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President's Message 

I Xiring the October Leadership Weekend, Presi- 
dent Cynthia H. Tyson addressed alumnae, 
friends, and parents concerning the recent na- 
tional publicity on Mary Baldwin Ct)llege's pro- 
posal to develop the Virginia Women's Insti- 
tute for Leadership. In her comments, Dr. Tyson 
clarified many issues that have been of concern 
to alumnae and friends. We are plea.sed to share 
her comments in The Mary Baldwin Magazine. 

Last year the courts ruled that the Com- 
monwealth of Virginia must - quite 
rightly - provide women with to 
premier leadership education comparable to 
that available to men at the Virginia Military 
Institute. The Commonwealth's alternatives 
are to admit women to the Virginia Military 
Institute, create a parallel program for women, 
go private, or offer a "creative option." 

Mary Baldwin College has proposed the 
Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership as 
the "creative option" that will provide women 
with an exciting new opportunity and 
increase diversity in higher education. 

It is increasingly clear to us that women 
must prepare in new and challenging ways for 
what lies ahead in the 21st century. Young 
women in settings like Mary Baldwin College, 
women who are diligent, competitive, and 
confident, know that much of the leadership 
of the future will lie with them. These women 
are ready, not to crack the so-called 'glass 
ceiling,' but to crash through it as leaders in 
the private and public sectors, which include 
the military. 

As it seeks to provide leadership education 
for women with outcomes comparable to 
those at the Virginia Military Institute, the 
Commonwealth is proposing a three-part 
plan. First, Virginia Tech's coeducational 
ROTC program would receive additional 
funding to strengthen it, so that a coed 
program would exist equal to that which 
would be available if VMI went coed. Second, 
VMI would remain as a single-sex institution 
tor men. Third, Mary Baldwin would create 
the Virginia Women's Institute tor Leadership 
that the College would design and offer under 
contract to the Commonwealth. Thus, the 
state would provide leadership education for 
young women and men in coeducational and 
single-sex settings. 

Our focus, of course, is on the leadership 
program, which will he entirely independent 
ot the the Virginia Military Institute. The 
curriculum will be designed by Mary Baldwin 
faculty, who overwhelmingly supported this 
program in a recent vote when 52 faculty 
members approved the concept, 8 opposed it, 
and 3 abstained. 

This is not a revolutionary concept at Mary 
Baldwin College. Indeed, for more than 150 
years we have been educating and developing 
women leaders. It is, however, a very bold step 
on the part of the Commonwealth to accept 
our proposition that a forward-looking and 
innovative leadership program for women can 
be developed best by women and experts in 
women's education. 

Let me emphasize here that I could not 
support this program if I did not firmly believe 
that Mary Baldwin's women will have access 
to the networks that have been exclusively 
male at the Virginia Military Institute, and 
that there will be equality of opportunity for 
women as a result ot our work in this 
leadership program. Mary Baldwin's career 
counselors and alumnae will labor coopera- 
tively with their counterparts at the Virginia 
Military Institute to assure equal opportunity 
for women in the Virginia Women's Institute 
for Leadership. 

What will the curriculum be? It is still in 
the planning stages, but we do know women 
would enter the same way as women always 
enter Mary Baldwin College. They would 
study the foundational liberal arts and take a 
core of leadership courses that emphasizes 
analytical and quantitative skills, values and 
ethics, and case studies of leadership. We also 
imagine a strengthened physical education 
program. Students in the Virginia Women's 
Institute for Leadership would also have four 
years of ROTC training. The leadership 
curriculum will be available to all of our 
women, not just those under contract to the 
Commonwealth, and, therefore, an enhance- 
ment to the total College. 

The financial structure of the program 
would require the Commonwealth to provide 
an appropriation to each woman in the 
Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership 
equal to that provided to each male in the 
Virginia Military Institute, approximately 
$5,600 annually. Mary Baldwin College would 
contract to provide services to the Common- 
wealth in a public-private partnership, not 
unprecedented by any means. 

The other part of the financial struc- 
ture has many precedents, too. Whenever 
any new program is planned at the 
College, we seek external funding. For 
example, for the innovative and unique 
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted and 
the Health Care Administration major, we 
sought external funding and found it, and 
those very fine programs were established at 
Mary Baldwin College. 

In this case, the private Virginia Military 
Institute Foundation - not the state-supported 
institution - will allocate funds to plan and 
support this program, a total of $6.9 million to 
plan and support this program for women, to 
fund capital expenditures and scholarships, 
and to establish a program endowment. 

The Virginia Women's Institute for 
Leadership is a further step in the evolution of 
Mary Baldwin College as a leader herself in 
women's education. It is also a way to protect 
single-sex education, which is under chal- 
lenge. If the Virginia Military Institute is 
forced to become coeducational, every single- 
sex institution which receives state or federal 
funding (virtually all) will he in peril. 

Mary Baldwin College is here to say that 
we believe in single-sex education, that it is 
vital to the mix of educational options for 
our young people in the Commonwealth of 
Virginia and throughout the nation. The 
strength of American higher education lies 
in its diversity — public and private, two- 
year and four-year, liberal arts colleges and 
research universities, and coeducational and 
single-sex settings. 

A leadership program at Mary Baldwin will 
increase that diversity. Our program will be 
designed by experts in women's leadership 
education and designed to use educational 
methods proven to benefit women. What 
could better prepare our young women for the 
uncertainties and challenges they will face as 
they shape the future — regionally, nationally, 
and on a global scale? 


Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

The Magazine 



Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

Editorial Advisory Board 

Laura Catching Alexander '71. Chair 
Executive Director, Alumnae Activities 

Claire Garrison '90 ADP 
Croze t, Virginia 

Dr. James Harrington 
Associate Professor of Adult Studies 

Barbro Hansson '88 ADP 
Director of Alumnae Projects 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Edinburg, Virginia 

B. Richard Plant 
Assistant Professor of English 

Yvonne Pover 
Arlington, Virginia 

Mar>' Lane Dudley Purtill '67 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Shirley Y. Rawley 
Associate Professor 
of Commu 


Mary Jo Shilling Sharmon '53 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr. Ashton Trice 
Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Allison Young '87 

Assistant Director for 

Program Advancement 

Program for the Exceptionally Gifted 


Ann White Spencer 

Art Director 

Donald J. Crotteau 

Assistant Editor 

Michelle Hite Martin 

Production Assistant 

Amy Galovic 

Cover Illustration 

Donald J. Crotteau 

The Mary Bcddivin Magcuine 

is published by 

Mary Baldwin College 

Office of College Relations 

Staunton, VA 24401. 

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Mary Baldwin College 

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Discovering the Ansvs/^ers 

2 An interview with Dr. Lundy Pentz and Dr. Elizabeth Rairheld: 
why young women excel in single-sex labs .and classrooms 


President's Message 

8-14 Campus News 

16 Campus AND Alumnae Notes 

18 Faculty Notes 

20 Alumnae News 

24 Chapters In Action 

29 S.ampler 

Mary Baldwin College does not discriminate on the basis of sex (except that men are admitted only as 

ADP arui graduate students) , race, rmtional origin, color, age or disability in its educatiorml programs, 

admissions, co-curricular or other activities, and employment practices. Inquiries may be directed to 

Dean of Students, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA 24401 ; phone (703) 887-7028. 

Discovering the Ansvs^ers 

Young women excel in single-sex labs and classrooms 

I tatistics from the Women s College Coalition 

reinforce what we know at Mary Baldwin College: women's college 

graduates are leaders and high achievers . They are more than twice as 

' [ikel^i to receive doctoral degrees as female graduates of coeducational 

; schools. About 75 percent of women's college graduates are in the work 
force and half of them are in traditionally male-dominated fields at the 
higher end of the pay scale, such as medicine, law or management. 
Though American popular culture continues to dissuade girls and young women from 
careers in math and science, women's college grads are two to three times more likely to 
go to medical school than are women at coed institutions. What special conditions 
produce such high self-confidence and achievement in young women, particularly in 
the sciences? Professor of Chemistry Dr. Elizabeth M . Hairfield and Associate Profes- 
sor of Biology Dr. Lundy Pentz have discovered some of the answers. Dr. Hairfield, 
recently appointed to the Caroline Rose Hunt Distinguished Chair in the Natural Sci- 
ences , joined the Mary Baldwin College faculty in 1970, soon after earning her Ph.D. 
from Bryn Mawr College . She received her B .S . from Wheaton College and her master's 
degree from the Bedford (Women's) College of the University of London. Dr. Pentz 
joined Mary Baldwin 's faculty in 1980 and earned his B . A . and Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins 
University. He directs the Young Women in Science Program (page 7). 

The percentage of majors in "economics , 
math, and the life sciences is higher in 
women's colleges today than it is even for 
men at coeducational colleges , " according 
to information provided by the Women's 
College Coalition. What do women dis- 
cover in the science labs at a women's col- 
lege that they do not find in a coed setting? 

Dr. Hairfield: I think there are two 
answers. One is what women would 
find in any women's college and the 
other is what they would find at Mary 
Baldwin. We think we are unique in 
several ways, even among women's col- 
leges. First and most obvious, students 
find no men at a women's college, 
which means they do everything them- 
selves. They don't have any temptation 
to fall into the pattern, '1 help you, hut 
you basically lead the experiment, you 

basically are the designer.' Certainly, 
when I was in high school, I found it 
eas^' to tall into that pattern. At that 
time I didn't even know that I had the 
capacity to do it myself. The unique 
aspect of Mary Baldwin's program is 
largely due to the work of my prede- 
cessor, E)r. James Patrick. He had 
worked in industry and noticed that 
most of the bachelor's-level chemists 
were women and the women's lab 
skills were weak. He made lab a for 
more important part of our program 
than it is at most institutions. In the 
33-hour major, which is the Uberal arts 
major, students take three full-year 
lecture courses that have laboratories: 
three hoxirs lecture, three hours labora- 
tory. And they take a fourth full-year 
course - a total laboratory experience - 
to complete their senior research. At 
the time I came here no other institu- 
tion was putting that many of a 
student's hours into laboratory work. 
Dr. Patrick introduced more open- 
ended labs, so students on the first day 
are involved in a discovery approach, 
not simply repeating lOO-year-oId ex- 
periments just to get the same data. 

Dr. Pentr: An advantage or a 
women's college is that it's usually 
small, and it's possible to have many 
labs. Of course, it's in the labs that you 
really do science. ^Tien I was a teach- 
ing assistant we had 27 faculty in biol- 
ogy and they offered only about five 
undergraduate courses at any given 
time. It was an unusual year if more 
than one of those courses had a lab, 
and the labs would have 50 or 60 stu- 
dents in them, which is not very con- 
ducive to real learning. Another ad- 
vantage of women's colleges is that you 
don't have the situation that I was be- 
ginning to notice in graduate school. 
In labs men and women will tend to 
team up, but tor reasons I still really 
don't understand, the women often 
end up being the record keepers. They 
are the ones who are told, 'Alright 

YoMJig Women in Science participants examine samples taken from St. Jvlary's 
the George Wos/ifngton Nctdiynal Forest dterin^ a f.eM biology experiment. 

River i 

now, you write all this down.' The 
men will rush in to use the equipment. 
It's an unfortunate situation, and I've 
seen it regularly. Here women have to 
be the ones to work with the equip- 
ment as well as keep the records 
because they are the only ones to 
do it. ... At Mary Baldwin College the 
senior research project is independent 
research with a formal thesis presenta- 
tion and a defense before the faculty. 
Many of our students have the experi- 
ence equivalent to a master's coming 
out. Of course, they end up closely 
mentoring with one or more of the 
faculty. Mentoring is a trendy concept 
now, but I think you might say what 
makes real mentoring possible is what 
we do not have here. We do not have 
a graduate program, and we do not 

have a publish or perish mentaUty. 
The administration is ob'viously de- 
Ughted as are all the faculty when a 
colleague does publish, but it's under- 
stood that our mission is teaching. We 
don't have our own lines of research to 
bring in big grant money. A student 
comes to me and says, 'What can I do 
for my senior project;' and I say, 
'What are you interested in doing? We 
cobble together a project out of her in- 
terest and ideas and then my experience 
helps correct and refine the design. In 
the end it's the student's project, not 
mine. If I had my own line of research 
that I had planned out and I just incor- 
porated the student into it as a pair of 
hands, there wouldn't necessarily be a 
good mentoring relationship. 

z^a^y: DoTwId], CTOSSSia:* 

What do you have to say to the argu- 
ment that college is a training ground for 
the "real world," and women should be in 
coed settings in the classroom and in the 
labs, "competing" with men as they will in 
professional settings? 

Dr. Pentz: Those claims don't bear 
up under careful examination. On one 
level you could argue that the real 
world includes sexual harrassment. 1 
don't think we're under any obligation 
to model that. I do think we're under 
an obligation to provide an environ- 
ment in which people can really learn 
how to think and function in a way 
that will make them effective in the 
real world. The competition is there 
but, admittedly, there in a very different 
way in a women's college. Women - and 
I speak as a convert, as I didn't use to 
believe this - women do tend to natu- 
rally work on a cooperative model, and 
this makes them terrific in research 
teams when they get out. Very often the 
male instinct to compete is very de- 
structive. So it's out there but 1 don't 
think we need to teach our students to 
model it. In fact, we get along very 
nicely, as their experience in graduate 
school and in the working world shows 
us, by simply avoiding that. In the end, 
they are able to cope with the nasty sort 
of real world stuff, and that's because of 

the inner strength they get in a place 
like this. We routinely get letters from 
graduate schools asking if we have any 
more students like so and so and to 
please send them. My wife is over at the 
University of Virginia in the medical 
school there, and the labs around her 
research area have gotten to know Mary 
Baldwin students. They are very im- 
pressed with their ability. 

Dr. Hairfield: 1 guess some people 
think that in a single-sex setting 
you're not going to be prepared for 
life because you're going to think that 
you run the world, and then when you 
get out into the real world, you'll find 
you don't run it. Well, you can com- 
promise a whole lot better when you 
understand your own strength. The 
people who won't compromise are the 
people who are afraid that if they do 
there will not be anything left of 
them. So, when our students have real 
confidence in themselves, they are 
not afraid to compromise. They get 
out into the real world and negotiate 
with men; they negotiate as people 
who understand the reasons they be- 
lieve what they believe. If they are 
convinced that there is some good 
reason to take a different position or 
to disagree, they will do it. Our gradu- 
ates have no difficulty in the job mar- 

ket. They have experienced some 
resistence in graduate schools because 
some settings are actually antiwomen. 
They admit women to show they are 
not biased, and then they apply subtle 
pressures to put them out. Our women 
are better prepared for this, too, because 
they have self-confidence. They are 
used to being treated with respect, and 
they take it very badly when they are 
not treated respectfully. 

The Program for the Exceptionally 
Gifted gives you a unique opportunity to 
interact with intellectually talented, young 
women (some as young as twelve years 
old) . Of PEG graduates , 2 out of 3 have 
pursued graduate studies in math and sci- 
ence. Do you see evidence that the Ameri- 
can culture has dissuaded them from con- 
sidering careers in math and science before 
they arrive at Mary Baldwin? 

Dr. Pentz: The career dissuasion is 
pervasive in our culture. I don't know 
whether it's children's tendency to 
categorize or not, but my six-year-old, 
when she was five, came home from 
kindergarten and informed me that 
boys could grow up to be doctors but 
girls grew up to be nurses. I looked at 
her, and I said, 'Tell me, who is your 

She said, 'Betsy Pinkston.' 

'Is she a boy or a girl?' 

'She's a girl.' 

'Is she a doctor?' 

'Yes, she's a doctor.' 

'Well, now, do you want to rethink 
this about girls can't be doctors?' 

She had just absorbed this from the 
culture. I think our PEG students re- 
ceive the same negative influence re- 
garding career options because that 
seems to occur very early. What they do 
not have is quite so much negative in- 
fluence from the actual experience of 
learning science. It's almost overwhelm- 
ing for some of them that there is this 
sudden freedom. I think they always 
suspected that science was memorizing 
long lists of known facts, and when 
they get in the lab and discover that 
they can do science and answer ques- 
tions to which the teacher doesn't al- 
ways know the answer, it's exciting. 

Dr. Hairfield: A subliminal educa- 
tion probably occurs in the elementary 
school, so by the time PEG students are 
10 years old they may not think about 
being doctors or college professors or 
heads of industry. But because PEG stu- 
dents come to us before they've had a 
negative high school experience, they 
have an innocence in their enjoyment 
of science that you don't see in the tra- 

ditional students. These young women 
come to us on the edge of maturity. In 
this setting they establish themselves 
and determine their own boundaries 
and their own roles. They are attracted 
to science because they get to do 
things, and they develop the ability to 
think in different ways. In chemistry, 
for example, one day we're dealing with 
things as we see them. The next day 
we're thinking about the molecules that 
give rise to their structures. We jump 
from thinking macroscopically, in terms 
of what we see, to thinking microscopi- 
cally. We visualize some things in ver- 
bal terms, and we visualize other things 
in mathematical terms. We jump from 
one to the other very, very quickly. 

What aboia our traditional-age ivomen 
18 to 22 years old? Many dismissed math 
and science before they began their college 
experience . How do you reach those who 
are not aware of their capacity for math 
and science? 

Dr. Hairfield: It is hard to reach them 
because there is a lack of self-confidence 
about trying something new in the sci- 
ences. We've had students whose high 
school teachers told them they couldn't 
do chemistry. And they've done perfectly 
fine! In every case, it was a male teacher 
who told them that. Here our students 

come to understand that everybody needs 
a basic approach to answering questions 
about the world and what it's like. They 
come to believe that their observations 
are worthwhile; they make observations, 
and look for patterns. Of course, that's 
science. . . .A supportive environment 
certainly is a factor in reaching students. 
We encourage their interest and their 
questions. Studies on women's ways of 
learning indicate that women are not in- 
terested in keeping knowledge in a cat- 
egory and never letting the categories 
come together. The traditional male sci- 
ence teaching model has a lot of that in 
it. For example, the way we traditionally 
structure the disciplines, we don't think 
of chemistry and physics as having any- 
thing to do with life. And yet they do. 
The way our bones and muscles move is 
based on physical principles. The way our 
cells work is based on chemical reactions. 
The disciplines of biochemistry' and bio- 
physics are still not given full stature. 
Women go into these more commonly. 
They are more real to women. It occured 
to me quite sometime ago that if women 
become the majorities in certain disci- 
plines that have been predominantly 
male, it might make a big difference. 

Dr. Pentz: Our older students have suf- 
fered the scars ot combat in high schools, 
often being told, 'Well, you just can't do 

that because you are a woman.' We have 
the delicate task of trying to prove to 
them that they can do this and make sure 
they do real science. TTie greatest chal- 
lenge in teaching, I think is to draw out 
the ones who are determined that they 
just cannot do it. From time to time we 
have students who come in with what I 
think of as a double problem. TTiey are 
women and have been told they can't do 
science. They are minority women and 
have been told they can't do science, and, 
after all, that's not their proper territory. 
Several of these thought that they had no 
prayer of things like medical school, 
which they wanted. As they begin taking 
classes here, they are drawn out of their 'I 
can't do it' shells, and they realize that 
the cooperative model is especially good 
for them. The successes are dramatic 
enough that they are extremely rewarding 
and they are frequent. 1 have some stu- 
dents now that 1 think are going to end 
up being excellent candidates tor medical 
school who were about to give up the 
ghost before they even got here. TTie un- 
derlying supportive environment is a 
powerful force here. Really, it's the most 
attractive feature of the college for many 
of us, if not for all of us who teach here. . . . 
We have developed ways of serving 
women of all ages here in our programs. 

particularly in the sciences. When we 
help them into careers in science and 
math, that is glorious. We also have a 
need for more educated people in all 
walks of life with a solid grounding in sci- 
ence and an appreciation of science. We 
want everyone who comes through this 
college to be comfortable with science 
and ready to use the scientific method 
and apply it elsewhere. We've done well 
by our students in this way. 

How can we engender an environment 
and a mindset that encourages women to 
pursue science and math? How can we 
change the subliminal messages? 

Dr. Pentz: The biggest obstacle 
I've seen, 1 observed in my summer 
occupation as a guide in Colonial 
Williamsburg. 1 saw it most often in the 
Colonial kitchens with all their fascinat- 
ing gadgets. TTiey have no parallel in 
modem kitchens. Kids would be fasci- 
nated by those gadgets. 1 wish 1 had a nickel 
for every time 1 have seen a child pull at 
the parent's garment, and say, 'Daddy or 
Mommy, what's that thing over there?', 
point to some gismo, and then be put 
down by the parent with, 'Oh, don't ask 
stupid questions,' or, 'Be quiet!' I've 
even heard more than once the world's 

most wonderful oxymoron from a par- 
ent: 'How can you ever learn anything 
if you're always asking questions?' At 
that point, I realized we've got a big 
cultural problem. A premium is placed 
on thinking and acting like you know 
all the answers instead of having the 
scientific mindset, one of just totally 
cutting through all the garbage and 
looking at the real questions. It's the 
most horrifying thing to see this 
quashed in a child. Of course, they 
want to conform and they want to live 
up to the expectations of their teachers 
and their parents. Above all, we must 
cherish the questions, and not be afraid to 
say, 'I don't know.' If you want to get a 
good argument going, just ask a group of 
physics professors why the sky is blue. 
The people with the best expertise still ar- 
gue about it. A child asking a parent or a 
teacher that kind of question may be an- 
swered with, 'Well, you shouldn't ask 
that' because the adults do not have a 
simple answer to give. TTie child will be 
forever discouraged. 

Dr. Hairfield: When I started teach- 
ing physical science courses 20 years 
ago, 1 felt they did not meet the needs 
of students in teacher preparation. One 
semester of chemistry would give them 
a good knowledge of chemistry, but it 
still would not help them bridge the gap 
of how to teach this to a six-year-old. 
The emphasis needs to be on what to 
do when Suzy or Johnny asks a ques- 
tion. No one person can know all of the 
answers. But everyone can say, 'I don't 
know,' and attempt to find out. When a 
child comes up with a rock and wants 
to know what it is, you don't have to 
know, but at least you can make the 
child feel like hers is an important ques- 
tion. And there are simple things you 
can teach the child to do to find out 
more about a rock, like limestone, since 
an awful lot of surface rock in the US is 
limestone. Put a little lemon juice on it 
to see if it fizzes. Scratch it to see if it is 
soft. Don't discourage a child's interest. 

YWJS participants use the same instrumentation as Mary Baldwin faculty and students. 

Yoiiiw Women in Science Prooiwn 

Encounwes Students to Pursue Careers in Science 


Hi:i Martin 

"This experience will make my jump 
into cx>llege science classes easier," said 
16-Year-old Maimoona Bah of Alexan- 
dria, VA, wlio plans to study pharmacy. 
MaimooDa is one of 36 risrag high 
school seniois who attended Mary 
Baldwiii College's Young Women in Sci- 
encs Progjam diis past August. 

Maimoona enjoyed microbiology the 
most. For her experiment she took an 
Italian dressing and €aund what species 
of bacteria woe in it. 

Tve learned more about what I eat 
and more about my immediate environ- 
ment," die said. "The progjam is realis- 
tic- I will leave Mary Baldwin knowing a 
lot more and ha\ing a more cqten mind 
about science." 

In its ei^th consecutive year, Mary 
Bi'.i-^^r-.r.'? Ycung Wom.en in. Science 
rr:;TA~ rrrv-des high-ability students 
i :r_r r . . . ■ - - ; -.lew of the methods 
ir. ; : - . J :.— --- ^ m coUege science 
: ..:- J- r I— icipating in a hands-on, 
:r:rr.- r research experience helps 
V _r .; gain confidence in their 
i r : . : : : r f i ; cording to Associate Profes- 
; ; : : : 5 : . : gj and Director of the 
Y.'. !5 rr ;ra-LLDr-LundyPentz. 

A V ■- r : ..; r-e at these studoMs for 
"Jr.rrr ;. _.:- - c .- We let diem get dirty 
~:"_- -- iT-Ci-on experiences in die labs. 
Tr ev ' eirr. bv doing, and have some fiin 
£;:-; : ?er:r said. "It is a joy to work 
".::.- :r.e5e : ur .; ■^.'omen. They are so 
":.:::;-: -i -': -;: rrlife." 

?_r..; iT.; rr. i:r schools in Vir- 
;:-:_= Are ■--,::;; :: r, : —.mate one female 
:";:-;-;-:::: zr.t ::ung Women id 
r ; . ; r ; ; ? : ; gram^. Approximately 100 
r. " . . r. : : : - s are submitted each year, 
ir.i - " _-g women are selected on the 
b-^-i; _ : r.:£r^ school periormance and 
teconuneDaations from science teachers- 
Standardized test scores for participants 
are usiSLQf above the 90th percentile. 

Liberty Uscamb afLiaay, VA, amducts an expedment during a YWLS chemistry class. 

YWIS is a merit-based program. There is 
no tuition fee. 

Students in the program use classroom 
and laboratory facihties in the college's 
Jesse Cleveland Pearce Science Center. 
According to Dr. Penti, participants 
have access to the same instrumentation 
and laboratory fkciUties that are used by 
Mary Baldwin's traditional students. 
MBC's research equipment is not 
reserved for faculty alone, and much 
of it is of a quahty and level of sophisti- 
cation that is normally reserved for 
graduate students. 

"■The technology is great," said Wendy 
Woodall, 16, of Ft. Monroe, VA. "In 
high school you don't have as much 
equipment and technology. 1 want to 
become a chiropractor, so I was already 
interested ia the sciences. This experi- 
ence was great." 

The Young Women in Science pro- 
gram illustrates what scientists really 
do, and lessens the shock of moving 
from the high school to coUege level. 
And, it encourages students to pursue 
science careers. 

Classes meet for four hours, four days a 
week Participants live in a college resi- 
dence hall, and six Mary Baldwin students 
live with them and serve as counselors and 
teaching assistants. Classroom, field, and 
laboratory work takes place in the morn- 
ing, while afternoons are reserved for group 
and individual recreational activities. 

Three weeks is really short," said 
Wendy. "Everything goes so fast. You just 
have to come in and go for it — do your 
best. 1 would recommend YWIS to other 
students because it was just a great overall 
college experience." 

Recent National Science Foundation 
research shows that a large percentage 
of entering college freshmen, both male 
and female, are still considering careers in 
science, but that by the end of their fresh- 
man year the percentage drops dramati- 
cally, especially for women. The leap be- 
tween the content of high school science 
and college science is great - perhaps 
greater than that of any other discipline - and 
the adjustment for young women appears to 
be more difficult. MBCs Your^ Women in 
Science propam is woridng tD change diat. 

Campus News 

Dr. ]vidy Kkin Awarded National Science Foundation Grant 

Dr. Judy L. Klein, associate professor 
of economics, has been awarded a 
$65,000 National Science Foundation 
Grant for her proiect,"A History of 
Practical Dynamics and Time Series 
Analysis 1662 - 1938." The project, ac- 
cording to Klein, is an unusual perspec- 
tive on the history of statistics. 

Contrary to what might be expected, 
many statistical tools were developed first 
for mundane commercial purposes and 
later appropriated for scientific uses. 

For example, the moving average, a 
technique that averages consecutive se- 
quences of data, was originally devel- 
oped 160 years ago by officials at the 
Bank of England to conceal the precise 
amount of gold and silver bullion held 
in a given month. Rather than reveal 
the actual amount of bullion held and 
the absolute depths to which the bul- 
lion supply dropped in times of panic, 
the Bank averaged the amount of bul- 
lion held over a several month period. 

Thus, the figure published for Decem- 
ber may have actually been an average for 
the months of September through De- 
cember. The moving average was later 
utilized in scientific research in meteorol- 
ogy and economics. 

Dr. Judy Klein 

Dr. Klein's grant proposal for a NSF 
grant was reviewed by the National 
Science Foundation Advisory Panel for 
Science and Technology Studies. The 
grant will allow her to complete a book- 
length study this year while on research 
leave. She has signed with the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge Press to publish her 
book, the culmination of this project. 

Remarks from scholars who reviewed 
Dr. Klein's proposal included, "Dr. 
Klein's research will tell a cnnvincing story 
about the interactions between practical dy- 
namics, as practiced b;> financiers etc. , and 
academic statistics . . . 

Her book promises to be engaging, well- 
conceived and a crucial contribution to the 
history of both economics and statistics . . . 

Professor Klein's research on the history 
of time series arudysis ranks with the high- 
est quality work now being done in the his- 
tory of economics and related fields . . . 

Professor Klein has presented her re- 
search on the subject at annual meetings 
of the History of Economics Society and 
the History of Science Society. Her ideas 
and research were well received, thus her 
book will probably receive the same en- 
thusiastic response." 

Dr. Klein received her bachelor's de- 
gree in economics from the College of 
William and Mary and her master's de- 
gree in economics from the London 
School of Economics and Political 
Science. She completed her doctorate 
in 1986 at City of London Polytechnic. 
Dr. Klein is a member of Phi Beta 
Kappa and has served on the Mary 
Baldwin faculty since 1982. 

Robert Storr Presents 

Elizabeth Nottingham Day Lecture 

Robert Storr, curator of painting and 
sculpture for the Museum of Modern 
Art in New York City, presented the 
1993 Elizabeth Nottingham Day Lec- 
ture in October. 

Mr. Storr's topic, "Post-Neo and Post- 
Post: A View From the Early '90s," ad- 
dressed the nature and changing role of 
art in the 1990s, a topic of interest to a 
varied audience of artists, art educators 
and art professionals. 

Mr. Storr has contributed greatly to 
contemporary art through his outstanding 
career as a curator, writer and lecturer. He 
has played an important role in present- 
ing and clarifying certain aesthetic and 
social issues embraced by the visual arts. 

The Elizabeth Nottingham Day Lec- 
tures are named in honor of Mrs. Day, 
who headed the MBC art department for 
many years. The lectures feature speakers 
devoted to the visual and performing arts. 

Robert S ton- 
Curator of the Museum of Modem Art 

Two New Trustees Elected to Board 

Dr. Yoho Sakae 

Two new members joined the Man- 
Baldwin College Board of Trustees tor the 
1993-94 academic year. A long-time 
friend of the college, Dr. Yoko Sakae, and 
ADP alumna Teresita Z. Trigo both were 
unanimously elected to the Board in 
April. Their terms began this year and 
will end in 1998. 

Mrs. Yoko Sakae is president of the 
Sakae Institute of Studies Abroad in To- 
kyo, Japan. She received the prestigious 

Algernon Sydney Sulli\'an Award during 
the 1992 commencement exercises. 

\\-Tien presenting Dr. Sakae with the 
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, Dr. 
Tyson said, "^Irs. Sakae has impro\"ed 
the human condition through the liberal 
arts and international study. She has 
linked the United States and Japan and 
improved the educational opportunities 
for women through the Sakae institute." 

Mrs. Sakae ■niU ser\'e on the academic 
alteirs committee of the Board of Trustees. 
She is a member of the board of directors 
of the America-Japan Societv", the Interna- 
tional House, the Society- for the Advance- 
ment of N tanagement, the Japan Junior 
Chamber and Japan Globali::ation, Inc 
She has published over 20 books on the 
subject of international understanding and 
education, including her biography. 

Yoko Sakae is a native of Xara, Japan. 
She is married to Dr. Sho:o Sakae and 
they have two children. 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 is an 
Adult Degree Program alumna from Toa 
Baja, Puerto Rico. She and her husband, 
Benigno, own and operate the Trigo Cor- 
poration, an export business. 

Mrs. Trigo is a nati\"e of San Juan. 
She graduated magna cum laude from 

Teresita Triro 

Man- Baldwin with her degree in 
art. She is a member of the American 
Management Association and the 
National Association for Female 
Executives. She received the 
Manuel A. Perez Award for Perfor- 
mance Beyond Dut^- from the 
Puerto Rico Highway Authority. 

Mrs. Trigo wiU serve on the develop- 
ment and college relations committee 
of the Board of Trustees. 

President Tyson Helps Honor 
Luck Stone Corporation 

Maiy- Baldwin Board of Trustees Chair Charles S. 
Luck III and MBC President Dr. C\nthia H. Tyson at- 
tended a ceremony honoring the Augusta Plant of 
Luck Stone Corporation as Quarry" of the Year. The 
National Stone Association presented the award for 
quarn- beautification and improvements in May. 

Mr. Luck is president of the Richmond, VA, based 
Luck Stone Corporation which owns the Augusta 
plant. He has ser\-ed on the Man- Baldwin Board of 
Trustees since 1984 and as chair since 1989. 








i"^-^" -Tj 






1^ t V 




^B^^H^ ■ 












^^^^^^^^^H ■ 


Campus News 
Founders Day and Leadership Weekend 1993 

Fraser Bowl Recipient (Class of '46) 

Since its founding in 1842 Mary 
Baldwin College has built a rich heri- 
tage full of innovative and creative pro- 
grams and familiar traditions and cel- 
ebrations. This past October Mary 
Baldwin celebrated her proud history 
with the commemoration of Founders' 
Day honoring its two founders, Mary 
Julia Baldwin and Dr. Rufus Bailey. 

Mary Julia, as she was called, served 
as head of the school from 1863 until 
her death in 1897. Founders' Day at 
Mary Baldwin College is celebrated 
annually on the Friday in October 
closest to the birthday of Miss 
Baldwin, October 4. 

Also honored on Founders' Day is Dr. 
Rufus Bailey, a minister and graduate of 
Dartmouth College and Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, who opened the 
school as Augusta Female Seminary in 
1842. He organized the school with the 
support and approval of Presbyterian 
churches in Staunton and Augusta 
County. The aim of his school, he in- 
sisted, was "to provide young ladies a 
practical education." 

