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The Magazine 




I I s 


(^nere <j /w A/are on ear/A like 
Mary Baldwin College, tor 150 years 
one ofthe finest colleges in this country. 
This issue celebrates the College's 
distinctive architectural history. The 
center section is dedicated to those who 
have provided financial support in the 
past year, and throughout the maga/ine 
we celebrate the remarkable people who 
are the reason the College continues to 
be amoniz the verv best. 


1^ ■ 

President's Message 

his is a tough climate for 
higher education, and our 150th year ushers in a time of 
challenges. On the one hand are continuing issues, and most 
of you know them: a small endowment relative to our 
competitors: low salaries relative to our competitors; 
dependence on tuition income, and thus enrollment in a time 
when demographics are not on our side. As tuitions increase, 
and they must, we require increasing amounts of student aid 
so that we are able to continue aggressive marketing. 

But. given all that, this fall we have increased our 
enrollment of new students in the traditional college, the 
Adult Degree Program, and in the Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted. In fact, we have the largest enrollment 
in our history, and our attrition rate was 86.3 percent during 
the past year. That, too, is the best in our history, and it is 
considerably better than many other colleges in this country. 
We continue to aim for even higher retention rates, however. 

We have increased our endowment by 69.5 percent in the 
last six years, and we have raised almost $35 million in gifts 
and pledges — even if our endowment is still too small. We 
have increased salaries above the cost of living in the last 
five years — even if they're still short of our targets. Our 
reputation in Virginia and the nation has never been stronger, 
even as we struggle. 

But, how do we steer our way through future potential 
uncertainties in the world around us? There are basically 
two options between which we can choose Mary Baldwin 
College's future course. We can enter a period of drawing 
back and reining in, or we can stay the current course, 
planning prudently to build on the foundation we have 
secured over the last years. As you know, standing still is not 
an option. 

Uncertain futures make drawing back and reining in 
tempting, because we can control costs better than we can 
control external factors. That is what businesses often do — 
we all read the headlines. Many prestigious colleges have 
gone that route, too, and perhaps they can afford to do that. 
They may well have fat to trim. Mary Baldwin College does 
not. Drawing back means that we would have to curtail 
service, but that is not acceptable at this prestigious college. 

The alternative is to stay the course, and that is precisely 
what we are doing at Mary Baldwin College. What does that 
mean? It means continuing the initiatives under way to keep 
this college strong and to make it even better. It means that 
we must challenge the future and not allow an inevitably 
unclear future lo make us afraid. 

It means m linlaining momentum and the steady How of 

creative energy that have been the means to our success for 
all these many years. Innovations such as the Adult Degree 
Program, Continuing Education, the Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted, the Sena Center, and, soon, perhaps, a 
master's program diversify and strengthen us. New ideas in 
admissions, investment in computer technology, and 
enhancement of our physical plant make us attractive and, 
therefore, successful. 

This time, difficult as it is, is not unique: Our history 
records other times of crisis. And we also see in our history 
the promise of renewal and continued growth that follows 
times of trial; thus, it is, truly, a time of celebration. 

As we enter this 150th year, I ask you, then, to join those 
of us who serve the College here on its campus as we work 
together through this challenging time and celebrate the 
promise of this College's continued resilience and wealth of 

I ask you, too, to continue — even increase — your 
support of Mary Baldwin College. In this way, we will not 
Just stay the course. We will secure the future, as well. 

Cynthia II. Tyson 













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B. R.charJ Plant 
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Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 
Roanoke. Virginia 

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Assistant Professor in Art 

and Communications 

Barbro Hansson '88 ADP 

Project Manager 

Alumnae Actniiie- 


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Assistant to the Editor 

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4 Founders' Day 1991 
6 Hallowed Halls 

14 Sesquicentennial Reunion 
30 International Student Programs 

hy A-sfiton / ricc' <iiui S/iirlc'v Kiai'ic'\ 


President's Message 

2 Ehitor's Note 

2 Campus News 

12 Alumnae President's Message 

13 Alumna Promle 

fi\ C'visiti Cabe 

15 Chapters IN Action 

18 Class Notes 
25 ADP Alumna Profile 

by D. Michdk Hite 

28 FxuuLTY Notes 
32 Philanthropy 



A Little Bit 
At A Time 

Even, now and then when 
I'm traveUng in the car. I run 
into road construction. You 
know how that is — long lines 
of traffic, detours, inconve- 
nience — and it's always hot. 

Lately, while I wait for the 
go-ahead signal from the per- 
son waving the orange flag. 
I've started watching the 
people at work. I think ahead 
to the day when I will drive on 
the result of their w ork. One 
day. instead of mountains of 
rock and dirt, dust and mud. 
and mess — just plain mess — 
there will be a new highway or 
one of those amazing inter- 
changes that swoop cars up 
and over each other and other 
highways and city buildings. I 
marvel that a little bit at a 
time, a scoop of dirt here, a ton 
of gravel there, people are 
building a road. 

The new design for the 
magazine has developed a little 
bit like road construction. It's 
been happening a little bit at a 
time, and. yes. sometimes we 
felt a.s if we had a mess. Now, 
though, we have the results. 

To my colleagues Pat 
Kiblingerand Anne Holland. 
1 extend special thanks for their 
diligence and hard work in 
preparing this issue. Pat. who 
came to Mary Baldwin just a 
year ago after eight years as 
Art Director for North Caro- 
linaZoo. implemented the new 
design. Anne Holland 'S8. as- 
sociate director of the Annual 
Fund, compi led and edited the 
entire center section. 

And all of you who send 
suggestions have been a part 
ofthe project. Thanks for help- 
ing. and please keepyour ideas 

Genie Addleton 

Campus News 

Mark Atchison Is New VP for Advancement 

Mark L. Atchison was appointed Vice President for 
Institutional Advancement, effective June 17. He had 
previously served as Vice President for University Ad- 
vancement at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, 

Mr. Atchison was Directorof Development at the State 
University of New York's Institute of Technology in Utica 
from 1984-1988. In addition, he has served as Executive 
Director of three organizations: the National Educational 
Institute for Economic Development in Wa,shington, D.C.; 
the Southwest Regional Development Commission in 
Slayton. Minnesota: and Western South Dakota Commu- 
nity Action. Inc.. in Rapid City. 

Mr. Atchison received a B.S. in physical science and 
mathematics in 1969 from Kearney State College in Ne- 
braska and a master's degree in public administration in 
1978. from Syracuse University in New York, where he 
was a Bush Leadership Fellow. From 1965-68 he served in 
the U.S. Army Special Forces. He is a Vietnam veteran and 
a recipient of the Silver Star and Purple Heart. 

He and his wife. Coleen. have three children: Melissa, 
20; Bridget, 14, and Patrick, 10. 

Mark Atchison 

Enrollment Is Up 

For Seventh Straight Year 

Mary Baldwin continues to buck the trend of declining enrollments 
suffered by many private colleges. College Registrar Dr. Lewis 
Askegaard reports that new students in the traditional program are up 
five percent over last year. 

In addition, the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted and the Adult 
Degree Program have record-breaking enrollments this year. Total 
enrollment for the 1 99 1 - 1 992 academic year is expected to reach I .-iSO, 
the largest student body in the College's 150-year history. 

Church Grant Funds 
For Mediation Course 

A grant Ironi the Coniniillee on Higher Education ollhc Presbyte- 
rian Church (U.S.A.) has provided start-up funding for a course in 
mediation. The eight-week course, which will become a part of the 
College's regular course listings, is designed to introduce participants 
to mediation and conflict resolution principles and skills. 

The course will support work ofthe College's Mediation Center, 
established by Chaplain Patricia Hum al the end of Ihe 1990-1991 
academicyear. According to Chaplain Hunt, the aim ol Mary Baldwin's 
Mediation Center is to help students learn to solve their own problems 
before they look to someone else for the solutions. 

She said, "Successful mediation helps build a cooperative relalion- 
slip between those in conflict. If it works, the disputants leave a 
medialion meeting with a reasonable working relationship." 

Spending Is Up 
Costs Down 

An article in a recent issue of 
liitii reported that in American 
colleges and universities non- 
teaching personnel — what some 
critics are calling "bureaucratic 
blubber" — increa.sed 28 per- 
cent during the five-year period 
ending in 1990. During the same 
period, numbers of faculty in- 
creased only 8.6 percent. 

At Mary Baldwin, Ihe trend 
seems to be reversed. Over the 
past live years Ihe percentage of 
total spending for non-leaching 
salaries, such as administrators, 
clerical, and service personnel, 
has declined. On the other hand, 
the percentage of Ihe College's 
total salary budget spent for per- 
sonnel costs for instruction has 
risen from 40 lo 45 percent. 


ABOVE LEFT: Heather Hill '94, Margaret Hunt Hill '37 and Caroline Rose Hunt "43 at the ribbon 
cutting ceremony. ABOVE RIGHT Laura Catching Alexander '71 with a miniature of Hill Top, 
which she built and furnished. INSET Interior view of the miniature. 

Qmii q/op Is Rededicated 

Alter a year-king period ol resloralKin lunclcil b\ Dallas alumnae 
Margaret Hum Hill and Caroline Rose Hunt. Hdl Top Residence Hall 
was rededicated on October 10. Mrs. Hill and Ms. Hunt, who are 
sisters, and MBC sophomore Heather Hill, who is Mrs. Hill's grand- 
daughter, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. Heather's father. 
Albert Hill Jr. ol Dallas, attended the ceremony, along with members 
ol the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and students. 

One of the priinary aims of the restoration project was to create an 
energy-efficient structure, but the work on Hill Top also included 
installation of new electrical, plumbing, and heating systems, as v\ell 
as a statc-of-the art security system. 

Hill Top was budt originally as a private home between 1S16 and 
1X20. but throughout its history has been the site of educational 
endeavors: first as Mr. Easlerbrook's school for young girls; then as 
Judge Thompson's law school: and then as a residence for students of 
August Female Seminary. Mary Julia Baldwin purchased Hill Top for 
the Seminary in 1K72. 

During the redcdication ceremony, Laura Catching Alexander '7 1 
displayed a miniature of Hill Top. which she built and furnished in 
celebration of the Sesquicentennial and in honor of her late father. 
Robert Catchinii. 

Entertainment Season Celebrates Sesquicentennial 

An exciting schedule oiniiisical and theatre events is m lull suing 
at the College. The Carl Bmman Concerts feature return lecitaK by 
favorite artists from the the past 10 seasons, including theCiarth Nevsel 
Trio, the McDennott Trio, oboist Joseph Robinson, the Chestnut Brass 
Company, forte-pianist David Schrader. and the Baltimore Consort. 

Other special musical perlomiances include Broadway star Carol 
Taylor Ediich who was featured in a concert benefiting a scholarship 
fund for local students. Her performance was sponsored by the 
Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County Chapter of the MBC Alum- 
nae Association. Duo-pianists Robert T. Allen and J. Riley Haws, both 
members of the music faculty presented a concert during the Founders' 
Day celebration in early October. The College also sponsored a free 
communitv pertormance oi the popular Balterv Dance Companv in 
late October. 

Mars Baldv\Mi College's l')^M ')2 theatre seasiin has a women's 
theme, opening in October uilh tv\o one-act plays: "Sticky Revela- 

tions." v\Titten by Bette .Mian Collins 'M; and "\ Voiceof My Own," 
about outstanding women writers from the time of ancient Greece lo 
the present. " The .Xnasiasia File. " a historical plav ab<iul the mystery 
surrounding .Anastasia. the daughter of the last Russian c/ar. ran 
November 20 - 24. 

A visiting professor from Michigan Slate I'niversily. Dr. Terry 
Williams, w ill direct the musical "Quilters" during the spring semes- 
ter. During the May Term theatre students w ill direct a series of onc-acl 
plays focusing on women. 

The final event of the season occurs on May 21. IW2. with the 
premiere perfomiance of Ruth, an oratorio for soloists, instrumental 
ensemble, and treble choir w ritlen by Frances Thompson McKay '69. 
The oratorio is based on the Book of Ruth from the Bible. 

ABOVE President Cynthia H. Tyson with Dr. Nancy F. Cott, convocation speaker. BELOW: Seniors Jessica Booth and Dori Akerman 

with Jessica's brother, Ross. 

Founders' Day 1991 

^rowing from just a handful of 
young girls lo an enrollment of over 1300 students, Mary Baldwin 
College has reached its LSOth year. On Friday, October 4, Mary 
Baldwin's annual Founders' Day activities marked the start of a year- 
long series of events celebrating the College's sesquicentennial 

TTie sesquicentennial events began officially with Founders' Day 
convocation in the .Student Activities Center. Featured speaker was Dr. 
Nancy F. Cott. .Stanley Woodward Professor of American Studies and 
History at Yale University, and one of the nation's foremost authorities 
on women's history. Also during the convocation, this year's seniors, 
members of the Sesquicentennial Class of 1992, were invested with 
their black scholar's robes and mortarboards. 

Mary Baldwin College's Founders' Day is celebrated annually on 
the Friday in October closest to the birthday of Mary Julia Baldwin, 
and this year happened to fall on her birthday. "Miss Julia." as she was 
called, was head of the school from IK6.1 until her death in 1897. A 
.service commemorating Miss Baldwin's birthday was held on October 
4 at her grave in Thornrosc Cemetery in Staunton. 

ABOVE Special guests, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund D. Campbell. 
RIGHT College Librarian William C. Pollard, chair of the 
Sesqulcentennial Committee. BELOW Panelists: (left to right). 
Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 ; Gwen Kennedy Neville '59; 
Constance Elaine Atkins '72; Vickie Reynolds Akelman '76; 
panel moderator Martha McMullan Aasen '51 ; and Anabel Barber '81. 

Q^ (^M£<)la/j ^uPT^tofM zlJoA^ 

fso honored at Toundcrs' Day is 
Rul'u.s W. Bailey, a minister and teacher Irom Maine who opened the 
school in 1842 as Augusta Female Seminary. Dr. Bailey, a graduate of 
Dartmouth College and Andover Theological Seminary, organized 
the school with the support of Presbyterian churches in Staunton and 
Augusta County. 

Special guests lor the 1^*91 lounders' Day Convocation were Mr. 
and Mrs. Fximund D. Campbell ot, Arlington. Virginia. Mr. Campbell 
is the great-grandson ol Rulus Bailey. Mrs. Campbell, the lormer 
Elizabeth Pt'ohl, is the founder of Washington's WF.TA-TV and was 
the first Dean of Mary Baldvs in College. 

Following a picnic lunch on the lawn of the Presidenls home, a 
panel of alumnae presented "Women Considered: MxlhstV Realities." 
The panel w as moderated by Martha McMullan .Xasen 5 1 of W estport, 
Connecticut. Martha is a retired L'nited Nations liaison officer. 

Panelists who represented various career t~ields were Charlotte 
Jackson Berry "31 of Columbia, South Carolina, national chair of 
volunteers for the Red Cross: Gwen Kennedy Neville '59 of 
Georgetown. Texas, professor of sociologv at Southwestern Univer- 

sity; Constance Elaine Atkins '72, an actress from West Palm Beach. 
Florida; banker Vickie Reynolds Akelman '76 of Barrington. Rhode 
Island; and Anabel Barber "S I . a physician from New ^'ork. New York. 

An Architectural History 

Mary Baldwin College 

f ^'W^^'?^ , 

,. "'"'Vffl 

' it- 

This view shows the Mary Baldwin campus approximately 100 years after the school was founded in 1842. 
Note the orderly courtyard arrangement and classical buildings. Artist unknown, c. 1945 - MBC Archives. 




I I 

BY Kathy O'Neill Frazier 78 

with the idea of opening a school for young ladies, he 
was greeted enthusiastically by the community, and 
in 1842 Augusta Female Seminary was established. 

The land next to the old First Presbyterian Church on Frederick 
Street in Staunton was secured, and in 1844 construction of the 
building was completed. This building, today's Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege Administration Building, was designed in the then popular Greek 
Revival style. Dr. Bailey could hardly have envisioned how much his 
small school would grow over the next 150 years, nor could he have 
imagined that the first building he erected would set the architectural 
style for all the construction that was to follow. 

The Greek Revival style, symbolizing the ideals of Greek democ- 
racy, had become the populararchilectural style forthe young republic 
as it broke prior tics to England. Through the years both the Greek and 
Roman classical styles have been used for nearly all of the new 
buildings on the Mary Baldwin campus. While there is variety among 
the architecture, there are common features such as brick, porticos 
with pediments and columns, and small-paned windows that help to 
give the campus a cohesive appearance, emphasized, of course, by the 
cream and white color scheme, consistently used for many years. 

Thai Ihc campus has remained stylistically consistent through its 
1 ."iO years is rather ama/ing considering that architectural styles have 
varied dramatically within the same lime period. At the time of the 
College's first major expansion under W. W. King in the early part of 
the twentieth century, the nationwide popularity of the ornate and 
exuberant styles of the Victorian era was waning and more serene 
neoclassical styles were once again gaining popularity. At this time the 
Carpenter Academic Building, Memorial Residence Hall, and Agnes 
McClung W'a\\{si'v\9I4 Sunhoni Insurance Map) were constructed in 
the neoclassical style, thus avoiding a major stylistic change. 

ABOVE LEFT; The courtyard view looking north after the completion of McClung and Memorial Halls. ABOVE RIGHT View of the 
courtyard showing Hill Top [left] and Sky High [ngtit] connected by The Covered Way. BELOW This 1914 Sanborn map shows the 
dramatic change brought about during the expansion directed by W. W. King changes included the demolition of a number of 
buildings and the addition of Memorial Hall [1 ], McClung Hall |2], a new infirmary |3| and the Academic Building [4J. MBC Archives. 

The next majorcxpansion which began in the 1960s included Lyda 
B. Hunt Dining Hall, Woodson and Spencer Residence Halls, Pearce 
Science Center, and Grafton Library. All of these buildings were 
constructed in a classical style during a time when buildings on many 
campuses were being constructed in the modern style, often without 
consideration lortheir historical setting or for architectural detail. The 
third and final major expansion, the Staunton Military Academy 
(SMA) buildings and grounds, involved less new construction and 
more adaptation of existing buildings most of which were also de- 
signed originally in classical styles. Moreover, the new student activities 
building currently underconslruction on the old SMA campus barkens 
back to the classical style first introduced by Rufus Bailey in 1844. 

While the campus buildings relate to one another stylistically, the 
pattern of development has altered the character of the campus 
dramatically. Buildings have been constructed, demolished, remod- 
eled, and added to the campus giving each generation of alumnae a 
slightly different memory of what the college was like when they were 
in school. 

For instance, any alumnae who began attending Mary Baldwui 
College after the early 1 96()s may not realize just how much the lay out 
of the lower campus has changed through the years. For instance. 
Market Street used to go straight up the hill next to the Carpenter 
Academic building, and the small campus had a north-south orienta- 
tion from Hill Pop Residence Hall down to the Administration 
Building rather than the expansive east-west orientation from Memo- 
rial to Spencer of the lower campus today. While the addition of the 
SMA campus in 1976 expanded the campus to .S4 acres and over 40 
buildings, it did not significanlls alter the appearance of the original 
campus, but has perhaps had a greater impact on how some of the 
campus is uscti loda\ , 

It is hard to believe, at limes, that it all began wilh.i single building 
facing I'lederick Street. In response to changing uses and expanding 
enrollment the Administration Building has undergone a number of 
alterations since it was originally built in 1844. The first change was 
the addition of the east and west wings that w ere added in 1 8.S.1 in order 
to board students. Later in the nineteenth century, a conservatory was 
added to the front of the west wing that reportedly housed plants and 
birds. That addition was rentoved in I9I.S. Various buildings were 
constructed to the north side of the Administration Building and were 
connected by walkways and porches. By 1911. those buildings had 
been removed and the back gallery that is present loda\ was con- 
structed as part of a major building expansion in the early pan of the 
twentieth cenlurv. 

tJcfiotuy' Bi'e'e 


*3 |l 

Campus Expansion under 
Mary Julia Baldwin 

In 1 869 Mary Julia Baldwin added Brick House to the campus, and 
in 1871 she initiated a trade with the First Presbyterian Church — she 
would give the church the land she owned across Frederick Street for 
the existing church building adjacent to the school. With the trade 
complete. Miss Baldwin went to work enlarging the church building to 
house the chapel, a dining facility, and classrooms. The Rev. Joseph 
Ruggles Wilson was a minister of the church and father of Woodrow 
Wilson, the 28th president of the nation. Woodrow Wilson was 
baptized in the church in 1857. Originally built in 1 8 1 8 in the Classical 
Revival style, the church was remodeled under the direction of Miss 
Baldwin, in the Gothic style, popular in the 1870s. Known as the 
Waddell Chapel, it was slated for restoration during the campus 
expansion of the 1960s, but was demolished when architects found it 
to be structurally unstable. 

At the same time the trade was made for the Waddell Chapel, Ms. 
Baldwin purchased Hill Top, an impressive Classical Revival resi- 
dence located at the top of the hill. Built c. 1819, it is the oldest 
remaining building on campus. With the purchase of Hill Top, began 
the expansion of the College up the hill and the development of an 
interior courtyard area. 

After the addition of Hill Top and the Chapel, the first phase of Sky 
High, a dormitory, was constructed as well as recitation rooms. Miss 
Sirickler Hall, and a greenhouse (See 1899 Sanborn Insurance Map). 
All of these buildings needed to be connected, and sometime in the 
early 1 880s, a covered walkway was added to the campus that became 
known a.s "The Covered Way." 

ABOVE LEFT: The Administration Building c.1870 showing the 
Waddell Chapel on the right prior to Its alterations, and Brick 
House to the left and up the hill facing New Street. ABOVE 
RIGHT Some of the buildings erected during Mary Julia 
Baldwin's time appear to have been simple frame buildings 
such as the Recitation Rooms and Art Gallery shown here. 
BELOW RIGHT 1899 Sanborn Insurance map showing the 
Administration Building [11, the Chapel [2], Brick House [3], Miss 
Strickler Hall (4), Recitation Rooms [5], Greenhouse [6], Sky High 
Hall [7], Hilltop |8|, as well as some smaller support buildings. 






ABOVE LEFT: This two story portico on the west side of Carpenter Academic was a more familiar entrance for students before to 
1961. At that time, The Covered Way, just visible to the left in this picture, was removed and a small portico constructed in it place. 

The W.W. King Era 

Uy ihc mm of ihc century. Mary Julia Baldwin had passed away 
leaving an expanded school with several new and rcniotleled build- 
ings. However, these structures were rather randomly placed along the 
hillside and had little formal relationship to one another. Under the 
direction of the business manager. W. W. King, from 1S')7- 1*^)1') the 
campus was to change dramatically and the quality of the huiklings to 
be significantly improvcti both in appearance and coiistruclioii. Keep- 
ing w ilh the classical sty le eslablisheil by the .Administration Building, 
these new buildings are an important part of today's campus. 

The first new building, constructed in 1900 and designed in the 
neoclassical style by local architect. T.J. Collins, was the Baldwin 
Memorial Domiitory. "Memorial appears to be the first new building 
introduced on campus since the original .Administration Building that 
featured a two-story columned portico. It is apparent from the .Sanborn 
insurance maps, that by I WO .Sky High had been greatly expanded to 
include more domiitory rooms and a gymnasium in the basement, but 
was still more resitlenlial in character and ilid not include ,in imposing 
classical portico. 

Miss Strickler Hall, the recitalion rooms, and greenhouse were 
renio\ed. and in 1408 today's Carpenter Academic Building was 
constructed. Also designed by T. J. Collins, this building features a 
large two-story portico on the west end. Two years later. Brick House 

was expanded and renamed the .-\gnes .McClung Hall. Its large east 
portico faced Academic. Monumental stairs once descended from 
McClung into a courtyard fomied by McClung. Academic, and the 
Back Ciallery and were the site of important college events. ""The 
Covered Way" w as impro\ ed during the period as well and connected 
most of the buildings. McClung. the .Xdministralion Building, the 
Chapel, and .Academic were all belter joined together by the addition 
of a new Back Gallery to the administration building in U'l I. 

With all of these improvements and the random buildings removed 
by 1912. Ihe campus now w as clearly organized around a north-south 
interior courtyard, and most of the major building facades facing the 
quadrangle had large, two-story classical porticos giving Ihe campus 
a stalely and respectable appearance. 

The heart of the campus remained in this configuration until the 
early 1960s with only a few major additions. The King Building, a 
commemoration of Mary Baldwin College's centennial, was con- 
structed in 1942 and housed a pool and gym. In 1951 the Student 
■Activities Building (now Uenger Hall I was constructed. The Covered 
Way was expanded and joined to the new actixilies building. In 1956 
the old King's Daughters' hospital w as purchased and reno\ aled by the 
college for domiitory space, now known as Bailey Residence Hall. 

View of the demolition of The Covered Way. 

Campus Expansion 1960-1976 

By llic laic 195()s the tollcjiL- had purchased hind Irom Market to 
Coaltcr streets and from Sycamore to Frcdcricl< Streets and was 
positioned for a major expansion ot'its facilities. In 1960lhe Lynchburg 
architectural nrm of Clark, Nexsen and Owen prepared a Campus 
Development Plan that included the following steps: removing "The 
Covered Way," Sky High, the infirmary, and the section of Market 
Slrcel from Frederick to Sycamore Streets; restoring the Chapel to its 
original classical appearance; and adding a new dining hall, dormitory, 
library, heating plant and science building. Once again, the buildings 
were to feature Ih' classical style prevalent in nearly all the structures 
on campus. 

The first buildings to be completed were l.yda 11. 1 lunt Dining Hall 
and Woodson Residence Hall. When these buildings were constructed. 

"The Covered Way," Sky High, and the infirmary were removed. 
Market Street was closed and the new cast-west orientation to the 
campus was begun. 

Other more subtle changes were made that began to alter the way 
the campus was used. A new exterior entrance was made for Academic 
where "The Covered Way" was removed, and the monumental stairs 
to McClung were removed, changing the way these buildings had once 
been seen and used. 

By 196.'^ Spencer Dorinilory was complete, terminating the east 
end of the new campus with a sweeping circular portico. The Grafton 
I jbrary was completed in 1 46X, and two years later the Pearce Science 
Center was constructed, finishing the expansion of the lower campus 
and establishing the plan that we sec today. 


ABOVE An illustration of the Pannill Center, 
scheduled to open In 1992. It will be located 
on top of the hill overlooking the traditional 
campus. The Pannill Center will house the 
College bookstore, post office, and food 

Campus Expansion Since 1976 

The iiiosl rLX'cnt college growth iIkiI took place ulieii the old 
Slaunlon Military Academy campus (SM.'\) was purchased in 197(i 
expanded the area of the total campus to nearly .S4 acres and relieved 
a feeling of being landlocked by the neighborhoods surrounding the 
College. Several ol the SMA buildings were demolished and the rest 
were renovated for College use. loday a ne\\ student activities 
building IS being constructed on the SMA site. The open space of the 
expanded campus is a pleasant contrast to the tightly ordered original 
campus and has provided land lor expanded parking and new athletic 
facilities such as tennis courts, playing fields, a track, and a large 
Physical Activities Center. 

The Mary Baldwin College campus todav retains the tr.iditional 
ami classical appearance begun bs Rulus Bailev nearly 1.^0 years ago. 

Its more sigmlicani buildings, including the .Adminisiration Building, 
Hill Top, and several residences owned and used by the College, have 
been recognized for iheir architectural importance and are listed in the 
National Register of Historic Places. The careful blend of new build- 
ings with the old has given the college a cohesiveness thai can be 
.ipprecKited bs .ilumnae of all generations. 

Kathy Frazier and her husband. Bill, are partners in Frazier 
Associates, a firm specializing in architecture and historic 
preservation. Kathy completed two years at Mary Baldwin and 
earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Universtiy 
of Virginia in 1978. The Fraziers live in Staunton and have two 
children: a lour-year-old daughter and a two-month-old son. 

From The 
Alumnae President 

Celebrating Success 
and Moving Ahead 

While we've been planning for a celebration of the past, 
progress for the future has continued throughout the College and 
within our Alumnae Association. 

A major change has occurred in the area of alumnae chapters. 
The Chapter Development Committee of the Alumnae Board of 
Directors is now the Alumnae Involvement Committee, the name 
change reflecting that group's efforts to plan activities for all 
geographical areas - whether that be organized chapters or regional 
or local special events. 

TTie Alumnae Association has also expanded its awards 
program to recognize successful alumnae and acknowledge the role 
of the College in their lives. Since 1988. awards have been 
presented for Service to Church, Service to Community, Career 
Achievement, and Leadership, in addition to the prestigious Emily 
Smith Medallion. We have also begun recognizing an outstanding 
admissions volunteer each year. 

So, as we celebrate past success, we look toward the future. Wc 
know that is what Mary Julia Baldwin did, and we know it works! 


Alumnae Association Officers 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 73 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 
Vice President 

Cynthia Knight Weir '68, Chair 
Admissions Committee 

Susan Johnson High '62, Chair 
Annual Fund Committee 

Kimberly Baker Glenn '79, Chair 
Alumnae Involvement Committee 

Martha McMullan Aasen '5 1 , Chair 
Continuing Education Committee 

Linda Martin Graybill '83, Chair, 
Finance Committee 

Kate Gladden Schultz '71, Chair, 
Homecoming Committee 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60, Chair 
Nominating Committee 

Beth Palk '93, Chair 
Student Relations Committee 

Sally Dorsey Danner '64 
Recording Secretary 

Crista R. Cabe. Ex-Officio 

Executive Director 

of Alumnae Activities 

Barbara Knisely Roberts '7.3 


MBf ' Alumnae Association 

ABOVE LEFT: New Alumnae Association Board members at Fall 
Leadership Conference, (left to right, front) R.J. Landin-Loderick 
'86; Ralphetta Aker '88; Paula Stephens Lambert '65; (left to right, 
second row) Judy Ellen Hanien 77; Judy Lipes Garst '63; (left to 
right, back) Joyce Liptrap '92 ADP; Louise Boylan '71; Betty 
Dudley Landes '82 ADP, and B.J. Felton '79. ABOVE RIGHT: 
Stephanie lies '93, Student Relations Committee. 

Alumna Profile 

Nancy Wallace Henderson has felt the 
urge to write since she was a small girl. 
But it took a unique and dift'icult set of 
circumstances to make her realize that 
writing could be a way of life. Now she is 
a full-time writer of plays and novels. 
She divides her time between New York 
City and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 
where she shares a house with her son and 
his wife, who are also full-time writers. 

Nancy Henderson has earned success as a vsriter through dedica- 
tion and hard work, in addition to talent, but she did not originally 
set out to be a writer. At Mary Baldw in. she was president of her 
senior class, chairman of the debating council, honor student, ath- 
lete and musician: she explored and excelled in just about every 
facet of college lite. Alter graduating with a degree in English, she 
earned a master's degree in education and social work at Columbia 
University, and vsas a social worker in New York. .She then mar- 
ried William Henderson. 

Her life changed course when William was killeil in an accident 
in Alaska while in the service during World War II. At the time. 
Nancy was living in North Carolina w ith her young son. With gas 
being rationed and the war still on. Nancy figured it was time to 
look for something to do at home. She took a correspondence 
course in writing and became serious about it as a career. She went 
on to earn a second master's degree, this time in dramatic arts, from 
the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since then she has 
considered herself primarily a playwright. 

One of her plays, /.o. the Ant^cl. has won three competitions, and 
another was published by Samuel French. Inc. She also has two 
collections of pla> s for children to her credit, and the summer of 
l^iHt saw the puhlicalion of her historical drama. The Twelfth Luii- 



hy Crista Cahc 

lent, commissioned by the Orange 
County Constitutional Bicentennial 
Committee for performance in 1988. 

Nancy's most recent dramatic suc- 
cess. The Hif-hcsi Prize, was originally 
called Penelope — a pla\ about the 
long-suffering w ife of Odysseus. 
Nancy wrote the first version while a 
graduate student at I'NC. Several 
groups have performed readings of the 
plas o\er the >ears. and in 1987 a producer interested in adaptations 
of the classics offered her a contract. That inspired her to rewrite 
and rename the play. 

The Hifihest Prize opened last June at the .Mma Schapiro Center 
for Theater and Music at Columbia L'niversit\ in New York. A 
light-hearted comedy based on the story of Odysseus and Penelope. 
it is her ninth pla> to be produced. The New York audiences re- 
sponded enthusiasticallN to the play. As a special welcome to Mary 
Baldwin alumnae in the Nevv ^ork area, the performance on June 
20 was designated Mary Baldw in Night. 

At 15. Nancy does not rest on her laurels. These days she is 
spending her time working on a science fiction novel for young 
adults. It is the story of a 14-year-old girl whose father has been 
killed in a spacecraft accident, and who wants to visit a colony on 
the moon with her school class. "I'd say it is a little more than just 
entertainment." Nancy says in a typically nwxlest and understated 
way. "It has a lot in it about how the girl feels about herself and her 
father. " 

Nancy's eves shine with curiosity and intelligence from her pic- 
ture in the 19.^6 RhtesiocLinf;. and thev shine just av hrightls now. 
Looking at her. it is easy to imagine that she will continue with her 
life's work for a loni; lime vet. 


In honor of Mary Baldwin's Sesquicentennial year several spe- 
cial interest reunions are being planned along with the traditional 
class reunions. Each class and group listed below will have an inti- 
mate dinner Friday evening and a party Saturday evening. All re- 
union classes and groups will march in the Parade of Classes on 
Saturday morning along with the Class of 1992. 

Class of 1990 

Class of 1987 

Class of 1982 

Class of 1977 

Class of 1972 

Class of 1967 

Class of 1962 

Classes of 1956, 1957. 1958 

Class of 1952 

Class of 1947 

Class of 1942 

Members of the Class of 1941 and 

prior years. 
Alumnae of Mary Baldwin's Adult 

Degree Program 
Alumnae who were involved with the 

Theatre Department 
Alumnae who were involved with 

Campus Commenis, The Bluestocking 

and Miscellany 
If you are interested in attending the Sesquicentennial Home- 
coming celebration but have no scheduled reunion this year, come 
anyway! Just send us a note with your name and class year, and we 
will send you a Homecoming brochure and registration materials. 

2nd Reunion 
5th Reunion 
10th Reunion 
15th Reunion 
20th Reunion 
25th Reunion 
30th Reunion 
Cluster Reunion 
40th Reunion 
45th Reunion 
50th Reunion 
50-Plus Club 

ADR Reunion 


Student Publications 

Theatre/Drama and 
Publications Reunions 

If you would like to join one of special reunions please 
contact the Alumnae Office at your earliest convenience. By the 
end of March the reunion committees will be mailing a letter with 
specific information about special reunion activities along with the 
Homecoming '92 brochure and registration materials. We need 
your name, class year, and address in order to add you to one of the 
mailing lists that arc being created for these special interest 

h'or more information, write or cull 

Olflte of Alumnae Attivitie.s 

Mary Baldwin (,'<)llene 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 

(703) 887-7007 

Chapters In Action 

June -August 1991 


Fairfield County Area 

Susan Warf'ield C'apics 'fiO hoslcd a luncheon In honor Presidenl 
Cynthia H. Tyson on June 7 — the first alumnae event in Connecti- 
cut in mcinory. In August. Connecticut alumnae hosted the 
Executive Committee of the Alumnae Board with a clam bake, and 
a cocktail party lor all area alumnae. Over fit'ty alumnae and friends 
of MBC attended. The Executive Committee met in the home of 
Martha McMullan Aasen "."i I , Continuing Education chair for the 
Alumnae Board. Sue Warfield Caples '60 (Alumnae Board mem- 
ber). Kay Else Johnson '47. Carol Stewart Shaw '63 (Advisory 
Board of Visitors member), and Susan Walton Wynkoop '75 
worked with Martha to plan the weekend's festivities. Candy 
Richardson Bartlelt '6,3 and Harriette Clarke Thome '47 supported 
the effort by hosting Alumnae Board members and staff in their 



Admissions volunteers from the area gathered last July to learn how 
to support MBC's student recruitment eflorts. Mary Mitchell Amos 
'81, Hillary Baumann '86, Meg Britlingham 87. Punkie 
Farquharson Lawson '7.^. Meg Herbert Roach '82, Susan Rose 
Sheild '86, Susan Wilson '89, and Melissa Woods '90 participated. 
MBC Director of Admissions Volunteers Harriet B. Runkle con- 
ducted the tr.iining. 

Triad Area 

In July President ot the Alumnae .Association Barbara Knisely Rob- 
erts '7.^ hosted a group o! admissions volunteers at her home in 
Burlington for training with Director of Admissions Volunteers 
Harriet B. Runkle. Margaret Newman Avent '49, Laurie Scott Bass 
'78. Lisa Gava/./i-Johnson "84. and Aleda Hays Rickelton '69 par- 
ticipated. Kim Lanibee Masich '79, in Winston-Salem, also met 
with Harriet to prepare for fall recruitment efforts. 



Admissions volunteers Susanne Raybum Bates '66. Whitney Brady 
'88, and Eleanor Chew Winnard '6.3 met in July with Director of 
Admissions Volunteers Harriet B. Runkle for trainuig in elfective 
student recruitment. 

Hilton Head Island/Savannah, Georgia 

In June Board ol Irusiees Chainnan Charles S. 1 uck III ,ind his 
wife, I'rue, hosted a gathering at (hen home lo honor Presnlenl 
Cynthia H. Tyson. 



Cynthia Knight Wier (iS. Alumnae Bo.ird chair for .-Xdmissions, 
hosted a student recruitment training workshop at her home in 

Alumnae and guests at the MBC luncheon held in June in 
Wilton, Connecticut. 

MBC Vice President for Institutional Advancement Mark 
Atchison and Emily Detlilofi Ryan '63, vice president of the 
Alumnae Association, enjoy the clam bake hosted by 
Connecticut alumnae for the Alumnae Board Executive 

Martha McMullan Aasen '51, chair of the Alumnae Board 
Continuing Education Committee; Crista Cabe, executive 
director of Alumnae Activities: and Sally Armstrong Bingley '60. 
chair of the Alumnae Board Nominating Committee enjoy the 
Connecticut-area parly held at the Westport Historical Society in 

Trustee Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 and Mary Wray Conner '81 
outside the Hipp home in Greenville, South Carolina, where an 
alumnae luncheon was held in April. 

"The Event of the Year Award" goes to the MBC Celebration Plan- 
ning Committee in Dallas, headed by Peggy Anderson Carr '67 and 
guided by Margaret Hunt Hill "37. The Celebration included a 
"Round Up" for all Texas alumnae, a black-tie donor recognition 
dinner, the Board of Trustees" spring meeting, and tours and other 
activities. Newspaper articles before and after the event spread the 
good word about Mary Baldwin. 

"The Perspectives Award" goes to the Peninsula, Virginia, 
Chapter for their luncheon at which an Alumnae Board member, 
Mallory Copeland "88, was the featured speaker about the College. 

"The From Far and Wide Award" goes to the Staunton/ 
Waynesboro/Augusta County and Charlottesville Chapters for their 
Mary Baldwin Reception at the Foxfield Steeplechase Races, which 
drew almost 200 alumnae and friends of MBC from all over Vir- 
ginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. 

"The Good Fellowship Award" goes to the Houston Chapter for 
supporting the largest number and widest variety of activities for 
alumnae, ranging from prospective student parties to dinner with 
President Cynthia H. Tyson to monthly informal luncheons and din- 

"The Highest Attendance Award" goes to the Richmond Chapter 
for their elegant Tulips-N-Juleps II, a cocktail party held in con- 
junction with Richmond's garden week, followed the next day by 
garden tours and a luncheon. 

August, and Director of Admissions Volunteers Harriet B. Runkle 
visited from the College. Participants included Kelly Andrews "85; 
Cyndi Wood Hermann '85; Sue Lollis "79. Houston Chapter presi- 
dent; Peggy Scott Reading "70; Emily Dethloff Ryan "63, Alumnae 
Association vice president; and Victoria Simons "76. Carmen Hayes 
Anderson "45 of Galveston also participated in admissions training. 

Jane Mattox Turner "38 hosted a party for prospective students at 
her home on August 1 1 . The program was presented by recent 
graduate Caroline Oden "91 and Debbie Feigin "92. who is vice 
president of the Student Government Association and a member of 
the Alumnae Board's Student Relations Committee. 


Chapters of Special Merit 

July 1990-June 1991 

"The Brand New Territory Award" goes to the Connecticut Chap- 
ter, whose luncheon in June brought together alumnae in that state 
for the first time. 

"The Bringing it All Together Award" goes to the Triad, North 
Carolina, Chapter (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and en- 
virons) for involving alumnae from several different communities 
in a variety of projects, including a reception to honor Alumnae As- 
sociation President Barbara Knisely Roberts '73, a Christmas 
dinner honoring MBC President Cynthia II. Tyson, and recruitment 

"The Coals to Newcastle Award" goes to ihc New York City Chap- 
ter, where there arc seemingly unlimited cultural resources. But 
when Dean of the Coli '.'c James LotI visited and read one of his 
short stories, everyone ime to listen! 

'■>Ji I 

Betty Kenig, chair of the Grandparent Annual Fund Program, 
and her daughter, Betsy Kenig Byford '68, at the alumnae 
gathering in Greenville, SC. Anne Byford '89 is IMrs. Kenig's 
granddaughter and Mrs. Byford's daughter. 

thousands of individuals, businesses, corporations, 
and foundations contributed a total of $ 863,853 to 
the Annual Fund of Mary Baldwin College. These 
gifts, which support the College's operating costs, 
provide nearly 35% of the cost of educating each 
Mary Baldwin College student. 

With gratitude, the College community, 
and especially the faculty and students, 
acknowledges the enthusiastic support of all 
who contributed to the 1990- 1 99 1 Annual Fund. 
Your gifts are appreciated and are an inspiration 
to those of us who work and study at Mary 
Baldwin College. 


