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Full text of "Mahaffey descendants : sketch of reunions, historical records, and biographical genealogy of Mahaffey descendants, 1600-1914"

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The Coat of Arms was adopted by the ]\Iahaffeys of Ireland 
in the 11th century, consisting of a shield, on which is a mailed 
arm raised in defense of the home, with a broken spear held in 
the hand and over it the inscription, "Factus Non Victtis," mean- 
ing, "broken but not conquered." All pieces of silverware, also 
furniture, as far back as 800 years has this engraved on it and is 
to be found among the old family relics in Dublin and other cities 
in Ireland. 

IMahafiey Descendants'^* 

Sketch of Reunions, Historical Records and 
Biographical Genealogy of Mahaffey Descendants 


Compiled by 

Estelle Kinports Davis and 
Mary E. Mahaffey Garst 


Central Printing and Publishing House 
Harrisburg, Penna. 


Mahafjpey Descendants 


THIS work is promulgated by its authors not in any sense 
as a literary gem, but rather as a forced product in re- 
sponse to the decision of the majority. It lacks finish, 
and in a great many respects certain details which would have 
made it a more valuable work. However, it is hoped that the 
object has been gained for which it was printed, namely, the pre- 
servation of data collected for years, and fulfilling the desire of 
the older members of the Clan who wished to see a book of the 
genealogies of those who have met year after year at the Re- 

This work is not confined to a single family, but to any who 
have, or descended from the name, who furnished data. The 
families will be taken up in the counties of Pennsylvania, where 
the first one of the name was known to locate. Necessarily the 
sketches must be brief, but it has been the aim to select those 
details which would help in establishing lines of either past or 
future generations, and for that reason this book is entitled to a 
place in every library of those who bear, or descend from the 
MahafTey name. Mention will also be made of those living in 
Ireland, who have for years taken an interest in members of the 
Clan here, and who have furnished us with interesting informa- 
tion concerning the early history of the family there. 

Space has been given to all who have furnished the necessary 
data in the way of biography, or history, of the present, as well 
as the past generations, but in most cases your historians have 
found it difficult to procure the needed data, possibly due to 
reticence, or modesty. We have aimed to avoid partiality in this 
regard, naturally were obliged to give only what we were able 
to procure. 


Mahaffey Descendants 


Fellow descendents, at last we have found 

Our His'try, and in a book it is bound ; 

It dates from the time this good Irish name 

Scotland forsook, and in Ireland took claim. 

Scotch-Irish we are, none better I'm sure, 

With others 'tis crossed, remaining as pure 

In the veins of the Clan, flowing to-day — 

This His'try is proof — you cannot gainsay. 

In crossing the span of years we have tried 

To connect all the links, trusting you'll bide — 

Tradition as facts, since much has been found, 

Authentic indeed in our His'try bound. 

Lib'ral we have been with our fellow man. 

Including all names in this Irish Clan ; 

Not only the Ma's and the Me's you'll find, 

But names that are common to all mankind. 

In writing this book dear Clan we have found. 

Much interest displayed in making our round — 

You can judge for yourself, reading is proof, 

Some silence preferred, others remaining aloof. 

Not daunted by this, in silence the work — 

Even though some few their duties did shirk. 

Was fin'lly completed — we did our best 

With data secured may it stand the test 

Of critics, which in our Clan you may find — 

In censuring we trust they all keep in mind 

The efforts of those who this His'try wrote — 

They hope not for glory, this you will note — 

Simply to prove to generations to come. 

From whence they came, and to whom they belong ; 

We trust our struggle has not been in vain, 

And to all the world our "History" proclaim 

Mary E. Maiiaffe y Carst. 

Mahaffey Deiscendants 


For ten years the Mahaffey's of Clearfield and Lycoming 
counties, Pennsylvania, have been holding family Reunions. This 
Reunion idea was first conceived in the brain of Mrs. Addie 
Hennigh, of Punxsutawney, Pa., daughter of David MahafTey, of 
Louisiana, and grand-daughter of Thomas Mahaffcy, of New 
Washington, Pa., and was formulated by her to W. T. Mahaffey 
and wife, of Cherry Tree, Pa., who were visiting in her home, 
June 10, 1905, and was to the effect that an organization be 
formed, called the "Mahaffey Clan," and that they should hold 
reunions beginning that fall. Mr. Mahaffey, in his usual en- 
thusiastic manner, agreed to this, and they at once formed a 
temporary organization, electing Mr. Mahaffey President, and 
Mrs. Hennigh Corresponding Secretary, she agreeing to send out 
invitations to all known Mahaffeys to assemble at Mahaffey, 
Clearfield Co., Pa., to perfect the organization. In response to 
these invitations seventy-five relatives gathered at Mahaffey on 
the 12th day of September, 1905, and the first "REUNION" of 
the "Mahaffey Clan" in Pennsylvania, was held. The following 
officers were elected to serve one year : W. T. Mahaffey, Cherry 
Tree, Pa., President ; James Mahaffey, Clearfield, Pa., Vice Presi- 
dent ; W. P. Mahaffey, Clearfield, Pa., Secretary and Treasurer. 
The second reunion was held at Mahaffey, Pa., August 9th, 1906, 
with one hundred and seventy-five present. The same officers 
were re-elected, with the addition of Porter Kinports, of Cherry 
Tree, Pa., as Historian. 

The reunions continued at Mahaffey, Pa., with the same 
officers re-elected, increasing numbers and growing enthusiasm 
until six had been held — these had always partaken of the nature 
of all-day picnics and were heartily enjoyed. 

The success of the gatherings being largely due to the un- 
tiring efforts of Aunt Kate Mahaffey and her immediate family. 
At this sixth meeting, August, 1910, Asher C. Mahaffey, of 
Williamsport, Pa., was elected Vice President, the other officers 
being retained as before. Several committees v/ere appointed. 

6 Mahaffey Descendants 

Committee on Arrangements — Mrs. A. C. Mahaffey, Wil- 
liamsport, Pa. ; Mr. and Mrs. Moses Mahaffey, Hepburnville, Pa. ; 
Mrs. W. T. Mahaffey, Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Committee on Invitation — Harry B. Mahaffey, Harry Con- 
ner, Mrs. Maggie McMurry, Moses Mahaffey and Miss Rachael 
Mahaffey, of Dublin, Ireland. 

Committee on History — Mr. and Mrs. Porter Kinports, of 
Cherry Tree, Pa.; Mrs. W. T. Mahaffey, Williamsport, Pa.; 
Samuel Mahaffey, Marion, Ohio ; Dr. John Pentland Mahaffey, 
Dublin, Ireland. 

Committee on Finance — R. F. Mahaffey, Frank Flinn and J. 
R. McMurry. 

A vote was taken on place of meetng for the next year and 
carried in favor of Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pa. (the cradle 
of most of these branches of Mahaffeys). President W. T. Ma- 
haffey gave a talk on his travels in Europe the year previous, and 
related the incidents of his visit to relatives of the Clan in Ireland, 
where he had the pleasure of seeing many old relics, which in- 
cluded some antique furniture which had been in the possession 
of the Mahaffey family for several hundred years. He read a 
letter from Dr. John Pentland Mahaffey, of Trinity College, 
Dublin, which was received with much enthusiasm. 

At the seventh reunion, August 31st, 1911, and the first one 
held at Williamsport, Pa. ; Ezra Rathmell was elected Vice Presi- 
dent, other officers remaining the same. The business meeting 
was held at the "Arlington Hotel." Several new features were 
introduced at this meeting.. 1. The reading of an authentic His- 
tory embracing the then known data. 2. The presentation to 
each member present of a facsimile of the "Coat of Arms," 
adopted by the Mahaffeys in the 11th century. 3. The delight- 
ful entertainment at the Acasia Club, by John Hall. 

The eighth reunion was again held in Williamsport, August, 
1912, this time at the New Crawford Hotel. In the election of 
officers the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer 
were retained ; Mrs. Geo. N. Davis, of Coffman, W. Va., was 
elected Historian, in the place of her father. Porter Kinports, 
who died the March previous. Mrs. O. Watson Bennett, of Wil- 
liamsport, Pa., Corresponding Secretary. Souvenir badges, with 

Mahaffey Descendants 7 

a print of the old Mahaffey Homestead, were presented to those 
present. At this meeting Mrs. O. Watson Bennett loaned a 
grandfather's clock, a chair, a curious sun-dial and a book of 
prayers, the property of Thomas MahafTey, Sr., for the inspection 
of his descendants. The assembly was again entertained at the 
Acasia Club, by John Hall. 

The ninth annual reunion of the Mahaffey Clan was held in 
the Y. W. C. A. Assembly Hall at Williamsport, Pa., August 14th, 
1913. The same officers were re-elected with two additional ones, 
Mrs. Kate Long, Howardsville, Assistant Secretary, and Mrs. M. 
E. Mahaffey Carst, of Harrisburg, Pa., Assistant Historian. 
The walls of the hall were handsomely draped in American flags. 
The flag of Ireland and the Mahaffey "Coat of Arms," occupy- 
ing prominent places immediately above the President's chair. 

The poem, "To the Clan," and the song, "Our Native Land," 
sung to the tune of "America," composed by Mrs. M. E. Mahaffey 
Carst, were easily the features of the day. 

At this meeting a motion was made and seconded that a book 
should be printed by the next reunion, which should include all 
the accumulated data of interest to the Clan, and such genealogies 
and histories of different families represented as could be 
gathered. The Historian opposed this motion, protesting that the 
work involved too much research to furnish complete authentic 
genealogies to be accomplished in a year. She was over-ruled and 
the motion carried. 

The success of this meeting, and largely those before held 
in Williamsport, was due to the indefatigable efforts of Mrs, O. 
Watson Bennett. Responding to an invitation, which had now 
become a delightful custom, the Clan repaired to the "Acasia 
Club" for an evening's festivity, Mr. John Hall appearing again 
as host. At the conclusion of the business meeting the vote 
carried to hold the tenth annual gathering of the "Mahaffey Clan" 
at Williamsport, Pa., August 13th, 1914. 

Mahaffey Descendants 


Mahaffey Descendants, good old Irish clan ! 
Be they youthful or aged, woman or man — 
My greetings to all at this annual event, 
I trust we shall feel the time is well spent. 
It has been many years since the first of our clan 
Left his emerald home to cross the great span, 
As green as the country he had left far behind. 
He landed, no doubt hoping fortune to find. 

Though centuries have passed since they crossed to this side, 

The clan of to-day we behold with much pride. 

Filling places of honor, trust and esteem. 

Which inspires our heart with love's stately mien. 

The ancient "Blue Stocking" is swept from our view, 

But the blood in our veins keeps flowing as blue; 

No longer 'tis sect, — but one family to-day. 

Our greetings exchange and our kinship display. 

The descendants surround us with many odd names. 
But to our "Irish Clan" they also lay claims ; 
The love for the shamrock sunk deep in each heart, 
Cause our faces to glow and our pulses to start. 
Perhaps as we gather to-day we shall miss 
Some familiar form, a hand clasp or kiss, 
Who have left us to join that reunion above. 
Awaiting our coming, our friendship, our love. 

Our clan as a rule are both happy and gay. 
Age proving no barrier to sunshine or play ; 
Last year I am told they all marched to the tune 
Of enchanting music, morn coming too soon. 
I trust as we gather round the gay festal board. 
We ever are mindful of our Saviour and Lord ; 
Even so, we can fill this bright day with much love. 
To assemble once more at that banquet above. 

This poor rambling verse comes from one of the clan. 
Though 'tis not from sweet maid, nor from stalwart man; 
The fruit of my mind I have given to you, 
A failure, no doubt I have proved, 'tis true. 

Mahaffey Descendants 9 

In conclusion dear friends my toast "To the Clan," 
Is always be cheerful, do good where you can, 
Thus prove to the world that the good Irish blood 
In Mahaffey descendants is flowing with love. 

Composed by Mrs. Mary E. Mahaffey Carst, 608 N. Seven- 
teenth Street, Harrisburg, Pa., complimentary to the Ninth 
Annual Rfunion of Mahaffey Descendants, held at Williams- 
port, Pa., August 14, 1913. 


(Sling to the tune of "America.") 

Our native land so dear. 

That thrills our heart with cheer 

Of thee we sing; 
Land where our fathers died. 
Land of the shamrocks pride, 
To-day upon this side 

Our voices ring. 

Our native land to thee. 
Our praises always be 

Loyal and true ; 
We love this emerald land, 
Our clan united stand, 
A happy Irish band 

We'll prove to you. 

Our native land so fair, 
Let all that breathe thy air. 

With rapture sing; 
E'en though you cannot hear. 
Our voices blend with cheer, 
To-day our hearts are near. 

Sweet memories cling. 

We love to laud this land, 
And proudly clasp the hand 

Of Erin's soil ; 
Long may our praises ring 
Though time its changes bring. 
To-day our clan doth sing 

And rest from toil. 

Composed by Mrs. Mary E. Mahaffey Carst, No. 608 North 
17th Street, Harrisburg, Pa., June 26th, 1913. 

10 Mahaffey Descendants 


"Wire ! Brier ! Limberlock ! 
Four and twenty geese in a flock — 
One flew east, one flew west, 
And one flew over the cuckoo's nest." 

— Origin Unknown. 

At different times various branches of the Mahaffey family 
have emigrated from the north of Ireland and located on this 
side of the Atlantic. In Maryland at an early date and in Penn- 
sylvania as early as 1753. From these branches have sprung 
a progeny that numbers many thousands, and probably every 
state in the Union, as well as Canada, boasts representatives. 

The Mahaffeys are of Scotch-Irish descent, and the early 
settlers of that name in Pennsylvania intermarried with such 
families as the Lindsays, Allisons and Hamiltons, also Scotch- 
Irish and born in northern Ireland, and all mentioned families 
originally from Scotland. 

The line of direct descent of those who settled in this country 
in the eighteenth century has not been established in Ireland, 
owing to the fact that those in the Island of the name are barren 
of information, as are those here concerning the generations who 
lived early in the eighteenth, and late in the seventeenth centuries, 
have been unable to furnish exact data along that line. Neither 
has the exact connection between the different branches of the 
family in this country been established, as apparently no records 
were kept by the first generation locating here. 

After a great deal of research the conclusion has been 
reached that all those families, both in Ireland and America, who 
sprang from stock in Northern Ireland, and of protestant faith, 
are of one blood ; and could the lines be traced far enough, would 
merge into one common ancestor. 

The early Mahaffeys were Episcopalians or Presbyterians, 
but intermarriage with other denominations has resulted in a 
diversity of faiths. Those who are church members are usually 
active, devoted workers ; those who are not afiiliated with any 

Mahaffey Descendants 11 

denomination can usually be relied upon to help with any good 
cause, many doubtless carrying on benevolent work unknown to 
the world. 

Various forms of the name are used — McHaffie, Mehaffie, 
Mehaflfy, Mahafify, Mahaffee and Mahaffey. Immediate mem- 
bers of the same family have used as many as two or three of 
these, so that little reliance can be placed on the spelling of the 
names as a means of tracing the lines. Mahaffey is a popular 
form of the name in America, and numerous families have 
adopted that spelling, although records show the name to have 
been spelled differently at an early date. 

The family in this country for years embraced agricultural 
pursuits, and were busy with the task of wresting homes and 
sustenance from wilderness and the soil. 

Tales of Indian warfare have been handed down from gen- 
eration to generation, but those now living have very vague ideas 
as to the conditions then existing, and the hardships and trials 
those early pioneers endured. 

The family are not noted especially for brilliant achievement, 
but has been represented in all the walks of life. Some have held 
positions of trust and honor ; most of them have been good 
citizens ; honesty and sobriety have as a rule marked their course. 

By Authors. 

12 Maiiaffey Descendants 


66 ^WILLIAM T. MAHAFFEY," (John,^ William,^ Thomas 
The first figures (black) indicate the person's place or po- 
sition in this book. The small figure just preceding the name 
represents the person's order of birth. The small figure im- 
mediately following the name represents the person's generation 
from Thomas Mahaffey. 

Illustration — William T. Mahaiifey is No. 66 (page 38) in 
this genealogy; he is his father's fifth child and he is of the 
fourth generation. The names in parentheses represent his line- 
age from Thomas Mahafifey. 

Mahaffey Descendants 13 


1. Thomas Mahafifey, the progenitor of the Lycoming and 
Clearfield county Mahaffey's was born in northern Ireland, prob- 
ably Donegal county, in 1734. He emigrated to this country 
prior to 1771, and probably located in East Pennsborough town- 
ship, Cumberland Co., Pa., as here his first child was born. His 
wife's name was Elizabeth Lindsey, who was born in 1741, and 
as that name is closely associated with the early history of that 
section, she is doubtless of the same stock. His people were 
Scotch-Irish, as were also hers, and they were of Presbyterian 

In 1773 he located on the west side of the Lycoming creek, 
Lycoming Co., Penna., near what is now Bridge Number Two, 
and built a log cabin at that place. At this time the name of 
Joseph Mahaffey is closely associated with Thomas, as land 
warrants were taken out by them at the same time, and their 
places either adjoined or were one and the same — a sun-dial 
found on the premises bearing the name of Joseph Mahaffey, 
and the date 1803 goes to prove that they were closely asso- 
ciated in some way, but all trace of Joseph has been lost. The 
name of the place first patented to Thomas Mahaffey was "Pleas- 
ant Grove." 

In 1778 an uprising of the Indians caused him to carry his 
family and live stock to a nearby "Block House." The horses 
broke loose and went back home. To recover them he crept 
cautiously back through the woods and on the edge of the clear- 
ing paused in sight of the house. An Indian appeared in the 
doorway and smoke was seen emerging from the roof ; soon the 
whole was a mass of flames. It is told that he recovered the 
horses, but he and other settlers were obliged to abandon the land 
for a time. 

In 1780 he returned and built a more pretentious house on 
the Lycoming Creek State Road. This was the first house built 

14 Mahaffey Descendants 

between Williamsport and Trout Run. In 1784 a new grant of 
land gave him the opportunity of increasing his holdings until 
by patent and purchase he owned about six hundred acres. Some 
of this land and the house remained in the possession of his 
immediate descendants until 1897, when it was sold and the old 
house was torn down in 1890. 

It has always been understood in the family that Thomas 
Mahaffey fought in the Revolutionary War. A history of Ly- 
coming county states that he was a soldier in the Revolution and 
noted for his strength and courage. 

Thomas Mahaffey died January 13th, 1813, and his wife in 
the year 1819. They are buried in the cemetery at Newberry. 
Simple marble slabs mark their last resting place. Thomas and 
Elizabeth Lindsay Mahaffey had six children, as follows : 

2 ^John Mahaffey,- b. Feb. 25, 1771, m. Lydia Bailey. 

3 ^Elizabeth Mahaffey,^ b. 1773, m. first Hall, second 


4 ^William Mahaffey ,' b. 1779, m. Nancy Bennett. 

5 *Moses Mahaffey,^ b. Aug. 8, 1781, m. Mary Reynolds. 

6 ^James Mahaffey,- d. a bachelor in Burnside, Clearfield 

Co., and was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, near 
New Washington, Pa. 

7 ^Mary Mahaffey,- m. Cummings. 

This family, so far as we know, are the only Mahaffeys who 
settled near the headwaters of the Susquehanna river, and there- 
fore must be those relatives of whom John Mahaffey, of Dru- 
more, Parrish of Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland, and his 
nephew, James Mahaffey, born about 1770, of Masshill, Parrish 
of Lifford, county Donegal, Ireland, talked when James Ma- 
haffey of Pittsburg, Penna., now deceased, the grand nephew of 
one, and the son of the other, overheard them speak of "some 
relatives who emigrated to America, and settled somewliere near 
headwaters of the Susquehanna." This same James of Pitts- 
burgh said his father claimed kinship with the father of U'octor 
John Pentland Mahaffey, of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Therefore, logically speaking, this branch of the Mahaffey 
family are of the same stock as the above-mentioned branches in 

Mahaff^y Descendants 15 

Second Generation 

2 7OHN MAHAFFEY,== (Thomas, ') 

John Mahaffey, the eldest son of Thomas and EHzabeth 
Lindsey Mahaffey, was born February 25, 1771, in East Penns- 
borough township, Cumberland county, Pa. His parents settled 
in Lycoming county in 1773. He married Lydia Bailey, who was 
born August 18, 1778, in Chester county, Pa. 

John Mahaffey died September 22, 1848, and his wife, March 
26, 1864. They lived in Lycoming county, one mile above the 
Moses Mahaffey place, and here their children were born. 

John Mahaffey, about whom very little information is avail- 
able, is described as an unusually large man, weighing about 240 
pounds. They had ten children : 

8 ^Elizabeth Mahaffey,^ b. Oct. 5, 1800, m. Wil- 


9 ^Sarah Mahaffey,- b. Sept. 19, 1802, m. Joseph 


10 3 William Mahaffey,- b. Oct. 1, 1804, m. Susan 


11 ^Mary Mahaffey,- b. Sept. 20, 1806, m. first, John, 

second, Mann. 

12 ''John Mahaffey,- b. Jan. 31, 1809, m. Knight. 

13 ^Esther Mahaft'ey,- b. Apr. 11, 1811, m. Henry 

Richard, d. Nov. 1, 1845. 

14 'Margaret Mahaffey,- b. Nov. 2, 1813, m. Thomas 


15 ^Thomas Mahaffey,^ b. Mar. 3, 1816, d. unmarried. 

16 »Lydia Ann Mahaffey ,2 b. Sept. 18, 1819, m. John 


17 ^^Nathan Mahaffey,^ b. June 24, 1822, d. Oct. 16, 



Elizabeth Mahaffey, second child, and eldest daughter of 
Thomas and Elizabeth Lindsey Mahaffey, was born 1773, and 
died in 1865. She was the mother of Joseph Hall, later in life 
married a Mr. Tallman, and they had several children. 

24 Joseph Hall,^ b. 1819, m. Eliza Graff Bitting. 

16 Mahaffey Descendants 

4 ^WILLIAM MAHAFFEY,2 (Thomas/) 

William Mahaffey, third child of Thomas and Elizabeth Lind- 
sey Mahaffey, was born in Lycoming county, Pa., in the year 1779, 
was married in 1806 to Nancy Bennett, who was born 1784. She 
was the daughter of John and Margaret Clendenin Bennett, of 
Woodward township, Lycoming county, Pa. 

They first lived on a farm near the old Mahaffey homestead, 
but in 1827 he moved his family to Clearfield county, purchased a 
tract of land on the river at Burnside, and built a log house on the 
present site of the Horace Patchin house. In 1828 his wife, 
Nancy Bennett, died, leaving six sons. 

In 1830 William Mahaffey married Elizabeth Talbert, and in 
1833 returned to Lycoming county, leaving his three sons and his 
brother James on the land. A few years prior to his death hft 
came to live with his son John, near Cherry Tree, Pa. His second 
wife died in 1849, leaving two daughters. 

A grand-daughter says: "I remember grandfather as quite 
tall, Avith a cheery, open countenance, a mild blue eye, quite bald 
and wore side whiskers. His style of dress was that of a gentle- 
man of his times, blue broadcloth suit, plaited bosom white linen 
shirt, with a black silk stock, but not the flaring collar above, just 
a neat turnover collar of linen. He was our confidante and play- 
fellow, and entered into our childish sports with zest. We were 
fond of hearing grandfather's tales and jokes, the telling of which 
was his delight. He spoke of his mother with the greatest rever- 
ence, saying, 'She was a good. Christian mother.' " 

He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. One of the 
few things he brought with him to his son's home was his large 
family Bible, bound in red Morocco. He died in 1859, and is 
buried in the Odd Fellows' Cemetery, at Cherry Tree, Pa. The 
children of William and Nancy Bennett were: 

18 ^John Mahaffey ,3 b. 1807, m. Ellen Boyer. 

19 ==Thomas Mahaffey,' b. 1809, m. first, Margaret 

Mitchel ; second, Harriet Woodford. 

20 'William Mahaffey, Jr.,' b. 1811, m. Creacy Huller. 

21 *James Mahaffey,' b. 1813, m. Elizabeth Holter. 

22 "^Robert Mahaffey,' b. 1815, m. first, Mary McGee, 

second, Mary Catherine Johnston. 


( 1 ) William T. Maliatft-y. I'lfsiilmt, Clu-nv Tn-f. I'a. 

(li ) Kstelle KiiiiiiMt l)a\is. Historian, ('otfiiiaii, \V. \'a. 

(3) Mary K. Maliatfoy C'arst, Assistant Historian, Ilarrisburs, I'a. 

(4) Kzra Hatliniell, \ ice-l'resident, W illianisport. I'a. 

(.')) Kate Mahaffoy Lon»f. Assistant Corrcsiioniiing Socretarv, Howanl, I'a. 

(6) .John L. Hall, C'hairnian Finance Committee, Willianispoit, I'a. 

(7) William P. Mahaffey, Secretary and Treasurer, Clearfield, I'a. 

(5) Lauia \'. Maliafley Bennett, Corresiiondiiisj Secretary, Williams), ort, I'a. 

No. 230. 

The (iriiiiiiii 


ir (if ".MMliallev Chill Kcuiiicnis 


President of Mahatt'ev Clan 


(GrancllatluT of I'rcsidcr.t .if .MtihattV'v Clan) 

Mahaffey Descendants 17 

23 ^Moses Mahaffey,^ (who went to Illinois, then to 
Iowa and to California in '46. He was last 
heard from in British Columbia). 

The two daughters of William and Elizabeth Talbert Ma- 
haffeywere: 1. Hannah, went to Louisiana as 
a missionary amongst colored people, sent by the 
Presbyterian Church. She died and was buried 
in Louisiana. Left her property to Clayton Ma- 
hafTey son of Thomas Mahaffey, 3rd. 2. Jane 
first married George Johnson, and had one 
daughter, Georgiana. Married a second time to 
John Hoyt, and they had several children 

5 *MOSES MAHAFFEY,^^ (Thomas.^ 

Moses MahafTey, fourth child of Thomas and Elizabeth Lind- 
sey Mahaflfey, was born August 8, 178L He married Mary, 
daughter of David Reynolds, who came from Orange county, 
New York, and was the first settler on Trout Run, Lycoming 
county. In person Moses MahafTey was a man quite tall and 
straight, had blue eyes and light hair, but not much of it (a Ma- 
haffey trait). He and his wife were Presbyterians, she joining 
the Methodist Church later in life. He was a Whig, later a Re- 
publican, filling various township offices. He lived for years in 
the old Mahaffey homestead, and died there March 20, 1851, his 
wife surviving him until March 27, 1857, when she died in her 
93rd year. They had seven children, as follows : 

25 ^ Sarah Mahaffey,^ b. Feb. 9, 1812, d. Sept. 21, 1831. 

26 ^Lindsey MahafTey,^ b. Aug., 1814, m. first, Sarah J. 

Riley, and second, Sarah Jane Straight. 

27 ^David Reynolds Mahaffey," b. 1816, m. Phoebe 


28 ^Hannah MahafTey,' b. Feb. 15, 1819, d. Jan. 30, 1896. 

29 ^Elizabeth Mahaflfey,^ b. Feb. 22, 1821, m. John 

Carothers. She died Aug. 22, 1907. Lived 
above Williamsport, Pa. 

30 ^William Mahafifey,^ b. 1824, m. first, Elizabeth Eld- 

ridge second, Catherine R. UpdegralT. 

31 7ohn Mahaffey,^ b. Sept. 14, 1826, d. May 5, 1828. 

M. D.— 2 

18 Mahaffey Descendants 

Third Generation 

9 ^SARAH MAHAFFEY,^ (John, ^ Thomas,^ 

Sarah Mahaffey, second child of John and Lydia Bailey Ma- 
haffey, was born September 19, 1802, in Lycoming township, Ly- 
coming county. Pa. In 1824 she married Joseph Rathmell, who 
was born 1803. She died in 1875, and he in 1856. To them were 
born nine children : 

32 ijohn M. Rathmell,* b. 1824, d. 1840. 

33 2Mary Rathmell,* b. 1826, d. 1888. 

34 ^Thomas M. Rathmell,* b. 1829, d. 1902. 

35 ^William Rathmell,* b. 1831, d. 1831. 

36 ^Ezra Rathmell,* b. 1832, m. Mary Louise Grafius. 

37 "Lydia Ann Rathmell,* b. 1835, d. 1902. 

38 ^Margaret Rathmell,* b. 1837, d. 1900. 

39 ^Emeline E. Rathmell,* b. 1840, m. Samuel MacBeck. 

40 »Sarah Rathmell,* b. 1843, d. April 21, 1914, m. 

Thomas Caldwell. 

10 ^WILLIAM MAHAFFEY,^ (John,^ Thomas,^ 

William Mahaffey, third child of John and Lydia Bailey Ma- 
haffey, was born October 1, 1804. On January 24, 1824, he was 
united in marriage with Susan Bowers, who was born August 7, 
1807. They lived in Laurelsock township, Lycoming county, Pa., 
and to this union was born twelve children. William Mahaffey 
died December 22, 1882, and his wife April 6, 1881. The names 
of their children are : 

41 ^Sarah Jane Mahaffey,* b. Oct. 15, 1824, m. Thomas 


42 2john L. Mahaffey,* Oct. 4, 1826, m. Mary C. Fink. 

43 ^Mary Mahaffey,* died in infancy. 

44 *William C. Mahaffey,* b. June 11, 1830, m. Mar- 

garet Younkin. 

45 "^Thomas Mahaffey,* b. Aug. 20, 1833, m. Elizabeth 

B. Sholder. 

46 "Esther Mahaffey,* b. March 20, 1836, d. May 28, 

1874, m. Jacob Roller. 

47 ^Lydia Dun Mahaffey,* b. May 24, 1838, d. Feb. 28, 


Mahaffey Descendants 19 

48 '\Iames W. Mahaffey/ b. April 14, 1840, m. Eva S. 


49 ^Alargaret Mahaffey,* b. May 15, 1842, m. Adam 


50 i^Moses L. Mahaft'ey,"' b. Nov. 19, 1844, m. Mary B. 


51 "Susan E. Mahaft'ey,* b. Jan. 18, 1847, m. John 


52 i-Nancy C. Mahaffey,* b. Sept. 21, 1850, m. Samuel 


24 ^JOSEPH HALL,^ (Elizabeth Hall,= Thomas Mahaffey,^ 

Joseph Hall, son of Elizabeth Mahaffey and Hall, was 

born 1810. In the year 1840 was married to Eliza Graft' Bitting, 
who was born 1819. He died 1883, and his wife 1910. Nine 
children blessed their union 

53 ^Mary E. Hall,* b. 1842, m. Henry H. Clendenin. 

54 -John L. Hall,* b. 1843. 

55 ^Hannah M. Hall,* b. 1846, m. William Minier, 1886. 

56 *Loretta Hall,* b. 1848, m. Adam Striley. 

57 nVilliam M. Hall,* b. 1851. 

58 "Sarah Jane Hall,* b. 1853, d. 1858. 

59 ^ James B. Hall,* b. 1856, m. Emma Young. 

60 ^Matthew M. Hall,* b. 1859. m. Mary Young. 

61 "Anna E. Hall,* b. 1863, m. W. L. Kendall. 

18 ^JOHN MAHAFFEY,^ (William,- Thomas Mahaffey/) 

John Mahaffey, eldest son of William and Nancy Bennett 
Mahaffey, born in Lycoming county. Pa., in the year 1807. When 
twenty years old the family moved to Burnside, Clearfield county, 
Pa. The mother being in feeble health, was his special care, and 
she received at his hands the loving ministrations of a devoted son. 
He was married December 24, 1833, to Ellen Boyer, by the Rev. 
Robert Simonton, the first M. P. minister in Clearfield county, at 
her father's home, near New Washington, Pa. 

In 1837, the Burnside place was sold and John moved his 
family to New Washington, where they lived with his wife's 
parents, while he went to Illinois with a view to locating in that 
section, his brother Thomas accompanying him. Not finding the 
country to their liking they returned to Clearfield county. John 

20 Mahaffey Descendants 

then bought a tract of land near Cherry Tree, and in 1845 built on 
the banks of the Susquehanna, one mile below town, the second 
frame house in that section of the country. This place was 
named "Locust Villa." The house was a story and a half high, 
with three dormer windows in the roof facing front. These 
windows have since been removed. In 1888 he moved to Cherry 
Tree, to be nearer his children, Margaret and William, buying the 
Jesse Harter house. 

Grandfather was at least six feet tall, had clear, blue eyes, 
was clean shaven and had the usual "Mahaffey" scarcity of hair, 
and as his grandchildren remember him, was never seen without 
a cane, and always carried his silk bandanna handkerchief in his 
large, soft, black, felt hat. He used some expressions that will 
never be forgotten. When provoked, or ordinary language failed 
to express his feelings, he would say with emphasis, "Jiminy." 
He always called a saucer, a "sasser," and told a granddaughter 
she was the "sassiest girl in three counties." 

Absolute fairness in all his dealings, mixed with unusual 
benevolence and unselfishness, made him a man esteemed and 
beloved by all. Although very modest in deportment, he was a 
man of his own mind, and in matters of local interest, his opinion 
was sought and respected. 

He and his wife were members of the M. P. Church, his wife 
joining at the early age of fourteen years. He died at his home 
in Cherry Tree, Pa., in 1890, and was buried in the Odd Fellows' 
Cemetery, near town. 

Ellen Boyer, wife of John Mahaffey, and only daughter of 
John and Mary Colgin Boyer, was born in Huntingdon county. 
Pa., in 1811, and moved with her parents to New Washington, 
Clearfield county, in 1821. She was the only white girl in Burn- 
side township at that time, and was the idol of her parents and 
six brothers. In young girlhood she attended school at Birming- 
ham, Huntingdon county, riding horse-back to and from that 
place at the beginning and close of sessions. She was married 
at the age of twenty years and proved a capable, devoted help- 
mate, and a loving, indulgent mother. Her grandchildren were 
dear to her heart, particularly the first ones, whom she loved to 
hold in her arms, singing as she rocked them to sleep. The older 

Mahaffey Descendants 21 

grandchildren can well remember these songs. One of them went 
like this : 

"I had a little hen, and her name was Cra Creen, 
She laid an egg every day worth a farthing — 
She went to the woods through rain and hail — 
And carried wood home again packed on her tail. 
Cra Creen ! Cra Creen ! where is your nest? 
Under the green ivy tree that I love best — 
Where all the little birds sing for you and me." 

You being replaced by the name of the particular grandchild to 
whom she was singing. 

Grandmother was a well preserved woman at eighty. Before 
they moved to Cherry Tree it was no unusual occurrence for her 
to walk both ways, a good two miles. She was always active and 
industrious, and when not busy with household duties was either 
reading, sewing or knitting. She knit three counterpanes after 
she was eighty years old. Grandmother had black hair, slightly 
silvered, grey eyes and a good complexion, very erect and rather 
large; was jolly and a good companion. Was generous to the 
poor, and in her efiforts to relieve suffering, untiring. She and 
her husband celebrated their golden wedding in 1883. She out- 
lived him seven years. In 1897 she died and was buried by his 
side. The children that blessed this union were : 

62 ^Mary Mahafifey,* b. 1834, m. Jackson Patchin. 

63 ^Margaret Bennett Mahaffey,* b. 1836, m. Porter 


64 ^Creacy Ann Mahaffey," b. 1841, m. Rev. S. F. 


65 ^Nancy J. MahafTey,'' b. 1843, d. 1867. 

66 ^William T. Mahafifey,* b. 1848, m. first, J. J. Patchin, 

second, Sarah Edmonson. 

67 ^Elizabeth Ellen Mahafifey,* b. 1851, d. 1854. 

68 "^Infant son. 

19 =THOMAS MAHAFFEY,^ (William,^ Thomas Mahafifey.^ 
Thomas, second son of William and Nancy Bennett Ma- 
hafifey, was born in Lycoming county in 1809. Moved with his 
brothers to Clearfield county in 1827. In 1833 he married Mar- 
garet, daughter of Rev. David and Elizabeth Mitchell, who was 

22 Mahaffey Descendants 

born in 1810. He went West with his brother John, but returned 
and bought the Gallagher farm, on which was a double log house. 
This was the first one built in the village of New Washington. 
He built a log bam, and about 1848, built a new house. In 1855 
his wife died, and in 1856 he married Harriet Woodford, who 
was born in 1826. He was a lumberman and farmer, and spent 
his last days in New Washington. He died in 1890 and was 
buried in Mt. Zion cemetery. 

Thomas and Margaret Mitchell Mahaff ey had nine children : 

69 ^Elizabeth J. Mahaffey,* b. 1834, m. John Commings. 

; 70 ^William Mahafifey,* b. 1836, m. Mary M. Estricher. 

71 ^Robert Mahaflfey,* b. 1838, m. Margaret E. Feath. 

72 ^Nancy Bennett Mahaffey,* b. 1840, d. 1863. 

73 ^David Mahaffey,* b. 1842, m. first, Ada Hall, second, 
,Vr Elizabeth Lewmaster. 

74 «John Mahaffey,* b. 1843, m. Mary Jane Ake. 

;•' 75 ^Mary Margaret Mahaffey,* b. 1846, m. Joseph R. 


76 ^Martha Francis Mahaffey.* 

77 »Sarah Samatha Mahafifey,* b. 1851, m. George 


Four children were born to Thomas and Harriett Woodward 
Mahafifey, and were: 

78 ^Thomas Clayton Mahafifey,* b. 1858, m. Susan 


79 ^Florence May Mahaffey,* b. 1860, d. 1884. 

80 ^Clarence Howard Mahafifey," b. 1860. 

81 *Moses Edward Mahaffey,* b. 1862, m. Blanche . 

20 ^WILLIAM MAHAFFEY,=' (William,- Thomas Ma- 
William Mahafifey, Jr., third son of William and Nancy Ben- 
nett Mahaffey, was born May 6, 1811. On Sept. 2, 1845, he was 
married to Creacy Huller, who was born Nov. 12, 1813. William 
Jr., died Oct. 31, 1886. His wife survived him until Jan. 16, 1891. 
They lived in Columbus, Georgia, and five children blessed their 

255 ^William Frances Mahafifey,* b. 1847 (infant). 

256 ^'Clara Mahaffey,'' b. Nov. 9, 1848. 

Mahaffey Descendants 23 

257 ^Margaret B. Mahaffey," b. Oct. 3, 1850. 

258 ^iMary Mahaffey/ b. Nov. 12, 1852. 

259 ^Nellie A. Mahaffey/ b. April 14, 1859, m. Joe P. 

Holmes, Feb. 26, 1888, and they have one son : 
259a ^Guy Mahaffey Holmes,=^ b. Jan. 18, 1895. 

21 *JAMES MAHAFFEY,^ (William Mahaffey,^ Thomas Ma- 
James Mahaffey, fourth son of William and Nancy Bennett 
Mahaffey, was born June 21, 1813. He married, September 13, 
1838, Elizabeth Holter, who was born December 10, 1817. They 
were married at Howard, Centre county, Pa. Elizabeth Holter 
Mahaft'ey was a daughter of Jacob Holter, who emigrated from 
Maryland to Penny si vania about 1760, and located near An- 
tietam. James Mahaffey lived in Howard, Centre county, and 
was a great sufferer from rheumatism. He died June 23, 1883, 
followed by his wife August 26, 1906. The children of James 
and Elizabeth Holter Mahaffey were : 

82 ^Nancy Jane Mahaffey,* b. 1839, m. John M. Ross, of 

Clearfield county, Pa., d. 1874. Had nine 

83 ^Margaret Hughes Mahaffey,'' b. 1841, m. John R. 

Pantell, of Punxsutawney, Pa., d. Aug. 29, 1862, 
leaving a child one day old, who died in young 

84 nVilliam P. Mahaffey,* b. 1843, m. Susannah H. Mc- 


85 "Mary Catherine Mahaffey,* b. 1845, m. Jacob Z. 


86 ^Susan Mahaffey,* b. 1847, m. William Knoll. 

They had four children. 

108 ^-Vnnie Knoll.' 

109 -Margaret Knoll.^ 

110 ^Bertha Knoll.' 

111 *Nancy Knoll.' 
All residing in Philadelphia, Pa. 

23 'ROBERT MAHAFFEY,^ (William Mahaffey,- Thomas 
Robert Mahaffey, fifth son of William and Nancy Bennett 
Mahaffey, was born in Lcoming county. Pa., May 4, 1815. 

24 Mahaffe;y Descendants 

Moved with his family to Clearfield county in 1827. He with his 
brothers were engaged in lumbering and farming. At the age of 
twenty two he bought two tracts of land near the present site of 
Mahaffey, containing 417 acres. Here he cleared enough land 
for a good farm and operated the first water power saw-mill in 
that section of the country. He lived here for a quarter of a cen- 
tury, then moved across the river into town. His home was then 
the "Mecca" of raftsmen, and on more than one occasion he fed 
and slept one hundred watermen. About 1854 he entered into 
partnership with John M. Comings and they opened a store in 
New Washington. Later they opened another at Ostend. The 
partnership was continued for ten years. In 1868 a store-room 
was built and a large store opened in Mahafifey, the town that 
bears his name. Here he continued business until declining 
years compelled him to retire. He was a Presbyterian in faith, 
a Democrat in politics, and a man of high integrity and he was 
much respected by all. He died September 16, 1901. Robert 
MahafTey was twice married. His first marriage occurred in 
1841, with Mary McGee, daughter of James McGee, one of the 
earliest settlers of this section. To this marriage were three 
children born : — 

87 ^William S. Mahafifey," b. 1841, m. Martha Mc- 


88 ^James Mahafifey,* b. 1843, m. Samantha Thompson. 

89 ^Mary C. Mahaffey,'' b. 1845, m. John Byers. 

On December 19, 1847, he entered into marriage (the second 
time) with Mary Catherine Johnston, of McGee's Mills, who 
was born December 29, 1826. They lived for some time on the 
old homestead, "across the river," but about 1870 moved to the 
fine old place in town. Aunt Kate, as she was familiarly called 
by all who knew her, was a wonderful character, and few women 
of her day, or any day, could accomplish what she did. Many 
a night when those lumbermen were under the shelter of her 
home, or camped in the barn, she would spend the entire night 
baking biscuit. Houses of public entertainment were few, and 
far between in those days, and this house was never known to 
close its doors against the stranger seeking shelter. Small wonder 

Mahaffey Descendants 25 

then that "Aunt Kate and Uncle Rob" were known, and loved, far 
and near. She was a faithful worker in the Methodist Church, 
of which she was a member. She survived her husband several 
years, her mind remaining active and clear to the last. She died 
May 21, 1913. There were nine children born to this union: 

90 ^Robert Frank Mahaffey,* b. 1848, m. Emma Cook. 

91 =Emory M. Mahafifey," b. 1852, m. Mallie Thompson. 

92 ^S. Elizabeth Mahaffey,* b. 1854, m. George Furger- 


93 "Nancy J. Mahaflfey,'* b. 1857, m. George M. Jose. 

94 ^George Thomas Mahaffey,* b. June 13, 1860, drown- 

ed 1863. 

95 «Alice M. Mahaffey," b. 1863, m. ■) 

F. R. Patterson. > Twins. 

96 "Boyd Mahaffey,* b. 1863, d. 1863. ) 

97 «Harry B. Mahaffey,* b. 1866, m. Gertrude Shipman. 

98 ^Elsie Mahaffey," b. 1869, m. Bert. Gallatley. 

26 -LINDSEY MAHAFFEY,^ (Moses Mahaffey,^ Thomas 
Lindsey Mahaffey, eldest son of Moses and Mary Reynolds 
Mahaffey, was born in old Lycoming Township, Lycoming county, 
Pa., August 13, 1814. Was educated in New York State and at 
Williamsport Academy. Located in Newberry, Pa., in 1836, and 
embarked in mercantile business, at which he continued for 
twenty-four years, after which time he spent the balance of his 
life superintending his farms and real estate holdings in New- 
berry. Was one of the original stockholders of the West Branch 
National Bank, and for many years was the oldest director of 
that institution, a position he held for over forty years. In 1858 
he was elected to the State Legislature, and served on several im- 
portant committees. Was for many years president of Select 
Council of Williamsport, and for a number of years a member 
of Brandon Park Commission. Was a Whig, and later a staunch 
Republican, serving as a delegate to the Republican National 
Convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln for President. 
Was first Revnue Collector for district comprising Centre, Clin- 
ton, Lycoming and Tioga counties. His favorite saying was, "A 
person is only as old as he feels," and the writer recalls that when 

26 Mahaffey Descendants 

84 years of age he chided the conductor of a street car for bring- 
ing the car to a full stop to let him off. He wanted to jump off 
while the car was moving. He was married twice. In the year 
1849 to Sarah Jane Riley, who died in 1867. His second mar- 
riage occurred in 1886, when he married Mrs. Sarah Jane 
Straight. Lindsey and Sarah Jane Riley had born to them four 
children, who were: 

99 ^David Luttle Mahaffey,* b. 1850, m. Alice E. Shaw. 

100 ^Delos L. Mehaffey,* b. 1856, m. Mary Ann Lentz. 

101 ^Eleanor Jane Mahaffey,* b. , m. Luther Mohr 


102 *Boyd C. Mahaffey," b. 1853, d. 1872. 
Lindsey Mahaffey died in 1897. 

27 ^DAVID REYNOLDS MAHAFFEY,^ (Moses,^ Thomas 

David Reynolds Mahaffey, third child of Moses and Mary 
Reynolds Mahaffey, was born November 8, 1816. Was married 
to Phoebe Thompson, February, 1844, who was born March 8, 
1822. They lived in Newberry, Pa. He died March 2, 1892, 
his wife dying April 20, 1894. They had three children: 

103 'James Lindsey Mahaffey," b. 1844, m. Sallie G. 


104 -Mary Elizabeth Mahaffey,* b. 1847, m. Joseph G. 


105 ^Margaret Matilda Mahaffey,* b. 1850, m. George 

M. Youngman. 

30 ^WILLIAM J. MAHAFFEY,^ (Moses Mahaffey ,2 Thomas 
William J., sixth child of Moses and Mary Reynolds Ma- 
haffey, was born January 13, 1824, at the old Mahaffey homestead 
on Lycoming creek, where he lived his entire life. He first de- 
voted his time to farming, but later, in 1860, succeeded his brother 
Lindsey in the mercantile business ; still later he entered the oil 
fields at Bradford, Pa. Also became a contractor and built the 
majority of old wooden bridges in Lycoming county. In 1879 
he became Superintendent of the Tidewater Pipe Line Co., his 
district extending from Bradford to Muncy, Pa. He was twice 

Mahaffey Descendants 27 

married. His first wife was Elizabeth Eldridge. On December 
22nd, 1868, he married Catherine Regiiel Updegraff, who was 
born January 6, 1844. He died March 11, 1886, his wife and two 
children residing in Williamsport, Pa. His children were : 

106 ^Laura Valaria Mahafifey,'' b. 1870, m. O. Watson 


107 -Reynolds J. MahafTey,* b. 1877, m. Krone A. Myers. 

Fourth Generation 

36 ^EZRA RATHMELL,* (Sarah Rathmell,^' John Mahaffey,^ 

Ezra Rathmell, fifth child of Joseph and Sarah MahafTey 
Rathmell, was born at Williamsport, Pa., 1832. Was married to 
Mary Louise Grafius, who was born , and died May 9, 1908. 

At the early age of twelve years, Ezra Rathmell engaged in 
the work of canaling. In 1849 he was apprenticed to the tailor 
trade, under James Rothrock, which he followed until 1854, when 
he again returned to the canal work. 

In 1864 he engaged in the log boom work, contracting to de- 
liver logs to the different mills below his home city. Following 
this business until 1884. Previous to this date he had also erect- 
ed two planing mills in Williamsport. 

In 1896 he was appointed Street Commissioner under Mayor 
James Mansel, later was appointed Inspector of Sewers and 
Paving, which position he still holds. 

During 1862-'63, Mr. Rathmell was active in Civil War ser- 
vice, employed in hauling supplies for the army between Wash- 
ington and Baltimore, on transport boats. In 1865 he also run 
ferry boats for the city, the bridge across the river being de- 
stroyed, and also for the Pennsylvania R. R. 

Mr. Rathmell has resided from 1865, to the present time, in 
his beautiful home, Front street, Williamsport, Pa., situated on 
the banks of the Susquehanna river. 

He also has been very active in the work of the "Mahaffey 
Clan," acting as Vice President for the past three years; also on 

28 Mahaffey Descendants 

the committee of entertainment, and is now the oldest hving de- 
scendant of the "Clan," being at the present time 84 years of age ; 
also has the distinction of being the oldest living male resident of 
Williamsport, living all these years in the city of his birth. 

Ten children blessed the home of Ezra and Mary Grafius 
Rathmell, namely : 

112 ^Joseph G. Rathmell,^ b. , m. Alice Vandyke. 

113 2£nieline R. Rathmell,^ b. , m. George D. Moore. 

114 ^James H. Rathmell,'' b. , m. Laura Kissinger. 

115 *Thomas Rathmell,^ b. , m. Crans. 

116 ^Annie Rathmell.^ 

117 ^Mary W. Rathmell,^ m. James Rothrock. 

118 ■^Ezra Rathmell, Jr.,^ m. Lydia Fairchild. 

119 ^Fannie Rathmell,^ m. Edgar Nichols. 

120 ^Hannah Rathmell.^ 

Mr. Rathmell has had born forty-four grandchildren, and 
ten great-grandchildren. 

39 «EMELINE E. RATHMELL,* (Sarah Rathmell,^ John Ma- 

haffey,^ Thomas,^) 
Emeline Rathmell, eighth child of Joseph and Sarah Ma- 
haffey Rathmell, was born 1840. Married Samuel MacBeck 
June 17, 1862. He died June 24, 1875. 

40 ^°SARAH RATHMELL,* (Sarah Rathmell,^ John Ma- 

halTey,2 Thomas M.,^) 
Sarah Rathmell, youngest child of Joseph and Sarah Ma- 
hafifey Rathmell, was born 1843, died April 21, 1914. She mar- 
ried Thomas Caldwell, and to them were born seven children : 

121 ^Ezra R. Caldwell,^ m. May Trate, 1895, born to 

them : 

374 ^Sarah Emeline Caldwell." 

375 2john Reynolds Caldwell." 

376 ^Thomas Howard Caldwell." 

377 *Icyfena Trate Caldwell." 

378 ''Anna Elizabeth Caldwell." 

122 -Harry Caldwell,' m. Stella Crist; they had one 

child : 

379 ^Margaret Caldwell." 

123 ^Sarah E. Caldwell,'^ m. William Cornwall; their 

children : 

Mahaffey Descendants 29 

380 ^Dorothy Cornwall.^ 

381 -Alary Louise Cornwall." 

124 *Samuel Beck Caldwell/ m. Eva Belle Trate in 1903 ; 

born to them: 

382 ^Katherine Kehler Caldwell." 

383 2\Varren Trate Caldwell." 

384 ^Lester Charles Caldwell." 

125 'Maria Caldwell.' 

126 "Boyd Caldwell,' m. Helen Ward; their children: 

385 ^William Neff Caldwell." 

386 -Helen Louise Caldwell." 

41 ^SARAH JANE MAHAFFEY,* (William,^ John,^ Thomas 

Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of William and Susan Bower 
Mahaffey, was born October 15, 1824. Married Thomas Blair, 
of Williamsport, Pa., August 11, 1842, and shortly after, with a 
party of friends, namely, Thomas Blair and wife, Peter Blair, 
Joshua Gardner, wife and family, Eli Lentz and William Taylor 
set out for Ohio, traveling en route by wagon, arriving at Wil- 
liams Centre, four miles from Bryan, Ohio, October 15, 1842. 

This section of Ohio was then a vast wilderness, inhabited 
by Indians and wild game. This first winter was a hard one for 
these pioneers, the young wife had to take the straw out of the 
beds, sprinkle with flour and feed to the horses to keep them from 

It was eighteen miles to Defiance, the then nearest trading 
post, and the journey was usually made on foot, as there was 
only a blazed trail through the woods. 

The men usually carried a bundle of deer hides to trade for 
groceries. A mail only arrived once in two weeks, with twenty- 
five cents duty to be paid, if one were so fortunate as to get a 

A daughter, writing of her mother, says: "Mother was 
good, kind and loving, a devoted Christian, a member of the 
United Brethren Church. Boasting many friends and was a jolly 
companion. She was brave and fearless, an expert horsewoman, 
could ride or drive anything in the horseflesh line." She died 
November 27, 1891. There were ten children born to Thomas 
and Sarah Jane Mahaffey Blair: 

30 Mahaffe;y Descendants 

127 ^Susan E. Blair,^ b. 1843, m. Jesse Fisher. 

128 -Margaret Ann Blair,^ b. 1845, m. William Price 


129 ^Jennie Blair,^ b. 1847, m. John Wallace. 

130 ^Hester Matilda Blair,^ b. 1849, m. Milton Heiner. 

131 ^Zelma Nettie Blair,^ b. 1851, d. 1871. 

132 ''Infant son born, 1853. 

133 ^Emma Arenith Blair,^ b. 1855, m. George Fetters, 

in 1876, Bryan, Ohio. 

134 ^William Blair,^ b. 1859, d. 1909, m. Mina Morehart, 


135 ^Rhoda Blair,^ b. 1861, m. Clinton M. Corrine. 

136 i^Della Blair,^ b. 1863, m. John Ramsey. 

42 =JOHN L. MAHAFFEY,* (William,^ John,^ Thomas.^ 

John L. Mahaffey, eldest son of William and Susan Bower 
Mahaffey, was born October 4, 1826, in Laurelsock township, Ly- 
coming Co., Pa. He was married to Mary C. Fink, who was born 
June 10, 1833, in Lycoming township, Lycoming Co., Pa., and 
they had eleven children, who were : 

137 ^Amos Mahaffey,^ b. June 23, 1853. 

138 ^Baby, (no name given) b. Sept. 19, 1855. 

139 ^Lydia Anna Mahafifey,^ b. Nov. 3, 1856, m. William 


140 *James William Mahaffey ,=^ b. Jan. 28, 1860. 

141 ^Elizabeth E. Mahafifey,^ b. April 13, 1863, m. Rich- 

ard Kinley. 

142 'John R. Mahaffey,^ b. Jan. 13, 1868, m. Catherine 


143 ^Thomas Edward Mahafifey,^ b. May 22, 1871. 

144 ^Catherine Mahaffey,^ b. Nov. 25, 1873. 

145 ^^Capatola Mahafifey,^ b. Dec. 5, 1874, m. Henry 

Lewis Weitzel. 

146 ^4ra Mahaffey,^ b. June 10, 1876. 

44 ^WILLIAM C. MAHAFFEY,* (William,^ John,^ Thomas 
William C. Mahaffey, fourth child of William and Susan 
Bowers Mahaffey, was born June 11, 1830, married Margaret 
Younkin, who was born October 16, 1829. He died January 25, 
1881, and his wife, January 4, 1907. To them were born seven 
children : 

Mahaffev Descendants 31 

147 ^ Sarah Jane Mahaffey,^ b. April 4, 1851, m. James L. 


148 -Catherine Ann Mahaffey,^ b. July 11, 1854, m. W. 

Homer Renninger. 

149 ^Asher Clayton Mahaffey,^ b. Dec. 5, 1856, m. 

Katherine E. Baker. 

150 ^Hannah Mary Mahaffey,^^ b. Aug. 15, 1860, m. Joel 

B. Bair. 

151 ^Norah Susan Alahaffey,'' b. March, 1862, died Nov. 

30, 1881. 

152 nVilliam Thompson Mahaffey,^ b. Sept. 30, 1864, m. 

Harriet Williamson. 

153 'Harry Dare Mahaft'ey,^ b. July 29, 1866, died Aug. 

17, 1881. 

45 ^THOMAS MAHAFFEY,* (William,^ John,- Thomas 
Thomas Mahaffey, fifth child of William and Susan Bower 
Mahafifey, was born Aug. 20, 1833, married 1854 to Elizabeth 
B. Sholder, who was born in 1833. They live at Newberry, Ly- 
coming Co., Pa. Thomas Mahaffey has been sheriff of Lycoming 
and Sullivan counties. To this union was born eight : 

154 ^Emily Mahaffey,-" b. Sept. 25, 1856. 

155 -Edward A. Mahaffey,' b. July 22, 1858. 

156 ^Charlotte Mahaffey,-'' b. May 29, 1861. 

157 * Samuel Mahaffey,^ b. April 13, 1865. 

158 'Thomas Mahaffey,' b. June 16, 1S67, d. Aug. 24, 


159 «William Mahaffey,' b. Sept. 23, 1869. 

160 "Annie May Mahaffey,' b. Aug. 12. 1871. 

161 «Lewis M. Mahaffey,' b. Dec. 18, 1873. 

48 « J AMES W. MAHAFFEY,* (W^illiam,^ John,^ Thomas 
James Mahaffey, eighth child of William and Susan Bower 
Mahaffey, was born April 14, 1840, was married to Eva S. 
Flincher, April 3, 1862, in Anthony township, Lycoming Co., Pa. 
He died April 17, 1913. To this union were five children born : 

162 ^Nelson H. C. ^lahaffey,' b. Aug. 14, 1853, d. Jan. 6, 


163 ^Eii M. Mahaffey,' b. March 28, 1864, m. Jane Paul- 


32 Mahaffey Descendants 

164 'Annabel Mahaffey,' b. Sept. 18, 1867, m. John B. 


165 *Sarah Matilda Mahaffey,= b. Feb. 28, 1871, m. 

Robert P. Page. 

166 ''An infant. 

50 ^oMOSES L. MAHAFFEY,* (William,^ John,^ Thomas 
Moses L. Mahaffey, tenth child of William and Susan Bower 
Mahafifey, was born November 19, 1844. He was married to Miss 
Mary B. Berry, to whom were born eight children : 

167 ^Bertha May Mahaffey ,» b. May 20, 1875, m. Maurice 

Eader Ball. 

168 ^Leslie Otto Mahaffey,'* b. Nov. 7, 1877, m. Stella 

Florence Quiggel. 

169 'George William Mahaffey,'' b. Sept. 14, 1879. 

170 *Moses Asher Mahaffey," b. Sept. 25, 1881, m. Mar- 

garet Ellen Bowen. 

171 ''Ida Maude Mahaffey,'' b. Nov. 12, 1883, m. Clarence 

H. Winters. 

172 «Leah Edith Mahaffey," b. June 21, 1885, m. Clarence 

Iv. Losh. 

173 ^Kathryn Viola Mahaffey," b. Aug. 11, 1888, m. 

Ellis Thompson Waltz. 

174 «John Mahaffey," b. Nov. 7, 1890. 

53 ^MARY E. HALL,* (Joseph Hall,' Elizabeth Hall,^ Thomas 

Mary E. Hall, eldest child of Joseph and Eliza Bitting Hall, 
was born in 1842, was married in 1862 to Henry H. Clendenin, 
who was born in 1826; she died in 1909, and he in 1897. To 
them were born the following children : 

175 ^Robert Hall Clendenin," b. 1863. 

176 2£iiza Jane Clendenin," b. 1866, m. Charles Burr, in 


177 'Henry Joseph Clendenin," b. 1871. 

178 *Mazie B. Clendenin," b. 1878, d. 1889. 

54 2JOHN L. HALL," (Joseph Hall,' Elizabeth Hall,^ Thomas 

John L. Hall, second child of Joseph and Eliza Bitting Hall, 

No. 54. JOHN L. HALL 

Cliairmaii of Fiiiaiicf ('(niiinilti 



Mahaffey Descendants 33 

was born in 1843. Was born and reared in Lycoming county; 
has been a resident of Williamsport, Pa., for many years, where 
he has been very successful in the lumber business, beginning 
when a boy twenty years of age. He has accumulated quite a 
fortune, and at the present time has large lumber interests in the 
western states of Oregon and Washington. 