Dr. Heather Wilson, dean of students 
at Mary Baldwin, presented the Founders' 
Day address at the convocation, the he- 
ginning of Leadership Weekend and Par- 
ents Weekend. During the Founders' Day 
celebration seniors were invested by 
MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson. 

Awards presented during the 
Founders' Day celebration included 
student and alumnae awards. Louise 
Boy Ian '71, chair of the Annual Giving 
Committee of the Alumnae Associa- 
tion, presented the A. M. Fraser Bowl 
to the Class of 1946 for the largest total 
class gift to the 1992-93 Annual Fund. 
The Class of 1946 raised over $51,000 
for the Annual Fund. Accepting the 
award on behalf of her class was Irene 
East Lamer of Staunton. 

Ms. Boylan also presented the L. 
Wilson Jarman Cup to the Class of 
1939 for the highest percentage of class 
givers. The Class of 1939 had a giving 
percentage of 66 percent of their class. 
Accepting the award were Mildred 
Lapsley of Midlothian, VA, and Sara 
Maupin Jones of Waynesboro, VA. 

Dean of the College James D. Lott 
presented the Margaret Kable Russell 
Award to senior Lori Lee Broglio of 
Bristol, TN. The award is endowed by 
the Alumnae Association and the 
MBC Board of Trustees and awarded 
in honor of Margaret Kable Russell. It 
is awarded annually by vote of the 
faculty to a student who undertakes a 
scholarly project during her senior 
year. For her project this year Ms. 
Broglio developed a Spanish instruc- 
tion system for elementary schools. 




]armon Cup Recipient (Class of '39) 

Pete Gratto , Admissions Volunteer Award 

Dean Lott also presented the 
Marguerite Hillhouse Scholarships 
to senior Sonali Bagri of Calcutta, 
junior Jo Marie Osmer of Stafford, 
VA, and sophomore Aya Amakasu of 
Yokohama, Japan. Hillhouse Scholar- 
ships are awarded to students who 
have attained the highest grade point 
averages in their respective class for 
the previous year. The scholarships 
are named for Marguerite Hillhouse 
who served as dean of admissions and 
registrar for many years. 

Other events held during Leader- 
ship and Parents Weekend included 
meetings of the MBC Alumnae Asso- 
ciation, Advisory Board of Visitors 
and Parents Council, a MBC theatre 
production of Alan Ayckbourn's Ab- 
surd Person Singular, an art exhibit of 
Eleanor Rufty's drawings and paint- 
ings, and a graveside ceremony and 
remembrance of Mary Julia Baldwin 
at Thornrose Cemetery. 

During the Alumnae Association's 
Leadership Weekend meeting Mr. 
Thomas "Pete" Gratto of Falls 
Church, VA, received the Admis- 
sions Volunteer Excellence Award for 
his valued efforts in student recruit- 
ment for Mary Baldwin. Mr. Gratto 
has served on the Parents Council 
for three years. His daughter, Genie, 
is a senior. 


''Small Seeds. Great Deeds'' 

Remarlcs b}' 1993 Vowx^y^' Day Speaker Dr. Heather Wilson, Dean of Students, Mary Baldwin College 

I want to talk to you today about 
Mary Julia Baldwin, Freddie Woodruff, 
Katie Couric and gardening. Let me 
start with gardening. 

Gardening is a wonderful, often-used 
metaphor for life. Goethe tells us that 
friends are the flowers in the garden of 
life. Jesus spoke so often of vineyards 
that one suspects he had a sideline as a 
vintner. I learned about seeds from a 
slim volume entitled Great Oaks from 
Little Acorns (and as a result I spent 
years looking not for Mr. Right but for 
Johnny Appleseed.) And from innu- 
merable sources, we are told to tend our 
gardens well. But all of this starts with 
seeds, with good seeds. I want to use 
the garden metaphor today to suggest 
that every action we take and every 
interaction we have represents a seed 
we are planting. Most of the time, we 
are not there when that seed germi- 
nates, so we don't know if we have 
produced a flower, a vine, a tree . . . 
or a weed; or if it will ever get enough 
light, water nutrients. All we can do 
is choose our seeds with great care, 
much thought, and love. 

When I was asked to be this year's 
Founders' Day speaker, I hesitated; 
I have heard both good and bad 
Founders' Day speakers, and one always 
wonders to which group one will be 
consigned. But as I weighed my deci- 
sion, a small book arrived in the mail 
from First Presbyterian Church in Win- 
chester. Like so much mail with no 
name on it, it arrived in my office. "We 
were cleaning our library," the attached 
note said, "and thought you might like to 
have this": it was the History of Mar); 
Baldwin Seminary, published in 1905, 
and while it is filled for the most part 
with dry accounts of land acquisitions, 
worthy trustees and virtuous young 
women, there is a marvelous account of 
the dedication of the stained glass win- 
dow in 1901 to Mary Julia Baldwin's 
memory. The minister who accepted 
the window on behalf of the trustees 
said, "It is a singular fact that while 
Miss Baldwin's life was a long one, one 
half of it was spent in comparable ob- 
scurity and inactivity, and her special 
gifts were not suspected by herself or 
anyone else. We often hear one say, 'I 

am of no use in the world.' And yet all 
unknown to her there lay before her 
and opened to her a career of extraordi- 
nary usefulness and renown. Truly, 'We 
do not know what a day may bring 
forth.'" And of course, by this cer- 
emony, the seminary had been renamed 
in Miss Baldwin's honor. Thus, the 
Reverend Fraser noted, "As successive 
classes of young ladies come into the in- 
stitution and ask, 'Why is it called the 
Mary Baldwin Seminary?' they will be 
told it was named for the woman whose 
genius made its walls to rise and whose 
philanthropy gave it a permanent en- 
dowment. But when they enter this 
chapel and see that window, they will 
know without being told that Miss 
Baldwin was great and good, but also 
that there was a grace and charm in her 
life, because her pupils loved her and 
they have risen up to call her blessed." 
Did Mary Julia Baldwin know that 
the institution she struggled to keep 
open during the Civil War, to which 
she gave 34 years or half her life, and 
to which she left the bulk of her es- 
tate, would go on to become a two- 


Campus News 

Dean of Students Dr. Heather Wilson delivers the Founders' Day address 

year college, and then a four-year col- 
lege, then a college with a graduate pro- 
gram and finally a college making head- 
lines across the nation for its ground- 
breaking notions about the education of 
women? Of course not! None of us is 
gifted with that kind of foresight. But 1 
would be willing to bet that not knowing 
the outcome never prevented her from 
giving less than her best, from planting 
the very best seeds she could. 1 think my 
favorite seed is this one. When she died 
— peacefully in her sleep at the age ot 68, 
just worn out, some suggest — the follow- 
ing petition was found in her Bible: 
"O, God, let them not go back to their 
homes worse than when they came." If 
you were to read the history, you would 
be surprised at how many of her values 
and approaches remain with us today. A 
cousin of hers who was also one of her pu- 
pils wrote, "Dear Cousin Mary, so many of 
her geese were swans in her eyes! 1 often 
think that disposition to see and believe 
the best of all of us educated us up to a 
higher standard of right and honor; it is so 
sweet yet so humiliating to be believed 
better than we are." 

Not all of us will go on to become prin- 
cipals, presidents or prime ministers; 

does that mean we have no opportuni- 
ties to plant seeds? Not at all . . . and 
that brings me to the story of Freddie 
Woodruff. Unless you read the news 
with a great eye for detail, you are prob- 
ably scratching your head and wondering 
who this Freddie Woodruff character is. 
You may remember that several months 
ago, a CIA agent was killed in Georgia, 
the former province of the USSR; it was 
believed at the time that he was not even 
the target but that the slaying was acci- 
dental. Several weeks later, a letter to the 
editor appeared in Time magazine. "I met 
Freddie Woodruff in the 1980s," one John 
Connell of TTiomhill, Ontario, wrote, 
"when he was vice consul at the Ameri- 
can embassy in Leningrad (now St. Pe- 
tersburg). He helped arrange my marriage 
to a Russian citizen. I never forgot his 
warm and friendly manner, and years later 
I included him as the character David 
Wood in my screenplay Russian Od^isse^. I 
hope Woodruff's family will have the 
consolation of knowing how far Freddie's 
influence for good extended. Possessed of 
all the character traits that I ever loved 
and admired in Americans, he was a 
living symbol of what used to be right 
in the U.S." 

So here's one Freddie Woodruff liv- 
ing on in a play and just for doing his 
job. But the point is that he didn't 
just do his job in a perfunctory man- 
ner; he cared about it, and he cared 
about the people with whom he came 
into contact. Perhaps he could imag- 
ine himself in John Connell's posi- 
tion, perhaps he was just a man of 
great compassion. Certainly he had 
no reason to curry favor with John 
Connell - have you ever heard of 
him? No, he was planting good seeds, 
seeds that he never saw germinate, 
seeds that became Wood in a play 
called "Russian Odyssey" and seeds 
that yielded a marriage. Perhaps, my 
dear colleagues on the faculty and 
staff, we have budding playwrights in 
the student body. How will we be 
characterized in their plays? 

Well, that leaves us with Katie 
Couric, and this one is for the stu- 
dents. Katie Couric, the popular co- 
anchor of the NBC Today show, came 
home to the University of Virginia 
last weekend to accept the Outstand- 
ing Alumna of the Year award from 
the Women's Center. She paid tribute 
to some of her former professors (she 
was an American studies major) and 
talked about the thrill of interview- 
ing Daniel Day Lewis and Martin 
Scorsese about recent films, but 
lamented, "I wish I had read more 
than the Cliff's Notes of The Age of 
Innocence." Bad seed. She took a short- 
cut 14 years ago and, unfortunately, she 
was around when that seed germinated 
and turned out to be a weed! 

So, here's the bottom line. No 
matter where we go or how we go, we 
must always keep in mind that tomor- 
row is contained in the seeds we plant 
today. A kind word, a good deed, a job 
well done can bear fruit beyond our 
knowing — and so can an unkind word, 
a bad deed, a sloppy job. Choose your 
seeds well. Choose them with great 
care, much thought, and love. 


1992-93 Annual Fund Surpasses Goal 

The Mary Baldwin College 1992-93 
Annual Fund suq^assed its most ambi- 
tious goal, bringing in $973,536 during 
the 1992-93 fiscal year. 

The 1992-93 Annual Fund goal was 
set at $920,000. Annual Fund Director 
Nancy Mclntyre attributes this year's 
success to many factors, including a new 
reunion giving program which raised in 
excess of $130,000. This year, over 
$40,000 more was given by reunion classes 
than during the 1991-92 fiscal year. 

Mclntyre also noted that the four 
leadership boards of Mary Baldwin 
College gave larger unrestricted gifts 
this year. Four gifts of $20,000 or more 
were given by board members during 
the 1992-93 Annual Fund year. 

Mclntyre attributed much Annual 
Fund success to Mary Baldwin Presi- 
dent Cynthia H. Tyson. "She is our 
chief fund raiser," said Mclntyre. 

Nancy Mclntyre, Annual Fund Director 

"Many college and university presi- 
dents shy away from fund-raising ac- 
tivities, but not Dr. Tyson. She is a 
leader in this area, too." 

The fund-raising momentum created 
fi-om a recently completed $35 million 
capital campaign also aided the 1992-93 
Annual Fund. The college completed its 
most ambitious capital campaign in 
December 1992, at the end of the 
college's sesquicentennial celebration. 

During that celebration, Anna Kate 
Reid Hipp and Elizabeth K. Doenges, 
trustees and co-chairs of the campaign, 
announced that the college had surpassed 
its goal by $2 million, bringing the total 
commitment to $37.2 million. 

Mclntyre has set a goal of $1 
million for the 1993-94 Annual 
Fund. "If ever there was a year to 
meet a $1 million dollar challenge, 
this is the one," she said. "We have 
a strong volunteer and institutional 
advancement team in place, and they 
are ready to promote the college's 
need for unrestricted dollars." 

Adult Degree Program Richmond Offices Relocate; 
New ADP Office Opened at BRCC 

Mary Baldwin College's Adult 
Degree Program Richmond Office has 
relocated. The new office, located at 
1801 Libbie Avenue, officially opened 
October 5 with a ribbon cutting cer- 
emony featuring Mary Baldwin Presi- 
dent Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson. The 
ceremony was followed by an open 
house. The phone number of the 
new office is 804-282-9138. 

Mary Baldwin has also opened 
an Adult Degree Program office on 
the campus of Blue Ridge Community 
College in Weyers Cave, VA. Dr. 
Diane Ganiere, ADP associate profes- 
sor of psychology, has been named 
coordinator of the new office. 

The Adult Degree Program also 
has offices in Richmond, Roanoke 

Dr. Diane Ganiere , 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

and Charlottesville, VA, and on Mary 
Baldwin's Staunton campus. 

Dr. Ganiere has served in the MBC 
Adult Degree Program since 1982. She 
received her B.A. from Mount Mary 
College and her master's and Ph.D from 
the University of Wisconsin. 

The Adult Degree Program at Mary 
Baldwin began in 1977 as one of the first 
programs in the nation designed to permit 
mature men and women to tailor their 
degree work around their career, family 
and personal needs. Currently the 
non-residential program serves 980 
adult men and women throughout 
Virginia and surrounding states. The 
Richmond area Adult Degree Program 
office serves more than 350 students, 
both full and part time. 


Campus News 

Dr. Alexander Receives Research and Writing Awards 

Dr. Ann Alexander 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander, ADP 
assistant professor of history, was recently 
honored with two prestigious awards for 
her scholarly research and writing. 

She has received a 1993 Virginia 
Foundation for Independent Colleges 
(VFIC) Mednick Fellowship for 
research and advanced study and 
was recently awarded the 1992 
Virginia Magazine of History and 
Biography's Rachal Award. 

Dr. Alexander received the Med- 
nick Fellowship for advanced study in 
history. She is currently writing a book 
on John Mitchell Jr., a black activist 
who for 45 years served as editor of T/ie 

Richmond Planet, one of the nation's 
leading African- American newspapers. 
Mitchell lived from 1862 to 1929 and 
was active in politics, business, church 
and fraternal activities. 

For her essay, "Like an Evil Wind: 
The Roanoke Riot of 1 893 and the 
Lynching of Thomas Smith," Dr. 
Alexander was awarded the 1992 Vir- 
ginia Magazine of History and Biography's 
Rachal Award. The award is presented 
each year to the person who has pub- 
lished an article in the magazine that 
best advances the cause of scholarship 
in Virginia history. Dr. Alexander's 
essay appeared in the April 1992 issue. 

Sesquicentennial Campaign Donors Honored 

(Left) Jane Frances Smith '37 of Staunton, VA, joined numerous alumnae, trustees and staff who attended a reception, 
October 15, on the Cynthia Haldenby Tyson Terrace, to dedicate a plaque listing major campaign donors. Ms. Smith, a 
Sesquicentennial medallion recipient, established the Starke Baken and Emma O'Mara Smith Memorial Scholarship in 
memory of her parents, who were lifelong residents of Staunton. Mrs. Smith also established the Mary Swan Carroll Lecture 
Series to honor Dr. Carroll, who taught history at MBC for many years. 

(Right) Elizabeth K. Doenges '63 and President Cynthia H. Tyson unveil the Sesquicentennial Campaign Donor Plaque 
at the ceremony on Tyson Terrace. The plaque is displayed on the William G. Pannill Student Center. Mrs. Doenges served 
as national co-chair of the Sesquicentennial Campaign with her former MBC roommate Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63. 


Alumnae College and Homecoming 1994 

A fun-packed Memorial Day Weekend for 
alumnae and their guests: everything you 
expect from a traditional Homecoming plus 
an Alimmae College and activities that will 
reacquaint you with Mary Baldwin and your 
fellow alumnae. 

Class Reunions 

An intimate class dinner Friday evening, the Parade 
of Classes Saturday morning, and an all-alumnae 
dinner and party Saturday evening will give you a 
chance to catch up with your Mary Baldwin 
friends. The classes of 44, '49, '54, '59, '64, '69, 
'74, '79, '84, and '89 are celebrating their 

50 Plus Club 

Members of the Class of 1943 and prior 
years will celebrate their reunion with a 
Friday evening dinner and participation in 
the Parade of Classes. 

MAT Reunion 

Alumni of Mary Baldwin's Master of Arts in 
Teaching Program will celebrate their 
1st Reunion during Homecoming. 

Alumnae College 

Mary Baldwins 2nd Annual Alumnae 
College, for alumnae/i interested in 
returning to campus for an educational 
experience, begins with dinner Thursday 
evening and continues with a variety of 
classes through Friday. Participants may 
choose three of any six classes led by Mary 
Baldwin faculty. Topics will include history, 
science, music, art, English, and sociology/ 

Homecoming Events 

Friday's Keynote Limcheon with Dean of 
the College Dr. James D. Lott, the fabulous 
Alumnae Reception hosted by Mary 
Baldwin's faculty Friday evening before 
reunion class diimers, Saturday morning's 
Seminar and Bloody Mary Reception, the 

Directors ^° ^^ Alunnae As^n ■ 

1994 'during Memorial n ^'^^^te Mary n^lw, • 

^ Day Weekend, Z ,3^''^"'^ 
This year' ~ ^^' 

opportunity to ?"!^°"^"? Weekend all 

,tr- to '-pust'tr- "'^ isrco'if ^^^^-^ 

f"n With friends in "' ^^Pi°re r^, ^°iiege." 

°n earth - the sh« °"^ °' ^he rao^t h ^^' ""'^ ^^ve 

^°u Win '°'' ""^'^^y ""' ^p°^^ 

^^''P^^ -Sie":r- -— 

^ Baldwin Coiiea^" . "^^^ 
^-^ournMay, '°^^^^^- 

__^"^ -nation co^ittee 

Mary Baldwin Picnic with live 
entertainment on Cannon Hill, the 
Champagne Reception and Candlelight 
Dinner with President Cynthia Tyson 
Saturday evening, and Sunday morning's 
Alumnae Chapel with College Chaplain 
Patricia Himt Dr. Robert T. Allen, Assistant 
Professor of Music, will be directing this 
year's Alunmae Choir. 

Recreational Activities 

Rediscover Mary Baldwin College through 
campus tours, exhibits, participation in the 
1 2tii Annual Fun Run and Walk, a tennis 
tournament, and by using the College's 
Physical Activities Center. 

Recreational Activities 

Choose from a variet}' of guided tours of 
area attractions, a bird walk, a wildflower 
field trip, and golf at local golf courses. 


On-campus accommodations in the 
residence halls will be available, and we 
have resen-ed blocks of rooms for Mary 
Baldwin alumnae at several local hotels. 

See you there! 

For More Information 
Call the Office of Alumnae Activities at (703) 887-7007. 

Campus and Alumnae Notes 

Alumnae President's Letter 

My dear fellow alums, 

Happy Holidays! The Alumnae As- 
sociation hopes this is a most mean- 
ingful and peaceful time for you and 
your family. 

Your Board of Directors works very 
hard to offer you varied ways to recon- 
nect with your alma mater. Each com- 
mittee chair constantly tries to come up 
with new ideas to bring us together and 
to get us involved. After all, we are a 
unique group of women. 

One of the new ways to participate in 
the Alumnae Association is to join our 
Domestic Travel Program. This spring 
and summer our program will take you 
to the Philadelphia Flower Show 
(March 10-13), one of the premier 
flower exhibitions in the nation. We 
will also go on a tour of the Brandywine 
River Valley and historic Philadelphia. 
In early summer we will travel to 
Charleston, SC, (June 2-5) to attend 
the Spoleto Festival. These mini-vaca- 
tions are not just for MBC alumnae. 
Friends are more than welcome! I can 
vouch for the organization of the Travel 
Program trips. Santa Fe was absolutely 
fabulous! So, don't miss out on our ex- 
cursions in 1994- Call Sylvia Baldwin 
'76 at 1-800-732-0572 and join us. 

As 1993 comes to a close, I must thank 
you again for your commitment to Mary 
Baldwin College. We live in a society 
that always has depended on volunteers 
— some who give their money, others 
who give time, and a great many who 
freely give their special talents. 


Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

President of MBC Alumnae Association 

As Margaret Mead said so well, "If 
you look closely, you will see that al- 
most anything that really matters to us, 
anything that embodies our deepest 
commitment to the way human life 
should be lived and cared for, depends 
on some form, more often many forms, 
of volunteerism." And, of course, 
volunteerism is commitment. 

We have an invaluable inheritance 
from the past to maintain and it is only 
through our commitment that our alma 
mater continues to prosper and attracts 
others to carry on the Mary Baldwin 
spirit. Happy New Year! 

Very fondly. 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 


Mary Baldwin Alumnae Association 

Update is a regular column, providing 
a forum for timely corrections and 
additions to alumnae/i and college 
news, and for the discussion of issues 
related to The Magazine. 

* The IfAagazine and Columns' 
editorial boards have voted to make 
production and editorial changes so 
major publications will reach all key au- 
diences five times annually. Now Co/- 
umns is being published in September, 
February and June, and our readers will 
receive The Magazine in early December 
and April. Alumnae Classnotes are 
published in Columns and Chapters in 
Action news and photographs remain 
in The Magazine. 

* As we prepared to go to press with 
The M.aga7ine , we learned that Miss 
Evelyn Morris '13 of the Presbyterian 
Home in Washington, DC, celebrated 
her 102nd birthday on October 4. After 
completing her work at Mary Baldwin 
in 1913, Miss Morris went on to 
graduate school at The University of 
Virginia, one of a few women enrolled. 
The UVA men were so incensed by her 
presence that they would stamp their 
feet to show their displeasure whenever 
she entered the classroom. Miss Morris 
taught 3 1 years in the DC City Schools 
before her retirement. 

* The Annual Fund Office regrets 
duplicate mailings that occurred during 
the fall Annual Fund campaign and 
has corrected its overzealous computer! 


Annual Report 

n o o Oi o o c 

Contributions to Mary Baldwin College 1992 - 1993 


M he 1 992-93 year was a remarkable 
one for fund raising at Mary Bcddwin CoUege . 
You, our benefactors, contributed $2.1 ndUion to 
the CoUege, and the Annud Fund exceeded its 
$920,000 god by raising $973 ,537. 

We have cbsed our 15 1st year, and 
we are healthier than ever. Certairdy, we face 
external challenges , just as we always have , but 
we are meeting those challenges head on, as we 
must. And we are putting our faith in the 
extraordinary people associated wiih. this CoUege: 
our students , our alumnae , our faculty and staff, 
and our many parents ard friends . AU of you 
support the mission of Mary Baldwin CoUege. 

Your vision, loyalty, and generosity 
over time and now has enabled Mary Baldwin 
CoUege to stay strong and healthy. Thank you, 
every one. 

Ur, Cynthia H. Tyson 

Institutional Budget 


Annual Fund 


Sesquicentennial Campaign Revenues 




Endott-menc Income 


Financial Aid (State and Federal Level) 




Room and Board 


Tuition and Fees 




Aid .7T»>7 Annual Fund: 6% 


Academic Support 4% 

Institutional Support 19% 

Instruction and Departmental Research 32% 

Operation and Maintenance of Plant 10% 

Public Services 3% 

Scholarships and Fellowships 23% 

Student Aid 9% 


Pubhc Services 

Student Aid 





Annual Fund 

3 Rexiew 

Annual Fund Giving Clubs 

Members of special giving clubs are the pillars of support for the 
Annual Fund. The names of special gift club members are listed with 
grateful appreciation at the beginning of each donor section and at the 
head of each class. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

contributions of $20,000 and 
up to the Annual Fund 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

contributions of $10,000 to 
$19,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Hill Top Club 
contributions of $5,000 to 
$9,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Founders' Club 

contributions of $2,500 to 
$4,999 to the Annual Fund 

The President's Associates 

contributions of $1,000 to 
$2,499 to the Annual Fund 

The Ivy Circle 

contributions of $500 to 
to the Annual Fund 

The Colonnade Club 

contributions of $250 to 
$499 to the Armual Fund 

The Columns 

contributions of $100 to 
$249 to the Annual Fund 




The Annual Report 

Top Giving Clubs 

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Deming 
(Bertie Murphy Deming '46) 

The Rufus Bailey Society: $20,000 and up 

Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
William G. Pannill 

Pamela Stephens Rose '82 

Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Margaret C. Woodson Foundation Inc. 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society: $10,000 to $19,999 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clymer Jr. 
Communities Foundation of Te.xas 

Margaret Hunt Hill '37 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck 111 
William L. Sudderth 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
Mr. and Mrs. William Barley 
Gladys S. Boester 
Nancy A. Crim 
Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

The Hill Top Club: $5,000 to $9,999 

Betty Beasley Fielder '49 
Nancy Rowe Hull '64 
Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 
Gladys Adams Link '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Lutken Sr. 
(Melissa Turner Lutken '46) 

Charlie Obaugh (Charlie Obaug/i Pon- 
ti'oc-Buick-GMC International Inc.) 
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Reuther 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Smith 
Tandy Corporation 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dillard Teer 
(Mildred Roycroft Teer '44) 
Martha Ann Woolverton '51 

The Founders' Club: $2,500 to $4,999 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck Jr. 
(Elia Durr Buck '50) 
Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Justice and Mrs. George M. Cochran 
Estate of Fannie Royster Cooke 
Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 

Agnes Gray Duff '54 
Walter E.EckelJr. 
Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Edmonds 111 
(Lynn Dinger Edmonds '86) 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Elizabeth Hamblin Gordon '78 
Mabel Fetterman Held '76 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Emily W. Hundley '47 
Johnson & Johnson 
Shearer Troxell Luck '63 
Mr. and Mrs P. William Moore Jr. 
New York Marine & General 
Insurance Company 

Second Presbyterian Church of 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Alice Jones Thompson '47 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Turner 

The Ham and Jam Society 

The Ham and Jam Society is a special giving club that recognizes those alumnae and friends who gave a first time gift of $150 or increased 
their gift by $150, by December 31, 1992. We warmly acknowledge their continued support and loyalty to Mary Baldwin College. 

Carolyn Smith Abbitt '64 

Laura Catching Alexander '71 

Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano '84 

Mr. and Mrs. St. George Arnold 

Judith Judge Ashcraft '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 

Mrs. Otto Aufranc 

Kathleen Thomasson Bagby '73 

Martha Bamett Beal '53 

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Bernard 

(Anne Fau; Bernard '50) 
Martha Hunter Boyd '63 
Louise Randol Brooks '33 
Mary Benson Buckley '34 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Burke Jr. 
Dawn Tusing Burris '85 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Clark 
Virginia Chapman Cobb '65 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hatcher Cole Jr. 
Pamela Martin Comstock '77 
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Crockett Sr. 

Betty Davis Crump '74 
Susan Wilson Cruser '57 
Eleanor Edmondson Currie '63 
M. Elizabeth De Loach '54 
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Dietz 
Anne Nimmo Dixon '64 
Katherine Holt Dozier '40 
Gail McMichael Drew '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 
Margaret Davis Evans '46 
Cynthia Hundley Fisher '61 
(In honor of Gordon Page) 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 
Dr. and Mrs. J. 1. Garcia Jr. 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord '42 
Mary Anne Wilson Gibbs '39 
Mary Tuggle Gilliland '80 
Nancy Rawles Grissom '54 
Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton '47 
Judith Thompson Hatcher '63 
Roberta Gill Hefler '63 
Nancy Wayne Hendricks '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Herring 
Mary Reuman Howard '67 
Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Cecil H. Kmdie 
Col. Billy W. Libby 
Jeanne Dubois Loar '49 
Marian Gordin Lord '65 
Agnes McClung Messimer '38 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Metraux 
Barbara Conlon Miescher '50 
Helen Kinser Moncure '48 
Alice S. Moore '67 
Obaugh Ford-Chrysler-Plymouth 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 
Mrs. Francis P. Owings 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Page 
(Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page '48) 
Ruth Frazer Painter '33 
Margaret Allen Palmer '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton '40 
Dr. and Mrs. Herman Preseren 

F. Walsh Read '47 
Virginia Gochenour Reid '44 
Leigh Banks Roper '75 
Florence Jones Rutherford '75 
Ingrid Carlson Shindell '63 
Alice Moore Sisson '38 
Jane Frierson Snipes '46 
J. T. Spillman 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 
Rita Hickey Stone '46 
Joanna Campbell Swanson '84 
Shawn Brown Thompson '83 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 
Mrs. Frederick H. Walsh 
Julia Offen Wangler '73 
Marian McDowell Whitlock '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Wildt 
Betsy Berry Williamson '48 
Beverly Rhodes Wilson '45 
Margaret Jackson Woodcock '65 
Allison J. Young '87 

The Annual Report 

1992-93 Reunion Giving 

Alumnae, in celebration of their upcoming Reunion, are asked to make an increased gift to the Armual Fund. This year, 

Reunion Classes raised $134,772 with an overall 34% participation. We send special thanks to everyone who worked on 

the Reunion Giving Committees. During Homecoming, we were happy to recognize the Class of 1943 for the largest 

class gift, and the Class of 1953 for the highest level of class participation. The Class of 1963 was awarded honorable 

mention for coming in second place. Congratulations! 

