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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 








Digitized by VjOOQIC 

>1 i^T/.l* J iJrS^y.'* » 

^ .i;; {V /\ y/:-. ;>' v '•' • *'■ •'' >• ' 

*' liC ; -'w ^1* 

^K' rj . v- . ».• 

t .' ,7 -I' 

■ . i .A 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 





I KNOW not, my cbar friem^ wbether yoa reed* 
lect a oomrerastion diat we had some time since 
respecting the Baron de la Motte Fooqn^ and 
hla writings. If you do not^ I take the liberty 
of calling it to yonr remembrance^ — aa what yon 
then said has not only induced me to execute the 
following translation, but may likewise serve aa 
an introdncCory notice to die readers of the woik. 
I remember well that, when speaking of the 
BaroD, (in whose company we hwi dined that 
day at Chariottenburg,) you bestowed great 
praise on his various publications ; — but, be&ig 
then an incompetent judge of their merits, I 
eonld only reply, that I doubted not they de* 
served die eulogiunw you passed upon them, 
since the Baron was certainly a jovial and plea- 
MBt companion,— a ^' dlevalier, iantpeur et tans 
nproehe," it o^^ might judge from the serenity 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ll^^ :^^«fiild JM#> jolfl. ;Pp9hheiqDi^ . and , ^^hani^jbr^ 

..l^hjiHiiJp^e^, .M a tyro in. tt^ Gprmw^ J^* 
gB^i^tie^ t^ r^ oifeif bia ." Magic, Ping;^'! th^ 
os^jnfWftifk pf h^ ]»rluch l^d Men jif mjr.w^y;; 
^t JlfiW jii9% l^^ li?pg at Perliii* ere J^ y^ 
i^^^^^ qf ^ bjigb reputation |ie bad aojuire^ 

1^ /ead^ 4evi9ti^ tfti li^xa^mre*;. 5?f bi» frlepdsWjf, 
ifilh rf>* SpW^gejUi 9^ bis being '* in^utrumfiu^ 
p^lf9ur;\wi%h,t^k^ p^n^d.^iyB swo?d; of .|^^ 
ci(nQMM€^ afl,ap,pfl^^ wheatfi^.tiwp^ts afjfj, 
4§v^rt*BJPfV|tf 0^ Fr^nph ipva8io^.i95ei;p,fltrfh^ 
beifUlijiWd w^eciaUy of bia qoodixct^ii^ if^^pHh 
til^.cfKulmin Bohpoua,, of JIJ4Wt«e^^f J^eip^'g» 
ilB4»<^einwr^.pntbe b^nk^.pf % ",^t©l^j^^ 
gbiier J h^.opponi^utie^ pf fl^9ptifig.,y^jfj^ 
thei Q«j;onj, md waa invited to pass f^i^^ d^jj^ f^ 
bia opwwtry jeaidence, of J^en^^j^ip^i^;. tbpu^ 
Wfuqaatanc^. re^n^ei^^d it impp^a^i^la for xa^^tf^ 
p^rofit af^ wiitly hiy ¥^ ^P^tality* ^ , ... y , . 
, J ali3o.r,«tiDie^b^.^baltf OA t^ ^ywpg ta^njl^fi^i, 
I.Ji#y««BUade4 ypu yf^e 9^,dof^^piii,fj^^i^ 
^ rtp.^r«W, Alt .W'^ v«yfi. detftu\^ ^U^t,,ijyi^ 
t«Qt .to^ .to gpj tft ^ qpei;a^.^r-^. ^^^Pf^ 
nrrik^dnHF'^ *>¥«> ^«?.?^ .^^*.«%f WJffR 
Hfi Oisoffrttefli,. fp?i.n^ly..t,TO '^W??>/.fiB'?Mt 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

»4nirtdon of bw " Hero of the North," VUS 
iHRic pDnn wincti WCTCnBfnnt rn inc^miqjcf y w» 

" Minstrel JjoMr^'Wt^ ttliaSAmi'itm'Kfi^m 
A!tiJ^a it) MffiMftV*! Till MVtiJMJliA'Hf "^'^^^'^"-^*^^ * to^^w 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


lh»>BitaiiteMc»Bip ivriuMiM oft tbe litti^ 

iOfl|tfi(v«MiyilH tritirfi tile ibol^fitli 4Milal«tte 

torical aUii8ioii% ErngjUA tmief^mHi 

^tPrttfli ^ith iniitWftrmiit ; aiid^fko^«if^ft^*ii 

fc' %el«ar ttem a tmidalleii) Mnuto tuwtte^ 
^^^^^yl9t, lHi^ngrd«d¥«&l»t»ftn«htt»tife •^Miglc 

-'^ Fw I »80oBget d i tli»ftri iy^^tiM>^ 6QMiyTM]WMI^ 

^l» <« afrgie«i< W0M, JtlkmM^ ttmlAmU^ 
nmisi^'i^^^mfy HBamsingTM^iA in the 9itykrmA$pMd 
mmmg us naity yean ago 4m '^ Fl^pito 7kl#»tf 
'^ <tthMa%^^Attft whidi>l^4he''«vvef« hM ban 

of laHjpHf^ ^ fltiflheoB wilh mhkk a traaalator 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

reqviiite than to he$r ittj| utrii dh c 


in girest nvflriMn tothe DaMMMMiKMn 


^ogi* **nrvf r*xr4 -'' j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4|fMMd TOuit iMunrtlioy hoib jJntaidyd to alkgO. 

tii M gi qa mai'iimmetiky mMmA^m' -iHiilui itla 

^iMb^MlBqr t0 twigp»T-Mv agriit^IiBf ■ ■ti ll 
^Mi^dfaiCMMribif^oliw? MH ^^iHt, fay *ii in in 

l li p|i l y tt»toia>iBto^ uiM iii<i»Hiiil f i > ; ■^'•i^it. 

t^m Miyti%Miidikvl/l 

1/ uritfc/fiiigiiiitiiitiniia 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

T^A h H l l i ■■■■ ■■ If fc M—l l lil|ip ^ ><fc»il» 

itB|lilif ipO lifitlhilBfll 

bjOgJAitiliM I 111— Iji <n^»^f;.iitiflr i<ttmiil» 
kinf i»^i4ai«gM$ own 

>ifiiiMi ilyWlwi>Ohh»%«lixl*feflw»i 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


briaging forward the same story on a different 
plan) ; and> under the anqnces of your naine> 
which is at least as well known here as that of the 
^Baroni it is not without some d^ree of con6- 
dence that I inti^odpot ih^aa .volumes to the 

I am, my dear sir, with great respect, &c. &c. 




Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

wti in mb «i; ^-'^^l crwoai Haw s* laaol )c fel ibiilw 
-Sa o ':l. -r, i^>h ^ixioo tuodnw ion -i n ^aoTsd 

'*^"'^"'^ oildxiq 



ht is with « mdatd fading •f afqweh c Mi DP cud 
4dif/bt,limAewaAat nofw^btttkm kaosrif to 

flK pfidple IB the world wIm> langli soflKifcBjr J if 
lhefmbBty6A «ne of thek idkMr^^axvtals urito 
caOs mfionm toAid fai» xRany woricDj cater- 
prite; baty nalwitfafllando^ <Aia, ihewiker elf 
tbeK lines is not jrffand to oonfiM^ thit he bm 
JBit DOW pMjed wiA his whole beivt to tiw 
Giwm of jil yod,^r Mri maate in Jhe pkiiwit 
laboor whidi nwnts him. By this means, be 
hai been eupputted erenow ihrang^ liankff wi* 
dertaidnge; and he oonfidently imstB, iimt Yt 
tfaii time also ImprajFerswiUnDt faennantwev- 
cd. Por» in truth, the history, .wfaitih be new 
to ^«rite» hcppofl jgt, Uke a «ti«nge 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

^iih::hmy'W ^'iiiiii^B eye>Mrieim« to 
liira'ius if fie wM^hovii io.^et sail on a wjde wel- 
teHttgi^a, with' ihofes vkA^ anfi romantic, witTi 
gWiflffitiir'iiafnbdV.tTntfi'on ^8 Waters, an J noi^ 
n^lttoVft WKii^pbdls • and rocks ; while tlie 'sky is 
dWf^retfdVfth clouds o^lhe wildest stiapes anc^ 
th^tf^ih'est'cblouringf " " " / ; " 

Pull well do I know Ihe ariduous course which 
I have to steer; hut as to the separate events 
that are to be encountered, I know them not; 
for these are yet uncertain as a dream. How- 
ever this may be, not the less boldly, courteous 
reader, do I invite thee to join me in this voy- 
age ; for, should'st thou be unwilling to engage 
in the enterprise, it would seem as if the name 
of Ood, on whom I have now called, sounded 
strange and unwelcome in thine ears ; othenvise 
thou would'st be satisfied with what I shall obtain 
by my prayers, and whidi I promise faithfully 
to communicate to thee. But consider, I beseech 
thee, that if thou shalt find any thing worthy of 
commendation, and pleasing in my work, it is 
not mine, but a gift from the Supreme Power^ 
which is conveyed to me insensibly as I write ; 
for I am th^i only capable of ezpresnng myself 
with effect, when my mind is mcxre elevated tiian 
is usual in the present state of our depraved and 
mortal nature. 

In the following pages, then, I lay before thee 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

^ba^ fruits of tho^ hours -when my fancy is 
n«ift^€^d exalted; while, in this preface, I 
bsretgaken the f\&m^ unadorned truth. On this, 
M a tixie kmglit, 1 pleilge my word of honour^^ 
And flow 1 bid tliee heartily welcome to the^ 
ffOTw and meadows, t^e battles and festival 
tie ynrom weddings, or oioiimful obseqaJt9^^ , 
which nm sitorv may unfold. , . , , ., 

• - -i*' • ■• -^ : •■? I ^ ■ ^ . ^' .*: svKfi 1 

'■• • -. • -; « ' .l.j'.s:' '• '• :)ir. Jj fit 

* ' r . J .. t . . . .», 0"i.[) io"+ 

. ' . ' . .. ' - V " -'* -»V., 

■ -. •• . ' • '''^l>v'^ 

'4''" '* - • ' ' " » ■ - .'^t ; 0;^B 

-DO. . : • , . ■ • •, ,.{• a' 

--1- ' • .. • .1(1 . j- . ; .' • ■ ' 

/ :*• ".'!'».',• '.it^ «. 

*..•'/•• "ji ,'-.-»s; --, t«: ■•^'^-'{ •:. / :r'. • 'j.- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Hiv iht yaof Bqoirt Otto ind his pratty Coasin db- 
niwi ifHWr, oa ilie btfJa of die Danube, dnring e 

Ix the bftppy land ci Suabia, close to the 
irrer Dmnbey diere lies a fine level meadoir, 
where onoe on a time ^t was in the month of 
Mmj^ just as the declining sunbeams were 
tridng leave of the flowers) a young squire, 
bj name Otto von Trautwangen, was enjoy- 
ti^ hk evening recreation* At thb beautiful 
season, it was Otto^s custom freqnentiy to 
leave his father^s castie in the nagbbouring 
aoimtidns, and repair to tiie pkasan^ banks 
vauL A 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


of the river. Here he amused himself alter- 
nately with angling in the streams, or in 
shooting with a crossbow at marks, which he 
had contrived in many strange shapes, such 
as dragons, hobgoblins, witches, &c. and 
painted in glaring ccdours. On the wide level 
meadow he ran no risk of wounding any one 
with his arrows. Thk evening, however, his 
bow and quiver lay beside him on the grass, 
and he held his fishing-rod, watching as it 
seemed the play of his line in the water; but , 
he was lost in reverie, and forgot that he had 
not even baited his hook. 

Then Bertha von Lichtenried came walk^ 
ing towards him, hb father's niece, alpn^ with 
whom he had from his. childhood been edu-* 
cated at the castle. She took her place besicio 
him on the grass, and half mocking^ half anxi- 
ously questioned him on wb«( be was m^di-. 
tating so deeply ? He himself knew not weU 
what to say, and now so much the less, whep 
he saw his cousin's pretty face smiling on him 
reflected in the water. She looked even too 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


! in his estimation, and perhaps she 
tiuii^t the same of him) as she smiled on 
her oQaipaiiion so kindly. It was delightful 
to see bow the two young people thus carried 
00 a akot oonTarsation together in the living 
nrror <d die Danube ! When Otto had con- 
adered for a while, it occurred to him that he 
had remarked a pilgrim, in a red-<;ro8s mantle, 
ptsang 0D the opposite side of the river, after 
which he had £dlen into amood of deep thought.. 
Ebtold Bertha of this, and described to her 
how lolenui was the impression left on his 
md; bow die pilgrim had always looked 
rtndfasdy on the road before him, without 
turnig in the least to the right or left, so 
that oae oould not precisely say whether it. 
was old age, humility, or an ardent longing 
ifter the wacred object of his journey, that 
beat his bead forwards, and harmonized every 
gncore. To this the young man added his 
<iwii idfecdotts, bow admirable it must be to 
tnvci across kingdoms, seas, and rivers, to dis- 
tot uoiaiown lands ! Nothing in his opinion 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


oould be pleasanter tl^an such, a pilgrimage^ 
and it would never be the fatigue of traTeUing^ 
but only die tedium of repose after^n^urds, tliat 
trould prove oppressive. 

*< You do not mean to turn a jnlgrim dien '?^ 
sidd Bertha with a confident snule. ^ TE4 
Sidints forbid !*^ said the young inan ; ^ t&eb^ 
woods and meadows here hold me liKe a mag^ 
spell within tbehr circle. Take eate then that 
you never desert them, my pretty cousin T At 
these words, Bertha blushed so deepty and 
suddenly, that it seemed as if twin rosebuds 
had sprung up in the water, and'%aid, *^ As 
you are so certainly to remain here, then we 
may jest a little on die supposed posdbiliey df 
your going. Let us tiy for once that farew^ 
ditty, in two parts, which Master Walter has 
so finely indited. As in winter, one likes to hear 
the snow-storm, when sitting wiirm yy the 
fireside, so we may now v^tare to'shig Ae^ 
verses, which, in their proper place, we shotdiil 
have no heart to repeat."^ Otto then bcgbli. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


<• 8«Mt taD6| to Iflug bdiMrea, 
Aat I no man tluiU viev,** Ac 

Bat iAcr the fint twp ^tansat they gar^ 

over their ttiuie, for on the other side of the 

^nr ihencame a^nat proeeMon of pilj^isn, 

vfaeai iqppear^ SMdi variety of dia- 

. that tfie jou^g peoplefbuiid their at» 

L iimia taily attracted. In the midat of 

»e graeeffd figures of youag 

y nonted onmnksy richly capariaoDed^ 

ibrdiw protection by warriors 

OB Soa^ with loiig h^Dberts in their haods. 

Tkm there were certain pilgrims, of whom, 

■mvilhalaiidipg their grey mantles and oddlji. 

A^ad capa, it was easy to deliennine that 

they anal be oourtienv and parsons of lu|^ 

Sg^BOtff aapadally as their demeanour con- 

taated so powerfully with that of a great 

amnbar of eoontry pso|dc^ who moved about 

wr^lQlariy enon^ in the procession. One 

eadddistiBgouii too^ many respectable citisens 

sffliddleiaak^ painters alao^ and music»ans^ 

vfcslMsewitb tham die instrmnenta of ibeir 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


respective arts^ iHiidi they hoped to exercise 
in distant lands for the honour and glory of 
our holy t^eligioD. At last th^re came atnoop 
of ^arlik^ kiuglits, mounfked M fiae ^hargears^ 
in bright gleaming armour, who oould be 
known as {^Igriais oniy by the red cross 
their sbotdd^ev. Jusi; as Ih^ procesfticp '< 
<^poBite to Bei^ha tmd Olio, th^ ladies^ moiiat^ 
ed on their stately mules, and attended by 
their bjAlberdicM, hegtim to sinfg a. pnmddioml 
hymn ia piSai^e of the ea«l^m latidis wfaitiiar 
tbey Wer0 thuspumuing their ^Mgr*- 

The effect df their voieeft during the still- 
n^86iof the. evening was mdgteaL Amid^ntaBy 
thti jsun, just then v^^ngonlhe hUk,'bnriKS8 
thh>ligh a doud with new and unekpeded t^ 
£uIgeQee,asif, instead of settbg^he. had been 
about tp rise again, in order to rewahl'aiid 
inspire, those pious votaries^ When the last 
notos had died aolemtdy ind slowly aw^y» the 
mail-coated knighta struck in trlth a bold and 
martiel ebofua^ in Hvhich tjbey.^are jdined by 
thehadbodiers,. "whxh^ powter&l flourilh bl 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


trampeCs illed up the pAuM betwkt every 
Mm. That mtug expfireiseA eontanpt df 
the StneMs, ttid admirstjon ot the EngUsh 
Esg Bidurd the lAtm Heart, whose fotces 
had pan then gone forth like a thunder^fltonn, 
ddtraetWe aad yet henefieiil) iMo the Holy 

«< WlM ftib aei^ be H illikAMit, 
And he-who JKus, victofiottt.'^ 

Such were the condnding words <3t tteir 
Aaat ; and wheii the loog train had passed 
fay, both the young people remained for some 
tiine Aoagfatftd and silent. At length, ** H 
isTcry trne,^ said Otto, ** King^ Richard of 
Engiaind, who, for his bravery and magnani- 
nty, is called €(tur de Lfonj has vowed to 
Bake a crusade against the Saracens. My 
tttfaer and Master Walter spoke of this all 
last night at the castle. Good Heaven, what 
grand exploits will be performed there !*" On 
■tying this, the youth^s cheeks glowed and 
lus eyes sparkled. Bertha sighed as she an- 
nreredf " If you talk with such pleasure of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


wars and foMgn traipdai whenever may ooe 
in the guise of a fHlgrim ha]^wiui to come 
Ittther, then I shall no longer have ooiin^ to 
singdiat fStf«wdUiallad wbich wehad b^un."*" 
^ Nay, nay, be not afiraidy* said Otto snufing, 
^< we diall not speak more of any sudi ad- 
ventures. Only attend now to your Toiof^ioid 
keep up the octa?e. You know we are to 
si^g the next aCinia together.** 

It^emfd-destined, however, that ihej ^rert 
not to fimdi their ballad to-day; Ibr jnat lar 
they had <0omiBenced agab, they were dis^ 
tmbedtjanoMeaaof nMoy hotws ftom Hie 
meadow bdiad theas, and on funaag tbiAk* 
eyes thitherward, tbey petoeive d '- - w ha t we 
sbaU describe in the naoct diapter. • 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

tKE lUfflCBXlia 

\ (a Liidjaod a Knight) loddeiily antftd, 

Thsu woe indaed i^figgr lmw6| from wlwb 
bad a^^led a niuBber of w^Mr^a^d squkes, 
(or •Brriotg.jDfil at i^H^ vibp w«re already 
budtj cmi^ad in jkidbiog «fk itia naadoir 

gf^mm^J^Oew^ Xbw tOuire Mfte a omi 
hpOTiy ip lfafa :«th a ^tmin <ff /aa»da tltend- 
nts, aU on ^pmAaol^aad 4 knight in fidl 
inBomr was wuting to rectift her, by wbosn 
•he was lifted from her white palfrey with great 
rapeet and attendon. Thereafter it was a 
picasare to see how the lady and kmgfat walk- 
ed backwards and forwards fw pastime on the 
green lerd pUn ; the fmner dressed in sky- 
Mue TelTeC, with a border of rich gold em- 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

10 TH£ MAGIC mUG. 

broidery ; the latter in a black coat of mml, yet 
finely burnished and inlaid with many emble^ 
matic devices in bright silver. His appearance 
altogether was not a little strange and myste* 
tious, the fashion of his accoutrements being 
such as Bertha and Otto had till now never 
beheld. His demeanour, though courteous, 
was grave and solemn; yet, as he wore no 
helmet, they perceived that be wa^ a ,yaun^ 
man of very agreeable and sprightly features* 
The two strangers, in the course of their 
walk, came very near the spot where Otto and 
Bertha were stationed, who of course greeted 
them with a respectful salutation. The lady 
returned this compliment, and her looks seem^ 
ed irresistibly attracted by the. tail gracrful 
figures of the young people. She made a 
signal that they should approach nearer, 
and began a conversation, from which she 
learned at once the whole history of their 
peaceful, regular, and happy Ufa Thmr 
narrative, indeed, was so short and iiimple^ 
and had so few adventures, that more words 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

woidd hare been superfluous. With A me- 
kndxdy nmle tben tlie lidy ttutied. tb her 
oompaincm; *^ Cmnit AtdhhehM,"^ smd she, 
**if ^e were caBed' on to namite our history, 
eooU ihe task have been so easily aecom- 
pfiAed? And yet,^ sadd she, tumit^ to the 
ywn^ ooujde, " it seems to tne as if I had iir- 
coired a debt whieh I must compensate, by 
tdlingyott l!ie strange events of my pilgrim* 
age. Yon will no doubt find some enter- 
tiiDmeBt theron; and methinks it is onfy yonr 
modesty and polite belmviour thitt prevent 
you from asking who we are, and what has 
bronght us hither ? But since you hate spoken 
» Inndly and confidently to me, I should be 
very mignteful if I wrapt myself any longer 
mdertheval of mystery. CJometfienwithus* 
• WMi these words. Otto and Bertha were 
led by the stranger into one of the tents, 
which were by this time already ^read. The 
lady seated herself on a sofa, and made them 
ttke their places beride her. Count Archim- 
hald went out to m^e divers arrangements 

Digiti2ed!)y Google 


M to hia lHd» Mmp, aad^ in a km.i 
tlie Udy begw tbe foUfiRqg mralbii >n . 
^< My oanieis Gflfar^eUsyjtad I in desn«^ 
ed bom tbe aacieiit nee . of BoitapnoutJN* 
Bcu^^fiom my ^adiest iafiMicy an ocphniy I 
yet frequently heard from thepeople tp^hom 
I was gLiKXh in cba^^ that I ooght to be 
one of the nobltst and lacbert ladies in all 
Franoe, were it not for the .alsenee st a 
oeft^ ling^ wfaidi a oounieBB ^d the Nocw 
nan fionily HoQl£Mieon had oontmed. to gel 
into her powaorion; and which had been 
inherited ^j her daugl^ec» wto wot tba^t 
the same age with myoelf. Se the sing 
was constantly held out to me as the 
desirable and important of all worl<% • 
Mons ;--whether waking or asi^ap, I Aoufjiht 
and dreamed, but of this alonet knowsag 
that this in^ndMrful gem would not only 
convey to ^le some ext^ms^ve len^torias, 
but, what was fiir^nore ^important in my esti- 
mation^ would Jbripg along with it the know- 
ledge dT s^eral magical spells^ am) even a 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Judge wfa<iiwBc my ^ hvUmg d^f yifkim^om^eA» 

bj MM BbDihe«ttiir^^' Mtttfi 

nrf beaaniAiI) I' dirattlyt w^o^riaed 
idifdi^' taoat the fi^equettt 'dcsedp^ 
teM mmi I- iimL' nnQTO' of it, ^9f9B pedRMdy 
bnnatoiMl^To g«t thU tnuoM iMtoUiy 
wppoiwiiw wMf fog^tbeiwttime»an eaey 
tak; lott^ dttpidf the Jestim^ ipeinm^ pM 
d»ii^|lil'mtf»MRBedMuiib«^a«d[ Blkmche* 
ienr hmim^ cafchsdy tateii ,il irom her 
fii^gcr,.! eebed mi m^ oWn ftm^f t nip et ij 
mmtm m diefefi arie ep. Next ttumiig tbe 
l^to<ffegrelh«rlos89 lMt| after 
[ Ibr » f evr momeiite in tmm^ dn irem 
no^ g*!fly to Mtend the' toanHniienC, wiitdi 
kd jwtilieii begm Tiiiiberirolkiwedtier^ 
ad itM aMt i«6 had tdmi onr plaeeey a 
gNMfiil abdwariil* knight Tode up l0«raidi 
W, who, as I uttdemndv was her hrolh^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Sir Ijolkb de WMBmecm. Ifig bright foleon^ 
Ukerc^ faad^ iaamonieiit, observed tire ^h^ 
t'of tba iing on- her flnger, mi iUkpp^tat^ 
rdn kxoBB. After bara^ iifterchattged a 
hm trords witb hiansti^r, he eanieto ttie with 
bokftrespeqtfnl indeed, but gtuire and deter- 
ndniBd ; then, pointing hblaace to the gtoand^ 
^ Lady/ aaid he, ' may it pka^ you to 
fldeot a cinnipion, widi -whom I biAy try my 
fintime in the lists, and from whom' I may 
win back tiiat ring which now shines on yocrr 
beautiful hand, bnt which belongs to my sis^ 
ter, Blaacbefleur ?* Of course I did according 
as he desired; but, in consequence of this 
agreement, one of the most renowned and 
dolfiil knights in France, whom I had chosen 
for my defender, was thrown prostrate on the 
sand, so q«i»kly and decisively, tiiat, accord- 
ing to the rules of the combat, I had no alter- 
nfltave left, but must immediately restore to 
him the family^ewel, which I had possessed 
tot so short a while,— to be given back to bis 
admired sister, Blanchefleor. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^ I wfpt bittoriy:, aid redfed to iqr Aim* 

ber» wfaoe I would not IktM u/ the mettagito 

of ny frieads and yoothfiil ooeapatAtms^ wfco 

wUnd Be to join wkh tiiaA b' ike tanuae^ 

oKits ^{pointed for that altemo^ (rind evMM 

og: IqKd&efaarahfy toowithmf Mttendant, 

wiiea ihe Imiiigfat into the rooni a finely^nade 

fidiiiig^xod, inlMd with mother-of-pearl, with 

a gpUn fine and silver hook^ whidi I Was to 

hafemed OB the foUowii^ day at a gaj patty 

m the water, ^t of what eonaequence Were 

to me such diveniona now that I bad lost 

mj ring! Thd girl, discontentedly^ set the 

&hiiig-rod io the window-ootner, and, as I 

veold not notice her, left me jEdone to ureep. 

Towards evening I beoame more tranquil, 

and the loud langhing of my young oompa- 

noDSywho were playing at ball m the garden^ 

ioduced me st laat to hck diroi^ die window. 

Then I observed that Blanobeflenr, feding 

dait her ring was ineoDrenient, took it fiom 

bcr ftiger, laid it on a moas-coverad seat'Utt^ 

der my window, and thoughtlesriy ran bade 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

10 THE. MAQIC 3^Bra 

to her fpme. With a bei^tiiig heirt and aiud- 
om wishes, I drew (^en the lattice, upon 
wtick motion the fishing-rod, as if offeriiig its 
services, fell into my arms. I immediatdij 
made a trial,—- found that the golden fine 
readied down to the ringt which> on the first 
toudi, as if I had been as^sted by magic, at- 
tached itself to the bodk,,and was drawn up 
and received by me with a thousand kisses. 

<< My triumph, however, was again but 
sbort-Uved. No sooner had the childish Blan- 
ehefleur complmned to her brother, and the 
ring been observed on my fin|^, (for I was 
too proud to conceal what I supposed to be mj 
own property,) than he again requested that 
I would afqpobt a champion to defend mj 
cause. And how could any one resist the 
gymt strength of Sir Folko ? My new warrior 
was overthrown like his predecessor; and thi^ 
time Blandiefleur gave the ring into her 
iHother^s care, so that I had less hope than 
ever of regaining it. However^ I did not fidl 
to keep omstantly in xi^w an olj^ect whidi 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


im io dear to me ; uid ooe day^ when, after 
i hafSng-futjj we' were resting beneath a 
tree tlaioit witlM>at branches^ fome one said, 
thtttit wouU be quite hnpoiaUe to cfindb to 
tbetop at k. Then^ in a tone of mockeiy, 

I obaQoiged Sir Foiko de MontfSEUiooQ to 
bhIk a trial ci his hith^ioJnvuBcible powers 

II Ais adventure. Jnst |w I had hoped, his 
i aad ezcesBve delight in all kni^itfy 
I made him quite lose' «gbt of crefy 

iAer oooaidenition. Couatqiiu»flj ha lad 
the ring, wbksh be generaH j wo^ alw^ tm 
ik fiager, on the grass, beeanae it hindered 
him m cHmbing, then hegut his codeaiftiaBi. 
I andcntood afterwards, that, after many Tarn 
itteoipts, be auocceded hi reachiog of 
the tree; but meamrinle, I had, unohserred, 
cvaikd myself oi the op|iortuaity to seise on 
mj treasure, and was on my way to England, 
ia order that, in the ootirtof KingJUdiard 
Comr de Lion, I mig^ find'out a kmj^t aUe 
Is ttaiatam my righto iq;ainst the frightlufiy 
I Folko de Montfimoon. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


<< The great King Aichard reoaired ue 
widialltheoouitesy which was to be expected 
from that mirror of Imighthood; and when I 
besought him to gfsnt me a protector, he 
made his most chosen Eivourite, and brother 
in the battl&*field, be introduced, oomnumdA 
mg him to kneel down, md beg for the 
hohote of devoting his life to .my service. 
How proiid then was I, fmd with what indif- 
fercRt and cold looks did I soon afterwafd» 
dcsFolko de Moat&ucon enter the Snglisk 
court in 'order to «enew the combat for the 
ring ! Alas f my Hopes were then vain. I 
dnmld have known that the f^lish chanu 
pons, h o w ev e r braVe ind stead&st, are yet 
inferior to the Frencdi in the sports of the 
tOQvnanJent; Indeed, my vaHant defender, 
consoibus of this, fattd insisted, as a condition, 
of the fight, diat it was not to be decided by 
thelande only, bat that the vanquished party 
might mmntmn hil tights afterwarck with the 
swordi In consequence ci diat preeautioi>, 
Folko^s victory was more laborious and moK 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


faBDounfale, but by no meass len certaita or 
leas dedfliye My champioo was carried in* 
wmmkie, with thrte swofd wounda^ out of the 
Imb, and Voiko at the mm^ moment kneeled 
befive oe, leqoesting that I wanii. gire Um 
the ring: TUte generoai King Ridiard 
him, saying) that be ahooU be saaia^ 
fied with hacriBg thai mamtain>fl and ^mp^ 
poKed his pretenneiis in* the obmbtt; faut) as 
tar thetiig, he diould leave it iA the haiidB 
of die bk kdy to whom the. paaaeanoh^if it 
wan evidently m> very de«« i^ MbatkioUe 
king^and pafteni of 1^ Clnistian knig^ti," aiad 
Fofto, < if it depended an^mytelf talonev tfak 
beautifal kdy sbodd moat ocrtainlyr rtniaiii 
in undiatiirbed piaa6Sa<>n.of the>ritig; rmf^ 
my fife should be mtoifioed if it woilld «At 
any compauation far th^ tears with which bmr 
brigbt eyes im now ebiided;' but llbe jclwtd 
is the prxjfper iy of my ttSMi^ Bhmehtfflonr de 
Montfimcon, as whose champion I ha^e my# 
tbehononr^ appearing bei« 9 and, as your 
wtjmj best knows, k kn%hi iate «k>t give 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

•0 TBQBJifAlfflUClBiHG. 

rnray the rights of ber for whom he has 
&iight in the lists.^ 

^* To this Kiog Btehard could not make 
any reply; and I was. obliged to leare thfe 
oourt oDce more deprived of my ring, and in 
deep inelancfaoly. Yet I lingered for some 
time in that country, hoping that, as Sir Folko 
had been always so fortunate in arms, I wif^t 
yet get the better of him by stratagem and 
artifice. Accordingly I learned that he in* 
tended making a journey into Wales, in order 
to behold widi his own eyes the fortresses and 
rained castles where, in old times. King 
Arthur, and his knights of the round taUe, 
had fought and banquetled* Determined to 
brsve all dangers, I rentured befc»e him 
among the Webh mountains, and, diflguisiii^ 
myself in an old rui^y coatNoC-mail and hel- 
met, with the visor down, I watted for him in 
• retired valley, through which I knew that he 
must of necessity pass. He came up in due 
tifl»e, and in a deep rough voice, wUch my 
closed visor helped me to diiguis^ I dialleaf* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ed \am to an unmedsate and miwUl oombat* 
& demimded to know my name, and the 
csoae of my diallenge, but I dedined pvmg 
OiMt infiorpation, and affected to think that 
be only sought a pretext to evade our en> 
gigement. Furioudy inoeBsed, he tfiep leap* 
ed from his hwse, (as I wa^ on foot), with his 
armour and weapons rattling and glancing, so 
that I had ahnost fainted from terror. I re- 
CDinered myself, however, and said to him, 
that I would not fight with him ^ he had 
taken his enchanted ring from his finger^ as it 
was well known that this alone mude him in- 
▼indble, and that without such aid he was 
weak and cowardly as a child. With an ex* 
damation of anger and contempt, he then 
pulled off^Ius iron gtove, threw the ring^down 
on the grass,*which X directly sdzed upon, at 
the same moment throwing ei my visorM 
b€3met,~ and^ saying,*-^ Now, perhaps. Sir 
roiko de Montfaucon will recognise GalNrielle 
4e Fortamdiir, and he wiH dou^btless have toa 
Jiidi geileroAt^ to take the ring from ft 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

32. THS ^SGlC EXNG. 

young damael who haa here no protectori or 
Qvesi to deky her intended journey/ He 
bowed, and waa ttknt After a pause^ how^ 
ever, he said, ^ I shall have the honour, 
h^ly, to meet you again in inhabited places, 
where you will doubtless find a choice of de* 
fend^rs,^ Thereupon I directly made my 
escapes and having my attendants in wmting 
with my horses^ I rode away as fast as possi- 
ble to the sea-shore, where I was lucky enough 
to ^d a ship tbftt, bh>i:|^t me over in safety, 
and with faiN>uraUe winds, to Geitnany, 
which country I now preferred to France^ 
because I had heard that it was the very 
temple, and chief resort of brave and generous 

^^ Accordingly, since I came thither, the 
noble Count Archimbald of Waldeck haa 
^qm th^it ha wiU be my champion and 
deiSender of my ,^ghu; so that I have 
sow«)y 9ny iarther anxiety, as he is so re« 
nawned a warrior, and has yet never been 
«ibijlued in any reocontre. Consequmtly, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


alto, I wear the Uue and gold cdoum 

of the MoDtfracoB famify, io order to in- 

Ouu ^ daamo wUch the nog gives ne 

ovsc their propertj. Hc^uaes: and Jandfly Jmkiiw 

em, I diall williiis^y leave in diek poweiv 

provided I can idU r^am my bdovad and 

WDoderfid ring. Perhaps the fisightfiil Fciiko 

has faj this time given up thoughts of it ; £qc 

siooe our parting in Wales I have not seen 

hin; so that I may applaud my own artifice 

aad Ksohitkm, thus aioidiag me an op» 

po Um i ity of becoming gnulually acquainted 

with the wcmderfiil peoperties of the jewel, 

ahich hitherto I had known oidy by dark 

and ngrsteikKis rumours." 

Otto and Bertha ezpresied hi tscnvteoos 
aad weUNdmsen words their gimtitttde to 
the noUe lady hi her interesting stary. 
Bertha then said, hi a losv timid voiee^-^ 
^ This ring must snrdy be very beautilul."-*- 
** I shall shew it to you most willingly,^ said 
the snnling Gabridle, thereupon drawing it, 
soqiended on a gold diain, from her snow- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


white bofoin. It wn fiisbidtted m foUows : 
Two wrpttts of die purest gold were inter* 
twined with each other^ on whose hetds were 
ocowns of rabies; on the circle were engnnred 
dniMteni sadi as Otto could not reed ; but 
he remembered lunridg seen such beSore on 
very old wesfMis in his father's armoury.. 
He knew abo^ that diey were called Rumc 
letters, and had their or^;in in distant couiw 
tries of ithe north. Orer and between the 
serpents^ cBowas was a bn^t green atobe, 
which in colour night be compared to die 
waters of the Danube, but GdbrieUe said that 
its hues were exactly like those of the sea. 

Whilethe young people were thus admir. 
ing the jewel, and wondenng at the stnmge 
duuracteiSy (the tent being now brightly illu- 
minated^) the curtion at the entrance was 
dimwn and^t and Sir Archimbald entered, 
followed by another hmght. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



fltr «« Kai^ «M «baB»gcd bf 8ir Mko dc MooiiiM- 
coB, and of a faufnl combat faoflkt hj torchJi^t in ike 

0« tbe itoBigei^* apffnmch. Otto and Berthn 
eiriaiWHri m the sane xBOBaeBtt*— <^ Good 
Hes^n» tbere i» the fieightfiil knight. Sir 
VAade MoBtfniooiir During GabrieOe^s 
nsmtivey thej had formed to themselves a 
Imlj fHctore of dus ▼lotorioiis hevo, to which 
the hidlui at the ftnu^ter gueat now -wonder- 
foUjr eoneifioiided. They had not been de- 
ooved; for GobtieUe suddenly beeame deadly 
pak, aod the knight came up with great re- 
spect and formality, inquiring whether she 
had chosen the warrior, by whom he had just 
before beai invited into the tent, for her cham- 
pin, and if it would now be allowed him to 

▼OL. I. B 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


try his fortune in combat in order to win 
back the ring? To this address Gabrielle 
made a sign in the affirmative, and Sir Ar- 
chimbald interposed. <^ Sir Knight, although 
you are yet a stranger to me, yet it is my 
duty to inform you, that I am the Graf von 
Waldeck. My character is, perhaps, abeady 
known to you ; and you have now free chmce 
whether you will venture with me in the lists, 
or give up the ring in friendship and peaee."*" 
At these words a deep flush came over the 
cheeks of Sir Folko de Montfaucon, and his 
dark eyes gleamed like a distant thunder, 
cloud. However, he made a courteous bow, 
and said, in a mild voice, — ^* I know not, ony 
IxHrd Count, if you will not think it beneath 
your dignity to conquer such a humble oppo. 
nent as the Chevalier Folko de Montfaucon ; 
but this much I can truly say, that the hon-, 
our at contending with so renowned a knight 
as Count Archimbald von Waldeck would] 
alone induce me to request the combat, even i 
if there w«re not any other motive fer our 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


eaoounter."^ << Shall we then enter the lists 
UMu^r said Sir Archirobald. '< That must 
be deeided by thb ix>ble damsel,"' said Sir 
Fcilko; ^< pertiaps from the fatigue of her 
jouznejr it might not be convenient to her to 
iook on oor conflict this evening."* ^^ Rather 
let it be to-day than to-morrow,"" said Gabri- 
eUe, in an accent of haste and anxiety. Ac- 
oordiiigly the Count went out to fnrepare the 
pound, having previously ag^reed with his 
appoaentf that whoever should firist be driven 
out c^ the ring, (by whatever cause this might 
happen,) should be looked upon as vanquish- 
ed, and should be allowed no further diance 
on this occasion; otherwise, however, they 
were to be allowed the right of contendii^ 
with swords, after their fortune had been duly 
tried with the lance, acooMng to the example 
given in the court of King Richard the I^ion 

Meanwhile, Sir Archimbald being employed 
without in making preparations for this tnu 
gical pastime, Folko had taken Gabrielle"s 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


lute, seated himself with it at her feet, and 
begun gracefully to play with the strings. It 
was a pleasure to look on hiro in his dark-blue 
armour, finely inlud and gleaming with gold, 
his dark-brown hiur, upturned whiskers, smil- 
ing lips, and pearly teeth. As to Gabrielle, she 
fixed her eyes steadfastly on the ground, in 
silent impatience, and sufiering all the agonies 
of suspense. Whoever had chanced to see these 
two, the knight and the lady, both clad in the 
same colours, and thus sitting together, would 
nev^r have thought that there were any evil 
intentions betwixt them ; but rather that the 
lady had made him a present of the fine blue 
and gold scarf which flowed over his broad 
shoulders, and that he was now thanking her 
for her courtesy by a love-melody on her lute. 
Such peace and tranquillity, however, were 
not of long continuance. Archimbald soon 
made his appearance, in a frightful guisie, at 
the entrance of the tent ; for he had now put 
on his helmet, with the visor closed, which 
represented the head of an eagle, with a 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


great silver beak; to which strange head- 
dress the rest of his armour so well corre- 
cponded, that he might have been looked on 
as a viatant from some fabulous land of 
hohg^lins and monsters. *^ All is ready ,'^ 
said he ; whereupon Folko started up, light as 
a feather, from his portion at Gabrielle^s feet, 
laid away the lute with great care, where he 
had found it on the carpet, and with an ele- 
gant bow quitted the tent. Then Sir Archim- 
baU offered the lady his arm« and led her 
out Otto and Bertha followed, lost in asto- 
nishment, and scarce daring to beUeve in this 
realization of scenes such as had been known 
to them before only in their ballads and 

When they came out of the tent, a bright- 
beaming light guided them to the ground 
that had been prepared by Sir Archimbald. 
A circle, wide enough for the attack and 
career of two horses, was enclosed by a double 
row of torches, whose red flames burned 
powerfully amid the calm darkness of the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


night, casting all distant objects into the 
blackest shade, while even the minutest flower 
or plant was visible in the circle. Archim- 
bald led Gabrielle to a turf-seat, covered with 
a rich carpet, so placed, that she was directly 
opposite the middle of the enclosed ground, 
on which spot the two knights would meet in 
their fearful encounter. Near the ladj were 
stationed Otto and Bertha, one on each side ; 
and behind her were a numerous train of her 
own and Archimbald'*s attendants. On the 
oppo^te side of the ring were visible, through 
the red torcb-light, many strange figures. in 
rich dresses, who were probably squires of 
Sir Folko de Montfaucon. 

Count Archimbald now formaUy requested 
leave of absence from the lady, and went away, 
on her right hand, to mount his charger. Mean. 
while. Sir Folko was already visible on her 
left, at the extremity of the ring, seated on a 
graceful light-footed grey horse, with a close- 
visored golden helmet on his head. His op- 
ponent not being yet ready, he pranced about 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


in a fkyful maimer alcHig the turf, guiding 
\xa bone, as it seemed, more by words than 
fay management of the reins. On coming 
near Gabrielle, the animal, on a secret sig- 
nal from his rider, bent his knees for a mo- 
mcot m respectful homage, then started up 
with a fine capriole, omtinuing to bound and 
corret so fig^tly and so elegantly , that be seem- 
ed abiKwt to move on wings; the golden bells 
of the saddle and head-gear making {feasant 
t tin at length the rider regained his for- 
' pootion in the distance. There the horse 
stood obe£eat and tranquil like a statue, turn- 
ing badi has degantty-lbrmed head towards the 
ksij^ as if in friendly ccmfidence^ and asking 
whether he bad performed his part correctly ? 
wfaeveupon Sir Folko took ofiP his iron glove, 
and kindly clapped him on the neck. 

During aU this while, it afforded a strange 
oootnttt, to observe how Count Archimbald's 
diarger, bis dark coat spotted with foam, 
phinged, reared, and struggled, so that two 
•quires, with their utmost exertions, were 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


scarcely able to hold him. In the midst of 
his fury, the Count sprung upon his back, 
and with violent strokes of the spur, made him 
plunge more wildly than ever, galloped him 
several times up and down with great strength 
of limbs and skill of bridle ; till at last the 
horse knew his master, and stood, as if rooted 
to the ground, waiting his commands. Still, 
however, his eyes flamed so wildly, that they 
might be compared to the red glare of the 
torches ; and with his right fore-hoof he be^ 
gan to paw and tear up the turf, as if he would 
prepare a grave for his rider"*s opponent. 

Then both champions, in token that they 
were ready for the combat, bowed to Oabri- 
elle so respectfully, that their long waving 
plumes almost touched the earth ; — thereafter 
they both sat upright, firmly laying their 
lances in the rest. At length Gabrielle gave 
the signal for onset, by throwing up a white 
handkerchief; — the trumpets sounded, and 
the two knights rushed agiunst each other 
with such velocity, that, contrary to what 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


usually happens, one heard the cntshing of 
their faroken lances aod loud ringing of their 
armour in the shock, even before hb eyes 
could distinguish their meeUng. The com- 
batants passed one another without losing 
their seats, and now rode their horses up 
aod down, on e:&changed sides of the ring, 
each one, as it seemed, wondering to perceive 
that his opponent was sUll in the saddle. 
^ More lances P cried Ardiimbald, and the 
squires immediately offered on both udes 
a idection among many ponderous weapons. 
When they had weighed them, and made 
tbeir choice respectively, *^ Enij^t of Mont- 
fauoon,'^ said Arcbimbald, ** two more en- 
counters with the lance, this and another, 
will that sufiice ? And if the cause be not 
then decided, we shall have recourse to the 
tword.^ *^ I am here as a guest,^ said Folko, 
^*' and must follow whatever example is set by 
my noble entertainer.*^ The trumpets sound-' 
ed, and the knights again flew together ; this 
time, however, with such violence, that both 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


horaes were thrown back, with their bind* 
legs doubled under them, but being vkdently 
spurred, roee again directly, and passed across 
into their places. Sir-Folko^slance was bvokoi 
into shivers against his adversary's coot of 
mail, while the Count's spear was merely 
snapped, and he held one half still in his hand. 
On both sides, therefore, there was a great 
shouting and exultation, for the followers of 
WaldedL looked on the half weapon still wield- 
ed as a favourable omen, while those of Mont- 
faucon innsted that their masta- must have 
played his part in a far more knightly and 
effectual manner in this encounter. 

However this might be, the knights were 
once more supplied with lances, the trump^s 
sounded for the third time; anger and im- 
patience rather than thdr former courtesy 
were now visible in every attitude and gesture. 
The spectators knew not well how or where 
their lances struck on this meeting. Folko's 
silver-grey steed recmled and reared, th^i 
seamed to tremble and totter from the violence 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


UlhfttboAi but the koi^it» beodii^over his 
aodL, tlitl iinrred hiiii o% in a light gfiUop. 
Obtiie other hand J ArrJiiinbftM^sbkck charger 
fett down on hb knees, hut instantly rose 
agao with a Tiolent pkinge ; then, no longer 
tsBsd by the eSbrts of his now ahnost power^ 
Icn matter., careered abont through the ringt 
inaU the madness oi ungoramaUe rage, so 
that he and his stsangdy-attired rider seeo^ 
like donoos rather than mortal beings* At 
kflgtfa with a tremendous hound he leapt 
through the tovebes and disappeared ! There- 
after, finom scnne distance, amid the deep ray- 
lees ^kxxH, one. beard by the crash of his 
aoMMir that Count Ardumbald had been 
thmwn to the ground. 

Fofto remained for some time motionless in 
his plaoe; then he dismounted, gently stroked 
the mane of his siWer-pcey steed, threw away 
theftagment of his broken lance, and, drawing 
his sword, that gleamed like a flame in the 
imebJ^^ >^^<PP^ ^^ A^ onddie of the 
No one case to oppose him ; and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


from without in the darkness were heard the 
anxious murmuring of voices, and the run- 
ning to and fro c^ servants, now busied about 
their fallen master. At last Folko called out 
in a loud tone, ^< My Lord Count von 
Waldeck, your unruly horse bore you, against 
your will, out of the circle. This must not 
be reckoned against you ; but you shall have 
a fair oppcntunity to make good with your 
sword that whidi you have lost in our con- 
test with the lance. I ^all therefore wait 
for you here.**^ For a kmg time, however, all 
was silent. At last a squire called out,— - 
'^ My Lord has fainted." '< He cannot fight 
again !** cried another voice. « We must 
bring him to the nearest convent to be cured 
by the monks,"^ said a third; and imme- 
diately thereafter was heard the slow and 
mournful tramj^ng of the horses as they 
bore away the now helpless champion across 
the meadow. 

Then Sir Folko- put up his gleaming sword 
into the scabbard, tlnrew back his visor, w«at 

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THU MAGIC &niG. 97 

towink Gabridle, and^ kseeliiig, begged that 
ibe would bestofw on him the prize of the 
combat Weeping bitterly, the beautiful 
damtd once more drew the golden chain from 
her boBom, with fedings how different fixmi 
tho9t with which she had shewn it just before 
to the young people ! Yet before her trem- 
bfiog fingers had unclaqied the chain, Otto 
stepped up to Sir Folko de Montfiracon, and 
said, — ** Sir Kni^t, if it please you to allow 
that a cost of armour be given me, also a 
hone, lance, and sword, I shall yet contend 
with you for the ring, in the name of this 
noUe lady, prorided she deems me not un- 
worthy of such high honour.^ At these 
words, a ^anoe of hope and joy flew over 
Gabrielle^s countenance. In a moment, she 
thought of the many old stories in which she 
had read of the most renowned knights, and 
even giants, having been vanquished by 
young men, scarody beyond the age of boy- 
liood, who foag^t in defence of oppressed 
daoisels- Folko had raised himsdf from the 

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grooiicU and meaoiured with bk Idokt hit un- 
expected adveraary. Suddenly, however, he 
turned away with a smile, and said ironieally, 
(( Young squire I young squire ! where are 
your golden qwrs? Do you think yourself 
already qualified to break a lance with knights 
in the field? Three sword-strokes on the 
shoulders, and a midnight watch of your 
armour, then omne to me agaiut and I shall 
willingly meet you.^ Whereupon he kneeled 
9giin before Gabrielle, and bagged her for 
the ring ; which he had no sooner received 
into his hands, than (after making a deep 
ob^sance) he remounted his silver-grey steed, 
and, foUowed by all his train, galloped away. 
Galnielle, still weejnng bittarly, turned to 
her attendants, who, directly after the un- 
happy issue of the tournament, had b^un to 
take down the tents, and pack them up, with 
all thor appurtoumces, on led horses ; which 
work they had now completed. Not a quar- 
ter of an hour l<mger, said the unha{qfyy lady^ 
would she remain on the {dace where she had 

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THE icAoic sna » 

onoialered nth oMlbrtiiae. And without 
takag heed of Otto^s attempts to coosok her, 
oroftwof hb au i i ceay Aetamed awayfipooi 
Vm u fiom a pgttlwig foolish diild ; snd^ 
Ittvisf nMNatfed her polfr^, lode a;ira7 
tbimgh the darioMss. Otto, moraover, 
cded out after her; << 80^ jbomj Heaven aid 
w^ Doye kdy, as I sbdl certunly not rest 
taihavebeootneaknigbt, aor tiH I ha^e 
Ud the nag at jour feet"" Eyen this ^ov, 
boverer, seemed to make 00 WBopnmicfa oo 
her ears ; and in a short time the tnunphiig 
of her horse, and noise of her attendants, 
died sway in the distance. 

Lonely and forssken, Otto and Berthi^ re- 
mained standing on the fatal jdaoe. It was 
as if they had dreamed ; only the half-burned 
torches and the brcAen turf of the battleu 
fieU bore witness silently that all had been 
real Ndther of them knew what to say ; 
90 diat in ^lence they pursued their route 
through the darkness of the night homewards, 
wonderfully changed in mood from what they 

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had been, when, but a few hours before, they 
had come from the castle to that pleasant 
meadow. All that passed betwixt them on 
the way was onl j now and then a questbn 
from Otto. " Weep'st thou, dearest Bertha T 
to which she always answered, ** No,*** in as 
firm a voice as she could assume ; so that he 
was obliged to think himself mistaken, and 
that, because he could not help nghing deeply, 
he had supposed that Bertha answered him 
with her tears. 

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Htfv die joattg Squire Otto receiTed the honoiui of 

Whiu all these eyents bad been pftsang on 
tbe bonks of the river. Sir Hugh von 
Tmotwaiigen was ntting in his proud ances- 
tnl haU, with its vaulted roof, where were 
depotited his own coats of mail and weapons, 
akng with those of his warlike predecessors. 
In diis qMUtment he spent most of his time, 
fiiice be bad now become too old and infirm 
for the sports of the chase or tournament; 
«ui was still less able to pursue the warlike 
cueet to which be had been accustomed in 
jOQth. During this night he was sitting at a 
great round table, wbereoD, in massy silver 
candlesticks, there were two wax-lights now 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


almost burned down, while his son and his 
niece, contrary to all custom, kept him wait- 
ing, and vainly expecting their arrival. As 
often as he heard steps on the long winding 
staircase, the old man thought that must 
surely be the two young people, and looked 
kindly and anxiously towards the door ; but 
when it was opened, no one had appeared but 
a serving squire, who wished to know whether 
the knight itiU had light enough, or if the 
wine in bis richly-embossed and carved silver 
gbUet were drank out. So then Sir Hu^*s 
countemnoe dwnged; be pretended to be 
quite unconcenied, and if the squire express^ 
ed aomc'anxiety, answered briefly and peevish- 
ly, ** WeU ! well ! young people must have 
their pastime. What^ business is that of 
ours P They will be here soon enough.'" 

But the castle clock struck nine ; then at 
length ten' o^dock ; the night was fearfully 
dark, and Sir Hugh had no tidings of his son 
nor of his niece. So the old man took his 
green velvet cap from his head, held it in 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


his clasped hands, and prayed fervently to 
Heareo that the manifold nns ci his youth 
mi^t not be reckoned against these poor 
(^uldrai, but that Providence, in his infinite 
oMftjr, would bring them back safe to their 
home in the castle. 

He was still engaged in payer, when a 
heavy oak-pannelled door, right c^yposite to 
him, was opened, and the fresh blooming faces 
c^ the knged-for absentees made thdr apptut- 
aoce in the hall. This time he bad not heard 
tbed^fatest sound on the staircase; and the 
falfln^nt of his most anxious wiabea oame 
on him unexpectedly, as usually bappensi 
when one^s wishes have been pure and good, 
and especially when one has prayed, in a 
right spirit, to the Fountain of all Mercy. 
The young people, however^ were much dis- 
tressed ; they were moved to compassion and 
repentance, when they saw the tall venerable 
form of their guardian ntting in his arm- 
chair opposke to them, with clasped hands 
^ a pale anxious countenance, blanched 

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already by the cares of many past years, and 
now rendered paler than ever by the dim 
ghastly light of the declining candles. They 
felt immediately for whom he had prayed, 
and lifted up their clasped hands in the same 
manner, in order to express their gratitude, 
and beg his forgiveness. Sir Hugh, how- 
ever, regained his usual composure, replaced 
his velvet cap on his head, and with a 
grave, though kindly manner, made signs 
that they should come nearer, and desired to 
know what had detained them so long.^ 
Then replied Otto von Trautwangen,-;-** Sir 
Kni^t, and my honoured father, if we had 
remained absent but a little longer, it would, 
according to my humble thoughts, have been 
better for us all, and especially for the beau- 
tiful lady with the ring ; for the prize would 
have again been contended for, and the victory, 
as I hope, would have been ours. Now, 
Heaven knows how long I shall have to travel 
through the world, in order to fulfil my 
vows to the lady; and all this comes, be^ 

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> it has not been my fortune ere now tb 
obtiin the ruik <^ knighthood.^ On hearing 
tiKie votds. Sir Hu^ looked at his son with 
astooitkraeot, not so much on account of the 
e ip K ui t m which he had used, but for the 
iDBe aod manner, the complete change that 
within a few hours seemed to have taken place 
ID the youth^s disposition and character. 
Bertha, meanwhile, began to weep bitterly, 
and irithout any attempt to conceal her tears ; 
hn^ afflicdaD was indeed much greater than 
that of the beantiful Gabrielle for the loss of 
her rii^. Hereupon Otto looked round with 
nrpriae, and, observing from his Mr cousin^s 
eyes, that this was not the commencement 
of ber distress, (for they were now swollen 
and dooded,) he said, in a fiilterii^ voice, 
^' Dearest Bertha, then you have indeed wept 
afi the way home. Wherefore did you answer 
^ no,* when I questioned you? And, above all, 
what is the cause of your afflicticHi ?^ Bertha 
&d not utter a word, but answered him only 
by a eooatrained and melancholy smile : then 

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46 TH£ MAGIC BlliO. 

she begged of the old knight that she might 
be allowed to retire for this evening, and, hid- 
ing her face, directly left the chamber. Otto 
wished to detain her; but Sir Hugo, with a 
severe look, held him fast bound to his place 
at the table. Then, when Bertha had de- 
parted, *^ Boy,^ sud the old man, <^ thou hast 
either dreamed and talked wildly, in which 
case thy delusions will not last till to-morrow ; 
or thou art in earnest about vows in a lady^s 
service, and the desire of being a knight. If 
thou art serious, then thy cousin Bertha'^s 
childish tears are not of such consequence as 
they might have been heretitfore. Bring your 
chair then directly opposite, and relate accu- 
rately, and with reflection, what happened to 
you this evening, so that we may better un- 
derstand one another."' 

Otto then began his story, and as he ad- 
vanced, and described his own feelings on 
every incident, Sir Hugh became also more 
and more serious and interested ; till at length, 
when the narrative drew towards a close, he 

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coald not tum swAy his eyes fipom s ff^^tf^ 
swQid, wfaidi bmig sot no gfeot distance fixxn 
Aon on the wall, and wliidi was half drawn 
out of die toabbaid. 

When Otto had oondnded his ad?en tur e 
of the tournament. Sir Hugh kqit his ejres 
fldll fixed en the sword. ^ Many a time,'' 
sud he, ^ have I endeavoured to faring that 
old oompauon, who has been tried in many 
a fray, into the dieath, but nothing will in- 
duoe faim to moire into concealment. It seems 
as if be had special objections to rest in ob- 
scurity ; and now methinks he has reason on 
hisside. Come out then once more, old True- 
penny ! Otto, fetch him down hither directly.^ 

It was not without a certain feding of awe 
and per|dexity, that the youth turned towards 
the object of whkh his father spoke so 
stnmgely. It seemed ahnost as if, on his 
moving thither, some visitant from another 
vorld would start up against him. NotMng, 
however, was viable to his eyes, bat the well* 
known old weapon ;— only that, in the glimmer- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ing light, it appeared to shine with myste- 
rious and unusual brightness. So he laid 
hold of it by the golden badcet-hilt, and tak- 
ing no heed of the scabbard, which fell ratt- 
ling on the stone floor of the hall, Inrought 
the drawn sword to his father. ** What a 
noble blade r cried he. « The swwd worn 
by the Kn'^t of Montfaucon did not glitter 
more delightfidly in the tordi-Ught than this 
gleams now !"" *^ Much, no doubt, might be 
s^d about the Knight of Montfaucon and his 
sword,'' said the old man, waghing the heavy 
weapon in his right hand, *^ much too about 
rai^ vows and oiker matters ; but of these at 
a future time, or perhaps better not at all; 
for vows onqs sworn must be fulfilled, and 
thy duty to Gabrielle must not be neglected. 
Only, if one day, in the course of thy travels, 
thou shouldst meet wifh a jewdler who had 
one precious gem, which was the delight of 
his heart, by which his eyes would have been 
refre^ed and strengthened tUl his dyi^g day, 
and from whom this jewel was taken against 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ub wiB bj Moie tynonmcal empreM, tiiough 
be had toaSlj hoped never to put with k ; 
or, noreover, if ikoii fiadeal a gardener, who 
had, m die most shdtered and beautiful par- 
feHR^ ame one faroiirite iower which he ir- 
jmeed to tend and to dieriih, till at length he 
bd^eld a widrad bird eome sweeping down 
from the doods, tear it up, root and brandi, 
aid fly away with it over the seas ; if one day 
aoefa things diould came to paaa in thy pre- 
Knee^ then eooUst thou gueas nearly what 
the old knight Hugh von Trantwangen fiek 
atthiaaMMnait.^ — ^Theraupan the tears roahed 
iaio hia ej^ea, diat firom age wen now deep 
and hoOow, and Otto waa dmH to eaqxaaa 
the pdnftd emocian with which his iathei^a 
wocdahad inspticd him. Thelangbt, how- 
eter, stepped firoaly and prauAy into the 
ondatof the haB. «< You^ maa,** aaid he, 
^^aahoor ia fiar too haportaitt andaokaan 
ta adant of indhdgiag inntJiaarted r^Mt 
over ereota'udiiob cannot ha reaiAad. Kned 
VOL. J. ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


down then, Herr von Trautwaagen, that diou 
mayst receiye the digoity of knigjbthoodL^ 

Otto sank on his knees, and devoutly fold- 
ed his hands; thus cesembling.ooe of thoae 
youthful figures, which we find on an^mt 
marble monuments, of warri<»*s untim^ 
slain, with looks of pious simplicity and AkiI^ 
waiting the hour of their r^unrectkm. Six 
Hugh, meanwhile, touched his son^s sboul^imi 
three times with the heavy Uade, aayk^ 
*^ Suffer these blows bow from my hand» bui 
never from that of anodser manr^TbeO) 
drawing himself up to his full height, h^.aaid 
with solemn dignity, '* Herr von Tiamitr* 
wangen ; I have now, in right of my statkia 
as knight and banaeret, confioned on-you'tjbe 
full rank of the sacred order to which I;be* 
long. Fulfil your duties henceforth with 
honour and integrity, for the protection of 
distressed damsels, widows, and oqphan^i. 
above aM, for the service of our Bedeem^ 
and.the ^^ory.of our holy rdigion, Pp? the. 

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mK MAGIC Bnia fti 

pretm^ riie m^ Md let us cmbnoe, tike 
fiicnfflf tOHwades and b tnth ren m arms." 

Between % Hugh and bis noble4ainded 
Ml Aeie hod indeed ahrays su b ii otcd the 
Utiioit fiiendflUp and oonfidenoe ; y^t never 
bad Otte's heart heayed with so miidi filial 
aSwlioD as now, when he had aoqiursd this 
pioiid lank cf equality. Thereafter tibe old 
kn^^ stepped, with sword in hand, towards a 
gieaitflNrafeshield, that i^ne like bomisbed 
geUy andhiu^ right oiFer Ins arm-chair. He 
stmdE on it thvee tieses, and at meeeured in^ 
terfalsy ao that the big^vaulted hall rever- 
hiaalicl, in deep tones like thunder, to the 
Uewa; immedialely after whidi the «pa^ 
mcttt was fiUed with armed squires and 

Then, holding his son by the hand, be ad^ 
dressed them. '< This,** said he, '< is the 
brave yeuxig knig^ Su: OHo von Trant* 
WBHgei^ ' and to-ni^ he is to ke^ watdi 
overbisannaur intheehflpeL Bringtohim, 
tfaenfiire, the brig^ coat of mail iidaid witjli 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


nlver, f^ tbat riiall hflMdSarlh be his ap- 
parel. Ouvy it down ta tbe cbapd^ aad 
wfaocfter wishes well to the old oak-tree of 
Trautwaageii) and this our youngest scion, 
let him keep awake and joyous to-nigfat ; but 
forget not his ferrent prayers to Heerv^en, 
that these solemn hours of preparation may 
bring forth prosperous and noble fruits, both 
for time and etennty. Amen.^ 

Hereupon they all bent their way down the 
long-windit)g stairs, and afterwards to the 
chapel, which, as if for the protection of die 
castle, stood at one comer of the outer wall near 
the eastern gatewi^. There the squires laid 
down the bright-gleaming armour before the 
altar. Sir Hugh placed the great sword in 
his son^s hand, and gave him his Uesaing, 
then quitted the chapel with all his at- 

The young man was thus left alone, and, 
with his drawn sword and graeefial de« 
raeanottt, seemed almost like a supttmataml 
gua^distt of the sanctuary. 

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THE MAOIC mil«CL filB 


Haw fir O110 VBtebed bb Atmom Hmmgli Ae night. 

AiAFT k die AaipA'Toolt there shme, fiotii 
lAr, a 81]^ kmp, iBiuniaatiii|^ in suoh mati. 
ao* Ike fine Gtfdiie tfriies, ivith their richlju 
orved brandies aad ftduge, that one aaight 
hipre deeated lumsdf under the Aade of a 
laog leafy aTeiiue in a woed, and hovia looked 
up dmmgh the treea for Ae eleaf hlae light 
e( heaven* Meanwhile the gfonnd of the 
Ampd (fike the earth itadf to the W9$k eyes 
, ef mortals) remaiacd, with all its forma and 
imagery, dim and doubtful. At first the 
youi^ knigfati^s diouglits were whotty de^mmt 
sad t^fions. He knelt down with his hands 
tiki «v«r bm swncdJnlly and holding up 
thsoMB, with iHacb it waa furaaoninud, Hhe 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


a orudilx before him, lifted up his ejn lo 
the richly-fretted and illomined churdwioo^ 
reflecting by some natural assodatiooft on an 
event which had left deep impressions oil Im 
youthful mind. He remembered that his 
now sainted mother had died on a jouraeyt 
without any other shelter than diai of Ae 
forest trees. She was no longer able to spesk 
with him, but, with sweet smiles and eyes 
stiH intelUgent, had pcmited to the bright* 
blue Temal sky that was then risible dMiff 
them. With his mother^s death other asso^ 
ciatbas were soon united, till by degreeshis 
attcntacHi came back again to his mtuation at 
the present moment. It occurred to him, 
with a fediing of self-reproach, how Utde he 
had hitherto thought of the diapel in wbiA 
he WAS thus left alone at midmght, and, wilh 
a mixed emotion of curiosity and awe, he 
slatted up from his place at the altar. 

Of the various forms that were risflble 
along the walls, some pnjected so far» Ihti^ 
in the play of ligl^ and shadow, they 

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■ovfd and started into life. Others were 

ooljr patnted on the stone,— shadows them- 

•ehrcB among the grotesque shades, whiph, by 

the knp-Iight, were cast from other figures 

npoD tfcem. It seemed as if all this imagery 

ant ia some way or another be oomMcted 

widi his £irther^8 past life; of whic^ his know- 

fedge was only like that which he had just 

aow aDqmred of the chi^l walls. There 

were oertain scenes and events dear and in- 

ySfphlsj others only faintly guessed at or 

■— giiwdj and the plan or connexion of the 

vMe kst in dim twilight So much was 

here plainly visible, — that there were divers 

scpolchral monuments, with their sombre 

fivers trophies formed of pon- 

weapons and ^gantic armour; for 

Sr Hogh had been a great oonqueror,-»-had 

tiavdkd not only in the holy oriental lands, 

and in die Uooming west of Europe, but 

iato tbe wild regieoa of the north, where 

there b fiv more winter than summer, and 

f the sun remains for many weeks under 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


the horizon. It might be supposed, that 
firDm all these distant climes certain spoils or 
tokens had been Immght hither, in order to 
collect, within the narrow space, proofs how 
wide and venturous had been the achieve- 
ments <^ that ancient knight, whose career 
was now fast verging to its final dose, when 
he would be confined within tar narrower 
limits than even those of the chapel. 

Great banners and Mohommetan h<H'8e.taik 
waved here and there in the night-wind; 
crooked sabres, with their richly-adorned hilts, 
shone beside them, mingled with old rusty 
swords and halberts. There were wbde 
coats of mail ranged as if in battle-array; 
and between them appeared sometimes the 
hard features of old men carved in stone on 
the walls, and sometimes mild female viaages, 
on which the lamp-light shone like pale 
moonshine. Among these there was one by 
which the knight was earnestly and irre- 
sistibly attracted. He could scarcely view 
it properly, on account of the grim statues 

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mA mnpM uopUM Iqr wfaicb It hm «^ 
fhawil^ ^wdyrt bi&irw cgmattgedthttifcoouM 
dilf beth^ w«Hii<B<nri of hi&.rev«Ded motbrn 

omMfhtA^ iMdfi ffigm .t0 Urn that Jit 
lAoold appRMcb Mimr. Ha weliU .Imto 
fBP» thitfter ipitWf«fMrf<^» but kaev net vbci^ 
tWr it w«fl( penuttad him by the lairs of 
kni^ithood to mo^e aor £k firoiB his ammii^ 
for dtt moHH f nen t was at the further end 
dt Att chapeL A strange oonffiet then araae 
ia his mind, which he oould by no means 
tian^affliae. His moAer seemed constanify 
sipaaliiig her signals^ tiU at hMt he cvcsi 
thnnghr that he heard hor vcnce^ the sane 
WiUi tones reooUectad ffovk his ehildfaood, 
irtocfa had cyftea soetlradhiiii in faia.dreaflK« 
«' Deavert Otto,'' said she, ^ ooma hither, 
tiMNigb it were hut Ibr one momeatj X 
}mrm hem so kng anaoai; the dead, and 
mSu rasoved from Aeel dometfaeo^ aad 
hsed oal thise aaumr^ lixr it is j m Aff 
Ik pmtMlioR, flf Hea«fiir Tht jfottii 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


wm indeed aware tbiit diese tidundtf eottldiM 
all come to him from widioal) bm vf^urt' ttMMtl^ 
Ae wovk of hk owh iwiagina^oni hme^ttiti 
iua heart was in Bocb d^ree mov^ bjr Alfe^ 
tkiat at} last he kneded down befare tfie atofftv 
deirdutly b€i{gging feig|i¥0ne88) if he n6# it6p 
finnged die rales of the sacred order to n^lMi 
he belonged, and thereafter went ooung^ 
oiidy towards the momnneitt. 

It was indeed the image of his wamb»i 
who was repii^seBted in die midst of a Anmi^ 
with both haads.u^fted to heaven^ of ^df 
one only being Tiaible to him from a d i aam i ii i 
it had, dierefote, seemed that riie hadUMds 
him wgaals. Now he peroeived that sba l& 
lected them only towaids the OvmH ^ aU 
find, for her eyes were fixed on a goMcia 
triangle^ iriudi was reptesented aknong the 
AecjiJdue clouds. Whatever tiie flguwrnnl 
its ad«Miiittents waaled in fiiashness and fld»» 
lit^ of resemblance) die yonth^s iataginacuMI 
(thaigfa his eyes were now dun with tear^ 
Mksd net to supply. It appaarod'atif 4mi 

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Tlt£ MAOSC EIKO. f» 

WmU MludBy Uw same asm^ 
«iiwHildij^ to wbmk she hud poiated lU 
tfehMrctf hear dealk, Md the green Imog 
fiiraft) vMeh then wsved so pteaatnllj «nmnd 
Iim ^vca du8 akme^— tbftt Uie odoufs 
^A, vindl the oottnfienaace bad ooee beeti 
pteid «F«» nftw faded away»— -moved him 
Bvipfakahly ^ lor be I'emiembered Uiat hk 
btbetj and olhen who were preeent) would 
Bflft aHaw Urn to look on Ims mother^s pale 
and BUem icflarau. "" And yet,"* aaid be, 
^ I behold her now as sbii then wasT He 
OOMdcaed aenonely, whether this were not 
^tij the momiment) but also Uie grave c^tbe 
departed ; but be ooidd not reedlect Aat any 
qeAa had been depoeked in the dutpd, or 
IJbat he had witnessed any Inneral-procesaoo. 
Just then a great gust of wind swept 
thiiiogb the aisle. The gates ol the chnrcfa 
and caslle all gtoaned and raided; an old 
banner ng^t over his bead b^an to ware 
andfustle; so that be started suddenly firom 
and looked annmsly roud 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


\ to bis armour. Thereupon a gigantic figuse 

oame forward betwixt bim and the altar, 
jitretching out a long black arm towards the 
treasure over wbich he should have stood 
sentinel ! Incensed^ he directly rushed up to 
'the dark apparition, and seized on it so to- 
lently, that the helmet which it w^ie M 
rattling, alm^ with various weapons» to the 
ground, while, through the doud of dust 
that rose from the old rusty £ragmeiit8» a 
fleahless skeleton'*s head grinned out9 as if 
aDomfuIly, upon him. With horror he stnudc 
at it with his sword ; whereupon the deathV 
head, with the coat of mail and ,all its ap^ 
purtenances, fell to the ground with a tre- 
mendous crash. Then, for the first time^ he 
perceived plainly that no ghost nor Bopar- 
natural visitant had come against him, but 
that it was only with one of the lifeless mo- 
numents pix^ecti^g from the wall with which 
he had contended. A new duty thus de- 
volved on him ; he had to coUea the whole 
together again; to make the oUl ruaty oeat 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

VAcrac BlllCk 

AallMtlMdboddn, maimmmmmthmim 

dtekboar^ iriM* he took ap^BtknAi^i. 
luMi» it opened that he Wl kAietai OB it • 
wp iewith his wmxAf and nuU abml 
tkttt it BOW gammi on kni, «bI 
fairt mlh pun awl tomeot: !IUi 
n sli Mi cqBftMBd'him ttnuigelyi mad m h e a bt 
haitii«Blo ri^ta, he took off the hdoM 
ameemtmej in oidcr tabe o un f in ce d whether 
hit imagimition had mkled him. Hereupon 
be pcfcoredj that wwiuiii dovrot there were 
tereral wounds on the head, and that one of 
then (for he had atruck but mwe) must 
have been inflicted bj his sword; so that 
he hastened to eofier up the fi%;|btful ol^tet 
Betienii^ then to the idtar, ha kndt dami^ 
and pnjed to Heainen lor iaigivtiness of 
the emt whicb he had mMmjUed^ in hamag 
tbeannow, i4iick it vaabisdnlgr lo^nacdt 
of which the eoofiMn fif that 
taid batn^inflMtfid upan Jmn- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


It seened Iiere as if the ucndimagd of our 
Bdktfinr orer the sanotuafj looked doum 
Idadly and enooungii^ly CD him ; andheiviB 
again tranquiUized and cbeeifuL Sfflffirtiairi, 
if the thought came with a diill shuddering 
over hiln, that his first combat, since he had 
been made a knight, had been with a ghastly 
defenceless skeleton ; then his mothor^s mild 
voice once more rose on his ears, sc^y chaunt- 
ing four verses which he had often heard in a 
ballad composed by Walter the minstrel :<^ 

^ Dttk night preeedct ih9 man. 

So girief may jojaunoe bring ; 

And death leads through the wintry grave 

To Uft^i eternal ipring." 

mius, boldly and rejoicingly, he continued 
to walk up and down before the altar; and 
wh^i the distant pale image once more seemed 
to repeat her signals, he onlj bowed his head, 
made a graceful salutation with hu sword, 
and pointed to his armour, indicating that be 
dutBt not leave his du^. At length the light 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


mi fing i juiir of the monang came to him 
dnvngh tlie lofty windoirs; he heard the ki^ 
tm k the nuunve doar-lodt, and Sir Hugh 
ifeeppd into the diapel. 

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How Sir Otto departed ftom hit ikther*! cude. 

Thb old and the young knight greeted each 
other with a grave and melancholy demean- 
our. Sir Hugh then went to the high altar^ 
lifted up the armour, and began to a^st his 
son in bracing it on. The youth could hardly 
bring himself to receive service from hands so 
deeply honoured ; but he knew the rules of 
knighthood, and therefore said not a word, 
whilst his fiEither adjusted the cuirass, the ocnrs- 
let, the cuisses, finally set the hehnet on his 
head, and even knelt down in order to buckle 
on his golden spurs. Both of them expressed 
wonder on finding that the sword-scabbard, 
which the old man had brought with him, 
now fitted exactly, so that the weapon could 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


be drawn out and replaced without trouble, 
tbou^ heretc^ore this had befh impossible. 
<< It seems ahnost,'' said Sir Hugh, <' as if 
this old friend had seen senrice during the 
night There must be a notch more or less 
oo the Uade T At these words Otta thought 
with horrcNr on his encounter with the skele- 
ton ; and as they passed by the gigantic coat 
of joDaiL by which it was covered^ he could not 
help turning a shy and involuntary glance on 
the figure. Sir Hugh observed this, and 
■sJH,-— << Has \e then disturibed you in the 
■igfat ? At this I should not wondet;* Such 
at least would have been his conduct when 
firing.^ Otto made no answer, but gazed 
wistfully on the strange fashion of the aroHRtf, 
i^udi in the mcMming l^t appeared more 
than ever remarkable. His attention was espe- 
cially attracted by two vulture's wings timxig 
aad protruding from the hehnet, which, due- 
ing the ni^t, he had mistaken for great 
horns. At present the figure was indeed 
aoce fri^tfiil than k had hem even in the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


night ; and he called to mind certain marvel- 
lous stories, which his father had long ago told 
him, of a horrible man who wore vulture^s 
wings on his helmet. 

But thereafter, they came opposite to the 
pale, saintly, and benevolent features of his 
mother, and how soon were all impressions of 
the death^s-head, the black armour, and vut 
ture^s wings forgotten ! ^^ Is then my mother's 
grave in this chapel P^ said Otto, in a tone of 
anxious inquiry. Sir Hugh looked mourn- 
fully, and shook his head in silence. ^^ I b^ 
then,^ said the youth, ^< that some one may di- 
rect me to the spot, wherever it lies, tha| I may 
say my prayers there, as is fitting, before I go 
forth into the world. Only through igno- 
rance has that duty been so long neglected."' 
'< This is no proper hour to qieak of graves, 
nor of the dead,^ answer^ Sir Hugh, taking 
his son^s arm, and leading him rapidly from 
the chapel. Thereafter they came out upoD 
the ramparts of the castle, amid the fresh fira- 
grant breezes, while beneath them the land* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


«qpe unfiolded all ita varied splendoiin ; tbe 

BoUe Dttube, widi its meadowy iarea^ and 

dhtani mountaais, brightened by the long 

aJaata^ radiance and dangling dewdropB of the 

Bwnoi;. ^ Tboa should^st not allow the fein 

Co Mich womaniah fantasies, young Knight of 

Tiautwau gen,^ said tbe old man, giving his 

sso a hearty shake ; << it wilt be time enou^ 

iartean,aad kn^ii^ after graves, mmraments, 

and sodi fike, when thou art as old as I am 

now. Bat even then, sudi thou^ts must be 

eonoeakd within thine own breast. Wait here 

ibr the present, and enjoy the finedmess of 

this Hay morning. When all is ready fior 

thy departure thou shalt be sent fotJ^ 

The dd horo then strode away from the 
rampart down to die castle, leaving the youth 
c h o er o d and revived in spirit by the repri- 
amad whidi he had just received, wlule his 
sai^uine hc^ies of the future always gained 
aaife strength as the landscape grew brighter 
atouid him, and Che air was filled with 
tile nuuic of skylarks, and joyous carols 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ling of shepherds driving out thmr flodu 
on the meadows. While he was thas bcddly 
stepping up and down, rejoicing in the 
martial clang of his weapons and ailvear 
arracHir, whidi to his ears harmonized so well 
with the gladness that reigned around hino^ 
he haiqsened during his walk to strike cm 
soHiething concealed among the tall graaa, 
which also sounded, but with a sad and 
Boumful tone, as if complaining of unpro- 
▼bked injury. Looking down, he perceived 
that it was Bertha^s lute, whose mistress must 
indeed have been lost in deep reverie, else she 
never would have left her bdoved companioii 
so carelessl J among the damp moss and un- 
fciendly dews. So he took up the poor ne- 
glected instrumeht, pulled off his iron glove^ 
and seating himself in the grass, prepared, 
as well as he could, to console hh forsakcoi 
cooflin with a fiurewell melody. He began 
with praises of the spring" and the beautiful 
scenes that were arouald him ; but, idas ! he 
sang no woEds tl^t irtre ftted fear Bertha^s 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


cn^ ffis fm^ WM Boott londled by cU^ftms 
cf the km^itly csreer that awaited him^ and 
the bwma that he would gain by bis expfeits 
(nm the bnntifid GabrieUe. Thus hk 
mdodj was indeed jocund^ and sounded so 
pomedaHjy thi^ Bartha was attracted by the 
notes, and came unobserved to his nde, with 
looks how changed from those whidi she had 
worn the preceding day ! Her eyes were in- 
deed slill farighty but it was her tears only 
that gfitteted in the sun* <^ And this is then 
in tmth jFOur fiurewdi soi^?^ said die. Otto 
renained for a qpoee silent and meditatiTe) 
then auwered,-***' Dearest Bertha, that song 
has indeed expressed more than I intimded ; 
more indeed than I was well oonsdous of ere 
it was begun. Like the flowers, and the 
brightaew of the new year, my own newly. 
awtdcefed hopes and pro^iects dawned on my 
mad, and carried me quite away. For 
fatal) deanast Bertha !. We cannot longer 
dhgnisr it firom each oCh^^ that whatever 
this mmie haa aoGidenta% betrayed is but 

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70 THE MAatc Bmo. 

the truth. The strange lady^ widi her beauty 
and distrefls, has got compk^e posnsnon of 
my heart, which is for the first time inqmned 
with a chivalrous and knightly pMsion. Taike 
coonige then and be merry ! Ere long there 
will doubtless appear some wandering kniglit 
errant, who will arrive here as unexpectedly 
as Gabridle has done, and for whose sake yont 
will soon forget the fond foolish Otto.^ 

** Such a knight will never come hither,^ 
said Bertha, mournfully ; *< and as for the 
distress of that lady, perhaps I too— ^ Here 
she blushed deeply, and was silent " Nay,'' 
said Otto vdiemently, and starting up^ << if 
y<m indeed should ever be in distress, then 
would I think of no other. My life and all 
itiy endeavours should be devoted to you 
done.'* <* I shall not, however, choose you 
for my champion, Knight of Trautwas^eD,'^ 
sadd Bertha, pmudly and coldly. << Befiore 
me, if our pagan foes, as we read in the old 
histdries, bad bound me to the stake^ with 
the devduring flames kindling around, me. 

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ai yxx came up od borMhacky arrayed in 
TOUT bri^l aroKMr as yoa are now, to oflR^ 
jDPiMiitfanffj I would only say,-^^ Thankft ! 
I hate no need of such a defaukr P and 
would crj out, * Pile on more flaming 
hnads;^ and then I would extinguirfi them 
eren with my tears ; and yet methinks no 1 
tktt might not be, for they are already too 
sc otc hin g T With these words, weq[nng bit* 
teriy, she mnk down upon the grass, and 
OtiOp in the conflict of his feelings, acci* 
dentally drew his hand across the harp, so 
that oDe of the strings broke, with a long 
mournful intonation. Bertha raised herself 
up at the sound. <^ Mark,^ said she, <* how 
you treat all that belongs to me ! Why have 
you flrst pulled off your iron gloves? With 
them you might have sooner bndce my unfor- 
tunate harp into ]neoes. Give it to me. Sir 
Ini^l This poor raanerahrance at least 
roaams mine.^ So die took the instrument 
vchsmently out pf his hands, and ran away. 
BeMlled after ber, but ahe only rocked the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


kite in her aims, as if it had been a child that 
had received some injury, drawing horn it all 
the while mild and hearUmoving tones^ till, 
without once looking round, she vanithed 
ffom his sight behind the chapel. 

The stem deep voice of the old knight was 
now heard from the court, calling out repeat- 
edly, *^ All is ready, all is ready ! Snr Otto, 
come hither and mount, your horse !^ The 
youth then hastened down from die rampart, 
and found a number of cavalry squires in 
attendance ; three of whom were holding by 
golden reins a light-brown charger, which he 
had often seen before, but had never dared 
to mount. On his appearance among tbem, 
** Toung knight," said Sir Hugh, with a 
forced smile, <^ parting and delay are both 
painful,^s it not so ? Well, think then no 
more of the matter, but mount directly, and 
try how diis noble steed will bear his new 
rider.^ The young Sir Otto immediatriy 
sprang into the saddle, and rode his horse up 

and down with such extraorcKnary streBgth 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

THE KiaiC BINO. 73 

iBd i^iKtjr, tbit all the by-sUmdcrs expremed 

Ateir admimtioii, inssdog diat this aaiiiial, 

Aipomtitm hmSi been before wiU and 

had at laat foand out and ac^ 

kaamitdgeA his proper nuuiter. The venenu 

bk M knigfat was deUgbted, and stretched 

oat his anns towards Sir Otto. *^ Dismount 

oBoe moBe, dearest scm,^ cried he, << that ere 

jiHi finally depart I may emlnraoe and bless 

joo.^ Where u pon the youth threw himself 

hvm IttM horse with a great dang and rattle 

at his araxNir, and rushed into his father's 

arras. The horse meanwhile snorted and 

plmgedy till he had pulled the bridle from 

^ hands of the squires, then trotted after 

hb young master, stood quietly beside lum» 

mi effCB laid hb head oaresungly on his 

^ Now, my son, depart in Grod^s name,^ 

■id Sir Hugh ; ^* your attendants are already ' 

aad in watting.^ " There is yet 

wUeh I bad to f^efer,^ answered 

dbf yootb, ^^ and this perhaps my honoured 

▼oui B 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fiither will not refuse ta grant It may be 
the last which I shall ever make hero ; for I 
roust travel into far-distant lands^ and have 
many a hard battle to encounter.^ *^ My 
son,^ said Sir Hugh, << one must avoid all 
words that sound like a foreboding of eviL 
Misfortune is ready enough to seize hold of 
every mortal, and the obstacles which often 
stand insurmountable betwixt us and our 
derires, form an easy and convenient ladder 
for our adversary to mount into our cham- 
bers. Therefore do not speak to me of last 
requests and so forth ; but tdl me at once 
what are your wishes, and they shall be 
fulfilled.^* " Sir Knight,'' answered Otto, 
*^ so far as I have yet heard or read of 
heroes and their exploits, they have always 
on their first adventures rode out alone. 
Such was the conduct of the great Seyfried, 
and of every one else that is most renowned. 
You have spoken, however, of a train to 
attend me; and ^I see a great number of 
armed horsemen in waiting; but I entreat 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


that joa will not thus send me forth like 
a spcikd dnliy who needs guidance and pro- 
lectkm, but as a stout and wise champion, 
who, by faiB own independent strength, can 
haih defend himself and afford assistance to 
flCbers.'^ Hereupon Sir Hugh immediately 
ordered aD the horsemen to dismount ; " for,** 
itai be, *' my son has in such manner justi- 
fied bis request, that whatever my own wishes 
mi^ be, it were a sin if I refused it to 
Um. And now, young kmght,^ added he, 
** do not any longer delay your departure, 
for otb^'wise your old father's heart will 
at but be too much moved. One inj unc- 
tion, however, I must yet offer you. Be- 
have as courteously towards the Knight of 
lCoant£uicon as the circumstances of your 
vow win permit ; for, in his detention of the 
fing, be u not guilty of such ii^ustice as you 

Upon these words. Sir Otto flew, swift 
abnotft as a bird, into the saddle, and rode 
£rectly out of the court, while his old father 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


returned, weeping bitterly, to his now lonely 
chambers. In his affliction, however, he ap- 
peared so dignified and worthy of respect, that 
no one of the household had courage then to 
meet his looks, or even go into his {Vresence. 

Just as Otto yon Trautwangen came along 
at a hard trot across the meadow below the 
castle. Bertha and the old minstrel Walter 
were seated on the rampart, and looked 
mournfully down on his progress ; for Bertha 
had confided all har sufierings and sorrow to 
the old man, who happened at this time to 
have made one of his accustomed visits to 
the castle. She was about to break out afresh 
into an agony of tears, when Master Walter 
said,—" Nay, nay, let us sing a farewell 
address to the young knight on his depart- 
ure.**^ He then took his harp, and sung one 
stanza, to which Bertha responded ; but as 
the minstrel began again, she made him 
a signal to be silent, for she could bear it no 
longer. Her voice faltered, and she wrapt 
herself closely in her veil. Meanwhile the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


sA notes of their muac were borne down by 

dieiDQrm^g breezes to Sir Otto, who spurred 

b hone, and drew down his visor as if re- 

■oivdto hear no more. It was the first time 

titttf khad erer worn a close helmet ; and as 

k looked through its bars on the vernal 

Unpe, hb heart heaved within him, and 

vai filed with new and strange sensations. 

Tbe whole world appeared new and mysteri- 

W; but the bright roseate hues of . the 

Mem Aj prevailed in his mind, and over 

&e teenery. He shouted aloud, encouraged 

b noUe horse, and, Uke a new-fledged bird 

« botterfly of spring, pursued his way over 

fdd% woods, and meadows, forgetting all 

ionmr in his bright prospects of the future. 

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How Sir Otto vanqiiished Sir-Heerdegen von lichtenzicd- 

In that pmilbg land, where the silver-blue 
Mayne roUs its waters past the old free town 
of Frankfort, where, on both sides, are situated 
the most attractive villages and garden-houaaiy 
vineyards and pleasure-grounds, life is ixideed 
joyous and delightful ! Whoever has the good 
fortune to be there in the vernal seaacm of 
flowers and blossoms, especially if he be m 
young warrior, with his heart full and buoy- 
ant with grand and lofty anticipations, may 
qua£P for once a cup of pleasure such as the 
whole course of his after-life may not offer to 
his lips. The truth of what has just now 
been said is known to the writer of this his* 
tory from his own experience ; and he heartily 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


wUks tbat hb readers may have proved it 

ai&Oy both for their own sakes, and in order 

tittt thejr may better sympathize willi the 

fiB^Dgiy which, as it were, qpread a golden 

veb of encfaantment oveir all the objects by 

viuch the youthful Otto was now surrounded. 

He kaew not what to look upon as most 

ialeresting, the thoughts of his journey and 

nlike exploits,— the blooming fairy-land, 

wh its orchard.4rees, winding-walks and 

tvouMi, varied hills and dales, in which he was 

piaeed; or, finally, .the mirthful and courte- 

•Bt people by whom this land was inhabited. 

Id sadi mood of mind he rode up to a 

kme £>r the entertwunent of travellers, 

vhidi was situated not far .from the banks ot 

At lifar, and whose inviting portico of vines 

akI jaamines determined him to aUght and 

rat here at least till after mid-day. His 

■oble d ia rger was duly led into the stable^ and 

Mipplied with provender, though the knight 

snnt himself attend to this duty, as the 

ttthfol and attachfd ammal would not allow 

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80 TH£ IfAGlC BtXO. 

$xij one else to come near him. At last Sir 
Otto was seated in the portico, with a flask of 
did Rudisbeimer before him, which, as he 
poured out a full glasd, shone like liquid gold 
atnid the light that came flickering through 
the dark-green foliage of the arbour. 

Soon afterwards a man happened to come 
out fixHn the house into the portico, not much 
older than Otto in years, but of a sombre, 
sun-burnt visage, accoutred as a knight,.aiid 
with his whole armour dusty and rusted, as if 
from a long journey. His weapons too were 
without ornament, and buckled on in sudi a 
manner, that it ^as obvious the stranger 
cared not for external appearances; and be 
must have afforded a remarkable contrast to 
the youth, in his bright silver coat of mail, 
whom he now found ntting over his wine in the 
arbour. The stranger'^s salutation was cour- 
teous, though in a tone which betrayed some- 
what of moroseness and discontait He txxk 
his place oppoute to the Knight of Traut- 
wangen, and also demanded wine. The latt^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i:he magic bino. 81 

tiift at fim by no means veil satisfied with his 
conptmoD, bdieving that such an intruder 
vould put to flight all the fairy-iriaona which 
the pleasant scene around him had io^fored, 
without oflfering by his discourse any desirable 
eooqxnsatioa. He soon discovered, however, 
tliat the stranger belonged to that class of 
people who are justly compared to rough 
diamonds, to hard ordinary-looking pebbles, 
that when struck, yield bright sparks, or to 
tfce diDgj'masses of ore from which the alche- 
mist at last brings fnrth pure gold. He had 
travelled through many distant countries, yet 
had never lost his original charactor,*— that (^ 
an honest unafiected Grennan ; or such attri- 
butes had been sbrei^thened rathar than 
weakened, as the more he had observed of 
other countries the more deeply he had been 
aware of his exdusive attachinent to his 
native land. The conversation, when once 
b^gun, proved interesting to both parties, and 
they soon found themselves in such good 
bumoar, that they were not displeased when 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


a third party made his a]y)earai)ce from tl^ 
house and joined their table. This w^ a 
young merchant) named Theobaldo, of Italian 
birth, who had been sent by his relatipna 
in the south to study the commerce of this 
flourishing town. Among much other dis- 
course, the strange knight in the rusty 
armour rekted the following history, to which 
they listened with great attentbn. 

*' In the distant northern kingdom of 
Sweden, there are not only people yet livii^ 
under the clouds of ign^H-ance and pagan 
superstition, but, especially on the borders of 
Finland, are many unfixtunate victims of 
witchcraft and necromancy, which arts are 
still practised there by magicians and sorc^- 
ers, who can bring against their enemies all 
^orts of evil in body, goods, and estalie. 
Just on the Finland fixmtier there is situat- 
ed a high mouatiun, which, on the Swedish 
side, is covered with beautiful copsewood^ 
and on the other with dark pine-trees, so 
closely ranked tocher, aiid so luxuriant in 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ilitde, tliat one m^^ almost say, the smaUest 

bird eoold not find his waj through the 

tUdbets; Bdow the copsewood thore ttaods 

a daipel with the image of St Grcovge, as 

gnsidiiii of the hmd, and a defence against 

tfae dragons^ 0^ there be sueh,) and other 

■oQilcrs of pi^iaousm; while on the other 

flde, on tke bcnrders of the.dark fir-wood, 

are oortain cottages inhabited by wicked 

sorceren, who have, n^oreoyer, a cave cut 

m deep into the mountain, that it joins 

vilh the bottomless abyss, whence come all 

die derUs that assist them. The Swedish 

Christians^ who dwelt in the ndghhourfaood 

of this moontain, thought it would be neoes^ 

lary, besides the diapel and statue of St 

Geotge^ to ehoose some living protects, and 

t hc d tiie selected an andent warrior, highly 

naowned finr hb prowess in the battle-field, 

md who had in his dd age become a monk% 

When this man went to take up his abodiB 

on the mountains, his only son (fbr he had 

frnotriy lived as a married man in the world) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


would on no account leave Urn; but Uvied 
there alao, assbdng his father in. hia duties as 
watcher, aod in the exerciBes of pr^er and 
p^tenoe, fully eqiiriling the example that waa 
now afforded him, as he had formed^ done 
by bis bravery as a soldier. The life here 
led by those two valiant champions is said: to 
have been most edifying and (nous. 

^* Once on a time it happened, that the young 
hero went out to cut wood in the forest. He 
bore a sharp axe on his shoulders, and was 
besides girded with a great sword ; for, as the 
woods were not only fall of wild beasts, but 
also haunted by wicked men, ihe jnoas 
hermits took the precaution of always going 
armed. While the good youth was foccii^ 
his, way through the thickest of the copses 
wood, and already beheld over it the pointed 
taps of the fir trees, (for he was cloee 
on the Finland frontier,) th&re rushed out 
against him a great white wolf, so that he had 
just time enough to leap to one side, and not 
being able immediately to draw his sword, he 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


tttpg the «» t Im ■miiihnt. ThefAomy 
n vril akaed, tiirt il fltiwlr one of the wi^s 
tottieg^ who being cmelly woonded, Kniped 
back^ with a ydl of angoiiBy kito tfie wood. 
The young hemat -wai ri oi , however, thought 
10 hondf, ^* It n not enough that I am re- 
ieued, but I nnut take sudi measures that 
no one dse may in future be injured, or even 
toTiied bj this wild beast"" So he rushed m 
tt {ut as possible among the fir-trees, and 
JirfEcted sodi avdiement Uow with his sword 
oD the wolTs head, that the animal, moaning 
piteoasly, £^ to the ground. Hereupon 
there came over him all at once a strange 
mood of regret and ocmipasnon for his poor 
Tic^Bn. Instead of putting it immecEatdy to 
death, he bound up the wounds, as well as he 
eodd, with moss and twigs <^ trees, placed it 
on a sort €i canvass sling, on whidi he was 
ia die habit of carrying great faggots, and 
with much labour brought it home, in hopes 
that hemigfat be able at last to cure and tame 
b&ikD adversary. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

86 - THi; HAGIC BINO. 

<< He did not fiad hi8 father ia the cottage, 
aad it was not without some fear and anxiety 
that he laid the wolf <m bis own bed, which 
was made of moss and rushes^ and over which 
he had painted a %ure of St Greorge and the 
dragon. He then turned to the fire-plaoe of 
the small hu^ in order to prepare a healing 
s^ve for the wounds; but, when thus oe- 
cu^ed, how was he surprised to bear the 
moanings and lamentations of an articulate 
voice from the bed on which he had just be- 
fore deposited the wolf ! On returning thither, 
his astonishment was inexpressible on per- 
ceiving, instead of the frightful wild beast, a 
most beautiful damsel, on whose head the 
wound which he had inflicted was bleeding 
throu^ her fine golden hair, and whose right 
arm, in all its grace and snow-white luxuri- 
ance, was stretched out motionless, for it had 
been broken by the blow from his axe! 
*^ Pray," said she, " have pity, and do not 
kill me outright. The little life that I have 
still left is indeed painful enough, and may 

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aot fait kqg^— jet sad as my cmditioii is, it 
it yet tenfold better than \o dieT-^The 
jmag man thea kndt down weeping beside 
her, and she explained to him how she was 
the dsi^ghtcr of a nii^;ician on the other nde 
of tfe Binmifain, who had sent her out in the 
liapt of a wolf to collect plants from jdaces 
which, in her own prcqp^ finrm, she opuld not 
ha:ve reached. It was but in t^rrdr that she 
had sade that violent spring, which the youth 
had nikufcen for an attack on him, when her 
only widi had been to pass him by. ^< But 
yon £iectiy broke my right arm,^ said she, 
** though I had no evil design against you t^ 
How she had now r^ained her prnpen shape 
^ coold not imagine ; but to the youth it 
was ipnte dear, that the fncture of St Greorge 
and the dragon had broken the speU by 
which the poor girl had bem tfansformed. 

" While the son was thus occupied^ the old 
nan returned home, and soon learned all that 
W oecurred, perceiving, at the same time^ 
that if the young pagan wanderer had been 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


released from the spells by which she had been 
bound, the youth was in his turn enchanted, 
and spell-bound by her beauty and amiable 

^< From that moment he exerted lumself to 
the utmost, for the welfare of her soul, en- 
deavouring to convert her to Christiimity, 
while his son attended to the cure of her 
wounds; and, as their endeavours were on 
both sides successful, it was resolved among 
them, that the lovers should be united in holy 
bonds of matrimony, for the youth had not 
yet restricted himself by any monastic vows. 

" Themagician^s daughter was now restored 
to perfect health ; a day had been appointed 
for her baptism and marriage, before which 
it happened that the bride and bridegroom 
went to take a pleasure-walk one evening 
through the woods. The sun was yet high 
in the west, and shone so fervently through 
the beech-trees on the green turf, that they 
could never resolve on returning home, but 
always came deeper and deeper into the 

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ibrest' Then the bride told bim stories of 
Iter early life ; and simg old songs, which she 
had learned when a child, and which sounded 
bemtifiillj amid the woodland-solitude. 
Though the words were such that they co\ild 
not be agreeable to the youth*s ears, (for she 
had kamed them among her pagan and 
widced relations,) yet he could not interrupt 
her ; first, because he lored her so dearly ; 
and, seeoodly, because she sung in a voice so 
cisar and sweet, that the whole forest seemed 
to icgoice in her music. At last, however, 
the pointed heads of die |Mne trees again be- 
etflie visible, and the youth wished to turn 
hack, in order that he mi^t not come again 
too near die accursed Finland frontier. His 
bride, however, said to him,— -^ Dearest 
Coorad,** (for .that was his name,) *< why 
diould we not walk on a little fardier? I 
would j^adly see the very place where you 
wounded me so cruelly on the head and arm, 
sad nuide me a priscmer ; all whidi has in the 
cod only contributed to my ha{q[nness. Me- 

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tbinkfl \fe are now very near the spot^ Ac- 
cordingly they sought about here and ih&tt, 
till at last the twilight fell dim and heavily m 
the dense woods. The sun had long since set ; 
the moon had risen, however, and as her light 
broke forth the lovers stood on the Finland 
frontier,— or rather they must have gone 
already some 4ii9tance beyond it, for the 
bridegDoom was exceedingly terrified when 
he found his cap lifted from his head, as if 
by a human hand, though this was only the 
branch of a fir-tree. Immediately ih&t^ 
mker the whole air around them was filled 
with strange and supernatural beings,— 
witches, devils, dwarfs^ homed owls, fire-eyed 
cats, and a thousand other wretches that 
could not be named or described, whirled 
around them as if dancing to rapid music ; 
at which, when the bride had looked on for a 
while, she broke out into loud laughter, and 
at last began to dance furiously alcmgwith 
them. The pocnr bridqrroom might shout 
and pray, as much and as earnestly as be 

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mnU, £ar sbe Bever attended to hiin» but at 
h$L tnatkacmed herself in a nuumer ao ex<- 
tnofdkiarjr, that he could not dteii^uiah her 
horn the other dancers in that abominahle 
vikx. He tboij^ht, however, that he had 
luft hk eyes upon her, and seized on one of 
the daneeiB ; but, alas ! it was only a horriUe 
ipectie who hdd him fiwt, and threw hor 
vide-wavi]^ aluxiad around him, so that he 
codd aot make his escape ; while, at the same 
tme^ some of the aubterraneoos black demons 
paBe d at his legs, and wanted to tear him 
down akog with them into their bottomless 

*^ Fortunately fa^ happoied at that moment 
toaoBs hiBMelf, and call oibi the name of our 
Ssfioar; upon which the whole of this vile 
■iwnbly fell into confusion. They howled 
alond, and ran c^ in all directions ; while, in 
the mean time, he sav^ hims^ by recrossing 
dtt firoQtierB, and getting under the proteiN. 
tioa cf the Swedish cppsewopd. His beau^ 
tiliil bride, however, was comf^tely lost, aod 

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by no endeavours could he ever obtain her 
agakiy though he often came to the Finland 
border, called out her name aloud, wept and 
pmyed; but all in vain ! Many times, it is true, 
he saw her floating about through the pne 
trees, as if in the chase, but she was always 
accompanied by a train of frightful creatures, 
and she herself also looked wild and dia- 
figured. For the most part she never noticed 
Conrad ; but, if she could not help fixmg her 
eyes on him, she laughed so immoderately, 
and in a mood of merriment so strange and 
unnatural, that he was terrified, and made 
the sign of the cross ; whereupon ^e always 
fled away howling into the thickets. He 
fell more and more into melancholy abstrac- 
tion, hardly ever spoke, and tiiough he had 
given over his vain walks into the forest, yet, 
if one asked him any question, the only an- 
swer he returned was, ^^Ay, she is gone 
away beyond the' mountains r— so little did 
he know or remember of any other object in 
the worid but the lost beauty ! At last he 

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&d of grief ;^»and, acoor^ng to a request 

windi he had once made, his &Aer prepared 

a graTe for him on the place where the bridle 

was found and lost ; though, during the inU 

fiimeot of this duty, he bad enough to do, one 

wiole in contending with the crucifix against 

evil s{nrit8, and at another with his sword 

against wild beasts, which were no doubt sent 

thidier by the ma^dans to attadc andumoy 

him. At length, however, he brought his 

task to an end, and thereafter it seemed as 

if die bride mourned for the youth'^s untimely 

death ; for there was heard often a sound of 

how&ng and lamentaticm at the grave. For 

the most part indeed this noise is like the 

vmces of Wolves, yet, at the same time, human 

accents are to be distinguished, and I myself 

hare often listened thereto on dark winter 


The knight in rusty armour having con- 
duded his story, all three sat fer some time 
alent and meditative,-— till at length liieo- 
bildo b^an to speak. <^ The curdess wounds 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


of unfortunate love ; the loss, or, much niore, 
the changed heart of one whom we held most 
dear, and to whom, though changed, we yet 
feel an unconquerable attachment, are indeed 
among the most fearful causes of distress to 
idiich we are in this life subjected. I remem- 
ber a storj somewhat alike in this respect to that 
vrhkh we have now heard ; and if my worthy 
companions are inclined to listen, am ready 
to narrate it.*^ Both knights assured him 
that they would be deeply attentive, and be 
proceeded as follows:—" It may be about 
twenty-five or thirty years since there lived, 
in my native town of Milan, a young maiden, 
who was not only amiable iu temper, but 
such a paragon of beauty, as only some 
great master in painting, or sculpture, coold 
imagine in a summer night'^s dream. At the 
same time she was modest, quiet, retired, and 
humble ; though, notwithstanding this disposi- 
tion, as a diamond will shine even amid the 
deepest shade, she became known and ad* 
mired duougb the whole town, under the 

I Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^ frf the beautiful lisberta. This flower 

of theMiknese damaelii was one day ioTited 

to nuke her appearance, adorned with garlands 

and m ftital attire, at a religious prooestton, in 

Older diat her extraordinary charms mi^lt 

Ugbten its effect on beholders; and, as 

the considered this but as the Ailfihnent of 

a poos duty, she agreed to the r^uest 

whidi had been urged upon her. She, there- 

foR, adorned herself in the best manner with 

the richest dress, flowera, jewels, rings, and 

grid diains,— -finishix^ her toilette, however, 

loog before the procession was ready to com- 

raence; so that, having some time at her own 

cfispeaal, and invited by the pleasant fragrant 

aff ofsping, she resolved to'take a walk in 

the garden, which had been tastefully laid out 

round her fSsther^ house, who was one of the 

richest men in Milan. 

** On her w^ through the long avenues 
tnd shady walks, whetein were the rarest 
fnoiutrees and flowering plants, she came 
to the borders of a lake dear as crystal. 

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96 TH£ KAaiC EINiK 

which lay there like a sleepiog beauty in the 

arms of the green thickets by which it mm 

environed. As if bound by magic qpelk to 

the spot, she stood on the water^s brink, k)ok«- 

ing at her reflected image, in all her pomp ijl 

dress and glittering jewels ; so that, like the 

fabulous Narcissus of old, she could not help 

wondering aft her own attractions. At last, ahe 

forced herself, by a kind of vehement effiart^ 

to fix her eyes, on the real objects by which 

she was surrounded, in order that she migfat 

escape from the delusions of the watery 

mirror, and thus became aware of scHae- 

thing among the grass, which glittered like 

burnished gold and silver. Glad of au^t 

that could divert her attention, and desitous 

to know what extraordinary meadow-flower 

this could be that shone so brightly, ahe 

hastened to the spot, and found, to her great 

surprise, that it was a highly-polished sword, 

with a golden hilt, a scabbard bound with 

nlver, and altogether of a most ^^^'gunt 

fashion. She took it up, as if it had been a 

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M» toy, uaiwiah s fMBng the terror wfaidi 
ikmindly tUteiiai Bcd of waA warfike in- 
•tBQBMMto ; wi^9 riie eren drew it balf oat of 
the fhcelh, and w imd e asi to ilod that het 
KMluice vere bow reflected in greater beaotj 
iSnan the pefidicd sted than they had been 
hefawpi friMB dK water^ whUe at the eafiae time 
tim Ml hm apfmdienfiion and perpkantjr. 
Ake i poor jLiriierta, thou hadat then unwit- 
tim^ the Means of thine own deatroction in 
ti^ haodi^ which, fike a merciless sidde, was 
to CM dcmn thy life and happiness fike n May 
rin hkxsas ! Thoughdie swocd akme woold 
SDflh misfortiiBe^ yet thos wert 
to iSUi.the Tictim of hiat by idiom 
it wn nsuafly worn and wirided. 

^ tromaaaid thcverdant thickets stepped 
farward a knig^ iniiiH armanr^^-Qo loi^;er 
ayoothy but yet not old, and with soeh ind& 
henoic dtgittty in his person and de> 
r, tfaat^ on histippearanee^ thebeauti. 
fill lisberta, firoaa an kirohmtary emotioo of 
i«i|NKt, kvl alflMstCdtn on her*kneesi)efimi 

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him. ^y FairesLof damtels,** said tke knight^ 
^^ beware of wotmdiiig yourself ^th that 
sharp-edged weapon. Far rather would I see 
my hearths blood atreanung from my vehia, 
than even the slightest drop fnmi these 
snow-white hands T Thereupon, with the 
greatest respect^ he took from her the sword, 
placing it again in the^ belt by hia side, 
and before he had time to say more, the seiv 
▼ants came into the garden, cdMng idoad 
for Lisberta, as the prbcession had ali^eady 
begun. The shy timid girl hastily made a 
rign to the knight that he should witfadi:aw, 
and, after a respectful obeisance, he disap. 
peared immediately throu^ the green hedges 
by which the garden was enclosed. 

<< How confusedly the procession, the singing 
of the choir, and the applause of the malti* 
tude, were blended and lost to the senses of 
Lisberta, I need not further describe; be- 
sides, my heart bleeda to think c^ the fate 
which awaited the poor victim; and thus I 
have dwete too long on the drcumstances of 

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hs eu^ ^ irdl knorwing lum sndandKdy 
veietbe events thai stieiided her afierwards* 
Rm this pcint then aUoir me to proceed 
■MeqncUy towards the end. 

'^ Ib die eveniiig after the festival, when she 
WIS atting kst in thou^t at her wbdow, 
the deciniiig wn shone so hrightly and 
heantifttllj^ thai she could not help obeenrmg 
OMS oC hor favoorite flower%--Hi tall and 
dosder plant, wfaidi had broke loose from 
the rushes with which it had been tied up, 
and now hung down from the veranda to- 
wards the tenaoe^walk below. On her en. 
deavowing to restore the jiant to. its for* 
ma staten, she observed a figure passing 
throQ^ the garden, in which die reoognised 
botloQ phnnly, the knight with whom she had 
9fokak in the mcMning,^— the owner of that 
farij^y gleaming s^cvd. In all haste she 
tied op the flower, and would have retreated ; 
but what was hex suipiswe. to find a letter, 
altsehcd thereto, which no doubt had: been 
^ work of thai myMmcm^ wandcmr. Oa 

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vaaSMasDff and xetdiagAiy ahe indeed finmdl 
thatit .was a loveJetter from Jum^ aad durt 
he was a renowned vknigfat finm a. distant 
country, who, in.diei town, of AClan^ wna 
known by the name of Signor. Ugoooicme, 
and of whose, warlike. explcnta and amiabW 
conduct she had alceady heard many w<uk» 
decfbl stories. Her heart, therefore, wliicfa 
was already movod in his favoar, soon 
yielded, when she thought of the high praaaea 
that had been bestowed on him. The Uoooi. 
ing plant was ere long loosed again from iia 
support, and sent down with her love-eHKi 
bassy, in reply to that which she had- re* 
ceived;-*and soon aft^ returned with aii« 
other letter from Uguccione. In this way 
salutations went and cune, till at last Lisbetta 
herself went down by moonlight by the private 
staircase which led into the gard«i; for in tba 
night hours she was sure that no one would 
come to disturb their conversation. 

** It happened, after some time, however, 
Aiait though Lisberta^s letters were sent down 

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TH£ UkGIC BING. 101 

MasQal, yet DO one came thither to take them 
iroo tbeir yeidant envelope. When she drew 
op the plant, die found them, alas ! unopened. 
At latt ahe began to make inquiries after 
UgoecioDe, and learned that many days ago 
he had vanished, in a manner the most un- 
a ceg u rt ab le, hom Mifam. Yet every night 
tiieunfiirtunate damsel used to bend the plant 
iamn as mnal to die temce, and if die dnw 
k ap and Inind no letter, die always wept 
(Mttedy. Thia was continued so knig» that at 
lii^ by todr aootkual gnef, her heart (was 
hatkBL After 4wr death and fitnecal, a lady 
vho had won her.confidenoe made the £aal 
i aw u beplantedtm her grave; and I have 
«fiai bdield it there,, spreadh^ its gneoi shade 
ttd fiagnsDce over that IoikIj andtnmoiiful 

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Tbf Combat with Sir Heeidegen tod lichtmridfc 

DuBiNo the relatum of this stofy, a deqp 
gloom had gathered always more and mcNPe 
over the oountenanoe of Theobaldo, lo that 
by the tuoe he had got to the end he s^med 
quite changed ; and now, instead of being a 
careless merry companion, looked lik^ -cme 
whose whole hopes are buried in the grftve 
with some beloved object. > 

After a pause he said, ** You must folgive 
me, noble warriors, if I have, by sudi a uue^ 
rative, thrown a cloud on this happy meet- 
ing, and as it were dimmed the lustre of your 
bright old Rudisheimer. For the most part, 
I myself am cheerful enough, and can enjoy 
a goblet of wine, and the sportive conversatkm 

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U mj compasioDs ; only, that the mournful 
cveou whidi I have just related come now and 
then betwixt me and all pleasure; and, until 
I hare relieved my mind by repeating them, 
I camot obtain any rest This happens, be- 
cttise my lelatiosis have so olten led me to 
iMfaecta^s grave, and told me so much of her 
beauty, and her suffierii^ fiom the treachery 
of the stranger knight, that the story has 
been deegij impressed, even from childhood, 
fliJDy'mind«^ If this SignwUgucdone should 
ffcr iall in my way, he may look to his own 
irfely M he best can ; for I oould scarcely 
inigine a greater pleasure, than to stab. him 
to the heart with his own bright sword, and 
it the same moment to call aknid in his ears, 

At these wmrds, his eyes gleamed like two 
fay beacons, from the vehemence of his emo« 
tka; but Otto scarcely perceived this, and 
Ittd attended but little to what now passed. 
Ki whde heart was still fixed on the 
toy and distresses of the forsaken Lisberta^ 

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till at last his melancholy found cebef in words, 
and he began to relate to his oompanioos tfae&r- 
tunes of his own life, but in the third person, as 
if the events had happened to another. Thos, 
he told them how happily he had lived on die 
banks of the Danube with his beloved ooiub 
Bertha; but now a more powerful attach* 
ment had led him away from his home^ and 
induced him ta break these early ties ; add- 
ing, how the two stories of unfortunate lovers 
had brought his attention painfully, bade to Us 
forsaken cousin. To conclude, he coidd 3iot 
help, in the simplicity of his heart,. aaking^Ais 
companions whether they believed that Bertha 
too would die of grief, like the hermit of the 
forest, and the betrayed beauty of Milan* 

Hereupon the strange knight in rusty 
armour looked him sternly, in the face, and, 
with a tone and demeanour so changed, that 
it seemed as if all the friendly feelings :duit 
he had before expressed had been botea to 
ice within him; he said,— ^^ As thou hast 
qwken so much of the Danube^s pleasant 

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Tfi£ MAOIC BING. 105 

haluy and of a damsel named Bertha,* per* 
dunce Aoa art caUed Otto von Trautwan- 
gBDj and thy fair cousin is the Lady Ton 
liditenned ?** Scarcely had Sir Otto answered 
m the aflhrmatiTe, when Ae stranger rose up, 
placed the masnTe hehnet which he had 
fanmgbt oat with him upon his head, and 
tiid,— << It is good that we have thus met 
one another; for I am the Knight Heerdegen 
▼on Liditenried, Bertha^s brother, who, after 
kiig laborious pilgrimages through the world, 
hgve now returned home, in hopes of finding 
■J rister grown up in the bloom of health 
aad beauty. I have been fortunate therefore 
in Ae opportunity granted me of avenging 
her wrongs on sudi a conceited and fooBsh 
bifaUer as thou art f^ The conclusion of this 
diaooiirse quite stiied in Otto^s heart the wish 
for reconeiHation i^ch he might otherwise 
have entertained, and in vehement haste he 
Parted up, in order to find his sword and hel- 
*^ Meanwhile, as he was thus arran^g his 
wiMir, the Italian wished to interpose a few 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


words of m^iation ; but Heerd^ti answteed 
him 6temty, *< Grive yourself no tremble ; V 
thi9 youitg coxcomb, with his silver bright 
armour, has spoken the truth, dien he ought 
to fall the victim .of my revenge; if, on the 
other hand, he has utt^^ unmeamng arid 
groundless words, he deserves, notwithltaiidT 
ing, chastisement for that fault'*' By thia tii^ 
Otto stood prepared at the entrance of the 
portico, and pointed to a thicket of trees 
which stood below on the banks of the river. 
Sir Heerdegen immediately set himself to ekm 
his rusty visor, which was effected with a gfttt 
crash, then placed himself by the side of bis 
opponent, and they walked together towards 
%he intended field of battle. Theobaldo, 
meanwhile, who seemed jnow deSghted with 
what was going forward, moved brisHyf 
somedmes before, and sometimes after them. 
** Ndble sirs,^ said he, when they M 
come about half-way, ** forgive me if I seem 
thus cheerful, when you have busm^s so 
tragical on «.your handd. . But through toy 

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vUe fife I bave iiever wished 90 much for 
oqragfitlhatis leorefttive sodreviTUig to the 
hAMatf MB a real (x^mliat for life and deatli, 
bttveen twa heimly-anDed abd valiant cbatn- 
piona. Sodi an enoounter I would often* Ipave 
toed .irilfing^y at'tlie risk of my own life ; 
iwt it has never been my fortune hitherto to 
eogi^ in conflict with any assailants better 
than lij^tFarmed cowardly banditti* And when 
people make pretended %hts together, np- 
thiagy JB my opinioii, can he more contempti- 
hie and ndiettloiis. I consider myself fortu. 
Site, therefore^ as I shall to-day behold a^ 
glorious encounter; for I am thorou^ly con- 
viaeed that you will both conduct yourselves* 
Bke weU-|m>ved and undaunted heroes."* 

Amid the thickets of the copsewood^ the 
t«o loii^ita soon discovered a fireeopra glade, 
aidi smooth torf^ whidi was well fitted for 
Aor eombat. Without making farther con- 
ditioosi or even interchanging & word, they' 
diric% taok their fdaoes, drew their swords,^ 
iad attadttd one another with great wrath 

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and Tiolence, while Tbeobaldo. eompoeedfy 
took his station as a looker^m, leanbg agaioBt 
a high lime-tree. The whole air rung wikh 
the clashing of their swiurds, though not «iie 
blow hit effectively, but was either drrveh 
back by Uie diield or by their plumed hd- 
metSy so that the ground, instead o£ beibg 
stained with blood, was streyred with party- 
coloured feathers. During the conflict, Sir 
Heerdegen'^s voice was always heard fieom 
the hollow of his rusty beaver, calling aloud, 
<^ fiertbal JSerthaT and it seemed oftea 
as if Otto recoiled at this exdmmatioD, 
though he still repelled every stroke of his 
enemy^s sword. Perceiving this, Heerdegeo 
redoubled his blows, and Sir Otto continued 
merely to ward them off as well as he 
could, without, as it appeared, attempting to 
make any farther attack, till at last his shieU 
was cut in two, and he had only one half 
left in his hand. Then his lage suddenly 
broke out like that of ai^rounded JigB;^»-4» if 
a lightning-flaah of inspbation had .kindled 

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THE KAfilC BOf O. 100 

I hb hearty he threw aside the broken 
cfhb flhidd)— -end from his jnhrer 
Uaet were heard the nivery tones of his 
^■difal Toioe, pvononncitig fervoitly the 
ine, » Grinriene ! GabrieUe T At the same 
^bMd his sword grasped in both hands, 
■d dmewitfa inflicted such a storm of blows 
*■ bsfiponeiit^s bead, breast, and shield.4urra, 
te nddeBly a stream of blood burst from 
k rmr c£ Sir Heerdegen. At the md- 
■cstviieD Sir Otto perceived this, he held 
Wc Ins sword, and the wounded knight, 
Ikb^ no longer able by any eflS^rt to sup- 
port Umaelf, fell powtf less, with a great 
OMkof ImaiBMiur, upon die grass. 

ThnbaUo aad Otto kneeled beside him to 
veiidet their assistance. The hdmet, already 
<faioit bioken in pieces by the vdiemence of 
Ooo's last attack, was quiddy loosed, and 
Sir Hecrdq^en^s visage was found covered 
vith bbod. Otto^ who was well skilled (as 
cvwy bBgbt ought to be) in the healing 
^ washed it oarefuUy away; whereupon 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


k was diflcovered, that the wound b^an 
on the light aide of the forehead, firom wheiioe 
it stretched acrois between the eyebiowB, and 
oame down over the right cheek. A proper 
bandage was provided, and securely fizad ; 
but the knight continued to lie there insensiw 
ble and motionless, as if he were already. 
dead, and in his pale visage, now divested of 
its former stem expr&mmj a resemblance to 
Bertha was clearly discernible. As he thus 
bent over his fallen foe. Sir Otto. wept bit- 
terly. An old story came now to his remem- 
brance, which Sir Hugh had often related of 
a knight, who, in the oonfiisioD of the battle- 
field, had slain hb beloved mistress, who was 
dressed in a coat of mail, which he nuatook 
for that of an enemy.; and now he almost 
accused himself of b^g Bertha^s murderer. 
<^ Ay,^ said he to himself, << I deserve no other 
name. The careless mood in which I took my 
departure inflicted the first deadly blow, and 
with her brother^s life I have cut asunder the 
last ties that bound her to this world !"" 

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Hie young merduoit reminded hini) that it 
VIS DOW tiilie to cany die wounded man back 
to tbdf inn, for the evading was drawing on, 
aad ftst in bed was, of all reniecKes, die 
BWC needful. Thereupoii they took np dwir 
yet iDfinflMtile onnpanion, and bore him away 
00 tbenr shoolderB in such manner^ thi^ Theoo 
baUo aldne had Us head to support; ^ fer,"" 
sad Ouomoamfully, ^^ if he shouldawakfeon 
the road, he would rather behold jrour counte- 
nance than mine ; while, on the other haind^ 
his Aatores remind me so painfully of the 
fortiken Bertha, that I dare not look on 
Um.** After his arrival at the inn, where 
he was attended by two ci hb own squires, 
?At ifaerdegen again recovered his senses; 
sod OQ kaming that Otto intended to remain 
theie, probably as long as his antagonist's 
life was in danger, he said, — ^^ Knight of 
Trtotwangen, if you entertain in reality 
soy ftiendly intentions towards me, then I 
beieedi you to take your departure this even- 
ing, or, if it be posnble, witUn this very 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


hour. Even to kok upon you, or hear yotir 
Yoioe, hat beoome so intolerabk, that, withmit 
doubt, I must die if I am any longer subject- 
led to such torment^ In a mood of deep 
mehmcfaoly. Otto then left the wounded Sir 
Heerdegen, and rode away under the light of 
the moon and stars, (which were then just 
risen,) along a road fragrant with blooming 
woods and flowers, which led towards the 
town, Theobaldo bearing him company, and 
riding by his side. 

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Bov 8ir Otto was entotaintd b7 the 

Tm two honemim^ who thus proceeded tm 
thn ipj, were iadeed of tempers the most 
pppoBte that could be imagpped. As far 
Otto, -oie- might have said, that his wliole 
tuSagi were dmwD &oin the darkest shades 
tf ai|^tthat lay in the foresl»arouBd'liMm; 
Theobaldo^ on the contrary, were 
and modified by the fragrance <^ 
the Uoisoms, and the brightness of the stars. 
The latter tried^ by every means in hb power, 
lo iapirt his own high s{nrits t6 his com- 
i; and when he ^ound thai sudi endea* 
\ were vain, began, in the melodious lan- 
of his country, to sing one love-scH^ 
iftar aaonhery whidi lounded beautifully mud 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


the placid stillness of the night. Theobaldo 
was a good mundan, so that Otto's medita- 
tions were by no means disturbed bj these 
songs ; for, as he could not understand the 
words, it seemed to him almost as if one 
of the numberless nightingales fix>m the 
neighbouring groves had determine to fol- 
low him, and sing for him alone. He might 
indeed into'pret the language (or notes rather) 
in an J way that best suited the currest c^ bis 
xmn ^notions. 

I'he^ came at last ov^ a grassy eminence, 
<rom whidi they beheld the large town of 
Frttnkfort, with all its lights, on both odes of 
the Mayne, outspread before th^n. Otto 
halted there for a space, quite lost in wonder; 
for, educated, as he had been, at a lonely castk 
in the country, he had nerer brfore seen sudi 
a town; and the great number of lighted 
windows and lamps, though nothing m<Nre 
than is vinble every night, seemed to him Uke 
«E>me grand festal illumination. Theobaldo 
amused himself {or some time with th« but- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

TME.MACaC BIN6. 116 

fern expfened by his oomjmnkni, then said, 
"^ Yd, Sir Otto, this 18 the iar-frmed fi«e 
temn ot Frcnkfort, snd if you will entsr 
^iAn & walk, snd eondesoeod to hoMyr 
my hmsUe dweUing with your {wesencie, I 
tUl pofaaps be able to shew you scenes diat 
«e yet iten worthy of your opprofal and 

Iwimediatriy tfaeieaflber, they iode past 
seicsal elegant viUas and garden-housn cni 
tbe outride of the gates. For the most pan 
time dwdfiogs made a bnlUant appeoranoelt 
€Be inad the sounds of the harp, fonale 
ngtts, moA riog^ of glastes; moreover, 
the B^ oaipe tbrou^ handsome rerandasy 
iMNMnidowsy and balconies, intertwined with 
▼ioet and jataune, the ai^ of which added 
dbct to the sounds of convivial mirth within. 
Sr Otto bdieved that he had abeady altered 
tbe town, till ai last, at Theobaldo's oom-i 
SHad, the massy wings of the gate wece 
opaid, and they lode under the edioing 
pmioa, jss if into « greivt caatl% to which 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


indeed Frankfort m^t be ocH Bp ared ; aad 
if the GttiseDs were proud (as Sir Hugh had 
aonetisiet described them) the young knight 
fhowght, wboi he came into the kyng l^^tcd- 
Up streets, that they had indeed good reason 
to be so. 

Just as Otto^s horse took fir^t at the 
Reaming bow-windows of a large and hand- 
some building, Thednddo said,— <« Noble 
sir, wej are now arri^^. Welcome to my 
hurnUe abode.^ Immediately there fansietted 
bam tiie pakce many servants in ekgent 
deesses, who, on a signal from thmi^ master, 
went to assist the knight; but the threw Um- 
sdf %fatly and earetessly ftom the saddle, 
and as they were about to take bis horse by 
ihe leins, << Nay, good fnends,^^ said he, 
^.fitlmt' would prove no such easy undertak- 
ing; for he will not suffer any attendance 
but mme. I must myself lead him into die 
stable, take off the saddle and Mdk^ iod 
giro him his provendet*.*' The glaring eyes 
of. the charger, and his unquiet pewii^^tA 

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IHK3£AGiC.RIliO. 117 

km tonhmdy ban wkaeas to the tnith c^ 
vkl Us xsder had MDcL So the seranis 
lighted himio a staUe, where there were al-^ 
n^r B«&J hones, which weie all vehetoeni* 
fy ftvtled bj the entrance of the strai^ner 
gam, jumping and neighing under the por« 
tin]^ vkidi Otto now brought amoi^ them. 
He was indeed only witUteld by his ridet^s 
mntt conunands from dh^ctly trying his 
i^naglh sgainat^ some of his neighbours; 
«id wbtm the senrants busied themselves in 
geltiag a haltor to bind him fast. Otto 
mi to them,r-**' That alone would be of 
)ittie.serFice, for he could easily Inwak e^ery 
iMBd^.but if I bid him be quiet, he will obey 
Mii" Accofdingly, he cried hi a stem voice, 
^^BnUg Bursdir whereupon the noble 
WQudjtood like a lamb, and bq^ to eat the 
con iriudi hia master shook out before him. 

Thteafiter Otto accompanied Theobaldo, 
i4q had waited, for him in the outer hatt^ 
iHa.tbe ■tate-chand)er8 above. Her^ in 
> IflftjijBBiJiail ejiai imsiil, ihqriwawJ •' 

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118 TH£ BiAOIC BIN6. 

ToufiT and briUiant assemUage, wbSie at the 
IjurA^ end of the room arranganents were 
made toe a kind of temporaiy theatre. The 
floor was raised, and there appeared thereon^ 
in the back-ground, many figures m costly 
dresses, who seemed about to phiy their parts 
in some comedy. It was easy to perceire 
that Theobaldo was the king of this festival ; 
for, of those who were least distingoidied in 
the company, all made room for him with 
i^ep obeisance ; while others, who were eiri^ 
dently of hi^ rank, ladies and gentlemen^ 
(the latter often with gold drains like sena- 
tors,) received as marks of q>ecial favour 
his apologii^ that he who was the master 
of the feast diould have arrived so late« 
The performers in the baok-gtound of the 
hall stood still, and were sil^it, waiting, as 
it seemed, for their master^s s^nal, whether 
they should proceed at give over, tiU Theo- 
haldo, having taken his place with his new 
guest cm a seat near the stage, kindly nodded 
to ihem that the pky should be oontanwd. ' 

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Tbdr perfdmaanoe was « sort of alkg(»ictU 
mystery, and the scene with which they were 
then oociqpied exhibited a gorgeous figure 
tested on a thxone, representiDg the god of 
weskb, with the name *< Plutus^ in gold let^ 
ten QD kis breast. Then there came all sortst 
of characters, priests, courtiers, judges, poets, 
minstrels, &c., who paid their homage to 
the god, aitreating his protection. There* 
upon Plutus, from a great store of bags, sup- 
posed to contain gold, gave more or less to 
eadi applicant, and the ph was delivered 
and received with some awkward rhymes, in* 
tending to satirize all ranks. At length 
there stepped forward a knight in complete 
armour, who paid his court even more 
humbly than the rest, and in a string of 
verses, indicated that gold and silver were 
the best balsam for wounds and bruises, con* 
eluding with these rude lines : 

^ 6«id Ibr blood, sif,— give mom ; 
Yow bsttlet ahall be Ibugbt I trow i*v 

flatus was ready to deliver his answer, 

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when, on hearing these last words, Otto started 
up in great wrath, laid his band vehemenlljr 
on his sword, and called out aloud, *^ That 
base recreant disgraces the armour which be 
wears, and I shall revenge on his own head 
the falsehood which he has uttered, if he has. 
but courage to meet me on the £eld T 

Half laughing and alf terrified, the whole 
company fixed their attentioo on die youngs 
angry champion. Theohaldo, hower^r, who 
was also incensed, put an end to the pcr-a 
formance, threatening the unfortunate repr&. 
sentative of knighthood, that he abould never 
again be sufiered to enter within his doors. 
He then turned courteously to Otto^ and 
begged that his guest would not impute llie' 
blame to him, if those stupid players, because 
they were in a merchants house, had absmdfy 
tried to gain favour by satirising all other pn>» 
fessions. By this explanation the knight was 
quite calmed, and on his part affiued many 
excuses for his rash conduct in thus disturb- 
ing the company. Soon after, the whde party 

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s^'Oned to a magnificent banquet, which was 
preptred for them in another apartment. 

But, notwithstanding the brilliance of the 
fi^its, die exceHence of the viands, and pro* . 
t of wine. Otto could not help reflecting 

im OD the hateful rhymes by which he 
kd been roused to that fit of anger. This 
&1 not proceed^ howerer, from any resent- 
ncnt whidi he bad conceived against his 
courtauus entertainer, nor against the com- 
pnyt bet he oould not help feefing that it 
^'■i ia eooaequence of his tragical encoun- 
ttt with Sir Heerd^en that he had been 
iBfited Utfaer; and that he had as it were 
mcifcd gold for blood; for whether his 
reward were paid in the liquid gold of old 
Jofcamusberg, or in solid metal, made, in 
Us estbnalion, no difference. Added to 
das, the conrersation did not please him. 
He heard only endless debates about gain 
aad loss, principal and interest ; and when 
Theobildo, sympathizing, as it seemed, with 
Us goest^ fceKngs, tried to turn the discourse 
roL. I, F 

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Xo the cnjsades of pig Bk^arcJ, tlu» only 
led to.a calculation, whether th^ Genoese or 
the Venetians woul4 g^n joaoflt op th^t «c- 
caaon. Then^ in the c^nfiisioo of Otto's 
brain, it almost appeared ^s^ if the wine 
that mantled in their cups weue Uood -drrtwn 
froni the v^m^of qhrisMan knights; that 
the party Jcnew this, aoijt thefefw^ draiik 
it ivith greater pleasure. Nay, it came ovwr 
him likp a frightful drew% that Sir Heer- 
degen of Liditenrie<J, with a h^w yoice^ 
from his broken visor, addressed han t — 
" From my he^'s blood tho^ now fiU'st thy 
luxurious cup, and while thoq proparest for 
thyself a rich bed of dpwn, I am $treti*ed o« 
the hard couch of pain, from wb^ce, p». 
chancy, I may never more arise I"" 

Otto could no longer bear this; all the 
realities around him were lost in the creations 
of his madness. So he quitted bis seat, and 
begged of Theobaldo that he might be al- 
lowed, to depart, as h^ must pass thatnilght 
at an auberge ; for which resolution he would 

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tdllumhis reaacm on the following day. ** I 
do not reqcdre explanation,'" answered Theo- 
Udo, " for I already know the cause of your 
diaaateSKtion. Biit» for Heaven^s sake, come 
again to-morrow, othervdse I must think that 
I too bare become am object of your contemptT 
'< On the honour and word of a knight,^ said 
Sir Otto, ^' I cberisb for you only respect 
and friendship, nor shall I fail to come to- 
morrow, as you desire.**^ Thereupon they 
embnoed, and Otto, accompanied by one ot 
Theobaldo^s squires, led forth his horse, and 
vent to spend the ni^t at a house of public 
entertainment, to which he made his way 
duxMj^ the now dark streets, according to 
ditectioas that bad been given to him. 

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134 TH£ MAGIC WigO. 


How Sit Otto dMnged his aimim^ ud tht M«chsnt 
KfoWed to acoompan J him into the wodd. 

