H. Judson; one son, L«wis J.; res. Dayton, 

[Sarah' (Cox), Sarah' (Clark), William', Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, 
Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] married first Dr. Bacon (no issue) and 
second, Dr. Charles G. Hartman. 

Children of Charles G. and Sarah E. (Haddix) Hartman: 

2068. I. John. 

2069. II. Thomas; ra. Ida Stevenson; a daughter, Eva Pearl, res. Osborn, 

2070. III. Benjamin. 

2071. IV. Sarah Elizabeth; m. James Llndsley. 

2072. V. Ida Alice; m. Edward Fralna. 

1788. IX. 1313. GEORGE' HADDIX [Sarah« (Cox), Sarah* 

(Clark), William', Rebecca'* (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry*] 
married Harriet Cosard. 

Children of George and Harriet (Cosard) Haddix: 

2073. I. IsabeUa; m. Thayer. 

2074. II. Martin. 

1789. IX. 1314. MARY MATILDA' COX (JOHNSTON) [John*, 
Sarah' (Clark), William', Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, 
Henry*] was born Oct. 15, 1822, and died March 27, 1855. She married 
William M., son of Zebulon Johnston, of Yellow Springs, O. He was 
born Oct. 23, 1815, and died Nov. 18, 1865. 

Children of William M. and Mary Matilda (Cox) Johnston: 

2075. I. Alice Amelia; b. Aug. 1846; d. Deo. 22, 1869. 
t076. II. Tryphenla B.; b. Jan. 1. 1848; d. Feb. 11, 1873. 


2077. III. Leonides E.; b. July 28, 1850; m. at Rushvllle, 111., Feb. 28, 
1874, Mary Jane Homey (b. 1850); children: 1. Sadie B., b. April 3, 1875; d. 
1875; 2. Alice Hannah, b. Oct. 29, 1876; 3. Clara I., born Aug. 13. 1878; 4. 
OUve J., b. April 18, 1880; 5. Nellie R., b. March 6, 1882; 6. Lelah E., b. Oct. 

4, 1883; d. Aug. 23, 1901; 7. Anna, b. Jan. 10, 1886. 

2078. IV. John Zebulon; b. April 20, 1853; died 1860. 

2079. V. Charles Clark; b. March 11, 1855; d. 1855. 

1790. IX. 1314. JONATHAN CLARK' COX [John*, Sarah' 
(Clark), WilIiam^ Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] 
was born Jan. 6, 1828, and died Aug. 19, 1897. He married Nov. 1850, 
Emeline, daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Fisher) Bresler, born April 
7, 1830; died Feb. 9, 1903, Zenia, O. 

Son of Jonathan C. and Emeline (Bresler) Cox: 

2080. I. Edwin B. [Prof.]; b. Nov. 29, 1851; m. Mary Holtz; children: 1. 
I/ewis C; 2. Zella; 3. Edwin B. 

[John', Sarah' (Clark), William', Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', 
SamueP, Henry'] was born April 17, 1831, She married first, Edward 
Staat, and second, John Wallace of Clark County, Ohio, who died March 
3, 1904; residence, Osborn, Ohio. 

Children of Edward and Elizabeth (Cox) Staat: 

2081. I. John Cnyler; res. Victor, Calif. 
2083. II. Harriet; died 1864. 

1792. IX. 1314. JULIA ANN'' COX (WORLEY) [John', Sarah' 
(Clark), William', Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] 
was born Nov. 24, 1833, and died Jan. 27, 1898. She married Joseph 
B. Worley, born in Pennsylvania, died at Osborn, Ohio, Oct. 1888. 

Children of Joseph B. and Julia Ann (Cox) Worley: 

2083. I. Joseph Cox; m. Louisa M. Holtzapple; children: 1. Julia; 2. 
Mary; 3. Rachel. 

2084. II. John B.; m. Frances Clark; children: 1. Charles; 2. Robert; 
3. John; 4. Helen; 5. Alice; 6. Henry; 7. Chloarma; 8. Joseph; 9. 

2085. III. Harriet Elizabeth; m. Jason Keiver; children: 1. Willard; 2. 

1793. IX. 1314. WILLIAM HENRY" COX [John', Sarah' (Clark), 
William', Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] was 
born Feb. 11, 1836, and died April 14, 1887. He married Mary E. 

Son of William H. and Mary E. (Judson) Cox: 

2086. I. Oliver W.; m. Mary ; children: 1. William; 2. 

Esther; 3. Robert. 


1794. IX. 1314. JOHN C.° COX [John*, Sarah' (Clark), William', 
Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry^] was born Aug. 2, 
1841. His home is in Dayton, Ohio. He married first, Aug. 26, 1863, 
at Elizabethtown, Pa., Sarah, daughter of Sampson and Caroline^ 
(Schneider) Reese, born May 25, 1843, near Mount Joy, Lancaster 
County, Pa.; died Dec. 25, 1887, at Dayton, Ohio. He married 
second, Oct. 11, 1888, at Danville, 111., Maria, daughter of John and 
Nancy (Herr) Markley; born Dec. 25, 1845, in York County, Pa.§ 

Children of John C. and Sarah (Reese) Cox: 

2087. I. Carrie E.; b. Aug. 6, 1871. 

2088. II. Robert Chapin; b. July 26, 1880; m. Aug. 31. 1903, Caroline L,olB, 
daughter of Mrs. Anna Cowen Sanders, of Newark, N. J.; res. Springfield, Mass.; 
a son, John PhUip, b. Aug. 19, 1905. 

1795. IX. 1314. THEODORE F.' COX [John^ Sarah' (Clark), 
William^ Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] was 
born April 10, 1846. He married Margaret, daughter of Dr. C. C. 
Hosver, of Osborn, O. 

Children of Theodore and Margaret (Hosver) Cox: 

2089. I. Margaret H.; b. Dec. 31, 1869; m. Jonah WoUaston, who died 
May, 1898. 

2090. II. John Beuben; b. Aug. 1872; res. Dayton, Ohio; he was several 
years in the army. 

2091. III. Ada Catharine; b. 1874; d. . 

2092. rv. Mary [Mellle] ; b. Jan. 9, 1878; d. June 2, 1887. 

1796. IX. 1315. JOHN THOMAS' COX [Isaac*, Sarah' (Clark), 
William", Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] was born 
in 1822. He married Catharine R. Allison, of Fort Scott, Kansas. 
For several years he was U. S. Indian Agent at Fort Scott. 

Children of John T. and Catharine (Allison) Cox: 

2093. I. Ann H. 

2094. II. Clara; m. George McDlarmld. 

2095. III. John T. Jr.; m. Elizabeth Fayan. 

2096. IV. Herbert F. 

2097. V. Charles W. 

2098. VI. L.ydia Cosad; na. James W. Johnston. 

1797. IX. 1316. HARRIET" MARTIN (CONKLIN) [Mary* (Cox), 
Sarah' (Clark), William", Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, 
Henry'] was born in 1827. She married Henry Conklin, from Morris- 
town, N. J. to Middletown, Ohio, son of Stephen and Abigail (Cook) 

tCaroline was daughter of Capt. Caspar Schneider, a soldier of the Revo- 

"i^Mr^ C(^x has taken an enthusiastic interest in the Lyon Memorial to which 
he has ' contributed data pertaining to the families of SamueP, Joseph" and 


Children of Henry and Harriet (Martin) Conklln: 

2099. I. Ella F.; m. 1st Charles Cronkhlte; m. 2nd Henry L. Plnney; res. 
Chicago, 111., a dau. Harriet (m. William Bailey, of Chicago; res. Toronto, 

2100. II. Charles H.; residence, Joliet, 111.; m. Jennie ; chil- 
dren: 1. itlaria; 2. Pink. 

2101. III. Grace M.; m. Luke M. Sprietsma; res. Holland, Mich. 

2102. IV. Jennie; d. young. 

2103. V. Harriet. 

1798. IX. 1316. ISABELLA G." MARTIN (JOHNSTON) [Mary* 
(Cox), Sarah' (Clark), William', Rebecca"* (Lyon), Joseph^ Joseph', 
SamueP, Henry'] was born in 1829. She married William M. John- 

Daughter of William M. and Isabella G. (Martin) Johnston: 

2104. I. Sarah; b. Columbus, O., July 28, 1864; m. James Scott McLean; 
a daughter, Bessie [Beatrice] ; Sarah died, Dayton, O., March 8, 1904. 

HAM) [Matilda' (Cox), Sarah' (Clark), William^ Rebecca' (Lyon), 
Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] was born in 1833. She married 
John Needham of Dayton, Ohio. 

Children of John and Sarah E. (Alnsworth) Needham: 

2105. I. Ivy. 

2106. IL Charles. 

2107. III. John. 

2108. IV. Elmer. 

2109. V. Edward. 

2110. VI. Anna. 

2111. VII. William Sanford; res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

1807. IX. 1319. LYDIA' AINSWORTH (PATTERSON) [Matilda' 
(Cox), Sarah' (Clark), William', Rebecca' (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', 
SamueP, Henry'] married Isaac Patterson. 

Children of Isaac and Lydla (Alnsworth) Patterson: 
2113. I. Charles; res. Piqua, O. 

2113. II. Anna; m. Alonzo Glick; res. Piqua. 

1818. IX. 1321. HARRY VAN TYLE^ CLARK [William', Jona- 
than', William', Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'] 
married Louisa Miller. Residence, Dayton, Ohio. 

Children of Harry Van T. and Louisa (Miller) Clark: 

2114. I. Charles li. ; m. Ellen Shower; res. Dayton, O. 
2116. II. Sarah E.; m. William H. McEnheimer. 

2116. III. Aurora; m. William S. Sherer; res. Dayton, O. 

2117. IV. George 8.; m. Lilly Stratten. 

2118. V. Louisa; m. Neil Gates. " 


2119. VI. Clara E.; m. Harry Stelner. 

2120. VII. Henry B.; unmarried. 

1833. IX. 1352. JAMBS GILLISPIE" BUTLER [Joseph C*. 
Abby' (Congar), Joseph', David", Joanna* (Crane), Abigail' (Lyon), 
Joseph^ Henry^] was born May 4, 1850. He married June 16, 1872, 
Amanda Butler. He died April 29, 1889. 

Children of James G. and Amanda (Butler) Butler: 

2121. I. Albert Le Conte; b. Feb. 28, 1874. 

2122. II. Amy Stuart; b. Feb. 13, 1878; m. John Baltls, who died In one 

1835. IX. 1352. LAURA BELL' BUTLER (TAYLOR) [Joseph 
C.*, Abby' (Congar), Joseph', David", Joanna* (Crane), Abigail' (Lyon), 
Joseph^, Henryi] was born Jan. 12, 1859. She married, Sept. 18, 1883, 
Glendy Burke Taylor, born July 9, 1859. Res, Parkland, Louisville, 

Children of Glendy B. and Laura Bell (Butler) Taylor: 

2123. I. Gary E.; b. Jan. 29, 1885. 

2124. II. Eugene W.; b. May 10, 1887; d. July 6, 1890. 

1838. IX. 1355. DOCTOR SAMUEL S. L. S.« SMITH [Abby* 
(Campbell), Deborah' (Congar), Joseph", David", Joanna* (Crane), 
Abigail' (Lyon), Joseph^ Henry'] married in Cincinnati, Ohio, Elizabeth 
Ray Potter, daughter of Rev. Samuel and Phebe (Riggs) Potter. Res. 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Children of Samuel S. L. S. and Elizabeth Ray (Potter) Smith: 

2125. I. Isaac Potter; d. Louisville, Ky., 1904, ae. 20 years, a medical 
student In the University of Louisville. 

2126. II. Elizabeth Bay. 

1870. IX. 1452. CHARLES DAY° DAVIS [Elizabeth* (Day), 
Amos', Samuel', Amos", Mary* (Lyon), Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.', 
Henry'] was born Aug. 25, 1869. He married, April 16, 1896, Florence 
Oberly. Residence, Easton, Pa. 

Son of Charles D. and Florence (Oberly) Davis: 

2127. I. John Oberly; b. Nov. 2, 1898. 

1871. IX. 1473. PAUL VINCENT" HARRIS [Mary M.« (Lyon), 
Sidney S.', Jonathan W.', James", Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.', 
Henry'] was born July 26, 1860 at the "Octagon," Jeffersonville, Ind. 
He married, June 2, 1886, In New York City, Elizabeth Oliver. He 
removed from East Orange, N. J. to San Francisco, Calif., 1907. He 
is one of the Sons of the American Revolution. 


Children of Paul V. and Elizabeth (Oliver) Harris, born In New York City: 

2128. I. £dlth Fanline; b. May 6. 1887. 

2129. II. Ada Edwina; b. Sept. 5, 1892. 

[Mary M.* (Lyon), Sidney S.\ Jonathan W.*, James^ Moses*, Benjamin*, 
Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born Dec. 28, 1862, at JefCersonville, Ind.. 
at the "Octagon." She married, Dec. 4, 1886, at Chicago, Edward 
Arthur James, son of Col. William and Cornelia (Booth) James. 
Their home is in Chicago. 

Children of Edward Arthur and Ada M. P. (Harris) James: 

2130. I. Sidney Vincent; b. Chicago, Aug. 6, 1S8S; in Armour's Institute of 
Technology (Tau Beta Pi) (1907). 

2131. II. Garrett Bell; b. Chicago, Aug. 26, 1890; in Armour's Scientific 
Academy (1907). 

1876. IX. 1476. WILLIAM LYON" CALDWELL [Blanche", 
Sidney S.', Jonathan W.°, James°, Moses*, Benjamin*, Benjamin Esq.*, 
Henry'] was born at Jeffersonville, Ind., April 20, 1860. He married, 
April 17, 1883, at Indianapolis, Ind., where he now (1904) resides, Eliz- 
abeth Juliette Braden. 

Children of "William L. and Elizabeth J. (Braden) Caldwell: 

2132. I. Wallace Lyon; b. July 23, 1888, Indianapolis, Ind. 

2133. II. Braden; b. May 29, 1894. 

2134. III. Dumont; b. May 29, 1894, Indianapolis. 

1877. IX. 1476. JESSIE M.'' CALDWELL (SHAW) (REIS) 
[Blanche* (Lyon), Sidney S.^ Jonathan W.®, James^ Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born in Jeffersonville, Ind. She married 
first, May 8, 1887, Eli Shaw, and second, Dec. 30, 1898, Michael Joseph 
Reis. Residence, East London, S. Africa. 

Child of Ell and Jessie M. (Caldwell) Shaw: 

2134a. I. CaldweU; b. March 4, 1888; d. May 3, 1895; bur. Walnut Ridge 

[Mildred' (Lyon), Sidney S.\ Jonathan W.°, James% Moses*, Benjamin*, 
Benjamin Esq.% Henry'] was born at the "Octagon," Jeffersonville, Ind., 
Aug. 19, 1867. She was married in the old St. Paul's Church, Jeffer- 
sonville, Nov. 19, 1890, to Alexander Hauser Simmons. Residence, 
Louisville, Ky. 

Daughter of Alexander H. and Blanche Vincent (Hand) Simmons: 

2135. I. Mildred Lyons; b. Dec. 17, 1891 at the "Octagon;" d. March 22, 
1897, Louisville, Ky. ; burled at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville. 


1885. IX. 1480. HELEN VINCENT' STANTON (ETTER) [Flor- 
ence* (Lyon), Sidney S.', Jonathan W.', James", Moses*, Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin Esq.^ Henry^] was born at Jeffersonville, Ind., Nov. 7, 1873. 
She married first, at Kansas City, Mo., June 8, 1892, Lorin A. Etter, 
who died in Denver, Colo., Aug. 2, 1899. She married second, at 
Western Springs, 111., Sept. 1, 1906, James Edward Breed. Res. 
(1907) Western Springs, 111. 

Son of Lorin A. and Helen Vincent (Stanton) Etter: 

2136. I. Sidney Stanton; b. Sept. 13, 1893, Kansas City, Mo. 

ley R.*, Elizabeth W.' (Lyon), Jonathan W.", James^ Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.^, Henry^] was born in Cincinnati, O., Aug. 13, 1875. 
She married, Sept. 20, 1894, in Wilmington, Ohio, Robert Charles 

Children of Robert Charles and Alice Louise (Taylor) Edwards: 

3137. I. Robert Irwin; b. Greenville, S. Car., Jan. 31, 1897; d. May 25, 

2137a. II. Katiirine Mary; b. Atlanta, Ga., July 8, 1902. 

1896. IX. 1496. EDITH SARA' TAYLOR (RUTLEDGE) [Oak- 
ley R.*, Elizabeth W.' (Lyon), Jonathan W.°, James", Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.^, Henry^] was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 25, 1877. 
She married at Greenville, S. Carolina, Jan. 4, 1898, James Rose Rut- 
ledge, great grandson of John Rutledge, signer of the Declaration of 
Independence, first State Governor of South Carolina, first provincial 
Governor of South Carolina, appointed Chief Justice by General George 

Son of James R. and Edith Sara (Taylor) Rutledge: 

2138. I. James Oaldey; b. Greenville, S. Car., Sept. 19, 1904. 

1897. IX. 1496. HELEN MARIE' TAYLOR (CONYERS) [Oak- 
ley R.', Elizabeth W.' (Lyon), Jonathan W.', James", Moses*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin Esq.^ Henry^] was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 25, 1881. 
She married in Greenville, South Carolina, Jan. 20, 1902, Samuel 
Edward Conyers of Greenville. 

Daughter of Samuel E. and Helen M. (Taylor) Conyers: 

2139. I. Helen; b. April 19, 1904; died April 23, 1904. 

OUGH) [Frances W.', Caroline B.' (Lee), Elizabeth W.° (Lyon), James", 
Moses*, Benjamin', Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born Feb. 1, 1870. 


She was married, July 17, 1894, at Sherman, Texas, by Rev. J. S. 
Moore, D. D., to James Joseph Scarborough, born July 23, 1863, North 

Children of James and Eleanor [Nellie] P. (Marshall) Scarborough: 

2140. I. Honston Marshall; b. Feb. 2, 1899. 

2141. II. Dorothy; b. April 1, 1901. 

2142. III. Walter Boyd; b. Feb. 8, 1903. 

[Eleanor* (Perry), Caroline B.' (Lee), Elizabeth W.' (Lyon), James*, 
Moses*, Benjamin*, Benjamin Esq.^ Henry'] was born in Natchez. 
Miss., June 19, 1875. She married, July, 1897, in Canton, Miss., 
Archibald Junius Sneed, born Oct. 30, 1871. 

Children of Archibald J. and Eleanor Perry (Mellen) Sneed: 

2143. I. Archibald Junius; b. Canton, Miss., May 12. 1898. 

2144. II. Mellen Perry; b. Canton, Miss., Sept. 29. 1900. 

2145. III. CaroU Ambrose; b. Merldien, Miss., June 3, 1903. 




*2160. Prudence; b. about 1712; m. Joslah Baldwin. 

•2161. Mary; b. about 1720; m. Amos Baldwin, brother of Josiah. 

•2162. Rebecca; b. 1721; m. Matthew Falrchllds. 

•2163. Mary; b. about 1726; m. Ezekiel Younglove. 

2163a. Colonel James Lyon; b. March 1736; m. 1760 Christina (Harmon?), 
b. 1734; d. Feb. 23, 1784. Col. James Lyon lived in Virginia; d. Dec. 29, 1817, 
He had a brother Stephen, possibly No. 2165. 

•2164. Phebe; b. about 1748; m. Samuel Palmer. 

•2165. Stephen; b. 1751; m. Nancy HllL 

•2166. Sarah; b. about 1756; m. Evetts Townley. 

•2167. Elizabeth; b. 1764; m. Ablel Harrison. 

•2168. John H.; b. about 1765; m. Hannah Beach. 

•2169. John; b. about 1770; m. Mary Miller. 

2170. Samuel; b. about 1775; m. Susan, dau. of Ellhu Ogrden, who m. 
Elizabeth Price, dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Whitehead) Price. She was 
b. 1779; d. Aug. 30, 1809; bur. In churchyard of First Presbyterian church, Eliza- 
beth, N. J. 

•2170a. Samuel; b. in New Jersey, Sept. 9, 1780; res. Bennington, Vt. and 
New Hartford, N. Y. 

•2171. Aaron; b. 1799; m. Rachel Townley. 

*2172. James; b. July 1, 1735; a minister; settled at Machias, Me. See 

No. 187a, p. 100. 

•2173. David; b. 1745; res. Elizabethtown. 

2160. IV.(?) . PRUDENCE LYON (BALDWIN), born about 

1712. She married Josiah Baldwin, born 1710; died May 7, 1767, son 
of Joseph Baldwin. 

Children of Josiah and Prudence (Lyon) Baldwin: 
2173a. I. Zenas. 

2174. H. Josiah. 

2175. III. Rebecca. 

2176. IV. Mary. 

2177. V. Jemima. 

2161. IV.(?) . MARY LYON (BALDWIN), born about 1722. 

She married Deacon Amos Baldwin, born 1720; died Feb. 25, 1805; 
buried at Orange, N. J. He was son of Joseph Baldwin. 

Children of Amos and Mary (Lyon) Baldwin: 

2178. I. Lewis. 

2179. IL Sarah; m. Ward. 

2180. III. Daughter; m. Joseph Canfield. 

2162. IV.(?) . REBECCA LYON (FAIRCHILDS), born 

1721; died Aug. 23, 1794. She married, April 5, 1757, Matthew Fair- 
childs, born 1731; died June 5, 1790, at Morristown, N. J. 

Children of Matthew and Rebecca (Lyon) Falrchllds: 

2181. I. Rebecca; bapt. Nov. 12, 1758. 

2182. II. Mehitabel; bapt. Feb. 14, 1762. 


2163. IV.(?) . MARY LYON (YOUNGLOVE), married, 

May 16, 1746, Bzekiel Younglove [Youngblood], of Reddes Town, 
N. J. 

Daughter of Ezeklel and Mary (Lyon) Tounglove: 

2183. I. Dorcas; bapt. Sept. 27, 1747; m. Aug. 31, 1769, Zenas Baldwin 
(possibly No. 2173a). 

2164. V.(?) . PHEBE LYON (PALMER), born about 1748. 

She married, Nov. 30, 1768, Jacob Palmer. 

Son of Jacob and Phebe (Lyon) Palmer: 

2184. I. Samuel; b. Nov. 20, 1769. 

2165. V.(?) . STEPHEN LYON, born 1755; died Nov. 5. 

1845. He married Nancy Hill, born 1755; died Feb. 4, 1840. In 1818, 
Stephen Lyon, with wife Mary and aon and daughter, were admitted 
to the Basking Ridge Church. With them lived Mrs. Charity Hill, 
Mrs. Lyon's mother. Sept. 22, 1814 and Sept 7, 1815, Stephen Lyon 
was chosen Collector. 

Children of Stephen and Nancy (Hill) Lyon: 

2185. I. David. 

2186. II. Mary. 

See also No. 2168. 

2166. V.(?) . SARAH LYON (TOWNLEY) was born about 

1756. She married in 1774 Evetts Townley, born at Canoe Brook, 
Aug. 8, 1751; died July 2, 1826, son of Eppingham and Jemina (Earl) 
Townley. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Sarah (Lyon) 
Townley lived near Northfield, N. J. She survived her husband, and 
was living in 1841. 

Children of Evetts and Sarah (Lyon) Townley: 

2187. I. Jemima; m. Bethuel Meeker. 

2188. II. Isaac; b. May 22, 1777; d. Aug. 23, 1832; m. Sarah Meeker. 

2189. III. Sarah; m. 1st., March 21, 1819, Demas Wade; m. 2nd, Benjamin 

2190. IV. Ladock; m. Harriet Jennings. 

2191. V. Elizabeth; m. Meeker. 

2192. VI. Moses; b. June 4, 1785; d. Sept. 21, 1830; m. Phebe James, b. 
Dec. 28, 1785; d. March 30, 1832. 

2167. V.(?) . ELIZABETH LYON (HARRISON), was born 

in 1764 and died in 1855. She married Abiel Harrison, born May 20, 
1765; died Oct. 16, 1833. 

Children of Ablel and Elizabeth (Lyon) Harrison: 

2193. I. I,ydia; b. Jan. 6, 1792; m. Aaron Condlt. 

2194. II. Stephen; b. May 18, 1793; m. Martha Condlt. 


2195. III. Sarah; b. Dec. 26, 1794; m. Cornelius Doremus. 

2196. IV. Abby; b. March 5, 1798; m. JoBlah Crane. 

2197. V. Hannah; b. March 17, 1799; m. William F. Harris. 

2198. VI. Elizabeth; b. 1801; d. young. 

2199. VII. Eliza; b. March 12, 1804; m. Stephen Squire. 
2199a. VIII. Richard; b. Aug. 9, 1806; m. Mary B. Porter. 

2168. VI.(?) . JOHN H. LYON, born about 1765, is said to 

have been son of Stephen Lyon of Basking Ridge, but if the dates in 
this record are correctly given, this could not have been No. 2165. 
He married, Aug. 7, 1787, Hannah, daughter of William and Susan 
(Sovercool) Beach. They lived in Newton. 

Children of John H. and Hannah (Beach) Lyon: 
2199b. I. Enuna Louisa; d. young. 
2199c. II. Anna. 
2199d. III. James. 

2169. VI.(?) . JOHN LYON, born about 1770-5, was a son 

of Rachel Lyon, widow, of Beardstown, N. J. He married at Morris- 
town, Jan. 7, 1801, Mary, daughter of Isaac Miller of Morristown. 

Children of John and Mary (Miller) Lyon: 

2199e. I. Joanna; m, 1826, John Giles, of Somerset Co. 

2199f. II. Rachel; m. Alfred Reeves. 

2199s. Ill- Jernsha; d. young. 

2170a. VI.(?) . SAMUEL LYON was born in New Jersey, 

Sept. 9, 1780, therefore presumably of the family of Henry. He set- 
tled in Bennington, Vt., where he married, March 11, 1802, Eunice, 
daughter of David Haynes. In 1805 he moved to New Hartford, N. 
Y. He had two sons and four daughters. The youngest daughter was 
still living in 1887, in Utica, N. Y., Mrs. A. R. Grosvenor. Samuel 
Lyon was a large land holder and owned and operated a paper mill. 
He died Jan, 1851. His oldest son's name was John. His second 
daughter, Persia E., m., Dec. 28, 1824, Hiram Shays, son of Daniel 
and Ruth and grandson of Gen. Daniel, leader of Shay's Rebellion. 

2171. VL(?) . AARON LYON, born probably about 1795, 

married Rachel Townley Harrison, born Jan. 1799, died March 22, 1870. 

Children of Aaron and Rachel T. (Harrison) Lyon: 
2199h. I. Amanda; b. Aug. 19, 1828; d. 1881. 
21991. IL Elizabeth; b. June 1831; d. 1870. 
2199J. IIL Caleb; b. Nov. 1833; d. 1835. 

2199k. IV. Martha J.; b. Dec. 14, 1835; m. Sept. 4, 1867, William J. 
Behaut, Tecumseh, Neb. 

21991. V. Albert J.; b. June 11, 1843; d. Oct. 27, 1863 "in the army." 



2172. (187a). V. 66. REV. JAMES' LYON [Zopher*. Capt. Henry*, 
SamueP, Henry'] was born in Newark, N. J., July 1, 1735. He waa a 
graduate of Princeton College, B. A. 1759; A. M. 1762. On the oc- 
casion of taking his Master's degree he made an address which was 
commented on very favorably in the public press. He was licensed 
to preach in 1762 by the Presbytery of New Brunswick and ordained 
by the same body in 1764. He preached several years in Nova Scotia, 
in Onslow (1764) and other places, but he became discouraged and 
determined to return to New Jersey. Just at this time, in 1771, the 
people in the new settlement at Machias, Me., were in search of a 
minister. They engaged James Lyon at a salary of eighty pounds 
a year, to take charge of the new parish, preaching on alternate 
Sabbaths at the West Falls and the East Falls settlements. Thus be- 
gan the relationship maintained with mutual profit and satisfaction 
until terminated by his death June 12, 1794. 

During the Revolutionary war he was a leader in the movement 
to achieve independence. In 1775 he submitted to General Washing- 
ton for the patriots of Maine, plans for the conquest of Nova Scotia. 
His name appears on the roster of a detachment raised in December 
1776 to operate against the British at Cumberland, service 25 days. 
Again in 1777 he has a record of service of three months at Machias, 
for defense. During these trying years he did not receive one dollar 
on account of salary, although eventually the whole amount due him 
as "back pay" v/as made up. 

When the supply of salt was cut off by the interruption of com- 
merce during the war, he established a plant for extracting salt from 
the sea water, the little island on which it was located retaining to 
this day the name "Salt Island." He was a man of forceful personal- 
ity, energetic in secular as well as in religious affairs. He was 
color blind and once purchased a piece of scarlet cloth for a coat, 
supposing that it was black. 

The church over which he presided was organized September 12, 
1782. Meetings had been held at first in Stephen Jones' barn. In 
1774 the first meeting house had been built, by private subscriptions, 
at a cost of $220. The Machias town records contain a number of 
items like the following: "Aug. 10, 1784, a town meeting was held, 



at which it was voted that eighty-six pound's be assessed and raised 
for one year's salary of the Rev. James Lyon. Also it was voted 
that the Rev. James Lyon have the use of the public marsh lots three 
ensuing years."§ 

Rev. James Lyon as a young man showed some talent as a facile 
writer of verse. In the New American Magazine, published at Wood- 
bridge, N. J., there appeared in September 1759, an original ode, 
"Louisburg Taken," signed Nassovian, written by him while yet in 
college. At the Commencement when he was graduated, Sept. 26, 
1759, the concluding number on the program was an "Ode" of his 
composition, set to original music — either his own, or that of his 
friend Francis Hopkinson. In the light of subsequent history, the 
refrain of this composition is interesting: 

"We sing great George upon the Throne, 
And Amherst brave in arms, 
Amherst brave in arnas." 

and again, 

"Happy, happy, happy still. 

Safe from all the alarms of ill 

W^hile George, the friend of man, adorns the throne 

And Amherst shines in arms." 

At the Commencement in May 1761, it is recorded that "there 
was performed an elegant Anthem, composed by James Lyon of New 
Jersey College." There was also given on that occasion "an Ode, 
sacred to the memory of our late gracious Sovereign, George II, 
written and set to music in a very grand and masterly taste by Francis 
Hopkinson, Esq., A. M." There has been recently published an "appre- 
ciation" of these two early cultivators of the art of musical expres- 
sion, by O. G. Sonneck of Washington, D. C. James Lyon published 
several collections of sacred music, notably one first issued in 1762, 
entitled Urania. A new edition of this was advertised in the Penn- 
sylvania Journal in November 1767, as "a choice collection of psalm 
tunes, anthems and hymns, some of them entirely new." Price, ten 

James Lyon married first, Feb. 18, 1768, Martha Holden, of Cape 
May, W. N. J. (born Dec. 24, 1749), who was the mother of his children. 
He married second, Nov. 24, 1793, only a few months before his 
death, Sarah Skillen (Boston Record). She was born 1744 and died 
Oct. 18, 1827 (G. R. Middleboro cemetery, Acushnet). 

§It is stated that at one time he supplied the pulpit of Newtown, L. I., 
1782-1785, but this does not seem probable. Another statement found in the 
New Jersey Archives (XX. p. 383) is that "he is said to have been of Irish 
birth." Both statements no doubt arose from confounding Rev. James Lyon 
of Machias with a Rev. James Lyon of about the same age who came from 
Ireland about 1747 and preached at Brookhaven, L. I. (d. 1786). 


Children of James and Martha (Holden) Lyon, the first two born In Nova 

Scotia, the others In Machias, Me. (dates mostly from Bangor Hist. Magazine): 

2201. I. l,adlam;t b. Jan. 1, 1769. 

•2202. II. Phebe; b. Sept. 26, 1770; d. about 1792; m. John Kelly. 

2203. III. James; b. Sept. 1 (or Jan. 20), 1772. 

2204. V. Jeremiah; b. Jan. 26, 1775; d. Dec. 13, 1783. 

2205. IV. Martha; b. May 1. 1777; d. June 12, 1788. 
•2206. VI. Hannah; b. Nov. 15, 1779; m. William E. Smith. 
•2207. VII. Henry; b. May 20, 1782; m. Betsey Crocker. 

2208. VIII. Sarah Shannon [Sally]; b. June 28 (or Nov. 24), 1784. 

2209. IX. Amelia; b. Oct. 17, 1786; m. Wiliam Mellus.§ 

2202. VI. 2172. PHEBE" LYON (KELLY) [James', Zopher*, 
Henry^ SamueP, Henry'] was born Sept. 26, 1770. She married John 

Children of John and Phebe (Lyon) Kelly: 

2210. I. John S. ["Deacon"]; m. Sarah Seavy; children: 1, Olive; 2, 
John; 3, Sarah. 

2211. II. Martha. 

2212. III. Elizabeth; m. Josiah Noyes of Jonesboro; children: 1, David; 2, 
John; 3, Martha; 4, Maria; 5, Newman; 6, Ira; 7, Julia; 8, George; 9, Sarah. 

2206. VL 2172. HANNAH" LYON (SMITH) [James', Zopher*, 
Henry^ SamueP, Henry'] married William Ellis Smith, son of Samuel 
and Deborah (Ellis) Smith. 

Children of William E. and Hannah (Lyon) Smith: 

2213. I. Stephen. 

2214. II. Maria. 

2215. III. James. 

2216. IV. H. Thacher; m. his cousin, Judith Clark; dau. of Samuel* 
[Parkeri] and Lydla (Smith) Clark; ch. : 1, Edward M. (m. Ida P. Smith and had: 
(a) Henry, m. Alma Sears [ch. Dorothy and Hope], (b) Perley, m. N. Lucretla 
Hooper, (c) Dwight B.; (d) Winslow G.; (e) Harold B.). 

2217. V. William Frederick; m. Deborah Clark; dau. of Samuel and 
Lydia Smith Clark; ch. 1. Frank E. (m. Amelia Itoblnson; one ch., Frederic, 
d. ae. 7.); 2, Tena. 

2218. VI. Charles. 

2219. VII. Henry L,. 

2220. VIII. Caroline. 

2207. VI. 2172. HENRY" LYON [James', Zopher*, Henry', Sam- 
ueP, Henry'] married Betsey Crocker. 

Children of Henry and Betsey (Crocker) Lyon: 

2221. I. Albert; m. Caroline Clark; no ch. 

•2222. IL James; b. 1812; d. Oct. 23. 1847; m. Susan Longfellow. 

tNehemiah Ludlum was a graduate of Princeton, 1762. 

§A Martha Lyon of Machias Is said to have married as second wife Joseph, 
■on of Aaron and Sally (Seavy) Hanscom (before 1800?). A John Lyon and wife 
Sarah had a daughter Sally, born Jan. 21, 1792; m. Feb. 11, 1810, John Dennlson. 


2223. III. Rebecca; m. Henry GalUson; oh. 1, Amelia; 2. Martha; S, 
James Henry. 

2224. IV. Hamiah; died young. 

2225. V. rudlum; died young. 
•2226. VI. WUliam; m. Sarah Getchell. 
♦2227. VII. Amelia; m. Bryant Gates. 
*2228. VIII. Warren; m. Phyzannah Norton. 
•2229. IX. Cyrus; m. Inez Cota. 

•2230. X. Sanford; m. Annie T. Hanscom. 

2226. VII. 2207. WILLIAM' LYON [Henry*, James", Zopher*, 
Henry*, SamueP, Henry'] married Sarah Getchell. 

Children of William and Sarah (Getchell) Lyon: 

•2231. I. George M.; m. Jennie Berry. 

•2232. II. Willie H.; m. Josephine Lelghton. 

2233. III. Amelia G.; m. J. Lincoln; no ch. 

•2234. IV. Simeon G.; m. Hannah Sedgley. 

♦2235. V. Sanford P.; m. Sarah Ellison. 

•2236. VI. Lizzie; m. Willis A. Blood. 

•2237. VII. Andrew G.; m. Catharine Clark. 

2227. VII. 2207. AMELIA' LYON (GATES) [Henry«, James*, 
Zopher*, Henry', SamueP, Henry'] married Bryant Gates of California. 

Children of Bryant and Amelia (Lyon) Gates: 

2238. I. Adalida. 

2239. II. Banning; m. Melissa Hanscom; ch. : 1, Austin D.; 2, George B. 

2228. VII. 2207. WARREN' LYON [Henry«, James", Zopher*, 
Henry^ SamueP, Henry'] married Phyzannah Norton. 

Children of Warren and Phyzannah (Norton) Lyon: 

•2240. I. Otis C; m. Margery Butler. 

2241. II. Annie. 

2242. III. Herbert. 

2243. IV. Cyrus. 

2244. V. Edwin [Edward.] 

2245. VI. Hannah. 

2229. VII. 2207. CYRUS' LYON [Henry*. James", Zoph'or*. 
Henry', SamueP, Henry'] married Inez Cota. 

Children of Cyrus and Inez (Cota) Lyon: 

2246. I. Rebecca. 

2247. II. Alice. 

2248. III. Cyrus. 

2249. IV. Robert. 

2250. V. Arthur. 

2230. VII. 2207, SANFORD' LYON [Henry*, James", Zopher*, 
Henry', SamueP, Henry'] married Annie T. Hanscom. 


Children of Sanford and Annie T. (Hanscom) Lyon: 

2251. I. Licwis; m. Ida J. Myers. 

2252. II. Carrie; m. Charles Denendor; ch. : 1, Frank; 2, Charlie. 

2253. III. Annie; m. Lewis R. Tarr; ch. : 1, Harold; 2, Floyd. 

2254. IV. Addie. 

2255. V. Frank. 

2231. VIII. 2226. GEORGE M.' LYON [William', Henry', James', 
Zopher*, Henry^ Samuel^ Henry'] married Jennie Berry; res. Machias, 
Me., where the family still live (1907). 

Children of George M. and Jennie (Berry) Lyon: 

2256. I. Sarah. 

*2257. II. Phyzannah; m. Simon B. Elwell. 

2358. III. Irving;' m. Lottie Gooch. 

2259. IV. Roscoe; unm. 

*2260. V. Willard; m. Ada Andrews. 

•2261. VL Effle; m. Enoch Howie. 

•2262. VII. Anna [Annie] ; m. Willie Ackley. 

2263. VIII. Josie; unm. 

2264. IX. Lizzie. 

2265. X. Walter. 

2266. XI. MUlie. 

2267. XII. Mary. 

2268. XIII. Carrie; unm. 

2232. VIII. 2226. WILLIE H." LYON [William', Henry', James*, 
Zopher*, Henry', SamueP, Henry^] married Josephine Leighton. 

Son of Willie H. and Josephine (Leighton) Lyon: 

2269. I. Willie; res. Minneapolis, Minn. 

2234. VIII. 2226. SIMEON G.» LYON [William', Henry", James', 
Zopher*, Henry', SamueP, Henry'] married Hannah Sedgley. 

Children of Simeon G. and Hannah (Sedgley) Lyon: 

2270. I. James. 

2271. II. Fred. 

2272. III. Albert. 

2273. IV. Grace. 

2274. V. Mignonette. 

2235. VIII. 2226. SANFORD' P. LYON [William', Henry*. 
James', Zopher*, Henry', SamueP, Henry*] married Sarah Ellison. 

Children of Sanford P. and Sarah (Ellison) Lyon: 
2276. L Marion, sv- , Ut^jAJt-J 7^A i? G- f-? jF 
2276. II. George, t! < h ,, {- 

2236. VIII. 2226. LIZZIE' LYON (BLOOD) [William', Henry*, 
James", Zopher*, Henry', SamueP, Henry'] married Willis A. Blood. 


Children of Willis A. and Lizzie (Lyon) Blood: 

2277. I. Fred. 

2278. II. Charles. 

2279. III. Leon. 

2237. VIII. 2226. ANDREW G.» LYON [WiIliam^ Henry*, 
James", Zopher*, Henry*, SamueP, Henry^] married Catharine Clark, 

Children of Andrew G. and Catharine (Clark) Lyon: 

2280. I. Avoid. 

2281. II. Leda. 

2282. III. WlUle. 

2283. IV. Sadie. 

2284. V. Bradford. 

2285. VI. Percie. 

2286. VII. Ruby. 

2287. VIII. Aubrey. 

2240. VIII. 2228. OTIS C.« LYON [Warren*, Henry«, James*. 
Zopher*, Henry^ Samuel^ Henry'] married Margery A. Butler. 

Children of Otis and Margery (Butler) Lyon: 
•2288. I. Samuel Warren; m. May Staftord. 

2289. II. Annie Lillian. 

2290. IIL Ida Mena. 

*2291. IV. LiUian; m. William Harne. 

2257. IX. 2231. PHYZANNAH" LYON (ELWELL) [George M.», 
William', Henry*, James", Zopher*, Henry*, SamueP, Henry*] married 
Simon B. Elwell. 

Children of Simon B. and Phyzannah (Lyon) dwell: 

2292. I. George. 

2293. II. Herbert. 

2260. IX. 2231. WILLARD" LYON [George M.«, William', 
Henry", James", Zopher*, Henry*, SamueP, Henry*] married Ada 

Children of Willard and Ida (Andrews) Lyon: 

2294. I. Melvln. 

2295. II. Sorris. 

2261. IX. 2231. EFFIE" LYON (HOWIE) [George M.*, WU- 
liam^ Henry*, James", Zopher*, Henry*, Samuel', Henry*] married 
Enoch Howie. 

Children of Enoch and Effle (Lyon) Howie: 

2296. I. John. 

2297. II. MeUus. 

2298. III. Calista. 


2262. IX. 2231. ANNA' LYON (ACKLEY) [George M.', Wil- 
liam', Henry*, James', Zoplier*, Henry^, SamueP, Henry'] married Wil- 
lie Ackley. 

Children of Willie and Anna (Lyon) Ackley: 

2299. I. Cora. 

2300. II. George. 

2301. III. Marion. 
2303. IV. Clayton. 

2288. IX. 2240. SAMUEL WARREN' LYON [Otis C.*, Warren', 
Henry', James', Zopher*, Henry', SamueP, Henry*] married May E. 
Stafford. Residence (1907) Palmer, Mass. 

Children of Samuel "W. and May E. (Stafford) Lyon: 

2303. I. WUfred Otis. 

2304. II. Herbert Warren. 

2305. III. Charles Leslie. 

2291. IX. 2240. LILLIAN' LYON (HARNE) [Otis C, Warren', 
Henry*, James', Zopher*, Henry', SamueP, Henry*] married William 

Children of William and Lillian (Lyon) Harne: 

2306. I. Alice. 

2307. II. Lillian. 

2308. III. Warren. 

2173. V(?). . CAPTAIN DAVID LYON of "North End" 

Elizabethtown, 1745-1802, was no doubt a descendant of Henry Lyon, 
probably in the fifth generation. His parentage has not been ascer- 
tained, but he may be identified without question as the David Lyon 
who was Captain in Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.t 
He was buried in the Elizabethtown Presbyterian Churchyard, his 
tombstone bearing the inscription, "Capt. David Lyon, d. 1802, March 
30, aged 57 years." In 1787 he gave to the village school of his 
neighborhood "a good size bell, which rang many generations to work 
in the long pine forms of the North End school." The old school 
house was destroyed by fire about 1864. The bell was removed to 
Dr. David Pierson's Academy across the road from David Lyon's 
residence, where it remained until this too was burned down, in 
1878. It is now in the museum of the State House in Trenton. Around 
the bell is the inscription: 

"A gift from Capn. David Lyon, 1789," and below this Is cast: 
"Made by David Ross at Eliz. town." Captain David Lyon and 
his wife Rhoda were members of the old Presbyterian Church at Eliz- 


abethtown. They were perhaps parents of David [the tombstone, 
broken off, says, "Brother David, aged 45"] of Aaron, born 1769, 
died Sept. 5, 1854 [he lived on tract X, about at T O on Map of Lyons 
Farms], and of a nameless child who died June 17, 1788, all buried 
in the same churchyard. 

tOfflcial record from the office of the Adjutant General, State of New Jersey: 
It is certified that the records of this office show that David iyon was com- 
missioned Captain, First New York Regiment, New York Continental Line, 
June 28, 1775; commissioned Captain, Colonel Oliver Spencer's Regiment, Con- 
tinental Arm.y, January 1, 1777; joined regiment June 1, 1777; resigned April 
10, 1778. Dated: Trenton, Nov. 9, 1906. 



In the "Lyon Memorial, Massachusetts Families" there is given 
a record of the descendants of a certain John Lyon of Scituate, R. L, 
born probably about 1740, whose parentage had not been ascertained, 
but who was referred doubtfully to the family of William^ Lyon of 
Roxbury. It was stated, however, that he might have been a des- 
cendant of Henry^ Lyon. No new light has been shed upon the 
question of his ancestry, but additional facts have been ascertained 
about other Rhode Island Lyons who seem to have been of the same 
family, and these may be given place here as being perhaps not out 
of their natural connection. We have seen that one branch of the 
family of Henry established itself in Rhode Island, descendants of 
Lieutenant James Lyon (No. 26). James had a brother John who 
married but whose descendants have not been traced. It is quite pos- 
sible that he also settled in Rhode Island, and it would have been 
very natural for him to name one of his sons John. Another son he 
might naturally have named for his uncle Thomas. 

John Lyon of Scituate married, Oct. 27, 1763, in Cranston, R. I., 
Martha Burlingame, daughter of Daniel and Rose (Briggs) Burlingame. 
Three years before, Thomas Lyon had married Huldah, a sister of 
Martha Burlingame. No records have been found as yet in Rhode 
Island of the descendants of this Thomas, whom we may assume to 
hare been a brother of John, although such records no doubt exist. 
It is, however, almost certain that the sons of Thomas removed from 
Rhode Island to Chenango Co., N. Y., as did 'some of the sons of John. 
At all events, three brothers, Samuel, Alexander and "Major" Lyon, 
in 1791, settled at Lyon Brook, Chenango Co., and their descendants 
state that they came either from Connecticut or Rhode Island. The 
circumstance that one of them bore the unusual name Alexander 
is of significance, since Cyrus Lyon, a 'son of John named his oldest 
son Alexander in 1797. That Cyrus and Alexander were cousins there- 
fore, there can hardly be a doubt. Again the circumstance that a 
daughter of Samuel Lyon married a Burlingame — whether in Rhode 
Island or in New York State does not signify — points unmistakably 
to Rhode Island as the home of the emigrants. 

Of the three brothers who came to Chenango Co. in 1791, two, 
Samuel and Alexander, are said to have been previously soldiers In 


the Revolutionary war, having served in a Connecticut regiment. 
Alexander was never married. The third brother "Major" Lyon is 
said to have been killed at Little York "in a fight with the British 
in 1812." The Lyon brothers bought land of Benjamin Hovey, Gov. 
Clinton's land agent, for one shilling an acre. They built a grist 
mill; also, it is said, "a lumber mill and a woolen mill." Samuel 
was the only one of them who raised a family. His wife's name has 
not been ascertained. 

Children of Samuel Lyon: 

I. Daniel; xa. . 

II. Huldah; m. Charles Smith. 

III. Sally; m. Rathbone. 

IV. Betsey; m. Burlingame. 

V. Polly; m. Samuel Pollard. 

VI. Samuel; m. Eddy. 

VII. Lovina; m. John Pollard. 

VII. Liuclna; twin sister of Lovlna; m. Baker. 

IX. Ira; m. . 

X. Lovlca; m. William Smith. 

XI. George Rowley; b. 1800; m. in 1822, Susanne LyonJ; children: 1, 
Henry A., m. Elvira Dyer; 2, Anne E., m. Judson Babcock; 3, George M.. m. 
Eliza Lewis; 4, Mary Alice, unm. ; 5, Susan Alice, m. in 1870 Burdette Holcomb; 
she d. In 1896. 


436e. VI. 156. JOHN S.« LYON [Elijah', Thomas*, Thomas*, 
Thomas^ Henry^] was born Jan. 1796. A belated record received 
from California just as the Lyon Memorial is going to press seems to 
relate to this John S. Lyon, but it states that he died July 1888, ae. 
86 yrs., at Parsippany, N. J., where he was born. [Note discrepancy 
in date of birth], 

John S. Lyon of the California record, m. and had: 

I. Charles; -d. a young man; unm. 

II. Samuel; U. S. Consul at Kobe, Japan; d. 1905; m. three times; by Ist 
wife had: 1, Bigbter; 2. Wilbur; 3, Iiizzie; 4, Gussie; by 2nd. wife had 3 sons. 

III. Henry; b. 1838; d. May 25, 1884; m. and had: 1, Newton 

C. (res. (1907) Lakeside, San Diego, Calif.; married and has 3 ch. ; (a) F. Harry, 

(b) Florence, (c) Marion); 2. Arvilla; d. ; 3. Frank L..; 4. Margaret 

L>.; unm. 

rv. John; m. ; 1 son, John Jr. 

V. Mary; m. Rev. C. Clark and has: 1. Anna; 2, Ada; 3, Grace; 4, Flora. 

103. IV. 41. RACHEL* PRUDDEN (COE) [Joanna" (Lyon), 
Benjamin, Esq.^ Henry'] was born 1718 and died Aug. 1779. She 
married as his second wife Benjamin Coe. He was born 1702 and 
died Dec. 1788. Benjamin Coe came with his mother (who was a 
Wheeler) from Long Island, and was in Newark before 1732. His 

first wife was Abigail , born 1702, died Aug. 12, 1779. The 

will of Benjamin Coe names son Benjamin and four daughters, Mary, 
wife of Moses Roberts, Sarah, wife of David Tuttle, Eunice, wife of 
Joseph Baldwin, and Abigail, wife of David Techenor. 

510a. II. Elizabeth; "dau. of late Capt. William Lyon of Newport;" m. 
Oct. 15, 1823, John S. Weeden, of Bristol, R. I. (Add to record on p. 120). 

REV. DAVID LYON, presumably of the family of Henryi, was born 
at Basking Ridge, N. J., April 27, 1812, and died at his home in 
Sloansville, N. Y., March 2, 1906, ae. nearly 94. Graduate of Prince- 
ton 1836; of Princeton Theological Seminary 1839; ordained Feb. 17, 
1841, by Presbytery of Albany; pastor in Northampton, N. Y. 1841-60; 
in Marianville 1860-76, subsequently in Northville, Sloansville, Esper- 
ance and West Milton, all in the Presbytery of Albany. Retired from 
active service in 1893, after which he made his home in Sloansville. 

§Susanne was daughter of David and Charity (WlUson) Lyon, who were 
married in 1797 "in New England." They had ten children: 1, Alanson Firman, 
b. 1798; 2. David Willson, b. 1800; 3. Susanne, b. 1803; 4. William McAlpin, b. 
1806; 5. Fredericli RandaU, b. 1808; 6. Mary, b. 1810; 7. Freelove, b. 1812 (des- 
cendants live in Menominee, Mich.); 8, Elizabeth Sherwood, b. 1815; 9, John, 
b. 18 — ; 10. James William, b. 1820, res. Brooklyn, N. T., 543 Chauncey St. 



[The family history compiled by Mrs. Louise Lyon Johnson, of Minneapolis, Minn. 

A. B. Lyons, M. D., of Detroit, Mich., and Dr. G. W. A. 

Lyon, of Philadelphia, Pa.] 

Richard Lyon settled in Fairfield, Conn., as early as May, 1649, 
the exact date of his arrival there not being now known. According 
to family tradition he was the youngest of three brothers, who came 
to New England probably about 1648 and located first in Fairfield 
County, Connecticut. § The earliest item relating to him is found in 
the Colonial Records of Connecticut (I. 183) where we read in the 
proceedings of a "perticular Courte" in Hartford, May 16, 1649 "Ne- 
hemiah Olmstead Pit contra Richard Lyon defendt in an action of the 
case, to the damage of £12." The report is certainly tantalizingly 
brief, and leaves us quite in the dark as to the merits or the out- 
come of the controversy. 

Richard Lyon had a house and lot recorded in the Land Records 
of Fairfield ("Fayrefeild") in January, 1653, and was made a freeman 
there in 1664 (Conn. Colonial Records I. 432) f. In 1673 he had re- 
corded five acres of land at Barlow's Plains, and 18% acres "on the 
Rocks." He was chosen Commissioner for Fairfield, May 1669 (Conn. 
Col. Rec. n. 106). It is related that on the occasion of a witchcraft 
trial "the prisoner was sharply rebuked by Richard Lyon, one of the 
keepers, for bold language." From the abusive reply which is re- 
corded one may gather that the rebuke was well deserved. 

The will of Richard Lyon, dated April 12th, 1678, probated Oct. 17, 
1678, is almost the only source of information about his family. It 
reads: — 

"The Last Will and Testament of Richard Lyon of Fairfield weak 
In body, but perfect in mind and memory doe make this my last will 

tThe names of settlers in "Fayrefeild" accepted to be made free Oct. 13, 
1664 were "John Bur, Rob. Turny, Joseph Lockwood, Simon Crowch, John 
Knowles, Rob. Beecham, John Barlow Sr., John Barlow Junr, James Euarts, 
Peter Cooly, Thomas Sherwood, Wm. Heyden, John Growman, Francis Bradley, 
John Holte, Steven Sherwood, Nath: Burr, Rich: Lyon, Mr. Wakeman, Thomas 
Bennit, Thomas Wilson. James Bean, John Odill, Samll Morehouse, Thomas 
Morehouse, Mathew Sherwood, Richard Hubbell." (Col. Rec. Conn. I. 433). 

§The compilers of this family history regard It as very highly probable 
that Henry, Thomas and Richard Lyon were brothers. They do not accept as 
of historic value the tradition that these brothers came direct from Scotland, 
although they have no doubt that they were of the same Lyon family of which 
the Earls of Strathmore are a branch. The question is one of fact, to be set- 
tled only by research. 


and testament. Imprimis: I give my body to a comely buryall and 
my soul unto the hands of God from whom I received it and my 
temporal estate that God hath given me I dispose of as followeth. 
My will is that first after my decease my funeral charges and just 
debts shall be payd. I give and bequeath to my sonn Moses Lyon 
one-third part of my land in Pequaneck [Bridgeport] lying on the 
eastward side and to run the whole length of that land. Alsoe I 
give him the fifth part of my long lot to run the whole length to bound 
it the Southwest side. Alsoe I give him two acres of meadow be- 
low the new bridge as the way goeth into Sascoeneck. Also my 
two acres of land in the old field I doe give him, also a gun and a 
Razer and my biggest pewter platter. It is to be minded one hundred 
acres of the long lot is already given by deed of gift to him which is 
part of it above said where it lie and yf there be any room on the old 
field land when I doe decease it is to be as my estate but otherwise 
he is to possess it at my decease and the remayning part of the long 
lot that Moses is to have beside the hundred acres Moses is to possess 
at my decease. It is my will that Moses shall pay to my cosen 
Mary Fitch seven pounds within two years after my decease. I 
give to my sonne Richard Lyon the third part of my land in Pequaneck 
Ijing on the farther side next Benjamin Turney and to run the whole 
length. Alsoe I give him one hundred and fifty acres of my long 
lot next Moses' part running through the whole length, and fifty acres 
of it he is to possess at my decease. I give him two acres of meadow 
in Sascoeneck running the whole length of it lying on the side by 
that which was Mihil [Michael] Fryes'. I give unto my sonne 
William Lyon a third part of my land in Pequaneck alsoe I give him 
one-fifth part of my long lot to run the whole length, and to lye next 
Richard's land, and also I give him two acres of meadow in Sascoeneck 
lying next the beach, and what is left above these Two acres and six 
more of that piece of meadow yf any: William shall have it by his 
two acres. Alsoe I give him my long gunn and my back sword and 
my belt I give him; he to have his portion at nineteen years of age. 
I give unto my sons Samuel and Joseph Lyon my lot and house and 
barn I live on. Alsoe I give them that lot I had of Thomas Morhouse 
called his home lot the whole lot to lye on the northwest side; Joseph 
to have the Northwest. Alsoe I give them four acres of meadow in 
Sascoeneck beside Richard's and William's above said. Yf it fall 
short of four acres then they must take up with what is: all these 
several parcils with house and barn is equally to be divided between 


Samuel and Joseph. I give unto my daughter Hester Perry four 
pounds fully to her dispose and I give unto my son-in-law Nathaniel 
Perry his son Joseph Perry my grand-child three pounds, and unto my 
son-in-law Nathaniel Perry I give three pounds in carting and plowing 
as he have ocation. I give unto my wife Margaret Lyon whom I 
doe hereby make my Executrix of this my last will, I say I give her 
three score pounds out of my estate and the use of the house I now 
live in and the barn and the home lot and the rest of Samuel and 
Joseph's portion above mentioned to use and improve while she re- 
mayns a widow, or until the said Samuell and Joseph have attayned 
the age of twenty-one years when they are to have their portions. 
I give unto my daughters Betty Hanna and Abigail, when my wife 
hath payed her two score pound out of the moveables, the rest of 
the moveable estate I give them equally to be divided provided it 
exceeds not forty pounds which yf it doe the overplus is to be divided 
between my three youngest sons and my three youngest daughters 
equally. I will my three youngest daughters Betty, Hanna and 
A"bigail shall have their portions payd them at nineteen years of age 
unless they marry before that age yf they doe then to receive their 
portions. And yf either Samuel or Joseph dye before they come to 
age to receive their portions the other sonne to have the whole, he 
paying a third part of the value of the said portion equally unto 
William and the three youngest daughters, and yf any of my three 
youngest daughters dye before they come of age to receive their 
portions then the portion shall be divided equally unto the survivors 
of the three youngest sons. And yf William dye before he come of 
age to receive his portion then Samuell and Joseph shall have his land, 
and they shall pay to my three youngest daughters a third part of the 
value of his land equally to be divided among them. And it is my 
will that yf the moveables fall short of my wife's three score pound 
and my daughters' forty pound a piece as above then my land In 
Sascoeneck lying between Goodman Cobbes and Thomas Shornington 
shall goe in to make it up to that. This is my last will I have here- 
unto set to my hand this 12 April, 1678. 

Richard Lyon. his mark. 

Amount of inventory returned by George Squires and William 
Hill Oct. 17, 1678, £632—2—0. 

ChUdren of Richard Lyont, not certain that they were all by his wife 
Margaret, although nothing is known to the contrary; not recorded In order of 
age; all probably born in Fairfield, Conn.: 


*2. I. Moses; m. Mary (Grumman?); d. without Issue 1696 or 1697. 
•3. II. Richard Jr.,; m. Mary (Frye); d. Bedding, Jan. 1740. 

•4. III. William; a minor In 1678; m. Phebe ; d. Nov. 4, 1699. 

•5. IV. Samuel; younger than William; m. Susanna ; died 1732. 

•6. V. Josepli; probably youngest son; m. Mary Jackson; died March 16, 
1698 (Hist. Fairfield). 

7. VI. Hester; (Esther), oldest daughter; b. certainly as early as 1658; 
m. 1st, before 1678, Nathaniel Perry; in 1678 had a son Josepll (See will above). 

She m. 2nd, before April 1699, Grumman ("Esther Grumman, sister of 

Moses deceased" in settlement of estate of Moses) ; she died in 1699, 
after July Bth, and before Nov. 13th. t 

*8. VII. Betty [Elizabeth]; b. about 1660 (a minor In 1678); m. 1st, Jan. 
29, 1679, Benjamin Banks (Fairfield T. R.); m. 2nd, before April 1699, William 
Roberson (Hist. Fairfield). 

0. VIII. Hannati; b. after 1659; m. Joshua Jennings ["brother-in-law of 
Moses," in settlement of his estate]. 

*10. IX. Abigail; b. after 1659; probably the youngest child; m. Jan. 9, 
1696, Samuel Smith (Fairfield T. R.); died March 6, 1698 (T. R.). 

2. II. 1. MOSES= LYON [RICHARD^] was born in Fairfield. 
Conn., about 1650. His wife's name was Mary, perhaps Mary Grum- 
man, since in Fairfield T. R. he is spoken of as brother-in-law of 
John Grumman, but this may mean simply that John Grumman was 
husband of his sister Esther (see below). 

He died early in 1698, inventory of his estate being returned March 


§There lived in Norwalk in the last decade of the Seventeenth Century an 
Andrew Lyon whose antecedents have not been ascertained. No such name 
occurs among the children of either of the three "brothers," Richard, Thomas 
and Henry. One may conjecture that he was related to the other Fairfield 
County families, but it is mere conjecture. He was grantee in a deed of land 
on Mill Brook, grantor, Samuel Benedict, of Danbury, deed dated Feb. 13, 1693. 
He had daughters: 1, Mary; b. July 1, 1691, and 2, Jane; b. Oct. 11, 1707. 
Inventory of his estate dated May 20, 1712; estate administered Oct. 6, 1714. 
His widow Mary married (second wife) Aug. 17, 1712, Joseph Kellogg. They 
had two sons, David; b. Sept. 28, 1715, and Benjamin, born Sept. 26, 1716. 
[Joseph Kellogg's first wife was Sarah Plum, daughter of John Plum, of Mil- 
ford. They were married Nov. 25, 1702 and had five children: 1. Elizabeth, b. 
Oct. 5, 1703; 2. Sarah, b. April 5, 1706; 3. Joseph, b. Sept. 26, 1707; 4. Rachel, 
b. July 15, 1710; 5, Hanna, b. Aug. 1, 1712. Sarah (Plum) Kellog died Aug. 
17, 1712.] Mary Kellogg was appointed administratrix of the estate of Andrew 
Lyon deceased, in Oct. 1714 (Col. Rec. Conn. V. 16). It is reasonable to suppose 
that Andrew Lyon had descendants, and very likely that some of the uncon- 
nected names given in succeeding pages as probably of the family of Richard 
belong rather to his hypothetical family. Mention may be made in particular 
of an Andrew Lyon who in 1790 was one of the first pew owners in the first 
Episcopal Church In Trumbull near Bridgeport, and not far from Norwalk. 
Andrew Lyon (No. 160) of Norwalk 1793 seems not to have been his descendant. 

tJuly 5, 1699, John Edmunds purchased property at Fairfield, formerly be- 
longing to Richard Lyon from Richard Lyon, William Lyon, Samuel Lyon, 
Joshua Jennings, Samuel Smith, William Roberson and Esther Grumman; Nov. 
13, 1699, Joshua Jennings purchased property at Fairfield of Richard Lyon, 
Samuel Lyon, William Roberson, Samuel Smith and John Downs in behalf of 
Esther Grumman, deceased. 



2, 1698. He died intestate and without issue, and his estate was 
divided April 11, 1699, between his "widow Mary, his brothers Richard, 
Samuel and William (Joseph was no longer living), his brothers-in- 
law Joshua Jennings, William Roberson and Samuel Smith, and his 
Bister Esther Grumman." 

3. II. 1. RICHARD^ LYON [RICHARD^] was born in Fairfield, 

Conn., about 1653. He married Mary , whose maiden name 

was probably Frye. From his brother's will we learn that his land 
adjoined that of Mihill Frye, from whom in 1676 he received a legacy 
of ten shillings. He lived in Fairfield, but late in life went to Redd- 
ing, where he died in January 1740, ae. 87. His wife was a charter 
member of the Congregational Church organized in Redding in 1729. 
He united with the same Church in 1733. He was therefore probably 
not the Richard Lyon spoken of by Rev. Dr. Burhams in the Church- 
man's Magazine (1832) as the first churchman in Redding, since that 
Richard was said to be "from Ireland" and to have died as early as 
1735. Nathan Lyon was also a Churchman; is it possible that there 
were two Nathans as well as two Richards? The writer [A. B. L.] 
inclines to the belief that the Irish Richard is a myth, although open 
to conviction on evidence. 

Children of Richard and Mary (Frye?) Lyon, born in Fairfield: 

•11. I. Samuel; b. Dec. 27, 1688 (T. R.); bapt. with Sarah and Ebenezer, 
April 5, 1696. 

12. II. Sarah; b. Feb. 14, 1690 or 1693 (T.R.) (1696 Hist, of Falrfleld). 

*13. III. £benezer; b. Aug. 15, 1694 (T. R.) m. Jan. 9, 1717, Ellen Fanton 
(T. R.) 

♦14. IV. Daniel; b. Oct. 3, 1697 (T.R.); bapt. Oct. 3, 1697 (Ch.R.); m. 
Aug. 7, 1718, Sarah Jennings (T.R.). 

15. V. Hannah; b. May 14, 1701 (T. R.); bapt, June 15, 1701 (Ch. R). 

•16. VL Nathan; b. Nov. 28, 1703 (T. R.) [Feb. 13, 1703, Hist. Falrfleld]; 

bapt. Feb. 13, 1704 (Ch. R.); d. Redding, Nov. 21, 1757. 

17. VIL Jonathan; b. May 1, 1708 (Hist. Falrfleld); bapt. June 1, 170^8 
(Ch. R.) 

4. II. 1. WILLIAM^' LYON [Richard'] was born in Fairfield, 
Conn, about 1660. His wife's name was Phebe, — maiden name not 
on record. His will, dated Nov. 4, 1699, makes his wife Phebe 
Executrix and bequeaths to his wife land; to son Nathaniel dwelling 
house and barn and his biggest pewter platter; to son William seven 
acres of land, a gun and a sword; to son Moses, land and a chest; 
written on the same sheet is the will of widow Phebe Lyon, dated 
March 21, 1701, which deeds lands to her son Benjamin Lyon, whose 


name does not appear in her husband's will. Amount of inventory, 
returned Dec. 3, 1700, £233—10—0. 

Children of Williani and Phebe Lyon (born in Fairfield) : 

♦18. I. Nathaniel; bapt. Sept. 9, 1694; m. Huldah ; d. 1718. 

•19. II. Wmiam$; bapt. Feb. 16, 1695. 

20. III. Moses; bapt. May 8, 1698. 
*21. IV. Benjamin; bapt. Sept. 8, 1700; Removed to Redding, Conn. 

5. II. 1. SAMUEL= LYON [Richard^] was born in Fairfield, 
Conn., about 1670, and died there in 1732. "Sergeant Samuel Lyon 
renewed the Covenant June 8, 1712." His wife, Susanna, bapt. Oct. 
19, 1718 (?). Samuel's death is recorded without date in the Church 
Record. His will, dated July 17, 1732, makes his sons, John and 
Samuel, executors, and mentions his wife, Susan (Susanna) and the 
eight children whose names follow: 

Children of Samuel and Susan (Susanna) Lyon, born in Fairfield (Green- 
field Parish). 

*23. I. Samuel; bapt. with Margary, John and Janies, March 18. 1705 
(March 12, 1704, Hist. Fairfield). 

*23. II. Margary [Margaret] ; m. Fairfield, Aug. 9, 1724, John Meaker 
(T. R.) 

*24. III. Jolm; m. Hannah ; d. 1734. 

' »25. IV. James; b. March 21, 1704 (Fairfield T. R.); m. Abigail Rowland. 

♦26. V. Abigail; bapt. May 12, 1706; m. Daniel Morhouse; d. Fairfield; 
Sept. 1757 (T. R.) 

*27. VI. £phraim; bapt. Sept. 27, 1708 [1709]; m. Eunice ; 

d. before 1751. 

28. VII. Anna [Ann]; bapt. Aug. 6 (or 10), 1710. 

29. VIII. £lnathan; bapt. June 8, 1712; not mentioned in will. 

30. IX. Jeremiah ["Jemimah" in Hist. Fairfield]; bapt. April 1, 1713. 

6. II. 1. JOSEPH^ LYON [Richard^] was born in Fairfield, 
Conn., about 1673, and died in that place March 16, 1698. In the 
History of Fairfield he is said to have settled at Pequonnock, (Green- 
field). In 1695, according to Fairfield Co. Probate record, Joseph 
Lyon, husband of Mary Jackson, daughter of Joseph Jackson, acknowl- 
edges the receipt of his wife's legacy from his father-in-law, Joseph 
Seely, who married the administratrix of said Jackson's estate. His 
widow married John Bayley before Nov. 1700. Inventory of his 
estate presented March 11, 1698, shows a total value of £280 — 13 — 2. 
Joseph and his brother Moses must have died about the same time. 
His minor children were (1700) under the guardianship of their uncle, 
Samuel Lyon, who, together with his relict, Mary Bayley, was admin- 
istrator of the estate. 



Children of Joseph and Mary (Jackson) Lyon: 

31. I. Joseph; bapt. July 28, 1695; perhaps the Joseph Lyon who was a 
member of the Greenfield Congregational Church in 1726. 

•82. II. David; bapt. June 27, 1697; m. Elizabeth ; d. 1722. 

ard'] was born after 1659, in Fairfield, Conn. She married first, Jan. 
29, 1679, Benjamin, son of John Bankst He died in 1692, (will dated 
March 21; inventory of estate, July 2). She married second, about 
1692, William Roberson. 

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Lyon) Banks: 

33. I. Benjamin; b. 1679 (In 1692 ae. 13). 

34. IL EUzabeth; b. 1683 (In 1692, ae. 9). 
36. III. Abigail; b. 1687 (in 1692, ae. 5). 

36. IV. Joseph; b. 1688 (in 1692, ae. 4). 

Daughter of William and Elizabeth (Lyon) (Banks) Roberson: 

37. I. (?) Margaret; m. July 11, 1733, Thomas Bullis; children: 1. 
Pettys; b. Greenwich, May 25, 1734; 2. Abraham; b. Feb. 17, 1736; 3. Effema; b. 

Nov. 11, 1737. 

10. II. 1. ABIGAIL" LYON (SMITH) [Richard^] was born in 
Fairfield, Conn., about 1676, and died March 6, 1698. She married, 
Jan. 1, 1696, Samuel Smith. Samuel Smith married -second, Oct. 27, 
1699, Deborah Jackson, by whom he had other children!: 

Children of Samuel and Abigail (Lyon) Smith; b. in Fairfield: 

88. L AbigaU; b. Sept. 23, 1696, bapt. Oct. 25, 1696. 

39. II. Sarah; b. Dec. 23, 1697; bapt. April 17, 1698; d. March 1700. 

RELATED LYON NAMES; almost certainly grand-children of Richard'. 

40. Onesimus (son of Richard^?); all that is recorded of him is that he 
had a son John, bapt. Nov. 1, 1736 In Redding Congregational Church. 

41. Fhebe (daughter of William"?); m. Jan. 31, 1734, Nath. Stephens, of 
Danbury, Conn. (First Congregational Church, Fairfield). 

43, Benjamin (son of SamueP?); d. Feb. 21, 1732, ae. 44 y. (G. R. Fair- 
field, old Cem.) 

tJohn Banks settled first in Windsor, Conn., where he was town cleric He 
came later to Fairfield, Conn., and represented that place in the General Court, 
1651-61. In 1670 he was one of the proprietors of Rye, N. Y., and was Repre- 
sentative from Rye and Fairfield, as late as Oct. 1684. He died the following 
year. He was twice married: first to a daughter of Charles Taintor, of Wethers- 
fleld, Conn., and second to Mary, daughter of Thomas Fitch, and widow of 
Thomas Sherwood. His oldest son, John, married Abigail, daughter of Thomas 
Lyon, of Rye, while his youngest son, Benjamin, married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Richard Lyon, of Fairfield. 

§The children of Samuel Smith, baptized in Fairfield (Ch. R.) were; 1. 
Joseph; bapt. Feb. 17, 1694-5; 2, AblgaU; Oct. 25, 1696; 3, Sarah; April 17, 1698; 
4, Deborah; Nov. 9, 1699; 5, Deborah; March 29, 1702; 6, Rebecca; March 26, 
1704; 7. Sarah; Jan. 5, 1706; 8. Esther; May 22, 1709; 9. Nathan(?) March 18, 
1710-1. From the foregoing it appears that Samuel Smith was three times 


11. III. 3. SAMUEL' LYON [Richard', Richard'] was born in 
Fairfield, Conn., Dec. 27, 1688. Nothing is positively known of his 
history. He may have removed to Redding, as his father and his 
brother Nathan certainly did. The only record found in that place 
which could relate to him is that of the baptism in Aug. 1738, of a 
Samuel Lyon, son of Samuel. This might possibly be a son, — more 
likely a grand-son of this Samuel. Absence of other records in Redd- 
ing malves it doubtful whether either hypothesis has any foundation 
in fact. The name of Samuel Lyon, Jr., appears in a list of the 
charter members of the Congregational Church in Greenfield in 1726. 
Other Lyon names in the list are John, Joseph and Benjamin. John 
was no doubt a brother of Samuel, the other two probably cousins, 
although one or both may have been brothers. We find in Fairfield 
a Caleb Lyon, son of Samuel, whose father could not have been 
Samuel Lyon No. 22, since he was born before 1718, the year of the 
marriage of the latter. 