Mr. Hall has taken an active part in the "Mahaffey Clan" 
organization, has acted as one of a committee on entertainment 
for some years. For the past four years he has entertained the 
entire Clan at a banquet, given by himself, free of charge, at the 
beautiful "Acasia Club," the finest club building in the eastern 
part of the state, of which he is one-third owner, it having been 
built at a cost of $150,000. 

Mr. Hall is a very quiet, unassuming man, never known to 
speak in public, excepting at the meeting of the Clan in August, 
1913. At the beginning of the programme he addressed over 300 
of the guests, which proved a most agreeable surprise. The oldest 
persons present that knew him from a child, remarked, "It was 
the first time they ever saw him appear before an audience." 

Mr. Hall stands at the head of the business men of his city; 
his word is just as good as his bond, which can be said, due, to the 
good "Mahaffey" blood in his veins. 

The writer wishes to add in conclusion, that Mr. Hall has 
made it possible to publish the "Mahaft'ey Descendants History," 
by aiding the President of the Clan in the financial part of the 
work, which is truly a very necessary part. And it can be said 
of him : 

"A most generous man to the "Mahaffey Clan," 
In his quiet, unassuming way ; 

This memorial will live in the minds of man. 
For it is such that will never decay." 

56 ^LORETTA HALL,* (Joseph Hall,^ Elizabeth Hall,- Thom- 
as Mahaffey.^) 
Loretta Hall, fourth child of Joseph and Eliza Bitting Hall, 
was born in 1848, married to Adam Striley in 1884, who was born 
in 1848 and died in 1907 ; to them were born two children : 

179 ^Clarence H. Striley ,=> b. 1886. 

180 =Clara E. Striley ,= b. 1888. 
M. D.— 3 

34 Mahaffe;y Descendants 

59 7AMES B. HALL," (Joseph Hall,^ Elizabeth Hall,^ Thomas 


James B. Hall, seventh child of Joseph and Eliza Bitting 
Hall, was born in 1856, married Emma Young, and to this union 
was born two children: 

181 ^Harry L. Hall,"^ m. Ruth Berdershacher ; they have 

one child, a daughter: 
473 ^Helen Louise Hall.« 

182 2john L. Hall, 2nd.^ 

60 ^MATTHEW M. HALL,* (Joseph Hall,^ Ehzabeth Hall,^ 

Thomas Mahaffey.^) 

Mathew Hall, eighth child of Joseph and Eliza Bitting Hall, 
was born in 1859. Married Mary Young in 1885. Three chil- 
dren to them were born : 

183 ^Grace Hall,= b. 1886, m. Porter Keyte in 1909. 

184 ^Joseph Hall,^ b. 1890. 

185 ^Anna Hall,^ b. 1894. 

62 ^MARY MAHAFFEY," (John,« William,^ Thomas Ma- 

Mary Mahaffey, eldest child of John and Ellen Boyer Ma- 
hafTey, was born in the year 1834, in Burnside, Clearfield Co., Pa. 
Was married Jan. 1, 1856, to Jackson Patchin, son of John and 
Elizabeth Patchin, at "Locust Villa," near Cherry Tree, Pa., by 
Rev. Robert Simonton. 

Her husband was a merchant and lumberman at Patchin- 
ville, Pa. ; here they went to housekeeping, and here their chil- 
dren, two sons, were born. Later they moved to Burnside. 

She was a member of the M. P. Church, and a woman of 
unusual benevolence and charity. She was much beloved in her 
community and sadly mourned at her death, which occurred sud- 
denly while on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Crowther, of East End, 
Pittsburgh, in 1891. She and her husband are buried in the fam- 
ily lot, in the Odd Fellows' Cemetery, at Cherry Tree, Pa. The 
children of this union are: 

186 ^Elmer Patchin,'' born Oct., 1856, married in 1892, to 

Emma Conner, daughter of John and 


Mahaffey Descendants 35 

Conner. They live at Boswell, Pa., and to them 
were six children born : 

474 ^John Donald Patchin,« b. April 5, 1893. 

475 -William Lynn Patchin,« b. June 20, 1894. 

476 ^Herbert Patchin,« b. April' 1, 1902. 

477 Joseph Patchin,« b. March 3, 1904. 

478 =Mary Emily,« b. Aug. 7, 1907, d. Sept. 27, 

(Six children. Only five named in original MSS.) 
187 -Frank Everett Patchin, second son of Mary Ma- 
haffey and Jackson Patchin, was born in 1858, 
a bachelor, making his home with his brother, 

liam,- Thomas Mahaffey.^) 

Margaret Bennett, second child of John and Ellen Boyer 
Mahafifey, and oldest living grandchild of William Mahaffey, was 
born April 30, 1837, at Burnside, Clearfield Co., Pa. 

As a child she remembers playing with a string of solid 
silver buttons which had been cut from a coat belonging to some 
of her Mahaffey forbears. These buttons were afterwards made 
into teaspoons, and are highly prized by those who possess them. 
As she grew older she went about the place with her father, often 
helping him calculate lumber, or with his books at night. 

She was united in marriage to Porter Kinports, Sept. 15, 
1859, at "Locust Villa." The Rev. John Kennedy, of the Presby- 
terian church, officiating. 

She has personal recollections of both paternal and maternal 
grandfathers. In a personal conversation with her as to relation- 
ship of some of the family lines she told the writer this : "I well 
remember that my grandfather William (2) met and conversed 
with James (2) MahafTey, of Marietta, Pa., at a Fourth of July 
celebration held at Cherry Tree, Pa., and during their conversa- 
tion they traced a direct relationship. They were first cousins, 
of their fathers were." This matter being uncertain in my mind. 
If they were cousins, then James (1) and Thomas (1) were 
brothers ; if the fathers were cousins, then the grandfathers were 
brothers, and makes the Lancaster county MahafTeys and the Ly- 
coming county Mahafifey s of the same stock. 

36 Mahaffe;y Descendants 

Margaret Bennett, at seventy-seven, is a well preserved 
woman, with an Irish grey eye, hair somewhat silvered, once 
black ; a rosy complexion, and rather an erect carriage. Her 
ready wit and unselfish disposition make her a charming com- 
panion, and she is held in high esteem by all who know her. Her 
home, "The Maples," at Cherry Tree, has always been noted for 
its genial atmosphere, and friends and strangers alike have shared 
its hospitality. She still resides there. 

Porter Kinports, son of John and Mary Rench Kinports, was 
born at Frankstown, near Hollidaysburg, Pa., Sept. 6, 1831. In 
early boyhood his family moved to that section of Cambria county, 
contiguous to Canoe Place, now called Cherry Tree, when his older 
brothers engaged in farming and the mercantile and lumber busi- 
ness, he helping them in the outdoor work on the farm and woods 
work. At a suitable age he went to College at Lewisburg, Pa., 
now Bucknell University, and would have graduated with his 
class of 1856 had not the illness of his brother Gideon demanded 
his presence at home. This illness followed by death, and a few 
years later the death of his brother David, left him and his brother 
James the sole surviving male members of the family. He then 
assumed charge of the business, which he successfully conducted 

In 1859 he married Margaret Mahaffey, and lived in the 
farmhouse near Cherry Tree until 1876, when he moved his fam- 
ily to the village. He was highly esteemed in his locality among 
business associates, as a man of ability, honor and integrity. Of 
him it could be well said, "His word was as good as his bond." 

He was president of the First National Bank of Cherry Tree 
from the time of its incorporation in 1903 until his death. In 
matters of local interest he was ever wide awake and ready to 
promote anything for the good of the public, but often laughingly 
remarked that the most honorable office to which he could be 
elected in local politics was "overseer of the poor," which office 
he held quite often. He was a Democrat, and seemed proud of 
that fact, although hopelessly in the minority in his village. He 
was a member of the Noble Lodge of Masons, Curwinsville, Pa. ; 
Moshannon Commandery, Philipsburg, and Williamsport Con- 
sistory, and Jaffa Temple, Altoona. 

Mahaffey Descendants 37 

He and his wife were members of the M. P. Church. He 
died at his residence in Cherry Tree, Pa., March 5, 1912, and was 
buried in the Odd Fellows' Cemetery, the Masons conducting the 
burial. Porter and Margaret Kinports had ten children : 

188 ^Minnette Kinports,' b. 1860, m. John Driscol. 

189 -John Clyde Kinports,"- b. 1862, m. Belle Lydic. 

190 ^Gertrude Maude,'^' b. 1864, m. Joseph A. Wilson. 

191 ^David Allen,' b. 1865, d. 1883*. 

192 -'Elfreda Ellen Kinports,' b. 1866, d. 1869. 

193 «Dr. William MahalTey Kinports,' b. 1869, d. 1895. 

(A graduate of medicine in the University of 

194 "Mary Estelle,' b. 1870, m. George N. Davis. 

195 ^'Boyd W. Kinports,' b. 1872, m. Glenn O'Donnell. 

196 ''Nancy Bennett Kinports,' b. 1874, d. 1899. 

197 i«Inez Kinports,' b. 1880, d. 1892. 

64 ^CREACY ANN MAHAFFEY,-* (John,^ William,- Thomas 

Creacy Ann, third child of John and Ellen Boyer MahafTey, 
was born in 1841, at her grandfather's home, near New Washing- 
ton. She married Rev. S. F. Crowther, of Greensburg, Ohio, son 
of Samuel and Ellen Crowther, of Venango Co., March 15, 1860, 
by the Rev. J. P. Kennedy. Their attendants were J. E. Pittman 
and Miss H. J. Forsythe. During her married life she lived in 
many places, but at last settled in East End, Pittsburgh, where 
she died in 1891, and w^as buried in Homewood Cemetery; her 
husband died in 1910. 

The children of Creacy Mahafifey and Rev. Crowther were : 

193 ^Annette Elanor Crowther,' m. James Mays Donaghy, 
No. 5766 Baum Boulevard, E. E. Pittsburgh, 
Pa. They had three children : 

481 ^Lillian Donaghy,® m. Edward F. Whipps, 


482 -Edna Donaghy ,« m. William E. Griffiths, 1909. 
482a ^Alma Donaghy,** at home. 

199 -Winona Crowther,' deceased. 

200 =*John Crowther,' d. 1891. 

201 *Frank B. Crowther,' m. , has four children ; live 

in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

483 ^S. Harry Crowther.« 

38 Mahaff'ey Descendants 

484 ^Franklin Crowther.« 

485 ^Allan Crowther.« 

486 ^Infant, deceased. 

202 =Beulah Crowther,= b. 1881, deceased. 

66 'WILLIAM T. MAHAFFEY,* (John,^ William,- Thomas 

William T., son of John and Ellen Boyer Mahaffey, was born 
June 25, 1848, at "Locust Villa," near Cherry Tree, Pa. He was 
married to Julia J., eldest daughter of Col. Clark and Hettie 
Graham Patchin, at Glen Hope, Clearfield Co., Pa., October 17, 
1876, by his brother-in-law. Rev. S. F. Crowther. For a year 
or more they made their home with his father, then moved to 
Cherry Tree. In 1894 his wife died. She was from the age of 
fourteen years a member of the Methodist Church and was a 
gentle, Christian woman, devoted to her family and their interests. 
She was the mother of six children. 

W. T. Mahaffey married a second time, December 18, 1902, 
Sarah Edmondson, daughter of A. C. and Mary Edmondson, of 
McKeesport, Pa., highly esteemed and respected in her com- 
munity. She has been a member of the Presbyterian Church 
from the age of fourteen years and is an active, earnest worker. 
Her husband a member of the M. P. Church since 1876, joined 
the Presbyterian Church with her in 1904. 

William T. Mahaffey has been President of the "Mahaffey 
Clan" from its organization, and has been instrumental in gather- 
ing a great deal of the Irish data of the Clan, as Tie and his son 
Leroy, visited Ireland and the homes of some of the name in that 
country ; owing to the loyalty of this good man one of the His- 
torians was prompted to write this verse : 

"Our President." 

Large of stature, large of heart, 
He has played the hero's part. 
Standing by this sturdy clan — 
Truly he has proved a man 
Of sterling worth. . Laud his praise 
For his grit, in many ways 
You can prove to him your joy ; 
Matters not if girl or boy ; 

Mahapfey Descendants 39 

Aged too, can grasp his hand — 
Tell the clan in foreign land 
How our President, so true. 
Led these people till they grew 
Large enough to fill a book — 
So fellow Clansmen kindly look 
O'er these pages, till you find 
A beaming face, eyes most kind — 
Dwell a moment with content, 
Upon our noble "President." 

Mr. Mahafifey, when only 13 years of age, was Drum Major 
in Co. D., 78th Reg., Penn. Vol., in '61 and '62. 

For some years he was President of the Indiana County Sab- 
bath-School Association. He and his wife reside at Cherry Tree, 
Pa. The children of W. T. and Julia Patchin MahaflFey were : 

203 ^John Mahaflfey,=* b. 1877, m. Mary Byer. 

204 -Dr. Robert Leroy MahafTey,^ b. 1879. 

205 ^Hettie Ellen MahaflPey,'* b. 1883, m. R. L. Houck. 

206 *Boyd Luttle Mahaffey,' b. 1886. 

207 '^Graham Garfield MahafTey,^^ b. July 28, 1887, de- 


208 ^Christine C. MahalTey,^ b. 1888, m. Rolland Spaide. 

69 ^ELIZABETH MAHAFFEY,'' (Thomas,^ William,- Thom- 
as Mahafifey.^) 
Elizabeth Mahafifey, oldest child of Thomas and Margaret 
Mitchell Mahafifey, was born in 1834 ; she married John Com- 
mings in 1856, who was born in 1821. She died in 1888, and he 
in 1892. Ten children were born to this marriage : 

209 ^Andrew Boyd Commings,*^ b. 1857, d. 1888. 

210 ^Margaret Commings," b. 1858. 

211 ^Mary Commings,' b. 1860. 

212 ^Minerva Commings,' b. 1863, d. 1868. 

213 =*John Lindsey Commings,= b. 1865, d. 1870. 

214 ^James Munroe Commings,'^ b. 1867, m. Elizabeth 

Wagner in 1896; he died in 1901 ; to them were 
born four children : 

489 ^Raymond Commings,« b. 1896. 

490 -Clifton Commings," b. 1898, d. 1902. 

491 ^Frank Commings,« b. 1899. 

492 ^Margaret Commings,** b. 1900. 

215 "Eva Commings,^ b. 1869, m. John Henry Weaver, 

40 Mahaffey Descendants 

1898, who was born in 1868; they Hve in New 
Washington, Pa., and to them were born three 
children : 

493 ^Robert Weaver," b. 1902. 

494 -Tames Weaver,*^ b. 1905. 

495 ^Sarah Weaver," b. 1907. 

216 ^EHzabeth Commings,^ b. 1871, m. Frank Walter 

Estricher, in 1899, who was born in 1874 ; they 
live in New Washington, Pa. Two children 
were born to them : 

496 Josephine Estricher," b. 1901. 

497 ^Mary Estricher," b. 1907. 

217 ^John Watson Commings,^ b. 1875. 

218 ^°Sarah Jane Commings,' b. 1877. 

70 2 WILLI AM MAHAFFEY,* (Thomas,^ William,- Thomas 
William Mahaffey, second child and eldest son of Thomas 
and Mary Mitchell Mahaffey, was born in 1836; married in 1864 
to Mary Magdelina Estricher, who was born in 1842. He died in 
1890 and she in 1903. Seven children were born to this mar- 
riage : 

219 ^Frank Mahaffey,^ b. 1865. 

220 2Cora May Mahaffey ,5 b. 1867, m. John F. Gallaher. 

in 1888, who was born in 1860. She died in 
1910. John F. Gallaher was a resident of New 
Washington, Pa. Eight children were born to 
them as follows : 

498 ^Harry Gallaher," b. 1888, d. 1889. 

499 2james Kelley Gallaher," b. 1889. 

500 ^Frank Burton Gallaher," b. 1891. 

501 *Rose Gallaher," b. 1894. 

502 ^Eve Mildred Gallaher," b. 1896. 

503 "John Gallaher," b. 1901. 

504 ^Albert Gallaher," b. 1904. 

505 « . 

221 ^John Burton Mahaffey,"' b. 1868, d. 1901. 

222 ^Thomas Roy Mahaffey,^ b. 1872, m. Edith Trostle, 

1898, who was born in 1875. They live in New 
Washington, Pa., and to them were born three 
children : 

506 ^Inez Mahaffey," b. 1898. 

507 -William Mahaffey," b. 1900. 

508 ^Gilbert Mahaffey," b. 1909. 

Mahaffey Descendants 41 

223 ^Harvey Mahaffey,^ b. 1876, d. 1878. 

224 *'Kate Rose Mahaffey,"" b. 1883, m. Ithamar Williams- 

in, 1904. They live in Punxsutawney, Pa., and 
have three children : 

509 ^Mahaffey Williams," b. 1904. 

510 -Josephine Williams,'' b. 1905. 

511 ^'Roberta Williams,'' b. 1910. 

225 "Robert Don Mahaffey," b. 1887, m. Angelina Hoosier 

in the year 1909, who was born in 1890. They 
live in Punxsutawney, Pa., and have one child: 

512 ^Leah Mahaffey," b. 1910. 

71 'ROBERT M. MAHAFFEY,* (Thomas,^ William,^ 
Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Robert M. Mahaffey, third child of Thomas and Margaret 
Mitchell Mahaffey, was born 1838, married 1862, to Margaret 
Eleanore Feath, who was born 1846. He died in 1872, and she in 
1870. To them were born four children : 

226 ^Mary IMargaret Mahaffey,^ b. 1863, m. Harry C. 


227 -Alice Gertrude Mahaffey,^ b. 1865, m. Jacob B. 


228 ^Elizabeth Adelia Mahaffey," b. 1867, m. James 

Chapman Byers. 

229 ^Willetta Irene Mahaffey," b. 1870, d. 1870. 

73 "DAVID MAHAFFEY,* (Thomas,^ William,- Thomas.^ 

David Mahaffey, fifth child of Thomas and Margaret Mitchell 
Mahaffey, was born in 1842. He first married Ada Hill, and to 
them were born four children. He married a second time Eliza- 
beth Lewmaster, and they had one child. They now live at Jen- 
nings, Louisiana. The children born to David Mahaffey were : 

230 ^Olie M. Mahaffey,^ born in 1864, married Charles 

Hennigh in; 1882. Mrs. Hennigh was the 
originator of the suggestion that organized the 
"Mahaffey Clan" reunion idea, which has been 
the means of bringing about the compiling of 
"Our History." She lived with her husband 
and family for some time in Panama. They 
now live in Punxsutawney, Pa. To them were 
born four children: 

513 ^Ada Hennigh,® married in 1910. 

42 Mahaffey Descendants 

514 -Belva Hennigh.' 

515 ^George Hennigh.' 

516 *Mary Hennigh.® 

231 2jack Mahaffey," b. 1866. 

232 ^Lottie Mahaffey/ b. 1869, m. Howard V. Andrews ; 

they are now missionaries in Dholka, Injarat, 
India. They have four children : 

517 ^Ruth Andrews.^ 

518 ^Lois Andrews.* 

519 ^Gladys Andrews." 

520 *Helen Andrews." 

233 ^Marian Mahaffey,=^ b. 1872. 

234 ^Jesse Mahaffey.^ (Child of second marriage). 

74 «JOHN MAHAFFEY/ (Thomas,^ William,^ Thomas.^) 
John Mahaffey, sixth child of Thomas and Mary Mitchell 

Mahaffey, was born in 1843 ; he married Mary Jane Ake, in 1871, 
who was born in 1849. He died in 1888. They were the parents 
of five children : 

235 ^Harry Verden Mahaffey,^ b. 1872, d. 1878. 

236 -Edna Belma Mahaffey,^^ b. 1874, d. 1878. 

237 ^Jesse Lynne Mahafifey,^ was born in 1879. Studied 

medicine and graduated. He married Alice 
Fogg, of Camden, N. J., and lives in that place. 
They have one child : 

521 ^Lynne Mahafifey.'' 

238 ^E. Byrd Mahaflfey,^ b. 1887, m. in 1905 to Beulah 

Long. They live at Maderia, Pa. ; have one 
child : 

522 ^Sarah Jane Mahaffey.*' 

239 ^Nellie Ake Mahaffey,^ b. 1886, m. Reuben Schall in 

1911, who was born in 1880. 

75 'MARY MARGARET MAHAFFEY," (Thomas Mahaffey,^ 

Williams,- Thomas.^) 
Mary Margaret Mahaffey, seventh child of Thomas and 
Mary Mitchell Mahaffey, was born in 1846. She married Joseph 
Ramsey McMurry in 1869, who was bom in 1839, and died in 
1888. They lived many years in New Washington. To them 
were born nine children: 

240 ^Jessie May McMurry,"^ b. in 1870, m. in 1890 to 

George W. Gallaher, who was born in 1869. 

Mahaffey Descendants 43 

They now live in Clearfield, Pa., and have two 
children : 

523 ijames McMurry Gallaher," b. 1891. 

524 -Mary Virginia Gallaher," b. 1892. 

241 ^Effie Adele McMurry,^ b. 1871, m. 1898 to James 

Lynn Jones, who was born 1861. They live in 
Iowa City, Iowa, and have three children : 

525 ^Joseph Milford Jones," b. 1900. 

526 ^Margaret Elizabeth Jones," b. 1902. 

527 ^Richard Kendell Jones," b. 1905. 

242 ^Thomas Russell McMurry,^ b. 1873. 

243 ^Sadie McMurry,^ b. 1876, d. 1878. 

244 ^Nellie Adams McMurry,^ b. 1879. 

245 "Mary Floyd McMurry,^^ b. 1881. 

246 Josephine Rex McMurry,^ b. 1883. 

247 «Clifton Lynne McMurry,^ b. 1886, d. 1886. 

248 "Walter Earl McMurry,^ b. 1887. 


liam,^ Thomas MahaflFey.^) 
Sarah Samantha Mahaffey, eighth child of Thomas and Mar- 
garet Mitchell Mahaffey, was born in 1851, married in 1870 to 
George Barrett, who was born in 1846. They lived most of their 
married life in Camden, N. J. They have three children: 

249 ^Mary Alverda Barrett,^ b. 1871, m. Henry Harrison 

Martin in 1893, and they have one child: 

528 ^Gladys Martin," b. 1894. 

250 -Frances Floyd Barrett,'^ b. 1876, m. Edward M. 

Middleton in 1902, and they have one child : 

529 ^Elanor Middleton," b. 1913. 

251 ^'Frank Jay Barrett,'^ b. 1879, m. Annette Myers, 


78 ^''THOMAS C. MAHAFFEY," (Thomas,^' William,- Thom- 

Thomas Clayton Mahaffey, son of Thomas and Harriet 
Wooodward Mahaffey, was born in 1858, married Susan Bowers 
in 1880, who was born in 1862, died in 1882. Thomas Mahaffey 
then married Lettie Wileman ; they have three children and live 
in Jennings, Louisiana. The children are : 

252 1 Raymond Mahaffey,^ b. 1888, d. 1903. 

253 -May Mahaffey,-' m. Herman Banknight in 1910. 

254 ^ciare Mahaffey.^ 

44 Mahaffey Descendants 

81 ^^MOSES EDWARD MAHAFFEY/ (Thomas/ William/ 

Moses Edward Mahaffey, son of Thomas and Harriet Wood- 
ward Mahaft'ey, was born in 1862, married Blanche ; they 

live in West Virginia, and have three children. 

84 ^WILLIAM P. MAHAFFEY,* (James,^ William,- Thomas 

William P. Mahaffey, third son of James and Elizabeth 
Holter Mahaffey, was born near Howard, Centre Co., Pa., Jan. 
9, 1843. Went to the army Aug, 1861, contracted malaria during 
the siege of Vicksburg, and was discharged from the hospital at 
St. Paul, Minn., 1864. William P. married Susannah H. McGee, 
of McGee's Mills, Clearfield county, Oct. 6, 1876. They had four 
sons and now live in Clearfield, Pa. He has been secretary of the 
"Mahaffey Clan" ever since its organization. The names of their 
children are : 

260 ^Harry P. Mahaffey,^ b. 1877, m. Alice Mullen, of 

Indiana, Pa. 

261 -James T. Mahaffey,^ b. 1880, enlisted in Co. "E," 

5tli Regt., Pa. National Guard, during the 
Spanish-American War. Died from typhoid 
fever Sept. 10, 1898, at Lexington, Ky. 

262 ^'John K. Mahaffey,^ b. 1883, m. Margaretta Powell, 

of Clearfield, and they have one child: 
630 ^Anne Alexandria Mahaffey.** 

263 * William A. Mahaffey,'^ b. 1892. 

85 *MARY CATHERINE MAHAFFEY/ (James/ William/ 

Mary Catherine Mahaffey, fourth child of James and Eliza- 
beth Holter Mahaffey, was born near Howard, Pa., July 14, 1845, 
and married in 1865, Jacob Zeigler Long, by Rev. John Hunter, 
and to them were born five children. Mrs. Long was elected 
Assistant Corresponding Secretary at the last meeting of the 
"Mahaffey Clan." Her husband died Aug. 17, 1904. The names 
of the children born to them were: 

254 ^William Mahaffey Long,'' b. April 14, 1868, married 
Bessie M. Bitner, of Lock Haven, by Rev. C. S. 

Mahaffey Descendants 45 

Long. He is a minister and lives at Clarksburg, 
W. Va. ; they have three girls. 

265 =^Bertha Elizabeth Long/' b. May 10, 1870; m. 

W. W. McGee, of McGees' Mills, Pa., at her 
home in Howard, by Rev. W. M. Long, her 
brother, April 15, 1897. They have four boys. 

266 'Elsie Katherine Long,'' b. Oct. 19, 1872, m. Oscar 

A. Yerger. of Bellefonte, Pa. ; had three chil- 
dren, one girl and two boys, the younger boy 

267 *Clyde Zeigler Long,'' b. Jan. 23, 1875, married 

Mary Weber, of Howard, Pa., by Rev. Boggs. 
One child, deceased. 

268 =Sarah Alice Mahaffey,^ b. April 20, 1885, married 

Edwin O. Reifer, of New Martinsville, W. Va. ; 
Sept. 19, 1906, by Rev. W. M. Long, her brother. 
She died Julv 26, 1908, leaving a baby boy. 

531 ^Donald Edwin Reifer.^ 

87 nVILLIAM S. MAHAFFEY,* (Robert,^ William,^ Thom- 

William S. MahafTey, eldest child of Robert and Mary Mc- 
Gee Mahaffey, was born Nov. 14, 1841, married Martha Mc- 
Murry, in 1860, and to them were born three children : 

269 7. Herbert Mahafifey,=^ born Nov. 20, 1865, at Ma- 

haffey, Pa. He spent his early life on the farm ; at 
nineteen he graduated from Excelsior Normal 
School, and for several years taught. He was 
married Aug. 29, 1888, to Ella Viola Shoff, who 
was bom at Marion, Pa., Aug. 3, 1868. He 
now lives at Boswell, Somerset Co., Pa., where 
he moved in 1902 ; their children are : 

532 1 Martha Ann Mahaft'ey,*^ b. Dec. 29, 1889. 

533 -Fay Mahaffey,^^ b. June 18, 1892, d. April 

10, 1893. 

534 ^Elery Mahaffey,'' b. March 28, 1894. (now a 

student at DePauw University, Green- 
castle, Ind.) 

535 *Ash Bennett Mahaffey," b. Sept. 4, 1896. 

536 = James Dawson Mahaffey ,« b. April 29, 1899. 

537 «Paul Frederick Mahaffey," b. Julv 11. 1901. 

538 ^Sarah Ann Mahaffey," b. Dec.'4/l903. 

539 ^Jacqueline Mahaffey," b. Dec. 16, 1910. 

46 Mahaf^eiy Descendants 

270 ^Lynn Mahaffey,^ m. Lizzie Byers, 1894, had two 

children : 

540 ^Bessie Mahaffey.^ 

541 ^Elizabeth Mahaffey.« 

271 ^James Mahaffey/ m. Sadie Clark, 1891. 

88 2JAMES MAHAFFEY," (Robert,^ William,^ Thomas.^ 
James Mahaffey, second son of Robert and Mary McGee 

Mahaffey, was born Nov. 4, 1843. He was elected sheriff at 
Clearfield county in 1879, and is now the proprietor of "Windsor 
Hotel," Clearfield, Pa. James Mahaffey married Samantha 
Thompson, who died July 3, 1897, to them were born eleven chil- 

271 ijames Guy Mahaffey,^ b. March 30, 1873. 

272 -Robert Paul Mahaffey,^ b. Oct. 30, 1875. 

273 ^Malcolm A. Mahaffey,'^ b. Sept. 19, 1877, m. Rilla 


274 ^Eugene S. Mahaffey,^ b. May 25, 1879. 

275 ^Charles F. Mahaffey,^ b. Feb. 29, 1882. 

276 «Daisy Catherine Mahaffey,^ b. Dec. 5, 1884, m. 

Heller, 1904 ; two children : 

542 ^Esther Heller.« 

543 2james Heller.^ 

277 "Walter Barrett Mahaffey,^ b. April 5, 1895 (now 

277a ^Albert Mahaffey,^ b. May 30. 1887 (deceased.) 
277b ^Huston V. Mahaffey,^ Aug. 24, 1888. 

89 ^MARY C. MAHAFFEY," (Robert,^ William,^ Thomas.^) 
Mary C. Mahaffey, daughter of Robert and Mary McGee 

Mahaffey, was born Aug. 23, 1845 ; married John Byers in 1865, 
and to them were born four : 

278 1 Maggie Byers.^ 

279 -Sadie Byers.^ 

280 ^Harry Byers,^ m. Margaret Shirey in 1902 ; they 

have two children : 

544 ^Esther Byers.« 

545 -Harry Byers, Jr." 

281 *Ida Byers,'' m. Miles Wrigley in 1888, and they have 

four children : 

Mahaffey Descendants 47 

546 ^Robert Wrigley.« 

547 =Hiler Wrigley." 

548 ^Ruth Wrigley.« 

549 *Miriam Wrigley.® 

90 *ROBERT FRANK MAHAFFEY," (Robert,^ William^ 


Robert Frank Mahaffey, fourth child of Robert, and eldest 
child of Robert and Mary C. Johnston Mahaffey, was born Nov. 
11, 1848; married Emma Cook in 1878; she died Mar. 10, 1897. 
To them were born eight children : 

282 ^Bessie Mahaffey,' m. Dr. Frank Rowles, 1909, and 

they have two children : 

550 ^Mary Elizabeth Rowles." 

551 -John Franklin Rowles.*' 

283 =Grace Mahaffey,' m. J. Frank Fry, 1905, one child. 

552 ^Emma Francis Fry.*' 

284 ^Don G. Mahaffey,' m. Esther Lydic, 1909. 

285 *Bruce Mahaft'ev,' d. 1886. 

286 'H. Bennett Mahaffey.' 

287 Tarlton Mahaffey.' 

288 " ^^Twin boys died in infancy. 

91 'EMERY M. MAHAFFEY," (Robert,^' William,^ Thomas.^ 

Emery Mahaffey, son of Robert and Mary C. Johnston ]\Ia- 
haffey, was born April 26, 1852 ; married Mallie Thompson, 1875. 
He died August, 1909. Five children blessed this union: 

289 ^ -Twin girls, died in infancy.' 

290 ^Nellie Mahaffey,' m. Sterry Jenks, 1896. 

291 "Josephine Mahaff'ey,' m. Frank Flynn, in 1901 ; they 

have five children as follows : 

552 ^Paul Flynn.« 

553 -Francis Flynn.® 

554 ^Mary Flynn.® 

555 *Ash Flynn.« 
256 "^Emery Flynn.« 

292 ''Robert Mahaffey,' m. Jessie Cassidy in 1902; they 

have two children : 

557 ^Emery Mahaffey.® 

558 ^Sterry Mahaffey.® 

48 Mahaffky Descendants 

92 «S. ELIZABETH MAHAFFEY/ (Robert,^ William,^ 

S. Elizabeth Mahaffey, daughter of Robert and Mary C. 
Johnston Mahaffey, was born May 19, 1854. She married George 
M. Ferguson in 1884. Four children were born to them : 

293 ^Zoe Ferguson,^ m. Horace McGee, 1904 ; they have 

one child : 

559 ^Horace McGee.^ 

294 -Mahaffey Ferguson.'^ 

295 ^Kathleen Ferguson,^ m. William Yeckley in 1908; 

one child : 

560 ^Mary Catherine Yeckley .« 

296 *LeDill Ferguson.' 

93 ^NANCY JANE MAHAFFEY,* (Robert,^ William,^ 

Nancy Jane Mahaffey, daughter of Robert and Mary C. 
Johnston Mahaffey, was born Nov. 23, 1857, married George M. 
Jose, and to them were born four children : 

297 ^Mellie Jose,' deceased. 

298 ^AHce Jose,' m. Dr. James McFarlane, 1908. 

299 ^Inez Jose.' 

300 *Elsie Jose.' 

95 «ALICE MAHAFFEYS (Robert,^ William,^ Thomas.^) 

Alice Mahaffey, daughter of Robert and Mary C. Johnson 
Mahaffey, was born Dec. 28, 1863 ; she married F. K. Patterson 
in 1888, and to them were three children born : 

301 ^Catherine Patterson,' m. Chalmers Gillespie in 1909, 

they have one child : 
301a 7ohn Gillispie." 

302 -Margaret Patterson.' 

303 ^Frances Patterson.' 

97 »HARRY B. MAHAFFEY,* (Robert,^ William,^ Thomas.^) 
Harry B. Mahaffey, youngest son of Robert and Mary C. 
Johnston Mahaffey, was born May 27, 1866, married Gertrude 
Shipman, 1892. They have one child : 

304 ^Carlisle Mahaffey.' 


1. Thomas MahafToy. 7. William MaluiftCv. 

2. Margaret MitchoU Mahaffey, (First Wife). s. Sarah Samaiilha ( MaliailVv) I'.arrett. 

3. Harriet Woodford Mahaffey, (Second Wife). U. Marv Margarrt (M.duitlcv) Mf.Mnrrv. 

4. Florence Mav .Mahaffev. 10. IJavid Mahaffey. 

5. Robert Mahaffey. 11. Xancy Bennett Mahaffey. 

6. Martha Frances ifahaffey. 1 -. -Inhn Mahaffey. 

l.S. Klizahctli .1. I Maliaircy ) C'oniniings. 

DC := 

<^ '£. 
vo v- 

Mahaffey Descendants 49 

98 ^^ELSIE MAHAFFEY," (Robert,^ WilHam,= Thomas.^ 
Elsie Mahaffey, youngest child of Robert and Mary C. John- 
ston Mahaffey, was bom Jan. 8, 1869. She married Bert Gal- 
latley in 1894. Two sons blessed their home : 

305 nVilliam Gallatley.' 

306 =Edwin Gallatley.=^ 

99 ^DAVID LUTTLE MAHAFFEY,* (Lindsey,^ Moses,^ 

Thomas Mahaffey.*) 
David Luttle Mahaffey, eldest son of Lindsey and Sarah 
Riley Mahaffey, was born in 1850, was married to Alice E. Shaw, 
1878 ; to them were born three children : 

307 ^Elanor Mahaffey,' married Charles Young, one 

child : 
660 ^Charles Young, Jr.« 

308 ^Marion Mahaffey,' m Albert W. Malli-son, and they 

have three children : 

561 ^Albert Mallison, Jr.,« b. 1907. 

562 =Helen Mallison.« b. 1909. 

563 ^Elizabeth Mallison," b. 1912. 

309 ^Alice Mahaffey.' 

100 =DELOS MAHAFFEY," (Lindsey,^ Moses,- Thomas 

DeLos Mahaffey, second son of Lindsey and Sarah Riley Ma- 
haffey, was born in 1856 ; married Mary Ann Lentz in 1886. 
They had one son: 

310 ^George Lentz Mahaffey,' b. 1887, m. Jennie Dockey, 


101 ^ELANORE JANE MAHAFFEY,* (Lindsey,^ Moses,^ 

Thomas Mahaffey.*) 
Elanor Mahaffey, only daughter of Lindsey and Sarah Riley 
Mahaffey, married Luther Mohr Otto. To them were born five 
children : 

311 ^Howard Otto,' deceased. 

312 -Florence Otto,' deceased. 

313 ^Luther Mohr Otto. Jr.,' m. Mary Johnson. 

314 *DeLos Otto.' 

315 'Alice E. Otto.' 
M. D. 

50 Mahaffey Descendants 

103 ^ J AMES LINDSEY MAHAFFEY,* (David,^ Moses,^ 

Thomas Mahaffey/) 
James Lindsey, eldest son of David R. and Phcfibe Thompson 
Mahaffey, was born December 17, 1844. Married SalHe G. Hoyl- 
man in 1868. She died September 1, 1880. After the death of 
his first wife he married Mary Youngman ; still living. He died 
December 15, 1883. The children of James L,. and Sallie Hoyl- 
man Mahafifey were : 

316 ^Edward R. Mahafifey,^ b. Nov., 1870, m. Mary Ida 

Reighard, of Newberry, Sept. 16, 1903. They 
live at Newberry, Pa. 

317 ^Charles L. Mahafifey,^ b. 1872, d. 1879. 

318 ^ames Donnell Mahalifey,^ b. Aug. 30, 1875, m. 

Bertha Viola Stees, of Dauphin, Pa., June 28, 
1900, now live at Los Angeles, Cal. 

104 2MARY ELIZABETH MAHAFFEY,* (David Reynolds,^ 

Moses,^ Thomas,^) 
Mary Elizabeth Mahafifey, second child of David and Phoebe 
Thompson Mahafifey, was born May 17, 1847. Married Joseph F. 
Hull, Nov. 6, 1867, to whom were born one child, a daughter : 

319 ^Emily Rittenhouse Hull,= b. March 16, 1878, m. 

N. Roland Thompson, March 16, 1903, and they 
have three children : 

564 ^Elizabeth Hull Thompson,^ b. March 14, 


565 2N. Roland Thompson, Jr.,« b. Nov. 25, 1907. 

566 ^Hannah Cornelia Thompson,® b. May 10, 



Moses,^ Thomas Mahafifey,^) 
Margaret Matilda, third and youngest child of David Rey- 
nolds and Phoebe Thompson Mahaffey, was born Janaury 2, 1850. 
She married George W. Youngman, and they lived at Anter's 
Creek, several miles above Newberry. They had seven children. 
In 1889, when the whole world was shocked and stirred by the 
disaster at Johnstown, the majority of this family, and the home 

Mahaffey Descendants 51 

was wiped out of existence by a similar flood. The scene of the 
tragedy on that awful night beggars description. A happy 
gathering of friends to witness the closing exercises of the little 
home school, presided over by a charming governess. A leaving 
of some of the guests, some having been detained at home by 
threatening clouds. After tea, music and conversation, but con- 
tinued rain, until bedtime. 

A growing uneasiness by the husband, and father, as to 
whether the dam, a short distance above the house might hold, no 
fear at all of the house being disturbed because of high water, as 
it had stood through similar experiences. A retiring to rest, but 
uneasy slumbers, aroused at two o'clock by the storm raging in 
fury, investigation proved waters rising rapidly, bridges swept 
away — retreat to mountain cut ofif. Thinking the dam had 
broken, and that the waters would soon recede, the twelve inmates 
of the house, although on the alert were not fearful. Soon logs 
and trees began to bump the house, and room by room it began to 
give way, and then the angry torrent was apparent to all. The 
bravery and Christian fortitude of the wife and mother, with her 
six-months-old babe clasped to her breast, the calmness and hero- 
ism of the governess. Miss Eliza Phelps, and the manliness of the 
little son, who prepared with his father to save any that he could, 
are only a few of the details that can be mentioned — but oh! the 
awfulness of it all. Then that last terrible crash, when the angry 
waters engulf those precious forms and the fight for life begins. 
Not many to be saved, with the odds so fearfully against them. 
Eight out of twelve was the fearful toll exacted — the mother and 
governess, a guest and five children. 

The children of George and Margaret Matilda Mahafifey 
Youngman, who blessed this unfortunate home were : 

321 v\nna May Youngman,« b. 1872, d. 1889. 

322 ^George Reynolds Youngman,® b. 1875 ; in California 

when last heard of. 

323 ^Gardner Mahafifey Youngman," b. 1878; in New 

York when last heard of. 

324 *Ralph Thompson Youngman." b. 1880, d. 1889. 

325 ^Phoebe Alice Youngman," b. 1883, d. 1889. 

326 «Charles Youngman,« b. 1886, d. 1889. 

327 ^Phelps Youngman," (the baby), b. 1889, d. 1889. 

52 Mahaffey Descendants 

106 ^LAURA MAHAFFEY,'' (William,^ Moses,- Thomas/) 

Laura Valeria Mahaffey, eldest child of William and 
Catherine Updegraff Mahaffey, was born May 9, 1870. Married 
April 9, 1896, to Oliver Watson Bennett, who was born June 6, 
1870, and to them were born three children. Mrs. Bennett is 
actively engaged in the work of the "Mahaffey Clan," acting as its 
Corresponding Secretary, contributing her time and energy also 
to the entertaining of the Clan when meeting in her home city for 
the past several years. The children of the Bennetts are : 

328 ^Kathryne Updegraff Bennett,^ b. June 22, 1897. 
' 329 ^William Mahaffey Bennett,' b. April 24, 1902. 
330 ^Mary Callahan Bennett,^ b. March 9, 1906. 

107 -REYNOLDS J. MAHAFFEY,* (William,^ Moses,- 

Thomas Mahaffey,^) 

Reynolds J. Mahaffey, son of William and Catherine Upde- 
graff Mahaffey, was born October 2, 1877. Was married April 
19, 1904, to Frone A. Myers, who was born September 4, 1880. 

Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations 


Children of Ezra and Mary Louise Grafius Rathmell. 

112 ^JOSEPH G. RATHMELL,' m. to Alice Vandye, children 
born to them : 

331 'John MacKlin Rathmell,^ m. Emma Miller. 

332 ^Blanche P. Rathmell,« m. William Reed. 

333 ^Lannah W. Rathmell,*' m. Ransloe Bostley. 

334 ^Josephine Rathmell," m. Lucius Heller. 

335 ^Mary Rathmell." 

336 ^'Hannah Rathmell.« 

337 ^Lucy Rathmell." 

338 «Ruth Rathmell." 

Mahaffey Descendants 53 

113 ^EMELINE RATHMELL,' m. George D. Moore, their 

children : 

339 ^George D. Moore, Jr.,*' d. April 6, 1882. 

340 -Ezra R. Moore," d. Oct. 7, 1889. 

341 ^William F. Moore," m. Miss Thornton. 

342 •'Mary Louise Moore," m. Ross Topley. 

343 ^Emiline Moore," ni. Dr. Kitchen. 

344 "Samuel Moore." 

347 'Charlotte Moore," m. Charles Campbell. 

114 ^JA^IES H. RATHMELL,' m. Laura Kissinger, born to 

them : 

348 ^Nellie Rathmell." 

349 ^Ezra Rathmell." 

350 Joseph G. Rathmell." 

351 *James Rathmell." 

352 nValter Rathmell." 

353 "Thomas Rathmell." 

115 ^THOMAS M. RATHMELL,' m. Emily Crans, born to 

them were : 

354 ^Mary Jennie Rathmell," m. H. S. Myers, and their 

children : 

580 ^Mary Emily Myers,^ m. Lester Seaman. 

581 -Margaret ]\lvers,' m. James McCormick. 

582 ^Garrett T. Myers." 

583 nValter R. Myers." 

355 -Sadie Rathmell," m. Warren Levegood, who have 

one child. 

584 ^Dr. Robert Levegood.' 

356 ^Thomas Rathmell," m. Blanche Davenport. 

357 ■'Annie Rathmell." 

117 "MARY W. RATHMELL,' m. James Rothrock, their 
children : 

357a ^Joseph G. Rothrock," m. first, Dora Konkle, second, 
Sarah Cupp. Children born to these marriages : 

585 \Iames Rothrock.^ 

586 -Rebecca Rothrock." 

587 'Sarah Rothrock.^ 

588 *George C. Konkle Rothrock," (second wife). 

54 Mahaff^y Descendants 

358 ^Sarah Rothrock,« m. William McCormick. 

359 ^Lydia Ann Rothrock,*' m. John Penny. 

360 ^William Rothrock,« m. Katharine Sheaffer, children : 

589 ^Emeline Rothrock/ 

590 2john Rothrock.^ 

591 ^'Martha RothrockJ 

592 "Louise Rothrock.'^ 

593 ^Eva Rothrock.^ 

594 «Thomas RothrockJ 

361 ^Thomas Rothrock.« 

362 ^Margaret Rothrock,« (dead). 

363 'Rosilie Rothrock/ (dead). 

364 ^Fannie Rothrock,« (dead). 

365 ^JamesRothrock,*^ (dead). 

366 ^"John Rothrock/ (dead). 

367 ^^Emeline Rothrock,** m. Elmer Allen, born to them 

one child: 
619 ^Eva Green Allen."^ 

368 1- Mary Rothrock.« 

118 ^EZRA RATHMELL, JR.,' m. to Lydia Fairchild, born 

one child: 

369 ^Frank Fairchild Rathmell.^ 

119 «FANNIE RATHMELL,^ m. Edgar Nichols, their chil- 


370 ^William E. Nichols.^ 

371 ^Esther R. Nichols.*^ 

372 ^Helen Louise Nichols." 

373 "Samuel Walter Nichols." 

127 ^ SUSAN E. BLAIR,' (Sarah Jane Blair," William,^ John,- 
Thomas Mahaffey,^) 
Susan E. Blair, eldest child of Thomas and Sarah Jane Ma- 
hafifey Blair, was born 1843. Was married in 1862 to Jesse 
Fisher, who was born 1832, and died 1913. Six children were 
born to them, as follows: 

387 ^Thomas C. Fisher," b. 1866, m. Maggie Miller, their 
children : 

695 ^Mona Fisher,^ m. Parker Motter, born to 

Mahaffey Descendants 55 

620 ^Dale Motter.« 

621 -Reatha Hotter.^ 

622 ^'Parker Motter.» 

596 -Blanche Fisher/ 

597 ^Parker Fisher/ 

388 -Jennie Fisher," b. 1868, m. Otis Zeigler. 

389 ^Myrtle Belle Fisher,« b. 1871, m. George Castor. 

390 ^Reason S. Fisher," b. 1876, m. Maude Fisher. 

391 =Harry B. Fisher," b. 1882, m. Dord Bosh. 

392 "Ella May Fisher," b. 1885, m. first, Clyde Hemmen- 

way, second, Milo McCoy. 

128 -MARGARET ANN BLAIR,^ (Sarah Jane Blair,* Wil- 

liam,^ John,^ Thomas Mahafifey.^) 
Margaret Ann Blair, second daughter of Thomas and Sarah 
Jane Mahaffey Blair, was born 1845. Married William Price 
Stough in 1875. She died in 1910. Born to them one son : 

393 ^Fisher Boyd Stough," b. Aug., 1876, at Albion, In- 

diana. Married Nellie Guletta Epps, June 6, 
1900. They have one child : 

598 ^Margaret Epps Stough,^ b. Aug. 20, 1905, at 

Galena, Kans. 

129 ^JENNIE BLAIR,^ (Sarah Jane Blair,* William,^ John,- 

Thomas Mahaffey,^) 
Jennie Blair, third child of Thomas and Sarah Jane Mahaffey 
Blair, was born 1847, and married to John Wallace in 1862. He 
was born 1836, and died in 1910. They have seven children: 

394 ^Luella Wallace," b. 1862. 

395 ^Mattie J. Wallace," b. 1864, m. Lyman Allgirl, b. 

1862. To them were born one child : 

599 ^Harry Allgirl,' b. 1884. 

396 ^Katie B. Wallace," b. 1869, d. 1895. 

397 ^Charles C. Wallace," b. 1874. 

398 nVilliam Thomas Wallace," b. 1876, d. 1879. 

399 "Clinton R. Wallace," b. 1880. 

400 'Floyd L. Wallace," m. Effie P. Shoemaker 1913. 

130 ^HESTER MATILDA BLAIR,=' (Sarah Jane Blair,* Wil- 

liam,^ John,- Thomas Mahaffey,') 
Hester Matilda Blair, fourth daughter of Thomas and Sarah 
Jane Mahaffey Blair, was born 1849. Married 1886 to Daniel 

56 Mahaffey Descendants 

Milton Heiner, who was born 1849. She died 1908. To them 
were born five children : 

401 ^Charles H. Heiner,« b. 1869, m. Florence Diehl in 

1895. They had one child: 

600 ^Oak D. Heiner,' b. 1897, d. 1908. 

402 -Dr. O. W. Heiner,« b. 1872, m. Cora Wagner 1895 ; 

one child : 

601 ^Esther Marie Heiner,^ b. 1896. 

403 ^Franklin Heiner,« b. 1876, d. 1877. 

404 *Della R. Heiner,« m. 1896 to Frank McDonald. 

They have one child : 

602 ^Helen McDonald,^ b. 1905. 

405 ^Minerva A. Heiner,*^ m. 1902 to Edward Graff ; one 

child : 
623 ^Marjorie Graff," b. 1904. 

135 »RHODA L. BLAIR,' (Sarah Jane Blair," William,^ John,^ 

Thomas Mahaffey,^) 
Rhoda L. Blair, ninth child of Thomas and Sarah Jane Ma- 
haffey Blair, was born in 1861. In 1881 she married Clinton M. 
Corrine. Two children were born to them : 

406 ^Gertrude B. Corrine,^ b. 1882, m. Melgar Heusen, 

May, 1905. 

They have three children: 

603 ^George Clinton Heusen,^ b. 1907. 

604 ^Dorothy Bernice Heusen,'' b. 1910. 

605 ^Gerald Donnald Heusen,^ b. 1913. 

407 ^Hughes Blair Corrine,^ b. 1885, m. in 1906 to Adel- 

phia Reader. They have four children, as fol- 
lows : 

606 ^Stephen George Corrine,' b. 1906. 

607 -Clinton Guy Corrine,' b. 1908. 

608 =*Milton Thomas Corrine," b. 1910, d. 1910. 
608a *Rhoda Minerva Corrine,^ b. 1911. 

Rhoda L. Corrine married, the second time, David Lelight- 
ner, and lives at Bryan, Ohio. 

136 i«DELLA BLAIR,'^ (Sarah Jane Blair,* William,^ John,- 

Thomas Mahaffey,^) 
Delia Blair, tenth and youngest child of Thomas and Sarah 
Jane Mahaffey Blair, was born 1863, married in 1882 to John 
Ramsey. Six children were born to them : 

Mahaffey Descendants 57 

409 ^Oro Thomas Ramsey ,« b. 1883, d. 1884. 

410 ^ ," b. 1886, m. in 1906, to Ella Mahler. 

They had two children : 

609 'Edith Evelyn Ramsey," b. 1907. 

610 -Helen Audella Ramsey,' b. 1908. 

411 ^Laura Dell Ramsey," b. 1889, m. 1908, Mervin 

DeGroff. They have two children, as follows : 

611 'Zelma Lucile DeGroff,^ b. 1910. 

612 -Clela Arlene DeGroff," b. 1912. 

412 *01a May Ramsey," b. 1892. 

413 ^John Dale Ramsey," b. 1895, d. 1896. 

414 "Mildred Gertrude Ramsey," b. 1900. 

142 "JOHN R. MAHAFFEY,^ (John L./ William,^ John,^ 
Thomas Mahaffey,') 
John R. Mahaffey, seventh child of John L. and Mary C. Fink 
Mahaffey, was born January 13, 1868. Married Catherine Weit- 
zel in 1893, and to them were born seven children : 

409 ^Ernest H. Mahaffey," b. 1895. 

410 -Harry B. Mahaffey," b. 1896. 

411 ^LilHan W. Mahaffey," b. 1902. 

412 •'Charles V. Mahaffey," b. 1904. 

413 =Mary Arda Mahaffey," b. 1906. 

414 "Margaret E. Mahaffey," b. 1908. 

415 'Howard J. Mahaffey," b. 1911. 

145 ^«CAPATOLA MAHAFFEY,'^ (John L.," William,'' John,- 
Thomas Mahaffey,') 
Capatola Mahaffey, tenth and youngest child of John L. and 
Mary C. Fink Mahaffey, was born in old Lycoming township, 
Lycoming county, December 5, 1874. In 1892 she married Henry 
Lewis Weitzel, who was born 1869. They have four children : 

416 'John Henry Weitzel," b. Oct. 17, 1892. 

417 -Herman Weitzel," b. Aug. 16, 1894. 

418 ^Richard Weitzel," b. Dec. 19, 1896. 

419 *Lena May Weitzel," b. Jan. 15, 1910. 

147 ^SARAH JANE MAHAFFEY,"' (William C.,* William,^' 
John,- Thomas Mahaffey,') 
Sarah Jane Mahaffey, eldest child of William C. and Mar- 
garet Younkin Mahaffey, was born Apr. 4, 1851. Married James 

58 Mahaffey Descendants 

L. Edwards, who was born October 15, 1851. They lived near 
Bridge No. 1, on Lycoming Creek, at the time of the June flood, 
1889. Their house was washed down the creek, and in going 
under the bridge was torn to pieces, and three of the children were 
drowned — May, Homer and Frederick. The body of one was 
never recovered. The children born to them were : 

420 ^Gertrude Edwards," an infant. 

421 ^William Edwards," b. Dec. 20, 1874, d. 1898. 

422 ^Burton Edwards," b. Dec. 17, 1877. 

423 *May Edwards," b. 1880, d. 1889. 

423a ^Harry Edwards," b. Feb. 8, 1883, m. to Ida Guise. 

424 "Frederick Edwards," b. 1886, d. 1889. 

425 'Homer Edwards," b. 1889, d. 1889. 

426 «Jeanette Edwards," b. March 31, 1890. 

427 ''Florence Edwards," b. April 25, 1893. 

148 -CATHERINE ANN MAHAFFEY,^ (William C.,'' Wil- 

liam,^ John,^ Thomas,^ ) 

Catherine Ann Mahaffey, second child of William C. and 
Margaret Younkin Mahaffey, was born July 30, 1854. Married 
W. Homer Renninger, who was born December 4, 1850. To 
them was born one son : 

428 ^William Edgar Renninger," b. March 6, 1890, d. 

Aug. 17, 1892. 

149 ^ASHER CLAYTON MAHAFFEY,^ (William C.,* Wil- 

liam,^ John,2 Thomas/ ) 
Asher Clayton Mahaffey, first born son of William C. and 
Margaret Younkin Mahaffey, was born December 5, 1856. Was 
married to Katherine Baker, who was born October 11, 1864. 
Six children were born to them : 

429 ^Pearl May Mahaffey," b. May 7, 1887, m. Cecil 

Wright June 10, 1913. 

430 -Mary Margaret Mahaffey," b. May 9, 1890, m. 

Richard Ort, March 29, 1911, and they have one 
child : 
613 ^Richard Kendell Ort,^ b. Jan. 22, 1912. 

431 ^William Henry Mahaffey," b. Oct. 6, 1894, d. Oct. 7, 


432 *Katherine Elizabeth Mahaffey," b. Nov. 17, 1896. 

Mahaffey Descendants 59 

433 -'Ethel Florence Mahaffey,-^ b. March 2, 1889, d. Feb. 

6, 1907. 

434 Tlayton Baker Mahaffey," b. Nov. 15, 1902. 

150 ^HANNAH MARY MAHAFFEY,'^ (William C.,* Wil- 
liam,^ John,^ Thomas,^) 
Hannah Mary Mahaffey, fourth child of William C. and 
Margaret Younkin Mahaffey, was born August 15, 1860. April 
4, 1889, she was united in marriage with Joel B. Bair. This mar- 
riage was blessed with three children, who were : 

435 ^Norah Elizabeth Bair," b. Feb. 8, 1890, m. George 

Lewis Fourney, and they have two children : 

614 ^Lewis Jack Fourney,^ b. Nov. 11, 1911, died 

Dec. 12, 1911. 

615 -Margaret Hannah Fourney,'^ b. Aug. 28, 1913. 

436 ^Margaret Katherine Bair,« b. Jan. 28, 1890. 

437 ^Susan Jane Bair,« b. Sept. 25, 1899, d. Feb. 6, 1904. 

William,^ John,^ Thomas.^) 
William Thompson Mahafifey, sixth child of William C. and 
Margaret Younkin Mahafi'ey^ was born Sept. 30, 1864 ; was mar- 
ried Aug., 1891, to Harriet Williamson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
John C. Williamson. They had four children : 

438 ^Dorothy B. Mahaffey ,« b. May 31, 1892, in Wil- 

liamsport, Pa. 

439 -Hector A. MahaiTey,« b. Nov. 19, 1893, in Williams- 

port, Pa. 

440 ^Elizabeth W. Mahaffey ,« b. Aug. 15, 1896; d. Nov. 

18, 1901. 

441 nVilliam Leland Mahaffey ,« b. Sept. 26, 1900, in Wil- 

liamsport. Pa. 

163 =^ELI M. MAHAFFEY,'^ (James W^,* William,^ John,- 
Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Eli M. Mahaffey, second child of James and Eva S. Flincher 
Mahaffey, was born March 28, 1864, in old Lycoming township, 
Lycoming Co., Pa. In 1885 he married Jane Paulhammer, and 
they had the following children : 

442 ^Frank Mahaffey.^ 

60 Mahaffey Descendants 

443 ^Joseph Mahaffey.* 

444 ^Chester Mahaffey.« 
444a *Sustie Mahaffey." 

445 ^Martha Mahaffey.^ 

446 ^Charles Mahaffey.« 

447 ^Eli Mahaffey.« 

448 «William Mahaffey.« 

164 ^ANNABEL MAHAFFEY/ (James,* William,^ John," 

Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Annabel Mahaffey, third child of James and Eva S. Flincher 
Mahaffey, was born Sept. 18, 1867. Was married June 5, 1884, 
to John B. Stewart, and they have five children: 

449 ^Charles Elmer Stewart,*' b. April 21, 1885. 

450 ^Amanda Eve Stewart,^ b. March 11, 1887, m. Ray- 

mond M. Smith March 15, 1905, and they have 
one child : 
616 ^Erabell Smith,^ b. Oct. 13, 1910. 

451 ^Mary Matilda Stewart,^ b. April 28, 1890. 

452 ^Harry Walker Stewart,'' b. May 6, 1895. 

453 ^Annabel Stewart," b. Sept. 18, 1897. 

165 ''SARAH MATILDA MAHAFFEY,^ (James W.,* Wil- 

liam,^ John,- Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Sarah Matilda Mahaffey, fourth child of James and Eva S. 
Flincher Mahaffey, was born Feb. 28, 1871, married Robert P. 
Page, of Clinton township, Lycoming Co., Pa., Nov. 23, 1893. 
To them were seven children born : 

454 7ames W. Page,'' b. July 28, 1895. 

455 -Norman O. Page," b. June 17, 1898. 

456 =^Evea Permelia Page," b. Dec. 18, 1899, d. Dec. 7, 


457 ^Lottie Page," b. April 11, 1904. 

458 -'Chrissie Page." b. July 21, 1907. 

459 "Florence Page," b. May 28, 1909. 