When Otto awoke, the morning Bght yrss 
already beaming on his windows, and the con- 
fused bustle of carriages and people in the 
streets mingled strangely with his nightly 
dreams. When he had shaken them off, he 
dressed as quickly as possible, and ran to Ae 
lattice; for he believed, from the nmse, that 
something extraordinary must have occurred. 
In a short time, however, he became aware 
that the disturbance, which appeared to him 
so remarkable, was nothing more than what 
must be caused by the daily goings-on of Itfe 
in a large town, of which no one took any 
notice ; or rather, it would have been a cause of 
wonder and apprehension if the tumult had 

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ttwd' He bethought him also, that so many 
Ivge houses^ most of which were equal in extent 
to loifrther^s castle, must depend for their sup- 
pot ana great oumber of inhabitants, among 
viiootbere must exist many different feelings 
^ApdaAaOBj pnn and jJeasure, falsdbdod 
ad anoerity, hatred and love, whence arose 
^Tvied and ifiaoordant voices around him. 
hdie ioady fortress of Trautwangen, since 
^itikd its building, how much had been 
lufiiiland enjoyed! But here in the town 
>M]r Imndreda of forsaken Berthas might 
^fff numy wandering minslrels like Walter 
<flM their ne^^ected harps, and many old 
■>n like Sr Hugh mourn for the departure 

Bumg these thoughts he was inCeffrupted 
^Aiemnt of Theobaldo's, who came, bear-< 
%hitannour mad accoutrements, all brightly 
Fobhed, oflSering at the same time to assist 
die bight in Imid^g them on. *< Tou must 
^pve me, noUa ar,^ said he, while Sir Otto 
l^ksd vith satisfaction on his glittering mail, 

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« if you should remark on the middle of the 
cuirass, right over the heart, one spot; it 
seems to be from blood whidi has latdy 
settled there ; but, as it was neglected for 
some hours, it has now turned into rust, 
which, as long as the armour lasts, cannot be 
effiffied. But certainly, noUe or, this is not 
my fault," ** No, good friend,'' answered 
Sir Otto ; ^Mt is, as thou sayst, no fault of 
thine.*' He thus repeated the squire's words 
in a slow mournful tone, fixing his eyes <m 
the cuirass; whereon he indeed peronved 
plainly the blood of Sir H cc r dcgcsn at Licfa-> 
tenried, which must have dropped <m him as 
he was dressing his wounds. Henceforth he 
could not bear the thoughts of irearing that 
hauberk, and, instead of aecq>ting the aquive's 
services, sent him away with a compliineiitBi;^ 
message to his master Theobaldo. ^ He had 
already a servant who would assist in putth^ 
on his armour, and who, though now sibaent^ 
would soon arrive." But, when left alone, he 
only walked up and down the room, and when 

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tH£ MAGIC BING. 12^ 

ie came near the ddrasB, started from it as if it 
liad been a spectre ; or, when at last he forced 
Inoietf to touch it, he only tried every art, 
vhkii he had learned from his father and 
tAa wwriors, in mtler to efface the rust. 
Alt the longer he laboured the more con- 
vinced he became, that such efforts were 
vboBy in Tain. ** No V* said he, with a deep 
m^ ^ the stain will indeed remidn there for 
ever.^ Then he strode up and down .the 
room, vore vexed and melanchcdy than ever. 
At length be overheard, in the next apatt* 
BKot, loud expressions of discontent, and even 
gnat wratb ; then, fearful stamping on the 
floor, mod execrations. As Ae voice spoke 
only ct armour^ greaves, corslet, and cuirass, 
he 8oon learned that all this anger arose be- 
cause some one had got a coat of mail which 
by no means fitted. l/Vishing to escape from 
the conffict of his own feelings. Otto hastily 
rosc^ and threw open the door, which led 
into his ndghbour^s room; whereupon a 
km^t^ half cased in armour, stepped up to 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


him, and with equal impetuosity demanded 
what he wanted. Both, however, stood silent 
for a space, and gazing on each other ;, for 
Otto directly recognised the fbrmei* (^ponent 
of Folko de Montfaucon, namely, the Count 
Archimbald von Waldeck ; while the latter 
also seemed to remember the youthful witness 
of that combat, and his overthrow. In a 
short time they came to mutual explanations, 
and Count Archimbald said, << I am not vain 
enough to wish diat you should keqp me in 
countenance, and also fall before the power- 
ful or fortunate arm of the French chevalier ; 
on the contrary, 1 should be heartily glad 
if you could again recover, for the beautiful 
Gkibrielle, her favourite ring ; and if, to say 
the truth, there seems not much probability 
of this, yet no one can tell what b in store for 
him either of prosperous or evil fortune. You 
hare my sincere good wishes for your under- 
taking, which may yet realize all your hopes. 
For the present, observe, I pray you, how 
the fates are tormenting me ! In great wrath^ 

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at the events ci that &tal eveiuiig» I had 

mhly sworn that I would never again wear 

my bladi and sUver mail^ with the eaglets 

heaifieoe; and, moreover, that I would ride 

^vithout armour, until I had even, thuade- 

ttsoakxy won a eomplete auit as the prize 

of asncoessfid cambat. In this undertaking 

I liave at last succeeded ; but mark only how 

pitifiil must ha^e been the limbs of my oppo. 

ncQt \ I cannot force myself into the greaves 

nor the armlets ; the pigmy gbves are already 

thrown out at the window, and as fmr the 

oordet and cuirass, I have indeed drawn them 

on, bat, as you perceive, they will by no means 

da^ together." During these words, the 

laigbt heaved and writhed as if he would 

force the hauberk to expand, and in so doing, 

tore asunder some o[ the phites with a loud 

<ndi. Two quires who attaided him drew 

near to repair this misfortune, but he repulsed 

them angrily. <Mt is all in vain," said hef 

" therefore give yourselves no farther trouble. 

I haveonly to throw off these vile pigmy ac* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


coutremenU, and for that purpose roquue no 
assistance.** Thereupon he tore open the half- 
closed buckles and straps, and took off the 
corslet and cufarass, throwing them on the 
ground with such viol^icey that the nails aad 
hooks started out upon the floor. He tbcB 
cast melancholy looks on his black and silver 
armour, which lay in a comer, and which 
Otto easily recognised by the eaglets beak on 
the visor. ^^ When I wore these,^ said he» 
** I was yet a chan^^on ; now I am power- 
less, and shall never again find a coat of 
mail that will fit these limbs.^ Otto had not 
forgotten the horrof with which he had just 
before contemplated his own armour, and said, 
— " My Lord County methinks we could now 
easily help one another out of our distresses. 
If you have sworn never to wear your har- 
ness, I have iQ the next room a suit which I 
would not willingly use again ; and this £cir 
reasons of which it is not ittang that I shauld 
now speak farther than to assure you, that 
they are not connected with shame or disgrace 

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frtfB MAOI^ EINO. 131 

to the trearer.* << I should not expect any 
imfiKmi jou, young rir,** answered Sir Ar- 
cMttbaU, with a pleasant smile. ^ Well 
^kh, kc as make an exchange," said Otto. 
** IVme, it is a bargain,^ replied Sir Ardiim- 
Ud; » I donbt ik>t we shall be fitted ; for 
^ are both fnoned fifce right old Crerman 
hCToes." The silver mafl was immediately 
liroiight into the room ; imd eteh being as^st* 
rf by a squire, they were soon equipt, staild- 
^f tt if tmnsfbrmed by magic, wondering at 
••ch other. The now stem and wrathftiT 
^"Mge of Sir ArdifM>iM contrasted strangely 
»ith the mild light reflected on it by Otto's 
Wght eilTer harness ; while die youth'^s bloom- 
>iH$9 •Imost womtoisAi features were surfaiount- 
cd 1^ the ftightftal helmet and visor in die 
"hapeof air eagles h^ad. At length th^began 
to Uride, with thundi^riflg itfeps and threatening 
goiines, dif o tt gh the room, to try how dietr 
new acoontrements fitted t and bdth behig 
i»« Mtisfied, they shoMtf hands, AMhimUld 
n^didagin to heart that Ma Uidc and nl^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1Q8 THE MA«aC EOffa 

mail, with tbe e^^s helMU waiikl jet 
more oome in the way cS Sir FoUq» de Moat. 
fftiMon. '' For,^ wid be, '' you will «t Jeaat 
make him £gbt a hard battle, young Itm^t of 
Trautwaagen I Of thiB I require no oAev 
proof, thw tbe bardne^e c^ your gmp even 
now, and tbe noble warKke spirit which iqp. 
pears in your whole demeanour."" They 
now took leave of each other, like old «ui 
tried friends. Archimbald, in order to mount 
hia horve, and Otto in order to fulfil his pio- 
mise to the young merchant. 

Tbe wealthy Tbeobaldo waa now standing in 
his gittat vaulted warehouse, witb.many c)eri»» 
servants, and cuaUxners, aeound bim, niling 
like a petty prince, evoi fay signs and ain^ 
words, over all the business of tbe day* and 
y^ not disdaining to put his own hand to the 
wQdrk in cases of necessity. Thus, on O^m 
arrival, he was employed in meawiring ^t 
some ineoes of very ri^b gfM eoilmidemd 
doth ; on complying which, he pecoeived 
tbe kn^i^ witfiout y eiy go iw ^ him in bia 

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^fBE^MMliO BillO. IS 

kUbrnmomilsat Otia faad'pisMed down fab 
mot: NoCrndtttaadoig t!in, Theofattklo tdi 
Utacted bjr favn, hke mm bjr 4he magnel ; 
far tiwie ims indeed a riuoe i^ boa (if one 
wmfmMpak) in the courageous heurt ef the 
iKRiiMt ^ HaveyoQanjtoMHMBids^noUe 
flrrMdfaetotbeyoii^; <« if so, fAeaae te 
infism Biey^aiid jou sbafibe served before di 
sdMreuttoBiers*^ Hereupon Ottodurewcqpen 
hs viMir, and tfae merchant stkrted bode 
wkh aitoiiishnMnt and adniratiDn. ^ €k)od 
flesFeo r eiied he^ << how mwh nobler and 
ame dignified are your hxkB now than even 
jMiwiimy I andmust I thns appear before 
JM with the piciM tteamrtng rod in mj 
hmir Th&e^Mi be Are^ amwy thede^nsed 
iiipktiMPt with inch Ibroe^ that it struck 
, tignm a pUkr, and broib into a bcmdred 
pieeM, thoi^ as it< was made of ivory and 
goU; thetittMdiBt^ thought it couM never 
iMwehesnthair master's des^n to destroy it in 
aidiBMBmer. They thef«fore lan and pidied 
«f 1fae'fiagni«l% mtauooJtf t^brming him, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


that it would be very poMfato to bttve k 
again repairecl, and made as good as ev«r. 
The merobant, hawerety took no notice of 
these wovds, but hastily led the kn^t up 
stairs into his house. 

On their entrance into a retired and ridily 
fnmiriied chamber, TfaeobaldD took Us guest 
by both hands, bent over them with a deep 
blush of anxiety and ardour on his coonte- 
nance, and said,-*->< For Heairen^s sake. Sir 
Otto von Traotwangen, refuse not the eameet 
entrei^y which I am now about to make 
to you* Allow me also to wear armour, 
and as your fnend, your servant and squire^ 
or in any way that you are pleased to appoint, 
to go with you into the world, and diare in 
att your dangers.*** Otto looked at him with 
wonder, then reminded him of his rich mer- 
ohandiae, his briHiant and luxurious house, 
insiHting that bis stars had destined him to 
fday a very diflerent part in the world from 
that of a kn^{ht*ehrant *^ Say not so,^ «ii« 
swei^ the aeichant veiicnicndy« <* I am )>y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

THE ifiAOic mxa. 136 

talk a Milaneae, tmd it has bim pfwed 
already oa die MMb of Ocnaatt warriors, 
etn i^fam a t the attacks of emperors, that our 
citaiens Bte not ignorant of warfiuna. There 
aanms yet somewhat of the <dd Rooiaii 
apiril aaiong t». Besides, yon must not judge 
ike paity at ow last n^t's banquet by their 
oaarrenatioQ alone. You perceived too, that 
I was diawtisfied and wearied therewith, 
though more for your sake than my own, 
beeanse i peroeiTed that you misunderstood 
tbem, and was offended.^ <' Nay,"" answered 
Sir Ottov '< I look no offence ; bot, as so 
snioh wi» sffid of gain and loss, of goedS'atKl 
prices, it appeared to my disordered fantasy 
as tf the feativons entertainment which I then 
oqoftd, and the night's lodging which had 
been promiaed-me, were idso like goods wUcfa 
I had pinrchaasd with the Uood of the unlnu 
tunate Sir Hieerdegen. Thus I waa obliged 
to retire. I ^e you thia explanation the 
■Kire finedy, because I hare now recovered 
from the wMd dreamsby wfaiob I i^fts t^en 

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haunted^ and against you and your friends 
haVe not one word of just complaint^ ^ You 
are in the right,^ answered Theobaldo ; *< the 
various characters c^ mankind in this world 
may indeed be compared to the varied flowers, 
plants, and trees of the forest, which all diflfer 
from each other, and yet all contribute to <me 
purpose. Their conversation no dodbt differs 
from yours, even as their dresses contrast 
with your glittering armour ; jret, in time of 
need, they are not found destitute of honour, 
generosity, and courage. You are in the 
right, therefore, not to despise these mer- 
chant dtizens, although I for my part have 
resolved to des^t them and try my fortune 
with you.^ " Nay, dear Theobaldo,*" replied 
Sir Otto, ^< allow me to dissuade you from this 
design. You are older, and have far^ m<x« ex« 
perience and judgment than I am possessed of. 
How then can I become your leader and in- 
'StrucUNT, or by what means could I compensate 
to you the loss of all those advantages which 
you enjoy here?^ " WeD," answered Theo- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Udtv ^^ if} as jou Bay, I bare mare ezpe. 
rieoee and judgment, you may with the leaf 
heaitatiaQ allow to me my own free choice in 
this matter.'' << Beaidea,'' reaumed Sir Otto, 
** from th^ friendahip I bear to you, I should 
be deejdy grieved if you meet with any 
injiiiy. Bat how can that be avoided, aaoe 
you have pobaUy never yet been aocua- 
tomed to the uae of the swixrd or lance ?^ 
Theobaldo looked at him with a good- 
humcNired half^irooical nnile^ then turned 
nNmd, and opened the door into a ndlg^K 
bouring cabinet, wherein' was viable a great 
collection of abirta of mai}» h^metfl^ croaa- 
bovB, taxgeta, and battle-axea* ^< These aie 
but the aocoutrementa of aimple boraemen^ 
not of kmgfala,^ aaid Theobaldo ; ** but auch 
weapona I am well able to wield and uae to 
good porpoae.'* ThereupoQ he took from the 
wall a handaome croaa-bow, bent it with great 
sidU and strength, and laid an arrow in thereat; 
then, opening the window, <^ Mark,^ aaid he^ 
*^ the knotted branch in ycmder oak-tree T 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Scarcely allowing hunself a momeat to take 
aim, he Beat his airow with such force and 
unerring accuracy, that it not only struck the 
branch, but penetrated so far mto the tree, 
.diat only the trembling feathers were now 
viftble. Thereafter Theobaldo took up a 
h«EiTy bfltde-axe^ and exercised Umself with 
it againft a strong aMrt of maU, exhibitii^ 
soxh power nd rapidity c^ arm, that Otto 
eouU not help ei^prttsbg hils admiration. 
^* Am you now wilEng that I diould go with 
your* said the merdilmt, with a confident 
mdle. ^< Ay, truly,"^ answ^ed the knight ; 
^ and item my heart I can afflnn, that you are 
well able to maintaan, by your deeds as a acd- 
4ier, idt that you have before alleged in 
words* Where in all the world ooold I find 
a better companion ? But, alas ! Theobaldo, 
since you are not of knightly birth, how can 
we venture to speak of your wearing golden 
qf>urs? and if you lure never to become a 
kni^t, why shoukl you needlessly subject 
yourself %o the humiliation of being a squire 

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to soch a bumble uii{mustised warrior as I 
amr At these wards, a davk sbade passed 
finr a moment orer Theobiddd's oomtenasee ; 
but be answered firmly^— *^ Let us speak no 
iartber of the difbrenoe of ranks. I Wear 
anna, ride a good horse, asd am content to 
ioDow joo. YmiBg mfco of knightly birth 
Btme for golden spurs* Young ckizetss 
aim but at ^t Wteath of Tiolory. When A 
Jonr mxakiy I have obtahied skiB and ciU 
foiakem i^ariwe, I may yet lead xtk die 
fanners af my native dty, Mikn, to the 
bsttk^eU, and tiMn gdden wpvm wili h^ 
faigotten P ^ I had no Aot^t of 
ing you,"* said Otto, somewhat 
but immoiatdy' thereafter the dmrk dmde 
psiKd away firom Theobakh^a features, and 
Us loclcs were agnn gay and nmliug as the 
▼smal sky that shone abovja them. He now 
sceompamed the knight to a luxurious break. 
Isrt, yHihkk wasiprepared in (be baiiquet4ialL 
Udeed the whole day was i^nt in feasting 
sad music'; thbugb as the merchant was often 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


called away on matCert of ksportanoe, on 
which he seemed to bestow great attentkm, 
X)tto began almost to bdieve, that, as to 
his riding out like a knigbu^neant, he had 
only been in jest Yet at night, when Theo> 
baldo led him to his apartment (fior he had 
been obliged to promise that he would pais 
Ae night there) he found that this appre- 
hension was groundless. ^^ To-morrow be- 
fere sunrise,^ said the merchant, << Sir Knight 
of Trautwangen, forget not that I diallbe 
ready to attend you. I have already ap- 
pointed a trust-worthy curator over my pos- 
sessions in this town, and made every needful 

In the morning, before daylight. Sir Otto 
was in the staUe, engaged in saddling and 
bridling his charger ; in which task he was 
asristed by an active youth in a ccmipleCe 
horseman^s armour. As they did not speak, 
it was not until the latter came out into the 
morning twili^t, and sprung lightly on the 
hack of a diesnut-cobured Polish horse, that 

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the knight reoogniKd Tbeobakla Smiliog 
on each other, they Aook bands like old and 
^ied friends, then trotted on merrily to the 
tovn-gites, while the sun, bright and joeund, 
at if to weloome Uie two happy youths, be- 
gan to died his long slanting radiance over 
Ae landscape. 

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How Sir Heerd^gen returned to the Castle of Traatwangeii, 
and of the wonderful Lady Minnatrost. 

Thus Otto and his companion continued to 
pursue their way, crossing ere long the 
frontiers of the knight^s father-land, and 
meeting with various adventures in the 
kingdom of France, among people to 
whose language they were yet little ac- 
customed. Meanwhile, how different was 
the life now led by the inhabitants left in 
the old castle of Trautwangen ! A third 
party had indeed broken on the lonely hours 
of Sir Hugh and the forsaken Bertha, but 
his presence only made the scene more 
gloomy than ever. This was Sir Heerdegen 
of Lichtenried, who, notwithstanding his 
wounds, had hastened onwards to visit his 

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siite> and by this uniimely exertum, bad 
bnaght oo luiiia^ a felurful illness. In a 
diamber not far from the great. hall waa 
p)aee4 the oondi of the unfortunate Sir 
Beerd^gien, in order that Bertha might at^ 
tad him, and yet be near to the old knight. ' 
It was indeed needful that he and Bertha 
sbould console each other ; for in the delirium 
of his ferer, the youth had unfortunately 
betrayed all which he would in health have 
90 gladly concealed ; they had learned from 
vbose hands, and on what grouiuls, he had 
nceived his dangerous wounds. Thereafter, 
Bertha often wept so bitterly, and. blushed 
so deefdy, that her tears might be cpn^)ared 
to the moroii^ dew, bri^ei^ by t^ f^x 
gleams of the east. On the other hand. Sir 
Ho^ fixed his eyes on the ground in ^oomy 
meditatifHi, drawing, from this first unhappy 
combated his son, the darkest anticipations 
of the future. Now and then, however» Ua 
ooafidenee in the goodness and mercy of Pro- 
vidence would return^ and a smile wquld 

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steal over his features, though he qpokeno 
words bj which the bj^taaders could hate 
guessed at tins change in his feelings ; oofy 
he repeated sometimes that rhyme of the 
old minstrel, which Otto had remembered 
during the mysterious night, when he watch- 
ed his armour in the chapel : 

^' Dark night precedes the mom. 
So grief may joyance bring, 
And death leads throng tbt wiuttf grave 
To life*8 eternal spring.** 

Sir Hugh dared not enter the apartment of 
his nephew ; for the latter, in the wildness of 
his delirium, always addressed the old man as 
if he had been Otto von Trautwangen, com- 
manding him in a stem angry voice to leave 
the room, otherwise he would throw at his 
head all the scorching firebrands that were 
now heaped upon his own. At such times he 
indeed grappled violently at the bandage 
which was tied over his wounds; and his 
uncle, with mournful aspect, and sighing 
deeply, came back to the hall, passing by that 

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hifjQik.fa]iiidkildo0VvatwlHdi9 ahs! the 
bbomg iM^py wttmenaaees ef Bertha and 
OttOBeveroKirepteBeiiledthCTMdTet. Bow- 
mr,viMa the iimiiidedl yovrth had ooij his 
Uefed flist^ btiBide Idm, espedaUjt in the 
agi^ homWf whem the BBom vaa iUuBuiiated 
^ a ang^ lamp {daoed in a oonier^ he was 
taiquil aod happy, so that, now and then, he 
conki even tdl her loiig stories; among which 
Ae oooe hewd £Eoni Uni the Barrative which 

"OntheshofespCt^eJiIorth Sea there lies 
ftcoonuy pained East^l^cijdaiid, wbere^ even 
^ this day, diere afe ^s^dkss dissensions be- 
tveen die prinoeik i^pd tt^ vassal^; the ibr- 
°^ Umating that eyeiy one diould blindly 
^ their, sovereign will and pleasure, 
^'Ue the latter no less ¥ehemently maintain, 
^ thdr ofMnioos should be consulted on all 
nl|cctsw Thusy tbiou^ the whole, land, 
diere are constant insurrections and tumults, 
^oi like those, dear Bertha, which now tor- 
ment the Inrain of your wounded brother* 

▼OL. I. G 

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Yet in East Friesland there is a wondrous 
castle stationed on a rock, ndienee tliere 
beams, far and wide, a pale tranquil light, 
the reflection as it were of the moon aid 
stars, whose radiance falb ever brigfatfy 
and unbroken on these lofty lowers. In 
the castle dwells a female descendant of 
that ancient race named the Druden. They 
were powerful wizards and magicians; and 
such too is this female descendant with 
whom we claim relationship ; -for she is oar 
aunt. Her name is the Lady Minnatrost,* im- 
porting, that by love she affords consolation to 
unfortunate lovers; and all day long she 
boils wonder-working flowers and roots in a 
kettle, which is made of pure gold. I had one < 
evening lost my way, and drew up my horse's 
reins when opposite to her lofty castle, which 
proudly diffuses its. light overall that country, 
which is elsewhere flat and level. Tired as I 

* Minne (pronounced mififi0) is an obsolete word for hi^* 
«ud iroH metns comciaHon. 

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Am WW, and in need of refireshment, I felt 
« if «0Bie ajBterious obtUde always ky in 
■nywid when I qtur my hone up 
*e «»Mp JHjdivity. The castle too was so 
*»«.««i so wholly unknown to me, that I 
«* « unwonted dread of approaching it. 
""»». wlule I stood still, and doubted what 
«»«e I ODgfat to take, lo ! there came rid- 
">g atarapid pace, along the plain, a well. 
«wa»ttd kwght, bearing in his arms a slen- 
^ fi»iwde ibnn, who clung to him at once, 
••^y and timidly. As they passed by 
* oeafd her aing^ 

' Sp»r, spur thjr atetd, Stt Frederick d«ar, 
Tbe tileot Dnida'8 towcw are n«r ; 

to which the knight answered,— 

" What need of Druda, dearest life ? 
^^ftaAf we lie man and wife" 

'' Just as these rhymes were uttered, there 
sprung out from among the thickets a number 
rf armed men, who, as I perceived by their 

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diresses, were of lowrank. Atall powerful youth 
rushed up, and, seizing the knighfs horse 
by the reins, called aloud, * Villain, villain, 
whither art thou bearing my sister,*— -the rest, 
meanwhile wielding great halberts, and other 
weapons, made a circle round the lovers. The 
knight, however, on the first attack, had drawn 
his sword, and now said, < Not so fast, base 
churl ! She loves me, and I love her. What 
bufflness is it of thine, if thy chief is pleased 
to demand thy aster? Enows't thou not that 
I am Sir Frederick von Edekon T * In a few 
seconds more thou shalt be but his ghost," 
answered the youth, < if thou dost not in- 
-stantly give back this maiden to her family/ 
Thereupon the knight struck him a blow 
with his sword, and a furious battle com- 
menced. As I perceived very well that the 
maiden wished to remain with her lover, I 
assisted him, and attacked the countrjrmen 
in a manner which they had little expected. 
Notwithstanding their courageous renstance, 
the victory would soon have been ours ; buty 

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io the midst of our ocmflicty Heavai knows 

how k could hiqfqpeD, but we all heard the 

•omid of a lattice opened in the cattle that 

Aood above us^ and, for reaaons inscrutable, 

Aundoursdves trrenstibly impelled to pause 

n our encounter^ and look upwards for 

vhate?ar should present itself at the win- 

ism. Then, bdcdd, the full inoon shone 

cdn and bright on the lattice, and we all 

m die figure of the Lady Minnatrost, 

^in suture, clad in a white garment, and 

«itk her right hand held up dureatenin^y 

lonrds the stars. At this apparitbn a cold 

ihaddering vibrated through our frames. 

We Rmained for a long while silent Itnd 

BQlionkas, till at length she spoke, < Lift 

not again your swords in rain and impious 

ttntentkm ! I know that there is pne among 

you who is my nephew, and is named Heer- 

d^en vonLichtenried. He is here a stranger, 

hit, nerertheless, he shall place that maiden 

hefiMe him on his horse, and shall Ining her 

tone in my castle. The rest diall go peaces 

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ably home for this ni^t ; but in three cU^ 
let her bridegroom and brother come also to 
me.^ All was done as she had oommanded. 
Though the maiden wept Intteriy, though 
the knight and her brother gnashed ibm 
teeth with rage, yet m> one felt iadbied to 
pass a night under die ipof of diAt gfaastljr 
white-robed Druda ! But it seemed as if her 
will were now irresistible, and every one mnst 
submit in silenoe* Without laying a word, 
therefore, the oombatants laid down thenr 
swords, and, in the same mood of humUe 
obedience, I Im>ught the maiden to the 

«< Whi^ I found there, cteereit Bnths, lam 
not able to describe in many words, and tn]ly» 
where all is strax^ and supernatural, wcvds. 
fail to afford any adequate impresmn* But 
lode on those pale rays of your nightiy lamp 
that now flicker around ua; look at yoiur own 
pale andsadntJikefece in the mhrior, and crren 
here you' may behold a g^eam,— the tenderei^ 
and loveliest,— -of that light which^was sM 

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«Il abont the castle of the Lady Bfinnatrostt 
I dunt not enter ker babitauon ; she conv- 
BMDded me ta wait luider the portico. ^ It 
viD not be unpleasant to yoq,^ said she * to 
PMitlie mght here, half dieltered^ half in the 
tipen ttc There are no tempests to annoy 
JKn> sad. if rain Calls, it is but a mild dew 
bam hesren^ wlueh lefireshes without in- 
jnnng the limberest flowers. Such too will 
he jcmr teaca,^ added she, tumiiig to the 
'^ ' dcp ^ « amU after t^mrient showers^ the 
^omae of joy will be brigjiter and lovelier, 
btntth, I perceiTed that the damsel imme- 
^tttflfy ceased) to weep^ after she had looked 
on the cakn^ tfaoof^tful features of the 
^kodt^ illumined as they now w^e by the 
"KiQitthiDe. Botk then retired into the castle 
<ttl aooD thereafter I. heard a delightful 
Ittniiony of harps and. flutes sounding from 
iti chambers. The music was slow, soft, and 
of exqiiiaite modulation, fitted^ as I oould well 
iiiigine, tot lull th» unhappy maiden to for*, 
gctfubess and sleep. Thereafter the Lady 
tfinnatniat came to me in the por^oo, bring- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


' ing wHb her 9 golden goblet filled with inoe, 
alao a maashe salver with exquiate vianda 
Slie took her place near me, and related how 
she was our motherV sister, and bow for 
many years there had belonged to bar family 
a store of deep and miraculoua knowledge 
whose mysteries were yet all sanctioned 
by our hofy rel^ion; finally, how she be* 
liered herself to have been chosen to reside 
here for the guidance and instruction of a 
wild disorderly people. These stories were 
long and marvellous, lasting, indeed, through 
the whole of that moonlight night. Some- 
times I listened with a kmd of mysterious 
dread, but for the most part my feelings 
were calm and tranquil, so thai I could al- 
most think that I was <mce more a diild, that 
my mother rocked me in her arms, and txAA 
me fairy tales as she had done of yore. To- 
wards the dawn of day the Druda left me, 
saying, ^ Thou wilt probably remain here, 
in order to learn how these adventures wiO 
end, and may stay without fiaar of any 
dang^.* Th^-eafter I fell asleep oalmlyt aa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


if I liad been under the protecdon of a 
■other's roof. 

'^Qnthefdkmingdayt Lpercelyediipwaiid 

tetlieLadjHhuiatrost walkiilgmtb thi^ 

kvekn darned on the caetk ramparts, 

'■"^ taU iHiite flowers that grew there, 

axl from whose blossoms, as they wayed in 

themormng air, there exhaled the sweetest 

«4wMi Often, however, the maiden wqit 

Uttcdf, and called akmd for Sit Frederick 

^^Sdekon. A&*such time the Bmda spoke 

M; ihe offered neither consolatkms nor pro^ 

MSi botonly fixed on the weeping girl her 

t^ou^itltil q^es, whose l^t. was ^agrs mild 

iodaoothing as the moonbeams^ or broke odT 

sUooQii^ qp>% from the white flowers that 

per there, and with i^ fSvoped her bumsng 

cheeks. A^ last too she sumg, old simple 

bdtdi, tin the ikiener w^s calmed, and even 

■ded with woip4Foya:.oheerfii}iesSf Such 

^ was the eonduct of Ifae white^robed 

^ efefj time when.the damsel^s brother 

aad the knight appeared, and with threat- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


enitig looks and angfy' vrairA^ dcnaiided 
her release. The Druda cmly smiled^ and 
looked on tJiem in sUence^ whereupon thdr 
angry words died away on thesr Ups like a 
moumAil agh, or changed into humble and 
patient entreaties. After they had^ thus oeme 
three times, they were on the ninth day all 
become mild, submissive, and pous. Then 
the Lady Minnalrost gave theai back the now 
smi&ig damsel, who^ soon afterwvrda was-* led 
to the altar, in peace and imaninity, batwurt 
her iMTother and the kn^t. Thereafter th^ 
all lived happily togeth^; nor were diere 
ever dissensions any more betwixt that chief 
and his vassals. 

*^ Many other stories are udd in that neigh- 
bourhood of the consolation which die won- 
derful lady of the castle has afforded to those 
in distress, especiidly to victims of unfortunate 
love ; so that she well deserves the name that 
is bestowed on her, unee her aid has always 
been aflbrded in the spirit of love and charity, 
not in that of violence or constvttnt.^ 

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B^i^lmdf Bvdiawaii with her brother in qocttoT the 
Lady Minnatrost. 

Br degrees, as the knigfat spoke thus with 
Utaster, and told her more and more sUnries 
^that wonderfid lady, his own feehngs, bo^ 
of mmd and bodj, became soothed and Iran'- 
tfuL He no loiter raved in feverish deH* 
rimn, but ariced cahnly for his unde; and 
wboi Sir Hiigh came into his apartment, 
•poke respectfblly and kindly, entreating for^ 
gnrenes^ if his words before had been wild 
od mibeooining. The old knight, therefore, 
often sat by his-eonch, but this was not long 
needful ; tbt aearody had the wounded youth 
Iwgim to obtain a victory over fab illness, ere 
lie went gaily fbrth into the fiddb and forests 
to enjoy the sports^ the chase, and sat with 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Sir Hu^ at the mid-day and eveniiig banquet, 
over full mantling goblets of old Hongaiian 
or Johannisberg. 

On the other hand. Bertha, whilst her Ixo- 
ther thus recovered his strength and qnrits, 
became every day more and more pale and 
melandidy. It was easy to peroave, that 
only her anxiety for Sir Heerd^^i^s life, and 
her wish to comfort the old knight, had 
bef(»re prevented her from falling into this 
Viood of sadness. Now, however, the two 
warriors sat together over th^ full brimming 
wine-ciqMB, enlivened <^t^ by the old mia. 
strel Walter, who came to entertun them with 
his hercHc ballads. Bertha meanwhile was )eft 
amid the woods and meadows,. like a poor 
lonely flower, wearing . out her life with 
melancholy dreams, mournful scmgs, and deep- 
drawn sig^s, amid the solitude of nature. 
Truly she would soon have faded quite away, 
even like the fair Lisberta, or like the hemit 
of $1^ Finland fiEcntiers, only diat her bn^ 
ther also knew these stories, and told tl^ 

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THE.VAfiiciBaMi: im 

Bmhft; so that alie ^kMir there: had be» 
gifaert fai the wcadd wliobid anffariiigs HMe 
her own. Yet die dui^ to hkm wlimjn m^ 
^mi eoaSdeoee whan he ^oke to her of 
the Lad J llumatvoat^ wd waa m heait 
rooked to think dial this pieiia Druda had 
not beai;flaarely apbaatem ndaad I9 the 
feveriA dzeams of her faratber^ bat that 
a. East Fiiesland there Beattjp.lired.a hcran^ 
ef ihatMuaie^ who waa alao her aeariektjoi^ 

fio^ notwithatandtng all thia^' ahe beoaaoe 
alwiqfa|ialer and more dMothfd in her awn 
laedifatainfy ao that the acaaaetjever qpoke ; 
and i^ien^ Sir Heerdq;e& queataaaied her, 
she need to^aoawer» << Alaal dear famtbu^ it 
Witt never be say jkii to aae iR ttia hfe^ie woo. 
d^rfal, lady, of whose Wfe and .ohariQr yeu 
have aaid so mudi* Bttt.bqfvmd the grave 
aie ibe realaaa aad habkationa of kfve,and it 
is tiBM me&iokay that .dflatfa^ like a gentle 
ale^ ahoiild.<jpae: iq^ tUe wodd. from my 
scases, that I mig^ awake « that; aanctaiaiyi'' 

These and .other wmla of the aame twour 

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were fitttUaUy rcptrtfed to S^ Hi^ by die 
Knight of lAohtonrkd, wbD added hereto, tbst 
if Berths were not^saoBooiidQoted to the casUe 
of die Lady ll^inatoMt, she would in a few 
months be departed to jxm her loTii^ anoes- 
tovs m hflBTMr. Sk* Hugh then sommom^d 
up all hia-reBollitiDn, directed that his nieoe 
abeuld be brought before him, and in a 
fidenm voice otd^fed that in a few days she 
should be prepflRPe^ to go with her brodier to 
the distant land' of East Frieslaend, whatv • was 
sttnated the castle of her aunt, named the 
Lady Mimiatrostw Bertha looked doubtfully 
and mournfiiUy at the old num, iriiose heart 
had dready been so-grieved by the departure 
of hisson» Therenpon Sir. Hugh laughed 
aloud; ** The foolish little bvd thmke, per- 
haps, that smdi im old ruined tower must 
fM to fneces if- she no loi^^er Gutters around 
itr He laughed again, went into another 
chamber, and shut the door; but whai alone 
the old kn^t wept Utterly. 

Afkerwards^ however, he ordered speedy 

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prepsratioiis to be made fyt their departure; 

so that, on the morning of the second day, a 

priftejr, wA a paddmrse^ the war-ateed of Sir 

H emlt^e i ^ and four aqoirBg^ ware wadym-d* 

cMtle court. Sir Shigh came down the wide 

fltmaae with the brolher and aiatar, fauMmii^ 

. tfl the way ma old song, r«nembered fimn the 

d^s of his youth. He embraoed diem eve 

they mounted^ then ibrood them toride away ; 

nd thmafiter went with the minotrd Walter 

to the nonpar^ seated himself silently on the 

grass, and gazed at Ae travellers as they 

proceeded always fkrther and ftirther along 

the {dams, now bright with the dews and 

raddy sun-gleams of the morning. The»D- 

^ipoo the minstid called to mind how he had 

before sat there with Bertha in the same 

plsee, when the young Sir Otto^waa ^urfing 

Us UgbtJ^fown charger across the meadow ; 

>nd, withoi;^ rdkction, led on by natural as- 

he bigaa'oaoo more the first 

^of thesoHgwhidi he had ehaunted on 

tttttoocanoB. Tba words were as follows:— 

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^' A walk old omb am I, 
No longer dare I loam 1^ 

Then the venerable knight, in great wiadi, 
seized hdd of him by the arm, and shook 
him heartily. In a thundering Toice too, 
like the roaring of a lion, he called out,-- 
<< Would^Bt thou mock me, then? I Bhall 
hurl thee do^ £rom the rampart into the 
vaUey boieath, unless thou oonfessest that 
the old grey-haired warrior hath yet strengdi 
in his limbs and courage in his heart T The 
minstrel was with these words dragged to 
the very edge oi the rampart; but, with- 
out changing colour or countenance, he 
looked the knight firmly in the face, say- 
ing,— ^^ If it be your pleasure to attack sd 
old man, nrfio is no warrior, but a minstrel, 
and at the same time your guest, do so in 
God^s name. That is your affair, not mine, 
and the nrfide adventure may soon be ended T 
Thcareupon Sir Hugh trembled vehemently, 
and let him go. ^< For Heaven^s sake forgive 
me r said he ; << you know that evil ifix^ 

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THE MAGIC Jtora 1«1 

here £DfiDefly exerdaed their power over me 
ID this life; andnow, when my solitary penance 
was begun, methougfat that a strange man 
had come hitbor to sing baUads, mocking me 
in the inopotence of mine old age. It was the 
sinuige man that I wished to ffing over the 
nmpart^ u q^i^gi ^33 forsooth a premier 
mode €i provii^ your penitence,^ said the 
vuMtrd. Sir Hug^ was for some moments 
skm and ashamed ;— at ki^th he saidy— • 
''lioiow not. Master Walter, if I can invite 
70a any more to join me over a goUet of 
wbe m die castle.^ <^ Wherefoire should yon 
Bot ?" answered the old poet ; ^^ we minstrels 
woe indeed unworthy of pxiteetion and 
pstmnge^ if we knew not- how to bear with 
Ae varying humours of irritable and yet noble 
annds.* Thereupon he fc^wed his venera* 
ble host into the fortress. 

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How the Lady Berth* wm ttmvtd in the I)racU!s castle. 

HsB&DSOEV and Bertha had now travelled 
for many days» and the nearer they ap- 
proaohed towards the shores of the North Sea, 
the damsel was the more cheerful, and the 
youth more disoontented* When Bertha 
questioned him why he was thus vexed, he 
answered,-— ^^ It seems to me almost as if I 
were now leading you into the cloister ; for if 
that wonderful lady has you once within ber 
walls. Heaven knows whether she will ever 
allow you to come again among mankind ; nor 
indeed, so far as I can judge by your own dis- 
position, will you ever wish again to leave that 
silent castle, with its flowers on the rampart, 

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and itsinooDligfat radkmce !^ *^ Well, dear 
lmtlier,*^aiiBiP«red the damsel, ^ that wouM 
only be the fulfilment of my own desires, 
wUdi, doubtless, you would not prevent.^ 
'^ It wore a loss to the worid,^ answered 
tfeerdegen ; <^ and I had gladly seen you led 
totheahar.'' << Ni^,"" said Bertha, «< we shall 
doubtless fed at the pious laiity^s castle all 
that is fittii^ for religious dudes, a chiqpel, a 
OTMB, and an altar.^ ^ It was not dnis,^ 
said HfeoidegeD, ^tbat I wislrad to be uadav 
sttiod;'' tfaeU' lodied cBsocmtentedly at his 
honsi^t fcet, while Berdia turned away, 
MuiJiiiig, and gaamif at the kmg grass aod 
■OMiu tfaatf gv^v around them; 

After such disoourse, she tfatmght to ren- 
der her bro t h er more tranquil, by praising 
dw beauty al the land through whidi diey 
BOW past, the green grassy hitti, winding 
stmms, and irerdant woods. To whidi he 
aati m edy~** In'the br^tdays<rf midsum- 
mer aU dtts i» indeed pleasant a<id ^ligfatftil ; 
but kt the winter once come on, with its 

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howling winds and deep fl&owe, while the 
loody hrfiitations of the poor inhebitnitft send 
up their smoke amid the pathkiBs wilder- 
ness, more like fiioeral piles than pleasast 
dwellingi, then you would oease to pnise the 
country ' whidi you now so much admkne.^ 
<< But at the casUe (^ the Lady MinnatrcM 
there are neifehcar snow-storms nor howliQg 
winds,^ said Bertha. Whereupon Heeid^en 
peevishly answered^— -<< Ay, ajs bo it has 
bett said. I myself hare never been there in 
the winter r Then he rode on in silence ; aad 
the more gloomy he afqpeared, the mom ear- 
nestly did Bertha, long to be with her wiMid«i> 
ful aunt, who mig^ by her magic spdls^ 
restore the knight to serenity. 

One day Sir Heerdeg^ seemed more than 
ever lost in deep reflecticMi, from whiA 
Bertha concluded that they were now near 
the end o£ thdr journey. Her heart heaved 
and beat with her own visionary espeotatioQ% 
while towards evening her brother, almosl 
with terror in his aspect, locAed nnmd finr 

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me hoiue of eittertaiiiment for trayellen ; 
int oodng was Tiflible but name loneljinose* 
eoicnd cottages. He sent oat both their 
Mndmts to ei^hnre in different directions ; 
>Bda% after hanring stood alill for some time^ 
kfciiodthat tbej did not return, he ordered 
AoBe who had charge of the packhone to 
vik there while he rode about with Bertha. 
Btt iQ the winding paths ol the wooded 
taoArj ihej soon lost thdr way altogether, 
tnad BO fitting house to rest m for the night, 
Bor ooald they even make their way back to 
tkeipot where he had desired the servants to 
vat fer Imn. The stars weve now shining 
Wght m hesven, and Sir Heerdegen suddenly 
Uted as they came to the foot- of a steep 
iioait ^ Qood Hesvensr aried he, '< if I 
wu^ Dot, we are come earlier to our jour- 
■qr's end than I had expected or widied. 
Ibv gladly^ dearest Bertha, would I have 
itili had you with me till the morning ! Look 
op towards the summit of the hill, and try 
vheiber by atarJi^t you can distinguirii a 

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fcurtress."' At that mom^t the fall moon, that 
was Dowraing, broke fnrth in refo^;eiKie from 
the east, and immedktely the windows of the 
castle were illuminated in g&ttering radianoe ; 
crosses too were seen gleaming on the towers 
and ramparts ; soft music came fioating from 
a£ur, throogh the woods, gently waved by the 
night wind. Bertha stretched out her arms 
towards the light, with looks of triumidi and 
rejoicing, while her brother struck Iris cuirass 
with his iron-gloved right hand, heaving a 
sigh of doubt and apprriiennon. 

Then, among the stems of some tall birch- 
trees, they saw approaching them a female 
form, tall and white, even Uke the trees, 
and with a green veH over her head and 
shoulders. Bertha thought Uiis must be the 
Lady Minnatrost; and when the veil was 
thrown back, and she beheld the mild gleam 
of her tranquil eyes, in which shone the spirit 
of innocence and peace, the damsel abated 
from her palfrey, and sunk down, kneeling on 
the grass before tiieDruda. Sir Heerd^en too 

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ftigot all bis doubts and dbeootrat. He 
AaaowaHed, bowed veq>ecdiilly, and wohed 

to ipeak of Bertha^ Tbit, but Ibe lady saidr- 
^hk enou^, all is already known to me ; 
tberefiore I came to meet the guests that were 
to me so heartily wefeome. Tins time you 
^ Sir HeerdegeD, shall go with us to the 
castle.'' ThereitpcMl she gsve a hand to OKfa, 
I^aang herself ifaetWeen them to lead them up 
the moantain, chauntiag all die way a song 
of whidi the silvery tones alone^ even without 
^otds, wne enough to inspire peace and 
iMppioess in the heart of every listener. 
They arrived in no long time at the fortress, 
^^here Sir Heerdq^en kindly, and without ex- 
pitanag any low qiirits or displeasure, took 
ks^ of his sister. It seemed as if he had 
never, during h» whde Kfe, known difficult 
ties, or been roused to anger.' They convers- 
ed all three kindly and oGoidentially with 
cMh other, appointing certain days on which 
he was to oome to die casde, in order to visit 
Beidia. Then be walked (oourteoudy kisong 

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his iroD ^^ove tod wsTiiig his hdmet) down 
the mcHiBtain, while Bertha went widi the 
aauliiig Lady Miimatrort 'uAo Ae huumoii* 

The gate opened^ and dien doeed imme- 
diately bdiifid thena.; wheieupoa Berdia p^^ 
ceived with surpriae, that they had to cvqes a 
small lake <tf the {mrest water, whereiii the 
moon and stars were reflected m all thar love- 
liness. A bark came, seU^iaqpdfedy floating 
towards them, in which they took their places, 
and were gently ferried across. Berdia per- 
eeived immediately, on the ramparts and 
towers, the waving and fragrance oi the tall 
white flowers of which her brodier had qx>ken 
with her when he lay on his sick-bed. Now 
she understood for the first time the full foftce 
of his descripticms, when she was sailing on 
the tranquil waters of that lak^ with the 
odours of those white flowers bathing her tem- 
ples, and floating around her. From the 
building within ciEune the sound of harps and 
cymbals^ as if in friendly salutation; and when 
the two voyagers had disendNyrked, and bc^gun 

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towilkdinM^libekiac^multod halls, those 
plottHit sounds became always hNidor and 
SKue artkulate* Every room was iUumhiated, 
^ vUi a mild pensrre light ; for it was from 
the r dfaihio of the ftdl mooD, by mirrors so 
contmed, that her rays were multiplied and 
cast wi&out diadow on every object. At last, 
mtaring into a great hall with Grothic arches, 
Bertha peroeiYed whence had arisen that 
irniac with which her senses had before been 
v^e&eshed and delighted. This apartment 
VIS filled with wonderful mechanism, such as 
DO artisan could imitate. Golden rings, 
9elf4Doved, turned round their endless circles, 
sad as they touched eadi other, produced 
the' most exquisite melody. These rings 
aim Kt in motion the cymbals, and awoke 
the harp-strii^^s, which were stretched, like 
I magical net-work, between the pillars. 
Bertha was now able to imagine how that 
^id must have been soothed into refresh- 
ing sleep, as her brother had described; 
^ too, having seated herself on a soft couch, 

▼OL. I. H 

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170 TtiS KMUC EIKO. 

Mm lost hemtf in plcMUit dreans; tttm 
which, if at timet she half awoke, she bdield 
and heard those magic rings drcliiig around 
her, and the tranquil eyes, with ther moon- 
like radiance, of the walchfel Druda. 


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rail MAOic MVG. 171 

A» At Uij Btrthft VM left alooe lo the Dnidft's cMlle. 

HiiwmnawAm]> Berth&^s fifb m the castle 

VM ^KDt •$ if ia the threshold between two 

wkfa^ oae while oeeufned with childish 

piq^ ttid at anoth^ with gleams of higher 

viakn, derived fit»B sources mysterious and 

bt^ ranote. As her btolhar rode up now 

ad then to the gates^ she sfxd^ with him 

fnok tbe ralnpartSy tdd him of all the won- 

^ tkat she had bdidd, aad how happily 

dtt now liyed« He, oq the other band, 

i^Qioed, that her cheeks wore the rose of 

iHrith, oostraattng with the white flowers by 

wladi the was there surrounded ; and m they 

<fan^ parted finom eacb other in hope and 

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Among other amusements, Bertha was 
especially delighted with a certain mirror, 
which, surrounded by strange talismanic 
characters, was placed against the wall of a 
retired chamber. When the Druda, for die 
first time, withdrew the dark red curtain by 
which it was covered, she said to the damtel, 
— " There, child, divert yourself for a space 
with the varied imagery which you will be- 
hold in that glass. For the present I have 
serious duties to perform.^ Bertha then 
stood alone before the mirror, trembling and 
doubtful what she was to expect to see there; 
but in a few minutes a new world seemed 
starting into life within its sphere ; land- 
scapes, men and women^ towns and castles. 
At one time the scene presented a wide 
sea, on which ships were sailing for pur- 
poses of merchandise or warfare, now under 
a bright smiling sky, now amid storms an! 
dark thunder-clouds. Then she beheld had 
church aisles full of people assembled ifll 
prayer, or great squares of a city, with em 


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THE IdAQlC BmO. 173 

doBed lists, and km^ts engaged in desperate 
aeooBtera. These last Bertha was unwilling 
Wlo^k upon; for they fcnrced her to reflect 
00 the combat between the Chevalier de 
Moadauoon and Count ArchimbaM von 
Wildeck, whence arose all her suffSnings. 
Again, however, the mirror changed the 
aoene to the intmor of a magnificent castle, 
where a great king was seated on a throne, 
aDdsroiiDd him were many knights and ladies. 
Then there were viuble Moorish towns, with 
their strangely attired inhabitants, in long 
dretaes, on the streets. Of all the pictures, 
iMmever, that by which Bertha was most inte- 
rated was a wild rocky country, answering to 
the descriptions which she had oftentimes 
heard of Norway and Sweden* On one of the 
hfghett cliffs^ there was an old moss-grown 
*>ttch4ower, from which, through a single 
^uidow, there gleamed a steady li^t, pale 
ndeed, like departing moonshine; and on this 
obfect the damsel could have gaaed for hours 
together, believing, that in that lonely abode 

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•be flight yet fiwd odOMkitkin Ibr aN her 
whftivnniM. These thoi^fats die eften 4e^ 
•cribod to the Lady IffiHMtniit, irtM» antf^^ 
her,~<« That ioUtaty tr«»db-timer) by whieh 
7«Qr attentioB has beta thm atCNMed, lies 
£n*T«Kote in the cold dinaaite of the aorth. 
I most very soon aoake a journey thith^> 
bat, alas! yon cannot go with meT Swdi 
discourse only made Chose northern reidms to 
die damsel mote and more interestiiig ; «ml 
neip>er was she socahn and contented in spirit, 
as when -the rocky latndscape with ^e pale 
beacon4igfat came before her in the mirror. 

Late<yne*evening the friendly Drifda csntfie 
out with Bertha en one of the lofty watefa- 
towers of the castle, where oiFer thdr heads 
was, only the *elear azure of h^ven, and 
the ni^t air was fiQed wkh fragrance front 
t!he snow-white flowers. The Brada then 
fixed her eyes ^m the starry sky ; and^ by kcr 
)ook« and gestures, it seemed to the inaiuiil 
as if h^ myMimooe compainon not only mm 
the stars, but listened to exquisite melody. 

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. 38K MAOIC Blira^. 176 

At kit Bertfat knke tke long paoae^ audi 
«id»<.^ Ofiutit hdy^ yoa fisten waldrfoUy^ 
Si if JOB lieKd the ondiag gold ri^gs m 
loor gicat hall, and yet all ii ale&t T >< Do 
I not hear thentT said the Dradk whh a 
aode of laptuve. ^ To you, indeed, my 
dor cluld, all is alent Bat erexi as the 
goUea circles sometimes sevobre m the 
kaU bttieath, so in the hmming hoondless^ 
Aaaken ci heaven are ever movii^ those 
Uened ipheres whidi we call the stars, and 
Boond io beautQonsly, that all other miuic 
compared with them ;b discord, even wese it 
the loveliest that has ever been heard on 
cvtfa. Only the diosen votary whose heart 
and fifidingB are in unison with Uiose sounds 
TBUj hear them; oAets most be content to 
Uieve and wonder; or sometimes, for a Cran- 
■ent ^laoe, they are vinted by such melody 
IB their dmons.^ 

The daaasel now loolLed at her amt with a 
tuA snd anxioitt gaae; fi»r she had of late 
^ nore dense to leam the mysterious arts 

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176 TH£ MAGIC BmO. 

of which she had heard so much, than of that 
awe with which they had before inapifed hear. 
She wa9 therefore now ready to beg that the 
Lady MiAnatrost would initiate her in the 
true science of those wonders by which she 
was suiTounded. Perceiving her design, 
however, the lady cast on her a look, at wfaidi 
she recoiled and trembled. *< Foolish child,^ 
said she, in a severe tone ; << of what art thou 
now dreaming ? Think^st thou that, because 
these mysteries have contributed to thy enter- 
tainment, they are in truth no more than 
a game which the young and unexperienced 
may play at ? The chosen votary, on whom 
such gifts are conferred by Providence, must 
bear with her lot as she best can, for such 
knowledge is often a cause ot fearful suf- 
ferings. Thmk^st thou, that I have always 
lived in this castle ? that I have always been 
thus lonely, and never borne my diare in the 
pleasures of the world ? Alas ! it is far other- 
wise. I once led a happy life among my fel- 
low mortals; but the science conferred on 

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me disturbed my peace, tbou^ that was in- 
deed no fault of mine. Now I am called 
Minnatrost, and truly, as the name imports,. I 
hare consolation for the grief of others ; but, 
aks ! none for my own sorrows.^ Thereupon 
the lady began to weep, and, as if wearied, 
leaned her head on the damsePs bosom, whose 
heart was deeply moved ; for she had before 
only seen her wonderful aunt in the mood of 
cheerfulness and serenity. Now she dis- 
covered that the Druda had experienced, 
like others, her share of joy and suffering in 
this wcM'ld ; she embraced her fervently, and 
wee{Hng also, said,— *^ Dearest aunt, how 
unspeakably I love you !^ The Lady Minna- 
trost, however, soon resumed her composure. 
^^ If thou indeed lovest me so dearly,^ isaid 
sb^ in a kind though solemn tone, << this 
must be proved by thy care, that for the 
future we may live together. I must now 
make a long journey, even as fEur as to that 
M watch-tower in Sweden, which has afiimL 
ed you so much pleasure wh^ it appeared in 

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Che mirtor. It is true, that I tmyel more 
iquiekly than otlier mortals, yet the journqr 
is long, the bunness important, add kmg 
must be otir separation. In the mean^riiile, 
then, live redred and peaceably, look not often 
through the windows, and, if thou wilt be 
guided by my counsels, walk seldom or never 
on the ramparts. During thb time thy bro- 
ther will not af^ar at the castle, for I have 
already informed him by a messenger that he 
must not come hither; yet thou shalt not 
want for pastime: the mirror will un^iM 
its rarest and most varied scenery ; the goMen 
rings, the harps and cymbals, will delight you 
with their mtii^ ; the lake r^fledt the jdeaaant 
moonriikle, and the flowers give out tbar 
fn^rance, even as if I were here jn-esent 
But, dearest child, remember that thou ' 
riioukl^st not with thine own hand wilhJbMr 
the curtain from the mirror, attempt not to 
titme the golden rings when they wte stffl, 
atid'tttfvertoudi the flowers. When^ouhlttt 
Med of ^amght, forltast formed aay wteh, tii^ 

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ang a ballad to thy lute, or play on it a lew 
ootei, and thy denies wiU be fulfilled. 
Have patienc e, dear diild, be obedient and 
humble in spirit; then we shall live toge- 
tho*, and all wiU turn out wdL^ 

With these words she kissed the astonished 
dimsd, and in silenoe returned to her chamber. 
Od the following morning Bertha sought all 
through the castle ibr the Lady MinnatTost, 
but in vain, for she was no where to be iound. 

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How the Lady Bortha fled tima the Ihuda** caitle. 

Bbktha had spent, several days of solitude 
in calmness and peace. From the great 
hall she was serenaded by delightful music ; 
the mirror had displayed all her favourite 
landscapes; and, though she was without 
any companion, and had the sole charge of 
the castle, yet her duties were by invisible 
hands rendered so light, that they seemed 
like a mere game contrived for her ent^- 
tainment Thus, one afternoon Ae stq>ped 
into the bark, in order to enjoy for some time 
the cool fragrant air cm the water. The day 
was so lovely, that even the light fleecy clouds 
in heaven ajqpeared to dance for joy as timj 
were driven along by the sephyrs ; diere wave 

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«Iio numbokss augaig birds that came flying 

iQund tbe castle towers, playing and chasing 

eieh other amcmg the white flowers that grew 

(IttcoiL Th^ seamed to her like ambas- 

*i^ bearing joyful tidings from tbe world 

*i>cfc she had been forbid to look upon, and 

Jtt iaaniaibly the wish grew upon her, diat 

At migfat indulge in one fleeting glance from 

<nt these lonely walls. ** What harm,^ said 

^ to hcfself^ ^' could possibly come of this P 

It is doubtful even whether I hare ri^tly 

Qadsrstood tbe lady^s admonition. Merely to 

look for a moment on that worid, of whidh I 

«ss born to be an inhabitant, cannot surely 

btre eril coviseqaences.^ Almost as soon as 

die thought was formed bad Bertha tutiMd 

the btfk again towards the Aore, and le- 

Meied the castle. Then, as her annt^ m- 

*iielioii» not to look oat from ibe wki- 

(kiMB had been leiss stmt thaa ag^umttnlk* 

■V «D the. ramparts, ^he* thonj^ that tke 

fmeiimr. ssiftc ii immi iid and dkUmaeer ^ 

tpiekiy thftittgk dK itsvituig gavdcn 

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4if AM V* white flowers, and enttring a chai^^ 
•^ the windaw of whidi Ae had ofiben seen 
her aunt when die was speftlmg with her 
bEOther fjram the battlements. In this room 
.there was nothing mysterious, and imme- 
diatefy Bertha drew open the lattice, with its 
pnnted glass, and began to gaze out over the 
wide landseape. 

From hence she indeed bdield a beautifiil 
proqpact acroK rich-blooming meadows and 
▼alleys towards the sea, on which the son 
now shone with full refulgence and ^ory. 
There too she saw a beuitiful island, which 
Jay with its verdant woods like a gieen 
ameraki amid the bhie watas. A stnage 
anood of mind now came over the koeiy 
dbmsel. She felt attracted towards that 
island with an .irresistible knq^ing, andocadd 
4Mit bdp believing that Sir Otto von Tnnt- 
wmgm imeit thereon, that Ik had built 
Jbr 'hauaolf a hevmitage under the gnn 
ahadeof Abe laeaa, whose be had luunilalJy 
ifeigat tiiea«tractiDna'of the MaMei 

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and waited aoxiotialy lor tbe rettppearaiiee 
rf his beloml Bertba. At firat tUs ma 
ikea drenn, bot evory moment its inflttenee 
becuK mcxe powerful, and had more ot n- 
^. She thoagbt that she could cBsth^guiah 
UooHog gardens, parterres, aod winding 
^a&My which Sir Oito had ooltivated around 
iuB hmnitage ; and soon afterwards she mark- 
ed a boat approachii^ the shore, floating about 
00 &e snn^illumined waters, in which the 
oodU eiearly distinguisb her brother^s Bgure. 
Tbem were his va*y gtstur es^ " h is farm,-— 
dK colour and fashion of his garmeals! 
^'GoodHeayenr said die, ^ if indeed be 
dMBld have found Otto in that island, if he 
dkNildlunre been reconciled to his fimner ad- 
^fmmjf aad wish to bring ase aeroes ?"* Thne- 
iAar it seemed ^as if Sir Hecrdegen weavad 
awlitarhaBdkerdiief,.siahii^her'8igw; bAt, 
«luaha hnd dnlWA off Jier veil to/ret«mtbe 
dgmly afau ^aar withbeldaby an iiiwaai4eiiOT, 
MliHBtilycfaeed^ibeiwiiidww. With daq> 
she now thoi^fat on Ihe good 

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kind Lady Minnatrost.; how sad and affi^ 
tionate had been her behaviour on the night 
of her departure, and she wept bitterly, 
-because tbe had been even once disobedient 
to her injunctions; yet, so weak are we, poor 
mortals, in resisting temptation, that she 
ooukl not, even now, divert her thoughts 
firom the island and the boat, and, by way 
of defence against herself, she said many 
times aloud, *^ Thank Heaven, I have not 
even the keys of the castle-gate !^ Suddenly 
the recoUection occurred to her, that she 
knew very well where they lay, and her 
anxiety increased every moment, fen: she knew 
not where to seek for help and ooneolation. 
. Anxious to find any object that might 
.divert her attentbn, she ran to the dumibcr 
whoein was stationed the wonderful mimnr. 
On the way. she brushed, with het garments, 
a chair on which she had hud her hite, and 
inmediately it sounded, as if her onoe fa- 
vvMirite companioB addressed to her words of 
adncmttidn and reproftch ; for the Lady Min- 

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THE HA0IC uma 185 

natrost had oamnuuided her to play on A^ 
late, if she widied fbr ud, or had any deate 
to gratify. Bertha, however^ was too mudi 
aptated to attend to sounds so Hght and 
gentle; she ran breathless into the chamber, 
and though the gkss was covered widi a 
red curtain, which hung over it in deep mys- 
tmous folds, yet, in a mood of wild forget- 
fulniett, she drew it suddenly away. 

Ofer the whole surface of the mirror 
there was then a dark waving and heaving, 
Kke that of a stormy sea, as if its creations, 
'Mhly looked upon, ere they were perfedt, 
Auimed the light, and, therefore, were con- 
torted in frightful indeterminate shaped. 
Thereupon Bertha wished to draw the cur- 
taio orer it ; but as she was about to touch it 
vidi her trembling hand, the fortns whidi it 
presented b^an to whirl in circles with such 
vehemence, that she was terrified, and re- 
iQttned motionless.' At lakt there came for- 
^ard the %ure of a man, pale aiid agitated; 
and with the expresaon of wild anger on his 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

116 TBS MMsa warn. 

Aitnres. UnwiUnigljr Beidia recognised in 
tlM figme her farodier Heerd^oi. On fak 
iioid wai pkoed wmewhat like golden vul- 
tove^i winge, and ibe knew not whedier lie 
wore a hdmet in tkis ttushion, or if it w&re 
indeed a Tnlture, whose attacks had dios 
made him pale and enraged. While she re- 
fleeted on this, a fenale £gure, wounded and 
Ueeding, made its appearance, and lookii^ 
on it but for a moment, Bertha screamed 
aloud, <^ Hare mercy. Heaven!^ fer she 
re cog ni sed lliat .the features were her own. 
Tenified by this phantom, and eren by the 
sound of her own voice, she rushed out oi the 
chamber into ^ hall, in which hung the 
golden rings* They were now olent and 
motionless, as if held by invisible bands, and 
at this time, above all others, Beitha would 
lunre rejoioed in die slightest sounds of their 
former mnnc ; 'for it seemed to her disoidered 
fiMitasy, as if the fearful shapes in the mirrar 
had started out into leal life ; that' they man 
moving through the fqMrtacntwlnoh sbe hod 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


kft liiih iwdbg gmmfemm wd iWBiliBg 
gkd TTOrtM lilt hsf^ ben^ 
if the vagie nag^ die lHurpi» mkI 
rrj^ibili, IumI oTtrponrcned tiMse iMsfel 
mkI die Mrrw by ^irfakli Iht hemrt 
oppceised! Iheu die, indeed, re- 
manbond Un 1«#7% iwttvctioM, diat by a fcw 
Bolet on her lute Ae wum t» obtain whate v er 
die'vidiedforindus eaobantedaade. Bat, 
dtt ! ber ^oioe irat jvndored yu n ml eis by 
Aar, and in order to -obtain her lute, die 
taMt have pa«ed Bgm duoof^ the fi;q;htfnl 
qMTtaiefltwkh tbemtttor. Horror dqnrved 
iMrofaUaetffOflaennoB; ao^hat, aaif super- 
utaraily ooaipettcd, Ae toadied one of the 
gddoi rii^;— jmnediatelytheyanbiganto 
Biofe and to aound aloud ; bot, das ! not in 
lia nu a ni u tan miric. Tbeir tones were Use an 
awfbl nmctufe of diaider and tompeatuooa 
«tad%w hoarse Toaringaa of wildbeaata,— 
then Ihetevas dw cbofaiBg of airovds aam 
httde, and at internris arose Jamntable maan** 
^g»i^ctf the II i— d id ^aod 4pag. M^^Hf^ 

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tkie,4/igat h^pok t» tua in fttrieus haite ; the 
mmea wem mote and mote hidaotn, aooom- 
pmied too hj yells of .imeartUy teidiah 
Iwgbter ; so thi^ Bartha was attadced hj 
fiwrful^dinesa, and could acaroely iupport 
herself. There was then a loud knoddng itt 
t;he door, which oommMnteated with the 
chamber of the mirror* Bertha thought she 
CQuld not refirain fiwm calling out, << Who is 
there ?^ And that she woold'then be ans wered 
by her own Yoioe,-<-that she would bebcM 
lier own form enter, pale, didievdled, and 
Ueeding,-^at the horrid spectre would 
stretdb out its arms to seixe upon her ! Half 
delirious, she rushed out of the hall, ran along 
the corridor down ^airs, and through the 
court, till she found herself on the banks of 
the lake, which, instead of b^ng s»*ene and 
s^ as before, now heaved and. raged with 
waves like those. of a stormy sea! All was 
mdeed changed around her; most of the 
white flowers had grown blood*red, and 
waved downwards like flames from the nan- 

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P«t8» at tf thfestemng md ngnljr iigvut 
her. How yms her tersor Mgpmntiwlj Imru 
ewr, when^ on guihig Ae oppoAle bank of 
the Uce, iim remenibeMd ibat ihe had sac 
\mnf^ Ae kays of die gate! Shaold ri» 
now mum to that aoene of hoitors? Sodi 
tttonpi would have been vain, as she fell 
tbat utter madneas would ensue. Sosheian 
oawvd, calling aloud on her brodier» though 
die id^ bare'wdl known, that within these 
^^fUs he oould not rend^ her assistance. 
But the gates stood wide opeo> while their 
ponderous wings moved as if agitated bjr a 
humcane, threatening to dose, and cmsh to 
desth any one who would Tenture beyond the 
pcvtaL However, the damsd took courage, 
and mdied forwards. Scarcely was she on 
tbe other ade, when the gates closed with a 
bomble crash ; so that, perodiving how nar- 
nnrly she had escaped with life, she fled, swift 
tt an arrow, down the hUl, and when arrived 
ia the jdain beneath, sunk down on the 
gRNmd, exhausted and motionless. She heard 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

am mH Mbt llie wiiauting af Toiees, md 
eoniued durfiiiig of arraeor and weapoM, 
and on half rsoormag bar adf^possesaiaR, 
pefcehred dttt she was carried in liar biollierV 
ams, and diivt ba aaid, aa if comMning with 
himself, *^ We must hmg her into Ae boat, 
and crossover to the island, for die people 
here are mad with terror at tiie horrid sights 
on the eatde naapaits.'* Then Bertha, re^ 
membering the j»ospeet which she had seen 
from the window, faintly whispered, ** Oh 
jes ! let us go to that belofied island T But 
thereafter sbe a^am closed her eyes, weariecl 
and insensible. 

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Of a MbleomKwt betwixt SiiHeade^ ud the Kzugbt 
^ oftheSou 

HAvnoooee more awoke, ahe^ fowid herself 
rcdMgon the turf » h er brodier kneefing 
hokle ber, aad aBxiouriy emjkjeA for her 
ncDfay. Still die beard the same wild 
flmaraziag of Toiees and dang of wea- 
pool from the main land, and then look* 
mg «t die boat whksh had brought them 
acroK, ^ Thank Heayen,"* said die, ^ that 
we at now in the idand T ** Aj, truly,'' 
wid her biodier, ** we sate safer here; for, on 
aeeomtt of the thundering noises and fright- 
M flghts at the Druda'*8 castle,, the people 
bate all risen up in arms, partly to assist the 
lady, whom diey supposed in danger, and 
partly to attack each other, since the (fisturb- 

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anoe in her hitherto silent. and- peaceful dbode 
seems like a signal for the renewal of their 
contentions. That is indeed no longer a fitting 
habitatbn for a timid damsel; and we must 
endeavour to remove from it as far as pos- 
^Ue.^ << Wherefore ^then should we leave 
this island ?^ said Bertha ; << here surely we 
might remain in peace and joy. Fcdlow me, 
for I already know whither we should go." 
With these words, she stept boldly onwards 
into the green thick^ts^ opnviaoed that die 
diould find there the hermitage . of her 
lover, Sir Otto von Trautwangen, according 
to the visionary prospect which die had 
beheld from the window of the lady's castle. 
Her brother thought, that what she had now 
said might be the reisult of secret information 
received from the Lady Minnatrost, and went 
silently after her into the woodland coverts. 

There, however, they found no flowery 
parterres, nor gravel walks, nor aught which 
she had expected at her lover's habitation. 
Bertha, however, was not discouraged, but 

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TH£ VAGK BOIO. • 193 

p cw iste c l m ber search. She was eren 
tcaqMed to call abod cm Sir OUo hj muDe, 
oaly that die waa afraid of rousng her 
brother to anger. Meaiiwhile» the- brandies 
of the treea beeame alwajrs mcMPe and mote 
iamdj interwoven ; thrir roots always made 
the damp ground more uneven; serpents, 
too^ and other reptiles, disturbed bj the 
unaocostoBied ' tread of human visitors, 
were viable, writhing or crawling among 
the tan graaa. At kagth the dear l^t 
af the ooeaa waves i^ypeared onoe more on 
the other sde of the island; and on readi- 
ing the shore, Bertha <mly found a wild 
country, where the evoang sun was now 
AfdHing his'.rays upon old B nick tombs 
sad monuments, and the wind rustled moom- 
fiilly among the hixutiant moss and tall 
gnsB by which they were covered. Weep- 
lag bitterly, the diaappoiirted damsd sat 
Awn on one of these old tombstones, and, 
vitfa a painful lading of resignatimi, ezdum- 

VOL. J. I 

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ed,— ** So then, all tliat I wa« dei^ed to 
find on this Island was but a grave r* The 
more that her brother questioned and tried to 
console her, the more her affliction increaaed. 
, She felt all the bitterness of disappointment 
and shame at the self-confidence which she 
had just before shewn. 

Sir Heerdegen, perplexed and mortified, 
began to pour forth reproadies on the myste- 
rious lady of the castle, by whose magic arts 
he supposed that she had been thus led astray. 
On the first mention of the Druda^s name, a 
new source of regret and sorrow was opened 
for the unfortunate Bertha. She cailed to 
mind once more the solemn admonitions, die 
aflbctionate embraces, the heart^lrawn tears 
df her aunt at their last interview, and the 
hopes then expressed of the futwe happineii 
that was in store f6r them. She becama 
quite overpowered by these melancholy refleoJ 
tions, and her brodier^ impatience incrtaaiiij 
every moment." At lei^h diey heard 

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ibem tbe aoupd of « dear and jmiodiom 
fnude voice,, whiflh niag a f<Nr iracd% of 
wbich tke inpoirt.was as ioOows :-^ 

^SaMDiiTCd bo W l €II | W WI I M gIMB, 

Bmr cblak Cdt iMVMiiDMty I WMB.** 

Xookkig vp. Bertha saw a tali female 
figoie walkiag i^xnit on the sea-shoBe, some- 
iBiet atoopnig down as if to {dock flowers 
«fMi the turf, ' souietiines poOnig leaves from 
hraaAes ov^'her head, all which she threw 
ial9 agreat golden cop under her arm. Over 
the seek and rftmihlere of this stranger waved 
hmuriaol bkmd tresses ; and when die bent 
down ber head, theyfell abo Kke a^eil over her 
features. Mw worearicMy-embrcnderedgar- 
msiit, (audi «8 betokened ber to be of high 
rank,) but caffdesslj girdled, and with the 
tUrts Added «p, as if for a journey* From 
• bdt round her waist hung a iaige glittering 
svoid, and from her neok bdiind were sus- 
puded « bow and tpnver. She continued 
het emfioymamt in cdlecting plants, all the 
dde nnging a wild raelodj, to which the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


brother and sister Mstened^ fttfgettifig for a 
space tfaeir own sorrows; for the figure of die 
stranger had irresktibfy attracted their atten- 
tion^ and her mudc too was audi as they 
had never brfore heard. Her songs aUuded 
throughout to scmie ^Oraordiaary drink, 
which rendered warriors futmis in bottle, and 
altogether invincible, as if they wove eaohantod 
armour. Every stansa, however, dosed with 
soft mdancholy notes, whereby she caatioaod 
the 'Stranger against drinking too .fiedy : 
the cup which possessed such power of i 
tion. Just as the mystenoas atfanger 
bending down to the grassy shore, Hectdegen 
happened involuntary to eKoliiafi,— *< 6«od 
Heavens, how beautafiil mustbehericalurcar 
Whereupon sbe suddenly reared herself in her 
full hdght, like a tall pine4«ee, and the 
beauty of hw countoiaaoe, being fiiUy reveid- 
ed, gleamed with a sun-like splmdaur thxoi^ 
that desolate wilderness. Her Jatge bbie cgres 
.flashed with angor, and in a stani tfareateimsg 
tone, she said,— ^^ You have disturbed me ! 

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Wliat ImoU it BOW this mUd waefiaouA eveok 
wgi Wbatcnilsk thi^ «> nuuy bri^t and 
praekwa flo««n «re ttttendded T Wkb these 
woitb she wiplied the gokko cQp^ so that 
kflrooBeeled ti«a$ttre» were aeattertd <hi the 
tmi Sir He icdsgco wished to draw nearer 
sad \ttg her fin-gikeness; bat immediatdy 
the waahiwthpd her sword^ and made him a 
ai^thsthe waa.loke^atadiataiice* Then 
dMstafiped solemidj oo to the water^ hmk^ 
teak her pbce id a boat which was diere 
vsitii^ brheTf and mtb the atroigth and 
fapidity ot a practised rower, made her ,way 
(mtwmtmg the waves, sqoh afterwards difwp 
psanng behind a wooded poonso^tcxy. The 
bnnher and rater looked alter her with asto- 
n i thimut ; and asb afta m ptuis^ they were 
dxNtt to ex|NPesB their thoui^ts. Bertha sud- 
deniy started upb and cried oat, ^* Look y<md^, 
dmest brother 1 What objeq^ are those that 
vateand rock ofcr the woods? Methinksthey 
sehkethemaatsof agpreatfleet^ JUx>king 
m thediredioo to whidi shahad pointed. Sir 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ion THE MA6IC mite. 

Hectdegen perceived not indeed ship-nuntSy 
but the heads df enortnous balbeits, which 
rose above the oopse^wood, and were moving 
towards him. In a short tim^. many of the 
warricnrs, by whom these weapons were car- 
ried, stepped out of the thidtets. These were 
gigantic figures cased in iron ctnrasses, which 
rung and rattled at every step, and bearing 
great shields covered with brass on thar kft 
shoulders. Sir Heerdegen started up, add 
laid bis hand on his sword ; but, lo ! firom ds? 
oth^ side, there came out of the wood an 
eqiial number of armed men ! A handsome 
yduA, in a haiiA)tfk that bhone Kke gold, 
with a high towering helmet, surmount^ 
strangely by vukure^s wings, stepped for- 
wards from the Utcfj pointed with bis spear 
at the bnrtber and siister, and fiaid, *^ IVJce 
them prisonen, and bear them oH sftdj^KMud f* 
^< What right hast thou over us, who are 
freebom f^ ssad Sir Heerdeg^, drawing hn 
sword, and wielding it with desperate resolu- 
tion. << Walk behind me, Bettha,^ said he, 

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*^ and whoever dares first attack us^ shall 
with his life pay the fprfeit of his insolence !^ 
Tl^ all around there was a quivering of 
jayefins r^adj to be sept a^nst the unfor- 
tunate young people ; b«|t the leader in the 
goUeQ annear called out^ *\ Pown with your 
arms 1 1 will have them living !^ Whereupon 
the javelins were laid aside; but the broad 
diidds were ranked together like a wall of 
brass, and an impenetrable circle was always 
dcawn closer and closer round the helpless 
victims. *< Fy on this abuse of over-strength !^ 
coed Sir Heerd^^en; ^* if thou in the golden 
haroeis hadst courage in thy heart,^ and wert 
a knight as I am^ this contest might be de- 
aded in another way I'' " Halt I'' cried the 
young leader, and the giants with^ their 
bnuen shields stood as if motionless. There- 
after he came alone within t^e circle, pli^^ 
himself opponte to Sir Heerde^en, leaned on 
the hilt of his lopg sword, and sud, << Darest 
thou theu maintain that thou art a knight, 
«k1 yet wear^ no iirmour?*^ <* Did I then 

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come forth prepared for battle?'* inquired 
Sir Heerdegen. <' I was this evening en^ 
gaged in peaceable conversation with my 
sister, and for what reason could I suppose 
that we should be thus attacked ?** " That 
should have been provided for,^ said the 
stranger ; " if you have withheld from me the 
tributary dues which I have a right to de- 
mand, then I take in lieu of them whatever 
best pleases me, and bear it on board my 
ships. Now it so happens, that my pleasure 
is to take both of you along with me, al- 
though, in your weatherbeaten doublet and 
cap, you make an appearance very different 
from that which your chiefs are wont to dis- 
play.*^ ** In this land I am heither chief nor 
vassal,^ said Sir Heerdegen. ^< I am a 
stranger ktiight ; and as for gorgeous apparel, 
on that head I give myself no concern.^ 
<< In truth, that may be plainly enou^ 
perceived,^ said the leader with a soomful 
stnile; ^^ and as for thy knighthood, who 
knows whether thy words on that subject be 

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true or fake. Take them prisoners f^ Th^re- 
upofa the circle of brasen shields b^an once 
more to close together; but gir Heerdegen 
«ried out, << Halt !^ in such a thundering voice, 
that the iron-cased giants stood motionless, as 
if thgr had heard the commands of their own 
leader. *< I recognise you now for Normans,^ 
said Sir Heerdegen. ^^ Your language, 
%arefl, and dress, leave me no doubt on that 
score. Ncnrmans should be valiant champions, 
who love angle combiU, whether with the 
lance or the sword, and every noble and 
darii^ encounter. I, therefore, challenge 
thee, thou leader of this band, to. try thy skill 
and 8tren^;th with me in arms. Let the con- 
queror decide what is to become of me and 
of my sister.^ '* Ay, that indeed must be 
listened to,^ said the youth with the golden 
annour. ^^ Give room then, soldiers, and • 
make a fitting circle around us; for I now 
perceive that we have to do with a true 
kn^t But there is first one question to be 
tnswered^ Canst thou iideld our weapons, for 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

I hate DO others to dSint thee F" *< DoA tlum 
look on me as an inexperienced boy P* mid 
Sir Heerdegen. ^ A irarrior who has sfieiil 
90 mudi of his time in the wild regions of die 
north as I have done, should metbinks know 
how to use arms as ponderous as any that 
thou art likely to offer me. €Uve me then a 
spear and a massive siiield.^ Thereupon tbe 
leader commanded, that a fine coat of maU^ a 
helmet, and target, should immediately be 
brought, also a number of the best jav«diii8» 
among which he Icfft his opponent Uie free 
choice. ^< As for swords,^ said the stranger, 
** I have not ordered them to be provided, aa 
I perceive that thou hast one by thy i^de, 
and that which we have already worn and 
proved, is among us warriors like on old 
friend, in whom, at the hour of need, we can 
best confide.** 

Sir Heerdegen then began to arm himself 
for battle, at which the stranger assisted, 
^ying) ^ Canst thou now perceive that I 
am a true icnight P At first I knew not so 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

wdl vhi^ wei^ thy pyeteniiont, nor if I had 
QD§i who was mj^ual in birth^and in comi^ 
before nf. Since thou hast uayelled m the 
Mifisfthy it most jijNjlbabij be known to the?^ 
|ha| we tnj^t^ of the sea, pot only can main* 
tain our xigbts on the battle-field> but can 
alao shew towards our oppcnients forbean^nfi^ 
and courtesy/ ^* I know it well,^ answered 
Sir ^eerdegen^ ^^ and, confiding, in your faon» 
our, I challengpd thee to single combat. But, 
before all other considerations, tell me now» 
Sir gnight, hast thou been sent hither by t)ie 
beautifiil damsel^ with the gulden cup and the 
sword, as her avenger, because I disturbed 
berwfaeii she was collecting leaves, berries^ 
and ttamen f" *^ I know not ^en>^ said the 
sea^knii^ty f^ q£ what damsel thou speakest;-^ 
except that beautiful trembling form there, 
whom thou callest thy uster, I know not 
of any fidr .daipsel, £Eur. or near. Thou 
Apqldst, therefore, explain more clearly what 
i|dv^nture thy qjuestion aljufles to.^ Sir 
Heerdegm complied ; and no sooner had be 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


iimsbed his description of the wondarfiil 
figure that be had seen on. the ste-dioie, 
than the Norman warrior turned round to 
some of his oompanions^ who were nearest 
faun, and said, ^ Think onlj I Gerda has been 
here, and thb bat half an hour ago. In these 
woods she has been collecting plants for her 
nu^ spells. What maj this portend ?"* The 
men thus questioned, dMX)k their heads dis- 
oontratedly and in silence. When at lengA 
they seemed about to speak, their answer 
was delayed ; for a yonug soldier came up to 
them hastily^ and said, ** To what purpose 
thb questioning and consultation? He who 
intends to fight during the last rays of sun- 
set let him make haste, and not confuse his 
bnin with jBuch doubts. If he remains alire, 
he will have time enough afterwards fcMr.con- 
sideration; and diould he fidl, he will no 
more^ be disquieted by his curiosity.*^ So 
then, ' as Sir Heerdegen was completdy 
armed, and had also diosen a shield and 
jav^n among many that were offered to 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

THE MAOIG BIK6. , 2(% 

him, die two chaminoiis stepped into the 
rw§^, whidi, aoeoftKng to iM>rthem custom, 
had been measiired out for tbem, and en- 
doeed with branches of oak and hazel. A 
hearj-faeaded warr io r kd each of tile com- 
batants to bis pUu^ graq>ed his hand at 
partbg, si^ri^g, ^ Now do your duty !^ after 
wbich they were left idone looking at each 

W^ their spears elevated, and their 
shields held for protection over their hearts, 
the knights b^an slowly and with measured 
steps to paoe round the eirde, e«ih watching 
Ins opportunity to make an 'attack on the 
other. Bertha indeedr remarked, with great 
tenxH*, that her brother was quite unac^ 
customed to the use of such weapons,— that 
he moved tottering and awkwardly under 
the weight of the gigantic shield, and tried 
Uiorioualy to balance the ponderous javelin ; 
whSe, on the contrary, the sea-knight played 
widi his as if it had been a mere toy in his 
f^hthand. CTourage, however, and a^iuet 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

906 THE MAGIC »m«. 

eojoynidDt of the baltle» gleamed eqipiJly in 
th^ eye« of botb» and if the looks which they 
darted at each other could have turned iatp 
javeliii«| they must have both bera pieroed to 
th^ heart. Soipeumea one or other would 
lyandirfi his spear in such manner^ that the 
lookers-on felt convinced that he would now 
hurl it at his oppcMient ; but this was only in- 
tended to force the latter into a hasty attaek9 
or into some incautious movement of his 
shield. Both resumed again their sol^nn 
course round the circle, keeping watch 
mutually on every gesture. At last. Sir 
Heerdegen'^s Spear came suddenly sin^ag 
through the air; whereupon the knight of 
the vulture^s wings turned round his gleaipa- 
iog shield like a revolving moon, received 
the blow right in the middle of his target, 
and threw back the missile against his ad- 
versary. Ahnost in the same moment hia 
own weiqpon took flight, and struck with such 
violence through the b(Mrder ol Sir U#er- 
degen^s shields that he was miable to with- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


stand the ahodc, but IbU under his target, 
and the fsjpat «t the nme tkne eotering the 
ground, he oould not immediately diaengi^ 
Umelf. On the adier hand, die saa-fcaighl 
lapt acrotB fike a tiger cm his prey, first graq>» 
iag him by the throat, thm ooofining his arms 
with one hand, while with the other he seiaed 
the hik of Ins Mword^ pulled it out of the 
ahimh, and hnrled it away far beyond the 

Mesoirfitle Beftba bdield with horror her 
imthtt thus prostrate on the ground, and saw 
the Tulture^s wings on the sea^knigfat^s hehnet, 
diadowing hia eountenance diat'was now pale 
with rage ; she thought of the horrid viaon 
that die had seen in the mirror, and screamed 
out, ^ Vulture, vulture ! have mercy <m the 
Bobie prey that thou hast captured T Tha 
the sea-knight smiled kindly on her, and said, 
-^ I Aall do him no injury T He bent again 
ov« Sir Heerdegen, saying,— »<< Thou art 
defenodess, wilt thoo redgn thyself? If 
80, be assttred tbm art in the hands of an 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


honourable conqueror.^ Heerd^en bung 
dowi^ bis bead witb an expressian of Intta* 
regret and sbame. Tbe Norman tben let bim 
go^and went smiling to Bertba. <^ I trust,*" 
said be, ^< tbat neitber of you will r^ret the 
necessity you are now under of making a 
voyage witb me for some time through the 
salt seas. I have honourably taken you 
prisoners ; and, witb r^ard to tbe damsel, 
tbe difference methinks is no more, than if 
die bad two brothers instead of one. This 
newly.4u;quired brother is the elder of the 
two, or at least passes for such ; and there- 
fore it is right that you should follow bis 
commands, and proceed in any path wheron 
be leads tbe wi^.^ Thereupon be cried 
aloud,*-^^ Let tbe boat be drawn up on the 
beach. . Set sail in tbe ships ! We must 
travel many miles yet by star-light !** 

Already, ere tbe sun had vanished over the 
mountains, the brother and sister, had em- 
barked in tbe state- vessel of tbe sea^knight, and 
floated away. Tbe fleet consisted of but three 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ships, rapid of motion and strangely rigged. 
Bertha was forced to stand on the deck, and 
wept, bitterlj when the shores graduaHy 
yanisbed from her view,— when the evening 
fogs gathered on the land, and spread them- 
selves out, as if, with longing arms, to 
embrace her. It was like a friendly salu- 
tation from the good-hearted, kind Lady 
Minnatrost << Gladly would I go back to 
her,** s^ Bertha ; ** oh how gladly ! But I 
shall never return again !" At that moment, 
a snow-white wood-pigeon flew around her, 
and cooed aloud ; but the land vanished quite 
away in the obscurity of the ni^t, and, as it 
were, melted into the waves. 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

3ia. THE HAfilC RIKGw 


Horn file OtiQ fWi Tni«tiia»0Ki B»d tb^aMrdwat 
Theobpldo fiueed^ in France. 

Squ^ time njEiter these events happened on the 
shores of the north sea. Sir Otto von TraqU 
wapgeni and his friend Theobaldo vere one 
day seated tqgether on the ti)rf beneath the 
luxuriant shade of a forest in France ; the sun. 
was high in the cloudless heaven, wd his 
rays, without scorching, made a fine play of 
Jight and shade as they descended through 
the leafy covert. Their horses meanwhile 
grazed tranquiUy in a neighbouring glade; 
for, notwithstanding the fiery temper of Sir 
Otto^s charger, they had made acquaintance 
during their long journey ; so that the ches- 
nut-coloured Pole led as quiet a life with his 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


oompankNi as he oonld deaie Sir Otto 
seemed kut in diaught. He leaned baek- 
wacds against die trunk of a tree, gazing 
up to tlie cbudless azure of hearen ; so, 
while he was thus abstraeted, Theobaldo 
took up a mandoKne, which he always 
earned with him oo We joonMy, mtd sang 
toitsnotes a few stanaas in praise of travelling 
and constant change of scene* ** Hold, 
hotdr said Sir Otto, awakening from his 
lenrie; <^ I cannot j<nn in that ballad.^ 
"* Who denred diat you should do sof"" sak! 
Theobaldo, smiling. ^ Sing anoAer. Few 
people can bear to repeat the same notes over 
aad over, her less to hear them repeated ; on 
wlodi aooount there are so many poets and 

^ Nqr, I have no wish to mg,^ said Otto. 
*^ My heart is o p pressed witha knughig whieb 
music cannot gratify. TeU me, Theobaldo, 
it it not wholly inexpKcaUe, that two such 
fstioguUied characters as Sfar Folko de 
IfoQtfiiucM and his siater OabrieHe, with 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


wboae names «U FraMe rings, should tbos 
eyade all our eode&voum to disoover them ?" 

*< They are bdeed like figures reflected from 
many nunx^rs,— 4ike sounds repeated by raanU 
fiold echoes/' answeied Tbeobaldo. ^ The 
very rumours that we have beanl of them 
render our senses confused, and de£eat all 
our attempts. They aie, in truth, become 
like phantoms from the ancient worid of 
wonders and chivalry, of which every one 
relates whatever se&os most incredible, and 
thinks that, undet the auspices of sudi names, 
he has a right to demand belief for that 
which is the work of his own invention. 
They are idolised during thm lifetime ; and 
fbr this very reason, are, like other idols, 
no more in reality to be discovered.^ 

** You wish that I should laugh,^ said Sir 
Otto ; ^^ but give me the mandoline. Rather 
than this I shall sing.^ 

<< Mark you now,"" said Theobaldo ; << this 
is indeed what I denied. Sing, I pray you ; 
for music may^ in truth, be impCTsoniied as 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

THB MAtaiC Btll0. SIS 

tbe.pmett and loBdese angel, wtio is permit- 
ted by Pnmdeoce to Tint and coniole nn- 
nappj moctalB*^ 

Otto then toodied the hite, and sung to its 
•QDCnnpaniineBt an addxwi to a little \Atd that 
WM jutt th»i fluttering aboire hitn :^^ 

** Sweet bird, that thus on impid wiog 
' Aveend^tt to ladms above. 
Oh I .eoidd'tt Own poinl' to mo Hm psih 
Tbat leadf unto my lofe ! 
But, ah ! thy ooone is wandering too ; 
Sa ibott pcvAsBoe aM ctoot 
B J teitleia iMHiioSy tvcp •• I» 
And thy true lore hait loit !** 

** It b Strange,^ said Theobaldo, *< when, 
in diis fcmgn land, you speak your native 
toBgiie, vehemently indeed, and with passion, 
it seems as if the very wcxmIs, flowers, and 
fiiQnlaiiis, were amazed at sudi harsh and un- 
wonted sounds. But when you begin to sing, 
^ is again tranquil, happy, and hamionious ; 
for music is indieed a universal language. 
Mark, I pray you, what grand adventure is 
aanomeed as your reward by the stranger 

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an XH£ lumc Ba». 

iriiQ just Qtrsnkct Us mpfeummtnm Ae 

lotting up hk eyee^ Otto indeed i 
« young maii^ hapdtopieiy oUbed^ «nd i 
ed on « white horsey juat then oeae ricfaig 
out of the wood. He wove a fMted gfeen 
dress, like that of a minstrel,' and orer it 
a magnificent gold chain, by which his harp 
was suspended fivm his neek. All the 
while he continued to play thereupon ; fat 
his horse was so quiet and -sensibley that of 
his own accord he t«rned away from the 
down-hangmg branches, so that his rider 
mi|^t not be interrupted by them Jn his 
employment. Coming up pear to 8ir Otto 
and the merchant Theobaldo^ he halted, and 
said,— ^^ Was it then your vcnoes whieh I 
just now heard sound soharmoniously tlm>u^ 
the forest ?^ When Otto courteously answer- 
ed b the affirmative, the stranger dismounted, 
saying,— »^^ Permit me then to have the. plea- 
sure of joining for a while in your amuie- 
ments."" Thereupon he took the bridle from 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

THE IttffiC ino. 816 

Mb iMrge, aad allbiirad hiai to giaie «t fibtrty 
in the g^te of tbe fsrett At the Mme 
iMiMBt, Olto^ wir^steed came tip saoitiiig 
md Dc^^Uiig, prepered for a eomlMtt with hia 
new nrighhoiur; from whkh' ibe latter dmi«k 
baek oftightad^ aad, m if mHiihiy protectidia, 
trottad mnj to his matter. Then Sir Otto 
ipoke aloud aone words of sefeie'admoDttkm 
to his diarger ; wbertapon he bMook hiaasslf 
qmedy to the sodety of the^diesmrt Pole ; 
Mnd tbe nuntrers horse regainh^ eomfBge, 
went corvettiiig mid eaprioliag back to the 

<< We are, perhafw, all tfarae going the 
wae road,* said the minstrel, ^< and I tnut 
it may be so. Wherever I now see a 
kni^t oaaad m armoiB', I cannot bot sop. 
pose that he is trav^dla^, or aaeaatt to 
travel, faito'the'Holy Land,"" *^ Alas ! it is not 
10 with no,'' answerad Sir Otto bhisfaing; 
*^ sameatly as I would wish to go thither. 
A sOlenm vow whidi I have made drives 
ne onwards evermore tu s was ds the west. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


notwitfaitancKog the ardent longuigs of my 

•oul towards the warm suns of the oriental 

diBies.^ *< It grieres me beartUy to hear 

thifl,^ said the minstrd; ^ it would have 

been so pleaaaat to travel in your society. 

But as the matter now stands, you are in 

the ri^t. A vow made is a sacred jdedge 

whidi must be redeemed; and that knigfat 

would indeed be unworthy of his rank, 

who oould fcxget this duty even Sor the sake 

of journeying into Palestine. For the present, , 

however, wiU you not ang again ?^ ^^ I kaow 

not,^ answered Sir Otto; << but, in truth, 

Were I to sing, both words and notes would 

be rooumftil ; £nr what you have just now 

said of the Holy Land has made too deep 

an impression on my heart ;-HDudi rather 

would I hear music from you.*^ ** Nay,^ 

said the strange, << I know not aught of 

which I can diaunt but those eastern climes, 

of which the veiy name has abready made 

you sad. However, if you are willing to 

listen, I am prepared.^ 

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THE UM3b BUB. 917 

llwmipoii he oamiiMced a long. and 
beiatifal baHiMl> «f whidi every tliiMa ifas 
UuoDodiii pcaife of thecnittders, and, abonre 
all, ff Kbg BidHud Coeur de Lion^ Otto's 
gMcs gfewfid, and he weald have^^adly kit 
evdj odier pittsuk in this wodd, in older to 
go with the mmderful m i nst re l stfter the ban- 
MS of SjBg Bicfaard to the east. He was 
jttit about to inciiiire whether die stranger 
luMw if Sir Folko de Montfisnoon weve also 
UDOB^ the crwui^rs ; £or if erety separate 
oomest between the AmafAmnB of this age 
SDgiit be defierred, and they could all jom 
together in this ento^prise i^;amst the Sara^ 
oeaa, it wonld asamedly prove the most gbri- 
out and soeoeasfol war that had ever been 
kaovB in the world. But ere he had. time 
to propose that question, there came a troop 
of anaed men from the thickets, who spdce 
^ respeetfblly with the minstrel ; where- 
upon he ordered diem agam to put the bri^ 
OB his white hofse, and immediately after- 
wards, with a courteous salutation, rode away. 

VOL. I. K 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


One of hk attendaots Ibigered, howerar, and 
Sir Otto had tiine to ask him what was Uie 
name and nmk of his master. ^^ He is^"^ 
said the squire, *^ the renowned Master 
Kondel, the best minstrel in all England, 
and the bosom4riend of King Ridiard; cm 
whidi account he is to accompany our array 
to Palestine. We are ordared by the king 
to attend him, that he may not be attacked 
and suffer injury, when, as now, he leaves 
the straight road, in order to make excur- 
^ons hither and thither, as minstrels and poets 
are wont to do."" Thereupon he mounted his 
horse, and rode gaily on to overtake his com- 
rades, whose voices were heard from a£ar, join- 
ing the minstrel in a choral song, which re- 
sounded merrily through the forest. ^^ Seems 
it not,"^ sakl Sir Otto, ^^ as if all the best en- 
joyments and noblest duties of this li£s were* 
destined always to come under our notice, only 
to mock and torment us, because they are now 
wholly out of our own reach ? Or, as your 
looks now seem to indicate your tlissent from 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


what I have snd, H wilt be better that I 
speA for myself alone. Is not this adventure 
of tcMlajr fike the oontrivance of some wicked 
nuf[ieian, who specially wishes that I should 
feel, as it were unthin my grasp, all that 
appears to me most estimable and desirable, 
only to be reminded more painfully of the 
dudns by which I am bound, and which I 
dwe not strive to break asunder ?^ 

" In truth,'' said Theobaldo, " I might 
have more reascm than you to complain of 
this matter ; for, if you have bound yourself 
by rash vows, I know not of any such which 
I have ever sworn. Yet I remain here, 
though Heaven knows how gladly I would 
have followed this noble minstrel on his way 
to Palestine !*" ** Leave me then for ever, 
Theobaldo,"* said Sir. Otto. « I have ^ready ' 
ondergone so many painful separations, that 
I may well feel accustomed thereto."" 

Theobaldo gazed on him kindly, and said 
in a faltering vwce, — «« No, Grod forbid that 
I dKmld forsake you. &ut desist fVom such 

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lamentati(Hi8, and once xaoft lift up your eyes. 
Mark, I pray you, how the light fleecy elouds, 
the verdant branches of the forest, and the 
soaring larks, play betwixt us and die bright 
expanse of heaven. Methmks £rom a sky so 
beauteous and smiling must descend bahn and 
refreshment for, all the sorrows of this workl.*^ 
Otto looked up and said,— ^< Thou art in the 
right ; and, in truth, nothing can better serve 
to counteract useless grief and repining, than 
to look on that glorious vault, with its moving 
clouds and boundless depths of asure, which 
is now so bright above ais r* 

For some time die two youths lay out- 
stretched on the turf, with their eyes fixed on 
the sky, when, lo ! there came sailing through 
the air, right above them, a most beauti- 
ful falcon, at such a height that he seemed to 
them to be even above the sun, for the rays of 
golden light came uhder his wi^gs and body. 
Rejoiced at this sight. Otto started up, and 
called and whistled like a true-bred falconer 
to the bird, which, howeva:, would not 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


eome down to hba* It was indeed easy to 
pereehre that the hawk understood his signals, 
kiweriog its ffight, for a certain space, and 
wheeling in^ dides round the kni^t. There- 
after, on a signal audibly made to him from 
another quarter of the fcn-est, he clapped his 
wings, and resobitely made his way thitber, 
sw^ as on arrow, over the trees. It was 
^am diat he had now heard the v<noe of his 
proper master. ^ I «m glad that he is gone,^ 
said Theobaido; ^* there is nothing which 
is to me niore inlderable than a bird of diis 
kind, diief and rogue as he is, with his crook- 
fd hook-bill, his gbrag eyes, and kmgrobb^- 
Efce daws 1 What pleasmre could you find in 
makmgldai signals t^ << After your manner,"^ 
said Sir Otto, ^' every animal or bird might 
be d e s cri bed as a monster; but I love all such 
ereatores, and more espedidly the falcon, 
who is so wise and so fiuthfiil/ <' Wise i"" 
answei^ Theobaido ; << the ctevil himself has 
also wisdom ; and if yoti call it fidelity to 
fdjEe on every victim thai falls within his 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


power with Im crooked ti^MSi the devil too 
migbt boftst of tbAt virtue.'" ^^ You huve 
never then rode out oil ,a hawhittg ejicur^ 
81011?'^ said Sir Otto. ^* It i$ amopg the 
prejudices of koightl^ rauk,^ answered Thed- 
baldo, ^^ to look on «ucb things as a source of 
enjoyment.^ ^< Ncy^ sajr pot soy^ refdied Sir 
Otto^ ^< such pastime is, on the amtrary, 
like a twofold life. Above us are ihe wii^^^ 
hunters of the ait ; wbile, beneath we have 
fleet horses, around the fim& Md 
meadows, #hile the ft^ee wtkviU of heaven, are 
whistling through our dishei^Ued hitfr, And 
we are cheered by the jocund shouts of the 
aportsmen. At length tb^ f idcon, like a 
magician,, wheels in circles round hi^ d^oted 
prey, hovering and Reaming over him, till 
at last he comes dbwn, and--aod ^ ■ 

At this momeni Theobaldp^s bow mounded 
with a loud revorbemticai ; and Otio, c<»if used 
and disturbed in his disoouiBe, kwked rounds 
till he saw the noble bird deaceodnig Jrapid- 
ly, vainly fluttering Ip aiii^rt himsdf» with 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


in arrow through one of his wings, over that 
aide of the wood to which he had directed his 
flight when he left them. ^^ Who command- 
ed thee to injure the bird which I loved so 
deirly P"^ said the yontig knight, with his eyes 
darkly flashing. ^^ I knew not surely that it 
was your fUcdO^ said Theobaldo ; '' and if, 
according to your own words, you love all such 
crettuses, you should revoke that the arrow 
^tti^ I have now shothas rescued some poor 
tinlid songster, wfaidi had conoealed itself in 
thetUekets erf the forest.'' <' Thou art mat 
i^Niinted to be a judge in the wide raahns 
of the eagfe,^ said Otto^ disconCeatediy; 
*" hnaybe ao,'' said Theobaldo ; << »or^ me- 
^iakgf art thou more dian any other mortal 
pcivilsged to be a hunter therein.'' 

In this dispute, however, the young men 
veie soon disturbed I^ the preaence of a 
dnvd party. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



How Sir Otto met agiin with ^ KodiM of 

MouKTBD on a fine sflTer-grey honey m a 
nu^pufioent hunter's dress, with a bttj^eJuini 
at his ode, a young man <^ handsome features 
and graoeful demeanour made his appearaaoe 
before them. At the same momes^ when 
Otto saw the bleeding fidcon supported on 
the breast of the stnmger^ the latter obsenred 
the cross-bow in the hands of Theobaldo, and 
ccmuderii^ him as but a squire, he turned an 
angry glance on the knight, saying,— -<^ If it 
pleases you, sir, to allow yoour attendants to 
hunt in my forests, you indeed impute to me no 
more hospitality and civility towards strangers, 
that I am willing to diew. But, neverthe- 
less, I must earnestly request^ that, tot the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


htmey you will content yourself with hum- 
Uer game, and spare so noble a bird as this 
which your squire has now woqnded.** There- 
opoB he tenderly stroked the head and back 
of the pocH^ stricken falcon, with many kind 
and caressing words, and without attend- 
ii^ to Sir Otto^s apologies, which, in truth, 
weiie but confusedly deliyered ; for he was 
Umself greatly irritated by Theobaldo's 
itange conduct. The latter, however, had 
DOW become mcnre obstinate than ever. He 
went up with a look of defiance to the 
itmger sportsman, and said, — ** It was I 
done, widx>ut being commanded, or receiv- 
ing permission from any one, who took aim 
at your falcon ; and I only, therefore, am to 
be spoken with on that matter.^ ^< Stand 
back, TheobaMo,'' said Snr Otto; ^* thou 
Metn^st not aware of the guilt thou hast 
brou^t on thine own shoulders, in thus hav- 
iBg infiingcd the laws of hunting and of 
btighthoodf by taking aim at a prey so noble? 
**Nay, I know it all fall well,'' answered 

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sag TS£ AuoicBUfa 

TbcdbiAdo. ^^ You princes and kaights 
have ditided tbk urorid mto especial porticms 
for yoar owa priyate advaiiCBge; «0d as to 
the righto freely bestowed by Fnmdetice on 
oiha* meiiy it k said, that they tiever must 
exercise them. Mafk you^ fflra» it is anU 
so ; but it follows not that the ntles you faa^e 
laid down will always be observed. That 
independence which Mikm has maintained m 
a free town, every Milanese wUl also soppoit 
in his own proper person, in despite of king 
or emperor, count or duke. In proof of these 
words, I shall now shoot a few more fairds.^ 
And, with these words, he again stretched his 
cross-bow. ^^ You have, in truth, chosen a 
strange-minded squire for your attendant. 
Sir Knight,*^ observed the stranger. But 
thereupon Sir Otto, vehemently incensed, 
and feeling the spirit of knighthood insulted 
and outraged within him, suddenly tore the 
cross-bow out of Theohaldo^s hands, broke it 
into pieces in a moment, stampt on it with his 
feet, and then scattered the fragments about 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


the meftdow. «< Tfan oondiiet translated into 
•adibie words,'' said Theobakb, << means no 
dcmbt a last adieu!'' And as the knight 
tnraed firon him with disdainful glances, he 
vent gloomilj to his Polish sleed, and b^an 
to adjust the saddle and Inridle. Otto's ww- 
horse per cd v ing this, came also trotting up, 
widi kind and joyous look's ; but Theobakb 
repulsed him peevishly, sajing, ^< Ay^ ay, 
thou wouldVt yet bear me company, buti thy 
vaster wills it not, and, therefore, tfabu toa 
nay go thine own way." Otto, hearing this 
new insult, called to his charger, drew the 
taddie-girths closer, and mounted ; irfier 
irtueh he readily accepted the sXrwaget^s in- 
▼itstion, that he should accompany him to 
a neighbouring castle, in order that, amid 
a numerous party of brother knights, he 
ni^t forget idl vexation at the strange 
event whidi had brought about their 
neeting. Tbeobaldo was also mounted, and 
rode slowly away, ^riule Sfar Otto and the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Stranger took an opposite ifireetioii. The 
twa horses neighed aknid, and wished to re^ 
join eadi other ; but their riders still sparred 
them on, ^though they, could not help tnnu 
ing round with looks of regret and niei> 

Sit Otto had proceeded a oonsidcraUe dis- 
tance, following the stranger, when diej 
heard the sound of a horse in rapid trot be-* 
hind then, and on looking back th^ saw 
that it was Theobaldo, who pulled up the 
reins inunediatdy, as soon as he was ob- 
served, and with a d^ree of humility which 
was to him unwonted, said, in the German 
language, and m a low tone, ^ Sir Kn^t, 
methinks I hare here been in the wrong, 
and gladly would I still atone for my error^ 
if it please you that I should again jcin you 
on your journey*" Sir Otto inunediately 
stretched out bis arms towards him ; where- 
upon Theobaldo galloped up, and as the 
two friends shook hands t^ether, the Polish 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ateed and the liglii-brown war-hcyne neighed 
menrilj to each other, aaif diejr flally under- 
stood what was now going forward. 

As they all three rode cmwards, the . 
noUe fidocmer expressed great joy at this 
reooDciHation, hwisting that kni^ts should 
vBImgly orerlook many £|iilts in squires 
who were so faJthfiil and attached; for on 
lodi fidelity the safety ev«n of kingdoms 
sad the relationship between monaichs many 
times depended. Thereafter he began to tdl 
many marreUous stories of his wounded fed- 
ooo, and of other such tirds,— «how they had 
been kik>wn to hre till they were more than 
SD hundred years old, having been found 
bearing golden collars round thdr necks, with 
the names thereon of princes long ance dead. 
Sodi fidcons then flew about over land and 
K% till they had discovered a master equal 
m generority, radi, and yakmr, to him that 
was dqiarted. Theobaldo hereupon acknow- 
ledged, that all the o{Hnions which he had 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


before uitcoed were cishly adopted, and 
expressed de^ regrel for his oondtiM of that 

Ere this time, however. Sir Otto, notwith- 
standing the changeof dress and demeanour, 
had dearly perceiYdd that the hunter of the 
French forests was no other than.tfae renown- 
ed Sir Folko de Montfaueon ; while the latter 
by no meMis recognised, in the proud haughty 
knight, in his bla^ and silver armour, the 
young inexperieneed and talkative squire 
whom he had formerly met on the banks 
of the Danube. That armour indeed, with 
tlie fbrmidable eaglets visor, was not un- 
known to him ^ but Otto's young blooming 
countenance and light hair contrasted so 
strangely wsdi those accoutraaients, that Sir 
Faiko could not form any distinct recdlee- 
tion. In his mind all was like a dream, 
which, on awaldng, we vainly strive to renew, 
and which in a shcMrt space is wholly for- 

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Tfin& MAGIC Bxaa. 281 


Hev the Kifi^u featitd in the Cattk oT Sir Folko de 

Iw Sir Folko^s castle w«^« now seated at 
the banquet table many brare champions 
froa diftrent nations, also Tarious other 
guests^ — painters, minstrels, musicians, and 
poets, among irhom Theobaldo soon di»- 
cotered some of his Hyely countrymen. 
Especially there was one named the ComH 
AUessandro Vinciguerra, widi whom he be- 
gan to converse in a manner so witty and 
cheerful that ^ir discourse aflforded amuse- 
wetit to the whole company. Sir Otto mean- 
while remained thoughtftii and silent, so that, 
«ftf r the first admiration excited by his noble 
form and graoefiil demeanour had subsided, 
he was scarcely noticed by the party. As the 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


wine-cups, mantling with the richest juice of 
Medoc and Burgundy, drcled round the 
festive board, it occurred to the warriors, that, 
for better pastime, eyery one should relate, 
from the experiences of his life, some remaik- 
abfe story. Among so many valiant knights, 
and odier distinguished characters as were 
here assembled, materials could not be wast- 
ing for such narratives. All, however, in- 
flifted that tbdr noble host should set an ex- 
ample to his guests,— to which he replied, 
<^ I am aware that the excuses which I would 
gladly offer would not relieve me from the 
duties whidi I owe to the noble firiends who 
are now around me. What I have to rdate 
is indeed but of little importance ; but I am 
like a gardener, from whom a festal wreath 
is demanded, and who, if he possesses not 
roses and jasmine, must be content with 
^danes andJorgtUme-noi. 

" It must be known,'" continittd he, ** to 
several who are h«re present, that our family 
of Montiaucon derives its origin fiom Nor- 

Di^itized by VjOOQ IC 


w^lian ancestor^ and that in the mountaans 
of that wild country we have at this day 
many noUe relations. Ftom thence my 
piedecesson came, as conquering invadtfs 
into Fcance^— -amyed with great forces with-^ 
in that district which is now called Ncr* 
mandy, and widi them brought, amopg other 
itnnge stories, thelq;end which I am now to 
i^qpeat to you. In Norway there dwelt an 
ancient and far-£uned beio, who had an 
amiaUe dau^tor, wdl known by the name 
of the beau^ul Sigrid. She was talked <^ 
and praised all over that northcsn country, 
and^ therelbre had many loving suitors. 
Besides her beauty, she was also distin- 
ginahed tor her superimty in all fonale ao« 
compljahments, having a deep knowledge of 
vmgfc and necromancy, to which pursuits the 
joong ladies of. that land are particularly ad. 
dieted. Especially she had. found means to 
prefMue a certain drink, which, if used in 
moderatioB, raspixed the warrior with un^ 
heardp«r strength and coun^; nay^ it was 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


sttdy that be vn» therdbjr rta ni fa red even im- 
penetrable by tbe weapons of his adiwnary^ 
Many odier womeii of Nonrsy ha^e been in 
possesmn of the same charm, and one of cm 
rektions at this day b in ijbe habit of exercimig 
that wonderful art. 

** So it happened, that once on a time the 
old hero said to his daughter, ' Pretty ^gnd, 
leave y^ourhousdMdd cares for oneday and go 
forth into the woodsy— ^phick there die red 
berries and green leaves that you wot of, for 
to-monol^ l -shall need your aid. I have a 
hard Iwttfe befim ikie.' < Widi whom then, 
ftcther, do yon mean to fight?*" said the fidr 
Sigrid. ' Widi die young Hakon Swaidecm,' 
answered the old warrior, ^ who in his amlA- 
tion will wing his ffight above me through 
all the regions ot the nonth, if I do not take 
care in tjnae to d^ his wings. Besides,^ you 
know that he is sprung frQm a race, betwixt 
whom and us there is an old and deadly 
fend.^ 9o tbe beautiful Sigrid went out to- 
wards^sunast into the dusky woods, alone mad 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

TH£ 3iAGIC BINQ. 335 

ooprotected, aocord&ag to the laws of her 
mjsteriaaa sctenee. 

^' Up and down the cocky <iiSbf ahng the 
htaks of the woodland nver» thcou^ aia^ 
a dim vsatky, and on the bnnk of many a 
faaha preofice^ the fair daosd pursued her 
way, and by the time she had collected all 
her loots, leaves, and berries, she found that 
the ni^tabadows had ahready gathexed 
vomidhery and that she vas alone in a dis. 
trice of the fiirest whiefa she had till now 
nerer heheld. Her vhde Mtentba had been 
fixed on her plants and ioivers, and die had 
iie?er thought of the stars^ that had shone 
out oae by one above her^and now» thongh 
they glittered so facf^tly, yet she was quite 
mshle by their li^t to discov^ her road 
boaewards. While she thus stood medita^ 
tire, nd doobtfiil whali ooarse to pursue, she 
bend a great crashing and rustling through 
tbe woods, and, bdwld i a feighiM black bear, 
ratling hiasaelf on his Innd4egs, broke out m 
if to devotnr hcr^ or strangle her in his horrid 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


embraces* Just as she had given herself up 
for lost, a javelin came hisni^ through ^ 
air over her head, and in the next momeot 
she saw the bear struck through the heart, 
fail writhing on the ground, so that, in the 
neoit moment, he rolled over a neighbouring 

<* Thereafter a handscnne young warrior 
made his appearance £rom the recesses of the 
forest, and respectfulty oflfered to attend to 
her own home the damsel, whom Us interfe- 
roice had thus rescued. The fisir ^(rid, 
however, wept Intterly ; for in her tenor die 
had lost all her roots, berries, and leaves ; so 
that, according to the laws of magic, she 
must begin the labour of eoflecting than 
anew, — though the evening was far advanced, 
and the country around her wholly new and 
mysterious. ^ Search then, and pluck as 
many more as it jdeases you,^ said the yooi^ 
knight. < I know, riioteover, that at audi 
tones one must be alone and undisluxbed. 
Therefore I shall walk round thee, fiair 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


stranger, making a wide drde, ao that no one 
shall speak with thee, nor approach too 
nearly,— «nd «re the dawn of day I shall 
lead you home to your father^s castle. Search 
then, pretty maid, and fear not aught that 
can befall you in these woods.^ With these 
wcvds the young knight vaniahed again amid 
the forest thickets ; the fair Sigrid continued 
her employment as he had enjoined, and if, in 
that londy unknown place, terror now and 
then assailed her, she felt herself immediately 
fefreshed and encouraged, when she heard the 
rattUng of the knight'^s golden armour through 
the distant green coppice. 

^ At length she h^d collected another store 
Kke that which had been lost ; and thereupon 
it occurred to her how much better it would 
he to bc»l them immediately in a golden 
▼esad wUch she had with her, so that she 
nu^t at once carry home with her the pre- 
cicms drink wfaidi the old knight had denred 
her to prepare. Directly after her first and 
slightest ngnal, her protector was dose at 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


hand, and scarcdy had she made her wishes 
known to him, ere he began to gsther dry 
branches and brushwood, from whieh in a 
moment arose bright flames, casting their 
hgfat far amid the darkness of the night 
But the boiling of her magical plants re- 
quired a long time, and wh^i it was nearly 
ended, the damsd began to weep bitterly; 
for she was now so wearied that she 
was quite unable to undertake her long 
journey homewards. H^^upon the knight 
said, ^ Fairest of maidens, you may here rest 
securely. I shall watch over you while you 
sleep, and awake you at the proper hour.'— 
Then he spread out his mantle on the 
ground,— collected also a great quantity of 
soft moss, making for her a warm and plea- 
sant couch, and while she looked at it shyly 
and timidly, he had already vanished away 
into the deepest shades. 

^* The morning red was already bright in the 
east, M^en Ae was awoke, terrified by the 
distant sounds of martial lu»ms and trumpets ; 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


but the young h&o again stood near her, and 
and, * You nnist now meke all possible haste 
to reach your home, for the horns that sound 
yonder from a distanGe are the signals of 
Hakon Swendson, that now summon your 
Cither to the battle-field. Take up your 
golden cup then and follow me.^ 

^ Thereafter, he led the maiden through 
many winding and secret paths of the forest, 
till she arrived at her father^s castle. Before 
taldng leave of him there she wished to know 
die champion^s name to whom she had been 
io much indd»ted. ^ I am Hakon Swend- 
um, answered he, ^ and I know right well 
that you are named the beautiful Sigrida, 
dan^ter of the renowned old hero who re- 
sides in this castle. I know too, that the 
drink which yoa have this mcnuing prepared 
is intended to work my destruction. But I 
have long been your ardent lover, beautiful 
Sgrid, and that ancient and deadly feud 
between our houses has killed all my hopes. 
ThereSoge I shall. now gladly die by your 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fisUher's 8F<ml, and wish ihat the drink wiuch 
you have brewed from Uieae magioid herbs 
may render him, as yon dcB^gnedf wymcifale !^ 
^^ Although Hakon Swendscm intended after 
these words instantly to return to the forest, 
the fair Sigrid insisted that be should accom- 
pany her into . the caslle. There she related 
to her father all that had happoied t^ her in 
the foregoing night, and with such eloquence, 
that the tw(> warriors forgot all their fanner 
wrath against each other. They mutually 
threw aside th^ battle-amy, and thefeafter 
Hakon Swendson and the fair Sigrid were 
happily united in marriage.^ 

The company 'Were well jdeased with this 
story. The contrast, afforded by the noMe 
and generous affections which it exemjdified, 
to the wild and fierce characters of die 
northern kni^ts,* were compared, by a great 
master in the art of painting, (who was among 
the guests,) to the effect of a rainbow stretdied 
across a dark threatening thunder-cloud ; 

while the Italian Count lureferred the simi- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

litude of a rose, which, though not valued 
amid the bkx>ming gardens of his native 
oountrj, would yet, amid the chill mountains 
of the north, be prized as a great treasure. 

Meanwhile several of the party had turned 
thdr attention on a man of very tall stature? 
^nUi a dark sunburnt visage ; he was a 
Spaniard, by name Don Hernandez; and 
they earnestly requested that he would relate 
to tbem some legend from his own romantic 
and wonderful country, especially somewhat 
of the long aod fearful eonfficts between the 
Christians and Moors. Thereupon he took 
up a lute, and b^^ to sing a wild Spanish, 
ballad, unfolding the tragical fortunes of the 
beautiful Donna Clara, and her lover, Don 
Gayferos. The first stanzas began in a gay 
tone, describing how he had persuaded her to 
leave her father'^s palace, and take a moonligl^t 
walk with him through the lonely forest. 

VOL. I. ' h 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


«^ Don OajUnfM,— DoD G^rtoot, though dM ttutfwcbtight 

on hi^if 
And the nightingale exalts her Toioe in tweetett mdodji 
Yet longer in the darioome wood^ I will not,— mmj not 

^^ Then, dearest Lady, but command,-^j senitfit aball 



'' 'Tis wcU ! then guide me homewaid Btmightt b«t muk^ 

in yonder Tale, 
The cross that glimmen siloitly amid the moonlight pale. 
That sOent form is doqnsnt )— 4 Mtast the vOlee attsDd, 
That warns me by the haly han my homeward oomae to 



^' Nay, wherefore by the chapel, dearest lady, thoold we go? 
The path, methinks, is rough." " Dares a senrani answer 

Thou shouUTst my will ob«y." '' Well, wall, kdMObt 

So down the mountain, arm in aim, the lovers now hsTe 


'* Don Oayferos, Don Oayfeios, by the crudfiz we stood. 
And wherefore was thy head not bow'd in meek homilitud ?** 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

'ras MAGIC BIKG. 349 

** Adwui Cfan, Dona Claim, on dqr bt w Ht m hukdb I 

Whodn, just then, that wxcaifa of floven was gneeftiUy 


" Doo Oajfoot, Doo Oajfbot, bat when the grejJiairM 

8t fifodj ftom Imbmo inrokod a blBMing oo his fDMty 
8^ ijmnhn wort ihoa iQo&t ?^ — ^* Dcarcot bidjr, on wiM 

Tkj wttmj ¥iiee aloDo &d soand $ no olfaor oovld I faMr.** 


*'J)m Q$ftm^ J>fm Qtyfym^ «iiiild*tt thou Itafo tbt 

Hm with water fWim the holy font ngn the croti upon thy 

"^ I had not ■Mik'A the holy Amt; ftr from dune eyei m 

A dttdnig ladknce fdl on mine, that blinded me with 


^ Miy, aqr, ^hoa art my eerraat etill( dicn hear what I 

At I lanre done, lo in the font, dip lerereotly thy hand ; 
AdI thoowith ^00 tfij tedieid.''— With a ihnddir and a 

The lOcDt hn^ hat toned away, and through the foiwt 

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Thus'b^^ the Spaniard's story. Then 
he changed the music and measure to a strain 
somewhat sad and solemn, describing how, 
on the following night, Don Gajrferos opcc 
more brought the Lady Clara, by the notes of 
a well-known serenade, to the window, and 
how she conjured him to say who he was; 
above all, whether he were a Spaniard or Moor, 
an Infidel or Christian. To this at length be 
answers, that he is no Christian, but a 
Moorish king, who loves her ardently ; who 
has great treasures and numberless soldiers ; 
who would place her with him on his throne, 
and entertain her in all regal magnificence, 
at his palace of Alhambra, and in the flower- 
gardens of Grenada. She leaves her room, 
and comes angrily forward on a terrace-walk 
of the castle, intending to reproach him; 
but he joins her there, and scarcely has the 
pronounced a few harsh words ere she falls 
fainting into his arms. Th<^eafter he places 
her before him on his horse, and rides rapidly 
away through the dark shades of the {oresL 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


The Spaniard now dumged his music cmce 
iBore iQto slow melancholy notes, like those of 
A church anthem or dirge. He described 
how, at the dawn of day, when the ruddy 
gteams of the east were on the landscape, the 
beautiful Donna Clara knelt on the turf 
beside the lifeless frame of her Moorish lover, 
▼ho had been attadced in the forest, and 
Wled by two of her own brothers. With 
diflheveUed baar, and no long^ disguimng her 
attadnnent, she weepso?er his pale remains. 
Loduog op to the bright sky, she acknow- 
ledges, that even as the stars rise and set, and 
as the eagle hovers up and down, all in this 
vorid is varkd)le and inconstant, only her 
affecti(ms are unchangeable. Therefore her 
brothers built for her, in after times^ a lonely 
hermitage, with a chapel and an ahar, where 
she spends ber life in weeping and in prayers 
br the soul of ber departed lover. 

The sound of the harp died away in slow 
▼ibrttions, and the listeners gazed on each 
other in nknt mdnndioly. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Don Heniandes bimtelf was the first to 
faredc the nlenoe. With graceful «id 
eourteous demeanour^ << No doubt^^'^aud he, 
^^ I idiould both accuse and condemn my- 
•df, noble championa and gentlemen, for 
having thus with my mournful songs dis- 
turbed your merriment, had it not been that 
you desired to hear a k^gend from my native 
Urnd. In Biy ecfuntry, it is true^ die people 
are sericHis and scdefnn of mood ; for where 
thek« are sUdi Aitttenlions between Moors and 
Christians^ oner's tliougfats mtist often turn oa 
melanohdy eveuts^r^iftsn, for example, on 

*^ Your story, (song rather I should say^) 
requires no such apology,'' said the Knight of 
MontfaiiooB. ^^ Can you believe thui we alao 
do not entwine dark-odonred Bowers in our 
fsstal garlands ? God be praised^ Fteichmen 
are not yet depraved into siich levity^ that 
we should despbe the sdeOm diameter of 
the Castilian heroes: besides, who is there 
among the present otanpimy, who would 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


not gladly drink from those deep fouD- 
taiDS of warlike eaefgy and poetic imagiiui- 
UoD, which have their source in the rick 
wann peninsuUi^ the Pyreneaa BKMiDtaina F* 

^' You are pleafled to speak kindly of ua^** 
said Don Hernandez; '^ msty in some re^ 
Vecti, an? we unworthy ol your piaiae. 
However, be that aa it may, too many dark 
flowers Buat qpoil the beauty of the wreadi. 
AlHi^t lily, or rose, must now and then be 
iotviacd therein ; and. to aueh a flower, if I 
mistake not, may be compared the story 
which now seems hovering on the lipa <^ the 
Count de Vmcigu^mu^ 

*^ Spaniarda and Italians should doubtless 
asnst each od&er,^ replied the Count ; <* and, 
ttoce you desire it, I shall willingly cchu- 
meace my sUny :-*- 

*' In the fine town of Naples, which, both 
on aooount of its situaftiQA and magnificent 
buildings, cannot be too much prmsed, there 
lifed, some time since, a brave, Cscwfiuned, 
but already grey-head^ warrior. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Signor Dimetri. After a life spent in toil and 
tumulty he wished to enjoy his old age in 
luxurious tranquillity, and therefore collected 
from different countries all possible rarities and 
treasures, his house being filled with the finest 
paintings, statues, and tapestry; nor was a 
cellar of the most costly wines neglected; 
but the rarest of all his possessicms was 
a most beautiful young wife, descended from 
one of the most noble and wealthy families 
in Italy. With her, no doubt, he brought 
a good share of disquiet and anxiety into his 
palace ; for, notwitbatanding the modesty, the 
mild and correct demeanour of the Signdra, 
yet the old hero was but too cmiscious of his 
grey hairs and want of personal attractions ; 
so that he had but little respite from the 
jealous fantasies by which he was tormented. 
** If, in consequence of his marriage, be was 
thus disquieted, ano^r inhabitant of Naples 
was yet more so. This was the handsome 
, and accomplished Signor Donatello, a young 
mJilemau universally admired in the Neapo- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

¥fi£ MAGIC lUKG. 9tt 

fitan ciTcles, who had chanced to behold 
Signora Porda at early mass, (at which time 
done she was allowed to go abroad), and 
whose whole thoughts, and even dreams, had, 
anoe that meeting, been engrossed by her 
graceful and enchanting figure. Thencefior- 
ward he endeavoured by every means in his 
power to draw her attention to himself, re- 
solving, if he failed in this object, that he 
would die for her sake. He did not proceed, 
howerer, like thos^ foolish young men, who 
send love-embassies by tatding messengers ; 
who ride or walk up and down daily before 
their mistresses windows, or send her costly pre- 
sents; thus endangering her domestic peace 
bj rousing the attention of a jealous husband. 
Such lovers have themselves to blame, if they 
lose all share in those affections which they 
are so anxious to gain ; but Signor IXma- 
.tello, on the contrary, behaved with the 
utmost prudence and foresight, taking care, 
no doubt, that Madonna Portia should notice 
his pnsion, which even a nngle look was suf* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

360 THE MiaiO BIN0. 

Stistki ta ccmv^y « but in mack manaer, ibat 
she m^t be ocmvineed her aecoritj and 
peece were to bkn inflnildy ukm^ dear thtti 
the gradfiealioii of his own wishes* 

^ So it happened at last^ that she heKS^ 
contriTed the means of exilresBing her m^k 
tual a£EectioD, and the giatilude die ftb 
for his prudence and oomdderaUoik She 
found a trusty messenger to convey dcwmwJ 
letters; and all that Donatelto had next to 
arrange was but to obtain free entranee aa a 
friend mto the bouse of his beautiful inaioo* 
rata. For the future, then, he took ad> 
vantage of every occasion to shew the 
utmost attention and poUt^iess to the old 
SigBor Diroetri; and yet so wisely did he 
• behave, that it was impossible to sui^^ect him 
of any particular motives. All seemed but the 
effect of accident ; yet he had one attribute^ 
which, though it had aided him more than 
all the rest with the fair FcMtia, yet pro^^ 
the greatest possible hindrance to his deaigna 
QU her husband. Tins was his extracM^dinary 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


gme «id beauty of peTBOO, wiahc^ which, 
hmg ao Ihpdly and agreeable a campaniftn» ha 
VDold doubdeai have been iaYited long aiDca 
i^ IKoietn^a house; but thou^ he had 
gtfm aacrea of maguificent banquets, to 
wUch the <dd gentlowm vas in^edU yet 
Uie kt|ar» bcang dft»niiini»d to omd all 
ikks, kept his doors dosed, with the utmost 
ohstiaacy, against his courteous entertttoer. 
In aoch banquets the jroui^ lover had 
abeadj ^>ent a oonsidieraUe share of his los- 
tune, yet nerer arrived a sb^ stjep neaser 
theotjeetof hiawUiea. At length he fixed 
Us attentioii on a plan, which he had before 
sAen thought o^ though it was then moie 
like a dream than reality. This was, that he 
thould oQfitnve to rescue Signcnr Dimetri firan 
soae great apparent dangor, fay which exploit 
he wi^ infklliUy secure his future confi- 
daice and fEtvour. Accordingly he made an 
agreement with some hired bravoes, who weee 
to attad^ die old hero unawares in a retired 
I^aoe. As 80on,therc&re, as Dimetri fell into 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

962 ISE iCAOtC &IKC 

Uie snare, Stgnor DonaiQello wtm tcy rush 
out i^inst the nmmmnn^ who^ after m slkNrt 
pfetendad reeittanee, would ghre ov«-, 
and take to flight. The plot was admiraMy 
carried through. Dimetri was fully perauad- 
ed that Ins life had been saved by DoDaleBo, 
and expressed his gratitude widi an air of tbe 
utmost gravity and earnestness. But then, 
his doors remained just as irmly locked as 
ever ; nay, sinoe that adventure, his temper 
seemed mote peevidi and oaprieioos than it 
had been belbre* 

'^ In truth, the old warrior was unaUe to 
disguise from himself, thatinregaid to his own 
person, years, disposMon, and manners, he 
was by no means fitted to gain or retain the 
affections of a young beauty like Madonna 
Portia* On the other hand, he strove to en- 
courage himself by reflecting on his own hercnc 
achievements, and all that poets have written 
on the love and respect cherished by ladies 
for warlike valour and renown. Therefiore be 
did not fail to relate cfyieai the history of his 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

TBS tfAMC BtNe. iSB 

Q>ra exploits in the nost brffiumt ooloum 
to his yaimg irife; and, moreoTer^ to pkc^ 
books in her in^, in whiA the aaiae advent 
tufes were finriy lecotded. It aeemed ta hii|l) 
bowevo-, as if she lead these wiuows with- 
oitt any move lively interest than die mrald 
have ftk for the wonders* told of Hanmbd, 
Scipioy or any other hero^ who had been 
mouldering Ibr eentories in the dost. Coai- 
lequently he wooU^ notwithstanding the 
weakness of his health, have tried to refresii 
his withering lanrds by some Hew campaign, 
hid it not been that Us exoessire jealousy 
would by no means permit him to renOun 
long absent from his own house. Somettmes, 
indeed, he made young spirited horses be 
paraded at his castle, and mounted them in 
bis wife^s pi«8enoe, or shot at marks wkfa a 
crofis-bqw, whieh no one but himself could 
have bent. Yet he could not helpfeding, 
that he no losiger shone in mich exercises as 
he had done in his youthful diqrs; whHe, as to 
the anxiety which Madonna Portia expressed 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


SoK hmj k waa mudk more like titmt of m 
diiilg^ler for the mf^y ef .a wtak dd^itkeiv 
thw qf • wife drMliDg the Jbn oCa faekmd 
wd too twiliinm* hudbttid. H^iviaiifih tfaea 
mtiii that ingkiricms eombit wkk . the a^. 
anibii, aMi.hia rescue out of their haaib Jbgp 
the MoUakteBCe ef a bmdmame joutk like 
OwatcUoi ha:re irounded the old wainrV 
pode i Fiem that cbgr he gradnel^ oidca* 
wiaredtofaraekofftheAaianiitaiice; aid aa 
toiuvitiaf; the yooi^ man to hia hooae^ that 
vaa Bov wbdiy oma of the qaaatioBL 

^ A£kr ao maigr diaqipaiataMBtSy Donatdlo 
at kngth loat all padanoe. Witk Signor IK- 
OMtn he still kqfit up an ap peal an ce of ci* 
yaSatj and ffienddHp ; hut towards every one 
else his Hsmpet and behatioiir beGinie qoile 
iatcdemUe, as i^ beisg.miaeraUe tniaael^ he 
was resolved that all the worid riioidd be so 
ia order to bear him oompan j* Thus it came 
to pass, that he, who had becA lunversally 
adaured and sought after in Naples^ was 
BOW ihaaiied and hated even by has mast 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

'Bm MiiHOSBfCk SBi 

intimate firiends; fo thai two or thne 
joong men, whom he had prorokdd by 
hiB aoonifol mamieiB, and also crtend in 
some fiiYourite scheme, leacdved to wajrloy 
him in the ni^t, and if not ta camoA 
autdery jet at leaat to wound atid baal 
him in such mana^r, that he would be 
foieed to oonduot himself diffei«ently lot the 
fiiture. Accordingly he fell one erening inio 
the soaie that was laid Put hiixk ; for> as he 
could not refiram firom walking always afibtr 
dark netsr the house oi hk beknred Madomoi 
Portia, it was easy for them to find mteu 
of puttil^ their plans intd exeoition^ Not. 
withstanding that he made a bra^a dtfimoe^ 
jet, hftviiig beoi taken nnawaits^ be was ma- 
shie to stand agiunst the nnmbar of hit nisail 
sats, and soOn received two severe wounds* 

^* Meanwhile the old warrior heard the dash* 
iHgof arma and loud yoioes on the street; 
and bei^g determined not to lose such an op* 
portunky of phiyitig the part of an Orlando 
befcne his beantifiil lady, he goaded on his 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

JK6 'TfiE MAGIC ttlKG. 

belt, and brandishing his ^Ireat battle-sword, 
rushed out of the house. Perhaps, being thus 
prepared and resolute, he proved a powerful 
assiulant, or perhaps mere terror at such a 
frightful figure got the better of Donatello^s 
youthful adversaries. Suffice it to say, they 
fled immediately, and he was set at liberty* 
Thereupon the triumphant victor forgot all at 
once his former doubts and fears. He directly 
brought in his rescued friend as a trophy 
into the jHresence of Signora Portia, insisting, 
moreover, that a room should be provided 
fiir him, and that she should herself under- 
take the cure of his wounds. As Donatello 
was far too prudent, in Signor Dimetri'^s pre- 
sence, to speak on as^y other subject but the 
wonderful prowess and courage of his deliverer, 
describing how he had by his single arm put to 
flight a whole troqp of banditti, all suspicions 
were lulled to sleep. Moreover, he continued 
to talk with such eloquence of the old heroes 
former exploits, and numberless adventures 
by sea and land, that, after his recovery, he 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


lived still as an intimate and chosen friend in 
Dimetri's palace. The latter found him 
oftentimes done with his /nrife ; but then he 
was always speaking or reading of the same 
heroic achievements, to which the lady now 
seemed to listen with the greatest attention. 

^' From this sUny we may learn, that all 
our best-laid plans to gain the confidence of 
another may prove unsuocessfQl, and that it 
is not alwajs bj confemng favours that one 
can excite his good-wilL Oh the other hand, 
tf soon as his own vanity is inlisted on our 
tide, we have no farther trouble, but the 
ffune of itself will be won.^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



How 8b Otto ehiOltoged the K&igfat oT Mflft t fk i icop. 

Many cypinioos wore munedhitely ofimd on 
this story of the old warrior and yomig kner. 
Souke pvaioed the prudence and leienre of 
Donatello ; others extcdled the qQi^-a^ited> 
ness of Signora Portia, for havii^ understood 
the wishes and motives of such a silent lorcr; 
while it was agreed on all sides that the per- 
sons in the drama were to be looked on at 
equally fortunate, Signor Dimetri not ex- 
cepted, since he, like the rest, had obtained at 
last the object which he had so long wished for. 
During this discourse, the kind and hoapt^ 
able Sir Folko dp Montfaucon was looking 
eagerly round the table, watching whether 
his guests were well supplied with wine and 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


satisfied with their entertainment. It now 
seemed to him as if Sir Otto von Trautwaog^ 
sat lost in thoughts^ which, from the expres- 
sion of his features, could not be dtber cheer- 
ful or agreeable. Wishing to rouse him 
from this trance, Sir Folko observed^ << My 
noble guest from Germaay has beard all the 
remarks which have been made on the Couat^s 
aartative, but has not himself uttered one word. 
May it please you, sir, to say whidi of these 
characters seems to you the most peaisei- 
worthy and enviable ? Whether do you like 
best the young lady or the kmght P^ 

With his eyes darkly gleaming, and ia a 
deep severe tone, which contested strangely 
with the unrthful levity of the party. Sir 
Otto replied, *^ I am indeed unaUe to pev* 
eeive how the most ingenious hstener eould 
find aui^t to iqpprove in the character ot 
conduct of such a knight or lady* If you 
had inquired of me whiJch ci th6 two was the 
mosfe bas^ abominable, deviUsh^ abd d^ 
pmved, I might indeed have more readily 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


proTided myself wiUi an answer, although 
even then the choice would have been difficult. 
Fy on it ! That renowned wmrrior had raised 
up a vain coquette to a situation such as she 
never deserved, had shared with her his 
house and fortune, placed his honour and 
happiness in her hands, hoping that the late 
evening of his life might still be dieered 
by gleams of con6dence, idelity, and love ! 
Then, lo! the wretched creature forfeits 
all the reward and praise which die m^t 
have obtained fer virtue and dignified de- 
meanour, by encouraging a libertine para- 
mour ! Shame, shame ! That idle and despic- 
aUe young fellow, who, for himself, would 
tiever have won any wreath of fame, had 
succeeded in gaining the friendly notice and 
society of a renowned hero, at whidi any 
generous and honest^ heart would have been 
proud and rc^iced; and this ftienddiip he 
only uses for his own base purposes, in order 
to lay his snares with more eflect. Then 
h0 hires, forsooth, bravoes and assassins; 

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irlKiefin:e should he not as well have tried 
poisan f At last the brave old man performs 
thtte]q>lott in earnest, of which he had made 
s haae and cowardly pretence; uses, per- 
haps tat the last time, his already honoured 
aad yietorkms sword in the service of that 
deodtful pcdtron, who, instead of sinking into 
the earth with sham e b ut foi^ve me, 
noUettr, I have not temper nor patience to 
^>eak fiother, and have already dwelt too 
long on a subject so hateful r 

Every one in the banquet-hall was now 
dent, and on every dieek glowed a deep blush 
ci self-reproach, from which even Uie count 
Alkssandro de Vinciguerra was not e^cemptecl 
He said, however,— ^^^ This noble stranger 
has jud^ the characters of my story rather 
Coo severely. In the li^t in ^iiich he has 
piaoed them, th^ may indeed deserve all the 
censure which he has so fireely bestowed ; but 
in our gkmiog climate beyond the Alps, the 
inhabitants, both men and women, are, by 
iMtnre, differently framed and disposed from 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


the quiet people of his cold native land; 
and, methinks, the same moderation and tit. 
tue cannot be demanded of ujs.*' ^< This 
were to a£5rm thenj^'^swd Sh- Otto, ^ Aat 
light and wrong depended on the nearness or 
distance of the sun ; but I well know, that the 
inhaUtants beyond the Alps would as unwill- 
ingly incur the risk of eternal malediction as 
those of any other cduntry ; and that the 
road which your story instructs us to travel 
leads but to the realms of the devil there 
cannot be any doubt.^ 

The nmple and child-like energy, the tran- 
quil consciousness of right, which were vimble 
on Sir Otto^s countenance when he spoke 
these words, reminded one of the angels* 
heads carved in marble by fhe old devout 
artists of Germany: or Italy. An involuntary 
emotion of awe, an influence, breathed as it 
were from the regions of eternal life, was felt 
through all the party there assembled; so that 
even the proud and gay Count de Vindguerra 
could not lift his eyes from the ground. Don 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

meanwhile had risen from hk 
chair^ n^ gone voimd, unpercmed) behind 
Sir Otto. He toadied him on the shoulder, 
aoflly looking back, the youth saw the kindly 
ommtenaDoe and dark eyes of the Castifian 
glrsming on him with an expression <^ 
trinpph and approbation: 

Afier a long silence, the Chevalier de 
MoDtfanoon also rose, and addressed himself 
to die Gcnnan yonth: << Sir Knight,*" said 
he, <<yoa have indeed made us all heartily 
•shamwd, and therefmre merit our gratitude 
sod praise ; for the very tones of your voice 
lomded on our ears like the alvery music of 
a Ghapel4>dl, warning us to self-reproval, to 
faomiii^, and devotion* Acoept, therenvre, 
oqr sinoereat thanks, and believe me, that I 
njoiee in posaeswing, even for a diort space, 
sQofa a jewd and mirror of kmgbthoed within 
my castle.^ Thereupon be made to Sir Otto 
abwaad sdemnM>ettance. Alltbeknii^ 
and other guests rose at the same tkne, and 
fcUowed fais^xaai]pe. 