Children of Samuel and ( 1 I^yoniJ 

♦43. I. (?) Caleb; bapt. Feb. 19. 1716; could not have been son of No. 5 
(not mentioned in will), or of No. 22, (married in 1718.) 

44. II. (?) Thomas [no record of birth or parentage. Abigail, wife of 
Thomas Lyon, was admitted to Greenfield Church, March 16, 1740. Redding 
Land Records, 1773 (II. 57) mention "Gershom Lyon. .Jr., son of Tliomas." who 
would seem to have been almost certainly a grandson of Richard No. 3.] 

45. III. (?) Samuel (no record; see above.) 

13. III. 3. EBENEZER' LYON [Richard=, Richard'] was born 
in Fairfield, Conn., Aug. 15, 1694. The place and date of his death 
are not known. He married in Fairfield, Jan. 9, 1717, Ellen Fanton. 
He was one of the pioneer settlers in Norwich, Conn., in 1722. 

Children of Ebenezer and Ellen (Panton) Lyon, born in Fairfield: 
•46. I. (?) Stephen; b. about 1717 [no record]; bapt. Nov. 17, 1717. 

47. II. Ellen [Elcannr] ; b. Nov. 27, 1718 (T. R.'*; bapt. (Eleanor) Nov. 30, 
1718 (Ch. R.) 

*48. III. Ebenezer; b. June 10, 1722 (T. R.) bapt. Nov. 11, 1722 (Ch. R.). 

49. IV. (?) Abel [no record]; m. May 11, 1757, Sarah Olmstead (Fair- 
field T. R.) Abel may have been son of Samuel No. 22. There is no clew to his 
parentage, nor have we any further record. We may, however, keep the 
name in mind in connection with the Abel Lyon who lived a generation later 
In Pulton County, N. T. See Lyon Memorial, Massachusetts Families, p. 316. 

14. III. 3. DANIEL' LYON [Ricbard=, Richard'] was born in 
Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 3, 1697, and died in Redding, date not ascertained. 

JThe following may also have been children of this Samuel: 
Elnathan; bapt. Aug. 10, 1710 [more probably son of No. 5. and died In 
Infancy]; Mary; bapt. Feb. 19, 1716; Hannah; bapt. June (?) 4, 1721; Stephen; 
bapt. Feb. 15, 1724. The last two may have been children of No. 22. 

Early Settlements, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


He married in Fairfield, Aug. 7, 1718, Sarah Jennings, and he and his 
wife [also Benjamin Lyon and wife and the wife of Richard Lyon] were 
among the charter members of the Congregational Church of Redd- 
ing (1729). They lived in the south eastern part of the town, now 
Easton. In May 1725, Daniel Lyon and his brother Nathan were 
petitioners for a grant of land in Redding. 

Children of Daniel and Sarah (Jennings) Lyon: 
•50. I. Daniel; b. Fairfield. Aug. 1, 1719 (T. R.); bapt. Nov. 22, 1719. 
61. II. Sarah; b. Fairfield. Nov. 18, 1720 (T. R.); bapt. Jan. 1, 1721. 

52. III. Eunice; b. Fairfield, April S. 1721 (?) (T. R.); bapt. April 14, 
1723; m. Oct. 1740, Benjamin Turney (E. C. M. [1, 71] has it, Anne Lyon.) 
•53. IV. Gershom; b. Fairfield, July 10. 1725; d. Easton, May 3, 1801. 

54. V. Michael; b. Fairfield, Feb. 28, 1728 (T. R.); bapt. In Greenfield 
Church; res. New Marlboro, Mass. 

*55. VL Timothy; b. Nov. 5, 1734 (Fairfield T. R.) 

56. VII. Jonathan; b. May 6, 1741; mentioned in land records In Redding 
1773 as "brother of Gershom Lyon, Sr.", and as "son of Daniel"; bapt. in Red- 
ding. Cong. Church, May 31, 1741. (Possibly son of Daniel Lyon No. 50 q. v.). 

16. III. 3. NATHAN^ LYON [Richard% Richard^] was born in 
Fairfield, Conn., Nov. 28, 1703, and died in Redding, Nov. 21, 1757, ae. 
54 (G. R.) ; buried in Redding Ridge Episcopal Church Cemetery. 
From Land Records of Redding (II. 62) it is learned that the name of 
his wife (widow) was Abigail. In 1729 at a meeting of the (Presby- 
terian) society of Redding, Nathan Lyon, Moses Knapp and Daniel 
Crofoot made strenuous objections to the "hiering" of any other than 
a minister of the Church of England.J In 1738 these same names 
appear in a list of seven parishioners of Mr. Beach. 

Children of Nathan [and Abigail] Lyon:t 
•57. I. Peter; m. 1753, Abigail Sherwood. 

58. II. John; Redding Land Records (II. 228; V. 10, 11) say "gone over 
to enemy; property confiscated"; he removed to Nova Scotia. 

59. III. Joseph; also "went over to the enemy"; m. May 21, 1761, (E. C. 
M. I. 72) Lois Sanford, daughter of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Mix) Sanford (Fair- 
field T. R., which says "Joseph Lyon, of Redding, son of Nathan") Lois (San- 
ford) Lyon d. Dec. 15, 1769, ae. 27 y. (G. R. Redding Ridge Episcopal Ch. Ceme- 
tery). Joseph's property was confiscated, but recovered by his widow. 

•60. IV. David; m. 1756, Hannah Sanford (T. R.) 

61. V. Eli; joiner; Taxed in Redding 1793. 

Jlf this Nathan was really the son of Richard Lyon of Fairfield, it would 
seem practically certain that the latter was the Richard Lyon. Churchman, 
spoken of by Dr. Burhams. The statement that that Richard died "as early 
as 1735" lacks as yet confirmation of documentary evidence. 

tLand Records of Redding contain the foHowing items: 1769 (II. 83, (379) 
"sons of Nathan Lyon. Samuel, Eli and John;" 1771 (I. 188, 218) "sons of Nathan 
Lyon. Sr., Capt. Henry, Eli, David:" (II. 53) "daughter of Nathan, Betty"; 
1773 (IL 131) "sons (of Nathan) Philo, Henry. Peter and David"; 1775 (IL 132). 
In the division of the estate of Nathan "wife Abigail, and sons. Henry, John, 
Peter and David." 


•62. VI. Samuel; m. 1757, Elizabeth McLane (T. R.) 

♦63. Vn. Henry [Capt. Henry]; b. 1730; m. Rebecca ; She died 

March 7, 1775, ae. 43 y. (G. R.); he died Dec. 24, 1773, ae. 43 (G. R.) 

64. VIII. PhUo. 

65. IX. Betty; m. Samuel Hawley (Redding Land Records II. 53). 

18. III. 4. NATHANIEL^ LYON [William^ Richard'] was born 
in Fairfield, Conn., date not ascertained, and died there in 1718. In 
settlement of his estate in Sept. 1718, mention is made of widow 
Huldah, and the minor children given below. Distribution of estate, 
Sept. 19, 1722. 

Children of Nathaniel and Huldah Lyon: 

66. I. Joshua$; b. July 28, 1709. 

67. II. Nathaniel; b. Dec. 28, 1710. 

68. III. Phebe; b. June 6, 1712. 

69. IV. Deborah; b. March 20, 1714. 

70. V. Zachariah; b. April 3, 1716; bapt. June 24, 1716. 

19. III. 4. WILLIAM' LYON [William^, Richard'] was born In 
Fairfield, Conn., early in 1695; bapt. Feb. 16, 1695. There is a re- 
cord that "on Sept. 16, 1716, Elizabeth, wife of William Lyon, renewed 
the covenant" (Fairfield). 

Children of William and Elizabeth ( ) Lyon: 

71. I. Eunice; bapt. Sept. 16, 1716. 

72. II. Tabitha; bapt. Jan. 22, 1720. 

73. III. Phineas; bapt. June 23, 1723. 

21. III. 4. BENJAMIN' LYON [William*, Richard'] was born in 
Fairfield, Conn., about 1700. He, with his wife (name unknown), 
united with the West Farms Church in Fairfield, Aug. 8, 1726, and were 
among the charter members of the Redding Congregational Church, 

Children of Benjamin Lyon: 

76. I. Sarah; bapt. Fairfield, Aug. 8, 1726. 

76. IL Nathaniel; bapt. Fairfield, Feb. 6, 1728. 

•77. III. Bethel; bapt. Redding (Cong. Ch. R.), May 27, 1733; died May 
22, 1808. 

78. IV. John; bapt. Redding, Aug. 22, 1736. 

79. V. Samuel; bapt. Redding, Aug. 20, 1738. 

80. VI. Phebe; bapt. Redding, Feb. 24, 1740. 

22. III. 5. SAMUEL" LYON [SamueP, Richard'] was born In 
Fairfield, Conn., probably about 1698. He married in Fairfield, May 
8, 1718, Mary Davis, daughter of John Davis (T. R.) She was 

tA Joshua Lyon, of Oyster Bay, married at Huntington, Long Island. Sept. 
7, 1729, Lydla Davis (Huntington Ch. R.). 


baptized ("wife to Samuel Lyon, son to Sergeant Samuel") Oct. 19, 
1718. He and his wife were admitted to full communion in the 
Greenfield Church, Feb'y 26, 1737 [1727 ?], having been previously 
members of the West Farms Church. He was executor of his brother 
John's will in 1734. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Davis) Lyon, born In Fairfield: 

•81. I. Sarah; b. Oct. 8, 1719 (T. R.); bapt. Nov. 22. 1722 (Ch. R. West 
Farms); m. Dec. 13, 1738, John Rowland. 

83. II. Rebecca; b. July 23, 1722 (T. R.); bapt. Aug. 26, 1722; m. Feb. 
14, 1746, Jeremiah Sturgls. 

•83. III. David; b. about 1724; "son of Samuel," possibly of No. 11. 
•84. IV. Martha; b. about 1726; "daughter of Samuel," possibly of No. 11; 
m. Fairfield, Dec. 28, 1746, Thomas Turney, Jr. (T. R.). 

•85. V. Peter; b. Nov. 27, 1727 (T. R.); bapt. Dec. 10, 1727 (Ch. R.); m. 
Mary Davis. See footnote under Samuel Lyon, No. 11; also see Abel under 
Bbenezer Lyon, No. 13. 

23. III. 5. MARGERY' LYON (MEAKER) [SamueP, Richard^] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn., probably about 1700. She married Aug. 
9, 1724, John Meaker [Meeker]. 

Children of John and Margery (Lyon) Meaker (Fairfield T. R.): 

86. I. Anna; b. Nov. 14, 1725. 

87. 11. Sarah; b. May 27, 1728. 

88. IIL Mabel; b. June 29, 1730. 

89. rv. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 5, 1732. 

90. V. Stephen; b. April 23, 1736. 

24. III. 5. JOHN' LYON [Samuel*, Richard'] was born in Pair- 
field, Conn., about 1700, and died there in 1734; will dated Sept. 30, 
1734. He, with his wife, united with the Greenfield Church in Fair- 
field, Aug. 8, 1726. In the Colonial Records of Connecticut, John 
Lyon is mentioned as bondsman for Andrew Burr, nominated for 
Sheriff (June 2, 1726), and again (May 13, 1727) for Thomas Hanford, 
appointed Sheriff of Fairfield. His will names his wife Hannah, his 
son John "to have a double share of all lands," and his six daughters 
as given below; executors, wife Hannah and brother Samuel. 

Children of John [and Hannah?] Lyon, born in Fairfield: 

•91. I. John; bapt. with Thankful, Elizabeth and Hannah, Aug. 15, 1726, 
In Greenfield Church. 

92. II. Thankful. 

93. III. Elizabeth. 

94. rv. Hannah. 

96. V. Esther [Hester]; bapt. Feb. 2, 1727; m. Nov. 3, 1752, Joseph Smith, 
(West Farms Ch. R., also E. C. M. Ill, 153). 

96. VI. Bhoda; bapt. April 16, 1729; m. April 26, 1759, David Baxter 
(Qreenfleld Crh. R.). 


97. VII. Grizel [Grlswould]; bapt. May 30, 1731; m. Dec. 22, 1748 
["Grlzzel"] Nathan Osborn (Greenfield Ch. R.). 

25. III. 5. JAMES^ LYON [SamueP, Richard'] was born in Fair- 
field, Conn., March 21, 1704. He united with the Greenfield Church, 
Aug. 8, 1726. He married, Dec. 14, 1732, Abigail Rowland (Green- 
field Ch. R,). She died March 26, 1752 (T. R.) ["ae. upwards of 40," 
Ch. R.]. 

Children of James and Abigail (Rowland) Lyon, born in Fairfield and bap- 
tized in Greenfield Church: 

•98. I. Joseph; b. Oct. 1, 1733 (T. R.); d. Nov. 27, 1817, ae. 84 y. (Green- 
field Ch. R.). 

•99. n. Hezekiah; b. Feb. 6, 1736 (T. R.). 

•100. IIL Eliphalet; b. May 4, 1738 (T. R.). 

*101. IV. Seth; b. Dec. 22, 1740 (T. R.); m. Mary Bradley. 

103. V. AbigaU; b. Aug. 24, 1743. 

103. VI. Sarah; b. Jan. 1, 1746; d. April 4, 1747, ae. about 2 y. (Greenfield 
Ch. R.) [April 4, 1757 (?) T. R.]. 

•104, VII. Sarah; b. June 30, 1748 (T. R.); m. March 17, 1769, Elijah Olm- 
sted; res. Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

105. VIII. ? George Washington; "son of the wife of James;" bapt. Aur. 
SO, 1745 or '46 (Greenfield Ch. R.). 

26. III. 5. ABIGAIL' LYON (MORHOUSE) [SamueP, Richard'] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn., baptized May 12, 1706 (Greenfield Ch. R.), 
and died in that place in September 1757. She married Jan. 2, 1724, 
Daniel Morhouse, (Fairfield T. R.). 

Children of Daniel and Abigail (Lyon) Morhouse, born in Fairfield: 

106. I. Mary; b. Dec. 25, 1724 (T. R.). 

107. IL Othniel; b. Oct. 9, 1726 (T. R.). 

108. III. Xhaddens; b. Oct. 14, 1728 (T. R.); d. April, 1747, (T. R.) [but 
see No. 117]. 

109. IV. Jerusha; b. Nov. 1, 1730 (T. R.). 

110. V. Samuel; b. Oct. 27, 1732 (T. R.); d. Dec. 1753 (T. R.). 

111. VI. Ephenetus; b. March 20, 1734 (T. R.); d. April 1734 (T. R.). 

112. VII. Daniel; b. March 19, 1736 (T. R.). 

113. VIII. Mary; b. Oct. 15, 1738. 

114. rx. Elizabeth; b. Dec. 19, 1740 (T. R.). 
116. X. Jesse; b. Sept. 9, 1742 (T. R.). 

116. XI. David; b. March 31, 1744 (T. R.). 

117. XII. Thaddeus; b. Oct. 11, 1746 (T. R.). 

27. III. 5. EPHRAIM' LYON [SamueP, Richard'] was born In 
Fairfield, Conn., baptized Sept. 27, 1709. His wife's name was Eunice. 
He died before 1751. ("Widow Eunice Lyon entered into full com- 
munion Feb. 3, 1751"). 

Children of Ephralm [and Eunice?] Lyon; baptized In Greenfield (Thurch. 
Fairfield : 


118. I. Seth; bapt. Jan. 14, 1732. 

119. II. Lois; bapt. Feb. 9, 1735. 

120. III. Seth; bapt. 1737. 

•121. IV. Ephraim; bapt. June 15, 1740; m. Anna Adams (Redding Land 
Records, II. 106). 

122. V. Samuel; bapt. May 15, 1748. 

32. III. 6. DAVID' LYON [Joseph^ Richard'] was born In Fair- 
field, Conn., about 1695. In 1712 he made choice of his "father-in- 
law" [step-father] John Bayley as guardian. He married about 1718, 

Elizabeth . His will dated June 4, 1722, proved April 9, 1723 

(?), makes his wife Elizabeth executrix with his "Uncle Thomas Nash" 
to assist her. Bequests to wife Elizabeth, son David, and daughter 
Mary. Inventory £290—3—10. 

Children of David and Slizabeth Lyon: 

123. I. David.t 

124. II. Mary. 

RELATED LYON NAMES of uncertain parentage: 

125. Josiah; perhaps son of Ephraim, No. 27; married, March 1, 1768. 
Eunice Jennings, of North Fairfield (Greenfield Ch. R.). It was possibly the 
same Josiah who married afterwards Mrs. Amy (Whitney) Haynes, widow of 
Silas Haynes. She was born in Fairfield, June 6, 1747. Josiah Lyon was living 
in Redding In 1777, (Conn. Hist. Soc. VIL 338). 

126. Grace; died Jan. 1774, "upwards of 40 years old" (Greenfield Ch. R. ). 
This may have been Grace (Webb) Lyon; See No. 40. 

127. Snnice, "of Greenfield;" married In Fairfield, Feb. 28, 1754, John 
Fanton [Fountain, or Fantaln] (West Farms Ch. R. ; E. C. M. III). This Eunice 
may possibly (but unlikely) have been the one (No. 71) who was baptized Sept. 
16, 1716. 

128. Mary; married April 13, 1757, Bleazer Williams, (Greenfield Ch. R.) 

129. Phebe, of Newtown; married Aug. 29, 1758, William Gould. 
129a. Rachel, of Newtown; married March 28, 1750, Daniel Crofoot. 

43. IV. 11. CALEB* LYON [Samuel', Richard', Richard'] was 
born in Fairfield, Conn. He married Aug. 24, 1738, Abiah Parruch, 
daughter of John Parruch (Fairfield T. R.). 

Children of Caleb and Ablah (Parruch) Lyon (Fairfield T. R.): 
•130. I. Hezeklab; b. Oct. 21, 1739; m. March 1, 1764, Hannah Meeker 
(Greenfield Ch. R.). 

131. 11. Huldah; b. Dec. 12, 1741; m. Dec. 20, 1770, Ezeklel Hawley (Red- 
ding T. R.). 

132. III. Rhoda; b. March 12, 1743; m. June 13, 1764, Caleb Meeker. 

133. rv. Ruth; b. April 12, 1745; m. Jan. 8, 1767, Stephen Meeker. 

134. V. John; b. Jan. 21, 1748. 

135. VI. Gideon; b. Feb. 2, 1750; d. Sept. 8, 1751 (T. R.). 

136. VII. Eliphalet; b. Sept. 13, 1754; d. Oct. 10, 1756 (T. R.). 

tPerhaps the David Lyon who, according to Presbyterian Church Records of 
Pawling (?), Dutchess Co., N. T., had: 1, James; bapt. March 27, 1759; 2, Mary; 
bapt. Feb. 28, 1762. 


46. IV. 13. STEPHEN* LYON [Ebenezer* (?) Richard'. Rich- 
ard']. The question of his parentage remains in doubt. A Stephen 
Lyon (son of Bbenezer ?) was baptized Nov. 17, 1717, another Stephen 
(son of Samuel, No. 11 ?) was baptized Feb. 15, 1724. He married in 
Fairfield, July 21, 1747, Grace Webb (West Farms Ch. Rec). In 
Greenfield Ch. Rec. we find the entry: Grace Lyon, died Jan. 1774, 
ae. "upwards of 40 years." This may or may not refer to Grace 
(Webb) Lyon. No further record has been found of Stephen or his 
wife, but it seems very probable that Nehemiah Webb Lyon was their 

Children of Stephen and Grace (Webb) Lyon: 
•137. I. ?Nehemiah Webb; b. Weston, Conn., Aug. 16, 1749. 

138. II. ?Stephen. [There was a Stephen Lyon, Jr., private In the same 
company with Nehemiah Webb Lyon]. 

48. IV. 13. EBBNEZBR* LYON [Ebenezer', Richard^ Richard'] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn. June 10, 1722, and died in Easton Sept. 
3, 1801, ae. 80. (G. R. Rock House Cemetery). He (or more likely 
a son Ebenezer) married Martha Lane, daughter of John Lane (Red- 
ding Land Records, IV. 109). 

Daughter of Ebenezer and Martha (Lane) Lyon: 

139. I. Mary; b. 1776; d. Feb. 23, 1802, ae. 26 (G. R. Rock House Cem.). 
(If Mary was really daughter of Ebenezer Lyon, No. 48, there were probably 
other children). 

50. IV. 14. LIEUT. DANIEL* LYON [Daniel', Richard^ Rich- 
ard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., Aug. 11, 1719. He settled in Red- 
ding and married first "Annah" who died soon after the birth 

of her only son, Jacob. He married second Ruth (Knapp) Wheeler, 
widow of Seth Wheeler, and daughter of Moses Knapp. In Redding 
Land Records he is called in 1769 (I. 8) Daniel Lyon, Jr., (although 
this may possibly refer to his son Daniel) ; in 1772 (I. 12) he is called 
Lieut. Daniel Lyon. In these records we find five sons named; 
Jabez (II. 18, 467), Gershom (III. 152) Daniel, "his third child" (I. 232), 
Jonathan (III. 429), and Seth (IV. 51). In a deed of land sold to him, 
Jacob Lyon, of New Ashford, Mass., calls him "my honored father." 
Redding Land Records mention the names, Mabel, Sarah, Mary and 
Huldah in such a connection that it may be inferred that they were 
daughters of Daniel. 

From the Colonial Records of Connecticut we learn that Daniel 
Lyon was appointed May 9, 1754, ensign of Eastern train band, parish 
of Redding (Vol. X, 263). March 17, 1756 he was appointed second 
lieutenant In the 7th Co., Capt. David Lacy, (X. 473). In May, 1762 


he was appointed Lieutenant of train band, East Division of Redding, 
In the 4th Regiment, his cousin Henry Lyon (No. 63) beng appointed 
at the same time Ensign (XIL 9). In Oct. 1768, he was appointed 
Lieutenant of the 16th Company, 11th Regiment (XIIL 98), In Oct. 
1769 he was appointed Deputy (i. e. representative) for Redding (XIII. 
235). He appears to have served in the Revolutionary war with the 
rank of Sergeant. The date of his death and place of his burial have 
not been ascertained. 

Son of Daniel and Anna ( ) Lyon: 

•140. I. Jacob; b. about 1740; d. ■ . 

Children of Daniel and Ruth (Knapp) ("Wheeler) Lyon; not In order of ago: 

141. II. Jonathan; b. May 6, 1741; bapt. May 31, 1741 in Redding Cong. 
Chh. (perhaps son of Daniel Lyon No. 14 q. v.). 

•142. III. Jabez; m. Redding, Conn., 1768, Miss Grace Lyon; d. Oct. 20, 1777. 

•143. IV. Daniel; d. Feb. 12, 1838. 

144. V. Gershom. 

145. VI. Seth. 

146. VIL 3Iabel; m. May 20, 1783, Ell Readt (Redding T. R.); a daugh- 
ter, Hnldah; b. Aug. 16, 1784. 

147. VIII. Sarah; m. Ell Nichols (Redding Land Records). 

148. IX. Mary; m. Daniel Gorham (Redding Land Records). 

149. X. Huldah; m. Hezeklah Sommers (Redding Land Records). 

53. IV. 14. GERSHOM* LYON [Daniel', Richard^ Richard*] was 
born in Fairfield, Conn. July 10, 1725, and died in Easton, May 3, 1801, 
"in 75th year" (G. R.); buried in Rock House Cemetery. He was 
baptized in Greenfield Church, July 3, 1726. He married April 25, 
1745, Mary Buckley, (West Farms Ch. R.); she was born in 1720, and 
died May 10, 1801; "in 81st year" (G. R., Rock House Cemetery). 

Children of Gershom and Mary (Buckley) Lyon: 
•150. I. Daniel; b. 1752; d. Jan. 28, 1815, ae. 63 (G. R. Rock House Cem.). 
••151 II. Abraham; "son of Gershom" (Redding Land Records, V. 69); 
b. 1763; d. Feb. 28, 1813, ae. 50 (G. R. Rock House Cem.). 

158. III. Gershom; "son of Gershom" (Redding Land Records, II. 57, 68). 

55. IV. 14. TIMOTHY* LYON [DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was 
bom in Redding, Conn., Nov. 5, 1734; (bapt. Nov. 10, 1733 (sic) Cong. 
Ch. R.). He married July 1, 1752, Meriam Hall (Fairfield T. R.). 
Timothy Lyon was a private in Capt. James Smedley's militia com- 

tEll Read was son of Zalmon and Hannah Read, of Redding [originally 
Reading]. It is likely that Zalmon Lyon of a later generation derived his given 
name by inheritance or otherwise from this Zalmon Read, who was son of 
Colonel John Read of Boston; Colonel John being himself son of Hon. John Read, 
founder of the New England family. Ell Read died In Redding in 1842. 


pany. He is credited with seventeen days' service, from Fairfield, 
in 1757. 

Cbildren of Timothy and Meriam (Hall) Lyon (Fairfield T. R.): 

163. I. Sarah; b. June 7, 1753; m. Feb. 16, 1772, Lewis Hubbell; settled at 
Lanesboro, Mass. 

164. II. Asa; b. Dec. 12, 1754. 

166. III. Abel; b. Dec. 12, 1757; settled at Lanesboro, Mass., soldier In 

♦156. IV. ? Timothy; settled at Lanesboro, Mass. 

57. IV. 16. PETER* LYON [Nathan', Richa^d^ Richard'] was 
born probably in Fairfield, Conn., about 1720. He married May 10, 
1753, Abigail Sherwood (Norwalk T. R.), being then "of Redding." 
Redding Land Records, 1784 (II. 439, 442, III. 243) speak of "Peter 
Lyon 2nd, and Abigail, his wife," and give "their children. Walker Lyon, 
of Flushing, N. Y., Asahel (with wife Hannah), Anne (m. Abel Hill), 
Andrew and Betsey." In May 1770, a Peter Lyon was appointed En- 
sign of a Company of Militia in East Division of Redding (Col. Rec. 
Conn., XIII. 295). This may have been Peter Lyon, Jr., No. 162. 
The following year Peter was made Lieutenant in the same Company. 
We read (ibid XV. 326) that later he was called to account for re- 
fusal to obey orders. 

Children of Peter and Abigail (Sherwood) Lyon: 

*167. I. Walker; b. May 13, 1754 (Fairfield T. R.); m. Feb. 19, 1781, Sener 
Van Northwick (N. Y. marriages). 

•168. II. Asahel; b. Aug. 31, 1755 (Fairfield T. R.); m. Hannah HUl (Red- 
ding T. R.). 

•159. III. Ann [Anna]; b. April 1, 1757 (Fairfield T. R.); m. May 11, 1773, 
Abel HIU (Redding T. R.). 

•160. IV. Andrew; freeman Redding, 1790. 
161. V. Betsey; b. 1778; m. July 19, 1794, Lemuel Hawley; d. Aug. 27, 

•162. VI. ? Peter, Jr. (so named in Redding Land Records, not necessarily 
son of Peter, but at any rate probably a grandson of Nathan, Sr. ); b. probably 
about 1760. 

60. IV. 16. DAVID* LYON [Nathan^, Richard^, Richard'] was 
born in Fairfield or Redding, Conn., about 1733. He married Sept. 
19, 1756, Hannah Sanford (Fairfield, T. R.) daughter of Ephraim and 
Elizabeth (Mix) Sanford. She was born March 3, 1737 and died May 
8, 1779 (T. R.) (d. May 10, 1779 ae. 43, G. R., Redding Ridge Cem.). 
David Lyon received a deed of land in Norwalk, April 1, 1761, from 
David Sherwood of Fairfield; was chosen constable in Redding, June 
15, 1767 (Hist. Redding). 


Children of David and Hannah (Sanford) Lyon: 

163. I. Hester; b. April 2, 1757 (Fairfield T. R.); d. April 6, 1757 (T. R.). 
•164. II. Nathan; b. Dec. 23, 1759 (Fairfield T. R.) [called Nathan, Jr., 
son of David, in Redding Land Records, (I, 169 and II, 314); In VI, 527, wo find 
"Nathan Lyon, Jr., and wife, Phebe"]. 

•165. III. David, Jr.; b. 1773; d. March 31. 1813, ae. 40 (G. R. Redding 
Rldge Cem.). 

166. IV. Cyrus; b. June 10, 1777 (Redding T. R.). 

62. IV. 16. SAMUEL^ LYON [Nathan^ Richard^ Richard'] was 
born about 1734. He married May 12, 1757, Elizabeth McLane (Fair- 
field T. R.). 

(Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (McLane) Lyon: 
•167. I. Augustus; b. April 4, 1765 (Redding T. R.). 

168. II. ? Samuel (no record to establish identity); m. Huldah 

(Redding Land Records). 

63. IV. 16. CAPTAIN HENRY* LYON [Nathan', Richard=, Rich- 
ard'] was born in Redding, Conn., in 1730 and died in that place Dec. 
24, 1773. His wife's name was Rebecca. She was born in 1732, and 
died March 7, 1775. Both were buried in the Episcopal Church ceme- 
tery at Redding. In May 1762, he was appointed Ensign to the train 
band in the Eastern Division of Redding, 4th Regiment, (Col. Rec. 
Conn. XII. 9). In May 1765, he was appointed Lieutenant in the same 
Company (XII. 351). In May 1769 he was appointed deputy from Red- 
ding, being at that time called Captain Henry Lyon (XIII. 98). In 
May, 1771 he was appointed by the Connecticut Assembly Justice of 
Peace in Fairfield County (XIII. 419). He was reappointed in 1772, 
and again in 1773. No record has been found of any children. 

77. IV. 21. BETHEL* LYON [Benjamin', William^, Richard'] 
was born in Redding, Conn, (baptized. May 27, 1733) and died in Wood- 
bury May 22, 1808. He married March 13, 1754, Jemima Woodward, 
who died in 1795. He joined the First Congregational Church in 
Woodbury May 20, 1764 (Hist. Ancient Woodbury). 

Children of Bethel and Jemima (Woodward) Lyon, born in Woodbury, Conn.: 

169. I. Isaac; bapt. May 4, 1755; died In Infancy. 

170. II. Isaac; bapt. March 31, 1758; d. Feb. 11, 1766. 

171. III. Dorcas; bapt. March 30, 1760. 

172. IV. Mary; b. 176 2. 

173. V. Betty Greenleaf; bapt. May 3. 1764. 

174. VI. Jemima; b. 1765?. 

175. VII. Rachel; bapt. Sept. 19. 1766. 

176. VIII. Esther; b. 1768. 

177. XX. Olive; bapt. Dec. 6, 1770. 

178. X. Lydia; b. 1773. 


179. XI. Mary; b. 1774; bapt. Nov. 29, 1778. 

180. XII. Sylva; bapt. July 7, 1776. 

81. IV. 22. SARAH* LYON (ROWLAND) [Samuel', Samuel', 
Richard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 8, 1719. She married. 
Dec. 13, 1738, John Rowland. 

Children of John and Sarah (Lyon) Rowland (Fairfield T. R.): 

181. I. Seth; b. June 7, 1742. 

182. II. Sarah; b. Dec. 15, 1744. 

183. IIL John; b. March 20, 1747. 

184. IV. Mary; b. June 7, 1750. 

185. V. Isaac; b. Nov. 20, 1755. 

83. IV. 22. DAVID* LYON [SamueP, SamueP(?), Richard'] was 
born in Fairfield, Conn, about 1724 and died there Nov. 20, 1764 (Ch. 
R.). He was "son of Samuel", possibly of Samuel (No. 45). His 
first wife's name was Abigail. She died July 26, 1745 (West Farms 
Ch. R.). He married second, June 12, 1746, Martha Hurlbut (Fair- 
field T. R.). She was living in Feb. 1767. 

Children of David and Martha (Hurlbut) Lyon; born In Fairfield: 

186. I. Sarah; b. July 4, 1747 (T. R.); bapt. Aug. 9, 1747 (West Farms 
Ch. R.); m. Dec. 21, 1763, Joseph Bennett (West Farms Ch. R.). 

187. II. L,ydia; b. June 12, 1749 (T. R.); bapt. July 9, 1749 (Ch. R.) 

188. IIL Martha; b. Aug. 3, 1751 (T R.); bapt. Sept. 1, 1751, (Ch. R.); 
?m. Ebenezer Gorham of Weston, Jan. 31, 1770 (Weston T. R., also E. C. M. 
V. 65). 

•189. IV. David; b. Feb. 23, 1754 (T. R.); bapt. April 7, 1754 (Ch. R.). 

190. V. Rebecca; b. Sept 9, 1756 (T. R.) ["Elizabeth," bapt. Sept. 12, 1756 
(C^h. R.]; d. Sept. 14, 1757 (Ch. R.). 

191. VL Betty; bapt. Nov. 19, 1758 (Ch. R.). 

192. VIL Rebecca; bapt. Dec. 28, 1760 (Ch. R.). 

84. IV. 22. MARTHA* LYON (TURNEY) SamueP, SamueP(?), 
Richard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., about 1726. According to T. 
R., she was "daughter of Samuel," probably No. 22, but possibly No. 
11. She married Dec. 28, 1746, Thomas Turney (Fairfield, T. R.). 

Children of Thomas and Martha (Lyon) Turney (Fairfield T. R.): 

193. I. EUzabeth; b. July 10. 1748. 

194. IL Benjamui; b. March 25, 1750. 

195. III. Eunice; b. Jan. 19, 1752. 

196. IV. Thomas; b. March 2, 1754. 

197. V. Hannah; b. March 27, 1756. 

85. IV. 22. PETER* LYON [Samuel', Samuel^ Richard'] was 
born in Fairfield, Conn., Nov. 27, 1727. He married Dec. 13, 1749, 
Mary Davis, presumably a cousin, since his mother's name was Mary 


Davis. He and his wife were admitted to full communion in Green- 
field Church Dec. 23, 1750. 

Children of Peter and Mary (Davis) Lyon: 

198. I. Samuel; b. Fairfield, April 17, 1751 (T. R.); bapt. April 28, 1751 
(Ch. R.). 

199. II. Bebecca ["Reubena"]; b. Feb. 13, 1755 (T. R.). 

91. IV. 24. ENSIGN JOHN* LYON [John», SamueP, Richard'] 
was baptized in Greenfield Church Aug. 15, 1726, and died at Lanes- 
boro, Mass., Oct. 23, 1799. He married in Fairfield Jan. 23, 1746 (T. 
R,), Elizabeth Wakeman, daughter of Jabezt and Ruth Wakeman, of 
Fairfield, Conn. She was born March 30, 1728 (bapt. (?) April 17, 
1729). John lived in Fairfield until about 1770 when he moved to 
Lanesboro, Berkshire Co., Mass. His wife died there May 28, 1793, 
and he married a second wife, Ruth, who survived him. 

His will is on file at the County Seat, Pittsfield, Mass., where it 
was probated Dec. 3, 1799. It mentions sons, Jabez of Lanesboro, 
Thomas of New Ashford, and John of New Milford. 

Children of John and Elizabeth (Wakeman) Lyon, born In Fairfield: 

*200. I. Jabez; b. March 18, 1747 (T. R.); bapt. March 22, 1747. 

•201. IL Thomas; b. Oct. 9, 1749 (T. R.); bapt. Nov. 9, 1749; d. Avon, N. 
Y., March 4, 1835. 

202. III. John; b. Aug. 38, 1752 (T. R.); d. Sept. 8, 1752 (T. R.). 

203. IV. Elizabeth; b. July 7, 1745; m. John Stiles of New Ashford, Mass. 

*204. V. John; b. April 19, 1756; settled in Lanesboro. Mass.; d. before 1799. 

•205. VI. Kimberly; date of birth not on record; a soldier in the Revolution; 
d. before 1818. 

206. VII. ? Ellphalet. 

[A Richard Lyon of Lanesboro was in the Revolution, no doubt a member 
of this family, son or nephew of John.] 

98. IV. 25. JOSEPH* LYON [James', Samuel-, Richard'] was 
born in Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 1, 1733, and died Nov. 27, 1817. He mar- 
ried Dec. 22, 1756, Lois Thorp (Fairfield, T. R.) She died April 23, 
1813 "ae. 75 y. 2 m." Joseph Lyon served in the Revolutionary War. 

Children of Joseph and Lois (Thorp) Lyon (Greenfield Church Records): 

207. I. Hezekiaht; b. Aug 3, 1757 (Fairfield, T. R.) 

208. II. AbigaU; b. Aug. 4, 1760 (Fairfield T. R.); bapt. Aug. 31, 1760 
(Ch. R.). 

tOne record says "daughter of Samuel Wakeman." 

t It may have been this Hezekiah (or perhaps his cousin Hezeklah. No. 
213), who Is said to have been a farmer of Weston, Conn., and who married June 
11, 1789, at South Salem, N. Y., Eunice Keeler, of South Salem. They had no 
children. After his death she married J. Osborn, of Weston, and third, John 
Thorp, of South Salem. 


209. III. Joseph; bapt. July 31, 1763 (Ch. R.); m. Dec. 25, 1799, Jane 

210. IV. Jesse; bapt. Sept. 11, 1768; m. May 1, 1787, Sarah Godfrey (B. 
C. M.); died June 20, 1853, ae. 84 (Ch. R.); she died March 1, 1836, ae. 76 
(Ch. R.). 

811. V. Anne; bapt. Jan. 15, 1775. 

212. VL ? SaUy: b. 1778; d. Nov. 25, 1844; ae. 66 (Ch. R.). 

99. IV. 25. HEZEKIAH* LYON [James', SamueP, Richard'] was 
born in Fairfield, Conn., Feb. 6, 1736. He married Oct. 17, 1760, Ra- 
chel Dikeman (E. C. M., V. 63) daughter of Cornelius Dikeman. (Note 
marriage four years later in Greenfield, of Hezekiah Lyon to Hannah 
Meeker. See No. 130). Cornelius Dikeman deeded land in Norwalk 
April 6, 1771 to Hezekiah Lyon Jr., oldest son of his daughter Rachel, 
and March 10, 1772, to Levi, second son of Rachel (Norwalk Records). 

Children of Hezekiah and Rachel (Dikeman) Lyon: 

213. I. Hezekiah, Jr. 

_ "214. II. Levi; m. Jan. 14, 1788, Abigail Squires. 

100. IV. 25. ELIPHALBT* LYON [James', SamueP, Richard*] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn. May 4, 1738. He was a skilled weaver. 
He married first in Fairfield, May 5, 1764, Eleanor Wakeman (Green- 
field Ch. R.). He married second, Oct. 5, 1800, Mary [Polly] Perry, 
(West Farms Ch. R.). She died March 15, 1814, ae. 74 y. (Ch. R.). 
About 1784 Eliphalet Lyon built a large dwelling on Burn's highway. 

Children of Eliphalet and Eleanor (Wakeman) Lyon: 

•215. I. Wakeman; bapt. Jan. 30, 1765, "ae. about 5 (?) mo." (Greenfield 
Ch. R.). 

216. II. Eleanor; bapt. June 28, 1767, "ae. about 2 mo." (Ch. R.); m. 

217. IIL Rowland; b. May 13, 1774; d. Feb. 4, 1775, ae. 9 mo. (Ch. R.). 

218. IV. Lucinda; bapt. Sept 27, 1787, "ae. about 10 mo." (Ch. R.). 

219. V. Eliphalett; member Greenfield Chh., 1817; m. 1st Eleanor Star- 
ling; m. 2nd, Hannah "Wheeler; the latter adm. to Greenfield Chh. Sept. 7, 1817. 
It is recorded also that Eliphalet Lyon had a daughter, who married about 1784, 
Samuel Smith. 

101. IV. 25. SETH* LYON [James'(?), SamueP, Richard'] was 
born in Fairfield, Conn., Dec. 22, 1740. He married May 3, 1764, Mary 

t The following line is believed to come from an authentic source. Eliphalet 
Lyon, son of Eliphalet and Eleanor "Wakeman Lyon, married Mary Perry. His 
eon, Ransom Lyon, born at Greenfield Hill, married Mary Ann Sterling and had a 
son, "Wesley Lyon, born in "Weston, Conn. "Wesley married Charlotte "Williams and 
had a daughter Adelaide who married Howard G. Badgley. If the foregoing 
record is correct, that of the text is of course in error, and Eliphalet No. 219 
was grandson, not son, of No. 100. Eliphalet Lyon Sr., is said to have lived 
to the age of ninety-seven years. 


Bradley, (Greenfield Ch. R.)- They were admitted to full communion 
in Greenfield Church, May 12, 1765. 

Children of Seth and Mary (Bradley) Lyon: 

230. I. Esther; bapt. ("at home, sick"), Nov. 17, 1764; d. Nov. 18, 1764 
(Ch. R.). 

221. II. Sarah; twin sister of Esther; bapt. "about 6 months old," May 
12, 1765 (Ch. R.). 

•222. III. Walter; b. Jan. 28, 1769 (Redfleld Gen.); bapt. March 19, 1769 

(Ch. R.); d. March 19, 1819. 

223. IV. Seth; bapt. Oct. 7, 1773 (Ch. R.). 

224. V. Mary; bapt. May 17, 1776 [or '78] (Ch. R.). 

104. IV. 25. SARAH* LYON (OLMSTED) [James', Samuel^ 
Richard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn. June 30, 1748. She married 
March 17, 1769 (Fam. Rec.) Elijah Olmstedt, of Greenfield Hill, Fair- 
field Co., sou of John and Jennie Olmsted; b. April 3, 1749. He was 
a revolutionary soldier. They removed from Connecticut to Saratoga 
Co., N. Y. 

Children of Elijah and Sarah (Lyon) Olmsted: 

225. I. Elijah; b. Feb. 28, 1770. 

226. II. Timothy; b. Aug. 3, 177 2; m. Abigail Bailey. 

227. III. Sarah; b. Nov. 8, 1775; d. 1848. 

228. IV. Rowland; b. Nov. 1, 1779. 

229. V. Obed; b. Sept. 19, 1784; m. Phebe Derby. 

230. VI. Theresa; b. Nov. 29. 1789. 

231. VII. Eliphalet. 

232. VIII. Molly; b. June 23, 1777; m. Zalmon Pulling; d. 1821. 

•233. IX. Mindwell; b. July 31, 1781; m. 1st, Daniel Wheeler; he d. 1821; 
and she m. 2nd, Zalmon Pulling, her sister's widower; she d. April 26, 1836. 

234. X. Eleanor; b. Oct. 8, 1786; m. Eli Hawley. 

235. IX. Jessie Crane; b. April 1. 1795. 

121. IV. 27. EPHRAIM' LYON [Ephraim^ SamueP, Richard'] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn.; bapt. June 15, 1740. He married accord- 
ing to Redding Land Records, Ann Adams. He took an active part 
In the Revolutionary War. He was one of the Committee of Safety 
appointed in Fairfield, Dec. 29, 1774 (Hist. Fairfield Co.). In May 1774 
he was appointed Lieutenant in a company of militia in the western 
part of North Fairfield, belonging to the 4th Regiment (Col. Rec. 

tElijah Olmsted was a descendant of Captain Richard^ Olmsted, who came 
»o America in 1632. Captain Richard; (bapt., 1612) was grandson of James and 
Jane Bristow Olmsted, of Great Leighs. England. His son. Capt. James= Olmsted, 
born probably in Hartford. Conn., married Phebe Barlow in 1673. Joseph 'Olm- 
sted, b. 1676, married Mehetabel V5^arner. John* Olmsted, third son of Joseph, 

married 1st, Mindwell (admitted to first church in Fairfield. 1723). 

His second wife was Jennie (adm. to Church on Greenfield Hill, 1730). 



Conn. XIV. 266). He was among those called out for active service 
in March 1777, "operating at Fairfield and Stratford," and again at 
the alarm at New Haven in July, 1779.$ 

RELATED LYON NAMES of uncertain parentage, aU probably descended 
from Richard', and mostly of tiie fiftli generation: 

*236. Zachariah; (probably son or nephew of Zachariah No. 70); married 
Oct. 7, 1764, Ruth Lane (Weston T. R.). 

♦237. Eunice; m. Feb. 24, 1764. John S. Andrews (Weston T. R.). 

♦238 Thomas; (perhaps son of Thomas Lyon No. 44); married May 10, 

1772, Deborah Meeker (Weston T. R,). 

239. Joseph; married Nov. — , 1770, Sarah Bulliley (E. C. M., I. 74). 
Joseph and Sarah, his wife, sold land in Fairfield, April 23, 1796. It Is not 
likely that this was the Joseph who was of Redding, 1777. (Conn. Hist. Soc.) 

240. EInathan; married Nov. 23, 1763, Jane Knapp (E. C. M.). 

240a. Aaroo, of Windsor. He m. and had: 1. Rhoda, b. June 18, 

1769; 2. Aaron, b. Nov. 12, 1774; 3. Esther, b. Aug 23, 1776. 

241. Susanna; married in Easton Nov. 24, 1773, Augustus Hill (E. C. M. 
V. 60). 

342. Martha; of Westpoint ; married April 12, 1768. John Allen (E. C. 
M., III. 156). 

243. Martha; perhaps daughter of David Lyon. No. S3 [See No. 188], or 
of Gershom Lyon, No. 53; married Jan. 31, 1770, Ebenezer Gorham. (Weston 
T. R.). 

244. Hannah, perhaps daughter of David, No ; married April 23, 1775, 

Andrew L. Hill, "in presence of Simeon Munger and Lois Munger", (Redding 
T. R.); children: 1, Hannah; b. Jan. 7, 1776; 2, Clarry [Clara], b. Aug. 24, 
1788; 3. Daniel; b. Sept. 1, 1793; 4. Fanny; b. Sept. IS, 1795. 

245. L,oi8 [probably a sister of the foregoing]; b. 1755; m. Nov. 1775, 
Simeon Munger, (Redding T. R. ); d. Easton, Oct. 13, 1825. Children: 1. Sarah; 
b. Aug. 4, 1776; 2. Susanna; b. Oct. 6. 1779 (Redding T. R.). 

246. Anna; married May 1773; Abel Hill, of Easton, (E. C. M., V. 60). 

247. Daniel; of Easton; married Feb. 1774, Phebe Seley (E. C. M., V. 60). 

♦248. Znlmon; "grandson of Nathan Lyon Sr." (Redding Land Records II, 

*249. liemuel; probably also a grandson of Nathan Lyon, Sr. ; b. about 
1763; married Huldah Sanford, (Redding T. R.). 

•250. EU; b. 1770; d. June 19, 1811, ae. 41, (G, R. Redding Ridge Epis. 
Chh. Cem.). 

*251. Philo; b, 1764; d. April 12, 1813 (G. R. Redding Ridge Epis. Chh. 

252. Sarah; m. April 22, 1792, Eli Sanford (Redding T. R.). Children: 
1. I/aura; b. Oct. 18. 1792; 2. Polly; b. March 8. 1797 (Redding T. R.). 

t It is the belief of Miss Sidney E. Lyon that this Ephraim was the Ephralm 
Lyon who settled in Ashford in eastern Connecticut, and married Esther Bennett, 
and was the grandfather of that gallant officer. General Nathaniel Lyon. An 
account of the descendants of Ephraim Lyon of Ashford will be found in the 
"Lyon Memorial, Massachusetts Families." It will be seen there that there Is 
some uncertainty about the ancestry of Ephraim of Ashford, but to the writer 
[A. B. L.] it seems almost certain that he belonged to one of the Lyon families 
of Windham Co., descended from William Lyon of Roxbury. It is very doubtful 
whether he was a son of Moses Lyon, of Woodstock and Brimfleld. More likely 
he may have been son of Seth Lyon [Thomas', Thomas^ William'] of Ashford, 
who had no recorded children born between 1734 and 1741. At all events the 
Lyon families of Windham County claim General Lyon as their kin. 


263. Mary; m. March 3, 1793, Nathaniel Whitlock (Redding T. R.). 

254. Ihinice; m. Nov. 25, 1789, Peter Buckley, (E. C. M.). 

255. DoUe [Dollie] ; of Redding; m. Sept. 9, 1794, Eli, son of Paul and 

Mary ( ) Bartram (Redding T. R.); he born March 30, 1767; about 1804, 

removed to Delaware County. 

256. Betsey; m. In Wilton, March 11, 1779, Mathew Hanford (E. C. M.). 

257. Sarah; married in Easton, July 1776, Benjamin Turney (E. C. M. ). 

258. Timothy, of Weston (mentioned in Land Records, 1780). 

259. Ebenezer, of Weston (mentioned in Land Records, 1780). 

260. Nathaniel (Lyons); of Stratford; possibly No. 67 or No. 76; wife 
Anna; daughter Rebecca Wilcoxson, b. Dec. 5, 1751 (Hist. Stratford and Bridge- 
port); another Stratford record reads " Lyon had James, bapt. March 

28, 1786." 

*261. Isaac; m. Aug. 10, 1778, Rachel Edwards (Weston T. R.). 

*262. liOckwood; b. Aug. 30, 1771 (Weston T. R.); perhaps belongs to the 
next generation. 

263. Cornelia; m. in Easton about 1790, Marcus Tyrrell. 

264. Hannah; m. in Easton, Nov. 9, 1791, Joseph Atwell. 

265. Buth [probably grand daughter of Caleb Lyon, No. 43]; m. May 1789, 
Ogden Meeker (E. C. M.). 

266. Daniel; m. March 14, 1792, Mabel Barnes (E. C. M.). 

267. liOis; (possibly daughter of Joseph, No. 98); b. David Banks, of 

Weston (E. C. M., V. 70). 

130. V. 43. HEZBKIAH" LYON [Caleb*, SamueP, Richard^(?), 
Richard^] was born in Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 21, 1739. He married in 
Greenfield, March 1, 1764, Hannah Meeker. Nothing has been as- 
certained about their descendants, some of whom may very likely be 
among the "Related Names", (Nos. 252-267, and 376-382.) 

(Note that the records of this Hezekiah may easily have become confused 
with those of Hezekiah No. 99). 

137. V. 46. Nehemiah Webb'* Lyon [Stephen^?), Ebenezer^C?), 
Richard^ Richard'] was born in Weston, Conn. Aug. 16, 1759t, and 
died there in his one hundred and first year. He married, Aug. 26. 
1778, Sarah Treadwell (Weston T. R.). He was a revolutionary soldier, 
having enlisted in Najah Rennet's Company in 1781. He was recorded 
as a pensioner in Fairfield Co. in 1832, and in Weston in 1832, and 
remained on the pension roll until his death in 1860. His children 
nearly all lived to a good old age. 

Children of Nehemiah Webb and Sarah (Treadwell) Lyon (Weston T. R.): 

270. I. David; b. Jan. 29, 1779; d. 1875. ae. 96. 

•271. II. Samuel; b. Aug. 27, 1780; m. Sally Adams (D. A. R. Lineage 

Book) ; d. 1873, ae. 93. 

272. IIL Huldah; b. Jan. 4, 1783. 

278. IX. Jarvis; d. "ae. 56". 

tThere is much conjecture in the above account of the ancestry of Nehemiah 
Webb Lyon. It is maintained by some that he was the son of Gershom* Lyon 
(Daniel', Richard^, Richard'). Nlther line is fortified with documentary proofs. 


*273. IV. Clarissat ; b. Aug. 11, 1785; m. William Rowell (D. A. R. 
Lin. Book). 

274. V. Levi; b. Sept. 14, 1788; d. 1878, ae. 90. 
875. VI. Walker; b. May 23, 1790; d. 1871, ae, 81. 
276. VII. Sarah; b. May 2, 1793. 

♦277. VIII. Hanford; b. July 27, 1795; d. Bridgeport, Conn. Dec. 21, 
1879, ae. 84. 

140. V. 50. JACOB' LYON [DanieP, Daniel', Richard^ Richard^] 
was born in Redding, Conn, about 1740, and died probably in New 
Ashford, Mass., in April 1776§. His will was probated at Pittsfield, Mass., 
July 3, 1781. It mentions only "wife Hannah." On March 2, 1784, 
Asahel Gregory was appointed guardian of Seth Lyon, minor son of 
Jacob Lyon, late of New Ashford. 

Jacob Lyon was one of the pioneer settlers in New Ashford, Mass.; 
he bought land (200 acres) north of Lanesboro, from Joseph Dwight's 
executors; deed dated April 25, 1770; sold 150 acres of this to Jabez 
Lyon of Redding, probably his half brother; deed dated Jan. 9, 1771; 
on same date Jabez deeds again 50 acres of this same land to Hannah, 
wife of Jacob Lyon. 

Jacob Lyon was married March 21, 1767, at Redding, Conn., by 
Rev. Nathaniel Bartlett, to Hannah Wheeler, the only daughter of 
Seth and Ruth (Knapp) Wheeler.} She was born at Danbury, Conn., 

t Clarissa (Lyon) Rowell had a daughter Julia, who married Hanson 
Bradley and had a daughter Mary Eliza Bradley (D. A. R. ), who became the 
wife of Lewis Van Buren Hubbard (D. A. R. Lineage Book). 

§Jacob Lyon of New Ashford had a double in the person of Jacob Lyon of 
Gageboro, who died in the Revolutionary Army, April 15, 1776. This Jacob 
was born in Woodstock. Windham Co., Conn., Feb. 29, 1740, a descendant of 
William Lyon of Roxbury. He removed to Berkshire Co., Mass. in 1770, set- 
tling in Gageboro, now Winsor, only a short distance from Lanesboro. The 
parallel between this history and that of Jacob of Redding and New Ashford 
is remarkably close; for completeness. Jacob of New Ashford ought to have 
had a record of revolutionary service, as his kinsmen in Lanesboro had. 

JThomas' Wheeler and wife Ann, came to Concord, Mass., with several 
children in 1638: in 1644 he removed to Fairfield, Conn., where he was one of 
the proprietors of the township, and a prominent citizen. He died there in 
1654. Will dated Jan. 16, 1653/4, probated Aug. 23, 1654. 

Sergeant John= Wheeler, second son of Thomas^, was probably born In 
England. He settled at Black Rock, where he owned a large tract of land. 
He was representative from Fairfield, Conn., in 1671, '72 and '77. Among his 
descendants was Vice President William A. Wheeler. The inventory of John 
W^heeler's estate was filed March 8, 16S9-90. His widow left a will dated 
Feb'y 21, 1702/3, probated March 24, following. 

Joseph' Wheeler, son of John, born in 1674, the seventh of thirteen chil- 
dren, married Dec. 7, 1705, Deborah Nichols, daughter of Ephraim Nichols, 
of Fairfield. Will dated March 9, 1758; probated July 20, 1759. His widow 
and five children survived him. 

Seth* Wheeler, son of Joseph, was born at Fairfield, Conn., March 26, 
1721. He married Ruth Knapp. daughter of Moses Knapp, Oct. 27, 1746, at 
Redding, Conn. He died in 1751, and his widow afterwards married Daniel 
Lyon (No. 50) of Redding, as his second wife. 

Hannah, 5 only daughter of Seth and Ruth (Knapp) Wheeler, was born at 
Danbury, Conn., March 17, 1747. 


March 17, 1747, and died at Herrick, Susquehanna Co., Pa., Saturday, 
Dec. 16, 1837. Early left a widow, she married again William Green, 
who had been a sailor in his youth, and had served in the Revolu- 
tionary War. They had three sons: John, William and Lazarus, 
and two daughters, Esther, who died young, and Mabel, who married 
William Holmes and emigrated to Michigan or Ohio. William Green 
died at Clifford, Pa., in 1810. Hannah married for her third husband 
about 1819, in Lima, N. Y., a Mr. Jerome, who died the following 
year. She died at Herrick, Susquehanna Co., Pa., Saturday, Dec. 16, 
1837, and is buried in the Lyon burying ground there by the side of 
her son, Walter Lyon. William Green is also buried there. 

Children of Jacob and Hannah (Wheeler) Lyon: 

•279. I. Seth; b. Sept. 30, 1768; d. Aug. 4, 1849. 

•280. II. Walter; b. Redding, Conn., Oct. 4, 1770; d. Herrick. Pa., Nov. 23, 

281. III. Hannah; bapt. Great Barrington, Mass., March 3, 1773; died 
In infancy. 

283. IV. Hannah; bapt. New Ashford, Mass., Aug. 21, 1775; m. (int. 
Nov. 1, 1795) Thaddeus Baxter, at New Ashford; they moved, tradition says, to 
the "Western Reserve. She died In 1832 or 1S33. 

142. V. 50. JABEZ" LYON [DanieP, DanieP, Richard^, Richard-] 
was born, probably in Redding, Conn., about 1742, and died Oct. 20, 
1777. He married in Redding, Aug. 8, 1768, widow Grace Lyon, who 
could hardly have been Grace (Webb) Lyon. See No. 46. 

Children of Jabez and Grace ( ) Lyon (Redding T. R.): ' 

•283. I. Stephen; b. May 9, 1769; m. Chloe Jackson. 

284. II. Mary; b. Feb. 4, 1771. 

285. III. Eunice; b. Dec. 3, 1772. 

286. IV. Polly; b. June 6. 1774. 

287. V. Grace; b. March 4, 1776. 

288. VI. Jabez; b. Jan. 7, 1777. 

143. V. 50. DANIEL" LYON [Daniel^ Daniel', Richard^ Rich- 
ard'] died Feb. 12, 1838; buried in Redding Ridge Episcopal Church 
Cemetery. Freeman in Redding in 1784. He married in Redding in 
1789, Ann Summers. 

Children of Daniel and Ann (Summers) Lyon: 

289. I. Aaron; b. Nov. 12. 1789 (Redding T. R.). 

290. II. Sarah; b. March 26, 1791 (Redding T. R.). 
And perhaps others. 

150. V. 53. DANIEL" LYON [Gershom*, Daniel', Richard*. 
Richard'] was born about 1752, and died Jan. 28, 1815; buried in Rock 
House Cemetery. His wife's name was Huldah. She died May 2, 


1833; ae. 80 y., 9 mo. (G. R. Rock House Cemetery). They lived in 
Weston, Conn. 

Children of Daniel and Huldah Lyon: 

291. I. Polly; b. Weston, Dec. 8, 17 81. 

292. II. Hannah; b, Weston, Dec. 5, 1785 (T. R.). 

♦293. III. Philo; b. Weston, , July 28, 1787 (T. R.); d. Feb. 26, 1869; 

ae. 81 y. 6 m. 28 d. (G. R. Rock House Cem. ). 

151. V. 53. ABRAHAM" LYON [Gershom*, Daniel', Richard', 
Richard'] was born in 1763, and died at Easton, Feb. 28, 1813; buried 
in Rock House Cemetery. He married April 19, 1785, Anna Sanford 
(Weston T. R.). She was born in Feb. 1761, and died Aug. 3, 1850, 
ae. 89 y., 6 m. (G. R. Rock House Cemetery). 

Children of Abraham and Anna (Sanford) Lyon: 

■ *294. L Levi; b. Weston, May 3, 1786 (T. R.); d. Sept. 1, 1838, ae. 61 y.. 
3 m. 29 d. (G. R. Rock House Cera.). 

295. II. Clarry [Clara]; b. Weston, Dec. 2, 1788 (T. R.). 

296. III. Henry; b. Weston, June 21, 1791 (T. R.). 

156. V. 55. TIMOTHY' LYON (Timothy^, Daniel*, Richard', 
Richard') was born perhaps in Lanesboro, Mass., where his father set- 
tled after leaving his home in Fairfield, Conn. No record is found 
of his marriage. 

Children of Timothy and ( ) Lyon: 

297. I. Timothy; bapt. Lanesboro, Nov. 17, 1771. 

298. II. Hannah; bapt. Lanesboro, April 4, 1773. 

299. III. Jonathan; bapt. Lanesboro, May 15, 1774. 

157. V. 57. WALKER' LYON [Peter*, Nathan', Richard', Rich- 
ard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn. May 13, 1754. He married, Feb. 19, 
1781, Sener Van Northwick, and settled in Flushing, N. Y. 

Children of Walker and Sener (Van Northwick) Lyon: 

SOO. I. Sener; b. Feb. ("2d mo.") 21, 1782. 

301. II. ? James; bapt. Stratford, Conn., March 28, 1786, "son of 

Lyon." Recorded here because the fact that the marriage of Peter Lyon, the 
father of Walker, is mentioned In Stratford records, makes it probable that 
he lived there, and so that this James was his grandson. 

158. V. 57. ASAHEL' LYON [Peter*, Nathan', Richard', Rich- 
ard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., Aug. 31, 1755. He married June 
2nd, 1775, Hannah Hill (Redding T. R.). He was made freeman in 
Redding in April 1798. 

Children of Asahel and Hannah (Hill) Lyon, (Redding T. R.): 

302. I. Sarah; b. Jan. 18, 1776. 
•SOS. n. Peter; b. March 29. 1784. 


159. V. 57. ANN' LYON (HILL) [Peter*, Nathan', Richard', 
Richard'] was born (probably in Redding, Conn.) April 1, 1757. She 
married in Redding May 11, 1773, Abel Hill. 

Children of Abel and Ann (Lyon) Hill: 

304. I. Beach; b. Redding, April 2, 1777 (T. R.). 

305. II. liucy; b. Redding, March 4, 1783; d. March 9, 1774 (T. R.). 

160. V. 57. ANDREW LYON [PeterS Nathan', Richard^, Rich- 
ard'] ; date and place of birth not known, but "son of Peter" (Redding 
Land Records). Freeman in Redding, 1790. Received a deed of land 
in Norwalk (his mother's home) in 1793 from Samuel Benedict. Wife's 
name Mary. 

Son of Andrew and Mary ( ) Lyon: 

306. I. Sherwood; [named evidently from his grandmother, Abigail 
Sherwood]; b. Jan. 25, 1793 (Redding T. R.). 

Probably there were other children. See also No. 190. 

162. V. 57.(?) PETER' LYON, JR. [Peter*(?), Nathan', Rich- 
ard^ Richard']. No record has been found of the date or place of his 
birth. His wife's name was Abigail. 

Children of Peter and Abigail ( ) Lyon: 

307. I. Asahel; m. 180S, Mrs. Mary (Merrltt) Searing, daughter of Dan- 
iel and Sarah Merritt, of Pawling, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

164. V. 60. NATHAN' LYON [DavidS Nathan', Richard^, Rich- 
ard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., Dec. 23, 1759. His wife's name 
was Phebe. (Redding Land Records, VI. 527). 

Son of Nathan (and Phebe) Lyon: 

308. I. Eli. (Redding Land Records, II, 374). This could not have 
been Eli Lyon, No. 250 unless there is an error in the date given as that 
of his birth [1770, from G. R.], nor could It have been the one whose wife, 
Mary, d. Sept. 14, 1837, ae. 19 y. 10 m. (Redding Ridge Episcopal Ch. Cem.). 
[See No. 250, also No. 359]. 

165. V. 60. DAVID' LYON [David*, Nathan', Richard=, Richard'] 
was born (perhaps in Redding) in 1773, and died at Redding Ridge, 
March 31, 1813; buried in Episcopal Church Cemetery there. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth (Betsey) Rogers. She was born in 1778. and died 
Feb. 2, 1846, ae. 67 years, 5 m. (G. R. Redding Ridge Episcopal Church 

Children of David and Betsey (Rogers) Lyon: 

309. I. Snsan; b. Jan. 27, 1805; d. April 4, 1813, ae. 8 y. 2 m. 7 d. (G. R.). 

310. IL Henry K.; b. Sept. 29. 1811; d. June 25, 1813. ae. 1 y. 8 m. 26 
d. (G. R.). 


167. V. 62. AUGUSTUS' LYON [Samuel*, Nathan', Richard', 
Richard'] was born in Redding, Cpnn., April 4, 1765. He married 
March 20, 1788, Mary Burnett (Redding T. R.). 

Children of Augustus and Mary (Burnett) Lyon: 

311. I. Lois; b. Redding, Oct. 13, 1788 (T. R.). 

312. II. Eliza Maria; b. Feb. 3, 1798, (Methodist Ch. R., also T. R.). 
There may have been other children. 

189. V. 83. DAVID' LYON [David*, SamueP, SamueP, Richard'] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn., Feb. 23, 1754. He married, March 15, 
1775, Hannah Olmsted (E. C. M. IIL 67). They belonged, 1776, to the 
West Farms Church. He is said to have died a prisoner in N. Y. 
in March 1778. 

Children of David and Hannah ( ) Lyon, baptized in West Farms 


313. I. David; bapt. Aug. 11, 1776. 

314. II. Joseph; bapt. April 9, 1778. 

200. V. 91. JABEZ"^ LYON [John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn., March 18, 1747. He removed to Laues- 
boro, Mass. Nothing has been learned about him except that he served 
in the revolutionary war. He enlisted first, April 26, 1777, in Capt. 
Joseph Barnes' Company; in Col. Symond's Berkshire Co. Regiment; 
service 24 days. He was called out on alarms repeatedly, serving in 
various companies, viz., to Manchester, July 9, 1777; at Claverack forty 
days, in October and November, 1779; twice on alarms in October 1780. 

201. V. 91. THOMAS" LYON [John*, John^ SamueP, Richard*] 
was born in Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 9, 1749, and died in Avon, N. Y., 
March 4, 1835. He settled at New Ashford, Berkshire Co., Mass., 
about 1770, and lived there until 1801, when he went to join his son- 
in-law, Seth Lyon, in Lima, N. Y. In 1812 he moved to Avon, Living- 
stone Co., N. Y., where he spent the remaining years of his life. The 
following items are found in the New Ashford Record: July 12, 1776, 
Thomas Lyon, et al. appointed to "take notis of all Breaches of the 
peace Either of God or man, and make information to the Commety 
of Safety." March 22, 1779, Thomas Lyon was nominated assessor; 
Sept. 24, 1781, chosen constable; March 24, 1783, chosen selectman, 
assessor and highway surveyor; March 15, 1784, "Lieut. Lyon" chosen 
on a "Gran jury". He was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted 
in 1776 at New Ashford, and served at Ticonderoga; afterwards fought 
at Bennington under General Stark, Aug. 16, 1777, and was at the 


surrender of Burgoyne, Oct. 17, 1777. This he recites in an applica- 
tion for a pension Aug. 11, 1832. The pension was granted but he 
was then advanced in years and did not live long to benefit by it. 
He married May 10, 1769, Thankful Russica (E. C. M. VI. 65) She 
was born in 1752, and died at Lima, N. Y. in August, 1809. She was 
of a Huguenot family of De Russica, which came over from France 
to escape religious persecutions. Thomas Lyon married a second 
wife whose maiden name was Green. There were no children by this 
marriage. His widow married Jerome. 

Children of Thomas and Thankful (Russica) Lyon: 
*3I5. I. Samuel; b. Lanesboro, Mass., Jan. 2, 1770; d. Sept. 11, 1835. 

316. II. Sarah; b. Aug. 26, 1772; m. Seth Lyon (No. 279); d. May 23, 

317. III. Russica. 

•318. IV. Anna; b. New Ashford, Mass., May 3, 1777; m. Aaron Levlsee; 
d. July 3, 1845. 

•319. V. Wakeman; b. New Ashford, Mass.. Jan. 3. 1779; d. Aug. 31, 

320. IV. Betsey; b. New Ashford, Mass., m. Hoft. 

•321. VIL Timothy; b. New Ashford, Mass., Sept. 20, 1788; d. June 18, 

•323. VIII. Hannah; b. Lanesboro, Mass.. June 18, 1794; m. 

Newman; d. Feb 6, 1853. 

204. V. 91. DOCTOR JOHN" LYON [John*, John^ Samuel', 
Richard"] was born in Fairfield, Conn, (according to one record in 
Danbury, Conn.), April 19, 1756, and died before Dec. 1799. He went 
with his brother to Massachusetts, making his home in Lanesboro. 
In his father's will in 1793, he is said to be "of New Milford." He 
served, as his brothers Jabez and Kimberley did, in the Revolutionary 
war. He was a private in Capt. Asa Barnes' Company, Col. Benjamin 
Ruggles Woodbridge's Regiment; enlisted May 25, 1775; service two 
months and eight days. In 1777 he joined the Company of Capt. 
David Wheeler. According to the report of the Bureau of Pensions, 
dated April 29, 1905, he was in the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was 
probably twice married, but no record has been found of the first 
marriage. According to the aforesaid Report of the Bureau of Pen- 
sions, he married Jan. 1, 1786, at Lanesboro, Mass., Sarah Lockwood, 
who, as his widow, applied for a pension Aug. 19, 1843, being then 
73 years of age, and living in Moriah, Essex Co., N. Y. According to 
the same Report, John Lyon died at Moriah, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1817. Thl9 
does not agree with the statement above, which is believed to be 
correct. No record has been found of the descendants of Doctor 
John Lyon. 


205. V. 91, KIMBERLEY° LYON [JohnS John', SamueP, Rich- 
ard'] was born, probably in Fairfield, Conn., date not ascertained. He 
was living in Lanesboro, Mass. during the Revolutionary war, in 
which he took an active part. He enlisted July 22, 1779 as private 
in Capt. Samuel Clark's Company, and served 1 month and 12 days 
at New Haven, Conn. His name appears in a list of men raised for 
six months service in July 1780, and he served again in Oct. 1781 in 
Timothy Read's Company; marched from Lanesboro to Stillwater; 
service 10 days. 

214. V. 99. LEVP LYON [Hezekiah*, James*, Samuel=, Richard'] 
was born about 1765. He had land in Norwalk, and in Methodist 
Church Records of Redding is spoken of as "of Norfield," and hia 
wife's name is given as Abigail. It is fair to conclude that this was 
the Levi Lyon who married Jan. 11, 1788, Abigail Squires. 

Children of Levi and Abigail (Squires) Lyon, (the first two from Metho- 
dist Ch. R.): 

323. I. David; b. March 26, 1787. 

324. II. Bachel; b. Sept. 1, 1790. 

324a. III. ?. Sally Jeanette; m. at Wilton, Conn., May 1829, John 
Keeler, son of Abraham Gray and Sarah Dann Keeler, a hatter from Rldgebury, 
"Conn.; she died Danbury, Conn., Feb. 29. 1861; burled In Wooster Cem. 

215. V. 100. WAKEMAN" LYON [Eliphalet*, James', Samuel', 
Richard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., in 1764 or 1765. He married 
Esther, daughter of John and Eleanor (Burr) Hubbell; b. Aug. 18, 
1764; d. June 5, 1851. He was a member of Greenfield Church in 
1806; Esther, his wife, admitted July 8, 1810. 

Children of Wakeman and Esther (Hubbell) Lyon: 

•326. I. Burr; b. 1789; m. 1st, Mary Hayes; m. 2nd, Abigail Burr. 

326. II. Morris; b. 1791; drowned off Block Island, Nov. 1807. 

327. III. Sarah; m. May 8, 1815, Joel Perry (Greenfield Ch. R.). 

222. V. 101. WALTER' LYON [Seth*, James', SamueP, Rich- 
ard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., Jan. 28, 1769; bapt. in Greenfield 
Church. He died March 19, 1819. He married at Weston, Conn., Nov. 
25, 1789 (E. C. M. V. 6.), Priscilla Redfield, daughter of Capt. James* 
Redfield, (Theophilus», James^ William') of Westfield, and Sarah Grin- 
nell. She was born at Saybrook, Conn., July 26, 1763 and died Oct. 
11, 1836. 

Children of Walter and PrlscUla (Redfield) Lyon: 

•828. I. Bradley; b. Sept. 14, 1790; m. March 16, 1817, Elizabeth Wake- 
man; d. Hobart, N. T., Sept. 6, 1865. 