('()ntribulions uf $IU,OUO or more lu the Annual Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Chiles 
Frances Hafer Chiles '55 

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Doming 
Bertie Murphy Doming '4(i 

Margaret Hunt Hill 37 
Caroline Rose Hunt '4.1 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles .S. Luck I 

William G. Pannill 
Syn<xl of the Mid-Atlantic 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dillard Teer 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 

Virginia Foundation for Independent 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 

Estate of Fannie Royster Cooke 
Betty Beasley Fiedler '49 


Contributions ot $5,(Hm to $9,999 to the Annuul Fund 

Mary Agnes Grant 'M) 
Helen K. Groves 

Household International 
Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Smith 
Martha Ann Woolverton '51 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck Jr. 

Elia Durr Buck '50 
Susan Warfield Caples '60 
Katherine Dyer Dudley .16 
Nancy Payne Ellis 


Contributions of $2,500 to $4,999 to the Annual Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Grant 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Mabel May Fettemian Held '76 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Jane H. Miller '76 

Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore Jr. 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Janet Russell Steelman "52 

A. Jane Townes '69 
Cecile Mears Turner "46 
Harriett Middleton Waldrop '48 


Contributions of $1,000 to $2,499 to the Annual Fund 

Martha McMuUan Aason '51 

Mary Stone Adicr '62 

Al&r Foundation 

Barclay's American Foundation 

Margaret Barrier '50 

Susanne Raybum Bates '66 

Mildred Proffil Batson '43 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 

Mr. ;uid Mrs. M. Eldridgo Blanlon HI 

Stephanie Carlson Brennan 'X2 

T. B. Buller Publishing Co. 

Julie Mays Cannell '70 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carreras 

Margaret Gignillial Carswell '53 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Chisnicr 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N, Clyde Jr. 

Coca-Cola Company 

Jacqueline Edwards Cohen .50 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

Janet Haddrell Connors '65 

Adolph Coors Co. 

.^ngela Blose Corlcy '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R. Creekmore 

Jo Avery Crowder '65 

Susan Gamble Dankcl '68 

Sally Dorsey Danner '64 

Joan McArthur Davis '45 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Paula Rupe Dennard '48 

Fli/abeth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Sloven Dozier 

Lena McfJaniel Drowry '78 

Agnes Gray Duff '54 

Duke Power Company Foundation 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Donna Neudorfcr Earp '76 
W. E. Eckel Jr. 

First American Bankshares Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Fil/gerald 
Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 
Alice Dibrell Freeman '70 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Freeman 
General Reinsurance Corp. 
Judith W. Godwin '52 
Patricia Andrew Goodson '51 
Lyndsay Ryland Gouldthorpc '73 
The Garland Gray Foundation Inc. 
Judith Payne Grey '65 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers Hall 

Lillian Richardson Hall '48 
Mr. iuid Mrs. Alex;inder Hamilton 111 
Linda Dolly Hammack '62 
Cynthia Luck Haw '79 
Anna Kale Reid Hipp '63 
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Huchman 

Margaret Hcrscher Hitchman '40 
Ro/aha Cruise Hogg '78 
IJniK W, Hundley '47 
Hope Hennen Hunter 
Nancy McWhorter Hurley '42 
Mr. and Mrs. On/a E. Hyatt 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Ikenberry Jr. 
International Business Machines 
Kathryn filse Johnson '47 
Johnson & Johnson 
Sarah Maupin Jones '39 
Louise Fowlkes Kogley .54 

Randall J. Knisely Jr. 
Kuehn Foundation 
Constance Detriek Lamons '52 
Leavy Investment Management 
Margaret Livingston '69 
Charlotte Jackson Lunsford '5 1 
Jean Bauni Mair '40 
Manufacturers Hanover 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Sanford Jones McAllister '80 
Ttie J. N. McArthur Foundation 
Nancy Clark McLennan '41 
Louise Rosselt McNamee '70 
Mary Nell McPhcrson '79 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Mcador 
Dr. Patricia Hobert Menk 
Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore Sr. 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 
Nancy Winters Moore '71 
Mrs. Samuel B. Moore 
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Murray 
Mary Hombarger Musiix; '55 
Margaret Woodson Nea '63 
Harriet Marrow Neldon "75 
New York Marine and General 

Insurance Co. 
Northern Telecom Inc. 
Dr. iind Mrs. Maurice Notlinghiini Jr. 

Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Pauli Anne Ovcrdorff '70 
Fayc Smith Peck '58 
Gale Palmer Penn '63 
Carol Paul Powell '78 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 
Mary Lane Dudley Punill '67 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Carson Queries 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 
Margaret Pollard Rea '46 
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Reulher 
Julia GoiK'h Richmond '34 
Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. RiKOvich Jr. 
Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rinrovich '67 
Rupe Foundation 
Emily Delhloff Ryan '63 
Second Presbyterian Church 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 
Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 
Mary Reed Smylh '47 
Southern Bell 
Mrs. William W. Sproul Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. .\. P Stover Jr. 
M. Elizabeth Swope '66 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor "48 
Eugenia McCuen Thomason '62 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Harrielle Clarke Thome '47 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Wengcr Foundation 
Wesivaco Corp. 
Capi. and Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 
Wheal. First Securities Inc. 
Vitx- Admiral aixl Mrs. Jik- Williams Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas S. Williamson III 
Mr. and Mrs. Omie Wilson Jr. 

Bng. Gen. and Mrs. Ernesi .Xdelnia 
Aetna Life and Casually 
Dr. M. Alfred Akerman 
.American Cyanamid Co. 
Mr, and Mrs. Takeji Anzai 


( ontrihutions of $500 to $999 to the Annual Fund 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
Constance A. Bak '75 
Barger Insurance 
Beverly Estes Bates '64 
Marv Anne Rhanie Bates '45 

Martha Bamcit Beal '53 

BellSouth Services 

Alison Wenger Boone '77 

C&P Telephone Co. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henrv M. Carter Jr. 

Palsy Clyde Chandler "77 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Christie 

Justice and Mrs. George M. Cochran 

Marjorie Mixire Council '46 

Dr. and Mrs. Dane J. Cox 

Mr. and Mrs. Henij' G. Craig 

Crestar Foundation 

Nancy A. Crim 

Beny Davis Crump "74 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 

Shirley S. DeJamette 

Melinda Dodge "80 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll "66 

Sydney Turner Elsass '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. England Jr. 

Angelina Painter Eschauzier '68 

Estate of W. E. Woolbright Jr. 

Nancy Morse Evans '7 1 

Margaret Wren Farrar '8 1 

Jane Faulds '71 

Kathleen .Vlyers Faust '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Fetterman 

Elaine Henderson Fowler '72 

Judith Callow ay -Totaro "69 

Sarah Belk Gambrell 

GEICO Philanthropic Foundation 

Elizabeth Simmerman George "37 

Elaine Rabe Giese "70 

Kimberly Baker Glenn "79 

Thelma Riddle Golightly '40 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

Anita Thee Graham '50 

Linda Martin Graybill '83 

GTE Corporation 

Nancy Howe Guild '46 

Guy C. Eavers Excavating Corp. 

Alice B. Hansbarger '73 

Suzanne K. Hansen 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Patricia Binkley Haws '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hickey 

Susan Johnson High "62 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley "60 

Roberta Vance Homer '37 

Patricia Murphree Honea '49 

Nancy Rowe Hull '64 

Robert H. Hull 

Karen Emmet Hunt '80 

Dr. Mary Downing Irving 

James Jackson 

Meredith Jones Johnson "43 

Dr. May Wells Jones "61 

Ralph W. Kittle 

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kluchesky 

Mrs. Frank S. Knight 

Boyd K. Knowles 

Robert H. Lafleur 

Marianna Jamison Leach '47 

Liberty Corporation Foundation 

Jeanne Dubois Loar '49 

Dr. and Mrs. James D. Lotl 

Bettie Trimble Mabray '44 

J. D. and C. T. MacArthur Foundation 

Janney Shoemaker Marshall '75 

Martin Marietta Corp. Foundation 

Louise Vandiviere Mashbum '42 
Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 
Sally Via Matthews '72 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McBride 
Anne McCormack '83 
Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 
Susan Gail McKemy '78 
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. McNeal 
Dorris Withers McNeal '41 
James P. McPherson 
Merrill Lynch and Company 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Grace Branch Moore '68 
William S. Moses 
Lee Pierce Mosso '54 
Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 
Martha Pool Page '48 
Maj. Melissa Patrick '78 
Agnes Junkin Peery '31 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Pover 
Nancy Harris Quarles '61 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen '72 
Betsey Towler Robson '57 
Virginia Moomaw Savage '69 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert '65 
Seven-Up-Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. 
Alice Gilkeson Simpkins '37 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak "53 

Anne Sims Smith "45 

Katharine Hoge Smith "41 

Nadine Prideaux Smith '41 

Sovran Foundation 

Amy Roberson Spence '76 

Nancy Moncure Stikes '75 

Edith A. Stotler '68 

Nancy Owen Stuart '39 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Sallie Brush Thalhimer '73 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 

Virginia Power/North Carolina Power 

Mary Lamont Wade "52 

Caroline Upshur Walker 

Deborah Dull Walker '75 

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Walker 

Sandra Wandrisco Waller '74 

Jo Ann Ware 

Bonnie Brackett Weaver '71 

Valerie Lynn Wenger '81 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

Mary Griffith Williams '45 

Dr. Heather Wilson 

Mary Cronin Wolfe '39 

Young True Value Hardware Inc. 


Contributions of $250 to $499 to the Annual Fund 

Margaret Williams Adams '42 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Addleton 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Alexander 
Laura Catching Alexander '71 
Ginny D. Alpert 
Carole Lewis Anderson 
Betty Wilcox Armstrong '41 
Judith Judge Ashcraft '50 
Dr. Burke Baker III 
Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Dr. Annabel Barber '81 
Mr. and Mrs. William Barley 
Margaret Maddex Barnes '67 
Caroline Dixon Bartman '72 
Laurie Scott Bass '78 
Karen Appleby Baughan '64 
Clarke Stanley Beckner '76 
Clair Caner Bell '76 
Martha Bertrand '65 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner '82 
Barbara Brown Bowles '68 
Peggy Black Braccklcin '48 
Anne Hayes Brewer "42 
Madclyn Richardson Brock '46 
Harricll Low Brown '39 
Gary Brown and Associates Ltd. 
Mr, and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles Jr. 
Jo O'Neal Brucggeman '80 
Mary Buvinger "68 
Kathleen Kcnig Byford '68 
Crista R. Cabe 
Elisabeth Wise Campcn '68 
Elizabeth Boyd Caskcy '.39 
Gcorgcannc Bales Chapman '68 
Martha Farmer Chapman '4 1 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall Chapman 
Charlotte Heller Chatlain '72 
Mr. and Mrs, H. C. Stuart Cochran 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hatcher Cole Jr. 

William B. Coleman Jr. 

Mary Saunders Conwell '70 

Margaret Schneider Conzett "34 

Diane Hillyer Copley '68 

H. Jean Brehm Cottman '33 

Margaret Lawson Craighill '49 

Virginia Alexander Crane '66 

Mr, and Mrs. Robert A. Creed 

Mary Wilson Cruser '57 

Mr, and Mrs, Andrew W, Cummins 

Michelle Howard '81 

Charlotte Cohn Davis '45 

Ann Bowman Day '74 

Mr, and Mrs. C. Walter Dobie 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dorey Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E, Dorsey 

Carol Ann Douglas 

Susan Parker Drean '83 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 

Louise Tabb Edge '67 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston '72 

Genevieve Bencken.stein Elder '41 

Mrs. Robert V. Ely 

Equitable Life Assurance Society 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Feigin 

Elizabeth Fellon '79 

Mr. and Mrs, Michael P. Feorc 

First National Bank of Chicago 

Virginia Masters Fleishman '72 

Mary Fleming '68 

Frances Ford '68 

IxT Johnston Foster '75 

Mary Gochenour Fowlkes '.50 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Terry Gcggie Fridley '63 

Susan Mulford Ganlly '66 

Cjeneral Electric Foundation 

General Motors Corp. 

Georgia Pacific Corp. 

Gerber Baby Foods Fund 

Ann Whitten Gillenwaler '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Glazebrook 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L, Glenn 

Leah Waller Golden '72 

Cornelia Adair Green '46 

Carole Clyde Griffith 

Jennifer McHugh Haase '71 

Sheryl Quanbeck Hagan '70 

Mr, and Mrs, Alexander Hiunilton IV 

Patricia Bilbo Hamp '66 

Martha Brown Hamrick '48 

Mr, and Mrs, H, H, Hanks 

Mrs, H, G, Hansen 

Jean Lambeth Hart '67 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Hatch 

Roberta Gill Heller '63 

Florence Wimberly Hcllinger '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Highman 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hildebrand 

Phyllis Boone Hill '62 

Joy Nalty Hodges 

.Sally Cullum Holmes '60 

Mr. and Mrs. William lloyle 

Alice Cox Hubbard '60 

Hughes Aircraft Co. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rick N. Muynh 

Shirley Fleming Iben '40 

Inlernalional Paper Co. Foundation 

Mary Walker Jernigan '68 

Blaine Kinney Johnson '75 

Mary Baldwin Johnson '78 

Mary Burton Johnson '73 

The Rev. and Mrs. T, 0- Johnston 

Mary Fergu.son Karnes '7 1 

Betty Bennell Kauzor '37 

Constance McHugh Kimerer '58 

Dorothy Hooge King '36 
Erah Halten Kliewer '45 
Mr, and Mrs, Peter H, Klopinan 
Kathryn Rice Knowles '67 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili '68 
Belly Han-ell Kyle '49 
Mildred J, Lapsley '39 
Alene Brew.ster Larner '32 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell '73 
Wendy Coleman LeGardeur '61 
Diane Hepford Lenahan '77 
Ellen Pagenstecher Lewis '65 
Elaine B. Liles 
Gladys Adams Link '43 
Robin Watson Livesay '69 
Bettie Barnctt Lombard '48 
Johanna Wcstley Lucas '.50 
Phoebe McCain Luce "62 
Adriane Heim Lyman '50 
Ann Kivlighan MacLeod '44 
Janice Booth Maner '7 1 
Manufacturers National Corp. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forrest Marr 
Marsh and McLennan 
Mr. and Mrs, D. W, Marslon 
Helen llutcheson Massingill '65 
May DeparlmenI Stores Company 

Dr. and Mrs. James L. McAllister 
Melissa Rhodes McCue '77 
William J. McMillan 
Sarah Sicrrelt Meyerhoff '68 
Barbara Conlon Miescher '50 
Jacc|uelyn Dickey Miller '49 
Su.san Dibrell Miller '73 
Peggy Harris Milligan '48 
Anne Lonnquest Moore '75 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 
Winifred Boggs Myrick '.54 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Nalty 
R. Edward Nance 
Nationwide Foundation 
NCNB National Bank 
II. E. Neale 

New England Telephone 
Susan Powell Norton '67 
Dr. and Mrs. Philip W. Oden 
Mr. and Mrs, Charles R. Odoni 
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Opie Jr. 
Dr. Hollon Meaders Otte '75 
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 
Mary Hebbard Parnielee '.^0 
Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 
Nathaniel W. Pendleton. Jr. 
Philip Morris Incorporated 
Anna Dunson Pressly '(i'-> 
Price Waterhouse Foundation 

Lisa Harvey Raines '75 

Mrs. Joe W. Reid 

Margaret Barranger Reid '69 

Harriet Vrceland Reynen "50 

Mary Gray Richardson "52 

Florence Jones Rutherlord "75 

Janie Huske Satterficld "70 

Martha Godwin Saunders '48 

Renatc Worch Schuessler '66 

Catherine Gladden Schullz '71 

.Albert Schwabe II 

Sara Frances Ferrell Shay '40 

Ingrid Carlson Shindcll '(^^ 

Signet Bank 

Dr. Katherine L. Smallwood '75 

Southwestern Bell 

Nancy Nelson Spencer '64 

David B. Spigle 

Mary Hamilton Sprague "73 

Elizabeth Boling Strand "58 

Caroline J. Sirulhers "71 

Rose Driver Sluan "69 

Carroll W. Suggs 

Otey H. Swoboda "61 

Betty While Talley '51 

Molly Upton Tarr '70 

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor 

Katherine T. Taylor "78 

Leslie Marfleel Terry "77 

I.illie Trimble rumer "46 

Martha H. Turner 

Emily T. Tyler "63 

U.S. Bancorp 

United States Trust Company of 

New York 
Rav Casiles Uttenhovc '68 

Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 

Myma Williams Vest '47 

Sally Cheney Walker '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Webb 

Francis A. Weiskitlel 

Ruth Galey Welliver '38 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

Lucy Fisher West "59 

Dr. Patricia Westhafer 

Sally Wetzel Wicks "78 

Frances Williamson '70 

Shirley Keelgar Williamson "39 

Gordon C. Willis 

Margaret McRae Wilson '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

Florence Jeffrey Wingo "40 

Lori Wood "90 

Dorothy Jones Wrigley '70 


( oiitrihiitions of $100 to $249 to the Annual Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Adams Sr. 
Jessie Bear Agnor "35 
Vickie Reynolds Akelman '76 
RalphettaG. Aker '8X 
Dorothy Hulchings Alberts '32 
Martha Kennedy Albertson '7(1 
Drs. Estampador and Albino 
Elizabeth Tucker Albritton '77 
Joanne Powell Alexander '43 
Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano '84 
Terry Huffman Allaun '75 
Anne Hall Allen '78 
Mrs. Mark L. Allen 
Dr. Robeil T. Allen III 
Allied Signal Foundation Inc. 
Janet Bartholomew Altamari '70 
Billie Joseph Ameen '46 
American Tobacco Co. 
Martha Ross Amos '48 
Mary Mitchell Amos "81 

Anne McClung Anderson '59 
Blanche Wysor Anderson '72 
Deborah Bulkley Anderson '65 
Jill Kiely Anderson '72 
Laura McManaway Andrews '44 
Susan Alexander Andrews '73 
Evelyn Baker Arey '30 
Victoria Reid Argabrighl '64 
Carolyn Bass Annentrout '70 
Emily Goodwin Armitage "36 
Mr. and Mrs. R. LaRue Armstrong 
.'\rmstrong Foundation 
.Armstrong World Industries 
Helen Arrowooil Arnold '63 
Katherine Crawford Arrowsniith "70 
.\rthur Andersen and Company 

Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe "83 
Ashland Oil Foundation 
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Askegaard 
Marcellc Rogers Askew "62 
Dorothy Atkinson '51 
Margaret Adair Almar '56 
Kathleen Aure '68 
.Xiitoniatic Data Processing 

Margaret Newman Aveni '49 
Maigarel Garrett Axsellc '69 
Claudia Turner .Aycock '66 
I'hsllis Williams Avres "38 

Anne Fisher Bahner '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Mirza T. Baig 
Barbara Reid Bailey "61 
Carolyn Hedge Baird "77 
Emily Baker '58 
Elaine Kibler Baldwin "41 
Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 'SO 
Patricia Goshom Ball '61 
Ellen Stickell Bare '55 
Elizabeth Pringic Barge '41 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Jay Barlow 
Wilma C. Bamett 
Harriet Bangle Bamhartit '50 
Shirley Black Barre '39 
Janice Smith Barry '67 
Dr. and Mrs. Homer Bartley 
Mary Goodrich Baskin "46 
Mr. and Mrs. Rex H. Basselt 
Helen Beckelheimcr Baugh '50 
Sarah Warren Baynes "64 
Lee Beal "84 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Beam Jr. 
Catherine Boynton Beazley '74 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bell 
Patricia Marsh Belleville '50 
Julia Johnston Belton '49 
Maureen Love Bendall '72 
Susan Zagora Bender '7 1 . 
Nelson Bickers '83 
Harry Thompson Billington "47 
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bish 
Penelope Patrick Biskey "72 
Gail Riley Blakey '45 
Jean Wallace Blount '48 
Nancy Burroughs Bolan "67 
Martha Peck Bolen "65 
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Booth 
Dr. Donna Booth "77 
Jane McCUire Booth '81 
Linda L. Booth 
Velma Newbill Bmith '46 
Marian Homsby Bowdilch '42 
Tim Bowers 
LeeWilley Bowman '71 
Cary Bryan Boyd "45 
Margaret Shields Boyer "39 
Page Howard Bradham "32 
Elizabeth Trimble Bradley "81 
Gwendolyn .Austin Branimer '49 
Lou Nordholl Bramwell '61 
Janet Dennis Branch '71 

Caroline Walker Brant '70 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Breeden 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Brent 

Beth Briggs '86 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 

Martha Carrick Brook '50 

Louise Randol Brooks '33 

Mao' Kerr Brooks '39 

Nancy Greever Brooks '73 

Virginia Broughlon '39 

Alice Jarman Browder "40 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Brown 

Mary Blasser Brown '88 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Broylcs 

Dale Peters Bryant '41 

Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Brycc II 

Mary Benson Buckley '34 

Susan Hazelwood Buffington '76 

Frances Buhman '69 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf '61 

Marjorie Tobin Burke '4(1 

Katherine West Burkhart '66 

Buriington Industries Foundation 

Adelaide McSween Burnett '42 

Margaret Silver Burton '8 1 

Margaret Browning Busick '39 

Mrs. H. J. Bussa 

Joyce Craig Butlerworth "46 

Lois Prescoit Butz "35 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buzbee 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Byrd 

CA:P I'elephone Co. of Virginia 

Eda Holstcad Cabaniss '69 

Eleanor Cahill '56 

Susan Pruett Caldroney "72 

Capt. Victoria Calhoun '83 

C. Vance Campbell Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Campbell 

Dr. Janet While Campbell '66 

Carolyn Carleton Campsey '70 

Ellison Carey '79 

Carolina Power and Light Co. 

Florence Breunig Carroll "6! 

Suzi Parker Carson '79 

Frances Apple Carter "38 

George .Ann Brown Carter "47 

Katherine Kivlighan Carter "44 

Kathleen Hand Carter '58 

Mr anil Mrs Worth Harris Carter 

Mary Kennedy Caruso '69 

Carol Ditto Car>' '72 

Ellison Miller Carey "79 

Sara Cary "90 

Elizabeth Walker Cale "65 

Anne Mon> han Chambers "48 

Martha Kline Chaplin "51 

Pamela Turner Chapman "78 

Margaret Cole Chappell "64 

Ellender Stribling Chase "40 

Evelyn Wood Chatham "34 

Joan Buff Chiles "51 

Linda Hinrichs Christovich '77 

Laura O' Hear Church '82 

Mr. and Mrs. Kaya Cibildak 


Ann Price Clark "61 

Mary Jamison Clarke '55 

Betty Martin Close "53 

Leslie Cixkerham '79 

Randolph R. Coffey 

Isabel Foster Cole "45 

Margaret Turner Coleman "67 

Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher Collins Jr. 

Janice Jones Collins '65 

Paula Srigley Colman '88 

Ann Jones Comley '50 

Community Federal Savings Bank 

Ellen Cowan Compton '77 

Pamela Martin Comstock '77 

Dale Adams Cone '72 

Mary Conger '73 

The Rev. and Mrs. George M. Conn Jr. 

Anne Cixike '67 

Mary Cooke '44 

Susan Martin Cooley '80 

Jean Cortrighl Copeland '73 

Mallory Copeland '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Copeland 

Virginia Kyle Copper '37 

Frances Beazlie Cosianzo "75 

Rachel Koscr Collrcll "58 

Susan Green Coulter '75 

Jeanne West Covington "50 

Patricia Rc\ nolds Cowan "75 

Susan Cowan "80 

Margaret Smith Crandall "18 

Vanessa Sykes Crews "75 

Margaret Wea\ er Crosson '67 

Julia Barbec Crolhers "66 

Sall\ Cannon Crumblev '71 

Elizabeth Bunon Crasel "61 
CSX Corp. 

Jane Reid Cunningham "59 
Eleanor Edmondson Currie '63 
Janet Dudle> Danby '42 
Helen Wade Dantzler '36 
Grace McCutchen Daughtridge '77 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson '64 
Lucy Sharpe Davis "37 
Rosa Ott Davis '33 
Katherine Miller De Genaro '63 
John D- De Jamette 
Mary De Loach '54 
Janet Devonald Deatherage '66 
Mary Cranwell Deemer '57 
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Deitz 
Dr. William L. DeLeeuw 
Delta .Air Lines Foundation 
Susan Jennings Denson '62 
.'Ann Calhoun Dent '77 
Mary Van .-Xlta Derr '40 
Diane Prettyman Dewall '51 
Elizabeth Beck Deuees '51 
Cornelia Jarrell DeWiit '79 
Diamond State Telephone 
Marguerite Rutherford Dickerson '27 
Anne Ponder Dickson '61 
Jennie Evans Dille '53 
Mr. and Mrs, Anthony J. Dingbaum 
Tamara Dingbaum '86 
Karen Ames Diltamo '86 
Dr. Gary W. Diver 
Amy Dixon '89 
.Anne Nimmo Dixon '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Dixon 
Frances Doniel '86 
Catharine Dorrier '71 
Anna Greenland Dorlch '41 
Patsy Hildebrandt Downer '72 
Patricia Downing '49 
Nancy Buston Downs '56 
Katherine Holt Dozier '40 
Gail McMichael Drew '65 
Laura Clausen Drum '56 
Mr. and Mrs, J. E, Duff 
Dunn and Bradstreet Corporation 
Frances Kirby Duncan '75 
Lelia Dunlap '41 
Reba Clemmer Dunlap '38 
Mary Jarratt Dunn '64 
Peggy Reid Durden '49 
Mr. and Mrs. John Leif Earcckson 
Dr. Mary Tuck Echols 
Ellen Underwood Exkford '51 
Elizabeth Gwallney Edwards '90 
Janic Holman Edwards '39 
Kathleen Edwards 
Sally Lander Edwards '56 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 
Elizabeth Crawford Englc '31 
Mr. and Mrs, Howard J. Englc 
Oneila Carlson Enoch '75 
Nancy Eskridgc '39 
Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin W. Eslcs 
Eleanor Slarkc Evan.s '61 
Sandra J. Evans 
Margaret Davis Evans '46 
Margaret Johnston Evans '39 
Ann Trusler Failh '69 
Margaret Van Devantcr Fanchcr '22 
Mary Lehncrtz Faulkner '79 
Angela Favala '89 
Dr, and Mrs. Martin A. Favala 

Susan Train Fearon "69 
Diane White Fechtel '74 
Karen Outlaw Fendley '74 
Nancy Blood Ferguson '63 
Melissa Wimbish Ferrell '71 
Laura Wall Field '76 
Elizabeth Fields '31 
Susan Paul Firestone '68 
First Presbyterian Church 
Judith Moore Fisher '66 
Olivia Young Fisher '73 
Cynthia Fitch '71 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh '40 
Dr. Ann Moore Flowers 
Evelyn Sanders Flowers '24 
Virginia Aldrich Fogle '40 
The Rev. Margaret Robertson Fohl ' 
Frances Henderson Ford '76 
Ford Motor Co, 
Peggy Shelton Fore '52 
Pearl Epling Forsey '42 
June Early Fraim '65 
Judy Spence Frank '73 
Barbara Leavitt Franklin '71 
Betty Barker Eraser '49 
Harriet Murphy Frazier '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Freeman 
Leslie Freeman '70 
Dr. Suzanne Freeman '68 
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 
Penelope Wev Frere '64 
Margaret Durant Fried '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 
Florence McCauley Fryling "24 
Fryling Foundation 
Mary Morgan Fulton '78 
Sally McCullough Futch '44 
Laura Vaughan Gaillard '23 
Dr. Diane Ganiere 
Marilyn Walseth Gano '51 
Helen Hicks Gant '49 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner '54 
Lila Caldwell Gardner "71 
Dr, and Mrs. D, Stevens Garlick 
Mr, and Mrs, Michael L, Garrett 
Judy Lipes GarsI '63 
Dr, and Mrs. Robbins L. Gates 
Pearl Gearhart '86 
General Cinema Corp. 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. George 
Candace Snodgrass Gessner '70 
Rebecca A, Gibbs '88 
Margaret Wardlaw Gilbert '40 
Benjamin W, Giuliani 
Mary Gardner Glen '36 
Minna Thompson Glenn '70 
Sarah Mackey Godehn '42 
Brenda Nichol Goings '71 
Susan Stewart Goldlhwaitc '46 
Virginia Worth Gondcr '39 
Ann Meriwether Goodson '45 
Mary Alice Tolley Goodwin '66 
Linda Holder Gordon '75 
Nancy .Schetller Gordon "44 
Barbara Lcmmond Graham '40 
Jean C. Grainger '70 
Rulhic Ciraldo Grantham '73 
Mr, and Mrs, C, T. Graves 
Nancy Morris Graves '66 
Jean Larncr Gray '41 
Pamela Burnside Gray '48 
Mary B, Green '61 
Helen Radclifle Gregory '74 
Elizabeth Francis f irilTiih '7 1 

Judith Morris Grindle '54 

Nancy Rawles Grissom '54 

Ellen Eskridge Groseclose '48 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove '52 

Margaret Troutman Grover '84 

Olivia Rogers Guggenheim "61 

Jo Ann Martin Gustafson '70 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haddrell 

Ann Hall '90 

LaRue Prideaux Hall '35 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halligan 

Ann H, Hamman 

Constance Small Hancock '46 

Helen Hanks "81 

Sarah Hannah '40 

Carolyn Moore Hansbrough '76 

Mr. and Mrs. Herrick Hanson 

Kathryn Bish Hanson '70 

Catherine McKenney Harcus '78 

Ellen Lutz Hardin '75 

Laura Holbrook Hardwick '64 

Victoria Goodwin Hardy '80 

Doris Harian '86 

Virginia Numey Harlow "49 

H. Hiter Harris Jr. 

Justice and Mrs. Albertis S. 

Harrison Jr. 
Elizabeth Wotring Harrison '42 
Ann Ratcliffe Harrover '58 
Harriet Hart '62 
Michael David Hart '86 
Mr, and Mrs. John Reed Hartley 
Mr, and Mrs. James J. Harvey II 
Sally Dillard Hauplfuhrer '74 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins '63 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hayes 
Rhea Kincaid Hayward '33 
Sarah Lawrence Heald '77 
Miriam Buckles Helmen '47 
Marcia McDonald Helms '72 
Mary Reynolds Henderson '56 
Nancy Wallace Henderson '36 
Nancy Hendricks '53 
Susan Vaughan Henry '68 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon '39 
Gayle Heron '45 
Mr. and Mrs, Gerald A, Herring 
Paul Herrmann 
Hershey Tire Inc, 
Teresa L. Hester 
Katherine Williams Helzler '80 
Kathryn Shankweiler Heydl '33 
Elizabeth Laird Hicks '63 
Richard H, Hicks Jr, 
Elizabeth Higginbotham '70 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand '59 
Jane Harcus Hill '79 
Robert D. Hill 

Mr. (D) and Mrs, Paul O. Hirschbiel 
Ann Lucas Hile '48 
Wylyn Letson Hodnelt '67 
Hocchst Celanese Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hoerle 
Mrs. George N. Hoffman 
Judith Crow Hoffman '61 
Susan Thompson Hoffman '64 
Leslie Dore Hogan '79 
Susan Hooper Hogge '62 
Phyllis Browne Holbcrt '41 
Katharine Howard Holding "25 
Kalherine Hewitt Holmes '73 
Zoe Kerbey Holmes '70 
Mr. and Mrs, R, E. Holsinger 
Chrisiina llolslrom 'SO 

Josephine Hannah Holt '44 

Honeywell Inc. 

Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle '67 

Meredith Hook '89 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Hopeman 

Dr. and Mrs. John A, Horgan 

Elizabeth C, Home 

Ann Skinner Homsby '74 

Dr. and Mrs. Donovan G. Houdeshell 

Olive R. Hough 

Mary Lyles Houston "43 

Capt. and Mrs, A. W. Howard Jr. 

Anne North Howard '75 

Susie Harris Howe '32 

The Howe Foundation Inc. 

Victoria Hill Howland 

Emma Martin Hubbard '50 

Elizabeth Banner Hudgins '39 

Mary Philpotts Hudgins '38 

Margaret Huff "66 

Shiriey Smith Huffman '39 

Patricia Hughes "73 

Ellen Andrews Hunter '49 

Pamela Hunziker '81 

Beverly Grear Hurt '61 

Bettye Hurt Ingram '56 

ICS Inc. 

Linda Grinels Irby "72 

J. C. Penney Co. Inc. 

Carol Jackson '73 

Kate Scott Jacob '50 

Susan Buchanan Jacob '73 

Marjorie Mowl Jago '56 

Sara Nair James "69 

Elizabeth Cleveland Jamison "72 

Jefferson Pilot Corp. 

Betty Anderson Jeffrey '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Jennings Jr. 

Emily Jerger '43 

Dr. AUetta Jervey '51 

Gair Hartley Jewell '70 

Mr. and Mrs, Stephen W. Jmaeff 

Barbara Wishart Johnson '63 

Beryl Ann Johnson '66 

Eleanor Johnson '41 

Elizabeth Johnson '31 

Su.san Massie Johnson '67 

Cynthia Johnston '75 

Marcia Gooch Johnston '39 

Marjorie H, Johnston 

Mr, and Mrs, G, Paul Jones Jr. 

Margaret Grabill Jones "33 

Marietta Barnes Jones '5 1 

Mr, and Mrs, Reid Jones Jr, 

Richard W. Jones III 

Susan Merklas Kahn '68 

Carol Gibson Kanner '65 

Katherine Kanlner '76 

Carroll Blair Keiger '76 

Amine Cosby Kellam '35 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan B. Keller 

Mr. and Mrs, John S. Kelly 

Marjorie Runge Kelso '49 

Kathryn Lee Kemp '76 

Mr, and Mrs. Gary W. Kcnnaly 

Jessie L, Kennedy 

Kathryn Poerschkc Kennedy '42 

Linda Young Kennedy '67 

Mr, and Mrs, R. B, Keplinger Jr, 

Dr, John Kibler III 

Dr, Gail Appcrson Kilman '66 

Cecil H, Kindle 

Susan Cadle King '62 

Catherine Hcnson Kinniburgh '82 

Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Kirchdorfer 

Jon D. Kirssin 

Nila Knighl Klein '81 

Mr. and Mrs. George Fisher Klult/ 

Mary Katharine Klultz 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Knight 

Mary Moftill Knorr '.W 

Mary Uilben Kohn '62 

Arthur H. Kom 

Annie Beale Komegay '48 

Jane Gillam Komegay '83 

•Shirley Sundemian Kostik '49 

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Krauler 

Kalhryn A. Krauter '73 

Doris Clement Kreger '48 

Sally Collin Kriek '39 

Catherine Zimmermann Kriete '34 

Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 'W) 

HIi/abeth Usher Laffitte '49 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 

Ann Brown Lammers '52 

Sue Newman Landa '70 

Elizabeth Curry Langley '37 

Sarah Snead Lankford "8 1 

Mildred Farquharson Lawson '73 

Jane Sebrell Leachman '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lealherbury 

Katherine Kelchum Ledoyen '81 

Nancy Hartley Leonard "fiO 

Bessie Lewis '30 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lewis 

J. P. Price Lewis '72 

Virginia Gilliam Lewis '44 

Chaplain Billy W. Libby 

.'Xniy Maloy Lindsly '55 

Marian Gordin Lord '65 

Patricia Schendel Loring '58 

Winifred Love '35 

Esther Brown Lovill '37 

Anne Troxell Luck '63 

Dudley B. Luck 

Ju Ellen Jcnnelte Lusconibe '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lynch 

Sylvia Lynn '83 

Ann McDonald Macdonald '48 

Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 49 

Suzanne Hudson MacLeod '42 

Rosalinda Roberts Madara '63 

Jacqueline Crinkley Maddcx .34 

Josephine Hulchcson Magnifico '32 

Alise Learned Mahr '80 

Elizabeth Lallitte Malinowski '81 

Frances Harvey Mallison '67 

F'lizabeth Malone "56 

Phyllis Short Marcom '64 

Mary Clark Marks '35 

N. Farrar Marshall '64 

Susan Henry Martin '72 

Alice M. Mashbir 

.•\nn Arcy Mason '74 

Mrs. Sieve L. Mathis III 

Mary Sherier Malhisen '37 

Alice Wilson Matlock '47 

Betty Choale Matthews '5 1 

Catherine Lewis Maxwell '74 

C.J. May 

May McCall '38 

T. H. McCasland Jr. 

Joyce Kagin McCauley '50 

Mrs. James W. McClelland 

Margaret Hogcnaucr McComiick '65 

Mr. and Mrs. George I, McCune 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam McCune 

Chnsima Beardslev McGaui;he\ '76 

Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre '39 
Mary Gordon McKay '42 
Kathryn Johnson McKinnie '65 
Elizabeth Terrell McKnight "34 
i;iizabcih Barnelt McLaren '82 
Sail) JaiohN McMillcn '73 
Judilh Sydnor McNeel '74 
Nancy McWane '81 
Margaret Bland Meacham '33 
Ann Kennedy Melton '57 
Agnes McClung Messimer '38 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Metraux 
Sally Smith Metzger '45 
Karen Stoneburner Miller '72 
Margaret Tuggle Miller '76 
Mary Tompkins Miller '72 
Nancy Rhoads Miller '57 
Margaret Creel Miniclier '44 
Susan Norton Minor '7 1 
Ko> Edmiston Mislowsky '82 
Helen Day Mitchell '.39 
Darlcna Sizemore Mixon '64 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli '62 
Deborah Moench '75 
Rachel Berry Mohler '46 
Ruth Hawkins Molony '59 
Helen Kinser Moncure '48 
Julia Baldwin Montgomery '69 
Alice Moore '67 
Betty Fugate Moore '49 
Carol Saulsbury Moore '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Moore 
Margaret T. Moore '88 
Nell Z. Moore 
Shiriey Frey Morris '71 
Jane Craig Morrison '42 
Morrison. Hecker. Curtis, Kuder 
and Parrish 
Mary Moschler '84 
Edythe Alphin Moseley '37 
Joyce Goldstein Mo.seley '44 
Helen Stone Moss '67 
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Mulford 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller '67 Kimes Mullgardt '63 
Sally Graham Murphy '59 
Murphy Oil Corp. 
Elizabeth Wilgus Murray '73 
Laura Croom Murray '70 
Nabisco Foundation 
Dorothy Payne Nash '52 
Mary Neel '75 
Margaret Grant Necly '71 
Mary Meador Nelson '80 
Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville '59 
New ^'ork Lite Foundation 
Linda Fogle Newsom '80 
Patricia McGeorge Nickerson '69 
Carol Hutchins Nielmann '74 
Minta McDiamiid Nixon '63 
Frances Knight Nollel '43 
Rebecca Linger Nolle '81 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles NorlJeel Jr. 
Jeannelte Norlleet '68 
Eleanor McMillan Norris '31 
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Norris 
Northern Trust Co. 
Nancy Nowak '75 
Katherine Hull Nowell '74 
Lisa Wall O'Donnell '76 
Nancy Higgins O'Malley '75 
Kerlyn BaberObaugh '35 
Laura Sadler Olin '71 

Sally Stowers Oliver '67 

Bene Crosswhile Overton '43 

John D. Owen Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Roderic Owen 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Frances Ruckman Oxner '28 

Mildred Willis Paden '72 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

Margaret Allen Palmer '67 

Susan Palmer '67 

Dr. and Mrs. James Patrick 

Margaret McBryde Patterson '45 

Beneta PeactKk '46 

Sally Heltzel Pearsall "62 

Nancy Pearson '77 

Jill Butler Pendlelon '72 

Katherine Sproul Perry '63 

Nancy Roycrofi Perry '45 

Helen Alkeson Phillips '48 

Mrs. James A. Philpott 

Dr. and Mrs. George Piegari 

Betty Barnes Pigg "64 

Constance Headapohl Pikaart '54 

Ann Rehmann Poche '74 

Nancy Curdts Pollard '52 

Judge and Mrs. Oliver A. Pollard 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Nancy A. Poole 

Adele Jeffords Pope '65 

Mary Lumpkin Pope '38 

Grace Brauer Potter '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Potter 

Dr. and Mrs. Herman Prcseren 

Marilyn West Price '46 

T. Rowe Price Ass(x:iates Fbundalion 

Esther SpurliKk Pruelt '48 

Jane Proffil Pruetl '46 

Ruth Worth Puckell '52 

Dorothy Smith Purse '52 

Martha Kirkham Quarles '87 

Terry Gage Quin '73 

Quota Club of Staunton Inc. 

Jean Rulhcrlord Radcliffe '43 

Mary Hutcheson Ragland "38 

Emily Borden Ragsdale "70 

Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Ramsey 

Carolyn S. Rankin 

Julia Pancake Rankin '45 

Charles G. Ransom Jr. 

Louise O. Ravenel '40 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Ravenhorsi 

Anne Dosher Read '54 

Elizabeth Walsh Read '47 

Mary Reunian Redenbaugh '67 

Emily Shore Reeve '83 

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Regan 

Joanne M. Reich "88 

Virginia CuKhenour Reid '44 

Annette A. Reynolds '86 

Reynolds Metals Co. 

Beverly Harrison Rhixles '49 

.•\nn Ciilmer Richardson "71 

Margaret Gunler Riddle "65 

Martha Grant Ridcout '63 

Walter Ridgely '81 

Linda Forbes Riley '73 

Vicky Hill Rimslidt '60 

Margaret Moore Ripley "52 

Dorothy Cleveland Robh "44 

Ida Kellough Robh '39 

Julene Reese Roberts '65 

Kalhryn English Roberis '7! 

Margaret Aniislrong Robertson '39 

Carolyn Horton Rogers '49 

Peggy Nash Rolfcs '45 

Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Roper 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Rose 

Laurie Folse Rossman '77 

Gloria Paradies Rolhmayer "43 

E. B. Rouse 

Cornelia Green Roy '68 

Nona Jean Macklanburg Rumsey "45 

Bridget A. Ryan '74 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Sage 

Janet Sapp "71 

Corrie Smith Sargeani '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Lou E. Salchell 

Belsey Gallagher Saiierfield "66 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Savage 

Betty Garrett Schmidt '54 

Patricia Tibbals Schnack '53 

Anna McMahon Schultz '29 

Harold B. Scoggins Jr. 