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Sir Otto wa3 confosed^ and bLoshed deiply. 
<' Noble mni" mi he, ^< I Wieve. diat you 
pay this homage to Hearcn Qnly> to whose 
mandates I have chaoced to direct your atlm^ 
tion. W^re it otherwise^ a humbte and inex- 
perienced youth, such as I am, vould indeed 
ill deserve such honour.'" 

<^ Valiant stranger,^ answered the Knight 
of Montfauoon,"" we are unwilling to allow 
that you should speak. of yourself 00 unju^y. 
May we beg tp know your name, and^ if it so 
jdease you, to hear the story of your past 

^< Should I ever have a story worth relat- 
ing,^ answered Sir Otto, *^ and what the 
story .may be, will depend oil your renowned 
and victorious arm, Sir Knight of Montfau^ 
con. Can you still reoaember the young 
squire on th^. banks of the I>anube» who was 
present durii^ that ev^itful eveiiing» when 
you so gknriously overcame the powerful 
Count Archimbald of Waldeck ? I wear now 

the golden spurs ; nor hate the thixe stiokes 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


of a knightly swoid on my shoulders, nor 
a tnooidq^t witdi, been forgotten.^ 

'< 'TIs wcB, Sir Kn^t/' answered the 
Chevafier ; ** and you are now perchance in 
quest at G^bnAWs ring ?" With a cour- 
teoos bow, Sir Otto replied in the aiBrmative. 
'^ I am then at your command,** answered Sir 
Foiko; and, tumii^ to the company, he 
added, << Tfaia brave young kni^t has indeed 
not rdated any adventure for your entertain. 
tnent; but, to compensate for his alence, you 
may be eye-witnesses of one to-morrow, if you 
will do me the honour to accompany me to 
another of my castles in Normandy, where he 
will engage with me in the lists, and whither 
I shall invite also the beautiful Crabrielle de 
Portamour to behold our encouriter.*** There- 
after he explained to them how he had before 
now met with Sir Otto near the fortress of 
Trautwangen, and contended there with the 
Count Archimbald von Waldeck for the ring. 
Abo, how the castle to which he would invite 
the Lady Gabridle was the prindpal mansion 

▼OL. I. M 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


on those territories of which the ring gave 
the exclusive right of possesnon; so that she 
would doubtless not fail to honour them with 
her company. All the guests now pnes^at 
accepted the invitation; and Sir Otto, with 
downcast eyes, thanked them for their great 
courtesy, in as much as they would ohi- 
descend to behold how a youth, hitherto so 
humble and unpracdsed in arms, was to 
be admitted to the honour of a combat with 
the renowned Sir Folko de Montfaucon. 
Every heart was prqxwiocaacd in his favour ; 
^nd even the Count AUessandro de Vin^ 
ciguerra embraced him cordially, saying, 
^* Truly; since the fates were resolved, that, 
for the chastisement of my sinful levity, I 
should be viuted by a severe moralist and 
stem preacher, there could not have b^en 
found one in all the world to whom I should 
have, listened so willingly as to him who is 
now among us.*^ 

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Tflfi'iffASicitaiG. m 


Hot &i Otto heard from the Chevalier de Montfauoon, a 
Story of the Ring. 

With the first sun-rays of the foltowing 

monuog, dl those yaliant knights and other 

gofats had arisen, and departed on their way 

to Normandy. It was a pleasure to look on 

Aon as they proceeded on their journey, now 

half lost amid the shadowy copsewoods, then 

breaking out again along Uie bright green 

meadows; poets and painters, renowned in 

their several arts, mingling in grbupes, with 

varriors and dieir squires in bright-gleaining 

vmour, attended too by sumpter-horses in 

ridi cciveriDgs fringed with gold and silver. 

Among the most brilliant figures was that 

of the Count Alessandro de Vinciguerra, 

wearing a great cloak embroidered with the 

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arms of his luiiily, which waved and .fluUertd 
in the wind. His gaanenfeSy too, gfittared 
in the sun-Ugfat, and fealbers of all oolouis 
in a vast plume sunnounled his baratt* 
He had laid aade. his. coat-oS-nudl} weaiing 
only a travelling dress^ and riding on a stately 
mule» richly capariscmed^ with no other 
weapons but a sword and a small glanc- 
ing buckler, both of which hung frmn his , 
blue velvet saddle. Not £ur distftnt, how** 
ever, was. a squire, who led by the golden 
reins his ^ war-steed, prancing and snorting^ 
and there was also a sumpter-horse, bearing 
his massive annour, surmounted by the close 
head'.piece, with nodding |>lumes of beron^ 
feathers^ ^1 arranged as if it had been to 
make up a subject for the painter. The 
brave Chevalier de MoDt£»uoon and the 
young Knight of Trautwangen rode for the 
most part together, deeply engrossed in their 
discourse, and always feeling more and more 
friendship for each other. In like manner, 
also. Sir Otto^s liglit*brown stee^ and De 

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TAB 9iM»e nma. stt 

MuulfwiooirjB n^d'ffdy sccmra to Accjinre 
flUrtiial good^wifi iEiid' afttachment, notinth. 
stamfing die baAred tvhidi the former used to 
eotertmn towards all straogers. Of the con- 
ifcnation iriiich passed between the knif^ts 
it may be attdired us here; to divulge what 

^ I had at lei^ ahnost deqpured of find- 
ing yon in Frano^^ said 1^ Otta '^ At the 
holy sepnkhre Taiher,- 1 thought we should 
meet ene day, » peAaps on the road thither. 
For are ttoC idl the nol^st hearts in Eor(q)e 
aow attracted to that sacred monument, which, 
cnviiuned and profisned by Saracens with 
dirir heathenish abominaaons, draws, like an 
ines istib le magnet, the proeesaons of plgrims 
and warriors from all quaiters to effect its 
fiboation? Tour heart too, my ikdble ad- 
▼enary, doubtless beats in nmam with diese 
devout feeBngs. WhereEmre then do I not 
hAM die cross on your shoulders P^ 

^ Because,^ answered Sir Folko, ^ it is 
not for the holy war only that eokKers are 

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970 THB IdAOiC filNQl 

tequired. Oar lung denmndb the demioeB of 
\m barons fcft the ptoieetiofi of our. own 
blooming land. He indeed k l&nsetf • gone lx> 
the crusades, and for that rewm'h&S'cnjmMd 
me tmd otbers of my rank to icmain at hoUe, 
in order to guard the terresttiU pandke of 
France until his return from Pakstine. The 
Mbors of Spain are here nol so fiur i^noce 
that ure can feel in security, nor are we di- 
"tided from them by any «rm of the sea. If 
the Yldiffl^ duunpions of Castile <k> their ut- 
most to keep off those assailants^ ivetM must 
lend our aid to that brave nation, or appear 
even in our own estimation like abject oowmk. 
I think, in ^le next place, to ride into Spain, 
in company with die yaHant Don HenumdeiB, 
and perhaps also with you, provided I sbovld 
fall, and yet survive our combat ; for in that 
event you are doubtless aware thiA you become 
a vassal of France.^ Otto looked at him in- 
quiringly, and the chevalier continued ^**►** I 
thought you must have known that the beau- 
tiful Gabrielle has promised to bestow her- 

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«lf) as wcH aft alt her popse^skmsj on the 
.hught who 18 so fbrkmate a^ to win back, 
her rii^. Hour your ejrea now gle^m with 
hopeattd a&tidfN^ed iriiuapbr In truths Sir 
Olli/8« whole mind was lighted up bjr a joy 
such aa he had never before felt; aad. yet, 
wken he had time^for r^ediony he cpuld 
aot hd{r bei^g nN»re than ever i^tated -by 
dooblav whether he ahould win the victory,-— 
er (aooveipQwering was his emcxtion) whether 
heaboddeveo live toaeethe day when he mig^t 
Uy faia Coctane in a eombat so glorious. Sir 
Falko meanwhile seemed delighted by the 
i of'Bund into which he had brought his 
i; andlhen) aftera iqpaee, he looked 
oa km itith a changed and melancholy aspect, 
IMeehsnce, because he remonbered diat Sir 
OtuTs courage mid joy ot- heart m^ht lead 
Urn on to destruotiont dealt out by that arm 
wUdi had already sent so many adversaries 
to diegraive Thereafter both of thfem en- 
<lftmaiid » by a change of discourse, to forget 
— itiislly» that they were shortly to engage 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


mth jeach other in a mortal combat* 
?K9riouB quoBtknuip Sir Otto inqind of Be 
MgDtfiuiipoD, what he had actually learned of 
the JMagic Riag^i woDdaf id hiatoiy aad vir- 
tues ; whereupoa the cheyalier aaawered him 
as follows :«— 

'^ The ring i» 4m inheritanoft dtrived^faim 
my step&th^, a renowned and valiant heroi 
by name Sir Huguenia, and wh<kwa9 hekl 
in b>ejh honour at our kiog^a court. Although 
he had coma as a atnuger into the land, 
spme^sakl from the East, and afeh»aAoniahe 
IJtrthy yet he had di^taiacd* as itzmvard'Air 
his brave e|(idoita» great feudal 
o¥er whidi his i^t of disposal w^-tsa 
limited, that he could. leave them ta whom* 
soev^ he pleased, whether lady or knight 
Appearing with great spl^idottr at all ithe 
Qourt-festwals, he had fallen in lose aridi a 
beautA&d damseU deseended itaat one of the 
first houses in Francei thc^ were^regidarly 
betrothed, and, among ethe» giftay hahad 
promised her a wond^ul ring, possessed of 

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THE MAGIC ttlNG. 273 

numy magical virtues, which it was said that 
W'JM4bioagiii*wltli.liim ftoift d)Wi^ 
oCthe Ndrtbi Tim^iig'ii9m'$k»^ to s^VM Ms 
bridrfv^ta^^Mlge, tlwtthe feudal MfOtwiii 
Bnsberm^mnmhe hans ; iftid it n^aB srftnn^, 
that ike'liidy had even iqqittMd'wiih it <m 
her finger at grand festivals; yet ft alwiiys 
TCtnraad agaiB taito the posseaakm of Sir 

^^ About that time he travelled iati>N<ir- 
ttaixfyy hi ordar to survey his heautifQl 
emaftBB, aome of whioh lay dose to onr 
finily mansion, whare my modM^ war Itviag 
m seehMtoB, g orio wa iy ocouided in the edvf- 
catieo of her son, so timt he might become a 
hivre kni^t, not utf worthy of the name of 
]fmitiraoo& In her re tirentetft, howgvtr, 
she was often distcnbed, on aeeonnt of herw- 
tmwfinasy said aksiiijiaiiiag'^ faetety» by the 

was in her estinurtiiMi dwwfs troidilesMie and 
B u na to in e . I can yet wril iMoieei, how the 
WfiiBt 8ir'aiagOC!imi-dl*ie finr tlie fim 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

time on ^bamtback to our ca8tk)«<*4u>w my 
wbolo hemrt waa wcm, bjr his fine figiuoe and 
cQurlMyia dtmen oom^ aa he apok* wUh my 
motber i fiir I waa th^ a boy tm yaaics of 
age, aod OQoId well di^iogiu^ the difftfence 
between him and our oth^ naii^iboms. If 
since then I have been fortunate apMUgh to * 
win tlie amilea of many noble la^ea, I muat 
aay that I owe that distinction to the lesions 
9pd examfde, whkh ) raoeived fnw Sir 
Hugue^in^ thqii^ I have newes equalled thait 
model^ of idl noble and warUkfi. mcoomtiifbr 
ments, which waa then set before me» On 
my motl^r too his appearaope mA C fti d u c t 
made a. d^p iii»pi«|9ioa ; while h^ (m. the 
other haj^ ii«s eo^tfuck i^jhec uqriv41^ 
beanty) tim tibe,tfa<«u^ of a miMemgfLV)^ 
ai^X on^^ else beeanie iiimKHHt|}|]^ He^oe- 
forth hkiff^ care waa.&o iMkf: hiouidf free 
from Ina Iwonpr engngiweiits^ .at^. fh f Wtfi 
the rdal»t>|iai;of 4lM dMiaallowhwi kl^Mi 
beep bmr«th^.wqF«.v<iimeiit^ enni««4» jT^ 
aueh itw..tiK^.ttrQori.4ip|^^l«Brtttm^*^ <fap 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

renowned % Htqa^ueiiiDi more etpedidly be- 
cause he was the king^s chosen' iavimrite, that 
the tiaoiacCion waa carried through without 
a aaiunrar. The kmgbt retained possession 
of his ring, and it was not till long after her 
marriage that my mother knew of the vows 
that for her sdce had thus been broken. 

'^ Willii^lj and confidently^ th^^efore, had 
the beautiful widow resigned her person and 
fortane ; and what was yet nearer and dearer 
to her heart,— -the edacatioD of h^ sott,^— 
iola the hands of the lar-famed Sir Huguemn. 
In what ^gree he might have valued the 
pofls ess io n s thus bestowed on him I know not; 
for the aeaaon of knre, with its sunbeams and 
rases, was for them of brief duration. For a 
space of about two years, wkhin wUdi time 
my step-Mtar, Bbmabeiaor, a fivii^, picture 
of her beautifiil motbov mute mto the wwrkU 
Sir fiiigii^mii rlived itt oinr ^castto; then he 
w^Bfc ewi AdDsa the seas, aod never more 
leUvMiL Bat W^fiiBM^aiid hbaottl'ssakef 
webopoAata^ aodden and booomUe da«th 

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bad aomewbere oTeftakon bim. . My modier 
never beard of bint agsia; aad tlie more tfait 
her htupfkiena bad been hicreased during (he 
abort time of tbeir onion^ tbe morer cs a hi tdy 
sbe now devoted hmwlf to penonoe and ae- 
cluaion. For a few. .years grief preyed Wh 
cearingly on her fiwme ; and at length, with 
a smile of melaarhdy resigmtion, she saidc 
into the now welcome grave* 

<< As to that other duty, the oare of my 
youthful education) wUcfa die -had confided to 
himy it was, in truth, amply fulfilled. Oisve, 
yet aflectionate,— <lignified, yet kind, like a 
guiding fnllar of light, his image, even at this 
hour, always moves befiNre me Through 
the day he spoke with me indeed but bttfei 
but Btordtd me the most admkdbk eoumple 
in Uie.use of anas, in buntings and in borsfr- 
maoship. In tlie evenings be bebaine'elo> 
quent, and proudly related to me- ma»y wdik 
dtiMS legends dT the oldsn times* Linkorne 
admonishment aeeeaqpambd ibese stories f but 
4hqr wave 4eld hat such maamhr, that every 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


gbriiNis adventure came before my 8i(^t witk 
ill the fofce of realist and my keart was 
flkd with' hrcaiarible longii^ to obtain 1^ 
fanlittBit bonomrsoflai^lhthood. Thiadene 
became the more p aMfana tc , when I refloated, 
that b^ firom wixaee Upa I heard aU tfaoae 
marreUoua tales was laamA£ a lenovBed 
ha») whose wfineftle arm had * doubtless per<* 
ftnaed achievementa equal to those whkh 
he detecibed of others. Without faaasthig^ I 
may tndy boj^ that through those two yean 
I faoved myself no undesenraiig idiriar^ «li 
wfaJchaoooonthotrealedmewith great Uad- 
oem^.aod on llm night bcfiure. hia dBparton^ 
he Jed me into 4itt .rihambtry drat die doer, 
ttid.iaidy— ^ Follao, I am now going- henoe 
on a:ieanif»ug»;-«4n'w kng I ^imH remtin 
Amsit, Heaivnn knDw% ipsihaps it may be 
fisr erer f In janr eyes I ca» ahrady vasd 
die asqnttt. that yon- lattMld fvefcr, isr aoy 
pomisnowdiat-'yau -abanid neaompsi^ nae 
torahe ibatiis fliM';>'bulifthat/<wy >not ha; 
yoo iumse ntumi aw e ^ hereto \m the p e ote ci w r 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

378 TH£ MA<HC RlNO. 

of your mother and the Kttle Blandieflaar ; 
for although youare now only in your thir- 
teenth summer, yet, both from your prudence 
and skill in the use of arms, you might be 
counted full dx years older. It shall be your 
doty, therefore, to protect your sister in the 
undisturbed poesemon of a wonderful, ring, 
which I shall now leave in her hands ; 
but of which, as I am well aware, many 
daimants will henceforth appear, wishing to 
^teprive her of that valuable gift But mark 
you, young lion of Montfaucon, let th^n not 
succeed in such attmipts; and be it your care 
also, that, when at last you are both grown to 
man and woman's estate, the Lady Blanche- 
fleur shaU bear the name i3l your house ; for 
'mia^ though it is renowned and honourable, 
is yet less known hope, and sounds strange to 
the . inhabitants of Normandy. Wilt thou 
now psoipise, to remember these injunctions ? 
Pn»udly,and rgoioed in hearty I agreed to all 
that he desbred ; and, with God^s help, have 
been tnie to my wordy even to the present 

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daj. The damsel, who had been betrothed 
formedj to Sir Huguenin,. mapped after- 
wards the Koight of Portamour, and became 
the mother of CrabrieUe* Thereafter the 
beaudful GalmeUe^ who, ia early youthj was 
left an orphan, heard from her guardians 
many stories of the Magic Ring, and how 
it should by right have been in her posses- 
sion, m as much as her laoEther, in her .dying 
xnooei^ had called for it» as .for some dear 
and precious gift, which, by sol^iin.vaws, h«d 
hepome hers. Thence arpse the many con- 
victs £>r thiamysterious gem. Ferhifi% if it 
is the wiU of Heayian, md you ai<e foiftun«te> 
ikm (fc^mtdi TmSTf U>4ay pr tarmprft>w> be 
biou|^l to an eid ; far, behpld the towers.of 
Iba NoKiniip c«8d^ to w}u^ ^ bi^Te is^Tited my 
Wiitiftii mine^wfjf. ana 90W yii^ibU over the 

iwfsr . , 

- I. - * . 

. . ■ . J -I .. • •. « . J . 

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How the KnighlB airived at tl^e Cattle of Sir Folko de 

Aw» A §i«M faratl^ bsbw .th0 hmgj^^dtht 
cntb, die par^ hsd made a bait under tbe 
verdant eaaopy of the faeechptvees^-ai ordiir to 
enjoy in qolet the eed pleasaat air of bb 
aututtnl emnimg^ wUle a couiier ivent be- 
Ibie m ordet to aaaomiee -tfae oennag ef 
lib eMMeriaad the nameMKie (Wtj of noUe 
guests at die fortiEeis. But scarcely l»d 
they ' dtsttKmnted^ and begun to pass nmnd 
tim wine-oqp) foplenshed ftom die eiiB^pter- 
borses, whsn the eonrier returned fatttilyy 
aai»iinca«, that the Lady CkteieUe de 
Portamour had abeady antTed; and, at 
fasr JesiTB^ tte Lady Bhadieflmr deMont* 
foucon had oomniandedy that an 

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banquet should be pfovided under Uie green 
shades of the forest ; al9o« that a proocsaios, 
led by the two noble damsels, was now de- 
scending from die eastle. In trutb^ the 
kni^tfl already saw throu^ the trees the 
gleam of armour and weapon^ the gold and 
silTer vessels for the banquet, and the jiright 
embroidery of festal gaiB»ents. The Kni^ 
of Monl&ueoA ^low tufned to Sma JSor* 
nandea and the Gonnt de ^^ndguacra, 
iMjgging, that fix a short nHerval they would 
take their places in the Tan.rf Ae party, in 
order to iieeeiYe the ladies; ^ for,^ added hc^ 
^* it ispropeir.^twe twoesinhataBts.dmuId 
make our qppeasanoe befiore the heanfifiil 
Gafarsrile^ m a guieemDM fil)liiig than that 
which fHxr n^rnl jounuryand this sudden 
yi«t has for the momHii left within oar 
powok^ Wirti tiiese wcttds he went akmg 
with Sa Otto inti» a 'dtnse ticket of • tfa^ 
yaHtyf wbithep.lhey. were fidfewad l^ Theo- 
baUo-aad awtber sqvire. 
Earnestly, and in great haste, the two 

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flIS mt MAOfC RtKO. 

young champkms prepared for ^m mar- 
tial toilette. Their ctiirasBes and greaTes 
were careftilly rabbed and bumished, tfie 
katber straps drawn dgbter, and the ^eikls 
pbiited up; thehr helmeUplumes arranged, 
sad their sashes taken off, in order ^at They 
might be cleared from dust, and replaced in a 
fttthion more becoming. At the mbment 
when both were aci^usting their hehnets. Sir 
Folko looked steadfiistly at his young ad- 
versary, ** Now,* said he, ** when you draw 
down your eaglets Tiaor, I can explain to 
myself dearly the dim recollections, which 
were awoke by the black armour inlaid with 
sllv^. Is it not in truth the same coat-of- 
mail diat was heretofore worn by Count 
Archimbald von Waldeck P** Sir Otto having 
answered in the affirmative, he continued, 
*^ I shall at some time or another beg €f 
you to relate to me how one so young as 
you are,^— but a mere spring-blossom of 
knighthood,--could have eased himself in 
armour such as this. On the odier hand, 

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I dudl describe U> you th^ imin; sirwge 
dreams by which I have been visited, of 
desperate cooflicta with a black and white 
eagl^ wlufih meUiou^t always flew across 
the Bhine firom Gennany hither; that it sat 
upon osy head, and, with its powerful hooked 
hill, plucked at a wnath c£ Bowean, which was 
wound around my temples. When I awoke 
from this dream, I used to say to myself, 
* Thou thinkest dc^ibtless of battles that may 
yet take place with the valiant Sir Arcbim- 
bakl von Waldeck. But this may. not be. 
He is bound by the conditions of oiir fonner 
aaooanter, and may never more daim this 
ring ; yet the eagle is ooce more prepared for 
battle before me T Come dien, brave young 
Kni^t of Tiautwangen. The ladies await 
us** Thereupon the two wairicn^ went to- 
geth^, hand in hand, to join the noble 

Amid that circle of £Eur damsels, valiant 
champions, and skilful artists, Gabrielle^s 
beauty shone so pse-ennnentt that Sir Otto, 

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384 IXR UAQffi BXMQ. 

oonacbus as he was of Ae d^emre. combat 
and glorious prize that awaited hisD» waa das- 
aled, and fixed , hia eyes humbly on the 
ground. Sir Fdko, on the oth^ handy w^t 
iip to the lady, and said, " Ne^r, meth i nkjs 
should I forgive my owuseemn^ disoourtesy, 
in thus arriving later than a guest so noUeand 
so lovely, wctc it not that it is yet undet^- 
mined whidi will at last be the guest, and 
which the stnnger in these domains. If it 
so please you, this brave young Grerman is 
now ready to fix on the conditions of our 

Gdbrielle threw an imiuiring look on Sir 
Otto. It seemed as if die doubted if his 
youth and inexperience admitted of audi an 
encounter; then again, by the changed ex- 
presuon of her features, one could read the 
return of confidence, as if one so young and 
nmple-hearted were sent like a guar£an 
angel for her defence. " Are you not the 
youth,'' said she, ^< with whom I once qpoke 
on the banks of the Danube?" « Truly I aas 

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tbe saiiie,^' repfied Sir Otto in a low voke ; 
^ t^ now stand here in order to redeetn the 
jdedge wUdi I then called Heaven to wit- 
ness.^ Gahrielle looked on him kindly, yet 
it seemed as if she once more began to donbt 
andhentate. TlieCbight of Montfitacon again 
interposed, saying, ** Lady, will you then 
choose tliis noble youth fbr your champion ? 
It is not my custom to propose an encounter 
with a young and powerless adversary, but 
with this kn^t I should willingly enter the 
lists.^ Thereafter the Lady C^^ridle grade- 
fully pulled off her glove from her snow- 
white hand, and ded it firmly to Shr Otto's 
saA. *• Thus,* said she, ^ on your sword 
I Innd my hopes and the just rights of my 
inheritance f^ then, in a k>w^ half-audible 
tone, she addedy << and Oabrielle will be 
the reward of the victor." ^He thought 
of returning some answer, when near him 
he heard the murmuring tones of an- 
other voice, low, and yet ardent, like the' 
melodious cooing of a turtle-dove. Looking 

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up he beheld a Ibrm of the most eiqinate 
grace leaning over the shoulder of Sir Pdlkio, 
a form in which, from the descripli o iis whidi 
he had heard^ he immediately recognised ihe 
Lady Bknchefleur ; so diat he cduld ik>w well 
believe all that the knight had narnlted to 
him of his mother^s matchless and imperisba- 
ble beauty. In spte of death' and the grave 
the same charms were thus renewed once 
more, living and smiling on the world. 
Blanchefleur now bent her he^d humbly 
towards Gabrielle, and whiiq>ered,— ^ I have 
but one dearly-loved brother, and must he thus, 
even to the very end of his life, be engaged 
in strife and contention, all for the sake of 
that tnfling ring? Shall I never be enabled to 
call him ' with certainty my own ? Rather, 
noble lady, let the present battle be decisive, 
so that the question may be for ever set at 
rest ; and, if my brother falls, then the ring is 
yours. On the contrary, should your cham- 
pion be unfortunate, let all pretensions to the 
ring be given up on yoiu* part ; only let this 

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TH£3CiiUCBWa 9||r 

Goniest be fio^ Pi^ jqv^ listen to this re- 
(ju^/biyou have too nuich generoaij^ to wish 
tbf^t thU u^i^iial contest should be kej^ up ipy 
k^iger r It vas obvioij^ to the by-^anders, 
thm Gabrielle ncm uiylerwent a conflict vitb ' 
h^ own emoticms* At lart she looked up 
kindly^ and 8aid>-r-^' Let it be so T Theo^ 
tunuDg to Sir Otto of Trautwangen, she 
added, %ith a mixture of fear and dignity 
of manner, ^< Sir Knight, my whole weal and 
woe are intrusted in your hands; and on 
your Talour and generosity I have the fullest 
reliance.'** <' May we not then directly enter 
the lists, even within this very hourF* in- 
quired Sir Otto anxiously, and with the 
fervour of inspiration. ^< Not so,^ said 
Gabrielle gravely ; ^^ I have not forgotten the 
armour which you now wear ; and perhaps it 
may be destined to make good on this occa- 
w>n the disgrace which it sustained in the 
former encounter ; or, perhaps, by new mis- 
fortune, to complete the measure of my dis- 
tresses. But • as on that fatal ni^t I was 

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aBK TtB Mjkcoe BUS. 

aasiout ind imp u lkm ist the oombiit, 1^ 
iht pPMCWt, I aia, od the eontnoy, Idet^- 
mMd ta pftctMe sd^^ecmtroL Tt^mofmr, 
therefore, ymi ihgU micr thelfitti at iadid.^d«y, 
in the great tMiuare at Ae castle. Tift that 
hour, let us speak no more of tii^ Aftputes 
whidi have led to this in«^tliig; bcrt tiadier 
(if it be allowed tne'to make one more re- 
quest) let the time be spent in unrestrained 
mhrth and joffity.* 

Sir Folko made « loir obeisance, and in a 
few minutes oontrrred that Us party were all 
elegantly and luxuriously placed beneath the 
green arcades of the beeeh-wood. Thereafter 
sparkling wine and the ridiest viands were 
handed round among the guests. This led to 
much gay and convivial talk ; at length also 
to songs and muac, to which various indivi- 
duals contributed, every one as he was best 
able. Of a sudden, an earnest request was 
suggested, and pas^ from one to another, 
that the Lady Manchefleur would mg the 
tragical fortunes of Heloise and Abelard, with 

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woeUiaie flMMiu Sor AIb^ poi^pogt' die 
8011^ OMt^ft yoQMg flii^^ipom lier hnA^h 
tmoh vbQ'Wis:auMcl'*lAUlfo Aleanii' and 
tbtketAat ih($f begm togethtr a-^xibad^ in 
attenMitepartB^oBlbestwry of 'these tolfortti- 
utte loireti, and iMig ao sweet and tticnmi- 
faBy, diat when ll^y had eoadMed, tears 
l^cuaed in mmty a iieaiitiftil eye, and even 
the bddest warriors w«re moTed< Otto fek 
die aoonds leveiberate even to h» inmost 
hieart; k setaaed to Mdi almost at if the whole 
billad had been made upon his own fortunes, 
little aa sodi a melaadioly l^^end was suited 
tobia pves^t condition ; and he could not help 
lepeating to himself, in a low vdice, some at 
tbecoacludii^ stanzas. Memwhife Sir Fdko 
de Montfiuicoii looked Roomily on the 
ground, with an expression contrasting 
strangely with his usual demeanour. At last 
he cast a stom angry glance at the Lady 
Blancbefleur, who was then qpeakmg ear- 
nestly with the minstrel Akard; whereupon 

TOL. I. K 

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d|Kai»i|By.«ii^ (WHO Imi^j to ktt hmAme^ 
taking her place he^e hin, whiA ibe did 
oot quit again tfaroDi^ the eveoiiig* Aa if 
now wiell saitaftod i«AI^ hac oondiictt Sir FcUw 
devoted ahnoet his wk9h nitention to her, 
oHitriviDg a UiQUiaBd agreeable storiee .fiar 
her entertainment. It aeisnodf however, imiw 
and then, aa if t^aisa ^Ht(«*ed ill the bean^&fiil 
mild eyes of the da«iel; and ith^ JOMOg 
Master Alaud retk^ tb<Hig^aLalid im- 
consokta into thie deq> IhUketa ci the fbrett. 
The cod eveniag now settled on tb^ jraioda. 
From the ground^ densely strewed iwidi fiilkn 
beedi-Ieayes, there arose damp VMpoins,. and 
the party at length <|iiitt^ their pl4ees,.\taid ' 
.proceeded, keqping time to nUirthful nmaic, 
up the castle hill. Duriiig their aaardi, it 
was a pleasure to see how the light <)f their 
torches and latnps gleamed along tht rocky 
ipath? through the shades of the now deaeoid- 
ing night. 

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mamnamaaami set 

f - .',»■.:* • .. • 


Ho* Sit Otto Yanqidshed the Knight of Montfaucon. 

Oatlwwirniiigrof. Ibe JoHovtag day) anim 
«i^ biHr, llNnre «fote gveat' iinmilt and 
biude b tbe.jfiimo* tawt of tke outle^ 
vtidi «M oomnd wMi gtetn tiirf, and 
liHtfed oi all tides wMi Mvrt of tall liaie^ 
IMS. Tkme .wore posts driven rata tbe 
gnnnd, Mad roUs laid upoiivtban, asagrat* 
mg, wUdi dKmld'keep tbe bjr-staiidam at a 
pnpeK datfTmrj alMl this gral^Dg was also 
biN^ with aadNPcndered drapery. Withia 
tbe Ikts tbere were brought carts full of 
dry wiute saiid» irtdch the sqniies q»read 
caiafidly over the txad, m that both maxk 
and bwse migbt hare Armer footing there* 
0B» tbsn tbe fitfipcry grass would hare af. 
fordedl Meanwhile^ Don Hernandez and 

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theC«imdteViiii%oe i f ai »fi»ttwi1 
hither wdiUdnr^ fpynngmkn^ mi alttiid. 
kig to «il 'iike^pnipua$imaf$<i Arr |m»^ yn- 
ceding e^mdngiit had tMttlfiigr*^ that thty 
w#re to aetrw' uaqpfaret itoiA a^cdade at the 
CKMobat^ After matare d dib c rftl iwtK^icy J«d 
down lh<^ exac( dhTMiaiiinni far llM^^ilt^ aad 
trM ho# liDdF^cbMtipii»iBli]eh»4i^'pkia#d 
^•pkh 6^Mt ad«aaiag8» tyf ahiA aad'ioat^ifat 
Fdfithe hufiir U»y hadfctadtodra ^^nadtsii^ 
Afllon^tbabMHias'fl^iha'ttie^retei M Aal^ 
sktiag ttestfkiy thaf "imt^ atoMe dbwind'Cid 
prM€(jted, yet at tke saiiBti]iia<^ted a fi^e 
view ^ofr.tha ha«tie««^ld. -A -immH^ Xf 
8paTtatDrt'h«ri:ldi«u]jiQdl6Qtodv TWiillfl^ nsWi 
ittipatiMee.:iir Omp hsii^md^Wlie^'pho 
mta^ to i^ay^hapntioipUf)^^ 
fcMi^al. ' ; ?■■ :• ? ' . i > '7 ,-. 

The £havidifir cb* MtetfrtMH <ii(M the 
Kfiiigbt tf Ximutvaagea mmmhififi :deiiaed 
ihm anflDor iir«q[itmtl»^*d»«i|gi)«i9< (o die 
service of tiiaiktiv;hu'iU«lda:fefeobaMo a^ 
fliia d»f fiaofaixeiiDUs ^aut ovir, evinoiag a 

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A^Me ^ '^waaanjr nti^ tBD^etm^ak mimlb was 

nmaUiy 4flmpyf^lka$i bth^jaiid/biieU^'iioir 
^#lbgt)ttaB il^fy raowt. laotMbig Avb 
^igrnHf ttMt yte iWf qy i fewdd bkriitaiigittciitt 
gftod twddgiiftr hir. i—tffr mA fritnj. Sk 

km Amtfi-t^ 'Mttfc^Miy miMH ^te ><* am 
i w mm tlij wMltwu t ;i!4f ^>d CBflUngsaadtad 
wordi ufkeivnautii oiittoi Jme^ ^proyhiiBSto T 
TImo^ ij g fij ticnml^ Ik ban Us htail over 
tiiyldAghtfti yet mwniMwl right htiriv. : 

mamm Wr\Am -wadr^gaU^i ^tnimg like the 
vAuk-of heat«n in a ttanynig^ apjppafcil 
at it Mr Miko de liontfimeoo. He wore 
Iw gbklen iMlaet wkh ti»idtor etiD ope% 
mA a flqiiive fa Ho w ed bottii^ hb gnat battle- 
MiDnt H Scar4M(diar9* Id Sir Otl^ 
*^ we have, aptal 4m time Hke good frMicb 

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uasnf ' iuoA 'lookti'"* Nbir^ ^ 'bciwvi/iif , H %i$y 
taMlopatt^ UmifllkarHre hai#«iinimti9vii 
out Tistfs, -lire AtSi'mt^etb^ttMfealk^^^tktt 

thbtiBse^ tfait I iniy omafrMPie h h iitU y <«»^ 

liiA^ we jhqr pi^ tagedri^r'th tibei^Mftpfel h^ 

ttrim^ %iltt ividflh fiir Ott^ tbrw hiKteif^ toA 

llMjplnirfoGMered/ gBMi a^trttirtpetiwrtiiiJifl 
from theFHCtiitl^ «M 'tlftgr l>K>k^ iiMtitd* 

il-wf^ttel^' gM ttumgr ftwoidy itfAI4iall 
mfcr Mm .Aft Jitai Afrte"^ afkWiWte tt^ 
cded|iB{fljr<kiMraBd> iiftliMiiteiv^^Hicnig 

^iM%^hoBi<tbM0 «v0iliiliad4«MprtMM» 

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4qpfiMket^ JSk B^gimSatyimA tlM ol Sir 

hmm hkliilbecy inr HiJ^^«nir Tiimtmifigqn> 
Ti n tiurfhi r liftjr iMiuattt k avtt dbim to the 
Aipgli ivfacM tiiey kiii*I«4*.tog8llier, ooe^i 

iMtfagrigMiL .Thmmiig'aj^ith^kidMd 
4)W Pe ttcwi wilb gMduldfiaMit MieMliiedMri 

t1ie<i|iAQi wem.^itiBeuif sealed id iWr 
WoMjs afvd'dietMi^ge ^tha^lne^UMK 

^ «prii[qj|i^i»'lM(va Weld Iqg a gA tDiifelifayiiit 

-t»v b». iiU]«il*ani %fai^4kiti^ but m- 
tMd, ailAMy^ n^iaiafMa* WAoi the cdd 
tkiifi^ Oflrffai": % a oDiIe ar 

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Kvely glance, hollow loo alid supprefied io 
toB^ they sotinAed nttber fike a mournful 
fine wan any/^f deitfi.'* The kni^^. nor 
shook hamb befim the aMemUtd speistatoc^ 
and vent ee^renllj'to toouM their hones. 
As Sir Ftiho, omhe left of the Moony, ap- 
prdached his silver^ghey charger, his nobk 
tMmi vhieh had doit almoM recovered ftam 
dM iroiiDd inflietadliy l%eobaUb, flew down 
ftttta -k nffaiAaif df the oaMle, ited took Ub 
l&M^oo the knig^tJi hi^aiet, which he wooM 
not leave M he wm taken thead^ by bii 
nuritei'a htad. The litter ^n stroked bim 
kindly OIL 'the aoch, alid, polfijig down the 
hhod orar the faitiilbl oMttuee'^ ^reS| gvre 
Mm in duAig^ to one of his mfimm, who 
earried him away; A deep4oua£ng mar- 
mur then irose lihroagh the milltittide ; hy 
soake it #as iiitferpreted im a s«ire antictpatioo 
1^ vietory'toif SiifFdko; whiltfJMhers thoQ|^ 
that the lioor bik4 wishfed to ^e lag lait 
farewell, tad tMit hi^. master woiAd^ teces- 
litydie^ Then; fitarJthe third tiiie, the herald 

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an^.nov, vicBnitdd.Jcnii tkdr w-^Mfls,. die 
UKi cbovpioos i qmoe ftma .opp^l^ roiks. into 

3^i«-efdP^9 mideTiiMi^h rtfaft btkopy i whene 
ti^ U^lies^Mty.iiidie Bcpi QemanAfay.ih «iaf- 
Biicait8fiDwry,».iator opes; fea c|dkd 
«ki^^.<« BaU kwvn UMttlqugbUMd kdM^ 
abotooltierffof wbolsQew degret, .who aris 
here pveflent, that my firieadt die CGMiit 
AlefiMndko de Vfaiciguerva» vbo i&iiom fa^skie 
nwy faoMt in hU^hands agokl c9Att, wUh t{ie 
rifljl^^' vbidi is to he l|be ^ne of thk OManhH. 
Ue cbampioiiB. bave tire- free 4%ht o£ i^cii* 
teodiB^-. wkb knees and wkb^.aweeds,'* qp 
hnmbaplii or on ^food. Whoeoervv fof the 
twain a^^U be aUe cypirteouid^ to;ilp]iveadi 
tbe Coni|^,i:«f l^ncigiianBa^ »talLs,Alie.taak«t 
fan Jiia .^hands,. faring^ 4t to ika Xiadty 
QabMle^in iho.tnkocif^.ancl ;|Aaoe^ ^ riflg 
mbsrl^ngsV) :^diont: inlemqMoii 'M»Mb 
nd^vieafjr^fitaU Uiooind opon^flK^tlie^vi^ 
end all . eontendens for this cause are fiom 

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tbeae coiritlioag oiWh wU i d i l amd mpyi o mad j^ 
Bothkiii|}hli llnnmi[E>n iiMjiiii6U.lhtMf ImrfSy 
with their k»g waring }duMe, kt taken of 
oonaeot ; tnd IBetniaaia^ with gnite dignity, 
took his pkoe again beside tb»C!oimt 'A 
deep fltillntw prewled'thiibiigfa tke attniAlj, 
yetitlatftedbntforainonMil; kM thefr«te 
heard from aH aides m grtet lamBh of trattK 
pets; the speetslora ^1 tremUedy aad^bedt 
knigfats urged' forwasd thcte fiMaaing kjgb- 
spnrited iiarses. In the niddU of the ftatlfe- 
fleldf tiiijr airudk tdgelhcp wifli audi a 
frigfatftil chsh, thai the wmk-^€it€k ^f^m- 
paweied ^ai of Ae tmttpebv Mdv Me 
.two giganfc stkttieSy the- iMver-j|[icy and 
die fight^hrown diaiger Mood opposite to 
eaeh other, both on their hn*14^s^ and paw. 
ing in the air with theiir foite-hdc^ in avder 
to regain Aeib wpupcMe '^Ask tfiat ' takiUe 
ifaock,% #Ush th^lnoekM hoik sidai hod 
been sbitotdki pkiiJB^lDid alaHred'oae^the 

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haifMimnihnd f|«».«f iwmwtirin aftptipa, 

laieoof^ aM^ wnicdboodbBi ^U the. ^p^ctar 
Mn. BttttWw. thp (ory had MMid, aiid be£we 
4» honet iMhi Mm ^ron the grouad, bolh 

dilfl(im-tDin»d8 the pbcs .where 
Che iGouM AlKwenrtro de VkdigiieRtt vas 
•tatiooad wiih;^e fk^ En^ per«mi»fl|gt 

that'^hia^ppQWntt ira».re^ ^f. piee- 
^ i^itahriog it».thqr,atocM^ \ookr 
«g loB «^ jpaMtftt eaA othei^ tbaa gpnupdd 
thtii> ai i o db. )Bia ri y> , and .^entf vkh m^tmred 
lUfa, bMk Jfa» tiiefdaoa wb^se they.had iUlem 
aa4r vhaM (Imp <>wWi yei^. h^ upm the 

,1 tM rihtidnptrt m i ii f <t . /lach iifd 

banta^ haang mm < naasd A cawfly ea up» 

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30a THS'KAOIC VfifGi 

waiobliilly foUaiwdL cmyi mdrooMBt- It 
w«» nounlU^ Imraveiiy to faditidJiow.^ 
Folko^ft flilT0r^i^ ehaifpsr^ aw r a r e ly wom^dbd 
on the aboiilda-^ HirtiggM >r^iui^ wb^ihk 
. lABMii^ist sBortiag «ndlfiMglm^4w he. had 
done at the oommeBoement td the faatde^ 
and thus f/fmn^^ diat ftkn|^ hia activity 
wc?e lost, he retaiaed yet all im. x&isM^ 
and attaofavMBt. Obaervii^ tim^ SSt Ott(% 
who would by na fncana lake advantage 
of his advartaiy^ said, with a- look of oanpaa. 
non for the poor ateed^-^^^ Nobfe Sir, riiaU 
we not rathtr deiire our hoites^to be led 
away?"" With a couiieaua aad tkankfiil 
ti^n^ Sfar. Folko tbfiM^^^^ Be it j 
to your pieaaure. Year condtt her^ ia id- 
deed such as tnm the begimng.I had eXf 
pected of you."" So the honca vaie led oot 
of the lists. 

But soaroaly. had the knights, wkh their 
raised dfielda and leaning iawatda, coaw iqp 
against'ieach otbar; fNxnoely had their ftat 
l^w^mnded^on tfam aiwanir, viMB, behold ! 

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TRE MMOC miG. 9n 

flu- OtM^^ Hgbt-faitlwft 8lMd^ irlMi^ 

their ntmtm efibrto^^lttM^ ibnrimi fkwn tbe 

sqoireB, qining tfwei 4ie tiiiis^ asid wmild 

nent 'Bir Oi«»/lKnr0ver^> ttMd.lniii by the 
bnMe, and led bin.lMk to the gatewi^.of 
the lists, giviag hiHi agoiil'tR roha^ to die 
equiret, wfaitey wklv thMBtoniag gb s iuicu —J 
a stem Toice^ be coomiaiKied him to 'stand 
qaiet ; so Aat tile nobfe steed femamed mo- 
tioiilessy HOT did the by^stattdersefvo reqinre 

On Sir OHo's TM6am, the Chevalier de 
Montfiracoft nadt- bihi a idiid aad c o t i rls on s 
saluMion with Ihb smard; then raised it 
fm aTehement aiiaok^ and tbcF'finghlftil oom- 
bat b^aa anew* .^ Bie Icnig^ the blows on 
both «dB8 feM thitk m- hail, till elheirtfanes 
the combataala stood wiA their Jaeldi press- 
ed tegether, .^wtqhinjjr thw epportonity to 
ttnfcet and^i^enwKaMrjdew snddenly Auader. 
at laBgw 8ipfApiKfc.BWeBdi[deaaBBdcd, with 
AenfapUiljr ofi hgfatningv par Us ofipcmeni^ 

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an THE KA0]CBim. 

left am, in Midi MMmer, tiMtt.kie il^dd wtfi 
iieft.mtindii^andM0;Mf IbU ratlliiigom ibe 
gfoinuL «'Hokl,faaU relied the cherolieri 
ad Sir Otttt lovevod Ua weqw^ vfaidi be 
hid just tben ^^apnSaa^ ttdfngf ^ *d>e mw 
tiiiie,-^^^ Am ymat wo na chdy btothorf ofthflr* 
imetfatfreiflfBonttdof »piUM«^ ^^Notw; 
]fMur dadd is tvaiKMlgr and ftr F^dko^ 
^^ while ndne it yet wunjurad; «i& wMdi 
aooouDtldHiEli^itaflide; fer the oeaditiam 
of an h o w pum bh oombeft require- thai, our 
means of defimce and attaekihoiild, Mi-botfi 
ades^ be A^ aaitie.'?; T h er au pen he made a 
ligit diat bis eqaioe thaaH^itum neaxy aad 
gaive him his hhie:and gpold libield; tNU Sir 
Otto lateiftred; aod.voiihl bjr nn lanat 
aHow tbat k tbooldfae eanied aw a y, ifiir 
Eolka then touly ina gram deteoBsiaed IMMV*» 
^Sir Knight, young' as you new apaMi>ya»i 
and experience, nedttoks.yoa omst^ tm. thee 
eoee^ bear with a* kaaoa-fion ^neif I'Jmm 
«omiimi0ar iotte tarelve: yeawlo^gvitlMui 
you hare done,- and I know perc ha nee at 

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well as anodic wfad k <^ k not fittn%. 
StBM I turn mpectfotty «bd .thaakfoDy 
acegpud tnm you the ik)voiir,.t]Mt wbm my 
torae ivaa noonded, yoim jdwiUL be led out 
of tile lkt% methialu it 19 net too oMch to 
oipeet that you riioiiki teceiae aoam Jiioe 
giVDeatdie handaof BirFoUEodeMoatfini- 
eoa.** <^ Yoa are in die .fight, my aoUe bfo- 
tfaer,'* a&twefad ffir Otto; ^ I bow to the 
jvdgBHBt of one who is indeed a mimr and 
fMtttflfftt of hnigfathood.^ With tbsse wacdi, 
ha nwric a hamMe obrismee^ and aa attend- 
ant aqoiia bore mwmy the bnght gleaaang 
sUdd. Theieafter the battte was ronaaad 
irith fresh 4fpmt and ir^ponr; but had oot 
oontiBoed biig, oa oneof ffir Otto'a blows 
caaia with soeh finxse tn ne left ians of the 
cheraUeTy that the weapoiv-made ita way ba- 
.the corslet and cuirisa; whereapon a 
oebhiod fottowtd the wound. Sir 
IMkd baga». to totttf^ witk dtlfenlty au|^ 
pattiDy hi— Mil va. bim mmt df ind sae the 

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.3M XH£luaiC'Bll». 

Kiught of Thuitwaiig«a ooiikl ct^ 
hitahii8,feIltotbe giwud. Then Sir QUo 
kneded.ttovnJbendehini, after andi'maiuier* 
that the by^ataodem at fint hdkved he too 
vaa wounded, asd coald not support hiioaeif ; 
bcA ere loi^ iliey peroeiTed that, he was 
busily emfdayed in. Idnseaiag tikm hctoiet^ 
€QOBkit; and cuicass, of his fiJkn. adyersaiy. 
Bhmeheieur soon hastened (nmi the bUcoiiy 
to assist in the same aenrioes, knali tn'thje 
othar side beside her brother^ abd vtfipt bit- 
terly. Otto peraemiii; this^ looked at: her 
kindiy. <' God be praiaed,'' said he, '^yoiir 
brother yet liTtts^ andthe wound,' though on 
the left nde, has not reaehed his heart T At 
'tins moBient Sir Folko opened his eye% and 
the Lady Bianchefleur held her^hand acsoss 
to his qqxment, with asaule of thanks for die 
kind words that he bad apokan. Hanri^g^rt- 
qpectfoUy kissedthe beautiful hand thus oAered 
him, Sir Otto at iengjth. anise, and went to the 
Count) da Vii< uigueiia i to receive the caihet 

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THE MAC^ mvo. aw 

with the ring. Thereafter, when he made 
his appearance under the green leaves of the 
balcony, — when Oabrielle, with a sweet smile, 
came forward Mm,r— when the trum* 
pets flourished, and all the people called out 
<< Long lire Sir Otto Von Trautwangen T 
the faugbt, as if lost in a fairy dream, knelt 
down, and in this attitil^e. h^ placed the ring 
on the snow-white finget of the Lady Odb- 
ricUe; while, at the saitie momtat, the loo 
bappy youdi Uii A soft kiss Imatbied mihk 
fin^head. ; i . . 

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aM THS S[A0IC:&I1I&. 


How Theobaldo departeds |uid a mewBOgerniiociiioedthc 
coming of the seft-monarch, Arinbiom. 

Snt Otto Imd - reiMi to \m dnudter, 
tlwt he migfat luf ^Me hks' anu^ 
and array bUuelf in a gaib aiiited %&iht 
btillia&t hg&vd dT his b^liathiiMif^ *.iifier 
which the Lady GabrieUe would mAt to 
pubUc a{qpeanmce as his bride. His iqpart- 
ment was ere long crowded by squires of 
h^ and low d^ree^ who were sent by the 
damsel to attend him, bearing ridi presoHf 
of gold chains, rings, plumes of vari^ptsd 
feathers, and othar adornments. In the con* 
fusion of his triumph and happmess, wfaiob 
seemed, as it were, reflected by the glittering 
apparel and cheerful looks of all around hm» 
he did not think <d Theobaldo's absence, tiU 
he found himsd f akme at the entranoe of ano- 

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tber diamber; m wkkh die Irfidbf GWhmik 
had apfxmted Um loineet' hei^ mrovdor thtt 
diqr BugfiA wtlk Irom tbete^ togellMc^ 
mtgufioei&t bttiqiieUMlL VTitk hia bkut 
fbU of the deficits whteh were » nMy 
poured oat around butt. he oould wilUnie^y 
hare had aome coofidciM ftknd 1H^ wfate 
lie could Aare hb ^motioii^i and iMs lotlria 
wine at Theobaldo^ Ooilg dbtaoce* M 
\mgk Ike UtenriiaQt ijAde liia ap pta g a mc ; 
Iwi dw aw d eo'ilrapgeljftiapdla-tuffcy^aod 

Im ai Im fiiel ^Iraoiiet Y^Mi«brta« thiii 
«" Ton aWia the figfau'' wAnTh^Aahhn 
"* I am, iHdMI^ «hanffid te /lay talaO 
gvlr; Wff m-fCfak^oild 41'»'^^ilBgM^ 
iMk imef ftr wmyk, whedier ydH^Ksmld 
MMgaias ibe hai^c iaf ihe Naek $mimlim 
mtmn m Am tfgiire iHlirii n no^ h&hK 
yiML^ With lhe»word» he had placed Sir 
Qllo. btilbre a grille flmMr; tplMfiil, AmT'^ 
iiit tiftie; he beheld h« ojNnA poMi^ aiT^ 
i* ara^ oTfMifrlg^terii^ aiagidfifWM^ 

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SOB TiOt'MMIC'Ullft: 

UooiiMg youtfalbl ttliMli^ 
io tto ^ibkb of a fich: ealMUMA fwM^^ 
wadet ft'^reen barret dip, dustared hbfidd:^ 
M haiT) ricMyperftmied, and'shiMig almoil 
as farightly as the magnificeiit agt^tdie wfaicb 
held tagedittr tlie ^twtng {dunieB of Mb facMl^ 
geal^. Moiftmetf he had a irfahe ^velvvt 
dbuUel, (of whieb Ae sladM #eie adbnnd 
wHii gnn and gold; it ^ruf ilted 't^ht to 
Ma flbq)e^^; udiotnidhiswabt watagoldn 
M'Ofd-bdh I wbBe frotn Mi ^aboiMtta htnag, 
in gnMAi) MCb, a AcM greto taatitie, tiim^ 
med K^ I emdiieaiid pearls ««Well^^ said 
JUmkiddOt "with '8(me#hat af iiony te hhj 
Mite) <« kbat ia, meddnks, no Amb iktad 
fbra'pfi^timageitttothelMy Laad.^ ^ Afc 
Nule oorid'tt tboa say,'' aotwered Sir Otto, 
*^ that t!ie dress trhkh thra ]io# ireanst* is 
that of a: cnnader.** ^ Pardon ne, mUs 
sir,"" said Theobaldo; ^ ttrfae is stffl a tra^ 
ireiting garbr.nd though^ ladeed, I did 
tdce a <Areiiitt>ua route, I shaU yet weir tUs 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


sftBCfe M «iy voyage ittto the- Holf LiadL 
I ndir bear tbe aoloiM of dio* Cqiat da 
V kwiguenm , wiadir at you loMMr^ «io^ Mi. 
ooKdmg to IlaHaD fittliioa, mmewhrni mot 
gagr and motlej) and mih him I ahall 'in a 
leir mmoMa aet'oot on our journey hnne. 
watda iadiy'BalhFe land, whore, at Napka, I 
•ImA take Mffpng fot AdaatiB^ in order to 
figjhi tkefo tukkr ^ baanavB of Sing Biriw 
aid Coeur da liee."^ >« What thm have I 
dofietoofeid yte?^ mi4Hf Otto; << and 
nhafdbve would you then wound luy baavl^ 
thai wn^ even now' ao h»pi>y nad Jmoyair?^ 
«< You Iwve by' BO tnaana ofiiandad. Aoi^ 
anlw€««d lliOBbaldo; <^ but you ntiwfy 
know thpit I knre llie aporta of Ok battle^ 
fidd, and am diaoomenced with d^ luxunsa 
of n paecefttl- boooe. -^ TbeNfoie you.apoke 
but^he ^uAi when you aaid this moniing, 
ihat I wna aua^diup you perhqpa for tlpe laat 
time. Nee onlgr -ther love; of- warlike adrei^ 
titf^ but^oihar f^nliiiga, aiao dcaw me from 
hence, i wetddwish onoe more to Jued on 

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a»iQBn» whttrnt IflWlMF(# fMp^ ^ 

led thither ; but ittviWwlsewit.j^ m^ » i 
life's tbeil freaililrefr W/ei^.buri^ tbm, 
I milst by tim^, T»\mt the ^pt 
Dc^ Sit, toudbing ^Im yiMi haye ||)^ 
aaidf of' wouniduig: ypur beiurt^ia the nm 
ite z^qieiltg, you^dipuikdriMiher be tb«^ 
me if l.bave .it|i)eeil do^^ $o; for if 
am too flfHiriobing and JMXuriiM^^ tt 
irfWAcIs ^vt, inta th^ b<urk ? Or haYi 
fbrgQt die 9ifi€y of Pojycrfites, who, in 
to recant himself with ft^tune} thre 
ring ifito the ,waler? Let m^ then ii 
manner be your ring; iMUd Heaven gi^ 
no fish. may. bid on the watch in order to 
me again into your possession T ^« But y 
fooe,"" said Sir Otto, ^^ should you be ii 
vdiement haste ?'^ ^^ It is the Count d< 
oiguerraV fault,^ said Theobaldo ; ^ ] 
promised that I shall trard when and w 
he is pleased to jif^int.^ ^^Andaoth 

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ffltt VMic.Bom. git 

M U M P inJ TtUfhrifci "f iie it^JnlnJM^ net 
titqg pyw «i)li«fie4 nitli .]w^ iMfaff ml 
Ak ,to: ilrgM tbe Mwei IfMonfe iriiich be 
mmfed bm ow to.ymflig and iimpc 
nwced, wJmi be idatod lht$tvry ofMrntn 
Oioaldlo, JFory mootfdeAc^ he basHDce 
nnfeUM tM»ge, that bfrhiMwtfiwM the heto 
of tbiA adipeDtim ; to Aaf be caanot irell 
bear to kxA upoD you naw at the diief in 
thk tu^YBk; HodiKM toAfeedffeaiiy to sink 
into the earth with vexatMo, when he wm 
obliged to deliver «p to. you the casket with 
the ring. I eoidd lai^ atitt to thii^ of bb 
looks at that oioiment ; and in this humour, 
nobJe Sir, H is best that I should take my de. 
tMvture. Sad tbou^ts should not at such 
times be utta^.""— Otio rspbed moumfuBjr, 
♦* You have then forgotten how you we» 
onee moved by the thoughts of parting, after 
you had wounded the JFakon in die fOTest?"" 
** Ay truly, because we should then have 
ssfMuated in anger;' stid Theobaldo; ^ now. 

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Ixide, 4iBd sHcrapuBdM' bj 

h» iMdM«d tiii%i'a«l 

gone thbi]gbtfti% tx^^ilie^^Miiribir^^ii^ 

ladhfrdmliiexMde ' ' • ' *• *.^^ rfrt 
The .yocng iBmamn 4Qight^coilliii 
to gaie aftter dMsm with ^wipriBMirilihel 
gIuIt^ till heihk * li|^t tdaehimi MiadM 
der^ and, torimigt tmosid, Miett^^tfldiiii 
in all ibe qplendouv ofi'ttoeiii iltti^ HmM 
hmvLty. If die«dflQMl ind idmdynii^^ 
lovely and attffl0l»re in' Yuk* dMik^'4tkA 
baltietfieM^ yet haw, as a* jmite^^tliMl|liJ 
bride, she wm yet iiK>re* a«gelii!p«ailMriJii 
surpassed herself. The itofoil^rb^Jt^^^lNl 
addrned hef i«ain ttid'^tbetgrMAiHlkldW 
heir costly^ aktlre,wa« btte iMlli*td^4MMI 


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!EBE JCiUC JSn^ 818 

And in fltt thift pomp and muflnifc 
dhe 7«t bomd hundUy lo Sjt Otio, 
Wxy then w the Knigto of 
li^fiMH^CDted aiidllidiigMiil ? 
Ii CyftifiilW>l hmd no ttbqwite eonqieiMa. 
tiflHiihr te dgfwit i ite of two ivntailic oon- 
i who haTe jiitt kft us? Come, 
liAig; deec' up Ao0e doucU 
di hmkM, $mA le&i me to' the buiqiieM»8.'' 
ikiiilfepmibaBeMi tfae^wordsy '^ oor 
Sir Otto memai for Uie fint 
#010 mAAmif svake to the full meeamc 
efUBipodliirtMM HekimedtbedMwel'i 
was oourteouafy offived him; 
alflo her i^ Hps ; for a kind look 
mid to Vm that this was m>t f^nrbidden ;— 
lhe% Ml ef driighi aad triuj]|ph, such as he 
had iMrer before kaown, be kd her, leaiuAg 
mi Ua aMi» mto the briUiaat hall» whidi was 
idatody iBed ^Mk 0omp9a^. 
All ihe adble guems who were there as- 
as aad bowisd mspeotfiiUy i 
fcaatbiijii aid ihllm played a dieeriiig 
I ; imrEP-wsadtt were thrown kfisbly 
1. • 

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S)4 -^flpSciM^iWq/BWfr 

an rtiQ bfss48;i«f. tlji^T^WWr i^lflA^ b)H* 

of ^e tabltf l9iMeUe,pwit<^. «^H^I 
l^itlivath^ husbwd th^ Jdobla vC;;j^^ff)|i)ffihi 
Jlfip&t^mfoQ, '^hp lay 4ti€^4||]m %w^ 
tl^fd aiidrBiiFpoited :]b]fi^b9i.«|ter,ryPl«w 

wii$ no fsigbt.which wqal4^be>ta jff»t ^ 
wtlcom^ ^htQ tjhafc'of y9ur vi^Uant^^i^^ 
iM>ir «o mocb XfooreKed,, ^nd abUto ^ 
the fie^tuatiea of ouD^arcle.'^ '< Xbjsipii^ 
I h$dno% gxprcted,'' said Sir Qttqi^. *Vji 
mif^t lu»rQ beeo woU aware^ .that 46^^,^ 
pow^rsy beautiful eiicbaiit]:^is^'*nollqqg cfl 
be too* difficudt'' ^' H^, busiH ^qiealc. 
of n\]^ ene^iantiiieAts,'' said l2abri«Uf,;>*^, 
]|mt iaflueace ig-dmvad fkj^m thf^A^ 
^ipFhiqh jour valour hwf agaiii won- tot. 
. );he poaa^ion.^^ Maan while- rSte rFollw^^ 
the help of Qlaix^ia#0ii|r>4i9(^tliMA::l 
.le^ on th/e «)qch. lVUa^,;in^^ ^^ 
)Ptf(x;ipn,>itmiKiig Iwdly, j|ii^piq||^ 
,1^^ h^tp tti^Ticte^tt^Xjs^glitHO^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

oRNr Bttatiir enDitiiaefea*'inin fpio , 'wTnle 
l!li8fiiiMfi/«#MUMl<riih' Hbb^>MH!8»iR1k 

ttilflflfv^^en cup.' -'>«*T Jtti mili!a'here 
Wbil^'mia''ikkapaxea the fa^^-W>fl(^ 

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•thlgate a kmd and U»Mc Mast fr^in-a 1M 
-Mm, or trumpet. Im a Kfew momiAitiS'tt^ 
nfter, a gigantic mto^ oonpktdy '^qiti^itt 
\ts$i^ vatding coat^^fUnai}, "with a *gfe 
towerhig haibert in his hand, -inade fah ^ 
^eamnceiii !be Ui!l^ locdtt^ fbimd inqm 
vd^y ft>rtoato time at thie astdnuh^ pM 
tod" iimi iHtIr a iDoWteMs bdw^ dihew i^ I 
*€teXtii)!taIilbr>de MontfaiMkin. *« N^Me «f 
^aiie, "^ I have been sent hither by the git 
iM^a^tntmairh, Arinbiorn, your ft«tod^ ii 
bra^.' He n now waiting before f(fi 
gates,' and has trar^ed thu^ far inta^ t 
land foi* the sde purpoee^ at ti^!^ jNi 
Har now wishes to team, whether it isajrl 
^ur wiH'and pleasure t^feoeiire hiak at tl 
time within your castle, along wiA sM 
noble damsels and giants by whom be ift a 
oompanied. Be it known ta you atsoi'tb 
one of these damsels is in'eoafi^ct vM tA 
raeter somewhat myBterion^^- ** IP I 'hi 
stai the right wf tomDnanding 'lielre,^' a 
swered Sir l^ikid, '^. fhewoundfc^wfaidt^ 

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«f9^eii|Bbim,i4ui^<tl97r|C%iNiti««fe^^t|i, t^:#(r 
g^ ^llW/depMc||«».l>tr»" fybftt- iPd*^ jnWBt 

41 ^I^iAffiOHPrnr said ^9* 'tXffll(^jm 

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pun on it/^iiff^ ^|i€aft, .'Jfhi^^ceftwr^?^ tnilj 

sor^arpestfy dp I t^^g tfr^t you ^U wa^ 
here. H^^ y^ifX cpipac^ / to you fosthwM^' 
Th^n .he .^boplc tjl^e knjigbt^s jpght, ban^ 
Y^vtH^, lik^ ao) old .^nrad^ and wUk a oouitlj 
salutation reticed. *^ The aea^nonarcili, An 
biorn,^ M^ Sir Polko, <* is a brav^ Nocmai 
who now represents that fam^y tr^ ' £n)i 
whiqh^ m* old timi^, the bimnch to whi^lv 
i^y^lf belcHig was divided^ and removed fun 
Npi;WKy^s frozen hills to plant itself in thfl 
ffrtile fields under the warm sun of VrtM 
The ties of relationabip have ever Mnoe the 
been acknowledged as unbroken betwixt u 
and our friendship has been proved in mac 
stem and warlike encounters against mutu 
fees, wherein the sea-monarch has rende 
ed us no little service* This title has be< 
given to such of the northern heroes 
have perchance few or no pomessions i 
flhore, but who in their fleet vessels, aocoi 
panied by brave and fijuthful sdldi^ at 

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abbiit ihrougli all quartos of the world, from 
the distatit icebergs of the north to the bril- 
liant dty of Constantinople, or even to the 
shores of Asia and Afiica, with their mines 
of gold. In trud), there are scarcely iny 
niariners' that know then- way so well, and 
wWifre, dn aceoUiii of their great excellence in * 
the Srts^of warfttre, they can exercise un- 
HiftUed pbWer.'* 
* Sir Polko might have narrated still farther^ 
a*d 'flm party listened to him willingly ; but 
ibey- aH^ady heard the steps 6f the wonder- 
ful ^(raftger on the stmrcase, and the eyes of 
t-^ery 6i\e were fixed on the portal. 

BKD OF vol. 1. 

F»IK7f5y.»X 0WVB|t4B0XD» 

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/ ' ,t 1 . * 1 

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; . ■ I 

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Hmr Sfar Otto ww poMMied by the detlL 


The door at last opened, and bending his 
head, on account of his gigantic stature, a 
dianqpion made his jqqpearanoe, dressed in a 
golden soit of annour, with a helmet 8ur> 
mounted by two projecting vuhure^s wings, 
also of gdd. Sir Otto started involuntarily 
when he bdidd them ; he could not help re- 
flectmg on hb combat with the skdeton in 
his fioher^s dMpel. Behind the sea-monardi 

▼OIm II. A 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


eame also many strange figures ; but so com- 
pletely were the company engrossed by the 
king himself, that they bestowed on the 
others little or no attention. Arinlnom 
stepped on towards the Knight of Mont- 
faucon, (not forgetting to greet every lady 
courteously as he passed by,) took him kindly 
by the hand, and said, <^ How is this, cousin 
Folko ? What means the intellig^ice that I 
have received? And is it possible to find 
such a favourite child of fortune thus 
wounded? That must indeed have been a 
powerful adversary with whom you have 
fared so hardly ; but he no doubt is alreacly 
dead ; for, aa to what has beea told me of 
your being vanquished in the ooaflict, and d 
your haviqg lost the nag 10 whkk you bad 
so ofltea maintained your sister^a eights, that 
in truth I must look upon as knpossiUe !^ 
<' Nay, nay,"" said Sir FdUeo, hhiahiagattd 
confused* << I have at laafc been ofMr-malched 
la the lints, and jthe beautiful daoMel wImib 
you behold ywdier nbm p o m emm the nag. 

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this cMlle, md aU Hs territories ; so that I 
sm hoe Kke yoiuosetf, as one of her guests.^ 

The sea-monafch bowed reqMotfiilly to 
Gabrielle ; then beigged that some oae would 
point out to him the wonderful ohampimi, 
who had not only resisted but overpowered 
the hitherto iovindble Sir Fdko. There- 
upon, when the youthful blooming Otto von 
Tramtwaagen was introduced to him, he 
kioked at the coaqueror with sudi astonish- 
meat, that the latter b^gan to feel o&oded, 
and was about to speak ; but the brave Arin^ 
bsom at length greeted him respectfully, and 
said, — <^ If there has been here nmthcar stnu 
tJigem, nor witdi€iaft,-<-i«nd oS your honour 
I camiot doubt,— di«i, good Heaven ! what 
may not be looked for from one who, in 
cacUest youth, baa contended as you have 
doner Agai4 he bowed mA courteous 
gsatvity ; and-GabrieDe, blushing with joy and 
. ttiumpii, laid her snow-white band ill thai of 
Sb Ottc^ bent down her head, with itsrioli 
biaided iroBMS, before him, and pronounced 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

4 THE MJyQIC Bme. 

fli^ ftdknn woriis, << I am thebetw* 
bnde cif the »oWe mmati Sir: Otto iw 
VrautwiH^enr Then the imi^ic saood 
kknid; ell the guetts ehoyted end Tqoioe 
ijiere was a jovial ringioig of grid«i cui 
and Olto; salating hiBbeeoliful bride* nw, 
it were, heaven itaeH; in thedeep aauie of 1 
gleeming eyes. 

«< Take also my blesmg;, deaieit QU 
said avcHcewhich arose mild aod genlli 
the notes of a flute behind hitt. '' H€K 
knows I am hear^ glad to have found ; 
so happy T liootdng round he bdidd 
weltknown lovely features of his coi 
BolJia, fchid and c^eer&l in thot ex|msB 
though pale indeed as the moonlight 1 
wont to shine in the stilly chambem irf 
Lady Mmnatrost. At some distaBce, I 
aver, like a dark thuader^cknid, appeaM 
frownhug visage, furrowed by matny-a t 
bf Sir Heerdegen of LiehtMuied. <^8a< 
da has been but a dreamt' said Sk < 
pasRng his hand aeross Ua eyes^ as i 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


hemth the piinfttl vinonaliut oottAafltd hisi^ 
ivlule Blr BMerd^en dttme forwaid and teda> 
ed idbont^ipedL Btilka, hoipeTcr, pkmd 
h6ndf%etKiF<5eB 1m' oMrin aad koj bvMr, 
jobed- tbeb bnid^ ftmdj togetli^ a&k iife^ 
tei«d^hcr^^dogi«lMditi«M and wiahea for tliiur 
long My •ttd tmpjW fc uiu 6o eloqueatljf , and in 
tcmes 80 muflicaly that she seemed abwMt Hke 
afl aiig#- wfit^ftcym Heaven . to bless A^ 
imioii* -7^d«rkckmdsev«¥aaidifid fipm 
tbebr^iTof Mi^fitattdegen as he lislewd to 
her Hr^iOB; and king Arinbioni said, ^' Truly 
I. had Idten this damsel and bar bsother 
prifloner^ * hilTu^ honourably won th^n aa 
the pri«er of a single combat oa the maal pf 
Boat Friaabmd, and I had designed diat Hmj 
aiK>u]4 bc^ bmogfat hosM as trofhies to^my, 
native hmd of Nnrway. There too I ^ra^ld 
have Men to ^em as an dder brotherv for so 
we haye faHherto lived together. But now, 
medn&s, in honour of this festival^ I'shall set 
them ^ liberty; Ibr I know woU that the 
young Ghani|Ron whom we mre met to oongrs^. 

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taiate will rcgoice therein.^ The hall now re- 
sounded with new and yet louder acclama- 
tions. CkbiieUe, who well remembered that 
eventful meeting with Bertha on the banks 
of the Danube, embraced her kindly, and 
kissed her pale cheeks, while Sir Hecardegen 
gave his hand to the Knight of Trautwangen 
in token ot friendly reconctKadon. 

Now were the paHy agam seated at the 
banquet, Bertha next to Gkbrielle, Heerde- 
gen to Shr Foiko, Arinlriom to Sk Otto, 
when the latter perettred, that, behind the 
sea-tnMarch^s chair, there stood a tall female 
figure, with luxuriant golden locks, and a 
long sword girded round her waist, beautifol 
iade^, but with a stem diangelesa aspect; 
and when the young kn^t started up, and 
dfinred her his place, die tuiteed away as if 
in wrath, atid in slow measured steps left Ae 
hall. *^ Nay, nay, think not of her C snd 
the sea-momorh, perceiving the astonihment 
of the guests ; ^< be it known to you, bow- 
ever, it bad been once intended in the north. 

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that thii iRadike damsel dumkl be my be* 
trothed biide. Her naoie is Gerda, and she 
is far and inie renowned for her supernatural 
arts and resistless qpells. Moreorer, she is 
our relation. Bat from that marriage a 
▼iflooary form withheld me,-*-aform so grace- 
fill, so peerless in beauty, that I had scarcely 
dared to hope I should ever behold it, after 
that first time in the mi^c mirror, and yet 
BOW it comes lirii^ and smiling belbre me V 

The sea^monarch fdtel^ and paused, lost, 
is it seemed, in strange and mysterious re- 
coUectkos. It was a pleasure to mark how 
a deep blush, like thlit of a young damsel, 
cam^ over his stem warlike fSeatures. After a 
space, however, he recovered his composure, 
and proceeded as fellows z^— 

** Suffice at, noble damsels and knights, we 
were never b^rotbed; and Gerda said,— - 
^ If I cannot be thy wedded wife, I siiall yet 
be diy guardian Valkyria; I shall twine for 
thee the garland c^ victory, and hold to thy 
lips the cheering cap of refreshment^ Since 
diat hour, she foUows wheresoever I nend 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


my way, oftentimes preparing for me unex- 
pected good fortune ; also now and then she 
brews for my bdioof that wonderful drink 
well known among the northern befoes ; afkar 
partaking of which, we remain for a lomg 
time kwincible, only not against enchanted 
weapons. Many times I have ocmsideied it 
inconsistent with the honour of a true kmght 
to use such means of defence ; and therefore 
she has more than once givoi it to me against 
my own will and without my knowle^;e.^ 

'< The Cheyalier de Montfauoon,'' said 
Don Hemandes, << related to us, not long 
ago, a story r^arding this magical drink.^ 

^< If used in moderation,^ said Ijng Arin- 
biom, ^^ it may indeed produce admirable 
effects. But, on the contrary, if <me drinks 
incautiously, sudi direful cemse q u e noes ensue, 
that my soldi^ are afraid Vath of it and oif 
the mysterious damsd by whom it is pre- 
pared. Her intentions are good; but that 
h^ character is strange and inscrutaUe is 
also true. Sir Heerd^;en of Lichtenried had, 
in a manner best known to himsdf, made her 

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aequakitanoe on the coast of East Friedand 
b^finre he engaged with me in single ochn- 
bat.^ ' '■ ' 

Now, while Sir Beerdegen, at 'the desire of 
all the party, described how he had seen 
€ierd& emjdoyed in collecting ' leaves and 
dowers on the sea-shore, she had, unobserved, 
come back into the Jbanquet-hall. Again she 
had taken lier station behind Sir Arinbiorn, 
and had |daced before him a large golden cup 
filled to the brim widi liquor, though he him. 
self never remarked that she had done so. 
Sir Otto, indeed, perceived that she was in the 
room, and agmn turned round, intending to 
offer her his place ; but, discontentedly, she 
made him a sign that he should not move; 
then retired, as if fearful of being noticed, 
and continued to pace up and down, like one 
lost in thought, through the wide banquet- 
hall. Thereafter Otto lost dght of her, so 
mueh the more readily, as Heerdegen, in his 
story, b^;an to speak of the Lady Minnatrost ; 
whereupon the whole party were anxious to 

▲ 2 

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10 THS IfMtO WHfO. 

imu iMire of Ibe mndtfcf ul Dnidk Sir 
Otto oouU not join with them in asking 
questions ; but his whole heart was engrossed 
ky what he heard of the sUeot lady, with har 
mysterious castle, and the tranquil moonlight 
that ever gleamed around her. Meanwhik 
BerUia> beautiful eyes shone full of tears. 

At length, half jestii^, half angry, Gabrielle 
whirred to her bridegroom, *< How is this? 
Already on your bridal day so thoughtfiid 
and absent ?"* Sir Otto was about to excuse 
himself; but she continued, smiling, <' Nay, 
iMty, your thoughts are now hi from hence, 
and are eKclusively devoted, though haw we 
know not You are a Grerman; yet for a 
long time the wine^up has stood untoudied 
before you. Have you once, during the 
banquet, drank to the health of Gabrielle ?^ 
*^ My life, my happiness, my crown of 
victory !^ cried Sir Otto, scarce knowing what 
he said ; and, in the ins{nration of the moment, 
he drank out the contents of die goUet whidi 
stood nearest hiiPf not till afterwards p^- 

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TBE BCMoo Bma 11 

Mhring thai it was the golden cap of King 
Aikifaionu Then aome one tcKiched him en 
the shoulder, and tiunung round, he p»x»ived 
that it was Gerda, who, with threatenii^ 
gestures, addressed to him some monitory 
wotds, of which he then understood not the 
import. Like a stream of liquid fire, the 
dmk which he had swallowed now burned 
wsdun him; at the same time he remarked, 
how Gerda had taken her place opposite to 
Urn in a comer of the hall. There she held 
the battle-axe of King Arinbiom in her 
hands, while, by the motion of her lips, he 
oottkl peicciye that she was Jbumly occupied 
in prayers or incantations. She made strange 
gestures too, as if she wrote upon or inscribfd 
magic signs upon its iron head, though all the 
while her eyes were steadfastly fixed upon the 
flight of Trautwangen. At last she came 
nearer, and placed the battle-axe by the sea- 
raonarch^s chair; then stepped mournfully 
out of the hall. 
Meanwhile the songs of the minstreU and 

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dimmxne of the guests beeame always no 
Kvely lound the banquet-table. All sseou 
hafypy and oonteiited with oneaaollier ; whi 
the faermc ballads and legends, thrown in 1 
the wise harpers and bards, were like fiowi 
aad blossoBM of that joy which was impknt 
in every breast. 

Meanwhile, Sir Otto^s feelings alone we 
discordant; and he, that should have been ti 
gayest of the gay, was the only one of t 
party in whom the mu«c that rose all arois 
him awoke the most fierce and frightful en 
tions. Eveary word uttered by the minstn 
excited him to^trralh. Every shape aroni 
him was frightfully transformed; the ve 
hajl itself seemed changed; its roof oo 
tiacted, and descended lower and lower, t 
he believed himself confined in a drea 
chi^peUvault. As he looked on Sir Arinbioi 
Su* Heerdegen, the Knight of Montfauco 
even on Bertha and his beloved Gabiieli 
the features of all were horribly distorte 
At last the vision of the narrow vault tadi 

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end he di(Ni|^t tint he ims gai|A% 

and imnuiinigforBfemtheniteofvngiiilf 

aea; that the waVes' -were peopled by'^vmm^ 

atiouB fiflhes, with human headb, whidi opened 

dieirTastjawe to swalloir him aim. Eepe- 

ciaify diere was among them one fir move 

hideous than the veet^ whkh had on fab head 

apair of gieatTukuref^ffiringBy and in hie teedi 

caoEned a death*»-head^ whereon the acaie of 

many svofd-etrokea were TinUe. ^ He haa 

Imnight it from mj falher^s Aafd !** thought 

Sir Otto; and then he leooUected hiniydf, 

and became conrinced that the only one near 

him, who wore soch yultturePs wings, was the 

brare King Arinfaiom, who sat with him in 

frienddup and peace at the banquet Soon 

after^ however, he again tbou||^ that the aea- 

mi^t indeed profe as ik^fatf ul an 

ny as the qpectre-fisfa which threatened 

him; and he remendieved all the strange 

slonea of g^iasts and deuKMOs, and shadowy 

phantoms, by irinch Sr Heerdegen had tcdd 

him the JPinland frontiers were haunted. He 

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oonld flearady wemt the gRnring delnmos of 
hiB bcaiB, Bor the fiigfatfiil knpulte to deeds 
of vblence and wrath, wfaidi swelled throng 
ewrjr neire and filxe. 

Suddenly he started up from table;, his 
eyes glared honriUy ; his voiee rssonnded 
dmmg^ the hall hke a thundeidi^; r^t 
and left, all the guests started iqp in sffieight. 
He stood alone in themidstof them, widding 
his drawn sword, whidi played fike lightning- 
gleans round his head. ^ HoUa, hodkr 
crie(l he; ^^ where is the detil that wookl 
beset usP Holla, huxza ! I challenge him to 
(HAgle combat I shall meet him with giant- 

'< Heaven have mercy ! he is posaesaed ; 
the devil of whom he speaks has him und^ 
has powo" r Sudi were die words diat no 
wUapering along Ae waUs, to which the 
wfa<4e party had fled, thai they might be out 
of Ins readi. ^ For the second time,^ said 
the brave Chevalier de Montfimcon, <^ I 
would gladly venture with him in oonbot !* 

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tSBMMiQ/SlBffa M 

Wkh these wonb^ he tried to rise from hie 

eoudi; but the ^ertioii only nede hk 

wouodft Ueed nfrab; bo that he.iidl baek^ 

almost fiuntiiig, and, attended by the tfem- 

Uing Blannhefleur, was borne oqt of die halL 

Innediately aftenraids, die Spiuuatd Herw 

aimdeiti and three noble Frenchmen, stepped 

fimrard, m or^ to seise on the fnf^bdol 

madman. With one blow, however, fitom his 

kit arm, he swept them all back against the 

wall, then laughed aload, and stationed hinw 

self in soch mannor ^ the portal, that nd one 

could ventute out of the apartment ^^ Tlnow 

spears, knives, and daggers at him T was now 

cried from all sides ; nor were Bertha^s gemtk 

entreaties to spare him yet a while beard 

aaodd the confuuon. The knives and spemn 

wereduvwn; ihey struck him; and though he 

wore no coat-of.mail, yet thef fell to the 

floor without infficting the sK^test wound. 

'^ These devilish fish are spouting water 

against me,^ sad the madman, agson lau^ 

ing loudly and horribly. *^ The devil is m-» 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


deed within him, and protects him,** was now 
whispered about; ^b6 is at once' his frieiid 
and hill' master 1"* ^ No, no T said Bertha, 
<< tint maj" nereis bef* Her br^t blue eyes 
gleamed fbll of We and confidence ; and in a 
voice tke divine music, she said,— ^ Otto» ray 
dearest Otto, give ikie, in Grod^s faame, your 
habd, and fidlow me in peace to your dnmi- 
bisr r Sbe went up to' him so idieerftdly and 
lovingly, that every one believed her victory 
secure ; but the tempest which raged within 
Sir Otto*s brain became only more furious and 
ullcontrdlable. << What would'st thou here, 
horrible pale-visaged witdi P^ cried he, in his 
vdce of thunder. Therewith he struck die 
hand so kindly offered him with his diarp 
sword, and Bertha fell back fainting to her 
place. Sir Heerd^n supported her; and 
though his eyes glared in wrath at the mad- 
man, yet he dared not for the moment leave 
his pale wounded aster to wreak the ren- 
geance which he would so gladly have ful- 

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Then the searinoiiarchy Arinbioni, came 
forward* *^ £&ther shall this diabolical mad- 
man,^ said he» << conipensate for the blood 
that he has drawn firom that beauteous dam- 
sel, or the last of mine shall be shed in her 
cause.^ With these words, he placed himself 
befinre Sir Otto, and lifted his battle-axe. 
^< Ha I diou art come again P^ cried the mad- 
man: ** Ynlture^s wings! Deaths head! 
wilt thou have another Uow £Eom the Knigbt 
«f Tnmtwangen ? There, Satan, be then on 
diyguardr ^* Thou art thyself the devil of 
whom thou qpeak^st,^ cried the sea^momurdi ; 
and though Sir Otto^s sword moved inces- 
santly over his head, yet the powerful batfle- 
axe descended with resistless force, and the 
mis»ahle knight fell without a word, and lay 
ion the ground. 

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18 THB uuacvaa. 


How Sir Otto went aU alone, and despairing, into the 

It might be about noon <m the foIlowin|r day, 
nhHk Sir Otto again shewed some signs of 
reason and reocdkction ; but he ooold not yet 
open his eyes, nor move his limbs. At first 
it s^em^ to himtbat he lay there dead, only 
that his soul was not yet disengaged ftom its 
earthly prison ; and, as he thought of what 
had passed oik^the preceding day, he beliered 
that the sea^monardi, Armbbm, had fcilM 
him with his enormous halbert Yet eie long 
he knew that he must be still alive; that he was 
laid on a soft couch, and carefully tended; 
also that his wound would not {m>ve deadly ; 
for oftentimes he felt the touch of 'a soft hand 
on his head ; and at such times a delightful 
cc^ness came over his brow, and he was 

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almost free from pain. Yet he lettuuned mo- 
tumleaa, nor could Kft up his eyes to know 
who were bende hkn* 

At lei^th he htard a vinee, which he 
recognised to be that of Gabridle. << Will he 
then yet live ?^ said she ; and thereafter she 
was answered by one of the wise moistiels 
who had been at the banquet of the former 
day. <^ I can pledge my life, noUe lady/* 
said he^ ^ diat all needftd dudes have here 
been fblfflled, so that he no longer requires 
our care. It is not by his wound that he is 
now hdd insensible ; for the blow was bnAeU 
partly by his own sword, and pardy by the 
duck barret^cap on his hesd. It is but dM 
fiitigue after that frightfiil oonflict, when he 
was possessed by the devil, and wholly given 
op to Us infernal power, which thus W€9^ 
upoD him*** With eadi of these last words 
it seemed as if a sharp dagger had been tinrust 
mto Sir Otto's heart Hie horrors of the 
preceding day were aU renewed iu his mind ; 
and, from the weakness of Us body, became 

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the mare inmippcntable. Yet temetiaies 
hm nupfnieBiedTcioe of loneiitation was lieai 
near him, and he oould Asttigiush the wori 
<< AJaa 1 poor Otto, poor lost dehided youtl 
These aecents were like balm tb liis wotmd 
heart; but it seemed to him that they wi 
but an edio from the far^^istant and hspj 
years of his childhood; that it was his mod 
who thus lamei^ed ; while; in thelmng wor 
there was no c^ie'that lolew oi^ loved In 
Again he heurd the roaoe'of GabneUe: < 
havegijr^n back the ring,^ said she, *< to I 
Lady Blanohefleur de* Mon^huconj ^o i 
keep it until another combat restores it tb i 
possession. By means of this frigh^ all 
of Satan, who now Kes here, it were impoi 
bla to bdi^e that I could be reiBStated 
my rights ; end I must thank Heaven that i 
mask fell from his visage before I was uail 
at the holy altar to such a wicked sofcere 
<^ Ay, ay,^ said anude voice ; << we peroeii 
that his victory was unfairiy won; for olb 
wise, how would it have been possible for su 

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a jwntfi to luive ownmtmt the ateni' tnd 
Utherlo iavmnUe Sit Folkoife Muntiw. 
QQnr ^ Alasl it is yet to b^ Jieawily de- 
{dorad,'^ amwered Gflhridle ; '^fbrhewHso 
bfiMitifal If^wlmi one lookedinto his i»i|^t 
hbsm eyt^ what daiBiel would not hsFe ii^ 
tnMted lienflif wfd tU the wotld to his dis- 
ppeal?^ « Beware tbea kit you. aboiild still 
he in his power,^ siud a female voice; and at 
Aa saaM mwapnt the door opened, and sere* 
ral squBM came intt^the roam, aanounrii^ 
that the hones were ready fiur dqMurlure 
With a heavy ligh, the k^Oaboelle foned 
bsndf am^Tf and withdjpew, foUowed by aU 
thereat Otto still could, not open his. qres, 
nor more a limb ;. but he heard plainly how 
allhishaiipnessBiJovey and rqmtation as a 
knight, were thnstaken from him. So he was 
kft alone, melanrholy and neglected. 

Yaty no ! He was Jioi quito-idone; for erer 
and anon he heard the saaae Toiee of lamenta^ 
tiaa^ and he Idt the same aoft hand apd cool* 
iog lomres iqqpli^ to his burning wound. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


liny tines, too, it leened as if the same fight 
hand couraed timidly over his cheeks. 

Then niddenly the stem angry Toice of Sir 
H c crd c gc n broke upan hk ears; *^ Sbter,"" 
cried the knight, ^* wherefore should'st thou 
stay longer beside that servant of Sataa? 
What if he should awake, and once OMve 
attack thee ? Come thai ; the horaes are wait- 
ing; ail the other guests are long since de*- 
parted,* even Sir F<dko de MontfauooB and 
the Lady Blanchefleur; so that the old fartress 
is now lonely and desolate.^ Then, as Bertha 
began softly to 4itter complaints and entreaties 
for delay, he added, ^< Drive me not mad, 
I pray you ! How many noble knights would 
gladly encounter death, if thy heart and 
hand were at stake! But this wretch, who 
lies hare, could wound tl^ heart and hand 
too without remorse. I b^ that you will 
not provoke me, or I might act in a man- 
ner unbecomii^ a true knight, and even wreak 
my. veogeMce on him who is now inaeD- 
siUe."* Thereafter Sir Otto felt that bb 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

bmu i ng brows ^were again touched and cooled 
for the last time, and was aware that his 
cousin. Bertha, soUnng with irresistible grief, 
1^ the room with her brother. In a short 
time he heard the tmmpling of their horses 
at the gate as they left the castle. 

Now, indeed, he was alone ; and once more, 
as if' in mercy, his s^ses were taken from 
him; so that he knew not where he was; 
and damg many hours remained thus lost in 
delirium and forgetfiihiess. 

Late in the evening he awoke for the second 
time. His limbs had now recovered their 
power; and, not without groaning heavily, 
he raised himself in bed, and beheld the last 
gleams of the setting sun falling through the 
painted window, and revealing his armour, 
which, in many pieces, lay strewed about the 
room. Painfully, and depressed in spirits, he 
turned from these remembrances of his shorU 
lived good fortune, rose from hb bed, and 
toUend towards the window. Thence he 
gaaed over iSie rampart into the deep valley. 

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and when, to enjoy the oool erening air, I 
opened the lattice^ voices rose from the fore 
beneath; foratroopof warrknrsworejustihi 
passing on horsebacki and they woreangi 
the self-same ballads which he had befi 
heard from Master Blondell, the royal m 
streL The same stanzas were chaunted 
praise of the crusaders, and the knight gov 
not refrain from exclaiming, << Grood Heati 
if these men were but the soldiers ot K 
Bichard, and I could ride with them into 
Holy Landr Scarcely had he pronoun 
these words, when the warlike minstrds a 
into view from the forest. They were moi 
ed on fine tall horses, and thdr armour 
exactly like that worn formerly by the ti 
of the royal favourite, Blondell. Otto wis 
to call to them, that they should wait, anc 
would ride with them on their pilgrima 
but they halted ol their own accord, and 
gan to speak with some squires and cavi 
men, who, as Sir Otto now percdved, i 
stationed along the ramparts of the ca 

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Tfi£.MA0IC filSQ. 25- 

The tcarellars celated bow .tbej belonged, to 
the army of Kiiig Jftichkrd Ooeur de I^n, 
and were of hiB tram, though he himself had 
now ridden on far before them* Then they 
inquired, wherefore all was so sUent and de- 
solate around that fine and staftely castle. 
^1 Yesterday morning,''^ said an old sentinel, 
^^ yoa would hayff> found jio cause to ask such 
~a question ; but now, indeed, diere is no one 
above but a possessed knight,, who has sold 
himself to the de!fil. . Would to fieai^en thai 
w.e were .free, from sueh company. T, Then he . 
gare n £d^htM account of idl that had past 
onlflie precedKng! da^,. which the rest who 
vfisfe . presefat confirmed, speakmg always 
lood^ Aaa usual at the times which they be- 
stowed most Uaiae;cai^the unfortunate Knagfat . 
of Trautwanj^^.; When at last they 
describe how the beauttful dunsel, Bertha,! 
was wounded, the' EdgliA soldiers ccossedl 
tbemsdves dei^odtly!,.vs^ripgT**^ God defendi 
us;ih>]li the ^^xifjsud&'a monster!^ And ml 
a HtCfe while they tunied their hoi^es' heiidsv 
▼OL. n. B 

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28 THE HAOIC una 

and, «8 if in terror, lode at a 8haq> trotawi^. 
** My doom i» sealed, and my jud^^ment 
spoken P said Sir Otto,iridi the calm voice of 
settled desfKur; << I must only iMBten to 
withdraw myself from the sight of all mortals. 
There may perchance be some cavern of the 
mountains to which I may retreat, where I 
may bury my armoiir, and for ever more re- 
main in oblivion.^ 

Thereafter he hegm to eolfect hnaocoulteu 
mestB, which lay scattered about the room, 
and among them found his good sword, which, 
by the stroke of the seaanonan^ Arinbiom^s 
battle-axe, had been broken in twain. *< My 
father Kttk thotlght,'' said he, << that Us dd 
companion would come to such an end P Care- 
fully, however, he took up the ghtteringpeces, 
and tied them into a bundle with his armour; 
loaded with which, he set out on his way. 
In the antechamber, he happened to pass 
by the same mirror, in whkh he had bdield 
bb own image at the departure of Theo- 
baldo on the preceding nKming. ^ Now, 

. ^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


indeed, there is a change,^ said he, as he 
saw the spectnd figure, pale and blood-stained, 
whidi die ghiss presented to him, arrayed too 
in the mockery of festal attire^ all torn and 
fisordered. In the stable, howeYer, 1ms 
l]ght4irown steed was cheerful as before, and 
ndgfaed aloud at the aj^roach of his master. 
Sir Otto flhodc his head mournfully, and bade 
him be silent; lor it was no longer afitdng 
time tot lairthfkd greetii^^s. Then he bound 
h» armoorfiut to th^ saddle, and led hishorse 
by the reins to the gate. No one off^ped to 
amt him; for every squire and sentinel 
looked on him witli terror. He mounted, imd 
IB a short space was lost in the deep recesses 
of the wood 

In the hotor of gladness and rgoicing, wh^i 
all our wishes are fidffled, and the sunbeams 
are brightest around us, then Heaven grant 
diat we may not, like Sir Otto von Trautwan- 
gen, prove over confident or over merry I 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


TQ^.iyUl^^C JUNf^. 


Of a meeting between Sir Otto and the Sea-monarch in t 
forest. • ' • ■ 

Now, after a bitter cold winter, the $phi 
had begtm to.kk>k'Out again upon the. Artie 
lies mbuntainiiV though the Semites wer^ j 
oftentiBdeis ;dark6ned: by raiii^doud$, • thei nor 
wind contended; with the -fl^hyt, and |1 
streams were swollen wkh melting' 'sn$M 
There it befdl once on a dby^ tQwar<iB.^< 
ing, that a Ichi^t mbuntedon a?8tat^y,h<H^ 
and arrayed in bright golden amloucy ciPi 
from the heights of the wodd-co^rered JiUh. i 
to a narrow valley,.8o!ldliely and .^ent^ ih 
it seemed hidden and doted;, up fironf allr t] 
world. The. horseiilan^had; a great i bttti 
axe hung r by gold, chains ifioni/ his/^isaddl 
two golden vulture's wings adorned his h< 
met ; it was the sea-monarch, Arinbiorn. 

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• He had not rode finr into: this sequestered 
Tftley when, lo !' there came oat of the thickets 
a wild iirown hone, which adTanced at full 
^peed, aEnd'niakiiig a fimous attack on the sea- 
monarch'*^ tall charger, threw him down with 
violence eire the rt^ could quit his .seat, so 
that both fell together^and the wild horse 
oonfekttied uMiout. tti&tcy l^s wafiike assault. 
Skt iA^bio^s g^l^niaiiil^our was already 
' abiMiM) and his dhtm^ Ibled 'froiB ' maiiy 
se»iaft ^-wo4(flds^ whi0ti4t pd««?erful wnce called 
'aloud I ftom a - t^ky ,dkf, <^ Ruhsg, du 
BarMfa^^-'^wfcevtopott^th^ raging animal, bow. 
iog bis head limftibljr ' tbwahis Uie ground, 
0toodk4n«boldedipas a steCift. The braVe Sir 
Artn6i<»^ thdi disei^agied himself fW)m the 
/Mimipy ^and raid^' up- his wouirfed steed, in 
wliteb^wm^' he was ^msitted hy the Wanger, 
whoae tmice had sounded' ifrom the dift. 
Lofikii^^nr'bis conipayoH^ ^ kiright perceiv- 
ed that h^Wtts a) man'AA^thed in rtmgh beai*- 
^itiiiaj^r^^ltiyta behold, while hi^ loilg^ hmr 
and beard iiearty -concealed his Attires. His 

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90 7H£ BUaiC UNO. 

T<Noe, however^ sounded so mild and frieidly, 
aad his whole demeanour was so oourlBOiai, 
that the sea-momudi did not heakale to aooept 
his iimtation, and accompany him to his 
dwdfing, which was not fardtstaat 

They came accordingly to a cave in tlie 
locks, of whidi the oAinmee was sheltered and 
adorned by the jin^ecCing £sntastic loola of 
old oak-trees. Deep ih the abyM widms, a 
warm fire was fala^ii^ and As they appcoadi- 
ed neaiw, the h^t feU <» a complete amt of 
armour^ which k<mg upiighl qa a p^ile, so 
that the strange fashion of its ctBamenls was 
clearly retFealed. Thejr wetfe of bumiabed 
silver, contrasting with blade sled, and die 
helmet ha^ a viacN: r^pvegentiag die hocrieed 
bill <^ an eagle, Th^?e was als^ a g^kteting 
sw(»d, but in'two pieees, tied together with 
rushes; and die whole stood theee like a 
monumental trophy, such tm o3ie finds in old 
chapels oyer the ginave of some renowned 
champion* ^ Sir Arinbimfi thoi^t at fint, 
that there was indeed a warrior thus atdied 

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THE UAfHc Bnro. »1 

Ififtniag i^^aioft Uie wbU; but soon after 
perowrcd that the head>|4^ce . waa void ; and 
yet he oodid not rqprefls oertaift tboiighto 
of ambuacade and strntagencif in consequence 
of which perhapa his own armour m%fat ere 
long be hung up in the cave as this was now ! 
So lie gnappled at the battkuay, whidi he 
had dwtagigpd fiimi hisaaddleandl^ought 
vith him into the cavero* Then said the 
wUd man ia t}^ ibear^s-skiny ^< Sir Knigbt, I 
pmy jou^< take no ,care for your safety b^ne. 
nieae are but ay own weapqna and coatNof* 
■Milt or rather wfait.wtfre onee mine; fosr now 
I sbdl never wear diera nMe. I am in truth 
no assassin, nor would do wros^ to any c»e 
over the wide WMokL"" ^^ Nay, I belieye you 
dumoghty^'^ amd the aea-monaroh ; << and 
my ftars were faide^ very jGaohsh. Eoi^ if 
you had meditaled #ny evil designs against 
me, wlsae&Be. would you have called off your 
wfld angry htoe; ot wherefore would you 
have 8hewn»:4uch kmdness to minei laying 

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irfi£ ^tAGiC BING. 

medidnal herbs. to his wounds, aad leidi] 

him to a fotd wliere the ground was oora 

with soft moss ? For, surely, whoever takes du 

care for the liorse, must also have kind int( 

tioDs towards his rider. Will Hiy courtei 

entertainer yet forgive me i^^ ^^ Enough sail 

answered the man in the bear^skan ; ^^ I fi 

give you willingly, as indeed I nugfat, Uki 

good christian, say to all the world, thou 

to me nothing has been forgiven.^ At tb 

words, bis Voice faultdied, and hetumed'cii 

-more perchance thi^ hii» g^est might not tl 

«ee that he ^wept, dian to seaiicb oat an 

'stoi^ of fo6d which wab coneealed unda 

>cov^ng of jQMMs. . 

'i '^ So may H^ven proteet me,^ said i 

i«ea-monarch, ^^ as I now 'firmly beHeve tl 

you of all men^ale the kn^t vf whom 1 1 

^ flow lidiag in quest. . I have been toUof 

"iblack and silvcrr coat-of-mail, and a viser li 

"an, eaglets head, all such- as I now see befr 

Tfte in that ccfirher. Truly I have never 3 

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bdi'dd yod in yout coat-of-mAil, but only in 
your fesl^ali&ttii^,' wHh' your gre^n velvet 
barret arid your enJbrbidered iiioublet'* 

^Tt&fh thy UBiiit moment, *how)^er, I had 
clearly Yecogtflfiedjou;'' saidnhe man in the 
bew-dthi. ** Wks it possible, indfeiScf/'tKat I 
cliould have • forgotten* the vulture's wings, 
or your heavy battle-axe, of which you may 
yet perOCTve the wound by your arm in- 
fikrted?''' With' t'Bese words he parted his 
*long disordered lofHcs, so that the sea-monarch 
might bebbld^a deep scar on hisf head. Tlien 
he resumed; '^^ Iliad not thoiight it needful 
to't&ll ybu who I wad; but from* him who 
comes Iti quest of me I shall neVer conceal 
myself. What then is your pleasure,* Sir 
•Kngof the' Sett? I am' ready 'to meet you 
either herein p^ice, or on the battle-field in 
wrath.''- 'i. •'••' ^ *: '■ • 
' ** YduHook at me, indeed, as if you were 
ready for another combat, young heroi'' an- 
swered the sea-monarch ; " but this is not my 
purpose ; for Gerda has already confessed to 


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me,' that the drink which she had aBcret^pore* 
pared, vaa the ca^ae of ali the evib which 
befell -you. Therefore I have e^eined her 
never neore to come into my preteaoei nor to 
follow me as heretofore, by hmd or aea.^ 

^< Thou should^t at least hawe doomed her 
to death," cried % Otio vdiemently, << 1^ 
by her aoeursed witchcraft, scHQse oth^ un. 
suspecting mortal should be dduded aad led 
astray as I have been 1 Could she Bot even 
then have afbrded me some warraog, aftor I 
had drank from that abominable cup, so that 
I might not trust to iu illusi<niB?* 

'< Nay, Sir Ottq,"" said the ssa-kk^, << that 
was not within her power. ^Knowing the evils 
that were to come, she had been anxious for 
my safety. She had pronomsced many power* 
ful qpells over the battle a»g which I yet 
wield, in order that, l^ their h i faneej I 
might be ^labled to res»t you incoadiat; 
and whosoever has in one day so often in- 
voked the siq)ematural and invisible popsrs, 
folk for a space under their doaiini(»y and 

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rHEMMK Bjgpa. as 

most aei awcitdiiig to t^ir irilL McMovfv, 
lAerahehadxitttDed tkoie ineantatioiiB, the 
ipizits^ who were then bcnde her, fotced her 
sw^with them into Ae wild autumnal woods, 
where they bowled like woltes and acieamed 
TSkit owlt aiound her. Not till two days 
thefeafiw^ when I waa on Ihe seashore, far 
from die eastfe of the Knight ot Momfitueon, 
she came after me^ and revealed the direfU 
my atc f ie a which I have now unftdded to you.^ 

^ Ay, she revealed these mysteries,^ said 
Sir Otto angt^ ; ^< hot what avails this to 
me ? My fair fame and my welLeamed hap* 
pinesa are. lost, and her confesaioBs will not 
again reatofe them.^ 

«< In what l%ht then do you bdidd me T 
a n s w e i'e d Ate sea-m(march ; <^ yomoiigfat me»- 
thinka have guessed without being tdd, that 
I dispersed immediately all my followers, in 
all dnections, whoever any one was to be 
found who bad been present at that banquet ; 
and that I pledged my honour and sword 
thereon^ that you were a noble Christian 

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lmgfa^))Aou8[(iMid liaiKiuriibley Dtu keai dum 
bmve; tberefiire^ free fiQiib;aU.'4life^ik;of 
wbkfa yoa had been aoBiised Thm, uioy I 
rede.mjrwtf back to the owtle^ incvdnte 
(ioiifldber jpou ; aad because I hoped stiUitOiftid 
tb^i^ Ow best of that iUuBiriAaaipartyi Ytib, 
ho^evar^had vaiiahed.iitteily;^ahR> GbdirieUej 
BJaooteeAeOf, aad Felko. My fottasr ciq^thret, 
H^r&gn^ dad Bcntha^ wereabo fur dbtaai 
AU that I could do, therefifre, was to make 
kiiowA ^iejlruth among the squi^ axiA sen- 
tinels, tUii to nuptiouiit imy badBe^ and/ffaUM^ 
the road sridisbf was pcmited oat to me; as 
lAiat dboseai^ Ae lastbf.'tbe ^aests wbo had 
departed from the castle. OftJtherwajr^ I blaw^ 
at {i^(iae«[t mterral^ my^tciithuaiaBg^orii, 
triistii^gthat, if it .UDore. heard by.Sir.Heer- 
degeQ; be would fl^t^d.totbe.mgnal; &r'm 
France sudi powerful notenwoe hot. itmially 
h^ard. Xt be&H, 9s I.expec^d,^ thatonoe on 
a time the blast mm to.his .eai»; atid:.he 
said imiaediately, :* Them souikied the trum- 
pet of the .dea-monavcb« iAfinbiohi ! Bkthk 

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THE M&€rR3 BIKO. 3? 

be would wtoB U8 BgttBst some approftdiiiig 
eviU or ^^ookl hinnelf obtaitr maistante.* 'Sb 
he and bis mter hake^ ^^ 1 tWettdok Of^; 
andrdbted to^liim tlie whole trutbV* . 

'' :A]Ht Jdid they b^ii^ 'thkt' I tiwaa^oi 
eetttr aaid Sir Otto; ^ 

J ^ Hcyw eoiitd'it p^ove otherwise,^ atiWred 
the Bealamiardi, *< ttnce^ey never had'catise 
to dcmbt ray word ?' Bcfrides, Sir ^oIKo'de 
MoDillauooH and the Lady Bkndiefleur If iils 
never beheved that yon "were k wicked eni 
chanter; and-^had it not biac^, that he -^ks 
Mveiely wounded, and the dieusisel'half iaShSA 
with tenw, they nevcrwoilld haW ftft^^e 
caatle Qabrk^ i^ ^h^ iila^ was pte^Mi) 
and Sir Heerd^on'were bitterly ikdtonedo^ 
tke put they had taken against yoi!i'; nM;^ m 
tie is an honoinraUe and Itare k^ht, he re^ 
9oived to leave his sister wi^ Gabridle^ and 
bound himself by^ a solemn vow, that from 
hencefixrth he would never rest until he had 
found you, and seen you reii^Mtated in all your 

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98 Tffie MMOO B|]fG. 

fonner hapfinem* Sir Folko WQvdA have 
mom the sioie oath^ for \m twodAip is un- 
abated ; but he and Don Hemandes^ as soon 
as they are cured of their wounds, must ride 
into Spain, and fi^^ against the MoiMra; for 
to that purpose, they were already bound. 
The three fair damsds all jmned^ to beg that 
I would swear as Sir. Heerd^;^ had done; 
but as I ha4 already resolyed that my life 
should be devoted to your service, until I had 
found you, I told them that vows were need- 
less. So through the loi^ winter I have 
travelled unceasingly, from land to land, and 
at lengtl^ with the blessing ctf €rod» have been 
successful. To-morrow, methinips, you would 
do well to throw aside your present wildattke ; 
and as soon as you* are once more like other 
men, to ride straight from h&aoe to your 
beautiful bride, who is now along with 
Blanchefleur and Bertha, at a castle in a 
blooming vaUey ot Gasoony. Meanwhile I 
shall go to my old kingdom of the sea, for 

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wliiclv tDSiy the truth,! have heartily kibged; 
md 8o iB enkd the stovy which I eatne to 

<< But irtM then has become of the ritag ?^ 
inquifed Sir Otto; ''for OiOitieUb, as I 
luiowt had resobred to pve k back to Sit 
Folko de Mootfiniteft.'' 

<' That difievlly has aim Tanished,^ said 
die seMBOoakdi; << I believe diat Gabridle 
haa it agHH in her possessioD ; at least there 
tt« hd disputes Hmoog them, Imd libeyJiVeatt 
hMppHy Uigeih&t^ During the libsenoe of Ihe 
Chev^alier de Montfauoon in Spain, the hbdj 
Blasiebeieilir, as I have already said, lives Itt 
hsr ^mimTs pleasant castle in Gasoony^ wbeit 
she can reeeive flrecpient Intielligence of har 
faiotfier^s exfrfoits and violories ; die rest you 
will ere long hear firom themselv^ eqpedaUy 
firam jrour bride/" 

<< No,^ sfdd Sir Otto^ altar a ]ot^ pMse> 
dunng which he seined lost in moumiut re. 
flectkm ; ^' I shall not so soon receive that m* 
telligenoe from QateieUe. You must Igaow, 

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rJnOL UlilGtC BSNG. 

:Sir AriBbiorn) there is nothing in the wi 
world which is to me so intolerable sb to I 
pitied ; and should I go to them now, th 
would doubtless pity me for all that t hi 
suftred. Therefore I shall i^er again €oi 
into their phresence, until I can appear wit! 
wreath of victory so inright- and dassBi 
that they •shidVnot 4»idypa;f'to'isie the Wibi 
df fumce, but of admirations Mid wonder."* 
r.^^iYou are prdttd,-^ ayiswered the sea-ii 
nardi ; /' but I diould speak falifely if I s 
that I dotdd blam* you for this. Let me ti 
maki to' you one' proposal, Sir Kniglit 
Trautwangen. The people of the Fink 
frontiers^ and aldo many inhabittgits of No 
Sweden, are stifi blind ^nd obstinate Pag 
and idolaters; I have promised my asa 
ance to conquer and convert diem ; and 
this undertaking you would meet with adv 
tures as full (tf danger and renown as you < 
desire. Sir Heerdegenalso^had he not b 
bdqnd by his vows to search after you, w» 
have joined me there in summer. In that k 

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TSE HAGIC nnfG. 41 

ym tkuM doobtfeBs ftatann maBy gbrioils 
«due«>emeik» for the hoMor of im holy filth, 
bbA many a ^trophy :«nll be won. Iliilher 
tfwnktug go: together.^ . . I . . V 

Sir Otto sat foff a-'spaoe in nknee ; bMt»ias 
he perceived Aat the seaHmoiiaidi Ibofaii at 
him doubtfully andwidi jnffnmt^ faeblndied 
dwfdy, and saidy*-^^^ You ^perhaps bblieve, 
Sir Knight of did Sea, tUat whcnl spedLef 
canpfigBs here Of there, orgaipnp^'P^'*^ 
thatlamnatia/earttesti alid-tUtlam tohe 
anmberod ameog those pcdtrons who speak 
readily enough of the most terrific exploits, 
and would yist Int with.ttcsor, if loneia- 
fcnrmedt thdan,' ttiat the dadgors whieh they 
pretend to witfi for .were drak near. 
Is thia now your Jadgemeut of me ?^ ' 

^ Sir Otto ^en iTrautwangen,'' . said^ the 
sea.*monareh, /^ I have, travelled in quest of 
you thmugh the ygbrie .past 'winder. ' Sucjb 
duty^ ifc'ia4t6rtain, that I would not have |tet^ 
lixined for the sakd of a cdhiaff .todi '^as^ywn 
haveeii^ now deaoHbed^ for, in foith, the 

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talk would hftYe beoo to nie m paiiifol n it 
iroidd be jGnr » wetbJ&om to rOMin five lo«g 
moncha witboMt the flight «£ the nk waior. 
Yet that I am surpriaed at your hewtalion to 
engage in a campaign so honourabls^ is atruth 
wUdk I cannot deny, and I would gladly 
leom the reaacM thereof.^ 

<< I shall answer you without hesitatioii,"* 
said Sir Otto, *< tfabu^ at die risk, pelhaps, 
of i^qieaxnig iFery childish in your opimoo. 
In truths' then, the goUen valtmre^s wings en 
your hdmet are alone die cwiae of my douhts 
whether I should go with you to Finlaw). 
Even now, when their gigantie shadow fell 
be^nzt me and ihe ireJ^t, I could not 
help shudd^ngat the reooUcctMNi, how many 
fnghtiiil stoma my fiiiiw has related of a 
man tall as you are in stature, and who 
wore the same strange head-|^eoe. Mark 
you. Sir Aiinbion], my father is a courageous 
old hero, of a booyonl spirit; and there are in* 
deed few thoughts by whidi his countenance 
am be ohaaged; yet whan he ^petkB of the 

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with the vukureV wkiga hk larg^ dirk 
ejes are full of faonor, and he stares at tome 
daik oomer <^ Us aooestfal hall, as if he ex^ 
peetsd that Uaqpecteal opponttit were ready 
to start out against him.^ 

<< What then has your fiither related of 
thisman?^ inquned the sea^noBand)* witha 
melaacholy smHe. 

^ liuch^-^ery muehT anilweredBir. Otio, 
*^ eapeoaHy how dm mat was always attract- 
ed by misforttoe^aiid lor maay a long mife 
over lakes and rivers, hills and dales, was 
fined to travel whsxk aoxAe horriUe adven- 
tme was at hand* Thm, m the how of 
flanger, ho always caoUe to the assistaHee <^ 
die dis tre ss ed ; hut, as he was always the 
foremnner of evil, eve^ one lodced on 
the gianfs appear an ce with fear tod tMEn- 
bling. Above all, if any one had a wti^ of 
guilt on hb own heart, he was honrifled at the 
tall man^s approach; fiir vengeance seemed 
the q)eetal doty of the knight with the 
winged helmet; end never did he fidl in its 

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44 TH£ U£iiGfSC:aSKG. 

Mtitttent, except on one ^oDcawm aoiji mud 
tt that event my fk^er-oever woiiH relate to 
me the 6torj ; fi>r it iras^ as he said, too flaar- 
fnl a legend ibr 0ife so jofamg «nd inexpan- 

^ Your fstber bas told but the truth,"^ an- 
swered Ae ssa^ttonundi wkh a siglt;^^ there 
was indeed a man such as you have deaeribed 
in our fiunily, bcft he is k»g sinee dead."^ 

'^^Ihebefii^ tliat I faaye myself fought with 
hts skeleton in the chaprt of Trautwnngea,'* 
said Sir Otto, shuddering at Use recdUectkm, 
•though Sir Arinbiom understood him not. 
Then heresuaiedf^^^ It is from tenor of that 
ghostly combat dUit I now feel xehulmit to 
go with. you. Who knows, irfiat fnghtfinl 
spectres may start. forth against- us froBi that 
melaneholy gloom which tnne.and dtstaarr 
have thM>wn ov&p yam house and mine r 

** Sooh^ectvtt belong to dnrkaess every^ 
tfhere and in all hours^^' anawened Sir Ann- 
hiorn^^ *< and, mednnks, it should be so. A 
new light is now. to be shed o». the gioom 

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THE MAMC Blvd. '45 

l^ ^fimb mw mMbfrh.'ofiiiiei^ ace ovcs^fthadow- 
ed^ ::The,4Arker Uiat the night b, the pleasant 
tc^.dial^ivicffiiiQg^lLbe.'*' ', . . ,,i 

- "Ay,?* cei^ied'Sir 0»oQk«erfiiUgr; f^ thew* 
you are indeed in the right, and our minstrel^/ 
Walter, has also truly sung— 

^* Dark night precedes the mom, 

So grief maj joyance bring ; 
And death leads through the wintry gnve 

To life's etexDal spring.** 

** Now, then, are you satisfied ?^ said Sir 
Arinbiom. " Truly, if there have been 
darkness and fearful mjrsteries lowering over 
us in former ages, the time has doubtless 
come when our efforts are to change these 
into light and happiness. Courage, then, m^ 
noble friend !•— Let us now, join hands in 
token of your consent to travel with me 
through East-Friesland, then across the seas 
to Norway, and from thence to the Finland 

^* Be it so, in God's name T said Sir. Otto ; 
and the two brave knights, rejoicing over the 

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fiiendly bargain they bad made, leadTe 
aet oat on the folloi^ng day. Meani 
they laid themaelyes to sleep on the 
fragrant moee with which tbe cave wai 

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THE Mi4»C laSQ. 47 


Hov the Knigfats moanted thefar hones, and set out upon 
their vajr. 

Whxk the fitst gleams of ruddy light from 
the eastern hills began to stream into the ca- 
▼em. Sir Arinfaiom started op from confused 
visions whieh had haunted lum in sleep. 
Now, too, when he saw beside him a hand- 
some youth, dieerftil and smiling like the 
flowers in May, who stood beside lum as if to 
watch his slumbers, he believed that this too 
was but a dream, and again dosed his eyes. 
Not long afterwards, however, the same youth 
came to rouse him, and he heard the word»« 
^ Is it not better, my noble comrade, that we 
should set out early on our journey?^ 

So, then, Uie sea-monarch aiose^ and rwog- 
foaed the young Knight of Tnuttwangeo, 
wlio had now triosmed his beard and hab. 

Digitizedtoy VjOOQIC 

4$ TWiUAfiJQ VHQ* 

and had dressed himielf pig^y ia tbej 
m^ts which he had woni at that fatal b 
quet^ and whidv thou^ now in disorder, 
still shewed to advantagse on th^graoefiil < 
tour of his person. ^^ Good HeaTeu!^ i 
Sir Arinbiorn, ^' h(fjf(^ jchanged is now ; 
figure from what it was but yesterday 
You haJR^ indeed acted irigh|ly in tho^ 
away ithvt rough, boar'a^kin, .which •.;.wh4 
concealed the. natural form Whu^.God. 
giireb iiBto you, Jajodin thus arfiyo^ig f 
httr» sa thai it.iio longer. IoqImi like.yie f 
waed8>bf tlbeifovest, but iMy t^e pai|ip#ra 
a tHm, .wiril4riun^ partfA^.r^^f. V: f^ 
agi^n to appear ia the ?K>rld»^ ipid Sir Oi 
M it k.fiiiting, no doubt, that his apppfiip 
should Jbe^like that aC, o^^^ Is it-jn 
pkasiiiB tkat'. I .shoftdd opw .biuM?" .<¥» yt 
armtnir ?r^ Afterwatds^ psr9bwc(^.^]|pi^ ..^ 
condescend/JU>ireij[deV(^ /pani^^eifipew' 
. <Siri Osto>asoiidi[^ mexe rcsp^^i^ol^ 
by t^sdakooidnaiioh^jjfdlili a.]jt|]e wjpilejh 

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THE Mi^ffi^ UNO. 48 

goldea, and the other in hit tibck and silver 
smouTy pvepascdfor batde. Then the horses 
weie fatidlad and saddled ;^-4hat of Sir AriQ- 
biora had veiled so well on his bed of moss, 
diat by tins OKans, and by the heiding j^snts 
which had been ap{died to his wounds, he 
waa now fiitty recovered, tbou^ he started 
vefaoncntly when the light-lntiwn steed came 
trotting op 4it his master^s call. . The latter 
stood stall as a statue, when Sir Otto com- 
manded him to be quiet, and idlowed himself 
to be caparisoned widiont a struggle ; though 
it was ea^ to perceive that he had been 
long unaccustomed , to this duty, and that 
he now wondered much at what was gomg 

'^What a beautiful charger would that be,"" 
said the sea-monarch, ** if he were once more 
in the hands of a trusty squm ! Even now, 
with his rough uncurried coat and disordered 
mane, he is so dignified and graceful! Me- 
thinks he is indeed well fitted to appear 
among a breed of horses which are natives of 

VOIm II* c 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ny northern dime, but to which I never till 
this day have found any one equal; they, 
too are, like him, of a light*brown^ colour; 
they have the same fiery temper, and will not 
aUow themselves to be rode by any one who 
is not a true and valiant hero.**^ 

" The light-brown colour of my Heed,^ 
replied Sir Otto, ^< is my especial fgvfflirite. 
Tou will think it a strange fantasy, Sir 
Arinbiorn, but, becai|se one whom I dearly 
loved had light-brown eyes, that tint ever 
appears to me a presentiment of happiness 
and good fortune.*" 

When all was ready, Sir Otto buckled 
on his glittering sword-scabbard, took the 
broken fragment of his blade, and let it drop 
into the sheath, adding thereto the other half, 
to which the golden hilt was yet affixed. 

^^ Nay,^ said the sea-monarch, *^ you muat 
not travel thus unarmed. Rather take my 
battle-axe, and bind it fast to your saddle- 

« Unarmed !'' repeated Sir Otto, " I pray 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


yoiu let not this be said. My sword, though 
broken, will do better in the hour of need, 
than many a one might prove which is yet 

** Yet, I pray you, take the halbert,^ sidd 
the sea-monarch. *^ As for your sword, it is 
true, though you were to strike with it agsunst 
the rocks until it was wholly notched and 
blunted, yet there is an armourer in Norway, 
by whose arts and magic spells, it may yet he 
rendered far better than ever.'' 

"That alters the case,"" said Sir Otto, 
<^ and I shall therefore accept the loan of 
your battle-axe till, by means of this wise 
armourer, I can regidn the use of my own 

So the two young heroes both mounted 
their horses, and began to wind their way 
from the mountains of Ardennes, across the 
blooming plains, towards the north-east. 

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How the old )E[night of Tiautwangea heard iie«l«f SrOHa 

CouRTBous reader, hast thoa m/vet loi^^ to 
cast one look on the lonely asfd negkctad old 
knight, Sir Hugh von Trmitwanga? Ike 
grey-headed warrior now ^h» joyhn in his 
castle ! All the gay colours that once hn^- 
ened his life have faded away, so that he is 
more like one of the dead than a living man; 
for of his only son he has heard no tidings, 
or of Bertha, nor df Heerdegen. Were it 
not that the old miitstre], Walter, Mooetimes 
visits him, the once active warrior wonld be^ 
come a mere hermit, and his ancient fortMss 
a ^lent cell fdr penance and roortifioatton. 
Sometimes, when he is sitting all alone in his 
great hn)!, he se^ns to forget the changes 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

around htm^ aad calls aloud for Otto and for 
Bertha. Then be is answered only by the 
melandioly edio of his own 'voice, through 
the kmg yanlted rooms and corridors, so that 
the <ild knight KcoUecntehinMdf again, shakes 
his head, and smiles moumfolly at his own 

One evening, however^ he was sitting wkh 
Wft|l«r, the minstoel, at the great round table, 
ott wlndi4fae syver-embosaod goUets full of 
old Jobamisbin^ stood betwixt them, while 
olit of dpoMtfiete WW an April shower, pour- 
ii^aiidBiftdingwithsQchTSheaaaflMeyasif it 
wmtd^m8f0bMS9euii&aA.. ''. Pour on,* pour 
amV^' eMd Br H«gh» IMong kadly towards 
tba^JBd^iW* ^ ]fy4ius^ means assured 
thtAmffnmi Waltsr will for ibis qigfat not 
ckssrtBie. So dwd, long may the wind blow 
flnd the nfo bear aiouiid ua T The muw^tel 
toek up Us foUet of Btieaish, and joined in 
thialoast-With his noble entertainer, glad to 
find that he for a moment seemed cheerftil, 
m a tiateUar, who has lost his way on the 

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cldu^U«nr«red motjMmiSy • cqoiqe» "wboi^jlbe 
sualmiiis oncb moie-biiiak ottt^aDouad kim. 
'« In tmih,'^ naumed the old kin^W ^^ I \ataw 
not hcmr I ooald • bew with tbe weaty^load trf 
time, w<ere it not for your^tragsiand y<»ir 
plen^ant diacourae. Both of lUk are oU? bat 
the white locks on my head are mutliiririi like 
tbe witfaeved moss that wmes in waiter on 
tome old toitenng .wmjimftpt ; whiles you 
tbey (MPe like a anowMirhite wndalht with whiuh 
the hands of courteouB ladieB haT!» adtned 
yqiir head» as m reward for th^jwiuagg. plonwat 
songs that you have irnqg to theau Gmom 
oftaser tbeo^ I pray you»' and. stay. bmsBT, 
that the^stetMesa of mj ^^jnagr-beaanthtdi^ 
a«d tb^ my than^ts Quigr not vmiy 4w«B 
on th^se past joya which win neta&jDQtiiiv^'' 

Hereupon tiie two okl ntpakookJiaada 
amws th^ win04»ipi» aid ikm wb^ttbtd waa 
about to speak, inh^tu b ! i| mpmer, cims 
hasti^ into the hall, and amannatd 4hai 
thm was a fnlgem witfumv who^ Oft tooooMC 
of tb^ yioh»t;ffKin and;a|q«DadiMg daifattsi^ 

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mi^ not ptoeeed £Httfaer cm timimfi but 
badt begged for aheltor and reteflhinsnt 
^ Jie oott^ at an inittiBg tone T mottebed 
% Hagb, ^^ I wish Bot now foi sdrfliqpBr 
gnests. HowereTy let him be brought into 
the caade. Aa to this, yaa needed not la 
aak aqf fiennisibfi in aoch weaKber- Pbide 
aoothor chair abo at tbe table ; bring mete 
imm^ wkb atime^fbod, and a aihw goUet, for 
our Tinlor. Haa he anmouBoed from what 
oomtiyhff has ooaae hitter?" <^ He »a mu 
tiv0 o# Fnmee,^ answered the s^fuife, and 
withdrew. ** Now, mark you,^ said the old 
nunitiri, ** anoe we were to be disturbed, it 
ia at least foatunate that the stranger should 
peovae a Rrcnbhrnan; for he may perhaps 
brisq;^ va good titfings of the young Sir Otto 
TOO Tcaufiwaagoi.^ ^ I jMrarjr you, speak 
not tfaos,'' wad the old knight << He who 
knga aittiously for tidmgaof ftiends at a dia*. 
tasKe, IS eidier disappknnted altogether, or 
that bf whkh* his heaM will only be 
BMffe unquiet Ibefsfore, graat 

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me your promiae, tkat ymi wiU imtact. tk^ 
fcd&Bh part of askiiig quesdoos^ bpt tuiit' 
patiently for wtuiteyer intelligeQoe diiftgqieit 
of his ownaecord may impiartlo ns.^ *^ Bi^it 
^UUngfy,'' said the miitstr^ <*dal promae 
what you deouwd of me; fot aatrailgery 
e^ipecially one who cxmies duriog a tempeat 
like thb, must ever be looked <hi as afci^Bd; 
aiid iimdi^ fiaends^ mell^ks it ia bul a foeliab 
and discourteous hafait» erensore t» ask after 
the first 'greeting what news are abroad; 
tx ^-«— ." The miiistrel paUsed aadle pit- 
grim now entered the ball. *' . 

Jie wsusf a man of middie.age/ nridier :very 
gravenor very merry^ thou^, aooordbag to 
the custcND of aU FrdichmeD, he s^oke much 
and rafndly» giving them to undevstaad diat 
he was by birth an independent noUeitaii; 
and that a solemn vow, which his fiitber hid 
imposed on hiin, r^ideredit his duty to make 
a {nlgrimage into the Holy Land. This duty 
he thought to perform with most convenienoe 
and safety under the protecting banners of 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


King Bkhaid^ oCbenme he would acarcely 
Srer^h&viB ttilnied'a pOgriin, and so forth. 
*K6m^^biB shallow stream of wordft the old 
fir Vt^ von Trautwangen had inutaedutely 
'tamed away. Re sat lookhig' fixedly on the 
^[rooiid^'and diiaking his wine, while the 
glHtay which was now and then visible in 
tSk eye^ proved that his thoughts were 
hmmed widi the past ; It seemed, indeed, 
ks itj along with his wfne, he drank up 
diaiahM recollections; and so he had been 
afeustotned to me through many a long even- 
hg, with the nimstrel, Walter, beside him, 
who strudc now and then a few deep chcMtb 
on his Iiarp. But meanwiule flie stranger 
continued to talk, also to eat and drink,* with- 
out the slightest disco^iposure, praising, how- 
ever, the viands and Johannisberg which 
were before lum, with the hospitality and 
courtesy of his entertunen ' * ' ' 

But at TengA it so happened^ that 'the 
pilgrim mentioned a name, by whidk the 

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ktiigkt and thtmsalBHi ynftekti^rwrnei^ m 
ifxhty hftd hmn alrudt h^ ^ fliiii-' o£ lighi^ 
niBg. Be iqpote of the r«idwiMid0ievalkt 
de Montfeucfm ; miA bit bearafrs ^ ^ not 
fidi to remetiaber horn Mtfly llttft' mtt con- 
D^ted:ipitii the fbrtunes cB Skh Otto von 
IVftutvang^i. ; 

• *^ Last ittHttmn, (so tlw stranger Mrratod,) 
the brave; Sni^t of Mont&uoon had, on 
account of a fliivfinned magie ring, ^entered 
Ihe* lists with a young Getrman knigtit^ "and 
in dmt combat wa% in amaonar iquke inexp& 
cable, overcome and defeated. The finne off 
this batde had cm like wiid^ifiie over all 
France^ and all the world now spoke of the 
victorious jKiiith, who was named Otto ; ^t 
as for his surname^ he (the narrator) being a 
Frenehnmn, knew not vnIU how to pionoance 
H;^ Then be described minutelj all eirenm- 
stances of the battle between Sir Olto and the 
Knight of Montfaucon, while the minstrel 
struck thereto his harp chords in a vehement 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

md clM w ing waMoelM^^ faiH the clA^Sbt 
Hagh bdMl thoDi^tftil oad mdaocbofy; as 
if he hMidbiit dMinoaniAil eebooCIVTahcvr^s 
nolieS} Iwt tc»k no pkwiire in tbmv MiBia 
At length the strangor haj^^ened to sejjs 
^^ Peof^ have imiated that the yoomg 6er^ 
man has won hia yictory by incantation* and 
witchcraft.^ Thereupon the minatrePs harp 
was liknt; Sir Hugfa^a dark eyebrawa w««e 
aaore and more aontractedy and he nodded to 
hia friend with a mysterioua expression, as if 
he would baire said, << Ay» i^, I diput^ as 

<< But,"" resumed the pilgrim, <^ no qne any 
kMigir believes that calumny^ On the word 
of SSr FoIkoUmself, and of another imowned 
hero, the moat ctistfa^gukhed knights in all 
France now throw die gauntlet of defiance at 
every one who ventures to mamtaiA that ever 
the German knight had to do wilh ndtebcvaft 
ar neofonumcy r 

With these welaone words the stranger 

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^pnckd^bitf isteUigMUDB} and nidikwigiiftig/ 

tigue fW>Bi Ml lonfp jomcyv ho retindy^M- 
Qomproted byoneof Sir Hugb'^cmfldaitiil 
squires, to his durinlMn 

No sooner had be departed, thiin the min- 
strel began a ballad in praise of Sir Qtto, 
and in contempt of the base sland^iers who 
had aco«is^ him of d^aling^ with the devil ; 
but Sit Hugh made him a ngn that he should 
be silent. <^ It is not yet time' for your 
triutnfriiaQt songs,^ odd he; ^^ no one knows 
better than I do, that Otto is a chaoto|non 
more powerful in the lists than Sir Fdko de 
Montfaiucon ; for in their eariy youth I 
watched oveir both^ and even then c<Aild^tdl 
.what strength or weakness^ they would shel^ 
.in. after years. But a long dork shadoit 
fltretohes along the path which Olto has to 
iHirsue ; though that e¥il omen,- perhaps, is 
but the work of my foreboding fantasy. 
Yet, alas i I cannot but remember his first 

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Old firal victoty tiuM took plaee* at 
thafmomBfol ascsliiig^.^Fkb Sir Heevi^ita. 
Aik me oo quflitiDM^ good Wakw,' fbr in 
tmtli I am ^ntj ttd, bu^ lei u& iioirt«tite to 
bed, and, if poas^le, to-ekipw^ - 

. ; I 

' .a. 

' 'I ti 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ra^ MAQW, MBQ. 


H^w Sir Otto embMked with tbe j9«^moQiich. 

MsAVWHiLSy wholly linooiisciotts of ibe itA 
aj^prehennons which the venerable knig^ en* 
tertained on bis account. Sir Otto was ridiig 
on Jiis way beneath the pleflnam Bunl^j^t cC 
8{Mingy in ccunpany with the bmve Sir Aria- 
biom. It was bdeed no longer as it bad 
been on his first settii^ out in quest of ad- 
ventures, when, at the saooe season of the year» 
be thou^t that be had found the terrestnal 
paradise on the blooming banks of the Mayae, 
and looked on every one whom he then met 
either as a friend, who woidd sympathise in 
his pleasure, or a foe, whom he must honour- 
ably conquer. Wondsrfiil might it he to 
consider how very old a luught-errant^ ot 

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any cAher mortal^ might become in the space 
of one year ! Truiy we may say, that Sir 
Otto was now fiur older than diree hundred 
and sixty fire dxyn coidd natural^ hare made 
Urn. Yet he was stiD yodng enou^ to 
think, ^at, amid the withered leaves c^ his 
fivmer |;o6d Ibrtune, the Ubssoms of pleasure 
might agmn spring forth; and for these 
faiaaiotta be liok«d not ^nly to^ Aat morn- 
ing Kgjb^ wMdi can only be beb^ tflei* 
tb<^ i^jte^of -^ettA, but he ' bc^vtd* ih A 
tney MugRt yet appeair m tniise oppraMa 
sukiy hdhrs*^ noonday, whicAi we1iefeiiam<t 

Tie two yoting heroes had now ahited'dfi 
the fiMitiars ^ Bnst Frieshmd;- and' on^ 
motning, when tbey had rode to the top ^ tt 
bectttiftil jgr^en hiB, snddtoly the ^de 'tm. 
ttppeOreA before' them, with it^ boundless 
donum tt Uue waves, yMi their bright 
' coronets of foam all gleaming in ^e How 
dkizifing sndligfat. Otto sfNfead oet his ftrms, 
as if h«f twid NsteMftMtced'boChr the learth 

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and fliMM in bis rapture, and tben fatoke out in 
tf lMd«7,^^idalirsdM: Hfrkttthe^ttMlDuni. 
«dr dHluglKfidl]rfiMi*:hii.botbe/Ad knetM 
upon Ae gtant in flHent |M;etv Whoever 
kas Mlald the Ma^ and rcwaiBiiara ^da <Mitt 
ito^Qigs ^iHn he ittir it ibr the flnt tiiAti, 
iriU not wonder that 'Sir Otto ymf Tnotwan- 
gen ahotdd be diqa noired. 