I 329. II. Levi; b. March 27, 1793; m. Sept. 5, 1825, Eleanor Morhouse. 

I 330. III. Burr; b. Dec. 2, 1794; m. Feb. 18, 1834, Melinda Churchill; res. 

1 Walton, N. T. 

831. IV. Elizabeth; b. Feb. 6, 1797; m. March 16, 1820, Stephen Halght; 
d. Aug. 5, 1837. 

832. V. Wakeman; b. June 18, 1799; m. 1st, Sept. 11, 1828, Louisa Adams; 
m. 2nd, Luclnda MiUiken. 

333. "VI. Clara; b. May 24, 1801; m. April 29, 1824, Joseph Churchill 
res. Walton, N. Y. 

334. VII. Mary; b. May 20, 1803; m. Gould Morehouse, of Otsego Co., 
N. T.; d. July 14, 1850. 

835. VIII. Ellen; b. May 23, 1805; na. Jonathan Webster; d. March 30, 

336. IX. Zalmon; b. April 25, 1807; m. March 29, 1836, Emeline Woodford; 
res. Mecklenburg, N. T. 

ING) [Sarah* (Lyon), James^ SamueP, Richard*] was born July 31, 
1781. She married first, Daniel Wheeler, and second Zalmon Pulling, 
widower of her sister Molly. She died April 26, 1836. 

Children of Daniel and Mlndwell (Olmsted) Wheeler: 

336a. I. £Uza; b. 1803. 

336b. II. Susan; b. 1805. 

336c. III. Mary Ann; b. 1807. 

386d. IV. Elmlna; b. 1810. 

336e. V. Cordelia; b. 1812. 

866f. VI. Daniel; b. 1814. 

I 836g. VII. Sophia; b. 1816. 

[ S361i. VIII. Stephen; b. 1819; m. Ann EUza Grldley; one daughter, 

Katherine, who became the wife of Francis N. Tresor. 

I 236. V. 70(?). ZACHARIAH^ LYON [Zachariah^?), Nathaniel', 
William^ Richard*] Probably a grandson at any rate of Nathaniel 
Lyon (No. 18). He may have been a son of Samuel Lyon (No. 62) 

\ or of some other of the Redding families. In Redding Land Records, 
1792 (III, 508) we find the name of Zachariah Lyon. He married In 

I Weston, Oct. 7, 1764, Ruth Lane (T. R.). 

Children of Zachariah and Ruth (Lane) Lyon (Weston T. R.): 
•337. .1. Andrew; b. June 28. 1765. 
•838. IL Hannah; b. Dec. 18, 1768; m. April 14, 1786, Bphralm Seely. 

839. III. Achsah; b. Sept. 25, 1770. 

340. IV. Nathaniel; b. July 25, 1772; m. Jan. 27, 1792, Catherine Sher- 
wood (Weston T. R.) [Kate Sherwood, B. C. M.]. 

341. V. Ruth; b. May 30, 1776 (?); m. 1790 William Piatt. Ch. : Eben- 
ezer; b. July 18, 1791, and Laura; b. Sept. 15, 1795. 

842. VI. Elizabeth; b. May 22, 1778; m. 1794, Lemuel Hawley who died 
March 22, 1846, ae. 74, (G. R. Rock House Cem.); she d. (then "of Dan- 
bury") Aug. 27, 1856, ae. 78 (G. R. Rock House Cem.); a son, Bll Lyon, b. 
Nov. 1, 1797 (Weston T. R.). 


343. VII. Sabra; 'b. Sept. 11, 1780; d. Sept. 11, 1781 (T. R.). 

344. VIII. Sabra; b. Aug. 25, 1782. 

237. V(?). . EUNICE* LYON (ANDREWS) [ancestry un- 
certain; possibly of the fourth generation]. Married Feb. 24, 1764, 
John S. Andrews (Weston T. R.) 

Children of John S. and Eunice (Lyon) Andrews (Weston T. H.): 

345. I. Silliman; b. Oct. 30, 1766. 

346. II. Hezekiah; b. Sept. 24, 1768. 

847. III. Rachel; b. Aug. 28, 1775. 

848. IV. Eleanor; b. Aug. 11, 1778. 

349. V. Daniel; b. April 19, 1783. 

350. VI. Samuel; b. July 27, 1786. 

238. V. — (?). THOMAS LYON, perhaps son of Thomas Lyon 
No. 44. The ancestry is uncertain. He married Deborah Meeker, 
May 10, 1772 (Weston T. R.) 

Children of Thomas and Deborah (Meeker) Lyon (Weston T. R.): 

351. I. Betsey; b. Dec. 31, 1772. 
853. II. Ephraim; b. Nov. 17, 1774. 

353. III. Thomas; b. July 31, 1777. 

354. IV. Aaron; b. June 19, 1783. 
855. V. Gershom; b. Feb. 22, 1786. 

356. VL Alma; b. July 7, 1794. 

248. V. (?). ZALMON'* LYON [ \ Nathan*, Rich- 

ard% Richard'] "grandson of Nathan Lyon, Sr." (Redding Land Rec- 
ords) ; wife's name Charity. 

Children of Zalmon and Charity ( ) Lyon: 

357. I. Liucy; b. Redding, Oct. 22, 1793 (Ch. R. Methodist Chh.). 

358. II. AbigaU; b. Redding, Nov. 21, 1796 ((3h. R.). 

Very possibly Zalmon Lyon (No. 382) of Norwalk may have been of thli 

249. V. (?). LEMUEL' LYON [ \ Nathan»(?), Rich- 

ard^ Richard'] was born about 1763. He married Oct. 25, 1787, Huldah 
Sanford, (Redding T. R.) 

Children of Lemuel and Huldah (Sanford) Lyon: 

359. I. Eli; b. Jan. 19, 1790 (Redding T. R.); possibly the BU Lyon 
who m., Dec. 25, 1820, Esther Ann Northrop (Redding T. R.); [See No. 308]. 

360. II. Simeon; b. June 13, 1792 (Redding T. R.); d. March 15, 1796. 

861. in. Susan [Suse]; b. Jan. 10, 1795 (Redding T. R.). 

862. IV. Rebecca Ann; b. Jan. 11, 1799 (Redding T. R.). 

250. V. . CAPTAIN ELP LYON [ *, Nathan''(?), 

Richa^d^ Richard'] was born in 1770, and died June 19, 1811, ae. 41 


y. (G. R. Redding Ridge Episcopal Church burying ground). He 
married April 26, 1795, Betty Hill. She died May 30, 1853, ae. 75 y. 
(G. R.) He may have had a son, Eli, although no record is found, 
[n the Redding Ridge burying ground there is a stone inscribed "Mary, 
wife of Eli Lyon, died Sept. 14, 1837, ae. 19 y. 10 m." 

I 251. V. 53(?). PHILO'* LYON [Gershom^(?), Daniel", Richard^ 
Richard'] was born in 1764, and died in Redding Ridge April 12, 1813; 
buried in Redding Ridge Episcopal Cemetery. His wife's name was 
Hannah. She was born in 1764, and died Jan. 25, 1811, ae. 47 y. 
(G. R. Redding Ridge Episcopal Cemetery) [Another record says 
buried Jan. 26, 1814]. 

Children of Phllo and Hannah Lyon, buried in Episcopal Cemetery, Red- 
ding Hidg-e: 

363. I. Lazarus; b. 17SS; d. March 18, 1810, ae. 22 y. 

364. I.ydia; b. 1797, d. Feb. 7. 1816, ae. 17 y. 

•365. III.? Alanson; b. 1806, was probably of this family; d. 1860 (bur- 
led Aug. 8, Redding Ridge Episc. Ch. R.) 

No doubt there were other children. 

261. V. (?). ISAAC' LYON [ancestry not ascertained). 

He married, Aug. 10, 1778, Rachel Edwards (Weston T. R.) 

Children of Isaac and Rachel (Edwards) Lyon ("Weston T. R.): 

366. I. Joanna; b. Feb. 9, 1780. 

367. II. Joseph; b. Jan. 23, 1782. 

368. III. Lois; b. May 8, 1784. 

369. IV. Jesse; b. Aug. 17, 1786. 

370. V. Asa; b. Dec. 10, 1789. 
871. VI. Sally; b. Dec. 16, 1791. 

372. VII. Eunice; b. Aug. 2, 1794. 

373. VIII. Walter; b. Oct. 2, 1797. 

262. V.(?) (?). LOCKWOOD LYON [ancestry not ascer- 
tained]. According to Weston Town Records, he was born Aug. 30, 

1771, and his wife, Esther (perhaps Banks), Feb. 19, 1777. 

Date of their marriage not recorded. 

Children of Lockwood and Esther Lyon (Weston T. R.): 

374. I. David; b. Feb. 2, 1795. 

376. II. Joseph Banks; b. Oct. 17, 1797. 

RELATED LYON NAMES, belonging to Weston, Redding and neighboring 
towns; descendants undoubtedly of Richard', but parentage not ascertained, 
probably of the sixth generation: 

376. Moses; m. in Wilton, Aug. 18, 1799, Irene Benedict. 

•377. Nehemiah; b. Weston, Feb. 28, 1771 (T. R.); m. July 3, 1798. Ruth 
Haines (Weston T. R.). 

S77a. Zachariah; m. June 15. 1806, Mary Strong (Hist, of Woodbury). 


•378. Anson; m. 1818, Eleanor Nichols (Weston). 

♦879. Eleanor; m. Jan. 1, 1823, Thaddeus Read (Redding T. R.). 

880. Camilla; m. March 6, 1825, Samuel Bradley Read (Redding T. R.). 

881. Sally; m. Sept. 23, 1827, Peter Downs, of Weston (Redding T. R.). 
•382. Zalmon; of Norwalk, perhaps son of No. 248; m. Afflable ScougaU. 

271. VI. 137. SAMUEL* LYON (Nehemiah Webb^ Stephen* (?), 
Ebenezer'C?), Richard', Richard^) was born in Weston, Conn., Aug. 
27, 1780. He married Sally Adams. 

Son of Samuel and Sally (Adams) Lyon: 
•386. I. George; m. Ann Jeannette Beardsley. 

273. VL 137. CLARISSA* LYON (POWELL) [Nehemiah W.', 
Stephen* (?), Ebenezer^(?), Richard", Richard^] was born in Weston, 
Conn. Aug. 11, 1785. She married William Powell. They had a daugh- 
ter Julia, who married Handon Bradley, and had a daughter Mary 
Elizabeth, one of the Daughters of the American Revolution, now Mrs. 
Lewis Van Buren Hubbard. 

277. VI. 137. HANFORD" LYON [Nehemiah Webb^ Steph- 
en* (?), Ebenezer'(?), Richard-, Richard'] was born in Easton, Conn., 
Rock House District, July 27, 1795, and died Dec. 21, 1879. He was 
of a family noted for longevity, his father living to be nearly 101 years 
old. Until 14 years of age, he lived on his father's farm. He was then 
apprenticed in Danbury to Elijah Sanford, and six years later estab- 
lished a saddlery business in Bridgeport. He became a member of 
the firm of Fairchild, Lyon & Co. in the same line of business, and 
later was principal in the firm, Lyon, Wright & Co. He was one of 
the most prominent citizens in Bridgeport, occupying many positions 
of responsibility and honor. He was a director in the Connecticut 
Bank, director and president of the old Bridgeport Bank, director in 
the Pequonnock Bank, first president of the City Savings Bank and 
director and president of the City Light Company. He was a member 
of the first Congregational Church in Bridgeport, in politics a Whig, 
and later an ardent Republican and an active supporter of the Union 
Cause in the Civil War.f He was twice married; first to Hettie Ann 

tThe following items relate no doubt to members of this branch of the 
Lyon family: 

Asahel L,. Liyon, director in 1st National Bank, Bridgeport, 1864-74. 
Rebecca, wife of Daniel L,yon, d. Nov. 27, 1861, ae. 84 y. 4 m. 5 d. Roger H. 
liyon, lawyer, memb. Philomathean Soc. in Bridgeport (founded 1854). Rufiu 
A. Liyon, purchased Morning News, 1855 in Bridgeport. See No. 492. Wyllls 
liyon "a relative of Hanford," rep. from Bridgeport 1851-1852. See No. 493. H.W. 
Liyon, manufacturer of corsets in Bridgeport In 1880. Richard H. I,yon, b. near 
Bridgeport about 1847; d. South Bend, Ind. April 5 (?), 1907; associate editor 
of the South Bend Tribune, with which newspaper he had been connected for 
thirty-three years. John Iiyon, private in Bridgeport Militia, 5th Co., 1st Regt. 
Light Artillery, May 1823, must have been of the same generation as Hanford, 
possibly his cousin. 


Thompson of Stratford, sister of Joseph and John W. Thompson; 
second to Annie Mackay Frye, daughter of Daniel M. and Ann (Butler) 
Frye, of New York City, and sister of Major Frederick Frye. 

Children of Hanford and Hettie Ann (Thompson) Lyon (Hist, of Strat- 
ford) : 

387. I. Frederick H.; m. Bessie Hawley. 

388. II. William; not m. 

389. III. Sarah J.; m. Judge Edward I. Sanford, of New Haven, Conn. 

390. IV. Josie; m. Henry T. Shelton. 

391. V. Adelaide. 

Children of Hanford and Annie Mackey (Frye) Lyon: 

392. VI. Edward H.; b. 1845; m. Oct. 6, 1869, Jessie, daughter of Dr. D. 
H. Porter. 

393. VII. Frank C; m. Ida, daughter of Mrs. C. M. Mitchell, of Brook- 
lyn, N. T. 

394. VIII. Charles G.; res. Bridgeport, where he was prominent In bus- 

*395. IX. .Alice Cheever; m. May 4, 1874, Col, Thomas H. Watson. 

279. VI. 140. SETH' LYON [Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^, 
' Richard^] was born (probably at Redding, Conn.), Sept. 30, 1768, and 

died Aug. 4, 1849 at Lima, N. Y., where he had resided since a^iout 
1800. He married (int. Jan. 15, 1792) Sarah Lyon (No. 316) daughter 
of Thomas and Thankful (Russica) Lyon, of Lanesboro, Mass. She 
was born Aug. 26, 1772, and died May 23, 1840. 

Children of Seth and Sarah (Lyon) Lyon: 
*396. I. Ezra; b. Aug. 29, 1792. 
*397. II. Mary; b. June 18, 1794; d. March 9, 1795. 

398. III. Mary; b. Jan. 10, 1796; m. John H. Ganoung; d. March 30, 

399. IV. Anna; b. Nov. 24, 1797; d. Sept. 22, 1872. 

400. V. Clear; b. March 9, 1802, d. Nov. 2, 1802. 

•401. VI. John J. P.; b. Aug. 1, 1804; d. Sept. 5, 1886. 

*402. VIL Jacob; b. Aug. 17, 1806; d. Sept. 22, 1895. 

403. VIII. Bussica; b. March 18, 1808. 

*404. IX. Lucinda; b. April 12, 1811; m. William C. Eldridge; d. Sept, 11. 

*405. X. Justus; b. Aug. 21, 1814; d. St. Paul, Minn. May 16, 1906. 

280. VI. 140. WALTER" LYON [Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Rich- 
! ard^ Richard'] was born, probably at Redding, Conn., Oct. 4, 1770 

j and died at Herrick, Pa., Thursday, Nov. 23, 1837. He was mar'-^ri 
\ at Williamstown, Mass., Oct. 1791, to Mary Bishop, daughter of William 

and Mary (Keech) Bishop. She was born at Smithfield, R. I., April 19, 

1771, and died at Herrick, Pa., in 1854. 


In the history of Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania, by Miss Em ; 
Blackman, the following may be found: "Walter Lyon came from 
New Ashford, Mass., in 1792 with his wife and one child, on a rudely 
fashioned sled; a yoke of steers and an ax. His step-father, William 
Green, drove a heifer and carried a pair of steelyards, all their worldly 
effects. Walter Lyon bought of John Clifford 400 acres of land, on 
which he afterwards built in 1814 the large house in which he lived and 
died. Joining this tract he bought 100 acres of William Poyntell, a 
land holder, who died in 1811 in Philadelphia. He paid for all this 
land by lumbering on the Deleware. He also had 200 acres additional. 
He had five sons to each of whom he gave a fine farm." In early 
times Walter Lyon was obliged to take his grain to Great Bend to 
be ground, carrying it on his back to and fro, a distance of nearly 
thirty miles. Once when the water was low he waited three weeks 
for his grist and hired out to husk corn. In the meantime his family 
had only potatoes and milk to live upon, and were in great fear for 
his safety, as his route lay through forests then traversed by bears, 
panthers and wolves, and broken only by a few clearings. He was an 
active man in town and county affairs, being Justice of the Peace, a 
Major in the 76th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia and a County Com- 
missioner, besides being often entrusted with other public business. 
He went on foot to attend court at Wilkesbarre before the organization 
of Susquehanna County. 

Children of Walter and Mary (Bishop) Lyon, all but the first born prob- 
ably at Herrick, Pa. : 

*406. I. Hannah; b. in Mass. May 24, 1792; m, David Lewis; d. West Va., 
June 7, 1869. 

*407. II. Wheeler; b. Aug. 27, 1794; d. Pa., Feb. 20, 1870. 

*408. III. Jacob; b. July 20, 1796; d. Pa., May 10, 1854. 

♦409. IV. John Bishop; b. March 27, 179S; d. Pa., Oct. 26, 1874. 

*410. V. Electa; b. Oct. 6, 1799; m. Asa Dimock; d. Pulaski, Wis., Jan. 
28, 1868. 

*411. VI. Adah; b. Feb. 9. 1802; m. Miner Mumford; d. Wayne Co. Pa., 
Aug. 30. 1862. 

*413. VII. Henry; b. Jan. 19. 1804; d. Pa., April 6, 1877. 

*413. VIII. Polly; b. Dec. 19, 1806; m. Elijah Freeman; d. Feb. 2, 1878. 

*414. IX. Angelina; b. Sept. 6. 1809; m. 1st. Alanson Reed; m. 2nd, Nate 
CottreU; d. Herrick, Pa., Jan. 14, 1893. 

♦415. X. Walter J.; b. July 9, 1812; d. Pa., May 8, 1872. 
416. XI. Amanda [twin sister of Walter]; b. July 9, 1812; d. April 
22, 1813. 

283. VI. 142. STEPHEN'' LYONJ [Jabez', Daniel*, Daniel', 

JThis Stephen is called "Stephen Lyon Jr.", but no Stephen Lyon Sr., 
is mentioned in Weston Records. Stephen (No. 46) married 1747, might 
possibly have been his father, but this is not likely. 





IL - 
O ^ 









Richard", Richard'] was born in Redding, Conn. May 9, 1769. He mar- 
ried, Nov. 24, 1791, Chloe Jackson, who was born June 30, 1773 (Red- 
ding T. R.) He was a "joiner"; taxed in Redding, 1793. He settled 
in Weston, Conn. 

Children of Stephen and Chloe (Jackson) Lyon (Weston T. R.): 

417. I. SaUy; b. Sept. 4, 1792. 

418. II. Martin; b. July 26, 1795. 

419. III. Daniel; b. June 17, 1798. 

293. VI. 150. PHILO" LYON [Daniel', Gershom*, Daniel' Rich- 
ard^ Richard'] was born in Weston, Conn., July 28, 1787, and died Feb. 
26, 1869; buried fn Rock House Cemetery. No record is found of his 

Son of Phllo and Lyon: 

*430. I. ?. Daniel; b. July 27, 1809; died June 7, 1864, ae. 55 y. 10 m. 
10 d. (G. R. Rock House Cem.). 

294. vr. 151. LEVP LYON [Abraham^ Gershom\ Daniel', 
Richard^ Richard'] was born in Weston, Conn. May 3, 1786, and died 
in Easton Sept. 1, 1838; buried in Rock House Cemetery. His wife's 
name was Lucinda. 

Children of Levi and Lucinda ( ) Lyon: 

431. I. Orva; b. Aug. 28, 1822; d. Dec. 14, 1846, ae. 24 y. 4 m. 16 d. 
(G. R. Rock House Cem.); had a son. Royal P., born Dec. 31, 1844; d. April 
15, 1852, ae. 7 y. 3 m. 15 d. (G. R. Rock House Cam.). 

422. n. Lonzi; b. 1823; d. Dec. 9, 1846, ae. 23y. (G. R. Rock House Cem.). 

423. III. Lanson [Alanson] ; b. May 28, 1826; d. Nov. 15, 1846. ae. 20 y. 
5 m. 18 d. (G. R. Rock House Cem.). 

424. IV. John A.; b. Feb. 1829; d. Nov. 30, 1846, ae. 17 y. 10 m. (G. R. 
Rock House Cem. ) 

303. VI. 158. PETERS LYON [AsaheP, Peter*, Nathan', Rich- 
ard^ Richard'] was born in Redding, Conn. March 29, 1784; died in 
Washington, Dutchess Co., N. Y., May 1, 1870, "at the age of 86". He 

married Mabel, daughter of Daniel and Lydia ( ) Holmes of 

Weston, Conn. She was born March 1, 1783, and died June 8. 1871, 
ae. 88 y. 3 m. 7 d. 

Children of Peter and Mabel (Holmes') Lyon: 

424a. I. John; b. July 16, 1815; d. Aug. 10. 1884. 

•424b. IL Asahel; b. Oct. 13, 1817: d. Dec. 30, 1884. 

424c. III. Arthur; b. May 14, 1825. 

424d. IV. WUliam; b. Jan. 15, 1830. 

315. VI. 201. SAMUBL« LYON [Thomas\ John^ .lohn', Samuel*. 
Richard'] was born June 2, 1770, and died Sept. 11, 1835. He married 


(int. April the 31 (sic) 1790), Lucy Briggs, who was born Aug. 27, 
1776, and died July .5, 1850. 

Children of Samuel and Lucy (Briggs) Lyon: 

•425. I. MUes; b. Feb. 7, 1791; d. Aug. 25, 1837. 
•486. II. Ira; b. Aug. 15, 1792; d. 1875. 

427. III. Sylas; b. Sept. 12, 1794; d. July 10, 1795. 

♦428. IV. Henry; b. June 14, 1796; d. May 12, 1872. 

429. V. Hannah; b. May 5, 1798; d. Aug. 19, 1808. 

*430. VI. Samuel Jr.; b. May 2, 1800; d. 1864. 

*431. VII. George; b. March 15, 1802; d. . 

*432. VIII. Harriet; b. May 20, 1804; m. Daniel Stoddard; d. Aug. 16, 

*433. IX. Thomas; b. June 16, 1806; d. at Morlston, Wis., May 25, 

434. X. Sylas; b. March 15, 1808; d. Feb. 11, 1811. 

•435. XI. Calvin; b. May 20, 1810; res. (1892) Arcadia, Neb. 

*436. XII. WiUiam C; b. Aug. 31, 1812; d. Jan. 17, 1873. 

318. VI. 201. ANNA" LYON (LEVISBE) [Thomas', John*, John*, 
Samuel-. Richard'] was born in New Ashfoi'd, Mass., May 3, 1777; died 
July 3, 1845. She married in 1798, Aaron Levisee. 

Children of Aaron and Anna (Lyon) Levisee: 

437. I. Almeda; b. Aug. 1, 1799; m. Ezra Lyon (No. 396); d. June 28, 

438. II. Eveline; b. June 21, 1801; m. Hubbard Jones; no ch. ; d. June 
13. 1873. 

♦439. III. Thankful; b. July 15, 1803; m. David Botsford; d. July 9, 1885. 
♦440. IV. Sliza Ann; b. May 6, 1806; m. 1st, Jonathan Wisner; m. 2nd, 
Joseph Cummings; d. Nov. 6, 1838. 

•441. V. John L,yon; b. July 4. 1809; res. Clyde, O. 

442. VI. Sarah, twin sister of John, d. 1813. 

♦443. VII. £mma M.; b. March 24, 1818; m. "William Fuller; res. Clyde, O. 

•444. VIII. Aaron Burton; b. March IS, 1821; res. Mayville, No. Dak. 

319. VL 201. WAKEMAN" LYON [Thomas^ John*, John', Sam- 
ueP, Richard'] was born Jan. 3, 1779, and died at the early age of 
thirty-seven, Aug. 31, 1816. He married, Sept. 7, 1802, Judith Smith, 
who was of English Quaker parentage. They lived in Lima, N. Y. 

Children of Wakeman and Judith (Smith) Lyon: 

•446. I. Ransom Byron; b. Aug. 13, 1804; d. 1848. 

•446. II. L,uther Smith; b. Sept. 14, 1806; d. July 23, 1887. 

•447. III. Marana E.; b. Nov. 8, 1808; m. Eli Foote; res. Flint, Mich. 

448. IV. George Wakeman; b. April 14, 1810; d. in infancy. 

•449. V. William H. C; b. Aug. 19, 1814; d. Feb. 6, 1891. 

•460. VI. Marietta Sophia; b. Aug. 10, 1816; m. C. C. Parks; d. 1843. 

321. VI. 201. TIMOTHY" LYON [Thomas^ John*, John', Sam- 
ueP, Richard'] was born Sept. 20, 1788, and died June 19, 1861 (burned 


to death in a summer camp in Northern Michigan). He married in 
1812, Mary Davis, who was born Jan. 31, 1791, and died in South 
Haven, Mich., Feb. 17, 1872. He removed from Lima to Plymouth, 
Mich, in 1826. 

Children of Timothy and Mary (Davis) Lyon, born in Lima, N. Y. : ' 

*451. I. Theodatus Timothy; b. Jan. 23, 1813; d. South Haven, Mich., Feb. 6, 

*453. II. Merinda Orilla; b. Feb. S, 1815; m. Mathew Lockhead; d. Ply- 
mouth, Mich., Dec, 1899, 

453. III. Oscar Davis; b. July 25, 1817; d. Jan. 22, 1851. 
•454. IV. Phidelia Artemisia; b. June 6, 1821; m. VVniliam Craig; d. 
Denver, Colo., Sept. 2, 1897. 

322. VI. 201. HANNAH" LYON (NEWMAN) [Thomas^ John*, 
John', Samuel-, Richard'] was born June 18, 1794, and died Feb. 6, 
1853. She married Joel Newman. 

Children of Joel and Hannah (Lyon) Newman: 

*455. I. Bowena P.; b. Nov. 1, 1812; m. Bryant Rockwell; d. July 20, 

*456. II. WilUam Biley; b. Nov. 20, 1814; res. Dewitt, Mich, 

*457. III. Sarali A.; b. Dec. 21, 1816; m. 1st, Wm. N. Austin; m. 2nd, 

Mann; res. Davison, Mich. 

•458. IV. Marietta S.; b. Jan. 8, 1819; m. Alanson Crawford; d. Jan. 

18, 1842. 

459. V. Moses 8.; b. Jan. 18, 1821; m. Charlotte Cook; no issue; re«. 
Dickson. Tenn. 

460. VL AbigaU; b. Jan. 7, 1824; d. Aug. 21, 1824. 
♦461. VII. John N.; b. Aug. 12, 1825; d. Jan. 24, 1886. 

•462. VIII. Timothy L,yon; b. Dec. 12, 1827; res. Union Home. Mich. 
♦463. IX. Orson N.; b. Feb. 15, 1830; res. Fruitland, N. Mex. 
*464. X. Hiram A.; b. April 24, 1832; res. Brighton, Mich. 
*465. XI. Amanda A.; b. June 12, 1834; m. Alonzo Preston; res. Fon- 
tonville, Mich. 

•466. XII. Albert E.; b. Oct. 31, 1836; res. 933 So. 4th St., Saginaw, Mich. 

325. VI. 215. BURR' LYON [Wakeman\ Eliphalet\ James', 
SamueP, Richard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., about 1790. He mar- 
ried first, Oct. 3rd, 1813, Mary Hayes (Ch. R., Greenfield). He married 
2nd, Nov. 8, (or 9) 1818, Abigail, daughter of Peter and Esther (Jen- 
nings) Burr, b. Oct. 28, 1789. 

Daughter of Burr and Mary (Hayes) Lyon: 

467. I. Mary; m. Dea. William B. Morehouse (Moorhouse). 

Children of Burr and Abigail (Burr) Lyon (Norwalk T. R.): 
•468. II. Esther; m. Rev. E. S. Huntington. 

469. III. Eunice; m. Daniel Fletcher. 

470. rv. Eleanor B.; b. 1822; d. Nov. 18. 1823, ae. 1 y. (G. R. Fair- 
field Old Cem.). 


*«1. V. Morris Wakeman; b. 1827; m. Isabella Wlldman; d. Fairfield, 
April 21. 1906. 

478. VI. EUza. 

328. VI. 222. BRADLEY' LYON [Walter*, Seth*, James*, Sam- 
uel*, Richard'] was born in Fairfield, Conn., Sept. 14, 1790, and died at 
Hobart, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1865. He married, March 16, 1817, Elizabeth 

Children of Bradley and Elizabeth (Wakeman) Lyon: 

473. I. James W.; b. 1819. 

474. II. William W.; b. 1821; d. 1879. 

475. III. James W.; b. 1823. 

476. IV. Charles B.; b. 1826. 

477. V. Betsey; b. 1828. 

478. VI. Levi; b. 183 2. 

479. VII. John H.; b. 1835. 

480. VIII. Angrustus B.; b. 1839. 

337. VI. 236. ANDREW' LYON (Zachariah', Zachariah*(?), 
Nathaniel, William^ Richard'] was born in Weston, June 28, 1765. 
He married, April 19, 1785, Mary Summers (Weston T. R.) No record 
is found of their children, but it may be assumed that an Andrew 
Lyon of Weston, born about 1790, was his son. 

Children of Andrew and Mary (Summers) Lyon: 
•481. I. ?. Andrew; no record found of birth or parentage; m. Eleanor 

482. II. ?. Sherwood; b. 1803. 

338. VI. 236. HANNAH' LYON (SEELEY) [Zachariah", [Zach- 
ariah*(?), NathanieP, William^, Richard'] was born in Weston, Dec. 18, 
1786. She married, April 14, 1786, Ephraim Seeley, who was born Oct. 
7, 1765. 

Children of Ephraim and Hannah (Lyon) Seeley (Weston T. R.): 

483. I. Zachariah; b. Oct. 16. 1787. 

484. IL Harriett; b. April 11. 1792. 

485. III. Nathaniel; b. Sept. 23, 1796. 

486. IV. Bath; b. Jan. 31, 1799. 

365. VI. 251(?). ALANSON' LYON [Philo»(?), Gershom*(?), 
DanieP, Richard-, Richard'] was born in 1806, and died in 1860; buried 
Aug. 8, 1860; (Ch. R., Redding Ridge Episcopal Church). His first 
marriage is not found in Redding Town Records. He married second, 
June 5, 1848, Adeline L. Banks, ae. 27, (Redding T. R.) He married 
third, June 9, 1849, Marietta Skidmore, ae. 24 (Redding T. R.) 


Daughter of Alanson and Adeline (Banks) Lyon: 

487. I. ; b. April 7. 1849. 

Children o( Alanson and Marietta (Skldmore) Lyon: 

488. IL Mary EUa; bapt. April 30, 1853, ae. 3, (Ch. R. Episcopal Chh 

489. IIL ; b. 1853. 

490. IV. Mary F.; b. May 9, 1855 (Redding T. R.), 

491. V. Jennie Ann; b. June 27, 1857 (Redding T. R.); bapt. Aug 18 
1881 (Ch. R., Redding); m. April 7, 1880, John S. Read, he ae. 26; she 23 (Red- 
ding T. R.). 

492. VI. Bnfns Alanson; b. 1856 (Redding T. R.); bapt. Aug. 

10, 1856 (Ch. R. Episcopal Chh. Redding); res. (1904) Redding. Conn.; no 

377. VI. (?). NEHEMIAH LYON [ancestry not ascer- 
tained] was born Feb. 28, 1771, (Weston T. R.) He married July 3, 
1798, Ruth Haines (Weston T. R.) 

Son of Nehemiah and Ruth (Haines) Lyon: 

493. I. WilUs; b. Nov. 5. 1798 (Weston T. R.). In 1851, 1852 ••Wyllls 
Lyon, a relative of Hanford" (So. 277) was representative from Bridgeport. He 
was associated in business with Hanford Lyon, No. 277, In the firm of Lyon, 
Calhoun & Co., 1838. 

378. VI. (?). ANSON LYON [ancestry not ascertained] Is 

said to have been of Weston. He married in 1818, Eleanor Nichols. 
He served from "Fairfield," in the war of 1812. 

Children of Anson and Eleanor (Nichols) Lyon: 

494. I. James. 

496. II. Marietta; m. 1845, Fenton. 

496. III. Sherwood. 

379. VI. (?). ELEANOR LYON (READ) whose exact lin- 
eage has not been ascertained, belonged to the Redding branch of the 
Lyon family. It is likely that the Camilla Lyon who married Samuel 
B. Read was a sister or cousin. She herself married, Jan. 1, 1823, 
Thaddeus" Read, son of Hezekiah* and Nancy (Banks) Read [Hezelciah*. 
Col. John^' (of Boston), Hon. John']. Thaddeus Read died Sept. 1846. 
His widow and daughters lived in New York City, the son George, 
in Redding. 

CJhlldren of Thaddeus apd Eleanor (Lyon) Read: 

497. I. Sosan; b. Jan. 21, 1824. 

498. II. Sarah; b. April 23, 1826. 

499. III. George; b. Dec. 2, 1829; m. Jan. 23, 1854. Eliza Collins. 
600. IV. AbigaU; b. Sept. 6, 1832. 

fiOl. V. Eleanor; b. Aug. 6, 1834. 
B08. VI. Deborah; b. July 19, 1839. 


382. VI. (?). ZALMON^ LYON [ZalmonH?), \ 

Nathan^, Richard% Richard'] was born probably about 1805, possibly 
son of Zalmon, No. 248. His wife's name is given in the Whitney 
family History as Affiable Scougall. 

Son of Zalmon and Afflable (Scougall) Lyon: 

503. I. Theodore; b. Norwalk, Jan. 31, 1830. He was a farmer and Bet- 
tied at Miry Brook, Danbury, Conn. He married at Danbury, Sept. 1, 1853, 
Henrietta Pelletrean Wildman, who was born In Danbury, Oct. 28, 1829, daugh- 
ter of Henry Benedict and Margaret (McAlpine) Wildman. Children: 1. 
William Augustus; b. Norwalk. Conn., July 5, 1854; 2. Grace E.; b. Dan- 
bury, (Miry Brook) July 25, 1859; 3, Emma Agnes; b. Danbury, Aug. 13, 1861. 

BELATED LYON NAMES belonging to Redding; descendants of Richard* 
but parentage not ascertained: 

•504. Edwin; b. 1805; children born In Redding Ridge 1841-1861. 
•505. Eli; b. 1811; children born In Redding Ridge, 1848-1856. 
505a. Mariette (of Norwalk) ; m. Moses Banks, who was born in Weston, 
Conn., about 1815, son of Squire and Mabel (Downs) O'Banks, or Banks (Whit- 
ney Pam. ) 

386. VII. 271. GEORGE' LYON [Samuel", Nehemiah Webb', 
Stephen* (?), Ebenezer'(?), Richard^ Richard'] was born probably about 
1810. He lived in Bridgewater, Conn. His wife's maiden name was 
Ann Janet Beardsley. 

Children of George and Ann J. (Beardsley) Lyon: 
*506. I. Sherwood Adams; b. Bridgewater, March 27, 1838. 
507. II. Charles A.; m. Cornelia Warner; a daughter, Jennie E., is 

one of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 
There were probably other children.! 

ford', Nehemiah Webb^ Stephen^?), Ebenezer'(?), Richard^ Richard*] 
married. May 4, 1874, Col. Thomas Landsdell Watson, born Bridgeport, 
Conn., Dec. 13, 1847, son of William Landsdell Watson, M. D., and 
Jeanette Nichols. Res. Bridgeport, Conn., and New York City. 

Children of Thomas L. and Alice C. (Lyon) Watson: 
607a. I. Alice Lyon. 
607b. II. Kent. 

396. VII. 279. EZRA' LYON [Seth«, Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel", 
Richard^ Richard'] was born (probably in New Ashford, Mass.) Aug. 
29, 1792. The date and place of his death are not recorded. He mar- 
ried his cousin, Almeda Levisse. 

Children of Ezra and Alm.eda (Levlsee) Lyon: 
•508. I. Cllloe; b. March 19, 1821; m. William HofC; d. Jan. 2, 1882. 
♦609. IL Aaron C; b. Feb. 23, 1823. 

tRev. John Lyon of Bridgeport, (1898) who might be supposed to be- 
long to this family, was in fact a native of Glasgow, Scotland, b. 1844. 


397. VII. 279. MARY' LYON [(GANOUNG) Seth«, Jacob', Dan- 
iel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born (probably at New Ashford, 
Mass.) June 18, 1794. She married Oct. 16, 1815, John Hulcut Ganoung, 
who was born Oct. 22, 1790, and died Oct. 10, 1827. She died March 
30, 1852. 

Children of .Tohn H. and Mary (Lyon) Ganoung: 

•510. 1. Seth; b. Jan. 7, 1816; d. April 17, 1881. 

•611. II. Miram; b. May 6, 1817; killed at Battle of Shlloh, April 6, 1862. 

•512. III. MUo; b. June 13, 1818; res. (1904) Cawker City, Kansas. 

513. IV. Sarah; b. Nov. 21, 1819; m. George Cook; d. Nov. 9, 1872; no 

•514. V. Isaac; b. April 8. 1821; res. (1902) Waverly, la. 

•515. VI. Arthur H.; b. Oct. 13, 1822; res. Blue Creek, Wash. 

401. VII. 279. JOHN' J. P. LYON [Seth^ Jacob", Daniel*. Dan- 
iel', Richard^ Richard'] was born (probably at Lima, N. Y.) Aug. 1, 
1804, and died Sept. 5, 1886. He married Asenath Perry, who died 
Oct. 5, 1887. 

Children of John J. P. and Aseneth (Perry) Lyon: 

516. L Phidelia A.; b. ; d. 1843. 

•517. IL Henry; b. in 1835; d. Dec. 13, 1887. . 

518. III. Frances; b. in 1837; m. Perry (her cousin); d. March 20, 

1877. They had one child, Charles; b. May 8, 1864; d. April 10, 1865. 

402. VII. 279. JACOB' LYON [Seth^ Jacob', Daniel', Daniel', 
Richard^, Richard'] was born (probably at Lima, N. Y.) Aug. 17, 1806, 
and died at Plymouth, Mich., Sept. 22, 1895. He married Ann Rutnour. 

Children of Jacob and Ann (Rutnour) Lyon: 

519. I. Maria; b. Jan. 10, 1837; m. Albert Abbott; they had one son, 
Edwin B.; b. July 3, 1855; d. Feb. 24, 1862; Maria d. April 21, 1851. 

530. II. Miram; b. Aug. 4, 1840; m. Bachelor; d. at Pl.vmouth, 


•621. III. Luther; b. Nov. 16, 1842; res. (1904) Plymouth, Mich. 

•522. IV. Albert O.; b. April 24, 1845; d. Plymouth, Mich., 1904. 

623. V. Franlc; b. Jan. 7, 1849; d. Sept. 7, 1851. 

404. VII. 279. LUCINDA' LYON (BLDRIDGB) [Seth", Jacob', 
DanieP, Daniel', Richard^, Richard'] was born (probably at Lima, N. Y.) 
April 12, 1811, and died Sept. 11, 1851. She married William Case El- 
dridge April 12, 1832. 

Children of William C. and Luclnda (Lyon) Eldrldge: 
♦524. I. Amelia; b. Jan. 17, 1833; m. Francis E. Burd; res. Hillsdale. Mich. 
625. II. WUliam Watson; b. Feb. 24, 1835; d. Aug. 30, 1836. 

tJohn H. Ganoung Is said to have been a son of Isaac and Mary Ganoung 
(Ganung) ; Isaac was probably son of Jesse Ganung who at one time lived In 
Putnam Co., N. T. 


•626. III. Fanny Frances; b. Jan. 2«. 1837; m. Reed GlUett; d. Aug. 19, 

•627. IV. Ann Lyon; b. Nov. 29, 1838; m. William Klckerbocker. 
528. V. S:irah Jane; b. Dec. 27, 1840; m. John Chorus; no ch. ; she 
d. Feb. 17, 1870. 

•529. VI. Watson WiUiam; b. Oct. 17, 1842; res. Washington, D. C. 

630. VII. Marion Jasper; b. Nov. 11, 1844; killed in the war of Seces- 
sion, June 4, 1864. 

631. VIII. WUbur; b. Aug. 13, 1847; d. July 2, 1869. 

632. IX. Fayette Frances; b. Dec. 13, 1849; d. Sept. 22, 1851. 

•533. X. Josephine Lucinda; b. March 31, 1851; m. Joseph Billings; d. 
April 16, 1886. 

405. VII. 279. JUSTUS' LYON [Seth«, Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel*, 
Richard^ Richard'] was born (probably at Lima, N. Y.) Aug. 21, 1814. 
He was killed instantly by a passenger train at St. Paul, Minn., May 
16, 1906. He married Oct. 21, 1837, Sarah Miller, who was born in 
1812, and died March 4, 1895. He resided many years in St. Paul, Minn. 

Children of Justus and Sarah (Miller) Lyon: 

»534. I. Thomas M. ; b. May 17, 1840; res. St. Paul, Minn. (P. O. Box, 

535. II. George; b. March 27, 1842; res. St. Paul, Minn. (P. O. Box, 488). 

636. III. Jane R.; b. July 6, 1844; m. Charles Utley; d. May 12, 1867. 

537. IV. Helen L,.; b. May 1, 1847; d. March 15, 1868. 

406. VII. 280. HANNAH' LYON (LEWIS) [Walter*. Jacob', 
Danier, DanieP, Richard-, Richard'] was born in Massachusetts, May 
24, 1792, and died at Big Isaac, W. Va., June 7, 1869. She married 
April 12, 1808, David Lewis, born Sept. 28, 1775, and died Nov. 10, 1854. 
They lived at what is now known as Uniondale, but then called Frost 
Hollow, and sometimes Goose Point on account of Hannah's geese. 
Lewis Lake was named for her husband. The writer well remembers 
hearing "Aunt Hannah Lewis" tell of when she was a little girl in 
the pioneer days. Once she started to get a pail of water from the 
spring under the big beech tree (on the farm now owned by Walter 
S. Lyon, great-grandson of Walter, No. 280). Hannah was carrjang 
one of her little brothers on her back and leading another, the water 
pail in the other hand. It was all woods there then and only the path 
to the spring. Hannah saw an old bear and two cubs in her path, but 
she did not run and scream, but shook her water pail at the bear 
and said "shoo!". The cubs ran into the woods, and after a few 
growls the old bear followed them. Hannah then went on after the 

Daughter of David and Hannah (Lyon) Lewis: 

•638. I. Ada Miranda; b. Uniondale, Penn., Dec. 16, 1817; m. Joseph T. 

Sherwood, Nov. 15, 1838; he was b. Jan. 29, 1814; d. Auburn, Neb., Dec. 22, 1883; 
she d. Liberty, Neb., Nov. 5, 1895. 

/A^y^^^ ^^52^^<>l^ 

No. 415 


407. VII. 280. WHEELER' LYON [Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, 
DanieP, Richard^, Richard'] was born at Herrick, Pa., Aug. 27, 1794, 
and died Feb. 20, 1870. He married first, March 20, 1817, Amanda 
Potter, daughter of a revolutionary soldier. She was born March 7, 
1798, and d. March 28, 1833. He married 2nd, Sept. 6, 1835, Mary 
(Moore) Ellis, widow of Huntington Ellis. She was born in R. I., 
June 23, 1800, and died March 10, 1892. 

Children of Wheeler and Amanda (Potter) Lyon: 

•639. I. Charles Wheeler; b. Dec. 19, 1817; d. July 17, 1903. 

Children of Wheeler and Mary (Moore) Lyon: ' 

540. IL Amanda Olivia; b. Jan. 29, 1837; d. unmarried, Oct. 1856. 
641. III. Walter Franklin; b. Nov. 20, 1839; d. April 1841. 

408. VII. 280. JACOB' LYON [Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel*. 
Richard^ Richard'] was born at Herrick, Pa., July 20, 1796, and died 
May 10, 1854. He married Mahala Sampson, Jan. 21, 1818. She was 
born Nov. 14, 1797, and d. Aug. 5, 1887. She was the daughter of 
Ezekiel Sampson, a Baptist minister, who lived near Deposit, N. J. 
Mahala (Sampson) Lyon was considered a very handsome woman, 
and retained the traces of beauty even unto old age. She was also 
a woman who never spoke evil of any person, or performed any act 
of injustice or unkindness towards her relatives, friends or neighbors. 

Jacob Lyon was Lieut. Colonel, and Walter, his brother, was Quar- 
termaster in a Volunteer Battalion in the Third Brigade, 8th Division, 
Pennsylvania Militia, as shown on page 34, Book of 1841, Adjutant 
General's Office, Harrisburg. Jacob Lyon was "honest, patriotic, in- 
telligent, public spirited and generous." 

Children of Jacob and Mahala (Sampson) Lyon: 

643. I. Hannah Calista; b. Dec. 16, 1820; d. Aug. 11, 1836. 

543. IL Infant son; b. April 23, 1823; d. April 24, 1823. 

544. III. Infant son; b. and d. March 1824. 
•546. rv. Lafayette; b. March 7, 1825. 

•646. V. George Henry; b. Jan. 23, 1829; d. Aug. 29, 1900. 

•647. VI. Walter Ezekiel; b. Sept. 10, 1834. 

•648. VII. Mary Mercy; b. Oct. 1, 1838; m. Granville Burns. 

•649. VIII. Thomas H. B.; b. Sept. 26, 1841. 

409. VII. 280. JOHN BISHOP' LYON [Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, 
Daniel', Richard^ Richard*] was born at Herrick, Pa., March 27, 1798, 
and died Oct. 26, 1874. He married Dec. 24, 1824, Sarah Waterman 
Giddings, who was the daughter of Capt. James and Lucy (Demmlng) 


Glddings. She was born at Preston, Conn., Aug. 29, 1803, and died at 
Herrick, Pa., Jan. 4, 1864. 

Children of John Bishop and Sarah Waterman (Glddings) Lyon: 

•550. I. Adella Adelaide; b. April 6, 18 27; d. Brenham, Tex., Sept. 15, 

*551. II. GUes Henry; b. Feb. 20, 1836. 

♦553. Ill John Bishop, Jr.; b. Aug. 12, 1839; d. Nov. 12, 1882. 

•553. IV. Andrew G.; b. March 19, 1842. 

410. VII. 280. ELECTA' LYON (DIMOCK) [Walter', Jacob', 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born at Herrick, Pa., Oct. 6, 
1799, and died at Pulaski, Wis., Jan. 28, 1868. She married, Jan. 16. 
1817, Asa Dimock, who was born April 5, 1795, and died at Pulaski, 
Wis., Dec. 23, 1864. He was Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts, doing 
his own work from Jan. 1821 under Governors Heister, Schulze and 
Wolf, of Pennsylvania, in all fifteen years. He was also State Rep- 
resentative, 1836-37, and State Senator of Pennsylvania, 1840-44. 

Children of Asa and Electa (Lyon) Dimock: 

*554. I. Mary Elizabeth; b. Dundoff, Pa., July 22, 1817; m. John H. 
Dimock; d. Muscoda, Wis., Oct. 22, 1854. 

•655. II. Warren Shubal; b. Montrose, Pa., March 24, 1819. 

•556. III. Walter Wheeler; b. Montrose, Pa., May 31, 1821; d. Muscoda, 
Wis., Jan. 5, 1865. 

657. rv. liafayette Gilbert; b. Montrose, Pa., June 12, 1825; d. unmar- 
ried, Harrlsburg, Pa., Sept. 2, 1858. 

668. V. Adelia Robertine; b. Montrose, Pa., March 22, 1827; d. Harris- 
burg, Pa., May 27, 1S49. 

669. VI. Avaline Electa; b. Aug. 1, 1830; d. Jan. 28, 1835. 

660. VII. George Washington; b. Feb. 22, 1832; d. Oct. 7, 1833. 

661. VIII. Robert Asa; b. July 23, 1836; d. May 1, 1838. 

662. IX. Katharine Sophia; b. April 5, 1838. 

411. VII. 280. ADAH' LYON (MUMFORD) [Walter', Jacob', 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richa^d^ Richard'] was born at Herrick, Pa., Feb. 9, 
1802, and died at Pleasant Mount, Wayne Co., Pa., Aug. 30, 1862. She 
was married Feb. 15, 1821, to Miner Mumford, son of Jirah and Deborah 
(Lillibridge) Mumford. He was born at Pleasant Mount Nov. 9, 1797, 
and died there May 7, 1867. 

Children of Miner and Adah (Lyon) Mumford: 

•563. I. Emeline; b. Sept. 12, 1821; m. Merritt Trusdell; d. Falrbury. 
Neb., Jan. 20, 1889. 

664. II. Infant daughter; b. Nov. 9, 1822; d. Nov. 30, 1822. 

665. III. Juliet; b. Nov. 9, 1823; m. Sept. 4, 1843, Asa Trusdell, brother 
of Merritt; no children; she d. Pleasant Mount, March 2, 1875. 

•666, rv. George; b. May 17, 1826; d. Pleasant Mount, July 26, 1894. 



667. V. Walter; b. March 14, 1828; d. April 2, 1833. 

*568. VI. Elizabeth; b. Pleasant Mount, June 16, 1830; m. Judson Un- 
derbill; res. Blnghampton, N. T. 

•569. VII. Mary A.; b. Sept. 8, 1832; m. William H. Fulkerson; d. Bea- 
trice. Neb., Oct. 28, 1897. 

570. VIII. Amanda; b. Sept. 8, 1835; not m. ; d. June 1, 1860. 

871. IX. Henry Wayne; b. July 28, 1837; m. June 10, 1867, Bmlly Ollea; 
no Issue; d. Pleasant Mount, Dec. 19, 1892. 

572. X. Minerva M.; b. Sept. 30, 1839; m. Sept. 27, 1869, Franlc Wright; 
res. (1906) Scranton, Pa.; 2 children. 

412. VII. 280. HENRY' LYON [Walter', Jacob', DanieP, Daniel», 
Riclla^d^ Richard^] was born at Herrick, Pa., Jan. 19, 1804, and died 
April 6, 1877. He married Dec. 27, 1827, Harlie Ann Kent, who was 
born at Clifford, Pa., Feb. 20, 1809. She was the daughter of Abel and 
Diadema (Horton) Kent. Abel Kent was a Revolutionary soldier from 
New Ashford, Berkshire Co., Mass. She died March 20, 1886. 

Children of Henry and Harlie Ann (Kent) Lyon: 

•573. I. Jane Helen; b. Herrick, Pa. Feb. 20, 1829; m. George F. Dunning. 

574. II. Mary Diadema; b. Nov. 25, 1830; m. Oct. 8, 1857, Rev. P. R. 
Tower, minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. She died March 20, 1907. 

•575. III. Ada Ann; b. Nov. 30, 1832; m. Harmon L. Corwln; d. Oct. 31, 

*576. IV. Sarah Amanda; b. Nov. 22, 1834; m. David L. Kennedy; d. 
Feb. 8, 1870. 

677. V. Henry CrandaU; b. March 30, 1837; d. July 4, 1837. 

678. VI. George Washington; b. June 9, 1838; not m. ; d. Feb. 6, 1893. 

679. VII. Henry De Forrest; b. Dec. 4, 1840; d. Oct. 8, 1856. 
•580. VIII. Walter Franklin; b. May 9, 1843. 

*581. IX. Marion Adelbert; b. Dec. 9, 1845. 

582. X. £mma IrOiiise; b. May 28, 1848; d. Feb. 25, 1849. 

•583. XI. Frederick Kent; b. June 21, 1850. 

684. XII. Infant son; b. May 1, 1854; d. May 6, 1854. 

413. VII. 280. POLLY' LYON (FREEMAN) [Walter", Jacob', 
DanieP, DanieP, Richard^, Richard'] was born Herrick, Pa., Dec. 19, 
1806. She married, April 21, 1840, Elijah Freeman, a widower with 
one son by a former marriage. He was born in Tolland Co., Conn., 
Oct. 19, 1807; died at Kizers, Pa., Sept. 1, 1891. She died at Klzers, 
Feb. 2, 1878. 

Children of Elijah and Polly (Lyon) Freeman: 
585. I. Mary S.; b. Dec. 30, 1842; d. 1846. 

*585a. 11. Electa; b. June 24, 1845; m. 1st, Horace Jenkins; m. 2nd, Emery 

585b. III. Mary S.; b. Oct. 30, 1848; d. July 8, 1864. 
585c. rv. Ida; b. March 3, 1853; d. July 24, 1864. 


ter', Jacob', Daniel", DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was born in Susque- 
hanna County, Pa., Sept. 6, 1809, and died at Herrick, Pa., Jan. 14, 1893, 
buried in the graveyard near the Baptist Church on Lyon Street. She 
was married first, Dec. 25, 1832, to Alanson Reed, who was born in 
Connecticut, Sept. 4, 1810, and died in Connecticut July 14, 1846. His 
mother's given name was Diadema. Angelina (Lyon) Reed married 
second Nate Cottrell, of Providence, Luzerne Co., Pa. She had no 
children by this marriage. 

Children of Alanson and Angelina (Lyon) Reed: 

686. I. Mary Diadema; b. Jan. 4, 1834; named for her two grandmothera; 
d. Aug. 26, 1837. 

587. IL Bradley B.; b. Dec. 13, 1835; d. Herrick, Pa., April 18, 1837; bxir- 
rled In the Lyon family burying ground on Lyon Street. 

♦588. III. Anna Aldruda; b. Nov. 2, 1837; m. Eli Todd Stone; d. Knights 
Perry, Calif.. April 21, 1869. 

689. rv. Josephine Augrusta; b. Feb. 13, 1841; not m. ; d. Providence, Pa., 
about 1866. 

415. VII. 280. WALTER' LYON [Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, Dan- 
iel', Richard^ Richard'] was born at Herrick, Pa., July 9, 1812, and 
died at the same place. May 8, 1872. He was married April 5, 1838, 
by Rev. Adam Miller, a Presbyterian minister of Hartford, Susque- 
hanna Co., Pa., to Maria Antoinette Giddings, of Herrick, Pa., who was 
born Feb. 28, 1819. She was daughter of Capt. James and Lucy 
(Deming) Giddings, and grand-daughter of Capt. Jabez Deming, who 
served in the Connecticut Militia during the Revolution as Captain. 
Walter Lyon was one of nature's noblemen. His word was as 
good as his bond. Dying suddenly of cerebro-spinal meningitis. It was 
found after his death that he did not owe a person a dollar. He was 
quartermaster, 8th Division Pennsylvania Volunteer Battalion, Third 
Brigade of the Washington Guards, as shown p. 34, 1841, Adjutant 
General's OflBce, Harrisburg, Pa. He was School Commissioner for 
a number of years. 

Children of Walter and Maria Antoinette (Giddings) Lyon: 

*690. I. Engene Emmett; b. Oct. 30, 1840; d. March 26, 188S. 

601. II. Marlon Adelbert; b. May 24, 1843; d. July 16, 1843. 

*B9Z. HI. Clara Oeorgiana; b. Sept. 80, 1846; m. Gilbert Lb Benjamin. 

*693. IV. James Walter; b. April 24, 1848. 

*S94. V. Ix>iil8e Antoinette; b. Dec. 21, 186S; m. Joseph Henry Johnson. 

420. VII. 293. DANIEL' LYON [Philo»(?), Daniel*, Gershom*, 
DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was born July 27, 1809, and died in Easton, 
June 7, 1864; buried in Rock House Cemetery. His wife's name was 



Adeline. She was born Aug. 14, 1815, and died Nov. 16, 1881, ae. 66 y. 
3 m. 2 d. (G. R. Rock House Cemetery). 

Son of Daniel and Adeline Lyon: 

696. I. Fhilo; b. Jan. 7, 1839; d. Jan. 21, 1839, ae. 14 d. (O. R. Rook 
House Cem.) 

There may have been other children. 

424b. VII. 303. ASAHEL' LYON [Peter', Asaliel', Peter', 
Nathan^ Richard^, Richard'] was born (probably in Dutchess Co., N. 
Y.) Oct. 13, 1817, and died in Washington (?), N, Y., Dec. 30, 1884. His 
will dated May 22, 1875, probated March 19, 1885, makes wife, Mary 
H. Lyon executrix; no heirs. The will of Mary H. Lyon, dated Aug. 
11, 1898, probated Oct. 20, 1898, devises property to Wesson Haight, 
Charles Haight and John Haight. From this it seems probable that 
Mary's maiden name was Haight. 

425. VII. 315. MILES' LYON [Samuel', Thomas', John*, John', 
SamueP, Richard*] was born Feb. 7, 1791, and died Aug. 25, 1837. He 
married Pamelia Darrow, who died in 1866. 

Children of Miles and Pamelia (Darrow) Lyon: 

*596. I. Lanra Irene; b. Nov. 1812; m. Silas S. Lindsley: d. 1889. 

•597. 11. Horace Wakeman; b. July 8, 1815; d. Dec. 1877. 

•698. IIL Lyman Josiah; b. Dec. 24, 1817; d. Nov. 1897. 

•699. IV. Ransom Darrow; b. 1820; res.. Mason, Mich. 

•600. V. Henry H.; b. Aug. 25, 1822; m. Polly Ann Brooks; d. Oct. 6, 1890. 

•601. VI. Lafayette Aurora; b. May 8, 1825; d. Oct. 1, 1877. 

426. VII. 315. IRA' LYON [Samuel', Thomas', John*, John*, 
SamueP, Richard'] was born Aug. 15, 1792. He was accidentally killed 
in 1875, by falling from a window. He married Mercy Belknap. 

Children of Ira and Mercy (Belknap) Lyon: 

602. 1. £dwin; res. Buffalo, N. T. 

603. II. Warren. 

604. III. Lucy; m. Thayer. 

605. IV. Elwood. 

606. V. Mary. 

428. VII. 315. HENRY' LYON [Samuel', Thomas', John*, John', 
SamueP, Richard'] was born June 14, 1796, and died May 12, 1872. He 
married Deborah Davis, who was born Oct. 8, 1796, and died Jan. 29. 

Children of Henry and Deborah (Davis) Lyon: 
•607. I. OrviUe H.; b. April 18, 1818; d. April 18. 1870. 


•808. II. Oorlona A.; b. March 23, 182»; m. Frallck; d. Oct. 

18, 1841. 

•609. III. Alva P.; b. May 3, 1822; d. Sept. 3, 1846. 

•610. IV. James D.; b. Jan. 23, 1824; d. March 3, 1867. 

611. V. Mary Jane; b. May 9, 1826; d. Jan. 4, 1843. 

612. VI. Angelina M. A.; b. May 26, 1828; m. Merrltt E. Cornell; no child- 
ren; res. Battle Creek, Mich. 

*613. VII. Cassias A.; b. April 17, 1834; res. Milwaukee, Wis. 

♦614. VIII. Cornelia A.; b. Sept. 6, 1836; m. Myron J. Cornell; res. Battle 
Creek, Mich. 

615. IX. Cyrus A.; b. March 22, 1840; d. Jan. 7, 1864. 

430. VII. 315. SAMUEL' LYON [SamueP, Thomas", John*, John*, 
SamueP, Richard'] was born May 2, 1800, and died in 1864. He mar- 
ried Letitia Ritchie. They had one daughter: 

616. I. Mary; m. Enoch Cummlngs; d. Sept. 1864. 

431. VII. 315. GEORGE' LYON [Samuel^, Thomas', John*, John*, 
Samuel% Richard'] was born March 15, 1802. He married Phebe 

Children of George and Phebe (Strickling) Lyon: 

617. I. £dgar. 

618. II. Everett. 

619. III. Sylas. 

620. IV. William. 

432. VII. 315. HARRIET' LYON (STODDARD) [Samuel', 
Thomas^ John*, John', Samuel^ Richard'] was born May 20, 1804. 
and died Aug. 16, 1844. She married Daniel Stoddard. 

Children of Daniel and Harriet (Lyon) Stoddard: 

621. I. Daniel, Jr. 

622. II. Sophia; m. Fuller. 

433. VII. 315. THOMAS' LYON [SamueP, Thomas', John', John* 
SamueP, Richard'] was born June 16, 1806, and d. May 25, 1880. He 
married Jan. 1828, Harriet Durham, who was born April 1, 1809, and 
died Dec. 18, 1884. 

Children of Thomas and Harriet (Durham) Lyon: 

*623. I. Celia Samantha; b. Dec. 21, 1828; m. Ira B. Babcock; d. Feb. 16, 

•624 II. Adelia Diantha; b. July 14, 1830; m. 1st, Charles "W. Lightall; m. 
2nd, Thomas Balfour; Address, Box 634, Independence, la. 

•625. III. liucy J.; b. Sept. 4, 1834; m. Hugh Degulne; res. Los Angeles, 

•626. IV. liinns; b. March 3, 1836; killed In battle March 16, 1865. 

•627. V. Jerome; b. April 3, 1838; d. In the army, Dec. 25, 1862. 
628. VI. Harriet Helen; b. May 28, 1840; m. June 28, 1858, Joseph Church; 
res. Kalamazoo, Mich. 


435. VII. 315. CALVIN' LYON [Samuel', Thomas', John*. John*. 
SamueP, Richard^] was born May 20, 1810. Present residence, Arcadia, 
Neb. He married Jane Elizabeth Lewis. 

Children of Calvin and Jane Elizabeth (Lewis) Lyon: 

♦629. I. Helen A.; b. April 7, 1845; m. Frant A. Walton; res. Custer Co. 

•630. II. Enuna 8. A.; b April 11, 1849; m. John W. Morgan; res. Cedar 
Rapids, la. 

631. III. Nelson T.; b Oct. 9, 1851; m. Wood; no issue, res. 

Arcadia, Neb. 

•632. IV. Liudovlco Stanton; b. May 22, 1854; res. Independence, la. 

•633. V. AUce B.; b. Oct. 24, 1857; m. Herman G. Rich; res. Cincinnati, O. 

634. VL Julius C; b. Feb. 2, 1861; d. March 1, 1861. 

636. VIL Hattie L.; b. April 4, 1863; d. July 19, 1863. 

436. VII. 315. WILLIAM C LYON [Samuel', Thomas', John*. 
John", SamueP, Richard*] was born Aug. 31, 1812, and died Jan. 17. 
1873. He married first, Jane Fanny Richardson, who died Aug. 17, 1878. 
He married second, Stewart. 

Children of William C. and Jane Fanny (Richardson) Lyon: 

*636. I. Frances Phidelia; b. Oct. 4, 1844; d. Dec. 1891; m. 1st. John C. 
Stewart; m. 2nd. Christie. 

•637. II. Sarah Jane; b. Oct. 16, 1846; m. George F. Lisk; res. Cherokee. la. 

•638. III. Georgre William; b. Nov. 7, 1848; res. Cherokee, la. 

639. IV. Fannie May; b. Jan. 12, 1859; m. W. B. Rue; res. 1221 Ave. A. 
Council Bluffs, la. 

(Lyon), Thomas\ John*, John', SamueP, Thomas*] was born July 15, 
1803, and died July 9, 1885. She married David Botsford. 

Children of David and Thankful (Levisee) Botsford: 

•640. I. Eunice; b June 17, 1830; m. Graham; res. in Michigan. 

•641, II. Sarah Ann; b. Sept. 21, 1831; m. Wyckoflf; res. North 

Park, Colo. 

642. IIL Bennett; b. July 28, 1833; d. 1841. 

643. IV. Bnrzill; b. July 28, 1835; d. June 27, 1836. 

•644. V. Bosaltha; b. July 5. 1837; m. Thomas Geer; res. Plymouth. Mich. 

645. VI. Burton; b. Dec. 4, 1839; d. March 4. 1846. 

646. VII. AUen; b. Sept. 18, 1842; d. Dec. 31, 1860. 

MINGS) [Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel% Richard'] was 
born May 6, 1806. She married first Jonathan Wisner, and second 
Joseph Cummings. 

Daughter of Jonathan and Eliza Ann (Levisee) Wisner: 


647. I. Louisa H.; b. Nov. 19, 1825; d. Dec. 1, 1868. 
Children of Joseph and Eliza Ann (Levisee, Wlsner) Cummlngs: 

648. I. DeUna; b. July 13, 1836; d. Aug. 15, 1838. 

649. II. Henry; b. Aug. 22, 1837; killed in the Civil war June 28, 1864. 

660. III. Horace, twin brother of Henry. 

661. IV. Sarah; b. and d. Nov. 10, 1838. 

441. VII. 318. JOHN LYON' LEVISEE [Anna" (Lyon), Thomas", 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard^] was born July 4, 1809. He married 
first Diana Stanley, and second Statira E. Cable. He settled in 
Clyde, O. 

Children of John Lyon and Diana (Stanley) Levisee: 

♦653. I. Sarah; b. May 15, 1838; m. 1st. Olds; 2nd. ■ 

Carter; res. Milan, Mich. 

•653. II. Anna; b. June 28, 1840; m. Hiram Blood; d. Nov. 30, 1874. 

*654. III. Elizabeth; b. Oct. 27, 1842; m. James A. Downing. 

•655. IV. Eliza; b. Aug. 18, 1844; m. William W. Downing; res. Genoa, O. 

656. V. Mary J.; b. Oct. 23, 1846; m. Winfleld Thomas; no ch. ; d. Aug. 
23, 1873. 

657. VI. Savilla; b. Jan. 30, 1849; d. Sept. 23, 1853. 

658. VII. David; b. Nov. 21, 1850; m. Anstany Cable; no ch. 
•659. VIII. Chauncey; b. May 23, 1855. 

Daughter of John Lyon and Statira E. (Cable) Levisee: 
•660. IX. Frances; b. Aug. 1867; m. Frank Lowe. 

443. VII. 318. EMMA M.' LEVISEE (FULLER) [Anna' (Lyon), 
Thomas^ John*, John^, SamueP, Richard^] was born March 24, 1818. 
She married William Fuller. 

Children of William and Emma M. (Levisee) Fuller: 

•661. I. Taylor; b. March 29, 1840; res. Clyde, O. 
•662. II. James; b. Oct. 13, 1844. 

663. III. Albert; b. June 22, 1846; d. Sept. 26, 1849. 

444. VII. 318. AARON BURTON' LEVISEE [Anna* (Lyon), 
Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born March 18, 1821. 
He married Statira P. Willis. 

Children of Aaron B. and Statira P. (Willis) Levisee: 

664. I. Licon; b. 1857; res. Kent, Washington. 

665. n. John P.; b. 1860; d. 1862. 

445. VII. 319. RANSOM' BYRON LYON [Wakeman', Thomas*. 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Aug. 13, 1804, and died In 
1848. He married Julia Mandeville. 

d.cJ, JYXA.t^ 

No. 46 1 


Children of Ranson Byron and Julia (MandevlUe) Lyon: 

•6«6, I. Jannett G.; b. May 26, 1833; m. Bucklands; d. July t. 


•667. II. Henry Byron; b. Dec. 26, 1835; res. Albion, N. T. 

668. III. Mary J.; b. Jan. 2, 1838; m. Rogers; no children: A. 

May 26, 1875. 

446. VII. 319. LUTHER SMITH^ LYON [Wakeman', Thomas', 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Sept. 14, 1806, and died July 
23, 1887. His wife's name is not recorded. 

Children : 

669. I. Edwin; b. Feb. 27, 1839; d. Aug. 11, 1841. 

•670. I'. EmUy Alice; b. Feb. 8, 1841; m. 1st. Thomas H. WllUson; 2nd. 
A. C. Carpenter; res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

«671. III. Charles Wesley; b. May 6, 1843; res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

672. 1%^. Marietta Sophia; b. Aug. 6, 1845; m. her cousin, "William H. 
Lyon, No. 6«0; an adopted daughter, Elizabeth Willlamena, b. May 16, 1879, rea. 
Griffin, Ga. 

447. VII. 319. MARANA E.' LYON (FOOTE) [Wakeman*, 
Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Nov. 8, 1808. She 
married Eli Foote. Res., Flint, Mich. 

Children of Ell and Marana E. (Lyon) Foote: 

673. I. George Wakeman; b. Dec. 13, 1832; d. Feb. 22, 1838. 

•674. II. Hannah W.; b. May 21, 1834; m. John W. Davison; res. Grand 
Blanc, Mich. 

676. III. Sarah Elizabeth; b. Jan. 17, 1836; d. Sept. 25, 1838. 
•676. IV.' William Henry; b. Dec. 16, 1838; res. Davison, Mich. 

677. V. George; b. Aug. 20, 1840; d. March 8, 1841. 

•678. VL George Wesley; b. Sept. 17, 1843; res. Flint, Mich. 
•679. VII. Corydon Edward; b. Jan. 9, 1849; res. Flint, Mich. 

449. VII. 319. WILLIAM H. CJ LYON [Wakeman', Thomas', 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born at Lima, N. Y., Aug. 19, 1814, 
and died at GriflBn, Ga., Feb. 6, 1891, after having visited every state 
and territory in the Union. He was married at Saginaw, Mich. In 
the old log Fort, to Esth-er W. Riggs, daughter of Jeremiah and Grace 
(Bishop) Riggs. She was born in West Avon, New York, and died 
In Flint, Mich., Jan. 16, 1855. Jeremiah Riggs came to Michigan In 
1828, and wao appointed Superintendent of Indian affairs by General 
Lewis Cass, then Governor of the Territory of Michigan. 

Children of William H. C. and Esther W. (Riggs) Lyon, born In Flint, Mich. 

680. I. William Henry; b. May 22, 1841; m. his cousin. Marietta Sophia 
Lyon (No. 672). 

•681. II. Albert Case; b. March 28, 1848; address (1904) 27 W. Market 
St., Xenla, O. 


682. III. Enuna Grace; b. July 28, 1867; m. John M. Bishop; rea. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

man*, Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Aug. 10, 
1816, and died in 1843. She married C. C. Parks. They had one 

683. I. Frances; b. 1843; m. Barbour; res. Carbondale, Jackson 

Co., III. 

451. VII. 821. THEODATUS TIMOTHY' LYON [Timothy*, 
Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born in Lima, N. Y., Jan. 
23, 1813; died South Haven, Mich., Feb. 6, 1900. He came with his 
parents while yet a school boy, to Plymouth, Mich. After teaching 
School, and helping to construct and manage a railroad he became 
interested in experimental horticulture, and this became his life work. 
His first experiments were made at Monroe, Mich., but later he located 
in the fruit belt of Western Michigan, and there, on a ten acre tract of 
Bandy land, he carried on for more than a quarter of a century his 
studies in pomology, becoming one of the highest authorities In 
America in this specialty. In 1892 the state of Michigan rented and 
made a sub-station of Mr. Lyon's plot, and the citizens of South Haven 
bought and donated to the state five acres adjoining it. Mr. Lyon was 
able thus to pursue his studies to better advantage, the Stat© providing 
for the publication of his valuable annual reports. He had under 
observation more than 1500 varieties of fruits, and his reports as to 
the vigor, productiveness, hardiness, etc. of each, are invaluable to 
the fruit grower. Mr. Lyon was employed also by the United States 
Department of Agriculture to make a complete list of the names and 
synonyms of every variety of fruit cultivated in America — a work for 
which his wide practical knowledge of the subject preeminently fitted 

He married Dec. 6, 1838, Marilla Gregory, born April 9, 1819, 
daughter of William Sherwood and Lydia Perrin Gregory. They had 
no children. 

[Timothy', Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Feb. 8, 
1815. She married Mathew Lockhead. 

Children of Mathew and Merinda OrlUa (Lyon) Lockhead: 
•684. I. Oscar F.; b. Nov. 28, 1838; res. Flint, Mich. 
•686. II. Mary C; b. Aug. 27, 1840; m. WlUard Roe; d. Nov. 9, 1875. 



othy«, Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born in Lima, N. 
Y., June 6, 1821, and died in Denver, Colo., Sept. 2, 1897. She cam-g 
with her parents to Plymouth, Mich., where she attended the public 
schools. She married in Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1841, William H. Craig, 
son of James and Marah (Hutton) Craig, of Ticonderoga, N. Y. He 
died in Colorado in 1893. They lived for some years in Detroit, Mich., 
then went to Buena Vista, Colorado, and finally to Denver. 