Susan Walker Scola '80 

Scott and Siringfellow 

Investment Corp. 
Carol Noel Seaman '67 
Ruth D. See '31 
Dianne C. Sellers "70 
Elizabeth Dahl Shaner '53 
Cynthia K. Shaver "8 1 
Shell Companies Foundation Inc. 
Betty Stamey Shelley "51 
Mr. and Mrs. Barren Shellon Jr 
Rulh Edmunds Shepherd '33 
Betsy Merrill Sherard '51 
Georganne Sangaree Sherrel '77 
Sherw in Williams Co. 
Manha Hildebrand Sherwixxi "73 
Martha Davis Shifflett '75 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Reese Shoemaker Jr. 
Catherine Gephart Shook '77 
Mr. and Mrs, Lester Simons 
Sally Simons '80 
Alice Moore Sisson '38 
Emily Reeves Sloan '61 
Betty Oit Smallwmxi '46 
Amelia Smith '73 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Bachman S. Smith III 
Bess Plaxco Smith "50 
Betsy Carr Smith '50 
Carol Storm Smith '66 
Carolyn Griffis Smith '58 
Elizabeth Smith '72 
Janis Krebs Smith "70 
Kaihe Smith 
Manha Lynch Smith "77 
Manha Krauss Smith '79 
Katherine Manin Snider "68 
Jane Frierson Snipes '46 
Katherine Quillian Solbcrg "69 
Mary Miller Sopher '68 
Carol Womom Sorcnsen '61 
Charlotte Tillev Sorrell '46 
Mary Blakely Sonells '42 
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Souihcringlon 
Sharon B. Spalding 
Sally Peck Spaulding "47 
Lois Lundie Spenee '68 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Spencer Jr. 
Lynn McWhoner Spcno '74 
Ruth Peters Sproul '43 
Mary Ka\ Schom StainKick '76 
Mr. and Mrs. R, Eric Slaley 
Ann Dowdell Slauss '45 
Wilion R. Stephens 

Elizabeth Price Stepp 

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Stem 

Sara Mcintosh Stem '75 

Ehzabeth Fisher Stewart "78 

Laura Mauldin Stewart "66 

Laura Luck Stiles '42 

Bett> Engle Stoddard '60 

Judith Pugh Stone '67 

Martha Harlow Scronach "67 

Marjorie K. Stuan '35 

Marj' Phipps Such '72 

Eleanor Jamison Supple '42 

Mrs. William A. Sutherland 

Martha Coates Sylvers '87 

Dr. Leslie W. Syron '42 

J. Hope Rothen Taft '66 

Ann Stephens Talbott '79 

Margaret Flythe Teague '58 

Cathy Turner Temple '68 

Frances Davis TenBrook '63 

Tenneco Foundation 

Elizabeth Tewksbury '85 

Texaco Philanthropic Foundation Inc. 

Margaret Mapp Thacker '63 

The Washington Post 

Nancy Dana Theus '79 

Martha Gray Thomas '34 

Jean Dinkins Thomason '46 

Anne Emmert Thompson '69 

Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 

Martha Ferrell Thomhill '81 
Jane Collis Thornton '69 
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Thrift Jr. 
Mary Mason Torrence '54 
Towers. Perrin, Forster and Crosby 
Carol Stephens Trice '67 
Katharine Shelbume Trickey '43 
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Trimble Jr. 
Jane Mattox Tumer '38 
Mary Whitinger Tumer '62 
Megan Dunbar Tumer '53 
Union Pacific Corp. 
United Services Automobile Assoc. 
Nancy Brown Upchurch '50 
Mrs. James D. Vail III 
Jane Moudy Van Dragl '51 
Geraldine Berry Van Lear '38 
Carol Vaughn '86 
Karen L. Vaught '69 
Davyne Verstandig '66 
Sara Anderson Vines "81 
Barbara Johnson von Reis '37 
Jane Vreeland '47 
Judith Wade '69 
Carolyn Jones Waghome "62 
Josephine Robinson Waite "70 
Annie Moore Walker "39 
Emily Holloway Walker '64 
Melanie Gamble Walker '72 
Anne Pearson Wallace '70 

Jeanne Baldwin Walther '36 
Julia Offen Wangler '73 
Melissa Warburton "88 
Catherine Choate Ward '75 
Mary Ward '69 
Sue Harris Ware '70 
Anne Feddeman Warner '75 
Kristy Barlow Warthan "88 
Evelyn Cox Washington "47 
Emily Timberlake Watterson '34 
Watterson Foundation 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Weiss 
Katherine Potts Wellford "49 
Florence Daniel Wellons "60 
Donald W. Wells 
Wells Fargo Foundation 
Chariotte R. Wenger "83 
Elisabeth Rowland Whitbeck "70 
Andrew B. White 
Dr. Najia Hassen White '55 
Rulh T. White 
Lucilla White Whitted '36 
Cynthia Knight Wier "68 
Harriette Shahan Wilcox "50 
Mary Mitchener Wilds '43 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson "74 
Lucinda Pina Wilkinson '62 
Ellawells Milligan Williams '56 
Ellen Nicholson Williams "40 
Mr. and Mrs. Lsham R. Williams Jr. 

Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams '68 
Betsy Berry Williamson '48 
Marion Drewry Wills '62 
Dr. and Mrs. Don W. Wilson 
Margaret Hooks Wilson '49 
Margaret Getty Wilson "48 
Mrs. E. Y. Wimbish 
Betty Wolfe Windham "44 
Bruce Suttle Winfield '58 
June Morrow Winslow "56 
The Winston-Salem Foundation Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Winter Jr. 
Wisconsin Bell Inc. 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe "41 
Beth Ranson Woltman '38 
Joanne Palmer Wood "76 
Laura Mallory Woodall '77 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright 
Marilyn Hoyt Yancey '47 
Rebecca Case Yelverton '71 
Frederica Young '39 
Jane Rayson Young '72 
Kathryn Hatley Young "52 
Mary McRae Young '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Zell 
Eulalie Bartlett Zimmer '57 

(D) Deceased 


Gyiirough these prestigious awards, we recognize our alumnae's broad support for Mary Baldwin College. The awards are presented each year and are 
named in honor of past presidents of Mary Baldwin College. Accepting the awards on behalf of their respective classes, class delegates represent their peers 
during the National Alumnae Association Meeting. The classes listed below are commended for their outstanding loyalty to the College. 


Class of 1946 

Awarded to the class presenting the largest gift to the 1990-1991 Annual 
Fund, the Fra.ser Bowl was secured by the Class of 1946 who contributed 
S2I,476 to the Annual Fund. 


Class of 1933 

The Jarman Cup is presented to the class demonstrating the highest level of 
class participation in the Annual Fund. An outstanding 67% of the Class of 
1933 contributed to the Annual Fund this past year, thereby a,s.suring the 
awarding of the Cup. 


Class of 1955 

Congratulations go to the Class of 1955 for Ihcir oulslanding increase of 
SIO.SIO in giving to the Annual Fund. 


Class of 1928 
An importanl goal is to increase alumnae participation in ihc College's 
Annual Fund. The Spencer Pitcher is bestowed on Ihc class obtaining the 
grcalesi percentage of increase in participation. With an increase from 30% 
in 1989-1990 to 48% in 1 990- 1 99 1 , the Class of 1928 is recognized for the 
largest percent increase in participation. 


In Dollars Contributed 

In Percent Participation 






































$ 1 1 ,795 







(P-Zhe Mary Baldwin College Dcvelopmeni Office acknowledges and thanks that group of Annual Fund 
volunteers who are the class agents and reunion fund-raising chairs. The efforts of this group and their enthusiastic 
cooperation with professional staff at the College helped secure the 1990-1^91 Annual Fund of $863,853. 

The class agents and reunion fund-raising chairs listed below represent the loyalty and generosity expressed by 
so many alumnae, parents and friends of Mary Baldwin Col lege. In acknowledging their efforts, we also thank everyone 
who responded to their requests for Annual Fund support. 

Congratulations also to the Classes of 1928, 1930. 1932, 1944.1945. 1946. 1948. 19.50. 1953. 1955. 1956. 1962, 
1965, 1969, 1976, 1978, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990 for exceeding their class goals for the 1990-1991 Annual Fund year. 

Class Agents and Reunion Fund-Raising Chairs 

Katherine A. See '27. '28. '29 
RuthD. .Sce'3(), '31. '32 
Barbara Johnson von Reis '37 
Janie Holman Edwards '39 
Sarah Maupin Jones '39 
Anita Malugani '39 
Katherine Holt Do/icr '40 
Shirley Fleming Iben '40 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay '40 
Elaine Kibler Baldwin "41 * 
Martha Farmer Chapman '4 1 * 
Dorris Withers McNeal '41* 
Margaret Williams Adams '42 
Nancy McWhorlcr Hurley '42 
Anne Hanekc McGough '44 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb '44 
Mildred Roytrol'l Peer '44 
Carmen Hayes Anderson '45 
Sally Smith Met/ger '4.'i 
Cecilc Cage Wavell '45 
Joyce Craig Bullerworth "46 
Marjorie Moore Council '4(i 
Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 
Mary Graves Knowles 

Hamilton '47 
Eli/abelh Walsh Read '47 
Helen Richardson Prewill '4S 
Julia Johnston Bellon '4') 
Ann Jones Comley '50 
Margaret Kline Chapman '5\ 
Ouida Caldwell Davis '.^1 
Ann Brown Voss "52 
Jennie I'>ans Dille ".'i3 
Dr. Fthel Mae Smeak '33 
i;ieanor Yeakley (iardner '54 
Janet Mitchell Harper '54 
Betty ("larretl Sclimiill '54 
Mary Hornbarger Musloe '55 
Dr. Najia Hassen White '55 
Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Frances Wills Delcher '57 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Helen Richie Scherff '59 
Lucy Fisher West "59 
Sara Squires Erikson "60* 
Rebekah Lewis Krivsky "60* 
Vicky IlillRimstidt "60* 
Barbara Reid Bailey '61* 
Barbara Williams Craig '61* 
Betsy Burton Crusel "61* 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim '61* 
Patricia Liebert Riddick "61* 
Susan Ely Ryan '61* 
Carol Womom Sorensen "61* 
Linda Dolly Hammack "62 
Shirley File Robbins "62 
Marion Drewry Wills "62 
Mary Rulhertbord Mercer 

Ferguson '63 
Barbara Wisharl Johnson '63 
Minta McDiamiid Nixon "63 
Lynette Warner Shiver '63 
Beverly Esles Bates "64 
Margaret Cole Chappell "64 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson "64 
Jane Lemon Eitlcr '64 
Martha Bertrand '65 
Dr. Mary Galhright Newell '65 
Susanne Ra>burn Bates '66* 
Vicky Tucker Borden '66* 
Nancy Morris Graves "66* 
Beryl Ann Worts Johnson '66* 
Latane Ware Long '66* 
Margaret Maddex Bames '67 
Janice Smith Barry '67 
Helen Stone Moss '67 
Susan Powell Norton '67 
Mary Buvinger '68 
.'\nne Kinnier Driscoll '6S 
Tempe Grant Thomas '6S 
Dr. Su/anne Smith Williams '68 
Ann Trusler Faith '69 

Susan Train Fearon '69 
Virginia Moomaw Savage '69 
Jean C. Grainger '70 
Zoe Kcrbey Holmes '70 
Stephane Shearer Timm '70 
Ellen Johnson Candler '7 1 * 
Nancy Morse Evans '71* 
LilaCaldwell Gardner '71* 
Mary Murrin Painter '71* 
Mildred Farquharson Lawson '73 
Elizabeth Gary Spell '74 
Suzanne Maxson Malt/. '75 
Nancy Nowak '75 
Florence Jones Rutherford '75 
Clarke Stanley Beckner '76* 
Deborah Lee Coleman 
Gutshall '76* 
Bonnie Tuggle Miller '76* 
Mary Sutton Payne '76* 
Linda Hinrichs Christovich '77 
Carol Paul Powell '78 
Barbara King '78 
Elizabeth Felton '79 
Sue Lollis '79 
Susan Wolfe '79 
Susan Tucker Barfield '80 
Katherine Pierson Colden '80 
Kelly llullman Ellis '80 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80 
Amanda Burrus Talaat '80 
Brenda Leigh Hagg '81* 
Pamela Hunziker '81* 
Amy Tracy Ingles '81* 
Elizabeth Uillltte Malinowski '81* 
Fleet Lynch Roberts '81* 
Valerie Wenger '8 1 * 
Christie Boyd Woytowitz '81* 
Laura O'Hear Church '82 
Susan Foster '82 
Kmiberly O'Donnell '82 
Sara Pendleton Tartala '82 

Elizabeth Howard Young '82 
Laura Grantham '83 
Jane Gillam Komegay '83 
Margaret Potter Rader '83 
Mary Stuart Copekuid .Alf;ino '84 
■Anne Cabell Birdsong '84 
Virginia Bailey McBride '84 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers '84 
Lynley Rosaneili Wamer '84 
Pattie Norton Gunler '85 
Sarah Oakley Golliday '85 
Judith Clegg Swilzer '85 
Mary Mason Pollard Wood '85 
A. Chrisley Baylor '86* 
Susan Easier '86* 
Julie Ellsworth '86* 
Cyndi McAdoo '86* 
Carolyn Smith '86* 
Carol Elliott '87 
Kimberlcy Gcrshner '87 
Virginia Miller '87 
Margaret Stephenson Simpson '87 
Ralphetia Aker '88 
Anne Whitney Brady '88 
Mallory Copeland '88 
Denise Dorses Mitlehner '88 
Andrea Oldham .Anderson '89* 
Traeey Cote '89* 
Angela Favata '89* 
Lucille Hodges '89* 
Pamela Pruilt "89* 
Kathleen Sale Shannon '89* 
Rebecca Walker '8')* 
Nancy Benson '*)() 
Katherine Brant ''Ml 
Laura Sage '90 

♦ reunion fund-raising chairs 


Alumnae and Alumni who 
contributed to the 1990-1991 
Annual Fund are listed below 
according to class year. The College 
community thanks each of these 
alumnae for their investment in 
Mary Baldwin College's future. 


Mary Dove McCormick 


Margaret Smith Crandall 


Katherine Bear Aulick 
Margaret Bishop Fitchett 
Margaret Coffman Henry 


Lucy Hotinger Marshall 


Margaret Van Devanter Fancher 
Mary Holl Rosenberger 


36% giving $145 

Jane Summers Brown 
Laura Vaughan Gaillard 
Louise Hodges Hartzog 
Agnes Frazer Jones 


50% giving $5,360 

Josephine Barkman Coleman 
Lillian Crawford 
Evelyn Sanders Flowers 
Florence McCauley Fryling 
Shirley Haynes Hunter 
Ruth Mowery Marler 


33% giving $135 
Katharine Howard Holding 
Susan Hcrriott Rozelle 
Frances Harris Weaver 


Virginia Roosa Slocum 
Emily Ramsey Thompson 


42% giving $315 

Class Agent: 
Kalhcrinu A. See 

Sara Ralston Clowser 
Marguerite Rutherford Dickcrson 
Etia Brown Foster 
Katharine Perry James 
Marguerite Dunlon Jarvis 
Amanda McCaskill 
Hcnrielta Whisnani McNecly 
Cornelia Quarles Moffelt 
Katharine A. See 
fili/abelh Putnam Sinsel 


48% giving $380 
Class Agent: 
Katherine A. Sec 

Dorothy Miller Campbell 

Virginia Jordan Carroll 
Helen Baylor Counts 
Margaret Carpenter Lee 
Grace Friend Lynn 
Frances Ruckman Oxner 
Kate Raw lings Poindexter 
Cora Brodhecker Robertson 
Elizabeth Sullivan Smith 
Harriett Jackson Stewart 
Caroline Wood Sydnor 
Dorothy Dyer Wilkins 


33% giving $255 
Class Agent: 
Katherine A. See 

Elizabeth Bums 
Anita Bemie Burrows 
Carolyn Gochenour England 
Anna McMahon Schultz 
Mary Taylor 
Ellen Williams 


59% giving $5,925 
Class Agent: 
Ruth D. See 

Mary Doswell Abell 
Evelyn Baker Arey 
Sally Bagley Garden 
Elizabeth Withers Glascock 
Mary Grant 
Elizabeth Hesser 
Nancy Johnson Hurt 
Be.ssie Lewis 
Mildred Moore Nixon 
Emily Cobb Parks 
Mary Hebbard Parmelee 
Katherine Duff Powell 
Louise Bowen Wilson 


61% giving $1,360 

Class Agent: 
Ruth D. See 

Mary Walters Cresswell 
Jane Griffin Dix 
Elizabeth Crawford Engle 
Elizabeth Fields 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Anna Carroll Jones 
Cammie Parker Joyce 
Elizabeth Jackson Kclley 
Edna Smith Metcalfe 
Eleanor McMillan Norris 
Marguerite Valz Olson 
Agnes Junkin Peery 
Ruth D. See 
Miriam Hughes Williams 


48% giving $1,020 

Class Agent: 
Ruth D. See 

Dorothy Hutchings Alberts 
Page Howard Bradham 
Anvilla Prescoll Dudley 
Susie Harris Howe 
Alene Brewster Lamer 
Helen Rogers Long 

Goldie Harris Mader 
Josephine Hutcheson Magnifico 
Harriett Seem Neff 
Virginia Maben Stokes 
Elizabeth Wilson 


67% giving $1,630 

Margaret De Mund Banta 
Louise Randol Brooks 
Lucy Davis Burnett 
H. Jean Brehm Cottman 
Rosa Ott Davis 
Virginia Brand Francis 
Sara Harris Hanger 
Katie Jones Han.sen 
Rhea Kincaid Hayward 
Kathryn Shankweiler Heydt 
Ruth Hopewell 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Gladys Lyles 
Mary Scanlon McCallie 
Margaret Bland Meacham 
Elizabeth Tyson Musser 
Ruth Frazer Painter 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 
Matilda Belcher Swicegood 
Charlotte Taylor 
Alice Buel Winn 
Virginia Manson Wood 


44% giving $3,217 
Grace Crowe Bobo 
Kitty Drummond Bridgforth 
Mary Benson Buckley 
Agnes Latham Carter 
Evelyn Wood Chatham 
Jean Gould Clarke 
Mildred Mawhinney Clements 
Margaret Schneider Conzett 
A. Cottrell Johnson 
Virginia Lyon Johnson 
Catherine Zimmermann Kriete 
Frances Richardson Leibrock 
Caroline Caldwell Leith 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 
Elizabeth Terrell McKnight 
Elizabeth Schutz Mitchell 
Julia Gooch Richmond 
Betty Harrison Roberts 
Martha Gray Thoinas 
Myrtle Tcncalc Thomas 
Emily Timbcrlake Walterson 


58% giving $1,395 

Jessie Bear Agnor 
Lois Prescoll Bulz 
Marian Martin Gather 
Martha Logan Cri.ssman 
Mary Blake Green 
LaRue Prideaux Hall 
C. Hoy Howarth 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
Amine Cosby Kellam 
Capl. Winifred Love 
Virginia Weaver Macomher 
Mary Bell Archer Mapp 
Mary Clark Marks 
Elizabeth Moody 
Marguerite I larper Morrison 

Louise Martin Nagel 
Evelyn Brown Nilsson 
Virginia Davis Nooe 
Kerlyn Baber Obaugh 
Jane Barnes Ruffin 
Marjorie Stuart 
Jean Clark Wright 


36% giving $5,427 

Emily Goodwin Armitage 
Helen Wade Dantzler 
Katherine Dyer Dudley 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann 
Mary Nichols Flory 
Mary Gardner Glen 
Nancy Wallace Henderson 
Janet Duthie Hoff 
Dorothy Hooge King 
Dr. Anne Bradley Lo Grippo 
Harriet Schofield McLaughlin 
Elizabeth Vincent McMuUen 
Rachael Handshaw Meeker 
Mary Fitzhugh Oliff 
Nellie Hankins Schmidt 
Jean Blackbum Tipton 
Elizabeth Amold Vilseck 
Jeanne Baldwin Walther 
Lucilla White Whilted 


46% giving $16,605 

Class Agent: 

Barbara Johnson von Reis 

Blessing Whitmore Brown 
Virginia Kyle Copper 
Lucy Sharpe Davis 
Josephine Gale Ellis 
Mary Welton Enzian 
Elizabeth Simmerman George 
The Rev. Mellie Hussey Hickey 
Margaret Hunt Hill 
Jean Holliday 
Roberta Vance Homer 
Betty Bennett Kauzor 
Elizabeth Thomas Kirtley 
Elizabeth Curry Langley 
Janet Lambert Lookadoo 
Esther Brown Lovill 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 
Mary Sherier Malhisen 
Helen Craig Meek 
Edylhe Alphin Moseley 
Jane Mather Parish 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 
Josephine Barnett Ritchie 
Frances Rus.scll 
Juliette Walker Sanders 
Alice Gilkeson Simpkins 
Jane Frances Smith 
Elizabeth Beckert Sowell 
Virginia White Taylor 
Frances Edwards Thompson 
Barbara Johnson von Reis 
Elizabeth Carpenler Williams 


51% giving $2,580 

Phyllis Williams Ayres 
Joan Ballard Bailey 
Edith Vogler Baldwin 
Winifred Young Bowman 

Mary Neumann Brown 
Eleanor Cely Carter 
Frances Apple Carter 
Betty Bird Cook 
Frances Garwood Crafi 
Elizabeth Lucas Cummins 
Janel Hollis Doswcll 
Rcba Clemmer Dunlap 
Opal Newton Garrett 
Elizabelh Howard Greene 
Elise Winslow Harris 
Charlotte Funke Holland 
Mary Philpotts Hudgins 
Nancy Ferris Kail 
Hazel Crist Key 
Adele Gooch Kiesslin;; 
Mary MolTill Knorr 
May McCall 

Agnes McClung Messimer 
Sarah Lacy Miller 
Peggy Hooven Murphy 
Margaret Keller Pearson 
Mary Lumpkin Pope 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 
Jessie Cover Seay 
Jeanne Phillips Simons 
Alice Moore Sisson 
Jane Matlox Turner 
Geraldine Berry Van Lear 
Ruch Galey Welliver 
Leiia Huyett White 
Beth Ranson Woltman 


65% giving $6,388 

Class Agents: 
Janie Holman Edwards 
Sarah Maupin Jones 
Anita Malugani 

Shirley Black Barre 
Margarctic Foreman Blundon 
Margaret Shields Boyer 
Mary Kerr Brooks 
Virginia Broughton 
Harriett Low Brown 
Margaret Browning Busick 
Elizabeth Boyd Caskey 
Marguerite Latham Clemmer 
Janie Holman Edwards 
Nancy Eskridge 
Margaret Johnston Evans 
Anna Caperlon Evcrharl 
Mary Anne Wilson Gibbs 
Frances Rue Godw in 
Virginia Worth Gonder 
Jean Reed Graybeal 
Kathrine Brelcli (iulherie 
Louise Wilson Hanna 
Mary Hemp 
Myrtle Foy Hcnnis 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon 
Elsie Rudolph Herringlon 
Margaret Cochran Hinch 
l-lizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Shirley Smith Hulfman 
Marcia Ciooch Johnston 
Sarah Maupin Jones 
Frances Perrotlet Kresler 
Sally Collin Kriek 
Mildred Lapsley 
HIanche Campbell Lewis 
Ma\uH- Ounlap Mclntyre 
Helen na\ Mitchell 
Jean Youni; Moore 

Mathilda Brugh O'Bryani 
Barbara Baker Richardson 
Ida Kellough Robb 
Margaret Annstrong Robertson 
Margie Phipps Shick 
lirniagard Kruse Skaggs 
Katherine Motfett Smith 
Nancy Owen Stuart 
Annie Moore Walker 
Mary McLendon Wall 
Eugenia Vance Welch 
Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Mary Cronin Wolfe 
Helen Hull Yood 
I-'rederica Young 


65% giving $11,939 

Class Agents: 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Shirley Fleming Iben 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 

Polly Bartlett 
Mary Kennedy Berry 
Alice Jarman Browder 
Marjorie Tobin Burke 
Ellender Stribling Chase 
Marjorie Adamson Cover 
Mary Van Atta Derr 
Harriet Houston Donaldson 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Bertha Keller DuBose 
Emma Padgett FilzHugh 
Virginia Aldrich Fogle 
Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Jeanne Smith Gardes 
Margaret Wardlaw Gilbert 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Barbara Lemmond Graham 
Harriet Johnson Gurtler 
Sarah Hannah 

Margaret Hcrscher Hitchman 
Rebecca Arnold Holz 
Elizabeth Carter Hoover 
Betty Shelton Hutcheson 
Shirley Fleming Iben 
Gladys Walker Jacobs 
Elizabelh Claybcrger Jones 
Kathryn Liiieweavcr Kivlighan 
Jean Baum Mair 
NitaSoRelle Martin 
Barbara Browne Martlndale 
1-thelyn Jones Maxwell 
Alma nines Mitchell 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton 
Louise Ravenel 
Molly Wagencr Rice 
Mary Conlon Schull 
Betty Granger Scott 
Louise Cherry Shannon 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 
Rachel Hassell Stevens 
Alice Jones Thompson 
Rebecca RobcHs Vance 
Sally Cheney Walker 
Audrey Martin Watson 
Katherine Lewis Watts 
Barbara Payne Webster 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 
Florence JelTrey Wingo 


49% giving $5,560 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs: 
Elaine Kibler Baldwin 
Martha Farmer Chapman 
Dorris Withers McNeal 

Betty Wilcox Armstrong 
Elaine Kibler Baldwin 
Elizabeth Pringle Barge 
Louise Kinkel Boehrnke 
Dr. Julia Boykin 
Dale Peters Bryant 
Ann Carroll 

Martha Fanner Chapinan 
Jane Raudenbush Coiner 
Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 
Anna Greenland Dortch 
Betty Kull Drumheller 
LeIia Dunlap 

Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 
Elizabelh Brewer Fish 
Mary Clinard Flinn 
Harriet King Geer 
Malvine Paxlon Graham 
Jean Lanier Gray 
Joyce Albright Greig-Denis 
Phyllis Browne Holbcn 
Katherine Janatt 
Camille Anderson Jensen 
Eleanor Johnson 
Harriet Angier Kuhn 
Virginia Charles Lyie 
Betty Rtxlrick Manning 
Nancy Clark McLennan 
Donis Withers McNeal 
Doris Siler Miller 
Mary Thompson Molten 
Mary Thomas Moorhead 
Frances Sledge Nicrosi 
Barbara Benton Reagan 
Anne Pritchelt Sadler 
Katharine Hoge Smith 
Nadine Prideaux Smith 
Mary Miles Whitaker 
Lillie Harwell Williams 
Nina Sproul Wise 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe 
Charlotte Allebach Yocum 


63% giving $9,600 

Class Agents: 

Margaret Williams Adams 

Nancy McWhorler Hurley 

Margaret Williams Adams 
Carolyn Stehlin Anderson 
Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 
Ann Atwell 
Mary Simpson Bailey 
Mary Lightner Bast 
Hannah Campbell Boatwrighl 
Marian Homsby Bow ditch 
Anne Hayes Brewer 
Carolyn Norton Brushwxxid 
Adelaide McSween Burnett 
Janel Dudlcv Danb> 
Margaret Meredith Darden 
Mary Guerrant DiKlson 
Mary Barlenstein Faulkner 
Pearl Epiing Forsey 
Jane Harris Galling 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 
Sarah Mackev Gixiehn 

Inez Jones Hagaman 
Betty Bailey Hall 
Janet Werner Harris 
A. Ham Harrison 
Elizabeth Wolring Harrison 
Katherine Early Holden 
Miriam Stilh Homer 
Eleanor Unger Inge 
Beth Tilley Kantner 
Caroline Murphy Keller 
Kathryn Poerschkc Kennedy 
Catherine Dewees Launi 
Suzanne Hudson MacLeod 
Nancy Hughes Manson 
Louise Vandiviere Mashbum 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 
Nancy Price McCrackin 
Mary Gordon McKay 
Emily Eakic Morgan 
Jane Craig Morrison 
Jean Anderson Nicewander 
Anita Falls Pharr 
Dottie Greer Radcliff 
Ena Taylor Reed 
Jean Browne Rumsey 
Mildred Hudson Small 
Mary Blakely Sorrells 
Laura Luck Stiles 
Eleanor Jamison Supple 
Dr. Leslie W. Syron 
Margaret McDonald White 
Elisabeth White Willard 
Margaret Bean ^'eakle 


44% giving $13,760 

Joanne Powell Alexander 
Mildred Proffit Batson 
Dorothy Kyle Beck 
Reed Munson Beveridge 
Mary Hull Calkins 
Anna Lane Day 
Sylvia Meiner Hanau 
Ann Graham Hazzard 
Ann Francis Hickman 
Mary Bagley Higgins 
Catherine Gierhart Hogshead 
Mary Lyles Houston 
Virginia Hughes 
Kathryn Lucas Hummers 
Caroline Rose Hunt 
Emily Jerger 
Meredith Jones Johnson 
Marjorie Carter Lacy 
Gladys Adams Link 
Jean Moyer Moblcy 
Mary BulliKk Morris 
Janctlc Mclntyre Morrow 
Dorolhv Hundley Nealc 
Anna Winslow Newbold 
Frances Knight Nollet 
Belle Crosswhile Overton 
Margarcl Price Pinson 
Jean Rutherlord Radcliffc 
Gloria Paradics Rothmayer 
Margaret Harrell Saylor 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Martha Sprouso Slixips 
Anne Garrctl Tanner 
Katharine Shelbume Trickcy 
Edith Angercr Tschocpc 
Mary Anderson Vaughan 
Mary Scoll Wallon 

Mar> Sheldon Wier 
Marv Mitchener Wilds 


51% giving $13,020 

Class Agents: 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Dorothy Cle\eland Robb 
Mildred Roycroft Tear 

Laura McManaway Andrews 
Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Margaret Garrett Byrd 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Lois Smith Chapman 
Margaret Smith Connor 
Mary Cooke 
Nell Dorsey 
Eva Vines Eutsler 
Sally McCullough Futch 
Nancy Schettler Gordon 
Helen Gansman Graves 
Josephine Hannah Holt 
Gloria Vela Howe 
Sara Nair James 
Elizabeth Wysor Jordan 
Virginia Gilliam Lewis 
Beltie Trimble Mabray 
Ann Kivlighan MacLeod 
Mary McGowen Martin 
Jean Ward McElfresh 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Margaret Creel Miniclier 
Joyce Goldstein Moseley 
Edwina Davis Ohr 
Elizabeth McGar Oviatt 
Julia Kohler Peterson 
Lenore Hunter Price 
Eugenia Wharton Rain 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Frances Taylor Roberts 
M. Frances Suter 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 
Mary Lott Wilson 
Belly Wolfe Windham 


53% giving $6,000 
Class Agents: 
Carmen Hayes Anderson 
Sally Smith Melzger 
Cccile Cage Wavell 

Carmen Hayes Anderson 

Margaret Earle Baker 

Kay Oales Barrett 

Mary Anne Rhamc Bales 

Gail Riley Blakcy 

Cary Bryan Boyd 

Anne Churchman Brown 

Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 

Isabel Foster Cole 

Nelwyn Kirby Culbcrlson 

Charlotte Cohn Davis 

Jean McArthur Davis 

Sally Garrett Eneix 

Ann Meriwether Goodson 

Gaylc Heron 

Elizabeth Pollard Houscr 

Anne Gard Kinzie 

Erah Hallen Kliewer 

Marie Dowd Latimer 

Marian McBumey Levering 

Mary Tompkins McManus 

Helen Cook McQuillen 

Sally Smith Metzger 

Carol Saulsbury Moore 

Barbara Conner Mulhall 

Louise Plage Neilon 

Margaret McBryde Patterson 

Nancy Roycroft Perry 

Catharine Prentiss Plummer 

Jeanne Britt Purdom 

Julia Pancake Rankin 

Bessie Stallings Ritter 

Peggy Nash Rolfes 

Nancy Nettleton Rood 

Nona Jean Macklanburg Rumsey 

Anne Sims Smith 

Julie Sprunt 

Ann Dowdell Stauss 

Mary Burr Stevens 

Ann Whitehead Thomas 

Betty Neisler Timberlake 

Nancy Townsend 

Mimi Mitchell Tufts 

Frances Tullis 

Sara Smith Wade 

Margaret Roberts Wagoner 

Cecile Cage Wavell 

Sarah Beale Weaver 

Mary Cox Whitmore 

Mary Griffith Williams 

Sylvia Finley Willis 

Beverly Rhodes Wilson 


52% giving $21,476 

Class Agents: 
Joyce Craig Butterworth 
Marjorie Moore Council 
Chariotte Tilley Sorrell 

Billie Joseph Ameen 
Sabine Goodman Andrews 
Mary Goodrich Baskin 
Velma Newbill Booth 
Janet Whitney Bowyer 
Madelyn Richardson Brock 
Joyce Craig Butterworth 
Elizabeth Worth Caldwell 
Rita Hickey Carey 
Rachel Merritt Carpenter 
Virginia Bridgcrs Corrigan 
Marjorie Moore Council 
Kitty Presncll Davis 
Jeanne Hays Dell 
Bertie Murphy Deming 
Helen Mintecr Denslow 
Margaret Davis Evans 
Patricia Asman Fearnow 
Maude Cover Freeman 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 
Cornelia Adair Green 
Nancy Howe Guild 
Bonnie Wheeler Hanchctt 
Constance Small Hancock 
Shiriey Vestal Hill 
Ann Martin llobson 
Hazel Harris Humphrey 
Irene East Earner 
Mclisa Turner Lulken 
Mary Feldman Marquette 
Ellen McDonald Mind 
Rachel Berry Mohler 
Mary Gause Oppell 

Alice Parson Paine 

Dr. Beneta Peacock 

Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 

Gladys McManaway Poindexter 

Grace Brauer Potter 

Marilyn West Price 

Jane Proffit Pruett 

Margaret Pollard Rea 

Margaret Miller Reynolds 

Edith Eggers Roosevelt 

Betty Neel Shifflette 

Helen Black Sinnott 

Betty Ott Smallwood 

Emily Reese Smith 

Jean Bickle Smith 

Joan Moran Smith 

Mabel Fairbanks Smith 

Jane Frierson Snipes 

Chariotte Tilley Sorrell 

Frances Wagener Tebbs 

Jean Dinkins Thomason 

Cecile Mears Turner 

Lillie Trimble Turner 

Sue Anderson Van Ness 

M. Harr Woodward 


50% giving $5,997 

Class Agents: 

Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 

Elizabeth Walsh Read 

Mary Thackston Anderson 
D. Dunn Barnes 
Mary Armistead Bear 
Harry Thompson Billington 
Nancy McFarlane Bonner 
Ann Martin Brodie 
Lillian Hull Buttery 
George Ann Brown Carter 
Mary Doney Clausel 
Mary Estes Gumming 
Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 
Barbara Bixler Elliott 
Martha McMurry Ellis 
Marguerite Gaston Garrett 
Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Courtenay Plaskitl Hansen 
Miriam Buckles Helmen 
Florence Harris Hinson 
Sarah Bcals Holzbach 
Jo Farris Huff 
Emily W. Hundley 
Kathryn Else Johnson 
Donna Hull Jones 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Marianna Jamison Leach 
Virginia Guthrie Linscolt 
Virginia Warner Louisell 
Ethel McCanis Lowder 
Alice Wilson Matlock 
Betty Lane McKay 
Jean Bailey McKinney 
Margaret Churchman Moffctt 
Anne Eariy Pettus 
Ann Bush Pul/cl 
Hli/aliclli Walsh Read 
Patricia hubank Sledge 
Lynne McNew Smart 
Mary Reed Smyth 
Sally Peck Spaulding 
Nancy Newton Stevenson 
Joann Myers Thompson 
llarricllc Clarke Thorne 

Gloria Duke Trigg 
Myma Williams Vest 
Jane Vreeland 

Winifred Gochenour Wampler 
Evelyn Cox Washington 
Lee Edwards Watkins 
Chariotte Fall Williams 
Marilyn Hoyt Yancey 


57% giving $12,005 

Class Agent: 

Helen Richardson Prewitt 

Virginia Albertson Allan 
Martha Ross Amos 
Shirley Burlingame Batchelder 
Anne Cook Becker 
Mary Hurley Blackshear 
Jean Wallace Blount 
Peggy Black Braecklein 
Emily Griffin Buchanan 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 
Anne Monyhan Chambers 
Paula Rupe Dennard 
Jeannette Parham Duke 
Elva Fifer 

Martha Higgins Fishbume 
Pamela Bumside Gray 
Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 
Lillian Richardson Hall 
Martha Brown Hamrick 
Heline Cortez Harrison 
Rose Harrison 
Beveriy Wood Hart 
Ruth McBryde Hill 
Ann Lucas Hite 
Ann Doyle Hopps 
Alice Taylor Houser 
Dorothy Hill Jefferis 
Jane Hammond Jervey 
Leone Bellingrath Jones 
Anne Cronin Keith 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 
Mary Wagner Knott 
Annie Beale Kornegay 
Doris Clement Kregcr 
Bellie Barnett Lombard 
Ann McDonald Macdonald 
Helen De Vore Mattenson 
Elinor Wealhersby McCorkle 
Peggy Harris Milligan 
Helen Kinser Moncure 
Gertrude King Owen 
Martha Pool Page 
Mary Graham Parkins 
Helen Atkeson Phillips 
Helen Richardson Prewitt 
Esther Spuriock Pruett 
Katherine Shannon Robinson 
Doris Moffat Salter 
Martha Godwin Saunders 
Harriet McLean Slaughter 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 
Jean Butler Viel 
Dorothy Wilson Vincent 
Harriett Middleton Waldrop 
Elizabeth Page Wardle 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus 
Betsy Berry Williamson 
Margaret Getty Wilson 
Katharine Adair Woods 


56% jjivinK $10,044 

Class Agent: 

Julia Jotinslon Bellon 

Betly McCluer Alderson 
Margaret Newman Aveni 
Barbara Mintcr Barnes 
Julia Johnston Helton 
Ann Craig Bickell 
Rosa Hulson Blankin 
Ciwenclolyn Austin Brammer 
Mary Doremus Burgess 
Margaret Lawson Craighill 
Martha Hobson Crowder 
Emily Ogbum Doak 
Patricia Downmg 
Peggy Reid Durden 
Jean Farrow 
Betty Beasley Fiedler 
Betty Barker Fraser 
Helen Hicks Gant 
Carohne Sprouse Ghebclian 
Virginia Numey Harlow 
Ann Ashby Helms 
Dixie Seagler Hoaglin 
Patricia Murphrce Honca 
Betty McLean Hopkins 
Ellen Andrews Hunter 
Beltic Thomas Jacobsen 
Belly Martin Johnson 
Cynthia Belts Johnson 
Marjorie Rungc Kelso 
Shirley Sunderman Koslik 
Betty Harrell Kyle 
Elizabeth Usher Laffilte 
Jane Sebrell Leachman 
Jeanne Dubois Loar 
Elizabeth Rawls Mackhn 
Jean Quarles Mary 
June Lewis McHenry 
Mary Williams McLean 
Margaret Warren Miles 
Jacquelyn Dickey Miller 
Betty Fugale Moore 
Elsie Martin Parker 
Margaret Ryder Pence 
Beverly Harrison Rhodes 
Mary Story Richardson 
Mary Heydenreich Robbins 
Carolyn Horton Rogers 
Manha Reeves Rudd 
Anne Millner Sager 
Betty Henderson Smith 
Katharine Blakey Taylor 
Betty Buchanan Thullbery 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 
Vivienne Hulchens Vail 
Ailcen Judd Vreeland 
Marguerite Kcssler Wainwright 
Nancy Rawls Watson 
Mercer Pendleton Watt 
Katherine Polls Wellford 
Katharine Callanan Williams 
Margaret Hooks Wilson 


50% jjivinn $10,905 

Class Agent: 

Ann Jones Comley 

Judith Judge Ashcrall 
Harriet Bangle Banihardl 
Margaret Barriei 
Helen BeckelheimerBauch 

Marie McClure Beck 
Patricia Marsh Belleville 
Anne Faw Bernard 
Annie Pressley Blencowe 
Martha Carrick Brook 
Elia Durr Buck 
Jacqueline Edwards Cohen 
Ann Jones Comley 
Jeanne West Covington 
Sarah Caldwell Cunningham 
Mary Wellman Diehl 
Belly Shannon Felon 
Mary Gochenour Fowlkes 
Anita Thee Graham 
Joann Mitchell Cirier 
Virginia Rose Hagee 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 
Emme Wingate Hawn 
Betty Bumetle Howes 
Emma Martin Hubbard 
Mary Wysor Ivey 
Kate Scott Jacob 
Betty Anderson JelTrey 
Eleanor Townes Leath 
Nancy Cohen LiKher 
Johanna Wesiley Lucas 
Adriane Heim Lyman 
Virginia Smith Massey 
Hartwell Watkins Maute 
Joyce Kagin McCauley 
Mary McConnick 
Clara Burroughs McFarIm 
Marion Roddy McUmnis 
Barbara Conlon Miescher 
Barbara Payne Nolan 
Mary Matthews Park 
Anna Cacciapaglia Pedulo 
Louise Rhett Perry 
Evelyn Mathews Pierson 
Harriet Vreeland Reynen 
Mary While Richards 
Doris McClary Rollins 
Betty Bailey Shirley 
Bess Plaxco Smith 
Betsy Carr Smith 
E. Jean Webster Southall 
Helen Hord Testemian 
Sunshine Jones Thompson 
Nancy Brown Upchurch 
Mary Horton Waldron 
Mary Wright Whaling 
Harrietle Shahan Wilcox 
Marilyn Simpson Williams 
Amie Trask Wright 


57% giving $12,281 

Class Agents: 

Margaret Kline Chapman 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 

Martha McMullan Aasen 
Dorothy Bridges Adams 
Genevieve Courtney Ames 
Elsie Martin Andersen 
Dorothy Atkinson 
Mary Ann Tucker Barker 
i;ii/abclh Williams Bradford 
Joyce Witherspoon Brown 
Martha Kline Chaplin 
Joan Buff Chiles 
Jane Stanley Chislcll 
Ouida Caldwell Davis 
Diane PrcUyiiian DcWall 
Elizabeth Beck Dewccs 