Previous Year vs. Reunion Year 

Annual Fund 91-92 
Annual Fund 92-93 


•48 '53 '63 '68 '73 '78 '83 '88 

Reunion Class Gifts 

Class of 1943 

50th Reunion 
53% giving $42,505 
Reunion Giving Committee: 

Kalkrm Lucas Hummers, Chaix 

Bett> Crews Brandon 

Caroline Rose Hunt 

EUzaheth 1-jree Poauell 

Gloria Parodies Rothma^er 

Mfli7 MiKhener WMs 
The Rufus Bailey Society 
Caroline Rose Hunt 
The HiU Top Club 
Gladys Adams Link 
The President's Associates 
Mildred Proffit Batson 
Meredith Jones Johnson 
The Ivy Circle 
Frances Knight Nollec 
Ruth Peters Sproul 

The Colonnade Club 

Reed Munson Beveridge 
Nancy Mason Campbell 
Harriett Harrington Connolly 
Mary Lyies Houston 
Mary Mitchener Wilds 

The Columns 

Joanne Powell Alexander 
Betty Crews Brandon 
Beatrice Ware Evans 
Elizabeth Nelson Fenwick 
Virginia Hughes 
Kathryn Lucas Hummers 
Mary Perry Newton 
Bette Crosswhite Overton 
Margaret Price Pinson 
Gloria Paradies Rothmayer 
Margaret Harrell Saylor 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 
Katharine Shelbume Trickey 


Cynthia Hill Alsup 
Dorothy Kyle Beck 
Anna Lane Day 
Louise Jackson Green 
Maydwelle Mason Grimsley 
Sylvia Meiner Hanau 
Ann Graham Hazzard 
Mary Bagley Higgins 
Katherine Stephens Hill 
Margaret McMurray Hottel 
Doris Dunkum Kirkpatrick 
Julia Monroe McCabe 
Dorothy Hundley Neale 
Sally Wheat Porter 
Mary Scott Walton 
Mary Heubeck White 
Mary Sheldon Wier 

Class of 1948 
45th Reunion 

35% giving $8,020 
Reunion Giving Committee; 

Efefliet/i Biarurhard Wiigus, Chair 

Martha Ross Amos 
The President's Associates 
Paula Rupe Dennard 
Martha Godwin Saunders 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 
The Ivy Circle 
Bettie Bamett Lombard 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 
The Colonnade Club 
Martha Brown Hamrick 
Peggy Harris Milligan 
The Colimms 
Jean Wallace Blount 
Peggy Black Braecklein 
Anne Monyhan Chambers 

The AiwuAL Report 5 

Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 
Virginia Albertson Hanks 
Ann Lucas Hite 
Annie Beale Komegay 
Doris Clement Kreger 
Helen Kinser Moncure 
Esther Spurlock Pruett 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus 
Betsy Berry Williamson 

Shirley Burlingame Batchelder 
Mary Hurley Blackshear 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 
Elva Fifer 

Betty Gaston Hairfield 
Rose Harrison 
Ann Doyle Hopps 
Dorothy Hill Jefferis 
Jane Hammond Jervey 
Anne Cronin Keith 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 
Mary Wagner Knott 
Elinor Weathersby McCorkle 
Harriet McLean Slaughter 
Janey Martin Tanner 
Dorothy Wilson Vincent 

Class of 1953 

40th Reunion 
56% giving $8,562 
Reunion Giving Committee: 

Dcnothy Beds Baikw, Chair 

Martha Bametl Bed 

Martha Booth BemWdt 

Jennie Evans Diiie 

Nancy Wayne Hendricks 

Eva Pound Rothschild 

Mary ]o Shiiiing Shannon 

Bett> Eherhart SpiVcman 
The President's Associates 
Dorothy Beals Ballew 
Martha Booth Bernhardt 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak 
The Ivy Circle 
Martha Bamett Beal 
Margaret Gignilliat Carswell 
The Colonnade Club 
Jennie Evans Dille 
Lina Garrott McClintock 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 
Betty Eherhart Spillman 
The Columns 
Anne Wilmoth Gates 
Betty Martin Close 
Ellen Martin Coe 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Mary Cameron Hagelstein 
Nancy Hendricks 
Nancy Eaton Hopkins 
Ruth Parsons Johnson 
Jo Pond Lazzell 
Jane Allen Rowe 
Patricia Tibbals Schnack 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 
Nelle McCants Smith 
Jo Anne Vames Stamus 

Jeanne Sherrill Boggs 
Betty Ralston Cook 
Jane McChesney Crowe 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Kay Samaras Dardoufas 
Nancy Dougherty Denman 
Bobette Olswanger Gordon 
Nancy Barron Gourley 
Joan John Grine 
Jane Wright Haggard 
Mary Laird Hammond 
Ann Taylor Hedrich 
Laura Hays Holmes 
Marjorie Benton Hooper 
Katherine Todd Horton 
Mary White Johnson 
Natalie Johnson McBrien 
Mary Shields Nelson 
Elma Rollins Proffitt 
Charlotte Sheffer Reid 
Georganne Roberts Rhymes 
Eva Pound Rothschild 
Joan Martin Tuckwiller 
Gary Breathed Weaver 
Jo Thacker West 
Elizabeth Gaulding Williams 
Margaret Smith Windsor 

Class of 1963 

30th Reunion 

59% giving $35,540 
Reunion Giving Committee: 
Saraii Liwngsion Broum, Co-chair 
Margaret Wootlson Nea, Co-chan 
Martha Hunter Boyd 
Liddy Kirkpatxick Doenges 
Terry Geggie Fridley 
Katherine JoTKS Gilliam 
Judith Thompson Hatcher 
Carohn HaUeman Hawkins 
Roberta Gill Hefler 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 
Shearer Troxeil Luck 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxu'ell 
Becky Cannada> Merchant 
Ingrid Carlson Shmdell 
The Hill Top Club 
Emily Dethloff Ryan 
The Founders' Club 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 
Shearer Troxeil Luck 
Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges 
The President's Associates 
Sarah Livingston Brown 
Mary Rutherfoord Mercer 

Judy Lipes Garst 
Gale Palmer Penn 
Margaret Woodson Nea 

The Ivy Circle 

Terry Alexander 
Katherine Jones Gilliam 
Roberta Gill Hefler 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 
Katherine Sproul Perry 
Ingrid Carlson Shindell 
The Colonnade Club 
Helen Arrowood Arnold 
Nell Rogers Carvell 
Mary Gould Coulboum 
Diane Britton Coyer 
Reese Edmondson Currie 
Nancy Blood Ferguson 
Terry Geggie Fridley 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 
Minta McDiarmid Nixon 
Caryn Fogarty Tebbe 
Frances Davis TenBrook 
Emily T. Tyler 
The Columns 
Elizabeth Evans Baxter 
Martha Hunter Boyd 
Dr. Ann Stevens Delk 
Judy McGrath Edmunds 
Harriet Murphy Frazier 
Mary Hardaway Hasty 
Judith Thompson Hatcher 
Nannette Jarrell Heidrich 
Ann King 
Susan Sale Luck 
Rosalinda Roberts Madara 
Keene Roadman Martin 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 
Mary Cochran McConnell 
Ann Dial McMillan 
Dr. Page Putnam Miller 
Dr. Joann Brown Morton 
Melissa Kimes MuUgardt 
Carolyn Epperson Nolan 
Macon Clement Riddle 
Eleanor McCown Robideau 
Elizabeth McClung Stem 
Margaret Mapp Thacker 
Margaret Engle Trumbo 

Anne Hogshead Aleman 
Julia Morton Ball 
Joan Jackson Childrey 
J. Wright Cochrane 
Norma Breakell Dmytro 
Linda Wyatt Duncan 
Eleanoi Dunlap 
Mary Callaway Garrett 
Nancy Stickley Grant 
Elizbeth Brantley Gresham 
Martha Fant Hays 
Sharon Foye Hewlett 
Elizabeth Laird Hicks 
Holly Hanson Hill 
Linda Estridge Hofmeister 
Bette Murdoch Joyner 
Susanna Clark Knapp 

Robbie Nelson LeCompte 
Linda Fobes Marion 
Martha Singletary Marks 
Joan Stanley Maroulis 
Jane Coulboum Marshall 
Elizabeth Grubbs McCurry 
Patricia Fisher McHold 
Jean Wells Nelson 
Jerri Percival Palmer 
Sandra Dingess Potter 
Jo Miller Robertson 
Frances La Nieve Sexton 
Lynette Warner Shiver 
Elizabeth Linn Traubman 
Jane Vaughan 
Virginia Stott Ward 
Nancy Ely Wright 
Jo Samaras Zuras 

Class of 1968 

25th Reun;on 
30% giving $12,650 
Reunion Giving Committee: 

Cynthia Knight Wier, Chair 

Barbara Brown Bowles 

Mary Margaret Buvinger 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 

GeoTgeanne Bates Chafmian 

Elise Pdma Couper 

Susan Gamble Dankel 

Dr. Suzanne Freeman 

Susan Merklas Kahn 

Patricia Thomas Robinson 

Cathy Turner Temple 

Ray Castles L'ttenhove 

Margaret Neille McRoe Wilson 
The President's Associates 
Ray Castles Uttenhove 
The Ivy Circle 
Mary Buvinger 
Georgeanne Bates Chapman 
Diane Hillyer Copley 
Susan Gamble Dankel 
Grace Branch Moore 
Cathy Turner Temple 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott 
Margaret Neille McRae Wilson 
The Colonnade Club 
Kathleen Aure 
Barbara Brown Bowles 
Kathleen Kenig Byford 
Elise Palma Couper 
Lonna Dole Harkrader 
Susan Merklas Kahn 
Jeannette L. Norfleet 
Martha Howard Patten 
Edith A. Stotler 
Cynthia Knight Wier 
The Columns 
Sharon Knopp Bares 
Carolyn Martin Bryan 
Dr. Catherine WalleighCamevale 
Judith Wells Creasy 

6 The Annual Report 

Elizabeth Glazebrook 
Leslie Watson Hill 
Sallie Barre James 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 
Susan Logan 
LvTin Merritt MacEwen 
Margaret LauTence Parkerson 
Florence Temple Roberts 
Mar>- Miller Sopher 
Dr. Lois Lundie Spence 
Susarme Dyer Stanley 
Cecelia Davis Stevens 
Virginia Re>Tiolds Vogel 
Elisabeth Wise 

Virginia Watson Bernard 
Nancy Geiger Bondurant 
Elizabeth McHenry Bosworth 
Virginia Campbell 
Patricia Cromwell 
Ellen Gavv Dean 
Sharon Gray EXincan 
Elizabeth Clark Erskine 
Hallie Colhoun Garland 
Elizabeth Gathright 
Elizabeth Roper Golden 
L>-nn Boyd Hewitt 
Jennifer James 
Judy Mauze Philpott 
Martha Blake Rex 
Alicia Rodon-Estefani 
Jane Starke Sims 
Kathryn McAllister Turner 
Susan Graham Turner 
Rebecca Chapman Williams 

Class of 1973 

20th Rel'mion 
32% giving $9,085 
Reunion Giving Committee: 

Mary HotcWdss LeaveR, Chcdr 

Kathleen Thomasscm Bagtry 

Rurfiie Cvraldo Grantham 

Judith Hemiion 

Katherine Hewia Holmes 

Patricia Ann Hug/ies 

Elizabeth Wilgus Murray 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 

Lane Winn Rothschild 

Sarah StaRwonh SebreU 

Deborah Veale Sergi 

Derrmris Elsasser Wheeler 
The President's Associates 
Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 
Margaret Bryant Rust 
The Ivy Circle 
Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 
The Colonnade Club 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 
Mary Hamilton Sprague 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer 
Julia Often Wangler 
Demaris Elsasser Wheeler 

The Columns 

Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 
Mar\- Jane Conger 
Virginia Phillips Counselman 
Margaret Wilson Doherry 
Olivia Young Fisher 
Mary Mudd Galvez 
Betty Rabenhorst Greene 
Elizabeth Pollard Hemeter 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes 
Kathryn Anne Krauter 
Mildred Farquharson Lawson 
Sally Jacoby McMillen 
Sarah Eason Parrott 
Susanne Reaves Rhame 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Lane Winn Rothschild 
Carol Jackson Schmidt 
Sarah Stallworth SebreU 
Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 

Carolyn Holmes Avery 
Margaret Ivey Bacigal 
Sharon Parker Balthrop 
Sally Deitrick Brady 
Linda Lueders Falck 
Jane Hudgins Frazier 
Carolyn Coors Friedgen 
Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 
Catherine Cross Hallberg 
Agnes Kelly Houff 
Patricia Hughes 
Clare McMann Lancaster 
Eloise Hendershot Lennox 
Ella Lewis 
Anne Paul Majak 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Catherine Keenan Mayo 
Beverly Burke McCaskill 
Carmen Holden McHaney 
Donna Deitz Mumby 
Lois Siegfried Oglesby 
Julie Clark Reedy 
Deborah Veale Sergi 
Barbara Phillips Truta 
Susan Simmons Weir 

Class of 1978 
i 5th Reunion 

13% giving $9,910 
Reunion Giving Committee: 
Anne Cary HoII AUen, Chair 
The Founders' Club 
Elizabeth Hamblin Gordon 
The President's Associates 
Letia McDaniel Drewxy 
Rozalia Cruise Hogg 
Carol "Gappy" Paul Powell 
The Ivy Circle 
Katherine T. Taylor 
The Colonnade Club 
Laurie Scott Bass 
Catherine Ferris 

Catherine McKenney Harcus 
Sally Wecel Wicks 

Kelsey Adams-MeK'in 
S. Carroll McCausland Amos 
Jonnie Cogdell Courtney 
Whitney Dodd Godwin 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 
Colleen MuUarkey 
Kathryn Radford O'Mara 
Claire McCants Schwahn 
Lavalette Lacy Jennings 

Class of 1983 
] Oth Reunion 

32% giving $7,780 
Reunion Giving Committee: 

Charlotte R. Wenger, Chair 

Melinda Cain 

Susan Parker Drean 

Laura LaGrow Durland 

KatMeen Jones Flwn 

Jane Giliam Komegay 

Robin Rexinger Mayberry 

Gabrielle Geher McCree 

Martha McGrau- McKau^n 

Fraru:es Omer Robertson 

Beth Ann Heffemen Sucher 

Shawn Broun Thompson 

Sheila Yoimg 
The President's Associates 
Susan Parker Drean 
Anne Beverly McCormack 
Charlotte R. Wenger 
The Ivy Circle 
Helen Stevens Forster 
Linda Martin Graybill 
ShanTi Brown Thompson 
The Colonnade Club 
Capt. Victoria A. Calhoun 
Kristin Johnson 
The Columns 
Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Kathleen Jones Hynn 
Mary Bartelloni Kltnedinst 
Jane Giliam Komegay 
Sylvia L^Tin 

Robin Rexinger Mayberry 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 
Martha McGraw McKaughn 
Anne Broyles Proctor 
Emily Shore Reeve 
Peyton Burnett Telegadas 

Cynthia Ryan Allen 
Laura Beals 
Deborah Boyer 
Melinda Cain 
Anna Corbin 
Mar^' Wilson Covington 
Rhonda Foreman 
Laura Grantham 

Bedi Slusser Hall 

Kathryn Rotty Jackson 
Diane Houdret John 
Patricia Smythe Leach 
Carol>Ti Enochs Mance 
Melissa McClellan 
Martha Anthony Prioleau 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Mary Goderre Simeone 
Ora Smith 

Patricia Kapnistos Struble 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 
Rebecca Traylor 
Jane Owen Wendling 
Lisa Wright 
Sheila Young 

Class of 1988 

5th Rel'nion 

10% giving $720 

Reunion Citing Committee: 
Ralphetta G. Aker, Chair 
The Columns 
Margaret T. Moore 
Teresita Zapata Trigo 

Ralphetta G. Aker 
Joan Grasberger Bowers 
Paula Srigley Colman 
Mallory Copeland 
Allison Wood Drez 
Susan Musser Gaines 
Bobbye Mitchell Gery 
Rebecca A. Gibbs 
Anne Holland 
Patricia Justis 
Elizabeth Ohlgren-Miller 

The Annual Report 

Alumnae Annual Fund Awards 

TT-irough these prestigious awards, we recognize our alumnae's broad support for Mary Baldwin College. 
The awards are presented each year and are named in honor of past Presidents of Mary Baldwin College. 
Accepting the awards on behalf of their classes, class delegates represent their peers during the National 
Alumnae Association meeting. 

We commend the classes listed below for their outstanding loyalty to the College. Way to go!! 

The Fraser Bowl 
Class of 1946 

Awarded to the class presenting the largest gift to the 1992- 
93 Annual Fund, the Fraser Bowl was secured by the Class of 
1946 who contributed $51,586 to the Annual Fund. 

The Lewis Platter 
Class of 1946 

Congratulations go to the Class of 1946 for their outstand- 
ing increase of $21,429 giving to the Annual Fund during 

The Spencer Pitcher 
Class of 1953 

An important goal is to increase alumnae participation in the 
College's Annual Fund. The Spencer Pitcher is bestowed on 
the class obtaining the greatest percentage of increase in 
participation. With an increase from 36% in 1991-92 to 56% 
in 1992-93, the Class of 1953 is recognized for the largest 
percent increase in participation. 

The Jarman Cup 

Class of 1939 

The Jarman Cup is presented to the class demonstrating the 
highest level of class participation in the Annual Fund. An 
outstanding 66% of the Class of 1939 contributed to the 
Annual Fund during 1992-93, thereby assuring the awarding 
of the cup. 

Top Ten Classes 

In Dollars Contributed 





















In Percent Participation 





















8 The Annual Report 

Class Gifts 

Class of 1913 

The Columns 

Class of 1920 

M;r4=--r- 1 ; rtman Henry 

Class OF 1921 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Biedler Finer 

Class of 1923 

The Columns 

La:.33 . iug:-.5nGailIard 

Class OF 1924 
Tte HilJ Top Club 


_ :sr-r-_-r --^r-' -n an Coleman 

Class of 1925 

Fiances Hams Weaver 

Class of 1926 

The Colunms 

£—.:_■.■ ?.imicy Thotnpson 

Class of 1927 

The Columns 

)/.;rr.^-;"i .- -"tr.LiDickerson 

:=:=--; r Uowser 
Kii-anne r srry James 
Marguerire Duncan Jarvis 
Amaada McCa^dli 
Henriena WbisEiant McNeetf 
SCaotsniie S^e 
Elcabetli Futnam StEisel 

Class of 1928 

The Columns 

Class OF 1929 

The Columns 

/Anna McMahon Schuln 


Anita Betnie Burrows 

Cornelia Quarles MoffetE 

Mary Taylor 
Ellen Williami 

Class of 1930 

53% giving $2. 640 

The President's Associates 

Mary Agnes Grant 

The Ivy Circle 

Evelyn Baker Arey 

The Colonnade Chib 

Mary Hebbard Parmelee 

The Columns 

Bessie Conway Lewis 


Elisabeth Withers Glascock 

Eliiabeth Hesser 

Nancy Johnson Hurt 

BCatherine DufF Powell 

Louise Bowen Wilson 

Class OF 1931 

The Ivy Circle 
lAgnes Junkin Peery 
The Columns 
Eleanor McMillan Notris 
Marguerite Vak Olson 
Ruth D. See 

Mary Watters Cresswell 
Jane Griffin Dix 
Miriam Hughes Williams 

Class of 1932 


The President's Associates 

Alene Brewster Lamer 

The Ivy Circle 

Fa^ Howard Bradham 


Susie Harris Howe 

Dofothy Hutchings Alberts 

Josephine Hurcfaeson Magnifico 


Anvilla Prescott Dudley (D) 

Rebecca Williams Holoman 

Harriett Seem Neff 

Virginia ^/^ahen. Stokes 

Eltabeth Wilson 

Class of 1933 

53% giving $1,400 
The Colonnade Club 

Sara Harris Hanger 
The Columns 

Margaret De Mund Banta 
Louise Randol Brooks 
Kathr^Ti Shankweiler Heydt 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Ruth Frazer Painter 

H. Jean Brehm Cottman 
Rosa Ott Davis 
Virginia Brand Francis 
Katie Jones Hansen 
Ruth Hopewell 
Margaret Grier Livingston 
Gladys F. Lyles 
Mary Scanlon McCallie 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 
Matilda Belcher Swicegood 
Charlotte Taylor (D) 
Virginia Manson Wood 

Class OF 1934 


The President's Associates 

Julia Gooch Richmond 

The Ivy Circle 

Emily Timberlake Watterson 

The Colonnade Club 

Mildred Mawhitvney Clements 

The Colunms 

Grace Crowe Bobo 

Mary Benson Buckley 

Evelyn Wood Chatham 

Margaret Schneider Conzett 

Catherine Zimmermann Kriete 

Jacquelirie Crinkley Maddex 

Martha Gray Thomas 


Kitty Drummond Btidgforth 

Jean Gould Clarke 

A- Christine Cottrell Johnson 

Virginia Lyon Johnson 

Elizabeth Schutz Mitchell 

Class of 1935 

41% gi«ngS 1,065 
The Colonnade Club 

Amine Cosby Kellam 
The Columns 

Margarett Russell Davis 
Capt. Winifred Love 
Virginia Weaver Macomber 
Mary Clark Marks 
Kerlyn Baber Obaugh 
Marjorie L. Stuart 


Marian Martin Gather 
Martha Logan Crissman 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
Louise Martin Nagel 
Jane Bames Ruffin 
Jean Clark Wright 

Class of 1936 

39% giving $7, 685 
The Hill Top Club 

Katherine Dyer Dudley 
The Ivy Circle 
Raquel Fajardo Ross 
The Colonnade Club 

Dorothy Hooge King 

The Colunms 

Helen Wade Dantzler 

Mary Gardner Glen 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann 

Harriet Schot'ield McLaughlin 

Catherine Midelburg 

Jean Blackburn Tipton 

Elizabeth Arnold Vilseck 

Lucilla White Whitted 


Maxwell Wright Ball 

Nancy Wallace Henderson 

Janet Duthie Hoff 

Dr. Ann Bradley Lo Grippo 

Sarah Whitmore Ricks 

Nellie Hankins Schmidt 

Ruth Morrison Stogdale 

Class of 1937 

36% giving $14,9 10 

Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Margaret Hunt Hill 

The Foimders' Club 

Jane Frances Smith 

The President's Associates 

Roberta Vance Homer 

The Colunms 

Virginia Kyle Copper 

Mary Welton Enzian 

Mary Sherier Mathisen 

Alice Gilkeson Simpkins 

Barbara Johnson von Reis 


Blessing Whitmore Brown 

Josephine Gale Ellis 

The Rev. Mellie Hussey Hickey 

Jean Holliday 

Virginia Gantt Kendig 

Elizabeth Thomas Kirtley 

Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 

Jane Mather Parish 

The Annual Rsport 9 

Margaret Childrey Penzold 
Josephine Barnett Ritchie 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 
Virginia White Taylor 
Frances Edwards Thompson 

Class of 1938 

42% giving $2,340 
The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Keller Pearson 
The Columns 
Phyllis Williams Ayres 
Betty Bird Cook 
Reba Clemmer Dunlap 
Mary Philpotts Hudgins 
Mary Moffitt Knorr 
Agnes McClung Messimer 
Mary Lumpkin Pope 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 
Alice Moore Sisson 
Mary Cooke Wassell 

Joan Ballard Bailey 
Winifred Young Bowman 
Eleanor Cely Carter 
Frances Garwood Craft 
Janet HoUis Doswell 
Opal Newton Garrett 
Elizabeth Howard Greene 
Charlotte Funke Holland 
Nancy Ferris Kail 
Hazel Crist Key 
Adele Gooch Kiessling 
May McCall 
Sarah Lacy Miller 
Peggy Hooven Murphy 
Dorothy Cohen Silverman 
Marion Hartley Todd 
Lelia Huyett White 

Class of 1939 

66% giving $7, 05 3 

The President's Associates 

Sarah Maupin Jones 

Mary Cronin Wolfe 

The Ivy Circle 

Nancy Owen Stuart 

The Colonnade Club 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey 

Mildred J. Lapsley 

Ida Kellough Robb 

The Columns 

Shirley Black Barre 

Mary Kerr Brooks 

Virginia Broughton 

Harriett Low Brown 

Margaret Browning Busick 

Marguerite Latham Clemmer 

Janie Holman Edwards 

Nancy Eskridge 

Margaret Johnston Evans 

Mary Anne Wilson Gibbs 

Virginia Worth Gonder 

Margaret Caldwell Hemdon 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Shirley Smith Huffman 
Sally Collin Kriek 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 
Anna Gilkeson Meanley 
Annie Lee Moore Walker 
Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Frederica Young 

Margaret Shields Boyer 
Anna Caperton Everhart 
Frances Rue Godwin 
Kathrine Bretch Guthrie 
Myrtle Foy Hennis 
Margaret Cochran Hinch 
Marcia Gooch Johnston 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 
Blanche Campbell Lewis 
Anita C. Malugani 
Helen Day Mitchell 
Jean Young Moore 
Hazel Nelle Astin Nelson 
Mathilda Brugh O'Bryant 
Nina Griffith O'Malley 
Elise Casscells Palma 
Barbara Baker Richardson 
Margie Phipps Shick 
Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 
Katherine Moffett Smith 
Eugenia Vance Welch 
Helen Hull Yood 

Class of 1940 

59% giVing $12,882 
The Founders' Club 
Alice Jones Thompson 
The President's Associates 
Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 
Jean Baum Mair 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 
The Ivy Circle 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Florence Jeffrey Wingo 
The Colonnade Club 
Marjorie Tobin Burke 
Shirley Fleming Iben 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 
Sally Cheney Walker 
The Columns 
Alice Jarman Browder 
Ellender Stribling Chase 
Mary Van Atta Derr 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Virginia Aldrich Fogle 
Barbara Lemmond Graham 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton 
Louise O. Ravenel 
Barbara Payne Webster 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 


Polly Bartlett 
Mary Kennedy Berry 
Marjorie Adamson Cover 
Bertha Keller DuBose 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Jeanne Smith Gardes 
Harriet Johnson Gurtler 
Elizabeth Carter Hoover 
Betty Shelton Hutcheson 
Gladys Walker Jacobs 
Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 
Kathryn Lineweaver Kivlighan 
Nita SoRelle Martin 
Barbara Browne Martindale 
Alma Hines Mitchell 
Molly Wagener Rice 
Mary Conlon SchuU 
Rachel Hassell Stevens 
Audrey Martin Watson 

Class of 1941 

46% giving $5,780 

The President's Associates 

Nancy Clark McLennan 
The Ivy Circle 

Katharine Hoge Smith 

Nadine Prideaux Smith 

The Colonnade Club 

Martha Farmer Chapman 

Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 

Dorris Withers McNeal 

The Columns 

Betty Wilcox Armstrong 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin 

Elizabeth Pringle Barge 

Dale Peters Bryant 

Anna Greenland Dortch 

Jean Lamer Gray 

Joyce Albright Greig-Denis 

Phyllis Browne Holbert 


Theressa Mason Axford 

Louise Kinkel Boehmke 

Dr. Julia Boykin 

Ann Carroll 

Rachel Irvine Cohen 
Jane Raudenbush Coiner 

Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 

Gladys Rodgers White DePue 

Betty KuU Drumheller 

Lelia Dunlap 

Mary Clinard Flinn 

Harriet King Geer 

Malvine Paxton Graham 

Katherine Jarratt 

Camille Anderson Jensen 

Harriet Angier Kuhn 

Virginia Charles Lyle 

Doris Siler Miller 

Mary Thomas Moorhead 

Nina Sproul Wise 

Marie Ulmer Wolfe 

Class of 1942 

46% giving $23,625 

Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Caroline Murphy Keller 
The President's Associates 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley 
The Ivy Circle 

Clara Ayres Duckworth 

Louise Vandiviere Mashbum 

The Colonnade Club 

Anne Hayes Brewer 

Mary Morris Blakely Sorrells 

The Columns 

Glada Moses Beard 

Hannah Campbell Boatwright 

Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 

Pearl Epling Forsey 

Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 

Suzanne Hudson MacLeod 

Jane Craig Morrison 

Ena Taylor Reed 

Eleanor Jamison Supple 

Dr. Leslie W. Syron 


Mary Simpson Bailey 
Mary Lightner Bast 

Carolyn Norton Brushwood 
Adelaide McSween Burnett 

Jean Smith Cook 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 
Inez Jones Hagaman 
Betty Bailey Hall 
Janet Werner Harris 
Beth Tilley Kantner 
Nancy Hughes Manson 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 
Nancy Price McCrackin 
Phoebe Skillman McMillan 
Emily Eakle Morgan 
Jean Anderson Nice wander 
Laura Luck Stiles 
Margaret McDonald White 
Elisabeth White Willard 
Margaret Bean Yeakle 

Class of 1944 

40% Giving $7,285 
The Hill Top Club 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 
The Colonnade Club 

Josephine Hannah Holt 
Ann Kivlighan MacLeod 
The Columns 
Laura McManaway Andrews 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Mary Cooke 
Sally McCullough Futch 
Elizabeth Wysor Jordan 
Joyce Goldstein Moseley 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 
Mary Lott Wilson 

10 The Annual Report 


Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Man- Mish Bundy 
Lois Smith Chapman 
Margaret Smith Connor 
Nell Dorsey 
Eva \'tnes Eutsler 
Helen Gansman Graves 
Gloria Vela Howe 
Dorothy Sheiton Jones 
Mary McGowen Martin 
Jean Ward McElfresh 
Anne Haneke McGou^ 
Edw-ina Davis Ohr 
Julia Kohler Peterson 
Grace Dryden V'enable 
Betty Cooke Wood 

Class of 1945 


The President's Associates 

Jean Mc\rthur Da\-is 

Julia Pancake Rankin 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary ^'Vnne Rhame Bates 

Bett\- Neisler Titoberlake 

The Colonnade Club 

Charlotte Cohn Da\-ii 

Erah Hatten Kliewer 

Man- Griffith Williams 

The Columns 

Gail Riley Blakey 

Cary Bryan Boyd 

Gayle .-Vnn Heron 
Marjorie Creasy Lacy 
Sally Smith Metrger 
Carol Saulsbury Moore 
Nancy Roycroft Pern- 
Nona Jean Macklanburg Rumsey 
Ann Dowdell Stauss 
Arm '^'hitehead Thomas 
Beverly Rhodes Wilson 

Carmen Hayes Anderson 
Kay Dates Barrett 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Elizabeth McCampbeD Burton 
Nelw\-n Kirby Culbertson 
Sally Garrett Eneix 
Elizabeth Pollard Houser 
-\nne Gard Kinzie 
Dorothy Eloise \^/hitmore Kurbjun 
Marie Dowd Latimer 
Marian McBumey Levering 
Louise McLean Lightner 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Jean Griffith Mitchell 
Louise Plage Neilon 
Catharine Prentiss Plummer 
Jeanne Britt Purdom 
Bessie StaUings Ritter 
Pegg>- Nash RoWes 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 
Anne Sims Smith 

Julie Sprunt 
Mary Burr Stevens 
Eloise WUliams Sturgill 
Nancy Townsend 
Mimi Mitchell Tufts 
Frances Tullis 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner 
Cecile Cage Wavell 
Sarah Beale Weaver 
Mary Cox Whitmore 

Class of 1946 


The Rufus Bailey Socierv 

Bertie Murphv Deming 

The Hill Top Club" 

^ lelissa Turner Lutken 

The President's Associates 

Margaret PoUard Rea 

Cecile Meats Turner 

The Ivy Circle 

Nancy Howe Guild 

The Colonnade Club 

Madelyn Richardson Brock 

Joyce Craig Butterworth 

Susan Stewart Goldthw-aite 

Rita Hickey Stone 

Lillie Trimble Turner 

The Columns 

Billie Joseph Ameen 

Velma NewbiU Booth 

Peggy HuU CaldweU 

Margaret Davis Evans 

Thelma Trigg Gannon 

Constance Small Hancock 

Alice Parson Paine 

Dr. Beneta Peacock 

Grace Brauer Potter 

Marilyn West Price 

Jane Proffit Pmett 

Jane Frierson Snipes 

Charlotte TiUey Sorrell 

Jean EHnkins Thomason 


Sabine Goodman Andrews 

Janet Whitney Bowyer 

Rosemary Kearfott Bralley 

Elizabeth Worth Caldwell 

\'irginia Bridgets Corrigan 

Marjorie Moore Council 

Helen Minteer Denslow- 

Maude Cover Freeman 

Ann Martin Hobson 

Hazel Harris Humphrey 

Irene East Lamer 

EUen McDonald Miner 

Mary Brown Mynik 

Mary Gause Oppelt 

Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 

Gladys McManan-ay Poindexter 

Margaret MiUer Reynolds 

Adele Eggers Roosevelt 

Emily Moore Seay 

Helen Black Sinnott 
Emily Reese Smith 
Jean Bickle Smith 
Joan Moran Smith 
Mabel Fairbanks Smith 
Frances Wagener Tebbs 
Sue Anderson Van Ness 
M. Harr Woodward 

Class of 1947 


The Founders' Club 

Emilv W. Hundley 

Harriette Clarke Thome 

The President's Associates 

Kachryn Else Johnson 

Mary Reed Smyth 

The Ivy- Circle 

George .\rm Bro\T,-n Carter 

Marianna Jamison Leach 

The Colonnade Club 

Sarah Beals Hokbach 

M>Tna Williams Vest 

The Columns 

Harrv- Thompson Billington 

Ann Martin Brodie 

Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 

Miriam Buckles Helmen 

Dell Proctor Hollstein 

Alice Wilson Matlock 

Elizabedi Walsh Read 

Sally Peck Spaulding 

Charlotte Fall Williams 

Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 


Mary- Thackston ^^nderson 

D. EXmn Barnes 
Martha McMuny Ellis 
Bumey Hay Gardner 
Marguerite Gaston Garrett 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Courtenay Plaskitt Hansen 
Florence Harris Hinson 
Mary Bob Hale Hoe 
Katherine Kohler Huguenin 
Donna Hull Jones 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Virginia Guthrie Linscott 
Ethel McCants Lewder 
Betty Lane McKay 
Jean Bailey McKirmey 
Margaret Churchman Moffett 
Anne Early Pettus 
Ann Bush Putzel 
Patricia Eubank Sledge 
Lynne McNew Sman 
Nancy Newton Stevenson 
Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 
Joann Myers Thompson 
Gloria Duke Trigg 
Winifred Gochenour Wampler 
Evelyn Cox Washington 
Dorice Mae Waters 
Lee Edwards Watkins 

Class of 1949 


Mary Julia Baldvv-in Society 

Betty Beasley Fiedler 

The Ivyr Circle 

Jearme Dubois Loar 

The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Lawson Craighill 

The Columns 

Margaret Newman Avent 

Julia Johnston Belton 

Nancy Anderson Blakey 

Gwendolyn Austin Brammer 

Peggy Reid EXirden 

Patricia Murphree Honea 

Ellen Andrews Hunter 

Betne Thomas Jacobsen 

Cynthia Betts Johnson 

Betty HarreU Kyle 

Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 

Betty Fugate Moore 

Helen Houghton Peters 

Beverly Harrison Rhodes 

Carolyn Honon Rogers 

Katherine Pons Wellford 

Joan Moore Woltz 


Barbara Minter Barnes 

Ann Craig Bickell 

Mary Doremus Burgess 

Martha Hobson Crowder 

Emily Ogbum Doak 

Jean Farrow 

Betty Farrington Felegara 

Caroline Sprouse GhebeUan 

Ann Ashby Helms 

Dixie Seagler Hoaglin 

Shirley Sunderman Kostik 

Vera Canaday Lupo 

Jean Quarles Mary 

June Lewis McHenry 

Edith James Mickley 

Margaret Warren Miles 

Elsie Martin Parker 

Margaret Ryder Pence 

Mary Heydenreich Robbins 

Joanne Smith 

Carrie Ham Tarkington 

Katharine Blakey Taylor 

Betty Buchanan Thullbery 

Katharine Makepeace Turner 

Vivienne Hutchens Vail 

Aileen Judd Vreeland 

Nancy Rawls Watson 

Mercer Pendleton Watt 

Katharine Callanan Willi ams 

Margaret Hooks Wilson 

Class of 1950 


The Foimders' Club 

Elia Durr Buck 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Barrier 

Jacqueline Edw-ards Cohen 

The Annual Report 1 1 

The Ivy Circle 

Anita Thee Graham 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 
The Colonnade Club 
Judith Judge Ashcraft 
Martha Carrick Brook 
Johanna Westley Lucas 
Adriane Heim Lyman 
Joyce Kagin McCauley 
Barbara Conlon Miescher 
The Columns 
Harriet Bangle Bamhardt 
Helen Beckelheimer Baugh 
Anne Faw Bernard 
Jeanne West Covington 
Louise Harwell Fanjoy 
Mary Gochenour Fowlkes 
Emma Martin Huhbard 
Kate Scott Jacob 
Betty Anderson Jeffrey 
Nancy Cohen Locher 
Bess Plaxco Smith 
Betsy Carr Smith 
Mary Horton Waldron 
Mary Wright Whaling 
Harriette Shahan Wilcox 

Marie McClure Beck 
Marian Jones Bergin 
Elizabeth Dixon Brooks 
Jean De Vore Calhoun 
Ann Jones Comley 
Mary Wellman Diehl 
Betty Shannon Ecton 
Joann Mitchell Grier 
Virginia Rose Hagee 
Emme Wingate Hawn 
Flora Talmage Landwehr 
Eleanor Townes Leath 
Hartwell Watkins Maute 
Letitia Shaw McClellan 
Mary McCormick 
Clara Burroughs McFarlin 
Barbara Payne Nolan 
Alice Hunter Patterson 
Anna Cacciapaglia Peduto 
Evelyn Mathews Pierson 
Mary White Richards 
Doris McClary Rollins 
Betty Bailey Shirley 
Nancy Brown Upchurch 
Marilyn Simpson Williams 
Margaret Wilson Wood 
Amie Trask Wright 

Class OF 1951 

52% giving $12. 270 
The Hill Top Club 
Martha Ann Woolverton 
The President's Associates 