460 'Veda Lovina Page," b. June 13, 1912, d. April 2, 


167 ^BERTHA MAY MAHAFFEY,^ (Moses S.," William,^ 
John,- Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Bertha May Mahaffey, eldest child of Moses L., and Mary 

Mahaffey Descendants 61 

B. Berry Mahaffey, was born May 20, 1875 ; married Maurice 
Eader Ball, Aug. 13, 1900, and to them were born three children : 

461 ^George Lerew Ball." 
452 -Mildred Elizabeth Ball.« 

463 ' , dead. 

168 ^LESLIE OTTO MAHAFFEY,^ (Moses L.," William,' 
John,- Thomas M.^) 

Leslie Otto Mahaffey, eldest son of Moses L. and Mary B. 
Berry, was born Nov. 7, 1877 ; was married to Stella Florence 
Quiggel, Aug. 20, 1900, and have one son : 

464 ^Charles Raymond Mahaffey,^ b. Aug. 19, 1906. 

170 *MOSES ASHER MAHAFFEY,'* (Moses L.,* William,' 

John,- Thomas Mahaffey,^) 
Moses Asher Mahaffey, fourth child of Moses L. and Mary 
B. Berry Mahaffey, was born Sept. 25, 1881 ; married Margaret 
Ellen Bowen, March 20, 1907, and they have two children : 

465 ^Elizabeth Mary Mahaffey,^ b. Feb. 16, 1908. 

466 -Clyde Lorenzo Mahaffey ,« b. March 11, 1910. 

171 ^IDA MAUDE MAHAFFEY,^ (Moses L.,* William,' 

John,- Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Ida Maude Mahaft'ey, fifth child of Moses L. and Mary B. 
Berry Mahaffey, was born Nov. 12, 1883 ; was united in marriage 
with Clarence H. Winters, to whom were born six sons, five of 
which are living : 

467 ^Wilber Lewellen Winters.^ 

468 ^Carl Elwood Winters.*^ 

469 'Clarence Howard Winters.* 

470 "Lewis Earl Winters.* 

471 ^Ralph Woodrow Winters.* 

172 *LEAH EDITH MAHAFFEY,^ (Moses L.,* William,' 

John,^ Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Leah Edith Mahaffey, sixth child of Moses L. and Mary B. 
Berry Mahaffey, was born June 21, 1885, married to Clarence L. 
Losh, and to them were born one child, a daughter : 

472 ^Mary Gertrude Losh.* 

62 Mahaffey Descendants 

173 ^KATHRYN VIOLA MAHAFFEY,« (Moses L./ Wil- 
liam,^ John,2 Thomas Mahaffey/) 
Kathryn Viola Mahaffey, daughter of Moses L. and Mary B. 
Berry Mahaffey, was born Aug. 11, 1888. She married Ellis 
Thompson Waltz, April 23, 1913.' 

188 ^MINNETTE KINPORTS,^ (Margaret Kinports,* John 

Mahaffey,^ William Mahaffey,- and Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Minnette Kinports, eldest daughter of Porter and Margaret 
Mahaffey Kinports, was born Dec. 14, 1860 ; married John Driscol 
in 1881, who was born July 26, 1849, in Whitneysville, Washing- 
ton Co., Maine. Mr. Driscol is a lumberman, and a son of James 
and Nora Silvers Driscol, and reside near Rouceverte, W. Va., 
They have one child, a daughter: 

479 ^Marguarite Driscol.^ 

189 -JOHN CLYDE KINPORTS,^ (Margaret Kinports,'' 

John,^ William,^ Thomas Mahaffey.^ 
John Cylde Kinports, son of Porter and Margaret Mahaffey 
Kinports was born May 6, 1862 ; married Nov. 6, 1903 to M. Belle 
Lydic, daughter of William and Roxana Furman Lydic, of In- 
dianna county, Pa. They live at "Locust Villa," the old Mahaffey 

190 ^GERTRUDE MAUDE KINPORTS,' (Margaret Kin- 

ports,* John Mahaffey,^ William,- Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Gertrude Maude Kinports, third child of Porter and Mar- 
garet Mahaffey Kinports, was born in 1864; married in 1893 to 
Joseph Wilson. She died in 1898, leaving one son: 

480 ^Kinports Wilson.^ 

194 *MARY ESTELLE KINPORTS,' (Margaret Kinports,* 
John Mahaffey,^ William,^ Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Mary Estelle Kinports, daughter of Porter and Margaret 
Mahaffey Kinports, was born in 1870 ; in 1897 she married George 
N. Davis, of Greenbriar, West Va. They live in the two Virginias. 
After the death of her father, P. Kinports, she was elected to the 

Mahaffey Descendants 63 

position of "Clan Historian," which he held at the time of his 
death. The following verse written by the Assistant Historian, 
will, I think, voice the sentiments of the majority, relative to the 
work, and labor of our "Historian." 

"Untiring in her efforts, 

She has labored long and well. 
Little of herself you read — 

So my friends, I'm going to tell 
In simple rhyme the story 

Of how much we owe to her. 
She labored not for praises — 

No ! perhaps it might occur 
To you, that she is human. 

And deserving well the praise — 
So here's to our "Historian" — 

And we hope in many ways 
To prove to her our gratitude. 

May God reward her well — 
Since man so little seems to give, 

May she long amongst us dwell." 

—M. B. M. C. 

195 ^BOYD W. KINPORTS,'^ (Margaret Kinports," John Ma- 
haffey,^ William Mahaffey,- Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Boyd W. Kinports, son of Porter and Margaret Mahaffey 
Kinports, was born in 1872; married in 1913 to Glenn O'Donnell, 
nee Savage. He is engaged in the lumber business, and lives at 
Cherry Tree, Pa. 

203 ^JOHN MAHAFFEY,^ (William T.,* John,^ William,^ 

Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
John Mahaffey, eldest child of William T. and Julia Patchin 
Mahaffey, was born Sept. 18, 1877 ; married Mary Beyer, daughter 
of Doctor and Mrs. Beyer, of Punxsutawney, Pa. John is now 
assistant cashier of the Cherry Tree National Bank. 

204 2DR. LEROY MAHAFFEY,=> (William T.,* John,^ Wil- 

liam,- Thomas.^) 
Leroy Mahaffey, second son of William T. and Julia Patchin 
Mahaffey, was born Oct. 10, 1879. After attending the public 
schools of Cherry Tree, Pa., place of his birth, he attended the 

64 Mahaffey Descendants 

State Normal School at Indiana, Pa., graduating in his class of 
1900, following which he taught one term in the common schools. 
He then entered the University of Michigan at Ann Harbor. Later 
deciding to take up the profession of Dentistry, he entered the 
University of Penn, at Philadelphia, Pa., graduating therefrom 
in the class of 1904, locating in E. E. Pittsburg, Pa., where he 
enjoys a very extensive practice. The Doctor has always taken 
an active part in the activities of his surroundings ; is affiliated 
with the Masonic Lodge, Pittsburgh Board of Trade, several 
Dental Associations, and closely associated in Y. M. C. A. work. 


John,3 William,^ Thomas.^) 

Graham Garfield, son of William T. and Julia J. Patchin 
Mahaffey, was born July 28, 1881, deceased. 

206 *HETTIE ELLEN MAHAFFEY,' (William T.,* John,' 

William,- Thomas.^) 
Hettie Ellen Mahaffey, eldest daughter of William T. and 
Julia Patchin Mahaffey, was born Nov. 2, 1883 ; married R. L. 
Houck, of Indianna Co., now a druggist of Portage, Pa. They 
have one child : 

487 ^Dorothy Houck.« 

207 'BOYD LUTTLE MAHAFFEY,' (William,* John,' Wil- 

liam,- Thomas.^) 
Boyd Luttle Mahaffey, youngest son of William T. and Julia 
Patchin Mahaffey, was born April 20, 1886 ; unmarried ; is Super- 
intendent of Valley Smokeless Coal Co., Johnstown, Pa. 

208 ^CHRISTINE C. MAHAFFEY,' (William T.,* John,' 

William,^ Thomas.^) 
Christine C. Mahaffey, youngest child of William T. and 
Julia Patchin Mahaffey, was born Jan. 27, 1888 ; was educated in 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; developed a wonderful voice. She sang in 
chorus of Grand Opera, and held a choir position in one of the 
prominent churches of the city. She married Rolland Spaide, a 
successful business man of Philipsburg, Pa. They have one child: 

488 ^Helen Cristeen Spaide." 

1^ -St 

or *g^ 

MO ^3.2 

oj j- fe -^ £ 

Ch s •- — 

-* - K ■= aT 

•o +^ J- ~ « 

00 <D ,= ;,PH 

■^ — o 

i^ SS^ 

< f '• - ■/ i^ '^ 

-J = ~ j c _ i: 

> T 1 I .f^ ^' 

I- '^ o ~- .•" 

O X - i _•? 

o .= .r ~ o ^' " 

-I S i it S >& =" 

• _ o 

<y - ^ b ..^ 

?; ?; n ,^* ca 

p " . . ~ tt 
5 = ^ bj:^- ^ 
Co "'~ ''•- 

-r P-x - . - 


S 5 

o — 

^ ?- = 

X r 
< Z' 


^"^"^tf^ 4 '. 


Mahaffey Descendants 65 

226 ^MARY MARGARET MAHAFFEY,'^ (Robert,* Thomas,* 

William,- Thomas Mahaffey.^) 
Mary Margaret Mahaffey, daughter of Robert and Margaret 
E. Feath Mahaffey, was born in 1863 ; married in 1896 to Harry 
Charles Conner, who was born in 1863 ; they now live in Burnside, 
Pa., just across the river from the place her great-grandfather 
first located in Clearfield county. They had four children : 

566 ^Emily Conner," b. 1897. 

567 ==Eugene Mahaffey Conner," b. 1898, d. 1899. 

568 ^Helen Carolyn Conner," b. 1900. 

569 ^Charlotte Marie Conner," b. 19CH, d. 1905. 

227 -ALICE GERTRUDE MAHAFFEY,^ (Robert,-* Thomas,' 

William,- Thomas.^) 

Alice Gertrude Mahaffey. second daughter of Robert and 
Margaret E. Feath Mahaffey, was born in 1865 ; married in 1885 
to Jacob Benson Mitchell, who was bom in 1865 ; she died in 1900. 
To them were born : 

570 ^Virginia Katherine Mitchell,- b. 1886, m. 1905 to 

H. E. Bucher, who was b. 1875. They live in 
Altoona, Pa. Have two children : 

617 ^Frederick Bucher,' b. 1906. 

618 -Gertrude Louise Bucher,' b. 1909. 

571 -Nellie Alice Mitchell," b. 1887, d. 1890. 

572 ^Karl Curtin Mitchell," b. 1893. 

573 ^Margaret Mahaffey Mitchell," b. 1897. 

228 ^ELIZABETH ADELE MAHAFFEY,'' (Robert,* Thom- 

as,^ William,- Thomas,^) 
Elizabeth Adele Mahaffey daughter of Robert and Margaret 
E. Feath Mahaffey, was born in 1867 ; married in 1890 to James 
Chapman Byers They now live in Indiana. To this union were 
born six children : 

574 ^Lenore Byers." 

575 ^Robert Byers." 

576 ^Raymond Byers." 

577 *David Byers." 

578 ^Kate Byers." 

579 "Ruth Byers." 
M. D.— 5 

66 Mahaffey Descendants 


Thus endeth the Lycoming branch, 

A goodly number too ; 
They do not boast of lordly names — 

But speak of how they grew 
From one good man, into a clan, 

Generous — Noble — True. 
Including all who bear their name, 

To help — to dare — to do. 

But when we say Lycoming branch. 

We wish it understood, 
That this includes the name of those 

In Clearfield — where boyhood 
And girlhood days by many spent. 

Now drifted far and wide ; 
Yet to the branch you do adhere. 

No matter what betide. 

M. E. M. C. 

Mahaffey Descendants 67 


624 JAMES MAHAFFEY, or McHAFFEY, the progenitor of 
the Lancaster county Mahaffeys, was born in the northern part of 
Ireland, and was the son of James Mahaffey, 1st. He emigrated 
to America, and settled in Little Bertian township, Lancaster Co., 
Pa., on the farm adjoining the one on which Robert Fulton lived. 

One "James McHaffey," (supposed to be this same James) 
enlisted in Captain Ross' company at Lancaster, Lancaster Co., 
Pa., May 1, 1775, as a private in the Revolutionary War. He 
arrived in camp at Cambridge Aug. 18, 1775, remained with 
Washington's army near Boston during the Fall of 1775, engaged 
in skirmishes with the enemy near Charleston. The company lost 
one man and one taken prisoner. James McHaffey re-enlisted 
May 1, 1776, continued with Washington's army during Fall in 
vicinity of New York and New Jersey, and went into W^inter 
quarters at Morristown. In its last services Captain Ross' com- 
pany took prominent and honorable part in battles of Brandywine, 
Germantown, Paoli, Monmouth and several other engagements, 
and continued in the field to the end of the war. 

The writer is responsible for much of the above data, having 
found it, in making research in the history of Lancaster county, 
facts and dates coincide, so the conclusion was reached that the 
war history applied to our progenitor of the Lancaster county 
branch of Mahaffeys. 

625 \TAMES MAHAFFEY,^ (James.^) 

James Mahaffey, son of James, progenitor of the Lancaster 
county IMahaffeys, was born June 12, 1781 ; married Mary Coch- 
ran, who was born Nov. 25, 1787. They lived in Marietta, Pa. 
Mr. Mahaft'ey was extensively engaged in the lumber business, 
and a prominent man of affairs in his community. 

W^e find a change in the spelling of the name, Mr. Mahaffey 
having a large correspondence found it easier to write by drop- 
ping the Mc, writing it Mahaffey, a popular form of spelling the 
name. He was an elder in the Donegal Presbyterian Church ; 
died Jan. 1, 1851, was buried in the Marietta Cemetery. He was 

68 Mahaffey Descendants 

followed in death by his wife, Jan. 26, 1868. James and Mary 
Cochran Mahaffey were the parents of twelve children : 

626 ^Samuel Mahaffey,^ b. 1808, m. Mary Cassel. 

627 ^Andrew Mahaffey,^ b. 1811, m. EHzabeth Mc- 


628 ^Elizabeth Mahaffey,^ b. 1812, m. James Lau, d. 1841. 

629 *Mary Mahaffey,^ (an infant) b. 1815. 

630 '^Margaret Ann Mahaffey,^ b. 1816, d. 1841. 

631 ®James Mahaffey,^ b. 1819, m. Mary Mcllvaine. 

632 7ohn Mahaffey,^ b. 1821 (an infant). 

633 «Franklin Mahaffey,^ b. 1823, d. 1847. (Was lieu- 

tenant of 11th Regt, in Mexican War.) 

634 »Dr. William K. Mahaffey,^ b. 1825, m. Emily P. 


635 ^"Cochran Mahaffey .^ 

636 "Calvin Douglas Mahaffey,^ b. 1829, was captain of 

regulars in Civil War, and Provost Marshall 
under Gen. Phil. Sheridan. 

637 ^^George Mahaffey,^ b. 1831, m. Charlotte Russel 


626 ^SAMUEL MAHAFFEY,^ (James,^ James Mahaffey.^) 
Samuel Mahaffey, eldest child of James and Mary Cochran 

Mahaffey, was born in 1808, married Mary Cassel; he died in 
1894. To them were born five children : 

638 ^Margaret Mahaffey,* m. Abner Frick, of Waynes- 

boro, Pa. They have one child: 

651 ^Frederick Frick.^ 

639 ^Catherine Mahaffey,* m. E. Frick, of Waynesboro, 


640 ^Franklin Mahaffey,* m. Ella Chambers, of Cham- 

bersburg; they have one child: 

652 ^Chambers Mahaffey.^ 

641 *James Mahaffey.* 

642 ^Edmund Mahaffey.^ 

627 'ANDREW MAHAFFEY,^ (James,^ James.^) 
Andrew Mahaffey, second son of James and Mary Cochran 

Mahaffey, was born in 1811, married Elizabeth McPherson. He 
was superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad under Governer 
Ritner, and built the "Powhatan," a government vessel at Nor- 
folk. There were two children born to this marriage : 

643 ^Elizabeth Mahaffey,* m. Gen. A. P. Howe, and they 

had six children : 

Mahaffey Descendants 69 

653 ^Elizabeth Howe.' 

654 -Lucius Howe." 

655 ^Lenora Howe.' 

656 ^Catherine Howe.' 

657 'Marshall Howe.' 

658 "Delancy Howe,' who married Ella May. 

644 -McPherson Mahaffey," (a bachelor.) 

634 ^WILLIAM K. MAHAFFEY,^ (Jamesr James Ma- 
Dr. William K. Mahaffey, ninth child of James and Mary 
Cochran Mahaffey, was born in 1825. He was reading clerk at 
the House of Representatives during the Civil War. He married 
Emilie Whittenmore, and they had two children : 

645 nVilliam Mahaffey.'^ 

646 ^George W. Mahaffey,* m. Catherine . They 

had one son : 

659 ^George W. Mahaffey, Jr.' 

637 ^-GEORGE W. MAHAFFEY,' (James,^ James.^) 

George W. Mahaffey, youngest child of James and Mary 
Cochran Mahaffey, was born in 1831. He was County Commis- 
sioner from 1872 to 1875, and County Auditor in 1875. 

Married Charlotte Russel Rinehart, who was born in 1837; 
died in 1906, he dying in 1911. To them were born four children : 

647 ^David Mahaffey.* 

648 -Mary Mahaffey,* b. 1863, m. Frank Hiestand. 

649 ^'Emily Mahaffey,* who m. Richard Mott. They hav- 

ing two children, who were : 

660 ^Gertrude Mott.' 

661 ^Richard Mott, Jr.' 

650 *Gertrude Mahaffey.* 

Though brief your sketch, much it contains. 

Great honor is your claim — 
Since you can boast fair Lancaster, 

Of the "Mahaffey" name 
First settling in your fertile land, 

And still hold forth the name ; 
You sent it broadcast o'er the land. 

With Honor, Trust and Fame. 

—M. E. M. C. 

70 Mahaffe;y Descendants 


662 CHARLES MAHAFFEY, progenitor of the Cumberland 
county Mahaffeys, emigrated from the northern part of Ireland 
to this country previous to June, 1753. 

In making research we find mention in the History of 
Cumberland county that Charles and Guain Mahaffey were in- 
cluded in the earliest settlers in that section of the country, all 
being mentioned of Scotch-Irish descent and of Presbyterian 

We also find recorded in the land title department of the 
State, that a warrant was granted Charles Mahafifey, Jan. 29, 
1753, for 185 acres of land, situated on the south side of the 
Yellow Breeches Creek, South Middleton township, Cumberland 
Co., Pa. According to the custom of the day it was named "Well 

In the year 1762 we also find a warrant granted to Thomas 
Mahaffey for 185 acres of land adjoining that of the Charles 
Mahaffey tract, this same land passing into the possession of 
James and Thomas Mahaffey, sons of Charles, in the year 1835 ; 
all trace of said Thomas being lost. 

We also notice on the original warrant of Charles, that the 
adjoining land was owned by one John, and Guain Mahaffey. 
Guain was the brother of Charles, who never married ; as for the 
John all trace of him is also lost ; the writer has concluded, 
being so closely associated, that they were all brothers, or cousins^ 
later scattered to some distant county, or state, and possibly some 
of the Clan included in this work descend from one of the men- 
tioned Mahaffeys. 

We have no record of the birth, marriage, or death of the 
said Charles, yet we know he married a Miss Allison, who was 
also included in the earlier settlers of that section, also of the 
same descent and faith. A maiden sister of the wife of Charles 
Mahaffey is recalled by one of his grandsons as "Aunt Sallie 
Allison." Yet the given name of his grandmother is not recalled. 
We would suppose that Charles Mahaffey was at least 21 years 


Maiiaffey Descendants 71 

of age when he took title to his land ; if so, he would have been 
born about 1732, his wife was born about 1746; died about 1854, 
dying at the advanced age of 108 years, having been blind for 
more than 25 years. 

A grandson said, "I recall grandmother sitting in an arm- 
chair, even though her eyes were sightless, her fingers ever busy 
with her knitting needle." Also said, "When we would visit her 
she would call us to her side, ask which one it was, 'Billy or 
Stuart.' " She died with her son Thomas, with whom she had 
lived for many years. 

It also has been handed down to the present generation that 
the Cumberland county Mahaffeys come from an old wealthy 
stock in Ireland. Preparations were once made for a member of 
the family to cross to the Emerald Isle and lay claim to the await- 
ing fortune, but for some reason was not carried out. 

In conclusion the writer wishes to call the attention of the 
reader to the coincidence between the Lycoming and Clearfield 
county and Cumberland county branches in the way of birth 
dates, 1732 and 1734, similarity of original spelling, "Mehafify," 
and locating in adjoining townships, namely East Pennsborough 
and South Middleton, at an early period the same, and last, of 
Thomas and Charles Mahaffey, of 1762 and 1753 owning adjoin- 
ing land ; her impression is, "They were either brothers, or a very 
close relationship." 

The children born to the parents of this sketch, Charles and 
Allison Alahaffey, were : 

663 ^Rebecca Mahaffey,- m. James McClune. 

664 ^Andrew Mahaffey.- 

665 ^Thomas Mahaffey.- 

666 *James A. Mahafifey,- m. Elizabeth J. Wareham. 

667 ^ohn MahafTey,- m. Elizabeth . 

663 ^REBECCA MAHAFFEY,- (Charles MahafTfey.^) 
Rebecca Mahafifey, only daughter of Charles and 

Allison Mahafifey, married James McClune, who some time in the 
'40's moved his family to West Virginia, not far distant from 
Martinsburg, where he engaged in farming. A short time after 
the Civil War he died, leaving a wife and an only child: 

72 Mahaffey Descendants 

668 ^ Sarah Allison McClune,^ who married Jacob Shil- 
ling, and resided near Darkesville, West Va. ; 
to this union no children were born. It has oc- 
curred to the writer that this would be an oppor- 
tune time to establish the Christian name of her 
Some years ago her older sister visited in the home of Sarah 
McClune Shilling. Upon her return home she brought as a gift, 
from the Virginia cousins, a small silk shawl, to be given the 
author of this sketch, she being singled out because she bore the 
name of her great-grandmother, Mary ; word was also sent that 
the shawl should remain in the MahafTey family, as it had been 
brought to this country by the Mahaffeys from Ireland. The 
shawl is of odd design (green in it of course) and very highly 
prized by its owner. We therefore presume hereafter to write 
Charles and Mary Allison Mahaffey. 

Sarah Allison Shilling is described as being a very large 
woman, of a very kind disposition, and a true Irish face. 

664 2 ANDREW MAHAFFEY,^ (Charles Mahafifey.) 

Andrew Mahaffey, son of Charles and Mary Allison Ma- 
haffey, left the Cumberland Valley some time in the early period 
of the last century ; his whereabouts has been entirely lost. It is 
known however that he had once located in the state of Ohio, as 
letters had been found which had been written by members of his 
family to their cousin Mary Ann Zeigler, daughter of Andrew's 
brother James A. 

These letters had been destroyed by the nephew of Mary Ann 
Zeigler's husband, when he settled up the estate of his late uncle, 
not knowing they would be of any value. We trust, however, 
that some of the Ohio Mahaffeys will some day prove their 
ancestry to originate from this said Andrew. Or possibly some 
of the Illinois or Indiana family of same name, as he might have 
moved farther west at a later period. These letters had been 
written previous to 1865, at which time occurred the death of 
Mary Ann Zeigler. 

665 ^THOMAS MAHAFFEY,- (Charles.) 

Thomas Mahaffey, son of Charles and Mary Allison Ma- 
haffey, who remained a bachelor, spent his entire life in the 

Mahaffey Descendants 73 

vicinity of his birth. Is described as being a very large man, very 
tall, with kindly eyes and a jovial, talkative disposition. 

He owned a farm adjoining his brother James, where he and 
his mother lived, she dying a short time before he. He is buried 
at Carlisle, Pa., as is also his mother. 

666 "JAMES A. MAHAFFEY,= (Charles.^ 

James A. Mahaftey, son of Charles and Mary Allison Ma- 

haffey, was born Aug. 4, 1793 ; died, 1870; was married to Eliza- 
beth Johnston Wareham, about 1827, who was born April 6, 1806; 
died Nov. 26, 1848. 

James Mahaffey was a farmer, a man beloved by old and 
young in the community in which he lived. The most strict ob- 
servance of the Presbyterian faith was practiced in his home. He 
and his wife worshiped in the old Presbyterian church at Carlisle, 
Pa., it being told by one of his sons that when they came home 
from church the meal was ate that had been prepared the day 
previous, following which every one sat down and read or passed 
the day in a quiet manner. 

James Mahaffey was a tall, sparely built man, with small, 
keen, black eyes ; a whig in politics, prominent in debating so- 
cieties; a son said, "Father would attend all the debating societies 
far and near, would take us little chaps along; we, of course, 
would fall asleep and fall from the bench in the old school-house, 
to the floor ; then he w^ould say, 'Boys, I will never take you 
again, but 'never,' never came. One of his expressions, when ad- 
dressing a gathering was, 'I wunder,' now I guess you all 
wunder !' " 

Elizabeth Wareham was of English parentage. Her grand- 
father, when emigrating to America, left his native land with his 
wife, a small son and daughter. When the vessel was out for a 
few days, the wife died suddenly and was buried at sea. After 
landing, the father followed his wife in death in a short time, thus 
leaving the orphan boy and girl to be reared in the home of 
strangers. The girl was reared in the home of the grandfather 
of James G. Blain. This orphan girl, of course, was the mother 
of Elizabeth Johnston Wareham, who married James A. Ma- 
hafiFey, and to them were born a family of eight: 

74 Mahaffey Descendants 

669 7ohn Philip Mahaffey,^ b. 1828, m. Susannah E. 


670 "Johnston Mahaffey,^ b. March 30, 1831, d. Oct. 

7, 1841. 

671 ^'Mary Ann Mahaffey,^ b. 1833, m. Daniel Zeigler. 

672 ^Thomas Mahaffey,^ b. 1835, d. 1856. 

673 ^James Andrew Mahaffey,^ b. 1838, m. Maria Cath- 

erine Whitcomb. 

674 ''Stuart Wareham Mahaffey,^ b. 1841, m. Susannah 

Harbold (1) ; Mary Troup Firestone (2). 

675 "William S. Mahaffey,^ b. 1844, m. (1) Ellen Redifer, 

(2) Mary Shadle. 

676 «Adam Mahaffey,^ b. July 9, 1847, d. Jan. 7, 1848. 

Elizabeth Wareham Mahaffey died when but 42 years of age, 
leaving this large family to be cared for by her fifteen-year-old 
daughter. She is buried at Carlisle, Pa. James A. Mahaffey is 
buried at Newport, Pa. 

667 '^^JOHN MAHAFFEY,^ (Charles Mahaffey.^) 

John Mahaffey, youngest child of Charles and Mary Allison 
Mahaffey, was born Sept. 25, 1801 ; died Nov. 2, 1854 ; was mar- 
ried to Elizabeth , who was born March 9, 1803 ; died, 

Aug. 21, 1881. 

John Mahaffey was a farmer. Some time after his marriage 
he moved from his home township to one farther west in the same 
county, where he resided for quite a time. Later he removed to 
the state of West Virginia, where he lived until his death. His 
descendants are living in that part of the state to-day. His family 
•consisted of the following children : 

677 1 James B. Mahaffey ,=* b. May 27, 1826 (died in young 


678 'Mary Mahaffey,^ b. June 25, 1828, d. 1895, m. Peter 


679 ^Martha Ann Mahaffey,^ b. May 30, 1830, d. Dec. 29, 

1863 (unmarried.) 

680 ^Samuel Mahaffey,^ b. Oct. 8, 1832, d. Dec. 29, 1893 


681 ^Rebecca Mahaffey ,3 b. Sept. 5, 1834, d. June 3, 1901 


682 7ohn A. Mahaffey,^ b. Sept. 30, 1837, d. April 8, 

1863 (unmarried.) 

683 sBethsheba Mahaffey,^ b. Aug. 2, 1841, m. Theodore 


Mahaffey Descendants 75 

669 MOHN PHILIP MAHAFFIE,' (James A.r Charles Ma- 

John Philip Mahaffie, eldest child of James A. and Elizabeth 
W'areham Mahaffey, was born Jan. 22, 1828 ; married to Susannah 
Elizabeth Ensminger, who was born Nov. 11, 1832; died Nov. 11, 
1908. He died Feb. 19, 1907. Both buried at Renovo, Pa. 

John P. Mahaffie led a rather adventurous life; in the year 
1849 he left home, joining a wagon train for Missouri. They en- 
countered many hardships, principally savage tribes of Indians, 
who killed off man and beast. After receiving two arrow wounds, 
and a load of buck shot, which he carried to his grave, (traveling 
many miles before he could have the arrow heads removed and 
the wounds dressed), the few remaining party arrived on foot 
(their mules all having died from drinking from an alkili stream) 
in the coveted ''gold fields" of California. 

John Mahaffie was soon stricken with rheumatism ; his 
doctors advised him to go to South America, which he did. After 
spending several years in that country he returned to his native 
land by way of Cape Horn. While aboard vessel he was stricken 
with yellow fever, and was quarantined for some time at Lima, 
Peru. He was quite a linguist, speaking seven languages. He 
followed the pursuit of a carpenter the greater part of his life. 
Was a most lovable man ; the last several years of his life was 
spent in blindness. Was consistent in the Lutheran Church, as 
was his faithful wife, who bore him the following children : 

684 ^John Alexander Mahaffie,* b. Sept. 2, 1856, m. Sept. 

20, 1900, to Selma Sophia Johnson, b. April 11, 
1866 ; they reside at Salina, Kans. 

685 ^Johnston Mahaffie,* b. April 23, 1860, d. Nov. 25, 


686 ^James Mahaffie,* b. Oct. 24, 1861, d. Dec. 14, 1862. 

687 *Minnie May Mahafffe,* b. Feb. 24, 1864, at Falling 

Springs, Pa. 

688 ^William Sproul Mahaffie,* b. Sept. 11. 1866, m. Oct. 

29, 1890, to Laura Ann Stout, b. Nov. 12, 1870; 
to them were born : 

702 ijames Eugene Mahaffie,^ b. Dec. 30, 1892. 

703 =^Charles Evan Mahaffie,^ b. April 28, 1896. 

76 Mahaffey Descendants 

704 ^Marion Katherine Mahaffie,^ b. July 25, 1898. 

705 *Ralph Mahaffie,^ b. May 17, 1900. 

(Note the spelling of the name in this family.) 

671 ^MARY ANN MAHAFFEY,^ (James,^ Charles Ma- 


Mary Ann Mahaffey, only daughter of James A. and Eliza- 
beth Wareham Mahaffey, was born March 26, 1833, died Feb. 19, 
1865, from diphtheria; was married by the Rev. Hoffman, of 
Carlisle, Pa., to Daniel Zeigler, a well known vetenary surgeon, 
Jan. 27, 1853. 

Her mother dying when she was but fifteen years of age, 
brought the cares of a mother upon her shoulders at a very early 
age, which she assumed until she married ; the home of her father 
was then broken up and the smaller children were separated, 
which accounts for so little knowledge of the early ancestry, the 
older members of the family all being dead, the younger ones can- 
not recall. 

Mary Ann Mahaffey was a very kind, Christian woman, even 
though children were not born to her they were always in her 
home. Her younger brother, and a neice of her husband, shared 
its comforts, and the care of a mother. She died at an early age, 
and is buried at Carlisle, Pa. Her husband surviving her many 
years, and marrying the second time. 

672 ^THOMAS MAHAFFEY,^ (James A.,- Charles Ma- 


Thomas Mahaffey, third son of James A. and Elizabeth 
Wareham Mahaffey, was born July 23, 1835 ; died Jan. 2, 1856. 
Was a carpenter by trade. 

He left home, securing work at Harrisburg, Pa. Displaying 
talent for the violin, he became a noted violinist ; accepting a posi- 
tion in a museum at New Orleans at a fine salary, was taken ill 
while there, thinking of home and friends no doubt, he started 
homeward, getting as far north as St. Louis, where he died ; was 
buried by a friend and his effects sent home, among which was his 
beloved violin. This famous instrument is still in the possession 
of his brother Stuart, whose grandson Stuart Lowry, of Salt Lake 

Mahaffey Descendants 77 

City, will no doubt inherit, as he, too, displays much talent for this 
sweet-toned instrument. 



James Andrew Mahaffie, fifth child of James A. and Eliza- 
beth Wareham Mahaffey, was born Oct. 5, 1838; died July 30, 
1913; was married Oct. 15, 1865, to Maria Catherine Whitcomb, 
of Boiling Springs, Pa. They were married at Gettysburg, Pa. 

James Mahafifie followed the pursuits of a huckster the most 
of his life, his early manhood being spent on the farm. Shortly 
after his marriage he located in Harrisburg, Pa., where he resided 
the balance of his life and reared the following family: 

689 ^Charles Wareham Mahaffie,* b. Dec. 28, 1866; d. 

Sept. 15, 1872, meeting his death by being run 
down by a team. 

690 -Emma Catherine iMahaffie,* b. Oct. 17, 1867, d. Feb. 

11, 1901. 

691 ^James Arthur Mahaffie,* b. Dec. 30, 1869, d. March 

4, 1894, from an injury received in an accident 
while out with a sleighing party. Was a member 
of the "City Grays," a military organization, 
when he met his untimely death, who gave him 
a military burial ; was a most exempilary young 

692 ^Mary Ellen MahaffiiC,* b. March 28, 1874 ; m. Jan. 4, 

1894, to Samuel Newling Zimmerman ; b. Jan. 
4, 1871 ; children born to them : 

706 ^James Arthur Zimmerman,"* b. Sept. 18, 1894. 

707 'Martha Elizabeth Zimmerman,^ b. Sept. 6, 

(Note spelling of the name.) 


Charles Mahaffey.^ 

Stuart Wareham Mahaffey, fifth son of James A. and Eliza- 
beth Wareham IVIahafifey, was born June 22, 1841 ; was married 
Feb. 22, 1868, by the Rev. Adam Hollinger, to Susannah Harbold, 
daughter of George and Mary Trimmer Harbold, born Feb. 12, 
1846 ; died Feb. 13, 1886. 

Stuart W. Mahaffey spent his boyhood on the farm ; later 

78 Mahaffey Descendants 

learned photography, the chemicals not agreeing with him, he 
learned the trade of a miller, which he followed for more than 
forty years, being well known throughout the State as an expert 
miller. He is a man of a kind and generous disposition, respected 
by his fellow man. 

His wife died at the age of forty years, leaving seven chil- 
dren ; she was a woman of ingenuity and spirit, of a jolly disposi- 
tion and one of the most pleasant reminiscences of the writer of 
this sketch, is of how she would gather her little ones about her 
knee during the twilight hour and fill their anxious ears with 
wondrous tales of the Civil War, and of her girlhood pranks, 
which were most amusing; she was truly a good "story teller," 
and beside a consistent Christian woman, devoted to her chosen 
faith, the German Baptist, of which church her husband is also a 
member. She was a good mother and sadly missed by her family 
and a host of friends. 

Following her death Stuart W. Mahafifey married the second 
time, Mary Troup Firestone, Sept. 20, 1894, who was born July 5, 
1855 ; to this union there was no issue. 

To his first marriage were born : 

693 1 Annie Mahafifey,* b. July 31, 1868 ; d. Feb. 17, 1902 ; 

m. July 31, 1890, to Calvin Emerson Martin; b. 
Dec. 21, 1868; Annie Mahafifey Martin was a 
woman who possessed a Christian character to 
be envied ; died at the early age of 34, leaving an 
only child to mourn her loss : 

708 ^Arthur Raoul Martin,^ b. Feb. 17, 1891, who 

was married March 21, 1914, to Ruth 
Gouse, of Carlisle, Pa. 

694 -'George Harbold Mahafifey,* b. Jan. 4, 1870, m. April 

30, 1902, to Elizabeth Roberts McClure, b. Jan. 
9, 1880 ; born to them two children : 

709 ^Charles Walter Mahafifey,^ b. Feb. 16, 1903 ; 

d. July 3, 1903. 

710 -George H. Mahafifey, Jr.,^ b. Nov. 4, 1904. 

695 'John Wareham Mahafifey,* b. July 8, 1871, m. Jan., 

1897, to Mary E. Lowry, of Salt Lake City, 

Utah; b. March 17, 1873; d. March 2, 1914; 
born to this union one child : 

711 ^Stuart Lowry Mahafifey, ■■ b. April 23, 1898. 

Mahaffey Descendants 79 

696 ^Mary Ellen Mahaffey,-* b. Feb. 8, 1873, m. June 23, 

1898, to Jesse Clark Carst, b. April 8, 1869. 
Mary E. Mahaffey aspires to a small amount of 
literary talent, being the author of a book of 
poems, entitled, "Home Spun Jewels," besides 
several songs. 

697 ^Della Mahaffey,* b. Dec. 16, 1874, d. April 16, 1875. 

698 «Fanny Mahaffey,* b. July 19, 1876, m. Sept. 1897, to 

Samuel Elmer Minium, b. Dec. 19, 1871 ; a 
daughter born to them : 
712 ^Kathleen Minium,' b. July 25, 1898, d. Feb. 
18, 1899. 

699 ^Clara Mahaffey,* b. June 21, 1878, m. to Warren 

Edward Slonaker, March 25, 1902, who was 
born Nov. 27, 1873. 

700 ^Charles Sherman Mahaffey,* b. July 21, 1882, was 

m. to Rose Mary Daugherty, of Pittsburg, Pa., 
May 30, 1906, b. June 3, 1881. 

675 'WILLIAM S. MAHAFFEY.^* (James A.,= Charles Ma- 

William S. Mahaffey, sixth son of James A. and Elizabeth 
Wareham Mahaffey, was born April 17, 1844. Married to Ellen 
Redifer, who was born April 30, 1850; died November 17, 1882. 
After the death of his first wife, William S. married Mary Shadle, 
a chum of his boyhood days, born April 16, 1844; died June 16, 
1912. To this marriage there were no children born. 

When a boy sixteen years of age William became imbued with 
the life of a soldier, and quietly slipped away and joined the army 
as a drummer boy, of our Civil War. Served under the command 
of Captain Lee, who formed a company of country lads in Cum- 
berland county. 

After a time he was taken sick, having not enlisted he was senr 
home. Upon recovery he enlisted in the 20th Cavalry, Company 
D, January 1, 1862. Discharged January 15, 1863; reinlisted in 
209th Infantry; discharged May 25. 1865, having passed through 
all the principal battles encountered ; was shot in the neck by a 
Confederate, but acted as his own doctor and continued to the 
end of the war. 

To his first marriage the following children were born : 

80 Mahaffey Descendants 

700a ^Edgar Mahaffey," b. Oct. 13, 1871, d. Oct. 16, 1871. 

700b ^Mary Francis Mahaffey,'' b. Oct. 21, 1872, m. Feb. 
20, 1891, at Sunbury, Pa., to Henry Barney Hop- 
per, b. March 27, 1860; born to them are the 
following family : 

713 ^Francis Rebecca Hopper,' b. May 12, 1892, 

m. George H. Krick, July 2, 1912, b. July 
1, 1889. 

714 -William Allan Hopper,=^ b. Oct. 31, 1893. 

715 ^Lillian Viola Hopper,' b. April 4, 1897. 

716 *Velma Ellen Hopper,' b. July 1, 1902. 

700c ^William Sproul Mahaffey,* b. Dec. 14, 1874, m. 
Laura Beatrice Wynn, b. April 11, 1872. They 
are the parents of four children : 

717 ^William Redifer Mahafifey,' b. April 3, 1894. 

He enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1912. 
Served on the battleships Nebraska, sur- 
vey boat, Montana, having made two trips 
to South America, Cuba, Porto Rico and 
Bermuda. Assisted in the survey work of 

718 ^Harold Reuben Mahafifey,' b. Oct. 23, 1896. 

719 ^Charles Spencer Mahafifey,' b. June 10, 1899. 

720 ''Theodore Roosevelt Mahafifey,' b. April 29, 

700d *Stuart Wareham Mahaffey,* b. Nov. 14, 1876, m. 

Lucille Jaynes. 
700^ =^Edward Ross Mahaffey,* b. April 7, 1878, m. 

Florence Cornelius, of Sunbury, Pa. ; born to 

them one son. 

721 1 Donald Mahaffey.'* 

700/ *^Ella Virginia Mahaffey,* b. March 25, 1880, m. 
March 10, 1897, to Charles E. Lawrence, b. 
March 18, 1874. They have two children : 

722 ^Ethel Virginia Lawrence,' b. May 20, 1904. 

723 ^Helen Francis Lawrence,' b. July 5, 1905. 

678 2MARY MAHAFFEY,^ (John,= Charles,^ 

Mary Mahaffey, second daughter of John and Elizabeth 
Mahaffey, was born May 27, 1828, died May 29, 1895. Was mar- 
ried to Peter Foreman February 1, 1859, who was born May 24, 
1833 ; died February 27, 1907. 

Peter Foreman was a farmer, a man of a genial disposition, 

(Daughter of Mipsrs aii.l Mary RcynoMs Mahaticy). 

Hack row 



l,.fl 1(> liiilit: Mnrv Ivstrllc l)a\is. Dr. W illiuin Miihnffi 
Ui' V. Diisccil. .I.ilni rlvcU'. Sitliii.ii'. Irll M li^lit. Kirst lov 
|i(ii1s and Mari;arrl I'.cniicll .Mahallcv Kiii|Nirl>. Socoiul low 
r.cimcti, Inez and Unvd \V. 

Crilrudi' Maude 
I'chUt Kin- 

flail Historian. 

tr - 

Q -" 

^ -." 



No. 1747. HUGH L. MAHAFFEY AND FAMILY. Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 
i,..- Kiaiicrs II. Zcisldft Mnhaffi'v, Will'/ni l.awivnci', Miirfiarrl Kli/.abctli. 
Sitting: Uw^h L. Maliaffoy. Martha 1 ranees. 

Mahaffey Descendants 81 

living to a good old age, his wife precding him in death many 

They lived in West Virginia, where the parents of Mary Ma- 
hafTey Foreman had removed to in her girlhood from the Cum- 
berland Valley, Pa. 

In this southern home was born these children : 

700^ ^Franklin C. Foreman,* b. Feb. 9, 1861, m. Ida V. 
Ricker, who was born June 1, 1862. To this 
marriage was born : 

724 ^Beulah G. Foreman,^ b. Jan. 19, 1885. 

725 'Clara V. Foreman,^ b. Nov. 22, 1886. 

726 ^Elizabeth Pearl Foreman,-^ b. April 20, 1901. 
700/i -William R. Foreman,* b. Nov. 19, 1862, m. Cora 

Foultz, b. Jan. 4, 1868. The children born to 
this union are : 

727 ^Ethel F. Foreman,^ b. Sept. 14, 1887. 

728 -Nellie G. Foreman,^ b. July 20, 1892. 

729 ^Floyd F. Foreman,'' b. April 22, 1894. 

730 *Luella U. Foreman,^ b. March 18, 1901. 

731 ^Lenard E. Foreman,^ b. June 14. 1904. 

700i ^'Annie Bertha Foreman,* b. Feb. 18, 1865, d. Dec. 
10, 1912, m. ^larch, 1891, to Robert Hazlett, b. 
March 19, 1865; born to them: 

732 1 Clara B. Hazlett,^ b. March 11, 1892. 

733 -Robert R. Hazlett,^ b. April 8, 1896. 

734 ^Harry W. Hazlett,'^ b. Oct. 29, 1897. 

700/ *Cora S. Foreman,'^ b. April 16, 1867, d. Jan. 1, 1881. 
7Q0k ^Valley Virginia Foreman,* b. March 31, 1869, m. 

Sept., 1891, to Charles Wiest, b. April 14, 1862; 

their children : 

735 ^Ethel V. Wiest,^ b. Aug. 19, 1893. 

736 =Paul F. Wiest,^ b. Oct. 7, 1895. 

700/ •'John D. Foreman,* b. Sept. 25, 1873, m. April 15, 
1897, to Lillie M. McCune, b. May 31, 1871. 
Two children bless this marriage : 

737 ^Nevin Lee Foreman,^ b. Jan. 1, 1899. 

738 -Elanora McCune Foreman,^ b. March 26, 


683 'BETHSHEBA MAHAFFEY,=' (John,- Charles Ma- 

Bethsheba Mahaffey, youngest child of John and Elizabeth 
Mahaftey, was born August 2, 1840; died January 11, 1892. 

M. D.—6 

82 Mahaffey Descendants 

She was married to Theodore McCune, and resided in Centre- 
ville, Cumberland county, Pa., near the place where she spent the 
greater part of her life. After her death, Theodore McCune 
married the second time. To this union no issue. 

Theodore McCune and Bethsheba Mahafifey had one child, 
a daughter : 

701 ^Lillie McCune,* b. May 31, 1871 ; m. John D. Fore- 
man, (Refer to genealogy of Peter and Mary 
Mahafifey Foreman.) 


An apology old Cumberland 

I fear you owe the Clan, 
Since from your branch a poetess 

Inflicts her verse on man. 
Yet each has sent its talent forth. 

To fill their sphere in life ; 
Professions of all sorts we find 

Beside the humble wife. 
So now we trust the Clan will bear 

With patience what you give. 
The talent of this poetess 

Though small, perhaps may live 
To speak of how old Cumberland 

Shared in this work, so dear; 
Perpetuated to the Clan, 

And filled its humble sphere. 

M. E. M. C. 

Mahaffey Descendants 83 


739 GUY MEHAFFIE, progenitor of the Perry Co. Mehaffies, 
and his wife, Margaret, or "Peggy" Hamilton, were natives of Ire- 
land. The date of their emigration is not known, nor have we any 
history to confirm the fact that they were married previous to their 
coming to America. In reading the history of the early settlers 
of Cumberland County, we find numerous families by the name 
of Hamilton, who were of Scotch-Irish descent, same as the 
Mahaffey family, both originally coming from Scotland and set- 
tling in Ireland in the earlier centuries. Possibly, Guy Mehaffie 
married after his emigration to America. 

They settled along the banks of Shermans Creek, Perry Co., 
(then a part of Cumberland County), which in those days was a 
dense forest. The Indians roved at will, making the days fear- 
ful and the nights hideous with their war whoops. 

There were but few settlers at that time, the log cabins being 
several miles apart. In the year 1755 we read of the murder of 
the "Woolcomer" family, who were the nearest neighbor of our 
subject. They were eating their evening meal, consisting of mush 
and milk, when an Indian appeared in the doorway ; being asked 
to partake of the meal he replied he "came for scalps" not food, 
a young son twelve years of age made his escape through a back 
window, giving the alarm to the nearest fort ; when the soldiers 
arrived the next morning they found the entire family murdered. 
Thus we date the settling of Guy Mehaffie in Perry Co. from the 
date of this incident, he probably locating here several years pre- 

Guy Mehaffie was a weaver by trade, and he and his wife 
were God-fearing people. Under adverse circumstances, they 
reared the following family of three children : 

740 ^Margaret Mehaffie,^ b. 1755, m. John Smiley. 

741 ==Thomas Mehaffie,- b. 1766, m. Kitty Colvin. 

742 ^Ruth Mehaffie,- m. John Murphy. 

We might add to the above data concerning the last mentioned 
child Ruth Mehaffie, who married John Murphy, that a grand- 

84 Mahaf'fe;y Desceindants 

daughter is living in Carlisle, Pa., by name of Ruth Murphy Glass, 
and possibly many more direct descendants of this third child of 
our subject. 

740 ^MARGARET MEHAFFIE,- (Guy Mehaffie.^) 

Margaret Mehaffie, daughter of Guy and Margaret Hamilton 
Mehafifie, was born 1755, died Oct. 15, 1830, she was married some 
time in the 70's of 1700, to John Smiley, who was born in 1742 
and died in 1840. John Smiley was the son of Thomas Smiley, 
who is buried at the Meeting House Springs graveyard, near 
Carlisle, Pa. Thomas Smiley had five sons and one daughter. 
George, Samuel and John settled within one mile of each other 
near Shermansdale, Pa., by the Shermans Creek. Thomas settled 
in the western part of the State near Pittsburgh, and William set- 
tled west of the Tuscarora mountains. The daughter, Sallie, 
married a Mr. Sharron, and lived in the western part of the state. 

John and Margaret Mehafifie Smiley reared a large family,, 
he dividing his farms between his two sons, William and John. 
The land granted to William is where Shermansdale is now lo- 
cated, and the farms to the north and east embrace the holdings 
of John, which all told, contained 250 acres. 

The children born to John and Margaret Mehafifie Smiley 
were: ■ • ,. :L^iii5;;i£ii 

743 ^Elizabeth Smiley,^ b. , m. (1) Benj. Cunning- 

ham; (2) Benj. McCord. 

744 ^Mary Smiley,^ b. , m. James McKee. 

745 ^Margaret Smiley,^ b. , m. Matthew McBride. 

746 * William Smiley^ b. 1783, m. Ann Wilson. 

747 °Ruth Smiley^, m. Jesse Kirkpatrick. 

748 « Sarah Smiley, ^ b. , m. William Smith. 

749 ^John Smiley^, b. 1796, m. Susan Henderson. 

750 «Nancy Smiley, b. 1799, m. John McKenzie. 

751 ^Martha Smiley,^ b. , m. James Smiley. 

John and Margaret Mehaffie Smiley, who now lie buried in 
the "Old Presbyterian Graveyard," near the present Zorger farm, 
have the tomb stones marking their graves, which were placed 
there by their grandchildren about 1876. 

Mahaffey Descendants 85 

Second Generation 

741 ^THOMAS MEHAFFIE,- (Guy Mehaffie.^) 

Thomas Mehaffie, only son of Guy and Margaret Hamilton 
Mehaffie, was born June 5, 1766, died Dec. 20, 1853. He married 
Catherine Colvin, of Jersey Shore, Pa., who was born 1769, and 
died Sept. 15, 1848. They belonged to the Quaker church. 

We are told that Thomas was a very large man, as was also 
his wife. He was a very quiet and of a kindly nature, and 
highly respected in the locality in which he lived. 

The writer was told by a grandson that he could recall him, 
when a small child and taken to see his grandfather, as sitting 
in a large arm. chair with a tall cane in his hands, when told who 
the child was he patted him on the head saying, "Is this one of 
Hamilton's boys." 

Being of a very lenient disposition he would frequently re- 
mark to his boys during the mothers absence, "Laddies ! Laddies ! 
when your mother comes home she will come "doon" on you like 
a "flax Brake," so evidently the mother was the sterner parent. 

Thomas Mehaffie lived on the old homestead of his father, 
which was also nearby the farm where his sister Margaret Me- 
haflie Smiley lived. To Thomas and "Kitty" Colvin were eight 
children bom : 

752 ^Margaret Mehaflfie,^ b. 1791, m. Thomas Sutch. 

753 -Andrew Mehafifie,^ b. , m. Sarah Messimer. 

754 =»John Mehafifie," b. 1795, m. Sarah Sterritt Mc- 


755 ^Thomas Mehafifie,^ b. 1797, m. (1) Elizabeth Mur- 

phy, (2) Mary Robison. 
765 '^Sarah Mehafilie,^ m. John Sutch. 

757 ®Nancv Mehaffie,^ m. John Sollenberger, 

758 ^William Mehaf^e,^ m. Margaret Sutch. 

759 ^Hamilton Mehaffie,^ b. 1804, m. Martha McClintock. 

86 Mahaffey Descendants 

Third Generation 

743 ^ELIZABETH SMILEY," (Margaret Smiley,=' Guy Me- 

Elizabeth Smiley, eldest child of John and Margaret Me- 
haffie Smiley, was married twice, first to Benjamin Cunningham, 
to whom she bore two children: 

760 ^Benjamin Cunningham Jr.,* who married and had 

three children: 

843 ^Margaret Cunningham.^ 

844 ^EHzabeth Cunningham.^ 

845 ^Benjamin Cunningham, 3rd.° 

760a ^Anna Cunningham,'"* who married C. M. Drumgold, 

and live at Shemansdale, Pa. 
Elizabeth Cunningham next married Benjamin McCord, and 
to them were born four children : 

760b ^James McCord,* m. Miss McCord, and live in the 

760c 2 John McCord,* m. Sarah Smiley, (deceased.) 
760d ^Samuel McCord,* b. 1821, m. (1) Jane Milligan, 

(2) Mary Smiley. 
760e *Catherine McCord.* 

744 ^MARY SMILEY,^ (Margaret Smiley," Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Mary Smiley, second child of John and Margaret Mehaffie 

Smiley, was married to James McKee, of New Bloomfield, Pa. 
They reared a family of the following children : 

760f ^William McKee,* married, a son George living near 
New Bloomfield, Pa. 

761 ^Jesse McKee,* family living in New Bloomfield, Pa. 

762 ''Wilson McKee,* one son known. 

851 ^Hon. James McKee,® cashier of Newville 
bank, Newville, Pa. 

763 *Washington McKee,* (whereabouts unknown.) 

745 ^MARGARET SMILE Y,« (Margaret Smiley,- Guy Me- 

Margaret Smiley, third child of John and Margaret Mehaffie 
Smiley, married Mathew McBride, and they had born four 

Mahaffey Descendants 87 

764 ^John McBride.* 

765 ^Meridith McBride," killed in battle of Fredericks- 

burg, Civil War. 

766 ^Samuel McBride,* living in the west. 

767 *Mathew McBride Jr.,* married, three children. 

852 ^John McBride.^ 

853 ^Samuel McBride,^ living in New Blcwmfield, 


854 ^Eliza McBride,^ married John Smiley. 

746 nVILLIAM SMILE Y,' (Margaret Smiley ,2 Guy Mehaf- 

William Smiley, fourth child and eldest son of John and 
Margaret Mehaffie Smiley, was born July 8, 1783, died Aug. 16, 
1863, was married to Ann Wilson 1819, of Cumberland Co., who 
was born June 16, 1790, and died Oct. 9, 1866, both buried in the 
Presbyterian cemetery at Shermansdale, Pa. 

Ann Wilson came of distinguished ancestry, her father being 
one of the early settlers of the Cumberland Valley. 

William Smiley was a farmer, and lived on one of the original 
John Smiley farms, which was patened by Thomas Smiley, 
progenitor of Smileys, to his son John. 

William and Ann Wilson Smiley had a family of seven chil- 

768 nVilson Smiley.* b. March 17, 1820. married (1) 

Margaret Smiley, (2) Sarah Henderson. 

769 2 John Smiley,* b. 1822, married Sarah Mickey. 

770 ^James Smiley,* b. 1824, married, (1) Sarah Green, 

(2) Emily Green. 

771 *Jane R. Smiley.* b. 1827, married Joseph McCaskey. 

772 ^Margaret Ann Smiley,* b. 1830, married John 


773 nVilliam A. Smiley,* b. 1833, married Martha Adair. 

774 ^Benjamin Smiley,* b. 1837, married Minerva Gor- 


747 ^RUTH SIMLEY,^ (Margaret Smiley,^ Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Ruth Smiley, fifth child of John and Margaret Mehaffie Smiley, 

married Jesse Kirkpatrick, and removed to Waterman, 111., about 
forty years ago, where their son Hiram still resides, as well as 
descendants of the family, their family consisted of: 

775 ^Hirain Kirkpatrick.* 

88 Mahaffey Descendants 

776 ^Smiley Kirkpatrick.* 

777 ^Isaac Kirkpatrick." 

778 ^Ella Kirkpatrick/ married to Furgeson. 

779 °Ann Kirkpatrick,* married to Henderson. 

780 ^Margaret Kirkpatrick/ married to McCoy. 

748 «SARAH SMILEY,^ (Margaret Smiley ,2 Guy Mehaffie.^) 

Sarah Smiley, sixth child of John and Margaret Mehaffie 
Smiley, was married to William Smith, of Shermansdale, they 
had six sons and daughters, we mention : 

781 ^John Smith,* who married and had two sons : 

896 ^Cyrus Smith," who married first, Elizabeth 

McAllister, who bore him four children : 

1102 ^Cora Smith,^ m. Harry Gutshall, two 


1309 ^Luther Gutshall."^ 

1310 ^Grace Gutshall.^ 

1103 ^Blain Smith,« m. Lida Hicks, one 

child, boy. 

1104 ^Charles Smith,^ lives in Ohio, one 


1105 ^Elizabeth Smith,« m. Wilson, (an in- 

Cyrus Smith, married second time 
Elizabeth Shaeffer, and to this union one 
child : 

1106 ^Grace Smith.« 

897 ^Elmer Smith.^ 

782 ^Smiley Smith." 

783 ^William Smith,* married and two sons: 

898 ^ Allen Smith,'^ (in the west.) 

899 =*Ira Smith,^ (in the west.) 

749 7OHN SMILEY,^ (Margaret Smiley ,=' Guy Mehaffie,^) 

John Smiley, second son of John and Margaret Mehaffie Smiley, 
was born Dec. 13, 1796, died Feb. 1, 1876, married Susan Hender- 
son, May 31, 1838, who was born Aug. 10, 1817, died Aug. 2. 


John Smiley lived on the old homestead until 1875, dying 
the following year, buried in the Presbyterian cemetery at Sher- 
mansdale, Pa. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church of 

Mahaffey Descendants 89 

which he was a faithful member. There was five children born 
to this union : 

784 ^Henderson Smiley," born Nov. 23, 1840, died Aug. 
14, 1908, married Sarah E. Egolf, June 28, 1866, 
who was born Sept. 15, 1847, to them were bom 
eleven children : 

900 ^John M. Smiley,^ b. Feb. 1, 1867, married Ida 

S. L. Stone, who was born June 17, 1867, 
at Dellville, Pa., married at Marysville, 
Mo. Jan. 2, 1892, to them were born three. 

1108 ^George H. Smilev,' b. Nov. 5, 1892. 

1109 -Raymond M. Smiley," b. June 12, 


1110 ^Frances E. Smilev,« b. April 2. 1897. 

901 -Charles Henr)- Smiley,^ b.^july 28, 1868, mar- 

ried Mary Elizabeth IVIcFarland, Jan. 17, 
1895, who was born April, 25, 1873, one 
daughter born to them : 
nil 'Helen Irene Smiley," b. Dec. 17, 1895. 

902 ^Joseph Smiley,^ (died in childhood.) 

903 "Lewis Franklin Smiley,^ b. Sept. 8, 1870, 

married Feb. 19, 1901, to Mary Susan 
Bamhart, who was born April 23, 1875, 
Mrs. Smiley is one of the leading vocalists 
of Harrisburg, Pa. 

904 ^Porter Smiley,^ (died in childhood.) 

905 "William Thompson Smiley,' b. July 13, 1873, 

m. Anna Valeria Guss, who was b. Nov. 
12. 1874. 

906 'George W. Smiley,^ b. March 30, 1876, m. 

and three children : 

1112 ^Mildred Smilev." 

1113 ^Harry Smiley," 

1114 ^Kenneth Smiley," 

907 ^Elizabeth Smilev,' (dead.) 

908 ''Harvey Fisher Smiley ,= b. Nov. 29, 1881, m. 

Minnie Ray Gainter, who was b. Nov. 17, 
1881. born'to them: 

1115 'Har\'ey Franklin Smilev," b. July 11, 


909 ^°Susan Rebecca Smiley,^ b. Julv 18, 1884, m. 

Nov. 26, 1903, to John E. Heller, b. Jan. 
9, 1881, their children: 

1116 'Emory Smiley Heller," b. April 4, 

1905, Nov. 20, 1911. 