Nancy Draper 

Ellen Underwood Eckford 

Anne Potts Eddins 

Carolyn Pleasants Eden 

Sluart Moseley Ellis 

Margaret Penniman Fontaine 

Marilyn Walseth Gano 

Mary Hollers George 

Patricia Andrew Goodson 

Mary Luiz Grantham 

Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 

Anne McMichael Hardingham 

Eileen Gregory Harrell 

Anne Mark ley Harrity 

Sallie Smith Haslam 

Anne Schuchard Hebdon 

Jean Kyle Hedges 

Dr. Alletta Jervey 

Marietta Barnes Jones 

Mary Eberle Latimer 

Sally Cox Lee 

Lynn Dazet Lipsey 

Ann Hefner Locy 

Charlotte Jackson Lunsford 

June Beasley Mann 

Leek Paschal Mason 

Betty Choale Matthews 

Kathryn Rawl McCain 

Euslacia Caul Nicholson 

Anne Poole 

Esther Cobbs Rencher 

Patricia Brown Schlick 

Mary Christie Schroedcr 

Mildred Vick Shaw 

Betly Stamey Shelley 

Betsy Merrill Sherard 

Margaret Trawick Shewell 

Joan Dieckmann Stein 

Betty While Tallcy 

Lilian Bedinger Taylor 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 

Jane Moudy Van Dragt 

Anne Newton Walker 

Martha Woolverton 


50% giving $8,355 

Class Agent: 
Ann Brown Voss 

Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 

Mary Wilson Benthall 

Jessica Gilliam Boalw right 

Leslie Booth 

Mary Wright Bothoff 

Virginia Mann Burr 

Patricia Casey 

Julianne Hale Cross 

Carline Lobitz Davis 

Erlinc Griffin Eason 

Helen Tilson Fletcher 

Peggy Shcllon Fore 

Judith Godw in 

Dorothy Snixigrass Goldsborough 

Julia Valz CiiHxl 

Mary McBryde Gray 

Jane Tliurmond Gregory 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 

Lynn Lyiton Hamcr 

FloR'nce Wimberly Hellinger 

Ann Greer Kidd 

Ann Brown Lanimcrs 

Constance Delrick Lamons 

Peggy Derring Lewis 

Jane Woodruff Lucas 

Marjorie Gordon Manning 
Dorothy Payne Nash 
Elsie Nelms Nash 
Nancy Curdls Pollard 
Ruth Worth Puckell 
Dorothy Smith Purse 
Ruth Harrison Quillen 
Joyce Acker Ratliff 
Mary Gray Richardson 
Margaret Moore Ripley 
Ann Schlosser 
Belly Gwallney Schulte 
Penelope Walson Scoll 
Barbara Sanford Smith 
Nancy Wilemon Smith 
Rebecca Dan/iger Snell 
Margaret King Stanley 
Janet Russell Sleelman 
Joan While Thomas 
Marianne Stanford Thomburg 
Elizabeth Powell Todd 
Susannah Tucker 
Ann Brown Voss 
Mary Lamoni Wade 
Nancy Gray Waller 
Alice Ball Watts 
Emily Mitchell Williamson 
Kathryn Hatlev Young 


41% giving $4,200 

Class Agents: 
Jennie Evans Dille 
Dr. Ethel Mac Smeak 

Dorothy Beals Ballew 
Martha Bamett Beal 
Julia Scarborough Burgess 
Margaret Gignillial Carswell 
Belly Martin Close 
Belly Ralsion Cook 
Margaret Garrett Corsa 
Mildred Hudson Costa 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Jennie Evans Dille 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Joan John Grine 
Ida Ryland Guthrie 
Mary Cameron Hagelstein 
Jane Wright Haggard 
Ann Lee Harrison 
Ann Taylor Hcdrich 
Nancy Hendricks 
Laura Hays Holmes 
Jane Todd Horton 
Betty Rankin Hunsucker 
Marilyn Myers Lee 
Lina Carroll McClinuxk 
Jane Tucker Mitchell 
Alice Sykes Palmer 
Elnia Rollins ProtTill 
Patricia Tibbals Sehn,ick 
Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 
Mary Shilling Shannon 
Dr. Elhcl Mae Smeak 
Nellc McCants Smith 
Belly Eberhart Spillman 
Mary Stoner Ta\ lor 
Joan Martin Tuckw iller 
Megan Dunbar Turner 
Milby BiHith Wade 
Jo Thacker West 
Elizabeth Ciaulding Williams 
Margarcl Smith Windsor 
Doris Liddle Wingficid 


48% giving $6,810 

Class Agents: 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 
Janet Mitchell Harper 
Bett>- Garren Schmidt 

Rebecca Beasley Bun- 
Mar) De Loach 
Donia Craig Dickerson 
Carol Bacon Dreizler 
Agnes Gray Duff 
Johanna Paul Elder 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 
Margaret Jollit Gaskin 
Abigail Gowan 
Judith Morris Grindle 
Nancy Rawles Grissom 
Jessie Carr Haden 
Mary McKee Hagemeyer 
Anne Oden Hall 
Janet Mitchell Harper 
Joan Davenport Haydon 
Kitty McConnell Henninger 
Manha McKnight Huey 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 
Julia Vann Kenan 
Betty Garter Lane 
Alma McCue Miller 
Ann Shaw Miller 
Lee Pierce Mosso 
Ann Hunter Murray 
Mary Tay lor Murray 
Winifred Boggs Myrick 
Marjorie Becker O'Shaughnessey 
Addie McLaughlin Ours 
Margaret Stanley Parsons 
Constance Headapohl Pikaart 
Anne Dosher Read 
Ida Sumner Red 
Betty Garrett Schmidt 
Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 
Mary Creswell Short 
W. Wyatt Smith 
Barbara Williams Tapp 
Mary Mason Torrence 
Cherie Parrish Turman 
Merle Watkins Warren 


28% giving $13,380 

Class Agents: 

Mary Hombarger Mustoe 

Dr. Najia Hasscn White 

Ellen Siickcll Bare 
Kathcrinc Graccy Cannon 
Frances Hafcr Chiles 
Mary Jamison Clarke 
Tomlin Hombarger CIcmmer 
Priscilla Markley Cook 
Dorothy Martin Harris 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Amy Maloy Lindsly 
Mary Hombarger Musloc 
Belly Pennington Piluso 
Mary Bams Pruill 
Lilly Simrill Smith 
Eleanor Harwell Thomscn 
Dr. Najia Hasscn White 
Jane Johnston Wilham 


43% giving $4,370 

Class Agents: 

Ann Ritchie McHugh 

Margaret .Adair .\tmar 

Martha Hull Black 

Mar\' Beale Black 

Diana Rede Cabell 

Eleanor Cahill 

Tobie Cadle Calkins 

Nancy Payne Dahl 

Nancy Buston Downs 

Laura Clausen Drum 

Sally Lander Edwards 

Martha Parke Gibian 

Josephine Terrell Glover 

Susan Dozier Grotz 

Betty Bradford Hathom 

Mary Reynolds Henderson 

Bettye Hurt Ingram 

Marjorie Mowl Jago 

Jean Robertson Lambert 

Ann Dick Lovelady 

Elizabeth Malone 

Ann Ritchie McHugh 

Aline Powers Moore 

Martha Stokes Neill 

Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham 

Susan Andes Pittman 

Patty Tipton Pugh 

Virginia Hunt Roberts 

Mardrivon Cowles Scott 

Ellen Gibson Shaw 

Clare Trotti Stephens 

Patricia Lary Stevens 

Barbara Hunter Stone 

Ellawells Milligan Williams 

June Morrow Winslow 


33% giving $2,681 

Class Agents: 
Frances Wills Delcher 
Shannon Greene Mitchell 

Mary Wilson Cruser 
Mary Cranwell Deemer 
Edna Smith Duer 
Katherine Thorington Flythe 
Nan Candler Freed 
Paula Branch Holt 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 
Elizabeth Jamerson Kirk 
Corrinnc Curric Lane 
Barbara Russell Long 
Margaret Jorslad Lucas 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Nancy Rhoads Miller 
Shcrril Gerding Miller 
Shannon Greene Mitchell 
Jane llogan Moses 
Nancy Leeper Nystrom 
Mary Wells Powell 
Diane Alexis Riffclmacher 
Klizabclh Crawford Robbins 
Betsey Towler Robson 
Jane Peirce Smola 
Nancy Swiizer Sowers 
Mary Brcedcn Wagnon 
Alice Jones Wire 
Eulalic H:inlcll Zimmer 


39% giving $3,646 

Nancy Pillow Bachman 
Emily Baker 
Janice Gregory Belcher 
Ann Cooke Britt 
Anne Edmunds Brown 
Ann Jurecka Burdine 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Kathleen Hand Carter 
Mary Redding Coselli 
Rachel Koser Cottrell 
Nancy Williams Deacon 
Margaret Teague Eaton 
A. Dohs Elder 
Mary Ramsey Fisher 
Caroline Huffstutler Furr 
Ann Ratcliffe Harrover 
Marjorie Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
Jetlie Bergman Johnston 
Young Hyun Kim 
Constance McHugh Kimerer 
Nancy Amory Le Cuyer 
Martha Thulin Leynes-Selbert 
Patricia Schendel Loring 
H. Womom Moore 
Ada Humphrey Pancake 
Emily Luscher Parr 
Nancy McMullan Pauley 
Faye Smith Peck 
Elizabeth Plowman 
Patsy Messer Poovey 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 
Elizabeth Boling Strand 
Patricia Gwynn Taft 
Margaret Flythe Teague 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Margaret Skinner Webb 
Merita Long Webster 
Frances Spady Wilkins 
Bruce Sultle Winfield 


33% giving $1,680 

Class Agents: 
Helen Richie Scherff 
Lucy Fi.sher West 

Anne McClung Anderson 
Rebecca Pierce Ansley 
Ann Athey Barroll 
Carraleigh Singlclary Bass 
Julia Finks Biggs 
Marie Hayward Collins 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Margaret Foster Curtis 
Mary Phlegar Davis 
Julia Johnson Dcmler 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 
Virginia Hofler Duvall 
Anne Wail Gardner 
Katherine Williams Gooding 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Carlana Lindslrom Lane 
Patricia Bonelli Maull 
Joyce Holl McDowell 
Dorothy Wilkins Miller 
Rulh Hawkins Molony 
Sally Graham Murphy 
Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville 
Louisa Jones Palmer 
Celeste Weathers Pallerson 

Helen Ritchie Scherff 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 
Lucy Fisher West 
Patricia Henderson Williams 
Patricia Hope Wilson 


40% giving $4,621 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs: 
Sara Squires Erikson 
Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 
Vicky Hill Rimstidt 

Sally Armstrong Bingley 

Margaret Vanderwoude Botefuhr 

Clara Pennington Bridgforth 

Mary Brown 

Susan Warfield Caples 

Knox Clarke Chapman 

Patricia Henry Cooke 

Patsy Little Culpepper 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar 

Sara Squires Erickson 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley 

Sally Cullum Holmes 

Alice Cox Hubbard 

Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 

Estella Johnson 

Gunilla Philipson Klose 

Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 

Nancy Bartley Leonard 

Joan Loffland 

Nancy Hooker Manning 

Anne Fray McCormick 

Susan Speake Noble 

Meryl Richardson Nolan 

Miriam Mathews Perrin 

Sara Miller Richardson 

Vicky Hill Rimstidt 

Patricia Edwards Saunders 

Mary Kay McConchie Schultz 

Isabelle Mueller Seibert 

Antoinette Baldwin Shelton 

Sharon Hooks Siewert 

Betty Engle Stoddard 

Jeannette Hervey Trice 

Ann Ballard Van Eman 

Florence Daniel Wellons 


43% giving $4,495 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs: 
Barbara Reid Bailey 
Barbara Williams Craig 
Betsy Burton CruscI 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 
Patricia Liebert RiddIck 
Susan Ely Ryan 
Carol Womom Sorensen 

Barbara Reid Bailey 
Patricia Goshorn Ball 
Sallie Belle Whitener Benedetii 
Suzanne Sessoms Blair 
Lou Nordholl Bramwell 
Suzanne Burch 
Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf 
Florence Breunig Carroll 
Ann Price Clark 
Elizabeth Allan Collins 
Barbara Williams Craig 
Judith McEnlire Creason 
Elizabeth Burton Crusel 
Lois Willard Daniel 
Anne Ponder Dickson 

Carol Huddle Divers 
Jane Haley Dykes 
Eleanor Slarke Evans 
M. Penzold Fooks 
Cornelia Jenkins Fulral-Ward 
Lynn Terrell Cialford 
Frances Krellow Gehring 
Judilh Merrill Gibbons 
Mary Green 
Janice Parker Gregory 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 
Nancy Klauder Hall 
Judith Crow HolTman 
Beverly Grear Hun 
Dr. May Wells Jones 
Joan Williams Kivlighan 
Wendy Coleman LeCJardcur 
l.ucy Riel/e Levis 
Ann Wilson Linn 
Mary Williams Malhis 
Lynda Graham Mays 
Shirley Corbin Mencnde/ 
Mary Sharp Sway/e Mount 
Mary Shackelford Mumford 
Nancy Harris Quiirles 
Susan Ely Ryan 
Sigrid Gudheim Scott 
Barbara Woodham Sims 
Emily Reeves Sloan 
Diana Chote Smith 
Carol Womoni Sorensen 
Mary Vaughn Stanley 
Nancy Simpson Stcinmiller 
Nancy Strauss 
Laura Burford Sullivan 
Oley Hayward Swoboda 
Martha Vyverbcrg Telfer 
Ernestine Edmunds Waters 
Sylvia Scott Weaver 


41 % givins $7,684 

Class Agents: 
Linda Dolly Hammack 
Shirley File Robbins 
Marion Drewry Wills 

Mary Stone Adier 
Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Marcelle Rogers Askew 
Jane Coleman Balfour 
Mary Eldridge Berry 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Prior Meade Cooper 
Celia Crittenden 
Eleanor Strange Daltary 
Mary F-uller Densmore 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Audrey Clifford Egglcsion 
Elizabeth Scott Fealherstone 
Penn Walker Floumoy 
Jennifer Wilson Green 
Linda Dolly Hammack 
Harriet Hart 

Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Susan Johnson High 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Susan Hooper Hogge 
Hamcl Hope Howard 
Lacey Sanford Hudgins 
Vera Thomas James 
Susan Cadle King 
Mary Gilbeil Kohn 
Iva /eiler Lucas 
I'hiiebe McCain Luce 

Manha Butler Matthews 
Margaret Harris McClain 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli 
Charlotte Mooney 
Penelope Peltit Moore 
Susan Pegram O'Gara 
Cynthia Rhymes Parish 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall 
Emily Troxell Pepper 
Betty Cacciapaglia Pessagno 
Shirley File Robbins 
Sara White Robey 
Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 
Jean Midyette Smith 
Judilh Richardson Strickland 
Eugenia McCuen Thomason 
Josephine Whittle Thornton 
Mary Whitinger Turner 
Carolyn Jones Waghome 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 
Lucinda Pina Wilkinson 
Marion Drewry Wills 


39% givins $11,390 

Class Agents: 

Mary Ruthcrtbord Mercer Ferguson 

Barbara Wishart Johnson 

Minta McDiamiid Nixon 

Lynette Warner Shiver 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 
Sally Dupree Bamelt 
Martha Hunter Boyd 
Sarah Livingston Brown 
Nell Rogers Carvel! 
Joan Jackson Childrey 
Faye Baker Clark 
Eleanor Edmondson Currie 
Kalherine Miller De Genaro 
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Linda Wyatt Duncan 
Eleanor Dunlap 
Nancy Bliioil Ferguson 
Harriet Murphy Frazier 
Terry Geggic Fridley 
Judy Lipes Garst 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkms 
Martha FanI Hays 
Roberta Gill Heller 
Nannelle Jarrell Heidrich 
Sharon Foye Hewlett 
Elizabeth Laird Hicks 
Holly Hanson Hill 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 
Ann Robinson King 
Robbie Nelson LeComple 
Jane Vaughan Lockwood 
Anne Troxell Luck 
Susan Sale Luck 
Rosalinda Robens Madara 
Linda Fobcs Marion 
Martha Singletary Marks 
Joan Stanley Maroulis 
Jane Coulbouni Marshall 
Keena Roadman Martin 
Mary Cochran McConnell 
Virginia Hesdorlfer McDonnell 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 
Dr. Page Putnam Miller 
Dr. Joann Brown Morton 
Melissa Kimes Mullgardt 
Margaret Woodson Nea 

Minta McDiamiid Nixon 
Gale Palmer Penn 
Kalherine Sproul Perry 
Mary Smith Perry 
Anne Clement Riddle 
Martha Grant Rideoul 
Eleanor McCown Robideau 
Emily Delhloff Ryan 
Ingrid Carlson Shindell 
Lynette Warner Shiver 
Mary McGralh Stone 
Frances Davis TenBrook 
Margaret Mapp Thacker 
Elizabeth Linn Traubman 
Emily Tyler 
Virginia StotI Ward 
Elizabeth White 


33% giving $6,775 

Class Agents: 
Beverly Esles Bates 
Margaret Cole Chappell 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
Jane Lemon Eifler 

Victoria Reid Argabrighi 
Anne Fisher Bahner 
Paula Greenlee Barber 
Mary Juer Barnwell 
Beverly Esles Bales 
Karen Appleby Baughan 
Elizabeth Baughan Baukhagcs 
Sarah Warren Baynes 
Martha Murchison Boyd 
Cynthia Freeman Branscome 
Margaret Cole Chappell 
Sally Dorsey Danner 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
Rebecca Bryant Davis 
Mary Kerr Denny 
Sandra Grisham Dillard 
Anne Nimmo Dixon 
Mary Jarralt Dunn 
Judith Floeter Ford 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Rossie Wolever Hampton 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
Elizabeth Fisher Harris 
Helen Downie Harrison 
Jane Tanner Henderson 
Susan Thompson Hoffman 
Molly Holt 
Nancy Rowe Hull 
Margaret Thompson Johnson 
.'\nn O'linlen Jordan 
Dr. Hope Baldwin Lanier 
Anita Saflels Lawson 
Jo Ellen Jennette Luscombe 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Norma Farrar Marshall 
Ann Higgins McWhirter 
Darlena Sizemore Mixon 
Virginia Morton 
Belly Barnes Pigg 
Pamela Milliken Reed 
Wonley Davis Sniilh 
Nancy Nelson Spencer 
Ann Morrcll Tucker 
Emily Holloway Walker 
Mary McRae >oung 


34% giving $10,048 

Class Agents: 

Martha Bertrand 

Dr. Mary Galhright Newell 

Deborah Bulkley Anderson 
Frances Gilliam Armstrong 
Martha Bertrand 
Susan Richards Blanton 
Martha Peck Bolen 
Diane Cooper Byers 
Elizabeth Walker Cate 
Virginia Chapman Cobb 
Janice Jones Collins 
Betty Austin Conner 
Janet Haddrell Connors 
Elizabeth Light Cressor 
Jo Avery Crowder 
Kalherine Early Dougherty 
Gail McMichael Drew 
Anne Smith Edwards 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 
June Early Fraim 
Judilh Payne Grey 
Carol Graham Hairslon 
Randi Nyman Halsell 
Sara Beaboul Hartman 
Judy Roy Hoffman 
Carol Gibson Kanner 
Paula Stephens Lambert 
Ann Mebane Levine 
Ellen Pagenstecher Lewis 
Marian Gordin Lord 
Helen Hulcheson Massingill 
Cornelia Jackson McAllister 
Margaret Hogenauer McCormick 
Elizabeth Brown McKell 
Kalhryn Johnson McKinnie 
Charlotte Tyson Mewborti 
Dr. Mary Gathrighl Newell 
Dr. Minerva Thompson Nolle 
Adele Jeffords Pope 
Margaret Gunter Riddle 
Julene Reese Roberts 
Dorothy lafrale Rudy 
Gall McAlpin Schweicken 
Carol Stewart Shaw 
Margaret Michael Thompson 
Susan Spickard LIhlig 
Betty Hughes Walton 
Susan Browne Webb 
Margaret Malone West 
Eleanor Chew Winnard 
Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 


439c giving $8,205 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs; 
Susanne Ray bum Bales 
Vicky Tucker Borden 
Nancy Morris Graves 
Beryl Ann Worts Johnson 
Lalani^ Ware Long 

Dr. Ann Field .Alexander 
Glenda Pearson Anderson 
Claudia Turner Ayeock 
Julia Blanchard B.ilchclor 
Susanne Raybum Bales 
Analeak Liipfen Bowers 
Ashlin Swelnam Bray 
Nancy Yates Bnggs 
Kalherine West Burkhan 
Elizabeth Shuimck Caldwell 

Janet White Campbell 
Roberta Long Campbell 
Virginia Alexander Crane 
Julia Barbee Crothers 
Janet De\ onald Deatherage 
Mar\ Chenault Deaton 
Carole Rednour Dixon 
Sandra Zeese Driscoll 
Mar> Ellen Killinger Durham 
Man.' Rainer Eanes 
Marguerite Duane Ellis 
Virginia Timbes E\.\ ing 
Judith Moore Fisher 
Susan Mulford Gantly 
Virginia Gonder 
Mary Alice ToUey Goodwin 
Sally Marks Goodwin 
Nancy Morris Graves 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp 
Gwynn McNaught Henderson 
Rosemary Harris Henderson 
Patricia Phillips Hogue 
Margaret Huff 
Beryl Ann Worts Johnson 
Esther Johnson 
Claire Stem Kaufman 
Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 
Louise Coward Kopecky 
Sarah-Mack Lawson 
Kathryn Jackson Lohmiller 
Virginia Vaughan Longuillo 
Carol Whetham Looney 
Emily Wright Mallory 
Sammy Primm Marshall 
Lou Hangraves McCarty 
Betty Drury McConnell 
Joan Davis Mele 
Donna White Merkel 
Elizabeth Boyd Myers 
Dr. Martha Flowers Peters 
Frances Davis Pollard 
Janet Wiethoff Price 
Margaret Crowgey Rowe 
Betsey Gallagher Satterfield 
Ann Yingling Schmidt 
Renale Worch Schuessler 
Carol Storm Smith 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 
Alice Lippitt Sieyaan 
Mary Arehart Stoneburg 
M. Elizabeth Swope 
Hope Rothert Taft 
Lavinia Mikell Thaxton 
Davync Vcrstandig 
Margaret Webster 
Sarah Fisher Wilkes 
Cynthia Gocltz Willkomm 


37% giving $10,748 Agents: 
Margaret Maddcx Barnes 
Janice Smith Barry 
Helen Stone Moss 
Susan Powell Norton 

Sandra Prcscrcn Alley 
Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Janice Smith Barry 
Frances Gallion Bear 
Anne Williams Blanks 
Nancy Burroughs Bolan 
Hazel Williams Bynum 
Donna Weiglein 
Margaret Turner Coleman 

Charlotte McCormick Collins 
.\nne Cooke 
.Angela Blose Corley 
Margaret Weaver Crosson 
Beverley Kennon Eddy 
Louise Tabb Edge 
.Anne Shields Emerson 
Kathleen Myers Faust 
Nancy Rubright Gates 
Susanne Reim Glass 
Joan Velten Hall 
Jean Lambeth Hart 
Wylyn Letson Hodnetl 
Virginia Carter Holden 
Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 
Susan Massie Johnson 
Linda Young Kennedy 
Kathryn Rice Knowles 
Frances Harvey Mallison 
Rebecca Breeden Mastin 
Margaret Jennings Metz 
Alice Moore 
Helen Stone Moss 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller 
Susan Powell Norton 
Sally Slowers Oliver 
Virginia Taylor Otts 
Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 
Margaret Allen Palmer 
Dr. Susan Palmer 
Jean Kavanaugh Parker 
Ellen Ryan Pearson 
M. Elizabeth Preddy 
Mary Dudley Purtill 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 
Mary Reuman Redenbaugh 
Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich 
Diane Nichols Rogers 
Sallie Chellis Schisler 
Evelyn Martin Schreck 
Carol Noel Seaman 
Leslie Henderson Sheehan 
Carol Laws Slonaker 
Lindsley Wheeler Smith 
Mary Block Smith 
Gail Alberts Stone 
Judith Pugh Stone 
Martha Harlow Slronach 
Sarah Oden Tipson 
Katherine Pace Totlen 
Carol Stephens Trice 
Mary Perry Turnbull 
Susan McKeown Waters 
Marian McDowell Whitlock 
Caria Cooper Winter 
Lynn Williams Wood 


39% glvinj- $10,355 

Class Agents: 

Mary Buvinger 

Anne Kinnicr Driscoll 

Tempe Grant Thomas 

Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams 

Elizabeth Donelson Adier 
Emily Bonner Anderson 
Kathleen Aure 
Sharon Knopp Bares 
Virginia Watson Bernard 
Nancy Carrow HotI 
Judith Way Bouchard 
Barbara Brown Bowles 
Andra Brewer 
Carolyn Martin Bryan 

Mary Buvinger 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 

Elisabeth Wise Campen 

Dr. Catherine Walleigh Camevale 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman 

Jeanne Schaub Classe 

Diane Hillyer Copley 

Lela Cowardin 

Susan Gamble Dankel 

Ellen Gaw Dean 

Carolyn Wright Deffenbaugh 

Anne Kinnier Driscoll 

Sharon Gray Duncan 

Marie Payne Egeland 

Angelina Painter Eschauzier 

Susan Paul Firestone 

Mary Fleming 

Nancy Eriksen Fogelson 

The Rev. Margaret Robertson Fohl 

Frances Ford 

Dr. Suzanne Freeman 

Lynda Overcash Fritz 

Barbara Johnston Gamer 

Elizabeth Gathright 

Celia Gibson 

Ann Whitten Gillenwater 

Elizabeth Roper Golden 

Nancy Peyton Gresham 

Barbara Craft Hemphill 

Susan Vaughan Henry 

Barbara Lovill Hooks 

Lady Appleby Jackson 

Susan Merklas Kahn 

Sandra Hoback Kidwell 

Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 

Elizabeth Hadden Lunney 

Lynn Merritt MacEwen 

Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 

Grace Branch Moore 

Jeannette Norfleet 

Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 

Susan While Persak 

Judy Mauze Philpott 

Carol Mathews Ray 

Marbury Rainer Ray 

Florence Temple Roberts 

Cornelia Green Roy 

Jane Starke Sims 

Julia Backus Smith 

Linda Goddin Smith 

Katherine Martin Snider 

Mary Miller Sopher 

Lois Lundie Spence 

Edith Stotler 

Susan Clements Tarkinglon 

Cathy Turner Temple 

Tempe Grant Thomas 

Kathryn McAllister Turner 

Susan Graham Turner 

Ray Castles Uttenhovc 

Beth Free Van Fossen 

Mary Walker Volk 

Leslie Watson 

Cynthia Knight Wier 

Catherine Hazelgrovc Williams 

Dr. Suzanne Smith Williams 

Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 

Margaret McRae Wilson 

Sandra Charllon Woodward 

Nancy Thomas YosI 


41% giving $18,095 

Class Agents: 
Ann Trusler Faith 
Susan Train Fearon 
Virginia Moomaw Savage 

Claudia Montague Adams 
Cynthia Batson Anthony 
Claire Lewis Arnold 
Judith Christian Ashby 
Margaret Garrett Axselle 
Suzanne Hartley Barker 
Janet Turner Barrows 
Miriam Jones Beckwith 
Cynthia Yeager Bouldin 
Linda Mullendore Brandenburg 
Frances Buhman 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Susan Christ Campbell 
Mary Kennedy Caruso 
Lynn White Cobb 
Abigail Robinson Coppock 
Elizabeth Floeting Davis 
Linda Dawe 
Judith Bamett Dutterer 
Sydney Turner Elsass 
Ann Trusler Faith 
Susan Train Fearon 
Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 
Margaret Lipscomb Foster 
Martha Fowler 
Margaret Durant Fried 
Judith Galloway-Totaro 
Patricia Binkley Haws 
Jacquelyn Riepe Hill 
Elizabeth Cay Hines 
Mary Baker Hoffman 
Sara Nair James 
Gayle Rummel Jones 
Gail McLennan King 
Camille Florence Kunkle 
Lynda Cullop Lawrence 
Nora Leary 

Robin Watson Livesay 
Margaret Livingston 
Dollie McGrath Marshall 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 
Janet Rawlings McGraw 
Frances Thompson McKay 
Barbara Wales Medina 
Julia Baldwin Montgomery 
Grace Friend Mullen 
Patricia McGcorge Nickerson 
Jill Olson 
Katharine Parker 
Anna Dun.son Pressly 
Margaret Thorn Rawls 
Margaret Barranger Reid 
Corrie Smith SargeanI 
Virginia Mooinaw Savage 
Caroline Schooley 
Susan SwalTord Sheldon 
Edwina Smith 
Katherine Quillian Solberg 
Ann Davis Spiller 
Mary Allison Slarun 
Rose Driver Sluarl 
Anne Emmerl Thompson 
Jane Collis Thornton 
A. Jane Townes 
Anne McLeod Turner 
Ann Lewis Vaughn 
Karen Marston Vaught 

Judith Wade 

Mary Ward 

Mary Gregory Wilson 

Belly C'ulhrealh Young 


47% givins $11,795 

Class Agents: 
Jean C. Grainger 
Zoe Kerbey Holmes 
Stephanie Shearer Timm 

Kathrena Ravenhorst Adains 
Martha Kennedy Aiberlson 
Janet Bartholomew Allamari 
Carolyn Bass Annentrout 
Katherine Crawford Arrowsmlth 
Leigh Suhling Barth 
Jane Graves Bartlett 
Manha Carjienter Bell 
Mary Browning Birkhead 
Chris Ziebe Blanton 
Caroline Walker Brant 
Susan Lanier Brown 
Carolyn Carlelon Campsey 
Julie Mays Cannell 
Jo Guider Chase 
Mary Saunders Conwell 
Mary MeCaa Colhran 
Margaret Wright Crawford 
Deborah Howe Crotls 
Sharon Ellis Crouch 
Nancy Wilson Dameron 
Lynn Des Pre/ 
Whitney Hanes Feldmann 
Margaret Fogle 
Alice Dibrell Freeman 
Leslie Fieeman 
Dale Smith Georgiade 
Candace Snodgrass Gessner 
Flaine Rabe Giese 
Minna Thompson Glenn 
Jean C. Grainger 
Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 
Elizabeth Lamer Gulmann 
Sheryl Quanbeck Hagan 
Margaret Haile 
Kathryn Bish Hanson 
Ann Harris 

Eliz-abelh Higginbolham 
Janice Shoeinaker Hill 
Zoc Kerbey Holmes 
Jane Smith Hopkins 
Gair Hartley Jewell 
Laura Weiskittcl Kelly 
Christine Meacham Kirby 
Rebecca Thomas Kopp 
Alice Kerr Laird 
Sue Newman Landa 
Elizabeth Rand Lemon 
Ann Perkins Lewis 
Margaret Lake Lindsay 
Marcia Vigneault Litton 
Grace Hitchman McGralh 
Louise Rossett McNamee 
Carol Carman Mettam 
Janet Ernst Mills 
Julie Spencer Murphy 
Laara Crooin Murray 
Connie Kiltie Neer 
Margaret Hawkins Oosteniian 
Pauli Anne Overdorff 
Marguerite Lackey Price 
Emily Borden Ragsdalc 
Matlice Brandt Ranney 

Margaret Scott Reading 
Janice Coleman Robertson 
Janic Huske Sattcrfield 
Dianne Sellers 
Mary Wood Senechal 
Janis Krebs Smith 
Mary-Kelly Busch Smith 
Jean Barry Strain 
Louise Parmelee Sylvester 
Molly Upton Tarr 
Elizabeth Nesbitt Thomason 
Stephanie Shearer Tmim 
Karen Pixley Irimble 
Josephine Robinson Waile 
Daphne Walker 
Anne Pearson Wallace 
Devon Hixenbaugh Walter 
Sue Harris Ware 
Elisabeth Rowland Whilbeck 
Patlie Newell Williams 
Frances Williamson 
Alice Franciso Wipfler 


45% giving $9,596 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs: 
Ellen Johnson Candler 
Nancy Morse Evans 
Lila Caldwell Gardner 
Mary Murrin Painter 

Laura Catching Alexander 
Patricia Mclver Alvey 
Alison Rutherford Baird 
Linda Rawlings Baker 
Susan Zagora Bender 
Sheryl Allen Blackford 
Carol Cadell Bowie 
Lee Willey Bowman 
Louise Boylan 
Janet Dennis Branch 
Patricia Lamberlh Bruce 
Martha Blain Buchanan 
Caroline Waldrop Buckman 
Elizabeth Toms Chaplin 
Ella Lawrence Clinton 
Elizabeth Conner 
Margaret Agnes Cooper 
Sally Cannon Crunibley 
Betsy Marshall Davis 
Lloyd Gather Dickson 
Catharine Dorrier 
Katherine Downie 
Nancy Morse Evans 
Claudia Withers Fahmer 
Jane Faulds 

Melissa Winibish Ferrell 
Susan Pope Finch 
Cynthia Fitch 
Barbara Leavitt Franklin 
Rosemcrry McClintock Franks 
Lila Caldwell Gardner 
Susan Price Garth 
Brenda Nichol Goings 
Jean Ome Gosling 
Elizabeth Francis Griffith 
Jennifer McHugh Haase 
Constance Gantt Hart 
Susann Hulaff Haskins 
Susan Richardson Hauser 
Betty Hemnan 
Mary Ferguson Kanies 
Elizabeth Fore Keating 
Christiane Michell Lubeley 
Kalhryn Lumpkin 

Janice Booth Maner 

Constance Samsonoff Martenslein 

Virginia Fitzhugh Matlox 

Nancy Foster McGraw 

Susan Norton Minor 

Nancy Winters Moore 

Shirley Frey Morris 

Antoinette Bond Morrison 

Merrick Twohy Murray 

Margaret Grant Neely 

Jane Shortell Nelson 

Eleanor Myers O'Mara 

Laura Sadler Olin 

Mary Luanne Pardue 

Carson Pease 

Brooke Hume Pendleton 

N. Starr Reullinger 

Ann Gilmer Richardson 

Katherine Blackwell Roach 

Kathryn English Roberts 

Gray Thomas Rodriquez-Barber 

Janet Sapp 

Spencer Jester Savage 

Catherine Gladden Schullz 

Clara Mackenzie Smiley 

Carol Sorrell Sirawbridge 

Mary Stewart Strickland 

Doris Fauber Strickler 

Caroline Siruthers 

Katherine Terrell Svejnar 

Mary Bass Wanless 

Bonnie Brackett Weaver 

Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 

Gwendolyn Seaman Whipp 

Julia Anderson Wilson 

Elizabeth Sutherland Winstead 

Rebecca Case Yelverton 


46% giving $7,073 
Blanche Wysor Anderson 
Jill Kiely Anderson 
Rogene Elkins Austell 
Claudia Turner Bagwell 
Caroline Dixon Barlman 
Connie Lowrance Beach 
Maureen Love Bendall 
Kathryn Medbury Bennett 
Margaret Ritchie Benlley 
Penelope Patrick Biskey 
Ann Brown Blankenship 
Jean Vincent Bristor 
F. Crutchlleld Burgess 
Barbara Robertson Burke 
Angeline Butler 
Susan Prucit Caldroney 
Dr. Anne Locke Carter 
Carol Ditto Cary 
Charlotte Heller Chatlain 
Eve Bremennann Collard 
Dale Adams Cone 
Denise Craig 
Carolyn Day 
Anne Moffett Douglass 
Patsy Hildebrandl Downer 
Sarah Cnxkctt Eggleston 
Nancy Prcseren Fankhauser 
Catherine Spratley Favrc 
Virginia Masters Fleishman 
Janie Davis Floumoy 
Elaine Henderson Fowler 
Catherine Scott Gaines 
Ann Crymes Galione 
Lea Ayers Oilman 

Leah Waller Golden 

Marcia McDonald Helms 

Anne Henderson 

Linda Grinels Irby 

Elizabeth Cleveland Jamison 

Sarah Johnston 

Marian Sutliff Lavigna 

Page Price Lewis 

Ann Wade Lillon 

Caryn Gove Long 

Leelia Logan Louis 

Karen Peterson Mann 

Susan Henry Martin 

Dona Connolly Mastin 

Sally Via Matthews 

Jeanne Howe McL<x)nc 

Karen Slonebumer Miller 

Mary Tompkins Miller 

Kathleen Madigan Muehlman 

Kathleen Peck Nobles 

Mildred Willis Paden 

Susan Rogers Parks 

Melissa Wilson Paschold 

Jill Butler Pendleton 

Elizabeth Rice Prince 

Mary Jim Moore Quillen 

Marilyn Muhleman Rausch 

Ann Richardson 

Patricia Garcia RiKhe 

Elizabeth Smith 

Susan Almond Smith 

Karen Searle Snyder 

Delores Finney Stewart 

Gwendolyn Gillaugh Stixrcklein 

Mary Atkinson Stone 

Carol Pridgen Storey 

Mary Phipps Such 

Rebecca Bost Tucker 

Melanie Gamble Walker 

Jane Inge Wallace 

Elizabeth Watts 

Kathy Young WetscI 

June Reynolds Wood 

Jacquelyn Hill Wyche 

Jane Rayson Young 


45% giving $9,298 

Class Agent: 

Mildred Farquharson Lawson 

Susan Alexander Andrews 
Carolyn Avery 
Margaret Ivey Bacigal 
Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 
Sharon Parker Balthrop 
Sharon WihhI Baltimore 
Sally Deilrick Brady 
Joan Kirby Brawley 
Nancy Greever Brooks 
Virginia Faunlleroy Carter 
Mary Conger 
Peggy Partridge Conlreni 
Carolyn Coors 
Jean Corlrighl Copeland 
Virginia Phillips Counselnian 
Anda-a Dannellell Jones 
Angela Hausmann D<igancay 
Georgia Robert Draucker 
Linda Dixld Ebersole 
Linda Lueders Faick 
Olivia Young Fisher 
Judy Spence Frank 
Jane Hudgins Frazier 
Peggy Ghcesling 

Lindsay R\ land Gouldthorpe 
Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 
Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 
AHce B. Hansbarger 
Karen Gammage Harsey 
Judith Hemdon 
Katherine Hewin Holmes 
Agnes Kelly Houff 
Patricia Hughes 
Carol Jackson 
Susan Buchanan Jacob 
Mary Burton Johnson 
Catherine Hood Kennedy 
Deborah Jobe Koehler 
Kathry n Krauler 
Mildred Farquharson Lavvson 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 
Eloise Hendershot Lennox 
Patricia Gonzalez Luslig 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Susan Thorn Man- 
Sally Jacobs McMillen 
Susan Dibrell Miller 
Elizabeth Wilgus Murray 
Lois Siegfried Oglesby 
Diana Parker 
Carole Payne Pilcher 
Terry Gage Quin 
Mary Ramkey 
Susanne Reaves Rhame 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 
Carroll Rover Robertson 
Cynthia Hulfsietler Rosenthal 
Lane Winn Rothschild 
Robyn Timberlake Ruth 
Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 
Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 
Rebecca Peltigrew Simon 
Amelia Smith 

Margaret Musselman Smith 
Maxine Matthews Smith 
Melanie Dexler Snoddy 
Mary Hamilton Sprague 
Sallie Bru>.h Thalhimer 
Deborah Verdier-Smith 
Julia Offen Wangler 
Susan Simmons Weir 


32% giving $5,388 
Class Agent: 
Elizabeth Cary Spell 

Bliss Buford Abbot 
Carol Tilson Atwood 
Catherine Boynlon Bcazlcy 
Judith Slovall Bolund 
Nancy McEnlirc Bradford 
Betty Davis Crump 
Belly Darwin 
Ann Bowman Day 
Elizabeth Ziebc Ellioll 
I-cigh Yalcs Farmer 
Diane While Fechlcl 
Karen Outlaw Fendlcy 
Helen Radcliffe Gregory 
Agnes Harwood 
Sally Dillard Hauplfuhrer 
Betly Custer Larue Haws 
Rosemary Baldwin Hendricks 
DaphineTilley Hill 
Sarah Hill 
Jean Temple Holt 
Susan Baughman Homar 

Ann Skinner Homsby 
Deborah Jamieson 
Wanda Lewin Johnson 
Judy Durham Kennedy 
Betsy Hunsucker Lane 
Julia Williams Layfield 
Nancy Hudson Lloyd 
Ann Arey Mason 
Catherine Lew is Maxwell 
Valeta Sionebumer McDonald 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Valerie Lund Mitchell 
Eve Hitchman Morrison 
Carol Huichins Nietmann 
Katherine Hull Nowell 
Julie Tippins Parker 
Marie Dienst Perry 
Ann Rehmann Poche 
C. Cremers Richards 
Nancy Nodine Robinson 
Bridget Ryan 
Barbara Mitchell Sample 
Brenda Seymore Sanders 
Margaret McMaster Smith 
Florence Pressly Snyder 
Elizabeth Cary Spell 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 
Valerie Lee Sprankle 
Thankful Salmon SuUivant 
Sandra Wandrisco Waller 
Marjorie Widener Wardrop 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 
Claudia Williams 
Sylvia Blankenship Williams 


33% giving $8,762 

Class Agents: 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Nancy Nowak 
Florence Jones Rutherford 

Terry Huffman Allaun 
Florence Brandon Allison 
Sara Roberts Ames 
Constance Bak 
Pamela Shell Baskervill 
Anne Merry Bell 
Susan Brooks 
Nancy Sherman Burton 
Michele Richard Bustamante 
Janel Farrar Byington 
Martha Marshall Cassell 
Helen Whilcomb Coates 
Beverly Shenk Coltrane 
Frances Beazlic Coslanzo 
Susan Green Coulter 
Patricia Reynolds Cowan 
Vanessa Sykcs Crews 
Nancy Locke Curlee 
Frances Kirby Duncan 
Pat Eldridgc 
Oneila Carlson Enoch 
Mary McCullough Ferguson 
Lee Johnston Foster 
Mary Tucker Fouraker 
Mclinda Ralliff Gallegos 
Linda Holder Gordon 
Janel Jordan Hannah 
Ellen Lul/ Hardin 
Patricia Piorkowski llobbs 
Susan lA:mon llobbs 
Anne North Howard 
Molly Ely Hunter 
Blaine Kinney Johnson 