Charlotte Jackson Berry 
Ouida Caldwell Davis 
Diane Prettyman DeWall 
Patricia Andrew Goodson 

The Colonnade Club 

Jean Romm Robinson 

The Columns 

Dorothy Atkinson 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 

Martha Kline Chaplin 

Elizabeth Beck Dewees 

Ellen Underwood Eckford 

Mary Carolyn Hollers George 

Anne McMichael Hardingham 

Dr. AUetta W. Jervey 

Marietta Barnes Jones 

Betty Choate Matthews 

Patricia Brown Schlick 

Betty White Talley 

Lilian Bedinger Taylor 

Anne Marie Newton Walker 


Genevieve Courtney Ames 

Elsie Martin Andersen 

Mary Ann Tucker Barker 

Elizabeth Williams Bradford 

Joyce Witherspoon Brown 

Donna Davis Browne 

Jane Stanley Chislett 

Nancy Draper 

Anne Potts Eddins 

Stuart Moseley Ellis 

Betty Berger Fulgham 

Marilyn Walseth Gano 

Mary Lutz Grantham 

Jacqueline McCtenney Hamilton 

Eileen Gregory Harrell 

Anne Markley Harrity 

Jean Kyle Hedges 

Sally Cox Lee 

June Beasley Mann 

Leek Paschal Mason 

Kathryn Rawl McCain 

Eustacia Caul Nicholson 

Anne Poole 

Mary Christie Schroeder 

Betsy Merritt Sherard 

Joan Dieckmann Stein 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 

Jane Moudy Van Dragt 

Class of 1952 

48% giving $8, J 15 

The Founders' Club 

Janet Russell Steelman 

The President's Associates 

Constance Detrick Lamons 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Lamont Wade 

The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Moore Ripley 

The Columns 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 

Ann Brown Lammers 

Marjorie Gordon Manning 

Dorothy Payne Nash 

Nancy Curdts Pollard 

Ruth Wonh Puckett 
Dorothy Smith Purse 
Ruth Harrison Quillen 
Joy Chapoton Ramsey 
Mary Gray Richardson 
Margaret King Stanley 
Kathryn Hatley Young 

Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 
Anne Person Baylor 
Mary Wilson Benthall 
Jessica Gilliam Boatwright 
Leslie Booth 
Mary Wright Bothoff 
Margaret Hulsey Buck 
Patricia Casey 
Carline Lobitz Davis 
Erline Griffin Eason 
Helen Tilson Fletcher 
Dorothy Snodgrass 

Julia Valz Good 
Mary McBryde Gray 
Nancy McMillan Gray 
Jane Thurmond Gregory 
Lynn Lytton Hamer 
Ann Stourgeon Harris 
Ann Greer Kidd 
Peggy Derring Lewis 
Jane Woodruff Lucas 
Elsie Nelms Nash 
Ann Schlosser 
Betty Gwaltney Schutte 
Penelope Watson Scott 
Barbara Sanford Smith 
Nancy Wilemon Smith 
Joan White Thomas 
Elizabeth Powell Todd 
Billie Jean Smith Towlen 
Nancy Gray Waller 
Alice Ball Watts 

Class of 1954 

39% giving $9,225 
The Founders' Club 
Agnes Gray Duff 
The President's Associates 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 
Winifred Boggs Myrick 
The Ivy Circle 
Lee Pierce Mosso 
The Colonnade Club 
Virginia Eversole Herdman 
Ann Shaw Miller 
The Columns 
M. Elizabeth De Loach 
Carol Bacon Dreizler 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 
Margaret Jollit Gaskin 
Nancy Rawles Grissom 
Kitty McConnell Henninger 
Constance Headapohl Pikaart 
Anne Dosher Read 
Betty Garrett Schmidt 


Ann Robinson Brown 
Donia Craig Dickerson 
Jessie Carr Haden 
Mary McKee Hagemeyer 
Joan Davenport Haydon 
Norma Ball Heuer 
Martha McKnight Huey 
Julia Vann Kenan 
Betty Garter Lane 
Mary Taylor Murray 
Marjorie Becker 

Margaret Stanley Parsons 
Daphne Brown Robertson 
Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 
Willie Ashlin Wyatt Smith 
Cherie Parrish Turman 
Merle Watkins Warren 

Class of 1955 

21% giimg $3. 975 

The President's Associates 

Frances Hafer Chiles 
Mary Hombarger Mustoe 
Jane Johnston Witham 
The Columns 
Ellen Stickell Bare 
Katherine Gracey Cannon 
Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 
Dr. Najia Hassen White 

Priscilla Markley Cook 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Margaret Berry Phillips 
Mary Bams Pruitt 

Class of 1956 

37% giVmg $4,245 
The President's Associates 
Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham 
The Colonnade Club 

Jeanette Fisher Reid 
The Columns 

Patricia Bowie Davis 
Nancy Buston Downs 
Laura Clausen Drum 
Mary Reynolds Henderson 
Bettye Hurt Ingram 
Marjorie Mowl Jago 
Ann Ritchie McHugh 
EUawells Milligan Williams 
June Morrow Winslow 

Mary Beale Black 
Diana Rede Cabell 
Nancy Payne Dahl 
Celia Wainwright Darsey 
Patricia Martin Frazer 
Josephine Terrell Glover 
Ann Dick Lovelady 
Diane McClenney Macrae 
Elizabeth Malone 

12 The Aiwual Report 

Aline Poweis Moore 
Susan Andes Pittman 
Patn- Tipton Pugh 
Virginia Hunt Roberts 
Mar\- Colonna Robertson 
Mardrivon Cowles Scott 
Ellen Gibson Shaw- 
Lois Morrison Zeigler 

Class of 1957 

TTie Ivy Circle 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 
The Colonnade Club 
Becsev Towler Robson 
The Columns 
Mar\- \K ilson Cruser 
Sara Bumell Robinson 

Frances WUls Delcher 
Katrina Thorington Flythe 
Felicia Candler Freed 
Paula Branch Hole 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 
Corrinne Currie Lane 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Sherril Gerding Miller 
Carla Rucker Nix 
Diane .\lexis Riffelmacher 
Elizabeth Cra^^iord Robbtns 
Nancy S\\ic:er Sowers 
Mary Breeden Wagnon 
Alice Jones Wire 

Class of 1958 

33% gii-mg 52.365 

The President's Associates 

Ann Cooke Britt 

The Colonnade Club 

Kathleen Hand Carter 

Constance McHugh Kimerer 

Eli::abeth Boling Strand 

The Columns 

Emily Baker 

Barbara BeU 

Mary Redding CoseUi 

Rachel Koser Cottrell 

Ann RatclitFe Harrover 

Caiolm Griffis Smith 

Margaret Hythe Teague 

Bruce Suttle Winfield 


Janice Gregory Belcher 

Arme Edmunds Brow-n 

Virginia Maxwell Burnett 

Nancy Williams Deacon 

Mary Ramsey Fisher 

Marjorie Hoge 

Jettie Bei^jnan Johnston 

Youngsook H%Tjn Kim 

Linda Larkin 

Martha Thulin Leynes-Selbert 
H. Peny Womom Moore 
Sheffield Lander Owings 
Ada Humphrey Pancake 
Emily Luscher Parr 
Nanc^- McMullan Pauley 
Lydia Woods Peale 
Patsy Messer Poovey 
Patricia Gw^Tin Taft 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Frances Spady WiUdns 

Class of 1959 

23 '\-' gin'ngSI .515 
The Colonnade Club 
Ruth Hawkins Molony 
Lucy Fisher West 
The Columns 
Marie Hazard Collins 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Suzanne Stixling Dufley 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 
Dr. Gwen Ketmedy Ne^-ille 

Anne McClung Anderson 
Rebecca Pierce Ansley 
Ann Apperson Boston 
Mary Phlegar Davis 
Julia Johnson Demler 
Virginia Hotler DuvaU 
Anne Wait Gardner 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Cynthia Hutton Lafferty 
Patricia BoneUi Maull 
Joyce Holt McDowell 
Patricia Henderson Williams 
Mary L^"nn Bamer ^'ood 

Class of 1960 

The Founders' Club 
Carol\"n Gilmer Hisley 
The President's Associates 
Sally .Armstrong Binglev 
Susan V^'arfield Caples 
The Ivy Circle 
Sally Cullum Holmes 
Doris Rohner Rogers 
Florence Daniel Wellotis 
The Colonnade Club 
Sandy Pheris DeWald 
Bett\- Engle Stoddard 
The Columns 
Nancy MacGregor Cook 
Mary Cowan Grimshaw 
Alice Cox Hubbard 
Elmore Bartlett Ir\scoe 
Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 
Kanc^- Bartley Leonard 
Vickv HiU Rimsridt 


Man Ellen Brown 

Judith Carter 

Knox Clarke Chapman 

Patricia Henr>- Cooke 

Beverly De Lashmutt Engle 

Sara Squires Erickson 


Nancy Hooker Manning 

Anne Fray McCormick 

Susan Speake Noble 

Mer^l Richardson Nolan 

Sara Miller Richardson 

Patricia Edwards Saunders 

Mary Kay McConchie Schultz 

Antotnette Baldwin Shelton 

Sharon Hooks Siewert 

Jeannette Her\'ey Trice 

Ann Ballard Van Eman 

Class of 1961 

32% firing S4. 495 

The President's Associates 

Nancv Harris Quarles 

The I\-y Circle 

Dr. May Walk Jones 

The Colonnade Club 

Judith Crow Hottman 

The Columns 

Barbara Reid Bailey 

Lou Nordholt Bramwell 

Katharine Bonfoey Burgdotf 

Ann Price Clark 

Shade Thomas Cronan 

Eleanor Starke Evans 

Cynthia Hundley Fisher 

OU\'ia Rogers Guggenheim 

Beverly Grear Hurt 

Emily Reeves Sloan 

Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 

Otey Hayward Swoboda 


Elizabeth Allan 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 

Suzanne Sessoms Blair 

Barbara Williams Craig 

Lois WiUard Daniel 

Cecelia Flow EUer-CoUins 

M. Penzold Fooks 

Judith Merritt Gibbons 

Nanc>' Klauder Hall 

Frances Lynn Purdom Haoomonds 

Charlotte Leverton Hamner 

Joan Williams Kivlighan 

Luc^' Riene Levis 

Ann Wilson Linn 

Shirley Corbin Menende: 

Mary Sharp Swa^-e Mount 

Patricia Liebert Riddick 

Susan Ely Ryan 

Sigrid Gudheim Scott 

EHana Chore Smith 

Nancy Strauss 

Laura Burford Sullivan 

Syhia Scott Weaver 

Class of 1962 

35% giimg $5,930 
The President's Associates 
Linda Dolly Hammack 
The Iv^' Circle 
Nancy Daniel Mahaffey 
Eugenia McCuen Thomason 
The Colonnade Club 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Susan Hooper Hogge 
Susan Cadle King 
Luctnda Ptna Wilkinson 
The Columns 
Mary Stone Adler 
Ann Alexander Cook 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Harriet Hart 

Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 
Man' NeU Williams Mathis 
Sally Helnel Pearsall 
Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 
Mar\- Whitinger Turner 
Carolyn Jones Waghome 
Marion Drewiy WUls 

NeUson Peirce Andrews 
Shirley Quarles Baird 
Mary Eldridge Berry 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Prior Meade Cooper 
Lucy Martin Danner 
Perm Walker Floumoy 
Celia Crittenden Gilmore 
Jennifer Wilson Green 
Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Harriet Hope Howard 
Lacey Sanford Hudgins 
Lynn Frierson Kennedy 
Martha Butler Matthews 
Margaret Harris McClain 
Charlotte Mooney 
Penelope Pettit Moore 
Ettuly Troxell Pepper 
Sally Akridge Rieves 
Shirley File Robbins 
Judith Richardson Strickland 
Josephine ^Tiittle Thornton 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 

Class of 1964 

34° g!nngSI4.8/ 5 
The HiU Top Club 
Nancy Rowe Hull 
The President's Associates 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 
Susan Thompson Hotfman 
Mary McRae Young 
The Ivy Circle 
E. Byrd Abbott 
Beverly Estes Bates 
Margaret Cole Chappell 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
S. Carolyn Clemmer McCuUey 

The Annual Report 13 

The Colonnade Club 

Karen Appleby Baughan 
The Columns 

Carolyn Smith Abhitt 
Anne Fisher Bahner 
Julia Carrington Bemis 
Sally Dorsey Danner 
Anne Nimmo Dixon 
Mary Jarratt Dunn 
Jane Lemon Eifler 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Eleanor Poole McCord 
Darlena Sizemore Mixon 
Betty Barnes Pigg 
Nancy Nelson Spencer 
Ann Morrell Tucker 
Jean Umberger Wertz 

Mary Juer Barnwell 
Elizabeth Baughan Baukhages 
Martha Murchison Boyd 
Alice Farrior Butler 
Frances Sanders Davis 
Mary Kerr Denny 
Glenn Ellen Downie 
Judith Fleeter Ford 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes 
Rossie Wolever Hampton 
Ann King Harkins 
Susan Palmer Hauser 
Jane Tanner Henderson 
Molly Holt 

Bess Alexander Johnson 
Margaret TTiompson Johnson 
Dr. Hope Baldwin Lanier 
Ann Higgins McWbirter 
Nancy Fairfax Hardesty 

Pamela Milliken Reed 
Rebecca Quinn Schubmehl 
Wortley Davis Smith 

Class of 1965 

37% giving $8,340 

The President's Associates 

Janet Haddrell Connors 

Judith Payne Grey 

Carol Stewart Shaw 

The Ivy Circle 

Gail McAlpin Schweickert 

The Colonnade Club 

Martha Bertrand 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 

Ellen Pagenstecher Lewis 

Helen Hutcheson Massingill 

Adele Jeffords Pope 

The Columns 

Mary Gillespie Amos 

Jo A. Avery 

Martha Peck Bolen 

Elizabeth Walker Gate 

Virginia Chapman Cobb 

Janice Jones Collins 

Gail McMichael Drew 
June Early Fraim 
Carol Gibson Kanner 
Paula Stephens Lambert 
Marian Gordin Lord 
Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 
Nancy Jackson Miller 
Margaret Gunter Riddle 
Beverly Tumlinson Sparrow 
Eleanor Chew Winnard 
Margaret Jackson Woodcock 

Gwendolyn Black Bishop 
Diane Cooper Byers 
Mary Whittle Chapman 
Frances Knight Clarke 
Mary Pickett Craddock 
Elizabeth Light Cressor 
Katherine Early Dougherty 
Anne Smith Edwards 
Sara Beabout Hartman 
Judy Roy Hoffman 
Ann Mebane Levine 
Cornelia Jackson McAllister 
Elizabeth Brown McKell 
Charlotte Tyson Mewbom 
Dr. Mary Gathright Newell 
Dr. Minerva Thompson Nolte 
Emma Martin Rouse 
Dorothy lafrate Rudy 
Judy Bryant Skinner 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 
Melanie Walthall Taylor 
Susan Spickard Uhlig 
Susan Browne Webb 
Margaret Malone West 
Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 

Class of 1966 

34% giving $5, 87 i 

The President's Associates 

M. Elizabeth Swope 

The Ivy Circle 

Eugenia Hedden Dowdeswell 
Sandra Zeese DriscoU 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 
The Colonnade Club 
Ann Alexander Crane 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp 
Renate Worch Schuessler 
Ann Morgan Vickery 
The Columns 
Katherine West Burkhart 
Dr. Janet WTiite Campbell 
Julia Barbee Crothers 
Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 
Karen Cowsert Pryor 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 
J. Hope Rothert Taft 
Jo Turner Thompson 

Lucy Lanier Adcock 
Julia Blanchard Batchelor 
Analeak Liipfert Bowers 

Ashlin Swetnam Bray 
Nancy Yates Briggs 
Roberta Long Campbell 
Carol Delbridge Cappello 
Avril Laughlin Chase 
Carole Rednour Dixon 
Mary Ramer Eanes 
Marguerite Duane Ellis 
Nancy Simmons Brockenbrough 

Virginia Gonder 
Sally Marks Goodwin 
Virginia Freeman Haile 
Rosemary Harris Henderson 
Patricia Phillips Hogue 
Joan Davis Howard 
Jane Ellen Via lUi 
Esther Johnson 
Claire Stem Kaufman 
Rebecca Suter Lindsay 
Virginia Vaughan Longuillo 
Sammy Primm Marshall 
Lou Hartgraves McCarty 
Betty Drury McConnell 
Dr. Martha Flowers Peters 
Frances Davis Pollard 
Janet Wiethoff Price 
Heidi Brandt Robertson 
Alice Lippitt Steyaart 
Mary Arehart Stoneburg 
Elizabeth Jones Thacker 
Davyne Verstandig 
Annette Tixier West 
Sarah Fisher Wilkes 

Class of 1967 

38% gitmg $15,920 
The Founders' Club 
Peggy Anderson Carr 
The President's Associates 

Angela Blose Corley 
Rosa McLaughlin Heinsohn 
Susan Massie Johnson 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 
Dr. Sue Butler Rocovich 
The Ivy Circle 
Mary Lane Dudley Purtill 
Carey Cooley McDaniel 
The Colonnade Club 
Gay Gilmore Butler 
Jean Lambeth Hart 
M. Elizabeth Preddy 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 
Marian McDowell Whitlock 
The Columns 
Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Hazel Williams Bynum 
Margaret Turner Coleman 
Anne Cooke 

Margaret Weaver Crosson 
Anne Shields Emerson 
Kathleen Myers Faust 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett 
Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 

Mary Reuman Howard 
Kathryn Rice Knowles 
Dr. Margaret McNeese 
Alice S. Moore 
Helen Stone Moss 
Nancy Falkenberg MuUer 
Sally Stowers Oliver 
Margaret Allen Palmer 
Dr. Susan N. Palmer 
Sallie Chellis Schisler 
Judith Pugh Stone 
Martha Harlow Stronach 
Cecelia Bums Travis 
Carol Stephens Trice 

Sandra Preseren Alley 
Mary Carolyn Comforth Baird 
Janice Smith Barry 
Frances Gallion Bear 
Elizabeth Shinnick Caldwell 
Donna Weiglein Chasse 
Sylvia Shepherd Dalke 
Susan Benton Dodson 
Winton Mather Doherty 
Louise Tabb Edge 
Nancy Rubright Gates 
Susanne Reim Glass 
Joan Velten Hall 
Virginia Carter Holden 
Marjorie Gillespie Holt 
Mary Page Manning 
Margaret Jennings Metz 
Katharine Saffold Rapkin 
Carolyn Newman Renner 
Diane Nichols Rogers 
Leslie Henderson Sheehan 
Carol Laws Slonaker 
Mary Block Smith 
Lucia Lionberger Thomas 
Sarah Oden Tipson 
Susan Townshend Townsend 
Susan McKeown Waters 
The Rev. Leslie Westbrook 

Class of 1969 

The Hill Top Club 
Claire Lewis Arnold 
The Founders' Club 
A. Jane Townes 
The President's Associates 
Gail McLennan King 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 
Margaret Thorn Rawls 
The Ivy Circle 
Judith Galloway-Totaro 
Patricia Binkley Haws 
The Colonnade Club 
Susan Train Fearon 
Kathryn Bish Hanson 
Mary Weston Grimball 
Robin Watson Livesay 
Margaret Barranger Re id 
Virginia Moomaw Savage 

14 The Annual Report 

Katherine Quillian Solberg 

Rose Driver Stuart 

Ann Lewis Vaughn 

Judith J. Wade 

The Columns 

Neely Garrett Axselle 

Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 

Mary Rebekah Kennedy Caruso 

Helen Suzanne Jones Duncan 

Ann Trusler Faith 

Margaret Durant Fried 

Sara Nair James 

Lynda CuUop LawTence 

Patricia McGeorge Nickerson 

Mary Moffett Hutcheson Priddy 

Corrie Smith Sargeant 

Arme Emmert Thompson 

Jane CoUis Thornton 

Mary Ellena Ward 

Mary Gregory Wilson 

C. Engle Yokley 


Claudia Montague Adams 

Judith Christian Ashby 

Suzanne Hartley Barker 

Miriam Jones Beckwith 

Cynthia Yeager Bouldin 

Susan Christ Campbell 

Lynn White Cobb 

Abigail Robinson Coppock 

Susan Cutler 

Elizabeth Fleeting Davis 

Linda McAllister Dawe 

Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 

Margaret Lipscomb Foster 

Jacquel^Ti Riepe Hill 

Judith West Kidd 

Camille Florence Kunkle 

Nora Leary 

Elizabeth Hanes Main 

Dollie McGrath Marshall 

Nancy Chubbuck Norton 

Jill Olson 

Katharine Parker 

Sandra McQuarrie Rigby 

Caroline Schooley 

Lindley Moffett Small 

Edwina Smith 

Mary Allison Starun 

Anne McLeod Turner 

Bett^' Culbreath Young 

Class of 1970 

3 J% giving $7,968 

The President's Associates 

Louise Rossett McNamee 

The Ivy Circle 

Julie Mays Cannell 

The Colonnade Club 

Carolyn Carleton Campsey 

Mary Saunders Conwell 

Elaine Rabe Giese 

Minna Thompson Glenn 

Sheryl Quanbeck Hagan 
Janie Huske Satterfield 
Molly Upton Tarr 
The Colunvns 

Martha Kennedy Albertson 

Carolyn Bass Armentrout 

Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 

Jane Graves Harriett 

Chris Ziebe Blanton 

Leslie Freeman 

Candace Snodgrass Gessner 

Catherine Nease Gilbreath 

Jean C. Grainger 

Elizabeth Lamer Gutmann 

Elizabeth Higginbotham 

Martha Booth Jennison 

Gair Hartley Jewell 

Sue Newman Landa 

Elizabeth Rand Lemon 

Lynne Hartman Matthews 

Laura Croom Murray 

Emily Borden Ragsdale 

Dianne Sellers 

Anne Pearson Wallace 


Mary Browning Birkhead 

Jo Guider Chase 

Maty McCaa Cothran 

Margaret Wright Crawford 

Dale Smith Georgiade 

Margaret Haile 

Ann Harris 

Janice Shoemaker Hill 

Sharon Ellis Hinnant 

Jane Smith Hopkins 

Debra Worsham Jordan 

Rebecca Thomas Kopp 

Cally Lewis Lavigne 

Margaret Lake Lindsay 

Mary Zarme Macdonald 

Janet Ernst Mills 

Connie Kittle Neer 

Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 

Margaret Scott Reading 

Janice Coleman Robertson 

Mary Wood Senechal 

Jean Barry Strain 

Daphne WaUcer 

Pattie Newell Williams 

Alice Franciso Wipfler 

Class OF 1971 

38% giving $8,246 
The Ivy Circle 

Jane Elizabeth Faulds 
Dee Bowman Haggard 
Elizabeth Clement Jeftery 
The Colonnade Club 
Louise W. Boy Ian 
Susan Mary Caver 
Jennifer McHugh Haase 
Mary Ferguson Karnes 
Janice Booth Maner 

Nancy Winters Moore 
Laura Sadler Olin 
Brooke Hume Pendleton 
Arui Gilmer Richardson 
Catherine Gladden Schultz 
The Columns 
Laura Catching Alexander 
Leigh Suhling Barth 
Lee Willey Bowman 
Janet Dennis Branch 
Sally Cannon Crumbley 
Catharine Dottier 
Katherine Downie 
Mary Babcock Edwards 
Melissa Wimbish Ferrell 
Barbara Leavitt Franklin 
Lila Caldwell Gardner 
Alice Craddock Massey 
Shirley Frey Morris 
Antoinette Bond Morrison 
Marchant Starr Reutlinger 
Kathryn English Roberts 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver 
Rebecca Case Yelverton 

Patricia Mclver Alvey 
Linda Rawlings Baker 
Sheryl Allen Blackford 
Anne-Reid jenny Bradshaw 
Emily Paine Brady 
Caroline Waldrop Buckman 
Elizabeth Toms Chaplin 
Constance Gantt Coffman 
Margaret Agnes Cooper 
Cynthia Fitch 
Susan Price Garth 
Jean Ome Gosling 
Mary McCauley Greathouse 
Elizabeth Francis Griffith 
Susann Hutaff Haskins 
Betty Herrman 
Susan Norton Minor 
Betty Jo McClimans Moses 
M. Merrick Twohy Murray 
Betsy Marshall Nau 
Jane Shortell Nelson 
Eleanor Myers O'Maia 
Mary Murrin Painter 
Mary Pardue 
H. Moorefield Perm 
Katherine Blackwell Roach 
Gray Thomas Rodriquez-Barber 
Clara MacKenzie Smiley 
Robin Spence 
M. Henderson Stein 
Doris Fauber Stricklei 
Catharine Pierce Stringfellow 
Katherine Terrell Svejnar 
Virginia Bell Trice 
Mary Bass Wanless 
Amy Nelson Warren 
Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 
Julia Anderson Wilson 
Elizabeth Sutherland Winstead 

Class of 1972 

38% ginng $6,825 
The Ivy Circle 

Elaine Henderson Fowler 

Jane Rayson Y'oung 

The Colonnade Club 

Blanche Wysor Anderson 

Caroline Dixon Bartman 

Patsy Hildebrandt Downer 

Mildred Willis Paden 

Mary Jim Moore Quillen 

The Columns 

Jill Kiely Anderson 

Charlotte Heller Chatlain 

Dale Adams Cone 

Jill White Cooke 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston 

Virginia Masters Fleishman 

Leah Waller Golden 

Marcia McDonald Helms 

Linda Grinels Irby 

A. Talbott Jordan 

J. Page Price Lewis 

Nina Re id Mack 

Susan Henry Martin 

Karen Stonebumer Miller 

Sara Allen Moody 

Susan Almond Smith 

Karen Searle Snyder 

Theresa Koogler Southerington 

Kathy Y'oung Wetsel 


Rogene Elkins Austell 

Claudia Turner Bagwell 

Anne Vogtle Baldwin 

Connie Lowrance Beach 

Margaret Ritchie Bentley 

Jean Vincent Bristor 

Barbara Robertson Burke 

Clatie Harris Campbell 

Dr. Anne Locke Carter 

Carol Ditto Cary 

S. Shepeherd Johnston Chuites 

Denise Craig 

Nancy Preseren Fankhauser 

Catherine Spratley Fa\Te 

Mary Rogers Field 

Janie Davis Floumoy 

Catherine Scott Gaines 

Ann Crytnes Galione 

Lea Ayers Gilman 

Carolyn Apperson Hansen 

Jean Dittmar Hubertus 

Margaret Jones Kramer 

Barbara Butler Leonard 

Caryn Gove Long 

Leelia Logan Louis 

Karen Peterson Mann 

Susan Jones McElroy 

Mar>' Tompkins Miller 

Sallie Hubard Moore 

Elizabeth Goad Oliver 

Susan Rogers Parks 

Melissa Wilson Paschold 

The Annual Report 15 

Elizabeth M. Smith 
Gwendolyn Gillaugh Stoecklein 
Mary Atkinson Stone 
Marsha Summerson 
Rebecca Bost Tucker 
Susan Richards Tyler 
Melanie Gamble Walker 
Elizabeth Watts 
Ann Wilkerson 
June Reynolds Wood 
Jacquelyn Hill Wyche 

Class of 1974 

29% giving $4. 840 

The Ivy Circle 

Betty Davis Crump 

Ann Bowman Day 

The Colonnade Club 

Marguerite Ivy Crews 

Leigh Yates Farmer 

Lynn McWhorter Speno 

The Columns 

Catherine Boynton Beazley 

Judith Stovall Boland 

Kathleen Barksdale Craine 

Karen Outlaw Fendley 

Susan Englander Fraile 

Helen Radcliffe Gregory 

Sally Dillard Hauprfuhrer 

Susan Baughman Homar 

Nancy Hudson Lloyd 

Catherine Lewis Maxwell 

Judith Sydnor McNeel 

Katherine Hull Nowell 

Barbara Mitchell Sample 

TTiankful Salmon Sullivant 

Sandra Wandrisco Waller 

Marjorie Widener Wardrop 

Lossie Noell Wilkinson 


Bliss Buford Abbot 

Carol Tilson Atwood 

Nancy McEntire Bradford 

Kristina Mallonee Buckingham 

Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 

Agnes Harwood 

Rosemary Baldwin Hendricks 

Daphine Tilley Hill 

Jean Temple Holt 

Susan Huddy 

Bonnie Kennedy Kant 

Judy Durham Kennedy 

Elizabeth Anne Coleman Knopp 

Patricia Lacy 

Betsy Hunsucker Lane 

Julia Williams Layfield 

Valeta Stonebumer McDonald 

Eve Hitchman Morrison 

Julie Tippins Parker 

Marie Dienst Perry 

Elizabeth Cary Spell 

Claudia Williams 

Margaret Stanley Wood 

Rebecca Jones Young 

Class of 1975 

32% giving $8. 038 

The President's Associates 

Harriet Marrow Neldon 
The Ivy Circle 

Wade Walker Coleman 

Lee Johnston Foster 

Blaine Kinney Johnson 

Margaret Byrd McGeorge 

The Colonnade Club 

Ellen Lutz Hardin 

Anne Lonnquest Moore 

Nancy Higgins O'Malley 

Florence Jones Rutherford 

Dr. Katherine Smallwood 

The Columns 

Deborah Moench Ayme 

Anne Munn Bailey 

Sally Matthews Bryant 

Susan Green Coulter 

Pat Eldridge 

Oneita Carlson Enoch 

Mary McCuUough Ferguson 

Mary Jim Morgan Fulton 

Anne North Howard 

Dr. Claudette Hurtt Hyman 

Cynthia Johnston 

Mary Robin Neel 

Margaret Johnston Oppenheimer 

Leigh Banks Roper 

Margaret Garris Summs 

Kathryn Quarles Wafle 

Catherine Choate Ward 

Anne Feddeman Warner 


Florence Brandon Allison 

Sara Roberts Ames 

Pamela Shell Baskervill 

Anne Hunter Plonk Boone 

Susan Brooks 

Michele Richard Bustamante 

Martha Marshall Cassell 

Helen Whitcomb Coates 

Beverly Shenk Coltrane 

Nancy Locke Curlee 

Dr. Martha Creasy Cutright 

Susan Hamner Daoust 

Chama Caddy DiSanto 

Marianne Kostal Fadden 

Mary Tucker Fouraker 

Melinda Ratliff Gallegos 

Linda Holder Gordon 

Elizabeth Evans Grainer 

Suzanne Hall 

Susan Lemon Hobbs 

Molly Ely Hunter 

Laurie Jones Kapfer 

Nancy Pole LaRocca 

Suzanne Ma.xson Maltz 

Nancy Nowak 

Susan Bickerstaff Ome 

Pamela Patron 

Robin Boyd Rawles 

Lucile Craddock Reddick 

Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 
Janet Gouldman Rutherford 
Pamela Todd Schmid 
Sharon Keys Seal 
Susan Heiner Steadman 
Eva Stimpson 
Katherine Hunt Stormont 
Norwood Ricks Strasburger 
Patrice Snoddy Wall 
Anne Anderson Wallen 
Lynda Bergen Wheatley 
Debra Wood-Raines 

Class of 1976 

29% giving $9, 1 60 
The Founders' Club 
Mabel Fetterman Held 
The President's Associates 

Donna Neudorfer Earp 

Jane Miller 

The Ivy Circle 

Clair Carter Bell 

The Colonnade Club 

Lisa Wall O'Donnell 

Dr. Susan F. Thomas 

The Columns 

Clarke Stanley Beckner 

Joan Ferrell 

Katherine Kantner 

Carroll Blair Keiger 

Pamela Dunbar Kreger 

Lt. Cmdr. Christina Beardsley 

Bonnie Tuggle Miller 
Mary Sutton Payne 
Laura Wall Phillips 
Joanne Palmer Wood 

Janie McShan Allgood 
Anne Leatherbury Atwood 
Sylvia Baldwin 
Jennie Peery Budd 
Susan Hazelwood Buffington 
Patricia Tuggle Collins 
Evelyn Diment 
Shirley Douglass 
Mary Ferguson 
Marcia Evans Gravitt 
Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 
Gary Adkins Guza 
Lynn Howard Lawrence 
Corinne White Llewellyn 
Meredith Lyons-Crews 
Mary Hollings McConnell 
Nancy Lawler Milam 
Claire Colbert Mills 
Mary Richardson Misiti 
Margaret Carr Norfleet 
Catherine Priddy Norman 
Margaret Lybrand Ryland 
Susan Shipman-Jicha 
Ivy Mathias Stennett 
Suzanne Griffin Sutphen 
Lydia Ann Vander Voort 

Class of 1977 

28% giving $5,995 

The President's Associates 

Alison Wenger Boone 

P. Eloise Clyde Chandler 

The Ivy Circle 

Leslie Marfleet Terry 

The Colonnade Club 

Sherry Bassett Brooks 

Pamela Martin Comstock 

Grace McCutchen Daughtridge 

Melissa Rhodes McCue 

The Columns 

Ellen Gill Ball 

Dr. Donna Grey Booth 

Linda Hinrichs Christovich 

Lucile Jones Clyde 

Ann Calhoun Dent 

Langhome Amonette Ellis 

Evelyn Wells Fisher 

Judy Ellen Hanlen 

Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 

Martha Lynch Smith 

Laura Mallory Woodall 


Lucy Murphy Boush 

Suzanne Stringer Bryson 

Louise King Cavanagh 

Katharine McWane Doel 

Elizabeth Bruni Downey 

Susan Dunlap 

Stephanie Seaton Estabrooks 

Beverly Hall 

Amy Ivy 

Terry Colaw Kershner 

Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 

Kathryn McCain Lee 

Leslie Doane Leocha 

Gene Balch Limbaugh 

Marjorie Bates Moore 

Edith Roosevelt Purgason 

Katharine Randolph 

Page Branton Reed 

Debra Wolfe Shea 

Helen Harris Sherman 

Catherine Gephart Shook 

Julie Taylor Smith 

Patricia Stratton 

Amy Schnabel Sutton 

Elizabeth Taylor 

Shawn Keys WTiitman 

Nancy Pearson Yeaman 

Class of 1979 


The President's Associates 

Cynthia Luck Haw 

Mary Nell McPherson 

The Ivy Circle 

Kimberly Baker Glenn 

The Colonnade Club 

Gloria Zuniga Canseco 

Elizabeth "B. J." Felton de Golian 

Nancy Dana TTieus 

16 The Annual Report 

The Columns 
Ellison Miller Carey 
Man- Lehnerc Faulkner 
Jane Harcus Hill 
Leslie Dore Hogan 
Kelley Rexroad 
Martha Krauss Smith 
.\nn Stephens Talbott 