Children of •William H. and Phldella A. (Lyon) Craig: 

•686. I. William Francis; b. Port Huron, Mich., April 26, 1847; d. Detroit, 
April 10, 1889. 

687. II. James Herbert; b. Detroit, Jan. 1, 1850; d. Detroit, May 31, 1852. 
•688. III. Emma Herbert; b. Detroit, Mich., March 26, 1853; m. June 8, 
1895, Richard Woodville Hockaday; address, (1904) 1740 Sherman Ave., Denver, 

689. IV. Charles I>yon; b. Detroit, Aug. 28, 1856; res. Buena Vista, Colo. 

455. VII. 322. ROWENA P.' NEWMAN (ROCK\\^LL) [Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas", John*, John*, SamueP, Richard'] was born Nov. 1, 
1812, and died July 20, 1846. She married Bryant Rockwell. 

Children of Bryant and Rowena P. (Newman) Rockwell: 

690. I. Hannah; b. Sept. 13, 1829; d. Feb. 2, 1836. 

691. II. Sarah Ann; b. Oct. 18, 1831; m. Nov. 26, 1856, "William Carey; 
no Issue. 

692. III. Reuben; b. Oct. 21, 1833. 

693. IV. Maria H.; b. Sept. 1, 1836; m. July 16, 1883, Daniel Tracy; no 
Issue; res. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

694. V. William; b. Dec. 3, 1840; d. Dec. 4. 1843. 

*695. VI. Angelina 8.; b. March 15, 1842; m. William Clements; d. Aug. 29, 

•696. VII. Eliza Jane; b. Jan. 19, 1844; m. Simeon Corbit; d. April 2, 

♦697. \t:II. Elvira C; b. March 15, 1S46; m. 1st, William H. Glbbs; m. 2nd, 

James B. Dean. 

456. VII. 322. WILLIAM RILEY' NEWMAN [Hannah" (Lyon), 
fThomas", John,*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Nov. 20, 1814. 
Residence, Detroit, Mich. He married Louise Wisner. 

Children of William Riley and Louise (Wisner) Newman: 

698. I. George W.; b. Jan. 29, 1846; d. March 12, 1862. 

•699. II. Perry E.; b. Dec. 9, 1847; res. in Kansas. 

•700. III. Duane A.; b. Sept. 20, 1849; res. Stanton, Mich. 

•701. IV. Phldella A.; b. Sept. 13, 1851; m. Evans; d. Nov. 21, 


702. V. Jay J.; b. May 5, 1854; d. Sept. 3, 1869. 


•703. VI. Marion A.; b. July 20, 1857; m. 1st, Looze; 2nd, 

Huson; res. Bengal, Mich. 

704. vn. Alta; b. Jan. 14, 1860; d. Aug. 6, 1860. 

•705. VIII. William H.; b. July 8, 1861; res. Wheeler, Mich. 

706. IX. Hannah E.; b. Nov. 23, 1870; res. St. Johns, Mich. 

707. X. Florence A.; b. Dec. 29, 1872; res. Olive Centre, Mich. 

708. XI. Newton B.; b. Feb. 17, 1875; res. Olive Centre, Mich. 

709. XIL Cora A.; b. July 6, 1881; d. Oct. 5. 1890. 

710. XIII. Lois A.; b. March 27, 1884; res. Olive Centre, Mich. 

457. VII. 322. SARAH A.' NEWMAN (AUSTIN) [Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas', John^ John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Dec. 21, 

1816. She married first, William N. Austin, second, Mann. 

Residence, Davison, Mich. 

Children of William N. and Sarah A. (Newman) Austin: 

•711. I. Nathaniel C; b. Oct. 7, 1837. 

•712. II. Rebecca A.; b. March 19, 1839; m. Thomas W. Catlln. 

•713. III. Joel N.; b. June 25, 1841. 

•714. rv. Adelia C; b. Jan. 23, 1844; m. Henry A. Catlln. 

*715. V. Albion S.; b. Jan. 1, 1849. 

•716. VI. Ervin P.; b. April 20, 1850. 

•717. VII. Adelbert W.; b. April 6, 1855. 

•718. VIII. Almira D.; b. Jan. 3, 1860; m. Harry A. Marsh. 

nah' (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Jan. 8, 
1819, and died Jan. 18, 1842. She married Alanson Crawford. 

Daughter of Alanson and Marietta S. (Newman) Crawford: 

•719. I. Hannah; b. Jan. 10, 1841; m. 1st, EUsha Newman and 2nd, James 
B. Thurber. 

461. VII. 322. JOHN N.' NEWMAN [Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas', 
John*, John^ SamueP, Richard'] was born Aug. 12, 1825, and died Jan. 
24, 1886. He married Mary B. Sloan. 

Children of John N. and Mary B. (Sloan) Newman: 
•720. I. Ida F.; b. Dec. 28, 1855; m. Henry D. Smith. 
•721. II. Charlotte H.; b. May 19, 1858; m. William H. Newman. 

722. III. Edward W.; b. Aug. 22, 1860; d. Nov. 14, 1878. 

723. IV. Willie A.; b. Nov. 18, 1862. 
•724. V. Walter A.; twin brother of Willie. 

462. VII. 322. TIMOTHY LYON' NEWMAN [Hannah' (Lyon), 
Thomas', John*, John^ SamueP, Richard'] was born Dec. 12, 1827. 
Residence, Union Home, Mich. He married Miranda Norris. 


Children of Timothy L. and Miranda (Norris) Newman: 
725. I. ClotUda A.; b. Feb. 22, 1855; d. Aug. 28, 1856. 

•726. II. Nancy D.; b. Oct. 8. 1856; m. Walter H. Reynolds. 

♦727. III. Orson E.; b. Nov. 9, 1860. 
728. IV. Arthur D.; b. Oct. 31, 1863. 

« -J^^/. 7^ MarUda A.; b. Oct. 26, 1867; m. Rlverlo W. Goddard; one daughter, 
Ora E. Goddard; b. May 31, 1890. suioi, 

463. VII. 322. ORSON N.' NEWMAN [Hannah' (Lyon), Thomas', 
Johns John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Feb. 15, 1830. Residence, 
Fruitland, N. Max. He married Elizabeth Tripp. 

Children of Orson N. and Elizabeth (Tripp) Newman: 

730. I. Charles H.; b. Oct. 23, 1856; res. Billings, Mont. 

731. II. Edwin M.; b. March 31, 1858; res. BiUlngs, Mont. 

732. III. William; b. March 15, 1861. 

733. IV. Sarah Jane; b. Oct. 13, 1863; m. McKlnsley; res. 

Bozeman, Mont. 

734. V. Asa D.; b. Oct. 31, 1865. 

735. VI. Mary Amanda; b. Dec. 7, 1867. 

736. VII. Albert Alonzo; b. Aug. 15, 1869. 

737. VIII. Abe Benton; b. Sept. 22, 1872. 

738. IX. Martha Ann; b. Sept. 9, 1874. 

739. X. Mark Twain; b. April 2, 1877. 

740. XL Burton Lyon; b. Jan. S, 1S81. 

464. VII. 322. HIRAM A.' NEWMAN [Hannah' (Lyon). Thomas', 
John*, John', Samuel^ Richard'] was born April 26, 1832; res. Brighton, 
Mich. He married Rachel Bogert. 

Children of Hiram A. and Rachel (Rogert) Newman: 

•741. I. Charles H.; b. Nov. 1, 1857. 

742. II. Eveline A.; b. Jul/ 19, 1863; m. Monroe Taylor; no children. 

465. VII. 322. AMANDA A.' NEWMAN (PRESTON) [Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born June 12, 
1834. She married Alonzo Preston. Residence, Fentonsville, Mich. 

Children of Alonzo and Amanda A. (Newman) Preston: 

743. I. Adelia; b. Sept. 3, 1855. 

744. II. Mary J.; b. March 18, 1857. 

745. III. Ida J.; b. Dec. 23, 1858; d. June 21, 1869. 

746. IV. Mina P.; b. June 20, 1861. 

747. V. Cora A.; b. Feb. 3, 1864; d. June 25, 1869. 

748. VI. Sarah E.; b. June 4, 1866. 

748. VTI. Eliza M.; b. June 22, 1868; d. June 27, 1869. 

750. VIII. Herbert C; b. Feb. 6, 1870; d. June 24, 1870. 

751. IX. Orson B.; b. March 2, 1874. 


466. VII. 322. ALBERT E.' NEWMAN [Hannah* (Lyon), 
Thomas', John*, John^ SamueP, Richard'] was born Oct. 31, 1836. 
Residence, Saginaw, Mich. He married first, Sarah Riker, and second, 
Kate Riker. 

Children of Albert E. and Sarah (Riker) Newman: 

762. I. Lillle r.; b. Sept. 8, 1857; d. In Infancy. 

763. XL Franklin W.; b. Sept. 2, 1859; d. July 29. 1860. 

764. III. Wmiam r,.; b. May 10, 1861; d. Sept. 14, 1864. 

Children of Albert E. and Kate (Riker) Newman: 

765. IV. Flora B.; b. June 17, 1863; m. Eugene B. Baker; no children. 
•766. V. Charlotte E.; b. Nov. 21, 1865; m. E. F. Reynolds. 

767. VI. George A.; b. March 19, 1868; d. Dec. 10, 1868. 

768. VII. Mary E.; b Sept. 10, 1869. 

769. VIII. Maggie A.; b. May 8, 1871; d. March 25, 1872. 

760. IX. Jennie B.; b. April 29, 1874. 

761. X. Albert E. Jr.; b. Jan. 16, 1877. 

762. XI. Mabel A.; b. July 11, 1880; d. July 25, 1880. 

468. VII. 325. ESTHER' LYON (HUNTINGTON) [Burr', Wake- 
man', Eliphalet*, James', SamueP, Richard'] was born in Norwalk, 
Conn., about 1825. She married Rev. E. S. Huntington. He was 
formerly a Professor in Yale College; now resides in Fairfield. He 
gave the land for the Fairfield public library. 

Children of E. S. and Esther (Lyon) Huntington: 

763. I. Eliza. 

764. II. Andrew. 

766. III. Enoch. 

471. VII. 325. MORRIS WAKEMAN' LYON [Burr», Wakeman*, 
Eliphalet*, James', SamueP, Richard'] was born probably in Norwalk, 
Conn., about 1827, and died at Fairfield, April 21, 1906. He was grad- 
uated from Yale College in 1846. He married in Danbury, Conn., 
about 1853, being then "of Fairfield," Isabella Beard Wildman, daughter 
of William Bradley and Elizabeth Field (Beard) Wildman. In 1873 he 
was living in New York, where he was conducting a school. In 1876 
he donated to Fairfield Memorial Library one thousand dollars, "his 
ninth and last gift" 

481. VII. 337 (?). ANDREW' LYON [Andrew' (?), Zacharlah*, 
Zachariah* (?), Nathaniel', William^ Richard'] was bom probably about 
1790. All that is positively known of him is that his wife's name was 
Eleanor, and that he had a son Zalmon. 


Son of Andrew and Eleanor ( ) Lyon: 

♦766. I. Zalmon; b. May 30, 1817 (Weston T. R.). 

504. VII. (?). EDWIN' LYON [ancestry not ascertained] ; born 
1805. Freeman, Redding 1830. He married first, Jane (Read ?), who 
died June 25, 1842, ae. 29, (G. R. Redding Ridge). He married second, 
Mary Isabella (born about 1822). 

Daughter of Edwin and Jane ( ) Lyon: 

767. I. EmUy Bead; b. Nov. 13, 1841; bapt. Nov. 13, 1841, (Ch. R. Red- 
ding Ridge Episcopal Ch); d. May 26, 1843, ae. 18 m. (G. R. Redding Ridge 

Children of Edwin and Mary I. ( ) Lyon: 

768. II. r«roy H.; b. Sept. 24, 1847 (Redding T. R.). 

769. III. Caroline Angrusta; b. Feb. 28, 1849; bapt. July 1. 1849 (Ch. R.), 

770. IV. Emma F.; b. Jan. 12, 1853 (T. R.). 

771. V. Gertrude; b. April 8, 1855. 

772. VI. Mary Isabella; b. July 2, 1857. 

773. VII. EUa Eugenia; b. July 23, 1859; bapt. Aug. 18, 18S1. 

505. — — . (?). ELI LYON [ancestry not ascertained]; born In 

1811. Married first, Mary (in 1835). Married second, Dec. 

14, 1839, Louisa Winton (Redding T. R.). She was born In 1819. 
(Redding T. R.). 

Children of BU and Louisa (Winton) Lyon; born Redding Ridge: 

774. L Alice Louisa; b. Dec. 1, 1848 (T. R.); bapt. July 1, 1849 (Ch. R. 
Redding Ridge Episcopal Chh.). 

775. II. WiUiam Smith; bapt. May. 16, 1852 (Ch. R.) 

776. IIL Uriah; b. Oct. 3, 1853 (T. R.). 

777. IV. Gertrude. 

778. V. George Winton; b. Oct. 15, 1854; (?) bapt. May 31, 1855 (Ch. R.). 

779. VL Mary F.; b. April 7, 1856 (T. R.). 

780. VII. Anna Estella; b. April 7, 1856; bapt. Oct. 5, 1856, (Ch. R.). 

506. VIII. 386. SHERWOOD ADAMS LYON [George', Samuel', 
Nehemiah Webb', Stephen* (?), Bbenezer* (?), Richard*, Richard'] was 
born in Bridgewater, Conn., March 27, 1838. He married at Sharon, 
Conn., Oct. 12, 1844, Frances Abigail Boland, daughter of Frederick 
Mortimer and Jacintha (Randall) Boland, of Sharon. They lived at 
Green Point, L. I. 

Daughter of Sherwood A. and Frances A. (Boland) Lyon: 

781. I. Clara Emilia; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1865. 

508. VIII. 396. CHLOE« LYON (HOFF) [Ezra', Seth«, Jacob*. 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born March 19, 1821, and died 
Jan. 2, 1882. She married William HofE. 


Children of William and Chloe (Lyon) Hoff: 

♦782. I. Maurice; b. 1839. 

♦783. II. Watson; b. 1841. 

784. IIL Delina; b. 1844; d. 1863. 

785. IV. Henry; b. 1846; d. June 1850. / 

509. VIII. 396. AARON C.» LYON [Ez^a^ Seth«, Jacob', Daniel*, 
DanieP, Richard-, Richard^] was born Feb. 23, 1823. He married Polly 

Children of Aaron and Polly (Sweet) T^yon: 

•786. I. Almeda; b. Jan. 1848; m. Louis Freese. 

787. II. Emma; b. Oct. 1859. 

510. VIII. 397. SETH» GANOUNG [Mary' (Lyon), Seth», Jacob', 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born Jan. 7, 1816, and died 
April 17, 1881. His wife's name is not recorded. 

Children of Seth and Ganoung: 

788. I. John; b. Sept. 1842; res. Deep Creek, Spokane Co., Wash. 

789. II. Amanda Jane; b. Sept. 1, 1843; d. March 1845. 

790. IIL Isaac; b. Aug. 4, 1849; d. 1856. 

791. IV. Addle; b. April 2, 1855; m. Frederick L. Hall; res. Chicago, IIL, 
2249 Cottage Grove Ave. 

792. V. Carrie; b. Feb. 24, 1866; d. Feb. 27, 1879. 

793. VI. Hattie; b. May 10, 1868; res. Chicago, 111., 2249 Cottage Grove 

794. VII. Seth Snmner; b. Jan. 21, 1870. 

511. ,VIII. 397. MIRAM* GANOUNG [Mary' (Lyon), Seth", 
Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] was born May 6, 1817. 
He was killed in the battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862. He married Mary 
Bates. ; ' 

Children of Miram and Mary (Bates) Ganoung: 
•795. I. Flora Ann; b. Dec. 17, 1852; m. Brophy; d. Feb. 24, 

798. IL Clara; b. Nov. 22, 1855. 

797. IIL Sunmer L,.; b. Jan. 1, 1861; d. Nov. 24, 1861. 

512. VIII. 397. MILO' GANOUNG [Mary' (Lyon), Seth', Jacob", 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^, Richard'] was born in Lima, N. Y., June 13, 
1818. He resides (1904) at Cawker City, Mitchell Co., Kansas. He 
married at Clyde, O., March 7, 1850, Christena Zuel, who was born at 
Hoboken, N. J., Sept. 25, 1828, and died at Twin Mound Township, 
Rooks Co., Ks., Jan. 29, 1899. 


Children of MUo and ChrlBtena (Zuel) Qanoung: 

798. I. John Marshall; b. Clyde, O., Jan. 19, 1852; m. Mrs. Hattie Clark; 
res. Rockford, 111., R. F. D. No. 7. 

799. II. Mary Jane; b. Clyde, Sept. 17, 1854; d. Clyde, Sept. 12, 1855. 

•800. III. Frank Fremont; b. Durand, 111., June 27, 1856; res. (1904) 
Cooperton, Oklahoma. 

801. IV. Winfleld Scott; b. Durand, Oct. 11, 1859; res. (1904) Los Angeles, 

•802. V. Sarah Fidelia; b. Durand, Nov. 20, 1861; m. George L. Wormackj 
d. Nevada, la., Jan. 3, 1903. 

803. VI. £dward Cook; b. Belvldere, 111., April 20, 1864; d. Belvldere, 
Nov. 4, 1865. 

•804. VII. Hdwin Grant; b. Durand, Nov. 28, 1866; res. (1904) Cawker 
City, Ks. 

•805. VIII. £agene Colfax; b. Durand, July 7, 1869; res. (1904) Plain- 
vllle, Ks. 

806. IX. Henry Herman; b. Durand, Sept. 17, 1871; d. Louisville, Ks., 
Nov. 2, 1878. 

514. VIII. 397. ISAAC GANOUNG [Mary' (Lyon), Seth«, Jacob', 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richa^d^ Richard'] was born April 8, 1821. He 
resides (1902) at Waverly, la. He married Antoinette M. Oatman, 
who was born Aug. 18, 1826. 

Children of Isaac and Antoinette M. (Oatman) Ganoung: 

•807. I. Martha A.; b. Jan. 1, 1850; m. Edmond A. "West. 

•808. II. Mary Ann; b. March 13, 1852; m. George D. Hursh. 

•809. III. Oscar F.; b. Jan. 3, 1854. 

•810. IV. Fanny A.; b. Nov. 12, 1855; m. Andrew E. Hursh; d. Nov. 16. 

♦811. V. Simeon O.; b. Oct. 6, 1859. 

•812. VI. Sarah Evaline; b. Oct. 1, 1861; m. George H. Scott. 

813. VII. EmUy; b. May 15, 1864. 

814. VIIL James A.; b. Sept. 25, 1867. 

815. IX. Grace A.; b. March 18, 1873. 

515. VIIL 397. ARTHUR H.' GANOUNG [Mary' (Lyon), Seth', 
Jacob", DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born Oct. 13, 1822. 
He married Nancy . 

Children of Arthur H. and Nancy ( -) Ganoung: 

816. I. Mary E.; b. Oct. 17, 1846; d. March 30, 1865. 
•817. II. George W.; b. Aug. 8, 1849. 

818. IIL Jasper H.; b. Oct. 8, 1851; d. Jan. 1, 1854. 

819. IV. Sarah Antoinette; b. March 10, 1853; d. Jan. 23, 1865. 

•820. V. Helen L.; b. Nov. 10, 1854; m. Truesdell; res. Scot- 
land, S. Dak. 

•821. VL Jane N.; b. May 15, 1856; m. Robb; res. Durand. 111. 

•822. VII. WUUam H.; b. May 29, 1858; res. Elgin, 111., 51 North Avenue. 

823. VIIL James A.; b. May 16, 1861. 
•824. IX. Charles M.; b. Nov. 24, 1862. 


517. VIII. 401. HENRY* LYON [John J. P.», Seth«, Jacob", 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richa^d^ Richard^] was born in 1835, and died Dec. 13, 
1887. His wife's maiden name was Blood. 

Daughter of Henry and (Blood) Lyon: 

825. I. Phidelia; b. Saginaw, Mich.; m. Warren, no children. 

521. VIII. 402. LUTHER* LYON [Jacob', Seth", Jacob', Daniel*, 
Daniel', Richard-, Richard^] was born Nov. 16, 1842. He married Mary 
Phillips, and settled at Plymouth, Mich., where he died. 

Children of Luther and Mary (Phillips) Lyon: 

826. I. Nellie H.; b. May 24, 1868; d. March 9, 1873. 

•837. II. Frank lieonard; b. Feb. 9, 1870; res. (1904) NorthvlUe, Mich. 

•838. III. £dward Jacob; b. Nov. 2, 1873. 

829. IV. Gny Andrew; b. Nov. 5, 1876; m. George Weeley Lane. 

•830. V. Jennie May; b. Sept. 1, 1880. 

831. VL Alfred Walter; b. Dec. 13, 1882. 

832. VII. Clara Maud; b. July 31, 1885. 

833. VIII. Mary Elsie; b. Dec. 15, 1887. 

522. VIII. 402. ALBERT O.* LYON [Jacob', Seth», Jacob', 
DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard*] was born April 24, 1845. He 
married Loretta A. Atchinson, and made his home in Plymouth, Mich., 
where he died in 1904. 

Children of Albert O. and Loretta A. (Atchinson) Lyon: 

834. L Edwin B.; b. March 4, 1872; d. March 18, 1872. 

835. II. Asa L.; b. Jan. 4, 1874; res. Plymouth, Mich. 

836. IIL Anna Lr.; b. June 28, 1876. 

837. IV. Arthur Lee; b. Aug. 27, 1882. 

838. V. Maud E.; b. Deo. 3, 1887; d. Oct. 2, 1892. 

524. VIII. 404. AMELIA* ELDRIDGE (BURD) [Luclnda' (Lyon), 
Seth^ Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard*] was born Jan. 17, 
1833. She married Francis E. Burd. Address, 249 Union St., Hills- 
dale, Mich. 

Children of Francis E. and Amelia (Eldrldge) Burd: 

839. I. Etta Lucinda; b. Sept. 18, 1852; d. Dec. 21, 1852. 

•840. II. Ada Josepliine; b. May 28, 1854; m. Nelson Bates; res. HlllBdale, 

841. III. Alfred Fayette; b. Sept. 16, 1856; d. Feb. 13, 1864. 

•842. IV. WiUie Eldrldge; b. Dec. 18, 1858; res. Hillsdale, Mich. 

843. V. Cassius E.; b. May 20, 1862; d. Oct. 14, 1862. 

(Lyon), Seth", Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, R^cha^d^ Richard*] was born 


Oct. 17, 1842. He was twice married, first, to Roberta Hansell; 
second, to May Amelia Eldridge, an adopted daughter of William C. 
Eldridge. Res, Washington, D. C, office Comptroller of Currency. He 
is Chief of Division of Issues. 

Children of "Watson William and Roberta (Hansell) Eldridge: 
844. I. Emma Irene; b. Oct. 6, 1868; d. Feb. 28, 1870. 
•845. II. Marvin £merlck; b. June 6, 1871; res. Chicago, 111. 

Children of "Watson "William and May Amelia Eldridge: 

846. III. Watson William Jr.; b. Washington, D. C, July 4, 1887. 

847. rv. Helen; b. Washington, D. C, Dec. 9, 1890. 

848. V. Lois; b. Washington, D. C, Aug. 10, 1901. 

[Lucinda^ (Lyon), Seth', Jacob°, Daniel*, Daniel', Richard', Richard'] 
was born Jan. 20, 1837, and died Aug. 19, 1958. She married Reed 
Gillett, of Stoney Creek, Washtenaw Co., Mich. 

Son of Reed and Fanny Frances (Eldridge) Gillett: 
•849. I. Franli Alfred; b. Aug. 5, 1858; res. (1904) Owosso, Mich. 

[Lucinda' (Lyon), Seth', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richa^d^ Richard'] 
was born Nov. 20, 1838. She married William Kinckerbocker, of 
Hudson, Mich. 

Daughter of William and Ann L. (Eldridge) Knickerbocker: 

860. I. Eolah; b. May 23, 1863; m. Nov. 7, 1889, her cousin, Frank A. 
Gillett (No. 849); res. (1904) Owosso, Mich. 

INGS) [Lucinda' (Lyon), Seth», Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard', Rich- 
ard'] was born March 31, 1851, and died April 16, 1886. She married 
Joseph Billings. 

Children of Joseph and Josephine Luclnda (Eldridge) Billings: 

861. I. Watson; b. July 1, 1871; res. Davison, Mich. 

862. II. Ix>ren; b. Jan. 3, 1873; d. June 19, 1878. 

863. III. "Vema A.; b. April 29, 1874; m. Stelnmetz; ro«. 

Davison, Mich. 

534. VIII. 405. Thomas M.» LYON [Justus^ Seth«, Jacob*, 
Daniel*, Daniel', Richard*, Richard'] was bom May 17, 1840. Present 
residence, St. Paul, Minn. He married at Lima, N. Y., June 14, 1863, 
Elizabeth Purdy. She died St. Paul, Minn., Apr. 2, 1907. 


Children of Thomas M. and Elizabeth (Purdy) Lyon: 

854. I. Clarence H.; b. Feb. 3, 1871; res. (1904) St. Paul, Minn. 

855. U. WUUe G.; b. Nov. 4, 1873; m. June 28, 1899, Lucy Christine 

Burchmann (b. in Stockholm, Wis.); res. (1907) St. Paul, Minn.; a son William 
was born Feb. 10, 1907; d. Feb. 13, 1907. 

•856. III. Charles W.; b. Jan. 17, 1879. He married at Minneapolis, Minn., 
Aug. 14, 1901, Frances Gertrude Essler, who was born June 13, 1879, at Beaver 
Falls, Minn., daughter of John F. and Maria Louise (Chenevett) Essler; they 
reside (1904) in Minneapolis, Minn. 

nah' (Lyon), Walter^ Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^, Richard*] was 
born in Uniondale, Pa., Dec. 15, 1817. She was married at Uniondale, 
Nov. 15, 1838, to Joseph Tanner Sherwood. He was born in Pleasant 
Mount, Wayne Co., Pa., Jan. 29, 1814, and died at Auburn, Neb., Dec. 22, 

Children of Joseph T. and Ada M. (Lewis) Sherwood: 

857. I. Oscar Lewis; b. March 2, 1840; d. In battle at Cheat Mt., W. 
Va., June 20, 1861. 

♦858. II. Electa D.; b. June 28, 1842; m. Maiden Bennett. 
859. III. Alson Everett; b. Oct. 25, 1843; d. Feb. 12, 1845. 

*860. IV. Herbert F.; b. May 16, 1846. 

*861. V. Wakeman E.; b. Nov. 10, 1851. 

862. VI. Franklin P.; b. March 13, 1856; m. at Beatrice, Neb., Jan., 1901, 
Eliza Miller; no children. 

♦863. VII. Granville J.; b. Jan. 19, 1859; res. Liberty, Gage Co., Neb. 

864. VIII. MelvUle A.; b. Nov. 25, 1861; d. Sept. 8, 1865. 

539. VIII. 407. CHARLES WHEELER' LYON [Wheeler', 
Walter^ Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard-, Richard'] was born Dec. 19, 
1817, and died July 17, 1903. He married first, Esther Arnold. She 
died April 1854. He married second, Hartie Browning, Jan. 27, 1859. 
She was born March 30, 1828, and died April 3, 1901. 

Daughter of Charles Wheeler and Hartie (Browning) Lyon: 
•865. I. Aiuue Demilla; b. March 24, 1862; m. David W. B. Jones. 

545. VIII. 408. LAFAYETTE* LYON [Jacob', Walter*, Jacob', 
Daniel'', Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] was born March 7, 1825. He mar- 
ried Nov. 19, 1848, Hannah Reynolds, who was born Jan. 9, 1824, and 
died Jan. 22, 1890. 

Children of Lafayette and Hannah (Reynolds) Lyon: 

♦866. I. Georgiana; b. May 1, 1852; m. Al Munson. 

♦867. 11. Charles Byron-, b. June 10, 1854. 

868. III. Jennie E.; b. July 2, 1858; d. June 10, 1859. 

869. IV. Lafayette Jr.; b. March 27, 1860; d. Jan. 14, 1861. 
♦870. v. Benton B.; b. Jan. 14, 1865. 


546. VIII. 408. GEORGE HENRY' LYON [Jacob', Walter', 
Jacob", Daniels DanieP, Richard^ Richard"] was born at Herrick, Pa., 
Jan. 23, 1829, and died Aug. 29, 1900. He married July 5. 1854, 

Lucretia M. Stewart, daughter of William and (Phelps) 

Stewart. She was born at Williamson, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1833, and died 
at Herrick, Pa., Nov. 12, 1895. 

Children of George Henry and Lucretia M. (Stewart) Lyon: 
•871. I. Anna BeUe; b. Dec. 10, 1855; m. Fred Burdick. 
872. II. William Henry; b. Jan. 27, 1858; d. July 9, 1859. 
•873. III. Edith May; b. Jan. 30, 1860; m. 1st, In Herrick, Pa., Oct. 16, 
1884, William B. Hansee; m. 2nd, Calvin Lane. 

874. IV. Paul Phelps; b. Aug. 24, 1862; d. April 1, 1871. 
•875. V. Julia Blanche; b. Oct. 4, 1866; m. In Herrick, Oct. 15, 1884, St. 
John Hansee. 

876. VI. Bertha EsteUa; b. March 12, 1873; d. May 21, 1892. 

547. VIII. 408. WALTER EZEKIEL* LYON [Jacob', Walter', 
Jacob", Daniels DanieP, Richard^, Richard"] was born at Herrick, Pa., 
Sept. 10, 1834. He married first, at Deposit, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1861, 

Leonora Terrell, daughter of Elijah and (Dimmock) Terrell. 

She died at Harrisburg, Pa. He married second, at Clifford, Pa., Jan. 
9, 1866, Jerusha E. Burdick, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Burns) 
Burdick, of Elk Dale, Pa. Present address, Uniondale, Susquehanna 
Co., Pa. 

Children of Walter Ezekiel and Leonora (Terrell) Lyon: 

877. I. A daughter; d. in infancy. 

878. II. Howard A.; b. July 12, 1862; died from injury Sept. 24, 1891; he 
was mail agent from Cheyenne, Wy. to Portland, Or. He left a widow but no 

Children of Walter Ezekiel and Jerusha (Burdick) Lyon: 

879. IIL Samuel H.; b. Herrick, Pa., Feb. 9, 1870. 

880. IV. Robert R.; b. Clifford, Pa., May 19, 1873. 

548. VIII. 408. MARY MERCY« LYON (BURNS) [Jacob', 
Walter*, Jacob", DanielS DanieP, RichardS Richard"] was born Oct. 1, 
1838. She was a graduate of Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa. 
She was a newspaper correspondent, reperesenting the Elmira (N. Y.) 
Advertiser in Washington, D. C. In 1892 she moved to Eveleth, St. 
Louis Co., Minn., being the first white woman in the township of 36 
square miles. She married, Jan. 16, 1865, Granville Burns, who was 
born at Clifford, Pa., Sept. 16, 1839. 

Children of Granville and Mary Mercy (Lyon) Burns: 

•881. I. Harry L,yon; b. Nov. 3, 1865. 
882. IL Brete revere; b. Aug. 23, 1870; d. March 28, 1888. 


549. VIII. 408. HON. THOMAS H. B.» LYON [Jacob^ Walter*. 
Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Riclla^d^ Richard'] was born Sept. 26, 1841. 
He married May 23, 1869, Jane V. Meyers, who was bom Nov. 25, 1945. 
They reside at Mahanoy City, Pa. 

Children of Thomas H. B. and Jane V. (Meyers) Lyon: 

883. I. Una Hawthorne; b. 1881; m. Mahanoy City, Jan. 1, 1906, Frank H. 

884. II. Asia; b. 1884. 

550. VIII. 409. ADELIA ADELAIDE^ LYON (FOOT) [John Bis- 
hop', Walter^, Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard*] was born 
April 6, 1827. She married Oct. 10, 1850, Edwin Foot, who was bom 
Dec. 11, 1812, and died at San Antonio, Texas, May 31, 1854. 

Children of Edwin and Adella Adelaide (Lyon) Foot: 

885. I. Frances Amanda; b. Jan. 21, 1853. 
*886. II. Edwin; b. Aug. 27. 1854. 

551. VIII. 409. GILES HENRY' LYON [John Bishop', Walter', 
Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^, Richard'] was born Feb. 20, 1836. 
He married Jan. 5, 1871, Mary Jane Burns, who was born at Clifford, 
Pa., May 11, 1852. 

Children of Giles Henry and Mary Jane (Burns) Lyon: 
•887. I. Hattie Adelia; b. Oct. 27, 1872. 

888. IL Evelyn Alice; b. Aug. 5, 1875; d. Oct. 15, 1882. 

889. III. Minnie; b. July 31, 1879; d. Feb. 27, 1883. 

890. TV. Frankie Foot; b. Aug. 10. 1882. 

552. VIII. 409. JOHN BISHOP^ LYON, JR. [John Bishop*, 
Walter", Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born Aug. 12, 
1839, and died Nov. 12, 1882. He married July 7, 1870, Julia Lewis, 
who was born at Clifford, Pa., Dec. 13, 1846. She married second San- 
ford Burns. 

Children of John Bishop (Jr.) and Julia (Lewis) Lyon: 

•891. I. Gertrude Lewis; b. Feb. 27, 1871; m. James Stevens. 

•892. IL Benjamin N.; b. May 19, 1872. 

893. III. Agnes; b. April 26, 1875; m. James McBurney (b. Jan. 5, 1871). 

•894. IV. John Bishop 3d.; b. Oct. 23, 1877. 

895. V. Alfred; b. March 24, 1882; d. April 13, 1882. 

553. VIII. 409. ANDREW G.* LYON [John Bishop', Walter*. 
Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard-, Richard'] was born March 19, 1842. 
He married Mary Lewis, sister of Mrs. John Bishop Lyon, Jr. 


Daughter of Andrew G. and Mary (Lewis) Lyon: 

896. I. liouise; m. Sink; res. Smith Center, Smith Co., Kansas. 

[Electa' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob°, Daniel*, DanieP, Richard*, Richard'] 
was born at Dandoff, Pa., July 22, 1817, and died at Muscoda, Wis., Oct. 
22, 1854. She married, Oct. 13, 1839, John Harding Dimock, who was 
her second cousin, son of Rev. Davis Dimock. 

Children of John Harding and Mary Elizabeth (Dimock) Dimock: 

*897. I. John Henry; b. Montrose, Pa., May 18, 1840; drowned Grand 
Haven. Mich., Jan. 20, 1906. 

898. IL EUzabeth Charlotte; b. April 1, 1843; d. Jan. 6, 1849. 

899. III. Robert Asa; b. Feb. 18, 1845; d. April 4, 1847. 

900. IV. lieonard Searle; b. Jan. 21, 1848; d. South Haven, Mich., July 
14, 1898. 

901. V. Charles Frederick; b. Sept. 29, 1849; d. Pulaski, Wis., Nov. 10, 

♦902. VI. Mary Adelia Avaline; b. May 14, 1851; m. Milton B. Barker; d. 
Wlllmette, IH., Jan. 16, 1894. 

555. VIII. 410. WARREN SHUBAL« DIMOCK [Electa' (Lyon). 
Walter', Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born at Mont- 
rose, Pa., March 24, 1819. He married first, Julia A. McKune, in 
Lanesboro, Pa., July 8, 1849. She died at Pulaski, Wis., March 24, 
1858. He married second, Lucy Jane Munson, at Pulaski, Wis., Oct. 
7, 1858. She died at Avoca, Wis., Nov. 14, 1906. 

Daughter of Warren Shubal and Julia A. (McKune) Dimock: 
•903. I. Ella Kobertine; b. June 26, 1852. 

Children of Warren Shubal and Lucy Jane (Munson) Dimock: 
•904. II. Warren; b. Pulaski, Wis., Sept. 14, 1859. 

905. III. Harry Amasa; b. Aug. 6, 1861; m. Maria Antoinette Hamilton, 
Aug. 6, 1889, at Pulaski, Wis. 

•906. IV. Alemena Electa; b. May 14, 1863. 

907. V. Asa Benajah; b. April 14, 1S65; m. June 10, 1903, Maud Hlncle. 

908. VI. Katie Gertrude; b. Feb. 2, 1869; d. Feb. 21. 1869. 
•909. VII. Bertha Rue; b. Dec. 22, 1869. 

910. Vin. Katte; b. Oct. 14, 1872; d. Dec. 1, 1872. 

556. VIII. 410. WALTER WHEELER" DIMOCK [Electa' (Lyon), 
Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^, Richard'] was born at Mont- 
rose, Pa., May 31, 1821, and died at Muscoda, Wis., Jan. 5, 1865. He 
married in 1851, Ann Maria Wakeman, in Laceyville, Pa. His widow 
married second, Knox. She died in 1875. 


Children of Walter Wheeler and Ann Maria (Wakeman) Dtmock: 

911. I. Walter Wakeman; b. May, 1852. 

912. II. Bradley Wakeman; b. May 1, 1860. 

(Lyon), Walter", Jacob', Daniel^ Daniel*, Richard', Richard'] was born 
Sept. 12, 1821, and died at Fairbury, Neb., Jan. 20, 1889. She was 
married Sept. 27, 1841, to Merritt Truesdell. He was born at Union, 
Broome Co., N. Y., Sept. 19, 1817, and died at Carlton, Thayer Co., 
Neb., Feb. 21, 1893. 

Son and only child of Merritt and Bmellne (Mulford) Truesdell: 

*913. I. Sydney A.; b. Belmont, Pa., Aug. 27, 1842; res. (1906) Falrburg, 

Neb. J 

566. VIII. 411. GEORGE" MUMFORD [Adah* (Lyon), Walter*, 
Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was bom at Pleasant 
Mount, Wayne Co., Pa., May 17, 1826, and died there July 26, 1894. 
He married, Oct. 10, 1852, Ruth Ann Stevens, who was born Jan. 10, 
1833, and died at Pleasant Mount, Feb. 8, 1887. 

Daughter of George and Ruth Ann (Stevens) Mumford: 

914. I. Florence Isabella; b. Pleasant Mount, Feb. 3, 1857; m. Nov. 6, 
1874, Dr. W. Sanford Nlles [b. Wayne Co., Pa., Jan. 6, 1851; d. April 28, 1902]; 
a son, Ralph, b. April 7, 1873 (graduated in medicine, Philadelphia, 1889; m. 
Feb. 23, 1899, Sarah Edwards of Laceyville, Pa.; res. Scranton, Pa.; no children). 

[Adah* (Lyon), Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] 
was born at Pleasant Mount, Wayne Co., Pa., June 16, 1830. She was 
married, July 7, 1851, to Judson Underbill (born at Main, Broome Co., 
N. Y., Sept. 12, 1827; d. April 8, 1882). She lives (1906) at Bingham- 
ton, N. Y., 566 Chenango St. 

Children of Judson and Elizabeth (Munford) Underbill : 

915. I. Elwin; b. Sept. 9, 1853; d. Nov. 8, 1855. 

•916. II. Adah E.; b. Ralston, Pa., March 22, 1856; m. Frank W. Decker; 
res. Binghamton, N. T. 

569. VIII. 411. MARY A.« MUMFORD (FULKERSON) [Adah* 
(Lyon), Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born 
Sept. 8, 1832. She was married at Pleasant Mount, Pa., Oct. 14, 1852, 
to William H. Fulkerson, who was born at Pleasant Mount, Jan. 8, 
1828. She died at Beatrice, Neb., Oct. 28, 1897. He resides (1907) 
in Lincoln, Neb. 


Children of ■William H. and Mary A. (Mumford) Fulkerson: 

*917. I. Irene Angelina; b. Pleasant Mount, Jan. 16, 1858; m. Prank B. 
Miller; d. Beatrice, Neb., Sept. 14, 1879. 

•918. II. Hattie A.; b. Pleasant Mount, May 8, 1865; m. Lyman W. Bld- 
rldge; res. (1906) Lincoln, Neb. 

573. VIII. 412. JANE HELEN" LYON (DUNNING) [Henry*, 
Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard*] was born at Her- 
rlek, Pa., Feb. 20, 1829. She married at Sodus, Wayne Co., N. Y., Oct. 
11, 1849, Georg-e F. Dunning. He died at Byron, Shiawassee Co., 
Mich., March 2, 1904. She died Aug. 13, 1906, at Byron, Mich, 

Children of George F. and Jane Helen (Lyon) Dunning: 

•819. I. Ada Emoret; b. April 24, 1853. 

•920. II. Henry L,yman; b. April 27, 1860; m. Nov. 28. 1883, Alice Stefty. 

921. III. Minnie; b. June 6, 1862; m. Oct. 6, 1881, Charles A. Lamoreanx. 

•922. IV. Charles Robert; b. Feb. 1, 1867; m. Sept. 11, 1888, Kate Whlt«. 

575. VIII. 412. ADA ANN* LYON (CORWIN) [Henry', Walter*. 
Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^, Richard'] was bo^n Nov. 30, 1832, 
and died in West Virginia, Oct. 31, 1887. She married, June 5, 1851. 
Harmon L. Corwin, who was born near Blairstown, N. J., Dec. 14, 1818. 
and died Feb. 20, 1892. 

Children of Harmon L. and Ada Ann (Lyon) Corwin: 

923. L Mary touise; b. Dec. 12, 1853. 

924. II. William Henry; b. May 17, 1858. 

•926. IIL Nellie J.; b. Sept. 5, 1862; m. "Wm. F. Bond. 

576. VIII. 412. SARAH AMANDA' LYON (KENNEDY) [Henry', 
Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richard% Richard'] was born Nov. 22, 
1834, and died Feb. 8, 1870. She married Oct. 11, 1855, Daniel L. 
Kennedy. They lived at Pleasant Mount, Pa. 

Children of David L. and Sarah Amanda (Lyon) Kennedy: 

926. L Hattie A.; b. 1857; married, 1896. 
•927. II. Emma Josephine; b. Aug. 12, 1859; m. 1880, Frank Hamlin. 

928. in. David; b. 1861; d. Nov. 10, 1885. 

580. VIII. 412. WALTER FRANKLIN' LYON [Henry', Walter', 
Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^, Richard'] was bom May 9, 1843. 
He married June 6, 1878, Mattie Sherwood. 

Children of "Walter Franklin and Mattie (Sherwood) Lyon: 

929. I. Harry De Forest; b. May 29, 1879. 

930. II. Mabel Margmerite ; b. Jan. 29, 1881. 
981. III. Hazel Sherwood; b. Aug. 9, 1889. 



581. VIII. 412. MARION ADELBERT* LYON [Henry', Walter', 
Jacob^ DanieP, DanieP, Richard-, Richard'] was born Dec. 9, 1845. 
He married, Jan. 12, 1875, Lillian E. Hoag, at Montrose, Pa. 

Children of Marion Adelbert and LllUan E. (Hoag) Lyon: 

932. I. Henry Adelbert; b. Montrose, Pa., Oct. 4, 1875; m. June 22, 19«4, 
Lucy E. Shortt. 

933. IL Minnie Eugenia; b. Nov. 30, 1877; d. Nov. 30, 1877. 
984. III. Maud £loise; b. Jan. 31, 1879. 

583. VIII. 412. FREDERICK KENT' LYON [Henry', Walter", 
Jacob", DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born June 21, 1850. 
He married March 30, 1880, Emma L. Felton. 

Children of Frederick Kent and Emma L. (Felton) Lyon: 

935. I. Raymond. 

936. II. Herbert Felton. 

937. III. Frederick WUliam. 

[Polly' (Lyon) Walter^, Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^, Richard'] 
was born June 24, 1845. She married first, Aug. 8, 1866, Horace Jen- 
kins, a veteran of the Civil War. He died Sept. 9, 1868 and she mar- 
ried second, Sept. 28, 1879, Emery Swingle. 

Daughter of Horace and Electa (Freeman) Jenkins: 

937a. I. Mabel; b. May 24, 1867; m. Charles F. Hoffman; 3 children: 1. 
Grace I.; 2. Mabel E.; 3. Charles Arthur. 

Children of Emery and Electa (Freeman) (Jenkins) Swingle: 
937b. I. Edith M.; b. Oct. 11, 1882. 
9S7c. II. Alta M.; b. Feb. 11. 18S6. 

588. VIII. 414. ANNA ALDRUDA' REED (STONE) [Angelina' 
(Lyon), Walter", Jacob^ DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born 
Nov. 2, 1837, and died at Knight's Ferry, Calif., April 21, 1869. She 
was married Aug. 14, 1859, at Knights' Ferry, to Eli Todd Stone, the 
Rev. James Bishop performing the ceremony. Mr. Stone was born at 
Cabot, Vt, 1830, and died at Modesto, Calif., March 15, 1887. He was 
elected Judge in December, 1875. 

Children of Eli T. and Anna Aldruda (Reed) Stone, born at Knights' Ferry: 

938. I. Infant son; b. Dec. 7, 1860; d. Dec. 8, 1860. 

939. IL Edward Chester; b. Sept. 13, 1862; d. June 1, 1864. 

940. III. LfOuis Alanson; b. Stanislaus Co., July 8, 1864; res. Tacoma, 
Wash. ; has been twice married. 

941. IV. Frank Harold; b. Oct. 28, 1866; left home June 17, 1881, and 
went to sea; last heard from in Liverpool, Eng. 

942. v. Josephine A.; b. Oct. 18, 1868; d. July 13, 1869. 


590. VIII. 415. EUGENE EMMETT' LYON [Walte^^ Walter', 
Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richa^d^ Richard'] was born at Herrick, Pa., 
Oct. 30, 1840. He gave promise when young of being a man of note. 
His memory was remarkable. His mother says that when he was 
three years of age he could repeat the Ten Commandments and many 
other portions of Scripture. He had read the Bible through before 
he was eight years old, and so thoroughly had he studied it that If 
a text was read to him he could tell the Book in the Bible where it was 
found, and in most instances, the chapter. He was considered when a 
young man, the finest historian in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and 
he was an orator of remarkable magnetic influence and eloquence. 
Failure of health, brought on by over-study was the cause of his 
giving up the practice of the law when nearly ready to be admitted 
to the bar. He was Justice of the Peace for several terms. He mar- 
ried, Oct. 15, 1876, Emeline (Burdick) Burns, widow of Homer Burns. 
He died March 26, 1885. 

Children of Eugene Emmett and Emeline (Burdick, Burns) Lyon: 
*943. I. Walter Stephen; b. June 15, 1877; res. (1904) Herrlck, Pa. 

[Walter', Walter^ Jacob', Daniel^ DanieP, Richard* Richard'] was born 
at Herrick, Pa., Sept. 30, 1845. She married June 30, 1868, at Herrick, 
Pa., Gilbert L. Benjamin, who was bom in Lisbon, New London Co., 

Children of Gilbert L. and Clara Georglana (Lyon) Benjamin: 
*944. I. Walter L,yon; b. Norwich, Conn., Aug. 19, 1869; d. Oct. 14, 1897. 
♦945. II. GUbert Giddings; b. Fond-du-lac, Wis.. Dec. 6, 1874. 

946. III. Robert Earl; b. Minneapolis, Minn., June 12, 1877; graduate of 
Syracuse University, 1900. 

947. IV. Clara I^ouise; b. Fond-du-lac, Wis., Feb. 29, 1880. An artist of 
some note. 

948. V. Mary Eugene; b. Fond-du-lac, Wis., Sept. 6, 1881; Student at 
Syracuse University (1904); noted for her beauty and intelligence. 

949. VL Victor Antoine; b. Fond-du-lac, Wis., March 15, 1883; d. May 
16. 1887. 

950. VII. Paul Lyman; b. Feb. 4, 1886. 

951. VIII. Grace; twin sister of Paul Lyman; d. May 8, 1886. 

952. IX. James DeWitt; b. Dec. 29, 1887. 

593. VIII. 415. JAMES WALTERS LYON [Walter', Walter*. 
Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born at Herrick, Sus- 
quehanna Co., Pa., April 24, 1848. As a young man he entered the 
employ of a large publishing house, becoming a member of the firm 


at the age of twenty-four. In 1872 he opened a branch at Guelph 
in Canada, and that place has ever since been his home. In 1873 
he sold out his interests in the United States, and secured full con- 
trol of the business in Canada, which he pushed with characteristic 
energy and with most gratifying success. He became soon the largest 
individual publisher in Canada. In 1884, according to official reports, 
forty per cent, of the total manufactured goods exported from Toronto, 
wh'ere his publishing plant was located, were his publications. He 
established branches of his business in Australia, South Africa, South 
America and in the East and the West Indies, and has sent out to 
these countries as his agents more than five hundred men from On- 

In 1892 he opened a wholesale furniture business in Buffalo, N. Y., 
which within two years thereafter, disposed of the output of eight 
large factories. Mr. Lyon has always had unbounded faith in Canada. 
In the early eighties he employed Prof. Macoun, Dominion Govern- 
ment Botanist and explorer of the Northwest, to write a book on 
that country, which he published, and which, by disseminating authen- 
tic information about this hitherto almost unknown region, has done 
much to develop its business possibilities. Mr. Lyon himself made 
large investments in lands in Winnipeg, Port Arthur, Fort William and 
the farming regions of Manitoba, worth today many hundred times 
the original purchase price. The large fortune he has acquired is 
the legitimate reward of untiring energy, directed by rare business 
sagacity, with no sugg-estion of the taint of unfair dealing or sharp 
practices. Mr. Lyon has now practically retired from active business, 
and aside from looking after his real estate investments, devotes his 
time largely to municipal and other public matters. He is President 
of the Guelph Radial Railway Company, Director of the Guelph 
Junction Railway, Vice-President of the Board of Trade, Director of 
the Home Life Insurance Company of Toronto, etc. He is also an 
Alderman of the City of Guelph. 

He married, Dec. 4, 1873, Lucy Boult, born July 30, 1852, daughter 
of Stephen! and Sarah (Jeffries) Boult of Guelph, Ont. 

Children of James Walter and Lucy (Boult) Lyon: 

953. I. Walter Stephen; b. Nov. 15, 1874; d. Dec. 29, 1874. 

954. II. Percy; b. Easton, Pa., Nov. 3, 1876; lawyer; res (1906) Win- 
nipeg, Man. 

tStephen Boult was born Nov. 17, 1814, and died June 8, 1875. Sarah 
Jeffreys was born April 28, 1815, and died Sept. 5, 1856. 

No. 593 


955. III. Flora May; b. Guelph, Canada, July 30, 1878; m. April 19, 1908, 
Heber Jamison. 

956. IV. Edwin James; b. April 25, 1880; graduate in medicine In Toronto 
University, 1905. 

957. V. Ida; b. July 2, 1881. 

958. VI. Vera; b. Oct. 27, 1883; B. A., 1906, Toronto University. 

959. VII. Laura Lucy; b. May 20, 1888. 

960. VIII. Irene; b. Feb. 3, 1892. 

[Walter', Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^, Richard'] was born 
at Herrick, Pa., Dec. 21, 1853. She was married in Minneapolis, Minn., 
Feb. 15, 1877, by Rev. Daniel Cobb of Centenary M. E. Church, to 
Joseph Henry Johnson. He was born at Calais, Me., Jan. 17, 1852, 
son of Rev. C. H. A. Johnson, of Bast Maine M. E. Conference, and his 
second wife, Naomi Ann (Moore) Johnson. He was a lineal descendant 
of Edmund Johnson, Hampton, N. H., 1635. 

Louise A. (Lyon) Johnson was graduated from Mansfield, Pa., 
State Normal School, June 1874. She was Worthy Grand Matron, 
Order of the Eastern Star of Minnesota, 1895-6, and is a member of 
the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Children of Joseph Henry and Louise A. (Lyon) Johnson: 
♦961. I. Walter Henry; b. Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 28, 1877. 

962. II. Arthur Eugene; b. Minneapolis, Minn., March 27, 1885. 

596. VIII. 425. LAURA IRENE' LYON (LINDSLEY) [Miles', 
Samuel", Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Nov. 1812. 
and died in 1889. She married Silas S. Lindsley. 

Children of Silas S. and Laura Irene (Lyon) Lindsley: 

963. I. Henry Miles; married; res. Chesaning, Mich. 

964. II. Harriet E.; m. Walker; d. 1865. 

965. III. Helen C; m. Ball. 

966. TV. raura L.; married; res. Mason, Mich. 

967. V. Alcened O. 

968. VI. Mary P. 

969. VII. Caroline I..; married; res. Mason, Mich. 

970. VIII. Albert M.; married. 

597. VIII. 425. HORACE WAKEMAN' LYON [Miles', Samuel'. 
Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born July 8. 1815, and 
died Dec. 1877. He married first Rhoda Estes, second Fidelia Chase. 

Children of Horace Wakeman and Rhoda (Estes) Lyon: 
•972. I. James Jerome; b. July 22, 1837; res. (1905) 1114 Broadway. Ban 

Francisco, Calif. 


Children of Horace Wakeman and Fidelia (Chase) Lyon: 

973. II. Julius. 

974. III. Millard Fllmore; res. Mattoon, III. 
976. IV. Clarence. 

976. V. Norman. 

977. VI. May; res. Kansas City, Mo. 

598. VIII. 425. LYMAN JOSIAH" LYON [Miles^ Samuel', 
Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Dec. 24, 1817, and 
died Nov. 1897. Early in the Civil War he enlisted in the Union Army, 
and served until the close of the war. He married first Amanda Daven- 
port; second Lucinda Davis. He resided at Hillsdale, Mich., later at 
Hudson, Mich. 

Children of Lyman Josiah and Amanda (Davenport) Lyon: 

978. I. Mary E.; b. March 2, 1843; burned to death at Hudson, Mich., 
June 9, 1850. 

979. II. Franklin Demott; b. Aug. 17, 1844; d. W. Bay City, Mich., July 
18, 1890; widow, Lilian (Norton) Lyon, res. Bay City, Mich. 

*980. III. Leander Delos; b. Nov. 9, 1847; d. W^atertown, S. Dak., Jan. SO. 

981. IV. Caroline A.; b. May 14, 1850; res. San Jose, Cal. 

Children of Lyman Josiah and Lucinda (Davis) Lyon: 

982. V. Burton W.; b. Aug. 28, 1867; res. 115 Oliver St., St. Louie, Mo. 

599. VIII. 425. RANSOM DARROW^ LYON [Miles', Samuel', 
Thomas', JohnS John', SamueP, Richard'] was born in 1820. Present 
residence (1905) Mason, Mich. He married Martha Adeline Estes, who 
was born 1819 and died Oct. 18, 1887. 

Son of Ranson Darrow and Martha Adeline (Estes) Lyon: 

983. I. Francis Mortimer; b. 1846; d. Nov. 21, 1887. 

600. VIII. 425. HENRY H.» LYON [Miles', Samuel', Thomas', 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Aug. 25, 1822. He married 
Polly Ann Brooks, who was born July 28, 1829, and died June 1, 1866. 
He died Oct. 5, 1890. 

Children of Henry H. and Polly Ann (Brooks) Lyon: 

984. I. Albert H.; b. Aug. 14, 1846; d. Aug. 17, 1850. 

986. II. William Brooks; b. March 16, 1848; m. Myra Irish; res. AzaUa. 

♦988. IIL Seth Washington; b. March 2, 1850; res. Pittsford, Mich. 

987. IV. EUen B.; b. May 30, 1854; d. June 20, 1887. 

988. V. l.afayette E.; b. April 5, 1857; not m.; res. Pittsford, Mich. 

989. VI. Emma D.; b. Aug. 28, 1859; m. Eugene Gilbert; res. Howell, 

*990. VII. Ada May; b. Aug. 31, 1863; m. Jerome Campau; res. Howell. 


991. VIII. Jerome J.; b. March 24, 1866; res. Plttsford, Mich. 

601. VIII. 425. LAFAYETTE AURORA^ LYON [Miles', Samuel*. 
Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was bom May 8. 1825, and 
died Oct. 1, 1877. He married Charlotte M. Hand. 

Children of Lafayette Aurora and Charlotte (Hand) Lyon: 

•992. I. Frances Charlotte; b. Jan. 14, 1851; m. William Crowell Houston: 
res. 87 Plnkney St., Boston, Mass. 

♦993. II. Alanson DeWltt; b. Feb. 6, 1S58; res. Gila Bend, Arizona. 

607. VIII. 428. ORVILLE H.^ LYON [Henry', Samuel', Thomas', 
John*, John^ SamueP, Richard'] was born April 18, 1818, and died 
April 18, 1870. He married Catherine Saj^ers, who died April 20, 1874. 

Children of Orville H. and Catherine (Sayers) Lyon: 
•994. I. Henry O.; b. Dec. 22. 1847; res. Elm Hall, Mich. 
♦995. II. Edwin D.; b. Sept. 9, 1855; res. Denver, Colo. 

608. VIII. 428. CORINNA A.« LYON (FRALICK) [Henry', Sam- 
uel^ Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born March 23. 
1820, and died Oct. 18, 1841. She married Aug. 22, 1838, Henry Fralick. 

Daughter and only child of Henry and Corinna A. (Lyon) Fralick: 

♦996. I. Mary A.; b. Jan. 12, 1841; m. Charles "W. Valentine; res. Plymouth, 

609. VIII. 428. ALVA P.* LYON [Henry', Samuel', Thomas'. 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born May 3, 1822, and died Sept. 
3, 1846. He married May 2, 1842, Emeline Meech. 

Children of Alva P. and Emeline (Meech) Lyon: 

997. I. PhideUa; b. 1843; d. in infancy. 
*998. II. Donna Maria; b. June 18, 1844; m. Robert Slater; res. Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

610. VIII. 428. JAMES D.' LYON [Henry', Samuel', Thomas', 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Jan. 23, 1824, and died March 
3, 1857. He married Jan. 24, 1853, Anna Clayton. 

Children of James D. and Anna (Clayton) Lyon: 

999. I. Clara Edna; b. March 25, 1854; teaching at MaysvlUe, S. Car. 

1000. II. Frances EInette; b. Sept. 2, 1856; d. May 15, 1860. 

613. VIII. 428. CASSIUS A.» LYON [Henry', Samuel', Thomas'. 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was bom April 17, 1834. Residence. 
Milwaukee, Wis. He married Anna (Clayton) Lyon, widow of his 
brother, James D. Lyon. 


Children of Cassius A. and Anna (Clayton) Lyon: 

•1001. I. Helen C; b. June 2, 1859; m. Louis A. Dodd; rea. Milwaukee, WlB. 
1008. II. Harrle; b. Jan. 31, 1873; res. Battle Creek, Mich. 

614. VIII. 428. CORNELIA' LYON (CORNELL) [Henry', Sam- 
uel', Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Sept. 6, 1836. 
She married Myron J. Cornell, brother of her sister Angelina's hus- 
band; residence, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Children of Myron J. and Cornelia (Lyon) Cornell: 

•1003. I. Flora A.; b. Nov. 1, 1855; m. Alfred B. Yager; res. Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

•1004. II. Nettie L.; b. April 17, 1870; m. H. Evan Henry; res. Battle 
Creek, Mich. 

[Thomas', SamueP, Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born 
Dec. 21, 1828, and died Peb. 15, 1862. She married Feb. 10, 1848, Ira 
B. Babcock. 

Children of Ira B. and Celia Samantha (Lyon) Babcock: 

1005. I. WUliam P.; b. Sept. 5, 1850; res. Sioux Falls. S. Dak. 

1006. II. Winfleld S.; b. Oct. 14, 1852; d. March 3, 1856. 

1007. III. Charles W.; b. June 27, 1855; res. Hammond, La. 

1008. IV. Scott; b. July 24, 1857; res. Sioux Palls, S. Dak. 

1009. V. Fred I.; b. Aug. 19, 1860; res. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

FOUR) [Thomas', SamueP, Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] 
was bom July 17, 1830. She married first, in 1850, Charles W, Light- 
all, who died Oct. 22, 1856. She married second, Thomas Balfour, who 
was born May 28, 1820, and died Oct. 7, 1859. Present address of 
Mrs. Balfour, Box 634, Independence, la. 

Son of Charles W. and Adelia Diantha (Lyon) Lightall: 
•1010. I. Albert C; b. Feb. 19, 1852; res. Denver, Colo. 

Son of Thomas and Adelia D. (Lyon, Lightall) Balfour: 

1011. II. John Ii.; b. Dec. 16, 1860; m. Sept. 6, 1884, Anna M. Preston; no 

625. VIIL 433. LUCY J.' LYON (DEGUINE) [Thomas', Sam- 
ueP, Thomas", John*, John", SamueP, Richard'] was born Sept. 4, 1834. 
She married. May 2, 1852, Hugh Deguine; residence, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children of Hugh and Lucy J. (Lyon) Deguine: 

•1012. I. Mary L,.; b. Feb. 15, 1853; m. Eugene F. Starkey. 
lOlS. II. Arthur Adelbert; b. Nov. 30, 1854. 
1014. III. Louis H.; b. June 1, 1857; res. Los Angeles, Calif. 


•1015. rv. Frederick H.; b. March 31, 1860; res. "Wilcox, Neb. 

1016. V. Hattie B.; b. June 17, 1863; m. Cainton A. Sargent; rea. Lo« 
Angeles, Calif. 

626. VIII. 433. LINUS LYON" [Thomas^ Samuel', Thomas', 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born March 3, 1836. He was 
killed in battle March 16, 1865. His wife's name was Orrison Water- 

Daughter of Linus and Orrison (Waterhouse) Lyon: 

1017. I. Maria Waterhouse; m. A. E. Palmer; res. Algona, la. 

627. VIII. 433. JEROME LYON« [Thomas', Samuel', Thomas', 
John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born April 3, 1838. He died In 
the army Dec. 25, 1862, leaving one child, a daughter (married). 

629. VIII. 435. HELEN A." LYON (WALTON) [Calvin*, Sam- 
uel', Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born April 7, 1845. 
She married Frank A. Walton, and resides in Custer Co., Neb. 

Children of Frank A. and Helen A. (Lyon) "Walton: 

1018. I. Ida May; b. Feb. 2, 1867; d. March 11, 1867. 

1019. II. Charles A.; b. Jan. 31, 1870; res. Lee Park, Neb. 

1020. IIL Flora Z..; b. Jan. 23, 1872; d. Feb. 11, 1873. 

1021. IV. Harry L.; b. Dec. 7, 1878; d. Nov. 7, 1880. 

630. VIII. 435. EMMA S." LYON (MORGAN) [Calvin', Samuel', 
Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born April 11, 1849. 
She married John W. Morgan, and resides at Cedar Rapids, la. 

Children of John W. and Emma S. (Lyon) Morgan: 

1022. I. DeU J.; b. Nov. 21, 1870. 

1023. IL "Walter E.; b. Oct. 8, 1872. 

1024. in. Alice M.; b. Oct. 12, 1879. 

1025. rv. Bertha J.; b. Aug. 18, 1886. 

632. VIII. 435. LUDOVICO STANTON' LYON [Calvin', Samuel". 
Thomas=, John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born May 22, 1854. He 
married May 13, 1863, Alice M. Bloom, and resides at Independence, la. 

Child of Ludovlco Stanton and Alice M. (Bloom) Lyon: 

1026. I. Theron Edmund; b. Aug-. 6, 1S86; res. Independence. la. 

633. VIII. 435. ALICE R.' LYON (RICH) [Calvin', Samuel', 
Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Oct. 24, 1857. She 
married Oct. 27, 1876, Herman G. Rich. They reside at Cincinnati. O. 

Children of Herman G. and Alice R. (Lyon) Rich: 

1027. I. Herbert J.; b. March 16, 1879. 


102S. II. Elsie H.; b. Sept. 8, 1881. 

1029. IIL Hazel A.; b. Sept. 15, 1886. 

1030. IV. Mabel; b. Feb. 15, 1890. 

[William', SamueP, Thomas', John*, John', Samuel", Richard^] was born 
Oct, 4, 1844. She married first, Oct. 4, 1859, John C. Stewart, and 
second Christie. She died Dec. , 1891. 

Children of John C. and Frances Phidella (Lyon) Stewart: 

1031. 1. Willie; b. May 3, 1863; d. Oct. 3, 1863. 

1032. II. Mary Inez; b. Nov. 24, 1864; m. Judd Gunderman; d. March, 

♦1033. III. £ddie Orsemus; b. March 4, 1868; res. 1601 Holmes St., Kansaa 
City, Mo. 

637. VIII. 436. SARAH JANB^ LYON (LISK) (William', Sam- 
uel^ Thomas^ John^ John', SamueP, Richard*) was bom Oct. 16, 1846. 
She married George F. Lisk, and resides at Cherokee, la. 

Children of George F. and Sarah Jane (Lyon) Llsk: 

1034. I. Effle May; b. April 9, 1871; res. Cherokee, la. 

1035. II. Ernest; died in infancy. 

638. VIII. 436. GEORGE WILLIAM' LYON [William', SamueP, 
Thomas", John*, John^ SamueP, Richard'] was born Nov. 7, 1848. 
Residence Cherokee, Iowa. He married Jessie Haltzman. 

Children of George William and Jessie (Haltzmen) Lyon: 

1036. I. Fannie Jane; b. Nov. 26, 1877; res. Cherokee, la. 

1037. II. Maggie Alice; d. in infancy. 

1038. III. Rosa Li.; d. in infancy. 

1039. IV. William C; b. Dec. 2, 1882; res. Cherokee, la. 

640. VIII. 439. EUNICE' BOTSFORD (GRAHAM) [ThankfuP 
(Levis-ee), Anna' (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard*] 
was born June 17, 1830, She married Graham. 

Children of and Eunice (Botsford) Graham: 

•1040. I. Ruth Imogene; b. Jan. 20, 1854; m. Root. 

1041. II. Ida Rosaltha; b. March 2, 1856; d. In Infancy. 

1042. III. Cecil Henry; b. March 18, 1857; d. In Infancy. 

1043. IV. I^nther Allen; b. Oct. 5, 1859. 

1044. V. David Artemas; b. Aug. 6, 1861. 

1045. VI. Albert Bennett; b. March 8, 1863; d. in Infancy. 

1048. VII. Celia A.; b. Feb. 1. 1868; m. Castlgan. 

1047. VIIL Persea Lottie; b. Oct. 8, 1869. 

ful' (Levisee), Anna" (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard*] 


was born Sept. 21, 1831. She married Wyckoff, who settled 

in North Park, Colorado. 

Children of and Sarah Ann (Botsford) Wyckoff: 

*104S. I. Joseph £dgar; b. Aug. 26, 1861. 
•1049. II. David B.; b. May 10, 1853. 

644. VIII. 439. ROSALTHA' BOTSFORD (GEER) TThankful' 
(Levisee), Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel*, Richard'] 
was born July 5, 1837. She married Thomas Geer and resides in Ply- 
mouth, Mich. 

Children of Thomas and Rosaltha (Botsford) Geer: 

•1050. I. Hester T.; b. June 25, 1858; m. Redman. 

•1061. II. Sarah Ethleen; b. March 28, 1860; m. Dlrlam. 

1052. III. Taylor B.; b. Sept. 6, 1866. 

L.*, Anna* (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard*) was bom 

May 5, 1838. She married first Olds, and second 


Children of and Sarah (Levisee) Olds: 

1053. I. Diana; b. 1863; d. 1888. 

1054. II. Barton; b. 1867; res. In Michigan. 

1056. III. Elizabeth; b. 1869; res. In Michigan. 

Son of and Sarah (Levisee) (Olds) Carter: 

1066. rv. Georgre; b. 1878; res. In Milan, Michigan. 

653. VIII. 441. ANNA LEVISEE' (BLOOD) [John L.', Anna' 
(Lyon), Thomas% John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was bom June 28, 
1840, and died Nov. 30, 1874. She married Hiram Blood. 

Children of Hlram and Anna (Levisee) Blood: 

1057. I. Nettie; b. 1864. 

•1068. IL Mary; b. 1865; m. Lester. 

1069.. Ill Eva; b. 1868; m. Allen Toung. 
1060. IV. John; b. 1871; d. 1877. 

Anna« (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] was born Oct. 
27, 1842. She married James A. Downing. 

Children of James A. and Elizabeth (Levisee) Downing: 

•1061. I. Dora; b. 1866; m. Golden. 

•1062. II. Minnie; b. 1867; m. Eben Kidman; res. No. Dak. 
•1063. IIL Mary; b. 1869; m. James Vine. 

1064. rv. Gra«e: b. 1873. 


1065. V. NeUIe; b. 1876. 

1066. VI. Howard; b. 1882; d. In Infancy. 

655. VIII. 441. ELIZA" LEVISEE (DOWNING) [John L.», 
Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard^] was bom 
Aug. 18, 1844. She married William W. Downing, and lives in Genoa, O. 

Children of William W. and Eliza (Levlsee) Downing: 

•1067. I. Cora; b. 1867; m. Rev. Isaiah Freese. 

1068. II. Florence; b. 1869. 

1069. III. Julia; b. 1873. 

1070. IV. Brough; b. 1875. 

1071. V. WUllam W.; b. 1877. 
1073. VI. Delia; b. 1879. 

1073. vn. Cyrus; b. 1881. 

1074. VIII. Daisy; b. 1885. 

659. VIII. 441. CHAUNCEY* LEVISEE [John L.^ Anna' (Lyon), 
Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard^] was born May 23, 1855. He 
married Angeline McCreery. Home in Townsend, Ohio. 

Daughter of Chauncey and Angeline (McCreery) Levlsee: 

1075. I. Irene; b. 1883. 

660. VIII. 441. FRANCES' LEVISEE (LOWE) [John L.*, 
Anna' (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born In 
August, 1867. She married Frank Lowe. 

Children of Frank and Frances (Levlsee) Lowe: 

1076. L Ethel; b. 1886. 

1077. IL Gertrude; b. 1887. 

661. VIII. 443. TAYLOR' FULLER [Emma M.^ (Levisee), An- 
na' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born March 
29, 1840. He married L. E. Stone and resides in Clyde, Ohio. 

Son of Taylor and L. EJ. (Stone) Fuller: 

1078. I. Dermont E.; b. Nov. 6, 1868; m. Martha B. Wilder; 1 child, b. 
Oct. 18, 1891. 

662. VIII. 443. JAMES FULLER' [Emma M.^ (Levisee), Anna* 
(Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel-, Richard'] was born Oct. 13, 
1844. He married Betsey Richards. 

Son of James and Betsey (Richards) Fuller: 

1079. I. Bernard; b. Sept. 8, 1880. 

666. VIII. 445. JANNETTE G.« LYON (BUCKLANDS) [Ransom 



B.', Wakeman', Thomas', John*, John", Samuel', Richard'] was born 
May 26, 1833, and died July 3, 1861. She married Bucklands. 

Children of and Jannette G. (Lyon) Bucklands: 

1080. I. Abner; res. Rochester, N. T. 

1081. II. Fanny; res. Rochester, N. T. 

667. VIII. 445. HENRY BYRON* LYON [Ransom B.\ Wake- 
man^ lThomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Dec. 26, 1835. 
He married Emma E. Palmer. 

Children of Henry Byron and Bmma E. (Palmer) Lyon: 

1082. I. H. Palmer; b. Nov. 25, 1873; res. Albion, N. Y. 

1083. IL J. Mandeville; b. May 16, 1879; res. Albion, N. T. 

S.^, Wakeman', Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born 
Feb. 8, 1841. She married first Thomas H. Willison, and second, A. 
C. Carpenter. Residence, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Children of Thomas H. and Emily Alice (Lyon) WlUlson: 

1084. I. Luther G.; b. April 16, 1861; res. Flint, Mich. 

1085. II. Charles N.; b. Sept. 7. 1862; res. St. Louis, Mo. 

1086. IIL Marvin P.; b. July 24, 1864; d. June 11, 1865. 

1087. rv. Fred H.; b. Sept. 28, 1868; res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

671. VIII. 446. CHARLES WESLEY' LYON [Luther S.', Wake- 
man^ Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born May 6, 1843; 
present residence, Philadelphia, Pa. He married Ida M. Barfood. 