▲noWom Kj^ioed ahO) a^ila his dun- 
coloured, duurger seemed alao glad^ andndgh^ 
ed aldud, as* he snuibd up the wdMcnown 
sea ail'. • But Arinlmni^s joy was unnixed 
with wonder; it was the deKght.c^ a shep- 
herd, who, after long wandering, comes onoe ISwd Ws flocks on well-known niittre 
plains. So, when they had thuseome. to die 
MH'^op, ho disoMBited kotk Us hotse, and 
b^sga^ to colleet dry branches nd witliered 
leaves horn the neighbourmg thiohets, to 
which ho set fire; and scarody hod die blue 
elpnds of smoke ascended on Mgh, ; when be- 
krid I « stalely ship, whk^ had been hirking 
behind At cwrefis of 'a woodod islond) came 

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ttovljr iitto.yie% mkl BMidallointfik.lliej 

BOMMTitWi have/ indeed ivatdied fr^> end .eie 
idneed^ou the eppoimed place T MemwlBle 
Sir Otlof bad row up firaai hia .pfajovs, aod 
the ^ea4ii(niai«ii.0Qalitiiied^~^<^EW»ialaiid9 
with iu thick oofpte/woodf is the tame .<y|i 
wMob I had Ae oonb^with 8ir Jieeidcini ; 
and faef% on ^w^ of tiiea oag a it »hiUt» miothbe 
iheweodfitliileaitleof 1lMtl4ady MiaiiatiD9t» 
eC which beih Heeidegtti flBd Bertha rdalwl 

With deep emotieB^ Sir Otto looked roun4 
far the Druda'a cattle; of wMcb, doriag the 
fatal baaquety ere' he had dmak of the eii|p 
intended f&r the aeMiioiiaMb» Bertha had 
found-time to give him a doscrqpiioD. < Eveigr 
word that she had uttered waa indelHily isw 
printed oahia heart ;^eo^iii hia dreams too» he 
hod^ofteo bAM dint mysterioits fortress^ 
with ite wfaios flowere waviBgoii the rampart^ 
and the tall eaiBiJike form of the Ladj 
MimuOfost He diought, moreover^ that it 

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ought now \m permcttdl btm huMiUy to 
knock «t Ike enihuted gatoe, that he vi^t 
hMur, tkoug^ ffom a i&taaoe^ die dmne 
miisie of the gald4n spberes; and that, if peN 
dMuoe the wne lady of Ae fluUMkm dHMtM 
bx)k over the battkmeiit^ she might bestoir 
mpcfa bim one taeoily gfeeting, which inigbt 
serre to guide him in his ftitiife pilgrima^ 
tfaffOBf^ the world, as she must of neeesaily 
be aware bow her image fived and was che- 
nihed in hb heart. Soon after he indeed 
perceived a hill in the ndghboorhood, which 
was crowne d with some dark gkiomjr towers; 
but hovl^diff^olt were diese from the descrip- 
tions be bad bsard of die Lady Ifinnatrost"^ 
castk 1 There was here nothmg to be seen, 
but ruinous walls covered with raois, and tot- 
tering as if they WouM fall into the deep 
trenches beneath/ On the raztipartB, instead 
of white roses and KKes^ nletdes and long 
grass were waving in the wind ; While, amdng 
these weeds, owls and other ominous faiMs 
shewed tbev vile crociKed bdaks, or roae 

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hg.liBer»iheaMfnM<m of the £igtre«H »aiskcd 
i4oi« tbe faMHtonttta^ ^^ Good Hcavuttl 
wbtt.a deMl«te» moiuiifnl.tBi^tr md •Sir 
Otl(9^ niU^rft de^ ^igh* << Safely it k i». 
possible tbat this tb^ Dr^daV castl^P'' 

'< Trufy»^ aoaireral the seiuiiioiifmb, <^ I 
era b«d4y tbioic tbot she ever ^emAt hsne) 
Md yet, from tbe sitwtMi cif this rained 
fiNTtnMy il SMiit be se^r * *' 

Whik the tWP Mgbts tteif*St<H(Kl togfit^ 
iraiidermg and p^q^ed^ a eoiinUy^^ 
unperoeived^ lafc^a his station dose to thmi^ 
0e DOW canie forwaid^ .a9d le^edliittjr ftodi 
off bis oap^ << Ajf ay, 9oUe mn^ saidbo^ 
^< you are traveUors no 4<Mlbl from A dislml 
land, aad you have pezebance stood^ in battel? 
t^mas, 00 tbe.sdf-^Bane gvound on wJMdt you 
999f 4VK pbioed. , I eatt undefstaiod aU tbM« 
Thai IB, yi tirutb, the castkof ih^ Lady ¥um 
natfoft; but she bersdf is far fir(|m b^nee^ 
apdj|^«iiftl^sntelK^l|i«t«boU|[Qne.. The 
he^utifi)! rnhj^ floiMfrs.Mi^ UunHediotovilo 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

m wEmMMBurmsK. 

tliit .niB|«rt8 iatoA' stagna^ Bwvmp; Soml 
biiidB land beasts <rf prey kdiabit the spaxih 
vente:; lit ia^ eFtti - smd tbst ktii lv|pin)^t abo 
lMMmledby<9il qokke. So k evcr^happane 
wUIvwhtttBVttr it thetrotk of acntal haodb. 
If nqgkatad^ it will not «taiid of itirif) but 
Bni8t£dltorufaL It fleensabo^ssifiioloiily 
th»i>in«iioj but -tfag peaee <pd mdUue of ^» 
laady Bunt be nmed oaee Ibe ibpBtttiiDe of 
the Lady 16miafe0b§t;ibr^ dimng btv db- 
mmte^ tbe^priaMs<flod taiiab baTe been per-, 
patualiyitt war^ aa tfaait thfiDr-svoBda^m-bodi 
tid^ lunre been erer dtippiog wilb blood. 
May, peo]^ ^even inuat tbat tbe mad aea^ 
adooarcfa^ Asiabiom^ 'witt agaia appear q& our 
abwea «•«—** ■ 

^, Iq tbat reqpeol they aie not ik> far m 
tbe vrong,^ said A iM b ioro aaMKiig; ^ but 
fov^ {NreaenC, metbmkat bo MU\not:do yea 
any ham.^ > 

'* Well, ahoold it be flo,"* eaid the ooimtsy- 
man, (^ we bli?e doubtlaea to thank tbe good 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Lady MiniMilooBt ; for jrDU;iiiust know, timt, 
dwugh her taasrte » Ao& dcgriate^ dielnBadt 
yet 8D wlioUj^ fmaken ua. More tium Mce 
the bosjkmeii have seen her hy night on- the 
aea^dxtfe^ cbened' in wimi^ irfait&gttonenti, 
aad nith a green vett over her head)* aaahe 
had be«i'VKmt tDappeev, and wilh her'eyin 
jet gleaming like pale moonflbbie; but «he 
seemed to weep often, and wiing hev.havds. 
It is said, that she eomes hither in quest of a 
certam damsdvho once dwelt irilh her in the 
cartle; for die need to make flignals, and 
wwve her long veil towatds the wide b&l ; but 
aaoo one answered her^ she wrapt up her 
fSaoe and. went away. ^ It was eai^ to- be per- 
ceived that she avcMed the easde. Good 
Heavens !^ cried he, interrupting his narra- 
tare, *^ theteis aootfaer bakdealready l^gun in 
vaflejr ! I BMMt wft lose a anmeBt, bat von 
to drive my sheep out of iMs way^- otherwise 
they win ride over, and trample theaa into 
thesMMh.'* . ' ' 

&> die ooiniti^ftiian iMfit ia tfl hast^ duram 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

70 iHB MA0IC mifa. 

the hill, mid the kfiig^ r«fnoGmt^ their 
faofset. They heard mdeed, as the shiepherd 
bad said, a great iKH«e oi shoothig and dash* 
iagof ainiB in the valley, and i^oon afterwards 
sone tnx^a of horMinen eiune riding past 
them at fdU qpeed. 

<^ It aeemed to me, noble dmtrade,^ said 
Sir Arinbioni, ^* as if but a little while since 
you wished to visit the Druda^s castle. These 
clowns that are fighting there must not pre- 
vent you tberefirom. In half an hour we 
dttU teach them sn^ a lesson, that they will 
thank Heaven if they escape even with life ; 
fiH*, see, yonder is another of my ships already 
near the shore, and the rest are surely at no 
great distanced << Nay, let us not think of 
gobg tJiither,'' answered^ Sir Otto. ** What 
should I seek forsooth in those desolate halls, 
where perchance only a wolf, with her young 
ones, would come howling to meet me, and 
^pear as if forsooth she were the sole owner 
of the mansion ? Or why should I disturb the 
bats and owls in their secret solitary cham- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


bets, only tosemembertbat^beBehasbeeii a 
time when the same rooms were brightened 
by the mild moon^tike lustre of the Dmda's 
eyes, and cheered by the soft tone^of Berthage 
voice ? It must, methinks, be a frightful plaoe ; 
and were I to go thither, I mi^kt become 
mad, and speak to those wild creatures as if 
they were men and women. We shall, there- 
fare, think no more of the matter, but hasten 
on shipboard.^ 

^^ You arne in truth quite right,V said the 
sea-nionaich ; and thereupcm they rode itway 
as fast as possible to the seashore, where Sir 
Arinbiom's gigantic soldiers were arranged as 
if in battle-array, with their strange armour 
and weapons* The most distinguished aosiong 
them, who had formerly accompanied the sea* 
monarch in Normandy, recognised imme- 
diately the Knight of Trautwangai. A 
whispering ran at first through the ranks, 
which soon changed into a shout of congratu- 
JatioD, and thereafter into a choral ballad, in 
which they welcomed the young knight as 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

would doubtleaB obuiii. Thqr iA^H tt i 

nnHK^OTBi HiB nonc^oBfi eBunnr^fiBfTDcni 

Midlisir -Aitebioitt,- eaSUg t iM Kffi my j-H M 
toxMs ^oMfMnon, <» -Siidt itt a feN JU g W 

Aijr trnn 4t ^fcua- into* iliym^ touFt^lOB^ 
music, whicb are handeii^'dovfu ofUtfltMZ 
from father to son with the story on which 
they were founded, insigmficaot as it most 
<rften seem when repeated in other countries." 
, Sir Otto, however, dismounted immediJite- 
ly ; and, with his cheeks gk>wing at the praise 
which had been bestowed on him, he went 
through the ranks, and shook all his future 

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hy Ilkol^afL At i^.mm 

pnwM% frr rtw nalwrkiiirwi dT ll» 
T3iedUB» co loi if idchMgeg<Jthei 
nigmrij fiicirrrl lytm th«t elenimi t^ ^ 
h^ ipw m msU amutoaaad; but Sir Ol||i% 

wsm ipidf «^ that had not hb sMslar oent 
ig^ mpd etiittik <»tt, ^^ Gib- dich wubig 4a 
Bonidht^iMDeaftbegigaotic NcraMUM anift 
lw¥« loii their liv« befinre they could hfitm 
; him oi boaid. 

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7$ XBS Jtumf}.fCQI» 


It vras now a very beautifiBl eweaaagi ^ 

breezes were mild and twravoMey as thetet 

of Sir Arinbiorn sailed alcn^ tiifoi^ Ae 

North Sea. The land h«l qmta wmUM 

away, and Sir Otto sat xm the. deek widit 

harp in his hand^ waldm^ Ae last gbUoi 

rays of the setting sun. At last^ wide 

the sea-monarch, eeemii^y lost in t liU i^ g i A , 

stood near him, leaning on the asaat^ At 

Knight of Tiautwangen bc^gan to oig a 

romantie ballad, addressed to the bdintd 

Blancbefleur, whose image rose <m hie ksi^ 

ginati<Mi, sitting in her bower in the hloom 

ing vale aS Gasoony, twkiing wvectha of 

^^JbrgdmcjnoT in honour of him who was 

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now fiur remote. DuriBg his flong, the sea. 
monardi had sat down beade him, leaning 
his head on his hand. As the last notes had 
softly died away he stretched himself on the 
deck, with, his eyes' dlim with tears and fixed 
on the calm aiure sky. ^ I shall now relate ' 
to yiNi'MneeveiAs,^ said Sit Arinbiorn, 
^^ which your song has just awoke in my re- 
tiira^lMMBeK Bat Jet me begin and end my 
«feiiryviBs^^l4UB nowirestibg here^ for, with 
one's f^Wf fixcKi on the deep, diangeless Taiih 
ef <beMeB^ the inrnd is calmed, and fdll of 
bape^4uvd>tni8t.''^«< Truly I have felt thus 
too^.repiied Sir Otto, ^ when I have gazed 
onilhe JUm depths above us.*^<* So mnch the 
YmtiMy" said Bur Arinbiom ; << and yoti wtll 
dknalBD, diai when we are thus* steling on 
th^ntidenratWB, that omteBiphtion is moti? 
SHjpaiinllyrtfel^htftil ; far here indeed it seems 
ai»if we had tke^sameraaure depths both below 
wmA^^Mkatit. Lntan then attentively with 
ihiMlJMait an wdii as wiUi thine ears, dia( my 

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mnl» iziij> find m ioii^ ^eA^^Mu^kfi ho^ 

•il<»Xt ^ras duri^ my. larrta flo wi i i wg^ .yb<» jU 
h h ^p d n ed te be:iii;pinttifeo£,ii BinUi^ iDo^^ 
tameer,. viliD bfid Bercinl tim^ flb0tllll4ve«;h 
cfmd'lioir dcfteraained I wna ui €hMe ^ 
Ua^ liQ flnghl wdi sappom to pragr iiw: mtRQF- 
ai- illy bands would be whdlgr mitfvailiii^ 
He^wBt in the wn»ig, however^ lo dnoli; m*^ 
f«r I.was not so angry as be beliefed» «mA 
oid J wkhed to take him praoner, ibM I au^ 
btaig ixime a t]X)pbj. But be ruBhed Amh 
ai if deqMiiii^y, into a deep vattejr, wiftb 
high rooky banka. I kndw not indeed n^ 
tber be Imke his nedc in the firfl, or iM 
Ifares^asJ oouMnotAid him aiAer.deidlrKy 
ttwy thongb I aewdKd ao long Aal thenigltf 
sattled Asnmd me before I «a» awaxe^mAil 
noilongei: knevf what patb I riMuldldQoWil»i 
Qsdcvr tfl^vcyoui .my«papaideos. Sheffti^HP 
mm lying 'on^behiH^ so diat I.wi» ^lidip 

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n%ht. Aooordiiigly, I found amcmg siBbe 
rkibft^Ule ^»mm^^Pm oUr hcdfoitiHdnMttdi. 

ttte ||!^$(xiidj I «0uld not^wntlbr pmn^wn^ . 
bur AMiMe#'iq> a*imdiBg^8taiicMe»'^gtt^nh^ 
alMMf^I'cameftoa di)oiv ivhich I c^dnsd^-^ 
ottA ]Mtfatg<«ri0d ^ndi-in^«mrd.ivhitlw'thU 
Am- ^^tlSBD #88 fim «iid!»teoare, I-kidtnywi 
AlCfA>4pli4i]itl^t9 deqx. TowaidB/iatt^ 
i4g^Im4ke; dMttixmliad bmkextftlKXM^^ 
Ai^dotidB^ ^aMJ tbone'llao^ & 9iaNbw;r ik 
taMi*tiag> Boue lAgeet km duaxippoflke a^( 
wUd»^'I Mwred: ali» rta: be « ^nudimpL 
VhM^^ tito opcMihgy boMPeven I «aw. whatt 
4|^|^Miiid lo tte^ii^rat aliMMlsDiie oBMUieBted 
ifaiUttbavyaiiil wiAii ittBeie tot theosiBtbeaiiA 
tftfWaflrtidlirttlhadiryagbdwidrf IdnUnot 
siatt^it6de0grib0tD you/die«Doqirate gtam 
tt4m Atttnl^ enidie famdiatefiofi hert Ugli^ 
fapBfWii bttr» her brilliant eyes, and her an- 

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H tat jaa>waL4mmlliBMBm AUl 
jNn fanretefe mem behelB tHpi<mte Bemigr; 
^ad^ -woro it not 80^ ^vonb-ooiiB jIIwAbb 
«Bi<kBiir lier poilMki iNavi^iiiplBKi^irfriMd 
to grert Jigr o ii i>mual y v «d>to ip i hlHMtt JMr 
JBqr^fkitlnMini^ kseemediacif Jn:dicUiok4ar«i 
j M mc . qypiWOTfi> hbi toik tqirHithit^ arid 
bagam to .{ilay ott k; vUk^ althaitglrJawg 
aofc abtiffe ^ paces Heitmttf 1 didciuittlHar 
tht fllig^iMit wamd^ \mA maif mfmhBt.mmm 
Jikibe filigsB glUing lip ad doMBTtiis.f^^ 
Ariagi. With aflhmiiihnwnt Inbenrfleanv, 
and pflRsebed that tin i|M6» idMi i Ifl^ 
JcNpe wippMind to be anoilMr chuMVi tmas 
Midi a gsipdieii^ whcne. rii& via fljnsg: xi a 
UcwniBg arfaoor, wilb a tatt'^iUlfa aoaa^Me^ 
Jina aii cmblcai aS iicf asil^ gRNfHig faivlwaev. 
Than outof dw dddDStatkflae eaafeiATDiid^ 
.irii» caoded a book of aiwin naf^ tand^ 
ioneduigi oift dm gnasid^Jiddiittbdbn.har. 
Qaeooold petaeiiie^by dia iBodiMi «f liar JifH^ 
diat she fsmg ham dM^inioky at die iuie 
dme r^arding die youdi so Mndlyt nO e o d 

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kukfl^ I flfaonld he the happiest (rf aEiadrtdi^ 
uiA v^ f])i»MP 1M» to MioM-heiV I 
ikdttld griM^vnyMWto daadvl- frb«D,'Wiikiiiig 
•Iw t» Uie«l bdfam hery X «d«noed*; tlni^ oi 
io*doiagi flUrudk i^^niit a muaror^ and^DOHl 
tkat tM foimiHMflh i bdidd otilgr Jitalcw^ti 
wwhnntgd warbeB t MotecnreE, I had . sd 
tflUcheA the ghas, than all dM fair 
» dunged into the moat frightCol ooafiA. 
I ; ' and medunmfct even 8 tumult arose^fike 
liw waiiiig el a'ltenirf sea! OreroDine^ tn^ 
iiitki«/atMD§e and uaaceai a n la hb tetter^ I 
■utiieiliiiHily luilagad down stains and rushed 
faflfa.otnsrUl and dale tlnou^ the darkness 
ef-Jthar nighty not again reooteriog my unial 
ee m p oHm cy util I Samnd myself at tl^ dcarn 
cf di^Tr moog my fiathfiil wanriors. A hun- 
dred Innea since then I ha;^ gcM» throitgh 
llMtieflioimtnntt^ both alene and attended^ bnt 
flOTTor iunre been able to find the sIi|^itM 
} ofttht enahanted watch-tower.'^ 

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^ Perdiauce it was all but a dnam C, nii 
Sip Otto. ^ JiAf^; yy^;,;^^^^^^^^ 

*^ You migiit have spoken^ metfainks^ more 
wimy, oomnide,^. answered tbe aea-monarcb, 
aomewhat diBOontentedly, ^^ Am I the^ so 
inexperienced^ that I should no longer know 
even whether I am asleep or awake ? But you 
will think otherwise when you know in what 
mood of mind I have been since that hour. 
I could never ceaae to reflect on the form thai 
I had bdield in the magic miiror. On *hh 
account I broke off my intendad mmiag^ 
with Gerda^ and looked uidee^ at evoy fs- 
male form that came, in . my way only to pnf 
whether I could discover the beautifiil mis- 
tress of my affections; but, a|aa! die was 
nowhere to be found ; and all others, in my 
estimation, were unworthy of notioe. Yet 
as one would willingly have some name ot 
another, by which he may distinguidi that 
which is nearest and dearest to his heart, so^ 
thinking of the white rose that grew beside 

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Tfl£ MAdlC AINO. 

her, I named her Roselmde, and thei;eeEfter 

hbM 111 rpB^ib fl ^i.*J •. ; -' ". »• 'V* • i '^ ^ " • 
Eofldinde was my victonous battle-cr]^ in 

many a haid4bugfat and glorious encounter. 

Now, wnen I thought of thj^ white rose-tree, 

m my^cnmce of a name, was I not m the 

ngfif? Fbrknow, Sir ptto,' that wlien, at 

tiSSt faSf^anquet, 1 beheld, for^e^first 

UOV llitf *■.-♦/■ *'f> T' • • ■ it;! ' |J ) '*> 

tiBi^, the dster of Sir Folko de Montfauoony 
ifoumi i|i ner the lady of tl^e mirror. Her 

jiiame is planchefleur, which is, as one shoul4 

iBiii laiul.; *j » . , . V* ,. ; ;; • 
say, a wmte rose, or, otherwise, Roseunde." 

^ You are now, then, perchance, a happy 
i^^room P"^ said Sir Otto. 

^ 19o,^ said the sea-monarch, with a sigh ; 
^ tot the youth who appeared in the mirror 
was also at the' tianquet-table, and they 
namecl him Master Aleard. It seemed to 
1^ molreover, as if Blanckefleur often cast 
on him, though by stealth and fearfully, 
those looks which to me were dearer than 
aUthe treasures of the world. So, in doubt 
Und apprehensicm, I was forced to keep n- 
fence. 'This Master Aleard was also a 


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at Tm»:iumkvam 

q^eet of bal)ii^ and mnm^ imd^iiiKCmAilf 
a warlike knight, wouU be .a > soO^JiflMtfid 

«< Bat wb^ ndfle b that in the tiUbd vcaaBU"* 
cfdfd he» starting up; and a onf^tiM dmr near^ 
aoDiiouncing that tfa^ra vaa a ship ui yitm 
full d ann^d mw, ^faich thcgr had already 
bailedi demandia^ whether her, ^nm were 
friendsorfoes; bii^t of thia no notiioe had been 
taken, and she had sei all h^ filSa as if de- 
termined on flig^ Aheadjr A^ w^ at « 
conwderable diatmiy.'' ^* M$ve you stall the 
Greek fire-balls that we brought fiit>m:Ce»^ 
Mantinc^?^ said Sir AtsDlMocA;.aodrcoeivw 
ing an answer in the aftnMlive.; ff Take 
then soqi« of your 9«:rows, warap thsw vaud 
with 9^ or tow, fiUed with. thai firey and 
shoot them at these naysteiious. f^MogfOC^ if 
th^y ifill i^t hear ^^ shaU uiake them. £kL^ 

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JkMDMBilgijF) lO'al^iMffledliii'tlMi&'tHy 

die tvcAig agoifiBt tbe irtratige v^ssblir* 9y 
tlMaff Mm figkt it iptras eas^' to pet^ve "^e 
dbm rt fcti w a whidi diey pMhioed. ' StHUe 
MlAOtt tlM dedc^ otbetis Ob the f^giB^. Th« 
very mariners themselTes had i:hetr Aeads 
ooPTcred wMi the fife« The fights fldftered 
asd M^iuiled thMugblneflbipy and at intervals 
eat saw hew two winged dmrts met t<%e<Ai6r, 
aad thdr fifes united ; at last the ^h<^e 
TMsel ipota die deck up to the mast-head was 
enTd<^)ed hi fiames. << Quickly let the txiats 
be- prepand^^ ^ned 8hr Arinhioni, '< and 
kt lis go le their aanstanee. They haVe ei\ 
thrown themseltes into the i^ater, and from 
theooe let erety one be saved. On your 
sools and fives, I ciiarge you let them aH be 
brought saftly &tber P 

Sseommands wetie findifbfiy and rapidly 
dbef^i so that after a short interval die 
Boats returned, bringing with them thd whole 
crew of ihat uhfbrtunate teasel ; and Shr Ann- 

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ximm^b ^^4omr^,^jfB deceive jso^ or. kit 
lo.oiy good coitfjii Ef^femft-tlMiitwe hate dont 
4m wxoDg ?"" ^^ Ay trulj> 7<M]. Wte 4qM 
wo^jtf) bum my €ae. ship^"" aM tl^^ eaptmi 
<< and little did I tbmk tluit I aiMmUhtHf 
you to thank for her destruction.^ . <VWho 
then gave you permission,^ said Sir AmUomi 
<< to venture out <m the sm, before you ^ere 
acquainted with the laws of our watery realm? 
If a small ship is hailed by a laige fleet, it 
must slacken sail, and return a friendly 
answer, otherwise firieods are turned into foes. 
You have learned to^y how little right you 
had to persist in olence.^ << Thereupon me- 
thinks you might have instructed me without 
the use of your fiery arrows,^ answered 
Kolbein; ^^ but since you have said so, and T 
do not forget how roiowned and experienced 

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I^UKtatfl^ if lAiave Mmv&l in a'flMnWikf 
iaibfMbdDg<«id iiiO0«nBteiitiivMi yo«irliiM.7l 
<^4%ito>k no need of apology,"* Sttid-9I# 
UlUbiorBi ^ you have mom learned th(M 
iM ifker iciish nmiAer^ duit yra are not 
IMy tm to foi^ tliett*^ So ^y thciok 
httdiH^'tiie wMe pai<y iMit happtty m 
*|it)iai)n^table togedier. i^c'- 

oa// • , ■ , .' .>/ 

•frroj'.hi,' •; ■ ; •;!» 


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» iMSKiciiC'iiimu 

Hmr 8k Ptto loiTfd in Norw«j. 

It happened on a wann evening in ^ 
month of Majp that Otio had fallen «ikcp 
on deck, and it might be ahready towards 
momii^, when the cool sea-breeae came ovcf 
his face and awoke him. He raised hisB- 
self up, and the light of the full moon, 
which still shcme in the south, revealed 
a range of high rocky cliffs between htm and 
the Idue northern skies. Great forests of 
pine and beech trees waved on the loftj 
summits, and amcmg them ware seen at in- 
tervals the outlines of masrire fortresses and 
watch-towers; while eagles, and other birds 
that nestled among the rocks, came forth, ho- 
vering and screaming around the vessel. Per- 

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ceivi^ att this, the young knight was at ooce 
awed and delighted; taking up his harp^ which 
lay beside him, he sung an address to the 
woods, the £oaming waves, the 'prec^itous 
rocks, and dear moddi^bt.of Norway, be- 
ing wdl aware that be had now aniTed at the 
}daee of his destinatiaa According, Sir 
Arinbioni struck up a few stansas, bidding 
him weloone to his mAve land# wbcse the 
bold chanipionsi the. heaven-insiMred bards, 
with their bamming g<^lets filled with mead« 
and thesr bright gleaming hearths, were wait- 
ii^ tareo^velwi* 

The aea-monarch now stood at the he]«i» 
ifith, his own hand guidiBg bis vessel towacds 
the beloved shore. Already they had drawn 
near to a level ground at the foot cf the 
rodui^ and jurepae^ to east anehcNr, when 
Sir i^wbiorny cased as he was in armour, 
spr^^ig oTerboard a)Q4 awam to land» while^ as 
the rest^ame aiiter.him ia boats, he blew loud 
and joyfiil m^ ^ his huntingJiom, to wsi^ 
cQipfi tb(em, ..and*; tp AnwHince hie ,ana¥aL 

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Aloft, amid the darkness of the beedi forests, 
1^ Bg!ib like stars' lioW tie^sii U^'lMt 
feiffe;^ M these; Sf Otto sooh^ i)4MV^ 
dmie^fir^b^ 'thfe^ nuiaa^ouB i^idows of a lifi^ 
fo^2res^ Af t&e same time he^freturd a jojroQ^' 
attirwta: Vetoed to ^ir'Arinbibm^s salu^on, 
by^^great bloxnng of liortis ftotn tHe high' 
<£fft. ' There was the 'trampling too of horsi?s,^ 
m^ th^ dank of their riders^ armour, as*" 
tliey made their way down the steep rocky 
path from flie castle. Hereupon the sea- 
monardi, with a look of triumph and deK^t, 
said to Sir Otto, " You behold now the vener- 
able mansion of my ancestors i and there you 
flball find, that we have not yet forgotten the 
martial and brave exercises of olden times.*^ 

'Meanwhile their two war-steeds had been 
disembarked, and the squires led them back- 
wards and forwards on the shore, that they 
might recover from the fatigue of their con- 
finement on shipboard. 1 was long ere Sir 
Otto^swild lightlbrown horse could r^ain his 
usual spii^te; he sti^bled and tottered about; 

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ii^ii]e;tlie sea^monarch^B dun ehai^, i^^ 
aqcu^tpined to such voyage exhiMled alt)^. 
aaual agiUty, and ndghed aload^ as if fXfiljU 
ing in hi8 triumph over his fonaer fidyenai}^^ 
The castellan, attended by maisj y^jfu^t^^ 
had come down to the shore^ jreqpei^ully 
greeting their, master and his guestf w^h t^ 
young Sir Kdlbein ; whiles at the same lim^,. 
they welcomed hac^ with less c^emony, th^ 
own equals and bnathren in arms. For ti^, 
latter^ they had faro^^ led horses alcMi|; with, 
them; and m a short ^une a laige party were 
mounted^ and galloped gayly up the steep 
aaqent towards the ca^e. In half an hour, 
they had arrired at the long echoing arch-^ 
way, through which they trotted into a laige 
court, now brightly illumined with torches. 
Here, on one side, was vLnble the wide en- 
trance of a spacious vault, in winch a great fire 
of turf was now llazing ; and from hence a 
tall man, black as a Moor, made his appeaiw ^ 
ance ; and, notwithstanding his strange looks, 
stepped up with kni^tly dignity and assur- 

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m Tam.MikmsiBsm. 

S'lwilatlclr iMk i^iJV9lltout,lieMMiQii# myimg, 
a^rftte ,«ai»e,ti«e^ <( Good m&timt^ Ajftnai^ 
ifair,: iioliloiild^'araiouMral my how maajr 
vK«$pciM Md ouoMite ban •tbou niiilrurt 
vhlle WQ kaye beea.abfltnt. T ^ Ifainnkt I 
h^ve 4ivepftfed dettfa fiir viaay of thjibetr 
etplied Awmmdur, Boddmg hia head wkh an 
air of tfwMantwJ^ << I lia^e bcoMght here a 
fitiend of flune who fcqubts tfdiie aid/* Had 
the 8ea>moaawh» poiadng to SirOtto- ^ The 
award wfakh aaw hangs at hb mde haa been 
bpoken by a blow of my battle^utey and ma- 
tbkakn k omild by means of tl^ art be joined 
legether again^ and made better than ever.** 
^ Ay, ay, if it be worth that hdxmr,** said the 
armourer ; << for doubtless I oouU as eaaly 
make a- new cme« / Lai ma look once at the 
avaed.** Olio drew out aae-haitf; and shaUng 
his bead mcaiin<iiUf» l^.lha othtatfdl from 
^sadbbard. The annouier laoked aa balk 
with irttantiony and thenasid) <^ If the weanv 
haliketoUsswwrdydKa both tof^dnrwill 

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Hmtf- Tn^t iiatO' kaawn dwt.te wha k 
8b' Aafa bi ar tf » 'gu6Bt»' wnd to nAumi, a» Iper- 
oeive^ a battle-axe of my wogkmandi^) htm 
b«cii> iariviBted^ wM^loitMett a bnvre and'no- 
bledm^on. TetbeoaiMeitiBiiotfer every 
one thai I am wXSaa^ to exeraae avy aft» 
nor da I iporic at^aiU but far the bett ^uad 
meet TietorioaaknigbtB ; so, nechinb, I woidd 
wirii to ewMDie «nal of Us doD in the fiM 
plaee." <« Obt that head, Asmandur,'' alii^ 
nrared Sit Aiinbiem, ^ I ean pledge my 
watd that he ehall aSnrd thee ample satisfae- 
tioo. Yet mrdy tbeu ink allow, that he 
abeuhl. fiifat have tane to necover from ^ 
Ittig^ae of hk vogwge od our wild north 
ieaft^ Hke annetirer nodded his head in 
tokeaof.-iasseBl, and was about to retke into 
Us vaulted fadl ^ hut 8ir Otto caUed liioiid, 
^ Wheretee dKMkL I first hsifto tkne tor rest F 
**4«he meir indeed a pitifoV combatant, irfao, by 
mens of. adiort sca^voyage, should lose (bH 
il eemecnthenb: The^momh^ 

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Uf^Ata^ ki BgTit, tBat tlie torches are ncNBcf-^ 
U^ Whosoever is inclined for warGke p«s- 
dkhe,^'let him tuiow that I am reacly to me 
liSih satisfaction.^ ' ' ' ^^ 

' *^ Yet, meihinks, as a stranger, you cannot 
mft he iuxjuuntckl with our mode o^oomhat,^ 
flkid AitnhibnL 

' ^ Wherefore should hot I be so ?^ answer- 
ed Sir Otto; ^^ was it then in vain that my 
father travelled through these foreign lands? 
On the contrary, he well knew all their waor- 
Iflce arts and manners, and carefully mstriicU 
ed'me therein. But what exercise* is thm 
among you with which you suppose that I am 
unacquainted ? Do you mean, perchance, the 
throwing of these long javelins, of which' there 
is a heap lying in that corner?^— So with 
the speed of light he darted from liis horse, 
seized one of the spears, and hurled it m>m 
lum with such force, that it went smgmg 
tl&oiigh the air across the casfle-court, anct 
stikick deep into an old elm-tree at the'opposite 
ditfe. Nbi attending to the astooii^ent 

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^*WH^?^'^*^ Sk Ottp then Mi4,-;y**;)fpi}^ 
must DOtr jud^, me too severely bj.t^ fi|^ 
trial. I ^m^ it is truf^- somewhiit^QUt pf^ 
prai^tioe, and I hare only done t)iis ii^^orif^ 
to convince you that the northern mo^ pt 
qimflict is to me not unknown.^— *So the^ ^ 
the young champions who were there j>cesp^t^ 
looked on Sir Otto as a chosen hero^.and 
vied wid) each other who should haye Ae 
hcmour of meeting him in the lists. Mid-, 
day at last drew on, and the Knight pf 
Trautwangen was never wearied of the 
northern pastimes of throwing the javelin,^ 
of wrestling, or of fighting with the blunt- 
ed broad-8w<Nrd. As little did Asmandur 
seem tired of admiring the jurow^ss of th?, 
v^torious young hero. At length the, 
black-yisaffed armourer himself came forward, 
to tnr hip fortune.*—" I know very y^l^^, 
said he to Sir Otto, .« that ihou wilt be tb^i 
omquaror ; jet^ methinks, it niust be a ple^p 
siue to try the effect of such noble andc}^-^ 
valrotia blows as those which thou hast dealt 

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dxnit.tbiB dmy; and ttumglii'I ^loold vaU- 
uigly pioTe to you m gDodtime tba% 4baff 
all things in the world, I am m skilful swocd^ 
smitb, yet I should. sneamrbile gl^ullf «hew, 
that I can also vidd arms mhm }t is medftil 
to do 80.^-»It happened as Asmandur bad said. 
From Sir Otto's arm he was forced to receive 
many powerful blows, any one of which, had 
the sword been sharp, might have cost him 
his life. At last, however, notwithstandii^ 
the bravery of his defence, his weapon was 
struck out of his hand, and sent away nine 
yards distant across the court. Afterwards, 
in a wrestling-match, though be foiled not to 
do his utmost, yet at last he was ovathiown 
in the sand, and Sir Otto held him by the 
legs and arms motionless.-—*^ Let me go,^ 
said Asmandur, breathless ; and as Sir Otto 
lifted him up, he added,— << Yet, on the 
evening of this very di^ I shall prepare thy 
battle-sword, thou hero I. and at the mid*4lay 
banquet, over the wine>4^ps, we shall sit to- 
gether; for, methinks, thy strength will as 

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Me yidd ta thefiei^ jtdce of the grape, or 
to die h&aang mead uliidi we nbrtbem he- 
roesir^ wont to quaff, as it has done to the 
pDivcrftil champions with whom thou hast 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

-Ill ^^r 

CHAPTEBU^ ,„.... 

Of a diKonne, at nidiii^t, betwixt Sir Otto and the blMfc. 
^iiafiid AxtiMMuaia 

Tiift faanqucH was ww mdai^ mhI -ite vim 
ffopt drained. It was nq^ and SiH)|»» Iwl 
Wd himMlf CM m ootich to ttpOM aftir4WI^ 
t^M <tf ^ day and cf Iva *uiniwttAa»i 
fwfaga. Abcmt taidaigklv howavef^ ht' tiai 
dbtarfaad bj * strange noiat of 

|, wkkh fouaded with Mloir j 
D8 tkroH^ the raulu of the 
t aU Has only Ueoded wMi Ua^ 
I lie rwithiiwri fto dee{H tlioi^ i 

^ as the aqiaes iPwe kept np4 
, ha was tkoroagfafyi 

ifMKngof ahurm and pleaaare, k» 

ooteNd that his bedobaariMr ygmwkMi 

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r^who) itftiusdnd hoard 

^B tmmii aU llie n^dk chamititig aa 
tidsd, Minq^ fordrlio^Uie&kdiioD of 
dR gMil SiifimmJ Wolsuag was broken cm 
tlw batda^fidd fay tbe tpaar of King Odis, 
aad how d u roaft w a wiae magidaa joiooed the 
pHMa an^Mkavy'aa ^llMit ii Might -ba iimhB 
Igri^IlM^^ «ha tetpent^layep, W«ibiii«% 
afll^waM/ M 'tfm lia&ari, 9ir OHxi' IiIhI 
Maig BttuwEUi fiR»'4il 
r'tte'^U flbjgkt^^f TroMftauiigMf 'Mii 
not Msi«i Ua dkme-tf teat 
h^m ''iib$f hfm -of -a NgMwa 
4t vaa aot'^diia boflpi'aaiy alMl 
1 AxM' AMMUMkar y ftr Iw laiat 
tr SMT aafk ibaa analhar ^tikm^ 

i ^iHa* iMMM^atta 

raaa aaf% ft»mt)ina(.#Nii^ 


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of AmtundmiB'mMctf.he^i^ila^ 
j^ff«pMlm amaqptetodigr) fa» Mm Jnrit:of 
tb^-amxNDcry wfaooditf fasdoot dFliaopify 
Amu hift Ithnn, aad, ifiddhg JMnhrttribfti 
teme fotvivd id meet tlw^tnmdKU': jAb 
veoDy bowr^er, as he trecagniiwi .Jir^ Ottto, 
bb 8oe*i€4 <puitt nitiified^. mif \ 
an Ui lips, in tobcti ftfaaC 
Ikttely inquired. ISmi fepooneeiU^iaa fa^ 
inr^ iPithMs emploTiaaent^ '«iid£ur Otto, ob^ 
^Uflit to bis dirtod»ps» i/oAMm^kmdxifBpmitB 
all AD, old rami, witfawtjsayiii^iiword^ • 
• S» tben the jufitiaiiter» os^lia uairtit' Mb 
Unmk^ began again u> mug-; ^aiid'tfia 
inlonly iritb itbt ttmkea of .ih^. 
ly btit'intb4heiglanM»jda8daidijSi^p«^ 
n4 flignrd. At «vecy fin>orvlJ, dmreiM, 
^■ikEB be plaeed tbaiiionii^tha fiff^be oUaiqad 
bit iRi«io««ndiiang otfier imsd% aittntgfoiclli 
b0w^4faBlfiette^HllgBr b^ daib JhiftroMimff^ 
irko wa9 JO bwantfal nd iJfetaklnatei; land 
frajriogtbat thfitdiaiDi^y wbl^ waa lamaUi 

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dni0votd*op;iiliiobihtorllii)t'^]al»ii^ nifjkt 
ittvcti <faBb«fe- filbr7«udt)iiiamifsr« T^^ he 

4iuie<of3Siigik«^ iwhSfhiBanaoLiitvar- 

^biema^HMki-msB eoML At iflaglkhetnok 

|iipcti% laifl k aade to oool^ aod^ for * tte 
fink tune, ipob with Sir Otto. ^ U-jma 
hilTe ftUgitt to cnHBMttiiniicate or to ask,^ nid 
be^ .^.now yoamaj flpeak fire^, iwiUmit 
4nrfif coMefseioes for younelfor fir.your 
swonL'' ^^ I 4id not oome hithorlbr theoafe 
af tattiB^'' answered &r Ottoy << biitoaiy to 
Sftai ^ . fi>]f oU ballads, and ftories an the 'vtfy 
dd^ofmylife. With tbedaediof fiiig. 
awawi ydufletta to be at an end; and to-sqr 
the Iraiht I kaow .then fer the moit part 
idfpadjr* ISf homwety yon wMild meMwt 
mm moie fiutjffwhffly m* to that euny of the 
gkcat Hogat^ I akould be jinaeBdy ihaokfaL^ 
^ 'That dbaU be done i%ht willii^^'' Mid 
r9 <«batiiitl<faallbringahamcf 

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9^ for ijwu I sli^U ipro^^a gobkt^af-wme.'^ 

8^^ of dii|br%Aiid'tbe two *c{)a«ipi0i^ xoq^ 
tb^ir jdaces^a tbeir iron taU«^ rig^tcfridiAlj^, 
ajcul w)ell coBtcnted wUb wti other,.* ^They^ 
after Asmandur hegaa Us navmcion ^ fc^r 
Iqvs:— ^ ,. . , 

. ** About forty yeaes ago tbere live4 «>< 
diis land a knigbt who was named Huguic 
He was die handsomest and stoutest of ail 
men in the world; and, as be bad onne hither 
as^a stranger, tbere were not wanting pec^e 
wpip maintained that he wasont of the atioent 
Tff^ of Odin, who, by some stninge micad^ 
Of: eucbantment^ bad been sent faitber. ffcipci 
t^. magnificent ]|md» wbeiein is situated .tb« 
divine palace of Valhalla, which ff^ umv 
niortals bi^ve ia ▼^ tried to. discwer. //Aa to 
wbfMt.tmtb fbeie m/^ ho in tb^s^ rwi^ow^ 
I kn^]^ ^fjiL J have b^en bapti«edt«odTfaaye 
booome a.g9od Christian; yet 8till>'W^ I 

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is #AftaM ^%«at^ imAaAi 'Thd^ m 

UMiavaa of ibliddiDSbil! W^intl ^liiA^'tB 
p^ tbdt Htigur V<>^^^ Mcnsdf td be' tuy 
mdif'^ctcn^uft etmmj^od hi ^'196tway; £n^ 
oiflSr fexriepted. ' l^ueh^ however, as oxit 
people admired and loved Hugur, th^ de- 
feated his rival; for ttie latter never 3qppear-. 
efl ^fiihtri.ifiibovtt proving a forei^nii^ 
dp n&fertane. Although he rendered theiif 
nStibb afsiittance in his power, and e8j|)ecialiy 
Wsttr^MkA to inlfict vehgeance on any one 
agaiittt wbottk he had harbonred rc^kmtment, 
yH'waA deeds could by no means compensated 
fir that^ddHii^ terrtvr and apprehension, which . 
M» cMOJng never fidled to excite hi the heairts 
of numkhid.^ 

•* Was ijns not the frig^tfbl man vrith 
vnlttltt^s wbg^ On his hdofret P said dO* Otto. 

« L6 tberef j6a knbw ytmr way among us 
Aettiyy" shod Asmandur. ' "* Well, Arin. 

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Mont fafts ^o-dttuht ^¥w *you laiwAi^ 
for he i$ himself « desoendaot of tlmiiiJlttW' 
tix^%hegor Otlo^^i!ie«riiikteed4M<€yei 
wildly Oft a dayk eonier*^ lIsteiMHttlW i^tflM^ 
tfabugfat tti«t «^ iiq^edMl 'ttm^iMh dM ^' 
tkatfW^rmga wdwHl ^booie^for* *ga« *^ 
« Now,'^ contteiicd AainMUlMV ^ihttiWi* 
«( that time a certam Jai4 in TA6temfi ^ 
had aliEiost 4ie poirei^aiidrth# iiih0&''tfHi 
great kji^, and tbb-Jarirliad inolMlitfit 
dmgbtei% Ttry Dke to tme asDChct^ isf'^lK)*' 
the (4dfa» f^naoied ABrtd/andiig ^ ti uii^ 
HMiiidur. AatriawaslikMMsNilhirjpi)^ 
ittaideiie» cbeeiiM^ irelUMiiBMd» guo<lhiirt<ir 
flodK^moed iaAe^aode^rfter liaji l* ^ 
HUifiriJbir, on the tytbei? haad^ wai g^twl l f 
gMd add virtuous; but her «tai» Mad iortto* 
rftwft, that she had aa ialMMbh'^imgali 
alter the ooeuk sciences of magie moAma^ 
ijianey i ^ #Uc(h accoant,- ahe ivarar* en^ 
^^nMB taftea umdev tfw oiM of hasi 

airay'utt^^he ^d Mgiotia ^ IttlaiiA, i 

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aoynieiioiifr Jai%ht)>i«uh ^ golden v^tni«r» 
«llg«f>«Ul^ M.the damid wa^ aceedimly 
ilN|!,bMwl b^tlat <Hrii»wi<pitj wJuck^he mom 
^iibJifliid, as^weUvM by.Ua ohanustepr «^ 
ihtinpsutiU/theteaTe Sis Hiigor mKteeAai 

teHkeMrt^^ddUif. . The ftem ATengei^ with 
IwatfegrfiilihQadipipcft, parted from herwidM* 
qitt nngfmn^iatf. 19 ttuth, whateyer mii^ bt 
bditwa^uto Jihe .«09tiM;v he wa* gaod-ttmr 
pmyii, iiad mi^tdeHwwped/in reaentfiig thf 
t«f ^Aaaft'.ratfatr than hia own. 
at lha>f«ft^al 4C liiab beimthiMn^ 
)v«ltaneV<iciqgl >weiiai't^'lt|fW'gc9^4mrf 
►iMhlMaAe baofw^diilL He wmld 
pflduwM hMe|^d^ iiMd^^viqF^ ^ut aaDtk^ 
OBl MMlr ^thitM inisflAoe* hy whkh her y^m 
lf4owiffe«v4D ^Ncdeit. towam ibma^ 

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iqf^roachiag misfortune. He mf/cio^mi i^j^ 
ooindingly, and the bride |p«w deiiUT ih|^ 
wlule Sir fitugmr recqred him, iM)0(Nrdp|^||i^ 
ks ranlcy with grayepofiten^ It mim|# 
pisuss, that in the middle of that nj^|^ tj^fff 
castle was strudfii and set on fire^ \kj i^^bxaf^ 
Jiexfaok ; but, at die risk of his . o^n^ J|^ 
the mystdioos kaignt reaeuad the hiii^ fpf^ 
hiidegroom. Eveiy one ebe in tte aiMlj^ 
haa fallen adeep, and was rendered |^ ^ 
fire~ and thick smoke insenald^ iiis t i yH 
of being ron^* Strange lo t^ the ^/^jf^ 
Sir fiugur, though fuUy i^DOacinus of ^t|^ 
danger whk^ he had escaped^ ec ppc|y ci^ i|' 
hatred agamst his deliverer, oad tequeste^ 
diat he would never more appear m hia pise-. 
sence. < Rest assured,* answared tiie koilfhl 
of the vulture^s wings, ^ I shall Bemr. inore 
come before you, unless by your own mia^ 
fortunes T am hpougfat to yote for your pRK. 
tecdon.* It haf^iened, aoooifdin|^yf that Hn-^ 
giir was exposed to many disttepsas, and 
whether his own life were thraatanad, or that 

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eautifhl wife^ or gf a Boa .who was 
tliehi in the first year aft^r their 
j^, or were* it but a aobk war-ate^ 
tM Was in danger^ or the fmit of the harvcjstr 
Held, the frightful koigbt never fiuled ^o make 
Ms appearance before-hand in the cattle. 
^t notwith Stan ding the assistance which hf 
Aflarded, both Astrid and Hugur bebeved 
diit he 'bad caused all these misfortuiies^ 
«ily ihil he might take merit to him^lf for 
^wmiig flgamst their c^nsciiuences. At length 
«Kan c^e to such a pass, that Sir Hugur 
^n, itt the presence of the knight wit)i tb/^ 
Ph^iinet, that if he ever dared to come 
[ Under the roof of his castle, he would, 
wKiM&,^fall u[)on him, and strike him ^ea^ 
^i^ji^^* battle-axe. The Avei^er then 

nis shoulders, and went away difr- 
<tfflA^ ilnd mournful. ^ 

'^'''Itlfl^penei riot long after^ards^ that the 
UnkMtf^^t'nd, aB she was often wont, to do, 
/wg«j|fie^fimh alone into t)i&^ neighbouring 
^"wfts.'^^ttie nad a 'hgnt' glit^ring'ji^velin in 

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loe ¥fic vAdit Him. 

her hand^ though she ^^urriMf it mbre m/m 
toy, and in q)ort, than ^ntfa dk; iiitoJtr' of 
ainui^ k at any liyiiig creature, fiilr ahefSi^n 
no huntress. There it so befSd, tittt; ito « 
spot where the trees were tnKtted into dttUtt 
thicketSf she found the mysterious' knigllt 
asleep, and his frightful helmet lying be« 
side him on the grass. She was mtieb ter- 
riiSed, and yet could not help standby ^^ 
and gazii^ upon him. So almost erery ofie 
has felt, at one time or another,* whto fae 
has met with some hideous object At hst 
she bethought herself, whether there might 
not be some wicked spell locked Bp in th^it 
kead-pieoe, which would be from ben^dWtfi 
broken and dissolved, if it were oo kmger 
in the possession of its present owteer. 
The thought was no sooner formed, likta 
it was put into execution ; for tU^ 'Mr 
Astrid had no good opinion of the str^ger, 
and, by depriving him of his armoiir, ^ wte 
glad to think that she would render him 
more exposed to the blows of his enemies. 

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As. it^.itfSiifgA^^jv^^ thiau|li the 

4hiQ)9^ ^ belq^t ajipesred to hcpr so bur* 
riUe^rlMi if i^r^ toluM it at as great 
a .itiHtenoft m pqflfnUe fraoi her eyes,^ aha 
l^aqed h.<m her javelin, and carried it wer 
her alMmlder. 

^ Tfan the stev Sir Hugur came riding 
Ibfopi^^^he foreat^ and, as he saw at a dis* 
tancf^lbe golden TuHuoe^s wings through the 
|p|i^ga» i^ie cquld not but belierre that his old 
epqayi ipas there lurking for him in ambuss 
cpda * So he took a javdini and hurled it with 
l|tL,bis JGoroe at his sopiXMed adrersary. He 
?ms,toa goodajuarksman to fidl in hitting his 
ptfMt^aadthe spear went right into the heart 
of his bdored and beautiful Astrid. Before 
abe ified^ she wept bitterly ; for she was un* 
w:Blii^ to leaTe this world, wherein she had 
yet 89'niany jdeasiires ; and Hugur, when be 
djBlpayered.hia mistafce, almost (fied of grief 
and gepentanee. The last words that they 
inlecchanged together are yet fpresenred in 
an.old ballad.; for it is said, that, aooordingto 

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gpl4^ helmet. Sir.H«ig^r cKm4]ri«fl«cM 
lpiiis^ithrf(wat!Hi9kB0?4 -mdrMktjl^^m^ .m iC 
tbff |iv6ii0BeV woaled p9iiei» kn&.now/qiBiB 
ljfHyiiJ|R«.liini. ; A&«r.a jbitt ctmiMi, -tab 
h#i94 ji?9^/ ahoDst defi aiviid^ 'Md.tltt bt 
dm^ at Aei^ of bis «dv««r]^' fii&Ifaigitf 
1^ .fook die fak mmtm^ of twbeavtifiil 
iqfe ip;)iia atuiff, «ai}d the oorpae of thetknigbt. 
opJlMa^ibouldera, and ia tfais MMuteer* p i^m 1 
efj^thiquftlf at tbf^^saalle oC'fai»£ltfaBMndaai» 
liliere he became' his ow& aoctiifr^'Uttid- m^ 
4)ltfldi^that^ bift life ahcmld be lukas'teaB 
atwemefitfor the deodi of AiAiid. Tbe cM 
J#d, ihoweyeti hamig ^dbseovwred. bowt dM 
lyyigQCtuae had cobms toi paai, f m iiiiiiiiiild fcii 
^fipflfm all |[tti|ft4.o^Jie MetpmAxdJBiK 
H^guv^tbajt he idKxild Mtar^ntot « >0oiean 
^ngagBPeiit 4o aSnrd his: aainMacd f m^ tiwr 

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lii&ll»x»itoMMm^ id W4 biff 

]iii«W^nyba»MiaMMi<tt^ifl Jiatifiyr ^h& 
4utii .Mi'itbe liMtoeAeflt vAkh * he 'rdii£^^ 
tbi nUitMholy 'fine of Ab^M. ' Mbi^ecMff^ 
Hqptf^n^bnly «oD was lliere pre^tot; 'tf^ 
fuliiM cbnted ivtiM he sim th& sp^at ffljfi^ 
iiriiii:4iiK)Clte^4 Mtfdd^ that th^'kn^ht totild 
frevvU M liM boy to eG^oe' fMtf ^%M 
KILiodihkf the child waft left und^'tl^ 
^iof higignyidfailh^. ^ ^^ '^ 

ui^c^iriMMltert fit is said that SBi' 1A!k^ 
wte l^^thistitile' in Italy,) the old Jitff'^t 
him the jai^dm, ooitauaidi^ that he^Uioitfil 
iBBil^ dial s iy iqprir Itf Frandfe*, t^the^tfristlteW 
efrMtae'Ntirtmiii Memk a&d <x^ii€f)udiMi2^ Oij 
dw oecMM'SIr HugUr «md TaHBfulIf ^^«iti 
illed his d««y.< Fmm Normimd;f'ahi^1B8 

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fiMlW4»J|lW SMftr JlW) filrth '«|^ 
•ge)t.«Dd'>«ft^ be 'had ^tto perfinMl Ulf 

kMyB»»wbidi bud w htmtA\ fAi^m 
die l)Q8uliftd£blduiditt^ . wb<> WM3 Bf^ 
ing t^ return lo h^ lilbnr^ft eaalk in^NoBiHiiTv 
Thfy met ^ige4l>^ in «.bay DQi £inr Inm, Uie 
Iwd; md aB.b0 p^rnfiieed 119I; only tiwt she 
beve « imembbuMe^to b» b^o^^ A^WA^ but 
tbair sbe w«p yet fiMr more b(Nuitiful than, the 
wife wb<m bet bed lost, be deteranbied to.kaep 
her in his power by fim^e or bystirafcu^^mt^w^U 
knowi^ tbiit bie,father*iti-liiw would n^m 
eovis^ to their untoiu Aa Six .HUdkidw^ 
she knew not aught of what had ooioe to ffm 
durii^ her absence from NcNrway, and the 
Icelanders were equally ignonoit ; so that half 
in terror at his superior strenglhy (as it would 
have been easy for his crew to have taken all 
the IceUuiders captive,) and half won by his 
knightly grace and digni^, she gave herself 
up to him ; and a Christian priest, who bap- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

rmHiUAOM^tnm: iii 

plMd to be present) pronoimeed 6imt ikmak 
Ibe ehwdi^i faleMiog. At the Mine tnne be 
exacted ftetti her n rem^ tbat aft long t» they 
fiv^ tdgedi(^9 she should never more practise 
berBU^ spells and' beantadons. It n^bt 
be thsit be entertained a natural honor of 
dieee oipts^ or that he was afiraid, kst, by 
m^tuos tit them, she m^bt discover die fate of 
her yoKinger sister. The Icdanders So mhom 
be gi^t presents, and who were left aiS Kberiy 
lo go ivbitber they pleased^ rdated in Mor- 
way aU tbal had ocoorred ; bat this vw of 
fictle e on a o ^iwice, for they found that tbe old 
Jari wasr toov dead; tfid since that tinn^ no 
ddbigB have ever been beard of the stem Sit 
Hugur and the beautifttl HUdiridur.^ 

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. - * 

I 'I. 
^ How Sir Otto rode down the steep rocky d& 

Sbt' O^to kept bis eyes for a long time fixed 
CHi'the' ground, for he was lost in deep thougbti. 
'tKi song which Astrid and Hugur had 91% 
at *her death (for this too the armourer bad 
repeated) had agitated his inmost heart ^. 
he biegan to raise himself from this meby^ 
cfioly trance^ and was about to ask how Sa^ 
Ariiibiorii came to be related to the mysten- 
ous' knight with the vulture^s wings^ he beai^ 
in the castle-court the stamping of p^I\ 
horses, and his own name cidled out loudhr^ 
aid impatiently. " They hare not femnft 
you iti your own chamber,^ said the armourer ; ^ 
" ahd know not whither you have goioe-j 
There, take your sword, and let us go fortb** 4 

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The weapon ahooe bright and apodets in the 
handa of Sir Otto; and his own eyes too 
gleamed with joy as he came f(Hrth with the^ court, which 
was ahready bright with the ruddy gleams of the 
BMMrning. The sea-monarch came qhjpea^fully 
to meet him, and wished him joy, that he 
had now a weapon from the hand of the skil- 
ful and far-fam^ Astnandur, Otto tbaak- 
fully gave him back his battle-axe ; whereupon 
Sir Ariubiorn commanded the block and sil* 
?€r mail to be brought^ and busied himself 
in buckling on Ids young friend's armour. 
*' Mark you that troop of horsemeti ?" said 
he, pomiing to the opposite side of the court, 
where a band of Norman soldiers were mounts 
ed on light-brown chargers, which stamped and 
foamed with impatience to go forth, '^ If , 
my will is here to be followed* jou shall lead 
these men into Sweden, to make war against 
the Pagans in Finland, while I shall again 
betake myself with my ships to the sea, and 
keep watch on our enemies^ coast, till I have 

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114 THE MAGIC Rnra. 

fbund means of landing advantageoiidy, and 
attftddog them hj surprise Are you^contenl 
with tbis pnqpoaal P ^ Whtr^are aboilU I 
not be 80?^ answered Kr Otio; <* ShaH we 
not -set out dus "very morning^ ^ Itnmei 
dkfb^^'^ answered tbe netMsidnarch t '^^bul 
tUsreis yet on^qaestioll to he answteDedL Wke 
saUiem whom y<m are^ to oonmand ^noOUL 
wSo^y see one proof wbmc of diait tialoar 
and;<teliTit^ fior which you are so esteemed « 
for, io soy the truth, Aey hare doubli wha^ 
their jTour war-steed* jdbj be wodby of his 
master. Therefore, may it please you So tiy 
a' race wiA that soldier there, whose li|^ 
browft horse seems to he about a maXth Seop 
yours in height, ccdour, and qrmmetry^? 
<' Af oitt wffimgly,'' r^fied Sr Ottd« ^ I. 
oottid not- wish for any better amusement f^^ 
Sorb^Kig now £i]ty flirmed, he started^away to 
thene^hbouxixq; stables, saddled mid Ui^Hadf 
his oiwn fovourise steed, who was now qmte 
noe^ered ftom* the ^ects of- the ssii voyage, 
and made- his appearance at; 'A^ lofty portal 

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ii|Fi£4Mctd64mvty>;iiHlil^ftt^diarpp^^ «f 
tfanikadcr iBl oke^lttni ^f hoiTteinn joined 
iiui Itiai Jtb^Mit e&vikatiM. Witb o^loivtlyi aad 
cwttteAHnAo#f oneiJof .<diatt» etm^tormoBdi 
aMokn^gsA to »kiiow rwhelhett' it w» dto 
kMiM'^ Jj^kuMire. iihtt ttey-Bhould tlwi ODttw 
mmmo'Jikmr tnat. ^ Letd tte to Ae |iia|to 
gfoHno^V aiiBiraMd'SIr Otto ; aod the Nau 
BHi^gindH^; iu8 hanoftftir.ttep»tooiie siA^ 
■Dd^^^^tMVhor'CourBO.ig.aow vigfat befino'Hi^ 
nriUb «m^. ' At 4faftt 4aoiiiniM he Inul *t^^ 
faiBtatt4«ppoibe'to a^ steeps deelmty' of ^tbv 
moutHBv 'brobeB indeed by iwerinted ftB^ 
nkaats ^rodk, itMfth ^pmtdy ibsoupm Aight^ 
fd tiiggedfiiiiaaBefl^Biid peitfy<ipi«ad'i^^ is 
y«t ooee *dieigrfffms' >eBeeodttieiet tnogfing 
i^faegnte tUff.. ^ That is to be oui} 
eaid ^the Nonmi^ in a tnoqial 
aod'fieendijr tonet ^ AnoDgue Mitlwm 
seUisre, lees ie thought' ofi the tni^ whe. 

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116 THE MiifiiC lUQNA; 

tber one iMNTBe can ride more «vttUy tlmti ftiM^i' 
tber, than (tf the q«ettionv fi4»etfaer hetilii find 
his wi^ prttdenlly mA safely on dHufc^uttequdT* 
rocky ground ?"" << Very well^ ladi rdfdy ^ 
join you,^ answered Sir Otto ; ^Kiti^li^it mistt 
llip<<ywned, wken he looked down Aeprtd^ 
pioe, Us bnttiiibicatte ooiifased^ a^ Ua^tytB 
dxmA&d. Yet ka took. ootUMH^, bmm e^>e^ 
ciaUf as he p sros i v e d that his lighf4llfMM 
staed* seemed jusi as- wilHiig to encMMer the- 
dasaent as Aat of his adversary t Aift wSOt 
like> inqpatitMe ftattied oi the nKHitfii and 
gMWed jdie bridle whidk tesMiMA' Mte. 
<^ Let die tnifli|ietafalowthe mffbai^fytTbaA' 
pttfuged/' aaid Sir Oltiytoiho sea^moriidthy 
who stood fashiBd him; wfailathewhrfie triM]|i 
o£ condry had Ibimed ti hsttdenrde^ wataUi^ 
what would he the resiril of this advwtlite. 

Acootdingiy, the waif^hacM >irte^ wttndedy 
tha:oomiNitaite ga^ the refais 1K» ifteir ^ste^ 
aiid alnick the qpansdeef^ into'lbeir sid6ii 
atthesaaMiliaie leaning boekward^ bo^ for 
thttr ovns safety^ and that they might vender 

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raZ MAGIC RING. 117 

tbe drtoept mote easy to their horses. Sh* 
0$t» found bis eyes dazzled,— -there was a 
r^tHmgrMi^ni in his ears,— the wind whistled* 
tfarou^ t)ie long waving plumes of hi& bead* 
t^0G^ vlt aeeoaded to him as if, instead 'ofran-^i 
ningr^a moe^ be would soon iail heaifeng- 
thffHifl^ tji^^ait ; aid moie iban onoe he wm 
OQrfh^ poinl of drawing thereits;; but, beAccti; 
i|^ tbli^lf be ^d 80) bb adv<ersar7< pvbabfy 
n^gfa^^aiii tb« victcny^ be used Ihe^f^ri^in^ 
^p^^j tf the bridle^ and the li^t^brewn steeth 
%f[ likf a supernatural b^g o¥^ the rocky 
cUi^a^dfili^pery declivities. At length thejr. 
h(f^ pmived Bft&ly^ and ttationed them^l^^es 
<lVf#lb^ i^ ^ va}ley beaeatbf wh^ Sit Otlo^ 
r^f4,T^W still heard <daabi^ and rattlkig' 
ttifOHj^.^^,llvwaket8«b(Hr«:tbenl4 fA^^ a^ 
he ^^t.miYed ^l^o ^ th^ .fAab^ ^is horse,' 
n^tj B> N »^Mif^ ^ Ih^ mdtovotirs that tbe 
ri^lpa4ej^pi|ev,eiAhiiii, xodied«0vii8t dhaH* 
of ^: Plt^lind * both Ste^. diofmljr engaged^ 
in n fiiri0us»ccHiibat« In a lew nonuiCB? howai 
ever* thM of the Norwegian' kai^ wai^ 

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tevody.'woitadad. The scddier jlacov^^oddufli^ 
id£ m a^^^hort tine ;.but ^ Ott%|>f»nw»hg 
tfiftt be -vu mock Irart^iiaadialiivVM^ 
fkaae jaa, mamt my hotst^ aiidinie4diB^ 
todwcastk. "^SvKnigKTsttditbs^Nclu 
tauk^ lihrinkJng.'backy ^^ nHiat irould^yaip^Jwt 
me do ?i^I lam.iiow wtU ooBviDoedjcbal yeor 
charger is of the i^bt blood, and is joHn 
a£ the noUest^ as* well as niogt fwiiinTik, 
steeds that ever spnqig fion'the Nsi ^napsii 
race. But without iioubt he would ii«aiid »e 
in pieces if I ventured to comeneor hiM ; )£ol 
after a battle such aa animal could nM be 
tamed even by his ow& master.^-^^^ Tfaat-de* 
pends,'' said the Knight of Trautfwngetti 
<^ on the question^ whether Jm master, bd 
right valiant and powerful. Tmsl to mjr 
promise, and motmt him without i^pcehen- 
non!— -Kuhig du BurschT added he, at 
the same time dismotmting; and on bear- 
ing these words, his horse, as usual, ^ood 
motionless. Sir Otto assisted the wounded 

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fadgbt into tlie «add]e^ and then led the way 
on 'ftot; while hie Ught-brown favoarite 
fiiUowed Jijai Kke^a eiunpter-borse, slowly 
mod oarelully dimbii^ over the rocks. On 
Aeir ffetnrn to the ciastle the whole troop 
of honemea flalated them with the greatest 
leqieely and the oldest among diem affirmed 
that flat Otto was indeed a leader to whom 
Ihey had.yet never beheld any equal. 

Tftenafter, without dtsmounting, they all 
diaiik hisliealth in a cup of mead^ which was the squires, and passed roural 
JEnm maSk Tto man. Then, in a shcxrt ^ace, 
9Br Otto* was seen ai the head of his troops 
duparting taj^ly through the pkins beoifiKdi 
thft4oast)a^ and the white sails of Sir Jlriftt 
hfom were onfuvled, and gleaifung on* the 
t^ waters. 

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nu MAGtcwam. 


How Sir Otto dented tlie Pi^uw in FinUad. 

TuEouoH many a forest, and over many a 
mountain and desolate heath, had Sir Otto 
now travelled, till at length be arrived at 
the SwecKsh frontier^ and found that the 
army which was to attack the Finland idola- 
ters had already crossed the heights which 
formed the boundary, and that on the very 
next day there was to be a decisive batUe. 
Sir^Otto^s troop> who w^re always urging 
their way forward with impatience, had many 
times beai warned to be on their guard, lest a 
party of the enemy might form an ambus- 
cade, and attack them when they least expect, 
ed any danger. The knight and his Norman 

heroes, however, only laughed at such ad- 


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vkoy and anftwcred,-^^^ Nay, nay ; let them 
be on th^ guard against us. If they are 
wise, th^ will not throw themsdves so readily 

It happened one day, that a few men, who 
had been sent forward in order to explore the 
country, returned in great haste, and inform- 
ed Sir Otto, that a powerful troop of horse, 
much more numerous than that which he com- 
manded, was in advance to meet him. Ac- 
cording to their armour and accoutrements, 
they were not Finlanders, but noble Swedes ; 
so that it seemed possible the battle lAight 
have been unfortunate, and this might be a 
part of the Christian army now retreating. 
At these words the brow of every brave 
Norman was furrowed with disappointment 
and apprehension; but Sir Otto, having 
quickly resolved what it was best for him to 
do, left the command of the troop to the 
same youth who had rode the race with him. 
at Sir Arinbiom'^s castle, and went forwards 
alone. He directed that his troop should 


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for the pm^t halt, mnr adtaace ftither 
until he gave the signal by a poweffalUtf^ 
from a war^horn, whidi he always cairiad 
with him, and which had been the g^ of the 
aea^monarch. Some of his kni^ts eutiested 
that he, as their commander, would not thas 
expose himself cm the first i^jRtiach of danger ; 
to which he answered kincUiy, but rcsolute^i 
^^ The great. Sigurd, of whom you have «) 
many favourite ballads, always rode outakoe 
when be widied to learn the position of the 
enemy. Let me for once imitate him." With 
these words he . set spurs to his horse, sad 
trotted along through some lowJying thi^c^ 
aft^r which he made his way to the top of as 
eminence, from whence he could have a goad 
view of the surrounding country. 

Halting at this place, he perceived aH 
only one troop of horse, as it had been ^ 
scribed to him, but three powerful bands, viio 
were now drawing together, thoug;h wlwdKr 
they iqppxoadied him as friends or foesW 
was yet ignorant. That they were bold tai 

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experieaoed warriorsihe could haye no doubt ; 
for their moinrmeiita w^m pred^e, and tkeir 
aceoutrements splendid; and for the same 
reason he wa& convinoed that they, were not 
Finlaod^rs, but Christian; Swedes. W^ife 
he was feflecting' on this he peacceived odmiag 
up the bill, towards him a powerful roan 
horse, bearing a knight of tall slender figure 
with a heavy ^rattling harness, and a great 
pkime of black hone4iair <m his helmet, 
whicb waved wildly in the wind. ^^ Who is 
there S^'cried the stranger^ at the same time 
throwing back his visor, and revealing a fior 
youthftil countenance and handsome fea- 
tures. ^^ A Norman,"^ answered 1^ Otto, 
^ and a friend 'to the Swedish cause.*^ ^^ One 
more question,^ sud the stranger. ^ Art 
thou fmr Odin, or for Christ?'' << Fycm^the 
^nful question r answered Sir Otta << Is 
not Nor^y* converted, and do' you believe 
that we are aposlatesifrom Uie true fi6th?'' 
Hereupon the Swedish kmgh^ raised his 
javdin, and poised it in hbhandi '^* Beware 

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1&4 TBGC HA6IC tJ3KG. 

then,^ cried be ; << for know that we are tbe 
•Btm adherents of the great Odin, and sup- 
porters of tbe ancient faith and custooisof 
our forefathers ; and, therefore, there is not a 
aoan in your squadron who shall find his way 
to the Christian army.^ << Now then it is 
my turn to bid thee beware, thou pagan T 
answered Sir Otto, lifting his q>ear, and both 
young knights havkig closed their Tisors, 
rode their horses round and round, each 
watching his opportunity for an attacL 
Accordingly it was not long ere Sir Otto 
perceived his adversary's arm upraised, and 
-in the same moment the heavy javelin came 
Uiundering on his head, so that he tottered 
and shook from the violence of the blow, and 
could scarcely bear the lively motion of his 
•light^brown steed. But the eagle's visor had 
been proof against the javelin ; and thehorse^s 
nqpid movements rendered it impossible £ot 
"the Swede to reach Sir Otto with his sword, 
until siKsh time as the knight hadbeeq able to 
regam has place finnfy in the sadd](e, and to 

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poise hk spear, which he hurled with wigk 
fury at hk adversary, thaft it w^it xesistr 
lesrfy through his helmet; and when Sir 
Otto rode up, intending to attack him,- a}so 
swcnrd in hand, he found that this was neecU 
less; tor the Swedish kmgfat fell in a nKonont 
powerless on the earth, and his roan horse, 
wildly affrighted, broke away,and ran throi^ 
the thickets into the yalley. The eonqueser 
went up mournfully to his fidlen foe, and 
kokad with deep sorrow on his coimtenaace, 
ahpeady pale and fixed in death, for the apear 
had struck deep into his forehead. 

Suddenly, however, there was heard a 
great rustling and rattling from the thickets 
on all sides, and five or six comrades of the 
fidlen Swede now broke forth with drawn 
swords, and shouts of wrath, to revei^ his 
death ; so that the young knight had indeed 
suffident opportunity to try the temper of the 
Made which Asmandur had made for him. 
Nor<fid it fail toroidar him good service; 
light and left his. assaikinta were thrown 

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fiUMtiM^on the grouttd, till at length time 
WBB alk^wed him to Mow a poweiful sanu 
niMs on Sir AriaMorn^B baltle^horn» and in 
a fewnkiiitea his Nonmrn aqaadfon came 
giAoph^ up 'Ihe MB to hid asmtimce. 
Then thcf esferay aiwtijti ktoreaMdin'mmber ; 
bttt only one naivow path was left -for their 
ispptoadi ; and ^en^ those ' irha now gained 
the lop of Ae hill perceived that their leader 
as wdl as many of their nobleBt ccanrades 
had'abMdyj IMen^ they were panicudtnidc^ 
and iady forcti^ beck feristles^ in th«r re^ 
treat those who wave -eonmgt to thotiraaast- 
ance. ~ Ere the skinmrii ended the gromid 
was inde«l ^covered with llie* dead and 
wounded, though Sir Ovt6 on his mde had 
not lost' 'even a single man. He took pos* 
session: <tf their horses and -weapons, and with 
these tn^ies came up on the same evening 
with the Christian fbroes. 

The AamU* of joy with wfakh he was re- 
osfved) wlKn the Clmstiaas pereeived amoi^ 
other booty the wdU-known aooontii^Bentft 

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TBK^UMxmsq. 187 

of the pagan, who had first bMn slain by Sir 

Otto^ made him ftiUy aiwareof the ina^xurtaat 

aerrioe which he had the» lendefed Hb 

victim in that single combat had indasd 

bem the tenor of efery Christiaii soldier ; 

and now, when his bloodstained cuirass aad 

fandoeaheliBet were borne in triumph through 

the camp, eneiy heart was encouraged by the 

sight, and all looked with 1h^ and coiifi. 

dance to the next eiqp^ement. The conw 

manderoCtheanay, who was a ponoe of the 

Swe<£sh royal blood, a. man already in years^ 

gitye and expeiienced, came out to welcome 

ibe yoang Norman leader, thanl^ Inm with 

dignified kindness, and led him into his 

tent There he inquired mto sdl the events 

of fa&s long mardi, and whether he could give 

him any news of Sir Arinbicmk After Sir 

Ouo had answered all his questions, and 

especiaHy had explained the* saaHinonaidi's 

dengivfiei saflmg round the 9inknd coast, the 

prinoe took Um kindly by Ae hand, and 

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said,-— ^' Heaven has indeed opportunelj sent 
one of the best and bravest of ChrisUan 
knights to our assistance. Your streogth 
and courage are already proved by your vie- 
toiy over the pagan leader; and from yoox 
wise discourse, I am no less convinced of 
your skill and decision in counsel. I diall 
therefore not conceal from you, noble 8ir» 
that I intend to-morrow momii:^ to make a 
decisive attack oa these pagan hordes. In 
that e^agement, your squadron, if it so 
please jrou, shall ride on the left wing of my 
army ; but, as for yourself, you shall re* 
n)ain with me in the centre, until I shall 
have pointed out to you the exact time 
and place when you can gallop off, and lead 
your tnx^ roimd agiunst the right wii^ of 
the aiemy, so as to attack them in the flank 
and rear. Such a champion as you are I 
have often wished to secure for exi^oits like 
these. God be with you, and may you sleqi 
soundly this night, that- you may come to me 

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hi Ae morning wkh a dear head and vigor* 
OU8 limbs ; for our contest will be long and 

Thereafter Sir Otto, with his heart heaving 
fai^ within him, from anticipation of the 
honours which might next morning be won, 
retired through the passes of the camp to. 
wards his own soldiers. On the way he 
heard an old Swedish horseman say to hb 
comrade,— <' To-morrow we shall doubtless 
hare a decisive battle.** " Wherefore do you 
think so?** said the other. " Why,** an* 
swered the veteran, *^ do you not observe 
the vultures and ravens, which fly in great 
munbers over the plain before us ? Such 
gentry well know what they are about ; and, 
moreover, there are eagles among them, which 
doubtless come ia expectation of a royal ban* 
quetoa the blood-stained heath.^ Otto passed 
on, deeply meditating on these words; and 
would, indeed, have watched through the 
whole night, which now began to settle 
around him, but he recollected the admoni. 

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190 TKX/^CAOio Bnia 

tiaii8t>f the prince, wrapt imnaelf in fait war- 
mantle, and, deapke of the visions lAoA ooa* 
fused his senses and perturbed his resti he at 
last fi^ asleep. 

After a few hours tibebri^t nidify gteama 
of morning came dantnig rioog the grassi 
and a blast was heard from th& war-Aarm, 
feminding the soldiers Aat it- was time lor 
the riders to ^dfe their hemes, and Ibr 
the foot squires to make ready their bowa and 
arrows. Otto, after a short space, had leapt 
into the saddle, paraded his squadron, and rode 
on with them to Ae place appointed on the 
left wing. There he cmce mote vriected the 
same youth with whom he had rode tlie race 
for their commander, and said,— ^^ My brave 
Norman 'Warriors, be contented here till I 
come to you Again, and lead you on the glo- 
riom path to victory of death. Till my re- 
turn you'will ivdb hfere on' the ^left wii^ of 
Ae army. On this give me your words of 
honour.'* — " We pledge our lives, fa imam, 
and faith, to dbcry yoor tomnumds,^ answered 

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dM NoMMn»;'«idl thereafter Sir Otti> ga|U 
hp o J «a to die centre of thefnroee, where 
the priaee was abeady on horsebad^ siir- 
raanded by his aiost distinguifibed oapUinS) 
and with many soUieri around him who knew 
how to blow the wav*honi, with whose notes 
the woods and di3tant mountains now rang 
andodioedw**^ Yoo inll remain by Biy.side>^ 
said the ]niiKe^ wkb a^endly salutation) to 
Sir Otlo^ ^ thoogh ere long I shall have oc> 
oaMon to send you farther. Do yon now per- 
ceifie the multitude qf^posite to uS| whose 
numbers are every moment increasing^ and 
pouring «bwn like toRents from the mouBtain- 
^fs oo the plain f Do you hear how. they 
rear and howl, like wild beasts? Whoever 
trusts merely to a direct attack on such an 
CBemy^ anil fare but hardly, and indeed 
achieve little; finr they disperse themselves 
hke dust or vupour on aU sides, and, as if in 
moekery ,«sstifl us'firottquaiters least esEpected, 
and where we are least on our guard Yet, 

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)8f| TBX'MMiCBJani. 

idlMMB once bfieaks the mnmaguamtB Aajr 
h«fre made, and cuts off the re-enforoement of 
new soldiers, who are always pouriiig down 
(com the mountains, will utterly damp tfaeor 
courage, and render them powerlessr For^hb 
purpose I have chosen you. When we faapve 
advanced a little farther, I shaH raider ay 
p^jsns more.intelligpUe. Now, m the nane of 
God) let tts proceed T-^Wtth these words he 
thoew.his javelin high in the air, and caught ii 
at it fell; the notes of the battle-homa sound* 
ed iv^ deafening noise Uke thunder around 
IiiBL;-«-the sounds were answered, as if r^ 
rshofid fraok evety squadron through the 
army ;— ^md the whole forces, both horse and 
fioot, advanced, as if inspired by one in* 
pulse, along the plain. On the other hand, 
the Finlanders also approached, continuing 
all the yrbile timr wild shouting and howling. 
Ere long they sent forth a shower of arrowa^ 
and javelins against the Christian troops^ 
which distance, and the projection of good 

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isa w^sK TLcm. its 

ahiekl^rTmdcKd jet inefieoliiTe; ao tetthe 
more experienced waniors laughed at tfaii 
motkery of a battle. 

Both parties advanoed always nearer and 
Bearer to eadi other, and the martiid music Of 
the Swedes continued to sound akmd, though 
oftentimes the tones were rather likeasoiemn 
iHPewell, than a cheering anticipation of tic- 
tory. Sir Otto^s bosom .swelled with inspinu 
tim, such as he had before never known. 
What were now all the heart-rousing enjoy, 
meats of the tournament, compered with the 
finli^ga excited by this noble union of herwe 
dampions, in defence of their holy religicm, 
§mfmg whom numberless y(nees, as if ani- 
mated- with the same qnrit, were heard to 
eoidaim, *^ Onwards I cmwards! We shall 
live and die together ! Wives, dnldren, and 
betrothed brides, we bid you fio^well t Here 
thwo awaits us victory or death 1^ In the van 
of 4sdMer army numy brave soldiers were now 
seen to drop; and • already many bands bodi 
of horse and foot were closely engaged, with- 

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IS4 'msmuQicmauk 

oat mm tfc tti mpt d ad wwrtagp* hating been 
IMA. The FuitaBdeny aooorduig to the 
descripdoo ^ven of them^bf the fom^ 
began io vptnA thanndvea out fike a deme 
ckHMl that damrfves inla mist, land to ifttadt 
the. Chriatiaii army uwicpeoladly <on the 
wings. Suddealjr the pmee, wkh hb eyes 
eageriy fladiing, tumed to Sir Otto. ^* Do 
yoa mark,^ snd he, ^< dmt kmg and deqp 
trench on the left? They have slatkmed 
their right wing along there, because th^ 
trust that none of our-traops can leap over it 
But you, '-with yomr ligliti>br«R»n Norman 
bePBes,.can doabdess undertake that service?"* 
^< Tmfy wehave encouslcred b»hler leaps 
aaMmg the monntains^^ ind'Otlo with a smUe. 
<< Nay,^ said the prince, << do* not .siq^iose 
tiiat die undertidung is altogether so easy. 
BCark you, diat, aooordkig to the station 
irbikh we now bold, you have twioo So leap 
over the fosse; first, here •n wur *left, in 
endeir to get roond tiie enemy^ then baek 
again towards the right, befove yssiiwilli'find 

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yoiandf fai the ntcnttkni to nudce n eftctual 
attack.^ *^ So mudi >tiie^bett»r,^ amwarcd 
Sir^OtCo; <^that will affiirdtu good exercise 
both fdir man and hone, and tame Ae too 
violent sfnril of our Norman' steeds. A tight 
gallop and a few hard leujp& are, me^inksy the 
best fM>689>le means to Inring a oi/ndry sqna* 
dndii' into good order. 

^ Yon speak like a wise and experienced 
^rarrior,^ answered the prince. . ^< So then 
take yonr course behnid* that' wooded hill, 
that the enemy may not observe you when 
you first leap over the trench. Then, when 
you afterwards prepare fbr attadc, and find 
enough ^employment fer your own eyes, 
bewaldiftil andpmdemt, soaaimlher tobe 
too rMh nor too taidy in * your onset.* 
^ Have you any other ccnomands P*^' said Sir 
Otto, with the confidence of victory expressed 
on his clear open forehead. The prince 
waved hb hand, in token that he might de. 
part, and the young knight galloped swift 

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as die wind o?er the rugged heath, to join him 
brave Norman sqiiadrori. 

They welcomed him with loud sbovtB of 
gratuktion ; for now, as they thought, a ^ 
r^ct attack was to be madeon the foe. When 
th^ leader, however, orda^ them away to 
the left, and they came bdiind the wooded 
diffs, there were gloomy looks viable thttnigh 
the ranks, and some young men evenbegan 
to murmur, and question Sir Otto, wlathcr 
they were thus led, as if retreating from the 
field. The older knights, however, removed 
than sternly. *' Have you then nather good 
manners nor discipline ?^ stud they. ^ Has 
not our leader issued his commands, and do 
you know aught better than to obey hun ? If 
so, be leaders yourselves as soon as you may, 
and take yourselves hence in Gkxi'*s name.** 
Then all were again dlent and obedient. 
Over the deep trench they all passed with, 
out hesitation ; fbr not one'hotse fell, or even 
stumbled ; and they rode along bdund the 

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wooded eminence, w^uch now lay betwixt 
tkem and the fosse; ,wjbile ^ Otto was fn*- 
aWed at intervals to, reconnoitre the enemy 
tkEou^ hioeaks amoUg the trees, though they 
OQ their part could not observe him. The 
battle-cries became always louder and more 
furious ; the air was filled with dust, and the 
Finland forces rushed forward as if they were 
gmnho^ the u,^)erj)and« Then Sir Otto per* 
OGBved, that the tim^ for leaping back over the 
tiendt and attacking the enemy^s wing was 
near atiumd. This was his first attempt as 
acaptain on the field of battle ; and his heart 
beat quick, not with impatience only, but 
with doubts what course it was now best for 
him to pursue. ^' Be not too slow nor too 
vash,^ said he to himself, repeating the advioe 
which the prince had given him at his d&« 
pvtian^ and watching with eager eyes every 
mfrveuent of the enemy. At length* ** Woi(id 
it be too rash now F" muttered he to himself; 
but immediately after he added, in a loud 
and firm tone, *' In Crod^s name, and to the 

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best of my judgment, thiait die ri^t and 
odfy mmiMiit fbr atlaek, aad he would be a 
pMftil coward who would atand oonaderiiig 
how to do mor%' than Providence has placed 
m his power.^ At the same moment he 
drew his swofd^ and wielded it gleaming 
arirer his head. The whole troop at the 
Mne instant dbrfed the signal, and swift 
aS'Kghtning b^an to ieqi again orer the 
tren^, whence, witii loud and terrific 
Aouts, th^ oonnnenoed their attadc on the 
Memy in the rtar-goard and &ak. The 
worAy pupil of the old Knight of Trautwvu 
gen had chosen his time with good reflection 
and (discretion. Both hcnrse and £oot among 
the pagans fledwilh cries of deqiair from the 
ti^enoh; andthe Norman squadron, without 
troubling thenselTes with the fo^vo, whcan 
they could >eaitily have taken prisonefs, al- 
ways urged thirir way onwards like a de- 
stroying tempest, wherever the enemy^s force 
still remained dense and collected together. 
" Down with them ! down with them, brave 

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Normaiis! now is your timer cried Sir 
Otto, and Ins wcnrds were echoed in shouts of 
exaltation by the whole squadron, who, in a 
shcnrt time, p^onned such services, that the 
Swedish army were enabled to advance even 
to the very spot on which the Normans were 
contending; thereafter the pagans all took 
to flight, and were scattered widely throu|^ 
the field in every directi(Hi; very many were 
slain, and many takoi priseDers. 

^t last the old prince came riding aeioss 
the phnn; he threw himself from his horsey 
and hearlily enbraced ffir Otto, who had also 
dismounted. ^* Brave Swedes T dien he 
cried aloud, << bdiold in this youth the sckm 
of a noUe oak-tree, under whose protecting 
shade the whole of our land may yet one day 
reyoioe in peace and security P 

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How Sir Folko de Mont&ucon rttunied ftom Spain, ind 
brought with him the Moorish prince Mutza. 

While thege events were passing in Sweden, 
it clumeed one dny, in a blooimng forest cf 
Gmocfnjf that three young damsels w«e rid- 
iog, followed by a train of squires and other 
attendants. One could well percmve, by tlw 
whole appearance of the party, that they did 
not intend any long journey, but were ontcnt 
only on a pleasure-excuroon through the 
sliady woods, to enjoy the cool breeaes of the 
sea, whose shores were not far distant. Now 
and then one could hear their vmces jeinii^ 
in a pleasant choral song, while the birds c^ 
the forest answered them, and vied with their 
Then said the damsel who rode in the 

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THE MAaic Bma m 

middle to ber neighbour on the right hand,— 
<< Ah, Blanchefleur, how much hap{Mer are 
we now, and how changed is all for the bet- 
ter, since we have givoi over those wearisome 
contentions for die. ring !**«*<< I could have 
behdd it always,^ said the.other, '< as I do at 
this moment, suspended by the gold chain on 
your bosom, Gabrielle, nor ever felt disquiet 
or envy at the sight. Had it depended on me 
alone, you might have always retained it; 
nor would my brother's silver-grey charger, 
•on which you now ride, ever have become 
lame in consequence of such a combat.^— 
^< Are you sorry ihea tcx: the gallant grey ?^ 
answered Gabrielle; ^< methinks this were 
indeed without reason ; . for is it not better for 
him to be left thus under our kind and tender 
catt, than lo encounter all the hardships and 
accidents of your brother^s campaign against 
the Moors P""—^^ Nay,"" said the damsel who 
lode upon the l^ << who knows whether the 
'.tendopest care and indulgence can compensate 
to imi fiNT his abeenee from that path of dan- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ger «ad gkvgr wluoh ia dras ckisd agaiMlhim P^ 

bcidk; '^ wore knot that your wocdsandlooks 
wre at other timei •» anU ani geade, I could 
ahnpat think jJiat you woreaikiiightin )db^^ 
and fael afraid.ta live with yaa.'^^^^* Nay, aay 
not 80»^ antvered Berlha; .^ am I not 
thankful, then tot yoiur kind' hoflfutaiity and 
piX)tectifln?-'Are*yoti nol the betrodied bride 
of my CQttflnOUe^.aadibff wliom> m allthe 
moM^ ought 1 4o €hteatk man mpcct and 
love r— GabrieUe ai^^ied deeply at these 
worda^. and hi' tbought&iL aknee prtesed the 
hand that Besthaiiad offieoed her. 

Then, loi thereicame out of the thiehelB 
a .squire^ wiall aKMinttd and haadaamdyat* 
tired* ffiayabretidouUatahone with gohkn 
evdbnoidery; his saddle rad honeys head-gear 
were hung witb gdden bdls. Pevceiying the 
ladies, hei pulled iqp the rdtte» cKsmountcd, 
and, klieeling befom GahricUe, said vespect- 
fuUy^.^(^ LadjTy my master, ihe Chevalier 
Folko de Montlsuoon, begft penmssion lo pre- 

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THEzMAfilOrBiaCk 14B 

aeat h]mad£ befiove youy alfD to iBtiodiioe hefe 
anoUe captive, irlioni Jiehas braugbtwith him 
fipom Spaiii4^««-A beuitifiil Utitb caose over 
thedaBneTsidMekB as dieaiuweied, wwing 
her haad^-M^^ Good squife, bid your matter 
and his guests in my name, heartily welooma 
Tell theaB^ mommet^ that I amtfaanklid for 
this bright weather, inasmudi as it has invited 
me.abroad; and I am thns fin oniny way to 
meet thcm.V-Then the squire, after a oour- 
fteous ealutatiott, remounted his horsey and 
disafpearcd among the thickets of the finest. 

*^ Who can this guest be whom your bro^ 
Aet is thus bringing to visit us ?^ said 6»- 
farieUe, Utming to Blanehe6emr«--^^ If, per- 
chaaee, it were &miastrd,^-**«aid the latt^, 
— 1^< but, no,^ addedshe^ ^^ ^t were impos- 
sihle;^ and, with deep blushes, and eyes 
dim with tears, she looked down on the blue 
flowemy»»embliimB of hope and conelanoy, 
with which the ^uf was tUokiy interwoven^ : 

In a fewtimosasnts the Uue and g(M ar- 
mour of Sir Folkowasseen g^bamiog throu|B^ 

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144 THS UABW BflVO. 

the woodS) and, mouatwil on a ]i§ht<lie8Biit 
bone with a Uack rnanc^* wbi«b be bad ndm 
mace bis grey steed was VKHVidedy he gst* 
l^^ped {anmtd. On bis af^Rxiaeb he made a 
reqpeetful sabitaticm,'— dion i^mttg. from the 
saddle,— threw his knoe to the. nffftwdaitf 
squire, from whom in exchange be received 
his favourite falecm, whiob pmsebed on his 
ha^dy and tberettftor g^^T and.oourteoudy 
he caxne to meet the three noble ladies. 
As for the stranger who aeoompanied Sir 
Fcdko, he was in >uth so nnnstrel, jbi«t .a 
tall and graceful waivior, daessed jnagnifi> 
oently in ndk embroidaed garm^ite of the 
ICooridh fadiiony with a silk gauae iuxbaaon 
his head, whieb was held together, by a lidi 
diamond brooch^ and surmounted by a Iai)ge 
plume of grey feathers* 

<< Noble ladyy^'said^rFolko to Ghibridfe, 

« allow me thus .to (N-esent to you Brinee 

MutEa, the best and bravest of all the Moorish 

knigbts with whom we eaaeuntffirad.^onUhe 

plains c^ Grraada"^ 

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THE MAffl€ BOTG. 145 

The prisoe bbired to Cbfarielle and tke 
odfer laidies widi kuf^htly |(race and coiir- 
teagr ; but then said^ aomewhafc iiacCfntetMA* 
ly/^ If I weie sueh a dirtingiiiilied eham*- 
pRon as the che«aKer urpleased to deteribe me, 
mMihiiiks be eoiild not have Bpol^ as he has 
DOW done* U Ae presence of three faMbes, 
who are indeed the most beauti&l that my 
eyes'ever bdidkl, he has wholly forgotten to 
announce, that I am brought hidier as his 
prisM^r; bnt, in tmth^ there is no reason 
why he shouldrboast of such a viotory. Know 
then, fairest of damsek, that were not ike 
Prince Miitza one of the least worthy and 
least pQwerfe) of Moorish knights, he never 
would have expHfienced the mingled pain and 
irieasure of this meeting. As a pria(»er, he 
now begs that you will With your fair haiids 
ttke firom him those arms which the genero- 
mty of his conqueror has too long left in his 

Wkh these wmds, he had loosened from 
the wlyer chains, by whi<^ it bung at his 


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116 THS UJUOIC Bora 

wabtd^ek^ his crooked 6abre> orttmcnted 
with « golden halt, «id slodded wA dia* 
m onds i Wmwliiig leqpcctfaUy, he mom oftfcd 
it to Gabridle, nho took U fnniL bis hands ; 
buty at the same tuna^ bmuI^ a aiovemflikt, 
at if she iriahed to dismount finom her ak 
▼er-gney charger; i^icveupoa he started up^ 
and lifted her grao^iUy fiom her saddle to 
the ground* Thmi the damsel said to htm, 
^ Priace, you ba^e eoodesoeodad for once to 
became the servant of OahrieUe de Piorta- 
nKMH*. But^ methinks, it i^rere unfitting that a 
daassdl of noble birth should ha;t'e a squke 
who wears not a sword for her protection.'" 
W^ these words, she again hung the sabre 
at his nde, allowed him to Kft her on horse- 
back ; and under hb escort' and that of Sr 
Solko, who, meanwhile^ had spoken kindly 
wiA his sister and the Lady Bertha, she set 
out im her way home te the castk. 

On a high balcony, illumined by the last 
rays of the setting sun reflected from the wide 
ocean, bdmh), 4ie three kdies wvie now 

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THK MAdIC BDVa. 147 

seftted, aknig wMi the knights aad the Moof* 
ish priaee, ei^ojing the sweet 4higfaiice of 
the flowery that were steeped in the dews of 
eveohig, and passiRg die tii&e with seogs and 
harp^nusfe, or m teUing fdeasttit stories* 
Sir Feiko^ ffi&d \m Moorisb eaplhey even as 
they had hefove cooteiided ^o^ the Uoodj 
deld, now ^ed no Ies9 whh eaeh odier, in 
tkcse courteons aits by which noble ladies 
sare best Co be entertained^ and if the wreath 
<rf vieun^ had before boi^ for a bog space 
doabifoUy betwiat them, so it was yet aMire 
diff cult to say wfakji of tile two was the more 
aeoompliriied and polite. Gabrielle, on whom 
llie prinee oootinned to bestow all his atteik 
ttc»i, contrived by many ingenious devices lo 
withdvft^ herself fbam the find gaze which 
be so often dbected towaids her, mA seemed 
mors^ Asposed to speak kindly and confi* 
dcntially with the Smght of Mootfouecn. 
Biamh c#eur, wha had so ioag been wont to 
hang down her head ki sadnesa and deqi 
thou^y now beeame, in the piastnce of her 

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dettrfy-bdoved mi booomed lUMiCliei^ «o 
ciMferf id) asd te betuty 60 leiplfiadeiUy ifagct 
Ui the'whhe rbae^ htf fbnoer aiabltdi^ ^ 
obuld BcaipcdtyaSbr^ any flttisg'«<»i^ariioo. 
Only the Ledy Ber^ tw LidnenvfedmA bst 
in d^p, olent, and/ it ndgliit kave beM nU^ 
atemTefleeticm; fiorcoutd tbeiaMaycf Sr 
Fc]9Ir>^ the prince, bcht tke kind laSteiy «f 
€MbrieI]e, induce her dn this rfiwuing to tett 
one romantic 8t<My, cm: to play one sole upon 
the harp. At last she became alffioet fogot- 
ten anKmgtbem, or looked on HMidy, without 
being spoken to ; so that she seemed in the 
soci^^ of diese fenr mivthfol compamMs 
mcNPe like a beantifiil statue than a livii^ 

After a while, and when the stars nere al» 
ready bright in heaven, 'die Mooissh prinoe 
tdok up a gtiitar, and 'awttkening its no^ 
widi a skilful 4iand, he ssilg dierelo' somfe 
stanzas, describing li6w he had been taken 
prisoner ; and how, in hb capdvity, Ida anger 
at his own defeat had rendered it painAfl and 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

THT HAcac Ksa. 149 

intolerable io look oa the happineas of othem 
liawy hovnevKT) all was chaiq^ed; aiid iinpe 
he hadfadMld >lh^ mauUem beauty of Gab* 
riaifevi'lHOe only giief waa to reflect that be 
waa here biil at a trannlary guee^ m4 mu$t 
eaoD-takehia departure; so that be would 
perhaps never behold that eneh«iu:e«a.agsun« 
Heteopon, Sir Folko took another gpitiirre 
from the hands of ihe Lady Blamfarffajty, 
. aad sa^g an answer to iibe Mooddi cfaasapioR^ 
wbhing, fbiMOthy tlmt the morning might 
newrdawB on them; but that the present 
how ^ i » tiie {dacid calm evening, with its bright 
MffB*«»d' fragrant wr, might be prolonged, 
and they BUg^t nt tor ever as they were at 
that moment; but, alas ! as this might not be, 
aa their iicautiftil hostess, whose charms at- 
traeted them ID stay, would of course oonu 
mand them- to depart; so, like Darius and 
Alesander^ tiie iM^ftmed heroes> of ancient 
times, they Would go hence quietly, ondiu 
AjuudsUp witii each oAer* 
^ Nay,^ said GabrieUe.smil^ '< if you 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


desil^ that the woids t>f your ftong bhodkl be 
taken in earnest, dien you must kBo# that I 
would willingly beep Daiifi|s here till Iffi 
friend returns, trusting tliat Alexander, 
otherwise the Kni^t of MontfauooD, will 
also r^nain for at least one wedc in tbe 
society of his amiaUe eiBter.^ 

<' Good Heaven T said Sir Folko, bowii^ 
gracefully to Gabridle^ <^ what a week of 
biq)[Mness have you now oflSsred to me ! And 
what a month to the Moorish prince ! For 'm 
less time than a month k ja imposoble that 
I can return out of NoMumdy, ^dikher I sm 
now called by my duties as a banm and 
banneiett of the kingdmn. Prinos^^ added 
he, turning to the Moor, <' you ate now the 
prisoner of this lady ; but lemanber^ that I 
depend no less on your adherenoe to the coik 
ditions winch vrere made b^wixt us whesi 
you came hither. Hot merely as a prisoner 
but a hostage.*" 

The prince now seated hims^ at Gab- 
rielle^s feet, saying, *^ This is the right place 

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'mM MAaiC UNO. 161 

£iDahumUetapt&v«. But one imxl I must yet 
iBfwak wHb yaii» Kni^t of Mpntfitttixmr^you 
have laid ^ my sbouidon the ebidm ot an 
€iidiaiitt?8s ; and Hm is agaiost the joondi- 
tionaof outcontraot* Kaoir you not, that by 
this meatM you pkce it an ttiy poufct to r&- 
tract my word of honour, and to make my 
escape a$ aaoii aa I am aUe?^ 

*^ iM the eochantresft look to that^"" ao- 
awtted Sir FoUu>; <^ but if the place yoa 
bmre now choaen be that of a priaoticr, then 
let others boast of their freedma. I fo one 
wonld rather be tiie captive." Hereupon he 
also toirii his ]daoe on^ the gcound beside Gab^ 
JSeOei and Blaarhfjpur sang to her guitanre 
a ilxarftiipa fadObd, iawUdi she likened her 
bealilifiil hostess to a fiuty queen ; and the 
two wanriors beside her to a Hon and ail 
eagle^ between whom s)^ Was to dodde who 
AouM wear the palm of Tictoiy. Blanche* 
fleur was but in jest, and thought of her 
music onfyt not <^ the words that she had 
siwgt yet wku she had said failed not to 

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152 Tfi£ MAGIC BtNG. 

make a deep impression on her hearers. The 
Bon and the eagle looked up anxiously, and 
with watchful eyes for the judgment to 
be pronounced on them; while the fairy 
queen (as ^e had been named by Blan- 
chefleur) sat between them, blushing and 
confused, till at last a green branch, which 
she happened to hold in her right hand, 
inclined itself, as if drltwn by magnetic at- 
traction, towSEords the head of the Chevalier 
de MontfiBHicon. At that moment the Lady 
Bertha had. taken up a guitarre, and for the 
first time began to join in the music of dail 
evening ; but in taaes eo mouvnfiil and unex- 
pected, that she socm put to flight the plea- 
sant dreams with which her oonqumions had 
ientertained themselves. Every one looked <m 
her with as much astonishment as if a statue 
or a p(»rbait had begun to speak. In h^ 
melancholychaunt, she sang only of her coum 
Sir Otto of Trautwangen. " Yniere," said 
she, *< is now the young knight, with his black 
and alver mail, and his light-brown chaig^O' ? 

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Heis^alas! vl^ufihedfi^omo^rugl4; bisligbt- 
hrown steed has galloped away, and his good 
batlle-sword is broken.'' Thereafter she 
sang two stanzas, addressed to Crabrielle as 
the betrothed bride of h^ oousin Sir Otto, 
which peradventure the damsel would rather 
not have heard ; but, at lengthy Sir Folko 
started up suddenly, so that his armour rang 
and rattled In all haste he fastened on his 
sword and sash, and bade his beautiful hos- 
tess ftrewell. ^^ On my return,'' said he, 
<^ I shall blow my hunting-horn for a signal, 
and the Moorish prince will then join me in 
the neighbouring forest," Gabrielle did not 
venture to make any objection, though per- 
chance, had it not been for the dusk of the 
evening, tears might have been seen both in 
her eyes and those of Sir Folko. The 
knight embraced his sister Blanchefleur with 
melancholy emotion, and whispered softly to 
Bertha as he passed her bye, ** Thanks, 
noble Lady, for your kind and virtuous 
counsel !" He would not listen when the 


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MoQiifih prinee, now conjoonded by Im 
beimviour, inqinred why he dqsfirted » 
suddenly, and added thereto, half as it 
aeemed in earnest, half in jest, that he now 
looked on the conditions of his c aptivity as 
being wholly broken. The noUe Chevalier 
de Montfaueon did not stay to answer him, 
but ran hastily down stairs from the bakony 
into the eourt; whence, in a few ndnotes 
more, diey saw him come fordi followed by 
his traia, and ride rapidBy away toFwaids the 
iorest. Blaachcflear marked die gkam of 
the stariight reflected on his goUen hehnet 
as he waved it fcr a last adieu. 

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How the Lady CNibridle, and the Lady BUnchefleur^ were 
csfrled aWay by Ae Bf eoflui PHnce* 

Souk weeks had now past note tbe de- 
partuee of Sir Folko^ wiken cme eremng the 
tbree ladka weer^ walking along tbe fMu 
4u»% diflcourang together) md enjoying die 
oodI breeae« &oin tbe water. << IfethiokB, 
WanAefleur,^ aaid Bertha^ <^ your biotber 
baa not done well to leave the Moorish 
pnnoe here alone with usin the castle^ espe*. 
ciaUy as tbe straqger a»itioue$ to mftffttain 
that he is no longer bound by the conditions 
on whiflb he came You know he speaks in 
)est; bit I own, that I distriM him migbtily, 
and feel a oertaiii horror, wbidi X cadnot 
well descdbe, at his presenee*'" ^^ There 
wie listen agum to the grave Grerman dam- 

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199 ' TteBjajnio vmo. 

sel^^ said Gabridle, *^ so praobe, and so 

demurely timid! There are few kni^its, this 

you muft at least ooafess^ who mirpasf, or. 

evjea tqual, this noble Mutza in courtesy of . 

manners, princely demeanour, or ingeaioiis 

and witty discourse. Besides, I haVe seldom 

seen any man^soliandaome, and, metfainks, he 

is now by far the most brilliant cvnamrat 

of our londy castle.^ 

<^ Handsome !^ replied Bertha, slowly and 

reflectingly ; ^^ are you both of that mind P 

When I calmly reflect on the matter, I 

cannot indeed say that you are in the 

wrong ; though I, for my own part, should 

never have thought so. Mark you, he* is 

tall indeed, slender, has fine eyes, a high 

forehead, and majes^ gait Moreover, when 

he dances the toca, with his turban lodse and 

fluttering about him, it is doubtless a'pleasore 

to look upon him, and he is like what we reed 

of in old fables; starting ittfto real life^beibie 

us ; but,* strange as you may^think my fimcied; 

when smiling, as if in scorn and triumjA, he 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

TREHilCaO'BMD. ¥57 

opem Us lipB^md shews his long white teeth, 
I feel almost as if I had beside me a half* 
tamed t^er ! The tiger too is said to be a 
beautifol' creature^— only for my part I wish 
not for any sudi compasnon !^ 

*' And what says Blanchefleur to all this ?^ 
said -Grafarielle. Whefeupon that '^ beantif ol 
damsel started as if awoke from a dream^ and 
said,—" I knqw not certainly who is ap- 
proadiing us ; but, eren now, I heard again 
the same jdeasant sounds fnxn the rocks on 
the sea^^hore T Both' her companions laugh- 
ed at pehsdiTing how her thoughts wandered 
teem the subjects on which they had spoken ; 
Imt, ere long, they were themselves hindered 
from condnuing their discourse ; for they 
heard in trudi a soft sound of music, which 
came from the direction to which Blanche- 
fleur* had' pomted across the water. They 
thoi]^>t'they could even dislmguidi words 
expressing' the deep ardent loi^og of a lover 
separated from Jiis mistress, wishing for wings 

Digitized by VjOOQIC ■ 

iss THX HMK more. 

thai lie tsitf^ be bcameanoiB the eeaetc^ 
wtrds hcr^ and, then eodmg.mtli notes of 
mQlmcdidi J and despak, becaiute iJm was ian- 
pessiUe! The tones vaAei ummff and Blao- 
chefleur said, with tears in her ejes^ <^ Tbue 
I often hear Urn sing* Eyen by mooaiight, 
at dead of night, I bam beard Ua T<noe oon* 
ing to me tfaroagfa the flowers aadyiaeJattves 
at my window. Am I right, dearest sisterP 
Can it be the voice of AleardP'' 

There was no time to answer; finr, lol 
among tfae trees befbee them, were now visi- 
ble, tail figores of men, strangely attired, and 
with long beards, wbo stood still, and i^oke 
vekementfy, pointing aU the while to the these 
ladies, as if duse were tfae subjects of thdr con- 
versation. The damaels were terrified, and 
wiAed to retmrn home ; but, on looking roimd, 
diey pererived, on the top of a Ull, more of 
thesama^mres, pneoiselyin the direction of 
thehf homeward path. Some of theae fist- 
ful men on the hitf immediate]^ roshed down 

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mib rapetfiatond rapidity, and/ as tf to aid 
the phais of those who were etill ttHong tke 
dfeesi, tooik tfasr etatknn on the oth^ side; 
m that all atteaopt at escape weuM ntm hnwe 
bcea Tittaly vain. Then they approached 
with an air of the greatest neqpect, with their 
hands cimsed cnrer their breasts, aad their 
heads declined aiaaost to the ground; though, 
as th^ disorctered kxsks hung oye^ their 
features, their appearance was thus rend^ed 
more hideous than ever. At last, behold ! 
Prinoe Mutza stepped forward from among 
them, now dressed in more than usual mag. 
nifioence, gleaming with gold and jewels, and 
followed by two youdis, also' in die Atabian 
garb, and nearly as splendid in appearance as 
the prince. ** Do nothlame me,** said he, bow- 
ing to Gabrielle, ^if Inowsay&atlmostgo 
from hence; nor tremUe when I add, that 
you must bear me company! With usyoa will 
enjoy a life ofmagmfieence and pleasure; and, 
kft my support in this adfentme, I have sent 

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for tbeee two handaooie knights^ assuring 
them, that they would here find ladies even 
niore beautiful than the Houris of Mahomet 
Have I kept my word ?^ added he, looking 
to his companions, one of whom now kneeled 
down before Blanchefleur, who, pale with 
terror, clung to the arm of GabrieUe ; while 
the other, in like manner, paid his court to 
Bertha, who scornfully turned from him, 
and hastily ran up to the remains of an aged 
stone altar, on which there yet stood an old 
moss-grown crucifix. It was a pleasure to 
look upon her, and mark how she held the 
cross firmly with her left arm, while with the 
right, she made signs to the young Arab to 
be gone, and gazed thoughtfully up to the 
deep azure vault of heaven. 

Meanwhile, GabrieUe had again recovered 
her recollection and power of speech, and in 
vehanent tones e^nressed her indignation at 
the Prince Mutza ; inasmuch as he had insult* 
ed the confidence reposed in him by his noble 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


host) and also broken his own word c^ honour, 
soktnnlj pledged, when he came ^ther as a 
hostage and a prisoner. << As to n^ word of 
honour, pledged to the Chevalier de Mont- 
faocon,^ answered the Moor, ^' I have twice 
in his own presence declared that I was no 
Icmger bound by any such contract; and if 
your dazzling beauty, noble lady, has nnoe 
then completely Uinded me and led me 
astray, who shall question me on the consei* 
quences ? I must act, in the first place, ao- 
cording to my own sense of justice; and in the 
second, according as your irrefistible charms 
compel me to do.^ With these words, he 
took G&bridle in his arms ; idftd, notwithstand- 
ing her loiid cries for help, bore her down to 
the sea-shore, where a boat was already pre. 
pared by his people. Blanchefleur, during 
this adventure, had sunk into complete forget- 
fulness of all that had passed ; for she had 
fainted ; atid the young Arab, who hisul knelt 
before her, took her in his arms, and followed 

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Uf prmoe and leibdef • Howtv^ » when the 
ran of the Meeriah partjr^ tiow beoome once 
thAa ever bold and determioed, slept up to 
the I«ady Bertha» ^e ciJled oiit m a loud w- 
▼eie toiie> *^ I take God and map» heaven 
and earth to witnesd^ that here, on this dgj, a 
deed of notence* a deed of shameful wicked- 
ness and dishonoOTi is committed 1 Whethera 
mirade shall be wrought to check or hinder its 
acbievemeni I know not yeu But bewai% 
cowards as 70U are^ tiius triumphing ov^ the 
def enoeless ; for BO|oh a misacle may oome to 
pass» whetk you think y ourselv^ most secure 
aod independent. I siy this to you with con- 
Maoce, that whoever dares to tear me from 
the saored place on whidi I now stand, to 
your pirate-ship, will draw down the wiath 
of Heaven upon his own head.^ The 
Moorish kni^ koked on her as she stood 
clingipg to the cross, llhiminfd by the rub|y 
light q£ the setting sun, and recoiled as 
if terrified.from her reproacfaea. Hisscddicn^ 

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loo, wkbout sayiii^ a woni, retreated W the 
fihores amd when B^nha o&oe aioro loade lute 
a tiga^ with her uplifted light ana, he^ex- 
claimed, — *^ She is more lihea gboet thaaa 
mortal woman P So he left her with predpi^ 
tatioD, and fled to the boat, which imme- 
diately afterwards b^an to ply its oars and 
depart from the coast. 

Still the enthusiastic damsel had retained 
her place on the altar, when a youth, in the 
dress of a minstrel, with features deadly pale, 
and his hair didievelled, came running along 
the^sea^diore towards her. *^ In Gbd^s name 1^ 
cried he, *^ tell me, I beseech you, have the 
Moors made a captive of Blanchefleur ?^ 
And scarcely had she answered << Yes,^ when, 
in the hurried tcme of distraction, he ad- 
dressed her, <^ Send then a messenger with a 
fleet horse to her brother in Normandy ! I 
must find means to foUow the Moors! Re- 
member this, that not a moment must be 
lost !^ Thereupon he ran away as quickly as 

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he had ccmie ; and not till after he had va- 
niahed hom her right did the Ladj Bertha 
remember that it was the minstrel, Akard^ 
with whom she had thai spoken. 

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Of a fottftil iMttUe with the Pagaa Fi&latiden. 

Now the summ^ had quite past away, and 
the autumnal winds b^an to bowl and rage 
among the wild mountains of the north, 
though the weather in Ghisoony had been 
yet mild and beautiful On the very same 
evening when his bride had been earned 
away by the Moorish prince. Sir Otto von 
Trautwangen had dismounted from his light- 
brown charger, and taken his place in a 
narrow ravttie of the mountains, in order 
to cut off the ^yproaoh of the Pagans by 
that passage; for tbdr numbers had now 
midtipUed : they attacked the Christian 
army by means of ambuscades from aU 
Sides; so that they were scaicdy able to 

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mainlaiii tbe grouiid wUeh they had before 
won. Sc^ng the straDge portion which 
the jouog Knight of TrmtwaDgen had 
ohoBcn, the Swedish prinee, who oommanded 
the army, called out to him, demanding to 
know what was his intentioo, and wherefbre 
hehadallowsd himsdf to be left almost akme? 
To which Sir Otto replied, <«That the pass was 
too narrow to adimt of his being attadced by 
more thaft one at a time ; and whosoever of 
the enany ventured in that manner to ap- 
proach him would not fail to meet with his 
motch.^ In truth, he stood there like a super- 
natural and guardian-spirit ; the graceful 
youth, with his light hair, and glowing ^sheeks, 
contrasting strangely with the grim^risaged 
dwar6flli Finlanders by whom he was now 
assumed, and of whom with his mgle arm he 
had ciit down sujdi numbers, that the dead 
bodies hty Kkoa bulwark before him, winch 
seemed gradually to r^ulse and terrify his 
new adversaries* At length, amid the crowd, 
was descried the approach of some one with 

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aanofir^ wbieh flaslMd Kke lightning m the 
sun's rajTB. It was a PiBgan haro cB SwocKsh 
birth, with a l^h helmet, adorned wM^hone^ 
habr instead of feathers, on his head, and who 
now came whh his bright weapons cAMhing 
and ringing against the Knight of Tmut-* 
wangcnw Fhrst, his javefin §0w* fiingfaig 
thiongh the air over the yonth^s head, aad 
in a moment after bis sword-stiokes fell 
thiak $B^ hml on the Uack eagle's emit ; by 
the flight of which be seemed specially 
enraged. <^ Full well do I know thee^ with 
diy black and alver belmetT cried the 
Swede^ ** aad on thy head shaU I now re- 
^enge my brother's death, who fell by thy 
sirord en the failUop m die fetest. By thy 
JAvdin he nets stiuok, and thvown lifeksafcom 
bia horse ; but now, by the power of Odin 
and the aword of Sa^erkn:, thou shalt pay 
bbod to bkxMi'' The sword of 9werker 
did mdeed inflict heavy blows, but that of 
Sir Qftto proved yet more powerfid;' aad at 
lenglb the Swede baring received, like hia 

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168' THE Mime Bm^ 

brother, a ^gfatful wouBd on die fosdmdy 
began to totter in such manner, that the 
"Knight of Travtwangen s^bed hhn by the 
horse-hair^of bis hebnet, dn^ggjed him over, 
the dead bodies, then burled him away haclu 
wards to his own wJdiersi jugringi ^^ Tate 
this man; let him be carried to the tents in 
safety, and his ¥Founds dressed. In due time 
I shall demand him of you.^ 

Tberei^n the Pagans recoiled some paces, 
and murmured among, themselves, not be- 
ing aUe to understand the dinegtiops that 
Sir Otto had then given* Ooly aome inaili* 
culate words fell on the knigbt^s ear, who 
now, as if in mockery, seiaed the javdin 
which had been thrown at him by the Swede, 
and hurled it at random among the in- 
landers who thus qpoke together. Two of 
them fell to the ground bleeding, and se* 
verely wounded, while, with a wild bowl* the 
rest flew asunder ; after wbidi th^ diqperaidd 
diemsdves into concealed thickets of tbe 

mountain^ and fib&t numberless arrows firom 


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a dfatanoe. But» tnisliiig to kis weU-proved 
«ttd dttost imprq^naUe annour, he stood un- 
wmedy holdiiig up has ddeld in the narrow 
pus, to as to defend, as well aa he could, the 
hm aoldieiv of his own troop who were be. 
hbd him, and whose coataK>f-mail were not 
80 heayy. The snows conUmied to &11 
flicker and thidcer, but did him no injury ; 
so that, as if for paidme, he b^n to take up 
these weapons and Aiowthem about <^ Pitiful 
fluting r said he; <* it serves to l^eep us idle, 
and helps our assailants not a jot T. 

Then be heard a rakfing close beside him 
m die tfaikdcets ; and, lo ! horn a narrow pas- 
sage, Kke a cave in the rocks, which hitherto 
he had not observed, he* saw the features 
of a pagan Knlander, grinning with rage, 
and preparing to assault- him. Now then he 
pnyved the worth of the sword which had 
been made for him by Asmandur; for he 
atmck with it so itrenstibly, that the pagan's 
bead waa cleft into two ; but, as if scHne de* 
man of the movntains had assisted the ad* 


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41^9 from, tbe ;YAqIqiicim9)'iJmkr^^i)ft^ 
^ narrow Ip^pfitli^v ;Siit^lb^<Mifobfr 
i^;m« already J0imif4 i^t ttie f^epufbwer^f 

f^,ej both. by«:th« ^sofMuigrlfarcet itf^idiB 
^OeiW> aad tbc^.fr€Uiim«.i^f ;|)m^ iiidl^ 

^p^ wben t^e latter vo^id ^vo^r-siiidiid 

xxne of ;th^r pagfUBi o^^Tim^ili^ 

^ long polo^ vith.'^b^omfytcAlwbiQiiTltoe 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

leading ^i^l'W'W ^ibM^^'^l^d iMi ^ 
JMditt^^litfMf^iMhi^ltf^ of 

tt#«tiM8bW#8 tidw fell tliey^^kflkted tlea^ 
t^onHdl^o In 4' f^ ttdtaients he gntpided 
*wltto^tlle^yd»oillii8CMdBx^, aUd tbreit with 
'gteMtVimdi'ftoBii th» beaMf 8 liandsj^tlied 
idfreKo ib^>tnth^iNih«nMcfe down the rocky 
i0lilH^ricallfalgild<Mid^ ^^Ixvf yoor god^ are 
4dlMni«toirthe«tlbfiB to #hi<A they properly 
4M0llg4^^¥^, *«iidttMBii ci your are; what you 
eiAdo^ldiiej-ttMlii^^hoiit tb^ atfiMtance!" 
9w wtamMortkl^pagana gosed at hmi with 
#ttJE^^riw'<atiA^tettCMri *but aoon aftarwardi 
cbi^''h#wltf df wtatb a»d revetige became 
wiUter aikt li4Mir» alld their advance more 

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4^enm]ied^ &|ic Otto.then siunmoned up hi$ 
I9^vg1i; fitrepgtb, m^ aoocwding to the custom 
fff^tJK^IIJbnnaiii, whieh lie had now ffaSlf 
^^f^gl^j he b^gai^ to mi^ furioiialy » battle^ 
mfgy^^ ^f choriis of >i^hich he was jw)^ 
^ f^hiff ^herents; aiid, as if keeping ^jne 
Ji9,^ inea^uie of th# bcdlad, they out adA 
l^sty n^bt mod left^ with t^old vehement? 
atfd eaecgji tboqgh moot of them were now 
wounded and covered with blood, while thdr 
tisages were deadly pale from the fat^tle of 
this long battle. 

Suddenly thore arose a nwse I&e thunder 
bdiind the Finlander% or rather as of the 
dashing of many iroD shields ; and a joy. 
ful chorus of voices was heard, answering the 
last staqza (^ the ballad, which Sir Otto had 
just now begun* In a few moments he be> 
held the golden vulture^s wings of Sir Arin* 
biom, rifflng over the wood Sora after he 
beheld the sea-mmiarch himself, with his 
great shield, gleaming like a full mocm, and 
the whole band of gigantic Normans, dad 

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in their heavy fanusen qiirasaes. Anon a 
shower of javelins was hurled forth agafai^tlie 
pagan hordes, who broke asond^, and lied 
howling in all directions. <<Kowisthediae?^ 
cried the tipcfi from t^e^Tain beneifti 
*^cut them down^ ^wedes!^ And^ cntftei^ 
down, grant no quarter T was i^peated by 
Sir ptto^s band, who forgot afl thdr "WiaA^ 
ness and wounds, and ran furioudly wiA llUAr 
drawn fw<Mrds, up hill and down kSi^ 
.their flying enemies^ ' "- 

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:» i ' Hi.* .., ' - 


• l'> I' -4'' . ■" 

!•■ ^ 

- .. ./. .. ,. . 

J 't" 


- ' ■"■ f 't '• ,• ,. . ' 



s:^-? tiIoi»aiJ Otttt'fHtf tedtadaV JwL Aiikli jiwri U';»> 
£vtt!nK& httd now seHkd til fieep «lBuiM»4M 

fiNe douds hung low on tb^ bcttth'y if bftifiSif 
Otto «tood done in a ^brif iiMm^^i^ 
f^t^&u Tbns far he had b«^ UA M% ^ 
€ha^ of hifi enmiies ; but MW lbi|W ^<rtt8 
^I]f)e ndther fHend nor fbe, and^lhe «6ittM 
Victor sank' down to rest on the ^rtdnwd 
i§k^^ widi which the gfoood mm Akieijr 
filJp^wn. After a vbott time' Im^ dgite mmi 
hiitfself itod lodked rdrndy ilifMigfa iiMkAii 
dbserving any kn6wi^ o^ect by whiob he 
td^M guide hnnaelf on fats ^srajr hodteirmi& 
Hereupon he ascended a iMng giroMddm 
lay before him, in hopes tliat ftom its 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

mit he might see farther; but there the 
wood* were even thicker than below ; and^ 
instead of seeing, over the beech-woods the 
light oi the evening sky, he ibegan to per* 
ceive the dark'pitnUlkWf^mtkioresi of pine- 
trees, stretching, as if threatening, and in wrath^ 
their poiiMdlbliig^tlHtardahiiBu( T^o£n.tree8 
were indeed wedged together like an impene- 
fflO^ r¥r»lV:b«fci« Wm-r *VT^fQijghv9W*rl 
tf»ekeCiS9id,<b^4mi^ rO'^n^^li^ '^eeacfe 
fifi»i)r«!lH];4'Wllld(^n^itS'Wa;;'',aBd at^tfae 
i0||i<Bum#M-it qo^^iT^lp hk semembranefi 
tlillt jdlim 1M4s vere not his <nni» bnt t^ 
^jr mwll^f dmJbat'he had sometimefaeard fioom 
4nibA»' 'V»\»gm toTefLeet thereon, h^*ym 
teMmWpCedifay the kud howliagof^i wolf ^ ^he 
y^ijimimvmAeAmQm like Agt of mel^holy Jb» 
ftMiatMi^baa wg^r ; (and when he apjHoaek* 
td^iM»er^'hep^rcehrfi4>:diredtly.on the bwd^ 
wbeie tlie pi«e.|9eM j<H^ed la the bee(AhWQod> 
mimo(mi af Xmi V^9^ 9L gB^e^ whereon ^fis 
mMkai^ wUUi ibchiicilfr who was utt^f^ 
lagthqie'faQmd.itBes* Obeerving Um^ h^w^ 

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ktf^t ^started up, prepared to atUtdc^UiSi, 
rmsed herself oh ber hmd^4eg8| and griftn^ 
honibly. Otto lifted his Javelin to dd!^ 
himself, when^ lo ! there came down hill) bom 
another direction, an old man dressed in lot^ 
garments, with a great cross instead (^« staff, 
in hb hand ; whereupon the wolf seeined 
alarmed, and fled hasuly into the ooveru of 
the fir-wood. Now Sir Otto remembered 
well the history of the hermi( and his son* 
which had heen tdd to himself and Theobat* 
do by Sir Heerdegen of Lichtenried* when 
they met on the Uoomtng banks of the 
Mayne. He said, as if half^commuping with 
his own spirit, half-questioning the old man», 
<< We are indeed on the Finli^ frontiers ; 
and is this perchance the grave of the I»neve 
young hmnit?^ << Ay>^ said the old man* 
*< it is indeed the grave of my unfortunate 
son; and as I now wish to say ray usual 
}»rayers for his soul^s weal, it wore, to uy 
the truth, better for me, if I were left 
alone to this mournful duty. Tet, itoble 

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s^^I^ wpjild^ ipt that j€^ .sliould gp /or- 
i|r^ ■ firom^ henqe into, di^ Fiqland ^r^. 
^l^fl^Ti jBnJiour, it 1^ safi^ev^ 

th^A . Sir . Otto ^ gently followed th^ 
^nnit^i^ cUreqtioiis, still medit^ating on^thi^ 
ioty told by Su^Heerde^^ whi^ had^n 

bdkv^ it ; and j^ now be Jiad himself beeq 
an^e-witness of its ^th. He bent. his 
OQune dpwn hiU, th^nigh the bqepb^wpods^^ 
^kd steift onward^ the more willingly, . be^ 
cayse he heard from ,be]ow the sounds 
of war-horns and trumpets, which^ .as he b^ 
lieved^ were those of lus o^pi friends and 
comrades, , * 

On his arrival in the valley, however, all 
there was silent and. motionless, even as he 
had left it to ascend the mountain ; and the 
sfiades of night had noi^ deepened over tbe^ 
desolate landscape. Otto could not help 
doubling whether his own senses had not de*' 
ceived him, when he thought that he heard 

H 2 

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iMgwtnd to J)e duit c^- the wmli^ tlMi4 

MVHBti< whidi he: bad iIm&im iMndj u fiftriv- 
•flig. <iacM «iid OBonto vecolkot 'Mtindftnawi 
ili w yE -giniig alxom liim^ Sir >Ollo.JiriJHt 
penm^ad: thM 4ie ioiutt turn faMk hiarJHid 
and iocA' lip Into ikt! ab) b '«d^ toilMnft^^ 
<mpaat£Aue*Bbsi3LiiSi9;!49is^ hAsAAldiktmf^ 
toiouB btndf wewjAoR^ng Ao/n-. hislkoHiksi 
dauda duougk tbitt daffb>hbe cMilttg aly:! 
TUe0Uny.o£ Ibe wild mokj at i 
iiMdk be bad boong^t with hhaifiHiia: 
mmy^ now came focciUy on bia remeasihnMe. 
'.He oonflUared witb-bimadf, wbetbeniManlaD 
'weiWinot aame apeaira) deUtakm; fjretJii^ 
taoiinfla wane lepaatedi acjenm aod inoiuraAitiB- 
jfead^^btti nothcr wikU nor Istieh aa.a(nild be 
Iniiaad to ^ ihe work otewH^Bjfinki^M^ 
timm .of the OdanwaU. On tba: tsoatMijr^ 
Ihe^iiat wn^e raUierawM aad atMdtitau 

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loGft. fiirOtto, beopgiquilacittcatek idaoftb. 
«i tbe «ildict irfioicfloM :diat faAavuhUb 
-WBBimadioeto^ pkoednlottt^aaopMfiiigiy 
in an atfitude of ddetiee; irUleitlir stranger, 
mthcnl beBtoviag en him any aoiiea ^iHmbU;- 
ewr^JuMlQy passed him hy*. 3at tbewiqgle 
AettiBg g^ieey ririi]flli:<^ Otto hod efi^s 
coantntaDce, mterlf dqprirad Mm 4>t oil 
otnoglby und pandyeod Ms Hrnbt^ oMii^.tbe 
%bx)d TUftcoUwiib facrior^etciiito hisvoy 
heart It was^ m tniilb, hia ooii AHMurfi^ 
he'lfaenjMiekl,««4ni own bloomiiq^ youthflil 
oontitaHilce, though lieiieadi sn xmwoaud 
hi linn 1; . and the linettnents w«re so dear- 
ly i a wm led to him by the nobolighty wMob 
jnot then began to breidc forth , that it eetmed 
afaMtt Oi if be saw hta own figove reflectsd 
in a tniRor. ^ Itis not trnev this oennot Jbe 
posoUe 1'^ said the Knight of Ttautwangen, 
afterafengpadseofdeeprikiice* ^ Here I 
stand Strn^ aensui both io^ body and spirit, 

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im TmjtMMmaiBao. 

^SiA imattiv -^ the pntafaiioA ofHi 
lipwsbtotpoaOife.AaiJthatlla^ be^hm 
komUy Jitidedt mA f^Hibgdabg Vkm^m 
|^»P$ttlMBmigb<t|i(M3mpaMibl6cKfi? Qr&Qm 
tbf^ {atigmvt ycBtenl^'s oouilMt have I bci- 

IwAiMiaitfdiit idotcnmBed thcB, far hit tpeu 
4il ,iiiT«iQsiani, to inu^d aid tanncnt isftj 
I ovigbt.inilBed %» hare nm wp to him, to 
have thrown \mxk my viaor^ and-looind km 
full m 4he faoe. It wub hat my dosed ink 
m/9itbatgKre him mask eaangi% fcr^hodow 
ejret mot ^ogetha^ he duttt not any longer 
hoveiMempted inch deoeptiGn.^ He pouttd; 
&m herevpon it l o emeJ as if he beatd a miU 
faoEiale vmce calhi^ to him frofn the loiljr 
cMs, «< Otto, Otto I benotiowildoffnioodJ 
Bswaie of thoee leaps from rock to rods T 
He beand hb own name ; yetdienovdaoould 
not hove been addretied to Mmself ; mid his 
faloodfekagaanasif frozen in every rein. M 
length he r^siDed his vented courage, stood 
up ereot, and addressed himself to a moss* 

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na^Mttem^Biflff. m 

miione <tf tl» dliAi ibofi^ 'andttii^Mioe Ui^ 
fieoMb iRnoe had ptpcdedid :! ^ I am iitdaM 
did Ttm Traat)«raiq(6Q5 and now stattd Bnik 
HMDjrpbMae, witkoui dtmaimg cf iock tauKi 
tneKs^as thai of koping'firoiiArodt tiyitx^/ 
Aa for Iha fdkm «ha ooir dots ao, iiitf?«& 
onif: knows vh^orivlwt he k. If^iieeaitiff 
d»eato say, bawerer, that ius is the Kli%bt of 
TmsatwmgfUh he Uca m hk throat; fcv I 
alooe aiaj bear dhai naine«^ The moonlight 
now shone upon the watdi^tower^ and as Sir 
Olto- intaiouBoed these woidsy be saw a female 
%iii!e br.white ndiea retini^ fSrom a bow-whi* 
dow; but) at the saaie moment, his mysterU 
CM double-goer iqppeared.wkh fri^tful aeco* 
ra^ of reseaablaaoe, on a sharp rocky eliff^ 
almost dose to the tower, and called atoudv 
while his tcftm was agam fiilly revealed by the 
moool^t, ^^ T^nial is it that leUow wouki 
hivre there in die valley ? Let him be called 
Otto voQ Trautwangen as knug as he will 
for aught that I care; but let him beware 

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188 rax UMG90 mssa. 

dun-I dgntft ihltoD biai hea#a»d a huqMea t 
far: hers, medrnk^ I have iKit ta» nrndi 
gimuid -t» alittid upon* Mjr ■ttmexdwirfivei^ 
is Gltilr^ and- the -ma&^watmuLJ io^ttfae imdtk^ 
ttwer called tome ;-«Kiiie^ouldliear i%Wgr 
ajiat has keen and befoie he taldto- p^! imm 
dti i timtiu6»^t<ur was die name eaUsd 
abad^ not Otto; andif tbefadbbkardKR-ml 
the valley dares again ta opea kiB mdntb 
without* being' summooed, I shall mahe hM 
lb biaak his head m sueh manner 'tiiafe the 
witt nerer speak again*'' ^^Comedown ifa^ 
if thou haet oeunige to ventmre a eembaty^ 
said Sir Otto, at die same time tlH*owiiig 
open his visor ; whereupon his dowhkigoer 
became deadly pale, and faU baek aa if fliini* 
ing widi terror, rattling and crashing from the 
hq|h {nccipiee. ^ - - 

But aow, harkf the notes of the sea4»o* 
nareViB war-hom were Bonndiag thiwogh 4b0 
▼alley ; ere long bu volturt's wings bqjan to 
emevgeabove the woods; andhiegaldenshadd 
to gleam ihiDugh the thielBtts. OtttofecurBcd 

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thB mffai hyi Mttdngf iritfa his^ awbrdUalb 
agumtkm dangiiig' Urtg^ aad ese^iosg SiaK 
AmUmhy «itk a Aoutr'of exuiUdMO, inrnttK 
uiiUiic itlte yosth'jftf whom h6> had bdea^ 
laog in mitefa;i ' «< Tba Smdidi gnetai^t 
flnd< he^ f^ faM been incJuariBg' fiir-fyto^ ^ 
jtmdouly aa-if youiwere Ui ^ealy aon^ aaflb 
kaBantrom aboVaah himdred of thendUe^ 
ktti|^ ttf tiMQ' o«€ wiutfaer jrou bafl.goBdt 
Hotr'aindouflly I have played aojr part axutay 
IfhHaiy * Ha a a m kndwa ; and so for my lawtod* 
hbhmi kikm tomy lot ta ba your disoovever^ 
Athdioianil tnnea weloooie to asy bedity* thou- 
nMt wtioa «f the northern tree^ who an 
noar loafcd with triianpha and honoim^ even 
at abvanch is landed with blossoma in tfmg>^' 
tide. ' We haw hunted them, yoim^ bem^* 
even as if they had been roe, deer^ or hares' 
ctf ihc^rsBt ; for many a long year* they will 
have aanaelo TfaMmbor the Swedish frontier;' 
asdataa^in thaivi^Mva piaeoree forestrww' 
dbaU(«ilaek^>thaitt as soon as the autaaan* 
and wiater have past ovtc. Oai you kaow» 

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then jalreidTf thiU idolatnms haiiner wbidi 
you seised, and flirew. dowa the predpic^ 
wa& Drou|;lf t up again vy one of your own 
troop? .Our Finland captives Iio.wled aloud 
whcp ihey beheld it> and cped that their ^ 
ggidshad forsaken them. ^Anp h/u anjr cme 
told ypu. that the Swedish youth o^whcan 
yw.made a prisoner was the bplq^ Swerker^— 
the^ very hope and support of the pa^fn 
army ? In truths I f€«l that my words are 
oq^fuoed; for I am 90 overjoyed, and 
triumphant, to hate you ugain with us.— 
But what means all this? Why do you stand 
silent as if lost in your own dreams, and 
rooted to one spot? What has happenea to' 
y(^, young hero ? Perhaps a painful wound ^ 
— p-w"" " Nay, nay,** answered Sir Ottow 
«( I am wdl, and free from all wound and 
bruises; but, to confess the truth, the horrid 
and supernatural adventures of this yalley> 
— ." <* Ay, truly,** answc^red Sir AriiK . 
biorn ; ^' our northern realms are indeed full 
of such wonders; .they ar^ twined, as if in a 

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BlljsteDouB mhp with the r^^i^ waves of our 
Bortiiern saas and the fleams oif our northern 
Jiffhts ; ao that it were no wonder if even the 
niost heroic heart, who opmes hither lor the 
first time, diould b^gia to beat radier faster 
tiMn usuaL^ *< Bear then, for example,^ ' 
mA ^ Otto, painting upwards to the diisky 
Uue vault of heaven; whence *agam was 
audible the same munc, and again the same 
troops, in their dazzling' white garments, 
aeemed to pass vehemently along. ^* Is 
tliis all that has disturbed you?** answered 
die seMDonarch: ^ it is nothing more, in ' 
truth, than A» flocks of niow.white swanif 
(whoae voices are indeed fike clarionets and 
Cmmpets,) which in the autumn pass out 
ct our northern climes to seek the warmer 
regions of the south. Frcxn this you may 
fipedy draw diversion and pleasure, without 
may evil mixture of awe or apprehension. 
Mack now, how pleasant are thdr voices, 
mod how thdr numbers gleam snow-white in 
the moonbeams T But as Sir Otto's looks^ 

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a«fi^r4%^ ^ diveotioABof ,]iiB fmBd^. £dU 

aa^ .M^. ^>k#^ mi»t bffe rbetxifred^hiftfmit* 
tifMl fwSirAtwi^ipnisaicU f'NMrmkifdt 
S^OttOi I bdpfive tbM jm m^4iim.»rt 
i^tfoi potiew^t Jn tiiu, ««Uqr wbk^j niigM? 
9^ j^ ^touteiit b^art ^ for there $Im4» 4bft 
lOffteriom tMieT; of which I 8pc^e;wi$hjF9ll 
on our aea*¥ojrf^; andthcmi ialtsiui^iit 
obambersy . I bdield the fonaimd tetnr^lAl 
BUacb^enr in the inirronT-m^< Shall ^ip.fR: 
thither ihen?"? aidd Sir Otto 4. "^ aball ire^^^i 
oooe . safplve lo tiiar the raL ^(0 .4hQ9|^ 
iqyatariea* whkOi ten^ «ii4 jp^|4W' ^? 
l^thinM tbe.daitkf¥l ibvoud. itself m^yM 
m9V9 frightful than all wbioh it: ooooei^ 
^ Arinhioia ifflectod for ^-imoiBaeftty.tlpi. 
ip«v^ed) << Night aad dackne^s^ njf bca^ 
friend^ «e powerful auxiKanea of the .foifa 
whom you would now combat. At thia hour, 

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T«K3tA€»lOllI]MK 167 

thntefim^' it "w^ iMitte tlM mt AmOA bM' 
gDtltov^ i*ttlcliJlo#«i^ ^ Yet, After; dl. If 

Um^p^6amii4iiid'f^'y^ In 

Qbufyfi^iiMhiSMe ttrctten)^ «)flfr of straige 
I^MMaMiisi^^ B«jM$6uttf it BMftied t» hkn, Hft^ 

li y it tf tiid o i Wtthrfritf t M» heAftd^ dbi^teigo^ 
iii|g^bd^«imid rilling M die iHld^« king 
ttMei^^iia TttAing ia a( book didlx^cAl Md^ 
cUMIiiitodiM^t^rt* Tbe 8eo*fiK»Htfdi peiv 
miki^ibs^^^ hii^M^nA^B uppt^tviamif and 
alAi^^l"^^^ have \kMe9 a long way to gi^ 
biioi«f'^^«ta Ireach our ttunp.^ ; Tlieile«i|wil' 
Mttr faugtite began \b walk -hastily down ^ 
aM^4iaM^ 'and ofteo^en flir Arinbioni l^ 
iMttyMoAiibg Mlesoii 1h^ great batlleJioM. 
TiklfedBd^^aeiMMdiBgu^liis 01m wdi^ in^ 
or JtellM' thfe other ktH^ta^ who #ere ibo iit 
^eitt<di^>Bfa^'Otlo, might knOw that be h^ 
B^iJtMUigS ; or, St might be rather, that by sudr 
dMririg nrcnit he wiihed to batdsh from hid 

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own and his friencTs Iwart the feorfol phaii* 
tasiBB of that mysterious Talley. 