Cynthia Carson-BrowTi 
Marlean Lumpkin Da\is 
L\Tme Kreger Frye 
Mary Hamblin Getty 
Jennifer Pace Gray 
Mar\- Letha ^S'arren Jelinek 
Susan Jones 
Nancy Wilson Kratiert 
Robin Jasiewid Lafferty 
Nancy Randall Mackey 
Charlotte Johnson Moyler 
Susan Gordon Rosen 
Lisa Jane Rowley 
Jane Baugh Singletary 
Mary Thompson Tayloe 
Mar>- Grier ^Tieless 
Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 
Susan \V'olte 

Class of 1980 


The hry Circle 

Jo O'Neal Bmeggeman 

Karen Emmet Hunt 

The Colonnade Club 

Susan Martin Cooley 

Melinda Dodge 

Mary Lynn Tuggle GUliland 

Margaret Chapman Jackson 

Martha Philpott King 

Sally Simons 

The Columns 

Katherine Jackson Anderson 

Eliabeth Gulbenk Balendne 

Katherine Pieison Golden 

Ann Gregory CoUigan 

Kelly Huffman Ellis 

Carolyn Dew Gruensfelder 

Victoria Goodwin Hardy 

Christina Holstrom 

Connie Bourne Jung 

Melissa Raider Keahey 

Alise Learned Mahr 

Susan Walker Scola 

Amanda Burrus Talaat 


Amy Adkins Augustine 

Mary Griffin Bachmann 

Melanie Barber 

Elizabeth Abercrombie Daniels 

Ann Gray Graham 

Marlene Denny Jones 

Surie Kleck 

Judith Leitch MacLennan 

K. Wooldridge Marchetti 

Lvnda Harrison Meredith 

Susan Moomaw Moring 
Gary Edel Nichok 
Trueheart Caskie Porter 
Julia Jones Rubio 
Frances Scrubby Scruby 
Marian Shiflet-O'Brien 
C>'nthia Wilson Shoemaker 
Langhome McCarthy Stinnette 
Dr. Josephine Hemphill UUom 
Elizabeth Updegraff VardeU 
Pamela Roach Voight 
Jenifer Walker 
Carolina Woodard 

Class of 1981 

29% giving $5,430 

The President's Associates 

Valerie L\'nn Wenger 

The IvT Circle 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 

The Colonnade Club 

Dr. Annabel E. Barber 

Michelle Howard Dase 

Glenda Ridgely 

Walter Ridgely 

John Runkle 

The Columns 

Jane McClure Booth 

Elizabeth Trimble Bradley 

Kathleen Walsh HaUigan 

Helen Hanks 

Ann Hayes 

Amy Tracy Ingles 

Nita Knight Klein 

Martha Ferrell ThomhiU 


Margaret Douglas Moncure Buder 

Anne Kirchdorfer Dabney 

A. Witney Markley Derunan 

Dr. Juhe Ewing 

Elizabeth Blake Ferguson 

Leigh Williams Greer 

The Rev. Margaret Kincaid Haney 

Kim Herring-Rutland 

Dr. Glenda Whitaker KroU 

Sarah Snead Lankford 

Katherine Ketchum LeDoyen 

Kathleen Wilkerson Magnan 

Elizabeth Lafftae Malinowski 

Alice Stevens Marshall 

Kathryn Gravely Melo 

Carol McKenna Mongan 

Elizabeth Nash 

Patricia McGinnis Nicholson 

Sheila Stewart Olson 

Pamela McCain Pearce 

Jennifer Free Pecora 

Pamela Pope 

Susan Price Sams 

Melissa Weyher Saunders 

Susan Taylor Sims 

Martha Read Skinner 

Sara Poulston Tompkins 

Margaret Szeniawski Weidner 

Rebecca Smith Wirt 

Class of 1982 

30% ginng $23,690 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Pamela Stephens Rose 

The President's Associates 

Stephanie Carbon Brennan 

The Colonnade Club 

Ann Filipowicz Blotner 

Laura O'Hear Church 

The Columns 

Sara Beth Bearss 

Caroh-n Duke Elkins 

Mary Polino Fansler 

Madge Hooker 

Anna Gibson Koon 

Adele Moore Lane 

Elizabeth Bamen McLaren 

Barbara Paschall 

Margaret Herbert Roach 

Rosalind Foreman Tanner 


Andrea Zukaukas Aikins 

Dawn Martin Blankinship 

Dawn Sullivan Bourne 

Elizabeth Burris Brooke 

Susan Wilson Clark 

Joyce Boatwright Cole 

Susan English 

Cyndi PhiUips Fletcher 

Bonnie Ford 

Elise Harrover Harlow 

Marguerite Harrison 

Margaret Ellen Healy 

Carole Newman Hopkins 

Mary Wagner Jones 

Catherine Henson Kinniburgh 

Treena Epperson Koroneos 

Susan Little 

Lisa Spangler Locher 

Rebecca Lovingood 

Koy Edmiston Mislowsky 

Ellen Moomaw 

Tamara Obaugh 

Paige Lovelace Quiker 

Nancy Ragsdale 

Virginia Cardwell Rosebro 

Caroline Savage 

Ann Haynes Vanderhout 

Edith Pardoe Webb 

Rira Wilson 

Elizabeth Howard Young 

Class of 1984 

19% giving S2. 065 

The Columns 

Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano 

Judith Bauerle 

Deborah Hardie Boitnott 

Virginia Gates DiStanislao 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 

Deborah Huffman 

Dr. Sheila Jean Kendrick 

Laura Kerr 

Mary Judith Moschler 

Carroll Oliver Roach 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 
Joanna Campbell Swanson 

Marilyn Hughes Allan 
Sydney Wood Bruni 
Laura Martin Davis 
Deidre Fleming Dougherty 
Susan Vick Dunn 
Cheryl Garrett Goddard 
Janet Andrews Melton 
Sherry Duncan Miller 
Belinda Norden Pitman 
Anne Cabell Birdsong Wentz 
Kelly Phelps Winstead 
Laura WQson Young 

Class of 1985 

J5%giMng $2,470 

The President's Associates 

Suzanne Woodfin Villani 

The Ivy Circle 

Dawn Tusing Burris 

The Columns 

Susan Anderson Benes 

Alice Ingram Hickman 

Lillian Smith Shannon 


Audrey Bondurant Barlow 

Amelia Cuomo 

Pamela Place Dwyer 

Elizabeth Dickerson Franklin 

Pattie Norton Guntet 

Maura Kelley Higginbotham 

Margaret Humphrey 

Pryor Castleman Lancaster 

xAnne Ware Maloney 

Mary O'Brien 

Sarah Paret 

Martha Towler Robson 

Virginia Campbell Sowers 

Class of 1986 

14% ^^•ing$4J45 
The Founders' Club 
Lynn Dinger Edmonds 
The Coloimade Club 
Julie Ellsworth 
The Columns 
Amy Bridge 
Jocelyn Cassidy 
Michele Schalow Clements 
Katie McGee Dyslin 
Rebecca Jones 

Ann Hall Branscome Kendall 
Carroll Coupland Kennedy 
Rira "R. J." Landin-Loderick 
Elizabeth Blrks Lange 
Maryann Kirk Macchiavema 
Candle DoUarhite Meadors 
Elizabeth Broach O'Donnell 
Carrie Murad Rogers 
Karen Latshaw Schaub 
Eustacia Nicholson Schoeftler 
Rosemarie Whittington Scott 

The Annual Report 1 7 

Class of 1987 

14% giving $81 5 

The Columns 

Gretchen Drenkard Koontz 

Jeanne York Montgomery 

Allison J. Young 


Carrie Anderson 

Rebecca Crymes 

Susan Pendleton Dawson 

Susan Hostetter Giivary 

Sheryl Brock Herher 

Linda Knighton 

Mary-Slater Linn 

Carolyn Casler Luxton 

Barbara Overman Marsh 

Sharon Menzies 

Jennifer Lyster Rich 

Alicia Josephine Keller Sharpe 

Karen Sisko 

Simone Wade 

Danielle Webber 

Claire Williams 

Class of 1989 

12% giving $ J ,040 
The Columns 
Courtney Bell 
Donna Myrtle Boxley 

Jennifer Scott Johnson 

Rebecca Walker 

Angela Favata Week 


Kelly Garrett Abbott 

Katherine Carter 

Tracey Cote 

Sarah Yeatts Gormley 

Lucille Hodges 

Lacey Leonard 

Julie King Murray 

Shelby Powell 

Pamela Pruitt 

Katrina Spanka-Kloman 

Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 

Class of 1990 

il% giving $320 


Martha Hansen Behrend 

Katherine Brant Manning 

Rebecca Briggs 

Mary Georges 

Julia Hickey 

Aleacia Knotts 

Kelley Conner LaVangie 

Mary Lynch 

Martha Sims 
Hilda Tate 
Tia Tilman 

Class of 1991 

9% giving $405 

Virginia Berry 
Mary Claybrook 
Margaret Hambrick 
Amy Hundley 
Elizabeth Bender Nelson 
Caroline Oden 
Karen Ponton 
Kaye Rollin 
Mary Shook 
Kelly Thomburg 
Kathryn Van Ness 
Jennifer Webb 
Pamela Williamson 

Class of 1992 

13% giving $750 
The Columns 

Nancy McClellan 
Carroll Suggs 


Christina Karseras Balderson 

Joy-Marie Bigalke 

Rose Chu 

Sarah Clatterbuck 

Debbie Feigin 

Mary Gorcys 

Trisha Haggart 

Victoria Hughes 

Julia King 

Wendy Gay Klich 

Helen Nalty 

Nicole Fisher Parkerson 

Kathryn Partington 

Ann Pendleton 

Mary Satterfield 

Evi-Luise Pover Saukulak 

Tiffany Taylor 

Margaret Walker 

Alice Washington 

Olivia Hope Williams 

Robin Wilson 

Karen Wood 

(D) Deceased 

Calling Committee 

This small group of loyal supporters has given generously of their time and energy calling a select group of their classmates for 
gifts to the Annual Fund. Many thanks to these committee members for their help and support of the College. 

Anita C. Malugani '39 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
Sally Stowers Oliver '67 

Margaret Stevenson Simpson '87 
Allison J. Young '87 
Katherine Brant '90 

Jennifer Webb '91 
Joy Bigalke '92 
Rose 8. Chu '92 

Nancy C. McClellan '92 
Gabriela Perez-Foster '92 
Karen Wood '92 

Leadership Boards 

Board of Trustees 

We extend a special thanks to the Board of Trustees for their contributions and participation in the 1992-1993 Annual Fund year. 
Their guidance and commitment to Mary Baldwin College's future growth is extraordinary. 

Executive Committee 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
J. Edward Betts 
Bettie Murphy Deming '46 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Charles S. Luck 111 
P. William Moore Jr. 
J. Carson Quarles 
John G. Rocovich Jr. 

Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Board Members 

Carole Lewis Anderson 
Beverly Estes Bates '64 
Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 
Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Phyllis Cothran 
Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 
Alexander Hamilton IV 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Susan Thompson Hoffman '64 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Donald C. Lutken Sr. 
Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Louise Rossett McNamee '70 
William G. Pannill 
William O. Reuther 

Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 
Charles H. Shuford Sr. 
H. Gordon Smyth 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
Cecile Mears Tumer '46 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Harry W. Wellford 

18 The Annual Report 

Parents Council 

The active network between the College and patents ot students is guided by the important work ot the Parents Council. 

These patents of cunent nadukmal and PEG students invohre dtemsehres in such activities as career development, 

cominimirariions, lund raising, and student leciuitment. Our deepest gratitude to these devoted parents 

for bodi their time and their comminnent to Mary Baldwin CoUege. 

Maiy Laoe DueSef [^miD '67, 

Jji »y i »J ini» RiiJiJIe D^iiffeon '64. 

James D- Dm^ae 



noMixtina Rfewlr ^taBH^ ^lTH^l^ilf^?Tg pr 

Vktiim Hil Hovlamil 
PdUyicss Sqiicsiqcs I ivuftjui 
Jo^^Le K. JeQDin^ 

Bo^ K. Koowtes 

Lynn Ntcfaols 
Chades R. Odom 
Betnaid V. Peto 
Council Members 

Ann Lee Cook '61 

Ana Gocckna Abfeott Evans '65 

Susaene Eve Fowfcs '64 


Dr. Buir Dgenfe 
WiUardH. Keeling 
Charles Rocgin Jr. 
Lisa lumer 
Sazanne Drake Wifecm 
A. Calhoun Wttfaam 

ALUiiiNAE Association Board of Directors 

Thegoweniii^boaidofMaiyBaMwm'sAluiniiiaeAssoidatFon saves as the zz—-^^. 


■_;:£::;- ;r.5-mel between the College smtl its alunmae. We 
^£:^c^,^.^;-a;^ag^^ ^^?mr P:3^Hr^^^^mrrTng^^r^l^M3TYRal(^wiT^ 

KnfTTitige Comntirtee 

Sain' AosiSlDSBg B irffwip^ 'oU, 


Cfadiia Kilter Wiar '68 

Sa^itaEa G. Ate "88 

M^ricv K'jFide Csr^ '51 

Hfeaheth "B-J.'* Fefati de Cxifon '79 

CaiAfroie- F eiTfs TS 

Jii!i% L%ies Gasc '63 
AfflfTiacy tngfc-s; "81 

Rita "R-J." I.3rafea.ncWfrlt- '86 
MaiTttia Mffiraar Mr KaiTghn. 'SI 

Ann Shaw MiHer '54 

Shannon. Gteene MittheH '57 

Mary Sutton Payne 76 

Gale Palmer Penn '63 

Barbara Knisely Robats '73 

SaRy Stmons '30 

Lynn McWhorter Speno '74 

Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 

Suzanne Woodfin Vtllani '85 

Jennifer Webb '91 

Marian ^fcDoweE Wliitiock '67 

Admsory Board of \'isitors 

Our dbfmtfs ED those ahimnap, paiaits, and fcends of the CoDege who serve, on the Advijory Board of Visitors. 
Their paiticqiadaD in die Annual Fund is viial iot coatiDued growth at Mary Baldwin. 

i^'gp*'iitivt* Committee 
HerayM. Carier 
JaiKtEaicre: Zrr^.r: :: 

Siggwrt I ~ - ~ t ■ '-~ '"r ".'2 

CoLG- :- V :-rtr.- 

I.inHb Ft- v "^ :, '.- Z- 

Maty J'.'.- .-:■:_ '■'.^rr 
RoseEr e; -ir: : 
Board Members 
GiuuT _~ z: -. t't:" 
JoA.A t- V 

Gaj? GilcDer Buier '67 
W. Brace Bjlbdi 
James P. C^eeqss 
Dr. Majane Bu ChamlieEs 
Eagane W. ChisaieF 
H. O. ^isact Coonan. 
Siacn P. Oeelninote 
Siidey S. Dejaneoe 

_c:i^ !■'. iT-t. _rewTy ^78 

&<faitba P. l^anoei' 
Dt Maiitia A. Favsta 

IVm jsunr r. r mftlftt'n 

Jndiih GaBoway-Totaro '69 
Alaonio A- Gafasa 
Afead K. Gocdoa 
J iitrfeAi Payne Giey '65 
Joy Nalry Hoc^es 
Dir. AoDe Marts HooiE 

K i4tl i e » i np M. I ifhtpntipT g 

Jane Hanlii^ Miller '76 
RobeEt L- MoDtgofseiy 

Jean T. Moote 

Salty L Pistey 

Peter E S. Pover 

^L Elizabeth Freddy '67 

David W. Proaor 

Batbata Fteeman Ragsdale '6? 

Betsey Towia- Rofason '57 

David E &tffiE6eH 

Carol S. Shaw '65 

Wiflkm F. Sowers Jr. 

Jatiec RiBseE Steehnan '52 

Ek Jofan A. Taylor 

A. Jaie TowEiK '69 

Jo Ann Ware 

Rita Smith Wilson '82 ADP 

Jasdce Geoige M. Codnsi 
Ota Ebnlii^ Bunau m "36 

Trustee Emeriti 

H. Hiter Hanis Jr. 

Mafg^Et HeEsdier Hitdunan '40 
Louise Fbufflss K^ej' "54 

Ralph W.Kitde 


Betty Net^ Timbokke '45 

Lei^ Yates lanner '74 
Helen K.GtD«es 
Mancy Wallace Hendeisao '36 
Anna Kate Reid Hi[ip '63 

Former Trustees 

^ftsan T htfimpgnn HailEiiism '64 

I^. A. H. fwuiugawuuijr. 


Shidey Haynes Himta '24 
Henry C H^nbeiry Jr. 
Dorodif Ran^han Moote '40 

Julia GooA Richmond '34 
Chester A. Rose 
R,R. Stoith 

The AiNNUAL Report 19 

Parents of Current and Former Students 

Parents entrust their daughter's education to Mary Baldwin College with the knowledge that at Mary Baldwin, 
students receive an excellent education. These gifts from current and former parents represent an important 

affirmation of the College and its mission. 

The Mary Julia 
Baldwin Society 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clymer Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 
William L. Sudderth 

The Hill Top Club 

Nancy A. Crim 

William O. Reuther 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 

The Founders' Club 


Walter E. Eckel 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Turner 

The President's 

Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Chismer 
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 
Sharon P. Creekmore 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Fetterman 
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Fitzgerald 
Gordon M. Grant 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 
Rozalia Cruise Hogg '78 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Ralph W. Kittle 
Randall]. Knisely Jr. 
Alene Brewster Lamer '32 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Mrs. John P. Martin Jr. 
Nancy Clark McLennan '41 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Meador 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 
Jean T. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rotgin Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 
Mrs. William A. Sutherland 
James P. Sutton 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Capt. and Mrs. O. C. Wev 
John A. Williamson II 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Calhoun Witham 
Elizabeth Johnston Witham '55 

The Ivy Circle 

Mrs. Mark L. Allen 

Martha Bamett Beal '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Burke Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carreras 

Margaret GigniUiat Carswell '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Carter Jr. 

Margaret Cole Chappell '64 

Jacqueline Riddle Davidson '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Dorsey 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halligan 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Hansen 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Pat R. Hargrett 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hickey 

Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 

Patricia Simpson Hylton 

Henry C. Ikenberry Jr. 

James Jackson 

Patricia Zoch Johnson 

Mrs. F. Schley Knight 

Boyd K. Knowles 

Marianna Jamison Leach '47 

Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 

Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Margaret Keller Pearson '38 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 

Doris Rohner Rogers '60 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Savage 

Mrs. C. Gordon Smith Jr. 

Katharine Hoge Smith '41 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 

Mary Lamont Wade '52 

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Walker 

Jo Ann Ware 

Mrs. Thomas S. Williamson 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

The Colonnade Club 

Reed Munson Beveridge '43 
Barbara Brown Bowles '68 
Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall Chapman 
Harriett Harrington Connolly '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Jaquelin Harrison 

James D. Douglas 
Sharon S. Dyess 

Mrs. Robert V. Ely 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper P. Home 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Jacobs Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kirhy 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Klopman 

Mr. and Mrs. David Carl Landin 

Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Nance 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Odom 

Mary Hebbard Parmelee '30 

Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 

Mrs. Joe W. Reid 

Betsey Towler Robson '57 

Rose Driver Stuart '69 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sydnor 

Myma Williams Vest '47 

Mfs. Frederick H. Walsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

The Columns 

Billie Joseph Ameen '46 

R. LaRue Armstrong 

L. Ray Ashworth 

Margaret Newman Avent '49 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Badgett 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin '41 

Elizabeth Pringle Barge '41 

Shirley Black Barre '39 

Dr. and Mrs. Homer Bartley 

Helen Beckelheimer Baugh '50 

C. R. Bish 

Gary Bryan Boyd '45 

Mrs. Alan F. Brackett 

Gwendolyn Austin Btammet '49 

William T.Butler Jr. 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Clark 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Hatcher Cole Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Collier 

Ann Alexander Cook '62 

Judith Wells Creasy '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Creed 

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Deitz 

John D. Dejamette 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 

Mr. and Mrs. John Edwin Duke 

Kathleen Edwatds 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 

Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. Favata 

Dr. Ann Moore Flowers 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 

Thelma Trigg Gannon '46 

Dr. and Mrs. J. I. Garcia Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 

Dr. and Mrs. Robbins L. Gates 

Aladino A. Gavazzi 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Glenn 

Virginia Worth Gonder '39 

Thomas P. Gratto 

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Graves 

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hanks 

Ann Ratcliffe Harrover '58 

Mr. and Mrs. John Reed Hartley 

E.W.Harvey Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harvey II 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Hatch 

Margaret Caldwell Hemdon '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Herring 

Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Hildebrand 

Joy Nalty Hodges 

Richard F. Hoffman 

Dr. A. H. HoUingsworth Jr. 

Patricia Murphree Honea '49 

Capt. and Mrs. A. W. Howard Jr. 

Emma Martin Hubbard '50 

Dr. Burr Ugenfritz 

Joyce K. Jennings 

Rev. and Mrs. T. Q. Johnston 

Mf. and Mrs. G. Paul Jones Jr. 

Marietta Barnes Jones '51 

Reid Jones Jr. 

Richard W. Jones III 

Mrs. William Clarke Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Willard H. Keeling 

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Kenig 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Kennaly 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. King 

The Honorable Margaret H. Kluttz 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Knight 

James N. Ktauter 

Doris Clement Kreger '48 

Majorie Creasy Lacy '45 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Leatherbury 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lewis 

Col. Billy W. Libby 

Mrs. Jerry Wilbur Little 

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Marston 

Betty Choate Matthews '51 

C. J. May 

Mrs. James W. McClelland 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee McCord 

Gwen Mitchell 

Carol Saulsbury Moore '45 

Lynn Nichols 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

L>. and Mrs. Roy M. Palk 

Dr. James Patrick 

Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 

20 The Annual Report 

Dr. and Mb. WanenR. Raey 


Mr. and MoL William C Polkrd 

Mr. ami Mis. Peter E. S. Pover 

Asfawenie K. Prasad 

Dr. aiMl Mis. Hennan Vteserea 


Mr. and Mis. H. Bavcnhofst 

Biz^iedi Wayi Read '47 

Dr. and Mb. William W. Regan 

Carotyn Hortoa RogEis '49 

Mr. and Mk. T. P. T. Roper 

Mr. and Mis. Rkbaid Alkn &ge 

Elizdieth Dahl Shaner '33 

Mr. and Mis. H. Reese %aen»ka Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Badunan S. Smiih m 

Betsy Can- Soairfi '50 

NeDe McCanis Smith '53 


Dr. ai^ Mis. Fkank R. Soudieringtjoa 

Dr. ami Mis. Paul C. ^ladcs 


- Mi: and Mis. E Le^ ^lence m 
Maig^Rt Flytfae Te^ue '58 
Mr. and Mis. J. P. Tlnift Jr. 
Mai^iec M. TiusseD 
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas D. Timstall 
Annie Moore Walker 39 
Mr. and Mis. Edward H. Walter 
Francis A. Weiddnel 
Mi: ai^ ik'bs. Haidd T. Weitz 
Mr. and Mis. G. W. Whakn 
Eliabetfa Ghmdmian Wick '44 
Mr. and Mis. Andiony L Wildt 
Eliidbefh Bbndiaid Wilgus '48 
Mr. ai^ Mrs. yiam R. Williams ]r. 
Mr. and Mis. David G. Wilson Jr. 
Mr. and Mis. Midiael D. Wilson 
Suzanne E)take Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Will^m M. Wri^ 
Mr. and Mis. Harold E Zell 


Mr. ami Mis. David D. Addison 

Mr. and Mis. Filter Ames 

Dr. and Mrs. E Gi&xd Ammennann 

Mr. and Mis. John Kiik Andoson 

Mis. Tbad Andiess 

Dr. and Mis. Ridiaid L Atkinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Iivine Thomas Baker 

Dr. and Mis. Robert E BaUwin 

Baifaaia Minter Bames '49 

Anne Peison Baylor '52 

Mr. and Mis. Charies R Beaid 

Mis. Thomas G. Bell Sr. 

Dr. and Mis. Andrew R. Biid Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cabell B. Biidsong 

Gwendolyn Bbck KJiop '65 

Mary Hurley Kadcdiear '48 

Mis. C S. Bbsom 

Dr. Charies R Boggs Jr. 

Mr. and Mis. George M. Rjsher 

Mr. and Mis. Canoll E Bteedon 

Mis. A. C Brition 

Mr. and Mis. H. Wayne Brown 

Dr. Hairy M. Buibank Jr. 

Diana Rede Cabell '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon E Campbell 

Mr. and Mis. J. W. Campbell 

Marian Martin Caifaer 35 

Elirabeth Smith Chapman '44 

Mr. and Mis. George C. Christie 

Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Qeveland 

Jack Rue Cbletnan 

Elizabeth Allan Collins '61 

Mr. and Mis. Eric J. Collins 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Compton 

Betty Ralston Cook '53 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cremeis 

Anne M. CushnHn 


Mis. Arthur Boyd Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Dearborn 

Mr. and Mis. James C. Dejamette I\' 

Mr. and Mis. Richaid E Denfield 

CoL and Mrs. Samuel W. Dobyns 

Ix CoL Dermis D. Domin 

Dr. and ^fis. Alexander Grant Donald 

Mr- and Mrs. J.E Duff 

Mb. R. C Edmunds 

Josephine Gale Ellis 37 

Mis. Leooaid R. Emmert 

Mr. and Mrs. E J. English 

Dr. and Mis. Richard Erikson 

Maidia P. Fanner 

Dr. William H. Foster Jr. 

Susanne Eve Fowflces '64 

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Francisco Jr. 

Mis. Judson Freeman 

Baty Berger Fiilgham '51 

Mr. and Mb. R, B. Funderbtnk 

Mr. and Mrs. William Q Garrett 

Judith Merrirt Gibbons '61 

Dorothy D.Gi&rd 

Mr. aiMl Mb. ChailiK Arthur Gilmore 

Dorothy Snodgiass GokMioiou^ '52 


Mr. and Mb. Mais J. Gralia 

Mr. and Mis. Walter S. Grant Jr. 

Jennifer Wilson Green '62 

Mr. and Mb. W. B. Gwyn 

Mr. and Mrs. Ahm. W. Hall Jr. 

Mb. Charles G. Halsey 


Mr. and Mb. C. Guy Hancock Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald HaneU 

Mr. and Mb. Donald Lee Harnson 

Mr. and Mb. Edward H. Heacock 

Fkjylee Hunter Hemphill 

Mr. and Mb. John David Hendrickson 

Kitty McCbnnel Henninger '54 

Judge and Mb. Joseph Eugene Hess 

Mr. and Mb. A. R- Heywaid lH 

Katherine Stephens Hill '43 

Mr. and Mb. Donald Hockenbury 

Mary Hale Hoe '47 

Dr. -Allan A. Hoffman 

Mr. and Mb. W. E Hotberton 

Marcia Helms Holland 

Joan Davis Howard '66 

Gloria Vela Howe '44 

Victoria Hill Howland 

Dr. and Mn. John F. Hunt III 

Mr. and Mb. Roddy L JeffeB 

Marcia Gooch Johnston '39 

Mr. and Mb. Goodwin S. Jordan 

Mr. and Mb. Kennedi A. Justis 

Bedi Tilley Kanmer '42 

Mr. and Mb. John Franklin Kay 

Dr. and Mb. Frank Kewitt 

Mr. and Mb. James E Knotts 

Mr. and Mb. Donald A. Koss 

Mr. and Mb. J. Hemy Latchum 

\{r. and Mb. M. H. Lawson 

Mr. and Mb. Philip C. Learned 

Sally Cox Lee '51 

Blanche Campbell Lewis '39 

Ann Wilson Linn '61 

Mb. CW. Lloyd Sr. 

Viiynfa Richard LoUis 

Ediel McCanc Lowder '47 

Enid H. Mack 

Linda H. Major 

Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 

Mr. and Mb. B. W. Matthews Jr. 

Hartwell Waddns Maute '50 

Mr. and Mb. Henry T. McBride 

Kathryn Rawl McCain '5 1 

Mr. and Mb. James E McCausland 

Mary Wood McCormick '50 

June Lewis McHenry '49 


Mr. and Mb. Thomas A. McKenna 

Phoebe Skillman McMillan '42 

Carolyn P. Meeks 

Rev. and Mb. Harry A. Meniies 

Edidi James Mickley '49 

Gen. and Mb. R A. Miley Jr. 

Mr. and Mb. John R MiUer 

Mr. and Mb. Kermedi Miller 

Helen Day Mitchell '39 

Margaret Churchman Moffett '47 

Mr. and Mb. Percy Montague IH 

Kathryn D. Moomau 

Mr. and Mb. Robert S. Moise 

.Anne G. Musser 

Elsie Nelms Nash '52 

Dorothy Hundley Neale '43 

Dr. Janet M. Netdeton 

Susan Speake Noble '60 

Rev. and Mb. John G. Parks 

Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 

Mb. J. Royden Peabody Jr. 

Mr. and Mb. D. P. Penhallow II 

Julia Kohler Peterson '44 

.Aime Early Pettus '47 

Mr. and Mb. Carey A. Phillips 

Catharine Prentiss Plunmier '45 

Dr. and Mb. Pa.xton P. PoweB 

Patty Tipton Pugh '56 

Mr. and Mb. Robert Porter Quarles Jr. 

Dr. and Mb. Wdliam Quillian Jr. 

Mr. and Mn. Albert A. Radcliffe 

Sarah Whitmore Ricks '36 

Mr. and Mb. Glerm Rodriguez 

Mr. and Mb. Lloyd B. RogeB Jr. 

Mr. and Mb. Arthur C. Romweber 

Mr. and Mb. Carl M. Russell 

Mr. and Mn. Wesley H. Schmidt 

Mr. and Mb. Gail D. Schrader 

Mr. and Mb. Ronald A. Schroeder 

Mr. and Mb. Geo^e C. Scott UI 

Mr. and Mb. Glenn S. Setde 

Mr. and Mb. Lacurgus W. Shenk Jr. 

Betsy Merritt Sherard '51 

Dr. Beverly P. Silver 

Mr. and Mb. Alexander J. Smith 

Mr. and Mb. Emerson W. Smith 

Enuly Reese Smith '46 

Mr. and Mb. Wilham E Smith 

Dorothy J. Spangler 

Mb. Oscar N. Stem 

Mr. and Mb. Paul W. Stonebumer 

Mr. and Mb. David H. Stowe 

Mr. and Mb. H. A. Sutherland Jr. 

Mr. and Mn. A. Kendall Sydnor 

Mr. and Mb. Scott C. Taylor 

Virginia White Taylor '37 

Mn. E. S. Tennent 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas '51 

Frances Edwards Thompson '37 

CoL William R Tomlinson 

Mr. and Mb. Gary Tompkins 

BiUie Jean Smith Towlen '52 

Katharine Makepeace Turner '49 

Mr. and Mb. Edward H. Walker 

Mr. and Mn. Raymond T. Waller 

Mr. and Mb. Robert E. Waring 

Audrey Martin Watson '40 

Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 

Cecde Cage Wavell '45 

Mr. and Mn. Herbert J. Wetzel Jr. 


Elizabeth Gaulding Williams '53 

Miriam Hughes Williams '3 1 

Mr. and Mn. Charies R Wilson 

Mr. and Mb. Thomas R. Wising Jr. 

Nina Sproul Wise '41 

Marie Ulmer Wolfe '41 

M. Noell Hanr Woodward '46 

Amie Trask Wright '50 

Mr. and Mb. Landon R. Wyatt Jr. 

Mr. and Mb. Hui-shen Xu 

Dr. and Mb. George H. Yount 

Mr. and Mb. Patrick Henry Zabel 

Mr. and Mb. Edwin J. Zagora 

Dr. Charles L. Zukaukas 

The Annual Report 2 1 

Corporations and Foundations 

We extend special thanks to all the businesses and organizations listed below 
for their contributions and participation in the 1992-93 Annual Fund year. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Pannill Foundation 
Stephens Inc. 
Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation Inc. 

The Mary Julia Baldwin 

Luck Stone Foundation Inc. 

The Hill Top Club 

Charlie Obaugh Pontiac-Buick-GMC 
International Inc. 

The Founders' Club 

Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
The Garland Gray Foundation 

The President's Associates 

T. B. Butler Publishing Co. 

Coopers & Lyhrand 

F. M. Hipp Charitable Trust 

Kuehn Foundation 

Lamons Sales Company 

The J.N. McArthur Foundation 

Rupe Foundation 

Rust Foundation 

Salisbury Community Foundation 


Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 

The Marjorie Sutton Memorial Foundation 

Wenger Foundation 

The Ivy Circle 

Crestar Bank 
CSX Corporation 
Guy C. Havers Excavating Corp. 
Schley & Lang Knight Foundation 
Scott & Stringfellow Inc. 
Stotler Charitable Trust 
Woodfin Heating 
Wren Foundation Inc. 