Children of Charles "Wesley and Ida M. (Barfood) Lyon, all residing In 
Philadelphia, Pa.: 

1088. I. Wesley B.; b. Jan. 9, 1877. 

1089. II. ruther W.; b. Oct. 26, 1879. 

1090. III. Albert G.; b. Aug. 21, 1881. 

1091. rv. Edgar W.; b. April 28, 1884. 

674. VIII. 447. HANNAH W.' FOOTE (DAVISON) [Marana 
B.^ (Lyon), Wakeman', Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was 
born May 21, 1834. She married John W. Davison. 

Son of John W. and Hannah "W. (Foote) Davison: 

1093. I. Irwin I-.; b. Jan. 23, 1857; res. Grand Blanc, Mich.; m. 1st, Mary 
B. Hill (1 dau.); m. 2nd, Emma Turner Slaght. 

676. VIII. 447. WILLIAM HENRY' FOOTE [Marana E.' (Lyon), 
Wakeman', Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Dec. 
16, 1838. Residence Davison, Mich. He married Abby Lankton. 


Children of ■William Henry and Abby (Lankton) Poote: 

1093. I. Lewis G.; b. April 9, 1862; d. June 30, 1862. 

1094. II. Jennie A.; b. Oct. 3, 1866; m. Seth J. McBratney; res. Davison, 
Mich. ; one son. 

1095. III. Carrie G.; b. June 29, 1869; m. Martin T. Rlegle; res. Davison, 
Mich. ; 1 daughter. 

1096. IV. Estella B.; b. March 27, 1877; res. Davison, Mich. 

678. VIII. 447. GEORGBJi" WESLEY* FOOTE [Marana B/ 
(Lyon), Wakeman^ Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard^] was born 
Sept. 17, 1843. He married Julia Sheppard, and resides in Flint, Mich. 

Children of George W. and Julia (Sheppard) Foote: 

1097. I. Clarence W. 

1098. II. NeUie E. 

1099. III. Maud N. 
UOO. rv. Harold O. 
1101. V. Alphonso J. 

679. VIII. 447. CORYDON EDWARD' FOOTE [Marana B.* 
(Lyon), Wakeman', Thomas", John*, John', Samuel^ Richard'] was 
born Jan. 9, 1849. Residence, Flint, Mich. He married Mary A. 

Children of Corydon Edward and Mary A. (Holmes) Foote: 

1103. I. Catherine M. 

1103. II. Herbert E. 

681. VIII. 449. ALBERT CASS' LYON [William H. C, Wake- 
man', Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born in Flint, 
Mich., March 28, 1848. He engaged in business many years in Flint, 
where he was City Clerk, 1881 and 1882. In the past ten years he has 
been a commercial traveler. Present address (Oct. 1904) 27 W. Market 
St., Xenia, O.; permanent address, 309 Adams St., Ypsilanti, Mich., 
or 439 Race St., Cincinnati, O. He married in Flint, Mich., Oct. 16, 
1883, Anna May Carey, daughter of Richard H. and Mary Jane (Darl- 
ing) Carey of Flint. [Richard Carey died Dec. 18, 1899.] No children. 

684. VIII. 452. OSCAR F.' LOCKHEAD [Merinda O.' (Lyon), 
Timothy', Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was bom Nov. 
28, 1838. The name of his wife is not recorded. 

Children of Oscar F. and ( ) Lockhead, born In Flint, Mich: 

1104. I. Harry Burton; b. Oct. 26, 1872. 

1105. IL Grace Eliza; b. Nov. 24, 1873. 


685. VIII. 452. MARY C.« LOCKHEAD (ROE) [Merlnda 0.» 
(Lyon), Timothy*, Thomas^ JohnS John', SamueP, Richard'] was born 
Aug. 27, 1840, and died Nov. 9, 1875. She married Willard Roe. 

ChUdren of WlUard and Mary C. (Lockhead) Roe: 
•1106. I. Emma; b. Dec. 4, 1864; m. Edward H. Brown; res. Saginaw, Mich. 

1107. II. Herbert; b. July 10, 1867; res. Plymouth, Mich. 

1108. III. Frank; b. March 27, 1869; d. May 8, 1873. 

686. VIII. 454. WILLIAM FRANCIS' CRAIG [Phidelia A.' 
(Lyon), Timothy*, Thomas", John*, John', Samuel^ Richard'] was born 
at Port Huron, Mich., April 26, 1847, and died at Detroit, Mich., April 
10, 1889. He married first, in Detroit, Sept. 22, 1881, Jennie Donaldson, 
who died July 24, 1883. He married second, at Detroit, July 22, 1886, 
Annie Cass. Address 204 Custer St., Detroit, Mich. 

Son of William F. and Jennie (Donaldson) Craig: 

1109. I. James Donaldson; b. Detroit, July 23, 1883. 
Children of ■William F. and Annie (Cass) Craig: 

1110. II. WiUlam Francis Jr.; b. Detroit, June 18, 1887. 

1111. III. Herbert Charles Rudolph; b. Detroit, Aug. 14, 1889. 

delia A.' (Lyon), Timothy^ Thomas^, John*, John', Samuel^ Richard'] 
was born in Detroit, Mich., March 26, 1853. She was educated in the 
public schools of Detroit, and is a teacher. She married in Buena 
Vista, Colo., June 6, 1895, Richard Woodville Hockaday, of Missouri, 
son of Isaac Newton and Fannie (Lincoln) Hockaday. They have no 
children. Present address 1740 Sherman Ave., Denver, Colo. 

[Rowena P.' (Newman), Hannah' (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', Sam- 
ueP, Richard'] was born March 15, 1842, and died Aug. 29, 1873. She 
married William Clements, 1863. 

Children of William and Angelina S. (Rockwell) Clements: 

1112. I. Wilber; b. Sept. 1864; d. Jan. 1865. 

1113. II. William; b. 

ena P.' (Newman), Hannah' (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', Samuel', 
Richard'] was born Jan. 19, 1844, and died April 2, 1876. She married 
Simeon Corbit, March 4, 1867. 

Children of Simeon and Elizabeth Jane (Rockwell) Corbit: 

1114. I. Charles G.; b. July 17, 1868. 

1115. II. Sarah E.; b. May 14, 1871; d. Oct. 2, 1872. 


697. VIII. 455. ELVIRA C." ROCKWELL (GIBBS) [Rowena P.» 
(Newman), Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John*, Samuel', Richard*] 
was born March 15, 1846. She married first. In 1865, William H. Glbbs, 
and second March 19, 1879, James B. Dean. 

Children of William H. and Elvira C. (Rockwell) Olbbs: 

1116. I. Frank A.; b. Aug. 17, 1866. 

1117. II. Abel B.; b. June 8, 1868. 

Children of James B. and Elvira (Rockwell, Glbbs) Dean: 

1118. I. Elmer H.; b. June 6, 1880. 

1119. II. Charles J.; b. March 30, 1885. 

1120. III. Frederick B.; b. Feb. 12, 1888; d. May 6, 1892. 

699. VIII. 456. PERRY E.« NEWMAN [William R.*, Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was bom Dec. 9, 
1847. He made his home in Kansas. The name of his wife Is not 

Children of Perry E. and ( ) Newman: 

1121. I. Eddie; b. 1871. 

1122. II. Edith; b. 1873. 

1123. IIL Lewis; b. 1875. 

700. VIII. 456. DUANB A." NEWMAN [William R.', Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Sept. 20, 
1849. Residence, Stanton, Mich. The name of his wife Is not recorded. 


1124. I. Addison D.; b. Dec. 4, 1871; res. Stanton, Mich. 
1126. II. Myrta D.; b. Feb. 28, 1874; res. Stanton, Mich. 

1126. III. Otis W.; b. Nov. 13, 1876; d. Feb. 12, 1882. 

1127. IV. Lioolsa B.; b. June 10, 1880; res. Stanton, Mich. 

701. VIII. 456. PHIDELIA A.« NEWMAN (EVANS) [William 
R/, Hannah* (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was 
born Sept. 13, 1851 and died Nov. 20, 1870. She married Evans. 

Children of and Phidella A. (Newman) Evans: 

•1128. I. Elmer E.; b. Oct. 6, 1866. 

1129. IL William G.; b. Sept. 11, 1868. 

703. VIII. 456. MARION A." NEWMAN (LOOZE) [William R.% 
Hannah* (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was bom 

July 20, 1857. She married first Looze, of Charlevoix, Mich., 

and second Huson, of Bengal, Mich. 

Children of and Marlon A. (Newman) Looze: 

1130. I. Percy E.; b. March 29, 1873; res. Charlevoix. 

1131. IL WUliam; b. March 24, 1876; res. Charlevoix. 


1133. III. Edward; b. May 20, 1877; res. Charlevoix. 

1133. IV. Daisy; b. June 2, 1879; a. June, 1880. 

Children of and Marion A. (Newman, Looze) Huson: 

1134. "V. Archie; b. Oct. 13, 1889; res. Bengal, Mich. 

705. VIII. 456. WILLIAM H.» NEWMAN [William R.', Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born July 8, 
1861. Residence Wheeler, Mich. The name of his wife is not recorded. 

Children of William H. and ( ) Newman: 

1135. I. Perley; b. May 9. 1885. 

1136. II. Mabel; b. Nov. 3, 1887. 

711. VIII. 457. NATHANIEL C." AUSTIN [Sarah' (Newman), 
Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born 
Oct. 7, 1837. He married Elizabeth Wharam. 

Son of Nathaniel C. and Elizabeth (Wharam) Austin: 

1137. I. Fred; b. Oct. 27, 1872. 

712. VIII. 457. REBECCA A.» AUSTIN (CATLIN) [Sarah' 
(Newman), Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] 
was born March 19, 1839. She married Thomas W. Catlin. 

Children of Thomas W. and Rebecca A. (Austin) Catlin: 

*1138. I. Frank A.; b. Dec. 14, 1859. 

1139. II. Mary J.; b. July 2. 1861. 

1140. III. Martha M.; b. April 2, 1864. 

1141. IV. Fred J.; b. Oct. 24, 1867. 
1143. V. Charles S.; b. Nov. 26, 1874. 

713. VIII. 457. JOEL N.« AUSTIN [Sarah' (Newman), Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born June 25, 
1841. He married Lucy E. Rogers. 

Children of Joel N. and Lucy E. (Rogers) Austin: 

1143. I. Burt. J.; b. Jan. 28, 1870. 

1144. II. Cora May; b. Feb. 20. 1876. 

1145. III. Dora B.; b. April 10, 1879. 

1146. IV. Mary; b. Oct. 30, 1884. 

714. VIII. 457. ADELIA C AUSTIN (CATLIN) [Sarah' (New- 
man), Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP. Richard'] wa3 
born Jan. 23, 1844. She married Henry A. Catlin. 

Children of Henry A. and Adelia C. (Austin) Catlin: 

1147. I. Henry C; b. Nov. 12, 1862. 
♦1148. II. Norris A.; b. Nov. 17, 1865. 

1149. HI. Nettie J.; b. April 4, 1867; d. Oct. 10, 1867. 


1150. IV. Nelson S.; b. July 14, 1869. 

1151. V. William A.; b. Aug. 19, 1871. 

1152. VI. Robert A.; b. Jan. 16, 1875. \ 
1163. VII. Rilla M.; twin sister of Robert. '. 

1154. VIIL Ervln A.; b. Oct. 10, 1884; d. the same day. t 

715. VIIL 457. ALBION S.^ AUSTIN (Sarah' (Newman), Han- \ 
nah' (Lyon), Thomas^, John*, John^ SamueP, Richard'] was born Jan. 1, ; 

1849. He married Katie Diehl. ^ 


Children of Alvin S. and Katie (Diehl) Austin: 

1155. I. Bertha M.; b. Feb. 21, 1879. 

1156. II. Andrew J.; b. April 4, 1883; d. May 18, 1884. 

1157. III. Bay J.; b. Sept. 7, 1885. ' 

716. VIIL 457. ERVIN P.« AUSTIN [Sarah' (Newman), Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel^ Richard^] was born April 20, ; 

1850. He married Mary Joble. 

Children of Ervin P. and Mary (Joble) Austin: 

1158. I. James J.; b. Feb. 6, 1872; d. Oct. 15, 1875. 

1159. IL WUliam N.; b. July 17, 1877; d. Oct. 8, 1881. 

717. VIIL 457. ADELBERT W." AUSTIN [Sarah' (Newman), 
Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John', Samuel^ Richard*] was born 
April 6, 1855. He married Katie O. Haynes. 

Children of Adelbert W. and Katie O. (Haynes) Austin: 

1160. I. Nonis H.; b. Dec. 16, 1878. 

1161. II. Orin N.; b. April 2, 1881; d. June 4, 1882. 

1162. IIL Ann Ora; b. Feb. 7, 1884. 

1163. rv. Charles 8.; b. Feb. 2, 1887. 

1164. V. Irvin P.; b. April 17, 1889. 

718. VIIL 457. ALMIRA D.' AUSTIN (MARSH) [Sarah' (New- 
man), Hannah' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard*]wa8 
born Jan. 3, 1860. She married Harry A. Marsh. 

Children of Harry A. and Almira D. (Austin) Marsh: 

1165. I. £mest A.; b. May 28, 1884. 

1166. IL tena; b. July 10, 1885. 

1167. III. £dith M.; b. Nov. 8, 1886. 

1168. IV. Sarah J.; b. Nov. 25, 1887. 

1169. V. Nettie L.; b. March 22, 1889. 

1170. VI. Josie D.; b. March 21, 1890. 

BER) [Marietta' (Newman), Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John*, 


SamueP, Richard^] was born June 10, 1841. She married, first, Elisha 
Newman, and second, James B. Thurber. 

Children of Elisha and Hannah (Crawford) Newman: 

1171. I. Sarah A.; b. April 29, 1869. 

1172. XL Persia £. 

1173. III. Bay 0. 
1173a. IV. Darwin S. 

720. VIII. 461. IDA F.« NEWMAN (SMITH) [John N.', Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueF, Richard'] was born Dec. 28, 
1855. She married Henry D. Smith. 

Children of Henry D. and Ida P. (Newman) Smith: 

1174. I. Charles N.; b. Aug. 1, 1879. 

1175. II. Irving H.; b. Aug. 18, 1880. 

1176. III. Monroe J.; b. Dec. 12, 1881. 

N.', Hannah* (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John*, Samuel% Richard'] was 
born May 19, 1858. She married William H. Newman. 

Children of William H. and Charlotte H. (Newman) Newman: 

1177. I. Pearl; b. March 20, 1885. 

1178. II. Mabel L,.; b. Nov. 3, 1887. 

724. VIII. 461. WALTER A.« NEWMAN [John N.\ Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', Samuel^, Richard'] was born Nov. 18, 
1862. He married Lelia Plowman. 

Children of Walter A. and Leila (Plowman) Newman: 

1179. I. £thel E.; b. March 24, 1888. 

1180. II. John E.; b. May 9, 1890. 

726. VIII. 462. NANCY D.» NEWMAN (REYNOLDS) [Timothy 
L.^ Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was 
born Oct. 8, 1856. She married Walter H. Reynolds. 

Cnilldren of Walter H. and Nancy D. (Newman) Reynold*: 

1181. I. Bay M.; b. May 10, 1878. 
.1182. II. Clara V.; b. April 9, 1880. 

1183. III. Eugene O.; b. July 13, 1881. 

1184. IV. Millard J.; b. Oct. 2, 1887. 

1185. V. MarshaU; b. May 15, 1889. 

727. VIII. 462. ORSON E.» NEWMAN [Timothy L.\ Hannah* 
(Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Nov. 9, 
1860. He married Rachel Davis. 


Children of Orson E. and Rachel (Davis) Newman: 

1186. I. Effle; b. May 12, 1884. 

1187. II. Monroe A.; b. Feb. 13, 1888. 

1188. III. William D.; b. Oct. 10, 1890. 

741. VIII. 464. CHARLES H.» NEWMAN [Hiram A.', Hannah' 
(Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John^ SamueP, Richard^] was born Nov. 1, 
1857. He married Emma E. Kellogg. 

Daughter of Charles H. and Emma E. (Kellogg) Newman: 

1189. I. Ethel B.; b. Sept. 14, 1888. 

[Albert E.', Hannah^ (Lyon), Thomas^ John*, John^ SamueP, Richard^] 
was born Nov. 21, 1865. She married E. F. Reynolds. 

Children of E. F. and Charlotte E. (Newman) Reynolds: 

1190. I. Mabel A.; b. March 9, 1886. 

1191. II. Don E.; b. July 22, 1888. 

766. VIII. 481. ZALMON' LYON [Andrew^ Andrew' (?), 
Zachariah", Zachariah* (?), NathanieP, William^ Richard^] was born 
in Weston, Conn., May 30, 1817. There is a record of a marriage of 
Zalmon Lyon and Mary Hill in 1835, but it is not likely that this re- 
lates to this Zalmon. Zalmon Lyon of Weston, however, certainly 
married in Feb. 1838 in Newtown Conn., Jerusha Sanford, born in New- 
town 1815, daughter of Samuel Norman and Anna Maria (Shepard) 
Sanford. They lived about a year in Weston, then a year in New- 
town, next settled in Southbury, Conn. It is said that Zalmon died 
in one of the Western States. 

Children of Zalmon and Jerusha (Sanford) Lyon, (Whitney Fam.): 

1193. I. David Sherwood; b. Weston, Feb. 28, 1839; res. Buchanan, Mich. 

1193. II. Son; b. Newtown, Feb. 1841; d. April 1841. 

1194. III. Son; b. Southbury, March 1842; d. In Infancy. 

782. IX. 508. MAURICE" HOFF [Chloe« (Lyon), Ezra', Seth«. 
Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard^] was born in 1839. He 
married Amy Silvey. 

Children of Maurice and Amy (Silvey) Hoff: 

1195. I. Frank b. 1861; m. . 

1196. IL Ina; b. 1864. 

1197. III. Latie; b. 1873. 

1198. IV. Eliza; b. 1876. 

1199. V. Jess; b. 1878. 

1200. VL Merritt; b. 1880. 


783. IX. 508. WATSON» HOFF [Chloe" (Lyon), Ezra'. Seth«, 
Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born in 1841. He mar- 
ried Clara Hathaway. 

Children of "Watson and Clara (Hathaway) Hoff: 

1201 I. Mary; b. Nov. 10, 1874; m. Lowe. 

1202. II. Perry; b. 1877. 

1203. III. Letty; b. 1883. 

1204. IV. Cora; b. 1886. 

786. IX. 5\)9. ALMEDA" LYON (FREESE) [Aaron C.^ Ez^a^ 
Seth^ Jacob^ DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born Jan. 1848. 
She married Louis Freese. 

Children of Louis and Almeda (Lyon) Freese: 

1205. L WiUis; b. Jan. 1870; m. . 

1206. II. Burke; b. May 1876. 

1207. IIL Leland; b. 1882; d. Jan. 1891. 

1208. IV. Louis; b. Jan. 1, 1891. 

[Myron^ Mary' (Lyon), Seth^ Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^, Rich- 
ard'] was born Dec. 17, 1852, and died Feb. 24, 18 . She married 


Children of and Florence Ann (Ganoung) Brophy: 

1209. I. Flora M.; b. Aug. 24, 1875. 

1210. II. Myron P.; b. Nov. 27, 1876. 

1211. III. EUa J.; b. June 8, 1878. 

1212. IV. Benjamin R.; b. July 20, 1884. 

1213. V. Andrew S.; b. Nov. 1, 1889. 

800. IX. 512. FRANK FREMONT' GANOUNG [Milo«, Mary' 
(Lyon), Seth«, Jacob^ DanieP, DanieP, Richard=, Richard'] was born in 
Durand, 111., June 27, 1856. Present residence (1904) Cooperton, 
Oklahoma. He married Jan. 1, 1877, Sarah Ann Eaton. 

Children of Frank Fremont and Sarah Ann (Eaton) Ganoung: 

1214. I. Benjamin Isaac; b. Sept. 7, 1878. 

1215. II. Delbert MUo; b. Nov. 14, 1879. 

1216. IIL William James; b. Sept. 23, 1881. 

1217. IV. Grace Adelaide; b. Feb. 21, 1884. 

1218. V. Edith May; b. March 17, 1886. 

1219. VL Rosa BeU; b. Nov. 28, 1889. 

1220. VII. Ora Bay; b. Jan. 4, 1892. 

1221. VIII. Orva Cay; (twin) b. Jan. 4, 1892. 


[Milo^ Mary' (Lyon), Seth', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richard', Richard*] 
was born Nov. 20, 1861, and died at Nevada, la., Jan. 3, 1903. She mar- 
ried, Jan. 1, 1885, George L. Womack. 

Children of George L. and Sarah P. (Ganoungr) Womack: 

1822. I. Marlon Clayton; b. Aug. 18, 1886. 

1223. II. Hattie Buth; b. July 12, 1892. 

1224. III. A daughter; b. 1895. 

1225. TV. A daughter; b. 1899. 

804. IX. 512. EDWIN GRANT' GANOUNG [Milo», Mary' (Lyon), 
Seth^ Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^', Richard*] was born in Durand, 
111., Nov. 28, 1866. He is a graduate of the State Normal School of 
Kansas, and is a teacher by profession. He married in Osborne, 
Kansas, Aug. 6, 1902, Mary Maude Brobst, daughter of Daniel and 
Cecilia (Sturman) Brobst of Osborne. They live (1904) in Cawker 
City, Kansas. 

Daughter of Bdwln G. and Mary H. (Brobst) Ganoung: 

1226. I. Paoline; b. Cawker City, July 29, 1904. 

805. IX. 512. EUGENE COLFAX" GANOUNG [Milo», Mary» 
(Lyon), Seth', Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard*] was born 
In Durand, 111., July 7, 1869. He married in Stockton, Rooks Co., 
Kansas, Sept. 6, 1893, Carrie L. Nora North, daughter of William and 
Elizabeth (Davis) North of Plainville, Kansas. He is a farmer. He 
went to Pullman, Whitman Co., Wash., but returned to Plainvill'e, his 
present (1904) place of residence. 

Children of Eugene C. and Carrie (North) Ganoung, born In Plainville, Kas. : 

1227. I. Leo Eugene; b. Feb. 4, 1896. 

1228. II. A Bon; b. and d. Jan. 28, 1897. 

1229. III. Nora Alberta; b. Nov. 15, 1901; d. Nov. 26, 1902. 

1230. rv. Bogene Archel; b. Nov. 25, 1903. 

807. IX. 514. MARTHA A." GANOUNG (WEST) [Isaac', Mary' 
(Lyon), Seth°, Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard*] was born 
Jan. 1, 1850. Married in 1867, Edward A. West. 

Children of Edward A. and Martha A. (Ganoung) West: 

1231. I. William I.; b. Dec. 24, 1868. 

1232. II. Nettie I/.; b. March 15, 1872; m. 1889, Charles H. Babcock; no 

1233. III. Florence M.; b. Sept. 2, 1874; m. 1891, W. H. Flanagan. 

1234. IV. Sarah; b. May 18, 1877. 

1235. V. I/oren H.; b. Oct. 12, 1879. 

1236. VI. Nellie; b. June 30, 1883. 


808. IX. 514. MARY ANN" GANOUNG (HURSH) [Isaac', Mary» 
(Lyon), Seth', Jacob', Daniel*, Damel^ Richard% Richard'] was born 
March 13, 1852. She married George D. Hursh, 1872, who was born Oct. 
7, 1851. 

Children of George D. and Mary Ann (Ganoung) Hursh: 

1237. I. Effie; b. Nov. 13, 1876; d. May 30, 1889. 

1238. II. GUbert I.; b. Jan. 17, 1882. 

809. IX. 514. OSCAR F.« GANOUNG [Isaac', Mary» (Lyon). 
Seth°, Jacob", Daniel*, DanieI^ Richard-, Richard'] was born Jan. 3, 
1854. He married Ida J. Carpenter in 1879. 

Daughter of Oscar F. and Ida J. (Carpenter) Ganoung: 

1239. I. Alma £Uen; b. May 11, 1882. 

810. IX. 514. FANNY A." GANOUNG (HURSH) [Isaac', Mary' 
(Lyon), Seth^ Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was bom 
Nov. 12, 1855, and died Nov. 15, 1888. She married Andrew E. Hursh 
in 1873. 

Children of Andrew E. and Fanny A. (Ganoung) Hursh: 

1240. I. Florence A.; b. June 20, 1874; m. 1891, Fred W. Mulr; one child. 
Glenn L,. Muir, b. Dec. 9, 1892. 

1241. II. Cora; b. March 23, 1881. 

811. IX. 514. SIMEON 0.» GANOUNG [Isaac', Mary' (Lyon), 
Seth«, Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^, Richard'] was born Oct. 6, 
1859. He married Mary Owen in 1890. 

Daughter of Simeon O. and Mary (Owen) Ganoung: 

1242. I. £Uen; b. Feb. 27, 1891. 

812. IX. 514. SARAH EVALINE" GANOUNG (SCOTT) [Isaac*, 
Mary' (Lyon), Seth', Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was 
born Oct. 1, 1861. She married George H. Scott in 1890. 

Children of George H. and Sarah Bvallne (Ganoung) Scott: 

1243. I. Henry; b. Nov. 24, 1891. 

1244. II. Isaac; b. Nov. 8, 1893. 

817. IX. 515. GEORGE W." GANOUNG [Arthur H.', Mary* 
(Lyon), Seth«, Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] was born 
Aug. 8, 1849. The name of his wife is not recorded. 

Children of George W. and ( ) Ganoung: 

1246. I. C. W.; b. Feb. 17, 1874. 
1246. II. Jasper; b. 187«. 


1247. IIL Helen M.; b. Sept. 4, 1887. 

1248. IV. Sarah Antoinette; b. Feb. 3, 1893. 

820. IX. 515. HELEN L.« GANOUNG (TRUESDELL) [Arthur 
H.*, Mary' (Lyon), Seth«, Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel*, Richard^ Richard^] 
was born Nov. 10, 1854. Present residence (1904) Scotland, S. Dak. 
She married Truesdell. 

Children of and Helen L. (Ganoung:) Truesdell: 

1249. I. Myron A.; b. Oct. 24, 1870; res. Scotland, S. Dak. 

1250. II. Edith M.; b. May 31, 1874. 

1251. in. Henry W.; b. June 27, 1878. 

821. IX. 515. JANE N.' GANOUNG (ROBB) [Arthur H.«, Mary* 
(Lyon), Seth", Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard^] was born 
May 15, 1856. Present residence (1904) Durand, 111. She married 

Children of and Jane N. (Ganoung) Robb: 

1252. I. Nettie Jane; b. Sept. 25, 1877. 

1253. IL Arthur M.; b. Feb. 13, 1879. 

1254. III. Helen E.; b. Oct. 19, 1880. 

1255. IV. Boy B.; b. Aug. 2, 1882. 

1256. V. Ina M.; b. Feb. 4, 1885. 

822. IX. 515. WILLIAM H.« GANOUNG [Arthur H.», Mary* 
(Lyon), Seth^ Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard^] was born 
May 29, 1858. The name of his wife is not recorded. 


1257. I. Eve C; b. July 17, 1887. 

1258. II. Ix^jjjg ^jg^ young. 

1259. III. i 

824. IX. 515. CHARLES M.' GANOUNG [Arthur H.», Mary' 
(Lyon), Seth°, Jacob"*, Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard*] was bom 
Nov. 24, 1862. 


1260. I. Eva A.; b. June 17, 1886. 

1261. II. Nettie; b. Jan. 2, 1892. 

827. IX. 521. FRANK L.» LYON [Luther», Jacob^ Seth«, JacoV, 
Daniel*, DanieP, Richa^d^ Richard*] was born in Plymouth, Mich., Feb. 
9, 1870. He married in Northville, Dec. 9, 1896, Eliza McNeill, daugh- 
ter of James and Susanah (Lewis) McNeill, of More Township, Canada. 
He is Inspector for the Pere Marquette R. R. in Northville, Wayne Co., 


828. IX. 521. EDWARD* JACOB LYON [Luther*, Jacob', Seth», 
Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard% Richard'] was born in Plymouth. 
Mich., Nov. 2, 1873. He married Jan. 15, 1900, Pearl Passage. 

Children of Edward J. and Pearl (Passage) Lyon: 

1262. I. Ira Wordwarth; b. Dec. 7, 1900. 

1263. II. Aubray; b. Jan. 7, 1903. 

830. IX. 521. JENNIE MAY* LYON (LANE) [Luther«, Jacob', 
Seth^ Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard\ Richard'] was born in Ply- 
mouth, Mich., Sept. 1, 1880. She married, Dec. 27, 1899, George 
Wesley Lane, who was born July 26, 1878. 

Children of George "W. and Jennie M. (Lyon) Lane: 

1264. I. Zelma Elizabeth; b. May 4, 1901. 

1265. II. Guy McBeth; b. March 14, 1903. 

840. IX. 524. ADA JOSEPHINE* BURD (BATES) [Amelia* 
(Eldridge), Lucinda' (Lyon), Seth°, Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, Richard', 
Richard'] was born May 28, 1854; present residence Hillsdale, Mich. 
She married Nelson Bates. 

Children of Nelson and Ada Josephine (Burd) Bates: 

1266. I. Minnie; b. Nov. 26, 1873; res. Hillsdale, Mich. 

1267. IL Aggie; b. March 12, 1879. 

1268. IIL Bettie; b. March 18, 1SS8. 

842. IX. 524. WILLIE ELDRIDGE* BURD [Amelia* (Eldridge), 
Lucinda' (Lyon), Seth', Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was 
born Dec. 18, 1858. Present residence (1904) Hillsdale, Mich. He 

married Addie Blood. 

Children of WllUe Eldridge and Addle (Blood) Burd: 

1269. I. Frankie Eldridge; b. Sept. 15, 1883. 

1270. II. Freddie H.; b. Oct. 4, 1886. 

William', Lucinda' (Lyon), Seth», Jacob^ DanieP, DanieP. Richard'. 
Richard'] was born June 6, 1871. He resides (1904) in Chicago. 111. 
He married July, 1893, Ida Soper, 

Children of Marvin E. and Ida (Soper) Eldridge, born in Chicago, 111.: 

1271. I. Emericls Edward; b. June 7. 1895. 

1272. II. Florence; b. Sept. 10. 1897. 

849. IX. 526. FRANK. A.* GILLETT [Fanny F.» (Eldridge). 
Lucinda^ (Lyon), Seth», Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, Richard', Richard'] 
was born Aug. 5, 1858. He resides in Owosso, Mich. He married 


first in Mason, Mich., March 7, 1883, Frances L. Clark of Locke, Ingham 
Co., Mich. He married second, at Locke, Nov. 7, 1889, his cousin 
Eulah Knickerbocker (No. 850) daughter of William and Ann Lyon 
(Eldridge) Knickerbocker of Hudson, Mich. 

Son of Frank A. and Sarah (Clark) GlUett: 
1213. I. Herbert; b. Locke, Mich., Dec. 24, 1883. 
Daughter of Frank A. and Eulah (Knickerbocker) Olllett: 
1274. IL Ijouretia; b. Mt. Clemens, Mich, June 6, 1899. 

856. IX. 534. CHARLES W.« LYON [Thomas M.\ Justus^ Seth«, 
Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born Jan. 17, 1879. 
He married in Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 14, 1901, Frances Gertrude 
Essler, who was born at Beaver Falls, Minn., June 13, 1879. She was 
daughter of John F. and Maria Louise (Chenevert) Essler. They re- 
side (1905) in Minneapolis. 

Bon of Charles W. and Frances G. (Essler) Lyon: 
1276. L John Wesley; b. Minneapolis, Feb. 27, 1906, 

858. IX. 538. ELECTA D.' SHERWOOD (BENNETT) [Ada M.* 
(Lewis), Hannah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel*, Richard', 
Richard'] was born at Pleasant Mount, Penn., June 28, 1842. She 
married in that place, May 9, 1858, Maiden Bennett. Address, Pleas- 
ant Mount, Wayne Co., Penn. 

Children of Maiden and Electa D. (Sherwood) Bennett; bOm In Pleasant 
Mount : 

1276. I. Marena C; b. Aug. 25, 1859; d. April 3, 1866. 

1277. II. Udolpho; b. Aug. 15, 1861; d. March 23, 1863. 

•1278. III. Adah E.; b. Sept. 4, 1866; m. Nov. 26, 1885, Harry A. Loomls. 

•1279. rv. Myrtle E.; b. March 1, 1869; nx. April 30, 1886, A. Brwln Colo. 

1280. V. Liydia Jane; b. Aug. 28, 1870. 

•1281. VL Battle 8.; b. April 14, 1879; m. Sept. 20, 1899, General Wash- 
ington Bodle. 

860. IX. 538. HERBERT F.» SHERWOOD [Ada M.» (Lewis), 
Hannah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel*, Richard*, Richard*] 
was born May 16, 1846. He married at Big Isaac, W. Va., Dec. 24, 
1874, Rebecca Mitchel. 

Children of Herbert F. and Rebecca (Mitchell) Sherwood: 

1282. L Flavlus M.; b. Dec. 26, 187B. 

1283. II. Mand A.; b. July 15, 1877. 

1284. III. Mariana I.; b. Sept. 19, 1884; d. Nebraska City, Neb.. Sept, 16. 


1285. rv. Alson; b. March 13, 1889. 
use. V. Alma; b. Feb. It, 1892. 


861. IX. 538. WAKEMAN E.» SHERWOOD [Ada M.* (Lewis). 
Hannah'' (Lyon), Walte^^ Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel", Riclla^d^ Richard'] 
was born Nov. 10, 1851. He married at Broad River, W. Va., Dec. 
20, 1877, Angelette V. Brown. 

Children of Wakeman E. and Angelette V. (Brown) Sherwood: 

1287. I. Alva E.; b. Sept. 20, 1878. 

1288. II. Alexis 1,.; b. Aug. 6. 1881, 

1289. IV. ruiie B.; b. Jan. 29, 1884. 

1290. IV. Sava A.; b. July 23, 1886. 

1291. V. Eva A.; b. Dec. 20, 1888. 

1293. VI. Ina A.; b. July 25, 1895. 

1295. VII. EUna I.; b. Jan 21, 1898; d. Barneston, Neb., July 6, 1901. 

863. IX. 538. GRANVILLE J.» SHERWOOD [Ada M.» (Lewis). 
Hannah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob^ Daniel*, Daniel', Richard% Richard'] 
was born Jan. 19, 1859. He married in Beatrice, Neb., Feb. 20, 1895, 
Minnie Volkmer. They reside in Liberty, Gage Co., Neb. 

Children of Granville J. and Minnie (Volkmer) Sherwood: 

1294. I. Joseph F.; b. Feb. 20, 1896. 

1296. II. Helen M.; b. Dec. 3, 1898. 

1296. III. Viola M.; b. Oct. 18, 1902. 

865. IX. 439. ANNIE DEMILLA' LYON (JONES) [Charles W.*, 
Wheeler', Walter^ Jacob\ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was 
born March 24, 1862. She married, April 17, 1894, David W. B. Jones, 
who was born Jan. 26, 1862. 

Children of David W. B. and Annie Demilla (Lyon) Jonea: 

1297. I. Frances liOuise; b. Oct. 15, 1898. 

1298. II. Elwood Browning; b. March 15, 1900. 

866. IX. 545. GEORGIANA' LYON (MUNSON) [Lafayette', 
Jacob', Walter*, Jacob^ Daniel*. DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was born 
May 1, 1852. She married at Lanesboro, Pa., May 7, 1872, Al Munson, 
who was born at Great Bend, Pa., Aug. 11, 1851, and died at Carbon- 
dale, Pa., Feb. 23, 1886. 

Son of Al and Georgiana (Lyon) Munson: 
*1399. I. Liouis; b. March 12, 1875. 

867. IX. 545. CHARLES BYRON" LYON [Lafayette', Jacob*, 
Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was born June 10. 
1854. He married Mary Crandall, Sept. 30, 1873. She was bom at 
Clifford, Pa., Oct. 9, 1854. 


Children of Charles B. and Mary (Crandall) Lyon: 

♦1300. I. Georgiana; b. May 19, 1874; m. William F. CampbeU. 

1301. IX. Ida May; b. Oct. 30, 1876; d. Nov. 20, 1886. 

1302. III. Robert Bums; b. May 7, 1878. 

870. IX. 545. BENTON B.= LYON [Lafayette', Jacob', Walter', 
Jacob^ Daniels DanieP, Richar(i% Richard'] was born Jan. 4, 1865. He 
married Lizzie White and resides (1904) at Starlight, Pa. 

Daughter of Benton B. and Lizzie (White) Lyon: 

1303. I. Lulia H.; b. July 11, 1888. 

871. IX. 546. ANNA BELLE=' LYON (BURDICK) [George H.«. 
Jacob', Walter", Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born 
at Carbondale, Pa., Dec. 10, 1855. She married at Herrick, Pa., April 
3, 1878, Fred Burdick, who was born Jan. 29, 1854, son of Alfred and 
Jerusha Emeline Burdick of Clifford, Pa. 

Children of Fred and Anna Belle (Lyon) Burdick; born in Uniondale, Pa.: 

1304. I. Mattie Louise; b. March 24, 1879; m. at Norwich, Conn., Aug. 3, 
1901, Elliot Sweet, son of Varnum and Mary (Wilcox) Sweet of Lisbon, Conn.; 
res. (1904) FleetvlUe, Pa. 

1305. II. Alice Gertrude; b. July 1, 1880; m. at Binghamton, N. Y., 
Sept. 17, 1900, Herman Lewis Dobson, son of James and Mary Leonora (Schlich- 
ter) Dobson, of Scranton, Pa. ; res. Scranton. 

1306. III. Howard L,yon; b. July 1, 1888. 

1307. IV. Band Williams; b. June 1, 1890. 

1308. V. Nellie Clair; b. May 8, 1893. 

873. IX. 546. EDITH MAY' LYON (HANSEE) (LANE) [George 
H.*, Jacob', Walter^ Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was 
born Jan. 30, 1860. She married first, in Herrick, Pa., Oct. 15, 1884, 
William B. Hansee, who was born at Fremont Center, N. Y., May 28, 
1863 and died May 30, 1888. She married second in 1902, Calvin Lane. 

Children of William B. and Edith May (Lyon) Hansee: 

1309. I. Anna May; b. July 27, 18 85. 

1310. IL William; b. Dec. 26, 1887. 

875. IX. 546. JULIA BLANCHE' LYON (HANSEE) [George 
H.^ Jacob', Walter", Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was 
born Oct. 4, 1866. She married in Herrick, Pa., Oct. 15, 1884, St. 
John Hansee. brother of her sister's husband. He was born at Bangor, 
Me., Aug. 23, 1859. 

Daughter of John and Julia Blanche (Lyon) Hansee: 

1311. I. Sthel I-yon; b. Jan. 30, 1889; d. Aug. 25, 1892. 


881. IX. 548. HARRY LYON'* BURNS [Mary Mercy* (Lyon). 
Jacob^ Walter", Jacob^ Daniel', DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born 
Nov. 3, 1865. He married Celeste Menou, who was bom in St. Louis, 
Mo., and was the daughter of Paul Menou, the architect who designed 
the old Catholic Cathedral of St. Louis. 

886. IX. 550. EDWIN« FOOT [Adelia A.« (Lyon), John B.', 
Walter^ Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born Aug. 27, 
1854. He married Jan. 14, 1880, Nellie Hoard, who was born Sept. 18, 

ChUdren of Edwin and Nellie (Hoard) Foot: 
1318. I. raura Adelia; b. Feb. 13, 1881. 

1313. II. Ada Marguerite; b. Aug. 27, 1886. 

1314. III. Frances Marie; b. Feb. 13, 1888. 

1315. IV. MiUard Edwin; b. Sept. 2, 1889; d. Nov. 10, 1893. 

H.S John B.^ Walter', Jacob^ DanieP, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was 
born Oct. 27, 1872. She married Sept. 13, 1892, Leon Reynolds. 

Children of Leon and Hattie Adelia (Lyon) Reynolds: 

1316. I. A daughter; b. 1895; d. in Infancy. 

1317. II. Mary Lyon; b. April 30, 1902. 

B. J^.^ John B.', Walter^ Jacob", DanieP, DanieP, Richard% Richard') 
was born Feb. 27, 1871. She married Sept. 17, 1891, James Stevens. 
who was born March 24, 1866. 

Daughter of James and Gertrude Lewis (Lyon) Stevens: 

1318. I. Jeannett Lyon; b. July 12, 1892. 

892. IX. 552. BENJAMIN N." LYON [John B., Jr.», John B.', 
Walter", Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, Richard-, Richard'] was bom May 19, 
1872. He married, Nov. 29, 1892, Effie McPherson, who was born Nov. 
22, 1875. 

Children of Benjamin N. and Effle (McPherson) Lyon: 

1319. I. Asia Jane; b. Aug. 26, 1895. 

1320. IL John Bishop; b. Nov. 25, 1900. 

894. IX. 552. JOHN BISHOP" LYON [John B. Jr.». John B.», 
Walter", Jacob', DanieP, DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was born Oct. 23. 
1877. He married, June 4, 1901, Bessie Walker, who was born Oct 
29, 1878. 

Daughter of John B. and Bessie (Walker) Lyon: 

1331. I. Agnes Helen; b. April 17. 1902. 


897. IX. 554. JOHN HENRY" DIMOCK [Mary E.«, Electa' 
(Lyon), Walte^^ Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard*] was born 
at Montrose, Pa., May 18, 1840. He served througb the civil war from 
the summer of 1861 till the close of the war in 1865. He was in the 
3rd Division of the 5th Army Corps, 80th Ohio Veteran Volunteer 
Infantry. He married in Michigan, Mary E. Goodrode and lived at 
Grand Haven, Mich. He was drowned Jan. 30, 1906. 

Children of John Henry and Mary B. (Goodrode) Dlzaock: 

1S22. I. BonneTllle. 

1323. II. Delia; m. Shanley, a druggist In Waulcegan, lU. 

1S24. III. William. 

[Mary Elizabeth^ Electa' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel*, 
Richa^d^ Richard'] was born May 14, 1851. She married Milton B. 
Barker, in Chicago, 111., Peb. 12, 1876. 

Children of Milton E. and Mary Adella Avallne (Dlmock) Barker: 

1326. I. Mlra Katharine; b. Chicago, IlL, June 11, 1878. 

1326. II. Charles Dimock; b. Dec. 24, 1879; d. Willmette, 111., Jan. 9, 

1327. III. MUton E.; b. June 29, 1883. 

S.*, Electa' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] 
was born June 29, 1852. She married Charles G. RodofC, Sept. 16, 1874, 
at Pulaski, Wis. 

Children of Charles G. and Ella Robertlne (Dlmock) Rodoff: 

1328. I. Balph Dimock; b. June 5, 1878; m. Olive Baume, Sept. 4, 1901, 
at Mitchell, S. Dak.; a son Charles Everett was b. June 1902. 

1329. II. Charles Garth; b. Jan. 9, 1882. 

1330. III. Letha; b. Jan. 27, 1885. 

904. IX. 555. WARREN» DIMOCK [Warren S.«, Electa' (Lyon), 
Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] was born at 
Pulaski, Wis., Sept. 14, 1859. He married Clara A. Stevens, Dec. 15, 
1886, near Montford, Wis. 

Children of Warren and Clara A. (Stevens) DIm.ock: 

1331. I. Murray; b. Menno, S. Dak., Dec. 15, 1889; d. April 5, 1891. 

1332. II. L,ncy; b. Nov. 23, 1891. 

[Warren S.', Electa' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard*, 
Richard'] was born May 14, 1863. She married at Pulaski, Wis., Dec. 
28, 1892, Edward G. Schwingle of Avoca, Wis. 


Children of Edward Q. and Alemena Electa (Dlmock) Schwlngle: 

1333. I. £ddie; b. Sept. 7, 1893. 

1334. II. Blanche; b. April 27, 1901; d. Deo. 31, 1901. 

1335. III. Warren Dimock; b. June 11, 1903. 

[Warren S.«, Electa' (Lyon), Walter", Jacob^ Daniel*, Daniel'. Richard', 
Richard^] was born Dec. 22, 1869. She married first, Feb. 1888, In 
Madison, Wis., John J. Skinner, who died at Pulaski, Wis., Aug. 5, 1893. 
She married second, W. O. Spicer, of Canton, S. Dak. 

Children of John J. and Bertha Rue (Dlmock) Skinner: 

1336. I. Esther; b. Menno, S. Dak., June 3, 1889. 

1337. II. Dorcas; b. Feb. 27, 1S91. 

1338. III. and IV. Twin boys; b. Aug. 7, 1892; both d- Pnlaakl, Wl*.. 
Oct. 1892. 

Children of W. O. and Bertha Rue (Dlmock, Skinner) Spicer: 

1339. I. Mary; b. Aug. 18, 1896. 

1340. II. Sybil; b. Jan. 5, 1900. 

1841. III. Katherine; b. Jan. 30, 1902. 

913. IX. 563. SYDNEY A." TRUESDELL [Emeline* (Mumford), 
Adah' (Lyon), Walter^ Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel*, Richard^ Richard'] was 
born at Belmont, Pa., Aug. 27, 1842. He married at Chenango Forks, 
Broome Co., N. Y., Sept. 17, 1862, Evaline Hagaman, born at Chenango 
Forks, May 5, 1842. Their home (1906) is in Fairbury, Neb. 

Children of Sydney A. and Evaline (Hagaman) Truesdell, born at Chenanffo 
Forks, N. Y. : 

•1342. I. Magrgie E.; b. June 24, 1863; m. Asa M. Berry. 

•1348. II. Robert 8.; b. May 25, 1868. 

916. IX. 568. ADAH E." UNDERHILL (DECKER) [Elizabeth* 
(Mumford), Adah' (Lyon), Walter^ Jacob^ Daniel*, Daniel', Richard', 
Richard'] was born at Ralston, Pa., March 22, 1856. She was mai> 
ried at Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1879, by Rev. C. M. Kithinger, to Frank 
W. Decker. He was born May 29, 1856. Present address (1906) 566 
Chenango St., Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children of Frank W. and Adah E. (Underbill) Decker: 
1344. I. Edward F.; b. Buflfalo, N. T., Dec. 1, 1879; res. Salamanca, N. T. 
•1345. II. WiUiam G.; b. Buffalo, Jan. 12, 1882. 

1346. III. rottie L,.; b. Binghamton, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1891. 

1347. rv. Ethel I.; b. Binghamton, May 12, 1901. 

[Mary A.» (Mumford), Adah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob', Daniel*. Daniel*. 


Richard^ Richard^] was born at Pleasant Mount, Wayne Co., Pa., Jan. 
16, 1858. She married at Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 27, 1876, Frank E. 
Miller. He was born at Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1854, and was killed by 
accident at Atchinson, Kans., Aug. 22, 1883, while on duty as yard 
master of the B. & M. R. R. She died Sept. 14, 1879, at Beatrice, Neb. 

Son of Frank E. and Irene A. (Fulkerson) Miller: 
•1348. I. Dean; b. Adams, Neb., Sept. 12, 1877; res. Holdrege, Neb. 

A.» (Mumford), Adah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Riehard^ 
Richard'] was born at Pleasant Mount, Wayne Co., Pa., May 8, 1865. 
She married, June 11, 1890, at Beatrice, Neb., Lyman W. Eldridge, who 
was born at Palo, 111., March 11, 1865. 

Children of Lyman W. and Hattie A. (Fulkerson) Eldrldgo: 

1349. L Ma«; b. Lincoln, Neb.. Aug. 17, 1891. 

1350. II. Bath; b. Lincoln, Jan. 7, 1898. 

1351. III. Fred J.; b. Lincoln, Aug. 20, 1900. 

919. IX. 573. ADA EMORET" DUNNING (ALDEN) [Jane 
Helen* (Lyon), Henry', Walter^ Jacob^ Daniel*, Daniel^ Richard', 
Richard'] was born April 24, 1853. She married, Dec. 31, 1870, Frank 
Alden. They reside in Byron, Mich. 

Son of Frank and Ann E. (Dunning) Alden: 

1352. I. Clayton; b. March 24, 1874; d. Dec. 2. 1879. 

920. IX. 573. HENRY LYMAN^" DUNNING [Jane H.» (Lyon), 
Henry', Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born 
April 27, 1860. He married, Nov. 28, 1883, Alice Steffy. She died 
Nov. 12, 1903. 

Children of Henry L. and Alice (Steffy) Dunning: 

1353. L Harry E.; b. Oct. 30, 1886. i 

1354. n. Edna; b. May 30, 1889. 

1355. III. Fay; b. Dec. 28, IS 98. 

1356. IV. Merritt; b. July 1897. 

922. IX. 573. CHARLES ROBERT' DUNNING [Jane H.» (Lyon), 
Henry', Walter', Jacob^ Daniel*, DanieP, Richard% Richard'] was 
born Feb. 1, 1867. He married, Sept. 11, 1888, Kate White. 

Children of Charles R. and Kate (White) Dunning: 

1357. I. George Robert; b. March 24, 1892. 
1868. IL Nora E.; b. Nov. 2, 1893. 


1359. III. Bryan, b. Oct. 20, 1896. 

1360. IV. Frankie; b. ; d. In infancy. 

1361. V. Clarence; b. Sept. 13, 1903. 

925. IX. 575. NELLIE J.» CORWIN (BOND) [Ada Ann' (Lyon), 
Henry', Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] was born 
Sept. 5, 1862. She married Dec. 4, 1885, William F. Bond, who was 
born at Quiet Dell, Harrison Co., West Va., Dec. 14, 1859. 

Children of William F. and Nellie J. (Corwln) Bond: 

1362. I. Annie Louise; b. Dec. 31, 1886. 

1363. II. WUIiam Corwin; b. May 17, 1888. 

1364. III. Harmon Booth; b. June 1, 1890. 

1365. IV. Mary Isabel; b. July 25, 1892. 

1366. V. WUford HaU; b. Aug. 5, 1895; d. Dec. 1, 1898. 

[Sarah Amanda* (Lyon), Henry', Walter", Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', 
Richard^ Richard'] was born at Pleasant Mount, Pa., Aug. 12, 1859. 
She married in Bethany, Penn., April 7, 1880. Benjamin Franklin 
Hamlin, son of Butler and Salinda (Rathbone) Hamlin. They reside 
(1904) in Hamlinton, Wayne Co., Penn. 

Children of Benjamin P. and Emma J. (Kennedy) Hamlin, born In Hamlinton: 

1367. I. Bruce Garfield; b. Feb. 23, 1881. 

1368. II. Alice E.; b. Oct. 2, 1886. 

1369. III. Butler; b. Aug. 13, 1896. 

943. IX. 590. WALTER STEPHEN' LYON [Eugene E.», Walter', 
Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard^ Richard'] was born at 
Herrick, Pa., June 15, 1877. He married at Hancock, N. Y., Jan. 19, 
1898, Edith Burdick, who was born Dec. 31, 1879, daughter of E. B. and 
Ruth (Wells) Burdick of Clifford, Pa. He is a farmer and resides 
(1904) on a portion of the land purchased in 1792 by his great grand- 
father Walter Lyon. Address Uniondale, Susquehanna Co., Pa. 

Children of Walter Steven and Edith (Burdick) Lyon: 

1370. I. MUdred Antoinette; b. Oct. 2, 1899. 

1371. II. Walter Eugene; b. Nov. 15, 1901. 
1371a. III. Beatrice. 

944. IX. 592. WALTER LYON' BENJAMIN [Clara G.* (Lyon), 
Walter'', Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, DanieP, Richard'. Richard'] was born 
at Norwich, Conn., Aug. 19, 1869 and died Oct. 14. 1897, (buried at 
Buffalo, N. Y.) He married Ida Henslee in Fond-du-lac, Wis. 



Children of Walter Lyon and Ida (Henslee) Benjamin: 

1372. I. Ernest Bugrene; b. 

1878. II. Vivian Marie; b. May 13, 1893. 

1874. III. Karl Henry; b. Nov. , 1894. 

1876. IV. Walter Lyon, Jr.; b. March 27, 1897. 

(Lyon), Walter', Walter', Jacob^ Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^, Richard*] 
was born at Fond-du-lac, Wis., Dec. 6, 1874. He graduated with honor 
from Syracuse University, N. Y., class of 1899, taking Phi Beta Kappa 
Key, and was president of his class. He is a member of the Phi Kappa 
Phi fraternity, and was Corresponding Secretary for the same when in 
college. He went to Yale College for post graduate work and was made 
Fellow of Yale and an Assistant in History, at the same time teaching 
in New Haven High School. 

961. IX. 594. WALTER HENRY' JOHNSON [Louise A». (Lyon). 
Walter', Walter', Jacob", Daniel*, Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] was born 
at Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 28, 1877. He was married at Helena, Mont, 
June 5, 1902 by Rev. S. B. Harper, Grand Street M. E. Church, to Tenn- 
esee Morris. She was born at Culleoka, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1879, daughter 
of John Lee and Letitia Rudder (Adams) Morris. 

Walter Henry Johnson served in the Philippine Islands in the 
Spanish American war with the Thirteenth Minnesota Volunteers. He 
enlisted as Sergeant Co. F., May 7, 1898, was commissioned Second 
Lieut. Co. F. by Gov. John Lind, July 25, 1899; promoted and com- 
missioned First Lieut. Co. F., Aug. 10, 1899, and mustered out with the 
Thirteenth Minnesota, Oct. 3, 1899. He was commissioned First Lieut. 
Co. A., 42 U. S. Volunteers, Oct. 4, 1899 and served with that regiment 
In the Philippines until it was mustered out, June 19, 1901, at San 
Francisco, Cal. He was commissioned Second Lieutenant Co. A. Eighth 
Infantry, TJ. S. A., Oct. 8, 1901; went with his Company to St. Michael, 
Alaska, July 1902, was ordered to the General Service and Staff College 
at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Sept. 1, 1902, from which he graduated 
July 1903. He was promoted First Lieut. 8th Infantry, Nov. 8, 1902, 
and was serving (1904) with that regiment at Fort Jay, Governors 
Island, N. Y. In February 1907, while in command of Co. E., 8th In- 
fantry U. S. A., a silver loving cup was given the Company as prize 
in the military tournament, and also a cash prize for the model camp 
during the tournament in the Philippine Island Division of the U. S. A. 


Child of "Walter Henry and Tennessee (Morris) Johnson: 

1S76. I. Walter Morris; b. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, March 8, 1908. 

The reader will observe the respect shown by the descendants of 
Walters Lyon, in naming so many of their children Walter. It la a 
name never yet disgraced by any who have borne it in this branch of 
the Lyon family. 

972. IX. 597, JAMES JEROME^ LYON [Horace W«., Miles'. 
Samuel', Thomas% John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born July 22, 
1837. He married Georgiana Cyphers. Residence (1905) 1114 Broad- 
way, San Francisco, Cal. 

Children of James Jerome and Georgiana (Cyphers) Lyon: 

1877. I. liottie May; b. Dec. 14, 1867; Is married and has children. 

1878. II. Walter Donelly; b. Nov. 8, 1873. 

980. IX. 598. COL. LEANDER DELOS» LYON [Lyman J.*, Miles' 
SamueP, Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born at Hills- 
dale, Mich., Nov. 9, 1847. At an early age he removed with his parents 
to Hudson, Mich. As a youth, he assisted in the commissary depart- 
ment of the regiment to which his father belonged during the latter 
part of the civil war. In August 1866 he was united in mariage to Miss 
Annie R. Baker, at Detroit, Mich. Shortly after he removed to Buffalo 
where he was employed on the "Express," one of his associates on the 
Staff of that paper being the now famous Mark Twain. He remained 
in Buffalo seven years and afterwards engaged in newspaper work 
successively in Chicago (1873), Circleville, O. (1875) and Watertown, 
S. Dak. (1882), making his permanent home in the last named place. 
He then conducted successfully the publication of the daily "Public 
Opinion," until his lamented death which took place after a very brlaf 
Illness, Jan. 30, 1903. 

He was an active member of the Sons of Veterans. His first wlf« 
died soon after he went to Watertown. In June 1887 he married again 
Miss Emma J. Anderson. 

Children of Leander D. and Annie R. (Baker) Lyon: 

•1379. I. Miriam (Minnie) G.; b. Buffalo, N. T., June 26. 1867; m. Walter 
J. McMath; res. Watertown, S. Dak. 

*1380. II. Frank Walter; b. Buffalo, N. T., April 13, 1871; re*. Watertown, 
S. Dale. 

986. IX. 600. SETH WASHINGTON" LYON [Henry H.', Miles'. 
SamueP, Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born March 2. 
1850. He married Charlotte M. Tiffany. 


Daughter of Seth Washington and Charlotte M. (Tiffany) Lyon: 

1381. I. LoTilla Ann; b. May 30, 1872; res. Pittsford, Mich. 

990. IX. 600. ADA MAY' LYON (COMPO) [Henry H.», Miles', 
Samuel', Thomas', John*, John», SamueP, Richard'] was born Aug. 31, 
1863. She married, April 28, 1878, Jerome Compo. Resides in Howell, 

Children of Jerome and Ada May (Lyon) Compo: 

1382. I. Maude May; b. March 1, 1880. 

1383. II. Jerome, Jr.; b. Sept. 22, 1882. 

1384. III. Burtie; b. Aug. 16, 1885. 

1385. IV. Bertha; twin sister of Burtie. 

1386. V. Pearl E.; b. July 28, 1887. 

1387. VI. Blanche M.; b. Dec. 21, 1890. 

[Lafayette A.», Miles', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John*, SamueP, Rich- 
ard'] was born Jan. 14, 1851. She married William Crowell Houston. 

Daughter of William C. and Frances C. (Lyon) Houston: 
1888. I. Charlotte Elizabeth; b. July 28. 1875. 

993. IX. 601. ALANSON DEWITT' LYON [Lafayette A.», 
Miles', SamueP, Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] was born 
Feb. 6, 1858. He married, Aug. 10, 1884, Minnie Augusta Wellman. 
They reside at Gila Bend, Arizona. 

Children of Alanson Dewltt and Minnie A. (Wellman) Lyon: 

1389. I. Lafayette Dewitt; b. June 25, 1884; res. Kansas City, Kansai. 

1390. II. Jerome Franklin; b. Oct. 24, 1887; res. Kansas City, Kansas. 

994. IX. 607. HENRY O." LYON [Orville H.«, Henry', Samuel', 
Thomas', John*, John', Samuel^ Richard'] was born Dec. 22, 1847. 
He married, Nov. 2, 1870, Annie C. Vaughn. 

Children of Henry O. and Annie C. (Vaughn) Lyon: 

1891. I. Grace Vandalia; b. Nov. 2, 1871; res. Battle Creek, Mich. 

1392. II. Henry Vaughn; b. Sept. 17, 1873; res. Battle Creek, Mich. 

995. IX. 607. EDWIN D." LYON [Orville H.«, Henry', Samuel*, 
Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born Sept. 9, 1855. 
He married, Dec. 25, 1884, Ida Lura Vedder. 

Daughter of Edwin D. and Ida Lura (Vedder) Lyon: 

1393. I. Pearl; b. Aug. 29, 1887; res. Denver, Colorado. 

966. IX. 608. MARY A." FRALICK (VALENTINE) [Corinna A.* 
(Lyon), Henry', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John", SamueP, Richard'] 


was born at Plymouth, Mich., Jan. 12, 1841. She married. Jan. 12. 
1860, Charles W. Valentine. 

Children of Charles W. and Mary A. (Fraltck) Valentine: 
♦1394. I. Annie Fralick; b. Aug. 13. 1861; m. Austin Kent Wheeler. 

1395. II. Henry Charles; b. Oct. 24. 1863. 

998. IX. 609. DONNA MARIA' LYON (SLATER) [Alva P.', 
Henry^ Samuel', Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] was bora 
June 18, 1844. She married Robert Slater. Res., Grand Rapids. Mich. 

Children of Robert and Donna Maria (Lyon) Slater: 

1396. I. Glenn Elsworth; b. Oct. 22, 1865. 

1397. II. Donna Viola; b. Oct. 25. 1867. 

1398. III. William Sdwln; b. Nov. 29, 1869. 

1399. IV. Jessie Anne; b. Nov. 17. 1871. 

1400. V. Robert Otto; b. Oct. 17. 187S. 

1401. VI. Mary Elmeline; b. Dec. 27. 1876. 

1402. VII. Grace Elizabeth; b. Jan. 6, 1878. 

1403. VIII. Henry Alva Lyon; b. Jan. 6, 1880. 

1001. IX. 613. HELEN C LYON (DODD) [Cassius', Henry', 
Samuel", Thomas', John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] was born June 2, 
1859. She married, Oct. 27, 1887, Louis A, Dodd. Residence Ocon- 
omowoc. Wis. 

Children of Louis A. and Helen C. (Lyon) Dodd: 

1404. I. Key I-yon; b. Oct. 23, 1888. 
1406. II. Gladys Maria; b. July 13. 1890. 

1003. IX. 614. FLORA A.» CORNELL (YAGER) [Cornelia' 
(Lyon), Henry', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard"! 
was born Nov. 1, 1855. She married, Oct. 17, 1875, Alfred B. Yager. 
They reside in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Children of Alfred B. and Flora A. (Cornell) Tager: 

1406. I. Lyman Hugh; b. Dec. 13, 1877. 

1407. II. Bertha Edith; b. July 30, 1880. 

1408. III. Maple Lena; b. March 14, 1882. 

1409. IV. Earl Myron; b. Oct. 4. 1885. 

1004. IX. 614. NETTIE L.' CORNELL (HENRY) [Cornelia' 
(Lyon), Henry', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John', Samuel'. Richard'] 
was born at Battle Creek, Mich., April 17, 1870. She married. May 5. 
1886, H. Evan Henry. 

Children of H. Evan and Nettle L. (Cornell) Henry, born at Battle Creeic: 

1410. I. Hazel C; b. March 15, 1887. 

1411. II. Herold E.; b. Feb. 13. 1890. 


1010. IX. 624. ALBERT C* LIGHTALL [Adelia* (Lyon), 
Thomas', Samuel', Thomas*, John*, John*, Samuel*, Richard'] was born 
Feb. 19, 1852. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He married, April 16, 
1884, Bertha Miller. 

Children of Albert C. and Bertha (Miller) UsbtaU: 

1412. I. Blanche Mabel; b. April 19. 1886. 
141t. II. Albert M.; b. Nov. 17, 1887. 

1012. IX. 625. MARY L.» DEGUINE (STARKEY) [Lucy J.« 
(Lyon), Thomas', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John*, Samuel*, Richard*] 
was born Feb. 15, 1853. She married, June 11, 1870, Eugene F. 

Children of Eugene F. and Mary L. (Degulne) Starkey: 

1414. I. Fred I^; b. Feb. 22, 1876. 

1415. II. Maude O.; b. March 27, 1877. 

1015. IX. 625. FREDERICK H.» DEGUINE [Lucy J.* (Lyon). 
Thomas', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John*, Samuel*, Richard'] was bom 
March 31, 1860. He married, Nov. 23, 1882, Luella Kinnear. 

Children of Frederick H. and Luella (Kinnear) Degrulne: 

1416. I. Boy Angeline; b. June 29, 1883. 

1417. II. Bthel May; b. May 18, 1886. 

1418. III. Gladys Marie; b. March 16, 1887. 

1033. IX. 636. EDDIE ORSEMUS" STEWART [Frances Phldelia* 
(Lyon), William', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John*, Samuel*, Richard'] 
was born March 4, 1868. He married. May 10, 1891, Ella B. Young. 

They had one daughter: 

1419. I. Ethel May. 

1040. IX. 640. RUTH IMOGENE* GRAHAM (ROOT) [Eunice* 
(Botsford), Thankful' (Levisee), Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John*, 

Samuel', Richard'] was born Jan. 20, 1854. She married 


Children of and Ruth Imogene (Graham) Root: 

1420. I. Burzill; b. April 1878. 

1421. II. May; b. 1878. 

1422. III. Garry; b. 1880. 

1048. IX. 641. JOSEPH EDGAR' WYCKOFF [Sarah A.* (Bots- 
ford), Thankful' (Levisee), Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John*, Sam- 
uel*, Richard'] was born Aug. 26, 1851. He married . 


Son of Joiepb Edgar and ( ) Wyekoff: 

IMS. I. William T.; b. 1882. 

1049. IX. 641. DAVID B.» WYCKOFF [Sarah A.* (Botsford). 
Thankful^ (LevlBee), Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John', John', Samuel', 
Richard*] was born May 10, 1858. He married . 

Cbildren of David B. and ( ) Wyckoff: 

1424. I. David B., Jr., b. 1876. 

1425. II. Mary; b. 1878. 
14t«. III. Bnsh; b. 1880. 

1«7. rv. Sadie; b. 1887; d. In Infancy. 

1050. IX. 644. HESTER T. GEER' (REDMAN) [Rosaltha' 
(Botsford), Thankful' (Levlsee), Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', 

Samuel*, Richard'] was born June 25, 1858. She married 


Children of and Hester T. (Geer) Redman: 

14(8. I. I^ncy B.; b. Feb. 13, 1881. 
1429. II. Don Leon; b. Feb. 16, 18S3. 

1051. IX. 644. SARAH ETHLEEN" GBER (DIRLAM) [Rosaltha* 
(Botsford), Thankful' (Levisee), Anna* (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', 

Samuel', Richard'] was born March 28, 1860. She married 


Children of and Sarah Etheleen (Geer) Dlrlam: 

1480. I. Eva May; b. 1886. 

1481. II. Franklin Geer; b. 1887. 

1432. III. ree H.; b. 1890. 

1058. IX. 653. MARY' BLOOD (LESTER), [Anna' (Levlsee), 
John L.', Anna' (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] was 
born in 1865. She married Lester. 

Children of and Mary (Blood) Lester: 

1433. I. L,eo; b. 1889. 

1434. II. Ix>retta; b. 1891. 

1061. IX. 654. DORA» DOWNING (GOLDEN) Elizabeth' (Lev- 
lsee), John L.', Anna" (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] 
was born in 1866. She married Golden. 

Children of and Dora (Downing) Golden: 

1436. I. C ; b. 1883. 

1436. II. James; b. 1886. 

1437. III. Eliza; b. 1887. 

1438. rv. Viola; b. 1890. 


1062. IX. 654. MINNIE' DOWNING (KIDMAN) [Elizabeth* 
(Levisee), John L.', Anna' (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', Samuel*, 
Richard*] was born in 1867. She married Eben Kidman. 

Son of Eben and Minnie (Downing) Kidman: 
1480. I. Howard; b. 1889. 

1063. IX. 654. MARY» DOWNING (VINE) [Elizabeth* (Levisee), 
John L.', Anna' (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard*] was 
born in 1869. She married James Vine. 

Children of James and Mary (Downing) Vine: 

1440. I. OUve; b. 1887. 

1441. II. Minerva; b. 1889. 

1067. IX. 855. CORA' DOWNING (FREESE) [Eliza* (Levlsee), 
John L.^ Anna' (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', Samuel*, Richard*] was 
born in 1867. She married Rev, Isaiah Freese. 

Son of Isaiah and Cora (Downing) Freese: 

1442. I. Norton; b. 1890. 

1106. IX. 685. EMMA' ROE (BROWN) [Mary C.» (Lochhead), 
Merinda O.' (Lyon), Timothy', Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Rich- 
ard*] was born Dec. 4, 1864. Resides in Bast Saginaw, Mich. She 
married Edward H. Brown. 

Child of Edwi/rd H. and Emma (Roe) Brown: 
1488. I. Gleim; b. March 27, 1889. 

1128. IX. 701. ELMER E.' EVANS [Phidelia' (Newman), Wil- 
liam R.', Hannah' (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard'] 
was born Oct. 6, 1866. The name of his wife is not recorded. 

Children of Elmer E. and ( ) Evans, born at Harrison, 

Mich. : 

1444. I. Ella A.; b. Sept. 5, 1885. 
1446. II. Arthur G.; b. Aug. 16, 1887. 

1446. III. Celesta; b. April 6, 1889. 

1138. IX. 712. FRANK A.' CATLIN [Rebecca' (Austin), Sarah' 
(Newman), Hannah' (Lyon), Thomas", John*, John', SamueP, Richard*] 
was born Dec. 14, 1859. He married Jennie Rice. 

Children of Frank A. and Jennie (Rice) Catlin: 

1447. I. Jennie D.; b. March 25, 1884. 

1448. II. EUen B.; b. Jan. 10. 1886. 

1449. III. Edna N.; b. Nov. 27, 1887. 

1450. IV. WiUiam I..; b. Nov. 17, 1889. 


1148. IX. 714. NORRIS A.' CATLIN [Adelia' (Austin). Sarah' 
(Newman), Hannah" (Lyon), Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] 
was born Nov. 17, 1865. He married Luna Mofflt. 

Children of Norris A. and Luna (Mofflt) CatUn: 

1461. I. H. C. Albion: b. Feb. 1884. 

1462. II. Jay D.; b. Feb. 17, 1890. 

1278. X. 858. ADAH B." BENNETT (LOOMIS) [Electa D.» 
(Sherwood), Ada M.' (Lewis), Hannah' (Lyon), Walter", Jacob', Daniel*, 
Daniel', Richard', Richard'] was born at Pleasant Mount, Pa., Sept. 
4, 1866. She married Nov. 26, 1885, Henry A. Loomis. 

Children of Henry A. and Adah E. (Bennett) Loomis, born at Pleatant 
Mount : 

1453. I. Maiden A.; b. Oct. 7. 1886; grad. 1904 Pleasant Mount High 

1464. II. Merrln H.; b. Dec. 9, 1888. 

1465. III. Carl Aaron; b. Dec. 23, 1893. 

1466. IV. Glen F.; b. Aug. 27, 1896. 

1279. X. 858. MYRTIB E.*" BENNETT (COLE) [Electa D.' 
(Sherwood), Ada M.* (Lewis), Hannah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob', 
Daniel*, Daniel', Richa^d^ Richard'] was born at Pleasant Mount, Pa., 
March 1, 1869. She married, April 30, 1886, A. Erwin Cole. Present 
address (1904) Prompton, Wayne Co., Pa. 

Children of A. Erwln and Myrtle E. (Bennett) Cole: 

1467. I. Cleon E.; b. Sept. 8. 1887. 
1458. IL Claude C; b. June 2, 1892. 

1469. III. May BeU; b. May 10, 1901; d. Aug. 20. 1901. 

1281. X. 858. HATTIE S." BENNETT (BODIE) [Electa D.' 
(Sherwood), Ada M.' (Lewis), Hannah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, 
Daniel', Richard^ Richard'] was born at Pleasant Mount, Pa., April 14, 
1879. She married, Sept. 20, 1899, General Washington Bodle. 

Children of General Washington and Hattle S. (Bennett) Bodle: 

1460. I. Howard G.; b. Aug. 10, 1900. 

1461. II. Mildred Electa; b. May 30. 1904. 

1299. X. 866. LOUIS" MUNSON [Georgiana' (Lyon), Lafayette'. 
Jacob', Walter', Jacob', Daniel*, DanieP, Richard', Richard'] was bom 
March 12, 1875. He married at Carbondale, Pa., June 21, 1897, Mary 
Gunsaulis, who was born in Carbondale, Sept. 19, 1878. 

Children of Louis and Mary (Gunsaulis) Munson: 

1462. I. Marlon Loolse; b. Carbondale, Pa., May 18. ISIS. 

1468. II. Alma Hawthorne; b. March SI, 1904. 


1300. X. 867. GEORGIANA" LYON (CAMPBELL) [Charles B.*, 
Lafayette*. Jacob', Walter*, Jacob*, Daniel*, Daniel*, Richard*, Richard'] 
was bom May 19, 1874. She married William F. Campbell, who was 
born Nov. 19, 1976. 

Children of William F. and Georgrlana (Lyon) Campbell: 

14«4. I. Flo7d I/7on; b. Deo. 21, 1896. 
IMS. II. Frances Eloise; b. Dec. 6, 1898. 