90 Mahaffey Descendants 

1117 ^Sara Elizabeth Heller,« b. March 14, 


1118 ^Dorothy May Heller,« b. Oct. 6, 1913. 
910 "Morris Enos Smiley,'* b. Oct. 13, 1888, (un- 

785 ^Thompson Smiley,* married Susan McClintock, who 

bore him four children : 

912 ^Mary Smiley,^ married Livingston. 

913 ^Herman Smiley,** married Elizabeth Cod, to 

them is born one daughter. 

914 ^Jean Smiley,^ (unmarried.) 

915 ^Joseph Smiley ,° died unmarried. 

786 ^Margaret Ann Smiley,* married Edward Shaeffer. 

787 *Mary Ann Smiley,* married Oliver Brown, their 

children : 

916 ^Bertha Brown,-^ married George Shearer. 

917 ^Harry Brown,'* married Almerta Drumgold. 

918 ^Smiley Brown,^ married and lives in Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

919 *Franklin Brown,-"^ married Miss Cameron. 

920 ^Sarah Brown.** 

789 ^Jane R. Smiley,* m. Edward Brown, resides at Mt. 
Union, Pa. 

760 sNANCY AGNES SMILEY,^ (Margaret Smiley,^ Guy 

Nancy Agnes Smiley, seventh child of John and Margaret 
Mehaffie Smiley, was born Sept. 1, 1799, died March 5, 1876, is 
buried in the Lutheran cemetery, about one mile northeast of Dell- 
ville. Perry Co., Pa. She married John McKenzie, Sept. 14, 1824, 
at Carlisle, Pa., by the Rev. Duffield. 

John McKenzie came from a celebrated ancestry, his great 
grandfather, and two children John and Mary, embarked for the 
United States at Inverness, Scotland, in May 1775, and landed in 
Philadelphia in October of the same year. They took up their 
abode near Harrisburg, Pa. His great grandfather engaged in 
the defence of his adopted country, and was captured by the 
British and never heard of again. 

His grandfather took up a home near Duncannon, Pa., and 
bought enough land to make a farm of 300 acres. He built a 
house and blacksmith shop and cleared his land at leisure. 

He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and died at the age of 

Mahaffey Descendants 91 

40 years. His son John, who married Nancy Smiley, lived on the 
old homestead, and here they reared their family of the following 
children : 

790 ^Elizabeth McKenzie.. born June 7, 1826, died Sept. 

25, 1850, unmarried, buried in old Zeigler grave- 
yard, Dellville, Pa. 

791 ^Margaret McKenzie,-* b. IMay 24, 1829. m. Eli 

Branyan, died May 1898/ buried in Lutheran 
cemetery, Duncannon, Pa., no children. 

792 ^Samuel iMcKenzie." b. Jan. 16, 1831. m. Annie Eliza 

Irwin, Dec. 29, 1859, at West Chester, Pa., by 
I. M. McCarter. He died Oct. 7, 1910, to them 
were born two sons : 

921 4rwin Webster McKenzie,^ b. March 5, 1861, 

d. April 25, 1863. 

922 -Harry Curtin,= b. Dec. 23, 1863, who mar- 

ried Annie I. Jackson, Sept. 25, 1890. re- 
siding at Walton, N. Y. Harry Curtin, 
is the eldest son, of the eldest son, in 
direct line from the original immigrant, 
Kennith McKenzie, who came to America 
from Scotland, 1775, his son John was the 
great grandfather of Harry Curtin, who 
taught school for several years in 
Chambersburg, Pa., later time-keeper and 
pay clerk for Penna. Steel Co., and now 
engaged in the lumber and general store 
business, is prominently connected with 
the Presbyterian church. 

793 *John McKenzie,* born Feb. 2, 1836, died Sept. 3, 

1899, buried in Methodist cemetery, Duncannon, 
Pa., married Mary Bergstresser, at Carlisle, Pa., 
their children : 

923 ^Horace Ward McKenzie,-' b. July 2, 1863, 

married Kate Hess, lives at Duncannon, 
Pa., a practicing physician. 

924 ^Alice McKenzie,-' (died in childhood.) 

925 ^Maggie Florence McKenzie,-'' (died in child- 


926 ^Grant M. McKenzie,^ (died in childhood.) 

927 °Mary Alma McKenzie,= (died in childhood.) 

928 •'Nancy Emma McKenzie,^ (died in child- 


794 ''Davd Lemuel McKenzie,* b. Nov. 11, 1838, mar- 

92 Mahaffey Descendants 

ried Mary Louise Stover, daughter of Rev. C. F. 
Stover, of Mechanicsburg, Pa., Jan 3, 1872, who 
was born Jan. 3, 1853. Rev. McKenzie, had an 
enviable War record, having enHsted in 1862 in 
Co. B. 138 infantry, Penn. Vol. and was pro- 
moted to Commissary Sergeant of his Regt. in 
1864. He was commissioned by Gov. A. C. Cur- 
tain to first lieut. and served with distinction to 
the close of the War. He was a minister in the 
Lutheran church, from 1871 to the time of his 
death, which occurred at Lykens, Pa., Oct. 28, 
1906, buried at Shiremanstown, Pa. Three chil- 
dren blessed this union : 

929 ^Charles Percy McKenzie,^ b. July 23, 1873, 

unmarried, resides in New York City. 

930 =^Luther W. McKenzie,^ b. May 20, 1875, d. 

Dec. 14, 1875. 

931 ^David DeWitt McKenzie,^ b. July 18, 1880, 

married Clara May Fisher, of Lykens, 
Pa., July 16, 1902, they have one son. 

1119 ^David Lemuel McKenzie,^ b. April 

11, 1909. 
795 •'Rachel McKenzie,* was born Nov. 5, 1840, married 
William Holmes Henderson, May 24, 1866, he 
died Dec. 23, 1895, and to them were born : 

932 ^Infant,^ b. Nov. 23, 1869. 

933 ^May N. Henderson,^ b. May 12, 1871, m. 

Charles E. Stock, Nov. 1892, d. Jan. 14, 
1913, to them were born four children: 

1120 ij. Henderson Stock.« 

1121 2 Alma Stock," b. July 5, 1896. 

1122 ^Mary Ethel Stock," b. Oct. 31, 1899. 

1123 ^Rachel May Stock," b. June 3, 1903. 

934 ^Charles McKenzie Henderson,' b. Aug. 8, 

1875, m. Feb., 1900, to Nellie V. Kill- 
inger, of Carlisle, Pa., they have two chil- 

1124 ^Mary Isabelle Henderson," b. April 

1, 1906. 

1125 ^Kennith J. Henderson," b. Jan. 15, 


751 ^MARTHA SMILEY,^ (Margaret Smiley,- Guy Me- 
Martha Smiley, ninth, and youngest child of John and Mar- 

Mahaffey Descendants 93 

garet Smiley, was married to James Smiley, and to them was born 
four children : 

795 'George Smiley.* 

795a -John Smiley,* married to Eliza McBride, and the 
following children were born to this union : 

935 ^Dr. James Smiley,^ residing at Yeagertown, 


936 -Dr. Howard Smiley,^ residing at Yeager- 

town, Pa. 

937 •''Alice Smiley,"' married to Garman. 

938 *Mary Smiley,"' married to Miller. 

939 '^Sarah Smiley."' married to Breiner. 

940 ''Anna B. Smiley,^ residing at Pittsburg, Pa. 

752 MARGARET MEHAFFIE,^ (Thomas,- Guy Alehaffie.^ 
Margaret Mehaffie, eldest daughter of Thomas and Kitty 

Colvin Mehaffey, born Jan 18, 1791, married to Thomas Sutch, 
who was born 1784. He died Jan. 21, 1857, and his wife Aug. 22, 
1851, to them were born six children: 

795b ^John Sutch,* married to Miss Humes. 

796 "Eliza Jane Sutch,* married Isaac Jones. 

797 ^Mary Sutch,* married to Samuel Greer. 

798 *Sarah Sutch,* married to Philip Shearer. 

799 ^Catherine Sutch,* married to Thomas Sutch. 

800 •'Margaret Sutch,* married to William Stouffer. 

753 ^ANDREW MEHAFFIE,'' (Thomas,- Guy Mehaffie,^ 
Andrew Mehaffie, son of Thomas and "Kitty" Colvin Me- 
haffie, was married to Sarah Messimer. 

They lived near New Bloomfield, close by the place of his 
birth. A very kind man, respected by all who knew him, followed 
the occupation of a day laborer. Died when about fifty years 
of age, followed by his wife who died when about sixty-six. The 
family records being lost no exact dates can be established. The 
following large family were born to this marriage : 

801 ^Hamilton Mehaffie,* b. 1820, m. (1) :\largaret Raf- 

fensperger, m. (2) Catherine Swartz, m. (3) 
Priscilla Burd. 

802 -Rachel. Mehaffie,* m. George Kennedy. 

803 ^Catherine Mehaffie,* m. John Rosensteel. 

94 Mahaffj;y Descendants 

804 *Josiah Mehaffie,* enlisted in Civil War, never re- 
806 '^Margaret Mehaffie,* m. John Raffensperger. 

806 «Sarah Mehaffie,* m. Michael Gaylor. 

807 ^William Mehaffie," m. (1) Elizabeth Alswell, (2) 

Catherine Bupp. 

808 ^Andrew Mehaffie,* m. Isabella Rosensteel. 

809 ^Mary Susan Mehaffie,* m. Philip Foulk, moved to 

the west. 

810 ^"George W. Mehaffie,* m. Charlottee Clouser. 

811 ^^Daniel Mehaffie,* ,twin to George W. (died in 


754 3 JOHN MEHAFFIE,^ (Thomas/ Guy Mehaffie.^ 

John Mehaffie, second son of Thomas and Kitty Colvin Me- 
haffie, was born Dec. 25, 1795, died June 27, 1869, was married 
Feb. 15, 1824, to Sarah Sterritt McCroskey, who was born Jan. 
6, 1800, died March 27, 1875. John Mehaffie was a very jovial 
man, and with his wife and family lived all their lives within sight 
of the farm where he was born. Was a man noted for his gen- 
erosity, and for his kindly disposition. 

By faith, Presbyterian, worshiping at "White church," was a 
farmer all his life, seven children blessed this union : 

812 ^Mary Ann Mehaffie,* born 1820, m. Benjamin M. 


813 ^Andrew Mehaffie,* died in infancy. 

814 ^Sarah B. Mehaffie,* b. 1831, m. Jacob M. Souder. 

815 ^Elizabeth Mehaffie,* b. July 1, 1832, died in infancy. 

816 °Ruth E. Mehaffie,* b. May 9, 1837, m. E. H. Crum. 

817 ^Margaret J. Mehaffie,* b. June 8, 1840, (died in in- 

fancy. ) 

818 ^Jane Francis Mehaffie,* b. June 12, 1845, m. Lucius 

C. Wox. 

755 *THOMAS MEHAFFIE,* (Thomas,- Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Thomas Mehaffie third son of Thomas and Kitty Colvin Me- 
haffie was bom, Jan. 16, 1797, died Oct. 22, 1869, he married 
Elizabeth Murphy who was born 1802, and died March 9, 1850, 
following her death he married Mary Robison, who was born 
Feb. 1, 1821, died Jan. 1, 1906, aged 85 years, Thomas Mehaffie's 
widow later married Corl. 

Mahaffey Descendants 95 

He was a school teacher and also engaged in the grocery 
business. Was a man noted for his "Irish wit," and in his younger 
days was a riding boss, in making highways through the moun- 
tains, and was reputed for his tricky disposition. 

There were no children born to either marriage. 

756 ^SARAH MEHAFFIE,^ (Tliomas Mehaffie,- Guy Mehaf- 

Sarah Mehaffie, daughter of Thomas and Kitty Colvin Me- 
haffie, married John Sutch, a brother of Thomas who married 
Margaret Mehaffie, her sister. He was born Sept. 30, 1793, we 
have no record of the birth of Sarah Mehaffie Sutch, nor of their 
death or marriage. To them were born : 

819 ^Jane Sutch,* m. (1) Gorman, (2) Brownawell. 

820 =^Thomas Sutch," b. Dec. 4, 1816. 

821 ^Catherine Sutch,* m. Gharles Risser. 

822 *John Sutch,* m. Miss Fertig; afterward her sister. 

823 ^James Sutch,* moved to the west. 

824 "Hamilton Sutch.* 

825 ^Sarah Sutch,* m. (1) Thompson, (2) Bates. 

826 ^George Sutch.* 

Sarah Sutch, seventh child of John and Sarah Mehaffie 
Sutch, first married Thompson, to whom she 
bore one child : 

1053 ^Anna Thompson,^ married Rev. Stevens, 

both missionaries, living in India. 
Sarah Sutch, second married Bates, having one daughter: 

1054 ^Francis Bates, ^ married Rev. Freise, also a 

missionary, both living in India. 

757 «NANCY MEHAFFIE,^ (Thomas Mehaffie,^^ Guy Mehaf- 


Nancy Mehaffie, daughter of Thomas and Kitty Colvin Me- 
haffie, married John Sollenberger, and to this union were born 
seven children : 

827 ^Mary Sollenberger,* (dead). 

828 ^Thomas Sollenberger,* (dead). 

829 ^Catherine Sollenberger,* (dead). 

830 *Adaline Sollenberger,* m. (1) Joseph Kines, (2) 

Eli Crum). 

831 ^John Sollenberger,* living Green Park, Perr>^ Co., 


96 Mahaffey Descendants 

832 ^Jacob Sollenberger,* (dead). 

832a ^Nancy Sollenberg-er,* born Sept. 8, 1847, married 
Perry Grubb, who died 1898, she died April 24, 
1914, to them were born two children : 

1037 ^Nancy Grubb,^ married Robert Dunn, their 

children : 

1285 iRene Dunn.« 

1286 -Frances Dunn.*' 

1038 -John D. Grubb,^ b. Sept. 5, 1874, married 

Nov. 1, 1900. to Anna M. Miller, who was 
born Sept. 10, 1871, no children. 

758 'WILLIAM MEHAFFIE,^' (Thomas,^ Guy Mehaffie.^) 
William Mehaffie, son of Thomas and Kitty Colvin Mehaf- 

fie was married to Margaret Sutch, who was born March 13,. 
1797, she being a sister of John and Thomas Sutch who married 
her husbands sisters. 

William Mehaffie, or "uncle Billy" as he was familiarly called, 
was a noted story teller, he was also noted for his wit, and one 
was at a loss to know when he really was in earnest about any 
matter of importance. There were no children born to this union,, 
also no record of their death. 

759 ^HAMILTON MEHAFFIE,=^ (Thomas,- Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Hamilton Mehaffie, ninth and youngest child of Thomas and 

Kitty G>lvin Mehaffie, was born Aug. 4, 1804, died March 4, 1889^ 
married to Martha McClintock, who was born 1811, married 
April 5, 1832, she died Sept. 2, 1873. He was a blacksmith and a 
wagon-maker, by trade near Shermansdale, Pa. Was a man of 
a very quiet disposition, rarely spoke of his ancestry to his chil- 
dren. Belonged to the Lutheran church and was a Whig in 
politics, later a Republican. Martha McClintock, was of a very 
jolly disposition, a good companion, very large, consistent in her 
church duties and a good mother. 

Hamilton Mehaffie was a very large man, measuring six feet 
tall, and stout in proportion, they were the parents of nine chil- 

833 ^David I. Mehaffie," b. 1833, m. Margaret Ann 


834 ^ Julia Ann Mehaffie,* b. 1835, (died when four years 

of age). 

< 2 

< § 

< _i 

X "3 

< - 
cr -- 

< -r. 



ui "S 

Mahaffey Descendants 97 

835 3 Alexander Mehaffie,* b. 1837, m. Sarah J. Young-. 

836 *John Thomas Mehaffie/ b. 1840. m. Rebecca Shu- 


837 =Amos Mehaffie," b. 1842, m. Emma Pacely. 

838 «Martha Frances Mehaffie,* b. 1845, m. David Shade. 

839 "Mary Elizabeth Mehaffey," b. 1848, m. William 

Henry Stewart. 

840 ^Rebecca Finley Mehaffie," b. 1851, died in Dallas, 

Texas, 1877. 

841 «James Clerk Mehaffie,* b. 1853, (went to New 

Mexico when about 26 years of age, never heard 
from since). 

Fourth Generation 

760d ^SAMUEL McCORD,^ (Elizabeth McCord,'' Margaret 
Smiley,- Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Samuel McCord, third child of Benjamin and Elizabeth Mc- 
Cord, was born Aug. 6, 1821, died Jan. 21, 1895. Was married 
May 27, 1840, to Jane Milligan, and to them were born the follow- 
ing children : 

846 ^Thomas C. McCord,^ b. July 16, 1847, who married 

and lives in Carlisle, Pa., having children and 

847 ==Anna McCord.'^ b. Jan. 22, 1849, married to Rev. 

W. M. Wallace, a Methodist minister, now living 
at Yohe, York Co., Pa., they having several chil- 
dren, which includes : 

1061 ^Zeta Wallace,® married to Hollenbaugh, 

Altoona, Pa. 

1062 ^Mary Wallace," married to Thomas, live at 

Jersey Shore, Pa. 

848 ^John McCord,-^ b. Sept. 8, 1851, married Molly Mc- 

Cormick, and they live at Farmington, Mo., hav- 
ing a very large family. 
After the death of his first wife Samuel McCord married 

Mary Smiley, Feb. 22, 1853, and to them were born a son and a 

daughter : 

849 ^Frances McCord,'^ b. Feb. 24, 1857, married 

John C. Pefifer, Oct. 6, 1881, who was born Nov. 
26, 1860, three children blessed this union : 
M. D.— 7 

98 Mahaffey Descendants 

1063 ^Caroline Peffer,« b. Sept. 29, 1882, m. Chas. 

W. Rohrer. 

1064 ^EHza May Peffer,« b. Sept. 16, 1884. 

1065 ^James Widney Peffer," b. Nov. 10, 1888. 
850 ^James Widney McCord,^ youngest son of Samuel 

McCord, was born Oct. 30, 1866, was married 
to Mary Smiley, daughter of John and Eliza Mc- 
Bride Smiley, died leaving no children. 

768 ^WILSON SMILEY," (William Smiley,^ Margaret Smiley ,2 
Guy Mehaffie.^) 

Wilson Smiley eldest child of William and Ann Wilson 
Smiley, was bom March 17, 1820, died April 19, 1900, was mar- 
ried to Margaret Smiley who died Sept. 29, 1857. He was a 
farmer and lived in the vicinity of his forefathers. To this mar- 
riage three children born : 

855 ^Martha Smiley,^ b. March 18, 1849, died April 23, 


856 =^Jane S. Smiley,'^ b. Dec. 27, 1851, m. James A. 

White, March 11, 1880, she died Dec. 30, 1912, 
to them were three children born: 

1066 ^Clara White,® died about 11 months of age. 

1067 -Jessie White," b. Dec. 4, 1884, m. Samuel 


1068 ^James W. White," b. June 9, 1886, m. Ethel 


857 3James Smiley,^ b. April 4, 1853, d. March 12, 1864. 

Following the death of his first wife Wilson Smiley married 
Sarah E. Henderson, who was born Nov. 25, 1827, died April 29, 
1912. They were married May 3, 1859, and to this marriage were 
born six children : 

858 lAnnie H. Smiley, born Nov. 25, 1860, married 

March 21, 1882, to Peter Kell, living near Car- 
lisle, Pa., to them were born : 

1069 ^Harry Kell," b. May 3, 1885. 

1070 -Charles S. Kell," b. June 23, 1887. 

859 ^Emma M. Smiley ,° b. Nov. 25, 1861, went as a mis- 

sionary to India, Sept. 8, 1894, died June 12, 
1900, buried at Bombay, India. 

860 ^Alexandra W. Smiley ,° b. Oct. 7, 1863, (an invalid 

from childhood). 

861 "Elizabeth E. Smiley,^ b. Aug. 18, 1865, m. March 22, 

Mahaffey Descendants 99 

1887 to John H. Souder, live near Mechanics- 
burg, Pa., they have a family of six : 

1071 ^Mabel E. Souder,* b. Sept. 8, 1888. 

1072 ==Arthur C. Souder,« b. Aug. 9, 1890. 

1073 ^Chester Souder,« b. Oct. 22, 1893. 

1074 *Harry S. Souder,« b. Aug. 27, 1896. 

1075 =>Grace A. Souder,« b. April 21, 1902. 

1076 «Wilbur A. Souder,« b. March 17, 1905. 

862 =Ella S. Smiley, "^ b. Aug. 2, 1867, m. June 21, 1894, to 

Charles M. Murphy, an attorney, living at Phil- 
ippi, W. Va., four children blessed their home: 

1077 ^Smiley Murphy,« b. July 30, 1896. 

1078 'Raymond Murphy ,« b. |une 29, 1899. 

1079 ^Franklin Murphy," b. May 5, 1903. 

1080 ^\nna Murphy,« b. Nov. 30, 1905. 

863 "John Smiley,^ b. June 10, 1869, m. Annie Cashman, 

June 23, 1898, live at Waynesboro, Pa., their 
children : 

1081 ^Charles C. Smiley," b. April 6, 1900. 

1082 ^Harry W. Smiley ,« b. April 26, 1905. 

769 -JOHN SMILEY," (William Smiley ,3 Margaret Smiley ,2 

Guy Mehaffie.i) 

John Smiley, second child of William and Ann Wilson Smiley, 
was born 1822, married Sarah Mickey. He was a minister in the 
Presbyterian church, and for some time held a charge at Shippens- 
burg. Pa., the following children were born to them. 

864 ^James Smiley,^ (lives at Chambersburg, Pa., with 

his daughter). 

865 -Dr. Lewis Smiley,^ (unmarried, lives at Phila. Pa). 

866 ^William Smiley,''^ (lives at Dayton, Ohio). 

867 "Hiram Smiley,^ (unmarried, living at Harrisburg, 


770 ^JAMES SMILEY," (William,^ Margaret Smiley,- Guy 


James Smiley, third child, and son of William and Ann Wil- 
son Smiley, was born April 12, 1824, died March 22, 1893. He 
was a minister in the Methodist church, also at one time was en- 
gaged in the clothing business at Carlisle, Pa. 

100 Mahaffey Descendants 

James Smiley married the second time, his first marriage 
was to Miss Sarah Green, daughter of Dr. Green, of Laurel, Dela- 
ware, who died one year after her marriage leaving a small 

869 ^Sarah Green," who died when about seven years of 


Following the death of his first wife he married Miss Emily 
Green, a sister of his first wife, who was born March 6, 1827, died 
June 22, 1869, and to them were born nine children: 

870 ^Annie Maria Smiley," b. Dec. 7, 1854, d. Nov. 20, 

1888. ' . . . 

871 ^Stephen Smiley," (died in infancy). 

872 ^ Alice Smiley," b. Oct. 31, 1857, m. John C. Eckles 

Jr.," of Carlisle, Pa., Feb. 19, 1891. 

873 ^Florence Smiley," b. March 7, 1859, m. David 

Strohm Wagner, June 13, 1889, they have two 
children : 

1083 ijames Smiley Wagner,^ b. June 20, 1891, 

at Carlisle, Pa. 

1084 ^Florence Jean Wagner,^ b. Aug. 5, 1892, at 

Carlisle, Pa., married Louis Emmer Lam- 
born, of Salmon City, Idaho. 

874 "Virginia Smiley," b. Nov. 30, 1860, at Carlisle, Pa., 

married William H. Hobbs, of Baltimore Md., 
Nov. 22, 1896, who died May, 11, 1911. 

875 ^'Jessie Smiley," b. May 12, 1862, who graduated from 

Western Maryland College 1883, degree B. A.; 
received A. M. from same college in '86. Spe- 
cial student in scientific studies at Dickinson Col- 
lege, Carlisle, Pa., 1885 and 1886. Taught the 
year of 1888 and '89 at Young Woman's Semi- 
nary, Freehold, N. J. Taught 1889-1890, at 
Stonewall Jackson Institute, Abington, Vir- 
ginia ; now located at Long Beach, Cal., Miss 
Smiley never married. 

876 ^Franklin Smiley," b. April 24, 1867, d. March 15, 

1892, married Rose Brooks, Hancock, Md., Aug. 
28, 1891. Franklin Smiley was a Presbyterian 
minister. They had one child, a daughter. 
1086 ^Franklin Virginia Smiley ,« b. June 1892, 
lived a few days. 
876a ®The ninth and youngest child was a son who lived 
but a few days. 

Mahaffey Descendants 101 

771 *SARAH J. SMILEY,* (William Smiley,^ Margaret Smi- 

ley ,2 Guy Mahaffie,^) 

Sarah Jane Smiley, eldest daughter of William and Ann Wil- 
son Smiley, was born May, 1827, married Joseph McCaskey in 
1854, he dying in the Civil War. Mrs. McCaskey was a woman 
of rare intelligence, and is largely responsible for the available 
Smiley data contained in this work, having at an early age inter- 
ested herself in the paternal ancestry and has the Smiley family 
completed in an authentic form. 

She held the position of postmistress at Sheramnsdale, Pa., 
from 1877 to 1909, the date of her death, she was succeeded in 
office by her daughter Anna Margaret, who still retains the posi- 

The children born to this union were: 

877 ^Ella McCaskey,' who died in infancy. 

878 ^John L. McCaskey,' married Bertha Derland, born 

to them : 

1086 ^Joseph McCaskey.^ 

1087 ^Carroll McCaskey.« 

879 ^Joseph A. L. McCaskey,' b. Jan. 27, 1861, married 

Almerta Stouffer, who was born July 1, 1865, 
were married Feb. 18, 1885, and they have four 
children : 

1088 ^ohn Walter McCaskey,^ b. July 12, 1886, 

married Heston Seiler, Feb. 24, 1914. 

1089 ^Sara Jean McCaskey ,« b. Nov. 19, 1890. 

1090 ^William Franklin McCaskey,^ b. Mar. 7, 


1091 ^Miriam Helen McCaskey ,« b. Aug. 26, 1896. 

880 *Anna Margaret McCaskey,' married to Robert E. 

Flickinger. Postmistress, Shermansdale, Pa. 

772 'MARGARET SMILEY,* (William Smiley,^ Margaret 

Smiley,^ Guy Mahaffie.^) 

Margaret Smiley, second daughter of William and Ann Wil- 
son Smiley, was born Feb. 16, 1830, died July 3, 1899, married 
John S. Henderson, 1857, six children were bom to them : 

881 ^Charles S. Henderson,' b. in New Bloomfield, April 

5, 1858, married Elizabeth Foulk, of Carrol 

102 Mahaffey Descendants 

township, Dec. 9, 1880 and they have two chil- 

1092 ^Frank G. Henderson," b. Jan. 31, 1882, m. 

May 9, 1912, to Winnie Drumgold. 

1093 m. Bertram Henderson," b. Jan. 13, 1884 

(at home), 

882 ^An infant.^ 

883 ^Anna M. Henderson,^ died in childhood. 

884 *An infant.'* 

885 ^An infant.^ 

886 "Sarah Jane Henderson,^ b. June 13, 1869, married 

James K. Gibson, son of Frank and Tabitha 
Kennedy Gibson, who was born at Falling 
Springs, Pa., July 10, 1856, died April 11, 1914. 
James Gibson came of distinguished ancestry, 
being a descendant of Chief Justice Gibson. 
They were married May 4, 1893, and their union 
was blessed with five children : 

1094 ^Margaret Smiley Gibson," Feb. 12, 1894. 

1095 ^Sara Frances Gibson," b. Nov. 17, 1895. 

1096 ^Anna Mary," b. Feb. 17, 1901. 

1097 *John Henderson Gibson," b. July 23, 1902. 

1098 =*Robert James Gibson," b. Nov. 23, 1909. 

773 "WILLIAM A. SMILEY," (William Smiley,^ Margaret 
Smiley ,2 Guy Mahaffie.^ 

William A. Smiley, sixth child of William and Ann Wilson 
Smiley, was born Jan. 23, 1833, died March 14, 1902. The place 
where he lay dead in the lower field on his farm was about 200 
yards distant from where his grandfather John Smiley's grave is, 
in the historic Shermans Creek Presbyterian graveyard. 

In 1868 William A. Smiley married Martha A. Adair, and 
to them were born six children : 

887 ^Rev. L. C. Smiley,^ a minister in the Carlisle Presby- 

tery, m. Ida S. Loy, (a granddaughter of Michael 
Loy, who laid out, and for whom was named 
Loysville, Pa.), born to this union: 

1099 ^William A. Smiley." 

1100 ^Fiora W. Smiley". 

1101 ^Willard L. Smiley". 

888 ^William A. Smiley,^ m. Maud Campbell, resides in 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Mahaffev Descendants 103 

889 ^Laura Smiley,^ in. Fred Woods, resides at Nyssa, 


890 *Annie L. Smiley,'' m. Thomas Freet, resides at Sher- 

mansdale, Pa. 

891 '"Louis Smiley,^ m. Mary Black, resides at Shermans- 

dale, Pa. 

892 •'John M. Smiley,^ (deceased). 

774 ^BE^7AMIX SMILEY,-' (William Smiley,^ Margaret Smi- 
ley,- Guy Wahaffie.O 

Benjamin Smiley, youngest child of William and Ann Wilson 
Smiley, was born March 11, 1837, married Jan. 1, 1867, to Min- 
erva Gorgas, of New Derry, Westmoreland Co., Pa., who was 
bom Dec. 12, 1844, in Greensburg, Pa. 

In 1861 Benjamin Smiley moved to Carlisle, and entered the 
employ of his brother James, who conducted a clothing business. 
In 1870 he engaged in the merchant tailoring business for him- 
self, until 1893, when ill health compelled him to relinquish the 

In 1894 he embarked in the grocery business, continuing until 
1909, when he sold his property and business and removed his 
family to Pasadena, Calif., where they now reside, their children 
were : 

893 ^Ferdinand G. Smiley,^ b. Apr. 1. 1869, (unmarried). 

894 ^Minnie L. Smiley,^ b. June 16, 1875 (died in child- 


895 ^Emma L. Smiley,^ b. June 2, 1880 (died in child- 

hood ) . 

796 2ELIZA JANE SUTCH,* ( Margaret Sutch,- Thomas Me- 
haffie,' Guy Mahaffie.^ 
Eliza Jane Sutch, second child of Thomas and Margaret Me- 
haffie Sutch, was born 1818, died 1888, married Isaac Jones, who 
was born 1814, died 1886. They were married Feb. 15, 1838, and 
to this marriage were ten children born : 

941 nVilliam H. Jones,'' born 1839, married March 14, 
1867, to Elizabeth Deitz, who was born 1841, and 
died 1903, they had seven children : 
1126 ^Ellen L. Jones,« b. 1867 (unmarried). 

104 Mahaffey Descendants 

1127 "Hmma Catherine Jones,« b. May 25, 1869, m. 

April 26, 1898, to Charles Edwin Musser, 
who was b. June 27, 1864, their children : 

1310 ^Florence Catherine Jones,^ b. June 25, 

1882, married Clyde Attics. 

1311 ^William Henry Musser,^ b. May 15, 


1312 ^Earl Eugene Musser,'' b. May 14, 

1902, d. Nov. 1, 1902. 

1314 *Albert Leroy Musser,'' b. Sept. 14, 


1315 '^Paul Edward Musser,'' b. March 28, 


1128 ^Annie M. Jones,« b. 1871, married 


1129 *Harry C. Jones,« b. 1873. 

1130 ^Ambrose I. Jones,« b. 1876, m. Jan. 2, 1895, 

to Annie Fulton, who was b. Apr. 16, 
1880, and to them were born these chil- 
dren : 

1316 ^Pearl Jones,^ b. July 12, 1896. 

1317 ^Wesley Jones,^ b. 1902. 

1318 ^Ambrose Jones, Jr.,^ b. Sept. 5, 1904, 

1319 ''Kermit Jones,^ b. Feb. 19, 1908. 

1320 ^Vincent Jones,^ b. Nov. 15, 1913. 

1131 «Ira J. Jones,« born 1879. 

1132 Jennie Matilda Jones,« b. Feb. 6, 1882, m. 

Mar. 2, 1905, to Clarence J. Beidel, who 
was b. Apr. 16, 1883, born to them three 
children : 

1321 ^Leonard Oscar Beidel,'' b. Nov. 9, 


1322 'Leona Jones Beidel,' b. May 18, 1908. 

1323 ^Grace Lorraine Beidel,' b. Aug 11, 


942 ==Nathan S. Jones,^ b. 1841, died 1908. 

943 ^Lemuel M. Jones,= b. May 24, 1843, d. Jan. 2, 1905, 

m. March 27, 1879, to Anna Maria Druckmiller, 
at Harrisburg, who was b. May 5, 1845, by this 
marriage there was no children, bv adoption, one 
child : 

1133 ^Floy Emma Jones,« b. May 12, 1880, in Har- 

risburg, Pa., m. Dec. 31, 1900, to James 

Mahaffey Descendants 105 

Holborn, who was b. June 19, 1854, at 
Hartford, Conn., they have one son: 

1324 ^Lemuel J. Holborn,^ b. May 23, 1902. 

944 *John L. Jones,^ b. 1845 (resides at Montgomery, 


945 'Hiram D. Jones,'' b. 1847, d. 1904 (unmarried). 

946 ^Margaret E. Jones,=^ b. 1849, d. 1851. 

947 ^Emma M. Jones,' b. April 1, 1852, d. 1882, was mar- 

ried March 7, 1878, to Ira D. Ritner and to 
them were born : 

1134 ^Bertha Jones Ritner,« b. Apr. 12, 1879, mar- 

ried John H. Olsen, b. Feb. 28, 1872, and 
to them were born : 

1325 ^Bertha Brandt Olsen,^ b. Dec. 17, 


1135 -Floy Emma Jones,® (adopted by Lemuel M. 


948 ^Jane E. Jones,' b. 1854, m. to Frederick Cleckner, 

April 14, 1888. 

949 »Mary C. Jones,' b. March 3, 1857, m. Abram H. 

Knisely, March 3, 1877. who was b. Nov. 1, 
1857, and four children blessed this union : 

1136 ^Edwin Jones Knisely,"^ b. Apr. 14, 1878. 

1137 ^Charles L. Knisely,*^ b. May 20, 1880, d. 

Nov. 24, 1892. 

1138 3prank Herman Kniselv,® b. March 30, 1885. 

1139 *Harry Ross Knisely, « b. Oct. 7, 1888, d. 

July 10, 1889. Abram H. Knisely died 
Feb. 1, 1908. 

950 ^•'Charles E. Jones,' b. Sept., 1859, m. Margaret Jane 

McFarland, who was b. Sept. 3, 1869. They 
were married April, 1888, and to this union were 
born four: 

1140 ^Bertha May Jones,® b. Dec. 9, 1889, mar- 

ried, Sept. 4, 1907, to Robert Welsh, born 
Ck:t. 12, 1885, a daughter born to them. 
1320 iThelma Dorothy Welsh,^ b. July 5, 

1141 2£imer E. Jones,® b. Nov. 26, 1891, d. Dec. 

30, 1896. 

1142 ^'Frederick C. Jones,® b. March 18, 1893. 

1143 *Mary Catherine Jones,® b. Oct. 12, 1895. 

106 Mahaffey Descendants 

798 *SARAH SUTCH* (Margaret Sutch^, Thomas Mehaffie,^ 
Guy Mahaffie.O 

Sarah Sutch, fourth child of Thomas and Margaret Mehaffie 
Sutch, married Philip Shearer. The writer was unable to secure 
any dates concerning birth, marriage or deaths. To this marriage 
was born two children : 

951 ^Willis Shearer,^ married and they had several chil- 

dren and a grandchild. 

952 ^Maria Shearer,"^ b. July 14, 1847, married Apr. 26, 

1866, to William Fenicle, who was b. Dec. 4, 
1842, died June 1, 1910. This union was blessed 
with seven children : 

1144 ^Sarah Ann Fenicle,« b. Sept. 10, 1867, d. 

Nov. 25, 1869. 

1145 ^Margaret Ann Fenicle,^ b. Jan. 19, 1869, d. 

Dec. 1, 1869. 

1146 ^Charles Edward Fenicle,« b. Oct. 18, 1870, 

d. Oct. 12, 1909, married to Annie Barker, 
Nov. 18, 1892, one child: 
1326 ^Mary Fenicle,^ b. July 3, 1900. 

1148 ^Ella Florence Fenicle,^ b. Nov. 30, 1872. 

1149 ^Mary Alice Fenicle,^ b. Jan. 15, 1875. 

1150 ^Minnie Estella Fenicle,^ b. Jan. 20, 1877, 

married Jan. 29, 1902, to Frank A. Fritz, 
to them were born : 
1326 ^Mildred Roberta Fritz,' b. Sept. 18, 

1328 "Dorothy M. Fritz," b. Jan. 8, 1913, 

d. Sept. 8, 1913. 

1151 ^William Arthur Feincle,« b. Dec. 29, 1879, 

married to Katherine Bear, 1907, who was 
b. July 11, 1882. They have a family of 

1329 iMarlin Edward Fenicle,^ b. July 22, 


1330 -Katherine Romaine Fenicle,'' b. Sept. 

10, 1910. 

1331 ^William Arthur Fenicle, Jr.,^ b. May 

8, 1912. 

1332 "Kenneth Paul Fenicle," b. Aug. 7, 


Maiiaffey Drscendants 107 

799 CATHERINE SUTCH,* (Margaret Sutch,^ Thomas Me- 
haffie,- Guy Mahaffie.M 

Catherine Sutch, fifth child of Thomas and Margaret Me- 
haflfie Sutch, was born Nov. 3, 1816, died Apr. 13, 1883, mar- 
ried Thomas Sutch, of New Bloomfield, Pa., March, 1836, who 
was bom Dec. 4, 1816, died March 17, 1893. Catherine Sutch 
and her husband were first cousins, their parents intermarried 
brothers and sisters. To this union were born a family of eleven : 

953 nVilliam M. Sutch.^- b. 1836, m. Mary E. Powell, 

Dec, 1867, who was born Sept. 23, 1844; their 
children are : 

1152 ^Aquilla F. Sutch,« b. Sept. 11, 1868. 

1153 nVendel H. Sutch,« b. Julv 13, 1871. 

1154 ^Laura V. Sutch,« b. May 22, 1873. 

1155 ^Miriam A. Sutch," b. Apr. 29, 1875. 

954 -Sarah E. Sutch,'"' b. Jan. 17, 1839, d. Sept. 27, 1843. 

955 ^Lemuel T. Sutch,'- b. March 2, 1841, m. to Mary 

Sheaffer, their children : 

1156 ^\rden Sutch,« (dead) 

1157 2james Sutch.« 

1158 ^Charles Sutch.« 

1159 ^Catherine Sutch," (dead). 

1160 ''Mary Sutch.« 

1161 "Jennie Sutch." 

956 *Mary E. Sutch,'' b. March 30, 1843, married to David 

P. Sheibley and eight children were born to 

1162 ^Harrv Sheibley." 

1163 2 Annie Sheiblev." 

1164 "Charles Sheibley." 

1165 *Thomas Sheibley," (dead). 

1166 'Catherine Sheibley." 

1167 "Bella Sheibley." 

1168 ^Ida Sheiblev", (dead). 

1169 ^Jennie Sheibley," (dead). 

957 'Jane A. Sutch,' b. Sept. 17, 1845, m. 1867, to Lewis 

Potter, Atty. 

958 "Irvin T. Sutch,' b. Feb. 17, 1848, m. Ellen Enterline, 

born to them : 

1170 ^Milton Sutch," (dead). 

108 Mahaffey Descendants 

1171 ^William Sutch.« 

1172 ^Albro G. Sutch.« 

Irvin T. Sutch, died Dec. 12, 1912, family resided at 
Altoona, Pa. 

959 'Annie M. Sutch,= b. Jan. 6, 1850, m. to Robert Nel- 

son, children : 

1173 ^Laura Nelson,« (died 1911). 

1174 ^Louella Nelson," m. Clyde Askins, 

960 ^Margaret C. Sutch,^ b. Feb. 18, 1852, m. to Samuel 

McBride, she is now dead, they had born to 

1175 ^Infant, (dead). 

1176 ^Dr. Thomas McBride,* resides at Shippens- 

burg. Pa. 

961 ^Thomas Sutch,^ b. Aug. 4, 1854, m. (1) Mary San- 

derson, born to them : 

1177 ijohn C. Sutch,« b. March 22, 1873, m. Clara 


1178 ^william'p. Sutch,« b. Oct. 22, 1874, d. Aug. 

9, 1876. 

1179 ^George H. Sutch,« b. Apr. 5, 1876, d. March, 


Thomas Sutch next married Catherine Elizabeth Meadith, 
March, 1878, who was born Dec. 31, 1857, born to this union: 

1180 ^Lily A. Sutch,« b. Feb. 9, 1879, m. Clarence 

Bodner, they have one child : 

1332 ^Elizabeth Bodner.' 

1181 =^Ida M. Sutch,« b. Feb. 4, 1881, m. Bentley 

Crouse, one child : 

1333 ^Mildred Luella Crouse.' 

1182 ^Thomas McBride Sutch,« b. Oct, 1, 1883, m. 

Mary McRoberts, they had four children : 

1334 ^Robert Sutch.' 

1335 =^James Taylor Sutch.' 

1336 ^Lorraine Sutch.' 

1337 *Viola Sutch.' 

1183 ^Sarah Jane Sutch,« b. March 6, 1886, m. to 

Austin E. Leiter, March 14, 1905, who 
was born April 2, 1882, bom to them : 

1338 ^Sarah Gertrude Leiter,' b. July 21, 

1906, d. Feb. 24, 1907. 

1339 ^Charles Emery Leiter,' b. Sept. 6, 

1908, (dead). 

Mahaffey Descendants 109 

1340 ^Robert Thomas Leiter,'' b. Aug. 22, 


1341 *Clara Elizabeth Leiter/ b. Jan. 8, 


1184 =Jesse Meadith Sutch.« b. April 11, 1888, m. 

Arthur Baker, thev have one child: 

1342 1 Sarah Isabella Baker.^ 

1185 ^Catherine E. Sutch,« b. April 5. 1890. 

1186 ^Ruth A. Sutch« b. April 3, 1892, m. John 

Bricker, born to them one child : 

1343 ^Oliver William Bricker,' 

1187 ^Phoebe M. Sutch,« b. July 18, 1894, d. Dec 

15, 1896. 

1188 «Oscar L. Sutch,« b. Nov. 25, 1897. 

962 ^"Harriet Sutch,=* b. April 4, 1858, on June 27, 1882 

married George W. Morrow, died June 17, 1913, 
George Morrow was b. July 26, 1858, one child 
blessed this union : 

1189 ^Kathrvn Morrow,« b. Feb. 23, 1885, m. 

March 21, 1906, to William J. Kirwin. 

1190 ^George W. Morrow,« b. July 31, 1902, (by 


963 ^1 Sarah Bates Sutch,'' b. July 23, 1863, m. George 

Frederick Purdon, May 27, 1890, who was b. 
Aug. 10, 1867, born to them four : 

1191 ^Frank West Purdon,« b. Jan. 30, 1891, Frank 

West Purdon, married Elizabeth David- 
son, May 29, 1912, and they have one 
child : 

1344 ^George Everett Purdon,' b. Nov. 22, 


1192 ^Lewis Purdon,« b. May 15, 1893. 

1193 ^Edna Louise Purdon,« b. Aug. 31, 1896. 

1194 ^Ray Edward Purdon," b. June 6, 1902. 

800 ^'MARGARET SUTCH,* (Margaret Sutch,'' Thomas Me- 
haffie,' Guy Mehaffic^ 

Margaret Sutch, youngest child of Thomas and Margaret 
Mehaffie Sutch, was born Jan. 18, 1824, died April 2, 1891, was 
married June 6, 1844, to William Stouffer, who was born Nov. 
15, 1820, died April 10, 1892, nine children were born to this 
union : 

110 Mahaffey Descendants 

964 ijacob Richland Stouffer,^ b. July 28, 1845, d. March 

25, 1850. 

965 -Mary Ellen Stouffer,^ b. Aug. 16, 1847, m. May 

28, 1868, to George Cyrus Brown, died Nov. 3, 
1913, to them were bom: 

1195 ^Margaret Brown,« b. Feb. 20, 1869, d. May, 


1196 ^Lona M. Brown,« b. July 4, 1871, d. July 7, 


1197 ^William Cyrus Brown,« b. May 6, 1881, m. 

May 27, 1901, to Mary V. Rowe, they 
have two children : 

1345 ^Romain Esther Brown,^ b. Aug. 18, 


1346 -William George Brown,'^ b. July 10, 


966 ^Thomas Jefferson Stouffer,^ b. Dec. 13, 1849, d. Sept. 

6, 1862. 

967 *Oran Franklin Stouffer,^ b. Sept. 14, 1852, m. Sara 

Dewalt Jan. 27, 1874, and to them were born five 

1198 ^Annie Minerva Stouffer,« b. Jan. 29, 1876, 

d. July 26, 1876. 

1199 ^William Thomas Stouffer,« b. June 29, 1880, 

d. Sept. 2, 1880. 

1200 ^Margaret Almerta Stouffer,® b. Dec. 24, 

1881, m. to H. S. Neeley, Oct. 20, 1902, 
they have one child : 
1345a ^Sara Elizabeth Neeley,"^ b. Oct. 1, 

1201 ^Gertrude Alva Stouffer,« b. April 17, 1884, 

m. to J. M. Jones, Aug. 3, 1905, they have 
three children : 

1347 ^William Stouffer Jones,^ b. Feb. 20, 


1348 ^Horace Franklin Jones,' b. Nov. 13, 


1349 ^Vera Almerita Jones,^ b. March 14, 


1202 ^'Sara Elbie Stouffer," b. April 5, 1894. 

968 ^William Leybum Stouffer,^ b. April 28, 1855, d. Oct. 

5, 1862. 

969 «Anna Rachel Stouffer,^ b. Dec. 23, 1857, d. Oct. 19, 


Mahaffey Descendants 111 

970 Tharles Linn Stouflfer,^ b. April 9, 1860, d. Sept. 27, 


971 «Laura Margaret Stouffer,-^ b. Oct. 23, 1862, m. Nov. 

12, 1885, to John Allison Geiger, who was b. Oct. 
10, 1858, born to them : 

1203 n^ernardas Floy,« b. Oct. 30, 1886, d. Feb. 8, 


1204 -Walter Ritchie Geiger.« b. Nov. 2, 1888, m. 

Dora Fickes, July 30, 1911. 

1205 ^'John Wilbur Geiger,« b. Dec. 23, 1892. 

1206 ^George Marlin Geiger,« b. Nov. 15, 1897. 

1207 ^'Harold Lebo Geiger«, b. March 5, 1905. 

972 ^Almerta Stouffer,^ b. July 1, 1865, m. Joseph Mc- 

Caskey, (refer to genealog)' of Jane R. Mc- 

801 ^HAMILTON MEHAFFIE," (Andrews,^ Thomas,- Guy 


Hamilton Mehaffie, eldest son and child of Andrew and 
Sarah Messimer Mehaffie, was born Feb. 23, 1825, died Jan. 23, 
1904, he was married three times, first wife, Margaret Raffen- 
sperger, to whom was born : 

973 ^Elizabeth M. Mehaffie,"* m. to John Whiteside. 

His second wife was Catherine Swartz, and to this union 
were born two children : 

973a ^David Mehaffie,^ residing at Peel, Washington. 

974 -Louise Mehaffie.^ 

Hamilton Mehaffie married the third time Priscilla Burd, and 
to them was born a daughter : 

975 ^Ella Mehaffie,^ m. McKeehan, reside at Mannsville, 

Pa., Hamilton Mehaffie was a farmer, a highly 
respected citizen, resided near Mannsville, Pa., 
is buried in the Mannsville cemetery. 

802 -RACHEL MEHAFFIE,-* (Andrew,-'' Thomas,- Guy Me- 

haffie. i) 
Rachel Mehaffie, second child of Andrew and Sarah Mes- 
simer Mehaffie. married George Kennedy, and to them were born 
seven children : 

976 ^Elizabeth Kennedy.^ 

977 ^Earl Kennedy,^ (dead). 

112 Mahaffey Descendants 

978 ^Catherine Kennedy,^ m. (Montg-omery). 

979 *Alice Kennedy,^ married Hyers, born to them : 

1208 ^Charles W. Hyers,« resides at White Fish, 


1209 ^Maud Hyers,® m. George Ebner, they have 

two sons: 

1350 ^Forrest Ebner.^ 

1351 ^William EbnerJ 

1210 ^June Hyers.® 

980 ^Margaret Kennedy,^ m. L. G. Myers, Duncannon, 


981 ^George Kennedy,^ (dead). 

982 ^ohn Kennedy.^ 

803 ^CATHERINE MEHAFFIE," ( Andrew,' Thomas,^ Guy 

Catherine Mehaffie, third child of Andrew and Sarah Mes- 
simer Mehaffie, was born Feb. 5, 1829, was married to John Joseph 
Rosensteel, and to them were born five children : 

983 ^Martha E. Rosensteel,^ b. Oct. 19, 1853, m. Jacob 

Gingerich lives in Missouri, have six boys and 
two girls. 

984 ^Caroline Powers Rosensteel,^ b. Sept. 12, 1855. d. 

1885, m. Gas. Myers, Woodland, Clearfield Co., 
Pa., they had seven children, we name : 

1211 ^Irvin Myers,® m. resides at Bedford, Pa. 

1212 -G. G. Myers,® m. resides at Mt. Union, Pa. 

985 ^Jacob Hoffman Rosensteel,'^ b. Oct. 8, 1857, m. to 

Emma Miller, resides in Mt. Union, four chil- 

986 ^Catherine AHce Rosensteel,^ b. June 13, 1861, m. to 

William Klefifman, two sons blessed this home: 

1213 ijohn Kleffman,® m. Ritta Quary, Oct. 1905. 

1214 -Ira Kleffman,® (unmarried). 

987 ^Andrew Alburtus Rosensteel,'* b. May 24, 1865, (un- 


805 ^MARGARET MEHAFFIE," ( Andrew,' Thomas,^ Guy 
Margaret Mehaffie, fifth child of Andrew and Sarah Mes- 

Q ^■ 

X ta 

I- 2 

6 ? 

< •= 

I =: 

ir ^ 

111 = 

X ; 

< £ 

< ^ ■^ 

< 1^ 

V ~ "i^ 
uj -5 

I i: - 

< i: - 

. ■£ 


( I'cn-v ( 'ii. ). 

Mahaffey De:sce;ndants 113 

simer Mehaffie, married to John Raft'ensperger, and to them were 
born three children : 

988 ^Thomas Raffensperger.^ 

989 ^Catherine Raffensperger.^ 

990 ^David Raffensperger,^ (a farmer near Green Park, 

Perry Co., Pa.) 

806 "SARAH MEHAFFIE,* (Andrews,^ Thomas,- Guy Me- 

Sarah Mehaffie, sixth child of Andrew and Sarah Messimer 
Mehaffie, was born Feb. 12, 1836, married to Michael Gaylor, 
who was born April 16, 1830, they were married March 14, 1854, 
and a family of thirteen children blessed this union : 

991 7acob Gaylor,^ b. Nov. 13, 1851, m. Ellen Gingerich, 

born to them two children : 

1215 ^Caroline Gaylor," m. Dow Bucher, to them 

one son. 

1352 ^Harold Bucher.^ 

1216 ^Helena Gaylor." 

992 -John B. Gavlor,^ b. in Mannsville. Pa., Oct. 28, 

1855, in '1879, m. Laura Bell Boyles, of New- 
ville. Pa., to this union was born five children : 

1217 ^Mary Bell Gaylor," b. Feb. 2, 1881, m. Clyde 

C. Zimmerman, 1906, and to them were 
born two children : 

1353 ^Geraldine Margaretta Zimmerman,^ 

b. Dec. 20, 1906. 

1354 ^Katherine Paley Zimmerman," b. 

July 2, 1912. 

1218 2john Lewis Gaylor," b. Jan. 8, 1885, m. 

1905 to Isabell Grey, and they have two 
children : 

1355 'L. Wiley Gaylor,^ b. July 6, 1906. 

1356 ^Dorothy May Gaylor,^ b. Aug. 3, 


1219 ^Lucinda Ruth Gaylor," b. Feb. 28, 1881, 

1908 married Robert A. Weber, born to 
them : 

1357 ^Lillian Weber,^ b. Sept. 18, 1910. 

1220 ^\lice May Gaylor," b. June 29, 1892, d. Aug. 

6, 1892. 
M. D.— 8 

114 Mahaffey Descendants 

1221 ^George Willard Gaylor.« b. April 21, 1898, 


993 ^Andrew S. Gaylor,^ b. July 14, 1858, m. Mary Work, 

1889, who was born March 4, 1867, their chil- 

1222 ^Letetia Freda Gaylor,* was married in 1910, 

to Woodward G. Hall, who was bom 
March 22, 1883, and born to them one 
child : 

1358 ^Max Andrew Hall,^ b. Oct. 14, 1910. 

1223 ^Joseph Michael Gaylor,^ b. Oct. 3, 1892. 

1224 ^Harry Edward Gaylor,« b. Aug. 6, 1894. 

1225 ^Albert Work Gaylor,« b. July 23, 1897. 

994 *Mary C. Gaylor,'' b. Sept. 1, 1860, m. Amos Funk, 

b. Feb. 12, 1861, bom to them four children: 

1226 ^Jessie Funk,« b. June 24, 1886. 

1227 ^Harry Albert Funk,« b. May 24, 1888, m. 
Lottie Snoke, two children born to them : 

1359 iMervin Funk,^ b. July 5, 1908. 

1360 ^Albert Funk,^ b. Jan. 2, 1913. 

1228 ^George Pearson Funk,« b. March 22, 1890, 

d. Feb. 22, 1896. 

1229 *Jennie Funk,« b. June 11, 1892, d. Sept. 20 


995 ^Lewis Gaylor,^ b. Dec. 12, 1862, d. Feb. 1912, m. 

Edith Odell. 

996 "^Harry A. Gaylor,^ b. Aug. 18, 1865, m,. Rebecca 

Hexon, born to them : 

1230 ^George Gaylor.^ 

1231 ^David Gaylor.« 

1232 3Roy Gaylor.« 

997 "Jennie H. Gaylor,'' b. Aug. 19, 1867, m. Ellsworth 

Corkle, they had one child: 

1233 ^Frank Corkle.« 

998 ^William O. Gaylor,=^ b. Feb. 20, 1869, m , their 

children : 

1234 iRalph Gaylor." 

1235 -Gertrude Gavlor.« 

1236 ^Albert Gaylor.« 

999 "Jesse G. Gaylor,=^ b. April 9, 1871, m. Ollie Lemon. 

1000 "Samuel M. Gaylor,-' b. May 9, 1876, m. May Ross, 
born to them: 

Mahaffey Descendants 115 

1237 ^Paul GayIor.« 

1238 2 John Gaylor.« 

1239 ^Josephine Gaylor.« 

1001 ^^Charles W. Gaylor,^ b. June 4, 1877, m. S. Mae 

Strouse, who was b. Aug. 20, 1877, they were 
m. July 23, 1898, their children are: 

1240 ^Jennie Amelia Gaylor.« b. March 10, 1899. 

1241 -Thomas Edward Gaylor,« b. March 30, 1900. 

1242 ^Kathryn Edna Gavlor.« b. Oct. 6, 1901. 

1243 *Maude \^aleria Gavlor,« b. Mav 9, 1903. 

1244 -^Grace Etta Gavlor,« b. Aug. 23, 1904. 

1245 «Anna Mae Gaylor,« b. Sept. 15, 1906. 

1002 ^'Frank S. Gaylor,= b. March 14, 1880, (unmarried). 

1003 i^Rilla Gaylor,^ b. Sept. 20, 1881, m. Malcolm Ma- 


807 'WILLIAM SMILEY MEHAFFIE,'' (Andrew,^ Thomas,^ 
Guy Mehaffie.O 
William Smiley Mehaffie, seventh child of Andrew and Sarah 
Messimer Mehaffie, was born Jan. 28, 1842, married Elizabeth 
Alswell, and to them was born one child : 

1004 ^Stephen Reno Mehaffie,^ b. Jan. 28, 1862, m. 1890, 

to Minnie E. S. Keefer, who was born Sept. 26, 
1868. Stephen Mehaffie is a very quiet man, 
having spent most of his life in the service of 
the Penna. R. R. Co., he reared the following 
family of five children : 

1246 ^Elmer Charles Mehaffie,« b. Aug. 19, 1890, 

m. Ruth Barnhart, Sept. 27, 1910, they 
have one son : 
1361 ^ James Leon Mehaffie," b. March 21, 

1247 ^Leon Grover Mehaffie,« b. Aug. 28, 1892. 

1248 ^Esther Elsesto Mehaffie,« b. Sept. 1, 1894, d. 

March 21, 1895. 

1249 *Ada Sheridan Mehaffie,^ b. Jan. 15, 1896. 

1250 ^Stephen Bryan Mehaffie,« b. Aug. 2, 1899. 

Elizabeth Alswell Mehaffie died a short time after her mar- 
riage and William S. Mehaffie married Catherine Ellen Bupp, 
Aug. 10, 1865, who was born Sept. 11, 1847, he died Feb. 21, 1910, 
by this marriage there was born six children : 

116 Mahaffejy Descendants 

1005 ^Sarah Ann Mehaffie,^ b. Oct. 15, 1866, m. Samuel 

Heckert, d. March 25, 1897. 

1006 =^Thomas Milton Mehaffie,^ b. Aug. 23, 1869, m. 

Keziah R. Enterline, b. Feb. 24, 1873, born to 

1251 ijames M. Mehaffie,« b. Jan. 30, 1910. 

1007 ^Minnie Susan Mehaffie,^ b. March 1, 1872, m. Oct. 

7, 1890, to Charles Elmer Soles, who was b. 
May 26, 1870, they have two sons : 

1252 iJrvin Clinton Soles,« b. Aug. 21, 1891, m. 

Aug. 25, 1913, to Ruth Carrol, who was 
b. June 24, 1896. 

1253 ^Clarence Leroy Soles," b. Feb. 19, 1894, m. 

May 7, 1913, to Claire Williams, who was 
b. Sept. 4, 1893, born to them. 
1362 ^Charles Leroy Soles,^ b. Jan. 26, 1914, 
d. Feb. 7, 1914. 

1008 *Mary Florence Mehaffey,^ b. July 16, 1875, m. 

April 28, 1896, to Charles H. Jacobs, who was 
b. Nov. 3, 1875, to this union : 

1254 ^Melvin R. Jacobs,^ b. Feb. 1. 1899. 

1255 ^Mildred G. Jacobs," b. March 29, 1908. 

1256 ^Bromley E. Jacobs," b. May 28, 1910. 

1009 ^William David Mehaffie,^ b. Sept. 18, 1877, d. April 

13, 1909. 

1010 "George Elmer Mehaffie,^ b. Oct. 23, 1881, d. July 

18, 1903. 

808 « ANDREW MEHAFFIE,* (Andrew,^ Thomas,^ Guy Me- 

Andrew Mehaffie, eighth child of Andrew and Sarah Messi- 
mer Mehaffie, married Issabella Rosensteel, and they reside in 
Curwinsville, Pa, The following children were bom to them : 

1011 ^Martha Mehaffie,^ m. Leathers. 

1012 ^Joseph Mehaffie,^ resides at Altoona, Pa. 