The Colonnade Club 

Gary Brown and Associates Ltd. 

The Greater New Orleans Foundatior 

Klingstein Foundation 

Staunton Steam Laundry 


The Winston-Salem Foundation Inc. 

Young Hardware 

The Columns 


Augusta Block Inc. 

Blue Ridge Phones & Security 

Central New York Community 

Foundation Inc. 
CFW Communications Foundation 
Community Federal Savings Bank 
Grace Foundation Inc. 
The Howe Foundation Inc. 
McPherson Blair Promotions 
Obaugh Ford-Chrysler-Plymouth 
Sandler Foods 
Watterson Foundation 


Stickley's Inc. 

Matching Gifts from Corporations and Foundations 

The corporations and foundations listed below have matched employee gifts to Mary Baldwin College during the 1992-1993 
Annual Fund year. TTianks to their matching support, the 1992-1993 Annual Fund was enhanced. If you work for a matching 

gift corporation or foundation, you can increase the impact of your gift on the College's Annual Fund. 
Check with your personnel or business office, or call Nancy Mclntyre at the College (703-887-701 1) to see if you are eligible. 

Aetna Life and Casualty 
Allied Signal Foundation Inc. 
American Airlines Inc. 
American Express Foundation 
Arthur Andersen and Company 

Armstrong World Industries 
Ashland Oil Foundation 
AT&T Foundation 
Atkinson Company of California 
Barclays Bank Foundation Inc. 
Bamett Banks Inc. 
Becton Dickinson Foundation 
Bell Atlantic 

Bell Communications Research 
BellSouth Services 
Black & Decker Corporation 
The Boeing Company 
Brunswick Corporation 
C&P Telephone Company of Virginia 
Carolina Power and Light Company 
Coca Cola Company 
Colgate Palmolive 
Comerica Inc. 

Communities Foundation of Texas 
Conoco Inc. 
Crestar Foundation 
Delta Air Lines Foundation 

Diamond State Telephone 
Domino Sugar Corporation 
Duke Power Company Foundation 
Dun and Bradstreet Corporation 

Exxon Education Foundation 
First Boston 

First National Bank of Chicago 
First Union Foundation 
First Virginia Banks 
Ford Motor Company 
Freddie Mac 
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 
General Cinema Corporation 
General Electric Foundation 
General Motors Foundation 
General Reinsurance Corporation 
Georgia Pacific Corporation 
The Gerber Companies Foundation 
William O. Goodwin CLU 

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
Haggard Foundation 
Harris Foundation 
HCA Foundation 
Herb Patch Ltd. 
Hoechst Celanese Foundation 
Hoffman-LaRoche Inc. 
Indiana Michigan Power Company 

International Paper Company Foundation 

James River Corporation 

John Hancock Charitable Trust 

Johnson and Johnson 

Jones Group Inc. 

Liberty Corporation Foundation 

Manufacturers National Corporation 

Marketing Communication Inc. 

Merrill Lynch and Company 

Mississippi Power and Light Company 

Mobil Foundation Inc. 

Morgan-Worcester Inc. 

Murphy Foundation of Louisiana 

Murphy Oil USA Inc. 

Nabisco Foundation 

National Computer Systems 


Nationwide Foundation 

New York Life Foundation 

New York Marine and General Insurance 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

Northern Telecom Inc. 

Northern Trust Company 

Pennsylvania Power and Light Company 

PepsiCo Foundation Inc. 

Philip Morris Inc. 

Pitman-Moore Inc. 

Provident Life and Accident insurance 

Prudential Foundation 

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Inc. 

Scott Foresman and Company 


Seven-Up-Dr. Pepper Bottling Company 

Sherwin Williams Company 

Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. 

Signet Bank 

Southern New England Telephone 

Southwestern Bell 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company 

Tandy Corporation 

Teruieco Foundation 

Towers, Perrin, Forster and Crosby 

U. S. Bancorp 

Union Pacific Corporation 

United Services Automobile Association 

United States Fidelity and Guaranry 

Upjohn Company 

Virginia Power/North Carolina Power 
Wachovia Bank and Trust Company 
Washington Post 
Waste Management Inc. 
Westinghouse Educational Foundation 
Westvaco Corporation 
Xerox Corporation 

22 The Annual Report 


Annual support from friends aff'irms the College's position of importance in higher education. The support of friends 
of the College helps bring innovations onto campus and increases Mary Baldwin College's value to the community. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

William G. Pannill 

The Hill Top Club 

Mr. and Mrs. William Barley 

The Founders' Club 

P. William Moore Jr. 

The President's Associates 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 
Thelma S. Eiland 

John D. Eiland Company Inc. 
Helen K. Groves 
William S. Johnson 
J. Carson Quarles 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary M. Pool Murray 
Caroline Upshur Walker 

The Colonnade Club 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Stuart Cochran 

Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 

Mr. and Mrs. David Carl Landin 

William J. McMillan 

William S. Moses 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Opie Jr. 

Pearl G. Rainey 

Dr. John A. Taylor 

The Columns 

Ginny D. Alpert 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Crockett Sr. 

Carol Ann Douglas 

Col. Jack E. Fincham 

Mearl K. Gordon 

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Holsinger 

Cecil H. Kindle 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. McDougall 

Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Norris 

Virginia K. Obenschain 

John D. Owen Jr. 

E. B. Rouse 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Alex Sproul 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sowers Jr. 

Mrs. James D. Vail 111 


Mrs. Roland H. Brady 

Rev. and Mrs. C. D. Caldwell 

Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Ennis 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Gaylord 

Mrs. Roland G. Hohn 

Dr. Eugene Murphy 

Mrs. William 1. Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kirk Walters 

Faculty and Staff 

Mary Baldwin College's faculty and staff carry out the fundamental process of creating an appropriate learning climate. Those 

listed below have also chosen to demonstrate their additional support for the College's innovative programs through Annual 

Fund contributions. We salute all those who shape the Mary Baldwin College environment. 

The President's Associates 

Mark L. Atchison 

Douglas E. Clark 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Gordon L. Hammock 

Kenneth McBride 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

The Ivy Circle 

Dr. Dane J. Cox 
Dr. James D. Lott 
H. E. Neale 
Dr. Heather Wilson 

The Colonnade Club 

Crista R. Cabe 
Catherine S. Ferris '78 

John S. Kelly 

Nancy P. Mclntyre 

James P. McPherson 

Walter Ridgely '81 

JohnRunkle'81 and Harriet B.RurJcle 

Gwendolyn Walsh 

Dr. Patricia Westhafer 

The Columns 

Laura Catching Alexander '71 
Dr. Robert T.Allen 111 
Beverly J. Askegaard 
Dr. Lewis Askegaard 
Donna Myrtle Boxley '89 
Betty Cole 
Gary W. Diver 
W. Michael Gentry 
Dr. Susan B. Green 
Sara Nair James '69 

Marsha Mays 

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Metraux 

Michael D. Norris 

Dr. Roderic Owen 

Dr. Jane T. Pietrowski 

Dr. Frank R. Southerington 

Theresa Koogler Southerington '72 

Sharon B. Spalding 

Alan J. Stamp 

William J. Winter Jr. 

Allison J. Young '87 


Tracey M. Cote '89 
Shirley T. Craft 
Amelia L. Cuomo '85 
Dr. Carrie B. Douglass 
Marion B. Hart 
Carolyn M. Hensley 

Marjorie C. Hoge '58 

Anne M. Holland '88 

Nancy L. Johnston 

Mary Anne Kasselmann 

Elaine E. King 

Donna H. Love 

Dudley B. Luck 

James C. McCrory 

Carolyn P. Meeks 

Amanda Brown Miller 

Wanda K. Morris 

Dorothy Mulberry 

Anne G. Musser 

LydiaJ. Petersson 

Rick Seyford 

Ann Shenk 

Marion Ward 

Rebecca Chapman Williams ' 

Robin L. Wilson '92 


Mary Baldwin was founded in 1842 with the support of the Presbyterian Church, and this bond continues today. 

Individual churches and the Synod of the Mid- Atlantic contribute to the educational progress through their 

relationship with the College. Many thanks to these churches for their contributions totaling $13,815. 

First Presbyterian Church (Staunton, Virginia) Second Presbyterian Church (Roanoke, Virginia) 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic (Richmond, Virginia) 
The Annual Report 23 

The Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges 

Every year Mary Baldwin College, along with fourteen other privately supported colleges and 
universities in Virginia, benefits significantly from the generosity of business, industry and other private 
sources across the state through the efforts of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. In 1992- 
93 this total effort produced $4,296,606 from more than 773 private enterprise contribution sources for 
VFIC colleges; Mary Baldwin College received $145,392 as its unrestricted share. 

The VFIC is a joint fund-raising organization established by and for the benefit of its member 
colleges. Business and community leaders assist in soliciting contributions from the corporate community 
which are distributed in June to the fifteen non-tax supported member colleges and universities, according 
to a standard formula: 40% on the basis of undergraduate enrollment and 60% divided equally. 

VFIC has been recognized nationally as the premier independent college fund among the 38 
similar associations in terms of its annual distribution to member institutions. In 1992-93 the following 
companies and individuals provided leadership contributions of $5,000 or more to the VFIC. 

VFIC Donors 

$150,000 and above 

Jessie Ball duPont Endowmenc Fund 
NationsBank ot Virginia 
Philip Morris 

$100,000 and above 

Brunswick Corporation 
C&P Telephone Company 

of Virginia 
Norfolk Southern Corporation 

$50,000 and above 

Bassett Furniture Industries Inc. 
Beazley Foundation Inc. 
CSX Corporation 
Camp Foundations 

Camp Foundation 

J.L. Camp Foundation 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 

Camp Younts Foundation 
Ethyl Corporation 
Mobil Corporation 
North Shore Foundation 
Virginia Hot Springs Inc. 

(The Homestead) 
Virginia Power Company 

$40,000 and above 

Mars Corporation 

George A. and Lorraine Snell Fund 

$30,000 and above 

Crestar Financial Corporation 
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation 
Warren W. Hobbie Trust 
The Perry Foundation Inc. 
United Parcel Service 
(UPS Foundation) 

$25,000 and above 

Clark-Winchole Foundation 
Massey Foundation 
Reynolds Metals Company 

$20,000 and above 

Central Fidelity Bank 
Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 
Gwathmey Memorial Trust 
E. Claiborne Robins 
Signet Banking Corporation 
Sprint Corporation 
Union Camp Corporation 
Universal Corporation 

$15,000 and above 

Robert B. Claytor / 

Norfolk Southern Fund 
Craddock-Terry Foundation 
First Virginia Banks Inc. 
KPMG Peat Marwick 
Landmark Communications Inc. 

The Virginian-Pilot / 
The Ledger-Star 

The Roanoke Times & World-News 
Leggett Foundation (Leggett Stores) 
Newport News Shipbuilding 

$10,000 and above 

AT&T Foundation 
Allied-Signal Inc. 
Appalachian Power Company 
William E.Betts Jr. 
Ernst & Young 
The Flagler Foundation 
Gotrwald Foundation 
Coleman A. and Emily S. Hunter 
Charitable Foundation 

Mary and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation Inc. 
Media General Foundation 

Richmond Times-Dispatch 
Richfood Inc. 

SouthTrust Bank of Alabama, N.A. 
Weinstein Management Company 

Carole M. & Marcus M. Weinstein 
Wheat, First Securities Inc. 

$7,500 and above 

First Colony Life Insurance Co. 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gotrwald 
Intermet/Lynchburg Foundry Co. 
The Lane Company Inc. 

(The Lane Foundation) 
Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
H. P. McNeal 
Roanoke Electric Steel Co. 
Roy W. Simmons Trust 
Sumitomo Machinery Corp. 

of America 
Vulcan Materials Company 
Washington Forrest Foundation 

$5,000 and above 

Best Products Foundation 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Canon Virginia Inc. 
Carilion Enterprises Inc. 
Caruthers Foundation Inc. 
Christian, Barton, Epps, 

Brent & Chappell 
Robert B. Claytor 
Commonwealth Gas Services 
Coopers & Lybrand 
C. A. Cutchins III 
The Daily Press Inc. 
Deluxe Check Printers Inc. 

First Union National Bank of Va. 
C. B. Fleet Inc. 

Franklin Equipment Company 
Furnace Associates Inc. 
Georator Corporation 
Gerber Companies Foundation 
Gray Lumber Co. / 

Garland Gray Foundation 
J.J. Haines & Company Inc. 
William A. Hazel Inc. 
Home Beneficial Life Insurance Co. 
Hunton & Williams 
Robert E. R. Huntley, Esquire 
Jefferson Bankshares Inc. 
Lindsay Cadillac Company 
Chas. Lunsford Sons and Associates 

Div., Frank B.Hall of Va. Inc. 
Markel Corporation 
The May Company Foundation / 

Mrs. J. Tate McBroom 
McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe 
Nationwide Insurance Companies 
Noland Company Foundation 
Norfolk Shipbuilding & 

Drydock Corp. 
Ohrstrom Foundation Inc. 
Ovemite Transportation Company 
Pinkerton Group Inc. 
C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation Inc. 
Snell Construction Corporation 
Stone & Webster Engineering 
Tandy Corporations/Radio Shack 
Ukrop's Super Markets Inc. 
The United Company 
R. W. Wiltshire 

24 The Annual Report 

Special Gifts and Grants 



Martha Booth Bernhardt '53 

Elise Palma Couper '68 

Susan Parker Drean '83 

Judith W. Godwin '52 

Helen K. Groves 

Kathryn Lucas Hummers '43 

IBM Matching Grants Program, 

made possible by: 

Mr. and Mrs. William Barley 

Ann Filipowicz BlocnCT '82 

Mr. ondMrs. Edmund S. Burkejr. 

MflTjorie Tofcin Burk^ '40 

Susan Mary Caver '71 

Bern Bird Cook '38 

Shade Thomas Cronan '61 

Sandy PherisDeWald' 60 

Elizabeth Lamer Guimann '70 
Mr. and Mrs. Paui A. Hickey 
William S.Johnson 
AUse Learned Mahr '80 
Pearl G. Rainey 

Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Reuther 
Ann Gilmer Richardson '71 
Beverly Tumlinson Sfwrrou' '65 
Susanne I>yeT Stanley '68 

Kelley Conner LaVangie '90 
Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Minto Jr. 
Marcia Pearson Sendax '72 
Dr. and Mrs. McKelden Smith 

Anne Sims Smith '45 
Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 
Margaret Neille McRae Wilson ' 

Endowed Scholarships 

Alumnae Association 
Virginia L. Lester 

The Alumnae Association 
Susan Warfield Caples '60 
Diane Hillyer Copley '68 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Emily Dedilott Ryan '63 
Catherine Gladden Schultz '7 1 
Cynthia Knight Wier '68 

Elva BeU Archer Library 
Student's Assistance Fund 

Sue Durden 

Mary E. Latimer Cordner 
Scholarship Fund 

Shirley Black Ban-e '39 
Margaret Shields Beyer '39 
Harriett Harrington Connolly '43 
Joyce Albright Greig-Denis '41 
Meredith Jones Johnson '43 
Gloria Paradies Rothmayer '43 
Ruth Peters Sproul '43 

General Endowment for 
Student Aid 

Dennis Fund 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle 
Scholarship Fund 

Grace Foundation Inc 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 

Julia Martin Holland 
Memorial Scholarship 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 

Mary D. and Donald R. 
Irving Student Teacher 
Endowment Fund 

Cynthia Luck Haw '79 

Marguerite Fidwiler Livy 

Robert Bruce Livy 

James L. McAllister Jr. 
Preparation for Ministry 
Scholarship Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Thomas Boiling 
Martha Murchison Boyd '64 
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brenner 
Mrs. Ruth Bristow 
Elizabeth D. Brown 
Ann Carroll '41 
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Carter 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Georgearme Bates Chapman '68 
Sarah L. Chesson 
Margaret E. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cooney 
Gay M. Cox 
Marguerite B. Cox 
Margaret Davenport 
Ann Bowman Day '74 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Eby 
Dr. Mary Tuck Echols 
Mary Ross Fisher 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Foust 
Col. and Mrs. Thomas H. Garrett 
Grace Episcopal Church 
Goochland, Virginia 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Graham III 
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Griffith 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Haitmiock 
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Hassell 
Mr. and Mn. George Henson 
Mr. and Mrs. Lyrm G. Hogg 
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Holsinger 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kostel 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lewis 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Lichtfuss 
Mi. and Mrs. James L. Lipsey 
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Lott 
Corinne B. Lunt 
ElLabeth Lambert Mahler '37 
Myrla C. Marrow 
Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Mead 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 
Charles H. Middendorf 
Dorothy Mulberry 
Sarah Nutt 

The Rev. Caroline M. Price-Gibson '74 

Caroline Quarles 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rigsby 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Rowland 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scales 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Sharrer 

Jane E. Sigloh 

Alice Gilkeson Simpkins '37 

Dr. Ediel Mae Smeak '53 

Judith T. Spindler 

Jennifer T. Spruill 

St. John's Episcopal Church 

Judith Pugh Stone '67 

William West Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Tipler 

Virginia Theological Seminary 

Mr. and Mrs. John O. VonHemert 

Mr. and Mrs. Muril B. Wallace 

Anne Williams 

Dian S. Williams 

John Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Young 

Dorothy Baughan Moore 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 

Gordon C. Page Music 

Julie Mays Cannell '70 
Nancy Williams Deacon '58 
Katherine Jones Gilliam '63 
Elizabeth Lamer Gutmann '70 
Dr. May Wells Jones '61 
Linda Fobes Marion '63 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall '62 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

James B. Patrick Leadership 

Maj. Melissa E Patrick '78 

Elizabeth Kelley Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Kelley 

Charles Rutenbur Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Mary Kathleen Shuford 
Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Class of 1983 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 

Helen Stevens Forster '83 

Margaret Chapman Jackson '80 

Kristin Holly Johnson '83 

Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 

Mrs. Karl W.Reber 

Emily Shore Reeve '83 

Hunt Shuford 

Laura Shuford 

Robert Shuford 

Ruth Moore Winston '83 

Starke Baken and Emma 
O'Mara Smith Memorial 

Jane Frances Smith '37 

Annie Walker St. Clair 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Fannie B. Strauss 
Scholarship Fund 

Margaret Pollard Rea '46 

Donald D. Thompson 
Memorial Scholarship 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith, Jr. 
Tenneco Foundation 

Elizabeth Fleming Ast Wise 

Elizabeth Gronemeyer Wise '39 

Alice Miller Young and Una 
Miller Beard Memorial 

Dr. F.W.Young Jr. 

The Annual Report 25 

Memorial Gifts 

Elizabeth Ambrose by 

Mr. and Mrs. William Barley 

Mary E. Latimer Cordner by 

Shirley Black Barre '39 
Margaret Shields Boyer '39 
Harriett Harrington Connolly '43 
Joyce Albright Greig-Denis '41 
Meredith Jones Johnson '43 
Gloria Paradies Rothn\ayer '43 

E. Kelley Rogers Crane '82 by 

Doris Rohner Rogers '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Lelie Bergen Rogers 111 

Ann Hunter Draper '83 by 

The Class of 1983 
Emily Shore Reeve '83 
Ora Smith '83 
Ruth Moore Winston '83 

Anvilla Prescott Dudley '32 by 

David A. Dudley 

Margaret Frazer Gibson '30 by 

Ruth Frazer Painter '33 

Frederick Haldenby by 

Alumnae Association 

Board of Directors 
Alumnae Association, 

Atlanta Chapter 
Alumnae Association, Staunton/ 

Augusta/Waynesboro Chapter 
Mark L. Atchison 
Beverly Estes Bates '64 
J. Edward Betts 
Andrew J. Brent 
Crista R. Cabe 
Susan Warfield Caples '60 
Carpenter Academic Building 

Faculty and Staff 
Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Justice and Mrs. George M. Cochran 
Diane HiUyer Copley '68 
Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 
Genevieve Benckenstein Elder '41 
Janet S. Ewing 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 
Martha Brown Hamrick '48 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Diane Kent 

Kathryn Rice Knowles '67 
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Lott 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck HI 
Mrs. James L. McAllister, Jr. 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 
Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 
Wanda K. Morris 
Anne G. Musser 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Page 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page '48 
LydiaJ. Petersson 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Reuther 
Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Rocovich 

Dt. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich '67 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 
Catherine Gladden Schult2 '71 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Anne Sims Smith '45 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Judge and Mrs. Han^ W. Wellford 

Kathenne Potts Wellford '49 
Cynthia Knight Wier '68 

J. Rogers Hall by 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Anne Potts Eddins '51 
June Beasley Mann '51 
Elinor Weathershy McCorkle '48 
Edgar F. Shannon 
Thankful Salmon Sullivant '74 
Judge and Mrs. Harry W. Wellford 
Katherine Potts Wellford '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles West 

Edwin Bryan Homer by 

S. Carroll McCausland Amos '78 

Lynda Barrett Huffman '23 by 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Kellie M. Kelly by 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Willard H. Keeling 

Emily Wirsing Kelly '63 by 

Emily Wirsing Kelly Foundation 
(Timothy A. Kelly) 

Eleanor Maupin Kirkman '41 by 

Dr. Robert E. Kirkman 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy '1 7 by 

Robert Bruce Livy 

Lucia Whitehead Makepeace 
'56 by 

EUawells Milligan Williams '56 

Mary Bell Archer Mapp '35 by 

Sue Durden 

James L. McAllister Jr. by 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Thomas Boiling 

Martha Murchison Boyd '64 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brenner 

Ruth Bristow 

Elizabeth D. Brown 

Ann Carroll '41 

Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Carter 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

Sarah L. Chesson 

Margaret E. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cooney 
Gay M. Cox 
Marguerite B. Cox 
Margaret Davenport 
Ann Bowman Day '74 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Eby 
Dr. Mary Tuck Echols 
Mary Ross Fisher 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Foust 
Col. and Mrs. Thomas H. Garrett 
Grace Episcopal Church 
Goochland, Virginia 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Graham 111 
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Griffith 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Mr. and Mrs. George Henson 
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn G. Hogg 
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Holsinger 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kostel 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lewis Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Lichtfuss 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Lipsey 
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Lott 
Corinne B. Lunt 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler '37 
Myria C. Marrow 
Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Mead 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 
Charles H. Middendorf 
Dorothy Mulberry 
Sarah Nutt 

The Rev .Caroline M.Price-Gihson '74 
Caroline Quarles 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rigsby 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Robinson 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Rowland 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scales 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Sharrer 
Jane E. Sigloh 

Alice Gilkeson Simpkins '37 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Judith T. Spindler 
Jennifer T. Spruill 
St. John's Episcopal Church 
Judith Pugh Stone '67 
William West Thomas 
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Tipler 
Virginia Theological Seminary 
Mr. and Mrs. John O. VonHemert 
Mr. and Mrs. Muril B. Wallace 
Anne Williams 
Dian S. Williams 
John Williams 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Young 

Naomi McAllister by 

Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 

Catherine V. McCulley by 

S. Carolyn Clemmer McCulley '64 

Richard W. Neale by 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

E. Plage by 

Louise Plage Neilon '45 

Florence S. Pugh by 

Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 

Eleanor Raynolds by 

Alpo Petfoods Inc. 

Constance Chew 

Catherine Disston 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Hannah 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Howard 

Mary Low 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck 111 

Manhattan Concepts Ltd. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Vemi 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Warner 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Westberry 

Dorothy M. Rogers and E. 
Kelley Rogers Crane by 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Kelley 
Charles Rutenhur by 
Dr. James B. Patrick 

Mary Kathleen Shuford '83 by 

The Class of 1983 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 

Helen Stevens Forster '83 

Margaret Chapman Jackson '83 

Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 

Mrs. Karl W. Reher 

Emily Shore Reeve '83 

Hunt Shuford 

Laura Shuford 

Robert Shuford 

Ora Smith '83 

Ruth Moore Winston '83 

Annie Walker St. Clair by 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Marjorie Sutton by 

James P. Sutton 
The Marjorie Sutton Memorial 

Anne Garrett Tanner '43 by 

Gladys Adams Link '43 

Charlotte Taylor '33 by 

Margaret Grabill Jones '33 

Donald D. Thompson by 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 

Josephine B. Timberlake by 

Louis M. Balfour 

Consuelo S. Wenger by 

The Wenger Foundation 

Lucy Lowe Woosley '57 by 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Alice Miller Young '47 and 
Una Miller Beard by 

Dr. R W.Young Jr. 

26 The Annual Report 


Estate of Mary Amelia Barton 
Estate ot Russell J. Berry 

Estate ot Charles F. Cole 

Estate of Farmie Royster Cooke '00 

Estate of W. E. Woolbright Jr. 
Support of the Music Department 

The Heritage Society 

The alumnae and friends listed below are hereby honored for naming Mary Baldwin College 
as beneficiary in their wills, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and/or trusts. 


Blanche Wysor Anderson 72 
Carole Lewis Anderson 
Laura McManaway Andrews '44 
Christiana Armstrong '33 
Ann E Atwell '42 
Jo A. Avery '65 
-Margaret Barrier '50 
Beverly Estes Bates '64 
Sarah Warren Baynes '64 
Julia Canington Bemis '64 
Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 
Maicia Williams Bohannon '71 
Dorothy Berry Bragonier '10 
Andrew J. Brent 
Anne Hayes Brewer '42 
Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Heanore Eckel Brough '65 
Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 
Sarah Livingston Brown '63 
S ii-ann e Burch '61 
Eli'ahethPtbhlandEdmund Campbell 
Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Virginia Jordan Carroll '28 
Nancy Kunkle Carey '5 1 
George Ann Brown Carter '47 
Eliabeth Boyd Caskey '39 
Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 
Vonceil L. Chapman '44 
Pamela P. Clark '88 
Lucile Jones Clyde 77 
Josephine Barkman Coleman '24 
Charlotte McCormick Collins '67 
Mary Jane Conger '73 
Margaret Schneider Conzett '34 
Abigail Robinson Coppock '69 
Margaret Garrett Corsa '53 
Mary C. Gould Coulboum '63 
Ann Alexander Crane '66 
Marian Mish Culpepper '38 
Jane Reid Cunningham '59 
Fred G. Cuirey 
Sally Dorsey Danner '64 

Linda McAllister Dawe '69 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Anne Ponder Dickson '61 
Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 
Laura Clausen Drum '56 
Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 
Angelina Painter Eschauiier '68 
Margaret Van DevanterFancher '2 2 (D) 
Leigh Yates Farmer '74 
Susan Train Fearon '69 
Annabelle Fecterman 
Margaret Rose Fiester '81 
Dr. Margaret Ann Robertson Fohl '68 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 
Jeanne Ashby Furrh '50 
Nancy Gilliam '38 
Sarah Yeatts Gormley '89 
Lindsay Ryland Gouldthoipe '73 
Dr. Thomas H. and Martha S. Grafton 
Jean C. Grainger '70 
Mary Agnes Grant '30 
Joyce Albright Gieig- Denis '41 
Linda DoUy Hammack '62 
Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett '46 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Ann Graham Hazzard '43 
Mabel Fetterman Held '76 
Sarah Head Hendricks '64 
Margaret Coffman Heruy '20 
Jane Harcus Hill '79 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Jean M. HoUiday '37 
Mary Cloud Hamilton HoUingshead '6 1 
Susan Baughman Homar '74 
Elizabeth Hiles Huebner '37 
Mary E. Humphreys 
EmUy W.Hundley '47 
Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 
Martha Masters Ingles '69 

E. Lindsay Jones '69 

Margaret Grabill Jones '33 

Sarah Maupin Jones '39 

Bormie Kennedy Kant '74 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 


Jessie Cover Keimedy '38 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Ivy S. Koster '67 

Constance Detrick Lamons '52 


Frances Lawrence '77 

Roberta Wilson Lea '66 

Gladys Adams Link '43 

Lynn Dazet Lipsey '51 

Judith Easteily Lockridge '81 

Carey Goodwin Louthan '66 

Capt. Winifred Love '35 

Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Ji. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvie Martin Jr. 

Mary Williams Mathis '62 

Anne B. McCormack '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Milton McMullan 

Don D. Montgomery 

Lisa R. Moore 

Edythe Alphin Moseley '37(D) 

Ann Hunter Murray '54 

Harriett Seem Neff '32 

Jeannette Norfleet '68 

Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Nottingham Jr. 

Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 

Mary Bess Fitzhugh Oliff '36 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

Susan N. Palmer '67 

Dr. Frank R. Pancake 

Dr. Beneta J. Peacock '46 

Anne P. Phillips '42 

Mary Biedler Finer '2 1 

Anne Poole '5 1 

Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell '78 

Mary Buckner Ragland '18 

Margaret "Malou" Thorn Rawls '69 

Elizabeth L. Read-Cormole '74 
Joarme M. Reich '88 
Barbara K. Roberts '73 
Nancy Nettleton Rood '45 
Raquel Fajardo Ross '36 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Jessie Cover Seay '38 
Robert S. Sergeant '75 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Anne Sims Smith '45 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 
Marjorie K. Stuart '35 
Dorothy Redwood Sutherland 
Caroline Wood Sydnor '28 
Dr. Leslie W. Syron '42 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Betty Neislei Timberlake '45 
.A. Jane Townes '69 
Frances TuUis '45 
Emily T. Tyler '63 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt '5 1 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Charlotte Vorwerk '57 
Judith L Wade '69 
Deborah DuU Walker '75 
Nancy Rawls Watson '49 
Cecile Cage Wavell '45 
Harry W.Wellford 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Elizabedi Bunting White '81 
Sara Hanson Woltman '38 
Claudia L. Woody '77 
Hilda Ziegler '40 

(D) mdicates deceased, estate not setded. 

The Annual Report 27 

Designated Gifts and Grants 

Administration Building Fund 

Gary Bryan Boyd '45 
Freeport-McMoran Incorporated 
Anne Gard Kinzie '45 
Sally Smith Metzger '45 
Garol Saulsbury Moore '45 
Sarah Gabell Pavey '45 
Julia Pancake Rankin '45 
Peggy Nash Rolfes '45 
Ann Dowdell Stauss '45 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner '45 

Alumnae House Garden 

D. Brooks Hodges Jr. 

Art Equipment Fund 

Mohil Foundation Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bergen Rogers III 
Doris Rohner Rogers '60 

Carpenter Programs in Health 
Care Administration and 
Preparation for Ministry 

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Garpenter 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

Carroll Lectures 

Jane Frances Smith '37 

Chemical Research Fund 

Sharon Miller Midland '68 

The Class of 1978 Senior 
Gift Society 

Jane D. Ellington '78 

Computer Equipment Fund 

Gircuit Gity Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 

duPont Visiting Minority 
Scholars Program 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Golleges 

Endowment for Faculty 

Patricia Andrew Goodson '51 

General Endowment Fund 

Alcoa Foundation 
Ann Gooke Britt '58 
Margaret Johnson Gochrane '80 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Beverly Grear Hurt '61 
Garoline Murphy Keller '42 
Leavy Investment Management 
Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 

NYNEX Corporation 
Pauli Anne Overdorff '70 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Betty Neisler Timherlake '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 
Harriett Middleton Waldrop '48 

Goochland Program for 
Incarcerated Women 


Martha Stackhouse Grafton 

Allen P. Dahl 
Ouida Galdwell Davis '5 1 
Mr. and Mrs. David Easley 
Genevieve Benckenstein Elder '41 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 
Dr. and Mrs. TTiomas H. Grafton 
Betty Jo Hamilton '81 
Marilyn Kiefer 
Dr. Robert E. Kirkman 
Dr. and Mrs. Preston G. Manning Jr. 
Jane Sanders Morriss '69 
Dorothy Mulberry 
Louise Plage Neilon '45 
Garolyn E. Ringgold 
Ruth Peters Sproul '43 
Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Golleges 

Mary Emily Humphreys 
Lectures in Biology 

Julia Hickson Grim '61 
Grace Foundation Inc. 
Nancy Rawles Grissom '54 
Margaret Query Keller '55 
Shearer Troxell Luck '63 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 
Gecile Meats Turner '46 
Suzanne Smith Vaughan '59 

Leadership Development 

Flagler Foundation 

Learning Climates in Single- 
Sex and Co-educational 
College Classrooms 
Dr. Ashton D. Trice 

Women's College Coalition 

Learning Styles Workshop 

for Parents of At-Risk 


Dr. Patricia C. Westhafer 

Appalachia Educational Laboratory 

Master of Arts in Teaching 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Mednick Fellowship for 
Faculty Development 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 

Karl and Patricia Menk 
Fund for Faculty Support 
and Development 


Music Department 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Estate of W. E. Woolhright Jr. 