1342. X. 913. MAGGIE E." TRUESDELL (BERRY) [Sydney A.*, 
Emeline* (Mumford), Adah' (Lyon), Walter*, Jacob', Daniel*, Daniel*, 
Richard', Richard'] was bom at Chenango Forks, Broome Co., N. Y., 
June 24, 1863. She married at Carleton, Thayer Co., Neb., July 13, 
1887, Asa Minter Berry, who was born at Salt Lick Bridge, Braxton 
Co., W. Va., Aug. 10, 1856. 

Daughter of Asa M. and Maggie E. (Truesdell) Berry: 

1466. I. Leia F.; b. Carleton, Neb., July 6, 1888. 

1343. X. 913. ROBERT S." TRUESDELL [Sydney A.*, Emeline* 
(Mumford), Adah' (Lyon), Walter*, Jacob*, Daniel*, Daniel*, Richard*, 
Richard'] was bom at Chenango Forks, Broome Co., N. Y., May 25, 
1868. He married at Wilcox, Neb,, Nov. 16, 1887, Julia Anna Shetler, 
who was born in Johnson Co., Iowa, March 18, 1867. 

Children of Robert S. and Julia A. (Shetler) Truesdell: 

1467. I. Guy M.; b. Wilcox, Neb., Sept. 22, 1888; d. Alliance. Neb., Dec. 17, 

1468. II. Ralph H.; b. Fairbury, Neb. March 9, 1890; d. Wathena, 
Doniphan Co., Kansas, July 10, 1905. 

1469. III. Sydney A.; b. Fairbury, Neb., June 8, 1891. 

1470. rv. Mary E,; b. Severance, Kansas, April 27, 1893, 

1471. V. Robert S.; b. Wathena, Kansas, Sept. 5, 1894. 

1472. VI. Harry D.; b. Wathena, March 29, 1896. 

1473. VII. Eva M.; b. Wathena, July 25, 1898. 

1474. VIII. Fred B.; b. Wathena, Nov, 13, 1901. 

1475. IX, Infant son; b, Wathena, Sept, 5, 1903; d. Sept. 7, 1903. 

1347. X. 916, WILLIAM G." DECKER [Adah E.* (Underbill), 
Elizabeth' (Mumford), Adah' (Lyon), Walter', Jacob^ Daniel*, Daniel', 
Richard^ Richard'] was born in Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1882. He mar- 
ried, June 7, 1903, Nellie Briggs, Rev. John McVey oflaciating. She 
was born at Marathon, N. Y. 

Daughter of William G. and Nellie (Briggs) Decker: 

1476. I, Bena May; b. Binghamton, N. Y., March 19, 1904. 


1348. X. 917. DEAN" MILLER [Irene A.* (Fulkerson), Mary A.' 
(Mumford), Adah' (Lyon), Walter", Jacob*, Daniel*, Daniel', Richard", 
Richard'] was born at Adams, Neb., Sept. 12, 1877. He married at 
Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 16, 1899, Birdie G. Cattem, who was bom at Melrose, 
Iowa, May 3, 1878. They live (1906) at Holdrege, Neb. 

Children of Dean and Birdie a. (Cattem) Ulller: 

1417. I. AUc* Irene; b. Holdrese, Oct. 2, 1801; d. Oct. 1«, If 01. 

147*. 11. Clinton FramlEj b. Holdrere, Aug. 10, IIOS. 

1379. X. 980. MIRIAM G." LYON (McMATH) [Leander D.', 
Lyman J.*, Miles', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John*, Samuel', Richard'] 
was bom in Buffalo, N. Y., June 26, 1867. She married, Dec. 23, 1886, 
Walter J. McMath. They reside (1904) in Watertown, S. Dak. 

Children of Walter J. and Miriam Q. (Lyon) MeMatb: 

1479. X. John Balph; b. April 3. 1889. 

1480. II. Dwlght Leonard; b. Feb. 8, 1894. 

1481. III. Miriam Oertmde; b. Sept. t, 1896. 

1380. X. 980. FRANK WALTER"" LYON [Leander D.*, Lyman 
J.*, Miles', Samuel', Thomas', John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] was born 
at Buffalo, N, Y., April 13, 1871. He married, Nov. 19, 1895, at the 
ranch of the bride's father, on the Upper Cannonball River, N. Dak., 
luelda McLaughlin. 

Son of Frank "W. and luelda (McLaughlin) Lyon: 

1482. I. James Baphael; b. Oct. 24, 1898, at Ft. Tate* N. Dale 

[Mary A.» (Fralick), Corinna A.' (Lyon), Henry', Samuel', Thomas', 
John*, John', Samuel', Richard'] was born Aug. 13, 1861. She married, 
Feb. 7, 1883, Austin Kent Wheeler. Residence Plymouth, Mich. 

Daughter of Austin Kent and Annie F. (Valentine) Wheeler: 
1488, I. Helen Marr; b. Nor. 12, 1883. 



NATHANIEL LYONf, whose home in Connecticut was for some 
years in Warren, Litchfield Co. would seem to have been most pro- 
bably a descendant of Richard Lyon of Fairfield, presumably in the 
fourth generation. He may have been Nathaniel* (No, 67) [Nathan- 
iel', William', Richard^] born Fairfield, Dec. 28, 1710, or Nathaniel* 
(No. 76) Benjamin', William', Richard^] bapt. Fairfield, Aug. 8, 1726, 
or he may have been a son of the former of these. 

One of these two was probably the Nathaniel Lyon of Stratford, 
who had a daughter Rebecca Wilcoxson, born Dec. 5, 1751, his wife's 
name being Anna (Hist. Stratford and Bridgeport). It is not im- 
possible that Nathaniel came from one of the Windham Co. families, 
among which we find the names Ebenezer, Nathaniel, and Spencer, 
but, although there were migrations from Windham Co. to Western 
Massachusetts and Vermont as early as 1750, the name Merritt, so 
constantly recurring in this family points almost certainly to Fairfield 
rather than Windham County. Nathaniel Lyon married Sally Mer- 
rimant, said to have been "born in Connecticut." They lived for a 
time in Warren, Conn., but finally removed to Lebanon, Madison Co., 
N. Y. 

Children of Nathaniel and Sally (Merrlman) Lyon; the first three said to 
have been born In Warren, Conn. : 

1501. I. Spencer. 

•1602. II. Ebenezer; b. April 5, 1764; d. Nelson, N. Y. 

1603. III. Nathan. 

1504. IV. LoTlna [Louisa] ; m. Jacob Smith. 

tTo Nathaniel Lyon of Warren Is assigned the arbitrary number 1500. 

tThe fact that Ebenezer Lyon, son of Nathaniel, went to Wallingford, Vt.. 
makes it very probable that Sally Merriman was of the Merriman family of 
Wallingford, Conn., whence the colony went which founded the Vermont settle- 
ment of the same name (1761): Capt. Nathaniel Merriman (1613-1693) was one 
of the original settlers in Wallingford, Conn. It may be noted that his son 
John married Hannah Lines of New Haven. Sarah Merriman, born Jan. 28, 
1742, daughter of Samuel' [Samuel', Nathaniel'] and Sarah Wilcher, may have 
been the Sally Merriman who married Nathaniel Lyon. 

There were at least three other Sarahs, cousins of the one Just mentioned, 
but ten to twenty years older, the name being apparently a favorite one in the 
family. There was in Wallingford, Conn, a family of Spencers, which may have 
something to do with the name of Nathaniel's oldest son. 


1605. V. Ira; b. April 16, 1801. t 

1606. VI. Nathaniel. 

1607. VII. Daniel; lived and died (ae. 93) "a few years ago" In Lebanon, 
N- Y-; m. ; two sons, 1, »(eiTitt J,; 2, Morris. 

1608. VIII. Minerva; m. Bliss. 

1502. V. 1500. EBENEZER" LYON [Nathaniel*] was born in 
Warren, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, April 5, 1764. He married in 
Wallingford, Vt., about 1784, Chloe Jackson, born in Wallingford, Jan. 
21, 1766. They lived in Wallingford until about 1796, when they 
moved to Nelson, Madison Co., N, Y. He died April 4, 1829. She 
died Feb. 6, 1849. He was a Justice of the Peace In Nelson in 1808t 
(Hist. Madison Co.). 

Children of Ebenezer and Chloe (Jackson) Lyon, the first five born In 
Wallingford, Vt., the rest in Nelson, N. Y. : 

•1509. I. Mehetable; b. 1785; d. Jan. 21, 1829. 

1610. II. £benezer; b. 1787; drowned while rafting logs on the Black 
River, Jan. (?) 20, 1810. 

1511. III. Abraham Jackson; b. Nov. 27, 1789; d. Rushford, N. T., April 
15, 1863. 

1512. IV. Asahel; b. Nov. 28, 1791; d. Lewlston, N. T., July 1, 1863; one 
son and 2 or 3 daughters. 

1613. V. Martin; b. 1793; d. Nov. 7, 1799. 

•1614. VI. Olivia; b. July 29, 1795; m. Jesse Brooks; d. 1842. 

1515. VII. L,ydia; b. 1797; d. Aug. 20, 1809, (starved to death from Injury 
to throat caused by drinking pearl ash water). 

•1516. VIIL £liphus; b. Jan. 1, 1799; d. Nelson, N. T., March 11, 1868. 
1517. IX. Sarah [Sally]; b. May 22, 1800; d. Nov. 5, 1867; m. George Smith, 
who d. in 1838, leaving 6 or 8 children, of whom two, Mary (unm.) and Charles, 
are living, Mary in Cuba, N. Y. 

•1518. X. John; b. Feb. 4, 1802; d. July 1, 1886. 

•1619. XI. Merritt; b. March 31, 1804; d. Bloomlngton, 111., Dec. 19. 1837. 

1520. XII. £meline; b. June 15, 1806. 

1521. XIII. Caroline; twin sister of Emellne; m. Barber; d. 

June, 1878. 

1522. XIV. Mary; b. June 28, 1809; d. 1858; m. Joseph Case; moved 
to Illinois about 1835; 3 children. 

tone may suspect from this date that in this record two families have been 
confounded. Nathaniel indeed may have been twice married, but it Is perhaps 
equally possible that some of the above were his grand thildren. It Is said 
that Nathan, Nathaniel and Ira settled in Ohio. 

The name "Merritt" suggests immediately some connection with Greenwich, 
Conn., or Rye, N. Y., and the same name occurs again among descendants of 

tit is stated in Hammond's History of Madison Co.. that Jabez Lyon of 
Nelson was commissioned Lieutenant of Militia In 1807. From this It would 
appear that Ebenezer was not the only Lyon who came to Madison County; It 
Is probable that Jabez and Ebenezer were related. 


1509. VI. 1502. MEHETABLE" LYON (COVELL) [Ebenezer*. 
Nathaniel*] was born in Wallingford, Vt., in 1785, and died in Nel'son, 
N. Y., Jan. 21, 1829. She was married, about 1806, to William Covell 
of Nelson. He was killed by being thrown from a horse, about 1815. 

Children of William and Mehetable (Lyon) Covell, born in Nelson, N. T. : 

1523. I. Merritt; b. Jan. 30, 1808; d. in Bloomington, 111. 

1524. II. Ortugal; b. March 6, 1809; d. in Bloomington, 111. 
1625. III. Eliphalet; b. April 9, 1811; removed to Iowa. 

1511. VI. 1502. ABRAHAM JACKSON" LYON [Eben'ezer*, 
Nathaniel*] was born in Wallingford, Vt., Nov. 27, 1789 and died in 
Rushford, Alleghany Co., N. Y., April 15, 1863. He married Mary (Polly) 
Pratt of New Bedford, Mass. (or of Hartford, Conn.), and went as a 
pioneer into the wilds of Alleghany County. They lived there at first 
in a log cabin, with blankets hung up in place of doors. Often the 
deer, fleeing from wolves, would rush into the cabin seeking protec- 
tion from the friendly occupants. Mrs. Lyon lived, in those years 
(about the time of the war of 1812) in constant fear of savage Indians. 
Mr. Lyon became finally county judge in Alleghany Co. 

Children of Abraham J. and Mary (Pratt) Lyon, born in Rushford, N. T.: 
•1526. I. Ebenezer Pratt [Eben] ; b. in 1812; d. Rushford, N. T., 1879. 

1527. IL Eliza Ann; b. 1820; d. . 

1528. IIL Emoline Chloe; b. 1826; d. . 

1529. IV. Merritt; b. 1831; res. (1905) New London, Wis. 

1514. VL 1502. OLIVIA' LYON (BROOKS) [Ebenezer", Nathan- 
iel*] was born in Nelson, Madison Co., N. Y., July 29, 1795 and died in 
Mayville, Chautauqua Co. in 1842. She married in 1817 Jesse Brooks, 
who became a merchant in Mayville. They had five sons and five 
daughters. The sons were: 1. Asahel, a minister in Illinois; 2. 
Walter, a minister in Hamilton, N. Y.; 3. Charles, in Canada; 4. 
Merritt, in Buffalo; 5. Ogden, in the West. By a second marriage, 
Mr. Brooks had a son, Jesse Jr.; res. Mayville, N. Y. 

1516. VI. 1502. ELIPHUS' LYON [Ebenezer", Nathaniel*] was 
born in Nelson, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1799 and died in that place March 11, 
1866. He married Mary Ann Hill, born Aug. 28, 1803, and lived and 
died on the old home farm. 

Children of Eliphus and Mary Ann (Hill) Lyon, born In Nelson, N. T.: 

1531. I. George; died in infancy. 
•1532. II. Walter BoUln; b. Aug. 6, 1829. 


•1533. III. WUllam Wallace; b. Jan. 1833. 

•1534. IV. Margaret; b. Oct. 1835; m. Gordon; d. Dec. 14 lg«l 

•1535. V. Mary; b. 1842; m. Moore. 

1518. VI. 1502. JOHN' LYON [Ebenezer». Nathaniel*] was born 
In Nelson, Madison Co., N. Y., Feb. 4, 1802. He married In Nelson. 
Ruth Card, daughter of William Card. 

Children of John and Ruth (Card) Lyon: 
•1536. I. Marlin; b. Madison, N. T., Nov. 3. 1826. 

1637. II. Caroline; b. 1828. 

1638. III. £melme; b. 1830. 

1639. IV. Betsey; b. 1836. 

1519. VI. 1502. MBRRITT" LYON [Ebenezei-, Nathaniel*] waa 
born in Nelson, Madison Co., N. Y., March 31, 1804, and died In Bloom- 
Ington, 111., Dec. 19, 1837. He married, Dec. 24, 1823, Polly Case, born 
In Nelson, Dec. 12, 1804, died in Nelson, March 1, 1869. 

Children of Merritt and Polly (Case) Lyon: 

1640. I. Lanra; b. Dec. 16. 1826; d. Feb. 13, 1832. 
1541. II. David Case; b. Nov. 13, 1828; d. July 4, 1860. 

•1542. III. Merritt Dewitt; b. April 7. 1836. 

1526. VII. 1511. EBENEZER PRATT' LYON [Abraham J.', 
Ebenezer", Nathaniel'] was born in Rushford, Alleghany Co., N. Y. In 
1812 and died in that place in 1879, leaving the old farm in possession 
of his youngest son, Jackson Lyon. He married about 1832, Lucy 
Kingsbury of Black River County, who was born in 1809 and died Id 
1890 at Rushford. 

Children of Ebenezer P. and Lucy (Kingsbury) Lyon, born in Rushford. N. T. : 
•1643. 1. Martin: b. April 17, 1833. 
•1544. II. Mary Ann; b. Feb. 16, 1835; m. Richard D. Charles. 

1646. IIL Laura P.; b. Feb. 28, 1837; d. in 1857. 

1646. IV. Abram Jackson; b. Feb. 10, 1841; res. (1905) Rushford, N. T. 

1532. VII. 1516. WALTER ROLLIN' LYON [Eliphus*, Eben- 
ezer», Nathaniel*] was born in Nelson, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1829. He mar^ 
ried Flora Gertrude Smith of Nelson, born Jan. 28, 1848, daughter of 
Sereno and Olinda Elizabeth (Anderson) Smith. 

Children of Walter R. and Flora Gertrude (Smith) Lyon: 
•1547. I. Tale; b. Cazenovia, N. T., Oct. 3, 1874; res. (1906) Hoosao, N. T. 
1648. IL Flora Blanche; b. Feb. 14, 1876; d. Sept. 8, 1878. 
1549. III. Wayne Sereno; b. Cazenovia, Nov. 17, 1877; m. Florence Red- 

1660. rv. Harvey Jackson; b. Cazenovia, March 25. 1879; m. Anna Jackson. 


1533. VII. 1516. WILLIAM WALLACE' LYON [Eliphus*. Bben- 
ezer", Nathaniel*] was born in Nelson, N. Y., Jan. 1833. He married 
Jeanette Richardson. 

Children of William W. and Jeanette (Richardson) Lyon, born in Nelson, 
N. T.: 

1551. I. Willard Wallace; b. 1875. 
1562. II. WUliam Dnrant; b. 1879. 

1534. VII. 1516. MARGARET' LYON (GORDON) [Ellphus', 
Ebenezer", Nathaniel*] was born in Nelson, N. Y., Oct. 1835 and died 
Dec. 14, 1862. She married Gordon. 

Daughter of and Margaret (Lyon) Gordon: 

1653. I. Garrie; m. Murphy; 2 children. 

1535. VIL 1516. MARY' LYON (MOORE) [Eliphus«, Ebenezer», 

Nathaniel*] was bom in Nelson, N. Y. in 1842; died . She 

married Moore. 

Daughter of and Mary (Lyon) Moore: 

1554. I. Helen; m. Arthur Galllnger; a son Paul, b. 1896. 
1556. II. Mary Ann. 

1556. III. Franklin Gerrie; b. 1879; m. Florence Gushing; a son WlUlam, 
b. 1900. 

1536. VII. 1518. MARLIN' LYON [John', Ebenezer», Nathaniel*] 
was born in Madison, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1826. He married in Nelson, N. 
Y., May 11, 1856, Electa Hyatt, born March 18, 1832; died Feb. 4, 1899, 
daughter of Sanford and Lydia (Sanford) Hyatt of Danbury, Conn. 
Mr. Lyon had a common school education. He has been a very active 
member of the Methodist Episcopal church and has held several im- 
portant town offices. 

Children of Marlin and Electa (Hyatt) Lyon, born in Fenner, Madison Co., 

N. T.: 

•1557. L Frank Hyatt; b. Dec. 3, 1859. 

•1558. II. Walter Sanford; b. April 13. 1866. 

1559. III. Henry Hyatt; b. May 5, 1873. 

1542. VII. 1519. MERRITT DEWIiTT* LYON [Merritt", Eben- 
ezer», Nathaniel*] was born April 7, 1835. He married, Sept. 26, 1858, 
Frances M. Wever. 

Children of Merritt D. and Frances M. (Wever) Lyon: 
•1560. I. Elizabeth D.; b. Oct. 21, 1861. 
•1561. II. David Case; b. Sept. 17, 1863. 


1543. VIII. 1526. MARTIN" LYON [Ebenezer P.', Abraham J.', 
Ebenezer*, Nathanier] was born in Rushford, N. Y., April 17, 1833. 
He was married in Clintonville, Wis., July 1, 1857 to Anna Brlggs, 
daughter of John Briggs of Clintonville. He is a farmer; has been 
highway commissioner two years, also assessor repeatedly; res. (1905) 
Rushford, N. Y. 

Children of Martin and Anna (Briggs) Lyon, born in Rushford, N. Y. : 

1562. I. Addie; b. 1859; m. W. L. Howell; res. (1905) Geneseo, N. T. 

1663. II. Flora 1..; b. 1863; evangelist. 

1684. III. Liaura B.; b. 1870; m, G. H. Naylon; res. (1905) Avon, N. T. 

1668. IV. E. P. (son); b. 1878; not m. ; lives at home. 

[Also two daughters and one son deceased]. 

1544. VIII. 1526. MARY ANN' LYON (CHARLES) [Ebenezer 
P.', Abraham J.^ Ebenezer", Nathaniel*] was born in Rushford, N. Y., 
Feb. 16, 1835 and resides (1905) in Cuba, N. Y. She was married in 
Rushford, Aug. 29, 1860 to Richard D. Charles, born in Ireland in 
1833. Present address (1905) Cuba, N. Y. 

Children of Richard D. and Mary Ann (Lyon) Charles: 

1566. I. Frederick L,yoii; b. Cuba, N. T.. July 25, 1861; m. 1885 Christina 

1567. II. Lucy 1.; b. Aug. 18. 1867; d. Dec. 12, 1885. 

1547. VIII. 1532. REV. YALE" LYON [Walter R.', Eliphus', 
Ebenezer*, Nathaniel*] was born in Cazenovia, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1874. He 
was educated in Cazenovia Seminary, Syracuse University, Harvard 
and Oxford, England. He is an Episcopal clergyman, a Master in 
Hoosac School and Curate of All Saints Church, Hoosac, N. Y. 

1557. VIII. 1536. FRANK HYATT" LYON [Marlin', John'. Eben- 
ezer', Nathaniel*] was born in Fenner, Madison Co., N. Y., Dec. 3, 
1858. He married in Fenner, Oct. 10, 1883, Abbie Marie Strong, born 
in Stockbridge, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1856. 

Children of Prank H. and Abbie M. (Strong) Lyon: 

1568. I. Nannie Electa; b. Fenner, N. Y., March 15, 1886. 

1569. IL Florence Ruth; b. Fenner, N. Y., May 13, 1888. 

1670. III. Marion L.aitra; b. Nelson, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1892. 

1671. IV. Edna Strong; b. Fenner, N. Y., March 7, 1896; d. Fenner, Sept. 
24. 1899. 

1558. Vin. 1536. REV. WALTER SANFORD" LYON [Marlin'. 
John", Ebenezer", Nathaniel*] was born in Fenner, Madison Co., N. Y., 
April 13, 1866. He married in Tyre, Seneca Co., N. Y., Sept. 26. 1888, 
Marilla Yates, daughter of Horatio and Clara (Cleveland) Yates of 




Homer, N, Y. He was educated in the Cazenovia Seminary and began 
to preach in 1891; joined the Conference in 1897. He has served the 
following charges: P-erryville, one year; New Woodstock, three years; 
Stockbridge, six years; Moravia (where he now is, 1905) three years. 

Children of Walter S. and Marllla (Yates) Lyon: 

1678. L Marlin H.; b. Aug. 24, 1893. 

1573. II. Elma S.; b. Jan. 20, 1896. 

1674. III. Burr Vincent; b. March 6, 1898. 

1560. VIII. 1542. ELIZABETH D.* LYON (SMITH) [Merritt 
D.* Merritt', Ebenezer", Nathaniel*] was born Oct. 21, 1861. She was 
married May 11, 1881, to Horace K. Smith of Nelson, N. Y. 

Children of Horace K. and Elizabeth D. (Lyon) Smith: 

1675. I. Mary Frances; b. March 27, 1882. 

1676. IL Merritt Allen; b. June 28, 1885. 

1561. VIII. 1542. DAVID CASE" LYON [Merritt D.', Merritt', 
Ebenezer°, Nathaniel*] was born Sept. 17, 1863. He married, Aug. 17, 
1885, Almeda May Hollenbeck of Vienna, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Children of David C. and Almeda M. (Hollenbeck) Lyon: 

1577. I. Camilla Agmes; b. Oct. 30, 1887. 
1678. II. Merritt Dewltt; b. March 25. 1889. 



SAMUEL LYONt [possibly No. 198; probably a descendant of 
Richard* in the fifth generation, although there is a family tradition 
that the original immigrant was from Holland], married Eunice 

. Samuel is said to have been a brother-in-law of Governor 

Treadwell of Connecticut. 

Son of Samuel and Eunice ( ) Lyon: 

♦1601. I. Levi C; b. Hartford, Conn., 1791. 

1601. VI. 1600. LEVI C LYON [Samuel'] born in Hartford, 
Conn., 1791. He married first about 1811, Anna* Slocum [Fitzgerald', 
Eleazer', John', Eliezer*, Eliezer', Giles^ Anthony*] of Boston. Mass., 
later of Saratoga Co., N. Y. They removed about 1816 to Onandaga 
Co., N. Y., and thence in 1831 to Detroit, Mich., where the wife died 

twenty years later. He married second Mrs. Lord, a widow, 

and they lived near New Hudson, Mich. She died 1865; he died 1869. 

Children of Levi C. and Anna (Slocum) Lyon: 

♦1602. I. Anson E.; b. June 24, 1812; m. Miranda Sheldon. 

1603. IL Elizabeth Ann; b. Ballston, N. T., 1815; d. 1834. 

1604. III. Sarah Matilda; b. Otlsco, N. T., 1817; m. 1839 Ellas Headstrom, 
who d. In Detroit, Mich. 1855; 9 children. 

1605. IV. Salome; b. 1821, at Spafford, N. T.; m. 1837 Jacob Condo, in 
Detroit, Mich.; she d. 1849; 4 sons; 3 daughters. 

1606. V. Catharine; b. Edinburgh, N. T., 1825; d. 1834. 

1607. VI. Samuel; b. Edinburgh, N. Y., 1826; m. in Detroit 

and d. there 1847; no issue. 

1608. VII. Emily Elizabeth; b. Edinburgh, N. T., 1830. 

1602. VII. 1601. ANSON E.' LYON [Levi C, Samuel"] was bora 
In Edinburgh Township, N. Y., June 24, 1812, and came to Detroit. 
Mich, with his parents in 1831. He engaged there in mercantile busi- 
ness. He married in Detroit in 1839, Miranda, daughter of Frederick 
and Sarah ( ) Sheldon. 

Children of Anson E. and Miranda (Sheldon) Lyon: 

1609. I. Edward, b. Jaclison, Mich., April 25, 1840; d. Detroit, Mich., 1888. 
•1610. II. George Washingrton; b. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 18, 1844. 

•1611. III. AdeUne Eliza; b. Detroit, Jan. 15, 1846; m. Capt. William MIIU. 

tTo Samuel Lyon of Hartford is assigned the arbitrary number 1800. 



1612. IV. Duncan; b. Nov. 1848; m. 1880 Emma Hardy; no ch.; he d. 
April 26, 1886; Bhe res. (1905) Detroit, Mich. 

1613. V. Anson Wright; b. Detroit. Nov. 26, 1850; d. Detroit, 1878. 

1614. VI. Mary Miranda; b. May 1, 1853; unm.; In 1905 Matron at Home 
for the Helpless, Lapeer, Mich. 

•1616. VII. John Henry; b. Detroit, July 26, 1860. 

1610. VIII. 1602. GEORGE WASHINGTON* LYON [Anson E.% 
Levi C, SamueP], born in Detroit, Mich., Nov. 18, 1844. He married 
In 1865 Mary Ann Deselia of Detroit. She died Aug. 25, 1883. 

Children of George W. and Mary Ann (Deselia) Lyon, born in Detroit: 
♦1616. I. George Washington Jr.; b. Aug. 30, 1866; res. Detroit, Mich. 
•1617. II. Harry Guy; b. Dec. 29, 1881. 

son E.', Levi C.», SamueP] born in Detroit Jan. 15, 1846. She married 
In 1867 Capt. William Mills. 

Children of William and Adeline E. (Lyon) Mills: 

1618. I. George; d. in Infancy, 186 8-9. 

1619. II. Cora; b. 1869; d. Aug. 30, 1887. 

1620. III. Daughter; d. In Infancy. 

1615. VIII. 1602. JOHN HENRY* LYON [Anson E.^ Levi C*. 
SamueP], born Detroit, July 26, 1860. He married Susan Cowie of 
Glencove, Ont. Res. (1905) 136 Winder St., Detroit, Mich. 

Children of John Henry and Susan (Cowle) Lyon: 

1621. I. Duncan; b. Sept. 1884. 

1622. II. Irene; b. 1888; d. in infancy. 

1623. IIL Edmund; b. 1892. 

1616. EK. 1610. GEORGE WASHINGTON' LYON, JR. [George 
W.», Anson E.^ Levi C, SamueP] was born in Detroit Aug. 30, 1866. He 
married June 2, 1894 Catharine Sophia Lichtenberg, daughter of 
Christian and Annie (Bowers) Lichtenberg, 

Children of George W. and Catharine S. (Lichtenberg) Lyon: 

1624. I. George Wellington; b. Aug. 18, 1895. 

1625. II. Marguerette; b. Sept. 19, 1896. 

1626. III. Edward; b. Feb. 10. 1899. 

1617. IX. 1610. HARRY GUY» LYON [George W.», Anson E.', 
Levi C, SamueP] was born in Detroit, Mich., Dec. 29, 1881. He mar- 
ried Dec. 29, 1902, Florence Scott of Port Huron, Mich. 

Son of Harry Guy and Florence (Scott) L#yon: 
1687. 1. Mose, b. Oct. 9, 1903. 



The ancestry of William Lyon of Boston and New Haven (clrc. 
1695-1743) has not yet been ascertained, but he was almost certainly 
not of either of the Fairfield families. It is likely that he belonged 
to one of the Dorchester families, or possibly even may have been 
a grandson of William of Roxbury. Boston records give us the fact 
of his marriage, Dec. 9, 1714, to Experience Hayward [Howard], and 
note the birth of three children: 1. William, born April 10, 1716; 
2. Many, born Dec. 16, 1717; 3. Experience, born March 8, 1719. We 
find him some years later, probably about 1730-35, the purchaser of 
a part of the old homestead of Samuel Gilbert of New Haven (d. 1721). 
He was a tailor, and it is stated that he was the first Lyon to cqme 
to New Haven. The children who came with him to New Haven were 
William and Experience. After the death of the first William, the 
old house was occupied for a time by the widow and her two children. 
In 1747 it was sold to Silence Hayward, evidently a sister of Exper- 
ience. In 1754 it was purchased by John Brainerd who had become 
the husband of Experience Lyon. John Brainerd, born at Haddam, 
Conn., Feb. 28, 1722, son of Hon. Hezeklah and Dorothy (Mason) 
Brainerd, was a younger brother of David Brainerd, the devoted mis- 
sionary to the Indians. John was a graduate of Yale College 1746. 
After the death of David (1747) John succeeded him, laboring with 
equal zeal and success, albeit under great discouragements, in the 
same field in New Jersey. He afterwards preached in Newark, and 
elsewhere in New Jersey, settling finally in Deerfleld, where he died 
March 18, 1781. Experience (Lyon) Brainerd had died many years 
before (1757), and shortly afterwards two of their three children. The 

third, Mary Brainerd, married Dr. Ross of New Jersey. John 

Brainerd married a second wife, a widow, Mrs. Experience Price, who 
survived him and died in 1793. They had no children. 

William Lyon, son of William and Experience Hayward Lyon, 
married, April 24, 1747, Lois Mansfield and was father of Col. William 
Lyon, born March 6, 1748; d. Oct. 12, 1830 (G. R. New Haven Ceme- 
tery), who took a prominent part in the Revolutionary history of New 
Haven, and later became president of the New Haven Bank. 



Without attempting to settle the question of the ancestry of this 
eminent mant, we offer here a brief sketch of his life. He was bom 
In Shelburne, Vt. Feb. 26, 1800; son of Asa Lyon a farmer but a man 
highly esteemed in the community in which he lived. [Note that Rev. 
Asa Lyon of South Hero, Vermont, married a Shelburne lady and was 
a contemporary of this Asa]. Hi's mother was Sarah Atwater, daugh- 
ter of Ambrose Atwater of Wallingford, Conn. Lucius studied engin- 
eering and land surveying in Burlington, Vt. At the age of twenty 
two he went to Detroit, Mich., and was appointed by the U. S. Surveyor 
General one of his deputies for the district northwest of the Ohio. 
He was elected delegate from the Territory of Michigan to U. S. 
Congress and served as long as Michigan remained a territory. 
He was a member of the convention called to form a constitution for 
the new State. He was particularly active in the convention in se- 
curing the adoption of those provisions by which public lands were 
set apart to secure a permanent -endowment for the educational in- 
stitutions of the State. He was elected by the first State Legislature 
Senator in Congress and served in that capacity until 1839 when he 
removed his residence to Grand Rapids and devoted himself to devel- 
oping the natural resources of that part of the state. Subsequently 
he was appointed by President Polk U. S. Surveyor General for the 
States of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, his office to be located In 
Detroit as a condition of acceptance. He was always actively Inter- 
ested in public affairs, and was one of the first Board of Regents ap- 
pointed by Governor Mason in 1837. In his earlier days he was one 
of those interested in the Detroit Hydraulic Company which held 

tJonathan Lyon, probably No. 141, came to Shelburne, Vt. In 1788, from 
Bedding, Conn., with sons Robert and WlUlam and three daughters. Jonathan 
died In the spring of 1791. Asa may possibly have been his son. It Is perhaps 
more likely that he was No. 154, a cousin of Jonathan. We know that brothers 
of both Jonathan and Asa settled in Berkshire Co., Mass. The Rev. Asa Lyon 
from VVoodstock, Conn., who settled in South Hero, Vt., 1795, was of an 
entirely different family, and is mentioned In this connection merely to say that 
he could not have been the father of Lucius. Lucius Lyon was the oldest son 
\n a family of seven children. It Is stated that his ancestral line in Connec- 
ticut runs back to the earliest days of the New Haven Colony. For a detailed 
account of his life, see Mich. Pioneer Collections, Vol. XIII. 


a franchise for supplying the city with water. The plant of the com- 
pany was purchased by the City in 1836. In Grand Rapids, Lyon 
Street was named in his honor. Lucius Lyon remained a bachelor, 
sharing his home in his later y^ears with a maiden sister. He died 
In Detroit, Sept. 24, 1851. 


The name Lyon appears first in Michigan, so far as known to the 
writer, about 1780, when there was at the military post at Michlll 
Mackinac a Benjamin Lyon, of whose antecedents, however, nothing 
kas been ascertained. He seems not to have become a permanent resi- 
dent in Michigan. 

In 1822 Lucius Lyon came to the territory from Vermont, as has 
already been stated. He was almost certainly of the family of 
Richard Lyon of Fairfield, Four years later Timothy Lyon of the 
same family (No. 321 of the foregoing record) came to Plymouth, Mich., 
from New York State. Next, about 1830, Samuel Lyon, a descendant 
of Thomas Lyon of Rye, came from New York to Ann Arbor. Some 
of his descendants still live in Michigan, at Scio, St. John's and else- 

Some descendants of William Lyon of Roxbury have settled In 
Michigan — none at any very early date. Among them may be men- 
tioned particularly Emerson Lyon (No. 764) who settled in Jackson, 
and Royal C. Lyon (No. 1009) who came to Bengal 1853. The family 
of Henry Lyon was represented by Isaac Lyon (No. 727 In the record), 
at one time prominently engaged in the lumber industry of the state 
From New York State, of unknown ancestry, came Clorinda Lyon 
died Summit, Jackson Co., Nov. 20, 1899, ae. 87 y., and (about 1856) 
three sons and a married daughter of Daniel Lyon of Walworth, 
Wayne Co. (See Lyon memorial, Mass. Families, p. 313.) Of Horatio 
Lyon, who died at Eagle, Clinton Co., Aug. 21, 1887. ae. 82, having 
lived at Eagle more than 40 years, nothing is known to the writer. 

J. B. Lyon, an old resident of Flint, Mich., who died about 1906 
was of a Vermont family whose origin has not been traced, descended 
perhaps from Richard. The family removed about 1790-1800 to New 


York State, settling mostly in Ontario Co. There was six brothers: 
1. Simeon, settled at Naples, N. Y., and died there; 2. Alanson, also 
died in Naples; 3. Justus, died at Clymer, Cataraugus Co., N. Y.; 4. 
Jonathan, removed finally to Illinois, and died there; 5. Joshua, came 
to Naples about 1800 and died there; 6, Oliver, died in Richmond, 
Ontario Co., N. Y. There were also several sisters who came to New 
York State. The parents, names not ascertained, died also in Naples, 
N. Y. The youngest son of Joshua, J. B. Lyon, born Nov. 1819, came 
as a pioneer to Michigan and settled in Flint. 

There remain for more extended notice three prominent names 
belonging to a Lyon family of Shelburne Vt., from which place also 
Hon. Lucius Lyon came. Presumably these were of the family of 
Richard Lyon of Fairfield, yet the evidence is inconclusive. We know 
that In 1788, a Jonathan Lyon with sons Robert and William, also four 
daughters, came to Shelburne from Redding, Conn. This was no doubt 
No, 141 of the foregoing record. 

Another Lyon, Timothy, came to Shelburne as early as 1795. That 
name was not uncommon in the family of Richard Lyon, yet this 
particular Timothy has not been identified. Very possibly he may 
have been Timothy of Lanesboro, Mass., No. 156. The Lyons who 
came to Michigan were of this family. § 

TIMOTHY LYON married Mary Hawley. Among his children were: 
1. Truman Hawley, born Shelburne, Feb. 24, 1801 and 2. Edward, 
born Shelburne, June 12, 1805. Truman Hawley Lyon came to Lyons, 
Michigan 1836. He kept a hotel in that place, became a Justice of 
the Peace and held other local oflices. He was superintendent of 
light houses on Lake Michigan, and let contracts for their construction. 
In 1840 he went to Grand Rapids, where he kept a hotel and was a 
merchant and for many years post-master. He was State Senator 1853. 
Died Sept. 14, 1872. His wife, whose maiden name was Lucinda 
Farnham, survived him, and a few years ago was still living, ae. 91. 
Judge Truman H. Lyon had seven sons and one daughter. 

EDWARD LYON, son of Timothy and Mary (Hawley) Lyon, in 
his early years was engaged in the steam boat business on Lake Cham- 

SAsa Lyon, father of Lucius may have beea No. 154. This would fall m 
with the hypothesis that the Timothy Lyon who also went to Shelburne, Vt., 
wa« No. 156, as suggested In the text. 


plain.t He went to Cleveland about 1833 and kept the best hotel In 
that city for several years. In 1836 he came to Detroit and thence 
to Ionia County, Mich., where he founded the town of Lyons. In 1840 
he returned to Detroit and bought the National Hotel, where after- 
wards stood the Russell House, and now Us successor, the Pontchar- 
train. This he kept six years, after which he assumed the manage- 
ment of the Michigan Exchange, and for forty years maintained there 
the reputation he had won of realizing the ideal host. 

JAMES D. LYON, eldest son of Judge Truman H. Lyon was bom 
in Livingston Co., N. Y., Jan. 15, 1825. He came to Michigan in 
1836. He was deputy Post-master in Grand Rapids 1861-1865; Constable 
1852, Assessor 1856, City Treasurer 1869, City Marshal 1872. In 1848 
he established a book and stationery business in Grand Rapids, A 
brother, C. D. Lyon, is of the firm Eaton, Lyon & Co. Another 
brother, Farnham Lyon, keeps the Bancroft House in Saginaw. 

TRUMAN HAWLEY LYON, JR., another son of Judge Truman H. 
Lyon, was born at Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Feb. 24, 1826. 
In 1836 the family moved to Michigan. He was in Detroit 1847-1850, 
with his uncle, in Michigan Exchange Hotel; returned to Grand Rapids 
and was in drug business there 1859-1861; in 1870 became proprietor 
of Sweet's Hotel. He married first, Nov. 1851, at Grand Rapids, Miss 
Delia Morton, daughter of Russell Morton. They had two children. 
He married second Miss Eliza Blair of Grand Rapids, sister of James 
Blair, Esq., and by her had one daughter. 

tDan Lyon, of Burlington, was for nearly twenty years (18 25-184'J) Captain 
of one or another of five passenger steamers that ran on Lake Champlaln. 
between Burlington and Plattsburgh, and won the admiration of travellers of 
that day. It is likely that he was of the same family as Edward. 


SAMUEL S. LYON, son of John S. Lyon (page 251). Prom an 
obituary notice, the following items are gleaned. He was born in 
Parsippany, N. J. in 1905. He settled in Boonton about 1865, engaging 
there in mercantile business. He was at one time mayor of the town. 
In 1888 he was elected to the New Jersey Assembly, and served as 
reading clerk in the house. He was appointed by President McKin- 
ley, about 1898, U. S. Consul to Kobe, Japan, and was serving his 
second term in that capacity when he was stricken with paralysis 

March 29, 1904. He married first Righter, of Parsippany and 

second Mary Eugenie Estler, of Boonton. Five children survived 
him; J. Righter Lyon and Miss Gussie Lyon by his first wife and 
Raymond (b. 1897), Lew Eugene (b. 1900) and Carlton (b. 1892) by 
his second wife. 

PETER LYON, Jr., No. 162, pp. 268-279. According to his grand- 
son, Marvin B. Lyon, Peter had: 1, David Silliman, born March 18; 
1802; 2, Sherwood; 3, Morris; 4, Andrew; 5, Sener, m. Lucius French; 

perhaps other children. David S. Lyon married Iva Chase, of 

Tompkins Co., N. Y.; lived last in Sparta, O.; died May 2, 1889, at 
Traverse City, Mich., at home of his son Edwin. Children of David 
S. and Iva (Chase) Lyon: Marvin B., born Tompkins, Co., N. Y., Nov. 
24, 1830; 2, Cornelia, born June 8, 1832; died in summer of 1857; 3, 
Edwin L., born July 7, 1837; died Oct. 30, 1906, in Traverse City, 
Mich.; 4, Daniel E., born March 21, 1841, res. (1907) Mt. Pleasant, 

Marvin B. Lyon resides in Bloomfield, Morrow Co., O., where he 
has been post master forty-five years, and has held important public 
oflOices. He married Jan. 1, 1852, at Hilliar twp., Knox Co., O., Selina 
Chadwick. Their children were: 1, Or! in M., born Dec. 24, 1852; 
married Hena Gray [a son, Clarence A., married Maggie Kees]; 
2, Ernest W., born Feb. 26, 1856; died Feb. 27, 1893; m. Dec. 1880, 
Ida B. Lloyd; a son, EInner 0., was born Jan. 7, 1889. 



REV. PHILIP LYON, who was settled at one time In NapoU, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y., is believed by his grandson, Ernest Neal Lyon. 
to have been of the family of Richard, of Fairfield. The belief aeema 
to have no definite foundation, since it postulates also kinship with 
both General Nathaniel Lyon of Ashford, and Mary Lyon, whose grand- 
father was of Sturbridge, Mass. Philip Lyon is said to have been 
born in Northampton, Mass. This together with the fact that the 
name Philipt occurs among descendants in Masaachusetts of William 
Lyon of Roxbury, Inclines one to look rather to Woodstock than to 
Fairfield for the ancestors of this Baptist minister. The question 
cannot, however, be settled by any evidence in hand. All that has 
been ascertained is that Philip married a Northampton girl, Susan 
Curtis, and that they had a son, Adoniram Judson Lyon, born in 
Napoli, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

ADONIRAM JUDSON LYON [Philip] was graduated from Mad- 
ison (now Colgate) University, and from Hamilton Theological Semi- 
nary and became a Baptist minister. He was pastor in Delaware and 
in Lancaster, Ohio, and in Greenfield, Mass., and resides (1905) In 
Huntington, O. He married at Fabius, N. Y., June 24, 1868, Mary E. 
Wheaton, daughter of Elmer and Ann E. (Stevens) Wheaton of Fabius. 

Children of Adoniram J. and Mary E. (Wheaton) Lyon: 

I. Frederick W.; b. Delaware, O., July 3, 1870; d. Greenfield, Mass., Jan. 

14, 1876. 

II. Ernest Neal; b. Greenfield, Mass., Oct. 26, 1873. 

III. Grace V.; b. Rockport, Mass., Feb. 9, 1876. 

IV. Arthur H.; b. New Berlin, N. T., May 18, 1887. 

ERNEST NEAL LYON [Adoniram J., Philip], born in Greenfield, 
Mass., Oct. 26, 1873. Graduate of Colgate University (B. A. 1897). 

He is by pro- 
fession a teach- 
er, having been 
Prof, of Eng- 
lish Literature in Marion, Ala. Military Institute 1887-90; in Mount 
Hermon School, Northfield, Mass. 1900-02, and In Manual Training 
High School In Brooklyn. Address, 188 Prospect Place. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. He married, March 4, 1904, in Brooklyn, Amelia Stanner, daugh- 
ter of and Christine (Tietzel) Stanner. He is an occasional 

contributor, in prose and verse, to current magazines. 

St-^C^*?- /l/^o^ ^ 

tLyon Memorial, Massachusetts Famlllee, p. 43. 



[Nearly all of the family of Richard Lyon of Fairfield; possibly some of the 
family of Thomas Lyon of Kye.] 

Abel [Abell] Lyon (R No. 59); Capt. David Lacey (Fairfield), 7th 
Co., 4th Regt.; Oct. 13, 1756, sick at Albany. 

Asa Lyon ["Lion"] (R ?) ; Capt. Benjamin Hinman (Woodbury), 
6th Co., 2nd Regt, April 28 to Oct. 26, 1755; also same Capt., 3rd Co., 

4th Regt. enl. April 19, 1756, deserted June 10; also, Capt. 

(Sharon), 10th Co., 2nd Regt, April 14, 1761 to Jan. 3. 1762. 

Eliphus Lyon ["Elefast Lions"] (R. ?) ; Major 1st Regt., in hospital 
at Oswegatchie in fall of 1760. 

Einathan Lyon (R ?; probably not No. 29); Capt. James Smedley 

2nd Co., 4th Regt. to Oct. 23, 1758; also Capt Samuel Hubbel 

(Fairfield), 5th Co., 3rd Regt, April 3 to Dec. 3, 1759; also drummer in 
2nd Regt., Lieut. Col. James Smedley, March 16 to Dec. 6, 1762. 

Hezekiah Lyon (R No. 99 or 130) ; in Co. raised by Capt. Samuel 
Hubbel for 4th Regt. April 1, 1757; also sergeant under Capt. Samuel 
Hubbel, 5th Co., 3rd Regt. April 9 to Dec. 10, 1759. 

Hezekiah Lyon (R No. 130 or 99); 5th Co., Col. Lyman's Regt. 
March 29 to Nov. 26, 1757; also Capt. Samuel Hubbel, 5th Co., 3rd 
Regt. March 29 to July 5, 1759. [These records may relate to the 
same Hezekiah as the foregoing.] 

John Lyon (R No, 91 ?) ; Capt John Wood (Danbury), 8th Co., 
4th Regt., in 1756; also, Capt. Samuel Hubbel (Fairfield), 5th Co., Col. 
Lyman's Regt., March 8 to Nov. 26, 1757. 

Joseph Lyon (R No. 98 ?); Capt David Bradley's Militia Co. 
(rode from Fairfield), relief of Fort William Henry, Aug. 7 to 23, 1757. 

Note. — In the succeeding pagres the several Lyon families are designated as 
follows: (H) Henry Lyon, of Newark; (R) Richard Lyon, of Fairfield; (T) 
Thomas Lyon, of Rye. 


Lemuel Lyon (R ?), in Co. raised by Capt. Samuel Hubbel (Fair- 
field) for 4th Regt., April 1, 1757. 

Noah Lyon ["Lion"]; Capt. Ebenezer Leech (Coventry), 9th Co., 
3rd Regt., Sept. 8 to Nov. 20, 1755, also Capt. Noah Grant (Windsor), 
7th Co., 2nd Regt., enl. April 8, 1756, deserted Oct. 20. 1756. 

Samuel Lyon (R ?, possibly two different Samuels; see Nos. 79 and 
122); Capt. Street Hall (Wallingford), "New York" Regt. May 1755 and 
Nov. 1 to Dec. 2, 1755; also Capt. David Lacey (Fairfield), 7th Co., 
4th Regt., sick at Fort Edward Oct. 13, 1756; at the same time there 
seems to have been a Samuel in the 8th Co., Capt. John Wood 
(Danbury); also Capt. Samuel Hubbel, Col. Lyman's Regt., enl. April 
2, 1757; deserted; also Capt. Elmor (Sharon), 9th Co., 4th Regt., enl. 
Apr. 11, 1758; deserted June 28; also Capt. Samuel Hubbel (Fair- 
field), 5th Co., 3rd Regt. April 3 to Sept. 21, 1759; also Lieut. Col. 
James Smedley, 2nd Co., 2nd Regt., May 13 to Dec. 20, 1761; also 
Capt. Joseph Halt (Stamford), 4th Co., Col. Putnam's Battalion, enl. 
April 5, 1764; deserted. [Evidently one Samuel was a "quitter."] 

Seth Lyon (R No. 101 or 120); Capt. Samuel Hubbel (Fairfield). 
5th Co., 3rd Regt., April 6 to Dec. 3, 1759. 

Thomas Lyon (R?) ; Capt. Phineas Lyman (SuflBeld), 1st Co., 
1st Regt., May 26 to Oct. 10, 1735. 

Timothy Lyon (R. No. 55 ); Capt. James Smedley's Militia Co., 
relief of Fort William Henry, Aug. 1757. 

William Lyon (R ?); Capt. White; relief of Fort William Henry. 
Aug. 1757; also Capt. David Waterbury, 4th Co., 4th Regt., April 8 to 
Nov. 13, 1758; also [perhaps a different William], Capt. Gideon Toralin- 
son, 6th Co., 3rd Regt. April 15 to Dec. 2, 1759; also in hospital, Albany. 
Nov. 13, 1760; also Capt. John Spaulding, 12th Co., 1st Regt. April 18 
to Dec. 15, 1761. 



[All, as far as identified, descendants of Henry Lyon of Newark.] 

Aaron Lyon [?] Militia; priv., Morris Co. 

Abraham Lyon [No. 204] Line; Capt. 7th Comp., 4th Batt., Col. Bph- 
raim Martin; also Militia; Capt. in 2nd Reg., Essex Co. 

Abnam Lyon [possibly No. 164 or 470] Militia; priv., Squire's Comp,, 
2nd Reg., Essex Co. 

Asher Lyon [?] Militia; priv. Morris Co. 

Benjamin Lyon [No. 284] Militia; priv. Capt. Marsh's Troop Light 
Horse, Essex Co. 

Daniel Lyon [No. 102] Militia; priv. Capt. Marsh's Troop Light Horse, 
Essex Co. 

David Lyon [No. 306 seems probable; Nos. 174, 178, 180, 387 and 430 
are possible] Barrack Master; pension. 

Ebenezer Lyon [No. 385?] Militia; priv. 2nd Reg., Essex Co. 

Elias Lyons [probably not desc. of Henry] Line; priv. Anderson's 
Comp., 4th Batt., 2nd Estab.; also Militia; Hunterdon Co. 

Elisha Lyon [?] Line; priv. 3rd Reg. 

Enos Lyon [No. 153] Line; priv. 2nd Reg. 1st Batt; also Militia; 
Nichol's Comp. 2nd Reg., and Pierson's Comp.; pension. 

Gideon Lyon [?] Militia; priv. Duryea's Comp., 1st Batt., Somerset Co. 

Henry Lyon [No. 315] Line; Baldwin's Reg. Artificers; pension. 

Henry Lyon [possibly No. 134 or 189] Line; Luce's Comp., 2nd Batt., 
2nd estab.; also Militia; priv. Stillwell's Comp., 4th Reg., Hunter- 
don Co. 



Henry Lyon [?] Militia; priv. Abraham Lyon's Comp,, 2nd Reg., Eb8«z 

Isaac Lyon [No. 133] Militia; priv., Morris Co. 

James Lyon [No, 314] Line; Baldwin's Reg., Artificers; pension. 

Jediah Lyon [probably same as following] Line; priv. Cox's Comp., 
3rd Reg. 

Jedediah Lyonf [?] Militia; priv. 1st Reg., corp. 2nd Reg. 

John Lyon [possibly one of the following Nos. 131, 132, 145, 171, 431] 
Militia; priv. Morris Co. 

John Lyons [?] Line; priv. 1st Batt., 2nd estab.; also Capt. Philip's 
Comp., 2nd Reg. [the name may have been really Lyon]. 

Jonas Lyons [possibly No. 143] Line. 

Jonathan Lyon [possibly 191 or 479] Line; priv.; pension. 

Joseph Lyon [No. 324] Militia; priv. Reeve's Comp. (and others), 2nd 
Reg., also Craig's Comp., State Troops, Essex Co. 

Matthias Lyon [No. 101] Line; Capt. in Col. Van Courtland's Batt.; also 
Militia; Capt. in 2nd Reg., Essex Co. 

Moses Lyon [No. 100] Militia; priv. Abraham Lyon's Comp., 2nd Reg. 
Essex Co. 

Moses Lyon [No. 136] Line; Lindley's Comp. of Artificers; also Dami»' 
Troop of Express Riders; pension. 

Moses Lyon [No. 155] ; granted a pension in 1840 for military service. 

Moses Lyon [No. 319] ; Drummer boy in Essex Co. Militia. 

Nathan Lyon [?] Line; priv. Flanagan's Comp., 3rd Batt., 2nd estab. 

Nathaniel Lyon [No. 316] Line; priv. Capt. Abraham Lyon's Comp., 4th 
■ Batt., 2nd estab.; also Militia; priv. Daniel Wood's Comp., Ist Reg. 
Essex Co.; pension. 

tJedediah Lyon Is said to have enlisted from Lyons Farms. "• f*" '" *^* 
battles m the Jerseys, and at Valley Forge, where from exposure he wa,crlPPlea 
for life. He had a son Grossman, who married Prlscllla Truman their dauBh or 
Mary Brlce Lyon, married Isaac Starr VSrilllams, and was mother of PrlsclU* 
Lyon Williams, D. A. R. 


Samuel Lyon [No. 303] Militia; priv., Bergen Co. 

Serring Lyons [?] Line; priv. 1st Batt., 2n(i estab.; Mead's Comp., 1st 

Solomon Lyon [?] Line; priv. 1st Batt., 2nd estab.; also Militia; priv. 
Jones' Comp,, 2nd Batt., Somerset Co. 

Stephen Lyon [possibly No. 138, 152 or 193] Militia; priv., Essex Co. 

Tappan Lyon [No. 304]; died in Sugar House Prison. 

William Lyon [possibly No. 200 or 205] Militia; priv. 3rd Reg., Mid- 
dlesex Co; 

William Lyons [?] Line; priv. Ross' Comp., 3rd Batt., 2nd estab.; 
Cox's Comp., 2nd Reg. 


[Probably of the family of Henry Lyon of Newark.] 

Daniel Lyon [?] priv. Col. Topham's Reg. 

Daniel Lyon [perhaps the same as the foregoing], priv. Col. Elliott's 
Reg. 1776. 


[Belonging to the families of Richard Lyon of Fairfleld and of Thomas Lyon of 

Fairfield and Rye.] 

Amos Lyon (T No. 166) ; priv. Conn. Militia, Capt. Abraham Mead, 
Aug. 13 to Sept. 7, 1776; also Corp. 9th Regt. Conn. Militia, Capt. 
Abraham Mead, "at the Saw Pits" Nov. 1, 1776 to Jan. 11, 1777. 

Caleb Lyon (T No. 163) ; armorer, 9th Regt. Conn. Militia, Capt. 
Matthew Mead, Aug. 13 to Sept. 8, 1776; also under same Captain, 
Oct. 1776. [Caleb served also in Westchester Co. (N, Y.) Militia]. 

Daniel Lyon (T No. 164); Sergeant, 9th Regt. Conn. Militia, Capt. 
Abraham Mead, Nov. 1, 1776 to Jan. 11, 1777. 

David Lyon (R No. 189?); priv. 7th Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. Isaac 
Bostwick (of New Milford) July 12 to Dec. 21, 1775; also 13th 
Regt. Conn. Militia, Capt. Abraham Fuller, Aug. 12 to Sept. 19, 



Eliphalet Lyon (R No. 100); priv. Conn. Militia, Capt. Jonathan DI- 
mond (of Fairfield), May 1775; also 4th Regt. Conn. Militia, Capt 
George Burr, Oct. 5 to Oct. 21, 1777, 

Enos Lyon [Lion] (R ?) ; priv. Col. Charles Burrell's Regt.. Conn. Line. 
Capt. John Stevens (of Canaan); enl. March 12, 1776; re-engaged 
Nov. 18; service in Northern Department. 

Ephraim Lyon (R No. 121) ; Lieut. 4th Regt. Conn. Militia; appointed 
May 1774. 

Hezekiah Lyon (R No. 207?); priv. Conn. Militia, Capt. Jonathan Dl- 
mond (of Fairfield) May 1775; also Bradley's Battalion, Capt. 
Elijah Abel (of Fairfield), 1776; also Gen. Waterbury's State Bri- 
gade, Capt. Charles Smith, enl. March 15, 1781; service on West- 
chester line. 

Isaac Lyon (R No. 261?); priv. 8th Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. Nathan 
Stoddard (of Woodbury), enl. April 25, 1777 for 8 months, then 
re-enlisted for 3 years but d. Feb. 1, 1778 [the company wintered 
at Valley Forge]. 

Job Lyon (T No. 168) ; priv. Conn. Militia, Capt. Abraham Mead, Aug. 
13 to Sept. 25, 1776; was drawing pension in Fairfield County in 

John Lyon [Loynes] (R?); priv, 5th Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. Nehe- 
miah Rice (of Waterbury); March 30 to Dec. 31, 1781. 

Joshua Lyon (T? ); of Greenwich, pensioner 1840. 

Joseph Lyon (R No. 98?); priv. Conn. Militia, Capt. Jonathan Dimond 
(of Fairfield), May 1775; also 7th Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. Charles 
Webb (of Stamford), July 19 to Dec. 22, 1775; also 9th Regt. 
Conn. Militia, Capt. James Green Aug. and Sept. 1776; also under 
same command Nov. 1, 1776 to Jan. 11, 1777; also 4th Regt. Conn. 
Militia, Capt. George Burr, enl. Oct. 5, 1777; also 8th Regt. Conn. 
Line, July 6 to Dec. 14, 1780. 

Nathan Lyon (R?); pensioner in Fairfield County 1832. 

Nathaniel Webb Lyon [probably Nehemiah Webb (R No. 137]; 
pensioner in Fairfield Co., 1832. 



Nehemiah Webb Lyon (R No. 137); priv. Col. Watfrbury's Brigade, 
Conn. Militia, Capt. Bennett; in service at Greeia Farms, March 
15, 1781. 

Noah Lyon (T No. 167); "of Greenwich;" priv. i» Capt. Abraham 
Mead's company, called out on Lexington Alarm, April 1775; also 
5th Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. Thomas Hobby, Mpy 10 to Dec. 8, 
1775; also Conn. Militia, Capt. Abraham Mead, Nov. 1 to Jan. 
11, 1777. 

Pelatiah Lyon (T?); priv. 5th Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. Matthew Mead, 
May 8 to Dec. 13, 1775. 

Peter Lyon (R No. 162?); of Branford; priv. 6th Regt. Conn. Line. 
Capt. Elisha Ely; enl. June 13, 1777, "for the war"; also 4th Regt. 
Conn. Line (6th Regt. of previous formation) Jan. 1, to Dec. 31, 

Reuben Lyon (R?) ; priv. Bradley's Battalion 1776, Capt. Elijah Abel 
(of Fairfield). 

Samuel Lyon (R? ); priv. Bradley's Battalion, 1776, Capt. Elijah 

Abel (of Fairfield); also 2nd Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. John Mills 
(of Fairfield), enl. Sept. 1, 1777, "for the war"; also Seth Warner's 
Regt., enl. Dec. 23, 1779, "for the war"; continued 1781; also 3rd 
Regt. Conn. Line, Capt. Edward Bulkley (of Wethersfield), Jan. 
17 to Dec. 31, 1781. 

Seth Lyon (R? No. 101?); priv. Conn. Militia, Capt. Jonathan Dimond 
(Fairfield), May 1775; also 4th Regt. Conn. Militia, Capt. George 
Burr, Oct. 5 to 21, 1777. 

Stephen Lyon, Jr. (R? No. 138); priv. with Nehemiah Webb Lyon, Col. 
Waterbury's Brigade, Conn. Militia, Capt. Bennett, in service at 
Oreen Farms March 15, 1781. 




[Probably all of the family of Richard Lyon of Fairfield.] 

Anson Lyon, musician; Fairfield, Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, 1814. 

Burr Lyon, private, Fairfield, April 15 to 17, 1816. 

Dana Lyon, private, , Sept. 13 to Oct. 30, 1813. 

Daniel Lyon, private, Fairfield, April 15 to 17, 1814. 

David Lyon, private, Stamford; Sept. 8 to 13, 1813. 

David Lyon, private, Bridgeport, July 12 to Sept. 9, 1814. 

Floyd Lyon; private, Stamford, Sept. 8 to 13, 1813. 

John Lyon; private, Fairfield, April 15 to 16, 1814 and Sept. 30 to Oct 
1. 1814. 

Merrit Lyon; Corporal, Stamford, Sept. 8 to 13, 1813. 

Nehemiah Lyon; private, , Sept. 14 to Nov. 1, 1813. 

Samuel Lyon ["Lyons"]; private, Stamford, Sept. 8 to 13, 1815. 

Shubael Lyon; private, Stamford, Sept. 8 to 13, 1813. 


Aurelius Augustine Lyon, 1859; physician; res. Nasliville, Tenn. 

Charles A. Lyon, 1901; res. East Orange, N. J., 78 N. Grove St. 

Chester M. Lyon, 1905; res. East Orange, N. J. 

David Lyon, 1813; died 1813. 

David Lyon, 1836; born Basking Ridge, N. J.; grad. Princeton Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1839; d. Sloansville, N. Y., 1906. See p. 251. 

Edwin Crane Lyon, Jr., 1902; res., Morristown, N. J. 
Edward Davis Lyon, 1876; Ph. D.; res. New York City, 622 Fifth Ave. 
George Wood Lyon, 1896; res. (1902) Port Elizabeth, S. Africa. 
Harry E. Lyon, 1901; res. East Orange, N. J., 78 N. Grove St. 

James Lyon, 1759; A. M., 1762; Rev.; died Machias, Me., 1794. See 
p. 241. 

James Adair Lyon, 1872; Ph. D.; res. Clarksville, Tenn. 

John G. Lyon; student for a time (since 1896); res. Martinsburg, W. 
Va., 522 W. Burke St. 

Joseph Lyon, 1763; Rev.; d. 1821. 

Lorenzo Grenville Lyon, 1892; son of Phoebus W. Lyon; teacher in 
Staten Island Academy, New Brighton, N. Y. 

Phoebus W. Lyon, honorary A. M. 1890. 

Richard Bruff Lyon, 1891; res. Morristown, N. J. 

Theodoric Cecil Lyon, 1859; d. . 

William James Lyon, 1867; res. New York City, 280 Broadway. 



Aaron Woodruff Lyon, 1825 ; born Elizabeth, N. J., July 11, 1797; 

grad. Union Coll. 1824; d. Fresno, Calif., Oct. 23, 1888. 

David Lyon, 1836 — 9; born Basking Ridge, N. J. April 27, 1812; grad. 
Princeton Coll. 1836; d. Sloansville, N. Y., 1906. See p. 251. 

David Calderwood Lyon 1842 — 5; born Oswegatchie, N. Y., Nov. 7, 
1809; grad. Union Coll. 1842; d. St. Paul, Minn. May 10, 1888. 

George Armstrong Lyon, 1825 ; born Baltimore, Md. March 1, 1806; 

grad. Dickinson Coll. 1824; preached in Erie, Pa.; d. Avon, N. Y. 
March 24, 1871. 

Henvey Lyon, 1824—7; born Walden, N. Y. 1800; grad. Union Coll. 

1823; Phi Beta Kappa; lived in Ohio; d. March 7, 1863. 
Isaac L.- Lyon, 1847—8; born Ogdensburg N. Y., March 9, 1822; grad. 

Union Coll. 1847; d. Redlands, Calif. See page 727. 

James Adair Lyon, 1832 — 6; born Jonesboro, Tenn., April 19, 1814; 
grad. Washington Coll., Tenn. 1832; d. Holly Springs, Miss., May 
15, 1882. [Evidently father of James A. Lyon who grad. Princeton 
Coll. 1872]. 

John Lyon, 1841 ; born Carlisle, Pa., 1821; since 1886 has lived 

in Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Lyon, 1839; b. Carlisle, Pa. Aug. 3, 1819; d. Richmond, Va.. 
June 9, 1862. 


Page 38, last line— For Faidfield read Fairfield. 

Page 88, after line 4 from bottom — Add: 42a. rV. Mary; m. 
Nathan Foster (according to S. R. Winans, Jr., but see No. 29). 

Page 96, line 9 from bottom— John Winans died May 22, 1733; 
Bethla (Lyon) Winans died July 10, 1766. 

Page 97, line 5 — For Grumman read Grommon, the earlier spelling 
of the name; after line 21 add: 129g. IV. Bethia; m. Coe. 

Page 101, line 4 — ^For (Johns) read (Johnes). According to S. R. 
Winans, Jr. Henry Lyon married Mary, not Hannah Wood. 

Page 111, line 19 — For Medham read Mendham; line 8 from bottom 
— For Guernig read Guerin, as in line 6. 

Page 113, line 21— Read William D. 

Page 121, line 16 from bottom — For Medham read Mendham. 

Page 123, line 1 — For Hill grove read Hillgrove. 

Page 127, after line 7 from bottom add: 610a. VI. David. 

Page 138, line 17— According to S. R. Winans, Jr., Mary (No. 723d) 
was unmarried; line 19— Read: 723e. V. Ann; b. March 10, 1810; 
d. Aug. 20, 1880; m. as 2nd wife Samuel R. Winans and had two sons: 

1, James; b. 1846; 2, Samuel R., Jr.; b. 1855. 

Page 138, line 22— Read: 723g. VII. Charles; b. Sept. 3, 1814; 
d. Feb. 18, 1898; m. Sarah E. Bruen; children: 1, Caroline, unm.; 

2, Mary G.; m. Ed. Bloomfield and had children; 3, Charles T.; m. 
and had children. 

Page 140, line 12— For "or" read "of." 

Page 147, line 4— For "annd" read "and"; line 8— Insert: He 
was a manufacturer and lived in Fall River, Mass. He married in 
1848, in Fall River, Maria Louese Mowry, daughter of Isaac and 
Sarah (Coggshall) Mowry of Fall River. 

Children of Nicholas U. and Maria L. (Mowry) Lyon, born In Fall River: 
880 I. Matilda Frances; b. 1849; d. 1867. 

881. II. Sarah Phebe; b. 1853; d. 1878; m. Byron K. Fish, 1874; no children. 
888. III. Mariett liOnese; b. May 13, 1860; m. William Bowers. 

Page 150, line 6 — For Medham read Mendham. 

Page 154, line 27— Read "Warren County, Ohio." 

Page 161, line 14 — For Joseph C. Langdon read Joseph G. Langdon. 

Page 165, line 9 from bottom— Read "New Hartford, N. Y." 


Page 175, line 13 — For Daniel Liebee read David Liebee. 
Page 176, line 11 — For Cosad read Cosard. 
Page 177; No. 882— Read: 

882. VII. 517. MARIETT LOUESE' LYON (BOWERS) [Nicholas 
TJ.*, Joseph', Joseph*, James», SamueP, Henry'] was born in Fall River, 
Mass., May 13, 1860. She married 1878 in Fall River, William Bowers, 
son of John and Margaret (Worswick) Bowers, of Fall River. Present 
address (1907) 2 Alancourt, Boonton, N. J. 

Children of William and Mariett L. (Lyon) Bowers: 

1844. I. Nicholas l.yon; b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 1, 1879; d. 1881. 

1346. II. Edmand Hanson; twin brother of Nicholas; m. 1904, In Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Mabel Barnabee. 

1346a. III. Marguerite Tenner; b. Brooklyn, N. T., 1881; d. 1891. 

1346b. IV. Alice Monroe; b. Onset, Mass., 1886; d. 1886. 

1346c. V. Adelaide L,yon; b. Brooklyn, N. T., 1889; d. 1889. 

1846. VI. Raymond L,yon; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1891. 

Page 196, line 9, also line 11 — For Bidlinger read Biddlnger. 

Page 204, line 13 — For Genessee read Genesee. 

Page 208, line 16 — For Middleton read Middletown; line 7 from 
bottom — For Domineck read Dominick. 

Page 229, line 7 from bottom — ^For Roy read Ray. 

Page 231, line 1 — For Leonides read Leonidas; line 12 — For Zenia 
read Xenia. 

Page 232, line 17, also line 18 — For Hosver read Hoover. 

Page 233, line 7 — For Sprietsma read Sprietama. 

Page 240, line 10 from bottom — For Shay's read Shays.' 

Page 261, No. 58 — John Lyon was mobbed as a tory In March. 
1775. He joined the British 1776, assisted in raising the King's 
Rangers and acted as guide; with wife and two sons, Reuben and 
John, Jr., he went to Kingston, N. S., about 1783. Estate forfeited, 
valued at £1,790-14-6. He presented claims to British and was allowed 
£590. The following is a list of "loyalists" in Redding— published in 
the Gazetteer by Mr. John Lyon Feb. 23, 1775: Lieut. Daniel Lyon 
(No. 50), Lieut. Peter Lyon (No. 57), Ebenezer Lyon (perhaps No. 
259, who may have been a son of No. 48), Eli Lyon (No. 61). Gershom 
Lyon, Jr., (No. 152?; see No. 44), Jabez Lyon (No. 142), Jesse Lyon, (?) 
John Lyon (No. 58), Jonathan Lyon (No. 141), Joseph Lyon (No. 59), 
Thomas Lyon (perhaps No. 44). Joseph Lyon (No. 59) resided in Fair- 
field, but owned 150 acres of land in Redding. Estate forfeited valued 


at £1,150; claim allowed by British at £524. Lieut. Peter Lyon was 
one of the officers who tried to prevent detaching soldiers for the 
defense of New York in 1776. He "went over to the enemy," and 
execution was granted against his estate. 

Page 262, line 6 — Strike out statement regarding revolutionary 
service; this Daniel was a loyalist. 

Page 267, line 2 — For beng read being. 

Page 268, line 13 from bottom — Omit everthing after Betsey; the 
record has been confused with that of Elizabeth, No. 342, q. v. 

Page 274— Strike out No. 246; see No. 159, p. 268. Note that Eli 
No. 250 may be the same as Eli No. 61, p. 261. 

Page 275, last line — The line should follow line 7 on succeeding 

Page 280, line 13— Read "Hannah (Olmsted) Lyon." 
Page 283, line 10 from bottom — For Seely read Seeley. 

Page 284, No. 250 — Capt. Eli Lyon may well have been a son of 
Eli Lyon, No. 61. 

Page 286, line 11, also line 13 — For Powell read Rowell. 

Page 287, line 18 — For Thomas H. Watson read Thomas L. Watson. 

Page 302, line 1 — For Fralick read Henry Fralick. 

Page 311, No. 505— Read: 

505. VI. 250. CAPTAIN ELP LYON, Jr., [Capt. Eli», *, 

Nathan' (?), Richard^ Richard'] was born at Redding Ridge (?) in 
1811, the year of his father's death. He married first, in 1835, Mary 

, who died Sept. 14, 1837, ae 19 y. 10 m. (G. R.); buried in 

Redding Ridge cemetery. He married second, Dec. 14, 1839, Louisa 
Augusta Winton, born in 1819, daughter of Col. James Winton, who 
commanded a Connecticut regiment in the war of 1812. 