Cynthia Johnston 
Laurie Jones Kapfer 
Nancy Pole LaRocca 
Marjorie Van Sicklen Leser 
Virginia Henninger Lyles 
Mary Cox MacLeod 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Janney Shoemaker Marshall 
Jan Deforrest McCloskey 
Deborah Moench 
Anne Lonnquest Moore 
Mary Neel 

Harriet Marrow Neldon 
Nancy Nowak 
Nancy Higgins O'Malley 
Dr. Hoi Ion Meaders Otte 
Pamela Patton 
Lisa Harvey Raines 
Robin Boyd Rawles 
Lucile Craddock Reddick 
Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 
Florence Jones Rutherford 
Pamela Schmid 
Martha Davis Shifflett 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 
Susan Heiner Steadman 
Sara Mcintosh Stem 
Nancy Moncure Slikes 
Eva Stimson 

Katherine Hunt Slormont 
Norwood Ricks Strasburger 
Kathryn Wafle 
Deborah Dull Walker 
Patrice Snoddy Wall 
Lucy Tomlinson Wallace 
Anne Anderson Wallen 
Catherine Choate Ward 
Anne Feddeman Warner 
Susan Williams 
Debra Wood-Raines 
Susan Walton Wynkoop 


33% giving $10,510 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs: 
Clarke Stanley Beckner 
Deborah Lee Coleman Gulshall 
Bonnie Tuggle Miller 
Mary Sutton Payne 

Vickie Reynolds Akelman 
Janie McShan Allgood 
Margaret Bryson Altman 
Anne Leatherbury Atwood 
Clarke Stanley Beckner 
Clair Carter Bell 
Jennie Peery Budd 
Susan Hazelwood Bulfinglon 
Katherine Hobbs Burnetl 
Patricia Tugjilc Collins 
Alice Cochran Doswell 
Shirley Douglass 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 
Joan Ferrell 
Laura Wall Field 
Catharine Johnson Flagg 
Frances Henderson Ford 
Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 
Cary Adkins Guza 
Carolyn Moore llansbrough 
Mabel Felterrnan Held 
Cynthia Ezell llcrndon 
Jennifer Henley James 
Denise Doyon Jared 
Kalherine Kanlner 

Carroll Blair Keiger 
Kathryn Lee Kemp 
Pamela Dunbar Kreger 
Lynn Howard Lawrence 
Corinne White Llewellyn 
HolUday Harper Love 
Meredith Lyons-Crews 
Emily Fulgham McCullough 
Lt. Cmdr. Christina Beardsley 

Margaret Roberts McMahon 
Nancy Lawler Milam 
Jane Miller 

Margaret Tuggle Miller 
Claire Colbert Mills 
Mary Richardson Misiti 
Eleanor Gubbins Moore 
Margaret Carr Norfleet 
Catherine Priddy Norman 
Lisa Wall O'Donnell 
Mary Sutton Payne 
Douglass Head Pittman 
Susan Riegel Price 
Margaret Lybrand Ryland 
Susan Shipman-Jicha 
Amy Roberson Spence 
Mary Kay Schom Stainback 
Suzanne Griffin Sulphen 
Lydia Vander Voort 
Joanne Palmer Wood 


37% giving $5,235 

Class Agent: 

Linda Hinrichs Christovich 

Elizabeth Tucker Albritton 
Carolyn Hedge Baird 
Bonnie McDonald Ball 
Ellen Gill Ball 
Alison Wenger Boone 
Dr. Donna Booth 
Mary George Bradshaw 
Louise King Cavanagh 
Patsy Clyde Chandler 
Linda Hinrichs Christovich 
Ellen Cowan Compton 
Pamela Martin Comstock 
Grace McCutchen Daughtridge 
Ann Calhoun Dent 
Katharine McWane Doel 
Elizabeth Bruni Downey 
Susan Dunlap 
Evelyn Wells Fisher 
Rebecca Fouche 
Chcsley Wynne Fry 
Beverly Hull 
Cynthia Hall 
Judy Hanlen 

Dr. Sarah Lawrence Hcald 
Amy Ivy 
Lucile Jones 
Stuart Lee Jones 
Terry Colaw Kershner 
Cynthia Vaughan Laniz 
Mary Loach 
Kalhryn McCain Lee 
Diane Hcpl'ord Lenahan 
Gene Balch Limbaugh 
Mary Sue Mallox McAllister 
Melissa Rhodes McC'uc 
Marjorie Bales Moore 
Jenay Anderson Paul 
Nancy Pearson 
Mary Pontius 

Katharine Randolph 
Page Branlon Reed 
Laurie Folse Rossman 
Elizabeth Owen Scaff 
Patricia Eubank Schmcling 
Margaret Wyatt Scott 
Debra Wolfe Shea 
Georganne Sangaree Sherrcl 
Catherine Gephart Shook 
Manha Lynch Smith 
Cheryl Rickard Spicher 
Jill Beymer Stevens 
Patricia Stratton 
Elizabeth Taylor 
Julie Taylor 
Leslie Martlect Terry 
Shawn Keys Whitman 
Theresa Bcntley Wolf 
Laura Mallory Woodall 
Janie Wright 


25% KivinK$7.S30 
Class Agents: 

Carol-Cappy" Paul Powell 
Barbara King 

Kelsey Adams-Melvin 
Anne Hall Allen 
Laurie Scott Bass 
Pamela Williams Butler 
Pamela Turner Chapman 
Jeruiifer Johnston Cobb 
Jonnie Cogdell Courtney 
Sylvia Goshom Crawford 
Kathcrine Pearson Crump 
Laura Price Dixon 
l.etia McDaniel Drewry 
Mary Morgan Fulton 
Whitney Dodd Godwin 
Melanie Goff 

Elisabeth Truett Greenbaum 
Lisa Howard Grose 
Dr. Valerie Guthrie 
Catherine McKenney Harcus 
Rozalia Cruise Hogg 
Mary Baldwin Johnson 
Nancy Tokarz Jordan 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 
Leisa McCauley Kile 
Susan McKemy 
Colleen Mullarkey 
Mary Parrish Passagaluppi 
Maj. Melissa Patrick 
Patricia Hines Phoenix 
Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell 
Margaret Carswell Richardson 
Claire McCants Schwahn 
Mary Atkinson SIpple 
Elizabeth l-isher Stewart 
Katherine Taylor 
Deborah Rexrode Timberlake 
Sally Wetzel Wicks 


24% si vinu $4,758 

Class Agents: 
Elizabeth -B J." Felton 
Sue Lollis 
Susan Wolfe 

Nancy Clark Brading 
Ellison Carey 
Suzi Parker Carson 
Leslie Cockerham 
Marlcan Lumpkin Davis 

Cornelia Jarrell DeWilt 

Mary Lehnertz Faulkner 

Elizabeth "B.J." Fellon 

Lynne Kreger Frye 

Mary Hamblin Getty 

Kimberly Baker Glenn 

Jennifer Pace Gray 

Cynthia Luck Haw 

Jane Harcus Hill 

Leslie Dore Hogan 

Mary Leiha Warren Jelinek 

Barbara Johnson 

Sallie McCutcheon Johnston 

Susan Ridoul Jones 

Debra Wilton Kipley 

Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 

Sue Lollis 

Nancy Randall Mackey 

Mary McPherson 

Charlotte Johnson Moyler 

Christine Kewilt Osgood 

Ann-Byrd Whittemorc Porter 

Lisa Scott Pugh 

Jane Baugh Singletary 

Martha Krauss Smith 

Sarah Way Speaker 

Barbara Strong 

Ann Stephens Talbolt 

Mary Thompson Tayloe 

Nancy Dana Theus 

Mary Grier Wheless 

Karen Matthews Winchester 

Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 

Susan Harris Witt 


28% giving $5,050 

Class Agents: 
Susan Tucker Barfield 
Katherine Pierson Colden 
Kelly Huffman Ellis 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 
Amanda Burrus Talaat 

Katherine Jackson Anderson 
.Ann Smith Angle 
Amy Adkins Augustine 
Mary GritTin Bachmann 
Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentlne 
Melanie Barber 
Susan Tucker Barlield 
Betty Brecden 
Jo O'Neal Brueggeman 
Margaret Johnson Cochrane 
Katherine Pierson Colden 
Ann Gregory Colligan 
Susan Martin Cooley 
Susan Cowan 

Elizabeth Abercrombie Daniels 
Alhalie Smith Dersc 
Melinda Dodge 
Aubrey .Acree Efird 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 
Carolyn Dew Gruensfelder 
Barbara Chesnavich Haas 
Victoria GoikIw in Hardy 
Katherine Williams Hetzer 
Christina Holstrom 
Karen Fjnmet Hunt 
Marlcne Denny Jones 
Connie Bourne Jung 
Bonnie Bourne Lawson 
Judith Leilch MacLennan 
Alise Learned Mahr 
Gertrude Martin Manning 

Katherine Wooldridge Marchetii 

Mary Jones McAllister 

Doris McLear 

Mary Meador Nelson 

Linda Fogle Newsom 

Gary Edel Nichols 

Audrey Andrews Oddi 

Truehean Caskie Porter 

Lynne Myers Rawlings 

Susan Walker Scola 

Frances Scruby 

Cynthia Wilson Sh(H."maker 

Sally Simons 

Langhome McCarthy Stinnette 

Dorothy Butler Sutton 

Patsy Kaminer Thomley 

Tammy Trent 

Dr. Josephine Hemphill Ullom 

Pamela Roach Voight 

Jenifer Walker 

Jane Frilzmeier Wilken 

Carolina Woodard 


i5% giving $5,150 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs: 
Brenda Leigh Hagg 
Pamela Hunziker 
Amy Tracy Ingles 
Elizabeth Laffitte Malinowski 
Fleet Lynch Roberts 
Valerie Lynn Wenger 
Christie Boyd Woylowitz 

Mary Mitchell Amos 

Dr. Annabel Barber 

Mary Bass 

Melissa Van Noppen Beasley 

Brenda Benholf 

Jane McClure Booth 

Elizabeth Trimble Bradley 

Margaret Silver Burton 

Margaret Moncure Butler 

Virginia Tyree Colligan 

Martha Craig 

Anne Kirchdorfer Dabney 

Michelle Howard Dasc 

A. Markley Denman 

Cynthia Enochs Dunn 

Elizabeth Nash Dyche 

Melinda Rose Eichom 

Dr. Julie Ewing 

Candace Cline Faison 

Margaret Wren Farrar 

Elizabeth Blake Ferguson 

Julia Hall Friedman 

Frances Garvey 

Leigh Williams Greer 

Rebecca Vigil Gubcn 

Helen Hanks 

Ann Hayes 

Kim Herring-Rutland 

Susan GoodliK" HcK'kman 

Pamela Hunziker 

Amy Tracy Ingles 

The Rev. Olivia Kincaid-Haney 

Nita Knight Klein 

Dr. Glenda Whitaker Kroll 

Sarah Snead Lankford 

Katherine Kelchum LcDoyen 

Judith Easterly Lockridge 

Grace Jones Long 

Kathleen Wilkerson Magnan 

Elizabeth Laffitte Malinowski 

Alice Stevens Marshall 

Nancy McWane 
Kathryn Gravely Mclo 
Suzanne Montague 
Catherine Morcy Nee 
Rebecca Linger Nolle 
Sheila Stewan Olson 
Nancy Hopkins Parsons 
Anne Rice Pierce 
Pamela Pope 
Nancy Price Porter 
Walter Ridgely 
John Runkle 
Susan Price Sams 
Frances Harris Schwabenlon 
Cynthia Shaver 
Susan Taylor Sims 
Martha Read Skinner 
Kimberiy McCall Staley 
Frances Diefendorf Swensson 
Martha Ferrell Thomhill 
Sara Poulston Tompkins 
Peggy Vaughn 
Sara Anderson Vines 
Harriett Waldrop 
Margaret Szeniawski Weidner 
Valerie Lynn Wenger 
Melissa Weyher 
Mary Brady While 
Rebecca Smilh Win 
Ruby Worley 


29% giving $3,520 

Class Agents: 
Laura O'Hear Church 
Susan Foster 
Kimberly O'Donnell 
Sara Pendleton Tartala 
Elizabeth Howard Young 

Andrea Zukaukas Aikins 

Barbara Bassetl 

Sarah Beard 

Sara Bearss 

Teresa Bigler 

Wendy Pfauiz Blomberg 

Ann Filipowicz Blolner 

Dawn Sullivan Bourne 

Marie Westbrook Bream 

Stephanie Carlson Brcnnan 

Elizabeth Burris Brooke 

Marjorie McGee Caplice 

Laura O'Hear Church 

Jennifer Hall Costello 

Barbara Nicodemus Dcnn 

Anne Edel Dennis 

Ehzabelh Doty 

Ruth Doumlele 

Carolyn Duke Elkins 

Bonnie Ford 

Caroline Savage Harmon 

Marguerite Harrison 

Sara Blair Hamson 

Elise Harrover 

Carole Newman Hopkins 

Amy Hall Jackson 

Mary Wagner Jones 

Catherine Henson Kinniburgh 

Anna Gibson Kixin 

Adeic Moi>rc Lane 

Susan Little 

Rebecca Lovingotxl 

Jennifer Manthorpe Mackey 

Dawn Martin 

Elizabeth Bamell Mdjren 

Dana Flanders McPherson 
Koy Edmiston Mislowsky 
Ellen Moomaw 
Karen Neff 

Virginia Teague Nexsen 
Kimberly ODonnell 
Tamara Obaugh 
Jennifer Free Pecora 
Lisa Spangler Prince 
Paige Lovelace Quilter 
Nancy Ragsdale 
Margaret Hertiert Roach 
Virginia Cardwell Rosebro 
Sara Pendleton Tartala 
Tracyann Threefoot 
Ann Haynes Vanderhout 
Jean Warren 
Edith Pardoe Webb 
Suzanne Hauser Weiss 
Elizabeth Howard Young 


20% giving $3,450 

Class Agents: 
Laura Grantham 
Jane Gillam Komegay 
Margaret Potter Rader 

Dr. Neysa Angle Allen 
Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Nelson Bickers 
Melinda Cain 
Capt. Victoria Calhoun 
Susan Parker Drean 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Anita Filson 
Rhonda Foreman 
Linda Martin Graybill 
Caroline Livingston Grayson 
Jane Latchum Jacobsen 
Susan Loud Kitchin 
Linda Koogler 
Jane Gillam Komegay 
Patricia Smythe Leach 
Sylvia Lynn 
Carolyn Enochs Mance 
Robin Rexinger Mayberry 
Anne McCormack 
Martha McGraw McKaughn 
Mary Pleasants McManus 
Martha Anthony Prioleau 
Anne Broylcs Proctor 
Emily Shore Reeve 
Barbara Price Riley 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Mary Gibson Scott 
Patricia Kapnislos Struble 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 
Rosalie Tamburri 
Pcylon Burnett Telcgadas 
Shawn Brown Thompson 
Rebecca Traylor 
Charlotte Wenger 
Laura Josephlhal Wolfe 


18% giving $2,005 
Class Agents: 

Mary Stuart Copcland Alfano 
Anne Cabell Birdsong 
Virginia Bailey McBride 
Elizabeth Edgedon Summers 
Lynley Rosanclli Warner 

Mary Stuart Copcland Allano 

Marilyn Hughes Allan 

Theresa Hall Attwell 

Roberta Baldwin 

Lee Beal 

Anne Cabell Birdsong 

Kerri Glenn Byrne 

Laura Martin Davis 

Elizabeth Fox Day 

Virginia Gates DiStanislao 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 

Susan Vick Dunn 

Katherine Fauster 

Margaret Troutman Grover 

Deborah Bardie 

Catherine Harrell 

Edna Remington Johnson 

Aimie Elliott Jones 

Mary Joyce 

Sheila Kendrick 

Robin Newcomb Lermo 

Scherry Levy 

Christine Campbell McAnhur 

Virginia Bailey McBride 

Janet Andrews Melton 

Sherry Duncan Miller 

Mary Moschler 

Renee Olander 

Belinda Norden Pitman 

Mary Pollard 

Carroll Oliver Roach 

Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert 

Dr. Carol Shannon 

Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 

Mary Campbell Swanson 

Lynley Rosanelli Warner 

Laura Wilson Young 


23% giving $1,360 

Class Agents: 
Pattie Norton Gunter 
Sarah Oakley Golliday 
Judith Clegg Switzer 
Mary Mason Pollard Wood 

Kelly Andrews 

Katherine Switzer Bane 

Audrey Bondurant Barlow 

Cydney Bassett 

Margaret Coleman Billings 

Julie Shenk Blauvelt 

Felicia Rand Cook 

Emily Crim 

Gail Crusco 

Pamela Place Dwyer 

Elizabeth Dickerson Franklin 

Cora Funk 

Patricia Gomez 

Pattie Norton Gunter 

Sandra Harrison 

Frances Hatch 

Maura Kelley Higginbolham 

Alice Hubbard 

Margaret Humphrey 

Janet Jones 

Cathryn Lampkin 

Pryor Caslleman Lancaster 

Joan Lawrie 

Catherine Good Lubawski 

Laura Recker Mathews 

Milinda Welch May 

Chelsea Morgan 

Lynr Talboti Mulherin 

Lisa Ingham Nalley 

Anne Brown Nell 

Mary O'Brien 
Sarah Paret 
Jeanne Reuther 
Delores Rucker 
Eleanor Montague Smith 
Virginia Campbell Sowers 
Elizabeth Tewksbury 
Lynn Ballard Thomes 
Rebecca Wills Upp 
Beulah Walker 
Anne Ware 

Jamie McDonald White 
Sara Zimmerman 


21% giving $1,782 

Reunion Fund-raising Chairs: 
A. Chrisley Baylor 
Susan Easier 
Julie Ellsworth 
Cyndi McAdoo 
Carolyn Smith 

Diane Akers 

A. Chrisley Baylor 

Beth Briggs 

Dreama Brown 

Laura Brown 

Phyllis Bruce 

Charissa Camp 

Deborah Childs 

Carroll Lee Coupland 

Mary Dasher 

Tamara Dingbaum 

Karen Ames Dittamo 

Diana Doles 

Frances Doniel 

Lewis Draper 

Ann Garrett 

Pearl Gearhart 

Doris Harlan 

Judy Thompson Harper 

Michael Hart 

Rebecca Jones 

Haley Johnson Keene 

Ann-Hall Branscome Kendall 

Rita "R. J." Landin-Loderick 

Elizabeth Birks Lange 

Katie McGee 

Lindsay Mitchell 

Cathleen Vilalc Muckclbauer 

Eustacia Nicholson 

Elizabeth Broach O'Donnell 

Annette Reynolds 

Kimberly Barlow Sandy 

Karen Latshaw Schaub 

Roscmarie Whittington Scott 

Jackie Scruggs 

Susan Sheild 

Donna Cason Smith 

Michele Starck 

Parthenia Stevens 

Jennifer Taylor 

Carol Vaughn 

Laurel Gilbert Whitmore 

Kimhcrlcy Williams 


17% giving $910 

Class Agents: 

Carol Elliott 

Kimberiey Gershner 

Virginia Miller 

Margaret Stephenson Simpson 

Karen Campbell Amato 

Jeannette Andrews 

Kelly Taliaferro Berry 

Louise Hall Bloxom 

Tracy Brickner 

Margaret Brittingham 

Carolyn Casler 

Yvonne Coffey 

Rachel Stouch Crow 

Rebecca Crymes 

Susan Everly Cummings 

Barbara Davis 

Susan Pendleton Dawson 

Carol Elliott 

Elaine Embler 

Pamela Bryant Hewitt 

Susan Hostetter 

Jennifer Murdaugh Jordan 

Mary-Slater Linn 

Felicia Andrews Maass 

Ann Marks 

Suzanne Quillen Mays 

Laura Ruhl O'Dell 

Shelby Price 

Martha Quarles 

Jennifer Lyster Rich 

Brenda Royden 

Cherie Sawtelle 

Natalie Saylor 

Diane Seymour 

Margaret Stephenson Simpson 

Martha Coates Sylvers 

Karen Braxton Tufford 

Anne Waddell 

Sinione Wade 

Danielle Webber 

Claire Williams 


24% giving $1,690 

Class Agents: 
Ralphetta Aker 
Anne Whitney Brady 
Mallory Copeland 
Denise Dorsey Mitlehner 

Ralphetta Aker 
Ann Flagler Black 
Mary Blasser Brown 
Margaret Hartley Buchanan 
Elizabeth Coleman 
Johanna Collins 
Paula Srigley Colman 
Mallory Copeland 
Elizabeth Davidson 
Rebecca A. Gibbs 
Barbro Hansson 
Karen Harlman 
Anne Holland 
Tanya Ki.ser Jussila 
Patricia Justis 
Joanna Kenyon 
Mary Hess King 
Jane Linn 

Elizabeth McDonald 
Sally Miller 
Bobbyc Mitchell 
Denise Dorsey Millchner 
Margaret Moore 
Margrel Mullen 
Janice Myers 
Elizabeth Ohigrcn 
Melissa Price 
Laura Yoch Prizzi 
Joanne M. Reich 

Joan Ripley 

Emily Ross 

Lisa Dressier Walroil 

Melissa Warbunon 

Kristy Barlow Warthan 

Karin Whill 

Deborah Wuensch 


17% s'ving $1,383 

Reunion l-unci-raisinj; Chairs: 
Andrea Oldham Anilcrson 
Tracey Cote 
Angela Favata 
Lucille Hodges 
Pamela Pruitt 
Kathleen Sale Shannon 
Rebecca Walker 

Susan Achey 

Andrea Oldham Anderson 

Courtney Bell 

Marylouise Bowman 

Irene Brenneman 

Katherme Carter 

Ann Bovenizer Clarkson 

Cynthia Coleman 

Tracey Cote 

Amy Dixon 

Corrinna Durham 

Angela Favata 

Tina Ferguson 

Leslie Ferrier 

Kelly Garrett 

Eleanor McClcndon Hall 

Elizabeth Hammock 

Janaan Hashim 

Kathleen Hewitt 

Lucille Hodges 

Meredith Hook 

Hi-Gyong Kang Kahng 

Lacey Leonard 

Julie King Murray 

Amy Nelson 

Jamie Ncwbem-Jones 

Jacqueline Nicholas 

Shelby Powell 

Frances Moore Preston 

Pamela Pruitt 

Beatrice Quintavalli 

Catherine Seay 

Caroline Seibold 

Kathleen Sale Shannon 

Treva ShifHett 

Jennifer Simpson 

Katrina Spanka-Kloman 

Nancy Olson Tatar 

Jane Terrell 

Josephine Threlkeld 

Patricia Travers 

Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 

Christine Warwick 

Susan Wilson 


18% giving $1,400 

Class Agents: 
Nancy Benson 
Katherine Brant 
Laura Sage 

David Austin 
Katherine Branl 
Sara Cary 
Diane Chismer 
Tammy Clifton 

Lori Dehlin 

Katherine Slough Demers 

Mary Dowd 

Robin Edmonds 

Elizabeth Gwaltney Edwards 

Mary Erikson 

Mary Vermillion Frantz 

Susan Gabbard 

Jennifer Gibbins 

Mary Gordon 

Katherine Haas 

Ann Hall 

Julia Hickey 

Evelene Jackson 

Allison James 

Harriet Jennings 

Aleacia Knotts 

Ann Larkum 

Margaret Libby 

Mary Lynch 

Donna Mahood 

Caroline May 

Susan Morey 

Elizabeth Peck 

Cecilia StiKk Robinson 

Laura Sage 

Anne Sills 

Lauren Silver 

Martha Sims ^ 

Hilda Tate 

Anne Thompson 

Saunders Vickery 

Carolyn Wilkinson 

Lori Wood 


S. Carroll McCausland Amos '7X 
Jane D. Ellington '78 
Lisa Howard Grose '78 
Leisa McCauley Kite '78 


We extend a special thanks to 
the Board of Trustees for their 
contributions and participation in the 
1990-1991 Annual Fund year. 

Their guidance and commitment 
to Mary Baldwin College's future 
growth is always appreciated. 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

Margaret Anderson Carr '67 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '.SI 

Benie Murphy Deming '46 

Elizabeth Kirkpatnck Doenges '63 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

J. Rogers Hall 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '6.^ 

Susan Thompson Hoffman '64 

Carohne Rose Hunt '43 

Henry C. Ikcnberry Jr. 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Charles S. Luck 111 

Charlotte J. Lunsford '51 

Donald C. l.utken 

Frank C. Manin Jr. 

Louise Rossetl McNamce "70 

P. William Moore Jr. 

William G. Pannill 

J. Carlson Quarles 

John G. Rocovich Jr 
Chester A. Rose 
Charles H. Shuford, Sr 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Walter M. Vannoy Jr 


Martha Ross Amos 48 

Marian Homsby Bowdilch '42 

Andrew J. Brent 

Justice George M. Cochran 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 

Margaret VanDeVanter Fancher '22 

Dr. William H. Foster Jr 

Judith W. Godwin '52 

Helen K. Groves 

H. H Iter Harris Jr 

Justice Albertis S. Harrison Jr 

Nancy Wallace Henderson '36 

PaulO. Hirschbiel (D) 

Margaret Herschcr Hilchman '40 

Josephine Hannah Holt '44 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Ralph W. Kittle 

Rosalinda Roberts Madara '63 

H. P. McNeal 

Dorothy Baughan Mimre 

Julia Gooch Richmond '34 

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Smith 

Helen Sproul 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

(D) Deceased 


Our thanks to those alumnae, 
parents, and friends of the College 
who serve on the Advisory Board of 
Visitors and who contributed a total 
of $53,986 to the 1990-1991 Annual 
Fund. Their guidance and 
commitment to the College's future 
is always appreciated. 

Dr. and Mrs. M. Alfred .■\kennan 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Alexander 

Laura Catching Alexander '71 
Ginny Driver Alpcrt 
Dr. Burke Baker III 
Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Mr. Lind Mrs. M. Eldridge Bhmton III 
.'\nn Belton Filipowicz Blolner '82 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Broyles 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Burgdorf III 

Katharine Bonfoey Burgdorf '61 
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carreras 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Carter Jr. 
Dr Marjorie B. Chambers 
Mr and Mrs. Eugene W. Chismer 
Mr and Mrs. H. C. Stuart CiKhran 
Janet Haddrell Conners '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R. Creekmore 
Jo Avery Crowder '65 
Susan Gamble Dankel '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Jaquehn H DoJamclle 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Dorsev 
Carol Ann Douglas 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Steven Dozier 
Lclia McDanicI Drewry "78 

Sydney Turner Elsass "69 

Mr. and Mrs. Herben C. England Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Manin A. Favata 

Judy Galloway Tolaro '69 

Sarah Belk Gambrell 

Mr. and Mrs. Lynden P. Garland 

Leah Waller Golden '72 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Grant 

Judith Payne Grey '65 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Florence Wimberiy Hellinger "52 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley "60 

Joy Nalty Hodges 

Susan E. Baughman Homar '74 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hull 

Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 

Sarah Maupin Jones '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Kennedy Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Knowles 
Kalhy Rice Knowles '67 

Jane Harding Miller '76 

Mr. and Mrs. George Metcalf 
Murray II 

Pauli Anne Overdorff "70 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Reuther 

Betsey Towler Robson "57 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Scoggins Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Shaw 
Carol Siewan Shaw '65 

The Rev. and Mrs. Ben Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Gordon Smyth 
Mary Elizabeth Reed Smyth '47 

.^my Roberson Spence '76 

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Spigle 
Leslie J. Robbins Spigle '81 

Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Rose Dnver Stuart '69 

Carroll W. Suggs 

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. J. Vernon 

Harriett Middlelon Waldrop '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Linwoixl Walker 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack White 





The go\ eming board of Mary 
Baldwin's Alumnae Association 
serves as the communication 
channel between the College and its 
alumnae. We extend a special thanks 
to these .Mumnac Board members 
for their contributions totalling 
$17,531. an increase of $5,926 over 
1989-1990. with UWi panicipation. 
Their continuing guidance and 
commitment to Mars Baldvvin 
College's future is deeply 

Manha McMullan Aasen '51 
.-\ndrea Oldham .'Xndcrson '89 
Karen .■Xppleby Baughan '64 
Sallv .•\mistrong Binglev '60 
Mane Wesibrinik Bream '82 
Susan Warficid Caples '60 
Linda Hinrichs Chnstovich '77 
Margaret Agnes Ctxipcr '71 

Mallor.' Copeland '88 
Diane Hillyer Copley "68 
Sally Dorsey Danner "64 
Kathleen M\ers Faust '67 
Kimberly Baker Glenn "79 
Anita Thee Graham "50 
Linda Martin Graybill "83 
Alice B. Hansbarger "73 
Susan Johnson High "62 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 
Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 
Alice Wilson Matlock '47 
Shannon Greene Mitchell "57 
Valerie Lund Mitchell "74 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall "62 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen '72 
Barbara Knisely Roberts "73 
Cecilia Stock Robinson "90 
Emily Dethloff Ryan "63 
Janie Huske Satterfield '70 
Catherine Gladden Schultz '7 1 
Sally Simons '80 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Anne Sims Smith '45 
Lynn McWhorter Speno '74 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Ruth Galey Welliver '38 
Cynthia Knight Wier '68 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 


The active network between the 
College and parents of students is 
guided by the important work of the 
Parents Council. These parents of 
current and former students involve 
themselves in such activities as 
career development, 
communications, fund raising and 
student recruitment. Our deepest 
gratitude to these devoted parents, 
for both their lime and their 
commitment to Mary Baldwin 

Thank you also for your 
contributions totaling $13,130 to the 
1990-1991 Annual Fund. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Balfour 

Jane Coleman Balfour '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton B. Chappcl 
Mr. and Mrs. A, Hatcher Cole Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coslanzo 

Frances Bcazlie Costanzo '75 
Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Davidson 

Jacqueline Riddle Davidson '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dorsey 
Mary Ellen Killingcr Durham '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ganlly 

Susan Mulford Ganlly '66 
Christopher A. Georges 
Mr. and Mrs. C, Robert Gibson 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Grasbcrger 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 
Dr. and Mrs. F^lward F. Hayes 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A, Hickey 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hildcbrand 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Home 
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donovan G. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dulany (lowland 
Mr. and Mrs. Pclcr Hunter 
Mr. and Mrs. Pcler Klopman 

Mr. and Mrs. George Kluttz 
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd K. Knowles 
Jean T. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nichols 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Odom 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Pover 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Purtill 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill "67 
Dr. and Mrs. John Ragsdale 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale "67 
Mr. and Mrs. William Satterfield Jr. 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Farley Shuler 
Mr. and Mrs. George Tatterson 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Thackston 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thompson 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Turner 
Mr. and Mrs. William Ware 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. 

Williamson III 


Parents entrust their children's 
educations to Mary Baldwin College 
with the knowledge that the College 
will give each student an excellent 
education. The parents are to be 
congratulated for their strong 
support during 1990-1991, giving 
$84,323. These gifts from former 
and current parents represent an 
important affirmation of the College 
and its mission. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lee Achey 

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Addison 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Adkins Jr. 

Drs. Eslampador and Albino 

Mrs. Mark L. Allen 

Billie Joseph Ameen '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Ames 

Dr. and Mrs. E. Gifford Ammemiann 

Martha Amos '48 

Mr. and Mrs. John Kirk Anderson 

Claire E. Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Wendell Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. Takeji Anzai 

Mr. and Mrs. R. LaRue Armstrong 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Auger 

Margaret Newman Avent '49 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Badgell 

Mr. and Mrs. Mir/a T. Baig 

Dr. Burke Baker III 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin '41 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Baldwin 

Jane Coleman Balfour '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Ballard 

Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 

Cheryl Cash Barbour 

Elizabeth Pringle Barge '41 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Barksdale Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Jay Barlow 

Barbara Minler Barnes '49 

Shirley Black Barre '39 

Dr. and Mrs. Homer Bartley 

Mr. and Mrs. Rex H. Basselt 

Helen Beckelheimer Baugh '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Baxley 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Pal Beaird Jr. 

Martha Barnell Beal '53 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Kent Beals 

Bellie A. Beard 

Mr, and Mrs. Kennelh Bell 

Mrs. Thomas G. Bell 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Belole III 

The Rev. and Mrs. Frank Benson 

Sallie Belle Whilener Benedetli '61 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Berry 

Reed Munson Beveridge '43 

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Bird Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cabell B, Birdsong 

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bish 

MaPi' Hurley Blackshear '48 

Mrs. C. S. Blo.xom 

Dr. Charles H. Boggs Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Booth 

Cary Bryan Boyd '45 

Mr. and Mrs, Robert M. Boyd Jr. 

Gwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 

Lee W. Branch 

Cynthia Freeman Branscome '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Ily Bratina 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Braxton 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Breeden 

Andrew J. Brent 

Mr. and Mrs. A, C. Britton 

Mr. and Mrs, Albert C, Brown 

Dr. and Mrs. James Ace Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Broyles 

Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Bryce II 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Lucy Davis Burnett '33 

Mrs. H, J, Bussa 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert Buzbee 

Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 

Mr, and Mrs, D. Kevin Byrne 

Diana Rede Cabell '56 

Mr, and Mrs. Eldon E. Campbell 

Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Campbell 

Rachel Merritt Carpenter '46 

Mr, and Mrs. James P. Carreras 

The Rev. and Mrs. R. Leon Carroll Jr. 

Margaret Gignilliat Carswell '53 

Frances Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Carter Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Worth Harris Carter 

Marian Martin Gather '35 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Elizabeth Smith Chapman '44 

Mr. and Mrs. W, Marshall Chapman 

Carlton B, Chappel 

Margaret Cole Chappell '64 

Mr, and Mrs, Eugene W, Chismer 

Mr, and Mrs. George C. Christie 

Mr. and Mrs. Kaya Cibildak 

Mr. and Mrs. G, Frank Clement 

Mrs. Miles G. Clemmer 

Dr. and Mrs. W. B, Cleveland 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N, Clyde Jr, 

Mrs, W, N, Cochran 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert B, Coffin 

Mr, and Mrs, A. Hatcher Cole Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs, Jack Rue Coleman 

William B, Coleman Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E, Collier 

Elizabeth A, Collins 

Pauline A. Collins 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin 1), Complon 

The Rev, and Mrs, George M, Conn Jr, 

Mr, and Mrs, Hugh D, Connell II 

Belly Ralston Cook '53 

Mr, and Mrs. Sluarl W. Copeland 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Craig 

Mr. and Mrs, Robert A. Creed 

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R, Crcekmore 

Mr, and Mrs, John F, Cremcrs 

Nancy A. Crim 
Comdr. John W, Cummings 
Mr, and Mrs, Andrew W. Cummins 
Mrs, Charles M. Cushman 
Mrs. R, L, Dabney III 
Mr. and Mrs, Frank J, Dana Jr. 
Howard Dasher Jr. 
Mrs. Arthur Boyd Davis 
Lucy Sharpe Davis '37 
John D. De Jamette 
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Deitz 
Shirley S, DeJamette 
Mr, and Mrs, Oswald Delgado 
Mr, and Mrs, Richard E. Denfeld 
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. E. Dicconson 
Mrs. William G. Dillard 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Dingbaum 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Dixon 
Colonel and Mrs. Samuel W. Dobyns 
Mr, and Mrs. Davy L. Dollarhite 
Dr. iuid Mrs, Alexander Grant Donald 
Reiir Admiral and Mrs. David P. 
Mr, and Mrs, R, C. Dorey Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Dorsey 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Douglas 
Mr, and Mrs, Richard Lee Drury 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 
Mr, and Mrs, J, E, Duff 
Mr, and Mrs, John Edwin Duke 
Howard G, Dull 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Pamela Shreve Durham 
Mr, and Mrs, Richard H, Durrer 
David Cole Durrill 
Mr, and Mrs, John Leif Eareckson 
W. E. Eckel Jr. 
Mrs. R, C. Edmunds 
Kathleen Edwards 
Sally Lander Edwards '56 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Eichold 
Mr, and Mrs, William W. Ellington Jr. 
Josephine Gale Ellis '37 
Nancy Payne Ellis 
Mrs. William M.Ellis 
Mrs. Robert V, Ely 
Mr. and Mrs, William C, Embler 
Mrs, Leonard R, Emmert 
Herbert C, England Jr, 
Elizabeth Crawford Engle '31 
Mr, and Mrs, Howard J. Engle 
Mr, and Mrs. E. J. 
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 
Dr. and Mrs, Martin A, Favala 
Dr, and Mrs, Ralph D, Feigin 
Mr, and Mrs, Steven Craig Fcllner 
Mr, and Mrs. Michael P. Feore 
Mr, and Mrs, Lewis M, Fetterman 
Mr, and Mrs, Merle L, Fisher Jr. 
Mrs. Milton Fisher 
Mr, and Mrs, E. B, Fitzgerald 
Emma Padgell FilzHugh '40 
Dr. Ann Moore Flowers 
Dr. William H.Foster Jr, 
Mr. and Mrs, C. J. Franci.sco Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs, James L. Freeman 
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Freeman 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 
Thelma Trigg Gannon '46 
Mr. and Mrs, Michael L, Garrett 
Mr, and Mrs. William C. Garrett 
Christopher A. Georges 
Mr. and Mrs, C, Robert Gibson 
Dorothy D, GilTord 

Capt. and Mrs. Roben Gillette 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arthur Gilmore 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gla/.ebrcwk 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Glenn 

Dorothy Snixlgrass Goldsborouph '52 

Virginia Worth Gonder '39 

Julia Valz Ciood '.52 

F.rnaline McGrath Graham '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Grant 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Grant Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Graves 

Cornelia Adair Green '46 

Jennifer Wilson Green '62 

Mar> Blake Green '.I.'* 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Green 

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron D. Greenwell 

Carole Clyde GrilTilh 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. GnfTith 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. GuI'ley 

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Gwyn 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haddrcll 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Hall Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hall 

Lillian Richardson Hall '4S 

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Burton Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halligan 

Mrs. Charles G. Halsey 

Mr. and Mrs. Ale,xander Hamilton IV 

Ll. Col. and Mrs William James 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Ann Hamner 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Guy Hancock Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hanks 
Suzanne K. Hansen 
Mr. and Mrs. Herrick Hanson 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harrell 
Justice Albertis S. Harrison Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lee Harrison 
Helinc Cortez Harrison '48 
Ann Ratcliffe Harrover '58 
Mr. and Mrs. John Reed Hartley 
E. W. Harvey Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harvey II 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Hatch 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hayes 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Heacock 
Mrs. William R. Hemphill 
Mr. and Mrs. John David Hendrickson 
Kitty McConnell Henninger '54 
Margaret Caldwell Hcmdon '}9 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Herring 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hickey 
Maj. Gen. ;ind Mrs. Hugh R. Higgins 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hildebrand 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ilill 
Roben D. Hill 

Margaret Hcrscher Hitchman '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hockenbury 
Joy Nalty Hodges 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. HiktIc 
Dr. Allan A. Hoffman 
Mrs. George N. Hoffman 
Richard F. Hoffman 
Rozalia Cruise Hogg '78 
Catherine Gicrhart Hogshead '4.3 
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Holbcnon 
Mrs. G. Sterling Holland 
Dr. and Mrs. David 11 Hollander 
Patricia Murphree Honea '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Hopeman 
Elizabeth C. Home 
Dr. Donovan (i. Houdeshell 

Capl. and Mrs. A. W. Howard Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Howard Jr. 

Gloria Vela Howe '44 

Victoria Hill Howland 

Mr. and Mrs. William Hoyle 

Emma Martin Hubbard '50 

Nancy Hunnicutt 

Betty Rankin Hunsucker '5.1 

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Hunt III 

Hope Hennen Hunter 

Mr. and Mrs. Rick N. Huynh 

Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 

Henry C. Ikenberry Jr. 

James Jackson 

Sara Nair James '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Roddy L. Jeffers 

Mr. and Mrs. Gt)rdon S. Jennings Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Jmaeff 

Marcia GocK'h Johnston '39 

Marjorie H. Johnston 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Allen Johnston Jr. 

The Rev. and Mrs. T. Q. Johnston 

Mr and Mrs. G. Paul Jones Jr. 

Marietta Barnes Jones '5 1 

Reid Jones Jr. 

Richard W. Jones III 

Mrs. William Clarke Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin S. Jordan 

Beth Tilley Kantner '42 

Mr and Mrs. John Franklin Kay 

Mary Ann Keen 

Di and Mrs. Alan B. Keller 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kelley 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Kcnnaly 

Kathryn Pocrschke Kennedy '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kenyon 

R. B. Keplinger Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kewitt 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas P. Kicly 

Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Kirchdorfer 

Ralph W. Kittle 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Klopman 

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kluchesky 

Mr. and Mrs. George Fisher Klullz 

Mrs. Frank S. Knight 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Knight 

Randall J. Knisely Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Knotts 

Boyd K. Knowles 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Koss 

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Krautcr 

Doris Clement Kreger '48 

Elizabeth Usher LatTilte '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lambe Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 

.■\lene Brewster Lamer '32 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Latchum 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Lawrence 

Ellie Lawson 

Marianna Jamison Leach '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Learned 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lealherburv 

Sally Cox Lee '51 

Blanche Campbell Lewis '39 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Jetter W. Lewis Jr. 

Chaplain Billy W. l.ibby 

Ann Wilson Linn '61 

Mrs. Jerry Wilbur Little 

Mary P. Litlrell 

Mr. and Mrs. C W. Lloyd Sr. 

Virginia Richard Lollis 

Virginia Wamer Louisell '47 

Esther Brown Lovill '37 

Ethel McCants Lowder "47 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lynch 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lynch 

Ann McDonald Macdonald '48 

Linda H. Major 

Geneva Frazier Malbon 

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Marston 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 

Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 

Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 

Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Matthews Jr. 