Gordon and Mopsy Page 
Garden Fund 

Laura Catching Alexander '71 

Mary Gillespie Amos '65 


Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith '70 

Margaret Barrier '50 

Julia Carrington Bemis '64 

Amy Berg '83 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 

Penelope Patrick Biskey '72 

Nancy Geiger Bondurant '68 

Nancy Yates Briggs '66 

Mary Ellen Brown '60 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Susan Christ Campbell '69 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Knox Page Clarke Chapman '60 

Faye Baker Clark '63 

Janet Haddrell Connors '65 

Nancy MacGregor Cook '60 

Mary Gould Goulboum '63 

Margaret Weaver Crosson '67 

Carline Lobitz Davis '52 

Ann Bowman Day '74 

Nancy Williams Deacon '58 

Frances Wills Delcher '57 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Lloyd Gather Dickson '71 

Norma Breakell Dmytro '63 

Katherine Holt Dozier '40 

Letia McDaniel Drewry '78 

Laura Clausen Drum '56 

Eleanor Dunlap '63 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston '72 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson '63 

Lila Caldwell Gardner '7 1 

Judy Lipes Garst '63 

Glenda Norris George '66 

Katherine Jones Gilliam '63 

Mary Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80 

Nancy Loyd Goering '58 

Judith Payne Grey '65 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim '61 
Nancy KlaudcrHair61 
Ann Lee Harrison '53 
Susannah Smith Hartley '55 
Judith Thompson Hatcher '63 
Patricia Binkley Haws '69 
Jean Kyle Hedges '51 
Virginia Eversole Herdman '54 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett '67 
Kathetine Hewitt Holmes '73 
Zoe Kerbey Holmes '70 
Ann Stuart Homsby '62 
Betrye Hurt Ingram '56 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Dr. May Wells Jones '61 
Penelope Wilson Karpovsky '66 
Margaret Query Keller '55 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly '50 
Judith West Kidd '69 
Elizabeth Jamerson Kirk '57 
Susanna Clark Knapp '63 
Constance Detrick Lamons '52 
Robbie Nelson LeCompte '63 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas '57 
Shearer Troxell Luck '63 
Linda Fobes Marion '63 
Keene Roadman Martin '63 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell '63 
Beverly Burke McCaskill '73 
Patricia Fisher McHold '63 
Ann Dial McMillan '63 
Dana Flanders McPherson '82 
Ann Kennedy Melton '57 
Charlotte Tyson Mewbom '65 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli '62 
Ruth Hawkins Molony '59 
Garol McKenna Mongan '81 
Lee Pierce Mosso '54 
Helen Nalty '92 
Margaret Woodson Nea '63 
Linda Fogle Newsom '80 
Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Alys Boozer Owsley '59 
Meredith Carter Patterson '65 
Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 
Lydia Woods Peale '58 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall '62 
Gale Palmer Penn '63 
Sarah Rainey Phelps '73 
Lori Smith Piatt '81 
Elizabeth Plowman '58 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen '72 
Aleda Hays Rickelton '69 
Sandra McQuarrie Rigby '69 
Daphne Brown Robertson '54 
Doris Rohner Rogers '60 
Nancy Benham PvOgers '75 
Martha Sims Rutherford '69 
Helen Ritchie Scherff '59 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 

28 The Annual Report 

Eloabedi Jennings Sii^e "70 
Jaane Scaile Sims '6S 

Wotdey Davis Smitk '64 
Flrahedi McQut^ Seem '63 
I^mela S|)e3EiiEiazi Scilser '7 1 
Bmy White TaUey '51 
liliaii BedingH- Taylor '51 

Sss PoiUSEOQ XoQE^ktIil& 31 

BiDie Jeai Smidi Tovka '32 
Mag^iet Eiigie TniCEik> '63 
Sicaaae StnMi VaTrghan '59 
\bsf LanxsE Wade '52 
Dbo^as Lan^KM Walkce '62 
Sisai Bnnnie Webb '65 

Kathy Young Wetsel '72 
June Monow Winslow '56 
^(aIgarec Wilson Wood '50 

President's Discretionary 

Jessie Ball duPonc Fund 

Ethel Murphv Ruble Music 

Estate ot Jean Ruble '36 

Scientific Equipment Etmd 
Ettyl CoiporatioTi 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 
Lecture Program 

Thonnas F. Scaley Foundation 

Student Life 

C Si. F Telephone Company 
The Cartledge Foundation 
Crestar Foundation 
Deluxe Check Printers Foundation 
Sarah Belk Gambrell 
Houff Foundarion 
Dorothy Douglass Kellam '36 
The Maran Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. William Shivers 
Morris ni 

Cecile Meats Turner '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 

Dorothy Jones Wrigley '70 

George Hammond Sullivan 
Program in Political Science 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan 

Tennis Program 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Tree Fund 

The Rev. Patricia Hunt 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Patricia A. Taylor 

Recognition Gifts 

Pegg7 Anderson Cart '67 by 
Mr. and ISittis^ Fkck Cair 

Eliabetb Crawford Engle '3 1 by 

Mary Emily Humphreys by 

JuMa Hidson Cnm '61 
Grace FouEKJaoon Inc. 
l>fency Rawls Gnssom '54 
llnkEg^et Qoay Kelar '55 
Steacer Tioseffi Luck '63 
Jaoet Bussefl StEefanan '52 
Bectf &^ Smdiisd '60 
Cbdle Meais TomeF '46 
SoBfflme %nidi V aiigttan '59 

&«faiY and DooaU bviug by 

Gordon C. and Martha Anne 
Lama CaBdiii^ Alesands' 7 1 
Ms^GiDe^ie Amos '65 

Kgmermf* frBumu a'l I Ai, n rujstt^rrn 70 

Mai^et: Baoier '50 

jnlia t^afrwurtiiii Benus 6^ 

Anrp Knsten Betg '83 
SaK^ AnnstiDDg Bioglef '^ 
F^ndoiie Patn^ Bi^ ll 
Naicy Getger BoodoEanE '^ 
Nancf Yates Be^ '66 
Maif Ellen Brawn '60 
Ssati Livin^toa BccRm '63 

Sii^jjlliif* DuEvJi <d1 

.Si]sun iiMfitf Cismiiii ItchI q9 

Julie ivb^ Camdl "TO 
Manila Kbie Ch^itin '51 

Kjqqs ^jHe Cjasxe CJiaEinian 60 

Faye Baker Claifc '63 
Janet HadieE Connors '65 
Nancy MacGregor Cook '60 
Mary Gould Coulboum '63 
Margaret Weaver Crossoa '67 
Carhne Lobic: Davis '52 
Arm Bowman Day '74 
Nancy Williams Deacon '58 
Frances Wills Delcher '57 
Aime Ponder Dickson '61 
Lloyd Cather Dickson '71 
Norma Bceakell Dmytro '63 
Kaiherine Holt Dozier '40 
Lena McDaniel Drewry '78 
Laura Clausen Drum '56 
Eleanor Dunlap '63 
Sarah. Crockett Eggleston '72 
Maiy Riitherfoord Mercer 

Lila CaldweQ Gardner '71 
Judy Lqjes Gaist '63 
Glenda Notris George '66 
Katherine Jones G illiam '63 
Mary Lynn Tuggle GiUiland '80 
Nancy Loyd Goering '58 
Judith Payne Grey '65 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim '61 
Ehiabeth Lamer Gutmann '70 
Nancy Klauder Hall '61 
Ann Lee Harrison '53 
Susaimah Smith Hartley '55 
Judith Thompson Hatcher '63 
Patricia Binkley Flaws '69 
Jean Kyle Hedges '5 1 
Virginia Eversole Herdman '54 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett '67 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes '73 
Zoe Ketbey Holmes 70 
Arm Stuart Homsby "62 
Benye Hmt Ingram '56 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 

Dr. May Wells Jones '61 
Penelope Wilson Karpovsky '66 
Margaret Query Keller '55 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly '50 
Judith West Kidd '69 
Elizabeth Jamerson Kirk '57 
Susanna Clark Knapp '63 
Constance Derrick Lamons '52 
Robbie Nelson LeCompte '63 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas '57 
Shearer TroxeE Luck '63 
Linda Fobes Marion '63 
Keene Roadman Martin '63 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell '63 
Beverly Burke McCaskill 73 
Patricia Fisher McHold '63 
Ann Dial McMillan '63 
Dana Flanders McPherson '82 
Aim Kennedy Melton '57 
Charlotte Tyson Mewbom '65 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli '62 
Ruth Hawkins Molony '59 
Carol McKerma Mongan '81 
Lee Pierce Mosso '54 
Helen Nalty '92 
Margaret Woodson Nea '63 
Linda Fogle Newsom '80 
AnnReid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Alys Boozer Owsley '59 
Meredith Carter Patterson '65 
Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 
Lydia Woods Peale '58 
Sally HeltzelPeaisall '62 
Gale Palmer Perm '63 
Sarah Rainey Phelps '73 
LoriSmidi Piatt '81 
Elizabeth Plowman '58 
Maiyjim Moore Quillen '72 
Aleda Hays Ricfcelton '69 
Sandra McQuairie Rigby '69 
Helen Ritchie '59 
Daphne Brown Robertson '54 

Doris Rohner Rogers '60 
Nancy Benham Rogers '75 
Martha Sims Rutherford '69 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 
Elizabeth Jermings Shupe '70 
Jane Starke Sims '68 
Wortley Davis Smith '64 
Elizabeth McClung Stem '63 
Carroll Suggs '92 
Pamela Spearman Sulser '71 
Betty White Talley '5 1 
Lilian Bedinger Taylor '51 
Sara Poulston Tompkins '81 
Billie Jean Smith Towlen '52 
Margaret Engle Ttumbo '63 
Suzaime Smith \'aughan '59 
Mary Lamont Wade '52 
Douglas Laughon Wallace '62 
Susan Browne Webb '65 
Kathy Young Wetser72 
Elizabeth Blandard Wilgus '48 
June Morrow Wtnslow '56 
Margaret Wilson Wood '50 

Mary Murrin Painter '71 by 

Ruth Frazer Painter '33 

Lynn Butts Preston '63 by 

Becky Cannaday Merchant '63 

Betty NeislerTimberlake '48 
and the Class of 1945 by 

Gary Bryan Boyd '45 
Anne Gard Kinzie '45 
Sally Smith Metzger '45 
Carol Saulsbury Moore '45 
Sarah CabeU Pavey '45 
Julia Pancake Rankin '45 
Peggy Nash Rolfes '45 
Ann Dowdell Stauss '45 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner '45 

The Annual Report 29 

Designated Gifts and Grants 

Non-Endowed Scholarships 

Jane B. FitzGerald Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

St. Giles Presbyterian Church 
Richmond, Virginia 

General Scholarship Support 

Linda Cochrane '82 
Dr. John M. Kennedy 

Hobbie Scholarship 

Warren W. Hohhie Charitable 
Trust (VFIC) 

Individual Scholarships 

Air Force Aid Society 
AmeUa County, Virginia 
Appomattox County Education 

Foundation Inc. 
David S. Blount Educational 

Boys Home Alumni Association 
Brotherhood of Locomotive 

Children of the 29th Division 
Chippenham Hospital 
Circuit City Foundation 
Clark Scholarship Trust 

College Assistance Program 
Cooper Wood Products Foundation Inc. 
Coming Glass Works Foundation 
Dale County Junior Miss Committee 
Emmanuel Episcopal Church 

Staunton, Virginia 
Episcopal Church Women, 

Diocese of Minnesota 
Exchange Club of Hampton Roads 
Homer L. Ferguson High School 
First Presbyterian Church 

Norfolk, Virginia 
First United Methodist Church 

Boulder, Colorado 
Paul Flanagan Scholarship 
Granbury (Texas) Women's Club 
Greenbrier Valley National Bank 
Isabel Duncan Hatchett Foundation 
Heilig-Meyers Foundation 
The Homestead Scholarship Fund 
IBM Watson Memorial 

Scholarship Program 
The Kiwanis Club of Austin, Texas 
Lancaster County Junior Miss Pageant 
Langley Kennell Club Inc. 
Lee-Davis High School 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Lexington (Virginia) 

Moose Lodge No. 1700 
Blue Ridge Moose Lodge No. 2155 
Millboro (Virginia) Ruritan Club 
Missionary Emergency Fund Inc. 
NAFSA Association of 

International Educators 
National Merit Scholarship 

New Kent (Virginia) High School 
Melissa Persinger Memorial 

Alumni of Phi Beta Kappa 
Polk Education Foundation 
Poplar Springs Baptist Church 
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Presbytery of Shenandoah 
Richfood Educational Trust 
Ridley Foundation 
Rockbridge County (Virginia) Schools 
Ruritan National Foundation 
Smyth Foundation 
Stafford Senior High School PTSA 
Texas State Council Charities 
United National Bank 
Virginia Metalcrafters Inc. 
Waynesboro (Virginia) Rotary 

Foundation Inc. 


West End Baptist Church 

Petersburg, Virginia 
N.L. & C.L. Wiley Foundation 
Wilson Trucking Corporation 

Emily Wirsing Kelly 
Scholarship in Fine Arts 

Emily Wirsing Kelly Foundation 
(Timothy A. Kelly) 

The Mayo Scholarship 

Bonnie M. Hohn 

Richmond Alumnae 

Richmond Alumnae Chapter 

VFIC Scholarship Fund 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 

Lettie Pate Whitehead 
Foundation Scholarships 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Endowment per College 

Total Endowment Dollars in Millions 

Total Annual Fund 92-93 

Dollars Generated in Miilions ^j ;63 355 


HoUins Randolph-Macon Mary 
Woman's Baldwin 

Sweet Briar Hollins Randolph-Macon Mary 

Woman's Baldwin 

30 The Annual Report 

The ADP Loyalty Fund 

This is the charter year of a fund for Adult Degree graduates in which over $5,000 was raised for ADP scholarships. 
Thank you to all the ADP alumni who have made this fund successful. 

Giving Clubs 

President's Association: $J ,000 atui up 
ADP Circle; $500 to $999 
Professionals' Club: $250 to $499 
Carpe Diem!: $100 to $249 
ADP Honor Roll: $25 to $99 

Members of the ADP 
Loyalty Fund 
Committee are: 

Connie Smiley '87, 

National Co-Cliair 
Elizabeth "Betty" Dudley Landes '82, 

National Co-Qwir 
Geneva B. Agee '80 
'Anita Moore '87 
Connie Birch '91 
Alta Nobles '79 
Edwin W. Bright ]r. '81 
Wanda Taliaferro '81 
Deborah Jo Wallace '85 



Elizabeth "Betty" Dudley Landes '82 
James P. McPherson 

Carpe Diem! 

Ann Field Alexander '66 
Nelson Bickers '83 
EdwinW. Bright Jr. '81 
Ameilia D. Compton '89 
D. Stevens Garlick 
Nancy Gillett 
Doris D. Harlan '86 
Donald Edward Kierson '84 
Dr. Roderick Owen 
Rosa Mae Scott '92 
Judid:t Cross Winters '84 

ADP Honor Roll 

Geneva B. Agee '80 
Jackie Suzanne Aikins '92 
Diane S. Akers '86 
Margaret Dudley Alford '80 
Betty Austin '90 
David Steven Austin '90 
Jill Fisher Bass '88 
Teresa Bigler '92 
Constance Walker Birch '91 
Ethel Wolfe Bom '91 
Ardiur B. Brown '90 
Ruth A. Clowater '90 
Martha Poage Conner '85 
Tracy C. Coogan '90 
Audrey Lois Cross '82 

Barbara Ellison Davis '87 
Judith DeL'eau 
Tina Witt Ferguson '89 
Diana Medley Fielder '86 
Brenda Allen Fishel '92 
Susan K. Floyd '90 
Bonnie J. Ford '82 
James C. Fralin '88 
Dr. Diane Ganiere 
Barbro Hansson '88 
Michael David Hart '86 
Deborah Paynter Hoke '90 
Nancy ToUey Hostetter '87 
Darlene Rhea Hudnall '87 
Roswitha E. Jarrett '92 
Virginia Bolt Jessup '87 
Barbara B. Johnson '79 
Sharon Lynnette Jones '83 
Mary Jane Joyce '84 
Claire T. Kent 
Carol Hill King "89 
Debra Goodman Kolbet '90 
Arm Swain Larkum '90 
Dudley B. Luck 
Dorma Sue Lyle '90 
Peter Matthews '92 
Anne D. McClung '84 
Doris Webb McLear '80 
Alta Nobles '79 

Donald JeffryPlybon '89 

Lallon Pond 

Marcus Springs Potts '92 

Margaret Carswell Richardson '78 

Joyce McCormick Sikes '86 

Anne C. Sills '90 

Deborah Jo Wallace '85 


Elisabeth Schmidt Alexander '81 
Lynn Martin Appel '84 
Brenda D. Atkins '90 
Shelbia Jean Bayne '85 
Jane Miller Brown '83 
Thomas M. Gathright III '90 
Kimberly Clark Gray '91 
Judy Finch Harper '86 
Rhoda L. Long '90 
Herbert Glen McClure Jr. '87 
Pamela Richardson 
Dr. Carol C. Shannon '84 
Sandra Sprouse '93 

Matching Gift 

Knight-Ridder Newspapers 
Siemens Energy and Automation 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Tenneco Foundation 


The name of F. Joseph von Tury was inadvertently omitted from 
the 1991-92 Annual Report. His contribution, along with that of 
Mary Elton Roberts von Tury and Mary Jo von Tury '77, was in 
memory of Irene Doub Roberts '01. Also omitted was the fact that 
the contribution was given in honor of the MBC Theatre Depart- 
ment. The College offers condolences to the von Tury family for the 
death of F. Joseph von Tury, 91, on September 16, 1992. 

Also regretably missing was the name of Margaret Pollard Rea '46 
as contributor to the Fannie B. Strauss Scholarship Fund. Mrs. Rea 
established this endowed scholarship in 1955 in honor of Miss 
Strauss and is a yearly contributor. 

We apologize to Mrs. Rea and the von Tury family for these oversights. 

While ever}i effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor lists, errors or omissions in this report may have occurred. 
We appreciate our donor's generosity, and we apologize for any inaccuracies in this list. 

Any corrections should be sent in writing to: 

Donna Myrtle Boxley '89 

Assistant Director of Annual Fund Operations 

The Office of Institutional Advancement 

Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 

The ANhnjAL Report 3 1 

r^ r~\r^r^ r^ 

''Twos the night before finals and the campus was still, 
with the hope of Christmas glimmering on the hill" 

by Katherine Mauermarm "94 

Inside the residence halls there are 
bright lights strewn around doorways 
and holiday greeting cards are taped to 
the doors. Outside the air is bitterly 
cold. Small snowflakes sprinkle the 
air, not quite ready to stick to the fro- 
zen ground. The library is full of stu- 
dents studying for exams, and the 
campus is silent. 

My roommate tells me to take a study 
■ break and put on my best dress so we 
can attend Mar>' Baldwin's annual 
Christmas celebration. I protest, asking 
her how I can think about Christmas 
with finals starting the next day? Nev- 
ertheless, I do as she asks and go with 
her, feeling more like Scrooge than one 
of Santa's helpers. 

We walk in the biting cold to First 
Presb^T:erian Church on Frederick 
Street. Entering the church, 1 look 
around and see friends, faculty and staff 
members, their families, and members 
of the community joined together to 
celebrate Christmas. The Mary 
Baldwin College choir processes down 
the isle singing a glorious rendition of 
]oy to the World. 

Afterwards, we walk to the commu- 
nity reception. Rows of luminaries line 
the steps, lighting the way to Spencer 
Hall. Feeling the warmth and the spirit 
around me, 1 am glad I came. 

Later, we attend a formal, sit down din- 
ner with our closest friends. Members of 
the faculty and staff are decked out in 
their favorite holiday aprons ready to 
serve us with friendly holiday greetings. 

This spirited celebration at First Pres- 
byterian, the tradition of lighting lumi- 
naries, and the community' reception 
are together known as Christmas Cheer. 
A tradition for 16 years, Christmas 
Cheer marks the beginning of the 
Christmas season for Mary Baldwin stu- 
dents, faculty' and staff. 

Christmas Cheer began in 1977, an 
inspiration of the president of the col- 
lege at that time, Dr. Virginia Lester. 
With the permission and cooperation 
of church elders, she began the tradi- 
tion of the Christmas sen.'ice at First 
Presbyterian. She also inaugurated the 
tradition of lighting luminaries on the 
lower campus hillside and the commu- 
nity reception that follows. 

Carol^Ti Meeks, who has served un- 
der both President C^-nthia H. Tyson 
and Virginia Lester, remembers the 
time when a local radio station donated 
a lighted Christmas tree for display in 
front of Kable House. 

In 1988 the tradition of faculty and 
staff members ser\'ing students at 
Christmas dinner began. This idea was 
generated by the 1988-89 Student Gov- 
ernment Association president, Janaan 
Hashim. Students who normally work 
in the dining hall have an opportunity 
to relax and enjoy the evening. 

Before the tradition of Christmas 
Cheer, the holidays at Mar>' Baldwin 
were celebrated in similar fashions. L)r. 

Ethyl Smeak, professor of English and a 
member of the class of 1953, remembers 
the students giving a part^^ for the cus- 
todians and presenting Christmas gifts 
to their children. Dr. Virginia R. Fran- 
cisco, professor of theatre and a 1964 
alumna, remembers an elegant holiday 
dinner with all of the trimmings and 
prizes for students who decorated the 
most festive tables. 

Christmas Cheer is a ver>' special tradi- 
tion for Mar>' Baldwin students and an 
occasion that they always look forward to. 
When students are tired, stressed out and 
thinking about finals, Christmas Cheer 
gives them a chance to get into the holi- 
day spirit and start looking forward to go- 
ing home and spending the holidays with 
their families. 

The campus is once again silent. It is 
the day after Christmas Cheer. Grafton 
Library is full of scholars; students are 
diligently taking finals in Carpenter 
Academic; snowflakes are falling; bright 
lights are twinkling in the doorways of 
dorm rooms; and the Christmas spirit is 
in the air. 


Faculty Notes 

New Appointments 

Several new appointees joined the 
faculty of Mary Baldwin College for the 
1993-94 academic year. Dr. Cyril K. 
Daddieh was named associate professor 
of political science and DuPont Visiting 
Scholar. Daniel Dowdy was named 
ADP assistant professor ot business 
administration, and Kevin F. 
Schanning, a Ph.D. candidate, was 
named adjunct instmctor of sociology. 
Dr. Maria Dolores Dobon was named 
instructor of Spanish. 

Catherine S. Ferris '78 was named 
assistant professor of business adminis- 
tration for the Adult Degree Program, 
and Julie E. George Garkov was 
named adjunct instructor of English as 
a second language. Dr. Erik Charles 
Benrud is serving as visiting instructor 
of economics, and Dr. Anna J. Norris 
is visiting assistant professor of French. 

Dr. Robert Grotjohn was named 
assistant professor of English for the 
Adult Degree Program, and Ann 
Dutlinger is serving as adjunct instruc- 
tor ot art and graphic design. 


Professor of Sociology Dr. David M. 
Cary is on leave for the entire 1993-94 
academic year. He is working on three 
separate projects, all of which have ties 
to his MBC courses. He is writing new 
computer exercises and update existing 
exercises that are part of the general 
Sociology 100 and Research Methods 
courses. He is also developing new 
learning contract courses for ADP 

Dr. Lesley L. Novack, associate 
professor of psychology, will take a 
leave during Spring Semester and May 
Term 1994. Dr. Novack and her 
husband, David, will revise for publica- 
tion several papers on gender studies. 

Most of these papers have been pre- 
sented at professional meetings. Dr. 
Novack's husband is a member of the 
Washington & Lee University faculty. 

Dr. Pamela J. Richardson, ADP 

associate professor of education, will be 
on sabbatical from January 1, 1994 
through June 30, 1994. Dr. Richardson 
will complete research in the area of 
spirituality and education, with 
particular attention to issues of peda- 
gogy and developmental psychology. 

Professor of Mathematics Dr. Robert J. 
Weiss is on leave the entire 1993-94 
academic year. Dr. Weiss is working on 
four curriculum projects. He plans to 
develop curriculum materials and class 
exercises for MAT courses and develop 
similar materials for the undergraduate 
course in applications of mathematics. 
He plans to gain proficiency in the C 
programming language and develop a 
version of college mathematics appro- 
priate for blind students. 

Professor of French Dr. Martha Evans 

was granted a two-year leave of absence 
to serve as director of book publications 
for the Modem Language Association. 


Dr. Ann Alexander, ADP assistant 
professor of history, presented her paper, 
"The Afro-American Experience in the 
19th Century,"at the teacher's institute 
in American history and culture at the 
Museum of American Frontier Culture 
in July. She also gave a presentation 
titled, "We Will Have Our Own Stores 
and Shops: The Meaning of Black 
Business Success for Jackson Ward," at 
the Second Maggie L. Walker Sympo- 
sium in Richmond in July. 

Dr. Mary Hill Cole, associate professor 
of history, presented a paper in a 
workshop at the Shakespeare Associa- 
tion of America meeting in Atlanta, in 
April. Her paper was titled, "Rule by 

Chaos: Structure &. Anti-Structure in 
Elizabethan Progresses." Dr. Cole also 
presented her paper, "Court Vultures 
or Potluck Diners? — Royal Financing 
ot Elizabethan Progresses," at the 
conference of the Arts and Public 
Policy at the University of Central 
Florida, in March. 

Betty Kegley, Kathy McCleaf, and 
Sharon Spalding presented a paper, 
"Fitness: A Priority at a Women's 
Liberal Arts College," at an AAHPER 
meeting in Washington, CXI:, in March. 

Dr. Kenneth Keller, professor of 
history, presented his paper at the 1993 
annual meeting of the Scotch-Irish 
Society of the United States of America 
in Philadelphia. His topic was "Where 
are the Women in Scotch-Irish History?" 

Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. 
John Kibler presented a paper with 
several students at the Southeastern 
Psychological Association meeting in 
Atlanta, in March. Their paper was 
titled "Prenatal Caffeine Reduces Rat 
Pup Ultrasonic Vocalizations But Not 
Maternal Retrieval." 

Dr. Judy Klein, associate professor of 
economics, presented her paper, "Sea- 
sons, Tides and Structures in Cycle 
Time," at the History of Economics So- 
ciety conference in Philadelphia, in June. 

Assistant Professor of Political Science 
Dr. David Mason presented his paper, 
"The Language of the Forms in Plato's 
Political Thinking," at the Southwest- 
em Political Science m.eeting in New 
Orleans, in March. 

Associate Professor of Asian Studies 
Dr. Daniel Metraux presented his 
paper, "The New Soka Gakkai," at the 
Japan Seminar in Washington, DC, 
in February. 

Dr. Steven Mosher, director of the 
health care administration program. 


presented his paper, "And You'll Never 
Walk Alone: Trend-setting Changes in 
Health Care Facilities," to the District 
oi Columbia Health Information 
Management Association in June. He 
also conducted on-site research in 
Quebec as a part of a studies grant. 

Assistant Professor of English Richard 
Plant presented his paper, "An Exercise 
in Parody, or It Helps to Hurt the Ones 
You Love," at the Associated Writing 
Programs meeting in Norfolk, in March. 

Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. 
Ashton Trice presented two papers at 
a psychology association meeting in 
Toronto in August. The first paper was 
titled "The Origins of Children's Career 
Aspirations: Testing Theory," coau- 
thored by MBC students Nancy 
McClellan and Mandy Hughes. He also 
presented "Participation in Single Sex 
and Coeducational College Class- 
rooms," written with students Honey 
jaffe, Melanie Lowe and Anu Naidu. 


Dr. Robert T. Allen, associate professor 
of music, attended the American 
Choral Director Association National 
Convention in San Antonio, in March. 
He is an officer and Board member for 
the Virginia Chair, Treble Choirs. 

Yukie Eguchi, instructor of Japanese, 
attended the Japan Foundation Lan- 
guage Center/Japan- American Society 
meeting in Washington, DC, and 
served as chair of college presentations. 

Catherine Ferris '78, ADP assistant 
professor of business administration, 
was named a finalist in the National 
Tully Award Competition for a televi- 
sion commercial she created and pro- 
duced in her former position as 
marketing director of a shopping center. 

Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. 
Michael Gentry participated in two 
National Science Foundation work- 
shops this summer. He attended the 
Getty-sburg College workshop "Group 
Theory and Symmetry" and "Chaotic 
Dynamics" at the University of Mary- 
land at College Park. 

Dr. Susan Green, ADP associate 
professor of English, served as a delegate 
at the '93 Virginia Humanities Confer- 
ence on Film and American Culture. 

Assistant Professor of Business Gordon 
Hammock attended the meeting of the 
Conference Board in New York in June. 

Assistant Professor of Art Mariana 
Hobson attended the Phillips Collec- 
tion Lectures in Washington, DC. 

Custer LaRue '74, adjunct instructor 
of music, has recorded a compact disc 
recording on the Dorian label titled 
Custer LaRue Sings 'The Daemon Lover. ' 

Dr. Anne McGovem, associate 
professor of French, attended the 
American Association of Teachers of 
French meeting in San Diego, in July. 

Dr. Roderic Owen, ADP professor of 
philosophy, directed the 1993 ADP 
summer residential week. He also 
directed the first MBC/Shiga Cultural 
Immersion Program held on campus. 
This summer he gave several presenta- 
tions on his Group Study Exchange trip 
to China, a program sponsored by the 
Staunton- Augusta Rotary Club. 

Dr. Lundy Pentz, associate professor of 
biology, directed the three-week Young 
Women in Science program on campus 
this summer. Professor of Chemistry Dr. 
Elizabeth Hairfield and her husband, 
Hampton, taught courses for YWIS. 

This summer Dr. Pam Richardson, 

ADP associate professor of education, 
attended a conference on adult faith 

development in preparation for her 
sabbatical project this semester. 

Assistant Professor of Art Paul Ryan 
directed the Prince William Coimty 
talented art student workshop held at 
Mary Baldwin this summer. In Novem- 
ber, he exhibited his works in a solo art 
show at the DuPont Art Gallery of 
Washington &. Lee University. 

Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- 
tion Sharon Spalding participated in 
the National Humanities Institute 
workshop, "Construction Selves" in 
June. She coached the 18 and under 
Blue Ridge-South girls volleyball team 
to a gold medal in the Commonwealth 
Games, and coordinated the Lofton 
Lake Volleyball camp this summer. 

Beth Young, adjunct instructor of art, 
coordinated the 1993 Orchestra 
Showhouse, a showcase for 12 decora- 
tors from the Shenandoah Valley. The 
showcase raised monies to fund the 
Mid- Atlantic Chamber Orchestra. Beth 
also attended the National Board 
meetings and annual conference of the 
American Society of Interior Designers 
in Orlando, FL, in August. 

Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. 
Carrie B. Douglass had an article 
accepted for publication in Iberian 
Studies. Her article featured Seville's 
1992 Expo. Dr. Douglass spoke at the 
National Endowment for the Humemi- 
ties seminar in Pennsylvania in July and 
at The University of Virginia's Summer 
Language Institute. 

Associate Professor of Education Dr. 
James McCrory is one of four wTiters of 
AACTE's position paper, "Enabling 
Conditions for Education," which was 
presented at the annual meeting of the 
American Association of Colleges for 
Teacher Education, held in San Diego, 
in February. 


Alumnae News 
Looking Back From 90, There s Astounding Change to be Seen 

by Lawrence MaJdry 

Louisa Venable Kyle, who is a wise old 
party herself, celebrated one on her 90th 
birthday last week at the Westminster- 
Canterbury high-rise in Virginia Beach. 

She's still in the pink. And her party in 
the lobby - which drew folks from around 
Hampton Roads and all of the W-C resi- 
dents - underscored that notion. There 
was pink champagne, pink roses on the 
cake, and pink flowers in tall vases. 

Kyle, a local author, greeted the hun- 
dreds of wellwishers while tricked out, 
predictably, in a new pink dress. She told 
the party guests that she had become "an 
ancestor." She boasts of three children, 
nine grandchildren and 14 great-grand- 
children. The party was a rowdy affair. 
Some of the senior citizens are said to still 
be nursing hangovers. 

When 1 dropped by her apartment in 
the senior citizen complex on Tuesday she 
was waiting when the elevator stopped at 
her floor. She escorted me to her digs 
overlooking Chesapeake Bay, then sat in 
a chair, her owlish eyes glimmering with 
intelligence behind her glasses as she held 
a paper that outlined the direction our in- 
terview would take. 

"just think of the things I've seen," she 
said. "1 was bom just a few months before 
the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk 
in 1903. And 1 was about 4 during the 
Jamestown Exposition in 1907. 1 remem- 
ber my father swept me up in his arms so 
that 1 could see Teddy Roosevelt's Great 
White Fleet sail past." 

She couldn't remember when she saw 
her first airplane, but she remembers see- 
ing her first car. 

"I thought the car was fascinating. 
Someone around me asked whether we 
might someday see a motorized hearse. 
And the reply they got was emphatic: 
'No, it's too disrespectful!'" 

Laughing, she returned to her notes. 
Mrs. Kyle is a former columnist. For six 
years, during the 1950s, she wrote a col- 

Louisa Venable Kyle '21 
photo by Motoya Nakamitra 

umn in The Virginian-Pilot titled, "A 
Country Woman's Scrapbook." Local col- 
umnists' efforts are still compared unfa- 
vorably with it, so I just let her talk. 

There were more and more cars by 
the time she went away to school at 
Mary Baldwin in Staunton, she remem- 
bered. She had been taken to the 
school in a fancy touring car owned by 
A.E. Rawlings, the father of her school- 
mate, Lisa. 

"We drove to Staunton in 1918. It 
took us three days to get there in those 
days and we had to stop along the way 
for lodging. The roads weren't paved. 
There were no road signs. Everyone car- 
ried a little blue book that gave direc- 
tions to places and said, 'turn right at 
the general store.'" 

"1 grew up on Freemason Street in Nor- 
folk, and times have changed so much, in 
so many ways. Death is certainly treated 
differently. If there was a death in the 
family, men wore black armbands. And, 
women wore black and long, black veils. 
There was a period of heavy mourning, 
and some never got out of it. Mrs. Frank 

Anthony Walke was one. I believe she 
mourned for every Confederate veteran 
who passed away. She always wore black." 

In 1923, when Louisa was attending 
college at Lasell Seminary in Boston, she 
saw her first radio. "It looked like a 
wooden case," she recalled. "I had never 
even heard of a radio. A gentleman 
pointed and said 'Do you see that box 
over there? It you'll wait a minute a man's 
voice is going to come out of it and tell 
you the news.' And sure enough, it did." 