1013 ^Daisy Mehaffie,^ m. Evans. 

1014 "Margaret Mehaffie,^ m. Moore. 

1015 -^Pearl Mehaffie.^ 

1016 "Susan Mehaffie.^ 

1017 ^Andrew Mehaffie, Jr.^^ 

Mahaffey Descendants 117 

810 ^"GEORGE W. MEHAFFIE,* (Andrew,^' Thomas,- Guy 

George Washington Mehaffie, tenth and twin son of Andrew 
and Sarah Messimer Mehaffic, was born June 15, 1848, married 
Charlotte Clouser, born May 20, 1852. Six children were born 
to this marriage : 

1018 ^Charles Ross Mehaffie,^ was b. Aug. 6, 1874, June 

1897, m. Rebecca Simmons and to them was 
born one son : 

1257 nValter Mehaffie,« b. Nov. 1898. 

1019 "Samuel David Mehaffie,' was b. Aug. 10, 1876, m. 

March 1895, to Susie Alexandra, five children 
were born to them,: 

1258 1 Samuel Jacob Mehaffie,*' b. Nov., 1898. 

1259 ^Martha Mehaffie.« 

1260 ^Esther Mehaffie." 

1261 ^George Mehaffie.« 

1262 ^John Mehaffie.« 

1020 ^Lillian May .Mehaffie,-^ b. Nov. 3, 1880, m. Percy 

Zinn. thev have two children: 

1263 ^Tohn Newton Zinn,« b. 1911. 

1264 ^borothy Zinn,« b. July 1, 1913. 

1021 ^Jennie Alice Mehaffie,' b. Aug. 3 1883. m. April 

25, 1907 to Charles Morris Shoop, who was b. 
Dec. 18, 1876. 

1022 nVilliam W. Mehaffie,^ b. Feb. 19, 1886, d. March 

22, 1888. 

1023 «George Arthur Mehaffie,^ b. May 30, 1889. m. 1911, 

to Lottie Hammacker, thev have one child : 

1265 ^Edward Mehaffie.« b. Jan. 25. 1912. 

812 ^MARY ANN MEHAFFIE,* (John.' Thomas,- Guy Me- 

Mary Ann Mehaffie, eldest child of John and Sarah Mc- 
Croskey Mehaffie, was born March 14, 1826, died Nov. 20, 1905, 
married June 7, 1849, to Benjamin M. Jones, who was born Nov. 
9, 1826, died April 15, 1894, to them were born: 

1024 ^Margaret Elizabeth Jones,^ b. June 1. 1850, m. 

James Ford of Phila., Pa., (Reside at Camden, 
N. ].,) born to them: 

118 Mahaffey Descendants 

1266 ^Benjamin Ford.* 

1267 2Mary Ford.« 

1268 3jane Ford.® 

1269 *James Ford.« 

1025 ^Sarah Catherine Jones,' b. July 11, 1853, d. Oct. 

30, 1913, m. Theodore Benton Meals, Sept. 24, 
1878, to whom she bore three children : 

1270 ^Auda Theola Meals,® b. Sept. 3, 1879. 

1271 ^Sarah Catherine Meals,® b. May 9, 1882. 

1272 sphoebe Helen Meals,® b. Dec. 17, 1886. 

Sarah C. Jones was married to David Griffiths April 30, 
1898, and to this marriage there were no children born. 

1026 ^John Mehaffie Jones,'' b. June 25, 1856 (resides at 

Shamokin, Pa.) 

1027 *James McCroskey Jones,' b. June 21, 1858, m. 

Mary Jane Lewis, Aug. 23, 1882, who was born 
Dec. 19, 1860, d. July 21, 1913. To this union 
were born four children : 

1273 ^Blanche Wox Jones,® b. July 17, 1883, m. 

Rol. M. Rodenhiser, Apr. 24, 1902, who 
was born May 15, 1875. They have three 
children : 
1273a ^Margaret Ellen Rodenheiser,^ b. Jan. 

31, 1903. 
1273b -Kathryn Esther Rosenheiser,^ b. Mar. 

27, 1904. 
1273c ^George Henry Rodenheiser,'^ b. Apr. 
19, 1905. 

1274 2Mary Elizabeth Jones,« b. Sept. 6, 1885, m. 

to Charles L. Robbins, and three children 
were born to them : 
1274c ^Charles L. Robbins, Jr.,^ b. Mar. 5, 

1274d ^Edmund Elmer Robbins," b. Feb. 2, 

1274e ^Donald Lee Robbins,^ b. Oct. 19, 
1274a ^James Edgar Jones,® b. Apr. 27, 1892, m. 
Sept. 16, 1912, to Margie Longenecker at 
Rochester, N. Y. 
1274b *Elmer Franklin Jones,® b. July 15, 1895. 

1028 "Benjamin Irvin S. Jones,' b. Feb. 20, 1863, mar- 

ried to Hattie Rake, of Shamokin, Feb. 6, 1888, 
their children : 

1275 ^Kimber C. Jones,® b. Aug. 2, 1890, married 

Mahaffey Descendants 119 

Ruby R. Beam, Jan. 31, 1912, and to this 

union : 

1363 ^Dorothy Jane Tones," b. June 4, 1912. 

1363a ^Harriet Rea Jones,^ b. March 19, 


1275a ^Rupert A. Jones,« b. Mav 2, 1892, d. Jan. 

21, 1902. 
1275b ^Lester L. Jones,« b. June 25, 1896. 
i^ 1275c ^Charles B. Jones,« b. Oct. 6. 1897. 

p ' 1276 ^Irvin H. Jones,« b. March 31, 1904. 

!' 1029 ^Lucius Jacob W. Jones,^ b. June 1, 1866 (resides at 

'" Camden, N. J.) 

1030 "Thomas Potter Jones,^ b. April 8, 1870, married 

Lillian J. Fleming, at Shamokin, Pa., April 24, 
1894; they have four children: 

1277 nValter Logan Jones." b. Dec. 25, 1894. 

1278 -Mabel Arline Jones.« b. Dec. 11. 1900. 

1279 3Reba Ivon Jones." b. May 27. 1903. 

1280 ^Forrest Wesley Jones," b. Oct. 15, 1905. 

814 ^SARAH B. MEHAFFIE,* (John.^ Thomas,== Guy Ma- 

Sarah B. Mehaffie. second daughter of John and Sarah Mc- 
Croskey Mehaffie, was born October 18, 1831, married January 5, 
1857, to Jacob M. Souder, who was born April 21, 1836, died 
February 13, 1893, they have resided in Canton, Ohio, for a num- 
ber of years and to them were born : 

1031 ^Perry Sherman Souder,^ b. Xov. 20, 1858, married 

Julia M. Banhof, Jan. 1, 1881, who was born 
Mav 3, 1857, and to them born four sons : 

1281 >Rov Wheeler Souder," b. Sept. 22, 1881, d. 

Jan. 25, 1886, at Akron, O. 

1282 -Fred Rudolph Souder," b. Nov. 11. 1885, 

married to Alice M. Allen, of Rockford, 
111., July 20, 1905, and they have one 
daughter : 
1363 ^Virginia Ruth Souder," b. Jan. 4, 

1283 ^Ned Perry- Souder," born Mav 4, 1890. 

1284 ^Russell Henry Souder." born June 10, 1892. 

1032 -Jesse Brayton Souder,' b. March 21. 1861, died 
Aug. 14, 1864. 

1033 ^Frank J. Souder,"^ b. June 27. 1869, married March 
4, 1900 to Catherine Shapuite, born March 4, 

120 Mahaffey Descendants 

816 ^RUTH MEHAFFIE,* (John,=' Thomas,^ Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Ruth Mehaffie, fifth child of John and Sarah McCroskey 
Mehaffie, was born May 9, 1837, died July 3, 1894, married Janu- 
ary 1, 1867 to E. H. Crum, to this marriage was born the follow- 
ing children : 

1033a ijohn Newton Crum,^ b. Nov. 25, 1868. 

1034 2Mary Jane Crum,^ b. July 15, 1871, m. to William 

W. Ruhl, reside at Baltimore, Md. 

1035 ^Frances Mehaffie Crum,^ b. July 11, 1873. 

1036 ^Martha C. Crum,^^ b. April 18, 1876. 

818 7ANE FRANCES MEHAFFIE,'' (John,^ Thomas,^ Guy 

Jane Frances Mehaffie, youngest child of John and Sarah Mc- 
Croskey Mehaffie, was born June 12, 1845, married October 26, 
1865, to Lucius C. Wox, who was born Nov. 29, 1840, they were 
married by the Rev, Brown. 

Mr. Wox received his early education at State College ; 
shortly before he would have graduated he enlisted in the Civil 
War, serving two enlistments, was wounded three times. 

At the present time Mr. Wox holds the position of Associate 
Judge of Perry County, Pa., is prominently identified in church 
and civic circles of his home town, Marysville, Pa., having served 
fifteen years as justice of the peace where he resides. 

Jennie Mehaffie Wox, a beautiful christian character, a dea- 
coness of the Reformed Church, President of the Civic Society, 
and President of Church societies, is a woman loved by all who 
know her. Is also author of a song "Blue Eyed Nell," as well 
as several beautiful hymns. In her younger life a leading milli- 
ner of her home town. No children blessed this marriage, yet 
children were always to be found in the home, as they reared 
several foster children. Mrs. Wox was also largely responsible 
for available data in compiling the genealogies of the Perry County 
branch of this work. 

833 ^DAVID 1. MEHAFFIE,* (Hamilton,^ Thomas,^ Guy Me- 
David I. Mehdffie, eldest child of Hamilton and Martha Mc- 
Clintock Mehaffie, was born Nov. 28, 1840, died Feb. 17, 1913, 
was married 1859 to Margaret Ann Clouser, who was born Nov. 9, 
1841, died Dec. 27, 1901, twelve children were born to this mar- 
riage : 

Mahaffey Descendants 121 

1037 ^Jane Mehaffie,^ m. Mead, died in California, 


1038 ^Hamilton Mehaffie/^ dead. 

1039 ^Fanny Mehaffie,^ b. Feb. 14, 1864, married Oct. 4, 

1885 to John B. Conklin, who was born May 9, 
1859, born to them a son : 

1287 ^Alfred B. Conklin.« b. May 21, 1886. 

1040 *Eisie M. Mehaffie,'^ b. Sept. 12, 1866, m. Sept. 12, 

1902, to Alfred }. Keller, who was b. Sept. 12, 

1041 ^James O. Mehaffie,^ b. June 16, 1869 (unmarried). 

1042 *> Annie Mehaffie,'' (died in infancy). 

1043 ^William B. Mehaffie.^ b. March 7, 1871, married 

Jan. 1, 1894. to Miranda E. Barclay, who was 
b. Apr. 3, 1876, and to this union : 

1288 ^Grace E. Mehaffie,« b. Dec. 22. 1894. 

1289 'David B. Mehaffie," b. Apr. 10, 1901. 

1290 ^Esther V. Mehafifie.*' b. Nov. 6, 1902. 

1291 nVilliam M. Mehaffie,« b. June 8, 1905. 

1292 'James C. Mehaffie," b. Feb. 12, 1907. 

1293 «George E. Mehaffie,« b. July 21, 1911. 

1044 «Mary Viola Mehaffie,^ b. May 8, 1874, m. Jan. 23, 

1896, to Bernard J. Shoop, born Aug. 21, 1874; 
born to them : 

1294 ^Mildred Rav Shoop," b. Dec. 21. 1897. 

1295 -Alverta Viola Shoop," b. Aug. 8, 1908. 

1045 ''Mabel Mehafifie,' (died in infancv). 

1046 "Bessie P. Mehafifie,-^ b. June 18, 1875, married Aug. 

16, 1904, William Decker Moyer, born March 14, 

1047 ^^ George W. Mehafifie,^ married and resides in 

Reading. Pa. 

1048 ^-Maud Ethel Mehafifie,-' (died in infancy). 

835 ^ALEXANDER MEHAFFIE,* (Hamilton,^ Thomas,^ Guy 
Alexander Mehafifie. third child of Hamilton and Martha Mc- 

Clintock, was born Oct. 26, 1837, married Feb. 8, , to Sarah J. 

Young, who was born Nov. 3, 1848, died Aug. 7, 1902. In his 
young manhood Alex Mehaffie followed the pursuit of a farmer, 
later in the milling business at Sherman, Texas. Returning to 
Osborn, Mo., he followed the drug business. Took part in the 
Civil War, enlisted in 20th Penn. Cav. under General Sheridan. 
Traveled extensively, Republican in politics, and his faith is Chris- 
tian science ; the following children were born to them : 

1049 ^Emory M. Mehaffie,' b. July 23, 1868, married to 

122 Mahaffey Descendants 

Margaret H. Parrott, May 25, 1893. Two chil- 
dren bless their home: 

1296 ^Gladys Emarine Mehaffie,« b. July 19, 1894, 

married Nov. 12, 1913, to Robert E. An- 

1297 ^Margaret Thelma Mehaffie,^ b. Oct. 11, 1902. 

1050 2 Anna M. Mehaffie,^ b. July 31, 1870, married John 

H. Fleisher, have one child. 

1051 ^Olive M. Mehaffie,'* b. Dec. 14, 1875, m. Dec. 9, 

1903, to Charles Edgar Todd, b. May 6, 1874. 

1052 ^Elizabeth Mehaffie,^ b. Oct. 2, 1877, m. Dane R. 

Davis, died May 14, 1914. 

836 *JOHN THOMAS MEHAFFIE,* (Hamilton,^ Thomas,^ 

Guy Mehaffie.O 

John Thomas Mehaffie, fourth child of Hamilton and Martha 
McClintock Mehaffie, was born May 24, 1840, died, Aug. 26, 1905, 
was married to Rebecca Shuman and they had five children, four 
girls and one boy. No address given by author of data. 

837 ^AMOS MEHAFFFIE,* (Hamilton,^ Thomas,^ Guy Me- 

Amos Mehaffie, fifth child of Hamilton and Martha McClin- 
tock, was born Nov. 17, 1842, died Dec. 21, 1889, married Emma 
Pacely, of Sherman, Texas, where he engaged in the milling busi- 
ness, two children were born : 

1053 ^Howard Mehaffie,^ b. Oct. 10, 1877, married Maud 

Powell, of Ft. Worth, Texas, and their chil- 

1298 ^Guy Mehaffie.« 

1299 -Lawrence Mehaffie.*' 

1300 ^Beth Mehaffie,® m. Henry Smith, of Georgia. 

1301 *Minnie Mehaffie,** m. John Saunders, two 

children : 
1363c ^John Saunders.'^ 

1363d ^Emma Saunders,^ resides at Amarilo, 

838 **MARTHA FRANCIS MEHAFFIE,* (Hamilton,^ 

Thomas,^ Guy Mehaffie.^) 

Martha Francis Mehaffie, sixth child of Hamilton and Martha 
McClintock Mehaffie, was born October 21, 1845, died Septem- 
ber 24, 1871, married David Shade, of Perry Co., and to them 
were born two children : 

Mahaffey Descendants 123 

1054 ^William Shade, ^ married and has four children. 

1055 ^Alfred Shade/ (unmarried, lives at Clarks' Ferry). 

Thomas,^ Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Mary Elizabeth Mehaffie was born March 15, 1848, at Me- 
chanicsburg, Pa., married William Henry Stewart, May 27, 1875, 
at New Market, Mo., who was born March 14, 1849, born to 
them : 

1056 ^Modena Stewart.^ b. Feb. 8, 1877, d. May 23, 1877. 

1057 'Albert Ross Stewart,^ b. March 28, 1880. 

1058 ^John Russell Stewart.^ b. Sept. 19, 1882. 

1059 *Ralph Clark Stewart,'' b. Aug. 26. 1884. 

1060 'Flora Loyola Stewart,-' b. Feb. 27, 1887. 

Sixth and Seventh Generations 

1063 ^CAROLINE PEFFER," (Francis Peffer,^ Samuel :Mc- 
Cord,* Elizabeth Smiley,'^ Margaret Smiley,- Guy Me- 
Caroline Peffer, eldest child of John and Francis McCord 
Peffer, was born Sept. 29, 1882, married to Charles W. Rohrer, 
Oct. 15, 1903, who was born Nov. 10, 1881 ; they reside in Wash- 
ington, D. C, and have two children as follows: 

1302 ^ Helen Frances," born Jan. 28. 1905. 

1303 ^Carl Pefifer,' born JulV 18, 1908. 

1067 ^JESSE S. WHITE,« (Jane White.^ Wilson Smiley,* Wil- 
liam Smiley,^ Margaret Smiley,- Guy Mehaffie.^) 

Jessie Smiley White, second child of James A. and Jane S. 
White was born Dec. 24, 1884, was married April 5, 1906, to 
Samuel Stone, of Shermans Dale, Pa., where they now live, to 
them were born : 

1304 infant boy.' 

1305 -Alice Esther Stone." 

1306 ^Infant, 1913.-' 

1068 3JAMES W. WHITE,« (Jane S. White,^ W^ilson Smiley," 
William Smiley,^ Margaret Smiley,- Guy Mehaffie.') 

James W. White, third child of Jane Smiley and James A. 
White was born June 9, 1886, married Miss Ethel Woolley, of 

124 Mahaffey Descendants 

Farmington, N, J., May 20, 1911, at Philadelphia, Pa., who was 
born May 10, 1890. James White was born near Shermans Dale, 
Pa., spent his boyhood upon the farm, attended the rural schools. 
In 1905 he attended the New Bloomfield Academy. 

The following year attended school at Landisburg, Pa. In 
the spring of 1908 entered the State Normal School at Shippens- 
burg, Pa., graduating with the class of 1910. He then taught in 
schools of New Jersey, was elected principal of schools at Sea- 
ford, Long Island, later was elected to the principalship of schools 
at Cold Springs Harbor, N. Y., which position he still holds. 

James White has been a consistent member of the Presby- 
terian church since he was eighteen years of age. 

Two children have been born to them : 

1307 ^Virginia Winifred White,'' born March 23, 1912. 

1308 ^Eianor Eugenia White,'' born March 24, 1914. 

1310 ^FLORENCE C. JONES,^ (Emma Musser,« William 

Jones,^ Eliza J. Jones,* Margaret Sutch,' Thomas Me- 

haffie,2 Guy Mehaffie.^) 
Florence C. Jones, daughter of Emma Catherine Jones, was 
born June 25, 1882, married Clyde Attick, May 2, 1910, died 
March 17, 1914, leaving two small children: 

1363e ^Loretta Atticks,« b. Sept. 6, 1910. 

1364 ^Almeda Elizabeth Atticks,^ b. Jan. 26, 1914. 


Though fourth in line dear Clan we find. 

Our number is not small. 
The space required may you find — 

Of interest to all ; 
Included in our number, too 

Are two small tots who boast 
The honor which preceding Clan — 

Although that claim "almost" — 
In fact, exceeds in mentioned names. 

But then We have one more 
Generation, which we boast about, 

The eighth, spoken of before ; 
To this "honor" boldly we lay claim, 

To Perry it is due — 
None other can exceed I'm sure, 

From One to Eight we grew. M. E. M. C. 

Mahaffe;y Descendants 125 



1365 ^ MAHAFFEY, married Mclntyre, came 

from county Donegal, Ireland, when a small boy. We 
find mentioned among his descendants : 

1366 ^Joseph Mahaffey,- b. about 1775, m. Ellen Lackaye. 

1367 -John Mahaffey.- 

1368 ^Andrew Mahaffey.- 

1369 ^Samuel Mahaffey.- 

1370 ^x\ sister,- m. John Harbison. 

1366 70SEPH MAHAFFEY,^ came as a small boy with his 

family to Westmoreland county. Pa. He had a number 

of brothers, all but one or two, older than himself. 

They were among the first settlers of the county. 

Several of the brothers were employed as government spies 

at the time of the French and Indian War, and some were at the 

battle in which Braddock was defeated. 

John Harbison, in command of the company, married one 

of the sisters. She and her child were killed by the Indians. 

Two of the brothers, John and Andy, went to Ohio in 1820. 

Joseph Mahaflfey married Ellen Lackaye about 1805. She 

came from county Derry, Ireland, when about six years of age. 

To them were born eight children. 

1371 ^STEPHEN MAHAFFEY,^ born near Connellsville, Pa., 
1817, was married in 1843, to Elinor Carroll, who was 
born August 17, 1819. They lived in Fairmont, W. Va. 
She died 1895, and he in 1905. To them were born 
eight children : 

1379 ^James A. Mahaffey,* married and has six children. 

1380 2 Joseph Mahaffey,* (deceased). 

1381 ^Phoebe Mahafifey,"' (deceased). 

1382 *John Mahaflfey," living at Fairmont, W. Va., had 

six children, two of whom are dead. 

1383 ^Stephen Alahafifey, Jr.,* of Grafton, W. Va., mar- 

ried three times ; has one living child. 

126 Mahaffeiy Descendants 

1384 ^Gibson Mahaffey,* of Grafton, W. Va., has eleven 

children ; his wife is dead. 

1385 'Eliza Mahaffey,* married Felty; has five 

children ; reside at Fairmont, W. Va. 

1386 ^Maggie Mahaffey,* married Reed, have five 

children; reside at Davis, W. Va. 

1372 2MOSES MAHAFFEY.3 Drowned in Mississippi river 

before brothers went west. 

1373 ^'JAMES MAHAFFEY.3 Went to Illinois with Joseph 

A. in 1852 ; raised a family, who now live at Buffalo 
Prairie, 111. Their names are: 

1387 ^Moses Mahafifey.* 

1388 ^Morgan Mahaffey.* 

1389 ^John Mahaffey.* 

1390 ^saac Mahaffey.* 

(James, the father of this family, is dead.) 

1374 ^JOSEPH ALEXANDER MAHAFFEY,^ b. 1820, in 

Fayette county. Pa., close to Uniontown, and lived in the 
neighborhood called "the bend of the Monongahela 
river." He married Nancy Davis, at New Salem, 
Dodenridge county, W. Va., in 1851 ; moved to Rock 
Island county. 111., in 1852. She died in 1854, and he 
in 1878. There is record of only one son : 

1391 'William C. Mahaffey.* A real estate man of 

Bloomington, 111. 

1375 ^JANE MAHAFFEY.3 Married Jeflferson Swingler; 

moved to Livingston county. 111., and died there ; their 
sons are: 

1392 'George Swingler.^ Resides at Mersales, 111. 

1393 ^Thomas Swingler.* Resides at Toluca, 111. 

1394 ^Samuel Swingler.* Resides in Oklahoma. 

1376 ''SARAH MAHAFFEY.^ Married John Rumrer, and 

went to Illinois with her brother, Joseph A. 

1377 'MARGUERITE MAHAFFEY.^ Married Lanty Hen- 

derson. They first settled in Illinois, then in Nebraska. 

Mahaffey Descendants 127 

1378 «MARY ELLEN MAHAFFEY.^ Married William Cox, 
and moved to Ohio. 

Note. — This record is made up from data furnished, but in 
some respects it lacks conformity. 

It would be more reasonable to suppose that those who took 
part in the French and Indian Wars were of the generation of the 
first IVIahaffey. With a few apparent discrepancies set aside, we 
could merge this family into the family which came from Wash- 
ington county, Maryland. This family is also likely "one" with 
the No. 2 line. 

Westmoreland County, No. 2 


Joseph Mehaffey, born 1782, came, with a brother, from 
Ireland when only ten years of age, settled in Westmoreland 
county, married and raised a large family, two of whom were 
twins : 

1396 1 Joseph Mehaffey,^ b. 1821, d. 1862. 

1397 -John MehafFey.- 

1399 Joseph Mehafifey,^ of Barberton, Ohio (son 
of John,^). 

1396 ^JOSEPH MEHAFFEY,2 (Joseph.^) 

Joseph Mehafifey, son of Joseph, No. 1, was born in 1821 ; 
died in 1862. He was the father of five children, all of whom 
died except one son, Joseph : 

1398 ^JOSEPH MEHAFFEY,^ (Joseph,- Joseph.^ 

^Joseph MehalTey,^ son of Joseph MehaiTey, No. 2, was born 
1855, and died in 1896, leaving two children : 

1400 ^Edith Jane MehaiTey,'' m. J. Roy Kelley. 

1401 -Clyde Edwin Mehafifey.* 

1401 -CLYDE EDWIN MEHAFFEY,-* (Joseph,^ Joseph,- 

Clyde Edwin Mehafifey, son of Joseph Mehaffey, No. 3, is 
married and has two children : 

1402 ^Hilda Jane Mehafifey.'^ 

1403 -Herbert Lawson Mehafifey.^ 

128 Mahai^feiy Descendants 

The Mehaffeys in this county were large land owners. Only 
recently a part of the old farm was sold to the P. R. R. Co. The 
old log house still stands. 

Note. — This family spells their name "Mehaffey." 

Probable Connections of Westmoreland County 

This family of Mahafifeys are probable descendants of John 
or Andrew MahafTey of Westmoreland county line No. 1. 

1404 ^ANDREW MAHAFFEY/ of Highland and Adams 

county, Ohio, married, first, Ellison ; afterwards, 

Maria Hughes. Moved to Mills county, Iowa, in 1856, 
and died at St. Joseph, Mo., about 1858. He had several 
brothers : 

1405 ^John Mahafifey,' of Highland county, Ohio. 

1406 "William Mahaffey,- of Adams county, Ohio. 

1407 ^James Mahafifey,- of Adams county, Ohio. 

1408 ^Stephen Mahaffey,^ who moved to Illinois. 

1409 ^Samuel Mahafifey,^ moved to Iowa. 

1410 "^ Mahaffey,- m. Starling Clark ; moved to Iowa. 

To this union born one daughter : 
1410a ^Rachel Jane Clark,^ m. Jones. 

1409 '^SAMUEL MAHAFFEY,- had a son who was in the 
Civil War. 

1404 ^ANDREW MAHAFFEY,^ had at least four sons, two of 
whom fought in the Civil War. 

1411 ^Andrew Stephen Mahafifey,- son of Adrew No. 1, 

was born 1846, died 1910. 

1412 ^W. R. Mahaf^ey,^ son of Andrew No. 1, was bom 

1848, is in the real estate business in Harrison- 
ville, 111. 


Jointly we have formed a chapter, 

As for kinship, we are not sure. 
This we know, our hopes are mutual — 

And may the name for'er endure. 
We feel proud that in Westmoreland, 

This Scotch-Irish name too, was found. 
Also glad we are included 

In this book, and together bound. M. E. M. C. 











w^Pk "^ 

.. ''v JW 


.. m 

^■■i^f/m^. j 




■ ^^^ 

X 5 .- 

Mahaffey Descendants 129 


1413 ^\LEXANDER MAHAFFEY,^ the progenitor of the 
Washington county, Pa., and of one branch of the Ohio 
Mahaffeys, was born in Washington county, Maryland, 
about 1765. 

Two generations preceded him in this locality. His father's 
and grandfather's Christian names have not been preserved. It 
is believed by his descendants that his Mahaffey forbears were of 
Scotch-Irish extraction. He was a Whig, and of Protestant 
faith. He prophesied that slavery would bring on one of the 
worst wars that the world had ever known. From his own lips 
the following record has been preserved : 

"When the Revolutionary War was in progress the people 
were greatly excited over the killing of the Colonists, and de- 
struction of property by the British. There was a call for the 
people to defend their country. Father took his team and wagon, 
and taking two of his neighbors, beside two of his sons, one old 
enough for service, whose name is not preserved, the other my- 
self, to bring back the team, we started for the front. (Name of 
place not mentioned.) 

"Before I could get away my team and myself were pressed 
into service to haul provisions, ammunition, etc., and it was two 
weeks before I reached home. I never saw my brother again, 
but father returned and lived the remainder of his life in Wash- 
ington county, Maryland." 

After the death of the father, Alexander was appointed ad- 
ministrator of the estate. He fell heir to some slaves, as did also 
his brother William. 

About this time, near the close of the century, they moved 
to Washington county, Pa. Alexander freed his slaves, and Wil- 
liam took his and moved to Tennessee. He is supposed to be the 
progenitor of those of the name in the far south, unless otherwise 
accounted for. 

Alexander married Margaret Kirkpatrick, who was born 
1775. About 1820 they moved to Richland county, Ohio, where 

M. D.— 9 

130 Mahaffey Descendants 

he purchased a farm and resided until the death of his wife in 
1844. He then made his home with his daughter "Polly," Mrs. 
Rodgers, near Amity, Ohio, where he died in 1851, and is buried 
beside his wife in Mt. Zion cemetery, thirteen miles from Mt. 
Vernon, Ohio. 

He spelled his name "Mahafifey," and it is believed that his 
forbears also spelled it the same way. He was a man of a fair 
education, and was supreme ruler in his household, and never 
allowed a child to disobey him. He whipped a son much larger 
than himself for an act of disobedience. 

There were twelve children born to Alexander and Margaret 
Kirkpatrick Mahaffey. The sons were large men and gifted with 
considerable talent for music. Their names were : 

1414 ^Rebecca Mahaflfey,* m. Helms, and had seven 


1415 -Mary (Polly) Mahaffey,* m. Rodgers, and 

had four children. 

1416 ^Margaret Mahaffey,* m. Elijah Carson, had seven 

children, two of whom are living near Cadiz, 
Ohio, namely: 

1426 ^Jane Carson,^ m. James Hines. 

1427 ^Hannah Carson,^ m. Rodgers. 

1417 *Hannah Mahaffey,* m, Hines, and had four 


1418 "^Ellen Mahaffey.* 

1419 ^Alexander Mahaffey,* moved to Indiana and reared 

a large family, his oldest son : 

1428 ^James Mahaffey,^ a farmer, and was 

County Commissioner of Miami county, 

1420 ■'Enoch Mahaffey,* b. in Washington county. Pa., d. 

at age of 23 years. 

1421 ^Hugh Mahaffey,* m. Rachel McCraimer. 
"^ 1422 ^Eliza Mahaffey,* m. James Kirkpatrick. 

1423 ^"Joseph Mahaffey,* m. Letitia Wells. 
■'■^^ 1424 "William Mahaffey,* m. Harriet Ourant. 

1425 ^-John Mahaffey,* b. in Washington county. Pa. ; 
located in Knox county, Ohio ; m. Rhoda 
Arnold ; moved to Wyandotte county, Kansas ; 
had three sons : 
1460 ^George Mahaffey.'^ 
- ; 1461 "Lawrence Mahaffey.^ 

,^.-:f- 1462 ^Newton Mahaffey.^ 

Mahaffey Descendants 131 

Fourth Generation 

1421 «HUGH MAHAFFEY/ (Alexander,^ ,- Ma- 


Hugh Mahaflfey, eighth child and third son of Alexander and 
Margaret Kirkpatrick Mahaflfey, was born 1805, in Washington 
county, Pa. Moved with his parents to Ohio about 1820. 

Second day of November he married Rachel McCraimer, 
who was born in Harrison county, Ohio, in 1810, of Protestant- 
Irish parents, who came to this country about 1806, located in 
New York State, were driven from there by Black Plague, her 
father having lost two sisters by that disease, located in Harrison 
county, with his parents, and died in 1881, and is buried in Mt. 
Zion cemetery, Knox county. 

Hugh Mahaflfey, and family now located near Amity, was a 
man of great strength, but died from injuries received at a barn 
raising in which he sought to excel in strength. He died 1844, 
and his wife 1880. They were the parents of eight children: 

1429 ^James Mahaflfey." 

1430 -Alexander Mahaflfey,^^ b. 1829, d. 1831. 

1431 ^William Mahaflfey.'^ 

1432 ^Caroline Mahaflfey.^ 

1433 -^Byron Mahaflfey," b. 1838, d. in infancy. 

1434 "Milton Mahaflfey." 

1435 'Joseph Mahaflfey." 

1436 ^Marjorie Mahaflfey," b. 1842, d. 1844. 

1422 «ELIZA MAHAFFEY,* (Alexander,^ ;- Ma- 

Eliza Mahaflfey, daughter of Alexander and Margaret Kirk- 
patrick Alahaflfey, and twin sister of Joseph, was born 1807. 
Was married to James Kirkpatrick, of Knox county, Ohio. 
They moved to Illinois in 1854, and are both deceased. Seven 
children were born to them : 

1437 ^Alexander Kirkpatrick." A soldier of the Civil 

War ; deceased. 

1438 -Joseph Kirkpatrick." A soldier in Civil War; de- 


132 Mahaffeiy Descendants 

1439 ^Wilson Kirkpatrick.= 

1440 *Shepley Kirkpatrick.^ 

1441 'James Kirkpatrick.' 

1442 ^Margaret Kirkpatrick.' 

1443 ^Emeline Kirkpatrick.' 

1423 lojOSEPH MAHAFFEY,* (Alexander,^ ,^ 


Joseph Mahaffey, son of Alexander and Margaret Kirk- 
patrick Mahaffey, was born in Washington county, Pa., 1807, and 
lived there until he served his time at the blacksmith trade. 

He located in Harrison county, Ohio, where he married 
Letitia Wells, who was born 1808. 

He was a pioneer of Knox county, locating there in 1831 or 
'32. He was a man of high morals, and always ready to defend 
the right under all circumstances. He died 1872 and his wife 

This account of how he "licked" the Knox county bully is 
told in his own language: "One day as I was talking with a 
friend on the street a large man, unknown to me, driving a team 
of horses, drove his horses almost upon me, commanding me, 
with an oath, to get out of his way or he would drive over me. 

"I replied, 'I guess not.' He replied, with an oath that he 
would, and that I had insulted him once before any way, and 
jumped out of his wagon and rushed at me. I told him he was 
mistaken in his man ; that I had never seen him before. He told 
me that I was a d — n liar, and I told him if he said that again 
I would 'muzzle' him. He attempted to repeat it, but before he 
could do so I did 'muzzle' him, and he went to the grass. 

"Having on my best clothes I attempted to remove my coat, 
when a party from behind caught me by the skirt of my new spike 
tail coat and tore it up the back to my neck. I grabbed the party 
who tore my coat and threw him to the middle of the street, took 
off what was left of my coat and met the first party who was 
up and coming at me. I reached for his throat and in so doing 
I got my finger in his mouth. I twisted my thumb in his mouth, 
outside of his teeth and held him so tight he could not bite me, 
and 'By Molly' I sent in a few in the short ribs, and every time 
I hit him I could feel him wilt. 

Mahaffey Descendants 133 

"I let go of him and he went down in a pile, and to my sur- 
prise I learned I had 'licked' the 'Bully' of Knox county without 
getting a scratch, or becoming angry, because I was positive that 
he was mistaken. 

"He became my friend and one of my best customers." 
Joseph Mahaffey died at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, June, 1872, was 
buried in Mt. View cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and his wife 
was born in Harrison county, 1808, died in Mt. Vernon in 1876 ; 
is buried in same cemetery as her husband. To this uinon was 
born seven children : 

1444 ^ane Mahafifey,= b. 1833. 

1445 ^Charles MahafTey,' b. 1836. 

1446 ^Letetia MahafTey,' b. 1838. 

1447 ^Isabella MahafTey,' b. 1840. 

1448 Joseph Mahaffey,^ b. 1842. 

1449 «Sarepta Mahaffey,^ b. 1844. 

1450 'Etta Mahaffey,^ b. 1846, m. twice, has two sons. 

1424 ^nVILLIAM MAHAFFEY,* (Alexander,^ ,- 


William Mahaffey, eleventh child of Alexander and Margaret 
Kirkpatrick Mahaffey, was born 1810, in Washington county, Pa. 
He went to Ohio with his family in 1820. In 1830, married 
Harriet Ourant, who was born at New Lisbon, Columbiana 
county, Ohio, in 1810. They lived in Harrison county for 
about twenty years, then removed with their family to Tus- 
carawas county, locating on a farm in Rush township. They 
were members of the M. E. Church. William died in 1877, his 
wife remaining on the farm with her son George and daughter 

She spent the last few years of her life with her daughter 
Elizabeth, Mrs. George M. Orr. She died in 1894. They are 
buried in Kennedy Cemetery'. 

William and Harriet Ourant Mahaffey were the parents of 
nine children : 

1451 ^Obediah IMahaffey,^ b. 1831. 

1452 ^Alexander Mahaffey.' 

1453 ^Hannah Mahaff"ey,^ b. 1835, d. 1844. 

1454 *James H. Mahaffey. ° 

134 Mahafpey Descendants 

1455 ^John E. Mahaffey.^ 

1456 «Sarah Margaret Mahafifey,^ b. 1844, d. 1850, buried 

in Hines' Cemetery, near Cadiz, Ohio. 

1457 ^Elizabeth Ann Mahaffey.^ 

1458 ^William Joseph Mahaffey,'' b. 1848, d. in infancy. 

1459 ^George Washington Mahafifey,^ b. 1850, d. 1878, 

buried at Kennedy's Cemetery. 

Fifth and Sixth Generations 

1429 ^ J AMES MAHAFFEY,^ (Hugh,* Alexander,^ ,^ 


James Mahaffey, eldest child of Hugh and Rachel Mc- 
Craimer Mahaffey, was born October 6, 1827. Married Sophia 
Jackson, Knox county, Ohio. 

He served as cavalryman of the 4th Ohio Reg. through the 
Civil War, and died June 27, 1900, and is buried in Mt. Zion 
Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. His wife is still living, and to 
them were born five children : 

1463 ^Byron Mahaffey,^ located in Arizona, is in the 

mining business. 

1464 ^Antoinette Mahaffey,*' m. Dean, deceased; 

she resides near Columbus, Ohio. 

1465 ^Grant Mahaffey,*' (deceased). 

1466 *John Mahaffey,** (deceased). 

1467 ^Isabelle Mahaffey," (deceased). 

Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations 

1431 3 WILLI AM MAHAFFEY,^ (Hugh,* Alexander,^ ,^ 


William Mahaffey, third son of Hugh and Rachel Mc- 
Craimer Mahaffey, was born September 16, 1831 ; married Jan- 
uary 1, 1852, to Margaret Jane Rogers, who was born March 7, 

He was a soldier in the war between the States, and was a 

Maiiaffey Descendants 135 

blacksmith by occupation. His wife died in 1900, and he died 
1903. To this union was born seven children : 

1468 ^Mary Mahaffey," b. Oct. 22, 1852, d. Dec. 7, 1911, 

m. W. H. Tiffany, who died 1891. 

1469 -Charles IM. Mahaffey," b. Aug. 2, 1854. Graduated 

from Cleveland Medical College, 1877; married 
Ida A. Carey, of Bristolville, Ohio (deceased). 

1470 ^Oilman Osborne Mahaffey,« b. Feb. 21, 1857. 

Also studied medicine and practiced for years in 
Jefferson, Ohio ; m. Jennie Wood in 1888. 

1471 ^Joseph Fremont Mahaft'ey,*' b. July 15, 1859, m. 

Lydia Runk, of McKeesport. He was a 
musician, the violin being his specialty. He was 
teacher of music and leader in orchestra, played 
in theater for some time in McKeesport, Pa. 
He died March 30, 1913. 

1472 '^William E. Mahaffey,« b. March 6, 1862, m. Francis 

B. Miller, of Mt. Vernon, O., who now lives in 
Dormont, Pa. He was a pharmacist and a man 
of lovable disposition, with countless friends. 
He died January 8, 1906. 

1473 «Edwin C. Mahaffey,« b. Jan. 14, 1867. Has been 

in the postal service for twenty-three years. 
Married Pearl Knowlton, of Rock Creek, Ohio, 
who was born Oct. 22, 1891. They had five 
children : 

1510 Wera Vivian Mahaffey,' b. 1892, d. 1893. 

1511 ^Glen Calvin Mahaffey,' b. Jan. 26, 1894. 

1512 ^Edwin Day Mahaffey," b. 1895, d. 1900. 

1513 ^Alice Corrinne Mahaffey,' b. March 12, 


1514 '^Mildred Margaret Mahaffey,'^ b. March 28, 


1474 'Hugh Lawrence Mahaffey," b. Sept. 7, 1872, is also 

a railway postal clerk, between Wheeling, W. 
Va., and Chicago. He married Francis Hulda 
Zeisloft, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Oct. 15, 1900. 
To them were born four children : 

1515 ^W. Daniel Mahaffey,' b. 1900, infant de- 


1516 ^William Lawrence Mahaffey,' b. March 27, 


1517 ^Margaret Elizabeth Mahaffey,' b. Tune 21, 


136 Mahaffey Dkscsndants 

1518 *Martha Pearl Mahaffey/ b. July 21, 1910. 

(This family resides at Mt. Vernon, O.) 

1432 ^CAROLINE MAHAFFEY,^ (Hugh," Alexander,^ ,2 


Caroline Mahaffey, eldest daughter and fourth child of Hugh 
and Rachel McCraimer Mahaffey, was born October 27, 1833 ; 
married at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, to James E. Oram, a Canadian, who 
was born 1829. He was a soldier in the Civil War, and a car- 
penter and car builder by trade. She died in 1912, and he in 
1914. They are buried at Mt, View Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 
To this marriage was born two children: 

1475 ^Roxana Oram," b. 1859, m. John M. O. Malley, of 

Sandusky, O. They live on a farm east of Mt. 
Vernon, born to them : 

1519 ^Edith Oram,'' m. Baryhenan, of Or- 

ville, Ohio. 

1520 ^Thomas Oram,^ at home. 

1476 -Joseph Oram,*^ whereabouts unknown. 

1434 ^MILTON MAHAFFEY,=^ (Hugh,* Alexander,^ ,2 


Milton Mahaffey, sixth child of Hugh and Rachel Mc- 
Craimer Mahaffey, was born April 25, 1838, is a veteran of the 
Civil War, and a blacksmith by trade. 

Is the only one living of his family and is in fair health at 76 
years of age. He married December 9, 1858, Mary A. Sutton, 
who was born in Cornwall county, England, March 20, 1838, and 
came to this country with her parents in 1840. She died at Mt. 
Vernon, Ohio, March 28, 1876. She was the mother of three 

September 2, 1878, he married Florence Kime, born in Knox 
county, February 22, 1859, and born to them one son. The fol- 
lowing children were born to these marriages : 

1477 iPerry D. Mahaffey," b. Jan. 13, 1860, m. to Cora 

M. Karch, of Millersburg, Ohio. They have 
four daughters : 

1521 ^Mabel M. Mahaffey,^ b. Jan. 31, 1888, m. 

June 7, 1912, to Austen F. Miller, of 
Holmes county, Ohio, at Moose Jaw, 

Mahaffey Descendants 137 

Saskatchewan, Can., where they now Hve ; 
born to them : 
1598 ^A. Kennith Miller.^ b. June 8, 1913. 

1522 -Marcedes R. Mahaffey,^ b. Aug. 11, 1889. 

1523 •''Bessie L. Mahaffey,^ b. Dec. 11. 1891. 

1524 *Fay G. Mahaffey,^ b. Aug. 19, 1906. 

1478 =^Lucien Mahaffey,^ b. July 3, 1866, m. Minnie Sapp, 

June 10, 1888, and they had born to them six 
children : 

1525 iRalph Mahaffey.^ 

1526 -Earl Mahaffey.^ 

1527 ^Maud Mahaffey." 

1528 ^rene Mahaffey.' 

1529 =^Louise Mahaffey.^ 

1530 ^James Mahaffey,^ (family live at Mt. Ver- 

non, Ohio.) 

1479 ^Jessie Maud Mahaffey,^ b. Jan. 24, 1876, lives in 

Akron, Ohio. 

1480 *Roscoe Mahaffey,« b. 1882, lives at Mt. Vernon, 

Ohio (son of second wife.) 

1435 -JOSEPH MAHAFFEY,^ (Hugh,* Alexander,^ ,= 


Joseph Mahafifey, seventh child of Hugh and Rachel Mc- 
Craimer Mahaffey, was born March 28, 1840, was a soldier in the 
Civil War, married in 1864 to Mary Boland, of Pennsylvania, and 
located in Wyandotte, Kansas. He died while on a visit to his 
brother in Ohio, August 18, 1913, and was buried in Mt. View 
Cemetery at Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

Six children were born to Joseph and Mary Boland Ma- 
haffey, only two living : 

1481 ^ Harry MahafTfey," of British Columbia, in mining 


1482 -William Mahaffey,^ in R. R. Shops, at Kansas 

City, Mo. 

1452 ^ALEXANDER MAHAFFEY,^ (William,* Alexander,' 

,- Mahaffey.^) 

Alexander Mahaffey, second son of William and Harriet 
Ourant Mahaffey, was born in Harrison county, Ohio, in 1833, 
married in 1860 to Isabel Kennedy, who was born in 1837. 

138 Mahaffey Descendants 

They were members of the Christian Union Church. Alex- 
ander was a farmer ; he and his wife were charter members of the 
Rush Grange, continuing for thirty years. Later in Hfe Mrs. 
Mahaffey joined the M. E. Church. He died in 1903, after a long 
illness. She died very suddenly at the home of her son, J. C. 
Mahaffey, in 1910. 

Nine children were born to this union : 

1483 ^Sarah Margaret Mahaffey.*' 

1484 -John Cyrus Mahaffey.^ 

1485 "William Jasper Mahaffey.® 

1486 ^Harriet Isabel Mahaffey,^ b. March 7, 1865, d. Feb. 

1887, (born to her a son:) 
^Harry Jesse Mahaffey,^ b. Feb. 1887. 

1487 ^David Washington Mahaffey.® 

1488 ^Alexander Robert Mahaffey,® b. July 15, 1869, d. 

March 12, 1880. 

1489 "Ada Estelle Mahaffey.® 

1490 «James Mathew Mahaffey,® b. May 27, 1872. 

1491 «Obediah Richard Mahaffey.® 

1454 *JAMES H. MAHAFFEY,^ (William,* Alexander,^ 
,- Mahaffey.^ 

James Mahaffey, fourth child of William and Harriet Ourant 
Mahaffey, was born in Harrison county, Ohio, March 27, 1837, 
moved with his parents to Tuscarawas county and later to Craw- 
ford county, Ohio. In 1857 he married Susan Kliver, who was 
born in 1839. They had six children. His wife died May 6, 
1876. August 1, 1881, James H. married Susie Bosworth and to 
them were born two children. 

James H. Mahaffey was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisted 
in Company E, 136th O. V. I., May, 1864; was discharged in 
August on account of sore eyes, but he soon re-enlisted and served 
to close of war. He died suddenly at his home in Gallon, Ohio, 
1906. His second wife died Nov. 5, 1913. 

They were members of the Baptist church ; the names of his 
children were as follows : 

Children by first marriage: 

1492 ^Hattie Mahaffey,® b. Oct. 5, 1859, m. in 1878 to 

Charles Conts ; she died in 1882, and her hus- 
band in 1887; they had two children: 

Mahaffey Descendants 139 

1569 \Tames Henry Conts," b. 1879, died in 

Spanish-American War. 

1570 -Clarence Conts/ b. 1880, resides in Col- 

umbus, Ohio. 

1493 -Emma Bell Mahaffey,'^ b. June 3, 1861, m. Thomas 

Markey, 1883 ; they have five children : 

1571 ^Nellie Markey," b. 1885. 

1572 ^^Thomas Markey,' b. 1888. 

1573 ^Pierce Markey,^ (died in infancy.) 

1574 *Effie Markev,' b. 1890. 

1575 =^Hattie Markey/ b. 1895. 

(Mr. Markey died, 1898; his wife, 1912.) 

1494 ^Effie Mahaftey,« b. Sept. 19, 1863, m. Aug. 23, 

1883, to William J. Lindsay, who was b. 1857. 
They live at Caledonia, Ohio, and had one 
daughter : 

1576 ^Bessie Lindsay," b. 1894, married Harvey 

R. Crawbaugh in 1909. 

1495 *011ie Mahaffey ,« b. Jan. 11, 1865, m. in 1885 to 

William Frederick, of Toledo, Ohio, now de- 

1496 -'William Franklin Mahaffey.^ 

1497 «Lulu Mahaffey,« b. Dec. 1872, m. 1894 to George 

Cosgrove, b. Aug. 14, 1859. Thev have one son : 

1582 ^Chester Cosgrove,' b. Feb. 23, 1896. 

Children by second marriage: 

1498 ^Eva Mahaffey,« b. June 6, 1886. 

1499 «Pearl Mahaffey,** b. Aug. 17, 1888, m. in 1906 to 

George Ridenour, b. 1883. They have two 
children : 

1583 ^Susie Virginia Ridenour,^ b. Dec. 25, 1909. 

1584 -Floyd A. Ridenour,^ b. May 3, 1913. (Live 

at Galion, O.) 

1455 °JOHN E. MAHAFFEY,^ (William," Alexander,^ 
,' Mahaffey.^) 

John E. Mahaffey, fifth child of William and Harriet Ourant 
Mahaffey, born July 20, 1846. In '61 he enlisted in Co. M., 3rd 
Ohio Vol. Cav. The 3rd Ohio, 2nd Brigade, 1st Cav. Corps, was 
part of the Army of the Cumberland, and saw very active service. 
His company took part in the battles of Shiloh, Chicakamauga, 

140 Mahaffey Descendants 

and numerous others. They saw some Hvely times at Atlanta. 
He was honorably discharged Oct. 11, 1864. He never missed a 
day in the whole three years. 

He settled to quiet civilian life again and in 1866 married 
Rebecca Gilmore. She was the mother of three children. She 
died Nov. 1, 1875. In 1878 he married Mary Kail, and to them 
was born one son. They moved to Kansas in 1884 and later to 
Yadkin, Ark. The children born to these marriages are: 

1500 ^Kelley Wallace Mahafifey,« b. Aug. 6, 1867, m. 

March 12, 1892, Eliza Jane Kail, who was b. 
Jan. 7, 1875 ; born to them : 

1585 ^John Isaac Mahaffey,^ b. 1893. 

1586 ^Mamie Alice Mahaffey," b. 1895. 

1587 ^William McKinley Mahaffey,^ b. 1897. 

1588 ^Josiah MahafTey,^ b. 1899. 

1589 ^Roy Mahaffey,' b. 1901. 

1590 «Anna May Mahaffey,^ b. 1911. 

(They reside near Newport, Ohio.) 

1501 ^Harriet Jane Mahaffey,*^ b. Nov. 17, 1870, m. 1889 

to William Edwards, of Barnhill, O. They have 
eight children, two daughters are married and 
live at Barnhill, Ohio. 

1502 ^John Gilmore E. Mahafifey," b. Oct. 28, 1875 ; only 

four days of age when his mother died ; was 
taken and reared by Rev. and Mrs. Philip 
Gutensohn, Moravians. He married Oct. 24, 
1899, Emma Louise Schwarzrack, and live in 
Waseca, Minesota. To them were born four 
children : 

1591 ^Ella Louise Mahafifey,^ b. 1902. 

1592 ==Arnold Gilmore Mahaffey,^ b. 1909. 

1593 Jerome Charles Mahaffey,^ b. 1911. 

1594 ^Florence May Mahaffey,^ b. 1913. 

(By first marriage.) 

1503 *Lewis Emmet Mahafifey,« b. Dec. 12, 1878, m. Oct. 

3, 1903, to Sallie B. Holder, of Ravendor 
Springs, Ark., who was born Feb. 17, 1885. To 
them were born two children : 

1595 ^Kermit O. Mahaffey,^ b. 1905. 

1596 -Velma B. Mahaffey," b. 1908. 

Lewis Emmet married the second time, March 13, 

Mahaffey Descendants 141 

1913, Bertha Ramsey, born April 1, 1892, 
at Thayer, Mo. Thye have one child : 
1597 ^Juanita E. Mahaffey,' b. 1914. They live on 
their farm at Yadkin, Ark. 

1457 'ELIZABETH ANN MAHAFFEY,'- (William,* Alex- 
ander,^ ,' Mahaffey.^) 

Elizabeth Ann Mahaffey, seventh child of William and 
Harriet Ourant Mahaffey, was born July 25, 1846, married 
Alpheus Roberts, of Harrison county, Ohio. 

Was married again to George M. Orr, in 1880. She died 
Jan. 1, 1912, and her husband, March 4, 1912; children as fol- 
lows : 

1504 ^George Grim Roberts,'"' b. Jan. 10, 1873, m. 

Boals. They have four children, and live at 
Tracy, Ohio, who are : 

1505 -William Roberts,*^ residing at Utica, Tvlinn. 

1506 ^Bert Roberts,'' residence unknown. 

1507 ^Stanlev Orr." b. Sept. 6, 1881, d. Nov. 12, 1884. 

1508 'Elmer'R. Orr,« b. March 5, 1883, d. Aug. 11, 1888. 

1509 '^fulia Virginia Orr,« b. Tan. 17, 1889, m. Feb. 14, 

1912, to Frank Navney. 

1483 ^SARAH MARGARET MAHAFFEY,^ (Alex.,^ Wil- 
liam,* Alexander,^ ,- Mahaft'ey.^) 

Sarah ^largaret Mahaffey, eldest child of Alexander and 
Isabel Kennedy Mahaft'ey, vvas born Sept. 30, 1861, in Harrison 
county, Ohio. Was a member of the Christian Union Church, 
but later joined the M. E. Church. She married Nov. 9, 1881, 
John E. Burro way, who was born March 15, 1861. She was a 
gentle, sweet spirited woman, and a friend and neighbor indeed. 
She died March 14, 1907. They were the parents of six children : 

1531 ^Charles Burroway,' b. 1882, enlisted in United 

States Navy six years ago. Has been on active 
duty in Cuba, the Philippines and has made two 
trips to China. 

1532 -Clyde Alexander Burroway," b. 1884, is employed 

in P. R. R. shops at Dennison, Ohio ; is married 
and has four daughters. 

1533 ^Elva Bell Burroway," b. 1886, m. A. J. Reidenbach, 

and born to them three children. 

142 Mahaffey Deiscendants 

1529 *Alma Bessie Burroway/ b. 1891, m. Joseph F. 
Huebner, and they have two children. 

1534 ^Lloyd Verne Burroway/ b. 1893, has been in the 

U. S. Army for two years ; belongs to Co. 19, 
C. A. C, located at Fort Caswell, N. C. 

1535 ^John Frederick Burroway,^ b. 1895, enlisted in 

Troop G, 12th Cav., U. S. A., and located at Fort 
Robinson. Neb. 

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Generations 

1484 2JOHN CYRUS MAHAFFEY,« (Alex,^ William,* 
Alexander,^ ,^ Mahaffey.^ 

John Cyrus Mahaffey, eldest son of Alexander and Isabel 
Kennedy Mahaffey, was born in Harrison county, Ohio, October 
18, 1862 ; married in 1883 to Joicy Hannah Haver, who was born 
Dec. 15, 1864. He was a bridge carpenter and worked for the 
B. & O. R. R. for eight years. They now reside at Ulrichsville, 
Ohio, on a farm and are members of the M. E. Church, and for 
over two years four of their children — Carrie, Lena, John, Jr., 
and Mary have attended Sabbath-school without missing a single 

John C. and J. Hannah Haver Mahaffey had born to them 
nine children : 

1536 ^Pearl Blanche Mahaffey,^ b. July 27, 1886. 

1537 ^Carrie Annabel Mahaffey,^ b. Dec. 15, 1888. 

1538 ^Twin boys — born dead. 

1539 ^William Alexander Mahaffey,^ b. July 28, 1891, d. 

an infant. 

1540 ,^Huldah Edith Mahaffey," b. Nov. 5, 1892, was 

married Jan. 31, 1913 to Millard Fillmore 
Calderwood, Jr., a boiler maker in the P. R. R. 
shops at Dennison, O. They have one 
daughter : 
1599 ^Virginia Dale Calderwood,^ b. Nov. 1, 1913. 

1541 «Lena Joicy Mahaffey,^ b. Nov. 29, 1894. 

1542 ^Lenelta Ada Mahaffey," b. Aug. 1, 1898; d. March 

31, 1900. 

1543 «John Roosevelt Mahaffey,^ b. July 31, 1902. 

1544 "Mary Alice Mahaffey,^ b. Oct. 16, 1904. 

Mahaffey Descendants 143 

1485 nVILLIAM JASPER MAHAFFEY,« (Alex,'^ William/ 
Alexander,^ ,- .') 

William Jasper Mahaffey, third child of Alexander and 
Isabel Kennedy Mahaffey, was born in Harrison county, Ohio, 
Jan. 22, 1864 ; married Aug. 9, 1891 to Susie McMillen, who was 
born Feb. 16, 1873. 

They live on their farm near the old historical town of 
Guadenhutton (meaning, tents of grace) where were burned 
ninety Christian Indians on the banks of Tuscarawas river. To 
them were born nine children : 

1545 ^Cora Mahaffey .'^ b. May 8, 1892; m. Harvey S. 

Edwards, March 12, 1912. They had a son born 
Feb., 1913. 

1546 -^Edna Eva Mahaffey,^ b. Nov. 23, 1893. 

1547 n'iola Mahaffey," b. March 8, 1896. 

1548 ^Isabel Mahaffey,^ b. Dec. 5, 1898. 

1549 ^^Harriet Mahaffey,^ b. May 25, 1901. 

1550 •'James Walter Mahaffey," b. June 17, 1903. 

1551 "Herrick Mahaffey,^ b. Feb. 17, 1907, d. an infant. 

1552 «Hermon Mahaffey,^ b. Sept. 4, 1908. 

1553 ^Charles Mathew Mahaffey,^ b. Aug. 2, 1912. 

liam,* Alexander,^ ,- .^) 

David Washington Mahaffey, fifth child of Alexander and 
Isabel Kennedy Mahaffey, was born April 27, 1866. When quite 
young his mother was very ill with typhoid fever. The paternal 
grandparents came and took the baby home and kept him until 
his mother recovered. They brought the baby back and returned 
home, but the next day came for him, as they became so attached 
to him that they could not live without him. The parents con- 
sented and the grandparents kept and reared him. 

In 1884 he went with his uncle, John E. Mahaffey, to Pawnee 
county, Kansas, but a year later returned to Ohio. He married 
September 1, 1887, Olive Janet Huston, who was born Jan. 8, 
1864. They live on a farm in Tuscarawas county, Ohio. Six 
children blessed this marriage : 

144 Mahaffey Descendants 

1554 ^Sarah Mabel Mahaffey," b. May 21, 1888. 

1555 ^Mahala Olive Mahaffey/ b. Feb. 2, 1890, m. Fred- 

erick W. Petry, May 27, 1909. They have two 
children : 

1600 ^Frederick Davis Petry ,« b. May 14, 1910. 

1601 ^Francis Olive Petry ,» b. March 21, 1913. 
1656 ^Mary May Mahaffey,^ b. Feb. 6, 1892. 

1556a *Mildred Elanore Mahaffey,^ b. May 4, 1895, m. 
Frank E. Enos, May 18, 1913. 

1557 ^David Washington, ]v.,' b. Aug. 14, 1899, infant, 


1558 «Marvel Irena Mahaffey,^ b. Aug. 3, 1901. 

1489 ^ADA ESTELLE MAHAFFEY,« (Alex,^ William,* 
Alexander,^ ,^ Mahaffey.^) 

Ada Estelle Mahaffey, third daughter of Alexander and 
Isabel Kennedy Mahaffey, was born Jan. 13, 1871, married 
Charles C. Arnold, 23rd day of Jan., 1892, who was born July 1, 
1870, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. I. C. Paugh, of 
Kennedy M. E. church. They live in Tuscarawas county, O., 
and have five children : 

1559 ^Ethel May Arnold,^ b. 1892. 

1560 "Goldie Opal Arnold,^ b. 1894. 

1561 =^John Walter Arnold," b. 1896. 

1562 *Ina Pearl Arnold," b. 1900. 

1563 ^Herbert Charles Arnold," b. 1906. 