The narmng-star was gleaming br^btfy 
in the Uue sk)r^ irhfebJtli^'pttOBived the mv 
metooa fires of the camp^ now ntoaled in a 
Wide p1^ at the bade of die ikHltier-udiiii^ 
tains. At the sound of the sea^monarch^a 

itatifHie4 ar <he!<mlahii^r w«e iwnmirtiiilrff 
rnkutsd^ and hastmd- fimsard 40 Mtann Af 
wtHikism-sahllalMi. l^e^t^, mM lifA 
one aeoetd^ into 'the paddlni. tfiqr- tJippffJi 
ipua'loth0t^iwcses^ afed canieiaiMet^tMr 
hnrrekadcr; bitW above aU#. the Ji§^il-b(niP9 
diarger was not to be held ndther Jqr koilfft 
nargiMin^ he oaai^'iato the yfln» c mwi tfng 
and eipnolinfr tiH he had«%dhri,his i>ii<Hr» 
and laid his'haad csBPesshigljf w his^idhouUflib 
n^;hing abad m itha har^^eak Wi4 olhivr 
aolcBen gradoaUf asftnsUed ID wd thoA. * 

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mountiins. ' 

iWnniJIied* The tiqptaim-vode.up/Md doim 
Uw: iMiki^ dkafing out their appkuiae and 
QModEfi^ the dMdfl <)f^tlie pveMiig d«3^^ 
«lrtt4rt)#M abo'ipiit flooadffi in tviumpli fbr 
ttti i^ieaijr. 

S ITbev^^MOM) how9v«v Among the doeft 
tlM^^BiWiMidthivboee tenrt «f»iiied7et i» 
pi » a tili Mo toi<hfrjcy i*»t {Mtailed^ and 
1Mb %k«ir 'Otto lUATmitwai^ea. 9litt, 
thoQ^'lt Mfl ttow.I«q|lift VkifinDg^ eod aH 
were active and cheerful around him, he could 
not help recdlecting the horrible double-goer 
vihcm he had beheld on the preceding night; 

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■iMl;th6iigfa «ufli yhiuitaitma <ggWtav€'JiBen 
oretoDiie bj tlie li{^ lof nfay^ ud; |k«rpte»> 
cant soeietrf e£U» eonwadtriy* y8t%d ig¥nlmi » 
lilyperaBtediii ffwwHitig teteiwiinii iinhQ"tlftih 
imprearfoiiB wfaidi'h^ou^t ito ktvci UudsML 
These wcm tohim lik&ttixoiiaiq^^A? Mx^oMk 
firigtefid sighty wludi bimaUiart^ ydn caiaA 
IvfaeortoiookupMi BvmiHrii'lltttinbdni 
ejw^ ooarteous^redkrJTiMriiiUBtiwv-afld'tUi 
ham oottttHiplirtei specttal' vigtoli ^wdbuw 
tfrat isUdi mr kave faets deecnttea^ < Botiii 
Mich CM0B 'vte btteecsh'yoQ to faaitttecthvvak?* 
Mbldeof the Kin^iDf TnnitlMi^ttL ^^ 
oottU not ievoid alwayv thMdnif on Ui itai^ 
annaUedouUe; but at laift he eioMfitaitd 
hod aa a vafiam* kaoght oc^t'rierdr'^to'ochi. 
Be loaksd him in the fiuse ^witkilie 4%tm»ttf 
defiaaoe^ tSl^at hist k seemed aalfth^^tilt 
epeotnehad Tonidhed) mA Bbr (Molbtoahie^ as 
chenfiiland'fradJbeatteii ai he hadl btefthen^ 
tofore. . - i T «' :-w- * -• -*■>» 

At ta^ the* S>mdidi'priin^'#ta» c^iif^ 
aanded die arnqr, cime iriding al^aAg'the 

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.nakai He" jttinted;.lwr>foUi0B8.!vidrig|paii 

4MWiHmor bef ove tb^ omire of Us 00179 r fanpi- 
AMtediotipwi^iuMBtyftilHm nfaBJUBttOOf hi 
thr md' light of * tbe BH^nfeii^ ad ^^stniok 

MUfr tfaat Ifae iimmtaiiift.MpQalfid the Btond 
iil.4faiiDdenil^ ravcrberatMiv ' .Xhensupoy adi 

dM' Wy hW'IH' UUMHII^lQIlt wQ'- Bmiy WCHX 

«imftdtdtm'tokn of sgoidki^ ind dte aqiau 
mTOU^ boui norae'Mid MX1I9 WmvwBtoBoL •ioiw^nb 
thciy OTOiniiMdnf > till thtgr'iiid'fonnidiLiMi^ 
«^ir hdlUnxde soond the height cm whkh bt 
iMd tafcfB Us Btstion. Whta Ihe capuni 
gdfeped forward, and wUlat diqp were m- 
eoving their ^tders^ tltt yoimg' Sir Sislhtiii 
drew lip tot ths finight of TntotJMUigsDy aiid 
MtMt if^^tNoMe «kv in die sea^moMurcb^ 
iquedfOB I had the iMiiotttijFtBtErday of pkj* 
ii^^^igr peil. ¥ntt]flmi£brlbefutvffe.Ticradu 
safe to tide aome share of your friendship 'and 
good o^piMoa'T-^'Shr Qtt» took hb band ao- 
oordiBgly, aid pressed it with fervour; but 

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fa tlK» <M 9mwiUk pnM mm mmA te 

BB^^nea vere deqp^ ekiB, nd. 
iQtfMt he WW hand phmlr % ^imqr «• 
thigm^MHH tilt am j« XhtamiwmniP 
•dduuduy IB the Moae oCtlw f JTatwutiiit 
iiithQ^ rdiffm, tOr idl Ui hmremiUkm^^ 
rticm directed his atteBtioa ia Metiukr lb 
the eiide of ofietrs anHwd luMf . irhM» hie 
cyee were m the first fka^ fiwd vp^mffiii 
AiiDbiani. <« Ktiight oT thp ms? Md k^ 
^ by your timely oenog Am h ett h v«r4iek 
ekled in our finrowr. Yxnir. stMl^pM ^ 
sailing round the coiiotEyy iandim yiiald|i 
and unobseryedf and then jaini^f 49a 4 
proper mome nt, ' ■ a lltbiai 
a manner, that oi^y • j 
general jpouM hare 
then^asfor the famte yoiwg eagl^ariiiGh»M|h 
t4eloriou8 beak, so Igx^ mtinfnip a d te Mfe the 
dangerous pass on our le£( viaf^ TinJi jnatt 

yulture^s wings aweand m am 

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adMed be, gmng his hand to the Kni^Rt^ 

ffmtid'to a: fltfiiife #b(rgt6(^ 
wmuiiMMk^lkm 4rftti Vh^VimieF wfaith W 
ak »»h ii 'l bti te frffem-tte>igi^^ andgaVe 
»<i i<Wtii i gL tv «ftying',-ij*^hat tirar tkde^ 
iiAUi!)r44Ki#'f^ 7^^ t)wti tmamsted'ardi;' 
bm, ImkuM l bimiL ^^^lo^^ aBd affectidn'' 
iMdMlitfla'irM^hMfttMl dwedcis? btat towdrd^ 
ruMciilwd a ftfVWo#aiS th^^eon 5"* 

bfiy#»^;i»#^«mdfflA?efittttd gtofidchlldiwr 
iii»9»iir tefcl^i^ancfcrnil fiflik'' 6ttom>w 
W ^^^(^dMi^sdblli >ivhich Wai i^tirod' 
'^itfend'^df <he'bteirfer, a fang in-' 
Mr 041^ :iilime edkS Va- 

i"^^ ffimH ttfiHk '|]i^hee and Va-^ 
r<" i*lfcr,j iR the dame time,* 
▼o^ xz. I 

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h^ lobkeA hijtkhiy on the groand, amdcmdd 
rfot brtog out andther wdrA. But 'the oW, 
K^ro, asnBng kindly^ on hft enibaitftttmeiff, 
began to speak as fiM^&v-^^* Mf fa6U^ 
comrades and bluve dianlpions, thl^% yet 
ohe imponant and saious qneiitidln ^wdkih 
We have to answer. Otnr entttAek htcft re- 
treated, it is true, and takto sbtiter* hebixA 
their own frontiers; our IfusbaiiAk^ have 
sown the seeds ' of their futurls barVeH, acfetti 
wait with confidence to reap thi* firults at the 
fitting time. That their hopes maynot be 
disappointed, that the winter^ rtay-pato o?er 
their beads in peace, sdems, accor«Bi% to the 
Srin of Providence, to depend on us.' l?or this 
purpose it is requisite that sacatti our buttds 
should, through the cold months of winter, 
remain, here to guard the passes of the 
mountMns^ It is true, that these t^iotts 
are haunted by spectres ataddetodfis; ^ feitst 
k} the people say ; and, momwer, tile wluitr 
cold, as we all \nti^f i$ vdi^litt^ todhfb«Bd 
to withstand! HoweVer, 'motUafci- a trtte 

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hcso^oC.the.iwtli would.fair mf^gh^,SQfk 
tend^intb aich exiU» aAdJqok oo^thf^i^f^ \^m 
a|Ki8tini^ , 8aj tbeo^.Ti^hQ ia tbere.AWOPg^QM 
tbatis^Ql^tiojcUoedtofthisdiit^y?'' , ,, ,, 

communed.witb each,athe]:» JipA it yrm^jo^jtf^ 
^ros^e.tbak thougb manjE: a one wa% wiUioji; to 
undertake the: taak, yet questions and dqubM 
qo9un»d V> WwL which* .it* WW xiot ewyto 
mAv^ . MeanirUle $r CHtp. of Traiitwm^g^ 
OTd. jh^ ..m^a^nvMiarcb looked at e^/eh othe|[« 
and^ a& iCiAspiured at, one moiXK^. liy.tbe 
wne.eniaUpm both {uresentfd tbemi9elyea be^ 
foiaR,.tke royal comnMnder. " We w«Aitd 
gljidfy tjcy our. fortune through the wintei; in 
the, viountww,'' aaid. tfeey; " yet if t^ke 
retuk, ahould, b^ di$6Bi;ent fron^ tl^at.whioh 
you. dew^at. Jeaat^you imy be Qawiied 
i\mt 4)aE goqd int^ntiom^od^ be^itend^YWts 
w^$H. net ^•DlUVE*'' Thereupon. tbeoM 
picifiQe,.wi;^fflpreat joy «alept^ their offer^ 
nod^em w^ «U,the other «hiief».t9 

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th^billiqiif^. Eaidkeiv itwas^agreid that.tbe 
tiiN> «lMwpi«8, -the seMDonsqh .flsd ife 
kai^ tttt nry di^y dioMkt pmi^e^d toii^c^ 
the moitatmnsi; for tfaiscwaB maoanHog to 4bck 
o«tti^ MMMNit request Tbiiy failed luA to re- 
menitoy bow muck is such undecUkings-de- 
p^nd» 00 poxiBg potseawm* of this- og-AaUt 
adigyiHigoont pDtttk»y befqre tbe.«nsaf htt 
hiid'tiiiii»4o letly after a.irefiiibe. 

'While the troops, all ghouting and le- 
jvicingV dMW^gainiiiCo the eaaip, theSoight 
of TraMmangen said to tfa% ^ aea4aaeMaidi, 
^How tiMMkfid am I toHe^mi 4bat Lam 
thu&agam sent to the lapd of tbeae myiteneft 
niAierMridi I havealipeadj so «ftcra oonuod- 
ed ;- fbr otherwise they would eprermofe have 
lio^eied m tny heart, eastii^ thm* dark 
shadows orer my fiitiira life I Now, per- 
ehaiMe, if I %okily k>oh upoa dMHO, thair 
I^OKsm^'Will diapge into li^it^ aai I sbrifc^o 
mere ho pa^plexed^as hei:et?foi«*^ ^ TVuly 
my ihottghu ape like ojkp -yoats^'' aaewtaed 
MitAviabiom. ^ Niear imuld LAacovar the 

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THE MAUC eing: J0T 

tttie fai8tovy«f that 'magic iairror$ I shdl 
eitfier bvedc'the' speUt wbidi ^ar^ ^looked up 
fSttenbiy dt fbt&it mne owir4ifc (» tlie aU 
tempts so tlmt I thal^ thett^ «r4«ttitf; know 
what' mysteries' lurk behind thoM iddumw 
chkhnl, wUdi'intiittiiroi'l(it»«;<»H4Hxr8rAMiJ' 
' Beftitr his tent 'Sir Otto now found Jibe 
br$(ve' fiwerkor, of wlnhn hef bad ffDMfa^a 
prisoner in the battk 6f the preoeding^da^t 
The ^o4tfefix^ hisnyes on the^ groumi yiniltk 
im^BBpkcVoS*deep m dmi c Usiy ; but^ heating 
die J4>pi^ta(sK ^ Sir Ott^pittndng steed, he 
laokfed'-up, ond^eontemplaCedihiB victory not, 
asSt*'setoied; Wkhout satisftictioBP and/confl* 
defeiee.' *<'Mark ydu, Shretker^^ smh the 
Stfght of Tmntwangen/ << fbrwe must nam 
niritea bargain with eadh dUMr."^ ^ l%«tide^ 
fPBBdMlir what sort df h^gtm yoivhave tofiBW. 
^ose,'' tAii the Swedie. <^ In thcf Aestphue/' 
iMM*eir Ollo^ M you mutt allow ybmmif^b 
be^Ulught the Chriwian *ithA ♦^ Y«u aiay 
tetfh a«^ nmch is ywu pleftse^^ aosMted the 
^eAey '^-abdif 7(idr'doetriiiis>^bei worth 

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litiMngt' I attt wiRhig to believe in Aeili 7 tf 
bdt,* your trouWe'wiH be dirowti aNray.^— 
*«• *n« wrfl,'' answered Bir Otto'i « aMfoo^ 
jfbti art a 'prisoner, and ih*ald pK^)drlyJbe 
^^^taifa^ amdiig 'tia, ]ftft I tiMl ma^jAui^^m 
yioili^|ttn>le'6f fadnbur, itito G^ntekrf . Tbtife 
yfm IHU goinib tbeblootiilrig knd^oM(M^ 
ahd dB Ae dhohes of the DaHube^jbu'wln 
inquire for an old knight, who is nsnMl 
B^ Hugh von Trautwaagto, «M'«for a 
bastle of tUe nalm^ name, whScIl' is sitiki^U 
Gin £he banks of thdt tiver.' Tb Sir Hugh 
you will offisr iawnj eourteous gteetit^ 4oin 
Vis loving son ; y#u wfll deTrrer' to Mm ^be 
bimier 'which I took from your comrados, 
said give hhn a ftdthful account 61 tiH-fimt 
has faapipened here. Then yoU shalt'fetlzm 
to me; for metawMle I'am to rextiain>isitioiig 
your mouutaibs ttf tbe liofttii, and ydil sMdl 
afterwaxds be instrdMed^ih thfe llkkh of ^fhe 
ChrisCians. Are you now wSlllig to «Mfte 
' ihis centMct P^---'' ^ may tiMf ^s of 'V^ 
JiaDa h^ vtt iwounce mtf^ Mmmi the 

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Bwedk<t^^< Yw alujl one day l^arn b^^r 
ottth^torsw^ar by^ eaid Sir Otta; " ^ut for 
lIpftiMeitshAUfiufiice. Ilakeihebc^in^ryand 
tot Mit^in ^pO!$*a]»^p,^ — ^Op, wh«i the.3w^ 
tmd £^9d a swilt hora^ among tbooe yfhjmitx 
Mi heevi^Ukm from the FiolanderB, i^.^ir 
O^f^^lHul giyw him a bag of ^er iaop(^, 
•they s^ook huifih aqiI the mesfenger de- 
•parted. . -^ 

The* hrimaiing goblets yet circled round 
the board c^.the old Swedish hero, ai^d the 
mioitrelS' hqd not sung half their ballads, 
vhen Sir; Otto and tbe,sea^nionaroh reqaested 
U^v^ Id depart The prince would have 
fjMiy detaiaed them, but he well knew t]^ 
danger of -delays in lime of war; so ^e 
.streUrbedv'Out his arms over the youths, a» 
they ha^ed before him, and, with a vdce^.that 
!fii)terad witjki emoUoQ^ and gleaming ey^, 
igjKfe them his blessk^^- Thereafter their 
kMMia oC haiBe and foo^ weoe soon collected 
l<3|geiber| and, shouting and singing songs 
4if Iriuinphi they pkoc^ded on thor way to- 

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900 TB£ MA«4P KUn^ 

vwds the mount^iQs. TI|p ))e8t pq^^i^s 
both OQ the hiUs a^id ia the vallejFi MT^re Boga 
suirveyed am} nunnied; watfh^rs werp fiy* 
pqinte4 for the safety ia[ ally gpd fen? ibe 
ready ooafminioatioix of ii)t^ligeDce betwe^i 
the parties. While the foot*icJdiefp wev^ 194k- 
ing i^rraQgeni^ts for their owa op(nfop^ 
and th^ cayaby-men atteiK)ipg> in jtbe first 
place, to the safety of their hOTses,— i^U \>eii|g 
well aware that they were to wintier iq^ this 
desolate r«(gk>n> — Sir Otto looked f^ th# sea- 
monarchy and said^ *< n)^thii|)^9 oov 4^^^ 
are ah^ady done, being aptieipate^ by 
others, and yet it is not nefir sunset; ^e 
might therefore ride out now on pur eamp4|j(gn 
of discovery, ^nce the plac^s of whiob We 
should be in search lead us certainly in a. for- 
ward rather than a retrograde directioi^^ 

'^ I had myself thought so,"" sidd Sir Aii^- 
biom ; ^^ before us, and on the left |mui^, 
must be the old moss-grown watch-tower. A 
brave knight cannot well re^t^ unti) lie ^ 
forced out into the d^ac li^t of day id} tlve 

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dark myslerks by whidi he has been so pei^' 
pkxed ;^-«-axid so, good friend,^ added be, 
raiaufg Kis Tdice, and txtming to Sir ^otbeiiiv 
iAo then stood near him,-^^^take for a space 
the command of our troops here, and see that 
your duty be performed faithfully. Sir Otto 
and I nuisb now ride hence to explore the 
■lountams.^—- Thereupon Sir Kolbem bowed 
gracefully and like a true knightvandthetwb; 
firieods trotted rajndly away through th'e sha- 
dowy valleyi. 

After no long space tliey came to a narrow 
path of the mountains,' by which they weve 
kd^ under the covert of die densely entwitted 
branches, up a steep height, while' ef«r. ami 
anon they eqpied the dd'batdements of the 
wateb-tower.' They rode silendy and slowly 
forwibrds; and when at lost they marfced 
the* building more cleady, and at no great 
distance through the trees;' the red 'l%ht 
of the erening stm beamed brightly and 
<KlmrfuUy on its windows. ^^ It is very 
flitrange,^ sud Sir Otto to his friend, << that 

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Q»' liief ndiv^, the wrfaole . buHiiift^ ^eem 
(Aka^i 1 «o lOiigerlbokosilasfrigteAil 
aHM'myaMrioua; IhA, ^n the ^eo n ira ty^ tne^ 
thiAk^/ I mn now iriding toVatife ia^>i<mtr 
UtMfte t^^i* i^vtfr hAve I Mt d mhM iMididl 
aflff ii^p kmgiDg tcy'redcfa th« <M (»sU<^'tif* 
l^ratit^sng^ ><hifti& that wMoh ^ttra^^' ttie u 

'^< Clin ym -then fed hek as t tb F" Md 
Sir Aiinbfom ; ^* T might indeed eaf, that^ I' 
hikdh k> home over tlte^riAe iMdd't %rMM 
avttk m]rica8tle in Nbrvfay; wherdh'^I ttpMe 
neitbeiC faDier, mother, ^fc, non mteh?' But 
now, methbikd, I cotdd atmoet 1)elte^e tliat' 
Blaribbefleur dWelt here in thfb cMk to«^^ and 
that I was returning' hHher as her^hu^tnuid 
firo^ a ptosfiefotts and hoihoufabte t»dipaigii: 
Obbd lieatetis ! wbirt a happy eirfeArhj^ thb 
wotxid then he !^Huid y^y t«io; 8tr Ottlit,' 
ntulit belong to th^saniehou^'l you should, 
methitiks, 'be the Lady Btand^efteur^ bi^ 
thef; and, it it ^ett so,' ^6tfM y<«f indifeifll 

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gtve me yeiKr.«fll^ in ■mnia^eiJ^-^^tOf thaft^ 
tli«re caft be bo qutfisiioii,^8ii6wer^.BiV'OttQv 
aft llid ««t3e. tine «hakmg,Jhaiid9 .oofdia%/:W^ 
the^fiea-Bioiacch.. • ^< If I ^ad a si^lbejrr.t^Hh 
whom you ^a4 /aUen in loiee «he would 3^)h 
in tibia v«cy lioarv become joiur betrotti^' 
brida To, aa; the trutbv however, I,tli#^f| 
not time at the present nioroantto t)4i»)^;^ 
iudi matters,-— scarcely even of ray o^n 
bride or 9seddiiig-day,-^(had these b^ett the 
sulypct qC Aur disoourse,) so deeply am Tnow* 
impoessed with. the feelings w^it, Uke a^6«r- 
fill firee-boarted. child, I 'were arrived^ al^r 
long wandeong through the worlds at my Qm^ 
home, aod as if the air were filled with the 
pleasant fragianae of the pine4ree l4ig$<bld^ 
ing on my £slh^> beafth. Nay» I cou]d,fUi- 
moat knock at the door, and ask if my ftitber 
vAsn^ witfnn^ w^e I to ^ve the reins to tbe^et 
stnuige leelings thiBf, haire now possessed me,'? 
I They now perceived a kn^tt ia^oppiete 
aimoory, who atood bftfbre the wntdutdi^fiefPy 
a^tfeemed to iipeak^vdieoieotly with some 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^iipu^ aboi^ In «idePtto kmth ia th^ finit 
pba% wh|a w«a bere gau^forwardi tbqr 
cbfi9ked ttMltr bor«{«t and venaiMd qiiiei ; so 
(biit ^i^-were iiiQ|)erc^ed bj the luiightt 
wfa^ never, look^ towf^da'tbev. ' From the 
Ipwer abov« tbey now hetwd a ntikl .fonale 
xaic#» tb^t aaM, ^ Thou wild and untameable 
ypujji! ait tbou tkeii angry with me? 
Wouldsti thou .Uame thad matenal oare and 
love which may indeed be compared to a 
gleaok of beneficewe from Heaven, which 
takei up ttii.abode in the female heart, fittra^ 
it with Buob divine goddaeaa and. anxiety &r 
the wel&re di othert, thai to an earthly being 
such leelings are often dianged into pain?" 

<< Am I not your son ?^ aaawiered the 
knight^ ill a tone of anger and. defiance. 
^ Wherefore then should you complain of 
Hse i And< wherefore torment me thaa widi 
your endless wamingi^ your white AameSf 
sfana, and ni^ly iviaons,. that follow me 
wherever I go ?. fiiiher kane ntt in .peaac, 
er assiat mef to.gainthii>ol|yei^ dfjmy affieo. 

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i3i£ HAmo^im^ MS 

tioiis, tbe-besu^^ enttmtixemi who dv«iM 
jooder «e»08s tib valfeyi^ - 

*« Nay, ' wild wdreayes^t^fitftidr as ^ thou 
pe^ said the £imide^ voice, <<' Hearken hiM 
NM4eor»ed tbi^ |be beimtlftil yooxig enohailt* 
roM oan be yoww. TfaU wcmld ibdeM be 
as iC the fierce flame ehould woo the tiiiBfm^ 
takktorreat, botb^ no doubt', vapid' and vehcr 
nieot in iheir natuvej but^for ever (Uvided 
and irreGOQoikable.'' 

'^ What meana aU iku?^ answered the 
youth angrily. '^ DoubdeM I ehould kncMT 
my owi\ witfaee beet ; and I koiofw but too 
well, that my whole heart is fixed on this 
beautifut danieel, and- on her alone. Should 
I not obtain her, Aesa, indeed, I may £» 
the first time be transformed into a deromr* 
ing flame, by which the whole land of your 
faTourite Christiana will be kid waata This 
I swear to you by tbit gteat Odin^ and a)) 
the gods of Valhalla! Therefore, uroubieme 
ODt with your oounsebv but asrnt me ; though 
truly, by-so doing, you do not assiab yoUrself; 

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908 tHE ICA6I0 KOt^ 

for were I-tmceBilited toiler, ihjf power witt 
be more finmidable thu-«ver against lliote 
pcopie^ urilk their orosles Mm) prayfeiwbooks, 
whemk m your pleasure to pfotect^ Bat 
mine in truth she shall be; my gimous deeds 
on «he batlte^eld, my long otid futhftil 
wajtehing at her gale ambng the rocks^ must ' 
not pass unrewarded.'* Tiiereaponiihe female 
voie^ aMimred, ^< Her heart is indeed closed 
against thee, Kke a gate of rook or adamant, 
wtfieh by thy power never may beshaken* 
Renounce then, poor youth, such groundless 
hopes, and demst too from your foolish tbresrts. 
Hearen leads his diosen servants here on 
earth, as bis wisdom lEfees fitting, to victory 
and hapi^ness. Hast thou not seen this 
proved' but yestenlay, thou wild and reck, 
less wanderer P^ 

Hereupon thfe knight laugbed scornfully, 
and turned away, int^ding, as it teemed; to 
retire down the rocks oft the other side of 
the wntch-toWM* ; then Sir Ottd rode forwards 
from the rtiieket, sayings ^ Yidd, pagan, if 

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TH£JU6]fl;BnOl 909 

tbou art triiaev for -we drrilwre'ivd «o one 
agunte tliee; giTE'thyarif op ill peaoe^alber^ 
wife /deeds inntiJ of words shall pdora 
hoir^wisdy thr kdy: has just aow apoLni 
ffxan^ithe .wateli-tcyirer.^ 

. Th0 knight iaiaiediateLj tnrded towards 
SirOtta, and ^poiaMl his spear ia an nttitude 
of'»aratb aad dsfianc^ ; bat ia the same iiu 
staat both of tbem exciairoed, ". Hal art thou 
hem agaia, hontUe speetre j^" aad beth turiK 
ing ghatitl J pale^j sbruidc as if powerless ftom 
cash otber. *< Shdi the pagan caitiff escape 
us tfaen?"^ kncitd the seiNDonareh, nisbiog 
forvaid ; but when he bad gwied the sunuait 
of the diff, and beheld the features of the 
youth, who was now descending on the other 
side, and locked back upon him, he also he* 
came pale with ailright, and in a trembling 
voice» cried to Sir Otto, " What hellish sorcery 
is this i Art ihou then doubled ? And which 
ift the true ktiight, he who stands here, or he 
who now runs down the mountain ?^ " Arip^ 
biomr answered the Knight of Trautwangen, 

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908 THE If MOC UHG. 

^^ thou hist heard that cowardly fbgiftive 
U«qdi?Kie «gaiii8l God and our holy faidi ; 
and canst ihou adi, if by any power of acn*- 
oery we could be made one and the same ?^ 
llie sea-monarch took' his hand, saying, 
kindly, ^* You have indeed reminded me of 
t|ie best proof, and sureal consoiation. StiH 
ihen, I have you and hold you a» my tried 
and fiutKfuI friend, nor shall the powers of 
darkness ever again force such delusions upon 
me.^ Meanwhile they heard the mild fenuUe 
voice once more from the tower : " Alas, Ot- 
tur r it exclaimed, " wiH, reckless Ottur ? 
rush not sd madly down the steep rocky 
cliffs r 




How the two Knights were entertained hj the Lady 

^^ When that voice souDds,^ wid tb^ Knight 
of Trautwaogen, ^* my heart is irreuat^blj 
attracted^ and I dare not longer remain 
here ;'^«— thereupon he took the bridle from 
his Ijght-brawn steed, oonunaoded him to 
fitand motionless, and then wtnt on towards ' 
the gate of the watch-tower. The se<uw>- 
much, as he lodged at the buildiagt seemed 
shaken by an inward and irrepressible ter* 
ror; yet, whereTw his beloved and faitbr 
ful companion led the way he woeld Qot 
remain behind. So he now followed the 
example of the Knight of Trautwangen; 
yet could not help asking, ^^ Is this voioe 
already known to you, whereby you are 
90 powerfully attracted ?" ** No,'' answered 

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no 10B BCAflKBIVO. 

Sir OttO) ** I know it not, nor ewen M0 
I tell to whom the vetde belongs, yet 
thitAy my beart b irreustibly moved, and 
iRipired at oaoe with melancholy and irilh 
confidence.^ Aooocdingly, when they had 
knocked at the gate, there appeared a tail 
and gfaoeful form, in snow-white garmdnta, 
with a green veil hung over ber head and 
fixtures ; yet through this ^eil the lustre 
of two light-brown eyes was risible, like thb 
rays of the evening sun through the tangled 
Ibhage of the green wdods. 6be \ooked with 
' surprise al the two knights, and said, <^ Wher^ 
ibre in all the woihld hast thou retui^ed again 
m>«xm9 And how, Ottur, hast thou come by 
that black and sihrer mail? But thy looks 
are now fkr mom mild ami tranqui]. Hkmi 
hast reflected perebanee on the injustice widi 
which thou hast treated ray oouw^ls^ and 
art become good and pio«8,^-^is it not so?^ 
^ Lady,^ answered the knight, with a eourte^ 
etM bow, ^^ ray name is not Ottur, but Otto, 
to- which is added the sAmarae of TrautwAK 

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gtn r howv^rer d» mtrah Iicali prooiMe^' tbiKt 
shonldiHit tbou limk ^ ta bestow on ne a 
•lure^of :tbat lovwg idndnMi wfaidi ho* 'Wen 
Anm to the wild Ottur^ I shall ai feast ba- 
kate^b^tter aad move pioady thon^fatt* hat 
aanen . 

The Jady stood ior a wMIb motioiiless and 
eilent 9 at leoigth ^e said ia a low tone, ^* So 
tfaanit was hideediiio dveam, when methougkl 
I -haatd yoor voiaa sound yestdrday from the 
depths of the valky?'' Thereupon she bowed 
her head, and added kindly, << Step onwards 
trough the portal. Sir Otto von TnuHwan^ 
gen, and bring your coeimdetoo, if il is your 
ideasure to have him with yon. lathiaeasde 
yiMi shaU always be made welcome, together 
wisb every oaewhom you think fit to bring 
bkbef.'' Sir Otto accepted the iafvilataoa 
tf^Xji but the sea-monaveb fisllowed slowly 
and with heritaticai. 

^Saihey entered the cattle, md proceeded 
upilongAwindtng stafaieaseBy through echoing 
passages, 'Md dlanA>er8 fiUed with stnmge 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fyi^ Jn ^one^ of tlMe fooMi as- tfa^ < 

hii ifqo glpi?e ti»6Afm.«f Us fiSetid, aid^^piiii^ 
log ta a litMie*<wori( !oo tht imtt t]Mt vm hidf 
ooncealed by a cuitain, said, ^^ Tlurt, lif^J 
mitido. nott .iQMt be< the nsgib Insmir T 

t^eosi ^^ yoHT kUid ztcefiiMi tmbMeof aife 
tonM^eoof r^yuesf. Wautd it be penttilCed 
kne to laft uprliMl tumdn^ tiMil my di^ 
W9&[mh9/i fajghl/^bonourtadrporlmtis fJaeed 

pieafie jrou^. Siv. Krai^t of Trmtvaagov? 
«)M«^t«d tke Jbd]r> ^^ thai nMVjr iiufaefl: be 
4f»ti«« But thiii iBii<^ I miiat.teU youibcAnr 
hAbd, Uiere is Mpontiait behmLfehatauttray 
bM a mirKir id wIkw giMQr ciqplhs Xjomr 
w^ .say tbat the ivMkbaH^ness ofi ssyr^liis 
has been wrecked and losti. |bbii% tDe^S bane 
aCtfirwards loet $U bopb tbat ,my .ftMmes 
mji^t ever be t^evtd* • Tbap^fei^t- bate 
hung this, curtam orer tb^iiftitf^; wsdiiinia 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

wathdcaMrB-snly otoertiitr seftsoo^^tiii^ye^,' 
wktm iliivndiaalineBls mmy tko longer be oon-^' 
cc«M, aiid»whtB, totlieii^ofil pmt) I mp A t 
am nbmipt. if^ iioweroivrfoa'^rii lofjtebdd 
its^wttodeis, ^Mi^ li«v«i but- to gke> n^ fll^ 
oigHd.'' Widi these woids she hiicf fte|>ped 
up to the dai4i-red eurtmn, and grasped' itt 
goUni card^iwitttii]^) 'Ha it MOnied, for Sir 

> At hogdi, ^^ God Ibrfaid,'!' said the knight, 
^^'tliat I sboiUd dcflisd aught tiMtt i^'comrary 
tt^foiif'WtU.aDd |daa«iire, unl^sa^^ added he^ 
tonaDg^ to Sir Atfiobioni, <« I were well as- 
suicdlliat ihe^wliole ha{>pteess mA*i^^dis»e of 
nay noUe' AriaMl.afld brcmher 'm mmn dep»id- 
edtn tfa0idiapor«ry vbut) tO'Si^ tiie tratb, I 
d9«at beSeveJdlal'itia ^htnt^'Awilfarim dMl 
lwi«aodcrH«ht8go#dibn«tift.*' l^heaeModo- 
navsli/aliaok Mi hedi nNmrfffoltyy asaefttrng td 
wlMt £ir 'OttO' had said^ attd then* hofwed 
cou rtimJ y to' die My, who ww retirod 
fttw iIm Mifarror, and' 1^ her gneeta.onwtol 
iatoi aaaAtf ' dlaaiban Heie4( 9Mitd u it 

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ai4 TmE^umMcmsBo: 

Sir Jkiiobwny oenifMryto^hk usmI i 
httd. bdoMBd' bmUe, ••bmiflim^ mmI «vhi 
nAniAtosfMik. ffir Olto, oftiheothevfauid, 
wMgay ftiid UQConoamdy eKfWBmimg all fak 
dmngbtfr «» if wkh AM ONifideiifle: bctee 
ihtir tpleMn oonilueUrets^ who aho apake 
!witb bin kindly and c^ecrfiiUy. 
• They bad-aow taken tbcdr pkcea atajonri 
tabk, that stood in a antH^foum fiuntfyiifai- 
mhtatdd. ^ Oh Heaven r eried Sir Olto, 
^ mee we ctane hither, how hare my hmg- 
Joifc tranquillity and- Ug^itneflB .«f heart been 
restored I oaly one Aeugbt a^lcomeB «c 
intartrala 'to perplax me Is that wandarBr 
'#hom yc^ name Ottvr a irnm lodtedy or is-he 
ao9t rather a horrid shadow of myaelfy aaiaho- 
mioaUe ipeetre, who* haa yet tuoh power 
over me, that heea»ateal enres my owa Aa- 
tiires, and involve me kt suck iaditsoliifale 
anarstf of- soro»y or wituhcaift, that^I ahall 
Aever more^ be tacurt against Ut dehauoBs 3^ 
f^ Nay, be not ihwahormed^^ anawereditfae 
lady ;' <<'tba yoiatb«f whom tbm jf«ak'et.ift 

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Tm^.uMnc *jmia us. 

iwAutd A ina% aa thou Mrt« wlia>iiQir) dmoim 
bi» vhcde li£i> ia order ,ta g$in tliei«ffiat:tioai 
aCtftjpoung pagan eochiuitreaay mho imtSk 
DOtfar dwtant macayeirf the Jintopd voufi'- 
ta«0^ aad-'ifho firoaa henoe wouHfODdJaUli 
loigmis e£ evil spiiala^ who are tl bar eam^ 
maod, against the Ghristiang oC SraikQ and 
NaKway^ weMiit* ndl that I' aoa har^ te in« 
tek^KMemy pnalccatkai* No ooe^.^ hoxf tv^ ^ is 
aiwate of the noiselaM^ idvisihle^ and yet M^he- 
mant contoitioiV'that we keepi m|^ against each 
other. Yondtti^ intbe dimanne^ by>lhe; light 
w£ the-now rising moony you may tbdMdd bar 
diasUing among, the xo^"^ The knighibs 
w^t tothe windtm^ and catttaafpbted.the 
^nrideaxpaBae <tf woodbrand aaauotato^ that 
vie^looktd sad and mdancbdly 4ien«alit*tba 
inttBenoe of departing awihiiao Tfaiioi^ktbe 
dtttttpmpouss of the night Ahey.behtU> qa 4»e 
oliter.'side.of the TaUagr, m mmog^^mrmM^g^ 
o£ ntkBi wfaieh noAe like pillara^ and waae 
jdacd M ^ 1^ Jorfcning a lofty arch# irhile 
oae <MMikl aet deep- intoiA'JbQg.nltfeafiBg 

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4lilpl;(ff».|iMMWM'h»tMMi* ■ ^ i H » > .<ia 

Oifep^ *< ifo iirfhi-4nnitli -thin >pri>i—i> 
Ngbt 10 w fl^ mty ^ aaA» dM^f kmBittm itim 
tn^tu^w^^l hB-mama^wfimA aiiiliiiil I *Bmt 
tbe lMtf»4ak cum. «f 'Ms hiJMfct* Btwi is, und hktali kalbeit gttw Uwa 

tmd Ae uoiiappj Otnur of wImaimi ipohif 

Mit«r OMy Moeaedl iWiiKt' 

tomt 1m Itti' WW, all iir lmr*«riE% ani in 
nunl Jl«l be nil! HBl liMD to wfmmmtB^ 
I on to his own dwHruB^oo fW^lht 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

pwiribn or^deipr«lelalicli«l|^ <^1^0ikm, 

ami! J ^ te m4etet DO wM mrntid^ -^Ht6 

mdkw A>«ii^ tlie ragged* Meeps^te^ W tiirh 
miii.*Vki»»Br0in MCh evilfr ttny- It6b¥^ protect 
fl»r;«Ag«er6d Sir Ott»; "^ wtid^Otir to Vtie 
fM^mti^ot Hikram, -lietMitk^ U is your 
oMntfisirtM woald moM aid itie ifi this woridP 
^»llb^ hfiy chuipdbliep hands a^ SifOttd ii«d 
imMMriwn 1m preMaunceA ^lese wtirds; eSie 
iMlnid Mt tran^fttily M ^ pltiasak <inodli- 
li|^t; wd the kMgbto were iH^we; thi^ 
tfM^^ liK-dy D«t vpeak MMHy, the wa» 
AlHi^«nga9id'ia ivfent orkKHifl. 
. .AlNff*a wUk di(P turned Ami the windbw, 
MidMfc t^"^ N««r,%rai^ WtthMr^^-il is^iwe 
Ihttt 7M '4imM Mfcarii yoiM^rai ae tRd 
ler yomr JoMg jbiihi^ bMief r*^ 
briMM I tlie tabfc ni iie'miAdle 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

''^iiosl;;4iiiss€dfliefs^fit,'' eaid thpbr> lm » tf Bs; 

tM PKPof,. at ;ir^l^a^ gfft«iof mQVflriqmi> 
oc ^pi?Qfi;^ wi^uUl bare mmi mfo^j^fb'^Mit 
vm4^^ a4^^y»''— ** WJbo irauld Jwr^ fi»t»f 
taii^ such dpiyi)t%'' md the Sipji^^rof 
T;raul,waiig«iV ^^ since we ,lmQv.4^i^,*w« m^ 
uadei: jflour roof, kind wd jwas l#a4y Miiw 
i^0tro8t?T«-^' Jndrair said ,tbeiriiij^4iiKmi$ 
ho«it^» io A moumfol ton^ ;. .'^ h«t^ j^^Imw* 
hafve you learnt that name wMich«hai» l^ma 
9Q long jupheaid and jforgottei^ ?7-•-*^^ V^haok 
Heaven T answered Sir Otto^ *^^ X^, Iiilyms 
(bund you at last; for I well.koow.tlwtijf/Qja 
can be BO .other than the liady 'Mi^MiML 
Of ywr Jile fiEiiniier]j) and ypur castla on.ll^ 
shores of East Vneshmdy I *\mve.i9kmd^ 
heard fixnn Sir iHeeidegw^ and.JS^rtha of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

« Utoiff faiight/' said *lie; '^MSby' IdAks 
should be graver, and thy tdiies ^ImmWer, 
niien thou speakest ef thy cou^ Bertha. I 
itttt indeed the Lady Mhmattost of whoiti 
Adu bast been told ; and both yoa, a^ the 
bmve'<5taipaiiion who is now thy companion, 
a^ w^skotne gnests in my castle. I know 
▼ery well that he is the sea-mdnarch Arin- 
bbm, and that he has been. once here ere 
now, though then, indeed, his presence was 
unboked for and uninvited.^— With these 
words ^^le cast a look on Sir Arinbiorn; 
whereat he was forced to turn his eyes to the 
ground, and could not for a while recover from 
faia ebnfuMon; till at length the lady urged both 
knights to partake of the banquet, and by de- 
grees tiiey became tranquil and cheered in 
heart, more even than they had ever been in 
their yth(Ae lives befiure. When their enter- 
tainment was over, and tbey were taking 
leave, then said the Lady Minnatrost,— «^ 

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"^^ You may oome twice every week to ymt 
me, as you have now done; and hme no 
fears for your troops in your idisenee, tx I 
shall protect thero.*" 

■ • ' . , . ' -t , 7l ^ I * 

. . - • ' • ; *'" ** 1 '" 

, i i (' . f , » -. »f. 

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• Ml. ^- ,." f * II I *jll ,-i ■! 

. • . - • 'i . .■ ;•. . • / ■ ' •'•i >; 


Of A fti^tful combat bj mg^t with the Finlaaden. 

Kow the cold blasts of the northern moun- 
tmns had wholly stript the beech-trees of 
their leaves. Over hiH and dale, wmter had 
spread his stiff glittering garment of snow and 
frost ; only on the high rocks the fri^tful 
pine-forests of Finland, in their mournful 
dark-green, were flourishing as before. Our 
two knights, however, in their winter-camp, 
continued acdve and cheerful. Whedier they 
rode out for amusement to the chase, through 
the now-faded forest, or in quest of more 
serious adventures, when the pagan hordes 
b^;an to shew themselves on the frontier,— 
or when they returned home, weary at night, 
to their wooden cottage, which now served 
them for a fortress, and sat by the blazing 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

SB nu MMac mro. 


hearth over their hrimwing horns of mead, 
aad teUdiig of pan eiioounteiv**^*^ ""^^ 
idways oQDlented^ ai|d ttk no lack of pattitaM; 
Thay were indetd codscious, that di^ y^iete 
aetiiig as faHhiai^guaMliflis^.Car the pnmc^ 
tkm both of Norvsaj and Sweden; and afiw 
those days, when th^ had been engaged 
ip aBducms,4vinfliflt^ wbea the -shaw hju— li 
th*m had..of6en>bectt..stained .with i b l»o d r >■. 
and ajfter .the. long^.eromngv epentiat their 
wild caUn^ aaaoBg,*tbc jrocki^ tha v^a^ vhiah 
thex'dtdy wade, at ^vwalch»to«err.of idiS 
vi^terious Siruday. irBns.taiAsni lifae.'sad' 
den gleams of ainlig^xm^idai^.jviBtqftlaAili- 
sc(^ie. £!ren Sin Ariabiittn. hadi maw re- 
gained b*s.oopfidenae».aadi(aU.himsetf aa if^at 
s home i»^ the BrudaVcastlflL Mai^ritimefr^fae 
eotertained them with wimdnwi iWiaar hat** 
lads, and riddles^, such aa they had XMm&^fbt^ 
fc^Eje^hoB^; and even* wtbenujha nanainedd^- 
lent,. their 9^ta we«e. nottoo, thati a^omant 
d€|>ressed; but» on the amtraryt>^ll9*£dfia 
mild, suhroiniveyatience settle-on -thmheails. 

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VHI MAkue llMO. fi» 

Qaly^at.oM^cirriiBMUniee (be youths 
•wiewiigt discDntonlMii/ nunely, beoi^ifle t^ 
luri.asnr. bdieU their, kind hostcBs witfaeut 
bevy long grten veil; and 'tiioi^h her hghU 
btmm^fiB mieedL abooe thMAij;^ tfast cov^r*^ 
nft^. aoi eve^ ^very* gesture "ftnueuiiocd the 
kjodoeaB 9mA) o^mtpomite that reigiK^ in her 
mimd^. yetuher othw fentures' weve always 
kal «iH'i]i a deme aatuuaal ddodi Otto 
ventured oDoa to expreea him winder at Ai«^ 
aait to bcg'that ahe woviA lay aside her r^} ; 
kot Aewmfy anairered calmly and resdutely, 
^ Oh a»l that may not be thought ef;"" and 
he^dunt not speak any flEuther. 

So it hdpftened) that late one evening both 
tbd' kai^^iwtefe seated at the nmnd marble 
table in the Druda^s eaatle, when aD of asud- 
AtilsbriitiiBaiaeititiit^ laid her finger on her 
lips, in token that her giMSts also nmm. 
ftol ifxak, and, ai if listeiihig to some 
amwga aad-mysterioua sound, die raised her 
gkM^owg eyes to the ctfUng. Then she rose 
aad went to the window,* looked out atlciw 

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t^vdy OB, the stars, ai^i<ari^ ^lottd^' " IJ? 
horse, brav^ 7^^^ V"8*^ to. Jipwe I -f^ 
with tl^ sp^ of Ug^t to jrour tmopi; £np 
the swyrds yf th^ pagaps are, po^.^f^nv^qi! 
they have l^iadreooarse to thfii^ w<^ted,9gracj^ 
be then brajre an4 steadfast,, for fi^ t]^4l^|^ 
d^nds your de8ti;uction or triiu^ph-T,, ^JfKA 
moment tjhe two b^ve w^uriors^had, alaqpfd, 
their visors, gird^ pn their, ^wqrdp^ .aeia^ 
their long ponderous ji^velios, . and bojfcd 
Gourteoi^sly before t^e Pnu}a» wh^^ at jt^ir 
departure, ml^le the agn .c^.th^.,9]xiss qa^ex: 
their heads, and repeated ^er fprmer AdiDcmi- 
tions. ^^ To h(M-se, apd jrusb cm with tlie 
speed of lightning to your camp T Jn an- 
other minute, they were both moui||^ and . 
their horses bore them, ^wift as an aproni from 
the bow, down the stieep path t^t led^ frc^i^ 
the castle. , 

As they advanced o;ei their wi^y t)irpqgh ^ , 
tangled thickets of the for^t, th^ heac4{^t. 
strange confused noise of voices apd ratjliiig^ 
^ms ou all udes; there wore fires kindled 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


idao, which shone from the snow-oovered cliflB, 
etqpiiecially ttdm aitiicl the |)ine.tree forests' ot 
tK^ Finland ii^htfer. " At length ttiey arrived 
a^'dunt't^^/kUd, ainid all i^is didturl)ance, 
f<hftilff''ttieff ''bobps in-^gdod oi^der,' the in- 
f^ttHty 'khfeifly under arms, and*' ttie riders 
s^iMHhg^tnr'Ui^ir horses. ' 'When tbelcnights 
i^lffelffed^^w^W^' inspired ty new •courage 
aAi^Ud^itt^arittcipiitrons or approaching vie- 
uitf. ^^ lllfdtirit then in God^s ttame !" cnei 
tlfe'KlMgAt 6f 'Trautwangen ; " and let the 
U^^kite^ inftntry'Iead the way,^ shouted 
Sitr' AriMHi d ru . lii brifef space, these arrange^ 
mentftl^^ tilade, knd they proceeded on their 
Tobte thHSu^h tl^e shadowy valleys ; while the 
yotlhg' Sir Kolbein, with a'band of scouts, 
wtf^^Mri^y engaged in a vehement skirmish 
wMV'tfi(^*bar1)arous f Inlanders, who were 
bdS^iig^aloiidf like -inlA Ibeasts, and sliower- 
ing agmnst him numberless javelins ai>d ar- 
TaWii.'^4yv^T the van of iSir Otto^s troops, 
af tlf6*'(taiihe t!me, there came strange missiles, 
tbiit;"t5tirned and' shone like the stars in 


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iMaveb; whereupcm ai^e oried MoKid^^ 
^^ Tfaafee» attack us witb fl9iiihig.0^efti»IV* 

air is fiM^ with serpents and dvigoMtV- 
'^ Let them be what ihej xoBji* ctiefl'fir 
Otto and tke sea^nooavoh ; ^Ire have^lwre 
right and- justieeon oiur nde. Onmwd^ then I 
for God and owr satire land r*~Wiih lihcie 
inspiring iivords, the only "battletctj aschr 
which a Chnstiaa warriop oao .adhmsoe iriih 
due oonfidenoe aad comragB^ /tfaey aiwri wyd 
their way tbroug]i th^thiokets^ aoda^oiicaine 
up oloee te their hxleous*adirersaiMb' 

Amid these- wild mtuntains- weve hgn^^md 
there level glades enclosed. with trteB) aiidt«9 
one of these the batlJ^ sooa nged withiSMh 
vehemence) tbat^ in theconfiieioiH aided by the 
gloom of apjMoadbing mf^^ it* was .«oare^ 
possihie tO'distioguish fidendj ftomdae* But 
still these- flamii^: javdbiar flew at iatannals 
over -the sqvadnwis,. aody by their ;iiticeaE!ttiB 
gle^uns^ betrayed to. thet^stoPiabedjTiniatiinri 
that the front^wks. of the enemy were afr- 

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asted by strange %ure8, such as they Imi 
neter t9i notrbdicjd'; and though thiey md^t 
havi^despiaed all attacks dT sword and jance 
against body and Umbs^ yet they could imt 
dentjr diat such firigbtfiil shapt» weve inSup. 
portabfeand distracting to the spirit. Fmbi 
« dtetanee, too, anMmg the rooky cliffii, forms 
yet' more hideous emerged, and stood tottering 
onrcr the pagan hcxdes. One knew not vhether 
these Here gigantic demons, or only lifeless 
alandaida boitie by the Fbihuiders. In spite 
of aH this, howeTer^ the Chrisdans repeated 
dieir batde^ories, and nidied forward with' 
courage so renstless, that their qpectral foes, 
whatever ihey might in reality be, were forced 
bnek, lost* their footing tm the lerel glade, and 
fldnced into a^eep valley. Thither Sir Otto 
aodfthe eeiMnonafch intended to pursue them ; 
Mt wailed in the first place to arrange their 
after this ddrmidi, and to consult whe- 
they should not station a party both of 
I and foot to protect ih6 level ground in 

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now followed, all 8Ufb< .Uioogbls. 9ai^^s)tm 

^i^t^ ^fffwJb^r d^k,fauN:Hi^.iMm>tl^Qmiflo 
4#n8^.^Q4>bf4wily» th^Ahore wafrBaloDg^ 
yieikU a «twk iDir of l^ht*;, Hpr ^eie ;diqr 
qpw aid^ bjr the in<9toetf^ea)KiLof tiieir cm, 
q^ie^'^aryspparfto irh«Lg(ddfiliaa3iiPiift.ofitM 
ai^n)aQai;cb» Md^i^^le^^sor «f.^ Ott0 roo 
lilrmit^apgePf wen^^ikeum^bservod^uidiioi 
di^jtinguUbable in tbe wihjtiKJb ;■ my^jnoitei 
their cyainnMHlmgt voices and^UeD^lesf^fl^jiav 
l)atUe*honi% wa^^e ox^q|<¥W4er$4 l^.^'lrayii- 
iqg cries of the flying foe^ (>y .thei miim «f 
t|ie wind which bad riaea almg^wkh^lihe dank 
dpudsy atMl by the duHiU which .U|«ir jM9 
soldiers raised in triumph at. their ^k$mjk 
The leadecs found tbemselvta indeed stmng^* 
Ijr, perpl^ed. Unless Ahej wiihed ^ be 
rc)|ij^...downb3r tbe hors^maa of tfaeirurtnMn 
lyiMadrons, Aey were pbligvd.feo^'-aiorvaiiMi^ 
W4Mr4, to give the moa uplOiUieir.iNirses»»jiid 

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TUmi If ACOG^lt^Mk sail 

tliKiiiitebie»^ki a'kiildtt off 'oai^liicbteti^^^ 
talber»ttlie>ylae0' flight be riMfipac^'C^'A 
ganti aid detf ceMioft. ITte' iKS^i ftMe 
Ugbawmod tkem^^and Ioiid>FevaE%^biGM^ 
echofS'^aimouAc^ ilie :0sppiomik' 6^ ttK^'-ftme 
fmiU'thetclifto «iid ooivertsef the-motiti^ii, 
whoruQw to tile'AMMdt wMi isoirfti) nhMtd MA 
■dgbnig«f«h0nlM Here'dleti'tiiieChribtittte 
eoqiettadi that tfa^ battte wouM sboob^ dMiiild 
ID llieif favour; but the same fiery miiMi^ 
aooe nareiflemi^vertimr heads^'and, by their 
^nuntridg* flight, the soldiers bdield hiAebus 
iqpetiies, that gttnned ^n them^ and stretdhed 
oiH' thar long Uottk arms from the tUeketiT: 
ktseemad'at kst^'aa if the whole 'Villl^yi had 
dkmgfdi into «ome-^ bdrrid pagan i^wf^ 
wkt&r% thesefigima repiCBeiited the gbds, and 
vihete the Ofaritftian troops were to be iitifflb. 
lated in saorifice. Even the horses, accus- 

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aV TH£.MAOIC.BIli0. veie tor^woBj tbmPODoble i 
tens into the heart o£ ewmty daxigutf rtoped 
and fflioffted wdldty ttt.thevnwofiitwl 80<mdband 
du^es by wfaidk tbvf irare now smroundMl; 
aad jUlof. the■[^.Sur OttoVligbtJ>row]i^elMd 
not execptady liecaine uwnanBgc«ble» whedttd- 
voiMid and round, md at lait foroed their 
bi9MR nden awBjr witb thenL in timid and db* 
osdedy fl^iu. Then the Finland soldiaES 
bowkd. and duouted as if in soomfuL triinnph, 
and) wiih redouhbd strength and courage, 
sem down fjDom the cliffs ahowBrs of arrows 
and jaseUnsy aothat many a bcrsenian among 
lhe.ChE]Bt]ans fell dead on the ground ; and 
jtt tnoffe of the fiiot soldtees, no longer pn^ 
teeted by the cayalry^ wmse left in the pmrar 
of Jtheir enemies* Not tiU late in the night 
the two commanders contrived to qoiet tibeir 
bomesy and bring a troop of their most 
fiulhfiiL adherents into regular order beride 
them ; and this happened in<a narrow rociqr 
Then, beheld i from^a snow.oov«red diff 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Mg^ tfait wvolred likft a ifierj isrlicdb; and 
iMteiikimi vWbletln^fiRmoftlle yonng gel* 
d0ii4DdHd«eiictonlfeiB^ Ibmigh beautilb),'y«t 
Jiwftik ID look upciki wMi hmt dt^ereUtod 
httr^trattmiag kr'dM^iniBd^ a dnMrtiiawtNrd'in 
her right hand, and mther laft, des^tetof the 
wiatij aoaaoD) fi ^wteit h g a a ch > '^ Aar I 
1Im» known at kat ?"' criad'shetothekniglitg, 
11^ ftaod gaai&g up at her wkk BsmmemeaL 
<* lo I I am GFeida» dia despised) the ro^ect^ 
ed. damaeJ, whoee Aiendakip you ha?ve heir«» 
ioAMe poi pco ai d a&d.ranoiiiiCQd. B«t mar 
youD Itnasave in fny poiwer; and if youim. 
fiue to be racom^ed^to me^ tken sbaUiny 
fmj so^ieota be atnt forth against you^ tiU^ 
amid the rodM of -tfab naiMV TaUey^ your 
wild honiea will ntab. onwaiida' to their own 
and yoordeate^atiDn. To4mimw^B aimJight 
wiE then* reveal the tunrnd sight, ho>ii^*yoiir 
uoops, dial* wei^ to»4ay so fnU of life and 
hope, afford only a mangled heap, frosan ta 
the eai>th in the Uaod diat Aowadfrom their 

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ownlieflits, a sight that none dare look upon ; 
or»fMtblfio^'^6ti wmM' \Aivef' ybiiifei^lves V^ 
fligHt; iml if tslK^ty^'be ytHA- ifiH&y l^HtM M'' 

tarily-tMy imHf^ tliteir t^H fh ilWf diife^!: * 
tioiHt •imcl>: sifi> l^' ite ' gleari» oT'^thk ^/* 
whMi 4mdmi«dto pliiyto^c1«s*aFftUnd^f^^^ 
a botmdleas ^xt^ni ^ smdbth ^ce/lijP^fiSdl"' 

'' Will yoQ grflkip adfbfc i^irP^ toM ' tU^^ 
w airirf W t yj - <«* Trtily, 'whwi'^ou aiid ']^our" 
holwi tdjgdther have Mee tiieoointe tfiohyi!^;Iifff ^ 
madtadd reekleds, ^ori wiD ptttdte fadbti^lU^' 
for our amueeineiit, tffl you ftfi flashetf^W^ * 
jneces on th^ iee, or «itik timm^ it4tato Hiaii^^'' 
vaiookeAJht Afw.^ Anif re8(dvedto*put*l<tt ' 
end to this duMMtrse, die flto-inonarch' ahd^ ^ 
Ottd^bolhl'aifted their' warLhctam'to thi^ \\i^' 
inMidlAg to hhm thi^ rigtuO for oU&e/t^ and Vo"' 
fight at «dl eventtrafif long as iheii^ senses ^ir^'' 
maiMd, or'^they y^me^Me tiyttt'^bn Vhrffr" 
hor*». • then* 6erd^ otoc# nfeW a\tei¥$s^' 

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youriumonr, butjinii wjitb wt ! .Be no^rofMd $ 
jfout ^bfiU oof biB nquiiiedita^li^iirellu^Y&tth 
of ,tjhe Cluri0tiaos». but .p^ae&imajf.betviade 
beiMceea u8». and the. {i^^pfe, for. whom ]^ 
Qowamt^; fui^.b^Qcefertbwenu^.iiMioh 
fortlUicHvmn4)l7tQgrtli^,«>l^;viot^^ oanw 
paiigqs through. the videi ^isfidd* W)nt sojf 
youtotbia?"" With. tbew. words she locdiad 
mor^ thap ftver beenuful, and mmgetfy bad 
diejQuiigSir Kolbein beard ber. to. augend 
ere b^ tbreir fainiself froaca his iiorae^* 
gao.^tp cbmb .up the unowncov^red cUff 4)ii 
whipb .she. sft^tod. ^^ As for thy tbreats.>€if 
de9^DMPtM>ii and veoge^iice^'^ cried be^ ^f I 
heed, them, not; but.tby tieaiuty and^lbgr 
promises have weimd . their . mi^ v>spdb 
roun^ mjr h^sart. , I .^i^ be thy ccHopiH 
niQ^ .tby.chanipipii, md go, forthwith 4iee» 
even to.,t|)p eo4 of the i^axAT. 'She sea* 
vionareh and the Knight of Traotwangen 

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All tnmdBt m cnmsijMtrailies tkuii lur Mittld 
fttmtotoOMD. BiA, nenwlil^ Gtrda baU 

MWttbb «ttnK^kM» be advanced* tiUat-lttt 
he fluddcdij madt^ Ub appmnmcei anod iIm 
fiaqr oiide bettdaheivaBd^ withJinilesof ooa- 
Mrac^ made eigaa to lu& oamttidta thal^tiiiy 
ihMld joHi him then* 

Arinhiwm and SirOtta looked atoiieall> 
other fioraviiikiii sileiioe, and indeed with 
melaiiohcdy. At last, ^ Oar end will indeed 
come secaier than I had tbnught,^ aeid the 
lea^flftonardk ^ Ay tnily^^T^ed Sir Otte^ 
<' and I shall not dnqr it to you^ I aboiild 
gladly liaT^ lived a lUtle Imger in tine worid, 
asd:' gained sanie laurd wiaathes ere I 
died^!"" '< Fran mj imaoit hearty'' antmiw 
ed) the. sea-namarchy ** I also ^ould have 
wUied that this had been pcMsible.'* «« As 
I4UK ntffr ever,^ eaid the Knight 

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^ TnutwaiigBD, ^aiid.ia#»'tbr€MCbMtMk8 
5ttttdei«hwiU«feioiigidi8tMlct>oii^ tsMii^MllMt 

hmiefyiSrJihB fmnds mmi brethm^ wt flhoidd 
tkmh^dsehmre off nak liklier, aucbJter.jMiit 
alias M», ittttliid teghrchoiB h ciM rc^ if»<M' 
aU onmeB tlist urer urf ooiilQ(lftT«gaNyi?«Mli 

, VlnreiipMi thty embMmlroiardklly ; andalL 
twtlwfi had' briefly adiMiniied their tiMpi 
to die nebty, and foil' nod in thdr pmyert^o 
HcflKiM • tb^ siMtttedr al#ud' to^ G«0dis«« 
^GoHie OD tiovi if 1 tiwu wiIt;'k>-4lKni Adt 
hear our signals for attack.^ 

But, with the first notes of the batlle- 
horblB, lo ! they were surprised by the gleams 
of a new light that shone from behind them. 
Looking back, they perceived that it was only 
the full moon that now rose bright and se- 
renely over the motmtains. Ere long, how- 
ever, her fight revealed to them the welU 
known figure of the Lady Minnatrost, who 
stood with her hands d[aq>ed, and looking op 

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thankfblly to heaTen. She stood on a high 
oUflP, and ere kog her mild sWeet voice was 
heard addrosnng the kmgfats,— «< With God*s 
help and Uesttng yotr have overcome Ae 
teoaptationB by which yoa ware here assailed. 
OniMrdB, 'dien^ in his hoty name, and your 
wicked foes will By before you P 

The&ie that circled round Gerda became 
ns^ pale and exhausted. The moon shed 
her bright' solemn ^;bt over the mountains, 
and guided the Chrlstiali wartiors agiunst the 
Fitdimd hordes, who i^ longer dared to rally, 
but fled howling through the snow-covered 

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. , , ..,1 ,w * . A\ul 

CHAFTEQ.. XISL. . ^ m . n 

, ' . ,...,.' I ,ii 

How Sir Otto once iiKirefDQ^apterfd hU,yp nWi^p i y «' ) 

The nKxmipg bad now. davx^;, tb^ Spgfat 
of Trautwmgen. bad (left. bi^. fa]|t)){iil ^p^in. 
charge of bis comrades^ aivl JWunt^ MP Mi 
tbe top of a steep hjU^ ih,at he nu^t dispenn 
fitw thence in what c|ii^c;^on U^j pucipili 
could best be continued ;-7whe^ber tbeji. 
should proceed fieurther through the ya]^% 
ok: now retreat by tbe way they had coma 
On the hill-top the rock was cleft into two 
great masses, as by a giant^s swcnrd. On the 
brink of the precipice stood Sir Otto, and 
rejoiced to perceive that be had advanced 
fur beyond the Finland frontier, and that his 
txoojfB could now assume a station which 
would be greatly more commanding and advan* 

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tBgMM thw any tint thejr bad faitliatto foi- 
floiaed. When he was lost in these ofifleet&daf, 
l»t thew appeared^ dirough the SKmuAgftga, 
a tkdl figure eLun aiairit^lniigh^lm A^ c^ii|^ 
site half of the deft rcxdc With his yi«or 
thrown- bask, he'gMsd'iutMmdhhn/ji^ 
Otto had befoK done, till soddebly dieir eyes 
met together, and bodi trembled wtthtffir^^ht, 
-u^eritwtts indeed Ottnr tnd*<kto w4io had 
tims^^c w l nt erfed each-etfier. ' 

At leiigdi, ** this' cattnot and* dhafl not 
longer be endured;^ cnedOttnr. <* At the 
sight of thee my -senses are again confiis^ 
and^rfan-drivento madness. >ln tHk woirld 
oHechampion.only must live widithaf ferm and 
th^e features. Biesides, thou bast/ih' this la^ 
night, ^beaten^s from the battle-fieM; but, if 
I-eouldnrnkean end of 1hee,'the faitbfnl ser- 
vants of' Odm and ^alhalk mi^t hope ef>^ 
long 'to redeem tfadr lost honours, and htHict 
jiM vengemce on theirfbes. Ilierefot^'raise 
thy spear, and defend tbfsitilf, for the cleft df 

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tfiaifrooiwifiaiMda-mjtPiMirim matdtku^ksi^ 
ei«i<tlie 41111 has tvlly metkkkAi^hiMeMfqm^ 
]m^0BAmmt detenoiDe who i« to bmm /tb» 

-ivJIIGtb thenar words ^ hvmadi»bfA hk mt^ 
•ivf j^tidip bigh/iyferJiiaiitftd. . 
. «SYet^Jbaltift«ioMeiii»'' M^^ 
tbipkfl JbyjJie >«QQihat wbieh ihoUfiiMtiMw 

mind. How might . that vtiuDt IWftior/tbe fin*, 
tui^ vrbo hiKltput lodcyith bis owm^douhleP 
— -wer» Bot that torsny that bebad kilM 

^< Trulj itwwldbe ff}r''raM>iiered:OtAur ; 
«< but^^wimalWf w6 sbfdL %ht with aloMd 
wars. Oaefiomot oMKk then bow bis own 
Ipamras arestaimdwUh blo^d^ovi^timiog in 
4wth'0 a8Sffiy»''--^ThQi^«loBgdbi0 km 
btia^rar with a great. ceasbf aikl Again jpmsl 

<^ Y^U ii»erljnks»w? «i^^ becM»n«^>finnds 
aivi bietbrm in anns,'' answered Sir Otto, 
<< and this on terms more intimate than those 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

loWBr TP^*^ WiHW * ^Vi^%Ntl^fli tffdt^tUHKf 

thou wear'st the wiih|wiBr ,4£ jQMM>t Jfcii 
cMst IK« piwe ♦ fupwri y md- n jcqaiarP 
« Heavfiu f<wM r ■M WHU dttbg.j 

wd prepaRd H j wwlf^ JMie )mm 
tbe-coMb«t • For »i 

«faKh.4(iad fi!i(«baK« 

- 8 

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^tSM tSklBM ARO. IK 

Iwfiii^-^Brecdi^ all Us whifil igdIiite'Omir, 
iftr#oiM dMbdMlnif e htnaed^Mi the 

i0w kk ki{iptoaehi Inii mbmeiirthe K^igHt 

ineibtilik 8tt«iigtitf , aM fi(> i»fttecl ita 
iTflMtf dear <yver the h^ld of hk pftgaii liM^ 
deep into ^ neek df the YSg^g 
I wirieb hnittedUilcty^ MT, irrefUfeg iHcU 
^ anoi^ the deep'MdfW. ' 
^ What meaaest thMB, Otto r said the pa. 
1 yovdiy aft dM iame thne dropfmig his 
■r; ^k M im po Mi b l e that thou oouMst 
•o bad a mari uM ft ati , aa to throw 
ofer my hearifi*-H>r, peradTeii- 
i faaat done duB bm in aMdtery i^-^ 
firOte aade a aigiial that he ahiwdd look 
Ima ; and, on tunm^ round, Ottur 
m wM beait with the anow in hk 
» was Mw atretnUng hb conTolaed 
1i» laat agoi^ «r lieagh. Attina 
» and at ki«tii9 taong to tte 
n. L 

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2|# THE lifAGtC B»a. 

XUi^t of Tr^utwaDgen, he thr^w back his 
T^; whifteupcm the kttar foUo^^ hk ex- 
4af{)le;'aiid the suli, which juBt th^ rose, 
shcme btigbtly on the features of both iBe 
jrOuD^ hetpcfl. They hckei at each'othe* 
vnth td^ess and confidence till Qttur Klufl, 
-— ^ dhall we then exchange sw6rds in loken 
of good-will, though the fates fcH-Ud that 
we ' should march in ' the battle-field toge- 
ther ?"*— " Nay,'* answiered Sir Otto, ^ 1 
dare not give away my sword ; for it is a sa- 
cred pledge received firoin my fatber'^s hand, 
otherwise it should be thine, and that right 
willingly ;— but mark what I have now to 
say. If thou indeed lookest on 'me as a friend, 
then, for the future, let thy rapier be named 
Otto, in remembrance of me, and 1, in Wae 
manfa^r, will name mine Ottiir.^— " Be it'so,"^ 
answered the pagan ; <^ I agree thereto with 
all' my heart; and, methinks, thou art fiir 
iriser, and better able to afibrd good counsel 
diao X am, although thou seem'*st to be 
several years younger.'*'—" Ay, truly,'' an- 

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8ir«red t^ie.^iHghfc of '^'lAii^wfff^^ " %* 
loQkeit. apmewluit pU^ tjipan, I ^^.CJiioqg^. 
in 0h^ , jr^iipects^ m «re ipde^ but f^ 
Wk^ to ea* <Hb^.''-r-*VSa tliew>T ^ tt4« 
P^fffBf brandifibiiig hi? wfiord, " i^ fj^ 
fifi€nd,i8,?j^w,tobe call^ Ott^ P^'r-" Ji^ tf^ 
wd^iro¥e4 cc^rade pf num is QWtfd Ot- 
tmv'' repli^ tbepther, atrikipg ^litit^ bis iron 
^ove on bis swprd^^so that th^ blade ,rus^ 
1^ rattl^ io the^ scabbard. Tbereupontb^ 
two warxiors nodded kindly tbeir pailtii^ sar 
lutatioDs, aod both desoended into the xeihy 
to jmn th^ several squadrons. 

From this day onwards, the winter was 
spent quietly and peaceably amid the snow- 
covered mountmns. The defeated Finland* 
ers did i|ot venture any more with th^ eih 
obantments to provoke the Christian army; 
and the commanders on both sides past a( in- 
tervals many tranquil, h^ppy hours in the 
watch-tower of the Lady Minnatrost. The 
pious Dnida continued, as was her wont, to 
appear calm, contented, and mild^ as the sil- 

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^ i!9£ BfAGic Ema 

Terjr moonligfat ;— only once, when Sir Otto 
repeated) at the banquet-table, the fiEureweU- 
soDgs of the beautiful Astrid and the 8tem 
Sir Hugur, which he had learned from the 
wise armourer at th^ s^ippnardi^s castle, 
she b^;an to weep bitterly, and b^ged of Sir 
Otlo^ thiit ha navet would wig those 9wda 
to her again. By the knight her slighteat 
wishes were ever looked upon a^ aniriesistiUe 
law; and their life glided on so pleaMnt^, 
that the two champions wondered how the 
winjter in the north had past 86 soon away ; 
for, ere they had thought of ch^ging their 
station, the mild zephyrs of spring were al- 
ready breathing through the Talleys,-^he 
rivers again flowed in their rocky channels,— 
aqd plots of green grass and flowers b^n 
00^ more to appear amid these wild northern 

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■•nm il«Fsg«ttlNmiwr«asbM»i^toSirHrig9iiMm 

While Sir Otto^s time wag thus spent sitM 
the Finland mountains, the same winter bib) 
past cheerfully and tranquilly over the head 
of the good Sir lAigh von Trautwangen ;— 
for the Old minstrel, Walter, often lived 
many days together in the castle ; and if,—* 
unable to give up bis wandering habits,-*he 
sometimes went away, yet it was never very 
loi^ ere he returned again to the hosptable 
board of the brave knight, to rejoice him whh 
his marvellous l^ends and songs. But of all 
consolations with which Providence now bless- 
ed the old cham{»on, one might say that 
the greatest were the delightful dreams which, 
in these winter months, always came to him 

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inl deep, not onty during the mgfat-houn, but 
dltentiines, too, when by day-Egfat be slumber- 
ed in his great arm-chair at the bknquet-table. 
Hius it happened, that, instead df beng 
angry with himself as heretofore, when he Ui 
weariness and sleep weighing heatify tA Kb 
eyelids, he was glad at tiieb* apph)adi,* in 
order that he might again be soothed hy these 
visions ; — tb&k, for the ttibs^ part, Ae steDAj 
and feehngs of Ins youth iretumed fo UIb 
whh a freshneg^ and lustre^ that tme mig^ 
well compare to the ing^t of' U flotitUii^ 
gatden in s[ning-dde, where- the weeds xi 
meUsindioIy iaad regret dai^ noC.^tow, ttd 
ohly ro6es and bther bright' toi^en 
forth tSidr treasui^in the sun4^^ 
the flower-beds, t6o» waa-viaHde <he Jt0ig 
and blooming fcnon of Sr Otto, wlio iiposiif^ 
1y p'byad amohgtbem^ and ciiHM ftuiflk ifc e 
gad^ndsof^riJciidl^'odburh^ '-* ' 
' So it came to pa^ "Omk oot He^ ^ 
old hero 'jiadr fitten ^ee|!l^ ' iMm^ ^f^ ■** 
Wfi^ eyea. were closed^' rgoic 

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,thot]gbts of the maiiy pleaiuuit and iifart- 
eidtmiiiig ti^t8 which he xoi^t ere lofig ^ 
hpU ; but it feU out very diffet^tly from his 
exptd^tioaiB. Ere long he iiaagmed that^ he 
heard a^ strai^ger coming gtanipiiig up stairs, 
.with footsteps so hea:vy, and with armour rat- 
fing in such manner, that the very pfp^es of glass 
in^the windows rung in answer to the sounds. 
7^!heieafter he thought that three vehement 
knocks fell at meaaured intervals cm the:oak. 
door of the hall, as if given by the iron- 
gloved hand of a knight fully accoutred. 
The dreaming man willed to call aloud that 
the stranger should enter, but could not at first 
utter •one word* At length he believed that 
he bad spoken, and thereupon he heaod the 
door open, gmting harshly on its hingea; and, 
lo 1 thare a{^^eared in the room, with bloody 
irndftagfatfttlly-distorted visage, that renowned 
fbieruaner of evil^-^lhe Avenger^^-»with his 
taU vutense's wings on his head, whostretdu 
«d out ^clMoiied hapdf d^tqpping with goie^ 
iftihitittning w& spectral ^goltjl^^hoi- 

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-'lib m mi^ iNo. 

imng with horror^ the old knight started up, 

and scarcely had he begun to comfort himseif 

with the reflection, that he had but dreamed, — 

when he heard^ with all his senses fullj 

awakened y the heavy steps on the staircdfie ; 

whereat the windows indeed rattled; and 

thereafter came the three knocks at tlie hall- 

door^ till at length the brave old manj. i% 
■- '■ ' '■ . • t* . lL;jrj/:/o hnrTrNiTEL jS 
able to contei^d with thi^ flupematqral Tiata- 

tion, lost all recoilectiqm .and fcdl nick in a 

deep swoon. , * 

The squires and horsemen, who were sdB 

retained by Sir Huffh at his cakteT ^'fEPi^ 

at this time, all to be absent Some hsA ffooe 

forth to the chase ; others had been ^ent m 

quest of the pld minstrel. Wl^ter ; and. toe 

rest into the pearest town fipr provisiQiis toe»» 

tertain the wished-for gfiest. At such thoes^ 

when his mess^gors remind^ him fbat;^ 

ought not to be left thus alone ^. thi^ ktif 

ressy Sir Hugh was wont to answor^*—*' Tbe 

ojd warrior indeed, sits here alone/ hpt apounl 

him is good store of arms and armour; andt 

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in case ot oeed^ jt would not be lonir eie^ 

m m owji defence, he h&d snatched from 

lioeflxiri Ju . .■ ' '« ' ' , , , 

the wall aome weU-proved sword, thai hi^ 

mpogtXan have wielded m the bloody field/'— 
This time, however, the first squire who en- 
'terea we hall on his return from the towm, 
peroetved that an enemy must have been 
at the castle very different from any one that 
Sur Hugh had expected ; for, as the old man 
sat 80 pale and motionless m his armrchair, 
it a^^eared as if death had been the foe 
who had now assailed him. Thereupon the 
squire began to lament aloud j and assem- 
bled round him all his comrades who had 
now relumed to the castle. Just then a 
. trampling was heard acro^ the drawbridge, 
m the minstrel^ Walter, came hastily and on 
horseback into the fortress ; and hearing these 
lamentations, he said, with a deep ^gh»^— 
** Alas ! thou brave old hero, has it then been 
the will of Providence, that thou shouldst not 
live to see thy son return, crowned with laurels, 
from hb long campaigns?'^ — ^Wheu he had 

h % 

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BB6 !ra£ HMVOBBia 

taU'i;&flM% iDm-dial At 4bete> it MsiMd«> 

fiHn uif hfeoldfiteidfKidldiiotjMfatHvI^ 

4estL Natare^ifi, in tnid^ kind^ltt 4w pooto 

tod fMnattelsy and if ihey fMnrtiamtean^ 

Itaowledge of her mjmteiiet by ^ lak nio i 

^hs €f leai^nBg, ike mmfkpkmmfj&f-ti' 

iseah^imeB vhe oMlsoa^Mm a^^feusLof Imi^ovd 

-Bght, or tl»ofWB to Hmn^ «» ifiiin jpcortv a 

wicmhr of flowcrsy whiiiMiA thejr .ctti' "wdik 

frbndklrs to tbe astonithment of jtt wIm are 

not 90 gifted. S» it faippeiitdy tlMt the 

wimtrdj Waker, was in poeaenion of Upsoit 

preciMs and fkagrant balsam dtidlad £md 

^mimy rtte plants. Soon after tlM4iU loa^t 

had braalbed its odours, -iiejoptned- Ida mfts, 

and said,— *^^ I hffre aatni in 'Aiy-abtms a 

"frightftil appaiitioiir b«t aoir tliair I. am 

ttwdce, wliiMis he that oame.4«D torn- my 

dteams into' rei^P-^Wbare^ia' the' aoUHer 

J iilkyMappiri lip staii«y iwldfc liiaUeavyjaniour 

'^iffig and mttled;^ and'^wfao' knodied^^dtoee 

'^Ibbes at the door with Imb ,iiim glotre P'^t^iTo 

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idl tUi M Me 'diflre pvoneiit ^oaM' return 
woiy tmm€t\ . At 'length ih& -M w»aud»r^ 
^ Tint MiMtyM htta beeft beire4»^ te^ 
attduBquestkntahle; and that. not as a mere 
apint, Imt aa a «arpoffaal beifig ; fiur do jou 
not see that strange tBOfAy that is nov r^ht 
opposite ?**-<»Looking in the direGtioQ to wUch 
lie pointed^ they indeed saw an extraotdinaiy 
banner^ irhich waa placed leaning in a oocner 
<ifthehan. The standard was fashioned in- 
to the KkffiMws of a honible dragon; and 
around the shaft were inscribed scHne verses, 
whidi the wise minstrel. Waller, well knew 
how to interpret They set forth, how this 
dragon had been won from the pagan Fin- 
hnMlers by the powerful ann of Sir Otto von 
Trwatwai^fsn; therefore the Swedes would 
tor evermore jnaise him in their waiuaoog% 
and cbendi towards him lasting gratitude. 
Hearing this, aU the sqiures and attendants 
dwnted aloud for joy, and oongratulated 
their old master; wUk Sir Hi^ took off his 
gveen vehret eap^ and at last said,*— ^ If the 

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deTil indeed brings us such trophies of fic- 
toiy) one must take in good part vliatev«r 
evil dreams he is pleased to send akmg widi 

U -.. . . *.-| . • i.: . ■ • I. ' t :il-:V*-' "*^ 

1"^ j; o -tit'.',' .- -ill »' i.O in\: ii.'iir'JT* 


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flow Sir Foiko de Hontikaeon came to ntcue the two 
damseb from the Moon. 

Oh the rootof an (dea&der-tree» m themiddk 

of one of tho6e d^l^htful gaidois, which 

'^'^ out from the Spanish town of Cartha^ 

S^nitewards the aea, eat Qabrielle, with her 

^i%bt eyes directed to the asure vault of 

heaYmi ; while Blanchefleur stood near her, 

W'itiiig a garJand from the many beautiful 

Vd rttoe flowers which gro^r pfofusely in that 

warm climate. At some distance, a black 

^e h^gan^ in a very pleasant vcace, to ung 

^lo^g ballady setting forth the immpaigns of 

Sr Folko de MontfaoccHi against the Moors ; 

"^fdalmgy how fifteen of their bravest 

bi^ts bad bound themselves by a solemn 

otih, that they would go Ibrth aijd take him 

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ttd ttu Hfikcno mf&b 

|v|ioiier;*--wd how they- bdeed aetouit upM 
thm w«7, but not one of «U the fiftmi le- 
turned ;«-«-how the Guadalquiva river vn fed 
with blODd, and the news of his e^^kte nog 
in Seville and Cotdovft;— moveov^, bow 
the M ooriflh brides lamented aad w^ tot 
the loss of th^ betcothed husbends. 

'< Alasr said Gabrielle, <' theie aie other 
bpdesi who have had cMse t9 weep even uoie 
than the Moorish kdias.^ With these words, 
she QouinAdly had hsr face aad tutted awi^. 

The sk^e was alanaed, and said^ ^ The 
great Alkk knows I thought to h«re iMde 
you dieerftd with my songs, sanoe they wieie 
in jnrsase of die deeds that your great-eoon- 
tryman pei^fimned among iM» Why thsa 
should you thus weep?'' Without answoMg 
her, Gahielle continued to address JManefai^ 
ftemr;— ^< Oh^ how fortcmate are you ta pos- 
sesiing sttoh a famther I may we hope everio 
see him in tins life again?** Then Blan dieicm^ 
heart was also moved, and these tw0 beautiM 
damsels fdl into eaA othei's arms, and «t5. 

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iffttaeA lofte^ kktJtdit affit^ti^mi-TlteMilMlr 
die Prftkfe MtLtm <kne wMi digii^ad^iiMUi. 
kat, and gleui&ig in'tSiet^l^ndbiir df h& 
4Hw>0Mi i^parel, Into the gtaAt^. ' Wh^ lit 
«ww the ladietf vtil "v^^epibg, lie retiired i«l 
tipectftiBy Inr m ibir paceft^ and mlde k 
Mgn that die fcm^ ^Te diould Mne io 
liftt. ^ is this then tUe inamier,^ sdd he, 
^« fai wMdl yott fulfil ihe service' Vhidi t 
iMniited • to you? -I beard ytm playh^ 
#n die- harp; and' wMi your Auric you 
MiaVe oifly niade ttese la^es weep. What 
ymir fedisb songs irere I kncm not; but so 
moch itfoectaniy that ttom the pAeasant task 
of waking on ibe beautiful GabrieHe, you 
shall fiom this day onward be excluded.'" 
Gobridle de Portamour however observed 
MutsA diBoontent, and said, <^ Be not thus 
«Bgry with the girl; she b not to^Uame fbr 
<eur gnefv though it dianoed' that her music 
-brodght tei^ to my eyes. BeHeve me, that 
'«^eii thtetetears afford more relief to my heart 
Aat all Ae pkasui^ 'which your hncurious 

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palace oonld offer. Rather shoQld you re- 
wBra tin6 slati^ lOr neFTantilni {tttflWliwc 

oit^ns,^ **'ftaad'Wte<'-iffl^«^'«ffli^Wr 
lte^;^iFtth a grtldom'\M^W^-<< i!Mk 

lAfch it'Urlii ttiy'poWerWfulfil. ' WtJdB** 
tfteveii dmt your ecmiAi2»dif'V4i>^^<ft^ 
laid ^pbnihe/that j^u tnlgb ^ W^Uiy^ 
thtey wcmU be ob^^edP^^ Tfcriti;:^iriWlg*' 
answered QtahAdk^ <*I do cdmuiaM^jdttld' 
conduct me mad my fiietul, Ae Ltd/ ST 
Montfkucon, back to lite coasts tf ^hdeodf/ 
firt^m whence you so unjustly forced ^tslawi^' 
«< Ahs ! Mrest of damsels,^ answered UjiM^ 
wfth a deep dgh, << spare tee btit thb dlife^ 
request T Thereupon OabiMIe turned Unit* 
hhn with anger and icontentpt ' '^^ 

finder the garden-terrace^ cloee to the gp^'* 
den trdfis-work by tdneh h was ehdosbd, fe? 
there was now seen^ on horselsadt, ^ laS^'iS^ 
^ magnificent HoortBh dres^ ; h& oMiiilakB^ 
grave, and almo^ adenm ; %Ufe, tIioi%b ke 
was ratber advanced hi years,iie^ iib(ft0>' 

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fatfge »imi8lt<?l^p», mid a. ^oBg., :Pf wing ^h^^ 

hyf,th^ (#^e3| wd d^meaflKw t^j^ff, 1^ 
lodl|:^^yp9P 139 perwn? erf tigfc r«nl^ G^ 
l3i;ie^.^af4 J^ImcI^ i|p fiomt^ 

f> ) ta^ >\fifayit ez^ctl}^ knowing wbere^re;^ 
«^Tpffegf»c«f ttl curUifiih^cQp^ tbia bpjf;' 
Imii^I[ th)"jtg^ yp<^ ifflkgowp clwnpiQP> Tfee 
jH^Qfe i^oc ,!^'Wat bijitaxik) returned ctiaoks 
vi^&M^r^^i^ bow; thefidiewqp&ereiB^, 
wid.nwri^>»vttgp that Mutza «bou^ cmae tpr*. 
nwd to the gratkig^ in order ta ipaak -wUb 
biifv !^|^y<^th, wlioliri^ ill other tvfearfo 
pn^d ami.oFeyl^earii^^ now ^a^M^ndd with 
««^rWWA, of^fwjit hipottity tQ obgr the ^ 
nti^}^ykfp^Jfj|c^ the stranger ithvew bim?^^ 
in^ auA^w at^tude^ attisg odewajfs lik^ a 
M219^:hVti^<4fie; and a dialop^ ogmmtb- 

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Blaochi^eur, W9» .for the most {wrt ito^ 
,8|$pd ;, for thfgr wete no ki^^ igoocpiit 
^of tbe Aralfiaa language. U "Wbb i^ffiir 
.Ipwa:-* ,.*,'- 

. '* A^ tboie theo,'' aaid the piagg^ificrfft 
.8tnaiger» /^ the two be^utif9l damaela that 
you brought hither from Giaaooiqr ?— rTbqf 
are indeed rare and precious gems of beauty ; 
but, methinks, young prince, these arp but 
pearls and rulnea, and thou hast left a dia- 
mond behind, which is far more admirahle 
and praiseworthy* Or is it, perhaps, but a 
£Edse rumour whidi has be^ repeated to me^ 
how the grave and seTere damsd tenified 
thy cousin by her threatemng words, and bow 
she stood scdemnly clinjpng to the ef09B^ u 
the red li^t of the erening sun f* 

" May^ it pkaae your highness,^ anawe ^ 

Prince Mutaa, << all this is indeed true; 

and the wonderliil mtideaii^ whom we wece qii> 

,9bl6 to brinigwith us» is named^in hercywn 

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otrantty, ihe Lidy Berdia Ybtt Lkh'tenried.^ 
« Widl, tiheii, h^ar what I have to offer,** said 
'the siranger; *^^ whoever shall brii^ itiat 
damsel fiafeljr to Caithagena, beautifut and 
iimooent as you then left her, shall receive 
'fbl' hi^ reward a third part of all tiiy trea- 
'tares, to lie Ms oWn fre^ property add that 
of "Ms children for ever.** 

^elretipdn a dwaifidb, swarth-visaged man^ 
1)ut yet m rich attire, eame forward fi:t>m the 
pi^mde^ train, and said, <^ Were these words 
dten-i^lceki in earnest f If so, may it please 
yohr hi^ni^ th& Lady Bertha \6n Lichten- 
ried inay soiely be fotmd within the limits of 
Cfatfitendom, and, if fband, may doubtless l)e 
taleen and Imnigfat hirfier.^ ^ It may be so,** 
kagwered'the proud AraHan, with a storn^il 
smile, ^ yet, methihks thou art not the 
cHampion by whom such a scheme wOl ever 
bi' 'carried into effecf* " I had only ven. 
twed to ask,** said the Moor, ^ V your 
li^hneds we^ in earnest wfaen'yoii spblce of 

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£tef tbfrd portioii of your fortune ?^ ^< I have 
pktttmsedy*' answered the prince^ ^ and me- 
thihkd, Alhafiz, thou riiould'st have known 
iSiat my promises are never lighily leckoned. 
^ So dlto we AaH consider in due time,^ 
aiiswered the other, ^^ liow the beautinil 
ikMii may be yours, and the money fall to 
my share; ' But time won> ail may be won,' 
says die proverb ; so then let me be permitted 
for the present to take leave of absence from 
your highness.^ Thereupon, having made a 
low bow, he rode away, wbile the strange 
piince, in the magnificent dress, looked after 
lum, shaking his head and shrug^ng his shoul- 
ders, as with compassion for the vun boast 
of the Ettle pdan. Then he tiumed to Prince 
Mutza and the ladies, whom he greeted 
kindly, and regaining his proper portion on 
Ms horse, trotted lightly away throuj^h 'the 
pleasant fields and wbods of that beautiniV 

^^ What is his name?^ tssad Gabrielle, wbei 
the prince returned to the ladies on the terrace. 

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«< Hetlunks, I hfve not, for nw^r. ^ td^i 

beheld anj horseman^ who if as 90 'bfilliu|^ 

attir^.'' << He b the grand Emir Ni^rredcl||f,r 

a^wered the prince, ^^ the moqt ipvi^ci^lf^ 

and rqnowiied Moorish knigbt that the wcyld 

has ever )cnown. A>ft^ hjs deeds 'm th^jfiery. 

eastern climes bad become numerous an^ 

brilliant as the stars in heaven, he has come 

over to us here in the Wert, in order that 

his brows may not only be crpwned by the. 

Asiatic palms,) but also by the ridi gre^. 

laureis of Italy and Spain. Our wise men 

look on him as one of the most prudent of all 

counsellors ; our generals no less admire his 

courage and activity on the battle-field ; and 

that the beams of his favour and oondeseen- 

sion have fiillen on me in your presence, nobfo 

ladies, appears to me no less flattering aad 

delightful, than if it had been my lot before 

your eyes to have conquered the sternest foi^ 

in the lists." " We understood very well tb^ 

oonrersation ydiich you now held with Jham,"" 

said Gabrielle, proudly, and turning away, with 

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2Kk TOfg MiflTfl MHft- 

d^fi^aiil ; <lMd ifte tqint, %l the qoeand inlj 
inie.6oc}ii w))q. .protects, th^ ChrbtifM^, ifjU 
deffpclfiertbA vqn J^tew^ ijrom the £94^* 
of tt^i tygei::;, whom^- inde^ you. n^j^ w^ 
pcMflei as yoMT .muster iija4, the miiTor ^ 
Moqri4i kjMg^t)]po4s ^jbce, int^^,,fii|it msh. 
mj^ a£ter jgaut m^iejt^, he beguis to qpeok 
of violent deeds aguost defeni^ess wcuneiw''. 
Wilh a cold in)pe];ious look, she gave the 
prince to understand^ that b^ ^ould inune-. 
duUely retire from her pres^oe ; which he did 
aooordingly, silent and eml^arraraed, while hj 
a seoqnd signal, she in like manner sent awty 
the astonished female attendant. 

Agwi seated on the fragnmt grassy at the 
foot of the oleander tree^ Blanchefleur looked 
at h^ friend with such an expression oi 
mysterious hope and rejoicings that the fatter 
was astonished^ and could not help askiog 
what had j^ven rise to this change. ^* HeaTen 
b^ praised,^ answered the smiling Blanche^ 
fleuTt *^ tl^it we are once nK»re quite alofii^ 
and I can speak to you without feai: cr he4- 

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tfldon. 'Tab jaait plaoe near me oti tiler 
gtaas, bonrerer ; &r eren thoi^ there Uito 
loMoer near at hand, yet of tbougbts Hk^ 
tbose w!ndl axe *iiow in toy niind I wotilcl 
radief' speak hi whispers than aloud.^ Then, 
when Gabrielle bad done as her friend dented/ 
the blushing damsel hung down her bted, 
with its luxuriant tresses, and sttd m a km 
soft voice, ^< He is here; die minstrel, Aleard, 
has come to us within the last two days. I 
have many times seen him glidtAg round the. 
garden and the palace.** 

Gabrielle was abotit to estpress her joy aC 
this intelligence, when suddenly there ap- 
peared before the two ladies, lirho knefw not 
from whence he had come, a strange man in 
a slave's dress, seemingly jroung iii years, 
with dark-gleaming eyes, and a pleasant sniile 
on his countenance. He apph)aiDhed them 
resp^ctfhUy, and bowed, not after the Ara- 
Wih, but the £uro}iean manner. •^ Who art 
tHorar^ cried Galmdle; «* have tome spells 
of enchantment brought thee to this pladt, or 

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Hi hi lull felir 

to- dmrnqfttf ■ in tean^, dii t «it^ 
fVMtr tolwhly WW Ak !.■« IwiMi jlrtl 
wfriwt'it* BokiyvBaricif I. 

•mr M>;— I hate only ttmntAtmm «Mfei 
golto faws of «i» tnUiMMvk, iriiiek Kin; 
Mly fiM Mondflr, audi Hh* i»plpi«l"t» 
BMtly tbat no <mm>tctfM potait^nifeaiial 
Uen done. As to yam ^wbdmmA, «ha4 

it ThMbaMo^— I «■&«■ ItdiiA: 

«m1 had die lupfrintM- to ht « : 

the fwtag KrightofTrwif^gtii, ii||m< 


fimooD, the Lady BlaadKi^araMBAft'l 

of Abehnd and Hdoiae wkh th» 

Alaari. ThereaftCT I 

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MIOivlJ .»■•*' •.-■•■ i- fe 

a;.iv Mvw : 

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ikkt-I'tAH unmlmmi^ ittid «fich m p t ii i i 

awv iu i ■oMiMife wh&4o nol'proabHMai <cie 
4Mii||r«%iita6.^ Nm% Ae Lady ftiWtlti'biwtti 

tdflab^m iMJy^^bat I aAjwelf farr^ juit «l|iaii 
MMiv^rttmskNiM. Tlieie #laiiB% iMNrc^^CTy-JM 
MKyot Mbf ^dMr, efiett lo^mytdf ; bst fil» 
€f«Mhauid cottfer on nw'tlus ring^iwoukUkr 
•vtrttMMe sgeiwe my MrrieeB tadb grlUitllds^ 
and thb 0Uidi I can afirm^ that, iriii|jier«a« 
afmre orcommdeoii tbedieldoF4aagav^IaBi 
iM>th adiTe and trnatworfiiy • Na(jr» ptrchanee 
at thai monieiit^ where we are so &r fiNNtt 
Cbriatkn paofde) my aasbtance is iadi^eiiia* 
bly requirtd, espmaUy when, an mirrajtmte 
has to be carried through ao-diAoidt « thai 
which w^ now pniptMse.^ 

On bia oountenaace). when he^mmoiimed 
these words, therfe appeared auah « mwttiie 

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jMNPliim-^lGtyit liini,ulh«iiy/ i limtKknjmk 

ctein^iMiihfitbdi.ini^ ef wliJKb Uiet.IiiBtory 
aod the^YiiiiuesireffMaecl ov^jto.tlMiday a 
vi^terjr t0 hmmit She disf ngugsd- ii fiom 
^ Gbaio^,iwd gweittJQ the mwdm^ sajoii^ 
•^^^ iTheoe, ;yoQ have tba j^l ivbioh you.doRnf 
fiiOBi me. Bm bai¥are.of the c(maeqii0ticQ4 
tor you may. iiild too hts^ thf tuit -is a 
daageroiM t»y to. (d^y. with^r-r^^Tbe^haldo's 
cftes sparkled ^to hetloobed at the 0{Mu*kliiig 
jewels ;r— at length he exdainied>«->^^ WeloiHiie 
-"-wekoneto cny banda thou flacoed) and to 
Hie jfot ]nyat0rk>U9.gan !«— Buty oiethink% ve 
^all soon be better acquamted. Ha i even 

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1SS Atii^riG ranQw 

«dbk 4tttM^ ;«**7im filuJl be dmh^AhHiMI 
th»' iJady^ JPanaaMr luw lost Iwftl IMe, 
iwl^Mm-nc rfie<hMMiifrtMdaonMk ¥;9t, 
to loi^ as I fiteinthiii ivmUi I fAiU,'ji|«pK 
•yotttkitidbeK and wid^eMiMib Act: 4^8 
«iHie weT'^d any bMHidhi «^«yr|^til8id0 anA 

veipecKUly, be Kiir^iaki lliertlwbBU. 
* << ThM waa m trath a '•urange^maii,^ laM 
cbe Ididj Bkndieiaur afkv a ^aute^ .^^wd 
was not his appearaaaeiU'lii^ 4ml «^rour di»* 
Joommqti^ (Ranged from what i( samad at 
4rtieibQgiiimBg?-«4M[etlMight a(«asft*tfaat ip 
tigiitofaadgromi tdUit, i<id Jii».aBfianMwiog* 
mdowtA> vitii gigantie atsanglh' (?---r^ Vk jv #^ 

aUriUcHicei ittlQ a pQv^ii0idf-im$dmh<i^m^ 
fbm, «nd the teM»^ Jm iraioa ii«aa4i0|i aiMl 
ariamii. NotviMniattiiDt Ua ^tvila attire. 

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mm- «tMl* li«»» l9o)MA-t9a>biai* •» a. vm^^ 
hi^ Ptakf tkMigb>'«vfl^ dieii«lMMi fawnUU 
mNM htt iWMi- MM»fld:t». A* •preanwe/.oC 

«4N«i» tfMi*'i*i«»-« liBht-VM^b^ «l&fluttw- 

ifti<9 oadtrfumft)^ «mM UnBeV i»4lte i^> 

mid^'*htBt' tboMi i4bl»'or««liu« ncrw' hnve 
iil^HMHMi»»><ll h» ift4«din threold gtaire, 
4ad tea #Mf % fhnMi^ tbcr whM^ (iUl tUy 
jtoa«iik« fakMartfli«f khwhNSi^ ^Bomt otlwr 

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2^ Tl!£ MAOie tanfo. 

thtej^lttivetest.''— *«'Bp«dt ttot «> frightftifty, 
deaf^i^ Kfttichefleur,^ Aiid ber fH^d, 4^» 
a^tM^, thbu^* on h^«Mbretf, toov Iqr-^ie 
plden^ tf 'flpprehenaiM;--^*^ irlUft if h^ ntnr 
clEttie toyod but ad « mimmget; Md'^wMr 
{feasant tielihgs ^-^Mmrk ytm, htm • Jo^V 
arid trhitiTphant are his kx>kd f^— flThttheilpdtt 
they ttiicksped' th6 gdldM chi^ fKM IkM 
lieck, itod^<bund twiat^ 'tfiet^ a i«e«4kK- 
]«tfred )Mnihiii«nt, M whibh'tfMe'watf^tei 
sdribed, in plei^Mmt emivCly* rf^TttM, iM t*A* 
dress from Sir Polko de Montfaucon. WiAp 
eyes gteaming with delight^ tbey read tiieietii, 
that the noble chevalier was now in the neigb- 
bourhood <^ the Mooi^s castle, dfliguised as a 
merdmnt, bat with a traai of fiuthftd at- 
tendaats; that he had sworn to effect their 
deliverance; and begged that, if fab Tisii 
were not unwelcome to the kdies, they would 
appoint a time when he couU best come to 
the garden and speiJc with them. *)fV3ihallaBd 
trembling with joy, Bbuicbafleyr wvMt an 
answer on the ufoae parchwegt, lypnintfay 

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that her brother should oome to the gajrdeor 
terrace at auo-rise.— " All are now hereT 
cried she. ^^ My brother^ the nuostrel Aleard^ 
and the -faithful falcon !-^It seems to me; 
abiQst as if ' we were already at home !^«-p* 
With these words the parchment was again 
fixed, by tke golden chain to die bird^s neck, 
and he winged his way joyfully into the blue 
fiaUs.AC air- . . JayfuUy, too, the damsels went 
•long the m^ow, pl#^aantly iUiunined by 
alMtiiig aun-gji«ann, tow^d^ the < Moorish 

r 1 


f . . ' . 

.1. t . 


1 • 

■>fi: . 


. . ; » r 




•l.'iM- V 

• : 


1 , 



' 1 '' 
• • .In 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

■ ., r t i' 1 * ' -. ^ 


I 1 I 

1*HC Jirst gleamt of tlie* noipug-red'^ 
scarcely appeared oW idi'e kkii» on the eis^ 
•ea-^bore, liiAien €rabrielle mni iSbaa^bdHm 
were already awake and dresses!, and stood al 
their veranda (that was entwined ^th Tine- 
branches and shadowed widi myrtle)^ watdK 
ing for the appearance of the Chevalier de 
Montfaucon. They were now the inoreamdous 
that he should come, ance during the night 
their minds had been so confused by strange 
viaons, that they j>egan afterwards to doubt 
whether the adventure of the preceding day, 
with the falcon and the rose-coloured parch- 
ment, had not been all 1>ut a dream ! 
However, not long after they had taken 

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ibrix flMte at the wiadow» afiktsaBt eoaoen 
was htturi oC qmhi^ honi8> and flutes, which 
aonned iqpproaebbg Iqr a foad tbat woimd 
tluQii^ a felral meadow towarda the palace* 
I^ookiQg dii^MHCardy.^l^qr.P^'wi^cd that a 
aquadnm of M ooriah honemen were approach* 
i^flpjia t%^aii:fwidi> than followed moog ca. 
nab and aumpter-liones, loaded with mer- 
chancli/A% coveretl also with blue velvet clothe 
richly fiiog^. Hereupon, Blanchefleur and 
Gebnelte joyfully recognised the colours of the 
Montfaupoti arm 3^ and smiled on each other 
witJi iocreosing €x>nfideiice. Thereafter came 
tbc mitsiciansj— -a full band^ with many instru^ 
jQQent«» of which the metal partB were compoaed 
only of the potest silver and gold : the joitjt* 
ii)of«Qver and keys were ornamented withd^* 
100^9 and emeraldB* At laft appeared the 
lord and maater of tlus grand prQco^^iou He 
was iiKiualed on a very beautiful mukj m 
richly covered with embroidered drupcry that 
the feet only were viaible from the ground^ and 
llii; large dark eyw rolbd within a gi^»9^tnt 

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Vfi THE ^lAttlCf "^EtmO^ 

6tpM acloniittc;nt& ^ 9he iKiljle dMvUilr 
ISm^df was attired iti bht^ imd igM'^ML'-iii 
Hcbly ami isuigtiifloetttly, t&tt'dM ootfld nat 
wdl toy ^hetlier be war dftsted fibe tl MM 
oi* aChrteiian. Mdi«overti»a«'bi»'ttiiliiii|M> 
t^..^dle Hke a -wKtawic; wltk' a'gtfiir*4kl 
hte hand, on whitfh he^eeb^dtdjilay,' fltam|k 
bdt fW notes were faiMrdi ibr tlle'nIttlMe Amt 
tras txMe by his :attend8nts Sra^*^ too' Isott 
tor permit sbdi gentle sodndt toVeadi* tini^fe^ 
tetter's ears. By the light wbidi gleittted m 
his eyes, however, one could ^peMSfve*i!katit 
fbyed sbipewhat that to' his owh'inUA hmB 
very delightful;' and this happenedf jUit ^ 
he first caught sight of OabiWHebe^hRi'tiie 
tfMB4iiterwoven Veranda.' • ' • • •* 
* At the first glance/ like ladk« haii'Mdu^. 
li&edtheChev^er^deMontfkuooa. TMoM^ 
he now wore an artificial ^hescrA M bUMUfi^. 
Up, another of great lengdi deseenfifag from 
YAli chhi/ and a turbauf of skjr-blcr^isill^ridiHid 
kisVichlyicurt;^ fcafr,"0abHi6Ue^aiiieh«ft^^ 
fleurwould have dtsiinguMifed^iifa ftw tt a m m fe 

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AH' hiifldrod jGlher..<diftmDioiii» A t ths aaxDt 
time Ihf, nob|a falcon plaf^.iroijpd hp^iQA^ 

lail»/liimK'4« if,!!^ bid appglrt,to,pcd^,iQSq.t 

nadfr w well; knew, . M(Wiwlp]e t^ .Fnoc^ 
MttbMi never ooce di«QQFrece4 vx t% iq^^clifpit 
the* «QQ9aeD9r /irhom. 1^. hud. 90 ^bapiftfijijUly 
dfiert¥td.vQA^tIle icoabrfugryjhe c$ff^ 
um^fvitjind, uM90ii^c9^ out pt hift. pfdaoe 
to me^ the etraogersy inquired wba^t .gop4(i 
tbcy Mao net)]^ siq^^vc^ wM.tlb\ey oier^ 
and iU.Jbft invited the merchmit to dine yqt!^ 
Jbini iQ U» bmqiietJiall4 Sir Folkp> how^YtPIr 
cauniaed jhiniaelf ijroin acotepting this.invi^^ 
tioo. He feared that, the ladies bj.tlieirevich 
tkof^^mt^t haw betieayed who he m%.¥a» ; 
and beindei^ i£he wiihed tp.coimipMiQiQiUe a^y 
nmmffM hk Uikoa would wye bipi as, tbp 
nioet fidth&l . i|l«hii^9^^ . .AcoordfDg\]r» 
tbaoMg^ ih^ lie^ifeelf;^.^ fiwiftaqd.trqvU 
wai;tl9ttHCfaittim.^i^.e0lld^^ ^>M.i^ 
the ifei|Me»t.iolmh4^ 

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^Bxt for Bii^ iihftBmdezp 4!whi(y,kaA •gtmi 

ia diQ .kirboitf ^tf CirthigeM,) m^ Amipm 

nith triiiteph* . v'l 

*' One^^^ngir it wi»jiMit.wbnt^<0VtacM 
tiite 4rew oetr^ th^ -t^Po dtnseb iv<MPe^'«gMi 
Milttd <Mi <tiie gam bebvrib^ olonwiffi! tgt>> 
TfteMfokoD bid bMigtef theA • titv klinv 
and- htdl' fionted himielf 'Oii tlie««iiow-id0itf 
Hand of- Ae Lad;^ 'Bian<liefle«r^4rhc^ 4o aagr 
lke tnid^ waft -afindd of > ibt bkd ; fcr dit 
Ihfluglit be fcni^t, fiom iaq^eooc^ ^um^ 
bcT/tirilh Us long talons^ MeaBwbfl^ OAi»* 
die held' tbe pardMnent in ottebaad^ anddw 
golden penoO, #Mi'wMeh ehe^nrca jm«ft te 
write»*«rtiie otber» b^^^wHbmt veiling one 

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befiaw her. !^BtatiAtMftttribd|ggi^ iS^hntksi 
to dflli9vtte4ei|f iiiMmam^*0tt^$fm tbe 
pikteviiglitecftMto^kitttin^lKeiii; *^m^ 

act Wiilie^ bnjtber bf ^f flodkftfl «f«f«(lv 

■hDok'l^r hMdt with all it« b«aiaifutr ti^ 
066, gmrrij 9aai aKmnifiiUj« Skft rmA 
oDoa'ttKire tbe fiilti'Wkidb air F^ka hud 
aMptsitd' x» bv, otfi ivbieb nwe indeed « 
totefoiiMCt of "n^ticli the sad niwic &U i9 
dM^ flttd .nuMrn^y on her hewrt, Ibat fbe 
began to weep Uttorly. Blttiebeflear weft 
alio, and satd anxiously^ *^ And wiH you not 
send even one word in answer? Shall tbin 
bcave knight encounter sndi dangers, and 
Bseet pevdxmee death, for your sake, wiyuMit 
efien the consolation of knowing that you 
would even heave one ngh for his untimely 
fate?? Hereupon they heard the portal of 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

fft ram UAOXBim. 

the garden move on its hinges. Thty hetid 
even the vdoe of Mutsa; and the fidcoD 
shook his wings and looked round him impa- 
tiently. *^ Haste, oh haste P whispered the 
now tremblii% KaAcboflfeiir i <* my poor faio- 
ther will die of grief, if you send back hii 
falcon without an answer,^ Terrified, and 
scarcely knowing what she did, Gahridk 
wrole^ipon the leaf tivotlittle verves^ bkUing 
Sir Fdko M li^e lor the sdbe.of/faer who 
hyved imn ;" and Bluchefleury leaving her no 
time for reflection, find it ia tfaei£ikonh 
colfao', wbkik joyAiUyflew asvafawiftasan 
arrow towanb his master. Bisathsisur 
then fen upon her flrieKPsDeeh, 4Hm1 kissed 
her wi A afibctiopate gratitadeL 

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nsorAcnerium: agtt 

't: -■!'? ' ' . ,.., ■ " M ' , . • . .^ 

1..- cHAPOFBiElXJUU- I . . 

i(d ,vr * rj' . . •■ ' J .^ • - r ,/ . ; ■ 

..(^ two fetiful cwnbats, and the death of the Kniriit of 


•un-.'i *> . '■; . - . r , . . ' «,, 

M^m ikmtime^ TbeobaUo had axrivcd st 

th^*iin^nirliid& "WAS nowotcti^ed by theObei 

^"■Kirlde MimtflHicCM) ^•■d. where the kfttet 

li^ JQSt Icaulid a swapteiwmals'with a gteal 

Mmx>f ueUjMinMMDtotrd i »c ap o p% ia oider^ 

itt-hfevktoticter of a mcrckattt, Id apptar wkh 

dMm4)t&re tlie graacl emir, Nnmddn^ vfao 

liadcoiiunaaded.bnattciichuuaek ButaaThco* 

bildo, about an hour before, had diaoovered 

that the noble Castilian, Don Hem^nde^ had 

a|^>eared with his galleys in the harbour, Sir 

Folko oondttded that the emir mi^t wait, 

Mnd began to lay plans with the Italian for 

their fli^t and escape across the seas, ^en in 

the ni^t of that same day. 

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' • ' •/■'•* 

In the midst ot thdr impor^t ^ialogue, 
boweyec^ the, chevalier jDouId not h^p fixing 
hij^eves steadfastly i^-a golden c^un whkh 
waf .yisiUe over this slaveys frock worn by 
Theobaldo ; ^ad as the ni<*rcbant spoke iBth 
vdiement ffestuie^ GabrieUe^s maspc png 
camq at last fully into view.— ^' Whence hast 
t^ou obtained that gem P^ inquired Sir Folkc^ 
m a severe lone^ and with the deep flusii of 
wt^gBt on Ins oounteiyinGii*^^^ f'or suck fpifs^ 
tioBs,^ said the m^rehaBty m a.tonevof oafai 
defianoe, with which it was his won( tp an. 
swer whater^t was addressed to him in an 
angry of onmmanding strain^ << fof sticfa 
trifling quesCioBS, methinks, a fitter time nighl 
hwift been chosen than die present ; b«it^ pi 
you cofisider it of such extreme impartanDt to 
learn. how I came by this ring, }aom then, 
that I received it from the fur. hands of the 
tiuly to, whom it ktely belonged, and tbst 
she bestowed it on me af % boun^ when I 
ent^iared her service, in ordtf that I ^pight bt 
true and faithfuL'^^i-*^' The bargam then it 

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null end voidi,!^ fiatd Sat FqI&d, icareely le- 
pfexsnn^ hU aa^: ^^ loo mueh adbfeblob^ 
&aB ibdn^j been ^ed for tlie lake ol t^ 

niigy to penmt the thought that it aihouU W* 

(\u *^ \A ^ ^- ' ■ t t 1 ■ - ' ' 

eeme yoats^ only becatne a helptesa wornan^ 

& die Tiaor of terror and disUreiit^ waa not 

siife to refine your insolent request Gtv^ 

It' up to me thesa bcfcre we speak of 

aug^ die;«-f;iTe up dbe rbg directly T—* 

«^ 1^ might as w^ demand my lili^'^ an- 

svered Thtobaldo ; ^ and you may rest aa- 

acucd, that it k iiot l^ a leve despotic and 

elievalier-Iike' words Aat yoA will obAaio 

e^wr the cme or the other. Bixt modcttlfi 

your anger ^•^^T renounce all pretebmna 

vhidi the* ring might give me to castles 

mtd lands.' Solely for £18- own adce have I 

viAed to obtun it as my ptDperty, and you 

mokT'lcUw that I am not without netful 

grrtenftMins to this mag«c gem.^<^-«^ It would 

be ^tttag and pnuaewartfaj, fcraooOi/' aA« 

swered die Knight of 'lfontfiuiGOtt» ^ diat 

i Arnold ^un. bacgaia #i€h tbe cmmtng 

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meMhant ft>r that ritig <>f which ^^0 vorth 
in beyond 'dl price ot <^<whrtidiii ' I" fihall 
ntm ffHPH to you' whk forc&^ the' -wMtis ^ 
a-dh^vidki* dd MontfiiuiSKM^ ifhixirytnx'W 
mMh> deflfAse, cm carryalong ^Mfeittenu^*^' 
TbtrMpon h^ «eii«d' th0>img aiulicfeidifv 
aloti^witfi th^coUar of thd'kaliati^'fopow^ 
ftrliy and nqpidly, tbait die lattets itii spite of 
his 4i»tial acthpity, ijeood foY m*'^faoe aa if 
^I-bound and motiMileaa^; to that he woM 
in anodier minute ha¥e be«kdapm«d M hk 
m^y had not the Count Akmamifo Vinci* 
gueirm entered^ and^ with a noUa dignity kif 
numnet^ whabh thona emen through faiapier 
icnt diq^iaey ]nqiiiiedy*«-^* What twre yM 
u> Bay aganH n^> squiie, Ar. Knigfat af 
Mondaucon ?^-^< SigDar^'^. aaswitnd Sm 
FoUco^ letting Tbeobakb go^*^ older haa 
hot to t^Bitipre to hm this Hng^ wfakblTder 
nMni ftdm-hini. in tha'name of tfevLad^' 
GnhrieUa^ BoftasMor; aadif^hatbadMM^ 
theae 18 ntftUng mldia imU aft whMiJftfM^ 
hink**-Ma I bd perhapa 

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bim«to da-sQi^ aosvsered the^Couirt dff-VuieU 
gu«fnm ^^ bud you made a.yequeiit tai^A^m 
Ihe pioper manaer £or^ tbat piirpQa% Irat 
QQv frrr-^^f«f^^^ YiHi haiiipediapt coitaiimded 
hiiif„Mfi*raMik?^ . mtorupted Tfa^oboUoy 
(•miKiigtiMd lookiog cbwA upaiitJiM]kiM|^ 
wi|biW»poiited'4ignitj)» ^< imtrby 90 cknng 
jreuf vfEwld hmi^iwmtceeiaA not it jotrJbettNQ 
ttuwit the.4KniglH of. McmtAmcon I'^-f-VineM 
gUMwa otA An aogiy lo^ at his aqmne ibp 
Uik Iwildiieia; jvhil^ Sir Edko^ aUtodtf^ 
cuiljr to Hike emmi's Iwt .waid%' leium^*^ 
^I-nbouU hftveiondb a request nyeal thou I 
^tinnw diatleiqpeer ». such, mftaner only 
bofore^ny Ungy wIkhii I unsvotntOMBerre 
«d bCftOQiir ; ; bat imk othir mm I bitt -de*^ 
iMod nagr^vom ptepor nglus* Is ai -ymiXi 

-«)^T1m»I' vcodd'flt, .medttdb, i^Mk more 
priMteiy jMidvcalmlgribfllirQ iat^.t8ir.Jimgiii»r 

ilMchbrfbtttjitoi SMHi ttiiBMedted.idefaite4 

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Kaiglii 06 MotuiMiMit io^diAiv «Wiy iiv* 
SilAiL flf the tan wd plitfe, ^vritb-afrtlt 
tfaagfw by whkh dny vere rariMlflfe^lit 
Imdi ia atiwinij Hmm <oul two 9iMitt 
aphmt tgomwrnmng die mnpoiito bf -whkbdi^ 

the hwdhs towBidft ViDcigiiMi% wadmii^ 
'' Mj bnl •not, tal»yov cbiioe; llMf «t 
bolbof the mmse hog^ and Imli mfutif 
•haqpu gprnpnan weapeos. iMVt HKleed iM. 
tec^. b«r^ alaat Ihate Boaa 
3lOtt^''-^WhUe the canals 
t tlaayiwrimyj butytfcrcgpfaley - 
4ioiai betwBD tin twonbrts^ TfatobMoiH^ 
deiwuDMi >to Mnmid tfaen hflnr fwiaiiabhi 
weie the enemiee fagp wbcm they vera mm 
holh beett, aodbnt IkdeftUagikMiyttbni bjr 
iciArtL^dusaiflkNii^ oeed- ^et bapejte wMFf. 
▲ aint wnpn ieni i hafc faw»ithe cygv uihl ■— 
tbeaMMrdMthB&stveeei^ wi-i^ia tUs 
foUoired the deciftve wovds :-••*< ' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

htdf^ ik.'flf mf 'booDMti 'ttai iiim jaa hmf 
t» yow i iW PmiiB{y »id»f^[Oo< iPttglBBit i^^ 
HhfMgginy hb AcmUo^ Md» ^wtii W infk 

if«diM ouirtiArijnMi !V*9alM wcM kiMqp |» 
l|imeiNriuK9e)4iAdwiiked up «ai di^ 

<i»b«ibrr. lATttftdUtte AlflH^ widi bit 
goidm otttar mL Mie^«idMtvd {indnwMi, 
boifer.MimdlHB iiiwter^« kodl, imtehittg'the 
; filMiilw «i^t detcend TIm' lungiit 

humg.mmr i |w u ai)aind by flay ^pusicNVi, ivam 
jliiliiirtKl 4a^m the sweet. enotioR wfaeteiwiUi 
toiiinnld littvt mkMltd diis jnmmam&t «f 

Ntilhts of the oombatasts ii«d over ined 
[ asmPiUMii lihr^ibru'aemuff 
L; ib«l;)the i2».ta»PdkA> pnpiLof Sir 
'HngneMi hkA btfeie exwrci aB d kkaaalf ik 
ilhts$^ aavull a»^]n-«««ryjalIi«i.node^ imr- 

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fiwJ JH »-fofa'BiaflMBtS^dlir.CMdiflddBl4 

eMDHv^^tted . hii hmd mameik^th^Uar\mm 

m hjm'HxmBatkm. «Aen stndlc^«Ki)i tfatt blot 

ta'td06 the* tbaqi edgtyrtheibUdbt 

sbiMtd £ke thiit^otJl doUe^faudbiv* 

jfMMe ' ¥Mc%Atmi ' had monred'/ifaoaeodkqp 

wMiidatirtfie breaA'aadamD^dso liMilieiiKU 

piHrtrie8s4o the gtciiMl.-*^^^ Where-. jm» Jiore 

perferined a' oouAie and wmt^-^mKiuM ts- 

plintr aakiThadMdo^ whanovragamjttaod 

neiff thcM; «*tafce y0ttreelf -oulto^^ 

Jio^fi^ver, as qiuickly^as'yoU'dim^ MklUaiUiie* 

manre the wounded* man«^--*Themapaii^* with 

a dexterods movMieiit^ he lUkedthe unfortii. 

nate count on his' shoaUersy •«iid**Taiiidic4' 

with his burden into one of the neighbiaiway 


While the dieralier ttill stoad trresolute 

what he diould now do, acid searoefy atlCMt* 

ing to the merchant's kit wcmls, the adnee 

which the latter had given him became all at 

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JBOM MAOSC warn. mn 

omfe tadi IM ckttrly iiildHgiUQ>-<f' Do Imx 
figiicly p4»^Wg» ihme.mmt fitch> itaiolaiM& 
kiio««i?^'eried ainMrdUafeomi^vmce/bettiid 

ilHhehiw/iauB of latttiidaiit^ noir fiiQ|ipttL 
Iw hamg^ kfit m mirpnaB» «inL gasadi altad* 
fti% Mif ' Sir FolholB featumi. jThe k^m^ 
iqnliid to iiaveirtt»ismedlurdil«faflffiictflCj0(^ 
aimmithM*; but idw^ wlvm Jt wa&Aoa Jbte^ 
te^perowved what, in tihe .hut of the <99kiih»l« 
had wbdUgr^esoaped'his attaotson.: Oofl.^ 
Vibeigiumi^s Uows with- the Umft side of the 
sahrs bad alcaok off the turban from hi»heiid'; 
hirfabft beard. bad. £iUtn aitmg vithit; 90A 
nhft viA. his luxuriant bfQ#n bair otu^iDg 
roand'his handsoaae features* the JKaigbtrQf 
Memfaucoa atood there, with, ihei blo^djF fabf^ 
mliiajbaEDa^: fnr Mutza to have ipf^ biip by 
would have been impossible, Mjuph. sooii^ 
than the pnnce expected) hoMf«yer»'did the 
^:fatva)ier reoaacr from the.confiMon of that 
moment He took an iron glove from the ar- 

Digitized by.VjOOQlC 

mf^ MriMt» iir life and dhetiht^I ^m 
iMiidbftdMMV of wlwUiwiiigwfuin^ihMi 
^Mt M»; ind hyjA tUt I shctr ts thie Ar 
iMDt ooDdetenwMiikM tkon 

riiy pw to of h I iM J galedto > 1 
iMiil, Wie ft cMivim nbbeiv Ittit ibvmL 
iMn th«ir liiiM t«o0i»bfed«iiftd% tj^ 
uatfUftd athgrng tuoflteil m ftpqiQper^ tbaii 
mvi eflltitaii^ jn a g«iiest^-«»Ai lliete 1^^ 
adeftiRy pftlawm oTcnpmad.lfiilsf^.lBft. 
4II1M Wfts this Ac eCbct of ragab. or £i 
WHUe'woMf fMii^ Qowtvork m hiii^igKMft? 
. 9o mMh ftt limH is (Dertain, durt, t^rqpi ^ pat 
slAp out of the stmi^btiorwanl ysitl^i of ^ ip- 
Stte» evea the jbest ftiQMg us may bpnig I^b- 
self undtr tho domiwicn ^ «ia},8|»]it0> .^*^>9** 
^if^y exisleiKie he hud uol bfCort wi apgq ^ 

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imr HA6IC Etsro. im 

The Prince Miitza vw'now so tett'^Osaaltimd 

Sepraved, that he preteiidlid lio' iMiglir *to 

Inbw the Knight of MmtfkuAit)^ but ctUed 

otH td*Bk attenckiits,'-^' TlUfie litf piiiOMnr ! 

l*-^ff3t this ba&^ mercHmnt,*— «8SterfA too km 

lie' sedms^o^are'to expect liliat ii priftoe 'sAA 

i^eet him in the Hstyf* 

^*Trten IM the armed mflrti of the ^ynme's 

trtttii tfirew themselVesfr^otn their hatmM, «rid, 

'truitiilg to their superioi/lty i^ nuoMb; 

ttioujB^t that tlie}!^ ' wotild eamiy have o^er- 

' powered Siv Ydiko. But, as if sttddnnly 

gijfted with supefnatiirial ebei^, he fttnick 

■ witfi his Per^an tabt-e tufe br three Af'tbtse 

wlu) fl^ bpproached him tbo nfehly aad <i4ii- 

fidently, in such manher, that theyfeU'cbsi. 

' abled t6 the ground. Then, as the rMtstsod 

forU "moment astonished at tMb lickicrremtat, 

ke VAshed' tip no /the sttmptaimille, d«ew 

forCb daggers, arrows, jareliM?, stod^bsMle. 

ax^ BOid widi incredible etret^thand raiH- 

dky <d arm, hurkd them at the mob of bis 

lilants, till they howled and shrieked in 


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their ieonftiaoii and tenor. *' Tiy the bise 
wmBSnimD^r txwd he io a wcias of thtnder. 
^ Them are ]m waces,— -and the prioe he 
jmnnjin it hut the blood ai cowards aad 
robbers P The priaoe^s attendants now retired 
and ihd in all directions ; nor did any one 
among them seem inclined to renew the coa- 
teet. At length Mutza, with the fiery hhish 
of (sfaame and rage on his features, ^Lckimed, 
<< Pitiful cravens as you are, then must I 
myself end the career of this madman ?^ He 
was prq>aring to dismount from his hearse^ 
when the Knight of Mont&uom excfanmed, 
<* Of all the cowards that have been here pre- 
sent, thou thyself art the most pitiful and 
dastardly ; nor dost thou amy longer deserve 
that a brave knight should honour thee with 
)bt chances of a single combat I"* Theijeupon 
he huded a battle-axe at his ojqponent, tdciag 
4iis aim so securely and resolutdy, that the 
•iron struck deep into Mutn's lofty fo r eh ea d , 
and.the false-hearted young.libertine fell life- 
less from his horse. Just ere he lost his 

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|4aee in the saddle, how«irer> eitlier in the 
ooomlfliottB of appioadibg death, or mu tmt 
eff(H?t at hii irehement fage, be threw his 
Bimasoiis iabre at his foe, and theibuf) 
%f«ii{xm struck so fearful a wound in Sir IMho's 
breast, that be ako fell to the ground, and 
the cowaidly squires, glad to a^ail themselves 
of this accident, in order to revenge their 
master's death and their owa disgrace, rushed 
up to the now fainting chevaKer, and cut bim 
with their sriires, so that his blood flowed in 
torrents on the grass. Anxiously and mourn- 
folly did the faithful falcon hover in the air, 
looking down on tiiis frigbtfal adventure. 

But, now behold ! there drew near, two fe- 
male forms, that came in their beauty like 
gleams of sun^ht amid the raging and tu- 
fludtuous assemblage. These were Blanche- 
fleur and Gabrielle, who, in the confusion diat 
aow prevailed in the palace, had been de- 
sevled by tbe daves appointed to watch them, 
«iid had escaped from tbeir con6nenient* 

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Titty tiArew dtemtelfes down by the life- 
ted^ remaiiiB of Sir IV>lko^«--wept and kiaied 
his pale lips in their dcflpmrv and prajredto 
H^^visn, that, unoe in thii'^MMrld.tbej had 
116 longer other h<qie or joy, their 'livea«iflo 
to^ht in mercy be tdcen iiom ibem. For 
a while <he dareaand armed men stood ^ai- 
ifn^ at theoiy as if they had beheld some 
supernatural apparition ; but ere long their 
thirst of revenge and blooddied jwas renewed, 
and first in confused murmurs^ ^len with 
loud shouts of rage, they b^an to demand, 
that, as an atonement for the death of their 
prince, these Chrittian enchantresses, who, by 
their wicked attractions, had brought him 
info danger, should now be sacrificed. Blind- 
ed by their tear^, and awake only to thar ex- 
cessive grief, the damsels eaw not the threalm* 
ing' gestures of diose who mere n^w around 
them^ and woukfsoon have bees put toideaAh, 
had not« cfaampson eome to tb«r«id, who 
was in truth more like a* ^kmi-godcthan a 

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mlin, at whose appeamneetbe mob becanp 
submissive and' FespdctAil. - This ww. the 
gfMd emif, Nurred^. . . 

^ These damsels,^ said he^ ^^ are under mj. 
protection ;^ i^nd no sooner had these wordst 
though pronouneed quietly, without anger 
or- effixt, escaped his lips, thfui the. ev»«rd 
retired, without daring even fto 'mwxvms 
their disap p iobatbn. TtheeeupMi the emir 
cMitriTtfd, by gentle pefsttasms,' and, as if 
wkh paternal care and affection, to i emoYe 
them ffom the dead body of . Sir Fc^ko ; and 
they were frfaced in a magmficent palanquin, 
with orders that they should immediately be 
cmrriad't^ the best apartments of his palace. 
Then he turned his attention to the £a\kn 
champions. As to Fiinoe Mutza, dcyith was 
visibly imprinted on hb distorted futures, 
and his nearest relations bore him away with 
tears and hmaeDtations. The wisest phyai- 
dims too, wbo had been summoned to the 
fatal spot^ declared that the Chevalier de 
Montfauoon was irrecoverably lost, inasmuch 

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as eren one only of the many wounds that be 
bad reoeiyed would haTe bceu enough to de- 
stroy the most powerfiil warrior. There, 
upon the grand emir commanded that his body 
should be placed in a neighbouring tomb^ which 
was appropriated for the cemetery of fwinees 
and others of the highest rank. The faith- 
ful fdoon then followed the procemcm, and 
the slow heavy motion of his wings betokened 
his grief. When the strong iron gate of the 
vault was closed, he seated hims^ thereoBy 
clang to the iron bars with his talons^ and 
pecked vehemently at them ; thereafter^ as U 
in wild despair, he mounted alcft^ and fled 
across the seas into the boundkis neahnsef 

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How the Falcon came to Sir Otto too Tiautwangen. 

Iy yimk worn a bemtifiid sununef eyening, 
ivlm Sir Otto voa Trantwaogeiif still aBKmg 
llie Kahuui wioontsiuBf had aeated l>i»yi ffQl f 
on a loekj ofifl^ a&d^ as it often times ha{^ 
pcned^ plajed for pastine on his harp, and 
aang thecelo a love ditty addressed to his 
beoutilbl Gafarielle* His sCation was sdll not 
fkr fiom the watch-tower of the Lady Vjoh 
nalrost; toaty on account of various n^gotia- 
tioiM that had been begun with the paguis, 
the Christians had ddayed till this beau- 
tifU seaBon any £nrther attack, and the sea- 
monardi still kqpt wateh with Sir Otto on 
die fto pt ien L Just now the latter was dwut 
to lay aside his harp, and proceed on oot of 

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}^ aequatcq^ed ^im$^ to tl^ JUady 34^iimi^ 
tfjqm wbeusuddenly. his att^ntiim was avKeai^ 
ed by the waving and fluttering qf wings 
rcmpfl hi/i bead. ThiAking. only thfi^ this 
mu^ be a hat^ or nigbtJiawk, wbos^^ visit 
v^ by no means i^greeable to hiin^ he cfiyi^ 
Pf^ bis bands and shouted, in ordec tp dp:re 
away the intiudiep:. This sefmed* bow- 
ever, to have rather encoiu^^ged. ^ ye| 
invisible guest, and in a few momoits. a b^oxi- 
tifui falcon came before him^ ai^.dung^as 
if with kind and humble entreatiest ta hia 
breast^ The experienced hunt^i,x:oi4d ik4 
fail to recqgniae the cheridied faTOunt^ oCtb^ 
Knigbt.of Montfauco% whichhe had so, often 
seen in the woods, more espemally as^he.pqp- 
ceived the golden chabt with, the, p(^ow;^ 
and aj^ns of the chevalier, round bi^vJ^k*;.. , 
. "GUK)dH€ftven^8ij^ea5i^0ttftp|^^ifriw 
tl^e heroic 3ir Folko so untimfdy &lMi» ^^ < JE^- 
he weU knew^ from thestorj^ tQld^^in^As^Jk 
Sfont^con^ that sych. a nobl^ bixdf'^vpiiUi. 
never forsake bi^ master but in death ; and 

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tb^i that he would fly about ovar lands 
0OA ^^BBj-xaxdl he had found some ohe ^ual 
in voloar and greatness tki Him ^hom lie bad 

<< Would to Heaven 1"^ said Sb Otto, look- 
ii^ at the wise expressive eyes of the p6or 
bird, <^ that thou could'*st speak to me but 
four or five words, in answer to the wholb 
multitude of questi<m8 which now rise up 
within' my In^east!^ And as it oftentimes 
comes to pass, that the foolish wishes we have 
formed are granted when we least expect their 
fulfilment, and that they are the cause of 
pain instead of pleasure, so it happened to the 
young Knight of Trautwangen. He marked 
the rosefcolou^ parchment in the falcon'^s 
coUar, drew it out, and read thereon the 
love-sdnnet of Sir Folko, addressed to 6a- 
brielle,and her kind and loving answer there- 
to, whieh had never reached the hands of that 
kiMgfat, whose heart would therewith have 
bem so reflreshed and delighted, while it nor 
stfuid^ like a deadly arrow the inmost soul of 

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age the mmicbiiig. 

^r Otto, iiAo, of idl ia«ti, was tlie ktt m 
the worid into whose posMsfton the [Mgduiaft 
should ever have aWved. 

Courteous reader, should^st thou ever ^si% 
been so unfortunate, that the being irht^, g[ 
all the habitants of earth, was by tbee the 
most beloved, and hj whom Arf sweetest 
, hopes were encouraged with appr ov in g smiles, 
has at once turned awsy widi oold indiiier- 
ence, leaving thee likeabeiugbted wanderef on 
a desert waste, from whom the moon has sod- 
denly withdrawn her light, then mk thou ftym- 
pathize with and understand the deep anguirii 
of Sir Otto von Trautwmgen. If this book 
indeed fell into the hands of one who was 
more accustomed to inflict such wounds, tlian 
to feel them in her own bneast, then per- 
haps a scornful smile would prove the only 
notice with which he would be honoufid. 
But from such readers kind Heavm wiD pro- 
tect me ; and I may venture to hope, that 
every one will compassionate the kniglit, nho 
was thus in soul so deeply wounded ; Aat 

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IBS HAoic iBxm* sm 

every one wUl rejoice too, when it is £^rtlier 
toild, that Sir Otto indulged not in qomplajnts 
and hunentaticms ; but, with his harp slung 
over one arm, and his falcon perched on his 
left hand, be went composedly and quietly 
on his way to the watdi^tower of the Lady 

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900 THE HA6IC WnfG. 