She was one of the first woman news- 
paper columnists in the country. 

"I'd won a contest for writing, and 
someone said, 'Why don't you take some 
of your stuff to the newspaper?' My hus- 
band, Emmett (a lawyer and later a 
judge), took me down there. I was scared 
to death. TTien he left me, saying the 
newspaper staff wouldn't hurt me. I was 
greatly relieved. Bob Mason was the edi- 
tor then. He told me to write about what 
it's like living in the country. We were liv- 
ing in what is now Alanton in Virginia 
Beach. When we first moved out there it 
was so sparsely settled that if 1 saw a car 
coming down Great Neck Road at night I 
knew it would be my husband. 

And Mason asked you to write the 

"Yes," she replied. "1 asked him, hesi- 
tantly, if the newspaper paid for the writ- 
ing. He said they did. 1 was pleased." 

In the interview, she didn't want to 
talk about her books, which include "The 
Witch of Pungo" and a history of East- 
em Shore Chapel and Lynnhaven Par- 
ish. As she walked me to the elevator I 
thanked her for the invitation to her 
birthday party. 

"1 think I drank too much cham- 
pagne," I said, stepping into the elevator. 

"1 noticed," she replied. "I prayed for 
you all the way home." 

Lawrence Maddry is a columnist with The 
Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia. This article is 
reprinted with permission of The Virginian-Pilot. 


Bar President Hopes to Make Life Better For All 

by Lisa Greene 

When Elaine Fowler was sworn in as 
the first female president of the South 
Carolina Bar Association, she chose 
someone special to hold the Bible: her 
oldest son, Jason. 

Fowler's choice, of course, had per- 
sonal significance for her. But she also 
felt it was symbolic of one of her first 
goals as president — to examine how 
lawyers can make time for both their 
personal and professional lives. 
■ While some might see her quality ot 
life committee as a "woman's issue," 
Fowler said it has become important 
to everyone. 

"Historically, issues relating to a bal- 
anced approach to law, or any other pro- 
fession have been considered women's 
issues, because women are generally 
more concerned about the family unit," 
she said. "What is interesting in recent 
years is that there is a growing recogni- 
tion that it is not just a woman's issue." 

Fowler, 42, became president July 1 
(1993). She said that when she went to 
her first meeting of Bar leaders in 
Southern states, quality of life was the 
top item on the agenda. 

It's a measure of how much the pro- 
fession has changed that Fowler is con- 
cerned about that issue. In 1975, when 
she graduated from law school, there 
were 73 women lawyers in South Caro- 
lina. Her worr^' was just getting a job. 

"None of the big firms had women 
lawyers when I graduated," she said. 

She got the job at Turner, Paget, 
Graham & Laney after a fellow stu- 
dent worked as a law clerk there and 
recommended her. The decision 
wasn't an easy one — she had to come 
back for five interviews. But since hir- 
ing her. Fowler said, partners have 
been very supportive. 

Fowler, who specializes in corporate 
law, said she became a lawyer almost by 
chance. Growing up in Camden, at age 

Elaine Fowler '72, president 
South Carolina Bar Association 

9 she began working at the marina 
where her father worked. Her dream 
was to be an interpreter at the United 
Nations, but she gave it up when she 
realized how high the language require- 
ments were. 

While at Mary Baldwin College, 
Fowler worked in the local Headstart 
Program each summer — until one year 
when she was traveling and didn't 
send in an application. Looking for 
something to do, she became a recep- 
tionist at a local law firm. She re- 
turned for her senior year fascinated 
by law, then went to law school at the 
University of South Carolina. 

After law school. Fowler spent some 
years as a litigator — partly because of 
her admiration for Jean Toal, now a 
South Carolina Supreme Court jus- 
tice, and partly because she heard too 
many people say that women weren't 
good litigators. 

Eventually, she realized she was pur- 
suing litigation for the wTong reason, 
she was trying to prove something 
rather that doing what she enjoyed. So, 

she moved into transactional work. She 
advises corporations on buying and sell- 
ing companies, establishes corporations 
and partnerships, and works out buy/sell 
agreements and other contracts. 

For several years, she thought she 
didn't want children. But, she reconsid- 
ered as she got older. She and her hus- 
band, Sam Jr., had Jason, now 7, when 
jhe was 35. Two years ago, their second 
child, Ross, was bom. 

Today, Fowler says her children are 
"just the joy of my life." But she also 
recognizes it probably helped her to 
have her career well-established before 
she had children. 

That's one reason she's so interested 
in the quality of life committee. 

"I empathize with young women who 
have families," she said. "I recognize 
there are trade-offs." 

Fowler said she hopes the committee 
will explore alternatives like flexible 
schedules for lawyers with young chil- 
dren and sabbaticals for older lawyers. 

As the first female president of the 
Bar, Fowler hopes she can gain more 
publicity for Bar causes. She also would 
be pleased to act as a role model for 
younger women: "to show women there 
aren't any barriers. You can do what- 
ever, be whomever you want to be." 

While Fowler said she may bring 
some differences in tone to the post be- 
cause she's a woman, she's also con- 
cerned about including all members of 
the Bar. Before setting up the quality of 
life group, she discussed establishing a 
women's section of the Bar as well. But 
she set the idea aside, concerned that it 
might both exclude men and pigeon- 
hole women lawyers. 

"I hope I will leave a legacy of 
having been a good leader," she 
said. "A good president, not a good 
woman president." 

Other lawyers are confident she'll 
meet that goal. Claude Scarborough, a 
past president of the state Bar and 


Alumnae News 

Continued from page 2 1 
managing partner of the state's largest 
law firm, Nelson, Mullins, Riley &. 
Scarborough, said he's looking forward 
to Fowler's tenure. 

"She's exhibited a dedication to the 
profession, and service to the public, 
ever since she was admitted to the 
Bar," he said. "We couldn't have a 
better person in that position." 

Scarborough said he thinks the 
quality of life issue is one that needs 
to be examined. Nelson, Mullins, 
Riley & Scarborough has allowed law- 
yers to delay becoming partners in or- 
der to spend more time at home. 

"We've got several people doing it 
now, and they appreciate the oppor- 

tunity," he said. "We've retained 
some good people we might have 
lost otherwise." 

Fowler has other goals for the Bar 
this year. They include: 

* Getting more recognition for the 
Bar's public service work. Fowler said 
the public doesn't realize that most 
lawyers do a portion of legal work pro 
bono, or for free. 

"It's so frustrating to me sometimes 
to hear the continuous lawyer-bash- 
ing," she said. 

Fowler said she hopes to get more 
publicity not just to improve lawyers' 
images, but also to make people who 
need free services more aware of 
what's available. For example, the 

Bar's Young Lawyers Division warns 
students about domestic violence, and 
gives free legal advice on everything 
from making a will to understanding 
nursing home contracts. 

* Campaigning for more funding 
for the judicial system. Fowler points 
to backlogged courts, judges with high 
caseloads, and court records that still 
aren't computerized as part of "a crisis 
in judicial funding." 

"We've got to let people know this 
is not a lawyers' issue or a judges' is- 
sue," she said. "It's a people issue." 

This article was reprinted with the 
permission of The State, Columbia, SC. Lisa 
Greene is a staff writer for The State. 

Mary Baldwin College Alumnae Association Board of Directors J 993-94 


Emily Dethloff Ryan '63, Houston, Texas 

Vice President 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60, Richmond, Virginia 

Recording Secretary 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57, Greensboro, North Carolina 

Admissions Committee 

Judy Lipes Garst '63, Chair, Salem, Virginia 

Ralphetta Aker '88, Orlando, Florida 

Susan Martin Cooley '80, Danville,Virginia 

Debbie Feigin '92, Crevecoeure, Missouri 

Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80, Greenwood, South Carolina 

Margaret Neille McRae Wilson '68, McRae, Georgia 

Alumnae Involvement Committee 

R. J. Landin-Loderick '86, Chair, Richmond, Virginia 
Alison Wenger Boone '77, San Antonio, Texas 
Jane Komegay '83, Wilson, North Carolina 
Gale Palmer Penn '63, Roanoke, Virginia 
Sabrina Rakes '94, Athens, Ohio 

Annual Qiving Committee 

Louise W. Boylan '71, Chair, Alexandria, Virginia 
Dawn Martin Blankinship '82, Lynchburg, Virginia 
May Wells Jones '61, New Orleans, Louisiana 
Beth Palk '93, Arlmgton, Virginia 

Continuing Education Committee 

Susan Massie Johnson '67, Chair, Edinhurg, Virginia 
Kathleen Kenig Byford '68, Raleigh, North Carolina 
Catherine Suzanne Ferris '78, Richmond, Virginia 
Lelia Lytle '72, Belmont, California 
Ann Shaw Miller '54, Raleigh, North Carolina 
Suzanne Lee Woodfin Villani '85, Richmond, Virginia 

Finance Committee 

Diane Hillyer Copley '68, Chair, Middletown Springs, Vermont 

B.J. Felton de Golian '79, Atlanta, Georgia 

Amy Tracy Ingles '81, Gloucester, Virginia 

Sue LoUis '79, Houston, Texas 

Paula Stephens Lambert '65, Dallas, Texas 

Sue Whitlock '67, Lansdale, Pennsylvania 

Homecoming Committee 

Julie Lyn Ellsworth '86, Chair, Baltimore, Maryland 


Mini Reunion 

Mars' Baldwin classmates from the Class of 1949 held a 
minireunion at Nancy Rawls Watson's cottage in Kill 
Devil Hills, NC, this past summer. Fortunately the re- 
union was over by the time the mandatory evacuation of 
the Outer Banks took place, Monday, August 30, due to 
Hurricane Emily. It was just a glancing blow and there was 
no major damage to Mrs. Watson's cottage. 

Classmates attending the reunion included: (Front row, 
1-r) Virginia Numey Harlow and Bett^^ Anne Harrell Kyle, 
both of Suffolk, VA; Gwen Austin Brammer of Highlands, 
NC; and Dixie Seagler Hooglin of Houston, TX. (Back 
row, 1-r) Elsie Martin Parker of Houston, TX; Nancy 
Rawls Watson of Franklin, VA; Ann Ashby Helms of 
Charlotte, NC; Betty Anne Barker Fraser of Greensboro, 
NC; and Julia Johnston Belton of Melbourne, FL. 

Susan Achey '89, New York, New York 

Nancy Kunkle Carey '51, Staunton, Virginia 

Elizabeth Dudley Landes '82 ADP, Staunton, Virginia 

Martha McGraw McKaughn '83, Charlotte, North Carolina 

Dana Flanders McPherson '82, Staunton, Virginia 

Jo Whittle Thornton '62, Charlton Heights, West Virginia 

l^ominating Committee 

Sue Warfield Caples '60, Chair, Wilton, Connecticut 
Sanford Jones McAllister '80, Arlington, Virginia 
Val Sutton Payne '76, Wa^Tiesboro, Virginia 

Student Relations Committee 

Mar>- Hardy Morrison '95, Chair 

Anne Bushman '95 

Suzanna Fields '97 

Lisa Powell '94 ADP 

Sabrina Rakes '94 

Anna Vazquez '96 

Kathr>-n Wildt PEG 

Ex-officio, Executive Director of Alumnae Activities 
Laura Catching Alexander '71 

1 993 Chapter Achievement Awards 

Best Theme Award 

Recipient-Neille McRae Wilson '68 from the Atlanta Chapter. 
The chapter hosted a birthday party for former trustee Marga- 
ret Von Devanter Francher '22. The celebration marked Mrs. 
Francher's 90th birthday. (Mrs. Francher passed away on 
February 27, 1993). 

CauUflower Ear Award 

Recipient-Sue Rein LoUis '79 from the Houston Chapter. 
To make an event a real success, chapter members have to get 
on the phone to encourage alumnae to participate in selected 
events. Last year. Sue called alumnae for all of Houston's 
events. Consequently, she reached a num.ber of Houston 
alumnae, and because of her efforts the chapter had a good 
response to all events. 

Extra Mile Award 

Recipient-Susan Bemoudy Lebowitz '71 from the Dallas Chapter. 
WTien an alumna actually rearranges her home to accommodate 
a large number of guests for a concert, rents a grand piano, and 
helps coordinate an event Irom start to finish, she deserves 
recognition. Last spring, Susan hosted a piano concert by Riley 
Haws, assistant professor of Music at Mary Baldwin College. 

TrampoUne Award 

Recipient-Carol^Ti Weekley '67 from the Willisimsburg 
chapter. Carol>Ti Weekley opened up the z\bby Aldrich 
Rockefeller Folk Art Center and her home. The Russell 
House on Duke of Gloucester Street, for a Sunday after- 
noon in September. The event was attended by 70 alumnae, 
husbands and friends! During the event, artist Parks P. Duffey 111 
unveiled his new painting of Kiaiy Baldwin College. 


Chapters In Action 

For interesting and well attended chapter activities, the second half of the 1992-93 academic year was even 
more active than the first. Quality and flair set the tone as alumnae across the country had a hall putting on 
memorable events . 

Washington, D.C, 

Washington D.C. area alumnae toured The National 
Museum of Women in the Arts and gathered for tea 
at The Hay Adams in downtown Washington. Lisa 
Derby '88, front row center, who made it all hap- 
pen, is shown with Jennifer Webb '91, Paige 
Willhite '88, Katherine Downie '71, Laura 
Catching Alexander '71, Doris Rohner 
Rogers '60, Aster Dawit '84, Margie 
Addison Shepard '71, Betsy Read- 
Connole '74, Agnes Cooper '71, Louise 
Boylan '71, Ann Allen Czerner '71, 
Collier Andress '91, Joanna Kenyon 
Rosenberger '88, Holly Anderson 
Dentzer '86, Allison James '90, Alice 
Blair '86, Kitty Talbot '91, Kelly Thorn- 
burg '91, Caroline Smith May '90, Ann 
Everett Rentiers '85, tamily members and friends. 

^ " ■^BC- 





isi( i 

■■pPv ** fl 



4 -^ 


'^^H 1 




, fi 




Joelle Keith '88, Leigh Yates Farmer 
'7A, and RJ. Landin-Loderick '86, chair 
of the event, laugh it up at Juleps & Tulips. 
Other members of the steering committee for this 
great event were: Trustee Bev Estes Bates 
'64, Sally Armstrong Bingley '60, 
Marguerite ivy Crews '74, Catherine 
Ferris '78, Kim Baker Glenn '79, Lind- 
say Ryland Gouldthorpe '73, Carroll 
Lee Coupland Kennedy '86, True Luck, 
Robin Ray '91, and Cathy Turner 
Temple '68. 


Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens was the site ot the fourth 
annual Juleps &. Tulips in Richmond, Virginia. At this gala 
event President Cynthia H. Tyson was presented 
with the Richmond Chapter Scholarship award by, left 

to right. Amy Bridge '86, Betsy Baker '91, 
and Robin Rexinger Mayberry '83, Richmond's 
'92-93 Chapter President. 

Laura Catching Alexander '71, executive 
director of alumnae activities, offered valet service in front 
of White Marsh Plantation, where a celebration following 
the Gloucester Daffodil Show was held by the Peninsula 
Chapter. Hosted by Constance F. Ingles, mother-in- 
law of alumnae board member Amy Tracy Ingles '81, 
sixrsr-five alumnae, family and friends met President 
Cynthia H, Tyson and Board of Trustees Chair Charlie 
Luck and his v/ife. True, parents of Cynthia Luck 
Haw '79. 

Larry Foster, Lee Johnston Foster '75, former 

alumnae director, and Vice President of Institutional Ad- 
vancement Mark Atchison visit with Anne Holman 
Hinckley '34 inside \C'h.ite Marsh Plantation. 


The largest Chicago alumnae gathering ever took place in March at The Art Institute of Chicago followed by tea at the Ritz- 
Carlton. Edie Stoter '68, Malou Thorn Ra>vls '69, and Blaine Kinney Johnson '75 were among the area 
alumnae who viewed a special Chagall exhibition. 


Chapters in Action 

New Orleans 

New Orleans alumnae and friends welcome Alumnae Board 
Executive Committee at the home of Tia Nolan Roddy '69 in 
New Orleans, Louisiana. Left to right: Martha Masters 
Ingles '69, Harriet Runkle, former director of admis- 
sions volunteers, Emily Dethloff Ryan '63, Tia 
Nolan Roddy '69, Kate Gladden Schultz '71, 
Linda Hinrichs Christovich '77, Cynthia Knight 
Wier '68, Julie Ellsworth '86, May Wells Jones '61 , 
Beth Palk '91, and Susan Massie Johnson '67. 

Houston and Dallas 

Pianist Dr. Riley Ha'WS, assistant professor of music at Mary Baldwin, wowed alumnae and friends in Dallas and Houston 
with his concert of Franz Liszt's "Annees de Pelerinage: Suisse." Billie Joseph Ameen '46 hosted the Houston event 
which Linda Hinrichs Christovich '77 flew in from New Orleans specially to attend. 

Among the other guests attending the Houston event were Bill and Mollie Rehmet Connady '64, Tom and Emily 
Dehloff Ryan '63, Sue Lollis '79, Tom and Cynthia Knight Wier '68. 

Dr. Haws traveled on to Dallas where Suson Bernoudy Lebo^itz '71 rented a grand piano and rearranged her spec- 
tacular house to host another concert. Dr. Haw's mother from Fort Worth was able to come, joining, among others, Nancy 
Currey, Carlo Rucker Nix '57, Hollon Meaders Otte '75, Mary Ellen Durham '66, Joan Velton Hall 
'67, Solly Simons '80, and Kotherine "Bebe" Bolen '92. Both performances were truly memorable events. 


L to R: Rob Copies and alumnae board member Sue 
Copies, trustee Bill Reuther, President Cynthia H. 
Tyson, and Roma Reuther. 'Trustee Bill Reuther 

and his wife, Romo, hosted a wonderful event in their home 
in New Canaan, Connecticut, when President Cynthia 
H. Tyson and Vice President of Institutional Advancement 
Mark Atchison traveled north to give a college update to 
Connecticut area alumnae. 

*Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 and Rives Pollard Houser '45 co-hosted "a Mary Baldwin Alumnae Evening in 
Thomasville, Georgia" starting with cocktails at Rives' house and ending with light supper at Mercer's house! It was a grand 
way for area alumnae to start the new year, as reported by President Cynthia H. Tyson and Associate Vice President for 
Development Chunk Neole. 

*Alumnae Board members Gole Palmer Penn '63 and Judy Lipes Garst '63 planned the Roanoke Valley Alum- 
nae Chapter's cocktail party featuring Parks P. Duft'ey Ill's Sesquicentennial painting of the College. The party was hosted 
by Virginia Mooma>v Savage '69 in April, great fun was had by all. 


Santa Fe 

The first trip of the Five-Star-Five'City Domestic Travel Program to Santa Fe, New Mexico was a magical delight. Sponsored by the 
Alumnae Association . nothing was overlooked for the 25 participating alumnae and friends to enjoy: a tour of the Senor Murphy C/ioco- 
late Factory oivned by Susan Walker Monahan '78 , a private viewing of the exquisite Fenn Galleries , a walking tour of the his- 
torical area dountoivn followed by lunch at delicious La Casa Sena, an almost spiritual tour of the Institute of American Indian Arts Mu- 
seum, and an absolutely glorious lunch in Susan's backyard with the Sangre de Christo mountains as backdrop. Everything luas totally 
stunning. Not to mention Georgia O'Keefe blue skies and white clouds. 

Bill Johnson, former Advisory Board of Visitors member 
and now head of the Institute of the American Indian Arts 
Museum, visits with Lisa Moore, wife of Trustee Bill 
Moore, Jr., as buffalo metal sculpture grazes in the back- 
ground of Susan Walker (MBC '78) and Michael 
(W & L '78) Monahan's back yard. 

New trustee Teresita Trigo ADP '88 
stands with President Cynthia H. 
Tyson and trustee Bill Moore, Jr. in 

front of an exhibit at the Institute of 
American Indian Arts Museum. 

Cynthia Luck Hav/ '79 and her mother, True 
Luck, wife of chairman of the Board of Trustees 
Charlie Luck, pose in front of a photographic exhibit 
at the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum. 


Chapters in Action 

The Executive Committee of the 
Board of Directors of the Mary Baldwin 
College Alumnae Association take a 
breather with MBC staff during their 
day-long business meeting at the Fort 
Lewis Lodge in Millboro, Virginia. 
From left to right: hackrow-Louise 
Boylan '71, Sue Warfield 
Copies '60, Judy Lipes Garst 
'63, Barbro Hansson '88 ADP, 
director of alumnae projects, Shan- 
non Greene Mitchell '57, 
Emily Dethloff Ryon '63, Suson 
Mossie Johnson '67, R.J. 
Londin-Loderick '86; front row- 
Trocey Cote '89, director ot 
reunion giving, Jennifer Sov^ers, 
director ot volunteers, Julie 
Ellsworth Cox '86, Solly 
Armstrong Bingley '60, Diane 
Hillyer Copley '68, Mary 
Morrison '95, and Laura 
Catching Alexander '71, execu- 
tive director of alumnae activities. 





March 10 - ±3, 1994 

Take time to smell the flowers with other MBC 
alumnae! Stay at the Brandywine River Hotel for 
three nights, tour the Longwood Gardens, Hagley 
Museum, Winterthur, and experience many more 
fabulous things during Philadelphia's "Islands in 
the Sun" Annual Flower Show. As little as $465 
per person (double occupancy) including most 
meals, admissions, and motor coach. Call 
Laura C. Alexander 71 in the Office of 
Alumnae Activities (703) 887-7007. 

June 2-5, 1994 Experience the real Charleston, South Carolina - Magnolia Gardens, historic tours, classical to jazz 
during the famous Spoleto Festival! Laura Alexander has details on the completely charming scenario. (703) 887-7007. 





mozzerella company 
Paula Stephens Lambert '65 
A semi-soft cows' milk cheese aged to develop a 
M flavor. Excellent plain or delicately seasoned 
with herbs or chiles. A magnificent blend of 
cheese made in the Italian tradition with the flavor 
of the American Soudiwest. Similar in texture to 
Monterey Jack. Waxed wheels 1 1/2 lbs each. 





Texas Basil 



Mild Chile 



Hot Chile 



Any two 



Any three 


Mary Baldwin College 


Elizabeth Robinson Harrison '55 

These lovingly hand-painted miniatures are 

wooden replicas of buildings on campus. Each 

oneisindividuallyCTaftedandpainted. Perfectfor 

your own collection or as a gift for a classmate. 

Order miniaturesof any buildingoncampusorin 

downtown Staunton. 

R-1 Miniature $12 

R-2 Set of four $48 

Soap and Parfum Mist 

Lady Primrose's 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
These unique products contain natural plant ex- 
tracts and humectants. Lady Primrose's Tryst 
Parfum Mist (a perfume strength, 3.3 oz.) cap- 
tures the essence of fresh green florals with a 
heart of fleurd'orangery and jasmine. Walk 
throughasprayofTrystMistforalingering secret 
encoimter. Royal Extract Cream soap and trans- 
lucent Mango fragranced soap keep the skin 
moist and ever soft, while providing gentle cleans- 
ing. The soap's fresh, enchanting scents, together 
with the unique CTestedhoneycombshape, render 
ittheiiltimateforhixuriousbathing. Four3oz. soaps 
come attractively packaged inawicker tray. 
P-3 Parfum Mist $55 

P-2 Soaps $12 







\f m 






Peppercorns Jubilee 

Herb Patch, Ltd. 

Diane Hillyer Copley '68 

Amedley of colors and tastes- 1 1/2 oz. mixed red, 

green, black, andpink peppercorns with tellicherry 

peppers. Perfect for use in our Salt 'n Pepper 


A-9 Peppercorns $4.50 

Assorted Candies 

Senior Murphy, 


Susan Walker Monahan '78 

The chocolate selections for the chocolate lovers 

in your life consist of hand dipped nuts, chews, 

chips and creanis, plus some of Seflor Murphy's 

ownspecialcreations. ThePiiionbritflewillbethe 

best you've ever tasted! And no, by jove, there just 

aren't many candymakers left who make good 

English toffee. Seiior Murphy does. 

N-l 1 6 oz. chocolate 

N-2 32 oz. chocolate 

N-3 14 oz. Pirion brittle 

N-4 16 oz. English toffee 


Mary Baldwin College 

Kate Gladden Schultz '71 

Kate has come up with an exquisite drawing of 


note cards on recycled paper. Excellent for 

thankyounotes, chapter events, or just writing 

to your classmates. Comes as a set of ten with 

matching envelopes. 

X-10 Notecards $6 

Classic Culinary Blends 
AND Party Dips 

Herb Patch, Ltd. 
Diane Hillyer Copley '68 
These unique blends are packaged in 3-inch glass 
jarswithservingsuggestionsontlie labels. Choose 
any three to be packed in an attractive gift bo.\ 
with see-through cover and green tie. Salt, sugar, 
and preservative free. 

Flavors: Barbecue Marinade, Bouquet Garni, 
Creamy Horseradish Dip Mix, Curry with Orange, 
Dilled French Parsley, 1 iaiiiburger Scrumptious!, Herb 
Butter Blend,ilerh Rice Blentl, Itali;m Secret Jamhalaya 
Seasoning, Lemon Dill Dip MLx, Lemon Pepper, Mexi- 
can Ole Dip, Paprika Pepper, Pizza Pizzazz, Salad 
Crunch, Salad Herbs vvidi Shallots, Salt-Free Herb Salt 
Seafood Blend widi Lemon, Shrimp Boil, SilverGarlic 
Blend, Sinhdly Rich Cinnamon, TimaSalad Plus. 
A-2 Any three $12 

MBC Sweatshirts 

Alumnae Association 

Comfy and warm! Light grey with black trim and 

embroidered MBC squirrel in M, L, XL. 

X-19 Sweatshirt $38 

Herbal Freshener with 
Cedar Chips 

Herb Patch, Ltd. 
Diane Hillyer Copley '68 
Protect your woolens and leave them pepper- 
mint- scented. Eight small muslin bags filled 
with herbs and cedar chips packed in a larger 
muslin bag. 
A-3 Cedar Chips 

Salt ^n Pepper Machine 

Alumnae Association 
All-in-one lucite salt shaker and pep|)er mill oper- 
ates effortlessly with one hand. Adjustable grind. 
Ideal for kitchen, table, and picnics. 

X-9 Salt 'n Pepper Machine $16 

Vermont Flavored Honeys 

Herb Patch, Ltd. 
Diane Hillyer Copley '68 
Pure Vermont honey has been crystaUized for 
easier spreading and spooning. Three delicious 
all-natund flavors: Spiced (a rich blend of cinna- 
mon and nutmeg), Raspberry, and Lemon. Can be 
used to sweeten tea; as a vegetable, fruit, and meat 
glaze; and on toast and pancakes. Three 8 oz. glass 
jars come packed on a wooden cTate. 
A-6 Set of three $15 

Country Cow Cocoas 

Herb Patch, Ltd. 
Diane Hillyer Copley '68 
Tliese naturidly flavored instant cocoas make up a 
creamy dark chocolate hot drink for any time of 
die day or for an ;ifter-dinner treat Flavors include 
Traditional, Amaretto, Cinammon, Hazelnut 
Cream, Irish Cream, Mint, Mocha Cream, and 
Raspberry. Choose any two flavors in 9 oz. reus- 
able cow tins; or get a package of convenient 
single-serving packets in a ceramic mug with a 
black and white cow design. Either choice is a 
perfect gift for young and old alike - anyone who 
enjoys a bracing cup of hot chocolate. 
A-4 Any two 9 oz. fins $9 

A-5 Mug with Cocoa $ 1 2 

Ham & Jam Cocktail Napkins 

Alumnae Association 

Set of 25 napkins with diose loveabledogs! 

X-23 Napkins $2 

Virginia Hams 

S. Wallace E::vn ards & Sons 
These mouth-watering hams are smoked and 
sugar-cured in the old Virginia tradition. Onh,- die 
finest are hand processed and alloued to age to 
perfection. Each includes cooking instructions. 
B-1 n-13^bs uncocked ^ S61 

B-2 9-1 1 lbs cooked bone-in 579 

B-3 2-3 lbs cooked boneless pefife $35 

B4 1 lb cooked slices $19 

Virginia Peanuts 

V,R3 \:A DnER 

Nothing taste* quite like top-grade, fumb- 
peanuts cooked in the ^'irginia tradition. 
These blanched peanuts come in a^'-aoium- 
sealed can that ensures fresh, crunciiy pea- 
nuts with up to a year's shelf life. 
E-1 l.olbsQired $10 

E-2 1.51bun5aifed $10 

E-3 2 lb salted $15 

E4 2lbunsalted $15 

Mary Baldwin Chairs 
Black lacquer fimsh and hand-painted gold tnm 
combine v.i\h timeless design for a truly elegant 
chair. The College seal is featured in gold on the 
backrest. Please aDowSweeksforde&ery. 
J-5 Side Chair Si 50 

J^5 Child's Rocker $140 

Boston Rockers: 

J-1 chenyanns 
i-2 block arms 


Coptoin's Chairs: 
yS dienyarms 
J4 block amis 


fr&ght dxin^ per dair. 
east of Mississippi 
yrest of Mississippi 



DuFFEY Prints & Postcards 


Hie limited edition Mograph. signed by the art- 
istisfuflcolorandmeasures 22x28". ThefuU 
cok)r4l ■}x6"postcardstakea 19' stamp. 

X-15 Lithograph $75 

X-16 Postcoid (singly 60t 
X-17 SeJoflOcoids $5 

Shenandoah Valley Apples 

Someofosbdievetiiat the apples grown inwest- 
emMrgmaarethebestinflieworid- crisp, juicy, 
aodflav^oiM QioosesweetRedorGoldenDeli- 
cnQsartartStapnans. Onlyihefin'eslgianiiqjples 
aiepai^edcardalkfor shipping. 
Royal Red De/fdoos: 

H-1 l/4boshel 


H-2 1/2 bushel 


Gojdbn De/idbus: 

H3 1/4 bushel 


H4 1/2 bushel 



H-5 1/4 bushel 


Hk) 1/2 bushel 


ORDERED BY: (ITS will not deliverto P.O. boxes) 




Da^" &"ening Phone 


Order total East of Mississippi West of Mississippi 

$1-19 5 ^ : : $ 5.50 

$20-34 S : :: $ 7.50 

$35-49 $ 6.50 $ 9.50 

$50-74 $ 8.50 $13.50 

$75-99 $11.00 $18.00 

Eoch oddiiional $25 $ 4.00 $ 5.50 

• Charges apph" to the destination of the items to be shipped. 

• See special freight charges for N£BC ch-ain?. 

• Christmas orders must be recerv ed no later than December 1 1 
to guarantee deli^e^" by Christm-as (November 1 for chairs ) 

• Please allow 2 - 3 w eeks for deli^en' (S weeks for chairs ). 

SHIP TO: (IKwillnotdeliTertoP.O.boxes) 



D'jy B'ening Phone 

Method of Paymenh 



Cakd Numbs 


Mail to: '.'.-•■ 5 -.;.■. 
PHONi: 703-867-7007 

-1 .;.-_-._- 

_1 f-. 

a Check OR Mot«Y Ordbs 
PAYABtE TO Mary Baidwm Couege 
Q CssmtCard 

::_HS, Staunton, VA 24401 
Fax: 703-88S9503 


Pictorial History 

Mar}' Baldwin College: Tlieti arnlNowis a picto- 
rial history of the College to own and treasure! A 
magnificent 1 50th anniversary tribute to Mary 
Baldwin, this hard bound volume features the 
photography of Dan Grog;m, ;m award-winning 
photographer based in Charlottesville, Virginia 
X-1 1 Pictorial $45 

Ham & Jam Bookends 

Elegant bookends replicate H;un andjain at tlie 
steps of the Administration Building. Cast iron 
in handsome verdigris finish. Reissued by Vir- 
ginia Metalcrafters ofWaynesboro, Virginia. 

X-1 4 Bookends $50 

To Live In Time: 

The Sesquicentennial History 

OF Mary Baldwin College 

In celebration of Mary Baldwin Colleges 1 SOth 
anniversary. Dr. Patricia 1 1. Menk has published To 
ZiVe/K Ti'wt^ a chronological history of Mary 
Baldwin College througliits first 1 SOyears. ToLive 
in Time is an attractive, hard bound volume that 
will bring back many memories for alumnae and 
dehght readers with experiences from Mary 
Baldwin College's heritage. 
X-1 2 To Live in Time $40 


Paintings on Glass 


A beautiful design featuring die Ad- 
on each piece. The mirror and pic- 
ture are framed in wood and leafed 
in silver tones. The desk box is 
walnut witli brass fittings. 


1-2 Painting 

1-3 Desk Box 


Almond Pound Cake 


Our ever-popular cake makes a grand 
gift by itself or with a jar of deUcious 
leuK )n aird. Wonderfully moist and 
rich, this 4 lb. cake keeps well and 
freezes nicely. Gift-wrapped in cello- 
phane with a polka-dot bow, and 
sliipped in a wliite gift box. 
F-1 Pound Cake $21 

F-2 with Lemon Curd $26 

Product # Qty. 

Description: Be sure to specify Flavor, Variety, Size, etc. if applicable. 


Order Total 
Orders of 20 or more of any item may be 

purcfiased at a discount. Please contact the VA residents add 4 1/2 % soles tax. 
Alumnae Office at 703-887-7007 for a whole- 
sale price list. Shipping (see reverse for chart] 

Please feel free to copy this form 


FOR additional ORDERS. 

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