1490 « J AMES MATHEW MAHAFFEY,« (Alex,^ William,* 
Alexander,^ ,- Mahaffey.^) 

James M. Mahaffey, eighth child of Alexander and Isabel 
Kennedy Mahaffey, was born May 27, 1872; married Dec. 17, 
1902, Hettie G. Henry, who was born July 14, 1875. 

They are members of the Christian Church, and live in 
Dennison, Ohio, where James is employed by the P. R. R. They 
have two children : 

1564 ^Herbert Stanton Mahaffey," b. 1908. 

1565 -James Edward Mahaffey,' b. 1911. 

No. 1615. JAMES B. MAHAFFY, (Baltimore, Md.) 


— z 


Q _^.^' 

Mahaffev Descendants 145 

liam/ Alexander,^ ,- .^) 

Obadiah Richard Mahaft'ey, youngest child of Alexander 
and Isabel Kennedy Mahaffey, was born in Tuscarawas county, 
Ohio, Sept. 22, 1873. After he grew to manhood he tried several 
businesses, but finally came back to the farm. 

On Sept. 29, 1901, he married Harriet Ellen Edwards, who 
was born July 7, 1882. To them have been born three children : 

1566 ^Bessie Virda MahalYey," b. Aug. 25, 1903. 

1567 -Beulah Angelina Mahaffey,' b. Sept. 20, 1910. 

1568 ^Obediah Ralph Alahaffey," b. Jan. 6, 1913. 

William,* Alexander,^ ,- Mahaffey.^) 

William Franklin, fifth child of James H. and Susan Kliver 
Mahaffey, was born May 26, 1867; married Dec. 24, 1885, to 
Evaline Wilson, who was born June 3, 1861. 

They are members of the Baptist Church and live near Cale- 
donia, O. W^illiam Franklin weighs about 260 pounds. To them 
were born five children : 

1577 7ames Richard Mahaffey," b. July 16, 1887, d. Aug. 

12, 1888. 

1578 -Lester Mahafley,' b. May 11, 1890, m. 1909, Ozella 

Chuff, b. July 2, 1891. They have three chil- 
dren : 

1602 ^ Mabel Mahafifey,« b. 1909. 

1603 ^Stella May MahafTey,« b. 1910. 

1604 ^Clarena Elone Mahaffey, « b. 1912. 

(They live near Caledonia, Ohio.) 

1579 ^George Clifford Mahaffey,' b. May 1, 1893. 

1580 ^Perce Mahaffey," b. April 30, 1885. 

1581 ^Mary Etta Mahafl^ey," b. July 22, 1898. 


We bid you welcome, dear "Buckeye Clan," 
For truly you have crossed a span 
Of years. Before settling in a State, 
From "our W'ashington" you did migrate 
To become a "Buckeye," yet we claim 
M. D.— 10 

146 Mahaffey Descendants 

Clan kinship with the Mahaffey name — 

Matters not if in some distant land — 

Sure you belong to this "Irish" band. 

Beside you know with us you have met 

In our reunions ; you'll not regret 

You came. Come again, 'tis glorious fun — 

Good "Buckeye Clan" from county Washington. 

M. B. M. C. 

Mahaffey Descendants 147 


1605 Mahaffeys in Ireland, and 19th Century Emigrants to 

The Hterature of Ireland is filled with great collections of 
genealogies, some compiled before the time of St. Patrick, and 
continued until seventeenth century. 

These genealogies were checked every few years by the great 
convention Lara. After this ceased the Aenachs, or Fairs, con- 
tinued, at which time the genealogies of the chiefs were re- 

The Irish chieftain families meet in certain historical and 
semi-historical personages who lived several centuries before, or 
after Christ. But not content to going back to these founders 
the old genealogists strove to make the nobility of one family. 

They went on to the legendary Miled, his sons and uncle; 
Miled is supposed to be the leader of the first Gaels who entered 
Ireland. Three of his sons were Eremon, Ir and Eber, and his 
Uncle Ith. From these men are derived the great groups 
Eremonian, Irian, Eberian and Ithian families. 

The Emeronian families are the largest group and meet in 
the Arch King Eochaidh, who died about 379. From another son 
of Eochaidth, the archking Nial of the Nine Tostages, come the 
Northern Hy-Neils, or O'Neils, of Ulster, of whom there are 
three families ; those of Dungannon in Tyrone, Fews of Armagh, 
and Clanneboy in Antrim. Another son of Nial was Eoghan, 
who gave the name of Tyrone, Tir Eoghan, the Land of Eoghan. 

When Brian was archking he obliged the chiefs of the Clans 
to take the name of some ancestor as a family name. If he took 
his father's name he used the prefix Mac, meaning son of, if of a 
more remote ancestor they used O, which means grandson, or 
descendant of. Brian was Archking in 1002 (note this is copied 
from printed matter sent by Miss M. G. MahalTey, of Baltimore, 
Md., who is a descendant of Susan O'Neil, of Dungannon, Ire- 

The fact that the Mahaflfey's adopted a coat of arms as early 

148 Mahaffey Descendants 

as the 11th century goes to prove that they are of ancient lineage. 
We, however, do not know whether this was in Scotland or 

We have from good authority that they have been buried in 
Clonleigh Cemetery, in Ireland, from time immemorial (a long 
time), which would suggest that they might have been in Ireland 
even earlier than the 11th century. 

The strong impression is that they are of Scotch descent, 
although there is a legend to the effect that one "Bau Haffet" 
came over with William III. in 1688, making, if that were true, 
a strain of Dutch blood. In certain families this would be re- 
ceived with scorn, because all these years they have prided them- 
selves on that Scotch-Irish blood. However drop the Bau, and 
substitute Mac, and we have Mac Haffet, which could easily be 
corrupted in McHafifet, McHaffy, or Mahaffey. 

Be that as it may we will not strain our imaginations to that 
extent, but rest on the conviction that we are Scotch-Irish. They 
could have migrated from Scotland at any time, but it is likely 
that at the time of the Ulster Plantation, 1609-1612, they have 
found sufficient reason, especially among the poorer, or ambitious 
ones, for settling in Ireland. Those of the extreme north were 
doubtless among this number, and were the ancestors who are 
buried at Clonleigh, and took part in the defense of Londenberry 
when beseiged by King James in 1688, as one ot them died in 
sight of "home ten miles from Londenberry." 

We also have record of them at Lifford, in Donegal, at Stra- 
bane, just across the river, in Tyrone; in Lurgan, Cavan and 
Down, also Dublin and Belfast. From family traditions, inherent 
traits, family names, and certain striking resemblances one can 
almost with certainty select the place of origin. The members of 
the Clan are welcome to their choice, except where it is already 
proven, as in the case with the nineteenth century emigrants to 
this country and those now living in Ireland. 

Mahaffey Descendants 149 


1606 CHARLES MAHAFFY and family came to America in 

1848 from Tyrone, Ireland. 

1607 ^ J AMES MAHAFFY.^ (Spells name without the e.) 
James Mahaffy, of Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland, married Susan 

O'Neil, direct descendant of Hugh O'Neil of Dungannon, of 
Dungannon, Province of Ulster (see introduction). To them 
were born seven children : 

1608 ^Margaret Mahafify,- b. 1801, m. 1861, Daniel 

Winters. They had one child : 
1614a ^ James Winters,^ d. unmarried, 1885, in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

1609 ^James MahafTy," b. 1803, d. 1866, unmarried, in 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

1610 ^Susan I\lahaffy% b. 1806, d. 1887, in Philadelphia, 


1611 ^Charles Mahafify.^ 

1612 ^Grace Mahaffy^ d. 1884, m. John McSorley, of 

Castlederg, Ireland ; born to them one child : 
1619 ^Elizabeth McSorley,^ d. 1906, in Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

1613 ^John Mahaft'y,^ m. Margaret McPhilony, sister 

of Nancy ; he died in 1892. 

1614 'Elizabeth Mahaffy,- d. 1896, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Second Generation 

1611 ^CHARLES MAHAFFY,- (James Mahaffy.^ 

Charles Mahaffy, fourth child of James and Susan O'Neil 
Mahaffy, was born in Ireland, about 1807. He married Nancy 
McPhilony, of Castlederg, Ireland, about 1835 or '36. They lived 
at S. E. corner, 12th and Ellsworth Sts., Philadelphia. 

Nancy died in 1887, and Charles in 1890. He was a retired 
tailor. To this union was born four: 

150 Mahaffey Descendants 

1615 1 J AMES B. MAHAFFY,^ (Charles,^ James.^) 

James B. Mahaffy was born at Spamont, Tyrone, Ireland, in 
1837. Came with his parents to America about 1848. He mar- 
ried Margaret Dinsmore, in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1859, and moved 
to Baltimore, Md., in 1879, where he died in 1912. He was a 
noted lumber man and inventor. They had born to them eight 
children : 

1620 ^Kate Laura Mahaffy,* b. 1860, d. 1863. 

1621 ^Anna Mahaffy,* b. 1862, d. 1863. 

1622 ^Margaret G. Mahaffy,* b. 1866. 

1623 *Laura C. Mahaffy,* b. 1868, m. James P. Cooney, 

of Baltimore, Md., in 1912. 

1624 ^Elizabeth Mahaffey,* b. 1869, d. 1870. 

1625 ^Charles P. Mahaffy,* b. 1871. U. S. Survey. 

1626 'Harriet V. Mahaffey,* b. 1874. 

1627 «Louis H. Mahaffy,* b. 1876, m. Helen Forman, of 

Baltimore, Md., in 1902. They have one son : 
1634 ^Ronald Barton Mahaffy,^ b. 1904. 

1616 2JANE MAHAFFY,^ (Charles,^ James.^ 

Jane Mahaffy, second child of Charles and Nancy McPhilony 
Mahaffy, married Edmund English, who was a Civil War veteran, 
Co. C, 2nd N. Y. Vol., Co. C, 7th N. Y. Vol., member Medal of 
Legion of Honor, a retired grocer. Died in 1912. She died in 
1899 and to this union were born five children : 

1628 ^Rev. F. K. English,* of Toledo, Ohio. 

1629 -Anna Estelle English,* teacher in Vail School, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

1630 ^Agnes Hortence English,* d. 1897. 

1631 *Edward English,* (deceased.) 

1632 "Mary Elizabeth English,* teacher in George Wash- 

ington School, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1617 ^ELIZABETH MAHAFFY,^ (Charles,^ James.^) 

Elizabeth Mahaffy, third child of Charles and Nancy Mc- 
Philony Mahaffy, and first wife of the above Edmund English, 
died in 1868 ; they had one child : 

1633 ^Sue English,* d. 1868. 

Mahaffey Descendants 151 

1618 ^SUSAN MAHAFFY,^ (Charles^ James Mahaffy/) 

Susan Mahaffy, youngest daughter of Charles and Nancy 
McPhilony Mahaffy, unmarried and lives at 5816 Washington 
Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 


To our Southern Clan we extend a hand, 

Bid you welcome ; and may you feel 
Much interest you have added to our band ; 

'Twill prove to all a common weal. 

M. E. M. C. 

152 Mahaffey Descendants 


Family came to America in 1850, from Donegal, Ireland. 

1635 ^James Mahaffey/ native of Ireland, had two sons : 

1636 ^John Mahaffey,^ who lived at Drumore, Ireland. 

1637 ^James Mahaffey,^ married Margaret McClure; 

they lived at Masshill, Parrish of Lifford, Done- 
gal county, Ireland, and to them were born four 

1638 ^William Maha^fey,^ had a large family of 

daughters, emigrated to Boston in the 
early forties. 

1639 ^Edward Mahaffey,^ had three sons and 

three daughters: 

1642 ^James MahafTey.* 

1643 ^Robert MahafTey." 

1644 'William Mahafifey.* 

1645 ^Martha Mahaffey." 

1646 ^Isabella Mahaffey.* 

1647 "Eliza Ann Mahaffey." 

1642 ^James Mahaffey,* son of Edward Mahaffey,^ had 
five sons and one daughter. 

1656 ^Edward Mahaflfey.= 

1657 -Cunningham A. Mahaffey.^ 

1658 ^Hugh MahafTey.^ 

1659 ^Thomas Mahafifey.^ 

1660 ^Alexander Mahaffey.^ 

1661 "Daughter, married Wilson. 
This family still live in Ireland ; James is dead. 

1640 ^Robert Mahaffey,^ (a bachelor, deceased). 

1641 *James MahafTey,^ b. 1800, m. Margaret 


Third Generation 

1641 *JAMES MAHAFFEY,^ (James,^ James.^) 

James Mahafifey, fourth son of James and Margaret Mc- 
Clure Mahaffey, was born in 1800, married Margaret Galbraith, 

Mahaffey Descendants 153 

who was born in 1799. They emigrated from Masshill, Parrish 
of Lifford, Donegal county, Ireland, in 1850; settled in Butler 
county, Pa., on a farm. He later sold the farm and moved to 
Allegheny, now North Side Pittsburgh. He died in 1855 and his 
wife in 1872. Eight children were born to these parents : 

1648 Isabella Anne Mahaffey,'' m. Daniel Reed, and had 

three children : 

1662 ^James Mahaffey Reed.= 

1663 ^Mary Reed,^ m. Truckton Magaw ; they had 
two children : 

1677 'Harry Denny Magaw.« 

1678 -Sophia Magaw.® 

1664 ^William Reed.= 

1649 -Margaret McClure Mahaffey,'' m. James Patterson, 

has eight children and several grand children. ' 

1650 ^James Mahaffey." 

1651 "Robert Mahaffey," was killed at battle of Antietam. 

1652 =^William John Mahaffey," killed in seven days' fight 

before Richmond ; three brothers enlisted in Co. 
C, 9th Pa. Reserves. 

1653 ''Galbraith Mahaffey," served to end of war, m. 

Nancy Duncan. They had several children'; we 
mention : 

1674 ^William Bright Mahaffey.^ 

1675 ^David Blye Mahaffey.^ 

1676 ^^George Clifford Mahaffey.^ 

(Galbraith Mahaffey died from diseases con- 
tracted in war.) 

1654 "Mary Mahaffey," m. Samuel Duncan, d. 1862 ; had 
three children. 

1655 ^George Mahaffey," enlisted in a calvary company 

in ninety days' service — when mustered out went 
to military school in Philadelphia, Pa. ; passed 
for lieutenant of the first class ; received a U. S. 
commission and was assigned to the 22nd Regt., 
U. S. Colored troops. He served until the end 
of the war. He was at one time Provost Mar- 
shall at Appalachicola, Fla. He went south 
after the war and has never been heard from 

154 Mahaffey Descendants 

Fourth Generation 

1650 3JAMES MAHAFFEY," (James,^ James,^ James.^) 

James Mahaffey, third child of James and Margaret Gal- 
braith Mahaffey, was born in 1831, married Sept. 18, 1855, to 
Jane Patterson, who was born Oct. 4, 1835. He died in 1913. 
James Mahaffey was a retired banker, and much beloved by all 
who knew him. To him the "Mahaffey Clan" owe many interest- 
ing details as to the "Irish Mahaffeys." He took great interest 
in the reunions, and always regretted he was unable to attend. 

He was an invalid for some time before his death. In a 
letter written in 1911 he positively states that he believed himself 
to be a relative of the Mahaffeys who settled on the Susquehanna. 
He had heard his father and his great Uncle "Jack" discuss this 
matter. Uncle "Jack" lived at Drumore Parrish of Lifford, 
county Donegal, Ireland, weighed about 250 pounds, was very red 
in the face. He had a son Minion, who was the tallest man in 
the parrish. In 1897 there was a grandson Minion, living on the 
old homestead. 

He also wrote, "Tradition has it that some of our ancestors 
were defenders of the city of Londenderry, when besieged by 
King James in 1688; some were killed, some were starved to 
death, and one died from exhaustion in sight of home." "A 
sampler worked in different colored silk hung over the mantel- 
piece in my boyhood home. The inscription was, "Our Faith and 
Our Fireside ;" "No Surrender, Meg 1688." The word "Meg" is 
an abbreviation of roaring Meg, a cannon that was mounted on 
the walls of the city of Londenderry, and made a terrific noise, 
which struck terror to the heart of King James and his followers. 
The early Mahaffeys were Episcopalians, with a few Presby- 
terians. They have been buried in the old cemetery at Clonleigh 
from time immemorial." 

He further states that his father had the family tree neatly 
written out on a sheet of parchment. (This record was obtained 
by him in a law suit he had in regard to a piece ot freehold prop- 
erty), and was written back to 1688, and was lost m the move to 

Mahaffey Descendants 155 

this country. James and Jane Patterson Mahaffey were the par- 
ents of nine children : 

1665 ^EHza Emma Mahaffey,^ m. Dr. John Graham, in 

1880. They have three children : 

1679 ^Jane Graham,« m. George B. Howell, 1906 

and born to them two children: 

1688 ^Jane Howell.^ 

1689 ^George Bethel Howell.^ 

1680 -Rhea Williams Graham." 

1681 ^\shley Chalfant Graham." 

1666 -Anna Margaret Mahaffey," m. Dr. J. R. J. Milligan, 

in 1890. They had two children born to them: 

1682 \Iane Anita Milligan." 

1683 -Margaret Elanor Milligan." 

1667 ^Jane Adams Mahaffey,^ m. William Maxwell 

Boggs, in 1891. They are parents of two: 

1684 ^James Boggs." 

1685 -Maxwell Boggs." 

1668 *Sarah Wyle Mahaffey.^ 

1669 ''James Reunick Mahaffey,"^ m. Eugenie Thornton, 
in 1903. They have two children : 

1686 ^Ashley Chalfant Mahaffey." 

1687 -James Mahaffey." 

1670 "Mary McAuley Mahaffey,'^ m. W. S. Graham, Oct. 

4, 1906. 

1671 'Ashley Chalfant Mahaffey,^ d. 1901. 

1672 ^Robert Henry Mahaffey,^ d. Oct. 7, 1911. 

1673 ''John Galbraith Mahaffey," (died in infancy.) 


We have heard from many of our Clan ; 

Much different, too, their stories ran, 

Each in their class ; we prize them all. 

Responding to our earnest call 

For data. In which to fill our book — 

It, we secured, by hook or crook. 

Our "Pittsburgh Clan" have helped us fine. 

In running out this "Irish" line. 

I know you'll all enjoy their part, 

Displaying a true "Irish" heart. 

156 Mahaffey Descendants 


1690 An "Irish" American Chapter. American representatives 
of this family emigrated to this country about 1881. 

The settlement of Mehaffeys in West Down, Ireland, was 
begun about the beginning of the 17th century. Possibly one of 
the clan came from Scotland during the Ulster Plantation, and 
settled here under grants, at, or about the same time as the others 
settled in Donegal and Antrim counties. 

This wing of the Clan spelling their name "Mehaffey." There 
were three known grandsons, or great-grandsons of the first 
founder, and they all died between the years 1830 and 1880, 
namely : 

1691 Joseph Mehaffey.3 

1692 -John Mehafifey.^ 

1693 =^William Mehafifey.* 

There is also mention made of two unknown brothers of this 
family, there having been five brothers in all. Many daughters 
were among the descendants, and have intermarried so that many 
of the present generation can claim lineage to the first Mehaffey 
settler. This settlement was made at Loughbrickland, (see illus- 
tration in book) county Down, 24 miles south of the city of Bel- 
fast, and three miles from the market and banking town of Ban- 
bridge. It was at this village where King William III. encamped 
with his troops on the way to the Boyne, June 20th, 1690. 

It was near here where the battle of "Dolly's Brae," was 
fought July 12th, 1849, against the rebels. 

There are many of the ancient landmarks to be found in this 
district. There remains a monument of three large, long, almost 
square stones, in the town of "Greenan," supposed to be from the 
Danes time of conquest, and known as the three sisters of 
"Greenan." Between the villages of Scarva and Gilford can be 
found the ruins of Tally-Ho-Castle, built by the Danes in the Uth 

The Ulster Plantation, frequently referred to in several pre- 

Mahaffev Descendants 157 

vious chapters, consists of 511,465 acres of land in the provnice 
of Ulster. This land became vested in the crown owing to the 
forfeitures under James 1st, and was divided among English and 
Scotch Protestant subjects, as chose to settle there — dates, 1609- 
1612. The colony settled in the extreme north, chiefly in Antrim 
and Londonderry counties, but especially around the cities (now) 
Londonderry and Coleraine. receiving their charter in 1613. 

History again tells us of the re-colonization between 1683 and 
1690, during the reformation, when the last Stuart King, James 
II, was removed from the throne, and died an exile in France 
after suffering defeat at Derry, Aughrin, Oldbridge and the 
Boyne, under William III. in 1801, to settle the Irish rebellion, 
which began May 4, 1798. costing about 170.000 lives. It was 
more probable that during the reformation period (1688-90) our 
ancestors came from Scotland and made settlement in Ulster. 
The writer wishes the reader could have the pleasure of reading 
a "Retrospect" furnished by the author of the above data, pertain- 
ing to a recent journey made by himself to his "Fatherland." 
Owing to lack of space we are denied giving you the pleasure, it 
being well worth reading. We would suggest that all interested 
members of this clan secure same from our newly found relative 
and clansman, John Meahfifey, No. 17 Florida St., Pittsburgh, 
Pa., and journey with him across the Isle of Shamrock, the land 
of sunshine and flowers : 

"O! Land of sunset glories. 

Lone island of the west ; 
Of all lands to thy children, 

The fairest one and best. 
Thy sons w'ill cease to love thee, 

And for thy sake to toil — 
When clinging Shamrock ceases 

To love the Irish soil. 

(Unknown writer on the Emerald Isle.) 

This '"Retrospect" consists of 33 closely written pages of the 
most interesting journey, therefore we find it impossible to take 
you with us upon this journey through these pages, but will intro- 
duce to you his ancestry. 

158 Mahaffe;y Descendants 

1691 ^JOSEPH MAHAFFEY,^ (Mehaffey,^ Mehaffey.^ 
Joseph Mehaffey married Mary Graham, 1843, who was 

born in Scarva, county Down, of Scotch ancestry. She died 
March 18, 1886. 

Joseph Mehaffey was one of the three brothers to settle in 
West Down. Little is known of his early life, as records are un- 
available; however, he died Jan. 1, 1863, a man about 60 years of 
age. To this marriage there was born an only child, a son : 

1694 ijames Mahaffey,"* b. 1844, m. Jane G. McFerron. 

1692 ^John Mehaffey,^ second son of this brancTi mentioned in 

beginning of this chapter, was born, died and buried in 
this settlement in county Down. Little can be learned 
of his life, save that he died some time after his brother 
Joseph, leaving no direct descendants. 

1693 ^William Mehaffey,^ third son, was the youngest and died 

about the year 1880; he married and was survived by 
one daughter : 

1695 ^Jane Mehaffey,* m. John Taggart. 

Fourth Generation 

1694 7 AMES MEHAFFEY,* (Joseph,^ ,2 }) 

James Mehaffey, only child of Joseph and Mary Graham Me- 
haffey, was born Aug. 26, 1844, at Drumsallagh, near the village 
of Loughbrickland ; was married to Jane M. McFerron, Nov. 24, 
1865. A family of eight children were born to them where they 
resided upon the old homestead, and were : 

1697 ^Joseph Mehaffey,' b. Apr., 1867, emigrated to 

Pittsburg, Pa., in 1881 ; died from scarlet fever 
in 1882. 

1698 -Minnie Mehaffey,' b. Jan. 15, 1869, m. Geo. A. Mc- 

Calmon, June 24, 1897, and born to them are : 
1718 ^Albert Gaddis McCalmon,« b. Jan. 15, 1899. 

Mahaffey Descendants 159 

1719 2jane Mehaffey McCalmon," b. July 27, 1900. 

1720 ^Anna May McCalmon,« b. March 9, 1906. 

1721 ^George Alexander McCalmon," b. Feb. 5, 

1909. (Mrs. McCalmon, emigrated to 
America, 1888.) 

1699 'George Mehaft"ey,=> b. Jan. 1, 1872, m. in 1894, to 

Georgina Panton ; four children born to them, 
two dying in youth : 

1722 'Beulah V. H. Mehaffey ,« b. Sept. 19, 1895. 

1723 ^Loujean Mehaffey," b. June 7, 1900. 

1700 ^William Mehaffey,^ third son, b. in county Down, 

Dec. 19, 1873; emigrated to America, Jan. 30, 
1890; m. Sarah Margaret Boggs, daughter of 
John and Mary Boggs, of Wilkinsburg, Pa., Oct. 
11, 1900, the following children have been born: 

1724 ^Mary Annabel Mahaffey,« b. June 20, 1903. 

1725 -James Boggs Mehaffey,« b. March 23, 1905. 

1726 nVilliam Graham Mehaffey,« b. May 21, 


1727 ^Margaret Jane Mehaffey ,« b. Sept. 7, 1910. 

1728 =^Robert Wilson Mehaffey ,« b. Nov. 30, 1912. 

1701 ^Samuel James Mehaffey,^ fourth son, was born 

July 5, 1876, came to Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1892, 
married Martha B. Johnston, of Pittsburgh, Pa., 
June 24, 1902. This marriage has been blessed 
with five children : 

1729 ^Mabel Park Mehaffey," b. July 7, 1903. 

1730 ^George Wesley Mehaffey ,« b. Aug. 27, 1905. 

1731 'Samuel Mehaffey ,« b. Aug. 24, 1907. 

1732 *Irene W. Mehaffey ,« b. March 12, 1909. 

1733 ^Ethel May Mehaffey,« b. Jan. 27, 1912. 

1702 «John Mehaffey,'^ fifth son, born in 1878 (a bach- 

elor.) A young man of marked intelligence; at 
present auditor for P. R. R. at Pittsburgh, Pa. 
(Referred to as writer of "Retrospect.") 

1703 ^Sarah Maria Mehaffey," the youngest daughter, 

was born Jan. 8, 1883, and is still at the old 
homestead in county Down. 

1704 ^Joseph Mehaffey,^ the youngest child of this fam- 

ily, and named after the first-born, was b. June 
6, 1888, came to Pittsburgh in 1905, unmarried, 
a local salesman in food products. 

160 Mahaffey Descendants 

1695 ^JANE MEHAFFEY,* (William Mehaffey,^ ^ 


Jane Mehaffey, only child of William and Mehaffey, 

who at present is living in the townland of Lisnagade, Parish of 
Aghaderg, near the village of Scarva. Jane being the only heir 
to the estate of her father, settled in Warrenpoint, and engaged in 
the hotel business ; after a lapse of about ten years, gave up the 
business and married John Taggart, of Loughbrickland, about the 
year 1900, who owns a large farm adjoining this village. She 
sold the old farm to another James Mehafifey, a cousin of her 
father, a son of either John Mehaffey, or one of the unknown 

1696 ^JAMES MEHAFFEY,* (supposed to be a son of one of 
the unknown brothers of Joseph, William and John Me- 

James Mehaffey, supposed to be a son of one of the two un- 
known brothers of the mentioned Mehaffeys, in forepart of this 
sketch, married Miss Mary Risk, a local and beautiful country 
lass; he died Aug. , 1913. Ten children survive: 

1705 ^George Mehaffey,^ of San Dimas, Calf. 

1706 ^James Mehaffey,^ of South Africa. 

1707 ^Margaret Mehaffey,^ m. William McElroy, of 

Banbridge, Ireland. 

1708 *William Mehaffey,^ served in British Army, now 

of Belfast. 

1709 ^Mary Jane Mehaffey,^ m. Samuel Hawthorn, of 

Banbridge, Ireland. 

1710 *'John Mehaffey,^ who lives at the old homestead. 

1711 ^Thomas Mehaffey,^ of Sewickley, Pa. 

1712 ^Elizabeth Mehaffey,^ of Iowa. 

1713 ^Robert Mehaffey,^ of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

1714 ^"Joseph Mehaffey,^ at the old home. 

A family of Mehaffeys were discovered in these environ- 
ments who belong to the original settlers, and have not had men- 
tion made, a brother and sister : 

1715 4saac Mehaffey.^ 

1716 ^Sallie Mehaffey,^ (died in 1904, leaving no de- 


o 2 s - 

CO ~..£ ^ 

X ^ = 

O ^- = 

^ - i 

o > .■ I 

uj _■ - 

< 5- 


m = if 

Slaiiilinu', Ittt to right: .Jospiih ami ^al■all .\I. Sittii ir. Iftt to rii'lii : .hiiiics Milialli-.\ aii' 
Jane G. (McFeiron) Jlehaffey. 

No. 1702. JOHN MEHAFFEY, (Pittsburgh. Pa.) 

Mahaffey Descendants 161 

1717 ^Robert Mehaffey,"' (also a brother who migrated to 


It matters not if you came last, 

Some one must take this place. 
Your lot among us you have cast — 

We're glad to have you grace 
The pages of our book, dear Clan — 

Some in the "Fatherland" ; 
We've styled you thus "Our Pittsburgh man," 

And proudly clasp your hand ; 
Yet we must try our best include 

Those in the Emerald Isle, 
Our greetings 'cross the water send — 

"This," our "Irish," chapter style. 

M. D.-ll 

162 Mahaffey Descendants 


Letters of Interest to Clan with the Genealogies of 

the Writers 

1734 ^Doctor John Pentland Mahaffey, of Dublin, Ireland. 

A few years ago a letter was received by the President of 
the Mahaffey Clan from Dr. John Pentland Mahaffey, of Dublin 

Doctor Mahaffey is a man of much learning, an authority on 
Greek, and an author of no small note. He has held for years 
the Greek professorship at Trinity College, DubHn. Twenty 
years ago he was made Vice provost of the University. He has 
received every degree and title a man of learning deserves, and 
when last heard from, although past his eightieth year, was active 
in his duties. He made a lecture tour in this country some years 

He writes: "I cannot at a moment's notice go back further 
than my great-grandfather, who was a landed proprietor, living 
at Foxhall, near Killygarden, in South county Donegal. Most of 
a large property had been let on lease for corn, receiving a mere 
head rent per acre. These head rents were recently redeemed by 
the tenants under the present land laws. 

Two or three town lands will remain Creaghdro, Broadpath, 
and Black Repentance. This grandfather whose Christian name 
I cannot at the moment recall, had at least two sons : my grand- 
father, a parson and squire at Killygarden, and my grand uncle, 
Minion, a well-known barrister in Dublin. Both brothers married 
sisters of the Hone family. Minion left no children who sur- 
vived him. 

This generation, my grandfather and granduncle, were born 
about 1760 or 70. My father, Nathaniel Brindley, was born in 
1798, and was the oldest ; he had a brother James, who went as 
army surgeon to India and disappeared ; there was a son who be- 
came a lawyer of Billieborough, county Cavan, who is grand- 

Mahaffey Descendants 163 

father to Judge Mahaffey now in Meskaka ; also a daughter mar- 
ried to Frederick Moore, who left issue and has many grand- 
children ; and an unmarried daughter Eliza, who spent her later 
years at Billieborough, and emigrated with that family to Canada, 
where she died. 

A William Mahaffey, from the parrish Donoughmore, grad- 
uated M. D. in Glasgow about 1770. 

The family "Coat of Arms" appears on various pieces of fur- 
niture and family plate in my house. It is a mailed hand and an 
arm brandishing a broken spear, and I know by tradition that the 
motto was, "Factus non Victus," "Broken but not conquered." 
The family never took out a regular "Coat of Arms," i. e., never 
had it registered. 

Doctor Mahaffey states also that his line should be strict to 
spell the name "Mahaffy," that is the proper form. 

When W. T. Mahaffey and his son Leroy, visited Ireland in 
1909, they met Miss Rachel and Miss Elsie, the charming 
daughters of Doctor Mahaffy, and was highly elated over the 
cordial welcome they received. 

Doctor Mahaffy has two sons also, Arthur William, who has an 
heir, and Robert Rutland, a barrister in London, unmarried. 

1735 =^John Cieorge Mahaffey, No. 2, Acorn Villa, Belfast, 

"Extracts." "Early marriages and prolific families the 
rule." "The direct descendants of my grandfather were all born 
in the vicinity of Lurgan, a town of thirty miles south of Belfast." 

"We have this legend as to our family dated 1690" — "A Ma- 
haffey had a farm beside Strabane, Tyrone county. He died, 
leaving a wife and one son. He left his estate to his widow dur- 
ing her life, and after her death to his son. A second son was 
born after the father's death. The oldest son sent his son to 
Trinity College and educated him as a barrister, and later was 
known as "Croppy" Mahaft'ey, during the time of the Irish re- 

The second son, who took no part in his father's estate, be- 
came a farmer. He had three sons — James, William and Sam- 

.164 MAHAFifEY Desce:ndants 

uel. James and Samuel each had a son, the former being killed 
at the battle of Scringapatam, and the latter dying without issue. 
William had a son named James, who died June 14, 1849, 
aged 60 years. This James left five sons — William, George, 
John, Robert and James. 

^William Mahaffey, b. 1810, and d. 1894. 

^George Mahaffey, died early, leaving three sons, only one 
of whom had issue (three daughters.) 

^John Mahaffey, died in 1901, aged 83; had two sons, one 
a solicitor, William Irwin, in Belfast. 

*James Mahaffey, emigrated to Australia. 

^William Mahaffey, b. 1810, died 1894; was my grand- 
father and had five sons and daughters, some of 
of whom, or their issue, are in Toronto, Colgany 
and Nelson, Canada." 

Mr. John George Mahaffey, was born in 1861, is a prominent 
linen merchant of Belfast. He is our authority for the legend of 
the Dutch ancestor, and writes charming letters ; his compliment- 
ary tone would warrant us in thinking he had "kissed, not once, 
but many times, the famous Blarney stone." He had one son, 
who was born in 1886. 

1736 ^William Irwin Mahaffey. Extracts frorin William Irwin 
Mahaffey, Belfast, Ireland. 

"I observe your branch of the family have an 'e' in the sur- 
name. In my childhood days I remember my father had an 'e' 
in his name, but it was found that for generations previously, as 
was evidenced by the inscriptions upon the family tombstones in 
Lurgan, county Armagh, that the correct form was without the 
'e.' There are some families who insert the 'e.' 

"My father was James B. Mahaffy, and gave me a history 
back into the 18th century. The family early in that century lived 
in Strabane, county Tyrone. One of the sons came to Armagh 
and he was progenitor of the Lurgan Mahaffys. 

"I am the sole survivor of my father's and mother's family." 
William Irwin Mahaffy is a barrister in Belfast, Ireland. 

Mahaffey Descendants 165 



Odds and Ends 

1737 ^Samuel Mahaffey, of No. 1429 East Montgomery St., 

Philadelphia, Pa., has this to say : 

"My father's name was John, and his father's name was 
William. My father came from northern part of Ireland when a 
small boy, and would be about ninty-five years old (1912.) 

"I have often heard him say he had many relatives in Penn- 
sylvania, but did not know where. His mother was buried in 
Philadelphia, Pa." 

1738 ^'Pearl Mahaffey, an Ohio branch : 

"I am the eldest daughter of John Wesley Mahaffey, of Mid- 
dletown, Ohio. I have been teaching French and German here in 
Bethany College, W. Va., for five years, coming here after my 
graduation in Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Sincerely, 

"Pearl Mahaffey. 

(Letters received in 1913, by W. P. Mahaffey, Clan Sec.) 

1739 ^J. M. Brown, Irwin, Pa. A Westmoreland descendant. 

1740 *John Mahaffey, of Philadelphia, Pa. (Received in 1912.) 

"My ancestors came from Scotland about two hundred years 

ago and settled in Ireland, county Down, near Belfast, where I 

was born. I came to Philadelphia when I was eighteen years of 

age. I am now forty. I am married and have five children. 

"Yours respectfully, 

"John Mahaffey, No. 79 Laycock Ave., Phila., Pa. 

166 Mahafi^ey Descendants 

1741 ^John Mahaffey, a relative of James of Allegheny, now de- 

John Mahaffey, a distant relative of James Mahaffey, of 

Allegheny, now deceased, married Macbeth, to them were 

born four children: (1) John, (2) Moses, (3) Samuel of Mar- 
ion, Ohio, and Jane. Samuel attended one of the reunions at 

1742 ^Clyde R. Mahaffee, Shadyside, Ohio (received May 21, 


"My great-great-grandfather, it is claimed, came from Scot- 
land about the time Lafayette came over to this country. My 
great-grandfather's name was Samuel ; grandfather's name was 
William Henry, born at Smithfield, Va., 1818, died at Wegee, 
Ohio, in 1912. Married Mary Emerson, also dead. 

"My father's name was Lawrence ; died 28 years ago, when I 
was two years of age. Grandfather, William Henry, had an 
uncle, Joseph Mahaffee, living at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, just before 
the Civil War. I have lived in Ohio all my life. 

"Yours truly, 
"Clyde R. Mahaffee, Shadyside, Ohio." 

1743 "Rev. J. Clyde Mahaffey, Torrington, Wyoming: 

The Rev. Clyde Mahaffey, writes: "My father was born in 
Brown county, Ohio. His father's name, I believe, was Andrew ; 
his mother's, before marriage, Black. Both his father and mother 
died in '48 or '49, of cholera, and he was sent to Illinois, with an 
older sister. We would be very glad indeed to know more of our 
people, and if we could be traced I would like to receive informa- 
tion to that effect. I have five sisters and brothers. I would be 
glad to hear from you more fully. Cordially, 

"Rev. J. Clyde Mahaffey, Torrington, Wyoming, 

(Dated, June 10, 1914.) 

Mahaffey Descendants 167 


1. Allen E. W., Trinity Place, Williamsport, Pa. 

2. Askins. Mrs. Clyde, New Bloomfield, Perry Co., Pa. 

3. Albright, Rev. George, Winfield, Union Co., Pa. 

4. Bostley, R. B., Market St., So. Williamsport, Pa. 

5. Blair, E. H., No. 634 Cemetery St., Williamsport, Pa. 

6. Blair, J. B., No. 1007 Baldwin St., Williamsport, Pa. 

7. Bennett, O. Watson, No. 722 Glen wood Ave., Vallamont, 

Williamsport, Pa. 

8. Byers, Mrs. Mary Mahaft'ey, Mahaffey, Clearfield Co., Pa. 

9. Byers, Mrs. Harry, No. 206 Wooster Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

10. Barrett, George, No. 322 Cooper St., Camden, N. J. 

11. Butler, Mrs. William, Linden, Pa. 

12. Ball, M. E.. Hepburnsville, Pa. 

13. Beck, Mrs. E. E.. Trout Run, Pa. 

14. Burr, Charles, Elmira, N. Y. 

15. Burd, Mrs. Joseph, New Port, Pa. 

16. Burd, Mrs. David. Peft'er St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

17. Brown, William C, No. 1327 Derry St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

18. Beidel, Mrs. Clarence, No. 222 S. 15th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

19. Bodner, Mrs. C. F., No. 1421 Shoop St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

20. Baker, Mrs. Arthur F., No. 320 E. North Ave., N. S. Pitts- 

burgh, Pa. 

21. Baker, Mrs. John F., Hogestown, Cumberland Co., Pa. 

22. Brown, Mrs. Edward, Mt. Union, Pa. 

23. Briner, Mrs. Sarah, Green Park, Perry Co., Pa. 

24. Brown, Mrs. Oliver, Shermans Dale, Perry Co., Pa. 

25. Brown, Mrs. Fred, Waterman, 111. 

26. Brown, Mr. Smiley, No. 1116 Wallace St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

27. Brown, Smiley, No. 1116 Wallace St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

28. Caldwell, Mr. S., No. 718 High St., Williamsport, Pa. 

29. Caldwell, Mr. E., No. 633 Fifth Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 

30. Cole, Charles, Williamsport, Pa. 

31. Compton, S. G., No. 1419 Erie Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 

32. Cornwall, William, Trout Run, Pa. 

33. Caldwell, Harry, Trout Run, Pa. 

34. Caldwell, Mrs. Sarah, Trout Run, Pa. 

35. Compton, Mr. N., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

36. Compton, Mr. W., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

37. Cummings, Misses, New Washington, Pa. 

38. Cummings, Miss Ray, New Washington, Pa. 

168 Mahaffey Descendants 

39. Conner, H. C, Burnside, Pa. 

40. Crowthers, S. F., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

41. Ceater, Miss C, Gramapion, Pa. 

42. Campbell, Mrs. J. W., Mahaffey, Pa. 

43. Cleckner, Mrs. Frederick, N. 3rd, near Broad St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

44. Cramer, Mrs. Annie, Dickinson P. O., Cumberland Co., Pa. 

45. Corkle, Mrs. Jennie, McVeightown, Mifflin Co., Pa. 

46. Corkle, Frank, Corner 4th and Harris Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 

47. Cocklin, Mrs. Fannie M., No. 1015 Market St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

48. Crum, Mrs. Frank, R. F. D., No. 1, East Liberty, Ohio. 

49. Crum, John N., Sterritts Gap, Pa. 

50. Crouse, Mrs. Bently, Box No. 1, Orange Mills, Putman 

Co., Florida. 

51. Cams, Mrs. S. E., Waterman, 111. 

52. Corter, Mrs. James, Poueys, Pa. 

53. Clendenin, Robert, Elmira, N. Y. » 

54. Clendenin, Harry, Elmira, N. Y. 

55. Carst, Mrs. M. E., Mahaffey, No. 608 N. 17th St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

56. Driscol, John, Ronsevort, W. Va. 

57. Drumgold, Mrs. Florence, Shermansdale, Pa. 

58. Drumgold, Mrs. Anna, Shermansdale, Pa. 

59. Dawson, Mrs. H. H., Washington, Pa. 

60. Davis, George N., Coffman, W. Va. 

61. Donahay, James, No. 5766 Baum Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

62. Decker, Mrs. Edward, No. 210 W. Stockton St., Pitts- 

burgh, Pa. 

63. Dinan, Hector, West Jefferson St., Williamsport, Pa. 

64. Dunn, Mrs. Robt., No. 234 Mulberry Ave., CarHsle, Pa. 

65. Edwards, Mrs. Jennie, No. 486 Elmira St., Williamsport, 


66. Edwards, Mr. B., Market St., Williamsport, Pa. 

67. Edwards, Mr. H., Bloomsburg, Pa. 

68. Eckles, Mrs. J. C, N. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. 

69. Eckert, Mrs. Carson, No. 423 N. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. 

70. Estracher, F. W., New Washington, Pa. 

71. Evans, Mrs. Daisy, Curwinsville, Pa. 

72. Ebner, Mrs. George, No. 1346 North St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

73. English, Miss A. E., No. 5815 Washington Ave., Phila., Pa. 

74. Flynn, Frank, Mahaffey, Pa. 

75. Fry, J. Frank, Mahaffey, Pa. 

Mahaffey Descendants 169 

76. Freet, Mrs. Thomas, Shermansdale, Pa. 

77 . Fergerson, Mrs. Eliz. Mahaffey, Portage, Pa. 

78. Foreman, John D., Shepherdstown, W. Va. 

79. Foreman, Frank C, Martinsburg, W. Va. 

80. Fleisher, Mrs. John H., Garnett, Kansas. 

81. Frack, Mrs. Mary E., Girard, Ohio. 

82. FHghtner, Mrs. David, Bryan, Ohio. 

83. Fetters, Mrs. George, Bryan, Ohio. 

84. Furgeson, Mrs. Ella, Waterman, III. 

85. Fisher, Mrs. Susan, Bryan, Ohio. 

86. Funk, Mrs. Amos, No. 2429 Reel St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

87. Funk, Harry, No. 415 Hamilton St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

88. Free, Mrs. Samuel, Corner Logan and Geiger Aves., Har- 

risburg, Pa. 

89. Fenical, Mrs. William, No. 1339 Vernon St., Harrisburg, 


90. Fenical, William A., No. 220 S. 15th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

91. Fenical, Mrs. Anna I., No. 1348 Vernon St., Harrisburg, 


92. Fritz, Mrs. Frank A., No. 1326 Thompson St., Harrisburg, 


93. Flickinger, Mrs. Robert, Shermansdale, Pa. 

94. Ford, Mrs. James, Camden, N. J. 

95. Gallaher, George, Clearfield, Pa. 

96. Gallaher, Mack, New Washington, Pa. 

97. Gallaher, John, New Washington, Pa. 

98. Gibson, Mrs. James, Shermansdale, Pa. 

99. Garretson, Mrs. Sarah, DuBoise, Pa. 

100. Geiger, Mrs. J. A., No. 222 Crescent St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

101. Greer, Charles C, No. 422 Crescent St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

102. Greer, Edward, No. 303 Crescent St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

103. Graham, Rev. John, Paoli, Pa. 

104. Geckley, Mrs. Katherine Fergeson, Portage, Pa. 

105. Gelatley, Bert, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

106. Garman, Mrs. Alice, Landisburg, Perry Co., Pa. 

107. Gingerich, Mrs. Jacob, R. F. D., Fulton, Mo. 

108. Gutshall, Mrs. Harry, Shermansdale, Pa. 

109. Grubb, John D., No. 1802 Penn St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

110. Gaylor, Mrs. Sarah Mahaffey, No. 2429 Reel St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

111. Gaylor, Jacob, Eschol, Perry Co., Pa. 

112. Gaylor, John B., Clearfield, Pa. 

113. Gaylor, Andrew S., Mahaffey, Pa. 

114. Gaylor, Jesse G., Mahaffey, Pa. 

170 Mahaffey Descendants 

115. Gaylor, Charles S., Mahaffey, Pa. 

116. Gaylor, Harry A., Riclgway, Pa. 

117. Gaylor, William O., Ridgway, Pa. 

118. Gaylor, Samuel W., Olean, N. Y. 

119. Gaylor, Frank S., P. S. L. Hospital, Harrisburg, Pa. 

120. Glass, Ruth Murphy, North Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. 

121. Heller, Lucius, Cherry St., Williamsport, Pa. 

122. Hill, James, West Third St., Williamsport, Pa. 

123. Hall, John L., Pine St., Williamsport, Pa. 

124. Hopper, Mrs. Harry, Fisher's Ferry, Pa. 

125. Holborn, Mrs. James, No. 786 Dakota Ave., Pierre, South 


126. Houck, Roy, Portage, Pa. 

127. Hall, Mr. James B., Rose Valley, Pa. 

128. Hall, Matthew, Rose Valley, Pa. 

129. Hall, William M., Rose Valley, Pa. 

130. Hays, Mrs. Ida, Cogen Station, Pa. 

131. Heller, Chester, No. 142 Duncan Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

132. Henneigh, Mrs. C. G., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

133. Homes, Mrs. W., No. 817 2nd Ave., Columbus, Georgia. 

134. Heckert, Mrs. Samuel, Wormleysburg, Pa. 

135. Hyers, Mrs. Alice, No. 1124 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

136. Hyers, Miss June, No. 1124 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

137. Hyers, Charles, White Fish, Montana. 

138. Hazlett, Mrs. Bertha, Bunker's Hill, W. Va. 

139. Hoke, Mrs. H. M., No. 1809 North Second St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

140. Henderson, Charles, Duncannon, Pa. 

141. Hollenbaugh, Mrs. Zeta, Howard Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

142. Henderson, Mrs. Rachel McKenzie, Duncannon, Pa. 

143. Henderson, Charles, Shermansdale, Pa. 

144. Hiner, D. M., Butler, Ind. 

145. Heller, Mrs. John, Enola, Pa. 

146. Hobbs, Mrs. Virginia S., No. 204 North Hanover St., Car- 

lisle, Pa. 

147. Hull, Mrs. M. E., Newberry, Pa. 

148. Jose, Mrs. N. Mahaffey, La Jose, Pa. 

149. Jones, Rev. J. F., Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

150. Jinks, Mrs. Nellie Mahaffey, Mahaffey, Pa. 

151. Jetter, Mrs. L. L., Williamsport, Pa. 

152. Jacobs, Mrs. Charles, Cor. 7th and Maclay Sts., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

152. Jones, J. Mahaffie, Shamokin, Pa. 

Mahaffey Descendants 171 

154. Jones, Thomas P., Shamokin, Pa. 

155. Jones, James McCroskey, No. 133 College St., Palmyra. 

156. Jones, Lucius J. W., Camden, N. J. 

157. Jones, Benjamin, Irwin, Alarysville, Pa. 

158. Jones, William, Huntsdale, Cumberland Co., Pa. 

159. Jones, Miss Ellen, No. 1451 State St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

160. Jones, Charles E., No. 413 Riley St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

161. Jones, Ambrose I., No. 650 Woodbine St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

162. Jones, Harry E., No. 638 South Second St., Steelton, Pa. 

163. Jones, James Edgar, No. 23, Hubble Park, Rochester, N. Y. 

164. Jones, Tohn L., No. 20 Burton Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

165. Jones, Mrs. Ellen L., No. 1314 12th Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

166. Jones, Ira J., Huntsdale, Pa. 

167. Knisely, Edwin, Derry Block, Harrisburg, Pa. 

168. Kahler, Mrs. , Cherry St., Williamsport, Pa. 

169. Kulp, A. J., Kane. Pa. 

170. Kinports, Mrs. Porter, Cherry Tree, Pa. 

171. Kinports, Boyd W., Cherry Tree, Pa. 

172. Kinports, Clyde, Cherry Tree, Pa. 

173. Kendall, W. L., Elmra, N. Y. 

174. Knisely, Mrs. Mary C, No. 231 Pine St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

175. Kirwin, Mrs. W. J., No. 1105 E. Washington St., Bloom- 

ington, 111. 

176. Kindley, R., Newberry, Pa. 

177. Keller, Mr. C, Linden, Pa. 

178. Keller, Mrs. A. J., No. 2027 Logan St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

179. Krick, Mrs. George, Duncannon, Perry Co., Pa. 

180. Kirkpatrick, Hiram, Waterman, 111. 

181. Kell, Mrs. Annie, R. F. D. No. 2, Carlisle, Pa. 

182. Long, Rev. William, Clarksburg, W. Va. 

183. Long, Mrs. Catherine Mahaffey, Howard, Pa. 

184. Losh, C. L., Cogan Station, Pa. 

185. Levergood, W., No. 133 North 52nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

186. Leathers, Mrs. Martha, Curwinsvile, Pa. 

187. Leiter, Mrs. Austin, No. 319 Dauphin St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

188. Lease, Mrs. Sarah, Shirleysburg, Pa. 

189. Lamborn, Mrs. Louis Emmer, Salmon City, Idaho. 

190. Mahaffey, Mrs. M. A., Mahaffey, Pa. 

191. Mahaffey, D. G., Mahaffey, Pa. 

192. Mahaffey, H. B., Mahaffey, Pa. 

193. Mahaffey, Ben., Mahaffey, Pa. 

194. Mahaffey, R. F., Mahaffey, Pa. 

172 Mahaffey Descendants 

195. Mahaffey, Mrs. M. C, Mahaffey, Pa. 

196. Mahaffey, J. W., Mahaffey, Pa. 

197. Mahaffey, Frank, Mahaffey, Pa. 

198. Mahaffey, W. S., Mahaffey, Pa. 

199. Mahaffey, Sterry, Mahaffey, Pa. 

200. Mahaffey, Robert, Mahaffey, Pa. 

201. Mahaffey, Mrs. Emory, Mahaffey, Pa. 

202. McGee, D., Mahaffey, Pa. 

203. McGee, Miss Rebecca, Mahaffey, Pa. 

204. Mahaffey, Malcom, Indiana, Pa. 

205. Mahaffey, James, Clearfield, Pa. 

206. Mahaffey, H., Clearfield, Pa. 

207. Mahaffey, W. P., No. 215 Pine St., Clearfield, Pa. 

208. Mahaffey, E. L., Clearfield, Pa. 

209. Mahaffey, Boyd L., Johnstown, Pa. 

210. Mahaffey, W. T., Cherry Tree, Pa. 

211. Mahaffey, J. C, Cherry Tree, Pa. 

212. Mahaffey, Mrs. J. R., New Washington, Pa. 

213. McMurry, W. C, Clearfield, Pa. 

214. McMurry, Mrs. M. Mahaffey, Clearfield, Pa. 

215. Mahaffey, S. M., Marion, Ohio. 

216. Mahaffey, Mrs. M. J., Burnside, Pa. 

217. Mahaffey, Linn, Burnside, Pa. 

218. Mahaffey, Mrs. D., Jennings, La. 

219. Mahaffey, J. C, Jennings, La. 

220. Mahaffey, Miss M., No. 817 2nd Ave., Columbus, Georgia. 

221. Mahaffey, Miss Margaret, No. 817 2nd Ave., Columbus, 


222. Mahaffey, Miss Clara, No. 817 2nd Ave., Columbus, 


223. Mahaffey, B. L., Cresson, Pa. 

224. Mahaffey, R., Colport, Pa. 

225. Mahaffey, J., Greensburg, Pa. 

226. Mahaffey, Mrs. W. E., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

227. Mahaffey, Mrs. James, No. 42 Westminster St., Pitts- 

burgh, Pa. 

228. Mahaffey, Dr. L. R., E. E., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

229. Mahaffey, Mrs. G. C, No. 1518 Arch St., Allegheny, Pa. 

230. Mahaffey, J. O. C, Bessimer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

231. Mahaffey, G. C, No. 428 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

232. Mahaffey, J., No. 4025 North Minister St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

233. Mahaffey, J. W., No. 203 South Broadway, Middletown, 


234. Mahaffey, Miss Pearl, Battery College, W. Va. 

235. Mahaffey, Don, Colver, Pa. 

Mahaffey Descendants 173 

236. Mahaffey, W. S., No. 138 Pennsylvania Ave., Renovo, Pa. 

237. Mahaffey, J. Donald, No. 6212 Lexington, Ave., Cloegrove, 


238. Mahaffey, Dr. Isabel, Arnoht Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

239. McGee, W., McGee's Mills. Pa. 

240. McGee, R. F., McGee's Mills, Pa. 

241. McGee, James, McGee's Mills, Pa. 

242. McGee, Walter, McGee's Mills, Pa. 

243. McGee, Horace, New Mexico, Pa. 

244. Myers. L. E., No. 324 South Front St., Sunbury, Pa. 

245. Mehaffle, W. S., No. 324 South Front St., Sunbury, Pa. 

246. Mahaffie, W. S., Jr., No. 350 Walnut St., Sunbury, Pa. 

247. Mahaffie, E. R., Elmira, N. Y. 

248. Minier, W. H., Elmira, N. Y. 

249. Mitchell, Miss M., Altoona. Pa. 

250. Mahaffey, M., Hepburnsville. Pa. 

251. Mahaft'ey, T-, Scott St.. Williamsport. Pa. 

252. Mahaft'ey, J. C., No. 1025 Race St., Newberry, Pa. 

253. Mahaffey, Thomas. No. 1903 Lvcoming St., Newberry, Pa. 

254. Mahaft'ey, E. R., No. 2028 West 3rd St., Newberry, Pa. 

255. Mahaft'ey, Mrs. M. Y.. Newberry, Pa. 

256. Mahaffey, J. R., No. 1014 Dewey St., Newberry, Pa. 

257. Mahaffey, Elmer, Montoursville, Pa. 

258. Mahaffey, Eligh, Linden, Pa. 

259. Mahaft'ey, R. J., No. 1102 Woodmont Ave., Vallamont, 

Williamsport, Pa. 

260. Mahaft'ey, Mrs. W. J., No. 722 Glenwood Ave., Vallamont. 

Williamsport, Pa. 

261. Mallison, A. W., No. 941 \'ine St.. AMlliamsport, Pa. 

262. Alahaft'ey, D. T., No. 929 Vine St., \\'liliamsport. Pa. 

263. Mahaft'ey, D. S., West 4th St., Williamsport, Pa. 

264. Myers, H. S., No. 1140 Vine St., Williamsport, Pa. 

265. McCoy, Samuel, \\'ilIiamsport, Pa. 

266. Mann, D., No. 1440 Scott St., Williamsport, Pa. 

267. Mahaft'ey, G. L., 4th St.. Williamsport, Pa. 

268. Mahaft'ey, L. O., No. 1435 Erie Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 

269. Alahaffey, Moses, Jr., Isabella St., Williamsport, Pa. 

270. Moore, G. D., Ilanerch, Pa. 

271. Milligan, Rev. J. R. J., No. 711 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, 


272. Mahaffey, J. C, Route No. 2, Box No. 136, Ulrichsville, 


273. Mahaffey, Hugh L., North Sandusky St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

274. Mahaffey, Milton. No. 704 E. Chestnut St., Mt. Vernon, 

275. Mahaffey, J. E., Florence, Pa. 

174 Mahaffey Descendants 

276. Mahaffey, J. H., Boswell, Pa. 

277. Mahaffey, E. C, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

278. Mahaffey, Lawrence, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

279. Mahaffey, J., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

280. Mahaffey, Dr. Charles, Mt. Jefferson, Ohio. 

281. Mahaffey, Dr. Oilman, Mt. Jefferson, Ohio. 

282. Mahaffey, W. C, Wilmington, Del. 

283. McCormick, S. J., No. 5511 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

284. Mahaffey, E. C, Moline, 111. 

285. Mahaffey, Miss Gertrude, Marietta, Pa. 

286. Martin, Mr. H., No. 653 State St., Camden, N. J. 

287. Mahaffey, T. J., Huston, Texas. 

288. Mahaffey, Fred, No. 306 W. Main St., Huston, Texas. 

289. Mahaffey, S. V. L., No. 1427 E. Montgomery Ave., Phila- 

delphia, Pa. 

290. Mahaffey, S. W., No. 322 N. Bedford St., Carlisle, Pa. 

291. Mahaffey, G. H., No. 2812 N. Croskey St., Philadelphia, 


292. Mahaffey, J. W., No. 268 S. 9th East St., Salt Lake City, 


293. Mahaffey, Charles S., Elko, Nevada. 

294. Minium, Mrs. S. E., Public Square, Hagerstown, Md. 

295. Martin, C. Emerson, 3rd St. near Briggs, Harrisburg, Pa. 

296. Martin, Arthur R., Carlisle, Pa. 

297. Mehaffie, Albert, care C. P. T. Co., car barns, N. Cameron 

St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

298. Mehaffie, George W., No. 432 Kelker St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

299. Mehaffie, George A., No.' 432 Kelker St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

300. Mehaffie, Charles, N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

301. Mehaffie, Stephen R., No. 643 Dauphin St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

302. Mehaffie, L. G., No. 643 Dauphin St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

303. Mehaffie, T. M., No. 1912 N. 7th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

304. Mehaffie, Mrs. Wm., No. 2118 N. 7th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

305. Mehaffie, E. C, Starners Station, Adams Co., Pa. 

306. Mehaffie, Samuel, No. 432 Kelker St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

307. Mehaffie, Andrew Q. Curwinsville, Pa. 

308. Mehaffie, Andrew Q., Jr., Curwinsville, Pa. 

309. Mehaffie, George, No. 527 Penn St., Reading, Pa. 

310. Mehaffie, James O., Duncannon, Pa. 

311. Mehaffie, William B., Millersburg, Pa. 

312. Mehaffie, Joseph, Altoona, Pa. 

313. Mehaffie, David, Peel, Washington. 

314. Mehaffie, Alexander, No. 22 East 12th Ave., Columbus, 


315. Mehaffie, Howard, Fort Worth, Texas. 

316. Mehaffie, Guy, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Mahaffey Descendants 175 

317. Mehaffie, Laurance, Fort Worth, Texas. 

318. Mehaffie, Emory, Osborn, Mo. 

319. McKeehan, Mrs. S., Mansville, Perry Co., Pa. 

320. Mitchell, Mrs. W., Newport, Pa. 

321. Mahaffey, Dr. J. L., N. 7th St., Camden, N. J. 

322. Mahaffey, J. W., No. 2116 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

323. Mahaffey, Susan, No. 5815 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, 


324. Mahaffey, T. R., No. 832 E. Moyer St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

325. Mahaffey, Miss Emma., No. 1614 N. Alder St., Philadel- 

phia, Pa. 