The record on p. 311 of the children of Capt. Eli Lyon, Jr., is in- 
complete. There was a son, Richard Hill Lyon, born Dec, 20, 1846; 
died April 4, 1907, at South Bend, Ind., where for thirty-three years 
he had been, as a journalist, an influential member of the community. 
It is stated in the obituary notice printed in his own paper, the South 
Bend Tribune, that six brothers and sisters survived him: William 
Lyon, of Fostoria, O.; Dr. Thomas B. Lyon, of Raton, N. M.; George 
Lyon, of Chicago, 111.; Mrs. Chapman, of Denver, Col.; Mrs. Libbie 
Cutler, of Elkhart, Ind., and Mrs. William Landolt, of Wauwatosa, 


RICHARD HILL LYON removed from Connecticut with his parents 
in 1856 and settled in Ypsilanti, Mich, To a large degree, he was self- 
educated. He learned the printers' trade in Decatur, Pawpaw and St. 
Joseph, Mich., and in Chicago, but it was not until 1874 that he took 
up newspaper work. He was employed first in the composing room of 
the South Bend Tribune, but his energy and talent soon secured for 
him a position as reporter. In 1874 he became city editor and In 1892 
associate editor, a position which he held until failing health con- 
strained him to resign Dec. 2, 1905. He continued, however, as long 
as he lived to contribute to the columns of the Tribune as a special 
writer, particularly on matters connected with local history, in which 
he was deeply interested. It was through his initiative that the 
Northern Indiana Historical Society was organized, he being Its first 
vice-president. In collaboration with Prof. Charles H. Bartlett, of 
Chicago, he published the very readable historical sketch, "La Salle 
in the Valley of the St. Joseph." Mr. Lyon was enthusiastically devoted 
10 music. For thirty years, with few intervals, he directed the music 
in the First Presbyterian church in South Bend. He organized the 
St. James male quartette, one of the finest in northern Indiana. 
During presidential campaigns the work of his glee clubs was an In- 
fluential factor in determining the election returns. He took an active 
part in politics, as he did in all the social and civic life of the com- 
munity in which he lived. His generous nature and his ready sym- 
pathies won for him the warm personal friendship of all associated 
with him and his death was felt as a great public calamity. 

Mr. Lyon was married in 1876 to Miss Frances A. Kurtz, of Buffalo. 
N. Y., the marriage taking place in Kalkaska, Mich. For many years 
they lived in their beautiful home, 405 Lamont Terrace. Chapin park, 
where on April 6, 1907, the friends and relatives gathered to pay a 
last tribute of respect to one universally honored and loved. The 
deceased sleeps now in Riverview cemetery. 

Page 320, line 8— For Carlton read Carleton; line 11— For Falr- 
burg read Fairbury. 

Page 321, line 13 from bottom— For Daniel read David. 

Page 326, line 2 from bottom— For Campau read Compo. 

Page 337, line 7— Read "He married his cousin Charlott« H. 
Newman, No. 721." Note that this record is duplicated on page 339, 
with discrepancy in date of birth of the older daughter. Pearl or 


Page 339, line 17— Add, after "William H. Newman," No. 705. 

Page 342, line 1, also line 4 and line 5 — For Womack read 
Wormack (or Wormacks); line 9 (also 8) from bottom — For Edward 
read Edmond. 

Page 373, William Lyon of New Haven. From cemetery records 
in New Haven, the following additional facts have been obtained: 
William Lyon, of an ancient family in Buckingham, came to Boston, 
Mass., Sept. 1713. He married in Boston the following year and lived 
there several years; then moved to New Haven. He died in Barbadoes, 
whither he had gone for his health, March, 1726, ae. 39. Experience 
(Howard) Lyon, his relict, daughter of John Howard "of Massachu- 
setts," died Sept. 7, 1751, ae. 64. The older daughter, Experience, 
who married Rev. John Brainerd, died in Brunsvrtck, N. J., Sept. 17, 
1757. The younger daughter, Mary, died Sept. 16, 1742, ae. 26. The 
son, William Lyon, seems to have been twice married, first, as stated 
on p. 373, to Lois Mansfield [possibly an error], second to Elizabeth 
Maltby, born Saybrook, Sept. 4, 1724, died Oct. 16, 1810, ae. 81. By 
his first wife (?) he had a son Williams (Col. William Lyon); by his 
second wife he had a son Nathaniel, born Nov. 13, 1762. William2 
died Jan. 31, 1767, ae. 51. , 

Col. Williams Lyon, born March 6, 1748, married Lois , 

bom March 24, 1747; died Aug. 26, 1821. [Query: could it be that this 
was Lois Mansfield, and that William2 Lyon was only once married 
after all? The name of but one Lois is found in the cemetery records.] 

Children of Col. William and Lois ( ) Lyon: 

I. Emilia; b. Feb. 8, 1767; d. March 4, 1889; m. Joseph Bennett. [Emilia 
might possibly have been dau. of William (2)]. 

II. William; b. July 12, 1772; d. Oct. 26, 1841. 

III. mizabeth; b. July 2, 1777; d. Nov. 26, 1851, ae. 74, "the last of her 

rv. Mary; b. Oct. 7, 1780; d. Charleston, S. Car., Sept. 11, 1816. 

Nathaniel Lyon (above), born Nov. 13, 1762; died Sept. 8, 1836; 
married Lucy, daughter of Alexander and Sybil Booth. She died March 
1, 1813, ae. 45. In the same cemetery plot were buried the following, 
presumably children of Nathaniel: 1, Sarah; wife of Dea. Abiel Holmes 
Maltby; died Sept. 15, 1871, ae. 81; 2, Nancy; wife of John M. Garfield; 
died March 12, 1872; 3, John ("son of Nathaniel and Lucy"); died 
Sept. 4, 1795, ae. 3 y. 2 m. 3 d. 



A. J. (H), 144 

Aaron (H), 98, 99, 107, 114, 115, 140, 

Aaron (HT), 157, 238, 240 
Aaron (?), 382 
Aaron C. (B), 294, 312 
Aaron Grumman (H), 134 
Aaron Oscar (H), 171 
Aaron W. (?), 389 
Abby (H), 144 
Abby C. (H), 171 
Abby Jane (H), 143 
Abel (H), 90, 99, 136 
Abel (B), 259, 268, 380 
Ablather D. (H), 115, 141 
Abigail (K), 83, 88, 90, 93, 101, 102, 

105, 109, 131, 133, 166 
Abigail (B) 40, 255, 257, 258, 264, 

Abigail (T), 36, 37 
Abigail Grumman (H), 132 164 
Abigail H. (H), 134 
Abner Lester- (H), 203 
Abner Purcell (H), 132, 165 
Abraham (H), 91, 99, 100, 101, 118, 

119, 140, 143, 382 
Abraham (B), 267, 278 
Abraham C. (H), 123 
Abraham J. (H), 365 
Abram (H?), 382 
Abram J. (N), 367 
Ada Ann (B), 299, 321 

Ada May (B), 326, S66 
Adam (Sir), 12, 25 
Addle (H), 245 
Addle (W), 369 
Adelaide (H), 174 
Adelaide (B), 272 
Adelia A. (B), 298, 318 
Adella D. (B), 302, 328 
Adeline E. (S), 371, 372 
Adoniram J. (?), 379 
Agnes (B), 318, 349 
Alanson (B?), 376 
Alanson D. (B), 327, 356 
Alanson Firman (?), 251 
Albert (H), 243, 245 
Albert Cass (B), 305, 334 
Albert G. (B), 333 
Albert J. (H?), 240 
Albert O. (B), 295, 314 
Alexander, 16, 18 
Alexander (H), 174 
Alexander (H?), 249 
Alfred (H), 140 
Alice (H), 170. 173. 249 
Alice Grout (H), 205. 228 
Alice L. (H), 203, 228 
Alice L. (B), 311 
Alice R. (B), 303, 329 
Almeda (B), 312, 341 
Almlra (H), 117 
Alpheus (H), 174 
Alphonso (H), 174 

tMany names of children who died in infancy have been omitted from 
this index. The several Lyon families are designated by Initials In parenthe- 
sis as follows : 

(H) Henry Lyon of Newark. 

(N) Nathaniel Lyon of Warren. 

(R) Richard Lyon of Fairfield. 

(S) Samuel Lyon of Hartford. 

(T) Thomas Lyon of Rye. 

(W) William Lyon of Roxbury. 
These Initials, if in bold face type, indicate lineal descendantt; if In 
light face type, intermarriages with such descendants. 



Alva P. (B), 302, 327 

Amanda (H9), 240 

Amanda D. (H), 220 

Amanda O. (B), 297 

Amelia (H), 144, 243, 244 

Amelia Hall (H), 147 

Amelia G. (H), 244 

Amos (H), 107, 128, 170 

Amos (T), 384 

Amy (H), 102 

Andrew (B), 268, 279, 292, 310, 378 

Andrew (B?), 255 

Andrew G. (H), 244, 246 

Andrew G. (B), 298, 318 

Angelina M. A. (B), 302 

Angeline (H), 120, 146, 177 

Ann (H), 92, 100, 107, 117, 143 

Ann (B), 268, 279 

Ann Eliza (H), 143, 162 

Anna (H), 99, 245, 247 

Anna (H9), 240 

Anna (B), 257, 311, 314 

Anna Belle (B), 317, 348 

Anna E. (H), 102, 131 

Anna P. (H), 198, 224 

Annas (H), 81 

Anne (B), 40 

Anne E. (H?), 250 

Annie (H), 244, 245 

Annie D. (B), 316, 347 

Annie L. (H), 246 

Annie M. (H), 174 

Annie Warren (H), 147 

Anson (B), 286, 293, 387 

Anson E. (S), 371 

Anson W. (S), 372 

Applerton (H), 174 

Archibald (H), 115, 142 

Archibald J. (H), 220 

Arthur (H), 244 

Arthur (B), 289, 314 

Arthur A. (H), 203 

Arthur H. (?). 379 

Arvllla (H), 251 

Asa (B), 268 

Asa (B?), 374, 376. 380 

Asa L. (B), 314 

Asa Prior (H), 167 

Asahel (N), 366 

Asahel (B), 268, 278, 289, 301 

Asher (H), 114, 139, 144, 382 

Asia (B), 318, 349 

Aubrey (H), 246 

Aubrey (B), 345 

Augustus (B), 269, 280, 292 

Aurelius A. (?), 388 

Avoid (H), 246 

Beatrice (B), 353 

Benjamin (H), 61, 64, 66, 80, 84, 88, 

94, 95, 98, 105, 106, 110, 112, 123, 

137, 144, 151, 181, 182, 382 
Benjamin (B), 40, 257, 262 
Benjamin (B?), 258 
Benjamin Esq. (H), 80, 83, 84 
Benjamin (?), 375 
Benjamin K. (H), 141 
Benjamin L. (H), 165, 203 
Benjamin N. (B), 318, 349 
Benjamin of Macinac, 375 
Benton B. (B), 316, 348 
Bertha E. (B), 317 
Bertha V. (H), 171 
Betsey (H), 98. 133, 250 
Betsey (N), 367 
Betsey (B), 268, 292 
Betty (B), 255, 258, 262. 270 
Betty G. (B), 269 
Bethel (B), 262. 269 
Bertha E. (B), 317 
Bethia (H), 89, 96, 104, 112, 187 
Beulah (H), 136 
Blanche (H), 191, 216 
Bradford (H), 246 
Burr (B), 387 
Burr V. (N), 370 
C. D. (B?), 377 
C. D. (B), 377 
C. W. (H), 144 
Caleb (H), 107, 116, 127, 128 
Caleb (H?), 240 
Caleb (B), 259, 265 
Caleb (T), 384 
Calista L. (H), 196 
Calvin (B), 290, 303 
Calvin Dodd (H), 171 
Camilla A. (W), 370 
Carlton (H), 378 
Caroline (H), 144, 166 



Caroline (N), 365, 367 

Caroline A. (B), 311, 322 

Caroline E. (H), 165, 203 

Caroline G. (H), 194, 219 

Carrie (H), 245 

Cassius A. (»), 302, 327 

Catherine [Catharine], 165, 201 

Catherine A. (H), 142 

Catherine Bacon (H), 200, 226 

Catherine C. (H), 133 

Catherine H. (H), 167 

Celia S. (»), 302, 328 

Charles (H), 123, 151, 174, 1^75, 181, 

182, 214, 215, 251 
Charles (B), 292 
Charles A. (H), 217, 388 
Charles A. (B), 294 
Charles B. (B), 316, 347 
Charles Clark (H), 127, 135, 156 
Charles L. (H), 247 
Charles Oliver (H), 185 
Charles P. (H), 132, 142 
Charles W. (H), 136 
Charles W. (B), 297, 305, 316, 333, 

Charlotte W. (H), 116 
Chester Meyers (K), 217, 388 
Chloe (B), 294, 311 
Chlorinda (?), 375 
Clara (H), 141 
Clara (B), 311. 314, 327 
Clara G. (B), 300, 323 
Clara H. (H), 141, 160 
Clarence (H), 182 
Clarence (B), 316, 326, 378 
Clarissa (H), 115, 141, 165. 201 
Clyde (H), 171 
Corinna A. (B), 302, 327 
Cornelia (H), 160 
Cornelia (B), 378 
Cornelia A. (B), 302, 328 
Crecy (H), 99 
Crossman (H), 383 
Cyrus (H), 114, 117, 244 
Cyrus (B), 269, 302 
Dan (B?), 377 
Dana (B), 387 
Daniel (H), 90, 94, 95, 98, 99, 109, 

110, 118, 136, 144, 382, 391, 392 

Daniel (H?), 238, 239, 250. 384 

Daniel (K), 365 

Daniel (B), 40, 256, 259. 261. l««. 

267, 277, 289, 300 
Daniel (T), 384 
Daniel (?). 375, 387 
Daniel E. (B), 378 
Darkls (H), 89, 96 
David (H), 90, 91, 99, 100, 107, 112. 

116, 118, 127, 128, 133, 144. 156, 166. 

182, 382, 390 
David (H?), 238, 239. 247, 251, 388, 

David (B), 40, 258, 261, 265, 268, 269. 

270, 279, 280. 384 
David (B?), 387 
David B. (H), 163, 198 
David C. (K), 367, 368, 370 
David C. (?). 389 
David D. (H), 134 
David S. (B), 340, 378 
David Willson (?), 251 
Deborah (B), 262 
Deborah (T), 37 
Delbert, (H), 171 
Densy M. (H), 140 
Donna M. (B), 327. 357 
Dorcas (H), 65, 66, 81 
Dorcas (B), 269 
Dorris (H), 246 
Duncan (S), 372 
Ebenezer (H), 61, 66, 80, 88. 88. 89, 

96. 112, 136, 382 
Ebenezer (N), 364, 365 
Ebenezer (B), 40, 256, 2ri!», 266, S91 
Ebenezer Cobb (H), 141. 169 
Ebenezer P. (N), 366, 367 
Edgar (B), 302, 333 
Edith M. (E), 317, 348 
Edmund (S), 372 
Edna K. (H), 206 
Edna Strong (N), 369 
Edward (H), 102, 182, 203. 227 
Edward (R?). 376 
Edward (S), 371. 372 
Edward D. (?), 388 
Edward Gaines (H), 142 
Edward J. (B), 314, 346 
Edwin (H), 182. 244 



Edwin (B), 294, 311, 325 

Edwin C. (?), 388 

Edwin D. (»), 327. 355 

Edwin F, (H), 174 

Edwin Lr. (B), 378 

Effie (H), 245 

Eleanor (B), 272, 291 

Eldridge Merrick (H), 169, 205 

Eli (B), 261, 284, 294, 311, 391, 392 

Elias (?), 382 

Elijah (H), 98, 99, 116 

Ellphalet (H), 90, 98 

Eliphalet (B), 264, 265, 271, 272, 385 

Eliphus (K), 365, 366 

Ellphus (B?), 380 

Elisha (H?), 382 

Eliza (H), 102, 117, 136, 161 

Eliza (B), 292 

Eliza A. (H), 166 

Elizabeth (H), 65, 81, 83, 89, 102, 114, 

115, 119, 128, 136, 140, 141, 161, 

167, 170, 196, 251 
Elizabeth (H?), 238, 239, 240 
Elizabeth (B), 263, 271 
Elizabeth (H), 157 
Elizabeth (T), 37 
Elizabeth, Lady Gray, 21 
Elizabeth Arnett (H), 132, 163 
Elizabeth D. (N), 368, 370 
Elizabeth G. (H), 116 
Elizabeth M. (H), 120, 146 
Elizabeth Sherwood (?), 251 
Elizabeth T. (H), 147 
Elizabeth Williams (H), 130, 160, 162, 

Elizabeth Wrig-ht (H), 167 
Ella (H), 198 
Ella E. (B), 311 
Ellen (B), 259 
Ellen R. (B), 326 
Elma S. (N), 370 
Elmer (H), 195 
Elmer O. (B), 378 
Elmina (H), 181 
Elnathan (B), 257 
Elnathan (B?), 380 
Elsie (H), 173 
Elusa (B), 141 
Elvira A. (H), 160, 192 

Emerson (W), 375 

Emily (H), 120, 147 

Emily A. (B), 305, 333 

Emily C. (H), 202, 227 

Emily K (S), 371 

Emily M. (H), 171 

Emily Wright (H), 200, 226 

Emma (H), 175, 183 

Emma (B), 294, 311, 312 

Emma D. (B), 326 

Emma G. (B), 306 

Emma L. (H?), 240 

Emma S. (B), 303, 329 

Emma Theresa (H), 142, 171 

Emmellne (N), 367 

Enos (H), 98, 116, 382 

Enos (B9), 385 

Ephraim (H), 97, 113 

Ephraim (B), 40, 257, 264, 265, 273, 

Ernest Neal (?), 379 
Ernest W. (B), 378 
Esther (B), 263, 269, 291, 310 
Esther C. (H), 142 
Ethel Richardson (H), 227 
Eudora (H), 142 
Eugene E. (B), 300, 323 
Eunice (B), 40, 261, 262, 265, 291 
Eunice A. (H), 142 
Eunice M. (H), 116 
Euphemia (H), 166 
Eveline C. (H), 147 
Evelyn (H), 185 
Evelyn A. (B), 318 
Everett (B), 302 
Experience (W?), 373 
Ezekiel (H), 99, 113, 116 
F. Harry (H), 251 
Fannie (H), 182 
Fannie D. (H), 116 
Fannie Howes (H), 200, 225 
Fannie J. (B), 330 
Fannie M. (B), 303 
Fanny (H), 140, 142, 173 
Farnham (B?), 377 
Flora Carder (H), 194, 219 
Flora J. (H), 220 
Flora L. (K), 369 
Flora May (B), 325 



Florence (H), 173, 182, 191, 217, 251 

Florence R. (N), 369 

Floyd (B?), 387 

Frances (B), 295 

Frances C. (K), 160, 193 

Frances C. (B), 327 356 

Frances F. (B), 303, 330 

Francis M. (B), 326 

Frank (H), 182. 245 

Frank Hyatt (N), 368, 369 

Frank L. (H), 251 

Frank L. (B), 314, 344 

Frank T. (H), 220 

Frank W. (B), 355 

Frankie F. (B), 318 

Franklin D. (B), 326 

Fred (H), 245 

Fred W. (H), 173 

Frederick (H), 171 

Frederick, of Brighton, 25 

Frederick B. (H), 183, 196 

Frederick K. (B), 299, 322 

Frederick M. (H), 156 

Frederick Randall (?), 251 

Frederick W. (B), 322 

Frederick "W. (?), 375 

Freelove (?), 251 

George (H), 141, 142, 174 

George (B), 290, 296, 302, 392 

George, Lord Glamis, 16 

George, of Dorchester, 36 

George A. (?), 389 

George B. (H), 147, 198, 223 

George H. (H), 196 

George H. (B), 297, 317 

George M. (H), 244, 245 

George M. (H?), 250 

George Moses (H), 196 

George R (H?), 250 

George Smith (H), 141, 171 

George Treat (H), 135 

George W. (B), 264, 299, 303, 311, 

George W. (S), 371, 372 
George W. (?) 388 
Georgiana (H), 162 
Georgiana (B), 316, 347, 348, 362 
Gershom (B), 261, 267, 391 
Gertrude (B), 311 

Gertrude L. (R), 318, 349 

Gideon (H?), 382 

Gideon (B), 265 

Gilbert (T), 38 

Gilbert F. (H), 136 

Giles H. (B), 298, 318 

Grace (H), 245 

Grace (B), 265, 294, 356 

Grace (?), 266 

Mrs. Grace (R), 277 

Grace V. (?), 379 

Grizel [Griswold] (B), 264 

Gussie (H), 251, 378 

Guy A. (B), 314 

H. Palmer (B), 333 

Halsey (H), 139, 170 

Hannah (H), 83, 95, 98, 102, IOC 

109, 117, 128, 131, 141, 144, 181, 

195, 243, 244 
Hannah (H), 84 
Hannah (B), 255, 256, 263, 290 
Harrie (B), 328 
Harriet (H), 102, 120, 140. 142. 224, 

Harriet (B), 290. 302 
Harriet E. (H), 220 
Harriet H. (B), 302 
Harriet Honor (H), 165, 203 
Harriet L. (H), 14 2 
Harriet N. (H), 198 
Harriet R. (H), 160, 192. 202 
Harris (H), 109, 132, 133, 166 
Harry D. (B), 321 
Harry E. (?), 388 
Harry Ellison (H). 217 
Harry Guy (S), 372 
Harvey Clark (H), 194, 219 
Harvey J. (W), .367 
Harvey Lester (H), 196 
Hattie A. (B), 318. 849 
Hazel S. (B), 321 
Helen (H), 203. 228 
Helen A. (H), 165, 202 
Helen A. (B), 303, 329 
Helen C. (B), 328, 357 
Helen G. (H), 198, 224 
Helen L. (B), 296 
Helen LeFevro (H), 1S4 
Helen M. (H). 164. 201 



Helen Raynette (H), 132, 166 

Henriette (H), 155 

Henry (H), 82. 90, 91, 92, 98, 100, 

101, 109, 117, 118, 120, 130, 131, 

143, 144, 146, 151, 174, 182, 243, 

251, 382, 383 
Henry (B), 262, 269, 290, 295, 301, 

314, 356 
Henry [Lyne], 35 
Henry A. (H?), 250 
Henry B. (H), 198 
Henry B. (B), 305, 333 
Henry H. (N), 368 
Henry H. (B), 302, 326 
Henry O. (B), 327, 356 
Henry S. (H), 173 

Henry of Glen Lyon, 34, 36, 41, 44 
Henry of Milford, 42, 44 
Henry of Newark, 49, 59, 80 
Henry of Roxley, 27 
Henry of Rystippe, 26 
Herbert (H), 244 
Herbert P. (B), 322 
Herbert W. (H), 247 
Hervah (H), 98 
Hervey (H), 144, 174, 175 
Hervey (?), 389 
Hester (B), 39 
Hezekiah (B), 264, 265, 271, 272, 275, 

380, 385 
Hinman (H), 115, 141 
Hiram Q. (H), 141 
Honora (H), 191 
Hope (H), 223 
Horace W. (B), 301, 325 
Horatio (?), 375 — 
Howard A. (B), 317 
Huldah (H?), 250 
Huldah (B), 265, 267 
Huldah B. (H), 170 
Ida (H), 182 
Ida (B), 325 
Ida J. (H), 206 
Ida M. (H), 246 
Ira (H?), 250 
Ira (N), 365 
Ira (B), 290, 301, 355 
Irene (B), 325, 355 
Irving D. (H), 203 

Irwin (H), 245 

Isaac (H), 81, 89, 97, 113, 114, 115, 

116, 139, 143, 169, 170, 205, 383, 389 
Isaac (B), 269, 385 
Isaac E. (H), 173 
Isabella (H), 162, 196 
Israel (H), 130, 155, 156 
J. B. (B?), 375 
J. Mandeville (B), 333 
J. Righter (H), 378 
Jabez (H), 144 

Jabez (B), 267, 271, 277, 280, 391 
Jabez (B?), 365 

Jacob (H), 98, 99, 136 ^ 

Jacob (B), 267, 276 
Jacob L. (H), 170 
James (H), 63, 64, 83, 91, 92, 98, 100, 

101, 102, 109, 123, 128, 130, 132, 

155, 161, 163, 198, 224, 238, 241, 

243, 245, 383, 388 
James (H9), 238, 240 
James (B), 40, 257, 264, 292, 293 
James A. (?), 388, 389 
James Carder (H), 161, 194 
James D. (B), 302, 327 
James D. (?), 377 
James E. (H), 139 
James Harris (H), 160 
James J. (H), 162, 196 
James J. (B), 325 
James Lewis (E), 196 
James M. (H), 136 
James Smedley (H), 165 
James W. (B), 300, 323 
James W. (?), 251 
James Wheaton (H), 120, 147, 178 
James Wright (H), 167 
James of Easter Ogill, 20, 41 
Jane (H), 90 
Jane A. (H), 132, 165 
Jane E. (H), 140 
Jane H. (B), 299, 321 
Jane Mulford (H), 140 
Jane R. (B), 296, 363 
Janette (H), 174 
Jannett G. (B), 305, 332 
Jean (Lady Spynle^, 121 
Jedediah [Jediah] (H), 383 
Jemima (B), 269 



Jennie (H), 142, 169, 171, 203, 228 

Jennie Ann (B), 293 

Jennie E. (B), 294 

Jeremiah (H), 243 

Jeremiah (B), 40, 247 

Jerome (B), 302, 329 

Jerusha (H), 139 

Jerusha (H?), 240 

Jesse (H), 140 

Jesse (B), 391 

Jessie Clark (H), 220 

Joanna (H), 88, 99, 102, 107, 112, 117, 

127, 130, 131, 137, 155, 156, 161, 162, 
170, 184, 193, 195 

Joanna (H?), 240 
Job (T), 385 
Joel (H), 136 

John (H), 80, 83, 90, 97, 98, 99, 101, 
102, 110, 113, 115, 116, 117, 123, 

128, 136, 140, 141, 142, 168, 182, 
251, 383 

John H. (H9), 238, 240 

John (N), 365, 367 

John (B), 40, 257, 261, 262, 263, 365, 

271, 281, 289, 292, 380, 391 
John (B?), 258, 385, 387 
John (T), 37, 38 
John (?), 251, 389 
John A. (H), 141 
John B. (H), 102 
John Bacon (H), 164, 200, 226 
John Bishop (B), 288, 297, 318, 349 
John C. (H), 171, 216 
John D. (H), 223 
John E. (H), 120, 147 
John G. (?), 388 
John H. (H?), 238, 240 
John H. (S), 372 
John Hendricks (H), 167 
John Hill (H), 170 
John J. (H), 134 
John Kellogg (H), 202, 227 
John Robinson (H), 196, 220 
John S. (H), 116. 139, 140, 170, 251 
John W. (H), 143, 170, 174 
John Wesley (B), 346 
John, 1175 A. D., 11 
John, Baron, 12 
John, Earl, 25 

John, Lord Mayor, 27 

John, Rev. (from Scotland). 294 

John, Sir, 12, 25, 26 

John of Auldbar, 24 

John of Culwalogy, 20, 41 

John of Easter Oglll, 20. 41 

John of Glamls, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 
18, 19, 20, 21, 25. 28, 30, 41 

John of Haltown, 20, 41 

John of Harrow, 26 

John of Marblehead, 36 

John of Preston, 26 

John of Rystippe, 26. 27 

John of Salem, 35 

John of Scituate (H?), 249 

John of Little Stanmer, 27 

Jonas (H), 98, 383 

Jonathan (H), 91. 100. 101, 118. 144, 
161, 170, 174, 383 

Jonathan (B), 40, 256, 261, 267, 891 
Jonathan (B?), 374, 376 

Jonathan Williams (H), 130, 158 

Joseph (H), 61, 65, 66, 80, 82, 89, 91, 

92, 93, 94, 101, 102, 103, 104, 109, 

116, 120, 123, 135, 136, 139, 147, 151, 

169, 383 

Joseph (B), 39, 40, 255, 257, 258, 261, 

264, 271, 380, 385, 391 
Joseph (?), 388 
Joseph (T), 38 
Joseph Bronel (H), 128, 157 
Joseph Mumford (H), 120 
Josephine (H), 102 
Joshua (B), 262 
Joshua (B?), 376 
Joshua (T?), 385 
Josie (H), 245 
Josiah (H), 91, 100 
Josiah (B?), 265 
Jotham (H), 130. 137 
Julia (H), 139, 144 
Julia A. (H), 128. 146, 160, 170. 177. 

Julia B. (B), 317. 348 
Julius (B), 326 
Justus (B?), 376 
Kate (H), 141 
Kimberley (B), 271, 282 
Kitchen (H), 140 



Lafayette (B), 297, 316, 326 

Lafayette A. (B), 302, 327 

Lanson (B), 289 

Laura (HI), 367 

Laura A. (H), 160, 193 

Laura B. (N), 369 

Laura C. (H), 165, 203 

Laura L (B), 301, 325 

Laura L. (B), 325 

Leander (H), 174 

Leander D. (B), 326, 355 

Leda (H), 246 

Leland (H), 169 

Lemuel (?), 381 

Leonard (H), 203 

LeRoy H. (B), 311 

Levi (H), 98, 117 

Levi (B), 272, 282, 292 

Levi C. (S), 371 

Lew Eugene (H), 378 

Lewis (H), 114, 138, 151, 181, 245 

Lewis Clifford (H), 196 

Lewis Lee (H), 161, 196 

Lewis Sherill (H), 132 

Lewis W. (H), 181 

Lillian (H), 191, 246 

Linus (B), 302, 329 

Lizzie (H), 244, 245, 251 

Lois (B), 265 

Lonzi (B), 289 

Lorenzo G. (?), 388 

Lottie May (B), 355 

Louis Van Zant (H), 142 

Louisa (H), 151, 181, 198 

Louisa A. (H), 173 

Louise (B), 319 

Louise A. (B), 300, 325 

Lovica (H?), 250 

Lovilla A. (B), 356 

Lovina (H9), 250 

Lovina (MT), 364 

Lucian O. H. (H), 191 

Lucina (H?), 250 

Lucinda (B), 272 

Lucius (B?), 374 

Lucy J. (B), 302, 328 

Lucy M. (H), 146 

Ludlum (H), 243, 244 

Ludovico S. (B), 303, 329 

Lulia H. (B), 348 

Luther (H), 116 

Luther (B), 295, 314, 333 

Luther K. (H), 143, 173 

Luther S. (B), 290, 305 

Lydia (H), 100, 118 

Lydia (B), 269, 270 

Lydia Jane (H), 164, 200 

Lyman J. (B), 302, 326 

Mabel (B), 267, 321 

Malissa Bond (H), 116, 143 

Marana B. (B), 290, 305 

Marcus Ward (H), 173 

Margaret (H), 136, 146, 226, 251 

Margaret '(N), 367, 368 

Margaret (B), 40 

Margaret A. (H), 139, 170, 174, 183 

Margaret S. (H), 198, 224 

Margary (B), 257, 263 

Marguerette (S), 372 

Maria (B), 295 

Maria E. (H), 170 

Maria L. (H), 120, 136, 147 

Maria W. (B), 329 

Marietta (B), 294 

Marietta S. (B), 290, 305, 306 

Mariett L. (H), 390, 391 

Mariette (H), 147, 177 

Mariette (B), 294 

Marinda (H), 181, 214 

Marinda H. (H), 142, 171 

Marion (H), 245, 251 

Marion A. (B), 299, 322 

Marion L. (N"), 369 

Marlin (MT), 367, 368, 870 

Martha (H), 95, 106, 107, 196 

Martha (H), 127 

Martha (B), 263, 270 

Martha J. (H?), 240 

Martha Jane (H), 160, 161, 167, 193, 
194, 195 

Martin (N), 367, 369 

Martin (B), 289 

Marvin B. (B), 378 

Mary (H), 59, 65, 66, 80, 81, 83, 92, 
94, 95, 100, 101, 102, 105, 106, 109, 
110, 113, 114, 115. 116, 122, 127, 
128, 131, 134, 136, 137, 141, 142, 
144, 156, 167, 177, 245. 251 



Mary (H), 62, 80 

Mary (H?) 228, 239 

Mary (H), 365, 367, 368 

Mary (B), 265, 266, 267, 270, 291, 

302, 305, 311, 314 
Mary (T), 37 
Mary (?), 251 
Mary A. (H), 102, 120, 140, 146, 147, 

161, 170, 194 
Mary A. (H?), 250 
Mary Ann (N), 367, 369 
Mary Bowman (H), 132, 163 
Mary Crosley (H), 220 
Mary D. (H), 143 
Mary D. (B), 299 
Mary E. (H), 141, 165, 174, 194 
Mary Eudora (H), 147 
Mary F. (H), 167, 196, 204, 220 
Mary Harris (H), 134 
Mary Jane (H), 160, 162, 196 
Mary M. (B), 297, 317 
Mary M. (S), 372 
Mary Melinda (H), 191, 215 
Mary Price (H), 383 
Mary S. (H), 203 
Mary V. (H), 217 
Matilda F. (H), 147, 390 
Mattaniah (H), 81, 90, 97, 98, 186, 

Matthias (H), 94, 109, 110 
Matthias Clark (H), 109, 134 
Maud (B), 314 
May (B), 326 
Mehetable (N), 365, 366 
Melinda (H), 161, 195 
Melvin (H), 246 
Mercy (H), 102, 136 
Merinda O. (B), 291, 306 
Merrit (B), 387 
Merritt (N), 365, 366, 367 
Merritt D. (N), 367, 368, 370 
Michael (B), 261 
Mignonette (H), 245 
Mildred A. (B), 353 
Mildred Cosby (H), 191, 216 
Mildred F. (H), 217 
Miles (B), 290, 301 
Mildred F. (H), 217 
Millie (H), 245 

Minnie (H), 182 

Minnie (B), 318, 355 

Miram (B), 295 

Miriam (B), 355 

Morris (B), 378 

Morris Wakeman (B), 292, 810 

Mose (S), 372 

Moses (H), 94, 95, 98, 107, 109, 114, 

115, 116, 118, 130, 132, 134, 189. 

161, 162, 166, 167, 195 
Moses (B), 39, 40, 255. 257 
Moses H. (H), 132, 163, 198, 381 
Nancy (H), 128, 137, 139, 1S7 
Nancy K. (H), 170 
Nancy Lockwood (H), 140 
Nannie E. (W), 369 
Natalie Vincent (H), 217 
Nathan (H?), 383 
Nathan (Jf), 364 

Nathan (B), 40, 256, 261, 269, 279 
Nathan (B?), 383 
Nathaniel (H), 61, 66, 66, 80, 83, 91, 

99. 109, 113, 131, 137, 383 
Nathaniel (H), 142 
Nathaniel (N), 365 
Nathaniel (B), 47, 257, 262 
Nathaniel (W), 40, 63 
Nathaniel of "Warren (B?), 364 
Nehemiah (B?), 285, 293. 387 
Nehemiah Webb (B), 266, 275, 386 
Nellie (H), 185 
Nelson T. (B), 303 
Newton C. (H), 251 
Nicholas (H), 102 
Nicholas U. (H), 120. 147, 390 
Noah (H), 137 
Noah (B?), 381 
Noah (T), 386 
Nora (H), 191, 215 
Norman (B), 326 
Obediah (H), 109. 133 
Olive (B), 269 
Oliver (H), 92, 130, 144, 161, 174, 

Oliver (B?), 376 
Oliver Lee (H), 160, 185 
Oliver R. (H), 161 
Olivia (N), 365, 366 
Onesimus (B?), 258 



Orleana (H), 157 

Orlin M. (B), 378 

Orva (B), 289 

Orville H. (B), 301, 327 

Oscar Davis (B), 291 

Otis C. (H), 244, 246 

Patrick [Lord Glamis], 14, 16, 21, 25 

Paulina (H), 165, 201 

Paulina Stearns (H), 202, 227 

Pearl (B), 356 

Pelatiah (?), 386 

Penelope (H), 81 

Percy (H), 246 

Percy (B), 324 

Persis E. (H?), 240 

Peter (H), 89, 96, 112, 136, 137 

Peter (B), 261, 263, 268, 270, 279, 

378, 386, 392 
Peter of Dorchester, 35 
Phebe (H), 89, 96, 99, 100, 107, 113, 

127, 128, 131, 136, 137, 138, 142, 144, 

146, 147, 151, 156, 161, 243 
Phebe (H?), 238, 239 
Phebe (B), 262, 265 
Phebe (B?), 258 
-Phebe C. (H), 140, 171, 181, 206 
Phebe Jane (H), 170 
Phebe Mumford (H), 147, 178 
Phebe Wheeler (H), 128, 157 
Phidelia (B), 314 
Phidelia A. (B), 291. 295, 307 
Philip [Rev.], 378 
Philip E. (H), 170 
Philo (B), 262 
Phineas (B), 262 
Physannah (H), 245 
Polly (H), 98, 109, 144 
Polly (H?), 250 
Prudence (H?), 238 
Rachel (H), 95, 99, 105, 114, 117, 118, 

136, 143, 168, 175 
Rachel (H?), 238 240 
Rachel (B), 265, 269 
Rachel Demorest (H), 134 
Ransom (B), 272 
Ransom Byron (B), 290, 304 
Ransom D. (B), 301, 326 
Raymond (H), 171, 378 
Raymond (B), 322 

Rebecca (H), 101, 113, 119, 136, 244 

Rebecca (H?), 238, 240 

Rebecca (B), 263, 270, 271 

Reuben (B), 391 

Reuben (B?), 386 

Reuben Robie (H), 198, 223 

Rhoda (H), 110, 114, 136 

Rhoda (B), 263, 265 

Richard (H), 109, 115, 133, 134 

Richard (B), 39, 40, 255 

Richard Hill (B), 392, 393 

Richard B. (?), 388 

Richard of Cambridge, 35 

Richard of Fairfield, 47, 252 

Richard of Glen Lyon, 34, 36, 38, 63, 

Richard of "West Twyford, 27 
Richard, Sir, 26 
Righter (H), 251 
Robert (H), 117, 226, 244 
Robert (B?), 374, 376 
Robert Bond (H), 132, 164 
Robert Burns (B), 348 
Robert C. (H), 202 
Robert M. (H), 163, 198 
Robert R. (B), 317 
Robert S. (H), 203 
Robert W. (H), 164 
Roger (T), 38 
Roscoe (H), 245 
Rowland (B), 272 
Roy B. (H), 196 
Royal C. (W), 375 
Royal P. (B), 289 
Ruby (H), 246 
Rufus A. (B), 293 
Ruth (H), 177, 205, 223 
Ruth (B), 265 
Ruth F. (H), 178 
S. Duane (H), 165, 203 
S. S. (H), 143 
Sadie (H), 246 
Sallie (H), 142 
Sallie Burke (H), 196, 220 
Sally (H), 114, 123, 136, 168 
Sally (H?), 250 
Sally (B), 289 
Sally Mulford (H), 140 
Salome (S), 371 





Samantha (H), 115, 140 

Samuel (H), 53, 65, 66, 80, 82, 90, 91, 

92, 93, 94, 95, 98, 99, 101, 107, 118, 

114, 115, 116, 117, 125, 127, 139, 

140, 142, 155, 384 
Samuel (H?), 228, 240, 249, 250 
Samuel (»), 39, 40, 255, 256, 257, 259, 

262, 265, 269, 271, 290. 302, 317 
Samuel (B?), 371, 381, 386, 387 
Samuel (S), 371 
Samuel (T), 37, 375 
Samuel of Hartford, 371 
Samuel S. (H), 251, 378 
Samuel W. (H), 246 
Sanford (H), 244 
Sanford P. (H), 244, 245 
Sarah (H), 83, 92, 95, 98, 99, 101, 

102, 105, 110, 114, 115, 116, 118, 119, 

120, 121, 123, 136, 151, 155, 166, 

168, 205, 245 
S&rah (H?), 228, 239 
Sarah (N), 365 
Sarah (B), 40, 256, 261, 262, 263, 264, 

267. 268, 270, 273 
Sarah (T), 37 

Sarah A. (H), 136, 141, 155, 174, 183 
Sarah A. (B), 299, 321 
Sarah E. (H), 198 
Sarah Gibbs (H), 132 
Sarah Hendricks (H), 134, 167 
Sarah J. (B), 303, 330 
Sarah Jane (B), 165 
Sarah L. (H), 120, 142, 170 
Sarah M. (S), 371 
Sarah P. (H), 390 
Sarah S. (H), 243 
Sener (B), 378 
Serring (H?), 384 

Seth (B), 264, 265, 267, 272, 381, 386 
Seth W. (B), 326, 355 
Sheba (H), 137 
Sherwood (B), 292, 293, 378 
Sherwood A. (B), 294, 311 
Shubael (B?), 387 
Sidney A. (K), 139 
Sidney Elizabeth (H), 191 
Sidney Morgan (H), 191 
Sidney Peyton (H), 217 

Sidney Smith (H), 41, 63, 160. 186 


Simeon (H), 110. 136. 144 

Simeon (B?), 376 

Simeon G. (H), 244. 245 

Smith (H), 115, 140 

Solomon (H?), 384 

Spencer (N), 364 

Stephen (H), 98. lUO, 101, 116, 116. 

118, 139, 384 
Stephen (Ht), 238, 239 
Stephen (B), 259, 266, 386 
Stephen Meeker (H), 133 
Stephen Smith (H), 98. 114, 139 
Sterne Humphreys (H), 165, 203 
Susan (H), 113, 136, 137 
Susan A. (H?), 250 
Susan E. (H), 162, 197 
Susannah (H), 89, 96, 117 
Susanne (?), 251 
Sylas (B), 290, 302 
Sylva (B), 270 
Sylvester (H), 115, 141 
Tabitha (B), 40, 262 
Tappan (H), 107, 127, 166, 384 
Thankful (H), 174 
Thankful (B), 263 
Theodatus T. (B), 291, 306 
Theodore (B), 155, 156, 176 
Theodore (B), 294 
Theodore C. (?), 388 
Theresa A. (H), 181 
Theron E. (B), 329 
Thomas (H), 53, 80, 81, 90, 98, 101. 

102. 165 
Thomas (H?), 249 
Thomas (B), 259. 271, 280, 290. 302. 

Thomas (B?), 381 
Thomas (T), 87, 38 
Thomas B. (B), 392 
Thomas Bowman (H), 132, 165 
Thomas H. B. (B), 297. 817 
Thomas J. (B). 143. 173. 174 
Thomas M. (B), 296. 815 
Thomas Rice (B), 165, 202 
Thomas of Glen Lyon. 34. 86. 68, 80 
Thomas of Perefore. 27 
Thomas of Rye, 36 



Thomas, Master of Glamls, 20, 21, 

22, 23, 24. 41 
Timothy (»), 261, 267, 268, 278, 381 
Timothy (B?), 375, 376 
Truman H. (»?), 376, 877 
Una Hawthorne (»), 318 
Uriah (B), 311 
Vera (B), 325 

Victor Wathen (K), 191, 217 
Vinnie A. (H), 228 
Wakeman (B), 272, 282 
Walker (B), 268 
Wallen (H), 174 
Walter (H), 245 
Walter (B), 297 
Walter D. (B), 356 
Walter E. (B), 297, 317, 258 
Walter F. (B), 299, 321 
Walter R. (H), 366, 367 
Walter S. (H), 368, 369 
Walter S. (B), 323, 324, 358 
Warren (H), 244 
Wayne S. (H), 367 
Wesley (H), 181 
Wesley (B), 272, 333 
Wilbur (H), 251 
Wilbur J. (H), 173 
Wilfred O. (H), 247 
Willard (H), 245 
Willard W. (K), 368 
William (H), 92, 101, 102, 120, 137, 

142, 143, 144, 146, 147, 215, 244, 

246, 384 
William (B), 89, 40, 255, 266, 267, 

262, 289, 292, 302, 316, 892 
William (B?), 374, 376, 381 

William (?), 389 

William A. (B), 294 

William B. (H), 163, 164 

William B. (B), 326 

William C. (B), 290, 303, 330 

William Chauncey (K), 200 

William Cooper (B), 166 

William D. (H), 368 

William Dennison (H), 177 

William H. (H), 139, 146, 147, 151, 

155, 156, 162, 174, 177, 181, 182, 

William H. (B), 305 
William H. C. (B), 290, 306 
William J. (?), 388 
William Kemp (H), 224 
William L. (H), 171 
William McAlpine (?), 251 
William Parker (H), 160 
William S. (B), 311 
William Scott (H), 184 
William W. (H), 367, 368 
William Woods (H), 165 
William, Marquis of Southwold, 27 
William of Heston, 28 
William of New Haven, 373 
William of Roxbury, 35 
William of Stanmer, 27, 28 
William, the Huguenot, 35 
Willie (K), 245, 246 
Willie G. (B), 316 
Willis (Wyllis) (B), 293 
Tale (W), 367, 369 
Zachariah (B), 262 
Zalmon (B), 286, 294, 311, 840 
Zopher (K), 91, 100, 101, 118, 144 



Albert (R), 295 

(H), 195 


Eliza (H), 142 

William (H), 247 
Additional names (H), 150, 151, 

Clara (B), 229 

Emma (S), 229 

James F. (H), 229 

Mary (H), 229 

-H (H), 194 

Anna (R), 265, 273 

John (H), 216 

Louisa (R), 283 

Sally (R), 275, 286 

Samuel D. (H), 218 

Additional names (H), 194 

John (H), 191 

George (H), 176, 211 

Lydia (K), 211, 233 

Sarah E. (K), 211, 233 

Hanns, 63 

Clayton (»), 352 

Frank (R), 352 

Esther (K), 209 

Henriette G. (K), 224 

John (H), 209 

John (R?), 274 

Joseph (H), 176, 209 

Mary J. (H), 209 

Rosetta B. (H), 209, 229 

Sally A. (H), 168 

Sarah A. (H), 209 

William S. (H), 198, 224 

William S. N. (H), 146 

Additional names (B), 209, 224 


Catharine R. (H), 282 

Benjamin, 136 

William (H), 136 

Emma J. (R), 355 

Col. George (K), 184 

Hon. John (H), 166, 184 

Nathaniel (H), 139 

Additional names (K), 184 

Ada (H), 245. 246 

Angeline (B), 150 

Hugh (H), 122, 150 

Isaac (H), 105 

John S. (R?), 274, 284 

Nelson (H), 149 

Additional names (B), 150, 161; 

(B?), 284 

Benjamin F. (H), 166, 104 

Hannah (B), 118 

John (B), 118 ' 

Nathaniel (H), 117 

William (H), 208 

Elizabeth (H), 132 

Dr. James, 132 

Esther (R), 316 

Loretta A. (R), 314 

Sarah (R?), 374 

Joseph (R?), 275 

Sarah (H), 218 

Adelbert W. (B), 108. tlS 

Adella C. (B), 308, 887 

Albion S. (B), 30R. 838 

Almlra D. (»). 308. 388 

Ervln P. (B), 308. 338 

Joel N. (B), 308. 387 



Nathaniel C. (B), 308, 3ff7 

Rebecca A. (B), 308, 337 

William N. (R), 291, 308 

Additional names (B), 337, 338 

David (H), 170 

John B. (H), 111 

Esther (H), 111 

Rachel (H), 113 

Charles H. (R), 342 

Ira B. (R), 302, 328 

Judson (H?), 250 

Additional names (B), 328 

(R), 295 


Catherine (H), 164 

Dr. (H), 216, 230 

Ebenezer, 164 

Dayton, (H), 168, 205 

Henry P. (H), 156 

Howard G. (R), 272 

Robert T. (H), 215 

Additional names (K), 205 

Abigail (R), 273 

William (H), 233 

(H?), 250 

Annie R. (R), 355 
David (H), 128 
Eugene E. (R), 310 
James M. (H), 199, 224 
Robert F. (H), 199 
Additional names (H), 199, 224 


Dea. Amos (H?), 238 
Anna (H), 213 
Elizabeth (H), 110 
Eunice (H), 111 
Hannah (H), 90, 141 
John (H), 144 
Joseph, 251 
Josiah (H?), 238 
Kezia (H), 93, 103 

Mary (H), 100 
Temperance (H), 98 
Zenas (H?), 239 
Additional names (K?), 238 


John L. (B), 328 
Thomas (R), 302, 328 


(R), 323 

Davis (H), 177 
Frank H. (R), 318 

Dr. John (H), 103, 142 

Stephen, 177 

John (H), 234 

Adeline D. (R). 292 , 

Benjamin (R), 255, 258 

David (R?), 275 

Esther (R?), 285 

John, 36, 258 

Moses (R), 294 

Additional names (B), 258 

(N), 365 


(R), 306 


Ida M. (R), 333 

Milton E. (R), 319, 350 

Additional names (B), 350 

John, 252 

Mabel (H), 391 

Mabel (R?), 275 

Dr. Brazelius (H), 209 

Edward L. (H), 194, 219 

Additional names (H), 219 


Eli (R?), 275 


Elizabeth (H), 26, 47. 80 

William, 46, 80 

Mary (R), 312 

Nelson (R), 314, 345 

Additional names (&), 345 

John, 53 

Olive (R), 350 

Mary (Lyon) (R), 257 

David (R), 263 

Thaddeus (R), 277 

Hannah (H?), 238, 240 

Sarah (H), 82 

Zopher, 67, 82 

Hattie (H), 206 

James, 252 

— (H), 195 


Ann Janet (R), 294 

Sarah (H), 181 

William (H), 181 

Robert, 252 

William J. (H?). 240 

Mercy (R), 301 

Irene (R?), 285 

Gilbert G. (B), 323, 354 

Gilbert L. (R), 300, 323 

Walter Lyon (B), 323, 35S 

Additional names (B), 323, S5S 
Bennett [Bennlt], 

Adah E. (B), 346, 361 

Hattie S. (B), 346, 361 

Joseph (B), 270 

Maiden (R), 316, 346 


Myrtle E. (B), 346, 861 

Thomas. 252 

Additional names (B), 346 

David, 168 

Sarah (H), 163 

Asa M. (R), 351 

Jennie (H). 244, 245 

William (H), 155 

Anna B. (H), 155 

James (H), 155 

Ada B. (H), 193. 218 

Charles S. (H), IGO 

Edward E. (H), 193, 218, 219 

Florence H. (H), 193 

John S. (H), 193. 219 

Percy (H), 193. 218 

Raymond (H), 193, 218 

Additional namea (H), 198, 218, 

Margaret (H), 156 

(H), 195 

Adeline (H), 196 

Andrew R. (H), 161, 19S 

Isabella (H), 195 

Lewis L. (H), 195 

Constance E. (H), 217 

Rev. Daniel E. (H). 192, 217 

Additional names (X), 217 

Ida (H), 192 

Sarah, 163 

George (H), 167 

Henry (H). 168 

Rebecca (H), 168 

John M. (R). 306 

Mary (R), 287 

Charlotte (H). 21$ 

John (H), 112 




Aaron, 53 

Thomas, 53 

Eliza (R?) 377 

Chauncey F. (H), 164, 201 

Clarissa Lyon (H), 201 

(N), 365 


(R), 314 

Addie (R), 345 

Hiram (R), 304, 831 

Mary (R), 331, 359 

Willis A. (H), 345 

Additional names (K), 246; (B)i 

Alice M. (R), 329 

Charles T. (H), 138 

Ed (H), 390 

Dr. Edward (H), 138 

Anna (K), 198 

Louis (H), 198 

Genial "Washington (R), 8)6, 

Additional names (B)i 361 

Rachel (R), 311 

Sarah E. (H), 183 

Anna (H), 168 

John (H), 168 

Joseph (H), 168 

Nathaniel (H), 137, 168 

Polly (H). 151 

Robert, 151 

Samuel (H), 90 

Stephen, 53 

William F. (R), 321, 8B8 

Additional names (S), 168; (B), 

Phebe (H), 153 


David (R). 290, 303 
Eunice (B), 303, 330 
Rosaltha (B), 303, 331 
Ruth Imogens (B), 330, 338 
Sarah A. (B), 303, 330 
Additional names (B), 330, 888 


Lucy (R), 324 

Stephen, 324 

Edmund H. (H), 391 

William (H), 147, 177, 390, 391 

Additional names (K), 177, 391 

Anna (H), 221 

Mary (K), 221 

Walter Lacy (H), 197, 221 

Additional names (H), 221 

Mahetabel (H), 154 

Col. Solomon (H), 124, 153 

Francis, 252 

Handon (R), 286 

Mary (R), 264, 273 

Mary E. (B), 286 

David, 373 

John, 373 

Henrietta (H), 215 

(H), 119 

Additional names (K), 119 

— (H), 151 



(H), lis 


James E. (H), 217, 236 

Emeline (H), 231 

Jacob, 231 

Freeman (H), 179 

Additional names (H), 179 


Anna (N), 369 

Lucy (R), 290 

Nellie (R), 362 

Catherine L. (H), 220 

Jane (H), 145 

Mary M. (R), 342 

(H), 209 


J., 53 

Jease (N), 365, 366 
Polly Ann (R), 301, 826 
Additional names (H), 366 

— ^ (R), 312, 341 

Additional names (S), 341 

Rebecca (H), 198 

■ (H), 133 

Angelette V. (R), 347 
Edward H. (R), 335, 860 
Flora A. (H), 220 
Glenn (»), 360 
Hannah (H), 111 
Henry (H), 167 
James (H), 136, 167 
John (H), 167 
John Lyon (K), 167 
Julia A. (H), 229 
Nancy (H), 167 
Peter (H), 167 
Sarah (H), 167 
Sarah (H), 185 
Sarah F. (H), 182 
Additional names (K), 167 

E. A. (H), 174 
John, 53 

Hartie (R), 316 

Hannah (H), 118 
Obediah, 53 
Sarah E. (H), 890 
• Timothy, 113 



Charles (H), 192 
John (H), 167 
William (H), 160. 192 
Additional names (M), 187 

Walter C. (H). 212 

Mary (R), 357 
Peter (R?), 275 
Sarah (R?), 274 

(H). 193 

Additional names (H), 191 

Thomas (R), 258 
Additional names (B), 2S8 

Sallle (H), 156 

Willie G. (R), 316 

Ada J. (B), 314, 345 
Francis E. (R). 296, 314 
Willie E. (B), 314, 146 
Additional names (B), 84i 

Edith (R), 858 
Emeline (R), 823 
Fred (R), 317, 348 
Jerusha E. (R), 317 
Additional names (B), 848 

Sallle C. (H), 162 

(H?), 250 

Martha, (H?), 249 

Mary (R), 280 

Brete L. (R), JI7 

Mrs. Emeline (Burdlck) (R). 

Granville (R). 297, 817 
Harry Lyon (B), 817, S<t 
Homer, 323 
Mary J. (R). 118 
Sanford, 318 




Abigail (R), 282, 291 

John, 262 

Nathaniel, 252 

George W. (H), 199 

Helen G. (H), 199 

Jane S. (H), 199 

John (H), 164, 199 

John R. (H), 199 

Mary E. (H), 199 

Sarah A. (H), 199 

Additional names (K), 199 

(H), 102 


John G. D. (H), 155 

Daniel (H), 156 

Additional names (K), 156 

Ephralm, 53 

Zechariah, 53 

Anna (H), 156 

John T. (H), 147 

Joseph Lyon (H), 147 

J. T. (H), 120 

Mary A. (H), 167 

Arthur (H), 180 

Pedigree, 178 

Amanda (H), 234 

Amy S. (H), 234 

Anna C. (H), 212 

James Q. (H), 212 

Joseph C. (H), 178, 212 

Laura B. (H), 212, 234 

Lucy R. (H), 178 

Lucy S. (H), 212 

Margery A. (H), 244, 246 

Martha (H), 212 

Richard L. (H), 178, 212 

Richard (H), 148. 178 

Walter P. (H), 213 

Additional names (H), 178, 212, 


Ebenezer, 176 

Bleazer (H), 110 

Silas C. (H), 145, 176 

Additional names (H), 176 

Anstany (R), 304 

Statira E. (R), 304 

Jessie M. (H), 216, 235 

Sarah (H), 123, 151 

Wallace Lyon (H), 235 

William Lyon (H), 216, 235 

Col. William W. (H), 191, 216 

Additional names (H), 235 

W. L. (H), 200 

George B. (H). 182 

Clarence R., 222 

Additional names, 222 

Alexander (H), 201 

Ebenezer, 53, 56 

Mathew, 53 

Dr. — (H). 138 

Henry (H), 138 

Joanna (H), 104, 121 

Joseph (H), 104 

Nathaniel (H), 103 

Abby H. (H), 179, 213 

Abner (H), 178 

Anna B. (H), 141 

Charity (H), 123 

Elizabeth (H), 175, 208 

William P. (R), 362 

Additional names (K), 179; (B), 

William, 53, 60 

Joseph (H?), 238 

Ruth (N), 867 




Maria (H), 161 

Anna May (R), 334 

William (R), 307 

A. C. (R), 305, 333 

Ida J. (R), 343 

(H), 212 

(R), 304, 331 

George (B), 331 


Philip, 50, 61 

Joseph (N), 365 

Polly (N), 367 

James (H), 102 

Annie (R), 335 

Daniel (K), 117 

Hannah (H), 117 

John (H), 117 

Joseph (H), 117 

Additional names (B), 117 

(R), 330 

CatUn [CatUner] 

Frank A. (B), 337, 360 

Henry A. (R), 308, 337 

John, 53, 60 

Norris A. (B), 337, 361 

Thomas W. (R), 308, 337 

Additional names (B), 337, J88, 
360, 361 

Birdie G. (R), 363 

(H), 208 

Selina (R), 378 


Adam (H), 152 

Charlotte (H), 125 

John (H), 145 

Phebe (H), 95 


(R), 392 

Edith (H), 214 

Frederick Lyon (K), 869 

Richard D. (N), 367. 869 

David (H), 14 

Hon. Dudley, 183 

Elizabeth (H), 146 

Emily B. (H), 146 

Fidelia (R>, 325 

Helen E. (H), 146 

Henry (H), 146 

Henry C. (H), 120, 146 

Ithmar, 183 

Iva (R). 378 

James (H), 146 

Jeanette R. (H), 183 

Joseph (H), 146 

Mary M. (H), 146 

Bishop Philander, 183 

Hon. Salmon P. (H). 154. 188 

Caroline (Grout), 205 

Mrs. Nancy (H), 111 

Joseph deC. (H), 201 

Additional names (H), 201 

John (R). 296 

^ (R), 330 

James H. (H). 224 

Joseph (R). 302 

Joseph (R). 283 

Mellnda (R>. 283 

(H). 109. 118 

Abigail (H), 119 

Adeline (H). 212 

Amelia E. (H). 212 

Aurora (H), 233 

Rev. C. (H). 261 

Caroline (H>. 248 

Catharine (H). U9 



Catherine (H), 177 

Challen (H), 212 

Charles B. (H), 176, 212 

Charles L. (H), 233 

Clara E. (H), 234 

Clarissa D. (H), 211 

Darkis (H), 89, 96 

Deborah (H), 243 

Elizabeth (H), 89, 96, 119, 14S 

Ephraim (H), 89, 96 

Frances (H), 231 

Frances L. (R), 346 

George S. (H), 145, 233 

Hannah (H), 89, 96 

Harry Van T. (H), 212, 233 

Mrs. Hattie (R), 313 

Henry (H), 89, 96, 145, 212 

Ichabod (H), 89, 96 

James (H), 119 

James B. (H), 211 

Jeremiah M. (H), 176, 212 -^ 

Joanna (H), 112 

John (H), 208 

John Lyon (H), 119 

Jonathan (H), 145, 176 

Jonas (H), 113, 138 

Joseph (H), 119 

Judith (H), 243 

Laura (H), 212 

Levi (H), 167 

Louisa (H), 233 

Maria (H), 219 

Mary (H), 119, 145, 176, 211 

Nathaniel (H), 89, 96 

Rebecca (H), 119 

Riderous (H), 89, 96 

Samantha (H), 212 

Samuel (H), 119 

Samuel M. (H), 176 

Sarah (H), 219 

Sarah (H), 119, 145, 175, 211 

Sarah E. (H), 233 

Stephen B. (H), 145, 176 

Susan (H), 145 

Susannah (H), 145, 175 

Thomas (H), 101, 119 

Thomas (H), 119 

William (H), 119, 145, 211 

"William M. (H), 211 
Additional names (H), 138, 14B, 
176, 211, 212, 167, 234, 251 

(H), 154 


Anna (R), 327 

William (R), 307, 335 

Additional names (B), 336 

Anna J. (H), 200 

George S. (H), 200 

Helen M. (H), 200, 22i 

John B. (H), 200, 225 

Lydia J. (H), 200, 225 

Additional names (H), 200, 225 

James (H), 103 

Ella (H), 179 

Horace P. (H), 208 

Calvin (H), 200, 225 

Sybil (H), 141 

Additional names (H), 226 

Benjamin (H), 168 

George (H), 168 

(H), 390 

Benjamin (H), 95, 251 
Additional names (H), 251 


Amanda (H), 156 

A. Erwin (R), 346, 361 

David (H), 167 

Florence (H), 194 

Frederick G. (H), 204 

Lydia (H), 171 

Mary K. (H), 167 

Additional names (B), 361 

Maria (H), 152 

(H), 195 

Eliza (R), 293 



Hugh, 155 
James (H), 155 
John (H), 155 
Sarah (H), 155 
Additional names (H), l6g 

Charity (H), 168 

Jerome (R), 326, 356 
Additional names (»), 355 

Aaron (H?), 239 
Edward (H), 110 
Eliza (H), 172 
Martha (H?), 239 
Rebecca (H), 114 
Rhoda (H), 110 
Usnal (H), 111 

Jacob (S), 371 

Abby (H), 148, 178 
Amanda (H), 150 
Ann (H), 149 
Catharine (H), 149 
Charles A. (H), 179 
Charlotte A. (H), 179 
David (H), 104. 121 
Deborah (H), 148, 178 
Ellison (H), 149 
Elvira (H), 149 
Prances A. (H), 179 
George H. (H), 213 
Harriet (H), 150 
Jonathan (H), 104 
Joseph (H), 121, 149 
Joseph O. (H), 149 
Josiah (H), 121, 148 
La Fayette (H), 149 
Margaret (H), 121, 150 
Mary (H), 121, 148, 149 
Obediah (H), 121, 149 
Samuel (H), 104, 149 
Samuel (H), 104 
Sarah (H), 121, 149 
Stephen (H), 104, 121, 149 
Stephen M. (H), 149, 179, 211 
William H. (H), 179, 218 


William P. (H), 200. S2e 
Additional names (H) I4g 149 
179, 213, 226 • . . 