Betty Choate Matthews '51 

Harlwell Watkins Maute "50 

Elhelyn Jones Maxwell '40 


Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McAlister 

Kathryn Rawl McCain '51 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. McCausland 

Mrs. James W. McClelland 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee McCord 

Mary Wood McCormick '50 

Albert Lee McCown 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCulchen 

Marion Roddy McGinnis '50 

June Lewis McHenry '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McKenna 

Nancy Clark McLennan '4 1 

Mr. and Mrs. Peden B. McLeixl 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Meador 

Helen Craig Meek '37 

Carolyn P. Meeks 

Joan Davis Mele '66 

Dr. Patricia Hoben Menk 

The Rev. and Mrs. Harry A. Menzies 

Mr. and Mrs. W. David Merkel 

Karen K. Mildren 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller 

Helen Day Mitchell '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mitchell 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Margaret Churchman Molten '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Montague III 

Kathryn D. Moomau 

Carol Saulsbury Moore '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Moore 

Mrs. Samuel B. Moore 

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Morris 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morse 

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Mulford 

Anne G. Musser 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Nalty 

R. Edward Nance 

Elsie Nelms Nash '52 

Dorothy Hundley Neale '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Nichols Jr. 

Eustacia Caul Nicholson '51 

Susan Speake Noble '60 

Dr. and Mrs. Charies Nortleel Jr. 

Mr. and Mr>.. Edmund Noyes Jr 

Dr. and Mrs Philip W. Oden 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Odoni 

Mr. and Mrs. A Dow Owens 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

The Rev. and Mrs. John G. Parks 

Mary Hebbard Pamiclce '30 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Pamsh 

Dr. and Mrs. James Patrick 

Margaret McBryde Patterson '45 

Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Payne Jr. 

Mrs. J. Royden PeabtxJy Jr. 

Margaret Keller Pearson '38 

Fave Smith Peck '58 

Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 

Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr. 

Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 

Julia Kohler Peterson '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 

Anne Early Pettus '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey A. Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Philpot 

Mrs. James A. Philpott 

Dr. and Mrs. George Piegari 

Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Piorkowski 

Catharine Prentiss Plummer '45 

Mrs. William C. Pole 

Judge Oliver A. Pollard 

Mr. and Mrs, William C. Pollard 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Potter 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Pover 

Dr. and Mrs. Herman Preseren 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Price Jr. 

Jane Proffit Pruett '46 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Pruill 

Pally Tipton Pugh '56 

Mr. and Mrs Robert Porter Quarles Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. William Quillian Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs Albert A. Radcliffe 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

Eugenia Wharton Rain '44 

Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Ramsey 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Ravenhorst 

Elizabeth Walsh Read '47 

Dr. and Mrs. C. Harold Reagan 

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Regan 

Mrs. Joe W. Reid 

William O. Rcuther 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Parkey Richmond 

Margaret Armstrong Robenson '39 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Robinson 

Betsey Towler Robson '57 

Carolyn Horton Rogers '49 

Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Roper 

Mr. and Mrs. Levering V. Ruhl 

Mr. and Mrs. Cari M. Russell 

William K. Russell 

Mrs. Edward T. Ryland 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Sage 

Juliette Walker Sanders '37 

Mr. and Mrs. Lou E. Satchell 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield "66 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Savage 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Sawtellc 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Schmidt 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Schoti 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. SchrtK'der 

Alben Schwabc II 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 

Mrs. Edw in C. Shaver 

Dr. and Mrs. W. Shellcnbcrger 

Mr. and Mrs Barrett Shelton Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. I.acurgus W. Shenk Jr. 

Betsy Merritt Sherard '51 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Reese Shix-makcr Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Lynn H. Shulcr 

Mrs. Lamar Sloan 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson A. Slough Jr. 

Betty Otl Smallwood '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bachman S. Smith III 

Betsy Carr Smith '50 

Mr and Mrs. Emerson W. Smith 

F.milv Reese Smith '46 

JoAnn V. Smith 

Karen E. Smith 

Katharine Hoge Smith "41 

Nelle McCanis Smith "53 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Smith 

Rebecca Danziger Snell "52 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Southerington 

Dorothy J. Spongier 

Sally Peck Spaulding "47 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Staats 

Wilton R. Stephens 

Elizabeth Stepp 

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Stem 

Mrs. Oscar N. Stem 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Stonebumer 

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Stowe 

Rose Driver Stuart "69 

Mr. and Mrs. John Walton Sullivan 

Ann Early Sutherland 

Mrs. William .A. Sutherland 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Talbot 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Tammany 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Vemon R. Tate 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Taylor 

Virginia White Taylor '37 

Margaret Flythe Teague '58 

Mrs. E. S. Tennent 

Frances M. Thackston 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas "51 

Frances Edwards Thompson '37 

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Thrift Jr. 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Colonel William H. Tomlinson 

Mary Mason Torrence '54 

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Trimble Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Tro.xell 

Margaret M. Trassell 

Marsha Tucker 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Tunstall 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

Katharine Makepeace Turner '49 

Martha H. Turner 

Mr. and Mrs, Richard L. Tusing 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Holt Upham 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Gordon Van Ness 

Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Van Noppen 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 

John J. Vellen 

Myma Williams Vest '47 

Jane Vreeland '47 

Mary Lamoni Wade '52 

Harriett Middlelon Waldrop '48 

Annie Moore Walker '.39 

Mr. and Mrs, O. L, Walker 

Mr. and Mrs, Raymond T, Waller 

Jo Ann Ware 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Washington 

Audrey Martin Walson '40 

Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 

Cecile Cage Wavell '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Webb 

Francis A. Wciskiltel 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Wclzel Jr. 

Capl. and Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 

Rulh T. While 

Elizabeth Churchman Wick '44 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

Dorothy Dyer Wilkins '28 

Elizabeth Gaulding Williams '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Isham R. Williams Jr. 

Vice Adm. and Mrs. Uk Williams Jr. 

Miriam Hughes Williams '31 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. 

Williamson III 
The Rev. and Mrs. William W. 

Williamson Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wilson 
Dr. and Mrs. Don W. Wilson 
Mrs. H. M. Wilson 
Margaret Getty Wilson '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Y. Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 
Mrs. E. Y. Wimbish 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Wirsing Jr. 
Nina Sproul Wise '41 
Beth P. Witt 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe '41 
Mr. and Mrs. Denis P. Wood 
Amie Trask Wright '50 
Mr. and Mrs, William M. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs, Landon R, Wyatt Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henry Zabel 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Zagora 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E, Zell 
Mrs. Otto E. Ziebe 
The Rev. and Mrs. David Zuverink 


Mr. and Mrs. John B. Adams Sr. 

honoring Brooke Adams '93 
Mrs. Wilma C. Bamett 
Mrs. Lee S. Disharoon Sr. 

honoring Stephanie L. Tyler '92 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton III 

honoring Mary Hamilton "93 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hunter Sr. 

honoring Christa Lynn Hunter '93 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Kavanaugh 

honoring Louise Pauline Ogilvie "94 
Ms. Mary Katherine Kluttz 

honoring Margaret Kluttz "93 
Mr. Arthur H. Kom 

honoring Mary Wexler '90 
Mrs. William S, Moffett Jr. 

honoring Nancy Cornelia 
Thackston '92 
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Simons 

honoring Elizabeth B. Simons '94 


Mary Baldwin College's faculty 
and staff carry out the fundamental 
process of creating the appropriate 
learning climate. Those listed below 
have also cho.scn to demonstrate 
their additional support for the 
College's educational leadership 
through Annual Fund contributions. 
We salute all those who shape the 
Mary Baldwin College environment 
and congratulate you on the 34% 
increase in giving over the 1989- 
1990 Annual Fund, 

Alice E, Addlelon 
Dr. Ann Field Alexander 
Laura Catching Alexander '71 
Dr, Robert T, Allen III 
Dr. Lewis Askegaard 
Susan Baldwin 
Cheryl Cash Barbour 
Bellie A, Beard 
Linda L. Booth 

Tim Bowers 

Dreama D. Brown '86 

Crista R, Cabe 

Tomlin Hombarger Clemnier '55 

Randolph R. Coffey 

Johanna J. Collins '88 

Tracey M. Cote '89 

Dr. Dane J. Cox 

Shirley Craft 

Dr. William L. DeLeeuw 

Dr. Gary W. Diver 

Dr. Mary Tuck Echols 

Dr. Barbara F. Ely 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

MargiU'et J. Freed 

Dr. Diane Ganiere 

Dr. D. Stephens Garlick 

Dr. Susan B. Green 

Gordon L. Hammock 

Barbro Hansson "88 

Marion B. Hart 

Dr. Riley Haws 

Teresa L. Hester 

Marjorie Hoge '58 

Anne Holland '88 

Dr. Mary D. Irving 

Dr. Eric N. Jones 

Mary Ann Kasselmann 

Betty M. Kegley 

John S. Kelly 

Dr. John Kibler III 

Elaine E. King 

George J. Kluchesky 

Aleacia J. Knotts 

Robert H. Lafleur 

Elaine B. Liles 

Dr. James D. Lott 

Donna Love 

Dudley B. Luck 

Kenneth McBride 

Dr. James C, McCrory 

George I, McCune 

James P, McPherson 

Carolyn P. Meeks 

Dr, Patricia H, Menk 

Dr, Daniel A, Metraux 

Wanda K, Morris 

Dr, Steven A, Mosher 

Dorothy Mulberry 

Anne G, Musser 

H, E, Neale 

Michael D, Norris 

Dr. Roderic Owen 

Dr. James Patrick 

Lydia J. Petersson 

Dr. Jane T, Pietrowski 

William C, Pollard 

Nancy A, Poole 

Kathryn F, Richerson 

Waller Ridgely '81 

John Runkle '8 1 and Harriet B, Runkle 

Ann Shenk 

Dr, Elhel Mae Smeak '53 

Dr, and Mrs. Frank K. Soulheringlon 

Sharon B. Spalding 

Sandra Sprouse 

Alan J. Stamp 

Dr, Cynthia H. Tyson 

Kaoru Ueji 

Dr, Jerry R. Venn 

Marion Ward 

Dr, Robert J, Weiss 

Donald W, Wells 

Dr, Patricia Westhafer 

Dr, Heather Wilson 
William J, Winter Jr. 
Thomas D. Wiseman 


Annual support from friends 
affinns the College's position of 
importance in higher education. The 
support of friends of the College 
helps bring innovations onto campus 
and increases Mary Baldwin 
College's value to the community. 

Mr. and Mrs, William Barley 

Mr, and Mrs, R. C. Beam Jr. 

Mrs. Roland H. Brady 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Byrd 

Mr, and Mrs, D. Kevin Byme 

C. Vance Campbell Jr. 

Nancy Leigh Gary 

Mr, and Mrs. H, C. Stuart Cochran 

Estate of Charles F, Cole 

Ann H, Cordell 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 

Rudolph B. DeFrance 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Walter Dobie 

Jean W. Drayer 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Dunklin 

Sandra J. Evans 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. George 

Benjamin W. Giuliani 

Elizabeth S, Griffin 

Helen K, Groves 

Ann H. Haniman 

diaries D, Hamner III 

Mrs. H, G. Hansen 

Paul Herrmann 

Warren Highman 

Mrs, Roland G. Hohn 

Mr, and Mrs, R, E, Holsinger 

Mr, and Mrs, John A, Horgan 

Alex T. Hunt Jr. 

Elise Parke Jordan 

Mr, and Mrs, L, H, Kerr Jr, 

Cecil H, Kindle 

Jon D, Kirssin 

Frances M, Larzelere 

Elizabeth M. Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. John L, Maier Jr. 

William M. Majors 

Alice M. Mashbir 

Jewel S. Mays 

T. H. McCasland Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert C. McCune 

Mr, and Mrs, Sam McCune 

William J, McMillan 

William B. Mitchell 

Mrs, Max Moody 

Nell Z, Moore 

William S. Moses 

Simon W. Nelns 

Mrs, Joseph K, Null Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs, H, L, Opie Jr. 

John D. Owen Jr, 

Carolyn S, Rankin 

Charles G. Ransom Jr, 

Mrs. Sam M, Richardson Jr. 

E, B, Rouse 

Mrs, William I, Thomas 

Mrs, James D, Vail III 

Dr, and Mrs, Jo.scph H. J, Vernon 

Mr, and Mrs, Jack II, Veslal 

Caroline Upshur Walker 

Mr, and Mrs, Allen Kirk Wallers 

A. Ben White 
Phyllis C. Whitmore 
Gordon C. Willis 
Omie Wilson Jr. 


Former faculty, staff and emeriti 
are just as important to the College 
as current faculty and staff. Their 
wisdom and knowledge is 
everlasting. Their generous support 
shows continuous dedication to 
Mary Baldwin College, and for this 
we are proud. 

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Rmest Adelman 

Dr. and Mrs. Otto Aufranc 

Audrey Bondurant Barlow 'X.*! 

Clair Carter Bell 76 

Eli/abeih P. Camphcll 

Susan Canfield 

Kalherine Kivlighan Carter '44 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher Collins Jr. 

Blaine Cordner 

Lee Johnston Foster '75 

Dr. and Mrs. Robbins L. Gates 

Rebecca A. Oibbs 'SX 

Melanie Goff 'VX 

Patricia Gomez X.'i 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas II. Grafton 

Frances Hatch 'H5 

Mr. and Mrs. F. I-reeman Jones Jr. 

Marietta Barnes Jones 51 

Jane Ciillam Kornegay X,^ 

Kalherine McM. Lichlenberg 

Dr. and Mrs. James L. McAllister 

Mary Newell '65 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 

Nancy Hopkins Parsons 'XI 

Dr. John T. Rice 

Carroll Oliver Roach 'X4 

Kalhc Smith 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Spencer Jr 

R. Fric Slaley 

Rebecca Waalewyn Traylor 'X3 




Corporate and foundation 
support of Mary Baldwin College 
affimis the value of Mary Baldw in 
College and is testimony to the 
College's role in the economic 
luture of our country. With gratitude 
the College acknowledges the 
support of corporations and 

Aetna Life and Casualty 
Alcoa Foundation 
Allied Signal Foundation Inc. 
American Cyanamid Co. 
American Tobacco Co. 

Appalachian Power Co. 
Aniistrong Foundation 
Aniistrong World Industries 
Arthur Andersen and Company 

Ashland Oil Foundation 

AT&T Foundation 

Automatic Data Processing Foundation 

Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. 

Barclay's American Foundation 

Barger Insurance 

Bamett Banks Inc. 

Baxter American Foundation 

Bell Atlantic 

Bell Communications Research 

BellSouth Services 

Beverly F,xxon Servicenler 

The Boeing Co. 

Brenco Inc. 

Gary Brown and Associates Ltd. 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

T. B. Butler Publishing Co. 

C&P Telephone Co. 

C&P Telephone Company of Virginia 

Carolina Power and Light Co. 


Coca-Cola Co. 

Communities Foundation of Texas 

Community Federal Savings Bank 

Coopers and Lybrand 

Adolph Coors Co. 

Crestar Foundation 

CSX Corp. 

Delta Air Lines Foundation 

Diamond State Telephone 

Duke Power Company Foundation 

Dunn and Bradstrect Corporation 

Equitable Life Assurance Society 
Exxon Education Foundation 
First American Bankshares Inc. 
First Kentucky National Corp. 
First National Bank of El Dorado 
First National Bank of Chicago 
First Union Foundation 
First Virginia Banks 
Ford Motor Co. 
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 
Fryling Foundation 
Sarah Belk Gambrell Foundation 
GEICO Philanthropic Foundation 
General Cinema Corp. 
General Electric Foundation 
General Motors Corp. 
General Reinsurance Corp. 
Georgia Pacific Corp. 
Gerber Baby Foods Fund 
William O. Goodwin, CLU 
The Garland Gray Foundation Inc. 
(iTE Corp. 

Guy C. Eavers Excavating Corp. 
HCA Foundation 
Hershey Tire Inc. 
Hocchst Celanese Foundation 

Household International 
Ihc Howe Foundation Inc. 
Hughes Aircraft Co. 
ICS Inc. 

International Business Machine 
International Paper Company 

J. C. Penney Company Inc. 
James River Corp. 
Jefferson Pilot Corp. 
Johnson and Johnson 
Kuehn Foundation 
l.easy Investment Management 
liberty Corporation Foundation 

Thomas J. Lipton Foundation 
Luck Stone Foundation Inc. 
J.D. and C.T. MacArthur Foundation 
Manpower Temporary Services 
Manufacturers Hanover Foundation 
Manufacturers National Corp. 
Marketing Communications Inc. 
Marsh and McLennan 
Martin Marietta Corporation 

The May Department Stores 

Company Foundation 
The J. N. McArthur Foundation 
Merrill Lynch and Company 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 
Morrison. Hecker, Curtis, Kuder 

and Parrish 

Murphy Foundation of Louisiana 
Murphy Oil Corp. 
Nabisco Foundation 
National Computer Systems 
Nationwide Foundation 
NCNB National Bank 
New England Telephone 
New Jersey Bell 
New York Life Foundation 
New York Marine and General 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Northern Telecom Inc. 
Northern Trust Co. 
Northwestern Mutual Life 

Insurance Co. 
Norton Company Foundation 
NYNEX Foundation 

Pennsylvania Power and Light Co. 
Pennzoil Co. 
PepsiCo Foundation Inc. 

Philip Morris Inc. 
T. Rowe Price Associates 

Price Waterhouse Foundation 
Prudential Foundation 
Reliance Insurance Co. 
Re> nolds Metals Co. 
RF&P Railroad Co. 
Rorer Group Inc. 
The Rosewood Corp. 
Rupe Foundation 
Scott and Stringfellow Investment 

Scott Foresnian and Co. 
Seven-Up-Dr. Pepper Bottling 
Shearson Lehman Hutton 
Shell Companies Foundation Inc. 
Shenandoah Life Insurance 
Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 
Sherwin Williams Co. 
Signet Bank 
Southern Bell 
Southwestern Bell 
Sovran Foundation 
The Spartanburg County Foundation 
Slate Farm Companies Foundation 
Sloller Charitable Trust 
Algemon Sydney Sullivan 

Teltcch Ltd. 
Tenneco Foundation 
Texaco Philanllmipic Foundation Inc. 
llie Washington Post 

Times Mirror 

Towers. Perrin Forster and Crosby 
Travelers Companies Foundation 
U.S. Bancorp 
Union Pacific Corp. 
United Services Aulomobile 
United States Trust Co. of New York 
Upjohn Co. 

Virginia Power/North Carolina Power 
Wachovia Bank & Trust Co. 
Watterson Foundation 
Wells Fargo Foundation 
Wenger Foundation 
Westvaco Corp. 
Wheat, First Securities, Inc. 
The Winston-Salem Foundation Inc. 
Wisconsin Bell Inc. 
Margaret C. Wood.son Foundation 
Xerox Corp. 
Young True Value Hardware Inc. 




Annual Fund support is given to 
the College by the Virginia Founda- 
tion for Independent Colleges 
( VFIC). a cooperative effort of four- 
teen Virginia private colleges and 
leaders of the business community. 
VFIC support in IWO-lWl totalled 


Mary Baldw in College was 
founded in 1842 with the support of 
the Presbyterian Church, and this 
bond continues today. Individual 
churches and the Synod of the Mid- 
Atlantic contribute to Ihc 
educational progress through their 
relationship with the College. 

Many thanks to these churches 
for their contributions totaling 

Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church 

Fort Defiance Virginia 
First Presbyterian Church 

Roanoke Virginia 
Lexington Presbyterian Church 

Lexington Virginia 
Second Presbyterian Church 

Roanoke Virginia 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

Richmond Virginia 


Tliese gills are donations of 
gixxls, serMces. or pnxlucis given 
by individuals or corporations to 
bcnent the College in an immediate 
and tangible way. The College is 
truly appreciative of the many 
contributions made in this manner. 

Alumnae Chapter - Richmond 
•Athletic .Annex 

Central Coca-Cola Bonling Co. of 

Cinnamon Bear 

Tomlin Hombarger Clemmer "55 
F-Stop Photo 
Mrs. Mabel R. Hirschbiel 
Kitch'n Cook'd Potato Chip Co. 
Kroger Foods 
Mrs. M. W. Lamer 
R. J."s Garden Deli of Staunton 
Record Comer 
Rosa's Cantina 
Schmid"s Prinlery 
Silver Linings 
Tunle Lane 
Bob Wimer 
Wright's Dair>' Rite 
Zellerbach Paper 


.\lumnae House Landscaping 

Alumnae Chapter - Eastern Shore 
of Virginia 
Athletic Department 

Jon D. Kirssin 

Carpenter - Programs in Health 
Care .Administration and 
Preparation for Ministry 
E. Rhoades and Leona B. 
Carpenter Foundation 
Elizabeth K. Baker 
Carroll Lectures 

Jane Frances Smith '37 
Chemical Research Fund 

Marion Bums Deuser 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Hairlleld 
Household International 
Mary E. Humphreys Lectures 

Judith Way Bouchard '68 

Nancy Rawles Grissom '54 

Jennifer McHugh Haase '71 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Margaret Query Keller '55 

Virginia Guthrie Linscott '47 

Anne Troxell Luck '63 

Janet Stoffcl Monahan '68 

Shirley File Robbins '62 

Janet Russell Stcelman '52 

Betty Engle Stoddard '60 

Cecile Mcars Turner '46 

Emily T. Tyler '63 
Library Associates 

Lucy Sharpe Davis '37 

Mrs. James W. Kiefer 

Gladys F. Lyics '33 

Chryl Martin 

Jane Sanders Morriss '69 

Nodhwcslem Mutual Life 
Insurance Co. 
Maurice L. Mednick Memorial 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 
Music Royalties 

Estate of Mr. W. E. Woolbrighl Jr. 
National .Science Foundation (irant 

Dr. Elizabeth Hairlield 

National Science Foundation 
Political Science Fund 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 
President's Discretionary Fund 

Jessie Ball duPoni Fund 

Ralph W, Kittle 

Restricted Library Gifts 

Mar\- Lane Dudley Punill "67 
Senior Gift Society 1978 

S. Carroll McCausland Amos '78 

Jane D. Ellington "78 

Lisa Howard Grose "78 

Leisa McCauley Kite "78 
The Chaplaincy Grant - 1991 

Presbyterian Church (U.S. A) 
The Ethel Ruble Award 

Jean Ruble '36 
The Staley Lecture Program 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 
The Tree Fund 

The Rev. Patricia Hunt 
VFIC - Library Fund 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 
VFIC - Sears Teaching Excellence 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 


Scholarship gifts honoring 
family, friends, and faculty not only 
benefit the grateful student 
recipients, but also strengthen the 
College overall. 

Mary Baldwin College is 
fortunate to have many scholarships 
(fully listed in the Academic 
Catalogue) which can be established 
and increased each year. The 
following denotes contributions 
made during the 1990-1991 year. 


Alumnae Association Virginia L. 
Lester Scholarship 

Crista R. Cabe 

Katherine Lichtenberg 

Mary Baldwin College Alumnae 
Anne Holman Hinckley Scholarship 

Mr. and Mrs. Loren G. Calkins 

Mr. and Mrs. David Durrani 

Mr. and Mrs. Einar Hansen 

Mr. (D) and Mrs. John S. Hinckley 
Anne Holman Hinckley "34 
Annie Walker St. Clair Scholarship 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 
Charles Rutenbur Memorial 

Dr. James Patrick 
Dr. Mary Irving Student 
Teacher Fund 

Cynlhia Luck Haw '79 
Dorothy Itaughan Moore 

P. William Moore Sr. 
Elsie Carlcton Olsson Memorial 
.Scholarship for Day Students 
Alumnae Chapter-Slaunlon 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lawton 
Elsie C. LawU)n 
Elixabclh Crawford Engle Fund 

Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 
Elizabeth Kelley Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rohncr Sr. 

Elva B. Archer Library Student 
Assistant Fund 

Mary Bell Archer Mapp "35 
Emily Wirsing Kelley - Fine Arts 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation Inc. 
Emma O'Mara and Stark Baken 
Smith Memorial 

Jane Frances Smith "37 
Endowment for Student Aid 

Dennis Fund 
Fannie B. Strauss Scholarship 

Margaret Pollard Rea "46 
J. McAllister Ministry Scholarship 

E. Rhoades and Leona B. 
Carpenter Foundation 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman "68 

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cooney 

Catherine Scott Gaines "72 

Col. and Mrs. Thomas H. Garrett 

Grace Episcopal Church 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lewis Jr. 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak "53 

Gene Allred Smith "63 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Spruill 

Sarah Oden Tipson '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Towers 
Mary Shuford Memorial Scholarship 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fogleman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Forster 
Helen Steven Forster '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Hemphill 

Alice Morelz Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Frank J. Shuford 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Shuford Jr. 
Mary Mildred Sullivan Chapter 
United Daughters of the 
Confederacy Scholarship 

Mary Mildred Sullivan Chapter 
Melissa E. Patrick Scholarship 

Maj. Melissa Patrick '78 
Milton and Thelma McMullan 

Mr. and Mrs. Milton McMullan 
Patty Joe Mahony Montgomery 
Memorial .Scholarship 

Bertie Murphy Deming "46 

Eliz.abcth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp "63 

Caroline Rose Hunt '43 

Caroline Murphy Keller "42 

Murphy Foundation of Louisiana 

Tandy Corp. 

R. H. Dickinson Memorial 

Patricia Garcia Roche "72 
Richmond Chapter Scholarship 

Alumnae Chapter-Richmond 
T. David Fit/.-Gibbon Scholarship 

T. D. Filz-Gibbon Charitable Trust 
The Mayo Scholarship 

Bonnie M. Hohn 
VFIC Scholarship Fund 

Lcltie Pate Whitehead Foundaliim 

Ixllie Whitehead Foundation 

Wilhelmina C. E. Beard 

Elizabeth C. Hull 
Margaret Hull 


Abingdon High School 

American Association of University 

American Business Women's 

Mary L. O. Andrews Scholarship Trust 
Baylor College of Medicine 
Brownsburg Ruritan Club 
The Calvary Foundation 
Cape Charles Rotary Club 
Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 
Chippenham Hospital 
Churches Homes Foundation 
Clark Scholarship Tmst 
Catherine Coleman Scholarship 

College Assistance Program 
Cooper Wood Products Foundation 
Coming Glass Works Foundation 
Covenant Presbyterian Church 
David D. Alston Scholarship 
Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Dillard 
First Presbyterian Church of 

Columbia, Tennessee 
Gilbert Rotary Club 
Golden Girls Booster Club 
Grand Lodge A. F, and A. M. of 

Heilig-Meyers Foundation 
Historyland Community Workshop 
Kristin Holly Johnson "83 
R. Wallace Rosen Tmst 
Robert E. Lee High School 
Lexington Moose Lodge #17 
Lexington Woman's Club 
Trust of E. R. Wamer McCabe 
Mill Gap Ruritan Club 
Millboro Ruritan Club 
Modem Miss 

National Merit Scholarship Corp. 
Onnie Bailey in Memory of Linda 

McCray '90 
Patapsco High School 
Phi Delta Kappa 
The Plains Community League 
Poplar Springs Baptist Church 
Presbytery of Shenandoah 
Second Presbyterian Church of 

St. Giles Presbyterian Church of 

St. Paul's Church Home 
Staunton Puppets 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 
The Garland Gray Foundation Inc. 
United Methodist Church 
VFW Post 5108 
Virginia Business Professional 

Women's Foundation 
Virginia Retired Teachers Ass(x;ialion 
West End Baptist Church 
Kathryn Whilten Trust 
York Academy 


The greatest source of 
endowment growth is from bequests 
and other planned gifts such as hfe 
insurance pohcics and trusts. 

The alumnae and friends listed 
below are hereby honored for 
naming Mary Baldwin College as 
beneficiary in their wills, life 
insurance policies, retirement plans, 
and/or trusts. 


Carole Lewis Anderson 

Laura McManaway Andrews '44 

Christine Armstrong '33 

Ann E. Atwell '42 

Ida S. Austin Trust 

Margaret Barrier '50 

Beverley E. Bates 'f>4 

Sarah Warren Baynes '64 

Dorothy Berry Bragonier 10 

Andrew J. Brent 

Ann Hayes Brewer '42 

Eleanore Eckel Brough '6.5 

Evelyn Chapman Brown '.52 

Elizabeth and Edmund Campbell 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

George Ann Brown Carter '47 

Vonceil L. Chapman '43 

Josephine Barkman Coleman '24 

Charlotte McCormick Collins '67 

Mary G. Coulboum '63 

Ann Alexander Crane '66 

Marian Mish Culpepper '38 

Mr. Fred G. Curry 

Sally Dorsey Danner '64 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Elizabeth K. Doenges '63 

Laura Clausen Drum '56 

Katherinc Dyer Dudley "36 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Sydney T. Elsass '69 

Margaret Van Devanter Fancher '22 

Leigh Yates Fanner "74 

Susan Train Fearon '69 

Anne Francis 

Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 

l>r. Thomas H. and Martha S. Grafton 

Mary Agnes Grant '30 

Joyce A. Greig '41 

Linda Dolly Hamniack '62 

Jane Lee Harcus '79 

Mabel Felternian Held '76 

Annabel F'elterman 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 

Jean M. Holliday '37 

Susan B. Homar '74 

Mary E. Humphreys 

Shirley llaynes Hunter '24 

E. Lindsay Jones '69 

Margaret Grabill Jones '33 

Louise Fowlkes Kcgley '54 

Jessie Cover Kennedy '38 

Gail M. King '69 

Roberta W. Lea '66 

Gladys Adams Link '43 

Charlotte Jackson Lunsford '51 

Mary Wendell Lund '66 

Su/anne Maxson Malt/ '75 

Mary Bell Archer Mapp '35 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William Moore Jr. 
Edythe Alphin Mo.seley '37 
Ann Hunter Murray '54 
Harriet Seem Neff '32 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. North 
Dr. Maurice Nottinghain. Jr 

Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Susan Pegrain O'Gara '62 
Mary Bess Fitzhugh Oliff '36 
Angelina M. Painter Eschau/.ier '68 
Dr. Frank R. Pancake 
Anne P. Phillips '42 
Anne Poole '51 
Mary Buckner Ragland 'IS 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Joanne M. Reich '88 
Maylia Green Rightmire '22 
Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
R. Wallace Rosen Trust 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Robert S. Sergeant '75 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Dorothy Redwood Sutherland 
Leslie Woodzelle Syron '42 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Ray E. Uttenhove '68 
.Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Charlotte Vorwerk '57 
Nancy Rawls Watson "49 
Cecile Cage Wavell '45 
Elizabeth Bunting White '81 
Claudia L. Woody '77 
Hilda Ziegler '40 


Mar>' Baldwin College 
occasionally receives gifts which 
honor friends and alumnae. Gifts to 
the College were made in honor of 
the following 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton by 

Dr. Samuel R. Spencer 
Susie Harris Howe '32 by ' 

The Howe Foundation 





Martha S. (iralton Librar\ 
patrons t)we a special debt of 
gratitude to the following steadfast 
benefactors. Many thanks for your 

Lucy Sharpe Davis '37 
Mrs. James W. Kiefer 
Gladys F. Lyies '33 
Cher\l Martin 
Jane Sanders Morriss '69 
Northwestern Mutual 1 ilc 
Insurance Co. 


Mary Baldw in College also receives gifts which help perpetuate the 
memories of departed friends, family and alumnae. Gifts to the College were 
made in memory of the following. 

Alice Weatherly Samsonoff '46 by 

Connie Manenstein 
Anderson/Carpenter by 

Madelyn Brock '46 
Dr. Carl Broman by 

Martha Moseley Johnson '59 
Elizabeth Z. Ambrose by 
Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Mr. and Mrs. William Barley 
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Cary 
Jean W. Drayer 
Betty M. Kegley 
Robert H. Lafleur 
Alice M. Mashbir 
Mr. and Mrs. George I. McCune 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McCune 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam McCune 
James P. McPherson 
Nell Z. Moore 

Quota Club of Staunton, Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas Rice 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Rose Driver Stuart '69 
Caroline Upshur Walker 
Elizabeth Harwood Copland by 

Dorothy J. Atkinson '51 
Emily Gill Tickle by 

S. CaiToll McCausland Amos '78 
Ethel Ruble Memorial Foundation by 
Jean Ruble '36 
Gratia Kayner Deave by 

Elizabeth McGrath Anthony '42 
Jessie Bear Weaver Agnor by 
Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 
John S. Hinckley for the Anne Holman Hinckley Scholarship by 
Mr and Mrs. Loren G. Calkins 
Mr. and Mrs. David Durrani 
Mr. and Mrs. Einar Hansen 
Minna Abbot Smith Hicks by 
Linda Goddin Smith '68 
Susan Clements Tarkington '68 
Tempe Grant Thomas '68 
Mrs Frank O. Walther III 
Manha Hicks b> 

Mrs. H.J. Bussa 
Linda McCray '90 by 
Onnie Bailey 
Minna B. Potts by 

Katherine Potls Wellford '49 
Patty JiK" Mahony Montgomery Memorial by 
Mary Benson Buckley '34 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Byrd 
C. Vance Campbell Jr. 
Ann H. Cordell 
Helenlee B. Cox 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Craig 
Ouida Caldwell Davis "51 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Waller Dobie 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Dunklin 
First National Bank of El Dorado 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. George 
Ann H. Hamman 
Paul Herrmann 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Haync Hipp 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Alex T. Hunt Jr. 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 
Mr. and Mrs. L.H.Kerr Jr. 

Frances M. Larzelere 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Maier Jr. 

William M. Majors 

Jewel S. Mays 

T. H. McCasland Jr. 

Mrs. Max Moody 

Penelope Pettit Moore "62 

Eugenia Wharton Rain '44 

Carolyn S. Rankin 

Mrs. Sam M. Richardson Jr. 

Wilton R. Stephens 

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Trimble Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Vestal 

Mary McRae Young '64 
Phyllis E. Duzan by 

Crista R. Cabe and Katherine McM. Lichtenberg 
Virginia Browning by 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Wilhelmina C. E. Beard by 

Rudolph B. DeFrance 
Winifred Pitts Hannah by 

Simon W. Nelns 
Gifts from the Class of 1918 are in memory of Mary Ogg Klenke 
Gifts from the Class of 1919 are in memory of Pauline Staley Collins and 

Mabel Scott Gardner 
Gifts from the Class of 1921 are in memory of Virginia Overby Griswold 
Gifts from the Class of 1922 are in memory of Alphonsine Stewart Worthington 
Gifts from the Class of 1923 are in memory of Marian Adair Flemming 

Abromson. Agnes Terrell Clegg and Nina Harrison Taylor 
Gifts from the Class of 1924 are in memory of Page Coffman and Gertude 

Smith Nail 
Gifts from the Class of 1925 are in memory of Nancy McNeel Currence and 

Thelma Bowling Todd 
Gifts from the Class of 1928 are in memory of Phyllis Coudert Weaver 
Gifts from the Class of 1929 are in memory of Mary Tomlin Braxton 

Callison and Rebecca White Kennedy 
Gifts from the Class of 1930 are in memory of Wilhelmina Eskridge Beard 
and Dorothy Marie Eisenberg 

Gifts from the Class of 193 1 are in memory of Frances Shedon Baker and 

Caroline Kochtitzky 
Gifts from the Class of 1934 are in memory of Susan Roche Hoge, Mary C. 

Larrick andThelma Hulvey Meyer 
Gifts from the Class of 1 937 are in memory of Audrey Furrow Flora and 

Patty Joe Mohony Montgomery 
Gifts from the Class of 1938 are in memory of Lucy Lewis Veerin 
Gifts from the Class of 1 940 are in memory of Kathryn Lineweaver 

Kivlighan and Mary Lee Sullivan 
Gifts from the Class of 1941 are in memory of Pauline Strickland Grinnan. 
Janet Cline Barman. Elizabeth McDavid Spigner and Mary Frances Suter 
Gifts from the Class of 1944 are in memory of Frances Fulton Culpepper and 

Mary Joan McConnell Blackburn 
Gifts from the Class of 1945 are in memory of Claudine Amey Drumm, 

Margaret Pendleton Long Kostritsky and Ann Elizabeth McCoy 
Gifts from the Class of 1946 are in memory of Harriet Showell Bald 
Gifts from the Class of 1948 are in memory of Jo Ruth Mullican Locke 
Gifts from the Class of 1953 are in memory of Patsy Stewart Uehlinger 
Gifts from the Class of 1958 are in memory of Pauline Hopkins Cauling, 
Patricia Hopkins Cowling and Margaret Ann Hankins 
Gifts from the Class of 1961 are in memory of Deborah Freeman Nixon 
Gifts from the Class of 1962 are in memory of Louise Davis Bryan 
Gifts from the Class of 1968 are in memory of Minna Abbot Smith Hicks 
Gifts from the Class of 1974 are in memory of Margaret Anne Lancaster 
Gifts from the Class of 1976 are in memory of Alice McCaa Kelly 
Gifts from the Class of 1988 are in memory of Connie Johnson Underwood 

// hile every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of 
our donor lists, errors or omissions in this report may have occurred. 
We appreciate our donors' generosity, and we apologize in advance 
for any inaccuracies in this list. Any correction should be sent in 
writing to 








Claire Lewis Arnold "69 
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 
Charlotte Jackson Lunsford '51 
Frank C. Martin Jr. - Chair 
Chester A. Rose 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 



Susan Johnson High '62 - Chair 
Kimberly Baker Glenn '79 
Alice B. Hansbargcr '73 
Janic Huske Salterfield '70 



John llildebrand - Chair 
Peter Pover 
Margaret Klull/. 
Alexander Hamilton IV 
Frances Coslan/.o 



On/ai;. Hyatt 

Judith Payne Grey '65 



Mark L. Atchison 


H, E. Neale 



Laura Catching Alexander '71 



Nancy A. Poole 


Anne Holland '88 


Lydia Pclersson 


OF spf;cial i'ro.ii:c ts 

George I. McCune 

The Holiday Cheer Award" goes to the Charlotte Chapter tor their 
wine and cheese party in December. 

"The Hot Ideas and Cool Solutions Award" goes to the Baltimore 
Chapter for their well-attended Sunmier Crab Feast. 

"The Incomparable Hospitality Award" goes to the Roanoke Chap- 
ter, which honored the Alumnae Board's Executive Committee with 
a delightful party in January, and former MBC President Dr. 
Samuel R. Spencer with a reception in April. 

"The Phoenix Award" goes to three chapters: The Tidewater Chap- 
ter, the Jacksonville Chapter, and the Savannah Chapter, each of 
which held at least one very successful alumnae event after spon- 
soring no activities for at least two years. 

"The Small but Strong Percentage Award" goes to the Rhode Island 
Chapter, which held two events in 1990-91 — the first drew ten of 
the nineteen alumnae in the state, and the second was attended by 
nine, for an average participation rate of SiV/r ! 

"The Special Dedication Award" goes to the Eastern Shore of Vir- 
ginia Chapter lor their untiring work throughout the year to recruit 
capable young women to Mary Baldwin, and for raising the funds 
to plant flowering shrubs around the Alumnae House. 

"The Successful Collaboration Award" goes to the Richmond 
young alumnae headed by Joelle Keith '88. This chapter was instru- 
mental in founding the Commonwealth Alumni Club, which 
involves alumnae and alumni from seven private colleges in Vir- 
ginia: their events often drew over 200 people. 

The Chapter Achievement Award was presented to the Roanoke 
Chapter during Fall Leadership Conference. Lett to right Kim 
Baker Glenn '79, Chair, Alumna Involvement Committee; 
Accepting the award. Gale Palmer Penn '63. Roanoke chapter 
chair, and Judy Lipes Garst '63 of Salem. Virginia. Admissions 

Beth Palk '93, chair of the Student Relations Committee of the 
Alumnae Board, and Carolyn Smith '86 at the Connecticut-area 
gathering in August. 

The Alumnae Association welcomed commuter students to 
campus at the beginning of the academic year at this dessert 
party at the Alumnae House. Pictured are Christina Scott '95, 
Leigh Rowe '93, Lorl Wilt '94, Laurel Suberk '92, and Chrlsta 
Hunter '93. 

The Lettwich family — freshman Ashley '95. her father Phil, sister 
Stephanie '92. younger sister Natalie, and mother Betty — at the 
Alumnae Association's Legacy Luncheon, held annually on the 
day new students move into the residence halls. 

Class Notes 



JANE DOIGLAS SUMMERS Brown and her husband. Henry, are now in 
Iheir 89th >ear. They li\e in Westniinster-Canlerbury. Lynchburg, VA. and 
are enjosing even, minute in "this wonderful place!" 

AGNES FRAZER Jones of Newark. DE. is host to a Japanese girl attending 
the English Language Institute at the University of Delaware. In four years. 
she has hosted seven Japanese girls. Agnes has been a member of Daughters 
of the American Revolution for over 60 years. She has three grandsons rang- 
ing in age from 12 to 17. Agnes is an avid bridge player and has an 
8-year-old cat named Ginger who is "great company." 


.MARY DOSWELL Abell of Falls Church. VA, and her daughter. Carol, at- 
tended a wedding in Jacksonville, FL. and visited relatives there. Mary also 
went on a Panama Canal cruise in April and spent two nights in Acapuico, 


DOROTHY HLTCHINGS Alberts is living in Covenant Village of 
Rorida. a retirement community in Plantation. FL. Dorothy hopes to return to 
MBC in 1992 for her 60th reunion. 

VIRGINIA MABEN Stokes of Blackstone, VA, sold her home after her 
husband died in February, 1989, Virginia's daughter and her family are mov- 
ing to Gloucester Point on the York River. Her son and his family live in 
Charlottesville. VA. All four of her grandchildren are in college. Virginia 
hopes that she will make her 60th reunion in 1992. 


RUTH ED.VIONDS Shepard of Charleston, WV, lost her husband in Octo- 
ber 1988. She tries to take two or three interesting trips a year while her 
health is still good. Ruth has six grandchildren living in California, Arizona, 
and Tennessee. 


BETTY HARRISON Roberts had an operation on her right hip in April. 
She is walking around but has yet to lake steps for any length of time. Betty 
is staying at her son's home in Arlington, VA. She enjoys her grandchildren: 
James, 4, and Emily Katharine, \5 months. 

EMILY TIMERLAKE Watterson's husband, John, passed away on July 
26, 1991. Emily resides in Charlottesville, VA. 


MARY BELL ARCHER Mapp of Richmond, VA, is doing well and has 
celebrated Tifly-four years of marriage. She has lost the use of her right hand 
and uses walker lifts in her home and a wheelchair outside. Mary Bell goes to 
a therapeutic pool at Sheltering Anns Hospital daily. 