326. Mahaffey, G. S., No. 2721 E. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, 


327. Mahaffey, J. A., No. 2721 E. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, 


328. Mahaffey, T. R., No. 2721 E. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, 


329. Mehaffey, J., No. 2631 E. Thompson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

330. Mahaft"ey, J., No. 7924 Laycock St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

331. Mahaffey, M. R., No. 2519 Nicholas St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

332. Mahaffey, J., No. 2812 E. Indiana Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

333. Mahaffey, Miss Rose, No. 2605 E. Cumberland St., Phila- 

delphia, Pa. 

334. Mahaffey, W., No. 2614 Martha St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

335. Mahaffey, J., No. 6250 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

336. Mahaffey, Miss M., No. 6250 Catherine St., Philadelphia, 


337. Mahaffey, H. C, No. 406 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

338. Mahaffey, J. R., No. 904 Jackson St., Wilmington, Del. 

339. Mahaffey, W. G., Holly Oak, Wilmington, Del. 

340. Mahaffey, Albert, No. 2605 E. Cumberland St., Philadel- 

phia, Pa. 

341. Mahaffey, Andrew, No. 1824 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

342. Mahaffey, Charles, No. 6250 Catherine St., Philadelphia, 


343. Mahaft'ey, Edwin, No. 52 W. Rittenhouse St., German- 

town, Pa. 

344. Mahaffey, Edwin, 132 Rittenhouse St., Germantown, Pa. 

345. Mahaffey, Edwin, No. 360 E. Penn St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

346. Mahaffey, Hugh, No. 1502 Bodine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

347. Mahaffey, Jesse, No. 2664 Edgemont St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

348. Mahaffey, J., No. 1502 Bodine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

349. Mahaffey, John, No. 1833 Orleans St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

350. Mahaffey, John C, No. 2445 N. Park St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

176 Mahaffey Descendants 

351. Mahaffey, John P., No. 6248 Catherine St., Philadelphia, 


352. Mahaffey, Joseph, No. 6250 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

353. Mahaffey, Joseph D., No. 6250 Catherine St., Philadel- 

phia, Pa. 

354. Mahaffey, Joseph F., No. 6136 Cedar St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

355. Mahaffey, Susannah, Old Ladies' Home, Wissahicken„ 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

356. Mahaffey, Rev. J. Clyde, Torrington, Wyoming. 

357. Mahaffey, J. A., No. 139 S. Cleveland Ave., Canton, Ohio. 

358. Mahaffey, Lewis, Tarentum, Pa. 

359. Mahaffey, Margaret, care Woman's Exchange, Akron,. 


360. Mahaffee, Clyde R., Shady Side, Ohio. 

361. Moore, Mrs. M. Curvinsville, Pa. 

362. Moyer, Mrs. W. D., Duncannon, Pa. 

363. Mahaffey, Mrs. M., Indiana, Pa. 

364. Moyer, Mrs. W. B., No. 421 Maclay St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

365. McKeehan, Mrs. E., Mansville, Pa. 

366. Myers, Mrs. L. G., Duncannon, Pa. 

367. Montgomery, Mrs. M. S., No. 152 Alexander St., Prince- 

ton, N. J. 

368. Meals, Miss Sara, No. 14 Eagle Ave., Shamokin, Pa. 

369. McBride, Dr. Thomas, Shippensburg, Pa. 

370. McCaskey, Joseph, A. L., No. 1834 Spencer St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

371. McCaskey, John, No. 1834 Spencer St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

372. McCaskey, John, care Westinghouse Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
2>72>. Mahaffey. C. E., No. 1217 Claremont Ave., Pueblo, CoL 

374. McKee, Hon. James, Newville, Pa. 

375. McCord, Thomas, No. 402 N. Bedford St., Carhsle, Pa. 

376. McCord, Irvin, Mt. Clair, N. J. 
Z77. Murphy, Mrs. Ellen, Philipi, W. Va. 

378. McCord, John, Farmington, St. Francois Co., Mo. 

379. Musser, Mrs. Emma, No. 1714 Hunter St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

380. McBride, Samuel, New Bloomfield, Pa. 

381. McKee, James, New Bloomfield, Pa. 

382. McKenzie, Harry C, Walton, N. Y. 

383. Mehaffey, John, No. 17 Florida St., N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

384. McKinney, Rev. Wm. Danville, Pa. 

385. Myers, Cas., Woodland, Clearfield Co., Pa. 

386. McKee, George, New Bloomfield, Pa. 

387. Mahaffey, Miss Margaret G., No. 14 E. Lanvale St., Balti- 

more, Md. 

388. Mahaffey, J., 63rd and Catherine Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mahaffey Descendants 177 

389. Mahaffey, J. J., No. 5548 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

390. Mahaffey, J. \V., Parkway, Bayn Mer, McKeesport, Pa. 

391. Mehaffey, Mrs. Katherine, No. 211 Railroad St., Ver- 

saillis, Pa. 

392. Mehaft'ey, A. L., 5th Ave., Dravosburg, Pa. 

393. Mehaft'ey, Gift', (Graham & Ellsworth) Pittsburgh, Pa. 

394. Mehaffey, G. E., No. 7427 Susquehanna St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

395. Mehaffey, T- R-, McCurdy's Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

396. Mehaffey, W. B., B St., Oakmont, Pa. 

397. Mahaffey, T. E., No. 3030 Belmont St., Wheeling, W. Va. 

398. Mahaffev, H. C, No. 511 1st Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

399. Mahaffey, W. H., No. 408 6th Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

400. Mahaft'ey, W. N., No. 927 Clearfield Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

401. Mahaft'ey, L. L., No. 38 Charles St., Grafton, W. Va. 

402. Mahaffey, T. A., No. 39 Charles St., Grafton, W. Va. 

403. Mahaffey, G. L., Cross Roads, Grafton, W. Va. 

404. Mahaffey, Rev. W. L. Brooksville, Miss. 

405. Mahaff'ey, S. E., Congo, W. Va. 

406. Mahaffey, F. A., National Pike, Cambridge, Ohio. 

407. McKenzie, Airs. David L., Lykens, Pa. 

408. McKenzie, Dr. Horace, Duncannon, Pa. 

409. McKenzie, Charles P., New York City, N. Y. 

410. McKaskey, Joseph, care Wanamakers' Store, Philadel- 

phia, Pa. 

411. Middleton, Edward, 826 N. Third St., Camden, N. J. 

412. Nichols, Edgar, S. Williamsport, Pa. 

413. Noll, Mrs. Susan Mahaft'ey, Howard, Pa. 

414. Otto, L. M., No. 801, W. 3rd St., Williamsport, Pa. 

415. Otto, L. M., Jr., No. 342 Susquehanna St., Williamsport, 


416. Ort, R. K., William St., Williamsport, Pa. 

417. Patchin, Elmer, Burnside, Pa. 

418. Patchin, Frank, Burnside, Pa. 

419. Paterson, Frank, No. 432 Graham St., E. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

420. Peffer, Mrs. Francis, No. 1921 N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

421. Pantall, J. R., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

422. Purdon, Mrs. George, Dalton, Pa. 

423. Purdon, Frank West, Dalton, Pa. 

424. Penny, Mrs. A. L., Market St., Williamsport, Pa. 

425. Page, Mrs. S. Mahaffey, No. 612 Oliver St., Williamsport, 

M. D.— 12 

178 Mahaffey Dfsceindants 

426. Rhear, Harry, No. 2915 Pine Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

427. Rowles, Dr. J. F., Mahaffey, Pa. 

428. Rodenheiser, Mrs. Rol. M., No .1610 Chestnut St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

429. Ross, W. M., No. 7362 Formosle St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

430. Renninger, W. H., Ross St., WilHamsport, Pa. 

431. Rothrock, William, West Jefferson St., WilHamsport, Pa. 

432. Rothrock, J. G., No. 209 E. Market St., WilHamsport, Pa. 

433. Rathmell, T. J., No. 201 Pine St., WilHamsport, Pa. 

434. Rathmell, Ezra, Front St., WilHamsport, Pa. 

435. Rothrock, Miss M. G., No. 141 Market St., WilHamsport, 


436. Rothrock, Wm., Jr., West Jefferson St., Willamsport, Pa. 

437. Rathmell, J. H., Hubleisburg, Pa. 

438. Raffensperger, David, Green Park, Pa. 

439. Rosensteel, Joseph, Mt. Union, Pa. 

440. Rosensteel, Jacob H., Mt. Union, Pa. 

441. Rosensteel, A. A. Clearfield, Pa. 

442. Reighard, Thomas, Newberry, Pa. 

443. Ramsey, Mrs. John, Bryan, Ohio. 

444. Roller, J. J., Linden, Pa. 

445. Roller, William, Linden, Pa. 

446. Rathmell, Ezra, Jr., Upper Darby, Pa. 

447. Reed, W. T., S. WilHamsport, Pa. 

448. Rathmell, J. M.. Painted Post, N. Y. 

449. Rothrock, Thomas, Clearfield, Pa. 

450. Ritter, Thomas, Muncy, Pa. 

451. Ruhl, Mrs. Wm. W., No. 200 East Liberty St., Baltimore, 


452. Ritner, Ira D., No. 330 Harris St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

453. Stough, T. B., No. 514 Tolica Ave., Alliance, Neb. 

454. Swartz, Mrs. Louise, Newport, Pa. 

455. Straily, Mrs. L. Hall, WilHamsport, Pa. 

456. Sump, Fred., WilHamsport, Pa. 

457. Seaman, L. N., WiHiamsport, Pa. 

458. Shoop, Mrs. B. J., No. 216 Muench St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

459. Shoop, C. M., No. 435 Harris St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

460. Soles, Mrs. C. E., No. 2119 Jefferson St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

461. Shepler, Mrs. J., No. 2142 Susquehanna St., Harrisburg, 


462. Soles, Clarence, No. 2119 Jefferson St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

463. Slonaker, Mrs. Clara Mahaffey, No. 2241 Jefferson St., 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

464. Stahl, Mrs. Ida, Peffer St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Mahaffey Descendants 179 

465. Stewart, J. B., Linden, Pa. 

466. Spaide, Rollan, Philipsburg, Pa. 

467. Souders, Mrs. Sarah B., No. 1230 S. Market St., Canton, 


468. Shade, WilHam, Newport, Pa. 

469. Shade, Al., Clarks Ferry, Pa. 

470. Stouffer, Orin F., Shermansdale, Pa. 

471. Sutch, WilHam, New Bloomfield, Pa. 

472. Sutch, Thomas, No. 1405 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

473. Sheibley, Mrs. Ellen, Newport, Pa. 

474. Stewart, Mrs. W. H., Box 487, Lafayette, La. 

475. Sollenberger, John, Mansville, Pa. 

476. Shearer, Willis, No. 125 S. 15th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

477. Sutch, Thomas McBride, No. 1434 Swatara St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

478. Sutch, Mrs. Ellen, care Albro Sutch, Tribune Office, Al- 

toona, Pa. 

479. Sutch, Mrs. Mary, New Bloomfield, Pa. 

480. Sutch, John C, No. 665 Maine St., Johnstown, Pa. 

481. Saunders, Mrs. James, Amarilo, Texas (12 miles North- 


482. Souders, Perry S., No. 626 West State St., Rockford, 111. 

483. Souder, Frank J., No. 419 Eighth Ave., Dayton, Ky. 

484. Smith, Cyrus, Shermansdale, Pa. 

485. Souder, Mrs. Elizabeth, R. F. D., No. 5, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

486. Smith, Blain, Enola, Pa. 

487. Shearer, Mrs. George, Shermansdale, Pa. 

488. Stone, Mrs. Samuel, Shermansdale, Pa. 

489. Smiley, Rev. L. C, Lemoyne, Pa. 

490. Smiley, James, Chambersburg, Pa. 

491. Smiley, Dr. Lewis, Philadelphia, Pa. 

492. Smiley, Dr. Howard, Yeagertown, Pa. 

493. Smiley, John C, No. 320 Church St., Waynesboro, Pa. 

494. Smiley, William A., St. Louis, Mo. 

495. Smiley, Dr. James, Yeagerstown, Pa. 

496. Smiley, Miss Jessie, No. 1763 Pine Ave., Long Beach, Cal. 

497. Smiley, Mrs. Sarah E., Enola, Pa. 

498. Smiley, Louis A., Shermansdale, Pa. 

499. Smiley, Benj. M., No. 1693 Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

500. Smiley, William, Dayton, Ohio. 

501. Smiley, Charles H., No. 131 Herr St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

502. Smiley, L. Frank, No. 601 Dauphin St., Harrisburg. Pa. 

503. Smiley, Wm. Thompson, No. 235, Hamilton St., Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

504. Smiley, George, P., R. F. D., No. 2, Carlisle, Pa. 

180 Mahapfey Descendants 

505. Smiley, Harvey F., Enola, Pa. 

506. Smiley, John M., Waterman, 111. 

507. Smiley, Morris E., No. 1400 N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

508. Smiley, Herman, Steelton, Pa. 

509. Smiley, Miss Jean, care Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Harris- 

burg, Pa. 

510. Smiley, Hiram, Lisburn, Pa. 

511. Tyler, Miss Phoebe, Tyler, Pa. 

512. Thomas, Mrs. Mary, Jersey Shore, Pa. 

513. Todd, Mrs. Olive Mehaffie, No. 22 East 12th Ave., Col- 

umbus, Ohio. 

514. Thompson, Mrs. E. H., Newberry, Pa. 

515. Vought, Mrs. Martha, No. 304 N. Union St., Delaware, 


516. Wrigley, Mrs. Miles, Mahaffey, Pa. 

517. Whitekettle, Mrs. John, Newport, Pa. 

518. Weast, Mrs. Charles, Rippon, W. Va. 

519. Wagner, James Smiley, Carlisle, Pa. 

520. Wagner, Mrs. David, N. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. 

521. Wallace, Mrs. Rev. W. H. Yohe, York Co., Pa. 

522. Woods, Mrs. Fred., Nyssa, Oregon. 

523. Weaver, J. N., New Washington, Pa. 

524. Weaver, J. R., New Washington, Pa. 

525. Weaver, J. H., New Washington, Pa. 

526. Wilson, Joseph, Cherry Tree, Pa. 

527. Wox, Mrs. L. C, Marysville, Pa. 

528. Winters, C. H., Newberry, Pa. 

529. Weitzel, H. L., Linden, Pa. 

530. Williamson, Alex., Muncy, Pa. 

531. Williams, B., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

532. Winner, Mr. H., No. 728 E. 3rd St., WiUiamsport, Pa. 

533. Wallaer, Mrs. Jennie, Montpelier, Ohio. 

534. White, Prof. James W., Cold Springs Harbor, N. Y. 

536. Yeager, Mrs. Elsie Long, Renova, Pa. 

537. Youngman, G. W., Newberry, Pa. 

538. Yeingst, Mrs. William, No. 402 N. Bedford St., Car- 

lisle, Pa. 

539. Youngman, G. Reynolds, Colegrove, Cal. 

540. Youngman, Gardner, No. 190 W. 4th St., New York City, 

N. Y. 

541. Young, Charles, No. 121 Lake St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Mahaffey Descendants 181 

542. Updegraff, B. C, Newberry, Pa. 

543. Zimmerman, Mrs. S. J., No. 719 Virginia St., Gary, Ird. 

544. Zinn, Mrs. Percy, Brownstone, Dauphin Co., Pa. 

Foreign List 

545. Mahaffey, Miss Rachel M., No. 38 N. Great George St., 

Dublin, Ireland. 

546. Mahaffey, Prof. John Pentland, No. 38 N. Great Gecrge 

St., Dublin, Ireland. 

547. Mahaffey, Rev. Canon Gilbert, No. 3, Ely Place, Dublin, 


548. Mahaffey, H. W., No. 345, Suffolk St., Belfast, Ireland. 

549. Mahaffey, Miss Lady Supt., No. 65-67 Botanio Ave., Bel- 

fast, Ireland. 

550. Mahaffey, Mr. John, Carehill Boov., Belfast, Ireland. 

551. Mahaffey, William Irwin, No. 22 Callander St., Belfast, 


552. Mahaffey, John George, No. 2, Acorn Villa, Balmoral, 

Belfast, Ireland. 

Additional Mailing List 

1. Baryhenan, Mrs. Edith, Oran, Orville, Ohio. 

2. Burroway, Clyde E., Dennison, Ohio. 

3. Conts, Clarence, Columbus, Ohio. 

4. English, Rev. F. K., Toledo, Ohio. 

5. Frick, Frederick, Waynesboro, Pa. 

6. Felty, Mrs. Eliza, Fairmont, W'. Va. 

7. Hines, Mrs. Fames, Cadiz, Ohio. 

8. Lindsay, Mrs. William, Caledonia, Ohio. 

9. Mahaffey, Chambers, Chambersburg, Pa. 

10. Mahaffey, John Fairmont, W. Va. 

11. Mahaffey, Stephen, Grafton, W. Va. 

12. Mahaffey, Gibson, Grafton, W. Va. 

13. Mahaffey, Moses, Buffalo Prairie, 111. 

14. Mahaffey, Morgan, Buffalo Prairie. 111. 

15. Mahaffey, John, Buffalo Prairie, 111. 

16. Mahaffey, Isaac, Buffalo Prairie, 111. 

17. Mahaffey, Mrs. William, Dormont, Pa. 

182 Mahaffey Descendants 

18. Mahaffey, Lucien, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

19. Mahaffey, Roscoe, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

20. Mahaffey, William, Kansas City, Mo. 

21. Mahaffey, John Gilmore, Waseca, Minn. 

22. Mahaffey, James Mathew, Dennison, Ohio. 

23. Mahaffey, Thomas, Sewickley, Pa. 

24. Mahaffey, W. R., Harrisonville, 111. 

25. MacKenzie, David DeWitt, Philadelphia, Pa. 

26. Reed, Mrs. Maggie, Davis, W. Va. 

27. Rodgers, Mrs. Hannah, Cadiz, Ohio. 

28. Ridenour, Mrs. George, Gallon, Ohio. 

29. Roberts, George Grimm, Tracy, Ohio. 

30. Robbins, Mrs. Charles L., Palmyra, Pa. 

31. Swingler, George, Mersales, 111. 

32. Swingler, Thomas, Toluca, 111. 


Page 101, No. 771, should read: JANE R. SMILEY, in- 
stead of Sarah J. Smiley. 

Mahaffey Descendants 183 


'Tis a long lane indeed that hath no end, 

And with much patience this race was run ; 
Though weary at times my Clansmen, and friends, 

With endless labor the prize is won. 
This prize may not mean a great deal to all, 

Yet to some we know it will seem "dear" — 
'Twill prove a memorial each can recall 

A letter, or some face with a tear 
Of regret ; wherein they failed to respond. 

And of these will we surely not find 
One word. And some, too, of whom we were fond. 

This indifference is truly unkind. 
E'en though you have failed to help us complete, 

We have tried to o'ercome this neglect 
By including your name, perhaps, 'twill meet 

Your approval, and win our respect. 
Look over the list that concludes our work. 

Read its pages from beginning to end — 
May yours not be found 'mongst those who did shirk, 

May Clan kinship and Clan friendship blend. 
Think you we've not labored ? nay you are wrong — 

And possibly could we have forseen, 
You would not have found our faces, nor song. 

Who descend from the Island of "Green." 
In conclusion we trust that each one will find, 

Our history of interest, and we pray — 
The links in the chain of clanship may bind 

Many hearts. And form friendships for aye. 
Perhaps this work may awaken some thought — 

Perhaps some dormant talent be stirred — 
Be that as it may — your kinship is sought, 

'Waken, mem'ry not causing eyes to be blurred. 
If some are o'erlooked, resent not the slight. 

For the task was stupendous, indeed. 
We aimed to do justice, give each one their right — 

And conclude by wishing you all "God-speed." 

M. B. M. C. 

Mahatfey Descendants 




Direct Descendants 

619 Allen, Eva Green, 54 

599 Allgirl, Harry, 55 

517 Andrews, Ruth, 42 

518 Andrews, Lois, 42 

519 Andrews, Gladys, 42 

520 Andrews, Helen, 42 

249 Barrett, Mary Alverda, 43 

250 Barrett, Frances Floyd, 43 

251 Barrett, Frank Jay, 43 

435 Bair, Norah Elizabeth, 59 

436 Bair, Margaret Katherine, 59 

437 Bair, Susan Jane, 59 

461 Ball, George Lerew, 61 

462 Ball, Mildred Elizabeth, 61 

328 Bennett, Kathryne Updegraff, 


329 Bennett, William Mahaflfey, 52 

330 Bennett, Mary Callahan, 52 

127 Blair, Susan E., 30, 54 

128 Blair, Margaret Ann, 30, 55 

129 Blair, Jennie, 30, 55 

130 Blair, Hester Matilda. 30, 55 

131 Blair, Zelma Nettie, 30 

133 Blair. Emma Arenith, 30 

134 Blair, William, 30 

135 Blair, Rhoda, 30, 56 

136 Blair, Delia, 30, 56 
■617 Bucher, Frederick, 65. 

618 Bucher, Gertrude Louise, 65 

278 Byers, Maggie, 46 

279 Byers, Sadie, 46 

280 Byers, Harry, 46 

544 Byers, Esther, 46 

545 Byers, Harry, Jr., 46 

574 Byers, Lenore, 65 

575 Byers, Robert, 65 

576 Byers, Raymond, 65 

577 Byers, David, 65 



































578 Byers, Kate, 65 

579 Byers, Ruth, 65 
1, Ezra, 28 
1, Harry, 28 
1, Sarah E., 28 
1, Samuel Beck, 29 
1, Maria, 29 
1, Boyd, 29 
1, Sarah Emeline, 28 
1, John Reynolds, 28 
1, Thomas Howard, 28 
1, Icyfena Trate, 28 
1, Anna Elizabeth, 28 
1, Margaret, 28 
1, Katherine Kehler, 29 
., Warren Trate, 29 
1, Lester Charles, 29 
1, William Neff, 29 
1, Helen Louise, 29 

175 Clendenin, Robert Hall, 32 

176 Clendenin, Eliza Jane, 32 

177 Clendenin, Henry Joseph, 32 

178 Clendenin, Mazie B., 32 

209 Commings, Andrew Boyd, 39 

210 Commings, Margaret, 39 

211 Commings, Mary, 39 

212 Commings, Minerva, 39 

213 Commings, John Lindsey, 39 

214 Commings, James Munroe, 39 

215 Commings, Eva, 39 

216 Commings, Elizabeth, 40 

217 Commings, John Watson, 40 

218 Commings, Sarah Jane, 40 

489 Commings, Raymond, 39 

490 Commings, Clifton, 39 

491 Commings, Frank, 39 

492 Commings, Margaret, 39 
566 Conner, Emily, 65 


Mahaffey Descendants 

567 Conner, Eugene Mahaffey, 65 

568 Conner, Helen Carolyn, 65 

569 Conner, Charlotte Marie, 65 

406 Corrinne, Gertrude B., 56 

407 Corrinne, Hughes Blair, 56 

408 Corrinne, Rhoda Minerva, 56 

606 Corrinne, Stephen George, 56 

607 Corrinne, Clinton Guy, 56 

608 Corrinne, Milton Thomas, 56 

380 Cornwall, Dorothy, 29 

381 Cornwall, Mary Louise, 29 
193 Crowther, Annette Elanor, 37 

199 Crowther, Winona, Z7 

200 Crowther, John, 2,7 

201 Crowther, Frank B., 37 

202 Crowther, Beulah, 38 

483 Crowther, Harry, Z7 

484 Crowther, Franklin, 38 

485 Crowther, Allan, 38 

611 De Groff, Zelma Lucile, 57 

612 De Groflf, Clela Arlene, 57 

481 Donaghy, Lillian, Z7 

482 Donaghy, Edna, 2>7 
482a Donaghy, Alma, 2>7 
479 Driscol, Marguerite, 62 

420 Edwards, Gertrude, 58 

421 Edwards, William, 58 

422 Edwards, Burton, 58 

423 Edwards, May, 58 
423a Edwards, Harry, 58 

424 Edwards, Frederick, 58 

425 Edwards, Homer, 58 

426 Edwards, Jeannette, 58 

427 Edwards, Florence, 58 

496 Estricher, Josephine, 40 

497 Estricher, Mary, 40 

293 Ferguson, Zoe, 48 

294 Ferguson, Mahaffey, 48 

295 Ferguson, Kathleen, 48 

296 Ferguson, LeDill, 48 

387 Fisher, Thomas C, 54 

388 Fisher, Jennie, 55 

389 Fisher, Myrtle Belle, 55 

390 Fisher, Reason S, 55 

391 Fisher, Harry B., 55 

392 Fisher, Ella May, 55 

595 Fisher, Mona, 54 

596 Fisher, Blanche, 55 

597 Fisher, Parker, 55 

552 Flynn, Paul, 47 

553 Flynn, Frances, 47 

554 Flynn, Mary, 47 

555 Flynn, Ash, 47 

556 Flynn, Emery, 47 

614 Fourney, Lewis Jack, 59 

615 Fourney, Margaret Hannah, 59 
552 Fry, Emma Francis, 47 

305 Gallatley, William, 49 

306 Gallatley, Edwin, 49 

498 Gallaher, Harry, 40 

499 Gallaher, James Kelley, 40 

500 Gallaher, Frank Burton, 40 

501 Gallaher, Rose, 40 

502 Gallaher, Eve Mildred, 40 

503 Gallaher, John, 40 

504 Gallaher, Albert, 40 

523 Gallaher, James McMurry, 45 

524 Gallaher, Mary Virginia, 43 
623 Graff, Marjorie, 56 

24 Hall, Joseph, 15, 19 

54 Hall, John L., 6, 7, 19, Z2, 33 

55 Hall, Hannah M., 19 

56 Hall, Loretta, 19, 22> 

57 Hall, William M., 19 

58 Hall, Sarah Jane, 19 
53 Hall, Mary E., 19, 32 

59 Hall, James B., 19, 34 

60 Hall, Matthew W., 19, 34 

61 Hall, Anna E., 19 

181 Hall, John L., 2nd, 34 

182 Hall, John L., 3rd, 34 

183 Hall, Grace, 34 

184 Hall, Joseph, 34 

185 Hall, Anna, 34 

401 Heiner, Charles H., 56 

402 Heiner, Dr. O. W., 56 

403 Heiner, Franklin, 56 

404 Heiner, Delia R., 56 

405 Heiner, Minerva A., 56 

600 Heiner, Oak D., 56 

601 Heiner, Esther Marie, 56 
603 Heusen, George Clinton, 56 

Maiiaffey Descendants 


604 Heusen, Dorothy Bernice, 56 

605 Heusen, Gerald Donnald, 56 

513 Hennigh, Ada, 41 

514 Hennigh, Belva, 42 

515 Hennigh, George, 42 

516 Hennigh, Mary, 42 

542 Heller, Esther, 46 

543 Heller, James, 46 

259a Holmes, Guy Mahaffey, 23 

319 Hull, Emily Rittenhouse, 50 

297 Jose, Mellie, 48 

298 Jose, Alice, 48 

299 Jose, Inez, 48 

300 jose, Elsie, 48 

525 Jones, Joseph Mil ford, 43 
527 Jones, Richard Kendall, 43 

526 Jones, Margaret Elizabeth, 43 
Johnston, Georgina, 17 

188 Kinports, Minnette, i7, 62 

189 Kinports, John Clyde, 27, 62 

190 Kinports, Gertrude Maude, Z7, 


191 Kinports, David Allen, Zl 

192 Kinports, Elfreda Allen, 27 

193 Kinports, Dr. William Mehaf- 

fey, 2,7 

194 Kinports, Mary Estelle, 3, 6, 

27, 62, 63 

195 Kinports, Boyd W., 27, 63 
197 Kinports, Inez, 27 

2(A Long, William Mahaffey, 44, 45 

265 Long, Bertha Elizabeth, 45 

266 Long, Elsie Catherine, 45 

267 Long, Clyde Zeigler, 45 

268 Long, Sarah Alice, 45 
472 Losh, Mary Gertrude, 61 
584 Levegood, Dr. Robert, 53 

1 Mahaffey, Thomas, 7, 13, 14 

2 Mahaffey. John. 14. 15 

3 Mahaffey, Elizabeth, 14, 15 

4 Mahaffey, William, 14, 16, 17 

5 Mahaffey, Moses, 14, 17 

6 Mahaffey, James-, 14 

7 Mahaffey, Mary, 14 

8 Mahaffey, Elizabeth, 15 



Sarah, 15. 18 



William 15, 18 



Mary, 15 



John, 15 



Esther, 15 



Margaret, 15 



Lydia Ann, 15 



Thomas, 15 



Nathan, 15 



John, 16, 19, 20, 21, 



Thomas, 5, 16, 21, 22 



William, 16, 22 



James, 16, 23 



Robert, 16. 23, 24, 25 



Moses. 17 



Sarah. 17 



Lindsey. 17, 25, 26 



David Reynolds, 17, 



Hannah. 17 



Elizabeth, 17 



William. 17. 26. 27 



John. 17 



Sarah Jane. 18. 29 



John L., 18. 30 



Mary. 18 



William C. 18, 30 



Thomas. 18. 31 



Esther. 18 



Lydia Dun, 18 



James W., 19, 31 



Margaret, 19 



Moses S.. 6, 19, 32 



Susan E., 19 



Nancy C. 19 


Hannah. 17 


Jane. 17 



Mary. 21. 34 



Margaret Bennett, 6, 

21, 35, 

36, 27 



Creacy Ann. 21, 27 



Nancy J., 21 



William T.. 5, 6, 7, 

12, 21, 

33, 38, 39 



Elizabeth Ellen, 21 


Mahafi^ey Descendants 



























22, 42 


22, 43 


23, 44 


26, 50, 

27, 52 

Elizabeth J., 22, 39 
William, 5, 22, 40 
Robert, 22, 41 
Nancy Bennett, 22 
David, 5, 22, 41 
John, 22, 42 
Mary Margaret, 6, 

Martha Francis, 22 
Sarah Samantha, 22, 

Thomas Clayton, 17, 

Florence May, 22 
Clarence Howard, 22 
Moses Edward, 22, 

Nancy Jane, 23 
Margaret Hughes, 23 
William P., 23, 44 
Mary Catherine, 7, 

Susan, 23 
William, 24, 45 
James, 5, 24, 46 
Mary C, 24, 46 
Robert Frank, 25, 47 
Emory M., 25, 47 
S. Elizabeth, 25, 48 
Nancy J., 25, 48 
George Thomas, 25 
Alice, 25, 48 
Boyd, 25 

Harry B., 6, 25, 48 
Elsie, 25, 49 
David Luttle, 26, 49 
Delos L., 26, 49 
Eleanor Jane, 26 
Boyd C, 26 
James Lindsey, 26, 50 
Mary Elizabeth, 26, 

Margaret Matilda, 
Laura Valaria, 6, 7, 

107 Mahaffey, Reynolds J., 27, 52 

137 Mahaffey, Amos, 30 

139 Mahaffey, Lydia Ann, 30 

140 Mahaffey, James William, 30 

141 Mahaffey, Elizabeth E., 30 

142 Mahaffey, John R., 30, 57 

143 Mahaffey, Thomas Edward, 30 

144 Mahaffey, Catherine, 30 

145 Mahaffey, Capatola, 30, 57 

146 Mahaffey, Ira, 30 

147 Mahaffey, Sarah Jane, 31, 57, 58 

148 Mahaffey, Catherine Ann, 31, 58 

149 Mahaffey, Asher Clayton, 5, 

31, 58 

150 Mahaffey, Hannah Mary, 31, 59 

151 Mahaffey, Norah Susan, 31 

152 Mahaffey, William Thompson, 

6, 31, 59 

153 Mahaffey, Harry Dare, 31 

154 Mahaffey, Emily, 31 

155 Mahaffey, Edward A., 31 

156 Mahaffey, Charlotte, 31 

157 Mahaffey, Samuel, 31 

158 Mahaffey, Thomas, 31 

159 Mahaffey, William, 31 

160 Mahaffey, Annie May, 31 

161 Mahaffey, Lewis M., 31 

162 Mahaffey, Nelson H. C, 31 

163 Mahaffey, Eli M., 31, 59 

164 Mahaffey, Annabel, 32, 60 

165 Mahaffey, Sarah Matilda, 32, 60 

167 Mahaffey, Bertha May, 32, 60, 


168 Mahaffey, Leslie Otto, 32, 61 

169 Mahaffey, George William, 32 

170 Mahaffey, Moses Asher, 32, 61 

171 Mahaffey, Ida Maude, 32, 61 

172 Mahaffey, Leah Edith, 32, 61 

173 Mahaffey, Kathryn Viola, 32, 


174 Mahaffey, John. 32 

203 Mahaffey, John, 39, 63 

204 Mahaffey, Dr. Robert Leroy, 

39, 63, 64 

205 Mahaffey, Hettie Ellen, 39, 64 

206 Mahaffey, Boyd Luttle, 39, 64 

Maiiaffey Descendants 










Graham Garfield, 39 
Christine C, 39, 64 
Frank, 40 
Cora May, 40 
John Burton, 40 
Thomas Roy, 40 
Harvey, 41 
Kate Rose, 41 
Robert Don, 41 
Mary Margaret, 41, 

Alice Gertrude, 41, 

Elizabeth Adelia, 41. 

Willetta Irene, 41 
Olie M., 5, 41 
Jack, 42 
Lottie, 42 
Marian, 42 
Jesse, 42 

Harry Verden, 42 
Edna Belma, 42 
Jesse Lynne, 42 
E. Byrd, 42 
Nellie Ake. 42 
Raymond, 43 
May, 43 
Clare, 43 

William Frances, 22 
Clara, 22 
Margaret B., 23 
Mary, 23 
Nellie A., 23 
Harry P., 44 
James T., 44 
John K., 44 
William A., 44 
J. Herbert, 45 
Lynn, 46 
James, 46 
James Guy, 46 
Robert Paul, 46 
Malcolm A., 46 
Eugene S., 46 
Charles F., 46 

276 Mahaffey 

277 Mahaffey 
277a Mahaffey 
277b Mahaffey 
281 Mahaffey 


317 Mahaffey 

318 Mahaffey 

444a Mahaffey 

445 Mahaffey 

446 Mahaffey 




Daisy Catherine, 46 
Walter Barrett, 46 
Albert, 46 
Huston v., 46 
Byers Ida, 46 
Bessie, 47 
Grace, 47 
Don G., 47 
Bruce, 47 
H. Bennett, 47 
Carlton, 47 
Nellie, 47 
Josephine, 47 
Robert, 47 
Carlisle, 48 
Elanor, 49 
Marion, 49 
Alice, 49 
George Lentz, 49 
Edward R., 50 
Charles L., 50 
James Donnell, 50 
Ernest H., 57 
Harry B., 57 
Lillian W., 57 
Charles V., 57 
Mary Arda, 57 
Margaret E.. 57 
Howard J., 57 
Pearl May, 58 
Mary Margaret, 58 
William Henry, 58 
Katherine Elizabeth, 

Ethel Florence, 59 
Clayton Baker, 59 
Dorothy B., 59 
Hector A., 59 
Elizabeth W., 59 
William Leland, 59 
Frank, 59 
Joseph, 60 
Chester, 60 
Sustie, 60 
Martha, 60 
Charles, 60 


Mahaffey Descendants 

447 Mahaffey 

448 Mahaffey 

464 Mahaffey 

465 Mahaffey 

466 Mahaffey 

506 Mahaffey, 

507 Mahaffey, 

508 Mahaffey 
512 Mahaffey 

521 Mahaffey 

522 Mahaffey 
530 Mahaffey 

532 Mahaffey 

533 Mahaffey 

534 Mahaffey, 

535 Mahaffey 

536 Mahaffey 

537 Mahaffey 

538 Mahaffey 

539 Mahaffey 

540 Mahaffey, 

541 Mahaffey 
557 Mahaffey 

Eli, 60 
William, 60 
Charles Raymond, 61 
Elizabeth Mary, 61 
Clyde Lorenzo, 61 
Inez, 40 
William, 40 
Gilbert, 40 
Leah, 41 
Lynne, 42 
Sarah Jane, 42 
Anne Alexandria, 44 
Martha Ann, 45 
Fay, 45 
Elery, 45 
Ash Bennett, 45 
James Dawson, 45 
Paul Frederick, 45 
Sarah Ann, 45 
Jacqueline, 45 
Bessie, 46 
Elizabeth, 46 
Emery, 47 
Sterry, 47 

558 Mahaffey 

561 Mallison, Albert, 49 

562 Mallison, Helen, 49 

563 Mallison, Elizabeth, 49 

528 Martin, Gladys, 43 

240 McMurry, Jessie May, 42 

241 McMurry, Effie Adele, 43 

242 McMurray, Thomas Russel, 43 

243 McMurry, Sadie, 43 

244 McMurry, Nellie Adams, 43 

245 McMurry, Mary Floyd, 43 

246 McMurry, Josephine Rex, 43 

247 McMurry, Clifton, Lynne, 43 
245 McMurry, Walter Earl, 43 
602 McDonald, Helen, 56 

559 McGee, Horace, 48 

570 Mitchell, Virginia Catherine, 65 

571 Mitchell, Nellie Alice, 65 

572 Mitchell, Karl Curtin, 65 

573 Mitchell, Margaret Mahaffey, 65 

529 Middleton, Elanor, 43 

620 Motter, Dale, 55 

621 Motter, Reatha, 55 

622 Motter, Parker, 55 

339 Moore, George D., 53 

340 Moore, Ezra R., 53 

341 Moore, William F, 53 

342 Moore, Mary Louise, 53 

343 Moore, Emeline, 53 

344 Moore, Samuel, 53 
347 Moore, Charlotte, 53 

580 Myers, Mary Emily, 53 

581 Myers, Margaret, 53 

582 Myers, Garrett T., 53 

583 Myers, Walter R., 53 

372 Nichols, Samuel Walter, 54 

372 Nichols, Helen Louise, 54 

371 Nichols, Esther R., 54 

370 Nichols, William E., 54 

613 Ort, Richard Kendall, 58 

311 Otto, Howard, 49 

312 Otto, Florence, 49 

313 Otto, Luther Mohr, Jr., 49 

314 Otto, De Los., 49 

315 Otto, Alice E., 49 

454 Page, James W., 60 

455 Page, Normon O., 60 

456 Page, Evea Permelia, 60 

457 Page, Lottie, 60 

458 Page, Chrissie, 60 

459 Page, Florence, 60 

460 Page, Veda Lovina, 60 

186 Patchin, Elmer, 34, 35 

187 Patchin, Frank Everett, 35 

474 Patchin, John Donald, 35 

475 Patchin, William Lynn, 35 

476 Patchin, Herbert, 35 

477 Patchin, Joseph, 35 

478 Patchin, Mary Emily, 35 

301 Patterson, Catherine, 48 

302 Patterson, Margaret, 48 

303 Patterson, Frances, 48 

32 Rathmell, John M., 18 

33 Rathmell Mary, 18 

34 Rathmell, Thomas M., 18 

35 Rathmell, William, 18 

36 Rathmell, Ezra, 6, 18, 27, 28 

37 Rathmell, Lydia Ann, 18 

38 Rathmell Margaret, 18 

Mahaffey Descendants 


39 Rathmell, Emeline E., 18. 28 362 

40 Rathmell, Sarah, 18, 28 363 

112 Rathmell, Joseph G., 28, 52 364 

113 Rathmell, Emeline R., 28, 53 365 

114 Rathmell, James H., 28, 53 366 

115 Rathmell, Thomas. 28, 53 367 

116 Rathmell, Annie, 28 368 

117 Rathmell, Mary W., 28, 53 585 

118 Rathmell, Ezra. 28, 54 586 

119 Rathmell, Fannie, 28, 54 587 

120 Rathmell, Hannah, 28 588 

331 Rathmell, John MacKlin. 52 589 

332 Rathmell, Blanche P., 52 590 

333 Rathmell, Lannah W., 52 591 

334 Rathmell, Josephine, 52 592 

335 Rathmell, Mary P., 52 593 

336 Rathmell, Hannah, 52 594 

337 Rathmell, Lucy, 52 616 

338 Rathmell, Ruth, 52 449 

348 Rathmell, Nellie, 53 450 

349 Rathmell, Ezra, Jr., 53 451 

350 Rathmell, Joseph G., 53 452 

351 Rathmell, James, 53 453 

352 Rathmell, Walter, 53 393 

353 Rathmell, Thomas, 53 598 

354 Rathmell, Mary Jennie. 53 179 

355 Rathmell. Sadie. 53 180 

356 Rathmell. Thomas. 53 564 

357 Rathmell. Annie. 53 565 
369 Rathmell. Frank Fairchild, 54 566 
409 Ramsey, Ora Thomas, 57 

411 Ramsey, Laura Dell, 57 394 

412 Ramsey, Ola May, 57 395 

413 Ramsey, John Dale, S7 396 

414 Ramsey, Mildred Gertrude. 57 397 

609 Ramsey, Edith Evelyn. 57 398 

610 Ramsey, Helen Audella, 57 399 
531 Reifer, Donald Edwin. 45 400 
428 Renninger. William Edgar, 58 493 

550 Rowles, Mary Elizabeth, 47 494 

551 Rowles. John Franklin, 47 495 
357a Rothrock. Joseph G.. 53 416 

358 Rothrock, Sarah, 54 417 

359 Rothrock, Lydia Ann, 54 418 

360 Rothrock. William. 54 419 

361 Rothrock, Thomas, 54 480 

Rothrock, Margaret, 54 
Rothrock, Rosilie, 54 
Rothrock, Fannie, 54 
Rothrock, James, 54 
Rothrock, John, 54 
Rothrock, Emeline, 54 
Rothrock, Mary, 54 
Rothrock, James, 53 
Rothrock, Rebecca, 53 
Rothrock, Sarah, 53 
Rothrock, George Konkle, 53 
Rothrock, Emeline, 54 
Rothrock, John, 54 
Rothrock, Martha, 54 
Rothrock, Louise, 54 
Rothrock, Eva, 54 
Rothrock, Thomas, 55 
Smith, Erabell, 60 
Stewart, Charles Elmer, 60 
Stewart, Amanda Eve, 60 
Stewart, Mary Matilda, 60 
Stewart, Harry Walker, 60 
Stewart, Annabel, 60 
Stough, Fisher Boyd, 55 
Stough, Margaret Epps, 55 
Striley, Clarence H., 33 
Striley, Clara E., 33 
Thompson, Elizabeth Hull, 50 
Thompson, N. Roland, 50 
Thompson. Hannah Cornelia, 

Wallace. Luella. 55 
Wallace, Mattie, 55 
Wallace, Katie B., 55 
Wallace, Charles C, 55 
Wallace, William Thomas, 55 
Wallace, Clinton R., 55 
Wallace, Floyd I., 55 
Weaver, Robert, 40 
Weaver, James, 40 
Weaver, Sarah, 40 
Weitzel, John Henry, 57 
Weitzel, Herman, 57 
Weitzel, Richard, 57 
Weitzel, Lena May, 56 
Wilson, Kinports, 62 


Mahaffey Dhiscdndants 

509 Williams, Mahaffey, 41 

510 Williams, Josephine, 41 

511 Williams, Roberta, 41 

467 Winters, Wilber Lewellen, 61 

468 Winters, Carl Elwood, 61 

469 Winters, Clarence Howard, 61 

470 Winters, Lewis Earl, 61 

471 Winters, Ralph Woodrow, 61 

546 Wrigley, Robert, 47 

547 Wrigley, Hiler, 47 

548 Wrigley, Ruth, 47 

549 Wrigley, Miriam, 47 

560 Yeckley, Mary Catherine, 48 

321 Youngman, Anna May, 51 

322 Youngman, George Reynold, 51 

323 Youngman, Gardner Mahaffey, 


324 Youngman, Ralph Thompson, 


325 Youngman, Phoebe Alice, 51 

326 Youngman, Charles, 51 
Z21 Youngman, Phelps, 51 
560 Young, Charles, Jr., 49 


Ake, Mary Jane, 22, 42 

Andrews, Howard V., 42 

Allen, Elmer, 54 

AUegirl, Lyman, 55 

Bailey, Lydia, 14, 15 

Ball, John, 15 

Barrett, George, 22, 43 

Baker, Katherine E., 6, 31, 58 

Bair, Joel B., 31, 59 

Ball, Maurice Eader, 32, 61 

Banknight, Herman, 43 

Bennett, O. Watson, 27, 52 

Bennett, Nancy, 14, 16 

Berdelshacher, Ruth, 34 

Berry, Mary B., 6, 19, 32 

Bitner, Bessie M., 44, 45 

Bitting, Eliza Graff, 15, 19 

Blair, Thomas, 18, 29 

Bowen, Margaret Ellen, 32, 61 

Bowers, Susan, 15, 18 

Bowers, Susan, 22, 43 

Boyer, Ellen, 16, 19, 20, 21 

Bosh, Dord, 55 

Bostley, Ransloe, 52 

Butler, William, 30 

Burr, Charles, 32 

Byers, John, 24, 46 

Byers, Mary, 39, 63 

Byers, James Chapman, 41, 65 

Campbell, Charles, 53 

Castor, George, 55 
Cassidy, Jessie, 47 
Carothers, John, 17 
Caldwell, Thomas, 18, 28 
Clark, Sadie, 46 
Claudenin, Henry H., 19, 32 
Conner, Harry C, 6, 41, 65 
Conner, Emma, 34, 35 
Corter, Thomas, 15 
Compton, Samuel, 19 
Commings, John, 22, 39 
Cornwall, William, 28 
Corrinne, Clinton M., 30, 56 
Cook, Emma, 25, 47 
Crist, Stella, 28 
Crans, Emily, 28, 53 
Crowther, Rev. S. F., 21, Zl 
Cupp, Sarah, 53 

Cummings, , 14 

Davis, George N., Zl , 62 
Davenport, Blanche, 53 
De Groff, Mervin, 57 
Diehl, Florence, 56 
Donaghy, James Mays, TH 
Driscol, John, 62 
Eldridge, Elizabeth, 17, 27 
Edwards, James L., 31, 57, 58 
Edmundson, Sarah, 5, 6, 21, 38 
Epps, Nellie Guletta, 55 
Estricher, Mary M., 22, 40 

Mahaffey Descendants 


Estricher, Frank Walter. 40 
Fairchild. Lydia, 28. 54 
Feath, Margaret E.. Z2, 41 
Ferguson, George M., 25, 48 
Fetters, George. 30 
Fisher, Jesse, 30, 54 
Fink. Mary C, 18, 30 
Fisher, Maude, 55 
Flincher, Eva S., 19. 31 
Flynn. Frank, 6, 47 
Fourney. George Lewis, 59 
Fogg, Alice, 42 
Fry, J. Frank, 47 
Gallatley, Bert., 25. 49 
Gallaher, John F., 40 
Gallaher, George W., 42 
Gaylor, Rilla. 46 
Gillespie, Chalmers, 48 
Grafius, Mary Louise. 18, 27, 28 
Graff, Edward, 56 
Guise, Ida, 58 
Hare, Adam. 19 
Hall. Ada. 22. 41 

Hall, . 14 

Henneegh, Charles, 41 
Hemminway. Clyde, 55 
Heusen, Melgar, 56 

Heller, , 46 

Heller, Lucius, 52 
Heiner, Milton, 30. 55 
Holter, Elizabeth, 16, 23 
Hoyt, John, 17 
Hoylman, Sallie G., 26. 50 
Houck, R. L., 39, 64 
Hoosier, Angelina, 41 
Holmes, Joe P., 23 
Huller, Creacy, 16, 22 
Hull, Joseph G., 26, 50 

John, , 15 

Johnston, George, 17 

Johnston, Catharine, 5, 16, 24, 25 

Jones, James Lynn. 43 

Jose, George M., 25, 48 

Jenks, Sterry, 47 

Kendall, W. L., 19 

Kinports, Porter. 5. 6, 21, 35, 36, 37 

M. D.— 13 

Keyte, Porter 
Kissinger, Laura, 28, 53 
Kinley. Richard, 30 
Kitchen. Dr.. 53 

Knight. , 15 

Knoll. William, 23 
Konkle, Dora, 53 
Kulp. John, 19 
Lewmaster, Elizabeth, 22, 41 
Lentz. Mary Ann. 26. 49 
Levegood, Warren, 53 
Lindsey, Elizabeth. 13, 14 
Long, Jacob Z., 23 
Losh, Clarence L., 32, 61 
Long, Beulah, 42 
Lydic, Belle. 37, 62 
Lydic. Esther, 47 

Mann, , 15 

Alartin. Henry Harrison, 43 
Mallison. Albert W., 49 
Mahler, Ella, 57 
MacBeck, Samuel, 18, 28 
McGee, Mary, 16, 24 
McGee, W. W., 45 
McGee, Horace, 48 
McGee. Susannah H., 23, 44 
McMurry, Joseph, 6, 22, 42 
McMurry, Martha. 24, 45 
McFarlane. Dr. James. 48 
McCormick, William, 54 
McCoy. Milo, 55 
McDonald. Frank, 56 
McCormick, James, 53 
Minier, William, 19 
Mitchell, Margaret, 16, 21, 22 
Mitchell, Jacob B., 41, 65 
Middleton, Edward M., 43 
Miller, Emma, 52 
Miller, Maggie, 54 
Moreheart, Mina. 30 
Motter, Parker, 54 
Moore, George D., 28, 53 
Mullen, Alice, 44 
Myers, Frone A., 27, 52 
Myers, Annette, 43 
Myers, H. S., 53 


Mahaffey Descendants 

Nichols, Edgar, 28, 54 
O'Donnell, Glenn, Zl , 63 
Otto, Luther Mohr, 26 
Ort, Richard, 58 
Patchin, Jackson, 21, 34 
Patchin, Julia J., 21, 38, 39 
Pantell, John R., 23 
Patterson, F. R., 25, 48 
Paulhammer, Jane, 31, 59 
Page, Robert P., 32, 60 
Penny, John, 54 
Powell, Margaretta, 44 
Quiggle, Stella Florence, 32, 61 
Rathmell, Joseph, 15, 18 
Ramsey, John, 30, 56 
Reynolds, Mary, 14, 17 
Renninger, W. Homer, 31, 58 
Reifer, Edwin O., 
Reighard, Mary Ida., 50 
Reader, Adelphia, 56 
Reed, William, 52 
Richard, Henry, 15 
Riley, Sarah Jane, 17. 26 
Rowles, Dr. Frank, 47 
Roller, Jacob, 18 
Ross, John M., 23 
Rothrock, James, 28, 53 
Seaman, Lester, 53 
Schall, Reuben, 42 
Sholder, Elizabeth B., 18, 31 
Shipman, Gertrude, 25, 48 
Shaw, Alice E., 26, 49 
Shoff, Ella Viola, 45 
Shirey, Margaret, 46 
Sheaffer, Katherine, 54 
Shoemaker, Effie P., 55 
Smith, Raymond M., 60 
Straight, Sarah Jane, 17, 26 
Striley, Adam, 19, ZZ 
Stough, William Price, 30, 55 
Stewart, John B., 32, 60 

Stees, Bertha Viola, 50 
Spaide, Rolland, 39, 64 
Talbert, Elizabeth, 16, 17 

Tallman, , 14 

Thompson, Phoebe, 17, 26 

Thompson, Samantha, 24, 46 

Thompson, Mallie, 25, 47 

Thompson, N. Roland, 50 

Thornton, Miss, 53 

Topley, Ross, 53 

Trate, May, 28 

Trate. Eve Bell, 29 

Trostle, Edith, 40 

Updegroff, Catherine R., 17, 27 

Vandyke, Alice, 28, 52 

Ward, Helen, 29 

Wallace, John, 30, 55 

Waltz, Ellis Thompson, 32, 62 

Wagner, Elizabeth, 39 

Wagner, Cora, 56 

Weitzel, Catherine, 30, 57 

Weitzel, Henry Lewis, 30, 57 

Weaver, John Henry, 39 

Weber, Mary, 45 

Whipps, Edward F., Zl 

Wilson, , 15 

Williamson, Harriet, 31, 59 

Winters, Clarence H., 32, 61 

Wilson, Joseph A., Zl , 62 

Williams, Ithamar, 41 

Woodward, Harriet, 16, 22 

Wrigley, Miles, 46 

Wright, Cecil, 58 

Yerger, Oscar A., 45 

Yeckley, William, 48 

Young, Emma, 19, 34 

Young, Mary, 19, 34 

Young, Charles, 49 

Youngman, George M., 26, 50, 51 

Younkin, Margaret, 18, 30 

Zeigler, Otis, 55 

Mahaffey Descendants 


Direct Descendants 

651 Frick, Frederick, 68 

653 Howe, Elizabeth, 69 

654 Howe, Lucius, 69 

655 Howe. Lenora, 69 

656 Howe, Catherine, 69 

657 Howe, Marshall, 69 

658 Howe, Delancey, 69 

624 Mahaffey or McHaffey, James, 


625 Mahaffey, James, 67, 68 

626 Mahaffey, Samuel, 68 

627 ]\Iahaffey. Andrew. 68 

628 Mahaffey, Elizabeth, 68 

629 Mahaffey, Mary, 68 

630 Mahaffey, Margaret, 68 

631 Mahaffey, James, 68 

632 Mahaffey, John, 68 

633 Mahaffey, Franklin. 68 

634 Mahaffey, Dr. William K., 68, 


635 Mahaffey, Cochran, 68 

636 Mahaffey, Calvin Douglas, 68 

637 Mahaffey, George, 68, 69 

638 Mahaffey, Margaret, 68 

639 Mahaffey, Catherine, 68 

640 Mahaffey, Franklin, 68 

641 Mahaffey, James, 68 

642 Mahaffey, Edmund, 68 

643 Mahaffey, Elizabeth, 68 
Mahaffey, McPherson, 69 
Mahaffey, William, 69 

646 Mahaffey. George W., 69 

647 Mahaffey, David, 69 
Mahaffey, Mary, 69 
Mahaffey, Emily, 69 
Mahaffey, Gertrude, 59 
Mahaffey, Chambers, 68 
Mahaffey, George, W., Jr., 69 



660 Mott, Gertrude, 69 

661 Mott, Richard, Jr., 69 

Connected by Marriage 

Cassel, Mary. 68 
Chambers, Ella, 68 
Cochran, Mary, 67, 68 
Frick, E.. 68 
Frick, Abner, 68 
Hiestand, Frank, 69 
Howe, Gen. A. P., 68 

Lau, James. 68 

May, Ella, 69 

Mcllvaine, Mary. 68 

McPherson, Elizabeth, 68 

Mott, Richards. 69 

Rineheart. Charlotte R.. 68. 69 

Whittenmore, Emily C, 68, 69 


Mahaffey De;scendants 

Direct Descendants 

















Foreman, Franklin C, 81 
Foreman, William R., 81 
Foreman, Annie Bertha, 81 
Foreman, Cora S., 81 
Foreman, Valley Virginia, 81 
Foreman, John D., 81 
Foreman, Beulah G., 81 
Foreman, Clara V., 81 
Foreman, Elizabeth Pearl, 81 
Foreman, Ethel F., 81 
Foreman, Nellie G, 81 
Foreman, Floyd F., 81 
Foreman, Luella M., 81 
Foreman, Lenard E., 81 
Foreman, Nevin Lee, 81 
Foreman, Elanora McCune, 81 
Hazlett, Clara B., 81 
Hazlett, Robert R., 81 
Hazlett, Harry W., 81 
Hopper, Francis Rebecca, 80 
Hopper, William Allan, 80 
Hopper, Lillian Viola, 80 
Hopper, Velma Ellen, 80 
Lawrence, Ethel Virginia, 80 
Lawrence, Helen Francis, 80 
Mahaffey, Charles, 70, 71 
Mahaffey, Rebecca, 71 
Mahaffey, Andrew, 71, 72 
Mahaffey, Thomas, 71, 72, 11 
Mahaffey, James A., 71, 11 
Mahaffey, John, 71. 74 
Mahaffey, John Philip, 74, 75 
Mahaffey, Johnston, 74 
Mahaffey, Mary Ann, 74, 76 
Mahaffey, Thomas, 74, 76, 11 
Mahaffey, James Andrew, 74, 11 
Mahaffey, Stuart Wareham, 74, 

11, 78 
Mahaffey, William S., 74, 79 
Mahaffey, Adam, 74 
Mahaffey, James B., 74 




9, 79 
700a Mahaffey 
700b Mahaffey 
700c Mahaffey 
700d Mahaffey 
700c Mahaffey 
700f Mahaffey 
709 Mahaffey 




Mary, 74, 80, 81 
Martha Ann, 74 
Samuel, 74 
Rebecca, 74 
John A, 74 
Bethsheba, 74, 81, 82 
Annie, 78 

George Harbold, 78 
John Wareham, 78 
Mary Ellen, 4, 7, 8, 

Delia, 79 
Fanny, 79 
Clara, 79 

Charles Sherman, 79 
Edgar, 80 
Mary Francis, 80 
William Sproul, 80 
Stuart Wareham, 80 
Edward Ross, 80 
Ella Virginia, 80 
Charles Walter, 78 
George H., Jr., 78 
Stuart Lowry, 78 
William Redifer, 80 
Harold Reuben, 80 
Charles Spencer, 80 
Theodore Roosevelt, 

, Donald, 80 
John Alexander, 75 
Johnston, 75 
James, 75 
Minnie May, 75 
William Sproul, 75 
Charles Wareham, 11 
Emma Catherine, 11 
James Arthur, 11 
Mary Ellen, 11 
James Eugene, 75 
Charles Evan, 75 

AIahaffev Descendants 


704 Mahaffie, Marion Katherine, Id 712 

705 Mahaffie. Ralph, 76 735 
708 Martin, Arthur Raoul,, 78 736 
668 McClune. Sarah Allison. 72 706 
701 McCune, Lillie, 82 707 

Minium. Kathleen. 79 
Wiest, Ethel V., 81 
Wiest, Paul R, 81 
Zimmerman. James Arthur, 77 
Zimmerman, Martha Elizabeth, 

Connected by Marriage 

Allison, Mary. 70, 71 
Carst, Jesse Clark, 79 
Cornelius, Florence, 80 
Daugherty, Rose Mary, 79 
Ensminger, Susannah Elizabeth, 74, 

Firestone, Mary Troup. 74, 78 
Foultz, Cora, 81 
Foreman, Peter, 74, 80, 81 
Gouse, Ruth, 78 
Harbold, Susannah. 74. 77, 78 
Hazlett, Robert, 81 
Hopper, Henry Barney, 80 
Jaynes, Lucille, 80 
Johnston, Selma Sophia, 75 
Krick, George H., 80 
Lawrence, Charles E., 80 

Lowry, Mary E., 78 
Martin, Calvin Emerson, 78 
McCune, Theodore, 74, 80, 81 
McClure, Elizabeth Roberts, 78 
McClune, James, 71 
Minium, Samuel Elmer, 79 
Redifer, Ellen. 74, 79 
Ricker, Ida V.. 81 
Shadle. Mary, 74, 79 
Stonaker, Warren Edwards, 79 
Stout, Laura, 75 
Wareham, Elizabeth J., 73 
Whitcomb, Maria Catherine, 74, 77 
Wiest, Charles, 81 
Wynn, Laura Beatrice, 80 
Zeigler, Daniel, 74, 76 
Zimmerman, Samuel Newling, 77 