Charles H. (H), 233 
Ella P. (H), 238 
Grace M. (H), 233 
Henry (H), 210, 232 
Additional names (H), 231 

Helen (H), 236 
Samuel E. (H), 218, 286 

Pedigree, 122 
Abraham (H), 105. 122 
Angeline (H), 151 
Charlotte (R). 291 
Eliza Lyon (H), 122 
Elizabeth (H), 211 
George (H), 137 
Harriet H. (H), 210 
Harriet H. (H), 122 
Jerusha (H), 103 
Lucy (H), 151 
Mary (H), 93 
Mary (H), 122, 151 
Mary J. (H), 151 
Phebe (H), 122, 150 
Sarah (H), 83 
Sarah (H), 123, 151 
Stephen (H), 123, 151 
William (H). 211 
Additional names (H), 12J. 151 
Cooley [Cooly], 

Peter, 252 

Ann (H), 166 
Ichabod, 113 
John, 81, 83 
Stephen (H). 155 
William (H). 155 

Simeon (R). 307. 335 
Additional namen (B), 88S 

Plora A. (B), 328. 867 
Merrltt E. (R). 802 
Myron J. (R), 802. 328 



Nettie L. (B), 328, 357 

William H. (H), 167 

Harmon L. (R), 299, 321 

Nettie J. (»), 321, 353 

Additional names (K), 321 

John (H), 113, 137 

Phebe (H), 137 

Harriet (H), 210, 230 

Lydia (H), 176, 210 

Inez, (H), 244 

(H), 209 


Nate (R), 288, 300 

Sarah C. (H), 184 

Abraham (H), 142 

Ortugal (Jf), 366 

William (N), 366 

Additional names (N), 366 

Lucretia E. (H), 197 

Susan (S), 372 

Pedigree, 175 

Annette (H), 228 

Adaline W. (H), 211 

Christiana (H), 176, 210 

Clara (H), 232 

Daniel T. (H), 209, 229 

David (H), 176, 209, 228, 229 

Prof. Edwin B. (H), 231 

Elizabeth (H), 176, 209, 210, 231 

Elizabeth J. (H), 228 

Isaac (H), 176, 210 

James (H), 211, 228 

James M. (H), 176, 211 

John (H), 122, 145, 175 

John (H), 176, 210 

John C. (H), 210, 228, 232 

John M. (H), 209, 228 

John T. (H), 210, 232 

Jonathan C. (H), 210, 231 

Joseph W. (H), 209, 229 

Julia A. (H), 210, 231 

Lydia C. (H), 232 

Margaret H. (H), 232 

Martha (H), 176, 211, 229 

Mary (H), 176, 210, 232 

Mary E. (H), 209, 229 

Mary M. (H), 210, 230 

Matilda (H), 176, 211 

Oliver W. (H), 229, 231 

Robert C. (H), 231 

Sarah (H), 176, 209 

Theodore F. (H), 210, 232 

William (H), 228, 229, 231 

William H. (H), 209 

Additional names (H), 229, 231, 

Charles Lyon (B), 307 

Emma H. (B), 307, 335 

John W. (H), 124 

William (R), 291. 307 

William F. (B), 307, 335 

Additional names (B), 335 

Robert (H), 180 

Harriet F. (H), 147 

Mary (R), 347 

William H., 147 

Abigail (H), 93, 99. 124 

Anna (H), 170 

Anna A. (H), 184, 215 

Anna R. (H), 152 

Azariah, 53, 60 

Benjamin (H), 93 

Caroline A. (H), 152 

Catharine (H), 133 

Catherine M. (H), 152 

Cornelia W. (H), 122 

Delivered, 53 

Elias (H), 103, 104 

Elizabeth (H), 104, 121, 152 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Day) (H), 108 

Esther (H), 103 

Ezekiel (H), 93, 103 

Fanny M. (H), 152 



Isaac (H), 93, 103 

Israel (H), 144 

Israel (H), 93, 103 

Jabez (H), 104 

Jasper, 93 

Jerusha (H), 104 

Joanna (H), 93, 103, 104 

John, 53 

John Williams (H), 157, 186 

Jonas (H), 106, 124 

Jonathan, 103 

Joseph (H), 83, 93, 99 

Joseph (H), 93, 103 

Josiah (H), 240 

Josiah (H), 93, 103, 104 

Lois (H), 103 

Lucy (H), 103 

Mary (H), 103, 104, 152, 184 

Moses (H), 103 

Obediah (H), 104, 121 

Phebe (H), 103 

Phebe C. (H), 123 

Rachel (H), 103, 105 

Richard M. (H), 124, 152 

Rufus (H), 94, 106, 124 

Sarah (H), 103, 105 

Samuel M. (H), 156, 184 

Timothy, 103 

William (H), 124 

William H. (H), 210, 231 

Additional names (H), 124, 152, 

Alanson (R), 291, 308 

Hannah (B), 308, 338 

Betsey (H), 243 

Daniel (R?), 265 

Charles (H), 233 

Alice P. (H), 195 

David (H), 161, 195 

John A. (H), 194 

John W. (H), 194 

Additional names (H), 194 

Cronch [Crowoli], 

Simon, 252 

Eliza (H), 168 

Josepli (R), 290, 303 

Additional names (B), 804 

James B. (H), 217 

Isaac (H), 183 

John, 53, 82 

Susan (?), 378 

Florence (N). 368 

Susan (?), 379 

Libble (Lyon) (R), 392 

Georgiana (R), 355 

Lewis G. (H), 211 

Robert, 53 

. (H), 212 


Mary J., 334 

Pamelia (R), 301 

Amanda (R), 326 

John (H), 198 

Robert E. (H), 212 

Charles (H), 182, 215 

Charles D. (H), 215. 234 

Deborah (R), 301 

Elizabeth Lyon (H), 121 

James O. (H), 212 

John, 262 

John O. (H), 234 

John W. (H). 102, 120 

Louella (H), 212 

Lucinda (R). 326 

Lydla (R?), 262 

Mary (R), 262. 263. 291 

Matilda (H). 153 

Rachel (R), 339 



Sarah (H), 161 
Stephen, 53 
Stephen (H), 161 
Additional names (H), 121, 215 

John W. (R), 305, 333 


Agnes (H), 125 

Dea. Amos (H), 94, 95, 106 

Amos (H), 106, 124, 152, 182 

Benjamin L. (H), 125, 155 

Caroline (H), 182 

David (H), 112 

Elizabeth (H), 182, 215 

Frances C. (K), 124 

George, 53 

Harriet N. (H), 152, 182 

Harry G. (H), 224 

Isaac (H), 106 

Israel Lum (H), 152 

Col. Israel (H), 125 

Joseph (H), 106, 124, 153 

Mahetabel (H), 125, 155 

Martha (H), 94 

Mary (H), 124, 152 

Mary B. (H), 224 

Mary O. (H), 153 

Mary P. (H), 182 

Nancy (H), 124 

Samuel (H), 124, 152 

William (H), 141 

William F. (H), 124, 153 

Additional names (H), 106, 152, 
153, 155, 182 

James B. (R), 336 

Thomas (H), 137 

Additional names (B), 336 
De Armond, 

Susan (H), 161, 195 


Absolom (H), 175, 209 

Anker (H), 209 

Susan (H), 209 ' 


Frank W. (R), 320, 351 
William G. (B), 351, 362 
Additional names (B), 351, 362 


Frederick H. (B), 329, 358 
Hugh (R), 302, 328 
Mary L,. (B), 328, 358 
Additional names (B), 328, 329, 

De Hart, 

Peter (H), 142 


Amelia (H), 167 


Capt. Jabez, 300 


Daniel C. (U), 211 


Charles (H), 245 
Additional names (H), 245 


Aaron (H), 142 
Anna M. (H), 143, 172 
Carlos L. (H), 173, 207 
Charlotte W. (H), 142, 172 
Clara B. (H), 206 
David (H). 142 
David F. (H), 172, 206 
Ella M. (H), 173, 207 
Emma (H), 142 
Harriet (H), 170 
Harvey (H), 160, 192 
John M. (H), 143, 173 
Mary (H), 173, 207 
Mary L. (H), 143 
Matthias, 142 
Matthias W. (H), 206 
Phebe W. (H), 143, 172 
Rodney W. (H), 142, 172 
Samuel (H), 143, 173 
Sarah T. (H), 172 
Additional names (H), 143, 172, 
173, 192, 206, 207 


Robert R., 53 

Denulson, / 

Eliphalet W., 177 
John (H?), 243 
Louise (H), 177 




Benjamin P. (H), 166, 204 

Phebe (R), 273 

Additional names (H), 204 

Mary Ann (S), 372 

Jane (H), 183 

Katie (R), 338 

Cornelius, 272 

Rachel (R), 272 

Alemena E. (R), 319, 350 

Asa (R), 288,^ 298 

Bertha Rue (B), 319, 351 

Rev. Davis, 319 

Ella R. (B), 319, 350 

John H. (R), 298, 319 

John Henry (B), 319, 350 

Mary A. A. (B), 319, 350 

Mary E. (B), 298, 319 

Walter W. (B), 298, 319 

Warren (B), 319, 350 

Warren S. (B), 298, 319 

Additional names (B), 298, 319, 
320, 350 

■ (R), 331, 359 

Additional names (B), 359 

Julia A. (H), 154 

Abby, E. H. (H), 214 

Charles (H), 180, 213 

Herbert (H), 214 

Eliza Gaines (H), 140 

Herman Ii. (R), 348 

Gladys M. (B), 357 

Louis A. (R), 328, 357 

Roy Lyon (B), 357 

^ (H), 208 


Jennie (R), 335 


(H), 155 


Cornelius (H?), 240 
Doty [Dougrbty], 

Agnes (H), 153 

Elizabeth P. (H), 153 

Eugene S. (H), 153 

Joshua (H), 153 

Gen. Solomon (H), 124, 153 

Additional names (H), 153 

Leslie N. (H), 203 

William S. (H), 201 

Aaron, (H), 102 

Cora (B), 332, 360 

Dora (B), 331. 359 

James A. (R), 304, 331 

Mary (B), 331, 360 

Minnie (B), 331, 360 

William W. (R), 304. 832 

Additional names (B), 331, 331 

Peter (R?). 186 

Kate (H), 212 

(H). Ill 

Katie (H). 136 
Sarah A. (H), 205 


Elizabeth (H), 137 

David W. (H), 167 

(H), 125, 155 


David (H), 141 
John (H), 141 
Lucy (H), 120 
Margaret (H), 141 

Ada E. (B), 321. 352 
Charles R. (B), 321. 352 
George F. (R), 299, »21 
Henry L. (B), 321. 352 



Additional names, (B), 321, 352, 

Amanda J. (H), 194 

Esther A. (H), 202 

Harriet (R), 302 

Mary W. (H), 199 
Pamelia (H), 199 
William A. (H), 163, 199 
Additional names (BE), 199 

Joseph W. (H), 173 

Elvira (H?), 250 

Aaron Fisher (H), 120 
Hannah Lyon (H), 120 
John (H), 120 
Mary A. (H), 120, 145 
Additional names (H), 120 

— (H), 103 


William S. (H), 204 

Sarah A. (R), 341 

(H), 250 


(H), 117 

Alfred L. (H), 204 
Hannah (H), 127, 155 
Helen G. (H), 204 
Jane (H), 143 
Joshua (H), 128 
Katharine M. (H), 236 
Lewis (H), 204 
Rachel (R?), 275, 285 
Robert C. (H), 218, 236 
Sarah (R), 320 
Additional names (H), 204, 

Amelia (B), 295, 315 
Ann Lyon (B), 296, 315 
Fanny F. (B), 296, 315 

Josephine L. (B), 296, 315 
Lyman W. (R), 321, 352 
Marvin E. (B), 315, 345 
Watson W. (B), 296, 314 
William C. (R), 287, 295 
Additional names (B), 295, 296 
315, 345, 352 


Charles (H), 151 

Mrs. Mary (Moore) (R), 297 


Sarah (H), 244, 245 


Adeline (H), 179 

Simon B. (H), 246 

Additional names (H), 246 

Sarah M. (H), 220 

Benjamin (H), 175, 208 

Daniel C. (H), 175 

David (H), 145, 175 

Hannah (H), 175, 209 

Johanna (H), 175, 208 

J. Homer (H), 208 

Minerva (H), 208 

Rebecca (H), 208 

Sarah (H), 175, 208 

Vincent (H), 175, 208 

William (H), 175, 208 

Additional names (H), 175, 208, 


Annie (H), 171 


Frances G. (R), 316, 346 


(H), 140 


Martha A. (R), 326 
Rhoda (R), 325 


Mary E. (H), 378 


Lorin A. (H), 217, 236 
Sidney S. (H), 236 




' (R), 307, 336 

Elmer E. (B), 336, 360 

James (H), 162, 196 

Additional names (H), 196; (»), 
336, 360 
Evarts [Euarts], 

James, 252 

Elizabeth (H), 232 

Dr. Henry C. (H), 164 

Matthew (H?), 238 

Additional names (H?), 238 

Jonathan (H), 152 
Fanton [Fountain, Fantaln], 

Ellen (R), 256, 259 

John (R?), 265 

Harry (H), 172 

Dr. O. C. (H), 172 

Lucinda (R?), 376 

Adalaide (H), 151 

Emma L. (R), 322 

Caroline M. (H), 166 

(R), 293 


Calvin (H), 202, 227 

Additional names (H), 227 

John S. (H), 140 


William N. (H), 170 

Clara (H), 223 
Fannie P. (H), 223 
James H. (H), 197, 223 
Additional names (K), 223 


Byron K. (H), 390 


Mary M. (H), 167 


Byron K. (H), 147 
Fitz Oerald, 

David (H), 151, 181 

David P. (H), 181 

Edwin (H), ISl 

Lysander (H), 181 

Phebe (H), 181 

Additional names (K), 181 
Fitz Patrick, 

Sarah E. (H), 169 
Fitz Randolph, 

Eunice (H), 95, 109 

Mary E. (H), 136 

Morrice (H), 136 

W. H. (H), 342 

Daniel (R), 291 

Edwin (R), 318 

Edwin (B), 318. 349 

Additional names (B), 318, S49 

Corydon E (B), 306, 334 

Eli (R), 290, 305 

George W. (B), 305, 334 

Hannah W. (B), 305, 333 

William H. (B), 305, 338 

Additional names (R), 305, 334 

Minnie (H), 203 

Mary (H), 170, 205 

Nancy (H), 170 

Antrim R. (H). 150, 181 

Additional names (H), 181 


Frank J. (H), 229 


Joseph (H), 96 

Joseph (H). 93. 104 

Nathan (H), 93. 390 

Jane (H). 169 

Edward (H). 280 




Henry (R), 302, 327, 392 
Mary A. (»), 327, 356 

J. B. (H), 229 
Louisa (H), 181 

Eliza (H), 168 
Margaret (H), 144 

Electa (B), 299, 322 
Elijah (R), 288, 299 
Elizabeth (H), 111 
Jennie (H), 198, 223 
Laura (H), 227 
Stephen, 53 
Stephen tH), 117 
Additional names (R), 299 
Frees e, 

Rev. Isaiah (R), 322, 360 
Louis (R), 312, 341 
Additional names (&), 341, 360 

Ira (H), 137 
Lucius (R), 378 

Seymour (H), 166 

Hopie (H), 198 

Annie M. (R), 287 
Mary (R), 255, 256 

Hattie A. (B), 321, 352 
Irene A. (B), 321, 351 
"William H. (R), 299, 320 

^ (R), 302 

Dermont E. (B), 332 
James (B), 304, 332 
Taylor (B), 304, 332 
William (R), 290, 304 
Additional names (B), 304, 332 

Clarence (H), 193 
Henry B. (H), 193 
James A. (H), 193 
William (H), 160, 193 


Minnie J. (H), 196 


Henry (H), 244 

Additional names (H), 244 


Arthur H. (B), 295, 313 
Charles M. (B), 313, 344 
Edwin G. (B), 313, 342 
Eugene C. (B), 313, 342 
Fanny A. (B), 313, 343 
Flora A. (B), 312, 341 
Frank F. (B), 313. 341 
George W. (B), 313, 343 
Helen L. (B), 313, 344 
Isaac (B), 295, 313 
Jane N. (B), 313, 344 
John H. (R), 287, 295 
Martha A. (B), 313, 342 
Mary A. (B), 313, 343 
Milo (B), 295, 312 
Miram (B), 295, 312 
Oscar F. (B), 313, 343 
Sarah E. (B), 313, 343 
Sarah F. (B), 313, 342 
Seth (B), 295, 312 
Simeon O. (B), 313, 343 
William H. (B), 313, 344 
Additional names (B), 295, 312, 
313, 341, 342, 343, 344 


Catharine E. (H), 166, 204 
Conrad (H), 166 
Mary W. (H), 166 
Ten Eyck (H), 166 

Gard [l^a Garde], 

Pedigree, 159 

Ruth Huntington, 153 


C. C, 121 
Elizabeth (H). 152 
Horace B. (H), 121 


Catharine J. 183 


Jephtha D. (H), 154 
Additional names (H), 154, 155 




John W. (H), 202, 227 

Kellogg (H), 227 

Bryant (H), 244 

Neil (H), 233 

Additional names (H), 244 

Hester T. (B), 331, 359 

Sarah E. (B), 331, 359 

Taylor B. (B), 331 

Thomas (R), 303, 331 

Mary (H), 124 

Sarah (H), 244 

(H), 209 


William H. (R), 307, 336 

Additional names (B), 336 

Capt. James, 297, 300 

Maria A. (R), 300 

Sarah W. (R), 297 

Eugene (R), 326 

Emily (R), 299 

John (H?), 240 

Frank A. (B), 315, 345 

Reed (R), 296, 315 

Additional names (B), 346 

Alonzo (H), 233 

Ora E. (B), 309 

Riverio W. (R), 309 

Sarah (R), 'J72 

(H), 230 


■— (R), 331, 359 

Additional names (B), 359 

Lottie (H), 245 


Mary E. (R), 350 

(N). 367, 368 

Garrie (N), 368 


Daniel (R), 267 

Ebenezcr (R?), 270, 274 

William (R?), 265 

(R), 303, 330 

Ruth I. (B), 330, 358 


Hena (R), 378 

William, 277 

Additional names, 277 

Charlotte (H), 142 

Marilla (R), 306 

Ann Eliza (R), 283 

Clara M. (H), 220 

James (H), 220 

Minnie F. (H), 220 

Sarah, 282 

Catherine (H). 209. 229 

Cornelia (H), 167 

A. R. (H?), 240 

Clara S. (H), 205 

John R., 205 
Grumman [Orowman], 

Aaron (H), 131 

Aaron (H), 97 

Abigail (H), 113 

Esther (R), 255 

Ichabod (H), 97, 118 

Isaac (H), 113 

John. 252 

Joseph (H), 138 

Mary (R), 255 



Mary (H), 113, 138 

Phebe (H), 113 

Sarah (H), 113 
William (H), 113 

Charles (H), 144 

Nancy (H), 111 

Lydia (H), 111 

Judd (R), 330 

Dr. — (H). 208 


Mary (R), 361 

John (H), 173, 207 

Additional names (H), 207 

Charles C. (H), 223 

George (H), 210, 230 

John (H), 176, 209 

Melinda (H), 210, 230 

Sarah (H), 210, 230 

William C. (H), 210, 230 

Additional names (H), 230 

Evaline (R), 351 

Kittie (H), 173 

Mary H. (R), 301 

Stephen (R), 283 

Elizabeth (H), 125 

Ruth (R?), 285, 293 

Frederick L. (R), 312 

Capt. Joseph (H), 162 

Meriam (R), 267 

Rachel (H), 210 

Susannah (H), 147 

Benjamin (H), 95, 112 

Leonard (H), 228 

Sally (H), 112 

Silas (H), 100 

Additional names (H), 100, 112 


Dr. Caleb (H), 105 

Additional names (K), 105 

Jessie (R), 330 

Mrs. Mary [Light] (H), 209 

Mrs. Mary (H), 130 

Robert (H), 200, 226 

Additional names (K), 226 

Elizabeth (H), 176 

Maria A. (R), 319 

Benjamin F. [Frank] (R), 321, 

Additional names (B), 358 

Edward (H), 102 

Blanch V. (H), 216, 235 

Charlotte M. (R), 327 

Major George D. (H), 191, 216 

Matthew, (R?), 275 

John (R), 317, 348 

William B. (R), 317, 348 

Additional names (B), 348 

Annie T. (H), 244 

Joseph (H?), 243 

Melissa (H), 244 

Emma (S), 372 

Jane (H), 203 

Christina (H?), 238 

William (H). 247 

Additional names (H), 247 

(H), 117 

Ada M. (H), 215, 235 
. Eleanor (H), 124 

James W. (H), 191, 215 



Mary (H), 95, 107 

Paul V. (H), 215, 234 

Theodore R. (H), 198 

"William F. (H?), 240 

Additional names (H), 215, 235 

Abby (H), 171 

Abiel (H?), 239 

Abraham (H), 109 

Damaris (H), 110 

Eunice (H), 143 

John, 53 

Richard, 53 

Additional names (H?), 239, 240 

Dr. Charles G. (H), 210, 230 

Additional names (H), 230 

Alice (H), 228 

Dana (H), 203, 228 

Sarah (H), 101 

Betsey (H), 102, 137 

Clara (R), 341 

David (H), 170 

Robert B. (H), 152 

Capt. Columbus (H), 162 


Bessie (R), 287 
Eli (R), 273 
Ezekiel (R), 265 
Lemuel (R), 268, 283 
Mary (R?), 376 
Samuel (R), 262 


James (H), 165, 203 
Additional names (H), 208 


Abby E. (H), 152 
Mary (R), 282, 391 


Mrs. Amy [Whitney] (R?), 265 
Eunice (H?), 240 
Katie O. (R), 338 

Hayward [Howard] , 

Experience, 373 

Harriet (H), 183 

Harry (H), 150 

Charles W. (H), 221 

Perry W. (H), 221 

Elias (S), 371 

Sarah (H), 167 

Sarah (H), 133 

H. Evan (R), 328, 357 

Additional names (B), 3S7 

Ida (R), 353 

William (H), 209 

William, 252 

Abel (R). 268. 279 

Andrew L. (R?), 274 

Augustus (R?), 274 

Betsey (H), 169 

Betty (R). 285 

Hannah (R), 268, 278 

J. C. (H), 157 

Lewis, 205 

Mary (R), 340 

Mary A. (N), 366 

Mary B. (R). 333 

Mrs. Mary [Fordyce] (H), 206 

Nancy (H?), 238, 289 

Additional names (B?), 274 

Maud (R), 319 

John (H), 111 

Sarah (H), 98 

Mary A. (H). 149 

Rachel (H). 149 


Lillian E. (R). 322 




Nellie (R), 349 

Richard W. (R), 307, 335 

Alfred C. (H), 167, 204 

Amelia Lyon (H), 204 

Emma A. (H), 204 

Mary F. (H), 204 
Additional names (H), 204, 205 

. (R), 381 

Maurice (»), 312, 340 

Watson (B), 312, 341 

William (R), 294, 311 

Additional names (B), 340, 341 

Charles F. (R), 322 

Libbie M. (H), 197. 223 

Additional names (B), 322 

Theodore (H), 194, 219 

Additional names (K), 219 

Bardette (H?), 250 

Martha (H), 242 

Mary H. (H), 192 

Almeda M. (N), 370 

Joseph (H), 161, 196 

Peter (H), 161, 195 

Additional names (B), 195, 196 

Mabel (R), 289 

Mary A. (R), 334 

Elizabeth (H), 212 

John M. (H), 120, 147 

Additional names (H), 148 

Mary (H), 231 

Louisa M. (H), 231 

Ann (H), 92 

N. Lucretia (H), 243 


Dr. C. C. 232 

Christabel (H), 173 

Margaret (H), 232 

S. L. (H), 173 

Livingston H. (H), 196, 220 

Additional names (H), 220 

Frank (H), 199 

Mary J. (H), 231 

Albert (H), 142, 171 

Additional names (H), 171 

Peter (H), 142, 171 

John (H), 111 

Charlotte E. (B), 356 

William C. (R), 327, 356 

Ambrose S. (H), 199 

Christina (N), 369 

Elias P. (H), 112 

W. L. (N), 369 

Additional names (H), 199 

Enoch (H), 246 

Mary (H), 200, 226 

Additional names (H), 246 
Hoyt [Holte], 

John, 252 

Anna (H), 213 

Lewis Van B. (R), 286 - 

Esther (R), 282 

Lewis (R), 268 

Richard, 252 

' (H), 196 

David (H), 150 

Eugene (H), 201 

Charles (H), 170 



Harriet (H), 196 

Helen (H), 166 

John N. (H), 166 

Robert (H), 152 

Pedigree, 159 

Rev. E. S. (R), 291, 310 

Phebe, 159 

Simon, 159 

Thomas, 53, 60 

Additional names (B), 310 

Martha (R), 270 

Andrew E. (R), 313, 343 

George D. (R), 343 

' (R), 308, 336 

Archie (B), 337 

Electa (N), 368 

Myra (R), 326 

Anna (N), 367 

Dr. Charles H. (H), 153 

Chloe (N), 365 

Chloe (R), 277, 289 

Deborah (R), 258 

John D. (H), 153 

Mary (R), 40, 255, 257 

Additional names (H), IBS 

Blanche (H), 212 

Richard (H), 212 

Edward A. (H), 215, 235 

Estelle (H), 202 

Phebe (H?) 239 

Additional names (H), 235 

Rev. Alexander (K), 211 

M. L. (H), 211 

Charlie W. (H), 217 



Sarah, 324 

Horace (R), 322 

Lieut. John M. (H), 201, 227 

Mabel (B), 322 

Additional names (H), 227 

Eunice (R?), 265 

Harriet (H?), 239 

Joshua (R), 255 

Sarah (R), 256, 261 

■ , 277, 2S1 


Mary (R), 338 

Horace (H), 199 
William E. (H), 199 

Anna M. (H), 219 
Rev. C. H. A., 325 
Charles W. (H), 172, 206 
David (H), 133. 166 
Emma (H), 202, 
Harris Lyon (H), 166, 204 
John, 53 
Joseph, 67 

Joseph H. (R), 300, 325 
Sarah (H), 112 
Thomas, 53, 66, 58 
Additional names (H), 166, J04, 
206; (B), 325, 355 
Johnston [Johnstone], 
James L. (H), 209 
James W. (H), 232 
Leonidas E. (K), 231 
William M. (H), 210, 230, 233 
Additional names (H), 209, 230, 
231, 233 

David B. (H), 167 
Additional names (H), 167 

Charles A. (H). 154 
David W. B. (R). 316. 847 
Hubbard (R), 290 
Martha (H), 117 



Naomi (H), 116 

Additional names (B)i 347 

Frank H. (H), 230 

Lewis J. (H), 230 

Mary B. (H), 231 
Kain [Cain], 

William (H), 158 

Capt. James, 111 

Sarah (H), 111 

Maggie (R), 378 

Jason (H), 231 

Additional names (K), 231 

James (H), 130, 162 

Clarissa (H), 164 

Emma B. (R), 340 

Joseph, 255 

Additional names, 164, 25S 

John (H), 243 

Additional names (K), 243 

Emma L. (H), 198, 223 

— (H), 144 

David L. (R), 299, 321 

Emma J. (S), 321, 353 

Joel (H), 168 

Martha (H), 194 

Additional names (S), 821 

Harlie A. (R), 299 

(H), 155 


Jason (H), 151 

Additional names (H), 161 

Eben (R), 331, 360 

Howard (»), 360 

Abraham (H), 101 

John Nelson (H), 170 


Edward S. (H), 199 

Lydia (H), 111 

Ruby G. (H), 199 

Lucy (N), 367 

John (H), 137 

Harriet (H), 155 

Levi (H), 150 

Nancy (H), 117 

Elizabeth (H), 209, 228 

Abigail (H), 81 

Samuel, 53, 60, 81 

Robert, 53 

George W. (H), 230 

Moses (H), 153 

Additional names (H), 153 

Charles (H), 229 

Jane (R?), 274 

Ruth (R), 266, 276 

Valesco J. (H), 173, 207 

Additional names (H), 207 

Eulah (B), 315, 346 

William (R), 296, 315 

John, 252 

(R), 319 


William (H), 167 

Additional names (H), 167 

Frances A. (R), 393 

John (H), 140 

Additional names (K), 140 

Anna (H), 210, 230 

J. H. (H), 122 




Charles A. (R), 321 

John H. (H), 228 

Calvin (R), 317. 348 

George W. (R), 314, 345 

John, 266 

Martha (R), 266 , 

Ruth (R?), 274, 283 

Additional names (B), 345 

William (R), 392 

Ella M. (H), 194 

Frank E. (H), 194 

G. Frank (H), 148 

Henry E. (H), 194 

John P. (H), 194 

Joseph G. (H), 161, 193 
Mark (H), 161, 194 

William M. (H), 194, 219 

Additional names (H), 148, 194, 

Hannah (H), 102 

Abby (R), 333 

John (H), 212 

Dr. George (H), 166 

(H), 111 


Richard, 53 

Robert (H), 145 

Henry F. (H), 146, 177 

Additional names (H), 177 

Pedigree, 158 
Ada J. (H), 197, 223 
Caroline B. (H), 163, 197 
James P. (H), 163, 197 
Rev. James W. (H), 198 
Lewis H. (H), 197, 223 
Lewis H. (H), 130, 162 

Mellnda Card (H), 158 

Oren D. (H), 166, 203 

Peter Perrlne, 158 

Thomas (H). 114 

Additional names (K), 198, 208, 

Josephine (H), 244, 245 

Ernald, 11 

Hugo. 11 

John, 11 

Pagan, 11 

Paganus, 11 

Walter, 11 

. 9 

Sir Paganus, 10 

Sir Roger, 10, 12 

(R). 359 

Additional names (&), 359 

Aaron (R), 281, 290 

Aaron Burton (B), 290, 304 

Almeda (B), 294, 390 

Anna (B), 304, 331 

Chauncey (B), 304, 832 

Eliza (B), 304. 332 

Eliza A. (B), 290, 303 

Elizabeth (B), 304, 331 

Emma M. (B), 290, 304 

Frances (B), 304. 332 

John Lyon (B), 290, 304 

Sarah (B), 304, 331 

Thankful (B), 290, 303 

Additional names (B), 290. 804. 

Ada Miranda (B), 296, 316 

Charles O. (H). 212 

Cutler L. (H), 202 

David (H), 179 

David (R). 288. 296 

Eliza (H?), 250 

James (H), 127 

Jane E. (R). 303 

Jasper B. (H). 197. 222 

John S. (H), 165. 202 



Julia (R), 318 
Mary (R), 318 
Susan (H), 156, 184 
Additional names (H), 156, 179, 
202, 212, 222 

Catharine S. (S), 372 

David (H), 175, 208, 391 

Additional names (H), 208 

Mary (H), 209 

Albert C. (B), 328, 358 

Charles W. (R), 302, 328 

Additional names (B), 358 

J. (H), 244 

Demas (H), 95, 112 

Jacob (H), 110 

James (H), 230 

Capt. John, 112 

Mrs. Sarah (H), 112 

Silas S. (R), 301, 325 

Swaine (H), 140, 170 

Additional names (H), 112, 170; 
(B), 325 

Francis, 53 

— — (H), 209 


George P. (R), 303, 330 

Additional names (B), 330 
Uttell [I^ittle], 

Abby (H), 142 

Harriet (H), 205 

Helen G. (H), 166, 204 

Rebecca (H), 101 

Additional names (H), 165, 166 

Lola (H), 230 

Mary C. (B), 306, 335 

Matthew (R), 291, 306 

Oscar F. (B), 306, 334 

Additional names (R), 334 


Joseph, 252 

Sarah (R), 281 

Elizabeth (H), 145 
Kongrf allow, 

Susan (H), 243 

Harry A. (R), 346, 361 

Additional names (B), 361 

(R), 308, 336 

Additional names (B), 336, 337 

Mrs. (S), 371 


Grant (H), 150 


Godfrey, 9 


Bertha S. (H), 225 
Frank (R), 304, 332 
William W. (H), 193, 218 
Additional names (H), 218; (B), 


Godfrey, 9 


Agnes (H), 107, 124 
Gen. Benjamin (H), 107, 124 
Benjamin (H), 125. 154 
Charlotte C. (H), 125, 154 
Col. Cornelius (H), 95, 107 
Judge Cornelius (H), 124, li4 
Elizabeth (H), 107, 125 
Israel (H), 107, 124, 125 
Martha (H), 107, 125 
Sarah B. (H), 125, 154, 183 
William (H), 107, 125 
Additional names (H), 124, 125, 
154, 155 

Charity, (H), 128 
Elizabeth (H), 152 
Hannah (H), 111 
Israel, 152 

Mary (H), 94, 95, 106 

James (H), 162 




R. M., 36 

Robert, 53 

Ezra (H), 172 

Henry [Lyon], 35 

Hopestlll, 35 

John, of Badby, 35 

Honora V. (H), 190 

John, Esq., 190 

Sir John, 12 

Archibald K. (H), 204 


Duncan S. (H), 166, 204 
Additional names (H), 204 


Frank (H), 206 


Julia (R), 304 

Mann [Man], 

— (H), 89; (R), 291, 308 

Additional names (H), 89 


Lois, 373 


Maria (H), 232 


Dr. Thomas M. (H), 197, 222 
Additional names (H), 222 


Mrs. Elizabeth (H), 196 
Henry A. (R), 308, 338 
Additional names (B), 338 


Charles McA. (H), 197, 221 
Eleanor P. (H), 221, 236 
Frances E. (H), 221 
Rev. Jabez, 215 
Philip M. (H), 184, 215 
Additional names (H), 215, 221 

Elizabeth (H), 140 
Harriet (H), 210, 232 
Isabella G. (H), 210, 233 

Jonathan (H), 176. 210 
Mary (H), 171 

Flora M. (H). 218 

Denlson H. (H), 202 
Elizabeth (H), 145 
Joseph (H), 173, 207 
Additional names (K), 202, 207 

Setli J. (R), 334 

James (R), sig 

George W. (H), 125 

Howard (H), 182 
Sarah (H), 182 

Angeline (R), 332 

George W. (H), 210, 229 
Additional names (H), 230 

George (H), 232 

William H. (H), 233 

Othias (H), 176. 211 
Additional names (H), 211 

(R). 309 


Alexander (H). 144 
William H. (H), 144 

Julia A. (R). 319 

Elizabeth (R), 262. 269 

luelda (R). 363 

James (H). 233 
Judge John (H), 125. 1B4 
Additional names (H), 16S. StS 

Walter J. (R). 355. 363 
Additional names (B), 363 




Eliza (R), 344 

George (H), 150 

Effle (R), 349 

Andrew (H), 156 

Arnold (H), 143, 172 

Caroline D. (H), 173, 206 

Additional names (H), 173 

Emeline (R), 327 
Ueeker [Meaker], 

Bethuel (H), 239 

Caleb (R), 265 

Deborah (R?), 274, 284 

Elisha (H), 170 

George (H), 153 

Hannah (R), 265, 275 

John (R), 257, 263 

Joseph (H), 105 

Josiah, 138 

Mary E. (H), 170 

Ogden (R?), 275 

Phebe, (H), 113, 138 

Sally (H), 133 

Sarah (H), 181, 239 

Stephen (R), 265 

Additional names (H), 105; (B), 

Rev. Thomas L. (H), 197, 222 

Eleanor P. (H), 222, 237 

Additional names (H), 222 

William (H), 243 

James (H), 149 

Celeste (R), 349 

Paul, 349 

Eldridge G., 169 

Maria (H), 169 

Sally (N), 364 

Capt. Nathaniel, 364 


Mary (R), 279 

Jane V. (R), 318 

Abraham (H), 148 

Bethia, (H), 111 

Cornelius (H), 137 

Dean (B), 352, 363 

Eliza (R), 316 

Frank E. (R), 321, 352 

Isaac (H), 112 

John (H), 156 

Josiah (H), 137 

Louisa (H), 212, 233 

Margaret (H), 156, 183 

Marietta (H), 152 

Mary (H?), 238, 240 

Nancy (H), 112 

Sarah (R), 296 

Thomas (H), 105 

Additional names (B), 363 

Lucinda (R), 283 

— , 81 

Capt. William (S), 371 

William S. (H), 171, 206 

Additional names (H), 206; (S)i 
Mitchell [Mitchel], 

Ida (R), 287 

Rebecca (R), 346 

James D. (H), 230 

Additional names (H), 230 

George (H), 181, 214 

Additional names (H), 214 

Luna (R), 361 

David G. (H), 181, 214 

Francis C. (H), 180, 213 

Joseph G. (H), 150, 180 

Additional names (H), 180, 213, 

Sarah (H), 156 




(H), 149 


— (N), 367, 368 

Anne (H), 151, 182 

Henry (H), 136, 168 

L.ockey (H), 167 

Mary (R), 297 

Tabitha (H), 136, 168 

William (H), 119 

Additional names (B), 168, 229; 
(N), 368 

M. H. (H), 180 
Uorehonse [MorbonBe], 

Abigail (H), 137 

Daniel (R), 257, 264 

David (H), 89, 96 

Eleanor (R), 283 

Gould (R), 283 

Israel (H), 142, 171 

James (H), 137, 168 

Joanna (H), 89, 96 

Samuel, 252 

Thomas, 252 

Dea. William B. (R), 291 

Additional names (H), 168, 169, 
171; (B), 264 

Abraham (H), 141 

John W. (R), 303, 329 

Additional names (B), 329 

Hannah (H), 113 

Mary (H), 111 

Delia (R?), 377 

David (H), 151 

Additional names (H), 151 

Mo wry, 

Maria L. (H), 147, 390 

Jacob (H), 122, 150 
Solomon (H), 176, 210 
Additional names (H), 150, 211 


— (H), 103 



Fred W. (R), 343 

Densey (H), 139 

John (H). 152 

William (H), 167 

Additional names (H), 167 

Elizabeth (B), 299, 320 

Emellne (B), 298. 320 

Florence I. (B), 320 

George (B), 298, 320 

Joseph, 120 

Mary A. (B), 299, 320 

Miner (R), 288, 298 

Phebe (H), 120 

Additional names (B), 298, 299 

Lois (Lyon?), 274 

Simeon (R?). 274 

Additional names (B?), 274 

Al (R). 316, 347 

Louis (B), 347. 361 

Lucy J. (R). 319 

Samuel (H). 110 

Additional names (B), 361 

Gov. Franklin (H), 152 

Robert, 152 

William (H), 151 

William H. (H), 152 

Kate R. (H); 207 

John, 207 

Amy E. (H). 216 

Ida J. (H). 245 

Jane (H). 142 

G. H. (N). 369 

John (H). 211. 233 

A'Ulltlonnl namPB (■), 2S3 

Elvira M. (H). 179 



(R), 281, 291 

Albert E. (R), 291, 310 

Amanda A. (B), 291, 309 

Burton Lyon (B), 309 

Charles H. (B), 309, 340 

Charlotte E. (B), 310, 340 

Charlotte H. (B), 308, 339, 393 

Duane A. (B), 307, 336 

Elisha (R), 308, 339 

Hiram A. (B), 291, 309 

Ida F. (B), 308, 339 

John N. (B), 291, 308 

Marietta S. (B), 291, 308 

Marion A. (B), 308, 336 

Nancy D. (B), 309, 339 

Orson E. (B), 291, 309 

Orson N. (B), 291, 309 

Perry E. (B), 307, 336 

Phidelia A. (B), 307, 336 

Rowena P. (B), 291, 307 

Sarah A. (B), 291, 308 

Timothy Lyon (B), 291, 308 

"Walter A. (B), 308, 339 

William H. (B), 307, 337, 339 

William R. (B), 291, 307 

Additional names (B), 291, 807, 
308, 309, 310, 336, 339, 340 

Eleanor (R?), 286, 293 

Eli (R), 267 

Ralph (B), 320 

Dr. W. Sanford (R), 320 

Elizabeth (H), 203 

Miranda (R), 308 

Rhoda (H), 118 

Carrie L. N. (R), 342 

Esther Ann (R), 284 

Mary (H), 124 

Elijah (H), 130, 162 
Lillian (R), 326 

Phyzannah (H), 244 

Additional names (B), 162 

Josiah (H), 243 

Additional names (H), 243 

Antoinette M. (R), 313 

Florence (H), 234 

Casin B. (H), 198, 224 

Louise L. (H), 224 

John, 252 

Pedigree, 129 

(H), 100 

David. 129 
Hannah (H), 119 
Samuel (H), 118, 143 
Susan (H), 127, 155, 238 
Additional names (H), 143 


(R), 304, 331 

Additional names (B), 331 


(H), 195 

Elizabeth (H), 234 
John (H), 110 
Mercy (H), 92 
Sarah (H), 111 


Pedigree, 273 

Elijah (R), 264, 273 

Hannah (R), 280 

Sarah (R?), 259 

Additional names (B), 273 

Edward G. (H), 206 

Additional names (K), 206 

J , 271 

Nathan (R), 264 

Squire (H), 168 

Additional names (H), 168 

Miriam (H), 174 

Mary (R), 343 



Ellas L. (H), 134 

Emma E. (R), 333 

Jacob (H?), 239 

Samuel (H?), 239 

Caleb (H), 100, 118 

Additional names (H), 118 

C. C. (R), 290, 306 

Frances (B), 3O6 

Thomas (H), 137 

Arthur (H), 228 
"William (H), 203, 228 

Abiah (R), 265 

Nancy (H), 209 

Pearl (R), 345 

Irene (H), 213 
Isaac (H), 211, 233 
Additional names (H), 23S 

Jeremiah, 53 

Daniel, 146 
Sarah A A. (H), 146 

Emma F. (H), 206 

William (H), 157 
Additional names (H), 158 

Pedigree', 160 
Daniel, 160 

(R), 295 

Asenath (R), 295 
Caroline A. (H), 197, 221 
Flora A. (H), 197, 221 
Frances W. (H), 197, 221 
Joel (R), 282 
Leonora L. (H), 197, 221 
Lewis M. (H), 197, 220 
Mary (R), 272 


Mary E. (H), 197. 221 

Nathaniel (R), 39^ 255 

Dr. William A. (H), 1»7 

Additional names (H), 197 211- 
(»), 39, 295 

Gertrude (H), 217 
Philips [PhUUpB], 

Edward (H). 150 

Mary (R), 314 

Gardner (H), 208 

Clara (H), 203, 228 

— (H), 119, 211 

Abraham, 53, 54, 56, 67 

Elias (H), 118 

Elizabeth (H), 124, Its 

Hannah, 82 

Jonathan (H), 124 

Jonathan (H), 124, 15S 

Lucy. (H), 90 

Mary (H), 82, 83, 91 

Mary (H), 124. 153 

Rebecca (H). 99 

Thomas. 53 

Additional names (H), 124 16| 


Mary (H), 212 

Sarah (H), 197 

Harriet (H), 233 
Henry L. (H). 2SS 

Sarah, 82 
William (R), 283 
Additional names (B), 281 

Leila (R). 339 

John, 255 
Joseph (H), 103 
Mary (H). IJIS 
Samuel, 60 

Minnie (H), 206 




John (H?), 250 
Samuel (H?), 250 

Sophia (H), 102 

Ellen (H), 142 
Squire (H), 136 

Jessie, (R), 287 
Mary B. (H?), iiO 

Addie (H), 202 

Amanda (R), 297 

Amos, 139 

Anna A. (H), 181, 214 

Benjamin (H), 137, 169 

Christiana (H), 137, 169 

Elizabeth R. (H), 213, 234 

John (H), 112, 137 

John (H), 137, 169 

Rev. Joseph L. (H), 180, 214 

Margaret (K), 180, 213 

Mary (H), 139 

Mary (H), 137, 168 

Mary (Lyon) 

Mary W. (H), 192 

Rachel (H), 137, 168 

Samuel A. (H), 181, 214 

Rev. Samuel (H), 150. 180 

Additional names (H), 137, 169, 

Josiah (H), 165, 203 

Mary (H), 199 

Mary (N), 365 

Alonzo (R), 291, 309 

Anna M. (R), 328 

Additional names (B), 309 

(H), 117 

Jemima (H), 113 

John H. (H), 196, 220 

Mary (H), 127 

Moses, 127 

Thompson (H), 183 

Wilbur (H), 122 

Additional names (H), 183, 220 


Asa (H), 134 
Mrs. Elizabeth (H), 145 

Abigail (H), 110, 111 
Adoniram (H), 95, 110 
Benjamin (H), 95, 111 
Boice John (H), 95, 110 
Isaac (H), 95, 111, 112 
Joanna (H), 95, 110, 111 
Joseph (H), 88, 95 
Joseph (H), 95, 110, 111 
Mary (H), 110, 111 
Moses (H), 95, 111 
Peter (H), 95, 110, 112 
Phebe (H), 110, 111 
Rachel (H), 95, 251 
Samuel (H), 111, 112 
Sarah (H), 95, 110 
Adoniram (H), 95, 110 
111, 112 

Zalmon (R), 273, 283 

Abner (H), 128 

Elizabeth (R), 315 

Arthur (H), 203, 228 
Laura (H), 228 

Sarah, 140 

Julia A. (H), 128 

Elizabeth (H), 167 

Sarah (H), 112 

Martha (H), 173 

Alonzo (H), 142, 172 
Anna M. (H), 172, 206 
Additional names (H), 172 

(H), 151 


(H), 250 



James M. (H), 150, 180 
Additional names (H), igo 

Pedigree, 267 

Eli (R), 267 

Jane (R), 311 

Hon. John, 293 

John S. (R), 293 

Lazarus (H), 198 

Samuel B. (R?), 286 

Thaddeus (R?), 286, 293 

Additional names (H), 193 • 
(B?), 293 

Florence (N), 367 

Priscilla (R), 282 

(R), 331, 359 

Additional names (B), 359 

Alanson (R), 288, 300 

Louisa (H), 181 

Sarah (H), 232 

Alfred (H?), 240 

Benjamin (H?), 239 

Louisa (H), 214 

Rachel (H), 113 

Michael J. (H), 216, 235 

William (H), 107 

E. P. (R), 310, 340 

Hannah (R), 3I6 

Leon (R), 349 

Walter H. (R), 309, 339 

Additional names (B), 339 340, 

James F. (H), 160, 193 

Additional names (H), 193 

Burrage (H), 164, 199 

Ebenezer (H), 132, 163 

Jennie (R), 360 

L. H. (H), 198 


Mary (H), 164, 200 
Samuel (H), 132, I64 
Sophia (H), 164. 199 


Herman G. (R), 303. 329 

Rev. John D. (H). 143. 172 

Mary A. (H), 172, 206 

Thankful (H), 174 

Additional names (B), 339 330 
Blchards, ' ' 

Betsey (R), 332 

Je.sse (H), 157 

Jane F. (R), 303 

Jeanette (N), 368 

Asa W. (H). 167 
Additional names (H), 167 

Martin T. (R), 334 


Abigail (H?), 110 

Arthur (H), 179. 213 

Edward, 53 

Rev. Ellas (H), 150. 180 

Elizabeth (H), 83. 91 

Elizabeth (H), 150. 179. 180. 181 

Esther W. (R), 305 
Hannah (H), 150, 180 
Rev. James (H), 180, 21S 
Jeremiah, 305 
Joseph. 53 

Rev. Joseph L. (H), 150. 179 
Margaret (H), 150. 180 
Phebe (H), 150. 180 
Additional names (H), 150, 179. 
180, 213 

— (H). 378 


Kate (R). 310 
Peter (H), 142 
Sarah (R), 310 

Letltla (R). 302 




(R), 313, 344 

Additional names (B), 844 

Margaret (B), 258 

William (R), 255, 258 

George (H), 200 

Hugh, 53 

Mary (H), 82, 90 

Moses, 251 

Thomas S. (H), 200, 225 

Additional names (K), 200, 226 

(H), 141 

Amelia (H), 243 


William D. (H), 170 

George (H), 123, 151 

Additional names (H), 161 

Angelina S (B), 807, 885 

Bryant (R), 291, 307 

Eliza J. (B), 307, 335 

Elvira C. (B), 307, 336 

Emma (B), 335, 360 

Willard (R), 306, 335 

Josephine (H), 213 

(R), 305 

Betsey (R), 279 

Mrs. Gertrude (H), 137 

John, 53 

Elizabeth A. (H), 179 

(R), 330, 358 

Additional names (B), 358 


Charlotte (H), 172 
L. J. (H), 172 
Samuel, 53 


Eliza (H), 162 
John (H), 136, 168 

Jonathan (H), 168 
Additional names (H), 168 

Rachel (H), 104 

Elizabeth (H), 220 

Julia (B), 286 
William (R), 276, 286 

Abigail (R), 257, 264 

Jane (R), 272 

John (R), 263, 270 

Additional names (B), 270 

W. B. (R), 303 

Anne (H), 104 

Elias (H), 125 

Richard (H), 104 

Helen S. (H), 194 

Thanltful (R), 281 

James O. (B), 236 

James R. (H), 218, 236 

Ann (R), 295 

Maggie (H), 171 

Mahala (R), 297 

Caroline L. (H), 232 

Anna (R), 278 

David (H), 115 

Judge Edward I. (R), 287 

Eli (R?), 274 

Ephraim, 261, 268 

Hannah (R), 261, 268 

Huldah (R?), 274, 284 

Jerusha (R), 340 

Lois (R), 261 

Additional names (K), 115; 
(B?), 274 


Sarsreact [Seargeant, Sargent], 

Clinton A. (R), 329 
Jonathan, 53 
William (H), 225 

(H), 117 


Marshall H. (H), 147 
Additional names (H), 147 

Joseph, 210 
Bayers [Sayres], 

Catherine (R), 227 
Daniel (H), 83, 93 
Ephraim (H), 93, 104 
Samuel (H), 83 
Additional names (H), 104 

Prof. James J. (H), 221, 237 
Additional names (H), 237 

Edward T. (H), 142, 171 
Additional names (K), 171 

Edward G. (R), 350 
Additional names (B), 851 

Donald (H), 205, 228 
Florence (S), 372 
George H. (R), 313, 343 
James M. (H), 146, 177 
Additional names (H), 177, 228; 
(B), 348 

Affiable (R?), 286, 294 

Mrs. Mary (Meritt) (R), 279 
Peninah (H), 117 

Alma (H), 243 
Additional names (H), 243 

Sarah (H), 243 
Additional names (H), 248 

Hannah (H), 245 
Seely [Soley], 

Ephraim (R), 283, 292 
Phebe (R?), 274 


Additional namen (B), 2»8 

Mary A. (H), 202 

Sarah (H), 174 

(R;, 350 


Winfleld Scott (H). 198, 2St 
Additional names (H), 223 


Caldwell (H), 235 
Ell (H). 216, 285 

Gen. Daniel, 240 
Hiram (H), 240 

Laura (H), 165 
Miranda (S), 371 

William (H). 110 

Henry T. (R), 287 

John T. (H), 199 
Additional names (H), 199 

Julia (R), 334 

William S. (H), 238 

Ablpall (R), 261, 268 
Catherine fKate) (K), tit 
Electa D. (B), 316. 346 
Granville J. (B), 318, 847 
Herbert F. (B), 316, 846 
Joseph T. (R). 296. 816 
Wakeman E. (B), 316. 847 
Additional namos (B), 346, $47 

Julia A. (R). 862 

Matthew R. (U). 161. 115 
Additional nnmoa (M), 196 

Ellen (H), 233 

Amy (R). 840 




Alexander H. (H>, 216, 235 
Mildred Lyons (K), 235 

Leonard B. (H), 180 

«— (R), 319 


Marietta (R), 292 

Sarah (H), 242 

John J. (R), 351 

Additional names (B), 351 

Emma T. (R), 333 

Robert (R), 327, 357 

Additional names (B), 357 

Mary B. (R), 308 

Robert (H), 157 

Anna (S), 371 

Anthony, 371 

Diana (H), 165 

(H), 117 

Abby L. (H), 138 

Charles (H), 139, 202, 250 

Charles W. (H), 171 

Charity (H), 139 

Cornelia (H), 181 

Elsie (H), 172 

Flora G. (N), 367 

George (H), 164, 182, 203 

George (N), 365 

Gloria (H), 173 

H. Thacher (H), 243 

Hannah (H), 119, 145 

Henry D. (R), 308, 334 

Horace K. (N), 370 

Howard (H), 146 

Ida P. (H), 243 

Major Isaac P. (H), 213 

Judge James R. W. (K), 213 

Joseph (R), 263 

Judith (R), 290 

Mary (H), 119, 200 
Samuel (R), 255, 258 
Dr. Samuel S. L. S. (H), 213, 234 
Susan (H), 119 
Susan A. (H), 171 
Susannah (H), 101 
William Ellis (H), 243 
William (H?), 250 
Additional names (H), 117, 146, 
183, 202, 213. 234; (W), 365, 
370; (B), 258, 339 

Earl (H), 223 

Archibald J. (H), 237 
Additional names (H), 237 

James (H), 161 

Hezekiah (R), 267 

Ida (R), 345 

Elizabeth (H), 176, 211 

Susan (H), 153 

Susan, 240 

■ (H), 136 

Charles C. (H), 212 

Mary R. (H), 225 

W. O. (R), 351 
Additional names (B), 351 

Elizabeth (H), 120 

Gov. William, 183 

Luke M. (H), 233 
Squire [Sciuires], 

Abigail (R), 272, 282 
Stephen (H?), 240 

Edward (H), 210, 231 
Additional names (H), 231 


May E. (H), 246 247 

Zebrina (H), 199 

(H), 151 


Diana (R), 304 

Amelia (?), 379 

(H). 194 


Charles B. (H), 191, 217 
Helen V. (H), 217, 236 
Additional names (H) 217 
Starkey, ' 

Eugene F. (R), 328, 358 
Additional names (B), 353 

Eleanor (R), 272 
Jeanett Lyon (R), 349 


Justus S. (H), 165. 202 
Robert Lyon (H), 202, 227 
Additional names (H), 227 


Ebenezer (H), 89 

Additional names (H), 89. 96 

Alice (R), 321, 352 

Frank (H), 142, 171 

(R), 315 


Eunice (H), 98 

F. (H), 208 

Nathaniel (R?), 258 

Mary Ann (R), 272 

Clara A. (R), 350 

James (R), 3I8, 349 

Jeanette Lyon (B), 349 

Philip (H), 146 

Ruth Ann (R), 320 

Ida (H), 230 



(R). 303 

(H). lU 
Eddie O. (R). 330. 358 
John C. (R). 103. 350 
Joseph (H). 162 
Lucretla M (R), 317 
^^^Additlonal names (»), 330. 168 

John (R), 271 

Marearet M. (H). 167 


Daniel (R), 200. 302 
Additional names (B) 305 


Ell Todd (R). 300 322 
L. E. (R), 332 

Additional names (B), 3J2 

Anna (H). 119 

William (H). 119 

Rev. B., 174 

John (H), 101 

I^ily (H), 233 

John (H), 119 

Phebe (R), 302 

Abble M. (N). 369 
Laura (H). 165. 20» 
Mary (R?). 285 
Sylvester (H), 180 
Strubbl© [StmbU], 
Tlenry (H). 139 

Caroline (H). 148 
Christiana (H), 136 

Joremlfth (R), 268 

Edward (H). 206 




Ann (R), 277 

Mary (R), 292 

Pedigree, 175 

Sarah (H), 175 

Samuel, 53 

Elliot (R), 348 

Polly (R), 312 

Sarah (H), 92 

Emery (R), 322 

Additional names (B), S22 

Robert H. (H), 167 

Ezra H. (H), 206 

Additional names (H), 206 

Franlc (H), 203 

Albert B. (H), 170 

Job A. (H), 139, 170 

Kate C. (H), 218 

Nancy (H), 140 

Lewis R. (H), 245 

Additional names (H), 24B 

(H), 195 

Alice V. (H), 192, 217 

David (H), 178, 208 

Edith S. (H), 218. 286 

Emma (H), 180 

Gilbert (H), 171 

Glendy B. (H), 212, 234 

Helen M. (K), 218, 236 

John M. (H), 146 

Mahlen R. (H), 160, 192 

Maria T. (H), 172 

Oakley R. (H), 192, 218 

Robert (H), 120 

Robert J. (H), 146 

Samuel (H), 170 

William H. (H), 140 

Additional names (B), 146, 192, 

208, 218, 234 

Techenor [Tichenor], 

Daniel, 53 

David (H?), 251 

Martin, 53 

Moses (H), 151, 181 

Virginia (H), 181 

Additional names (K), 181, 182 
Terrell, ^ 

Leonora (R), 317 

George (H), 149 

Additional names (B), 149 

• (H), 230; (R), SOI 


James (H), 119 

Winfleld (R), 304 

Aaron (H), 156 

Anna (H), 156 

Elizabeth (H), 89, 96 

Hannah (B), 89, 96 

Hettie Ann (R), 286 

John (H), 199 

Thomas, 81 

Thomas (H), 83, 94 

Additional names (B), 94 

Harriet (H), 209 
Thorpe [Thorp], 

John, 271 

Lois (R), 271 

James B. (R), 308, 339 

Charlotte M. (R), 355 

Anna (H), 209 

Mrs. Fanny (H), 136 

Margaret (H), 139 

(H), 117 

Mrs. Elizabeth (H), 111 

Jonathan, 53 



Michael, 53 

Richard (H), 140 

Rev. P. R. (R), 299 

Norman (H), 132 

Cornelia D. (H), 204 

Evetts (H?), 239 

Rachel (H?), 238 

Additional names (Kf), 239 

Daniel (R), 307 

Maude (H), 226 

Sarah (R), 275 

Robert. 44, 49, 53, 57, 67 

Sarah (H), 134 

Pedigree, 175 

Joanna, 175 

Francis N. (R), 203 

Elizabeth (R), 309 

William (H), 152 

— (R), 313, 344 

Asa (R), 298 

Maggie E. (B), 351, 862 

Merritt (R), 298, 320 

Robert S. (»), 351, 362 

Sydney A. (B), 320, 851 

Additional names (B), 344, 

Priscllla (H), 383 

Mary (H), 151, 181 

Moses (H), 136, 167 

Sarah (H), 167, 205 

Additional names (H), 167 

Benjamin (R), 261 

Benjamin (R?), 276 

Robert, 252 

Thomas (R), 263, 270 

Additional names (B), 270 



John (H). 164 

Additional names (H), 164 

David, 261 

Marcus (R?), 276 

Mrs. Elizabeth (H). 161 

Adah E., (B), 320, 851 

Elizabeth (H), 198 

Judson (R), 299, 320 

Additional names (B), S20 

Mary (H), 102 

Mrs. Sarah (H), 157 

Charles (R), 296 

Grace (H). 203 

Annie F. (B), 357, 361 

Charles W. (R), 827, 867 

Henry C. (B), 357 
Van Dalsem, 

Capt. William (H). 102 

Additional names (H), lOJ 

Van Dyne, 

Jane (H), 15S 
Theodosla (H), 166 

Van Honten, 

Effle (H), 184 
Sarah (H), 156 

Van North wick, 

Sener (R), 268, 278 

Van Blper, 

Hannah (H), 148 

Van Skark, 

(H). 211 


Annie C. (R), 356 


Ida Lura (R). 866 


Peter (H), 117 




James (R), 331, 360 
Additional names (R), 360 

Minnie (R), 347, 363 


Anna (H), 170 

(H), 89 

Clarissa Lyon (H), 201, 227 
Demas (H?). 239 

Gen. James F. (H), 201 

John P. (H), 201, 226 

William H. (H), 213 

Additional names (H), 201, 226 

George W. (H), 102 

Additional names (H), 102 

, 252 

Ann M. (R), 319 

Eleanor (R), 272 

Elizabeth, 81 

Elizabeth (R), 271, 282. 292 

Martha (H), 134 

(R), 323 

Bessie (R), 349 
Ida (H), 179 


Dennis (H), 211 

Joseph, 53 

Frank A. (R), 303, 329 

Additional names (B), 329 
Ward [Warde], 

■ (H?), 238 

Eber B. (H), 165, 201 

John, 53 

John (H), 59, 60, 65, 81, 82 

Josiah, 53 

Lawrence, 53 

Lemuel (H), 82 

Additional names (H), 201 

Theodore B. (H), 182 

Additional names (K), 182 


Anne (H), 225 

(R), 314 

Esther (H), 114 

Cornelia (R), 294 

Orrison (R). 329 

D. (H), 203 

Joseph, 57, 60 

Capt. James N. (H), 191, 215 

Additional names (K), 216 

Alice Lyon (B), 294 

Kent (B), 294 

Col. Thomas L. (R), 294 

Additional names (B), 294 

Henry (H), 145 

Mary A. (H), 140 

Grace (R), 266 

Rev. Lucius A., 222 

John S. (H), 251 

Minerva, (H), 211 

Geoffry (H), 178 

George O. (H), 147, 178 

Minnie A. (R), 356 

Thomas C. (H), 198, 224 

Additional names (H), 224 

Edmond A. (R), 313, 342 

Additional names (B), 342 

Jemima (H), 174 

Frances (H), 199 

Frances M. (N), 368 

Henry A. (H), 182 




Elizabeth (R), 337 

Mary E. (?), 379 

Pedigree, 129 

Austin Kent (R), 363 

Daniel (R), 273, 283 

Eliza (H), 139 

Hannah (R), 272, 276 

Capt. James (H), 128 

Moses, 266 

Nathaniel, 53, 129 

Seth, 276 

Additional names (H), 128; (S), 

George H. (H), 173, 207 

Ira (H), 173 

Kate (R), 321, 352 

Lizzie (R), 348 

Asa (H), 158 

Additional names (H), 158 

Helena (H), 199, 224 

Levi C. (H), 163, 199 

Matilda W. (H), 206 

William W. (H), 199, 225 

Additional names (H), 199, 225 

Nathaniel, (R?), 275 

Amy (R?), 265 

Chester M. (H), 149 

Martha A. (H), 175 


Catharine (H), 179 


Cornelius B. (H), 145 
Additional names (K), 145, 146 


Rev. Backus (H), 122 
Joseph (H), 105, 122 
Julia A. (H), 146 
Additional names (H), 122 


Aaron M. (H). 200, 225 

Joanna (H), 137 

John (H), 167. 205 

Mary (H), 113 

Mercy (H), 137 

Sarah (H), 136 

Additional names (K), 20S, 22( 

Martha E. (R), 832 

Henrietta P. (R), 294 

Isabella (R), 292, 310 

Price (H), 176. 211 

Pedigree, 129 

Charlotte (R), 272 

Eleazer (R?). 265 

Elizabeth (H), 129. 142 

Isaac Starr (H), 383 

Jonathan, 129 

Mrs. Mary (H), 130 

Priscllla Lyon (H), 383 

Theodore (H), 160. 192 

Thomas, 130 

Additional names (H), 192 

James (H), 174 


Statlra P. (R), 304 

Thomas H. (R). 305. 533 

Additional names (K), 888 

—(H). 117. 149: (R), 271 

Anna E. (H), 167. 184 

John (H). 157. 170 

John, Esq.. 157 

Thomas, 252 

Additional names (H), 167 

Jolin (H), 162. 197 

Additional names (K), 197 

rotiigree. 89 

Bethia (H), 89. 97 

Elizabeth (H). 88, 104 

Jacob, 97 



John (H), 89, 96, 127, 390 
Jonathan (H), 156 
Joseph, 97 

Samuel R. (H), 138 
Samuel R. (H), 138 
Additional names (H), 138, 156 

Mary (H), 202 

Louisa A. (R), 311, 392 

Jonathan (R), 290, 303 
Louisa H. (»), 304 
Louise (R), 307 

Mary (H), 156 
Robert (H), 156 

^(R), 303 

Capt. Christopher, 101 
Florence (H), 218 
Hannah (H), 101 
Jerusha (H), 112 

Emeline (R), 283 

Mary (H), 127, 155 

(H), 103, 121 

Albert (H), 150 
Allen (H), 137 
Andrew (H), 107 
Joanna (H), 103 
Joanna Lyon (H), 156, 184 
Kate O. (H), 170 
Mary (H), 138, 156, 184 
Matthias (H), 127, 156 
Timothy (H), 113, 138 
Additional names (H), 138, 156, 

David (H), 163, 199 
Elizabeth (H), 163, 198 
Mary (H), 163, 199 
Pamelia, N. (H), 163, 199 
William (H), 132, 163 
Wiliam (H), 163, 199 
Additional names (H), 163, 199 

William G. (H), 204 


Jane (H), 176 
Jemima (R), 269 

Jonah (H), 232 

Francis J. (H), 234 

Chester L. (H), 219 

Frank C. (H), 219 

Joseph B. (H), 210, 231 

Additional names (H), 231 

George L. (R), 313, 342 

Additional names (B), 342 

(H), 208 


Catharine (H), 166 

Emily (H), 200 

Ezekiel (H), 137 

Prank (R), 299 

Irvin (H), 209, 229 

Additional names (H), 229 

1 (R), 303, 331 

David B. (B), 331, 359 

Joseph E. (B), 331, 368 

Additional names (B), 369 

Catherine (H), 192 

Francis (H), 214 

Alfred B. (R), 328, 357 

Additional names (B), 357 

Marilla (N), 370 

Eliza (H), 208 
Tonng- [Young's], 

Allen (R), 331 

Bethia (H), 112 

Ella B. (R), 358 
Tounglove [TonngfbloodL 

Dorcas (H?), 239 

Ezekiel (H?), 238, 239 

Christena (R), 312 


[Reasonably complete as regards places of residence of descendant> of 
Henry Lyon of Newark and Richard Lyon of Fairfield.] 



Woodlawn, 218 

Gila Bend, 356 

, 244 

Knight's Ferry, 322 

Los Angeles, 208, 313, 328, 329 

Modesto, 322 

Redlands, 169, 205, 228 

San Diego, 208, 251 

San Francisco, 143, 192, 211, 234, 

325, 355 
San Jose, 185, 208, 326 
Victor, 231 

Buena Vista, 307, 335 

Denver, 172, 307, 335, 356, 358, 

North Park, 331 

Ashford. 40 

Bridgeport, 276, 286, 287, 293, 

Bridgewater, 294, 311 
Danbury, 258, 276, 294, 368 
Easton, 266, 267, 274, 275, 278, 

286, 300 
Fairfield, 36, 46, 97, 252, 255, 

256, 257, 258, 259, 261, 262, 263, 

264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, 270, 

271, 272, 273, 275, 280, 293. 310 
Farmington, 206 
Greenfield, 257, 258, 259, 261, 263, 

264, 265, 267, 271, 272, 273, 282, 

Greenwich, 37, 38, 258 
Hartford, 371 
Lisbon, 323 
Milford, 42, 50 

New Haven, 35, 224, 287, 373 
Newtown, 340 
Norwalk, 255, 272, 282, 291, 294, 


Norwich 323, 353 

Pequonock, 39, 40, 257 

Redding, 258. 259, 261, 262, 36(. 
266, 267, 268, 269. 274, 275. 176, 
277, 278, 279. 280, 284, 286, 289, 

292, 293, 311, 376 

Redding Ridge, 251, 268, 269, 174, 

277, 279, 285, 311 
Saybrook, 282 
Sharon, 311 
Southbury, 340 
Stamford, 36 

Stratford, 275, 278. 287, 864 
Trumbull, 255 
Walllngford, 364, 374 
Warren 364 
Wepowang, 42 
Weston, 270, 271, 274, 275, 278, 

282, 283, 284, 285. 286, 289. 292. 

293, 294, 311, 340 
Wethersfleld. 42, 258 
Wilton, 274, 282. 285 
Windsor, 258, 274 _ 
Woodbury, 269, 28S 

District of Columbia, 

Washington, 158, 225, 816, 117 


Badby. 34, 35 

Harrow, 26, 27 

Heston, 27, 28, 35 

Kettleston. 11 

Little Stanmer, 27, 28 

London, 27 

Norfolk, 11. 25 

Northamptonshire, 12 

Perefore, 27 

Preston, 26 

Rystlppe, 26 

West Twyford. 27 

Woodward. Co. Essex. 11 


, 178. 212 

Jacksonville. 149 




Paris, 201 
Rouen, 9 


Atlanta, 212, 236, 306 
Griffin, 305 


Boise, 226 


s 139, 365, 376 

Alton, 218 

Areola, 221 

Belvidere, 313 

Bloomington, 365, 367 

Carbondale, 306 

Chicago, 147, 162, 163, 169, 200, 
202, 208, 215, 216, 217, 225, 226, 
227, 228, 312, 345, 350, 392 

Durand, 342, 344 

Galesburg, 223 

Lincoln, 220 

Mattoon, 326 

Osage, 133 

Palo, 352 

Rushville, 231 

Waukegan, 350 

Western Springs, 217, 236 

Wilmette, 319, 350 


— . 137, 209 

Delaware Co., 122, 150 

Delphi, 209 

Drewsbury, 161 

Elkhart, 392 

Indianapolis, 211, 216, 235 

JefEersonville, 160, 185, 191, 215, 

216, 217, 235 
Kokomo, 211 
Lafayette, 229 
Marion Co., 131 
Mount Carmel, 195 
Muncie, 195 
New Albany, 144, 148, 178, 179, 

Saluda, 160 
South Bend, 392, 393 
Union City, 229 


Algona, 329 
Cedar Rapids, 329 
Cherokee, 330 
Council BlufEs, 303 
Germania, 207 
Independence, 328, 329 
Mount Pleasant, 195 
Nevada, 342 
Waverly, 313 

— , 140, 196, 203, 210, 336 

Cawker City, 312, 342 
Fort Scott, 232 
Garden City, 209 
Kansas City, 356 
Lawrence, 212 
Leavenworth, 355 
Louisville, 313 
Osborne, 342 
Severance, 362 
Smith Center, 319 
Stockton, 342 
Twin Mound, 312 
Wathena, 362 

Carroll Co.. 222 

Flemingsburg,' 221 

Louisville, 190, 191, 212, 213, 215, 

216, 234, 235 
New Castle, 162, 220, 221, 222 

Franklin, 200 
Hammond, 328 
New Orleans, 132, 154, 217 

Winnipeg, 324 

Bangor, 346 
Calais, 325 
Jonesboro, 243 
Machias, 238, 240, 243, 245 

Boston, 193, 225, 391 
Brookline, 146, 177 
Dorchester, 35, 36 
Fall River, 146, 177, 390, 391 
Great Barrington, 277 
Greenfield, 379 



Ipswich, 148 

Lanesboro, 268, 271, 278, 280, 
281, 282, 376 

Marblehead, 36 

New Ashford, 271, 276, 280, 281, 
288, 290, 295 

New Milford, 271, 281 

Northampton, 378 

Onset, 391 

Palmer, 247 

Pittsfleld, 224 

Quincy, 178 

Rockport, 379 

Roxbury, 373 

Salem, 35, 147 

Springfield, 232 

Winchester, 217 

, 134, 146, 291, 331 

Ann Arl^or, 307, 376 

Azalia, 326 

Battle Creek, 302, 328, 356, 357 

Bengal, 336, 337, 376 

Brighton, 809 

Buchanan, 340 

Byron, 321, 352 

Charlevoix, 336, 337 

Chesaning, 325 

Davison, 308, 315, 333, 834, 335 

Detroit, 169, 205, 307, 836, 371, 
372, 374, 377 

Eagle, 375 

Bast Saginaw, 360 

Essex, 175 

Fenton, 309 

Flint, 164, 305, 333, 334, 375 

Grand Blanc, 164, 333 

Grand Haven, 350 

Grand Rapids, 357, 376, 377 

Harrison, 360 

Hillsdale, 295, 314, 326, 345, 35& 

Holland, 233 

Howell, 326, 356 

Hudson, 315, 326 

Jackson, 371, 375 

Kalamazoo, 302 

Locke, 346 

Ludlngton, 165, 201, 202, 227 

Lyons, 376, 377 

Mackinac, 375 

Mason, 325, 346 

Milan, 331 

Mount Clemens, 346 

Mount Pleasant, 378 

New Hudson, 371 

Northvllle, 344 

Olive Center, 308 

Owosso, 315, 345 

PlttBford, 326, 3(6 

Plymouth, 291, 296, 306, 307. 814, 

331, 344, 345. 863, 876 
Port Huron. 372 
Saginaw. 165, 166, 203, 805. 310. 

314, 377 
Saint Johns, 308, 876 
Sclo, 375 

South Haven, 291, 306, 819 
Stanton, 336 
Stony Creek. 816 
Summit, 375 
Traverse City. 378 
Union Home, 308 
West Bay CUy. 826 
Wheeler, 337 

, 141 

Beaver Falls, 846 

Eveleth, 317 

Hastings. 143, 172 

Minneapolis. 147. 164. 200. 2SS. 

316, 323. 325, 346. 354 
St. Paul. 296, 315. 816 


Bolton. 222 

Canton, 287 

Fayette, 222 

Hathlsburisr. 222 

Meridian. 237 

Natchez. 222 

Groen Ridge. 220 

Kansas City, 186, 826 

Maplewood, 198 

St. Louis, 221. 326, 888. 849 

St. Joseph. 196 

Billings, 809 

Bozeman, 809 



Butte, 226 
Helena, 364 


Adams, 368 

Alliance, 362 

Arcadia, 303 

Auburn, 316 

Barneston, 247 

Beatrice, 316, 320, 347, 862 

Carleton, 320, 362 

Custer Co., 329 

Fairbury, 320, 361, 362 

Holdrege, 368 

Lee Park, 329 

Liberty, 316, 847 

Lincoln, 320, 362 

Nebraska City, 346 

Wilcox, 362 

irew Jersey, 

Basking Ridge, 184, 239, 240, 251 

Boonton, 169, 378, 391 

Brldgewater, 176 

Chatham, 126 

Connecticut Farms, 106, 180, 152 

Deerfleld, 373 

Dover, 140, 170 

East Orange, 117, 142, 191, 216, 

Elizabethtown, 61, 80, 84, 88, 
93, 104, 115, 117. 121, 161, 163, 
166, 204, 238 
Franklin, 205 
Hanover, 122 
Irvlngton, 128 
Jersey, 135 

Long Hill, 125, 153, 156 
Lyons Farms. 69, 93. 94, 96, 97, 
101, 105, 107, 109, 113, 121, 122, 
123, 127, 128. 130. 131. 132, 133, 
138, 143, 144, 151, 157, 174, 248 
Manchester, 116 
Millbrook, 137, 170 
Morristown, 97, 112. 113. 114, 

115, 116. 139. 169. 238. 240 
Mendham. 111. 112. 121 
Newark 42, 52, 80, 81, 82, 83, 
89. 90. 91. 93. 98, 100, 101, 103, 
104, 106, 117, 119, 134, 143, 148, 

152, 1K6. 167, 171. 178. Sit, 216, 
251, 373 
Newton, 240 
New Brunswick, 1S4 
New Milford [Newark], 6S 
Northfleld, 239 
Orange, 116, 118, 140, 141, 143, 

170, 171, 172, 288 
Parsippany 116, 141, 261, 878 
Pine Brook, 139 
Plainfleld, 124 
Reddestown, 239 
Rockaway, 139, 169 
Short Hill, 116 
SomerviUe, 163 
Sommerset Co., 119, 145 
Springfield. 116 
Stockholm, 139, 170 
Stony Hill, 112. 137 
West Orange, 171 
New ICexlco, 

Fruitland, 309 
Raton, 392 
Kew Tork, 

, 140, 170 

Albany, 166, 225 

Albion, 333 

Alleghany Co., 366 

Avon, 271. 280, 869 

Ballston, 371 

Batavia, 132 

Bath. 166. 198. 204, 224 

Binghamton, 320. 351, 862 

Brooklyn. 147, 287. 311, 379. 391 

Buffalo. 301. 351. 352, 865, 362. 

Canandaigua. 132, 163, 164, 165 
Cazenovia. 367. 369 
Chenango Co.. 249 
Chenango Forks, 351, 862 
Clymer, 376 
Corning, 166 
Cuba, 369 
Deposit. 317 
East Avon, 165, 203 
Edinburgh, 371 
Fenner, 368. 869 
Flushing. 278 
Fremont Center, 848 



Genesee, 204 

Geneseo, 369 

Hamilton, 366 

Hobart, 292 

Hoosac, 367, 869 

Hopewell, 166 

Lebanon, 36i 

I<ewlston, 366 

Liberty, 216 

Lima^ 280, 287, 290, 296, 296, t07, 

Littleville, 166 
Lyon Brook, 249 
LyonsvlUe, 166, 203 
Madison, 116 
Madison Co., 866 
Main, 320 
Marathon, 362 
Masonville, 115 
Mayville, 366 
Mecklenburg, 283 
Mlddletown, 156, 184 
Moravia, 369 
Moriah, 281 
Naples, 202, 376 
Napoll, 379 

Nelson, 365, 366, 367, 368, 370 
New Berlin, 379 
Newburgh, 170, 174 
New Hartford, 132, 166, 240 
New Rochelle, 156, 184 
New Windsor, 121, 148 
New York City, 122, 134, 168, 166. 

167, 183, 191, 204, 216, 286, 873, 

North Castle, 38 
Ogdensburg, 113, 164, 169, 178, 

Otisco, 871 
Otsego Co., 283 
Pawling, 265, 279 
Port Jervls, 148 
Plattsburg, 132, 163, 164, 166, 

Richmond, 376 
Rochester, 838 
Rushford, 865, 866, 367, 869 
Rye, 87, 268 
Salamanca, 861 

Saratoga Co., 284, 171 
Schenectady, 124, 1G6 
Sloansvllle, 251 
South Salem, 271 
Spaffard, 871 
Stockbrldge. 369 
Tompkins Co., 378 
Union, 320 
Utlca, 240 
Walworth, 876 
Watklns, 166 
White Plains 37 
Whlteatown, 166 
Nortli Carolina, 

Raleigh, 219 
Hortli Dakota, 

, 831 

Upper Cannonball River, 368 

, 128 

Bloomfleld, 378 
Broadway, 128 
Butler Co., 124, 146, 158, 176. 176. 

Cincinnati, 125. 150. 154. 1(5, 168, 

160. 161. 162, 180, 188. 186. 1»1. 

192. 193. 194, 196, 197. 808, 812, 

217. 218, 219. 220. 284. 886, 828 
Clark Co., 281 
Cleveland, 170, 217 
Clyde, 312. 318. 3S2 
Columbus. 208 

Conneaut, 1G4, 200. 201. 208, 886 
Dayton, 126. 148. 176. 808, 810. 

212, 229. 230, 282, 233 
Delaware, 879 
Fairfield. 122, 150, 176. 176, 80S, 

210, 229 
Fort Washington, 126 
Fostorla, 892 
Genoa, 832 
Olendale. 193 
Hamilton Co.. IBS 
Harrison. 196 
Hlllgrove, 123. 151, 176 
Huntington, 879 
Knox Co., 144 
Licking Co., 128 
Mason. 184 



Miami Co., 209, 229 

Mlddletown, 208, 232 

Mill Creek, 125, 154, 162 

Mount Gilead, 128, 157 

Mount Vernon, 157 

New Carlisle, 122 

Osborn, 210, 230, 231, 232 

Oxford, 125 

Piqua, 233 

Pleasant Ridge, 218 

Salem (Conneaut), 164 

Sandusky, 169 

Sparta, 378 

Springfield, 161, 162, 194. 219 

Townsend, 332 

Utica, 128, 157 

"Wilmington. 236 

Woodburn, 128 

Yellow Springs, 230 

Xenia, 281, 334 

Cooperton, 341 

. 117 

Guelph, 324, 325 

Toronto, 201, 233 

Portland, 317 

^-, 214 


AUentown, 216 

Carbondale, 347, 361 

Clifford, 317, 318, 347, 348 

Dandoff, 319 

Easton, 215, 234 

Fleetville, 348 

German town, 225 

Greene Co., 137 

Hamilton, 353 

Harrisburg, 298 

Herrick, 277, 287, 288, 297, 298, 

299, 300, 317, 323. 348 
Johnstown, 222 
Klzers, 299 
Laceyville, 319 
Lanesboro, 319, 347 
Mahanoy City, 318 
Montrose. 298, 319, 322. 350 

Morris, 112 

Mount Joy. 232 

Philadelphia, 233 

Pittsburg, 233 

Pleasant Mount, 298, 299, 316, 

320, 321, 346, 352, 353. 361 
Prompton, 361 
Providence, 300 
Ralston, 351 
Redstone, 111 
Scranton, 170, 299. 320, 348 
Starlight, 348 
Uniondale, 316, 317, 353 
York Co., 232 

Shode Island, 

Newport, 91, 102, 120, 146, 147, 

Portsmouth, 146 
Providence, 146, 177 
Scituate, 249 
Smlthfleld, 287 

Scotland, \ 

Auldbar, 24 

Culwalogy, 20 

Easter Ogill, 20 

Forteviot, 12 

Glamis Castle. 14 

Glen Lyon, 10, 12 

Haltown of Esse, 20 

Sterling Castle, 22 
South Carolina, 

•, 227 

Greenville, 192, 218, 236 

Maysville, 327 

South Dakota, 

Canton, 351 

Menno, 351 

Mitchell, 350 

Scotland, 344 

Sioux Falls, 328 

Watertown, 355, 363 

San Antonio, 318 

, 104, 112 

Harrison Co., 176 

Richmond, 164, 200 




Bennington, 340 

Brandon, 120 

Burlington, 374, 877 

Fairhaven, 115 

Shelburne, 374, 376 

WalUngford, 365, 366 

Deep Creek, 812 

Tacoma, 322 
West Vlrgrlnia, 

, 288, 321 

Big Isaac, 296, 346 

Broad River, 347 

Quiet Dell, 353 

Unlondale, 296 


Avoca, X19, 360 
Cllntonvllle, S69 
Fond-du-Lac. J28, 3tl, 164 

Forest City, 160 
Lancaster, 160, 193 
Madison, 8(1 
Milwaukee, 327 
Montfort. 850 
Muscoda, 319 
New London, S66, 
Oconomowoc, 367 
Pulaski, 298, 819, 3(0, 8(1 
Wauwatosa, 892 
Cheyenne, 817