JEANNE BALDWIN Walther ol lorl Myers. FL, has a cat named Lady 
and five grandchildren, two girls and three boys. Her college roommate, DO- 
ROTHY "DOLLY" BELCH HInc died in December 1990. Jeanne has two 
artificial hips and an anificial knee due to osteoarthritis. 
LUCILLA WHITE Whitted of Wilmington, NC, is active in church work 
and community activities. Lucilla writes that they arc "very busy in the 
cheering section for granddaughter Anne's ballet, basketball, swimming, 
track, church choir, and school talent shows, 


VIR(;iNIA "(;iNNiE" (iANTT Ktndin ol Roanoke, VA, enjoyed the 
Roanoke Alumnae Chapter meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John 
Edwards, Ginnie writes that it was good seeing President Cynthia Tyson and 
Dr. Samuel Spencer. She had not seen Dr Spencer since her late husband 
was president of Roanoke College. She also writes that each Christmas she 
visits her daughter, Beth Alexander, in Atlanta. While there, they get together 
with MARTHA JOHNSON Kaplen 'Mi and her daughter, Harriet 
Carmichael, and have lunch at a historical site, f iinnie also traveled to the 
Sea Island Inn at Myrtle Beach, SC. 

MARY SHERIER Mathisen and her husband, of Arlington, VA, celebrated 

53 years of life together Their only child, Tyler, is assistant managing editor 
of Money Magazine, and money editor for "Good Morning America," 
Mary's husband does consulting work which keeps him busy, Mary contin- 
ues to provide flowers for weddings. 


ALICE BORDEN MOORE Sisson of Wrightsville Beach, NC, is still 
working as a family therapist with Family Services. She and her husband 
have seven grandchildren ranging from two to 2 1 . 

JANE MATTOX Turner of Houston. TX. is enjoying retirement but is 
busy with volunteer work. She loves seeing all the "girls" at occasional meet- 
ings. Jane and her daughter. CLAUDIA TURNER Aycoek '66, took a trip 
to Tennessee to pick up Claudia's daughter at camp. She finds her five grand- 
children a delight, 


KATHRINE BRETCH BINKLEY-Guthrie of Oklahoma City, OK, has 
two sons and two grandsons. She attended MBC for one year, and spent her 
other three years attending the University of Oklahoma. She graduated with a 

ANITA MALUGANI of Oradell, NJ, wrote to share memories of the day 
her family sailed to America from Italy. Anita said, "The crossing in those 
days was no picnic. The crossing took over a month and it wasn't exactly 
first class accommodations. Picture my grandparents with six children," 
IDA MAE KELLOUGH Robb and her hu.sband. Jack, of La Vale, MD, cel- 
ebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Ida writes, "we loved seeing 
PAULINE OSBORNE Crawford and Bud again; both looked great." Two 
of the Robb's children and their families are living in the British West Indies. 
Their older son, John, and his family live in La Vale, John has followed in 
his father's footsteps by practicing law, 


CAROLINE MURPHY Keller of Alexandria, LA, took time from caring 
for her sick husband to attend Homecoming 1991. She received an honorary 
degree from the College. 

KATHRYN "KAY" POERSCHKE Kennedy of Naples, FL, is already 
planning on coming to her 50th reunion in May. Her husband, Jim, attended 
his 50th reunion at Brown. Kay and Jim are now in their 14th year of retire- 
ment, and are enjoying the sea. sun, and sand. They play a lot of tournament 
bridge, .some golf, and do a lot of entertaining, 

LAURA ELIZABETH LUCK Stiles of Ashland, VA, looks forward to the 
yearly get-together with her classmates and Iheir spouses: ANN HAYES 
Brewer and William, Greensboro, NC; MARGARET "PEGGY" 
MEREDITH Dardcn and William, Annapolis, MD; EVELYN 
EN(;LEMAN Matthews and Lawrence, Chester, VA; and JANE CRAKJ 
Morri.son and Al, KennctI, PA. This year in November, ELIZABETH and 
her husband, Joseph, hosted the gathering at the Tides Lodge in Irvington, 
VA. Each year they meet in a different location with one couple making 
plans and acting as host and hostess. 


BETTE CROSSWHITE Overton and her husband, Allen, of Front Royal, 
VA, enjoy being surrounded by the Blue Ridge MouiUains and Civil War his- 
tory. MAR(;ARET "PEGGY" BROWNING Busick '.^9 has a cottage 
nearby. Betle recently saw ELIZABETH CAMPBELL '.16 al a WETA-TV 

KATHARINE SHELBURNE Trickey of Nashville, TN, has foiu- children 
and nine grandchildren. She is still food edilor for Ihc Review Appeal, a 
newspaper in Franklin, IN. She and her family spend Iniie al Iheir vill:i on 
Kiawah Island. 


EMALINE M( ■(JKATII (irahain ol Fraiiklorl, K Y, writes that her son, 
Cireg, is an arthilect in Hawaii, limaline plans on visiting this winter. Her 
daughter, CYNI'IIIA "CINDY" (;RAHAM Bishop '71 and her husband 

Joe, of (joshen, KY, have lour children. 


HP:LEN FRANCES COOK McQuillen of HouMon. TX. h;is laken Mime 
interesting trips, in Ihe United Stales and overseas, since her husband retired 
tour years ago. They just had a family gathering and she got to see her three 

BKTTY NKISI.HR Timberlake of lake Waccamaw. NC, is going to Michi- 
gan and will visit ANNE (;ARI) KIn/le and Hank. In .September, she is 
taking a group to England lor two weeks in Yorkshire. 
CECILE C:A(;E Wavell ol Corpus Christi. TX, now has 12 grandchildren 
ranging in age from Tive months to 21. Nine of the twelve live within one 
mile of her house. Two of the twelve arc named "Cecile." Their mothers are 
both graduates of MBC, PAM WAVEI.I. Baker 66 and ZOE WAVELL 
(fOtllich '76. Cecile and Ken are domg just tine. Cecile gives book re- 
views — about .^0 each year. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of Del 
Mar College Foundation. Ihe l<Kal junior college. 


ANNE ARMSTRONC; Fiepcnbrink of Manteno. IL. has two sons, John 
and Jim. John is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force and has a hoy and a 
girl. JiiTi also has two children, a boy and a girl. 

LILLIE JEAN "L.J." TRIMBLE Turner of Jackson, MS, writes that her 
husband, also MELIS.SA Tl RNKR l.iitken's brother, passed away in Janu- 
ary I W I, after a long illness. 


FLORENCE "FLO" HARRLS HInson all ol Memphis. TN. went to 
Tampa. FL. for a mini-reunion with (iLORIA Dl'KE Trigg. They were 
joined by MARH.YN "LYNN" HOYT Yancey of Greepsboro, NC. 


BETSY BERR\' Williamson of Richinond. VA, writes that she spent two 
weeks at the Hoi Springs National Park in Arkansas, She had hot mineral 
baths and massages every day. On the way home, she spent Ihe night with 
MAR^' SUE (JROSSO Clarke in Birmingham, AL. Betsy enjoyed tours of 
Nashville. Memphis, Huntsville Space Center, and Little Rock. She spent 
Easter with her son. Kent, in Stalesville, NC. where he is Christian Education 
Director for a Presbyterian Church. 


CYNTHIA BE TTS .lohnson and Forrest are enjoying life in Santa Fe. NM. 
They go lo their cabin about 201) miles from Santa Fe to have a place to read, 
rellect. and watch the clouds. When she is in Santa Fe, Cynthia volunteers at 

the liKlian hospital. 


KATHRYN "ANN" RAWL McCain of Columbia, SC. enjoyed her class 
reunion last year. Her daughter. PAMELA McCAIN Pearce "81. of Charles- 
ton. SC.just attended her 1 0th reunion. Ann has another daughter. 
KATHRYN McCAIN Lee '77. of Atlanta. GA. Ann now has five grandchil- 
dren, four boys and one girl. She stays busy with baby-sitting and volunteer 
work in Columbia, particularly with First Presbyterian Church. 


ANN LOUISE SCHLOSSER of San Antonio, TX, is looking forward to at- 
tending her class reunion during the Sesquicentennial celebration in 1992. 
KAIHRYN HATLEY Young and her husband, E.P.. still reside in Hope. 
AR. E.P. is retired alter having sold the lamily's 6.'i-year-old Chevrolet 
dealership. Their son is staff attorney for Louisiana Mental Health Advocacy 
Service. He lives in Shreveport, LA. with his wife and three children. Their 
daughter is an elementary schiH)l teacher. She lives in Lafayette. LA. w ilh her 
husband and three children. Kathryn and E.P. enjoy being with the children, 
iheir friends, and doing church and civic wcirk. They would love to hear from 
MBC friends and accjuaintances who might he traveling in the area. 


MARCARFT "PE<;(;Y" (JKJNILLI AT Carswell of Savannah, GA. was 
expecting her l<mrth grandchild in July. She took her two oldest grandchil- 
dren. RavencI and Scolt Richardson, ages 10 and 1 2. on a cruise to Russia in 

NANCY WAYNE HENDRICKS of Huntsville, AL. retired in 1987. Al- 
though she is no longer practicing as a registered dietitian, she maintains her 
professional standing. She is involved with volunteer work. She lives with a 
10-year-old cat named George. Three years ago. Nancy organized a family 

reunion of Hendricks descendants from Athens. AL NELL RCKJERS 
Carvell '63. ALINE MARTIN Mullen '55. EDITH MARTIN Ruggles 58 
and Nancy are first cousins. She is still in touch with her roommate. .MARG- 


ELEANOR LEE YEAKLEY (iardner of Bellevue. WA. had a wonderful 
tour of MBC in October 1990. thanks to ANNE HOLLAND '88. She writes 
that their grandson. Kyle, is 1 1 years old. and their granddaughter. Melena. is 

ANN SHAW Miller of Raleigh, NC, received a wonderful letter from JOAN 
DAVENPORT Haydon of San Angelo. TX, at Christmas. Joan and Chris 
stay busy with their family. Joan went to Wales and did quite a bit of paint- 
ing. Ann and her husband. Meredith, are planning a three-week trip to China 
in September. They enjoyed a trip to Greece last .September. 
WINIFRED BO(;(iS Myrick and her husband have moved to the country 
outside of Atlanta. GA. Their son bought their house in town. They rented an 
apartment in midtown-Atlanta so they would not have to give up the city en- 
tirely. They had a very special reunion last October w ith JULIA VANN 
Kenan. MAR(;ARET QUERY Keller '.S.S and their families at Judy's son's 
w cdding in Durham. NC. She also thought it w as great to see JOHANNA 
PAUL Elder, of Norfolk, VA, there, too. 


SALLY LANDER Edwards of Corpus Christi, TX. writes that her daugh- 
ter, Terry, is practicing law w ith her father's law firm, as is their son, Billy, 
Terry is the mother of a 2-year-old girl and is expecting her second child this 
summer. Their middle daughter, Libby, graduated from law schixil "with all 
three young sons in tow !" Their youngest daughter, Maggie, is in her second 
year at Baylor Law School in Waco. After receiving her master's degree in 
Fisheries Management at A&M, she decided to expand her interests to envi- 
ronmental law. Sally is working at the law firm, and also helping to manage 
their apartments. 

MARTHA "PA'n Y" PARKE Gibian of Siasconset. MA. wntes that her 
son Thomas was married on September 20. 1990. to Lee Anne McNabb. Her 
son Tim has a daughter. Jessica Gibian. bom July 20, 1990. Patty has com- 
pleted one year at Fordham University toward a master's degree in social 
work. She will have a private practice counseling step-families. 
MARY ELEANOR REYNOLDS Henderson and her husband. Fred, of 
Winter Haven. FL. ha\e completed replanting their citrus groves after the 
catastrophic freezes of the I9X0s. Their sons. Fred. Clay, and Steve, are 
working w ith their father in the citrus industry . Their daughter. Jane, works 
for the Absiien Art Gallery in Atlanta. 

ANN RITCHIE McHugh of Savannah. GA. is liuiking forward to MBC 
Sesquicenlenial festivities in the fall of 1991. and her class reunion in the 
spring of 1992. Ann chaired Savannah's Hidden Gardens tour in .^pril and 
the 15th Annual North of Gaston Street Tour of the Historic District. She was 
also elected to a three-year term of the DiiKesan Council of the Episcopal 
Church. She wrote ihc curriculum used in Vacation Bible Sch(X)l last sum- 
mer. She adapted C. S. Lewis' llw Lion. The Winh mul Ihc \\\mliohe. 
MARGARET "DOLLY" ADAIR Almar is still doing woodcarvings of 
birds. This year, she is president of the dcKents at the Houston Zoo. Dolly 
and her husband Richard reside in Houston. TX. All of their children are 
married and on their own. They have seven grandchildren 


MARGARET FOSTER Curtis of Columbia. SC. is studying at the Medical 

University of South Carolina. She hopes to be a clinical specialist in rural 
health delivery by next year. She has four children, two of whom are married, 
and one grandchild. 


BARBARA "BOBBIE" REID Bailey of Birmingham. AL. is still enjoying 
her Mars H.iUlw m connection. She recently met EVELYN "EVIE" 
CHAPM.AN Brown '52 .Mso. when Bobbie was playing in a liKal tennis 
league, she realized that one of her opponents was ANN McCLUN(; .Ander- 
son '59. 

Charlottesville. VA. drove to Staunton for the day to attend their class re- 
union Suzanne writes that il was great seeing Mr. Page again. Kxi. 
SALLIE BELLE WHITENER Gwallney married Senator Joseph 
Benedetti on November 2.^. 1990. in Smithficld. VA. Sallie's four children 
and Joseph's six children were w ith them lo celebrate. They split iheir time 
between their homes in Smithficld and Richmond. V.A. Sallie's daughter. 

ELIZABETH "BETSY" GVVALTNEY Edwards '90, also lives in 
Smithfield. VA. 

CAROL WORNOM Sorensen of Williamsburg. VA. is now working as a 
suide for groups ai the Jamestown- Yorktown Foundation. She works part 
time and stays busy during the spring and fall. She has seen BARBARA 
WILLLAMS Craig, svho runs a bed and breakfast in Williamsburg. She also 
sees a great deal of AGNES DICK Kump. Carols sister. PERRY 
WORNOM Moore "58. lives nearby. Carol writes that it is great to be near 
family after 20 years of moving with the military. One son is a rising senior 
at Radford University, and her other son attends Lafayette High School. 


HARRIET H.ART owns two ladies' dress shops called Harriet Hart in 
Houston. She often sees PENELOPE "PENE" PETTIT Moore, DALE 
PORTER Miller, and FLORENCE "FLO" BREUNIG Carroll '61. 
Harriet travels frequently to markets in New York. Dallas, and Los Angeles 
to buy for her business. She lives in Houston. TX. 
SUSAN "SLSIE" CADLE King has moved from Hightstown. NJ. to 
Barrington. IL. The last of their three children has graduated from college 
and moved out. so Susie and Frank have moved to a condo in "Chicagoland." 
They are nou enjoying the Cubs, the Bulls, and blues festivals. 
MARTH.A BUTLER Matthews of Charlotte. NC. will have one of her tap- 
estries included in The Fiber Ans Desi)>ii Book Four, which will be 
published this fall. She and Jim went on a sailing trip to Greece last fall. She 
was able to enjoy her two favorite things — art and sailing. Their oldest 
daughter. Miller, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1990. 
She is now a jewelry designer in Providence. Rl. She is marrying a classmate 
and Staunton native. David Opie, in September. Their younger daughter. 
Nancy, is a student at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. 
KENT SE.ABURY Rowe of Hampton, 'VA, is a Chapter I Mathematics Spe- 
cialist with the Hampton school system. Her husband, Joe, is mortgage loan 
originator w ith Commerce Bank. Their daughter, Sarah, is a graduate of 
Meredith College and is employed by a property management firm in 
Durham. NC. Their son, Joe. is a graduate of Washington and Lee University 
and is currently in medical school at M.C.V. Kent frequently sees ANN LEE 
HALDEMAN Hawkins '63, who are neighbors. 


ANN TERRY GEGGIE Fridley of Covington, VA, has just finished her 
14lh year as director of the gifted program for their school system. Her son, 
Mitchell, graduated from VMI in 1989, and served in Kuwait. Her daughter, 
Cary. is a music major and just finished her junior year at the University of 
Richmond. Ann visits with her former roommate, SARAH "SALLY" 
LIVING.STON Brown, when in Richmond. 

CAROLYN HALDEMAN Hawkins has been researching a unique black 
missionary chapel in Hampton. VA. where she lives. Her work is part of a 
group effort to have it restored and opened to the public. She and her hus- 
band. Frcar, were very proud to see their daughter. Jennifer, graduate from 
the University of Virginia this year. 

BARBARA "BUNNY" WISHART .lohnson of Westminster, MD, is doing 
addictions counseling with inmates at a prison facility. Her oldest son, Chris, 
was married in June to a girl from Australia. The wedding, which Barbara 
could not attend, was held in Darwin, the Northern Territory. They will be 
making a trip back to Maryland for a month, so the family will celebrate 
then. They are planning to settle in Australia. Her youngest .son, Tim, is at- 
tending Montgomery College as a sophomore. 

ROSALINDA ROBERTS Madara writes that her son. Edward, is a lawyer 
in New York City with Mayer, Brown, and Piatt. Her daughter, Ann, is the 
manager of the fine jewelry department in Bloomingdale's in Willow Grove, 
PA, Her husband, Ted, has his own real estate firm, Clark and Madara, 
Rosalinda ran the Philadelphia Craft Show, which raised $3 10,000 lor the art 
museum. She Is very active in Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, the 
Women's Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Herb Soci- 
ety of America. Rosalinda lives in Narberth, PA. 

ELEANOR ".MICKEY" MtCOWN Robidcau of Clemmons, NC, writes 
that her daughter Susie jusl (.'radualed from Appalachian State University. 
She is advertising director lor a Winslon-SaleiTi company. Betsy graduated 
from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is a claims adjuster 
for Integon Corp. in Winston-Salem. Cindy has jusl completed her freshman 
year at Fast Carolina University. 

GENE ANNE ALLRED Smith lives in Saskatchewan. Canada, where she 
and her husband. David, both teach. They have two grown children. They are 

both involved with "Endangered Spaces." In May. they took a van trip to a 
proposed new national park in southwest Saskatchewan. In April. Gene Anne 
returned to Duke University for the first time since she attended graduate 
school there. The conference she attended was on the Supreme Courts of 
Canada and the United States. Supreme Court Judges Renquist and 
O'Connor were there. Gene Anne is currently writing in the area of legal phi- 


PHYLLIS SHORT Marconi of Fort Washington, MD, writes that her son, 
Andy, married Elizabeth Renae Berry on June 22, 1991. Renae is a junior at 
MBC. The reception was held in the Student Activities Center at Mary Bald- 

VICTORIA "VICKIE" REID Argabright of Richmond, VA, has had sev- 
eral wonderful visits with GLENN ELLEN DOWNIE in New York City, 
Her daughter. Holly, is working for Ogiivy and Mather Advertising Agency, 
so she finds herself visiting the "Big Apple" several times a year. Last fall, 
.she spent a weekend in Annapolis. MD. with Glenn Ellen. HELEN 
DOWNIE Harrison, of Little Rock. AR; MARY "BICKIE" McCALLUM 
McDonald, of Memphis, TN; SUSANNE "SUE" EVE FOWLKES, of 
Richmond, VA; and ANNE NIMMO Dixon, of Roanoke, VA. 


MARGARET ANNE GUNTER Riddle loves living in Asheville, NC. Her 
husband. Joe, has worked at Biltmore House Estates since he retired from 
U.S. government service. Their two daughters, ages 19 and 20. are in college. 
Their son. age 17. is a rising senior in high school. They went on a trip in 
June to North and South Dakota. Her father's birthplace home in Beaufort, 
SC. is currently being featured on all Nabisco Shredded Wheat products. 
Margaret hoped to visit with DIANE COOPER Byers over the summer. 


ROBERTA LONG Campbell of Malvern, PA, regrets that she was unable 
to attend her 2.')th class reunion. She is presently doing nursing research at 
the University of Pennsylvania in the area of gerontological nursing. She re- 
ceived a master's degree in nursing from Villanova University in May 1990. 
VIRGINIA "GINNIE" TIMBES Ewing of Westport. CT, has two sons. 
Meredyth. 17. and Spencer, 13. They enjoy spending the summers at their 
house on Ahmic Lake near Huntsville. in Ontario, Canada. Ginnie has retired 
from teaching Lainaze and now assists a dermatologic surgeon. 
EVELYN "LYNN" ANGEVINE Hawkins and her husband are now living 
on their boat in Fort Lauderdale. FL. Lynn is working as a travel agent. Their 
daughter. Lynie. graduated last May from Moore College of Art and Design 
in Philadelphia, cum laude. She will be moving to the Palm Beach area to 
work as an interior designer. 

ESTHER B. JOHNSON of Hemdon. VA. enjoyed attending her 2.')th re- 
union. She and her husband are presently involved in adding a sunroom and a 
deck to their home. 

EMILY WRIGHT Mallory and her husband. Brooke, of Roanoke, VA, are 
looking forward to daughter Julie's return from a semester of study in the 
Amazon, Julie is a senior at Davidson this fall. Their son. Bo, is a freshman 
at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA. 

FLORENCE "TIKKER" MERRITT Percy of Alberta, Canada, has fin- 
ished all of the course work for a master's degree in educational psychology. 
She plans on writing her thesis in the fall of 1991. Her son, Matthew, who is 
17, is a senior in high school. Her daughter. Sarah, who is 14, is a freshman 
in high school. Her husband. David, is a referee for rugby when not teaching 
at the law school at the University of Alberta. 

MARTHA FLOWERS Peters of Gainsville, FL, is educational counselor 
and director of the law student resource program at the University of Florida, 
It is a program that she developed to provide academic support and preven- 
tive training in stress management, time manageinent, and study skills. She 
has three sons, John Douglas, Michael Lawson, and Timothy. John. 24, is in 
Colorado, and is going to school and working in a doctor's office, Michael, 
21, is in his junior year at Princeton. Timothy, who is 6, plays soccer and has 
an orange belt in Aikido. Martha and her husband, Don, just celebrated their 
Kllh wedding anniversary. They live only a few streets away from MARY 

(;athri(;ht newell 6.5 

JANICE SMITH Barry and her laniily moved lo Ualon kougc, I.A, in 
1989. Her husband, Michael, is a network vice president lor SunHeallh, out 
of Charlotte, NC. He is in charge of the Mississippi/Louisiana office. Their 
son, Michael, is a sopohomore at the University of Georgia. Their daughter, 

Patricia, l^ a sophomore at tpiscopal Hij;h School. 

JUDITH PU(;H Stone of Guilford. CT. returned lo .school in September. 
.She will attend the University of Connecticut School of ScK-iai Work in order 
lo obtain her master's degree. Judith continues lo be involved in church work 
and in the design of perennial gardens. 


CAROLYN "CAM.MY" .MAR IIN Bryan of Richmond. VA. writes that 
her daughter, Alethea. graduated trom high school. She entered the Naval 
Academy as a plebe on July '). Charlie, her husband, is continuing to raise 
money for the addition to Battle Abbey. He also plans to add a center for Vir- 
ginia history, five new exhibit galleries, a musuem shop, and many new 
programs. Their son. Charles, has finished the 7th grade. 
SLSAN (JAMBI.K Dankel is enjoying her work as a.ssislanl city manager of 
Wilmington. NC. where she lives. She ,ilso works as a volunteer for the local 
radio station where she hosts a weekly classical music program. 
SUSAN PAUL Firestone exhibited her sculpture in a gallery in Washington. 
DC, where she lives. 

CECELIA DAVLS Stevens of St. Simons Island. GA. is working on her 
master's of education degree in Spanish at Georgia Southern University. She 
will leach Spanish full time to both elementary and high school students at- 
tending Fredcrica Academy. Cecelia spent two weeks on sabbatical in 
Madrid and .Segovia. While there, she met up with her old roommate. BAR- 
BARA PENICK Jimenez De Diego and her family. Her daughter. Heather, 
will be a sophomore at Sweet Briar. Her other daughter. Meredith, will be a 
sophomore at Frederica Academy. 

BLANCHE HIMPHREYS Toms of Richmond, VA. is teaching in nursing 
school and running a wedding consulting business, 
MARGARET -NEILLE" McRAE Wilson of Roswell. GA. is the new 
president of the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter. Her husband. Alan, is the execu- 
tive vice president of T2 Medical. Inc.. a Roswell-based company. Neille 
leaches pre-school. volunteers for the PTA. scouts, and church. Their son. 
Alan, is 1 2. and their daughter, Pency. is 9. 


SHERYL DEKOUR AMEEN generated the idea for the Kahlil Gibran Me- 
morial Garden in Washington. DC. In 1982. she thought a more positive 
view of Arabic culture could be created by honoring a Lebanese writer whose 
work champions compassion. Leading Lebanese-Americans joined her cam- 
paign, as did politicians Jimmy Carter and John Sununu. The garden 
officially opened in May. among three days of receptions, a black-tie dinner, 
and a dedication speech by President Bush. 

MARTHA RASIN of Sevema Park, MD, is considered lo be "a fair and con- 
scientious district judge who is doing a good job" by The Capital new spaper. 
She spoke at a meeting of the Fastem District Police-Community Relations 
Council. She defended probation before judgement verdicts given in drunken 
driving cases. 

NORA "CHAMPE" Leary is back in Lexington, \'.\. where she is stage 
manager at Lime Kiln. Charnpc is a 1 2-year veteran of the famous Barter 
Theater in Abingdon, VA. She has also been stage manager for Mill Moun- 
tain Playhouse. Wayside Theater, and Theatre Virginia. 
KA THARINE LANE Parker is busy recruiting volunteers to work at the 
Teen Connection, an emergency shelter and alternative school for children 
ages II) lo 17. 


KA IHERINE CRAWEORD Arrowsmith of Bowling Green, OH, is busy 
keeping up w ith ihe activities of her son, Nathan, who is 16, and her daugh- 
ter, Jane Crawford, who is 10. Katherine is also an academic advisor for the 
College of Arts and Sciences at Bow ling Green State LIniversity. She is ac 
live in her church and community, and enjoys bridge, tennis, and an 
inveslmenl club Her husband. Bob, is completing his 18th year as assistant 
vice presideni for student affairs at Bowling Green State University. 
EMH.Y BORDEN Raf>sdale of Jamestown, NC, has a son, Thomas, 7 and a 
daughter, Katharine, ."i. Finily, a full-time volunteer, has just begun a two- 
year position as presideni of the board of a louring theatre group. 
The Class of '70 held a mini-reumoii ,ii (iMR HARTLEY Jewells 
lakehouseat Lake Nonnan. NC, MAR 1 HA kLWKD^ Alberlson. 
Lcwisville, KY; ERANCES SLSAN WH.LIAM.SON, Alev.iiulna. VA. 
Dameron, Georgetown, SC, M,\R I H,\ BOO TH Jennison, Ion Lauder- 
dale, FL: and ELIZABETH "LISA" ROWLAND Whitbeck, Little Rixk, 
AR, had a wonderful four days of reminiscing, looking at pictures both past 
and present, and catching up on news. 


PATRICIA LAMBERTH Bruce of White Stone. VA. has been named 
Dean of Chesapeake Academy in Irvington. VA. In addition to her adminis- 
trative duties, she will continue to teach math courses. Her two children. 
Christopher. 16. and Cathryn. 14. will be students at Christ Church School 
next year. 

EMMA D.WIS Napier and her husband. John, live in Adelaide. Australia. 
John teaches at Adelaide College of Ministries and is pastor of a Baptist 
church. They have two children Rebecca. 15. and James. 13. 


ANNE "CARTER" MOEEK.TT Douglass and her husband. Brent, recently 
adopted two Romanian children. Their new son. Lewis, is six months old. 
and their new daughter, Stewart, is 14 months old. 
CATHERINE "CATHY" ROSS Lutkcn and her husband, Peter, have 
moved to Austin, TX. Calhy is working on her long-time dream project of 
getting a Ph,D. in English. She has finished her second semester of work at 
the University of Texas in Austin. 

DONA CONNOLLY Mastin is employed as a public librarian specializing 
in children's services at Pohick Regional Library in Burke, VA, Her son 
Charlie is 9, and will be in the fourth grade. Her daughter Julia is 6, and will 
be in the first grade. Dona's husband, David, is stationed at the Pentagon. 
JAN FRANCES TRIPLETT was selected as the Small Business Advocate 
for 1991 for the state of Texas by the Small Business Administration. She re- 
ceived this award for her work on behalf of small businesses, particularly in 
the area of startups where failure is likely to (Kcur. She brings clients lo the 
liKal or national market, and teaches them to promote themselves. She is not 
only vice president of Diener-Tripletl Advertising, but also a teacher and 
counselor for the Small Business Administration. Dr. Triplett has a.ssisled 
w ith efforts to establish a standing committee on small business in the legis- 
lature. She has also helped to create the Women's Chamber of Commerce of 
Texas, the only stale chamber designed to promote economic development 
for women, 


DEBORAH VERDIER Smith of Harrisburg, PA, thanks the Office of 
Alumnae .Activities lor helping SUSAN Bl'CH.ANAN Jacob locate her. 
While Susan is in Pans, she is trying to IcKale their Iriends from "French 
House " and plan their 20th reunion. 


DIANE WHITE Fechlel and her husband, lom, have been living in Surrey. 
Kngland. for two years. They have two sons. Mark. 8. and Blake. 5. Diane is 
a Cub Scout den leader and has taken courses in London's history, an appre- 
ciation, and antiques. 

JUDY Dl'RHAM Kennedy of Churchville. VA. is site manager for EDS at 
Ihe Staunton McQuay-Snyder General Plant. Her daughter. Ginger, is a se- 
nior finance major at Virginia Tech this fall. Judy enjoys their small farm and 
raising a few sheep and goals. 

MARIE DIENST Perry of Augusta, GA. has returned to leaching founh 
grade at the Epicopal Day School. She is also serving on Ihe vestry of her 
church. She has teenage children and a seven-year-old. 


PATRK lA "PA 11 1" RE^ NOLDS ( o»an of Houston. T.\. is in her 

twelfth year as a sliK'kbroker. She was married in October. 198S. and class- 
mates attended from all pans of the country . She and her husband. Mark, arc 
new parents of a daughter. Carrie Dillane 

PATRICIA "PAT" COFFEY HufTsletler of Aurora. IL. is sorry to have 
missed her l.'^th reunion. She and her husband's first child. Frederick Cole 
Huffsteller. was bom eleven weeks prematurely. Due lo severe lung disease, 
he passed away on June 28. 1990. having never been discharged from the 
hospital. Her stepdaughter. Mary Frances "Erancie" Huffsteller. is an 
MBC senior. Pat sees CINDN HLFFSIE I I.ER Rosenthal ".' whenever 
they travel lo Virginia, and lhc\ talk olieii Cindy s d.iughler. Courtney, is 
taking tennis lessons. Pat is a volunteer with .Aurora Family Counseling Ser- 
\ ices, and serves as recording secretary of a local chapter of the Philanthropic 
1-ducalion Organization. 

KA IHERINE "PENN> " HUNT Slormonl of Kitty Hawk. NC. is married 
and has two sons. Her husband is a general contractor, and she is a real estate 


VICKIE REYNOLDS Akelman of Barrington, RI, has resigned from her 
position as senior vice president with a New York City bank to spend more 
time with her boys, ages 6 and 3. 


LOUISE "GIL" KING Cavanagh and her husband. John, have a son. 

Charles Gilland. They are living in Lake Oswego. OR. 

MARY HUNTER LEACH has moved to Coming. NY. and is studying 

Shakespeare. She performed in Hong Kong and Taipei. Taiwan, with Landis 

and Company. Man, worked with the Theatre of Magic this summer. 

DI.ANE HEPFORD Lenahan of Dallon. P\. is working part time at the law 

office of Lenaham and Dempsey. She has two daughters. Virginia. 5, and 

Hayley. 2. 

PATRICIA HINES Phoenix lives in Raleigh. NC and has 7-year-old twins. 

Bob and Elisha. She and her husband, Stuart, are expecting their third child 

in November. Patricia has owned an advertising agency for six years. 


LISA ANNE HOWARD Grose lives in Lilbum, GA. She has been a substi- 
tute teacher at the elementary school level, which has become almost a 
full-time job. Her husband. Rob. is an advisory agent marketing representa- 
tive for Software Alternatives. Inc. Lisa's daughter. Anne, is 1 1. 
JANE BRAMMER Jones and her husband. Bob. have a new daughter. Vir- 
ginia Regan. Jane has left her position as membership manager in the 
development department of the Museum of Flight and is volunteering with 
the Seaitle-based Children's Trust Foundation. Bob graduated from law 
school in May 1990 and passed the bar exam in July 1990. He works for the 
Boeing Company in commercial .sales. They live in Renton, WA, and enjoy 
hiking, biking, skiing, and gardening. 

JACQUELYN "JACKIE" BRANCH McAfee and her husband. Tom, have 
moved lo Ellicott City. MD. They have four sons. Jackie still travels to Vir- 
ginia Beach every summer to work in her family's hotel and retail businesses. 
MARGARET "MEG" MERRY McEvoy sold them their house in Ellicott 

SUSAN McKEMY moved to Vienna. VA. after six years in South Carolina 
and Florida, Susan has taken up ski racing, both slalom and giant slalom. She 
has placed in the top four of her group during the finals every year. Her de- 
sire to improve her skiing took her lo New Zealand for four weeks of skiing 
and sightseeing. She went bungy jumping, jet boating, and black water raft- 
ing through a glow worm cave. Susan is also busy with ballroom dancing, 
and water skiing to perfect her slalom technique. 

COLLEEN ANN MULLARKY of Park Ridge, IL, is in graduate school. 
GAYLE HOGG Wells and her husband. Willie, have a new son, George 
Lewis, bom in December 1990. They have another son. William, who is 2. 
Her mother, ROZALIA CRUISE Hogg '78, lives in Waynesboro, VA. 


SUZI PARKER CARSON of Atlanta, GA. is busy settling into a new home 
with her husband. Mark. 4-year-old Reed. Scuffy the dog, and two goldfish, 
Swimmie and George. 

FAHY JARRELL DeWitt and her husband, Gary, are living in Alexandria, 
LA. They have a daughter, Sally Virginia, who is 20 months old. 
BARBARA B. JOHNSON of Charlollesville. VA, is busy with volunteer 
work. In Ihe Albemarle Baplisi Association's 200 years of operation, .she has 
been Ihe firsl female lo hold the position of moderator. The association was 
formed in 1791 . consisting of four churches. Today, there are 43 churches 
consisting of the Southcm Baptist Churches in Charlottesville, Albemarle, 
and Fluvanna and Greene Counties. 


.MAR(;aRET DUDLEY Alford of Alexandria, VA, is news editor for the 

Knight-Kidder/Tribune News Wire in Washington, DC. 

ANN (;RE(;0RY Colligan of Clinton. MA, is enjoying her 2-year-old 

daughter and her job as a middle school math teacher. 

KELLY HUFFMAN Ellis is living in Roanoke, VA. Her husband,, 

has opened his own consulting company. They have 4-ycar-old boy-girl 

twins. Daucr and Jamie. Kelly is busy with Junior League and St. John's 

Episcopal Church and is beginning a career in interior design, while taking 

graduate courses al Virginia Tech. 

MARY "LYNN" TUCJGLE (;illlland of Greenwood, SC, is employed as 

medical office manager lor Greenwood Urological Association. She has a 2- 

year-old son, Mac 

ANN (;RAY of I.VMchburg, VA, married l.oren Graham on June 22, 1991. 

Ann is teaching Spanish and history at the Seven Hills School in Lynchburg. 
MARGARET CHAPMAN Jackson has moved to Charlotte. NC. Her son. 
David, is 16 months old. 

AUDREY ANDREWS Oddi and her husband. Steve, are expecting another 
child in November. Their daughter. Anne Margaret, is 3 years old. Audrey is 
working part time as a medical technologist for a pediatric group practice. 
She also has a rapidly growing cake order business that she runs from her 
kitchen. She creates specialty birthday and special occasion cakes. 
SUSAN WALKER Scola of Arlington. VA, enjoys being at home with her 
2-year-old son, Joseph. This year she has worked part time at the Folger 
Shakespeare Library and was part of a team planning an exhibition about the 
horse during the Renaissance. The exhibition opened in October 1991. Susan 
saw Queen Elizabeth II at the Folger during her visit in May. Susan also co- 
ordinates weddings, and by the end of the summer had completed her 1 50th 

LANGHORNE "LANNIE" MCCARTHY Stinnette of Winston-Salem, 
NC, is expecting her third child in September. She has two daughters, ages 7 
1/2 and 4. 


BRENDA VERONICA BERTHOLF is living in Paris, France. She works 
for Ralph Lauren as director of merchandising for Europe. Brenda received 
"GINI" GATES DiStanislao '84 of Petersburg, VA. She also saw MEL- 
ISSA WEYHER in England. 

MAUREEN CARROLL Burt and her husband. Larry, are living in 
Lemoore, CA. Larry is a Navy F-18 pilot. They have two daughters and a 
son. Maureen is an architect practicing out of her home. 
MARY LOUISE WRAY Conner of Greenville. SC, is working at the Nu- 
Wray Inn in Bumsville, NC. Mary's family has been a part of the Inn for 
several generations. The Inn is known for its hospitality and quality food, and 
is included on the National Register of Historic Places. It has received many 
awards and hosted numerous well-known people. 

JANET LINDSAY DAVIES was married lo Thomas Bovell Beebe on Sep- 
tember 22, 1990. They were married at Janet's parents' home in King 
George, VA. Janet and Tom have purchased a 125-acre fami in Lexington, 
VA. and hope lo move from Washington, DC, very soon. 
PAMELA ANN Hunziker has moved lo Richmond, VA, to attend Virginia 
Commonwealth University. She will be obtaining a master's degree in occu- 
pational therapy. She regulariy sees FRANCES "FRANNIE" HARRIS 
Schwabenton. SUSAN "FLEET" LYNCH Roberts, KATHRYN 
"KATHY" GRAVELY Melo, and AMY TRACY Ingles. 
NANCY HOPKINS Parsons of Lexington, VA, has been promoted lo di- 
rector of development at the Virginia Horse Center. 
SANDRA JEAN KRICHBAUM of Metairie, LA, is executive director of 
Southern Eye Bank. The Southern Eye Bank is dedicated lo providing human 
eye tissue for transplant, research, and education. They cover the southern 
Louisiana area by providing education to medical and lay public. They in- 
crease awareness about donation and transplant, and counsel families in grief 
concerning Ihe potential for donation. Sandra has a registered American Es- 
kimo Spitz named Taxi. 

MELISSA WEYHER has been living in Oxfordshire, England, for the past 
two years. She monitors foreign newscasts for the U.S. government's Foreign 
Broadcast Information Service. She inoved lo Hong Kong in July for her next 
two-year assignment. Her housegucsis in England have included ELIZA- 
of Paris, France; VICKI RENAE COLLINS '8."; of Glen Burnic, MD; 
DiStanislao '84 of Petersburg, VA. 


JENNIFER HALL Costello of Virginia Beach, VA, worked as a technical 
illustrator until Ihe birth of her second son, Tiinolhy. She slays with 
Timothy and her firsl son, Ian, and is looking forward lo returning lo her job 
outside Ihe home. She writes that she might be living in San Francisco .some- 
lime in the future. 

BARBARA "BOBBIE" NICODEMUS Dcnn of Walkersville, MD, has a 
sou, (Jrin Michael, and a new daughter, Rebecca. Barbara is enjoying one of 
Ihe benefits of being a self-employed occupational therapist — an extended 
maternity leave. She attended Maiy Ualdwin for two years and continued her 
education at M.C.V, 

JENNIFER (;iFFORD Little and her husband, Cieoff, are attending Trinity 
Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA. Both will graduate in 1992. 
They have a daughter, Jessica, and a son, Benjamin. 

SUSAN ELIZABETH LITTLE of Providence. RI. finished the MBA pro- 
gram in health care administration In December I 'WO at the University ol 
Rhode Island. She has accepted the position of director of admissions and 
marketing for two nursing and rehabilitation centers in southern Rhode Is- 

DANA FLANDERS McPherson and her husband Taine of Staunton. VA. 
have a new daughter, Charlotte Bayless, their second child and first daughter. 
VIRGINIA •KERRELL" TEA(;ilE Nexsen of Lynchburg, VA. is busy 
raising three children: two boys. ."S and i: and a girl. 20 months. 
PAIGE LOVELACE Quilter of Richmond. VA. was expecting twin girls in 
June. Her .1 year-old daughter was anxiously awaiting their arrival. Paige cur- 
rently works as an account manager for Hanes Hosiery. Inc.. a division of 
Sarah Lee Corp. She is responsible for two major department stores in her 

MARABLE WISE Southall ol Chase City. VA. is a Methodist minister. 
She serves a 288-member church. 


KATHLEEN "KATHY" JONES Flynn of Knoxville. TN. has a 5-year-old 
son named Ryan. 

CAROLYN ENOCHS Mance and her husband. Terrance. just celebrated 
their fourth wedding anniversary. They are building a new home in Dublin. 
OH. Terry works for Ashland Chemical as quality manager at their corporate 
offices. Carolyn works w ith O. C. Tanner out of Salt Lake City. UT. as a 
sales representative. 

PATRICIA KAPNISTOS Siruble. her husband. Roy. and a cat named 
Smokey. live in Faifax. VA. She has just been promoted to senior account 
executive with Falcon Microsystems. Her company sells Macintosh comput- 
ers to the government. For the second year in a row. she has won the annual 
sales trip. This year it is a trip to the Grand Canyon. 

REBECCA WAALEWYN Trayiiir of Raphine, VA. is working at the Vir- 
ginia Horse Center with NANCY HOPKINS Parsons XL Rebecca and her 
sons. Brandon and Ben. ages (i and .'^ live in Rockbridge County. 