I. *. ^ . . . I. 


How tfaf LadiT^ AflDiiAtioM kid«iide iMnptO. 

Wtf BN be was now moiiBtiiig the steep tmd 
that led to the Druda'^s irattch-lower, he beard 
in the valley bebw the sounding tramp of a 
war-horse and the ringmg of armour. Iuto- 
luntacily he looked round, and pevoeiTed at 
no geeat dktance a grey war-ateed, rode by a 
knight, wboae appeaiance, as wdl as that of 
the grey luurse, was certraily known to hira. 
As he refleeted on this, the rider looked up, 
caught Sir Otto's features throng the thick- 
ets of the beech-trees, drew up the reins with 
a low bow, and said, *^ Wekxane, my noble 
lord and conqueror ! I have now to announce 
that I am returned from the pilgrimage which 

you were pleased to impose on me, and that 

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I have faithfully delivered up at the castle 
cif Tiautwai^n the banner which you took 
from my brave countrymen.^ Thereupon 
Sir 'Otto recognised his prisoner, Swerker, 
and, filled witlv ardent longing to hear tidmgs 
from him, for which the disappcnntmeut of all 
his hopes in lore veadered him only the'more 
anxious, he seated himself straightway on the 
edge of the diff, aad b^ged that the Swede 
wottki describe to him mimitely all that he 
had met with on the banks of the Danube. 

Swerker looked mocumftdly and with a 
pale Tssage towards him, and at last said, — 
>^ Sir knight, I call the great Odin to wit- 
ness that you have behaved to me even like 
one of the gkxioua princes of Asgard ; and if 
I should now, as if thankless and unworthy 
of your regard, bring you unwelcome ttdii^ 
from home, bkmie me not, for Ae Cuilt is not 
nnae ; but, since you command me to speak, 
I* must tell you freely and honestly what has 
beentfaeresultof my embassy. ' 

'' The castle of Trautwangen, on the 

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Dmrnb^ 8tMd». to dm day in iu old sMuitj 
ud gmmitwh The lofty towiin were ▼»» 
bfe aoi«MB the long meadows for Doaiiy a wSe 
hefiMel had armed at the (crtxeoB. The 
pe^Ie bowed respeetfuUy when I isquind 
tat Sit HxL^ von Trautwangen^ and told me 
that he finted there all alone, like a medttatbe 
hermit. A peasant (firom wfaoov when about 
two mileB distant from die castle, I jpurdiaaed 
the last piDTender for my horse) had f€cmcp> 
ly heea a squire or sentindL at the castk^ and 
affiwded me a long description how venerable 
were the looks of the old champion, and bow 
he used to sit so grave and dignified in his 
amMhak in the great hall, with a vehret csp 
on his head, and with a round table betee 
him^ on whidi alwi^ stood an embossed sil- 
ver goUet filled with old Johanniabatg^ 

^< It was not therefore without a feeGag of 
mingled awe and admiration, that I. dmw 
near to the caede. As if tnudag to its awn 
strength and aneestral d^nity, the fiurtrses 
recdved me with ita gates wide aptD, the 

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TRK MAcnc mms. see 

dnmhridgi^ was down^ and h^ lat^thBt^iaitt^ 
« in token of ptsce^ repomg on thetorf liy 
^dudi H was partly ov e r gnwu . No ene^ iM- 
thor gqom nor aentiQel, came to meet me; m 
that) irithout more ado^ I laed m j horm to a 
poet in tliemiddk of the large eeurt^ aadpnt 
oeeded up the iride staircase, by whidi I pie. 
aumed that I riiould arrive at the g^rei^ bail. 
I walked sbwiy, and rattled asmuch aa I eeuM 
witl^ my qmrs, greaves, and other acooutre- 
wents^ in hopes that I might attract the iitten^ 
tton<tf some rnie who would announce my ap* 
proach to the castle^sowner. But ia v«un ; no 
-one was visible; norwasthereasoandevenof 
a footstep heard, except my own, thnmgb the 
wide desolate fratress. At last I found my- 
sdf before great folding doore of carved oak ; 
and, believing that this must be the entraoee 
to tbe hall, I knocked three times louiHy, 
and at measured intervids, with my .mm^ 
"gloved hand. No sound was. beard from 
witfiin. I r^eated my knocks, and ratllediit 
the look, but still all was siknt. So I took 

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ooumel wkh myself and said, ' Methinks I 
have now' done' enough to annolmoe ifay com- 
ing here as a stirangar, and if the peopk are 
all deaf, or sleep so v^ soundly, dley cannot 
feel <^ended if I &ou!d enter witBout more 
ceremony. Beddes, I am here a messed^, 
and as such have important duues to perfitnrm.^ 
I opened the door as respectfully as I could, 
and ste{^)ed in widi the bailner. I now 
found myself in the armoury ; but, with all 
its weapons and trophies, it reminded me 
of the empty coat-of-mail of a knight . long 
since dead. Truly, in the back-ground I 
beheld, sitting in his ann-cbair, tail, erect, 
and awful to look upon, the dd Sir Hugh, 
with his green velvet ci^ on his head, and 
the round table with the silver goblet wane 
before him. . But, alas ! the knighf s eyes 
were firmly closed, his checks w^re deadly 
pale, his brows cold, and his hands cbap^ 
ed together, as they had been left by the 
laM fearfdl conviufiimi. I saw very weU 
that tfie (dd)iero had just then died. I 

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placed your victorious. tropJ!]\y besij^e hijij^ 
and now thoi^^ that I would keep, wjitch 
tl^ere till som^ of his usual. att;e^f^a^ts, cap?. 
But the gteat Odin only kn^¥^ hf^w, itv.caine 
to pass ! — ^A resistless ^orror, ^le oyer me 
as I looked. through the long desolate .apart- 
ment It seemed to me as if the .d^d man, 
wpuld suddenly start again into li^>— that he 
would open his eyes^ and be as much terrified 
at my. presence as I would be at the sight of 
him* Then^ if he shrieked aloud^ his voice^ 
a^pid the rilenc^ of that wide hmely fortress, 
wp^ld hav^ diaken my inmost heart, aod 
thenceftirth. I should have wandered, through 
the, wide world as an incurable madman. 
' f^ Sir )u^ght9 I trust you have already 
piroved that; I am no coward ; yet in that . 
plaoe I, could not withstand ^e apprehensions 
thi^t amu^ me. Qe^des^ I said to n^yself^ 
^ T^oi| ,hast^ fvdfillefl the. junpos^ of, thine 
ei^heissy^ inaspiucb as thou hast broifght the the, o)d hero, md bia pep^gje may, if 
they think fit, lay it with him in the grave. 
Also, thou canst announce to his son, that Sir 

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Hugh oi IVantwangen now sits quaffing mflad 
with the glorified champions of ValhaUiL^ 
Tfasreupon I hastened down staira and n- 
monnled my hone ; biU,.€re I had piooeeded 
Ur from the gatei^ I heard the frig^uM 1». 
mentationa of the squires, who had fay this 
dme returned, and fioand that their 
waa no longer liying. Here thai I am < 
more at hom^ and, as you desired, have da- 
scribed to you all that came to paas at your 
fitther^s castle.^ 

The darkness of the night, whidi had now 
settled around th^, concealedfromSwerkfli^ 
eyes that expression of grief and ^espur wfaick 
had dianged the countenance of Sir Otta 
In a few kind words he instructed the Swede 
toride onward to the camp, and await tliGR 
his caadag. Meanwhile he pcoceeded on his 
way to the castle of the Lady Minnatro8t,and 
thou^ he straggled against his grief, yet, 
as he walked along through the 
of the vi^tdf he oould not help 

When he had aniTod at the Dnida*a cartfe, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


and had entered that pleasant chamber to 
mildly illuminated, as if by soft moonlight, 
and in which stood the round baaqoet-taUe, 
the lady could not have failed to observe his 
pale countenance, his dishevelled hair^ and 
wildly-roUing eyes. But at this time she was 
not akme ;— -besides the sea-mcmarGfa, these 
was another guest,— a warlike cham{uon, to 
whom they seemed to listen with great atten- 
tion, and who, as soon as the door was open* 
edy rose firom his seat) and threw himself into 
Sir Ottcfs arms. 

: <* Grood heaven I is it posable?— Art thou 
j^erd^gen of Lichtenried ?^ cried die Knight 
of Trautwangen, as if uncertain and per- 
I^exed, although the deep scars which his 
own sword had left over the hxyws of 8ir 
Heefdegen might have removed all doubt. 
Porgetting their old quarrels, the two 
young knigbts met even like laving frimids, 
and'loeked each other in a cordial embtaoev 
On kath sides they felt that they hiid been in 
the wrong; and there is, perdiance, no othor 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


feeling which, in the hearts of biuve Affd vir- 
tuous warriors, is so likely to produce muttuil 
good-wiM and attachment. To have used 
man J words of apology would hlive been 
needless, and would even have disturbed 
their present happiness at meeting i— ^b^des, 
the Lady Minnatrodt and the sea-monarch 
looked so anxiously towards Sir Heerdegen; 
that the Knight of Trautwangen perceived 
how important must have been the discourse 
which his coming had interrupted, and could 
not help eagerly wishing for its renewal. 

"The times are Indeed wild and tmnily,'* 
said Sir Heerdegen, as they all took their 
places round the table; <^ what I have tdd 
you before, and what Sir Otto has not beard; 
I shall now repeat as rapidly as may be. At 
the siege of Ptdemais, King Richard ODeur 
de Lion quarreUcd wkh the Duke fohh of 
AuftwL Tkeretdketi * when i^ kmg too 
rashly eatne as a pilgrim through thb AU$^' 
ttian dominions^ the duke planned an anfbuff- 
cade, and took him prisoner.** 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

THi: If AOIC RINa. 809 

<< Good HeaTen r exclain^ Sir Otto, <' if 
Ki^g.JEUobaxd Lion be taken prk> 
sooc^, then tbe whole sfmit of knightbood 
aver the Trorid must at once be cnohed and 

f* For this very reason aU tme kni^nCs 
must now exert themaelves,^ answ^^ Sir 
Heen^^a. << The question i% in what pri- 
son^ and whether by sea or land^ King Rich- 
ardi is now held captive ? The Duke John 
aaySi on one day» that the king is by no means 
in his custbdy ; on the next, helaffinns, that 
he has been given up to the emperor ; and on 
tbe third, liiat he has aheady made his es- 
oape. What then can an honest Christian 
ki^ghl resolve to do in the midst of suoh contra-- 
dictions ?— *To aay the truth,'Onrs brain grows 
conftfsed when hethinkn of sueh treachery,*^ 
QurbiMiits are almost bi!okeiv*««nd, even with 
tbe most undaunted coura^, we cannec 'perl 
fogri^ any one expkit of Mfjiich the n^crM 
couldwy^ thai: it had brought ua evek ha^ 
way to our grand olgect.*^ 

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<< Trtdy,*" said Sir Otto, << liu mild be- 
gins in ny estimaCioD to beoome woariaoiM. 
At a distance, pocbaaoe, it may atem, both 
to aagds and demons, fdeasant aad Adl of 
pasUme ; but to him who is in the midst of 
its occupations and sorrows, Kfe is indeed 
but a sorry jest.^ 

At these wturds, which were vpoken with 
a Utter coldness, that strangely oHttraated 
with the knighfs usual manner, all eyes wvie 
turned upon him ; and, as if one had aiiddeA* 
ly come to a district of country which beCnte 
used to present only rich gardens and pea- 
sant Tillas, but where one now finds oidy 
ruin and devastation, without knowing whence 
that fearful change has proceeded, all of them 
now remained in ulent astonishment, till at 
length the Lady Minnatrost addressed him,-^ 
<^ In Grod'^s name ! young hero, what new 
misfortune hast thou encountered ?^ 

<^ Nothing— nothing,^ answered Sir Otto, 
with the same frightful coldness ; ^ only my 
bride has proved unfaithful, and my father is 

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mm dead ; oo that tor the future I an alone 
kdttiAxiid. More I ha¥e not to tciL'' 

TboreupoD^ when Sir He^egen and the 
tUMnonaxdi started up, and in their sjnn- 
pathy mi iriA open arms to embrace him, 
taddenly, vfiih a changed and fiEdterii^ 
voice, he said,—- ^^ Do not afflict yourselves, 
BcUe comrades, for these events are past, and 
eannot be retrieved. Truly you have proved 
yourselves fiEUthful and loving friends, yet not 
the less I feel, that I son from henceforth 
alone; for unless with the inmost heart of 
man be entwined some bond of affection to- 
wards father, mother, brothers, and sisters, 
or, more than all, to wife and child, then is 
diis world but a desolate wilderness, and life 
is but like a shadow that at evening glides 
over the lonely meadow. — Good night !"' 

With these words he gently, but resolutely, 
disengaged himself from the arms of his 
friends, and walked in his affliction sternly 
and proudly towards the door. Then the 
Ladv Minnatrost rose from the table, and 

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312 THE HA61C EIKG. 

came forward. With noiadesi stepa, and as if 
floating along like a spirit, die pboed henelf 
beside the Knight of Trantwai^nu lAe a 
mist-wreath dispersed b; the pale geack 
moon-beams, her veil was now uplifted. The 
mild light of h^ pensive' eyes tiHme upoa 
him ; she embraced the youth with nmiy 
tears, and said,— ^ No ; thou art not a aha- 
dow that floats and perishes on the meaMr,— 
nor art thou left alone in the workfV— fir 
thou art my son, and I am Hildif^dclf^ ^ 
loving and faithful wife of 'the stem ' Sr 

' J.- ;»i // 


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Tax uMuc noQ. ais 


AftS younelvee, oourteoiKB r€aders»«— «il y« 
whoifi bdored par^iu ar^ numbered with 
the ckttdi— what would be your feelings if a 
mother were thus restored to you, even in that 
ho«r when you had most need of consolalipDf 
trnd if thus all the fdeasant dreams of child- 
hood were bnNight again smiling around you ? 
For yoUy however, who yet enjoy that un- 
speakable blessing, to walk in the light of a 
molber^s protecting and loving eyes, I would 
not awaken the frightful thought, that such 
happiness should ever be taken from you. 
Without this, you may know well how to sym- 
pathiae with and to measure that balmy joy 
which was thus go unexpectedly poured into 

VOL. II. o 

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9U TJ» lUCtK^B|]i& 

tbe-l^k^diqg tienrtof Sir Otto !-^fntJl)ejipoQii. 
l})(e radiaoce of t;he I>ruda's eye^ ^ ao^ip^ 
as if a whole g^i^eu pf asure flpin^rf^.^i^ 
I;)l«m6 of hope maid oopfide^ice^ qpc^ jgf|ore 
sprung up aiound Uau H^ mot^'^s >ir?tV 
known ieatfUies oow abme Qjxm hui)^ fcipdj^ 
aod mildly •» tv^; not oanotunifiil.aii^ idU^ 
^gured, aft wh^abethou^U^thatdi^Ji^ilfiDIg 
in the feifst, nor palt and motignlois ,ip Ifft 
had bditld htr during bts ni^tl]rwl^ci^«i 
the chapel. •. . * 

It was long' before ather of tbeta could 
agnn sp^ eahnly. Otto kndt befom ker, 
and could only say^ ^< Oh ! ^earest-HdMumit 
mother !— -how could'^st thou remain so loi^ 
concealed from one who «o dearly loiifed4li6e I 
HeaTcn kfiowshow many4Ui hoar I havtipent 
in weeping thy Joss and praying for the^r 
Then, in th^r great joy and affeotMMi» thqr 
both continued ^ent, while Sir I{eerd^gen 
and .the sea-monar^ stood^ one on each vid^ 
with clasped hands,— even as one UtenUMmm 
sees in ancient pietuj^es and MMwaments the 

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figures 6f devout bhdt&iidtts, '%lk> ^^^ihd 'ttl 
imp^etftd m^tadon heM^ the diVi^ly^i 
s{nted ild'nts of eoId<eiitbli$. ''«''' ^ '• -^ 

At hat HiidbMiir' Hktsnifdtd t^ 't&^ 
ktnghts, tCfomaxiiSng iStittthet^ik shboM edtol^ 
to het alone om ftfie neact dtt^, that Be wight 
hear lima iii9iaoCber>lip£f the e^ntflil hbUnry 
«f bit parentis. Rejddhg^ $Sad yel weefiag 
ia bb ^adnesfl,' Sir Otto xtkle hmneward* 
fhroogh the ekar mooirfigbt, while hb faidi^ 
ful fri^Mls followed hun, and in thm hearts 
pnrteok of Idl his etiiotioti. 

When they had arrived at the catnip, there 
Swerker came riding towards them, direw 
ksmself fiom hk horse, and would have hdd 
the stirrup whfle Shr Otto dKsaioiintsd; but 
thehttar 8aid^-^<< Not so; for thcu art net 
my squire, but my equal in rank, and shah 
be ttiy ^osefi' amitvde in the batUebfleld/'-— 
^ *Nay,^ answered Swerker, ** this cannot be^ 
f€»^ I am yetno Ohristian; and who knows 
whether in my whole Kfe I shall eter become 
oneP^i'^^^On that scoie there need be no 

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ed priest h<!lre vottdt^tdiH'^tNli^ lie >iM«idd 
i«te«i toyotr oor AltHiii ijbto Jprfa*tieiriity ; 
and etrfaidy you- ^uAd' ii4it^ii#fitaiUr^t»4«i- 
IteVe in whM he 8aidi'tLui<)(M«ddol|6t^oM^ 
B^itod the lihre*; «thift'beBt'dP*dlifflbdkj*> 
if I may ventlm «a to ^p^ m^Mi 'Ant^M 
tibbold yottrsdf tmdtttik^ the troul)te^«fMaiy 
QOAVertioiK It> is^ better tbttriine^ kiiigkt 
slioald ahwpsvpeftkimtkiUKltbcr^uiiBldsn^Tbf 
expressing onfy the lifdl feebngaof oniicaiil^ 
we shall at last agree welbtdgfitikii tvShtidU 
yau^piw« w be in ^iheoigb^nitWiirJJiflilVill- 
^tD beooneaCfaristiflki; if>iiotinbe odbo* 
luMidy my doetrtnee are *(bmih ' ifin'mt i ifiij 
•Aeti TAX' will join. ivitb win oanrietetiflayD 
the gnee Offi% ud the aim»i;(gQda/o£r Val- 
4ialla.^t'* >-. ,.^ *\ .^..M' u)iv ^yA. / . v ■ 
t..iM AB^^d.r.wd af^Qte«i '."rLiOttUiiab 
ivy^ehaace^ds yeteriDetrbeiM^ndtto«Mlri%w 
<)i«BiBifise^i^«ifaalLkQld»-f»it irstmnaelai^ fbr 
-das pyufjfxMi& >r{EyaKnfa<r^ 5vhmJi^a«eo^fhts 
idfittile^faadonivins fin lodtoaiid: cthff oeMe^y 

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Liduril ifli tbiftifttlcoqpl. b^i^vi^oefiifol'' - . i r :. 

oNfjikBgcigMa'tiit yiatmj ;^bu^ wheB)«¥eiiiiig 
flppBubhad^iie fnledl not iD^mmmkar his ap. 
p«iaiiitnt^i«id''iieftt mrt alone ^kmards the 

.ThftiEhnidft .nwt . him. en hkl arrmdi at the 
gatt^ and led. kirn kindHjr tnd caieadngiyjup 
toisg toitbe obamber mth the vound bflnqaf- 
taUcv ^vliieh on Urn efening.ira&tnciEe chaor- 
fidyi' and 'pbnaady Uldmbated ^tkaai em. 
On the table, moreover, he saw many > brik 
iiaat b^ccto ; tkiMwas aiin^gnifioeiit plume 
xtfi-faabari *h$iamd':tageAa by a brooch 
-of emerMk a Img^fgddcwaB with & rich 
•idiaia;^ ght«>'t?eWel<:WtJbeanliiliiUj en. 
^hliiMhiad^ aiid-oliMrnaeooutiamenta fi* frr 

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318 xas luoic una 

It vafiant k^gbt of Aeli^best iiiiL««-<< 1^^ 
fthaU idl be thiii^ deoresftsot^'' Slid A^ 
lb M» giMHd itt her tyat. *< Tliioi^ 
lOttMBgy'yftaisitlug t WffCT 'b eenriB mffomm 
to make thee a jMMit, hf Mty of/ldiid le* 
oiembraaicey M d^ UvtkdqTy nwttlGhriiU 
]iuuh«ye; and lor Aisn^ket lisnial x»tr 
eonipaiMile a* lilrdl aa I CMi.^U«vntii tkoK 
worda ahe began to attire' her Wbted: ton 
in the geU cbaia aad bdt^ the "fkaam w£ 
feathers^ and otbcar adutiiawnter tiii mhtL ht 
stood ^tterbg like a &iiyiung befiDie.hei; 
OiEiee more ahiB looked at Urn vide that JiH 
espiesiive gtze, witfl idmh doif a XKHhor 
regtadB a dear diyd of*i»hom*she iaijoadj 
]]nmd; then iniitkL the .youth to /take:'hk 
place opposite to her at dietaUe^ andiJue^ 
i6 speak as Irikywflf:^— - 

'< Thy ftiha*, my bekn»l soo^ waai faiam 
ahd va&mtlttdeed aa tho«aat»)lKtt'ii»ta0p9 
nbt «o nSkl and subnMdae. * 9^«a»c in. 
deed a thr^altttimf ilidMilMitfam^'ofitriMaB 
idi> eii^niilo6e«tirfiQ''nMl'M«diA^ui«^ 

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a£mid;'iat^ bis ifk^mtf^, wifj^j wd\ . b^ 
oomfKoA rto.thfit 4q£ .ft Jbimmg .mgaai^f 

airfir^btfU^ilismdeMtom. Xfase it bap^ 
pnmAs tkaLhe^ fpiaiotiM jm inafalif «C t^e 
Nfflrtk Sca^ aasl, half liy {tfomtea^ Jud£ by 
tl»aat% oftuifeiikA tta to beeome-h^ jwife. 
Bfveiito^hlB faotur I tremble ta dunk qf the 
tanor tkat I feltMSotm alter* It mia in Hoi. 
ktadf ^Afmt a gtwadl festival had been given 
JA' huniMir of 6ir Hugiir. .When be re^ 
tnniad hone ftem^ llie banquet^ he found 
micBtf ahafaiber a long ataff of oakF^wood) 
with Buino chamctera eacved thereon; and^ 
anddfldgr ehtt^ging his tone from that at 
kmng aonfidelioe to bitter reproach and 
fieree aiq^er^ he laid)— < I hme already heard, 
thai* thou art a {Kiwtrftd enohantress* Be^ 
mm»^bamfHaCf bowthntf betnqraataijytpkena 
or qvoAote of «sdi a» artm x^y presence, foT) 
A e u i d ithia e^ea happen agpun» I fwear a^ 
lennly^thaiaaeMnKihallbe thelaakif thy life V 

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'.iati^H*'"-'-)-'^ '. . - ill' .-' •■ * ■• i»i'*" •- 

hi^ a.xm> «nd . b|i^/ , .pe , ifinm. . the., jcog^t. 
Would to Hcsateo. tbatisU.AHTiinnkntBts 
of encbwtment . h^. tt thi?i (tio^ Ji!W(|..^ 

and which I yr^swmi Ui diirfy.Yilh ii(iep,.qtf6a 
fully , packed^ whcr^fT l/cwpje! ,But ,^ 
vqyn^i^ spelU that ruled tb^a. laiadf). it 
iwpopsible for >he, fim ^ .:tpJ9ir« 4f$*JiPWr 

gur^s aager^ I yet had not reaohitioii ^.Ph 
noun^, f^. thft.^w?rt?f(*bpti(I A^^.l/onrnd 
dyrjn^PUf.iO^^.iA tjbfi di8tm|.iiK»w.^;«fjre* 

and longu3jj,^l(je,jtJbAt whit|i,^ir^ 
wards -these dark sciences are bom with us 

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THX iriOlC UlKk 391 

...... i'^ f 

too often are we cairied on wanl, nolwkhiltti^ 
it4gld^Ol*'6Mlggk^ Cfrea Aidti|^ Wknow 
^MthitUitt tt>odr'oim d^stahiciloti: ''TA,t 
dfeteiinitied ifait OiB'*iBMdty thotigu' if ^te- 
ilwinM itf' my poMettioQ^ ibotSfl *iie^^ oe 
lobked at'or unv^^Hed; teit I 6(mtd bdiMt 
ekpM, Hhkt'ITikgiir/' alirays iticttUed" bf tlit^ 
dfjbft <i Aick dbjbetfl, K^ndd be tdore than 
e^ enraged, if 'by any means he were re- 
iinnded dTwhit had happened *mth Uie Runio 
divlnitff-tod. He paid a: htrge sum of money 
to tb^ ptbprietor of Ae' house; accoiding to 
Ma' xtMBi princely genetority, and thereafter 
we rencrred to the* pleasant town of Cob. 
lentz, where (he lilbsfel flows into the Rhme, ' 
-^where the blomning Adds and vine^oovered 
monntains may vie in beanty witfi any whieh 
thbr worfd affords, tiioee even of Asia not ex- 

-^'nere, in a bai^onialfottresi, notfarfrom 
the town, wUdi mattskm was situated on k 
hill' eo^i^red wttb 'fruit-trees, and commanding ' 
the lotetiebt prospect^ along bodt riv^ WM ' 

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^ In the sweet uiusoii8Cw»MftipCaMEa)cy9*t]wi 
w«t wot t tP fflMk in tl^ cndle,. JhdtB the 
Ugh.b^pcmjrof the oisilc^ oA.tbe .bendiM 

wimhlbimUf ArouDd titte } Jaut youngs aad 
napanif^ly.unnwifaifut as.fth<m;^iracft, XdMhi 
BOtitbit swost iiiflii«c^ ,daiwL kam Acte 
eadj dmUBuS) yet tfeful v^^ ,th«» hftk » 
tbine boora <^ wakiDf «mi oC«k^^ 
; <' Trnly^ itouMt vothec;'. replied Sir CHto, 
<^ thy words htvft xeodled tn.ioe linme ajid 
ftdings that l^y deep— 4eep}y iaqtemd, 
thooe^ hut; diniy undentUHx)^ mthin aiy 
bMHt., 3ati>feef Ibadlewtiedb^ttirtpper^ 
^veiwh^t parsed^ did wejup^.tm* 
14^ fieurth^?— rSid iM)t ow w$j IfmAm^ 
lofty. diSft. covered with v'w^ XuU o£ wk 
clus);er8 ?-— and did we not ance stand Imlwg 
d5)(WYi lfoarfiJ^y at A great fqiMX^ 
Jilethiidiv I ,yet hear its. mighty Tjnce Ir^ 
waa thi% peocbance, a thwdeff-stom aotang 
the mountains, with its blue and white doud^ 

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THS MAiGIO B»G. 888 

nodoii of ftHing water ?^ 

^ Najy dear Mm,"* anflw^red Httdhidur, 
<^ Aafr wai iadeed Ae ifligidfioeiit BlfeMiai 
al^SdiafflMMiflea. I ranembef iv^bowjay- 
ftdly tbou dMst elaap ihj luaid% atid tMd, 
after thme own manner, to ahbnt akmdl; and 
AoQfgti tb 7 voiee was unheard iumid tfii xtMu*- 
kig of die ftiabkg torrents^ the i^ltaMiref mhh 
wfaidi thou wert ankiated sparkled in thtile 
ejee; yet aH this while the boards on which 
we stood shook beneath us; and at length 
the stem Sir Hagtnr was so delighted with 
thy ooonge, thai he Idssed both his wife and 
dnM, and exchinied,^^^ That is my biaire 
8on,-Mi true scion of the old northern tree !*^ 
Thaid^ to thee, far-famed and mqestic 
Bhine,'ibr die trial which tbou hast ndw af- 
forded ifae of Ms spirit P-^Troly thou art 
but fittle dnmged nnee that tkne, if I nugbt 
sqr so of one who has been transform^ from 
aUoomingboyisitoawattikeki^lht; but at 

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features.'' :- . -on ^c j- 

fM^3 ''^ I liftve'/Mn .foi tog dxaaiei 
llijit cQnfld«lic# in w)u(^ il mam m^m}^ re- 
joice T 

n^ im ever led) as I Jiftive/bBCit, to iaok amt 
deeply, imotbe myltema «f tmtan and 4be 
Wiovld of ^purilS) the knowledge so JKxplircd 
efien profm^A b^ivy add^akioBtiinaapposta^ 
kmdeB. Already luive I spokes t^.thiaef- 
AtotwMi^y consul Barthav: iN^e«.riie ooMe 
to my raitib m JCast EriealaiKL Hub, MhUe 
•fr^e-hearted champions, such aa thou arty are 
fMttfiuing llhair iown pibth to.^ovj^ and ton- 
x^mtf and ane^giiidad by jdieu.own impnlwH, 
ih^rerace deap:my9tark>tts.aigna.aiitl-adHR]fii. 
lA^naibgr'whkk ife, whoaMfj^Mbned-witk aa. 
ifemAmri^'PtliH aitt:niafie'awaaa,'lbat ^we 
.«iiiat'8«b»^ to.^he^CMditaDiMf tim daatmy 

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fitting hour was not yet come** '^ '"^^ ^^'^ 

jn^ Biitnif it pdMiUe,*' lifi^lu^ ^OtUs 
«««iiattyMt]iave bcnmtofiMpe ld4«ll ^bii*Ot^ 
ton my strange dsoUbikPg^ ^rtlcM liime 
I htttenowlmAowed^mi aAjriM^Mili'iit^^^b^ 
aon?'' ' ^*»'^" 

. • '' Truly thsm have >Wm 'ttiodMfttit V(hen I 
Iwve.tlKia adoMkriii^iiim^^-saidBiiairi. 
dur ; !S^ kit -at langtk 'L perotiv^ oHljl tdo 
well irk> ihe;TeaUy isci Thmi < alto will floon 
become aaqaanited wkh this aiyMaty ; forny 
storjndranra rieefr to the fatal bour» wKaiit 
.was to mei'Ckariy l o t mai ed, how frigfatftdly 
^ jfata wis intwioed with thiae and with my 


. ^Ferdureeyrarswebednowwandewlaboiit 
through the Uootting nmintaiiM and vidlejrs 
of (fikimrwBy,^wfa6P in- your DuAer V heart tht^ 
avoee at'>lflnglh'ih» aaicnt loa|;ing after his 
nathtelandL In 4fae> Getinad distiiMiwtta 
Jongsa hoie 1b» Norwegian^ nameef theiletti 
Sir Hugur, but was called EKr Hugh von 
Trautwaogai, and I also was aecustomed to 

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av nmuuMfvasm^ 

my ovn 'minA^ddij^tW {notiiNB off 
TjaauUiniigfflt; ki SwaUsy whetfe- 1 bid never 
yetbeetr. Bimseiicnigfafi(iriiie<tiiflkil&nane 
was em joined nith idm of ray hmlMnd, 
who was dealer to me than all the woiUL I 
loi^fedy dwsefiire) in joyftil anticipatiOD, to 
xeadi llieSwiibiatt &»tie«, and yet have to 
das hour never bdidd % aioept ka^ after- 
wards in die ^rigbtfol miimr. And that 
fatal treasure was the cause of my neiw hav- 
ii^ been there m reality. 

<*Fory as we diew Maier and nearer to the 
castle, I was evcvy night faaimted t^etraage 
and irrenstible Tuioni^ by wbieh I was eoa» 
stantly warned and impelled to look into the 
nttgle minor, and behold diere die adren* 
tares plHt and to come of my hosband, Sur 
Hugat. Qn awaikeraiig, all was confiiaon in 
asy loMi nd I dkndd not deariy reeall the 
]piiantonis bf my^sieep^ but Mt ahrqrsa ve- 
hement desitetO'actaceordiiigtDtboiiewam- 
iagR. Yet my love towards Sir £Bigitf , 
mingled alio with my terror of odeocDng him, 

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ramMMOWBitm. SK 

iliiray ft auidl» me aide to roiit t 

untBoiie mght^ wbixSn ire fM»trtiiaam|Md 

hBaam» iMAre 'vivid imd mQ»' li^iftfiil dnn 
evov flo^ thai I cenU aba Maattithefl^^iriian 

<« In loy mghUy mAmt it aeaoMd to me as 
if the htok d( tke haa^ifiil Afitiid, my aiatar, 
<rf nrfiOia^eaMtl hadnet^r haaidritai alvagrs 
bcsfcre ae» aod^ tbat^ ^. i«aa aeakMisly em- 
]^0yad in. culling flower» under tha traes. 
Metbought also^ that it waa still n]g)it» and 
Ihab a l^aam ^ moonligbt ahcn^e upon her 
fipaftutfes) and I said to^n^s^, * liow strang^y 
{M4e d»e looks in that; Jig}il 1 Doas she not 
i^paaVj.tfWnnowy juoye like am of the dead 
i^a^ of Ijhe lifingf Tharfupoa i^deep me- 
l9i\i4Hd<y9 ilad even honor, sattM on xay 
h^aftn Th^ h ca m i fal Aatrid, continMed b^r 
a^an^^ibr flowj^rs} hM(» when^ie fcad made 
^ ipK^ cpd vaHagatsd wrea4^ and was^addiiig 
tQ it the last .^o^Fsr^ in airder to ti^ ititeige- 
.(tijir^ )o ( the ^fMa gadand cbajiiged i» once 

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into dust and tBhes, wUcb flew into her ejfct, 
airtl'aisfifii^ bi^f cUiiitti^^^ii^'^^^^ die 
in^eedlookediftb dneofiUb ifeJl^'Wb^ ti^ 
ovi^l'^^kgdn to inb^ bet' liimdt abf^rkt^ ' 
Wtieriy: ''Tllifei^eifter aKe Viewed* fcitf tiHt, 
ana'sooii *niade another wreath,^ "^v^ch inis' 
dissolved like '^e former. ' t^wiAed ^ iffte' 
up and asnst her^ but the lea&en bobds of 
sleep held me fast ; *I coufd^nbt mor^; and 
when Astriid saw my vain' eildeavoim, iKe 
said, < Nay, naj, think not of aSiing'me. 
Ttiese are but earthly dowcfrs ilSliicb no one can 
fix in my liands, and wherefore ^ould t wh^ ' 
for them, since! have been long »nice dendT?^ 
After these words, she caime and'plfifi6ed' iKfIr* 
self lieside mei adcling, *^herefofehart ^ib6«i ' 
the mirror in thjr jK>sses8ion? I shall De^i^ 
grant thee 'peace, neiiher Ky iiig^t nor JUtfl * 
tilt thdii hast looked hito i^' ahd inq\^Ired '«fttlf ^' 
the past life of ^e stem Sir' HUgikr. "ifiMlt 
wilt iioT bb^y toy ccwikihdfs,^ 't^ ^Hiljf ' 
may^st ' tKoil jiuhnie % ^j ib'ftl bJktt dt ' 
Trautvrangeii'; b^t, t^ffi^tt^, ^1M*^ 

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"^/'* ' 'A 'jj II ^ .it it . i/i ,.. -(Ki: int. Uut rurrr 

8o efi(j5^, aq^^o fe^ly shrill, t)ia^^ I jifas ^ck ^^ 
with JMnir^, and awoke, 89reami9gi .from jmy 
sleep. Tlustime^ as I have a]jf^y.^ajd« ihe 
imp re pri on of my dq^aip remained cle^ on 
my mind. , Meanwhile , I heurd tl^ owls 
shrinking withcHit^ in the wild forest; jxff fe- 
male atteodany if ere f as), asleep, ^pd the 
aen^neli} n^?r^ ^t the eptr^mce of (he, tent. , 
At^tl^ /wftil moil^ts ^I wi^ed to lose 
my e^pi$f^ erf the tWCW hy wjiifdi I was syp- 
rounds in th^ profectipg furms of sleep ^ bnt, 
scarcfjjr.ha^ I closed^ jPiy eyes and begun u^ 
skija^^, , w)ien. (he deadly pale visage of 
Astri<^ w^ jBifpifk ijose to mine ; ,her ;Voice 
i^g^jUhri^ed ip piine ears, and t^iese/earful 
«*fl3ifi»tT'^ tq^w»14iWfi-«»4 frpn? 

coffer in which I kiyw that the diirrorwas 

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S80 Ttukmmmmn. 

dqpodilffdJ AH iye|..«lept HWni >mei the 

dgbt was daik imd «feiil>4p ttoigmrp. 

^ At die Jivdkkiu>wft tpiid^ oi9jrth«d»Aft 
the kicks nd. boks wclve at aMe ofinied; ^m 
mimor wtt imialed^tiad.ahdaa bfigl^y, mUk 
haownsap6niat«ralli|^« I ieooadiitaesiiist 
the stemof an oak Iree^ aiid» aacordiog tp tbe 
warniiig voioe t)! ngr dmani, dgfuaatipd ifbai 
had be^ the criiBeB of Sir Hi^gfor^ 

«< What I Attkheld I needaotrefittt t# 
thee; thottknowlst k' already fintta die Upa if 
the irise armoilfer^ Asmandnty itko Jiaa ^fe* 
scribed' to thee the- frie of die bemafcd Aa- 
trid) and cten repented the aengs in whidi 
she toDk ber laat ftieweB of tkeatam duuaapian 

HeampM^ Sir Olto «lMlHiUlitaMbr faddl 
wept bitter^ and far aJoog'WUfeJhejfTfu 
mainedailant^ aod gtaangim eBdkMhar«> Aft 
leogth'jdMrkdy.hegatt tai^eak^'foOwtos m^ 

'< loifaeiimiMr liiebeld abi»>.« iMmiW 
boy^ wboiisMw ehaigedinte tha^inUrredkkaB 

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TBS MMio Blare. en 

Ottur, Ibr 4ie WM the ton >af IBfar Hogw^oml 
the beautifol Astrid. Thtt Ifaf haifrbfoikBr 
^KHild reittiiiUe ^kat *to tiamAyiM vat mbe 
ilmigiit mjFstttrkimvibr iDttNMlgr <cmkl bis 
mothte BttdhtlnM te Aitinguidiod firahoi bftch 
<9rticr« ' f VM Mfll'iir^iffa^ beionn die onnaor) 
becauie I beheld theeett how the haj tumed 
away m mi^gMlwnitb and tenor firm hiii 
Itefaer^ trb^ m the^fmaeneeof the old Jcsigfat^ 
had dij^ied sapd* utmy Mftn^fi blood, irheD, 
]o!'thir itera Sir Hogur hioMetf. alood sod- 
Omif b<iuod me^ The tied 1^. of the 
HMMrmngy wUck ted jtiat tlmn began to bteefc^ 
Aone o&hn'viiige, dvtorted bf-wtsA^ and 
mathondanngTCMice he^ enchomed, ^ Thou 
haelf tlntt> ^mn thjMf lip agnfai to thy witch* 
craft and incantations; butahhoi^llioiihaM 
IbqgbtxeftthiaBebeifance^-I riiallnotfiivgetche 
m^it'Aac I'hanne swona Arqpare tfaen ^fisr 
dtethf^ WA these vonb^ hendfetrhis^smcd^ 
thatgltilhied£fae^atftun«ia the morning fight; 
andi'that awMi, deaMto son^, wnathesame 
irUili^tktaKwettrHe' at' this naiment, tand'ttt 

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amc bfXMkodT '>> l " n • • ; * - : 
iji'Hatti^'Sii^aitoi loikedi'wnb.aiveEMoli 
and tkRlxtaititl»innflm<#bKhtlieliadi)tf^ 
liridai>idete;^dtlKteaiM ifiii^woQM tnedt 
tein.liiAtiide^T«ldT«aittkiialritf; bmOb dam 
mdifiildMiir, '^^BeirjiHrff dear^M; ^ 
tbatgpQd.itrardI haw tietmrtbaHl iojored;} 
aUboMgk' fagr my jdBwhiditiide ia Ubd^ da^ 
acrrad ikat wj/Hfa ihMUidutoaby ktr^ baaa 
thkan anrajr. IbriaaiKlti]aeladoir<flie|pRiiilri» 
asdaNmi'baMd rajr boaom qaji selffccaiwktniiaB 
arifliiaBl to^ vfcacmiduB Uow^ nriddbly -ikr 
baart of4iie^tecD>I&igw i«aa imiud j fendte 
said, ^Nay, Heaven forbid that thou shoiilDnil 
tvar'beiwiMnded iiy toy Aaadi Aatibalrtiat 
iqpaapEte'iayielf 'Acnti thea^*foDaioiv<^AMi'hail 
dhoofembtha fiBH&lateea whidi homimiu 
ted agftinsft thy: aalo^ Aalridit mr harra^I 
humility or fortitu<k enough (whidiaoevcr it 
ghould be called) to beg thy fegg ira pe a a* Notf 
to say the truth, oouU I oonBde Ipiiger in 
one who ia Ihua given up to aoroery ; diere- 

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fore JuMriii'ti*>u*£lMaf^>«ghlv andnrfier 
let us meet agam. But as for the bbfj I mm 
detain liim 'with. itty and '-wilt tcUifbns/Uiat 
lhoU(aft>dead.? (Eo 4l|e8e' eonunndvil' Ma 
fooead btooaidiiih |. iMiiI ddnsted nxA hMk 
entneatea, .tUl 1 had faeeor penorilted.tb ti^ 
loavetfif Uiei^f dnirest Ottb. . The bj^tamU 
eta>to)d thm. tint I waa then dyingv;:. aad; 
tffulj^Jtmist hove, aaeaaad J9t last move iUia 
mimt)itkm dead, (iba&axf the Jiving; <»r^ quite 
cmmoper.bjp any! nfl&atioir at pacing with 
thc^/mttl my segrctnt the disobediinBe ^ 
vfaicb X.lNd aarvjMBhLf beon guilty,! mmk 
bilcii^'^utitJngiflBcUinaouflblev enthegrany 

i^iQnoeaaatee theJac^Jieafertilyticaabiaeed her 
bflidviedno»(iaftdttbagpfeiti4hkit d^arlo^paa^ 
fiMii^ga.ji^m mtamdbmi- ctHn|ieniatiedi b]^ <hb 
bappiaeaRnrluolidlhejr po^iR'enjfiffedvr i i >> 

If i3T9oar.'ji.!T* ) i»;r '*•' " I'l'.:; . ". »^ ^' *lU^V 

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• , '{ ' K '• 1 

. CflAFTEil X&VIE 

How Sir Otto broke the Mirror, and the Castle ^ 
sumed by I^lrie. 


AnsE tU* time all theitfairte kn^tt mne 
alnott etery evwing to the MttotwunMr^of 
Hildiridup; and iieflawhik ttabpagaa^m&MM 
ventured any new attack. Sir Otto bad not 
metagain'willi bit balfilirctlmr^ Ottnv, irinn 
he wouU now have gladly aeo^^* oor could 
the 8ea«ioiiafdi obtain any intdligenoe oi his 
couein^SirXdbaiD. They could alnoat have 
widied Aat fiterta3a enchantment! had inciled 
tiM pec^ to aotte new odoffiot, in order that 
th^ wight faaire behekl again these two<fe» 
luded and unfortnnate j^outka; but it atiafri 
as if the fires boUi of hhre and hatted woe 
now quite coctinginsbed among die inhabi- 
tants beyond the lUand frontiers. Mean* 

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THSiHiBoiojaM& ae 

while the .bmve Swerker liftened with deep 
attention to all the lessoBB of Sir Otto ; and 
after maintaining as well as he could the doc- 
trines of Odin and ValhaUa, he became at 
last a sincere <ooBvert to* ttVQ XSoriiltain faith, 
confesang that this afforded the only path to 
happiness both for this world and the next. 
Hereupon the knights consoled themselves 
for the kw of Otlut atnd Sur KiAiein, and 
i^goioed that tkey had won at last one bnn 
aod'hemo faeciit for the true and only re- 

But, dMxidg this life of repode and peaee, 
thesecallectieci of hiB lost Gabrialle had again 
awoke ioSir Otto'^s heart; and at he coneeal^ 
ed this ffAdJxom bk oompanioDSvSnd even 
fi»m HMridur, it inoccased by degrees every 
day, tollwith this ttm) was joined bitter dis* 
coiitent and cepining at the unafiottnnes of his 
pannM^ by. wbidlt his early life had been 
ckokenedyAAd by which he believed that he 
badhimsfltf inourred distoeaa^ fiaom which Ae 
gnidMce of a. fevfaig wofilOmr might have pro^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

tooted buB. OtUxktimeB be now rade akoe 
into Ibe wide toreA, &ae beyond tbe Fiaikai 
boundariesy partly because be vaa wUlkig^lD 
hm^e every daager for tbe aake ofmnOQ/fg 
faia balf4>rotber) Otiur, and pardy dmm oa 
by bis own restless tbou^ts ; so tbat be of* 
tentinies anrived very late at tbe moonligfated 
oastle of Hildiridinr, long a£faer Sr Annfaioia 
and Sir Heerdegoi bad taken tbar places at 
the round marbk^^aUe* 

One evening, itbajqpened diat be bad th«s 
returned late from tbe finmt, and bain^ig 
rode very nq^y, bis disroiitini>» instead of 
being weamd oirt as heretoisrttr imyni n««K 
fiei€dlytbanei>er OB bis beast. Him^.mikt 
ascended Ibe staifoase akne^ and4iai»akMg 
and angfity thntpugb ifce vanhad ittssagea iBUD 
tbe i^Mnmeitt wbere itie- lairroc- bp^ ..{k^ 
neatb k8rdii4( red etttOaifi^ tiia.thQ^§hl.«psr 
on bis aibd iritb nsfatiess trneb^ tlpc^ 
tbis night destroy 'Utterly and .Air ^^n^,. kj 
oni ' powerfid Uasr, tbat cnabamed ghss 
which had been tbe eaase d m much ] 

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Mb. m 

Cute. **<}amefaiAAatk^ciAcoaiSBAQV'md 
lie to his sword ; ^ tbbu h«it y«t to compen- 
kite ftr tfe fisars whkh diou iiii^»b«d''st 19 
tfqr inottier^ Iteart, ^en dida weit wsed 
tiu^ftteninglj agrint her life ib the ftfcst 
Noir, fba, MM iny just vei^easce on this 
deitrnve nd &tel numrr hk tke MBe 
modKnt tin gmord gienaed ia the youA's 
Itand ; he struck with it vehemently against 
the porple certain, and after a fcw Mows, the 
"floor guttered all atioind hkn with the wreck 

Ncrwa inttAd «isp of Uwndar. rottsd over 
tiM ^tMer iriMiBBt te waUs were. shoheB as 
ijf «s aatthqiabe. JPran tfaa vairit«d dKA- 
gmWw ha—Kh www heard dsep kettowgnMtfifs, 
Mfd ^fvemhe^roof wilhigvoiecs of I^Eior and 
fUe md omrioiMs JHldiridw, 
rit HeiPdageB» rwAe d fato the 
llRrjr fMnd' a^ Olio atoad- 
iftg-lAh'iia hair dhhevetttd^ and staxii^ 
*n»ftdly» <io ihigaawtD dwt ky awmnd hha. 
^«Hniat I fam huhw Aeendbattted mnor,'' 

VOL. II. p 

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qW^^^tSfe* MMmt Wlwuifaf nrfpUdai : 
'-(ilu^^Ahlt^Md inio^piMes^ die«b«itili&l,d 
if ^i^k ^tbuMA tteteoDi; onul idii sigfatiikii 

1i<^ Vfi^stMft^tt)^ inoe kom^BmerjicgoedUiimt 
'gKttmtl^ *^AriglilMt»: iicriife8t]iT68n«r87 ooftr 

^du»e ftA* tegtetaod i«(ito|iaioei<i Fbc' QtadTs 
sake, dearest mMimr^ teH Jii0^wlie|bB*ifllgr sfirte 
eren now hfts not been* likediatoCiUiKi item 
Sir HugurP Have Inotimked rlidi]^idani 
her whe was deak«er to me tbaoiaUrtht itadil ? 
And- wdii it tiot wvlh livery 8W«)d (inotaad 
oT^javbUt), a» I bad'beeii>tdd)-tiial''heO|mt 
to death <he%eaitttiftliAauSdf'' . i^ . 

Sir Otto Mtft>efely'ki»tr wiwft;he. Mtiaml , 

' asr the"v6iced a^trfthe' foo0- of'thiSMQ8Bll6dbe> 

cam« wilder and wttdarj There ^asf ihjMMae, 

tdb, >fls if f rom th«9 flatUnog a£ niMifUe 

wings fhr^rtfgh* the chamhii^ inrl liTiUirirtiir 

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iJbMtdlU SHieitM) ;hmgbMj Jbm^M^.^S' 

-i tlto q^t e iyuaiHlrAfa^i^njlilg ^^t^fUKp K)^ 
'.Uj^ stiffl beaisngdiifM wippa«^*« On wdT- 

ii^ui||ja«)ec'ti)ej;oii8^ smi th^ ^ootiaued 

iiKtices/{^lJH9»totat)Niii.i 1!}l4 fwthful war- 

itenh cdmfl'iipiskioflipgiai^ praAciiig ia their 

y^&nari fehej^m^iiioitedth^Vk i^^podiately, aod 

Ere long they bud aiwffiia* ^dvurow^ but 
rphoMKit MaHc^, aMirtileiiby.^ickQla of alder 
^ribdifaoBely ii¥faicbiMw^toy7biith0d4A.deir aud 
Jt]ec|wig;iii^bff moooliglML. ;Her^ they puUed 
"dp/As min«. aad'itied^4«eaver fcom their tfimu Tfaeir h«r«eA top be- 

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a$)4 shnUingtorifs fronrthrioKtlMituoo^i 3ii 

4ie>ignle«r'¥9ik horn iun ifeaUUss^ aBdi;snri^ 
'!. Wi^ hMhIbrttiniitciy eMqMdfiaBrgtoritJaiA 

At these words they all kneekd /dowA* apM 
the dewy girdB^' 8ir^ Ottp^ootii ta oiitB ti3d v(for 
heriifidnmiw^beofiiie qiaile ddm^t nadjin^tti 
eium«9tly; tbQugkmthcKii^Qd]lik.ivoid% iiUi 
at.leugth Httdindur Mks^^flHd tnntedMiaiiiidge 
toivitfdti thf Siiigbt*oC *Ih«tw«iq^« '« SbaU 
I. i^pcoacb yoi^^ aaid shvj;i¥ .ar diafiil/iiQi- 
mth0r be tbaiikf«l thM yotf >tate thn twofcte 
anddsfitmyed eiy poteM ipdk^ aiKk:8at3B# 
al v^BrmMb^fotT ever «v^hitlio«>,6piflte« w1b» 
have Utbert^ -pronned 'bufri ^booftfid^^iMMl 
tfttiehfntNist8epmit»? ItHwiii, Mo lAwLr cly 
thi^'yeity !dedimi^0ttQ/^eddd^^fbe^^4 

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she ' befoomoi.^^etklfii^mwn^ ^tUB^'kttll' ^ 
fHomei^'M miitAeUtitreqi^ thoip aert fn^ir'tiM* 

iH&cjilKLIa]b(Hi«to.abtJBht «Jhmtoii^ hmhiM 
aislKMiridiote^iI attwb ipmlljFiJ^ldiAg -uUi^' 

luaigirit •wfayi^ .,.:,- - . - ; - ^. • / 

'Uetaip«»l^<Ott0aad iftr Heerdegvil af 
licbtseaifed b^'«xpiMHd liidreamenCaitoi 
and joy!;'btitth0isM4iiiinardi ttoodgiooBiy 
aoiljilo^iliAKp (thmigiit. Afksi^ ** Who 
thad^^ sakllie^^ ^ may i* thtesto eatneJiope 
t*>' ^lieicl eathanted ' v*:ei^oDa agiooft tbe 
gakiim tiaiakl fikoKlay whb fate>fieiy ^B^tpmmf 
Aaifcar tka'Jappdkp ifoher «ercb nikitf ek>0^ 
imi "valitD 'tlieau ilot^Mfer we^ outsebrev ^hav* 
sIvoadsiahA flpeaMdhiil^aRiw pdviaifiil ; bm 
wbo' wifr 'Jtolv^>]^i0tectl ti»iADin'^litr»iidMM 
gboaiii aad^ippii#iikHiS4^> at>wiik^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

wftfTKjr^TmB uu iRWii liuiUQU vfumir uuui 

puisaik'm V^\iM? The ^tf^feSaa^^ 

together with Ottur and Sir KolMHii 'lUV^^' 
in'th^irti^lMwrttdi, gdii^fdffh'kdit^ 
ift erder to war' aga^itist *th4 OTittiiarrf^tfe 16-" 
rfeign lands. Tou irtff fitiff' to 'Airifi^-*?. 
t^ttdy d«patched with ihh mt^lg^cfe'hy your 
cfcunp'; aitda freeehofce is'befcre'ybti,'%liei 
ihet'yhix wflt go With me 'to the totteiit ftiT-^ 
tn^ of TrautwAngeH, wtolter T^ aUrt tt .^ i ii! 
by* An irresi^bie' ' lohgitog, ' or ' pursue ytkir 
wvy ow ferther ^tnpaigtw ^Arbugh the -^brld. 
Btit; for the 'present, M iis^liasten on 6tkr 
flight Ikrther from the Vatbh-tbwer. -^ Me- 
thinks* f already* se€^ thfe enraged spBrits 
stretching ottt'thetr fidry tottgue^ fWm evifei*y 
window and loop-holt; Heretrpon SSrOtto 
i^stisd llildiridtir to take her place bdlind 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

*^i»?Rft.^»Wrt ft fll% ftlpp^ ^t^f «>8^^ftj 
pbfir^^t^ame$|.aiioQiiiiced4o th^ it^Mtt^K^ 

,)yhw tbey.dwr tbecamp, Sw^r^ 
k^ fWie; forward to mqet them, bearbg « 
peacc^^mba39y from the Fiolaoders, After a 
fipw. ^bort hours of repose, the whole trq^p 
sef,put OQ tb^ way, amid the long slaotiog 
gl^nma. of .the mormng siin, sioging .th<ur 
qboral anthems, that reverberated fa^ aq4 
wide amid the rocky mountains. Sir Otto 
had provided for Hildiridor a handsome, pal* 
fr^y, and now rode with her in the van,, care-, 
fully guiding her horse with a leading cein \ 
Mont&ucqn^s noble falcon perched on his left 
hand, and attended by Sir Arinbiom and 
Sir P^erdegjen, ope on each ride. , " Fc^ 
aqme xixntf at least we shall all remain to- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^edler,''a8idtbefeft4iioQtrcb; and a diioovne 
WW b^iun touching dieir fbture pioapects, 
when Heerdegen added thereto,— ^^ Ay, me- 
)y ;— 4cMr my own part at lea^ I think to go 
through Germany intd France, in order to 
brmg home from thenoe my tiater Bertha."" 
At dieee worda a deep blush came over Sir 
Ottd*s cheeks ; ^< I would beg you to salute 
her for me,^ said ini ; <^ but, alas ! I am un- 
worthy of her Tememinrance.^ Thereupon Sir 
Heerdegen, silently indeed, but kindly, gave 
him his hand, and at that moment a gleam 
of the morning sun4ight broke £rom a ciood 
so beautifully over the fresh and fivgrant 
lafidscape, that it seemed to every heart hke 
a prottuse of the happiness and blessings that 
were yet in store for them. 

KND or VOL. II. 


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OLIVEH & 1I0Y1>, 1»IUII»S»«- 

,-t, 1-ni 

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^'' :5I ' ?Ofi" 

M iJ 

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How the Moor Alhafix c«me for the Ladj Bertha. 

It wm late in tbe e^rening, at the castle of the 
Lady Gabrielle in-Gaicony, when Bertha von 
Ltchtenried sat, studiously, with a large book 
open on a reading-desk before her. The 
book contaiDed the history of pious saints and 
canonized mar^rrs ; and she could devote her 
attention thereto llie more ^nimemipCedly, 
as, with the excepUon of a few servants, she 
was now left quite alone in the ci^stle, having 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

through many dfijB looked in vam for the 
return of Sir Folko and the. (wo dasBiek* 
It seemed as if departing summer had taken 
her last farewell; and this farewell ira$ ut- 
tered in fearful daps of thjunder, wt^ the 
ocean mirrored on its vasty d^ths th^ fie> 
quent bursts of lightning. A heavy |^^!^ 
also beat upon the garfl^i^te^rnK^^ taoij^-fff/ft^h 
while the warder failed not to ring witl^ jpmt 
perseverance the consecrated bell^ .l^hoa^ notes 
were to protect the castle from allinjuiy. 
He was answered, too, by the church«bdls of 
all the neighbouring towns and villagea, so 
that it seemed as if the reverberations finom 
the clouds had -been met and changed oo 
earth into pious and pleaMDthamonjr. Thsee. 
fold, therefore, was the jnety of the Lady 
Bertha strengthened and increased ; first, by 
die thunder^s mighty vcnoe above; then by 
the musical notes of the cburch4idls; lastly* 
by the jnous. legends which die then read m 
her favourite volumes. 

So it hapfimwd at this.time that there i 

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*l^^lwi. Stw^^ basitle, with an uncouth and 
"^Sjlik^^^^'i^drihe w^. a Uveo^ Africa, 
i^m^^v'j^^ to the Christian faith, 
wi^ to 'the manners of life in 
'^* iBy ner dj'ess and conduct one 
bougfat that she wa&an ordinary 
^^pfeasant, had it not been,' that her 
ion and strange features betrayed 

^^tf^^aSSAo^gin/ •/'*^* 

-^**^^wi&t iiiews bring^st thou, SJuhna P^ said 

'ttifelcdy.' To which the old Moor answered, 

^^ lld^ng, forsooth, but an earnest entreaty 

' wfiich'^t must especially address to the Lady 

'^Bertha von Lichtenried. Oh the plain here, 

' i^ot mr from the castle, there is a strange 

litifi^, a Moorish' soldier, who lies mortally 

"Woiindi^: t know >not \f he has been at- 

kicked' by banditd, or overthrown in single 

^ddOilbat ' ^e wishes to obtain a,, messing 

iki^^ flieS, according to the fbrmd of the 

Catholic church ; but this he will not receive 

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4 13H£.]ftM^X«r9i|l€k 

fEMtany^Deiliutyoii; for the |««dy BMbf^ 
of LichtenriodhM boea jr«MW9^aiid pnmd^ 
far and near, ever since thai eiveim^ ,yiksai}^ 
Ij dinging to Ule. proae^ iomI- wamg ha 
hand, she wa« aUo taiv|H»lia«Bd.dciflF%i^mij 
a bold4iearted and. wicked leomrade ^-ti^ 
Prince Mutaa^ It^ ia «ot iuL.frmi thiatold 
crdssthat I^foimd tbe wwndfid Mpot^ «• I 
teliimedliMneift'Mi^Aappfii^Ti. .. ^ 

^< Gall the «h«|^aift thf%r <biti k^.m^ V 
frith Boe,'' aaid B^fth^ hmikf K«chi^g tm 
bar ral and mak&tla) *< otod^ aom^.^vunit 
dflo to attend en ua, and tOirender^iiiMliM^ 
to the poor manr ^.. t.x..,. 

^ The chaplaiB,'' aAiwerad Ziilpap ^^ 
abeadj gone to bed, and tbei^aoinQi J^ 
snoring in the ataUeii Bafi^vai.ire. «h# 
r^uaethem, and they .«aff<»-feedjf im gffoM 
U8, the unfortunate Moor iraoldhavf iMaill^ 
ed hiala^l. What if hft^ dMmU4bi«4^^ 
uMiMtwnaehidQ^ madnAdim^ Ae WiiiJWP 
of Hour bolgr tdigioiV'afkai. ii>lifc..b»<» «if^ 


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nestly loiig9?-^Bd9i yoci, ' noble lady, moil 
know tbe otMueqiXMiM ^finr better than I can 

-"< UtfW &muiB it, Zulma,^ said the Ladjr of 
I J d it eUf i te d, *•* that you know so weH how to 
hettak joif '!Mqproadi«B on my Amwm and 
o?«MiUiti6nP«-^Ooiibda«S' what you hav« 
said ia JMM and tfti^. When we are catted 
ontoftilfil octir dMies toCkkl^ we must not 
tarry nor hA^ round tat assistance and pro- 
tectioB. Let us liien go forA straightway to 
the woondtd nian. Good Heaven ! — bow 
muefa haire-Aemoidci and nuns aefaieyed, of 
whose lit ea I was just now reading the plea- 
sant hjatflsy! and diould I then doubt whe. 
tfaar I m^t go tofrth akwe to the cross on 
die so n sh oge ?***Let us hasten, good Zufana ; 
for the poor dying man must long grievously 
for our coming.^ 

Having thrown about her a large mantle, 
as a dirfitnce against the rain, she stepped has- 
tily with the Moorish servant down stairs to 
A privite' portal, and taking a lamp from the 

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SfiUfliii 3ate)». theiiCid tiiiwiliilliiii f^ 
pcai^)&rai HMidbwwnB eMTftAi ' ifliniiimfi 

liibl^^iUl-dMi^ p wli iwpn i HlB|i»ak,j i V pp 
the straightest road. And tkifcyidniiiijtfil; 

iAtietftil»iluip|iMMd^:^thatiAro|bB^ isffrnM 
oMri IfiqgsiiMBir'ii&ikMJsMfeMikil^i^^ 

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bcgnatatMnndBto utter 4i Iwidild dbriffli^ 

nmwHin, tend Ae inv a a w n re d by b vdoft'lftei 
htmmwm, ttelf (seeoied 1» dcienniw 4i»>xiro^ 

ud ZnaiOmi^ ohieitiiigf hcri fevn^ vMd^<f^^; 

h<i tiMWrtiiditoaiairiih agt ^ nuikMrMg^ 
iifiil^^dMqgh he betoii0»wttooi]r«ribi^c^ 

^ ib^^e^oid^paMUieiaiaiw (i%9f 

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^ffif^iljly dkw^d to 8^ amt Iimo^.to/ifisr 

^f}^>p D» «he bdieved, had bom XMttaUy 
.WfiM4f|iiiX 8|idd^7 le^V^ up» dnqped h^r 
^wMdlj iabb anns» ao4* wbile the aimethilU- 
ju^ vgnub ¥hkh Bbe h«4 befoie heard ftom 
a diataiice, now YibiaileA in her rnt^ idl the 
^^^splate IhkkeU of the foreal ieemed at owe 
jtA^^tQIt^ aod a fxwip ot Mtiomk war- 
riqra jbrmed themselvfe into a ieivde round 
the ami. Meanwhile .ZidmaJa^ghedalMd 
— <^ Have we caught thee at laaty^ died ahe^ 
^' thou rarest and shyest of birds P^^Methinks 
dbkQu wilt not i^;ain esciqpe firom us P-^The 
I^fldy Bertha, however, with a vehemoioe and 
strepglh which the Moor little expeeled^ feroed 
herself out of his embrace, and fled,, as she 
bad befi^re done (wbaiGabrielle and Blanche, 
fleur were carried away), to the ovofls^ cJSnib- 
iog up the high upcky pedestal ob which it 

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was placed, md clia^g to the jSOar of this 

wunueHiiT) iflfiiaKiici now tiun iDnuCbnc cDtHi- 
wr nnxr Tuei e on^ugii) wtui tire Ti]jfiii ornie 
hiiu|> on Vcr Tgrstenri lanny^aiia cuuunuung 

VrotnSRwi^. (4Sul)S!fl^' 'tn^i^i^ilniw^ naianBDiTOfl 

irife^ViiTiae i1!lkFyMf'{Adt!e(M)eUeve^'^Ma^, 
-ratit FwfiirK6)8te6tM with 'Ad'HrotnatT^bsVfe 
df^^^iffViM^^ei^ !dlttdtt^theCiirist&itt ?X.T6a 

«dii^P^oui^hde^tiipIe-H^ -at ttiM you 
%<«iSF*Wsrt*t«'art«ined;»- -'^ '■ •--'• ^ ' ■< ' 
-»<i'WMli «Hnttdt(>t''kn^ dilUgtut BmlM tuMi^ 

wiWWtj oHraDv to oeiuupc nmiveir ujjoucmg 

,'i ,"* •'*■ .^u '5* • \. i ^ ' .< ' ' \^ V 

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HiniuillimniiiliiiMiWF y « ^M ^fm^)riiVrn 

fmn sttiiiUy-geBttim^ I 

mfei at|Bli|r fioriMKv, ibc^ jwiitiwili 

log Mvtt'iheSaBKrjaa.ilSkM^^ 

kafiiv^wlM^is hen taiUBitikmfQmmkkimlt 

frillbeiif'jrcm Ittshb ouMerir.«iiuKB»«ai(diii. 
gnwuV ' -' ' r b -^i jMtncK'T*' vilrit^. 

: .<<< iiebinoKme ai^mBcli 
own Jfe r ttckhned BeHfanir ^M 
incteeA> i p i i cjBm :I obtain tlngi lomw i edg^ahfl 
isek tint I Ilut ipeak tkis tnHfa^aaiirtliypfiri 
befcfftesr^-wfaett I wamd tfae'^^anipuMaD of 
iBrHloe tMtttta. Wkoemdr dsMnti^ tw oe 
litottvith^oross^ i«iU*fi»P' tfaatoiinw fcfcfcitlfc 
d^Kfei; theii9fbr&1)6ml« i?VM^Mrirfb Ja^^ 
ed^'andat^ppedbol^tcnnpiBiSierif ba%at 
'thatBonieBt, behoMJ a-bioadkAibef ^ghl* 
ning iUmitfiited all^^dKr southflRi^JBkgr^ 

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meat 'Mmimd. HctMpM tboiMbdr aniriib 
aUkU mutB (fto vil6 8nfaHiiii0oiigrth»«i^ 
««n dHded «idi«oiifiniiided^«o iiiht tbej^odl 
Mok .kM^ig w^ llm grauncU-^ The Tsin 
0F 0oi baft nyiF spiiEtti igainit 700^ - flud 
Btrtlia; ^aiidtlHS wararagisisdefldlltebnl 
iir?ow dMtt you tnll lemve 6001 fihaM», 
sImuU yoa asl^veiup yoor wicked deHgas. 
B^mae tben, end return toyowf diipe.r«i»*iLt 
theeewonUftt ieemcdi as if the maltitudt^af 
swarthy Moon seemed inclined to dispcne; 
e^efhAUuSm hknself *hadi became 'sileat and 
hgeariiitc, <wii niag jwgy > ftom. the difi d aiiful 
gianriflii whick d» damael thww iipcn. Jnoi. 
Sttddenly, however, the hateful Zubuistart. 
ed up, and called ahmd,— << Hast thou for- 
gotten, Alhafis, the promised third of all 
Numddin^s treasures? — That must not be 
lost to thee, nor shall I foECnt the «ghth 
shaie^ whidi by ocmtiact was to have been 
nmie r— 'ThieD, with tiger4ike swiftness and 
rage^ she flew iq> to the rocky pedestal, forced 

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the light out of BertbaTs htfid, and i 
aknid, — << Thus, you will be dassled bo 
longer by the agfat of this deceitftd < 
Teas. Take her, ihen^ and bear her 
hence r — In U|& saliif m^oHnt^ Alhafis had 
eome up, and^ without fSMther heatatioB, 
clasped the oOifortunate daiSoset in bk aru^ 
and boce her rapidly towarda ^be bay, where 
his-bayk waain iriiiinftthit atttuJUfttttiaB the 
while flhwftidgTaQd riymciwg 4m<ii ta^a iguM, 
y klory » ThfeflfftffUc dM-aUeaiibaBaii* JwhtUf 
dark; nogkoBMof lij^HMng^btoherfiBilkeii 
the hctawD ;i tibef anmed on tlis.i 
beaked aodd tbia ^dom, attd^^niler thtti 
iMuirnAU inftueiiee, aaikd out into the^ 
d»0»laie«ea. '•!.>-: 

It, '. . ,M . • -,t 1 ' f* ; f ' • * : II '■ 

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on l>^liiBt> ^d ihv; uoy ^autlT **• — tbuoih 

ibotI tjiI ifiad iviu. ♦nviij ,T*rt ^Mi. 1 ^cjr 
b»d sFtfiPlA OHAPTSil^If;- «'' - ^ •'-"^^■ 


cfhtefaceftflMid*liipptotd ii»4}M^AgeiMu - Ofr 

ItantfiNMOft'teii^bion oitvitdal^a!d0«Aiiimi 

floate one bt« if> the «|^t, di^ified io Audi 
manner that the sentinek could iMit'4tMfil^ 
guish his features ; but they heard him strike 
three times as with an iron glove, or somewhat 
etae that rung and rattled in bis hand, against 
the iron trellis-work by which the vault was 
secured. On hearing that sound, they thought 
of mshii^from their posts, and demanding 
€3i the stranger what was his purpose there at 

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Mirinairlitar; Imftiialhei 
aM«kdU€«pftllhttvHj upon lbein» wtte» 
on kn^mot, they dro|pped dom poirariM^ 
aadl m if fantbg aad in t tt Mi b l ei on ilht 

' Meniwlufethediiguisediiiaatoiilim^ 
OBg and rattle agaiiMit tlie BonJwn, t3 M 
lengllL dian wai a itnnige nduK of humag 
ud ftnigi^Bg widiiii tli» yamk^ m it4m 

fib JMlu de BContfinHKni vvho^ 
lamnniffrTrintimtd theUoodjfdoilMBMi^ 
lie. bid beeo' wrapv«ad mUIimi ai.i 
baanai^ehe» «< Ckod Hesiici^ how ooUl mi 
dnkktUsbedr TheBr«fteB«imMaor le- 
qiliertiniif he began agldny ^^Orif laraiMdljr 
amrag the dted^ haw coiiiet it that. I yet SmI 
sttohbumiBg and fev«ffid> pain? Andwhenfioie 
am I not leKeved iram thia.eaftUjr priaaiH 
and floating througH the wide reahns of the 
hkioakjr << Sir kn«bt»'' said the diagiuaad 
man without) ^^ you aie i&doad alive, onljr 
you am not yet raeovared £rran your Cbtct 

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lummTBom. u 

iM'f(m^tam^'Maiiimil^mA»iy€nimv^ mad 

tiiMwl to beat upon die ii0ii4)an^ thefihanb* 

nuMibe^Mmsi^ md mmib^4X0mkf^Mtifkm^ 
tUMJitittiiiiyigoimd hm 
OM Mmt iiiiiiigiW'indi Ii8ep)-ali4t'£d^46d 

dMi^cv ««l^rju(ia «i0n«.TCpnt6d k la iMid 
miQ0i4M}8Mie"ii«nd0|*-4^ Beware of datfumv 
a&B^C ofMoptftawte i BtwatetigiiHBiHF 
At laatttlM iiwandMs iio kdgflr'reria^ 
■toiriywii iotantily they isoUed amndeB^'and 
did 4tifg^iiwi# man atept Inio tba^ boaaei of 
iWMi^ ^ 'My ^afiawda ara beoean oM^"" 
aaMlkeHiAidfaiieFydiivecibfwitk'feVtin ¥ and 
3Kat ite^iwi^paitiAiL^ ^Sia*lo^g>^foit4nU 
bvbeHiir^^'aiUt ahe Mmagefrv^o tbereiqiea 
dmrtagifoiMi « Uglii^tlHit be baildii « chrit*. 
laiMtai^tiddar'hiB dMfe^^beg* to acavitiethe 

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wouDdf,. Mid pcMired into taem a healing 

<«1k>ir urtiiftltool^^tt^ ^t^'^Mtt'diattiiiectiiif 
itldtiM 6^%l 1^3^ MttAiPtiiAi 4(1 tb<M<dhii» 
ttBy. " Voti kbbed ^ il isMMfcrtmlrfW^ 

^Oti^ tA^^^htiffist'jevfiA our yo* «^l^dhUil«r 

/6iM^dmti8isltl atte^oAt to «Iq miAPgittAiflf 
i36fM O'h^^ iTfti ii«6d'ol'a'lri«iiP«Mfdilagl 

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both ladies and- knigfats in tbe^bofut qf 
distress. Are you mm di^i nujIBrimtiy awakt 
and fefreshed? Then come iHth me Iq tha 
palace of ike grand eimr. He has taken tm* 
der his protection the two beautiful domseU; 
bott tmntxAhj he will not long iMnre.tluU 
trouble on his shoulders, for they, shall gp 
hence with us. Don Hemaadea is /» tha 
watch with his ships in the harbour^ and a 
boat is in waiting to take us an board.^ Up 
started the chevalier^ shaking off the last fe> 
mains of his weakness and wearinesH.nd 
seised boldly on his crooked/ Perma sword. 
Percdving how it was stained with- blood, .iie 
ng^ied and said to the merchant, <* Is Vinci- 
guerra then still alive 1^ << Ay,^ jaid Theo^ 
bakk>, ** he also has been healed through mj 
assistance. He has fallen into such had. hiu 
mour, howeYeTy at his own evil fi[Mrittne in 
that encounter, that he has already gone 
down alone \o the sea-shore, and will not, 
unless by compulsion, permit himself to be 
looked upon by you, nor by the ladies^^ 

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Thqpeuptti r|ib>>. HnnFmula lai^gbeA bca^tilfy 
•ad JMiMaqf iip:tlitduian^4o |»b«irai £■% 
cot some, hidoaiii gumaiom^ ih taotkeiry <«r tkt 
proud CotnttA Yittriginprni^t'thiBin^g liMM> 
with to entertain 'the chevali^. ^^ Ritt>gi i w 
bwir tbonfltn^getnony" said Sir BoUus ^ tbat 
we.itand hoK amtag- tbe dead. Bm for 
Miiti% tluit pojnmd and Ijrii^ xoUbe% hm 
heilioo> life agidn bjr jreiir lot^ 
"« Heavn forbid^'' anid; ThMbiUo^ «" lb«t I 
ahoold begdky of «uch vkkadn«Mml fiB^ 
Bwidea, had k Imm my ivitii 4o hmre dooft m^ 
tluit would hare liemi m^e than AM nm§ 
wmdd have plaaed* within siy pw w v . Xbe 
bbw a< ]^owlMittl»«ic;rlM8>itiiickibnii^ 
deqdy .and effaetuaUy. He. alaa- Juui iiaaw 
catiiad'off iw bis turoyand dcwAliffaw by^s* 
nUaateyetfiamr and blaetof than hia wwh 
MooBL*^. ^ I4hy» do aoi judga.hiai^ haMiaJw 
tiwihaadiflfieod,'' said Sm^olksHwtajpfingm^ 
lenai^oitt.QCtheraukf '^ and iaad veqttiib' 
lyifpoBivihaiwe^ tha^jwe gmy aawe ><lfthriaHa 
aad JUawdieflmif;'' .Sai7l9idobaUo wwlkad 

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ail mm aSawAn had bMp nwUlrtdgwHiaat 

i^'ft iBtK>abiii»Qlkai^Twffle^-uuii fiulfpMH 
M tmAj laftke pdaoetof thejpoiireiiaicBn 

tfaaf fcud mver^kiomi'befcivJ ^ ISheivdM^ 
pii lAtooiMtBo/ ^ is :rtlMt. of fi t Ao mtr wtt 
^ biM|^ hMitr:fboiiLAMi(. Theotnir 
■sflwrtJ AwifaaA aboatr Aik ^hriUiibeaiil wdb 

v^rjthuidkiM m giund ott the; tbnednkL^ 
H ii Mi^^ ftirttrwowk, ^the Saiglit «f Moiiu 
£nooiiBtiiDgbliimy dveiMr* hU VirAah' sAr^i 
mmgib^foM tinn^mr hit lieod^ 8»tiM( 
iohrUslkd oimthei: viad^ and idm began to 
flttfth ii l a^ wkhrhiB ^Aigark^ toippovir^Mli^ 

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tear which he now medkated. ^^ Kay,^ 
Theobaldo, *< methinks you will not uae that 
weapon against the tiger. Keep it rather £or 
lome other assailant, for chances maj fall out 
against us of which we know not yet; al- 
dxnigfa methinks we need not doubt of sue- 
eess in the end.^^ At the same time he drew 
£tom his girdle an arrow with a gfittering 
metal point, and b^;an to beat thereon with 
tliering; whereupon there arose gaitkaadme^ 
fodious sounds, that gradually increased both 
iaatrength and sweetness, till it seemed as if 
ibe whole air was filled with muiiic tlMt 
floated tar and wide, and then died awxy in 
remote edioes. After Theobaldo had aeirenl 
tiaoes repeated th^ same notes, the grow K ag 
of the tiger became interrupted and less 
fierce, till at length he was altogether sileBt 
«< The numster sleeps,^ said Theobiddo; 
^< however I must continue the same muae, 
both that he may not awake, and that I may 
ck)se the eyes of other watchers m the castle. 
Should it happen, however, tiiat you also 

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sboulil fe^l skimber stealing upon y^u^ make 
but the sign of the cross oi| your forehead^ 
and the charm then wiQ lose its st^ength.^ 
Sir Folko, who in truth had beccmie drowsy, 
did as the merchant commanded ; and both 
went on towiurds the lofty castle. 

The tiger had stretched himaelf opt at its 
whole length across the threshold of the out- 
ward portal ; so that, when the door iqpened 
behind him on being touched with the ring, 
the two warriors were dl>liged to pass over 
him. Thereupon a gleam of the lamp which 
Tbeobaldo carried fell on the wild grinning 
yisa^ of the. beast; he looked like som^ 
firi^^tful giant, whom they had slain, and who 
lay beneath their feet in the battle-field. In 
all haate tb^ fled from such a horrid sight 

Having passed through the gate^ they ad- 
▼apoed along a steep aiod paved walk which 
led into the oastle. On each mie of thif 
walk there were thick hedges <»f bloomin|( 
rosertrees, by which they were hemmed in, 
aad could not turn to the right or left^ b^t. 

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.JS '"**" I If IdOif fi iBMfl 

,ed, ^Q^jrt ^WWB -wWWHtt «»» ^^Wt^iif 

and wiodpV3» TbeQb»14ft 4>ooiy^ftA <M |j j j prf 
w^ uiicerlaui . whiitJiQ oue^ t% dfl^ «f^ 
•mid such A lab/iintl^ .to- dUoo^er ,|iie«Np 
iu which JBlwodieaeiur ^aod Grfujplltf: «|P 
n^w gpne to irest, Er^.tbef <WQ% QilN>i:tfef 
qiatlf^ howeveic» the n^^clpimt .faftd yytWii 
out the /windows of. the x)Qoii|:iii|»ch fanhb^ 
Ue^ed ,hii4 beim lutigWBd to t^ bfilMiiiwi 
damsels; aod^Sic: Fplko foif .iiMilp^d iteoi 
him with ^lArp. e^gle-ejes, ev^ M^AftwffM 
have dooe m>the -h^ld^.^-iiirffBi 
convinced w^al ooune 4i^fji««U fjiarthv^dlt 

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togthjhe ^»M cfdittljr and)resGititeljr» ** Came 
let uS'tMidit tip Aftt raatble ttaiiicase, Theo- 
;ImU6 ; m shtdl infiil^y. come By that tnck 
to tlie ^ole^tara of this landward voyage.^ 
•The merchatit foftv^ed ob^ietid]^ the com. 
tm^'of De MfHttfiMicoti ; and rthe latter 
piiOfd firittottt hetttation throngh^lhe ootridor 
lalKiv^ iiD he arrired at a door hung oirer 
^wkh a ridi embn^dered cnrtab, which they 
j0&^ of opinion must be that of the ladies* 
^jfMVtment He tapped ligbtly on the silver 
J^ c^ the door ; ihen, noise with- 
lin^ be spoke in a low whispering vdce through 
.the keyhcde^— << Bkndiefieur, Blaachefleur, 
•pen the door; yoorbrotber Folkois here in the 
gallery, and has come to rescue thee and Ga- 
biMle.'' «< Speak rather louder,"" said Theo- 
fad^fo; ^vfinrthenmsicof theringhas doubt- 
Jets sealed up tfadr ^es in deep sleep.^ Sir 
Folko repeated his words more audibly; 
wJiereupon a fiunt cry of terror, as from the 
fcnale veioes, was heard within the room, and 
tbareaftcr all was again still. << What foolish 

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»1MMt <MlfcOt fartey^ l li llTlB 

bddo in a toM of wsatka;.^- v«^f||aF^H|p 
(caeaib(r«djlUtth0f luuhfilja «!|i .WlM. 
•Bd to mwt Wiwe %. » pi<ML riw t . i l w a^ ^ lff 

Mrify then in «be a*tk.«^ ;^N|M 
tabadoae? We cu f^m *be dy^f lg(^p^V 
•f (be ling; Iwt, jb«*iA tbcaF^riHtfdS 
MtusDj in tlw HMW,, tt|9 iSUI^ 4tK^^lU 
fSMua «> loadif* tbirt, in ^flN^ «<!# * 
«bana» ia^lM iRnU, t^-«(NMFil'Uilil| 
wiUbeHiiiaKl. And «iBW»aMW»4AW 
MUMwkaair '■^ '■"'* MHwa-of ^SWfrjtelUBIlli 
we amy ihem to ^ . «fcpw»\«»»*0|W*P 
Md-oyx«dpre»4>Beiw(ed enty 9tV^n^^Mt 
a«uddbo t»|Ar.Wtelst »y» Wl i» <Mfc f» 
Mlnriiig* tl^e 4w(f iw.gBaUy.M| tiwrt)ii g |l 

^^tgge «m»d,*BfelSf 4l|eiii:. 

QalmUe, witb lighUsQ tbair ] 

terror, •nd ia long white d ^^ 

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-, « that 7<Ai AW feMsOif^ 
jfUtfl ftflfnd "^cnxuaB, xhtxttcftef yon wouMt 
tK^ famre eofliie again, only to tdH us thcaeadd 
rtBngn ; bot your voices medioDgltty ^pcAie of 

bcfa tfWi^'ltBy We tt« icttdy to IW 
floif ymi^ ^ren loto the gntve. ^%etai^poQj 
ftair tander and lordly ftames tramfaiea wifll 
ftar, ttril diiSr Toioes Altered ; but not the 
Itas oB *a spirit of mciuuigeaibie leac^uuon 
^R^air IV^TlMlr kfoks ; ancr Oefete fSit FoIko 
WKikmit Wbsmt, die Lady Ckibridle ad^ 
ihimh9 him :~^ %ic6 in tjie' other worU^ 
dKyONpiy MHo^dred ^spirit t wFteny be better 
^ tt^>aia»^ h<eMiblbre, I need not 
hmr iruifl did k>ve di^, though, 
wert among us here, no one ever 
Imbw^'VmK boiifeeaon from my tips; - B«if 
Mfenlld^ Borr your eervant, ob,- bhrve and 
AMciMel Ihribeiaiviffihgtb IbUbwttM; 

*^Bo oir* ^Muy IsiaARf ifttttbly, and, bram^ 
Mlfinlii gNtf 'j«y befbivkar, aid, ** StUI 
VOL. m. B 

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2» VB£ tuiuo aiKG. 

I am alive, diYloeGitoidld; my aoul iahiAiiti 
jft iu tmnrtal frame; biit, tteverthctett, your 
aiigelic w6rd$ have placed me ev^ io Aii 
world amcM^ the tminber of the bteped.^ 

Blushing deeply, €kibn^ 4rev baek, 
ashamed and terrified to thiidc id the cotifef- 
flion that riie bad bo raahly*made^ in th^ pfe- 
senoe too of Theohaldo, i^Kwi sbenowibr 
the first tune ohanrved. Yetherfcrnrt bea;«^ 
high with de%ht to think that h^ ftMorifie 
knflgbt was thus restored to b^, aad w^aa 
while Blanchefleur lay weefuag with joy 'm 
her broth^^s arms. 

<< It is now high time,'' said Theobaldo, 
breaking in like an unwelcpme watdier on 
this scene of happiness and affseticm; but 
thereupon Sir Folko started, as if fran a 
dream, and offisred his right arm to Giteielk, 
and his left to Blanchefleur. They obeyed the 
signal without a word, while TheobaUo 
stepped rapidly on before them. Fearii^ 
that some unfm^eseoB aodident mi^t awake 
the guards from their enchanted sleep, the 

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/1SaxMM»fi|rl«NO' % 

b«Mike liwdwmlp vire t«niAld» w^^Wtld 

iy» ihwrt idiMd withm dietr .power»^ {Iki 

torn ji hippei^'^nM4 bg^ ** hM'l iv m mt UJ(« 
advantage of hioi when ht k tlHi« adeej^^^ 
''OfMlj^'' aaid Thaobaldo lirillfc a soornAiI 
MftUty !^ I balkfve ]roii: wUl al ks% extend the 
iBim of' iHv^y and hwiMir eveq <t(» ti^^ara 
andmeh fiku irtatiinial bru^^"" ^ Laugh m 
xBtteb M yott vrill)'' «D9W«rtd &t FaUi^ 
«< yctei are at liberty fii> jndgt* ae y<m ^bixk 
fit- of. my ecmditct; ImK aomalkkig ahiagr* 
ctaam iti my ivay wJMal would Uft. vy -swoid 
agahnt ^hmtftommg aMMMtri. Basdoi-tlMe 
b yet aiitttharvqr.'' With tiufiBe words he 

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took upGahridk k his areM^ and boitlicr 
^^tly aiidgraceftill7aoroe»;4lien«aQie baek, 
khd^id die same for Blanchefleur, wh&e Theo* 
t>aldo stepped on, sbrugghig 4iis shott|dan^ 
at&d shaking his head as he was wont to io 
when he would etpres^ imprflitinrf mr dkiilsii 
freely, however, %ad Sir gaUto^o tth iw u 
his sister sa^y oii the gUMnd^ 'wAmisdlie 
tiger started np il4A4 hbSiausqgrdwi^atf ill. 
stantly fixed Ins teng'^etftbintbe^ i 
of the knight "Ha T cried *e, •♦ 
his PersiiLn sabr^ ^ simte Ckou art 
last, and wilBng fbr the coaibat, Iilndl not. 
fait to meet thee. To the shoi«, to the i 
TheobaTdo ! march on wldi the two 
for I ^a3] soon have done with tUs 
ttire* Accordingly, the merdiaua^'Wl 
only advanced tmt a few paces on hir ^vkf, 
^en the ehetalier fbHowed him with fab 
sabre still reekln|; with Uood^ and nlieml 
hhni^itiins past ti sg wp eii the twodaidsek 
WiAioat bring attaeked or intemipted tkj 
arrived at the sea^dior^ wbeM they Ibuad 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


the boot that was to bring them to tbe vessel 
of Don Hernandes, embarked safely, and e^ 
long sailed out of the harbour. AmcHig the 
party tiiere assembled, they found the Count 
AfeaBamteo de Vintiguerra; but so wrathful 
and ifisoontettted, that he would scarcely al- 
low hmuelf to be looked on or spoken with ; 
whaseupon, said the Knight of Montfauoon, 
^^ Truly X am grieved, my lord count, that 
you flhouU thus c<mtinue to reflect bitterly 
on • combat which was fidrly fought out be- 
twist nBf and sboukl now be forgotten. But 
if in such case you eannot compose your own 
temper, this is indeed a duty in which no 
one dae can render you any asnstance.^ 
WUh the more satisfaction, therefore, he 
turned his attention to the Spanish knight, 
Hernandez, who welcomed the ladies on 
board ci his vessel with grave politeness and 
the most ob^uious attention. 

On the following morning, i^ien the emir 
kamed that the ladies had escaped, and that 
his four-footed sentinel had been found life- 

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hm^ he aaid, «' ffinoe lb« tigs hM Imb tkw 
put to dMih, I doubt not that the bteve 
CheTi^er de MmtftuiooD bos ariaea fimn the 
tcmib in Vfaich w» laid haii) and tint Ik 
himself has camedMririrtfirdbedanMda. The^ 
will indeed be well prateeted under tba cme 
of silch a hero. Lei ho one th^ itMnpi to 
pursue them, though^ it is trot, had aoeh a 
geto as Bertha ^M IiiehtedH«d''68tt^«Ptibe 
ptrty, ^ Tfesd h itfent Might' hM^bWa^'tfr. 
ftrent fiMjin wbat they now aw*^*-^* > " 

LU ■■'■ 1 "• . 

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THE Mi^lC BlNa 31 


. J^w t)|e pwi wnij lewirM |1m cnDning AIlMiai. 

•^ ' ■ ' " ' *^ ' ' * ■ ■ . . . ■ , 

«T«I^BAir7BR> at seenrd as if the spirit of 
WIh4»i# and enterpriBe possessed more than 
erer the miad of the grand emir Nurreddin. 
A fleet of ships was got in readiness, troops 
were inlisted) arms and proyisioDs collected ; 
tbongh no one could even guess fen* what 
purpose he made all these preparations. 
Tliat some grand object was in Tiew the 
lookers-on oonld bare no doubt ; for it never 
had been kncwn of the emir, that a slight 
or unworthy cause had Inrougbt him into the 
battle-field. ^ 

Late one evening, after a day i^)ent in toil 
and tumuk) Nunreddin was seated on'a richly, 
embroidered eouch in his great hall^ with a 

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teur^oa'lftf knn^ 4m v^mh be inrphe j k m tt g i . 
tottd'Atfot »Hufoy aow toocUtig |li4» «ini^ 
:i#ilh: a light liand like' same food \m»j mmn 
lAiMt Oearitig dieiii asunder, ai if in' WMb- 
fa! Vehemenctf.' HUd slates tbdUght'lfaitr'lie 
'iraHDoirTcposlfigaiid diverting hbnaflf -alter 
1^ Ibices of the daj^ | but; whoever had 
marked his fiorcdy roQkig eye< qid v^ ilqg 
Ii]M) and the w3d attertiatims af hk muiie, 
acMst have peMiived, that with lim seeomg 
vtpbse had b«guti indeed fite steneet of Us 
conflicts, fdt he was now at war, not with 
othen^ but with faimsetf ; and it wad at such 
tiaies only that Nurreddn had ev^ been 
known to tremble.. 

While he was thus a^[aged, lo! there cadie 
into the room a tall statdy warrior, with a 
lo^g gtittif b^ard and gleaning eyes, who 
was named^ Abdallalu While he sokmnly 
«nd tfowly delivered die message with whieh 
he came, die emir feept his eyes fixed on him ; 
but aB'>dle'i«^e continued to tear at the 
strings, till at last sonie of diem snapped 

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4Rr«3R«fe^ $hlil»ddiiwifosl\dk/riie IdHftiiNmt 

tA)iMlS(rllri4pt|i iMtftt : the ^AtteqdlPgurtsblVts 
^h^m^m^l^ b?gWHto,ifwte as/<t)lb9jhxw 

that such emotions make th^o^ii^b^^h^lJMHmt) 
%^^9UVv4rd4e€d^; h«.tMf%?eq»pr^itiWere 
.t^fisaj^ <WI«i/to Ijg^ ; a9<i>if^i(MR%o§)|}dtmF 
JUd tti^iB4€K6h^|iger WII^jH ^jg||^)ej2po$. 
^^M^fM^aipiv^.at^or^.igton^ 4^i«er(9nwitfl 
♦ll^^lf i^hiphtf )^ j»^|^,fy«rt»hjNg)teNM¥Pe 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

iriniih Hot! mdy Mhdsftitii dii fifoito <a^ lAs^ 
80008 on Ugb, but al«> tiuows dMtt liirilt 
agiiii'lx^^b^iilatemil adUr thtttte^ ^ Ae ho- 
M^m wfaMi g#re lSi«ai lanh/' ' 

'< Rightly wptJkm, AbaaOAT «i»d «fe 
emr ; » I beBeve tlurt; ire riidl imdUrtiaii 
each other. Id earlier ^eari I iMiveiadeed 
eamesdy floogfat, amid the aeduetivv pkaBore- 
garde»8 and fbrest8<tf tins wdrid, fmrmnMe 
tuee that would t^fl^to me saeh kmg^Mabed- 
t&t frtlits» bat m vain !-*^TttiIy , if I biiC 
thfew a vandoiii«8pairk on tb^r tjMbebesy Ibey 
w«iild ^radde and bias in the wind ; bm the 
t»e graft of a fruit-bearing tree,^— or, tn 
speak BMore pbdiilj, the time i^niittbat rnake^ 
a nan that -wlikh be ought «> be, and able to 
flMerchange thongfatflfwith it brai^ -<jliani(Atti> 
ims cMier notto be feond, oi^yi^uAtipe'l^ 
They were all deEgfated Ayr "Ae'^tooit part Ca 
be noticed by die graini emit Ntfrtreddb, 
and to have it to ttay,-«-«' To^dsyl apoieewUk 

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THBaCMBCimi9^ 91 

i«niCwaivM»bow4 J^id'AftdifiiMi^urklmir 

tb^mi^^mr * .... ...,,. 

<Miri4k mlnaisaioi^'VMowtB^diAMi^^ 
^ when your U^mew adaoitted fiMfa 
your {flreaeneey it was your part then ta 
umk ikmm what thejr should aaj aad <f|a» 
even as an old eagle iaatnifto Ua jouog 

<< No, no r cned the lanir impatisstly 4 ^' I 
would insist that the men with whom I. speak 
ahould fed with me that which cannot be 
tjuight; should know tfaeassdTes for whet 
they are; that is to say, as consecrated &o^ 
brands in the hands of thm prince. Abdat 
lab, sbould it Mt be ao ?^ 

The aokber spoke not> but looked at the 
emir silently, and shaking his head, while 
with atill greater Tebemeoee and hnpatienGe 
NurredJBn gesaifdj * 

«< Abdalbh, thou hast lived, no doubt, 
twenty yetan longer in tiie world than I have 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


clap^cinbftft(JE$sie!liNk«i^ifaeil« {nut 

m^entood. Dosti lb^ not peioen»^iii:tkf 
Mrs ^rbioh. cveigr ryao& i aa r oMic^ i' i o i ibe 
^ountfest bfttdtfiaaung BfataiiilaHni^ Hei^ 
theiis, imd. Chiiffciain» that.rCbd.Mid om 
boif fKgflbftt, ham deeiMd^ tint tliewbok 
vwltcf heavee j»to becMvevted ioieia 6ary 
imatme, mkeaKin thr natioBs «f the entk an pdCed Uke ore in the hands of the n- 
finer?— Truly ahnoat eTttnynaskm haamk- 
•elf life attd qiirit 9 but ibookl not we^ who 
are the noblest anamg thMD» feel that we ate 
cboaen to feed the.fleaMB; tar^ Aouid the 
jrovkadvaaee ao riowljr as it now aeena to do, 
alirwiU-periah in smoke ; nor will the great AL 
chfltuatifind at ]aat:itti^t buta nutts of life- 
leas dmas instead of para metal rfmainiqg.^ 

.^' PriaoeT saUl AfadaUah coofouaded^ 
*< methinks you would bapish^ieaoe from this 
wbol^^eartb^ and withJt.aU naitenat laws and 
ligfais/ Whattbeawoaldhele&tous?'' 

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8himki-«%e'<«axBd and 'shidBeo tdgBtta^r^itttl 
tby annfii^^ffleked^ oiubj tbtMiftef^iiMUfi^ 
cf theBMefanet/finerfocnsdMSi^beforR^f^'n . 

>f^ Bq4 nuiif H please y«ap>lu)^e«i'' ^M 
Abdallal^- *^ who^ Idui^ reTcaled >to< ym3nM% 
mfsUry ? or by whom ha^re you keea cfaoteh 
for ancb anfaity as that which >jrou: wmald now 
take upoiij your shoalder»?^> ' t^' 

^f Ave not tke flames that bura Iwre^^ said 
Ike emir^ beatiiig «B'hiB breast^ <^' enoiigb «d 
infiDrnti rae^ that I am ohos^ ^ta/aamtilifcc-a 
firefacaad 'm this mighty irovk ??*«**43]]ddeidy 
paiiwng, bowever^ he fixed a loiig^ ateadfiiat 
look on Abdallaby thenadded,-^'^ XhDwtruly 
art no fiidbtand;:neitber heitt- aor ^Mght wUl 
lUnne from thy heait^ so'lat ua talk tio more 
of Buoh matters, but get tbee gone"^ 

Abdallah loie pBondfy from the safari and 
bowed in order to take leave. Thto Nurred- 

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98 imtMMoa 

tiiiifceid^iatUs Utaad kindly ta the <M ouud, 
mi wd,*-^ WeD, though Okni ait aot a 
JMiiing firdbnotdy yet art dum Bot the kai a 
bcav» soldiec. I diaU not deid vith thee » I 
have done with the fapoken lute thai Umbs yon- 
der; oar ladaedhadit bean ao treated, bad 
it bf^i fit fior anj other aerroe^ irfgiij Sat 
esuoflky at a abield. But a msae lute ouut 
amwer toour thooghtaorbedeatroyed^ For 
the reat^old wui, it ia better that thou ahonkf at 
forget what I havesaid ; or thinky if thoa wit^ 
that I have for once broken the lam of oor 
pnqphet, and confused my aeaaea with wiae. 
Good nigfat^— Thereupon Ae aoUkr i^ 
treated, and the emir thiew himaelf back 
OD the couch, grinning widi wrath and 

He had not long been lefit dnia 
when there aroae a groat noiae of music, da- 
nonets, and cymbals, as if for lome grand i«- 
joicing, which rang and echoed throv^ the 
castle. The emtr started up in n cage, and 
called for his slaycs. 

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fhtf !• tfate a titte tad flte ^wyboc ifith yiwr 
iMsefeM tumult ttd r^oidag T-^Tke skv^t 
fdl urith l!i^ facea on Ae {ground, «ttd said, 
^Xet tK>ttiie anger <vf oar sovemgulotd «tMl 
pttece ftlhufxitt us ; far, if a Auih has beea 
ecMUUiiMsd, Ae falaeie testa wboUyou Aihafe. 
He haa^jfutft vow airiml ivilli lasfialtey in tlia 
hatbmr, mm) Inm toougbt a ?«iled kdjr into 
tlM! palace, tttlimg every OMe that she was the 
]bng-widied4br damsel, whcan the gnmd ctarir 
vidned more than ail the diamonds and pearii 
of the East. Hereupon we diouted far joj, 
and the music pteyed to wdkome htr ar^ 

<< If this indeed be true,'' said Nurvedditt,^ 
then tot the fotuie Alhafia shall be dad in 
doth of gcid and purple ; nor shall he only 
possess the third of my treasures whidi was 
promised hhn, but shall ait at my left hand 
at the banquet-table, and ride neatt me in the 
battle-field. Should he ncft, however, ht^ 

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iiiftMfli** »K*^ iiwiiTwirfrW nrfiff hufcrmiig hJAiB 

*^B80^ WJ W JJ9V9U9U JJwvr i. 4IBUJ 9RAU UJUC 

^nH^ ^^Wr 5iOf*w fffllr i^BWt™ ytttoHw^Rp^fllB 

qjB>qi^B,>jfQ»tB..t€ m g»iijWi>n-. .tft„wev:;i„3ii 
th»Di|!n«iM»e«ipf8tMpei,<gm;;SB|rilt .jDiiiMfr 

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TflxilAcac Brno. 

filed itaPe Aan I bad b^eved to bkpbsA^ 
Ue, imd BKne tfian I can yet well undeiMbd. 
KtK>w dieti tfaat tliou shalt not be tU ISMe 
ittaii, to idrntj througli his irliob Hfe^ Ntir- 
reddin has remained a debtor.^ HereupM 
ABia& and the 1>ladc slave nodded triub^ 
jAantly to eiidi oA&ti whHe die priaee.-foae 
from his couch, came tespeotiully Uy/twtdtMt 
damsel, ai^ said, << I feel hi mmis inmost 
heart, ndUe lady^ that Albafis has not de^ 
cei?ed me, and that y^a are that un^iqinaBed 
gem and fuvagon of beauty after whom I 
have 80 h»^ and ardently fenged. Now then 
I aj^ped to your benign goodness. Do ikA 
let me be withheld longer from the mght of a 
countenaqce which doubtless is the most 
beautifiil that in this world has ever been be? 
held.'' «< Your flatteries,"^ amwered the dam- 
sel, <* would never have lifted up the veil 
which I now wear ; but since Heaven hai per- 
mitted that I should thus fall into yotft 
pMner, and because it is not forUdden to a 
Christian maiden tibat she should walk ibrth 

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without a maik or r&l hehn all tbe irarid, 
fo I diall act acoofduig to th^ pnficm^ cam- 

Hereupon her veU wu tolled back. >Ia 
the quiet majesty of bet lo/^rimwm^ 
▼00 Liditmried bdfied oo ikie 
eaitftaiBgca biai her kigeUaeteg^9a,ihii^ 
do^ral bf tkm dnk hommng kio«a« Mfiir 
wn aatl i bvoKm faiir was patted mstiikmdoHi^ 
head; qinet and ooUected aht itsod thii% 
not indeed or trp o ^ m t in g by her tktavm m 
firet fl^t) but every ttOHMtt 
looiid the hearty bottdft of abaite attd 1 
All adauratkaL 

Fdr a long space they wen hodi I 
dattsely in Ae ootwuMHiiDert of hevaMi vii^^ 
oittdigmtf, and the emir in Mlf-hmniliairi^ 
boBBiBie he ikvw found tint Ma Mkal pridr 
and dktatorial spirit were overeoaM^ ^. Ma^ 
bieat^if damdt,^ aad he at length , " 
Ibfai have you spoken af aprincenr hiai 
manda, as if violence and eo a s Uaini wooU 
here be laid upon you P I trasi indeed, dMt 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

warn. m 

m^^K^^iiimi'mm^hBta m i&BolMt'JBWibree 
ymmw mifgkt itet mm ^oMmryt^ fomt own 
widi6i» «t least Ml in my name. Thtft^Moit, 
i^tbo M# MMb ^ the doot*, hnipnili to 
nfiMMuuf iriMt^I. (mm «idd« WMely^ thtft I 
«tiiMitgke dbt! tkvdt part of wpivotMly Ant- 
Mtoe'ltf^ttff iiiie'Wlib iMuU brmg yim^liidMrv 
MmiM* Md imnMii m foaimd^bemiiA 

•70«i^4idiiM» Mid digtti^ are^dMurtarflM, men 
m^mikm my <nnii «Md i tnM yw ham 
%0Mi'jiidiic«d:tlicnMPBdie sMto, not fcy^tia^ 
)nM^4iitt;Jb)r «iM)«aDt^iMi* ttigm6M fieanB^. 
«(Ria) athjih^ aveei spdla tfast soMHte wr 

I7 peraoBiknis «df lofM^Mi^ ; but 

rf ithft citoi^ lap ifce AJr&af Oaaocwy^ t>ariwfet<fc 
I^luMLdutgiarprateMiaii. Tlurblaak dMfc 
«l»ia bate p e o a c nt iraa my stnwot^ attd^h^ 
tBir76daM^ilItaUa|K>1lror.? . 

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<« So then r— -answered the emir, while Ui 
brows contracted, and every Emb seemed 
quiyering with rage, walking strai^tway 
towards a oocn^ of the hall, where aB 
sorts ot weapons woqb bung in 
<^ Prince,^ cried Alhafiz, his voice 
with fear, <* have I not farou^t to you the 
damsel, safe and sound in heat beauty and in- 
nocence, as she was left by the Prince Mutsa r 

<* How darest thou say that she haa been 
brou^t hither safe a|id sound?"* said ibt 
canir ill a voice of thunder ; ^ and cooid^ 
thou look upon a (brm so ai^^dic as thia» mi 
yet diiak of using violaice ? But be sikstt, 
wretdies, in her honoured presoBDe, and «R 
loog you shall be aknced for ever.* 

With these vocds he had chrawn out tws 
sharp javelins from among the trvqphiea on the 
waU, and in a moment he had buried 
severally at Alhafiz and the bbck 
with sodi frightful ctttainty of aim, diat, eie 
the eye could trace tbe weapons in their 
flight, his two victims were struck to the 

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TH£ fiTAQiC EIKO. «5 

heart, and fell to the ground ahnost without 
even one duriek of anguish. 

*< Away with them !^ cried the emir ; <* a 
doct0r learned in the kw ahall cotne hither,, 
and diaH £vide dl my wealth fidr^ and^^ 
(eqiia% into three parte When the written 
jUf di are> codgpietgdy llieii tb6 next? heiir of 
MHAitaltapp^aat before ne, diac hecaM^ 
ttmgt\4k^ ponkm wbieh bdongt to him. 
HaQcafarwardno t»e ikall agmn dare to 
wipmk of my pDomise, nor of the manner in 
liEitoBhit baa been JulfiHed'' Tbofeafker the 
idnarea CD^nared jqfi the dead bodieB, and^bore 
Aem. wmayt. i BnAameaavbih kioked att 
^kstowaommUfyy wni said, ^ Unfercnnale 
victims ! Iiv^ JcHew diat your: came wnoM 
haiielaKfolfycptufadied on: your earn: haada; I 
i 3nte.«f ifais^ andw^BBfoie mmht^om 
udouHaif. May* Hiaafen hare mercj^rm year 
si^ XutniBg than to Nuaeddiat^^^A 
aaUidf <f What I dmdd thJidDtoC ahai^ I 
kmm not.yati .Wertthovindesdochoai^ have 
t$r aauprcma and rigteouajudge ?^ ^ 7iiiily, 

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im!#«Md file effiiri ^hBUeH^^^^^ it6A 
VeftibepxvtmAynwfit picofle^ ydtfti^ MfM^ 
j r^ iW rif after jfoorirofyvgiPI'iioekl lM|f^ 
j«u to toyottdedl fibar 90 krilg' ai yoQ iff 

by wliidi other 3foimg^ ^buonek lirii^t 1)*^ 
edy ue indbed uaknown. ittttemsnAetmi^ 
angels always he^cred aiound you itMi tbtff 
protectiiig wings, aa if witlun the haUowed 
circle of your innocence sttch thoughts dand 
not enter, as tfiose by which oCber minds an 
in this worid possessed. Do not think, hov^ 
ever, that my character is like that of Alluii;*^ 
who called himself my ambassador; for, in 
truth, I did not long to obtain jrou aa a kyfcr 
seeks after a young and beautiful mkftieii, 
but rather as a guardian aagdi,*— « beavcMi- 
spired nster, by whom I might tat the fy- 
sure be duHiiaed and oounsdJed.^ *< Heaven's 
will be done !^ answered Bertha ; *< if it hM 
been ordaioBd, that one so humble as I am 
should point out the true path of reUgioo and 

Digitized by^VjOOQlC 

TBI: MA6XC BWa. 47 

virtue to a restless warrior such as thou art, 
then doubtless I shall succeed in affording 
the counsels which thou dearest of me.*^ 
Meanwhiky on a BigMl from the emir, female 
slaves had come into the hall, to whom he 
gave in charge his beautiful guest, command- 
ing that they should treat her with the utmost 
respect and attention. Then» with a grave 
and bumble salutation) he took his leave. 

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hit m »Bt fi Bipft. lA x%i. ifmsimi^ .«!#• 
Lddv of T ii f h tfi iMit i wtA Mtaottkti^^Aut^ 
whether it «4^.^ ^Otf^-^ tkm^mitt^ 
come i&to her. pf!tMPpB.t mmiim gWMKHifhit 
penmwpii.that ira» ceiminii^ hif i «M»t 
ovor, due Fsa erp^ gbid j^ ^ wm-toiipilk 
widi^iiiteddi0«gim; pwHj \mmmt».1hm 
hi9 Qoodiicl of thepiMediog nighty he hfi^iw 
wm mfmm w« hey fea^ .«^ VHM^* 
bectuae ^ .fttttufies bore a^tO^miattSMit 
t^toice fa> ipiD0 OM wbflii^ |hf.> iMi Jhffoi 
aeen ai^jiqii; retn^iphered.w^^ 
dioMgfa^ahe qcmtd .ixM;. to M 4|e,fmM» ihK 
or {ilaoe wh«p tlw hid ooeiim 
. Oo li»eiitnaeetbeannriif#Qboii^i^ 

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iDB^eet; and when lie kftd taken his 
plaee, after Ae etntxm manner, oo a few 
ctmA oppottCe to Bertlus rfie bendf b^an 
te ipedt:— **^£ali tS^'rfeAk^ you 
fNTOfed yomtmU a ilflm «Dd aetere adhniais. 
twiaf-if )'Q»fi0$, «Jt bUy as tW?^y*«|irW 
imniiawiiij bttt abo iiMnnmch aa you main- 

irtlMA^'^ilM^ beeaiM^U-'frtie: 'flAir di&fe» 
ictlMUfptMl ^^doMl «:ti«4*tli€^Wkiejud: 
tM IMM^ iti^f^It 'AfcaRfeiWfere'a pfrate 
•**^^>lt*rtit TdM)^ who cfeUfrVM dea*; you 
aMl^^^^ibiiill'trrfMies la^ to Hs,^ ff you*ft)tfce 
w*^' to ' MBdtfii tere iqgalbst Bay aim wflf, 
WitofcMjftiM* I b«^ the rt^M of l^eddiifli evfeti 
a^tffttfiW any bird thit ffiei^throUgfi'iii6 fo-' 
rail?**^«Ti)U have ibd^ spdkw'bu^r'the 
trtAj ncW^f lidy,** answered thfe e&ir,' *^ tod 
it flSj^^iidtr mi your own thmc^ &wkrds \rhat 
countiy^yoa wW direct* ybur 1R^tV6T n^hk 
forest you will ehlhrerf wttfc ydur* songs, '* Yet 
I eahooC tH>w*gb with yob as yVmr {^otector, 

▼OL. III. c 

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m TBSXAOK ftffiO. 

fer adutgr ^riiuji 'CM end wir Trapbet i 
hod upon my ihoaMeis IkiMs me* 
t» my ttatiQii, even «i8 inoii is wttneied Iqr 
tile north pcde. Vfwk oniy 2br « few diyfc, 
Tn»t youra^wMi mscti a«hoitmMroyttgo» 
, ^nd yoa shall -dien turn yonrstep^^tfi )i«»- 
reddki for your gMPdy-whcMiMKW 
heart indines yott. ImnbUmoii, 
your heart may be maw ^haiqfed, «ad nmf 
deme only to remain evennore ooder hk'piv^ 
teaion.**«-^<< Truly, Bertha bf LiofaMnrieAii 
of a very different opinJon}**^ ^ff$#eMd' As 
damsel; *< and ihat yoo may be oofiviiioed tf 
this, I demand that you wt& iiMMdiaasly 
otder a proper eM)rt to attend me, ^uidtbH 
I may be carried bflck ix> Gaaodnqr tnm 
whence t came.^*--<^ If you ittsittt <m this," 
answered Uie «mir, ** deeply asit gner^ee my 
heart, doubtless your wishes shafl be fnl- 
filled; and yet— ^-'^ He paused, and fixed 
on her a long, ardent gaee ; «< should I fbr- 
sate thee?^ cried be ;«-«<< should I pemic 
soeh an atigd as thou art to depart tram my 

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primnj >uadBr the.prolBction of rtfapgers, eit' 
% ^F«9«0e aMo « dirtnt haid?«-*-Wbat if 
tiMly'#d<4M^ py*iM. veipect wkidi thou de- 
qgwe rty ■ # tkey offemM thee isi word or 
dMy «r 4m» ^«nth the w«gb soooditf their 
duiriish .voieee ?— «The very tboii|^:u «Qt)oiigh 
$»ggQJtor-i]ie mpi ivilh ^mge. Tnist thyself 
<Mi^te||M»«ilitO)iMi4il(iiie; fordicm^uld'st 
9«hr6it^nim nfl^ ^feeti 19 a liitber's arms i"" 
-9«r^h# -^Mieie^ 'Mietur now indeed seemed 
vydre Kke ^tiipt of ^m afbctiomite pavent or 
bfl^tlWs ^1m«i that of a^ sel&k lover; so 
rtmt -Sartha o&M no loiiger be afraid; 
««i<|i,6xoefytherl>imb0r,<Sn- Ueerdegen, die 
fOiild not Tfd^Ueot any tne over the wide 
viQrM ^tinder #ho6e protactson «he would ouore 
g\a$iy 4iave ^aced herself. Therefore she 
110 logger ystgid her immediate^ departure, 
IfHt veliipd 0B the ^emir's promise^ that she 
thoiS&i be sent whither- she wished to go ai» 
soon tts^eircmnBtanoes t^endeced it poastble for 
bim'to travel wit^i her. . The pxinee expressed 
with grvat tespeot his thankftrtness for the 

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confidence that she repoeed:!!! lim ; and tk 
fbw days that must mterteae^ befin^dieco^U 
I^ave-CarAiagena, were to be qpent id viewoig 
the mmriierleBs beaiitiM iq)artin^iit8»**rllie 
^rorks of ai^-«*and the magnifioeDt garicii 
6f his pakice. 

ITie rdfdni&f <tf Arn^ atm ptdeeA r^oii^ mi 
blest, above aH qwHien tf Ae ernhb^Md 
Nature evermore bestoiMd lier JaipethA-sm 
and afFections on that oolniCirf whiguki «laa 
first derived bis birth; apd vliere^. in aAcr- 
years, fai" more dian the gift of mortal lifr 
^ra^ bestowed on him. Wlmtevet Hu— to 
atid luxuries Ais land aflbrds^ ^Aedber of oa- 
tureor art, all were in die posaetskai of ihe 
rich ahd powerful etadir. He fanoadf w^aUifd 
aboutlh his dignity, like a proud enebanftflr, 
ihrbugh bis palaee and garden, aUetocs- 
plain I^Hhe mystei^ and beautks hy wHA 
he >as si#tt)ubded)' and -wfllii^ to beoonse 
ekrquemt^^lf bui^'IMener wurOy ai Ua wAioe 
dotilQ^ fitted ; attd to whom couU he have 
addressed himself more gladly than to Botha 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


of Liohlemried?-*By whom could his glow^ 
ing words have been so well understood ?•*«- 
Therefore oftentimee thej valked togetiier 
through the long vauUed galleries of the 
ctsde,-— through the towering groves of the 
shadowy garden,— or reposed, during the 
aooodiqrheat^ by its glassy lakes or foaming 
waCeiAns. Wilh eqpecial pleasure Bertha 
listened to the wonderful legends and fairy- 
tales, whioh Norxeddin half-read from beauti- 
fill manuscr^Jts on pahn-leaves, and half-sung 
to her from his own recollection. To all 
these she Hstened with so much pleasure, that 
St lengdi ahe. longed to become acquainted 
with the Arabian character and language, in 
whidi they were ori^nally written ; and when 
4ie now tried to imitate the foreign sounds, 
the emir thou^t he had never before heard 
hb own language spoken in its true beauty ; 
for in softness and melody of vcHce, Bertha 
indeed excelled all the damsels of the world. 
One day it came to pass that she was walk- 

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M THE UAOkC sug. 

iag wiA Niineddia wf 
her the fotkiniig hktary. 

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TBS UAfflQ 9IN& ^ 


A stnnge story of A Ladj and A Rote. 

'« Faa roiQote^ in the mde aea» orated Arcbi- 
pdagp^tlieie Im aa ifllaad weU kiiM^ 
aU th^ iiorld» bloooiiog aadgdden with ricji 
la»vQ9U of QQnm^ fh^ md wine. Tbere^ 
in <M daye ef pagnwmftij wm bora tbe en^ 
<ihi<»wr» vfanm tbeheatbeMaft^verdslgok^ 
ed upon as a god. The idaiid ia called 
Creita^ and the mighty encfaanUvr^a nm^ '^ 

^< % bia p«imrftt) apelU it cane tp paai, 
tbati Una idand^ wbenee Ui dwved lu« 
bMbi wae «ver adovn^d with the ohoieeBt 
iowevi ; aod i(t ia oet very leag: mee theve 
w^pbuned ibtrecm a ted vote of sueb hb- 
eqmll^ beauCyv that i| waa fwaifwd and va* 
novncd fair ai^L atar $» tdbeiicbeat and rareil 

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from the town of DaBMScusi and it mtti ^ 
cA)Otdi^^*dtdi;bj^f&; iyt md Ififcfyv4lftiiiBei, 
irboibad^btm fdrced^ ointf fiom 4Ma«fty*Jb^ 
mklitfkim&i^ and krbuglu t« 4fae«HthiaMA 
iditnd^ iAl^ Dotiiaacusdbe badHtam » ter 
aotm^ildai»- fliidlMid the nHi^iiMMr liaal*, 
wkeoi^Ai&tinribid-ptnite (csnt^ in^idirtiiflkUK^ 
isMtoit pkftBQffds. She bid the i^iiMr midit 
h«r latoftky iftnd^camed it witfa-bor'tel^'CilBi^. 
Here k bad thmenivell -beneath hetialA» 
oat«,r^>*die DaniMcefle w&e lAooaanf^Hh^imi 
^lof flomrs, ami die the ftireat of dMteeii 

<K)ft8iitiaie6 she bad whisp^ed m smM 
toilhe florwter^*^^ Here we are, both 8t»u^ef9 
itttlte^land ; tberrfcMre we nniit be ftiendli Icr 
eftrh^otfa^and the bonds of aflbetioii aity 
MiM9'Jh0^l>^oken between us. If one retm 
heioey'^oAdr too must go thither; audi! 
tfae> toS^be cropped from the stalk, the 
maiden will wither in her sadness.^—- Then it 
seemed' aliabst as if the flower had tinder* 

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THB MA^uc jam. w 

plopd her wordsy and nodded thereto in^iilekt 

^ ** Not Joi^ thereettef die damsel wablodfei 
i%/Aaii<lMr windonv csa>ih^iwtfie»i -dt-^ 
^nmft «%.(«n^ biroto ttebeld^ioiiM^die 
fifging Mnlftr^ IB itoatsidnMriag n^ ibnabt 
jfimA leddiftfayttrar^iabartgMRfiib^^ 
4$bHtaN0t]r 4ila8finH«dcdd dmrtiatf tbe^daaei 
t|M JrebiUed fti^annt: bim. :^ 1^ 
be bekeU^ fitomnftriUw beastifti»Bdu<feir, ika 
aJ^^skodr.oniibettiloftgr vmudUi^^lwtireusiM^ 
hh^bm^ :to^^ani, mainiMit it^fi»t^by the 
golden chain to a tree, then look^t«^ ^dtht 
i|iia$|0w,T «d «aUed skmtdy^' WiK>'8rt' Abu, 
W^AmotiAil of Jadie9?W.T)ie dsnttdi'ank. 
aw^ifMir^^I am^B king's ilaag^htjervfttodft);! 
iwiiQ^oiMfl iiayevbcen) hMugfa^ 
lOmarw^V-M Thcn^'iflaidriM, f ihylftclieMrir 
p Mi ih ince eadand lopciy ?v*^ Nay,^ tatewwrt' 
tb^doQtel, < IikawiVKkh^Bi^liie^besbtMSalnM* 
tliaiillkHi MeatiUoomfaigan yonder garden i 
i^^lif^been my firt^d and solaceeiwie we^boih 

c a 

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A roMUJkamwam. 


'Already- We I won in battle m 
fcene falacfc Aat ia b»llar» I wie^'-thaB 
any Iword liiat wiia emat waldaA tagraaoaial 
ami. A maiden-^ nmeMvi atward Aaife 
I}8nieiCttt;^-tlMeie are Wcu^Btm afcoro dl 
price; aaddi^ Seward wtjlaaM^iraeUiamaiiiw 
and tUe ftdive^ iHitti theb boHdafe. iTma 
tfaea' to ne; ilkl irtiou Uttb btit nvMlare^ 
thou Bhalt aooii be free aa ibe ttg^itVBydfriB 
die Ibteai/— ' Who ait Aony inanttn. Hurt 
dareat id speak tkua bokify ?*«^< Najr^^ wd dii 
brfglit, < I aih a vwrtior^ iar and vide ie< 
nawntdj and wend lay y$my wbatcnnrit is aiy 
pkaiure, by bmd or aea; aad baaeiaCacte i 
9Xtt named ^ bMva Hype^,^^'^ Act thaa 
indeed Hygies?^ said tbadaaiaalt "^dMitww* 
drouB hero whose deeds aie snngthnHigh att 
the world, and who baa won suck f iouu s s 
among the Greeks, and in Persia, ky baad 
ttid by^aea ?— If this fae so, then tmly I afaaH 
soon be brou^back to my wishcd-for kooief 
-»'Ay, ftiraat of damaela; and tUa aigiit 

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flfaail ask pns till I huve^.4#I^y^4M 
fidcb jottr pnaon.'*— ' Bvt ha^l. Aqml,^ i^p 
diat'wiU hour ua aoraai. tibei 9Q«?V^^ JPouibV 
kmi^'' aaswoted die knSgl^, ^ X^K^^f^P/,^ 
Awt of alu|i% hut tbiqF ^nill not qqiqe bit^ 
tm awdier jwtr h«B pA9t away.'—* ^jcjcflj^ 
wtt's aake^^ cried tiiedansdi^ 5 t^q^ho^.l 
iBffjr be eoBOMlad in Crete till (b«9r mrav^ f^W 
« SeHT no^' answerad tbe kn^; ' |t}r aU 
tiu^ HjgM0 has pkoned, h^. koovs a]|i|o how 
torfind tlMi nMttift itf fttlfiliOMt.'*^Th«reypQr) 
alK tiodded kindly her parting salnlation, m^ 
the warrior retued; hut whm tl|e eir«nii|g 
ijinfltn bad ruttlfid on tiM idandy be litiiUd nol 
to come again with a lo^g ladder of rop^ 
iphich ha fixed to her window. She ventured 
to deaoendy and was onoe more jEie^ 

<* Deep m the recesses of the Cretan moun* 
tains there lies a cavern, oov^ffed at tbe w^ 
tnnoewith heath and capsewood, .huVlai|B» 
and kifiyy wherein no morfid dartaeat#r> iSor 
tcrrar of the snpematural paweirs that might 
Urn ; far in ancient timaa this was tbe 

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m TBKrx^oew more*! 

;%D^ lA^ aeom d^tha.of ihe caire* Hp- 
gies concealed the UoomiDg and beiiti fid 
4aa)«e|y«<**^MHakig oftrntnai to car^w^ker at 
|h^ 4&a4' of ni(^ apd fconpi^.wtk Iimi 
|iQiiQ4^a9c]^ir«ie» , vU) MalJ^ fiivpsts, ta defend 
h^ ^fr^vaifeliQ' ooidjand hatd jmaka^ Maaa- 
mhik Ai^ofttm mi to huD rndtfaannauaflighoy 
r*« Tkau weft my dcimrer^ and art nav faa> 
eane my dear hushand ; bot bearare, I pea; 
thee» beware last aay daarij4>doved nve 
abouid wilber l«*-*Fram Damaaous tboufaait 
obtained a nnaden and a sword^ but do not 
favgfi that there is, moreaver, a Damaaoene 
aase under th jr protecdon.'' 

*^ Far and wide, even for a wbole year> the 
Gretans sought tthimigb die land, but in tud; 
theyknew not whkher the beaatifiil capcive 
hadVetifed(^. but 4ie knight Hjrgiea,. he wiaot 
4ttA Imaw ilfbtfe to find the d>iect of hiaaf: 
ihatialsf andbecaoie^cam^ though wide^ 
wamo-^ hnbitatkn for Ina bebved, he uaed 
to cut^and heWthe todu with bis invincifala 

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4ioii oflder groutid todi aft tttff ifOfe^A tfiffftite 
lMv«.-«ivtied.- J . . M...' 

fMtti;**'*Hnreubeyeair'd «bddieprfaic6«BfK>i^^a 
MDj-^i^ fadd,; handdoiae koy^ diUs tira^ned 
amotig the roek^ like the dti «eDobAnti^ Zevrs; 
jMdtfae limve 'Warrior 'Hy^Mtt toot hiMi iti fiis 
arinsmtballafatfaer^lciTe. ' Sothewoth^r^i 
paon waa again duttiged td joy; addndtkng 
thereafter there was seen -on die hofizoii a 
hcar^enliveniag^ahew of white aalls all aweiti^ 
iog in the breeoe ; and tbia was the fleet of 
the renowned Sir Hygies. That evening the 
ships cast anchor in a bay of the Cretan 
sbore^ and measei^racame stvaightiwagr to the 
noble owner, who regcuced heard j at their 
arrival, and went, in die sitencs of tbe^ night, 
for bis Danuacene beattty,<-^brought her farth 
under the tight of the moon and staia, with 
the child sleeping on his mother^s breast. 
Then, as they were proceeding on their way, 
the lady fiighed deeply, and said,— < Oh^ 

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imiufiac Ecwk 

i^ithe nidbtaf dl my j/oynU^MwB^ I hmm 
tb6 dear Ri0e4ree here im albragifralniHH^M* 

liaae weoot kaonm «rii^ odopso long itt ent 
idifitiiony nd prooriMd bath| Uust if 'One wt 
iMuhQuld Wserotiywcty, the 
potbekftiahondhge ? * t f tei y 
Uke niie t door hubuM i ij go and- iMng^ it tt 
ne r^-*0atdie knigltt ««»Id net iistaito hm 
IMngier, ori iii^ad her fcfinnd in nqpidil%kt 
The dimael dlgfaad again^ aod irauld not go 
^mA Vm^ imi laa to the gai^den ^4icmn dh» 
liadplfeiitadherbilovedAov6B. Tbateaaad- 
doi ttbiat ftam the eaUfe alannad her, and 
die wbuU have fled, hot the toee hdd bar 
garmiBte fast with ita thorny ingei% and in 
heap terror die fihikkaduid fell toilie graond. 
The knight ran i^ to ter^ and took diecfaild 
from her arau^ vUle ahe yet h^ mailionfes, 
and fainting in her grief and afiiigfat. Bni 
Horn fo^ety window and doar was suddenly 
bona open ;-»the Cretan gnanirandaolcheia 
caase £wth aimed, and with toidies in dieir 

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uBDOi* Al^'tlw uffsl ffUtOBt-' thiyi -iwciigmiwo 
therheouiifiil moii «f Hhittnirtm, ttstekj 
tbere beside ber UBOBnjf nao^aM^r waA d^ 
tenoined not only to make a cMp»e of bet, 
Got also at the Ixave Sir Hygba. THe 
knght) kowever, pvorved game no« 80 emly 
to is Qai^t* Wkb hUa Damascene Uade he 
doall M^KM him blows so tapid and so powers 
fal» tbat irtioever d«rad to a{it>roadi faim was 
ftttod tb the gcound; so that thejr alt stood 
stiAly and thdh: ooon^ was broken. There* 
after they tried their jardina and arroirS) and 
Hygies protected hsttsdf and the beoixtiSiil 
daaasel as long as he eonM, till an arrow 
came whistlti^ under his golden sksaldy and 
staruek h^ to the heart She felLHfekss^ mod 
the red rose^kaves mingled with the blood 
that streamed from her defittwwOnSKi The 
kmght then most leave the lady and the rose 
faehmd him on ^ island; but the sword 
was still his own, and by its aid he rescued 
the chiki, and bore it with him to bis fleet* 
and sailed for ArMa. Thereafter the child 

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proved a vafiant warricNr,— an avanging sword, 
that was worth an hundred thousand liladpi 
bS the best Damasoeoe steel.^ 

V I . if 

"T'l: / 

^^ ,^.A, , / 

' ' 'J '* . . " ■ " ^J ^■. -T J 

/ . . ,.- 

H ■ * 

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How the Lftdy BcRha saOed from Carthagtna. 

Now thia fairy legend, that we have told in 
fdain prose, was^sung by Nurreddin in plea- 
sant, well-sounding verses; and Bertha lis- 
tened thereto with so much pleasure, that the 
emir repeated it to her many times thereafter, 
and it seemed as if his own heart was always 
strangely moved by the recital. Then it came to 
pass, that she b^;ged him to explain who was 
in reality the far-famed Hygies, and if he did 
not know more of this wanior than the song 
had unfolded ?— ^^ Somewhat,^ answered the 
emir, ^* but not much ;— «U that I know is,— 
that he came from foreign countries to Greece ; 
that he was a youth everywhere beheld with 
fear and wonder; but I could never prove 
whether his name were properly Hygies, or if 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


this were not a title bestowed on him in Creie, 
for in the HeUoiic tongue it imports, thit 
be was lively, active, and jocose.^^After 
such answers, it faaj^pened for the most 
part that he woi|ld speak na more, and tint 
a deep shade of discontent f^iaiieovar Ma dadk 
frowning blows. : ^r =- 

One efveMig Bartbtatt lAlbr tkfi *amtm 
a Icfiy bilooapi wlldMa Aa. oovtaAidsdA 
beauiifii] prospect aaaass the omogst^gnfm 
towards the: aaa* her arad fiUed wiib plea* 
aaat seaMMobcanaea qC Jwna Aa 
wind iday^d over Iba waller^ a«C 
tfaraogb the oraagMKeea^ 
laasvaafipomtbeblmaditsp; aadwiAis^iBw 
uptotlttdamadL ««Iiaw,''ttud9b^^'«^ai 
wind, wilb its msffing kawss^ caiie. flnoii 
tha ehdiainarV hJani^ oa Aom^Daafianrtii^ wmi 
caiiUbBMig* osaaewawhttt baa faeaaoie- of 4fas 
boMe klught Hygies^ and baa itifiast mm^T 
<«}ia^^ani^weredtharcmiiv ^JfasredaKs ilt 
tfaairjowhinre never inquired of aoe what wm 
the fiite of die poor duld ?"" 