Mahaffry Descendants 


Direct Descendants 

1363e Attick Loretta,- 124 1151 

1364 Attick, Almeda Elizabeth, 124 1326 

1342 Baker, Sarah Isabella, 109 1329 

1321 Beidel, Leonard Oscar, 104 1330 

1322 Beidel, Leona Jones, 104 

1323 Beidel, Grace Lorraine, 104 1331 

1332 Bodner, Elizabeth, 108 1332 

1343 Bricker, Oliver William, 109 1266 

916 Brown, Bertha, 90 1267 

917 Brown, Harry, 90 1268 

918 Brown, Smiley, 90 1269 

919 Brown, Franklin, 90 1327 

920 Brown, Sarah, 90 1328 

1195 Brown, Margaret, 110 1226 

1196 Brown, Lona M., 110 1227 

1197 Brown, William Cyrus, 110 1228 

1345 Brown, Romain Esther, 110 1229 

1346 Brown, William George, 110 1359 
1352 Bucher, Harold, 113 1360 
1233 Corkle, Frank, 114 991 
1287 Conklin, Alfred B., 121 992 

1333 Crouse, Mildred Luella, 108 993 
1033a Crum, John Newton, 120 994 

1034 Crum, Mary Jane, 120 995 

1035 Crum, Francis Mehaffie, 120 996 

1036 Crum, Martha C, 120 997 
760 Cunningham, Benjamin, 86 998 
760a Cunningham, Anna. 86 999 

843 Cunningham, Margaret, 86 1000 

844 Cunningham, Elizabeth, 86 1001 

845 Cunningham, Benjamin, 86 1002 

1285 Dunn, Rene, 96 1003 

1286 Dunn, Frances, 96 1215 
1351 Ebner, William, 112 1216 
1350 Ebner, Forrest, 112 1217 

1144 Fenicle, Sarah Ann, 106 1218 

1145 Fenicle, Margaret Ann, 106 1219 

1146 Fenicle, Charles Edward, 106 1220 

1148 Fenicle, Ella Florence, 106 1221 

1149 Fenicle, Mary Alice, 106 1222 

1150 Fenicle, Minnie Estella, 106 1223 

Fenicle William Arthur, 106 
Fenicle, Mary Fenicle, 106 
Fenicle, Marlin Edward, 106 
Fenicle, Katherine Romaine, 

Fenicle, William Arthur, 106 
Fenicle, Kenneth Paul, 106 
Ford, Benjamin, 118 
Ford, Mary, 118 
Ford, Jane, 118 
Ford, James, 118 
Fritz, Mildred Roberta, 106 
Fritz, Dorothy M., 106 
Funk, Jessie, 114 
Funk, Harry Albert, 114 
Funk, George Pearson, 114 
Funk, Jennie, 114 
Funk, Mervin, 114 
Funk, Albert, 114 
Gaylor, Jacob, 113 
Gaylor, John B., 113 
Gaylor, Andrew S., 114 
Gaylor, Mary C, 114 
Gaylor, Lewis, 114 
Gaylor, Harry A., 114 
Gaylor, Jennie H., 114 
Gaylor, William O., 114 
Gaylor, Jesse G., 114 
Gaylor, Samuel M., 114 
Gaylor, Charles W., 115 
Gaylor, Frank S., 115 
Gaylor, Rilla, 115 
Gaylor, Caroline, 113 
Gaylor, Helena, 113 
Gaylor, Mary Bell, 113 
Gaylor, John Lewis, 113 
Gaylor, Lucinda Ruth, 113 
Gaylor, Alice May, 113 
Gaylor, George Willard, 114 
Gaylor, Letetia Freda, 114 
Gaylor, Joseph Michael, 114 

Mahaffey Descendants 



Gaylor, Harry Edward, 114 



Gaylor. Albert Work, 114 



Gaylor, George, 114 



Gaylor, David, 114 



Gaylor, Roy, 114 



Gayfbr, Ralph, 114 



Gaylor, Gertrude, 114 



Gaylor, Albert, 114 



Gaylor, Paul, 115 



Gaylor, John, 115 



Gaylor, Josephine, 115 



Gaylor, Jennie Amelia, 115 



Gaylor, Thomas Edward, 115 



Gaylor, Kathryn Edna, 115 



Gaylor, Maude Valeria, 115 



Gaylor, Grace Etta, 115 



Gaylor, Anna Mae, 115 



Gutshall, Luther, 88 



Gutshall, Grace, 88 



Gaylor, L. Wiley. 113 



Gaylor, Dorothy May, 113 



Geiger, Vernardas Floy, 111 



Geiger, Walter Ritchie, 111 



Geiger, John Wilbur, 111 



Geiger, George Marlin, 111 



Geiger, Harold Lebo, 111 



Gibson, Margaret Smiley, 102 



Gibson, Sara Frances, 102 



Gibson, Anna Mary, 102 



Gibson, John Henderson, 102 



Gibson, Robert James, 102 



Green. Sarah, 100 



Hall. Max Andrew, 114 



Heller, Emory Smiley, 89 



Heller, Sara Elizabeth, 90 



Heller. Dorothy May, 90 



Henderson, Charles S., 101, 





Henderson, Anna M., 102 



Henderson. "Sarah Jane, 102 



Henderson, May N., 92 



Henderson, Charles McKenzie, 





Henderson H. Bertram, 102 



Henderson, Frank G., 102 



Henderson, Mary Isabelle, 92 


Henderson, Kenneth, J., 92 
Holborn, Lemuel J., 105 
Hyers, Charles W., 112 
Hyers, Maud. 112 
Hyers, June, 112 
Jacobs, Melvin R., 116 
Jacobs, Mildred G., 116 
Jacobs, Bromley E., 116 
Jones, William H., 103 
Jones, Nathan S., 104 
Jones, Lemuel M., 104 
Jones, John L., 105 
Jones, Hiram D., 105 
Jones, Margaret E., 105 
Jones, Emma M., 105 
Jones, Jane E., 105 
Jones, Mary C, 105 
Jones, Charles E., 105 
Jones, Margaret Elizabeth, 117 
Jones, Sarah Catherine, 118 
Jones, John MehaflSe, 118 
Jones, James McCroskey, 118 
Jones, Benj. Irvin S., 118 
Jones. Lucius Jacob W., 119 
Jones, Thomas Potter, 119 
Jones, Ellen L., 103 
Jones, Emma Catherine, 104 
Jones, Annie M., 104 
Jones, Harry C, 104 
Jones, Ambrose I., 104 
Jones, Ira J.. 104 
Jones, Jennie Matilda, 104 
Jones, Floy Emma, 104, 105 
Jones, Bertha May, 105 
Jones. Elmer E., 105 
Jones, Frederick C, 105 
Jones, Mary Catherine, 105 
Jones, Blanche Wox, 118 
Jones, Mary Elizabeth, 118 
Jones, James Edgar. 118 
Jones, Elmer Franklin 118 
Jones, Kimber C, 118 
Jones, Rupert A., 119 
Jones, Lester L. 119 
Jones, Charles B., 119 
Jones, Irvin H., 119 


Maiiaffey Descendants 


Jones, Walter Logan, 119 




Jones, Mabel Arline, 119 




Jones, Reba Ivon, 119 




Jones, Forrest Wesley, 119 




Jones, Florenjce Catherine], 



104, 124 




Jones, Pearl, 104 




Jones, Wesley, 104 




Jones, Ambrose I., Jr., 104 




Jones, Kermit, 104 




Jones, Vincent, 104 




Jones, William Stouffer, 110 




Jones, Horace Franklin, 110 




Jones, Vera Almerta, 110 




Kennedy, Elizabeth, 111 




Kell, Harry, 98 




Kell, Charles S., 98 




Kennedy, Earl, 111 




Kennedy, Catherine, 112 




Kennedy, Alice, 112 




Kennedy, Margaret, 112 




Kennedy, George, 112 




Kennedy, John, 112 




Kirkpatrick, Smiley, 88 




Kirkpatrick, Isaac, 88 




Kirkpatrick, Ella, 88 




Kirkpatrick, Ann, 88 




Kirkpatrick, Margaret, 88 




Kirkpatrick, Hiram, 87 




Kleffman, John, 112 



Kleffman, Ira, 112 




Knisely, Edwin Jonas, 105 




Knisely, Charles L., 105 



Knisely, Frank Herman, 105 




Knisely, Harry Ross, 105 



Leiter, Sarah Gertrude, 108 




Leiter, Charles Emery, 108 




Leiter, Robert Thomas, 109 




Leiter, Clara Elizabeth, 109 




Meals Auda Theola, 118 




Meals, Sarah Catherine, 118 




Meals, Phoebe Helen, 118 




Mehaffie, Guy, 83 




Mehaffie, Margaret, 83, 84 




Mehaffie, Thomas, 83, 85 




Mehaffie, Ruth, 83, 84 



Margaret, 85, 93 
Andrew, 85, 93 
John, 85, 94 
Thomas, 85, 94, 95 
Sarah, 85, 95 

Nancy, 85,« 95 
William. 85, 96 
Hamilton, 85, 96 
Hamilton, 93, 111 
Rachel, 93, 111 
Catherine, 93, 112 
Josiah, 94 

Margaret, 94, 112 
Sarah, 94, 113 
Wm. Smiley, 94, 115 
Andrew, 94, 116 
Mary Susan, 94 
George W., 94, 117 
Mary Ann, 94, 117 
Andrew, 94 
Sarah B., 94, 119 
Elizabeth, 94 
Ruth E., 94, 120 
Margaret J., 94 
Jane Frances, 94, 120 
David I., 96, 120 
Julia Ann, 96 
Alexander, 97, 121 
John Thomas, 97, 

Amos, 97, 122 
Martha Frances, 97, 

Mary Elizabeth, 97, 

Rebecca Finley, 97 
James Clark, 97 
Elizabeth M., Ill 
David, 111 
Louise, 111 
Ella, 111 

Stephen Reno, 115 
Sarah Ann, 116 
Thomas Milton, 116 
Minnie Susan, 116 
Mary Florence, 116 

Mahaffev DescEixdants 




William David, 116 




George Elmer, 116 




Martha. 116 




Joseph, 116 




Daisy, 116 




Margaret, 116 




Pearl. 116 




Susan, 116 



Andrew, Jr., 116 




Charles Ross, 117 




Samuel David, 117 




Lillian May. 117 




Jennie Alice, 117 




William W.. 117 




George Arthur, 117 




Jane. 121 




Hamilton, 121 




Fanny, 121 




Elsie M., 121 




James 0., 121 




Annie, 121 




William B., 121 




Mary Viola, 121 




Mabel, 121 




Bessie P., 121 




George W., 121 




Maud Ethel, 121 




Emory M., 121 




Anna M., 122 




Olive M., 122 




Elizabeth. 122 



Howard, 122 




Elmer Charles, 115 




Leon Grover, 115 




Esther Elsesto, 115 




Ada Sheridan, 115 




Stephen Bryan. 115 




James M.. 116 




Walter, 117 




Martha, 117 




Esther, 117 




George, 117 

760 f 



John, 117 




Edward, 117 




Grace E., 121 


Mehaffie, David B., 121 
Mehaffie. Esther V., 121 
Mehaffie, William M., 121 
Mehaffie, James C, 121 
Mehaffie, George E., 121 
Mehaffie, Gladys Emarine, 122 
Mehaffie, Margaret Thelma, 

Mehaffie, Guy, 122 
Mehaffie, Lawrence, 122 
Mehaffie, Beth, 122 
Mehaffie, Minnie, 122 
Mehaffie, James Leon. 115 
McBride. John. 87 
McBride, Meredith, 87 
McBride, Samuel, 87 
McBride, Matthew, 87 
McBride, John, 87 
McBride, Samuel, 97 
McBride, Eliza, 87 
McBride, Dr. Thomas. 108 
McCaskey, Ella, 101 
McCaskey, John L., 101 
McCaskey, Joseph A. L., 101 
McCaskey, Anna Margaret, 101 
McCaskey, Joseph, 101 
McCaskey, Carroll, 101 
McCaskey, John Walter, 101 
McCaskey, Sara Jean, 101 
McCaskey. William Franklin, 

McCaskey, Miriam Helen, 101 
McCord, James, 86 
McCord, John, 86 
McCord, Samuel, 86 
McCord, Catherine, 86 
McCord, Thomas C, 97 
McCord, Anna, 97 
McCord, John, 97 
McCord, Frances, 97 
McCord, James Widney, 98 
McKee, William, 86 
McKee, Jesse. 86 
McKee, Wilson, 86 
McKee, Washington, 86 


Mahaffey Descendants 


McKenzie, Elizabeth, 91 



McKenzie, Margaret, 91 



McKenzie, Samuel, 91 



McKenzie, John, 91 



McKenzie, David Lemuel, 91 



McKenzie, Rachel, 92 



McKenzie, Irwin Webster, 91 


McKenzie, Harry Curtin, 91 



McKenzie, Dr. Horace Ward, 




McKenzie, Alice, 91 


McKenzie, Maggie Florence, 





McKenzie, Grant M., 91 



McKenzie, Mary Alma, 91 



McKenzie, Nancy Emma, 91 



McKenzie, Charles Percy, 92 



McKenzie, Luther W., 92 



McKenzie, David DeWitt, 92 



McKenzie, David Lemuel, 92 



Morrow, Kathryn, 109 



Morrow, George W, 109 



Murphy, Smiley, 99 



Murphy, Raymond, 99 



Murphy, Franklin, 99 



Murphy, Anna, 99 



Musser, William Henry, 104 



Musser, Earl Eugene, 104 



Musser, Albert Leroy, 104 



Musser, Paul Edward, 104 



Myers, Irvin, 112 



Myers, G. G., 112 



Neeley, Sara Elizabeth, 110 



Nelson, Louella, 108 



Nelson, Laura, 108 



Olsen, Bertha Brandt, 105 



Peffer, Caroline, 98, 123 



Peffer, Eliza May, 98 



Peffer, James Widney, 98 



Peffer, Helen Frances, 123 



Peffer, Carl, 123 



Purdon, Frank West, 109 



Purdon, Lewis, 109 



Purdon, Edna Louise, 109 



Purdon, Ray Edward, 109 



Purdon, George Everett, 109 


Raffensperger, Thomas, 113 
Raffersperger, Catherine, 113 
Raffensperger, David, 113 
Ritner, Bertha Jones, 105 
Rosensteel, Martha E., 112 
Rosensteel, Caroline Powers, 

Rosensteel, Jacob Hoffman, 

Rosensteel, Catherine Alice, 

Rosensteel, A. Alburtus, 112 
Saunders, John 122 
Saunders, Emma, 122 
Shade, William, 123 
Shade, Alfred, 123 
Shearer, Willis, 106 
Shearer, Maria, 106 
Sheibley, Harry, 107 
Sheibley, Annie, 107 
Sheibley, Charles, 107 
Sheibley, Thomas, 107 
Sheibley, Catherine, 107 
Sheibley, Balla, 107 
Sheibley, Ida, 107 
Sheibley, Jennie, 107 
Shoop, Mildred Ray, 121 
Shoop, Alberta Viola, 121 
Smith, John, 88 
Smith, Smiley, 88 
Smith, William, 88 
Smith, Cyrus, 88 
Smith, Elmer, 88 
Smith, Allan, 88 
Smith, Ira, 88 
Smith, Cora, 88 
Smith, Blain, 88 
Smith, Charles, 88 
Smith, Elizabeth, 88 
Smith, Grace, 88 
Smiley, Elizabeth, 84, 86 
Smiley, Mary, 84, 86 
Smiley, Margaret. 84, 86, 87 
Smiley, William, 84, 87 
Smiley, Ruth. 84, 87 
Smiley, Sarah, 84, 88 

Mahaffey Descendants 


851 McKee, Hon. James, 86 895 

749 Smiley. John, 84, 87. 88, 89, 102 900 

750 Smiley, Nancy, 84, 90, 91 901 

751 Smiley, Martha, 84, 92. 93 902 

768 Smiley, Wilson, 87, 98 903 

769 Smiley, John, 87, 99 904 

770 Smiley, James, 87, 99, 100 905 

771 Smiley, Jane R., 87, 101 906 
112 Smiley. Margaret Ann, 87, 101 907 
111 Smiley, William A., 87, 102 908 
774 Smiley, Benjamin, W, 103 909 

784 Smiley, Henderson, 89 910 

785 Smiley, Thompson. 90 912 

786 Smiley, Margaret Ann, 90 913 

787 Smiley, Mary Ann, 90 914 
789 Smiley, Jane R., 90 915 
795 Smiley, George, 93 935 
79Sa Smiley, John, 93 936 

855 Smiley, Martha, 98 937 

856 Smiley, Jane S., 98 938 

857 Smiley, James, 98 939 

858 Smiley. Annie H., 98 940 

859 Smiley, Emma M., 98 1081 

860 Smiley, Alexander W., 98 1082 

861 Smiley, Elizabeth E., 98, 99 1085 

862 Smiley, Ella S., 99 1099 

863 Smiley, John, 99 1100 

864 Smiley, James, 99 1101 

865 Smiley, Dr. Lewis. 99 1108 

866 Smiley, William. 99 1109 

867 Smiley, Hiram, 99 1110 

870 Smiley, Annie Maria. 100 1111 

871 Smiley, Stephen, 100 1112 

872 Smiley, Alice, 100 1113 

873 Smiley, Florence, 100 1114 

874 Smiley, Virginia, 100 1115 

875 Smiley, Jessie, 100 1252 

876 Smiley, Franklin, 100 1253 

887 Smiley, Rev. L. C, 102 1362 

888 Smiley, W^illiam A.. 102 827 

889 Smiley, Laura, 103 828 

890 Smiley, Annie L.. 103 829 

891 Smiley, Louis. 103 830 

892 Smiley, John M.. 103 831 

893 Smiley. Ferdinand G.. 103 832 

894 Smiley, Minnie L., 103 832a 

Smiley, Emma L., 103 
Smiley, John M.. 89 
Smiley, Charles Henry, 89 
Smiley, Joseph, 89 
Smiley, Lewis Franklin, 89 
Smiley, Porter, 89 
Smiley, William Thompson, 89 
Smiley, George W., 89 
Smiley, Elizabeth, 89 
Smiley, Harvey Fisher, 89 
Smiley, Susan Rebecca, 89 
Smiley, Morris E., 90 
Smiley, Mary, 90 
Smiley, Herman, 90 
Smiley, Miss Jean, 90 
Smiley, Joseph, 90 
Smiley, Dr. James, 93 
Smiley, Dr. Horace, 93 
Smiley, Alice, 93 
Smiley, Mary, 93 
Smiley, Sarah, 93 
Smiley, Anna B., 93 
Smiley, Charles C, 99 
Smiley, Harry W., 99 
Smiley, Franklin Virginia, 100 
Smiley, William A., 102 
Smiley, Flora W.. 102 
Smiley, Willard L., 102 
Smiley, George H., 89 
Smiley, Raymond, 89 
Smiley. Frances E., 89 
Smiley, Helen Irene, 89 
Smiley, Mildred, 89 
Smiley, Harry, 89 
Smiley, Kenneth, 89 
Smiley, Harvey Franklin, 89 
Soles, Irvin Clinton, 116 
Soles, Clarence Leroy, 116 
Soles, Charles Leroy, 116 
Sollenberger, Mary, 95 
Sollenberger, Thomas, 95 
Sollenberger, Catherine, 95 
Sollenberger, Adaline, 95 
Sollenberger, John, 95 
Sollenberger, Jacob, 96 
Sollenberger, Nancy, 96 


Mahaffey Descendants 

1033 Sender, Frank J., 119 820 Sutch, 

1701 Sender, Mabel E., 99 821 Sutch, 

1072 Sender, Arthur C, 99 822 Sutch, 

1073 Sender Chester, 99 823 Sutch, 

1074 Sender, Harry S., 99 824 Sutch, 

1075 Sender, Grace A., 99 825 Sutch, 

1076 Sender, Wilbur A., 99 826 Sutch, 

1281 Sender, Rey Wheeler, 119 952 Sutch, 

1282 Sender, Fred. Rudolph, 119 954 Sutch, 

1283 Sender, Ned Perry, 119 955 Sutch, 

1284 Sender, Russel Henry, 119 956 Sutch, 
1363 Sender, Virginia Ruth, 119 957 Sutch, 

1120 Steck, J. Henderson, 92 958 Sutch, 

1121 Steck, Alma, 92 959 Sutch, 

1122 Steck, Mary Ethel, 92 960 Sutch, 

1123 Steck, Rachel May, 92 961 Sutch, 
1305 Stone, Alice Esther, 123 962 Sutch, 

964 Steuffer, Jacob Richland, 110 963 Sutch, 

965 Steufifer, Mary Ellen, 110 1152 Sutch, 

966 Stouffer, Thomas Jefferson, 1153 Sutch, 

110 1154 Sutch, 

967 Stouffer, Oran Franklin, 110 1155 Sutch, 

968 Steuffer, William Leyburn, 1156 Sutch, 

110 1157 Sutch, 

969 Steuffer, Anna Rachel, 110 1158 Sutch, 

970 Stouffer, Charles Linn, 110 1159 Sutch, 

971 Steuffer, Laura Margaret, 111 1160 Sutch, 

972 Stouffer, Almerta, 111 1161 Sutch, 

1198 Stouffer, Annie Minerva, 110 1170 Sutch, 

1199 Stouffer, William Thomas, 110 1171 Sutch, 

1200 Stouffer, Margaret Almerta, 1172 Sutch, 

110 1177 Sutch, 

1201 Stouffer, Gertrude Alva, 110 1178 Sutch, 

1202 Stouffer, Sara Elbie, 110 1179 Sutch, 

1056 Stewart, Medena, 123 1180 Sutch, 

1057 Stewart, Albert Ross, 123 1181 Sutch, 

1058 Stewart, John Russell, 123 1182 Sutch, 

1059 Stewart, Ralph Clark, 123 1183 Sutch, 

1060 Stewart, Flora Loyola, 123 1184 Sutch, 
795b Sutch, John, 93 1185 Sutch, 

796 Sutch, Eliza, 93, 103 1186 Sutch, 

797 Sutch, Mary, 93 1187 Sutch, 

798 Sutch, Sarah, 93, 106 1188 Sutch, 

799 Sutch, Catherine. 93, 107 1334 Sutch, 

800 Sutch, Margaret, 93, 109 1335 Sutch, 
819 Sutch, Jane, 95 1336 Sutch, 

Thomas, 93, 107 
Catherine, 95 
John, 95 
James, 95 
Hamilton, 95 
Sarah, 95 
George, 95 
William M., 107 
Sarah E., 107 
Lemuel T., 107 
Mary E., 107 
Jane A., 107 
Irvin T., 107 
Annie M., 108 
Margaret C, 108 
Thomas, 108 
Harriet, 109 
Sarah Bates, 109 
Aquilla F., 107 
Wendel H., 107 
Laura V., 107 
Miriam A., 107 
Arden, 107 
James, 107 
Charles, 107 
Catharine, 107 
Mary, 107 
Jennie, 107 
Milton, 107 
William, 108 
Abro G., 108 
John C, 108 
William P., 108 
George H.. 108 
Lily A., 108 
Ida M., 108 
Thomas McBride, 
Sarah Jane, 108 
Jessie Meaditte, 109 
Catherine E., 109 
Ruth A., 109 
Phoebe M., 109 
Oscar L., 109 
Robert, 108 
James Taylor, 108 
Lorraine, 108 


Mahaffey Descendants 


1031 Sender. Perry Sherman, 119 

1132 Sender, Jesse Brayton, 119 

1337 Sutch, Viola, 108 

1061 Wallace. Zeta. 97 

1062 Wallace. Mary, 97 

1083 Wagner, James Smiley, 100 

1084 Wagner, Florence Jean, 100 
1357 Weber. Lillian, 113 

1320 Welsh, Thelma Dorothy, 105 

1066 White, Clara. 98 

1067 White, Jessie. 98, 123 

1307 White, Virginia Winifred, 124 

1068 White, Prof. James W., 98, 123 

1308 White, Elanor Eugenia, 124 

1353 Zimmerman, Geraldine Mar- 

garetta, 113 

1354 Zimmerman, Kathcrine Paley, 


1263 Zinn, John Newton, 117 

1264 Zinn, Dorothy, 117 

Connected by Marriage 

Adair, Martha, 87, 102 
Alexander, Susie, 117 
Alswell, Elizabeth, 94, 115 
Allen, Alice M., 119 
Anderson, Robert E., 122 
Askins, Clyde, 108 
Atticks. Clyde, 104, 124 
Bates, M. to Sutch, 95 
Barnhart, Mary Susan, 89 
Banhof, Julia M.. 119 
Barclay. Miranda E., 121 
Baker, Annie, 106 
Baker, Arthur, 109 
Bergstresser, Mary, 91 
Beidel, Clarence J., 104 
Bear, Katherine, 106 
Beam, Ruby R.. 119 
Black, Mary, 103 
Boyles, Laura Bell, 113 
Bodner, Clarence, 108 
Brown, Oliver, 90 
Brown, Edward, 90 
Brown, George Cyrus, 110 
Branyan, Eli, 91 
Brownawell, Mr., 95 
Brooks, Rose, 100 
Breiner, m. to Smiley, 93 
Bricker, John, 109 
Burd, Priscilla, 93, 111 
Bupp, Catherine, 94, 115 
Bucher, Dow, 113 
Campbell, Maud, 102 
Carrol, Ruth, 116 
Clouser, Charlotte, 94, 117 

Clouser, Margaret Ann, 95, 120 

Cleckner. Frederick, 105 

Cornman, Mr., 95 

Corkle, Ellsworth, 114 

Conklin, John B., 121 

Crum, E. H., 94, 120 

Crum, Eli, 95 

Cramer, m. to Jones, 104 

Crouse, Bentley, 108 

Cunningham, Benj., 84, 86 

Davis, Dave R., 122 

Freet, Thomas, 103 

Foulk, Elizabeth, 101, 102 

Ford, James, 117 

Davidson, Elizabeth, 109 

Derland, Bertha, 101 

Deitz, Elizabeth, 103 

Dewalt, Sarah, 110 

Drumgold, C. M., 86 

Drumgold, Almerta, 90 

Druckmiller, Anna Maria, 104 

Ebner, George, 112 

Eckles, John C, 100 

Egolf, Sarah E., 89 

Enterline, Ellen, 107 

Enterline, Keziah R., 116 

Evans, m. to Mehaffie, 116 

Fertig, Misses, 95 

Fisher, Clara May, 92 

Fickes, Dora, 111 

Flickinger, Robert E., 101 

Fleming, Lillian, J., 119 

Fleisher, John H., 122 

Foulk, Philip, 94 


Mahaffey Descendants 

Fritz, Frank A., 106 

Furgeson, m. to Kirkpatrick, 88 

Funk, Amos, 114 

Fulton, Annie, 104 

Gaylor, Michael, 94, 113 

Gainter, Minnie Ray, 89 

Carman, m. to Smiley, 93 

Geiger, John Allison, 111 

Gibson, James K., 102 

Gingerich, Jacob, 112 

Gingerich, Ellen, 113 

Gorgas, Minerva, 87, 103 

Green, Sarah, 87, 100 

Green, Emily, 87, 100 

Greer, Samuel, 93 

Griffiths, David, 118 

Grey, Isabel, 113 

Gutshall, Harry, 88 

Hamilton, Margaret, 83 

Hammacker, Lottie, 117 

Hall, Woodward G, 114 

Henderson, Susan, 84, 88, 89 

Henderson, Sarah, 87, 98 

Henderson, John S., 87, 101 

Henderson, m. to Kirkpatrick, 81 

Henderson, William Holmes, 92 

Heller, John E., 89 

Hess, Kate, 90 

Hexon, Rebecca, 114 

Heckert, Samuel, 116 

Hicks, Lida, 88 

Hobbs, William H., 100 

Hollenbaugh, m. to Wallace, 97 

Holborn, James, 104, 105 

Humes, Miss, 93 

Hyers, m. to Kennedy, 112 

Irwin, Annie Eliza, 91 

Jacobs, Charles H., 116 

Jackson, Annie I., 91 

Jones, Benjamin M., 94, 117 

Jones, Isaac, 93, 103 

Jones, J. M., 110 

Kennedy, George, 93, 111 

Kell, Peter, 98 

Keller, Alfred J., 121 

Keefer, Minnie E. S., 115 

Kirkpatrick, Jesse, 84, 87 
Kines, Joseph, 95 
Killinger, Nellie V., 92 
Kirwin, William J., 109 
Kleffman, William, 112 
Knisely, Abraham H., 105 
Lemon, Ollie, 114 
Leathers, m. to Mahaffie, 116 
Lewis, Mary Jane, 118 
Leiter, Austin E., 108 
Livingston, m. to Smiley, 90 
Loy, Ida S., 102 
Longenecker, Margie, 118 
Mahaffey, Malcolm, 115 
McAllister, Elizabeth, 88 
McBride, Eliza, 93 
McBride, Mathew, 84, 86, 87 
McCaskey, Joseph 87, 101 
McCord, Miss, 86 
McCord, Benjamin, 84, 86 
McCormick, Molly, 97 
McCoy, m. to Kirkpatrick, 88 
McCroskey, Sarah Sterritt, 85, 94 
McClintock, Susan, 90 , 

McClintock, Martha, 85, 96 
McFarland, Margaret Jane, 105 
McFarland, Mary Elizabeth, 89 
McKee, James, 84, 86 
McKeehan, m. to Mehaffie, 111 
McKenzie, John, 84, 90, 91 
McRoberts, Mary, 108 
Messimer, Sarah, 85, 93 
Meadith, Catherine Elizabeth, 108 
Mead, m. to Mehaffie, 121 
Meals, Theodore Benton, 118 
Miller, m. to Smiley, 93 
Miller, Emma, 112 
Milligan, Jane, 86 
Mickey, Sarah, 87, 99 
Murphy, Ruth, 83, 84 
Murphy, Elizabeth, 85, 94 
Murphy, Charles M., 99 
Musser, Charles Edwin, 104 
Marrow, George W., 109 
Montgomery, m. to Mehaffie, 112 
Moyer, William Decker, 121 

Mahaffey Descendants 


Moore, m. to Mehaffie. 116 
Myers, L. G., 112 
Myers, Cas., 112 
Neeley, H. S., 110 
Nelson, Robert. 108 
Odell, Edith, 114 
Olsen. John H., 105 
Pacely, Emma, 97, 122 
Parrott, Margaret H., 122 
Peffer, John C, 97 
Powell, Mary E., 107 
Potter, Lewis, 107 
Purdon, George Frederick, 109 
Quary, Rita, 112 
Raffensperger, Margaret, 93, HI 
Raffensperger, John, 94, 113 
Rake, Hattie. 118 
Risser, Charles, 95 
Ritner, Ira D., 105 
Robison, Mary, 85, 94 
Rosensteel, John, 93, 112 
Rosensteel, Isabella, 94, 116 
Ross, May, 114 
Rohrer, Charles W.. 98. 123 
Rowe, Mary V., 110 
Rodenheiser, Rol. M.. 118 
Robbins. Charles F.. 118 
Ruhl, William W., 120 
Shade, David, 97, 122 
Shapuite, Catherine, 119 
Sanderson, Mary, 108 
Saunders, John, 122 
Shearer, George, 90 
Shearer, Philip, 93, lOo 
Sheaffer, Mary, 107 
Sheaffer, Elizabeth, 88 
Sheaffer, Edward, 9C 
Sheibley, David P., 107 
Shoop, Charles Morris, 117 
Shoop, Bernard J., 121 
Shuman, Rebecca, 97, 122 
Simmons, Rebecca, 117 
Smiley, John, 83, 84 

Smiley, James, 84, 93 
Smiley, Sarah, 86 
Smiley, Mary, 86 
Smiley, Margaret, 87, 98 
Smiley, Mary, 98 
Smiley, John, 87 
Smith, Henry, 122 
Smith, William. 84, 88 
Snoke, Lottie, 114 
Sollenberger, John, 85, 95 
Souder, Jacob M., 94, 119 
Souder, John H., 99 
Soles, Charles Elmer, 116 
Stover, Mary Louise, 92 
Stouffer, William, 93, 109 
Stewart, William Henry, 97, 123 
Stock, Charles E., 92 
Strouse, S. Mae, 115 
Stone, Samuel, 98, 123 
Stone, Ida, S. L., 89 
Sutch, Thomas, 85, 93 
Sutch, John, 85, 95 
Sutch, Margaret, 85, 96 
Swartz, Catherine, 93, 111 
Thomas, m. to Wallace, 97 
Thompson, m. to Sutch, 95 
Todd, Charles Edgar, 122 
Wallace, Rev. W'. M., 97 
Wagner, David Strohm, 100 
Welsh, Robert, 104 
Weber, Robert A., 113 
White, James S., 98 
Whiteside, John, 111 
Wilson, Ann, 84. 87 
Williams, Claire, 116 
Work, Mary, 114 
Wox, Lucius C, 94, 120 
Woods, Fred., 103 
Woolley, Ethel, 98, 123 
Young, Sarah J., 97. 121 
Zimmerman, Clyde E., 113 
Zinn, Percy, 117 


Mahaffey Descendants 


1365 Mahaffey, m. Mclntyre, 125 1379 Mahaffey, James A., 125 

1366 Mahaffey, Joseph, 125 1380 Mahaffey, Joseph, 125 

1367 Mahaffey, John, 125 1381 Mahaffey, Phoebe, 125 

1368 Mahaffey, Andrew, 125 1382 Mahaffey, John, 125 

1369 Mahaffey, Samuel, 125 1383 Mahaffey, Stephen, Jr., 125 

1370 Mahaffey, Miss, m. Harbison, 1384 Mahaffey, Gibson, 126 

125 1385 Mahaffey, Eliza, 126 

1371 Mahaffey, Stephen, 125 1386 Mahaffey, Maggie, 126 

1372 Mahaffey, Moses, 126 1387 Mahaffey, Moses, 126 

1373 Mahaffey, James, 126 1388 Mahaffey, Morgan, 126 

1374 Mahaffey, Joseph Alexander, 1389 Mahaffey, John, 126 

126 1390 Mahaffey, Isaac, 126 

1375 Mahaffey, Jane, 126 1391 Mahaffey, William C, 126 

1376 Mahaffey, Sarah, 126 1392 Swingler, George, 126 

1377 Mahaffey, Marguerite, 126 1393 Swingler, Thomas, 126 

1378 Mahaffey, Mary Ellen, 127 1394 Swingler, Samuel, 126 

Connected by Marriage 

Carroll, Elinor, 125 
Cox, William, 127 
Davis, Nancy, 126 
Felty, m. to Mahaffey, 126 
Harbison, John, 125 

Henderson, Lanty, 126 
Lackeye, Ellen, 125 
Mclntyre, m. Mahaffey, 125 
Reed, m. to Mahaffey, 126 
Swingler, Jefferson, 126 


1395 Mehaffey, Joseph, 127 

1396 Mehaffey, Joseph, 127 

1397 Mehaffey, John, 127 

1398 Mehaffey, Joseph, 127 

1399 Mehaffey, Joseph, 127 

1400 Mehaffey, Edith Jane, 127 

1401 Mehaffey, Clyde Edwin, 127 

1402 Mehaffey, Hilda Jane, 127 

1403 Mehaffey, Herbert Lawson, 127 

Connected by Marriage 

Kelley, J. Roy, 127 

Mahaffev Descendants 209 


Direct Descendants 

1410a Clark, Rachel Jane, 128 1409 Mahaffey, Samuel, 128 

1404 Mahaffey, Andrew, 128 1410 Mahaffey, Miss, m. Clark, 128 

1405 Mahaffey, John, 128 1411 Mahaffey, Andrew Stephen, 

1406 Mahaffey, William, 128 128 

1407 Mahaffey, James, 128 1412 Mahaffey, W. R., 128 

1408 Mahaffey, Stephen, 128 

Connected by Marriage 

Clark, Starling, 128 Hughes, Maria, 128 

Ellison, Miss, 128 Jones, Mr., 128 

M. D.— 14 


Mahaffeiy Descendants 

Direct Descendants 

1559 Arnold, Ethel May, 144 

1560 Arnold, Goldie Opal, 144 

1561 Arnold, John Walter, 144 

1562 Arnold, Ina Pearl, 144 

1563 Arnold, Herbert, Charles, 144 
1529 Burroway, Alma Bessie, 142 

1531 Burroway, Charles, 141 

1532 Burroway, Clyde Alexander, 


1533 Burroway, Elva Bell, 141 

1534 Burroway, Lloyd Verue, 142 

1426 Carson, Jane, 130 

1427 Carson, Hannah, 130 

1599 Calderwood, Virginia Dale, 

1569 Conts, James Henry, 139 

1570 Conts, Clarence, 139 
1582 Cosgrove, Chester, 139 

1437 Kirkpatrick, Alexander, 131 

1438 Kirkpatrick, Joseph, 131 

1439 Kirkpatrick, Wilson, 132 

1440 Kirkpatrick, Shepley, 132 

1441 Kirkpatrick, James, 132 

1442 Kirkpatrick, Margaret, 132 

1443 Kirkpatrick, Emeline, 132 
1576 Lindsay, Bessie, 139 

1413 Mahaffey, Alexander, 129,130 

1413 Mahaffey, William, 129 

1414 Mahaffey, Rebecca, 130 

1415 Mahaffey, Mary, 130 

1416 Mahaffey, Margaret, 130 

1417 Mahaffey, Hannah, 130 

1418 Mahaffey, Ellen, 130 

1419 Mahaffey, Alexander, 130 

1420 Mahaffey, Enoch, 130 

1421 Mahaffey, Hugh, 130, 131 
1421 Mahaffey, Eliza, 130, 131 

1423 Mahaffey, Joseph, 130, 132, 133 

1424 Mahaffey, William, 130, 133 

1425 Mahaffey, John, 130 

1428 Mahaffey, James, 130 



James, 131, 134 



Alexander, 131 



William, 131, 134, 




Caroline, 131, 136 



Byron, 131 



Milton, 131, 136 



Joseph, 131, 137 



Marjorie, 131 



Jane, 133 



Charles, 133 



Letitia, 133 



Isabella, 133 



Joseph, 133 



Sarepta, 133 



Etta, 133 



Obediah, 133 



Alexander, 133, 137, 



Hannah, 133 



James H., 133, 138 



John E., 134, 139, 



Sarah Margaret, 



Elizabeth Ann, 134, 



William Joseph, 134 


ton, 134 

George Washing- 



George, 130 



Lawrence, 130 



Newton, 130 



Byron, 134 



Antionette, 134 



Grant, 134 



John. 134 



Isabelle, 134 



Mary, 135 



Charles M., 135 



Gilman Osborne, 135 

Mahaffey Descendants 


1471 Mahaffey, Joseph Fremont, 135 1517 Mahaffey, 

1472 Mahaffey, William E., 135 135 

1473 Mahaffey, Edwin C, 135 1518 Mahaffey 

1474 Mahaffey, Hugh Lawrence, 1521 Mahaffey 

135 1522 Mahaffey 

1477 Mahaffey, Perry D., 136 1523 Mahaffey 

1478 Mahaffey, Lucien, 137 1524 Mahaffey 
1379 Mahaffie, Jessie Maud, 137 1525 Mahaffey, 

1480 Mahaffey, Roscoe, 137 1526 Mahaffey 

1481 Mahaffey, Harry, 137 1527 Mahaffey 

1482 Mahaffey, William, 137 1528 Mahaffey 

1483 Mahaffey. Sarah Margaret, 1529 Mahaffey 

138, 141 1530 Mahaffey 

1484 Mahaffey, John Cyrus, 138, 142 1536 Mahaffey, 

1485 Mahaffey, William Jasper, 138, 1537 Mahaffey 

143 1539 Aiahaffey 

1487 Mahaffey, David Washington, 142 

138. 143 1540 Mahaffey, 

1488 Mahaffey, Alexander Robert, 1541 Mahaffey 

138 1542 Mahaffey, 

1489 Mahaffey, Ada Estelle, 138, 144 1543 Mahaffey 

1490 Mahaffey. James Mathew, 138, 1544 Mahaffey 

144 1545 Mahaffey, 

1491 Mahaffey, Obediah Richard, 1546 Mahaffey, 

138, 145 1547 Mahaffey 

1492 Mahaffie. Hattie, 138 1548 Mahaffey 

1493 Mahaffey. Emma Bell, 139 1549 Mahaffey, 

1494 Mahaffey, Effie, 139 1550 Mahaffey, 

1495 Mahaffie, Ollie, 139 1551 Mahaffey 

1496 Mahaffey, William Franklin, 1552 Mahaffey 

139, 145 1553 Mahaffey 

1497 Mahaffey. Eve. 139 1554 Mahaffey 

1499 Mahaffey, Pearl, 139 1555 Mahaffey 

1500 Mahaffey. Kelley Wallace, 140 1556 Mahaffey 

1501 Mahaffey, Harriet Jane, 140 1553 Mahaffey 

1502 Mahaffey, John Gilmore E., 144 

140 1557 Mahaffey 

1503 Mahaft'ey. Lewis Emmert. 140 144 

1510 Mahaffey, Vera Vivian, 135 1558 Mahaffey 

1511 Alahaffey, Glen Calvin, 135 1564 Mahaffey 

1512 Mahaffey, Edwin Day, 135 144 

1513 Mahaffey, Alice Corrine, 135 1565 Mahaffey 

1514 Mahaffey, Mildred Margaret, 1566 Mahaffey 

135 1567 Mahaffey 

1515 Mahaffey, W. Daniel, 135 145 

1516 Mahaffey, Wm. Lawrence, 135 1568 Mahaffey, 

Margaret Elizabeth, 

Martha Pearl, 136 
Mabel M., 136 
Mercedes R., 137 
Bessie L., 137 
Fay G., 137 
Ralph, 137 
Earl, 137 
Maud, 127 
Irene, 137 
Louise, 137 
James, 137 
Pearl Blanche, 142 
Carrie Annabel, 142 
William Alexander, 

Hulda Edith, 142 
Lena Joicy. 142 
Lenelta Ada, 142 
John Roosevelt, 142 
Mary Alice. 142 
Cora, 143 
Edna Eva, 143 
Viola, 143 
Isabel, 143 
Harriet, 143 
James Walter, 143 
Herrick, 143 
Hermon, 143 
Charles Mathew, 143 
Sarah Mabel, 144 
Mahala Olive, 144 
Mary May, 144 
Mildred Elanore, 

David Washington, 

Marvel Irena, 144 
Herbert Stanton, 

James Edward, 144 
Bessie Virda. 145 
Beulah Angelina, 

Obadiah Ralph, 145 


Mahaffey Desce;ndants 


Mahaffey, James Richard, 145 



Mahafifey, Lester, 145 



Mahaffey, George Clifford, 145 



Mahaffey, Perce Clifford, 145 



Mahaffey, Mary Etta, 145 



Mahaffey, John Isaac, 140 



Mahaffey, Mamie Alice, 140 



Mahaffey, William McKinley, 





Mahaffey, Josiah, 140 



Mahaffey, Roy, 140 



Mahaffey, Anna May, 140 



Mahaffey, Ella Louise, 140 



Mahaffey, Arnold Gilmore, 





Mahaffey, Jerome Charles, 140 



Mahaffey, Florence May, 140 



Mahaffey, Kermit 0., 140 



Mahaffey, Velma B., 140 



Mahaffey, Juanita E., 141 



Mahaffey, Mabel, 145 



Mahaffey, Stella May, 145 

Mahaffey, Clarena Elone, 145 
Markey, Nellie, 139 
Markey, Thomas, 139 
Markey, Pierce, 139 
Markey, Effie, 139 
Markey, Hattie, 139 
Oram, Roxana, 136 
Oram, Joseph, 136 
Oram, Edith, 136 
Oram, Thomas, 136 
Orr, Stanley, 141 
Orr, Elmer R., 141 
Orr, Julia Virginia, 141 
Miller, A. Kennith, 137 
Retry, Frederick Davis, 144 
Retry, Frances Olive, 144 
Ridenour, Susie Virginia, 139 
Ridenour, Floyd A., 139 
Roberts, George Grimm, 141 
Roberts, William, 141 
Roberts, Bert, 141 

Connected by Marriage 

Arnold, Charles C, 144 

Arnold, Rhoda, 130 

Baryhenan, Mr., 136 

Boland, Mary, 137 

Boals, Miss, 141 

Burroway, John E., 141 

Calderwood, Millard Filmore, Jr., 142 

Carey, Ida A., 135 

Carson, Elijah, 130 

Crawbaugh, Harvey R., 139 

Conts, Charles, 138 

Cosgrove, George, 139 

Dean, Mr., 134 

Edwards, Harvey S., 143 

Edwards, William, 140 

Edwards, Harriet Ellen, 145 

Enos, Frank E., 144 

Frederick, William, 139 

Gilmore, Rebecca, 140 

Haver, Joicy Hannah, 142 

Helms, Mr., 130 
Henry, Hettie G., 144 
Hines, Mr., 130 
Hines, James, 130 
Huebner, Joseph F., 142 
Huston, Olive Janet, 143 
Jackson, Sophia, 134 
Kail, Mary, 140 
Kail, Eliza Jane, 140 
Karch, Cora M., 136 
Kennedy, Isabel, 137, 138 
Kirkpatrick, James, 130, 131 
Kirkpatrick, Margaret, 129, 130 
Kliver, Susan, 138 
Kime, Florence, 136 
Knowlton, Pearl, 135 
Lindsay, William J., 139 
Malley, John M. O., 136 
Markey, Thomas, 139 
McMillen, Susie, 143 

Mahaffey Descendants 


McCraimer, Rachel. 130, 131 
Miller, Frances B., 135 
Miller, Austen F., 136 
Navney, Frank, 141 
Oram, James E., 136 
Ourant, Harriet, 130, 133 
Petrey, Frederick W., 144 
Reidenbach. A. J., 141 
Ridenour, George, 139 
Roberts, Alpheous, 141 
Rodgers, Jane, 134, 135 

Rodgers, m. to "Polly" Mahaffey, 130 

Rodgers. Mr.. 130 

Runk, Lydia. 135 

Sapp, Minnie, 137 

Schwarzrack, Emma Louise, 140 

Sutton, Mary A., 136 

Tiffany. W. H., 135 

Wells. Letetia, 130. 132. 133 

Wilson. Evaline. 145 

Wood. Jennie. 135 

Zeisloft, Frances Hulda. 135 


Direct Descendants 

1628 English, Rev. F. K., 150 1616 Mahaffey. 

1629 English, Anna Estelle, 150 1617 Mahaffey, 

1630 English, Agnes Hortence, 150 1618. Mahaffey 

1631 English, Edward, 150 1620 Mahaffey. 

1632 English, Mary Elizabeth, 150 1621 Mahaffey, 

1633 English, Sue, 150 1622 Mahaffey, 

1607 Mahaffey, James, 149 1623 Mahaffey, 

1608 Mahaffey. Margaret, 149 1624 Mahaffey, 

1609 Mahaffey, James, 149 1625 Mahaffey, 

1610 Mahaffey, Susan, 149 1626 Mahaffey, 

1612 Mahaffey, Grace, 149 1627 Mahaffey, 

1613 Mahaffey. John, 149 1635 Mahaffey. 

1614 Mahaffey, Elizabeth, 149 1619 McSorley, 

1615 Mahaffey, James B., 150 1614 Winters, J 

Jane. 150 

Elizabeth, 150 
Susan. 151 
Kate Laura, 150 
Anna, 150 
Margaret G., 150 
Laura C, 150 
Elizabeth. 150 
Charles P., 150 
Harriet V., 150 
Louis H., 150 
Ronald Barton. 150 

Elizabeth, 149 
ames, 149 

Connected by Marriage 

Cooney, James P., 150 
Dinsmore. Margaret. 150 
English, Edmund, 150 
Forman, Helen, 150 

McPhilony, Margaret, 149 
McSorley. John. 149 
O'Neil, Susan, 149 
Winters, Daniel, 149 


Mahaffey Descendants 


1679 Graham, Jane, 155 1655 

1680 Graham, Rhea Williams, 155 1656 

1681 Graham Ashley Chalfant 155 1657 

1684 Boggs, James, 155 1658 

1685 Boggs, Maxwell, 155 1659 

1688 Howell, Jane, 155 1660 

1689 Howell, George Bethel, 155 1661 

1635 Mahaffey, James, 152 1665 

1636 Mahaffey, John, 152 1666 

1637 Mahaffey, James, 152 1667 

1638 Mahaffey, William, 152 1668 

1639 Mahaffey, Edward, 152 1669 

1640 Mahaffey, Robert, 152 1670 

1641 Mahaffey, James, 152 1671 

1642 Mahaffey, James, 152 1672 

1643 Mahaffey, Robert, 152 1673 

1644 Mahaffey, William, 152 1674 

1645 Mahaffey, Martha, 152 1675 

1646 Mahaffey, Isabella, 152 1676 

1647 Mahaffey, Eliza Ann, 152 1686 

1648 Mahaffey, Isabella Anne, 153 1687 

1649 Mahaffey, Margaret McClure, 1677 

153 1678 

1650 Mahaffey, James, 153, 154, 155 1682 

1651 Mahaffey, Robert, 153 1683 

1652 Mahaffey, William John, 153 1662 

1653 Mahaffey, Galbraith, 153 1663 

1654 Mahaffey, Mary, 153 1664 

Mahaffey, George, 153 
Mahaffey, Edward, 152 
Mahaffey, Cunningham, A., 152 
Mahaffey, Hugh, 152 
Mahaffey, Thomas, 152 
Mahaffey, Alexander, 152 
Mahaffey, Miss, 152 
Mahaffey, Eliza Emma, 155 
Mahaffey, Anna Margaret, 155 
Mahaffey, Jane Adams, 155 
Mahaffey, Sarah Wyle, 155 
Mahaffey, James Reunick, 155 
Mahaffey, Mary McAuley, 155 
Mahaffey, Ashley Chalfant, 155 
Mahaffey, Robert Henry, 155 
Mahaffey, John Galbraith, 155 
Mahaffey, William Bright, 153 
Mahaffey, David Blye, 153 
Mahaffey, George Clifford, 153 
Mahaffey, Ashley Chalfant, 155 
Mahaffey, James, 155 
McGaw, Harry Denny, 153 
McGaw, Sophia, 153 
Milligan, Jane Anita, 155 
Milligan, Margaret Elanor, 155 
Reed, James Mahaffey 153 
Reed, Mary, 153 
Reed, William, 153 

Connected by Marriage 

Boggs, William Maxwell, 155 
Duncan, Samuel, 153 
Duncan, Nancy, 153 
Galbraith, Margaret, 150 
Graham, W. S., 155 
Graham, Dr. John, 155 
Howell, George B., 154 

McClure Margaret, 152 
Milligan, Dr. J. R. J., 155 
Patterson, Jane, 154, 155 
Patterson, James, 153 
Reed, Daniel, 153 
Thornton, Eugenia, 155 
Wilson, m. Mahaffey, 152 

Mahaffey Descendants 



1718 McCalmon, Albert Gaddis, 158 

1719 McCalmon, Jane Mehaffey, 159 

1720 McCalmon, Anna May, 159 

1721 McCalmon, George Alexander, 


1691 Mehaffey, Joseph, 156, 158 

1692 Mehaffey. John. 156, 158, 160 

1693 Mehaffey. William, 156, 158, 


1694 Mehaffey, James, 158 

1695 Mehaffey, Jane, 158. 160 

1696 Mehaffey, James, 160 

1697 Mehaffey, Joseph, 158 

1698 Mehaffey, Minnie, 158 

1699 Mehaffey, George, 159 

1700 Mehaffey, William, 159 

1701 Mehaffey, Samuel James, 159 

1702 Mehaffey, John, 157. 159 

1703 Mehaffey, Sarah Maria, 159 

1704 Mehaffey, Joseph, 159 

1705 Mehaffey, George, 160 

1706 Mehaffey, James, 160 

1707 Mehaffey, Margaret, 160 

1708 Mehaffey. William, 160 

1709 Mehaffey. Mary Jane, 160 

1710 Mehaffey, John, 160 

1711 Mehaffey. Thomas, 160 

1712 Mehaffey, Elizabeth, 160 

1713 Mehaffey, Robert, 160 

1714 Mehaffey, Joseph, 160 

1715 Mehaffey, Isaac, 160 

1716 Mehaffey, Sallie, 160 

1717 Mehaffey, Robert, 161 

1722 Mehaffey, Bulah, V. H., 159 

1723 Mehaffey. Lou Jean, 159 

1724 Mehaffey, Mary Annabel, 159 

1725 Mehaffey. James Boggs, 159 

1726 Mehaffey, William Graham, 


1727 Mehaffey, Margaret Jane, 159 

1728 Mehaffey. Robert Wilson, 159 

1729 Mehaffey, Mabel Park, 159 

1730 Mehaffey, George Wesley, 159 

1731 Mehaffey, Samuel, 159 

1732 Mehaffey, Irene W., 159 

1733 Mehaffey, Ethel May, 159 

Connected by Marriage 

Boggs, Sarah Margaret, 159 
Graham, Mary, 158 
Hawthorn, Samuel, 160 
Johnston. Martha B., 159 
McCalmon, Geo. A., 158 

McElroy, William, 160 
McFerron, Jane G., 158 
Panton, Georgina, 159 
Risk, Miss Mary, 160 
Taggart, John, 158, 160 


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216 Mahaffey Descendants 


Frontispiece. Coat of Arms. 
Group of Mahafifey Clan Officers. Page 16. 
230 Olie Mahafifey Hennigh. (Originator of Mahafifey Clan Reunions.) 
66. William T. Mahafifey. (Clan President.) Page 16. 

Second Mahafifey Clan Reunion. Held August 9, 1906. Page 16. 
Eighth Reunion of Mahafifey Clan, held August 13 1913. Page 16. 
Home of Thomas Mahafifey. (Progenitor of Lycoming and Clear- 
field County Mahafifeys.) Page 16. 
Graves of Thomas and Elizabeth Lindsey Mahafifey. Page 16. 

4. William Mahaffey. (Grandfather of President.) Page 17. 
54. John L. Hall. (Chairman of Finance Committee.) Page 32. 

5. Moses Mahafifey. Page 32. 

5. Mary Reynolds Mahafifey. Page 32. 
18. John Mahafifey. Page 32. 

18. Ellen Boyer Mahafifey. Page 32. 

30. William Mahafifey. (Son of Thomas 1st.) Page 32. 
30. Catherine Updegrafif Mahafifey. Page 32. 

26. Lindsey Mahafifey Page 32. 

27. David Mahafifey. Page 32. 
23. Robert Mahafifey. Page 32. 

23. Mary Catherine Johnston Mahafifey. Page 32. 
10. William Mahafifey. (Son of John 1st.) Page 33. 
10. Susan Bower Mahafifey. Page 33. 

19. Family Group of Thomas Mahafifey (of New Washington). 

Page 48. 
62. Jackson Patchin. Page 48. 

62. Mary Mahafifey Patchin. Page 48. 

63. Porter Kinports. (First Clan Historian.) Page 48. 

63. Margaret Bennett Mahafifey Kinports. Page 48. 

64. Rev. S. F. Crowther. Page 49. 

64. Mrs. Crissie Mahafifey Crowther. Page 49. 

Locust Villa. (Home of John Mahafifey 1st.) Page 64. 
66. Family Group of President William T. Mahafifey. Page 64. 
66. Julia Patchin Mahafifey. Page 64. 
66. Sarah Edmundson Mahafifey. Page 64. 

84. William P. Mahafifey, Secretary and Treasurer of Clan. Page 65. 
21. James Mahafifey 1st. (Father of William P. Mahafifey.) Page 65, 

28. Hannah Mahafifey. (Third Generation.) Page 80. 
63. Family Group of Porter Kinports. Page 80. 

194. Estelle Kinports Davis. (Clan Historian.) Page 80. 
103. James Lindsey Mahafifey. Page 80. 
103. Sallie Hoylman Mahafifey. Page 80. 

Mahaffey Descendants 217 

204. Dr L. R. Mahaffey. Page 80. 

106. Laura V. Maliaffey Bennett. (Corresponding Secretary.) Page 80. 

n. Family Group of George Barrett, Camden, N. J. Page 80. 

36. Ezra Rathmell. (Vice President of Clan.) Page 80. 

149. Asher C. Mahaffey. (Ex- Vice President of Clan.) Page 80. 

1474. Hugh L. Mahaffey and Family, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Page 81. 

45. Thomas Mahaffey and Elizabeth B. Sholder Mahaffey. Page 96. 

48. James W. Mahaffey and Eve S. Elincher Mahaffey. Page 96. 

45. Thomas Mahaffey and Elizabeth B. Sholder Mahaffey. Page 96. 

41. Sarah Jane Mahaffey Blair. Page 96. 

88. James Mahaffey. (Son of Robert Mahaffey.) Page 96. 

65. Nancy J. Mahaffey. (Sister of President.) Page 96. 

1434. Milton Mahaffey, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Page 97. 

1455. John Mahaffey, Yadkin, Arkansas. Page 97 

44. William C. Mahaffey. Page 112. 

44. Margaret Younkin Mahaffey. Page 112. 

149. Asher C. Mahaffey Family Group. Page 112. 

152. William Thompson Mahaffey and Family. Page 112. 

613. Richard Kendall Ort. (Great, Great, Great Grandson of Thomas 

Mahaffey, 1st.) Page 112. 

170. Moses Asher Mahaffey and Margaret E. Bowen Mahaffey. Page 


SO. Moses L. Mahaffey and Family, Hepburnsville, Pa. Page 112. 

173. Kathryn Viola Mahaffey Waltz and Ellis Thompson Waltz. Page 


172. Leah Edith Mahaffey Losh and Clarence L. Losh. Page 112. 

142. John R. Mahaffey and family. Page 112. 

835. Alexander Mahaffey. (Perry County Branch.) Page 113. 

666. James A. Mahaffey. (Cumberland County Branch.) Page 128. 

672. Stuart Wareham Mahaffey. Page 128. 

681. Annie Mahaffey Martin. Page 128. 

708. Arthur Raoul Martin. Page 128. 

696. Jesse Clark Carst. Page 128. 

696. Mary E. Mahaffey Carst. (Assistant Clan Historian.) Page 128. 

688. Rose Mary Daugherty Mahaffey. Page 128. 

688. Charles Sherman Mahaffey. Page 128 

711. Stuart Lowry Mahaffey. Page 128. 

687. Clara Mahaffey Slonaker Page 128. 

784. Henderson Smiley and Family. Page 128. 

1484. John C. Mahaffey and Family, Ulrichsville, Ohio. Page 129. 

"Spamont," Birthplace of James B. Mahaffey, Baltimore, Md. 
Page 144. 

1615. James B. Mahaffey, Baltimore, Md. Page 144. 

1615. Margaret Dinsmore Mahaffey and Miss Lynch. Page 144. 

1622. Margaret G. Mahaffey and Laura Mahaffey. (1623.) Page 144. 

218 Mahaffey De;scendants 

1626. Harriet V. Mahaffey, Baltimore, Md. Page 144. 
1634. Ronald Barton Mahaffey. Page 144. 
1618. Susan M. Mahaffey, Philadelphia, Pa. Page 144. 
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Page 145. 
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1694. James Mahaffey and Family, Loughbrickland, Ireland. Page 160. 
1694. Family Group of James Mahaffey, Pittsburgh, Pa. Page 160. 

"Loughbrickland," Ireland. (Early Mahaffey Settlement.) Page