ELIZABETH "COLIRTNEY" FOX Day of Richmond. VA. has a new son. 
McGowan Fox. Courtney works for Discovery Toys, selling educational 
toys, games, and books. In January, she earned a trip to Hawaii with the com- 

EDNA LOLISE REMINGTON Johnson and her husband. Mark, of Vir- 
ginia Beach. VA. have a new daughter. Kelly Elizabeth Christiana. Mark, 
who was out with the Ll.S.S. Saratoga as part of Operation Desert Shield 
when Kelly was bom. came home the day she was six months old. Edna 
Louise has worked as the auditor for Kassin Investment Assiuiates for two 

JOANNA CAMPBELL Swan.son and her husband. Barry, live in Chapel 
Hill. NC. Joanna is working as an operations research analyst for the Envi- 
ronmental Protection Agency's Office of Air Quality Planning and 
Standards. In this national office many of the regulations that will result from 
the passage of the Clean Air Ad Amendments of 1990 are being written. 
Barry has coinpleted his master's thesis in architecture and is working in Ra 
leigh for Boney Architects, a Wilmington-based fimi 


MARGARET COLEMAN Billin!>s of RcDondo Beach. CA, has a new son, 

David Price. 

DIANNE PENNIN(;T0N was married on September 15, 1990. to Joe D. 

Henderson. Dianne is a claims specialist with State Farm Insurance. Joe is a 

senior claims representative w ith the same company. They live in Roanoke. 


ELIZABETH W. Tewksbury of Charlotteville. VA, recently became do 

cent at the Bayley An Museum at the University of Virginia. She and her 

hu.sband have been doing a lot of traveling. 


JEANNETTE D. ANDREWS will be attending graduate school this tall. 

Jeannettc will pursue a master's degree in theology at Fuller Theological 

Seminary in Pasadena. CA. It is a two-year program. Jeannettc spent the 

summer with her lamih in Houston. T.\. 

JUDY FINCH I HOMPSON Harper of Forest. VA, received her MBA 

from Averctl in .\pnl l'*'M. She was promoted to environmental engineer at 

Lynchburg Foundry. Archer Creek Plant. 

MICHAEL I), HART of Charlottesville. VA. was promoted to supervisor, 

facilities management at Sperry Marine. Inc. He is responsible for facilities 

engineering and all plant, machinery, equipment, and grounds maintenance. 
Sperry Marine has over I (XX) employees occupying 2X2.500 square feel of 
manufacturing and office space. The company produces marine navigational 
and communications equipment. Michael is also working on an MBA 
through James Madison University. His wife, Stephanie, is asssistant director 
for respiratory therapy at U.Va. Hospital. They have a daughter. Vanessa 
Hart. MBC 92. 

MIWA MATSUO is an investment analyst for Smith. Barney in Tokyo. She 
is planning to get her MBA or a combined MBA/JD and has been accepted at 
several "top-ten" MBA schools. Her ultimate plan is to start a company in 
Japan featuring maternity products for professional women. 
LINDSAY MAGUIRE MITCHELL was mamed in July to Alan G. 
Scarisbnck. The reception was held at her parents' home in Sebastopol. CA. 
Her mother is SHANNON GREENE Mitchell 57 LAI RA RIHL O'Dell 
■X7 was one of her bridesmaids. CAROLYN JOAN S.MITH also attended. 
Lindsay and Alan have bought a home in Dallas. TX. and plan to stay there 
indefinitely. Lindsay works at St. Alcuin Monlessori School, and Alan is an 
associate with Smith Barney. 

DANIELLE MARY ROSSI has moved from New South Wales, Australia, 
to Brooklyn. NV. 


CAROLYN ANNE COATES of Houston. TX. has worked as a stage man- 
ager at Lime Kiln in Lexington. VA. the Theatre Project in Baltimore, and 
TTieatre Under the Stars in Houston. She recently worked on the electrical 
crew at the Alley Theatre in Houston. Carolyn is enrolled at the Art Institute 
of Houston, and will graduate in December 1991. 

KERRI CO.STIGAN Beckert has a new daughter. Katharine Tracy. Kerri 
and her family live in Shofield Bks.. HI. 

ELAINE MARIE EMBLER teaches (bunh grade in Asheville. NC. 
University. She will graduate in May 199.^. with a master's degree in sports 
science and a specialty in sports medicine. Jeanine and Derrick Thomas of 
Mobile. AL. plan to be married on December 2X. 1991, in Houston, TX, and 
will live in Dallas. After completion of her medical education. Jeanine plans 
to specialize in internal medicine. She will also have two subspecialties, 
sports medicine/rehabilitative medicine and gastrtK'nterology. Jeanine has 
been in contact with CHRISTINE "CHRISSI" TILELLI. who lives in 
Florida and is also getting married on December 2X. Jeanine has also been in 
touch with CAROL TAYLOR HORSFORD XX of Rosedale. NV. Carol 
will be married in September. 

MARGARET .STEPHENSON of Richmond. VA. was man-ied on Decem- 
ber 2. 19X9. to Samuel Pruit Simpson V. They now live in Baton Rouge, LA. 
Sam will be attending law school, and Margaret will be teaching elementary 

KAREN BRAXTON TufTord just moved to Memphis. TN. Her husband's 
job 111 sales at Borden foiuls has taken them there. 


YOKO .A.SAI has published a book about her travels around the world fea- 
turing her cspcriences at MBC. 

KIMBFRLY ANN ELLIOTT of Mechanicsville, VA, was married to Jef- 
lrc\ Richard Kandler. on June 29, 1991, CAROLYN ANNE COATES '87 
was her maid of honor, 

ELEANOR McCLENDON Hall is an interior designer for Fabri Centers of 
America, She earned a master's degree in interior design from Savannah Col- 
lege of Art and Design, She was married in June 1990, and is now living in 
Stow, OH. just south of Cleveland. 

KAREN LEABO of Launnburg, NC, participated in the 4.1rd Gemianlown 
Charity Horse Show . About I . IIX) horses were shown, making it one of the 
largest all-breed horse shows in the South. The five-day event benefited Le 
Bonheur Children's Medical Center, 

ELIZABETH ANN "BESS" OHLCiREN was man^ied to Douglas Miller 
on June I, 1991, They live in Cleveland. OH. 

NANCY ANNE ORMSBY lives in Vienna, VA, and is a market analyst for 
Electronic Data Systems (EDS). She was delighted to hear from MAUDE 
"JF;ANINF." HOLMES after losing touch with her for about a year. 
ELLEN UR WO Siherman of Blacksburg. VA. has received a Fulbnght 
Grant to siiuK ,\IDS intervention in Hong Kong, As a doctoral student in ap- 
plied expcnmental psychology at Virginia Tech, Ellen is learning to develop 
research for large scale problems and assess the effectiveness of various in- 
tcrvention strategies. As a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Hong Kong, 
she will try to determine w hy, out of a population of five million, there arc 
only 25 cases of AIDS in Hong Kong, While a student. Ellen has been inter- 
national program specialist with the International Institute of Continuing 

Medical Education. She is also a research specialist at Virginia Tech's man- 
agement systems lab and on the staff of Roanoke Memorial's rehabilitation 
unit. Ellen u ill be lea\ing for Hong Kong in Januan.'. and is taking lessons in 
Cantonese from a fellow student at Virginia Tech. 

MANANII SUZUKI is a marketing representative for Onho Diagnostic Sys- 
tems, a division of Johnson and Johnson, in Tokyo. 

YUMIKO T.\KEUCHI of Toyko. Japan, is pursuing a successful career as 
a fireelance writer. She has published articles in several major Japanese maga- 
zines and is working on a guidebook to Hawaii. 


SHERRI L'i'NN M.AIOLO Cravings of Powhatan, VA. has a new son, 
James ,-\lan, Jr. Sherri is employed by Eagle Industrial Installations, Inc, 
w here she is vice president of computer operations. Eagle allows her to bring 
her son to work every day. 

J.AMIE LEE NEVVBERN-Jones has started work on her second degree, a 
BSN, at [he University of Hawaii. She and her husband live in Kaneohe, HI. 
RIT-A .ALVIS of Central. SC. visited Jamie Lee in July. In August, Jamie 
and her husband celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. They also flew 
to Virginia to visit friends and family. 

CLAR SERI NUMS of Baton Rouge, LA, is working on her master's de- 
gree in counseling from Memphis State University. She is also renovating 
and redecorating her new home. 

CHRISTINE "TINA" WARWICK married Dan "Fitz" Fitzgerald on April 
6. 1991. in Boca Raton. FL. KATHERINE CARTER of Maninsville, VA, 
and PATRICIA "TRICIA" .McNABB of Jacksonville. FL. were brides- 
maids. Tina and Fitz are now living in Coatesville, PA. 


KRISTEN EARNER is still building houses in Ghana, Africa. Her group 
has finally moved into their own homes and are unpacked after many 
months. She has made contact with the Peace Corps, United Nations repre- 
sentatives. World Vision, top government officials of Ghana, Catholic relief 
services and many other organizations. 

AKIKO KAMIMURA of Okayama, Japan, is a broadcaster for Tokyo 
Cable TV. 


SALLIE BELLE WHITENER Gwaltney '61 to Joseph Benedetti, 

November 23, 1990 
MARY JARRATT '64 to William Wyly Dunn, September 29, 1990 
ANN GRAY '80 to Loren Graham, June 22, 1991 
JANET DAVIES '81 to Thomas Bovell Beebe. Septemer 22, 1990 
DIANNE PENNINGTON '85 to Joe D. Henderson, September 15, 1990 
LINDSAY MITCHELL '86 to Alan G. Scarisbrick, June 29, 1991 
M ARCJARET STEPHENSON '87 to Samuel Pruil Simpson V, 

December 2. 1989 
KIMBERLY ANN ELLIOTT '88 to Jeffrey Richard Kandler, June 29, 1991 
ELIZABETH ANN "BES.S" OHLGREN '88 to Douglas Miller, June 1, 
CHRISTINE "TINA" WARWICK '89 lo Dan "Fitz" Fitzgerald, April 6, 




ELIZABETH READ-Connole '74 and Peler: a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, 

January ^\. 1990 
PATRICIA "PATTI" REYNOLDS Cowan '7.5 and Mark; a daughter, 

Carrie Dillanc Cowan, December 28, 1990 
ZOE WAVELL (iottlich '76 and Mark: a daughter, Cccilc Noble, 

December 21. 1990 
LOUISE "(;iL" KIN(; Cavanagh '77 and John: a son, Charics Gilland, 

July 4. 1989 
.lANE BRA.MMER .loncs '78 and Bob: a daughter, Virginia Regan 

Brammer. July6, 1990 
.lACQUELYN BRANCH McAfee '78 and Tom: two sons, John Parker 

Blake. October 2\ 1988; Weston Stafford, January 26. 1991 
(;AIL H0(K; Wells '78 and Willie: a son: George Lewis, December 21, 

.MARY ANN HAMBLIN Getty '79 and Richard: a son, Livingston, 

Sepleniber 17, 1990 
NANCY RANDALL Mackey '79 and J. David: a son, Lewis Randall, 

March 28, 1991 

CAROLYN DEW Gruensfelder '80 and Chris: a daughter, Caroline 

Elizabeth, December 8, 1990 
JENNIFER HALL Costello '82 and William; two sons, Ian Robert, 

November 28, 1987; Timothy Daniel, January 12, 1990 
BARBARA "BOBBIE" NICODEMUS Denn '82 and Milton: a daughter, 

Callie Rebecca, November 13, 1990 
JENNIFER MANTHORPE Mackey '82 and Bart; a daughter, Emily, De- 
cember 1990 
DANA FLANDERS McPherson '82 and R. Fontaine, Jr.; a daughter, 

Charlotte Bayless. July 28. 1990 
STACY STERNHEIMER Smith "82 and John: a son, John Randolph 
SARA MARGARET PENDLETON Tartala '82 and John; a daughter, 

Margaret Pendleton, May 26, 1991 
LINDA MARTIN Graybill '83 and Steven: a son, Steven Edward. August 

16, 1991 
ELIZABETH COURTNEY FOX Day '84 and Whit: a son, McGowan Fox, 

May 3, 1991 
EDNA LOUISE REMINGTON Johnson '84 and Mark: a daughter, Kelly 

Elizabeth Christiana Johnson, October 1 1, 1990 
MARGARET COLEMAN Billings '85; a son. David Price, January 1, 

ELIZABETH SELDEN Brandt '85 and Bucky: a son. Forrest 

Worthington. June 17. 1991 
DONNA MEEKS Peduto '85 and Mark: a son. Brian Mark, July 3, 1991 
KERRI COSTIGAN Beckert '87 and Christopher: a daughter, Katharine 

Tracy. July 19. 1991 
BARBARA WEAKS Sutton '88 and Matthew; a son. Justin Calvin. May 

13. 1991 
SHERRI LYNN MAIOLO Gravins '89 and Alan; a son. James Alan. Jr., 

December 4, 1990 


MINNA BEASLEY Potts '1 1, March 22, 1991 

BESSIE WHITESELL Merwin '13, October 19, 1990 

MARY OGGKlenke' 18. April 13, 1991 

VIRGINIA OVERBY Griswold '21, 1990 

AGNES TERRELL Clegg '23, September 20, 1990 

PAGECOFFMAN '24, July 14, 1990 

MARY ELLEN DAVIS '24, May 1990 

NANCY McNEEL Currence '25, January 26, 1991 

ELIZABETH BOOTH LeGrand '25, May 6. 1990 

THELMA BOWLING Todd '25. August 30. 1990 


CAROLINE KOCHTITZKY '31, February 9. 1991 

SUSAN ROCHE Hoge .34. May 9, 1991 

DOLLY BELCH Hines '36. December 1990 

MARY HEATH Massey '41 

JO RUTH MULLIGAN Locke '48, June 14, 1991 

PATSY STEWART Uehlinger '53, January 9, 1991 

ANN JAMES Dixon '55 

DEBORAH FREEMAN Nixon '61, December 24, 1991 

LINDA GRIFFITH McCray '90. June 28, 1991 

ipiass Notes is compiled and wrillcn by the staff of Ihc Alumnae Office. 
While great care is taken to ensure the accuracy of all information, occasion- 
ally we do make mistakes. Please let us know if you notice errors or 
omissions. Corrections should be addressed lo 

Barbro Hansson '88 ADP 

Project Manager 

Alumnae Activities 

Mary Baldwin College 

Slaunlon, VA2440I 


ADP Profile 

"Mary Baldwin College reawakened my inter- 
est in academic learning." says Zakira Beasley, 
the 1991 Outstanding Adult Degree Program 
Graduate. "The facult) and support statTot MBC 
respect you as an adult learner. They respect the 
tact that you can learn while you work and that 
life experiences are in fact learning experiences... 
They realize you have to raise the kids, work late 
at your job, and maintain a relationship with your 
spouse. They respect you in all your endeavors." 

Zakira Beasley 

Outstanding ADP rjradiiatc of 

hji I). Mlclwllc llitr 


Zakira. who was raised in Portland. Oregon, tried the traditional 
educational route, attending Occidental College straight out of high 
school. "I was just not ready for the four-year program at that point 
in my life." she says. "In 1989 though, after 20 years in the profes- 
sional work force, I decided that I wanted to get my degree." 

Those 20 years were successful years indeed. In 1976. while 
living in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Zakira founded and directed Open 
Hands. Inc.. an agency which provided home care to elderly com- 
munity members. She has since assisted in founding a second Open 
Hands in the Charlottesville, Virginia area, and has served on its 
Board of Directors. She has also worked five years for the 
Charlottesville Community Services Board as both an ottice man- 
ager and a housing administrator. 

Currently Zakira is coordinator of the United Way Child Care 
Scholarship Program in Charlottesville. Through this program she 
assists low income wiirking families with ,^^^_^^^,^^ 

child care. A couple of lines. niodestl\ 
tucked away in the bottom of her resume, 
state that Zakira increased funding for this 
program by 60 percent in the last two years. 
She has also established a child care program 
for high school-age parents through the aus- 
pices of the Child Care Scholarship Program. 

"I really like working with this program," 
says Zakira. "I believe our program is suc- 
cessful because the same person who works 
with clients is the person making presenta- 
tions for funding. 

"1 am the person in personal contact with 
clients by taking and reviewing their 
applications, and I am also the person who 
gives presentations for funding, w rites 
proposals, and asks companies for financial 
aid.. ..I believe that I am in tune with both the 
donating community and the recipients of aid. 

W KsoN M : licim (V4/.'i(l. Raised in 
Portlanil Oregon. Married Van O. 
Beasley 9/1/15. One son, Ben, age 12 
Eduation: B.A. Business 
Administration, Willi Dislinclion. 1991 
Pi Bi.ii' skrvick: Charlottesville, VA, 
Community Services Board - five 
years as office manager and housing 

Foim)Kr/I)ikk( iok: Open Hands. 
Inc., Same Fe, NM. a social service 
agency providing home care to the 
elderly. Also helped found an Open 
Hands in the Charlottesville. VA area. 
Former Board of Directors Member. 
Awards: Who's Who Among 
Students in American Colleges and 

I have an opportunity to express the pros and 
cons of each side to everyone involved in the 
Child C;irc Scholarhip Program." 

So. where does a professional with 20 years 
of public service and a not-so-great track record 
with traditional education gel a college degi^ee? 

Zakira explains, "Well. I knew I needed a 
program that would allow me to work full time. 
study at night, yet offer the flexibility to care 
tor my family, and eat, and sleep.. see how 
complicated it can be for adult students?" 
She adds. "Mary Baldwin College is extremely flexible, and 
that's why they are so successful in the field of adult education. I 
was so honored to receive the Outstanding ADP Ciraduate Award, 
but I don't feel unique. I saw so many other .^DP students in the 
same situation that I was in. ..they have families, jobs, elderlv par- 
ents to care for, but they also want their degrees. Mary Baldw in 
respects them and that shows in the diverse ways they allow you to 

"I took advantage of the advance placement tests, on-campus 
and community college classes, and independent study. It was the 
diversity of the program that allowed me to achieve my goals, and 
the ADP staff respected all these learning styles equally." 

A true product of MBC and believer in its mission of life-long 
learning. Zakira is eager to take new classes, or as she sa\s. "em- 
bark on new learning experiences." 

"I would like to take a course in hand drumming." she says . "I 
have already studied African hand drumming and would like to 
study Mid-Eastern drumming and get my own drum. I would also 
like to take some creative writing courses....! enjoyed doing my 
homework with my son! When I was in the ADP program we 
would study together at the kitchen table, like pals. Thai's some- 
thing I really miss." 

Zakira meditates regularly and explains the for herself 
as not so much a religious one, but a spiritual exercise. "We all 
^^^^^^^__ have a contribution to make to this world and 
we must be spiritually ready to meet chal- 
lenges and overcome them." states Zakira. 

Zakira does seem to have the inner disci- 
pline to successfully accomplish her goals. 
With a job. and the responsibilities of a wife 
and mother. Zakira completed her degree at 
MBC within two years. She still works for 
the Child Care Program and has recentlly ac- 
cepted a position as administration director 
of Republic Research in Charlottesville. Yet, 
Zakira still found lime to speak at MBC's 
spring orientation for new .ADP students. 

"I was honored to speak to the incoming 
adult degree students." she says. "They are 
lucky they chose MBC. because the program 
embraces individual learning styles and 
needs. I'm sure many of these .\DP students 
will be reawakened to academic learning just 
as I was." 



New Items for 1992! 




Enjoy our delightful whice, 
blush, and red table wines 
produced in Virginia's 
Shenandoah Valley by North 
Mountain Vineyard. In honor of 
the College's 150th anniversary, 
the label features the words "Mary 
Baldwin College Sesquicenten- 
nial" and a picture of the 
Administration Building 
(complete with Ham and Jam!). 
These "Classic Country" wines 
will complement any meal. 
Suliite levels are very low. Mix 
and match \-arieties! 


A semi-dry, full-bodied white 
wine made 100% from the Vidal grape, a French hybrid that is fast becoming one 
of Virginia's most popular wine grapes. 


A dry, smooth, full-bodied red wine made from Foch grapes. This French 
hybrid gives a full, fruity nose and crisp finish. Great with Italian foods and 


This semi-sweet wine is made from Chambourcin grapes. It is pressed and 
finished as one does a white wine and has a 2% residual sugar. Very fruity. (3 bottles any combination): Order #M-1; $25.00 

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Perfect for use in our Salt 'n Pepper 
M.achine! From the Herb Pa- h, Ltd. 
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Black lacquer finish and hand-painted 
gold trim combine with timeless design for a 
truly elegant chair. The College seal is featured 
in gold on the back rest. 

Boston rocker, cherry arms: 

Order #J- 1; $240.00 

Boston rocker, black arms: Order #J-2; $230.00 

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An elegant silver- 
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Diane Hillyer Copley '68 is the owner/operator of the Herb Patch, Ltd., a 
Vermont company recognized internationally for its herbs and herb products. 


Virginia artist, Kate Gladden 
Schult: 71 of Winchester, has come 
up with an exquisite drawing of the 
Administration Building for black-on- 
cream note cards on recycled paper. 
Excellent for Thank You notes, 
chapter events, or just writing to your 

Order #X-10, set of ten cards with 
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Our ever-popular cake makes a grand 
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Ireighl charge per CHAIR $40.00 (east of Mississippi) $45.00 (west of 


Please allow 2 - ? weeks fordcliver>' (8 weeks for chairs). 

(.Orders of 20 or more of any item may be purchased at a discount. Please 
contact the Alumnae Office at 703-887-7007 for a wholesale price list. 


The Many' Baldwin Sampler 

Since many of the items in this catalogue arc perishable, the 
Alumnae Association does not maintain a stock of most items. 
The items you order are shipped directly to you from the manu- 
facturer. If you order more than one item, you will not nessarily 
receive your entire order at one time Plr.iv ali.m l-\ weeks ior 
processing yoiit order 


All products featured in our catalogue were selected and tested 
personally by members of the MBC Alumnae AsstKiation Fi- 
nanceCommittee. Ifyourorderdoes not arrive in gixxl condition, 
the Mar>' Baldwin Alumnae Assticiation will expedite a prompt 
replacement of the item. And if you are not satisfied with your 
order for any reason, we will gladly issue a full refund. 

Unda Moriin Gra>bi/I '83 
Chair, FinatKe Commiiiec 
MBC Alumnae .Association 

The MBC Sampler is actively soliciting products made or distrib- 
uted by our alumnae. Please contact ttie Alumnae Association 
Office at 703-887-7007 for information. 



Mary Baldwin Sampler 
Office of Alumnae Activities 
Mary Baldwin College 
Staunton, VA 24401 
Phone: 703-887-7007 



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or MONEY ORDER for $ 

Charge to J Visa □ MasteiCarel 

Credit Card Number Expiration Date 


IfteouMO (Of cntfn cwd purchasn) 

Faculty Notes 

lfT/\fxn of the College James D. Lott has announced the 
_f^ appointment of five new full-time and three adjunct 
faculty members. 

Sally M. Dobyns, fomierly a research assistant at the National 
Research Center on the Gifted and Talented at the University of 
Connecticut, has been appointed assistant professor of education. 
Ms. Dobyns has an A.B. from Morehead State University and an 
M.A. from the University of Connecticut, where she is a Ph.D. can- 

Yukie Eguchi has been appointed lecturer in Japanese. Ms. 
Eguchi has a B.A. from Doshisha Women's College. She was an 
English teacher at Nihon Gaigo Academy and has done private tu- 
toring since 1990. 

Sara Nair James has joined the faculty as assistant professor of 
art. Ms. James is a graduate of Mary Baldwin College, class of 
1969. She has an M.A. from Old Dominion University and is a 
Ph.D. candidate at TTie University of Virginia. Ms. James has taught 
at UVA, Old Dominion, Norfolk State, and Tidewater Community 

Claire T. Kent has joined the faculty of the Adult Degree Pro- 
gram as assistant professor of business (ADP). Ms. Kent has a 
B.B.A. and M.B.A., both from James Madison University. She will 
work primarily in the Charlottesville ADP Center. Prior to joining 
Mary Baldwin, Ms. Kent was on the faculty of Piedmont Virginia 
Community College in Charlottesville. 

Ronald W. Lovelace has been appointed assistant professor of 
religion and acting director of the Preparation for Ministry Program. 
The Rev. Lovelace has a B.A. from King College and the D.Min. 
and Th.M. from Union Theological Seminary. Prior to his appoint- 
ment at Mary Baldwin, he was clinical pastoral education 
supervisor and chaplain of the Health Sciences Center at The Uni- 
versity of Virginia. He and his wife. College Chaplain Pat Hunt, 
have also been co-pastors at churches in Tennessee and West Vir- 

Katharine M. G. Fran/.en has been appointed adjunct instruc- 
tor in history. Ms. Franzen, who is a Ph.D. candidate at The 
University of Virginia, has an M.A. from St. Andrews University. 

.John A. Kunkle, A. I. A., who is principal architect at Frazier 
Associates in Staunton, has been appointed adjunct instructor of art. 
Mr. Runkle earned a B.A. through Mary Baldwin's Adult Degree 
Program and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of 
Tennessee. He will be teaching architectural drafting. 

Dr. Terry Williams, chairman and professor of theatre at West- 
cm Michigan University, will join the faculty for the spring term as 
adjunct professor of theatre. Xix. Williams, who is on sabbatical, 
will teach a section of Theatre 217 (Great Plays) and will direct the 
musical. Oui Iters, 

Dr. Stevens (iarlick, associate professor of German (ADP), 
gave two lectures in early June under the auspices of Autonomous 
University of Guadalajara, Mexico. His presentations, simulta- 

neously translated into Spanish, were "Commercial Relations be- 
tween Mexico and an Expanding European Community" and "The 
Ramifications for Mexico of a North American Free Trade Agree- 

Dr. Michael Gentry, assistant professor of mathematics, at- 
tended a two-week Technology Strategies Workshop at Ohio State 
University during the summer. The workshop addressed the use 
ofsymboliccomputer algebrasystems (Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, 
Derive) in the mathematics curriculum. 

At the annual meeting of the American Psychological Associa- 
tion in San Francisco, Dr. Diane Ganiere, associate professor of 
psychology (ADP), presented "A Game for Engaging Listeners in 
One Lecture." Dr. Ashton Trice, assistant professor of psychology, 
made two presentations: "The Role of Career Self-Efficiency in 
College Women's Job Search" and "Health Locus of Control and 
AlDS-related behavior." 

Dr. Roderic Owen, associate professor of philosophy (ADP) 
led a two-day workshop on "Education & Ethics" for North Caro- 
lina professors of education in early June. Dr. Owen also directed 
the ADP Summer Residential Week. 

Dr. Steve IMosher, associate professor of political science and 
director of the Health Care Administration Program, presented 
"Health Care Reform: Initiatives at the State Level" at the [Vir- 
ginia] Governor's Conference on Aging in Richmond. At the 
Institute on Dimensions in Leadership spon,sored by UVA and Vir- 
ginia Hospital Association, Dr. Mosher led two workshops: "Team 
Building: Motivating and Developing Your Employees" and "Ne- 
gotiating to a Win-Win Conclusion." 

Dr. Virginia Francisco, associate dean for special programs, 
traveled to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bogota, and Caracas in late 
summer to recruit students for the College's expanding cultural im- 
mersion programs. Programs for South American students have 
been designed to take place on the Mary Baldwin campus in winter 
months, when those students are on holiday from school in their 
own countries. 

Dr. David Mason, assistant professor of political science, pre- 
sented a paper, "Eric Voegelin's Reflexive Thinking In Plato's 
Metaxy," at the annual American Political Science Association 
meeting in Washington, DC, this summer. 

.lanet Wilkins, assistant professor of art, attended the University 
of Tennessee's foreign program held in London during the summer. 
Ms. Wilkins completed two courses in British design. 

Dr. Mary Hill Cole, assistant profes.sor of history, was one of 
l.'i college professors selected to participate in an NEll sponsored 
Summer Institute titled "Ceremony and Text in the Renaissance" at 
the Folgcr Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC. 

Dr. (Jary Diver, assistant professor of physics, has participated 
in a National Science Foundation workshop exploring interactive 
methods of teaching introductory physics at Dickinson College in 
Carlisle, PA. 



^^ ^. -m: f>S^ 

Back of plaic 

StiitToidshiic Plate 

Lovely Staffordshire plate 
produced in England for the 
Sesquicentennial. A reproduction 
of one sold yearsago. the plate 
features a nostalgic image of the 
historic Administration Building. 

$40 postage paid 


Elegant bookends replicate 
Ham and Jam, familiar sentinels 
at the steps of the Administration 
Building. Cast iron in handsome 
verdigris finish. Reissued by 
Virginia Metalcrafters of 
Waynesboro, Virginia. 

$50 pr. postage paid 

ricldiiiil llisloiv 

This attractive volume of 
contemporary and archival 
photographs will be offered to 
alumnae and friends of the 
College through a special mailing 
directly from Harmony House 
sometime in the fall. All orders 
and billing for the pictorial 
history will be handled by 
Harmony House and not the 

$42. 75 postage paid 


4 2-1992 

Mary Baldwui College 

Ses(iuicenteiini;il Meiiioialiilia 

OKDKI! i'dlt.M 



■'hdiir Ihwiri 

Stale _ 
l)/p,r |_ 


\h Mi'.CCI.iss >VaM.s 





Q Slaffordshire plate 


□ Ham and .lam bodkonds 


Sui) Total 

Va. Rcsidcnt.s add 4 /,^ % sales tax 

Grand Total 

.Ship In: Hl'diffririil fi-diii iihoir) 


(ah Stall' Zip 

Cill Caril Mi'ssai,'!' sliiiiild .sav: 


U LllllcllrldSlll^MillcclMil I1IUIIC\ i.r(lcr|ia\.llilr|.,\lin |;.iI(I\MI1 i:nlir;.n'.S'N|ljiirnli'lllli^ll 

llhai-cld: □ Vis,a □ Ma.stiTllani lApii.iImn Hair 

Card Number 


Rii/iiini/ for rni/it riinl /iii nliiixiv 

Thank von for vour onicr. 

liiliiiii lhi> (iiilcr loiin tcK (Mcirsc McCnni'. l)ircilor<il'SpiMiairnijiTl.s 
Nhin liahlwiii Colhrr 
Slaniih.n. V.\ JUOI 

7ii:! s.s7-7n| | 

(Urii.l. I .s|. iiM.'l 

D.ilrDr.hi li,T( 
D.Llr I'KMCs.srd 


The Value of Programs 
International Students 

by Ashton D. Trice and Shirley Y. Rawley 

ABOVE: Students in the 
1991 Sakae Program. 

"Thank you so much for 
taking care of us. We never 
forget your kindness, and we 
do respect that you have a 
strong sense of responsibility 
to control us w/armly." 
Excerpt from a letter written 
by a summer program 
student now in a Boston 

"I hope to study my major 
as soon as possible; 
however, I have not gotten 
used to the new environment 
yet, so I miss you and MBC." 
In a letter Irom a student now 
in college in Kansas. 

For a number of years, Mary Baldwin College has attracted international 
students. Some study on campus for just a year, while others become fully 
integrated into the broad range of campus experiences and complete their degrees here. In ad- 
dition, the College offers two summer programs students, one of which involves 
a month-long slay on campus for students from Doshisha Women's College. The other pro- 
gram is designed for students who will study in American colleges and universities, several of 
Ihem at Mary Baldwin. This program is seven weeks of intensive preparatory work during 
which participants study English language, are introduced to live college courses, and, most 
iniportanlly, are immersed in American college life and culture. 

After work on campus, the next stage of involvement for students in both summer pro- 
grams is a homestay period. Some students visit families in places as far-flung as Wyoming, 
Boston, or New York, but most stay in Staunton, Richmond, or Roanoke. Upon completion of 
ihe homestay, the Doshisha students relurn to Japan and the other students move out across 
the United States to enroll in different colleges and universities. 

Understanding Ihe value of Ihe programs to international students and to Ihe college com- 
munity in which they visil requires answers (o parallel questions: Why do these young people 
come lo the United Stales lo study, and what is Ihe impact on members of the college commu- 
nity who work closely with international students? 

Why Do Studknts Comk To Thk Umikd Statks? 

Historically Ihc most common reason international students come to the United States is 
to develop English language skills. Students planning careers in English language teach- 
ing, in foreign service, or in businesses which deal extensively with American companies 
need to become comfortable with idiomatic conversational language and to be skillful in 
the technical language of their field. In a survey conducted this summer by a Mary Baldwin 
staff member, half of the 7 1 Japanese students on campus listed development of English 
language skills as the primary reason they came to America to study. 

For international students, the American university system also offers expanded oppor- 
tunities in other areas: thus, today's international student population also includes a new 
breed who comes for the formal programs that do not exist in great numbers or are nonex- 
istent in their country. Among the Japanese students this past summer were a significant 
number who indicated no special interest in English langugage, but who wanted to study 
art, business, media communications, counseling, and women's studies. 

What Can Amkrican Tkachkrs Gain From Workin(; 
With International Students? 

Every member of the I'^M leaching staff of one of the summer programs expressed ap- 
preciation for the dedication, determination, and politeness of the international students. 
Discussions with faculty during the teaching sessions also reveal the challenges of teaching 
familiar topics to students who do not have the same language or the same cultural or 
knowleilge base. 

To teach international students requires a leexamination of teaching habits and is a les- 
son in communication strategies. Clarity of purpose and delivery coupled with the desire to 
reach students who stand on the fringes of effective language consutnption are necessary 
for successful teaching in international programs. And in a college like Mary Baldwin, 
which emphasizes individual attention to all students, the practice of accommodating a dif- 
ferent type of student holds obvious value. 

Teachers of international students also gam considerable insight into the \ alucs of other 
cultures. One of the more telling examples of this occurred this suntmer as one of the coun- 
selors watched delighted students celebrate the arrival of a package of food from Japan. 
The students, as was customarv, were eating out of the same bowl with the same set of 

The counselor, with what he thought was great tact and cultural sensitivity, mentioned 
that Americans, because of concern about communicable diseases, usually did not share 
dishes and eating utensils. He suggested that the Americans students, with whom they 
would soon live and share meals, might think their behavior disturbing. 

The student in whose room the parly was taking place looked at the counselor and said, 
"I understand. You are offended by our behav lor like I am offended that you are wearing 
your shoes in my room." 

People who work with international students may come away from that experience with 
a profoundly changed view of their own culture. It is particularly interesting to examine lo- 
cal customs and institutions from the fresh eye of the international student. In fact, simply 
answering all the "why" questions of these students can be an education in American cul- 
ture, l-'or example, why do Americans have beauty contests for babies ' Whv ilo .American 
students go to parties every weekend? Why do Americans say "yes" when lhc\ icalK mean 
"maybe "? Why do Americans tolerate so much crime.' 

For those who teach international students, their presence enriches our lives as it forces 
introspection. They make us evaluate our teaching techniques and give greater consider- 
ation to the frame of reference of those to whom we wish to transfer knowledge. For those 
of us who teach at a college like Mary Baldwin with its emphasis on individual attention to 
students, the practice is invaluable. And as these students question us with innocent curios- 
ity and respect about our customs and values, they make us realize that we live in a global 
communitv that is not enlirelv American. 

"Meeting various people 
who have various thoughts, 
opportunity to work hard in a 
theatre, getting a tough spirit." 
A student s responses on a 
questionnaire being used to 
help determine reasons for 
studying in ttie United States. 

"In attempting to explain 
language usage to the 
students, I was confounded by 
the sloppiness of my own 
language habits." From a 1991 
staff member. 

"In economics class the 
teacher is very kind to us, 
because he always writes about 
the contents of his speech on 
the blackboard before he starts 
the lecture. Excerpt from a 
letter from a student now in a 
West Virginia college. 

"One of the main 
challenges for me in teaching 
Japanese students is that I 
do not have a very good 
developmental gauge for 
them. I cannot look at them 
and tell their age. and I am 
constantly talking to them as 
if they were fifth graders. I 
had to keep reminding myself 
that I was talking to a group 
of very sophisticated adults." 
From a 1991 Staff member 

"My classes started from 
last Monday. Though my 
classes are hard. I will try. I 
had a good time at Mary 
Baldwin College. I would like 
to see you there again." 
Excerpt from a letter written 
by a student now in college in 

Ms. Rawley is associate 
professor of communications 
at Mary Baldwin and was 
director of ttie 1991 Sakae 
Institute: Dr. Trice is 
assistant profesor of 
psycfiology and was a tutor 
in ttie same program. In 
addition to programs for 
Japanese students, the Office 
of Special Programs is 
developing cultural 
immersion programs for 
students from other 
countries, particularly in 
South America. These 
students will have the 
opportunity to study on the 
Mary Baldwin campus during 
winter months their schools 
are on holiday. 


Sesquicentennial Campaign 



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Algernon Sydney Sullivan 

Carole Lewis Anderson 
Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
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Mrs. Joseph L. Bamett 
Beverley Estes Bates '64 
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Martha Bamett Beal '53 
Russell J. Berry (D) 
Lucretia Davidson Beach (D) 
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Mary L. B. Birdsong(D) 
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Andrew J. Brent 
Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles 
EliaDurrBuck '50 
C&P Telephone Company of Virginia 
Susan Warfield Caples '60 
Carpenter Foundation 
Margaret Anderson Carr '67 
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Chiles 

Frances Hafer Chiles '55 
Churches Homes Foundation 
Justice and Mrs. George M. Cochran 
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Crestar Foundation 
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Dr. and Mrs, John W. Deming 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
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Donovan Family 

Dreyfus Foundation 

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T. David Fitz-Gibbon Charitable Tmst 

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Patricia Andrew Goodson '51 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

Julia Leggett Grant (D) 
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Helen K. Groves 
The Gwalhmey Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers Hall 
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Mr. (D) and Mrs. John S. Hinckley 

Anne Holman Hinckley "34 
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Susan Baughman Homar '74 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Shirley Hayncs Hunter '24 
Beverly Grear Hurt "61 
Henry C. Ikcnbcrry Jr. 
Elizabeth Lindsay Jones "69 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Dorothy Douglass Kellam "36 
The Right Reverend and Mrs. 
Christoph Keller 

Caroline Murphy Keller "42 
Gail McLennan King "69 
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Marguerite Fulwiler Livy " 1 7 (D) 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck, 111 
Charlotte Jackson Lunsford '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Lutken Sr. 

Melissa Turner Lutken "46 
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Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Massey Foundation 
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Mr. and Mrs. R. Milton McMullan 
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Mr. and Mrs. Don D. Montgomery 
Patty Joe Mahony 
Montgomery "37 (D) 

Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Moore Sr. 
Dorothy Baughan Moore "40 

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Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mon-is III 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Myrick 
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Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Nottingham Jr. 
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Nottingham '56 

Children of Elsie Carleton 
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Frank R. Pancake 

William G. Pannill 

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Richmond Chapter MBC Alumnae 

Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
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Seth Sprague Educational & 

Charitable Trust 
Shuford Mills Inc. 
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Tull Foundation 
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Lettie Pale Whitehead Foundation 
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Mary Baldwin College 

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by Charles S. Luck III 

This Ci)llcge, iKiw celebrating its 150111 
year, has been built on the wisdom and 
vitality of the likes of Rufus Bailey and 
Mary Julia Baldwin. Yet, while we 
celebrate these two leaders in particular, 
the growth of the College throughout its 
long, distinguished history, has been 
made possible by the contributions and 
support of many people. 
As Mary Baldwin College moves into the decade of the 
lyyOs and beyond, this support becomes increasingly 
important, because the College must buiki a subsianlial 
endowment. Endciwment is the 
College's margin of excellence, 
enabling it to strengthen existing 
programs and to develop new ones. 
Endowment is also vital for the 
heart of the College, our faculty. It 
is, after all, the faculty who 
provide, through their teaching and 
scholarly activity, one of the finest 
academic programs in this country. 
Endowment enables the College to 
provide academic chairs, 
lectureships, sabbatical leaves, and 
scholarly travel. A substanlial 
endowment will also allou us to 
keep faculty salaries competitive 
and high enough to attract and 
retain distinguished scholars. 
In U>S,'S, the endowment ot 
Mary Baklwin College stood at 


%l 1.5 million, placing the College woefully behind some of 
it nearest competitors. Since June of 1985, those who support 
the College have increased the tund by 58,051,302 — 69.5 

Thus, the endowment has reached $19.6 million, not 
including pledges for future commitments, a good 
loundation tor this most important of all the College's 
building projects. The work must continue, however, so that 
Mary Baldwin can maintain its momentum and retain its 
vitality and ability to respond lo the changing needs of 

In the past, we have compared our endowment to that 
of similar institutions, and ue ha\e 
found ourselves lacking. Now . as 
we look to the future, we must look 
at how far we have come in the past 
six years, and from this success, 
draw inspiration to sustain the 
momentum lor growth and change. 

The success of the past five 
\c.irs has shown us that we can 
build an endowment for this 
College. Lacking are we' I think 
not, for the commitment and 
dedication of those w ho are 
supporting Mary Baldwin College 
are w ithout equal. 

'85 "86 '87 '88 '89 '90 

Charles S. Luck III Is chairman of the 
Board of Trustees of Mary Baldwin 
College. His daughter, Cynthia Luck 
Haw, graduated from Mary Baldwin in 

ABOVE The 1991 Admissions Volunteer 
Excellence award was presented to Jane 
Townes '69 during Fall Leadership 
Conference. Left to right: Agnes Cooper 
71, Admissions Committee; Jane 
Townes '69, Shelbyville, Tennessee; and 
Cynthia Knight Wier '68, Chair, 
Admissions Committee. 



(number of students by type, fall of each year) 

Traditional ■ PEG 
D Non-Degree D ADP 

87 '88 '89 '90 


G/X eeping enrollmcnl up when the population of available students is going down is an enormous challenge. 
Mary Baldwin is winning, however, thanks to a dedicated admissions staff and volunteers who share the good news 
of Mary Baldwin College with prospective students. Student recruitment is enhanced by the efforts of admissions 
volunteers - faculty, staff, students, and, especially, alumnae and parents of current and former students. They have 
personal insight into life and learning at this remarkable college and can identify students who will benefit most 
from the Mary Baldwin experience. 

Please call or write for information about becoming an admissions volunteer. 
Harriet B. Kunkle Elaine B. Liles 

Director of Admissions Executive Director of 

Volunteers Admissions 

703.K87.7007 70.1.887«702.1 

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