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VHX 'NfftiMrf^ll'Bftt- 

<^ I kuxw not vfanefoEe I ymtAmkat^ tmA 
Bevtfattf '< my heBit always hngtd to Imbt 
inoi^ of him, and jet^ whea I waa about to 
ipeak, nethoi^t as if by huMUr hands a 
ieA wm itnptfafttd ao atiy lipB, aad I oould 
no^tQtler a word.^ 

*^ That is indeed strange,^ said llMt^ettA^y 
^ftvlkateHsli almqitoiaipdiiiilatdt you 
ftdi««r d»a( dftld and hia ftiMBieai but tb» 
IMT ^Btfahdd ma» Aat yoa woirid laok on 
kioit iriio was thus hoca in the eoohaatn^ 
aad ia the wild island, widi avenion ssal 
Enow^tkan, thati nya^aai ^ Mn 

..^Bttli»ign(d athsm widfewauter, andat 
Mgft aaUi '<^ Wliy then shcttdd^ba dMd 
et'you^hoMae you sore the sdn afthat vet- 
teamed ^iMto iuKl the> baaulMU >fad^ of^ Da^ 
aaasima; Bather abaidd I expect: an fiiid ia 
3rm«£ hoaoor and: coortaqpv ^i^ whan 
I amid ooofident]y trust.'' «< A ODma^^r^ 
abar yen shoi^ have aaid," raawttad Nui^^ 
reddin^ ^ or a destraaKfetkuwderiball, toMtf*^ 

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08 TB£ HAGIC JtlNG. 

ing the natioiis, and destroying many in its 
odiine; yet to future generatiaDs 
iug happiness and piosperitjr.^ 

^< The nations must be v«ry 
Bertha gravely, <' if they look fiir aid to^ 
single champion, and not fiosoL their om 

^^ Eren to prevent (hem from becoasiiig 
thus depraved,^ smd Nurreddin, *< hav^ 1 
been sent into the worid. I must kindie'dis 
fire and fan the flames; the fire of trial aad 
puriflcatioii, iK^«reby many a peaoAd.iwf 
will be overthrown, and maiqr a blooBMV 
land laid waste, in ord«r Aat, thtfoaftar, all 
may be established better than hevetofen. 
Believe me, noUe lady, the natiooa of the 
earth may well be cos^iared to the pV?TffF| 
and from time tp time must be consami 
by fire, that, ansmg from their asbea, thsy 
may prove their immortality and nrfrlilin| 

*' I believe you are now led aetraj fay s 
fearful delusicm,^ said Bertha; *< but Heavea 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


will, aooording to his divine wisdom, set you 
fne from this temptation ; and as for the de* 
fltructive fires with whidi you now threaten 
the people. Providence will no doabt interfere 
fmr Ibdr protection.^ 

"^ Brekmg it shall be pioved bow that may 
be," answered the emir ; ^< to-morrow we are 
t0' Mf 'o<it 'wMi my ieet of galleys towards 
dstla There we shall oaet anchor; and this 
ia'the 'voyage of which I have befbre spoken, 
Inid on which you must go with me before I 
kmaM Hbaty to attend you on your journey 
lMNM#atdA Rome is but feebly defended ; 
«iid«>lf f^diould su^ceMl in buiyfaig the trqde- 
<;t^i#ilM'|>iiM under the ruins of bis ^wn 
dinrdhes, die whole moaldering fabric of 
the Itysiem, called Chri6ti;amty, would at onee 
be^tnilibled down, along with iu key4tiMie, to 
Itut gfoimd. EspeoiAlIyi I haw che better 
«Mnee to succeed in this undertaking, .be« 
cause the light and mirror of your Ghri«6iili 
knighdfood, the brave Eang Richard, is now 
held in prison by his own friends and com- 

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and «hild-Hke in her happinesBytiiHt riiA wm^ 
\me MdMT'CttidUiflt^eJMKglitdc Mniupm 
tltto omkr VMS fean hifr {dMe ^ iU ieH <rt« ri% 
imliKd lip A«i-'d»«^ aaA:9mk> !««t»«a *rf 
bwmtifiil «s'*«i aw, h«a*r wfe^ibwtiar 
owvr^wlial'i tafre- now gaidf ify^k^pw «otf 
oMn-a^, my «y Wrtjr lifej hud to n n'f i — rt 
in ^ prewaee; ftr I bdieMd'ttet «Hff 
fbM^ and feeing of tny aoiU mb bjr^M* 
aya^iMhilKil «4flh «nA xaidn8td«d« and, 
Atottgh-actordnlgto the imnaeiT«f liairl ikm 
sels, t*M« penhttKe might he «lnud'of ro^ 
over vdiemeaoe.aad M<ily y«t dhMR «oid£ft 
9tiU wdbniretbegreaCDeak cf mjrttadartakng^ 
dad ^ 'tfaetvby- iaq^Md aad ^xuKptimA. 
Now, however, when I have uttered tetMc 
tliee4h«»6«Mngs<*f «fci«A H»d«e««»4i41'»» 
spoken Iw* in my secuHfraytW tvGod ad 
oar holy pB(if>het» «U ikettmml meU with 

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THE MAGK! EI190. 71 

ifs bift in ohildirii laughter! not even bast 
(Shoa ttiemUed at thoa^ts of ihe fearful and 
irrenstible dangers vAAth my Voyage wiU 
bring Ml thy dierahed f«th and idl its ad- 

^ Could uiy \UaA thte be sinoetie,^ an. 
swMed Bertha^ wkh the same unconcerned 
flffale, << if I thought dmt imr reBg^ could 
ht overoome by thy endeavoun? The true 
ftMi may never die; Heaven wffl soon supply 
0Mftns A>r tlie defence of R<»ne ; wd I am 
hemiy gtad that you ^1 take me with you 
to Ostia, and that I may be a wondering spec- 
tator by what i^gent Providence shall repulse 
yoox firoud and warlike att^acks.^ It may be 
ail aven^g spirit with a flaming sword, or 
a seraph smiling on you in ^peaoe and fbrgrve- 
n^ss; and^ Heaven knows, it is my eiurnest 
hope that the peaoe-angd may come to meet 

At these words, Nurreddtn bowed lowly 
and respectfully, saying, " Forgitie me, if 
I vnismderstood your smiks; for it is not 

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7^ THE ^tAJBMi 

ar cfi^ilBjr beraic eoeiqgifls i 

tffaTii-e tbem in oAersT . ' >• '^ ♦ ^i 

Botha stretdied ^6ttt ho* ltei#4kM%Ni 
the emir, and auBwq tu ed^ -^^ C ^it '^u giiljptMMi 

W6 nku0t iiii I'll '^iiiW^'^y ifci >i'rWytMp%b^^W^ 
fared for our journey* <«A3rj**«iyi*-5i# 
mered Narfeddin ; «' b»11^ fm ^K m 
6rf^4xie As^jMi lio# dff^A^ aoifWhiyipfl 
fet^ Xbdoglr l^fes|Kife<^ Wr4iJ M Ij " W Ml i i 

ida^ Hot mWi <^ lMH(^<N9i^lfenai 
j 7 :h 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

bwk> and «iltccn 
glomttag in tbc •on, fiuli> 
tke M||^ biwM* gpttly fJi^ad «aii tlMv 

flT tli« fwin, B«dMi.aoir««no with her «^ 
Mtoitfplif liMtavta* ftiND the pdMv tDwods 
t% | K fw»w . A#tlMpp<lieiraMr4hegMe, 
rtfWWVlMttd fiigai the tbidccta the gentk 
•f99i «r * h«pf awl err long^ wonb t«o 
Hf ill nl wiih ittBata*»aad Btpthft could ant 
l|9f )fM»} ftir Um words w«n Frraol^ M«d 
rM|i#^ h«of {Ml nd h«pB9r *y».: The 
fstot.Mid avse ir«n fipeo»)|o(^.«Kl>«)o«n^ 
tfH I nod Hi^ BVttttvel dvi^nred thajthf cgnU 
«»L Jfn^ iwiiae tht. Jbceutiai of the <9)p^ 
VfpV, d«ni[^ is the ^^Miphii^^ ,tbe ,hbomi(« 
Ut ild i i wl Angrftt. hw — M <»f ^ fponw^^ 

«W •>W_||iL«pM(t of |«^««»,|dl«S.d|)fMe|,t)«lt 

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'^ Whin 'di^ ' dMf '4ttil' ^OidffaMf^tmf^ 
Mifd, Nim^eddlii #iep{fed M«l^wi||«o# 
fbiTfiil out Die dfaeDttfl»toe>'ytttt>ft)p*>>> 
intid lild%after teMgfat lifeqft'ieMt UMrArf^ 

Kindly iM ^^^^tottily^tfMb'riMi iayW 

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pKW i u (of tkifl valuBt hfto."" Tjfgfnfjrr 
M m AiiUM ^ ^M Uhw iK i lw il , JMirdk^ had 

n <ft fc i|| ri i < i gj || fti<t iiCJwti;l»pawiii S*«Jf<i||(o, 

dMatelwal ftoi)««ai«riAsHMdMMljr.lbtoiw^8c 

•.!Aedaiigliii«lape;Mid.4q( 46«Mgew, ^ft^Her 
nl iiiiiiM iuij i.Jltot' ^It-WJIt^Biflri^ f^lw 

noir,'* and lie, « I am hettn4mviHiiim:»f4 
*r(M36kait»i«>)^M ^"^t IMVMk'illd is 

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tiMftrI;im^>widiiddtottli«iv jnrtr pitfiiiiiiijto 
IbDjKiiir v93F«g^-])0iiee. 1 11 if iiiniiiUMiUi 

would gleam forth oa the durkneag of mj 
fate; if this may not be, yet the oght of job 
now departing is at least like the last imys of 
die setting sun, and the night will all the 
sooner come to riied her veil over my 8onaw»* 
« Nay, if it be die will of Heavra,"" said 

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fi xa eii mptki 

ii^^*^^^Vtevitfx>l^iitf«« tedder «h0v 

<iiyiW^'4>iflr<( W iiQy#ur¥rgiig<jaihri tsDnte 

teu^b'Miiflxf «Mg^ aad dieiUry kgeddsof 
^taiiiiii^t.tSo^.dbooiiMng ^pkemwoAr mA 
tifl fcu i A tt s liMy ril thi^ euae doiwn voftm 
flMt)|bnr6^tfuof^ nmetly iBtiwiiwtqrf by At 
w faw r im ygteaas. Sbore^tlieyBisterkecH 

fravtdfyxjkt ofthm harboUn ^ 

'/ ■►• * . ; - 


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suiuoii :iUion adj ,b-tmiA laJeaM ogva jxmb 
tl^^.ii i.iu ... ai-^ri,- r, oj bslrviu Jofi ejjw ,tbo^ 
J «.: Ji:;.iiii . y :t:.h tmU vlinT .^Mtmraa. 
' -' -c '-i. ^eHjl^^Btli /VUllul /f J^i now.- 

!ti : . fll'i. j; .. -,j ' \i I jftj-j [jjjg yjjy, g'c{<^»Bg 

Tiik fftffkff mP^rttnH-Atirtn Hint-fiii iJ^iffliif 
OitttbaeaM, Ud lb%^M iM ^MwyViai- 
di^ nj^ Wd' tbejr •«Mr'M¥ikr'lipf' 

^r; "i -- '■ ■" ''• ^•-'-.' '-i...- biH- ,jT.-T tf^ .tsecxi 

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Qur kept all the listeiiers at a respectful dis- 
tance; even Master Aleard, the noble trouba> 
douTy was not invited to a share in this hig^ 
oooferenoe. Truly their dialogue might have 
begun playfully; *wiA -100^ BPod song, for 
Bertha's lute stUl rested cm her left arm ; but 
Ae jdiapo ms eot noble aod.elevated souls^whOi 
are ever striving after the highest knowledge 
*ai|i>iy|r«i^ ;pajY. w^.tbe.4X^P9t^^ t|» 

tfaig» <^ewKBnd ft»ftf in^pcfft to attack ,th? w^} 
desfytor .^tber'gmreoC the Jforest^ still>.«s., 
I]9I9ljMwe^4il»0ed9,|n9^ his uprigbit cou^pi^ 
tQ t P ng riyftyg nearer -apd peajrey to the suUf 
^Sfhp^lnwmt^ ^^.3>j9orig|^kni^iq4tbif , 

damsel9 ^t iheste^ and ocxiversed in Aeir poi^p . 
«»A^Sgnity,i h«t as t9 what they /f^4r ^t fj^y 
^h^ife^weppfrt^w^^foop^fi^.. TliMVWt^* 

iltHhilif.tjbPiig&t^.w^sn^ i«d^ so)(em) w^ 
^mous^ y^A»iiii4;not, vei4we u>.^f^ ^qf^, 
thr^lMtbp oiftPQX h^kji /aMih' too plwljTf >k(. 
discpttned r tttbflr ,iip\sbMoi»^y/ in^gwura»4' 
ixqMic altegom9*>< . Th^mt hfijAV^ .^^bii^e 

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tniths were the sumect of tneir^auuorae. 
i^urreddin enforciiig his argimienU by ^ w 
flowery eloquence of tbe £ast, wiuJc^ wxtai 
spdte with careless and auno&x rhiidBiBr 

r, I .. -. ..r^^^ tuTrvMS 

simplicity ; and meanwhile, f^fcnova ve^ad tkat 
sailiki near them, the times of the trouba- 
dour^s harp soundfed at intervals in mournful 
melody. At length the shades of evening fell 
upon the waters ; and tbereafter night &xm 
with her countless gWaming stars^ wbea Niir*- 
reddin gave the damsel in charge to his faiiak 
slaves, while he. retired to his cabin. Bertha 
meanwhile conUnued to speak m cheerfullj ^ 
ever with her attendants ; and when at last 
she fell asleep, a pleasant smite settled on her 
beautiful features, betokening ^e quiet and 
innocence that reigned in her heart 

Next' clay the combat between th^se Vijg> 
noble spurits was renewed^ and caiped op 
with equal ardour. As for the emir^ he hfd 
recourse to several rolls of manuscript pafaa- 
leaves, which he brought from his cabin, and 
out of them read aloud now and then well. 

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.ovua dioaR ailT v« 

sooiHliiiff yenea and .deeplytpcHidered .aei^ 
ledoes. Bertha meanwhile had nOfbook 1^ 

anuTber : tbouffa it is txue she should mve 

Bdn^jAiilif ,J«B4 -^"^ ^'' y'Mi')i;iX)To y;itiv5<>Tr 
nad m her possessum one vplume^jinore cmr 

ibabfe than all ouer^ bound m bmck. velvet, 

adorned with nlyer-dasps and beauUfuL jnc- 

aoe nad. been wont , to, read with so. much 
nlSmre, nrtill remained ^t tiabrielle^s caade 
m ViasooDy. Yet these books, more en^e- 
caDy the liTes of saints^ had beep studied by 
tfie good pious l^rtha w^th such care^ that 
me now never faileil by memory to. command 
tfieir assistance. Many times indee^ sqe j*e-, 
Bidiia^ohg ana ' silently ; soT that one might 
have tnoiight sh^ was emban^assed and over- 
powered by the ^lendid and poetic language 
oiNurreddm ; yet, m answer to what be read 

fnfiU tne^oran and other !llxx>risn r<^rds,. 

, batli^a ^lUH'j Oil.' liA -/\ .^i;oJ/Lf' ii^i^P 'v''"^ 
sheilalea not at last to answer m the spirit of 

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cuaniog shewn in Mahomef 8 doctme wm 
iHiolIy overcome. 

So their meetings oondnoed for luittil 
weeks, and the sea-voyage passed over after 
a fashion which the tmoimm^lMl scddiera fittk 
expected. Instead of banquets, music, and 
mirth, there prevailed over them all a i 
meditative silence, whose mftwnce 
Indeed -extended to the oenn 'lual ^k^ ^. 
Only 86 mnch wind bveadied on the aaSbta 
was reqoir^ to bring the voy^en onfnMfa 
thdr ooiirse towards Ostia; '(iie wMe^aea •% 
iuround them ahnoat like a ttiivor,^sii}y "vvfiad 
by Bgfat rif^Kng Waves as the vessels pkn^ 
ed thdr adventurous way, funoiv^'tiied«sp 
ftfchomless waters. '•'' 

' -■• • lit .-t '!<: -r F 

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,f ijh)}* i'j »/'« .f|i *'* <-' iv-/ iii? 


. CHAPTBE yJH.. . 


How the Pope baptized the Emir Nurreddin, and many of 
*'W»3Vfoort. '■' ^*' • 

gfkite9xmhto,f^l$^ thatonf mormngtontjtbe 

niHl.^ottEiiflktti, Womm^ old men, and chii- 
4ra^w«a already flying along the high road 
4o«wdB.Boni^ or had embarked in boatato 
tow .up the Tiber, while oih&rs were annioua* 
If collecting and packing up their proper^, 
all the while caUing out m their t^fror, 
** Away, away, ere it be too late! Yonder 
are Umr Bags already on the horizon*^ The 
men, howevier, and youths who ware able to 
bear arms, drew tbemaelTes up on the strand, 
prepared for defence^ though among them were 
to be seen nlany pale faces, and murmurs 
heard through the ranks,-^^ It is Nur* 

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Hmt kittens tmqps^ %sb-mf^tmi Nite pnifc 
^jQlMb,^j}>iilbfovi Jir »tttabfix^ Md inl their 
]^tpkfi^^'lpiMm^ oi oipfid^ow flflT nihil tnwny 
more than in the countenances .<if(ih09cr triwi 

tbw^ i99ia 9n^.a$ui(imi^ite> .tfmwuiHJBuihk 

pf^4^mm wliD jgnpmcDsiiigl^Mim^cLiTfe 

iftOt W^in boatib to roco9iualr9>*^aHl*%Gi'Inip 
11^1^ Mtli^Jbugli'^liglit ti9«^c&.i On 

tiB^wliji thftgKt»«iiyinMMaiflntBt^ 

were so terrified at bearing this, that tbey 

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ii^ bat Itoo cwlcls« Nbiw^dliiciistdMWiiil^ 

JbalC6aMirh|lei>tb^i8iM{Hit wetle ^MkamriHgr^b 
Uutmiiiilrptiiy, nHflvitr'flAMMmiig bM^ie^loia 
tUix»4bteuMto<jg|eami^ ffiii*%fai^ 

tUeimandi||^x.iiJfaidgiflg^-b^ dMriMl^^iof 

theHklfltiitheii! flnit faMdin^, Itnt ireck«dmip^ 
^mbufriloiitbr^boiiiv 'fonniiig'a^kkid^f Attn^ 
tareoiitj nAeiu» ib^ €Ould nwehr tiM iM^ 
AMitoAf tiM^ilmulers, md takejNlifiiMlBge]^ 

liiiMuhcr|^(lwJMU,e4f i4>iili itdofligUy Itaiid « 
bqftterdiflnteihaa'iinitheiahfarejUelow, oC^iw 

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MiiUed, heard tfM» coamaad to' 
n^diid^ tatiA ititktMng tecktowtiifelfaei 
tfti, tMi (»dar ivto obeyed trith* did< 
dftcritf and precmkm, Wha tbm 
howerer, fi^und, tbat the pMperJi 
rising gimind had been gained^ aiRl a 
tfiat tiiey dioold ttgidn ttmi vMaA toninli 
the sea,. they aan^ Awt obediteoia moM m> 
hxag^ to be expect^. To the peo^-af 
0M», bearing anbs indeed, butirilolijr ■». 
praetifled in warfiire, the rood to Bomey thai 
lay now before th«n^ was a p ro wf iau i fiv tae 
attnietitti to be ^reuBled. The mor» Tehe 
mently that the chiefs thundered out the 
ordera to ** hah,^ the mora ni{iidly did fte 
tfoc^ps "now 'nmrch Aunvanl 4 >im1 wnen Ae 
commanda were ehai^^ into threats^ aad 
meaaulpes wen* takao to ioiarrupl . thdr 
eonnie, tfieiriiaveh toived itraightini^ into 
flight, and, as if the ^neray had baM hn faU 

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B Jmw^ tbai oalf «4pw <iUiriiD<l {n:»Gtwd 

uVOmimmhoS thbJilcle tend kwM at «acl) 
ciib» vtthtndnehQfy prida Tboy t^oiild 
not bnli ftiOi 4hift ihej^ loighl H well avu- 
pttwlto oonv wd A^ difpened o^tkude ta 
iffiKtMlfKhgg Tlieiip boi|piir,:bow«nrery wa» 
to be jMEichsABd only b]F ummdaUe deatb; 
Ibr abtadj NwrMldiA^ d»ipB toy al anchor; 
idreidy-Jkis troc^ had . diaenlNirfcedi aod is 
Afb'^ittenug dfMsee^ bad b^^ lo arrangt 
abttoadvetf <mi the ehom) whileevm the nuiDr 
her fif thaiv wayiog JbuiiMrs. nceedad that, cf 
the 'wwarmra who weie left here to iigpoee 
ftmoL ^ Not olid«fthUbaad^Jl0W9var9 though 
06 fioUoniog the examfde thai had boaD* aat 
diem^^bjr the oMtanplible rvii«mgrs; ibr, 
iiifaoQVflr*Miiaina < te a dfiwt m feadliica lUl a 
eeitaiS' trykg! pont Was. been passed gver» 
lMmeei9r«iai>d ia tioiibkd naidiev with dc^wbu 
iaorfeaBB»«- '- 

But while the warriors stood thus prepared 

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8B THXlUfltCBDia 

fiir oMUiy Muiqg atetaly oa thenr 

tarn WtBJF OUtBwOtt'^Kr COKuS^UClMO^aOMBrWKm 
ftRmK^gcrauiBzBBSTarsuu III wnD^vrcDEBiy 

TlHroMill^-<«dt1ii-ar«til li^«lliir'«idSr- 
wMi '«liiiC'>yitiyi«ll<*Mi«^he&,.-i«dr yNMOe^' 

liimrifj irf an teipoii^^U t^W u fl h te'^J^ Ok' 
bo^ofksfey- wOkeii^Whd&^^Mm'^maiii^ die' 

beftite ifaiB'vetietlMe Ttifer dTilfii' CBritftei ' 
wdlMy ^wlJ<AMqpoll 'lie^ f^xike' * tt fiMKHrt i^ * 
<<.My bek>vedduldKa,if the Sanoens sibtilir' 
obliilii<b« ^ridMy' ib^flfir phce, OiK* tMiik 

own safety, if the 1 

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.OKIfl OlOIM aHT 88 

TBS l^OIC uif a , , M, 

.ebiov? H)iu no yi.TjJd x,..iru;!jl ,iuBi>b lol 

3;^ |)9PA tM^. stiwtcM om bia ^fM. . 
uid Jo^ic^. th^ bk!89iQg.of fl««nem^ttlM^^ 

lesjrmb^^^Jbiaho^.i^flJt. , , „ ^ ,,,,. 
Aleanwhile NutreddiD^s troops advanced in 

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iHi^«i9ft&rw««d ^fnfmds, die jnp^ Jl94.i» 

out sendipg any tffWJId or -p t m f^mm^ tf ^^ 

bAcdd tbt.vmrlate grmdrar lof Iha.faitK' 
aaid tbe hwiblt yet diflpifiad i\mnmm^ 
dittt btaultfid )fl^ so ihatoD^qfMu^oid&ktfi 
d«Kd to. i^eet tjiem as fioes watb j«irebt# 
s«iOKl|^«H>acNpeover» tbe pope aipd^ « *i0il 
utthe Itilim^iMs tM ihqr 4Mdd.fe«ii» 
quieti^ aad: j^vi^ fonrwdUtaloaii lo mA^ 

k]i«9k4 before 1^, and tbe .k^y bW^ ^ 
^qmk:<-^«5HoIy.fiator,'' ^MA^^^mm^ 
cqgpMfiAyQVL Aom ,afiu?> not inep^I ^. J*^ 
m^gfoficcot ^Ifm, but?. by your JMci m^ 
gestures; tburefor^ weithou^tit needHoii^ 

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semi MSAdhfififi^'tiie iW^'¥^iitei' 

btafradit']^ ^minttMsD BtMluiivMi>l4tehtetw 
fnniuim. ^Utrntj^'-Uvt^eAaui iHm beg* 

alMgtaidflfeBnlrileiKe; am Ac fMjM da^iA 
^tSm^ and tooked up tcHmven ia^ati- 
t«l«'«tidvi8Miii«lMd<s(. Jkft» <k«t p«UM 
*»tfiii 'e«BtiiHied,H-*' The" Mltttevs who «w 
**fW'^ yoBiiBr OB tk« {dadn iffewilttii^to 

diirifilrirlMi KtMy t»«lMeit bktt, tttid'iMde by. 
"«* wen W'iWi»ti^-bne%lia4 of grtas on Otbie 

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Ctoij^l>nHifi»,BMi iwvMlHnyillUi 

soul «bi!nt«t,4liir 'the iNitat».«l>. auiiaf 
and, 4fitso.iiM8«dycM»£l«MilitiMli^ 

>¥r 9f^ CbriNliwiianbur Olid io otoil* 
Mfi p i ^ iWud , llfeptMBml wrkivs)^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i«iQrflt>iififiMedr ii^idfefcsfoevtiKf »tliie^^CHifil^ 

^ikov/AiiLiBfae^^ bjr-Hitareii «s a UesMJ 
fafiriw BdjiiriU) Md b^Hfr tiuit ^ 

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noble AjAMpyfaawt- fctt toii aiiii^ 
obedience to whatever oQumuuKfa ik ^ 
pleased to by upon Urn. 

Many people, both men and xnme^^ 

attracted by the wonderful news diatki''^ 

rived at Rome, bringing fion die giei^^ 

food and wine, in order that a ban^fir 

not be wmntbg t^ this grand fesdvaL 1^ 

ttpotk the h<4y patriarch assembled roo''^ 

dil the monke and other priests, who hd^^ 

made their appearance, and, waikiogtM' 

the Moorish ranks, dealt out among tktf'' 

blessed sacrament of baptism; for dief ^ 

IbUowed the example of thmr dnef iabf^ 

gress towards the gates of everlasdag ^ * 

they had before done on the batcb^ * 

irictory or death. 

Thereafter the banquet was arnag*'*^ 

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th^ tamt^l 4MndB»^t# tiff" Tifafr;; dod^v^ 
9mtim pmimtaA to* the endv m €&piof ^d 
feimkm irine^ Ae tommrted^'Mdmnelii), 
<br^lhl» iht tiHp«^'dnafc Ae ndde jui<s^ c^tte 
^^^ add Ml flprooi^ ^ewjF *Min tiie > fircf of 
M^Mf «iivdl a» ol>£9iiiriiia|Hmftbfi. 

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KM «ili%i«ii«t Ami, ioiiKli«(* 
• viihoat T*fiiiwt mimglitf ihff'^ 

Qg^ •otir nofli ChblsittrifrJrilp hHi 
Jhrilwithi7 Might Mtarte««i||i^ 

.jMii#> V iiiiw b (haw «MB nUMh*^ 


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*«d tmA Mtcr, dvy ««• tfanwlmiiil mA 

tia, «w tiM «k« of the poor HiAi*. 

•<f«nr<|MC» l«t4o find a 

Ml HMttM wnek teoBcd qbxo* 

1iMlbd;^0UrtA nUdi not one tf^Slbole 

patf kaav «vai « name. 



toik tii. s 

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daia and ai^r, because, for the sake c£ tfaes 
^lly diveraons, Theobaldo sboiild ha^e ae> 
giected wholly the service o£ the two lada 
that were intrusted to tlidr care; aod^ as he 
now frequently bzpu^t the howling wsU 
beasts and awkward s^arcalves ii^ the |n- 
sence of Blanchefleur a^d Gabricfie^ wha ^ 
thereby disturbed and torified^ th^ : 
whatever the conseguatces mi^t b^ to fat 
an end to such coaduot. After an adventase 
of this kind, tlie Kni^^t <tf Maptfaneci aiciK 
ped forward, placed hin^elf rig^t bcisR 
Theobaldo, and kx>ked at the quirhMi 
steadfiEistly, with gleamii^ wrathfiil ^as. 
The chevalier had now resumed his gUtteiiic 
armour, and looked so fbrmidabfe, that the 
merchant, though wishing, to oonoeal his i^ 
tation, could not help feebog. emb^orraasvit 
and fixing his eyes ,on the .gftound At 
length he said,^*^ What means all this S--* 
You wish, perchance, to. play ||ie^ pfurt uf A 
old statue of Boland in ibe. nuicket-{iiaqe»^ m 
you stand there so t^«m imd inatiaplftiff r*-^ 

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**^Wat« not 'Wiy design,'* answered Sir Pol- 
k6; **%(Ut it 'slialf be proved ere long how t 
JBiffltleiEd'with you, if your behaviour should 
ndtteniore circumspect and quiet for the fu^ 
tike. ^ Ay, fbrsodth T said TheobaWo, in his 
vAai txme of oalm dl^fiance, ^^ it might be as 
#etl to inquire* ^rst how I shall deal with 
j&tk OoA iSl youf party, if the question— 
^^h6 is master ?'-^-<5omes to be tried among 

•^9!^,*'attswered'&e Mont&ucon, in a tone 

df'iidASsntkte and resolution, ^ you have in-' 

dfetjiti liescued toy'Ufe, and have assisted much 

td^Mddk the rescue of these noble ladies;— 

itotiugh the ring, too, you are brought into 

j^bhbession of many powerful spells. For such ' 

Ttlikofiiki how'ev^r, you must not suppose that 

jcM^cttti toake game ^ will of a French baron 

am batineret, fal* less 6f the damsels who are 

ndV tlteHer his protecUon. In shorty if you 

dbtte"^ tdrrify them once more with your 

^SboiihttBle dances of wild beasts and fishes, 

itS6a fiiniMheryiMit Wn ISe Is at stake! or. 

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liO TH£ 1CA6IC BI1I6. 

pertdventure, the qiiestioo to be detemioed 
b. Whether my sword or jour wkdicnft wH 
obtab the victory ?-^The trial shall be nade^ 
however; on that score you can have jio 
doubt"— Nay,'' said Theobaldo, "I doalit 
not that your words would amply be maii 
good ; and it is, methmks, hr better for m 
both if we should not bring it to tbe {nnof 
whidi of us is destined to heaat the upper 
hand in conflict Be satisfied then, and liar- 
give me; for that of which you cpmpliiB 
shall not happen again."— • Thereupon Sr 
Folko was appeased, and shook haads widi 
Theobaldo; nor were the la£es ever mmt 
terrified by the dandng beasts and sea-OMa- 
steci. . . 

Not long after these events, the skies be- 
came once more free from clouds, and Dob 
Hernandez gave orders to heave anchor, 
that they might pursue their voyage. At 
first the winds were favourable, ancf th^ 
doubted not that they should hapfuly aniva 
at the destined port ; but scarcely had ttey 

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again readied the Straits of Gibrdtar, when 
t^ere aroae of new, a fnghtfol tempest, foicing 
the Teasel back into the narrow seas, and 
dririiig it violently past Carthagena, towarda 
Malaga ; nor did the stonn i^Mite till thej^ 
fowid theinsdTes opposite to the coast of 6e- 
iKMi. The condition of the diip, now almost 
a wreck) aad the distress of the two ladies, 
Idt them no choice^ They resolved to caiki 
anchor in the harbour of Genoa, and follow 
^lat the rest of Aeir joomey by land. 

Scarcely bad the damsels been safely lodged 
m ajrfeaaant mansion at thn town, and the rr- 
^idote cbthes, armour, and other necessaries 
hmm brought from the vessel, when the 
Knight of Montftiucon made a signal that 
Theobaldo should speal^ with him in a re- 
tked street of that city.—" Now,"* said the 
kni|^t, ** confess freely, that we have been 
forced hithet by your agMcy ;««i^that you 
have aB this while played your pranks for 
^^oor'owto ifivevsion and oar annoyainoe ;—- m 
eliorty diat, by wmob of your Magic Bing, you 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

when- we dpew i»ar CShnfltarpt— *» WIiJf 
then did you. tun addreBs tte8e^^(cfe«tMs4» 
me when we* were on bGnud^ilpj^Mid''ttbM^ 
bflddo ; » tlu9i» perbq)6, thei^^hul beiK^tiiflt 
to iMke up for whatever iiiAti^ i^ liAd^M*' 
miUed;''^-^^ I ftnow^ mv ^k^lker 76* ' miw 
speidt ui raoekoy op earafil/^ iiMNirrd 8tr 
Folko;. ^ and, in truth, with «U(A people 
cannot (ttpeol to finie bell^ Hd^w^wtv 
IB of little i KW W oquc ttce; ba^ for taalf 
pert, I answer fMi in rig^ lelHlfeBt Maifc 
you !-«»whilftt we were at 66% yoUft* mKuPf 
and witchcraft might have%ean'«iirMI>iiilch 
farther, and the ladies ivlKKlraM fwHff Mr 
proieotion might ham perMwA ifciiiiy' 
Now, howMer, you have ti> <foal iclril mf 
4kHie, and I tipeidc with yaa evwn. ifi oat 
Christian iaiight with another^ Htfv^ ysa 
then, by your inoantadbaB, miide* gHM- «f 
ob; and led U8 thus aBttay T'^^IM^aia 
knight, but as an honest meMbant, I~ m- 
swer you,^ said Theobaldo, << that I did 

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copjuxe up the tlonBs by which ^lur ship was 
drivai cinibe wild wa^Ks^; not, boweKn*, be* 
cauae I wiahe^ to make game, of you for my 
oMi diyeraion». botbecause I. bad firmly re« 
flolTed in my mwn mind, that it was better to 
land at Genoa 4haa en the sbo9»s of Frapce."" 
-— *^ InGemia, perchance^ you may face but 
hardly, air merdumt^^ answered De J\iontiau- 
con, glanring at bis sword ; ^* though the 
6rrt qoestion may be, whether you have Ikk 
ncttr and coorage enoai^ toddend your own 
actionsP^o**^ As to what you are pleased to 
call honour,^ said Theobaldo, ^< I trouble my. 
self little about the matter; bnt| as to my 
oourage, it baa been proved abneady^ and may 
be pcored again on oecasicms more important 
than aay that are likely to oocur at this time.^ 
--^ApitilulacusersaidSirFoBco; ''the 
ineoest ccnnurd or deserter has it in his power 
to tppah as thou hast done* Without more 
csfounlociicion^ bowever^.vbe ccmdescending 
enough to oMBe str»gbtway to the mark» 

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iti THE HAOfic mas. 

and answer, whether than art nohr wilfi^g to 
walk with me into one of die gardena bf 
wfaidi we are here msnoandeiy and wbercia 
we uuqr quietly meaaoreswotds tflgrther, vmil 
one or other meaauves, widi Ua own lifiekv 
bodj, the ground that is to aerve hdm fora 
grftver—*^ Bight wilUi^y,'* mamrekei. the 
nmrchanfe: ** we shall 'soon find m 
place for this encounter ;— <>idy foOow i 

Hereupon die mierchant walked rqndly 
away, and die bnght Mlowed him with im- 
patient strides. Ere loiq^ how^erj it aeosied 
to De MoDtfoucon as if he heard die ipoiee of 
Theobaldo cidling to him from bdiind ; and, 
on looking roond, he saw, to hia utter oooia- 
^on, that the merdiant was also there. Nay, 
at the same monmit, there started into fife 
an hundred more shadows of the same figure^ 
that grinned at him from windows of the 
neighbouring houses, and threatened him, 
sword in hand, from across the railing of the 
gardens; but though these might be siia^ 

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dow8, yet in no one drcumstance could they 
be'distiDguished ^rom' the true Theobaldo^; 
k>that, in his amazement, the knight wheeled 
round and round, not knowing whom he was 
to attack, till at last some one laughed atoud, — 
^* Now, or kmght,^ cried the voice, " you 
find that there are too many of us ev^n for 
the Chevaher de Montfaucon to encounter, 
And your honour and courage may for this 
time go to sleep !^ — Thereupon, in over* 
powering rage, the knight struck with his 
heavy sword at the phantom who had thus 
addressed him. — ** Madmaii — madman ! what 
wouldst thou do?— -Alas, for my beautiful 
jars and pots !^ cried a shrill voice beside 
him, and immediately all the Theobaldos hod 
vanished away. The chevalier found himself 
oppodte to an old woman, having brokent 
with one blow of his sword, her whole stand 
of crockery ware. Indignant more than ever 
at the insolent mockeries of the merchant, he 
threw at her some gold coins, whereat the 


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old woDMUi^s hunentations were chaagid ialD 
gratitude and joy; then proceeded on Us 
way to the bouse which bad been pro^rided 
far the two dannek. 

1 ' 

, , / ' 

, 1 

. ; 

» r 



1 ' 1 

' i 


' 1 


I ' ^:m 


1 ' « ■ ^ 


•. -'* 



. . 

« , 



k, 1" n . . 

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How the two damsdt set out on tlieir land voyage. 

At the door of their house he was met by 
tbe Count Allessandro de Vineiguerra, who 
g;reeted him respectfully, though with dis- 
content, as usual, in his countenance, saying, 
that he had just then taken leave of the two 
ladies, and was about to depart. Sir Folko 
looked at him for a time in silence, then 
offered him his hand, and smd kindly, *^ My 
lord count, we part however in peace and 
friendship?^ *^ Doubtless,^ answered Vinci> 
guerra, taking, with cold politeness, the 
hand dios biFered ; ^* I ch^sh all due respect 
far your hugfatly prowess and courtesy, an 
aaaurance, however, which may be needless ; 

for had it not been so, ndther I,^nor any one 
7 . 

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(simj ra^ wcmld h««e beenf wantii^ in ( 
ng^ Jto^ mj' at once^ whether hb htA m/ 
ttmm £ot diqikoBure.'' <« Withoot dcitet" 
ansvvved Sk Folko; << and it b to be 1adf^ 
siood als^s that no cme of your hooa^ w cf 
any other, can or dare to think odierrae 
than yptt now do»o£ DeMimtfrnaaa. Bmkl 
had hoped that our parting ihhxM have been 
iHi lenoB more firiendly.^ <^ fiwgMre. mi^* 
anawar^ the Italian^ witii a smile almoal d 
aeom 09 his features; ^^ dbubtl^pa S dmdd 
be honoured by audi frieQdalup;,b^t» Waay 
the tnith» it setnis to me ap if you . bore a cer- 
tain reecmblanee to the yeung GamaQ kni^a, 
vdiOy at your banquet-taUa, mis pleand one 
day to preaidi me a mdral diaooune-cB ray 
stt«y<rfIXinateUo,and the wife efciMITlhnrtri. . 
MtUndca you are both somewhat 4>ven^iMB 
to pmaehing and eoniecttiq;^ of arfaiA jiaa 
failed not to a£fard BBntepfck^ whan 1M w«R 
together on board aUfx In order tiMt awh 
kssQlis n^ght not be renewed at this tima, I 
have thoni^t fit t6 take-leam aftmr my own 

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Mfld JIM lidnt&ilooii^ ^ •wlielftbaK ^^ ^Sril 
iMkirk tbat DoaiiBb^j fill it udbes^ttelrMld 

^•^en for tUs teiy reabdiw*-^'' sidd 'Vinoi. 

kac^irt, my lord cotmt, I ftn tiuty Mn^/'tMtd 
Di»-Moiitfiuiooti, ma ume of.iudti u a iimt 
^qriapttdky oad Mndncsa^ Ikat *tlw> Ita)Mvi4»- 
steadol betBg JiMe to keep tip hk^igmtymd 
ladiiiNtiiee, ae he intended, waa^nttbly ooil- 
AMed. He Uiuhtd d^yr^nid mijk^' boi^ 
tUy away 'towards the hafbdiir. .1. 

Wift d^ ladiea Sir Folko noW'i^uiMLJilon 
Hernandea, wbo abo^ aAct Im gfave aad 
aoltaui manner^ took ka^e; bairinig ftpond 
a« larger ebip at Genoa^ fi>v ii4ncb lie iblri 
rydna^g u d his onm gaUey^aad ji»w4iuy|igbt 
of lariUng to fiaroebaa^ in.farder thai be 
te^htAgamjointiiejraalis.jol Ids bram aqpn. 
ti^iiieii ia thebr wnat agaanat the Moon. 
^ TbiatheD is Ae day of ftarewell and sepaia- 

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tionP'' ttid De Maiit£uioaii» agUng Uf 
moomftilly md half inaogei. ^Offfpft* 
AMtnriy,'*^saaiDtonHfrfMmih% ^bxtaft) 
«s i hope, for ewr*. FuD ncU do I bof, 
that if in Ctstifeiitt sbould ever need fcnip 
tfid^ no where cetild we look Sat it widi mi 
ooi^dence a* fixm die brnve and povofal 
Sir Fcdko, over whose deeds the Moani 
lupides are yet lamenting ;— 4iiit if we AfH 
never meet again, at least we must often bat 
tidings of each other« Both are cal]ediii£(> 
fterent directions, each by his own duties, ui 
the star that rules his destiny ; but the golfa 
bands of love and honour, by which aB koi^- 
hood is intwined, cannot be broken, tod, efs 
though absent, we are not disunited.^ 

The heroes embraced and parted. Theie- 
after Sir Folko was not displeased u> hu0 
that the damsels were willing to leave Gc«*» 
(where the prospect, amid the commcaciflg 
storms <^ autumn, was gloomy both by bfii 
and sea,) and to proceed to the beautiU 
town of Milan. Not merely obqriig ^ 

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tam^uamjoBm. tii 

wakes m « comteoiii kti^ oi^[^ to do, 
but jNJaidnir in his fctart to kava a* place, 
which^ by TheobakkA attAnge condvct and 
thrpArfing with Hemandea and* Vkipiguerray 
had faffed landored ditagresaUt, he made pre* 
pMcatiaaft far the joinmey, and ere kalg be bad 
McBtt oat beraefaaak .«dtb im tmo baatitiliil 
ctanpaihtf>n% pasfiing through die Boodietta 
iBia die JwjiiMi i tt^ ylwwqf'3M0Pibardyi> 

Hb ,' - ' . ...' . . : 

•"i If >,(;>. . ' ■ • * ■ ■ 

")!.! t ,. . 

".,ri ! 

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: - ^f '> -'. " 

t- . 


-,'. ..' ;.. '. , - 

;f - 


' - . 



Hew Sir Fdk« tpoke with a gtnngB tnati in a ciraicli*^aB& 

This year the sndw had begun earlier tfan 
usual to cover the mountiuns, and made the 
road through them, )f not unpassable, at least 
dangerous; so that Blandiefleur and Ga- 
brielle found themselves obliged to spend the 
winter in Milan, a necesuty, however, to 
which they might indeed submit without a 
murmur ; for in that happy country the hte 
of nature is always clothed in smiles; and, 
beudes, there was in a town so rich and pros- 
paxius no want of entertainments worthy Co 
be noticed even by such high-bom damsdis. 

It came to pass, however, that GabrieBe and 
Sir Folko had thdr days cf pleasure and joDitj 
interchanged by others of melancholy and ^ 

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ttaE liAOIC BiKa. lit 

prehension. For tbou^ in that arentftd 
night at the emir^s castk Gabrielle had beeti 
surprised into a confesoon of her kyve, yet^ 
during her tea-voyagie afterwards, her beauti^ 
All Cps liad be^i sealed up, partly from 
Aame at haviiq; spoken so rashly, partly be^ 
cause she feared the mockery of Theobaklo 
and the Count Vindguerra, who were then 
always present Tha*eby Sir Fdko and 
Galnielle had became in outward demeanour 
as if estranged from, eadi other; in their 
hearts, however, they bad all tiie while grown 
more and ra<Mre indissc^ubly united; so that 
the knight Would have felt himsdf truly 
hi^y, had it not been, that one terrible 
thought stiO lay upon his mind ; he had be- 
tnyed the ooi^dence of his noble frigid, Sir 
Otto von Trautwangen. Therefore, in the 
dieralier^s heart, scarce even the buds of m* 
ward joy could sprout forth, for less spread 
into full luxuriance ; and oftentimes, as dtiey 
aat togeth^ in Milan, his eyes would wander 
from the beautiful countenance of Gafaridle 

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)14 THE M^IC BfiiU 

ta themartde moniuneDts oi a na^bkoM 
cbufcfayanL These be fek bett^ aiKl««^ 
traiiqiiU ininincl; fof he found that deatki^ 
coBcikd all diffS^roooes, and that eveo iki- 
jji»re4 Sift Olto oould n(A be angry with te 
whea all that remained was but a sU^ 
tw mouldering in the earthy and above it 
a marUe monument^ with the insofQi^ 


Thus, when he was oae dajr vsndefiif 
amid the turf mounds of the diurchju^^ 
found sitting on one of tbepi, whidi wast*'' 
gTQwn with weeds and rank gns^ tkvm^ 
the extremity of old age, whose foj ^ 
hvaw^ w^^ siK>w-white, his «yes hi sunk v 
dim, and with a long hoary beard that ici^ 
ed down to bis middle. Beades, the iffffp 
s^med thoughtful and stem of moodf f^^ 
he might even have inspired fear and ^ 
cion, had it not been for the deep sbsckia 
melancholy and misfortune that also Iqr ' 
his features. 

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^^ i^cAd stood gattfig tedpeotfittljr at the 
old nutn, nrhen flie latter auddenly d#ew fton 
hi^ bosom ^Otne^riMit that dime and sparided, 
thougb the knight could not distinguidt pnv 
petly what ii *vra8 ; and, thereupon, ratnng 
his arm, begairio describe strange figures in 
the dusky evenhig air. Aff he eohtinued thus 
as It i^&te to ihite upon the' fields of empty 
ipbiJe,' SffPlilbo reflected,' Andderiig^ frtie- 
ther die^old'iilatl hod nos'jast then b e oDm e 
the'Yictim of 'madness, when, behold ! there 
entered at the north gate of the ehurchyard, 
a* tail figure, magnificently attired as a war- 
Bke knight. It seemed to the eheralier that 
tlfia fi^n^ had been already kilown lo htm, 
and hewas abont to draw neatrer; but the 
strange knight had a severe and'wobegone 
ednntaiance ;' moreover, he seemed afanoM « 
ctA' as the other who sat upon the gtiive^ bew 
fiwe whom he walked up and down two or 
ifnree' ^di,' and then tanisbM briiind some 
taH momiaiaits' thiiS stood hard by. ^'IHs 
well,^ said die okl man, for the 'Arsi time 

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118 THS K&0IC sac. 

iMwdtitig syeoee; ^ now tfacmfaaBi AevB*^ 
■elf in thy pnqpcar rinqpe, and I liiiUBiAfBt 
to know thee q^u.^'^Tbcai, tmniiy tamA 
ikt grave, he adUed, ^ Bvt tt ftr ter 
ikMfpthoain peace v^-^dieaMrifiredaiii^ 
to thy juit feroige diaU not be vaMtm^fVA 
if I ibould pledge mine cywn eooTtvciifli 
^ ventam.^ HeveupoB: it seemed dMt« 
if a low KMind of wvjiug and lawiMi 
iria heard fhm the gnmu ^Thea^*ini^ 
gt«3^haiMd mao^ « full wdl, deareetmota 
tdoIhMrwhattbouwouUfathave l%m^ 
indeed too khicUieBrted^ and tboo aiig^ 
far the puniahmetit that acw^ka him ^ h A^ 
just vengeance nwnt be wfeaked. Mii^ 
wh^efbre elee ehould I be in poeMoisaW 

Watohing all tbeee oocnRcnces, tbeJbftI 
of Motit&uoon fek an imeiatiUe ohihM*' 
horror steal upon his heart; boC, aiitiA* 
happeus'to noUe miiuk, iBsfeead efWil 
thereby repubed^ be was the mmne ittbmmtd 
to inquire iitto this mystcfj. TbenAie ke 

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weal ap •leniy to the dd man and Baid, 
«< WImI scdL'flt thou in this Ixdy ground, Aou 
wieked eocfaantar, and whevefiMre wodd^ 
thM disturb the peace of the grave?'' ^ SIke 
^nho deeps here,^ aaid the old man, Ufiing 
tap ha nidaaeholy eyes, ^ has hem laid too 
iooQ iatolier dark and narrow bed. Thoae 
irho are thus forced^ ere they were weary 
ef hkj into the house of rest, jekbm find 
deep therein; therefore it is not ny pre- 
siaoe that can disturb her. But I pray 
yeu leave me in peace, and let ole deal with 
the dead aooording as I deem it fitting; 
ior, to say the truth, ycMur visit hare is 
aaweksome.'** De Montiauoon stood irre- 
lolute, not knowing whether he should obey 
that strange warning, or whether it were 
aot has duty to qppose hsre some vile 
schsBMs of enchantment, such as those by 
whidi be had been TbeobaUo. 
«« Was then the sleeper in this grave so well 
kaowQ to you?^ said he to the old man. 
** How should I not know herT answered 

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lis H£TlU6i0aBa». 

ti» HffMgpRr^^Bht "WIS t0 nea Und-aoitf' 
fectioaateii^llllec'' ^ Avbfiw keir jidDb^n 
would nowvMvefldc Tengsaaoe^^ oM^fuairtii 
Sir^ Folicoi {^^ oPfMohflDerlhiidtBoiMh*^ 
stood your woid»; finr mboeffet.haB i 
•cts^f iB|U9lioe affuast tho^iMMat qf ^ 
o)d as J0II aie, mn9^iQng:mam.h»titm 
numbered ^th the dead ;:«od9tiLwiBak^^ 
gMmoeoo ahikkreQ Iv' tfaeifima tsBtibtmbm 
whom tbey.dMted tfanr Imik tamait'rf 
stern justice, whidi it bdongs only to the At 
migfaty to fulfil, whose decrees aie to mm^ 
kind unsearchable.^ <* That cnme, hofvevs. 
is not so long past as you suppose,* annrtic' 
the stranger ; <^ for the guilty man ytt Im 
and will indeed OMiUnue to lire until wsj 
arm has reached him. To me that meeliaf 
cannot be less unwelcome than to im, te 
many acme creates for himself his own pov^ 
ment ; and did not the noUe Booutt of ^ 
{mt to dei^ even his own &ther in tbecspiiBl^ 
For thee, m knight, thy presence hef» ^o^ 
day is both useless and trouUesooK^ *'' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


THS MiOIC BI19a. 119 

thouhi'st lliDu nol thmk fit to nftke ftom my 
pmenoe, I then flfaaH letreat firam thiro 

Thereupoo^ wkh unexpeoted nqpidity, ht 
rote and ttaxtie imaj to the gale of the chureb- 
jwdy and it suddenly occurred to Sir Fdko, 
' Aat this amit be Tfaeobaldo in one of his 
guycaltrangfefinations; nay, bethought thit 
vlien the stnn^per waved hb hand as he 
<ooni6dly retreated, there shone on Ins finget 
^ vonder-working ring of Gabrielle. 

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)#C*«i Qobia lad^» wtio ms.-id* 
btik. • Tbfi rfiadw of »i^ h^ 

j>oag..inrVirf abonft in hrnTWi< IwMj f 
.^wl moil idira oiM»tt ^cfoai J^«Mbt^vk 

S^^^^F ^^^^^^^ ^T'^^m^^^ ^v^v^T^B^^ , 



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kit Lm wmM mm aaMMy 

«ia« «tt iIm mmmt. ObIj one of the honee, 

OTMW4lpttHbllMlf6' eHOdV dbMtij||Ulh#a^'lMl, 

MiHi'itMHl - we pei^ lAuMui^it) ItcM''MI wie 
MM, Wi iMe to mufy Mb rfto^ a J Myf Up 
Mi Ml 4mm Ml, tihmigH tlM» tfoiq|;lMflt 
gtuMwl; ead by chat mcsiiB k eatte to^fMhe, 
MhH * iMd^ wae t&oAA HHk> « vriH^yy frblefe- 
fl»>il^e ibe betCiB Miek, i«%Mi '«llM>f- iMd 
It €Bleoir6f« 'H^vey 'Coitty 1llii'*Mifte 
I Uidork^itf^ #te)i%Se figkiLbeMm 
iletdj.e uuimmd - to'lead* the mfi^^ «ifll»ihe 
WfitaM fwder * dottMees^ IflibM • idrMdy 
rtKrifaJuwithr Otio"yoti^rn mn » wigutt , '^Ao, 
with the Xtfriy 'HlldtiMny SIf BcinrdMgMii^ 

aMnevMi jOTMM^ iMNiivivvra- vfisi iwe ■ipm, 

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ImI(«, fortli ihm a wiodcnr. of tb«. 

w(UMr» of, theiVnUey^ fn^teoed' the i 

Six Ottaalone, tnming to liia.ftMfhfiikfhi^pi^ 
tboi^^Botof, hii own aafaf^y Imt^-cwMfiiiljr 
held by the reimii the {yd£cey th«t favfilbt 
L^dy Hildkidm*. 

<< Welopme, thrice wd«pme» aoMft#irit^^ 
80^ a 8 wartby %ui^ <tf A chMmd^hnaBUBiv «te 
had. Daw come to the door, *< Yoa vUl.d» 
vi^ fo( want of bettee lodgings, to- 
with me for this aigbt ; foe the i 
ever more ^»ep and aieire slippery as ycai^^ 
vatiee,; be^iides, there- aie ghoeta and -ifMii 
ab^Q^t .«44# I.iwrpemiw^yoit-iuuie.a 
naWe lAdy uadei: your piote^lio^J? -,.. ..: 

WiUUigly did the .party aeiaipt .the kmi 
Q^roCtbisiam* SirOltoJlmightoajrififted 

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Hildbiduv frdMn fa6Cipldfir#jr9 Md iMUvled bcr 
iatD the eoltage» nrfiik llie rMt pnmiied «• 
lirdttas thejFoould'fof'tbeir wearied hM8M»; 
for even, the Snigbt ^f Trftntwangea^s Uj^ 
Impii'iiow'Rifiered binitelf lo bt ttUtnded'bgr 
iha MB moaaicb^ iMWiPg beocmie wall aoqi]i^ii« 
ed wkhiJiiift oA tittic long jimniey, so Ai^ 
evttLwicb> 8i0 AarmlnoartiTt dun cYuopget be now 
IWed ivpesM and flAmiMf. 

Wbeft'tbe trareUerB bad now assemMed all 
togetbe»in4hecharooal.bfiniei^8 but^tbe graoe* 
fill kni^ts, witb their magnificent eoatfref^ 
mail, ogatmBled indeed strangdy with its naiw 
row and lowH?«<^ed cbamber. Tbeir weig^y 
belraets threatened to break down a taUe in 
one comer cm which they had beett deposited, 
whik the ti^ phimei reached almost to the 
oeiEag. Oppesilie to these was phned, hfce a 
tMOfky^ in another comer, a collecdcm of greM 
balllMPwoids, thai gHttered woiMkoiuly wMi 
their golden Inlts and brass-boand seabbasds 
in iJie elear ire»light« Near this collection of 
weapMB^ and beside the charooalattan^s mo^ 

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^ttAw befew «x^ atid pate^ ♦irt^f'** 

had^tofe of gocid #tee, ^f»l!*e^i9*l»* 
kiBad the kwfelitfi, and, d«i AA^ii^ft* 
d^aok^freely EBd^ merrily -akng] ^ **^ 
«-MetMflfcs,'^flttd «r HfeenteftoW**** 

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]tmhm0!iA |M4time;.lk>iQkii>rml<lrWPQdsiili9 

iihUO' fittfag bo«ii. to .ipeak <^ 9^t Angft^^ 
f^Wketeblae x^t^iTMd&t Hfcefd^gtfti " W- 

lAiatliidiMt«'^«»d«iHm i|^e$k«. 

^dieQ^ «QO^ Ihe; dd piQe^UMi are biaatwg witb 
1^ faimch^ ^QH tbe ^otiAge> iike jpwto wiUi 
<lim pfind^iws arms^ m4 ^ if they would 
(pfeattlMfjpU^ the vqqS aod star^ m upon us 
Hiilh, l^aady faoefl. Metbinks there could 
umft be found a better time lor suoh legBuds 
tim Ifc^'prateiit'' *< Ay, ay,'' aii«wev^ 
)l|^iobi«q9atiMiit <<. if oae spoke oofy in jest, 
er.lold fltories of yrhail has happened a tbou- 
sfWd jniilieB beno^ I should be as weU po«(ent 
witift thia boue aa with any otb^r^ 3ut qow 
tbp cpe pa. iadf^ very diffeo^it; the gb^Ms 
mdrdeMoimiQl(5i^bom w^ 9boul4 speak arp hr 
loo/Mar;;a>rb«(b «Ki if) w^ should ffoyoke 

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tbdttiy nw attttclr ftAd loittint tts* ^iftsi to 
'dtetb.^ tf What ftayatt tiftNi, «tm,'' «iUl ife 
dd wMmn; ^ urethexeany ItetfM flighn? 
Hiflt Ifaou Iieflrd any growling iHiiAoiatf CA 
dreo, dtikbeD, there comes ^tgma a€oid did- 
dering, diat creeps orer n^ heatt f—- ^^Haft 
you, fiirs,^ add tfaeduacoal-mmi; tsAcringlHi 
laother a cup of mae ; ^' even in her oM age 
andbUiKhiess Ae fteh die same tenoref viaeh 
I faaveqioben. In her deafoess, loo, die km 
not a word Aat has been uttered, aor ewa 
the rolKng of the loudest thunder; fauttf^ 
ghosts that haunt us are rustling dira^;h ^ 
wood, or even if I b^;an to spedc of each be> 
ings, then immediately die marks that dl ii 
not as it should be, and bcg^ to tremUs* 
^eryfiflib.* ^^ On this acoount there t 
be Itio fflBcnlty,^ answwed Sir 
^IM the (M woman retire to rest, and Aei 
you may procekl quietly wilh ^tbe 
^ch you have to' tell. It it not i 
Ae ^e of 'pasthne tibat wewwlil iisftai ts 
Mdi nlu^tiMlveisI i but as'bravi^' kifighla^ ft ii 

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jpai^fincmt die dbtreg^ ^bat tW {^loetfi 9q(t 

(fffiras pufiparted bj the two otJter.kpi%fein; 
M^ die (^acGoat-iium accor^gljrdi^^ at) ,9pr 
Qqqifdqgeii faad directed; $sad idter. bi^xqp- 
dyer4iad netiml to deep^ berated wh^t here 

^ On tfce Maamit of a ttiount«ai m 4))ar 
ibtit ilaiids aa old pagan dtar, a placei pi 
aacrifioe^ marided by many great Uocks, of 
graniia stoiie* Our woodrcntte^ woald ^ 
dbai or im9et jgo duther^ on aecoont of the 
fiig^tfid atoriet tfa^ bad heard of die bQnun 
tWfais ^dial were tbere saciifioed* ^oi; jp;Qr 
piit^ii(»re&er» I have alw^i tbop^ o^ 
fiim^mapm^ teign of paganism is, »o^ fior 
Aiarq^ wid g^ne^ c^ wkat oQQ|0|a^i;v^. is 
llif9t:.f»cfe of old ve8dier4)^ai^D latpfiea; 
tfMWefore I Imvt climbed up h((Afx hj ^y^fif^ 
by ttig^ U) dK^Tfry top oCtbi^^iU^ W^,!w^ 
diar9GUl da«ni die cboic^oakf in^di.l^e^ 
trWyfiMrnoonecsme toebaceuEiiDyJ^!^- 

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«^W^'Wth durcoal tm tbe iUit'; ^ 
^^rtiMHred not to tliuk df th^e iouuit^ 
^ilildi^e^nxioticem oriailie,'toa HtS^ 
V^itae'lioaie ebntent and htppy. SllDkii6'4e(i( 
1^ bowever, it 80 hsppeaeA, ^i i'^lfi^ 
tjJfaAbed 1^ the%teep mootataik, and, itf^ ike 
itran^ 'fight reflected fimn tfte aadtir, '■§£. 
Hkniglbltibeteirae tall ir\ai» figUKJI bl^i^ 
HaA ^roatta, diat looked 6at upon me %«iD^tfi 
toeky difi. K^wever, I soon gtttied eo^ 
Yftge, lUid l6ok^ steadily oo evay olgedltfift 
tMe in'mly iray, dll at length I wai i3dk 
etett to laugh at m jr own AppnAkaiAdib. 
!fow^, when I anived at the hill t«^ fe! 
(hei^ liras stationed on Ae hearth of die |M^ 
idtttr,^ ttA figure, whidi I believM tbtt^ft 
greM Wreiatb 'of' snow. I only thovigttt lb 
nij^Mf what Mlmge pitobi has the iMA 
wtM played here widi the snow-drift ;i aMl 

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^jfi^® tihifft pafe-tree, for it 8^wl3,ift^W^tl|B 
aa^ OTple erf JPifeia^ .The «reat, .gflC^W 
i^jgam QCHDe ^uoud your woods ;. b^wa^pex)! 
f^r^ iMlifloiir So» whi^n I looked ^ifp^ 
^^ figure that Xhiul t^jcen.for fiaoow^^i^i^eiftl^ 
n^ up aol^wmly, from the a)tar^ 9tx«]tcbipg 
Q9[(,a^,threatemDg ami toi¥ard« me ;.<u)d I.WF 
t^t it was a ghostly woman, in a lo^g^yff^ 
▼eiL Without well knowuig what J, i^,.^ 
ysftik pff my cap, hud down my hat(c;)^ fifi4 
^flfed respectfully. . . Me^whije jt feffp^jftf 
^gM tf thq .sides of the jslt^ Vmi?^ ^^ feWr 
iff dpors asunder;, and jQcu^iap ^^grs^,^ 
i)f9th tb^ came fp?:tfi .m Mv^J^^^h^^ 
«tM, with th^r.i^coijj coats ;;r|i|(j$li%^g)|^ 
^filJOWg jjn, tb^ fnow,%jM;, i^^ jif^^li ^i^ 
^«P9W .4psed^ ^„if ,p^;«p^u^ 4f?lwOf0)^ 
Xhey jpjev^ ]kif»4e4,ifitJ^g|re^.jrto|ftf^B^^ 

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alHiPtfai^'iCood ilkHdy, Kke tm 4«i^ 
tte^ttuliig M tbdr uU iMlktts. ^iHM 
iMBtMl,^ Aid dkeat'lMigtli^ ^jtfeTHaAii 
iMcijr'ft*tli^ cbaier Tbo kblgklst iNitii 
tMr idiglMMsMd bedby tadMlM'^ 
tbw iron-gloved hands himiw%' Atftjlilll^ 
andtUMirs. < Unto m swede ^dlMJ is* 
pBiicaat/ odd she, i^n ttPouMDg ^^ 
i^m towcrds ta^ * and be ihaU ttwif 
■MMle wkneM how I, tile gte^^Vf^^ 
am n^ain Ktumad faito Am wmU^'li' 
power* o^igr all tUa IcMs^ nay dWP'-lH'* 
ghosts and dtiQwna that Inric tiiot^ fiM 
when hfe goes frdBif htense, he w9l ithft^ ^ 
b^hasiideB among &tt neighbotmi iad Atf^ 
rfter th^ 1^ n^ M tt> pay <*ji«'1Ml' 
i^vhtaih^ittjny altars' ¥k»e&p^d* 

a ifetfslIlM ^g«Mp» ^ ^tM'^i»ief2eMB»^ 
m Mh^o^e vAckM tfttongh iMiy ** 
fitareed- nie^dii#afdil tciwtfdH' An itei^'^ 

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I m^Mofild, iMh^ M'theftnmh ^JMiegAllR 
Of ill <|he skies liboi^^i . IW'ii irf^ 
Idfi^^fmn^odi^ fiod stood stiU; bftfr t^aoMM 
UM^eferpM^eted ofe^ and I iiaU tifendribcBMn 
tbbigroittid> Ihe kai^^iitid llieJiidj'.siUiK^i 
TiW Wi ip g laotioiUmew i' t *« 

.^ Tbesi Aeie canie flicvoBetbeaiwii^^ 
if^sountog'OUt^ the oloudt in.lieav«n^,dH» 
i^MlKivrible aind douLdistr^cliiig tbe 
Ml^Atey^in InU movf h. Aeeaptomed to b|d« 
mg^srif irken this uproar was in the air^ I now. 
M|f da^rn irith ttiy Iboe shroud^ smimg (be 
loB|^gri|ss^ but oae of iha knigbtB seitad loe 
9i§m with hk ^gantie haad. ' Loqfc up^' 
criad bfyr < tboift aSijak audi inust behoU what 
tmr pasicn k the au^ and for thia tima thoa 
an Irtee 'fircni dUk danger r ^y ternx of 4ifi 
btigkt wli» thus hald me iraa gveader thM 
tiatof. the ghosts in tbe sky, ai»d I did i^ be 
had ordered. Thao» k> ! I.beheld» as if ym 
thtaid^-clouda^ firfaigad ^tb red light, and 

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fadmmtAhitn ti ilMM^MyM^I1lnult^r>hi>ilMD^fl 

^HfTSBPvI^ """." * |IHf'' fill II*" JMJB. ■ ■» »fTlX"B^W^^^»^ 

lffl9B> m,»^(oiM4tf >i£,9(r<«iiMP M»d?mMftiav 
iU0ik^ A)^. , J vdl.^eii thatrtluftiiMthi 

t^l)^,flro|il4 dcKeqd ia >fwv witUin,^ 

9|iqifl^enMnt, fl«|n«ii M» li^tnintiiilNp^ 
^ vVV* tbe icAights vkd with .4Mk allMr 

and, nluiuBed. and tfae.iidcn iittfufid hiifant 

J&Ponn,,t^ c^d9^ if wunded* .while ihr 
IBf^ D:;^ us.iraa wt,wi|Ji ^nmnAI^P^i 

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(M^jNb^ <<^/ 1 foufiaMtea^4ia»^ stSilte 

<docfc6i»J*tlMa «^ toibeb tfaeM^ ligaiir. ' fiSkfe 

lni%HiAM^c aU ote xnoiintaiti^j bttt^ beeh 
lh»ito«ietiMltleM*th2iQ ^er. The tieiv^godl 

liertMo^tiigbts tbMigh the fafe^ loid^ttl 
^aiiMisi to torn aw^y ^e hearts of gbbd 
profit tmtk the Chfistian fkith^ atid fbrce 
tiMtti M^ ^lo her hemage; so that e^tty Me 
Afmbke even «it heE^nag her nave. Sdiiie- 
Wmes^ eMier she hers^, or Mt 6f her cottt- 
-ffttHOttB) appears flciddeidy in the RMpi <if !a 
fNk>i*'<Mtf^er, aad when lie perchance ^xpedts 
4ittly ' to m^et some WeMinoWn fifend; is 
M^lsn^lfied by their Udecms grimaces, ^ttt 
•Jkoii tiiat *iy oawiards he is raving ttmL 
iUimfiM chooge for the better iihould tiot tOse 
fdtoet k>fte mym beKeve, thkt in mimy parts 
i»^oiir nlM i^rest^die tme Mth will gfvb 

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m rwrnMAonmaiKT 

^mf to thttvtarmr Ifai^ b impbidir^ltai 

oried the ikree^ kfligfata^tas if wiib me voiet) 
^'iht Mther ^fottld vcf Tentare onrfiiet 
imdrfortiHleBtetlie <tonteg^ eren %«jd»iHl 
rtnumt^ and efvn i^dgn thfti ain^^riAMt 
shrinkio^— '' 

Wlhtte they spoke thus edme[Stl{]^.Aej«et» 
iiHemi|)Ced bjf aloud eonfkised kiiooldp^« 
if hfBuoqr hands all at eattyoa ihaeattip 
wiiidowB. Actfceeafeoetime^tlMQldUiadv^ 
man in (he wsstii kxxMH b^gan to ecrcam ahai 
and the dbaieoakaan: weal to aoo<ii her; tal 
in his abienod the kaootidg heeama naoa^fa' 
hemenl, and without, aand the deaokteai^ 
air, theve^waa heard a* fearful i 
^bbenng of ^oieids; like tfie eoaada i 
in dreamt on a riek adumV ears aiHeii lie Jias 
oppressed hj^ feverv Sw Heerdegei^ haaflsii^v 
was by bo means disocHldigrted ; he rbs^ wasi 
to tfe door, and called out ia asttamtiraate* 
ing Tcnbe^ ^ Who's theitt?'' Then after a 
^Qit ipaee^ «etui*ed to^e paitf wilhiD» ani 

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rsmiumemxfr iisi 

mii *^ •! hflM MM ttb 0110 ; 'but yoif iunds itft 

abotniiiible «wam of bats in thb foiwt^ ^ Iir 

trmfa, it ieenied to his frkilds, A» 'if bne 

of time' BigfatJbirds bad totaagted teBellln 

tbe dark curling looks^ SirHcerdegieir; fbr 

a linttg ereatiure wkh a hide^QS irigt^ gtinned 

on them from over his forehead. -SipOnw 

aad tiie^ Mt-monaorch iumiediately a(3tfrMd tp, 

in Older to sate Uiis Tile intruder; but on 

tMat €ipptomihy it Htm afiray, breaking* a'paike 

of ^as8 in die window^ and disappeared^ with 

a bouse- Bdream, amid the daricness oft the 

lught Some thought it nmst have beetl ttt 

. o«4 ; bot as for 0ir Heerdegen^ he knefurno- 

Mag of the stmiq^ gii^t that had sat on bis 

head, and looked round him cheerloi and 

uaeoncaraed ; wiAe Hildiridtir sighed deefdy, 

and seemed lost in mekaehcJy appiieheinions. 

¥bef oharooakman Mow came kaek into^ht! 

roow, aad said,-*-*<* The ghosts have again 

broken ottt vebementfy in the foNtt,-**^ tUs 

ycm iiave yourselves been witfliessesr; and ^en 

the fKiordd woman, in thedmrb nigfatof her 

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1^8 w^ pi tb« jqMl^ts fijipi thp.altarcC 
?W?ft vrr-T^he ^Q«-in0iiardi. and. Sir Qeerde- 
gm^y<^ sp .-copfauiHkd by wbat^ thsf hai 
i^ir b€|fl^ ^ sew» that thc^ were aloM^ 
a^nJi^to,lo^ at their own friend aad tned 
oQ^cnqfl^ for. ijea^ that he had. ▼aniahed* aod 
smu^ gbo^t 8tq>ped bto his place. Hikfiri- 
.djir, however, looked steadftuitly and welt 
pfe^s^.oq her ^byed son; and the kniglit 
afef^ped up kindly towards the charroal mai, 
VffVfgpT-^^ Qo^ ^ ^® terrcNn by wfaidi yoa 
ai^^hfre assailed may have con f uaed yaar 
a^^ts^. I know not ; but that I am a tme 
u^J[iHt)^ful Christian knight cm emly be 
I^^. ^MiffkflioMi.if I 4(nab^.t)^ sifftcf 

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ooalli^'; ^ imA 'niiw' t V^JM^ 'lit 'my' bwJi" 
My, ik Baving for a' fiioifieiit fflfi^kkiiJ^ aT 
han^me young Idiight/sdcli kid yDii ar^^'fb^^ 
a iri^Sut and mattcioiis spectre; b\it ^tieh 
I thought of the old woman's words, and'' 
heard these ^e noises at the wiik[ows,"tfay^ 
fight too l>ecam€f coiiflised and wandimdg. 
Itb^' I have awoke ir<m iny dream, aind 
i^cin^ gladly hope that ybu and your bittfe' 
dMfM&otiA hav^ Wn' sent hither f<^ our 
Tpiikisi^ba and deliverance fipom these perse-" 
cati(]^'^— <^ If it please God, you shall not 
hive been deceWed,^ said SSrOtto; ^'Iput' 
nfjr trust in Heaven ; 1 am well able to wii^ 


arms, and fed the impulse of a new andiiigh'^ 
Ming in my heart ; therefore I shall go fhrth,' 
even now, while these evil spirits are alf 
awldc^ ; and meanwhile you, my faithful 6ddi- 
rkd^ wrin take the Lady HilcBridur tihd^' 
yotir protection.^— ** You think then, 'ttdd 
n^ WotUd'suffi^ you to ride out alone on sufii^* 
a campalgti?^ said Sir Heerdegen and the 
sea-monarcb, both speaking at die same mo- 

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13* TK1& MA<»9 V»S. 

vaentt and gurdngf on l^^ svords^ alril dm^ 
ing thmr viaorsi— *' Wbo Ui#n shall mub 
with niy motlier?* aaid BirOtto^^" Nay/ 
ttkl Heerdpgciq, <<it were be^ of dl tte 
you aCaid widi her alone.^**-'' Sweiter kV 
added Sir Ariolnon), << and the other a^piiici} 
when they make their appearanee^ will fiollar 
mM support us.^— «^ Comrades T said Sr 
Ofto^ his eyes gleaming with anger, '^ wktat 
y^ra have now proposed avidls me not ; sal 
tins jrou mighft hare well known ere jo^ 
spoke as yon haye now dcKie* For the ad- 
^leatnre I nysetf have been chosos, and to 
aoBj as long as I lire, shall fblfil the dotiesnf 
S&rOttoYonlVaatwangen. AitoSwerMi 
coming in such a night as this jkrores^ itii 
nmre than uncertain ; ami on that chao^P * 
son will not depend for the protection af a te- 
kyved parent One of you twain nnist at aD 
events remain with, hen**— Hereupon ^ 
knights looked at each oth» in aUenoe, eacb 
of them wifibiEng that his fiiend would sfok 
first, and declare his consent to remain wA 

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dia laify, till at lengtii HiKfiritku* ^)dbet^ 
^ 60 hence, joui^ heroes,''* said she/ ^^ all 
three, and in God^s name. THffy I am no 
longer a prophetess bor Druda ; for the hand 
of mj brave son has deprived me of these fa- 
tal gifts; yet the powers over whom Tf so 
long mildly ruled, come to me yet, as near as 
the boundaries that separate our world from 
thors will allow, and, by dim apprehensions 
in my own soul, I am aware that this adven- 
ture will be stern and fearful,— -perchance 
that you may not all return hither ; but, ne- 
vertheless, all three must be present at that 
encounter. Therefore go, and may the 
blessing of Heaven be with you. Look not 
so anxiously, as if you were yet afraid for my 
safety, dearest Otto ; for, mark you, I have 
even here found a protector, who never de- 
aerted those who placed in him their hopes 
and trust.''— With these words she lifted 
her arm towards a cross which' was fbrmed 
witk eharcod on the wall above the fire- 
place, rudely indeed, but powei^lly drawn ; 

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and tutving made the same holy ngn in tie 
air above their heads, she pcnnted towtrfs 
the door. The warriors had no power to »• 
nat her solettm commands, but went stnjglit- 
way forth axiM 4h€tlfji:6omf <^ Aai speccnl 

• f „ 

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TBHrlUOiOflUlfei Ml 

■'til,: ' I > . . ; '- ^l.t .' ' m'' -*V(i'K 'o 

J' ' . "., J t, 1 t I* >•l'^.'^ n // '» ' t T "' 

M' ..: 'I' T'! i '< tS 1 . ^iJ*i " •'• ■' . t- > «'♦ 1 '^ 

>r.-,, . ••.-;CHAP.XER...XIIL- ■'■■.• '■ ' 

How the Knighto wtat dawn to t^ sabteniiieoiis cattle of 

Tab three kDights had determined to leave 
their horses at the charcoal-man's hut, be- 
cause he had described to them how slippery 
and dangerous were the paths leading up to 
the pagan altar. Meanwhile De Montfau- 
con*8 falcon^which since that evening (of which 
we have already told) never deserted the 
Knight of Trautwangen, flew gayly before 
them, as if to marshal thdr way, now and 
then resting too on the plume of his master's 
helmet. Thereupon they were all of good 
courage ; for the noble bird hovered around 
them like a guardian spirit, and at his ap- 
proach all the ominous brood of bats and 

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149 xwP«4fiJP»»l^ 

owls, were di^prrsed^ aod fled scr^umng to 
hide tbe^pselves in the for^t. 

Thi;9li|^^ lui^uriant brush-wood, and rag* 
ged cliffs, t^e warriors pursued their tinlsone 
way, while, a^ they g^ned the hi^ber ground, 
the storm howled around them, and the ^oioe 
of the moaniog blast contended with the loud 
roar of a cataract that rushed througii a deep 
ravine. At length they saw, througjh the 
naked branches of the beech-trees and the 
snow-laden pines, an open glade, which at once 
they recognised for the spot of which the 
charcoal-man had spoken ; for, in the widA 
of this level ground, almost like a pUe of 
rocks, was reared the lofty altar for pagui ss- 
crifice; and the moon, just then l»eakiiig 
throujgh a cloud, threw her pale death-Eke 
lustre on blapk half-burnt brands and boiK% 
which lay mouldering on its broad hearth. 

Still the knights stood doubtful and inesD- 
lute, whether they should quietly wait for the 
supernatural apparitions that mi^t oooie 

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forth, or tl-y to force open those concealed 
gates of the altar, from which the diar^oal- 
man had before seen Uie two knights emerge. 
AH at once they perceived, not with« 
out some terror, that their niunber was in- 
creased to four. A tall, ^gandc, but As^ 
dowy figure of a man, was among them, who 
now spAe with a hollow and murmuring 
verier— J^ You mean well," said he, " but, 
as a ^end, I would rather advise you to 
desist trosA this encounter; for the inhabi- 
tants of that altar are strong as any devil. 
If you are determined to proceed, however, 
you must go to the north side, at which is the 
only entrance. You must knock three times 
for a4nrittance ; for, trust me, it is always 
best, in such adventures, to make the first at-. 
tacL Through my whole life, when I have had 
^^ beasts to contend with, I always found 
it better to fall straightway on them, than 
wait till they had made a spring at me.^«- 
T%e knights looked at him in silent astonish- 
ment; whereupon he addedy— <^ I woidd 

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gMlf ftgf to you a bdM htmtiiig-piett oo 
■y Mg^ in order tinct your spirits msy be 
tte bfltler nyawd far t)ie conflict that awsn 
JOB. Howercr, my Toice dare not for doi 
tine be nned here. May good luck atteod 
joa, hncfe fbrerters f^^-Widi these wordi 
Uie fl^edbwy stranger vanished away into tk 
woody and the kn^ts resolved to follow ks 
counsel ; especially because whatever be hd 
said cbimed well with their notions oC ho- 
nour and bravery. Accordingly they knock- 
ed with their sword-hilts on the north sack of 
the aHsTj and Sir Heerd^n, in a stem voiee, 
demanded that the door should be opened. 

Then the solid walls began to move, sad 
Ccdl asunder as if on hinges, till at last an ea- 
teance was vimble, and they looked down a 
steep narrow descent, with broken steps» 
wb«reon.|^eeins of uncertain hght played ftu 
Mlj at intervaIs.«-»Gra2ing thereon, ^ Your 
QRither^s appEebenrions,^ said thesea-monartli 
to Sir Otto, '^ might now rea£ly be fulfilled; 
for some one among us might perdianoe here 

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find a grsre. In truth, this looks altogether 
like a mannon of the dead.**-— '^ Naj,^ said 
Sir Heerdegen^ *^ the whole world woald 
0eem no better to one whose thoughts were 
thus inclined ; for all must one day come to 
an end. If we but arrive at the goal by the 
paths of honour and virtue, what more could 
we denre? and surely we come hither with 
intentions virtuous and praiseworthy;-— 
wherefore then such consultation and delay ?*" 
— -MTho dares affirm that I wish for delay or 
consultation?^ said tbe sea-monarch proudly, 
and thereupon marched straightway into the 
cavern. Sir Otto followed him, casting one 
look backwards, ere he went hi to the vault, 
on rile moon's beautiful broad shieSd, that 
then aigain emerged from a cloud, and re- 
minded him of Hildiridur. Last cam^ 'Sir 
Heerdegen, hamming over to hlmseff an old 
ballad telting of the swarthy spiirits of the 
mines and mountains; and meanwhile De 
Bf ontfaucon^s noble falcon had clung fearftiHy 
to Sir Otto^s breast, feeling that, in this nar- 
VOL. in. G 

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TOW Taiilt, he bad no kng^r sfmce far fa» 
uaoftlfligblB. EreJoQg, howem^dbftiMd he- 
came moce qpackms^ a^tlial tbaee could walk 
abreast^ end the noUe jdatenBiii9tio% imi lo 
belaat in tlie pttth of dasher, fimMt Sir Ooo 
and Sir Heerd^gea forward, till thej had 
come up with the mm mwrnrdi^^— 4baa tibgf 
went on ranked togethar, and hoWhig oat 
their iaag gleaming swoidft t^. guide thea 
throu^ the darkness. 

They met not with any obatacka. On die 
contrary, the farthn* they deacandted, the 
wider and laftia^ became the roof, and the 
steps less unev^i, till suddeidy thej found 
themselves once more on plain gronnd. Hoc 
too the wind blew on them aa if they wane 
once more in the open country ; and on look, 
ing up, they could almost have bdieved that 
they had left the oayem ; for the roof was 
now lost in distance, and glimasenag £gfats 
were viable like stars above them. Oa ihii 
strange appearance they w«re leflectiBg in si- 
lent wonder, when the falcon started from Sir 

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Otto^B Inreast, and, rejoicing to find bimsetf 
once more with die vuim^ of space around 
hSaHy he flew up, and cKaappeared aimd those 
tMitAXvag l^htB. All of a sadden, however, 
he came baek terrified^ and kunUing through 
l3ie air ; they saw well that be had begun hid 
It^fat aft^ prey, and had been scared by hi* 
deeuashi^pes, wfakh Imd aow descended idong 
with Um, and floated r%ht over their own 
heads. So strange and shadowy were these 
shapes, that th^ knew not whether they 
were gigandc birds of some unknown race, or 
▼apours bred by the noisome damps of the 
cairem, that assumed those living forms : for 
now that their eyes had become more accus^ 
toflsed to the uncertain light, tbey tovHd no 
kxiger doubt that they w^e ^DI iti a vast 
cavern, of which the roof was indeed so lofty, 
that it might be compared to the firmainent, 
and lamps were hung therein, <hat shone 
downward on them Kke stars. ' 

Moreover, a great la^e now hty 'at their 
feet, reflecting gloomily the black vault with 

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its UdiM4ui|g/l#yk^. .!:Pbe.,Mgbt^.iiiN^ed to 
proive it» d^p^i^with their i^word^; 4um1 Sir 
^irial^om grop^ tbereb wUb Us Iod^ bal- 
tiert*,.^ £v«>i /close U the.abore^ bawerer^ tbfgr 
sottld fio4 Qo.gipuiH} ; iM»4 tboiig^ draddbK. 
JMg .t^/tbi^of tjiis hoiEn4 w^ ..lioUoiBkai 
iibj^s^ jtb0f.^ d^lermiMi). ia «M buifl^ .to^ 
OiMugb.v^ th^ i^entm?) ^rat^iw bQ)% 

ffMi^ |he£dcpnjm:W M^qiiie^jr an ^fjOtiai^ 

.'Clifigri^Mid. walked tfauA foi^-ino^ ,|I)«^ s 

miit 4Jmg th^ sbof«9,. ^whep, lo^.. 4bw 

«row(fi)e£w)9jtfc«ia,« sleep biij> immijrAljr 

-ft .<oiftre3s^ , :l¥^ wfiiy . .iQwefi, Whep^ tfaej 

Ji«(jh<d^nw^. to proceed .Uiitkeir^ th«fi lipiayl 

.tt>^^TdifapiX)iiUl»ent, that t^.Jafe 

nQVA/idMniged r^HHQ a m]d. imriie 

>vhtth!tcapaa JM^94 thw^:a«4. tl^ 1 

JBlie>ii««91lt£9M9e4^ r«|Bq(il4^-fHcfa 

jifeiE^dd)§t4 t^.^lfnB^>ROH waainRpoprtle^ the 

btiwngeiifergWWiifiWiM^ ^eo^boqie axajr 

(bfppa^^i^fitineiA' ,TVj ooatiiHied tUnr 

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Tttfe MAGIC Kfira. H9 

a biidge bMIt df !rbti ^iT W^i ffie th^M 

of afHgh£fUfbdhite.iilardy. fiatitigcoiM t6 
tbe either ^iA^; ttiey saw^befbi^^^mi^'t^d'ktel 
8dd; and mi^bt ilt fim hav^ namM it a Moomw 
tflg tneihldiii, tdr it sietoed gtudded aVer'irith 
bright «ti#^; tint ^hen tfiey ^iame neimr, 
flttw^W^'dikA^ Miteydiwflashee, thiitfow 
in txmbf ataix^ forifis, and ablest 'thbked 
them with sulphureous smoke as thefjr Urod 
updn thetn. Yet to their greater atoacseinent, 
Atere were living creatut^, Kkte hors^, deer, 
and buDs, in the field, that had th«ii^ noses on 
the gttAmd, and crdpped th^sfe fiery -ioWers 
as if they bad from thence d<94f«d gdod re- 
freshment ; and When the sf timg^cu aplmiach- 
ed, they fifted thebr heads and trtHted* away. 
• *« Had We not better catch two or tlHreef of 
these ntftfve horseii, and so ride ilAc^ the eas- 
ticP" said Sir Otto, in a b(M tcme» h^mg by 
these words to banish the aptMbtfnionref 
bis comrades. But the jest inured bjr such 

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homdaghtaoiily increased the bonror of itm 
SiMien^ and dw three bnire kngiits troAkdy 
10 timt their inm-coMi latded od tfaeir IbriXi 
At tUrnionieiit there came op to them a hate* 
fbMflBDttdwBtf^ hopprngononel^; '^fitj,^ 
said he^ ^ it were better that j&a ^U Ml 
tteddie 'wMr these herso, fbr they- are the 
kM ^tt eed a rf the great godditt^FreML Thm^ 
wiA afafe is wtxit i» ride threugk Ae tcmm, 
and hcmt down theiriM hunter, HmkAJtmg, 
and -die m o rtals who will not ddfacrl 
BsoreofeT) I ant* appointed here to oe 
groomi trnd-wstdter.^ With dwse WMila» hv 
bsgaftitf Uocw rato an enoftnotal'honi'lMil iiii 
hung by his »de, of winch the neiseSHia m 
kkid and^Udeoiis, that iM farf^hW cmM 
scaree'beip reeoffing. << Haa Als 
ya^f"^ said the Aincttx^lT^yMki 
then tf nttle nra^c oto ' niy AepberdV fBpit^ tt 
beguBe the tedious houra; bolfif ft sa ptaasi 
yoii; IlfaJl aho^tMtT^U'wilhaAaioetoilt 
ilanetufle: niybrotlher abtrpherda^areao^ftr 
£stant." ' Hereupon the kaightsBMide bin a 

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agnal that he should retreat^ and wemt for^ 
ward towards the ibrtress-gates. While they 
proceeded ob thdr wajt, the dwarf uttered a 
kmg and loud sound of sooniful laughter, 
and the deaiomaeal horses les^pod and plunged 
about on the fiery meadow., 

On their route towards the caede» iwlead 
of fiaifii^ a smooth road, they had t0 damb<r 
ofver rugged fragmenAa of rock, overgi^^wn 
nath thorna and bnoasUes* Sir Heerdeg^ 
and the sea-monarchy who had both travelled 
in die Beat, were of afamon that such caversi^ 
were to be found thare alao^ and that th^y 
had been formed by wonderful hpiliag springs 
imd vokanoea. 

At laetthe kn^hu had arriv^ at t^ ppr* 
tal; th^ lound the drawbin^g^ dowii)>, as if 
Awaiting their approach, mid passed over ihi^ 
%iaatfy aa they^would ha?e done in ^y oxdir 
naiy {ovtresaabo^e growKl In the cpun^4^ 
SBsmad to Ibem aaif aon^e acddv»r8ia.coqQp|^ 
mtmm were keeiang watch; and l^t^whxg,^ 
the approa(di ^ the strange gwefllfl^ these i^^ 

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153 T^ M^Gid tnna. 

lowimd tdeir arms in respectful saluUtioo ; 
tbougb^ far tne rest^ one could not aay whe- 
^ier these were not mere statues of iron or 
stoae, tbat tx>wed themselTes for the mo- 
ment^ ao^ then recovered their potkioii erect 
and inodonless. 

Thereafter thdr way led onwards through 
emj^Y and silent corridors and apartmeob^ 
wherein ^ven the echo of their own steps 
80un<led ^horrihiy in* this desolate man«on> 
Here and ^ere glimmeripg lamps hung upoo 
the ^alls, whose li^ht only served to rennnd 
the kn^hts of a funeral piocession. At last 
they <^e into a large inhabited chamber, of 
which the ii^omments were ghostly spectral 
forms and death^s heads. In this room tbtrf 
was sefit/ed a knight at a largfS' round table, 
who h|d a book open before him/ On the 
leaves they o^ld perceive, even with a £t- 
ting jglance, that there i^ere inscribed mai^ 
strange dbaractera and figures intermixed with 
old Runic letters; imd Sir Otto reeoUected 
that, at one time or another, all this had ap> 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


peared to him in a dream. While be reflect* 
ed silently on what now passed before him, 
the knight closed his book, and rose from his 
chair- <* You would have acted more wisely,* 
said he, <^ if you had never come hither ; but 
since you are indeed among us, I shall an- 
nounce your arrival.** With these words .he 
departed, casting, however, a lock of sym- 
pathy and compassion on Sir Otto, who at 
the same moment bc^^ to recognise in the 
strange man hb mysterious half-brother, 
Ottur of Norway. Truly he could not sup- 
pose that he had deceived himself, for both 
his companions were at the same moment 
eager to remark the resemblance. ^< If t^oii 
wert not here beside us. Knight of Trautwan- 
g^}^ said they, '< we should assuredly have 
tielieved that thou had^st even now departed 
thfough the door which we see yonder.^ 

Thus they were speaking with each other, 
when,' lo ! there came into the room a beauti- 
ful and stately damsd, in whom aQ three im- 
mediately recognised the wonderful enchan- 

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j»4 •ntt'MABiC bokA. 

treat of NbHM^;tbe mytUnom m 

cMlyi^HA'it besMned li^libtonr k]ii^a% j^ 
iMMhfed'iittt and dbobtfld m wtaruoMi 
tfiiy AMli iMyw iiMim Her; «lile Ofnk 
MNfted tm tfaentritb a m& ot^ 
ma BciffcginpBicBB^y. At isfli 
^ How* ooues'it^ MMe wwantM, Atat ymt 
^eem thus tonfittied? PeMkne^ yMi hM 
kxit ^ttr iny in the nig^t, aodantvM by 
accident at my^anAti hut iboiigh Am wmm 
theeauietf yem* qnpaapanoe toet niwiiJutt 
Aohldjou liDW be thm cmbanaMl?* ^ Miqr/' 
said Heerdq^en, knittii^ Us btoisa^ '^ 41mr 
is one reason at ftaal*^ our beii^ dns^aa- 
ftiaed. We ate tow, Heiten hoovs,. hm 
nianyfilHkiBttdeepiiildargi^miBAr ^^Tkon'' 
'added'fliir Oltfav «< jro«^ i 
their VUMfa^ fluwisfsji'- yt^xt* wiA I 
devour tna funnea^ aoii 
on dni^ kg)->«re nol tfceae fangli t» < 
themindofany Cbnstiaslmghti^ «lBtkt 
first places"* sad Sir Arinhkn, "^andbdoR 

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«U other %ufiBti(»i%;fiBirer wbttl^N^/tl}^.^ 
the lady who m these moimt^iiip de^^aais 
houM^as th0 goddesa Fji^iaf? ^Mi|eth^i)Jk^ 
8up Emi^t of the Sett"" waompwd, Q«9yJ«» 
^< yim bmre beie aaeomed to jc^jumlf the 
li^i of eoomuMul; and you think bj jpour 
higbi jonjwling wordi to g^in anj^fliijwy over 
me. But ui ibii hope^ you ava d^oe^ed. 
I am ao logger a follower iayour trahi ; ^nd 
if in famer years I loved you move than you 
ikiaaiTfdj^ yet that i$ loag pae^ Sinoe then: 
my faead.andheastaiebothcbaiiged;..andas 
liar your a{%ieavinee^ andr Uiat of your wm- 
ittdefr heiev I can only say^ that y^u «e .^ 
BMd. Tou will visit me in my pleasant test- 
treah bright wkh the morning |^eam% and 
yM d^eak of caverns under gfwmA, bmnea 
^i^UBPBg'ftfut^ mjl ffffh lihft dBlifii?ifs ^yips^ If- 
po sriM a^ kt the- dear sunKght.xipiMa ymr 
risQsesiandresoUeGUei^ *^0efiHiMn< 
I Am» asides dariMid ourtain tha^hung: 
itfiefiMUier endoC^thi^ roam^^and* be*. 
hflUt there was^hehiAd; it.a bn^e brpght win^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

d9w^{l|mi«gl| wbidi^tliey baked oar on aikb 
blooming country ! '^ . - , 
.. JudtjIlmhthMihludkw^akiH wereiiriglieii- 
^ wilhft^irediglowof iiteiimwgmivr^-aaai 
hj tb<^ plei^Bait Jigbt the riitgn'iBlMrf 
pi(pti% jWidd Afaeautifol vaUe^, wth- 
oasUes wA- [d€aauie*fpa»ien8»^ wb^re ths t»ct 
had^i«t bcgUR ti^asAiiilie ike vevdant mIoww 
ing of .spring* Sbef^erda, Uxs in Anir-nd 
and blue jaeketi^ mib fluies «tal honft m 
th^r biuadsy were rdii^riiigoiit tkeb AMki, 
tpd. young diunsels weee t^piniog flowe»f» 
lands <m tbe i«eadav«. <' Grobd. Beaveir 
said &KJSj^&eieg^ << jsietMnks^ thii^appavs 
as if we were now in Italy.^ ^ Who ka 
told .you Jtben,^ said Gkrda sfttiKngv '^ that 
you are not really there? If yoa hehtvediit 
What yoanoF behold is buiMhwon^ why not 
think the aame of youjr fenaer ^imtJtamfi 
through the snow-covered Harts fiMcat^?*JBe- 
sides, how can you pretend to measure spaee 
and time, since you rashly bcoug^t younehct 
under' my power, and have trayelled perhapf 

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lia^e walked <Mily one P'" " '^ ^^" ^oc -^ni-n' K^ *! 
. 1^ kiaglits' it«Fettpoli^ kiic«iiH iii)t '4«4fM^ to 
bcifeve^ 4unl iMkeA ktixioud^ ^1tm>ii^ tl^ 
ktt^ glMBHiig^tirkidMr, whUe lii^fllb^ae brtknic^ 
ahrajf s mare ttirdy ; 4Ml "dt^ l#b^)i 'lifey'tj^j 
held tloise %iii^ come thMnigh the gi^^ 
a-ooble nuHNtoOy to whmi ik^ii^iEaitotioa wfts 
cqpecMfy dii«et^ Tbese w«re a knigbl 
and two' Uidies^ irhd mft^ now wiUking to^:* 
tter> *a9 il engaged it) fHendly discoutse^^ 
wiMMU^ Sir Otto sighed 6^p]j\ ati& skid 
to Ssr Heeidegen; << Alas, I behdd thete 
Folko de Montftittoon, with O^fei^elle and 
BtandKfleuy ; but where 19 your iriiter Beithd 
TiMi^ Lichtenrfcd f* ^ We shall BfraigHtway 
ok ' tlMm Aat qu^on,*^ said Rr Reerd^n,' 
jRid hd was iwhing dnward* iti tt^r -tc^ ibrce 
opevlfe wmdow, ^hm «eWa, by^ tfirerften- 
iogges^taPt^pH^fitkieAhim: ''Thett^^Mddthe 
Ki^ghtirfTraiievrlu^MH <«htoth«k*, bt^th^t ! 
I n<rw xenember well how we bate been here 
deeehred. That is indeed no window, but a 

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158 TKBlUflK mOStO, 

magk wkfor^ sudi as nqr molfaer once had ta 
her Swedish watdi-tower ; and who can icD 
how far difUnt Sir Folko^ with the two dm- 
sel%may nowb^froaiiiBf Of audi lUosiaas^ 
howevor, I shall quieUy make «i cod, as I 
have doae betee m that layslsiimMi uailk of 

The goad awoad^ thai he had ] 
already ^^eaoied ia his haad; but 
Uows had tiane to fidl on the i 
hadsoatohed «p an endMOtcsf^s tody wdsrf 
the medar-tras^ waiod it three tiiaaa wmai 
her heady all die while matlfihig t/lnmgt 
woids, titt at bst the thrae faug^ M sn tht 
same moaseat to the gaoisad. 

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htnuwnm to the wiMit old kgoidt wt are 
mtxuttbeAf that martnK whrai bratchBd in 
thb joaoms^ fie as if imfevmshdrtaBiSy with 
JQ8t «a: much of thdr aenaes left aa ^ make 
dMa ouiB 9i their ovra feaiftil luftdage. 
Tbatluwei'kiiighliMir i«3raD^ loi^on the 
fenr.of thia mjratciioiiB ohMnhffr i they nmred 
iadead aoir and thca, ai if they would 
and walk ; but, with strange grins and ii 
ciilate murmursy always fell back BX>lionle88 as 
before. Only one aaaong them retained his 
reoollectioB so well» that he was still aware of 
what passed around him; and this was Sir 
Otto von TrautwaDgen; for» as he fidt himself 
dnking on the ground, he had time to mutter 
a shcMt prayer, which he had in early days 

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learned from his oounn Berdim, when tbcj^ 
were both children. Even while he lay k 
that heavy trance he thought of this prayer; 
and if he succeeded but in speaking aloud, 
or in thinking dearlj, his eyes were opened, 
and he saw what was now going forward. 

At suQh intervals^ he perceived that kis 
half-brother^ Ottur, now stood beade the c^. 
chantress, Gerda, and that they qpoke tmr 
nesdy and loudly together, so that he coqU 
oftentimes catch the meaning of their diakgoe. 

<< Wh^n they lie thus asleep and inflenwHe/' 
said Ottur, ^^ I dare not attack them* Be^ 
sides, thou seest, tibat he in the middle wcsn 
mine own features; we have on a former dq 
entered into a bond of friendship with cack 
other :— His sword is called Ottur, and moe 
Otto. Therefore let me hear no moie of 
your admonitions ; for, if your golden a|iple of 
victory is to be won only in this mamKri 
know, that while they are thus defencdessi I 
would not for al) the world injure even ooe 
hair of their heads."" Thereiqpon Gerds 

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THE MAGtC EiNCi 161 

sUonped on the ioor, and made a signal that 

the poor deluded knight should leave the 

room along with her, while Sir Otto vainly 

strove to call out aloud, and remind him once 

more of the friendly contract that had been 

made betwixt them. His lips and tongue 

were now sealed up and bound, as if by the 

fetters of a hideous dream ; and when his vain 

eflbrts were past, confusion and dulness of 

senses prevailed over him more powerfully 

than ever. Many times, notwithstanding, he 

tried to rouse his companions, but they lay 

beside him stiff and motionless, as if they 

were really dead, so that the cold shuddering 

of horror crept through his frame. Truly, 

be thought to himself, many times, that all 

three were dead, and laid in a sepulchral 

vault ; only, that he alone had been cursed 

with remaining consciousness, and strove in 

vain with the fate that was decreed for him. 

Yet, when with his half-c^ned eyes he 

gazed on Sir Heerdegen, a feeling, as if of 

hope, and the warmth of spring-tide, stole 

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over Ub heart, fov he perc^red agMA the 
same resemblance to hk counn Bertha of 
Lichtenritd, whkh had perplexed him, on 
the bloGmiiig banks of the Mayne, when hs 
bote die wDnndedyou^ home to his hosldm 
On this aisoDunt only Sir Otto heKeved that 
his trance would not last for ever, siaoe be 
waayetahle to watch ovifftheibnHher ofJiis 
beloved Bertha. << If I oouU but £41 * 
sacrifioe to save him,^ aaid he toluBiaA 
«< this woidd be the saae as if I died £m bar 
sake, and baw noUe would be such aaeodf* 
For that some mie (^ thor party mxm 
he had no dcniht ; andy akhou^ the^ 
of mH three wm necessary, finr tht- fialfihwi ^ l 
of this adventuxe, yet, on the dentb «f . <iis 
dq)ttided the resoie of the olibar twa 
Whence aU these ideas had come to hias he 
knew not; sometunea^ it seemed as^ if the 
voices of PKHintain spirits had soimded ttiam 
into his ears in their ocMifased songs.. Thiw 
he said to himself, '<Themeninthefierf Jbr* 
nac^ that we read of in the holy book, wme 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


all saved ; but we are not aaints, and there- 
fore one of us must suiely perish. Were 
but Bertha's brother not the victim !*" There- 
after he continued, with all the strength and 
attention diat were left him, to keep watch 
over Sir Heerd^^, and gaze on his death- 
Uke features. 

At length the ^ichantress, Crarda, again 
eame among diem ; but now it was a diflR^rent 
voice from that of Ottur that kept up the 
dialogue; and, listening with great anxiety, 
Sb* Otto peveoved it was that of the young 
b^lht Kribdn, who now said, *' I pray you 
da not ask that I should put to death my 
cousin die sea-monarch, ndr could I willingly 
stiikethe brave German diampion. Yet if 
it be tby will, most beautiftil <^ damsels, I 
afii mdy to obey.'' '« Strike whom thou wilt 
amiingtl»ai,'*said6erda; <« it is enough for 
me if tbeir number is broken ; for if one be 
UBed, tho other two are certainly mine* 
Thaaka be to the great Odin, that thou hast 
even now returned from diy campaign, for 

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Ottur becomes every day more wifii aiid ti- 
aionary.^ " *TU well,^ sdd Sir Kolban; 
** thus I may liope to efface one day'fton 
your heart the image of every otha moml, 
and to rule there even like a god, iffl mloDe.^ 
** Nay, be not thus presumptuous,'^ answered 
Gerda ; *< thou art not the youth, who, in 
my dftams, and by the secret longings of tay 
heart, has been pcMuted out to me as the 
future king of the Hartz forest, by whose 
arms Gerda shall be embraced, and who will 
raise himself up with her even to god-Bke 
power and g^andeur.^ << Is it percbaDoe 
ArinlMOTn ?** muttered Sir Kolbdn. ^ Then 
indeed my batde-mce shall not fail to mmk 
him for my victim, were he tenfold more 
nearly related to me, and though, alas ! he 
was once my beloved and respected leader am 
the fidd of victory.*"— *« Nay, it is not Arin- 
biom,"* said Gerda, coldly. <' The folly with 
whidi my heart dung to him has now fiilly 
yidded before the magnificent figure with the 
glittering mail, whom I bdidd in the nunvr. 

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But strike him if thpu wilt. It is enough tov 
m^ if Uie dangerous power of these three 
knights, be overcome.^ <* Then lather.let 
the ^ the victim,"* said Kolbein ; and 
witjti these words raised his battle-axe high 
oyer .the head of the unfortuaate Heerdc^gen 
of Laotitenried. 

Jil und^pbable terror, and having lopg 
foresectn that this would be th^ result, Sir 
ptto had. list^edr to the dialogue. Now the 
^Imrce of his zeal, and the prayer which he 
hs^ all,the while been repeating in his heart, 
WM so powerful, that he made a visible effort 
to throw himself on the body of Sir Heer- 
dlfsgen, and thus to receive the blow that wa^ 
in^nded for his fnend. Ere he could ac- 
complish his purpose, however, £olbein's 
halbert descended with a hideous crash. 
The . unfortunate jouth groaned horribly, 
and a stream of blood poured from his heU 
mfit. . Still hoping, however, to save his life. 
Sir, Otto threw his shield over his friend^s 
head, with uncertain motion waved his sword, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


to waid oflP the coming Uows, and y^ poioted 
to his own breast as the nark at which KiJ- 
bein should aim. The base coward failed not 
to iniict them thick as hail, and laughed to 
scorn the feeble resistance • by whidi lie ws 
met, till at last Sir Otto^s corslet was broken 
asunder, and his' blood jBowed in torreDts, 
mingling with that of his beloved fneod 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

TB£ ICAfilC SING. 16? 


How the Knights were rescued by Count Arcbimbald von 

The door of the chamber now ruQg and 
rattled, at length it burst open, and there ap* 
peared in the room a knight in bright gleam- 
ing armour. <^ Strike them well, kill them 
both !^ cried the enchantress. ^* Heerd^n 
perchance is already dead ; but were it not 
so, the stranger who has now appeared would 
make Uieir number again three V^ With his 
battle-axe upraised. Sir Eolbein, however, 
came forward to attack the stranger, who 
then entered, and the latter awaited his ap- 
proach, with his shield raised high in his left 
band, and his sword in his right, prepared to 
inflict a deadly wound, as soon as he found 
an opportunity to strike with advantage. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


While they stood thus watching eadi other, 
and both preparing for a dedave^ encounter, 
Gerda looked trembling on the silTer aimosr 
of her new guest, and with yet more apts> 
tion on his features, whidi appeared calm ai 
courageous from und^ his open beaver, tffl, 
suddenly stepjmig betweai them, she cdkd 
out << Halt,^ and Sir K<db^ accustomed lo 
implidt obedience, lowered his battle-axe, mi 
the stranger looked steadily on the encfaaat- 
ress. Gerda then knelt down befcHre him, mi 
said, — ** It is thou then who art come Indier, 
i^iost powerful of hacoes? Moreover dioa 
art chosen to be king <^ the Harts fbiest ; far 
if I am the goddess Freia, thou art no kv 
than the divine Thor, and if our donuBkn he 
not yet established, it shall ere Umg be pro- 
claimed over all the world.* *< Lady,"* said the 
stranger, raising her courteously ham the 
ground, ^^ I know not well what thoa would^ 
have of me ; but this much I oitreat, that tfaoo 
wilt not bestow on me such heathenish : 

inasmuch as I am a faithful votary of the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ChriflCkn church. Notfaar can I ever become 
ki]^ of Ae Hartt mountaiDs ; for I acknow- 
ledge our good emperor for my king, and am 
bound by adkmn oaths to obey him. This 
has ever been the practice of my brave an- 
cestors ; and so long as I bear the name of 
Archimfaald von Waldeck, I shall far rather 
bdd by their noble example, than suffer my- 
sdf to be raised by the delunons of witeh- 
craft and necromancy into a king, or a hea;* 
thenish idd."* 

^ Alas r said Oerda, ^^is comes because 

thou koowest not yet the true grandeur and 

pomp that here await thee. Lo I we should 

build our throne upon the lofty summit of 

Uie Brocken, and there erect a castle with such 

vaulted galkries,-*such long echomg cham- 

herBf proud watch-towers, and frowning por- 

tala, as have never been beheld through the 

wide world befcnre ;— 4bere We should look 

forthy bcm our airy battlements, over the 

wide reahns around us, and, far as oiu: eyes 

ocmld reach, all should be under oiur control, 

vol.. ni. H 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



and pay us tribute, both by tfeasures and ser- 
vice on the battle-field. Whaterer the pespk 
possess that is richest and rarest they abooU 
bring to our palace of the Harts ; their nos 
and daughters should be sent to us Cor sol 
dieirs and handmaidens; or, if they refused 
to obey us, we should oome aguaat tiiflB 
like whirlwinds dnd thunder-^t<Mms» ohonH 
level their habitations with the ground,— aady 
mounted on our fiery steeds, gallop om 
their ruins. Beneath, at the base of Ae 
mountttn, frightful wild beasts and gm» 
should be our guards ;— truly these mig^ 
be but shapes formed from the clouds, yfi 
not the less deadly, for they should kid 
into the bottomless abysses of the moiimsis 
every one who ventured to af/prcmsk without 
our permission. Whosoever, on the ooo- 
trary, we chose to admit into our psiaoe 
should feast like the gods and heroes on ^ 
lofty hdghts of Asgard* The delfts of 
love and war would then alternate in oar 
happy.reahn ;-— the sun, the stars, and ckindii 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


nuat obey tis, in order to solemnise our 
reitivHls ; abore all, when every year in spring- 
tide the people should come up to us in long 
sofemn ptocaesflsons, bearing rich offerings,-^ 
and when the altar of sacrifice flamed id the 
court of our palace, it would be at the same 
time answered by fires on the tops of all the 
neighbouring mountains.^ 

^ For Hearen^s sake, say no more T cried 
Sir Archimbald ; *^ how is it posnble for a 
woman to be io lovely, and yet to utter words 
whieh ave only worthy of a demon? Alas ! 
I teoogniae by your own lahgui^, that your 
doiie is to overthrow the mild blessed reli- 
gion of the Christians, in order that you may 
receive homage as the pagan goddess Freia.. 
I am in heart grieved for your sake ; for by 
(his means you will only continue to live as a 
wicked enchatttress, and, according to the 
laws of God and man, yoii will deserve to be 
burned afive for your crimes !^ 
Hereupon Sir Kolbdn, gnashing his teeth 

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with rage, stepped agam fOTwards to attMk 
the count, but Gr^da interposed:—^ Be 
quiet,^ said she, <* I command you. Wh^ 
ever this knight sajs, though his words be 
wrathful and bitter, is yet more welcome to 
me than your fondest caresses.'"— So KoDxyi 
stood moumfuUy abashed ; and ArchimbaU, 
taking but little heed of his discourse, or dal 
of the enchantress, continued to speak as M- 
lows :— 

^' I shall not conceal from yoo, that I cstoe 
as an enemy into these secret caYcms, aad 
that I have arrived here in order to put sa 
end to all your necromancy and endiaBt- 
ments; moreover to save, or, if this may not be, 
to revenge the three knights who, some time 
since, disappeared at your altar. In retm, 
methinks, you ought to tell me, as fireely as I 
have now spoken, how you came to look oo 
me as the appointed king of the Harts fbrest 
and the idol of its inhabitants, inasmuch as 
neither I myself, mnr any one among my an- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ceston, ever had aught to do with witchcraft 
or pagan superstitioiis P^ 

** Who has assured thee of this, bold 
hero ?^ said the enchantress, with a winning 
smile ; ^^ truly thine ancestors have also wor- 
shipped the great Odin; and though their 
descendants have deserted thar religion, yet 
his favour has not wholly been withdrawn 
from thy house, and the golden cup of pro- 
mise may yet one day be poured on thy head. 
In that enchanted mirror, which is not far 
distant, I demanded to see the noblest scion 
from the heroic oak-tree of Grerman knight- 
hood ; and when thou madest thine appearance 
tho^b, attired as thou now art, in thy silver 
armour, and I watched thy prowess in the 
tournament and battle-field, my heart was 
whdly won;— and now, therefore, proud 
hero, thou mayest command Grerda as thy 

Hereupon Eolbein struck with his battle- 
axe vehemently on the ground, crying, — 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

via TS£ Mioic mono. 

HGimtOdin! can sdj mortal listen to wank 
life Cbeae, aad remain tranquil r^-^lnit ano- 
ther stem look fit>m the endumtresa made 
him agaio^iBent and submiadve.— ^ So then^* 
' answered Sir Arehimbald, <* all is dimiged 
hma hem that ivliich I bad expected; and 
«noe you offer me im|4idt obedienee, I shd 
injwe mdffier you nor your adherents; but 
beware how you infringe the comfitioBi d 
Ae promiie «ow made^^ 

'« Till UMT,*^ answered die endmntress » 
a melancholy tone, ** I hare been named the 
wild Genia ; but hi your presence I ham he> 
come timid as a lamb. Alas ! if diou wmddTiit 
but accept from my hand the crown of the 
Itarts forest I** 

« As to this give yoursdf no trouWe,* aa- 
swered die count ; <* were you not a soroeresi^ 
and a ]>agan, truly there might be odw 
cromis of which I would gladly speak with 
you; but now this also is hopeless; and I 
have only to insist on the stem and severe 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


kws oi right and wrongs Where are the 
three brave and noble knights who came 
hitdy into your caverns P^-* At the same 
moment, looking round the room, he ob- 
served for the first time the three victims, 
that lay outstretched in their coats^-mail 
on the floor.— ^* Hast thou murdered them P^ 
said he, with a look of rage. ** Right stem 
and fearful is the account that must be ren- 
dered unto jne by those who have committed 
this crime; above all, for the sake of the 
knight in the black and silver armour, with 
the eaglets visor; for both the knight and his 
armour are well known to me, and are very 
dear to my heart."" 

*^ My ferd and commander,"^ said Gerda 
trembling, — *^ the warrior of whom thou 
speak^st yet lives, and might easily be cur^ 
of his wounds ; but over the knight who ties 
beneath him, death already has spread his 
dark chilling wings.*^ 

•♦ Give life quickly to them irtio may yet 
live,* said Archimbald ; and Gerda obediently 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


took the rod of medlar-tree i^ain bOo her 
hand, waved it over the knights as they ky, 
and muttered her unintelligible words. There- 
upon both Arinbiom and Sir Otto opened 
thdr eyes ; immediately, too, the fidooo be> 
gan to move, which, till now, sharing in dieir 
enduinted swoon, had lain, as if dead, near 
his master^s helmet. In astonishment the ms- 
monarch looked around him, then grappled at 
his halbot and sword, rose, and stamped oa 
the flocH", as if to try whether he was now in 
possession of his wonted strength. Otto 
meanwhile seemed to have regained his maam, 
only that he might feel in hb inmost heat 
agonizing grief for the death of Sir Heenfe> 
gen. Bending over the pale visage of !» 
friend, he wept bitterly, though in sikntt, 
while the blood flowed unoeamn^y ham the 
deep wound under his broken ootbI^ Wben 
the red current, however, fell on Sir Heerde- 
genu's features, he wiped the stains away with 
his 9ash, and said, in his great sorrow,"^ 
** Oh, Bertha, thou spotless asgd .'<- 

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TH£ MAGIC BIN6. 17? 

much these now silent sleeping features r^ 
sembk thine P — The sea-monarch and Sir 
Archimbald, who had meanwhile spoken with 
each other, now drew near to console their 
friend; and Sir Otto said to them,-— ^< I kaoyr 
indeed that it is not Bertha who has thus im- 
timely died, and that I have not been so un- 
fortunate as the stem Hugur, who put to 
death his innocent wife ; on the contrary, I 
defended this youth with all the strength 
that was left to me. But, behold ! he is now 
gone,— he who was so brave and true- 
hearted ; and as he rests here in his endless 
sleep, every one who looks on him must think 
of Bertha. Arinbiom, is it not so ?^— There- 
iqx)n the sea-monarch could not refrain from 
tears : and Sir Otto wept the more ; but hi^ 
grief was rendered milder by the sympathy 
of his brave friends. Then they unclasped 
his corslet, and examined hb wounds* Oerda 
too would have drawn near with healing herbs 
in her hands, bUt Sir Arinbiorn called out in 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

lit Trii H161C mcffe. 

M^i«iib^vMbd^''^u«^irtfiw wmUTttiial 
iSki^l^HhMiA h^ bdftdS <(be dad kidiyrf 
faiy^friMli;; infliet^JtiMt Vengeanbe on those who 
^Ms^ hin iftbtkn«)y tn^ ke^ away, — iboo, 
and all thy hellidi brood by whom thou ait 
aided P— Then Gerda stepped back humfaljt 
and, at her signal, the dastardly Kolbda, who 
was still present, left the room ; while the two 
noble champions took off their k>ng sasbei, 
and with them bound up Sir Otto*s wounds. 
When this was done, they lifted up the deid 
body of Sir Heerdegen ; and Sir Otio ooaU 
not be prevented from assisting in that moon- 
ftil duty.— ^^ I dare look on thy pale visage 
now,^ said he; ** for we understand eadi 
other better than at that first meedi^ on the 
banks of the Mayne."^ 

Obeying the stem command of Sir ArcfaiB- 
bald, Gerda had kindled a large toidi ot 
dried pine-tree, and now walked, with die 
light in her hand, before the prooeasioe. 
So they left the castle, proceeded 

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across the flamiiig meadows . apd the iros 
bric^ then along the dark lake, foUoWf^ 
iBg the path by which they had come, and 
which they knew would lead them to. the 
upper world. 

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Hirw tbe domialoo of Oetda wm o ¥ a rth i >w ». 

Now they came through the gate on the 
north side of the altar, and the soft gleams of 
the moonlight fell cool and refreshingly on 
their pale Tisages. At the same time, to 
their great astonishment, the air that th^ 
here breathed was like that of spring-tide; 
and, behold ! green boughs, as in the maiA 
of May, were waving round the altar.— 
** What means this P^ said the sea-monardi; 
** when we entered here last night, the groiiBd 
lay under the cold crackling shroud of saom 
and ice; now the moonlight plays on luxu- 
riant grass and verdant foliage.^— -^^ Alas! 
my friends,^ answered Sir Archimbald, ^many 
weeks have, indeed passed away since you 

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were first bound by the fetters of enchantment 
in the witches cavern. Now the brightness 
and warmth of spring are again restored to 
the Hartz forest'* Sir Otto, meanwhile, was 
gazing on the moon's beautifal crescent, and 
started as he thought of Hildiridur. — << Grood 
Heaven T cried he, " and has she then been 
left for such a length of time in the charcoal- 
man's cottage, and exposed to every attack 
from the hobgoblins and evil spirits of this 
forest ?"— " Now, mark you," said the sea- 
monarch to Sir Archimbald, *< he speaks of 
his mother.''-*^^ I know it weH," answered 
Sir Archimbald, << and she is safe in my 
castle. It was my chance to find Hildiridur 
in the charcoal-man's hut, a few days after 
you had left her there, and I prevailed on 
her to go with me, that she might be pro- 
perly lodged and attended under my roof 
Good Heaven! she is indeed like a living 
image of the Blessed Virgin, whose portrait 
every good Christian carries deeply imprinted 
on his heart. Her silent tears and si^s were 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

182 TH£ MAGIC BiNa 

at last so moving^ that I was deternuned to 
set out on the adventure whidi brought me 
to jmn you m the witdi's cavern. Swerkcr 
and the squires, who joined us befioife we left 
the cottage of the diarcoaLlnimery have re. 
mained, along with m j own soldiers, to guaid 
Hildiiidur in the castle ; fen*, in trudi, sudi s 
pearl or diamond of surpassing wcxrth canaot 
be too anxiously watched over and protedad."' 
Hereupcm Sir Otto could not answer in wonb» 
but only seised and pressed his hand in token 
of gratitude; for the fSsverish weariness tka^ 
followed his severe wounds now weighed so 
heavily upon him, that at last he feU fainting to 
the ground, on the same mossy couch uriicrs- 
on they had laid the body of Sir Heerdegea. 
Thereafter Archimbald bkw his aignalJKKB, 
and some squires hastened up, leading fab 
war-steed. At once Sir Otto recognised the 
same foaming chaiger, with the nlver head- 
gear, which he had long ago seen cm the level 
meadows under the castle of Trautwangce ; 
and it seemed as if, in a fairy-dream, the Mp^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


pftritions of his early youth were onoe more 
Msembled around him. Meanwhile Sir Arch^ 
imbald had giren orders to his squires, that 
they should cat down trees and green 
branches, of which they were to make two 
biers,— one toit the dead, and another for the 
wounded knight. Otto von Trautwangen. 
At the same time he sent out a messenger to 
the fortress of Waldeck, to make known their 
speedy arrival, and announce to Hildiridur 
her son^s rescue. 

During all these oocurrences, Gerda had 
stood timidly retired among the thickets, till 
at lei^th she lifted up her voice, and said, in 
a mournful tone, ^^ Alas ! might I not go with 
you ?* ** Wherefore not?'* said Sir Archimbald 
kindly, and as if moved by her grief; ^< thou 
shalt in<ked travel with us; only there are 
three conditions that I have in the first place to 
propose, and these are of no little importance.'*' 
** Tell me then what they are,** said Gerda; 
** for know that I am able to do much for 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


thy sake T *« Well,^ said the count, in thr 
first place, thou shalt make a acdenm yow 
never more in our good reahn <^ Saxony tp 
use enchantm^it or invocation of evil qiizits.* 
'* This promise or vow I shall make i^t 
willingly,^ said Grerda, at the same time fac- 
ing her beautiful white hand on the iron^glove 
of Sir Archimbald. <* AlasT said At 
knight, *< thy promises are indeed oourteoas 
and well-soundiog ; but who can say if we 
dare trust to thy words ?^ Tha:^eupon Gctdi 
unbound her long hair, so that h^* gl<>»7 
yeUow locks fell like a golden garment around 
her, and Sir Otto had almost inquired of the 
sea-monarch, whether this were not SiganTs 
daughter, the far-famed Aslauga ; for as tbe 
enchantress stood thus brfore him with her 
disheveled ringlets, the old l^ends that be 
had heard from Asmundur mingled strai^eljr 
with his feverish dreams. There was no tine 
left for questions, however ; for the damsel be- 
gan to wave her enchanting rod over her 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


heid : then she uttered a long musical address 
to the world of spirits ; in her song she ad- 
monished theoky that from henceforward they 
were free to wander at will by sea or land, by 
fire or by flood ; for she had abdicated her 
throne, and renounced her dominion. With 
these words she broke her sceptre of medlar- 
tree ; the fragments flew asunder, as if borne 
by all the four winds of heaven ; and there 
was a wondrous ruling and murmuring both 
on the earth and in the sky, as if great mul- 
titudes were dispersing angrily and discon- 
tented. When this ncnse had past away, 
Gerda said to Sir Archimbald, ^ Now, in- 
deed, the interval would be long ere I dared 
to think again of my wonted enchantments ; 
for if I sought to lay new bonds on the slaves 
whom I have thus dismissed, they would not 
^ to turn round and rend me in peces. So 
thou hast now before thee a damsel even as 
weak and powerless as any one that could be 
found in the world.'' " In thb action thou 
hast been too rash,'' said Sir Archimbald; 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


^ for now thou canst never fulfil the aeoood 
condition that I had to prc^xwe. This wa^ 
that the altar of Fraa should be destrojrei 
and all the vaulted caverns, with the sublff- 
raneous fortress and its iron-bridge, AoM 
be liud in ruins.^ *^ As for that 
thou need^st not fear,** said Gerda ; ^ 
my commands their destruction wiU soon f)t> 
low ; the akar is already tottering oo te 
foundation, and has been upheld so kng but 
by my powerful spdls. If Kolbein has nc- 
ceeded in finding an outlet, (for Ottur is oa 
a distant campaign,) then immediately the 
whole fabric, both above and below gnxHid, 
will fall to ruin. Mark you, the work already 
has b^un T * 

In truth there was at that moment heard 
beneath them a crashing sound, like that of 
fisdling rocks and pillars, as if the very fiMmda- 
tions of the earth were giving way. IV 
knights looked astonished at each other; 
even Sir Otto was startled, and half raised 
himself up. ** Fear not,** said Gerda, " th^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ground on which we stand is firm and secure ; 

, onlj my grand vaulted roof and my fortress 
are destroyed, and the power of Herda is 
established against mine : let no one go too 
•near the altar, however, for there he might 

, indeed run some risk." Not long after, while 
the subterraneous thunder still continued, lo ! 
the stones of the altar began to move and roll 
asunder, as if they had now been changed 
into Kving beings, and fled terrified from 
some danger that awaited them. All at 
once, indeed, the bottomless abyss beneath 
them opened its yawning jaws ; with a 
hideous crash they fell into the chasm ; bhie 
flames rose flickering over them, and after a 
space they too ^sappeared. ** These,'* said 
Gterda, " were the souls of the unfortunate 
victims who were of old times offered up in 
sacrifice at this altar ; not indeed of all 
the victims, but of those only who did not 
meet their fate with courage and resigna- 
** Truly, however," added she, with a sigh, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


*< I am not to bbune for dns ; nor htTe I 
ever offered to the inviaiUe powers sudiftigb- 
ful sacrifices ; and many hundred years hate 
passed away since thdr Uood was AeL 
*< Who could suppose that one so beauufols 
thou art would command sudi horrid deedsT 
said Sir Ardiimbald. «< Thou shalt indeed go 
with us on our route htunewards ; only tbe 
third condition that I had to impose is yecio 
be fulfilled. With these words he drew fcii 
battl^^wordy and struck it into the graosd. 

'^ Lo r ssid he, << there is the sacred vfm- 
bol of the cross. Kneel down before it, mi 
pray to the Grirer of all Grood !" 

Hereupon Grerda started back, sfauddenf 
with terror, and, without uttmi^ a word, 
vanished away into the thickets. ^* Ftcm 
mine inmost heart I am grieved for that dtfi- 
sel,^ said Sir Archimbald, as he rqplaoed hii 
sword in the scabbard. Then perceiving thtf 
the squires were ready with the bien, ke 
gently placed the wounded Sir Otto on one of 
them, and covered him carefully widi a nss* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


e. Thereafter a horse was provided for the 
iCMDoiiarch; and thdr march began slowly and 
demnly down towards the plains, where stood 
le proud castle of De Waldeck. 

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Of the Wild Hunter Hakdnbeig and hb 

Now, after thej had come down a steep decE- 
vity, all of a sudden they found thiinnflffufli 
a level glade, where four well-beafcen rodi 
met together. << There, my friends,^ aid Sr 
Archirobald, ** you percdve that we hiw 
now come again into an inhabited oomitiT* 
It is but a short mile from this plaee to i 
good house of entertainment, and dicve «e 
shall remain for one whole day, thst tk 
wounded man may have rest ; for it wifi in- 
quire yet another day^s journey efe we cm 
reach my fortress of Waldeck.^ As they diev 
near, however, to the spot where the four iMk 
crossed, lo ! their horses started and rencdr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


and by the uncertain moonshine, (for the 
white mists had settled densely on the low- 
land forests,) they perceived a troop of men 
and horses, that seemed always increased in 
number by single riders that came forward 
out of the woods. Moreover, they heard 
the voices of many dogs, that howled some- 
times with impatience, and sometimes in 
terror. << These must be huntsmen,"" 
observed Sir Archimbald; ^* we must ask 
them the usual questions however,-—^ Whence 
aid whither ?^ There are methinks too many 
of them collected here to admit of our riding 
dirough without some precaution."" So he 
commanded that the biers should halt in the 
spot whereon they now stood, and, assembling 
his squires about him, placed himself with 
Sir Arinbiom in the van, then sent out a 
horseman with a courteous message of in- 
quiry to- the strangers. 

Hereupon, behold, the squire rode and 
rode; but it seemed as if the glade always 
spread out longer and longer before him. 

• Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Mr ^^aiiie -lmiita«g-tfiiidioiirUhiita 

All of n surfden a.8^0iii|ic 
lapiiQtiA on ft hgme poofommHf ^^ 
8tn»08 inth higijpi^ came it|i^ •irftf^ 
tovMR Sir AnhimlMld and tk« «M||i^ 
*f Your squire caiimjt lid^'^Mi^*^ 
slOMRge ludlow v^ioe, tlmt yet.wmhi^ 
the niglit-wiiid almost Uke %MotM4^t^ 
<' he would let the mcniatg^dawiu^iN^ 
fbie be had naoved^tcn pao^k .TIpP^^ 
have rather come to yon, iif ordflUhAM 
thank you heartU/ £w^ having laiiiiiwifc^ 
and her mkcl^ievaue qiprita fron.- 
Tdse then, m a token oC b^ { 
game that I shall s&ad. joaU^^MM* ^ 
fynt prize that X ahaUiiai^ mgki 

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Bitk, hmkl IHIeid^ bilkML, fbrvwd, Ibr. 

ward r With these wimifB, mA wAUk die 

viiy ▼auk of besreQ eeemed to nag mai 

iAo, be few ttinRgtoiray up ibIo tfe air, 

Ml it Mefloed to tbe knights m if they h»^ 

Ud tbofn whdie herds of game, of vhkh 

ke thus ivent inpimuit The band that 

Mled OD tbe {datn all lose at the saaw m^ 

aent, like « cloud of dust alW dieir diief ; 

die dogs bayed and howled, and tbe hvnsto* 

asn sneanied and shouted; ere long, how- 

essr, their i^oides sounded from the umaea- 

saasd fidds of space so £ur remote, that the 

MK was no longer tike articulate voices, but 

nsGpadiled ra«her the growling of a distant 

duiodcr^sionB. Meanwhile all the deer and 

edier game in the forest were so terrified, 

they started from the thickets, 

rorfmig past, dose to Sir Archinu 

bald and his frimds, who were all so much as* 

iflpMifd at this adveBture, that they scarcely 

▼OL. HI. I 

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tedXdisdi amayf tin MiMmficMidA 

•i»lnre.tikgr^erateifiadf(iit^ anAfaldlffir 
'ih'^'Muflidi(kii]|^yfci^-)iiff.K j-f /.^t - '\.<^' 

«llmlt3(Mr«kev laid Sir lAuUrnkMit^ 
^ th^ iMt, mhm wma nniA$m^^ 
•to* add; firo to . pnnridb fecntlvit iupafcrt :^ 
his gaeetiy^ wlicAlHt fe^JuidLiTbfpO'^ 
i«d bf theifild baa^tn, \imm Jut liid#i 
ififlin ISO easfyU i^ifir^Bi4MU>o||iaJ8iilR^ 
tatiDg oik tbb lafaU» wwtnmg>cfeMigitfai^ 

cIoods'fhaBHtMi a—bt j rritot WEddtei* 
muilfromimirbedi; Iwkia IfcMm^cfki^ 

tMit fwe<m#e li&iddfi;^ hnt^ oiLiIku mirtplf* 

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Itt|gr,a«toiiaii/bwai 8o4oHg Jaiovakfk>tiiftoow 
and to oar ance8tab%:.fh»&/iicm ggpii MJilutfB 
liig8raidlh«riBes'-aDd aeboo^r Ihbmi^ finoe 
mm^iuUf'theJiJkrix^tmMi rSiir EAtgfattJjroti 
dJ^yite^^iOmidhpAlt finer bi^tt» tbaiblLoBli 

though it may be somevUst- th«tki iltetf'liB 
mm^mun^ oMkifiightftil^ '^.|»i fords of 
kmm^hoeaimB si^dear to th^ baoAr !lbMk 
iF^iMilbpinMiMttv beoBHiii^ so iBimnMh wUi 
^KntiTwifl^lilit^ that whim k^is rembvdd^ itjs 
ltt»JsiMip|dng Kifae flf tfaeitka' bjp which wb 
^dUigltti thib iniiSd. Iksidc^' oitiHiiitiocea- 
Aqt>)ia8'thegodd.old llakeliihei;^ merdme 
^tst^^. ^>(f»iwaBtt)^: vide eaoth ? Ail 
nHit^'Slw^ik^ saki>k,^ ttntifixxlidh peoj^now 
Wft dftti>i^te fate tettiicd what lie made 
^imi^pptmrnM aaotw^ .tb fehmdir^ but ^ 
to^Mrt^ttidhanifeMii^ ^tvqtb Jicr" .tw^ vaidike 
ta ig l ilK^ ' ■ w h eii^ tbejr gaUopti ahmtiOQ liitir 

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MMKicHfiflqrihqnmi ..mhit L«Bb .ntuU iN 
fliqr iaMi.iliiejkh»uti0t(te oUrrfcwfc iEi At «i 

Idak^.irihafc^ and la>dmeii htt^Mm 
WBriufy w<bia«Mtb.of:dMic}iH)dft;!b«-At» 

la*s(R «mr«Hdt Sm AidfiDaMfdi («(««# 

lMs:M UahMbmgrj t.^m <• ,- ,., ^-^.iot 
:-)At, that' aoBrtpt; Ag»,«H!«,^#iwi(WI 
tinnaliMtv wUcl>;iittni«M*jlp(tb(( IM^M 
•r i^m IrtBt. .Mid JM'.Tg1MltB>,.tvt4JI>«}*l^ 

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«Nd¥yt^d«gi: WdiiMMMn^ thDQ^lt0n9« 

^Id- jpiMeif^ 4>ji triiom he tfaottMahAro 

Aiiiirt i»de0(l tv«m iio^ (m the aleit^ 
t^ <:Mfiti<e fafaa ^within a fdvele, boi^he 'bibb 
iMtfnily tbroagh thefti»< and ai«kiiig 4»te% 
ttNiAards th« iilih bft atletliptiid to loip uBirer>a 
todgd^ ky Mpfakft ' diiBf gankn (wai'bodiicfe^<lnit 
hf (he altm^ 0K»hdi> Umi^ anuwial.waiMt 
aj^ldfiM tbe lMc0 of t8lr>ilmbhdlMLld, wfaifi)^ ttlM 
Itt^ had pbMa4hefe, and Mm after diedit 
' ^ Who fciitfv^^ Mid flir:&tiriMniy <^imt 
^lifffb^ ^ataielilttrHlikdnbcce preHMsed't^ 
ttM «ttr*'^!nMB count atK> waa of the alum 
dfiaiMy ^laid; ateordhi^ to tho w» aadironi 
tf huntsmen, 4fa«y hrim^iiatBfy divided, the 
noble prey with their kniir^ and at middapf 
ftfierftfed "themgdven, iogt^im with the host 
to ia( Ms hoQs^h^ ^maUag meirf ovte 
their 'banquet, boA mwjr times ditnking to 
th<^be&Ml'oPthfrg6odHalLdnbesg. SbrOlto 
W6' parlMfi tS tteir entMaiooieiit^ and at 
ik«ia«d that he-had been ihei^ stnogdieiiea 

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li^M^ tfian Whs wtomWd trtjtJoif^* 

^vfe MesAi deiMbiK^ to,«i fcia*, * 

ite the bofly ttf MjtarMl««Bdk«rw4-ii^^ 

i^ dare ™?t ^feqy;— m e cfc i n li ii v ^tw^^^*** 
%ge, with il» li«BW*e»:«id'dkiito*^*' 
•looks Ike a pfetta« '•e*i*l*liM^*^ 
-deiMtfid coHMtMfe; itae' quidUMi ili*^ 

4tifail^, ^e^e^ftiA oMttecntted gtosvU^ 

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tfanwi^ and iwKttrr dMf.^anb l)w4.t^«ll# ^1^ 
bkmati !]>]!& tIien0Qo4 .idGi&ft64n8(V(t^i4i^ 
Midjirf nt^ <^ fcm^ «h^ ;lwl^ hflrr^iH>94fff^ 

dered BumUe, and his afnii Jnui iOf«IIH^ffP 

4k»1bB, mj3idwb'f«tood dM).lfb^,n^ 

tie gtom A^d^ <rf Ihe trea9> Wii4 ,^ 

iatsAtstti^^sfmlibfiy found* as iimy Ivudibmi 

WBioDDigbfrKllavte Baii «)o» IbM ,tbare ikhb 
ilHreiat Ingfefer and vkw^ aoli^pu}. cbafel jthm 
oaaiAiMwhuiifk built by lAMteL bands*;, in- 
^anradi^aB aila^i>giiOTO-oC^» and l^ea^h 
^m^.m^il rMct.ittbQ tbe> §1^, . vith ^hflir 
hrt Ba chaa dntwiiiwl togedwt, «iidlfoiQ^lkit 

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n at u ra I arch ^ :i v i> i i ic h our n ii b 1 c *t catbe^' 
Utit in^^tate. Through the TOpf of thb.Ui? 
Atsle, gs the wind played amoagiht 1^^ 
IheT Caught at in terras the light af ihf JMIV 
wliJch had now begun to fibine ffirtJi p 
fief|yen. Under this light the thre^ ^h^piam 
jQined i^ ^g^g Sir Heerdegeo of Xid*®" 
rie<i*s gmye j— thej wrapt his m^ik l«arf 
bim, laid him deep in th^ ^rth, sad mft) 
hi^ outward monument of green turf. H^ 
after they remalDed for a space ktied*f i' 
sil?i>t prayer, — Sir Otto at the head a/ lieili^ 
mented friend, and his comrades wnp on iii 
^.. ^t lejjgth t^ey rbs^ and>'^o« jo lip 
pe|aii(*9ly ^bpif^tp, w^pt bpck^ tP^^^B' 

}?e^ V ;:.; ..M I f. .. 

, Onjtbc fipllpjl^ng Pfpr^i^ tJ^cy^afl.^ 
ear)y^ aod Sir,^Q>^p was sp far rimnai^ 

that he could mou^Vl^ ]^?^.F.'^^. f^^ 
pi^pvided for him^ ^(|, l^fft^^u^^ bjl| joon"? 
eyen a^ ^.hf hfd oeTer )]jeea ^finfffUd^ ii 
the evcfning^ i^hen it .wfs^ alcen^jr .laK^r^' 
the sky ^oomy> Sir Arohimhaid and tb^ 

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THE MAMc mm^ m 

/ vere not ftur from his cEsiJe of Waldeck, 
tnat ere long they would all he seated at 
liie banquet-ta{)le, in his ancestral Ii^ll» with 
wie tiuiy riiidiriclur. Suddenly, as lie had 
fust spoken these' words, there started out 
noid tne rustling thickets a strange and un- 
lUi^^-Ybi* figare, tLat reared itself like a giant 
Vi^titi th^':-^they knew not what this could 
db;* biR Hie figure came straight fonvard to 
Ineei m&a\ As tiiey debated thereon, Sir 
'dttoull at once recognised, by the dim light, 
Hhai this was no other than his dearly-beloved 
Dtdwti norse, which had advanccdj rearing him- 
iBetTdh his hinder legs, so that they had mis- 
Taken 'him for a giant; hut, as soon as he 
driew near to his master, and Sir Otto had 
saluted him with the well-known wards)'— 
* Eiihig dfii fiursch ^^ the faithful steed 
tnuiaediately gave over his wild prankS) and 
Bai^eHfp,' neighing alodd for joy, till he stood 
t^daiti^ the khighf, and thfere bent his proud 
l^^btimhly to the' ground. Sir Otto im. 

y^iiAely Wngttted^froxn' his boiYowed horse, 

»^-^ -^' ........ ... gj • 

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UMbuappntooki te'i>cM|fa WaM^dnr , ^SHHi 
heard the sounds, be <agbed«i J * wi t fflM 

imn^ ndeedljcigbtxtolndi^ 
jgkA^lkffiAi^jttii of iHlDtbarlji i 

joy was over, and tkej raSe oit qiikitj ^qpt* 
dier. Sir Otto inquired wherefiire bis tK^m^ 
rite steed had been suffered thus to wander M 
large through the forest? *< Sir Kn^fat,*'«B> 
swered Swerker, << your hone oouU faj bd 
means be tamed or kept in peace anoe jtm kA 
us. He would not come under any roof, nor 
has taken food from any rack or manger; but 
while the Lady Hildiridur was yet m the 
eharcoal-man^s hut, and thereaftar since her 
coming to Jthis castle, he failed not to gaOop 

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bWF hisldot^ * glUsA bed %Bttf lererf idins 
|ii.7.oliD^dDiifes%iitUKiveYCfvfiiK (Mlpiiiak 

tnoblyriilekl^jaiid ioDkfidtas ]£ Ib/tha&lhlikb 
foirlMkuidljipJivchraL .''.•.;...- .ilj buwil 
'TiAtulaigdi. tih«^ ndfi 'inta thetiortrtttb 

' 8iriOte;tofi.1a«iBhni)e<berijg>dlini>bttgR^ 

Ji^i^atr^Atart 'meeting, .te » fipttc^rfbqpMfAs 
ilBniia Hhsfe be:hMd befKerfehidbrrtboottHfl 

-11'-' . , 

A ' . 


'in ' ' 

ri.: • 


:{.ij •• 

.'1; .M 

vA .. 

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^ TMoh boB lliA A lo iaaw oo ^d dIiko ^TfC- 
\o 98Of0 ledJBi TO .^offinoo g'^had«0 V vii 

-fol ^on aBw ^c)jO u'f^ \ii id^^udi .nnaiin*.''' 

How tlie StiMDootitli nmtiidcd Sit Otto ilvt BbaMv 
ni9»t^^il^^^«^tb9t tkiqp riM»di all pnacfliftft- 

- 0iifn(fiveB affiwded by the koigka ftoaih^ 

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there could be no want of a full and dear de^ 
tail of Grabridle^s cofiflicts, or rathar those of 
her brother, for the ring; and the final 
tournament, fought by Sir Otto, was not for- 
gotten, i / . > 

Hikfiridur had listened attentiTelj to these 
stories ;«-at last she inquired of her son,— - 
What was the fashion of the ring ?*-She d^. 
sBfedslDiknowi& whattfiaiinerk^^ wWni^l^ 
mmA wteit kud^ oijnwehmefe ^mCauierf ih^ 
:mi ffirjOttogaToherati'exiBdtdesciifi|)ti(^'6f 
(fthe'Bqrrtj^wgem.* Tli^n^e Liufy HiKEU 
-lidispaaid, witba deep sigfa^-^^ filled 'cta 
vMt lunger 49e ai^ doubt ;«-<the MMowlidl Sir 
.iHtigwlesan't>t Ndrauoidy was wf Mh^ 'than 
4iie< atom Hugar of tlie mflUk, and, tnore- 
nmav^ dijr'fiilfasr,^ Sit Hifigfa' wn IVamwan- 
igfitt^ Aff tof^R^ifagicIUnig) mj enter, tfie 
iMBQffiM; AatnAf' Imi^ v^eived ic itom her 
;MHity by wkomil wa^itsCfuoted in the ftrt^t>f 
magici, amklthe-mniotestiow-ceivered liNmn. 
tabnmuft lodand. In the same hour, when 
tbiit powerful etehuitress iMde tinAae ^ me 

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Urn hmtuiUgLAtM^>id»:AmAAk^ 
cfaeeifiilfy in her diiUUfike iiUHM i wrW 

said dM<I>nid«^ ^tiat meivmnHl tinbtf 
bestomng an hianlaafl^ attd inkie^thiM^ 
gl«lMi< Hnr%iitdDeJvlirt.i«ttLaArtftlilefc* 
With these wiiodg.ehd pM^e wctuHtodiav 
Into Aeffaand crfl AirtiidK taldii^^<^< loint 
tlm gem (a tfaf iiUKiaeooe «idi^ 
hetit; but faftwiiiu » fiir it isft 
V!QWiBg*«uaiy imMboai povere; 
didt liMiuipait iritfa ity wdeaB bo 
when tfaoK liailtimohBd Co idbi jfior 1% !■» 
beDit'««-tSocBi after :it eBriieLiDtD ihi toa^irf 
Sit Hu;giir, asd Heavn graai dhati^lheair 
may nutneiw koie ftUenintotthe poMtM^ 
of some one far lees wortliy4 rftn^tl ndL bn 
tfant by tlKft meaas at ia ponhle to 1 
wondeKijBSf lilljKiiry harei 
in, the world.^ 

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imi fUieraf 'SbnifdKdeBrorvGdbriettt^ aodk. 
)Qtfi[arBCn&*Ki oBiUe'iBDdSutillDUifitaiHie it 
iiaUB^ tliBugh,^ jiddsd lie, in a]owflJ>taiey 
' GhbcidUe.iildeeais tqo ceiidtrtoijpU^iKAHffi 
Hid ttotb^ MdiMoiewfaiifritaD ikwnia i 
M^rivk^i ab« iiitS'tlMi& fnnuHL'^ 

im of tk» tiog^^iKnal HUcbetdnr^ ^f when 
»iiee givan -iHit of thy heads, itiia ^>fitd6 
rhhin diy powtoVB llw laxl^ irtikb«vea'i|ow^ 
8 mmmgthme the castto lan ip M te . Aaiti* 
vkh aia% wbe in tiiift witadd is. at *oiB9e m 
)Oic and so rieh. Aa Igng asoniy an iaevaid 
r(Heft spesdca iritkia - liim, o^og hioi tD|aol^ 
1^ nuty be said to have all within' faia ami 
xhmt; but ho sooner has the skadbeentftik 
ilinH tfaaa in the next moment all ia lost, fer 
t mi^ no««r be recalled.^* 

In the Wfmang^ when diey scyirated aad' 
reliMl t» iUeb sertral chombtis, the wm* 

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mqnafcfa c^me iiuo that of Sir OtUi. *'ft*^ 
you felt theUj happy youth,'* crkd H ■ i* 
as they were alone together, *' hafcy-i' 
in your heart your own tmraea*uritif g4 
fortune in becoming thus the brotbc « 
Blanchefleur ?" Otto nodded kindly iatirla 
of anent to hb hrave comrade. ^ WdltbOi' 
said Arinbiom, ^^ you will doubUe»refl0^ 
the promise cmoe made to me inoBg lk 
Swedish mountainsy when' we for the to ti>^ 
rode up to your mothei^s watdi-tof* ^ 
<< A true knight may never forget tpnM 
answered Sir Otto, taking the ses-aoos^ 
hand ; *< and, besides, I know not asjcfa*- 
pion over the wide world to wfaooi I «w 
so wiUingly g^ve my sister in msrriigetf !> 
you. One questiim, however, is yet to be » 
termined, whether she may not bydoiW 
have become the betrothed bride ot wmtt^ 
not inferior to us in rank,?* *♦ Ko dflA, 
answerod Sir Arinbiom, << I should ^g» 
up my claims; but, methinksi Hes^^BOpa^ 

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;.n ** V ;-'» i:C iw J*>.ti ..i::T .,...; ;t... ...... 

lave rescdved to ipSxct on me aucn cruel dis- 
ppointment'' Thereupon, with increasing 
nendsh^p and confidence, the two. warriors 
ho^ hands, and iprishet^ each, other ^poi 

f /^'. 4 

L l.\-.n .. -^ - 

.. ■■■ -'. ...<i 

. 1 

' ' • * 1 

:>:/..>:' ', fi ..Ni 

' ' • rrt* t*» 

i1 . 

. I ' '. 

.. , , ..!J 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

,jfio{ -J * t.\:- I' -111* iL- •■-' » ■-■vr '.t s 

*/ '.: - t- ' .. * ,.' -.i; J. , -.- .,.*•*. ■? * 

Thk Tidi corn-fields wcee mw wma^mil* 
balmy air, the ordiaid4rees irati^^ ttKi^iid 
luxuknce of bloMotfu, or «iidr firdu skcilf 
fcniied, the flocsk* ware spotthig^ is tkrii» 
domi, the deet i^rang menflj Atmq^ # 
ftfbst-ibidceti, when mxr taEveHeiB bcfi^tkot 
journey froMciMle Waldedt twiraids Tiai^ 
iMlgeii^ on die banks of diOi JDawbe.- b 
«yitry heart pcvmSed the pkaaanfteil' tfl 
liiwliest anticipatidtai cf iriiatls wmii^'t^ 
diere; hot, on die MiyV die^ imiwit ^ 
aodung^^BOrefirequeiUlJr tba&'.off 4k04tilerf 
drtvshyi and <9ie diffartal bideni^knq^ 
booa tiiRnii^ £uio|M, of KmgBk^^ 

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'samwKMsm.KOSi fill 

f eourtesj and bonoor had now vanished 
[uite away finom the horizon. <^ "Ere long,** 
he sea-monarch was wont to say, << Heaven 
rill doubtless permit that we should know 
rhere he is cofiteded. S6^ bi our ice-oovered 
iMMintaiiis of the north, the sun often vanishes 
iwayi far nmiy mmths, but iHh «ol to eome 
igain, and then our days are brighter and 
^M^er tbiai' any wbaee^ else m the worid"" 
•< rKhftfaeMd invokes of sword and laD0«' 
■iKMldd bnsak tibebaadb-of this mystety^'* 
i0adk SitfOttO) << I would, thai in suoh a otaat 
mtf #lude.ann9ur anight be «> hacked ^asd 
batted. as'taycovriet loohs even now.^ V* 
tiMly^ as lie had not obtakKd the aid 
of a Wise armnnrfir, like Ateunder, but, 
boi^tbe fioBtmry, 'liad etnpbyed a comami 
hyt Miiiiirii^ the ^^aiarks of Kolbein's battle 
kx^)OiH0roedH *«vidcBt^ and disfigared tka 
fig») xoalwt^inatt that bad aace baan 
:<riini'iy<Sar Aiohnafaaldw Duriag such ^a- 
aoorsev HUdfriditr wto wfot to say ^-^ Wbd* 
•:€tod JlaadibMiito hnak dulNi^ tUa 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ofo^nr^nUlnmiilMW ilumvltioin tiiM^^ 

M|^iuftpiii;iluid aUof goddttningt^ioatki* 
tffoi'liytdie wise ocmiuil* osdiniyd nw^ 
HildiridMffy Aqr cami^ caoe bmm iaiW* 

Mdemibig j w rif i pwf r f Jjapp ta ed iMoitf* 

l«MdkitilieiiM|c sltii^gkKH^ 

aUfi^ irithhis kaid sttUciiA biaiiUU>* 

hdytiattia^?'' taid^tie ia^cigqr latel! ^^ 
chiDcci tky ttndub arenvotn^xtat-fiMi? P 
gm^i land tte ixnyB^ittftJiiioghBiJi^ 

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OSS auaK HBCD. tt$ 

)eBBdicl3d#,4^«^ on footer m horwilamikj'^ 

ivudicH #^ asmte dne tnieolr loidtlier ttt^im]^ 
UedfilvMN^'! :Kiiowtst cbou^wbii it lirittw 
ver the gate ? The sign of our auherg^' i» 
votrld'7 oo><)nBrfl%n iawMttn f ettdbten^,^ 
^.'Uk ofehtr ' enBlm ^prkC'"* TIm tei^ 
A<fr.>wttt before 40 joaund^ skudderad >i^h«tf 
Ri'hfaifd then mmis^ \m comppaaiibiift^ litf 
■IteA^iMoluiitMlj^ and gSEcd cm tbe dtttk' 
Igtber^pfathBunaiikv fie ior at lerigth ftoii^ 

ti&>ito«ev^ cm0'tow«i[d» tbein^ and saU^ 
'OiBtliinkK^JldioQld JoMmym. The Mdl 
AiUU KbHowvyouilBcrkMMita be the bctot^ 
i^liiiifiBitrak iutt^oik hare often enougif. 
polret) tpudnt porp^M* Whorefore then Oo* 
'^ iwiiider Jebont «oc ^aiUjr ihrangb tbfc 
iweiAndfbmptadonrfifvtUi^vwld? Amjtu 
>tt| jteiiBurootgtealKflBOiid 0Qliep spms ; ,«id^ 

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Wli^il undorttJee^uMl W ddWH^idyiai 

lOMJi wtet into * mi^bbQ«to% iihili ■■Jr 
of a,Jdo^]r wmsstai^ A' ehilL>^dbiidMit 
8U4e orar thelmita of aU.lhalaiftTdikffV^Ml 
wpeoally, becauw^ ^dthou^ liit mtmk^^mtB 
sounded hollow nA obictift mnitt kil ^ 
dttt^ourf, yettb^Myd not MpMMf 
UiaC tkt aecMtB wera tbose of aooitfiiaMik 
bad ere nom bMB well kaowte dieift • - ^ 
Early w ^^ Ukmrngmmtaag^^jAini^ 
make forth lhw» Jan int tol Cu^Aminfarfai' 
in which tbsy had parttd wkk* te liwat/ji^ 
there was a a^iMaemobfyiattind,* 
droQt gvaoe in. ihi» figutei 4liid^ 
whom no one amolig Aim had-a 
and yet he came to aaaiaft mt i ot kij^'m t^ 
preparatieiis for dtpaitnrftt . They? did- a^ 
ask Umavy i|«n^ias^: hdittriBg Aal ^ 

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dnnrilei^>aad^'tfa«tr fit gtfve Ms^ «id td lliem 
braogb bug^fl^ 4ott^ ttey ^ei'efofe 
nlj hretamtfd bin fliuks^; but, us BiMiri. 
houBod^tlie k&i^tt fode aMiy tbrougb tfilii 
I^vwbespMit iiekl, mM the iwittghe Md 
m*:wxelKdifoftbeiiMmmigv on looking bodb, 
}i0]r*^itili sair tbe stras^ Bquiie fcoiftijr e«L 
(■gid'inCli the ftuinjiterJhorfles, amuigfa^ 
flMlnrer tiiej'liad.iiot bean aUe to put into 
uder jbt th^^aiiy dqi afU » tf > 
J^ftbi^ihiiftliralkeddbinitmiiid tbe wbHefegs 
if diafduU iiioniin|^4nr9 it toeiiied to Aem as 
f the ^ent itnu^cr had aooei^iaft ghoJMly 
nd.^aaistMiiv kia qqwrafeoe, as if be w«re 
nCifikeiotber men ; and so dmfiy wiere tl^y 
iBptfltaed bjr theae 'Amg^Hi, that tbty re* 
aaiseddUeaty and did not eirm iBterdnnge 
asnbcwith each otbtr« Soine of them indeed 
eenl ao tat-BB tb briieve that he was a t^iiiit 
iroib the floMs fbrest, wbo had fisfiowed 
hemionly in toom and mockery^ but woukl 
itB loagj tft that dismay and eoBstemation, 

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at laat Wjptetd in 
tbqfilwdwd the ens of Coiuit 
mi ham fjomp mi n m HereopM the t 

dbflt At B^tteoMt fosdi ihonld 

tfgmt bdbre faiai. He oMDe 

«d ^ood wHhin a cuck that Hildiaiha^ 

fa^^lfc fsd Aeir aaseinUed attcndaala^ a 

fctSMd arooBd him* 

Just then tbe fint ^Muns (tf tbaaii^gi 

leOi OD Uk aqiweli hmdp with itamh 

tveiM6» and in the mne monaBt they 

ooveted their enor. It waa iBdaaia^ai 

who had thua wailed Ufoa 

beautiful ftatmea of Gerd% 

ereiv now that the waa thoa 

oat ttpoB thcBn^-^*' Look aal on a» 

amafled»^ taid ahe; ^oo^ooeof 

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re here ])f«8etit harmf Hj^t to IbliMoae -wfaBt 
kM^0 ' ifone V h&t' ffx iA .htd -1>mv6fy Hl' tht 
(MfiMAi heiftyMlHlkd imd fergirmg ortt 
MiiL IditdAd rf beiR^ Mgvy t^Hi €Rlrdft, 
ie-#i]l tiomp^Mooate her dfstreMd-^fibrOIIXT,' 
< it Mt sof^-^The youn^ En^t oF Trautl 
Mgen bowed comteously, and said»«Mi> 
^'TlHiIy I am grieved fbr your finrfmHuike^. 
MyiCM fergh^ ytm Ibe deotli of My bnmf 
rtM!^ SMtlegM;— a» fb«r all 4At yM Mt^ 
Ml^io the iMM^h, or ki ny native litti; 
ijAiflM tne, tbe Km^mbraiice of yoof lAeedl 
Ml fee-dispersed like duM to liie four wmdtf 
f heaven, and never moreyeekoned when we 
iMI^WMf together.^^-^ Nmt tiien, 8ir Arch- 
bhiift/elidthe dannel, ttirom^ towards the 
oitati ^^tbttu OMHit iM-eosiplain agi&Mt me; 
o r # i | l i att iitt determined never to be King 
f4be fiartii moimtabs, I Aadl not compel 
iw»tl le » eun to. 'I pray yon th«B to let me 
9 iMk you^ for, in tittCft, I have no evil in- 
nUtooftf..^ Verily, thou art beantiAil,^ smd 
lir'AMymliakl, <* and aa well night I say 


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316 TAE MJk^c sure. 

that I loved not the Btm-li^t, tk bleMK, 
oi^ the nigfatHigaU^ sweet soBgt, at tint ^ 
protettee is to n^ hmn uimelooiiie4V 'mSl- 
fereot. Bot the crost^-i-nark jou^-^ik 
cross !-^Oiie conditiota was left uaMiMi 
nnd while it thin remains, thou caa^itaoigo 
with us.^-*«< Archimbald,*' aDsweKdtbed» 
sely «( fer the love I bear to thee, i mtU 
have tried also to folfil what dmi aolrd^ 
sirsBt; but it mi^t^otbe ;— aad^nfrrtdtfi 
proMVffleest the angry woids whidi aoirl»- 
▼er on tiiy lips, hear, I pn^ thee, die a- 
plaaati^ which I can give of thai wUdb hts 
drawn thy wrath on Ikida. 
' ^ In the dark wood that liea yoMiff 1^ 
neath us, there is a great buiUii^, ^ 
strong thick walk, narrow winilows, sad > 
high tower, in which there is bvatg a J 
f uUy-sounding bdL People call tbsi a i 
ter ; «id they have assured me, thai ' 
these waUs k to be learned the tMe hU^ ^ 
whkh thou wcNiId^st hare ma bow ia w«r 
ship. Therefore^ dearest An^mAM^ I li^ 

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DQt been .afrajid. to enter through the long 
glopmj wles aodj eehoing vaults of .that 
btukliQg.i ;I want tkithfu* aU akne, ia hopes 
that I might find the path leading. to tl^ 
God iMid th0 heav^a of the Chriatians^-«-but 
th^peo]^ that dwell th^re uiudejcl^tDod me 
atDi; they qufsalioned and threatened meat 
the .gates. - At length they assepibled to- 
geth^, and came towards me, all attired m 
black- garments, with pale, ghastly visages; 
and, moreover, they bot« in their ha^ ves- 
sels for apriidding water» and many strange 
symbols aid banners; but, as I well Jknew 
that by such means mortab may be bewitched 
and tramlbrmedy I fled from them in terror, 
and, .hating again syrrived outside of the 
gal^ I began to weep bitterly, for I knew 
not any means now by which I mj^t fulfil 
tbecondUlioDK whi«^ thou had'^st imposed on 
me Jkl last one of the men in black gar- 
ments had oompaasion, and called to me 
frmn the walls, that I shonld inquire for 
Brolheer Zdotesi; for this brother had not 

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990^ *rfiE UAMC msc, 

long since been a pagfin^— 4iad forced hb- 
self, almost by violence, into their abodeyaod, 
through the heroic strength of hts resolutioB, 
in a short time overpowered all obstades^ 90 
that he had become a monk, and was nov 
sent forth on a journey, of which no one but 
he himself and the prior knew the purpotti 
Brother Zelotes p^xhance could assist ne, or, 
if this might not be, I could have no hope. 
Immediatdy I arose, and like one struck bj 
a poisoned arrow, who rons wildly in seaidi 
of a skilful physician, I inquired ^ikgerly tf 
every one that I met, whether he cooM it- 
ford me tidings of this man? — With moch 
trouble I discovered the road that be hid 
gone,-^met him at last ; — but, alas i y«i 
have now to hear the sad end of all my »• 

^* It was in a nanrow passof die mottiitiiRS« 
just as the full moon had rased her dark-ved 
shield over the rdcky cliflfe, where T met a ttH 
stem figure of a man, that seemed to me a gi- 
gantic warrior, disguised in bkok mtxioA 

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rob^,— «Art thou Zdotes?' said I.— In a 

Mlow voice he answered, * Ay.'— < Help 

me thea to find the God o£ the Chrotiaiis.' — 

* Bight wiUingly,' he answered*—' FoUow 

me P^« WhiUier, then ?' said I dpubtf ully,— 

' Siuch a qutsatipTh^ said Zelotes, < becomes 

not one who 1<»^ after the true fiuth. It is 

eaeu^ that we know the dbgect of our ^ 

grimiigc^-^ow we arrive thither,-<-b]r whai 

patfafl^ or through what earthly 8C(»i^s,t Aould 

be to ua indifferent— Terror then; seiased on 

mei;?^ ^luddered more^ than I had ever 

dtmfi wbeo,. witUa the mag^ ring of the ei^ 

cbaitfer9.l.hadbehcjdthe q^ectral forms fixm 

^ gni^^ tt^ nigl^y demons ^ae i|p around 

iQf^ Bfmdesy iti seemed as if the iponk's voice 

w^3,afceady kna^ni to me. At l^igth he 

8aid»r-*' Ay, truly, I am well aware who 

thou art, and in former years I have been a 

rea9wiied warrior; but evep the horror of 

thy dfltpst^ sove^ries,. and thy vebem^it d^ 

8^ tba^. I s^ld miqr^er one of die three 

sk^q^ag aod defmoelesa Iqiis^ unveiled to 

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222 THE MAGIC ftlNG. 

my 9^t the eternal pumsbments tfad are dm 
to such' crimes, and drove me to se^ Kf^p 
in the Christian sanctuary. When I left tl^ 
enchanted caverns in the Harts forest^ I pre- 
tended that I went forth on a wariike cam- 
fjaigti, but my journey led stra^twaj to a 
renowned monastery ; and there, in a few 
months, I have succeeded in obtttmi^ the 
divine pits of the Christian faith, even widi 
the same courage and resolution wfaidi en- 
abled me to win crowns <^ victory on the 
battle-field.'— With these words be Arew }mk 
his cowl, and though his features weie mm 
pale, and deep-worn by penance and setei^ 
thought, I could no longer doubt tiiat I nor 
beheM in th^ monk Zelot^ the weO-kncFWift 
Norman warrior Ottur, kinsman or btothcr tt 
Otto von TVautwangen. Then I was obi^ 
to narrate to him all that had happened to 
myself and the three knights rfnce has d^ 
parture from the Hmis mounti^ns. He h^ 
tened to me with melancholy eamestnen and 
attention, and shook his head, which be bad- 

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a^paki wrapt up in his dark cowL*-*^ Only 
fcJlow pifyVsaid he at length ; ' thou knowest, 
that wlien I lived as one of the careless world- 
ling^ tbmi wert very dear to my heart, and 
therefore thou should^st believe that I would 
also gladly shew to thee the path that leads 
to ,heaven, if it were but in my power/ — 
' But whith^ wouldst thou lead me ?"* I in- 
quired once more, shuddering as I spoke with 
inward doubt and apprehension. 

*^ Thereupon Zelotes began a description, 
at which mine inmost heart recoiled, and 
my hair almost stood on end. He said that 
he would bring me into a convent of nuns, 
where I should imdergo severe and never^. 
ending penance ;— how my flowing golden 
Ucks would be cut away ;— *<and how I should 
never more be allowed to see thee, Atchim- 
bald^ the dearest obgect of my affections. 
Hearing this, I started as if I had just then 
retreated from the brink of the grave, that 
yawned to receive its living victim ;<*-he 
Wretched out his arm as if to seize me ;— in 

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SM THB Miiuc Bnr«. 

hiB loi^ black robes hc^ now: looked nmste 
€wer )Ske « Bupema^aral apecte; jad, mi 
deer panued by the kfiDtien^ I lediipMMg 
the rooky difi to escape ^Rna Urn. H 
UMrefore, thou wilt bear idtli mtmlbjf^ 
sence, Archimbaldy it must be irithoat am 
er rosary; for to become a Ciurjsliiag** 
flie nothing less dMm if I laeve dsaneii^ 

Hildiridur was about to qnak m ki 
wonted bmH tooes, in order to soodidieb- 
wildered and agitated Gerda, bat lidD» 
bald, wkh a ^ook half angry, Uf in tsAt 
cried aloud,-^*^ Bcgene firam lieoce, dHi» 
dnctiffe and treaeheeoot s^itt, begoneS-tf 
if than wik renain among us, letitbtca^^ 
dition that thou riialt kneel directly, mifoj 
to the God of the Christians befiM^ the ow* 
<— Hereiqpom Gerda's wrath flamed {Mftkd 
its fomcr Tehemenee ;«-<he uttered iifiusAfi 
and threats against Sir Archimbakl mi il 
his ecmpanions ;--«-«nd at last, asifbont* 
the air by her onm luxuriant tit ss o i j «fci<k 

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THE lacac Biw^ a^ 

were now dishereUed and waviiig in the wind, 
ah^ flew away into the neighbourii^i^ wood, 
where she vaniriied amid a thick covert of 

Thereafter they pursued their way, every 
one r^eqtuig. «f^ bia owu ibaao^ on thift 
adventure ; but of all the party, the moat me- 
laochdiy and thoughtful was the Count Arch- 
ioitial4 V4>IL Wakkd(. 


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SSit TTlt SiACilC BING. 




Ifow 9b Otto dMmght diAt be had <«ice nwre lecn Bo^ 

Omc dfty, it happened tlwt they 
bMKttth the shade of tome lofty dn^-trees, M 
the base of a hill, on whose aumimt diere was 
tttuated a rid)ly<*endowed and maginiem 
chiqpel) whi<^ stood retired on that aolilvf 
phase, though it was the resort of devxMt pil* 
glims from many villages. Oidy ilie quist 
smaQ maniion of a priest stood haid by, ia 
order diat some one should always be presnt 
to open the gates for pious belieracBy aadto 
protect the building from negkct and ii^arf. 
It was a {deasure to behold how the wUt 
travellers sat waAer the green dm-trees,-^ 
their horses and sumpter«males feeing aa 
the meadow around them, and their {fitter* 

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ing shields and weapons han^ng from the 
branches. It was now the sultry hour of noon, 
and the golden cups, filled with the cooling . 
and refreshing wine of Rudisheimer and the 
Mosely were handed merrily round, while the 
squiiies begau for pastime to sing aloud many 
a pleasant old ballad, so that the notes echoed 
fiEur and near through the green wood. But 
Sir Otto, who was wont to be so gay and 
cheerful oif mood, remained at this time sikttt* 
and lost in deep thought. The severe life of 
his brtfther, Ottinr of Norway, as a Benedio* 
tine monk, perjdexed him sUwigely ; and he 
knew not wh^er he shoidd mourn, because 
sueh a brave ]routh was lost to the worid, or . 
rejoice beyond aU measure at his eonversioa 
to the Christian Aath. All the while that he 
thus medkirted, lo ! the church on the faiU. 
top, wMi its lofty vaukcd roof and tall jnllara, 
was'beferehim, and attnoltd him as if by 
some mysterious power; so that be could not 
turn away Us eyes firom the boilding. Per* 
cdvii^ this, HiMiridur said to him,— ^ Go 

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Wm- Mffthitibi tbar» it warn « dbcfp j». 

W«o4 iby wagr tq ycnd^ holy plwe» «ad p«f 

ak»U wnit )iM« in this plnaimiiif 9E0M ijiV tkw 
]i^tui9»'iijk> itt,^4*4Sir Otti» boned thMHiJly 

Xl^ 4»wr 4;«l^s.«if 4tm «bi^ vent <vei; 

now iewMil YwrnMimmy. Jkm^ img ^m 

jmr4i«)itai«t foU is w«ia4 jlrwin tkna|k 

.kb'wboktifeJwlMd mmtif beafLOMa^kipfr 
4bw in throo iticnirTiti^ fhoug^ itub ipiglii^ 
ttlHiaaelfiDgrrtMQu% iwoe lie kmrr wijif 

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cmnvapd «VMit that had oecunr^ to him over 
vl^ioh he >8hou)d thjaa tejoace. On whatsp* 
ey«r he rdiected, whether il ware on the eon- 
iwiioa^f Otmr^ atid hiatransftirmadon into 
the wxBk Zalate6,*-KM;i the party he had left, 
mA thmr near apfNroa^h to hia bame on the 
bdovad ha»k» of the Danube,«*-it seemed ite 
if a lOMHa Sght of joy pveyailed in etei^ 

M taigtb it ihaj^^ed, that, smimg the 
piatmil^ and moouxnents of the chim^^ his 
e]rf8>r0iti9d<n a wonderful siirine, such as he 
had «rTf r hsfoie seen, made of gdUfen bars 
apdglasB-WOTki as if some precioua rfitic were 
ihftwitnrt tbnwn. Oa^coming nearer, he be- 
hdA tiurongb the g^ast a f eaooJe toma, of di^ 
vine ai4 iadcaenbable beauty. The e^pises. 
awpa ot her liotovea indeed might be compared 
to thd laflifflcp of a day in early iq^nng-tiuck. 
Jjpyftd antimpatBTttifl and confidence in heaven, 
bjqriied with ahtfd-Ufce famniUty and deep 
^earvfit r<Aectff>n. $he looked steadjbsdy m 
m liMCga book that waaopen befoiQe her^ wd on 

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s» THE iCAOic snro. 

wbicb her SDov-uFhite hands woe ftUei 
Her long -finnged. ejdidsi therefor^ m 
half^losed, Jike the clouds that rest « ike 
summeivsky, without v{i<Jly Teilingitidec^ 
blue lustre. Bands of pearls w&e iatervsva 
in her light-brown hair, — a high bee rd 
was round her bosom,— her blsd^ y^ 
robe was adorned with gold embroiderji da* 
monds, and emeralds. Grazing BBOffoij^ 
this beautiful apparition, and ooiaing np 
opposite to the shrine, he pereeived, tor Ai 
first time^ that there stood behind her stti 
figure of a man, in a magnifioeiit foff^ 
dress, with stemty lowering brows si' (^ 
eyes, who was stationed there as her gwrf^ 
and protector.—-" He represents, no Aj^ , 
the blessed St Joseph,"" said Otio to hoHiV'* 
and, without thinking more of the fi«**V 
man, -or hia strange attire, he fixed sU kii^ 
tention agsin on the female figure— wli%*'' 
at once, the impresnon tibrated fitel^ 
ning through his heart, that the featuftf ^ 
now saw were those of his detrly-bd"** 

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TttS MkOtC RING. 2^1 

C(A»kiy Beftha you' lAchtenried, diou^ ^uly 
K^ eoutft^enanoe was^ hallowed and gloriAed 
by a celestial 'fight, such ad till now he had 
ne?er beheld but in dreams. Hereupon he 
dos^ his' dazsled eyes, and remmned for a 
space half unconscious of what passed aiyyund 
hmi. Again lookhig up, he found the shrine 
void and deserted ; neither the beautifbl saint 
DOT her protector were to be seen ; so that, 
mbumful and discontented, he left the now 
desblate church in a mood of mind the most 
oppoate that could be imagined to that tinder 
whose influence he had trod the sanne aisles 
biit a short space before. He could not help 
believing that Bertha had died even at this 
houir; and had revealed herself to him for a 
moment in that angelic attitude and form 
bitt to riiadow forth her last farewelt. 

WhA he' came back to his fnetilk in the 
elm-grove beneath, he found them all eagerly 
expecting his arrival, and lost in conjectures 
what could have detained him so loflg. Hil. 
difidtrr too lo6ked anxiously towards a car- 

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33ft Tfa MAMcsiNa 

mgb^To^df bom which» on. the olber sideof 
tJbe luU» tber« arose apleaaaiitaoiiiid of nraac, 
thai always drew nearer and newer. Ses» 
afterwards there appeared a, niuneceot hmi 
of horsemm in strange eaan^m attire, wA 
red turbanSf adora^ with pknnes elheaftt 
feathers, on their heads, and playing, ^as ttiqr 
rode, en all sorts of instnnnenl8,«-4aic% 
schallmey?, trumpets, and oboes. Some beat 
tune with golden cymbals ; others with keClfe^ 
drums of nlver, hung with red cmhroi d cwl 
drapery ;•— their music was timed, like tiMt d 
a march^ and yet the soupda were soft a«t 
joyous ra^er than threatening and 
Beside th^ mu^ciaps, tb^e appeared] 
warriors, who, in their golden shirta of omA, 
that gleaiped in the sun, with th^figkt jaiB- 
lins made pf cane-tree,, and tbor htfmd cni^E- 
edl 9abrest w^re almost liko peq^ of ano^ 
world-. 9ut theeyesof thelookeaifroncQiiU 
not Ipng wander thrpogh thismultifcQde; te 
lo ; ther^ appeared) on a magnifepnt UhI 
chaiger, a Imgbt rather ad vaiw e d in ; 

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of aufih Woic digmty of aspect and demean- 
om^ thaw bolh m tim respect and by th? 
tf |) / ^ d 9wr.jaJFbift easiqrn ottiye, be cart all th^ 
Qiber wflffripf^ i^to sbadB- ]f r<Ho them top 
hehWBB difltii^fiiished by a large gplden ci^off^ 
omammted wUb diannrnd^ and. other preoiw/^ 
gems, which hung oa hia breast. By hia 9id^^ 
imm ioffir-wltfi^ pil4s^ oopti^sljuig strajigely 
1^ tim knigblV bkpk cJwger, rod^ « beau*. 
Iiftll 4wiiel attiffedi in bl^ck veh^t eml^roideiv 
ad wi^. peai^i on vbom the throe kK^gbt6 
SHied. Yith a8towh»eQt and del^t ; but wc^ 
VMflrMly mjy 4vil Sir Otta nqw recogfuaed 
in IMa 4imdi the mni that he l^^d beheld in 
thft^W^hi und^i^ th^ marripr i^o rode with 
h^ t^ aa^e 8ter« and frowning, [mtector 
wbp^ h« hid there looked Mf^n aa St Jo- 

Xl|e ladjT cart a significant, gkoqe on the 
sUyiep armour of Siir Archimbald; then ^er 
^gnp tiwaed suddenly with a gaze of wonder 
on Siif Otti9» m hia dark mail with the eagk's 
viaor ; and aa she caught his £eaturts» a fleet- 

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234 TH£lU€TCVirG. 

ing Uush, beauti^ as the fint red «f At 
morniDg, stole over her ooontemacB. M- 
denly she turned to her oompaoMt ^ 
whom she spoke earnestly for a feimoneMr 
then the whde party proeeeded on tksr 
route, and were soon lost to view in ^daf 
recesses of a wooded valley. 

" We must follow them T cried Sr 0»» 
as if just then awakening from s pnf^ 
dretai ; whereupon Sir Archimhald 0^ ^ 
sea^noitoch shewed themselres vilfiog, « 
usual, to join in every wish of their bekp«d 
comrade. Besides, the strangers bj ^^ 
their curiosity had been thus attracted, m0k' 
to have chosen the same road whidi thej ^ 
diemselves intended to pursue towardi ve 
fortress of Trautwangen. In order to becff- 
tain whether this were really so, Sir Arii*' 
bald mounted on a great fragment of f^ 
which lay as if it had fallen from thedoudi* 
near the grove of elm^trees. MetnwUe S 
Otto, the sea^monarch, and Swa4Ler, beg«* 
great haste to urge forward the sauUHf^ 

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bridlitig of thMr iiorses, and loadiiig of the 
suiapter-niules* In vain did Hildiridur warn 
them^ that a beginning made in such over* 
haate aeldom leads to a good aid ; for they 
were all too knpatient to listen to her mild 
and gentle adnumitbns. 

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996 Tft£ M^^CUK) we. 


How Sir Kolbcm of Nonrey onio bj Im 

Whilb they were thus occupied, lU «f ' 
sudden their attention was attracted hjthd 
ringing of armour and clarfiing of *>* 
firpm the rocky cli£F whidi Sir AiAkAm 
had chosen for a watch-tower. Looksf ^ 
they all beheld how the count had cifi^ 
in siii^le combat with a tall powerful wo^i 
nay, thar eyes lighted onhimjostittka*- 
ment when he was almost quite oveaxm^ 
when the strai^ger^s enormous bruea iv 
was fittced against his breast and fotitd^ 
till at last he fell prostrate on the cfii, ■^ 
his adversary wielded a ponderous bsttle«t 
ready to inflict a mortal blow. Sosrodjoi' 
they fioel assured that all this was not sfltf^ 

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TH£ MAGK; ring. 237 

delusoB of endtantment ; aor did SirOtIo or 
the aea-mciMUich peroeiTe how it would be 
poMiUe to reach die summit of that steep 
rock with soffioieiit rapidity to save the couBt. 
Swerker, hetwever, had not allowed himself 
tine to reflect;-— with the activity of a true 
Norman, he had in a moment flown to the 
£atel spot, and now interposed bis sword be- 
twixt the .fallen knight and >his ackersary^s 
battle-axe, so that both weapons started asun- 
der, and were broken into fragments. There^ 
after Sw^fJDer grapfded with his enemy, and 
seiied ism lound the body witir such vehe- 
meafee, that 'ere die count bad time to raibe 
hiittadf up, Ikey bad both rolled down from 
thediippeiy Tock, and, still holding one ano- 
ther firmly embraced, came together with a 
great crash on the ground. There, whether 
it were<by supmor art, or by the mere chaane 
ofthe-fidl, the 'Stranger bad the upper hand, 
and, gnnni]^ fike a wild beast over his prey, 
he held the Swede with one band, while wkh 
the'othe^he^drew a dagger from his bosom. 

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f88 TflE HA6IC SIK6. 

Swericer, hcywerer, iSuled not at the i 
ment to draw forth his sharp himtiiq;Jcinfe; 
aod DOW, each faaTing but one arm at libertj, 
theyglared at one another, both watding sa 
opportunity to inflict the mental wookL 
Suddenly the stranger uttered a deep gmn ; 
hwarmsfdl powerless; Swerker aroie, sad 
his opponent, after leaning on hb hands, sod 
vainly trying to raise himself up, at kogdi 
yielded to his fate, and stretched himsdf bi»- 
tiottless on the now blood-stained grass. 

The knights all drew near to bira, aod oa- 
clasped his visor and corslet; while EBliEridar, 
kneding beside him, declared, with a «^ sf 
compasoon, that his wounds were mortal, mi 
neither healing herbs nor enchanters^ spdb 
could save him from approaching death. 

'' That indeed I can well believe,** mid the 
wounded man, in a voice scaicdy antHik, 
while a kind of dequiking smye passed over 
his convulsed features, that already wtve the 
paleness of death ; whereupon Sir Otto sad 
the seo-monareh recognised in this unfortuMtt 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

vietim.ihe onoo-bloomiiig and jMroipevous Sir 

lldaocholy and rtgretnowprevailed through 
the aide that had formed round the fidlen 
youth ; and Sir Archimbald, with glistening 
eyes, said^-^*^ Truly my heart is grieved for 
thy fate, young warrior, who, for my sake, 
hast come to this untimdy end. But what 
injury had I oflered against thee that thou 
should^st thus attack me at unawares, even 
like a blood-thirsty assasan ?""—'« Thou had'st 
taken from me what was to me fsr dearer 
than life,^ said the dying youth ; *< and in 
my revenge I have aimed at thy life alone. 
Without Gerda I oould not live.^— He paused, 
and then turned to the sea-monut;h :— ^< Canst 
thou remember, cousin, how, with your fiery 
arrows, you once destroyed my little vessel 
in the wide. sea?*-£ven so has Gerda^s beau- 
ty, like consuming fine, farmight ruin on my 
fortune r— Hereupon Sir ArinUom wept 
bitterly* when he. thought how this bkximing 
branch from his ancient oak«tree of the north, 

'Digitized by VjOOQIC 

hmn iflituiidj nidHred awmy ; and nWil 

'^a»nk OB God^ my waa^^^iMk « *r 
MRtaftii Givra- of «U ^ood^ wlt>witttatm 
fow^ Iwftr tfa« pnyar 'cmi of 16m «te Ihi 
been dekided and »iaM ftoM Ui' iMif» d- 
diatigUieMtfiveskte l]ei»redbedii%MFd£fMBe 
asd fotgiwMWbs r«»^« Thk iadeei I ied m 
my imacnt heart,^ iiMwiiad & 
a mie of hope and oontentBieiit att i 
features. ^* To han who kas fered 
maob ¥Pill be fiorgiveo ; and Gedisi 
ii^ sun <tf leve, whose ]^bt will Mi kttgA 
prevail «ven throiq^ the dark^t dknids <tf 
superatitim and idoktry.""— <' Alas ! consiB,*' 
Mtd AiinUoni, ^how could^at tlioa tmmam 
so Ukid m diy days of 6treii||r|h aad hcdrii, 
when the divine light now shines so faiiglttljr 
on thy departii^ spirit ?— ^UraU^al Ifaoai not 
yet wrestle against deadi, and z«andn ftr s 
space^ with thy heart dius chaogedy ssaid tfaf 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

tsm UAQJC BSWt. Ml 

&mg fWendbi r'-^^ Nay, wy^* said the 
^(amhy ^ dum >cM^at retteniber ;«-dkl. not 
d; liitk bark g^fiam more brigblly llupever, 
uit^H^ it flank into the dark flea?''*-^WMi 
bete woods a fleeting radiance Acme inhis 
je^. IhA in tlie next monent they xrkisedifor 
yer, mid be: lay outMetched in bis laflt peace- . 
ul sbimbaii on the Uoc^ng turf. 

As» lor a whUe^ they stood there in their 
pii^, gazing on each other, behold 1 th«?e 
ame afln^ng. them a man in long white gar- 
Qeats» an d tbb was the chaplain of the 
burch on the ndighhouring mountain. They 
low begged that he would vouchsafe to tlmr 
leparted fMend the rites <^ Christian burial, 
mi described to him bow tranquil, and even 
•ious, had been the knight's last moments.-— 
' I b^ve you rij^t willingly,^ said the 
lonk ; '* th^ ex{»re8sbn (rf* divine peaee, and 
rust in. the mercypf God, Umt yet rest on 
bese features, were enough to convince one 
ho bas been c^times beside the dying and 
ledead. Pursue then your journey^ God's 


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9is ' ' vKKmitoufmsa. 

-B *nifertttfc», >iiiJ(BM|f .lAd^wgn rf***^ 

^ Had' th^y ^iwiit iA«ft^ tinr«iMtei»*»» 

ah* Oito^ lidwcTW,' mmH «%:«**'<•* 

^««rii^*il*Jf to «pMA •we^4Bi»^** 

of me, if, In iMb tolmf»lK)att^ I^ww^ 
firt^ose to you ott€f<pi«tk» tAkfc ^^^ 
deed'seem iho i!es«lt of idle coAoa^fi dM# 
my r«d tootiv«ii «re indeed ▼ery 4i^' 
for, « tr«th> my, wbde kofee of e«*!f *** 
pinesi, and ef«o my BonPe we»l> d^***** 
on^— ««y then,' weref llie ptrty, '•to •** 
UUle< wbile ago seemed «o iriod «i«^ ^ 
monntaBn into the^vall^) mcfe |A*****' 
were they indeed habitants htiaagaigt^^ 
world fwMOTeofer, I wteold mkt •k^ 

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the faMutiftil damsel, yrho toAe in that pro* 
. oettbtH bad befixre iqypMPed in the churdi at 
fity^f with a book epfitbaCn*e h^y in ^e 
UtesM ^th glasd-wDik and golde», bar» r— 
fiteitiipOtt Ae good old chi^lain slowly ,dlook 
khr heid> wift its tniow-white loeks, fttfd an^ 
^jii^eredi-'^ In truth it sounds strange and 
■fHUitjhtujl.ta Ma af u«, -ta bear such question^ 
Mkb M amiotts^beartftd worldling ; and yet 
I'flhaU wiffingly answer you :-^If the young 
kkdai Whieh eome forth in spiing-tide, fly 
^i^gerly firom tree to tree, as if wondering, and 
in quest of knowledge, wherefore should not 
man, when he is yet youthful and unwe^med 
fycm this Hfe, have the same desires?-*^ 
Know then, sir knight, that the devout lady, 
after whom you inquire, did indeed come to 
prayers in our church; moreover, she ap- 
peared within the most adorned and magnift- 
eMt shrine which it affords ; for this place 
was chosen by the warrior who came with her. 
On yonder side of the hill, undei' magnificent 
Utits, ihey passed scnne time for r^t and re* 

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freshment a&eac their long journey. Thou 
ahould^st not dream that they were bm a pn>- 
oesaon of ghosts ; for it was a real ptinee of 
thi» world, with his train, who passed heieai 
the road before you.^ — *< But who then is ^ 
devout lady ?"" said Sir Otto ; and who is her 
warlike protector p^— << To these questioQi»' 
said the priest, ^* I caoDot give you aa an- 
swer. We kiK>W;i indeed, that they are pn»- 
fuse in their gifts to all convoita and duioci 
of the saints ; moreover, to all those who ace 
in poverty and distress ; so that the greaieit 
emperors and princes have not equalled, br 
less excelled them. Mcnreover, th^ hearts of 
all who come into their presence are refre^ed, 
and strengthened, by their mild wocds and de- 
vout exhortations. Wheresoever they oooe 
the vcnce of dissension is hushed, and peace 
smiles around th^n; but as to their nanes 
and true rank I know nothing, nor eould nBj 
one in this country give you better intel- 
ligence. Many believe that they and thdr 
train have come hitlier from India; that the 

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lesuler is the grand priest John, of whose 
wealth, power, and conversion to the Chris- 
tian faith, travellers have already told us. As 
to the beautiful damsel, they believe that 
she is his daughter or niece; adding, that 
she is already betrothed to one of the weal- 
thiest and most powerful of our European 

The priest carried in his hand a small box, 
in which he collected alms for the poor ; and 
Sir Otto, in token of gratitude, placed a gold 
coin therein. With shame and embarrass- 
ment, however, lie perceived, when the monk 
lifted up the lid, that the casket was already 
almost filled with gold, pearls, and diamonds, 
—-the gifts, no doubt, of the mysterious lady 
and eastern warrior. 

Now, when he had mounted his horse, 
Svrerker came riding up, and said, in a low 
fiiultering voice,— ^* Farewell,— perhaps for 
ever,— my noble conqueror and teacher !— 
Tlie Swedish eagle must straightway wing 
him flight' back to his own mountains of the 

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949 'sm MiuCHc sma 

iiorth.**-^ir OUo looked od him wi^i »- 
tooishnieiit, and the Swede oonlbiKd^ 
<< Mark you. Sir Ariobiom caniioi heir to 
kx>k ou me siace I have put to death bii 
young cpusin. Sir Kolbein. B^v&ig^ I «dl 
know, is a passion that should oerer be ds^ 
rished by a Christian against his £dkiw-iBBillt. 
Tn the hearts of our northern heroea^ hsv* 
ever, this pas^n is deqply pfeoted, so A«tii 
becomes a destructive poisooy dealioykgef«i 
our own lives when w^ are denied Aeldi^ 
ment of justice on Urn fay whom we hM 
been injured* Tb^ seaononarcb^ beKevta^ 
would diQ of vexatiQB if I w^re ta he Icafir 
in his presenipe- ]doreover| to vrhai puqNSi 
4iouId we, QuiatiaQ warriof^ asscmbkia 
your castle?— Wherefore shoilld we dmsI 
there only to r^el at your bawiueMll^ 
wheii perhiqps there is need that we shfloH 
agfdnumte together o« the ha t t bufi s H , and 
that, by our endeavowB» a g^eam of the tw 
light shoidd be made to shine £prth en Ar 
dark regions of JPinlapd. Parewdl i^^Yfhm 

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I have opce more arrived in the north, I shall 
not £Edl to make known to the noble race of 
Swerker how deeply I love and honour thee ; 
moreover, how truly I confide in the religion 
of theChrisdans.^ 

So it came to pass, that, after cordial em- 
iHracefl, and many kind words, Swerker 
moimtedhis horse, and disappeared swiftly aa 
aa anow among tt)e moiintaina. Sre Sir 
Otto had lime to <»Kplaii)i to Hildiridur and 
hta oommdes wherefore the Swede had j^ 
solved to leave them, be was already far re- 
QVKBt and separated ftoia them for ever. 

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^46 TH£ afAGIC JLING. 


^€m the Ladj Htt^iodBr tpok^ kindly wiA the 


T . .. . 

<^ Now,'' wd Hildiridur, as the knigte 
spurreci tbeir horeeB, ^'caajoaiiot remenber 
my Warning admonition P-^D^ctth and aepva- 
tion are, barriers already tbrown io jroor vi^, 
yet you ride onwards with the same wi]d je> 
solution and impatience as befcxe.'"'— H«ie« 
upon the knights checked their horses, aad 
for a space were lost in silent refiection^ tiD 
Sir Otto, blushing deeply, began,,--*^ Mo- 
ther, dearest mother,— if this lady that «9 
have all seen to-day were mdeed 33enlia f— 
Surely I cannot have been decdved in thtf 
likeness,— only the strange damael was ia 
dress and demeanour so grand and so so> 
lemn T — " Can^st thou believe then,* an- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


swered iHildiridur, << that my heart is not yet 
filled with arderit love for my dear adopted 
daughter ?— Who can tell, however, if she, 
who has appeared here as a princess among 
OS, be really Bertha ?— Or, if it were so, whe- 
ther, when raised thus to pomp and grandeur, 
ahe^isyet wilKBg to aeknowledge thee lisiiet 
cxmsin ?^«-<< Her companion then is a sorcerer 
or a base seducer,^ said Otto, with melancholy 
mbd repressed rage- ** I shall in due time 
' spenk with him after such manner, that he 
aUall find as little reason even as I have, to 
rgoioe over wliat he has done.^^-Hildiridur 
looked mournfully at her son, and said,^* 
*• Who has conferred on thee the right of 
j tiding thus the conduct of Bertha ?-*-and 
wherefore should^st thou threaten so sternly 
tliat noble warrior whom the poor forsaken 
damsel has, in her distress, chosen for a pro*- 
teetOT ?— Bendes, young knight of Traut- 
wangen, thou art now on thy journey home- 
w«vds, to take under thy care and console 
thy iMier^s vassals, who are yet mourning 

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g|o TBS VAraciow. 


tfw 4«A of their beiowd «B«t«f. Wl* 
puTfMfee be foMiUed, thou m'* «*•*• 
talfe aaj new adrentore." 

A blush of sbauie «ad aetfwjw** i^ 

lowod that of anger on Sif Otto's fcitt"}- 

hebowad reepwtfully, and aridr-*'^" 

bededded by your better judff»«rt,*«* 

mother;— I w«go myeelf obedkrtlf »^ 

^rtU. In trath it has becoB»e«olyW>«l* 

and certfcin, that if it were Bffthahtfrf'*' 

was heie preaent among iw, and if •«•■ 

wiHing to acknowledge our oU *«^ 

aod itfeotion, never would the baadrfk** 

men haw passed us by ^wthout «*""** 

lalutation. Let it be so !— I betf ^^ 

andbhuneof my own foUy, ««i P**** 

ait no longer worthy to lift i* "W**^* 

her, who aeems indeed Bke a W»^^ 

Heaven T 

H«!feupon HiJdiridur tapped bi« k^ 
the shoulder, wd 8aid,^« JjImI »»°^ 
may the hewrt of a young hero be «^ 
to the 8»«miy sea, wiA ita waw*"****^ 

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^iftg'tlp 10 tfie«lurry Immvi mi *Bglm iiak» 
iag into the duk and da0{i»abyM of sadiMw 
and]pieri««-Deare8t aon^ tkoii ihould'st dd^ 
thua hqr aside aU that pride which bdoogt to 
thynnric4Hid aetfievemeDts ; BKMom\ thaM 
ahotdd^t renemher, that en a ferm Itte thiae^ 
the noblest «f fa^born damsels mi^t Indeed 
look mch pleasure.'* 

Diiriiig these diseouffses, as they rode 
through a deas» thioket of cUer4eees, lo| 
they coUd not help watching a stmnge light 
that shone amid the gseen beanohes, (and 
which diey had at 6rst thoaght to bd VBfi9f>^ 
M:«# the evening dcy^ bwt the ti|^ kepi 
paee w)^ Aem whenever Aey went» and at 
IM an -opening in the woods Mfredad the 
brm of Ae enchantteM Qmdm^ who, with 
^mg dishefiriled hab, nosr appeerad in her 
voviled beauty, and in female at^re. She 
low walked hastilj akmg a foot-path of the 
tMWtt, which em hng joraed with the high.. 
*eAd; and Sir Ardnnbald rode fevward to 
neet her, calling aloud,— << Away ! away with 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

with cMir parly, icacel now Inifantk, flHlfn9 
befonaithe hqfy orw. Tid» m im im U M I 
M»ir]gimrtonlieeinlEJBdiHB oC hearty aadriv 
the hst-rimer. Gfidn AaedtnotioidflH^aai 
pnrtaoi^thejdoiig locks that, . in her mA 
VMdi^iMid &lk» orcr harlmhMd, ifarfiMd 
her large dark eyes cm Sir Ai«htnihaM|- ad 
aasvfmA(inibG<ti9wo£ a duld tlM* k hrit 
mugqf^iKlU vmlimA io weop^-^^ Smij I 
OM^iie^albivred'to.lralfc oavaida, .vhoem 
Iaua£iid'aiffeta»d£iot^|iath? Bywhali^ 
eaft'*8t'thoiir jnteirupt nqr joonajr* noe cm 
4ie }hi|gh<roadfl are as free to Geida aa-lhey 
me to that and/thy choeaa fiicDda? I^^hn^ 
ever, Ifay hatred -against me ia «o. gmatf dvt 
dum caoVit notanflepflae even to Irre^ thflB»ii 
God'a naiMi^ ioflict ai 'caoa^the bhrn that jo» 
^gna me to death* EiNf^ this I tdl thee viih* 
out daigiuaey ao long aal fioolimie to fifc^ I 
shall DolfEiU toiq9|i0ardms» aow and dicB»ii 
thy prfieenee,^'-*fWith thcae waada the 

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THM MkQi&.BOm. MS 

heiv leng^iglos^y riiigleto again over ter -fiiA^ 
tuiies, aad began to weep faitterly.r • 

^ Heavea knows,'' aa^d the G&taAu^^Mk 
Waldeek, wkh a deep 8^Iiy*^< wfaalwiU-pNyiv 
the endiaf.ali du^r He-lurtied his Jloiie 
lousd with A gesune of ^vehemeot iikipgAan^ 
and draw down. his vkor with atjouariing 
tnidi. - ' '^*.- lOii 

Meanwhile Hildiridur geotly toi0>Ktjp4m 
her palfrej townods the weeping dmnm\ Md 
stetching out her hand, <nioe more 'iMarted 
the golden locks ffom her fbrdiead. M^iet 
gentle touch, the hxka of the beaQtifi;d'«n;^ 
ehantress eleared op, even like a bed of 
flowers when the son mirprises theai- bathed 
in nmrning dew. ** Weep not,'' laid the 
Druda, ^^ weep not thus vehemently, deaseal 
dau^ter ; tor there are other paths by whcdh 
dioa may'st arrive at the knowledge of'ifae 
true Gk>d, bendes that which was pointed ant 
to thee by the stem Zdotes. It isnotindaed 
required, that thou sbould^st pass through the 
ttpuldiral aisles by that gkwmy monastery, 

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oftr tke weeok of «& diy woridfy }ifk 
Bdidd, I am the vlio, on the SvdUi Sm^ 
> nppoied thy power m sodded^ is ds 
eof our UesaedBedecBer, wdtrnkni 
att thy ipellt and widinnfiwrti. U 
ithpuyhov, in thy cooaukdacmm 
qf tkfr mountaini^ thou ao lomg co n ta A i f * 
against the veiled lady of the w9tA4amf 
Tb^'ii^ciqpuQg dam a el looked up ooafiaei^ 
and y at with a ^eam of hope ateafiag o«r 
hor bwitiful featurea. << Know thc%* €» 
iMMi^d HUdiridnt, "< that thoi^ my AiA « 
a Chnttian be amoero and ileeply i 
in my heart, yet methinks a path to i 
iad poaee nugfat be Ibimd for thoe, firdfe* 
Mt from that of wbidi the atem wmrnatf 
ZakitCB, baa qpoken. Wilt thou lide idlk «r 
thm, aiMi aabmit to the inatnictiona of SUb' 
mhtr "^ Oh Heaven T cried the mAm 
Mm» ^ bow gladly would I obey tbett bi> 
the knight thtfe in the bright rilver ai aa wg 
will tet fluSer me to be in his paaaenoB^* Oa 
the oontiary^ howey^^ the Count von fW* 

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m K&filO BXNe. 9U 

dariciiad InateneA to ikid out smoBg the honea 
kd bjr die e^pniMi a handsome patfuey, which 
behroagbt ^ the ngur glad aad smttiDg dam- 
sel; and begged for parmiBikm to hft her 
iato dw saddle. This behig dimt^ be threw 
baek his tiaor, than turned to the Lady HU. 
dhidur; and respectfully kissiag her hahd^ 
^* Thus mdeed,** said he, *^ thou hast onoe 
more iq>peared like a peaoe-angid sent from 
heaven to console and reconcile poor mortals." 
'< Alas,"* sighed Hildiridur, << without the help 
of another angel, who is indeed pure and ex- 
alted, our happiness will have but an uncer- 
tain foundation.^ 

At these words Otto thought once more of 
Bertha; for he believed that it was of her 
that his mother had spoken. Whenever they 
came to a town or village, therefore, he in- 
quired whether any one had seen the proces- 
sion of the grand priest, John, with his 
Moorish warriors. For some time he indeed 
obtiuned always the answers that he most 
wished to hear ; but at length he discovered 

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that die lady, with her warlike ptotector, W 
turned alt ham theioad leading towsds the 
Ibrtreas of Trautwai^en, and had gone oat 
pilgrimage to the ahrine of a finned «aa, 
irfiifldi lay at a fieur distance. After this nevs, 
he' rode on his way more thoughtful and oe- 
laadioly than ever. 

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How Sir Folko de Montfimcon beheld, for the fint time, the 
ftftfen of ^nmttwHigeii* 

Like the happy birds that return to thdr 
wonted n^sts in spring-tide. Sir Folko, with 
Gabrielle and Blanchefleur, were now pasting 
over the Alps on their way back to Germany. 
After many wanderings through the wcnrld, 
over lakes and seas, mountains and valleys, 
they had found themselves irresistibly attract- 
ed by our native land ; for we may truly aay, 
that whatever strangers have onoe oome 
thither, look on our vineyatds and smiling 
laiidscq>es as a garden of joy, and the chosen 
ibode of true and faithful iiearts. Moreover, 
ilmost all Eunqpean nations must look on 6er* 
(nany as thm* Sir Folko and 

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988 Tn MAfilCBDfG. 

OabrieUe mig^t indeed look with icgratfliAii 
end of their journqr, for ameliochQ^sqM' 
Cion then awaited them^ inumudi asSrNb 
had never foigottoi the nghts of Iktiait 
Otto von Trautwangen ; and daied not it- 
tempt, by indisaduble bonds, to mJa Gt- 
brielle his own. The stream (tf their Em ii' 
indeed flowed tggitber oq their kng /ho?! 
that now seemed aa short when tbqr ^^ 
bank ob the time pa«t ibat ooidd pi^iuiMM 
and the mild sUoeA Bhnchfffl«ffj ^ ^ 
toeufltomad to resigo dl tlie dearest fiibii^ 
berown beiurts could iab» mdam^ff 
M bettar paatima^ than to him» l9idM4b 
without eaasing^atlraded tlivs l^hffbM 
biodifir and dearest Mofidwie. 

▲t Ifiogth it came to ftm om 4«k# 
their ejw vete met by the far^t ^iBf«iV^ 
a lirar, winding throu|^ feitileJM.^ 

liali meadows; a4ien,on tn^utriig iii*** 
they finrnd that thty iMd arrived an thibik 

of die Danube. Glad that they weft«B«i 
tiw far.£u&ed and pntp&taot land of B^M 

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th^ enfiamped at mid-day under the abade of 
^cmie la^ elm-trees, not far tram the river, 
Linloasded dieir sumpter mules, and seated 
themselves on the fragrant turf, while the 
squires banded round the brinuning wine*- 

Alt of a sudden, a9 they were thus occupied^ 
% atrange man, hi a gyp^ey^s dress, with a 
jittfc^brown oofnpleuoOi came befinre them. 
EfereupoQ Sir Folko threw at him some alver 
2^ikS9 wi ordered him to retire, fearing that 
by his strange looks the ladies might be 
^itqpatied. Meanwhile^ however, the Egyptian 
liad tefitu '^m his sbdulders a box» which he 
now opened, and 1q ) there iiw dierdn duck 
^tore of q^kUng gems, dSaaKmds, rubies, and 
gmeraids, all set in tbe purest gold, that the 
beautitftil eye9 ot the two ladies were irremsti- 
bly Uttiiirted. 

Tbereupw Sir FoUcq began tO qpeak ynih 
tho stranger after a different manner. ^ 
nrhatever gem the Jadiep seemed to east a 
SBuvQuring glanocb he ordered that it should 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


immediately be Imd asnde for them; id te 
when a large coUection was fonned, 1«* 
quired what was to be the price of tie jew 
whidi he had thus chosen. The ^Jf* 
demanded a price, which was beyood ntfsi* 
extortionate ; but the chevalier, unused afc 
artifice of the merdiant, and with te l** 
fun of knightly generodty, immcdialsij* 
manded one of his squires to bring the"* 
sum. Thereupon a broad grin cameowf 
brown and yellow visage of the stra?**' 
he pretended that he had madeasi^* 
his reckonbg, looked over the jeweb*'* 
deep reflection, and then demanded W* 
the price for which he had hdotefif^ 
This also the dievalier ordered to he pi** 
him ; but, with unblushing impo*"*» 
gipsy then said, « Sir knight, to ^f 
truth, these goods are such as I *^ 
for any piioe ; and no sum that f^ 
offer woald induce me to part ^ 
tr^asures.^ <♦ Whatever tharnl»« "*J 
r am resolved to have them,* 9iis^ 

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Iko^ vfho was now roused to anger. ^^ As 
thee, base miscreant, who would^st thus 
re to insult two noble ladies, by withdraw- 
I from sale the wares which thou haat 
eady offered, thy puoishinent would b^ less 
m what is justly due^ were I to take thy 
^rchandize by violence out of thy hands, 
d bestow the price which thou first-demand- 
*st on some neighbouring convent or hoqpi- 
l."" *^ Ay, ay,^ said the merchant with a 
^nificant grin, '^ there have ere now been 
iny such knights who lived by plunder; 
d who, if one mi^t believe their own 
)rds, bestowed the treasures which they had 
quired on the poor. The only question 
>w is, whether thou art disposed to add one 
ore to the number of this worshipful frater- 
lyT* With the deep blush of scorn and 
iger on his visage, Sir Folko replied,— 
Fellow, thou had'^st best, in all haste, retire 
cm our presence, and take thy goods along 
ith thee. Moreover, if thou art a Christian, 

i6u should'st thank God that, insolent and 


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SW TfiS 1£a6ic tarn. 

diBhonest «# tlioa aM» timl «i fidlen i 
httMls of it brat« loid eourtetMs km^ «b 
ktoo kkid4iearted to ded«ilhdieeiiAB 
hA»t ikdei^ed.'' ThegypeejiaiB{«flbdf 
h» jew6l% thr^w the box over Us Aodto 
and retreated) after luiTk^.|;(ne4|BV|«Wk 
however, he turned round, andjNUiiffli^ 
lo a fortress oo a hi^ cliff » tba da^lK 
<< Afiter a few hours, dr kii]{^yoa«i|lf- 
chance have armed at yonder cufitiM^ 
shall deal with you honestlj for fbMr 
goods you afe indined tx> fmrebaBe; ^i^ 
over, I shall treat you wkh mmay mti^ 
fflghts and comedies^ audi aa yon hafei0*vi^ 
your whole life beheld It weve wdD^ ^ 
ever, if the two ladien were also persest; ^ 
as to my tricks of iirt, they oraeentsl^^ 
and I can fit them for every pea^^ 
aflfcer his own manner.'' With these wmk 
be vanished suddenly into m D/ag^ifxm 

In dlence ih^ three travellers kioked to^wi 
the fynt^ea on the distant cliff, to wUdi i^ 

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ttmsgtt Md pcdnted. AxMi thegreMi klUngt 
f oak-trees, that were, perchanee a Aouiand 
•^gs»^M^ ihe v^erable ramparts #era visiMe, 
n their atern grandeur and strangtb; the 
(iMI«^fmrft fyittsteksof the watek40wars h>se 
MMUSykHo^hlW^fttMnieaei w^ on the 
iightM stimirit of the keep^ thera was pkatad 

gf&M gddetf oi^ossy that now gkamed from 
fir in the euo. 

<«i Thither we must now bend our way,'^ 
aid-6abriene in a low but determined tone. 
^ Whosoever that mysterious man may be, 
torn whom we hare received this warning, a 
eevet voice speaks within my heart, and tells 
ae^ tbftt our fate must there be decided.'" 

Thereupon Blanchefleur bowed her head in 
[Aen of assent, and De Montfauoon, with his 
fiimd fitted with mysterious expectations, com- 
Mttided the squires immediately to break up 
be camip^ and prepare for setting forward on 
bdr journey. 

JMeanwMle a labourer happened to pass by, 

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andthecbevalkriBquiredof Inm themumd 
yonder fortress. 

<< It b the renowned casde of Trsat«» 
gen,^ said the bauer. 

At these dwords Sir FoU^-vd GdbrieBe 
trembled as they looked at each odwr ; fast, 
as^if wMi^mewiee, bodi tt them ftmtytt- 
peated,— ^* We must hasten ihitfia-, fior that 
must the hXe oC aH of us be dp^idad,^ 

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THE WmAKnC 8I9v* 


H«v IfanMdo c«M i*h tlM !!•«» lV«f» *&i of hit 
htaM iaciiitatiomi 

[n the aolenm ancestral ball, the venerable Sir 
EIii^ was^ once more seated all alone, with the 
^reat nlver wine-cup before Urn on theTound 
able. He locked aaxioualy for the nrrival of 
ua faoDOured friend Waker the minstrel ; and 
boogfat to himself,—** Truly, I can scarcely 
I well here without that old man and his won^ 
lerful songs ; for my own life, diat has foiv 
oerly been dr? ided between Norway, France, 
; tidy, and Ghreece,— moreover, that wont to be 
o Taried by warlike adventures and achieve- 
genta, ■ hso now dedined into melancholy 
id nge. I have withered, lonely and neg. 
seted, like the fallen leaves in autumn. 
^o grand adventures are now in store for 
roL. III. M 

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' ine ; oa duipge dihec of joy or sonoir. It 
were indeed beltcav thco, if the berac deek 
of our ancestors wt^re evennore aoundeii ■ 
mine ean, that I mi^t dream of them stSIii 
the last sleep slyitfy steak i^KMi me. Walter, 
Walter! whese taniest thou so long T 

With a pale agitated visage, a sc{ime iiov 
stept into the hall, fmd said,—* ^ Sir lou^ 
your hoBQi^ed.soOy.OUoiraiiTraiitraogfi^ 
is ewD now arrpred at the castle^ 

<< AihI should^st diou then, wear the haa 
<^ death on thine aq^ect,^ said the kn^ 
«^when thw pioDounpest thei^e wordK ^ 
are to m^ lilpe renewed li^e ? Bring Ulkr 
to say presenoe t}uit nqUe youth, that Imtj 
welcopiehini<is a neWiTOgj star, shedding OOP 
foore ligbt isnd haffMi^ess o^ mine oU Bg^^'-* 
Hereupon the squire rautt^oed some inartica- 
late wor^ and f^pemd th^. great faUtog 
doors; while Sir Hu^. iii.4«C^.tojneethii 
coming gu^st, liad, witli^ joy ^ Reaming m hit 
eyes, raised himself up firom his old 

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l^ffE HifiOC StiFG. 107 

Tbtey httt*Kf ther^ -was a nistlkig, wof 
long gameHtSy on the staircase/ Theikors 
were tbit>im open, andatnati, ihrapfih hi- 
deous Mack robes, caoe ^tb soiiti^g steps 
natoA the tbreshdd, biding vtp his right 
arm ash if fhrtetetiitig aii lAo xuttie iin his 
uray. The fd^rig doors agaiti closed, and 
dm ^Id hear bow the terrified sqube ran 
lieafioog, ns if dmons pursikd hhn, down 
atairs.~^< Where is my son P^ crie^ flte old 
man, turning pale, and fitting baek into 
his chair.— ^ Thy son now stands before 
thee,^ said the spectral stiatiger ; and, atas ! 
Sir Hugh isaw but too well that it was Otto's 
features diat now glared upon hkn«— ^^ Hast 
ihoa become a monk ?^ said the old warrior,' 
— ^ a black-robed Benedictine monk ?^— Afiter 
these words it seemed as if his youthful 
vigour had revived, and he added, in a deep 
and thundering' voice, — " Who then has 
^ven thee permission for what ifaou hast 
done P Bight sternly diall I yet call that con- 
vent to iLcoount, whose prior has dared to 

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tna^sfotni flie young &)%lit of Trantwai^eii 
ifilo k«d^1ed ^^kst''^— ««T ftm t^ Aeyoaag 

ia it^Altfp'ISOBie; "^ in the wmM t #as liniied 
Ottur. I am the ban- erf' the bettitifiA Astbai 
tfm. t!H6 bfftV^ 'H^igtff ; ' bii€ ttNr T ttn nmcd 

'The bid tnan l^'ibbddiiktt ih In* chsr. 
Tfikt edjfgy to wfaldi heiisfl been toosetf vis 
lAidfeeB not'lo^; btit, to ifpetMahyW 
swtptiBej he gaieS ffiteSfy 6& die son w&olad 
sd iitiiexpecte%' started bp btfore Mm. 

-^Thou art n d^ Imd h%Ujr.%cnidi^ 
bt^ttich 6f a nofele t»ee»^ coii^ued 'l!Iie mdnk/ 
<^ and if time is yet aOoWed us, thia AA be 
saved from the consuming fites of hdl ; and 
therefore our abbot has given me penmasioB 
to come hither for thy con ve rs io n, ere the last 
shadows of old' age and death have setded 
around thee r* 

Thereafter he took his pliioe right oppotibt 
to the knight, and b^an a dBsoourse on the 
mvsteries of our holy fioth, and oni pe mtc pee , 

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wbereat ib^ lisMif r .$bai(krad>' wd tbe Mqod, 
caa cc4d in every Tefi^) jvln|^3C^ tiiepreacher^s 
ffidjBig^eased, and Jus^^in^ dpuad^red through 
the vAuUed hidty jkiscmn^d as i£&wi&i of c^n-, 
auQung fim fliuAedvanmiid JiWt 

Th^ monk oootinwd Us dmours«,'aild faii^ 
deep tones overpowered the soigidaof xaktih 
and gladness which had. now b^^n in. the 
caatl^^ooonrt .and outer^ialls. Sir Otto, who 
had ahrea^ beea infbnoed qf the old Sir, 
Hughes revival from his sujqposed ^fatby hay-^^ 
ing rode on befinre his party, had now arrived 
^ the.caetley and ere the sq^uires had tkne 
to. teU him of the ghast^. apparition of the 
monkish double-gDer, he rushed up the stair- 
case and entered the halL 

** Ottur, Ottur i what wouW'st thou here f"^ 
cried he. ** Thou art indeed my half-brother, 
and this brave old hero should be equally 
dear to us both.^ — ^Then he threw his arms 
round his father^s neck, in 3vho8e heart new 
life and courage seemed revived, when he 
beard the clang of Sir Otto^s armour, and 

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Mi lli6<#«^lirof Ms iMrilmfalft? 'vkile^ 

sAAse'lctto^ii'^rli^ tliM iMt nov toU me,'' 
s£d die Sendlidfae, i 
"^ I l^Hidi^^k in jtlM Mmm» «id on liie j 
liStbi^, ''khete al^'we 

dl^'# dead dbS boHM^ sod ihe 

stMti&i^'Mr^ i& teD#nNaii)jr m the \ 
id^'^'A^hB wtfold] 

tiiiioils ^ bM air OMd iONildleft < 
iMreftedidbiltf;4i^iif^lloir dutM tliM, m^ 
less mas, addrdss tucfe wmdfr of tvpmnh M 

knowesl thtfl te te % fethoeP'^-^SmiiBr 
fttart vary rsasoff Ikiv^ VibvA sspokum^wmwtni 

h^ iihM not bMome a prcgr to llie damm 
who are ev^ cm tto wat^ asd ivonld gk% 
drag hilii down to the regions of eternal tor- 

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THfi MAOIC EnW. 87i 

iiient.'*-*Nay, markyvMi)^ snd Sit Otto, ** he 

will be enabled to pfoted hisifidf from these 

fiightfiil files even witboot thy violent admo- 

nitiong. Be nlent, dien, and dBstari) bim pot 

in the sanctity of his ^'age, n<Mr break tbf 

peace of, this bappy meetings Moieovfr, I 

can this day bring him audi jqyfill news, as. 

will doubtksa lead bimmth more eertainty to 

lieaven, than the4»ealeiUBg of all the monks 

that coold be fiiuad in die wodd."**-'^ Thou 

hast the ri^t doubtless of judging accorcUi^ 

to thine own consciences^ said ZcAotes, still 

perasting in Us discourse; while Sir Otto, not 

beading him any mote, amouBoed) in a loud 

vcsoe to tibe oldman, the ha^iy tidings, that 

hia mother was yet aKv^ and that, in the 

tffint of love and peace, she was now drawing 

near to the castle of Trautwangen, whidi she 

had long desired to vidt. So the old man 

sat there Hke a grey ruin between two roaring 

streams, while tbe yovtag men, one'on each 

ride, both vehemently addressed him. 

But, bark ! a-ooise suddenly arose fion^the 

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A ^if«fei ^wdM v<m4 id^M,^^^ 

dijr<EittiM|J, jfor LUkHiAi OktAxf^ ii<xMBt 

Sogli kidftA NUfift Inib wkkisstoiMaoaic, 
■ni. tlHi tt^li» jtSvi^ neH-'Mt^ «hiit Jkt 
kngthbt sai4^ M<l^mfNlMIM^firtMb « i 

teit «iti9r k 4oabtlM» to4^cd 7<Aorw oWi 
childiyn, and Mdme by youf ftrtyctt P* Witt 
time y$^9Aih^r^B^rxptioiA% ibd, rertiivcB 
Otto^«ha|iUti»ryiiiovedlowaid9ilieaoo^ Tbit 
yoatbt did not ^P^Mte to aflk tb^ ^ 
old AMtt]DiriMth«d bow' caused his I 
but be remaik#d tkl^ir inqiiuiiig lookv »< 
said,--<< I know Mt4tidkeed l!^ irfaat ftigitfM 
power I uu now ealM Into Ab cmfOe-oomtx 
but I^att fiiroed tbitW by itrMteible «tne« 
tim. I heai nainety at "tAkO&b wy aouif 
alone I feel that I am bound to died sy 
beart^f blood as an atonement fioc my paic 

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fjptnovi^w^ qwi n „iSo» IcwrasistiUHm Sir 
te'wngr and 4U^F°g ^ WpeeJf, tiUrlbocira^t^Ta 

dffidr «nd' (that ttff youag. iindB ^enti <«o :i«t{ 
tgHtjhg'q^w q wipf. . .■■!.'.. !.;.!., I!. :.:•,■ 

aq^auKi».w44!^h«rt n^twaera of lite 6iat]»» jbot 
ia«|»y-.oou|itf]rp4n,. ft9BiM.tlMt,sml4|fabmirili9 
^Hngm i<neie.^Mr« .<y01fi^, < ^n^^t «.iim» 

#igl)^i4,t.9iKtB. lObiqb b^. beep beard, i» 
filAi4jr. m Abe baU.. above. > At ibe sanp tkqfi 

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ifit tfifr MAGIC BIKCr. 

lie odiifldtintly^twbtod round and round on » 
ibger df hxB n^ band a ^ttering nng ; wA 
Sir Hogft, recognising the gem, seated bmidf 
' ^oietljT on a stode, beneath a tall liine4iiee that 
grew in the court, and said, ^^ The snaogc 
man, who staiids ]ronder, falith on hia finger tke 
pbwerftd Magic' King of the beautifiil A^iid. 
and tinerewith Heaven )iath also bestowed od 
hhn the power to dispose df uyKfe. Moi^ 
wver^ he hath ifeubtless'coiiieliitRer in order 
to doom me to deadi.^ <«- Thine \own coo- 
science then condemns thee, hoaryJieaded 
Irinner,^ cried the Btnmger; ai!id at die sane 
moment Otto reo6gnised in him his dd sq^nre 
And friend Theobaldo; ^ Siefriudd r criad 
be, for by this Grerman name; instead of 
Thedbaldo, h6 had been wont in fbnner days 
to address him ; ^ IKqihold, it is my fsAter 
to whom thour now speakest^ " Indeed T 
said l^ieobaldo, turning pale md confused ; 
^ then we are brokers, for I am the son of 
Uguccione and the lutfortunaie Usberta. 

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TBS MAQlcm!^ ^ 

Moreover, Ugucdone ud thb grey-headed 
warrior are <ne and the same^ and, therefore, 
my &ther must fall hj my hand f for I hare 
ffwom on my mother^s grave, that I wcndd 
avenge her wrongs by the death d her 80- 
duoer T " Never, never !* cried Sir Otto, 
drawing his sword, and taking his station be- 
fore the old hero. ^< Here I shall maintain 
the oombat to the last, for victory or deaths** 
His words were echoed in the next mo- 
ment by Zdoles, who embraced his father 
with his wide black robes, and cried aloud^ 
^ Never shall he be injured, unless by one 
who shall first cut through these consecrated 
garments* Sir Hugur shall jret live to dd 
penance for his crimes.*^ << Truly thou canst 
wrap him in a monk^s cowl if diou wilt,^ said 
Theobaldo, with a scomfu) smile ;*^ ^but there 
iano val so dense that my invidbleagenttf may 
not find their way, and force him to Mtler re- 
pentance.^ Wkh these woirds he seated htan^ 
self on the ground, and with the ring began, 
lo describe strange iigtires on the gras^ 

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i^pOB' ib^nu. Tbtt ihe^aaiBe'j 
foie t^fwd^aad-ipimdlfan^gh the 1 
qf the iwMrable eUn and lime trttt. * That 
mwm-tL^Mimd poa of ouuftf mces» ihougk w 
HoRkiiemflFlMfc ibey uttned^ aiKi«beilii|g V 
ittddde inng9. All were tonibed aodtakBt; 
palj'^e ^Icl Sir Hu^ imi /TnaftvsBgtt 
Uftodoj^, hifr wdcc^ thtft aottodecL mare ^WP- 
i^XLy^ Bbronded as he auQ vw by die Uadt 
ganqeatfrof ^eteiDk. He cried akud, dbn 
tbe- beautifid Astrid atieod faefaie bim «itb 
her deadly ^ound, from whidi the last Ub- 
Uood now fkhtd away ; that the poor for- 
saken X*isberta came, and had with one look 

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mtebofaM^fattttasdd inothq^igiuwariwnidi she 

jdaonelaiHiia kdkviUKiiiiMiziKliiad fiHgkti!^ 

ta inflict <SmiM jadgnnntiail^llieEefaotnTSfL 
Yet Sb^ Hiogb wd TfautwangeiiiiAddrQ^tai 
tbenDin'Oi deqi beniieitd»He;/JilGe>iliiei(wlM'iii> 
deed mfent wmsm thaxif ii(»dgifniIdip«[(mrtlBa§r( 
and k DCMseioasiijC Imiom: guilty. ijictt vibqie 
flDOngti ntverthetohBt » ^ wif hwig^KJ ■ <qd iViir 
eonKfUerafalR. .• .' .u-.n-j/ ..'i: iC 

At Jedgtb TbaoWdo spnng ufLttom^At 
groonl^ and cvied to the spectetara^* ^.Bsnk 
your dutjr dien lo< inflkt just pnmriuntnt'^a 
the guilty !( You- hear faow^ -bjn itfae. inymeb- 
ble pride.of his tones^ that he is^. indeed calL 
ing down the v^Bgeance 4>f HesMD on hb ^wm 
faoKL I ivould not wiffiagly become a pam- 
cide,, though his conduct towards Lisberta 
and rae has been so horrible; but if you 
Yalue the safety, of your towns and village?. 

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if you wish erw that the very grand oi 
irindi jm^ atand-slKiuld be saved fim db- 
8lnicticxi» then make an cod off hnnoloDec^ 
fbrbeis not fit to live la this wodd. Nei- 
ther die skies Bor the earth can kmger a- 
dure to look upon him. Listm then, aod 
beholdr With these last words, he tkiew the 
Ifi^ Bing hi^h in the air, and tho«i^ At 
skies were befiMre dear, yet immediatdy a 
dark sulphureous doud aj^ieaied, and a sod- 
den dap of thunder broke over their heads. 
At the same momoit the ground shook be> 
neath them ; blue flames atose, as if demons 
and fiery serpents were stretdii]^ out their 
tongues firom the earth ; and, in the ddiiiiiD 
of terror, all the peasants and peopla.who were 
there present nsk to inflict vengeance on the 
devoted victim. Meanwhile, Sir Otto cours- 
geoudy kept his station to protect his £ftthcr; 
and Zdotes, as if onoe more doused inlo a 
bold warrior of the north, called uneeasingly, 
^< Strike then wdl, brother, wpue Uiem not^ 

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^ TBir M AOIC ElKd. Vn 

. the pitiftil cowards ! If I had but my sword 

^ here, that bears thy name, I would not fail to 

assist thee. But diy sword is named Ottur, 

and must bear my part,— strike them well, 

and spare not !^ 

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How the tt&nttlt in tlw CMtie4:>iart itmm^ wfljcr nd 

MANt of the da8Un% MjMiiJai^ jJff^ hted 
ilQd^Sir<Hto*3pofrerfulbkni;8i gcbesi v«r 
tei7:ifie(I bj the thundering; and unevtUj m- 
cents of Zelotes; and the whole mob. woold 
sQon,have been diqiened^ had it pot bees 
th^t Theobaldo^s endiantments eotrfii^ed their 
9^i;i3e«; so that when they irah^ to retceat 
th^ found still gveater t^errora await thsm m 
the rear than in the van. Tb^ thundet oas^ 
tinued to rdl Ipnder and louder qt^ their 
heads; the blue flara^ rose mpre fierctly 
frmn the ground^ and ahnost awuned the 
shiqpes of qpectres and demons : around tbe 
castle there was heard the rushuig of a vehe-^ 
ment rain and hail-atonn ; but not a drop fell 

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in the caade-ooiurt ; it seemed as if the mild 
dew of heaven oould not fall on that accursed 
scene at flames and contention. Even amid 
all the uproar of thunder, ncHse, and rushing 
and confused voices, was heard ever and anon 
the thrilUiig laiij^iter of Tbeobaido ^}ie 
continued his incantalkwrm. 

Meanwhile, Hildiridur, with all her attend- 
ants, had arrived at the castle. Anxious, 
amid that fearfurstorm, for the safety of its 
inhabitants, she came hastily into the court, 
and, protected by Sir Archimbald and the 
sea-monarch, went up to the lime4ree, under 
which the old hero was still seated, and M^ere 
Sir Otto still fought,, though his strength was 
now almost exhausted. Hildiridur addressed 
herself to Sir Hugh in mild accents, entreat- 
ing his forgiveness ; and Ckrda, now humUe 
and obedient to her instruction, stood near 
ber, anxious, if possible, to afford her as- 
Mtance; while in the meanwhile Arinbiom 
and Sir Archimbald, having at once perceived 

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what was going forward, had drawa dn 
swords, and summoned their sqmres nrcmai 
them^ in order that they might at oaee bMl 
the mob to the ground, mid fvee the ttadt 
from insurrection* 

Then, too. Sir Polko (widi tlie two \mdk» 
and their train) suddenly made his iqpfMar- 
ance. He chanced to enter the oorart by a 
gate wfaick brought him directly to the loBi- 
tree, where, roused at once 1)y hk duty m 
protector of the two dama^ and hiir desirta 
assist the knights, he idso rudied Jbrwvd, 
sword in hand, and commanded hm aqnmsto 
do the same. 

Then Sir Hugh, still hannted md^orer^ 
powered by the frigfatftil appandoaa thai 
crowded on his mind^s eye^ Aouted aloud,— 
^ Wo, wo f now I behold idso the lady-mo- 
ther of the brave Sir Folko de MontfirocoQ ! 
She comes to reproach me because I deserted 
her and our child Blanchefleur, and, truly, 
she alao has justice on her side ; for t wastht 

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TB£ MAGIC RnrO. 283 

renowned Sir Ht^enm of Normandy, and, 
by tbe honour and word of a knight, I did 
not earn that name without valiant deeds !^ 

As soon as Blandiefleur heard these words, 
^she came and kneeled down before him. Her 
nuld voice f<^ on hk ears through the black 
robes bjr which Zelote0 stilt held him cmcealed. 
-«-«« IioTsaidsbe, ^ I am thy daughter, thou 
' venciabfe old herO) thoi^h even now, as here- 
urfbvet thou ait ooncealed from my sighu^ 
Then, turning to ttr Folko, die added,— 
^^.Bffotfatr, dearest brother, wield thy sword, 
and spare not Tkisdaythoushatt win another 
wreath of victory ; and remember, that thou 
art fighting for die rescue of my finher, the 
renowned Sir Hugurain of Normandy.'' 

Her mandates were obeyed,-^the noble 
Chevahar do MontfaUcon fought with un* 
daunted perseverance and resolution, while 
Sir Arinbbm and the Count Archimbald von 
WaMeck also did Aeir utmost. But the 
disk sulphweous douds descended lower, 
and gathered always denser and denser around 

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tbem ; the thunder roared— 4he rain imdhiiL 
beat aroand the castle^ ^hile TheobildD^ 
voice was yet heard laug^iii^ aloud, and i»^ 
newing his incanlatioiis ; so that tfaor jseoK^ 
were qwte OTerpow«red aad ooofiiaed. Asto 
the squires, they no kmger knew eadi odier; 
but, in their madness, cut and tfamst m. 
their own masters, whom they widied to de-^ 
tend. Even the knights themaelTe^ wcte aat 
free frcHn these fearful driuaoos; £br warn 
and then, when the sea-monardi though thit 
he had dealt forth a powerful blow ngnmt 
some hated assailant, he found, all of a sod- 
den, that he had struck the golden hdnci 
of his noble oouan, De Mcgntfaucpn ; or Sir 
Folko, perchance, with a rapid mffprfwal of 
his shield, forced the sea^monardi and the 
count far asunder, at the moment when tb^ 
were standing firmly wedged together in order 
to resist the advances of the wild mukidide. 
Thereupon Sir Archimbald would, in great 
wrath, turn round and attack both P<Jko and 
the seeJcnigfat,aBd when they fdl back under 

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his heavy Uows, for the first time all three 
would discover their «rror. Then they would 
shake hands, and, closely ranked together, 
cHioe more adyance on their foes,— -perhaps 
with no better result than that of attacking 
thrir friend Otto von Trautwangen. It was 
iodeed Sir Otto alone, amid the whole asseiyi- 
blage, whose senses appeared yet clear and 
trimn^hant over Theobaldo's sorcery ;.ina8. 
ndEildi as he always repeated to himself, in a 
,l6W tone, the short prayer which he had learn- 
ed tnimi Bertha in early youth. This prayer 
blid already helped him in the cavern of the 
ftoTtk forest, and he now stood, sword iq 
hdnd,' like a guardian angel, before the help- 
less old hero. Yet such was the tumult 
around him, that he never could have main- 
tained his station, had it not been that his 
light-brown steed, which had broken loose from 
the squires who held him at the castle-gates, 
came neighing aloud in furious career through 
the mob, and placed himself by his master^s 
Bide. There, as if all the powers of magic 

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and necromancy could not overcome thencMe 
animd^s fidelity and afiection, he reared hia- 
self on bis hinder-I^s, inflb^^ the 
horrid wounds mi the heads of hb 
seized them with his teeth by the breast and 
ahoulders, lifted them up, and hurled than 
again to the groutid, so thatthey lay motn' 
less and msensible. 

Amid the conliinon of this estraonfiaffy 
conflict, lo ! the grey-haired minstrel, Wsltv, 
arrived, and eonrageously made his vsv 
through the combatants to his old friend aad 
hospitable patron. Even amid the fngfatfbl 
phantoms that perturbed his brain. Sir Hi]^ 
von Trautwangen was aware of the nnnstrri*s 
presence, and said, — ^ There are strange en- 
counters pasnng without ; and yet, medmks, 
I have heard voices of women and chiURB, 
that might have soothed and gladdened mzoe 
ears, if but the long troops of ghosts wouU 
keep away, that I am doomed to behold eves 
in darkness. Yet let me hope erer for Ae 
best; for what says thy favourite rhyme, good 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

TH£ BiAOIC Ellf a 987 

dkl Walter ?^^-HMreupcMi the minstrd touch- 
ed his harp<«triiig8, and lifted up his voice, — 

**> Dark nlglit pvecedes the morn, 

80 giief may JoyMiiice bring ; 

And dmA laadt thnm^ tht vint'ry gtmve 

To Ufb*« eternal epring. *' 

** I cannot rightly hear thy song,'' cried Sir 
Hugh, *< the noises are so loud and stunning 
through the court ; and then the monk^s black 
garments are so closely folded around me 
Sing loader, old minstrel^ sing louder i*^ There- 
upon Walt^ rqf>eated the same stanza on a 
key far deeper and more sonorous; but Sir 
Hugh still excleuaed,«— ^< Louder, old man, 
far lotider !^ till at last the minstrel, in obe- 
dience to hb best and dearest friend, strack 
the harp with such violence, that not only did 
the strings break, but even the instrument it- 
self bturst asunder with a long melancholy in- 

Thereupon Sir Hugh cried aloud,—" Wo, 
wo ! even the minstrel's harp has broken, in 
terror sX the load of guilt tliat weighs on my 

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into the anas of Zciotes.*-*^ Aim f 

lady,"* Mid Gerda anxunuly to HBfirite, 

** whaetote have we renooaoed die 

of endiaiitinept ? Now we j 

protection, and reacned das old smi fron 

the fate that awaits him. Shsl we sot 

make one .^prt?^— -^ Away wkh afl •ach 

▼ain thou^ts T answered HiUHridur; ** dpa 

tjbou not feel, even in thine inmost beait, the 

fearful influence ot the magician who ia now 

among us? Is it not &r greater thaa we oouU 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

trilM^ ilvttcfaMc. fib ctiBimdts ' htJt i 
ifder tkM fM»; 

S tflttlIl|NHUiit MII^M0K{ Aft VA 

▼OL. III. 

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How the tjadj BetUi4 ton UteaM me ^^ki^^ 
Magic Ring. 

But ere that stern judgment oouUIk 6^ 
there was a new voice that called ik*^ 
"Halt, haltr and the tones e?cn of top- 
ple mandate were supematurally svoi, « ■ 
the voice had descended from tk w^ 
heights of Paradise. Sudd^y, Aertte*"' 
tumult ceased as if by some new aad Dtf<^ 
listless incantation ; for the sounds, it ^ 
sweet and powerful, had poietnited d^ 
into every heart, so that all gXooiwdifJ^ 
not only amazed, but almost lecoooW- 
seemed as if the rage and wratbvbki"'' 
merly prevailed were at once oookd ^ 
overcome ; and, though some amofig ^ 
countrymen nearest to Theobtldo begin ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


to lift their clubs and swords, their advance 
was checked by armed warriors mounted 
on beautiful white horses, who, with their 

foreign dresses^ gleanling sabres, and light 

' It'' 

javelins, struck all the beholders with asto- 
nishment. ,:.TlMK»ba}dQ np^nir^ silent;, a|)d 
held Us hand over his eyes, m if Jie had< )seen 
dazzled by the glare of the noonday sun. 

l^h^ form that now appeared entering the 
coprt might well have been compared to 
^in; but the beams of light that this beau- 
tiful apparition spread abroad were dazzling 
only to the guilty beholders. To all others 
t^ey were refreshing and delightful. It was 
a damsel mounted on a snow-white palfrey, 
with a heavenly smile on her features, reflect- 
ing the inward peace and serenity of her mind. 
Of her aq^ect, indeed, one could not say whe- 
ther dignity or childlike innocence prevuled 
n^ost therein. It was her voice which had 
commanded the combatimts to halt, and her 
l;>eauty that had confounded Theobaldo. The 
horsemen now ranged themselves around her ; 

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and, moreover, Ae wasaooHnpemedby agmfc 
slatdy nian^ attired in fiowiDg purjde robo, 
and with a large golden cross on his breart. 
The thunda-.8torm rolled awaj in dyii^ anv- 
murs towards the west ; the nishuig too of the 
rain «id hail-showers was heaid no more. 

Then it seemed as if Theobaldo aoi^ 
once more to rouse himself for m new mtmek. 
Grinning in wrath, he waved the Magic BiD^ 
faig^ over his head ; but the damsel again called 
out in the same silvery tones, *< Halt ! agaiwl 
such an adversary as thou, the holy father of 
the church has afforded me this means of 
protecticHi !^ With these words, she took out 
a golden phial from her bosom, and, advanciiig 
towards Theobaldo, threw part of its omtents, 
which shone like rain in the sunlight, towards 
him ; whereupon the once so potent en- 
chanter fell trembling on his knees. ^ That 
is not enough,^ said the maiden^ and with 
these words, a strange severity came over her 
beautiful features. ^< Deliver up the ring T 
and perceiving diat Theobaldo still lingered. 

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and gnnned yi hb disappcMDtment and terror, 
she held out the phial, and continued, ** Or 
ahaU I onoe more prove the stinength of this, 
which, as thou irdl knowest, is more power- 
ful than all the spells of which the ring has 
aaade thee the possessor ? In such case, how- 
ever, I cannot answer for the consequences 
wUdi thou dniwest (HI thine own head.^ Here- 
upon Theobaldo came up to her trembling, 
Mid placed the Magic Aing in her beautiftil 
snow-white lund, all the while keeping his 
ejm fixed on the ground. 

Thai she deared of her companion in the 
{lurfde robes, that he would lift her from the 
saddle ; and as soon as she had dismounted, she 
went stra^tway towards the lime-tree, where 
Sir Hugh still sat ; but, as if inspired with 
new Kfe by the presence of her who thus ap- 
pfoaohed him, he threw aside the dark gar- 
ments of Zelotes, and once more kx>ked up 
dMerfully on tfie dear sunlight and cloudless 
heaven. For a moment, indeed, when be 
fixed a sariout gue on Sir Arinfaiom^s hel- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

^bi^'li^ fOio the AHr^ger widt Ini^'ViihMh 
i^t^."^ Btif be'ttiast hai^ ebtiieldliwrftr» 
omclIUitidik ; Ibf I fie^ iieHr ium' is ^f"*^ 
fd^'J ^6^ Mvhie fttttin^ are wdt i 

ioWf^."" '^ Ay, indeed," ^aidttoMtewA^^ 
ddibU iot for l^cinitifialiQn: s «»d dI'MK 
^%y be reconeiJed.'' JHer^ 
'fflyii II strain df eteldbtud miiw^ 
1^ nf to t%e dd knight het 1 
cdmpunon, (who looked ludf jiarablidtf On- 
'^,y Md iddM, ^ As tnljr m tlw.Mt 
oriBe ittib^ii oik this diataat iafaoidofCinluv 
¥lvb Brftve' Sir Hygi^ bo truly is 
diitmpitrft yowson; and fai$i 
'tc^like tfltMdeD of Bamaaoo^ nIiociImIi fir 
a^'likne in tk^ oaVetttf of'Zcur tfaByjuiDM 
'iBtewfiile he liiith luscpiMdiv^nwa'tew' 
Wid^ an th^ glna^ «iU bTumdiiii ^ . 
He IbeMJt theCMstiaiiywa 
ed nttm^; Clitlstopkdrdi;''^j -- tv: 

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i^heri lltebr< ^jfoa gj^mmog m. silent emotion. 

Oiiaii^ . tAmt loiq^ JJEv^v it cquld scapc^y 

fe0«pe.be9ii 8|ud tba^thi^y ^tyiM ^^^ beheld ,^apb 

ithtr s m^^ tbQ Ciiillier 911 with bi^ sfy> w*^l^te 

[ook» under ijn^ ^diade of that o^ an9^f(t^ 

kiBie<»lre)#> and be&ce hiin stood Chri^tophoiTj^ 

already adii^aiiced in years, Suddealy ,thie 

tolter felt cf|>re9«ed by deep awe and vene^ra- 

tidBv iUMi^ fevgettiBg biafoni^r res^tin^pf;^^ 

-mA alxnlt to kneel h the huiaility oC h«s ^M 

lover but Sir* Hugh took him m his. arms, 

and eriad alottd^ - ^^ Welcome, welcome, t)^ou 

BoUe SamasoeAe blade, woithy and valiant 0^- 

9famg*hom tlie beauteous Rose of Damas- 

QBB r 'So they stood locked in each other's em- 

btaoe, and' weeping in their great joy; while 

Blaariisfledr^ sn^iiDg e^eetly, looked np, and 

aoKt^MKaid HeAtetv hp^ I thank thee for hav- 

11^ btttowed on m^ suoh im affectionate md 

^vsninUeifitheri^' Heari&g these words^ the 

oidrbikD bad Ub 'hmdicui her beautiful head, 

with its luxuriant glossy curls, and blessed 

'bar;^ iaosa time De Montfaucon came 

Digitized by VjJOOQIC 

m THB1C10IC 

^Wtifil^ ll9lf.;^rte^^ ;t|lf|i||r|M>.f|t 

^c^ijj^ful fbrtaiieB of.ljic bsttMd||i^t^M^ 
l^d been depriT^d of the Mtifgm,^6flgk^ii^ 
oq^bt iiDW to bftve been o|^ liff- ftifg^ 
'j Hawerer,"^ added be^ << k would Ml l«|^ 
r^idiljccHQe topeas, that I hjiomW baig hiP 
fiwoed to.^ye up her n^to .oo^ t^ ^lll^^ 
jiot. thj oim noble, soi^ ^rfipyd for«i^ 
jmtotbernig; tbenlLhe strenglh aod li^d 
the fchoUir jielded to him, whp^eaifU If 
inheritance the powecs of an' 
ther in his frame*^— TbereupoD Sr OttT 
fltrelchod hi» hand over Sir BmJlpi.hoiV 
head» in fn»dly sfl^tatioo, to ,.^ Kfdl 
of Montfauoon ; wlnle the Cutfa|iil^ 
leaving Sir Qttoy .[pn^^ ffi •bia^.ijf 
hdmet, and clapped hif wiiB^ ^.JfV ^P^ 
that Folko was tbua re8(Uirodjt«9 bft. "M*^ 
you^"" 8aid Otto,<<th^ falcon eKwbilefaioi^ 
to me this loye^embasqf, although I huomfi 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

wdl that it waf but in errar.^ Saying these 
^tiMigj beheld in His' hana die ro^-coboied 
^UMfament,' en which, when ai 'Cartha^na, 
^Cfcfl^elle had written to the ChevaTier '^ 
Montfeucon the ooniesnon of her Idve. 'A 
a£ep blu^ overspread the countenanoe of Sir 
vMko^ and GabrieUe drew her ^&l over her 
beautifot features. « By the result of that 
mtaiet tbumament,'' said Sir Otttf, gently tak- 
Ing'her hand, ^^ I have sonfe right oVer the 
treasure which I now hold. Slay Ttben exert 
irty power?** With these words he jdnek 
tb^her the hands of De Montfauoon ami 
eabrielle, who, in thefa'gradtude, had almost 
drofpfped on their knees before their friend; but^ 
aalie fnstantly withdrew, and was lost amid 
Hie crowd, they fell into each other's jurms. 
Sir'Aldiimbald then drew near tp the golden- 
\udteA 6erda, and cast at die same time an 
{nqiMig glance on HiUfiridur, whidi the 
thruda iMl understood, and answered, 
^« She has abeady proved herself a willing 
Votoy of the Christian faith, and I can bear 
' ' ' ' - * ■ ■ 2n 

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^ tHB^ MAGiC mm. 

witnett to her ardour and a incerity.'* 
die cotrnt indined'' Us head over the damsA 
hand, and pronounced t!t^ sblemii -wopk 
whereby he became her betrothed Imdnaidy 
while Gerda^i cheeks glowed w^ the Aeep 
bhish of joy and affection. 

Meanwhile the wondrous damaciy wb^ vte 
now in possesinob of the ring, though' Itfr 
accents were as mild and gentle as etier, yit, 
the sense of her expresrabhs oonr^ed Ifittsr 
reproaches to Zebt^' fnasnmch as^he-had 
sought to terrify the old b^ro, and io-ftnie 
him into sdvere pemince. '< Had he not been 
instructed,^ she inquirki, ^ dmt the Ss f i u ai 
of mankind attracted his disciples m the ^prA 
tif kindness and love ; and if, for ike Jtill i 
version of shmers, fiery trials and 
mifst foe Employed, our heavenly Ki^ier fabii- 
' self pmvides means f(« tfais|Hirpoee', lindoAeo 
by asristants uniirdtited ami uido6ked-ferr 
Zelotes now stood' humbly^ with tm eyes 
fixed on the ground, brfore the tiamsel, sod 
acknowledged her supreitaey by his 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

respect* . M^auwhile t\^p unfortvoafe „Sir 
Qt»i^. fi^ed . Iw ,sy«8 ^tljL , BfeJ^cljply anxi^Jy 
fip;i. the, 4^y^. JJ^ kBfiyf ,not , indeed if, ah^ 
^WW.JftpHljift or III ganger; but, in eitb^ 
^i|4^ ^t ^lat it could opJy , b^ the most mani- 
fest tokens of kindness and, condescension 
49B.ber,par^ tjbat could give him any right to 
«;qpi)ess toher» even in the h^^mblest manqeir> 
|m^ adiyur^ipii and k)y^. 

«^ length a kjifd glanqe from her beautiful 

WW::fyp? w^ suffered to. fall on hiwu— 

^SKnight of Tra^twang^n,^ stud i^e, " whei;e. 

fyg^ «rt thou so disguised in that black, ar- 

. laaouri Methinks thou would'st do bett^ to 

• 47w ^vpiin thy ^ver harness, wl^i^h is npw 

vrom lyr the Qount Axchimbald von Wal^efk. 

Iknow ind^ that you are both bpund by a 

.ifo^;, bi?t your vow, my. lord cou^t, is al- 

reac^ redeemed; for jm the Hartz forest it 

w^ your fortune, without the use of arms, 

iPtbrmg both arppur and Uving kn^ts out 

of that ci^em^ wbicbt but for your aid, would 

have, been their.g^ve. As for thee. Sir Otto, 

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thou flilQ«Hr«t M ^11^9 |ifSlUEN» 

the flCam rf Heord^mla UODdbcft ihndm 

dnp WMnd; whtdk; thoa.iiSdrii rediv Ji 
ht9 <Mnioe^ wMe« ;ilhotf:iPp|JdU «fli#r 
have MB^iflt.tfc^lifelofOTelHbk &iBl« 
wl^^m I cjhMefdcM JM^ mi Ift&iDdLkita 
h«i4dibniicdiM4i«a)L AlMfiirteiili^ 
fid aad brave ili«r|rgfft T^-^At t h e if < * 
tens shone under the fringe.^ Aerb^gdii^ 
e^ebAeB. SuMenljrr hirirevc^ ihevrt ^ 
vvrds QM(^.> heni.dpwit her iboid^ aAte^ 
the «e|iei*/i(bil T^Ke kft bf «r B i hrt 
biiltlMui^ i9li hit €6rslel» and 8Mb^— ^ Hvt 
devout BiMfieQ rdettse^ both QCya»A0i|i' 
vowft. Qo^ and e^cdinge <MMe omr J^ 
coats^-mail.'*— The two kni^tea kamin 
nkttt ohedieticf^ fiDd# anawfuiiJ'hy ior 
B^Bfam, KftB^ Sttto.the oiidcb 

MeeuwUle the o^JlnioHii dhflMpI o^ 
BMAded thai B hu^ ira 4h«uU heUrilliav 
the health of the gceelthidir «Pd. aw bag thi 
bkse was seen through the open door ui 

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■••*'** #d 3«rilii^thtti(>^Uiimi^ dluttig^^; it^K AWfe. 
' '^ liDdnkl agdti ki hk <terk cuh-aAs ^^ *ft 
i*«>^*' M*iiUs€aglaV tiMr, tMl 9lr (ktiV'irtlb«i^ 
^^ itibidthi od hi» youchftik bboMtog leiCtt^ 
f^^ ^ that Mhrer ttuul wilb tAkAi lwf|iti4<4M«lk 
[i^i'' «<bned when he fim ^ttlMl ftoH^ )M# fa^ 
iiifi^ temd efloiiD B^rdm. '•- •/ oIumi^ pu;di 

.^** The* oiijastM dMiad iMNr^ame «i#<^ 
i*^ the gUMi chfauiieip in the aluiiw^ 
i^ ^qpralkling the hearth with eonMeitiied'^iiM 
fi#^ Aran faef gakien phi«)) then, ehuqal^ :h«l 
f^ bMiiMaftd h«ndS) turned Ibt a ORMtteBt'tcP'^te 
^ iMkerMn^ and 8akl,«^<< In ttti sriemn fWMr 
^ l»ewai»<if efiltheugbcft!'' i . ;«.) 

r if ^ But wh0 mdeed «Mld, at sifidi' AJtMer have 
(/ required this adMHiitMi^ wiien they bahcM 

^ while the bright flftiuUght zeteded the dM^ 
^ MpteMMi <tf i^aohniMy Uended wiife «dnlu 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

att xHs;iuiua*Bnau 

Uke htttdky^ tjiat reigned oa everjr i0ami 
She prayed tot some tiiav^ in nikufp, te 
threw the Ring into the centre of the tor* 
made.theeign oi tbecro^s oiner 4be,fli9M%— 
and, whale she reneved h^ pmyers^ Ae kf^ 
•tandera beheld how the oidt^ gold laaaw 
Iheheartby aoul beard bow the dtnnwnifa mi 
emmlds burst asunder in Uie veb^OKBi «^ 
ramng bkie. 

The aof^mante was fioishf^, and* vMi Ifli 
nep, die beautiful jady cSane fbrwaidfea»^ 
hearth ; wUle, ettbk momenti Sir OttaeoaU 
nod help ledbg in his heurt the ccwiUM 
that Uua was indeed his dear eousii^ JkgA$ 
von Lkhteoried. Yet round ibe bMW tt W 
amUIng girl it Beenied a& if the dignified aav- 
tity that ahe had aaaumed had qpead a mp- 
teiimw though dazaling veil, as if vcaKi 
of die glonous moming-chiuds ; Unr wb«a dr 
came lowwds 6Kr Hu^ to oftr, m in t e m m 
times, her kindly salutatiam, die old aaa ia- 
▼oluntarify bent before her, in respactfid hy 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

TBS' MAMe Bnra. 908 

inttge^ Aat hoary head whidi efe now had 
been so often crowned with the laurel-wreaths 

At length, — ^^ Oh, may I be forgiven T 
said she, ** dearest uncle, that I have not 
approadiedyou with my wonted respectful 
otieisanoe^ but have appeared here as. a 
strange lady of high degree, instead of your 
own humble niece. Bertha von Lichtenried. 
Bot, indeed, until this moment 1 was not 
Bertiia, but the ambassadress of our holy 
patriarch, the Pope in Rome. To him there 
^ appeared, in a nightly vision, all the strange 
phantoms and wondrous adventures which 
hung'over your bouse on account of the Magic 
IKng. So I have hastened hither straightway 
with CSnidtophorus; only, having heard on 
the way of my dear brother Sir Heerdegen^s 
death, I turned out of the road, in: order that 
'I might, at the sbtine of a renowned saint, 
pray with more energy far the repose of his 
soul. Not, however, till the Magic Ring was 

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8M THE MAi^O BiM. 

dcstrojed (such were the caumn^ rffc 
holy falhor) durst I nuke nqfrif taoa 
other by w<»d or token, to tfcosrttail 
most loved in the worid, in orierteelUf 
•fiectioiDs might not distatb mjliiffuf^t^ 
thediyine mission on wfaidilkadtieaflL 
For thb reason it was that I passed sododr 
from tflref ehapd near whidi you had aw^ 
ed,«-I speilk now to yon, dcKertLrffffl- 
diridnr.'' Thereupon, fkUingintDtteirii'' 
her former kind friend and iii8tr«JtKa> * 
benerdentBnida, she hid her tbdi^^ 
ond^th^ long green veilrfi*^** 
words £Are had kvohmtarily toinedli^'f"' 
towards her did playmate ftr Otto. Al^ 
rnxMnent Chrislbphorus came up, W|i^<^ 
his hand to the young Hn^t rf'^W^' 
gen, sayfaig,— '^ WtfcooMB, hMhir^ by** 
name it lejoideth my heart ditt I ^ **■* 
*w;4>leyottdi, whose valiant d^i^^ 
known tfcm the north pole to the »^ ^ 
aB the wide world. But, as thn^ ^ 

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TH£ HAOIC EI196. 306 

ytar^ mhea I bore the name of tfae^ grand 
tnpr IJ^u^i^ddiiv if; y^w 9^ of me^, that 
I kniew betjter . how to disfieiiaQ mj kr- 
gea^es and gi^ tbm wy <y4^7 piwee ef 
Aai^ or JQurppei ao ahalt thou too, my brate 
Genniui bvother, karn, even at our fir^t meet- 
ing, that I l^^ye not foi^^en what bcjUnigs to 
tbectiaracter that I had ttjuus ^on.. ^now 
(ben^ jtbat thie heart of thia beautiful 4^^ 
b^u for .thee aloae^ and thou art &ee to woo 
her for ^by bride."" Witk these word^ |v^. \^ 
Sir Qtto tcjMPiMrds Bertha, who renamed .^U 
with her face hidden in Hildiridur^s long veil ; 
^nd, with <>ne knee on theground^ the knight 
f^dress^ himself to the Druda» and said, 
** Dearest mother^ speak for me 1 1 am indeed 
unworthy of her forgiveness*"" Hildiridur 
then placed the unresisting hand of Bertha in 
that of her first lover ; and Bertha^ kneeling 
beinde him> s^id, *< If thy father, dearest 
Otto, will bestow on us his blesnng !""— Pear- 
ing these words, the old hero laid his hands on 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


thdr heads in token gI consent ; but he oonld 
not speak ; for, as he looked on them in thcv 
youth and gladness, his heart swdkd in hb 
bosom, and words could not tben ha^e ex- 
pressed his emotion. 

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•ntE MAGIC itlNO. 387 


How TkM^Mldo dfpwted on a Pilgrimage into the 
Holy Land. 

Now it came to pass, that amid the banquet- 
hall, where all were cheerful and joyous, there 
entered an unbidden guest, with looks dark 
and discontented; and this was Theobaldo. 
Humbly he drew near to the pious and beau- 
tiful Lady Bertha, and said, ^' For^ me, in 
sooth, all the pleasures and hopes of this 
world are now at an end. My powers of en- 
chantment, to which I had devoted my whole 
life, are by thee destroyed; and, as to that 
happiness which others may possess in the 
arms of parents, brothers, and sisters, it is to 
me for ever lost, and I have indeed wrought 
my own Bestruction. What then should ^ 
I now seek here? Truly I know not; but, 
at least, I would take leave, and then, as 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


is fitting, seek oat soHie eavera ib tbe etidi 
wha^ I majr hide mysdf from the ejei 
of all mankind. ShouM this not be found, 
some firiendjj abyas of the nKnatains w3l 
doubtkas lie in my way, where I caa at 
once moke an eirid of all my regtcfts and sor- 
rows*^ << Methioka this were not needftJ, * 
answered Banba, with friendty ^an i e atima of 
lone ; /Valid I can moceover assure thee, it it 
not tlve wiU gt Heavn that Aon ahonknt 
thus despabi. Penance^ no doiriit, is reqomd 
of thee; and if this dnt^r be fbliMed, dm 
shidt yet be saved asdoontfbitod. It weoidl 
be well, methjnks, wert tikaa to luidettahe a 
pilgrimage to JcauaakM, and oo tfaj aoiilaiy 
way c(»itend stoatly with dK ev9 Aoaghs 
that beset tbee^-^oonfess thy sine at die 
holy sepulchre, Juad vetnm home oansoied 
and absolved into oar friendly dnde. Coinage 
then,Ai;plgrim; the great Shepberd yet cdli 
with kind oonsoiing voice for Us loit Atep."^ 
At the same moment, all nho weie therr 
present sdetched out thmr lovmg arms te- 

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wards him, as if he were ah*eady returned 
absolved and pure iaio his piM)enial castle. 
<' Verily daiiisd,'' said Theobaido, «< thou 
bast not ceased to be the benaficeat ambassa- 
di«ss of Heaven, although thou art even now 
become a httfipj smiling bride. To Jerusa- 
l«Qi4heii ! to Jerusalem ! Lcnigindeed hAve I 
lidt within my heart the impulse to journey 
thither, as if 1 1^ luwwn by aotibipation the 
guilt that would one day cleave to my coti- 
ncJOTCff. Yet, ere I go, couid^st thou but re- 
cyiest £K'BM the fiorgiveness of the venerable 
old maa, wham I am mo longer worthy to 
namp Csthar? Obtain for me too the mild 
girase of HUctiridMr ; and it we»e well if Otto, 
ChristofdioMs, and Blandiefleur, meik the 
atpm Jielotsft himself, osnld look on in^as a 
bsiQlhfiVfHUUtead of ^oiy gemkting me fcrg^ 
iiei» .§fter the mamier that one in fky be* 
alavrs g^ldea £nM^ on a wretched cotivioC as 
he , is lad ioJtba i^ace of exaontkm.^ Smilfaig 
ia.ber €ala» omfidKace aad sweaity, B^tha 
repbodp'^^TiMe mUbenonsedof asnstanee 

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310 T9» MAOIC S0i6. 

suoh aft Slim; .fi>c SMuroate bore idrew^fff- 
pioPMlyoturiWQOiiciliiaiw-"' Witb these imdm 
die gendy. dtpew the nqi^diMI ymtdi tuRwli 
hii'fatber» who dueled him in his.anns, 
lyiihUe Hildiridur,.aBd all the reaty drew BfiV' 
l»enibwwy aod eonaole hiwi,iHDdOa%.intii 
melaocbefy c«gret ia bis.kean^ ufttikiiiad 
'' Alas! Theobaldo, no wonder tboDi.thal, 
efea at our tmi me^ogi ibf praseece los » 
un^feiakMy dear to i9j heart r . 

Tbeobaldo ati^^gths.with.^eaitle i 
dieettgi^^ bimaelf firoBi their 
^' Vou have now,"* wd b% '^ affwdadaift le- 
fira^odentaiid atcenglh^ not only ^ dwK jaor- 
n^ <lhat.liethefi»eiDe9 but^ mjr whole fifc 
to come. FineYl^ll I I iBbfdUL wxm. daftut m 
traiDqailfity, ^bdq«sp(i a^ hope.: ¥oar kwe, 
like a guidii^ alar,. will. atiU gte«ax brfm 
me; and when, alter aii«bae^^fie«C ayear or 
oKMfe^ the idgrim comas hM^^witk hia aaai- 
Ic^shell hal and longs laff^joij. will noei 
him udmission, but. rather thexa nil bo a ii 
of welcome and rejoicing in the hall of his i 

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ceslors," Thereafter he made Im parting salu- 
tations, and slowly retired. All remained for a 
space in deep silence, and with their eyes glis- 
tening in tears; such are the bitter drops 
which Joy almost CTcr mingles in the cup, 
in order to remind us how short ia her date, 
and how frail the tenure of our Jife in thU 
world* »%4i..H«i*i^j i.*A-iiVv'. 'is 

At last the old Sir Hugh said, *' My son 
will come again, and Heaven will grant to me 
the blessing that I may once more embrace 
him ere I die. It seemed as if a winged mes- 
senger now brought me from Heaven these 
tidings ; and if Lisberta has become a glori- 
lied angel, it may indeed be she herself who 
thus hovers near me*^ Hereu]x>n the bro- 
thers and sisters, husbands and brides, held 
each other's hands, and embraced with more 
cordial joy and affection wlien they heard 
these words from their dignified ancestor ; 
and in a deep full tone, as if hi» heart had 
then for the first time been lightened from his 
|>erplexing emotions, he added* *' Bertha, 


diou art in the right; die i 
mutufti aiirction is MBong 
dear ftiendt flod ehildivii, let i» ga 
down to the Uooau^ lerat hanka af thr 
Dtanbe; (^ia^ fomr p ie tieu feei vidi BUbi- 
dhv bjr my ade^ nethinks I emt aaoa aaR, 
ashilhahappydiTBtff joqA, feg|by Bia ito- 
Hght and beauty of nature whidi die 
aant Omtor has here qvead «r0udl M 
8» it cane to paas, dwt, aa if-tbe 
Mt^ Ind been caamrtid info a Kmipclakt tf 
UaooAagtwflBnB anddatatda^ diai 
Bugb^ arho had bcfate been i 
Miate^ wwa^ eaaaa ftiMi with wMk^ 
and flrienda, aU amiliBg and jnjiiai, AtfH 
the tweet eyernnfrhmdarape^ faahMI tfMB 
WW aUwtohed ofer the ^aosds «! 
itMbdw; and aH that ktfffjr 
elaqnng their handa, gteeled In \ 
that to-waning token of Sittfni^ I 

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• *• I • * . / • ' 'I I 

•-- I . .' . _ |« ;. . . . f 

. > .1* 


Of «<i^iAw4 Va^4fiUm, m«.WmHU MMimH^ 

'■ •1' ; '..'"' •' •, . • . 

•tilrMUL mtma^ like a .bwan- «..A« 

lMt.<)Niglt.jny» <tf tbe flOB wtM nlitii^ uu 
Ijll* NmnI mms»£ tlM BaMNH —J itirt 

I of 4mr «t>ld cbwy.figbt w dn dminMi 

•^ The aid abMnl^ W«li«v 

- hMiiy «i«agiid in artaagiega g^ 

B tba nwdbir, at vfaieb tht^ 

ifllii tMv.fiafiPit. while tiie««taniimt 

wa» tMMd by tidl tordwa fixad in «he 

tB< wfaNB light Aooe rafleoted from the gtd. 

Am bai&iiu and iwnr4hwke, ai die^ paaaed 

▼«~ m. o 

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-Uedmi^i aad be exdaiiiKd. " "0*1^ 
HiMtar»i ftyr.ltby ewB.wd oMann^'W 

«Mk Aa blue *y *W!r .<wb«fe *>»•' 
.nauM hve-been .yflod»r=«t/^'^^ 

III kiC 

apent so many aad and kiodjJwiWr^ 
.i|ioe J»ildiadu« .prep«te4.,te ''^^ 

r cll|^u1)M ltlM!y<l»W„«W» of' ^>lf^^^ 
!n(mi««aWf by p..«^^ tflR|^# -^ 

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Yet 6n the imhd of Vbe tiouait A»th|ttibdkl 
of Wddeck -Aei^ lurbs^ it sKgbi stuuhi^v^ ^i^. 
c^iUtent, las tbe totO^toe bgahi ^bcwoh JA 
sti^ge bkcit add sUt^r Hudl, M^hkh bttdibdto 
th^^ diAonottred; birt '€kfd% 'idienlpiflke 
mibrketf the cloudb giUiheiiii^ 6n ins btayfy 
ktiblied bk th^ks ^byftiHy with her stmr- 
^ii^Ute bttbd; and, as he l<H>k^ on her libamy 
atifcl ^Moridibg eyes, he toon Ibi^ 'all Us 
mix^y ^e8eeti<ins^ 

At len^ some ctae tapped lighily oo^ ^r 
dttdV shoulder, and, lookikig rMnd, 'heiuw 
thiaitwas tbe sea-mofiaith, who thiii^- whis- 
pered in bis ear: <> RetiibnibefeM iAkhi yiot 
jili' wdrds a^ wcr wound up to Hildiiiiiiir^s 
3ast)ef Blancbefleuf has acknowkdg^ thee 
Tor bet brother, and mtfk how the* filtering 
jflki nbW gleams yosder on her bMaty. 
tVU^'^t thtis behold th^ datoisel, I at least 
i)ay tiot^ ibrg^ thy promise."" Sir Otto^ in 
riendly obnfidenee, piressed die hand of Sir 
ArlnUdm, and ibse in order to gain a place 
leitt to bis^floster, who^ lost in deep thought, 

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«s*aw» •■'''''■ "■ •■ ■' ■-•'-'* 

^RSe^'^WheA jFat'-iMHMM «li«k«^ 

i«li #t)«iy bf her regtaAt •« l*J«k»k 
dn'Mte ^tfl^fpr lieiv'*«Ms#endftf*> 

net dtas bett«tted»< and inU natwmf^'^ 
Ilp<il|^e <tt8 ff -Ulf !ui «aiger$ aiid«iit4«* 
oMi]iiM(«e» A 4reaiuldW * No' an»il«* 
4llkb Abm «ll» ^Mulifiil 'filial Siiaci^- 
A%4lMt inoutfM wereiMtfii MM'^^i' 
oMMthiAiI waads ;- Ui» c|K««]»«f alwf^ 
fltfbek i)btJ#arifroai'whdre-^7<ttt. ti^ 
flk^K loi(A«d rauod'at^'lf - in uiM'; M (^ 
tub hAd been ar^ai«itegf<k>1i«r«»«|M^*^ 
pakH itt- » 4Md»> tad -ttAre'^URi'^*'^ 

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bride of any iMie iu this world T Therefore 
Sir Otto, making a sign to the sea^moDarclt 
tliat he &liould come nearer, began to inter- 
cede for him with hia sister. Sir Folko loo 
begged her consent, in order that their two 
bouses might thus be more than ever united ; 
while Arinbiorn stood in silence, at once dig- 
nified and humble, waiting to hear his doom 
pronounced by her wlio was dearer to him than 
lUe. Like a pale slender flower, shaken by the 
evening wind, Blanchefieur continued for a 
apace agitated, and uncertain how to decide. 
At length, in wordless resignation, she in- 
clined her beautiful head in token of assent to 
their proposal. Sir Otto then, leading her 
by one hand and the sea^monarch by the 
other, brought them to Sir Hugh to receive 
his blessing ; and, as they kneeled before him, 
the old hero said, — " Thou young and bloom^ 
ing image of the fearful old Avenger witli 
vulture's wings, take then, in God's name, 
this tender white flower, that ^o long was the 
joy and ornament of mine ancient halls. All 


mr^-^SH' mmh ibMghte 

m aUenoe. 

ihe amne-mdisfiiblr nomm hf 

tuf the kftght dtde »nr >|ti il 

hi • iigirt-lbe — if¥i> ^ 

•hft.«n, MooB) and stan, with 
mo&i thtmailg and l^taanei;.<^tkift br 
dMuqgiBd tbfticene^ apdAMoieA hiMlf ial- 
ii^giui« atlkmj hktk^ tknuigli ^le wili «§, 
tbsIriMKlfiCLave. 0»tbitadfliddK 
yoptfa desaabai !>■■* If m ^ aUfi w w Aa d 
' diiiipd agaMMt if >Jocfc% wiiOi.'mym 

«i^ in pimiie <rf tbejoTB vh 

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the mUBn^ be&behbldt >A ttafvpyi 4brMr* mA 
brictegroottifltondhigilMnd. an /handy aifd'^H 
krteB tbem^intii gratulvtioQS and ptkjiir^tm 
their long Hfe and happiness. ' * n - > • 

bKtib$aaist avwt hat eyes, and itirwas obfy 
J ttifa h iuj pd -who reauorfacd how last' fatr Oaan 
ibwed faaneatk that alabMster oovering.'nfiil- 
Otto dirfcdy reaognked itt AJeavd* fkeskoe 
iHiMtrel who had song with Kanebeltw the 
BttUad.^f Abekffd aod Heloise A Gahfitik?s 
«asdeki Norniandy,aBd leaniin^:fiKMti Bortba 
tHat he WW. brioaged to the tram that had 
ootieiwith ber and Christopboms, haoMiM 
t0 aatttte-Mm, aod to retwrn thatika tbatr^be 
bad ooBM to' honour their festival wtdi' hia 
aMBsioi Bin ' Aleard had ah^sady taniitfwd 
ofiiong ihd.cttvwd ; aad^oa aearebing Bsaimk* 
*qfmmg^ fdg km, Siv Otto was «uddtaly dia* 
m rb td t bf. an' oaeurreBoe so - extottotchaovf , 
tbaa^the^ttartioB^ofidl the party waaimiae* 

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'SKjfttilil W^ chi^ dt iordbe^ was %ttra 
the tnonpiiDg of horses, with a ringing, afar 
abdnasif ihey, "as w^ as tbm^ridos^ were 
oMOted in iton for the battl&£dd. Amm, 
wti^ theeyes of every one were torned in the 
dite6Doii fiMn' irtieiiee dns noise pioeecdfca, 
th^i('' appetjfed^ on a anow-wliile cbMrgtt, 
a taH -graceAil wiun^nv ui & parplB 
boindered'with eranne fbr, with an < 
goMm^Bield; on which tiie tordi.Iigbt gkamed 
hire ttj^ifftsSD^y bn hW Jeft arm, and in his i^lfet 
hwUIti lo% lanee, wUdi, when they fint Ioak« 
scf upon tnoi^ he poised npright as it rested en 
his ssddle-6ow. As he drew near to the 
hdRes, iiowever, witti a Hgfat and giao c fu l 
mdvement, he inc^ned the ponderocK ' 
to tlbe ground ; and, at the same time, 
Mrhead^ wMr' his high gfeataiing heknet and 
wavtagfiduMesyinKipeetftilsakitatkHL Mmm- 
over, ashfrcamewidun Ihe^trderfthe to tAe^ 
some of -tb^ q^eeutoffrinsistod, that 
hiafMUtial-cttfqoe thett was vfail 
of gold and '^KammKls; fyr U iMdd 

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'brightly^.' . :-. ,. "I- . . . . J .. : .■ -.m; r^rji 

..}5l« thcj b^ jiine to, Rebate tJiwgpiettipRft, 

an^^ fo^QVecl by a j>wwn?pi^ ^w, ,|ifi«ifl^l^ 
a^f«f from, the wpq^Big, ^p^tf«((j|$. ,, IJCI^tpyi 
coiild bear bow.he.simrre^ W^ bo!WrJ^n^ ft 
full (gallops a^d bow thej rocky ci^ qt Tmu^- ^ 
wang^ ^ocd 4^ jthe Ofighi^g of m^jx^^^i^^^^ 
and liliginff of thw.armpur as tbqir t;ri|mf)lfKU 
^cmgtbe 9ie^ow» till at length tb^i^p^^, 
died away in distance. *< Was it jnqft ^fi^V.i 
said Gabrielle, gaeing at Sir Folko^.a64f.^,. 
had re^ bis thoughts, and needed apt ta, 
aagr iwre, ** Truly i" answered the btave Dp, 
lki(pntfiii]con»^ "I believe Aere is no^.any ,. 
chaiopian m& the world who codd be com- . 
p«red witjbi him ; therefore we caoDni be mis* • 
taken. It was indeed the Lion, the peerless 
I nKHurch of fJaue kni^cly forest.^—- *Afl eyes 
were now watchfully turned on Sir Folko ; 
butybark ! from the same quarter whefein Ihe 
magnifioent stranger had Bi^)eaiiMl» there now 

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m«l«|#ix^l^dfH;j^t9>T^^ in .their ^^ 

.fiwUi^^iV^ which ^T^jsfioated.Dev^ 
th«Wfi!h'thft.tatjill,.#ir of tbat M^iD^^^ff;^ 
ly} 4|til^ fh^. could di^nguiab .wtiqihte 
Vrdrd^; .^ tb^se iiv)Of^ fauve ^ifoe edmd 
^xmih.'th^ «[i^ vodd;^ for the 1«J,I|^ 
9tttig»;.fBiis thi|t.wb«;r^a.tJbe s^iojBtrel Bk'VMiF' 
'd0*Me9|[ dWjrib^hoTf be bad faui^ out bis 

hiBi from his before hopeless ca{Mtivtty. . 

.I(lc9«>v#r fh^ mojffxel bima^ masfx «p 
pusred, m^mifedjWasqv^l white JKn^ictikk 
mms^ iftke fttisrwiiaaibMth^ 3^f J^.hirttfe- 
f^^^i^geF code by ^hefliop^ri ^H^^^^^ 
p|i\tie f[««tthrwp ^fffi^ th?igpfl^,%n 
of the handsome youth, on ^tyjyf»jjp||yt^qiBf^ 
Uwe Iv: aa iiK]^c4M^e,chSfH.f^^ « 
<«ie, might hayq.faj^^ 9foV^W«>AswrtJi.-b«l 

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t notibeen;that, tioftldtUst^^^tb^ii^h'telML 
utf;; tike that of ± lady, that M^i<«Mi4 Mi 
»IbbibSng tfedtares, siaieM deganttf 'tiiiifMd 
(iiii^ifaeldds adorned lis ujfy]f)er l¥pJ 'ifc^liNl 
low reined in his well-managed palA*ey^ lild, 
s he looked smiling on the banquir^{>any, 
tilf conUhued to touch die barjfyi wbtefr wtds 
uspended^firom his neck by a gddto ^tuilmr 

Sir Ottb immediately recbgtiiised the tAt- 
&m^ Master Blondel, with' whdth h^^hAd 
^for^ spdken in the bldon^ing^ fdfctvfi^'^f 
I'rance ; and the last wordsf of his eong bod 
lade known to all the party what a mirror 
ni mode! of songster^ and sqUkies Wa^ 0ow 
>eforethem. ' ■ ■' 

'^'Oh, Master Bbndd, moiM rnibwned and 
rorthi^t of minstrfelfif,^ dfieA they, ** sothttn 
ht gr^t King IMchaM ik iiideed reseiJiM! 
^nd was H he hitnself, fhat magnificent fcuSglrt, 
rhOf 'tiuf'a Mle'whil^ ago, passed through 
hc^e meadows?^' •' ' 

^fibndei kihdfy answered them, that intheir 
onjtett^es they had been- in ih^ Hghl'; find, 

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)l4ir bow V 4i«d»^^ iiiftHiMilfiirM^ 

lllUt of Cbii^iaii b«fioQ0,r*-!Ui;adi«i^ 
wU^ I iK^Asajr D» mOB^ ipa O fff ^*'* 
l€OQ» imder, it moffit ohwyj^ b« idLl^ 

lads. . . :-.' -^.^ ■■■«*^ 

Xbe ki^g^^ wb^ i|ofr pa^^fmsidk^ 

tal board, all joined t^g^bor «>?«*'l* 

Diaiae ofi- tbat imhiflnt nf ; 

mwdQwWSoiws JMMi tl(|h<^ii<ill''*ii^ 
thiew IB showers on the head of tfaedvPV* 

honoured troubadour. 

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Now it came to pass, that Sir Arinbiorn, 
the aea^monarch, came before Otto von Traut* 
wangeti, leading by one haTid Blanchefleuf, 
and by the other Uie minstrel Aleard, xrhom, 
with his sharp eagle eyes, he had at length 
diseovered among the multitude of squirc^s and 
others who were now in attendanee.— " Dear- 
est brother j'' said Sir Arinbiorn, ** this youth, 
whom I now bring before you, is no other 
than he who, as I before told you, appeared* . 
to me in the Magic Mirror, where he sat af 
Blanehcfleur''s feet, when I, for the first time, 
beheld that bright-gleaming star of my future 
life and hojies, and named her Ro&clinde/' 

At these words Sir Otto changed colour, 
ca«tbg fiery glanoes towards the minstrel,—^ 
and Sir Folko, who now came up, was yet' 
more incensed* Meanwhile Sir Arinbiorn 
continued,—" Wherefore all this anger, ye 
brave and noble knights ? Have you not * 
proved even now, that the minstrel in his** 
airy flights, though we, forsooth, in our heavy 

VOL* IU« ♦•^>itf v^ w ^ ^iU » ^ ^ 


prtfeb 'and' tfdiDdie Mi «8i^ *^ '^ 
diouI*jt tliou- dotebt? <* daoli « >* 
tinish 'die'-AriMtrd'« hwp IB* «»b«^ 
beds, litrtsn'itt'tbe «aiBe'bom-wfc»*i* 
Wctor^ lias givm i» protf «f *!»*•*** 
Aneface ahd >«brdi ?" 
' H«reap6n deep WoBhesMii» ••«'''*'• 
tures erf Siriltto and De Montft** * 
fanaer took the nSiMtrd, »d tk^'*** 
Ilrtidy Bknchefleor ob-Ws «nn, Bldlk**^ 
dhettr near to the old' 9lr B»j^. •*" 
Annbiorb ir«Ike«l=bM«re tha*,'*'*^ 
to'amotmde iStiaf^t^atk. Thejiy** 
'bew wiUingly ag»ei*(D*failf««s*«^ 
HowsaggeMwIt} if.te(iiiAd)u4(^*t^ 
inspiration fi«ii'to«aifer^*W»,"'**'***' 
made aware how far more fitly thettwl^*' 

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\m^ fm t\f^ gw i w i, ^ woii)4 , bfi, jf^ppgirty^ jby the 
ivnftee. Qt ;W»^ ilb p^n^^q^r t|i#t, . )t|iq . di^ 

k9fikt.krfi^6 bkQvAi|d..^n y^hfif^ ch^)^^ at 

fj)^fiiitupAfaitice'4bemil(e^,, a^^pqr ..^^^gh 

wa8 enkindled, as if the mqff}kig4if^t,K]S ^ 

pdw. advraaeed ^wavds. t^ lfrig)it limprf of 

:l|i9. ^^9k«l fortfwQ Ai;iT)l|»(nin, jn^Bt, s^all 

,09w.bc^taV)r^ i»qiawl^Jjr 0^, .mpipiifaHy 

rtpkipg hill old cGiiiu»d^%.1tbe bwd- ' *^ J^af , 

, tmt,\jM. foe nQf fate,? ^nsw^red tbe fiea^mo- 

rvmi^r V ilea^en* bfui daa^ hioifUy and gra« 

j,€(iw^/Vrth-riDc; % if Blanehefleur, acQord* 

. iplg.4P*The9i mui wiiU.and pjieasttre^ had {»ro»]9f^fa^,4¥UKl.U^,f)i^t^ knight, I could 

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9K Tamoi^meawm 

MUftJiiid pimcelyJbmt Wd>»^tlMiiHki 

taiMi^ Sft jet left to 9109 mU the nni 
mrt8ltii»hihkftil ygt hewr the "f^d^m 
AllvfMqpnMii inefiieiiMii «fckHt,if l^i^ 

IfaatliiAxlinU ycincBMn be njliiiii0<? 
bjlandoraeft; withthatnaimoaiiiylfiU' 
/rnvtaror^ r—"" All iha » wA*^^ 
wdi&iilh% wiftk die smik of w«*"*^ 
aiririieimifyomlier&etiiiw; ^iftfciit^ 
f»li^ptirionior'gqgiet io My heart tht^ 
tietteMiMHig us^ eie king the ipockai^nV''' 
«dni look* .ml w«BdB:«oidd «sikttaK 
4iani]ftiiitt4^ sMdb b£ dl m»Mf>^' 

. .HevtepontlKiildfdiaiiipiHifii^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

•illwend Z^lot^. :«^ AU'diwej ^i^hftb'4re 
v^vfrnofik among iu I har^i ^vm ^wmvf irlih 
jifjrwd e o at tt ifta e pt «f hem<; "prood ^lioxdf 
tamm Moo an m pmst, iiiuliHjdii4tt^iIdwp« 
tmmet ii^]Nift mi njr .£tthtcik imam^irfrMA 

oim vidfey tliQ0 fluintHrang'ili^^tafaiiiadS- 

^^^ Bor my thare/' aitewered ObrwtdpfaiiMC^ 
.*« the hopes are yet fresb and^igmrMMiiiif^ 
heart, that by new wvoatlia'OI'victoiyiNitvte 
IxKtleNfitld, tlie conquest tix> ^'iiiew*fiBieiie» 
and Jffts^ I aball yet ^onl die gmniea^jdt 
0Qr hittiKiiDoreaad anre tltaotigb tba wsiidL 
PeixJHm noikihael thai bvvs, hom9ve»hma- 
tifial aed iEitlraative, is aUa to satisfy the long- 
ings of my heart Rather let the wide eatdi 
hemy-iind^'wilfa all her weahii oC Uvataing 

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limdc'.)giil£^4E»^he3Miuld Utetdoaew tab 

SiflJOtlO'st^bd Jii^life 4i«ppiaK»8^ %rMir^ 
a iw ^prdiMMy ffagowD KHmd'lfae taUaagriia 
fonn of Bettto^t^oD littbiniMd. 

fl%%r6bDlei) behold^ Mastor Blottdel (niro 
baik^ tMn time lettmedftcni Aienrd^ the 

Sir Si^'iKm TvAutoimiigni) c«ue iMnUy 
to^>Beirtii^ 'BxA dtttwii% ftom tmder Us nos* 
tto a^gcltefr down «f bcautiAi) worlntiiAipj 
flMbttM wMi f«bieBt«iid imanddB, he aid, 
^^<Hdir^wMld ttjrhefltcibem^oind if, Inr tUi 
c«te» Btad^ ^rooldviiat rasAm to wear the 
pMlkr orown^ ^wfam^oiiBt^d ibyillie^huid cf-a 

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bfrldemedhtoviMr TtmxWfW^^^i :<lwi8e}t 
fakshKkidet|dy,.aiid U» dow« berhmdr 
wli& tbe«rovn**w«»'<UreeUy pbioed .amid'< 
her laxisiiaAit glossy mngbts,- nuivkiffig .herv' 
eveu for the eyes of the dUtant kiokersH . 
ofh <s the queen df this aasttoiblsg^. who fa^ 
ioqnred the yovng koifaihts to their tioUesi 
deeds-; and by whoae influence at Ia$t- the-- 
magio spells htulbeen bvokea, and i^very 
heart restored to tranquillity and joy* - 

While they were all gaaing on her» B}<in. 
del had already mounted his white horse ; 
and thereafter, a^ he rode slowly away through 
the moonlight, he saluted them once more in 
song. His lays were for the most part 4d^ 
dressed to the Virgin queeoy who stood there < 
inheraerene beMity and innooeqee; but ere 
leaj; they could distinguish only Ae conclud- 
ing words of every stanm, * Farewell !^ At 
lengthy as he entered the dew4)esprent forest, 
aad was shrutided from their sight by the 

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wreaths of wbite vapour that aom biuig oo 
the landscape, that sound alto dedined away, 
even as this eventful story, oourteous lis- 
tener, now dies on your ears. Good i^t, 
and farewell I 



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